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V.- r ua'-. -i i -4 4 NBUSMA M 1 al YOU H J 4 A Pod , I I ' 1 1 I 3 F' Z F 00' -4 . 0,3- C D T0 'rui4'U-"V 3 '1 4 V MAGIC CARPETS of the NORTH SCA r l r A 7551-' 1' R Q" 0. ALL RUADS Lgf , A D T: LOOK 1 r 055 Use 'c 0 81 AWAY I fff X if DI E ,,,,- -"' ,r i E f 4 0 W, 0 ' .7 40 e 5' 1 g , li, 4 V1 0 b A if 70 A L I Q 4' t ro, Q 1- lf' M95 A 0 :J ,4 ' , 'Y 16 O bs. U lo A . L1 X 0 LA is . A S1 O ' 1 A H ir 0 " , 0 9 A , g To 'Q' U SP4 to gs' to O NJ '14, dj' c 'A 4 fs A N ', guns ' ' w Q1 0 ,QMLD AKA 11" vis I , Q5 SOU1' HERN STUDENTS ARE ,.+w Sz ,1 N, fx X. af P? .Q A , ig' 4, w 4 3 . , ,. .5 3 W' :Eff :SEE ' ff Qi' Y ui' gi A L3 'js' 1.22 'gig'- - x f 5 , ' if fi , '4 M 2 , J 4 QMS 1 Q' 9 H. 'Ir-3.31 ,-N -' ' 5" 55' Q '52 ' Q .,,,,,,,,, 4. 'c a 'ff' S fd 'nu T212 x Qs. af ik g -an , A W ' .wi j 'P q md, M R M' vw W if wa A-' , 4 if Q . ' K Y Q ' Vp A, 5 x 's X A 5 ' xi V wr Q - I E 3 9 f 7 " ' 'T : K' xg V' K , J n A i f iz uf' V eggs 6.1 , Q I inn ,W QV vga ,1 ,lm 7 1 T3 Q M E 514 1 f S Q gf.: X, 4 1 3 g,,. Qu 5 ' A 1 ' - Y sg X, ,J A 'Q K ' - 'W ' 'K QAM. , if , X X Rf? W ' - E ' ' 3' T '3 W , ff 1 X x .fd r 5 Af if N, - ' .. Ifikf' af JF 1 J , 4 wg- X v .,. X Q' S W 49 QC ,E 'mf-f4g ,nt Q X, Y N , N 3, gf. f x 1 5 W, , ' K. 322: . M if Q- Q? W' W .Q Zim ., X 9, gg., W ' 311 ,, Y' x NSW fig, J Q J' gf -2,-.:.,. w 9 'fy ig 16 gg? X f W V K ,M .N My K wk? 'f K . , if QQ My s - , me yi 'i ,-4 9 Q f ' Hfwg Q is 'SMX h ' ' 'ff' v ki? W f' M W W 'WW QM 5 viii? my-wh Q '1,.,..,xMQ' nw . g A 4 'I W V M ' 'M 99' 7 ' ' ' -1' 'I " if - a x , il Sv . x W 2,3 A Lb ': ' 'iw , W Q8 " V ' 1 1, I xiii? . 3,1 N 1 ,. 1' , ""' ' " Q f Own ' 5' xl Eiwgwgf Q, ,VA Q, , , , uuiu Z z -.-V f .,., mggixiivh V ,mt m,,.a Q, .5 Y ,Q ,jx , , AV' .. 'W we ma 54? 7 item Egg! V52 A X15 4-. N " 'I uywaff' ' H-' 5 513553 g 'K E 3 ""-1ssf85w5',fw35K'5'Lf K 'w.Zy,WYV -LM W f'f'f' - N X ,'.,i,, " f X WWW , x 5 - 1 'MMM Wwg, 4 Lf ' ilwfgifwhlb 4' G "ww-W, wuqwg, Y " , HW' W ! , M, , wffff Exciting EASTERN THQROUGH FARES J, ,,.. ..W..W,,.f,,.f...f,,.f:.f,,, ,. .,,,., ... , Q U7 2 .1 4 u W 9 v 9 TU5cAl.oqy3aA p T 0 I A .... A 9 4,59 , 4 Q V' 9 y pg V A Kg 4. xf' Q v- A Q , ,i QV' '9 A N Q' 2? ., my ." 5 QV . b L. M93 In I Ls. ' , AV ' 1, - Q ' A Q 1 A 1 . Q is N, , V 'gk,,, 7' 5 60, 05 : 00 xt z 40 ul DS 4 , 0 , 1 077.3 V S11 1V 4 ' 01- GY31 suvflll 1, I , I 4 1.9 L 3 P' 3 F 3 4. AN1'lclPA'rE A WHIRQL DF CAMPUS GAIETY 9 A J' A f 9 x i ' A- b , Q , '9 . Q , , all b , , so . f 0, . - '19, QIS W . ., :"" if X I -1 ua ,... it . ml REELING RIBBONS SPEED THE WAY T0 from the WEST l.lFEl.o N GA FRIENDS:-ups AT4 ALABAMA X , , - 1 l N .gf .Qj .. " ' xx M vu PASSPORTS f0 + LE 4LnNlNG cl-mn' ff, 'f I E ? - r . 44 .-,Q ,Y 4 ,. a' ' P 1 . 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"VV" X . g AA ' --' 4 Y LEAD 1 4. f ' . - H , V: , W1 -.,.:'. f if ' x , , .. - . 3 1 ,. ,fro 5 - I lf . ,, 4, ., V SC A . 41' 1 v - ,, 0 , s - .L - 1 0.94 V, Q' 0 ' 3 ALI.. ..,, .- RQAUB V 514 x,' ' Ax 8 I ': LEAD . , W ., P J, ..f-' 'I , 1 1 FQ.. I ,r :TON xi T' :'W'v ' A ',Qkv A ,q,7' " " f- ' ' SA 'L TUSCAL00' ' .R .f 4 s '. ' I' ,q ' v '.' ,4 1 . 4 ' 1 ' V, 335' f - 1. , 1 lf .- - f'ff. . A . ,I , b X --4 ' .2' .sw-, 71-g7i"k f ' ' px . , 4, H, f " ' b- i'fNL.1. -S k. ' 4 . qu- f' f 1, f "' ' ' --1 n , l , I V -f , ,. , b 7 v K . r ,wY P Q ' M' " J ' QSZ.-dS:'L'.i' i BECKON NATIVE ALABAMIANS F 3 TO HIGHROADS OF ACHIEVEMENT AT TU C Cl QA- ,. 1- - 'Sd' 55 rv '1 o 16,5 ' 4 Mfg - . f 'IA A tru 3 .1 i , ibm-n-1-5 L7 ' .,-'T ff ynf ,. -I g 'V Q , ' f ' f. 5I'1effisId2f vx:f 7245 xml ' -X, P - ' A I vfifee Y ux-":vi,i::-f 3"':":: - ' X i ls- I ' B -I, J, f- J rn b 4 V- . .l.-ax., : ,N Av , 'iw V f ,, .ww A ? 35 1, 3 in gQf 'ipiwp ff" 353536 ,iw J., ..,-Ulf .uv 5 L- ff 'K'1l!i:,,'Uf uv, 55 ,-. . ,- -4 . 1 EJ Ig., A , , -. ' 1.,x,.f".3,F. ., ,. . L I A iiflmtaixgi :Z 1- "' Q x, V1 , 7 5 .4 VILV . ls I 6' 5 5 if 1-. M '-.f , It s., gui iq-4,4 , 1, 2. ., .AJ . .- , Q, , V W U r!.:sm-EI: ' -'fy W: X i M rx-5' uf swan' K' "' -4' BANK?-IQEAD . A w,,.,.s 'Hmmm A ., X 5 4 .. feasfv- l ,f '-nam 11, Inf' .4 una , Q' 1 W.- ,W- 'x wp, M I0 'H , . 1 MM. ,mmf W, .,.- M ,.,, .4 K evhgfa,.M ' I F0 av 1 V , I iv'-d TT L,er'yx:n F:-,I ,.4,..-7 A,,r 5 Uyw ff ' 1- Nw wiuf . 3 ,N N, W nga. l ,-A. , ' V 5:,.,+v" X I ' fi , :mf - er! Q I 'f. JN- - 'J Q2 Qrlq 1-Qt," .-J ,i,l,---,If W l i ,ffn af . I If ss I 5. 4 1 1 1 s A 1 fuxsinyv-: , f " - .,.-'X - .' 1. ,3,,.,ffY 4 v . 1' V' - A A - 1,dfi .k-" Y -ng ..4 ' .. 1 , A 5 4 -7 U A 1 1 L , f r.,,,, I V his if ' ' fm" ' V If V 1 . I - l : - A - gxv v ' ' ,f. H f ' 1-mxw 1 . .1 4 N. N Mm I ' 'N 3 g!5l'iiv-ifihf-Ziff? . , ,,,, .' ,A 4 ""W?vf, 'f . 1 R xv ' ' I, rpf- Qffii. Ti. Q 4 , .- F' - utr , , " , 1 1 -.J K, J ff-bX J. , 3. - , .4 W pwfmn' ,f1 luac'a-- '- ,ff ' A A, l 1 X .W , fx XR- .g X ,, f . W '. Y 5 wx? 1' V . . ,, I4 rg 1 -V ,,- -. X X , ,, 7AL.x.AQs." A X x , A f J: NH f -J x -Fr" .,. -. 'f:.,,., . v xvf, I f ..'3'??f f..f Nw 5 ,f p' li " 1 - A I s I tv , W -. ,,. .,. x X W . -,-1-fe, ., ,YM ,. 'Mg xx" 'V My ' 5ff5.fg5.r.15' gn .5 3 - . 1. ii " f' . ---- . . .... . A Q :rf 3 gi -f QA , .S ,- - '-" s. . ., .:- -9" ' If 1' 3... 14" -' ggi., 5 ' u 415 , , . 4. I A . CLASSES i .XY 3 J 5: " ' 'l'l PQ ., A B. gf. A AL I in , 2 5 I X '1 ffm sf '- sg .,., .. ,,., W '- 'if ' 1 ,, 7 2 4 ' --'- 1 .--,A f.. .I fi. ff, ,, -W " "" :": , ATII LET! CS G REEKS UIIGANIZATIUNS B EAUTI E S PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENT BODY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA AT TUSCALOOSA Copyright 1951 DONALD J. CRONIN . . Editor THEO D. COPELAND, JR. . . Business Manager 1051 101 01 I 'SMH ww- ji A 132553332 'L "Q : - his A 1 , . , V ,,, , A, , f la b J. ., Dcfdicfzfiafz Thirty-eight years ago, Lee Bidgood ioined the faculty at the University of Alabama as Professor of Economics. Since then, the Capstone has been his home and the scene of his many accomplish- ments. Recognizing the demand which would soon confront educational institutions for well-trained students in all phases of commercial and business activity, Lee Bidgood, in 1919, founded the School of Commerce and Business Administration. Through- out the years, growth of both the faculty staff and physical structure of the school have kept pace with the increasing enrollment. At present, the Dean looks forward to the completion of another wing to the building. In recognition of his service and con- tributions to his chosen field, Commerce, Dean Lee Bidgood served as president of the American Asso- ciation of Collegiate Schools of Business and Grand President of Beta Gamma Sigma. For his accomplish- ments and the credit he reflects on the University of Alabama, we proudly dedicate this 1951 Corolla to DEAN LEE BIDGOOD. " . Q QE: ,A iw ' Fw "'- WW :iw-if ' x W .wg K M i ,.,.. . ,, AX I A iW. i.A1 Wi-EA i LQ Q A ,Qwrw ""S Jr I S I li ig QP' S f f""""""""""'t 3.19 fs We .- ,S 5 L f Q. ,gi , f X SCHOOL OF COMMERCE ALUMNI HALL BUREAU OF MINES MMM HOUSER HALL SCHOOL OF CHEMISTRY I-1,w..,,,m-wt' UNION BUILDING MEN'S DORMITORY L E T ' K E O O K PRESIDENT'S MANSION WOODS HALL -may-ww I ' .E CLARK HALL COMER HALL 9 L COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING QZZZQCAMP Left: COLLEGE OF EDUCATION Right: SCHOOL OF LAW .A -avi'-:, MORGAN HALL WOMEN'S DORMITORY PHYSICS BUILDING Left: GORGAS HOME Right: AMELIA GAYLE GORGAS LIBRARY Wm GOVER OR GORDON PERSONS .... . . ,.,, . . .President ex officio W. J. TERRY . ..,. , , .Stote Superintendent of Education DR. JOHN M, GALLALEE President, University of Alobomo dj GORDON PERSONS, Governor of Alabama and BOARD CQ TRU GESSNER T. MCCORVEY. . . , .Mobile ROBERT E. STEINER, JR. JJ.. Montgomery PAUL P. SALTER, ,... . ,Eutoulo BREWER DIXON, . , . . . . . .Talladega THOMAS D. RUSSELL, . . Alexonoler City CLIFTON H. PENICK. . , THOMAS S. LAWSON . GORDON D. PALMER WILLIAM H. KEY.. . , WILLIAM H. MITCHELL HILL FERGUSON. . . .. ,Secretory TEE Greensboro Tuscolooso Russellville . . .Florence Birmingliom Messrs. Ferguson, Polrner, Steiner, Executive Committee of the Boord. SEATED: Salter, Nooiin, McCorvey, Gallalee, Ferguson, Denny, Palmer, Stein Key, Mitchell . . . STANDING: Williams, Pickens, Pe k Page 22 at it-XL, asc L 3535 , 55? L. 2 lf? -msg Wigiil Mifivfy ., "Eu ' 'QQ X 5 fggqif' K ' f g 9 , K 7-EER ' Q -1 A A 12 g5wgfSA1.:f?'x 1 ,if - ,Y , , " it 41 WQ, ,g , E.-Es ,Q L, fi 'V X, 3' ,Z 4 2 r 1 in J' J., , ,LMT - ' niiffvg fm ,JM mg. K Q., 4, A- ,V Q 7he PRE IDE Dr. John Ivlorin Gollolee become The eighTeenTh presidenf of The UniversiTy of Alobomo on .lcinuory l, l948. Since ThoT dciTe, Dr. Goillolee hos led The Uni- versiTy in one of The greoTesT progroms of expoinsion underTol4en by ony SouTh- ern universiTy. The oddiTion of five nevv buildings ond The resToroTion of The old Quodrongle To iTs previous beoiuTy under The leodership oT The presidenT ore milesTones olong The rood To o greoTer CopsTone. Dr. Goillolee served os Technicol DirecTor of The STciTe Building Commission during The Tvvo yeoirs before his oppoinTmenT To The presidency, Prior To Tho? Time, he served on The ToculTy in The College of Engineering Tor ThirTy-Three yeors. Dr. Gollc1lee's oim Tor The immedioTe TuTure is o sTrengThening of The ToculTy ond on enlorgemenT of The GroduoTe School of The UniversiTy. Page 24 JAMES H. NEWMAN DEAN or ADMINISTRATION lvlr. James H. Newman returned to the University of Alabama as Dean of Ad- ministration on January l, T950 l-lis job is to assist the President in executive duties. Dean Newman is an ex-officio member of all University committees. Dean Newman is no stranger to the University. Prior to his active duty with the Naval Reserve, he was here for seventeen years, as a student, Director of the Alabama Union, Assistant Dean of Men, Associate Dean of lvlen, and Dean of lvlen. Before returning to the University, he was Dean of Students for four years at the University of Virginia. WILLIAM F. ADAMS DEAN or ADMISSIONS AND RECORDS The Office of Admissions and Records is directed by Dean VVilliam F. Adams. This office holds records for students in all schools and colleges in the University. Dean Adams serves as Chairman of the Class Schedule Committee. All no- tices of holidays, class dismissals, and deferred examinations are under his supervision. This office handles the mail- ing of grades at the end of each semester and the Sending of bulletins to prospec- tive and active students. Dean Adams directs field representatives traveling the state as informative agents for prospec- tive students, NOBLE B. HENDRIX Deon of Students ff!! HENRY J. SIKIR Assistant To The Deon Page 26 7ke DEAN Deon Noble B. Hendrix holds one of the most irnportont positions in the odministrotion of this greot University. l-lis office serves os o link be- tween clcnssroom vvork ond extro-curriculor octivi- ties. One of the finest contributions to student life mode by this office is the odministrotion of the Concert-Lecture series, o progrom designed to bring to the Copstone noted personoges in oll fields of endeovor. The student is encouroged to ottend the church of his choice ond receives religious guid- once in the foith of his choice if such guidonce is sought. I-leolth ond housing focilities for the stu- dent body ore under strict supervision of this office. With the desire ond view of help to the student os the foremost objectives, disciplinory octions ore hondled by this office. ROBERT E. TYLER Assistant To The Deon an like ASSI Assistdnts to the Deon of Students ore l-lenry J. Sikir ond Robert E. Tyler. Mr. Sikir is the director of the Union Building ond supervises veterc1n's housing. Mr. Tyler hondles dormitory occommodotions for single men, port-time employment, the sociol colen- dor, ond closs excuses ond vvithdrovvols for mole students. Following the resignotion of Deon lono Berry, the office of Deon of Women vvos ploced under the supervision of the Deon of Students. The office which is primorily concerned with women students' offoirs is under the direction of Miss Old Grcice Boker, As- sistont Deon of Women, ond Mrs. Bessie L. l-loyden, Counselor to Women. This office hos chorge of dll women's housing, including supervision of dll sorority houses. Eoch semester sees oi nevv group of freshmon Women students enter the university, these students MISS OLA GRACE BAKER Assistant Decin of Women AN ore helped in bridging the gop betvveen high school ond college through o course in freshmon orientotion offered by this office. Women students ore ossisted in odiusting themselves to o new environment, in finonciol motters by the self-help progrom ond scholorships, in discovering ond estoblishing sound volues, ond in stimuloting o desire of building in themselves o sense of discriminotion in conduct. Coun- seling ond guidonce progroms ore offered for women students in mony fields. Severol vvomen's orgonizo- tions cooperote with the office of the Deon of Women in providing interest ond octivities for coeds ond in roising the stondords of scholorship omong these students. Ponhellenic Council, Women's Student Gov- ernment Associotion, YWCA, Alpho Lombdo Delto, Triongle, ond lvlortor Boord, ore omong the most octive groups working through this office. ff'-'S 15.- MRS. BESSIE L. HAYDEN Counselor to Women Page 27 ROBERT EARL TIDWELL C. E. WILLIAMS age 28 DEAN OF THE EXTENSION DIVISION Dr. RoberT Eorl Tidvvell is serving his TvvenTy- TirsT yeor os DirecTor oT The ExTension Division. Dr. Tidvvell oversees The operoTion of The Tour Uni- versiry CenTers in Birminghom, Godsden, Mobile ond MonTgomery. 1 DIRECTOR OF THE SUMMER SCHOOL The progrom of courses oTTered in Summer School is The resulT of DirecTor C. E. Willioms' vvork in The plonning oT o curriculum meeTing The needs ol regulor sTudenTs ond Those who musT do Their work only in Summer School. CONSULTING ENGINEER Supervised by Professor Fred Moxvvell, Woods, Clorlc, Gorlond, ond lvlonly I-lolls hove been reno- voTed. A new Physics Building ond o new Engineer- ing Building ore porTs of on exTensive exponsion progrom Tor o greoter UniversiTy. 5 E3 FRED MAXWELL nm-m.........,.,.. COMPTROLLER Williom E. Pickens, Jr. vvos oppointed Comp- troller in I943 ond hos served in thot copocity since thot time, directing the budgeting ond occounting tor oll deportments of the University. LAND COMMISSIONER University Attorney ond Lond Commissioner Clifton E. Peniclq hondles the odministrotion ot 26,000 ocres ot University londs. lvlr. Penick olso serves os Secretory ot the Boord ot Trustees. TREASURER Treosurer Ernest G. Willioms' responsibility ex- tends to the investment of oll University funds, the hondling ot oill Veteron's Administrotion billing per- toining to the University, ond the control ot oll student tinonciol records from this ottice. ERNEST G. WILLIAMS 1 I ,W WILLIAM E. PICKENS, JR. CLIFTON H. PENICK Page Q9 1 DIRECTOR OF NORTHINGTON In his presenT capacify, Col. L. P. I-lodneTTe direcTs The I50-acre NorThingTon Campus. Here some 240 families and a Thousand single sTudenTs are currenTly being housed. This addifion To The Universify campus vvas obTained from The Govern- menT afTer World War ll. ALUMNI DIRECTOR lvlr. Charles Bernier, Direcfor of Alumni Affairs and edifor of The Alumni News, handles all rela- Tions befvveen The Universify and iTs Alumni. Bernier iniTiaTed Homecoming aT Bama in I920. DIRECTOR OF LIBRARIES Since I944 The Libraries of The Universify have been under The direcTion of Dr. W. Sfanley I-loole and have increased To 375,000 books, 6000 phono- graph records, 2000 microfilm books, and 25,000 maps. CHARLES BERNIER DR. W. STANLEY HOOLE P g O l DIRECTOR OF THE UNIVERSITY PRESS Dr. James B. lvlclviillan has served as The only DirecTor oT The University Press since iTs esTablish- menT in I945. I-le also serves as a member oT The advisory boards Tor several naTional language sTudy publicaTions. UNIVERSITY NEWS BUREAU The UniversiTy Nevvs Bureau serves as publiciTy agenT Tor The UniversiTy of Alabama. DirecTed by Mr. E. E. Beisner, iTs purpose is To Turnish The pub- licaTions of The sTaTe vviTh inTormaTion concerning The UniversiTy. AUDITORS Through The eTforTs oT Mr. and Ivlrs. L. D. Boylan, audiTors Tor organizaTions and publica- Tions, morTgages in excess of S200,000 have been reTired during The past nine years. THE BOYLANS 'f"Yw- Q sk AH. y Y R I l" ,Ui ., 'Qi If ff a DR. JAMES B. MCMILLAN E. B. BEISNER I lliiill I ff x X STudenTs examine paTien MEDICAL SCHOOL DevelopmenTs aT The UniversiTy Medical CenTer conTinue aT an acceleraTed pace and physical evi- dences oT This expansion are clearly seen in The exTensive building program. The Crippled Children's HospiTal vvas compleTed during The laTTer parT oT T950 and The UniversiTy DenTal Clinic opened Tor operaTion shorTly ThereaTTer. ConsTrucTion of The Basic Science Building and The VeTerans AdminisTra- Tion I-lospiTal is proceeding according To schedule. The former will be ready Tor insTrucTional purposes aT The beginning of The academic year l95l-52, and The laTTer vvill Take iTs place as a Teaching uniT aT approximaTely The same Time. AlThough currenT developmenTs will assure The Medical CenTer of being one oT The naTion's leading diagnosTic and TreaTmenT cenTers, They also presage The need Tor TurTher expansion. To meeT This responsi- biliTy, auThoriTies oT The CiTy of Birmingham have under consideraTion a plan ThaT will increase Trom Tive To nine ciTy blocks The land seT aside Tor The DR. TINSLEY HARRISON Medical CenTer. AlThough This progress is hearTening, The Medical CenTer has suffered an irreplaceable loss in The unTimely deaTh oT Dr. Roy R. Kracke, TirsT Dean of The Tour-year Medical School aT Birmingham and prime mover in The TormaTion oT The UniversiTy Medical CenTer. More Than any oTher person Dr. Kracke envisioned The magniTude oT The currenT developmenT and courageously championed iTs cause. The Medical CenTer will always remain as a memorial To his eTTorTs. 723 SCHCQI. The University hos been fortunote in securing two Alobomions os its first full-time chiefs in surgery ond medicine, Drs. Chomp Lyons ond Tinsley Hor- rison, respectively. Following extensive experience in other ports of the country, they hove novv returned to their notive stote in order to oid in building on out- stonding Medicol Center. Dr. I-lorrison ossumed duties os Deon of the Medicol School in the Foll of T950 DENTAL SCHOOL The University Dentol School hos successfully completed its first tvvo yeors of operotion in tempo- rory quorters ond is looking forvvord to the inougu- rotion of clinicol troiining in the iunior ond senior yeors. These vvill be offered in the new University Dentol Clinic which is novv rdpidly opprooching com- pletion. Instruction in the techniques of proctice will be under the guidonce of o clinicol foculty now being recruited from omong the notion's foremost dentol scientists ond clinicions. The University Dentol School is fortunote in hov- ing Dr. Joseph F. Volker, internotionolly fomous edu- cotor ond scientist, os Deon of the school. Dr. Volker served concurrently os Deon of the Tufts College DR. JOSEPH F. VOLKER Dentol School ond the Alobomd School of Dentistry beginning in T948 Resigning his position ot Tufts in September l949, he hos since devoted his entire time to the Alobomo School. Dr. Volker vvo the first Americon to win honorory membership in the Dentol Society of Czechoslovokio ond is recognized os one of the leoding dentol scientists of the notion. MEDI DEAN M LEIGH HARRISON MORTIMER JORDAN Forroh Holl, long known os The hub of low QT Alobgmg, odded low offices, librdry sfocks, o reoding roorn, ond Two ldrge closs- rooms when o new S200,000 onnex wos opened during 1950. Clossrooms, orronged exocTly os The seoTs in The English Porliomenf, will seoT capproximc1Tely 175 persons. Enfronce reguirernenTs were roised in The Foll of 1949 To on overdll 1.5 overoge for pre-low work, The Alobomo Low Review begon publicoTion in 1949 ond hos been well occepfed by The SToTe Bor cmd individudls oufside Aloborno Through o ldrge subscripTion. IV1. Leigh Horrison, Professor of Low of Alobomcu from 1938 To 1950, succeeded Williom M. Hepburn os Deon of The Low School in 1950. Deon Hepburn served ds head of The School frorn 1944 unTil Februory, 1950, when he lefT To become Deon of The Low School of Emory Universify. Mr. Hepburn odequofely coped wiTh The influx of veTerons Through The oddiTion of new courses ond in- creoses in The fdculfy. DEAN A. B. MOORE GR DLI TE SC GGL The Graduaie Council of The UniversiTy oT Ala- bama is currenTly TormulaTing plans Tor advanced graduaTe sTudy which will lead To The DocTor's de, gree in several deparTmenTs of The various divisions. An enrollmenT oT l500, largesT in The TvvenTy-seven year hisTory of The school, made T950 The year of promise for graduaTe sTudenTs aT Alabama. Re- search acTiviTies carried on by The TaculTy and The sTudenTs have come To be recognized in all parTs of The counTry. Dr. AlberT B. Moore serves as Dean of The GraduaTe School and head of The HisTory DeparTmenT. Dr. Moore is a graduaTe of Auburn and The UniversiTy of Chicago, and has served as Dean of The GraduaTe School aT Alabama since iTs founding in T925 ssr W W1 f xi,wr: .wg Q sf if 1 -.f f :OITh- bf l Board. Thesis. LEFT: Groduofe E ment Study. i RIGHT: S'acks used f Through its College ot Arts ond Sciences, the University otters its students excellent opportunities tor oi liberol orts educotion ond prepoirotion tor turther study in oillied professions such os low, medi- cine, dentistry ond theolor 1. The ottices of the col- lege ore locoited in Clerk ltoll, one ot the oldest ond most distinctive buildings on the compus. The post decode hos brought unusuol growth in the deport- ments ot music, speech, rodio ond ort. The new ort museum hos ropidly goined recognition os one ot the South's most modern ond progressive ort outlets. Art enthusiosts ore drown to its colortul locol, regionol ond ncitionol exhibits. The newly completed Physics Building, constructed ot o cost ot more thoin 5400,000, hos enhcinced the growing volue ot its tcicilities. DEAN MARTEN TEN HOOR COLLEGE RTS cam! SCIENCES Critical evaluation is important in art study Principles of painting are d c ass , -fm 'Q it 5 ASSISTANT DEAN P. E. BROWNBACK Dr. lVlarTen Ten l-loor, The naTional presidenT of Omicron DelTa Kappa honorary TraTerniTy, has been Dean of The College of ArTs and Sciences since l9-44. The UniversiTy represenTaTive on The Council of The Oak Ridge lnsTiTuTe for Nuclear STudies, Dean Ten Choral Union enioys group singing Dr. Mifchell demonstrates Regulus l-loor has served SouThern educaTion conTinuously Tor ThirTy-Tive years. Mr. PeTer E. Brownback, AssisTanT To The Dean, has been on The campus since 1939 as a sTudenT and a Teacher. l-le is AcTing Professor in The I-lisTory DeparTmenT. Modern equipment aids classroom sTudy g."S"" SC GGL CQ CHEMISTRY The School of ChemisTry, lVieTcillurgy ond Ceromics oTTers The enrolling sTudenT opporTuniTy Tor speciolizci- Tion in numerous fields, including ChemisTry, meTollurgy, f f Lugfc bocTeriology, medicol Technology, ceromics, ond pulp ond poper Technology. CombinoTion courses ore oT- ciiii T Tered in chemisTry ond lovv, chemisTry ond geology, i fi ond commerciol chemisTry. WiTh on onnuol enrollmenf " ' il opproximoTing Tvvo hundred sTudenTs, The School of ChemisTry does more groduoTe work in proporTion To DEAN STEWART J' LLOYD iTs size Thon does ony oTher division oT The UniversiTy. The school wos ploced on The occrediTed lisT of The Americon Chemicol SocieTy during l949. WiTh iTs re- cenT enlorgemenT, The Ceromics DeporTmenT is novv odequoTely equipped To Troin sTudenTs in every phose of Technicol vvork in The ceromics indusTry. Deon STevvorT J. Lloyd hos served on The Uni- versiTy ToculTy Tor TorTy-Two yeors. l-le hos been Deon of The School of ChemisTry since iTs orgonizo- Tion in W29. Deon Lloyd is posT presidenT of The SouThern AssocioTion of Science ond lndusTry. Under Deon Lloyd's supervision, The School of ChemisTry hos conTinued To grovv in size ond scope during The TvvenTy-Tvvo yeors ThoT This school hos been o seporoTe division oT The UniversiTy. TOP: Chemistry lab praciice RIGHT: Mixtures are analyzed LEFT: Precision and accuracy Dr. Chapman, Dr. BurTon Morley, Mr. W. C. Flewellen, Dr. Anderson SCHOOL CQ COM ERCE am! BUSINESS ADMINISTRATIO Orgonized by Deon Lee Bidgood in I9I9, The School of Commerce ond Business AdminisTroTion wos on ouTgrowTh of The old DeporTmenT of Economics. lTs purpose hos been To groduoTe young men ond women wiTh o professionol knowledge of business principles ond procfices. Under The guidonce of Deon Bidgood, The Commerce School hos en- ioyed o sfeody growTh in enrollmenT, foculfy, plonT ond repuToTion for high sfondords of commerciol educofion. IT hos been o member of The Americon Associofion of CollegioTe Schools of Business since I929. The Commerce School is occredifed by boTh New York ond New Jersey, The only sToTes requiring o college degree To guolify for The CPA exominoTion, The School offers o bochelor's degree wiTh finonce, morkeTing, monogemenT, TronsporToTiori, occounfing, secrefonriol sTudy, or odverfising os o molior. MosTer's degrees ore offered in Commerce ond Business AdminisTroTion. TOP: After-class session clears up point RIGHT: Studenis enjoy Their own library LEFT: Maps aid in Indusfriol Geography COLLEGE ci EDLICATIG The College of EducaTion en- ioys The disTincTion oT being one of The oldesT schools on The campus. The Board of TrusTees oT The Uni- versiTy oT Alabama auThorized iTs esTablishmenT in 1844. This division of The CapsTone provides The educa- Tion and Training necessary Tor TuTure classroom Teachers, school principals, superinTendenTs, super- visors, and Tor oTher proicessional persons in public educaTion. ASSISTANT DEAN R. W. COWART Dr. John R. lVicLure, Dean oT The College of EducaTion since i942, DEAN JOHN R- MC'-URE holds a BS. and an LL. D. from Alabama and a Ph.D. from Columbia. l-le has served The UniversiTy since T924 Through his L guidance The College of EducaTion has so expanded ThaT Teachers oT music, arT, speech, home economics, physical and healTh educaTion, and oTher Teachers oT Physical fitness through specialized sports special subiecTs are prepared Tor Their liTe work. Workshops in various educaTional Tields will occupy a permanenT spoT in The planning oT a more elaboraTe program. Through These various expansion programs, The College of EducaTion envisions The TuTure years vvhen Alabama Schools are sTaTTed vviTh more Trained personnel Than in The pasT several decades. RIGHT: Aids in The improvement of reading skills LEFT: Preparing for high school driver educafion T 0 , 52' T T Page 40 DEAN JAMES R. CUDWORTH Tests are mccle on molfon metals and ores CQLLEGECQ E GI EERI G A signol honor for The Uni- versiTy of Alopomo come in T949 when The Foundry Educofionol FoundoTion chose This insTiTuTion os one of seven Technicol insTi- TuTions ThroughouT The counTry, ond The only school in The SouTh, for The purpose of offering on educoTionol progrorn Through The ovvording of scholorships. The purpose of These scholorships is To provide The SouTh vviTh Technicol groduofes in The foundry field. For This insTrucTion ci 375,000 model foundry hos been consTrucTed on The cornpus. The College of Engi- neering hos experienced o greoT influx of sTudenTs chorocferisfic of The enfire Universify, ond is preporing for on exponded curriculum Through The consTrucTion of ci nevv Engineering Building of on esTi- moTed cosT of 35350,000. Severol imporTonT loborofories hove been omply enlcirged. Engineer's Council for Professionol Developrnenf, The sTondord occrediTing ogency, hos occrediTed The UniversiTy cur- riculo in civil, oeronouficol, elecTricol, indusfriol, rnechonicol, meTol- Iurgicol, ond mining engineering. Jomes R. CudvvorTh, Deon of The College of Engineering, is cornpleTing his fifTh yeor in ThoT posifion. Deon CudvvorTh received his SB. degree from The MdsscichuseTTs lnsTiTuTe of Technology ond his MS. degree in Mining Engineering from Alabama. RIGHT: Engineer observes mechanical process LEFT: Drafting is basic in all engineering N xr Page 4l ASSISTANT DEAN CHARLES BRENNAN Tl SCHCDOL CQ HCME ECCDNOMICS For The posf TWenTy-Three yeors, Deon Agnes Ellen I-lorris hos directed The School of Home Economics. Deon l-lorris holds o BS ond MA. degree from Columbio UniyersiTy ond on honorory Ll..D. from The Universify of Alobomo. I-ler ocTiyiTies hove won Tor her on honorory membership in Phi BeTo Koppo, noTionol scholosTic TroTerniTy. Progrom Tor The School oT Home Economics includes Troining of young women Tor coreers in Teoching, reseorch, indusTry, ond business. 'Coordinmion of ocTiyiTies in The nursery school, The inTonT loborofory building, The home monogemenT house, The building for equipmem' ond Turnifure renovoTion loboroTories, ond The off-compus comrnuniTy nursery is done from Deon l-lorris' office in DosTer l-loll, seof oT The School of Home Economics. RIGHT: Fruif punch and reluxufion befween classes LEFT: Meal planning class learns fable-setting The Foll SemesTer sow The beginning of The School of Nursing on The Universiry compus. Deon Florence A. Hixson ossumed her duties during The Summer of l95O in order To prepore for The sTu- dents who were To enroll Tor The TirsT Time in The new division of The CopsTone of EducoTion. SCHGQ The School ol Nursing prepores sTudenTs Tor coreers os l2egisTered Nurses ond gronTs o Bochelor of Science degree in Nursing To Those persons suc- cessfully compleTing The Tour yeor progrom. Under The presenT plon, s1udenTs spend Two yeors ot The University in on curriculum which offers work in The College ot ArTs ond Sciences, The oTher Two yeors of The progrom is spenT in hospitols ThroughouT The sToTe, giving The sTudenT on opporTuniTy To goin procTicol experience. PorT of The Two yeors oT prc1cTicol work is spenT in Troining in The Country Public l-leolTh DeporTmenT of The SToTe. RIGHT: Nurses play on important role in Surgery. LEFT: Students learn the administration of oxygen. DEAN FLORENCE HIXSON LIRSI Future nurses study anatomy s Nggf' ,LN i At both the beginning and the end of the road to the year's student activities was the Alabama Union Building. There, the Student Government Association, through its President and his Cabinet, outlined the over-all program. Plans for Homecoming and Bama Day took shape, and resulted in finished products which were applauded by the student body. In the Dome the Million Dollar Band rehearsed for football games and parades, while the Concert Band prepared for its Y many public performances. "U Radio programs left the student-operated studios on the third floor to travel the wires to nearby dorms and homes. Meanwhile, publication staffs worked long hours to meet the numerous deadlines for news, pictures, and humor as it happened in 1950-51. rm ri IIN Mu I wx .Lx ew-Sw , lamwfw V , K M8 5 A M U W -J fx bw r ', ...wK2',.,g HBKA -I- If 1 w ,a Xnwcfg Y if H gofvff v :MIN N uf? me X ww 4 .fr 'xy 1 X .A E, 1 ..- OAKLEY MELTON, Vice-President JIM WRIGHT, Secretary-Treasurer JERRY WORTHY President EXECUTIVE CABINET JERRY VVORTI-IY President, SGA OAKLEY VV. MELTON, JR Vice-President, SGA JIIVI WRIGHT Secretory-Treasurer, SGA TEMPIE EARRIS President, VVSGA SARA IXIELL VVEST Director ot Civic Attoirs ROBERT VANCE Director of Politiccil Attoirs JERRY STAPP Director ot Public Aftoirs JOEL ROBINSON Director ot Social Service FERRIS RITCI-IEY Director ot Campus Activity JOI-IN DONALDSON Director of Student Spirit CABINET: Stoipp, Robinson, Vance, Farris, Melton, Wright, West, Donaldson, Ritchey Puge 46 VlE ASS A GISLATURE: ROW 1: McGinty, Winford, Blankenship, Bellenger, McHumpidge, Barnett, Adams, Nabors, Murray . , . ROW 2: McRae, Seger, Ferrell, Cohen, McDonald, Moore, DeBardeleben, Wilson, Fell, Christopher, Pollard. In the absence of President-elect .lerry Wortliy, Vice-President Oakley Melton assumed the duties ot the number one executive office. Presiding over the Student Legislature in the absence ot Melton vvas President pro-tem Mac I-lumpidge. Each year the Secretary-Treasurer ot SGA plans the allocation of the student activity tees, this year Secretary-Treasurer Jim Wright capably planned the allocation ot almost one hundred thousand dollars in student tees. SGA projects this year were headed by the gala Homecoming celebration, Bama Day, and Campus Chest Drive. A University Open l-louse, a speakers' program with the help ot Alabama Quadrangle to aid the student body in learning about campus activi- ties, and the establishment ot a Grievance Committee tor better relations with the University officials made this a year ot much activity tor the Student Govern- ment Association. OC Tl ' STUDENT COURT: Ted Bryon, David Vann, Alice Manry, Prof. Leonard Trawick, Pat Adams, Richard Stone Page 47 LIDE GCDXI OFFICERS: TEMPIE mms RresIdenI MARJ EAN NABOR3 Vice-President SARA NELL WEST Secretory-Tr'eosU ref' ELIIY COLLINS KAIRINA IVICARTI-IUR JANE CONGLEION MARY ANN MILLS VIRGINIA DUNCAN IRIS ANNE OWENS HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES: Anne Barnett Mildred Broun Virginia Edwards Myndall Hall Elisabeth Horstadius Lucy Ingram Mabel Locke Katrina McArthur Mary Chloe McCullough Carolyn McKnight Dorothy McNellis Sue Pattord Janet Quartin Ruth Randolph Nancy Rhea Edna Rockwell Jean Sagin Sylvia Sawyer Louise Snowden Nancy Spear Jewelene Traylor Ann Vann Marina Vreteas Kathleen Waller Barbara Wayne Jean Young :ii ASSOC ATIO '1 HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES The INomen's Student Government Association represents each girl on campus. Throughout the years, it has functioned at the Capstone to promote and support worthwhile college activities, to maintain social and academic standards among University women, to instill a spirit ot cooperation and friendliness, and to teach every girl to develop a deep sense ot self-responsibility. This year's WSGA president attended a national meeting ot women student government organizations at Purdue University to discuss projects tor the coming year. Special projects on campus included a workshop ot women students to discuss and solve common problems. Annually, WSGA publishes The Alabama Coed, a booklet to aid treshman and new women students in orienting themselves to a new environment. Page 49 7k I9 EDITORIAL During i950-5I, "ali paths led to the Corolla office." An estimated 8000 man hours contributed by more than 200 students were used in editing the T951 annual. Changes in copy material, particularly in the Greek section, required cooperation from every campus organiza- tion. Snapshots, representing every phase of activity from night pep rallies to the splendor of Bama Day were collected, viewed, and se- lected carefully. Every detail was checked for accuracy by members of the various organizations represented in the book. Staff compiles facts, figures and photographs DONALD J. CRONIN, Editor EDITORIAL STAFF sl DONALD J. CRONIN , . . . . Editor DONALD BAILEY . . . Associate Editor I-IERIVIAN A. SCOTT l . Copy Editor CAROLYN COBB . , Snapshot Editor FRANK HOLSTON . . . . . Athletics Editor STAFF: Al Allen, Charlene Allen, Caldwell Deliardeleben, Gerry Faulkner, Phylis Fralin, Neil Gillis, Doris Marintsky, Robin Nettles, Rose Pintchuck, Janet Ouartin, Erle Ralls, Audrey Silvern, Nanette Stockton, Lee Taylor, Kathryn Waddell, Adele Woodall. SCQTTI CQBB, BAILEY, Assistant, More than 3000 activity cords typed 'hur- w X 'Kfi' "Wil k T fi CCR LL BUSINESS The I95I Corolla business stotf can point with iustitiable pride at the record sales tally. This year, in proportion to total enrollment, more students bought yeorbooks than in any other year. These sales, coupled with o portion ot the student activity tee and an ctll-time high in soles ot advertising, tinonced the publication ot the yearbook. The Hmopping up" process, or more torrnally, distribution ot Corollos, corn- pleted the work ot the businessmen in the Spring. These activities com- pleted one ot the most successtul years the Corolla has experienced. WALL, KAHN, BERNSTEIN, Assistants THEO D. COPELAND, Business Manager BUSINESS STAFF THEO D. COPELAND, JR. . , . . Business Nlonciger HAROLD WALL . . , . . Sales Manager DAVID BERNSTEIN ,.... Advertising Manager G. B. KAHN ......... Ottice Monoger I STAFF: Herb Blumberg, Fronk Blurnberg, George Brooks, Don Campbell, Doviol Chomplin, Vonnie Foster, Gene Garrett, I Raoul I-Iarris, Sam I-Iernbree, Martha I-Iewes, Bobbie Katz, Paul Mottett, Don Morris, Evelyn Owen, Tommy Ritchie, Arnold Shiland, Leon Terry, Billy Watts, Sora Nell West, George Wingord, Jack Wingate, Marvin Young. I Beauty Ball Chairman: Sylvan Byck. Sales plans take shape early Receipts and bills tabulated Page 51 SAM HARVEY, Editor TOP MEN: Taylor, Faulkner, Holston, Elsie Hansen EDITORIAL STAFF SAM HARVEY ,..... ..,.. E ditor LAMAR FALKNER . . Managing Editor TOM TAYLOR . , . . News Editor FRANK HOLSTON , . Sports Editor ELSIE HANSEN . ..,.. . Society Editor GENERAL STAFF: Hal Barrial, Jo Ann Bell, Pat Bostick, Herb Brush, Russ Collyer, Julie Cone, Ed Craig, Paul Cribbins, Ray Edwards, Al Freehling, Hobart Grooms, Vic Gold, Lucile High, Gary Johnson, Marietta Jones, Leslie Livingston, Hugh Maddox, Clell Mayfield, John Minton, Mary O'Mary, Bob Sims, Connie Spurgeon, Jim Strickland, Gay Talese, David Vann, Leo Willette, Charlie Wilson. The Crimson'White, formerly the nation's only "flying news- paper," took to the ground this year. Ranked as an All-American publication by the Associated Collegiate Press, the tabloid-sized C-W offers up-to-date news coverage in both words and pictures to University students. Editor-elect Jack Francis was called to serve with the Armed Forces during the early part of the Fall Semester, his mantle of iournalistic leadership fell on the shoul- ders of Sam Harvey, an able C-W staff member. Throughout the year the C-VV maintained its standing as one of the foremost college newspapers. The Editor and his newshawk staff -WHITE BUSINESS STAFF FRANK EVANS .,.. . . Business Manager RALPH SOKOL . . Advertising Manager BUDDY MARKOVVITZ , Circulation Manager GENERAL STAFF: John Cannon, Hallie Cohen, Irving Cohen, Billie Collier, Fannie Delaugach, Lon Euler, Joe Ford, Regina Gibbs, Ronald Goldberg, Andy Hans, Ben Harper, Bill Inge, Ralph Johnson, Wiley Joyner, Charles Kraselsky, Joyce Lindy, Ben Lowe, Bobbie Matell, Charles Money, George Nichols, Bernard Peltz, Charles Pollack, Gene Salentriend, Alberta Sherman, Lionel Silvertield, Frank Stanton, Rosalyn Weinstein, Johnny Wilson, Bill Withington. ALBERT, SOKOL, MARKOWITZ, Assistants FRANK EVANS, Business Manager Business Manager Frank Evans and his assistants work capably in producing advertising to cover costs and adequately circulating each week approximately 6,500 copies. With a mailing list ot 500, coupled with fraternity, sorority, and dormitory distribution, the C-W reaches every student and faculty member. The cost ot printing the Crimson-White is tinanced through the sale ot advertising and on allocation ot the student activity tee. As a result, students receive copies without direct cost. LEFT: C-W Advertising salesmen RIGHT: Weekly delivery department EDITORIAL Better known To Capstone students os the "Rom", The University of Alobomo humor mogozine olters ci wide horizon tor those students with Tolent in the tield ot iournolism. The Rommer .lommer publishes seven issues o yeor contoining the best in student jokes, cortoons, stories, ond pictures. Originoting in I924 cis o privote publication, The Rom hos experi- enced severol chonges within its covers. IT was first o humor mogozine, loter it become o literoiry iournol, todoy The Rom is ct modern humor mog. Its present stonding omong college humor mctgozines is high. STAFF SAM WETMORE . . . . A . . Editor JIM MONTGOMERY , . Assistont Editor FLORENCE DAY . , Feoture Editor C. K. EDWARDS . I , I . Publicity Director STAFF: Leo Willette, Dove Gleoson, Ted I-louse, Vic Gold, Borlooro Ritch. DAY, MONTGOMERY, Assistants ,Q I Y gf 0 4 SAM WETMORE, Editor MMER From whom the humor flows swmnw -'W I' 0.1: EMORY FOLMAR, Business Manager Salesmen, Circulators, and ? BUSINESS Two years ago the Ram business staff unveiled the slogan "A RAM IN EVERY ROOM" in a drive to place a copy in as many campus rooms as possible, As a result, circulation now has reached the all-time high ot 3500 copies. Subscriptions, a portion of student activity tees, and sale ot adver- tising bear the financial burden ot printing the Ram. The seven issues a year are free to student readers. Alumni and friends may be placed on the mailing list by subscription at a cost ot Si .50 per year. STAFF EMORY FOLMAR . , . . SYLVAN BYCK . . , . JACK HELD , . Assistant TOMMY NASH . . . , ANITA PIERCE . , Business Manager Advertising Manager Advertising Manager Circulation Manager Exchange Manager Staff: Rachel Cohen, Janet 'rw- O u a r t i n, Myron Scales, George Wingard. R HELD, BYCK, NASH, Assistants I tfksc xx- 4 u F COLONEL CARLETON K. BUTLER, Director "Miss America" crowned at Vandy game 7k MILLIO D LL With "Miss Alabama", Katherine Glover, marching as their sponsor, Alabama's Million Dollar Band performed at many half-time ceremonies during the 1950 football season. Under the capable direction of Bama's beloved Colonel Carleton K. Butler, the Million Dollar Band introduced to their supporters a fine performance of "Hoop-De-Doo." Perennially a favorite, "Dixie" was considered a "must" at all the spirit-stirring pep rallies. The night before Homecoming featured a rousing "Yea, Alabamal", raising spirits to a high pitch. At the Homecoming game, the Million Dollar Band saluted Athletic Director Frank Thomas with the sentimental song, "I'll Get By As Long As l Have You." The end of the colorful football season found the Million Dollar Band engaging in many other performances. This year the band traveled throughout the state on a concert tour. In the Spring, the band played host to all the board directors at the state band clinic. A fitting climax to the year's activities was the selection of "Miss Alabama" for the coming academic year. A "must" for Bama fans at all games kwa 4, W -1-5' Y .iff " ' ' Rose Bowl players honored by bend "Tommy" for Athletic Director Frank Thomas A N Zi lg Q QMQ . . . 'wx KATHERINE GLOVER, Band Sponsor COL. CARLETON K. BUTLER I Direcfor ii "' PAUL PUTIVIAN . . , Manager I FRANCIS HART . Assistant HARRIS MAGRUDER , Drum Mciior KATHERINE GLOVER Sponsor UPPER: Tide-Sail Over State for Homecoming LOWER: Stairway to the Siars for Betbeze KX 1: X X Professor Leo Martin Assistant Professor Don Smith WABP, the largest campus-vvired station in the nation, is serving Capstone students for the fourth year since it replaced Bama Radio Network. WABP began the Fall semester vvith an increased air time of three hours daily. The station is stu- dent managed, and broadcasts for ten hours each day, six days a vveek, from studios on the third floor of the Union Building. A charter member of the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System, WABP offers its listeners a vveII-balanced program Professor Knox Haygood schedule throughout the year. Special events, including dances in Foster Auditorium and football games in Denny Stadium, receive maior attention from Capstone listeners. Originality and listener interest in the programs are the primary considerations of the student vvriters, producers, and directors of the many and varied productions. As one of the nine charter members of the University Association for Professional Radio Education, the Radio De- partment has greatly advanced in broadcast techniques. STAFF KEITH BARZE RONALD DAHLBERG CLAYTON CORZATTE . , Manager . Assistant Manager . Program Director . Assistant Program Director . . , Sales Manager . . . Chief Engineer JOE WAYNE WEBSTER GEORGE WILLIAMS . JACK COPELAND . HOOPER COLLIER . Bookkeeper I-IANK MANLEY , Secretary JEAN ROUSSELLE , . . . . Traffic SARA JO WILLINGHAM . . Assistant, Traffic ROBERT H. JONES . . Continuity News copy gets inspection before program ROSLYN ZAROVSKY Director, Women's Features And Public Service Assistant Women's Features , , Assistant Public Service Sports Director News and Special Events . Music Librarian Chief Announcer Head Receptionist Director, Promotion Assistant, Promotion "MISS WABP" ROBIN NETTLES , I-IARRIANNE MOORE RUSS COLLYER BENEDICT , . AL I-REEHLING . . BARBARA RUSSELL DAVE STEELE . MARGARET FROST . DIANE DURI-IAM MONROE TEAGUE ROSE PINTCI-IUCK Plans are made for publicizing the show ."2Zi.... 1. r ib ' w fis s sw sr .. arf A -'-'- ,WM,..,.,.gw re Aggie g ewpruvrf 7 u as 3 ..-3. 4 ,,..,,i, GENERAL STAFF Frank Bolender, Betty Lee Biddle, Knox Carreker, Ken Conrad, Louisa Cox, Ray Cox, Hugh Drake, Johnny Mack Driskill, Marcia Estrotf, Ralph Evans, Mel Exans, Juliette Faster, Jan Gaines, Keith Glatzer, Bob Gunn, Kay Hampton, Fred Henry, Frank Holston, Bob Jones, Doris Kladclen, Joe Langston, Henry Latyen, Dale Lawrence, Reid Leath, Iris Levy, Irwin Liber, Catherine McGauly, George McKee, lominy Michael, Gene Morris, Neal Mouchett, Robin Nettles, Frank DiPaul, Eileen Pharaoh, Julian Pierson, Rose Pintchuck, Gloria Prysock, Jeannine Roberts, .lim Roclen, Dorothy Sail, Don Secord, Dave Shugerman, George Simrnions, Barbara Ann Smith, Rhoda Soclot, Ed Stewart, Beth Thiemonge, Gus Vergos, Bob Webb. TOP: Supe Store Interview BOTTOM: Programming made easy MQ ,,. 1, 3, 4 A TOP: Writer dictates script to studio secretary MIDDLE: Student sports announcer relates the game BOTTOM: Staff members rliscuss future public relations r+ , .-, jf :Jr 1 A ff It I 2 JERRY WORTHY CLAYTON CORZATTE MARJEAN NABORS JIM McGINTY SYLVIA BOLASKY I W H ' WH MW .SZZLJQMZQI in yqmefzzcan Wmaefmiized mmf Gcaffeqei -'lm SAM HARVEY TEMPIE FARRIS TED BRYAN BEBE SMITH DAVID VANN BOB COLLINS DITSY FORD MAC HUMPIDGE BELTON THOMAS CHUCK MORGAN SAM WETMORE DON CRONIN PAT ADAMS JOHN DONALDSON JIM WRIGHT Published yearly bv alumnus I-I. Pettus Randall, "VVho's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges" annually recognizes the most outstanding college students. This year, twenty-nine University students were honored tor leadership in campus activities. Nominations are submitted by the deans ot the various colleges and by members ot the Student Legislature. From these nominations, a committee composed of student and faculty members selects students showing merit in scholarship, student activity, character, and individual leadership. SARA NELL WEST GENE McRAE DAN MEADOR JACK BROWN GOODLOE RUTLAND JIM BRICE KATE BLANKENSHIP FERRIS RITCHEY J ROW 'lz Luskin, Baker, Boylan, Hendrix, Bounds, Wallace . . ROW 2: Copeland, Farris, Cronin, Melton, Wetmore, Harvey, Folmor OARD ca PUBLICATIONS The Board of Publications, composed of faculty and student members, supervises and governs all campus publications supported Through the allocation of student activity fees. These publications include the Corolla, the Crimson-White, the Rammer Jammer, and the "A" Book, although the latter is sponsored by the Student Government Association. The Board's most important function is that of determining the eligibility of candidates for the offices of editor, business manager, and all paid assistants. By carefully examining all applicants for these positions, the Board insures the student body qualified students to edit and manage their publications in a businesslike and professional manner. MEMBERS NOBLE B. HENDRIX , .... Dean of Students TEMPIE FARRIS . . . President, WSGA C. E. BOUNDS .... Head of Journalism Department DONALD J. CRONIN . . . , Editor, Corolla ROBERT M. WALLACE . English Department Representative TED COPELAND . , . Business Manager, Corolla JOHN LUSKIN . . Journalism Department Representative SAM HARVEY . . . . Editor, Crimson-White LOUIS D. BOYLAN . . . . . Publications Auditor FRANK EVANS , . . Business Manager, Crimson-White OLA GRACE BAKER , Assistant Dean of Women SAM WETMORE .,,.. Editor, Rammer Jammer JERRY D. WORTHY . . . President, SGA EMORY FOLMAR . . Business Manager, Rammer Jammer Page 62 M4542 5 CJ WWW 23 SKIDOG THE AFTER HOURS ELTA SAM DFEEAMT 4 af! NDLELIGHT CON THE GOOD OLE DAYS 'iQC-AN WzWfQ 7 STORE WHATY NO SCHOOL DME RUSH WEEK BUSTLE WHY SH WW DOWN THE PARTY LINE WHAT A WELCOME! I T fl. THE DOORS SWING IN KD CHOW TlME 7 W ,ia . v V M -V3 infix! f'L2I-.ff Qs ,S i 'MF -K .wp f E 2-zum? ,f Y al EQ, as 1 5 fx Qi f, ,IR I V f' W? ww E 2 f W 1 M! if , , fab., ir W? Eilfifis, ,, 1' ' 3 my , Us DREAM GIRL COME TRUE x ge wif V A, AA,A, 1 . , , ,- if ' 'M A . - ' A .1 7 .g g iw f W 'S ,J sw NW' , 1. Le is 15, if Wggga l., J yi E. ,gills k Q..-M 'QM 158 'C Scuugavg vw OUR MACK' 7 gi!! 7 'X ,, Mi , WQRKED W 3' WZMZ? FLOAT BY Rem O THE NA-dv 1 A ':,.-'V V T fm ' f 2-' .. . at 3 5 X i E w .Q fe l 1- Q-Z J, M Q '46 HI DKDDLE DIDDLE C 4, ,Y E. we 5 ff 4 , A I-'ff' msg Q, v q'E'EM,, . L ,J HQMECOWNG BEHIND THE SCENE E? , .:.- ,,,,,,"2,:-f , .- , H . ff WA SH 'EM OUT STAND BY FOR TAKE OFF feminine QXQHBH 2 J- 'X X ,v.,,. if-svfwf' , L1'1,2, 4 ?I2 7' ZETA BUCHANEERS ED TER wffqlnwfw' BONNET MVK 'fm E f A A 'ff ' , ,fa ,A ,W xjf ? vi y LIFE OF THE PARTY ONE, TWO, THREE---KICK i m gif? H HEAVE HO! fm, w Q Ycvf-5 IN GAY PAREE 5 JUST ON OF TH PREXY TAKES HIS SHARE wi' rf HA NTIES TWOSOM Hi T DQUB LE I I 5 315 if a f is J P tglrllus-npr iflllulnqwg- UCI!-as-ng., Ili---uv-.-,. Z ---.....,, , --..... Li. :Cm may ' - -.-libs. '- s. :L A ,- ,, X, I . 5,25 559 vii? if ' Q - , if Q M ,X '- ff' iff R5 ffl L? OUR H EARTSU ! ' 1 1- -unw- un-lllnu-.-, nu-up '--' unn- -any -run-"Ulla-...,,. uun..-,,-, """" -1 ."""" '-Q-u-.,,,u--.. L K: ' A ' M, sw E 4 f Q W HH! ONE FOR GOOD LUCK Nl Www Uri wg ,ggi ,ff E FEAT! 05 if vb kk A! W x, MAX 1 'l " F LL' 1 f 5 5 UGH! HIM? K, E Q "xiii K .' ' Vjfwvk . 151. Yvfffw ' , ,rrn 1 df. TABLE-TALK 3 K!! M ISWAS To AL L KEEP IT 5.1 7 ff THAT IS TH E We 9 ,W smg CULLMAN BOY GOOD LUNERY MILITARY Iwqf. I 'Nm If A ,P ff SL. Q E AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION THAT S A LROCK , V xl. I' ' , f I aff- ' E 2 ,.. ANAGANS I ..Y: U6 ' F A TV' Q I, v - 'F .af e Q xv Q K I 1 wi Si? f K. FOR OUR GLORIOUS CAUSE 1' 1 1 1 QW f M BELLES OF THE UALL BIT OF THE OLD SOUTH PRESENTING A THE THIN GREY UNE RMS .A-f-....v...k,,,,, YA'LL COLOR GUARD 1 Mvis... .t.1.w.... GREEDY GIRUES J- - A X'i' CARLOAD or BEAUTY ' ,. W V . L -'f' P- -mm' 'f5'l2's.Jff-,89w.'-3.'rH.:-,:-,2:..-:-V., ,- E f , X 5 , N , Ti. E Z -K 4- fl 3 . X ' ' S, , M51 - 3 'ii 'Eff- , 35 V L 2 y H A"'A ,- E l 5 H f A,: 1 1 ' 5 ,Q i L' . g,' Q 'sk ' v . CHEESECAKE LINEUP iF'5Ef'AiT? WL4' DAY ANNOUNC fffi' PLAY wad -bl! , RIDING HIGH BA MA 3 coua1ING' EA X-QVEI-Y T' MY BUT IT'S HOT' UTY BA TH AH, FOR THE LIFE! Ho YQQOO AND 'LIL D S OUTHERN EXPO PHOOEY TO YOU, TOO! E-'rifle xx 'sv fm, A-if' ' Q ,, K I TH A A ff Gigi? PAST AND THE PRESENT Q' S . -.--- 'K ' 3' 2 I , , :fy K ff -x.I-:":'tY,.- -fax f i gk , " , ,.V,,T , ,Tkii I ,,1 T M ,H With the recent world developments, the words "college student" took on a new meaning in the classrooms. For the freshmen it meant an opportunity to train in a specialized branch of service for their country. For graduating seniors it meant the chance to apply the many principles and theories acquired while in school. Others saw the need for increased education and returned to do graduate study through research and l experiment. Classes in law and medicine were filled with Q students who realized the vital need for men and women trained in those professions. In the fields of science and education, too, the college student of this past year seriously gazed at the road to his future. u SS L . Q, X556 X X, ,x Y XXL IX Q s 4? sam 4 x u JN., ,,, " " L A X, K 5 3-ff' 'XKQQQ i' Q Vi 'W , . 7 1 Q i 5,552 'A U, mm 3 X X . .-1 gg: 1 W-.1 -Xw, ,. fi 'fx S,-1,3-Q XX-my ,.x,.,fXr I ziii,3'3if4fiL -Eg3?z.g5g. 1 1 " ' -.X ' JW-,351 -f ' W war 5,:,?1i+?f151.aX ?ifi3a- 1. ' m I V 1 , f,,M 'w fmfwf-w,,,, X ll X kt X , ' fi X X- fx X. Q XX-Q1:'a,g,, My , x.P'A -, giipffgy Q3 fiffjlgrgi' r"w'SX' gpg A 1 lvil ,X .V ,T-HA M fvwp X - -' ' ' .4 ' H'- Q f..3Q5i33vf5fii'1Q5ff , fl f . X ' xi, , zswisli 354'-1. . . xx - . ' - X ' 5? - X , , X www N X 5-'law wig. .. ' ff- 1 P ' , If 1 '1TFP9':- 'w wf P X-I.X:.1XX.X-f .N A X42 " h 1 ., L 5372 x.. M . .X-Xw " 1 " A .. g X- 1 - ff- . ,,:Jfj-.l,-,,,- K-f'X ' 3 5 ,T3235gf".5fSf 1 ' nf IV X, ff X4 'jfs L X131 X .XwwXX1 ,E 3 - XX 1 . 1".Xf"'2 Kp 1 XX, x x K X -X, 0 5 P, 5 K XJ, X5 if 5-,H 1 I, . ' N' -' " -f XX A V , Vx I ,, g kv X -a XX A X :X X ., X-XXX' ' 5 iX3X I JXxwxa- 7: . X , fa1,,X5g ! X0kweB R X 4 .vS ' ' I TW X- I 1' 1' .. ,XX,..Vf x v 'x , ,J s- g Xixwkw, ,llt X- 1 1' , Q , ' I VV wp-1 . XB' 3 ' 'fwk Wax 'A tiXX 'U punf-4" , s SI . X- V .fi K .W I vw Xv .4 .X , X X, yfmzaw 1 ll,xif2.QX,,. 1? ,Mu Q 'NX,,.ixg1, X, X, .,-., XXX X A F4 :N f w"' unxvkkxxg V K' ww :IV rf ' ML1.lH'fY' ' ,f ,,M..jX, .W .X I ,aim X , NY .1 x ,X -' .. .r X- 1" 'X .aw 1 gay: all I FRONT ROW: Left To Right: Bell, Carter, Caffey, Robertson, Hyde, Callahan, F. M. Nolen, T. Nolen, Meigs, Campbell . . . SECOND ROW: Alaele, Drcughon Byrd, McCarley, Muir, Whitehead, Duff, Caldwell . . . THIRD ROW: J. M. Moore, Whalley, Johnson, Hicks, Wade, Young, J. T. Moore, Cooner, Whifley Balfhrop, Jordan, Therrod, Moughon . . . BACK ROW: Collins, Terrell, Miller, Coggan, Harris, Blckeney, Hogan, Canfley, Copeland, Haclen . . . NOT EDI HENRY B. ABELE JOHN E. BALTHROP, JR. FRANCES M. BELL WILLIAM H. BLAKENEY BEN R, BYRD BENJAMIN F. CAFFEY,JR. HARRY E. CALDWELL JAMES S. CALLAHAN, JR. DAVID A. CAMPBELL DONALD A. CANTLEY, JR. BURWELL S. CARPENTER, JR. THOMAS E. CARTER, JR. GEORGE M. COGGAN DOUGLAS COLLINS WILLIAM H. COONER ALBERT B. COPELAND ROBERT L. DRAUGHON, JR. ROLAND D. DUFF PRESENT: Reber? Wise. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS HENRY B, ABELE ........,...... ....... P resident MILTON E. WHITLEY ..,. . . . . . .Vice-Presidenl MATTIE ISBELL HYDE ..,..,......... Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS ROBERT H. HADEN RICHARD A. HARRIS JOHN H. HICKS ROBERT S. HOGAN MATTIE I. HYDE GEORGE R. JAUDON LESLIE M. JOHNSON JOHN A. LUSK, III JOHN T. MCCARLEY, JR. LAMAR C. MEIGS JOHN C. MILLER JOHN M. MOORE JOHN T. MOORE, JR. WILLIAM S. MOUGHON, JR. IAN W. MLJIR EDWARD M. MYER FRANCIS MCCLAIN-NOLEN Page 84 CAL SC OOL THIRWELL M. NOLEN FRANK J. NUCKOLS LAMAR S. OSMENT HASKELL A. PINKERTON VVILLIAM H. ROBERTSON JOHN C. SAUNDERS JOSEPH A. SHERROD, JR QUENTIN R. STRONG CLYDE TERRELL JOHN F. WADE, JR. JOHN W. WEBB, JR. HUGHEY M. WEIR GEORGE B. WHATLEY JOHN S. WHITEHEAD MILTON E. WHITLEY ROBERT H. WISE ROY G. YOUNG, JR. I EDICA SC WILLIAM D. ATCHISON LIONEL M. BARGERON, JAMES S. BATES, JR. CHARLES P. BEDDOVV CLAUDE E, BENNETT JOHN B. BLAIZE HAROLD L. BLANTON CHARLIE H. BURT INALLACE E. CALHOUN JOHN H. CHAPIN HOYT A. CHILDS MALCOLM C. COOK FREDERICK H. DeVANE JOSEPH E. DUKE JOHN R. DURFEY, JR. JU OFFICERS HOYT A. CHILDS ,.........,... ..... P resident LEXAJIS E. KIRKLAND ..,,. ..... V ice-PresiCIenT WALLACE E. CALHOUN ..... .... S ecretary-Treasurer MEMBERS SIDNEY J. GRAY, JR. JR. KENNETH M. HANNON MAURICE C. HOLCOMB, JR. CLAUDE M. HOLLAND, JR. JAMES S. JACKSON, JR. RICHARD H. JOHNSON EDWIN B. KENT JAMES E. KIMBROUGH LEWIS E. KIRKLAND LEWIS M. LAMBERTH ROBERT M. LIGHTFOOT MARY E. LOWRY ROBERT L. MARTIN, JR. BENJAMIN C. MAXWELL JOHN P. MERCHANT, JR. NIOR.CLASS oo WILLIAM T. OAKES DAVID E. OWENSBY STEPHEN D. PALMER GEORGE B. PENTON SIDNEY C. PHILLIPS, JR WILLIAM R. PITTS CECIL E. PRICE CARL R. ROBINSON WILLIAM H. RUDDER FRED O. SHERRILL, JR. JOHN D. SHERRILL, JR. MARION H, SIMS HENRY F. SKINNER, JR. HENRY D. THOMAS JULIUS O. THOMAS NOLAN W. FULTON, JR. WOODFIN G. NORRIS, JR. RHETT P. WALKER STEINER D- GARRETT, JR- HENRY G. GLASS JOHNYE R. WALTON FIRST ROW: Leff fo Righi: Hannon, Bennefi, Blanfon, DeVane, Jackson, Childs, H. Thomas . SECOND ROW: Glass, Chapin, Cook, Blaize, Garret Calhoun, J. Thomas, Duke THIRD ROW: Kimbrough, Lighffoof, Palmer, Skinner, Holland, Rudder, Robinson, Merchant . FOURTH ROW: Gray Owensby, Walker, Kirkland, Kent, Martin, Durfey, Holcomb, Fulton . . .FIFTH ROW: Sherrill, Bates, Johnson, Lamberth, Maxwell, Burr, Phillips. FRONT ROW: Left to Right: "Tutu Norvell, Cecil Tew, Kenda Jones, Charles Jordan, Jim Whiteside, Donald Hooper, Bob Guyton, Jimmy Wright . . . SECOND ROW: Earnest Curtis, Harold Floyd, John Yow, Selden Stephens, Lesley Whitehead, Arthur Griffin . . . THIRD ROW: Tommy Lawson, "Bo" Boshell, Chaun Thuss, Fred Stanley, Chester Primm , . . FOURTH ROW: Bill Finlay, Douglas Holt, Jim Baker, Phillip Enslen, B. F. Hinton, Wm. Wright, Fred Crews , FIFTH ROW: Oscar Riley, Donald Vaughn, O. T. Nelson, Adrian Chandler, Barlow Harris, Rufus Vaughn, Jim Davies, Don Golden, John Duncan . . . SIXTH ROW: Wm. Douglas, Louis Johnson, Bob McLaughlin, Patrick Linton, Bob Cruit, AI Hunt, Ellis Porch, William Jack Hammack, Lee LaGrone, Wm. Walk ME JAMES T. BAKER BURIS R. BOSHELL ADRIAN A. CHANDLER ERMIN E. COLEMAN, JR. FREDERICK F. CREWS ROBERT L. CRUIT CHARLES H. CRUMP EARNEST M. CURTIS, JR JAMES S. DAVIES ASA L. DODD, JR. WILLIAM W. DOUGLAS JOHN E. DUNCAN PHILLIP J. ENSLEN WILLIAM C. FINLAY HOMER H. FLOYD, JR. CLARENCE L. GOLDEN ARTHUR GRIFFIN Lemone Yielding. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS WILLIAM T. WRIGHT, ............ ..... P resident FREDERICK F. CREWS .... .... V ice-President ROBERT J. MCLAUGHLIN ......,..... Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS ROBERT D. GUYTON WILLIAM J. HAMMACK HERSCHEL B. HARRIS BENJAMIN F. HINTON DOUGLAS C. HOLT DONALD HOOPER ALBERT C. HUNT LOUIS L. JOHNSON JAMES K. JONES CHARLES D. JORDAN COLUMBUS L. LaGRONE THOMAS C. LAWSON, JR. PATRICK H. LINTON PATRICK MCCUE ROBERT J. MCLAUGI-ILIN ELMER MOTTE OSCAR T. NELSON Page 86 SC OO SAMUEL S. NORVELL ELLIS F. PORCH CHESTER B. PRIMM OSCAR RILEY, JR. JAMES F. STANLEY SELDEN H. STEPHENS, JR WALTER C. TEW, JR. CHAUNCEY B. THUSS JAMES D. VAUGHN WILLIAM A. WALKER LESLIE E. WHITEHEAD JAMES A. WHITESIDE JAMES G. WRIGHT, JR. WILLIAM T. WRIGHT K. LEMONE YIELDING JOHN S. YOW, JR. MEDICA SCHOO FRESHMAN CLASS oFFicERs SAMUEL S. NORVELL ......,..,.. ....,.,.. P resident JAMES D. VAUGHN ...,....,.. . . . ..,. Vice-President SELDEN H. STEPHENS, JR. .......... Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS WILLIAM R. ANDERSON ANDREW D. HAGAN HOWARD E. LEONARD, III CECIL H. PRESCOTT JAMES D. ANGELICH HAROLD J. HALL ARTHUR R. LINDSEY CHARLES F. RATTRAY, JR DAVID A. AZAR WILLIAM J. HAMMACK GASTON O. MCGINNIS SHALER S. ROBERTS GLENN D. BARNES HERSCHEL P. BENTLEY, JR HARRY I. BLAYLOCK, JR. EUGENE H. BRADLEY ARNOLD C. BURKE VINCENT A. CARNAGGIO OTTIS D. COOK ELSIE J. COWSERT ROBERT H. DUDLEY EDWARD L. EELLS LEE L. FARRIS, JR. MARION L. HANAHAN, Ill MORRIS B. MANN ALBERT B. HARRIS RICHARD Z. HUNDLEY NNILLIS D. ISRAEL HOWARD D. JENKINS BERTIS B. JORDAN DONALD R. KAHN WILLIAM O. KENAN ROBERT L. KOMINEK KATHERINE KOSPETOS BLUITT L. LANDERS, JR. GILBERT R. MELSON JOHN P. MIMS JAMES E. MOODY CHARLES C. MORGAN JAMES R. MOSELEY EUGENE C. NEELAND JOSEPH W. O'NEAL WILLIAM G. PAPPAS EDWIN J. PHILLIPS FRANK P. PHILLIPS JAMES E. ROBERTSON LEONARD ROBINSON JOE D. SANDERS PAUL W. SCOKEL, ll LOWELL T. SHEFFIELD, JR ROBERT L. THOMAS, JR. IRA D. THOMPSON WILLIAM E. VICKERS ROBERT E. VICKERY GEORGE H. WEAVER ELTON C. WHITLEY, JR. DAVID C. GUSTAFSON SITTING: Left to Right: Frank Pond Phillips, Richard Zol Hundley, Ira Duke Thompson, William Jackson Hommack, Joe David Sanders, Cecil Herman Prescott, William Gregory Pappas, Arthur Ralls Lindsey, William Edward Vickers , . . KNEELING: James Dykes Angelich, Charles Frederic Rattray, Jr., William Owen Kenan, Donald Roy Kahn, Katherine Kospetos, James Earl Robertson, Bertis Benton Jordan, Vincent Anthony Carnaggio, Herschel Paul Bentley, Jr., David Carl Gustafson, Elsie Jean Cowsert, Harold Jennings Hall, Charles Crew Morgan . . . FIRST ROW STANDING: Lowell Thomas Sheffield, Jr., Edward Louis Eells, Joseph Willard O'Neal, George Hiram Weaver, Eugene Crawford Neeland, John Park Mims, David Abraham Azar, Harry Isham Blaylock, Jr., Howard Dean Jenkins, Eugene Headley Bradley, Howarcl Ensign Leonard, lll, Andrew Daws Hagan, Bluitt Lee Landers, Jr., Paul William Scokel, lll . . . SECOND ROW STANDING: Robert Earl Vickery, Otis Deroy Cook, Willis Dwight Israel, James Rennie Moseley, Marion Lothrop Hanahan. III, Arnold Cornelius Burke, Robert Leonard Kominek, Gaston Owen McGinnis, Albert Basil Harris, Elton Clyde Whitley, Jr., Robert Lee Thomas, Jr., Morris Bernard Mann, Glenn Dickson Barnes, William Roderick Anderson, Gilbert Reid Melson, Robert Hamelin Dudley, Lee LeForce Farris, Jr., Edwin Jeter Phillips, Shaler Sinclair Roberts . . . ABSENT: James Ellis Moody. FRONT ROW: Leff Io Right: Colie Millsup, Gerald Rowe, Eugene Sullivan, James Lovelady, Houslon Hovis, William Welch, Billy Bloop Cobb . SECOND ROW: Richard Bailey, Wendell Taylor, Frank Pelrusnek, William Ashley, Willie Frank Nowell, James McCabe, Roberl Cummings . THIRD ROW: William Beasley, Harold Gayle, Aubrey Davis, Raymond Cox, Charles Hancock . , . FOURTH ROW: William Quaflle- baum, Lesfer Brasfield, E. B. Griffith, Robert Ballard . . . FIFTH ROW: Morris Hollis, Robert Eusiice, Joseph Hare, John Speake, Waller Andrews, Jasper Jones, James Cosper, Thomas Bradford, John Webster . . , SIXTH ROW: Alvin Mosher, Woodward Lamar, Randy Laffre, James Sanderson, James Rye, Walter Smith, John Gray, Willie Kelley, Nelson Owens . . . LAST ROW: John Baker, Jim Kirby, Melvin Hardin, Audie Chrisfopher, Joe Venable. SC OO F DE TISTRY WALTER C. ANDREWS WILLIAM W. ASHLEY RICHARD L. BAILEY JOHN BAKER ROBERT H. BALLARD WILLIAM E. BEASLEY WILSON C. BELLENOER THOMAS G. BRADFORD, JR. LESTER B. BRASFIELD EMANUEL CHERASKIN AUDIE M. CHRISTOPHER BILLY J. COBB JAMES W. COSPER OFFICERS JASPER A. JONES ............... ....... P residenf THOMAS M. NICHOLSON .,..... . . .Vice-Presidenf J. L. SANDERSON ......... ...... S ecrefary WILLIAM F. NOWELL ............. .... T reasurer MEMBERS RAYMOND F. COX WILLIE F. KELLEY, JR. ROBERT A. CUMMINGS AUBREY DAVIS ROBERT J. EUSTICE HAROLD J. GAYLE JOHN R. GRAY EDD B. GRIFFITH CHARLES S. HANCOCK MELVIN D. HARDIN JOSEPH E. HARE MORRIS W. HOLLIS HOUSTON B. HOVIS JASPER A. JONES Page 88 JIM M. KIRBY RANDALL O. LAFFRE, JR WOODWARD D. LAMAR JAMES R. LOVELADY COLIE H. MILLSAP, JR. ALVIN W. MOSHER, JR. JAMES B. MCCABE THOMAS M. NICOLSON WILLIAM F. NOWELL NELSON B. OWENS ALFRED A. PARDEN FRANK PETRUSNEK WILLIAM C. QUATTLEBAUM GERALD R. ROWE JAMES W. RYE JAMES L. SANDERSON WALTER L. SMITH, JR. JOHN L. SPEAKE WILLIAM E. SULLIVAN WENDELL H. TAYLOR JOSEPH P. VENABLE, JR JOHN S. WEBSTER WILLIAM M. WELCH FRONT ROW: Left to Right: Paul Riise, John Tucker, Kenneth Breland, Sherold Pope, J. D. Biggers, Clifton Looney, Thomas Smoot SECOND ROW: John Cunningham, Horace Holley, J. B. Henderson, Richard Boswell, Max Gilmer, Charles Davis, John Davis . THIRD ROW: James Miller, Dan Douglas, Tom Kirby, Charles Billingsley, John Outlaw, Dale Bishop, Harold West . . . FOURTH ROW: John Arthur Robert Stiff, Kenyon Vinson, George Graham, Marion Rushing, William Powell, John Edwards . . . FIFTH ROW: Pasqual Baldone Harold Moore, J. D. Reynolds, Garland King, Fred Bickley, David Meadows, Dan Meadows . . . SIXTH ROW: D. K. Clanton, Troy Mills, J. C Wheat Earl Mitchell, Wayne Treece, William Lawson, James Blackman, John Dunbar . . , LAST ROW: Warren Day, Cary Elrod, William Stephens Fred Murphy, Belton Stephens, Eugene Bowman, William Buck, James Vann, Hugh Lane. OOL F DE TI SC JOHN S. ARTHUR, JR. PAOUAL A. BALDONE FRED P. BICKLEY, JR. J. D. BIGGERS CHARLES L. BILLINGSL DALE E, BISHOP JAMES E. BLACKMAN RICHARD S. BOSWELL EDWIN E. BOWMAN KENNETH R. BRELAND WILLIAM P. BUCK DAVID K. CLANTON OFFICERS HUGH LANE ,,....L.,.......,.. ..,,,,.. P resident WILLIAM M. LAWSON ......,,. .... V ice-President JAMES IN. VANN. I ..... ...... S ecre-tary TROY C. MILLS, JR. ...,.,....... .... T reasurer MEMBERS CHARLES H. DAVIS JOHN H. DAVIS, JR. WARREN E. DAY DAN E. DOUGLAS EY, JR. JOHN B. DUNBAR JOHN O. EDWARDS, CARY E. ELROD, JR. MAX V. GILMER GEORGE H. GRAHAM, J. B. HENDERSON HORACE H. HOLLEY WILLIAM G. KING JOHN M. CUNNINGHAM THOMAS W. KIRBY HUGH G. LANE WILLIAM M. LAWSON THOMAS C. LOONEY DANIEL T. MEADOWS DAVID E. MEADOWS JR. JAMES W. MILLER TROY C. MILLS, JR. EARL L. MITCHELL, JR. JR. HAROLD B. MOORE FREDERICK B. MURPHY JOHN C. OUTLAW, JR. SHEROLD P. POPE WILLIAM D. POWELL, JR. Page 89 TRY JULIUS D. REYNOLDS, JR PAUL L. RIISE MARION D. RUSHING THOMAS H. SMOOT BELTON S. STEPHENS WILLIAM J. STEPHENS ROBERT H. STIFF MAURICE W. TREECE JOHN W. TUCKER JAMES W. VANN KINYON VINSON WILLIS H. WEST J. C. WHEAT Giles, Paul L. Abbott, John A. Hancken, Joseph C. Baldone . Morgan, Thomas E. Novak, William J. Hooper, Samuel T. Rose Gerald E. Berger, William M. Crosby, Donald E. Davies, Ralph Collister, Alfred FIRST ROW: Left to Right: George E. Mitchell, Edward W. Strother, Wayne L. McLaughlin, Joe S. Watson, James H. Simonton, Kenneth C. Johnson, Joe B. Bratton . . . SECOND ROW: Richard A. Perryman, George E. Powers, Pressly L. Thornton, William M. Thomas, Jack L. . . THIRD ROW: Samuel J. Wycoff, William R. Roland, John R. Orr, John N. Walker, Charles B. Easley, M. Wilson Gaillard . . . FOURTH ROW: Eason K. Wood, William A. Stone, Ernest C. Leatherwood, Richard E. . . . FIFTH ROW: Richard V. Conner, Earl E. Little, William L. Bellande, E. Capouya, Joseph G. Stewart . . . SIXTH ROW: Billy J. Parker, Fred R. Mashburn, Dudley E. Dickerson, Charles Fox White, William J. Vaughan, Hulett B. Owen, Joseph H. Miller, Charles J. Nail, John W. Mc- M. Tunstall, Edwin M. Speed. SCHOOL OF DE TI TRY OFFICERS ALFRED M. TUNSTALL ..........,. . ,,..,. President EDWIN M. SPEED ......,....... ,.... V ice-President CLAUDIA H. HEARD .............,.. SecretaryfTreasurer MEMBERS PAUL L. ABBOTT JOHN A. HANCKEN THOMAS E. NOVAK JOSEPH C. BALDONE CLAUDIA H. HEARD JOHN R. ORR, JR. WILLIAM L. BELLANDE WILLIAM J. HOOPER HULETT B. OWEN GERALD E. BERGER PRESTON M. JONES BILL J. PARKER JOE B. BRATTON ERNEST C. LEATHERWOOD, JR. RICHARD A. PERRYMAN RALPH E. CAPOUYA EARL E. LITTLE, JR. GEORGE E. POWERS JAMES R. COOLEY FRED R. MASHBURN WILLIAM R. ROLAND WILLIAM M. CROSBY JOSEPH H. MILLER SAMUEL T. ROSE DONALD E. DAVIES GEORGE E. MITCHELL JAMES H. SIMONTON DUDLEY E. DICKERSON, JR. RICHARD E. MORGAN DOYLE F. SNEAD CHARLES B. EASLEY JOHN W. MCCOLLISTER, JR. EDWIN M. SPEED MADISON W. GAILLARD, JR. WAYNE L. MCLAUGHLIN JOSEPH G. STEWART JACK L. GILES CHARLES J. NAIL, JR. Page 90 WILLIAM A. STONE EDWARD W. STROTHER, II WILLIAM M. THOMAS PRESSLY L. THORNTON, JR ALFRED M. TUNSTALL WILLIAM J. VAUGHAN JOHN N. WALKER JOE S. WATSON CHARLES F. WHITE THOMAS B. WILKINS, JR. EASON K. WOOD, JR. SAMUEL J. WYCOFF . SE IOR UR BILLIE JEAN ALLEN GRACE ANTHONY DOROTHY BOBO HELEN BOLT MARY ANN CRENSHAVV IVAN DODD MARY HELEN ELLIS DELORES FOX ELSIE JO HEWLETT MEMBERS JEAN LOVVERY ELIZABETH MAUND DELORIS MCKINLEY LOUISE MIXSON KATIE O'TOOLE JANE SWANSON SUE VICK DORIS WEAVER LOUISE YIELDING FIRST ROW: Left to Right: Mary Ann Crenshaw, Katie O'TooIe, Delores Fox, Jean Lowery, Sue Vick, Jane Swanson . . . SECOND ROW Grace Anfhony Louise Yielding, Dorothy Bobo, Helen BoIf, Ivan Dodd . . . THIRD ROW: Doris Wheeler, Elizabeth Mound, Louise Mixson, Mary Helen Ellis Delorls McKinley I II Q I ii 3' il ,gill Q . E 551- M I ls: dig .J ' I Ia if i We Q 3 Hg? P ..?, X if .4 J, I ,- 1 JSR? T W , -ew WM CE- Ehzs -, KI Q I ' V--w.W M Y fI J I ' Q I l A 1 ' -WM FIRST ROW Leff Io Right: Joyce Wilkes, Grace Brown, Nell Robinson, Jean Boofhe, Joy While, Gaynor Hilfon, Joyce While . . . SECOND ROW Billie Allen Mare C Ilura Mable Poovey, Belly Bowen, Ora Mae Horton , . . THIRD ROW: Addie Sue Hiif, Bobbie Jean Crook, Hilda Jean Spence Rachel Poe JLI IOR LIR NELLA JEAN BOOTHE ELIZABETH BOWEN GRACE BROWN BOBBIE CROOK DELIA HAISTEN JANET HILTON ADDIE SUE HITT ORA MAY HORTON EULENE KENNEDY- JOANN IVICNESKY MEMBERS Page 92 RACHEL POE MABLE POOVEY NELLIE ROBINSON HILDA SPENCE ONZELLE WAKEMAN JOY WHITE JOYCE WHITE MARY WHITEHEAD JOYCE WILKES FRE HMA LIRSE MILDRED ALEXANDER REBA ALFORD BOBBYE BRACKIN MILDRED BROWN JANET CHANDLER MARTHA CLEM MILDRED COTTEN EILEEN CRAWFORD WINIFRED DAUGHTRY GERAL DEAN ELKINS MARY LOU FAIRCHILD REYFORD FINNEY SARA GOLDEN MEMBERS JOHNNIE HARRISON GLORIA HILL JACOUELINE HILTY GLORIA HUDSON WYLODEAN JONES JEAN LOWERY JUDITH MCEACHERN BERTHA MCGUFFEY BETTY MCGUFFEY DORIS MEADOWS MAXINE MESSER GAY MILLER BARBARA MILLS HELENE MOORE ODEAN .OTWELL BURVEL ROBINSON LOUISE ROSS ' RAULINE ROSS FRANCES SEXTON DOROTHEA SPENCER OLIVIA STREATER NANCY STUEBS ANN THAMES EVA 'NELL TUCR MARY ALICE VAUGHN FIRST ROW: Left Yo Right George Armstrong, Ann Turner, Olivia Sfrealer, Mildred Cofien, Wynne Daughlry, Mary Lou Fairchild, Maxine Messer, Helene Moore, Alice Vaughn, Burvel Robinson , , . SECOND ROW: Frances Sexion, Mildred Brown, Eileen Crawford, Reba Alford, Mildred Alexander, Ann Thames, Johnnie Harrison, Bobbie Brackin, Dorofhea Spencer . . . THIRD ROW: Nell Tuck, Jacqueline Hilty, Pauline Ross, Doris Jean Meadows, Reyford Finney, Jo Shepherd, Gloria Hill, Gaye Miller, Geral Dean Elkins . . . FOURTH ROW: Jean McClusky, Jane? Chandler, Bertha McGuffey, Betfy McGuffey, Martha Clem, Nancy Stubbs, Wylodean Jones, Odeon Olwell, Sara Golden, Judifh McEachern, Louise Ross, Bobby Mills, Jean Lowery, Gloria Hudson. Tl-IE, GRADUATE SCHOOL FIVE UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENTS OFFERED Ph.D.'S FOR FIRST TIME IN 1950 ROW ONE ALLEN, WILLIAM W., Birmingham, ASQS, Kappa Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Rho . . . ALTMAN, JOHN WILLIAM, Tusca- loosa, A845 . . . ARMSTRONG, NANCY T., Tallahassee, Fla., Home Economics, Alpha Chi Omega . . . ARMSTRONG, WILBUR C., Tallahassee, Fla., A8tS, Theta Chi, Pi Mu Epsilon, Alpha Phi'Omega, Future Teachers-Club . . . BAILEY, HUGH COLEMAN, Coalburg, ASS, Alpha Sigma Phi, Pi Gamma Mu, Beta Pi Theta, Who's Who . . . BARZE, KEITH E., Daytona Beach, Fla., ASS, WABP, Alpha Epsilon Rho. ROW TWO BATES, JOE CLIFFORD, JR., Birmingham, Commerce, Phi Kappa Sigma . . . BEAVERS, FRED WILLIAM, Cuba, ASS, Alpha Tau Omega, Sigma Pi Sigma . . . BERGER, NORMAN JACK, Mobile, ASQS, Kappa Nu , . . BOISSEAU, PETER CLEMENCEAU, Mentone, Engineering . . , BOTTOMS, EUGENE R., Camp Hill, A8tS, Mason . . . BOWMAN, HAROLD, Montgomery, ASQS, Kappa Delta. ROW THREE BOYLES, JAMES MCGREGOR, Orlando, Fla., ASQS, Sigma Nu, Fencing Team . . . BRICE, LAWRENCE HOLLAND, Bir- mingham, Commerce, Kappa Alpha, Bureau ot Business Re- search , . , BRUNSON, FOX HENRY, Elba, ASQS, Pi Kappa Phi . , . BURKE, DAVID J., New York, N. Y., Commerce . . . BURTON, RAYMOND EUGENE, Hueytown, Commerce . . . COLVIN, CHARLES HENRY, Lincoln, A8tS, Delta Sigma Phi, Scabbard and Blade, Distinguished Military Graduate. ROW FOUR CONGLETON, JANE, Richmond, Ky., Education, Delta Gamma, Woman's Student Government Association . . . CROEN, LAWRENCE J., Crestwood, N. Y., A8.S, Sigma Alpha Mu, Blacktriars, WABP, Manager, Tennis Team, Rammer Jammer, Hillel Foundation, Men's Spirit Committee, Pep Squad, Bama Day Committee , . . DIEKHANS, HERBERT HENRY, West Palm Beach, Fla., A8.S, Phi Mu Epsilon, Sigma Pi Sigma, Phi Beta Kappa . . . DIXON, GERALD EDWIN, Mobile, Commerce . . , DODSON, LOYCE JOE, Malakott, Tex., Education . . . ELLIS, GEORGE WILLIAM, Montgomery', A8rS, Delta Sigma Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Pi Sigma. ROW FIVE EVANS, DAVID F., Dothan, Commerce, Lambda Chi Alpha, Delta Sigma Pi, Commerce Association, Business Manager, Crimson White, Board ot Publications, Student Legislature, Golt Team, Pep Squad . . . FERGUSON, STARLING VERNON, Birmingham, Engineering, Pi Kappa Phi . . . FOWLER, MARTHA ANN, Gadsden, ASQS, Alpha Kappa Delta, Rammer Jammer . . . GAMBILL, EVERETT FLOYD, Mountain Grove, In the background stands Amelia Gayle Gorgas Library. Here students devote many hours of research in preparing the thesis required .for most Master's Degrees in fields of graduate study. Mo., Commerce . . . GARNER, WILLIAM E., Ozark, ASQS, Sigma Nu . . . GOLDBERG, HAROLD BRADLEY, Savannah, Ga., ASS, Alpha Epsilon Pi. ROW SIX GRANGER, WALTER C., Bessemer, Engineering, Delta Chi, President, American Institute ot Mechanical Engineers, St. Pats Association, Pep Squad . , . GREGORY, PAUL HENRY, JR., Ocean Springs, Miss., Engineering, Institute ot Aero- nautical Sciences . . . HALL, MARTIN HARDWICK, Clovis, N. lvl., A8tS, Phi Alpha Theta . . . HAMNER, GUSTAVUS ORUM, Phoenix City, Education, Sigma Chi, President, Phi Delta Kappa . . . HANNAH, HERBERT, Ball Ground, Ga., Education, "A" Club, Varsity Football . . . HEFFINGTON, RICHARD LANDEAU, Anniston, ASQS, Delta Tau Delta, Presi- dent, Delta Tau Delta, I949, President, Phi Alpha Theta, Secretary, Alabama Quadrangle. ROW SEVEN HEMBREE, ANDERSON HESS, Section, Education, Pi Kappa Phi, Phi Delta Kappa, President, Senior Class Education, I949, Intra-mural Statt . . . HILL, MARY ELIZABETH, EI Paso, Tex., ASQS, Delta Gamma, Who's Who, Theta Sigma Phi, Sigma Delta Pi, Alpha Chi, Alpha Phi Gamma, Debate Squad, Corolla, Crimson White, International Relations Club, Pep Squad, Newman Club . . . HINES, JOHN ALLEN, JR., Siluria, Commerce, Sigma Chi . . . HOLDER, SIDNEY GEORGE, JR., Birmingham, Chemistry, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, American Chemical Society, Student Attiliate, Ameri- can Institute ot Mechanical Engineers, Phi Eta Sigma, Alchem- ist Club . , . HOLLINGSWORTH, MARJORIE W., Bessemer, Home Economics . . . HUDSON, TRAVIS LUTHER, Jasper, Education, ROW EIGHT JACKSON, GEORGE W., Columbus, Ga., Education, Muckers Club . . . JAMES, WILLIAM PETREE, Roanoke, Com- merce, Alpha Tau Omega . . , JARECKI, RAYMOND JOSEPH, Chicago, Ill., Engineering, American Institute ot Engineers . . . JONES, SARA FRANCES, Anniston, ASQS, Kappa Delta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Kappa Delta, Phi Beta Kappa, Mortar Board, Triangle . . . KING, JOHN ARGYLE, Gadsden, ASS, Phi Eta Sigma, Omicron Delta Kappa, Philos, Vice- President, Alpha Phi Omega, Treasurer, Alpha Sigma Omega, Who's Who, I949, Art Editor, Rammer Jammer, l948, Presi- dent, Alabama Independent's Association, I95O, Homecoming Committee, l948, Cotillion Club, Religious Council Representa- tive at Large, l948, l949, I95O, Co-originator AIA Annual White Christmas . , , KNIGHT, ROBERT G., Guntersville, ASQS, Theta Xi. Graduate work is helpful to those who wish to make teaching or college administration their profession, to procure additional specialized experience, or to acquire an increased liberal culture 1f, 7-f'r",W M' 'r 'mf' ' 'A WM L " ' ' f . wma .. Mt.. .!.-,mn .rem-sm ...,X,.fsmmsAxzm.vmvm.xww Aft.- S Lili' Eifgly V ,fww ,,, u 5 is . . my : if , ,fv -il, .xt ,I J l ,538 -illhi 'G+ 14 k infill --,gig 1, A 'Wh' K Qfzfl-is , i t is Q5 ig .Jessi we of ' fp '15-L-.z:,if:,5ie:f.1..s . -:. . . ,gs , 1 figs vu, ,u Mr I he 'lf Z xxx ff I if N. Z, Ji, if '4 lf L. - """- -iii:-S., 2 ,.4I!', ,. Allen Altman Armstrong, N. Armstrong, W Bailey Barze Bates Beavers Berger Boissea u Bottoms Bowman Boyles Brice Bronson Burke Burton Colvin Congleton Croen Diekhans Dixon Dodson Ellis Evans Ferguson Fowler Gambill Garner Goldberg Granger Gregory Hall Hamner Hannah Heffington Hembree Hill Hines Holder Hollingsworth Hudson Jackson James Jarecki Jones King Knight TI-IE GRADUATE SCHOOL FIFTEEN FOREIGN COUNTRIES ARE REPRESENTED BY CAPSTONE STUDENTS ROW ONE LASSETER, PHILOMENA HOVELLE, Albertville, Home Eco- nomics . . . MAJEWSKI, RICHARD B., Chicago, III., Educa- tion . . . MASINGILL, ARTHUR C., Montgomery, Commerce . . . MAY, DAVID LANIER, Mobile, Commerce, President, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . MEDDERS, WILLIAM LLOYD, Fairfax, Commerce , . . MILES, EARL SHAFTER, Mobile, Commerce, Million Dollar Band. ROW TWO MILLER, CARL SCOTT, Birmingham, Commerce, Beta Alpha Psi, Alpha Kappa Psi, Commerce Association, Pep Squad . . , MURPHREE, WILLIAM D., Arley, Engineering, St. Pats, Institute ot Aeronautical Sciences, Theta Tau, Gamma Alpha Rho . . . MacGREGOR, JACK MARVIN, Findlay, Ohio, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega, Beta Alpha Psi . . . McDONALD, JOHN EDWARD, JR., Florence, Chemistry, Chi Beta Chi . . . McELROY, JAMES BERNARD, Attalla, Chemistry, Sigma Nu . . . NOLEN, BENNIE CANNON, Berry, Home Economics, Alpha Gamma Delta, Wesley Foundation, Phi Upsilon Omi- cron. ROW THREE O'DONNELL, JERRY MYLES, Loxley, A8.S, Canterbury Foun- dation, Vocal Ensemble, Spanish Club, Choral Union, Student Forum, Men's Glee Club, Pep Squad . . . OZLEY, LEONARD S., Siluria, A84S . . . PICKARD, NANCY LYNN, Albany, Ga., ASS, Student Assistantship . . . POE, WILLIAM LEE, Birming- ham, Engineering, Phi Delta Theta, AICHE . . . POSEY, DELILAH, Haleyville, Home Economics . . . RAY, BLANCHE LOUISE, Tuscaloosa, Education. ROW FOUR RILEY, GEORGE EDWARD, Ozark, A815 . . . ROWE, STEPHEN WILLIAM, Gadsden, ABS, Alpha Tau Omega, Inter- traternity Council, Gamma Epsilon Kappa . , . SAMFORD, MARY VERNON, Opelika, ABS, Kappa Delta . . . SEARCY, JOHN SIDNEY, Greenville, Engineering, Phi Sigma Kappa, Theta Tau, Tau Beta Pi, American Institute ot Chemical Engi- neers . . . SHERMAN, EUGENE H., Montgomery, A815 ,Theta Xi . . . SIMMONS, EARL MALCOLM, Birmingham, Chemistry, Sigma Chi. ROW FIVE SINCLAIR, MARIE BAKER, Selma, ASIS . , . SINGLETON, CLIFORD LAND, Montgomery, ASIS, Press Club, French Club, Sigma Delta Chi . , . SNELLINGS, THOMAS B., Birmingham, The Business Library now has on file for graduate and under- graduate students 25,000 boaks, more than 66,000 corporation reports and 15,000 pamphlets on significant business subjects. 'T ASS . . . SPRINGFIELD, CHARLES WINSTON, Vernon, Com- merce, Beta Alpha Psi, Alpha Kappa Psi . . . STAPP, JERRY L., Greensboro, ABS, President, Pi Kappa Alpha, Vice-President, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, Secretary-Treasurer, Druids, Jasons, Tau Kappa Alpha, Debate Squad, Intra- mural Debate Champion, National Debate Champion, Great Greeks on American Campus, Who's Who, President Pro- tempore, Student Legislature, State Director, Collegiate Coun- cil tor the United Nations, SGA Executive Cabinet . , . TEDDER, JOSEPH WALL, JR., Columbus, Ga., ASIS, Theta Chi, Rho Alpha Tau, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Alabama Academy ot Science, American Institute ot Mining, Metallurigical Engi- neers. ROW SIX TIDMORE, BOYD VERNON, Bayou La Batre, ASS, Delta Chi . . . . TROTTER, WILLIAM EARL, Montgomery, Commerce . . . UNKENHOLZ, ROBERT A., Tuscaloosa, Commerce, Delta Tau Delta, Theta Alpha Psi, Alpha Kappa Psi, Pep Squad, Com- merce Graduate Association, Supervisor, Intramural Officials . , . USHER, ROSEMARY HOLMES, Savannah, Ga., A84S, Alpha Gamma Delta . . . WALLER, BETTE JEAN, Mobile, A8.S . . I WARREN, CHARLES SIDNEY, Tupelo, Miss, ASS. ROW SEVEN WATKINS, JOHN CLEVELAND, York, ASS, Pi Kappa Phi . . . WAYNE, BARBARA GERALDINE, Birmingham, ASIS, President, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Editor and Historian, Mortar Board, Secretary, Alpha Epsilon Rho, Vice-President, Zeta Phi Eta, Pan Hellenic Council, WABP, Philos, Hillel Foundation . . . WEEMS, N. MARION, Headland, A8QS, Sigma Chi, Sigma Pi Sigma . , . WEST, JAMES ERNEST, Tovvnley, ASS, Theta Chi . . , WEST, YOUNG U., Tovvnley, ASIS, Theta Chi . . . WETMORE, SAMUEL STEWART, Birmingham, A8.S, Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Delta Chi, Editor, Rammer Jammer, Board ot Publication, Executive Council, Press Club, Who's Who. ROW EIGHT WILCOX, GUY, Steele, Education, Phi Delta Theta . . WILLIFORD, ROBERT A., Wilmington, N. C., A8.S . . . WINKLER, DOROTHY P., Birmingham, ABS, Wesley Founda- tion, Pi Tau Chi . . . WISE, JACK, III, Lipscomb, Commerce , . , WU, EVELYN WAN HSIEN, Birmingham, Home Economics . . . YARBROUGH, THOMAS CURTIS, JR., Memphis, Tenn., ASIS, Wesley Foundation . . . YUCEL, YALCINKAYA, Istan- bul, Turkey, ASIS. One of the interesting experiments now being carried on in the University Physics Department is the classifying of vegetable oils by means of the newly-developed infra-red spectrometer. ef- ffigxggfi f- 5.5155 f- zvmmuw Q-A M. . Y fw.w1 Q' ' W - gl .. rg N 7, ' 1 an ., S. an' . in ,K .P Lasseier Maiewski Musingill May Medders Miles Miller Murphree MacGregor McDonald McElroy Nolen O'Donnell Ozley Pickard Poe Posey Ray Riley Rowe Samford Searcy Sherman Simmons Sinclair Singleion Snellings Springfield Stapp Tedder Tidmore Troiier Unkenholz Usher Waller Warren Watkins Wayne Weems West, J. West, Y. Wetmore Wilcox Wllliford Winkler Wise u Yarbrough Yucel Archer Armbrecht Bailey Baldwin Beaty Betts Blinn Boggs Booth Bowers Bra bston Brewer Brice Brown Byars Camp Carlton Carter Chandler Childers Coleman Collier Collins Compton Copeland Cox Crain Crawford Cronin Dillon Donaldson Duke Easterling Edington Engel Evans Ferg uson Ford Fulton Gann Garrett Gee Gillespy Goode Green Griffin Hanvey Harrell Harvey Hayman Heard Hill Hodgkins Holmes Hooper Hopper Horton Howell Hughes Hundley Jackson Jordan Keller Kerr Kirkpatrick Lackey Lathem laftof leslie Longshore Tl-IE LAWN HOOL . . FIRST WOMAN SENATOR SPOKE TO CAPSTONE STUDENTS IN SPRING OF 1950 ROW ONE ARCHER, DAVID R., Huntsville ARMBRECHT, WILLIAM HENRY, III, Spring Hill, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Phi Delta Phi . . BAILEY, BRAD B., Decatur, Kappa Alpha . BALDWIN, WILLIAM HOPE, Andalusia BEATY, LOMA B., Tuscaloosa . . BETTS, ERWIN CARLYLE, Margaret . BLINN, GEORGE ANDERSON, Birmingham, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. ROW TWO BOGGS, WILLIAM PYRLE, University, Chi Phi, Executive Council Law School . . . BOOTH, JAMES LAWRENCE, Northport, Kappa Alpha, Y. M. C. A. . . . BOWERS, ROBERT LAMAR, Gadsden, President, Pi Kappa Phi, Blackfriars, Phi Alpha Delta . . . BRABSTON, EUGENE W., Birming- ham, Phi Delta Theta BREWER, ALBERT PRESTON, Decatur, Delta Sigma Phi . . . BRICE, JIM A., Tuscaloosa, President, Pi Kappa Alpha, Manager, Debate Team, Chairman, Freshman Orientation, S. G. A., Tau Kappa Alpha, Druids, Delta Sigma Phi, State Director, Collegiate Council, United Nations, Quadrangle, Who's Who . BROWN, CHESTER W., New Hartford, N. J. ROW THREE BYARS, WALTER RYLAND, Birmingham, Sigma Chi, Phi Alpha Delta . . CAMP, NELSON, Arab, Delta Chi . . . CARLTON, CHARLES COLLIER, Thomaston . . . CARTER, RICHARD C., Huntsville, Secretary, Pi Kappa Alpha, Scabbard and Blade, Arnold Air Society, Pep Squad, Cadet Officers Club, Wesley Foundation . . . CHANDLER, ROSCOE DRADEN, Birming- ham CHILDERS, B., Selma, Kappa Alpha . . COLEMAN, A. J., Decatur, Phi Delta Theta. ROW FOUR COLLIER, WILLIAM HOOPER, Birmingham, Phi Delta Theta . . . COLLINS, ROBERT MILTON, Birmingham, Pi Kappa Alpha, Vice-President, Inter- fraternity Council, Quadrangle, Jasons, Chairman, Spirit Planning Com- mittee, Who's Who . COMPTON, WILLIAM BOND, Meridian, Miss., Kappa Alpha . . COPELAND, ALBERT WHITING, Montgomery, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Omicron Delta Kappa, President, Cotillion Club, l95O, Phi Delta Phi, Jasons, Quadrangle, Druids, Interfraternity Council, Who's Who, Executive Cabinet, S. G. A. . COX, ROBERT O., Killen, Beta Gamma Sigma, Scabbard and Blade, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Alpha Delta, Law Review CRAIN, LEO LAWRENCE, Panama City, Fla CRAWFORD, THOMAS NEWTON, JR., Birmingham, Kappa Sigma, Phi Delta Kappa, Pi Mu Epsilon. ROW FIVE CRONIN, DONALD JOSEPH, Tuscaloosa, President, Alpha Sigma Phi, i949-50, Editor, Corolla, l95l, Jasons, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, President, Quadrangle, Past-President, Delta Sigma Pi, Publicity- Manager, Cotillion Club, I949-50, Activities Director, i950 Homecoming, VVho's Who, Board of Publications . . DILLON, JOHN FORREST, IV., Alexander City, Phi Delta Theta . . DONALDSON, JOHN WEBB, Bes- semer, Kappa Alpha, Scabbard and Blade, Executive Cabinet, S. G. A., President, Pep Squad, Who's Who . . . DUKE, ANDREW JESSE, JR., Bir- mingham, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Rammer Jammer, Wesley Foundation EASTERLING, WILLIAM B., Clio . . EDINGTON, ROBERT SHERARD, I i ROW SIX EVANS, JACK R., Bessemer, Lambda Chi Alpha . FERGUSON, CHARLES WRIGHT, East Braintree, Mass .... FORD, E. M., JR., Birming- ham . FULTON, CONRAD H., Helena, Lambda Chi Alpha, Phi Delta Phi . . GANN, JAMES G., JR., Birmingham, Phi Kappa Sigma, Alpha Pi Mu, Pi Tau Chi, Philos GARRETT, WALTER EUGENE, Uriah, Phi Kappa Sigma . . GEE, DON PAUL, St. Petersburg, Fla., Phi Kappa Sigma, ROW SEVEN GILLESPY, JOHN SHARP, IV., Birmingham, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Beauty Ball, Pep Squad . . . GOODE, MARION J., Birmingham . . . GREEN, JOHN WILLIAM, Huntsville . . . GRIFFIN, MALVERN U., Huntsville, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Y. M. C. A., Pep Squad . . . HANVEY, FRANK WOOD, Heflin, Pi Kappa Phi, Phi Alpha Delta, Pep Squad . . . HARRELL, SIDNEY MOXEY, Sunflower . HARVEY, HUBBARD HENRY, Coy, Vice- President, Senior Class. ROW EIGHT HAYMAN, JOHN LUTHER, JR., Jemison, Theta Zi, Phi Eta Sigma, Per- shing Rifles, Million Dollar Band, Baptist Student Union . . HEARD, WILLIAM M., Mobile, Square and Compass Club . . . HILL, THOMAS BOWEN, Montgomery, Alpha Tau Omega, Druids, Quadrangle, Debate Squad, Tau Kappa Alpha, Canterbury Club . . . HODGKINS, ROBERT W., Birmingham, President, Delta Chi, Cadet Officers Club . . . HOLMES, ALFRED PARKER, JR., Mobile, Theta Chi, Vice-President, Freshman Law Class, Debate Squad, Tau Kappa Alpha, lnterfraternity Council, Wesley Foundation . HOOPER, PERRY O., Birmingham, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Law School Executive Council HOPPER, EDWARD LEE: University, Phi Alpha Delta. RCW NINE HORTON, MERRIL Q., Fort Payne, Delta Sigma Phi . . . HOWELL, GEORGE WASHINGTON, JR., Montevallo, President, Pi Kappa Alpha, I949, Editorial Board of Alabama Law Review, Pi Mu Epsilon, Varsity Baseball, Blue Key, A Club HUGHES, WILLIAM WINSTON, Birmingham, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pep Squad HUNDLEY, DICK, Decatur . . JACKSON, THOMAS HALL, University JORDAN, ALBERT BERNARD, Headland, Phi Alpha Delta, President Senior Law Class . . . KELLER, JESSE ALBERT, Abbeville, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Quadrangle, Alpha Phi Omega, Tau Kappa Alpha. ROW TEN KERR, CHARLES LUDFORD, Eden, Phi Eta Sigma, Law Review, Farrah Order . . . KIRKPATRICK, GRAHAM, Tuscaloosa, Order of Farrah, Editorial Board, Alabama Law Review . . . LACKEY, LOUIS H., Birmingham, Theta Xi, A Club . , LATHEM, DONALD NICKERSON, Siluria, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . LATTOF, MITCHELL GEORGE, Prichard, President, Phi Sigma Kappa, l95O, Past-President, Tau Kappa Alpha, National Intercollegiate Debate Champion, Beta Gamma Sigma, Scabbard and Blade . LESLIE, THOMAS BASS, Tuscaloosa, Alpha Tau Omega, Treasurer, Phi Delta Phi, Mobile, Alpha Tau Omega, Omicron Delta Kappa . ENGEL, Farrah Order, Book Review Editor, Alabama Law Review . . . LONGSHORE, MYLAN R.: Tuscaloosa. THOMAS L., Birmingham, Sigma Nu. Thge practice court gives the student practical instruction in The Law Library contains 22,000 volumes, including reports pleading and practice at law and in equity, and experience in . of all cases decided by the United States Supreme Court, the the preparation and trial of cases secured from actual court files. Federal Courts, and the highest state courts in the country. ' V svn-alum M Q Q Love Manly Maxwell Meador Melton Moore Moraifes Macleod MacMahon McCain McDonald McGathy McGinty Mclendon Nealy Nelson Neftles Noel Odum Palmer Parker, J. Parker, R. Parr Perel Piel Prindle Proctor Ratliff Ray Ritchey Russell, W. Russell, W. M Rutland Salmon Sankey Souls Savage Sawyer Shannon Shealy Shinoult Sibley Skinner Smith, M. D Smith, V. M Stivender Stokes Stone Swann Tanner Tarrant Taylor, H. N Taylor, I. L. Taylor, J. H Torbert Vance Volz Walclrop Walton Ware Warren Whifesell ' Whittlesey Williams Wooldridge Worthy Wright TWO CAPSTONE LAW STUDENTS ELECTED TO STATE LEGISLATURE THIS YEAR ROW ONE LOVE, JOEL M.: Birmingham, Pi Kappa Alpha . . MANLY, ROY HUNT: Birmingham, Kappa Alpha , . . MAXWELL, ROBERT H., Atmore, Sigma Chi, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Phi Omega, Phi Alpha Delta . . . MEADOR, DANIEL JOHN, Greenville, Kappa Alpha, Omicron Delta Kappa, Scabbard and Blade, Phi Delta Phi, Farrah Order, Editor, Alabama Law Review, Who's Who . . . MELTON, OAKLEY WEBSTER, JR., Wetumpka, President, Kappa Alpha, Vice-President, S.G.A., Omicron Delta Kappa, Jasons, Presi- dent, Druids, Distinguished Military Student, Quadrangle . . . MOORE, LUCIEN VICTOR, JR., Birmingham, Alpha Tau Omega, President, Omicron Delta Kappa, Vice-President, Junior Class Law School, International Rela- tions Club . . . MORAITES, JOHN S., Cincinnati, Ohio. ROW TWO MacLEOD, RODERICK MOORE, Birmingham, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . MacMAHON, WILLIAM OTIS, Mobile, Chi Phi, Pi Kappa Delta, Blackfriars . . . McCAlN, WILLIAM CLARENCE, JR., Selma, Past-President, Alpha Kappa Psi, Executive Council, Commerce Association . . , McDONALD, STERLING PAINE: Roanoke, President, Chi Phi . . . McGATHY, PINKNEY PARRISH, University . . . MCGINTY, JAMES SHIVER, Frisco City, Presi- dent, Delta Sigma Phi, Legislature, S.G.A., Quadrangle, Law School Execu- tive Council, Phi Alpha Delta, President, Alpha Phi Omega, Cotillion Club, Bama Day Committee, Editorial Board, Alabama Law Review, Who's Who . . . MCLENDON, CLYDE PATTERSON, Montgomery, Farrah Order, Phi Alpha Delta, Alabama Law Review. ROW THREE NEALY, MORGAN TALMADGE, JR., Mobile, Sigma Chi . . . NELSON, EDGAR R.: Mobile, Phi Alpha Delta . . . NETTLES, DAVID MILLER: Mon- roeville, Alpha Tau Omega . . . NOEL, JAMES B.: Birmingham, Kappa Alpha, Phi Delta Phi . , , ODUM, JAMES E., Montgomery, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, President, International Relations Club, President, Tau Kappa Alpha, Manager, Debate Team, I948, President, Veterans Organization, President, United Nations Committee, Spanish Club, Speech Club, Student Forum, Student Senate, Varsity Football, Alabama Law Review, Farrah Order , . . PALMER, GEORGE DAVID, III: Tuscaloosa, Kappa Alpha, Phi Delta Phi . . . PARKER, JAMES CARLTON: Mobile, Theta Chi. ROW FOUR PARKER, ROBERT M.: Birmingham, Delta Chi PARR, MARTHA SUE: Fort Worth, Texas, Alpha Lambda Delta, Farrah Order, Alabama Law Re- view, Dean, Kappa Beta Pi . . . PEREL, MARSHALL, Chicago, lll . , PIEL, MATTHIS WILLIAM: Montgomery . . . PRINDLE, JAMES P., IV., Laurel, Miss. , . . PROCTOR, G. B., JR., Enterprise, Treasurer, Sigma Nu, Alpha Kappa Psi, Phi Eta Sigma, Quadrangle, Law School Executive Council . . , RATLIFF, JOHN M., JR.: Phenix City. ROW FIVE RAY, WILLIAM N.: Montgomery . . . RITCHEY, FERRIS SALIM: Birming- ham, Farrah Order, Law Review, President, Junior Class, Law School, Cabinet, S.G.A., President, Jasons, Quadrangle, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Alpha Delta, Blackfriars, Scabbard and Blade, Distinguished Military Student, Who's Who . . . RUSSELL, WILLIAM HENRY, Gadsden . . . RUSSELL, WILLIAM MORGAN: Tuskegee, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . RUTLAND, WILMER The ALABAMA LAW REVIEW contains articles contributed by attorneys, law teachers, and iudges, and comments and case notes prepared by students under faculty guidance and assistance. TURNER GOODLOE: Cherokee, Kappa Alpha, Omicron Delta Kappa, Jasons . , . SALMON, JOSEPH THADDEUS, Auburn, Kappa Sigma . , SANKEY, NEWMAN C.: University, Sigma Nu, Quadrangle, Phi Alpha Delta, Westminster Fellowship, Tau Kappa Alpha. ROW SIX SAULS, EDWARD TISDALE: Mobile, Phi Delta Theta, Phi Delta Phi, Vestry, Canterbury Club . . . SAVAGE, FRANK MARION, JR.: Centre, Lambda Chi Alpha, Pep Squad . . . SAWYER, CHARLES M. T.: Fort Payne, Alpha Tau Omega, Delta Sigma Pi, Druids, Quadrangle . , SHANNON, SAM: Birmingham, Pi Kappa Alpha, National President Col- legiate Council for the United Nations, Commander, Pershing Rifles, Vice- President, Jasons . . . SHEALY, JOHN, JR., Dothan, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . SHINAULT, JEROME PORTER, Mobile, Chi Phi, Wesley Foundation, Pi Tau Chi, German Club, International Relations Club . . , SIBLEY, JOHN WILLIAMS: Birmingham, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. ROW SEVEN SKINNER, WILLIAM E.: Selma, Lambda Epsilon Chi . . . SMITH, MAURY DRANE, Montgomery, Commander, Sigma Nu, Tau Kappa Alpha, Quad- rangle, Spirit Planning Committee . . . SMITH, VIRGIL M.: Leesburg . . , STIVENDER, JAMES C., Tuskegee, Pi Kappa Alpha . . , STOKES, JACKSON WILLIAM: Elba, Pi Kappa Phi . . . STONE, RICHARD BRANHANI Hurtsboro, Phi Delta Phi, Farrah Order, Assistant Editor, Alabama Law Review, Outstanding Freshman Award . . . SWANN, GERALD CARL, Steele. ROW EIGHT TANNER, MALCOLM LEON: Birmingham . . . TARRANT, EMMETTE SAUNDERS: Birmingham, Sigma Nu, Phi Alpha Delta , , TAYLOR, HAFFRED NEIL: Phil Campbell . , . TAYLOR, IRVIN LEE: Birmingham, Kappa Sigma . , . TAYLOR, JOHN HARRIS, Birmingham, Phi Gamma Delta . , TORBERT, CLEMENT CLAY, JR., Opelika, Alpha Tau Omega , . VANCE, ROBERT S.: Birmingham, Secretary, Delta Chi, Executive Cabinet, S.G.A., Alabama Quadrangle, Treasurer, Alpha Phi Omega, Assistant Director, Pep Squad, Cadet Officers Club. ROW NINE VOLZ, CHARLES H., JR., Newton, Phi Alpha Delta . . . WALDROP, HOMER VANN: Tuscaloosa, Phi Gamma Delta , , WALTON, WILLIAM ORA, JR.: Lafayette, Pi Kappa Alpha, Phi Alpha Delta . . . WARE, ROBERT FRED: Millry, A.I,A. . , . WARREN, WIRT, Millry . . . WHITESELL, CALVIN MERCER: Enterprise, Pi Kappa Phi . . . WHITTLESEY, C. S.: Opelika, Alpha Tau Omega. ROW TEN WILLIAMS, JAMES WINDSOR: Guntersville, Phi Delta Theta , . WOOLDRIDGE, ROBERT V., Tuscaloosa, Kappa Alpha, Cheerleader, I943-44, Spirit Committee, I946, Lt. Col. R.O.T.C., l943, Alabama Law Review, Phi Delta Phi, A Club, I946 . . . WORTHY, JERRY D., Fytfe, President, S.G.A., i950-5l, Quadrangle, Chairman Civic Committee, Student Government Executive Council, Who's Who . . . WRIGHT, GEORGE HERBERT, JR.: Auburn, Alpha Tau Omega. Several sets of state reports, statutes and digests, various sets of textbooks, sets of law journals, encyclopedias and Shepard s Citations are available to students in the enlarged Law Library Sc" ' in W SENIORS xr 2 ,. 1 1 , 4 , .. K fx may -'Q N 5' Q ' S. ii ' g ""'i 5' s " ,VK V mf 3 Students of aeronautical engineering make a study of the fun- Mechanical drawing, taught by the College of Engineering, damental principles involved in the aero-dynamic theory of flight, is the universal engineering language by which shape, size, and airplane design and construction, and operation of the aircraft. construction of obiects are graphically and precisely described. Tl-IE SENIOR CLASS . THIRTEEN SENIOR LETTERMEN PLAYED LAST GAME AS BAMA BEAT AUBURN, 34-0 BELOW Top Row Bottom Row ACKMAN, BARRY ALAN, Mobile, ABS, Zeta Beta Tau, Rho ALEXANDER, JOE, Fayette, Commerce, Sigma Nu . . . Alpha Tau, WABP, Pep Squad . , . ADAIR, JOHN LEON, ALEXANDER, HUBERT CARL, Birmingham, Engineering . . . Tuscaloosa, Commerce, Lambda Chi Alpha, Druids, Phi Eta ALLAN, FRANCES OFFUTT, Louisville, Ky., A815 , . . ALLEGRI, Sigma, Rho Alpha Tau, Varsity Baseball . . . ADAIR, ROBERT JACK ANTOGNOLI, Daphne, Commerce, Newman Club . . . HOWARD, Mobile, Engineering, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . ADAMS, ALLEN, EDNA EARLE, Mobile, A845 . . . ALLEN, JOHN ALESTE PATTERSON, Ozark, ASQS, Kappa Delta, Triangle, RICHARD, Louisville, Ky., Engineering, Institute ot Aeronautical Wesley Foundation, Mortar Board, Pi Tau Chi, Alpha Kappa Sciences, Gamma Alpha Rho . . . ALLEN, MARY P., Tusca- Delta, Who's Who, SGA Legislature . . . ADAMS, CHARLES D., loosa, Education, Kappa Delta Pi . . , ALLEN, TURMAN EARL, Sheffield, Engineering, St. Pat's Association, American Society Butler, Chemistry, Pi Kappa Phi, Secretary, Pasteur Society, of Civil Engineers, Wesley Foundation . , . ADWELL, BILLIE American Chemical Society, Alchemist Club, Vice-President, RUTH, Birmingham, Education, Phi Mu . . , ALBERT, ROSS Junior Class, School of Chemistry, Associate, Sigma Pi Sigma. CLAYTON, Birmingham, Engineering, Pi Kappa Phi, St. Pat's Association, Wesley Foundation, Vocal Ensemble, Assistant Advertising Manager, Crimson White . . . ALBERTS, ROY DONALD, Baltimore, Md., Engineering, Delta Sigma Phi. Ackman Adair, J. Adair, R, Adams, A. Adams, C. Adwell Albert Alberts Alexander, J. Alexander, H. Allan Allegri Allen, E. Allen, J. Allen, M. Allen, T Q E if """""M 71, , W 3231 . M, it '51 ,i sp , iw sw . - 5 g Si 94' Q: M, , ,W ,www I A.,. 3 V V, Mir i r- .-fQ , y 1 12,5 5 sg A N .el Q It ir' Allen W, Anderson, C. Anderson, J. Anderson, N. Ar Atchison Atkinson Avery ABOVE Top Row ALLEN, WILLIAM KENNETH, University, Engineering, Kappa Alpha, Pep Squad, YMCA . . . ANDERSON, CLINT D., Huntsville, A84S, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . ANDERSON, JULIAN JOE, Shuqualak, Miss., A84S, Secretary, Muckers Club . . . ANDERSON, NANCY, Dallas, Tex., ASQS, Pi Beta Phi, Alpha Sigma Omega, YWCA, Westminister Fellowship . . . ANDREWS, BEVERLY, University, ASS, Kappa Kappa Gamma . . . ANDREWS, JAMES EDWIN, Pritchard, Commerce, Phi Kappa Sigma . . . APPEL, NANCY ELEANOR, Highland Park, Ill., A8.S, Pi Beta Phi, YWCA, Canterbury Club, Spanish Club . . . ARMSTRONG, OLIVER WILLIAM, Midland, Va., Engineering, Tau Beta Pi, Gamma Alpha Rho, Phi Mu Epsilon, Scabbard and Blade. Bottom Row ARY, WILLIAM LEWIS, Portland, Me., Engineering, St. Pat's Association, American Institute of Electrical Engineers . . . ATCHISON, JACQUELINE, Birmingham, ASQS, Kappa Kappa Gamma . . . ATKINSON, MILDRED, Birmingham, Commerce, Alpha Chi Omega, YWCA, Spirit Committee, Treasurer, Alpha Chi Omega, i950 . . . AVERY, A. R., Birmingham, Commerce, Sigma Nu, Commerce Association . . . AYERS, WILLIAM ARTHUR, Fayette, Engineering, Pi Kappa Phi, Chi Epsilon, American Society of Civil Engineers, St. Pat's Council . . . BAGGETT, JIMMY K., Montgomery, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega . . . BAGWELL, PATRICIA BULLARD, Atlanta, Ga., ASS, Secretary, Newman Club, Pep Squad, Press Club . , . BAILEY, B. H., Tuscaloosa, ABS. Bailey D. Baker, H. Baker, L. Baker, R. Barksdale Barnard Barnes Barnett 14 . W.. .well , 1 In .V I , . ,-- , E ,, Q in f ' sf' f is at Q, A yr . an 5 3' 'H 55 ' f ii 2. sf? 1. . . if , -23 r Qf f'i'5nQ:f:: , ,Q . x fx. ,sg x .M . , 39. .., 3... f 1 gi' 4 'iii . fi- iw 3 R., 2, I f ff 1 N ttf. " if lil. Wi ff ,P ,fn i Andrews, B. Andrews, J. Appel Armstrong Ayers Baggett Bagwell Bailey, B. BELOW Top Row BAILEY, DORET ELEANOR, Tanafly, N. J., Home Economics, Alpha Phi, Canterbury Club, Women's Spirit Committee . . . BAKER, HAROLD LEE, Birmingham, Engineering, Pi Kappa Phi, Gamma Alpha Rho, Secretary, Pi Kappa Phi, Theta Tau, Outstanding Senior, R.O.T.C., Award, Society ot American Military Engineers, Scabbard and Blade, Inter-fraternity Coun- cil, St. Pat's Executive Council, Institute ot Aeronautical Sciences, Past President, Junior Class, School ot Engineer- ing . . . BAKER, LOVELL EUGENE, University, Commerce . . . BAKER, ROBERT C., Columbiana, Commerce, Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . BALDWIN, MARY HELEN, Ozark, Education, Wesley Foundation . . . BALZLI, CLIFFORD J., Mobile, Engineering, Sigma Pi, Newman Club, American Society ol Mechanical Engineers, St. Pat's Association . . . BANKS, JAMES OLIVER, Eutaw, Commerce, Delta Kappa Epsilon , . . BANKS, RACHEL, Montgomery, Education. Bottom Row BARKSDALE, WALTER RANKIN, Brookhave, Miss., A8.S, Delta Sigma Phi, Cadet Officers Club . . . BARNARD, CORA LEE, Union Grove, Education . . . BARNES, JAMES L., JR., Ozark, A84S, Kappa Sigma . . . BARNETT, ANN, Birmingham, ABS, President, Delta Zeta, Triangle, Philos, Panhellenic Council . . . BARRIAL, HAROLD J., Dobbs Ferry, N. Y., Engi- neering . . . BARROWS, GEORGE HOWARD, Rumtord, R. I., ASQS, Delta Tau Delta . . . BAXTER, KATHLEEN ELIZABETH, Tuscaloosa, Education, Wesley Foundation, Future Teachers ot America, YVVCA, Kappa Delta Pi . . . BAYNES, CONNIE, Talladega, Education, Alpha Delta Pi, Swan Club, Junior American Association ot University Women, YWCA, Pep Squad. Baldwin Balzli Banks, J. Banks, R. Barrial Barrows Baxter Baynes or , Q . ,V l . 2, F . . jg i X139 , i. . . f' 5 Mechanical engineers design and construct internal combustion engines, steam engines and turbines, locomotives, hydraulic tur- bines, and power plants in which much of this equipment is used. Surveying courses offered by the College of Engineering offer a practical working knowledge of surveying and experi- ence in the use and adiustment of instruments in the field. Tl-IE SENIOR CLASS . . . CREATIVE WRITING CLASS FURNISHED FOUR NEW NOVELS FOR PUBLICATION Top Row BEARD, CHARLES LEONARD, Shettield, Commerce, Kappa Alpha, Quadrangle, Beta Alpha Psi, Wesley Foundation, Druids . . . BEAUCHAMP, RICHARD HARMON, Jacksonville, Fla., Engineering, Track Team . . . BEAULIEU, BARBARA B., University, ASS, Theta Sigma Phi, Press Club . . . BEBBER, HOWARD J., JR., South Boston, Va., Engineering, Delta Tau Delta, St. Pat's Association, American Society ot Civil Engi- neers, Men's Glee Club, Vice-President, Delta Tau Delta . . . BECK, BEVERLY MAE, Portsmouth, Va., Education, Zeta Tau Alpha, Canterbury Club . . . BECKER, JAMES T., Little Rock, Ark., A8QS, Sigma Chi, Pep Squad, Canterbury Club . . . BEELAND, JOANNE S., Greenville, Education, Kappa Delta, YWCA, Pep Squad . . . BELLENGER, MARY WOOD, Gadsden, ASLS, Kappa Kappa Gamma, SGA Legislature. Beaulieu Bebber Bennett, M. Beard Beauchamp Bellenger, M. J. Bennett, J. H. Bennett, J. M. , J UNK BELOW Bottom Row BELLENGER, MOLLY JO, Gadsden, Education, Alpha Gam- ma Delta . . . BENNETT, JIM HOUSTON, Birmingham, Commerce . . . BENNETT, JOHN MARK, Greenville, S. C., Engineering, Tau Beta Pi, Pi Mu Epsilon, Gamma Alpha Rho, Institute of Aeronautical Sciences . . . BENNETT, MARY FITTS, Tuscaloosa, A84S, Kappa Delta, French Club . . . BENWARD, EDWARD NORMAN, Phillipsburg, N. J., Engineer- ing, Society of American Military Engineers . . . BERRYHILL, LOLA GAY, Hamilton, Education . . . BEVIS, CLINTON MARTIN, Brookwood, Education . . . BEVIS, LUTHER, Annis- ton, Commerce, Sigma Nu, Pep Squad, Commerce Association. Beck Becker Beeland Bellenger, A Benward Berryhill Bevis, C. Bevis, L. F ,.., . if r," W 2 ts- M, .3 rx Q P L 9 gas , I 5 Binnie Bliss I Bonouris W Bowden 4 ,si ' - Blackman Blackwell Blair Blooclgood Blue Blutinger ABOVE Top Row BINNIE, WILLIAM JAMES, Nurley, N. J., Engineering, sf. Pat's Association, American Society ot Chemical Engineers . . . BLACKMON, BENJAMIN T., Forrest City, Ark., A84S, Kappa Sigma, Pep Squad . . . BLACKWELL, JACQUELYN ELAINE, Semmes, Education, Chi Omega, Kappa Delta Pi, YWCA . . . BLAIR, SAMUEL WYNDALL, Leeds, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . BLAKE, ANNA CAROLYN, Phenix City, ASQS, Phi Mu, Baptist Student Union, Junior American Auxiliary ot University Women . . . BLANCHARD, WALTER H., Tuscaloosa, Education . , . BLAKENSHIP, EMMA RUTH, Edu- cation, Delta Gamma, SGA, YWCA, Pep Squad, Who's Who , . . BLEMKER, MARVIN WILLIAM, Huntingburg, Ind., Educa- tion, Theta Xi, Varsity Basketball and Baseball. Bottom Row BLISS, JANE ALICE, Birmingham, A81S, Chi Omega, Alpha Kappa Delta, YWCA . . . BLOODGOOD, DAVID T., Frank- lin Square, N. Y., Chemistry, American Chemical Society . . . BLUE, ELIZABETH, Union Springs, A8iS, Kappa Delta . . . BLUTINGER, MARTIN E., Long Island City, N. Y., A8iS, Psi Upsilon, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Delta . . . BOBZIN, ELLEN, Montgomery, Education, Zeta Tau Alpha . . . BOLASKY, SYLVIA, Jacksonville, Fla., ABS, President, Sigma Delta Tau, l949, President, Zeta Phi Eta, l95O, President, University Re- ligious Council, l95O, Varsity Debate Squad, Philos, Senior Triangle, Tau Kappa Alpha , , . BOLENDER, FRANK WILMER, Newport, R. I., Commerce, Delta Chi, Newman Club, WABP, Blacktriars , , . BOMAN, JOY FAYE, Vernon, Education, Kappa Delta Pi. Booth Bosse Bostick Bowman Box Boyer 1, - , . I. a . -.ll ' . t will? 2 9 . 1' 'Q N., 4 8 id ' .nw f nfl i A? if iw' Rig- l li: Blake Blanchard Blankenship Blemker Bobzin Bolasky Bolender Boman BELOW Top Row BONOURIS, JOHN, JR., Birmingham, Commerce, Commerce Association, Cadet Otticers Club . . . BOOTH, JOE THOMAS, III, Florala, ASQS, Delta Tau Delta, Intertraternity Council, SGA Legislature, Alpha Phi Omega, Pep Squad . . . BOSSE, JOSEPH GERALD, Waterville, Me., Commerce, Alpha Sigma Phi, Delta Sigma Pi . . . BOSTICK, JUANITA DIANE, Birming- ham, Home Economics, Phi Mu, Caroline Hunt Club, Pep Squad, Westminster Fellowship . . . BOUNDS, DONALD RICHARD, Spring Hill, Commerce, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . BOURLAND, MARY ELINOR, Fulton, Miss., Education, Wesley Foundation , . . BOWEN, DORIS, Birmingham, Home Eco- nomics , . . BOWEN, DOROTHY, Birmingham, Education. Bottom Row BOWDEN, VIRGINIA GERTRUDE, Venice, Fla., Education, Delta Zeta . . , BOWMAN, MAREA LLOYDS, Charleston, S. C., Education, Delta Delta Delta, Pep Squad, Swan Club, Westminster Fellowship, Vice-President, Physical Education Majors Club . . . BOX, DANIEL WILLIAM, Athens, ASQS, Million Dollar Band . . . BOYER, ELIZABETH ALICE, St. Petersburg, Fla., Commerce, Phi Chi Theta, Commerce Associa- tion . . . BRADLEY, SARA JEAN, Greensboro, Education . . . BRADY, BARBARA, Atlanta, Ga., Commerce, Pi Beta Phi, Canterbury Club, Swan Club, YWCA . . . BRANNON, LOUISE DEAN, Birmingham, ASQS, Pi Beta Phi, YWCA . . . BRANTLEY, EVELYN ANN, Birmingham, ASS, Kappa Delta, YWCA. Bounds Bourlclnd Bowen, D. Bowen, Dorothy Bradley Brady Brannon Brantley ,hi K Yag - ' , . i, k H , K .A . ti 1 1 Engineering students are studying forces, motion, and their In addition to various mathematical and geometric models the internal forces which when compared with the specified stress- laboratory of the Mechanical Drawing Department is equipped capacity of a material, determine the efficiency of any structure. with valves, hydrants, couplings, and castings for use as models. I-IE SERIIOR CLASS . . . DR. O'STEEN ELECTED VICE-PRESIDENT OF NATIONAL ASSN. OF SCHOOL MUSIC Top Row BRAWNER, MARIEL, Birmingham, Home Economics, Alpha Chi Omega, Pep Squad, YWCA, Women's Spirit Committee . , . BRAY, MIGNONNE, Jasper, ASQS, Alpha Chi Omega, Press Club, President, Theta Sigma Phi . . , BRENNER, WALTER, Montgomery, Commerce, Kappa Nu . . . BRETH, JAMES RAYMOND, Bessemer, Commerce, Sigma Phi Epsilon . , , BRIDGES, MRS. VIRGINIA HOLLEY, University, A85 . . . BRIECE, MARY LEE, Kirkwood, Mo., A8iS, Phi Mu, Press Club , . . BRITTAIN, NANCY, Oneonta, Home Economics, Zeta Tau Alpha . . . BROBSTON, EDWIN LIPSCOMB, Bessemer, A8tS, Kappa Alpha, Pep Squad. Brawner Bray Brenner Breth Bronnes Brooks, J. Brooks, R. Brouphy fa .t t Z ' W X' ' l',, ..f7l BELOW Bottom Row BRONNES, ROBERT LEWIS, Irvington, N. Y., Engineering, Delta Sigma Phi, Alpha Phi Omega, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, American Institute ot Mining and Metallurgical Engineers, American Society ot Metals, American Foundry Society . . . BROOKS, JOHN HENRY, JR., Montgomery, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega . . . BROOKS, RICHARD E., Camillus, N. Y., A815 . . . BROUPHY, HAROLD EDWIN, New Orleans, La., ASS, Delta Sigma Phi . . . BROWN, BOBBIE FRANCES, Bir- mingham, ASQS, Phi Mu, Wesley Choir, Psychology Club, Women's Spirit Committee . , . BROWN, MARION S., De- catur, Commerce , . . BRUNNER, CLARA JO, Cullman, Educa- tion, Million Dollar Band, Triangle . . . BRUTKICWICZ, DONALD ELMORE, Mobile, ASQS, Delta Sigma Phi, Canterbury Club. Brittain Brunner Bridges Briece Brown, B. Brown, M. . J ll 4 , ............,.. .. t gi Brobston Brutkicwicz 3 Sw IF' I' f I ,. sp... ,Ugg 'V . 62 J- 3 ff, Z 'grail' S .X Il' UN j is s, .. Q 6 L3 5 A Q, 3 .WE Bryan E Bryan, F. Bryan, W. Bryant Burns J Burns, Joan Burton Butts ABOVE Top Row BRYAN, ELIZABETH THORNTON, Union Point, Ga., ASQS, Kappa Kappa Gamma, YWCA . . . BRYAN, FRANCES CLAYTON, Talladega, Home Economics, Delta Delta Delta, YWCA, Westminster Fellowship . . . BRYAN, WILLIAM TED, Birmingham, Engineering, Lambda Chi Alpha, Vice-President, Omicron Delta Kappa, President, Lambda Chi Alpha, Jasons, Tau Beta Pi, Student Court, SGA Legislature, President, Chi Epsilon, Theta Tau, Druids, Quadrangle, Philos, Phi Eta Sigma, Sophomore Award, Tau Beta Pi, Pi Mu Epsilon, Who's Who , . . BRYANT, JOHN HAYES, Tuscaloosa, Engineering, Insti- tute of Aeronautical Science, Baptist Student Union, Distin- guished Military Student . . . BUCKLER, WILLIAM EARL, JR., East Alton, Ill., A8iS, Delta Tau Delta, Pep Squad, Masons . . . BUCKNER, JOANNE, Cincinnatti, Ohio, Education, Pi Beta Phi, Pep Squad, Wesley Foundation, President, Junior Class, School ot Education . . . BUCKNER, MICHAEL STERLING, I-leadland, ASS, Alpha Epsilon Delta , . . BULLOCK, RICHARD STANLEY, JR., Birmingham, Commerce, Kappa Al- pha. Bottom Row BURNS, JACQUELINE, Coatopa, Commerce, Delta Zeta, Commerce Association . . . BURNS, JOAN, Lincoln, A8rS . . . BURTON, MRS. MARY NELL, Hueytown, Home Economics . . . BUTTS, JAMES LEONARD, Jasper, Commerce , . , BYCK, SYLVAN M., JR., Savannah, Ga., Commerce, Zeta Beta Tau, Druids, Advertising Manager, Rammer Jammer, Business Manager, Cotillion Club, Men's Spirit Committee, General Chairman, Corolla Beauty Ball, Distinguished Military Student . . . CAIN, ANNE CECILE, Mobile, A84S, Press Club . . . CAIN, ARTHUR R., JR., Tucker, Ga., A8rS . . . CALDOW, ROZELLA JEANNE, Tuscaloosa, Home Economics. Camp H. Camp, P. Campanella Campbell Carpenter Carr, B. Carr, J. Carr, P. ix, , ' I Y ,. L A a.,.g I lliifi' Buckler Buckner, J. Buckner, M. Bullock Byck Cain, A. C. Cain, A. R. Culdow BELOW Top Row CAMP, HAROLD DEAN, Phil Campbell, Education . . . CAMP, PAUL BENJAMIN, JR., St. Petersburg, Fla., Commerce . . . CAMPANELLA, FRANCES, I-lot Springs, Ark, ASS . . . CAMPBELL, WILLIAM D., Greenleyville, S. C., A8rS . . . CANNACK, JEANNETTE, Moulton, Education . . . CANTAFIO, LEOPOLD JOSEPH, University, Engineering, St. Pat's Associa- tion, American lnstitute of Electrical Engineers . . , CANTEY, THOMAS C., JR., Montgomery, Commerce, Sigma Nu, Cadet Officers Club . . , CARLISLE, DORIS, Tarrant, Commerce, Philos. Bottom Row CARPENTER, ROBERT, Winfield, Ass, Pi Kappa Aipm, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Sigma PI Sigma . . . CARR, BETTE JUNE, Montgomery, Education, AIA, Vocal Ensemble, Wo! men's Glee Club, Spanish Club, Baptist Student Union, Women's Spirit Committee, Pep Squad . , . CARR, JOHN WILLIAM, Columbus, Miss., ASS . . . CARR, PAUL LEROY, Montgomery, Engineering, Theta Chi, Baptist Student Union, American Institute of Chemical Engineering, Society ot Ameri- can Military Engineers . , . CARRAWAY, ALFRED CHARLES, Gadsden, ASRS, Alpha Tau Omega, YMCA . , , CARROLL, JEAN, Ozark, A84S, Kappa Delta, Alpha Kappa Delta, Pep Squad . . . CARRUBA, GLORIA, Birmingham, Education, Blackfriars, Zeta Phi Eta, National Collegiate Players . . . CARTER, DOROTHY NELL, Crossville, Home Economics, AIA, Pep Squad, Caroline Hunt Club. Cantafio Cantey Carlisle Carroll Carruba Carter Cannock Carraway 4- fi E, fi H ir.. be br -we X h e j i -v' I J Q I I 'I' . , r"' A , K is f Young teachers-to-be in Elementary Education learn how to of these students as they learn to select the "right book for the develop a language arts program which is used when students right chiId." Attractive displays encourage good reading habits, become a permanent part of the elementary school faculty. "We like children and books" is written all over the faces TIIE SENIOR CLASS . . JOURNALIST HENRY LACOSSITT SPOKE TO STUDENTS IN SPRING QUARTER BELOW Top Row CARTLEDGE, RAYMOND EUGENE, Panama City, Fla., Commerce, Pi Kappa Phi, Captain, Million Dollar Band, I949 . . . CARUSO, CHARLES PETER, Brooklyn, N. Y., Engineering, Newman Club, Institute ot Aeronautical Sciences, Gamma Alpha Rho, Distinguished Military Student . . . CARUSO, VINCENT P., Bay St. Louis, Miss., Engineering, American Insti- tute ot Industrial Engineers, St. Pat's Association, Newman Club . . . CASHION, THOMAS ROSS, Red Bay, Commerce . . . CASTLEBERRY, JOHN, JR., Live Oak, Fla., Engineering, St. Pat's Council, American Institute ot Electrical Engineers . . . CATE, ANNA C., Tuscaloosa, AESQS . , , CATO, STERLING GREEN, Eutaula, Commerce, Commerce Association . . . CAWTHON, KELLY SMITH, Tuscaloosa, A848 Bottom Row CHAFIN, LIONEL V., Birmingham, Engineering, Sigma Nu, St. Pat's Association, American Institute ot Industrial Engineers . . . CHALMERS, JOSEPH HARLAN, Augusta, Ga., Engineer- ing, Sigma Chi, St. Pat's Association, Rho Alpha Tau . , . CHARBONNEAU, CHARLES L., Hattiesburg, Miss., Commerce, Sigma Chi, Photographer, Corolla . . . CHERNECKY, WILLIAM, Ansonia, Conn., ASQS, Alpha Sigma Phi , . , CHESNUT, ANN ELIZABETH, Silas, Commerce, Phi Chi Theta CHISLING, MATT S., Birmingham, A845 Cadet Otticers Club, Pep Squad . . . CHUMLEY, MARY KATHERINE, Winchester, Tenn., Education, Pi Beta Phi, YVVCA . . . CLARKE, FRED WILl.IAM, SR., Mobile, Commerce. Cartledge Caruso, C. Caruso, V. Cushion Castleberry Cate Cato Cawthon Chafin Chalmers Charbonneau Chernecky Chesnut Chisling Chumley Clarke I v I ' . sl, . -- .,., ..,. , S . , . - I, , T' ' ,, fit ' l ,, - , MY 2 ,.,-.,, I, -' 5 fi i 6 it 't' f xi- 1: Iii' st- 'W S if 'G Q 5 ' I He: .Q ,Q -1,-f-I 1-lf,-f,,: :,.:-, :fa 1 f it . I. F 1, . sstlrg jf 1 'HP QR cu k '5' fi. , . Is. 6 Q- Cleveland Cobb, C. Cobb, L. Cochrane, A. Cochrane, W. Cole, A. Cole, H. Cole, M. Collins Colvin Cone Connell Connelly Constantine Conway Cook ABOVE BELOW Cooper, Crane E. Cooper, M. Copeland Top Row . CLEVELAND, WILLIAM BRANTLY, JR., Wylam, ASLS, Sigma Gamma Epsilon , . . COBB, CAROLYN, Birmingham, Educa- tion, Alpha Chi Omega, YWCA, Secretary, Women's Spirit Committee, Assistant Editor, Corolla, I95I . . . COBB, LILLIAN MYRICK, LaGrange, Ga., Commerce, Kappa Delta . . . COCHRANE, ALAN DWIGHT, Birmingham, Commerce, Lambda Chi Alpha, Secretary, Delta Sigma Pi, Scabbard and Blade, Propeller Club, Rifle Team, Distinguished Military Student . , . COCHRANE, WILLIAM DAVID, Guin, Education . . . COLE, ARLINA, Russellville, ABS, Alpha Phi, Phi Alpha Theta, Wesley Foundation, Secretary-Treasurer, Spirit Com- mittee . . . COLE, HARRY, Birmingham, ABS, Alpha Tau Omega . . . COLE, MARIANNE, Birmingham, ABS, Alpha Gamma Delta, Vice-President, Theta Sigma Phi, Treasurer, Press Club, I95O. Bottom Row COLLINS, BILLY MANNING, Birmingham, ABS, Phi Sigma Kappa, President, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Distinguished Stu- dent . . . COLVIN, JAMES, Lincoln, A8iS, Delta Sigma Phi . . . CONE, JULIET, Tampa, Fla., ASS, Chi Omega, Secre- tary, Theta Sigma Phi, Press Club . . . CONNELL, GENE MCCAIN, Richmond, Va., Commerce, Delta Sigma Phi, Delta Sigma Pi , . . CONNELLY, ANNE LOCKETT, Cuthbert, Ga., Education, Delta Delta Delta . . . CONSTANTINE, EMANUEL TOM, Birmingham, ASQS, Phi Kappa Sigma . . . CONWAY, PATRICIA, Atlanta, Ga., Home Economics, Alpha Delta Pi, YWCA, Pep Squad . . , COOK, JOHN WILLIAM, Birming- ham, Commerce, Treasurer, Wesley Foundation, Treasurer, Pi Tau Chi, Beta Alpha Psi, Delta Sigma Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, Com- merce Association, Pep Squad. Cote Crawford, T. Crankshaw Crawford, M. Q Top Row COOPER, ELTON JOHN, JR., Lake, Miss., Commerce . . . COOPER, MARY TOMKINS, Newport, Vt., ABS, Alpha Delta Pi, French Club, YWCA, Spirit Planning Committee . . , COPELAND, THEODORE DEVOE, JR., Montgomery, Com- merce, Druids, Business Manager, Corolla, I95I, Who's Who . . . COTE, LOUIS JOSEPH, Hartford, Conn., Engineering, Phi Sigma Kappa, American Institute of Industrial Engineers, St. Pat's Association . . . COTTER, HORACE D., Muskogee, Okla., A845 . . . COVINGTON, MARTHA JOYCE, Pachuta, Miss., Education . . . CRAIG, ELBERT BENNETT, Birmingham, Engineering, Sigma Nu, American Institute of Industrial Engi- neers, Society of American Military Engineers, St. Pat's Asso- ciation . . . CRAIN, B. J., Panama City, Fla., Education, Delta Sigma Phi, Tennis Team, Tumbling Team. Bottom Row CRANE, FRANK C., Springhill, A843 . . . CRANKSHAW, ROWLAND EARL, Tuscaloosa, Commerce . . . CRAWFORD, MARY FRANCES, Havana, Education . . . CRAWFORD, THOMAS C., Gadsden, ASS, Pi Kappa Alpha, Secretary- Treasurer, Pi Kappa Alpha, Blackfriars, Sigma Pi Sigma Associate, Alpha Psi Omega, University Summer Theatre, Pep Squad . . . CRAWFORD, WILLIAM K., Havana, Education . . . CREEL, JOHN STEPHENS, Birmingham, Commerce, Chi Phi, Commerce Association . . . CREWS, SARA WILL, Line- ville, A8iS, Zeta Tau Alpha, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Sigma Pi Sigma, YMCA . . . CRIBBINS, PAUL D., Jacksonville, Fla., Engineering, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Druids, Quadrangle, Chi Epsilon, St. Pat's Council, Executive Council, American Society of Chemical Engineers, Bonfire Committee, Track Team, Presi- dent, Junior Class, School of Engineering, Westminster Fel- Iowship. Cotter Covington Crawford, W. Creel Craig Crews Crain Cribbins F it It 645332 6536526 ff. vs. hr: .. .c..f-E for - vw ' , eil ln gaining understanding of the services of a librarian, these Here students in Library Science are developing a picture students profit from the ioint guidance of a qualified instructor file for use in an elementary school - to train young students School Library Service and one in Elementary Education. of elementary schools for future high school and college work. l-IE SEIKIIOR CLASS . . . TWO BAMA PROFESSORS, TITUS AND FISCHEL, SPEAK SEVENTEEN LANGUAGES Top Row CROW, WARREN BAKER, Birmingham, ASS, Phi Gamma Delta, Pep Squad . , . CROWDER, WILLIAM EDWARD, JR., Little Rock, Ark., Engineering, Theta Chi . . . CRUMP, BARBARA JANE, Rochester, N. Y., Home Economics . . . CUMMINGS, JAMES FRANK, Mobile, Education, Alpha Sigma Phi, President, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Delta Kappa, Future Teachers ot America . . . CUMMINGS, WILLIAM W., Birming- ham, Education . , . DABBS, ROSIER W., New Orleans, La., Engineering . . . DABBS, VIOLET, I-Iueytown, Education, Baptist Student Union . . . DAMRICH, MONICA MAY, Mobile, ABS, Kappa Delta, YWCA, Newman Club. Crow Crowder Crump Cummings, J. Danehower C. Danehower, J. Daniel, C. Daniel, J. BELOW Bottom Row DANEHOWER, CORENE, New Brockton, Education , . . DANEHOWER, JUSTIS WILBURN, Gadsden, Engineering, St. Pat's Association, American Institute ot Mechanical Engineers . . . DANIEL, CHARLES BURTON, Wetumpka, ABS, Sigma Nu, Pep Squad . . DANIEL, JOYCE M., Parrish, Home Economics, YVVCA . . . DAVIS, E. CAROLYN, Birmingham, ASIS, Alpha Gamma Delta, Alpha Sigma Omega . . . DAVIS, EDWIN SNOWDEN, Parrish, ABS, Pi Kappa Phi, Vice-Presb dent, Men's Glee Club, Wesley Foundation, President, Pi Kappa Phi, I95O , , . DAY, CLARENCE WESLEY, Birmingham, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . DEAL, ERNEST LINWOOD, Florence, Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta, Pep Squad, President, Commerce Association, Vice-President, Delta Sigma Pi, Chair- man, Commerce Executive Council, Dean's Conference Com- mittee, Co-Chairman, Corolla Beauty Ball, Westminster Fellowship. Dabbs, R. Dobbs, V. Cummings, W. Davis, E. C. Davis, E. S. Day fi e..,.y, I I , . 3, If if- -:iff ie .M 2 ' I is ' .ss if rri. f Q I2 . ff 2- iii- Yfzi, -. A X F Damrich Deal K Q.. 7 me 5 ar V ., , ., ,,.,,,,1,-4. 7 'A .' ti. 3 I Ii AEM k, . AV L is t , I ' le lg ,,. EE' , .1 , iv 5 A ' . . .,.,,, L l 'N I A 'A 7-... I If ll ' ! ,K ll , " ' -,-:f P I 2 P Q sl X , 1 , 2 .fir ' f - I A ' R rt 1-V to I 'tu K Dean Dearman Deoson DeFoor DeGraffenried Deimling Delchamps Deleur DeVan Dickey Dipoolo Dixon Dobbs, B. Dobbs, J. Dockery Dodd ABOVE BELOW Top Row Top Row DEAN, WILLIAM McCOX, Rogersville, A8.S, Alpha Epsilon DONALD, JANE, Fairhope, ASQS, Alpha Gamma Delta, Delta . . , DEARMAN, FRANCES, Eutaw, Education, Zeta Tau Pep Squad . . . DOROUCH, VIRGINIA ANN, Birmingham, Alpha, YWCA . . . DEASON, HENRY MARTIN, Calera, A815 Education, Blacktriars, Wesley Foundation . . . DOYLE, . , . DEFOOR, JAMES ALLISON, Marietta, Ga., ASS, Pi DAVID WILFRED, Roanoke, Va., ASQS, Pi Kappa Phi . . . Kappa Alpha, Canterbury Club . . . deGRAFFENRIED, DRAKE, MARY FRANCES, Courtland, A8.S . , , DUGGER, CHRISTOPHER, Tuscaloosa, Commerce, Phi Delta Theta . , , ALICE BROUGHTON, Glen Ellyn, Ill., Education, Delta Delta DEIMLING, PAUL LEWIS, Canton, Ohio, Engineering, Gamma Delta, Triangle, French Club, YWCA, Westminster Fellowship, Alpha Rho, Chairman, The Institute of Aeronautical Sciences, Pep Squad . . . DUKE, MARY FRANCES, Birmingham, Com- St. Pat's Association . . . DELCHAMPS, WILLIAM A., Mobile, merce, Alpha Delta Pi, YWCA, Junior, American Association Commerce . . , DELEAR, WALTER F., Tuscaloosa, A8iS. of University Women, Commerce Association, Pep Squad . . . DUNLAP, ROYCE E., Hanceville, Commerce . . . DUNNAM, ARTHUR LEE, JR., Mobile, ASIS, Delta Kappa Epsilon. Bottom Row DUPREE, MARY HELEN, Shorter, Home Economics . . . Bvffvm Row DURHAM, DIANE DONEHOO, Birmingham, A8iS, Chi Omega, DeVAN, CAROLYN GENE, Spring Hill, Home Economics, Mortar Board, Alpha Epsilon Rho, Alpha Kappa Delta, Zeta Delta Delta Delta . . . DICKEY, N. DEAN, Anniston, Com- Phi Eta, Blacktriars, Chi Delta Phi . . . DYE, JAMES MCKINLEY, merce, Phi Chi Theta . . . DIPAOLO, ALFRED F., Carlstadt, Goodsprings, Education , , . DYER, MELBURN CLARK, Flor- N. J., Education . . . DIXON, JEANNE MARIE, Birmingham, ence, ASQS, Alpha Tau Omega, Canterbury Club . . . DYSON, Home Economics . . . DOBBS, BETTY JOYCE, Birmingham, BROMLEY C., Pensacola, Fla., Commerce, Sigma Nu, Philos Education, Phi Mu, Junior American Association at University . , . EARP, BETTY JEAN, Greenville, S. C., Education, Kappa Women . . , DOBBS, JO KATHRYN, Birmingham, A8.S, Pi Delta . . .EATMAN, ANNE BAKER, Eutaw, Education, Kappa Beta Phi, YWCA, Newman Club . . . DOCKERY, JAMES Kappa Gamma, YWCA . . . EDMONDSON, ARTHUR RUFUS, Tuscaloosa, A8.S, Sigma Chi . , . DODD, DURALD THOMAS, JR., Tarboro, N. C., Education, Kappa Sigma, Wes- FRANK, Double Springs, A8.S, Chi Phi. ley Foundation, Pep Squad, Interfraternity Council. Donald Dorouch Doyle Drake Dugger Duke Dunlap Dunnam Dupree Durham Dye Dyer Dyson Earp Eatman Edmondson 'gif 5 Z .L This student in Vertibrate Zoology is making a study of Microscopic studies ot animal tissues are part of the course in crustaceans. The course permits the student to further his studies Histology, which concerns itself with specific structures and or- in Biology fields for entrance into medical or dental school. ganization of tissues and cells precisely cut, mounted, and stained. I-IE SEIKIIOR CLASS . . . PROFESSOR EDWARD KIMBROUGH WROTE THIRD NOVEL, "THE SCARLET PILGRIM" BELOW Top Row EDWARDS, CHARLES KENNETH, Shettield, Commerce, Phi Kappa Sigma, Spirit Planning Committee, SGA, Alpha Phi Omega, Pep Squad, Commerce Association, President, Senior Class, School ot Commerce, Publicity Director, Rammer Jammer . EDNVARDS, TED RAY, Decatur, ASS, Delta Sigma Phi, Press Club, Sigma Delta Chi, Philos, Vifestminster Fellowship, Varsity Tennis . ELIAS, ARTHUR, Palisades Park, N, J., ASKS, Sigma Alpha Mu, l-Iillel Foundation ELLISOR, JAMES DILLARD, Andalusia, ASS, Million Dollar 'z Bottom Row EUBANKS, HERBERT ORVILLE, Tuscaloosa, Education . EVANS, LOUIS D., JR., Tuscaloosa, Education . . EYRAUD, GEORGE V., Birmingham, ASQS, Sigma Nu . , FAGAN, CARLTON GLENN, Mount Holly, N. C., Commerce, Pi Kappa Phi, Cheerleader . . FALKNER, LAMAR, Germania, Miss., ASS, Sigma Chi, Druids, Philos, Canterbury Club, Press Club, Sigma Delta Chi, Managing Editor, Crimson Vifhite . . , FANNALY, JOHN JOSEPH, Ponchatoula, La., Commerce, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Delta Sigma Pi, Newman Club, Commerce Band, Vice-President, Wesley Foundation, Vice-President, Pi Association, Pep Squad FARISH, RAMONA MILLER, Tau Chi, Phi Eta Sigma, University Religious Council . . Danville, Va., Education, Phi Mu, Pep Squad, Swan Club, EMBRY, HERMIONE CAROLINE, Nashville, Tenn., Education, Women's Spirit Committee . FARRIS, TEMPIE, Nauvoo, Alpha Gamma Delta, YWCA, Pep Squad, Canterbury Club Education, WSGA, Mortar Board. , . EMERSON, JOANNE, Spring Gardens, ASS . . ENGLAND, EDRIE, Lincoln, Commerce . ENOCHS,HARRIET LETITIA, Jackson, Miss., Home Economics, Chi Omega, Wesley Foundation, YNNCA, Caroline I-lunt Club. Edwards, C. Edwards, T. Elias Ellisor Embry Emerson England Enochs ' E banks Evans Eyraud Fagan Falkner Fannaly Farish Farris ,b.. J,-ff E. V., ',, V R fi g , I I ri ,J A iiifiiqi, PP? gg, .,', ii K " 2 i,.',, 'I,'.t ef, X we X ' 2 F E T' gi it li. z was 'E' 1 . ,,., -, it v u E . i ,E -,, -we--Q as A Q V i 'vf ' I he g ' , 8- ' " ' 'gr' f gsm f 'i I V5 KZ N L 9, ,. , 5 Pi , xxx .., A .- n . l C X AX ii Ii 5 Y Fein Feinstein Fell Ferrill Fikes Files Fitzgerald, D. Fitzgerald J , Flanders Flanigan Fleming Foley Folmar, E. Folmar, N. Ford, J. Ford, T ABOVE BELOW Top Row Top Row Fowler Friday - :',l L g ,,,, . 2 FEIN, JACK, Hackensack, N. J., ASLS, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Press Club . . . FEINSTEIN, HARRY, Brooklyn, N. Y., ASLS, Associate Membership, Sigma Pi Sigma, Armed Forces Com- munication Association . . . FELL, HENRY P., Birmingham, Engineering, Pi Kappa Alpha, SGA, St. Pat's Association, Theta Tau, Pep Squad . , . FERRILL, JEANNINE, Mobile, Commerce, Phi Chi Theta, Commerce Association . . . FIKES, EUGENE HARPER, Brent, Engineering, St. Pat's Associa- tion, American Institute of Electrical Engineers . , . FILES, JERRY, Carbon Hill, A85 . . . FITZGERALD, DONALD CAMPBELL, Tuscaloosa, A8iS , , , FITZGERALD, JESSE THOMAS, Bellamy, Commerce. Bottom Row FLANDERS, CAROLYNN COCHRAN, Birmingham, Home Eco- nomics, Kappa Delta . . . FLANIGAN, HORACE, JR., Roanoke, Va., A8QS, Theta Xi, Pep Squad, Vice-President, Virginia Club . , . FLEMING, CHARLES P., Jasper, Commerce . , . FOLEY, PATRICIA HELEN, Birmingham, ASQS, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Mortar Board, Triangle, Alpha Epsilon Delta . . . FOLMAR, EMORY McCORD, Montgomery, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Ep- silon, Vice-President, Cadet Officers Club, Inter-fraternity Council, Intra-mural Council, Business Manager, Rammer Jammer . . . FOLMAR, NED FLOWERS, Goshen, Commerce, "A" Club, Varsity Baseball . . . FORD, JOHN JOSEPH, Bir- mingham, Commerce , . . FORD, THERESA MUSHAT, Tusca- loosa, A8iS, Kappa Delta, President, YWCA, Triangle, Mortar Board, Alpha Lambda Delta. FOWLER, RALPH EDMOND, Mobile, Engineering . , FOWLKES, WALTER BATTLE, Ill, Birmingham, A815 . . . FRALIN, PHYLLIS, Danville, Va., A84S, Alpha Chi Omega, Pep Squad, YWCA, Women's Spirit Committee, Corolla Staff . . . FRAZIER, VERNON MACK, Haleyville, Commerce, Phi Kappa Sigma, Commerce Association . . . FREIBAUM, GUS, Gadsden, Com- merce, Zeta Beta Tau, Cadet Officers Club, Commerce Association, President, Zeta Beta Tau . . . FREW, JEAN CONNOR, Birmingham, Home Economics , . . FREW, MALCOLM, Birmingham, Education . . . FRIANT, OLIN CHESTER, JR., Maplewood, N. J., Commerce, Delta Tau Delta, Interfraternity Council, Alpha Phi Omega, YMCA, Commerce Association, Pep Squad. Bottom Row FRIDAY, JUNE NELLIE, Eutaw, Commerce, Miss Executive Secretary, i950 , . . FRIEDMAN, RICHARD JAY, New York, N. Y., ASQS, Vice-President, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Philos, Interfra ternity Council . , . FROST, MARGARET EUGENIA, Gadsden ABS, Alpha Phi, Canterbury Club, WABP . . . FULFORD AL COLEMAN, JR., Georgiana, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsi lon, President, Air Cadet Club , . . FULLER, EDNA EARLE 1 I I Haleyville, Education, Pep Squad , . . FULTON, WILLIAM FRIERSON, IV, Goodwater, ABS, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Scab- bard and Blade, Westminster Fellowship, Distinguished Mili- tary Student . . . GALBREATH, JAMES M., Birmingham I Engineering, St. Pat's Association, American Society of Me- chanical Engineers . . . GANDY, JOHN W., Waterbury, Conn., Commerce, Theta Xi. Fowlkes Fralin Frazier Freibaum Frew, J. Frew, M. Friedman Frost Fulford Fuller Fulton Galbreath is Bt F Lzrs r . rirl B .,,-. fha? B W I al. wit-X. ' 2 .i Friant Gandy 9? IK nr' This demonstration in Mammalian Anatomy prepares the stu- dent for further studies in biology. Courses, such as these, provide a scientific preparatory curriculum for pre-medical students. X it B Dr. Williams demonstrates the removal of radioactive phoso- phorous from shipping containers. With scientific research making front page news, trained graduates are more important than ever. Tl-IE SENIOR CLASS . . . 2500 BAMA STUDENTS SIGNED SCROLL IN NATION-WIDE CRUSADE FOR FREEDOM Top Row GARAFOLA, GERALD ANTHONY, JR., Newark, N. J., Commerce . . . GARNER, JACKSON MORRIS, Dothan, ABS, Kappa Sigma . . . GARRISON, PAULA LOUISE, Bogalusa, La., Chemistry, Zeta Tau Alpha, President, Senior Class, School ot Chemistry, Pep Squad, Treasurer, Junior American Assoe ciation ot University Women . . . GARTRELL, JOHN OSWELL, JR., Montgomery, Commerce , . . GAYLORD, DAN A., JR., Birmingham, ASIS, Million Dollar Band . . . GIANOPOULOS, JOHN, Summit, N. J., ABS, Alpha Epsilon Delta . . . GIANOUDIS, GEORGE PETE, Birmingham, Com- merce, Cadet Otticers Club . . . GIBBS, MARY GLEN, Bir- mingham, ASIS, Zeta Tau Alpha, Wesley Choir, Pep Squad. Garafola Garner Garrison Gartrell Gibson Gieger, H. Gieger, M. Gilbert , V, ... " 'VH i . .... 'A Lf '1. 1. V ' ,457 551 "Illia 3952 .iiifisllftsf " . ', f- -1S':g..,'srrg,2',.,,, .Q 1-fr 'I' fi' Q 5 'rlz it ff i ffifiii ' 5 A A S? Bgeicigwgggfiff' if is 5 5 BELOW Bottom Row GIBSON, ROBERT DAVID, Lineville, Commerce . . . GIEGER, HOLLIS N., Gadsden, ASIS, Sigma Nu, Cheerleader, SGA . . . GIEGER, MACK, Laurel, Miss., Commerce . . . GILBERT, THOMAS VESTER, JR., Memphis, Tenn., Education, Pi Kappa Phi, Million Dollar Band, Glee Club, Inter-fraternity Council, Baptist Student Union . . . GILCHRIST, ROBERT, l-lartsille, ABS, Delta Chi . . . GILDER, JAMES BENJAMIN, Cristobal, Canal Zone, Education, Phi Sigma Kappa , . . GILLER, GRACE ELAINE, White Hall, ill., Home Economics, Pi Beta Phi, Caroline Hunt Club, YWCA, Pep Squad . . . GILLESPIE, JANE BUTLER, Madison, Education, Delta Zeta. Gibbs Gillespie Gianoudis Giller Gaylord Gianopoulos Gilchrist Gilder 'if i mf I -4 ' 4? ' xx? Q . . 1 . v ,. Y, R s 4 1 3 . 5 W. A . M . ,.,,' A .EE--M , YL T-ff .f 9? ,.. ... ri 3, e x 'l an mr. If ig- . 5- I' -Q - A. . as A -35.5, we--1 F 'IH r A S ..i kk '-,- gl 'vv' A K - H 2 . .gg l I I .gr " l 4 I 5 vi If x' 1 fW I "'AE:' 4 - X. .552 2. frliigi. r 'ff 2 . :ai iss -A i . I , ,sign .I I . s We-'S' Gill land Gillis Gillum Gilmore Girtman Glass Goldstein, L. Goldstein, S Goodman, J. Goodman, W. Goodrich Goodson Goodwyn Gordon Goree Graham ABOVE BELOW Top Row Top Row GILLILAND, EDWARD F., Boaz, A85 . . . GILLIS, CLARENCE BROUGHTON, Montgomery, Commerce, Million Dollar Band . , . GILLUM, MARTHA REBECCA, Sylacauga, Home Eco- nomics . . . GILMORE, ROBERT KIRK, Tuscaloosa, Educa- tion . . . GIRTMAN, HARRY SPRUIELL, Tuscaloosa, A8.S, Pi Kappa Alpha, Million Dollar Band, University Religious Coun- cil, Executive Council, Baptist Student Union . . . GLASS, MILTON D., Russelville, ABS, Theta Chi, Pep Squad, Glee Club , , GOLDSTEIN, L. MARSHALL, Camden, N. J., A8.S, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Pershing Rifles, Silver Star Award . . . GOLDSTEIN, SHELDON, Chicago, III., ABS, Sigma Alpha MU. Bottom Row GOODMAN, JOHN HAROLD, New Brockton, Engineer- ing . . GOODMAN, WILLIAM HERBERT, Anniston, Com- merce, Pi Kappa Phi, Wesley Foundation, Commerce Association, Men's Choir . . . GOODRICH, LUCY SHEPPARD, Birmingham, ABS, Delta Delta Delta, YWCA, Pep Squad . . . GOODSON, LADD GARFIELD, Birmingham, ASQS, Sigma Nu . . GOODWYN, EDWARD T., Birmingham, ASS, . . , GORDON, BEVERLY FAY, Fulton, Miss., Education, Secretary, Sigma Delta Tau, Secretary, Hillel Foundation . . , GOREE, BARBARA GRACE, Mobile, Education, Alpha Xi Delta, Wo- men's Spirit Committee, Pep Squad . . , GRAHAM, MALCOLM C., West Pittston, Pa., Education, Delta Chi. Grammas Graves, A. Graves, M. Gray, E. Griffin S. Griffin, T. Griggs Grisham K W ' is GRAMMAS, THOMAS STEPHEN, Atlanta, Ga., Commerce, Pi Kappa Phi . . . GRAVES, ARLIN EUGENE, Blountsville, A845 . . . GRAVES, MARGARET CLARICE, Anniston, Educa- tion, Phi Mu, Pep Squad, YWCA, American Association of University Women, VVesIey Foundation . . . GRAY, EULA CAROL, Lebanon, Va., Education, Alpha Delta Pi, YWCA, Swan Club, Caroline Hunt Club, Wesley Foundation, Wesley Choir . . . GREEN, FRANCES EARLINE, Aliceville, Education . . . GREEN, J. P., Guntersville, Education, Theta Xi . . . GRIFFIN, ANN LEE, Henderson, N. C., Education, Phi Mu, Education Council, Pep Squad . . . GRIFFIN, MORRIS T., Edenton, N. C., Engineering, Delta Chi, American Society of Civil Engineers, St. Pat's Association, Pep Squad. Bottom Row GRIFFIN, SIBYL DORIS, Winter Haven, Fla., Home Economics, Delta Zeta, Pan-hellenic Council, Vice-President, Delta Zeta, Pep Squad, Caroline Hunt Club, Women's Spirit Committee, Phi Upsilon Omicron . . . GRIFFIN, TALBERT FINLEY, JR., Birmingham, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha, Commerce Associa- tion . . . GRIGGS, HUGO BLACK, Dothan, Commerce , . . GRISHAM, BOBBYE ANN, Fulton, Ky, Education . . . GROSS, CAROLYN McNEILL, Montgomery, Education, Phi Mu, New- man Club . . . GRUBBS, JOHN A., Fayette, A845 . . . GUIN, JERE DONALD, Russellville, ABS, Scabbard and Blade, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Pi Mu Epsilon, Alpha Phi Omega, Cadet Offi- cers Club . . . GUNN, ROBERT LAWRENCE, JR., Huntsville, ABS, Phi Kappa Sigma, Vice-President, Inter-fraternity Coun- cil, Alpha Epsilon Rho, WABP. Green, F. Green, J. Griffin, A. Griffin, M Gross Grubbs Guin Gunn . if I' is 1, . 1 i 'lr -. V 3 fi X H . . I :": . I Y, . J 5 4 I "" if I .. we if 3 i fr I I L Gurganus Guthrie Haas Hamby Hamilton Hancock Faculty members and students enrolled in the Nursery School upervise chiIdren's indoor play. Children are taught to under- stand various objects surrounding them in their daily environment. The day-to-day developments of infants at play in the Infant Laboratory of the Nursery School are recorded by students en rolled in Family Life courses. Progress is discussed in lecture THEISEIKIIOR CLASS . . . NEW ZEALAND AMBASSADOR SPOKE TO CAPSTONE ON UNITED NATIONS DAY Top Row GURGANUS, DOSTON LANIER, Oalcman, A84S, Pi Kappa Phi, Cadet Officers Club, Treasurer, Pi Kappa Phi, Pep Squad . . . GUTHRIE, MARION, Tovvnley, Education . . . HAAS, BEATRICE LORRAINE, Mobile, Education, Pi Beta Phi, YWCA, Philos, Pan-hellenic Council . . . HACKMAN, LEONARD, Selma, A84S, Sigma Alpha Mu, Hillel Foundation, Cadet Officers Club, Distinguished Military Student, Scab- bard and Blade, Alpha Kappa Delta . . , HAGAN, WILLIAM HALL, Mobile, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega, Propeller Club . . . HAKULA, ELMER, Great Neck, N. Y., Commerce . . . HALE, FRANCES WILLIAMS, Tuscaloosa, Home Economics, Kappa Kappa Gamma, YWCA, Caroline Hunt Club, West- minster Fellowship , . . HALL, CLIFTON L., Aliceville, Engi- neering, St. Pat's Association, American Institute of Electrical Engineers. m iKMWNE BELOW Bottom Row HAMBY, WILLIAM REUBEN, Tuscaloosa, Engineering . . . HAMILTON, WILLIAM CHRISTOPHER, Anniston, Commerce, Delta Chi, SGA Homecoming Committee, Business Manager, Corolla Beauty Ball, Druids, Bama Day Chairman, I95i, Corolla Staff, Pep Squad, Publicity Manager, Cotillion Club . . . HANCOCK, THOMAS HENRY, Orlando, Fla., Com- merce, Phi Gamma Delta, Pep Squad, Cadet Officers Club, Pershing Rifles . . . HANDZEL, EMIL J., Boonton, N. J., Engi- neering . . . HANNON, CHARLES PATRICK, Belleville, N. J., Engineering, Delta Sigma Phi, Vice-President, St. Pat's Asso- ciation, I95I, Vice-President, Junior Class, School of Engi- neering, i95O, Spirit Committee, Newman Club, SGA, Institute of Aeronautical Sciences . . . HANSARD, STONEWALI., Ider, A845 . . . HANSEN, ELSIE CAMILLA, Mobile, ASQS, Delta Gamma, Society Editor, Crimson White, Theta Sigma Phi, Press Club . , . HARDY, DAVID SANDERS, Tallassee, Com- merce, Pi Kappa Alpha. Hackman Hagan Hakula Hale Ha Handzel Hannon Hansard Hansen Hardy is A ...... so s gy 4, . , 3 1 ' N .xt ' 5 im? fv A-W A -, iq' I 1 iiii I 5 ' ' . R 3 355! Lkk, "wh it ' - 7 EE i Harmon Harris, J. S. Harris, J. E. Harris, L. Harvey, J. Harvey, S. Harwood Hawk ABOVE Top Row Hembree Hicks, T. 1 , 3 . t 1 HARMON, HUGH B., Gardendale, ASQS, Delta Tau Delta, Varsity Baseball, 1949, Pershing Rifles, 1947, 1948, 1949, Cadet Officers Club . . . HARRIS, JACK SELLERS, Montgom- ery, Commerce, Delta Sigma Pi, Cadet Officers Club . . . HARRIS, JOSEPH E., Alexander City, Engineering, St. Pat's Association, President, American Society of Civil Engineers, Theta Tau, Vice-President, Chi Epsilon . . . HARRIS, LOUISE BOLLING, Tuscaloosa, A8tS, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Vice- President, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Secretary, YWCA, Canter- bury Club, Spirit Committee, American Association of University Women, Alpha Kappa Delta . . . HARRIS, WILEY- FLETCHER, JR., Billingsley, ABS, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Pep Squad, Wesley Foundation, American Institute of Mining Engineering . . . HART, FRANCIS X., Hyannis, Mass., Edu- cation, Phi Sigma Kappa, Million Dollar Band, Philos . . . HART, PATRICIA, St. Petersburg, Fla., Home Economics, Pi Beta Phi, Caroline Hunt Club, Canterbury Club , . . HARTLEY, WILLIARD W., Dixiana, Commerce, Pep Squad. Bottom Row HARVEY, JESSALYN, Cuba, A8rS, Chi Omega, YWCA . . . HARVEY, SAM W., Guntersville, SSS, Lambda Chi Alpha, Editor, Crimson White, President, Sigma Delta Chi, Press Club, Board of Publications, Quadrangle, Executive Council . . . HARWOOD, JAMES THOMAS, Miami, Fla., ASQS, Lamb- da Chi Alpha, President, Lambda Chi Omega , . , HAWK, GLENN, Albertville, ASS . . . HAYES, BOB, JR., New Brock- ton, A8tS, Kappa Sigma . . . HAYES, MICHAEL J., Tuscaloosa, A84S, Lambda Chi Alpha . , . HEGMEGEE, PAUL E., Clifton, N. J., Engineering, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, American Institute Henagan Hicks, V. QW' its Harris, W. Hart, F. Hart, P. Hayes, B. Hayes, M. Hegmegee of Chemical Engineers, American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers, American Foundry Society . . . HELLER, RALPH, University, ABS. BELOW Top Row HEMBREE, WILLIAM L., Bridgeport, A8.S, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . HENAGAN, JAMES VANN, Birmingham, ABS, Alpha Tau Omega, Pep Squad . . . HENLEY, FRANCES MARIE, Birmingham, A8rS, ROTC Sponsor . . . HENTSCHEL, RUDOLPH H., Brooklyn, N. Y., Engineering, Alpha Sigma Phi . . . HERNDON, FRANK DAVID, JR., University, Commerce . . . HERRING, SARA FRANCES, Tuscaloosa, Commerce . . . HERRINGTON, ROBERT B., Birmingham, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . HERSHBERGER, MARTHA STEWART MILLER, Fairhope, Commerce, Treasurer, Alpha Gamma Delta. Bottom Row HICKS, THOMAS FRANKLIN, Birmingham, ARS, Chi Phi . . . HICKS, VIRGINIA ANN, Quinton, ASS, Alpha Chi Omega, YWCA . . . HIGGINS, FRANCIS NICHOLAS, Jackson Heights, N. Y., ASLS, Phi Delta Theta . . . HIGH, MARY LUCILE, Tuscaloosa, ASS, Alpha Phi, Westminster Fellowship, Alabama Symphony Orchestra . . . HILBURN, BETTY KAY, Plant City, Fla., Education, Wesley Foundation, Religious Council, Future Teachers of America, Elementary School Coun- cil, International Relations Club . , . HILL, ARTHUR FRANKLIN, Methuen, Mass., Commerce . . . HILL, BARBARA ANN, Tampa, Fla., Education, Kappa Delta Pi , , . HILL, KENNETH BASCON, Anniston, Commerce, Delta Chi. Henley Hentschel Herndon Herring Herrington Hershberger Higgins High Hillaurn Hill, A. Hill, B. H K an Qu. it Hartley Heller I X? 5 S . . .ii Qt it . W.. K4 ,W M.. Children of faculty members and students are guided in their Infant Laboratory cares for children between the ages of six play by students in the Nursery School, supervised by a teacher months and two years. Students observe and record all move- and a student assistant. Daily progress charts are sent to parents. ments of the children for later reference and further studies. Tl-IE SENIOR CLASS . . . UNIVERSITY HOUSEMOTHERS ERECTED PLAQUE HONORING MRS. JENNIE HOWARD BELOW Top Row HINES, IDA JANE, Decherd, Tenn., Education, Pi Beta Phi . . . HJORTH, EUGENE PAUL, Rosell, N. J., Engineering, Tau Beta Pi, Alpha Pi Mu, Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilon, St. Pat's Association, Treasurer, American Institute of Industrial Engi- neers, American Foundry Society, Foundry Educational Foun- dation, Officers Cadet Club, Armed Forces Communications Association . . . HOFFMAN, BILL W., Little Rock, Ark., ASQS, Sigma Chi, Press Club . . . HOFFMAN, DONALD, Dover, N. J., Commerce, Men's Glee Club, Pep Squad, Newman Club . . . HOGAN, ELWOOD LEON, Mobile, Commerce, Million Dollar Band, Alpha Kappa Psi . . . HOGGLE, BETTY JEAN, Tuscaloosa, Home Economics . . . HOLDER, TOM D., Stevenson, Engineering, American Institute of Electrical Engi- neering . . . HOLIFIELD, REESE MAXWELL, Heiberger, ASS. H s Hjorth Hoffman, B. Hoffman, D. Holifield Holland Holley Hollingsworth E stil!! Bottom Row HOLIFIELD, SARA OLETA, Heiberger, Education . . . HOLLAND, LYMAN FAITH, JR., Mobile, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha, Cadet Officers Club . . HOLLEY, VIRGINIA MOORE, Tuscaloosa, ASS, Delta Delta Delta, Pi Mu Epsilon . . HOLLINGSWORTH, CAREY FERGUSON, JR., Bessemer, Chem- istry, Phi Gamma Delta, Druids, Pershing Rifles, Quadrangle, Chairman, Men's Spirit Committee, Pep Squad, Cadet Officers Club . , , HOLLIS, WILLIAM WINSTON, Mobile, ASS, Sigma Chi, Pep Squad, Cadet Officers Club . . . HOLMES, JAMES D. J., Trinity, Commerce, Phi Kappa Sigma, Delta Sigma Pi, Alpha Phi Omega, Spirit Planning Committee, Men's Spirit Committee, Pep Squad, Secretary-Treasurer, Senior Class, School of Commerce, Rammer Jammer Staff . . . HOLMGREN, SEHON KAYE, Birmingham, Commerce, Delta Tau Delta, Com- merce Association, Corolla Beauty Ball Committee, Pep Squad, Men's Spirit Committee . . . HOLSTON, ARTHUR FRANK, Nanticoke, Md., ASS, Sports Editor, Crimson White, Sports Editor, Corolla, VVABP, Delta Sigma Phi, Publicity Director, Intramural Department, Press Club, Pep Squad, Sigma Delta Chi, Vice-President, Senior Class, School of ASS. Hogan Hoggle Holder Holifiel Hollis Holmes Holmgren Holston M-. r ' 'skis .Ly 4 , 1 3 . ., ,,., I, Q ....... I Ql.'. yyLfi PI! . f- . in .. I .... Dt I , 3... MJ, .. f sg d 1 x -L . .. ,,,., -f .. ' rg? --.. 531.3525 5 -4 - . .. gre'-.f't.f-.,'f., 4-mf. f..:. Hytken Ingram Jamerson Jannette Jean Jeglum -r p 5 if Hot Hood Hooper ' Horton I Huffstutler Huggins Hughes, J. Hughes, R. ABOVE Top Row HOLT, MARTHA LOUISE, Selma, Home Economics, Kappa Delta, Caroline Hunt Club, YWCA , . . HOOD, HELEN SULLIVAN, Montevallo, Home Economics . . . HOOPER, ELIZABETH M., Atlanta, Ga., Home Economics . . HORTON, GREER MACK, Alexander City, Commerce, Phi Delta Theta . . . HOUSE, THEODORE MICHAEL, Birmingham, ASS, Delta Sigma Phi, Press Club, Rammer Jammer Stall . . . HUDNELL, ARMSTEAD BRISTOWE, JR., Alexander City, A8QS, Sigma Nu, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Secretary-Treasurer, Air Cadet Officers Club, Wesley Foundation . . . HUDSON, LELAND L., Marion, A8.S . . . HUFFMAN, JAMES PAUL, Cordova, A84S. Bottom Row HUFFSTUTLER, JAMES KENO, Montgomery, Education, Al- pha Tau Omega, Varsity Baseball . HUGGINS, JANE MARIE, McKenzie, Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club, Wes- ley Foundation . . . HUGHES, JOSEPH PENNINGTON, Geneva, ABS, Kappa Sigma . , . HUGHES, ROBERICK T., Birmingham, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon , . . HUMPHREY, RICHARD CHEEK, Birmingham, Commerce, Phi Delta Theta, "A" Club, Pep Squad . . . HUMPIDGE, HERBERT McLIN, Savannah, Ga., Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta, President, SGA Legislature, President, Quadrangle, Phi Eta Sigma, Delta Sigma Pi, Secretary, Westminster Fellowship, University Re- ligious Council, Philos, Executive Council, Commerce Associa- tion, Omicron Delta Kappa, Who's Who . . . HUNT, VIRGINIA ELIZABETH, Columbiana, Education, Delta Zeta, International Relations Club . . . HYDE, DOROTHY, Birming- ham, Education, Alpha Chi Omega, Women's Spirit Commit- tee, YWCA. Itzkowitz Ivy, D. MW , nw JQIQ-Y House Hudnell Hudson Huffman Humphrey Humpidge Hunt Hyde BELOW Top Row HYTKEN, BARBARA JEANNE, Leland, Miss., Home Eco- nomics, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Hillel Foundation . . . INGRAM, LUCY GILBERT, Cloverdale, Education, Kappa Delta, Mortar Board, Canterbury Club, YWCA, Pep Squad . . . ITZKOWITZ, MARVIN, Brooklyn, N. Y., Education, Secretary, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Pi Mu Epsilon, Hillel Foundation, International Zionist Fed- eration ot America . . . IVY, DE RUGELEY, West Point, Miss., ABS, Alpha Gamma Delta . . . IVY, ROBERT EUGENE, Bir- mingham, Commerce, Delta Chi . . . JACKSON, VIRGINIA SUE, Paducah, Ky., A8rS, University Symphony Orchestra . . . JACOBS, HERMINE, Rosedale, Miss., Education, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Pan-hellenic Council, Women's Spirit Committee, Pep Squad, Hillel Foundation . . . JAEGER, HERBERT HARRY, Long Island, N. Y., Engineering, American Institute ot Indus- trial Engineers, American Foundry Society, Quadrangle, West, minster Fellowship, Alpha Pi Mu. Bottom Row JAMERSON, JOHN COTTRELL, West Point, Miss., A8tS, Sig- ma Chi, Intertraternity Council . . . JANNETTE, BILLIE RHEA, Birmingham, Home Economics, Delta Gamma, YWCA, Pep Squad . . . JEAN, DORVALYN, Delrose, Tenn., A8tS, Pep Squad, University Theatre . . . JEGLUM, JACK BOYLAN, Rehoboth, Del., Education, Blacktriars, National Collegiate Players . . . JEMISON, MIMS P., University, Commerce . . . JENNINGS, CARL A., JR., Hueytown, Commerce . . . JENNINGS, JO ANN, Tutwiler, Miss., Education, Chi Omega, Caroline Hunt Club, Wesley Foundation, YWCA JENNINGS, ROBERT EARL, Hueytown, Engineering. Jemison Jennings, C. Jennings, J. fthe ...., V x ,LZ E A tw .f I Am. Ivy, R. Jackson Jacobs Jaeger Jennings x - -' , , 4 sgX ,xi Courses in accounting at the University have been planned to Office Practice stimulates the non-litigation work of the law afford the basic training necessary for each of the accounting office. Clients appear and present legal problems which are re- applications and functions in this field of business endeavor. solved in the practical and legal sense by the office personnel. I-IE SENIOR CLASS . . . CONSTRUCTION OF NEW HOME MANAGEMENT HOUSE BEGAN IN DECEMBER BELOW Top Row Bottom Row JERNIGAN, WILLIAM CARL, Frisco City, Commerce, Phi Kappa Sigma . . . JOHNS, LEE ROY, Guin, ASS . , . JOHNSON, CARL G., Morehead, Ky., Engineering, Theta Xi, Varsity Track, "A" Club . . . JOHNSON, GARY STANTON, Jacksonville, Fla., A843 . . . JOHNSON, LLOYD H., Amarillo, Tex., Engineering, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . JOHNSON, WILBUR GEORGE, Dothan, ASQS, Pi Kappa Phi , . . JOHNSTON, JOHN GERDINE, seimp, Ass, Kappa Alpha . . . JOLLIT, SAM LANE, Opelika, Commerce. Jernigan Johns Johnson, C. Johnson, G. Jones, D. Jones, E. Jones, M. Jones, R. . reie is D it I i ' 'A L .." rc ' 9 s Lf? Rx' it i": f c215 7 1 fi Q . ...rri .. is i .3257 ijji, iv L. ,I . QW . W up fi' . 9 JONES, DONALD ROY, Birmingham, ABS, Pi Kappa Alpha, Alpha Phi Omega, Scabbard and Blade . . . JONES, EDWARD McCURDY, Opelika, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega, Commerce Association, Pep Squad . . . JONES, MARGARET ERWIN, Birmingham, Home Economics, Kappa Delta, Pep Squad . . . JONES, ROBERT HOYT, Anniston, ASS, President, Delta Tau Delta, WABP, Sigma Delta Chi, Scabbard and Blade, Press Club . . . JONES, SUSAN KATHRYN, Coral Gables, Fla., ASS, Alpha Gamma Delta, Pep Squad, YWCA, Canterbury Club . . . JONES, THEADORE BLISS, Florence, A8QS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . JONES, W. MIMS, Birming- ham, ABS, Canterbury Club, Men's Glee Club, Pep Squad . . . JORDAN, JOHN BRYANT, JR., Aliceville, Commerce, Kappa Alpha, Pep Squad, Commerce Association, Scabbard and Blade. Johnston Jollit Jones, W. Johnson, L. Jones, S. Johnson, W. Jones, T. Jordan , ., ,, . . .. . ' .i wef .. was . .,. ,,- . 4 . V' -.- . 75 pp is L . - -Aziz. 3: ,-Vk , TE, f I - M ...-, fgwvlfiili P p ip 3 ., ..f" W - 'me - -Q 4555? T... . Y f Kc. 5 , -rf... .rs Q 'S . Eh 3 -1.-, ' in--'-at fpizwfl-f fl .. ...'. O' - Urs' Stiff-.:z9 ' .QM ' , si. 15, .5'L":z' J' .. .... .. .. .... . 1... - . flifiiiiitiigge. 1 7 I V - 'SW " ':'F3f?s?a 'f ' f xl, Ki ': .23 , - - : ,V -- 'L V .r 3 i W Zi i T -N 8 F? :'.:: if 'fit . .. .,. . issv L -- we L ,,,,g..v,,.fjg,3. ,as up .-.. .L .Yi. 1. 5315 Q. 3 S is ai .', i:i': f A 3 J 4 A 'Z - 2: -,ffm , l ' 'ii Y 'iJWi2f5i .Y. ' f - 2, L ,f - issw w V ' fp r M , ' ff A .,'5 s1?,.Ai it w . . ,s f 4' mg ' J . . I X . -is 2 iw W if --M, i ii if x 1 3 W 9 A 2 M 3 1551 , ., . ,, . , pg, L. ,M .L ..,,,s,,.3 f A fa W. f 'A ., . .- 5 5, if 1 . ff '. . ..- : Kanonchoff Kanter, E. Kanter, P. Kantor Kearley Keating Keel, H. Keel, S. ABOVE Top Row KANONCHOFF, MICHAEL, Allison Park, Pa., Engineering, Phi Eta Sigma, Vice-President, Pi Tau Sigma, St. Pat's Associa- tion, American Society of Mechanical Engineers . . . KANTER, ELVIN, Tarrant, Commerce, Vice-President, Kappa Nu, Presi- dent, Rho Alpha Tau, I947, Most Outstanding Freshman, l948, Phi Eta Sigma, Druids, Varsity Debate Squad, Vice- President, Tau Kappa Alpha, l95I, Commerce Representative, SGA Legislature, Beta Alpha Psi . . . KANTER, PHILIP DAVID, Oneonta, A8tS, Kappa Nu, Scabbard and Blade, Pershing Rifles . . , KANTOR, PAUL, Birmingham, Commerce, Kappa Nu, Varsity Tennis Team, Pep Squad, Commerce Association, Hillel Foundation . . . KARRH, LORENE ELIZABETH, Carbon Hill, ASQS, Delta Zeta, German Club, Pep Squad, Baptist Student Union . I . KASAI, KENNETH D., New York, N. Y., Engineering, St. Pat's Association, Newman Club, American Institute of Industrial Engineers , . . KASSNER, JAMES LYLE, Tuscaloosa, Chemistry, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . KAUFMAN, SAM, Montgomery, A8rS, Sigma Alpha Mu, Debate Squad. Boffom Row KEARLEY, DAVID ARTHUR, Mobile, ASQS, Phi Eta Sigma . . , KEATING, JAMES STEPHEN, Fort Myers, Fla., Education, Million Dollar Band, University Symphony Orchestra . . , KEEL, HOLLIS CECIL, Jackson Gap, A8QS, Sigma Phi Sigma . . . KEEL, STELLA GRACE, Tuscaloosa, Education . . . KEELER, JOAN ELIZABETH, Springhill, Education . . . KEITH, CRAWFORD, Talladega, Engineering, Delta Sigma Phi, St, Pat's Association, American Society of Mechanical Engineers , , . KELLEY, BRECK, Slocomb, Commerce . . . KELLEY, LESTER HALL, Abbeville, Engineering. Kennedy Kerlin Kerr Keyser King J King, L. King, M. Kirkpatrick WV. . . . .. . ., ....,,.a..e...- , ' i KSA, f -':: 1 1 , ' , r s ' I .v.. vs fri 'r... , ,rr,- "i v . I' -"' ". l 'i" L '2l. I - 1 H5 gs we . R at Z" ti me 1 Sl- K , 1. .1 fa 7 ls 4-il 'L 2 ,Q ,ig :KW Karrh Kasai Kassner Kaufman Keeler Keith Kelley, B. Kelley, L. BELOW Top Row KENNEDY, MARY FRASER, Tuscaloosa, ASLS, Vice-President, Pi Beta Phi, Pep Squad, YWCA, Newman Club . . . KERLIN, WILEY COWART, Tuscaloosa, Education . . . KERR, GOLDIE JEAN, Knob Noster, Mo., Home Economics . , I KEYSER, CARL LEWIS, South Bend, Incl., Commerce, Alpha Sigma Phi . . . KILDRON, FREDERICK J., III, Birmingham, ASQS, Theta Chi, Cadet Officers Club , . . KILLIAN, CHARLES RUSSEL, Tuscaloosa, Engineering, Phi Sigma Kappa, Tau Beta Pi . . . KILLIAN, JIMMIE SUE, Fort Payne, Commerce, Triangle . . . KIMMEL, JEANNE ROSELLE, Omancock, Va., ASIS, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Hillel Foundation, Pep Squad, Alpha Kappa Delta, VVomen's Spirit Committee. Bottom Row KING, JACKSON E., Anniston, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . KING, LIDA, Kennett, Mo., Home Economics, Alpha Chi Omega . . . KING, MARY GENE, Tuscaloosa, ASQS, Alpha Phi, Baptist Student Union, Alpha Sigma Omega . . KIRKPATRICK, MRS. ERNESTINE C., Tuscaloosa, Education , , KISSEL, JAMES ELMER, Birmingham, Commerce, Sigma Chi , , . KLINEFELTER, JAMES LOUIS, Tuscaloosa, Law, Phi Kappa Sigma, Phi Alpha Theta . . . KNIGHT, CARLENE ERIC, Haleyville, Commerce, Pi Kappa Phi, Rho Alpha Tau , , . KNIGHT, JOSEPH EARL, Fairford, Engineering. Kildron Killian, C. Killian, J. Kimmel Kissel Klinefelter Knight, C. Knight, J. g T., -- 41 ' 2 -sv bi Q. , Il' S tr f 'ti i x Chemistry students are testing clay in order to determine its Glazes are applied to clay forms by spraying or dipping. possibilities for industrial uses. The tests results show the amount Glazing forms a glass coating making the work impermeable to of water needed to make it meet the specific purpose desired. liquids and gases: this layer enriches the beauty of the work. I-IE SERIIOR CLASS . . . ED SALEM WAS SELECTED BY ASSOCIATED PRESS FOR ALL-AMERICAN HONORS Top Row KOENIG, NATHAN RUSSELL, Bronx, N. Y., Engineering, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Treasurer, American Institute ot Mining and Metallurgical Engineers, St. Pat's Association, Vice-President, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Hillel Foundation, International Zion- ists Federation ot America, American Society ot Metals, American Foundryman's Society, Foundryman Scholarship . . . KROGGEL, WERNER GUSTAV, Elberta, Engineering, St. Pat's Association, American Society ot Mechanical Engineers . . . KROUT, HOMER LEE, Hopewell, Va., Commerce, Pi Kappa Phi, Jasons, Omicron Delta Kappa, Alpha Kappa Psi, Beta Alpha Psi, Phi Eta Sigma, Editor, Rammer Jammer, I9-49-I95O, Commerce Association, Crimson White, A Book, Board ot Publications, T949-50 . , . KULMAN, OSCAR DAVID, Atlanta, Ga., Commerce, Zeta Beta Tau, President Inter-traternity Council, I95I, Outstanding Representative, Inter-traternity Council, l95O, Pershing Ritles, Scabbard and Blade . , , LACKEY, PHILLIP RAY, Sylacauga, ABS, Sigma Delta Chi, Press Club, Scabbard and Blade . . , LaHAlNE, ERWIN CHARLES, Grand Rapid, Mich., Engineering, American Society ot Civil Engineers . . , LANDERS, BILLY JACK, Sylacauga, Commerce, Pep Squad . . . LANDERS, KNOX S., Montgom- ery, ABS. Koenig Kroggel Krout Kulman Landreth Landrum Lanford Langner BELOW Bottom Row LANDRETH, BETTY JEAN, Talladega, Education . , . LANDRUM, WILLIAM J., JR., Tuscaloosa, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . LANFORD, EDWARD DOUGLAS, Gads- den, Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta, Assistant Editor, Corolla, l95O, Cotillion Club, Alpha Kappa Psi, Executive Council, Commerce Association, Wesley Foundation . . LANGNER, EUGENE EARNEST, JR., Birmingham, Engineering, American Foundry Association . , . LAPIDUS, JEROME HENRY, Birming- ham, ABS, Zeta Beta Tau, Tennis Team . . , LAPIDUS, STANLEY FREDERICK, Birmingham, Commerce, Kappa Nu, Beta Alpha Psi . , . LARGIN, ARNOLD S., Birmingham, Engineering, St. Pat's Association, American Chemical Society , . . LARIMER, JAMES R., Birmingham, Commerce, Lambda Chi Alpha, Commerce Association. Lackey LaHaine Landers, B, Landers, K Lapidus, J. Lapidus, S. Largin Larimer 3. .1 -we ' y .. H' Laseter Lasseter Lathem Latture Leatherwood Lemos Lester Letson, K. ABOVE Top Row Licht Lovell Low LASETER, WILLIAM RAY, Montgomery, A8.S, Lambda Chi Alpha, American Chemical Society, Men's Glee Club . . , LASSETER, EDWARD L., Albertville, Education . , . LATHEM, STERLING PRATT, Birmingham, Engineering . , . LATTURE, ANN, Birmingham, ASS, Phi Mu . . . LATVEN, HENRY ALFRED, I-laverton, Pa., A845 . . . LAWHON, RUBY ERNESTIN, Hamilton, Education . . . LAWSON, FREDERICK DAY, Tusca- loosa, Commerce . . . LEACH, MARIANNE, Effingham, Ill., Education, Zeta Tau Alpha, Westminster Fellowship, Future Teachers of America, American Association of University Wo- men. Bottom Row LEATHERWOOD, JULIA ELISABETH, Tuscaloosa, A8.S, Kappa Delta . . . LEMOS, RAMON MARCELINO, Mobile, A8.S, Alpha Sigma Phi, Phi Eta Sigma . . . LESTER, HELEN ELIZABETH, Mobile, Home Economics, Delta Delta Delta, Swan Club, YWCA . . . LETSON, KENNETH N., Owens Cross Roads, A813 . . . LETSON, WALLACE NEIL, McCalla, A845 , . . LEVENSON, JAMES I., Birmingham, A8.S, Zeta Beta Tau . . . LEWIS, CALVERT DALE, Jacksonville, Fla., Com- merce, Sigma Chi, Track Team . . . LEWIS, ROBERT CLIFF, Dothan, Education. Litwln Lowery Livings Lowman Lisenby Q, . . if 3 Q A-if - I C J ' Si Q X W . I . - we it . N fi X f' x E Latven Lowhon Lawson Leach Letson, W. Levenson Lewis, C. Lewis, R. BELOW Top Row LICHT, ARLENE LOUISE, Lancaster, Pa., Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club . . . LISENBY, HORACE B., Dothan, Edu- cation, Wesley Foundation . . . LITWIN, MARTIN S., Jasper, ASS, Sigma Alpha Mu, Treasurer, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Pep Squad, Associate Student Affiliate, American Chemical So, ciety . . , LIVINGS, MELVIN JACKSON, JR., Troy, A85 . . . LIVINGSTON, LESLIE RAE, Atlanta, Ga., ASQS, Delta Gamma, WAPB . , . LOADER, JAY GORDON, Neptune City, N. J., Commerce, Phi Eta Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi, Million Dollar Band . . . LOCKE, MABEL VIRGINIA, Birmingham, ABS, President, Alpha Gamma Delta, Pep Squad, YWCA, Inter- national Relations Club . . . LOLLAR, MARGARET, Tusca- loosa, ASIS, Zeta Tau Alpha, YWCA, Pep Squad, Triangle. Bottom Row LOVELL, PATRICIA ANN, Opp, Education, Alpha Chi Omega, Kappa Delta Pi, YWCA, Pep Squad . . . LOW, WILLIAM LEWIS, Birmingham, Engineering, American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Pi Mu Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi, St. Pat's Council . . . LOWERY, CHARLIE FARIS, Wewahichka, Fla., Commerce . . . LOWMAN, JOSEPH ALLEN, Birmingham, ASQS, Kappa Alpha . . , LOY, WILLIAM MASON, Birmingham, Commerce, Vice-President, Chi Phi, Delta Sigma Pi, Scabbard and Blade, Distinguished Military Students, Blackfriars . . . LUCKIE, CARRIE PEARLE, Selma, Home Economics, Kappa Delta, Caroline Hunt Club, Pep Squad . . . LUKENS, JOAN CAROL, Birmingham, A8.S, Delta Delta Delta, Westminster Fellowship Council . . . LUM, JAMES GALLAGHER, Jasper, ASS, Phi Delta Theta. Louder Livingston Loy Luckie 13. X. , Locke Lollar Lukens Lum fx A 'i af! . -N sm. uw Lyon Lyons t Ma rks, M. This basic course in clothing teaches the students ta operate the sewing machine while working on class problems, these in- clude the construction of dresses, blouses, and other garments. K fy In Home Furnishings, offered in the School of Home Eco nomics, the student learns principles in interior decorations through the creation of slip covers and draperies for the home Tl-IE SENIOR CLASS . . . GEN. WILLIAM CRAWFORD GORGAS ELECTED TO HALL OF FAME IN WASHINGTON Top Row LYON, JOHN A., JR., Atlanta, Ga., Commerce, Sigma Nu, Beta Alpha Psi, Cadet Officers Club . , . LYONS, CHARLES ERNEST, Ft. Payne, Engineering, Alpha Tau Omega, Wesley Foundation, Cadet Officers Club, YMCA, St. Pat's Association . . . MADDOX, SARAH ANN, Sheffield, Education, Swan Club . . . MALLORY, FRANCES ALMA, Anniston, Home Eco- nomics, Kappa Delta, YWCA . . . MANAK, FREDERICK WILLIAM, Franklin, N. J., Engineering . . . MANN, EARL S., JR., Birmingham, Commerce, Theta Chi, G-lee Club, Philos . . . MANNARINO, VINCENT JAMES, Bayonne, N. J., Engi- neering, Newman Club, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, St. Pat's Association . . . MAPLES, JOHN C., Cromwell, Ky., Engineering, Chi Epsilon, American Society of Civil Engineers, St. Pat's Association. Maddox Mallory Marks, M. D. Marshall 1 'lu is-f 'SX 'iii . -we : . M ... 3 ,,,,,.. . K 'ew- BELOW Botfom Row MARITZKY, DORACE, I-lomer, La., A84S, Vice-President, Alpha Epsilon Phi, NNomen's Spirit Committee, Hillel Founda- tion, Corolla Staff . . . MARKS, MARC, Sharon, Pa., Com- merce, Zeta Beta Tau, SOA, Assistant Editor, Crimson-White, WABP, Interfraternity Council . . . MARKS, MORTIMER D., Bayonne, N. J., Engineering, Phi Eta Sigma, Gamma Alpha Rho, Institute of Aeronautical Sciences . . . MARSHALL, BETTY LYNN, Little Rock, Ark., A815 . . . MARTIN, EARL R., Birming- ham, Education, Delta Chi, Baseball Team . . . MARTIN, JOHN COUNCIL, Clayton, ASQS, Lambda Chi Alpha, Inter- fraternity Council, Rifle Team . . . MARTIN, LUCILE WEST, Clayton, Education, Kappa Delta, YWCA , . . MARTY, CECIL J., Amityville, N. Y., Engineering, American Institute of Mechanical Engineers, Newman Club, St. Pat's Association. ..r Manak Mann Mannarino Maples Martin, E. Martin, J. Martin, L. Marty , 122- 1- -.- . ,-.- f I . if E M .-if . s. - X . . .,,i ' . f Ta.- . .Q-.,. be . W 'W ' gi I 1 MI tr sm Ki .. 12' - ... ii' I 'iril f A. yyt, t lt, il ' l 'I' ,.,, we 'ts- ., ..,... .2 lm! I E 9 S fig f 1 We i if 'L . , Y 2 l, S 55 Massengill Mason Mathews Maxwell May Mayo Meador Meadows Medders Meeks Meigs Mentz Messer Metcalfe Metzger Michael ABOVE BELOW Top Row Top Row MASSENGILL, ELIZABETH ANN, New York City, N. Y., Home Economics, Zeta Tau Alpha, Pep Squad, Caroline Hunt Club . , , MASON, WILLIAM L., Meridian, Miss., Engineering, Kappa Alpha, Scabbard and Blade, Pep Squad, St. Pat's Association, American Institute ot Mechanical Engineers . , . MATHEWS, BYRON CLIFFORD, Birmingham, Commerce, Vice- President, Phi Kappa Sigma, Distinguished Military Student , , . MAXWELL, JULIA BELL, Northport, Education, Chi Omega . . . MAY, WALTER T., JR., Mobile, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . MAYO, ROBERT DAVID, West Palm Beach, Fla., Commerce, Delta Tau Delta, Commerce Association . . . MEADOR, MARGY FOSTER, Faunsdale, Home Economics, Delta Delta Delta , . . MEADOWS, ROSEMARY MAUREEN, Tallassee, Education, Pi Tau Chi, Wesley Foundation. Bottom Row MEDDERS, VIRGINIA L., Fairfax, Education, Phi Upsilon Omicron , . , MEEKS, JULIUS PAUL, JR., Birmingham, Com- merce, Delta Tau Delta . . . MEIGS, JANE ADELAIDE, At- lanta, Ga., ABS, Alpha Sigma Omega . . , MENTZ, PHILIP SHERWOOD, Tuscaloosa, Engineering, Newman Club, Ameri- can lnstitute ot Industrial Engineers, St. Pat's Association . . . MESSER, EDMOND D., Meridian, Miss., Engineering, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Theta Tau, Phi Eta Sigma, American Institute ot Electrical Engineers, St. Pat's Association, Wesley Foundation, Pep Squad . . . METCALFE, CHARLES TALLMAN, Birming- ham, A845 , . . METZGER, SIDNEY H., Selma, Chemistry, Zeta Beta Tau, Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilon, Gamma Sigma Epsilon . . . MICHAEL, THOMAS CALVIN, Mobile, ABS, Alpha Sigma Phi, WABP. Michel Miller Miichell, C. Mitchell, F. Moon Moore, B. Moore, D. Moore, E. J. E Quin. MICHEL, FRANK, Long Island City, N. Y., Engineering, American Institute of Mechanical Engineers, Pi Tau Sigma, St. Pat's Association . , . MILLER, ROBERT D., Tuscaloosa, ABS, Sigma Delta Chi, Press Club . , . MITCHELL, CHARLES REESE, Tuscumbia, Commerce, President, Delta Chi, Vice- President, Scabbard and Blade, Secretary, lntertraternity Council, Spirit Planning Committee, Homecoming Committee, Step Singing Chairman . , . MITCHELL, FANNY, Mobile, Commerce, Beta Gamma Sigma, Mortar Board, Phi Chi Theta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Triangle, SGA Legislature, I949, Philos, Hillel Foundation, Commerce Executive Council, Phi Chi Theta Scholarship Key , . . MITCHELL, HELEN ELIZABETH, Fyfte, Home Economics . . . MITCHELL, JAMES STUART, JR., Phenix City, ASQS, Secretary, Theta Chi , . . MITCHELL, MAXIE TOLBERT, Northport, A845 . . . MITCHELL, WALTER BURT, Mobile, ABS, Zeta Beta Tau, Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Pi Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilon, Pershing Rifles, Phi Beta Kappa. Bottom Row MOON, DOT, Wedowee, Education, Cheer Leader . . . MOORE, BEN NEIL, Haleyville, Education, AIA, Alpha Phi Omega . . . MOORE, DAVID S., Birmingham, ABS, Delta Chi . . . MOORE, E. JONES, Birmingham, ABS, Delta Chi, Jasons, Druids, SGA Legislature, Rho Alpha Tau, Phi Eta Sigma, YMCA, Quadrangle, Alpha Epsilon Delta . . . MOORE, EARL NIX, Luverne, Commerce . . . MOORE, HARRIANNE, Birmingham, ASQS, Alpha Delta Pi, American Association ot University Women, Alpha Lambda Delta, YWCA . . . MOORE, ROBERT LEE, JR., Pulaski, Va., Commerce . . . MOORER, HENRY DERRELL, Tuscaloosa, Engineering, Phi Delta Theta. Mitchell, H. Moore, E. N. Mitchell, J. Mitchell, M. Mitchell, W. Moore, H. Moore, R. Moorer Students specializing in geology study general geology, min- eralogy for engineering, rock study, and economic geology. Lab- oratory work is essential for analysis of the earth's materials. The need for more advanced equipment is ever the sign of ci growing University. Here, a student and a physics faculty mem- ber check the electrical connections of a mass spectrometer. Tl-IE SENIOR CLASS . . . Moose Munn UNIVERSITY EXTENSION CENTERS REPORTED TOTAL ENROLLMENT OF 3,176 BELOW Top Row MOOSE, JAKE B., Pensacola, Fla,, Engineering, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, American Society ot Chemical Engineers . . . MORGAN, CHARLES, JR., Birmingham, Commerce, Delta Tau Delta, Chairman l95O, Homecoming Committee, Vice-Chain man, Spirit Planning Committee, l949, Coordinator, I949 SGA, Cotillion Club, Pep Squad, Canterbury Club, Intertra- ternity Club, Commerce Association, I949 Bama Day Com- mittee, I949 Homecoming Committee, IRC, Who's Who . . . MORGAN, NELDA MARIE, Georgiana, Education, Delta Gam- ma, YWCA, Wesley Foundation . . . MORRIS, EMORY WILLIAM, Elkins, W. Va., Engineering, Theta Chi, Armed Forces Communication Association, Institute ot Electrical En- gineers, Theta Tau . . . MORRISON, ELIZABETH BRUCE, Trussville, Education, Alpha Phi, Zeta Phi Eta, Kappa Delta Pi, Wesley Foundation, Women Spirit Committee, French Club, Panhellenic, Pep Squad , . . MORROW, W. TAYLOR, Ralph, Education . . . MOSELEY, ROBIE LEE, Sylacauga, ASS, Kappa Kappa Gamma, YWCA, Alpha Kappa Delta . . . MULLEN, RICHARD HARDING, Wynnewood, Pa., Commerce. Morgan, C. Morgan, N. Morris Murphy Murray McCarley Bottom Row MUNN, FRANK OLDHAM, Birmingham, ASIS, Phi Gamma Delta . . , MURPHY, MARY R., Centreville, ASIS, Baptist Stu-- dent Union . . , MURRAY, PATRICK THOMPSON, Ivliami, Fla., Commerce, Kappa Sigma . . . McCARLEY, REBECCA ANNE, Guntovvn, Miss., Education, Phi Mu, Wesley Foundation , . . MCCLELLAN, WILLIAM E., Springville, Commerce, Kappa Sig- ma , . . MCCLUSKY, LONNIE NEWTON, Toney, Engineering, Alpha Tau Omega, St. Pat's Association, Theta Tau, American Institute ot Electrical Engineers . , . McCOLLUM, EDGAR PATTON, Birmingham, ASQS, President, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Druids . . . MCCRACKEN, HENRY M., Aliceville, Engineer- ing, Tau Beta Pi, Theta Tau, American Society ot Civil Engi- neers, Society ot American lvlilitary Engineers, St. Pat's Council, ROTC Otticers Club. Morrison Morrow Moseley Mullen McClellan McClusky McCollum McCracken fx F 3 Ye' Y. 5, Q' K J IID li rt f 1-'S if- 55 ' . Q ti' . Q 'B . ff, Z, . . gf. McCrory McCullough McDaniel McDermott, J. R. McDermott, J. J. McDonald McElroy McGee McGill McGinnis McGowan McGowin McGraw McKaig ABOVE BELOW Top Row Top Row MCCRORY, MAMIE LOU, Butler Springs, Education, YWCA, Baptist Student Union , . , MCCULLOUGH, MARY CHLOE, Birmingham, A815 . . . McDANIEL, PATSY ANNETTE, Atlanta, Ga., ASS, Phi Mu , . , McDERMOTT, JOE RICHARD, Birmingf ham, A818 . . McDERMOTT, JOHN J., Beltord, N. J., Engi- neering, American Society of Chemical Engineers, Newman Club, St. Pat's Association, AIA . . . MCDONALD, HARRIET, El Paso, Texas, Home Economics, Zeta Tau Alpha, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Caroline Hunt Club, Junior American Association of University Women . , . McELROY, DAVID LOUIS, Fairfield, Chemistry, Kappa Alpha, Treasurer, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Pep Squad . . . MCGAULY, CATHERINE, Pensacola, Fla., ASKS, Pi Beta Phi, WABP, Westminster Fellowship. Bottom Row MCGEE, HARRY R., Tuscaloosa, A815 . . . McGILL, FRANCIS BUTLER, JR., Mobile, Law . . , MCGINNIS, ALBERT, Birming- ham, Education , . . MCGOWAN, MARY ELIZABETH, Foley, ABS, Delta Gamma, Wesley Foundation, YWCA . . . MCGOWIN, CLAUDE MASTIN, Greenville, Education, Delta Kappa Epsilon . , . MCGRAW, EDWARD NASH, Mobile, Chemistry, Phi Kappa Sigma, American Chemical Society, Pasteur Society . . . McKAIG, JANICE KING, Maxwell Air Force Base, ABS, President, Pi Beta Phi, Panhellenic, WSGA, Canterbury Club, Pep Squad, YWCA, ROTC Sponsor, I949 . . . MCKENZIE, MARY LEMERLE, Tallahassee, Fla., ABS, Phi Mu. MCKIMMON, CHARLES, JR., Fairfield, ASQS, Sigma Nu . . . MCKINNEY, MILTON, Montgomery, Engineering, Sigma Nu , . . MCKNIGHT, CAROLYN, Crawtordsville, Ark., Home Economics, President, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Senior Triangle, President, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Mortar Board, Who's Who . . . McLEOD, NORMAN FRANCIS, Tuscaloosa, Engineering, Theta Tau, American Institute ot Chemical Engineers . . . MCLEOD, THOMAS EDMOND, Tuscaloosa, Commerce, Beta Alpha Psi . . McMILLAN, SAM MARTIN, Mobile, A8.S . . . McMULLIN, CHARLES JAMES, Birmingham, A81S, Delta Kappa Epsilon , , . McNALLY, ROBERT NORWOOD, Allendale, N. J., Chemistry. Bottom Row McRAE, ROBERT EUGENE, Rockmart, Ga., Engineering, Jasons, SGA Legislature, Theta Tau, Phi Mu Epsilon, Who's Who . . . MCWHORTER, ROBERT DALE, Gaylesville, Com- merce, Phi Gamma Delta , . . MCWILLIAMS, JOHN WILLIAM, JR., Birmingham, Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta . . . NABORS, JIMMY THURSTON, Sylacauga, Commerce, Delta Tau Delta, Commerce Association, Pep Squad, Wesley Foundation . . . NABORS, MARJEAN, Birmingham, Home Economics, Triangle, Vice-President, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Vice-President, WSGA, Board ot Directors, WSGA, Wesley Foundation, Philos, Who's Who , . . NALL, MARY BELLE, Greenville, ASS, Delta Delta Delta . . . NAPIER, STANLEY LYONS, New York City, N. Y., ABS, Phi Kappa Sigma . . . NASS, WILLIAM HANS, War- rington, Fla., ABS, Sigma Pi Sigma. McGauly McKenzie McKimmon McKinney McKnight McLeod, N. McLeod, T. McMillan McMuIIin McNally McRae McWhorter McWilliams Nabors, J. Nabors, M. Nall Napier Nass .BQ s Ag 2 3? - .g- F , av M Q , A. .L,V ir , , K f .,,il ,I ,. K ,., . .IZ 5 . ,J tr, - J B F r s ,, s , r, J if I , I 4 , 3 . ' s A . , "SP-x sl, as : LV 'Hs In the physics laboratories students get first-hand information about the laws of physics. The new Physics building has indi- vidual, well-equipped laboratories which offer visual service. X it ,hp- Modern equipment and precise instruments enable students to measure the expansion of gases and solids and the specific heats of metals and liquids with accuracy as the main objective. Tl-IE SENIOR CLASS . . . WUOA-FM CELEBRATED FIRST ANNIVERSARY AS ALABAMA EDUCATIONAL STATION BELOW Top Row NELSON, JAMES BALDWIN, Mobile, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega . . , NELSON, JOE FRANK, Newton, A8.S, Lambda Chi Alpha, Pep Squad, Scabbard and Blade, YMCA, Baptist Student Union . . , NELSON, NORMA LEE, Wyatt, Mo., ASQS, Wesley Foundation . . . NEWMAN, JOHN HAYNES, Bir- mingham, ABS, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . NEWSOM, CHARLES HENDERSON, Montgomery, Engineering, "A" Club, Baptist Student Union, American Society ot Mechanical Engineers . NEWSOME, JAMES L., Phenix City, Education, Delta Chi, Varsity Baseball, Industrial Arts Association , . . NIEMCZAK, ANTHONY J., Birmingham, Engineering, Theta Tau, American Society ot Civil Engineers NIPPERT, ALBERT, JR., Birmingham, Commerce. Nelson, J. B. Nelson, J. F. Nelson, N. Newman Noble Noel Noland Norman r fr ,,,,.,1f- I " " - 123.5-. it-'Q "ae -mf EVA' Bottom Row NOBLE, MARY TERRY, Richmond, Va., Education, Pi Beta Phi, YWCA, Women's Spirit Committee, Westminster Fellow- ship . . , NOEL, MARGARET L., Birmingham, Home Economics, Phi Mu . . . NOLAND, JUNE, Tuscaloosa, Chemistry, Ameri- can Chemical Society . . . NORMAN, MARION, Birmingham, Home Economics, Alpha Xi Delta, Million Dollar Band . . . NORRIS, HUBERT LEE, JR., Birmingham, Commerce, Lambda Chi Alpha, Pep Squad , . NORWOOD, DONALD L., Broken Bow, Olqla., Commerce . . . NORWOOD, SARAH FRANCES, Birmingham, Wesley Foundation . . . NULL, FRANCIS CLYDE, Demopolis, ASQS, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Alchemist Society, Sigma Pi Sigma, Canterbury Club, Cadet Otticers Club, American Chemical Society. Newsom Norris Norwood, D. Norwood, S. Null Newsome Niemczak Nippert y in an res xl vs . x I . , I 1': fr - gz- ff . , f ' . 5 if , ,,,--: ,. V is , ,A.A1 K ..:K,, . sw, A . VT , ,my 6 1,242 vc fl ' 1 I , I WF I' 1!"' ,. 1 6 I l Oakley O'Hara Oliver Opalak Oswald Overstreet Owens Pafford Page Pailet Palmer, G. Palmer, H. Palumbo Paprocki Pardue Parker, D ABOVE BELOW Top Row Top Row OAKLEY, ELOISE, Columbia, A8QS, Alpha Delta Pi, Junior PARKER, JUDY: SYIOCCIUQO: A551 Kappa Kappa Gamma American Association of University Women, Pep Squad , . , I . , PARKS, HAROLD E-: Statesville, N- C-1 A8152 Lambda O'HARA, THOMAS NORMAN, Yonkers, N. Y., A8lS . , , Chi Alpha . . . PARSONS, MARTHA JANET, Centre, Home OLIVER, SAMUEL J., Montgomery, ASQS, Delta Chi, Pep Squad, Economics, Caroline Hunt Club, Wesley Foundation, Spanish Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Delta . . . OPALAK, ANN, Club . . . PARSONS, RHONWYN ANNETTE, Mobile, Educa- Waterbury, Conn., A84S, Alpha Lambda Delta, Canterbury tion, Delta Gamma: YWCA: P910 SCIUCKI V - - PARTI-OW, Club, French Club, Spanish Club, Intramural Debate . . . RUFU5 C-7 Tuscaloosa, A3151 Delta KOPIOG Epsilon - - - OSWALD, SUE THERESA, Atlanta, Ga., A8iS, Pi Beta Phi, PASS, REX QUILLIAN, Birmingham, Commerce, Lambda Chi YWCA . . . OVERSTREET, DONALD CLYDE, Flatwood, A8rS, Alpha, Pershing Rifles, Treasurer, Commerce Association . . . President, Theta Chi, Associate Sigma Pi Sigma , . . OWENS, PASSMORE, PATRICIA GENE, Birmingham, Education, Alpha LUTHER B., Empire, Engineering, Pi Kappa Phi , . . PAFFORD, Chi Omega, Pi Tau Chi, Kappa Delta Pi, Wesley Foundation, MARY SUE, Daytona Beach, Fla., A84S, President, Zeta Tau Olee Club, Pep Squad . . . PATTERSON, CLYDE FRANKLIN, Alpha, Philos. Dothan, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. Bottom Row Bottom Row PATTERSON, MAURICE WOODROW, Phenix City, Commerce, PAGE, FRANCES, Pensacola, Fla., Home Economics, Kappa Alpha Tau Omega, Spirit Committee . . A PATTERSON, Delta . , . PAILET, TED, New Orleans, La., Commerce, Vice- PATRICIA A., Decatur, ASS, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Pep Squad, President, Zeta Beta Tau . . . PALMER, GILBERT S., Birming- Alpha Kappa Delta, Women's Spirit Committee . . . PATTON, ham, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pep Squad, Commerce BETTY ANNE, Northport, Education . . . PAUL, THOMAS Association . . PALMER, HARRISON ROWE, Birmingham, LEROY, Birmingham, A8LS, Lambda Chi Alpha, Alpha Epsilon ASQS . . . PALUMBO, SAMUEL CHARLES, Birmingham, Com- Rho . , . PEACOCK, JEANETTE, Atmore, Home Economics, merce, Newman Club, Pep Squad, Commerce Association . . . YWCA . . . PEARSALL, GIL B. JR., Montgomery, A8rS, Pi PAPROCKI, GEORGE MICHAEL, Bridgeport, Conn., A8QS,Alpha Kappa Alpha, lntertraternity Council, Pep Squad . . , Epsilon Pi, French Club, Newman Club, Inter-Faith Council, PEARSON, MILTON WINTERS, Pritchard, Education, Phi Kappa Hillel Foundation . . . PARDUE, WILLIAM OSCAR, Birming- Sigma, Million Dollar Band . . . PEEPLES, JAMES CALVIN, ham, A815 . . PARKER, DAVID O., Tuscaloosa, Commerce, Talladega, Commerce, Beta Alpha Psi, Vice-President, Senior Alpha Tau Omega. Class, Commerce School. Parker, J. Parks Parsons, M. Parsons, R. Partlow Pass Passmore Patterson, C Patterson, M. Patterson, P. Patton Paul Peacock Pearsall Pearson Peeples sez: ,gg ,Gt 5 my Lim GI in 4 N i A N . . V I . I 2 Piyfw Xt .11 M U g ,Ir ,I f I g x I . F- .,i, iiil I ' I LTV r X I ,:,f:2f1,: . ' . ,. ., , , , . .. . Ceramics affords the student laboratories to work on various creative objects. The department offers a bachelor degree as well as graduate work with qualified guidance in this field. Work on class problems gives the student practical experience in the processing of Ceramic art. With this background, one may quality lor studio or production work upon receiving a degree. THESSENIOR CLASS . .. FRUIT BASKET WAS ADDED AS REPLACE Top Row PERKINS, NATHANIEL F., Bessemer, ASS, Pi Kappa Alpha, Pep Squad, Men's Glee Club , . PERKINS, VANN, Birming- ham, Commerce, Phi Delta Theta . , . PERRY, LOUIS WILLIAM, Birmingham, ASS, Alpha Tau Omega . PETCHER, FRANK URMEY, Pritchard, Engineering, Pi Tau Sigma, American So- ciety ot Mechanical Engineers, Tau Beta Pi . . PETERSEN, CAROLINE PAT, Knoxville, Tenn., Home Economics, Kappa Delta, YWCA, St. Pat's Queen, l95O . . PETTY, HOWARD P., Chattanooga, Tenn., ASQS, Pi Kappa Alpha . PHILLIPS, BALLARD CARL, Samson, A815 . . PHILLIPS, WILLIAM A., Huntsville, Education. Perkins, N. Perkins, V. Perry Petcher Pickens Pierson Pietsch Pilati x Q, -5 em y mr lk rm. . ,H P ,,,'., f P' Q ar 'Ii I . I' Q wut '-3k""'e Q, V my . I . . 1 ' - ' - gs, , V , ,,, . . tv. Ms, ' i at MENT FOR MODERN MAN MURAL IN SUPE BELOW Boffom Row PICKENS, GENE COLE, Mount Hope, Engineering . PIERSON, JULIAN A., JR., Montgomery, ASQS, Delta Tau Delta, WABP, Cadet Otticers Club, Pep Squad, Baptist Student Union . . PIETSCH, PATRICIA ADELAIDE, Tuscaloosa, ASS, Pi Beta Phi, YWCA, Newman Club , . PILATI, KARL HENRY, Northporl, N. Y., ASS . , . PINTCHUCK, ROSE THERESE Atlanta, Oa., ASS, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Blacktriars, Hillel Foun dation, Miss WABP, I95O, Corolla Statt , . PITTMAN WILLIAM W., Dothan, ASS, Sigma Delta Chi, Press Club PIZITZ, NORMAN LEE, Huntsville, Commerce, Kappa Nu, Pep Squad, Commerce Association . PLASTER, HOLLIE, JR., Huntsville, ASIS, Theta Xi, WABP, Press Club, Pep Squad. I 1 ,NV Petersen Petty Phillips, B. Phillips, W Pintchuck Pittman Pizitz Plaster ' f M . T' ,gf . H ' ai ' QB Q , , , 4' 'P' iw x . - 2 ' A . -f W. if ...M fr..-'+ ef- fs: A, W at A .li" I .L iii 'M , v, .X if Qty, is Q it A 1 ,W an 'T 'H ,, . . 'K M . ' ""-wr.-41, .-f- - t .M ' 1: , if , mum. K ll ,. I. ,, Iii I . Pollard Price, B. Purvis Rassel 'lib Q. t fi' 5 ' i ff, g i' Ni f ggi l Poole, J. Poole, R. Powell Price, F. Price, H. Price, T. ABOVE Top Row POLLARD, JACK RICHARD, Roanoke, Va., Engineering, President, Phi Kappa Sigma, President, Alpha Pi Mu, Quad- rangle, Druids, Theta Tau, Alpha Phi Omega, St. Pat's Execu- tive Council . . . POOLE, JOSEPH H., Dothan, ABS, Gamma Delta, Cadet Officers Club, Press Club . . . POOLE, RUFUS EDWARD, Greenville, A8tS, Sigma Nu, American Chemical Society . , . POWELL, TOM S., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., ASQS, Chi Phi , , . PRADAT, RAY WILLIAM, University, Commerce, Sigma Chi . , . PREIS, JEROME HOLLAND, Elmhurst, N. Y., Commerce, Alpha Epsilon Pi . . . PRESCOTT, EDNA EARLE, Bessemer, Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club . , . PRESTWOOD, ALVIN TENNYSON, Tennille, ABS, Kappa Sig- ma, Rho Alpha Tau, Cadet Officers Club. Bottom Row PRICE, BETTY JAYONN, Garden City, Education, Alpha Xi Delta, Wesley Foundation, Swan Club, Women's Sport Coun- cil, Women's Spirit Committee, Pep Squad . . . PRICE, FRANCES LOUISE, Gadsden, A8rS, Delta Delta Delta, YWCA, Panhellenic Council, Pep Squad . . . PRICE, HAROLD, Ethel, Miss., A845 . . , PRICE, THOMAS JOSEPH, Corinth, N. Y., Engineering, Phi Sigma Kappa, Alpha Pi Mu, American Insti- tute of Industrial Engineers, American Foundrymen's Society, St. Pat's Association, Tau Beta Pi . . . PRIESTER, WILLIE CLAUDE, A8.S, Delta Sigma Phi , . . PRIMM, CAROLYN, Meridian, Miss., Education, Chi Omega, YWCA . . . PRITCHETT, WILLIAM BRITT, Decatur, Ga., Commerce, Kappa Sigma , . . PROPST, MARGARET EMILY, Fayette, Education, Kappa Delta. Putman Ragland Raming, P. Ras! Ratliff, J. K. Ratliff, J. M. -fx JR l Prad at Preis Prescott Presiwood Priester Primm Pritchett Propst BELOW Top Row PURVIS, DONALD LESLIE, Palm Beach, Fla., Commerce, Delta Tau Delta, Commerce Association . . . PUTMAN, PAUL, Tuscaloosa, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha, Million Dollar Band . , RAGLAND, JAMES DENVER, Selma, Commerce, Delta Chi , . , RAMING, PEGGY FRANKLIN, Birmingham, Home Economics . . . RAMING, RICHARD, Birmingham, Commerce . . . RAMSEY, WILLIAM MILTON, Meridian, Miss., A815 , . . RANCK, PEGGY MAE, Pulaski, Tenn., Home Economics, Zeta Tau Alpha, Junior American Association of University Women, Pep Squad, YWCA . , . RANDOLPH, GILBERT EARL, Win- field, Commerce. Bottom Row RASSEL, HAROLD JOHN, Chicago, Ill., Commerce . RAST, JAMES EDWARD, Birmingham, Commerce . . . RATLIFF, JAMES K. V., Birmingham, A8QS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pep Squad, YMCA , . , RATLIFF, JERRY MARTIN, Birmingham, Commerce . . . RAYFIELD, ROBERT S., Weogufka, Commerce, Delta Chi . . . REAGAN, TOMMY E., Tuscaloosa, A8tS, Chi Omega, Alpha Kappa Delta, YWCA . . . REED, JOHN CARL, Cordova, Education . , . REED, NATHANIEL E., Coatopa, Education, Phi Delta Kappa, Kappa Delta Pi, Future Teachers of America, Wesley Foundation. Raming, R. Ramsey Ranclr Randolph Rayfield Reagan Reed, J. Reed, N 'G ,,,,f..,f F, A M. lfif-"'? I Y ' 1 3 A :S v XSS-.x f' -., J . if J' ' -or ' A my vf E '53, In the central machine room adding and calculating machines Advanced Business typewriting emphasizes speed in production are provided to assist students in working their classroom assign- work through the improvement of basic technique, special letter ments ancl familiarize them with their future professional tools. problems, statistical typing, business form and stencil cutting Reeder Reynolds, R. E SENIOR CLASS . . . DEAN IONA BERRY RESIGNED AS DEAN OF WOMEN IN PURSUIT OF PH. D. Top Row REEDER, JAMES LENDON, Arab, ASS, Vice-President, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Pershing Rifles, Interfraternity Council . . , REEVES, FRANCES MAE, Columbus, Ga., Com- merce, Treasurer, Alpha Gamma Delta, Phi Chi Theta, Com- merce Association . , . REEVES, ROBERT GIBSON, Oakland, Calif., ASS, Alpha Tau Omega . . REEVES, WALTER C., JR., University, Commerce, President, Newman Club , , , REID, GERALDINE, Oneonta, Education, Zeta Tau Alpha, Vice-Presi- dent, Junior American Association of University Women, Future Teachers of America, Pep Squad . . . RENFROE, JOYCE, Troy, Home Economics, Phi Upsilon Omicron . . RESTER, SHIRLEY LAINE, Mobile, ASS, Chi Omega, YWCA, Pep Squad . . . REYNOLDS, HARRY J., Tuscaloosa, Chemistry, Newman Club, Chi Beta Chi, President, Alchemist Club. Reeves, F. Rhea Rice Reeves, W. Richardson Reeves, R. ' 1f,i I 3' . if B ,Il ya 2, - , BELOW Bottom Row REYNOLDS, RICHARD DAVID, Clanton, ASS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . , . RHEA, NANCY MAE, Mobile, ASS, President, Delta Delta Delta, Triangle . . . RICE, MARY ANN, Jackson, Tenn., ASS, Delta Gamma, YWCA, University Theater . . . RICHARDSON, MARTHA ELLEN, Tuscaloosa, Education, Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Sigma Omega . . . RIGGAN, DORIS, Bir- mingham, ASS, Alpha Chi Omega, Wesley Choir, Vocal Ensemble, YWCA, Pep Squad, Women's Spirit Committee . . . RILEY, SARA, Lineville, Education, Alpha Chi Omega, President, Wome-n's Spirit Committee, YWCA, Wesley Foundation . . RING, BARBARA VIDA, Houston, Texas, ASS , . . RITCH, BARBARA ELLIS, Dothan, ASS, Kappa Delta, Rammer Jammer Staff. Reid Renfroe Resier Rey olds l' Riggan Riley Ring Rltch ,:'l V . ., K ix A L 5. LV V31 2 1 , 75 , ki , 5' . Q 3, 2, g ifts- is , kg' X s -'- is 1 I ' x K ., I ,igxhi Ziff? .T ,,.., is 2 FIS ? 'film , I .-.- - SW V ii I' ii' . .il Q 5 w Q . '- 1 -- 51 ,, :ire . 4 , 3' Roach Roberson Roberts Robertson Rogers Romero Rose Rosenbaum ABOVE Top Row ROACH, JAMES, Chicago, Ill., Engineering . . . ROBERSON, HOSMER WARR, Trussville, Education, Pi Kappa Alpha, Million Dollar Band, Pershing Rifles, Debate Squad . . . ROBERTS, HUNTER H., Evergreen, Chemistry, SGA Representative, Presi- dent, American Ceramic Society, Alchemist Club, Chi Beta Chi, Chemistry Professional Fraternity . . . ROBERTSON, BETTY J., Birmingham, Home Economics . . . ROBINSON, JOEL PATRICK, Dora, Commerce, Pi Kappa Phi, Treasurer, Rho Alpha Tau, Bama Day, I95O, President, Druids, Cotillion Club, SGA Executive Council, lnterfraternity Council, Homecoming Committee . . . ROCKWELL, EDNA ELAINE, Fairhope, ABS . . . RODGERS, DAVID DRAYTON, JR., Gulf Shores, Engineer- ing, Phi Eta Sigma, Vice-Chairman, American Institute ol Electrical Engineers . . . RODRIGUEZ, FRANK, Brooklyn, N. Y., Engineering, Phi Sigma Kappa, American Institute ot Mechanical Engineers, St. Pat's Association, Newman Club, Pep Squad. Bottom Row ROGERS, LAURA PURNAL, Luverne, Education, Alpha Gam- ma Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Wesley Choir, Triangle . , . ROMERO, CARLOS JUAN, New York City, N. Y., Engineering . . . ROSE, RALPH HENRY, Fort Payne, ASS . . . ROSENBAUM, JEAN CAROL, Scooba, Miss., Home Economics, Alpha Epsilon Phi . . . ROSENBERG, MARILYN, Perth Amboy, N. J., Com- merce, Independent Representative, Hillel Foundation, Inter- national Zionist Federation ot America, Pep Squad, Phi Chi Theta, Commerce Association , . . ROSENTHAL, VERNON R., Birmingham, A8iS, Kappa Nu, Pershing Rifles, Sigma Pi Sigma . . . ROSEVEAR, JEAN MANDEVILLE, Fairmont, W. Roton Rowe Rubin Rushton Sagin Sanders, H. Sanders, M. Sanders, U. Robinson Rockwell Rodgers Rodriguez Rosenberg Rosenthal Rosevear Rosson Va., A8QS, Alpha Xi Delta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Sigma Pi Sigma, German Club, Canterbury Foundation , . , ROSSON, CHARLOTTE MARIE, Cullman, ASQS, Chi Omega. BELOW Top Row ROTON, WILLIAM PAUL, Montgomery, Commerce, Pi Kappa Phi, Alpha Phi Omega, Pep Squad . . . ROWE, ERNEST ALEXANDER, Martin, Tenn., Commerce . . . RUBIN, SYLVIA, Ft. Pierce, Fla., ASQS, Sigma Delta Tau , . , RUSHTON, ADELAIDE DOUGLASS, Birmingham, ASQS, Alpha Gamma Delta . . , RUSSELL, GEORGE PHELPS, JR., Hempstead, N. Y., A8lS . . . RUSSELL, JANE, Tuscaloosa, ASLS, Kappa Kappa Gamma, President, Mortar Board, Triangle, YWCA, Alpha Lambda Delta, Sigma Delta Pi, Westminster Fellowship, French Club . . . RUSSELL, ROBERT JAMES, Meridian, Miss., ABS, Kappa Alpha . . . RYAN, JAMES JOSEPH, Greenville, ASS, Sigma Nu. Bottom Row SAGIN, MARTHA JEAN, Tampa, Fla., Home Economics, Pi Beta Phi, Panhellenic Council, W.S.G.A., XWCA . , . SANDERS, HARRY JOHNSON, Alexander City, Commerce . . . SANDERS, MARY ANNE, Aliceville, A8iS, Chi Omega, YWCA, Sigma Omega . . . SANDERS, ULIS D., Tuscaloosa Commerce, Commerce Association, Propeller Club . , . SANFORD, MICHAEL, Jasper, ASQS . . . SARFATY, MOISES, Lima, Peru, Chemistry, American Ceramic Society, Spanish Club , . . SCHILLEREFF, RALPH, Pascagoula, Miss., Engineer- ing, St, Pat's Association . . . SCHMUCK, FRANK JOSEPH, Birmingham, Commerce. FQ? mr' Russell, G. Russell, J. Russell, R. Ryan Sanford Sarfaty Schillereff Schmuck 4 , H 'havnt' L We ln Textile laboratories students maioring in Textiles and Cloth- The School of Nursing, a new division of the School ot Home ing have the opportunity of studying types of fibers and their Economics, offers a curriculum leading to the degree of Bachelor properties, thus becoming better iudges of fabrics and clothing. of Sciences in Nursing for the tirst time on the Alabama campus. IIE SEIKIIOR CLASS . . . Schoel Sed lin Q 'ni A -wr-f--v. DR. WARREN HALL FURNISHED INSPIRATION FOR RELIGIOUS EMPHASIS WEEK Top Row SCHOEL, DOROTHY, Livingston, Education, Treasurer, Delta Zeta, Baptist Student Union, German Club, Women's Spirit Committee . SCHOLL, ROY WALTER, JR., Birmingham, A8rS, Kappa Alpha, Pep Squad . . , SCHROEDER, EDWARD PAUL, Wetumpka, Engineering, Theta Tau, Sigma Pi Sigma, St. Pat's Association, American Institute of Electrical Engineers, President, Armed Forces Communication Association . , SCHWARTZ, BILLIE MAXINE, Portland, Ind., ASS, Kappa Delta, YWCA . SCOTT, HERMAN A., JR., Dalton, Ga., ABS, President, Alpha Sigma Phi, l949, Business Manager, l95l "A" Book, Homecoming Committee, i95O, Assistant Editor, T951 Corolla, Alpha Epsilon Rho, T950 Beauty Ball . . . SCOTT, JOHN ED, Clanton, Commerce, Sigma Nu . . . SEABURY, ROBERT EUGENE, Mobile, Commerce . . , SEARCY, ROBERT MILTON, De Armanville, Commerce, Alpha Kappa Psi, Propeller Club. Scholl Schroeder Schwartz Seger Segrest Selber I e L, ti' L . f X l Q J I ITV' F 1 X 11 xxx "-av. """ -1 , -5 X 5 A X BELOW Bottom Row SEDLIN, ELIAS DAVID, Mobile, Ass, Kappa Nu, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Alpha Phi Omega, Men's Spirit Committee, Pershing Rifles, Phi Beta Kappa . . SEGER, RICHARD STUART, Severna, Md., ABS, President, Delta Sigma Phi, SGA Legislature, Quadrangle, Scabbard and Blade, Rho Alpha Tau, lntertraternity Council, Distinguished Military Student . . . SEGREST, JOHN HOWARD, Montgomery, Commerce . SELBER, MANDEL, Shreveport, La., Commerce, Zeta Beta Tau , , SELBY, FRANK CLARKE, Birmingham, Commerce, Kappa Alpha . . . SELMAN, THOMAS HARRY, Rome, Ga., Com- merce, Phi Gomma Delta, Varsity Football . . SEMPLE, MARY MILDRED, Mobile, ABS, Delta Delta Delta, YWCA, Canterbury Club , . SESSIONS, SUE DELL, Enterprise, Edu- cation, Kappa De-ltci. Seabury Semple Scott, H. Scott, J. Selby Selman U9 me ,- are Searcy Sessions , 41 ,cc P Shafron Sharp Shaw Shea Shirtz Short Shotts Shuttleworth ABOVE Top Row SHAFRON, MARTIN H., Patterson, N. J., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Mu, Intertraternity Council, Million Dollar Band, Hillel Foundation, Commerce Association , . . SHARP, CHARLES EUGENE, Birmingham, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega . . . SHAW, MILES, New York City, N. Y., Commerce, AIA, Pep Squad, Homecoming Committee, Commerce Association, Fresh- man Orientation, Cotillion Club . . . SHEA, BART EDWARD, III, Savannah, Ga., Commerce, Chi Phi, lntertraternity Council . . . SHEPHERD, WANDA, Tuscaloosa, Commerce, Commerce Association, Baptist Student Union , . . SHERRIL, JOHN D., Decatur, Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta, Pep Squad . . . SHERRY, HENRY I., Birmingham, Commerce, Kappa Nu . . SHIRLEY, RAY, Tuscaloosa, ASS. Bottom Row SHIRTZ, RAYMOND, Drexel, Pa., Engineering, Phi Kappa Sigma, Alpha Phi Omega, Newman Club, Theta Tau, President, St. Pat's Association, American Institute of Industrial Engi- neers . . . SHORT, FORREST EDWIN, Fairhope, ASS, Kappa Sigma, Tau Kappa Alpha, Pep Squad, Intertraternity Council, Debate, Sigma Delta Rho . . . SHOTTS, EMMETT BOOKER, JR., Boaz, Chemistry, Phi Sigma Kappa, Spirit Committee, Inter- traternity Council, Pasteur Society, American Chemical So- ciety, Wesley Foundation . . . SHUTTLEWORTH, JOHN GEORGE, Tuscaloosa, ASS, Sigma Nu, Alpha Phi Omega, Sigma Pi Sigma, President, Fencing Club . , . SIMMONS, JULIAN ANNE, Jefferson, ASIS, Alpha Delta Pi, Press Club, Junior American Association ot University Women, YWCA, Pep Squad, Baptist Student Union . . . SIMON, CHARLES H., New Orleans, La., Commerce, Zeta Beta Tau . . . SIMONSEN, ARLENE ANNE, Rome, N. Y., Education, YWCA, Pep Squad . . . SINGLETON, CHESTER EARL, Centre, ASS. Sittason F. Sittason, R. Slaughter Sledzinslci Smith F Smith, H. Smith, J. F. Smith, J. W. Shepherd Sherril Sherry Shirley Simmons Simon Simonsen Singleton BELOW Top Row SITTASON, FREDERICK MARION, JR., Decatur, Engineering, Phi Gamma Delta, Pep Squad, St. Pat's Association, Institute of Industrial Engineers . . . SITTASON, ROBERT DARE, JR., Decatur, A8tS, Kappa Alpha, Phi Eta Sigma, Druids, Quad- rangle, Jason's, Men's Spirit Committee, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Pep Squad . . . SLAUGHTER, ROBERT SCOTT, Day- tona Beach, Fla., Engineering, American Institute ot Electrical Engineers, St. Pat's Association . . . SLEDZINSKI, JEANEE, Palo Alto, Calif., Home Economics, Alpha Chi Omega, French Club, YWCA, Pep Squad . . . SLOVINAC, WILLIAM J., Uni- versity, Education . . . SMELLEY, ANNIE GERTRUDE, North- port, Chemistry . . . SMITH, BENJAMIN BOSWORTH, Tuscaloosa, A8tS, Alpha Tau Omega, Canterbury Club, Rho Alpha Tau, Druids . . . SMITH, DELMAS VAL., Boaz, ASS. Bottom Row SMITH, F. CAROLINE, Selma, Home Economics, Kappa Delta, Caroline Hunt Club, YVVCA . . . SMITH, HARLEY ARTHUR, JR., Mobile, Engineering, Association ot Mechanical Engineers . , . SMITH, JIMMIE FAYE, Albertville, Education . . . SMITH, JOE WARREN, Prichard, Commerce . . , SMITH, JOSEPH J.,Sylacauga, Commerce, Propeller Club . . . SMITH, LOUISE, Sylacauga, Education, Alpha Gamma Delta, Head Cheerleader, Spirit Committee, Secretary-Treasurer, Philos, Swan Club, Who's Who . . . SMITH, MARGARET FRANCES, Fairfield, Home Economics, Wesley Foundation . . . SMITH, SAM, COTHRAN, JR., Marianna, Fla., A8tS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Westminster Fellowship. Slovinac Smelley Smith, B. Smith D Smith, J. J. Smith, L. Smith, M. Smith S C X I .Ei in WN L z l N -rims, I 1 equipment to be fou d for the training of enginee s i m ch The Industrial Engineers Laboratories have the most up-to-d te Civil engineers familiarize themselves with the var'ous soils i - tests and the computations necessary to obtain the soil constan s THE slemlolz CLASS . .. C I fl I' T1 Cl ne tool and woodworking practices. These labs offer practical value. From various samples, they determine the specific classifications FOURTEEN ALABAMA SENIORS WERE TAPPED IN THE FALL FOR PHI BETA KAPPA Top Row SMITH, SCOTT GEORGE, Wauchula, Fla., ASQS, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . SMITH, WALTER MEEDS, Sanford, Fla., ASQS, Lambda Chi Alpha, Pep Squad, Westminster Fellowship . . , SMOTHERS, BETTY JEAN, Ft. Worth, Texas, Education, Theta Upsilon, Swan Club, Pep Squad . . . SNOWDEN, FRANCES LOUISE, Monroeville, Chemistry, Alpha Delta Pi, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Pi Mu Epsilon, Pastuer Society, YWCA . . , SOCLOF, RHODA, Springhill, ASS, Sigma Delta Tau, Assistant Manager, Varsity Debate Squad, Zeta Phi Eta, Hillel Founda- tion, Women's Spirit Committee, Alpha Kappa Delta, Junior Triangle . . . SOLOMON, CECILE, Headland, Delta Delta BELOW Bottom Row SPEED, BOBBYE, Luverne, Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club, YWCA . . . SPEED, EMMETT L., Luverne, Education, Pi Kappa Phi . . . SPENCER, BARBARA ANN, Tallahassee, Fla., Home Economics, Delta Gamma . . . SPENCER, LILLIAN FLORENCE, Eutaw, Home Economics, Zeta Tau Alpha, Caro- line Hunt Club . . , SPIER, EDWARD M., Ashville, N. C., Commerce, Sigma Chi . . . SPIRER, HAROLD WILLIAM, Elmstord, N. Y., AES, Sigma Alpha Mu, Pep Squad . . SQUIRE, BAYARD J., Grand Bay, Engineering . . . STALEY, MARY JO, Shettield, ASS, Treasurer, Newman Club, French Club, Press Club. Delta, Home Economics . . . SPEAR, JOAN, Hartford, Edu- tion . . . SPEAR, NANCY JANE, Jacksonville, Fla., Home Economics, President, Alpha Phi, Caroline Hunt Club, Treas- uror, VVomcn's Spirit Committee, Pep Squad. Smith, S. G. Smith, W. Smothers Snowden Soclof Solomon Spear, J. Spear, N. Speed, B. Speed, E. Spencer, B. Spencer, L. Spier Spirer Squire Staley . ' ' V L 51 ' -. sis- ite, WEE ..,,,,,: E ,,,.,V . lg., RL, .,. Q ,. M, ., . - ,. - 1 - ' . . ' ..,.. 1 3 "' ' ' S ' . ai - ' . it , if w 1. I .',. sr I r M it A . Y t at-ft 5- st I ff' if N, ' 5 S is .ee-f:,s,zmxt.s,..... is1t2szif2ss::,ss1,sf.szgQw at 15 , ,V i -f ,. .... i- r .7 .54 V . iii Msgbiif 'Jef-'I.-:Z2fR 14 .1 , 3, wa s -.wel ,f v f. . P' S I ZS4I?I'H?5!,. . ' 55915 r - it . 1 5 ' ,ii .sister " 35. si E .. tiff' :W-w I'-.jeff L2'1i..... .i " -. , , A " K 1 " ' - TQ' f i: ' ' fi :F - " ' -1. -fi 55" I -, . . ' 4 ' m y 'f!1:f.. . vu., M .lseisis ' x 211 v 1:s,1--- ' 2 'S iigiwffiiif-i?4vf:s'SEf Y wi f iiisziii... I - 7 A ' -f,- S- 'V is s-ss S ' -,steam f,lizli.zQiiEi f X -st, ' i . -Y-q5fiYIt'fEZ4 , - 1 I f . ,V 5...-1 i..u,. . .. Z3 8 Stutts Suggs Suits Taska Taylor, J. E. Taylor, Julia E. Stanbury Stanford Stanley Starbuck Stirmer Stoll Straub Streets ABOVE Top Row STANBURY, THOMAS RAMSER, Eufaula, Commerce, Sigma Nu, Alpha Phi Omega, Interfraternity Council, Chairman, Union Building Expansion Committee, Cotillion . . . STANFORD, C. E., Dothan, Commerce . . . STANLEY, JEANENNE, Birming- ham, A8iS, Westminster Fellowship, University Religious Coun- cil, Pi Mu Epsilon . . . STARBUCK, SARAH, Birmingham, ABS, Zeta Tau Alpha, YWCA, Pep Squad, French Club . . . STERLING, LEWIS F., JR., Alabama City, Education . . . STEVENS, CHARLES F., Brookhaven, Miss., ABS, Treasurer, Delta Sigma Phi, Cadet Officer Club . . . STEVENS, FREDERICK HANSON, Evergreen, A8.S, President, Kappa Sigma , . STEWART, EDWARD MASSEX, Birmingham, ASS, WABP. Bottom Row STIRMER, JOSEPH, Brooklyn, N. Y., ASS, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Pershing Rifles . . . STOLL, JANE ELLEN, Washington, D, C., A8iS, Theta Upsilon, Wesley Foundation , . . STRAUB, NANCY, Birmingham, Home Economics, Delta Delta Delta . . . STREETS, KENDRICK LOREN, Clayton, N. Y., ABS, Delta Tau Delta, Canterbury Club . . . STRICKLAND, DORIS SUE, Falk- ville, Education, Baptist Student Union . . . STRICKLAND, WILLIAM J., Tuscaloosa, Commerce . . . STUDDARD, JERRY MACK, Clanton, ABS, Kappa Alpha . . . STUDSTILL, GENE WILSON, Madison, Fla., Education, Delta Tau Delta. Sullivan, P. Taylor, Q. Sterling Stevens, C. Stevens, F. Stewart Strickland, D. Strickland, W. Studdard Studstull BELOW Top Row STUTTS, EDWARD CARROLL, Slocomb, Commerce, Pi Kappa Phi . . . SUGGS, KATHERINE ELIZABETH, Atlanta, Ga., ASS, Pep Squad . , . SUITS, WILLARD JOHN, Philadelphia, Pa., A8iS, Lambda Chi Alpha, Pep Squad, Rifle Team, Men's Glee Club . , . SULLIVAN, PERCY GUIN, Bessemer, ASIS, Delta Tau Delta . . . SULLIVAN, WILLIAM E., Grand Rapids, Mich., Engineering, Phi Kappa Sigma, St. Pat's Association, American Institute of Industrial Engineers . . , SUMMERVILLE, ROY, Birmingham, Commerce, Beta Alpha Psi, Scabbard and Blade . . . SWINDEL, GEORGE W., JR., University, A8iS, Sigma Gamma Epsilon . , . TALTON, JULIUS E., Selma, ABS, Kappa Alpha. Bottom Row TASKA, FREDERICK ANTON, Norwood, N. J., Engineering, President, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Alpha Sigma Phi . . . TAYLOR, JOHN E., Fairfield Highlands, Education, Industrial Arts Association . . . TAYLOR, JULIA EWING, Atlanta, Ga., ASQS, Pi Beta Phi, YWCA, Canterbury Club . . . TAYLOR, QUENNON LESLEY, Mt. Olive, Com- merce . , . TEEL, ROBERT, Webb City, Mo., Education . . . TERRY, MARTHA JEAN, Northport, ASQS . . . TERRY, WILLIAM C., Pensacola, Fla., Commerce . . . THIEMONGE, MAE BETH, Birmingham, ABS, Zeta Tau Alpha, WABP, Westminster Fel- lowship, Junior American Association of University Women. Summerville Sullivan, W. Teel Terry, M. I Mm, -I ' wi Q' Swindel Talton Terry, W. Thlemonge lx I4 The Civil Eng'neering students learn about the design of The aeronautical laboratory in the E gineering B 'ld' g f- concrete mixes the curing and placing of concrete a d the fo ds to the student equipment materials and supplies for the theory and design of reinforced beams in modern constructio . ' vestigation of problems of interest in the field of aero-dynamics. Tl-IE SENIOR CLASS JACK KRAMER PANcHo GONZALES TENNIS neun wAs RENEWEU AT cAPsToNE BELOW Top Row Bottom Row THOMAS BELTON E. JR.- Opelika- Commerce- AIA- Presi- dent Southeastern Region ot National Independent Students Association- President Philos- Baptist Student Union- Religious Council- Commerce Association- Whos Who , . , THOMAS ROBERT S., JR., Section, ASQS, Theta Xi . . . THOMPSON, HAROLD GRAHAM, Vicksburg, Miss., Commerce . . , THOMPSON, WALTER MAXWELL, Gadsden, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega . . . THOMSON, WILLIAM J., JR., Aliceville, Commerce . . . TIPTON, RAYMOND G., Scottsboro, Com- merce, Theta Xi, Commerce Association . . . TRAYLOR, JEWELENE, Malone, Home Economics, President, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Triangle, Mortar Board, House ot Representatives . . . TROTT, ALAN D., Rockville Center, N. Y., Engineering, Theta Xi, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Pi Mu, Pershing Ritles, Secre- tary, Scabbard and Blade, Chairman, American Institute ot Industrial Engineers, Secretary, Senior Class, School ot Engi- neering. Thomas, R. Thompson, H. Tucker, J. H. Tucker, J. L. Tull Thompson, W. TUBBS JAMES ARTHUR- Akron- A8iS . . . TUCKER JAMES HENRY- Camp Hill- ASIS- Sigma Gamma Epsilon , . . TUCKER JOHN L.- Cullman- Commerce . . . TULL ISAAC W.- Okolona Miss.- Commerce . . . TUNSTALL JOCELYN MacLEOD, Bay Minette, ABS, Triangle, Secretary-Treasurer, German Club . . . TUBERVILLE, RUSSELL JAMES, Mobile, Education, Phi Kappa Sigma, Wesley Foundation, Pep Squad . . . TURNER, NANCY JACKSON, Mobile, Education, Alpha Delta Pi, Pep Squad, YWCA, Caroline Hunt Club , , TURNHAM, JOHN H., Dothan, Commerce. Thomson Tipton Traylor Trott Tunstall Turberville Turner T rnham , Qqgm. V, Q" I W ,Q f - . 1 - 3, W ,ig ' f It ri 5- 2, .,, E ,.... F? , , ., gd so 'K .gf V.,,. . . .. I, , HTS , , E 1 . J ,..:.- - ,. We I V :A A V Q ... -". ..Ir Juiiil 'E I sh --r' . ... '2iIlrf'i lzr' I I 'I SN. ui 5 ':', 1314? l Q A Wm WW. w. I, K. '----- I I f E is is J A -. U Vw si, I.. -as- -it... ,-- -1 H eww :rw Walte J. G. Waldrop Ward Warner, A. :H it Y. I Tyndal Underwood, J. Underwood, J. K. Upchurch Vettenburg Vinzant Vizzina Vretteas ABOVE Top Row TYNDAL, EDWARD C., Hamilton, A8tS, Pi Kappa Alpha, Alpha Epsilon, Pershing Rifles . . . UNDERWOOD, JEAN, Oneonta, Education, Zeta Tau Alpha, YWCA . . . UNDERWOOD, JOHN K., JR., Birmingham, A8rS, Alpha Kappa Delta . , . UPCHURCH, DOROTHY ELOISE, Montgomery, Education, Chi Omega, Cabinet, YWCA, Mortar Board . . . UPTON, PASCHAL, Birmingham, Education, Kappa Alpha, Wesley Foundation, Pi Tau Chi . , . VANA, JOSEPH, JR., East Islip, N. Y., Engineering, Phi Sigma Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Tau Sigma, St. Pat's Executive Council, American Society of Mechanical Engineers . . . VANN, JO ANN, Troy, Educa- tion, Chi Omega, Wesley Foundation, YWCA, Secretary- Treasurer, Senior Class, School of Education . . . VANN, RUBY ANN, Talladega, Education, President, Phi Mu, Caroline Hunt Club, Panhellenic Council, WSGA. Bottom Row VETTENBURG, TOM C., Birmingham, Commerce . . , VINZANT, WILLIAM DRAYTON, Selma, ABS, Kappa Alpha, President, YMCA, Cadet Officers Club, University Religious Council, Pep Squad . . , VIZZINA, THERESA A., Birmingham, Home Economics, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Caroline Hunt Club, Newman Club . . . VRETTEAS, MARINA G., Mobile, Chem- istry, President, West Annex, Vice-President, Pasteur Society, Secretary, Wesley Foundation, American Chemical Society, Pep Squad . . . VROTSOS, NICK JIM, Martin's Ferry, Ohio- Education, "A" Club, Varsity Basketball . . . WADKINSON, GEORGE W., JR., Lynbrook, N. Y., Engineering, Million Dollar Band, Society of Military Engineers, American Society of Walker, J. Walker, D. Warner, C. Watson Q t at I ia , si Q ls. , w ug: Z : ft -s .1 mari ' K msg, E?-sf ff 3' , 15' 2 Upton Vana Vann, J. Vann, R. Vrotsos Wadkinson Wadsworth Waite, J. H Mechanical Engineers . . . WADSWORTH, DAVIS COOPER, JR., Gadsden, A8.S, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . WAITE, JACK HUNTER, Boaz, Engineering, Pi Tau Sigma, St. Pat's Associa- tion, Tau Beta Pi, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, BELOW Top Row WAITE, JANE GREEN, Hollywood, Education . . . WALDROP, THOMAS LEE, Quinton, Commerce . . . WALKER, DAVID SELLERS, JR., Birmingham, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . , WALKER, JACK HENDRIX, Haleyville, Commerce, Pi Kappa Phi . , . WALKER, RICHARD EARL, Montgomery, ASIS, Alpha Epsilon Rho, WABP . . . WALL, JIMMY MAURICE, Brewton, AESKS, Secretary, Theta Chi . . . WALLACE, FRANK, Mobile, Commerce, Beta Alpha Psi . . . WALWORTH, JIMMIE, Foley, Engineering, AIA, St. Pat's Association. Bottom Row WARD, MAMIE, Montgomery, Education, Kappa Delta, YWCA, Pep Squad . . . WARNER, ALVIN V., JR., Big Creek, Miss., Engineering, American Institute of Chemical Engineers . . , WARNER, CHARLES T., West Point, Miss., A845 . . , WATSON, WALLACE WHEELER, Fairfield Highlands, ASIS . . . WATTS, CHARLES C., Oakman, ASIS, . , . WEAVER, ZAC, Birmingham, A845 Chi Phi . , . WEBB, BOB W., Palatka, Fla., A8.S, Pi Kappa Alpha, Scabbard and Blade, President, Alpha Epsilon Rho, I95O, WABP, Men's Spirit Committee . . , WEBB, JAMES WILSON, Birmingham, A8.S, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Air Force Cadet Officers Club, Alpha Phi Omega, Pi Mu Epsilon, Million Dollar Band. Wal Wallace Walworth Webb, B. Walker, R. I Watts Weaver Webb, J. f - 5 '..' l ,, , F ,. -, I , 'Ev-I , 'I I an .1 .ff . 'jj .. . V M, ' 1.1-. - .- wir, 7 mf, -f f -.ev -. i . ' -'-..i s if 'I ' 1 ,Viggo tw S5521 - 5733? X Q95 X W . ....,.,. , . ,- IEE- -. 15: I Top Row Bottom Row ., 3 it Q 'x f' T -:sf , V .J V as Chemical engineering prepares students to enter those indus- At the disposal of civil engineering students who are con, tries in which raw materials are processed during manufacture in- cerned with the efficiency of materials are the concrete, sanitary to finished products, by chemical changes and physical operations. engineering, soils and foundations, and surveying laboratories. I-IE SEIKIIOR CLASS . . . MEL ALLEN GAVE COACH THOMAS THE BABE RUTH SPORTS AWARD ON CAMPUS BELOW . Ma- L WEIKERT, WILLIAM PHILLIP, Montgomery, Commerce, Kappa Sigma, Commerce Association, Wesley Foundation , . . WELLS, GEORGE DEWEY, Albertville, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega . . . WEST, SARA NELL, Eutaula, Education, Mortar Board, Secretary, WSGA, Vice-President, YWCA, Triangle, Kappa Delta Pi, Philos, SGA Cabinet, Wesley Foundation, Corolla Business Statt, Who's Who . , . WEST, SETH E., Bessemer, Education . . . WHIDDON, JANE, Dothan, ASLS, Alpha Delta Pi, Pep Squad, YWCA, Panhellenic Council . . . WHIGHAM, SAMUEL B., JR., Enterprise, Commerce . . . WHITE, AUBREY JULIUS, Ashland, Chemistry , . . WHITE, BETTYE JEANE, Northport, A8rS, Alpha Kappa Delta, YWCA, Pep Squad. Weikert Wells West, S. N. West, S. E. White, E. white, M. White, R. Whiting . ITE I ' '., ' I :iii . i "" I J' sf 4 ,. Ll 1 'tt X 'H' I . . --V 'sf 1 gy, .. 44 gf f D' c , llii 4.1, . Vw g ir' 'F Y 1 , JT- V . 4-ag, 2 ' ff n s 1 : .' ., f X1 ,"-, '- WHITE, EDWARD PERRY, Anniston, Education, "A" Club . . . WHITE, MAX EDWARD, Cullman, Commerce, Lambda Chi Alpha, Pep Squad, Commerce Association, Propeller Club . . WHITE, RUDOLPH ALBERT, Moundville, Commerce . . . WHITING, ALMUR S., Tuscaloosa, Education, Theta Chi . . . WHITNEY, DAVID G., Tuscaloosa, Engineering, Chi Phi, Druids, Theta Tau, Pi Mu Epsilon, Gamma Alpha Rho, Tau Beta Pi, St. Pat's Association, Institute ot Aeronautical Sciences , . . WHITT, JOHN FLETCHER, Yalaha, Fla., ASS, Canterbury Club, lVIen's Glee Club . . . WILCOX, JANE, Bolinger, AHS, Kappa Delta . . WILKERSON, JAMES EMMETT, Lanett, ASLS, Pi Kappa Phi, Spanish Club, Pep Squad, Wesley Foundation. ,Ng Whiddon Whigham White, A. Whitney Whitt Wilcox '. , ' ., Q, A.... V M, , I QL Q ' 75,5 K 3 QV .ig i ey-'Fr i Wilkinson Williams, F. Williams, H, Williams, M. Williams, S. Willingham Wilson, J. Wilson, S. Wisdom Wise, K. Wise, P. Witherington Woltman Woo Woodham Woodman ABOVE Top Row WILKINSON, ELIZABETH LOUISE, Greenville, Education, Della Delta Della , . . WILLIAMS, FRANK W., JR., Phenix City, ASS, Million Dollar Band . , . WILLIAMS, HORACE HAROLD, Madison, Engineering, American Institute ol Elec- trical Engineers, St. Pat's Association , . . WILLIAMS, MARVIN L., Fruitdale, Engineering . . . WILLIAMS, SARAH NELL, Moundville, Home Economics . . . WILLINGHAM, SARA JO, Cottondale, A815 . . . WILSON, JESSE W., Huntsville, Commerce, Phi Della Theta, Jason's, Quadrangle, Scabbard and Blade, Student Legislature, Pershing Ritles, Men's Spirit Committee, Air Cadet Otticers Club, Commerce Association . , . WILSON, SHERREL ROBERT, Georgiana, Education. Bottom Row WISDOM, JACK H., Birmingham, Engineering, Lambda Chi Alpha, St. Pat's Association, American Institute of Electrical Engineers . . . WISE, KENDA CAROLYN, Tuscaloosa, Educa- tion . . WISE, PEGGY LORENNE, Selma, Education, Delta Delta Delta, YWCA . . , WITHERINGTON, ANN NEWTON, Home Economics, Delta Delta Delta, President, Senior Class, School ot Home Economics, YWCA, Pep Squad . . . WOLTMAN, ROBERT STANFORD, Elkins Park, Pa., A8iS, Pi Kappa Phi, Pep Squad, Pi Mu Epsilon, St. Pat's Association . . . WOO, JAMES H., Augusta, Ga., ABQS . . . WOODHAM, GLORIA PATRICIA, Pensacola, Fla., Education, Alpha Chi Omega, Pep Squad, YWCA, Women's Spirit Committee . . . WOODMAN, VICTOR EDWARD, Jacksonville, Fla., Com- merce, Sigma Chi, Westminster Fellowship, Pep Squad, Com- merce Association. BELOW Top Row WOOLF, JOAN, Anniston, Home Economics, Kappa Delta, Caroline Hunt Club, YWCA, Pep Squad . . . WRIGHT, HIRAM EDWIN, Columbia, Tenn., A845 . . . WRIGHT, JAMES C., Wedowee, ASS i . . WRIGHT, JAMES M., Char- lotte, N. C., Commerce, Past-President, Delta Tau Delta, Rho Alpha Tau, Druids, Quadrangle, Jasons, Alpha Kappa Psi, Scabbard and Blade, Beta Alpha Psi, Secretary-pro tem, Student Legislature, I949, Secretary-Treasurer, SGA, Chair, man, Campus Chest Drive, l949, Distinguished Military Stu- dent, Who's Who . . . WRIGHT, MARION GREENE, Dothan, Education, Alpha Gamma Delta, Pep Squad . . . WU, CHRISTINE WAN MING, Birmingham, ASS, Westminster Fel- lowship . , . WYATT, WILLIAM E., Vincent, Commerce . . . WYROSDICK, JAMES EDWIN, Georgiana, Commerce. Bottom Row YANUCK, PAUL RONALD, Birmingham, A8iS, Secretary- Treasurer, Kappa Nu, I95O, WABP, Blaclctriars . . . YARBROUGH, WILLIAM ARTHUR, Graysville, Education . . . YOUNG, JOE MORRISON, Columbiana, Commerce, Delta Tau Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, Pershing Rifles, Scabbard and Blade, Delta Sigma Pi, Beta Alpha Psi, Beta Gamma Sigma, Quad- rangle . . . YOUNG, MARJORIE JEAN, Centreville, ASQS, President, Chi Omega, Pep Squad, Philos, Cotillion Club, SGA, Canterbury Club , . . YOUNGBLOOD, JAMES MARVIN, JR., Talladega, Commerce, Treasurer, Lambda Chi Alpha, Druids, Treasurer, Delta Sigma Pi, Beta Alpha Psi, Assistant Business Manager, i950 Corolla, Commerce Associa- tion, Propeller Club . . . ZAROVSKY, ROSLYN, Bessemer, ASS, Alpha Epsilon Rho, Secretary, Zeta Phi Eta, Hillel Foun- dation, Triangle, WABP Statt . . . ZAWOT, EDWARD J., Clilton, N. J., Engineering, AIA, St. Pat's Association, Newman Club, Cadet Ollicers Club, American Society ol Chemical Engineers . , . ZELKIND, WOODROW, Tuscaloosa, A8tS, President, Alpha Epsilon Pi, l95I, Scabbard and Blade. gg Woolf Wright, H. Wright, J. C. Wright, J. M. Wright, M. Wu Wyatt Wyrosdick . Yanuck Yarbrough Young, J. Young, M. Youngblood Zarovsky Zawot Zelkind ip -i.. 1: ' - sw 4 , . .. it " sf. , tif ' ' I ' - V . I we 3, X V ,S IQ ,- - - . - Q ' ' - M.. . it V .. " 1 v I M ff-- wwf-M mw- WM ff 4 2 x 5 X 4. MA Abrams Abroms Acker Adams, B. Adams, C. Adams, W, Adamson Adesso Adkins Ainsworth Aldridge Alexander, A. Alexander, E. Alexander, G Alexander, J. Alexander, M Alford Allen, A. Allen, C. Allen, D. Allen, E. Allen, J. Allen, M. Alley Allison Alston Alves Amaiz Aman Anderson, G. Anderson, J. Andrews, K. Andrews, R. Antonio Antoon Armbrester Armstrong, A Armstrong, B. Arnold, G. Arnold, J. Arnold, N. Ashworth Asman Atayan Ausley Austin Aycock Aydelotte Bailey, D. Bailey, H. Bailey, J. B. Bailey, J. W. Bailey, M. P. Bailey, M. L. Bailey, W. Bainbridge Baker, E. Baker, O. Balderson Ball, D. Ball, M. Ballard Ballow Banlchead Barcharcl Bargloski Barinowslxi Barlow Barnett, D. Barnett, R. Barr Barrett Barrow Barton, A. Barton, E. Basore Bates, J. Bates, W. Batley Batson X 6 sl E :gl I a PM no if i't 7 V,.y tin- 5 ' 'Nr r- "a, .Z 5 A' 1. A.. r Y ff rf sz- ,, if , , iw rw' t 'A -su 1 rr! J f x. 'Ft 'M W , Alive... Q ., m'T':a525f:zffi- - Ex he 1.4 ar 'X 'ZX ' wi 1 Q 1 1- 's,,,. ,..s V W? ri 'Q N x, 255 w fa. . . x I v . 4 A' wgggr . . .f 4 4 .1 it 45,5 1 S 4 gif Ft' ra he fi 3 . W' xiii' .0-av. 6 A It 1 we .,,.. grime .H A .. .gg .1' .L 'rs kv , 3 r . . no or it l , L - .rx . , ,E M -Q 2 W , fig - '. .6 sg E at is L 35233582 S its fr A iiii if X iiii ".-. 12-- ' J . s i p Bl N, ' ff ., L if f : " I ' I . in ,W ,...r. It 1 ' Y . . r 1 gg zgg.. 'V M ,.f, if i it if -. ,. 2,1 522: . mi 1, is . . H -rl i 2? B .... 1. We 'if .QE , Y is 55253. M M' Q, fi tix. " Twig 6-'faq Y f,..w'ii is 7' 6 er 41 ' Q imqrfsv - M... . , Weis . f , 5 t J 1 , Q, gm, A 'Sr ,,rr.:s5,1, 2-1 .,..-:,, .-.,.....g-f,,. 1 .-1.3-.. x5 N rf 3, 'I' 'J . ii if at . "ET if ' self? ,.. ., '." A resr 4 ,. - . I , KAVQ V 2, m l A I " ...,.:- f ' "'-'. . -'v: i I ""' f:: EE"'2j:-. J ' in -' A ' - .-.. ii"-2: l ,. so . ,Si MORE OUT-OF-STATE STUDENTS COME FROM NEW YORK THAN ANY OTHER STATE Row One: ABRAMS, ARNOLD EDGAR, Brooklyn, N. Y., Soph., Engineer- ing, St. Pat's Association . , . ABROMS, EVELYN, Florence, Jr., Home Economics, Alpha Epsilon Phi . . ACKER, JOYCE JACKSON, Anniston, Jr., Home Economics, Delta Delta Delta, Pep Squad . . . ADAMS, BETTY JEAN, New Orleans, La., Jr., ASQS, Kappa Alpha Theta, Pep Squad . , . ADAMS, CHARLES LUCIEN, Mobile, Jr., Engineering, Delta Kappa Epsilon . ADAMS, WILLIAM ARTHUR, JR., Miami, Fla., Jr., ALS, Theta Xi, Varsity Track ADAMSON, DORIS JEAN, Birmingham, Jr., ASIS . . . ADESSA, ANTHONY JOHN, Newark, N. J., Soph., ALS. Row Two: ADKINS, CAROLYN, Ashville, Jr., ASQS, Chi Omega, YWCA . AINSWORTH, ALVA SUE, Laurel, Miss., Jr., Education, Chi Omega . . . ALDRIDGE, SUE, Birmingham, Jr., ABS, Delta Delta Delta . , . ALEXANDER, ALAN J., Birmingham, Soph., ASS, Kappa Alpha, Druids . . . ALEXANDER, EVELYN GRAY, Fort Meyers, Fla., Jr., Education, Delta Zeta, Woman's Spirit Committee, Wesley Foundation, YWCA ALEXANDER, GLENDA, Tuscaloosa, Jr., Home Economics, Phi Mu, Caroline Hunt Club ALEXANDER, JUNE CAROLYN, Fayette, Jr., Chemistry, Vice-President, American Chemical Society, Pasteur Society, Alchemist Society . . . ALEXANDER, MARTHA CLAIRE, Fayette, Jr., ASS, Alpha Gamma Delta, YWCA. Row Three: ALFORD, JOHN R., Montgomery, Fr., Engineering . . . ALLEN, ALGERNON RYE, Mobile, Jr., ASQS, Kappa Sigma, Corolla Stall, Rammer Jammer Business Staff . ALLEN, CHARLENE, Fairfield, Jr., Education, Alpha Chi Omega, Wesley Foundation, Spirit Committee, YWCA, Pep Squad ALLEN, DOROTHY GRACE, Mobile, Jr., ABS, Chi Omega, YWCA, Spirit Committee . . ALLEN, EVELYN MAXINE, Phoenix, Ariz., Jr., Education . ALLEN, JOSEPH ELI, Birmingham, Soph., ASIS, Theta Chi, Pep Squad , ALLEN, MARY ELIZABETH, Birmingham, Jr., Home Economics, Zeta Tau Alpha, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Panhellenic Council, Philos, Caroline Hunt Club . . ALLEY, MURRAY, Birmingham, Jr., ASS, Pi Kappa Alpha, Druids, Debate Squad, Wesley Foundation, Pep Squad, Pershing Rifles. Row Four: ALLISON, HELEN, Rash, Soph., Chemistry, Baptist Student Union, American Chemical Society . . ALSTON, AUBURN LEWIS, Bir- mingham, Jr., Commerce, Delta Chi . . . ALVES, HELEN GRACE, Gunters- ville, Jr., Education, Alpha Delta Pi . . AMAIZ, JOHN JOSEPH, San Bernardino, Caracas, Venezuela, Fr., Engineering AMAN, JAMES COVINGTON, Montgomery, Jr., ASQS, Lambda Chi Alpha, Pep Squad ANDERSON. GLEN DAVID, Montgomery, Jr., Education, Kaopa Delta, Pep Squad, YWCA, Triangle . ANDERSON, JOHN FRANKLIN, Birmingham, Fr., Engineering, Phi Delta Theta, Newman Club . ANDREWS, KATE TIMBERLAKE, University, Soph., ABS, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Row Five: ANDREWS, ROY H., Ozark, Soph., ASIS, Million Dollar Band ANTONIO, JAKE J., Birmingham, Fr., Commerce, Delta Chi, Glee Club ANTOON, ELLIS PAUL, Tuscaloosa, Jr., Commerce, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Million Dollar Band . . ARMBRESTER, CHARLES RICHARD, Renfrae, Soph., ABS, Theta Xi . . ARMSTRONG, ALAN EUGENE, Temple, Pa., Jr., Commerce, Phi Sigma Kappa . . . ARMSTRONG, BARBARA ANN: Montgomery, Fr., Home Economics, Alpha Delta Pi, Pep Squad, YWCA, Caroline Hunt Club ARNOLD, GEORGE FAY, University, Jr., Commerce . . . ARNOLD, JAMES FRANKLIN, University, Soph., Engineering, In our lighter moments Row Six: ARNOLD, NELL NORTON, Gadsden, Jr., Education, Alpha Delta Pi, Pep Squad, YWCA . . . ASHWORTH, WILLIAM B., Troy, Jr., ABS, Kappa Alpha . . . ASMAN, HARRY, Leeds, Soph., Commerce, Kappa Nu . . . ATAYAN, LEON, Hackensack, N. J., Soph., A8tS . , . AUSLEY, WILBUR HAMPTON, Geneva, Fr., ASIS, Kappa Sigma, Wesley Foundation . AUSTIN, BETTY JANE, University, Soph., AGS, Phi Mu, Westminster Fellowship, YWCA . . . AYCOCK, ALFRED PRICE, Huntsville, Fr., Com- merce, Commerce Association, Wesley Foundation . . AYDELOTTE, JANE VICK, Memphis, Tenn., Soph., ASIS, Alpha Xi Delta, Westminster Foun- dation. Row Seven: BAILEY, DONALD CARTER, Laurel, Miss., Jr., Engineering, Phi Gamma Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, Quadrangle, YMCA, Theta Tau, As- sistant Editor, I95I Corolla, Vice-President, Junior Class, Engineering School, Alpha Pi Mu, American Institute of Industrial Engineers . . , BAILEY, HUGH ALLAN, Birmingham, Fr., Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega . . . BAILEY, JACKSON BERRY, Birmingham, Fr., Commerce, Delta Chi, Debate Squad , , . BAILEY, JAMES WADE, Demopolis, Jr., Commerce, Alpha Kappa Psi . . BAILEY, MARTHA PORTER, Decatur, Jr., ASQS, Delta Delta Delta . , . BAILEY, MAX LAMAR, Fort Payne, Soph., Engineering, Delta Tau Delta, YMCA, Wesley Foundation, St. Pat's Association , . BAILEY, WALTER HARWELL, Laurel, Miss., Jr., Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta, Pep Squad, Rho Alpha Tau , . , BAINBRIDGE, FRANK MIMS, Birmingham, Fr., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, VVesley Foundation. Row Eight: BAKER, ERWIN HARRY, Newark, N. J., Fr., A815 . . . BAKER, OLIVER CHARLES, Cedar Bluff, Jr., ASS, Phi Gamma Delta, Pep Squad . . BALDERSON, JAMES FRANKLIN, Mobile, JF., ASIS, Chi Phi, Pep Squad . BALL, DOLORES, Robertsdale, Jr., Education . BALL, MARTHA ANN, Tuscaloosa, Jr., Education, Alpha Delta Pi, YWCA . BALLARD, MAE, Alexander City, Jr., Education . BALLOW, ROLAND ELLISON, Birmingham, Soph., Commerce, Theta Chi . BANKHEAD, JOHN HOLLIS, Jasper, Commerce, Soph., Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Row Nine: BARCHARD, KATHRYN L., Foley, Jr., Education . BARGLOSKI, JOHN FRANCIS, South River, N. J., Fr., Chemistry, Delta Sigma Phi, Pep Squad BARINOWSKI, BABS AURELIA, Birmingham, Jr., ABS, Kappa Delta, YWCA, Canterbury Club BARIOW, RICHARD, Tuckahoo, N. Y., Fr., Sigma Alpha Mu, Pep Squad, Hillel Foundation . BARNETT, DOROTHY JEANNE, Mobile, Soph., ASIS, Zeta Tau Alpha, Triangle, YWCA, Pep Squad BARNETT, RICHARD K., Montgomery, Jr., Engineering, Delta Chi BARR, BARBARA, Homewood, Fr., Home Economics, Phi Mu, Pep Squad, Caroline Hunt Club, Canterbury Club , BARRETT, JAMES COLE, Birmingham, Jr., ABS. Row Ten: BARROW, BETTY JOYCE, Andalusia, Fr., Education, Pep Squad, YWCA . BARTON, ALAN, Selma, Jr., Commerce, Zeta Beta Tau, Pep Squad, Men's Glee Club, Commerce Association . BARTON, EVELYN R., Selma, Soph., ABS, Triangle, Hillel Foundation . . . BASORE, MARY ANN, Birmingham, Jr., Home Economics, Chi Omega, YWCA, Caro- line Hunt Club, Pep Squad BATES, JUDY LOUISE: Enterprise, Jr., Education, Alpha Delta Pi, Triangle, YWCA, Spanish Club BATES, WARREN KENNETH, Mobile, Soph., Engineering, Alpha Sigma Phi BATLEY, TURNER G., Birmingham, Jr., Engineering, Pi Kappa Alpha, YMCA, St. Pats Association BATSON, J. ANDY, Birmingham, Fr., Commerce, Sigma Phi Epsilon. And that ain't all hay ' 'M P BIL! Battin Bauer Baugh Baxley Beal Bea rma n, A. Bea rma n, M. Beasley Beatty Beaulieu Becea Beck, A. Beck, B, Beck, M. Becker, C. Behel Belanus Bell, F. Bell, J. A. Bell, J. H. Bell, W. Belleau Bellenger Benagh Benedict Bennett, A. Bennett, H. Bennett, M. Bentley Benton Berk Berlin Berman Bern, l. Bern, J. Bernstein Berrin Berry, G. Berry, W. Berryman Betts Bevis Bialock Biddle Billingslea Bingham Biter Black, D. Black, H. Black, R. Blackmon Blackwell, A Blackwell, G. Blackwell, V. Blades Blain Blake Blakely Blankenhorn Blankenship Blanton Bliss Block Blount Blow Blum, H. Blum, Helga Blum, J. Blumberg Bober Bobo Bogate Boggs Bolen Boller Bonner Boorstein Booth, C. Booth, S. Bostick, H. an W' H-J' , ,,,. , , if 5 7 . Q 3. fl. ,, ,g l ri Tl-IE UNDERGRADUATE YOLANDE BETBEZE, "MISS AMERICA", APPEARED DURING HALF AT VANDY GAME Row One: BATTIN, ROBERT DAVIS, Barrington, Illinois, Jr., Education, Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . BAUER, DAVID RAYMOND, St. Petersburg, Fla., Jr., Commerce, Cadet Officer's Club, Commerce Association . . . BAUGH, AUBREY THOMAS, JR., Woodward, Soph., ASS, Theta Chi, Pep Squad . . . BAXLEY, JARMAN GEDDES, Selma, Soph., A8tS, Theta Chi, Baptist Student Union . . BEAL, IRA, Mt. Vernon, N. Y., Fr., ABS, Sigma Alpha Mu, Hillel Foundation, Pep Squad . . . BEARMAN, ALVIN JEROME, Birming- ham, Jr., ABS, Kappa Nu, Pep Squad, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Hillel Founda- tion, International Zionist Federation of America . . . BEARMAN, MARVIN IRVING, Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Kappa Nu, Pep Squad, Phi Eta Sigma, Hillel Foundation, Commerce Association . . . BEASLEY, ROBERT DALTON, Ozark, Jr., ABRS, Kappa Sigma. Row Two: BEATTY, CHARLES GAILBREATH, DeLand, Fla., Jr., Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega, Inter-Fraternity Council . . . BEAULIEU, ROGER H., University, Jr., A815 . BECEA, VANGHEL GREGORY, Woonsocket, Rhode Island, Jr., ASRS, Phi Sigma Kappa, Pershing Rifles, Cadet Officer's Club, German Club, Pep Squad . BECK, A. J., Birmingham, Soph., Commerce, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . BECK, BETTY, Bessemer, Soph., Commerce, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Triangle, Phi Chi Theta, Hillel Foundation, Commerce Association . . . BECK, MARTHA, Tuscaloosa, Soph., Education, Alpha Chi Omega, Pep Squad, Spirit Planning Committee . . . BECKER, CAROLYN SUE, Orlando, Fla., Jr., Home Economics, Sigma Delta Tau, Spirit Committee, Pep Squad . . , BEHEL, MATTIE RUTH, Florence, Jr., Home Economics, YWCA. Row Three: BELANUS, BETTY JANE, Birmingham, Fr., Commerce . BELL, FRANCES, Northport, Jr., ABS, Alpha Chi Omega, YWCA, Pep Squad . BELL, JUDITH ANN, Tuscaloosa, Soph., ABS, Delta Gamma, Spanish Club, Sigma Delta Pi, Triangle, Westminster Fellowship, YWCA . . . BELL, JOANN HEFLIN, Fyffee, Jr., ABS, Alpha Xi Delta, Baptist Student Union, YWCA . . . BELL, WILLIAM RONALD, Alabama City, Fr., ABS, Kappa Sigma . . . BELLEAU, GEORGE ANDERSON, Atlanta, GG., Jr., Commerce, Sigma Nu . . BELLENGER, SALLIE RALLS, Gadsden, Jr., Edu- cation, Kappa Kappa Gamma, YWCA . . . BENAGH, JOSEPH HOLMAN, Nashville, Tenn., Jr., ABS, Delta Chi. Row Four: BENEDICT, RUSSELL C., Oradell, N. J., Jr., ASS, Theta Xi, WABP BENNETT, AUSTEN L., Tuscaloosa, Jr., ASLS BENNETT, HARRISON BOOTH, Ridgewood, N. J., Fr., Commerce . . . BENNETT, MARY NOEL, Florence, Fr., Commerce, Kappa Delta . BENTLEY, FRANK EDWARD, Montgomery, Soph., Engineering, Delta Tau Delta, St. Pat's Association, YMCA, Institute of Aeronautical Sciences . . . BENTON, JOANN: Opp, SOph., Education, Chi Omega, Triangle, YWCA, Women's Spirit Committee, Pep Squad, Wesley Foundation . . BERK, FRANCES PAE, Dothan, Soph., Home Economics, Sigma Delta Tau, Caroline Hunt Club, Women's Spirit Committee, International Zionist Federation of Ameri- ca...BERLlN,RAYMOND,Altoona,Soph., ASS, Kappa Nu, Phi Eta Sigma. Row Five: BERMAN, RICHARD JERRY, Birmingham, Jr., Engineering, Kappa Nu, St. Pat's Association, Cadet Officer's Club, Institute of Aeronautical Sciences, Hillel Foundation . . . BERN, IRVING ISAAC, Montgomery, Jr., ABS, Kappa Nu, Pershing Rifles, Hillel Foundation . . . BERN, JACK LAIRD, Mackminnville, Tenn., Soph., ABS, Kappa Nu, Hillel Foundation BERNSTEIN, DAVID H., Birmingham, Jr., ASRS, Zeta Beta Tau, Business Manager Homecoming I95O, Assistant Business Manager I95l Corolla, Druids, Men's Spirit Committee, Hillel Foundation . BERRIN. MERBYN, Brooklyn, N. Y., Jr., Chemistry, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Alpha Phi Orneaa, Hillel Foundation, American Chemical Society BERRY, GEORGE HAROLD, Fayette, Jr., Ass, Phi Kappa Sigma . BERRY, WALTER TREUTLEN, Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha "Now, when I was in the Army" BERRYMAN, WILLIAM CLINTON, Town Creek, Jr., ABS, Delta Sigma Phi, President, Alpha Phi Omega, Cadet Officer's Club, German Club, Men's Glee Club, Wesley Foundation, Pep Squad. Row Six: BETTS, CHARLES FARRAR, Margaret, Soph., A8tS, Rho Alpha Tau BEVIS, RUTH WALDON, Brookwood, Jr., Education . BIALOCK, BOBETTE DEE, University City, Mo., Soph., Education, Sigma Delta Tau, Hillel Foundation . BIDDLE, BETTYE LEE, Birmingham, Soph., A8.S, Pep Squad, WABP . . BILLINGSLEA, MARTHA ANN, Uniontown, Fr., Education, Delta Delta Delta . . . BINGHAM, MARJORIE E., Jackson, Soph., ASRS, Zeta Tau Alpha, Women's Spirit Committee, West- minster Fellowship . . . BITER, BETTE ANN, Charlotte, N. C., Jr., Home Economics, Alpha Delta Pi, YWCA, Pep Squad, Caroline Hunt Club . BLACK, DAVID DELISLE, JR., Montgomery, Soph., Commerce, Delta Tau Delta, Million Dollar Band, Glee Club, Commerce Association. Row Seven: BLACK, HAZEL LOUISE, Jasper, Soph., Home Economics BLACK, ROBERT LORAINE, JR., Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Kappa Sigma BLACKMON, BETTY SUE, Sewickley, Pa., Jr., ABS, Alpha Xi Delta . BLACKWELL, AUBREY, Adamsville, Jr., Engineering, Theta Chi, St. Pat's Association, Cadet Officer's Club . . . BLACKWELL, GORDON EUSTACE, JR., Mobile, Sr., Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha, President, Wesley Foundation . . . BLACKWELL, VIRGINIA, New Market, Soph., Commerce . . BLADES, JAMES V. JR., New Bern, N. C., Jr., ABS, Theta Xi, Glee Club , . BLAIN, BETTY, New Orleans, La., Jr., Home Economics, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Row Eight: BLAKE, ROBERT E., Montgomery, Sr., Commerce BLAKELY, ROBERT MARTIN, Anniston, Fr., Engineering, Alpha Tau Omega, SGA BLANKENHORN, DAVID G., Birmingham, Fr., Education, Kappa Sigma, President, Freshman Class, School of Education BLANKENSHIP, WILLIAM RUSS, Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Lambda Chi Alpha BLANTON, VIRGINIA CAROLYN, Red Bay, Soph., Education, Pep Squad, VVesley Foundation . BLISS, LAURENCE TAFT, Birmingham, Fr., ABS, Phi Gamma Delta, University Symphony Orchestra BLOCK, A. BERNARD, Quinton, Soph., ABS, Kappa Nu, WABP, Hillel Foundation, International Zionist Federation of America BLOUNT, HELEN, Dothan, Soph., ABS, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Canterbury Club. Row Nine: BLOW, WILLIAM T., Parrish, Soph., Education, YMCA BLUM, HARVEY, Rockville Center. N. Y., Soph., ASS, Sigma Aloha Mu, Hillel Foundation, SGA BLUM, HELGA, Birmingham, Jr., ASQS, Alpha Lamba Delta BLUM, JOSEPH, Rockville Center, N. Y., Soph., Com- merce, Siqma Alpha Mu, Hillel Foundation BLUMBERG. HERBERT, Dothan: Soph., Commerce, Zeta Beta Tau, Million Dollar Band, Glee Club, Philos, Pep Squad, Hillel Foundation, Corolla Business Staff, Pershina Rifles BOBER, BETTY JANE, Mobile, Jr., Education, Delta Delta Delta, YWCA, Swan Club BOBO, BILLIE ANN, Gadsden, Jr., A8.S, Kappa Kappa Gamma BOGATE, BERNARD, Los Angeles, Calif., Jr., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Mu. Row Ten: BOGGS, BOBBY LEE, Lanett, Jr., Commerce, Pi Kappa Phi . . . BOLEN, WILLIAM OSSIAN: Selma, Jr., ABS, Rho Alpha Tau, Druids, Pershing Rifles BOLLER, BARBARA ANN, Foley, Soph., Home Eco- nomics, Alpha Xi Delta, Pep Squad BONNER, JACK A.: Gilbertown, Soph., ABS . . BOORSTEIN. JERRY LEONARD, Bronx, N. Y., Jr., Engi- neering, Treasurer, Sigma Alpha Mu, Pep Squad, St. Pat's Association BOOTH, CARL: Mobile, Soph., AGS, Sigma Chi, Peo Squad BOOTH, SALLY ANN, Florala, Fr., Education, Alpha Chi Omega, Pep SQUOCJ, YWCA BOSTICK. HUGH PARKER, Birmingham, Jr., Com- merce, Pi Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Pi, Westminster Fellowship, Pershing Rifles, Pep Squad. Well, don't iust sit there xx I - N awww Bostick, P. Bostwick Bottomley Boulos Bourland Boulwell Bowling Boyd, C. Boyd, E. Boyd, S. Boykin Boyle Bradford Bragg Brashears Brasher L. Brashier Bratton Breece Brei Brett Brice fo' X L 1 I W Brasher, P. -X. ' xp I Q Brick Briggs Brill Britton 'H . .. .1 Broudhead :-,. H, U Brock, C. Brock, L. Bromberg Brooks, C. Brooks, G. Brooks, G. Brotherton Broun Brown, A. Brown, D. Brown, J. Brown, L. Brown, M. Brown, M. Brown, M. Brown, R. Brown, R. Bruns Brunson, D. V Brunson, .I Brunson, P. Brush Bryan, D. Bryon, L. Bryant, K. Bryant, M. Buchonan Bucher Buch mon Buckner Bullock, C. ' Bullock, M. . Burchfield Burdet'e Burge Burns Burton, J. Burton, O. Busby Bush Buster Butler Buxlocum Byrd Byrket Cade Coffee Caheen Cain Caldwell Calhoun Calloway , if 26 1 -in , 3 I-4 . lgf s L fi J -, N. R . A S I .i 5 :as-.. . . , WJ ,,. We 2 ,Q u gly a . Q E 519' wir? 34 W ,Y . . J S A f , . f . 6. ., , if .H .3 VK. 5V ,Q Q' , L U 1 : :assay . . gig., V- 7 . ' , Q Qi s .X if it 5 l X! H fx 'iff if f :fig 155: F . 1 . ., ..,... . M 4 2. .H 4 fi 1 if 1 L i 1 rx L 3' .XY I. 4 F ' ff --.. .-1 .4 5 if fi f ' if ,, 4. .' if . Q in . aw ' 2 ,-mg' ,. Sig. is- e W ' ' X m 'S : l 3 J 5 'i t r -vw bv XR It ...itz f, so-.g2: .-..v:-giawf. - '.'. 1 Sis: xiii? 44 fffflf A . if l 'Ai ia .- f X V. JM ..... .5 A ,Q mf l . . Q rg? Qi? 'Jn 1 A E555 xl P .. -M .. --.f.- ...... .H pi? a " ,V B. li. 1 . ' ' f Q. me . W e . N , ..'1 B W 'ie Q ef .ew -'io' ' H or X .M ... . ..., .,... Q52 ft? ., F "-- 133 me 1 - ..., . .W P . Y 'QE 'tb 5" i ' 5 't,- . 7 if Q V L L Si it ,f i . i i . . x.,.s .LQ ff ' Lv f if V: ui, 77 A ' 'i Stimaiisx. .Q JOHNNY LONG AND ORCHESTRA OPENED COTILLION DANCE SEASON ON NOV. 12 Row One: BOSTICK, PATRICIA LEE, Durham, N. C., Soph., ASIS, Kappa Delta . . . BOSTWICK, BETTY, Chickasaw, Soph., Education, Vocalist ot Alabama Cavaliers, Wesley Foundation . BOTTOMLEY, GODFREY SCHIFFMAN, Birmingham, Soph., Engineering, Delta Chi, Pep Squad, Druids . . BOULOS, ROBERT ANTHONY, Dorchester, Mass., Soph., Edu- cation, Phi Sigma Kappa . . BOURLAND, MARTHA EVELYN, Fulton, Miss., Jr., Education, Wesley Foundation . . . BOUTWELL, JOSEPH PAUL, Opp, Jr., Commerce, Lambda Chi Alpha, Commerce Association, Pep Squad BOWLING, DANIEL SEYMOUR, Spring Hill, Jr., Commerce, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . BOYD, CLAUDIA, Tuscaloosa, Soph., Home Economics, Chi Omega, Caroline Hunt Club, Canterbury Club. Row Two: BOYD, EUGENE TOWNSEND, Enterprise, Jr., Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega . . BOYD, SARAH PATRICIA, Troy, Jr., ABS, Kappa Delta, Pep Squad, Westminster Fellowship . BOYKIN, LUKE HUDSON, Scottsboro, Jr., Engineering, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . BOYLE, CLYDE DAVID, St. Albans, L. l., N. Y., Jr., Commerce, Theta Xi, Inter-Fraternity Council, Pep Squad . BRADFORD, IVAN BURTON, Huntsville, Soph., AES BRAGG, KATHERINE, Huntsville, Soph., ABS . . . BRASHEARS, ROBERT EDWARD, Montgomery, Soph., Commerce . . BRASHER, LOUIS ACKERMAN, Alabama City, Jr., Commerce. Row Three: BRASHER, PHILLIP LANIER, Alabama City, Jr., Engineering BRASHIER, HAZEL LEONA, Jackson, Miss., Soph., A8.S, Zeta Tau Alpha . BRATTON, JOYCE ANN, Decherd, Tenn., Jr., Commerce, Pi Beta Phi, Phi Chi Theta, YWCA , BREECE, VIRGINIA, Miami, Fla., Fr., ABS, Delta Zeta, YWCA, Women's Spirit Committee, Baptist Student Union, Pep Squad . . BRIEL, RACHEL CLARICE, Griffin, Ga., Soph., Home Economics, Alpha Chi Omega, Women's Spirit Committee, YWCA BRETT, MARTEL HART, JR., Birmingham, Fr., Commerce, Phi Kappa Siqma BRICE, FORREST BO, Tuscaloosa, Jr., ABS, Pi Kappa Alpha BRICK, RITA, Omaha, Neb., Fr., ABS, Sigma Delta Tau, Pep Squad, Hillel Foundation. Row Four: BRIGGS, GEORGE RILEY, Birmingham, Jr., ABS, Delta Tau Delta, International Relations Club , BRILL, LILLIE MAY, Mendham, N. J., Jr,, Education, Pep Squad , BRITTON, FRED L., JR., Dixiana, Jr., Engineering, Delta Chi BROADHEAD, JOHN DURWOOD, Clan- ton, Jr., ASS, Pi Kappa Phi, Wesley Foundation . . . BROCK, CHARLES PETER: Montgomery, Jr., ABS, Alpha Tau Omega . . . BROCK, LESTER COX, Newport News, Va., Jr., Education, Pi Kappa Phi, Track . E-ROMBERG, FRANK HARDY, JR., Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Corolla Business Staft , BROOKS, CHARLES DEAN, Homewood, Jr., Commerce, Sigma Chi. Row Five: BROOKS, GEORGE DAUGHERTY, JR., Birmingham, Soph., Engineering, Phi Gamma Delta, St. Pat's Association, Corolla Business Stait, Pep Squad BROOKS, GRACE MARGARET, Camilla, Ga., Soph., Education, Kappa Delta, YWCA, Pep Squad . . BROTHERTON, BARBARA BATES, Jasper, Soph., ABS, Chi Omega, Alpha lambda Delta, Triangle, YWCA BROUN, MILDRED, Washington, D. C., Jr., Home Economics, President, Delta Gamma, Triangle, Newman Club, Pep Squad, Caroline Hunt Club BROWN. A. VINCENT, Millry, Jr., A8iS, Pi Kappa Phi, lntertraternity Council, Men's Glee Club, Pep Sguad BROWN, DOROTHY, Birmingham, Soph., Home Economics, Alpha Chi Omega, Pep Squad, Caroline Hunt Club, YVVCA, Women's Spirit Committee , Sorority rush begins BROWN, JACK COLE, Tuscaloosa, Jr., Engineering, Theta Tau, Pershing Rifles, American Society of Civil Engineers, Secretary-Treasurer, Cadet Officers Club, AIA, Wh0's Who BROWN, LAURA ELIZABETH, Tampa, Fla., Soph., Education, Alpha Delta Pi, YWCA, Swan Club. Row 6: BROWN, MARY JON, Sylacauga, Jr., A8tS, Zeta Tau Alpha, Pep Squad . BROWN, MAUDE ROSE, Tuscaloosa, Fr., Education, Alpha Epsilon Phi . . BROWN, MILTON LEOPOLD, Mobile, Fr., Com- merce, Zeta Beta Tau, Business Statt, Rammer Jammer . . BROWN, ROBERT ALEXANDER, Mobile, Jr., ASQS, Wesley Foundation . . . BROWN, ROBERT S., South Boston, Va., Jr., A8tS, Theta Chi, Men's Glee Club, Spanish Club, Phi Alpha Theta . . BRUNS, BILLIE, Bessemer, Soph., ASS, Phi Mu, Triangle, YVVCA, Westminster Fellowship, Women's Glee Club . . BRUNSON, DONALD HERBERT, Montgomery, Jr., Commerce, Sigma Nu , BRUNSON, JAMES, Tuscaloosa, Fr., ABS, Chi Phi, Million Dollar Band. Row Seven: BRUNSON, PATSY, Elba, Soph., Education, Phi Mu, Swan Club , BRUSH, HERBERT HAVILY, Birmingham, Jr., ASQS, Rifle Team, Assistant Editor, "A" Book . BRYAN, DOROTHY ANN, West Point, Miss., Jr., Home Economics, Chi Omega BRYAN, LLOYD LEE, Mobile, Soph., Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta , BRYANT, KEELY, Panama City, Fla., Soph., Engineering BRYANT, MARY CORNELIA, Bayou La Batre, Fr., Education BUCHANAN, WILLIAM GAINES, Selma, Soph., Com- merce, Kappa Alpha . . BUCHER, JAMES RICHARD, Reistertown, Md., Jr., Commerce. Row Eight: BUCHMAN, PAUL, Mobile, Jr., ABS, Kappa Nu . BUCKNER, CHARLES MARBURY, Birmingham, Soph., ASS, Pi Kappa Phi , BULLOCK, CLAUDE C., JR., Mobile, Soph., Commerce, Phi Delta Theta . BULLOCK, MICKEY, Mobile, Fr., ABS BURCHFIELD, wiLBuR MANDERSON, tumioow, rr., ASS BURDETTE, HUGH, Beckley, w. vc., Soph., ABS . Bunce, MIRIAM Run-I, Mimi, HG., Fr., Education, Alpha Chi Omega, YWCA, Women's Spirit Committee BURNS, LUCY MCENTYRE, Dothan, Jr., ABS, Kappa Kappa Gamma, YWCA. Row Nine: BURTON, JOHNNIE JEAN, Tuscaloosa, Jr., Education BURTON, OTIS RICHMOND, JR., Talladega, Jr., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Cadet Otticers Club . BUSBY, BEVERLY ANNE, Washington, D. C., Jr., ABS, Alpha Phi, Triangle, German Club, Women's Spirit Com- mittee . BUSH, WILLIAM EDWARD, Mobile, Jr., Commerce, Track Team, Glee Club . BUSTER. FRANCIS RICHARD, Selma, Soph., Com- merce, Kappa Alpha . BUTLER, HOYT LANKFORD: Gadsden, Fr., Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta . BUXBAUM, JANET RUTH, St. Joseph, Mo., Jr., Education, Alpha Epsilon Phi . BYRD, ISAAC DURHAM, Andalusia, Fr., ABS, Kappa Sigma, Rho Alpha Tau. Row Ten: BYRKET, JAMES EDWARD, Richmond, incl., Fr., Education, Basketball . . CADE, NATALIE: Thomaston, Soph., Education, Zeta Tau Alpha, YWCA, Caroline Hunt Club CAFFEE, LAURA SUE, Vance, Fr., Education, Zeta Tau Alpha CAHEEN, NED, Birmingham, Fr., Commerce, Zeta Beta Tau, Corolla Beauty Ball Committee . CAIN, SHIRLEY, Madison, Soph., Education, Alpha Chi Omega, Wesley Founda- tion, Triangle CALDWELL, TOMMY C., Birmingham, Jr., Engineering- Siqma Alpha Epsilon, Quadrangle, Theta Tau CALHOUN, ROBERT FRANKLIN, Birmingham, Soph., Commerce, Delta Sigma Phi, Alpha Phi Omega, Pep Squad CALLAWAY, EDNA SHIRLEY, Tuscaloosa, Jr., Education, Delta Delta Delta, YWCA, Pep Squad. And Chi O prexy stars Cameron Campbell, B Campbell, D Campbell, Campbell, Canaan Cannon, E. Cannon, J. Cannon, N. Cantrell Capouya Cardwell Cargile Carlisle Carlovitz Carmichael Carpenter Carr Carraway Carroll, F. Carroll, L. Carson, J. Carson, R. Carter Casaday Cashion Caudle Causey Chalifoux Chalker Chambliss Champagne Champion Chandler Channon Chapman Chappelle Checketts, A. C hecketts, E. Cherry Childs Christian, J. Christian, R. Christopher, Christopher, Clark, B. B. Clark, B. L. Clark, J. Clark, M. Clark, P. Cleere Clegg Cleverly Clifford Coats Cobb Codd Cotield Cogburn Coggin Cohen, H. Cohen, l. Cohen, J. Cohen, M. Cohen, R. Coleman, E. Coleman, R. Coleman, R. Coleman, S. Coleman, S. Collier Collins, A, Collins, B. W Collins, B. Collins, D. Collins, R. Collins, W. Commander Compton Conger -in , M -. . if ff L 1 sl ..... .... ii 5' S, -vt' R Qt, W dz i ffy K: K - . . E., I . 4'W+ OMICRON DELTA KAPPA TROPHY RETURNED TO ALABAMA FOR COMING YEAR Row One: CAMERON, THEODORE DONALD, Mobile, Jr., Commerce, Kappa Sigma . CAMPBELL, BETTY LOU, Brewtan, Soph., Education, Triangle, Alpha Lambda Delta, Pep Squad . . . CAMPBELL, DON R., Birmingham, Soph., Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha, Corolla Business Staff . CAMPBELL, LEONARD ROY, Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Kappa Sigma, Vice-President, Freshman Class of Commerce, l948, Pershing Rifles, Alpha Kappa Psi . . CAMPBELL, SUE, Mobile, Soph., Education, Alpha Delta Pi . . . CANAAN, CORINNE, Loxley, Soph., Education, Canterbury Club . . CANNON, ELEANOR SUE, Andalusia, Jr., Educa- tion, Triangle, Pep Squad . . CANNON, JOHN MORROW, Fayette, Fr., Commerce, Phi Kappa Sigma, Pep Squad, Rho Alpha Tau. Row Two: CANNON, NATHAN DAVIS, Vredenburg, Jr., A8iS, Phi Delta Theta . . . CANTRELL, GLEN PHILLIP, JR., Greensboro, Jr., Commerce, Delta Chi . . . CAPUOYA, RITA, Montgomery, Soph., ABS, Alpha Lambda Delta, Triangle, Hillel Foundation . . . CARDWELL, LILLIAN G., Birming- ham, Soph., ASKS, Alpha Chi Omega, Vice-President, Alpha Lambda Delta, Triangle, YWCA . . . CARGILE, JEAN, Montgomery, Soph., Commerce, Delta Zeta, Commerce Association, Women's Spirit Committee . . . CARLISLE, ROBERT FREDERICK, Birmingham, Fr., Commerce, Phi Kappa Sigma . . CARLOVITZ, CARLYE MERLE, Mobile, Jr., Commerce, Alpha Xi Delta, Phi Chi Theta . CARMICHAEL, ARCHIE DANIEL, Dothan, Soph., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Row Three: CARPENTER, DOYAL A., Birmingham, Soph., Commerce, Phi Delta Theta . . . CARR, WILLIAM EDWARD, Montgomery, Soph., Engineer- ing, Theta Chi . . . CARRAWAY, WANDA, Greenwood, Miss., Jr., Com- merce, Vice-President, Triangle, Vice-President, Women's Spirit Committee, Secretary, Phi Chi Theta, Pep Squad, YWCA, Commerce Association . CARROLL, FLORENCE, Ozaik, Soph., Education, Kappa Delta, Pep Squad, YWCA . . . CARROLL, LESTER ERWIN, Mobile, Fr., Commerce, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . CAROSN, JOHN CURTIS, Huntsville, Jr., ASQS, Pi Kappa Phi, Pep Squad . . . CARSON, RONALD G., Roselle, N. J., Soph., A8tS . . . CARTER, JOHN CARSON, Repton, Soph., A84S, Delta Kappa Epsilon. Row Four: CASADAY, MARY ELLEN, Montgomery, Soph., Education, Kappa Delta, Triangle, YWCA . . CASHION, CHLOE ANN, Hamilton, Fr., Education . . . CAUDLE, BARBARA, Palmetto, Fla., Fr., Home Eco- nomics, Zeta Tau Alpha . . CAUSEY, HARRY GENE, Meridian, Miss., Jr., ABS, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma, Pershing Rifles, Pep Squad CHALIFOUX, ANN, Birmingham, Soph., ABS, Zeta Tau Alpha, YWCA, Triangle . CHALKER, ROBERT PALMER, Birmingham, Jr., ASKS, Kappa Sigma . . CHAMBLISS, CHARLES, Greenville, Jr., ALS, Alpha Tau Omega . . CHAMPAGNE, NIRA LOUISE, Tuscaloosa, Fr., Home Eco- nomics. Row Five: CHAMPION, JASPER KNIGHT, Hayneville, Soph., Engineering, Kappa Alpha . . CHANDLER, MARIAN YVONNE, Decatur, Soph., ASIS, Alpha Delta Pi, YVv'CA, French Club, Parihellenic Council . . . CHANNON, ALBERT M., New York, N. Y., Soph., Engineering, .Alpha Epsilon Pi, Insti- tute of Aeronautical Science . CHAPMAN, EVELYN, Selma, Va., Jr., ASKS, Delta Delta Delta, Women's Glee Club, YWCA, Wesley Choir CHAPPELLE, HELEN, Birmingham, Jr., Home Economics, Phi Mu, YWCA, Caroline Hunt Club, Women's Spirit Committee, Pep Squad . . CHECKETTS, ANN, Tuscaloosa, Fr., Commerce CHECKETTS, E. L., Tuscaloosa, Jr., Engineering . CHERRY, JOHN THOMAS, Vienna, !lI., Soph., Com- merce, Varsity Basketball. A toast to new Sig Ep House Row Six: CHILDS, LOOMIS MCCULLOUGH, Vicksburg, Miss., Jr., A845 . . . CHRISTIAN, JOHNNIE RUSSELL, Birmingham, Soph., Commerce, Chi Phi . . . CHRISTIAN, ROBERT, Norfolk, Va., Jr., Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . CHRISTOPHER, DAN, Jasper, Jr., ASS, Sigma Nu . . . CHRISTOPHER, SAM, Fort Payne, Jr., Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega, Quadrangle, SGA . . CLARK, BUNNIE BROWN, Lauderdale, Miss., Soph., Commerce, Westminster Fellowship . . CLARK, BURL LYNN, JR., Bayton, Texas, Jr., ABS, Sigma Gamma Epsilon . . . CLARK, JAMES MCGRUDER, Mobile, Jr., Engineering, Delta Kappa Epsilon. Row Seven: CLARK, MARGERY JILL, Sarasota, Fla., Jr., ASIS, Delta Gamma, YWCA . . CLARK, PATRICIA FAYE, Birmingham, Fr., ASS . . . CLEERE, ROBERT PERCIVAL, JR., Tuscaloosa, Jr., Education, Theta Chi, Varsity Football . . CLEGG, JOHN WILLIAM, Birmingham, Soph., Engineering, Pi Kappa Phi . . CLEVERLY, MARYHELEN, Jacksonville, Fla., Jr., ABS, Phi Mu, Editorial Staff, Rammer Jammer . . . CLIFFORD, FREDERICK CHARLES, Fairfield, Conn., Jr., Commerce, Kappa Sigma, Men's Glee Club, Newman Club . . . COATS, ROBERT B., Fairfield, Jr., ASIS, Pi Kappa Alpha . COBB, MARY COLEMAN, Uniontown, Jr., Education, Kappa Delta, Westminster Fellowship, YWCA, Pep Squad. Row Eight: CODD, DAVID RUSSELL, Rochester, N. Y., Jr., A8iS, Delta Sigma Phi, Pep Squad . . . COFIELD, ROBERT, Delta, Soph., Education . . COGBURN, BENTON B., Talladega, Soph., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . COGGIN, GEORGE GRADY, JR., Decatur, Soph., Commerce, Delta Sigma Phi, Alpha Phi Omega, Wesley Foundation, Rho Alpha Tau, Delta Sigma Pi . . . COHEN, HALLIE, Little Rock, Ark., Fr., ABS, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Hillel Foundation . COHEN, IRVING VICTOR, Mont- gomery, Fr., ASIS, Kappa Nu, Hillel Foundation . . COHEN, JEROME LEONARD, Bronx, N. Y., Jr., Education, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Hillel Founda- tion, International Zionist Federation of America . . COHEN, MARLENE, Belzoni, Miss., Soph., Education, Sigma Delta Tau, Pep Squad, Women's Glee Club, Women's Spirit Committee. Row Nine: COHEN, RACHEL D., Montgomery, Fr., Education, Hillel Foundation, International Zionist Federation of America, Business Staff, Rammer Jammer . . . COLEMAN, EDWARD THOMAS, Birmingham, Soph., Chemistry . . . COLEMAN, RICHARD E., Bloomfield, N. J., Jr., A8tS, Theta Xi, Pep Squad, WABP, Newman Club . . COLEMAN, ROBERT I, JR., Newport News, Va., Jr., Education, Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . COLEMAN, SAMUEL EUGENE, Birmingham, Soph., ASIS . COLEMAN, SARAH ROGERS, Birmingham, Soph., Home Economics . . COLLIER, BILLY JOE, Birmingham, Soph., Commerce, Pi Kappa Phi . . . COLLINS, ALLEN DUNN, Selma, Soph., Commerce, Kappa Alpha, Druids, YMCA. Row Ten: COLLINS, BARRY WOOD, Gallion, Fr., ASKS, Lambda Chi Alpha, Rho Alpha Tau . . COLLINS, BETTY, Northport, Jr., A8tS, Alpha Chi Omega, YWCA, WSGA , . . COLLINS, DALE, Pell City, Soph., ASIS, Delta Chi . . COLLINS, ROBERT CREAGH, Selma, Fr., ABS, Kappa Alpha, Pep Squad, YMCA . . . COLLINS, WILLIAM PERRYMAN, Birming- ham, Soph., Engineering, Alpha Tau Omega . . . COMMANDER, IRVIN M., Tuscaloosa, Jr., Commerce, Million Dollar Band . . COMPTON, JOSEPH H., Sylacauga, Jr., Commerce, Varsity Football . . . CONGER, MARTHA LEE, Honolulu, Hawaii, Fr., Education, Pi Beta Phi, Pep Squad, Swan Club. Sigma Nu's honor Brother Long ww! ADIIATE Connolly Constable Conway Cook, E. M. Cook, E. L. Cook, H. Cook, L. Cook, M. Cooper, B. Cooper, G. Cooper, L. Cooper, M. Cooper, P. Copeland Copenhclver Cord Cordell Corley Cornelius Collin Cotter, D. Cotter, F. Counts Courington Covington Cowart Cowie Cox, J. Cox, R. Cox, W. Coxe Craig, E. Craig, J. C ranfo rd Creel Crew Croft Cronier Cross Crowe, P. Crowe, R. Crowley Croxton Crumpton Crutcher Culp Culpepper Cumming Cummings Cunningham, J Cunningham, W Curran Currier Curtis Dailey, C. Dailey, J. Dale Damen Damson Daniel Daniels, C. Daniels, J. Daniels, T. Daniels, W. Danziger Darby, J. Darby, M. Darby, W. Darden Darnell, H. Darnell, O. Davidson, G, Davidson, M. Davis, A. Davis, A. J. Davis, M. Dawkins Day Dear Deason, L. 12-ji if 'Hr-QM' ' Q 'M 3 1 23? 63 P E sg W . :...: ,. iz'-12 r 25253. H Y 9'5- K in Q W gf? it Q JOHN DONALDSON LED PEP SQUAD'S C Row One: CONNOLLY, DUDLEY JOSEPH, Birmingham, Soph., A8tS, Theta Chi, Men's Glee Club , CONSTABLE, ALFRED FREDERICK, Jersey City, N. J., Engineering, Alpha Sigma Phi . . . CONWAY, JOAN MARIE, Shreveport, La., Jr., Commerce, Alpha Xi Delta, Newman Club, Pep Squad, YWCA, Commerce Association . , COOK, EDWARD MELTON, Montgomery, Soph., ASKS, Theta Xi . . . COOK, ELVEREE LUCILE, Eirming- hom, Soph., Home Economics, Delta Delta Delta, Triangle, YWCA, Caroline Hunt Club . COOK, HENRY GRADY, Dothan, Jr., ALS, Pi Kappa Phi . COOK, LEWIS J., Millport, Soph., Engineering, Theta Chi . . COOK, MARY FRANCIS, Dothan, Soph., ABQS, Delta Zeta, Pep Squad. Row Two: COOPER, BLUCHER HAMILTON, Montgomery, Fr., Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta, Pep Squad, Commerce Association . . . COOPER, GEORGE NELSON, Gadsden, Fr., Engineering, Sigma Nu, Pep Squad . . COOPER, LANOIX EUGENE, Birmingham, Fr., Commerce, Lambda Chi Alpha, Pep Squad, Debate Squad, l950-5l , COOPER, MARY LOUISE, Houston, Texas, Soph., Education, Phi Mu, Caroline Hunt Club COOPER, PAULINE HOLLAND, Montgomery, Jr., Education, Delta Gamma, YVVCA , . COPELAND, ANNE, Birmingham, Soph., ASQS, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Triangle, Alpha Lambda Delta, Hillel Foundation . , , COPENHAVER, SHIRLEY ELLEN, Bristol, Tenn., Jr., A8tS, Pi Beta Phi, Wesley Foundation . . . CORD, RICHARD HARVEY, New York, N. Y., Jr., Engi- neering, Theta Chi, American Society Mining Engineers, Westminster Fel, Iowship, St. Pats Association. Row Three: CORDELL, DOROTHY ELIZABETH, Valley Head, Jr., Education CORLEY, ED BOYD, Birmingham, Fr., Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta, Pep Squad . . . CORNELIUS, CHARLES L., Tarrant, Soph., Commerce, Delta Chi, Pep Squad, Glee Club , . . COTLIN, BARBARA JOAN, We- tumpka, Fr., Education, Alpha Chi Omega, Canterbury Club . . , COTTER, DAVID JAMES, Tuscaloosa, Jr., A8tS, Lambda Chi Alpha, Pep Squad, Newman Club . , . COTTER, FRANK M., Tuscaloosa, Jr., ASQS, Lambda Chi Alpha, Pep Squad, Newman Club .COUNTS, JOHN MONROE, JR., Florence, Fr., Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta . COURINGTON, THOMAS CLANTON, Parrish, Jr., Commerce, Phi Kappa Sigma, Commerce Association. Row Four: COVINGTON, ANNE, Jackson, Miss., Soph., ASIS , , . COWART, GEORGE RICHARD, Lanett, Jr., Commerce, Pi Kappa Phi, Pep Squad, Druids, Homecoming Committee . . . COWIE, WILLIAM DOUGLAS, Union, N. J., Fr., Engineering , . , COX, JUNE LEE, Bir- mingham, Jr., A8tS, Alpha Phi, Pep Squad, Canterbury Club . . , COX, RICHARD LEWIS, Birmingham, Soph., Commerce, Phi Delta Theta, Golf Team . . . COX, WALTER W., Slocomb, Fr., Education, Pi Kappa Phi, Football . COXE, JESSIE LOUISA, Birmingham, Jr., A8tS, Pep Squad CRAIG, EDWARD EVERETT, JR., Birmingham, Soph., ASQS, Phi Gamma Delta. Row Five: CRAIG, JOHN MILTON, JR., Birmingham, Soph., Commerce, Chi Phi . . . CRANFORD, CHARLES RUFUS, Jasper, Jr., ASS, Phi Gamma Delta, Cadet Officers Club, Rifle Team , , CREEL, WILLIAM THOMAS, Abbeville, Jr., AGS, Pi Kappa Phi . . . CREW, BENJAMIN F., Jasper, Soph., Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta, Pep Squad . . . CROFT, CLARENCE DENTON, Jersey City, N. J., Fr., ASS, Alpha Sigma Phi . . . CRONIER, ILA JEAN, Birmingham, Soph., Education, Christian Science Organization CROSS, MARGARET CAROL, Gadsden, Jr., Education, Alpha Gamma Delta, Pep Squad . CROWE, PAUL ABERNATHY, Lanett, Fr., A8tS, Pi Kappa Phi. Bulldog about to get a bath OLOR DESIGNS AT BAMA FOOTBALL GAMES Row Six: CROWE, RAE MAURICE, Mobile, Jr., Commerce, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . CROWLEY, DANIEL JOSEPH, Jacksonville, Fla., Jr., Com- merce, Varsity Track and Cross-Country . . CROXTON, EUGENE LUKE, JR., Montgomery, Jr., Engineering, Theta Chi, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Mu Epsilon, St. Pat's, Executive Council . CRUMPTON, GERALDINE, Fairfield, Fr., Commerce , , CRUTCHER, CHARLES WOODWARD, Athens, Soph., Commerce, Theta Chi, Million Dollar Band . . CULP, CHARLIE ALLEN, Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma . . CULPEPPER, THOMAS MELTON, Demopolis, Soph., ASIS, Kappa Alpha, Pep Squad . . CUMMING, MARY VIRGINIA, Rome, Ga., Jr., Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma, YWCA, Wesley Foundation, Wing Sponsor, ROTC. Row Seven: CUMMINGS, JACK DALY, Pass Christian, Miss., Soph., ASS, Sigma Chi, lnterfraternity Council, Philos, Pep Squad . . . CUNNINGHAM, JAMES C., JR., Russelville, Jr., Commerce, Delta Tau Delta . . . CUNNINGHAM, WILLIAM LAWRENCE, Hoguiam, Wash., Jr., Chemistry, Wesley Foundation . . . CURRAN, EDWIN JEROME, Mobile, Soph., Com- merce, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . CURRIER, WILLIAM R., Griffith, Ind., Fr., Engineering, St. Pat's Association, American Institution of Industrial Engineers . . . CURTIS, HOWARD JACK, Mobile, Fr., Commerce, Kappa Sigma, Rammer Jammer Business Staff . . . DAILEY, CARROLL CLIFTON, Montgomery, Jr., Engineering, Delta Tau Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Pi Sigma, Cadet Officers Club, St. Pat's Association, American Institute of Chemical Engineers . . DAILEY, JAMES GORDON, Montgomery, Jr., A8.S, Sigma Nu, Pep Squad. Row Eight: DALE, JOHN TAYLOR, Montgomery, Jr., Commerce, Phi Delta Theta . . . DAMEN, PEGGY, Montgomery, Soph., Commerce, Delta Zeta, Commerce Association . . . DAMSON, LEOLA SUE, Huntsville, Soph., Education, Blackfriars . . . DANIEL, JAMES EDWARD, Trussville, Fr., Engineering, Chi Phi . . . DANIELS, CHARLOTTE INEZ, Mobile, Jr., AGS . . DANIELS, JOHN POLLARD, Andalusia, Fr., ASQS, Kappa Sigma . . . DANIELS, TOLBERT ALLEN, JR., Spring Hill, Soph., Commerce, Sigma Chi, Druids, Pep Squad . . . DANIELS, WILLIAM BLAKE, Birmingham, Soph., Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega. Row Nine: DANZIGER, REBECCA WILLIAM, Montgomery, Jr., ASS, Kappa Delta, Canterbury Club, YWCA . . . DARBY, JUDYETTE, Montgomery, Fr., Education, YWCA, Pep Squad . . . DARBY, MARTHA ANN, Tuscaloosa, Jr., Home Economics, Delta Zeta, YWCA, Caroline Hunt Club . . . DARBY, WAVERLY BART, JR., Montgomery, Fr., ASQS, Delta Tau Delta . . . DARDEN, SARA N., Anniston, Jr., Education, Kappa Delta , . . DARNELL, HENRY LIVINGSTON, JR., Birmingham, Soph., Commerce, Theta Chi, Rho Alpha Tau, Wesley Foundation . . . DARNELL, OSCAR LLOYD, Guntersville, Soph., ASS, Sigma Phi Epsiion, Million Dollar Band . DAVIDSON, GEORGE ANN, New Orleans, La., Fr., A8tS, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Row Ten: DAVIDSON, MARJORIE JEAN, East Tallassee, Soph., Home Economics . . . DAVIS, ANN, Birmingham, Soph., Chemistry, Zeta Tau Alpha, YWCA, Pasteur Society . . . DAVIS, ALTO JORDAN, Montgomery, Fr., Education, Theta Xi, Million Dollar Band, University Symphony Or- chestra . . . DAVIS, MARY LEILA, Delray Beach, Fla., Jr., Home Eco- nomics, Chi Omega . DAWKINS. ANN, Birmingham, Jr., Home Economics, Zeta Tau Alpha . . . DAY, THOMAS R., Birmingham, Soph., ASS, Pi Kappa Alpha . DEAR, HUGH JAMES, Montgomery, Soph., Commerce, Delta Tau Delta, Million Dollar Band, Baptist Student Union, Commerce Association . , , DEASON, LORRAINE VIRGINIA, Birmingham, Fr., Home Economics. Marlow might maul that Mercury ,git s,.,v x Deason, T. DeBUfde-'ebef' DuBose DeCelle Dee Dees Deffke Delchamps Deleanard Della Rocco Delugoch Deming Denney Dennis, N. Dennis, V. Denson DeRieux Derivan Derrick Despina kis DeWeese Dewine DeWitt Dickens Dillard Dinken Dismukes Dixon, J. Dixon, W. Dobbs, D. Dobbs, J. Dockery Dodds Dollar Dolowitz Dominey Donaldson Dorsky Doughton Dowe Dowis Downey Drake Dravis Drennen Driggers Drummond Dulberg Dumas Duncan Dunham Dunn Durham Durr Durrett Dutton Dye Dwoskin Eagan Eastwood Edelson Edgeworth Edmond Edwards, B. Edwards, B. Edwards, D. Edwards, V. Edwards, W Eick Eidson Elliott Elliott, E. Elliott, F. B. Ellis, B. Ellis, S. J. Ellison Elmore Elsberry Elsom English, M. cf? 9. M 75 44 4 ii as . ,... , 13 Q 5 Q it to tii J IT if - .,.. A--3 nf ..I: -. YELL METER TO MEASURE SPIRIT AT Row One: DEASON, TEMD ROBERT, Montgomery, Jr., ASS, Lambda Chi Alpha . . . DEBARDELEBEN, PERRY CALDWELL, JR., Selma, Jr., ASQS, Kappa Sigma, Quadrangle, Phi Eta Sigma, Druids, Sigma Pi Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilon, Student Legislature, Pershing Rifles, Col. L. P. Hodnette Award, l95O, Cotillion Club, Corolla Business Staff . . . DUBOSE, ANN, Birming- ham, Fr., Commerce . . DE CELLE, KATHRYN JEANNE, Mobile, Fr., Education . . . DEE, JOSEPH ROY, JR., St. Petersburg, Fla., Fr., Com- merce, Chi Phi, Newman Club . . . DEES, FRED BENJAMIN, Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Pep Squad . . DEFFKE, MARIE, Selma, Jr., Education, Alpha Delta Pi, Alpha Lambda Delta . . . DELCHAMPS, OLIVER HARRIS, Mobile, Fr., Commerce, Delta Kappa Epsilon. Row Two: DeLEONARD, JOSEPH DANIEL, Birmingham, Soph., Com- merce, Pi Kappa Phi, Pep Squad . . . DELLA ROCCO, RICHARD, Wilson, Conn., Soph., Commerce . . . DELUGACH, FANNIE, Memphis, Tenn., Soph., Commerce, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Hillel Foundation . . DEMING, ROGER MCPETREE, St. Petersburg, Fla., ABS, Phi Gamma Delta, Pep Squad . . . DENNEY, GLORIA ANN, Alexander City, Jr., Home Eco- nomics, Alpha Gamma Delta . . . DENNIS, NELDA JEAN, Beaverton, Jr., Education, Wesley Choir . . . DENNIS, VIRGINIA, Panama City, Fla., Soph., Education, Phi Mu, YWCA, Pep Squad, Wesley Foundation . . . DENSON, LLOYD MCKIBBON, Montgomery, Soph., Commerce, Phi Kappa Sigma. Row Three: DeRIEUX, JERRY SEXTON, Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Cross-Country Track . . . DERIVAN, MARGARET ELIZABETH, Atlanta, Ga., Jr., ASLS, Delta Gamma, Swan Club, Blackfriars, YWCA . . . DERRICK, BROOKS JOHN, Scottsboro, Soph., Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega . . . DESPINAKIS, GREGORY JAMES, Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Theta Xi, Pep Squad, Commerce Association . . . DeWEESE, LILLIAN CLARA, Carbon Hill, Soph., Education . . . DeWINE, TOMMY PATRICK, Talladega, Fr., Engineering, Delta Tau Delta, St. Pat's Association, Newman Club, Alpha Phi Omega . . . DeWITT, PATSY JEANNE, Mobile, Jr., Education, Delta Delta Delta, Triangle, Pep Squad . . . DICKENS, RORY S., Tuscaloosa, Fr., Education, Sigma Chi. Row Four: DILLARD, WILLIAM D., Montgomery, Fr., ABS, Delta Tau Delta . . DINKEN, JEANNINE, Birmingham, Soph., Education . . . DISMUKES, LOUISE, Georgiana, Soph., Home Economics, Alpha Chi Omega . . . DIXON, JACK OWENS, Marion, Va., Jr., ABS, Alpha Sigma Phi . . . DIXON, WALTER, Bessemer, Fr., Engineering . , . DOBBS, DOUGLAS WALTON, Hamilton, Fr., Commerce, Varsity Track . . , DOBBS, JOE HARLAN, Fayett, Soph., ASIS, Phi Kappa Sigma . . . DOCKERY, BILLY FRANK, Tuscaloosa, Soph., A8iS. Row Five: DODDS, GEORGE ANTHONY, Central Park, Soph., Com- merce, Million Dollar Band . . DOLLAR, WILLIAM OWEN, JR., Birming- ham, Fr., ASIS, Delta Chi . . . DOLOWITZ, ROBERT CHARLES, Lake Hamilton, N. J., Jr., Commerce, President, Sigma Alpha Mu, Varsity Track, Hillel Foundation . . , DOMINEY, DIANE, Tuscaloosa, Fr., Education . . . DONALDSON, MIRIAM, Opp, Fr., Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma . . . DORSKY, JOYCE, Birmingham, Fr., Home Economics, Pep Squad, Business Staff, Rammer Jammer . . DOUGHTON, ELIZABETH ANN, Wilmington, Del., Jr., Home Economics, Delta Delta Delta, YWCA . . . DOWE, HERBERT FRANK, Montgomery, Fr., Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta. Rush week fatigue PEP RALLIES MADE DEBUT DURING FALL Row Six: DOWIS, JAMES RICHARD, Spartanburg, S. C., Jr., ASS, Phi Kappa Sigma, Press Club . . , DOWNEY, JAMES ASBURY, Birmingham, Jr., Engineering, Phi Delta Theta, Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Tau Sigma . . . DRAKE, FRANK WHITE, JR., Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Men's Glee Club , . DRAVIS, WILLIAM BROWN, Elizabeth, N. J., Soph., Engineering, Phi Sigma Kappa . , DRENNEN, GERALD A., Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Delta Kappa Epsilon . DRIGGERS, ROY MORRIS, Dothan, Jr., ABS, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Rho Alpha Tau, Philos, Men's Glee Club, Baptist Student Union . . . DRUMMOND, JOSEPH LEHMAN, Jasper, Jr., ASQS, Theta Chi, Pep Squad, Wesley Foundation . . . DULBERG, MURREY, Hewlett, N. Y., Soph., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Mu, Hillel Foundation. Row Seven: DUMAS, VIRGINIA ALLEN, Birmingham, Jr., Education, Alpha Gamma Delta, YWCA, Pep Squad . . . DUNCAN, LAURA VIRGINIA, Birmingham, Jr., Education, Phi Mu, Transfer Representative, VVSGA . . . DUNHAM, MARY ELIZABETH, DeLand, Fla., Fr., Education, Pi Beta Phi, YWCA . . DUNN, JAMES MANLY, JR., Parrish, Soph., Commerce, Phi Kappa Sigma . . . DURHAM, JOHN DONEHOO, Birming- ham, Fr., Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta, Pep Squad . . . DURR, JOHN WESLEY, Montgomery, Soph., Commerce, Phi Delta Theta . . . DURRETT, EBB BROWN, Bessemer, Jr., ASS, Kappa Alpha . . . DUTTON, DOROTHY JEAN, Northport, Soph., Education, Alpha Xi Delta. Row 8: DYE, MIRIAM, Memphis, Tenn., Fr., ABS, Pi Beta Phi, YWCA . . . DWOSKIN, CAROLE, Jacksonville, Fla., Fr., ABS . . . EAGAN, JOAN ELEANOR, Miami, Fla., Soph., Education, Phi Mu, YWCA, Pep Squad . . . EASTWOOD, GEORGE STONE, Birmingham, Jr., Engineering, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Quadrangle, Pi Mu Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma . . . EDELSON, MARVIN, LaGrange, Ga., Fr., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Mu, Pep Squad, Hillel Foundation, Alpha Phi Omega . . . EDGEWORTH, ANNIE RUTH, Detroit, Jr., Education, Wesley Foundation, YVVCA . , . EDMOND, ROBERT, Waynesboro, Ga., Soph., ABS, Sigma Nu . . , EDWARDS, BARBARA CAROL, Atlanta, Ga., Soph., A8iS, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Tri- angle, YWCA, Pep Squad, Westminster Fellowship. Row Nine: EDWARDS, BETTY JEAN, Tuscaloosa, Jr., Education, Alpha Xi Delta, Pep Squad . EDWARDS, DONALD FUHRMAN, Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Kappa Alpha, YMCA . . EDWARDS, VIRGINIA, Bir- mingham, Jr., Education, President, Alpha Chi Omega, Panhellenic Council, Women's Spirit Committee, YVVCA . , . EDWARDS, WILSIE LEE, Tuskegee, Jr., ABKS, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Alpha Sigma Omega, Pep Squad . . . EICK, DONALD N., Niagara Falls, N. Y., Soph., Commerce, Delta Sigma Phi . . . EIDSON, VIRGINIA, Atlanta, Ga., Soph., Home Economics, Wesley Foundation . . . ELLIATT, EULENE, Henagar, Jr., Education . . . ELLIOTT, ELIZABETH JOEL, Talladega, Jr., ASQS, Delta Delta Delta, YWCA. Row Ten: ELLIOTT, FRANK BAKER, Columbiana, Jr., Commerce, Com- merce Association, Air Force Cadet Officers Club . . . ELLIS, BEVERLY JEAN, Montgomery, Jr., Education, Wesley Foundation . ELLIS, SALLY JEAN, Miami, Fla., Jr., Education, Alpha Xi Delta, Caroline Hunt Club, Westminster Fellowship . . . ELLISON, KATHERINE GAILLARD, Birming- ham, Soph., ASQS, Phi Mu, 'Wesley Choir, Debate Team, YWCA . . . ELMORE, VIRGIL JACKSON, Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon , . . ELSBERRY, ELEANOR GRAY, Montgomery, Soph., Home Eco- nomics, Delta Delta Delta . . ELSOM, RICHARD GORDEN, Birmingham, Soph., ABS, Sigma Nu . ENGLISH, MARIANNE H., Tuscaloosa, Jr., Home Economics. Add H2501 and run English, P. Enochs Erickson Ernest Erwin Estroff Euler Evans, C. Evans, F. Evans, J. Ezell, E. Ezell, R. Ezell, V. Faherty Fancher Fanning Faraco Farmer, H. Farmer, J. Farmer, W, Faulk Faulkner, B. Faulkner, G. Faust Fayssoux Feagin Feigelson Feldman Fenn Ferguson Fikes Files Fincher Findlay Fine Finke Finlay Flagg Fleisher Fletcher Flippen Flowers Floyd, B. A. Floyd, B. l.. Fogleman Foil, C. Foil, H. Ford, A. Ford, J. Ford, R. Forster Forte Foster, J. Foster, M. Foster, V. Foster, W. Fowler, J. Fowler, R. Fox, E. Fox, M. Franco, D. Franco, E. Frantz Frasor Frazier Freehling Freeman Freundschuh Friedlander Fuller, B. Fuller, D. Fullington Gaines Gamble Ganey Gantt Gardner, l. Gardner, P. Garland Garner ,Ml F Nw 'Il 't 2 W9 -R-'Silk .QI . 3. A I a re ref s -- A 'i K if ,a 5 K ,k 1, Hg., S w ,N .,, A , S 'hwy X4-M. if 7 r M WHO qw ll" 1 if 51 rrl is is Arff 1 .ww '- 21. I .iy . 'C 'f ..' ,:- .. .15-1 xx 551 D 1 I :wi W . we 'F rg mi N an l' izggitfi I,i l 'g is 2 2 Sii ll ' 2 K . 5 'H-J ,, if fe , , 1. Q .. 1 r 5 . v..,,. Z 'V im 4 , , s . ........,. i -A , J, 1- ya f A A Si- ,ff if . , , 4 :., ld.. A ,MQ 3? z A- f"'if2E5i'- 5551 ,. 2 Y , , as ,,...t.s, gm gray 1, 1 N2 46 . ,,, J l ' E W ' 4 K or ,, , ... J F- ..'., " lzrr 1 J NJ THE "TIDE SAILED OVER STATE" BY 'I4 Row One: ENGLISH, PAUL L,, Tuscaloosa, Jr., Commerce, Rifle Team, Cadet Officers Club . . . ENOCHS, PHILIP ROGERS, Laurel, Miss,, Jr., ABS, Sigma Chi . . ERICKSON, SYLVIA DAVIS, Tampa, Fla., Jr., ABS, Chi Omega, Canterbury Club, Pep Squad, YWCA , ERNEST, BILLIE ANN, Mobile, Soph., Commerce . . ERWIN, JAMES HOWELL, Gadsden, Soph., ABS, Alpha Tau Omega . . ESTROFF, MARCIA LYNN, Vidalia, Ga., Fr., ABS, Sigma Delta Tau . . EULER, LAHNOE DWIGHT, Athens, Soph., Education, Pi Kappa Phi . . EVANS, CAROL, Tuscaloosa, Jr., ABS, Kappa Delta, Pi Mu Epsilon, YWCA. Row Two: EVANS, FLORENCE B., Birmingham, Jr., A8iS, Kappa Delta, YWCA, Canterbury Club . . . EVANS, JOAN MARGARET, Mobile, Soph., Home Economics, Delta Delta Delta . . . EZELL, EDDIE B., Bellamy, Fr., Commerce, Sigma Phi Epsilon . , EZELL, ROBB MILTON, Gadsden, Soph., ABS, Pi Kappa Alpha . , EZELL, VIVIAN, Brewton, Fr., Home Economics FAHERTY, JEANNE ELIZABETH, Memphis, Tenn., Fr., ABS, Phi Mu, Newman Club . . . FANCHER, ALLEN PRUDE, Montevallo, Soph., ABS, Pi Kappa Alpha, Rho Alpha Tau . . . FANNING, MARY ANN, Naperville, Ill., Soph., ABS, Theta Upsilon, Newman Club, Debate Squad. Row Three: FARACO, DUDLEY FRANCIS, Oyster Bay, N. Y., Soph., Engineering, Delta Sigma Phi, St. Pat's Association . . . FARMER, HUGH WADE, JR., Pulaski, Va., Jr., Commerce, Alpha Kappa Psi, Phi Eta Sigma, Pep Squad, Commerce Association . . . FARMER, JAMES H., Dothan, Jr., Commerce . . FARMER, WARREN S., Pulaski, Va,, Jr., Commerce, Pep Squad . . FAULK, TIM SIDNEY, Samson, Fr., Commerce, Sigma Nu . . . FAULKNER, BETTY, Oxford, Fr., Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club FAULKNER, GERALD D., Birmingham, Soph., ASYS, Delta Chi, Druids, YMCA . . . FAUST, BRYAN MARK, Ozark, Jr., ABS, Pi Kappa Phi. Row 4: FAYSSOUX, JOAN, Tuscaloosa, Soph., Education, Alpha Phi, Pep Squad . . . FEAGIN, JEAN MORRIS, Monroeville, Soph., Education, Delta Delta Delta . , FEIGELSON, CHARLIE ISAAC, Birmingham, Jr., ASQS, Kappa Nu, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, Secretary-Treasurer, ABS Freshman Class, Hillel Foundation, International Zionist Federation of America . . FELDMAN, HELEN, New Orleans, La., Soph., Home Eco- nomics, Hillel Foundation . . FENN, MARY PAULINE, Birmingham, Jr,, Education, Alpha Chi Omega, YWCA . . . FERGUSON, ARDEN, Blythe- ville, Ark., Jr., Commerce, Pi Beta Phi . . FIKES, ELIZABETH ANN, Hamilton, Soph,, Education . . . FILES, BILLY ERSKINE, Carbon Hill, Fr., ABS. Row Five: FINCHER, PORTIA ANN, Alexander City, Jr,, ABS, Alpha Phi, Wesley Foundation, Pep Squad, Women's Spirit Committee, Swan Club . . , FINDLAY, THOMAS E., Tuscaloosa, Jr., ABS, Sigma Chi . FINE, FLORENCE TERRY, High Point, N. C., Jr., ABS, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Tau Kappa Alpha, Debate Squad, Zeta Phi Eta, Editorial Staff, Rammer Jammer . . . FINKE, CARL M., Dayton, Ohio, Soph., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Mu . . . FINLAY, LOUIS M., Jackson, Fr., Commerce, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . FLAGG, NANCY ANN, Florence, Soph., Home Economics, Kappa Delta, YVVCA, Triangle . . . FLEISHER, IRWIN, Stanford, Conn., Soph., ABS, Sigma Alpha Mu, Hillel Foundation , . FLETCHER, HAROLD KENNETH, Gadsden, Fr., Commerce. Row Six: FLIPPEN, BETTY JANE, Tuscumbia, Jr., ABS, Delta Zeta, Pep Squad, Wesley Foundation, VVomen's Spirit Committee , FLOWERS, LOIS McLURE, Birmingham, Fr., ASS, Pi Beta Phi, YWCA . . FLOYD, BETTY ANN, Atlanta, Ga., Jr., Education, Alpha Gamma Delta You iust think you see 'em -7 SCORE AT HOMECOMING GAME FLOYD, BILLY L., Andalusia, Jr., ABS, Pi Kappa Alpha, American Institute of Mechanical Engineers , , FOGLEMAN, GEORGE WESLEY, II, Birming- ham, Fr., Engineering, Lambda Chi Alpha, St. Pat's Association . . . FOIL, CAMILLA ANN, Columbia, S. C., Jr., ABS, Delta Delta Delta . . . FOIL, HOPE, Bobalusa, La., Fr., Education, Zeta Tau Alpha, Swan Club FORD, ALVIS SHELTON, Gadsden, Fr., Engineering, Lambda Chi Alpha. Row Seven: FORD, JOSEPH MANN, Atlanta, Ga., Fr., ABS, Phi Gamma Delta , FORD, RICHARD LEWIS, Staten Island, N. Y., Soph., Com- merce, Alpha Phi Omega, Commerce Association . , . FORSTER, WALTER AUGUSTUS, JR., Fairhope, Jr., Commerce, Lambda Chi Alpha, Pep Squad, Christian Science Organization . . . FORTE, MICHAEL, Yonkers, N. Y., Jr., Engineering . . . FOSTER, JULIETTE, Washington, D. C., Jr., ABS, Delta Gamma, YVVCA, French Club, Canterbury Club . . . FOSTER, MARSHALL G., Atlanta, Ga., Fr., Commerce, Sigma Nu, Pep Squad . . . FOSTER, VONNIE ODEN, Birmingham, Jr., Education, Kappa Delta, Tri- angle, YVVCA, Canterbury Club, Business Staff, Corolla . . FOSTER, WALKER, Pascagoula, Miss., Jr,, Engineering, Delta Kappa Epsilon, St. Pat's Association. Row 8: FOWLER, JOHN MITCHELL, Bessemer, Fr., ABS, Delta Chi . . . FOWLER, RAY D., Montevallo, Jr., ABS, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . FOX, ESTA JEAN, Florence, Jr., Education, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Women's Spirit Committee, Hillel Foundation . . FOX, MARGARET CLAIRE, Birmingham, Jr., Home Economics, Delta Delta Delta . . . FRANCO, DANIEL RALPH, Montgomery, Soph., ABS, Kappa Nu, Cadet Officers Club . . . FRANCO, EDWARD MORRIS, Montgomery, Jr., A8iS, Kappa Nu, Pep Squad, Men's Spirit Committee . . , FRANTZ, ROBERT GASTON, Gadsden, Jr., ABS, Pi Kappa Alpha . . FRASER, MERLE CASWELL, Columbus, Miss., Fr., ABS, Alpha Tau Omega. Row Nine: FRAZIER, ORMOND WILDER, Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Theta Chi FREEHLING, ALLEN I., Miami, Fla., Soph., A8iS, Sigma Alpha Mu, Publicity Director, SGA, Alabama News Bureau, WUOA-FM, Men's Spirit Planning Committee, Pep Squad, Hillel Foundation, Inter- fraternity Council, News Director, WABP, Pershing Rifles, Crimson-White . . . FREEMAN, JAMES LAMAR, Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Delta Chi . . . FREUNDSCHUH, JOY A., Pensacola, Fla., Soph., Education, Delta Zeta, Pep Squad, Swan Club . . . FRIEDLANDER, HARRIS, Mobile, Jr., Commerce, Kappa Nu, Vice-President, Commerce Association, President, Hillel Foundation, University Religious Council . . . FULLER, BOBBY DUPREE, Tuscumbia, Jr., Commerce, Alpha Kappa Psi . . . FULLER, DONALD HARVEY, Miami, Fla., Jr., Commerce, Kappa Alpha, Cheerleader, Men's Spirit Planning Committee . . FULLINGTON, LAWRENCE TATUM, JR., Birmingham, Soph., Commerce, Delta Chi, Varsity Track Team. Row Ten: GAINES, JANICE DOROTHY, Jacksonville, Fla., Fr., ASKS, Sigma Delta Tau, WABP, Pep Squad, Hillel Foundation . . . GAMBLE, JAMES MARION, Dothan, Jr., Commerce, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Secretary, Alpha Kappa Psi, Wesley Foundation, Cadet Officers Club, Men's Glee Club, Commerce Association . . GANEY, MARY FRANCIS, Talladega, Jr., Education, Zeta Tau Alpha, YWCA . . . GANTT, JAMES STEWART, Wetumpka, Fr., ABS, Kappa Alpha . GARDNER, LUCY, Rossville, Ga., Fr., Home Economics, Pi Beta Phi . , GARDNER, POLLY, Rossville, Ga., Fr., Home Economics, Pi Beta Phi . , , GARLAND, JOHN D., South Nor- wald, Conn., Fr., Commerce . GARNER, JOSEPHINE, Sweetwater, Jr., ABS. Buma's King ofthe Bowls , , . .,M,,.,..,1 -- ....,.,,.. -,glM--f.,..,.,-...,..T-,f..p.....,,.........,,,M....M W. N. , .. Garrison, J. Garrison, J. F. Garrison, M. Gaskill Gaston, M. Gaston, R. Gaye Gaynor Geddie Geeser Gentry Gerber Gex, L. Gex, P. Ghizari Gibbs, J. Gibbs, S. J. Gibbs, S. R. Gibson, A. Gibson, J. Giddens Gilbert, C. Gilbert, J. Gilbert, P. Gilbert, W. Gilder Gillespie, E. Gillespie, M. Gillespy Gilliam Gilliland, B. Gilliland, J. E. Gilliland, J. F. Gilman Ginsberg Girlinghouse Glover, K. Glover, L. Godsey Godwin Goehring Goldberg, F. Goldberg, l. Goldman Goldstein, D. Goldstein, H. Goldstein, H. Goldstein, M. Golightly, E. Golightly, R. Gonzales Good Goodman, K. Goodman, W Goodson Goodwin Goolsby Gordon, L. G Gordon, I.. B. Gorlin Gottesman Grace Graham, D. Graham, E. Graham, J. Graham, L. Grant Graubard Gravett Graves, H. Graves, K. Graves, W. Gravlee Gray, E. Gray, J. Gray, K. Green, R. Green, W. Greenberg Greene, A. if Q -uf K . . sk 'ff Hx ?S,.5ffS f fi R.4'1.-- we sf 1 g ,-Q .K , Q i iiai ' - .mfgrs . -'sewn s 1 9 S f l is L ' Q 1 t bs .. . sf . H E Q SEK 3 t ii' s T'-it e , 1. 4: .5 YQV .f W 3 4 if ' M. 31. - J- M. .es ., A' 5 bv J' gm in y.. be 'Y .. if . 'B 5535? 4 if-.ew be , -.--sw. .. 1 I . L 4 we -. lu A xx QQ! - .- 33 fa x ' we an K E Qt fi? Qt' , r 313. ' f 'F is. 4 'i . J- X' , 5 JW f'T??.f S 2 : , ..' 1: SH.. ' Q . ir it . s, . Le. 1 - e "' 5 - pf i 5 hi: ' KS., , X 'YN '--.. 'ls-I 4.93, 'W s 'ik .,ii-.. .5 .. :QF -, ii x g .. .K K A , .-2.':, :5.,'::.' N l ' ff ' ' W 9 .L hr J, DELTA GAMMAS WON SECOND TROPHY FOR HOMECOMING LAWN DECORATIONS Row One: GARRISON, JANICE, Gadsden, Fr., Home Economics, Alpha Chi Omega, Women's Spirit Committee, Homecoming Queen, I95O . . GARRISON, JULIA FRANCES, Gadsden, Jr., Home Economics, Westminster Fellowship, Caroline Hunt Club, Women's Spirit Committee, WSGA . . . GARRISON, MARTHA FRANCES, Tuscaloosa, Jr., Education, Zeta Tau Alpha . . . GASKILL, WILLIAM THOMAS CAMERON, Erlton, N. J., Jr., Commerce, Pi Kappa Phi . , GASTON, MARY DONNA, Tuscaloosa, Jr., Home Economics, Alpha Xi Delta, Pep Squad . . GASTON, ROBERT ALEC, Teaneck, N. J., Jr., A84S, Lambda Chi Alpha, Druids, Interfraternity Council, Swimming Team . . . GAYE, JAMES EDWARD, Graysville, Soph., A8tS, Pi Kappa Phi . . GAYNOR, RICHARD D., Spring Hill, Jr., Engi- neering, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Chi Epsilon, Theta Tau, Pershing Rifles, American Society of Civil Engineers. Row Two: GEDDIE, ROWLAND HILL, JR., Birmingham, Fr., Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta, Pep Squad, Rammer Jammer, Editorial Staff . . . GEESER, SHERMAN, Quinton, Fr., Commerce, Kappa Nu . . . GENTRY, EDWIN ANTHONY, Birmingham, Soph., Commerce, Phi Delta Theta, Rho Alpha Tau . , . GERBER, THELMA, New Orleans, La., Soph., Home Eco- nomics, Sigma Delta Tau, Women's Spirit Committee, Hillel Foundation . . GEX, LUCIEN MARION, JR., Bay St. Louis, Miss., Fr., ASIS, Sigma Chi . . . GEX, PATRICIA ANN, Bay St. Louis, Miss., Soph., A8cS, Phi Mu, Newman Club . . . GHIZARI, PETER THOMAS, Woonsocket, R. I., Jr., Commerce, Pershing Rifles . . , GIBBS, JACKSON HOWARD, Bir- mingham, Jr., Engineering, Kappa Sigma. Row Three: GIBBS, S. JULIAN, Sulligent, Fr., ABS, Wesley Foundation . . , GIBBS, SHIRLEY REGINA, Live Oak, Fla., Fr., A8tS, Sigma Delta Tau, Junior Panhellenic . . . GIBSON, ADOLPHUS HUGH, JR., Birming- ham, Soph., Engineering, Theta Chi, Pep Squad . . GIBSON, JANE, Lineville, Soph., Education . . . GIDDENS, PAT, Selma, Fr., Education, YWCA, Pep Squad . GlI.BERT, CATHERINE LEE, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., Soph., ASS, Kappa Delta , . GILBERT, JOHN FRANK, Marblehead, Mass., Jr., Education, Lambda Chi Alpha . . . GILBERT, PEGGY ANN, Birmingham, Jr., Home Economics. Row Four: GILBERT, WILLIAM EDWARD, Geiger, Soph., Education, Pep Squad, Wesley Foundation , . . GILDER, HERBERT THADDEUS, Columbus, Ga., Fr., ASQS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pep Squad , GILLESPIE, ESSIE SUE, Alexander City, Fr., Home Economics , . , GILLESPIE, MARY JANE, Meridian, Miss., Jr., Home Economics, Pi Beta Phi . . . GILLESPY, ADELAIDE BYRUM, Birmingham, Soph., ASS, Delta Delta Delta, Triangle . , , GILLIAM, FRANCES LOUISE, Birmingham, Soph., Education, AIA . . . GILLILAND, BETSY ANN, Goodwater, Soph., A8rS, Alpha Gamma Delta . , GILLILAND, JACK EDWARD, JR., Mobile, Jr., Commerce. Row Five: GILLILAND, JOSEPH FORNEY, Goodwater, Jr., Commerce, Delta Sigma Phi . , GILMAN, STANLEY ARTHUR, Waterville, Me., Jr., Commerce, Theta Xi . . . GINSBERG, ELINOR, Atlanta, Ga., Fr., Educa- tion, Sigma Delta Tau . . . GIRLINGHOUSE, MARY JOAN, Shreveport, La., Jr., ASS, Alpha Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Newman Club . , , GLOVER, KATHERINE DAUGHDRILL, Marion, Jr., Home Economics, Kappa Kappa Gamma, YWCA, Canterbury Club, Caroline Hunt Club, Million Dollar Band Sponsor . . GLOVER, LESTER BYRON, Abbeville, Soph., ASIS, Pi Kappa Phi, Pep Squad , GODSEY, ROSEMARY, Haleyville, Jr., Education . . . GODWIN, JAMES EDWARD, Frisco City, Commerce, Phi Kappa Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma, Druids, Delta Sigma Pi. Warmup for the Black and White Row Six: GOEHRING, JOHN RUDOLPH, Washington, D. C., Jr., Com- merce, Kappa Sigma . . GOLDBERG, FREDERICK LEONARD, Paterson, N. J., Fr., ASIS, Sigma Alpha Mu . . . GOLDBERG, IRWIN RONALD, Birmingham, Soph., A8rS, Kappa Nu, Phi Eta Sigma, Philos, Cadet Offi- cers Club, International Zionist Federation of America . . . GOLDMAN, JUDITH A., Charleston, W. Va., Jr., Home Economics, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Pep Squad, Hillel Foundation, Business Staff, Rammer Jammer . . . GOLDSTEIN, DONALD BERT, Birmingham, Soph., Commerce, Zeta Beta Tau , . GOLDSTEIN, HAROLD WILLIAM: Brooklyn, N. Y., Soph., ASIS, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Hillel Foundation, Alpha Phi Omega, German Club . . . GOLDSTEIN, HERBERT, Birmingham, Fr., Commerce, Kappa Nu, Pep Squad . . . GOLDSTEIN, MARVIN ARNOLD, Brooklyn, N. Y., Soph., Commerce, Alpha Epsilon Pi. Row Seven: GOLIGHTLY, ELIZABETH A., Birmingham, Soph., Education, Delta Delta Delta . . GOLIGHTLY, ROSEMARY, Brackenridge, Pa., Soph., Home Economics, Newman Club . . . GONZALES, EULALIE, Mo- bile, Jr., ASLS, Chi Omega . . . GOOD, ALFRED NELSON, Trafford, Soph., Engineering, Delta Tau Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, James Robertson Award . . . GOODMAN, KENNETH M., Brooklyn, N. Y., Soph., A8QS, Alpha Epsilon Pi . . GOODMAN, WILBUR GARLAND, Enterprise, Jr., ABS, Pi Kappa Phi, Pershing Rifles, Pep Squad, Baptist Student Union . . . GOODSON, JOHN WAYNE, Birmingham, Fr., A8iS, Sigma Nu . . . GOODWIN, BEVERLY KATHRYN, Birmingham, Jr., Education, Pi Beta Phi. Row Eight: GOOLSBY, THOMAS MORRIS, JR., Wetumpka, Fr., ABS . . . GORDON, LEON GREDERISK, Columbus, Miss., Jr., A8-S, Kappa Nu . . . GORDON, LIONEL BERNARD, Montgomery, Jr., Commerce, Kappa Nu, Varsity Tennis, Cadet Officers Club . . GORLIN, HERBERT DONALD, Fair Lawn, N. J., Fr., A8iS, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Hillel Founda- tion . . GOTTESMAN, SAMUEL, Brooklyn, N. Y., Jr., Chemistry, Alpha Epsilon Pi, American Chemical Society, Hillel Foundation, International Zionist Federation of America . , GRACE, PATRICIA JANE, Tallassee, Fr., Education, Pep Squad, Wesley Foundation . GRAHAM, DAVID, Buhl, Fr., A8.S . . , GRAHAM, EDGAR LEON, Coden, Jr., ASS, Pi Kappa Alpha, Pershing Rifles. Row Nine: GRAHAM, JOHN HUGH, Bridgeville, Pa., Jr., Engineering, St. Pat's Association, Cadet Officers Club, Westminster Fellowship . . GRAHAM, L. W., Coden, Soph., ASS, Pl Kappa Alpha , . . GRANT, DONALD POWELL, Tuscaloosa, Jr., ASS, Lambda Chi Alpha, Pep Squad, Press Club, Cadet Officers Club . . GRAUBARD, PAUL STUART, Paassaic, N. J., Jr., ABS, Alpha Epsilon Pi, International Relations Club, French Club, Hillel Foundation . GRAVATT, R. DUDLEY, Richmond, Va., Jr., Engineering . . . GRAVES, HOWARD CROSBY, JR., Hyde Park, N. Y., Jr., AES, Phi Sigma Kappa , . . GRAVES, KENNETH JOE, Huntsville, Fr., Engineering, Sigma Phi Epsilon, St. Pat's Association . . . GRAVES, WILLIAM D., III, Alexander City, Soph., Commerce, Phi Delta Theta. Row Ten: GRAVLEE, HARRIET COLEMAN, Spring Hill, Soph., Education, Delta Delta Delta, Triangle, YWCA, Pep Squad . . GRAY, EDWARD H., Laurel, Miss., Soph., Engineering, Sigma Chi, Pep Squad . . . GRAY, JAMES C., Birmingham, Fr., Engineering, Kappa Sigma . . . GRAY, KATHRYN, Orlando, Fla., Jr., Home Economics, Alpha Chi Omega, Pep Squad, Women's Spirit Committee, YWCA, Caroline Hunt Club . . . GREEN, RAMON, East Orange, N. J., Soph., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Mu, Hillel Foundation, International Zionist Federation of America . . . GREEN, WILLIAM LESLIE, Montgomery, Soph., Commerce, Debate Squad . , , GREENBERG, MARVIN BERNARD, Gadsden, Soph., Commerce, Kappa Nu . . GREENE, ALVIN, Jamaica, N. Y., Fr., Commerce, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Pep Squad, Hillel Foundation, Debate Squad, Make a wish and blow real hard Greene, V. Greenfield Greenspan Gregoire Gregory, D. Gregory, J. Gregory, W. Greiner Gresham Griffin, D. Griffin, G. Griffin, M. Griggs Gris! Grodsky Groom Grooms Gross Grove Grundfest Grzymkowski Gullaff Gunby Gunn Gunnison Gup, M. Gup, S. Gurley Gurwifch Gufhrie Guyion Haas Hadaway Hagaman Hagan Hager Hagood Haguewood Hahamis Hale Hall, A. Hall, C. Hall, F. Hall, J. Hall, M. Hall, M. I. Hall, N. Hall, R. Hamilfon, B. Hamilton, P. Hampton, M. Hampton, W. Hamrick Hanahan, A. Hanohan, B. Hanan Hancock Handwerger Hangarler Hannon Hans Hansen Harbin, A, Harbin, H. Harden, B. Harden, D. Hardison Hardwick Hargis Harkins Harmon Harper, B. Harper, C. Harper, J. Harper, R. Harre Harris, D. Harris, H. Harris, J. Harris, N. .N Q .- . . A .www .. Q . 4' -f--. of fs- . W . fn. - GWR f?!5?1SY'1S?5?Y A ...., rr' Q ' f ----W, f J A is - Y- . ,. f ii- ' qw' x We L ' 'S if : 4- eeei an ,.. . r uglgv Q, -I H VV ,. s . " ' 7 -- - :"A' "" J L 7' X - . s . -. . ' D sr-r if a. .1-gm .I - is - -- - -. frz' a nf, V in 7 . . "" ij' I .l 5 A . .- Q af- I . V f' - - . - z K fa- a ' fx in - 4' ' - ,. - H A if ? 'if - - - 1 Q in v ' ? J I - T" . , Vi V..... my M ' -' , x 1 - I'-,, 5 ,yg ., . , A , 1 f, ' 43 " 1' ' -fl' W I . 55. EWR ., ....-M' Q 1 -r if GM A of fi W a g., ,X A 5 e W1 2- .24 - '-:'IIfiL..- -. .. .,4..e..Q,...3...- -- ., .-....,.,...,...::..., .. V ii? . ' a:..:s:..:..:: M. - ---- .H - My Q 10 K Q5 . .,.' 5, 55 I if .3 sn. Jw f E- 'NR' Xe Q Qs- " A f iiri W . gig! A Q X 5 f' 1 . J X g V -.. A . . I. ,-,,. any 1 -Nl? LA A wi . Q. .1 .1--fi? X if? i. fs m y V QF- gr, ,M . V . . . - - 1 I ' 'J ' f- is 1 5, z M , . . K' iiiiefgg-.--. 'wr M" -.111-"':e. .. ' A-3:51. V K. 1-rw-iss 1 2 ?: -S , . .. f ,er ' -fs? we --. J gy, vi --K ,5 5... mi Mi" . H. 'Ti' - - . i ' .-f5.-M FORMER BAMA STUDENT ANN ADAMS Row One: GREENE, VAN THOMAS, Birmingham, Soph., ABS, Pershing Rifles . . . GREENFIELD, BARBARA, Miami Beach, Fla., Fr., ABS, Sigma Delta Tau . . . GREENSPAN, KENNETH PAUL, Laurelton, N. Y., Soph., ASQS, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Blaclcfriars, Rifle Team, Hillel Foundation, Men's Glee Club, International Zionist Federation ot America . GREGOIRE, MARK CHARLES, Kenmore, N. Y., Soph., Engineering, Delta Sigma Phi, American Institute of Aeronautical Engineers, Varsity Traclc Team, St. Pat's Association . . . GREGORY, DONALD J., Birmingham, Soph., Com- merce, Pi Kappa Alpha, Alabama Cavaliers GREGORY, JOHN S., JR., Birmingham, Jr., A8tS, Pi Kappa Alpha , GREGORY, WILLIAM WYATT, Dothan, Jr., Commerce, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma, Delta Sigma Pi, Men's Spirit Planning Committee, lnterfraternity Council, Pep Squad, Million Dollar Band . . , GREINER, JAMES WILLIAM, Mobile, Jr., Com- merce, Sigma Chi. Row Two: GRESHAM, LEONARD S., Elmore, Fr., Commerce, Delta Tau Delta . GRIFFIN, DUDLEY W., Montgomery, Jr., ASKS, Phi Delta Theta . , GRIFFIN, GEORGE THOMAS, Thomasville, Soph., Commerce, Sigma Chi, Pep Squad, Commerce Association GRIFFIN, MARY NELL, Gadsden, Jr., Education, YVv'CA . GRIGGS, JAMES COOPER, Anniston, Soph., A84S, Delta Chi GRIST, HARRY, Tuscaloosa, Soph., Education, Pi Kappa Alpha, Million Dollar Band GRODSKY, ZELDA H., Mobile, Fr., Commerce GROOM, CHARLES FRANCIS, Mobile, Fr., Commerce. Row Three: GROOMS, HARLAN HOBART, Birmingham, Jr., ALS, Pi Kappa Alpha, Pershing Rifles, Vice-President, Sophomore Class, ABQS, Pep Squad, Baptist Student Union . GROSS, MARGARET, Tuscaloosa, Fr., A8iS, Alpha Chi Omega, Symphony Orchestra, Women's Spirit Com- mittee, YWCA, Baptist Student Union GROVE, FRANK LEON, JR., Montgomery, Soph., Education, Sigma Alpha Epsilon GRUNDFEST, MARGARET ANN, Cary, Miss., Fr., Home Economics, Alpha Epsilon Phi GRZYMKOWSKI, MARIE ELIZABETH, Rochester, N. Y., Jr., Education, Swan Club GULLATT, MARY JANE: Phenix City, Fr., A8iS, Phi Mu, Pep Squad , GUNBY, DAVID KIRK, III, DeLand, Fla., Jr., Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega, Canterbury Club, Commerce Association GUNN, SARAH SUSAN, Montgomery, Jr., Home Economics, Chi Omega, YWCA, Caroline Hunt Club. Row Four: GUNNISON, JANE, Dallas, Texas, Jr., Education, Wesley Foundation GUP, MARK, Pensacola, Fla., Soph., A8iS, Zeta Beta Tau GUP, SUZANNE, Rochester, N. Y., Jr., Education GURLEY, BETTY SUE, Anniston, Jr., Education, Alpha Delta Pi GURWITCH, BILL ABRAM, Prichard, Fr., ABS, Kappa Nu, Pep Squad, Hillel Foundation . . , GUTHRIE, ROBERT ATKIN, Chatanooga, Tenn., Fr., Commerce, Delta Tau Delta GUYTON, JIMMIE ANN, Hamilton, Jr., Home Economics HAAS, SARAH EVELYN, Mobile, Soph., Education, Pi Beta Phi, YWCA. Row Five: HADAWAY, EARL JACKSON, Birmingham, Soph., ASS, Theta Chi, Million Dollar Band, Alabama Cavaliers HAGAMAN, MARY BONNER, Tampa, Fla., Education, Alpha Delta Pi, YWCA, Pep Squad . . . HAGAN, MARTHA GAINES, Mobile, Soph., Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Pep Sauad, Canterbury Club HAGER, NORMA D., Spring- hill, Soph., Home Economics HAGOOD, GEORGE FRANK, Mont- gomery, Fr., Commerce, Sigma Nu HAGUEWOOD, LAURA JOYCE, Tuscaloosa, Fr., Education, VVesley Foundation HAHAMIS, JOANNA, Birmingham: Soph., Education, Cheerleader, Swan Club, Dance Club HALE, CLYDE DONALD, Pine Apple, Jr., Commerce. South Pacific Ala Bama REIGNED AS ALABAMA MAID OF COTTON Row Six: HALL, ANN DELORES, Bonita, Miss., Fr., Commerce, Phi Mu , HALL, CHARLES WILLIAM, Birmingham, Jr., Engineering, Sigma Alpha Epsilon , . . HALL, FRANCES ADELL, Birmingham, Fr., Home Eco- nomics, Alpha Xi Delta . . . HALL, JEAN MACNAB, Birmingham, Soph., Home Economics, Alpha Gamma Delta, Secretary, Caroline Hunt Club, Women's Spirit Committee, YWCA . . . HALL, MARY, Tensaw, Fr., Com- merce . . . HALL, MYNDALL IRA, Tuscaloosa, Jr., Home Economics, President, Theta Upsilon . . . HALL, NANCY KATHERINE, Huntsville, Soph., Education, Pep Squad, Triangle, Westminster Fellowship . HALL, RUBY ELIZABETH, Atmore, Soph., Education. Row Seven: HAMILTON, BETTY SUE, Jasper, Jr., Chemistry, Chi Omega, YWCA, Pasteur Society . HAMILTON, PETER, JR., Montgomery, Jr., A8iS, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . HAMPTON, MARY KATHRYN, Columbus, Ga., Jr., ASS, Alpha Delta Pi . . HAMPTON, WADE, Prattville, Jr., Commerce, Delta Chi, Delta Sigma Pi, VVesley Foundation, President, Junior Class, Commerce, Commerce Executive Council, Wesley Representa- tive . . HAMRICK, THYRA MAE, Mobile, Jr., Education, Alpha Xi Delta, Blackfriars . . HANAHAN, ANN, Dothan, Jr., Education, Kappa Delta, YWCA, Canterbury Club, Pep Squad . . . HANAHAN, BRUCE MORTIMER, Dothan, Soph., Engineering, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Vice-President, St. Pat's Association, Vice-President, Junior Class, Engineering, Spirit Com, mittee, Newman Club, Student Legislature HANAN, BERNARD, Montgomery, Jr., ASS, Kappa Nu. Row Eight: HANCOCK, JAMES HUGHES, Montgomery, Soph., Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega, Rho Alpha Tau, Vice-President, Druids, Quadrangle, Pershinq Rifles, Canterbury Club, Chairman, Campus Chest Drive . . HANDWERGER, JOE, Mobile, Jr., Engineering, Kappa Nu, Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilon, Secretary-Treasurer, Junior Class, Engineering HANGARTER, DAVID B., Roselle, N. J., Soph., Commerce, Phi Sigma Kappa . HANNON, MILDRED JOANN, Anniston, Soph., A8iS, Alpha Phi, Pep Squad, Women's Spirit Committee, WABP, Canterbury Club, YWCA HANS, ANDREW DENNY, Birmingham, Fr., Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta, Pep Squad, Commerce Association HANSEN, HAROLD W., Perth Amboy, N. J., Soph., Engineering, Pep Squad, St. Pat's Association, American Institute of Industrial Engineers, Fencing Team HARBIN, ANN CAMPBELL, Montgomery, Fr., Education HARBIN, HOYT E., Scottsboro, Jr., Commerce, Phi Delta Theta. Row Nine: HARDEN, BETTY JOYCE, Ozarlx, Jr., Education, Delta Zeta HARDEN, DONALD SHAFTER, Birmingham, Soph., ABS, Pi Kappa Alpha HARDISON, JOE WILLIAM, Montgomery, Fr., ASS, Million Dollar Band, Alabama Symphony Orchestra, Debate Squad HARDWICK, CHARLES WILLIAM, Slocomb, Soph., ABS HARGIS, KATHERINE LANGHORNE, Uniontown, Fr., Home Economics, Kappa Delta, YWCA, Canterbury Club HARKINS, CLAUDE S., Tallassee, Soph., ABS, Sigma Chi HARMON, BRUCE MILNER, Gardendale, Jr., Com- merce, Delta Tau Delta HARPER, BETTY ANN, Florala, Jr., ASS, Chi Omega, YWCA, Blackfriors. Row Ten: HARPER, CATHERINE JOANNE, Birmingham, Soph., Chemistry, Delta Zeta, Triangle, Pasteur Society, President, Sophomore Class, Chem- istry, Baptist Student Union HARPER, JAMES BENJAMIN, Montgomery, Commerce, Jr., Delta Tau Delta, Million Dollar Band HARPER, RAYMOND MOORE, Reform, Jr., Engineering, Sigma Nu HARRE, JO ANN, Tampa, Fla., Jr., Education, Alpha Xi Delta, Wesley Foundation HARRIS, DONALD JEAN, Guntersville, Jr., Education HARRIS, H. GLYNN, Dothan, Jr., Commerce, Kappa Sigma HARRIS, JAMES ZACK, Slocomb, Soph., AAS, Pi Kappa Phi HARRIS, NINA WEIR, Little Rock, Ark., Jr., ABS, Delta Delta Delta, Zeta Phi Eta, Philos, Triangle. I want my water wings Harris, R. J. Harris, R. S. Harrison Harrod Hart Hartwell Harvey, C. A. Harvey, C. G. Hastings Hasty Havard Havenick Hawkins ,A. Hawkins, D. Hawkins, E. Hayes, A. Hayes, E. l. Hayes, E. S. Hayes, H. Haynes Haynie Hays Head, O. Head, T. Heaslet Heenan Held Helms Hembree Henderson Hendrick Hendricks, J. Hendricks, N. Hendrix Henley Henry Henson, H. Henson, J. Henson, W. Herrmann Heustess Hewes Hewitt Hieronymus Hill, B. Hill, C. Hill, E. Hill, I. Hill, R. H. Hill, R. A. Hinkle Hinshaw Hirschmann Hitt Hnatkow Hodges, E. Hodges, L. Hogshead Holder Holiman Holland, H. Holland, K. Holland, R. Holley, D. Holley, J. Holliman Hollis Hollomon Holman Holmes, B. Holmes, F. Holmes, J. A. Holmes, J. J. Holtzclaw Hood, S. Hood, T. Hooper Horn Hornbeck Horstadius fit, . ffl . K 1 . l if --Q, ,B 1' M Q we .. Aww... ' as . 4 W. . V, :B K I " - ' - . ...W 1, X V , 5 is , R be gs , -an W , , 31: A'-' ,er ,V if it fs , iii 5 5, kb ax 5 'Q 'J W F W Q A V, V. , f, i NEW FRATERNITY ROW WAS INITIATED DURING SUMMER BY ALPHA EPSILON PI Row One: HARRIS, RAOUL JAY, Birmingham, Soph., Commerce, Kappa Nu, Business Staff, Corolla, Commerce Association, Regional Vice-President, International Zionist Federation of America . . HARRIS, ROBERT SCHARFF, JR., Fayette, Soph., ABS, Sigma Alpha Mu, Phi Eta Sigma, international Relations Club, Secretary-Treasurer, Freshman Class, A8tS, 1950 Silver Star Award, Pep Squad, Hillel Foundation . . . HARRISON, EMMETT BRUCE, Lanett, Soph., A8tS, Pi Kappa Phi, Press Club, Rho Alpha Tau, V'fesley Foundation, Pep Squad . , HARROD, JAMES GORDON, Highland Home, Soph., Engineering, Pi Kappa Phi , , . HART, GAIL CAROLYN, Holly Hill, Fla., Fr., Home Economics, Zeta Tau Alpha . , . HARTWELL, GEORGE EDWARD, Mobile, Jr., ABS, Theta Chi . . . HARVEY, CHARLES ALEXANDER, Fairtield, Jr., ASS, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Pep Squad . . HARVEY, CURTIS G., Birmingham, Jr., Engineering, Insti- tute of Aeronautical Sciences, St. Pat's Association, Fencing Club. Row Two: HASTINGS, EARL LEROY, Mobile, Soph., Chemistry . . . HASTY, TURNER ELIJAH, Linden, Soph., ABS, Sigma Phi Epsilon . , . HAVARD, JOAN ELIZABETH, Mobile, Fr., ASS, Delta Gamma, Pep Squad . . . HAVENICK, ROBERT NATHANIEL, Governors Island, N. Y., Fr., ABS, Kappa Sigma, Pep Squad . HAWKINS, ALGIN SEALE, Birmingham, Fr., Engineering, Pi Kappa Phi . . . HAWKINS, DONALD BALLARD, Dothan, Soph., A8.S, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . HAWKINS, ELEANOR MAE, Mobile, Jr., Home Economics, Delta Delta Delta, Swan Club, YWCA, Pep Squad . . HAYES, ALBERT RUDY, Wash- ington, D. C., Fr., A8tS. Row Three: HAYES, EDDY I., Rogersville, Jr., Education . . . HAYES, ELIZABETH S., Montgomery, Fr., Home Economics, Alpha Delta Pi, Caroline Hunt Club, YWCA . . , HAYES, HELEN FLOYD, Clanton, Soph., Com- merce, Alpha Gamma Delta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Chi Theta, Triangle, Pep Squad , HAYNES, DON RALPH, Montgomery, Jr., ABS, Lambda Chi Alpha . HAYNIE, WILLIAM THADDEUS, Bellamy, Fr,, Commerce, Sigma Chi , HAYS, WILLIAM EDWIN, Eutaula, Jr., ASS, Kappa Sigma HEAD, OLIVER, Columbiana, Jr., Commerce, Delta Tau Delta, Delta Sigma Pi . . . HEAD, TOM L., Roanoke, Jr., A8tS, Chi Phi. Row Four: HEASLET, MABEL LOIS, Tuscaloosa, Fr., Education, Alpha Xi Delta HEENAN, INEZ WALKER, Spring Hill, Soph., Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma . . . HELD, JACK EUGENE, Anniston, Soph., Commerce, Zeta Beta Tau, Druids, Assistant Advertising Manager, Rammer Jammer , . , HELMS, SANDA B., Tuscaloosa, Jr., ASS, Alpha Tau Omega, "A" Club, Varsity Football . . . HEMBREE, SAM MILTON, Bridgeport, Soph., Engineering, Pi Kappa Alpha, Business Staff, Corolla . , . HENDERSON, WILMA JEAN, Honolulu, Hawaii, Soph., ABS, Alpha Phi, Spanish Club, Triangle, Secretary, Panhellenic Council . . HENDRICK, ANN, Hurts- boro, Jr., A8tS, Alpha Chi Omega, Wesley Choir, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Philos, YWCA , . . HENDRICKS, JOHN BENJAMIN, University, Fr., Engineering, Chi Phi, St. Pat's Association. Row Five: HENDRICKS, NANCY WAYNE, Athens, Soph., Home Eco- nomics . , . HENDRIX, WILLIAM ROBERT, Tuscaloosa, Jr., Chemistry, Phi Gamma Delta , . HENLEY, EDMOND DARBY, Birmingham, Soph., Com- merce, Phi Gamma Delta, Pep Squad . . HENRY, FREDERICK S., Jackson, Tenn,, Jr., ASS, Chi Phi, WABP, Baptist Student IJnion . . . HENSON, HARRY DRAKE, Mobile, Jr., ABS, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . HENSON, JOHNNY L., Bessemer, Fr,, Commerce . . HENSON, WILLIAM KENSEY, Ridgeland, Miss,, Soph., Commerce, Phi Sigma Kappa . . . HERRMANN, JAMES PAUL, Pittsburgh, Pa., Soph., Education, Pi Kappa Phi, Pep Squad. Sing Zeta Sing, Oh Iawdy sing! Row 6: HEUSTESS, JANE BENNETT, Montgomery, Jr,, A8tS, Zeta Tau Alpha . . . HEWES, MARTHA RUTH, Birmingham, Soph., A8.S, Phi Mu, Pep Squad, Business Staff, Corolla HEWITT, GLYNIS ELIZABETH, Tuscaloosa, Soph,, Home Economics, Wesley Foundation, Caroline Hunt Club . . HIERONYMUS, E. KATHERINE, Mobile, Fr., Home Economics . HILL, BETH E., Montgomery, Jr., ABS, Press Club, Wesley Foundation, YWCA . . . HILL, CONNIE, Dothan, Jr., Education, Alpha Delta Pi . HILL, E. PHYLLIS, Tuscaloosa, Jr,, Home Economics, Alpha Xi Delta, Pep Squad . . . HILL, ILA D., Mobile, Fr., ABS, Alpha Chi Omega, Women's Spirit Committee. Row Seven: HILL, ROBERT A., Rochester, N. Y., Fr., Commerce, Delta Tau Delta . . . HILL, RICHARD HOYLE, Montgomery, Soph., Engineering, Delta Tau Delta . . . HINKLE, WALLACE WADE, Mobile, Jr., Chemistry, Theta Chi, Track Team , HINSHAW, CAROLYN, Huntsville, Fr., Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club, Pep Squad, Westminster Fellowship, YWCA , . HIRSCHMANN, JANET, Espyville, Pa,, Soph., Commerce . . . HITT, DOROTHY LOUISE, Tuscaloosa, Jr., Education, Theta Upsilon, Vice- President, Panhellenic Council, i950 . . HNATKOW, ALEX RAYMOND, Perth Amboy, N. J., Soph., Engineering, Men's Glee Club, American Institute of Mechanical Engineers, Ritle Team, Fencing Team, Pep Squad, Institute ot Aeronautical Sciences, St. Pat's Association . HODGES, EVELYN JANE, Mobile, Jr,, Education, Kappa Delta, Triangle, YWCA, Pep Squad. Row Eight: HODGES, LYNN POWELL, Soph., ASS, Kappa Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma . . . HOGSHEAD, JAMES LESLIE, Vienna, III., Fr., Commerce . . HOLDER, MARY KEOWN, Laurel, Miss., Jr., ASKS, Chi Omega . . . HOLIMAN, BETTY JEAN, Greenville, Miss., Soph,, ABS, Chi Omega, Press Club, YWCA . . HOLLAND, HOWARD CARY, Newark, N. J., Fr., Engi- neering, Alpha Epsilon Pi, St. Pat's Association, Pep Squad . . HOLLAND, KATHLEEN ANNETTE, Castleberry, Fr., ASS HOLLAND, ROSE MARIE, Anniston, Fr., ABS, Alpha Chi Omega, YWCA, Women's Spirit Committee . , HOLLEY, DOROTHY VIRGINIA, Northport, Soph., ASQS, Delta Zeta. Row Nine: HOLLEY, JO ANN, Loxley, Fr,, Chemistry . . HOLLIMAN, DAN CLARK, Birmingham, Fr,, ARS, Delta Chi . HOLLIS, JAMES HUBERT, JR., Brantley, Jr., ASS, Phi Gamma Delta, Pep Squad . HOLLOMON, JOHNNY PERRY, Dothan, Soph., ASLS, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Pep Squad . . . HOLMAN, EARL EUGENE, Atlanta, Ga., Jr., A8tS, Alpha Tau Omega, Westminster Fellowship . . . HOLMES, BROOX GARRETT, Foley, Fr., Delta Kappa Epsilon, Newman Club . . , HOLMES, FRANK, Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Alpha Phi Omega, Wesley Foundation . . HOLMES, JOHN ARTHUR, Huntsville, Jr., Commerce, Sigma Nu. Row Ten: HOLMES, JULIA JEAN, Furman, Soph., ASLS, Delta Delta Delta, Glee Club . . . HOLTZCLAW, MARLAN E., Birmingham, Soph., A815 . , . HOOD, STANLEY HERSCHEL, Quinton, Jr., Engineering, Alpha Sigma Phi . . . HOOD, THOMAS HEALD, Anniston, Soph., ABS, Phi Sigma Kappa . . . HOOPER, CARMON THOMAS, Brownsville, Tenn., Soph., Commerce, Delta Kappa Epsilon HORN, BARBARA, Columbi- ana, Jr., A8tS, Baptist Student Union, Debate Squad, Pep Squad HORNBECK, NEITA CHARLENE, Sylacauga, Fr., ABS, Alpha Gamma Delta, Pep Squad . . . HORSTADIUS, ELISABST GUNILLA, Columbia, Tenn., Soph., Home Economics, Phi Mu, Caroline Hunt Club, President, Osband Hall. Look this way and show your teeth Horton, C. Horton, E. Horton, R. House Houser Howard, J. Howard, R. Howell Hubbard Hudson, R. Hudson, T. Huggins Hughes, B. Hughes, E. Hughes, M. Huguley Humphrey Humpidge Hundley Huni, I. Hunt, T. Hunier, C. Hunier, G. Hurlburf Hurst Huske Hutcheson Iler Infoid Inge, S. Inge, W. H. Inge, W. B. Inmon Irvine, R. Irvine, G. Isaacs Ivey Jackson, A. Jackson, C. Jackson, C. Jackson, D. Jackson, E. Jackson, E. Jackson, G. Jackson, J. Jackson, K. Jackson, R. James Jamison Jaworsky Jeffer Jenkins Jensen Jernigan John Johnson, C. Johnson, J. Johnson, J. Johnson, J. Johnson, N. Johnson, W Johnston, F. Johnsfon, P. Johnston, S. Jones, A. Jones, B. Jones, C. E. Jones, C. Jones, F. Jones, H. Jones, J. E. Jones, J. R. Jones, L. F. Jones, I.. C. Jones, M. L. Jones, M. E. Jones, N. Jones, R. M. Jones, R. Jones, W. -:.. . if wi S We .. 32. ifliiii' 2 9:f':f: ' Q.. . I .fi 4 o ,gg Y W' FF ififgi f- iv. . ' -"' -.i sw "' ,EQQQESV Q '13 Q 1 .-in of .Ale es... . , "1-M1 ,sm 2. f. CHICAGO SUN-TIMES REPORTED BAMA AS BRIGHT SPOT IN RUN-DOWN SOUTH Row One: HORTON, CHARLES FRANCIS, Hillsboro, Soph., Education, Kappa Alpha, Pep Squad . . . HORTON, EMILY MARSHALL, Rome, Ga., Soph., Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma, YWCA HORTON, ROGER, Worcester, Mass., Jr., ASS . . HOUSE, MARY BREVARD, Birmingham, Soph, Home Economics, Alpha Gamma Delta, Caroline Hunt Club . . HOUSER, MARTHA PARHAM, Tuscaloosa, Jr., Education, Kappa Delta . . HOWARD, JOYCE, Sweetwater, Jr., Education, Delta Zeta . . . HOWARD, ROBERT, Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi, Men's Spirit Committee . . . HOWELL, MADIE IRENE, Moundville, Jr., Education. Row Two: HUBBARD, ALICE PATRICIA, Tuscaloosa, Soph., Commerce HUDSON, ROBERT HUEY, Birmingham, Jr., ASS . . HUDSON, THOMAS REID, Birmingham, Jr., Engineering, Pershing Rifles, American Institute of Electrical Engineers . . . HUGGINS, JOSEPH RAULSTON, Jackson, Miss., Jr., Engineering, Kappa Alpha . . HUGHES, BARBARA ANNE, Montgomery, Soph., Commerce, Phi Mu . HUGHES, EDMUND WINSTON, Birmingham, Soph., ASS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . , HUGHES, MARGARET ELAINE, Tuscaloosa, Fr., Education , HUGULEY, CHARLES MARION, Gadsden, Fr., Commerce, Phi Gamma De'ta, Pep Squad. Row Three: HUMPHREY, JANET KELLER, Montgomery, Soph., ASS, Chi Omega, YWCA . . . HUMPIDGE, ROBERT WEBSTER, Savannah, Ga., Soph., Engineering, Phi Gamma Delta . . . HUNDLEY, KENNETH O'NEAL, Monroeville, Fr., Engineering, Phi Kappa Sigma, Pep Squad, Wesley Foun- dation, St. Pat's Association , HUNT, IDA MAE, Deatsville, Jr., Com- merce, Phi Chi Theta . , HUNT, TRAVIS ARTELL, Albertville, Soph., Education, Varsity Football . HUNTER, CATHERINE COLEMAN, Blue- field, W. Va., Soph., ASS, Alpha Phi, German Club . . HUNTER, GRAY HUDSON, Anniston, Fr., Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega . , HURLBURT, LUCILLE, Falls Church, Va., Soph., ASS, Phi Mu. Row Four: HURST, BETTY ALLEN, Opp, Soph., Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club, YWCA , . HUSKE, BETTY CAROL, Tuscaloosa, Jr., Education, Delta Zeta, YWCA . . HUTCHESON, NANCY JOAN, Tarrytown, N. Y., Jr., Commerce, Delta Delta Delta , . , ILER, ROBERT PAUL, St. Petersburg, Fla., Jr., Chemistry, Sigma Chi . . . INFOLD, JACK, Passaic, N. J., Soph., ASS, Sigma Alpha Mu . INGE, SAM W., Mobile, Jr., Commerce, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . INGE, WALTER HERNDON, Mobile, Fr., ASS, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Blackfriars, Debate Squad, Pep Squad . . INGE, WILLIAM BUCK, Mobile, Fr., Commerce, Delta Kappa Epsilon. Row Five: INMON, MARY FRANCES, Panola, Fr., Commerce . . IRVINE, GEORGE RICHARDSON, JR., Mobile, Fr., Commerce, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . IRVINE, GRACE, Griffin, Ga., Soph., Home Economics, Alpha Chi Omega, Pep Squad, YWCA . ISAACS, PAULINA, Selma, Fr., Home Economics, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Pep Squad, YWCA, Women's Spirit Com- mittee, Hillel Foundation . IVEY, EUGENE BRYANT, Talladega, Jr., Commerce, Chi Phi, Varsity Basketball, Druids, Quadrangle, Pershing Rifles, Varsity Baseball . . . JACKSON, ANNE MINOR, Eutaw, Soph., ASS, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Philos, Triangle, Canterbury Club . JACKSON, CAROLYN ANN, Birmingham, Fr., Home Economics, Delta Zeta . . , JACKSON, CHARLES HENRY, Ashland, Jr., Chemistry, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Pep Squad. Just before the crash Row Six: JACKSON, DAVID WEBSTER, Talladega, Soph., Education, Baptist Student Union . . JACKSON, ERNEST LELIAS, Gadsden, Jr., ASS . . . JACKSON, ETTA MARION, McGehee, Ark., Jr., ASS, Phi Mu, Westminster Fellowship . . . JACKSON, GLENN E., Birmingham, Soph., ASS, Kappa Sigma, Pep Squad . . . JACKSON, JACQUELYN JOYCE: Galveston, Texas, Jr., Education, Zeta Tau Alpha, Newman Club, YWCA . . JACKSON, KATHERINE CLARE, Birmingham, Jr., ASS, Delta Delta Delta, YWCA . . . JACKSON, ROLAND DAVIES, Meridian, Miss., Soph., ASS, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma, Pershing Rifles, Pep Squad . . . JAMES, ROBISON BROWN, Tuscaloosa, Jr., ASS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma, Baptist Student Union, Million Dollar Band. Row Seven: JAMISON, CHARLES R., Tuscaloosa, Soph., ASS, Phi Gamma Delta , , . JAWORSKY, ANTHONY JOSEPH, Manville, N. J., Jr., ASS, Phi Eta Sigma , , . JEFFER, ROSE ELSIE, New Orleans, La., Soph., Home Economics, Sigma Delta Tau, Triangle, Women's Spirit Com- mittee, Hillel Foundation . JENKINS, MARTHA ANN, La Grange, Ga., Jr., Education, Alpha Delta Pi, Pep Squad, YWCA . . , JENSEN, SARAH, Mobile, Soph., ASS, Theta Upsilon . . JERNIGAN, MARY RUTH, Tusca- loosa, Jr., ASS, Alpha Xi Delta, Million Dollar Band . . . JOHN, SARA ANNE, Birmingham, Fr., Commerce, Alpha Chi Omega, Women's Spirit Committee . . . JOHNSON, CAROLE JEANNE, Morehead, Ky., Soph., ASS, Delta Zeta. Row 8: JOHNSON, JAMES ORIE, West Blocton, Soph., ASS, Theta Xi . JOHNSON, JAMES ROY, Attalla, Fr., Commerce . JOHNSON, JOE MILLER, Tuscaloosa, Jr., Commerce, Theta Chi , . JOHNSON, NANCY JACQUELYN, Dallas, Texas, Jr., Home Economics, Pi Beta Phi, YWCA, Caroline Hunt Club . . JOHNSON, WILLIAM JAMES, Dover, N. J., Soph., ASS, Phi Sigma Kappa . . , JOHNSTON, FRED FATHEREE, JR., Enterprise, Soph., ASS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pep Squad . . . JOHNSTON, PRESLEY MORGAN, Aliceville, Jr., Commerce, Chi Phi . . . JOHNSTON, SAMUEL M., Tuscaloosa, Jr., ASS. Row Nine: JONES, AMOS MUNROE, Dothan, Fr., ASS, Sigma Nu . JONES, BELVA JUANITA, Trafford, Soph., Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club, Pep Squad , , JONES, CARLYLE EDWARD, Birmingham, Soph., Commerce, Phi Delta Theta . . JONES, CURTIS, JR., Guntersville, Jr., Engineering, American Institute of Chemical Engineers . . JONES, FRANK WILLIAM, JR., Selma, Fr., Commerce, Delta Tau Delta, Commerce Association . . , JONES, HARRISS, Montgomery, Fr., ASS, Delta Tau Delta . . . JONES, JACQUELINE E., Gadsden, Fr., ASS, Alpha Chi Omega, Wesley Foundation . . . JONES, JAMES ROYCE, JR., Atlanta, Ga., Jr., Commerce, Chi Phi. Row Ten: JONES, LLOYD FRANKLIN, Demopolis, Fr., Commerce, Lambda Chi Alpha . . . JONES, LUCY CARRINGTON, Memphis, Tenn., Soph., ASS, Chi Omega , . JONES, MARIETTA, Birmingham, Soph., ASS, Kappa Delta, Alpha Lambda Delta, YWCA, Women's Spirit Committee, Triangle , . , JONES, MARY ELISE, Frisco City, Jr., Education, Alpha Chi Omega . JONES, N. KATHLEEN, Birmingham, Soph., ASS, Phi Mu, WSGA, YWCA, Wesley Foundation, Triangle . . . JONES, REGINALD MCCLENDEN, Eutaw, Jr., Commerce, Chi Phi . . . JONES, ROBIN, Brighton, Jr., ASS , , JONES, WARREN PHELPS, Tuscaloosa, Fr., ASS. Yo, Ho, Ho, and a bottle haf.: Joseph Jowers Joyce Joyner Judice, J. Judice, M. Kabeary Kudan Kadish Kahn Koller Kane Kanier Katz Kauffman Kayser Kearley Kearney Keenon Kelley, C. Kelley, M. Kellner Kelly, B. Kelly, F. Kennamer Kennedy, D. ,W H is? Kennedy, P. . iw Q 5 Kerlin Kern J. Kern, P. Kernaclwn Kerr Kiesling Kilgore Killebrew Killian Kimbrough King, A. King, B. King, P. C. King, P. R. Kingry Kirk Kirkland Kifchings Kiser Kludden Kleinberg Kline Klinger Kloiz Klofzman Kneller Knowles Koch Kohn Korman Korn Kosfick Kraselsky Kreisman Krickbaum Krieger Krueger Kruse Kuenzel Kupper Kyle, A. Kyle, J. Lacey Lacy Lammey Land Landrum Lone, J. Lane, W. Lang Langslon lorlcin Larkins ' , .,,.. M X 655,11 i . s f m:. uua11.rmmmmem:r:sg.. annum: A ,1fr::mvffw .mffzmwmwxf JO A. VANN WAS BAMA PRINCESS AT WASHINGTON CHERRY BLOSSOM FESTIVAL Row One: JOSEPH, MAURICE H., Jackson, Miss., Soph., Commerce, Kappa Nu, Pershing Rifles, Commerce Association . . . JOWERS, SUE, Wetumpka, Soph., Education, Alpha Chi Omega, YWCA, Baptist Student Union . . JOYCE, FRANK THOMAS, Birmingham, Fr., Commerce, Phi Delta Theta , , . JOYNER, WILEY COMER, Mobile, Fr., Commerce, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . JUDICE, J. MURPHY, Tuscaloosa, Jr., Commerce, Commerce Association, Cadet Officers Club . . , JUDICE, MARY JANE, Tuscaloosa, Fr., Education . . . KABEARY, ROBERT ALLEN, St. Petersburg, Fla., Jr., Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta, Pep Squad . . . KADAN, ALFRED, Wash- ington, D. C., Soph., A8iS, Sigma Alpha Mu. Row Two: KADISH, GERALD BERNARD, Newark, N. J., Fr., ASS, Alpha Epsilon Pi, French Club, Hillel Foundation . . . KAHN, GORDON BARRY, Mobile, Jr., Commerce, Kappa Nu, Druids, Rho Alpha Tau, Assistant Business Manager, Corolla . . . KALLER, JOHN THEODORE, Mobile, Scph,, A84S, AIA . . . KANE, ECKLON JOSEPH, University, Fr., Com- merce, Delta Sigma Phi . . . KANTER, JEROME JOSEPH, Oneonta, Fr., Commerce, Kappa Nu . . KATZ, BOBBIE, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., Jr., Commerce, Sigma Delta Tau, Hillel Foundation, Business Staff, Corolla . . . KAUFFMAN, ROBERT D., Severna Park, Md., Jr,, ASS, Delta Sigma Phi, Pep Squad , , . KAYSER, JULIAN, Mobile, Jr., Commerce, Zeta Beta Tau. Row Three: KEARLEY, CAROLYN GRACE, Atmore, Fr., Education . . KEARNEY, JOHN DAVID, Birminghcm, Fr., Commerce, Theta Chi , . . KEENON, LUCY JOYCE, Birmingham, Soph., ALS, Pi Beta Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Triangle, YWCA . . , KELLEY, CHARLES ALBERT, Altoona, Pa., rf., ABS, Phi sigma Kappa , . , KELLEY, MARTHA ELIZABETH, Guntersville, Soph., Education, Alpha Chi Omega, YWCA, Pep Squad . , KELLNER, MURRAY ARNOLD, Hicksville, N. Y., Jr., Commerce, Alpha Epsilon Pi . KELLY, PARBARA ANN, Repton, Soph., Home Economics, Alpha Phi, Caroline Hunt Club, Won'en's Spirit Committee, Wesley Founda- tion, Pep Squad . . . KELLY, FRED L., Birmingham, Jr., Engineering, Pi Kappa Alpha. Row Four: KENNAMER, ELTON LEON, JR., Guntersville, Soph., ASS, Alpha Tau Omega . , , KENNEDY, DOROTHY SUE, Gulfport, Miss., Jr,, A8iS, Phi Mu, President, Panhellenic Council, Zeta Phi Eta, Triangle, Blackfriars . . . KENNEDY, PAT, Tuscaloosa, Fr., A8tS, Pi Beta Phi, YWCA, Pep Squad . . KERLIN, WILBUR GENE, Prattville, Soph., ASQS . KERN, JOSEPH MICHAEL, Ardmore, Pa., Jr., Commerce, Delta Tau Delta, Alpha Kappa Psi, Tennis Team, Pep Squad, Commerce Association . . . KERN, PATRICK JOHN, Ardmore, Pa., Jr., Commerce, Delta Tau KERNACHAN, JOHN: Delta, Alpha Kappa Psi, Varsity Baseball . . Guntersville, Jr., Engineering , , . KERR, WILLODENE, Reform, Jr., Edu- cation. Row Five: KIESLING, HERBERT CHARLES, Flushing, N. Y., Jr., Engineer- ing, Lambda Chi Alpha, Theta Tau, interfraternity Council, Canterbury Club . , KILGORE, BARBARA ANN, Atlanta, Ga., Jr., Commerce, Delta Delta Delta, YWCA, Pep Squad . . . KILLEBREW, VIVIAN MALLORY, Anniston, Fr., Commerce, Alpha Chi Omega, Women's Spirit Comn-ittee, Commerce Association, YWCA , , KILLIAN, HENRY DONALD, Tuscaloosa, Jr., ALS, Phi Sigma Kappa , . KIMBROUGH, ELIZABETH ANN, Thomas- ville, Jr., Education, Alpha Delta Pi . KING, ARTHUR MARSHALL, New Orleans, La., Soph., Commerce, Zeta Beta Tau . KING, BRYNLEY G., Birmingham, Fr., Commerce, Kappa Sigma, Pep Squad KING, PAUL CLINTON, Kingsport, Tenn., Jr., Commerce, Delta Tau Delta, Commerce Association, Pep Squad. KD's prelude to 'Bama Squeal Night Row Six: KING, PHILLIP REX, Pinckord, Jr., Commerce, Delta Chi . . , KINGRY, CORA ANNE, LaFayette, Jr., Education, Alpha Delta Pi, Triangle, YWCA , , . KIRK, MARY FAITH, Thomasville, Jr., Home Economics, Alpha Delta Pi , . KIRKLAND, DONALD EVERETT, Columbus, Ga., Jr., ASQS, KITCHINGS, WILLIAM JOSEPH, Birmingham, Soph., Commerce, Pershing Rifles , . , KISER, JOHN HOUSTON, JR., Charlotte, N. C., Jr., Engineer- ing, Delta Tau Delta . . . KLADDEN, DORIS ELIZABETH, Birmingham, Fr., Commerce, Alpha Chi Omega . , . KLEINBERG, ARTHUR, New Haven, Conn,, Fr., Commerce, Kappa Nu. Row Seven: KLINE, IRA HARRIS, Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Kappa Nu, Pep Squad, Cadet Officers Club, Hillel Foundation, Commerce Association . . KLINGER, CHARLES WESLEY, Plainfield, N. J., Soph., Commerce . . . KLOTZ, CAROLINE S., Napoleonville, La., Soph., ABS, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Hillel Foundation . . . KLOTZMAN, MELVIN, Montevallo, Jr., Engineering, Zeta Beta Tau . . KNELLER, KAY LOVELL, Hapeville, Ga., Fr., Home Economics, Pep Squad . . . KNOWLES, KATHLEEN, Foley, Soph., Home Economics, Triangle, Alpha Lambda Delta, President, Caroline Hunt Club, Pep Squad . . KOCH, DENA ADRIENNE, Norfolk, Va., Fr., Commerce , . KOHN, EILEEN L., Philadelphia, Pa., Soph., Commerce, Alpha Epsilon Phi. Row Eight: KORMAN, SHIRLEY JOYCE, Atlanta, Ga., Soph., ASS, Alpha Epsilon Phi . . . KORN, LEONARD JULES, Brooklyn, N. Y., Jr., ABS, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Hillel Foundation, International Zionists Federation of America . . KOSTICK, MARY ANN, Southport, Conn., Soph., A8tS, Newman Club . . KRASELSKY, CHARLES, Dothan, Fr., Commerce, Zeta Beta Tau . . KREISMAN, RAE RITA, Montgomery, Jr,, A8.S, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Triangle, Hillel Foundation . . . KRICKBAUM, JANET, Tampa, Fla., Jr., Home Economics, Delta Zeta, Canterbury Club, Women's Spirit Committee, YWCA, Caroline Hunt Club . . . KRIEGER, HOWARD MONTGOMERY, Schenectady, N. Y., Fr., A845 . . . KRUEGER, JACK HOWARD, Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Delta Kappa Epsilon. Row Nine: KRUSE, ALVIN JOSEPH, St, Louis, Mo., Jr., A8tS, Outstanding Cadet, First Year Advanced Military Infantry , , KUENZEL, POLLY CHRISTINE, Tuscaloosa, Fr., ABS, Delta Gamma, Pep Squad . KUPPER, CHARLES J., JR., New Market, N. J., .lr., Engineering, Alpha Sigma Phi , KYLE, AUDREY J., Tuscaloosa, Jr., Education, Kappa Delta, YWCA . . , KYLE, JAMES HERMAN, Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Varsity Tennis . . LACEY, DAVID WILKINSON, Birmingham, Soph., A8tS, Delta Chi , . . LACY, MARILYN ELAINE, Mobile, Soph., Commerce, Pi Beta Phi, Newman Club . , . LAMMEY, SHIRLEY ANN, Memphis, Tenn., Jr., ABS, Phi Mu. Row Ten: LAND, WILLIAM EARL, Montgomery, Soph., Commerce, Delta Tau Delta, Million Dollar Band, Commerce Association . LANDRUM, PATRICIA ANNE, Florence, Fr., ABS, Phi Mu, Pep Squad, YWCA, Black- friars , . LANE, JOHN B., Deatsville, Jr., Education , . . LANE, WILLIAM RISON, JR., Huntsville, Jr., ABS, Phi Kappa Sigma . . . LANG, AILEEN, Emele, Soph., Home Economics, Pep Squad, Caroline Hunt Club, Wesley Foundation . . . LANGSTON, JOE L., Tuscaloosa, Soph., ABS, Delta Chi . . , LARKIN, MARY KATHERINE, Birmingham, Soph., Home Economics, Alpha Gamma Delta, Pep Squad . . . LARKINS, BELLE ALLENE, Brewton, Jr., Education, Delta Gamma, YWCA. Dr. Lang and his KD girlfriends A "Y ' " "Z 7I!f4t, ll? ... ZWLW Lassman Latimer, B. Latimer, K. Lattof Laumer Lavette Lawrence Layden Lazarus Lea Lee, B. Lee, C. Lee, D. Lee, M. L. Lee, M. A. Lee, R. Leeds Less Lepp Leslie Levanger Leveck Levine Levis Levitt Levy Lewis Leyton Liber Lichty Lightfoot Lightsey Likis Lilliston Lindy Lipson Lischkoff Litt Little Lobel Locke, M. A. Locke, M. M Loftin Logan Lollar London Long, H. Long, N. Longenecker Longshore Lorberbaum Lovoy Lowe Lowery, J. Lowery, N. Lucas, E. Lucas, S. Lundberg Lushington Lustberg Lusfig Luther Lutz Lynch Lynn Mabry Mackereth Macon Maddox Mahoney Majure Malkove Mallette Manley Mann Manning Marcus, E. Marcus, V. Markowitz Marks, J. M7 -We ii is in yi 'W . - 4 ff' -wi H.. . In . ,V js -ii, Q VA x if s Swv., if 5 ti . , .,,. U. V, . U 1 ...L L I i . L- Q sets , ' I ' V -. .rwiew ., i .ws-:i.m,..e,3,. z":f::.- :fir 5' M me if Hu .f. . .ff . fig if. me we-wg P :" ALPHA CHI OMEGA, PI KAPPA ALPHA Row One: LASSMAN, BENNETT W., Brooklyn, N. Y., Fr., ABS, Alpha Phi Omega, Hillel Foundation , . LATIMER, BEVERLY ADAIR, Birming- ham, Jr., Education, Pi Beta Phi, YWCA, Pep Squad . . . LATIMER, KAROL RUTH, Geneva, Soph., Education, Kappa Delta, Pep Squad, YWCA, Triangle . . . LATTOF, RAMSEY GEORGE, Prichard, Jr., Commerce, Phi Sigma Kappa, Wesley Foundation . . . LAUMER, CONNIE ALLEN, Bir- mingham, Fr., ABS, Phi Mu, YVVCA, Pep Squad, Swan Club LAVETTE, JOHN HORACE, Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Treasurer, Chi Phi, Druids, Delta Sigma Pi LAWRENCE, DALE, Athens, Ga., Soph., ABS, Sigma Delta Tau LAYDEN, LIONEL NMI, Manhattan Beach, Calif., Soph., ABQS, Lambda Chi Alpha. Row Two: LAZARUS, SYLVIA, Brewton, Fr., Education, Sigma Delta Tau, Pep Squad, Women's Spirit Committee . . . LEA, MARTHA ETHEL, Bir- mingham, Fr., ABS, Alpha Phi, Press Club, Blackfriars . . , LEE, BETTE SUE, Pell City, Jr., Education . LEE, CORA ANN, Prichard, Soph., ABS, Alpha Phi LEE, DELORES JUNE, Tunkhannock, Pa., Fr., Education LEE, MARGARET LOUISE, Frisco City, Soph., Home Economics, Caro- line Hunt Club LEE, MILDRED ANNE, Birmingham, Jr., Education, Chi Omega, YWCA LEE, RUFUS ERNEST, Euiaula, Jr., A8-S, Kappa Sigma. Row Three: LEEDS, JERRY ROBERT, Forest Hills, N, Y., Soph., ABS, Zeta Beta Tau . . LEGG, FLORENCE, Jasper, Soph., Home Economics, Alpha Chi Omega, Pep Squad, Women's Spirit Committee . . LEPP, BASIL MEREDITH, Birmingham, Fr., Engineering, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Hillel Foundation, Rho Alpha Tau , LESLIE, OWEN CECIL, JR., Tuscaloosa, Soph., Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta, Pep Squad, Commerce Association LEVANGER, HELEN ELIZABETH, Chicago, III., Jr., Education, Delta Zeta, Canterbury Club . LEVECK, CARLA, Starkville, Miss., Soph., ABS, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Pep Squad, Hillel Foundation . . . LEVINE, MURRAY STANLEY, Stamford, Conn., Fr., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Mu . . . LEVIS, FAYE AUDREY, Alamo, Tenn., Jr., Education, Sigma Delta Tau. Row Four: LEVITT, JAMES KENNETH, New York, N. Y., Jr., Commerce, Treasurer, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Hillel Foundation, Commerce Association . . . LEVY, JANIS ELLEN, Alexandria, La., Fr., Home Economics, Alpha Epsilon Phi LEWIS, JAMES STEPHEN, Washington, D. C., Soph., ABS, Pep Squad . . . LEYTON, TEMMA JOY, High Point, N. C., Soph., ABS, Sigma Delta Tau, YVVCA, Hillel Foundation, Women's Spirit Committee, International Zionist Federation of America . LIBER, IRVIN S., Uni- versity, Soph., A845 LICHTY, JOHN CHARLES, Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Pep Squad . LIGHTFOOT, ANNE, Birmingham, Fr., Home Economics, Delta Zeta, Westminster Fellowship, Caroline Hunt Club . LIGHTSEY, NETTIE KATHRYN, Centreville, Fr., ABS, Delta Zeta, Women's Spirit Committee, YWCA. Row Five: LIKIS, JAMES ANGELO, Birmingham, Soph., Commerce, Alpha Sigma Phi . LILLISTON, LYNN DASEY, Albany, Ga., Fr., ABS, Alpha Delta Pi, Press Club, YWCA . . . LINDY, MONA JOYCE, Columbus, Miss., Soph., ABS, Sigma Delta Tau, Pep Squad, Hillel Foundation , . LIPSON, ELLIS, Tuscaloosa, Jr., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Mu, Pep Squad, Hillel Foundation, Commerce Association . LISCHKOFF, HAROLD PHILLIP, Birmingham, Fr., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Mu, Hillel Foundation, International Zionist Federation of America . . LITT, RICHARD ERWIN, Birmingham, Jr., ABS, Kappa Nu, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Phi Omega, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Pershing Rifles, Cadet Officers Club LITTLE, FAYE HASSELL, Tuscaloosa, Jr., Education . LOBEL, BERNARD, Shreveport, La., Soph., Commerce, Zeta Beta Tau. It was for the birds WON 1950 STEP-SINGING CONTEST Row Six: LOCKE, MARGARET ALLEN, Birmingham, Fr., ASS, Alpha Gamma Delta . . LOCKE, MARGARET MARIE, St. Petersburg, Fla., Fr., ABS, Newman Club . . . LOFTIN, JOHN BENNELL, Fort Deposit, Jr., Commerce . . . LOGAN, JOHN HOWARD, Birmingham, Jr., Engineer ing, American Chemical Society, St. Pat's Association, YMCA, Society for the Advancement of Mechanical Engineers , . . LOLLAR, MARY KATHERINE, Tuscaloosa, Fr., Home Economics, Zeta Tau Alpha, Pep Squad, Caroline Hunt Club LONDON, CAROLYN JANE, Hattiesburg, Miss., Jr., Education, Sigma Delta Tau, Women's Spirit Committee, Hillel Founda- tion . . LONG, HELEN OWEN, Cairo, III., Soph., ABS, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Business Staff, Rammer Jammer . . . LONG, NEEDHAM L., De- catur, .Ir., ABS. Row Seven: LONGENECKER, CHARLES GEYER, Amory, Miss., Soph., ABS, Sigma Chi LONGSHORE, WILLIAM JERE, Montgomery, Soph., Commerce, Sigma Nu, Pep Squad, Commerce Association . . . LORBERBAUM, ROBERT ALAN, Woodmere, N. Y., Jr., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Mu, Pep Squad, Commerce Association, Hillel Foundation . . . LOVOY, JOSEPH TERRENCE, Selma, Soph., Commerce, Million Dollar Band . LOWE, BEN SIMON, Albany, Ga., Fr., Commerce, Zeta Beta Tau, Pep Squad, Commerce Association . . . LOWERY, JAMES PAUL, Auburn, Soph., ABS, Kappa Alpha . . . LOWERY, NELL FRANCES, Fairfield, Fr., Education, Phi Mu, YWCA , . LUCAS, EMMA ANN, Russellville, Soph., ABS, Alpha Gamma Delta, YWCA, Pep Squad. Row Eight: LUCAS, S. EMMETT, Birmingham, Soph., Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha LUNDBERG, GEORGE DAVID, Silverhill, Jr., ABS, Million Dollar Band . , LUSHINGTON, JERRY ALEXANDER, Montgomery, Soph., Commerce, Delta Tau Delta, Rho Alpha Tau, Commerce Association, Million Dollar Band . . LUSTBERG, MARTIN, North Bergen, N. J., Fr., Commerce, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Hillel Foundation . . LUSTIG, WILLIAM JAMES, Woodhaven, Long Island, N. Y., Soph., A8iS . . LUTHER, GAUSE PRESTON, JR., Dothan, Jr., Engineering, Kappa Sigma, Theta Tau, Institute of Chemical Engineers , . . LUTZ, HARTWELL BORDEN, Huntsville, Fr., Commerce, Delta Tau Delta . . . LYNCH, DAN H., Birmingham, Jr., Engineering, Sigma Nu, American Chemical Society, Muckers Club, Wesley Foundation, Pep Squad. Row Nine: LYNN, HOWARD MASON, Mobile, Jr., Commerce , . MABRY, HARRY EUGENE, Birmingham, Soph., ABS . MACKERETH, ESTHER, Tuscaloosa, Jr., Home Economics, Zeta Tau Alpha, Pep Squad, Caroline Hunt Club, YWCA , , . MACON, BILLIE JANE, Wetumpka, Soph., Education, Alpha Chi Omega, YWCA, Pep Squad, Wesley Foun- dation , MADDOX, VIRGINIA ANN, St. Petersburg, Fla., Soph., Home Economics, Delta Gamma . MAHONEY, GEORGE MENTZ, JR., Huntsville, Jr., Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha, Pep Squad, Men's Spirit Committee MAJURE, OSCAR LAMAR, Guntersville, Fr., ABS, Alpha Tau Omega MALKOVE, BERNARD STANLEY, Birmingham, Jr., Com- merce, Kappa Nu. Row Ten: MALLETTE, REESE EWELL, Birmingham, Jr., Engineering, Kappa Alpha, YMCA, American Institute of Mechanical Engineers . MANLEY, RICHARD, Epes, Soph., Commerce, Delta Chi . . MANN, ROBERT FELTON, Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Pi , MANNING, CAROLYN JOYCE, Ethelville, Fr., Home Economics , MARCUS, E. DEVORA, Oak Grove, La., Jr., Education, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Hillel Foundation, Caroline Hunt Club . , . MARCUS, VAN, Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta, Varsity Football . . . MARKOWITZ, DAVID, Athens, Soph., Commerce, Zeta Beta Tau, Circula- tion Manager, Crimson-White MARKS, JOHN SCOTT, JR., Mont- gomery, Jr.g A8iS, Alpha Tau Omega, Pershing Rifles, Canterbury Club. Bama spirit' on the move .M ' Marks, T. Ma rshburn Martin, A. Martin, D. Y Martin, D. D Martin, K. Martin, R. Martin, W. Mason Matell Mathews, B. 'f " Matthews Matusewicz if 5' . Q 'K' This Mathews, W. " ,fi if CX 1, 5 Mauldin, B. Mauldin Maxey Maxwell, F. Maxwell, M. A. Maxwell, M. F. May, I. May, R. B. May, R. Mayer Mayton Mazza Meadow Meadows Medlin Meeks Menefee Merritt Merritte Messler Methvin Metts Metzger Mickle Miller, A. Miller, A. L Miller, B. Miller, J. A. Miller, J. R. , Miller, M. Miller, T. Miller, W. Mills, M. Mills, O. Mills, W. Miner, B. Miner, J. Minks Minter Mitchell, C. Mitchell, F. Mitchell, F. C. Mitchell, R. Mitchell, T. Mize Moffett Mohan Moncure Money Montgomery Moody Moog Moon Moore, C. R. Moore, C. A. Moore, E. Moore, G. Moore, J. Moore, N. Moore, R. Moore, S. Moore, T. Moore, W. Morgan, B. Morgan, M. Morgan, S. ' "" CQ 'Y!2Q?fif'f5fii!if57. . My ,2 4 ' 4 V .- Q fa me :' f s ,, 1 V N ggi ,. ,. ' i' . ffm V A ' " . gi, - f Y 4 I- Q: is ' ".."N'9k1EQ?'Z57:E,f5:3f1'.:1.'ii-.:? ..... , Qtr ' f , JE .f""x -.Q . .Mi di . - 'W , f .',.. -. ' 1 r N I V ii' " :S i 2' fi Q ilir4i'."l""1 If l J F . 'mfr 5555 !:5:"'?:ghFl1'v: th.. J sv A 4: - f ' r .E zu' ::'1:1'm553'ff'1fE? :.,-: . l . - ns' -rf' '. 95 6 .yi .fin A :v i v".. .v . 85, ig J A , , if .1 E 7. 5, f if, .. " Q A K 5? ,. .z .,'.A! : ai? "" NEW DORMITORIES WERE CONSTRUCTED TO HOUSE BAMA ATHLETIC WARRIORS Row One: MARKS, THOMAS OGLESBY, Alexandria, Va., Soph., Educa tion, Pep Squad . . MARSHBURN, DARRI, Birmingham, Fr., Chemistry, Alpha Delta Pi, ROTC Sponsor, YWCA, Secretary-Treasurer, Freshman Class of Chemistry School, Canterbury Club . . MARTIN, ANN FLOYD, Clayton, Jr., A8iS, Kappa Delta . . . MARTIN, DOROTHY YVONNE, Mobile, Fr., Delta Gamma, Pep Squad, Newman Club . . . MARTIN, DOUGLAS D., Tampa, Fla., Jr., Commerce . . . MARTIN, KATHERINE JANE, Charlotte, N. C., Jr., Commerce, Phi Chi Theta, Commerce Asso- ciation . . . MARTIN, RUEL B., Odenville, Fr., Engineering , . . MARTIN, WENDALL THOMAS, Bessemer, Jr., A8rS, Pep Squad. Row Two: MASON, LOIS, Huntsville, Soph., Home Economics, Alpha Chi Omega, Triangle, YWCA, Women's Spirit Committee, Caroline Hunt Club, Pep Squad , . . MATEIL, BOBBIE, Far Rockaway, N. Y., Soph., Education, Sigma Delta Tau, Blockfriars, Hillel Foundation . . . MATHEWS, BARBARA ANNE, Jasper, Fr., Chemistry, Chi Omega, Pep Squad , . MATHEWS, WILLIAM GIBSON, Robertsdale, Jr., ASS, Theta Chi . . . MATTHEWS, MACK, Mobile, Jr., Engineering, Pi Kappa Phi, Theta Tau, Phi Eta Sigma, Druids, Quadrangle . . MATUSEWICZ, JOHN FRANCES, Hackettstown, N. J., Soph., A8-S . . . MAULDIN, BEVERLY, Memphis, Tenn., Fr., Ass, Pi Bere Phi, YWCA . . MAULDIN, ROY LEON, Birming- ham, Jr., Engineering, PI Kappa Alpha, Pep Squad. Row Three: MAXEY, EVELYN DAVIDSON, Demopolis, Jr., Home Eco- nomics . . MAXWELL, FREDA, Tuscaloosa, Fr., ABS, Kappa Delta, Pep Squad, Canterbury Club , . MAXWELL, MARTHA ANN, Northport, Jr., Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club . . . MAXWELL, MARY FRANCES, Northport, Soph., Education, Pep Squad , . MAY, ISAAC WILLIAM, Montgomery, Jr., Commerce, Vice-President, Delta Tau Delta, Commerce Association, Wesley Foundation, Druids, Pep Squad . MAY, RAYMOND B., Mobile, Jr., Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha . , . MAY, ROSEMARY, Mobile, Jr., ASS, Alpha Delta Pi, YWCA, Spanish Club, Pep Squad . . . MAYER, MARY JO, Birmingham, Soph., ASIS. Row Four: MAYTON, JOHN EARL, Selma, Soph., Education, Kappa Alpha . . . MAZZA, MARY ELEANOR, Huntsville, Jr., ASIS, Newman Club, YWCA . . . MEADOW, JANE, Elberton, Ga., Jr., ASIS, Phi Mu MEADOWS, CLARENCE G., JR., Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Alpha Kappa Psi, Pershing Rifles . . . MEDLIN, ROBERT EVERETTE, Birmingham, Soph., Commerce, Pi Kappa Phi, YMCA . . MEEKS, WAYNE A., Carrollton, Soph., ASIS, Kappa Alpha, Westminster Fellowship, Phi Eta Sigma, Quadrangle, Pershing Rifles , . . MENEFEE, SUANNE, Shorter, Soph., Chemistry, Pasteur Society, Wesley Foundation . . MERRITT, JACQUELINE C., Atlanta, Ga., Soph., Commerce, Alpha Phi, Newman Club. Row Five: MERRITTE, ANGUS A., Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Lambda Chi Alpha . , MESSLER, CHARLES RICHARD, North Plainfield, N. J., Soph., Commerce . . METHVIN, LESLIE DAVID, Birmingham, Jr., Engineering, American Chemical Society, American Institute Chemical Engineers METTS, VERGIL L., Birmingham, Jr., ASS, Cadet Officers Club, German Club, Pep Squad . . METZGER, E. CLARE, Mobile, Soph., ASIS, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Blackfriars MICKLE, FRANK CECIL, Anniston, Fr., Com- merce, Sigma Nu MILLER, ALON, Montgomery, Soph., A8tS, Zeta Beta Tau, Rho Alpha Tau . MILLER, ATWILL LAMAR, Dothan, Soph., ASIS, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Rho Alpha Tau. Benzidrene, block coffee, and books Row Six: MILLER, BARBARA ANN, Homewood, Fr., ASS, Plii Mu, Pep Squad, Newman Club . MILLER, JACK A., Columbus, Ga., Jr., Com- merce, Delta Chi . , . MILLER, JOHN ROBERT, Huntsville, Fr., Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha, Spirit Planning Committee, Alpha Phi Omega . . MILLER, MARC, Montgomery, Soph., ASIS, Zeta Beta Tau . . . MILLER, THOMAS ROBERTS, Alexander City, Jr., Commerce, Sigma Nu, Delta Sigma Pi, Commerce Association . . . MILLER, WILLIAM C., Huntsville, Jr., ASS, Pi Kappa Alpha, Westminster Fellowship . . , MILLS, MARY ANN, Atlanta, Ga., Jr., ASIS, Zeta Tau Alpha, WSGA . . MILLS, OSCAR CARROLL, Ozark, Fr., Commerce, Kappa Sigma. Row Seven: MILLS, WILLIAM HILLIARD, Gadsden, Fr., Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega . . MINER, BETTY COLLAMORE, St. Petersburg, Fla., Soph., Home Economics, Pi Beta Phi, Newman Club . . . MINER, JANET A., St. Petersburg, Fla., Fr., Home Economics, Pi Beta Phi . . . MINKS, JACK B., Scottsboro, Jr., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . MINTER, BILLY LAMAR, Phenix City, Fr., ABS . . MITCHELL, CRAIG CONNER, Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Delta Sigma Phi, Commerce Association, Pep Squad, Alpha Phi Omega, Men's Spirit Committee, Men's Glee Club, President, Sophomore Class Commerce School, Alternate, lnterfraternity Council, Commerce Executive Committee , MITCHELL, FANNY, Mobile, Soph., Commerce, Hillel Foundation, International Zionist Federation of America , . . MITCHELL, FRANCES CAROLYN, Birmingham, Fr., ASIS. Row Eight: MITCHELL, RUFUS EDWARD, JR., Bessemer, Soph., ASIS, Phi Gamma Delta . MITCHELL, TRAVIS E., Hartselle, Jr., Engineering . . MIZE, DONALD GENE, Birmingham, Jr., ASS, Kappa Sigma MOFFETT, PAUL R., JR., Gadsden, Fr., ASIS, Chi Phi, Rho Alpha Tau, Corolla Business Staff , . MOHAN, JOHN FRANCIS, Chatham, N. J., Soph., Commerce, Delta Chi, Varsity Track . MONCURE, MARTHA ROPER, Florence, Fr., Education . . MONEY, ANDREW CHARLES, Shorterville, Soph., ASIS, Pi Kappa Phi . . . MONTGOMERY, JAMES MORTON, Birmingham, Soph., ABS, Delta Tau Delta, Druids, Westminster Fellowship, Pep Squad, Pershing Rifles, Press Club, Assistant Editor, Rammer Jammer. Row Nine: MOODY, FRED B., Tuscaloosa, Soph., Commerce . MOOG, MARILYN, Atlanta, Ga., Fr., Education, Million Dollar Band MOON, EDNA EARLE, Guntersville, Jr., Home Economics, Delta Zeta, Caroline Hunt Club . . MOORE, CARL RANDOLPH, Gate-City, Va., Jr., Commerce, Delta Tau Delta, Canterbury Club, Commerce Association , MOORE, CLAUDIA ANN, Centreville, Soph., Home Economics, Zeta Tau Alpha . . MOORE, ELWYN LEWIS, West Palm Beach, Fla., Jr., ASS, Delta Tau Delta . MOORE, GRACE MARGARET, Birmingham, Fr., Home Eco- nomics, Phi Mu, Pep Squad , MOORE, JOHN FRANK, Montgomery, Fi., Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta, Million Dollar Band. Row Ten: MOORE, NORA ELOISE, Linden, Soph., Education , , . MOORE, ROBERT A., Cullman, Fr., Engineering . . . MOORE, SAMMY GAINES, Fayette, Jr., Education, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Track, "A" Club . MOORE, THOMAS E., Birmingham, Jr., Engineering, Pi Kappa Alpha, Rifle Team, St. Pat's Association . . MOORE, WILLO DEAN, Haleyville, Jr., Education . . MORGAN, BETTY JUNE, Piedmont, Soph., Chemistry, Delta Zeta, YWCA, Women's Spirit Committee, Wesley Foun- dation MORGAN, MARGARET RUAN, Macon, Ga., Soph., Phi Mu, Pep Squad, Canterbury Club , . , MORGAN, SARA, Selma, Soph., ASS, Kappa Delta. s final exams claim their toll DUATE Morris, D. J. Morris, D. L. Morris, H. Morris, J. Morris, L. Morris, P. Morris, R. L. Morris, R. M. Morrow, J. Morrow, M. Morrow, R. Morton Moscowilz Moseley, E. Moseley, R. Moseley, T. Moses Mosley Mort Mofter Moxley Muglcch Muir Mulder Mullins Munger Munro Murbcch, J. Murbuch, M. Murdoch Murphy, D. Murphy, P. Musto Myers Myrick McAdams McAdory McAliley McAlisTer McAnul1y McBryde McCall McCann, J. McCann, J. B. McClary McClintock McCollum McCormick McCoy McCrcry McCrec1ry McCully McDonald, J. McDonald, V. McDonald, W. McDowell McDuffie McEachern McElroy McElvey, J. McElvey, O. McGee McGehee McGruder Mclnnis Mclntosh McKee McKeon McKenzie, C. McKenzie, D. McKinney McKinnon Mclaughlin, M. McLaughlin, T. E. McLaughlin, T. H Mclean McLellan McLure McMath McMulIin sg, N 4.-if K ' ? Qu 'i i f "" E ,!- ' 7 Y ., f si. es -we K X J. A i ii A il Li ww we . f 7: i f. W we - M y J. .. Q. uf ii gn .f A . s ,f. ,L "-'2- ,.- . .- V- -, fm, . s-f, 3 EA 1 i X , , 7 W Xi P Y' K . . . . iilii f is 115. ' 4 . -. .. gr, . --f.. f, .HQ f fi: .aw . .11 X www. ww X my 'Q 9 in 4. Rims li. WM 2 all VV 2 4 W if f xg j ,S z1g..m. ::: :..,j : W... f m .s....,... ,,. M .. L.: , rf. JW? :rf F2552 5- 222- . s 4 .. lr. , 3, if gig... z 5 .. awe. . M , Q55 ...K BAPTIST STUDENT UNION OPENED NEW FACILITIES ON UNIVERSITY AVENUE Row One: MORRIS, DONNA JEAN, Tuscaloosa, Fr., Commerce, Alpha Xi Delta, Wesley Foundation , . . MORRIS, DONALD LAURENS, Birming- ham, Fr., Commerce, Kappa Alpha, Million Dollar Band, Pep Squad, Business Staff, Corolla . . . MORRIS, HERBERT C., Perth Amboy, N. J., Soph., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Mu, WABP, Business Staff, Rammer Jammer, Hillel Foundation, Secretory, Alpha Phi Omega, Pep Squad, International Zionist Federation of America . . . MORRIS, JIM WILLIAM, Birmingham, Soph., Engineering, Pershing Rifles . . . MORRIS, LOUISE, Nashville, Tenn., Soph., Home Economics, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Pep Squad . . , MORRIS, PETE WILLIAM, Birmingham, Jr., A8tS, Alpha Epsilon Delta . . MORRIS, ROBERT LEWIS, JR., Elkmont, Jr., Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta, Pep Squad . . . MORRIS, ROSE MARY, Hollyhill, Fla., Jr., Commerce, Zeta Tau Alpha, Pep Squad, Westminster Fellowship. Row Two: MORROW, JOSEPH B., Gadsden, Soph., Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha . . MORROW, MARGARET EDWYNA, Bessemer, Soph., Home Economics . . MORROW, ROBERT CHARLES, Eutaw, Fr., Com- merce, Delta Chi . . . MORTON, GUY, Tuscaloosa, Jr., Education, Delta Chi . , . MOSCOWITZ, EDWARD BERNARD, Brooklyn, N. Y., Jr., Com- merce, Sigma Alpha Mu, Hillel Foundation . . . MOSELEY, EDWARD HOLT, Thomaston, Soph., Education, Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . MOSELEY, RUTH MURPHREE, Uniontown, Jr., Education, Kappa Delta, YWCA, Swan Club . . MOSELEY, THOMAS POPE, Montgomery, Soph., ABS, Phi Gamma Delta, Pep Squad. Row Three: MOSES, BOBBY CHARLES, Oneonta, Jr., ABS, Pi Kappa Phi . . . MOSLEY, BETTY RAINER, University, Fr., Chemistry . . . MOTT, BURTON HOMER, JR., Birmingham, Soph., Commerce . . . MOTTER, DONALD MERLE, Piqua, Ohio, Soph., ABS, Phi Sigma Kappa, Pep Squad MOXLEY, THOMAS CLARK, Birmingham, Soph., ASIS, Kappa Alpha, Wes- Iey Foundation , . . MUGLACH, LOUIS JOSEPH, Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Commerce Association, Million Dollar Band . . . MUIR, AUDREY JEAN, Birmingham, Soph., Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Triangle, Canterbury Club, Pep Squad . , . MULDER, PATTY J., Wetumpka, Soph., Education, Delta Zeta, YWCA, Wesley Foundation. Row Four: MULLINS, DORIS NELL, Carrollton, Fr., Commerce . . . MUNGER, SUE ASHFORD, Birmingham, Soph., Home Economics, Alpha Delta Pi, YWCA . . MUNRO, HUGH PETTIS, Mobile, Soph., A8QS, Pi Kappa Phi, Pep Squad . . . MURBACH, JANE ELIZABETH, Mobile, Jr., Education, Alpha Xi Delta, Pep Squad . . MURBACH, MARY LOUISE, Mobile, Fr., Education, Alpha Xi Delta, Pep Squad, Westminster Fellow- ship , MURDOCH, CONSTANCE MERIDITH, Birmingham, Soph., Home Economics, Pep Squad, YWCA . . . MURPHY, DENNIS JOY, Birmingham, Fr., Commerce . . . MURPHY, PATRICIA GAY, Birmingham, Fr., Commerce. Row Five: MUSTO, PASCALE RALPH, Orange, Conn., Soph., Education . . . MYERS, NEIL, Samson, Soph., ASLS, Sigma Nu, Wesley Foundation . . , MYRICK, MARGARET ELIZABEL, Dadeville, rf., Education, Alpha Delta Pi, YWCA . , . MCADAMS, CAROLYN DOUGHTY, Reform, Soph., Education . , McADORY, WILLIAM KENNON, Tuscaloosa, Soph., A8iS, Kappa Alpha, Pep Squad, YMCA . , , MCALILEY, PEGGY ANN, Ashford, Jr., Education, Delta Zeta, Pep Squad, Wesley Foundation . . . MCALISTER, ELIZABETH, Tampa, Fla., Soph., Chemistry, Alpha Phi, West- minster Fellowship , . McANULTY, JOHN ADAMS, Andalusia, Fr., Com- merce, Million Dollar Band. "And do you know what she said?" Row Six: MCBRYDE, PATRICIA ANNE, Selma, Fr., A8.S . . , MCCALL, JOANE HATCHER, Boyton Beach, Fla., Jr., Chemistry, Chi Omega, Blackfriars, President, Pasteur Society, Secretary, American Chemical Society, Treasurer, Alabama Triangle, Alchemist Society, YWCA, Pep Squad . . . McCANN, JEAN, Montgomery, Jr., A8tS, Delta Delta Delta, YWCA, Canterbury Club . . . MCCANN, JERRY BRUCE, Montgomery, Fr., Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega . . . MCCLARY, RICHARD EDWARD, Oak Ridge, Tenn., Fr., A8tS, Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . MCCLINTOCK, LAURA MARCELLE, Marcanna, Ark., Jr., A8tS, Chi Omega, Press Club . . . MCCOLLUM, DOUGLAS R., Kenmore, N. Y., Soph., ABS, Theta Xi . . . MCCORMICK, DAVID RICHARD, Altoona, Pa., Fr., A8tS, Phi Sigma Kappa, Rho Alpha Tau. Row Seven: MCCOY, ELIZABETH ANN, Montgomery, Soph., Education, Zeta Tau Alpha , . . MCCRARY, MITZI ANN, Montevallo, Jr., A8tS, YWCA, Pep Squad . . . MCCREARY, ROBERT JAMES, Montgomery, Jr., Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega . . , MCCULLY, PAUL, Hammond, Ind., Jr., Education, Vice-President, Phi Sigma Kappa . . . MCDONALD, JOHN REGINALD, Birmingham, Fr., Commerce, Delta Tau Delta, Pep Squad . . . MCDONALD, VIRGINIA, Birmingham, Soph., Home Economics, Alpha Chi Omega, Pep Squad, YWCA, Caroline Hunt Club, Women's Spirit Com- mittee . . . MCDONALD, WILLIAM WHITE, Roanoke, Jr., Commerce, Secretary, Chi Phi, SGA, Quadrangle, Delta Sigma Pi, Wesley Founda- tion . . . McDOWELL, HOLT ANDREWS, Birmingham, Jr., A8tS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Row Eight: McDUFFlE, ANDREW JACKSON, JR., Pinson, Soph., Com- merce , , . MCEACHERN, MARLYN MAXINE, Birmingham, Jr., Education, Phi Mu, Westminster Fellowship . , , MCELROY, ANDREW HARPER, Attala, Fr., ABS, Kappa Sigma, Pep Squad . . . McELVEY, JEAN BRADFORD, Pelham, Ga., Jr., Education, Alpha Gamma Delta . . . McELVEY, OLGA NAN, Pelham, Ga., Jr., Education, Alpha Gamma Delta . . . McGEE, RALPH O., Sheffield, Fr., Commerce, Delta Chi . . . MCGEHEE, LUCY G., Jacksonville, Fla., Jr., A815 . . . MCGRUDER, HARRIS, ltta Bena, Miss., Jr., A8iS, Kappa Alpha, Million Dollar Band. Row Nine: MCINNIS, MAY ELIZABETH, Mobile, Soph., A815 . . . MCINTOSH, HARRIET KATHERINE, Florence, Jr., A8QS, Pi Beta Phi, Triangle, YWCA, Canterbury Club . , . McKEE, GILBERT LEE, Atlantic City, N. J., Soph., Education, Phi Sigma Kappa, Wesley Foundation . . . MCKEON, GLORIA SPANN, Dothan, Jr., A84S, Kappa Delta . . . MCKENZIE, CLYDEYNE GRAYCE, Orlando, Fla., Soph., Education . . . MCKENZIE, DOROTHY, Hamilton, Fr., Education, Alpha Delta Pi . . . MCKINNEY, ROBERT LEWIS, Stevenson, Soph., A815 . . . MCKINNON, JANE, Troy, Soph., Home Economics, Kappa Delta, YWCA. Row Ten: MCLAUGHLIN, MAX VICTOR, Blue Springs, Jr., A8tS, Phi Gamma Delta, Pep Squad, Cadet Officers Club, Scabbard and Blade, German Club, Editorial Staff, Rammer Jammer, Philos, President, Junior Class, School of Arts and Sciences, T.N.S.C .... MCLAUGHLIN, THOMAS EUGENE, Fairfield, Soph., ABS, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Press Club, Wesley Foundation . , . MCLAUGHLIN, THOMAS H., JR., Silas, Jr., A8tS . . . McLEAN, DOT ANN, Birmingham, Soph., Education . . , McLELLAN, HUBERT RAE, Birmingham, Soph., Commerce, Kappa Sigma . , . MCLURE, JOSEPH HAMIL, JR., Arlington, vs., sopn., Aas, Kappa sigma, Druids, Westminster Fellowship . . . McMATH, RAYMOND NEAL, Birming- ham, Jr., Commerce, Delta Tau Delta, Pep Squad, Commerce Association . . , MCMULLIN, DAVID DENT, Birmingham, Fr., A8tS, Delta Kappa Epsilon. "Do come back and see us, y'hear" McMurray, .l McMurray, R McNeal McNellis McPeake McRae, D. McRae, M. McVoy Nabors Nash Neighbors Nettles Newberry Newell Newman, G. Newman, O. Newsome Newlon, P. Newton, A. Newton, R. Nicholas Nichols, G. Nichols, W. Nix Nizen Noble Noblin Nordan Norris, J. Norris, R. Norstedt Norton, D. Norton, J. Norton, O. Norwood Nowlin Null Nussbaum Oakley Oakly O'Bannon Oboler O'Conner Ogden O'Hara Okel Oldacre Oldstone O'Leary Oliver, E. Oliver, H. Oliver, P. Olson O'Neill Oppenheimer O'Rear Orgain Orzel Oswald Otey Owen, A. Owen, E. Owen, W. Owens, G. Owens, I. S Owens, J. E 6 Owens, R. Owens, W. Owings Ox Pactor Page Palmer Pannell Pappas Parent Park Parkel Parker, M. Parker, S. J. 11,177 NEWS STORIES ABOUT U OF A Row One: MCMURRAY, JEAN, Roanoke, Fr., Education, Alpha Gamma Delta MCMURRAY, RUDOLPH NOBLE, JR., Heflin, Jr., ASS, Pi Kappa Alpha . . MCNEAL, FRANCES CAROLINE, Tuscaloosa, Soph., A8iS, Delta Delta Delta . , . McNELLIS, DOROTHY, Elmhurst, Ill., Jr., Home Economics, Alpha Xi Delta, Women's Spirit Committee, Caroline Hunt Club . MCPEAKE, MANNELLE FRANCES, Dothan, Soph., Education, Alpha Phi . McRAE, DONALD KENNETH, Fairfield, Jr., Engineering, Delta Tau Delta, Pep Squad, St. Pat's Association, Cadet Officers Club, Wesley Foundation . . . MCRAE, MADELYN LOUISE, Birmingham, Soph., ASS, Pi Beta Phi, Triangle, Wesley Choir, YWCA . . MCVOY, WILLIAM JORDAN, Birmingham, Fr., ASS, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Editorial Staff, Rammer Jammer. Row Two: NABORS, BETTY ROSE, Birmingham, Jr., Education, Swan Club, Wesley Choir, AIA . . . NASH, SAMUEL THOMAS, JR., Birmingham, Soph., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Druids, Pep Squad, Circulation Manager, Rammer Jammer . . NEIGHBORS, ROBERT MANLY, Tuscaloosa, Jr., ASS, Alpha Tau Omega . . NETTLES, ROBIN, Birmingham, Soph., ASIS, Vice-President, Alpha Chi Omega, Pep Squad, Zeta Phi Eta, Women's Spirit Committee, YWCA, WABP . NEWBERRY, GWYNE, Gadsden, Fr., Home Economics, Delta Gamma NEWELL, ALFRED TUREENE, III., Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Kappa Alpha, Pep Squad . NEWMAN, GRAYDON, JR., Birmingham, Soph., ASIS, Sigma Chi, Pershing Rifles, Wesley Choir . . . NEWMAN, OSCAR, Birmingham, Fr., ASQS, Lambda Chi Alpha, Pep Squad. Row Three: NEWSOME, DREWELL G., Phoenix City, Soph., Commerce, Delta Tau Delta . , NEWTON, PHILLIP L., Little Rock, Ark., Jr., Engineer- ing, Sigma Chi . . NEWTON, ALEX WORTHY, Birmingham, Jr., Com- merce, Sigma Chi . . . NEWTON, ROBERT CAMERAL, Tuscaloosa, Jr., Commerce . . . NICHOLAS, FELIX C., Monroeville, Fr., Engineering, Phi Kappa Sigma, Pep Squad, Wesley Foundation . . NICHOLS, GEORGE W., JR., Chickasaw, Soph., A8.S, Theta Chi . . NICHOLS, WILLIAM, JR., Fayette, Soph., ABS, Phi Kappa Sigma . NIX, DALTON J., Alabama C.ity, Jr., Engineering, St. Pat's Association. Row Four: NIZEN, DONALD ALLEN, Brooklyn, N. Y., Jr., ASIS, Varsity Basketball, Men's Glee Club NOBLE, JOHN BORDERS, Montgomery, Fr., Engineering, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Westminster Fellowship . NOBLIN, WILLIAM E., Hazel Green, Soph., Engineering . . NORDAN, CURTIS, Montgomery, Jr., Commerce, Phi Delta Theta, Commerce Associa- tion NORRIS, JAMES HENRY, SR., Birmingham, Jr., Engineering, Phi Delta Theta . . NORRIS, ROBERT WHEELER, Birmingham, Soph., Com- merce, Lambda Chi Alpha . . NORSTEDT, AXEL, Plateau, Jr., ASS, Theta Chi, Million Dollar Band . . . NORTON, DONALD RAY, Birmingham, Soph., Commerce, Kappa Alpha, Business Staff, Rammer Jammer. Row Five: NORTON, JAMES THOMAS, Clayton, Jr., ASS, Sigma Chi, Pep Squad NORTON, OLIVER WETZEL, Albertville, Jr., Commerce NORWOOD, JEAN EILEEN, Birmingham, Soph., Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club, Wesley Foundation . . NOWLIN, MILDRED ELIZABETH: Bassett, Va., Jr., Home Economics, Zeta Tau Alpha, YWCA, Women's Spirit Committee, Caroline Hunt Club . . . NULL, ROSCOE LOUIS, Mobile, Soph., ASS, Sigma Chi . NUSSBAUM, IRWIN, Jamaica, N. Y., Jr., ABS, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Pershing Rifles, Alpha Phi Omega, Hillel Foundation . OAKLEY, DONALD F., Columbia, Jr., Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha, Spirit Planning Committee . . OAKLY, JOHN HOLLIS, Columbia, Jr., Commerce, Sigma Nu. "To hell with the Orange Bowl" WERE RELEASED BY NEWS BUREAU Row 6: O'BANNON, ARNOLD STEWART, JR., Brewton, Fr., Education, Rho Alpha Tau . . OBOLER, ALAN H., Brooklyn, N. Y., Soph., ASIS, Kappa Nu, Spirit Planning Committee . . . O'CONNER, KATHLEEN, Bir- mingham, Soph., Education, Swan Club, Pep Squad, Westminster Fellow- sliip OGDEN, LEILA NASH, Sulligent, Jr., Home Economics, Zeta Tau Alpha, YWCA . . . O'HARA, BENJAMIN JOSEPH, Tuscaloosa, Jr., Com- merce, Million Dollar Band . OKEL, JAMES LEROY, Montgomery, Fr., Engineering, Phi Kappa Sigma, Million Dollar Band, Symphony Orchestra OLDACRE, WILLIAM A., Birmingham, Soph., Commerce, Lambda Chi Alpha, Rho Alpha Tau, St. Pat's Executive Council, Men's Spirit Com- mittee, Commerce Association, Pep Squad . . . OLDSTONE, MICHAEL ALAN, Bronx, N. Y., Fr., ASS, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Hillel Foundation. Row Seven: O'LEARY, BARBARA, Meridian, Miss., Jr., Education, Pi Beta Phi, YWCA, Newman Club . , . OLIVER, ELEANORA FIGG, Proctor, Ark., Jr., Home Economics, Kappa Kappa Gamma . . . OLIVER, HENRY McCARTY, Montgomery, Soph., ABQS, Million Dollar Band, Westminster Fel- lowship . . OLIVER, PATRICIA ANN, Castleberry, Soph., Chemistry . OLSON, JOYCE ANN, San Gabriel, Calif., Soph., Home Economics, Chi Omega, YWCA, Pep Squad . . O'NEILL, EDWARD JOSEPH, Birmingham, Soph., Commerce, Kappa Sigma, Pep Squad . . OPPENHEIMER, MICKEY BERNARD, New York, N. Y., Soph., ASS, Kappa Nu, Hillel Foundation . O'REAR, BETTY RUTH, Jasper, Jr., ASS. Row Eight: ORGAIN, NANCY WINSTON, Huntsville, Soph., Education, Delta Delta Delta, Canterbury Club, Triangle , . . ORZEL, ANDREW JOHN, Center Rutland, Vt., Soph., ASS, Sigma Nu , . . OSWALD, LUCY HARPER, Atlanta, Ga., Fr., ABS, Pi Beta Phi, Pep Squad, YWCA, Canter- bury Club . . OTEY, LYNN LENORE, Birmingham, Jr., Home Economics, Kappa Delta, YWCA, Canterbury Club . . . OWEN, ALEXANDER PAUL, JR., Janesville, Wis., Jr., Commerce, Sigma Chi, Pep Squad, Com- merce Association, Canterbury Club . . . OWEN, EVELYN WOOD, Atlanta, Ga., Jr., ASIS, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Alpha Lambda Delta, Secretary, Triangle, YWCA, Pep Squad, Alabama Symphony Orchestra, French Club, Canterbury Club, Business Staff, Corolla . . OWEN, WILLIAM EDWARD, Birmingham, Fr., Commerce, Delta Chi, Rho Alpha Tau, Pep Squad . . . OWENS, G. DAVENE, Alton, Mo., Jr., Education. Row 9: OWENS, IRIS ANNE, Jacksonville, Fla., Jr., ASS, Pi Beta Phi, VVSGA, Blackfriars . . OWENS, JAMES KING, Gordo, Soph., Com- merce, Pershing Rifles, Commerce Association, Wesley Foundation, Pep Squad OWENS, RICHARD C., Kennedy, Soph., Education, Pep Squad . OWENS, WILLIAM JOSEPH, Andalusia, Fr., Commerce, Delta Tau Delta, Westminster Fellowship . , OWINGS, CLYDE LACY, Brent, Jr., ASS, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Pershing Rifles . . . OX, STANLEY GILBERT, Scotch Plains, N. J., Soph., Engineering, Institute of Aeronautical Sciences . . PACTOR, JOHANNA FELDMAN, New Orleans, La., Soph., Home Economics, Hillel Foundation . . . PAGE, JAMES D., Washington, D. C., Jr., Commerce, Delta Chi, Commerce Association, Spirit Committee, Pep Squad. Row IO: PALMER, ELIZABETH CADE, Tuscaloosa, Jr., ASS . . PANNELL, NORMA JEANNE, Birmingham, Soph., Nursing, Alpha Phi, Pep Squad . . . PAPPAS, ALONZA RAYMOND, Eufaula, Jr., ABS, Kappa Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma, Men's Glee Club . . PARENT, SAMUEL LEWIS, Hillside, N. J., Fr., Engineering, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Pep Squad, Hillel Foundation, St. Pat's Association PARK, STANLEY, JR., Tuscaloosa, Jr., A8-S, Kappa Alpha, Pep Squad . . PARKEL, CHARLES OLIVER, JR., Bessemer, Soph., ASIS, Theta Chi PARKER, MARGARET ANN, Mont- gomery, Soph., Home Economics, Alpha Xi Delta, Pep Squad, Caroline Hunt Club, Canterbury Club, Corolla Favorite, T950 PARKER, SARAH JEANETTE, Tuscaloosa, Jr., Kappa Delta, YWCA, Pep Squad. DZ's fire debt and mortgage Parker, P. Parker, S. T. Parnell Parrish, H. Parrish, J. Parsons, B. Parsons, J. B Parsons, J. L Pate, D. Pate, H. Pate, P. Paterson Patterson, G Patterson, J. Patrick Paty Paul Paylor Payne, A. Payne, E. Pearce, B. W Pearce, B. O Peavler Pedalino Peebles Peeples Pelekis Peltz Penfielcl Perkins Perkinson Perry Peter Peters Peterson Petrey Petrovsky Petty Pevsner Pharaoh Phillips, E. Phillips, J. Phillips, L. Phillips, M. Pichelmayer Pickron Pierce, A. Pierce, J. Pilcher Pindus Pines Pinion Pinkston Pinson Piper, J. Piper, R. Pitts Platt Poag Pollack Ponder Poole Pope Porter Porter, W. Powell, D. J Powell, D. Powell, G. Powell, D. A Powell, M. Powell, T. Prater, H. . J R Jus g et o V Prater, J. Prater, J. G. W. Price, A. Price, M. Pridmore Prine Pritchard Proctor A -4 2. Q 23595 ,, .,,. e ws li at 5 ! a. gli X. 2 tm , M -V , i l P W" it ix U, ...J ,,.. , .. .. A 1 4 this 15' 4... in X rim, I 1 S Air? W if hr r..,. 1 r K get .. .' 1 in if, 1 we . sa J 3 .W bw 'M'- . . .. J J ... , , " ' 1 rr' . .Q i"-:1. . we R A KVV. I K . ,. i ' if- :ii ' ft iid-16 'e if 3 ,F it r M . -. QQ . Fl! w g .,f- , ,iff Q. . . . 5 X 2 rf . 4. 535555 gl .. W ,- . L... ,.,.,.... im' 2 A 3 . :fi s SIGMA CHI WON 4TH CONSECUTIVE CR Row One: PARKER, P. STANLEY, Birmingham, Soph., Commerce, Kappa Alpha . . . PARKER, SUSAN TRAVIS, Mobile, Fr., Commerce, Alpha Xi Delta, Commerce Association, Pep Squad . . . PARNELL, LUCIUS HAYES, Leeds, Jr., ABS, Kappa Sigma . . PARRISH, HELEN SPEIR, Greenville, Soph., Education, Zeta Tau Alpha . . . PARRISH, JOY NAFTEL, Green- ville, Jr., Education, Alpha Delta Pi . PARSONS, BOB E., Tuscaloosa, Soph., Commerce, Alpha Kappa Psi . . . PARSONS, JOHN BRYAN, Sa- mantha, Fr., Education . . . PARSONS, JOSEPH LAWRENCE, JR., Birming- ham, Fr., A8rS, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Rho Alpha Tau, Spirit Planning Committee. Row Two: PATE, DOROTHY JUANITA, Buhl, Soph., ABS . . . PATE, HAROLD, Lowndesboro, Soph,, Commerce, Sigma Nu . . PATE, PATRICIA ANN, Castleberry, Soph., Chemistry . . PATERSON, DALE ROYCROFT, Union, N. J., Soph., Chemistry, Varsity Cross Country, Varsity Track . . PATTERSON, GAYLON, Tuscaloosa, Jr., Commerce . , . PATTERSON, JULIA, Montgomery, Jr., A8.S, Kappa Delta, Pep Squad. YWCA PATRICK, FELIX ALBERT, III., Columbus, Ga., Fr., ABS, Delta Tau Delta, Pep Squad , . , PATY, NANCY, Elizabethton, Tenn., Jr., A8.S, Zeta Tau Alpha. Row Three: PAUL, DOROTHY, Tampa, Fla., Jr., Home Economics, Delta Zeta, Women's Spirit Committee, Caroline Hunt Club . . . PAYLOR, PATRICIA, Birmingham, Fr., ASQS, Kappa Kappa Gamma . . . PAYNE, ALASEE, Chattanooga, Tenn., Jr., Education, Triangle, Alabama Symphony Orchestra, Million Dollar Band . . PAYNE, EDWINA, Tuscaloosa, Jr., ABS . PEARCE, BERT W., Mount Vernon, Jr., Education, Wesley Foun- dation . . . PEARCE, BILLY O., Birmingham, Jr., Chemistry, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . PEAVLER, ANN RUTLEDGE, Bristol, Va., .Ir., A8.S, Alpha Delta Pi, YWCA, Pep Squad, Westminster Fellowship . . PEDALINO, MICHAEL DONALD, South Orange, N, J., Soph., Commerce, Phi Sigma Kappa. Row 4: PEEBLES, NANCY, Spring Hill, Jr., ABS, Kappa Delta, YWCA, Caroline Hunt Club . PEEPLES, SAM LEE, Birmingham, Jr., ABS, Treasurer, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . PELEKIS, GUS GEORGE, Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Alpha Sigma Phi, Commerce Association . . . PELTZ, HERBERT BERNARD, Tupelo, Miss., Fr., Commerce, Kappa Nu, President, Rho Alpha Tau, President, Freshman Class, School of Commerce . . PENFIELD, WILLIS E., SR., Tuscaloosa, Jr., Engineering, Phi Delta Theta . , PERKINS, ROBERT HOKE, Birmingham, Soph., ABS, Pi Kappa Alpha . . PERKINSON, WILLIAM GORDON, Birmingham, Soph,, Com- merce, Lambda Chi Alpha . . . PERRY, POLLY ANN, Birmingham, Soph., Education, Pi Beta Phi, Wesley Choir, YWCA. Row Five: PETER, EDWARD TURBERVILLE, Mobile, Fr., ABS, Sigma Chi, Rho Alpha Tau . . PETERS, GEORGE A., Tuscaloosa, Fr., Education, Million Dollar Band, Alabama Cavaliers . . PETERSON, JERRY, Tusca- loosa, Jr., ASS, Pi Kappa Alpha, Debate Squad . . PETREY, PAUL ADRAIN, JR., Florala, Soph., ABS, Pi Kappa Phi , . . PETROVSKY, SEYMOUR FREDDY, Memphis, Tenn., Jr., Commerce, Kappa Nu, Theta Tau, Alpha Phi Omega . . . PETTY, RAYMOND ALLEN, Montgomery, Jr., Engineering, Institute at Aeronautical Sciences . . , PEVSNER, SHELDON SOLOMON, Hattiesburg, Miss., Soph., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Mu, Rho Alpha Tau, Druids, Pep Squad, Hillel Foundation, Manager, Tennis Team, Bama Day Committee, Inter-fraternity Council . . PHARAOH, EILEEN HOWE, Ocean City, N. J., Jr., Education, Alpha Phi, Spirit Com- mittee, Swan Club. I'lI call you and raise you ' D U A T E owN AS FRATERNITY roo1sAu. cl-:AMPS Row Six: PHILLIPS, ERNEST FENTON, JR., Hampton, Va., Soph., ABS . PHILLIPS, JOHN DAVID, Mobile, Jr., ASLS, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . PHILLIPS, LOU ANN, Valley Head, Jr., Education, Delta Zeta . . , PHILLIPS, MARGARET RINER, Bluefield, W. Va., Jr., ABS, Pi Beta Phi , . PICHELMAYER, CHARLES ANDREW, Cullman, Soph., Commerce, Theta Chi, Pep Squad . . . PICKRON, CHARLES THAD, Uriah, Fr., Engineering, Phi Kappa Sigma . . . PIERCE, ANITA WIRTH, Dyersburg, Tenn., Jr., Education, Kappa Delta, YWCA, Exchange Manager, Rammer Jammer . . . PIERCE, JOHN VERNON, Woodbourne, N. Y., Fr., A8iS, Alpha Sigma Phi. Row Seven: PILCHER, ANN WINIFRED, Montgomery, Jr., Education, YWCA . . . PINDUS, DONALD SAUL, Paterson, N. J., Jr., A8.S, Alpha Epsilon Pi . . . PINES, ALAN, Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Zeta Beta Tau, Pershing Rifles . . . PINION, BETTY LYNN, Cleveland, Tenn., Fr., Home Economics, Chi Omega, Pep Squad, Caroline Hunt Club, YWCA . . . PINKSTON, JAMES WARREN, Alexandria, Va., Fr., ASS, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Million Dollar Band . . . PINSON, CHARLES PAUL, Birmingham, Jr., Education, Delta Chi, Homecoming Committee, Corolla Beauty Ball Committee, Pep Squad, Spirit Planning Committee, Bama Day Committee PIPER, JOHN HOPKINS, Birmingham, Fr., Engineering . . . PIPER, ROBERT GRANT, Glossport, Pa., Fr., Engineering. Row Eight: PITTS, JON WILL, Clanton, Fr., A8.S, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, VVesley Choir . . . PLATT, HARVEY JAY, Jamaica, N. Y., Fr., A8iS, Alpha Epsilon Pi . POAG, HELEN FUNDERBURK, Centreville, Jr., Education, YWCA, Women's Spirit Committee . . POLLACK, CHARLES, Selma, Soph., Commerce, Zeta Beta Tau . . . PONDER, RUTH FINDLEY, Jasper, Jr., Education, Wesley Foundation . . POOLE, LLYN TERRY, Tuscaloosa, Fr., Education, Pep Squad, Swan Club, Wesley Foundation . . . POPE, MARTA C., Astoria, N, Y., Soph., Home Economics . . PORTER, FRANCES, Sarasota, Fla., Jr., A8.S, Alpha Chi Omega, Spirit Committee, Pep Squad. Row 9: PORTER, WILLIAM H., Bessemer, Soph., ASS, Kappa Alpha . . . POWELL, DOROTHY JOAN, Atlanta, Ga., Soph., Home Economics, Delta Zeta, YWCA, Caroline Hunt Club . . . POWELL, DOUGLASS, Birmingham, Fr., A81S, Chi Omega . . . POWELL, GRAHM MASON, Birmingham, Soph, A8.S, Theta Chi, Pep Squad . . . POWELL, DOROTHY ANNE, Birmingham, Fr., Home Economics, Pep Squad . . . POWELL, MARY VIRGINIA, Spring Hill, Soph., Education POWELL, THOMAS ALVIN, Selma, Fr., A8.S, Sigma Phi Epsilon PRATER,HARRY WILLIAMS, Bir- mingham, Jr., ABKS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Row Ten: PRATER, JAMES OTTIS, Reform, Soph,, Education, Pi Kappa Phi . PRATER, JOHN GILVERT, Reform, Soph., A8.S, Pi Kappa Phi . . . PRICE, ANN POWELL, Jacksonville, Fla., Fr., Education, Alpha Delta Pi, YWCA . PRICE, MARY FRANCES, Opp, Fr., Education, Alpha Gamma Delta, Sponsor, ROTC, Pep Squad, YWCA . . . PRIDMORE, CHARLES FLETCHER, Birmingham, Jr., Engineering, Phi Kappa Sigma, Pep Squad, St. Pat's Association, Alpha Phi Omega . . . PRINE, JOHN HOWARD, Irvington, Soph., ABS, Pi Kappa Alpha PRITCHARD, NOLA DEAN, Haleyville, Jr., Education . . PROCTOR, JOHN FRANKLIN, Scottsboro, Soph., Commerce, Sigma Chi, Pep Squad. 'Board and Iet's go Theta U Proodian Propst Prout Prysock Pulley Putman Quarles Quartin Queener Quinn Radford Rodoms Rolls, C. Ralls, O. Randall Randolph Ransom RUPP Ratcliffe Ratlitf Ravenelle Rawlins Rawlinson Rawson Ray, D. Ray, R. Rea Reader Reaves Rebling Redditt Recldoch Reed, B. Reed, D. Reed, H. Reed, R. Reed, S. Reese Reeves Reid, H. Reid, K. Rever Reynolds, P. Reynolds, W Rhodes Rhyne Rice Richardson Riddle, E. Riddle, J. Riddle, P. Rife Ringel Ritchie Rives Robbert, J. Robbert, P. Roberson Roberts, E. Roberts, J. Roberts, M. Roberts, W. Robertson, L Robertson, P Robinson, A. Robinson, B. Robinson, R. Robinson, S. Rockett Roddam Rodgers, J. Rodgers, M. Roe Rogers Root Rosen Rosenbaum Ross, C. Ross, L. Ross, T. IIIKIDER RADIIATE BAMA FRIENDLINESS WEEK WAS SPONSORED IN DECEMBER BY RHO ALPHA TAU Row One: PROODIAN, GEORGE H., Stoneham, Mass., Jr., ABS . PROPST, ROBERT BRUCE, Gadsden, Jr., Commerce, Pi Kappa Phi , , PROUT, WILLIAM SYLVESTER, JR., Tuscaloosa, Fr., ABS, Phi Gamma Delta . . , PRYSOCK, GLORIA JUNE, Gary, Ind., Soph., Education, Alpha Phi . . PULLEY, FRANCES CALDWELL, Pensacola, Fla., Soph., Education, YWCA . . . PUTMAN, DAVID, Greenville, S. C., Fr., Education QUARLES, BARBARA, Tuscaloosa, Fr., Nursing, Theta Upsilon . . . QUARTIN, JANET, Miami, Fla., Jr., Home Economics, President, Sigma Delta Tau, WSGA, Panhellenic, Women's Spirit Committee, Corolla Staff, Rammer Jammer Staff. Row Two: QUEENER, LUCILLE FRIESON, Columbia, Tenn., Jr., Home Eco- nomics, Delta Delta Delta QUINN, BETTY JANE, Hapeville, Ga., Soph., Commerce . . . RADFORD, VERA REINS, Birmingham, Soph., Education, Alpha Gamma Delta, Triangle, YWCA . . RADOMS, MARCIA JEANETTE, Birmingham, Jr., Education, Treasurer, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Vice- President, Hillel Foundation RALLS, CLARA, Gadsden, Fr., Home Economics, Alpha Gamma Delta, Pep Squad, Wesley Foundation, Caroline Hunt Club . , . RALLS, OSCAR ERLE, Gadsden, Soph., ABS, Pi Kappa Alpha . . RANDALL, THOMAS EDWIN, Birmingham, Jr., ABS, Alpha Tau Omega . . RANDOLPH, FRANK, Montgomery, Fr., ABS, Alpha Tau Omega. Row Three: RANSOM, BOBBIE JEAN, Memphis, Tenn., Soph., ABS, Zeta Tau Alpha, Pep Squad . RAPP, RUTH, Atianta, Ga., Jr., ABS, Alpha Gamma Delta . . RATCLIFFE, CHARLES FRANCIS, Springhill, Jr., Cam- merce, Sigma Chi, Alabama Million Dollar Band, Phi Eta Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi, Wesley Foundation , RATLIFF, EMMETT RICHARD, Meridian. Miss., Jr., Engineering, St. Pat's Association, Institute at Aeronautical Science . . RAVENELLE, RICHARD, Vtfoonsocket, R. I., Jr., A8-S, Alpha Sigma Phi RAWLINS, BETTY, McRae, Ga., Soph., Home Economics RAWLINSON, ROBERT LAMAR, Prattville, Soph., Commerce, Delta Chi, Commerce Association, Pep Squad . RAWSON, HUBERT EUGENE, JR., Birmingham, Fr., Commerce, Kappa Sigma, Varsity Basketball. Row Four: RAY, DOROTHY LORELLE, Cottonwood, Fr., Nursing RAY, RICHARD E., Birmingham, Jr., Engineering, Kappa Sigma REA. JAMES MONROE, Notasulga, Fr., Commerce READER, EUGENE LAFAYETTE, Birmingham, Soph., Commerce, Theta Chi REAVES, BETTY JO, Montgomery, Soph., Education, Chi Omega, Trianqle, Pep Squad, YWCA REBLING, ROBERT C., Salamanca, Ark., Fr., Engineer- ing REDDITT, FRANK L., Brewton, Jr., Engineering, Wesley Foundation REDDOCH, LENA SUE, Montgomery, Jr., Home Economics, Alpha Delta Pi, President, Sophomore Class, School of Home Economics, Treasurer, Caroline Hunt Club, Triangle, YWCA. Row Five: REED, BETTY JEAN, Bessemer, Soph., Education, Phi Mu, Pep Squad . . . REED, DUDLEY F., Bessemer, Soph., ABS, Pi Kappa Alpha, Editorial Stott, Rammer Jammer REED, HERBERT E., Cordova, Fr., Commerce, Theta Chi . . REED, ROBERT HENRY, Philadelpha, Pa., Soph., Engineering, Pi Kappa Phi, St. Pat's Association, American Ins'itute al Industrial Engineers . REED, SAMUEL PAUL, University, Soph., ABS REESE, MARY PEARL, Birmingham, Jr., Education, Delta Zeta, YWCA, Westminster Fellowship . REEVES, CHARLOTTE ANNE, Mont, qomery, Jr., Education, Caroline Hunt Club REID, HELEN, Atlanta Ga., Jr., Commerce, Alpha Chi Omega, Y'WCA, Women's Spirit Commit- tee, Panhellenic Council, Pep Squad, Commerce Association. Commerce machines to the rescue Row Six: REID, KIDD WAYNE, Birmingham, Jr., ABS, Theta Chi , . , REVER, SANFORD, Newark, N. J., Fr., Commerce . . . REYNOLDS, PATTY RUTH, Bessemer, Jr., Commerce, Pi Beta Phi, YWCA , . . REYNOLDS, WILLIAM CALVIN, JR., Birmingham, Soph., A8iS., Lambda Chi Alpha . . . RHODES, THEODORE MAZER, Birmingham, Soph., Commerce, Kappa Nu, Men's Spirit Committee . , . RHYNE, ROBERT HENRY, JR., Newbern, Fr., ABS . . . RICE, JIMMIE SUE, Montgomery, Soph., ABS, Kappa Delta . . . RICHARDSON, TERRY, Pensacola, Fla., Soph., ABS, Sigma Nu. Row Seven: RIDDLE, ELEANOR JOYCE, Birmingham, Soph., Education . . . RIDDLE, JOE E., Birmingham, Jr., A8tS, Theta Xi, Million Dollar Band . . . RIDDLE, PAUL GENE, Oakland City, ind., Jr., Education, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Baseball . . . RIFE, WILLIAM HOWARD, Si. Louis, Mo., Jr., ABS, Theta Xi . RINGEL, MARGARET PAULINE, Brunswick, Ga., Soph., ABS, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Pep Squad, YWCA, Women's Spirit Committee, Hillel Foundation . . . RITCHIE, THOMAS ALAN, Birmingham, Fr., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Debate Squad, Wesley Foundation, Pep Squad, Business Staff, Corolla . , RIVES, JAMES HENRY, JR., Birmingham, Soph., Engineering, Theta Chi, President, Freshman Class, School ot Engineering, St. Pat's Association , . ROBBERT, JACQUELYN ANN, New Orleans, La., Fr., A8-S, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Sweetheart of Sigma Chi. Row Eight: ROBBERT, PHYLLIS ANN, New Orleans, La., Jr., Kappa Kappa Gamma . ROBERSON, DORIS ELIZABETH, Waycross, Jr., Home Economics, Theta Upsilon . . ROBERTS, EUGENE EDWARD, JR., Birmingham, Soph., Engineering, Lambda Chi Alpha, Pep Squad, University Symphony Orchestra, St. Pat's Association . ROBERTS, JEANNINE, Birmingham, Soph., ALS, Alpha Chi Omega, WABP, Press Club, Pep Squad, Women's Spirit Committee . ROBERTS, MARY FRANCES, Mo- bile, Jr., Education ROBERTS, WILLIAM L., Tuscaloosa, Jr., Education, Delta Sigma Phi, Druids, Pershing Rifles, Pep Squad . ROBERTSON, LOIS, Lineville, Jr., Education, Triangle ROBERTSON, PAUL EMIL, Northport, Jr., ABS, Alpha Tau Omega. Row Nine: ROBINSON, ALBERT RUSSELL, New York, N. Y., Fr., Commerce . . . ROBINSON, BETSY JILL, Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Alpha Xi Delta . . . ROBINSON, ROBERT, Holliswood, N. Y., Jr., ABS, Phi Sigma Kappa . ROBINSON, SHIRLEY ANN, Memphis, Tenn., Soph., ABS, Treasurer, Theta Upsilon , ROCKETT, ALTON C., Birmingham, Jr., ABS, Pi Kappa Alpha . RODDAM, CLYDE HOWARD, Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Pi, Tau Kappa Alpha, Pershing Ritles, Varsity Baseball, Druids, Inter-fraternity Council, Debate Squad, Pep Squad . . RODGERS, JOYCE M., Hartselle, Soph., Com- merce . . RODGERS, MARY FRANCES, Hartselle, Jr., ABS. Row Ten: ROE, CHARLES W., Newburg, N. Y., Soph., ABS, Theta Xi . . . ROGERS, KATHY, Atlanta, Ga., Soph., Home Economics, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Triangle, Swan Club ROOT, CHARLES ALFRED, Bir- mingham, Soph., ABS, Sigma Nu, Rho Alpha Tau, Canterbury Club ROSEN, RUTH MIRIAM, Yargo City, Miss., Soph., Commerce, Sigma Delta Tau . . ROSENBAUM, HARRIET LEE, Atlanta, Ga., Fr., Education, Inter- national Zionist Federation at America . ROSS, CONRAD, Brooklyn, N Y., soph., Ass, Alpha Epsilon Pi Ross, LEONARD EMMETTE, Tuscaloosa, Soph., Commerce, Sigma Phi Epsilon ROSS, TOBY LLOYD, Birmingham, Fr., Commerce, Kappa Nu. "And if you look right over here . . . " x X . 'PY me A ,,.f:smm,.,, Rountree Rouselle Ro utma n, E. Routman, S. Rowan Rowell Rozear Rozzelle Rucker Ruffin RUPP Rush, B. Rush, D. Rush, O. Russell, B. Russell, B. H. Russell, W. Ryan Salenfriend Saliba Sall Salter Saltzman Samuel Samuels Sanders, C. L. Sanders, C. W. Sanders, M. Sanders, N. Sanders, P. Sanders, V. Sanders, W. Sapp, B. Sapp, N. Sarachan Saroff Satterfield Saunders Savage Sawyer Scales, C. Scales, M. Scarbrough Scharfschwerdt Schecter Scherer Schlegel Schulhafer Schwartz Scott, G. Scott, J. Scott, J. B. Screws Scruggs Seal Seale Segrest, J. Segrest, S. Selman Semple Shainberg Shanks Shannon Sharff Sharker Sharp Shaw, A. Shaw, J. Shealy, L. Shealy, S. Sheehan Shelton, N. I Shelton, R. Sherer Sherling Sherlock Sherman, A. Sherman, B. Sherman, I. Sherrer W 113' A .Qi f K "S': " - qll 25,,,V V . A ff 'Q.jf:5 f f' . 'Wh ,-Q.. 1 ffm sms ",i7sF.5:g nw 5, Q s If f.if1 . ff uf! 49' '-rf . . .. ks. st gmvgigg 15.5 . Hx Q if 5 Q, L' vs? 52... 3 We V' 2 rn nt R Q ..: A , A ,V L': J ,V pi 'S . ,.'r .ff g I ,,,, ,,.. A i Aw ..f -uc . ,. . fe :.::.f1wa.e1f' - I.Sm??5Sw,'sjwg , in -sf! ww 'uf A . 4,231 - 21 K vi is x E. Ls. if S 'xr r Z1 1 xx Q g ., ,,-. E f ev A 2 Vfgfgflii. A 7 2- ma ' f ' U-fslfv ii? ...xx A Q 1- 5 5 il. in S 'fl .mwlllil 'X SGA GRIEVANCE COMMITTEE BEGAN OPERATIONS TO HANDLE STUDENT OPINIONS Row One: ROUNTREE, BERNICE RHEA, Gadsden, Soph., ABS, Kappa Kappa Gamma, YWCA . . . ROUSELLE, JEAN MARIE, Mobile, Jr., AAS, Alpha Xi Delta, WABP, Blackfriars, Pep Squad . . . ROUTMAN, ELLIOT JEROME, Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Kappa Nu . . . ROUTMAN, STANLEY HOWARD, Birmingham, Soph., Commerce, Kappa Nu, Commerce Associa- tion, Pep Squad . . ROWAN, PELHAM AGEE, Anniston, Fr., ABS, Alpha Tau Omega , . . ROWELL, ROBERT FLEMING, Montgomery, Soph., Commerce, Kappa Sigma, Canterbury Club, Pep Squad . . ROZEAR, PAUL, Decatur, Jr., ASS, Theta Chi, Pep Squad . . . ROZZELLE, ANN, Reform, Soph., Education. Row Two: RUCKER, JUANITA F. ANN, Mobile, Soph., Commerce, Pi Beta Phi, Newman Club . . . RUFFIN, ROBERT, Memphis, Tenn., Jr., ASS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Alpha Sigma Omega, Westminster Fellowship RUPP, SYLVIA DELORES, Florence, Fr., Commerce, Alpha Phi . . . RUSH, BETTY JANE, Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Chi Omega . . . RUSH, DOROTHY JEAN, Montgomery, Fr., Education, Alpha Chi Omega, Dream Girl of Theta Chi . . . RUSH, ORVILLE FINDLEY, McLean, Va., Soph., Engineer- ing, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . RUSSELL, BARBARA, Cedartown, Ga., Jr., ABS, Alpha Chi Omega, WABP, Pep Squad, Women's Spirit Committee, YWCA, Baptist Student Union . . . RUSSELL, BEVERLY HUNTER, Decatur, Ga., Jr., Home Economics, Alpha Phi. Row Three: RUSSELL, WILLIAM AUDIE, Aliceville, Soph., Engineering, Chi Phi . RYAN, FERRELL SPENCER, Selma, Jr., Commerce, Kappa Alpha, YMCA , SALENFRIEND, GENE, Newport, Ark., Soph., A8.S, Zeta Beta Tau, Pep Squad . . SALIBA, ALFRED JOSEPH, Dothan, Jr., Engineering, Treasurer, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Theta Tau, Alpha Phi Omega, American Society of Civil Engineers, Pep Squad, Pershing Rifles, St. Pat's Association, Cotillion Club . . SALL, DOROTHY, Miami, Flo., Fr., ASS, Sigma Delta Tau, Pep Squad, WABP . . SALTER, OTHA CARLYSLE, Mobile, Jr., ASS, Theta Clii . . . SALTZMAN, STANLEY S., Bronx, N. Y., Jr., A8iS, Sigma Alpha Mu, Hillel Foundation, Men's Spirit Committee, International Relations Club, Inter-fraternity Council . . . SAMUEL, SALLY, Talladega, Jr., ABS, Delta Delta Delta. Row Four: SAMUELS, JULIAN JOSEPH, Goodwater, Jr., Engineering, Vice-President, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Tau Beta Pi, Theta Tau, Pi Mu Epsilon, American Chemical Society, Sigma Pi Sigma, Society of American Military Engineers, St. Pat's Association . SANDERS, CATHERINE LIGHTFOOT, Dothan, Jr., Home Economics, Alpha Delta Pi, YWCA, Wesley Foundation . . . SANDERS, CLAUDE WILLIAM, Columbus, Miss., Soph., ASS, Sigma Chi . . . SANDERS, MARTHA ANN, Dyersburg, Tenn., Soph., Commerce, Pep Squad, Commerce Association, YWCA SANDERS, NORMA EARLE, Meridian, Miss., Jr., ASS, Pi Beta Phi, YWCA, Editorial Staff, Rammer Jammer . . . SANDERS, PATTY JEAN, Picken- ville, Soph., Education , , . SANDERS, VIRGINIA DALE, Vernon, Jr., Commerce, Phi Chi Theta . . SANDERS, WILLIAM LARRY, Mobile, Soph., Commerce. Row Five: SAPP, BETTY JEAN, Tuscaloosa, Soph., Education . . SAPP, NITA JUNE, Cullman, Soph., Home Economics, Chi Omega . . . SARACHAN, DONNA ELLEN, Rochester, N. Y., Soph., ASS, Alpha Epsilon Phi SAROFF, FANNIE DEVORAH, Birmingham, Jr., Education, Blackfriars, Hillel Foundation . . . SATTERFIELD, THOMAS ADGER, Tuxedo, N. C., Soph., Commerce . SAUNDERS, JOHN ROBERT, Birmingham, Fr., Commerce SAVAGE, CLARENCE WADE, Tuscaloosa, Jr., ASS, Phi Eta Sigma, Pershing Rifles, Baptist Student Union Council . . SAWYER, SYLVIA, Fairfield, Fr., Commerce. Did you ALL get pinned? Row Six: SCALES, CARRIE, Livingston, Soph., Home Economics, Kappa Kappa Gamma, YWCA . . . SCALES, MYRON BRINTON, Demopolis, Soph., ASS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Baptist Student Union, Business Staff, Rammer Jammer . . . SCARBROUGH, JAMES B., Gadsden, Soph., A8-S, Pi Kappa Alpha, Pep Squad . . . SCHARFSCHWERDT, ANNA, Ft. Pierce, Fla., Jr., Education, Delta Zeta, Swan Club, Cheerleader . . . SCHECTER, PHILIP LAWRENCE, Long Beach, N. Y., Soph., Commerce, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Rho Alpha Tau . . . SCHERER, MARTIN, Brooklyn, N. Y., Fr., Corn- merce . . SCHLEGEL, ROBERT EDWARD, Norfolk, Va., Soph., Commerce, Chi Phi . . . SCHULHAFER, LOUIS, Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Zeta Beta Tau. Row Seven: SCHWARTZ, GAYLE ANN, Miami, Fla., Jr., Education, Alpha Xi Delta, Pep Squad, Wesley Foundation . . . SCOTT, GERALD S., Gads- den, Soph., ASS, Pi Kappa Alpha . . SCOTT, JOANNE, Livingston, Jr., Education, Delta Delta Delta . . . SCOTT, JOHN BAYTOP, JR., Waugh, Jr., ABS, Chi Phi . . . SCREWS, EUEL AUGUSTUS, Opelika, Jr., ASS, Alpha Tau Omega, Druids, Quadrangle, Pershing Rifles, University Rifle Team, Men's Glee Club, University Glee Club, Westminster Fellowship, Phi Eta Sigma . . . SCRUGGS, ALBERT M., Memphis, Tenn., Jr., Engineer- ing, American Institute of Electrical Engineers . . . SEAL, BERNARD JEROME, Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Zeta Beta Tau . . . SEALE, B. FORREST, Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Kappa Alpha. Row Eight: SEGREST, JANICE DIANE, Slocomb, Jr., Education, Alpha Delta Pi, Triangle, YWCA . . . SEGREST, SARAH, Dothan, Jr., Chemistry, Delta Delta Delta . , . SELMAN, EDDIE JEAN, Tuscaloosa, Jr., Home Economics, Zeta Tau Alpha, Caroline Hunt Club, YWCA, Pep Squad . . . SEMPLE, JOSEPH MICHAEL, Erie, Pa., Soph., ASS, Sigma Chi . . SHAINBERG, BERYL, Memphis, Tenn., Fr., Home Economics, Sigma Delta Tau, Pep Squad, Business Staff, Rammer Jammer . . . SHANKS, TOMMY, Union Springs, Fr., ASQS, Sigma Nu . . SHANNON, PEGGY LEE, Chevy Chase, Md., Fr., ASIS, Kappa Kappa Gamma . . . SHARFF, HAROLD MICHAEL, Brookline, Mass., Jr., Commerce, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Hillel Foun- dation. Row Nine: SHARKER, BENNIE H., Montgomery, Fr., Commerce, Kappa Nu . . . SHARP, WILLIAM, Falmouth, Mass., Jr., Commerce . . . SHAW, ALMA, Aliceville, Jr., Education, Westminster Fellowship . . . SHAW, JO ANN, Guin, Soph., Home Economics . . . SHEALY, LINDA ALLEN, Bir- mingham, Fr., A8.S, Delta Delta Delta, Pep Squad, YWCA, Wesley Foundation . . SHEALY, STEADMAN STAPLETON, Dothan, Jr., Com- merce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . , SHEEHAN, DOUGLAS, Montgomery, Jr., Engineering, Phi Kappa Sigma, Million Dollar Band . . SHELTON, NANCIE MARIE, Chicago, Ill., Fr., ASS, Blackfriars, Newman Club. Row Ten: SHELTON, ROBERT EDWIN, Bradenton, Fla., Soph., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . SHERER, HUGH MOSS, JR., Jasper, Soph., Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta, Pep Squad . . . SHERLING, JOHN KENDRECK, Greenville, Jr., ASS, Kappa Alpha . . . SHERLOCK, EUGENE CHAPMAN, Montgomery, Fr., ASS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Rho Alpha Tau . . SHERMAN, ALBERTA, St. Mary's, Ohio., Jr., Education, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Pep Squad, Hillel Foundation . . . SHERMAN, BETTY, Hazelhurst, Miss., Fr., Home Economics, Sigma Delta Tau, Women's Spirit Committee, Hillel Foundation . . SHERMAN, IRWIN, Bronx, N, Y., Jr., ABS, Alpha Epsilon Pi . SHERRER, CLARENCE HUBERT, Pensacola, Fla., Soph., ASS, Wesley Foundation, Pep Squad, Blackfriars. Now don't get tee'd off! PM 555 Sherrill, B. Sherrill, J. Sherwin Shiland Shipp Shiver Shivers Sholes Short Siegal Siegel Silverberg Silverfield, B. Silverfielcl, L. Silverman Silvern Simpson Sims Sirota Skaggs Skinner Slaughter Selpian Smart Smith, B. Smith, C. Smith, E. Smith, G. Smith, H. Smith, H. G. Smith, J. E. Smith, J. B. Smith, J. M. Smith, J. R. Smith, J. J. Smith, J. A. Smith, J. F. Smith, J. H. Smith, M. Smith, N. Smith, R. Smith, S. A. Smith, S. R. Smith, T. Snellings Snodgrass Snow Snyder Sockwell Sofie Sokol Spain Spann Sparks Spaulding Spear, B. Spear, S. Speeg Spencer Sperry Spier Spillman Springer Sprunger Spurgeon Staff Stafford Stallworth Stalm Stanton Stapp Steckel Steele, E. T. Steele, E. D. Stegemeyer Stein Steinberg Stelzenmuller Stephen Stephenson J J A.. ., ft we . . HS F, .-., 6 s WK nm., L 1 .Xz- if - ww l' , viii, I Q Z f , Y :"' , ,,,..., ,,,, I I, ,.,,, ................ , X , is , 1 ef . . A Q L I . it I .... V? 'X .Q 2 ki Q' .4-.:' W 3 if M . ln ' ' Q z .4 f wrt S J W 54" ig i n , .. V , A "" 'f ill s -.', S i"'.. J fa! Sw 'f J V ,-.-: . S i': - se. . M 1 V K S55 it U.. J ' 4 ALABAMA WON REGIONAL BASEBALL Row One: SHERRILL, BILL, Birmingham, Jr., ABS, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . SHERRILL, JERRY FRANK, Birmingham, Fr., ABS, Delta Kappa Epsi- lon . . . SHERWIN, ROBERT EDWARD, Highland Park, Ill., Soph., Engineer- ing, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, WUOA . . . SHILAND, ARNOLD, Birmingham, Soph., Commerce, Kappa Nu, Hillel Foundation, International Zionist Federation of America, Corolla Business Staff . . . SHIPP, MAXWELL J., Narthport, Jr., ABS, Kappa Alpha, Pep Squad, WABP . SHIVER, WILLIAM M., JR., Frisco City, Jr., Commerce, Phi Kappa Sigma SHIVERS, BILL, Bessemer, Soph., Commerce . . SHOLES, CHRISTOPHER LATHAM, Birmingham, Fr., ABS, Kappa Alpha, YMCA. Row Two: SHORT, JULIA, Memphis, Tenn., Jr., ABS, Chi Omega, Spirit Committee, YWCA, Westminster Fellowship . . . SIEGAL, ELLEN DOROTHY, Birmingham, Jr., Home Economics, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Caroline Hunt Club, Hillel Council, Women's Spirit Committee . . . SIEGEL, BARBARA CAROLYN, Glendale, N. Y., Jr., Home Economics, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Hillel Foundation . SILVERBERG, JOAN CAROL, Florence, Fr., ABS, Blacktriars, Hillel Foundation . . SILVERFIELD, BABS, Birmingham, Soph., Home Economics, Alpha Epsilon Phi . . SILVERFIELD, LIONEL JAY, Osceola, Ark., Fr., Commerce, Zeta Beta Tau, Pep Squad, Commerce Association, Hillel Foun- dation . . . SILVERMAN, SHIRLEY E., Atlanta, Ga., Fr., Home Economics, Hillel Foundation, International Zionist Federation at America . . SILVERN, AUDREY LOU, Miami, Fla., Jr., Home Economics, Sigma Delta Tau, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Treasurer ot Pan Hellenic Council, Hillel Foun- dation, Philos, Vice4President of Sigma Delta Tau. Row Three: SIMPSON, FRED, Tuscaloosa, Fr., Commerce, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Pep Squad . . . SIMS, BETTY SUE, Birmingham, Soph., Commerce, Alpha Phi, Pep Squad . . . SIROTA, ALVIN ARNOLD, Irvington, N. J., Fr., ABS, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Pep Squad, Hillel Foundation . . SKAGGS, ALBERT CHADWELL, Hueytown, Jr., A8rS, Pi Kappa Phi, Wesley Choir, Press Club, Cadet Officers Club, Pep Squad . SKINNER, CAREY ANN, Tuscaloosa, Jr., Education . . . SLAUGHTER, ALVIN, Birmingham, Fr., ASS, Kappa Nu, Hillel Foundation, International Zionist Federation ot America . SLEPIAN, RONALD PHILLIP, Birmingham, Soph., Commerce, Zeta Beta Tau, Varsity Tennis . SMART, BARBARA ELIZABETH, High Point, N. C., Jr., ABS, Delta Gamma, YWCA, Pep Squad. Row Four: SMITH, BARBARA ANN, Tuskegee, Jr., ASLS, Alpha Gamma Delta . . SMITH, CHARLES LEROY, Marianna, Fla., Fr., ASS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Westminster Fellowship, Rifle Team, Pep Squad . SMITH, ELAINE, Birmingham, Jr., ABS, Delta Zeta, Swan Club, Westminster Fellowship . . . SMITH, GERALD LESTER, Opelika, Jr., Commerce, Chi Phi . . SMITH, HELEN, Latham, Soph., Chemistry, Zeta Tau Alpha SMITH, HORACE GEOFFREY, Birmingham, Soph., A8fS, Delta Tau Delta, WABP, WUOA-FM . . SMITH, JACK EARL, Franklin, N. J., Soph., Com- merce, Delta Chi . . SMITH, JAMES B., Meridian, Miss., Fr., A8iS, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Row Five: SMITH, JAMES M., Tuscaloosa, Jr., Home Economics, Lambda Chi Alpha, Pep Squad . . SMITH, JEANNE RAY, Mobile, Jr., Education . . SMITH, JERILYN JOYCE, Atlanta, Ga., Jr., ALS, Alpha Epsilon Phi . SMITH, JERRY ANN, Stuart, Fla., Soph., Home Economics, Theta Upsilon, YWCA, Caroline Hunt Club . . . SMITH, JOHN FRANK, Columbus. Ga., Fr., ABS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . SMITH, JOHN HORTON, Tus- kegee, Jr., A8tS, Pi Kappa Alpha . . SMITH, MARGARET ANN, Selma, rf., Ass . . sMm-i, NANCY ELLEN, Birmingham, Jr., ABS, Phi Mu, Swan Club. Delta Sig's dream of a desert island TITLE IN COMPETITION AT KANNAPOLIS Row Six: SMITH, RUSSELL C., JR., Montgomery, Soph., ABS, Alpha Tau Omega, Quadrangle, VicefPresident, Druids, Pershing Rifles, Phi Eta Sigma . . . SMITH, SHIRLEY ANN, Montgomery, Fr., A8rS, Kappa Delta, YWCA, Pep Squad . . SMITH, SUE ROBERTS, Phenix City, Soph., ASS, Delta Zeta . . . SMITH, THENA MADGE, Northport, Fr., ASS . . SNELLINGS, MARIE B., Birmingham, Soph., Education, Swan Club . . . SNODGRASS, AUGUSTA, Scottsboro, Soph., Education . . SNOW, BOBBY NEVILLE, Bessemer, Jr., Engineering, Lambda Chi Alpha . . . SNYDER, DONALD DAVID, Florence, Fr., Engineering, Phi Gamma Delta, Pep Squad, St. Pat's Association, Westminster Fellowship. Row Seven: SOCKWELL, GLEN DAVIS, Tuscumbia, Jr., A8rS, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, Pershing Rifles . . . SOFIE, JOHN F., Mt. Vernon, N. Y., Jr., Commerce, Alpha Sigma Phi . SOKOL, RALPH LEE, Bessemer, Jr., Commerce, Kappa Nu, Advertising Manager, Crimson White, Hillel Foundation, Inter-fraternity Council . SPAIN, BETTY, Columbus, Ga., Jr., Education, Pi Beta Phi . . . SPANN, JANE ELIZABETH, Dothan, Jr., ASS, Delta Delta Delta . . . SPARKS, MARIE BUCKMASTER, Virginia Beach, Va., Jr., Commerce, Alpha Gamma Delta, Pep Squad, YWCA . SPAULDING, SCOTT, Macon, Miss., Soph., Education . . . SPEAR, BEVERLY ANN, Laurel, Miss., Jr., Chemistry, Zeta Tau Alpha. Row Eight: SPEAR, SARAH JEAN, Ashley, Ill., Jr., Education, Zeta Tau Alpha SPEEG, RUTH MARIE, Macon, Ga., Fr., Home Economics SPENCER, JACK J., Apollo, Penn., Jr., Engineering, Delta Tau Delta, Treasurer, St. Pat's Association . . . SPERRY, MARY HOLLIE, Panama City, Fla., Soph., A815 . . . SPIER, DOROTHY, Lanett, Ala., Soph., Home Eco- nomics, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Triangle, Homecoming Committee . . SPILLMAN, EMIL VINCENT, Mobile, Jr., ASKS, Vice-President, Alpha Sigma Phi, Varsity Baseball . . . SPRINGER, MARY ANN, Union Springs, Jr., Education, YWCA . . SPRUNGER, RICHARD W., Charleston, Mo., Soph., Education. Row Nine: SPURGEON, CONNIE DOTY, Birmingham, Soph., ABS, Phi Mu, Alpha Lambda Delta, Triangle, Pep Squad . . . STAFF, HARRY, Long Beach, N. Y., Fr., Commerce, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Football, Hillel Foundation . . . STAFFORD, THOMAS PEARSON, Mount Vernon, Jr., Education STALLWORTH, NICHOLAS ROBERT, Evergreen, Jr., ABS, Delta Kappa Epsilon STALM, CATHERINE ANN, Memphis, Tenn., Fr., Education, Pi Beta Phi, YWCA, Newman Club . . . STANTON, FRANK LEBBY, III., Chattanooga, Tenn., Fr., Commerce, Delta Tau Delta, YMCA . STAPP, DOROTHY RUTH, Pickensville, Fr., Commerce . . . STECKEL, JOAN MARIE, Leesburg, Fla., Fr., ASLS. Row Ten: STEELE, EDWARD TRACY, Little Rock, Ark., Jr., ASS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pershing Rifles, Westminster Fellowship, Pep Squad . . . STEELE, EMORY DAVIS, JR., Moore, S. C., Jr., ABS, Phi Kappa Sigma, WABP . . . STEGEMEYER, FRED LEE, Terrace Park, Ohio, Fr., Commerce, Commerce Association, Canterbury Club . . . STEIN, THEODORE, Brook- lyn, N. Y., Soph., ASS, Alpha Epsilon Pi . . . STEINBERG, GLORIA, Tus- kegee, Fr., Commerce, Pep Squad . STELZENMULLER, ROBERT ALAN, Birmingham, Jr., ABS, Delta Chi, WABP . . STEPHEN, THOMAS H., Birmingham, Jr., Engineering, Alpha Tau Omega, Scabbard and Blade, Rifle Team, American Institute of Electrical Engineers . . STEPHENSON, JOY ANNE, Dyersburg, Tenn., Soph., Chemistry, Pasteur Society. Come, come, come, to Tri Mardi Gras Stern Stevens, N. Stevens, R. Stewart, A. Stewart, E. Stewart, J. Stewart, R. Stirling Slltf Stockton Stollberg Stone, B. A. Stone, B. L. Stone, J. Stone, M. Stone, R. Strassburger Street Strickland Stuart Sullivan Sultan Summerville Sumrall Suttle Swann Swenson Swinson Taber Talberl Talese Tartt Tate, R. Tate, W. A. Tate, W. M. Tatum Taylor, A. Taylor, B. Taylor, C. W Taylor, C. K. Taylor, D. Taylor, E. Taylor, J. N. Taylor, J. W Taylor, M. Taylor, S. Taylor, T. Telford Terrell Terry, L. Terry, M. Thomas, C. Thomas, J. Thomas, P. Thomas, W. Thompson, E Thompson, H Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, Thorington Thornton, L. Thornton, R. Thrasher Tillery Todd, K. J. Todd, K. B. Toombs Torrellas Tortorici Torveyson Townsend, J. Townsend, P Travis Trice Trotter Truitt Tuck Tucker Tull A f x .rr ?. ' -S ,..,,- H, es I . M. ,. l Q 1 ll if L 6 FIRST SOUTHEASTERN CONFERENCE TRACK TITLE WON BY BAMA CINDERMEN Row One: STERN, LORA, Opelika, Soph., Education, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Triangle, Pep Squad, Hillel Foundation, Spirit Committee , , . STEVENS, NICHOLAS WALKER, Selma, Soph., AGS, Kappa Alpha . . . STEVENS, RAE, Mobile, Soph., Education, Alpha Xi Delta . . . STEWART, ARIE JEAN, Brent, Soph., ALS, Alpha Chi Omega, Women's Spirit Committee, YWCA . . . STEWART, EMMA ELIZABETH, Miami, Fla., Soph., ASS, Phi Mu, Triangle, Alpha Lambda Delta . . . STEWART, J. W., Birmingham, Soph., A8,S, Theta Xi . . . STEWART, RALPH ELLIS, Perth Amboy, N. J., Fr., Education, Alpha Sigma Phi, Canterbury Club . . . STIRLING, CHARLES STUART, Aliceville, Jr., Commerce, Kappa Alpha, Pep Squad. Row Two: STITT, WILLIAM J., Cullman, Soph., Commerce, Pi Kappa Phi . . . STOCKTON, NANNETTE, Huntsville, Jr., Education, Delta Delta Delta . . . STOLLBERG, MARY ANN, Tuscaloosa, Jr., Home Economics, Phi Mu . . . STONE, BARBARA ANNE, Worth, W. Va., Jr., A8tS, Alpha Phi, Blackfriars, Pep Squad . . . STONE, BETTYLEE, New Orleans, La., Jr., Home Economics, Sigma Delta Tau, Caroline Hunt Club, Hillel Founda- tion . . . STONE, JAMES CLIFTON, Birmingham, Soph., Commerce, Phi Kappa Sigma . . . STONE, MARY FRANCES, Tampa, Fla., Jr., Education, Delta Zeta, Symphony Orchestra, Pep Squad, Women's Spirit Committee, Triangle , . . STONE, ROBERT JEROME, West Orange, N. J., Fr., A8.S, Alpha Epsilon Pi. Row Three: STRASSBURGER, JULIEN, Montgomery, Soph., Commerce, Zeta Beta Tau . . . STREET, BETTY RAY, Atlanta, Ga., Fr., Commerce . . . STRICKLAND, JAMES HARRIS, Fairfield, Soph., ASIS, Pi Kappa Alpha, Press Club, Pershing Rifles, Pep Squad, Wesley Foundation . . . STUART, JULE O'NEAL, Montgomery, Soph., Commerce, Chi Omega, Pep Squad, Triangle, YWCA, Commerce Association . . . SULLIVAN, SHIRLEY JEANINE, Tusca- loosa, Fr., Education, Alpha Xi Delta . . . SULTAN, MARY JANE, Asheville, N. C., Fr., ABS, Sigma Delta Tau, Hillel Foundation, Women's Spirit Com- mittee, Pep Squad . . . SUMMERVILLE, ANN CHALMERS, Aliceville, Soph., Education, Chi Omega, YWCA, Westminster Fellowship . . . SUMRALL, O. M., Mobile, Fr., Commerce. Row Four: SUTTLE, KATHERINE ANN, Centreville, Fr., Education . . . SWANN, ROBERT T., Butler, Fr., Engineering . . SWENSON, DONALD A., Fort Payne, Soph., A815 . . . SWINSON, RUTH EDWINA, Columbus, Ga., Jr., Home Economics, Pi Beta Phi, YWCA . . . TABER, JOHN ABERCROMBIE, Montgomery, Fr., Commerce, Sigma Nu, Commerce Association . . . TALBERT, GENEVIEVE, Kennett, Mo., Soph., Education . . . TALESE, GAY JOSEPH, Ocean City, N. J., Soph., A8rS, Phi Sigma Kappa, Newman Club , . . TARTT, GLADYS, Livingston, Jr., Education, Delta Delta Delta, Pep Squad. Row Five: TATE, ROBERT GREYE, Birmingham, Soph., A8-S, Kappa Sigma . . . TATE, WILLIAM A., Tuscaloosa, Jr., Commerce, Million Dollar Band . . , TATE, WILLIAM M., Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Kappa Sigma . . . TATUM, DUKE HAMLING, JR., Elba, Soph., ABS, Sigma Nu . . . TAYLOR, ARTHUR RIVERS, Ralph, Soph., Engineering . . . TAYLOR, BARBARA ANN, Spring Hill, Fr., ALS, Kappa Kappa Gamma . . . TAYLOR, CARL WHITMAN, Mobile, Jr., Commerce . . . TAYLOR, CECELIA KAY, Carrollton, Fr., Home Economics. A spring afternoon in commerce library Row Six: TAYLOR, DOROTHY JEAN, Spring Hill, Jr., Home Economics, Kappa Kappa Gamma, YWCA, Canterbury Club . . . TAYLOR, E. ALAN, Birmingham, Soph., Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . TAYLOR, JACQUELYN NELDA, Tuskegee, Jr., Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma . . . TAYLOR, JAMES WALTER, Tuskegee, Jr., ABS, Kappa Alpha . . . TAYLOR, MARY VINCENT, Baltimore, Md,, Jr., ABS, YWCA, Wesley Foundation, Pep Squad . . . TAYLOR, SAMUEL GUY, JR., Clarksdale, Miss., Soph., ASIS, Delta Tau Delta, Phi Eta Sigma . . . TAYLOR, THOMAS ALEXANDER, Biloxi, Miss., Jr., A8tS, Alpha Tau Omega, Sigma Delta Chi, Quadrangle, Druids, Pershing Rifles, Press Club, Canterbury Club, News Editor, Crimson White . . . TELFORD, BILLY HUGH, Sherman, Texas, Jr., Engineering. Row Seven: TERRELL, DON T., Arab, Fr., Commerce . . . TERRY, LEON DENNIS, Montgomery, Fr., A8tS, Corolla Business Staff . . . TERRY, MARTHA EVELYN, Moundville, Jr., Education . . . THOMAS, CLAIRE ANN: Northport, Fr., A8tS, Theta Upsilon, Million Dollar Band . . . THOMAS, JOHN DOWELL, Birmingham, Soph., ABS, Kappa Sigma . . . THOMAS, PRITCHARD STITTIS, Section, Fr., Commerce, Theta Xi, Rho Alpha Tau . . . THOMAS, W. EDWARD, Birmingham, Jr., Engineering, Kappa Alpha . . . THOMPSON, EDWARD HUBBARD, Gadsden, Jr., A8tS, Alpha Tau Omega, Pershing Rifles, Alpha Epsilon Delta, YMCA, Sigma Pi Sigma. Row Eight, THOMPSON, HOWARD ARTHUR, Russelville, Jr., Commerce . . . THOMPSON, MARTHA ANN, Red Bay, Jr., Home Economics, Pep Squad, Caroline Hunt Club . . . THOMPSON, RICHARD POTTER, Green- wich, Conn., Jr,, A8-S, Alpha Sigma Phi, Pep Squad , . . THOMPSON, ROSE WALLACE, Monroeville, Fr., Education, Chi Omega, YWCA, Pep Squad . . . THORINGTON, ROBERT DINNING, Montgomery, Soph., A8rS, Phi Gamma Delta, Quadrangle, Druids, Phi Eta Sigma, Inter-fraternity Council, Canterbury Club . . . THORNTON, LEON EARLE, Tuscaloosa, Soph., Commerce . . . THORNTON, REUBEN EARL, Montgomery, Fr., Com- merce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . THRASHER, JERRY R., Birmingham, Fr., Engineering, Kappa Sigma. Row Nine: TILLERY, JAMES ELY, Cedartown, Ga., Soph., Education, Theta Chi . . . TODD, KATHERINE JANE, Mobile, Soph., Education, Delta Delta Delta, YWCA . . . TODD, KENNETH BUCKLEY, St. Petersburg, Fla., Fr., A8-S, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Rho Alpha Tau . . . TOOMBS, GENEVIEVE PAULINE, Birmingham, Jr., A8.S, Phi Mu , . . TORRELLAS, WILLIAM, Humacao, Puerto Rico, Soph., Engineering . . . TORTORICI, IGNATIUS JOSEPH, Fairfield, Soph., ABS . . TORVEYSON, FULTON F., Washington, D. C., Soph., Commerce . . . TOWNSEND, JEAN, Birmingham, Fr., Home Economics, YWCA, Canterbury Club. Row Ten: TOWNSEND, PATRICIA JEAN, Mobile, Soph., ASS, Kappa Kappa Gamma . . . TRAVIS, HARRELL KERLIN, Birmingham, Jr., Com- merce, Pi Kappa Phi . . . TRICE, LOUIS GARY, Gilbertown, Jr., Chemistry . . . TROTTER, EDNA ANN, Cedar Bluff, Fr., Home Economics, Alpha Delta Pi . . . TRUITT, WILLIAM EDWIN, De Armanville, Jr., Commerce, Pi Kappa Phi, Commerce Association, Executive Council, Baptist Student Union, Bama Day Committee . . TUCK, WILLIAM ARTHUR, JR., Birming- ham, Jr., Commerce, Kappa Sigma, Alpha Kappa Psi . . . TUCKER, B. ANN, Birmingham, Soph., Home Economics, Alpha Gamma Delta, Pep Squad, YWCA Caroline Hunt Club . . . TULL, BARBARA LONGCRIER, Nashville, Tenn., Jr., ABS, Alpha Delta Pi, Pep Squad, Modern Dance Club. Just add a pinch of sodium and mix Tunstall Tunstill Turner, C. M. Turner, C. L. Turner, D. Turner, J. Turner, R. Turner, S. Turner, T. Tyler Unger, G. Unger, J. Urquhart Vandervort Vandiver Vann Varner Vaughan Vaughn, C. Vaughn, L. Vellines Vergos Vickers, C. Vickers, W. Victor Vincent Vittingl Vodantis Voltz Wachs Wachterha user Waddell Wagner Wagnon Wald Walden Waldotf Waldrup Walker, B. Walker, J. Walker, R. Wall, B. Wall, H. Waller Walpole Walters Ward Watford Watkins, N. Watkins, R. Watman Watson Watts Weatherly, J. C Weatherly, J. O Weaver, C. Weaver, R. Webb Webster, J. W. Webster, J. Wechsler Weedin Weekley Weissberg Weinshank Weinstein, D. Weinstein, J. Weinstein, R. Weir Weisberg Weiss Welch Wellborn Wells Werner West, I. West, P. Westbrook Whatley Whetstcne, J. M Whetstone, J. T Whigham, B. Whigham, C. Whigham, E. Whigham, H. White, A. White, B. White, E. sz.. '-::l" -. Q , ,,. . J . s--s' .g g f . . . H , W 2 I' Q 4 I ,.' V i n 5. 'K" 1 - i"' T V l g'.i.'.i5'lii.iT5 xi f 26177 "'-' ' J .l l ll 5 if ..,. , . as . . 'ff 'tit T st J it K 12221 -... - Z' . A A i n ffl. -"' sr - . ' ' - i f ..' f--1 If f 1 S ' J "Bebe 25'-Q1 '.'-' ' ' - 17 .. 4. " Sf f 'V me , ..... emi C - em . ' 1.. f M I T . ..'t T is ' - A f "4 ' f My , . ,, .zl lzbz . y. g Q1 -A ' .. f I Av ,AQ 4- 4 if . . . 31 xiil J 'W it J i t it .. . Q 5 .,., PQ " ..."' -J J H , ' ir i Y X in .. 'li ' ' ' .- ,Q is iteui. , 1'- .,,'.,'1-V. 'fy fy Q5 1 J G . M. me Q s T ' .3 W N T ..t. - 1 . . ,fm .ai . it s fi -2. S Fw 2 r if fe F ' . .:M5' . - 1 .I A 'K 5555? J J .. ,.... M K. . J 'K ug? QQ :aez.z5 9NJ. E 5 at . xr We 3' 9 -gs, . .t. if fl .,.. LQ .2 K :mf 'X . se 4,7 n i . il X if if if ,, 'Sf 5 ' gf f A 2 -4 e V Q . 14 ,Q as iw! 5 k he f g .,.' A. ,. K sz ' it ilxsff-I1 1- f tw Row One: TUNSTALL, HARRIET LEE, Danville, Va., Jr., Education, Phi Mu . TUNSTILL, LUCILE, Athens, Jr., Education, Pep Squad, Caroline Hunt Club . , TURNER, CARLTON MAURICE, Birmingham, Jr., Engineer- ing, Sigma Phi Epsilon, St. Pat's Association, American Institute of Electri, col Engineers . . TURNER, CLIFFORD LANGDON, Rosedale, N. Y., Jr., Commerce, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Beta Alpha Psi . . . TURNER, DAVID JACKSON, Mobile, Soph., ABS, Delta Kappa Epsilon . TURNER, JOE ALLEN, Wetumpka, Jr., Commerce , . . TURNER, ROBERT GARDEN, Hunts- ville, Jr., Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha, Men's Spirit Committee . . . TURNER, STERLING, Birmingham, Soph., Chemistry, Alpha Lambda Delta, Triangle, YWCA, Pep Squad. Row Two: TURNER, THOMAS EDWIN, Wetumpka, Soph., Education, Delta Tau Delta, Baptist Student Union . . . TYLER, MARTHA KARLEEN: Tuscaloosa, Jr., ASIS, Delta Delta Delta, Pep Squad, YWCA . . UNGER, GORDON BURGETT, Mobile, Soph., A8tS, Kappa Kappa Gamma, YWCA , . . UNGER, JUNE, Mobile, Jr., Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma, West- minster Fellowship, YWCA . , . URQUHART, MADGE, Springhill, Fr., Home Economics , . . VANDERVORT, HAL M., Scottsboro, Jr., AGS, Kappa Alpha , VANDIVER, JEANETTE RENEE, Huntsville, Jr., Home Economics, Pep Squad . . VANN, CHARLES HOWARD, Dothan, Soph., ASIS, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Pep Squad. Row Three: VARNER, BETTY JEAN, Montgomery, Soph., Commerce, Alpha Chi Omega, Pep Squad, Women's Spirit Committee, YWCA . . . VAUGHAN, BILLY L., Elba, Jr., ASS, Wesley Foundation , VAUGHN, CHARLES HUGH, Birmingham, Jr., ABS, Theta Xi , . . VAUGHN, LYHOID, Montgomery, Fr., Commerce, Sigma Nu . . . VELLINES, JOHN WILLIAMS, Norfolk, Va., Fr., Commerce, Chi Phi . . . VERGOS, GUS MICHAEL, Mo- bile, Jr., ABS, Alpha Sigma Phi, Philos . . . VICKERS, CHARLES HERSHEL, Talladega, Soph., Education, University Symphony, Million Dollar Band, Alabama Cavaliers . . . VICKERS, WENDELL, Geneva, Fr., ABS, Kappa Sigma. Row Four: VICTOR, IVAN LIONEL, New Orleans, La., Soph., Commerce, Zeta Beta Tau . . . VINCENT, MAXINE, Montevallo, Fr., Home Economics, Zeta Tau Alpha, Pep Squad . . . VITTINGL, RICHARD LEONARD, Spring Hill, Soph., Commerce, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . VODANTIS, JOHN STEVEN, Fairfield, Jr., Engineering, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Alpha Phi Omega, Sl. Pat's Association, Pep Squad, American Society of Civil Engineers, Pershing Rifles , . . VOLTZ, ALGERNON BLAIR, Montgomery, Fr., Com- merce, Alpha Tau Omega . . . WACHS, CHARLES LOUIS, Mountaindale, N. Y., Fr., ABS, Alpha Epsilon Pi . . . WACHTERHAUSER, BRICE ERWIN, Roselle Park, N. J., Soph., ASS, Phi Sigma Kappa . . . WADDELL, KATHRYN, Atlanta, Ga., Jr., Home Economics, Alpha Chi Omega, Pep Squad, Women's Spirit Committee, Baptist Student Union, Corolla Staff, YWCA. Row Five: WAGNER, REVA MARIE, Memphis, Tenn., Soph., Home Eco- nomics, Sigma Delta Tau, Hillel Foundation, International Zionist Federation of America . . WAGNON, LUCRETIA, Palestine, Texas, Jr., A8tS, Zeta Tau Alpha, Press Club . . WALD, ROGER CONWAY, Birmingham, Soph., Kappa Sigma . . . WALDEN, EMMETT SANDERS, JR., Dothan, Jr., Educa- tion, Chi Phi, Million Dollar Band . . . WALDOFF, MILTON, Hattiesburg, Miss., Fr., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Mu, Rho Alpha Tau, Hillel Foundation, Pep Squad . . . WALDRUP, BERNARD LEE, JR., Birmingham, Soph., ASKS, Chi Phi, Wesley Foundation, Pep Squad . . . WALKER, BEVERLY JOLYNE, Laurel, Miss., Soph., Home Economics, Zeta Tau Alpha, Caroline Hunt Club, YWCA, Pep Squad . . WALKER, JANE BEATRICE, Attalla, Fr., Home Economics, Alpha Gamma Delta. Row Six: WALKER, RONALD OLIVER, Anniston, Fr., ASS, Sigma Phi Epsilon . . WALL, BARBARA AILEEN, West Palm Beach, Fla., Soph., Education, Alpha Delta Pi, Triangle, YWCA . WALL, HAROLD DEAN, Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha, President, Delta Sigma Pi, Signs of fair weather for Bama Commerce Association, Quadrangle, Associate Business Manager, Corolla , WALLER, KATHLEEN ARMISTEAD, Greensboro, Fr., Education, Kappa Delta, Canterbury Club . . . WALPOLE, CAMILLE, Birmingham, Soph., ABS, Alpha Gamma Delta . . . WALTERS, KEARNEY RAY, JR., Jackson, Miss., Soph., Education, Pi Kappa Alpha, Million Dollar Band . . WARD, WADE WALTER, JR., Cuba, Jr., Commerce, Theta Chi, Pershing Rifles, Men's Glee Club, Pep Squad . . WATFORD, JERRY RAY, Gadsden, Soph., Education. Row Seven: WATKINS, NATHAN, York, Jr., Commerce, Pi Kappa Phi . . . WATKINS, RUTH C., York, Jr., Education . . , WATMAN, GERALD STANLEY, Bronx, N. Y., Jr., Commerce, Alpha Epsilon Pi . . . WATSON, PATRICIA ROBINETTE, Oneonta, Fr., Education, Zeta Tau Alpha, Pep Squad, Press Club, YWCA . . . WATTS, WILLIAM WOOD, Montgomery, Fr., Com- merce, Sigma Nu, Rho Alpha Tau, Pep Squad, Corolla Business Staff WEATHERLY, JAMES CLAY, JR., Anniston, Soph., Commerce, Phi Delta Theta, Philos . . . WEATHERLY, JESSIE OREL, Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Kappa Alpha, Pep Squad . . . WEAVER, CAROLYN ANN, Sulligent, Soph., Education, Triangle, Wesley Foundation, Wesley Choir. Row Eight: WEAVER, ROBERT GILMORE, Oakland, Calif., Soph., Com- merce, Delta Tau Delta, Pep Squad, Commerce Association WEBB, ROBERT WAYNE, Roselle Park, N. J., Jr., A848 , , . WEBSTER, JOE WAYNE, Albertville, Jr., ABS, WABP, Wesley Foundation, Blackfriars . . WEBSTER, JUDD, Winter Park, Fla., Jr., Commerce, Sigma Chi, Varsity Cross,Country Letter man, Varsity Track Letter man . . . WECHSLER, RONALD F., Brooklyn, N. Y., Soph., Commerce . WEEDIN, WILLIAM EVANS, Washington, D. C., Fr., Engineering, St. Pat's Association , , WEEKLEY, LILIAN LORAINE, Memphis, Tenn., Jr., Education, Zeta Tau Alpha, Pep Squad, Swan Club . . . WEISSBERG, HAROLD, New York, N. Y., Soph., Commerce, Alpha Epsilon Pi. Row Nine: WEINSHANK, HERBERT SEYMORE, Brooklyn, N. Y., Jr., ABS, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Alpha Phi Omega, Hillel Foundation . WEINSTEIN, DORIS, Birmingham, Jr., Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club, Spirit Committee, Pep Squad, Hillel Foundation . . . WEINSTEIN, JAY ALAN, Florence, Jr., Commerce, Zeta Beta Tau . . . WEINSTEIN, ROSLYN DEE, Lumberton, N. C., Soph., Education, Sigma Delta Tau, Hillel Foundation . . . WEIR, DICK BURGESS, Selma, Fr., Engineering . , WEISBERG, DONALD, Brooklyn, N. Y., Fr., Commerce . . WEISS, GENE LOUIS, Passaic, N. J., Jr., ABS, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Hillel Foundation . . WELCH, PHILIP THEODORE, JR., Montgomery, Jr., Commerce, Delta Tau Delta, Million Dollar Band, Commerce Association. Row Ten: WELLBORN, COLVIN CLAY, Selma, Fr., Engineering, Sigma Nu . . . WELLS, JACK WALKER, Albertville, Fr., Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega . . . WERNER, MIRIAM JANICE, Birmingham, Soph., Commerce . . . WEST, IVA JEAN, Tuscaloosa, Fr., Nursing . . WEST, PLEASANT HUGH, Spring Hill, Jr., Engineering, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . WESTBROOK, PATRICIA ANN, Birmingham, Fr., Chemistry, Alpha Chi Omega . . . WHATLEY, ALLEDA ANN, Opelika, Jr., Education, Kappa Delta . . . WHETSTONE, JACK MEADOW, Birmingham, Jr., ABS, Delta Chi, Philos, Cadet Officers Club. Row Eleven: WHETSTONE, JULIAN THOMAS, Tallassee, Jr., Commerce, Delta Sigma Phi . . . WHIGHAM, BOBBIE ANN, Mobile, Jr., Home Economics, Alpha Gamma Delta . . . WHIGHAM, CLARENCE DONALD, Louisville, Soph., A8tS, Sigma Chi . . . WHIGHAM, EDITH ELIZABETH, Mobile, Soph., A8iS, Alpha Gamma Delta . WHIGHAM, HENRY GRAY, JR., Spring Hill, Jr., Commerce, Sigma Chi, Pep Squad, Wesley Foundation, Cadet Officer's Club, Commerce Association . . . WHITE, AUBREY J., Ashland, Jr., Home Economics . . . WHITE, BARBARA ANN, Tampa, Fla., Soph., A8tS, Alpha Chi Omega, YWCA, Women's Spirit Com- mittee, Pep Squad . . . WHITE, ENWIN L., Tuscaloosa, Soph., ABS, Lambda Chi Alpha. But S.O.S. for State's Bulldogs White, J. White, P. White, W. Whitehead . Whitehead Whitten .,,.. Widemire ':" . Wiggins, D. , Wiggins,J. 'V y Wiggins, J. C. ,,7 ii Wiggins, M. Wiggins, P. Wilbur i.i': Qty Wi e r ll -Qi 1. HZQQZQEQI Wilhite V 5 ' 3 wine Wilkerson gr. Willard 1 L' Williams, A. H Williams, A. W. Williams, C. Williams, E. Williams, G. Williams, L. Williams, M. Williams, R. Williams, T. Williamson, D. -Q -' Williamson, J. Willingham Willis, D. Willis, M. Wilson, A. Wilson, C. Wilson, D. Wilson, lil. Wilson, J. F. Wilson, J. W. Wilson, M. A. Wilson, M. J. Wilson, N. Wilson, P. Wilson, R. Windham Windle Winfield Winford Wingard Winstead Winter Wise, H. Wise, M. Witham Withington Wohl Womack Wood, A. Wood, B. Wood, L. Woodall, A. Woodall, W. Woodruff Woodson Woodward Woodworth Woosley Work Worthington Woth Wright, J. wright, M. Wright, N. Wright, S. Wu Wyatt Wynn Yeilding, A. Yeilding, F. Young, C. Young, F. Young, L. Young, M. Young, N. Zedd Zeitlin Ziff Zimmerman Zitcer . .,... ' I iqgiifgpii "' fi. 4 .2 f FZ . . .52 . . X '51 M gg.. X " . . . 2 3 1 K' W . it in if 2 ,. 3 an x.. i. ' A W. L 'WP .1 P' 5 s I. 5 it.. :V A M .. 5 .L AE., .. . i st. .,. A ss...-.,.... 1, ' eq 2. , ,. . Q " ' Wh Lift... si, h - Sli ' x tg . , xi 1 ,.,, Pl i'?fLw.t i'i li' xx . , gf 'N .V it ff ., . .Rf A . lr- i" . Q. gg-gs' r 1 iii mi . if i . 'AWE ,. ,AFL . 'K QW 'ff 5 4 .4 . an . . ,Wim x iw KK ' 6 'ff' .nw i ' at A 5 vw - .ss J l si.tJ 2 . 5 5 V V.,,,, . , Q if , X . .F 3 24. ,, ' FW' aa, 'gg . J, pb' 3 vw gmt Q.. . .. .352 ' f M Y i MW ' s. -WH .. ze.--tzxii, , 41x M 1... .. . ae. . ,Q t i -... K .. XJ 4 ""' A M in .iw li 2 ET .J V? 'Y if tm .gi Q W 'WI 4 , iif 3 .s x 2 QM if mf- 4 it ..,A g . Q.. A.. ,K , , .gs -Q , Q I , 9? s... . i . iii. V 2 iitii li? . ii! 'H xi -f ' . ,. i . g K ii .- X. "' . . ," 5 .- z ' Q L fav . A . 1: at gg , ,,. , . -V ti. x i s - . ., J .,. t W' f '.,, hifi fm- il' "sf .t. Y i . if . 5 if -5, . 1 Riu ..:' '-"' ' 1' 3? f Row One: WHITE, JOE BENTON, Gadsden- Jr- Commerce Pi Ka , ., . ' i Phi, Men's Spirit Committee, Wesley Foundation, Pep Squad . WHt'lE, PAUL GASTON, Laurel, Miss., Jr., Engineering, Kappa Sigma, Million Dollar Band , . WHITE, WILEY W., University, Soph., A845 . . WHITEHEAD, FRANK- Donnavant- Fr Commerce WHITEHEA J r -i - D, SANDRA BLANCHE, Birmingham, Fr., A845 . . . WHITTEN ANNICE JEAN- Dclton, Ga., Fr., Education, AIA, Million Dollar Band . I. . WIDEMIRE: MILLER ARRINGTON, Sylacauga, Fr., Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta, Pep Squad WIGGINS DOROTHY ANN . . ' , , Fairfield, Jr., ASS, Baptist Student Union. Row Two: WIGGINS, JACQUELINE, Carbon Hill, Jr., Education, Wesley Foundation . . . WIGGINS, JAMES COKE, Greenville, S. C., Fr., Commerce . . WIGGINS, MARY JO, Fairfield, Fr., A8rS, Baptist Student Union . WiGGINS, PEYTON N., Jasper, Fr., ASS, Phi Gamma Delta, Pep Squad, Rho Alpha Tau WILBUR BARBARA- Mem his Tenn Jr A84 . . , , tv , r, ,J S, Delta Delta Delta, Pep Squad, YWCA . . . WILDER NELSON EUGENE- lA!est Palm Beach, Fla., Jr., A815 . . WILHITE, ALFRED MORRIS, 'tus cumbia, Jr., Alpha Kappa Psi, "A" Club . . . WILIE, SALLY SUTTON Clarlcsdale, Miss., Fr., Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma, YWCA. t 1 Row Three: WILKERSON, ROBERT EDWIN- Lochport N Y S h. I , V ,i OP f Commerce, Delta Sigma Phi, Pep Squad . , WILLARD, GLORIA, Mobile, Jr., ASS, Alpha Gamma Delta, YWCA . . . WILLIAMS, ANN HUNTER, Anniston, Fr., ASS, Kappa Delta, Wesley Foundation . . . WILLIAMS, ARTHUR WERHAM, JR., Spring Hill, Jr., A8tS, Phi Delta Theta . WILLIAMS, CHARLES WESLEY, JR., Wilsonville, Soph., Commerce, Million Dollar Band . . . WILLIAMS, EDWARD, Spring Hill- Jr- ABS, Phi Delta tirere . . , WILLIAMS, GENUBATH coke, Oxford, lJr.,llA8iS, If-were teu Omega . . . wiLuAMs, LEHMAN wi - ASS, Sigma Phi Epsilon. I LIAM, JR., Savannah, Ga., Jr., Row Four: WILLIAMS, MARY ELIZABETH, Birmingham, Soph., Home Economics, Pi Beta Phi, YWCA- Wesley Foundation W L , , . IL IAMS, ROBERT HENRY, Norwood, Pa., Fr., Commerce, Phi Sigma Kappa . . . WILLIAMS, THOMAS W., Carbon Hill, Jr., ASS, Pi Kappa Alpha WILLIAMSON, D. FRANCES, Bessemer, Jr., Heme Eeenemree Pe s I e 1 P CIUG . . WILLIAMSON, JOHN EDWARD, Mobile, Jr., Engineering, Baptist St d ' u ent Union . . . WILLINGHAM, MYRTLE D., Foley, Soph., Education, Triangle . . WILLIS, DOROTHY, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., Jr., A8rS, Alpha Chi Omega, Pep Squad, YWCA, Women's Spirit Committee . WILLIS, MARY ANN, Alexander City, Jr., Education. Row Five: WILSON, ANDREW JOHNSON- Mobile So h Co - , , p ., mmerce, Chi Phi . . . WILSON, CHARLES R., Eutaula, Soph., Engineering, Kappa Sigma, St. Pat's Association, Pep Squad . . . WILSON, DOROTHY HARTZELL, Bluetield, W. Va., Jr., ASS, Alpha Gamma Delta . . . WILSON, HENRY EDWARD, West Point, Soph., A8.S . . . WILSON, JOAN FOOTE, Unadilla, N. Y., Fr., Home Economics, Alpha Phi, Caroline Hunt Club, Pep S d . ' qua . . WILSON, JOHN WALLACE, Bay Minette, Fr., Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega, Rho Alpha Tau, Pep Squad . . WILSON, MARGARET ANN, Tuscaloosa, Fr., Education, Alpha Xi Delta, Pep Squad . . . WILSON, MARTHA JEAN, Rossville, Ga., Soph., Commerce. Row Six: WILSON, NANCY J., Fairhope, Fr., A8tS, Pi Beta Phi, YWCA . . WILSON, PHILLIP WAYNE, Gadsden, Fr., Commerce, Commerce As- sociation . . . WILSON, ROBERT CLIFTON, Tuscaloosa, Jr., Education . WINDHAM, ZOE ANN, Atlanta, Ga: Jr- Commerce- YWCA Pe 1 -1 I I F3 Squad, Commerce Association . . . WINDLE, PHARIS OWELL, Prichard, So n., A8.S- Th h'- p , eta C i, Pep Squad . . . WINFIELD, ALBERT JACK, Annis- ton, Fr., Commerce, Lambda Chi Alpha, Business Stott, Rammer Jammer . WINFORD, EDITH ANNE, Pulaski, Tenn., Jr., Home Economics, Zeta Tau Al ha, Ph' U 'I O - p - i psi on micron, SGA . WINGARD, GEORGE KENNETH, Anniston, Fr., Commerce, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Business Statt, Corolla, Business Statt, Rammer Jammer. DEI! Dll E Row Seven: WiNSTEAD, B. R., Gadsden, Jr., Commerce , . . WINTER, JOHN S., Cavantord, N. J., Jr., ASS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Canterbury Club, Interfaith Council, Bama Day Committee, SGA . , . WISE, HOWARD CARL, Birmingham, Fr., Commerce, Kappa Sigma . . . WISE, MARILYN KAREN, Houston, Texas, Fr., Home Economics, Sigma Delta Tau, Women's Spirit Committee . . . WITHAM, GEORGIA MARY, Mobile, Jr., Home Economics, Pi Beta Phi, Triangle, Caroline Hunt Club, YWCA - r - WITHINGTON, HOHN WILLIAM, Jackson Heights, N. Y., Fr., Commerce, Theta Chi, Rho Alpha Tau . . . WOHL, ARNOLD SAMUEL, Middletown, N. Y., Fr., Commerce, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Pep Squad, Hillel Foundation . WOMACK, SARAH GRACE, Birmingham, Jr., Education. Row Eight: WOOD, ALICE, Spring Hill, Jr., Education, Delta Delta Delta, Pep Squad . . . WOOD, BOB V., Russelville, Jr., ASQS, Pi Kappq Alpha . . . WOOD, LAURJEAN, Harttord, Soph., Education, Alphlil Ph' . . WOODALL, ADELE, Guntersville, Jr., ASS, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Canterbury Club, Corolla Stott . , . WOODALL, WILLIAM CLAY, GunterS- ville, Fr., Commerce, Phi Delta Theta, Rho Alpha Tau, Canterbury Club . . . WOODRUFF, JANE CAMPBELL, Anniston, Jr., A8rS, Delta DSIYG Delta, Pep Squad . . . WOODSON, GERALDINE ALICE, Jackson, -ll',i Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma . . WOODWARD, MARY JUNE: Tallahassee, Fla., Jr., ASS, Alpha Phi, Million Dollar Band. Row Nine: WOODWORTH, DOUGLAS HAROLD, Frenchtown N J' FV' ASS . . . WOOSLEY, ELIZABETH ANN, Fairhope, Jr., CommerC6, Ph? Chi Theta, Wesley Foundation, Triangle . . . WORK, ELEANOR VICTORIA, Gadsden, Fr., Home Economics, YWCA, Westminster Fellowship, CCIVOIIWG Hunt Club . WORTHINGTON, WILLIAM LEMON, Birmingham: FV-I Commerce, Lambda Chi Alpha . WOTH, DOT MARIE- Atlanta GG., Soph., Home Economics, Phi Mu, Caroline Hunt Club, Women's Spirit Com- mittee, Pep Squad . . . WRIGHT, JERELYN ELIZABETH, Troy, Jr., Educa- tion, Kappa Delta, YWCA . . WRIGHT, MARILYN TOLBERT, Troy, JI'-I Education, Kappa Delta, YWCA . . . WRIGHT, NANCY HARDESTY, Clit' cinnati, Ohio, Soph., Home Economics, Alpha Gamma Delta, Caroline l'lUf1l Club. Row Ten: WRIGHT, SHIRLEY MAE, Tupelo, Miss., Jr., AGS, YWCA . . WU, YING VICTOR, Peking, China, Jr., Chemistry, Westminster Fellow- ship . WYATT, JEANETTE, Montgomery, Jr., Home Economics, Wesley Foundation, Caroline Hunt Club . . . WYNN, CLAIRE, Atlanta, Ga., FV-2 ABS, Swan Club, YWCA, Pep Squad . . . YEILDING, AUGUSTA GAGE: Birmingham, Jr., Home Economics, Kappa Delta, YWCA, Caroline Hunt Club . YEILDING, FRANK ALLEN, JR., Birmingham, Soph., Commerce, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . YOUNG, CYNTHIA SUE, Tuscaloosa, Soph., A8151 Triangle, Alpha Lambda Delta . . . YOUNG, FRANCES LORRAINE: Charleston, S, C., Fr., ASQS, Sigma Committee. Delta Tau, Pep Squad, Women's Spirit Row Eleven: YOUNG, LOUISE, Kappa Kappa Gamma, YWCA . . ham, Jr., Engineering, Kappa Alph Montgomery, Soph., Home Economics, . YOUNG, MARVIN PIERCE, Birming- a, President, Freshman Class, Engineer- ing, Corolla Business Statt . . . YOUNG, NANCY ELLEN, Sheffield, Soph-: Home Economics, Chi Omega, Caroline Hunt Club, YWCA, Pep SCJUOCII Triangle . . ZEDD, CALVIN, Nortollc, Va., Fr., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Mu, Hillel Foundation, International Zionist Federation ot America . . - ZEITLIN F - ' ' A , RANCES LEE, Nashville, Tenn., Fr., Education, Sigma Delta Tau, VX-'omen's Spirit Committee, Pep Squad, Women's Glee Club, Hillel FOUIT' derren . . zirr, JAY, Jasper, So tr, Ass- Mir D ii B d- AI - p , i ion o ar an , 0 bama Cavaliers . ZIMMERMAN, CHARLES ROBERT- Rochester N Y., Jr., Education . . . ZITCER, BURTON I., Paterson, N. ,J., Fr., Commerce- Sigma Alpha Mu, Commerce Association. r Stop! You're killing me M1L.1'rAuY if gif sk 'ss' AWN w .Yi 'np uf E -2 .L ' " MF' . W ,Ah .X Wy .,-,,,,,,,- "' 'Y K Wy-f' V V 'M Wann. W' 1 ,ff- g., ww-sung A .zz M, 4 , m A ymwM,.,m .,A. W if I K wwf, , Y M www. 1 E A X ,M ,., """ Sf' Q41 M , .wE,+iPf?S . k S, 1 N it vs, is M. .. 5 S K I ,.,! A S L N .MM M 5 4 if ff, Q- 4' , 5 W xi ,W ii? W A mm If tw i uv 'L 4. X 'K 3 as i' -. 5 5. YL-Q SW I I Colonel Maurice G. Stubbs COMMISSIONED OFFICERS ROW 'I: Smith, Girtman, Froelile, Stubbs, Edris, Cook, Pearson . . . ROW 2: Vtfilliams, Hall, Terry, Nor- vell, Gaines, Sutton. NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS ROW T: Stonernan, Stone, Gouclwer, Taylor, Hicks, Gunter . . ROW 2: Justice, Barnes, Powers, Johnson, Dewitt, Muller. QR RIVIY FF COMMISSIONED OFFICERS COLONEL MAURICE G. srusrss, PMS. 3. T. .. ..,. .. ....., Infantry LT. COL. JOHN C. COOK ............,.., . . .Quartermaster Corps LT. COLONEL EDWIN N. EDRIS .... ..........,.. I ntantry LT. COLONEL BLAIRE A. FROEHLE ,,.., .... Q uartermaster Corps LT. COLONEL WILLYS H. PEARSON ...,. ............. I ntantry LT. COLONEL ALLEN L. TERRY ...... ..... C orps of Engineers MAJOR WEAVER H. GAINES .... ........... I ntantry MAJOR JOHN C. GIRTMAN ...... ....... S ignal Corps MAJOR BERNARD M. NORVELL, JR.. . . . Corps ot Engineers MAJOR BAILEY B. SMITH ........ ...... . .Artillery MAJOR GEORGE M. SUTTON ..... ...... A rtillery CAPTAIN FREDERICK W. HALL ..... . . .Signal Corps C. VV. O. GEORGE W. WILLIAMS ..... . . .U. S. Army I R COMMISSIONED OFFICERS HAZARD H. STAY, PAS. S T. .A......., Lf. CLYDE H. BYNUM ..... W. FLINN GILLAND. .. ALEC BOYCHUCK ,... ANYAN A. GORDON. GRANVILLE I. GORE.. CARL E. TOLAR ......... ..... JAMES F. WILSON, JR. .... COMMISSIONED OFFICERS ROW I: Stay, Gillancl, Bynum, Gordon , . ROW 2: Boychuck, Gore, Tolar, Wilson. ORC Colonel . .Major . .Maior Captain Captain Captain Captain .Captain Lieutenant Colonel Hazard H. Stay NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS ROW I: Gardner . . . ROW 2: Slaclzinski VViIIiams . . . ROW 3: Mills, Crabtree, Herman " "Wi l I I ROW I: Folmar, Price . . . ROW 2: Matthews, Dun- nam, Stephen, M o o r e, Feinsfein, Bradley. REGIME TAFF ARMY CADET REGIMENTAL STAFF EMORY M. FOLMAR. . . .... Cadet Col. ,,,, Reg. Commander ARTHUR L. DUNNAN ..,,.. Cadet Lt. Col. ,,.. Reg. Executive PHILLIP H. BRADLEY ....,,.. Cadet Major. Reg. Staff Officer HARRY FEINSTEIN ....A,... Cadet Major. Reg. Staff Officer FIRST BATTALION STAFF JOHN H. JOHNS. ......,. . .... Cadet Lt. Col. ...... . ..Commander .. . Executive Officer MAX V. MCLAUGHLIN ............ Cadet Major EDINARD P. SCHROEDER. . ....,. Cadet Captain .... . .. Staff Officer NOAH L. MCCRORY ............. Cadet Captain ........ Staff Officer . . . Adjutant CHARLES F. STEVENS ..... .,.,,. C adet Captain. , DARRIENNE MARSHBURN . ,..,. Hon. Cadet Lt. CoI. . . . Sponsor ROW I: Johns, Marshburn . . . ROW 2: Stevens, McLaughlin, McCrory, Schroeder. THOMAS H. STEPHEN ....,. Cadet Major. .Reg. Staff Officer DAVID S. MOORE ......... Cadet Major. .Reg. Staff Officer MACK O. MATTHEWS, III. . .Cadet Major ..... Reg. Adjutant FRANCES PRICE ........... Hon. Cadet Col.. . .Reg. Sponsor SECOND BATTALION STAFF DWIGHT E. McGILL ............. Cadet Lt. Col. ........... Commander . Executive Officer EMMETT L, SPEED .... . ..... Cadet Major. JAMES H. GAMBLE .. ..... Cadet Captain.. , .... Staff Officer WILLIAM D. VINZANT ........... Cadet Captain Staff Officer FRANK H. PHAROAH . . ...Cadet Captain.. . Adjutant PATSY LANE .......... ..... H on. Lt. Col. ..... Sponsor ROW I: McGill, Lane . . . ROW 2: Pharaoh, Speed, Gamble, Vinzant. I WI S FF CADET WING STAFF LEONARD HACKMAN ....., DAVID J. BURKE. .. . Cadet Col.. . .Wing Commander Cadet Lt. Col. Wing Ex. Officer TALBERT J. GRIFFIN. .. ROY M. CANFIELD. .. .. JOHN A. LYON, JR... .. OAKLEY W. MELTON ...... Cadet Major. . . Wing Adiufant Cadet Mai.. Wing Staff Officer Cadet Mai.. .Wing Staff Officer Cadet Mai. .Wing Staff Officer MARY CUMMING. . . . . ROW I: Campbell, Henley, Webb , . . ROW 2: Eyraud, Herren, MichceI, Stone. .I-Ion Cadet Col., .Wing Sponsor ROW I: Hackman, Cumming, Burke . . . ROW 2: Griffin Lyon Canfield, Melton. FIRST GROUP STAFF ERNEST S. CAMPBELL ..,,,... BOB W. WEBB ..,, CHARLES M. STONE GEORGE V. EYRAUD, JR. CLIFFORD A. HERREN .. THOMAS C. MICHAEL MARIE HENLEY. .. .., . Cadet Lt. Col. , . Cadet Major . .. Cadet Captain . . ...Cadet Captain. Cadet Captain. ,. Cadet Captain, . Honorary Cadet Lt. SECOND GROUP STAFF CHARLES P. CARUSO . . WILLIAM O. ARMSTRONG OSCAR D. KULMAN . , HARRY J. COONS, JR. .. CLYDE F. PATTERSON . . ERVIN C. STEWART.. BETTY HARDEN. ., . ,Cadet Lt. CoI.. .. .. .. Commander Executive Officer . , . Adiutant . , Staff Officer . , , . Staff Officer , . Staff Officer Col. .. . .Sponsor ........Commander ,Cadet Maior. , , ..., Executive Officer Cadet Captain . Cadet Captain. ..,.. .. Adjutant Staff Officer Cadet Captain .,.....,. Staff Officer Cadet Captain . , . Staff Officer Honorary Cadet Lt. Col. , . Sponsor ROW I: Caruso, Harden . , ROVV 2: Kulman, Armstrong, Coons, Patterson, Stewart. ARTILLERY Hal C. Bennett, Jr. Kelly S. Cciwthon John F. Dillon Gerald Eloit Herbert O. Eubanks Kenneth T. Fuller Charles D. Jordan John C. Martin ll. Ewing J. Moore Gilbert B. Pearsall, Jr. Elias D. Sedlin Thomas R. Stanbury Charles F. Veasey Nathan G, Watkins CE Edward N. Benward Philip H. Bradley Jack C. Brown Paul L. Carr Arthur L. Dunnam, Jr. Paul W. Frederick William R. Hamby, Jr Calvin D. Harper Raymond M. Harper Noah L. McCrory Dwight E. McGill Travis E. Mitchell Wilburn G. Mitchum Frank Rodriguez Jack J. Spencer Tommy P. Stattord George W. Wadkinson, John A. Wedlich James R. Williams lNFANTRY Aubrey Blackwell Jack W. Bowen Robert S. Bowling, Jr. James W. Burkett Lamar M. Campbell Van D. Chunn, Jr. William O. Cole Edward O. Conerly Theodore D. Copeland, Jr. Marvin Dawson, Jr. George W. Dean, Jr. Emory M. Folrnar Edward M. Franco Malcolm C. Graham Bernard Hanan Hugh B. Harmon Carey F. Hollingsworth, Jr. Leland L. Hudson Ernest L. Jackson Melvin Klotzman R SECOND YEAR ADVANCED Alvin J. Kruse, Jr. Robert I. McElroy Max V. McLaughlin Don R. Miller James S. Mitchell, Jr. David S. Moore Matt E. Moore Richard E. Moss Robert M. Neighbors Francis C, Null, Jr, Donald C. Overstreet Maurice W. Patterson Howard P. Petty Frank H. Pharoah, Jr. Ballard C. Phillips William A. Phillips Donald R. Salem Charles M. T. Sawyer, ll Chester E, Singleton Albert C. Skaggs Thomas L. Smith Joseph Stirmer Thomas M. Tyson Walter B. Tyson Kearney R. Walters, Jr. Samuel B. Whigham, Jr. Charles H. Womble QMC Jack A. Allegri William K. Allen James W. Bailey John VV. Benton, Jr. James A. Brice Harold E. Brouphy, Jr. Abner V. Brown Paul Buchman Richard S. Bullock, Jr. John R. Christian Alan D. Cochran, ll Walter D. Coker Robert M. Collins Thomas C. Courington, Jr. Billy L. Floyd Walter A. Forster, Jr. James M. Gamble Gerald A. Garatola, Jr. James B. Glover Robert F. Grimes, Jr. John A. Grubbs Thomas H. Hancock Bruce M. Harmon Sidney M. Harrell Jack S. Harris Andrew W. Hayes Elwood L. Hogan Samuel E. Hudgins Company D passes in review , ... V rift . CADET John H. Johns William G. Johnson Donald R. Jones John B. Jordan, Jr. Elvin Kanter Clarence B. Kelley Robert E. Kelly John C. Lichty William M. Loy Roy Lynn Thomas E. McLeod Robert D. McWhorter Bennie N. Moore Joe F. Nelson Albert Nippert, Jr. Robert M. Parker James C. Peoples Jerome H. Preis William B. Pritchett Thomas H. Selman, Jr. Sam R. Shannon, Jr. Seymour E. Scheckter Munro H. Slaughter Charles F. Stevens Charles S. Stirling, Jr. Roy R. Summerville, Jr. John J. Swindell Bennett E. Terry Henry H. Thompson VVilliam J. Thornton Alan D. Trott VVilliam D. Vinzant Jesse O. Weatherly, Jr James M. Wright, Jr. Thomas K. Yardley Joe M. Young Seymour W. Zelkind SIG C Harold D. Adams Robert J. Ager Robert L. Andrews James E. Applequist Richard K. Barnett Walter C. Beard, Jr. Pat H. Davis Louis Giovanos, Jr. Eugene P. Hiorth Samuel G. Lawrence, Ill Mack O. Matthews, lll Walter B. Mitchell Philip J. Nardoci Phillip L. Newton Rizek S. Razick Robert F. Rey Edward P. Schroeder James H. Smith Thomas W. Sullivan 7 LLIB QFFI ER ARTILLERY George R. Bagley Oliver C. Baker Vanghel G. Becea William C. Berryman John M. Browder Richard T. Burton Edward T. Coleman Joseph H. Compton Charles R. Cranford, Jr. Paul L. English William L. Farrior, Jr. Neal C. Ford Lawrence T. Fullington, Sanda B. Helms, Jr. Frederick S. Henry Joseph R. Hock Charles B. Howell Harrell D. Huguley, Jr Robert B. Jones, Jr. Robert L. McKinney Vergil L. Metts, lll R. M. Montgomery, Jr. Donald M. Matter Samuel T. Nash, Jr. Dolph B. Owens William O. Pearce James E. Ramsey Robert G. Schneider Curruth R. Smith, Jr. Arthur E. Stewart VVilliam T. Tarpley Jr. Charles V. Weaver James H. Wiggins, Jr Robert C. Wilson Edward P. Xides Robert R. Zanzalari CE Charles L. Adams Joe E. Allen Andrew V. Bailey Walter W. Burdin Jasper K. Champion James M. Clark Elbert B. Craig John T. L. Hicks Wallace W, Hinkle Douglas E. Jones Herbert C. Kiesling Donald H. Lee Frank W. McAbee, Jr. Thomas E. Moore, Jr. Dalton H. Penn John D. Phillips Jack M. Reeves, Jr. Julian J. Samuels Rafael E. Torrellas John E. Williamson Ernest L. Woodruff INFANTRY Jarnes F. Balderson Jackie D. Batson FIRST YEAR ADVANCED Joseph H. Benagh George H. Berry Eugene T. Boyd Clyde D. Boyle Jack V. Brown Julian E. Buckner Nathan D. Cannon Robert H. Carpenter Arthur B. Chesnutt, Jr, William J. Chesnut Jefferson D. Cowen Eugene L. Croxton, Jr John T. Dale George H. Davis Kenneth R. Donnor Charles l. Feigelson Eugene B. Fiegelson William E, Ford Daniel R, Franco Elliott G, Gibbons Irwin R. Goldberg Oliver P. Head William R. Hendrix Earl E. Holman, Jr. Carmon T. Hooper Robert C. Horlick James O, Johnson Linton R, Jordan Jesse A. Keller Alfred A. Lary Richard E. Litt Robert J. McCreary Donald D. McMillan Clifford H. Mashburn Isaac W. May John E. Mayton James A. Melton Alon Miller Marc Miller Alex W. Newton Curtis M. Nordan, Jr. James T. Norton Charles E. Packard, Jr. Gerard C. Pannell Robert H. Reed Joel P. Robinson, Jr. James B. Scarbrough Euel A. Screws Steadman S. Shealy Sam C. Smith, Jr. Davis E. Speed Paul R. Sullivan Robert S. Thomas, Jr. Judd P. Webster Jack M. Whetstone James E. Work QMC Barry A. Ackman John L. Adair Mario A. Algezzino Ellis P. Anteen John H. Bankheacl David R. Bauer Charles G. Beatty Walter T. Berry Hugh P. Bostick Joseph P. Boutwell Robert A. Brown C. Curtis Bullock, Jr. Hugh M, Caffey, Jr. Doyal A. Carpenter Arnold F. Caruse Sam E. Christopher William R. Clark Irvin M. Commander, Jr. Daniel J. Crowley, Jr. James C. Cunningham, Jr. John D. Dortch Robert C. Dolowitz James L. Freeman Peter T. Ghizari John H. Graham William D. Graves, Ill Thomas A. Greene Jack E. Held Eugene B. Ivey Joseph M. Jualire Nathan A. Kahn Morris M. Kaplan Julian Kayser lra H. Kline Robert H. Koehler Regimental staff reviews battalion staff Jerome H. Lapialus Robert E. Lauer Luther E. Lee Bernard B, Label William W. McDonald Robert F. Mann Harold F. Miller, Jr. Thomas R. Miller Carl R. Moore Thomas A, Noble Theodore H. Pailet Samuel C, Palumbo Alan H. Pines Norman H. Powell John F. Proctor Roy W. Scholl, Jr. Louis Schulhafer Bernard J. Seal Henry l. Sherry Ralph L. Sokol Richard B. Stone Howard A. Thompson Robert D. Thorington Fulton F. Torreyson, Jr. Isaac W. Tull, Jr. Robert C, Turner Robert S. Vance James E, Wilkerson SIG C VVilliam H. Armbrecht, ll Robert L. Brock Charles F. Carr John B. Christie Richard E. Coleman, Jr N. L. Cox James R. Dowis John G. Elam, Jr. Hugh D. Farris Edward C. Hamilton William G. Hamm William VV. Hollis Joseph R. Huggins James L. Kassner, Jr. James E. l.ake Lawson S. Lee Beniamin F, Leggett, Jr. Robert F. Lumpkin William C. Lyons W. O. MacMahon, lll Odis P. McDuff George M. Michaels Sammy G. Moore Hugh P. Munro John T. Oliver Thomas W. Oliver, Jr. Clyde B. Seale Emory D. Steele, Jr, Walter C. Vice Bogue M. Waller Edward W, Whaley Roy O. Wyatt, Jr, -I--we-fr ----'- M A -I-1 Y 111--M-11-W J. G. Acker Robert H. Adair W. A. Adams, Jr. R. C. Askerbloom W. H. Bailey, Jr. O. A. Baker J. C. Barrett D. M. Beasley W. H. Benson R. J. Berman D. H. Bernstein J. H. Beyer G. E. Blackwell W. O. Bolen I R F. W. Bolender J. L. Boorstein L. H. Boykin R. W. Brandon L. A. Brasher, Jr. W. E. Buckler W. F. Burns O. R. Burton, Jr. T. C. Caldwell Charles T. Cale T. D. Cameron L. M. Capouano J. B. Carl W. E. Carr ORCE CADET FIRST YEAR ADVANCED J. C. Carson B. L. Clark G. G. Clemons F. C. Clifford D. R. Coley L. J. Cook R. A. Costello W. V. Crawford R. M. Crowe C. A. Culp R. E. Dahlberg D. K. Davis P. C. DeBardelel9en J. S. Derieux J. A. Downey G. A. Drennen G. S. Eastwood D. F. Edwards F. B. Elliott C. B. Ellis, Jr. C. G. Fant J. H. Farmer H. P. Fell R. A. Gaston L. P. Gause, Jr. P. L. Gay, Jr. N. Gilbert J. S. Gillespy, IV. T. R. Graves J. S. Gregory, Jr. D. W. Griffin C. W. Hall, Jr. J. Handwerger J. B. Harper H. G. Harris H. P. Hassell W. C. Hiatt B. W. Hoffman L. F. Holland, Jr. T. R. Hudson S. VV. Inge Air Cadet Officers" Club leaders: FULFORD, HUDNELL, KISSEL. M. H. Jenkins J. M. Johnson J. B. Jones A. A. Kelly J. P. Kern J. S. Kernachan R. H. Kerr Jack King W. R. Kinnebrew C. L. Kirkley, Jr. J. H. Kyle J. E. Langner J. H. Lavette B. L. Lindbergh J. B. Loftin J. R. Lunn J. D. Lunn A. H. Maddox F. Mitchell, Jr. A. C. Moore J. M. Murry W. J. McDaniel R. N. McMath W. B. McPherson D. K. McRae A. T. Newell D. A. Nizen M. G. Northington D. R. Norton R. T. Olsen A. R. Pappas G. Patterson B. W. Pearce S. L. Peeples W. E. Penfield, Jr. S. F. Petroysky B. E. Phillips C. S. Powell J. P. Prom C. F. Ratcliffe, Jr. J. M. Ratliff Page 202 R. L. Ravanelle P. G. Riddle E. J. Routman P. L. Rozear D. D. Rushing A. J. Saliba J. L. Sanders G. L. Schroeder B. F. Seale J. D. Seayer M. D. Secord H. M. Sharff G. R. Smith, Jr. S. G. Smith B. N. Snow G. D. Sockwell E. T. Steele R. A. Stelzenmuller E. C. Stutts J. E. Talton W. A. Tate C. W. Taylor T. A. Taylor, Jr. R. P. Thompson J. E. Tillery R. G. Tipton T. E. Toothaker W. Trieber E. C. Tyndal H. G. Waite E. S. Walden, Jr. H. D. Wall VV. P. Weikert J. A. Weinstein P. G. White N. E. Wilder L. W. Williams E. K. Wood J. K. Wood J. Zaden R. D. Alberts D. B. Andrews W. O. Armstrong S. Athens A. R. Averyt J. K. Baggett H. D. Barrial I. I. Bern J. D. Bonduris J. T. Booth L. C. Brock J. H. Bryant D. J. Burke S. M. Byck, Jr. E. S. Campbell, Jr. L. R. Campbell R. M, Canfield, Jr. T. C. Cantey R. C. Carter C. P. Caruso A. J, Coleman G. M. Connell H. J. Coons C. C, Dailey A. K. Donaldson H. H. Drake R. L. Evans G. V, Eyraud, Jr. W. G. Farris J. A. Files D. C. Fitzgerald, Jr. A. C. Fulfcrfl Page T203 W. F, Fulton D, P, Gee L. Hackman C. P. Hannon R. G. Harris C. G. Harvey S. W. Harvey R. L. Hayes, Jr. J. L. Hayman, Jr. W, M. Heard C. A. Herren J. C. Herring R. W. Hodgkin C, R, Hoffman M. Q. Horton A. B. Hudnell J. P. Huffman, Jr J. P. Hughes F. S. Jeselsohn P. D. Kanter F. J. Kildron P. C, King J. E. Kissel O. D, Kulrnan P. R. Lackey C. L. Langlois W. D. Lanning L. W. Larkin L. Lauer J. I. Levenson J. A. Lyon, Jr. V, J. Mannarino FFICERS' LLIB L. W. Perry J. A. Pierson, Jr. E. C. Poole B. R. Reynolds W. P, Roton F. J. Schmuck R, S. Seger If. S. Shamburger W. S. Sharpe J. B. Sltinault L. G. Goodson J. I. Granath T, F. Griffin J, D. Guin M. J. Shipp W. E, Skinner E. C. Stewart C. M. Stone S. T. Synodis B. C. Mathews O. W. Melton, Jr. T, C. Michael W. F. Middleton J. M. Morgan W. E. McClellan J, D. Norton, Jr. S. J, Oliver C. F. Patterson J. E, Taylor C. C. Torbert W. A. Tuck W. J. Tuminella H. W. Wachenheirn H. V. Waldrop B. J. Watson B, W. Webb E. J. Webb J. W. Webb H. G. Whigham G. P. Williams J. L, Williams J. W. Wilson AROTC Sponsors award D. M. S. Medals PERSHING RIFLES STAFF SAM R. SHANNON... .. ... Cadet Captain THOMAS A. TAYLOR .,..,, Cadet First Lieutenant C. RUSSELL SMITH ...,. Cadet Second Lieutenant CALDVVELL DEBARDELEBEN, JR. Cadet Second Li. WOOD C. HIATT ,..,, Cadet Second Lieutenant GLEN SOCKWELL ...,.. Cadet Second Lieutenant FORREST BRICE ....... .. .Cadet First Sergeant WILBUR G. GOODMAN. . . Cadet Stott Sergeant ROW 1: Taylor, Shannon, Townsend, Sockwell . . . ROW 2: Goodman, Brice, DeBardeleben, Smith. PER HI RIFLE . CADETS: Murray Alley E. H. Austin Max L. Bailey Hugh Ballard Ellison R. Ballow Raymond Berlin Lawrence Bliss Herb Blumberg Millard B. Capell Archie Carmichael Knox Carrecker Harry Gene Causey John W. Conway Charles B. Daniel Sam F. Evans Allen !. Freehling Richard D. Gaynor James E. Godwin Edgar L. Graham Van T. Greene Hobart Grooms Clyde Hale James H. Hancock Claude Harkins Raoul J. Harris Tom Hood Glenn W. House Roland Jackson Thomas J. Joiner Rabin L. Jones G. B. Kahn Bill Kitchings Charles B. Lampkin John S. Marks Howard A. Marshall Clarence G. Meadows Wayne A. Meeks Jim VV. Morris James M. Montgomery Vincent Molina Thomas H. McLaughlin Graydon Newman William E. Noblin Jesse F. Porter William L. Roberts Clyde Roddam Charles Roe C. Wade Savage J. Ronald Shillinglaw Ronald Slepian Jett W. Smith Robert Storey James H. Strickland Donald A. Swenson Edward H. Thompson Ignatius J. Tortorici Don Townsend Robert W. Walker William E. Walker Wade Ward Horace E. Watson William Weldon Richard Lee Yanke Marvin Young ROW 'l: R. Smith, DeBarcleleben, Taylor, Shannon, Townsend, Sockwell, Goodman . . ROW 2: Brice, Bliss, Ballow, Blumberg, Capell, Slepian, Godwin, Harris, McLaughlin, Causey, Mohan, Swenson, Kahn, Thompson, Lampkin, Yanke, Ward . . . ROW 3: Simpson, Conway, Morris, Noblin, Newman, Strickland, Grooms, W. M, Walker, Evans, Joiner, Marshall, Hood, Hale, Shillinglaw, Roberts . . ROW 4: Meadows, Carmichael, Daniel, Meeks, Freehling, Ballard, Tortorici, Weldon, Porter, Jackson, Jones, Savage, Austin, R. Walker, Greene . . . ROW 5: Montgomery, Kitchings, Horkins, Townsend, J. Smith, House, Gaynor, Hancock, Molina, Berlin, Marks, Carrecker, Watson, Young, Bailey. K, .,.,,,,.,M J. ...... ..,,,,...iMa,,,.s..,,,.mw i1wWW,.iMwv.M.M...e.. M-impmwiaww-,MW pmwswmsuswmvmv- , .wg we wnsmqfw-'MM-Mm azpzmwww- WW.- -A -- ROW l Middleton, Huffman, Lackey, Fulton, Kulman, Stone, Sharpe, Guin, Kanter, Canfield, Smith, Wilson, Dunnam, C. Mitchell, Trott, Terry ROW 2 Armstrong J Mitchell, W. Mitchell, Overstreet, Hackman, Klotzman, Brice, McLaughlin, Matthews, Coleman, Seger . , ROW 3: Melton, Jordan Benton Samuel Collins, Jones, Young, Benwarcl, Zelkincl, McGill, Conerly . . . ROW 4: Veazey, Cochrane, McElroy, Kruse, Lynn, Hudgins, Wright, Folmar Loy Summerville. SCABB RD and BLADE W. O, Armstrong J, VV. Benton E, N. Benward J. A. Brice Roy M. Cantield Richard C. Carter Alan D. Cochrane, lll Abraham J. Coleman Robert M. Collins Edward O. Conerly Arthur L. Dunnom, Jr Emory Folmar William F. Fulton, IV Gere Guin Leonard Hackman OFFICERS BOB VVEBB ............., . . ...... Captain CHARLES MlTCHELL. . . . . .First Lieutenant LEE DUNNAM. .. ALAN D. TROTT. Bernard Hannan Samuel E. Hudgins Paul Huttman Donald R. Jones Robert H. Jones John B. Jordan, Jr Philip D. Kanter Melvin Klotzman Alvin J. Kruse O. David Kulman Philip R. Lackey William M. Loy Roy Lynn Mack O. Matthews Oakley Melton MEMBERS Page 205 Second Lieutenant . . . .First Sergeant William F. Middleton Charles Mitchell James S. Mitchell W, D, Mitchell J. E. Moore Roloert I. McElroy Dwight McGill Max McLaughlin Philip J, Nardoci James E. Norton Donald C. Overstreet Charles Samuel Richard S. Seger William S. Sharpe Scott Smith Thomas Stephen Charles M. Stone Roy Summerville Alan D. Trott Charles F. Veazey Robert Webb Jesse Wilson James VVright Joe M, Young S. Vif. Zelkind HONORARY: Lt. Col. B. H, Froehle Captain A. A. Gordon Lt. Col. Allen Terry A f em-ex , , 1 .-fA': Athletic events throughout theyear, or reflected true Bama spirit. The counted the extra points and i 5 'ttff Vqcf Q i prayed for those all important DN Even "Miss America" caught the air of: excitement as school spirit surged to an all- time high. All Bamians thought thaifvqinning football games was important, and-ifour Capstone Iassies yelled themselves hoarse toward that end. g his The Homecoming bonfireubltrtted long K into the night, symbolizing' ever burning r spirit of the Capstone. ' sAnd after a thrill-packed season, the cindermen and diamomfstcirs vllent out and brought. back conference championships. Then loyal fans began looking at prevue of next fall, the another, great year of sports at Alaliima. ' . 3-Q3 b u -'x e 1 H . .,-. 4 "na lllllvlu 5 gm 445 Es 'N we me 1 RJ - x A 4 X06 x I Nga ' ugf 8' VNA W- "X 4 N X' v K 5 4 S . W I 4 x fy . xc V' ' vnbwlgw LL 'fix mem' :iw L' 57 Nlffi' 4' KX no -K K ffm, ww' 1 Q ,nu jk ,,' 'UKQWQKN V .. 1 ,f K X ,,nwfW 38 mm'- S4., 4 1 V .rrpxul V , , .X , .L N:-I E ' ,.,,.v: www 5 , ,I , vw ' N 719 xy! I1 X mm 1"""'1m ,rim 'FL . ,ww av W. nyc ,wr- , ,X O rl x-wfxg Vg X sq XML ar rg 4 E, Q Q. by FRANK THOMAS A name that will live forever in the annals of Ala- bama football history is that of Frank VV. Thomas. Symbolic of the best in sportsmanship, Thomas was instrumental in placing Alabama's name before the nation. During his seventeen year reign as head coach, he directed Tide teams through four undefeated seasons and to six post-season games. Now, in the role of Athletic Director, he holds the top spot in sports at the Capstone. TOM LIEB The veteran Tom Lieb com- pleted his fifth season on the Alabama staff as tackle and center coach in 1950. A l923 graduate of Notre Dame, he served as line coach at his alma mater for two years after graduation. MALCOLM LANEY After spending ten years as football coach at Woodlawn High School in Birmingham, Malcolm Laney ioined the Alabama coaching staff as end coach in l944. Coach Laney is an alumnus of the University class of '33, Ei.,-,sk in ,M ,f. 5,. .. A N. C E it Q. , K A f Q.. HAROLD "RED" DREW Harold "Red" Drew, head football coach, who guided the Crimson Tide through one of its most successful seasons in l95O, is a veteran football mentor in the South. Coach Drew is a native New Englander and a graduate of Bates College, but he has spent all but four of his 31 years in the coaching business below the Mason-Dixon line. His four year record at Bama is 29 wins, l l losses, and two ties. TILDEN CAMPBELL Tilden "Happy" Campbell is the Tide backfield mentor. He is another of the ex-Bama grads on the coaching staff. During his college days, Campbell was a star quarter- back and was captain on the i934 undefeated squad. FM' WWE! L4vm'7ii. WHE- sizjdgggpmqggm , .QQ f.xsma ,:.1:cam:un ,vs fem fHszzq, iv: LEW BOSTICK An ex-pro footballer witl the Cleveland Rams, Lew Bos tick has completed seven suc cessful seasons as the Crimson Tide's line coach. While a stu dent at the Capstone, he wa captain and star guard o Barna's l938 Rose Bowl team J -Sm .1 - . ' -,rs V , 4, f- .45 ' 3, is HANK CRISP One reason why The Crimson Tide was a gridiron powerhouse in 1950 was The reTurn of Hank Crisp To The campus. He is a veTeran coach, finishing his 3OTh year in The business, and is well-known naTiOnal- ly as a line coach. Crisp came To Alabama in 1921 as a line coach and confinued in This capaciTy unTil 1942, helping To Train some of The mosT famous Tide elevens. He was also head baseball coach from 1928-29, head Track coach from 1922-29, head basketball coach from 1924-42 and afhleric direcTor from 1931-39. CCACHI JEFF COLEMAN Jeff Coleman has served as Business Manager of ATh- lefics since 1927, ouTranking all ofher members of The aThleTic deparTmenT in lengfh Of service. I-le held The same posifiori as a sTuclenT aT Ala- bama, and graduafed in 1929. FRANK LEE ATTer only one year aT The helm, Frank Lee has proved himself an able AThleTic Pub- liciTy DirecTor aT The Univer- siTy. While an undergraduaTe, he was Sporfs Edifor of The Crimson-WhiTe and SporTs DirecTor of radio sTaTion NWABP. In The modern era 'daTing from 19231 Alabama fooT- ball Teams have been under The Tuforage of only Three men, Frank Thomas, Wallace Wade, and Harold Drew, a Truly remarkable sTaTemenT in This day of heavy emphasis on The gridiron sporf. Wallace Wade, recenTly named Commissioner of The SouThern Conference, was The firsT of The fabulous Three To guide The Crimson Tide To an enviable record on The gridiron. Under Wade, Alabama paid Three visiTs To The famous Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California, and emerged wiTh Two wins and a Tie againsf sTrong Pacific CoasT Conference opposifion while compiling undefeafed seasons. Frank Thomas, Alabama's very popular AThleTic Direc- Tor, succeeded Wade in The head coaching capaciTy aT Alabama and carried on his predecessor's fine record while guiding The Tide To New Year's Day engagemenfs in every major bowl. While head coach, Frank Thomas proved The winning coach in four of The six games, finding only The Duke Blue Devils and California's Golden Bears Too much opposifion. NOT unTil 1947 did Coach Thomas resign his reigns and on This occasion an old assisTanT aT Chaffanooga succeeded Thomas as head man in fooTball. In his firsT year as head coach, Harold lRed1 Drew led The Tide To a Sugar Bowl engagemenf wiTh The Texas Longhorns and missed his second bowl bid This pasT fall only because his Team was Too sTrong. Under Coach Drew, Alabama has won 29 games, losT only 12, and Tied Two in The pasT four years, for one OT The oufsfanding records in The Soufhlond. MA' TAFF "' eu, OGTB The T950 edifion of Alobomds fomed Crimson Tide proved To The noTion ThoT The Tuscoilooso eleven is oi power To be reckoned wiTh on The noTions grid- irons. Troiling only conference chompion KenTucky, ond runnerup Tennessee, in The finol SEC sfondings, Aloboimo, under Cooch Red Drew compiled o fine Captain Mike Mizerony VARSITY SQUAD - T950 nine won, Two losT seoison ond iusT missed o shoT oT The well known Oronge Bowl on New Yeors Dov. ln compiling The besT record of o Tide eleven since T945 ond The dovs of l-lorry Gilmer, Alobomo shoTTered Three Soufheosfern conference records ond seT Two new Teoim records. The Tide, quorferbocked by senior "BuTch" Avinger, hiT for QT T firsT downs To breok Georgids old sfondord of T85 seT in T942. In oiddiTion, conference scoring morks fell os Alobomo worked The poll on 773 ploys ond pounded ouT The Tremendous Tofol of 3,007 vords rushing. Aloloomo, in oddifion To The SEC morks, seT new sfondords in Touchdown posses, wiTh T8, ond ToTol neT goin on rushing ond possing of 4,57T vords, bofh new school sfondords. Pocing The offensive punch of The fomed power Teom wcis All-Americon Eddie Solem, who become The second besT yordoge goiner in Alobomo hisfory wiTh T,23T yords rushing ond possing. Joining Solem in The Tide's sforfing bockfield were: Avinger of guoirTer, on All-SEC choice lsecond Teoiml, fullbock Tom Col- vin, ond The spliT righT holf berTh loefween sophomore Bobby Morlow, possessor of o 7.47 vordoge per corry overoge ond one of The Teoms high scorers wiTh 54 poinTs, ond scofboicks Bimbo lvlelfon ond Loirry Chio- dem. LL VIEW RE 251 . - In The line Bama was loaded wiTh sTandouT TalenT as end Al Lary, cenTers PaT O'Sullivan and Larry Lauer, guard and capTain Mike lvlizerany, and Tackle Herb Hannah all garnered All-SEC posiTions. Al Lary seT a new Team mark Tor ends wiTh 35 caTches Tor 756 yards and lO Touchdowns. The laTTer record was also an SEC mark Tor linemen, and was The l950 Tide high scoring mark. Senior Jim BurkeTT and sophs George McCain, Bobby Wilson, Bob Conway, and Clell Hobson all capTured The limelighT on more Than one occasion in The backfield. In The line, a hosT of rugged players led by Sandy Helms, Jug Jenkins, Jesse Richardson, Jerry WaTTord, Tom 1950 FOOTBALL RESULTS Alabama ChaTTanooga Alabama Tulane . Alabama Vanderbilf ... Alabama Furman ... Alabama Tennessee . Alabama Miss. STaTe .. ,Alabama Georgia .s.. Alabama ,,.., Miss. SouThern Alabama Georgia Tech Alabama Florida . . Alabama Auburn . ..I9 To The high conference Tinish of The Tide, as sopho- mores provided The needed reserves in The poTenT ll game schedule. AlThough Alabama loses l3 sTandouT players via graduaTion, TrusTing To a Tavorable glance Trom Uncle Sam, l95l looks To be anoTher big season Tor all followers oT Alabama TooTball. A sTandouT Trosh squad, advancing To varsiTy ranks, is The key To an- oTher Bama success sTory on The gridiron. Selman, EllioT Speed, Al VVilhiTe, Red l.uTz, Ed Lary, and Roy Smalley gave opposing backs many a rough aTTernoon. Line depTh, a auesTionable TacTor aT The beginning of The l95O season, proved The key Melton stiffcrms opposition OFFICIAL STATISTICS First Downs . .. Net Yds, Rushing Net Yds. Passing Passes Attempted Passes Completed Passes lntcptd. by Punting Average Fumbles Lost ... Yds. Penalized . . Ala lo 250 l56 20 8 l 34 2 30 -ew ri Mi. xx 'Sir f ,i , . it - -- Burkett plunges over for last Bama score ALABAMA 27 CHATTANOOGA 0 Alabama opened their i950 season in convincing fashion by blanking the Chattanooga Moccasins 27-0 under the lights at Birming- ham's Legion Field. The Saturday night contest, played before a sparse crowd of l3,000, found a clearly favored Bama eleven recovering from a sluggish start to turn the steam on in the second quarter and coast to the win. After a scoreless first period, the Tide opened their '50 touchdown parade as Eddie Salem cut off right tackle to score, following a recovered fumble by Bama's Jug Jenkins. Late in the period a Salem to Chiodetti pass play ate up 2l yards and accounted for the second Tide marker. Bama's third score came in the third period when a Salem to Lary pass and a neat run by Al accounted for 53 yards and made the score read Q0-0. Salem's try for the point was wide. Jim Burkette scored Bama's last TD of the game in the fourth quarter as he barreled his way over the goalline on a one yard plunge. Salem converted his third extra point of the game and the final score read: Alabama 27 Chattanooga 0. Jim Burkett Tom Selman Q -" N15 1.15 graffiti in OFFICIAL STATISTICS First Downs ,..,... 10 Net Yds. Rushing H216 Net Yds. Passing , , . 31 Passes Attempted . . 13 Passes Completed . . 6 Passes lntercepted Punting Average Fumbles Lost ,.,,.. 1 Yds. Penalized .... 10 By 3 .,..3O.4 Joe Curtis Travis Hunt ALABAMA 24 An underdog Alabama eleven invaded the Sugar Bowl stadium in New Orleans and thoroughly trounced their tormer jinx team, the Tulane Green Wave, 24-14. Ed Salem and Al Lary were the Tide's big guns once again as 'Bama handed the Greenies their worst beating ot the season. The crowd ot 45,0CO were dumbstruclc early when center Larry Lauer recovered a Tulane tumble on the host team's 35 and Butch Avinger guided 'Bama in a drive capped by Salem's score from the two. Salem missed the conversion and things were looking blue when the Tide TULANE I4 reversed its tield and scored again, this time on a Salem to Al Lary pass play that covered 35 yards. 'Bama scored twice in the third quarter, on a six yard Avinger to Al Lary pass and a 41 yard pass from Salem to Lary. Both ot the Greenies scores came in the second halt as George Kinek recovered his own tumble over the goal line in the third auarter and Alvis Batson hit guard tor six yards and the score in the last period ot play. Larry Lauer and Pat O'Sullivan looked great in the line as Tide reserves once again played a major part of the second halt. Tulane Ala. 22 189 171 28 17 1 52.4 2 20 .frr rs rv AH-ff' im, A Compton hits the middle 1 Hi ,.,, 7- : 'www 2' 'A H A .1 Q. if" sw . QMFQ if gsmsiirgi, Marlow holds on for yards ,, sg, K :is , - W - we ' T, ' -'two 7' . .,,,j'Qr.ff fifsf is i-2 ialkgx 17:4 Joe Compton Bimbo Melton OFFICIAL STATISTICS Vanderbilt Ala. First Downs ..,.. ..., l 3 lf? Net Yards Rushing . . , . . 64 278 Net Yards Passing . . . .293 ll5 Passes Attempted . . . . . . 22 2i Passes Completed . . . . . I2 8 Passes Intercepted By . . . . . 4 l Punting Average ...,. . . . 38.5 40.3 Fumbles Lost .... . . 0 l Yards Penalized ., .. . 66 I0 ALABAMA 22 VANDERBILT 27 Not since 1945, when the Tide won by an overwhelm- ing 71-0 score, had 'Bama beaten a Vanderbilt eleven and the same story held true after the Ladd Memorial clash in Mobile where 32,000 saw the Tide on the short end of a 27-22 score. Bill Wade to Bucky Curtis was the destructive element as the passing combination struck early and stunned the Tide to defeat. 'Bama scored on a five yard run by Ed Salem, an Avinger to Al Lary pass play covering l7 yards, a two yard plunge by George McGain, and Jenkins' safety tackle on Bill Wade in the final period. Wade to Cook and Curtis accounted tor three of Vandy's four scores with the other chalked up on a one yard plunge by Mac Robinson. The Vanderbilt win marked their third straight and seemed to be the open gate to SEC stardom as the Tide slumped to a i-l conference mark. Jug Jenkins' line play stood out in defeat. Despite the early season loss, 'Bama's chances at a bowl bid were not lost as the Tide gave evidence of a terrific offensive punch which only the clock could counter. Calvin down at midfield Salem breaks loose again Chiodetti eyes the defense vifsfrsray ,j,Fk,Z,x,N.!53,3, ,gf 4 i 3 ,3?.5'ff'LiQ VY st Q Vw, ,is M15 sg mari 5 -,H 'taxi 0 L fi 'i,tisfif.v'..i.f"ffi , it 4 f. iff 'f 'gs-151-gf :,,'iQ K if G1-'f,f,'an i'i-,ggi 'vu ., M wif! 'Y 'i"sbmir"' "if 5 'B iify, an gfx .T M V, , 51 CQ, fig, , gm, fx f.T'7gsfk.I' A ,f.'wPf,f '. Ai, Q , ggggs, 4.3.5. . if Q? .W sw if sgalgfi Hilti 4? Q Burkett plunges for yardage Salem skirts the tackles ALABAMA 34 FURMAN 6 Alabama chalked up their third win in four starts in an arc-light contest at Denny stadium as the Tiders stopped Bill Young's Furman eleven 34-6. After a scoreless first period Alabama opened the scoring on a 52 yard run off tackle by Butch Avinger. Salem, Burkette, and Al Lary all entered the scoring from this point. Salem scored twice, on a IO yard run over right end and a four yard plunge. Burkette's score came in the third period when he traveled seven yards, while Lary hooked onto one of Clell Hobson's spirals for a 40 yard scoring play. Furman's only score came in the third period on a two yard plunge by halfback Williams. Jerry Watford and Tom Selman played outstanding ball OFFICIAL STATISTICS Furman Ala First Downs . ., T .. IO 24 Net Yards Rushing , 233 335 Net Yards Passing . . 38 206 Passes Attempted , . . l8 17 Passes Completed , 5 lO Passes lntercepted By 2 O Punting Average 29.3 43 Fumbles Lost .. , .. 2 3 Yards Penalized .... iO 60 on the line with Bobby Marlow, Butch Avinger, and Ed Salem shining in the baclcfield, Fifteen thousand witnessed 'Bama's first home win of the season. Furman, a Southern conference foe, was the second so- called breather opponent on the Tide's ambitious il game schedule. Al Wilhite Elliott Speed OFFICIAL STATISTICS Tennessee Ala. First Downs ..... . . . T3 T2 Net Yards Rushing ..,. T96 3l4 Net Yards Passing .... 54 T7 Passes Attempted ..... T7 T0 Passes Completed .... 4 2 Passes lntercepted By i , 3 l Punting Average ..,,. 35 40 Fumbles Lost .... , . I l Yards Penalized , . , . . 0 T5 ALABAMA 9 TENNESSEE 'I4 Alabama did everything but walk off with the win at Shields-Watkins field in Knoxville as a powerful ground attack failed to halt the Tennessee Vols on their I4-9 victory march. Playing their outstanding game of the new season, Bama lost the ball, and the game, on a series of breaks late in the fourth quarter. Early in the first period Red Lutz booted a lo yard field goal to give the Tide a short lived 3-0 lead, but Tennessee came back strong following a roughing penalty on punter Lauricella and minutes later Andy Kozar slipped over right guard for two yards and the score. Tennessee converted and the score read Bama 3, Tennessee 7. Early in the third period, Bama stormed back to take the lead on a 72 yard scoring drive which was capped by Bobby Marlow's 43 yard scoring sprint, Salem failed to convert and Bama had taken a two point lead. The Tide held late in the fourth period on a goal line stand, but with less than two minutes to go in the game a Tennessee drive netted the needed yardage as Andy Kozar leaped over the line for the score and Shires converted the extra point. Mike Mizerany, Herb Hannah, Larry Lauer, Sandy Helms, Jerry Watford, Tom Selman, and Jug Jenkins all looked good in the line in defeat. A record crowd of 48,500 witnessed the game described by sportswriters as the finest of the year. Marlow scampers for Buma's lone TD Ju. Lutz boots a three-pointer Red Lutz Jerry Watford i,i A rd' at Watford closes in O'SulIivan ready to stop State Avinger on his faked handoff ALABAMA 14 MISSISSIPPI STATE 7 After three scoreless periods Alabama shook loose scat- backs Bimbo Melton and Larry Chiodetti and delighted 30,000 Homecoming fans in a rugged i4-7 win over Mississippi State at Denny Stadium. State, boasting the nations finest defensive teams, really showed their worth against win hungry Bama and might easily have handed the Tide their fourth defeat in the local stadium. Bama opened the scoring on a three yard plunge by fullback Jim Burkett following a brilliant 58 yard dash by 'Scooter' Chiodetti. Minutes later, the Tide had their second score on a 53 yard run by right half Bimbo Melton. The two long sprints electrified the crowd who were awaiting a dismal 0-0 tie. State, always game, scored late in the quarter on a pass play from Gil Verderber to Max Stainbroolc. The victory marked Bama's nineteenth straight at Denny stadium. In addition to sending the crowd home happy, the State win marked a turn in the victory fortunes of a potentially top-notch Tide eleven. OFFICIAL First Downs ..,.,. Net Yards Rushing , , , Net Yards Passing . , . Passes Attempted . , Passes Completed . ., Passes intercepted By Punting Average . I . , Fumbles Lost , .. Yards Penalized . . . STATISTICS Miss. St. ,. io 220 .... 75 .. i5 ,, 8 .. .. i 4i.7 .. i 30 Ala I7 2i8 22 4 2 0 45 l 45 .7 Ed Salem Pat O'SuIIivan Calvin through the middle for winning TD OFFICIAL STATISTICS Georgia First Downs ..,,.,. A A 7 Net Yards Pushing . , . A . 82 Net Yards Passing . .. . . .. 72 Passes Attempted . , . . . i4 Passes Completed ..... . . 7 i Passes intercepted By ,... . . l Punting Average ,,.... . . 32.i Fumbles Lost .... . . 2 Yards Penalized . . . . . 0 ALABAMA 14 Alabama spotted Wally Butts' unbeaten Georgia Bull- dogs a touchdown in the tirst halt then came back to upset their applecart i4-7 before 38,000 rain drenched tans at Birmingham's Legion Field. The win, 'Bama's titth in seven starts, came after the Bulldogs had scored on Brunson's one yard drive and Watson's subsequent conversion in the second period. 'Bama recovered late in the third period when Butch Avinger hit the center ot the line tor a yard and the score following a 68 yard Bama drive. Alabama i2 ll5 l93 " 13 Sandy Helms i2 3 43.4 l 40 GEORGIA 7 Bama's winning TD came with less than two minutes to go in the game when Jesse Richardson intercepted a Georgia aerial setting up a short drive climaxed by Tom Calvin's one yard scoring plunge. Lutz converted his second extra point at the time. Georgia might well have beaten Bama it they had settled tor a tie but three ties already on their record gave the Bulldogs little choice in the waning minutes ot the game when the tie score loomed mighty large on the scoreboard. Avinger scores on a sneak play Jug Jenkins Bobby Marlow L. B. Couch ALABAMA 53 Over i5,000 fans were treated to an offensive show on the part of Alabama's Crimson Tide as 'Bama rolled to a 53-0 win over Mississippi Southern's outclassed South- erners in Denny Stadium. With the Lary brothers, Ed and Al, doing all the scoring in the first three quarters, 'Bama had an easy task scoring seven times against the small college power. Al's scores, coming on passes from Ed Salem and Bimbo Melton, gave him a tie with Vandy's Bucky Curtis for the all-time SEC pass scoring mark, at nine apiece. OFFICIAL STATISTICS MISSISSIPPI SOUTHERN 0 Brother Ed grabbed TD posses from Butch Avinger and George McCain, covering 23 and eight yards, respectively. 'Bama finished the days scoring when Joe Curtis scored on a ii yard pass from McCdin and center 0. E. Phillips intercepted a Southern pass for a 29 yard runback. Red Lutz kicked five of eight extra point attempts. The one-side-ol win marked the early high-scoring mark for the Tide eleven and once again bowl talk hit the Capstone. Mississippi Southern Alabama First Downs . , . ,....,, 5 Q6 Net Yards Rushing I I , 30 i97 Net Yards Passing . . . 49 283 Passes Attempted , . . 20 26 Passes Completed . 8 Qi Passes lntercepted By . . . . 0 3 Punting Average I I 40.3 Fumbles Lost . . , i 3 Yards Penalized 10 35 Ed Lciry ond McCain grab TD passes Its Marlow again for a score ALABAMA 54 Alabama turned loose all its vaunted power on the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets as they thrilled 39,000 on- lookers at Atlanta's Grant Field to the tune ot a 54-I9 walloping ot the Engineers. Bama power exploded tor tive touchdowns before the Engineers awakened, and then Tech determination helped to roll the score even higher. Bobby Marlow, the sensational sophomore haltback, had a field day against the Atlanta eleven, as he scored tour times, including a ninety-one yard paydirt gallop. Marlow opened the scoring within two minutes atter the start ot the game, he cut oft right tackle tor seven yards Blocking, Bama style, and speedy Marlow GEORGIA TECH 19 and the score. Minutes later, Marlow struck again, this time on the receiving end ot a ten yard aerial trom Ed Salem. Other Tide scoring came when: Salem tossed a titty yard scoring pass to Al Lary, Tom Calvin bucked the line tor a yard, Marlow took another Salem pass tor twenty- tour yards and the score, George McCain smashed tor another two yards, and Dick Barry bucked for a yard. Bobby North and Red Patton played outstanding ball for the losers with North accounting tor one Tech score and setting up the others. The dynamic Tide win started early bowl talk at the Capstone. OFFICIAL STATISTICS Tech Ala. First Downs ...,.., . . I6 25 Net Yards Rushing . . .... I46 369 Net Yards Passing . . .... l45 l90 Passes Attempted . . 4 , 20 I4 Passes Completed . . . . I2 8 Tech Ala. Passes Intercepted . . , . , . 2 l Punting Average . . . . , . 37.3 72 Fumbles Lost ...... . . . 2 l Yards Penalized . . . , . 30 35 Larry Chiodetti Tom Calvin R. OFFICIAL STATISTICS Florida Ala First Downs .. 14 25 Net Yds. Rushing . . .130 431 Net Yds. Passing .. .215 156 Passes Attempted . , , 21 16 Passes Completed . . 12 5 Passes intercepted By O 2 Punting Average .. , 38.5 36.5 Fumbles Lost ...... O Yards Penalized ..., 35 40 Roy Smalley Larry Lauer ALABAMA 4-'I FLORIDA 'I3 Some 16,000 shivering spectators witnessed a power- laden Bama eleven vanquish the Florida Gators 41-13 in the Gator bowl stadium in Jacksonville. Everyone seemed affected by the cold but the Tide as they waltzed their way to the one sided win over the Gators. Ed Salem was the big gun in the Tide offense as he rushed for three scores and completed four of seven passes. As characteristic of most Tide games this tall, reserves Other Bama scoring in the one-sided contest came, as Salem ran around right end for eight, Salem repeated at right end for five, following a Salem to Al Lary pass play that covered 63 yards, Richardson's safety catch on Sullivan, Avinger's one yard quarterback sneak, and Chio- detti's six yard run. played the better part of the second half in a game which could very easily have been turned into a riot. Alabama opened the scoring early as Salem cut off tackle from seven yards out. In the second period of play Bobby Marlow registered his sixth score of the season and Bama's second of the game, as he hit the Gator line for three yards. Salem cuts for a score , Conway averts tackler Melton through for yardage "it if we rwX . 5" flr ' V 1:29 lb , V , V - '-vV ,,.: I t -:Jil ' iv ' . 3 A gy h A ,l,, E. ,,JVx X , gy will M I l 5 E iii' R r . J F ,mr in P' ,gui E Q 5' in -dwg QE , Trravarfmrkifsr Q4 ,yy y . , , .M mag f' - - , gy ,RSF Q i aw B Eggs it wi 1- M T T ff , WN' S .N wg We if T Q, 2 fr T A of fi i f g.ys 4f y r i s .. 'f 211 rr -- 1 T - - T . T -is . w r , , is V- T --WL, Q ' 'L' is f "f" i ' Tar Tm 1 is LWAL . T- li 5' I , A 'Q ' . rr" f , Mr.. W, Marlow cracks line for TD Al Lary scoois for gain ALABAMA 34 liz a day of upsers, Alabama's powerfmanned Crimson Tide clamped The lid on The upseT plans of The Auburn Plainsmen, 3470, as a near capaciTy crowd wiTnessed The gridiron rTvals Tangle aT Birmingham's Legion Field. The win, Alabama's ninTh of The year, climaxed one of The mosT successful seasons in recenT years even Though disap- poinTed CapsToners Tailed To spend Their New Year's in Miami. Six rninuTes and 20 seconds aTTer The opening l4icl4oTT, Bobby Marlow gave Bama her TirsT score as he laTched on To a 26 yard Salem pass in The end zone. BurkeTT follows suit OFFICIAL STATISTICS Auburn Alabama FirsT Downs 9 23 NeT Yards Rushing ll3 325 NeT Yards Passing .. 5l 52 Passes ATTempTed , . . T4 8 Passes CompIeTed ..., . 5 3 Passes InTercepTed By . . . O T Punfing Average . ,,., 41 36 Fumbles LOST . . .. .. T O Yards Penalized . , . , . 20 TO AUBURN 0 Two more Touchdown Tallies by Marlow gave The Tide her second and Third scores, This Time on runs oT Two and eighT yards by The highscoring soph back. ScooTer, Larry ChiodeTTi, gave The crowd a Thrill lol- lowing a Wilson inTercepTion wiTh a neaT 31 yard sprinT Tor The TourTh TD, and Tullback .lim Burl4eTTe climaxed The Tide scoring parade wiTh a Three yard smash off righT Tackle. Alabama's one-sided win avenged a sTinging T4-T3 upset loss absorbed by The Tuscaloosa eleven in T949 Missing on The l95l rosTer will be T3 seniors and a number of milirary-bound sTudenTs, Ed Lary Al Lary Herb Hannah rlfikg, Opposing Captains meet MIKE MIZERANY Senior Mike Mizerany, an All-SEC choice aT The righT guard posiTion, served as capTain of The i950 Tide eleven. Mike, perhaps one oi The besT liked sTudenTs aT The Cap- sTone, is also a sTandouT lirsT baseman on The Alabama baseball varsify. QUARTERBACKS Jack Brown, Bobby Wilson, and "BuTCh" Avinger repre- serii The brain TrusT of The i950 Tide eleven as They auarTerbaCked The club To an ouTsTanding seasonal record. In addiTion io Their duTies as Tield generals, The Threesome represenT some of The conTerence's TinesT punTers all vviTh perTormance marks close To The 40 yard average. Jesse Richardson Capiain Mike Mizeruny receives ODK Trophy from Auburn Choipier ODK TROPHY Mike Mizerany in The limelighT once again as The genial capTain ol The l95O Tide eleven aCcepTs The ODK Trophy, embolic: oi TooTball supremacy berween Alabama and Auburn, from sTudenT leaders aT Auburn aT The hali Time oi The Alabama-Georgia baskeTball game. SPONSORS Wives ol The gridiron gianTs appeared aT The Auburn game as sponsors oT The i950 Crimson Tide TooTball Team. The seledion oT The game sponsors is a TradiTional choice by The officers of The "A" Club", an organizaTion of leTTer winners aT The CapsTone. Also following cusioms, The anf nual sponsors are vvives of Alabama TooTball players. Sponsors: Mrs. LuTz, Mrs. Calvin, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. OISUlliVUn FLOYD BURDETTE Experiencing his most successful season as head basketball coach at Alabama, Floyd Burdette closed his tilth season at the Capstone vvith an impressive l5-8 mark. The former Oklahoma Aggie standout gave Alabama a modified last break which vaulted the Tide into a second place tie in the tinal season conference standings. Compiling an amazing seven game winning streak in February, Alabama rose to her high seasonf al ranking only to experience a cold day on the courts at Louisville as a tough 44-42 contest vvas dropped to the Ole Miss Rebels in the tirst round ot SEC play. Coach Burdette vvon't let the disappointing tour- ney start add too much gloom to the basketball picture as the Tide tive only loses three ot her i950-51 squad through graduation, including a single regular, captain Nick Vrotsos. ASKETBALL all ALAB M 1950-5'l VarsiTy Basketball Squad Compiling ci successful conference record of Ten vvins, four losses, AIcibc1mc1's hordvvood aggregoTion finished second in The fincil SEC roce, buf losT d 4442 hecsrfbreoker To The Ole Miss Rebels in The firsT round of The conference Tournomenf, ending seoson play. Included in The Tide-'s l5f8 seasongl mork Marvin Blemker Bob Schneider YMGH gs .P s s if fs A l 'EL was on impressive Third plcice finish in The Oklahoma Cify All-College Tournomenf held during The Chrisfmos holidoys. Rising from mid-secison blues, Alcibomo rolled To seven sfrdighf wins in February ond Thereby compiled Their finesf conference mdrk since i942 when Hank Crisp guided Bcima Glenn Scoff Bryant Ivey A 1-' :i,.:.,. X 2 ef ,, ,,,. H , ,. .,,,,i.,.m,',Mg, A. -..N..,.M Moore follows up for two fortunes to thirteen wins in seventeen conference starts. Florida registered the last black mark on the Crimson ledger prior to the SEC tourney, as LSU, Mississippi State, Auburn, Tulane, Georgia, Georgia Tech, and Florida were scorched by the late season "red hot" play. Alabama, due to her win streak in February, was the popular favorite to play the Kentucky Wildcats in the final of the Southeastern conference tournament, but Ole Miss spilled the Tide and ended the 1950-Sl season with a gloomy note. Highlight of the season was the sparkling 94-67 win over the LSU Bengals on the friendly Foster court. Pacing the between-semesters win was center Paul Sullivan who hit the bucket for 27 counters. Riddle hits the bucket Tall Paul and lndiana's Bob Schneider drew conference raves in the late season as Northport's Sullivan received a second team All-SEC selection while guard Bob made the third team. ln addition to his All-Star selection, Sullivan broke the individual scoring mark for a Tider with 36 points against Mississippi State, and the season scoring mark of Jim l-lomer's with an impressive 335 total, Joining Sullivan and Schneider on the starting five were: team captain Nich Vrostos, lone graduating regular, and forwards Bryant Ivey, l95O Tide scor- ing leader, Sammy Moore, Alabama's big man off the back- boards, and Jim Grant, the Tide's sixth regular at forward. Forwards John Cherry, Marv Blemker, and Jerry Pannell, and guards Paul Riddle, Glenn Scott, and Pete Mangina all shared the playing time during the seasonal play. Jerry Pannell Sammy Moore .lim Grant Nick Vrostos 'fm , 'Vx H A fa. Alabama ...,. 6l Vrostos on the scoring end SOUTHEASTERN CONFERENCE Mississippi ,,....,,.... Alabama .,,. 60 Georgia . . . . . Alabama. . . .56 Tennessee . . . Alabama . .. 35 Vanderbilt . . . . Alabama. . . 48 Kentucky. . Alabama ... 65 Auburn . .. ... Alabama H55 Florida .. . ,... Alabama ..,. .94 L. S. U.... ,,.. Alabama ..,... 75 Mississippi Siafe. . . . . Alabama ,.,,.. 63 Auburn. .. . ......... Alabama ....., 66 Tulane. .... .. ..... Alabama . .56 Georgia .s....,,.... . Alabama ,,..,, 59 Georgia Tech .......,. Alabama ..,, 79 Florida ......... ..... Non-Conference Alabama ...,.. 63 Miss. Southern ,,.,,,., Alabama .,,... 75 Florence St. Teachers. . . Alabama ,.... 70 Auburn. ...,..,..... . Dec. Dec. Jan Jan Jan Jan Jan Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Dec Dec Dec "Toll" Paul hits on ca pivot San Antonio College Tournament Alabama. . 46 S. M. U... ... .. .. 60 Alabama .,.... 58 L. S. U.. .. ....... ... 64 All-College Tournament Alabama . . 49 Oklahoma City . . . . 46 Alabama. . .34 Arkansas ..........,.. 46 Alabama. . . 54 Texas . . . 51 SEC Tournament Alabama.. U42 Mississippi .- . ... 44 Dec. Dec. Dec Dec. Dec. Mar Ivey scores under basket Gene Ruckles AL AM 'S Paced by the air-tight pitching ot the Lary brothers, Frank and Al, and Birrninghgm's Al Worthington, and supporteo Qoy Tilden "Happy" Campbell Another first filled the annals in Alabama's baseball history as Coach Tilden "Happy" Campbell guided the 1950 Tide nine to a sweep ot the conference and district three NCAA laurels, culminating with a berth in the NCAA finals in Omaha, Nebraska late in June. a powerful batting order, led by second team All-American, Ed White, Alabama thumped the Mississippi Stdte Maroons, ll-5, in Starkville to clinch Western division honors in the Southeastern conference. The Tide followed-up the shading of their old iinx by turning the tables on the potent Kentucky Wildcats, Eastern division titlists, capturing three ot four games in a best three- of-tive series tor the conference title. 1950 Varsity Baseball Squad nw., si Lee Newsome Jim Huffstutler Ned Folmar Leon Adair ASEB LL TEAM Gaining The disTricT Three NCAA playoTTs Tor The second Time in The lasT Three years, 'Bama puT The sTopper on The SouThern conTerence's Tinesf, The Wake ForesT Deacons, and emerged monarch of The SouTh, on The baseball scene. Clemson, KenTucl4y, Wake Fore-sT, and Alabama made up The opening Tield as 'Bama rolled To a lirsT round 6-l conquesr of The Clemson Tigers. ATTer The Tide had capTured a second round 3-2 ball game from The favored Deacons Alabama vvaiTed idly Tor The finals and a second meeTing WiTh The l949 naTional collegiaTe runner-up nine from WinsTon Salem, NorTh 1950 vorsiTy pitching sfaff Carolina. Wifh The Lary broThers piTching Three hiT ball The Tide earned The disTricT berth in The NCAA finals by edging The Deacons in Tighr 5-4 ball game. WiTh Frank Lary pifching neaT seven hiT ball and The Team playing errorless ball behind him, Alabama goT off To an opporTune sTarT in The eight Team field NCAA finals by Trouncing a Tine Bradley nine 9-2 in TirsT round play. Errors plagued The Tide in Their Tvvo remaining games in The Tourney, however, and 'Eama bowed successively To Wash- ingTon STaTe's CoasT leaders and Wisconsin, Big Ten repre- Frosh Couch Joe Kilgrow is Mike Mizercny George Howell sentatives. Despite five hit pitching by Alabama's Al Worthington, rainy weather and Tide errors held sway as 'Bama dropped a one-sided 9-1 ball game to the West coast nine, in second round play. Faced with possible elimination, Vt!isconsin's Badgers ral- lied to the cause and won a fourth round game from Alabama 3-1. Only bright spot in an otherwise heart-brealo ing contest was Ed VVhite's ringing double scoring the Tide's only run and giving the home nine a short lived lead. Six Alabama players broke the .300 mark in batting in the 1950 season, paced by left fielder Ed White with a spiral- ing .448 mark. Other Tide batters ioining the choice circle were George Howell, .36O, Bryant Ivey, .333, Frank Lary, .320, Leon Adair, .316, and Jim Huffstutler, .311. Mound ace for the 1950 edition of the Tide nine was lNlorthport's Frank Lary with a 7-1 conference log and a 3-1 playoff mark. Al Worthington, 5-O, and Al Lary, 4-2, were other moundstays of Alabama's finest pitching staff. Bryant Ivey Earl Martin Next spring six familiar faces will be missing from the 'Bama lineup as graduation has claimed outfielders Ed White and Jim Huffstutler, third baseman Ned Folmar, catcher Gene Rickles, and pitchers Jesse Ayres and Clarence Fleck. i' OUR COACH Garnering his eighth conference title in twelve starts, baseball coach Tilden "Happy" Campbell is well on his way to paving a new national collegiate mark, following the 1950 season. A graduate of the Capstone, Coach Campbell lettered three seasons on the baseball and football teams then gathered in the baseball coaching reins in 1935. In the fall season Campbell also doubles as an assistant football coach, a relished position with the comparable brilliant record of the Tide both on the diamond and on the gridiron. Folmar puts it on a slider Mizerany clowns after a homer'. 1'1w5wfim """ BASEBALL RESULTS Alabama ,,.., Alabama .... . . Alabama ,,,. . Alabama .... , Alabama. . . . Alabama. . . . . Alabama . . . Alabama. . . . Alabama . . . Alabama . . . . Alabama ..,.... Alabama, , . , Alabama ,... . . Alabama .... . . Alabama .,l.. . .Alabama .... . . Alabama .... . . Alabama ..., . . Alabama. . . . . Alabama ....A . . Alabama ..., . . Ed White Q A ' 5.3, !fi sg- lblb fr Q A 'bm I.. S. U... l.. S. U.. . , L. S. U.. . l.. S. U.. . Ole Miss . Ole Miss Miss. State Miss. State Florida , Florida . Auburn ., Auburn .. Ole Miss . Ole Miss . Auburn .. Miss. State Miss. State Kentucky . Kentucky . Kentucky . Kentucky . Worthington packs power in o one arm swing 1950 NON-CONFERENCE GAMES ... ... .. 4 Alabama ....... 2 Stetson .... ... .. . .. 3 . . . 3 Alabama .... . . . lO Stetson . . , 5 . 3 Alabama .,.. ... 4 Rollins ..,. .. 8 . . ll Alabama .. ... l Rollins ...... ... .. 2 H 15 Alabama... lO Rollins ..... . 4 ... O Alabama .,.. . 5 Birmingham Barons , ... 23 M, 3 Alabama ..,, ... 5 Birmingham Barons . . 24 ... l Alabama. . 24 Andalusia .. . .. IO .6 ...2 4- l NCAA DISTRICT THREE PLAYOFFS . O N, 1 Alabama . 6 Clemson ..... ... .... l I A 4 6 Alabama .... . 3 Wake Forest .... . . 2 u u u 7 Alabama .... , 5 Wake Forest . , . . 4 . . . 5 , . . 5 . I NCAA FINALS N' 12 Alabama .. 9 Bradley ..., .... .. 2 ' ' ' I Alabama .... . l Washington State . . . . 9 ' A Alabama. . . l Wisconsin ..... . . . 3 Pete Mongina Tony Napoli Tom Lieb coaches Carl Shield Marvin Cichowski sl 4 HW 1 J S'-N. ., 1 r Allen McHenry Judd Webster .lohn Stauffer Carl Shield ' 'Fl f, A' 1950 Varsity Track TRACK Dominance became The key word in the Tide i950 track season as Coach Tom Lieb's flying cindermen capped an undefeated dual meet season by scoring a first in Alabama track history, garnering the formerly elusive Southeastern conference laurels. A predominately sophomore squad speaks well for future years. Coach Lieb has at last found a little of his own reflected glory in the l95O track squad, for The former Natre Dame athlete was a champion in his own right, Climaxing a successful four years as a letterman in football, hockey, baseball, and Track, the popular South Bender represented the United States as a discus thrower in the Olympic games of l924. Jack Boswell, assistant varsity coach and frosh mentor, is an Alabama alumnus and former heavy point man forthe 'Bama varsity in the early forties, Coach Boswell ferits the honor of hoying developed the second consecutive undefeated frosh squad at the Capstone into a potential dynamo for future varsity point winners. Alabama opened The new track season with a successful performance in the Florida relays, followed with a potent fourth place finish against the nation's finest in the early April Southern relays, then started their triumphant march through the SEC's thinclad ranks. In the otherwise onesided triumphs in dual meet action the exception to the rule held reign as a large Tuscaloosa-bred gathering witnessed Alabama and their cross-state rivals from Auburn engage in the Jim Seavers ha, .ati X on 10 qi- Yr ' L . gsiregffjxsg ,icixiilsfx i ' N 3: East x, 1 was Hanson and Beauchamp in a dual meet thriller of the year. With a breathless crowd witnessing the spine-tingling dual Alabarna's Harman Beau- champ unfurled a tremendous heave in the iavelin event and the home team Won by a narrow one-third point margin. Alabama forces produced two conference champions, one a double winner, as they edged a classy conference field in the annual Southeastern conference meet held at Birmingham's Legion field, late in May. With sophomores Carl Shield and Marv Cichowski pacing the Tide point makers with firsts in the shot put, discus, and low hurdles, team depth paved the way to a narrow final even squeeze for honors, Other contributing point makers for 'Bama in the big meet were: George Cross, third in the shot, Chichowski, second in the 440, Beauchamp, third in the iavelin throw, Jim Morris, second in the high hurdles, Dick Hanson, in a second place tie in the broad jump, Jerry DeRieux, second in the two mile, Allen Mclclenry, tied for second in the high iump, Bill Reese, in a three way tie for fifth in the pole vault, and the fourth place mile relay team of Cichowski. Morris, Clark Hurst, and .lohn Stauffer. Alabama also ruled the roost in Atlanta's annual championship meet between Southern and Southeastern con- ference to their second consecutive onesided triumph were the Ticle's Shield, Cichowski, Cross, Morris, and DeRieux, with an aggregate total of nineteen points. 'Bama's l95l track squad will be depleted by only three veteran members, Lou Lackey, dfstance runner and cross country star, and sprinters John Stauffer and Clark Hurst. Lou Lackey Jerry DeRieux Bob Dolowitz Carl .lohnson Gene Miller A -.sf Unin- 5, ,ff 2 Wgym gag ii,-'WWKEI 1 L..-V L A I rd' ction Jim Morris . I x-f J if .4 V, Don McMillen 1 W fm? f .. -it 3 5 fi? zz: 1. sz V - 4 1 r -"i ii - C ' I , lf, A 1 - . Q FH . 5 Q A I wt: 1 K A , . .V I DeR eux meets the tape Alobomo ......,. Alobomo .... , . , Alcubczmcx Alobomo Alobomo. Alobcxmo l ix, Cichowski wins 440 against Auburn 1950 DUAI. MEET RESULTS 95 lfQ 86 65 2,f'3 82 75 2X3 96 Vanderbilt Tennessee Auburn . . Ole Miss . Tulane , , . Miss. Store 35lf2 45 65lf3 49 57lf3 30 M 'WW Coach Lieb and SEC Trophy -we Sb . I 2? . ' T' fi Z: Hag 1950 VARSITY TENNIS TEAM: Crain, Kanfor, Lapidus, Gordon, Edwards . . . MISSING FROM PICTURE: Kyle, Shapiro, McDonald. TEN Paced by Their player-coach, Les Shapiro, Alabama's second successive venture in collegiaTe Tennis iusf missed being a winning one as The Tide compiled a seven win, eighf loss season. Featuring The I95O season was The Third place infer-maTch conference record of The racquef- wielders and The fine performance of The Transfer sTudenT, Jerry Lapidus, in The annual SouTheasTern conference meeT in Nashville. CompleTing The Tide varsify were Jim Kyle, number Two player, B. J. Crain, number four, Paul KanTor, five, Lionel Gordon, six, Bob McDonald, Ray Edwards, and Carrol Dailey. Captain Les Shapiro Backhand slam H-f Q Am., W, ,W -...,,,,,,N-W-W 2 .swmqmmmmmw 1950 RECORD Alabama. ., ... 5 Springhill ,... ... 2 Alabama... ., 3 Springhill ....,, . ... 4 Alabama. .. ... 2 Pensacola Navy .....,.,. 7 Alabama . . I Birmingham Soufhern cc.. 8 Alabama... 3 LSU ........,... 6 Alabama. .. . . . 7 Mississippi STaTe , . , , . 2 Alabama... ,.. 6 Auburn . .,.. . . .. ... I Alabama. . . . . . 5 WesTern Michigan . . . . . . 4 Alabama... 7 LSU ,,..,.,.. 2 Alabama. .. ... 2 Tulane ... . ... 5 Alabama... ... 7 Auburn ......... ... ... I Alabama. .. ... 8 Sewanee ...,..... ...... I Alabama. .. ,.. 2 Birmingham Soufhern . . .. 7 Alabama. .. ... 4 Pensacola Navy ......... 6 Alabama . . I Sewanee ........... . . . 6 by Lapidus Crain prepares slashing serve J .... wwf vm 'SP' CHARLES STAPP COACH STAPP Due To The efforTs of lnframural Sporfs DirecTor Charles Sfapp and his sfudenf assisfanfs, The inTramural sporTs program aT The UniversiTy of Ala- bama has proven To be one of The mosf versafile ancl popular inframural programs in The Soufh. Xflfifh 2,023 male sTuclenTs parficipafing in io varied sporTs, The inTramural deparfmenf has exTended ifs bounds To a full and inTeresTing scale. Assisfing Coach STapp in The office The pasT year have been: BenTon Whife, Supervisor of frafernify sporTs, Ecl Hopper, supervisor of inclepenclenf sporTs, Felix Rigliano, supervisor of indepenclenf sporTs aT NorThingTon, A. H. Hemlaree, Jr., secrefary and record keeper, and RoberT Unlcenholz, supervisor of officials. , TR LIRAL Scoofing for firsT in soffball game Pi Ka's sofTball champs Pi Kappa Phi hifiers seT The pace Pike baTTing punch 1-. 1950 Intramural Football Champs - Sigma Chi RT ln a tight race for fraternity honors, Pi Kappa Phi and Pi Kappa Alpha deadlocked for the All-Points trophy, symbolic of fraternity supremacy. The dogfight followed a year long race that found the Sigma Chi's, perennial cup challenger, out of the race. The Pikes vvon their dual title while capping honors in basketball, softball, and vol- Extra point try and opposition leyball. The Pi Kappa Phi's were blanked in championship play but accumulated a heavy total of points in all sports. The basketball race, one of the most heated on the campus, found the Pikes and the Pi Kappa Phi's battling right clown to the finals with the forrner holding the final edge. ln other winter action, Kappa Alpha won the foul Frat hardwood action Turkey Trot winners and The spoils shoofing TiTle from Pi Kappa Phi, Sigma Alpha Mu defeated The same club in The ping pong Tourney, and Sigma Chi vvon The bowling Trophy, defeafing The SAE's in The finals. The spring ojuarTer found The advenT of six sporTs wiTh Pi Kappa Alpha defeaTing firsf Pi Kappa Phi, Then The in- dependenf Cloclhoppers for The major TiTle in sofTball. The SAE's joined The winners sircle, defeaTing ATO in The Track meeT, while The Pikes were Topping The Phi Delfa TheTa's for The volley ball win. In oTher spring sporfs, Sigma Nu defeafed The Dekes in golf, ZBT Topped ATO in Tennis singles, and Lambda Chi Alpha edged SAE in swimming. ATO back picks up yardage LasT semesfer found The SPE's George Wingard capTur- ing The Turkey TroT held before The Thanksgiving holidays, Delfa Tau DelTa edged The Phi Kaps in golf, The DelTa Sigs were defeaTing The golf winners in a Tennis Thriller, KA capped field meef honors, as well as The horseshoe TiTle. On The major sporT scene, The Sigma Chi's won Their fourfh sTraighT foofball championship, beaTing fraT runner- up Pi K A and independenf champ, The Wheels, for The campus TiTle. Thanks To an alerT and efficienT inframural deparTmenT, The fuTure is brighf on The aThleTic scene aT The Universify. Delta Sig's and Theta Chi's follow The ball ml . rfr L-Auimanm -' .M ,vw ' 'L X uh '.A:.. . ,Q K 1 my 5 K ' Fw- Q . 4 , f wg , S 'ma 3 . 2- K L si K, N A , 55 if . fl L 1 wi 7 max -' ' ,sl R WYE iQ. Y in 'Wk ,,. -Q fy egg Y gm y in V SQ Qggw K, K. K 17 "" " I n , 3? 9' sh Q A Jil , ,. LQ, . -A I ,- ,f , fs, .L 2 :gm-'-: -mmm Km , .maxiismsziey S fi?HiZZ1T2i4?' 4, ,V Qywfw-.11-1 fa w wfiii ' . P -vW :s:zSr:f:ffQe.f. f ' f I w'b""W1s25W V W , ,, ' ' ,jg pw 5:4-fig 225 3528 , . N ig: J S .i M ' f' . , 4 ig Q, K fr' I 2 M, Xa M' ,Wd 3, .wjx . X w,32.w m .WM fi' wq .M -MM, nw -si? IL: -1 Watch the Birdie' Make that Smash! CME' Thonks to the hord work ot Mrs. Lucile Rosenfeld, toculty cidvisor to girls' intro- murols, ond the sponsorship of the Depcirtment ot Physicol Educotion tor women, the gols hod o big yeor on the intromurcil sports scene. Bcirnwell hdll, home of vvomerfs othletics, horbored most of the yeors ploy thot extended to eight sports ond on open tield of I7 sororities ond numerous independent groups. Pocing the intromurol ploy were two sororities: Alpho Gommo Delto ond Deltd Deltci Deltog who copped the honors in two events eoch. Chollenging the ledders for title rights were the Kcippo Koppo Gcimmois, Kcippd Deltos, ond Zeto Tou Alphos, dll with 01 first ond o second in the seosons ploy. Bosketbcill dnd ping pong occupied the winter ploy gs the Tri-Delts vvolized to UPPER Silent Night Holy Night LOWER Break Forth O Beauteous Light Into win STellar Performance Precision Personified P RT The hardwood TiTle wiTh a 22-15 win over TuTwiler, and Francis Reeves of Alpha Gamma DelTa won The laTTer Trophy wiTh a 21-16, 15-21, 21-15 win over Ellinor Tobias of ZTA. In The spring The independenT Rebels edged The Tri-DelTs 5-3 for The sofTball Trophy. Five sporTs fulfilled The fall program as golf, Tennis, bowling, baclminTon, and volleyball all crowned champions. Miriam Donaldson of KKG won The golf championship wifh a Three-and-Two win over Barbara Kilgore of Tri-DelTa, while Virginia Dumas once again ruled The Tennis courTs wiTh a 6-O, 6-O vicTory over Gloria Prysock of Alpha Phi. In oTher winTer play, ZTA won The bowling Trophy in a playoff maTch over KKG, The KD's won The volleyball TiTle over Pi Befa Phi 22-16, and Barbara Kilgore and Marea Bowman of Tri-DelTa edged Virginia Dumas and Douglass Rushfon of Alpha Gamma DelTa 13-15, 15-10, 17-14 in badminton. Volleyball Champs UPPER: Sink ThaT puTf . . . LOWER: Careful, women driving Rim reelers Fellowship and fun-loving spirits 4,5 I were traveling companions of the Greeks. Many a grinning young gentleman, minus his fraternity pin, tarried by the road for a hurried bath in the Snake fishpond. Young ladies spent long hours dreaming up skits to charm prospective members during a hectic rush week. Fraternity men formed teams, planned parties, and even organized their own Dixieland iazz bands. Throughout the year, the Greek mansions were not only a place to lodge, but also a center of fraternal and friendly association. It was also a place to learn congeniality and social graces. Through the coordinating efforts of the Greek Councils, the organizations contributed to the success of the many campus-wide student programs. 1.11114 .RE , 6 f5ii4 wg , - k ng! m W , X ,Z L C " I -I f LQ 'S .51 1-gf? xx-Q f W6 f fS'ff2'17.?'7 QQ! +,'frk'T5I .L Lf-N ,x,.uf, Lffv ,L M fpcar , v W A wx SUN 14, I 6 me 0 4 'X-,Ms MH X, xv ' f ff Z iw. X ,K V3 f x 2 a ml mow .- .1 be w ' 1 x x XD ' P1 Xlsavzrf ,Q x , V 5. 1' , K1 ,Hiya r P AU' :vim ivlfx the P . , ,. K ww Y x , , ',,,v5W M LN ,--v'W' x ' ,Wir -3 , " ' v , 9 F Hmafxyx-Ls 'L A, Q My gy xx A XV .TU N XC, X5 Q 1' ,, 55 :fy 2 7 A Q ,Y Hg . m V . Tx . ,I - gm- , x v .3 .Y .1 x y. sw i V UQ, ' 1 1 s :V X fa- 5 t x ' ,M-C 9 'I X A 4 k f :Q -,Y-I V5 RW' Y ' '. W L ff! k nl ge, I fwvw : M ' N '--' "rf .'mxc,x-.AW Ns Rx my Y' xx K 'Qu X ,X Q xx gix ywxm " kiix Q13 ,mc 1 f N vw X52 5 N if '49 'V' wmv' fn r 4 sux, X3 gun'-blvyjwu ' S4-ff S' ' L' L,A,"L ff-Yzzg - ' uw. Wi - ,, x. 6 V M" ww ew as N' K vm -u 12? f , My, V .K QMS m on 2 M ,X f L4-V A f.. ,ab ' 'f up ima' M45 is ' ls Officers: SHEA, GUNN, KULMAN, MITCHELL I TERFR TER ITY COUNCH OFFICERS DAVID KULMAN ..., ........., .,,., P r esident BOB GUNN ......., .... V ice-President CHARLES MITCHELL .. . Secretary BART SHEA ,... . . , , ,Treasurer Twenty-six members, representing the same number at fraternities on campus, make up the Intertraternity Council. The council meets bi-weekly to coordinate fraternity activities and interests. For the second year, IFC operated from its office on the third tloor ot the Alabama Union Building. Here the members plan legislation and policies which will benefit the student body as a whole. Emphasis during the past year has been placed on intra-campus relations among tra- ternity men and independents through the combined ettorts ot the Council and the Spirit Planning Committee. The Council also aided other organizations on campus in planning and conducting the AIA White Christmas, Religious Emphasis Week, and the campus clothing drive. This year plans were drawn up tor a new constitution which would give the Council more power in governing the general activities of its member groups throughout the academic year. MANSON MURRAY THOMAS GILBERT SKIP SHORT EMMETT SHOTTS, J R. CHARLES BEATTY BOB THORINGTON ALFRED HOLMES RAMSA STANBURY RICHARD S. SEGER LEONARD BEARD REPRESENTATIVES JOHN MARTIN RICHARD J. FRIEDMAN JAMES E. GODWIN WILLIAM GREGORY, JR. CLYDE H. RODDAM DONALD GOLDSTEIN RALPH L. SOKOL BART SHEA CHARLIE MITCHELL Page 244 DAVID KULMAN BOB GUNN JOHN DALE EMORY FOLMAR CAT BOYLE JACK CUMMINGS SOL PEVSNER JOE BOOTH JOHN SOFIE ROW 1: Sicmbury, Seger, Beard, Martin . , , ROW 2: Friedman, Godwin, Gregory, Roddom, Goldstein, Sokol ROW 'lz Murrcly, Gilberf, Shori, Boyle . . . ROW 2: Shoiis, Beatty, Thoringion, Holmes ' 'fiifs' 5 5 1 1:55:51 :E A li V by 1 xr A' -Q rw, ,, -s 'if fy 1 fi f ,i , 1' -2 5 I A fm? 5-Z- 21211, f , , 41-V V f f' F ev' .ET2,!Ql? ' .Q 'Lass-: q.f.?g -4: 4 'V fr m w-1115552 y Y ,, , -, H f 1 .aU gE'eg1fiy V 1' gi as -:g -in - , I - ' . W P ,i.,ies a,5:ea 1 f 9? ei L P H A lil ACROSS THE OCEAN AND INTO THE CAFE It was a small, dimly lit place. It was quite nice when you thought about it. But Dick didn't want to think about it. The toreador, Manuel, sat down. He sat next to Dick. "Two cognacs," Dick said. "Have you read about it?" Manuel asked. Dick took a cigarette from his vest pocket and lit it de- Iiberately. "No," he said. "They've built a new house." "You don't say." "They built it and did a pretty good job." The waiter brought the cognacs. Dick sipped his. "What's it like?" Dick asked. EP IL PI "Two tloors. They've got some twenty-tive men living in it." "Sounds nice," Dick said. He spied Marianne and grinned. "Not only that," continued Manuel, "They had some pretty nice parties." Dick took a sudden interest. "Did they really?" "And a fine pledge group and a good record." Marianne walked out, smiling at l'Americane. Dick didn't respond. "I'd like to really," Dick said. "I have friends," the toreador said. "I might be able to arrange it." "That settles it!" Dick put down his cognac. "I've had enough ot this Parisian night lite!" And that is how Dick went AEPi. -Ernst Spinningway Actives: Jerome L. Cohen Jack H. Fein Richard J. Friedman Leslie H. Goldenthal Marvin Goldstein Paul S. Graubard Kenneth P. Greenspan Ralph Heller Marvin Itzkowitz Clifford Jacob Murray Kellner Ronald Klaiman Nat Koenig James K. Levitt Irwin Nussbaum OFFICERS WOODROW ZELKIND . . . ..... Master LESLIE GOLDENTHAL .... Lt. Master NORMAN POWELL . . . . .Exchequer MARVIN ITZKOWITZ ., .....,...., Scribe MORRIS RESNIKOFF ... ...Member At Large George Paprocki Arnold Pomstein Norman H. Powell Jerome H. Preis Morris Resnikott Philip L. Schecter Harold M. Shartt Seymour Sheckter Irwin Sherman Bernard F. Siegal Theodore Stein Joseph Stirmer Gerald Watman Herbert S. Weinshank Harold Weissberg Woodrow Zelkind MEMBERS Pledges: Erwin Baker Mervyn Berrin Albert M. Channon Fred Goldschmidt Harolol Goldstein Kenny Goodman Art Goodrich Herb Gorlin Samuel Gottesman Alvin Greene Howard Holland Gerald Kadish Sol Kaufman Leonard J. Korn Basil M. Lepp Marty Lustberg Sandford A. Meskin Michael A. Oldstone Samuel L. Parent Don Pindus Harvey Platt Santorcl Rever Conrad Ross AI Slrota Harry Statt Charlie Wachs Gene Weiss Arnold S. Wohl Faculty: Harry Shatter Miss Logan and Woodrow Zelkind IOTA DEUTERON CHAPTER E N, F., . in ,A bf' . K . 'Q f wi Qi H. V' JP' Top Row: Baker Berrin C hannon Cohen Fein Friedman Goldsfein Goldstein, M. QD-G N WE' A G J' Q ., -'Y I. la I -:aff f . if V' ...,K.,Hg II Y 7' f Xie 9' WW X 9, A. X gi 1 . W . ef ia.. 'WS' .Qi f - 'X MQ- F52 HQ A + 37 IQ ' M . . K Vila K . I X M. . il 5, . .. . g.i'i,,G1 'mf 4, iw ff , : : -fm ... A U ' Q N i f ,' 1 . tv ' L, ,,., K mug : Qg w , ,'k' f' ' 2 f ' 11 ,V it g il M . 123, " -5? H! 23 Salah ,xi , . . ..,. , as ' ix 3 lx V1-ff gf- wiki? ?15g5ff2gS2sX5x'i?s?fiS5 inf 45 E .--...Ea 1. ,, 2 1 2... a 4 Q Q 1 2 F Q .ff I '51 . L.,. H,, 5 K 5.5. I mi SQ. ,M 32 me . , fic Di U is? 5? 35 . -' - , A A - . .W ::: .-.- .L , . in ggzgfifsega-w ga "" 'ff' 1fgff2Q: . 2n i.-Q57 . ' ' E .451 R PWSVEKQ-1 I.. ' - '-""12'f' . i-:'E!E':: ":: '- wifi' fiigiiinim f F' fi yfmwgg fgsgsjtii ' -' xy: 1 i we .S 2 a .4 .y X ,Q kid M gi s . I. JR, 4 ww A Second Row: Goodman Gorlin Goffesman Graubard Greene Greenspan Heller Holland AE PI'S COMPLETED Third Row: Fourth Row: Hzkowifz Nussbaum Kadish Oldsfone Keelner Paprocki Koenig Pa ren? Korn Pinclus Lepp Platt Leviff Preis Lusfberg Rever 1 u 7 'v . E . Fifth Row: Ross Schecter Sharif Sherman Sirola Sfaff Sfein Sfirmer i ff Q X ,. 3 g ? RET 1 m ig ,gf X 5355, " 7: 1. -V A:,hh - . in 5' In -- 36-1 I 2 M ,. E no I 9 k 4 W 'll'-, Qi I H, vit., 9 i.,.....,+- Tggii., ' . f Lx 3 f f .Q iii I U 4 L K ffl? X35 'wie HH , A V. ffl.. --.5 - Sixth Row Wachs Watman Weinshank Weiss Weissberg Wahl Zelkind FIRST YEAR IN THEIR HOUSE ON NEW FRATERNITY ROW Page 247 A L P H SIGM PHI WHITE HOUSE fine functions, namely, your Annual Mardi Gras Dance and Washington, D. C. 2. TO: All University ot Alabama students, especially Alpha Sigs FROM: The President ot the United States SUBJECT: Meritorious endeavors in the years I95O-5i 3- GREETINOS AND FELICITATIONS: I. Congratulations on your very successful Tomahawk Pow Wow which proved itselt outstanding among social circles. It has also reached my ears that you have had many Christmas Party. You should be iustly proud to claim as a member Donald J. Cronin, Editor of the Corolla, Quadrangle President, ODK, Jasons, Past-President ot Delta Sigma Pi, and a member of "Who's Who." In closing, I wish to extend to you, all Alpha Sig members, my hope for continued success in your every undertaking, as your past record shows since your retounding in i948. Sincerely, Tarry S. Turmoil President, pro tern. OFFICERS JOHN SOFIE .. ..,,..... ...., P resident GUS VERGOS ..... .... V ice-President EDWARD ZAWOT . . . .... Secretary RAMOINI LEMOS . . . , . .Treasurer MEMBERS Actives: thomas Michoei Pied es: Howard Lynn Hugh Bailey James Bevill Joseph Bosse William Chernecky Donald Cronin James Cummings Jack Dixon Artie Harduvel Paul Hegmegee Carl Keyser Charles Kupper Ramon Lemos John McDermott Dick Ravenelle Herman Scott John Sotie Emil Spillman Dick Thompson Fred Taska Gus Vergos George Weaver Melvin Winegarden Robert Vlfrighi' Edward Zawot 9 Warren Bates Harry Bennett Dick Bernier Alfred Constable Denton Croft Edward Gilewicz Thomas Green Harold Hansen Rudolph Hentschel Melvin Marwine Bob McNally Gus Pelekis John Pierce Bob Rebling Anthony Rosaluk Roger Ryan Ralph Stewart Stanley Hood Faculty: Ralph Johnson Dr. James Holloday James Likis Dr. Marcus Whitman John Sofie and Mrs. Hanna , "f 'ilk ff ALPHA IOTA CHAPTER ig Top Row: Second Row: Baiiey Cronin Bates Cummings Bosse Dixon Chernecky Hentschel Constable Hood Croft Keyser . wi f + s R L H ,, , E "' V, Hs- w aw X SQ L3 51+ Qjlfigiig ggi Third Row: Kupper Lemos Likis Michael Pelekis Pierce Ravenelle Fourth Row Rebling Scott Sofie Spillmon Siewari Thompson Vergos ALABAMA LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR ALLEN IS AN ALPHA SIGMA PHI ALUMNUS Page 249 A r- fs 1-531-hands. Supported by 67 comrades and 20 pledged members of The working class, Alpha Tau Omega's Kampus Kremlin stands in The heart of Traternity row, properly sporting a Red brick Tinish. "Marshal" Harry Cole and his own Politburo led The workers This year, continuing a line unbroken since The great T885 revolution when The ATO ManiTesTo brought on The establishment of a collective community here. This was imme- diately aTTer administrative leaders leT Traternities back on campus. ln l92O The comrades in True brotherly spirit built The present house in which all believers hang Their collective hats. Maas.-'.gg' ' '55 Aug R.: -8:4 J 6 f5,Is.Q. ,tl if-3 si .-Q-fryg.-Ji' rip: Eel, '.1f'r.j 'rf X RQ: ln True salt-mine fashion, The comrades put shoulders To- gether and added a collective basement Two years ago. With The arrival of an additional shipment of salt, The basement is now being enlarged. Boasting Tolerance, The ATO's were among campus leaders This year in purchasing a Tilthy capitalistic invention Tor The so-called enjoyment of all comrades and accompanying babuchnas - a Television seT. Among leaders which have emerged Trom This chapter oT a classless society are Richard C. Foster, former University grand marshal, and Thomas C. McClellan, a iustice of The Alabama Supreme Court. OFFICERS RUSSELL SMlTH ............,..,..... ....,. P resident CHARLES WHITE-SPUNNER . . . . , .Vice-President TOM TAYLOR ......,,.., .... S ecretary SAM CHRISTOPHER .,.. . . ,Treasurer VANN HENAGAN. . . .... Historian MEMBERS Actives: Thomas Bowen Hill Euel A. Screws Howell Erwin Trenton E. Adams Ted Allen Holder Charles E. Sharp Merle C- Fraser Jimmy K. Baggett Earl E. Holman Beniamin B. Smith Gray Hunter Charles G. Beatty J. K. Huttstutler C. Russell Smith, Jr. Lamar Maiure Fred W. Beavers William P. James Thomas H. Stephen William l'l- Mills J. Gilmer Blackburn Edward M. Jones Thomas A, Taylor, Jr. Jerry McCann John H, Brooks, Jr. E. Leon Kennamer Edward H. Thompson Robert J, McCreary James W, Burkett Thomas B. Leslie Walter M. Thompson Robert Manly Neighbors Alfred C. Carraway Charles E. Lyons Clement C. Torbert Frank Randolph Charles L. Chambliss John S. Marks George D. Wells, Jr. Pelham A- Rowan Sam E. Christopher L. Victor Moore Charles S. White-Spunner, Jr. Algernon Blair Voltz Harry Cole Lonnie M. McClusky L, B. Whitfield, lll Robert W- VVC1ll4ef William P. Collins James Nelson C. S. Whittelsey, Ill JaCl4 W- Wells George W. Dean, Jr. David M. Nettles G. Coke Williams John W- WllS0f1 Brooks J. Derrick Joe Robert Norman Robert Wilson Charles S, Doster, Jr. David Parker Hubert H. Wright FacultYf M. Clark Dyer Maurice W. Patterson Jack Wright C. E. Allen Robert S. Edington Arthur B. Patton Spud Wright Dr. Willis C. BaU9limUn Henry B. Foster Louis W. Perry DV- George l-Ong David K. Gunby Thomas E. Randall Pled9eSr GV0ClY NUM William H. Hagan, Jr. James H. Hancock Sanda Helms James Vann Henagan Wood C. Hiatt William W. Rayburn Robert G. Reeves Paul Robertson Stephen W. Rowe Charles M. T. Sawyer Clifton Penick B. B. Trawick Leonard M. Trawick Dr. Bernard Weber Dr. Clanton W. Williams Hugh A. Bailey Robert M. Blakely E. Townsend Boyd Charles Peter Brock William B. Daniels, Jr. Russell Smith and Miss Davis 'igggiijfwff T its "M .T -'--- 'U-Yhiargfi Wir- :I ,, BETA DELTA CHAPTER '-ir: 5 if . 5 L we , TTWET , ,ff ,Q W , Q f Q S if ,- one L . ff , A.. fl, Q' , V1 I E , :" 57 1 . L L ,bgg 1, at L , 1 si Y if ' i 5 ii , 'lg' -' H. A L ' FX V A , A V B ' P::' ii ' 1 J, . 1 U gas, - w g- , in ,W , zql ,if KTLT ii H I ' I H -'- l L I , s m Q . ,, I I. gr .... is , 1. .,,.,. . 5235 t B A R, f I , , Q i ' ' - , "ET , f Q- Q ' ' Top Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row: Baggett Christopher Hagan Kennamer Bailey Cole Hancock Leslie Beatty Collins Helms Lyons Beavers Daniels Henagan Maiure Blakely Derrick Hill Marks Boyd Dyer Holman Mills Brock Edington Huffstutler Moore Brooks Erwin Hunter McCann Carraway Fraser James McClusky Chambliss Gunby Jones McCreary KN orl.yll,syy if e vffsmi .if ' ' fi . - we " sais Q. . we .9 Q . 'I are y eg 5' as we f 'EM Y we sf, 1 1 ie ef 4 2 5 x- riw 535213 Q , X il' ., 2 X Xfsw ii N2 Q35 s we , 2, X2 gi .r if X . 7 5 A ff.. , S. . I, E I , S . 5S'lL1.S1t ' V V' i Fifth Row: Sixth Row: Neighbors Rowan Nelson Rowe Nettles Sawyer Parker Screws Patterson Sharp Perry Smith, R. Randall Smith, B. Randolph Stephen Reeves Taylor Robertson Thompson, E. " f. be Y' M, Wie Q Nix Q 'I S in i m: we I I ., 4 ,c,t ' 'f V 1: f ' 9 Q' j, et, I Y j I5 ..V:. .I or 'i'fi 1 ff I -it ' . . r, -fur S - I ew- t.t. 1 :'::.f:.+'5:.'::S-:Qeg .- ' ' fhjz- 4-: -' l 5. . - ' . , 3 . Y, .1 . s.f,,i 1 in "+ .S uf' 3, Q , 1 ... .gig h e-5'-sf .. .. 5. , ,X . I X V ws, : gf- fmefi . ' ' Viiffls' ,lk .V r XX :eff- k -- . wqqfgiyt . ' one-Q-1-L-: - , , 3 ,5.ms5,es-fe I so g 7 5 ii I Seventh Row: Thompon, W. Torbert Voltz Wells, G. Wells, J. Whittlsey Williams Wilson Wright CRIMSON-WHITE MANAGING EDITOR, TOMMY TAYLOR, IS AN ALPHA TAU OMEGA Page 251 f a mfg, ' is iii' 5 4' o l P H l vi' A f .........mJ September found Tau Chapter of Chi Phi converted to the Monastic Order of Chi Phi. All worldly vices such as parties and staring at girls in tight sweaters have been for- sworn to be replaced with chastity and straw mats which seem to be much more comfortable than fox holes. The Thursday Poker Club has been disbanned to be re- placed by a thriving Tuesday Table Tennis Society. The base- ment, so popular with actives and pledges alike, has been remodeled into a woodwork shop. All house-owned stills have been disassembled to be pounded into plowshares for peace, and all members who go three straight days without using profane language are given their Holier-Than-Thou badges and big red stars are placed by their names on the chapter roll. All our bottles of Hadacol have been strapped on the necks of Napoleon and other stray mongrels and sent out to perishing souls. Great plans for expansion are underway and as soon as the tambourines arrive we shall hold weekly meet- ings on Saturday night at Pug's Corner. We have also made great contributions to study and learning. Our latest publication is entitled "The Rise and Defeat of the Confederacy." A free copy has been sent to the Kappa Alpha Order. All our spare funds are being sent to our missions located in the wilds of Alabama . . . the two nearest a short distance of six or seven miles beyond Ralph. There we offer facilities of good cheer for all lost souls who care to stop by and meet the good brethren. Actives: James Balderson Bill Boggs Johnny Christian Jackie Craig John Creel Harold Dilworth Frank Dodds Ashby Gholson Tommy Head Fred Henry Bryant lvey Pep Johnson Reginald Jones OFFICERS BART SHEA ,,.. ........ .... P r esident MASON LOY .... Vice-President JOHN LAVETTE .... .... S ecretary PEP JOHNSON .... . . .Treasurer MEMBERS Royce Jones Dave Kilgore John Lavette Mason Loy Bill MacDonald Sterling MacDonald Otis MacMahon Paul Moffett Tommy Powell Bobby Schlegel John Scott Bart Shea Gerry Shinault Gerry Smith Mrs. Cain and Bart Shea Isaac Tull Jack Vellines Emmett Walden Zac Weaver Dave Whitney Pepper Wilson Pledges: Jimmy Brunson James A. Daniels, Ji James E. Daniels Ray Dee John Hendricks Billy Russell Bernard Waldrup y i .L ' if l J TAU CHAPTER S, , fs 3 - r pdf- f , ' E: , 51m..,, yi Q . , . .W Top Row: Balderson Boggs Brunson Christian Craig Creel Daniel QQ . Q- ' Xi ie 'QT Second Row: Dee Dodd Head Hendrick Henry Hicks Ivey Third Row: Johnsfon Jones, J. Jones, R. Lavette Loy Moffett MacMahon Fourth Row: Fifth Row: McDonald, S. Smith McDonald, W. V Tull Powell Vellines Russell Walden Schlegel Waldrup Scolf Weaver Shea Whitney Shinaulf Wilson CHI PHI HAS DISTINCTION OF BEING OLDEST NATIONAL Page 253 SOCIAL FRATERNITY DELT Hl Delta Chi, or the boys behind the Commerce Building . . . a houseful of young and old alike, the youngest active only l7, the oldest pledge only 37. . . thirty-seven farmers, thirty- two city slickers, three politicians, and one mouse who is afraid of date parlor doors . . . So many athletic trophies that they are laid in the beds in the day and in the living room floor at night so that there will be room in the house for at least half of the noon meal boarders , . . the fattest basket- ball team on the campus . . . of the pledges only 322 survive long enough to be initiated . . . if you ever want a party don't come here, for no one parties in such a fine, new, beautifully furnished house as this . . . those six inch rugs spot easily . . . Napoleon, the dog, deserted us, but we now have a cat who is awaiting a blessed event . . . we make the claim that ours are the most generous alums in existence - in the past thirteen years they have given us the grand total of three broken beer bottles, and thousands and thousands of cold stares which we returned and hoped for better things to come , . . the calm before the storm has definitely held sway for many moons, OFFICERS BOBVANCE,,.. JACK WHETSTONE . . JONES MOORE .., ROBERT PARKER i . GERALD FAULKNER ., JAMES FREEMAN .. . , . ,"A" I -11Bfl y .MCH y -nD1l I -MEN y . -HFH Actives: Richard Barnett Nelson Camp Dale Collins Charles Cornelius Gerald Faulkner James Freeman Robert Gilchrist Malcolm Graham Walter Granger Morris Griffin Frank Grimes Chris Hamilton Wade Hampton Willard Hartley Robert Hodgkins Robert Ivy Rex King Harold Lutz Earl Martin Jack Miller Charles Mitchell John Mohan David Moore Jones Moore Guy Morton James Newsome Samuel Oliver James Page Robert Parker Gail Penny Paul Pinson Denver Ragland Lamar Rawlinson Robert Rayfield Jack Smith Alan Stelzenmuller Vernon Tidmore Bob Vance Jack Whetstone MEMBERS Pledges: Auburn Alston Jake Antonio Jack Bailey Joseph Benagh Frank Bolender Bill Bone Godfrey Bottemley Fred Britton Phillip Cantrell Bill Chestnut Jim Conley Bill Dollar John Fowler Larry Fullington Jimmy Griggs Kenneth Hill Clark Holiman Harry Johnson Tom Joiner Mrs. Frazier and Bob Vance David Lacey Joe Langston John Lemley Richard Manley Bill Morrow Ralph McGee Bill Owen Karl Rawlinson Leo Ryan Faculty: Allan Bailes Jeff Coleman Wade Coleman Dr. James F. Doster Knox Haygood Dr. John V. Masters Clinton McGee Lt. Col. Willis Pearson Paul Thomas Harry Haden l 5, ALABAMA CHAPTER E ,, , X' uf mt an mf, M ,A 'WG M. - . . , f 'ix . :.. ,. t. ss A em- r F C 5, 'fr 32 K ,:., - if 173 M Q A 4 - 3 if S imms ' ' 'Q' , W we 1 R 1 . z fy r . . F x num C mf I AL,' K. is ' L i " .. i , ,.,. , . , V - . , . , ,.,,, "fp , A -' if' . T 1' ,. he f me A 4 'Q 'een ,. ' F' f K f AAA' R X 31 8' ' F' Q Q .gf A . v-" 5 i . Q 211, P gf' i i i i, S Q11 'hit' g. A Q , ' AA A ., - ' in A 2. A 1 ' . ., A 'lf . , A 2 5 Top Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row: Fifth Row: Sixth Row: Seventh Row: Alston Camp Fullington Hartely Manly Morton Ragland Antonio Cantrell Gilchrist Hill Martin McGhee Rayfield Bailey Collins Graham Hodgkins Miller Newsome Rawlinson Barnett Cornelius Granger Holliman Mitchell Oliver Smith Benagh Dollar Griffin lvy Mohan Owen Stelzenmuller Bolender Faulkner Griggs King Moore, D. Page Tidmore Bottomley Fowler Hamilton Lacey Moore, J. Parker Vance Britton Freeman Hampton Langston Morrow Pinson Whetsfone DELTA CHIS CELEBRATED TWENTY-SEVENTH YEAR AFTER INSTALLATION AT BAMA Page 255 DELT KAPP EP IL The members of Psi Chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon led off the Fall semester with a pre-semester shindig so they could let off a little steam before they had to start studying. This was followed by the annual dance at the Mobile Country Club. Then came the pre-mid term exam party so they could let off steam before they had to start studying. During Home- coming they had the Psi Day Banquet, celebrating the lO3rd anniversary of the founding of the chapter. After the Auburn game there was a party officially ending the football season so they could let off steam before time for final exam study rolled around. At the end of the year there was a Christmas party so that a little steam could be let off before going home for the holidays. There were no major parties during exams. In spite of all these extra-curricular activities the Dekes man- aged to finish high in fraternity scholarship. There were also a few wheels hanging about the house. These included Manson Murray, President of IFC, Quadrangle, SGA Legisla- ture, Philos, George S. Eastwood, Phi Eta Sigma, Quadrangle, Pi Tau Sigma, Phi Mu Epsilon, Hugh Caffey, Cotillion Club, Executive Council Law School, and David McMullin, who did absolutely nothing except, after much tearing of his hair and back-breaking labor, wrote this article. MEMBERS Actives: Harry D, Henson Frank H. Bromberg Charles L. Adams William H. Armbrecht, James O. Banks Augustus J. Beck Austen L. Bennett Donald R. Bounds Hugh M. Caffey, Jr. John C. Carter James M. Clark Rae M. Crowe Edwin J. Curran, Jr. Frank W. Drake Gerald A. Drennen Arthur L, Dunnam George S. Eastwood, ll William C. Holmes Thomas C. Hooper Samuel E. Inge Jack H. Krueger Roderick M. MacLeod Claude M. McGowin, Jr. Charles J. McMullin James M. Murray Rufus C. Partlow John D. Phillips Roger P. Sharp William E. Sherrill Nicholas R. Stallworth Richard L. Vittingl Frank A. Yeilding, Jr. Walker Foster Pledges: Malvern U. Griffin Daniel S. Bowling Peter B, Hamilton Paul J. Bowron Mrs. Julia Ellis Lester E, Carroll, lll Oliver H. Delchamps Louis M. Finlay Broox G. Holmes Walter H, Inge William B. Inge George R. Irvine Wiley C. Joyner David D. McMullin William J. McVoy Joseph L. Parsons Jerry F. Sherrill David J, Turner Faculty: Dr. William C. Friarson Dr. Stuart Graves Mr. Hudson Strode Mortimer Jordan Sam Hobbs Q - ,se- PSI CHAPTER .uv- Top Row Adams Armbrecht Banks Beck Bennett Bounds Bowling Second Row: Bromberg Carrol Carter Clark Crowe Curran Delchamps Third Row: Drake Drennen Dunnam Eastwood Finlay Foster Griffin Fourth Row: Hamilton Henson Holmes Hooper Inge, S, Inge, W. Inge, Wm. Irvine Fifth Row: Sixth Row: Joyner Partlow Krueger Phillips Macleod Sherrill, B. McGowin Sherrill, J. McMullin, C. Stallworth McMu!lin, D. Turner McVoy Vittingl Parsons Yeilding DEKES HELD ANNUAL CELEBRATION OF PSI DAY DURING HOMECOMING WEEK-END Page 257 DELI The S S Sphinx was commissioned and weighed anchor in I933, joining her sister ships of Delta Sigma Phi. During the following years, many successful voyages were made. This fall the annual cruise was planned and preparations were made for visiting all ports of interest during I95O-I95I. After Taking on additional deck hands, the ship set sail, dropping anchor in B'ham on Dec, I to celebrate her Founder's Day banquet and dance with three sister ships. The ship foundered under excessive weight of cargoes from Scotland and was briefly wrecked on Riverside Drive, where a welcome reprieve IGM PHI from work was supplied by a Shipwreck Ball. At many islands of activity during our voyage, crew members engaged in various athletic events, with two able seamen, Ray Edwards and "Doc" Horton capturing the tennis title. Just before the end of the annual cruise, shipmates of the S S Sphinx, in formal dress, abandoned ship for the Country Club where the traditional Carnation Ball was the order of the day. Several members of the crew were outstanding in various activities on the seas, and set the pace for years to come when the ensign flies high in the breeze. OFFICERS RICHARD S. SEGER . . , ..,. , , . . DONALD ALBERTS . .. TED RAY EDWARDS . . CHARLES STEVENS . . . Actives: Donald Alberts Walter Bcirksdale Clinton Berryman Albert Brewer Robert Bronnes Donald Brutkiewicz George Coggins Charles Colvin James Colvin Benjamin Crain Ray Edwards George Ellis Charles Hannon Frank Holston Merrill Horton Ted House MEMBERS Crawford Keith Craig Mitchell James McGinty Richard Seger Charles Stevens Pledges: John Bargloski Robert Bradley Harold Brouphy Robert Calhoun . , . . . .President . . .Vice-President . . . .Secretary . . , .Treasurer Joe Kane Robert Kauffman Tom Nyland Willie Priester Ed Reilly William Roberts Neal Stevens Jack Vezey Julian Whetstone Robert Wilkerson Lynn Clark David Codd Faculty: Gene M. Connell Kenneth Coons Don Eick Ben Harris Dudley Faraco Joe Gilliland Mark Gregorie Charles Brennan Dean James Cudworth Dr. G. H. Yeull Mrs. Massingill and Richard Seger 5 BETA KAPPA CHAPTER K l Q. l in will Top Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row: Alberts Bruiklcwicz Crain Hannon Burgloski Calhoun Edwards Holston Barksdale Codd Eick Horton Berryman Coggin Ellis House Brewer Colvin, C. Faraco Kane Bronnes Colvin, J. Gilliland Kauffman Brouphy Connell Gregoire Keith DELTA SIGMA PHI NETTED THREE MEMBERS OF BAMA'S VARSITY TENNIS Page 259 Fifth Row: Mitchell McGin1y Priester Roberts Seger Stevens Wheistone Wilkerson TEAM A l DELTA Delta Tau Delta - the house of 75 men with a great air of austerity since politics are never mentioned. The words "swap out" have never been part of our vocabulary. We aren't rowdy . . . either. lThe last sentence is a paid political announcement by friends of,-ii-4.3 We participate in all phases of campus activity and within our midst are scholars, politicians, and ping-pong players. Our Dixieland band, the "If-you-can't-play-good-play-loud" boys have won wide-spread fame throughout the campus. DELT We also have our share of campus "characters" There is Gus Friant, DTD's answer to Darwin, there is Hibbert Weathers, DTD's answer to Aristotle, and there is Chuck Morgan, DTD's answer to the draft board. Our flower is the iris, our song is "Delta Shelter." Our motto is "Every man for himself when they serve the . . .", no, our motto is ". . . our motto is . . . You know, come to think of it, we don't have a motto. We don't choose a sweetheart either . . . we like all women. OFFICERS ROBERT H. JONES . . .,..... , ,.,.. President I. W. MAY ..,... . . ,Vice-President JACK SPENCER . . .......,. Treasurer RAY McMATH ,,.. .... R ecording Secretary GEORGE BRIGGS . . . . . Corresponding Secretary MEMBERS Actives: George H. Barrows Howard J. Bebber Frank E. Bentley David D. Black Joe T. Booth George R. Briggs William E. Buckler Carroll C. Dailey Hugh J. Dear George C. Feierabend Olin C. Friant Alfred N. Good Bruce N. Harmon Hugh B. Harmon Richard L. Heffington Morgan S. Heller Richard H. Hill Sehon K. Holgren Robert H. Jones John P. Kern Joseph M. Kern Paul C. King William E. Land Jerry A. Lushington Isac W. May Robert D. Mayo Julius P. Meeks James M. Montgomery Carl R. Moore Charles Morgan Charles A. Moss Raymond N. McMath Donald K. McRae Drewel G. Newsome Frank Ogden, lll Julian A. Pierson Donald L. Purvis Geoffery Smith .lack J. Spencer Kendrick L. Streets Henry R. Sturkie Gene W. Studstill Percy G, Sullivan Samuel G. Taylor Hilbert M. Weathers Phillip T. Welch Roy White Charles A. Wilson James M. Wright Joe M. Young Pledges: Max Bailey James C. Cunningham Waverly Bart Darby Oliver P. Head Robert A. Hill Frank W. Jones John H. Kaiser Hartwell Borden Lutz John McDonald Jimmy T. Nabors James E. O'Daniel William J. Owen Felix A. Patrick Frank L. Stanton Leon D. Terry Thomas Edwin Turner Robert Gilmore Weaver Thomas Dewine Faculty: William D. Dillard Leonard S. Gresham Robert Guthrie James B. Harper Bob Jones and Mrs. Leslie Marion Coley Howard Folts Prof. Whit'ely McCoy Paul Newell DELTA ETA CHAPTER Top Row: Bailey Barrows Bebber Bentley Black Booth Briggs Buckler Cunningham DELTS Second Row: Dailey Darby Dear Dewine Dillard Frianl Good Gresham Guthrie Third Row: Harmon, B. Harmon, H. Harper Head Heffinglon Hill, R. H. Hill, R. A. Holmgren Jones, F. Fourth Row: Fiffh Row: Jones, R. Mayo Kern, J. Meeks Kern, P. Monlgomery King Moore Kiser Morgan Lund McDonald Lushingion McMafh Lutz McRae May Nabors Sixfh Row: Seventh Row: Newsome Sfudsfill Owens Sullivan PC1lI'lCli Taylor Pierson Terry Purvis Turner Smifh Unkenholz SPSHCSY Weaver Sfanion Welch S?reels Wright Young INITIATED ROTATING "SORORITY OF THE YEAR" AW Page 26l ARD T0 CAMPUS -P KAPP LPHA ln l865, in order To be more unified against the .... yankee revenoorer, The Kappa Alpha Order was founded. Ever since Then we have expended much energy waving the stars and bars and kept a good case of laryngitis from singing Dixie. lt was most unfortunate that the Phi Gam star got broke during a twenty-one gun salute to General Lee. Fond mem- ories of Antebellum days were recalled with our Old South Ball, when we all got our rebel uniforms and attempted a march on The PresidenT's mansion because iT was rumored that Dr. G. wore a union suit. The Dixie cratters have been most active in politics. States- men for The Lost Cause include such diplomats as Oakley Melton who is vice-president of SGA and John Donaldson, better known as Father Time, Pep Squad Director and head of The Southern Secret Service. Leading The Rebel Yells were Don Fuller and Nick Stevens. After The dust had cleared from Grant's march, we had our annual Rose Formal. In true Southern tradition we had a whale of a Christmas Party with Whale Sittason as ST. Nick, himself. Denoting The sporting quality of Southern gentlemen we walked off with The football field meet and the horseshoe tournament. Seceeding in all fields of endeavor, it goes To show that The best policy is to "SAVE YOUR CONFEDERATE MONEY BOYS THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN." OFFICERS BRAD B. BAILEY ..... . ROBERT D. SITTASON . . . GEORGE R. SMITH . . . . . ..... President . . . .Vice-President Actives: James Alan Alexander William K. Allen Kenneth A. Barnes Charles L. Beard, Jr. James Booth Lawrence H. Brice Edwin L. Brobston William G. Buchanan Richard S. Bullock Francis R. Buster Austin M. Cahill Jasper K. Champion B, M. Childers Walter D. Coker Allen D. Collins William B. Compton John W. Donaldson Ebb Browne Durrette Donald F. Edwards John N. Holt Charles B. Howell Clarence Y. Huff William Jesse Jarrard John G. Johnston John B. Jordan James P. Lowery Joseph A. Lowman Freeland H. Magruder Reese Ewell Mallette Roy H. Manley William L. Mason Daniel J. Meador James A. Melton Oakley W. Melton, Jr. Thomas C. Moxley William J. McDaniel David Louis McElroy Alfred T. Newell, lll J. B. Noel James Bentley Owens George David Palmer, lll Stanley Park Pruitt S. Parker William H. Porter Robert J, Russell . . . . .Secretary MEMBERS Gooclloe Rutland Ferrell Spencer Ryan Roy W. Scholl Bedford Forrest Scale Frank C. Selby, Jr. John K. Sherling Maxwell J. Shipp Willard A. Snyder Charles S. Stirling Julius E. Talton George P. Taylor James W. Taylor William E. Thomas Paschal G. Upton Harold M. Vandervoort William D. Vinzant Jesse O. Weatherly, Jr. Roy O. VVyatt Thomas K. Yardley Pledges: William B. Ashworth Robert C. Collins Thomas M. Culpepper, lll Brad Bailey and Mrs. Penn Donald H. Fuller James S. Gantt Charles F. Horton Louis B. Lusk John E. Mayton Wayne Meeks Robert A. Miller, Jr. Donald L. Morris William K. McAdory Donald R. Norton James L. Oliver, Jr. John H. Rodgers Nick W. Stevens Jerry M. Studdard George L. Tate, Jr. Marvin Pierce Young Faculty: Dean Noble B. Hendrix Mr. Charles Moore Rev. George Murray Dr. Robert W. Wallace Mr. Ernest Williams 'V'i"'W"W"""x' '::':Y"f ' T""m'-"""M"W'i' ""U ALPHA BETA CHAPTER if Q2 lf' 4 1 Q - Q I-f l ' . . Y ' it 3 I ::. Qi . if - k x X ilk I - , 5 1 I. ei - i k A fl A 5 I ' W in - . ,. 3- : :-sq, A r , ,. , .:,. , if Q X' 1 f ' ,., 1 M r . Q5 fi 455- -as it . , , so W. C .S 'Q of r, ,- if A . :-, wi 1,.,i Q I . Q I' I I x Q N N' .,,, Q V' L ' , ' -A 5 ' 1 ,- - A .. . K Era . ..,. Lf! J ' I 3'-ff ' R ' .:+: "': , ' 3 -r I ,gg :II . A ,.- yi R- I ,gn X, rw . t J M432 i 4, L, Q f .L is' gk, -, 2 K .. ti, QA 1 A A tbb I i W7 S if Q' A -1A- X Q 4 1 x A A - A. t t as ,A - f J i A H 7 K V - ,L' ,i . "F M P fm 'P' in . to S A "' -we r I f ' V 5. 1, ' I - 3 . 'Q .. 2 4 . . Xwfy 4 qi . A . - - K W - ,. ,Q M . 'wi Ei? P 4 4 . .k,. .-3 gg :" 2 A 'L is 1. ' ii' 2 3: , Q B :,,.A: , A 1 A ' "- ,L rt Yi - f :HA A A 1 A 'rtgg f a , ,ww ' it ' A lx. aw- .Q ' ' 55' - , T . A " F H" 'W ' X ' ,- 1 1 3' Y f' A ' ' r 3 Q1 if V. . Y i A 4 R if , A so mr M his P Top Row. Second Row: Third Row: Fourfh Row: Fifth Row: Sixth Row: Seventh Row: Alexander Buster Fuller Mayton Noel Scholl Talton Allen Chamption Gantt Meador Norton Seale Taylor Ashworth Childers Horton Meeks Palmer Selby Thomas Bailey Collins, A. D. Johnston Melton Park Sherling Upton Beard Collins, R, Jordan Morris Parker Shipp Vandervoort Booth Compton Lowery Moxley Porter Sittoson Vinzont Brice Culpepper Lowman McAdory Russell Stevens Weatherly Brobston Donaldson Mallette McElroy Rutland Stirling Woolridge Buchanon Durrett Manly McC-vruder Ryan Sfuddard Young Bullock Edwards Mason Newell KAPPA ALPHA ORDER CLAIMS OAKLEY MELTON, VICE-PRESIDENT OF SGA K A P '5xl,f?' In 1921, the year in which Pi Chapter was founded, there were six members in the fraternity. In 1945, 24 years later, there was a tremendous increase in membership and the fraternity boasted a membership double that of the original chapter. There were 11 actives and 1 pledge, a total of 12 in all! In 1946, the year following the war, there was a slight increase over '45 as 75 men crowded into the house. As for our accomplishments, we have won the scholarship cup nine times. This was accomplished due to the high degree of knowledge obtained from cheat sheets, crib notes, brown- nosing, and kidnapping professors. VVe also have been active PA in sports during the past several years and have managed to place many sports trophies on our mantle. Our socials are composed of three big week-ends each year - Homecoming, Valentine, and Founder's Day. Everyone thinks we give these affairs for the good times and fun it will bring us, but the real purpose of them is to get all the rich grads of Pi down, tank them up and then roll 'em. Ilf there are any naive or inexperienced students who don't know this term, it means we take their money . . . illegally, of coursel. These affairs annually provide a tidy source of income. We also give several other parties during the year. OFFICERS BERNARD S. MALKOVE . . ..... President DANIEL FRANCO ..... ,... V ice-President RONALD GOLDBERG . . . ..... Secretary LEON CAPOUANO . . . . Treasurer MEMBERS ACIIVSSI Dan Franco Harry Asman Alvin Bearman Marvin Bearman Norman Berger Raymond Berlin Richard Berman Irving Bern Jack Bern Sidney Bernstein Bernard Block Walter Brenner Paul Buchman Leon Capcuano Charles Feigelson Eugene Feigelson Edward Franco Herman Franco Harris Friedlander Ronny Goldberg Leon Gordon Lionel Gordon Bernard Greenberg Bernard Hanan Joe Handwerger Raoul Harris Maurice Joseph G. B. Kahn Nathan Kahn Elvin Kanter Philip Kanter Paul Kantor Ira Kline Stanley Lapidus Robert Lewis Richard Litt Bernard S. Malkove Alan Oboler Seymour Petrovsky Norman Pizitz Vernon Rosenthal Jerome Routman Stanley Routman Joe Sanders Elias Sedlin Henry Sherry Ralph Sokol Berney Malkove and Mrs. Metcalf Chaim Sternback Paul Yanuck Pledges: Irving Cohen Sherman Geeser Herbert Goldstein Bill Gurwitch Jerome Kanter Arthur Kleinberg Rhodes Mazer Mickey Oppenheimei Bernard Peltz Lloyd Ross Bennie Sharker Arnold Shiland Alvin Slaughter ' W- - A t l 1 t P I C H A P T E R Sf, E 9 5 KE' FI Q - K . X ' , -Q Qu Q, 'W ff YVM ,, .., Q " Q h - it in 1 q , Q :sig 5 3' . , 1 "P' ' " ' H . 1 ' F P f lx ' ii' ,Q if 52 S 3 L' if ef' 3 if I ' N .41 H A .I or ff I ,.. r 92 A I , it i , eerref , E V , M , ., X .,., .. I te X - . '..- . te l .5 I 5455 fl! , " ' fl it 1 , 'N I ,j , 1 'I , I ak ., P., , 45. ' ..:.. h , .W -,'1".fV' 1 Ely ei .1 3 ml, I f f' :il . i ' . ,f.1A ,. I ' 4- ., Q 1 :V-:X A . . .. V- ' , - - 2 F H X 4 - - ., - :-. , L, I. -. , L f " - , W f 1 Top Row: Second Row: Third Row: Asman Brenner Goldstein Beurman, A. Buchman Gorden, Leon Bearman, M. Cohen Garden, Lionel Berger Feigelson, E. Greenberg Berlin Franco, D. Gurwitch Berman Franco, E. Hanan Bern, I. Friedlander Hanclwerger Bern, J. Geeser Harris Block Goldberg Joseph .E eeeee , rf-N. f e Fourth Row Kahn Kanter, E. Kanter, J. Kanter, Philip Ku nfor, Paul Kleinberg Kline Lupidus LIII PRESIDENT OF RHO ALPHA TAU IS A MEMBER OF Fifth Row: Malkove Muzer Oboler Oppenheimer Peltz Petrovsky Pizitz Rosenthal Ross rfb. if-vi? X u -11.1 10-f , ,, r wf , Q M. X Fw. if Sixth Row: Roufman, J. Roufmun, S. Sedlin Shorker Sherry Shiland Slaughter Sokol Yanuck THE KAPPA NU FRATERNITY V ,ws fx was Kappa Sigma has iust complefed a most interesting year in The campus' finest house. The only undesirable feature of our location is, of course, The outdoor plumbing of our neigh- bor To The rear. The good brofhers are reioicing now That plans have finally been laid To dig a room underneath our basement. The room will be decorated like The interior of a rustic cabin, and will Therefore be called The "Room" Not only have plans been laid, but we expect To begin drilling soon. The outstanding events of This year have been: October: Returning alumnus accosted on front lawn by state police afTer inadverTanTly sideswiping seven cars. November: Chapter House mortgaged To give annual Black and White Ball. fo'5,ggr-.,T1'.:', P P l G M A ww' December: Scholarship Report submitted To National. Chapter Charter hidden in attic during inspection by National officers. January: No outstanding event in January. February: Chapter renewed expired subscription To Sun- shine and Health. March: Chapter decided nof To celebrate MoTher's or FaTher's Day. Funds intended for Those days appropriated for "Old Grand Dad Week-end". April: Decided To puT second mortgage on house and use proceeds for week-end house party. Voted down motion To have rushees on said parTy. Hid Charfer back in aTTic. May: Tearful seniors sorrowfully departed as undergrads fraTernally shouted Chapter motto . . . UKALALA! UKALALAI OFFICERS JOSEPH P. HUGHES. .. JACK KING ......... ARTHUR EDMUNSON .,.. LUTHER GAUSE ...... H. GLYNN HARRIS .. . . . . .Grand Master . . . . . . . . . .Grand Procurator . . .Grand Master Of Ceremonies .............Grand Scribe . . .Grand Treasurer Actives: Algernon R. Allen William W. Allen James L. Barnes Roberf D. Beasley Ben T. Blackman John H. Burton Donald T. Cameron L. Roy Campbell Roberf P. Chalker Fredrick C. Clifford David R. Coley Thomas N. Crawford Caldwell DeBardeleben, Jr. Arthur T. Edmunson Jackson M. Garner Luther P. Gause Jackson H. Gibbs John R. Goehring H. Glynn Harris Robert L. Hayes William E. Hays Lynn P. Hodges Joseph P. Hughes Glenn E. Jackson Lawrence Johnson Robert H. Johnson Jack King Rufus E. Lee Donald G. Mize PaT T. Murray William E. McClellan Hubert R. McLellan Joseph H. McLure A. Raymond Pappas Lucius Hayes Parnell Clyde F. Patferson Alvin T. Prestwood William B. Pritchett Richard E. Ray MEMBERS R. Fleming Rowell Joseph T. Salmon Forrest E. Short Charles E. Skeen Frederick H. Stevens Robert G. Tate I. Lee Taylor William A. Tuck P. Gaston White Pledges: Wilbur H. Ausley Ronald Bell Robert L. Black Brynley G. King Oscar C. Mills Andrew H. McElroy Edward J. O'NeilI Hubert E. Rawson William M. Tate John Thomas Jerry R. Thrasher Windell Vickers Roger C. Wald William P. Weikert Charles R. Wilson Howard C. Wise David G. Blankenhorn Faculty Isaac D. Byrd Dean William F. Adam. Howard J. Curtis Dr. T. G. Andrews John P. Daniel Mai. W. Flinn Gilland James C. Gray l-- J- Nations Robert N. Havenick Dr. R. E. Tldwell Joe Hughes and Mrs. Pilkington L wi S. .V . . iv., . .E BETA CHAPTER . " - ' -. , gfgmm , 5 use ,izz M .. rg 1 X 1 5-2 Q, E an 4 gs K' . l -.f Qi. sa i 1 el I Si.. 5 Q, s ff Q ,. : .gif if 'ks 4.4, ,. . ' . as sais-Rial, ' ' 'fa :- . 1, N i as ff? I ff is 1 f .. FS , 'K we i Q A fe J ,.-n a - . If, . , X .5 Ns .111 1 "'. rw. . ,, fs- 'A '- 'bl X . an P 'Nh- R 'V S Q xr, xii' ' 3551.32 4 ,, 'QW' ,f ln A J fi f fl 1 ,ll 'Y S is ---'i 9 S la f . . k',' A 3 ':. 'f-, P .., 14-grae: 'ff 9 , . - . 5 , ' esil l f' ii +- ' . . f V ,. W A Q: yn. ' if -K 5' Q f' ' N - .k'- KI 'irkh H I ll 'K 'V .F ... . , C l S' . .T - S ssa.. A ':": :1-Q A ' QS '--, n o f A an v-' .Fi ,f.L . l K ,:,. s y LL . :,: Q . - S , 1 ' P ,Q .1 , ..,,,,, ME I. V . . , y K f ,M , v, Q K k kk . W l ki In ,C 'SSE -: 7. .. . . sf- llt LL L I fu , . '- ,-::,, -K ' if 1 j ' 1 ' x 1 i,.., E., S so -1-., ' D-. H I P ,V ,H C A H Q ' l I ,. sf " ,.L, , I4 1 5 Rpt , . . ., ,. 'Y' ":' . -' '2 A - S 4"h' 'R l l 4 - -, 4 - . r f , -- -A,, s - 1-. -'.. ' .. r s ' . - U :- . E " A A or , ..,-- :,:: . 1 ' ' - A .ssr ' ll ' "VQ C , 1: , C 32:1 S Q S li A .'::: ""A 1 , l H A A if !' - -A-Q -J " Azll -.5 yu yl D ,,:., ,VQI l . , E , 3 .A T A . C X A.,. , . y J t. .wr ,I y y T S. - .-.: gf .:.. -.,'- 1-- ' ' f x . no E l - - -- . r -- , - I Y - K - ' Hfiizzg? . -5 f - - A . -"M: 1 T r r r s , rf L J C 2 x -Ii , my . VA- ':,-: 7 1 1 Q f A 2 I if whiz . . g i f . , is ' -- ,f ' .Z.-' LZLLL l eg Q . '55 ' M f - L ' 'L ' .T . EV 1 fi, f A V ' 1'. 2 "" 'sgegpf 1 . - . , -I will L .,.V :' ' 41, :lt 1' li ' ll A 1 Q ' V A I V Q .' V il::"' :i A S' ::: ,I . 1- 4 A f S S ...., E ,1 , , A .... Q , , Top Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourfh Row. Fifth Row: Sixth Row: Seventh Row: Allen, A. Byrd Edmondson Hodges McClellan Pritchett Taylor Allen, W. Cameron Garner Hughes McElroy Rawson Thomas 1 Ausley Campbell Gibbs Jackson Mclellan Ray Thrasher Barnes Chalker Goehring King McLure Rorfell Tlucllf B l Cl'ff d Gray Lee O'Nelll Su mon ic ers Bills ey Crhnsfrorcl Harris Ga use Pappas Shorl Wald Black Curtis Havenick Mills Parnell Slevens Welker! Blackman Daniels Hayes Mize Paiierson Tate, R. While Blankenhorn DeBardeleben Hays Murray Presiwood TUYG, W- M- y,ilSOf' use EIGHTY-FIRST ANNIVERSARY OBSERVED BY KAPPA SIG AT FOUNDERS BANQUET Page 267 ,4..A Actives: Mike Hayes Ralph Pope Lloyd Jones Q! LAIVIBD Qqk rl 1' I fide ' .5,vQ Q ' Excerpts from the diary of a loyal Lambda Chi: Tuesday, September I9 - Coming home to the hallowed halls at 729 Tenth Avenue after a very pleasant summer was a shock. At first I didn't recognize the place - and it was easy to see why when I took a gander at our bank balance. The improvements are nice, though. Saturday, November I8 - That Miriam's sure nice! Miriam Burge - she's our new Crescent Girl - I mean. She looked mighty pretty last night . . . and there were lots of other pretty sharp lookers to go HI LPH along with her. It was as nice a dance as l've ever seen at the Country Club - everything was perfect, even the punch, even though I do think we should have cut that grapefruit juice a little more. Friday, January I2 - Well, all we've got to do now is decorate Foster. lt's nice to be all ready for this Annual - before the last minute. Now, if my date doesn't break her leg l'm set. Thursday, May I7 - My back is about to break! One more load of this cane and I quit. This Luau had better be good! CPS It waslll OFFICERS JACK EVANS . . . ...... President TEMD DEASON . . . . . .Vice-President TOMMY NOBLE .... . . .Secretary BILL BLANKENSHIP , . . .Treasurer MEMBERS Leon Adair Jim Aman Jack Bains Bill Blankenship Paul Boutwell Dwight Castleb Alan Cochran Dave Cotter Frank Cotter Ternd Deason Frank Evans Jack Evans Walter Forster Conrad Fulton erry Harold Henderson Herb Kfesling Dick Larimer Ray Laseter Hope Marshall John Martin Dick Maxey Angus Merritte Joe Nelson Oscar Newman Tommy Noble Hubert Norris William Oldacre Harold Parks Bob Gaston Rex Pass Don Grant Leroy Paul Sam Harvey Bill Payne Jim Harwood Paul Hassell Charles Pierson Gene Roberts Frank Savage Jim Smith Walter Smith Winters Stone Bill Suits Max White Jack Wisdom Jim Youngblood Pledges: Dan Chesnut Barry Collins Gene Cooper Wesley Fogleman Alvis Ford John Gilbert Don Haynes Harrell Henson Mrs. Irma Curry and Jack Evans Lionel Layden Bob Norris Bill Perkinson Steve Prey Calvin Reynolds Wert Sims Bobby Snow Larry White Jack Winfield Bill Worthington Faculty: L. D. Boylan Brooks Forehand Bill Higgs Henry J. Sikir Robert E. Bond Robert E. Tyler George C, K, Johnson ALPHA PHI ZETA CHAPTER .-. -Ma. f r. '- fae'11:f-Q-me - Is Q Qs I 9 I .H tif' rl at f sf.: ill? H. .,,., . ,. ...J sy... . ' ,Lf :mt Lhggxggi Y , ,- Top Row: Adair Aman Blankenship Boutwell Bryan Cochrane Collins Cooper Cotter, D. Second Row: Cotter, F. Deason Evans, F. Evans, J. Fogleman Ford Forster Fulton Gaston Third Row: Gilbert Grant Harvey Harwood Hayes Haynes Jones Kiesling Larimer C-W BUSINESS MANAGER, FRANK Fourth Row: Laseter Layden Martin Merritte Nelson Newman Norris, H. Norris, R. Oldacre sg! M . Q X If 35314, L 5 I ..,,,, . wi f l, Fifth Row: Sixth Row: Parks Smith, W. Pass Snow Paul Suits Perkinson White Reynolds Winfield Roberts Wisdom Savage Worthington Smith, J. Youngblood EVANS, IS A MEMBER OF LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Page 269 a,, - PHI DELT THET O 3, .- 'Tx .01 0. Ca . ,f,"'K., '," L' Dx Ef f l Us . V s 'Q J'-go., " . . . Now, folks, the last house on The lett There is Alabama Alpha of Phi Delta Theta.. .iT's been around here since l877. I understand They have some rip-roaring Times There. Seems they have some sort of motto, 'Don't let your studies interfere with your education,' hanging somewhere in The place. But iT's surprising . . They've maintained a pretty Tair average over The years. 'Course, They had to have parties during rush week, and iT wouldn'T have been right To let The spooks celebrate Halloween all by Themselves - so the Phis had a party. And Christmas iust wouldn'T be unless you had a Tun testival with gifts and all The trimmings - so The Phis had a party. And - it seems Alabama played Georgia in B'ham This year and The Phi Delts annually have an Orchid Ball - so The, WOW!!! what a party! Seriously, Though, The Phis had some pretty fine men in BMOC class This year . . . There was Jesse Wilson, a Jason, a member ot Quadrangle, ODK, President of Arnold Air Society, and poli- Tician extraordinary in The SGA Legislature . . . and Jim Downey wheeled around in Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, and Pi Tau Sigma . . . Carlisle Jones, Druids . . . and one of The brothers was a Phi Bete. Who? Oh, sure, forgot To men- tion his name , . . Asa Roundtree. OFFICERS DUDLEY W. GRlFFlN. .. ,.. ..., ...President ROBERT BEELAND . . . . . .Reporter JESSE W. WILSON . . ...... Treasurer JOHN Q. ADAMS .... . . .Rush Chairman MEMBERS Actives: Hoyt E. Harbin James Williams Robert Beeland Robert Bowron Eugene W. Brabston Curtis Bullock Edmund R. Cannon Arlen Carpenter Jett R. Cobb A. J. Coleman Hooper Collier Harry J. Coons John T. Dale Christopher DeGraffenreid Mason J. Dillard John F. Dillon, IV James Downey John W. Durr Edward Gentry William D. Graves, lll Dudley W. Griffin Thomas Haas Frank Higgins Charles E. Hopper Greer Mack Horton, Jr. Richard C. Humphrey Charles D. Jordan Robert Lokey James Gallager Lum Paul V. Macon Thomas Todd Martin Henry D. Moorer Curtis Maley Nordan James H. Norris Willis Penfielcl Mills Vann Perkins William Lee Poe, Jr. Edward T. Sauls Faculty: Thomas Toothaker Thomas E. Twitty James Albert Watkins James C. Weatherly Molton Williams Jesse W. Wilson Pledges: Clarence Algood, Jr. Jack Anderson Davis Cannon William Cannon Richard Cox Robert Grant Carlisle Jones Frank Joyce VVilliam Owens Arthur Williams Edward Williams William C. Woodall Mr, Marshall DeMouy Mr. Robert Teague Mr. George Webb Dudley Griffin and Mrs. Coleman t!g:ii's5Il3'?E5E2'.?-rS?flf'i25EiE fxi fi.'3if'5s'1"sK'2AHC3-c i vii 3 ' lPLs iZ5?.l :EW ALABAMA ALPHA CHAPTER 5 yi l s l I K, X 'R C l2A 1 sn., ul. aff' 551- 165 X l 3 ,Y w: rs . 1 S I Q A Y s i .,a aj . ,k s ,M 1 ,A 6' Y ix M i Y ' Y 'ml .F Z R2 r S ,HI g 2552 YQ X Y Q 5 s sv , T 5 W1 :-f v as Top Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row: Anderson Cox Graves Joyce Brabston Dale Griffin Lum Bullock De Graffenried Harbin Moorer Cannon Dillon Higgins Nordan Carpenfer Downey Horfon Norris Coleman Durr Humphrey Penfield Collier Gentry Jones Perkins Fiffh Row: Poe Souls Weatherly Williams Williams, E. Williams, J. Wilson Woodall STUDY, STUDY, STUDY - THAT'S WHAT WE'RE HERE FOR, THAT'S WHAT WE DO Page 27l PHI GAMMA DELT UNIVERSITY, ALA. I95I. Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity rounded out another successful year at The University of Ala- bama, reliable sources confirmed here today. Theta's ninety- fifth year at the Capstone proved to be one of the best yet, despite the overhanging war clouds which Threatened a large portion of the sixty-five Fiiis and pledges. The fifth annual "Roaring Twenties" party plunged the Phi Oams into an exciting social season which was highlighted by The traditional "Fiii Island" party in The Spring. Christmas found The Fiiis playing host to a group of underprivileged children aT a yule-time affair complete with presents, songs, and Santa Claus. The Phi Oanis were still proud of Their prominent alumni which include Dr. John M. Oallalee, president of The University, Colonel Maurice O. Stubbs, head of the Army ROTC unit, and Gordon Palmer, Tuscaloosa banker and member of The Uni- versity of Alabama Board of Trustees. Among the outstanding undergraduates of the chapter were McLin Humpidge, pro-tem president of the Student Legis- lature, member of Quadrangle and the Commerce Association, fraternity president Carey Hollingsworth, committee chairman of the Men's Spirit Committee and Druids, Ernest Deal, Come merce Association president, and Max McLaughlin, president of the Junior Class in Arts and Sciences. OFFICERS CAREY F. HOLLINGSVVORTH, JR.. . . . President WALTER H. BAILEY, JR.. . . . .,.... Treasurer H. VANN WALDROP. . . ,... Recording Secretary WARREN B. CROW, JR.. . Corresponding Secretary LOYAL R. BLACKWOOD Historian MEMBERS Actives: Herbert M. Humpidge Charles H. Smith Charles R. Jamison Donald C. Bailey Robert W. Humpidge John H. Tc'ylor, Jr. John F. Moore Walter H. Bailey, Jr. Robert A, Kabeary Robert D. Thorington William S. Prout Oliver C. Boker Edward D. Lanford, Jr. H. Vann Waldrop Donald D. Snyder Barron Bethea Owen C. Leslie, Jr. Pledges: Joseph K. Trotter Loyal R. Blackwood George D. Brooks, Jr. Lloyd L. Bryan, Jr. Edward E. Craig, Jr. Charles R. Cranford, Jr. Benjamin F. Crew, Jr. Warren B. Crow, Ji. Ernest L. Deal, Jr. Robert A. Drew Thomas H. Hancock William R. Hendrix Edmond D. Henley Carey F. Hollingsworth, Jr. Harrell D. Huguley, Jr. Van Marcus Rufus E. Mitchell, Jr. Robert L. Morris, Jr. Thomas P. Moseley Frank O. Munn Max V. McLaughlin John W. McWilliams, Jr. Robert D. McWhorter Louis H. Phetteplace, Ill John V. Robertson Thomas H. Selman, Jr. Hugh M. Sherer, Jr. John D. Sherrill Frederick M. Sittason, Jr. Laurence T. Bliss William O. Boyrer Hoyt L. Butler Blucher H. Cooper Edwin B. Corley, Jr. John M. Counts, Jr. Roger M. Deming Herbert F. Dowe John D. Durham Joseph M. Ford Rowland H. Geddie, Jr. Andrew D. Hans James H. Hollis Charles M. Huguley Mrs. Poellnitz and Miller A. Widemire Peyton N. Wiggins Edmund W. Young Faculty: Albert R. Biernert Dr. John M. Gollalee Frederick R. Maxwell, Ji Dr. Ralph McBurney Dean James H. Newman Col. Maurice G. Stubbs Herman L. Trautman Herbert A. Van Scoy Dr. Iredell Jenkins Carey Hollingsworth l THETA CHAPTER il w .. Q - . . f . 3. fif. Q.. is .. , A . K ii- s 2 T s 'X Q A '-"1 is A I . 9? , if ' ' ' il' e .551 l a A wi' . ..,.- 'E' . ,. it 5 - - ', 5 1 fLLL 'W - . A " - " . ' - A- Q Vk-,.V. . 5 A I ' , 'lv --2 If ,I 4 Q . Top Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row: Bailey, D. Counfs Ford Humpidge, H Bailey, W. Craig Geddie Humpidge, R. Baker Cranford Hancock Jamison Bliss Crew Hans Kabeary Brooks Crow Hendrix Lanford Bryon Deal Henley Leslie Buller Deming Hollingsworth Marcus Cooper Dowe Hollis Mitchell Corley Durham Huguley Moore Fifth Row: Morris Moseley Munn McLaughlin McWhorter McWilliams Prouf Selman Sherer Sixth Row: Sherrill l Sillason Snyder Taylor Thoringlon Waldrop Widemire Wiggins ROARING TWENTIES BROUGHT VIVIDLY T0 LIFE AT ANNUAL PHI GAM PARTY Page 273 . , ,l..J 'Nana 0 vs- Y.. . 4' P I , .iw , le ,!'..1w,, al z- -- -x Phi Kappa Sigma had a birthday this year - its IOOth. The fraternity - an international - was founded at the University of Pennsylvania in l85O and locally in I903. A chapter house was erected in a highly desirable location on "Fraternity Row" in I9I2 and the boys in the "Skull House" still reside in the same location. Phi Kappa Sigma, the House ot Character. Re-phrase that. Make it the House of Characters. They're strictly here. A.nd speaking ot here - yep, Eb Swingle is still around. Graduating and making ODK weren't enough. He had to come back, with the highly resolved purpose of leading the Alabama Cavaliers and writing original compositions lmusicall tor campus plays. And then there's the "man with the mike," PPA IGMA silver-tongued Bob Gunn . . . Phi Kap's alleged gilt to radio. Technical . . . that's Ray "Striker" Shirtz, Marine vet and the pledges know it, and Jack Pollard, out ot Roanoke, Virginia by way ot Tokyo and Yokahoma, both top boys in the "slide- rule societies" along with Joltin' Joe Gunter. Bill Lane, self- styled comedian, and Charleston expert too, wore out two liv- ing room rugs this year . . . 'course he had help from Eddie Andrews and the man with the good old Southern name - James Doane Jackson Holmes l"Skip" tor shortl. There's Bill Nichols, who mixes sports writing with being house presi- dent, and tuture governor lot Floridal Don "Baby" Gee, and to top it oft, South Alabama's leading exponent ot South Alabama - Gene "Uriah" Garrett. OFFICERS WILLIAM NICHOLS. . . ..... . . . . CARL JERNIGAN ...,... RUSSELL J. TURBERVILLE. . . A. LEFTWICH SINCLAIR .... JAMES E. GODWIN .... EMORY D. STEELE ..... T. C. COURINGTON .... ...Alpha . . .Beta . . .Pi . . .Iota . . .Sigma . . .Tau .Upsilon MEMBERS Actives: Luther F. Adams James E. Andrews Joe Bates George H. Berry Joseph L. Box Eugene H. Bradley Beaury C. Burns, Jr. Manuel T. Constantine Thomas C. Courington, Joe H. Dobbs James R. Dowis Charles Edwards George H. Floyd Vernon M. Frazier James G. Gann, Jr. Walter E. Garrett Don P. Gee James E. Godwin Robert L. Gunn Joseph L. Gunter Charles G. Haley James J. Holmes W. C. Jernigan James L. Klinetelter William R. Lane, Jr. Byron C. Mathews, Jr. Earl Mitchell Seale A. Moorer Edward McGraw Stanley L. Napier, Jr. William Nichols, Jr. Milton Pearson Jack R. Pollard Charles F. Pridmore Raymond L. Shirtz William M. Shiver, Jr. A. Leftwich Sinclair E. Davis Steele, Jr. John M. Stockton Clifton J. Stone William E. Sullivan Russell J. Turberville William L. Webb Pledges: Martel H. Brett, Jr. John M. Cannon Robert F. Carlisle Lloyd M. Denson James M. Dunn, Jr. Mrs. Sugg and Bill Nichols Joe Hardison Kenneth O. Hundley Felix C. Nicholas James L. Okel Charles T. Pickron James R. Shamblin, Jr Douglas Sheehan Jack Tucker Faculty: Roger Bustield Howard Goodson Joseph Handwerk M. Leigh Harrison Holman Head Robert Van Voohres , s fl 5328-vw Jr? F. cf ALPHA KAPPA CHAPTER '--Q. 19 I K in tlf ...L Ser S es , LM S X' mwfgmix if ix x A -1- if ' fig, l i , -1 Qi fs im Q-ww. 9 ig l Qi 2 x I Top Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row: Fifth Row: Andrews Denson Gee Ma1hews Pollard Bates Dobbs Godwin McGraw Pridmore Berry Dowis Gunn Napier Sheehan Brett Dunn Holmes Nicholas Shirtz Cannon Edwards Hundley Nichols Shiver Carlisle Frazier Jernigan Okel Steele Constantine Gann Klinefelter Pearson Stone Courington Garrett Lane Pickron Sullivan Turberville PHI KAPPA SIGS CELEBRATED HUNDREDTH NATIONAL ANNIVERSARY THIS Page 275 YEAR , ..J 59 lx Q , - My Gamma Alpha of Pi Kappa Alpha was founded in I923 at the University by a group of I5 wheels, a future United States Senator and a campus wag. Since that time, the fraternity has produced eight presidents of the student body, two Rhodes Scholars, and earned the epithet "Politicians," or "Statesmen," depending on whether one is a non-member or member. Our goal has been to pledge men who are scholars, athletes, and politicos, and those who can party every night. We have also lobbied for a 28 hour day. Last year Gamma Alpha built a 325,000 annex consisting of date parlors and a trophy room, In the school year I949-50 we won nine PI K PP LPHA trophies, three shining examples which now reside in our domicile are the cups given for the outstanding athletic fraternity, number one campus step-singers, and Calasll second place in fraternity scholarship averages. Three men were selected for VVho's Who and three were active Jasons. We also had I4 class officers and group stomach ulcers. We claimed the supreme military commander who supervised the battle ofthe Quadrangle every Thursday at noon. Pi K A and spirit have reached an all-time high through the activities of the Rah-Rahs, fraternity social club, members of which are all afflicted with the dreadful disease, partyitis. OFFICERS BOB COLLINS .. ....., . . DICK CARTER . . . HUGH BOSTICK . . , RAYMOND MAY . . . . , ...... President . . .Vice-President . . .Secretary . . .Treasurer MEMBERS wzmmwamwlhnl' Actives: Robert Adair Murry Alley Clint Anderson Hugh Ballard Richard Barr Walter Berry Gordon Blackwell Hugh Bostick Bo Brice Jim Brice Hiram J. Brogden Bob Carpenter Richard Carter Bob Christian Bob Coats Robert Collins Chris Crawford Wesley Day Al De Foor Henry Fell Bill Floyd Dick Fulton Harry Girtman Ed Graham Shaf Gregory Talbert Griffin Hobert Grooms David Hardy Bill Hembree R. B. Herrington Lyman Holland George Howell Donald Jones James Kassner Fred Kelly Harold Ladner Joel Love Emmet Lucas George Mahoney Robert Mann Roy Mauldin David May Raymond May Walter May Bob Miller Tommy Moore Rudy McMurray Buck Newman Gil Pearsall Nat Perkins Howard Petty Paul Putman Hosmer Roberson Alton Rockett Clyde Roddam Pete Russel Sam Shannon John H. Smith Scott Smith Jerry Stapp James Stivender Jim Strickland Allen Taylor Willie Thomas Bill Turner Bob Turner Chuck Tynclal Ed Tyndal Bill Walker Harold Wall Bill Walton Fred Waters Bob Webb Bob Wood Pledges: Turner Batley Clarence Bugg Don Camloell Tommy Day Milton Ezell Prude Fancher Teddy Flowers Ray Fowler Bob Frantz L. W. Graham Don Gregory Bob Collins and Mrs. Stewart Harry Grist Donald Hardin Sam Hembree Lloyd Johnston Bill Lampley George Michaels Bill Miller Joe Morrow Don Oakley Jack Parker Robert Perkins Jerry Peterson John Prine Erle Ralls Dudley Reed Finley Rush James Scarbrough Jerry Scott Bill Thead Kearney Walters Ebby Willard Thomas Williams Faculty: Mr. J. Frank Livingston Dr, Alton O'Steen Dr. Jack Montgomery Mr. Malcomb Laney Mr. Harold E. Smalley 1: .wifzxaeitas-3: Etsy' A w. iw 3: GAMMA ALPHA CHAPTER v A. , A, A if " , , , ' AA V 1 A 1 if A A A- :A A AA '1 I -1:" A ' f i " af 4 If I I ." ' A E ' ' I A A A , 9 A ' "" I A sf , il W I ' A 3 A " LA ' AA ' 5 :"' "., , ' ' A .A A A 'AAA 2? . " A' ai A if A l ,., I I? A .H uizvk K V h A A , ai , 1 A I' aff" A' Q' W Q- . A X A .A,, Q A A - A A' AA w - ' A it V A Ai 2" f E 2. A ,A"' A - . ' LN Q A F - A ' A " , Ag,f iii i Y A A fi-ff A L fijgif .Li Q iii. 3 L Y ' f 2 f SI? A ,E il? :AA A fee. - W' L."'f.r A -Q A-6 Og--K - A -X, AA if A A r '-.A A A A - :A A A. ,gs A, 1 A E A.A. A ..AA.... A Af' A- A ., A A. AA -V-" Q A -'S 5 Y f I -H .- U m, FQ Af T in Ave -'Q' -' 'U I AA12 g AA A ,A xi M :': ':'-' ' A !'A7AI7753i'-i S. 2 as Xi l if . .Q -ef A, Q Ae il- 7 if , y M ev- I A nu A -- . A . A 4 A A g :,A zi. A f .A" A-A, .V I I 15 f mi A 'li-. 3' iff 5' W "' are A, H Z , . Q W I 3 'U ' . .. A , 'V A i . A A AA AA - - A Ae e I A I L 1 -I 5 l A l Q A7 Ve Q A, 5 Q 'N A 'AAA .. ,.... at gf A - I ' RA .-f' . Q A ,mf A ,LA news., I Anya. ,AA usa :.. L 'SNK ' XA AAAA b ' CF ' C A V A , ef 7 Aw ggi. A if K MEA., r A A 91 4 'Ak it - s .4 if- A A at iis' A '? T Top Row Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row: Fifth Row: Sixth Row: Seventh Row: Eighth Row Adair Carter Floyd Hardin Love Morrow Ralls Stapp Alley Christian Fowler Hardy Lucas McMurray Reed Stivender Anderson Coats Frantz Hembree, S. Mahoney Newman Roberson Strickland Batley Collins Girfman Hembree, W. Mann Oakley Rocket? Taylor Berry Crawford Graham, E. W. Herrington Mauldin Pearsal Roddam Turner Blackwell Day, W. Graham, L. W. Holland May, D. Perkins, N. Rush Tyndal Bostick Day, T. Gregory, D. Howell May, R. Perkins, R. Russell Wall Brice, F. DeFoor Gregory, S. Johnson May, W. Peterson Scarbrough Walters Brice, J. Ezell Griffin Jones Miller, B. Petty Scott Walton Campbell Fancher Grist Kassner Miller Prine Shannon Webb Carpenter Fell Grooms Kelly Putman Smith, J. H. Williams Smith, S. Wood PI K A'S FOUNDED NEW ORGANIZATION, RAH RAH CLUB, IN FALL SEMESTER -if TO, PI KAPPA PHI AIN'T JUST POOR WHITE TRASH Pi Kappa Phi - The words in ancient Greek mean "Egg in Beer" - is The friendliest TraTerniTy on The campus. Our house was built in I924 by a Greek named Zeke who, after The Tirst payment on The mortgage some 20 years later, changed his name To Jack. IT was at first an exclusive club for upperclass gentlemen but later admitted Treshmen and sophomores. AIN'T JUST BUTTERFINGERED For The TirsT half oT This school year, Pi Kapps were able To drown a voodoo doll representing PiKA in The Intra-mural Sports RotaTing Punch Bowl. We also Took a Trophy for basketball and Tor softball, leaving The ping pong and horse- shoe cups To minor fraternities. AIN'T JUST SQUAREHEADS In The campus brains division were Mack Mathews, past Archon, Quadrangle, Druids, Scabbard 84 Blade, Joel Robin- son, President Druids, SGA Cabinet, Cotillion Club, IFC, Homer Lee Krout, ODK, Jasons, Rammer Jammer Editor I949-50, and Harold Lee Baker, Scabbard 84 Blade, Theta Tau, Gamma Alpha Rho. LiTTle Pi Kopp wheels, rolling up fast in campus organizations, include Three vice-presidents, a president, an assistant advertising manager and a cheerleader. AIN'T JUST COTTON PICKERS Chapter STar, Miss Martha Hagler, was chosen National Rose Tor The entire 46 chapters, and was later selected as a Corolla Beauty, proving That we can pick good Roses as well as good Joe-ses. OFFICERS LUTHER OWENS . . . ...,,,... ,.,. A rchon EDWARD STUTTS .. ,.., Treasurer HAROLD BAKER . . , . . .Secretary CHARLES MONEY , , . , . .Historian EDWIN DAVIS ...... ..., C haplain DOSTON GURGANUS . , . . ,Warden MEMBERS Actives: Ross Albert William Ayres Harolol Baker Bobby Boggs Robert Bowers John Broadhead Lester Brock Vincent Brown Fox Brunson Eugene Cartledge Jimmy Childs Billy Joe Collier Henry Cook Richard Cowart William Creel Edwin Davis David Doyle Lohne Euler Carlton Fagan Bryan Faust Starling Fergerson Floyd Fitts Edward Fowler William Gaskill Thomas Gilbert Lester Glover Richard Godfrey Herbert Goodman Wilbur Goodman Thomas Grammas Doston Gurganus Frank Hanvey James Harris Anderson Hembree Paul Herrmann Douglas Hester Wilbur Johnson Jake Kennington Carlene Knight Homer Lee Krout Mack Matthews Charles Money Hugh Munro Luther Owens Frank Pharoah Robert Propst Joel Robinson Albert Skaggs Emmett Speed Paul Starnes Joe Stitt Jackson Stokes Edward Stutts Kerlin Travis Ed Truitt Jack Walker John Watkins Nathan Watkins Buren Wells Durell Whiddon Benton White Calvin Whitesell Don Whorell Emmett Wilkerson Robert Woltman Floyd Woods Pledges: Turman Allen Ausiin Brannon Charles Buckner John Carson Robert Cheaiwoocl William Clegg Paul Crowe Walter COX Joe DeLeonard Wade Garner James Gaye Garland Hall Bruce Harrison James Harrod Algin Hawkins Kenneth Letson Luther Owens and Mrs. Stoddard Bob Medlin Bobby Moses McCarty Oliver Paul Petry Dwain Potts James Prater John Prater Danny Raines Robert Reed William Roton Morris Schiffman Bob Singleton Joe Smith Jack Stacy Faculty: Mai. Weaver H. Gain s Dr. Langton Hawley Dr. Stanley Hoole Henry A. Leslie Dr. C. L. Seebeck ,,sszQ.1 'i"1 OMICRON CHAPTER X n elk uf 5 .,, . "'1A .A y 6, Titel. T. M, 3. aw . sw' -.-. , -- -L,L '+ 1wr?lPiIf1:9f.llin:: T is R ij 'lilf J xi K Nkr, H I. so , 5 A"' ts 21: . Vt' :A --" 1 ' I Et. .. Milfs. X , 1 g1igl5f4 , f-: .,,, .2 . ., 5 Top Row: Second Row: Third Row: Alberts Buckner Dovis Allen Carson Deleonard Ayres Cartledge Doyle Baker Clegg Euler Boggs Collier Fagan Bowers Cook Faust Broadhead Cowart Ferguson Brock Cox Gaskill Brown Creel Gaye Brunson Crowe Gilbert PI KAPPA Qt gl! Fourth Row: Glover Goodman, W. Good ma n, H. Grammas Gurganus Hanvey Harris Harrison Harrod Hawkins 112 ,f, F mx f ., fp? A- ... V I A fl I J I X is 3 I Y X 2- 5 :Q S af' 9 I. , k -W 'F'-,-xi Ng, I Wi sd, Q Fifth Row: Sixth Row: Hembree Owens Herrmann Petrey Johnson Prater, J. Knight Proter, John Krout Props? Letson Reed Matthews Robinson Medlin Roton Money Skaggs Moses Speed Munro Stitt PHI CHAPTER AT BAMA IS LARGEST IN THE . ZH 2' 5 9 If g 5 ii if Seventh Row: Stokes Stutts Travis Truitt Walker Watkins, J. Watkins, N. White Whitesell Wilkerson Woltman NATIONAL FRATERNITY ,,, :GMA ALPHA EPSILO This was SAE's year to further brotherhood. We even went so far as to ban girls from the house and quit giving dances for a whole semester. The administration was so en- thused with the idea that they even passed a law ok'ing the plan. They called it probation Knot to be confused with pro- hibitioni. At the insistence of the hierarchy, however, we consented to have a Homecoming dance and party in B'ham following the Auburn game. Fall of i950 saw the end of the "Choo Choo" Tyson re- gime and the entrance of E. A. iEfficiency Alwaysi McCollum's rule. "Take a card" Wadsworth led the pack the second semester. ln spite of an off-limits frat house, SAE pins were dis- tributed freely among the sorority houses iany girl wishing to apply send photo, measurements, and morals to "Torpedo" Nash or "Bird Dog" Farmeri. ln the spring, the brother's thoughts lightly turned to what the girls had been thinking about all winter, and a series of incomparable socials began. They were highlighted by the Founder's Day celebration on March 9th, followed by the annual Black and White Ball. We are building a new house. In view of the present draft situation a new location was sought? ti Note to Alums and parents: New Mailing address will be: SAE House Okefenokee Swamp, Georgia. Actives: Howard Alexander Billie Balentine John Bankhead Sam Blair George Blinn Luke Boykin Jim Brandis Morgan Browder Fred Burns Dick Burton Tommy Caldwell Archie Carmichael Van Chunn Benton Cogburn Albert Copeland Ted Copeland Paul Cribbins Charlie Culp Jesse Duke Leslie Edwards Jack Elmore OFFICERS KIP WADSWORTH . . ..,...,. Eminent Archon DARRY SEMPLE. , , . . .Eminent Deputy Archon CHARLES CULP .. .,... Eminent Recorder JESSE KELLER . . . . .Eminent Treasurer MEMBERS Richard Emmett Ted Jones T. D. Semple Jim Farmer Jesse Keller Phil Shealy Emory Folmar Jack King Ted Shealy Walter Fowlkes Al Fulford Richard Gaynor Sharp Gillespy Jack Gilliland Frank Grove Charles Hall Bruce Hcinahan Lee Harris Don Hawkins Clifford Herren Perry Hooper Paul Horton Bob Howard Edmond Hughes Rod Hughes Winston Hughes Robby James John Jeffries Judson Landrum William Lanning Don Lathem Jack Minks Buddy Moose Edgar McCollum Holt McDowell Tommy Nash James Odum John Oliver Walter Oliver Billy Pearce Sam Peebles Jack Plylar Key Pcwell Harry Prater Jimmy Ratliff Richard Reynolds Bob Ruffin Bob Shelton John Sibley John Smith Sam Smith Tom Smith Edward Steel Jim Stothart Tommy Thomas D. C. Wadsworth D. S. Walker Maultsy Waller Hugh West Jack iNinter Pledges: Frank Bainbridge Herbert Gilder Charles F. Groom Fred Johnston Kip Wadsworth and Mrs. Sutliff Jack Nolle Jack Piper Jon W. Pitts Tommy Ritchie Bob Saunders Myron Scales Eugene Sherlock Frank Smith Lee Smith Rube Thornton Faculty: Dr. S. Paul Garner Dean Allen J. Going William Going A. M. Kennedy Edward Kimbrough Gerald Little Dr. R. l. Little Dr. John McLure Charles VV, Scarritt Dr. Joseph H. Walker F i t ALABAMA MU CHAPTER H' W, lm I R 5 if tag S . me Ss . , ? .. 'V'y .. ii ',.-- I i n A S A . ',', - . is . i -Q, . Q if 5 Sk YET x 2- Q 1. A A Q Top Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row: Fifth Row: Sixth Row: Seventh Row Bainbridge Copeland, T. Gillespy Hughes, R. Moose Ratliff Sibley Bankhead Cribbins Gilliland Hughes, W. McCallum Reynolds Smith, C. Blair Culp Groom James McDowell Ritchie Smith, J. Blinn Duke Grove Johnston Nash Ruffin Smith, S. Boykin Elmore Hall Jones Noble Saunders Steele Burton Folmar Hanahan Keller Odum Scales Thornton Caldwell Fowlkes Hawkins King Pearce Shealy, J. Wadsworth Carmichael Fulford Hooper Landrum Peeples Shealy, S. Walker Cogburn Gaynor Howard Latham Pitts Shelton West Copeland, A. Gilder Hughes, E. Minks Prater Sherlock Winter SAE'S BOAST COROl.l.A BUSINESS MANAGER AND PRESIDENT OF COTll.l.lON CLUB Page 281 .4l4 PQQQJ ff? ""i , -is , 5' M 1 Q5 v-43? ,o ai Ya' say ya' wanna meeT a TreakTerniTy'? Say ya' Wanna know where all Those pins and converTibles came from? Tell ya' whaT l'm gonna do - Take a look! Whadda'ya see? Sigma Alpha Mu, under The able guidance of Head RingmasTer Phineus T. DolovviTZ, has brought To This very campus The greaTesT, The mosT stupen- dous, The mosT sensational, The most gliTTering array of freaks, pin-headed pigmies, clowns, convertible-back riders, caged pledges, sTrong men, and death-defying daredevils who will curdle your blood with Their icy courage in canasta, poker, and soliTaire. See The magnificenr pageanTry of Their Baccanalian TeasTs! Hear The swoonful music oT Ira Beal, The saxiesT boy in The LPH MU menagerie! Throb To The iungle rhyThms oT The MoscovviTz drums! Get The exalTing Teeling OT queasiness in The beauTiTul shrubbery surrounding The palaTial mansion! Thrill To The performance of The Trained pledges who jump Through Tiery hoops To The whip cracking of Al Bender! See Them risk Their unimporTanT lives Tor The pleasure oT The revel- ing acTives! All This and more you will see conglomeraTed under one leaky roof aT Number One STadium Drive. And The price? One pledge pin, obTainable aT any daTe parlor, TV room, or by Turning in one I-ladacol box Top To The aToremenTioned DolowiTz. OT course, you may use a reasonable Tacsimile iT your dealer is ouT of The real sTuTT. Actives: Al Bender Harvey Blum Joe Blum Jerry Boorstein Harris Cohen Larry Croen Robert Dolowctz William Dulberg Art Elias M. Carl Finke, Jr. lrvin Fleischer Al Freehling OFFICERS ROBERT DOLOWITZ , ,.,.... , , , , ,Prior Ronald Freeman Sheldon Goldstei Raymond Green Hiram Guedalin Leonard Hackrna H D PAUL RAYMON . , , . ,Vice-Prior STANLEY SALTZMAN , , . . ,Recorder JERRY BOORSTEIN , Exchequer MEMBERS Robert Harris Ira Beal Jack lnfald Bernard Bogate Murray Levin Marvin Edelson Ellis Lipson Fred Goldberg Marty LiTwin AlTred Kadan Robert Loverbaum Sczmuel Kaufman Herbert Morris Harold Lischkoff Edward Moscowitz Arnold Oaken Sheldon Pevsner Mel Siegel Don Ross Milton Waldoff Stanley Saltzman Sidney Youngelman Martin Shafron Burt Zitcer William Spirer Calvin Zedd Robert Tobin Faculty: Pledges: Dr. Harry Lipson Stanley Abrams Mr. Martin Wiman Richard Barlow Bob Dolowitz and Mrs. Rich in cfiblii'-l?.mfQa":gil.F.L.1 5:63, ., s TAU CHAPTER af -:, " .- 1 X . li I 1 x 5 4' .y - 5 IQ'-a n o A Nvaxx I .. I . A I - - - , fl ,Mah " :eg 'X . I I L ' . A ig A . fm, 'G' J I. 1 ,Sm A, on 'vez A A 5 . ' I, s .5:: .y'y x Q , w .Q Sq 5 1 -. A In ,sf V- ., - ,i f I -, gig . ,:', , . S TLA - 2 'R' Q .V. ' I2 I fa , Q 'f' me fi- ff 2- f . A5 " If -fff g I w A rf , m..h 25 . , 1 ,1', ie, mmh. M 3 v 5 wkszi, f - Q W' W yr Wy W i K ? I I I , I I W fig? I . if , f 4 1 X f if I 2 of f fs gl". Top Row: Second Row: Barlow Dolowitz Beal Dulberg Blum, H. Eclelson Blum, J. Elias Bogale Finke Boorstein Fleisher Croen Freel1ling Third Row: Goldberg Goldstein Green Hackman Harris lnfuld Kadan I Fourth Row: Fifth Row Kaufman Moscowiiz Levine Pevsner Lipson Salfzman Lischkoff Shafron Lifwin Spirer Lorberbuum Waldoff Morris Zedd Zitzer BILL STERN, OUTSTANDING NATIONAL SPORTS ANNOUNCER, IS AN SAM ALUM Page 283 -5. s I G M A H I x This is your annual news summary from your SIG Studios on the campus of the University of Alabama . . . Tonight we have some of the biggest news since the Derby was banned! . . . Dottie Grover, national Sweetheart of Sigma Chi, visited the Capstone in person to crown Iota Iota's sweetie at the annual Blue and Gold Ball . . . More later, but first a word from our sponsor . . . Since T855 Sigma Chis have been ramping around the USA . . . Your local dealership was established in I876 . . . And ever since they've been wooing Capstone co-eds with their monthly socials, pledge swaps, and spring picnics .... They've shown their athletic prowess by winning the football trophy for four years in a row . . . As any Capstone lovely will tell you . . . ifollowing iingle to tune of 'Shortenin' Bread'I . . . "Bama's little co-eds love Sig-ma, Sig-ma . . . Bama's little co-eds love Sigma Chi" . . . And now back to James Parks Caldwell . . . This year a certain group who wear white crosses climbed the ladder to collegiate success . . . Jim St. John, Phi Bete . . . Sole Coleman, veep of AED . . . Lamar Falkner, SDX and C-W managing editor . . . Jim Wise, Druids secretary . . . Lamar Gammage, law school executive council . . . Walter Byars, Cotillion club . . . And the boys monopolized the All-Campus football team . . . As for the lighter side of the news, it seems that the marrying bug pitched tent at the Sig house . . . I2 of the brothers walked the plank to matrimony and one of them honeymooned during final exams . . . Congratulations and best wishes for decades of happy married life!! . . . Well, til next year, In Hoc, OFFICERS VICTOR WOODMAN .. ALEX NEWTON PHIL ENOCHS .. JIMMY KISSEL .. . . . ..... President . . .Vice-President . . A .Secretary . . . .Treasurer MEMBERS Actives: Jim Anderson Bob Andrews Jim Becker Carl Booth Charles Brocks Walter Byars Joe Chalmers Lew Charbonneau Pat Chestnut Sole Coleman Jack Cummings Talbert Daniels Alan Davidson Jim Dockery Phil Enochs Bob Esdale Lamar Faulkner Thomas Findlay Lamar Gammage Ray Graves Bill Griener Tom Griffin Gus Hamner Claude Harkins John Hines Tom Hines Bill Hoffman Bill Hollis Gene Hunter John Jameson Jim Kissel Jim Langford Carl Langlois Calvert Lewis Dale Lewis Charles Longenecker Bob Maxwell Bob Montgomery Joe McGowan Richard McPherson Morgan Nealy Gradon Newman Alex Newton Phil Newton Jim Norton Roscoe Null Paul Owen Ed Peter Ray Pradat John Proctor Charles Ratcliffe Lamar Rencher Earl Rutledge Jim St. John Bill Sanders Earl Simmons Roy Smalley Ed Spier Bob Suppler Graham Waite Winston Waters Judd Webster Marion VVeems Gray Whigham Charles Williamson Jim Wise Victor Woodman Victor Woodman and Mrs. Allison Pledges: Rory Dickens Gene Findlay Lucian Gex Ed Gray Bill Haynie Bob Iler John McGowan Paul Pierce H. B. Steward Malcolm Sumrall Clarence D. Whigham Harry Whitner Faculty: Dr. George H. Denny Dr. Everett Bishop Coach Joe Kilgrow Mr. James Thomas Jeff Bennett Lt. Col. Hazard Stay Richard Gibson IOTA IOTA CHAPTER ,jfiv Y '95 L Q L gp . A, . ,s. ,ug 35' f X 4 . mi BK + H3 1, ,.L-- .3 lim xi J sux i E gs sn ?. is iv, F"' " S2663 Y .-,Q Top Row: Becker Booth Brooks Byars Chalmers Charbonneou Cummings Daniels Second Row: Dickens Dockery Enochs Falkner Findlay Gex Gray Griffin Third Row: Greiner Hamner Harkins Haynie Hines Hoffman Hollis ller Fourth Row: Jameson Kissel Lewis Longenecker Maxwell Nealy Newman Newton, A. Fifth Row: Newton, P. Noriom Null Owen Peter Prada? Procior Rafcliffe Sixfh Row: Sanders Simmons Spier Sumrall Webster Weems Whigham, C Whigham, H Woodman SIGS INTRODUCED NATIONAL SWEETHEART AT ANNUAL BLUE AND GOLD BALL Page 285 in Q mf' ' sn! 34 3.3 I . " li' "-'?Ze,",a" , ,, 91' 215' f2Qff'?'-iiflf 3 If " W I One rainy Saturday afternoon in T874 Jim Little and Bill Garner founded Theta of Sigma Nu at Eutaw. lThis pair would probably have saved time had they first looked at Nick'sl. ln l95O Sigma Nu began the year with active rush, 35 rushees . . . 35 blackballs. With Carey "Squirrel" Walker heading their new streamlined rush committee, the chapter expects to fare equally as well next year . . . without the blackballs. Seriously considering the gravity of the internation- al situation, the eminence of war with Russia, and the sound advice of University President Dr. Gallalee, "keep steady, think clearly, and go slowly," the Sigma Nu's went slowly. Theta had only an average athletic season. With both Garner and Little hampered by injuries, the Snakes had to content themselves with exploits in the realm of minor sports. Gilbert Wesley won the Southeastern Amateur Golf Championship and golfer Jimmy Ryan won the Alabama Amateur. Though mediocrity is the keynote, the Snakes also have wheels, namely "Faces" Smith and "Orange" Proctor. The former's claim to fame - an all time high in number of KD's dated. The latter's claim to fame - roaming with the former. OFFICERS x MAURY D. SMITH ..,, . RAMSER STANBURY. . . CHARLES A. ROOT ..,. BURNS PROCTOR .... WILLIAM CARTER. , . JOHN OAKLEY. .. , .... .,...,.... C ommander . , . .Lieutenant Commander .....,......Recorder . . .Treasurer . . .Chaplain . . .Sentinal MEMBERS Actives: Ladd Goodson Louis Rice Robert Edmond Joe Alexander, Jr. Raymond Harper Terry Richardson Tim Faulk John Astleford Thomas Hayden Charles Root Marshall Foster Dick Averyt John Holmes James Ryan Wayne Goodson Luther Bevis Army Hudnell Newman Sankey Sonny Hagood James Boyles James Little Adger Satterfield Amos Jones Donald Brunson Jerry Longshore John Scott Frank Mickle Thomas Cantey Tom Longshore Tommy Shanks Charles McKimmon William Carter Daniel Lynch John Shuttleworth Neil Myers Dan Christopher John Lyon Maury Smith John Taber Elbert Craig Thomas Miller Ramser Stanbury Lynoid Vaughn James Dailey George McCain Emmette Tarrant Billy Watts Charles Daniel James McElroy Duke Tatum Sam Wellborn Bromley Dyson Milton McKinney Carey Walker Max Wells Richard Elsom John Oakley Julian Watters George Eyraud Andrew Orzel Harald Wesley Faculty: Byrd Flowers Harold Pate Vernon Chaffin Onc Forman Ed Poole Pledges: Professor Edwin H. Foster Elisha Poole Burns Proctor William Garnet Hollis Geiger Dr, James B. McMillan Dr. A. B. Thomas George Belleau George Cooper Mrs. Morrow and Maury Smith W ' at me Q. .-..: W, L. THETA CHAPTER re yy, ,ff- 1' of ii 2 I K x 'V 1 . sm xkk. 'Wi -. f '51 . T H 'FS I f' . Y 1 R I 1, I ' 5 2 I -sf 'A' 5 N W' is Q ' " f 5, ? ' ., S. fl iff. -' f ir jg 5 , ' kV" is 'q ' . K I .xi my , in 'Q .U r 1523 fL s ta y, -L, f .A,L , V , , K, ' S a s I so f F I 93 . . ,. f if I - I Q 1 S I , I S I 24 A xx K ., A M 2 M V is Q4 is 'iii-3, ,KW if nk X. :ui , 'SQ . I, s 1 it - X - K , L if f H " ' it'- ff 5, V --- V I . 1, p ' ' HP i ' ' R , Gb' , S My 9' - QV 1 is in "', V A . ' ' MQ... - . Y Top Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row: Fifth Row: Sixth Row: Seventh Row: Alexander Cooper Faulk Holmes Miller Poole, R. Shuttleworth Averyt Craig Foster Hudnell Myers Proctor Smith Belleau Dailey Garner Jones McElroy Richardson Sfanbury Bevis Daniel Gieger Longshore, T. McKinney Root Taber Boyles Dyson Goodson, J. Longshore, W. McKimmon Ryan Tarrant Brunson Edmond Goodson, L, Lynch Oakley Sankey Tatum Contey Elsom Hogood Lyon Orzel Satterfield Vaughn Christopher Eyraud Harper Mickle Pate Scott Watts Shanks Wellborn SIGMA NU'S OCCUPY FIRST HOUSE TO BE BUILT ON PRESENT FRATERNITY ROW Page 287 ganna, n P9 :mi IGM no aa M. fa .I-' Ra' 'Tis the hour of recollection and as I look o'er the year, I see many accomplishments for the fraternity so dear. 'Twas barely the beginning ot September and ot Fifty When I saw to my surprise that the Sig Eps had shifted. The campus was a-buzz, even to the smallest house, For 'tis not every day we move to a new house. Then in December the campus beauties were seen, The men ot hearts held a dance and Sue Pafford was their 1 PHI EPILO Much later in February when Santa and finals were past, The Klondike Party came about with gold enough to last, Bama Beta could boast and boast with dueful right, For the Sig Eps District Convention chose Bama as its site. Before the year ended and the semester had run out, The Sig Eps held a Spring Formal, in gay April it came about And now the Episodes tade and men come into view, We all honor these Sig Ep men and they are of interest to you OFFICERS ......Presiclent . . .Vice-President . . .Secretary . . .Treasurer . . . .Historian MEMBERS Queen. JIM OAMBLE ..,,. JAMES L. REEDER ,...... ROY MORRIS DRIGGERS .... ALFRED SALIBA ,,....,. BILL GREGORY.. Actives: Ellis Paul Antoon Robert Davis Battin, Jr, James Raymond Breth Oscar Floyd Darnell Fred Benjamin Dees Roy Morris Driggers John Joseph Fannaly, ll James M. Gamble Neil F. Gillis William W. Gregory, Jr Wiley F. Harris Charles A. Harvey Turner E. Hasty Roland Davies Jackson James H. Kyle John C. Lichty Malvin C. Mauney, Jr. Edmond D. Messer Atwill L. Miller, Jr. Edward H. Moseley Thomas E. McLaughlin Francis C. Null Clyde L. Owings James L. Reeder Alfred J. Saliba Charles H. Vann John S. Vodantis James W. Webb Pledges: David R. Bauer Frank L. Boyd Harry G. Causey Bob Coleman Eddie B. Ezell Kenneth J. Graves John P. Hollomon Charles H. Jackson Robert J. Kennedy Joseph M. Matranga Bill Merrill Richard E. McClary James W. Pinkston Richard E. Robin Leonard Ross James B, Smith Kenneth B. Todd Carlton M. Turner Ronald O. Walker Lehman W. Williams, Jr George K. Wingard Faculty: Mr. James Faircloth Mr. Warren Keith Mr. L. A. Woodman Dr. Emmett Carmichael Mrs. W. H. Gregory and Jim Gamble ALABAMA BETA CHAPTER af B. Top Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row: Fifth Row: Antoon Ezell Hollomon McLaughlin Turner, C. M. Battin Fannaly Jackson, C. Null Turner, C. L. Bauer Gamble Jackson, R. Owings Vann Breth Gillis Kyle Pinksfon Vadanfis Causey Graves Lichty Reeder Walker Coleman Gregory Messer Ross Webb Darnell Harris Miller Saliba Williams Dees Harvey Moseley Smith Wingard Driggers Hasty McClary Todd SIG EPS CHRISTENED THEIR NEW HOME AT GALA RECEPTION DURING THE FALL Page 289 ,., ..J 1,9441 fs 'G 4 23.5 QI? P7355 0 lv. ,Q fi VI.. We T H E T I After much research on the history of Alpha Phi Chapter, I found the history of the chapter to be much older than the Grand National Chapter. A trek to several national archives proved this point. Some of the interesting facts that I found were: Appa' Pie was founded during the year 500 BC in ancient Greece, by three fellows named Alpha, Gamma, and Omega. Each spring a formal at the Parthenon was the high spot of the social season in Athens. They had the best orchestra in the country, one Oedepius Rex with his slick slogan: "Fling and Flex with Oedepius Rex." And who do you think brought Appa' Pie to America? The Pilgrim fathers, no less. The descendants of Appa' Pie changed the name of the organization to "The Cupids" soon after the U. of A. was founded. Dr. George Lang CPh.D., D.D., A.B., M.A., LL.D., Phi Beta Kappa, ODK, etc.l was instrumental in the renaming and founding of this organization. Early in the 20th century the members decided to honor their founders by giving it an original Greek name, so they changed the name from The Cupids to Gamma Sigma. In I926 Gamma Sigma at the U. of A. decided to break off international relations and restrict membership to the U.S.A. only. That was the year the Gamma Sigs decided to merge with the best national fraternity in this country. And of course they settled on Theta Chi. ln keeping with tradition, the spring formal is still the high spot of the social season and each spring the boys "Swing and Sway with Sammy Kaye," one of their many nationally known members. The "Joy Boys," a more recent nickname for the Theta Chis, are proud of such an illustrious history and look to the future with bright visions of adding pages to the great past. OFFICERS DON C. OVERSTREET, . . DAVIS GLASS ...... JIMMY WALL ....... ORMOND FRAZIER .... JOHN NEWTON. . . . . . ...... President . . . .Vice-President . . .Secretary . .Treasurer , . . Marshall MEMBERS Actives: Adolphus H. Gibson, Jr. Milton D. Glass Earl J. Hadaway Thomas J. Hamner, Jr. Alfred P. Holmes, Jr. Fred J. Kildron Earl J. Mann, Jr. Van H. Maraman William G. Mathews Earl Shafter Miles, Jr. James S. Mitchell, Jr. Emory W. Morris John G. Newton George Nichols, Jr. Axel Norstedt, Jr. Donald C. Overstreet Charles O. Parkel, Jr. Charles A. Pichelmayer Joseph E. Allen Wilbur C. Armstrong Roland E. Ballow Aubrey Blackwell Robert S. Brown Raul L. Carr William E. Carr Robert P. Cleere, Jr. Lewis J. Cook, Jr. Richard H. Cord William E. Crowder, Jr. Eugene L. Croxton, Jr. Charles W. Crutcher Henry L. Darnell James Davis Joe Drummond Ormond W. Frazier Carlton Parker Mason Powell Jim Rives Paul Rozear Clyde Seals Leon Smith Bennett Terry Bill Withington Eugene L. Reader, Jr. Kidd W. Reid Otha C. Salter Clarence W. Scott, Jr. Joseph W. Tedder, Jr. James E. Tillery Jimmy M. Wall Wade W. Ward, Jr. James E. West Young U. West, Jr. Faculty: Coach Hank Crisp Col. Carleton K. Butler Dr. H. D. Bonham Dean S. J. Lloyd Coach Charles Stapp Phil A. Knuth Almur S. Whiting Pledges: Aubury Baugh Jarman Baxley Dud Connoly George Hartwell Joe Johnson John Kearny Don Overstreet and Miss Bibb rul"""'2""w-1-ws..,,,,,a, Hd MR sz LQ 4m.a2'. 'r.:gr.f'2..r' . - .srsrsr zqpf -,mmcj gf mi.msw.1uuaqs.f.wwq-.arztmwszcwx ALPHA PHI CHAPTER --W f l Q 1 fe A X in - X- ,, , 1, ,., . .,,1:., .V 154 x- Ui E Z A Q P Z U 1 U! E P -4 3 P Z UI P 3 3 -4 K P -4 l'l'l 5 'll P 3 O C UI -I I I'l'l -I P G E 'U E U I'l'l P Z U L 0 -4 Top Row: Allen Armstrong Ballow Bough Baxley Blackwell Brown Carr, P. Carr, W. Second Row: Cleere Connolly Cook Cord Crowder Croxton Crutcher Darnell Drummond Third Row: Frazier Gibson Glass Hadaway Hartwell Holmes Johnson Kearney Kildron Fourth Row: Mann Mathews Miles Mitchell Morris Nichols Norsfedt Overstreet Parkel Fifth Row: Parker Pichelmayer Powell Reader Reid Rives Rozear Salter Sixth Row: Tedder Tillery Wall Ward West, J. West, Y. Wl1i'ing Wifhington l 4.1 Actives: Pledges: - Cir T H E T I S' 0 5, 4.. . n 'O' V- r ..-7 5 0-Ax ', ' 0.0. After all these years of living in the old barn with holes in the walls, floors and ceiling big enough to accommodate not only cats, socks, and old Rams, but also an occasional pledge who broke his shackles, I left here last Spring expect- ing to return in September and find the place Iiveable for the first time in fifty years. What a ioltl I I As I passed through the portal a keg of nails fell from above, putting a neat part right smack in the middle of my crew-cut. One of the kindly members of the carpenter's local proceeded to amputate my left leg with a very dull keyhole saw. Leaving a trail of that precious red liquid, Cworth SI5.00 a pint at Druid Cityl, and a bloody stump behind me, I hobbled up the twenty-two steps to that cubicle of rafters which had been my room. One step over the threshold and bam! There I was falling through space without the proverbial parachute. Disgusted with the whole affair I commandeered a saw-horse to use for a crutch and journeyed down the road. I returned to my abode plastered, woke up the next morning covered with plaster, and the next day Plaster joined the Navy . . . I-Iollie Plaster that is. It's not so bad now, as I sit rocking on the front porch dangling my cork fibia on the deck with pledges catering to my every need . . . Hal We still had to buy waste baskets, however. You see, you can't win. OFFICERS JACK W. BOWEN DOUGLAS McCOLLlJM . . ROBERT S. THOMAS, JR. . , JAMES V. BLADES .... CHARLES WOMBLE . . . . . .,... President . . . .Vice-President . . . . .Treasurer ........,.....Steward . .Corresponding Secretary MEMBERS Carl G. Johnson William Arthur Adams James R. Beaird Russell C. Benedict Arthur L. Bentley James V. Blades, Jr. Marvin Blemker Daniel C. Blue Jack W. Bowen Clyde Boyle Richard E. Coleman Gregory Despinakis Horace Flanigan, Jr. John W. Gandy Stanley A. Gilman J. P. Green James O. Johnson Wiley W. Kennamer Robert H. Knight Louis H. Lackey A. C. Moore Douglas R. McCollum Wayne McCullough Forrest F. Patterson Hollie Plaster, Jr. Howard W. Rife Charles Roe Eugene Sherman Robert S. Thomas, Jr. Raymond G. Tipton Alan D. Trott Jack Bowen and Mrs. Park Richard Armbrester Edward M. Cook Jack Davis Bill Gilmore John L. Hayman, Jr. Robert W. Jones Joe Riddle Jack C. Russler, Jr. J. W. Stewart Pritchard S. Thomas Charles H. Womble Faculty: Lt. Col. Allen L. Terry Dr. Donald H. Ecroyd Dr. C. D. Smith Mr. Herbert Kuenzel ,H , I W fs Q2 X . 0 'xx on' , I ALPHA LAMBDA CHAPTER 4 l to I V :.- alex - Qi, - . man 9 51 7' z l 1 AAAA M I T " .. +-'-: . " ' -, " .L ' -' it i - : ,A I' E C. K Q W' N: E ,I - 3 - 1 ak G In 'K -' 4 K , x J A K ' ' I sw A -- A A : V I 4"' This J T - fi? In-.lf 111 3 ' Top Row: Second Row: Third Row: Adams Coleman Gilman Armbrester Cook Green Benedict Davis Hayman Blades Despinakis Johnson, C. Blemker Flanigan Johnson, J. Boyle Gandy Knight y I :.: . r I 2 49, X 2 , ' x iisfh .gi F FS' gt .Q ,Trix its 1- S g,.ii11Fi15 Q! , If .:,.. 5 ,J Q S J an 'is A .4 - gt ' Q- 57 5 . if ,ffff P 2 . 11-H ' .. X Fourth Row: Lackey McCollum Plaster Riddle Rife Roe Fifth Row: Sherman Stewart Thomas, P. Thomas, R. Tipton Trotf SPORTS DIRECTOR OF WABP, RUSS COLLYER, IS AN OUTSTANDING THETA XI Page 293 :Wy . Q- c . IW 'U jifssf. Qi-A la' ' 157' U fail T bil? .gr- The smiling faces of The Zebes reflecTs The Spirif of BroTherhood found in This house. This group of boys will probably be around for a long Time, since mosT of Them are majoring in drafT-dodging. On Thursday's, when The ROTC has iTs weekly drill The House is converTed info a U.S.O. Club. Somefimes iT is hard To see The House because of The many converTibles and limousines parked oufside. Our suc- cessful social season reflecfs The "Homebrew" personaliTies of The fraTers. Our old fashioned House Parfy in The counfry and a joyful ChrisTmas ParTy are Typical examples of Zebe ParTies, This year we even wenT so far as To have a regional Convenfion. BET Don'T geT The idea Thaf These boys are lazy, for They are greaf lovers . . of exercise and sunshine. Trophies have been won for Tennis, and good foofball, baskeTball, and volleyball Teams compefed This year. The Zebes also hold Their Tradifion of being auf on The campus. Righf now, we have David Kulman, Presidenf of InTerfraTerniTy Council, David Bernsfein, Adverfising Manager of The Corolla, Business Manager of Homecoming program, Druids, Bama Day, Sylvan Byck, AdverTising Manager of The Rammer Jammer, Cofillion Club, Berf MiTchell, Phi BeTa Kappa. Now Thaf you know a liTTle abouf us, Take a good look aT us if you wanT To see whaT a grood fraTerniTy is. OFFICERS GUS FREIBAUM .... ........ ..... P r esidenf TED PAILET ..,.. .... V ice-PresidenT JAY WEINSTEIN. . . ..... Treasurer MANDEL SELBER. . . . . .SecreTary ALAN BARTON. . . .... Hisforian MEMBERS AcTives: Jerry Leeds Julian Sfrassburger Barry Ackman Jimmy Levenson Ivan Victor Alan Barfon David Markowiiz Jay Weinsfein Morris Barfon Marc Marks Pledges: David BernsTein Sidney Mefzger Milfon Brown Herbert Blumberg Alon Miller Ned Caheen Sylvan Byck Berf Mitchell Marc Gup Gus Freibaum Ted Pailef Charles Kraselsky Donald Goldstein Alan Pines Bernard Lobel Jack Held Gene Salenfrend Ben Lowe Julian Kayser Louis Schulhafer Marc Miller Arthur King Bernard Seal Charles Pollack Melvin KloTzman Mandel Selber Lionel Silverfield David Kulman Charles Simon Faculty: Jerry Lapid us Ronald Slepian Dr. Fred Lewis Gus Freibaum and Mrs. Hunfer M A ff f M-if-:.e-...a-was 5-:wise-awwwiwsm.sMMwwwe:-smQ::s1f QmMwe...,,s-:Msgs grams PSI CHAPTER X j T l 3 Z. 'EE A 2 A . - , , . . - s .1 an Q! s' 4 4 'E 'X - f" , X, Q' . , Top Row: Ackman Barton Bernstein Blumberg Brown Byck Caheen Freibaum , m,,, fi E 'sf of 'T Second Row: Goldstein Gup Held Kayser King Klofzman Kraselsky Kulman Third Row: Lapidus Leeds Levenson Label Lowe Markowiiz Marks Metzger .f, ff. ,,:., S eisff ll yt ' L l . ,,.2 . .. ' A - f sniff nene, A Fourth Row: Fifth Row: Miller, A. Seal Miller, M. Selber Mitchell Silverfield Pailef Simon Pines Slepian Pollack Sfrassburger Salenfriend Vicior Schulhafer Weinstein ZBT HAS HIGHEST FRATERNITY SCHOLASTIC RECORD FOR PAST TWENTY YEARS Page 295 OMICRON DEUTERON CHAPTER Actives: Alan Armstrong Robert Boulos Billy Collins Louis Cote William Dravis James Gilder Howard Graves David Hangarter Francis Hart Thomas Hood William Johnson Charles Killian Henry Killian Mitchell Lattof Ramsey Lattof Paul McCully Thomas Price Robert Robinson Frank Rodriguez John Searcy Emmett Shotts Gay Talese MEMBERS Joseph Vana Brice Wachterhauser Wallace Watson Pledges: Van Becea Larry Chiodetti Burt Green Bill Henson Charles Kelley Donald Motter Frank Muhaw Dave McCormick Gilbert McKee Michael Pedalino Ray Prills Jesse Richardson Bob Webb Robert Williams Faculty: Dr. Frederick Cox Dean A. B. Moore Dean P. E. Brownback , :N W tt fs Q25 if Mr TOP ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: FOURTH ROW: FIFTH ROW: , Armstrong Graves Killian, C. McKee Shotts "-'------ preslderll Beceu Hangarter Killian, H. Pedalino Talese PAUL MCCULLY. . , . . .Vice-President ZOTIIOS :aff Iiqliofcf ir- IIZHE? what I1 ' at o , . o lnson ac er auser ' ' ' ' "" Seclielclry Cztdns Hggiion Motter Rodriguez Watson ALAN ARMSTRONG . . . . .Treasurer Drdvis -'0:1InSOf1 mcgcflmifk 5eC"fY Williams Gilder Ke ey c U y MQQQL O Zambia . PHI SIGS HAVE ONLY FRATERNITY HOUSE ON TRADITIONAL SORORITY ROW Congenial Chief "Spade" Rayfielol zoomed his flashy Chevy into his usual spot in the Phi Sigma Kappa parking lot one morning in September as the Phi Sigs were moving into their newly-acquired chapter house on "Co-ed Alley" ialias Colonial Drive? and said to the boys, "Boys, be good." this timely advice from the kind Chief of Police, With Omicron Deuteron chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa launched its activities on Sorority Row, and it has been a most enioyable stay ever since. President Mitchell Lattof, a scholarly gentleman from Mo- bile, posted a "No whistling at the gals" sign as his initial move in office, Treasurer Alan Armstrong ia suave SSS manl, acting like a Wall Street banker, barked, "I want receipts for everything you buy!" And thus we began the year. Gift-ot-the-year: Our gem housemother Miss Jessie Boykin, the best in the land. Wish-for-future: More days on Sorority Row. Mitchell Lattof and Miss Jessie Boykin . KL? ,QI in C? G' ROW ONE: Vann, Groves, Quartin, Whiddon, Pafford, Allen , . ROW TWO: Locke, Silvern, Henderson, Kennedy, Hitt, Smith . . . ROW 3: Broun, Young, Larkins, Griffin, Hull, Edwards, Morrison, Hamrick, McNelIis, Snowden, Spear , . . ROW 4: Sagin, O'Leary, Barnett, Lester, Rhea, Reid, Wayne, Jacobs, Ingram, McKnight. PA HELLEN C COUNCIL This year as before the chiet service ot Panhellenic is to unite the different sororities into a closer working group. The seventeen independent organizations cooperated in administer- ing rush week regulations, promoting scholarship among vvo- men students, and discussing the problems which are ot interest to all women on campus, ln addition, Panhellenic awarded a trophy to the sorority that maintained the highest scholastic average for the year. Also, during the Spring, Panhellenic presented a trophy to the fraternity winner ot the annual stepsinging contest. In April, the council sponsored a Panhellenic workshop for all sorority women. The purpose ot these meetings was to help each girl understand more fully the responsibilities that she should accept. Women students on the campus were further aided by a Dean's Emergency Fund sponsored by Panhellenic. This agency is maintained to give small loans in cases of necessity. OFFICERS DOT KENNEDY. ,.., . DOT I-IITT ,,.. WILMA HENDERSON ALJDREY SILVERN.. President Vice-President . Secretary , .Treasurer MEMBERS Thelma Gerber Clarice Graves Sibyl Griffin Bea Haas Myndall I-lall Thyra Mac l'lammriCl4 Lucy Ingram Mary Elizabeth Allen Ann Barnett Joanne Beelond Mary Bellinger Mildred Broun Diane Durham Virginia Edwards Hermine Jacobs Billie Rhae Jannett Allene Larldns I-lelen Lester Mabel Loclcfv Elizabeth Morrison Carolyn McKnight Dot McNeIIis Sue Patford Janet Quartin Helen Reid Nancy Rhea Jerry Ann Smith Louise Snowden Nancy Spear Ann Vann Barbara Wayne Jane Whiddon Joan Young Jean Sagin Louisa Smith Page 297 ' saggy' A M "2if'iI"t 3 g,:iF'3, filings ll?- 2 fffi ff iii? Brit 0 is .mimi yfo:'k,ElTY.1 LPHA HI CDIVIEGA 1950-1951 ALPHA CHI TRANSCRIPT Course Hours Grade Homecoming Queen ., .... 3 B "B" . . . tor beauty Scholarship . . . I 1.6 Books? ? Parties .... . . I D "D" . . . tor dry Activities .,,..., ..., 3 C Active Social Service .i., 2 C Faculty dinners Frat Sweethearts ., ,.,,.. i,.. 3 B "Girl ot my dreams . , . Jasons ............, ..... .................. .... 3 A W e stole the show 16 hrs. 26 Q. P. 1.6 average Actives: Charlene Allen Mildred Atkinson Martha Beck Frances Bell Mariel Brawner Mignonne Bray Dorothy Brown Shirley Cain Carolyn Cobb Betty Collins Virginia Edwards Phyllis Fralin Kathryn Gray Margaret Gross Anne Hendrick Virginia Hicks OFFICERS VIRGINIA EDWARDS . A ........ President ROBIN NETTLES . , . . . .First Vice-President SARA RILEY ,......... .. .Second Vice-President PATRICIA PASSMORE. . . .,.. Recording Secretary CAROLYN COBB .... Corresponding Secretary MILDRED ATKINSON .. ...... .. Treasurer MEMBERS Dorothy Hyde Barbara Russell Grace Irvine Jeanee Sledzinski Sue .lowers Betty Jean Varner Lida King Kathryn Waddell Florence Legg Barbara White Patricia Lovell Dorothy Willis Billie Jane Macon Patricia Woodham Lois Mason Virginia McDonald Pledges: Betty McLendon Robin Nettles Patricia Passmore Frances Porter Helen Reid Doris Riggan Sara Riley Jeannine Roberts Rachel Breil Sally Booth Miriam Burge Lillian Cardwell Barbara Catlin Mildred Edward Polly Fenn Janice Garrison Virginia Edwards and Mrs. Dailey lla Hill Rose Holland Anne John Jacqueline Jones Mary E. Jones Katherine Kearley Martha Kelly Vivian Killebrew Doris Kladden Neal Mouchett Jean Rush Jean Stewart Jeanette Thomas Pat Westbrook Faculty: Mrs, J. Hal McCall Viiiissi' ' l fr l l ALPHA UPSILON CHAPTER y I , Rim 'Q v,' i I , u ' ' I W , X' AA LL A g b k,3 . , if Aff I f lim it if K V pq an SE' U A' 525 ii x 'f-R if 727 . 3+ 1 Z: sff'Ei. 'g 'L - , V., A 4 AWM M ' ' :Kgs-1" ' ,, wg w e , is ffgfffff., F 'Ygf 75 film :Z law : ,mibff qw , jim Jgsg 5:22,--if feffftgfyz, AS3 :g:"af2.,?'?:i if L Q 'ni' Qi 3 5 a rt Q I fe SY: Q x 'V K I. . , . A 5.V lg... if , l if A 514 ,... . N tw .. 95 iAA fy ' 23921 X Q as g kj, TOP ROW: Allen Atkinson Beck Bell Booth Brawner Bray Breil Brown Burge SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: Cain Gross Cardwell Hendrick Collin Hicks Cobb Hill Collins Holland Edwards Hyde Fenn lrvine Fralin John Garrison Jones, J. Gray Jones, Mary lfllllli 5,75 , ifgei, S 1 FOURTH ROW: Jowers Kelley Killebrew King Kladden Legg Lovell Macon Mason fn.. a , FIFTH ROW: McDonald Neffles Passmore Porter Reid Rigga n Riley Roberts Rush SIXTH ROW: Russell Sledzinski Slewarl Varner Waddell Westbrook While Willis Woodhom ALPHA CHI OMEGA PRESENTED THE CAMPUS WITH THE '50 HOMECOMING QUEEN Page 299 , ' l K LPH DELTA PI Alpha Delta Pi, the oldest ot all the sororities, will blow out the candles on its lOOth birthday cake in June at a cen- tennial at Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia. The birthday party will mark the end ot a century . . . We've had every- thing, suttragettes, tlappers and in the realms of modern history we've got quite a bevy of queens. Now we had quite a social season. Atter pressing their satin dresses and powdering their faces for two hours, our pledges waltzed ott to many pledge swaps. We had a fine yuletide which included a tormal pledge dance. On May i5 we polished the silver and got out the best linens tor our Annual Founder's Day Banquet. When it came to wheels, we really rolled. Harriane Moore was president of Junior AAUW and a member ot Alpha Epsilon Rho, Helen Hawkins was strangled by a necklace weighted down with keys from the Cotillion Club, the SGA Legislature, and Philos. Marie Dettke was a member of Kappa Delta Pi. We really scooped in the cheese cake department. Darri Marshburn was an ROTC sponsor. Nell Arnold and Sue Munger were in the Corolla beauty section. This was a great year to top oft a great century. When they blow out the candle of that cake there ought to be a lot ot smoke, because we have had a blazing good time. OFFICERS FRANCES LOUISE SNOWDEN. .. ....., President HARRIANNE MOORE ....... , . ,Vice-President LENA SUE REDDOCH .... .... S ecretary JUDY LOUISE BATES .... .... T reasurer Actives: Martha Ann Ball Judy Bates Connie Baynes Laura E. Brown Patricia C. Conway Mary Tompkins Cooper Marie Deffke Mary Frances Duke Jean Carol Gillespie Mary Bonner Hagaman Helen Wilcox Hawkins Mary Alice Jenkins Cora Ann Kingry Rosemary May Jane Mooney Harrianne Moore Eloise Oakley Joy Parrish Gypsey Rainer MEMBERS Lena Sue Recldoch Catherine Sanders Janice Segrest Julia Anne Simmons Frances Louise Snowden Dorothy Tatum Barbara Tull Barbara Wall Jane Whiddon Pledges: Mildred Acker Helen Alves Barbara Armstrong Nell Arnold Bette Biter Sue Campbell Marion Chandler Alice Fruitticher Betty Sue Gurley Mrs. Barker and Louise Snowden Kay Hampton Ann Harbin Elizabeth Hayes Constance Hill Ann Jenkins Ann Kimbrough Mary Faith Kirk Lynne Lilliston Darriene Marshburn Sue Munger Margaret Myrick Dorothy McKenzie Ann Peavler Ann Price Ann Trotter Nancy Turner Faculty: Mrs. G. K. Little Dr. Septima Smith ETA CHAPTER 1 4' 3 5? Qi :lg Y 'S I .. , i 'xr K fs 5 s e I as ' I srra Qs I . .' b ',2, , xii Vvuuuuu I 'X f . 44 'Nw SUN' ,sf qs E 5 x A We TOP ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: Alves Campbell Hampton Armslrong Chandler Harbin Arnold Conway Hayes Ball Cooper Hill Bates Deffke Jenkins Baynes Duke Kimbrough Biker Gurley Kingry Brown Hugaman Kirk -wh yryoyr ,LQ W FOURTH ROW: FIFTH ROW: SIXTH ROW: Lillislon Oakley Simmons Marshburn Parrish Snowden May Peavler Trailer Moore Price Tull Munger Reddoclx Turner Myrick Sanders Wall McKenzie Sr:-gresr Wlwiddon ALPHA DELTA Pl CELEBRATED ITS IOOTH NATIONAL ANNIVERSARY IN JUNE Page 3Ol if-1 Listen, my friends, and you shall hear Of the A E Phi activities of this past year. Twas the 23rd of January in forty-seven That the campus was presented with this bit of heaven. First we had rush week with fun galore, Ended by squeal night with lights on 'til four An open house for our pledges we had With a very good time for each lass and lad. Then came the big night - the Corolla Ball Our two Roses received "the call." Next on the list was Miss WABP Another honor for our sorority. Actives: Evelyn Abrams Betty Beck Janet Buxbaum Ann Copeland Florence Fine Esta Jean Fox Barbara Hytken I-lermine Jacobs Eileen Kohn Jeanne Kimmel Rae Rita Kreisman Dorace Maritzky Louise Morris BARBARA WAYNE. DORACE MARITZKY .... JANET BUXBAUM. . MARCIA RADOMS. EP ILO PHI . OFFICERS MEMBERS Patricia Patterson Rose Pintchuck Marcia Radoms Donna Sarachan Alberta Sherman Barbara Siegel Ellen Siegal Jerilyn Smith Dorothy Spier Lora Stern Barbara Wayne Pledges: Maude Rose Brown Hallie Cohen On November I2th we gave a tea To show how proud of our housemother were we. An "open house" we had on Founder's Day Four years on campus - how they flew away. Our May rush weekend was loads of fun Swimming, dancing, basking in the sun. The Senior Banquet made our hearts swell With mem'ries, tears and fond farewells. We look ahead to our next year A future that is bright and clear. So from A E Phi to the U of A We thank you for many a happy day. . , . . . .President . . .Vice-President . . , .Secretary .. Treasurer Fannie Delugach Judith Ann Goldman Margaret Ann Grundfest Paulina Isaacs Caroline Klotz Shirley Korman Carla Leveck Janis Levy Devora Marcus Elsa Clare Metzger Margaret Ringel Jean Rosenbaum Barbara Lee Silverfield Mrs. Glasgow and Barbara Wayne ALPHA RHO CHAPTER fy 'M-f 1355 ,Q 3, .W K .. we .T -,I f-E 2-9 ' iigggflfb + 'S 'i -":.2'-my eswf Q 5 A. 3 'W-' is .fa I ' f- , 3 M,A 1 I M , E" M ig 2'-i, ,,1 1 i 575 s ii I' TOP ROW: Abroms Beck Brown Buxboum Cohen Copeland Delugclch Fine ,A it . 5 . , 52. N . fQ,gzris2,gf,N Wllfi' , , - . 7,.' 3 n,AAQn SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: FOURTH ROW: Fox Kohn Morris Goldman Korman Pallerson Grundfest Kreismcm Pinlchuck Hyfken Leveck Rudoms Isaacs Levy Ringel Jacobs Marcus Rosenbaum Kimmel Marilzky Sorachon Klofz Metzger Sherman il. FIFTH ROVY: Siegel Siegel Silverfield Smilh Spier Stern Wayne ALPHA EPSILON PHI BOASTED OF MISS WABP AND TWO COROLLA BEAUTIES Puge 303 fl. , .,, .o' Xa ,4 I A 1' . 'Q' fp . A ' 4-01 ' 'O s LPH MMA DELT In 1921 Psi Chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta came to the campus, when the women students numbered one hundred and fifty. As the fourth sorority founded at the University, Alpha Gam became the second to build a house in 1922. From that year on she has gone forward with campus person- alities such as: Frances Price, ROTC Regimental Sponsor, Frances Reeves, Women's Intramural Tennis Champion, Jean Willard, President of Junior Pan-Hellenic Council, Helen Hayes, Secretary-Treasurer, Sophomore Class, School of Com- merce, and, little but not least, Bebe Smith, Head Cheerleader, President of the Senior Class in the School of Education, Cottillion Club, and Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. To an early and faithful organization of campus lite we make this toast . . . Actives: Molly Jo Bellenger Marianne Cole Margaret Carol Cross Emily C. Davis Jane Donald Virginia Dumas Caroline Embry Elizabeth Ann Floyd Jean M. Hall Helen F. Hayes Martha Hershberger Lee Ivy Kathryn Jones Mabel V. Locke Emma Ann Lucas Margaret D. McCaa Jean McElvey MABEL LOCKE. . . RUTH RAPP . MOLLY BELLENGER. . . FRANCES REEVES VERA RADFORD. . CAROLINE EMBRY OFFICERS MEMBERS Bennie C. Nolen Vera R. Radford Ruth Rapp Frances M. Reeves Laura P. Rogers Douglass Rushton Bebe Smith Melba Stoddard Bertha A. Tucker Camille Walpole Marion G. Wright Pledges: Martha C. Alexander Gloria A. Denny Pat Giddens Betsy Ann Gilliland To the tables down at Pugs' Place, To the games where Bebe cheers, To the dear ole Smith-Woods class We know so well, All the Alpha Gams assemble With their spirits aptly tuned While the magic days of college Cast their spell. Yes, the magic days of college With a group we're proud to claim - Born a worker, born a winner, And the rest. We will serenade our glories Vifhile school and fun shall last Then we'll leave, but not forgotten, With the best. ...........President . . . First Vice-President . . ,Second Vice-President ...........Treasurer . . . .Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Mary K. Larkin Margaret A. Locke Olga N. McElvey Jean McMurray Mary F. Price Clara W. Rails Barbara A. Smith Marie B. Sparks Rosemary Usher Jane B. Walker Bobbie A. Whigham Edith E. Whigham Gloria J. Willard Dorothy H, Wilson Nancy H. Wright Neita C. Hornbeck Faculty: Mary B. House Miss Margaret Moorer Housemother and Larkin - 9 I .J ,Q . gf J PSI CHAPTER we 2 - ses Q I , .,.,1-. W I was was Q' vm. , r f, 'SQ . , K 'W , f iff! TOP ROW: Alexander Bellenger Cole Cross Davis Denny Donald Dumas E S n , I y S l LE ,gf 21' 'PV 2 I s w X, SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: FOURTH ROW: Embry House McElvey, N. Floyd Ivy McMurray Giddens Jones Nolen Gilliland Larkin Price Hall Locke, M. A. Radford Hayes Locke, M. V. Ralls Hershberger Lucas Rapp Hornbeck McElvey, J. Reeves ALPHA GAM'S BEBE SMITH WAS HEAD CHEERLEADER xl xg X A K S' A ' 2 ,Miz FIFTH ROW: SIXTH ROW: Rogers Walpole Rushfon Whigham, B Smilh, B. Whighom, E. Smilh, L. Willard Sparks Wilson Tucker Wright, M. Usher Wright, N. Walker AT BAMA FOOTBALL GAMES if ' 45 Y 9' 36.2 H I Once upon a midnight dreary while we pondered weak and weary Over many a quaint and curious volume ot recommendations, While we nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping As ot someone gently rapping, rapping at our Chi O door. O M E While the pledges had their parties, pledge swaps, dates, and formal do nces, Members tried to please their fancies. Ot yearbook beauties two were Chi O cuties Rammer Jammer tried tor weeks to do its glorious duty, Not till Carolyn Primm arrived did they tind December's cover Honoraries looked tor months to add new members to their "Tis some frat boy," we muttered, "Tapping at the Chi O door" beauty. Eagerly we wished the morrow, vainly we had sought to borrow rolls, Borrow sleep from every Sandman . . . sweet, sweet sleep. On the morrow came the pledges, tearing up the grass in our front yard on Squeal Night, Heavens . . l This torevermore. We were not so droll . . . Chi O's started to enroll. Art and Mortar Board elected three and so did Sociology, Speech took one, Triangle more than four And on and on torevermore. OFFICERS JEAN YOUNG ...... ..,...... ..... P r esident DOROTHY UPCHURCH ..... . . .Vice-President KATHERINE PILL HOWARD. . . .... Secretary MARY ANNE SANDERS. . . Treasurer MEMBERS Actives: Betty Ann Harper Jule Stuart Carolyn Adkins Katherine Pill Howard Rose Marie Turner Dorothy Allen Diana Day Inge Dorothy Upchurch Mary Ann Basore Jo Ann Jennings Jo Ann Vann Joann Benton Julia B. Maxwell Jean Young Jacquelyn E. Blackwell Joane McCall Nancy E. Young Jane Alice Bliss Joan E. Nelson Pledges: Claudia Boyd Barbara B. Brotherton Esther Lee Cobbs Juliet Cone Diane D. Durham Harriet L. Enochs Sylvia L. Erickson Sarah Susan Gunn Barbara Jane Hahn Helen F. Poag Carolyn Primm Tommye Reagan Betty Jo Reaves Shirley L. Rester Charlotte M. Rosson Mary Anne Sanders Julia Short Joy Anne Stephenson Sue Ainsworth Dorothy Ann Bryan Mary L. Davis Eulalie Gonzales Margaret Ann Hall Betty Sue Hamilton Jessalyn Harvey Mary K. Holder Betty Jean Holiman Mrs. Lowe a nd Jeun Young Janet K. Humphrey Lucy Carrington Jones Mildred Anne Lee Barbara Ann Mathews L. Marcelle McClintock Betty Lynn Pinion Douglass Powell Betty Jane Rush Nita June Sapp Gloria D. Scates Ann C. Summerville Rose Wallace Thompson Shirley M. Wright Faculty: Miss Eliza beth Carmichael Miss Alice Wyman QW? NU BETA CHAPTER Nw, in- I M' :im - 'U 'Q 5 'att I , 1 lxg 5 ii., ey : 1 ffm 525 sf , j g . - V A I I L f.: w , T , Y .. .V f M i , Q: .E,., .I 1 1.': I , I uf' :eg 1 35 I 5525335 -' ' - - -- ' L- -- H .ygh , z I fig I .., ' ' 1 :iii rliliiaf fi: ' . ., ef.w:,:,::.u 1 , - at ' -W W1 U 7, -sit. 4 . 5:5 W ,M ip ,. X, V w"""" f I av-2 if fix-4533, ff: :ff-:wa - .' I Ql., , Y.. A-L if S 5 g V .. il iii' Q J . - F- " :FQ . A . el.. ,I H , . A I '-,"- 2 - ' f. RJ F TOP ROW: SECOND ROW: Adkins Ainsworth Allen Basore Benton Blackwell Bliss Boyd Brotherton Bryan Cone Davis Durham Enochs Erickson Gonzales lf M ., 'ilk ix x :Tl . I r-': I - 23- ,I lm. . ga , 2 33 5 ' - - EI THIRD ROW: FOURTH ROW: FIFTH ROW Gunn .lones Hamilton Lee Harper Mathews Harvey Maxwell Holder McCall Holiman McClintock Humphrey Pinion Jennings Poag Powell Primm Reagan Reaves Rester Rosson Rush Sanders Sapp SIXTH ROW: Short Stephenson Stuart Summerville Thompson I Upchurch Vann Young, J. Young, N. I I CHI O SHIRLEY RESTER SELECTED TOP :COROLLA BEAUTY FROM 55 CANDIDATES Page 307 2 a'P DELT zia iiililfil What was that anyway, a four alarm fire? Not on your life, that was the mortgage of the DZ House burning and what a celebration! Alums, parents, and faculty - all gath- ered from far and near to witness this event. But let's get from one fire to another. So fire away: Fire one - DZ's have Twilight Ball. Fire two - Senior Breakfast in the Spring. Fire three - Faculty Tea. Fire four - Rose Banquet and Ball. But why go on? We've run out of artillery, and there's still left Halloween Party, Hayride, Founder's Day, and so on indefinitely. Rush, Homecoming, Sports and study, study, study . . . who can ever tell where it ends. The DZ's are at it again and what a wonderful year, Shades of Pep Rally torches, they're really burning up all records with that warm glow of friendship in ukelele sessions, with those cram sessions in the penthouse burning the midnight oil. Beginning with a pledge class as ours to set off the spark for the year, the Delta Zeta's end the year in a blaze of true friendship and fun for all. Actives: Evelyn Alexander Anne Barnett Virginia Bowden Jackie Burns Jean Cargile Peggy Damen Martha Ann Darby Doris Ann Evans Betty Jane Flippen Joy Freundshuch Jane Gillespie Sibyl Griffin Betty Harden Joanne Harper Dot Holley Elizabeth Hunt Betty Carol Huske Carol Johnson ANNE BARNETT . NORMA SMITH. . . SIBYL GRIFFIN. .. DOT SCHOEL .... JOANNE HARPER. MARY STONE ,.., ELIZABETH KARRH OFFICERS .........President . . . .First Vice-President . . . .Second Vice-President ...,........Treasurer . . . .Recording Secretary . . .Corresponding Secretary ..............Historian MEMBERS Elizabeth Karrh Pledges: Virginia Breece Nira Champagne Janet Krickbaum Anna Laura Langston Helen Levanger Pat Cook Edna Earl Moon June Morgan Patty Mulder Francis Gilmer Joyce Howard Carolyn Jackson Dot Paul Anne Lightfoot Nettie Lightsey Margaret Lowery Dottie Powell An na Scharfschwerdt Dot Schoel Wallacia Morrison Carey Ann Skinner Peggy McAliley Elaine Smith Lou Ann Phillips Norma Smith Mary Reese Sue Smith Ann Suttle Mary Frances Stone Joann Tombrello Faculty: Jean Wright Mrs. Emily Lewis Little Mrs. A. H. Mason Anne Barnett and Mrs. Ewing ALPHA GAMMA CHAPTER liwmpw '1-W S li. ff P 9 2 ,I is :nw 3 ' l 'ers 'QQ in I ,N i i K 'K f 71 iiwl If ' if I. , A I 11 ,,'V ll I I U. ' - ' 1 5 P .,,. EM: fs 1 KL' xv f ills -is I In - , IX ,. . .L I , .W kv I , 'ii - ' 1 . R iw ' 4 I "W ,V -.,,- ' ff' WV' WK' Q1', 5 ' SS - 1 if 1 If 3 " Q II, u p ,. . N H, Yr W Q- ...O 2 ' . if if 'gba . - an ' ' I 4 ,t . Ap , .1 . I TOP ROW: Alexander Barnett Bowden Breece Burns Cargile Champagne Cook SECOND ROW: Damen Darby Flippen Freundschuli Gillespie Griffin Harden Harper THIRD ROW: Holley Howard Hunt Huske Jackson Johnson Karrh Krickbaum gf 7 I ' ' ' V I ' I A s r rw A I--O 1 gi " 3 'I - FOURTH ROW: FTH ROW: Levanger Phillips Lightfoof Powell Lightsey Reese Moon Scharfschwerdt Morgan Schoel Mulder Smilh, E. McAIiIey Smith, S. Paul Slone Sultle DELTA ZETAS BURNED MORTGAGE AT TWENTY-NINTH ANNIVERSARY THIS YEAR Page 309 , .Y ,Q L if . QELK Aix' I 'W or 3' , Mercy me, another year in KDI We started off in a "hellish" way as we ushered rushees into our K D Hades Party . . . and we were mighty proud of our twenty-three little devils . . pledges that isl And, oh, how thrilled we were when alum Ann Adams was chosen Maid of Cotton! I In spite of trying to get an education we still found time to have a "bang-up" good volleyball team, in fact, we walked off with the cup. Rigor set in as all sixty of us donned our football suits inot ierseysl - standard garb for those Crimson Tide weekends. Two of those devils from rush week, Sara and Lynn, turned heavenly on us as they were chosen among the top twenty beauties on campus. Though we picked the Monsoon season for our tall socials, we neverthe- less had our usual good time at our annual pledge dance and our Christmas Party. The Kaydees and the ground hogs made their debuts at the first sign of Spring and the good times began to roll. The year came to a close with the following events: the annual White Rose Ball, the Junior- Senior Banquet, and the Senior Breakfast. Then it was gradu- ation, and the Seniors left us to go out into the cold, cold world with bright eyes and new sheepskins. OFFICERS LUCY INGRAM ..., , . . JEAN CARROLL I . . PAT ADAMS ...,. ANN HANAHAN, . . ELIZABETH BLUE. , . . . ,,... President . . ,Vice-President . . . .Secretary , . .Treasurer . . .Editor MEMBERS Actives: Ann Hanahan Sue Sessions Freda Maxwell Celeste P. Adams Jane Hodges Caroline Smith Sara Morgan Glen Anderson Martha Holt Mamie Ward Ruth Moseley Joanne Beeland Martha P. Houser Alida Whatley Gloria McKeon Mary Bennett Lucy Ingram Jane Wilcox Jane McKinnon Elizabeth Blue Margaret Erwin Jones Joan Woolf Lynn Otey Patricia Bostick Marietta Jones Jerilyn Wright Anita Pierce Harold Bowman Sara Jones Marilyn Wright Barbara Ritch Carolyn Bradford Audrey Kyle Gage Yielding Shirley Smith Grace M. Brooks Karol Latimer Madge Urquhart Imogene Carroll J. E. Leatherwood Pledges: Kathleen Waller Mary Ellen Casaday Lillian Cobb Mary Coleman Cobb Monica Damrich Betty Earp Carol Evans Nancy Flagg Carolyn Flanders Theresa Ford Vonceil Foster Lee Gilbert Varina Goodall Pearle Luckie Frances Mallory Lucile Martin Frances Page Jeanette Parker Julia Patterson Nancy Peebles Patricia Peterson Margaret Propst Jimmie Sue Rice Mary Vernon Sanford Billie Schwartz Bobs Barinowski Prather Beeland Noel Bennett Patricia Boyd Ann Brantley Florence Carroll Rebecca Danziger Sara Darden Bedell Evans Katherine Hargis Mary Elyse Johnson Ann Floyd Martin Lucy Ingram and Mrs. Starke Ann Hunter Williams Faculty: Miss Mabel Adams Miss Elizabeth Coleman Miss Lillian Cunningham Mrs. Bessie L. Haden Mrs. Shaler Hauser Mrs. Tennent Lee Mrs. Dobbs Minor Mrs. Ira Moody Miss Emily Searcy ZETA CHAPTER if' . ,,,,,. T . I .ef Lili, tw E if F 5 I , . sf H Q E H 2 - .A, if 1 -s tg 3 "'. Q, f , :iff 55 Q ' -1-ff- ' Lm"A s . K """ ' ' "--:-V . I ' Q Qs . ' : ff i s 5 'W if ::t e: so W I .R : ff. W if 1 5. tt I e s . f l S ii i ii sl 253 A Q K Y ii, in ' at J i if X: TOP ROW: Adams Anderson Barinoswki Beeland Bennett, M. Bennett, N. Blue Bostick Bowman Boyd Brantley TWO KD'S, K ,X . G SECOND ROW: Brooks Carroll, F. Carroll, J. Casaday Cobb, L. Cobb, M. Damrich Danzlger Darden Earp Evans, C. X THIRD ROW: Evans, F. B. Flagg Flanders Ford Foster Gilbert Hanahan Hargis Hodges Holt Houser 4 . we N 5 FOURTH ROW: Ingram Jones, M. E. Jones, M. L. Jones, S. Kyle Latimer Leatherwood Luckie Mallory Martin, A. Martin, L. FIFTH ROW: Maxwell Morgan Moseley McKean McKinnon Otey Page Parker Patterson Peebles 1 N-I tix x V2 1 I Ziff J" S ER, , -::-L' 1 XTH ROW: Peterson Pierce Props! Rice Ritcl1 Sanford Schwartz Sessions Smith, F. C. Smith, S. t P . P 5 2 fx seffikhw f A ffl Rv .lift l SEVENTH ROW: Urquhart Waller Ward Whatley Wilcox Williams Woolf Wright, J, Wright, M. Yeilding, A, PAT ADAMS AND DITSY FORD, WILL APPEAR IN WHO'S WHO EDITION . .f-M in D . . 3 Haw fi . M iii? fel IGMA W r 7 ...L O WiTh black circled eyes and hoarse voices, The acfives of Sigma DelTa cheered and welcomed The unsuspecTing co-eds who appeared aT The house on Squeal Nighf . . . Thus, our year began . . . Homecoming found The franTic females puTTing Their ingenuiTy and brawn To work on a floaT and lawn decoraTions . . . The enThusiasTic femmes enTer- Tained The oTher sororiTies aT desserT parTies Through The year . . The fraTerniTies also had Their share in The busy social calendar . . . pinnings, engagemenTs, and marriages kepf The house filled wiTh flowers and candy . . . The Sig DelT bevy DELTA of beauTy swung inTo acTion This season wiTh Margie Wolf in The Homecoming CourT . . . Audrey Silvern and Regina Gibbs in The Corolla beauTy secTion . . . The peppy pledge class painTed The Rec Room and shower room . . . does anyone know how To remove painT from shower sprinklers and dra- peries? Founder's Day in May . , . banqueT, dance and all The resT compleTed The evening . . . Finals drove us sane, as usual . . . wiTh Tears in our eyes we bid farewell To deparfing seniors and looked back on hilarious evenings when our spirifs were high on lisferinel OFFICERS JANET QUARTIN ..T.. ....... AUDREY LOU SILVERN .... Rl-lODA SOCLOF, , . BEVERLY GORDEN. . . JANE LONDON ,... . . . ..,, Presidenf A . . , , . .Vice-Presidenf , . .Second Vice-Presidenf . . , . . .Recording SecreTary , . . .Corresponding SecreTary BARBARA KATZ ...T MEMBERS AcTives: BeTTylee STone Carol Sue Becker Frances Berk Sylvia Bolasky Thelma Gerber Beverly Gorden Rose Elsie Jeffer Barbara Kafz Temma LeyTon Jane London JaneT QuarTin Sylvia Rubin Audrey Lou Silvern Rhoda Soclof Revo Wagner Margie Wolf . . . .Treasurer Sylvia Lazarus Faye Levis Joyce Lindy Barbara Matell Pledges: Rufh Rosen BobeTTe Biolock MarTha Ann Rosenfield Riia Brick Dorofhy Sall Marlene Cohen Marcia Lynn Esfroff Jan Gaines Regina Gibbs Elinor Ginsburg Bobs Greenfield Dale Lawrence Mrs. Mabry and Jane! Quartin Beryl Shainloerg BeTTy Sherman Jane Sulfan Roslyn Weinsfein Marilyn Wise Lorraine Young Frances Zeitlin l5 .,-f izew mm. u w ae F Q 'A az aged: FU' .. 4 ' 2 if I . Q E5 RHO CHAPTER ,., A: EAA ,. . , m""'M'-mn.--. 53. 31. are 1.1 mf' I4 ree? We i . . is . eg. X . me 1 X- J, gi. fr.- 5 F 5 ""r.'d 7 5 H I Q 2 I, ff . 1 I ' I If A ,,-, - I I 7 I 4 5. If I' L 4 I ' ,f .K K f' S -' v iii: ' cg TOP ROW: SECOND ROW: Becker Gaines Berk Gerber Bialock Gibbs Bolasky Ginsberg Brick Gorden Cohen Greenfield Esfroff .Ieffer 5 .r,, I . e I V I fe , V5 ik m e R ff 5 ea. gm' irv, , 5 255 THIRD ROW: FOURTH ROW: Katz Mafell Lawrence Quartin Lazarus Rosen Levis Rubin LeyIon Sell Lindy Shainberg London Sherman Silvern ALUMNA OF ALABAMA RHO IS NATIONAL PRESIDENT Page 3I3 OF SIGMA FIFTH ROW: DELTA Socolof Sfone Sulfcn Wagner Weinstein Wise You ng Zeirlin TAU sing' WA if 6' 'van 1 '1. r - 9 " 9v5M?,'f 'T ai' V Many long hours did we devoTe To puTTing our piraTe ship afloat In The Homecoming Parade, We sailed along quiTe unafraid And conquered The Trophy Tor our collecTion, 'Cause ours was The besT by The iudges' elecTion. In bowling, Too, we were in The righT alley, For when Time came, The scores To Tally, IT was ZeTa TirsT, and all The way! Pardon us if our pride we display. MARY ELIZABETH ALLEN ROBIN JACKSON , LUCRETIA WAGNON NATALIE CADE Actives: Mary ElizabeTh Allen DoroThy BarneTT Beverly Beck PaTTy Benfon Ellen Bobzin Nancy BriTTain Teeny Brown Nafalie Cade Ann Chalifoux Sara Will Crews Ann Dawkins Frances Dearman MarTha Garrison Paula Garrison Jane HeusTess Mary Glenn Gibbs Marjorie Keen Marianne Leach Margaret Lollar Ann Moore OFFICERS MEMBERS HarrieT McDonald Sue Pafford Nancy PaTy Peggy Ranck Bobbie Jean Ransom Gerry Reid Helen SmiTh Beverly Spear Sara Spear Lillian Spencer Sarah Sfarbuck Mae BeTh Thiemonge LucreTia Wagnon Jody Walker Lillian Weekly Edith Ann Winford Pledges: Marjorie Bingham Hazel Brashier Laura Sue Caffee Barbara Caudle We had Three beaufies in The Corolla lasT year, And Two again This Time, we hear. Our rush season was quiTe a success Our pledges are super as you may guess. We had beauTies and queens and gobs of Tun, When iT came To parTies we sTayed on The run. WiTh our ChrisTmas dance and coTTee hours, Our Founder's Day and wedding showers, We've had a year To Top Them all, And can'T waiT To do iT again nexT Tall. , PresidenT Vice-PresidenT . . Sec reTa ry Treasurer Mrs. Wifiy and Mary Elizabeth Allen Ann Davis Hope Foil Mary Frances Ganey Gail HarT Jacqueline Jackson Mary KaTherine Lollai Esfher Maclcerefh Ann Massengill Elizabeth McCoy Mary Ann Mills Rose Mary Morris BeTTy Nowlin Leila Ogden Helen Parrish Eddie Jean Selman Jean Underwood Maxine VincenT Patricia WaTson Faculty: Miss MargareT Davis Mrs. JohnsTon Parr NU CHAPTER 1 - 'fi ' mf ew W' if f FX Ja isa- N rl 57 The 5 7.,. 3 'qw it 3 vm lg?" I .ff if fav or S is i fl s ' w. 6 . ., . ' ig- ' . i - SE K . -,,,.. lil , I .Z Y - . r -1 ' 2 -'-. , . ' . .i fi' 4. 3 I .. ...A k fk . g r x miriam f rr. ,, rliir :': , -. r . - . .-sf 'i x Arm, as we 1 1 V.: L, - , 5' .. is f EXW vi. NU f Jn, " ,.:'..fw1 ' 4 43 . , . TOP ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: FOURTH ROW: FIFTH ROW: SIXTH ROW: Allen Caffee Garrison, M. Mackerefh Pafford Spencer Barnet! Caudle Garrison, P. Massengill Parrish Sfarbuck Bingham Chalifoux Gibbs Mills Paiy Thiemonge Brashier Crews Hart Moore Ranck Underwood Briitain Davis Heustess Morris Ransom Vincent Beck Dawkins Jackson McCoy Reid Wagnon Bobzin Dearman Leach McDonald Selman Walker Brown Foil Lollar, Margaret Nowlin Smith Watson Cade Garvey Lollar, Mary Ogden Spear, B. Weekley Spear, S. Winford ZETA TAU ALPHA WON FIRST PLACE WITH THEIR PIRATE HOMECOMING Page 315 FLOAT BETA MU CHAPTER MEMBERS Actives: Doret Eleanor Bailey Beverly Anne Busby Arlina Cole June Lee Cox Nancy Jane Spear Barbara Ann Stone Laura Ann Struthers Mary Jane Summers June Woodward Joan Fayssoux Pledges: Margaret Eugenia Frost Joan Mobley Grimes Wilma Jean Henderson Mary Lucille High Catherine Coleman Hunter Barbara Ann Kelly Mary Gene King Ann Lee Patricia Mathews Elizabeth Bruce Morrison Elizabeth McAIister Norma Jeanne Pannell Portia Ann Fincher Joan Girlinghouse Mildred Joann Hannon Martha Ethel Lea Jacqueline Claire Merritt Manelle McPeake Betty Price Gloria June Prysock Beverly Hunter Russell Joan Foote Wilson Laurjean Wood Eileen Pharaoh Faculty: Betty Sue Sims Mrs, William Gregory OFFICERS NANCY JANE SPEAR. .. ..., President JUNE WOODWARD. , . I . .Vice-President JUNE LEE COX .,.... .,.. S ecretary PATRICIA MATHEWS. ., t . . .Treasurer 'lfQ2E.,,, ,-' ' 'Ui 'H 0- 'A J M., . V M553 n.,. -I ALPHA TOP ROW: Bailey Busby Cole Cox Fayssoux Fincher SECOND ROW: Frost Girlinghouse Hannon Henderson High Hunter THIRD ROW: FOURTH ROW: Kelly McAIister King McPea ke Lea Pannell Lee Pharaoh Merritt Prysock Morrison Rupp les W. FIFTH ROW: Russell Sims Spear Stone Wilson Wood Woodward PHI'S ENTERTAINED NEEDY CHILDREN WITH GALA CHRISTMAS PARTY LP First came Rush Week . . . a thousand costumes, Work done by Octives Gnd IOIGOIQGS alike: Everyone knows the time that consumes! if force wouldn't work, we'd use psych. Then frequent dinners and guests by the score, Volleyball QCIVHGS, Gnd IDCISl4STbCIlI, TOO- Studies and tests, need we say more? We were right there, where were you? Several pinnings with roses, they came by the dozens, House always decorated for one reason or 'notherg Homecoming visitors, even their cousins! If the work needed muscles, we'd call a brother! A Christmas formal with a band and all, Books always open to well-worn pages, And a Christmas tree 'most twelve feet tall! Now that we're through, we feel like sages, Mrs. Schad and Nancy Spear I remember the night Ot the Starlight Ball K., ,Q g K I xzz v-f,'L.f, 1 -A ,..e Y A . iff 5' I . . . 2 O f s -to . ,. Q . gg . - .. I I . 'Ri I '. ' " A' 'i A .5 X ,M ALPHA TAU CHAPTER , , ,,. if 5 . MEMBERS E'E to A ' :" 5. ...., i . x .,, ' , xy ' z'LA A 5 5 .E " Actives: Barbara Ann Boller ' gg H -, gag- Carlye M. Carlovitz Joan M. Conway , .,,., . - . 5 ' :-- . ,qhy A "" W Bett Jean Edwards Doroth Dutton - 1' ,L . - - .. . '- M isffs V - - fM1g5. . , s f Y Y . E ti .R . - .- r wif r'r'I-'-L Sally Jean Ellis Gladys Forrester I ,,, cgi, I Thyra Mae Hamrick Mary D. Gaston l ik 4 . . st :" ' . . JO Ann Harre Frances O. Hall E . I :" , V , g Marjorie K, Harrison Mabel L. Heaslet F, gn.. fa' y ' L , . --T Marv Ruth Jernigan Phyllis Hill . A' , J li ' A 1 ' Jane E. Murbach Donna Morris lg Ewa t ' 1 'it V.: Dorothy McNellis Mary Lou Murbach -"' ' 5 .- - A Marion Norman Susan Parker 'Q EA.. . . I Margaret Ann Pm-ref Jean Rouseiie tara... . : ,Q Betty Ann Patton Gayle Sshwoftz . ... . My J- Price Joan Stacie' I' I -1 S" ' In Betsy G. Robinson Rawleen R. Stevens ' ' I. " ' ii 5 u . 1' V ' Jean M. Rosevear Shirley Sullivan T' " . .N g A g tw: is Pledges: Margaret Ann Wilson " ' if, H I .. ,I i Jane V. Ayclelotte Mary Ann Wixon ,T Q - , I - 5 Jo Ann Bell Faculty: Q ..., 'rr - T .. N, il'i I A I Betty Sue Blockmon Miss Helen Bosarcl I " Rf 1 , A - ... I it 3 O , ,.... .. ' . OFFICERS . . " T st- .. WN ,A ' - I Iwi, ibn ,J se 'Iv 'Q 1. les" ,ssggir tk' , , I -' A, fr i s -- DOT MCNELLIS . . President 'f"tEi'lr 'W . - . . ... . I ' E ' F' ...ff A BETTY EDWARDS , , . .Vice-President A x -r'i ' "i- X .L . TOP ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: FOURTH ROW: FIFTH ROW: JANIE MURBACH A A - ' ATVGOSUTSV Avdelotte Edwards Heaslet Norman Rouselle Bell Ellis Hill Parker Schwartz ' ' Col' Seclpelaliy Blackman Gaston Jernigan Parker, S. Steckel . Bonen Goree Morris Price Sfevem BETSY ROBINSON Recording Secretary Carlovitz Hall Murloach Robinson Sullivan Conway Hamrick Murbach, Mary Rosevaar Wilson Dutton Harre McNellis LPH ELT - ' gi, 'E A -vg.24?'f'QL"' ? ' is D X BANQUET AND BALL HIGHLIGHTED CELEBRATION OF ALPHA XI'S FOUNDERS DAY I was dancing with a blind date to the Minuet in G When an Old Alpha Xi I happened to meet- Introcluced her to my partner, and while we were chatting We really gave this boy a treat. And the swell pledges that cOuldn't be beat, And tor the second time, a Parker named Ann Swept the Corolla boys off their feet. I remember my date who boldly remarked Ol our Turnabout Day in the Spring. Mrs. Thomas and Dot McNellis I was talking to this sister about the super pledge hoedown, An event which the actives dread to miss. Introduced a new topic, which was of great interest, Ot Founders' Day, Banquet, and Ball Ot the hustle and bustle, Of the planning and cleaning, Ot the menus that suited us all. But we never forget amidst all our tun The study and reports and exams Or the serious side ol this great life And the future that is in our hands. DELTA MU CHAPTER MEMBERS Actives: Martha Bailey Betty Bober Marea Bowman Frances Bryan Shirley Calloway Anne Connelly Elveree Cook Carolyn DeVan Patsy Jean DeWitt Cecile Solomon Nancy Straub Gladys Tartt Martha Tyler Barbara Wilber Elizabeth Wilkinson Peggy Wise Ann Witherington Alice Wood Patricia Woodard Alice Dugger Pledges: Elizabeth Elliott Eleanor Elsberry Joan Evans Adelaide Gillespy Elizabeth Golightly Lucy Goodrich Harriet Gravlee Nina Weir Harris Eleanor Hawkins Virginia Holley Julia Jean Holmes Margaret Hope Joan Hutcheson Helen Lester Carol Lukens Margy Meador Jean McCann Caroline McNeal Mary Belle Nall Nancy Orgain Elizabeth Pankey Jane Paty Frances Price Nancy Rhea Sally Samuel Joyce Acker Sue Aldridge Elizabeth Beddow Martha Ann Billingslea Evelyn Chapman Elizabeth Doughton Jean Feagin Camilla Ann Foil Margaret Fox Laura Clair Hays Betty Allen Hurst Katherine Jackson Barbara Kilgore Laurie Orr Lucille Queener Joanne Scott Sarah Segrest Linda Shealy Mildred Sheridan Jane Spann Nannette Stockton Carol Todd Jane Todd Jane Woodruff Mary Semple Faculty: Gloria Sessions Miss Helen Osband OFFICERS Nancy Rhea, President, Cecile Solomon, Vice- President: Ann Witherington, Recording Sec- retary, Mary Semple, Corresponding Secretary, Carol Lukens, Treasurer, Mary Bell Null, His- torian. fi if .-'- X Q ! r 6. 7. . , Q et 'gf-st.r:z...:-: .4 TOP ROW: Acker, Aldridge, Bailey, Billingslea, Bober, Bowman, Bryan, Calloway, Chapman, Connelly . . . SECOND ROW: Cook, DeVan, Dewitt, Doughton, Dugger, Elliott, Elsberry, Evans, Feagin, Foil . . . THIRD ROW: Fox, Gillespy Golightly, Goodrich, Gravlee, Harris, Hawkins, Holley, Holmes, Hurst . . . FOURTH ROW: Hufcheson, Jackson, Kilgore Lester, Lukens, Meador, McCann, McNeal, Nall, Orgain . . . FIFTH ROW: Price, Queener, Rhea, Samuel, Scott, Segrest Semple, Shealy, Solomon, Spann . . . SIXTH ROW: Stockton, Straub, Tartt, Todd, Tyler, Wilbur, Wilkinson, Wise, Wither ington, Wood, Woodruff. ELTA DELT DELT 'tri DELTA DELTA DELTA'S TUTTER COOK WAS SELECTED DREAM GIRL OF PI K A One score and seventeen years ago our charter members brought forth upon this campus a new chapter of Tri Delta, received with reioicing by the student body, and dedicated to the proposition that all its members shall spend "the best years of their lives" within the Delta Shelta. Now we are engaged in making i950-5I one of those "best years," Rushing proved that Tri Delta, for many more scores of years, shall long endure with such a fine pledge class. We have met and entertained at a great many of our Coffee Hours and both of our wonderful dances that portion of the student body known as males, the meeting and dating of which has always made this campus a better place in which to live. We come to dedicate our new TV set as a final resting place for those who here gave their eyes that the "fortune" we spent upon it might have been well- used. From our honored seniors we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of their college years. That we here highly resolve that these dead -- uh, rather seniors - shall not have graduated in vain, that this chapter, under the crescent moon, shall have a new year of glory next year, and that this sorority of Tri Delta, by Tri Delta, and for Tri Delta, shall not perish from the U. of A. Nancy Rhea and Mrs. Huckaba K-4 g' W 'fr' rw: Y: as 'F " fs. M H 'X 5 QQ .. A K ,- Y W QW, 'Q x K my f rx , .f .R was .W in 'W Actives: Judith Ann Bell Emma Ruth Blankenship Margery Jill Clark Jane Congleton Margaret Elizabeth Derivan Juliette Foster Elsie Hansen Mary Hill Billie Rhea .lannett Belle Allene Larkins Leslie Livingston Nelda Marie Morgan Mary Elizabeth McGowan BETA PSI CHAPTER MEMBERS Rhonwyn Parsons Barbara Elizabeth Smart Barbara Ann Spencer Mildred C. Broun Pledges: Pauline Cooper Joan Havard Polly Kuenzel Virginia Maddox Yvonne Martin Patricia Ann McBryde Gwynne Newberry Mary Ann Rice Phyllis Scholl Mary Frances Scully Agusta Snodgrass g, My OFFICERS "'-. Mildred C. Broun, President, Juliette Foster, Vice- HIQ7' ,:.:i President, Emma Ruth Blankenship, Recording Secretary, 5 " Nelda Marie Morgan, Corresponding Secretaryp Rhonwyn ,,.A S , gs Parsons, Treasurer. g Y ge , ,K TOP ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: FOURTH ROW: ' Bell Derivan Kuenzel McGowan li Blankenship Foster Larkins Newberry Broun Hansen Livingston Parsons Clark Havard Maddox Rice Congleton Hill Martin Smart Cooper Jannett Morgan Snodgrass McBryde Spencer H if-51 'H '.'- f fl "-Q,q:,,.:? DELTA GAMS WON CUP FOR HOMECOMING DECORATIONS FOR SECOND YEAR April 7 - Bama Day Campaign speeches over, Katie leads the way, She's a representative to SGA. May 16 - Step-singing One-third of a point is a little thing, But at least we knew that we could sing For second place our voices did ring. October 4 - Rush Week Squeal night - our future looks bright. Many pledges, happy and gay, Start to school the D. G. way. Mrs. Wilkes and Mildred Broun D. G. DIARY October 28 - Homecoming All the D. G.'s point with pride To the cup we won when the Crimson Tide "Sailed Over State." November 7 - Elections Elections are here and we're glad to say We now have a member of WSGA P.S. Three class officers, too. February 2'I - New Semester We still look forward to Bama Day beauties and dances galore, Final exams and then work no more - until next foll. GAMMA PI CHAPTER MEMBERS Actives: Kate Andrews Beverly Andrews Jacqueline Atchison Mary Bellenger Billie Ann Bobo Elizabeth Bryan Anne Baker Eatrnan Barbara C. Edwards Wilsie Lee Edwards Patricia Foley Laura Jane Furr Katherine Glover Martha Hagan Frances Hale Louise Harris Inez Heenan Ann Huddleston Anne M. Jackson Robbie Lee Moseley Audrey Muir Carolyn McKnight Eleanora Oliver Evelyn Owen Judy Parker Phillis Robbert Carrie Scales Dorothy J. Taylor June Unger Louise Young Pledges: Sallie Bellenger Elizabeth Blaine Helen Blount Lucy Burns Mary V. Cumming George Ann Davidson Miriam Donaldson Emily Horton Helen Long Carol L. Orr Patricia Paylor Jacqueline Robbert Bernice R. Rountree Margaret Shannon Barbara Ann Taylor Jacqueline Taylor Patricia J. Townsend Gordon Unger Sally Wilie Adele Woodall Geraldine A. Woodson i . ' . , V--,-f . 'ff 'se if is Y' ..'r:2 A 'B f S H r 'K 'N' F 9 s x SIXTH ROW Taylor, D. Taylor, .I. Townsend Unger, G. Unger, J. Wilie Woodall Woodson Young Kathryn Rogers Faculty: - Marie Rushing Dr. Miriam Locke ,I 7, I. 5, ,V Jane Russell Miss Jane Parshall . t7,gg L :EI ff Lvu 'fm r :V ,..,1 .S sa ,QL K .T -N..- 7 .. I K. .. ,J orric ERS ss L sf. I . .J J- .:--. 1 .- " v L A lr D D . . CAROLYN MCKMGHL' r ' ' ' Plemdem TOP ROW: sEcoNo ROW: THIRD ROW: rounrn Row. FIFTH ROW: - D - Andrews, B. Bryan Foley Long Robbert, J. LOUISE HARRIS ""' ' ' VICE Presldem Andrews, K. Burns Glover Moseley Robbert, P. Atchison Cumming Hagan Muir Rogers LAURA JANE FURR' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' -LLGOSULGL Bellenger, M. Davidson Hale McKnight Rountree ANNE BAKER EATMAN Col, Secretary Bellenger,S. Donaldson Harris Oliver Russell ' ' ' ' Blain Eatman Heenan Owen Scales S H R S T Blount Edwards, C. Horton Parker Shannon BEVERLY ANDREW SCOL mg ecre GLY Bobo Edwards, W. Jackson Paylor Taylor, B. 491 3- . . .. sm!.riiixIsitl?+I1ifltK.X'1 131 Qi' iiia ' fr KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA CLAIM MISS ALABAMA AND SWEETHEART OF SIGMA CHI Over our door there's a golden key, Bearing these letters . . . KKG. Smart and talented gals are we, Two ot us hold the Phi Bete key. One in Who's Who, on Mortar Board three, And the scholarship cup's in our sorority, Miss Alabama is a kappa, too, While seven Kappas are Triangle True. On the "Y" Cabinet we have four And here's a list ot a few honors more: The Senior adviser to Alpha Lambda Delta, And president ol Mortar Board resides in our 'shelta' The president ot AED is a Kappa too Among other honors, here's a few, Members in Sigma Delta Pi, Alpha Kappa Delta and we see, Phi Upsilon Omicrons, and Wing Sponsor, AROTC. Carolyn McKnight and Mrs. Watson 7 f' if ,.., ,Q . , .1 'L' k 1 if Q ,V v- , ., ,.,.. , . .V - .A , . f , iv-1 f V st I as .. lg 'I' W. 5 lf , in 5, , 'FH' t L Q 'mt I ,. Q. . an X f 1 is X 'ist I xiii iw -.ew : L I ,ss , es ALPHA ZETA CHAPTER MEMBERS M ' f ' ' Actives: A A ' .f . -' ' 1 ":-Z Sifxwi ,s . , ,ss wi as 4 it s Q . 1 , . A sity, Mfvf ? -, ' ' 553132 T f -f I ,sa-ni, L .. , ef- . . ,A I 'r L , E I C AA C ., 5 A far wi .axis f lr Bs I " I if , .C ,- T ew Q I ,--- Q I: rl- llvu - ,', M ,, f ,, ,. W , .+. . 12" W a re I A Billie Ruth Adwell Glenda Alexander Betty Austin Carolyn Blake Diane Bostick Betty Jean Reed Nancy Smith Connie Spurgeon Elizabeth Stewart Ann Vann Dorothy Woth Mary Lee Briece Pledges: Bobbie Brown Billie Gene Bruns Helen Chappelle Maryhelen Cleverly Mary Louise Cooper Virginia Dennis Betty Dobbs Virginia Duncan Joan Eagan Gail Ellison Ramona Farrish Patricia Gex Clarice Graves Barbara Barr Patricia Brunson Jeanne Faherty Mary Jane Gullatt Ann Hall Elizabet Horstadius Barbara Hughes Shirley Lammey Patricia Landrum Connie Laumer Nell Frances Lowery Jane Meadow Barbara Miller .,: :fi . - V g N Ann Griffin Grace Moore ' L Q: at . ., rCAaroLyn'-Gross lgiabrgaretvygrgpn I L ,ap A, H . E E ' J , Q -Vv, art a ewes e ecca c ar ey an 1 TY my ' :" Lucille Hurlburt Ann Newton F ' , L V , it F K ' Marion Jackson Mary Ann Stallberg r Rv' A Kathleen Jones Genevieve Toombs Ili Dorothy Kennedy Harriet Tunstall " - H K 7 I - Ann Latture , ,1 I ' I 8 AN: Patsy McDaniel Faculty: I f J' 'F 1 Marlyn McEachern Miss Gwendolyn Anders ls' 15 ' ' . Mary McKenzie Mrs. Winifred Breene , ef V g I 73, - J js A Margaret Noel Miss Marilyn Moses ' X, ,- .ti w -1' ' f fir .iii OP ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: FOURTH ROW: FIFTH ROW: SIXTH ROW: OFFICERS Adwell Brunson Faherty Horstadius Laumer Noel Alexander Chappelle Farish Hughes Lowery Reed . Austin Cleveriy Gex Hurlburt Meadow Smith GAIL ELUSON ' """""" Presldem Barr Cooper Graves Jackson Miller Spurgeon - . Blake Dennis Griffin Jones Moore Stallberg MARYHELEN CLEVFRLY "Vice-presldem Bostick Dobbs Gross Kennedy Morgan Stewart Briece Duncan Gullatt Lammey McCarIey Toombs MARY LOUISE COOPER ' ' ' Secrelcry Brown Eagan Hall Landrum McDaniel Tunstall Bruns Ellison Hewes Latture McEachern Vann ELIZABETH STEWART ' ' Treosurer McKenzie Woth ,df JTO QQ, O i I , 3-82' 6,5 its if 'U' , A- -1 , "goL2:f!i." V rss Here's news, more news, some facts, a review, A peek with some poetry in files of Phi Mu. Founders Day brought gay times galore Parties, banquets, and more fun than before. Then April came in and started out gladly - Did I say gladly? Well, should be sadly, For news soon began to spread, word passed around "The inspector's in town!" So we settled down. We tidied and cleaned and worried and fussed We straightened and flittecl and tried not to muss And made quite certain that we met the right bus. Gail Ellison and Mrs. Clapp We had rush parties, hayrides, and many a tea, But pity the bankbook for you and for me. ln step singing finals we used heart and lung The others used mouths and I think they won. Our government gals are Duncan and Jones And Panhell Pres is Kennedy alone. ln this year's Homecoming we'd lots to do For we entered a float and a lawn display too. Space gives out and time runs short, So this is the end of the Phi Mu Report. lllll ,nv ALABAMA BETA CHAPTER wsswmzzsis- me.. . ,5"?,f 'V AVMA it f ,. Q. . 4 -,.,V Q '. lglk, . ,l z Q51 - we Actives Julia Taylor lhg qkkv . . Y I Nancy Anderson Elizabeth Williams Qs' Q QQ j Nancy Appel Pledges: MQ A I If ,j if Barbara Brady Joanne Buckner "" i t pk. Louise Brannon Martha Lee Conger . Q . .W zl, f Q . ' ' Joyce Bratton Shirley Copenhaver Q,,2, gi ui,-Q if Mary Catherine Chumley Jo Dobbs ' QIQQQ P QQ ' i Y I' Dorothy Dunham Mary Dunham Q i I H Y. Grace Giller Miriam Dye Q qgal l.Q, I it gf: Beverley Goodwin Arden Ferguson Y 'ff if kl iff. A . Beatrice Haas Lois Flowers V 0 Q Q ,vl- Q , Q QQ -Q . W Q Q Martha Hagler Lucy Gardner l A r -" H ' ' " if , I I Patty Hart Polly Gardner -' . V - Qfiwi ' v-l:- Q, Q A I V Q :Zi 'Q J ' Q QQ: -. Jane Hines Jane Gillespie , ' Q ' 'X ' . 'Q 1 .- f Joyce Keenon Sarah Haas " I i X " -5 . I,:: Q 3 " ' ix Mary Kennedy Nancy Johnson 5' F kkik Q ' Qgg t ' Beverly Latimer Pat Kennedy , . 3: ,:', Q f 2 I ' , QQ Betty Miner Marilyn Lacy Q Y . , , ,,.,. I.. ,gi.,4 if .,,,w.i Kathrine McGauly Beverly Mauldin Q l 3 Katherine Mclntosh Janet Miner . Q Q 2-I Janice McKaig Lucy Oswald , '-1 .if A Madelyn McRae Margaret Phillips ., 'Q iyy if i QQQQWQ Q Terry Noble Elizabeth Pockman ' Q , li Barbara O'Leary Norma Sanders ,'::'. Q ff 9' Sue Oswald Betty Spain - S' '1 :'. Q lris Ann Owens Kate Stalm 'J "L , ,Q - . -W , Polly Perry Nancy Wilson ' ,s L ,ii . ,.. . , " ' ' if Patricia Pietsch Georgia Witham Q: ' Q " Q ' . :Q "': Q Q -1. in Q Q PONY Reynol d S i :,Q Q:,r Q:: Q Q Q Q Q. 1' 4 -. . f A QHM Juanita Rucker Faculty: 'W ' i g Q I I P Jew Susin Miss Elizabeth Cather L , " 6 5 ' I L' Edwina Swinson Miss Doris Plagge Q X " I Q ,,QQQ,: LA Q TOP ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW FOURTH ROW: FIFTH ROW: SIXTH ROW: Anderson Dobbs Goodwin Lacy Noble Rucker OFFICERS Appel Dunham Haas, B. Latimer O'Leary Sagin PAT Pietsci-i . , ,:., . , . . President grggyon E: QQQQQQQ Eggs S. xgvldifg gswfilg, gangiers MARY KENNEDY ..,:::..:.., vice-President BQQQHOQQ FQOSSQQ Hines JQ- OXTQQ' - SFQQTIQ' MARY CATHERINE CHUMBLEY - - Recofdlng SPCVPIGTY Buckner Gardner, L, Johnson McGauly Perry Swinson KATIE MCINTOSH . ,, Corresponding Secretary Chumley Gardner, P. Keenon Mclntosh Phillips Taylor BEVERLEY GOODWIN Q Q Q Treasurer Conger Giller Kennedy M. McKaig Pietsch Williams Copenhaver Gillespie Kennedy, P. McRae Reynolds Wilson Witham - .-ef . YW VM: r 'wftivzih-'J' 9' 4 NATIONAL SWEETHEART OF PI KAPPA PHI IS PI BETA PHI MARTHA HAGI.ER lt was in the cold and rainy winter just a month or so Summertime - and ah, what is so fair as a day in June, except after the turn of the half century when people lnamely and especially ment were still saying that women talk - need l say more? But it took the Pi Phi's to prove that they could talk not only the "mostest" but the "bestest" when they be- came the first sorority on campus to win the intramural de- bates. Well tempus fugited, and as that disease most repugnant to University professors and most baffling to medi- cal science, spring fever, took its yearly toll, Patty Hart rallied to the cause and managed to keep the ball rolling - over the fairway, that is - to cop the women's golf championship. Martha Hagler who was elected National Sweetheart of Pi Kappa Phi at their August convention. Came September - as such things will - and twenty-four new arrowhead wearers were welcomed ioyfully into the fold. Pi Phi added a Corolla beauty to the list of honors already including Sorority Repre- sentative to WSGA, Alpha Lambda Delta, Triangle, President Freshman Class of Home Economics, Phi Chi Theta, Alpha Sigma Omega, Pi Mu Epsilon, Cotillion Club, Vice-President Freshman YWCA, Treasurer and board members YWCA. Could anyone ask for more honors? Pat Pietsch and Mrs. Lee ox ,.. 4 'X 3 535 PM K K 3 fl s ALPHA ALPHA CHAPTER s 1 ,Mk Fanning MEMBERS H Actives: jf " ' Myndall Hall KZ f Dorothy Hitt ' Sarah Jensen - Doris Roberson ,. Y I 'lu-s z , Shirley Robinson A Vyhrk Jerry Ann Smith . fig 4, Betty Smothers ff -.., VV , V V f ' i it :gv Pledges: . V. Mary Ann Fanning Barbara Carol Quarles in Jane Ellen Stoll N Claire Ann Thomas ' Faculty: Dr. Dorothy Esh leman " OFFICERS lk Sr 1 sl 5' BETTY SMOTHERS ....... Vice-President SARAH JENSEN. . . . . . . .Secretary SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: SHIRLEY ROBINSON . .. .... Treasurer Quarles Smothers Hall Roberson Stoll Hitt Robinson Thomas Jensen Smith .f'r.-Pfiafg '- Www Quay' 'W ff THETA UPSILON CELEBRATED TWENTIETH ANNIVERSARY ON ALABAMA CAMPUS This year Theta Upsilon's Alpha Alpha chapter is celebrate ing its twentieth year on the Alabama campus. Alpha Omega was established in l93l and in 1932 became Alpha Alpha Chapter of Theta Upsilon. In the past twenty years many have passed through Alpha Alpha who have brought honor to the name of Theta Upsilon. Dr. Anne Gray Pannell, president of Sweetbriar College and patroness of Alpha Alpha, Miss Emmett Lewis, one time head of Alabama Music Department and first faculty adviser of Alpha Alpha, and Mrs. Nina Hall Doster, president of the Tuscaloosa Division of the American Myndall Hall and Mrs. Stacey Association of University Women, and charter member of Alpha Alpha, prove that among the best are Theta U's. Theta U's are known on the Bama campus for the friendly atmos- phere of their house. Everyone from the president of the University down to the greenest freshman is made to feel at home at Theta U house. Theta U's are known for their ready smile and sunny personalities. So when you're passing by "Look for Theta's rainbow in the sky, And if it's there or anywhere, You'll know a Theta U is passing by." MYNDALL HALL .... ,... . .President X A last minute comb of the hair and touch to B the skirt and then up the stairs onto "'Zi if the stage of the 1951 Corolla Beauty Ball. Evening gowns glittered and jewels sparkled as spotlights met the array. Fifty-five made the trip, competing for one of the top twenty beauty honors as selected by the student body. Beauties one and all, but as in every contest there must be a winner, And from the bevy of lovelies twelve emerged to represent their university as beauties and eight as campus favorites. Bringing Southern charm from the small towns and large cities both in Alabama and nearby states, they came to the Capstone displaying the soft smile and personality typical of the "Miss America" state. u u uu- -V1 - 7 -1 1 O' 54' F 3,5 . 4.- vg 2 Af., ,fff ,f"M'l .fffff .f-f""'r Y H,-f" ff! aww, I I I A R R Y C 0 T Q nf. :A 'S 'X 1 T GM A Q ,,.-Kim L up fwiiyg ,1 X3 . . r 'L' .3 ' , rg 'Q' XR L .wr my . Mrs fmg. 11 2 A-,mf ww' K ,-1. WT . fin, aft . A V X KY W '40Y"'1 X1 NE QE 5 mu P-WN T o XJNWER T W E VWTY A 12 J - LEFT TO RIGHT: Stone Walker Adwell Landrum Otey Gibbs Silvern Hagler Darden :fm-vu 'T "1 1 ER GIRLS H ThaT's The sTory of Harry Conover, head of The famous Tele- vision Cover Girl Agencies, who selecTed The l95l COROLLA beau- Ties, Today, Conover's agency sup- plies girls for fashion shows, molion picTures, phoTographers, a r T i s T s, newsreels, Television, and The Theafre. ln choosing his models, Mr. Conover especially looks for girls vviTh enTerprise, iniTiaTive and infel- ligence To go along vviTh Their beauTy. Mr. Conover is raTed as one of America's Ten besf dressed men in The Fashion FounolaTion of America poll. He is married To Candy Jones, famous career girl and Television personaliTy, and They have Tvvo sons and a daughTer. His favoriTe re- laxafion, aside from doing The rhumba, comes from reading cleTec- Tive sTories. BeauTy fashion phoTographs by Jimmy Wilson, Birmingham. E 0 O O my HARRY CONOVER l LEFT TO RIGHT: Resfer Pinfclxuck Arnold Parker Jackson Brown Davis , l TTB Young Munger l W MISS SHIRLEY RESTER MISS ROSE PINTCHUCK J Qi MISS LYNN OTEY E MISS MARTHA HAGLER MISS NELL ARNOLD HEL ' ,few Q ,VS-:MW ssmissw, : Lw,Q,2S1Q:f .i11' SEiiE5ii1TE'E ' 7-T15 .3 Q. S . LA K ' Zgisigii- 'Q Ns :gsm a 1 X si is Egg ,QQ QM. r w,,,,,,wvm ' ' 1: K -W..-L H 32 A L Q 3516-Q, QM I 25434-Q A A'LA gg -h . 7 fsffbz- --wx? J xg 5 ,iv U Lkykk Wkgggf - My lk . gg, .L.k ik 'Ti if 5 . 5:5 5? K 15 1, .W . W. L1A. K MISS SUE MUNGER MISS CAROLYN JACKSON nffif, ,, , f is rl K+. fl? N x., ww ' M .. my JV' . 1 N xx ,f neg EK 4 4 .M A Q. 1 45 mm f MISS BETTY NOWLIN 4 1 - MISS M!-XUDE ROSE BROWN i MISS SARA DARDEN MISS CAROLYN DAVIS Im MISS ANNE PARKER MISS PAT LANDRUM MISS AUDREY SILVERN MISS BARBARA STONE MISS JEAN YOUNG MISS JODY WALKER Y' 5 i v On the road to a'ywell4balanced' education, 1 the sfudeni found manysbranches along the way. i Some led to entertainment, supplied by both student orchestras from the Capstone and top name bands from all parts of the country. Other roads led to scholastic and honorary groups, which proved that the ly , iourney thus far had beenisuccessful. Those who followed the paths to service and professional organizations found a means of assisting their university X and fellow students throughmany pf worthwhile programs. But ons every byway there was an opportunity to stop and gain faith in the denomination of each student's choice. All together, campus organizations were designed to prepare the college student for the long, hard road on the highway of the future. 01 mm 7 Tim ga, b -1 wx Lum xx K XMB f fum' - more new X xx, ...V V 1 I 'I I Y X ,JM .KE ME-XINR 1 U, r 1 v In 4 'x N X Q X .ww 1: . 'Q ' , , Z xp,,,,.m, 1 :,,mw,m ' LMP x Q ' K x ' M - , :Q 0 L5 x XU, X5 9.539 L 1 -N A N ' Y , TN ' ,, 4,-1 - ix A Ax ,A 5 X f QQ VM Ext!-568' Pm' Q ,AN wx ' Yolwil V X Ein! X rvlgrjvgfy L M! 'U , fQfc"' ,Q fs -ff X ,X vx',r,v3A.-X x X-Ag! qv-, ww, .z 'XX 'z Q: ' x ' Q k1xQiy'W" 11 X X V 1 .me 1-1, Y ww M. 1 if W uufweggif A val, v f Manga- ' wwY,,Qf'xxsf' " P' Vi- v ,fffQQjfsfe! V A Q, WUT-Qwff i' ' r 5 V -mm AJ f 'vw , E .Yagi K 1 :A V. "wg , cm W x mn, V, e " Mon YN x mmm si f -,ra-, , .1-J' it ROW I: Pancake, Hendrix, Bryan, Vann, Stapp, Lang . ROW 2: King, Swingle, Corzatte, Meador, Krout, Rutland, Cronin, Melton, Humpidge, Eclington Bradley, Chitwood, Sims. ODK CONTINUED STATE HIGH SCHOOL VISITATION PROGRAM FOR SECOND YEAR OFFICERS VICTOR L. MOORE. . . ........, ,,..,. P resident W. TED BRYAN ..., . . .Vice-President DAVID J. VANN ,.... . . ...,.. Treasurer DR. IREDELL JENKINS ....,. ......,. S ecretary DEAN NOBLE B. HENDRIX. . . . . .Faculty Advisor Omicron Delta Kappa, national leadership honor society for men, was founded December 3, IQI4, at Washington and Lee University. Iota Circle of ODK was installed on the University of Alabama campus in I924. From this Circle have come two National Presidents, Dr. George Lang H933-355, and the present holder of that office, Dean Marten ten Hoor. Membership is extended to Junior and Senior men on the basis of five phases of participation in campus life, scholar- ship, social and religious affairs, athletics, publications, and speech, music, and dramatic arts. Through the combined sponsorship of Iota Circle and Omega Circle at Auburn a rotating trophy is awarded to the school winning the annual football game between the two schools. A visitation program to high schools is an annual project. MEMBERS Albert Whiting Copeland Robert S. Edington John Thomas Krout Winston Lionel Noonan Jerry Lee Stapp Clayton Corzatte Herbert McLin Humpiclge Daniel J. Meador, III Wilmer T. Goodloe Rutland Ira Swingle Donald Joseph Cronin John Argyle King Oakley Melton Robert Sims George P. Taylor FACULTY Charles Bernier Prof. Carleton K. Butler Jeff Coleman Coach Henry Crisp Dr. George H. Denny Coach Harold Drew Dr. William G. Echols Prof. Brooks Forehand Dr. John M. Gallalee Dr. S. Paul Garner Dr. Allen J. Going Dean Noble B. Hendrix Dr. Iredell Jenkins Prof. E, V. Jones Mortimer Jordan Dr. George Lang Henry A. Leslie Deon Stewart J. Lloyd Dr. James B. McMillan Page 346 Dr. Jack Montgomery Rev. George Murray Dean J. H. Newman Coach James L. Nisbet Prof. Frank Owsley Dr. John S. Pancake Prof. John Payne Prof. Don. C. Smith Dean Marten ten Hoor Coach Frank Thomas Prof. William Paul Thomas Ernest G. Williams .IASONS .IAMBOREE PROCEEDS GO TOWARD WORTHWHILE PROJECT FOR BAMA O FERRIS S. RITCHEY, JR .... ........,. SAM SHANNON .....,.. ROBERT EUGENE MCRAE. . . The first honorary service fraternity organized on the campus was Jasons. lt has remained a local fraternity, select- ing its members on the basis of leadership in some branch of college activities, scholarship, general value to the college, and a promise of future usefulness. Senior men are selected each year during tapping ceremonies on the mound in front M Ted Bryan Bob Collins Al Copeland Don Cronin Homer Lee Krout ROW 1: McRae Ritchey Shannon Flewellen ROW 2: Melton Rutland Wright Cronin Stapp ROW 3: Moore Sittcson Krout ROW 4: Wilson Collins Bryan FFICERS . . , , . . ,President , ..,... Vice-President . . . ,Secretary-Treasurer of the Jason Shrine, the Historic Rounclhouse. Only the fourteen most outstanding undergraduate men and one faculty member are chosen annually. Jasons annually spon- sors the Jason's Jamboree for the purpose of raising money for proiects of benefit to the University. Jasons is unique in its method of tapping through the "flying tackle " EMBERS Gene McRae Jerry Stapp Jesse Wilson Jim Wright Oakley Melton E. Jones Moore Ferris S. Ritchey Goodloe Rutland Sam Shannon Lionel Noonan Robert Sittason 4 A l pw. N'-M fs? ,ii t A, 'L , 5 J it ROW 'lz Taylor, Heffington, Hancock, Vance, Brice, Wiison . . . ROW 2: Wright, Cribbins, Woll, McDonald, Humpidge ROW 3: Bryan, Smith, Young, Matthews, Moore . . . ROW 4: Seger, McGinty, Hollingsworth, Jaeger, Ritchey . . . ROW 5: DeBarclelel:aen, Harrington, Christopher, Pollard, Eastwood . . . ROW 6: Sawyer, Rutland, Hill, Sankey , , . ROW 7: Coley, Bailey, Collins. BAMA QUADRANGLE OLDEST HONORARY SERVICE ORGANIZATION ON CAMPUS OFFICERS DON J. CRONIN ......., .... . . . . . . ,.,... President DAVID VANN ....,....... , . ,Vice-President RICHARD L, HEFFINGTON, . . ..... Secretary JIMMY HANCOCK ...... .,...., T reasurer ERNEST G. WILLIAMS ...,..,. r.,........... F aculty Advisor Alabama Quadrangle, oldest campus service organiza- tion, was founded in l9l9 tor the purpose ol binding in close fellowship and brotherhood some ot the Christian men who believed in high ideals of scholarship and all-round University life. Quadrangle strives to foster at the Capstone the highest awards its SIOO scholarship loan, the George Lang Scholarship, to a deserving male student at the University, selected by a faculty and administrative committee. Through its speakers bureau, Quadrangle aided in publicizing Religious Emphasis Week, Bama Day, and the Campus Chest. Quadrangle com- ideals of college citizenship. Each year the organization Don Bailey Leonard Beard Jim Brice Ted Bryan Tom Caldwell Sam Christopher Sole Coleman Bob Collins Bob Covington Paul Cribbins Marion K. Coley Dr. George Lang Don Cronin Caldwell De Bardeleben George Eastwood Jack Floyd Jimmy Hancock Sam Harvey Richard Heftington Bowen Hill Carey Hollingsworth McLin Humpidge MEMBERS Bryant Ivey Herb Jaeger Jesse Keller Oakley Melton Bill McDonald Jim McGinty Mack Mathews Wayne Meeks Jones Moore FACULTY mittees work with other groups on campus proi Manson Murray Jack Pollard Ferris Ritchey Gooalloe Rutland Newman Sankey Charles Sawyer Euel Screws Richard Seger Bob Sittason ects. Russell Smith Thomas Taylor Bob Vance David Vann Harold Wall Jesse Wilson Jerry VVorthy James M, Wright Joe Young Howard H. Meigs Dr. Jack Montgomery Charles North Moore Rev. George Murray Ernest G. Williams Page 348 mow' ROW I: Wise, Robinson, Smith, Thomas ROW 2: Cribbins, Collins, Kohn, Roddam, Bottomley, Laveite, Hancock, Moy, Bernstein . , ROW 3: Mclure Pevsner, Faulkner, Alley, Wilson, Nash, Thorington, Montgomery, Godwin. DRUIDS HOLD CRIMSON HORSESHOE EACH SPRING WITH GALAXY OF TALENT OFFICERS JOEL ROBINSON . President RUSSELL SMITH . Vice-President JIM WISE Secretary ED THOMAS Druids, the only remaining sophomore honorary service fraternity on the campus, received its charter and became Theta chapter in IQSO. Druids tunctions to aid all Worthy causes which arise during the academic year, this year Druids . . .Treasurer lected wood tor the Homecoming bonfire, sponsored the "Crimson Horseshoe," and vvorked with the Bama Day Com- mittee. Throughout the year weekly meetings are held tor the purpose ot mapping out the various proiects which are to be undertaken. aided in the Freedom Crusade, the Campus Chest Drive, col- leon Adair Murray Alley Jim Boss David Bernstein Godtrey Bottomley Bo Brice Ld Calvin Allan Collins Paul Crilrhons Gerald Faulkner Boll Gaston James Godwin James Hancock MEMBERS Jock Held Bryant Ivey G. B. Kahn John Lavcttc Ike May Charlie lvlontan page 349 U Jint Montgomery Joe McClure Jimmy Nash Sol Pevsner Joel Robinson Clyde Rodaam Euol Screws Russell Smith Ed Thomas Bob Thorington Charles Wilson Jim Wise OFFICERS BERNARD PELTZ .,,...,,,.,, President JOHN WILSON . . ,... Vice-President PRUDE FANCHER . ..,,. Treasurer PEYTON WIGGINS . . . . . Secretary MEMBERS Milton Brown Stewart O'B onno n imc Byrd Bill owen John C onnon Joe Parsons, Jr. George coggans Ed Peter Barry Collins George Ellis John Pierce Eugene Sherlock Lee Galin Jerry Studdcird Don Hamner Leon Terry Bruce Harrison Ken Todd Don Henderson Basil Lepp Paul Moffet Dave McCormick Milton Woldotf Billy Watts Bill Withington William Woodall Originally formed for the purpose of warning freshmen of the three Greek letters, "RAT." Each year Rho Alpha ROW 1: Fancher, Wilson, Pelfz, Wiggins . , . ROW 2: Cannon, Watts, Terry, Sherlock , . , ROW 3: Pierce, Parsons, Moffett, Coggins . . . ROW 4: Ellis, O'Bc:nnon, Wcldoff, Studdard . , , ROW 5: Harrison, Withington, Hamner, Henderson . ROW 6: Owen, Brown, Collins, Galin. BAMA DAY CONCESSIONS ARE OPERATED BY MEMBERS OF RHO ALPHA TAU of the upperclassmen's presence on campus, Rho Alpha Tau has become much more than an organization to protect its own against hazing. Since its birth in i920 by o group of freshmen, the organization has remained freshman in nature, but has broadened its interests and spirit of helpfulness to surround the entire student body. Ivlembership rosters include one representative from each fraternity on campus and five independent students. It is now recognized as a freshman honorary society, and is more commonly known by the initials Tau assists the Student Government Association and the entire student body in worthwhile proiects. This year Rho Alpha Tau aided with the Homecoming programs, Bama Friendliness Week, the Campus Chest Drive, and the White Christmas program. Pursuit of these service goals have en- riched the tradition behind this organization and is the corner- stone upon which freshmen may build for future usefulness to the student body of the University of Alabama. Experience gained in RAT stimulates the desire to serve. Page 350 ROW 1: Smith, Mitchell, Adams, Russell, Durham, Wayne . ROW 2: West, Farris, Traylor, Ford, McKnight, Upchurch, Foley, Ingram MORT BCDARD CHRYSANTHEMUM SALES FOR HOMECOMING ANNUAL MORTAR BOARD PROJECT OFFICERS JANE RUSSELL . . ..... , . President PAT ADAMS , . . , , .Vice-President FANNY MITCHELL . . Secretary DIANE DURHAM . Treasurer BARBARA WAYNE . . . Historian Mortar Board, a national honorary for senior women, is the highest honor ci woman student may receive. The order was tounded in 1918 and the local chapter was established at the University ot Alabama in 1929. Its purpose is to taster leadership and scholarship among women students. The national organization has over 17,000 members in its 82 chapters at universities and colleges throughout the country. Each year Mortar Board sponsors the sale ot Homecoming Chrysanthemums, a Smarty Party given tor women students who have made a 2.0 average or better, and ci tea for transfer students each Fall. A scholarship is awarded annual- ly to a deserving iunior woman during the spring semester. MEMBERS Patricia Adams Lucy Ingram Jewelene Traylar Diane Durham Tom ie Ferris Johnson Dorothy Upchurch P Fanny Mitchell Carolyn McKnight Jane Russell Patricia Foley Theresa Ford Barbara Wayne Sara Nell West Page 351 Senior MGITTIJSYS Wilma Jean Henderson TRIANGLE ANNUALLY AIDS IN FRESHMAN ORIENTATION PROGRAM FOR WOMEN OFFICERS VONNIE FOSTER ...... ......,.. .,..., P r esident WANDA CARRAWAY. . , . .Vice-President EVELYN OWEN ..... .A.. S ecretary JOANE MCCALL . . . . . .Treasurer JUDY BATES ..... . . .Historian Triangle was formed in May, l939, as a senior women's honorary society. Fifty co-eds were elected To membership from Those Tapped by Mortar Board, The senior women of WSGA, The senior women of The YWCA Cabinet, and from a representative group of The remainder of all senior women on campus. Its purpose has been To orientate new students, To aid Mortar Board, and To act as advisors To The new students Throughout The year. Triangle has gradually evolved into an organization for sophomore women and Their junior spon- sors. Senior advisors To Transfer students were added as an- other branch of Triangle in l95O. Although The activities are continued Throughout The entire year, They are concentrated mainly during The first weeks of each semester when The new sTudenTs are informed of The customs and traditions of The University and made To feel aT home. They are made To feel an essential part of The life surrounding our Alma Mater. MEMBERS Pat Adams Anne Barnett Joan Blackwell Sylvia Bolasky Clara Jo Brunner Alice Dugger Pat Foley Ditsy Ford Carolyn McKnight Mariean Nabors Betty Jo Newton Nancy Rhea Jane Russell Jewelene Traylor Jocelyn Tunstall Junior Sponsors Mary Elizabeth Allen Glen David Anderson Judy Bates Loomis Childs Patsy Jean Dewitt Vonceil Foster Nina Weir Harris Jane Hodges Pam Houser Anne Kemp Rae Rita Kriesman Katrina McArthur Joane McCall Evelyn Owen Sue Reddoch Lois Robertson Rhoda Soclof Sara Nell West Georgia Witham Sally Womack Sophomore Big Sisters Dorothy Jeanne Barnett Evelyn Ruth Barton Betty Beck Judith Ann Bell Joann Benton Isabel Bern Margaret Bond Valerie Ann Bowman Helen June Boyles Barbara Brotherton Joan H. Brown Billie Bruns Beverly Anne Busby Shirley Cain Betty Lou Campbell Eleanor Sue Cannon Rita Capouya Lillian Cardwell Mary Ellen Casaday Ann Chalifoux Barbara Ann Chambers Elveree Lucille Cook Anne Copeland Jacquelyn Cunningham Carol Edwards Gail Ellison Nancy Flagg Thelma Juliette Gerber Adelaide Gillespy Elizabeth Golightly Varina Goodall Harriet Gravlee Joanna Hahamis Nancy Hall Joanne Harper Helen Hayes Anne Minor Jackson Rose Elsie Jelfer Mary Alice Jenkins Marietta Jones Joyce Keenon Cora Anne Kingry Kathleen Knowles Karol Latimer Margaret McCaa Lois Mason Audrey Muir Nancy Orgain Elizabeth Palmer Alasee Payne Meredith Price Vera Radford Betty Jo Reaves Betty Jean Reed Kathy Rogers Bettie Jane Scott Janice Segrest Dorothy Spier Connie Spurgeon Lora Stern Emma Elizabeth Stewart Jule Stuart Mary Jane Summers Sterling Turner Barbara Aileen Wall Carolyn Ann Weaver Myrtle Willingham Ann Woosley Cynthia Sue Young Nancy Ellen Young . ROW 4: Bowman, Hayes, Mason, ROW I: Foster . . . ROW 2: Bates, Owen, McCall . . . ROW 3: Chalifoux, Russell, Kingry, Wall, Reddoch, Cardwell . . McCaa, Jeffer, Gerber, Soclof, Jenkins, Muir . . . ROW 5: Stern, Brown, Payne, Woosley, N. Jones, Spurgeon, Ellison, Radford, Reaves, Palmer, M. Jones, Rogers, Edwards . . . ROW 6: Harper, Flagg, Goodall, Casaday, Keenon, Gillespy, Gravlee, Golightly, Anderson, Dugger, Latimer, Benton, Brotherton, Cook ROW 7: Copeland, Summers, Busby, Spier, Barnett, Krcisman, Beck, Stuart, Ford, Turner, Young, Boyles, Bell, Hall, Campbell. MEMBERS ROW I: ROW 3: Higgs Carson Morris Lunn Berryman Leifer Barron Bronnes King ROW 2: ROW 4: Lassman Greene Goldstein Roton Mitchell Weldon Coggin Berrin ROW 5: Warren Ferranti Weinshank Moore -:ees 551316 fig. fl, i,r. .L . 1 :iii k 1 SAFETY WEEK PROJECT IN FALL SEMESTER SPONSORED BY ALPHA PHI OMEGA AL OFFICERS CLINTON BERRYMAN. . . ...r... . . , . . .,.,.. President JOHN A. KING A....r. ,,., F irst Vice-President W.: T. BARRON .,,. ,.,, S econd Vice-President BOB VANCE. .. ........,.,.. Treasurer H. C. MORRIS. .. ... ... Secretary Alpha Phi Omega is a national service fraternity com- posed of college ond university men who are or have been previously affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America. The first chapter of Alpha Phi Omega was established at Lafayette College, Easton, Pennsylvania on December Io, I925. Epsilon Tau Chapter on this campus received its charter on March 7, I948. The purpose of the fraternity is "to assemble college men in fellowship and to promote service to humanity." Alpha Phi Omega renders service in four maior fields: service to youth and community, service to the student body and faculty, service to members of the fraternity, and service to the nation as participating citizens. The highlight of the many services rendered on the campus this year was the conducting of Traffic Safety Week during the Fall Semester. Don Alberts Jessie Arnold W. T. Barron Mervyn Berrin Clinton Berryman Walter Bindin Austin Brannon Bob Bronnes Bob Calhoun Ronald G. Carson Charles K. Edwards Angelo Ferrenti George P. Gianondis Harold Goldstein MEMBERS Thomas A. Greene Richard Land Bennett Lassman Luther Lee Asa Leifer Donald Lunn Russell Lunn Page 353 Craig Mitchell Herbert C. Morris William P, Raton Bob Vance Walter Vice Charles S. Warren William V. Weldon Faculty: Mr. William Higgs Mr. Hilary Milton Mr. R. R. Del Valle LPH EPIL DELT ALPHA CHAPTER OF ALPHA EPSILON DELTA ONE OF FORTY-EIGHT IN NATION OFFICERS PATRICIA FOLEY ........ . . . President SOLE COLEMAN .... . Vice-President SARA WILL CREWS. . , ,,.. Secretary MARTIN LITWIN . . . .Treasurer JULIA LAMPKIN . . .... Editor GLEN SOCKWELL . .... I-listorian Alpha Epsilon Delta, national pre-medical honor society, was installed at the University on April 28, I926. Its obiect is to encourage excellence in pre-medical scholarship, to stimulate an appreciation ot the importance of pre-medical education in the study ot medicine, to promote cooperation between medical and pre-medical students and educators in developing an adequate program ot prefmedical education, and to bind together similarly interested students. Annually, Alpha Chapter makes a tour through the Medical College o' Alabama in Birmingham, a trip through Bryce and the Vet- erans I-Iospitals, and once a year a banquet is held in honor ot new initiates. This year the national convention met at Bama. James C. Barrett Alvin Bearman Martin Blutinger Michael Buckner Sole Coleman Sara Will Crews William Dean Elizabeth Dowdy Charles Feigelson Eugene Feigelson Floyd Fitts, Jr. William Fulton, IV Patricia Foley Jere Guin John Guinanopolis Anne E, Henclriclx MEMBERS Armstead Hudnell Julia Lampkin Martin Litwin Richard Litt John Marks Frank E. McCaliery E. Jones Moore Pete Morris Raymond Pappas Euell Screws Eli Sedlin Chester Singleton Glen Sockwell Charles Smith ROW I: Sockwell, Lumpkin, Coleman, Foley, Crews, Litwin . ROW 2: Fulton, Guin, Dowcly, Veazey, Hendrick, Tynclal, Litt ROW 3: Dean, Moore, Hudnell, Goldstein, Blutinger, Buckner, Gionopoulos, Feigelson, Q James St. John Jeanenne Stanley Edward Thompson William Trieber Edward Tyndal Charles F. Veazey Christine Wu ROW 'In Meadows, McCain, Delchamps, C. Moore, Pewz, Campbell, Gamble, Bailey, Parsons, Farmer, Tuck, Fuller ROW 2: Weikert, Clarke, Schmuclc, Farmer, Cato, R. Moore, Bucher, Hogan, Breth, Henderson, Brasher, Coleman. LPHA PP PSI ALPHA KAPPA PSI AWARDS PRIZE TO OUTSTANDING SENIOR IN COMMERCE OFFICERS JAMES BAILEY .,.., . ,..,. . . . . . . .President ROBERT E, PARSONS . . , . . . .Vice'President JAMES M. GAMBLE. . . . . . . Secretary HUGH W. FARMER. . . ..,,,, Treasurer ROY CAMPBELL .... Alpha Rho of Alpha Kappa Psi, a professional fraternity in the field of commerce, was founded at the University of Alabama in I924. Since that time, Alpha Rho has carried out the purposes for which the Fraternity was founded, these aims, both locally and nationally, are to further the individual welfare of its members, to foster scientific research in the . Master of Rituals fields of commerce, accounts, and finance, and to educate the public to appreciate and demand higher ideals therein, As a result of its efforts, Alpha Rho now ranks fifth in thc National Efficiency Contest. There are at the present time 73 undergraduate chapters and 23 alumni chapters. Many alumni are found in top business and professional positions, Jim Bailey Louis Brasher James R. Breth James R. Bucher Roy Campbell Donald L. Coleman E. H. Anderson Paul E. Alyea Fdward K. Austin Lee Bidgood William A. Delchomps Hugh W. Farmer Stewart Farmer Donald N. Freeman Bobby D. Fuller James M. Gamble Harry D. Bonham Marion K. Coley S. Paul Garner MEMBERS Harvey G. Henderson Elwood Hogan Robert E. Kelly John P, Kern Joseph M, Kern Homer Lee Kroui FACULTY Langston T. Hawley Russell C. Larcom Jack Harwood Menning Page 355 Clarence G. Meadows Taylor Miller, Jr. Robert L. Moore William C. McCain Bob E. Parsons Glenn F. Powers Charles N. Moore Donald Mulvihill Walter Ogilvic Frank J. Schmuck Robert M. Searcy William A. Tuck Bob Ulcenholz William Weikert James M. Wright A. J. Penz Charles R, Scott Horace I-I. Washburn ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA TAPPING CEREMONIES HELD AT SPRING CONVOCATION OFFICERS STERLING TURNER ........,.... .... P resident LILLIAN CARDWELL .... . . .Vice-President CONNIE SPURGEON. . . .... Secretary BETTY LOU CAMPBELL. . . .... Treasurer ELIZABETH STEWART ,,.. MISS ELIZABETH CATHY. . . JANE RUSSELL .. .. ... ANNE HENDRICK., . Alpha Lambda Delta, in its twenty-one years ot service on the University campus, has made remarkable progress in the encouragement ot scholastic achievement among women students. Bids for membership are extended to those tresh- men women who have maintained a 2.5 average tor one or two semesters. Each Spring at women's convocation, tapping ceremonies are held. The Alpha Lambda Delta maintaining .. . . . . .Historian . . .Faculty Advisor . . . .Senior Advisor . . . .Junior Advisor the highest scholastic average tor the academic year is pre- sented a gift at graduation time. During the Spring semester a party was held honoring incoming Freshmen women and a system ot tutoring freshmen betore exams was set up. Alpha Lambda Delta looks to the tuture when the all-woman average will be much higher. The number of women eligible tor tap- ping this Spring is an indication in the direction ot this goal. MEMBERS ' June Boyles Anne Copeland Kathleen Knowles Connie Spurgeon Barbara Brotherton Jcan Girlinghouse Ann Opalak Elizabeth Stewart Betty Lou Campbell Helen Hayes Elizabeth Palmer Sterling Turner Rita Capouya Marietta Jones Leona Roth Joann Walker Lillian Cardwell Joyce Kecnon Bettie Scott Cynthia Young ROW I: Capouyu, Campbell, Turner, Cardwell, Spurgeon, Stewart . . ROW 2: Brotherton, Boyles, Keenon, Scott, Knowles, Palmer, Jones, Hendrick, Russell ' I- V wif . 'xrrgz girg' ""' T' """"'Q--4 sw, .,.,,, .,,.. ffl i li 5 tr Mt' IW W .gfiigijig ........, - . .... 'ig f. lt - .. 1 M y -it p ...... 'Q-W Q ,,, -,-,,-. , - ' . : 2 .. . 4 .. l .... . . . .4 J -- M" Y -5 'Z can I . - -M --f ' y is . 5 qi. gy ... .... ! ...W R I I? 'iii , 5. .. . a n .. I I I. ROW 1: Edwards, Davis, Sanders, Moore, Meigs . . . ROW 2: Walmsley, Verner, Canfield, lmmler, Brough, King BAMA CHAPTER OF KAPPA PI INSTALLED ON CAMPUS DURING FALL SEMESTER OFFICERS THOMAS A, IMMLER ..... ......,,.... ...,.. P r esident MARY ANNE SANDERS ..,, ..., V ice-President JANE MEIGS .....,. ,,.. ...... S e cretary BOB RUFFIN . .,.. , Treasurer In December, l950, the National Chapter of Kappa Pi was petitioned by Alpha Sigma Omega at the University of Alabama for a local charter, on December l9, i950, Beta Delta chapter of Kappa Pi was installed at the University. The purposes of Kappa Pi are to uphold the highest standards of artistic and academic work, to provide a meeting ground for students with a professional interest in art, to raise the standards of productive work, and to provide the highest award for meritorious work by election to membership into this fraternity. Membership requirements include completion of the Freshman year with a 2.0 average in all subjects, and at least a 2.2 average in Art. Activities of Kappa Pi include an annual art exhibition in the University Gallery, a weekly meeting at the Fraternity studio, sales of student art work for the purpose of promoting an art scholarship fund, and a per- manent collection of prints to be maintained at the University. Kappa Pi also sponsors the Spring Art Festival at the University for high school students from over the state. MEMBERS Roy Canfield Carolyn Davis Wilsie Lee Edwards Jimmie Hall Thomas A. lmmler William Kaylor John Argyle King Mary Gene King R. H. McDonald Jane Meigs Martha Jean Moore Mary Belle Nall Frances L. Price Martha Ellen Richardson Bob Ruffin Mary Anne Sanders Barbara Smart James D. Verner William A. Walmsley Honorary Member Mrs. Bertha L. Miller Faculty Richard Brough Page 357 ms, ROW I: ROW 5: ' MacGregor McLeod I: Garner Ukenholz I .. " . Crane Freeman , Perry Youngblood Lane Beard ff Noble Tate Van Voorhis Springfield ROW 6: Cook ROW 2: Letson Hudgins McGinty Wallace Johnson I Stockard Ratcliffe C. Miller Hamm ROW 7: Barfield Magnuson Lewis ROW 3: Young Dickey Howard Thompson Turner ROW 8: Oliver King Wright Kanter Cato ROW 4: DeGolyer Stutts Wade R. Miller Neubauer Ellis BETA ALPHA PSI IN THIRD YEAR AFTER INSTALLATION ON ALABAMA CAMPUS OFFICERS CHARLES W. SPRINGFIELD ..,....,.,, ...,,.,. P resident JACK M. MacGREGOR ..,.,, SAMUEL E. HUDGINS ..., FRANK E. WALLACE. . . DR. A. J. PENZ ,,...,. Beta Alpha Psi is a professional accounting fraternity whose purpose is to encourage and foster the ideal of service as the basis of the accounting profession, to promote the study of accountancy and its highest ethical standards, to act as a medium between professional men, instructors, students and others who are interested in the development of the study or . . . ,Vice-President ....,..,,.Secretary ..........,.,Treasurer . .Faculty Vice-President profession of accountancy, to develop high moral, scholastic and professional attainment in its members, and to encourage cordial intercourse among its members and the profession generally. Membership is based upon standards of scholar- ship, leadership, practicality, and sociability, Now in its third year at Bama, Beta Alpha Psi boasts 41 members. MEMBERS Thomas F. Bartield, Jr. Charles L. Beard, Jr. Sterling G. Cato John W. Cook Henry A. DeGolyer Miss N. Dean Dickey Richard A. Ellis Fonald W. Freeman Luther C. Callahan William C. Flewellen, Jr. J. Vaughan Hamm James F. Letson Robert E. Howard, III Robert F. Lewis Samuel E. Hudgins William G. Johnson Robert E. Kelly William F. King Homer Lee Krout Stanley F. Lapidus Dr. S. Paul Garner Lee Glover Jay G. Loader John A. Lyon, Jr. Clyde R. Magnuson Catherine E. McGinty Thomas E. McLeod Jack MacGregor Carl S. Miller Taylor T. Miller Robert Miller Warren E. Neubauer Thomas W, Oliver, Jr. James C. Peeples Charles F. Ratcliffe, Jr. Charles A, Rountree FACULTY Thomas N. Humble Joseph E. Lane James E, Money Dr. A. J. Penz Page 355 Charles W. Springfield Arch M. Stockard Herman A. Stribling, Jr. Edward C. Stutts Roy R. Summerville William A. Tate Harold G. Thompson Clifford L. Turner W, Paul Thomas Dr. Robert H. VanVoorhis Robert Unkenholz Charles W. Wade, Ill Frank E. Wallace James M. Wright, Jr. Joe M, Young James M. Youngblood, John J, Yourick, Jr. Bernard J. Wade William H. Whitney J BET GAMMA SIGM Beta Gamma Sigma, an outgrowth of a local society, Sigma Eta, founded in the School of Commerce and Business Administration in 1922 by Dean Lee Bidgood, Dr, H. H. Chap- man, and Dr. Arthur Upgreen, made its formal appearance at the University of Alabama on March 4, 1931. As a synony- mous predecessor, Sigma Eta was organized to recognize those students who had done superior work during their en- rollment as commerce students. The purposes of the Alabama Chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma are threefold: to encourage and reward scholarship and accomplishments in the field of business studies among students and graduates of collegiatq, schools of business, to promote the advancement of education in the science of business, and to foster principles of honesty and integrity in business practice. Alpha chapter was repree sented in the Commerce Association through the membership of its president in the Executive Council. Other members of the group contributed their part of the success of Commerce Day. Membership into Beta Gamma Sigma is open to eligible candidates only after they have successfully completed six semesters of work in the School of Commerce, OFFICERS DR. LANGSTON T. HAWLEY ....,..., i......,.. P resident PROF. HARRY A. LIPSON .... . . . .Secretary-Treasurer Margaret Norwood Cashion Donald VV. Freeman Samuel Griffith Higgins Ido Mae Hunt Paul E. Alyea E. H, Anderson William Bennett Harry D. Bonham William Boyd H. H. Chapman William C. Flewellen MEMBERS Fanny Mitchell Leonard D. Mitchell Walter S. McConnell Clifford T. Riordan FACULTY S, Paul Garner Charles M. Hewitt James Holladay M. Clinton McGee John P. Maggard Burton P. Morley Catherine McGinty Page 359 Donna Mae Severson Edward Terry Rudolph A, White L. J. Nations John P. Noland Walter L. Ogilvie William E. Pickens W. Paul Thomas Marcus Whitman ROW I: Dunstan Harris Bryan Hoffman ROW 2: Cribbins Handwerger Saliba Gunter McCracken ROW 3: Kilpatrick Carter Niemzak Binnie Tommie ROW 4: Odum Ward Bishop Maples ROW 5: Hines Benward Ayres Gaynor ROW 6: Gregory Woodman Keith CHI EPSILON CONDUCTS PROJECTS FOR BENEFIT OF ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT OFFICERS W. TED BRYAN ......,....,......... ..,.... P resident JOSEPH E. HARRIS .......... . . .Vice-President GEORGE G. HOFFMAN, JR. ...,.. .,... S ecretary WILLIAM T. TOMMIE ,..........., .,,.... T reasurer PROFESSOR GILBERT H. DUNSTAN. . . .,..,. Faculty Advisor Having received its charter only three years ago, Chi Epsilon, a national civil engineering honorary fraternity, early came to the front among other honorary and professional organizations in the College of Engineering by taking every prize offered in last Spring's Engineering Open House. The fraternity has as its general aim the improvement of the engi- neering profession and selects its active members on the basis of scholarship, practicality, and sociability. Members must be outstanding iuniors and seniors in the Department of Civil Engineering, since selection is made from the upper one-third of these classes. The group undertakes projects and programs which will not only benefit the fraternity members, but also the Department of Civil Engineering as a whole. Problems met in outside practice are topics of discussions at periodic meetings and banquets. These social occasions also promote a spirit of fellowship between student and faculty. Chi Epsilon looks forward to many successful years as a pro- fessional fraternity at the University of Alabama. MEMBERS William A. Ayres William H, Carter Richard D. Gaynor Joe Handwerger Henry M. McCracken Gerald S. Odom Edward N. Benward James M. Clark Joseph L. Gunter James T. Hines, Jr. John C. Maples Alfred J. Saliba William J. Binnie Paul D. Cribbins David L. Gregory George R. Kilpatrick Anthony J. Niemczak Seth W. Ward William M. Bishop FACULTY Thomas E. Breassell Gilbert H. Dunstan James M. Faircloth Warren G. Keith Longino A. Woodman ..,f, Y... . DELTA SIGMA Pl CROWNED GAIL ELLISON AS ROSE OF DELTA SIG FOR 1951 OFFICERS HAROLD D. WALL. . . ......... .,.,, H eadmaster ERNEST DEAL .... .... S enior Warden TOM MILLER.. ,.., Junior Warden RUSSELL LUNN ,,,.. JIM YOUNGBLOOD. , . Alpha Sigma Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi was installed at the University of Alabama in T926 and has since continued to carry out the purposes and objectives of the fraternity. These purposes are to foster the study of business in universities, to encourage scholarship and the association of the students for their mutual advancement by research and practice, to pro- mote closer affiliation between the commercial world and the Scribe . . . .Treasurer students of commerce, and to further a high standard o commercial ethics, and the cultural, civic and commercial wel- fare of the community. Delta Sigs participate in the Founder's Day Celebration on November 7, bi-annual initiation ban- quets, a faculty sponsored picnic, and the traditional Com- merce Day festivities. Miss Gail Ellison was selected as the "Rose of Delta Sig" for l95l. Hugh Ballard Joseph G. Basse Hugh Bostick Robert F. Calhoun Allen D. Cochrane George G. Coggin John VV. Cook Mr. Lloyd G. Allen Dr. H. H. Chapman Mr. Jefferson Coleman Thomas C. Courington Richard H. Davis Ernest L. Deal Richard A. Ellis William H. Fail John J. Fannaly James E. Godwin Dr. James A. Constantin Dr. Frank E. Dykema Mr. William C. Flewellen MEMBERS William W. Gregory Wade L. Hampton Jack Harris Oliver P. Head James D. Holmes McLin Humpidge Pep Johnston FACULTY Dr. Franklin J. Foster Mr. Ralph M. Havens Mr. Harold A. Helms John H. Lavette William M. Loy A. Russell Lunn Robert F. Mann Thomas R. Miller Walter S. McConnell William W. McDonald Dr. James Holladay Mr. Henry A. Leslie Dr. Burton R. Morley Thomas W. Oliver Clyde H. Roddam Bart E. Shea John F. Sotie Harold D. Wall James M. Youngblood Mr. William E. Pickens Mr. Paul W. Thomas Dr. Marcus Whitman ROW 1: Ellis, Johnson, Rodclam, Loy, Lavette, Lunn, Constantin, Wall, Deal, Youngblood, Harris, Rountree, Fail . . . ROW 2: Calhoun, Goodwin, Cochran, Gregory, Humpiclge, McDonald, Davis, Sofie, Mann, Coggin . . . ROW 3: Shea, Cook, McConnell, Miller, Hampton, Fannaly, Holmes, Courington, Page 36l SIGMA NU SIGMA NU PRIZE OF FIFTY DOLLARS GIVEN OFFICERS T. EWING CARTER... .....,.. .... STIENER GARRETT , , . OSCAR NELSON . . . JOHN LUSK I,.... Nu Sigma Nu medical Troternity hos completed its sixty- eighth year. It was conceived, created and evolved out ot o need tor cooperation ond fellowship among medical men. At the present time there ore torty-seven chapters in The some number ot selected Closs A medical schools in The United States and Conodo. Beto Phi ot The Medical College ot TO OUTSTANDING SENIOR . . . . . .President . . .Vice-President . . . Secretory .. Treasurer Aloboma received o charter in I947 ond now numbers eighty one active members. The Nu Sigmo Nu prize ot Titty dollars to on outstanding senior selected by the Toculty ond his closs motes hos been estoblished by Beta Phi Chapter. The chapter hos also estoblished the Stuort Graves Lectureship which pre sents on outstonding speaker onnuolly. MEMBERS Class of I95'I J. Webb L. Lambreth B. F. Coffey J. Whitehead B. Lightfoot B. S. Carpenter R. Wise D Owensby T. E, Carter R. Young D Palmer D. Collins H. Abele J. Sherrill R. Draughow Class of 'I952 F. Sherrill R. Duff W. Atchison M. H. Sims Leslie Johnson M. Bargerson R. Walker R. Harris J. Bates H Wand J. Lusk P. Beddovv Class of 1953 J. lvIcCorley lvi. Cook J. T. Baker J. Moore J. Duke B. R. Boshell I. Muir S. Garrett C H. Crump J. C. Sounders H. Gloss E. Curtis J. A. Sherrod S. Groy J. S. Davies J. Wcide K. Honnon P. J. Enslen D. C. Holt U. Hooper L. L. Johnson C. L. LaGrone T. C. Lawson O. T. Nelson S. S. Norvell O. Riley S. H. Stephens C. B. Thuss W. A. Walker' K. L. Yielding J. S. Yow H. H. Floyd P. H. Linten W. Douglas SECOND ROW: Duke, Hooper, Mims, FIRST ROW: Robertson, Draughon, Garrett, Gloss, Hammock, Hanahan, Carter . Israel, Nelson, Owensby, Lightfoot, Curtis, Johnson, Stephens, Gray, Palmer, Thuss, Yow, Hundley, Hannon, Kenon, Floyd . . . THIRD ROW: Roberts, Crump, Harris, Saunders, Young, Norvell. Class of 'I954 G. Barnes H. Blalock C. Burke R. Dudley W. Harrock lvl. Hannahan R. Hundley W. Isroel O. Kenon R. Kominck J. Mims W. Pappas F. Phillips S. S. Roberts E. Robinson ,gf if in .ig 1' DM N180 ROW I: Hayes, Woosley, Dickey, Hunt, Carraway, Reeves , ROW 2: Bretton, Martin, Sanders, Boyer, Beck, Carldritz, Ferrill, Mitchell SCHOLARSHIP KEY IS GIVEN TO OUTSTANDING STUDENT BY PHI CHI THETA OFFICERS IDA MAE HUNT ..,. ..,....,,. .,...,, P r esident DEAN DICKEY ........, ..., V ice-President NNANDA CARRAWAY . . . ..... Secretary ANN WOOLSEY . . ,,,. Treasurer Phi Chi Theta, a national professional fraternity for vvo- men in the field of commerce, was organized nationally in l925. The University of Alabama Chi Chapter was installed in l936. Membership requirements include a 2.0 over all average and the qualities of good character and leadership. Phi Chi Theta cooperates vvith the Commerce Association in all its activities. Other activities include a tea for the Com- merce faculty and freshman women, a banquet for new members, and a party for pledges. Each Spring the traditional Phi Chi Theta scholarship key is awarded at the Commerce Ball to the woman student in the Junior class in the School of Commerce who has maintained the highest scholastic aver- age during her first five semesters of residence work. These women are preparing for their place in business, MEMBERS Betty Beck Wanda Carraway Jeannine Ferrill Katherine Martin Ann Woosley Elizabeth Boyer Ann Chesnut Helen Hayes Fanny Mitchell Joyce Bratton Dean Dickey Ida Mae Hunt Frances Reeves Faculty Carlye Merle Carlovitz Jean McCoy Evans Susie Kimbrough Virginia Sanders Mrs. Catherine McGinty Page 363 MEMBERS James W. Bragg Richard E. Bullington Robert C. Covington Elton E. Gaither William E. Garner Harry W. Homme G. Orum Hamner Howard L. Jaffe Jerry M. O'DonnelI Nathaniel E. Reed T. Ray Richeson Brooks Thompson Claude F. Ward Guy T. Wilcox Anderson H. Hembree, Jr.Robert A. Willeford Thomas L. Hicks FACULTY Frederick Archer Dr. Charles K. Arey Dr. Willis J. Baughrnan James F. Caldwell Charles A. Cate C. Raymond Carlson Harlan D. Clark E. H. Cleino Jove L. Couch Wade H. Coleman, Jr. Ralph W. Cowart William Dobbs Dr. James F. Daster William T. Going Dr. Joseph H. Hadley Orvil R. Hause Dr. Robert C, Hammock Ben E. Harris Dr. Joseph C, Hayes Dean Noble B. Hendrix Dr. George Howard Mardis O. Hussey Dr. Kermit A. Johnson Dr. L. Tennent Lee, Jr. Jonathon McLendon Dean John R. McLure Dr. John R. Morton C. Frank Newell Dr. Alton O'Steen James L. Nisbet Dr. Eldridge R. Plowden Dr. Eric Rodgers Richard R. Schmitz Dr. Jackson R. Sharman Dr. Verner M. Sims Charles D. Stapp Dr. Paul W. Terry Dean Robert E. Tidwell Dr. Frederick L. Westover Clinton E. Williams Dr. H. Bascom Woodward Jr Dr. Gladstone H. Yeuell ROW 'ln O'Donnell, Jaffe, Hamner, Yeuell, Wiliiford . . , ROW 2: Hembree, Garner, Bragg, Homme, Wilcox . . . ROW 3: Greer, Richeson, Gaither, Bullington . . ROW 4: Drake, Rickles, Reed, Dobbs. PHI DELT KAPP ALPHA XI CHAPTER OF PHI DELTA KAPPA IN TWENTY-FIRST YEAR AT BAMA OFFICERS G. ORUM HAMNER. . ,,...,,. .. HOWARD L. JAFFE. .. CLAUDE F. WARD .....,., DR. ROBERT C. HAMMOCK, , DR. GLADSTONE H. YEUELL. . , Phi Delta Kappa was founded at the University of Indiana in l906 and Alpha Xi Chapter was installed at the University of Alabama in I93O. The organization gives recognition to outstanding men in the field of education, and honorary, pro- fessional, and fraternal aspects are embodied in the frame- work of the organization. The purpose of Phi Delta Kappa . . President . . .,.. Vice-President . . . ,Secretary-Treasurer . .Executive Secretary Faculty Advisor is to promote tree public education through the continuing interpretation of the ideals of research, service and leadership. Undergraduate and graduate male students of deserving character and leadership abilities with an overall 2.3 average are eligible for membership. Membership is also extended to men working in the field ot public education. Page 364 PHI ET SIGM "HOW TO STUDY" BOOKLET PUBLISHED FOR FRESHMEN BY PHI ETA SIGMA OFFICERS ROLAND D. JACKSON. . . ...,..., ....... P resident ALFRED N. GOOD ..... . . ,Vice-President WAYNE A. MEEKS ,....... .,... S ecretary ROBERT S. HARRIS ......... ....... T reasurer DR. THOMAS G. ANDREWS. . . Phi Eta Sigma is a national scholastic fraternity composed of Freshman men who have 2.5 averages or better. It is the purpose of the fraternity to encourage scholarship among the Freshmen in order to build a solid academic foundation for the remainder of their college careers. The University chapter takes pride in its active role in formulating national fraternity policy through active participation in the Phi Eta Sigma National Conventions. The organization furthers scholastic . . .Faculty Advisor interests nationally, locally, and individually to the student while endeavoring to foster social well-being. The most important activity of the University chapter is the publication of the booklet, "How to Study." This booklet is presented to all incoming Freshmen with the view in mind that students may readily adapt themselves more quickly to a new and different environment. Phi Eta Sigma is the doorway to future success of male students at the University of Alabama. MEMBERS Leon Adair Francis Edmond Evans Robert S. Harris Wayne A. Meeks Samuel G. Taylor James E. Applequist Hugh Wade Farmer Carey H. Havard Frank Ogden Robert D. Thorington Raymond Berlin James E. Godwin Lynn P. Hodges Alonza Raymond Pappas Albert M. Trieber Forrest W. Brice Irwin R. Goldberg Roland D. Jackson Clarence Wade Savage Don B. Young John Carson Carter Alfred N. Good Charles B. Lampkin, Ill Euel A. Screws, Jr. Joe Young Harry Gene Causey William Wyatt Gregory Raymon M. Lemos Curruth R. Smith, Jr. FACULTY Dean Charles H. Barnwell, Emeritus Dr. George H. Denny Dr. William T. Going Dr. Jack P. Montgomery Dean Lee Bidgood Dr. John M. Gallalee Dean Noble B. Hendrix Dr. Johnstone Parr Dean James R. Cudworth Dr. Allen J. Going Dean Stewart J. Lloyd Dr. Marcus Whitman ROW I: Smith, Taylor, Harris, Andrews, Jackson, Meeks, Good, Godwin . . . ROW 2: Adair, Causey, Pappas, Screws, Young, Goldberg, Berlin . . . ROW 3: Savage, Farmer, Brice, Lemos, Lumpkin, Evans. CATERING SERVICE FOR ORGANIZATIONS PROVIDED BY PHI UPSILON OMICRON OFFICERS JEWELENE TRAYLOR . . ...,......,, . . ,... President MARJEAN NABORS ..,,. MARY HELEN DUPREE. ,. AUDREY SILVERN. ., ... EDITH ANN WINFORD. .. Phi Upsilon Omicron is a national honorary fraternity in Home Economics. Membership bids are extended to women students who are in their last semester ot the sophomore year and have maintained a 2.0 average in all academic work. These girls must show exceptional qualities ot leadership, service and professional attitude. Psi Chapter was established . , . ,,., Vice-President . . .Corresponding Secretary . . , .Recording Secretary ,. .. .. Treasurer at the University in i936. Each year Phi Upsilon Omicron honors the Freshman who has completed the Freshman year with the highest average. Her name is engraved on a plaaue and hung in Doster Hall. A joint tea with Caroline Hunt Club is held annually tor all Home Economics students. Weekly meetings are held in Doster Hall during the year. Pauline Brown Mary Helen Dupree Bobbie Glaze Sibyl Doris Griffin Myndall Ira Hall Lois Hampton Mable F. Adams Helen Bosard if J X Ernestine Lawhon Martha Ann Maxwell Sarah R. Mullins Bennie Nolen Carolyn Pat Petersen Ruby Ann Vann Dr. Bessie Davey Carolyn Glass Davis MEMBERS Marion Adams Mary E. Allen Marjorie Hollingsworth Jewel Mae Keeton Harriet McDonald FACULTY Louise Frolich Dean Agnes Ellen Harris Carolyn McKnight Virginia Medders Marieari Nabors Mary Sue Parnell Joyce Renfroe Helen Knapp Bernice Pittman Audrey Lou Silvern Melba Studdard Jewelene Traylor Theresa Ann Vizzina Edith Ann Wintord Doris Plagge Henrietta Thompson ROW I: Winford, Keeton, Vizzina, Nabors, Traylor, Renfroe, Medders, Allen, Silvern . , . ROW 2: Lawhon, Mullins, Dupree, Hall, Griffin McKnight, Hampton, Petersen, Pittman, Vann, McDonald, Maxwell, Nolen, Glaze. Q, , . . " k V y ' H ,K l . Fa F 5 asf? I . .X Emi F . w g f I EM , HRS? UF F - fl! li 5 F12 'ff-RF T' if , V, ggi? ' Fi'.if-.- Q I .3 A iii 3 I"I' -si I ' :V i . A E Fi! if I T t tt T si Vi ,, .gfgy z . ., I I 7 .T - ., . ':'. ti ., V F ,jfs . F my , F V 1 F s Z . y W 2 4 W 'pm' is A WJ ' 3 ...., . . ,T . , - fw l f ,. . f . I' A V. , , I , VLLV . is S 2 of ' , 5 4 was 'mf i 'Z' Page 366 STUDENT-WIDE MATHEMATICS CONTEST ANNUAL FEATURE OF PI MU EPSILON OFFICERS SUSIE LEE WARD ..,,....,... HERBERT H. DIEKHANS. . . ....,.......... Vice-Director HASELL PALMER ........ ,... T reasurer MRS. A. M. JONES ..A. . . . . . . . . Secretary Pi Mu Epsilon, a national honorary society in mathematics, established Alabama Alpha at the University in 1922. Its primary aim is to promote scholarship tor the individual mem- ber in all subiects and particularly in mathematics. Members are tapped from the ranks ot the taculty and the student body, the primary requisite being distinction in the various .....................Director KATHLEEN CANNON ..,.,.. . . .. .Publicity Chairman ELLA JONES .......... .... S ocial Chairman J. D. MANCILL. . . ..,,... . . ....,., Librarian mathematical sciences. Monthly meetings are held at which time papers are presented tor the purpose ot encouraging continuing interest among members. Each year Pi Mu Epsilon sponsors various mathematical contests which are open to the entire student body. These contests serve to stimulate a greater interest in the science of mathematics. MEMBERS Roy C. Adams John R. Allen James E. Applequist William O. Armstrong Wilbur C. Armstrong Martha Bailey John M. Bennett Robert Brock William T. Bryan Billy B. Bryant Jock B. Caldwell Jack Copeland Thomas N. Crawford, Jr Eugene L. Croxton, Jr. Caldwell De Bardeleben Herbert H. Diekhans Dorothy Dunham George S. Eastwood Carol L. Evans Francis E. Evans Susie Ezzell J. Donald Guin Charles Hall, Jr. E. Paul Hjorth Virginia M. Holly George W. Howell Charles Killian Joe Ledbetter Donald H. Lee Edward Lilley Ellen Jane Lord William L. Low Marvin ltzkowitz Pelham Otis McDutt Robert E. McRae Charles L. Malone FACULTY Donald Mayhall Walter B. Mitchell Phillip Naordi William Essau Palmer R. S. Razeck Julian J. Samuels Ronald E. Sellers, Jr. Mrs. Ann L. Shirtz Louise Snowden Jeanne Stanley Donald Swenson James W. Webb Edward W. Whaley David G. Whitney Walter L. Wilson, Jr T. C. Yarbrough William F. Adams J. L. Couch Oliver L. Lacey Hasell Palmer C. L. Seebeck, Jr. Carl C. Sartain O. R. Ainsworth Paul M. Hummel J, D. Mancill William K. Roy R. Q. Shotts MVS. W- C- Shuttles E. Scott Barr Louis Jattee Mrs. Joe Ledbetter Eric Rodgers Mrs. Irma B. Southard Susie Lee Ward Kathleen Cannon Mrs. A. M. Jones F. A. Lewis Mrs. Eric Rodgers M, C. Stapp B. Vanderburg Elizabeth Cathey Ella Jones F. H. Mitchell Neal P. Rowell F. R. Steinbacher ROW 1: Yarbrough, Adams, Croxton, Samuels . . ROW 2: Itzkowitz, DeBardeleben, Webb, W. C. Armstrong, A. Jones, Dunham, Ezzell, E. Jones, Bailey, Copeland . . ROW 3: Shirtz, Swenson, Bennett, Palmer, Allen, C. Evans, Cannon, Vanderburg . . ROW 4: Stanley, Diekhans, Malone, Thurston, W. Armstrong, Ward, Hummel . ROW 5: Whaley, F. Evans, Bryant, lewis, Shotts, Steinbacher, Lacey, Seebeck. Page 367 SIGMA DELTA CHI and THETA SIG A PHI Sigma Delta Chi and Theta Sigma Phi, national profes- sional journalistic fraternities, received their charters at The University in I948. The Press Club serves as parent organi- zation for both groups, and the three co-operate closely in many types of promotional activities. Sigma Delta Chi in I95O-5I ranked twenty-fourth in total efficiency and twenty- THETA SIGMA PHI OFFICERS MIGNONNE BRAY .... .,.....,. ,......, P r esident MARIANNE COLE .... .... V ice-President JULIET CONE ........ . .. ......,. Secretary BARBARA BEAULIEU .... .........,...... T reasurer MARY LEE BRIECE ......,. ,... K eeper of the Archives MISS EUNICE HINMAN ,,., ...,..... F aculty Advisor MRS. CHARLES SCARRITT ...,.......,..., Alumnae Advisor MEMBERS third in professional achievement among fifty-three other chapters throughout the country. Theta Sigma Phi, organiza- tion for women, selected as its project for T950-5I the placing of a bulletin board in the library displaying jackets of books written by its members. These organizations publish free pro- grams for all Bama home basketball games. SIGMA DELTA CHI Patricia Bagwell Barbara Beaulieu Migonne Bray Mary Lee Briece Marianne Cole Juliet Cone Florence Day ROW 1: Bray Cole Briece Day Cone Jones ROW 2: Pittman Beaulieu Bagwell Spurgeon Flanders ROW 3: Harvey House Miller R. Edwards ROW 4: W. Edwards Maddox Ritter Cribb Wilson Carolyn Flanders Elsie Hansen Mary Hill Marietta Jones Katherine Pill Connie Spurgeon OFFICERS SAM HARVEY .,.,. .......,. , . . ...... President RAY EDWARDS .,., Vice-President BILL PITTMAN . . . .,.......,.... Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS John Burton Ted House Eill Pittman Robert Cribb Bob Jones Dick Ritter Bill Edwards Ray Lackey Cliff Singleton Ray Edwards Hugh Maddox Thomas Taylor Lamar Falkner Bob Miller Sam Wetmore Sam Harvey John Minton Harold Wilson Frank Holston FACULTY Bill Bates Frank Lee Charles Scarritt C. E. Bounds, Advisor John Luskin f A 4 iz' 'L W" we me ROW 1: Malone, Hoffman, Hines, Armstrong . . . ROW 2: Mayhall, Brock, Samuels, Whitney, R. Rey, Low, Bennett, Vaughn . . ROW 3: Nardoci, McRae, Hjorth, Fitzgerald, Price, Jeffery, Downey, Wisdom, Crawford, Simmons . . . ROW 4: Crouch, Petcher, Norton, Killian, McCracken, Pollard, Turnbull, Waite, Benward, W. Rey, Keith. V HOBBY SHOP FOR UNIVERSITY STUDENTS SPONSORED BY TAU BETA PI FRATERNITY OFFICERS DAVID G. WHITNEY. . . ........,, ..,,..,,,. P resident ROBERT F. REY ..........,.... .......... V ice-President ROBERT L. BROCK ,,............, .,,.... R ecording Secretary PROFESSOR HOWARD H. MEIGS. . . . .Corresponding Secretary PROFESSOR WARREN G. KEITH. . . .,,.......... Treasurer The Tau Beta Pi Association, national engineering honor society, was founded at Lehigh University in l885 by Edward Higginson Williams, Jr., "to mark in a fitting manner those who have conferred honor upon their Alma Mater by dis- tinguished scholarship and exemplary character as under- graduates in engineering, or by their attainments as alumni in the field of engineering, and to foster a spirit of liberal culture in the engineering colleges of America." At present there are eighty-seven active chapters of Tau Beta Pi. Alabama Beta Chapter, the fifty-first chapter, was founded at the University on November 20, I926. Since that time several hundred members have been initiated into the organization. MEMBERS William Oliver Armstrong John Mark Bennett Edward Norman Benward Robert Leon Brock William Ted Bryan Eroadus Morgan Bryant Robert Forbes Crawford Joseph A. Bennett Thomas E. Brassell Kenneth W. Coons James R. Cudworth Ray Marshall Crouch James Asbury Downey Arthur Ernest Fitzgerald James Thomas Hines George Garner Hoffman, Eugene Paul Hiorth Charles Russell Killian James M. Faircloth John M. Gallalee Willard F. Gray Warren C. Jeffery William Lewis Lew Henry Marvin McCracken Robert Eugene McRae Charles Lovelace Malone John Atkins Mayhall Philip Joseph Nardoci James Declave Norton, Jr. FACULTY Warren G. Keith Herbert Kuerizel Fred R. Maxwell Howard H. Meigs Page 369 Frank Urmey Petcher Thomas Joseph Price Jack R. Pollard Robert Francis Rey Julian Joeseph Samuels Roy Lonora Simmons William J. Miller F. H. Mitchell J. Leith Potter William K. Rey Bayard Jasper Squire Norman Leigh Turnbull James Andrew Vaughn Jack Hunter Waite David G. Whitney Jack Henry Wisdom Reynold Q. Shotts Franz R. Steinbachcr E. C. Wright ln A L ROW 'lz Murphree, Schroeder, Johnson, McClusky, Broad, J. C. Brown, Samuels, Baker, Matthews, Owens . . . ROW 2: Messer, Caldwell, McCracken, Kiesling, McRae, J. R. Brown, Harris, Niemczak, Gaynor . . . ROW 3: Holder, Rey, Lawrence, lnscho, Carter, Shirtz, Gunter, Hawkins, Saliba, Adams, Odum. THET SMOKERS HELD THROUGHOUT YEAR BY THETA TAU TO DISCUSS PROBLEMS OFFICERS R. L. BROADER, JR.. .. N. F. MCLEOD ,..,. L. N. MCCLUSKY. . . J. J. SAMUELS .... R. D. GAYNOR .... lvlu Chapter of Theta Tau, the twelfth of the present twenty-six chapters of the national organization to be founded, was established at the University of Alabama in l922. Boast- ing the largest membership of all groups of its type, Theta Tau now has more than 12,000 engineering students and graduate engineers. Mu chapter was an outgrowth of a locally or- . . . . . .President . . . .Vice-President . . . . .Secretary .............Treasurer . . .St. Pat's Representative ganized group known as the Castle Club. Throughout the year Mu holds various smokers to discuss problems and subiects related to the advancing field of engineering. Men in the field of engineering are presented at bi-weekly meetings to inform the group of the latest advances in technology. New members are elected in the fall and spring semesters. MEMBERS D. C. Bailey H. P. Fell S. G. Lawrence K. Pollard H. L. Baker L. P. Gause, Jr. L, N. McClusky F. Rey R. l.. Broad, Jr. R, D. Gaynor O. P. McDuff A. J. Saliba Jack Brown J. E. Harris N. F, McLeod J. J. Samuels W. T, Bryan C. G. lnscho, Jr. R, E. McRae E. P. Schroeder T. C. Caldwell Bob Johnson M. O. Mathews R. L. Shirtz W. H. Carter H. S. Kiesling E. D. Messer D. G. Whitney W. E. Crowder, Jr. Jack King A. J. Niemczak FACULTY I. lvl. Faircloth L. A. Woodman W. C. Keith Page 370 ROW I: High, Stanley, Allen, Covington, Bolasky, Williams, Meeks, Cronier, Hall . . ROW 2: Thomas, Brush, Young, Sankey, Busby, Weaver, Menefee, Calhoun, P. Lane, Edgeworth, Hilburn, Lobel . , ROW 3: Mclver, Smith, Bottoms, Dyer, Asmun, Carson, Yarbrough, Ellisor, J. Lane, Wilkerson. U IVER ITY RELIGIOUS COUNCIL OFFICERS SYLVIA BOLASKY , , . , LOUISE WILLIAMS WAYNE MEEKS , BOB COVINOTON REV. MALCOLM McIVER The University Religious Council, consisting ot representae tives from each ot the campus religious organizations, came into being during the early part of IQ47. The council en- deavors to strengthen the religious consciousness at the Unif versity and to act as a means tor the interfexchange at ideas, problems, and plans ot the member groups. The clothing President . .Vice-President , .Secretary , .Treasurer Advisor drive tor needy students overseas, the annual church night, and the highly successtul Religious Emphasis week are proiects promoted by the Council. Permanent members ot the Council are Baptist Student Union, Canterbury Club, Christian Group, Hillel Foundation, Lutheran Group, Newman Club, Wesley Foundation, and Westminster Fellowship, Francis Allen Harry Asman Pat Bagwell Sylvia Bolasky Jim Bottoms Herbert Brush Alan Busby Kit Carson Elise Calhoun Bob Covington Clark Dyer Ruth Edgeworth James Ellison' Virginia Hall Lucille High Betty Kay Hilburn Mac Humpidge John Lane MEMBERS Patsy Lane Bernard Label Wayne Meeks Suanne Menetee Peggy Merkyl Mary Katherine Mitchell Newman Sankey Mary Lou Scott Benny Smith Page 3! I Ji,unenni,: Stanley Juanita Rocker Belton Thomas Ann Weaver Enniet Wilkerson Louise Vvilliams Tom Yarbrough Chcirlcs Young ROW 'I: Asman, Oppenheimer, Zedd, Silverfield , . . ROW 2: Capouya, Roth, Leyton, Sheckter, Radoms, Friedlander, Gorden, Gerber, Rubin . . . ROW 3: Wohl, Seigel, Lerner, Kalmutz, Kreisman, Blumberg, Gross, Fischel, Hytken, Salenfriend, Jacobs, Rosenberg, Itzkowitz, Shugerman, Jeffer, Sciltzman, Morris. HILLEL SPONSORED MOVIES OF EDUCATIONAL VALUE DURING YEAR IN GRAVES OFFICERS HARRIS FRIEDLANDER . , . .,......., ...... P resident MARCIA RADOMS . . , .... Vice-President BEVERLY GORDEN ..... . . .Secretary SEYMOUR SHECKTER ,,.. . . , . . .Treasurer Director DR. HENRY ALBERT FISCHEL. .. . . ,Rabbi In T950-5I, Hillel in its sixteenth year on campus has served four hundred and sixty students and faculty members of the Jewish faith. Its objectives were the care of religious and spiritual needs of all its members, educational and social programs, counselling and vocational guidance service, welfare and charitable projects, and the fostering of inter-cultural and interfaith relations on campus. Sabbath and Holiday observ- ances, interfaith meeting, and a program of religious instruc- tion were in the foreground of Hillel efforts. The educational activities included radio and choral work, current events, wel- fare drives, study and discussion groups, and social service work with emphasis placed on married couples, Harry Asman Alvin Bearman Sylvia Bolasky Herb Blumberg Rita Capouya Thelma Gerber Arthur Gross Barbara Hytken Marvin ltzlcovvitz Hermine Jacobs Rose Jeffer Barbara Kalmutz Arthur Kaufman Nathan Koenig Marian Lerner COUNCIL Jimmy Levitt Temma Leyton Bernard Label Herb Morris Maxwell Oppenheimer Mickey Rosenberg David Roth Page 372 Leona Rath Sylvia Rubin Stanley Saltzrnan Ruth Shugerman Ellen Siegel Lionel Silverfield Rhoda Soclof WESLEY Ll TIO WESLEY FOUNDATION HOLDS SUNDAY WORSHIP SERVICES IN DOSTER HALL OFFICERS GORDON BLACKWELL, JR. JAMES ELLISOR ,,... , MARINA VRETREAS. , LAURA STROTHER . President , . Vicelpresident , . ,Secretory Treosurer STAFF DR, WM. GRAHAM ECHOLS ,.....,.L.... Minister-Director MRS. WM. GRAHAM ECHOLS , , . Housemother MRS. WYNESS SAENGER, ,. . ,... Councilor SARAH NORWOOD. , , Stott Secretory The Wesley Foundotion is the term used to designote the student work ot the Methodist Church on the campus ot o Stote University, At the University ot Aloborno our Sundoy morning Chopel Service is held ot iO:45 in Doster Holi. It consists ot on worship rituol led by the Wesley Choir ond o JAMES ELLISOR ......... . . . Student Assistont DON MIZE ....,,.......,..,, ,.... C hoir Director MARY ELIZABETH MCDONALD . . . Orgonist sermon by our minister-director. All other octivities toke ploce ot our heodquorters, the Wesley Center, locctted ot 614 lOth Avenue. The entire student body is invited to ottend ot ony time. Cottee hours ore held weekly ot Wesley Center, ond picnics ond porties ore given throughout the yeor. Puig: 373 ROW I: ROW 5: Thiemonge Long A. Smith Harwell Sankey Ying F. Patterson Victor Wu J. Morrow Oliver McDuftie Hammond C. Smith ROW 2: H. Patterson Rev. Mclver Edington M. Mclver ROW 6: McAIister Bruns Graham Morris O'Conner Cobb Hyo Chai Lee R. Leatherwoocl De Vane Lyda Stanley McClintock Hyo Suk Lee Bowman Dugger ROW 3: Allen Jackson ROW 7: High Montgomery Coker L. Smith Fanning Cord Houser Mathis Hall Petcher Weuhil S. Smith Marks Jones Jaeger ROW 4: Lutz Shaw ROW 8: E. Morrow Spaulding Boyd Easterling E. Lecitherwood McLure Bell Cochran Marwine Ruffin Kegley Meeks Whiteside Swindall WE TIVIINSTER FELLOWSHIP OFFICERS NEWMAN SANKEY ..........,,... ,.,.,...... P resident WAYNE A. MEEKS ........,..... .... F irst Vice-President LUCILLE HIGH .......... JEANENNE STANLEY, .. . . .Second Vice-President ............Treasurer MAC HUMPIDGE ..... . . . .Enlistment Secretary FRANCES ALLEN ,.......... ..........., S ecretary MALCOLM C. MCIVER, JR. .... .... M inister to Students COUNCIL MEMBERS MARY COLEMAN COBB .... .,, Alumni Files EDITH HAMMOND. . .. VALERIE BOWMAN ,..,, .... P ubllcations ALMA SHAW ........ DOUG JONES ........ ANNESSE SMITH ..,, JOHN GRAHAM .,.. ED STEELE ,.....,.. PAT PATTERSON .. . . . . , . , . .Ushers A BETTY MCALISTER. . . . .. JIM MONTGOMERY. . . BOB O'CONNER ..., RUTH COOK ...... HERB JAEGER ..... ..........Hostess . , . .House Manager . . . . . Athletics . . . Missions . . . . .Music . . . . . .Contact . . . ,Promotion . . . .Publicity .......SociaIs . .Refreshments Social Services The Westminster Fellowship is the Presbyterian Student Organization on the campus. The Westminster House, the Minister to Students, and all the existing tacilities are placed on the campus by the Presbyterian Church so that its students might have a "Church home away trom home." The aims ot the Fellowship are to persuade students to take Jesus Christ as their Savior, to guide students into closer contact with the church's program, to challenge students with a Christian inter- pretation ot lite, to challenge students to ci tull-time church vocation, and to influence higher education tor Christ and the Church. All students, regardless ot taith, are invited to attend services held at Westminster at any time. Page 374 AMERICAN NSTITUTE F ELECTRICAL E GI EERS AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS FOUNDED NATIONALLY IN 1884 OFFICERS EDWARD P. SCHROEDER. .. ....,.... ,..I.,.. C hairman DAVID D. RODGERS ,... ..,, V ice-Chairman JACK H. WISDOM .... ..... S ecretary WILLIAM L. ARY. . . . .Treasurer The national organization ot American Institute ot Electrical Engineers took place in I884, and has as its object the ad- vancement ot the theory and practice ot electrical engineering and ot the allied arts and sciences. The University ot Ala- bama Branch ot A.I.E.E. was formed on the campus in l92O. The Alabama Branch cooperated with the American Institute ot Electrical Engineers in the development ot the latent abili- ties ot students, primarily through the holding ot meetings, the presentation and discussion ot papers, reports, abstracts, and participation in inspection trips to places ot engineering interest, and such other activities as would increase their future value in the field ot electrical engineering. The Insti- tute has contributed largely toward the remarkable progress mode in the expanding field ot electrical engineering. James F. Arnold William L. Ary F. L. Britton, Jr. Robert L. Brock George D. Brooks Leopold J. Cantafio Charles F. Carr Lewis J. Cook John Castleberry Rosier W. Dabbs Don E. Denton Richard F. Blake Eugene H. Pikes Madison W. Forman Clifton L. Hall James W. Harper Frank M. Hawkins Loy J. Hill Fred B. Hobart Tom D. Holder Thomas R. Hudson Rodney T. Jackson Willard F. Gray MEMBERS Robert K. Johnson Robert H. Kerr William L. Low Charles E. Lyons William C. Martin Lonnie M. McCIusky Odis P. McDuff Edmond D. Messer Robert A, Moore Don C. Nelson FACULTY Henry C. Maulshagen Dalton J. Nix Robert F. Rey David D. Rodgers Ernest L. Sanderlin Edward P. Schroeder Albert M. Scruggs Bernard P. Sieber Robert L. Slaughter James H. Smith Warren F. Spanutins William J. Miller Thomas H. Stephen William R. Tatum Ralph A. Teague Carlton M. Turner James P. Waters Dick B. Weir Edward W. Whaley Horace H. Williams Jackson P. Williams Jack H. Wisdom George W. Webb ROW I: Sanderlin, Hobart, Rogers, Gray, Schroeder, Wisdom, Ary, Castleberry, Slaughter . . . ROW 2: Rey, Bynum, Hall, Williams, Kerr, Messer, Low Dobbs, Cantafio, Holder, Hawkins, Steven . . . ROW 3: Scruggs, Smith, Spanutius, Fikes, Oray, Killian, Johnson, Turner, Tatum, Michel. L .4-. l. MERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL E GI EER ASCE IS OLDEST OF FIVE FOUNDER ENGINEERING SOCIETIES ON BAMA CAMPUS OFFICERS JOSEPH E. HARRIS .... ...... . . .... President JOHN J. MCDERMOTT .,,, PERRY L. GRAMMER. .. The American Society of Civil Engineers is the oldest of the five Founder Engineering Societies. The University of Alabama Student Chapter was founded in I932 and has the reputation of being the most active student chapter on the campus. Membership in the chapter is open to all students regularly enrolled in the department of civil engineering, since the . . . . . . .. . .Vice-President . . .Secretary and Treasurer A.S.C.E. is a technical society in the field of civil engineering. The chapter was established to provide the beginnings of professional associations with practicing engineers as vvell as with civil engineering students here and in other schools. The Alabama student chapter assists its members in becoming members of the parent society upon graduation. MEMBERS Robert E. Abbott Charles D. Adams Donald R. Alberts William A. Ayres Howard J. Bebber William J. Binnie William M. Bishop Jack C. Brown James R. Brown William T. Bryan Marvin G. Capewell William H. Carter William W. Cobb R. D. Dansby James P. DeVaney Claud H. Evans Paul W. Frederick Richard Gaynor T. J. Gomillian Perry L. Grammer M. H. Green Norman R. Green David L. Gregory Morris T. Griffin Joe Gunter William Galloway R. W. Hampton Emil Handzel Stanley Hassenberg Joseph E. Harris James R. Hines, Jr. George Hoffman, Jr. Robert M. Harrington Charles R. Hayes Fred S. ,lesselson Curtis Jones, Jr. R. H. Keesling Lester H. Kelly Fred L. Kelly J. F. Kelly Margaret C. Keel G. R. Kilpatrick Charles J. Kupper, Erwin C, LaHaine C. H. Langston A. A. Largin Henry McCracken N. H. McCrory John J. McDermott John C. Maples J Anthony J. Nienczak Joseph Newton Gerald S. Odom Luther B. Owens Max R. Powell Howard G. Pletcher Joe Swift Rafael E. Torrellas Trenton E. Toland William Tommie Jimmie Walworth Seth W. Ward David Weymouth William A. White John E. Williamson T. L. Wilson Earnest L. Woodruff Ed J. Zawot T. E. Brassell G. H. Dunston J. M. Faircloth L. V. Hughes W. G. Keith L. A. Woodman ROW I: Faircloth, Keel, McCracken, Dunstan, Woodman, Brassell, Harris, McDermott, Grammer . . ROW 2: Binnie, Green, Jeselsohn, Kilpatrick, Maples, Newton, Adams, Niemzak . . ROW 3: Hassenberg, Gunter, Copewell, Gomillion, Harrington, Odom, Owens, Hoffman, Ward . . ROW 4: Brown, Bebben, Ayres, Bryan, Alberts, Tommie, Evans, Largin, Kelley . . . ROW 5: Cobb, Lahaina, Walworth, Zawett, Green, Moose, Cribbins, Gaynor. .1 Q R .4 Q. ROW I: Hoover Armstrong Deimling Marks Bryant Steinbacher ROW 2: Crawford Baker Caruso Boisseau ROW 3: McRae Murphree Allen Manak ROW 4: Hannon Whitney Pasko Ratliff ROW 5: Carr Gregory Bennett Ba rrial ROW 6: Gregoire Wheeler Shivers Turnbull ROW 7: Deloney Wheeler Crowder Perdue ROW 8: Alford INSTITUTE OE THE ERO AUTICAL SCIENCES STUDENT BRANCH OF IAS HOST TO CONVENTION OF SOUTHEASTERN REGION OFFICERS PAUL L. DEIMLING ..... ......... ,....,... C h airman MORTIMER D. MARKS ,.,,. JOHN H. BRYANT ......... WILLIAM O. ARMSTRONG ,. The Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences is an internae tional technical society in the field of aeronautical engineering. It has as its basic mission the interchange of technical ideas among aeronautical engineers in this country and abroad by all available means. Membership in the Student Branch at the University of Alabama is open to any student regularly enrolled in the Aeronautical School. Activities of the Student ........Vice-Chairman . . . . .Secretary-Treasurer . .St. Pat's Representative Branch consist of bi-monthly meetings at which time items of general and technical aeronautical interest are presented by authorities in their fields. Upon graduation, student members of the local organization are assisted in transferring from student member status to that of member of the parent organization. The parent organization assists students in job placement after they leave the University. Robert H. Adair John R. Alford John R. Allen William O. Armstrong Harold L. Baker Harold J. Barrial John M. Bennett Richard J. Berman P. C. Boisseau John H. Bryant Millard B. Capell William E. Carr Charles P. Caruso Albert M. Channon James L. Conley, Jr. Robert F, Crawford William E. Crowder, J Paul L. Deimling John C. Delaney, Jr. William B. Dravis MEMBERS Jael I. Granath Hubert L. Greene Paul H. Gregory, Jr. K. A Gustafson Charles P. Hannon Curtis G. Harvey William B, Horner James E. Jewell Carl G. Johnson Robert E. McRae FACULTY F. W. Manals Mortimer D, Marks Chester E. Moore William D. Murphree Stanley G. Ox William E. Palmer Donald C. Pasko John P. Perdue Allious L. Petty Raymond A. Petty Emmett R. Ratliff Orville F. Rush, Jr. Glenn L. Schroeder James P. Shivers Charles W, Skinner Richard D. Thom Norman L. Turnbull John T. Wheeler David G. Whitney Prof. Franz R. Steinbacher Prof. Colgan H. Bryan Associate Prof. John W. Hoover, Advisor Assistant Prof. J. Leith Potter Page 377 ROW I: Howard, Knowles, Powell . , ROW 2: Carter, Lightfoot, Hays, Hinshaw, Mason, Shugerman , ROW 3: Davidson, Johnson, Young, Hill, Denney, House, Kirk, Horstadius, Tunstill . . ROW 4: Gray, Green, McAliley, Tucker. FASHION SHOW ANNUALLY GIVEN IN FALL SEMESTER BY CAROLINE HUNT CLUB OFFICERS KATHLEEN KNOWLES .............., ..........., P resident GLENDA ALEXANDER PARKER, . . DOTTIE POWELL. . . . . . JEAN HALL... ,, SUE REDDOCH . JOYCE HOWARD The Home Economics Education organization, Caroline Hunt Club, provides membership opportunity for all students in that division of the University. Activities for the year began with the annual tea in honor of the new members. Members engaged in other activities throughout the year, including the stuffing of animals as gifts for Christmas Charity, the sponsor- . . . .First Vice-President Second Vice-President ,.......Secretary . . . Treasurer .. Historian ship of a fashion show given by the students in the clothing department of Home Economics School, and oi larger fashion show with the help of Avondale Mills, Scholarship funds for several students are maintained by Caroline Hunt Club each year. Annually, the club sponsors a Spring picnic, after which installation of new officers takes place. MEMBERS Glenda Alexander Barbara Armstrong Barbara Barr Betty Bitter Betty Blain Valerie Ann Bowan Claudia Boyd Dorothy Nell Carter Nina Champagne Pat Conway Sara Coleman Tutter Cook Jean Davidson Gloria Denny Eleanor Elsberry Harriet Enoches Joan Evans Vivian Ezell Betty Faulkner Joyce Geiger Jane Gillespie Frances Green Jean Hall Myndall Hall Rose Handley Peggy Harrell Joyce Howard Elizabeth Hays Connie Hill Carolyn Hinshaw Elizabeth Horstadius Brenard House Betty Allen Hurst Nancy Johnson Cathline Jones Cleo G. Jones Joan Keeler Mary Faith Kirk Mary Katherine Larkin Page 378 Margie Lee Ann Lightfoot Mary Katherine Lollar Aileen Long Easter Mackerith Devora Marcus Lois Mason Peggy McAlily Harriet McDonald Dot McNellis Jane Movies Ann Parker Lou Ann Phillips Dottie Powell Edna Earle Prescott Ruth Randolph Donna Redclitt Charlotte Ann Reeves Kathy Rogers Clara Rolls Martha Jane Saunders Eddie Jean Selrnan Ellen Siegal Jerry Ann Smith Bobbie Speed Lillian Spencer Martha Thompson Ruth Thoyerman Nina Thrash Ann Tucker Lucille Tunstill Jane Vann Stella Vifellburn Florence Wittenstein Georgia Wittsani Eleanor Work Nancy Young COMMERCE ASSOCIATIO OFFICERS ERNEST DEAL ,,..,,..,............ ,.,... P resident HARRIS FRIEDLANDER ,,.. .... V ice-President JEANINE FERRILL .,... .... S ecretary REX PASS ...... ..... T reasurer ROW 'Ia Wall, Ferrill, N53 .sh ' The Commerce Association represents all students enrolled in the School ot Commerce and Business Administration in all phases ot campus activity. The governing body consists ot the Executive Council, made up ot Commerce School class presidents, professional fraternity presidents, the graduate school president, SGA representatives, and the elected otticers. Each year during the Spring semester, the Commerce Associa- tion sponsors Commerce Day. Businessmen in the various fields are invited to participate in panel discussions, convocations and luncheons in an attempt to bring the student body closer to actual practice. Spring Frolics are also held in the Spring semester, at which time 'fMiss Executive Secretary" is elected, the various Commerce groups present their skits, and the taculty and students play their annual softball game. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL I JIM BAILEY ..,..., . . President, Alpha Kappa Psi CHARLEY EDWARDS .,.. ...,. P resident, Senior Class HAROLD WALL ,.,,,... . . President, Delta Sigma Pi WADE HAMPTON ,,.. .,,...,.. P resident, Junior Class IDA MAE HUNT ......... .... P resident, Phi Chi Theta CRAIG MITCHELL. , . ,... President, Sophomore Class CHARLIE SPRINGFIELD ..,, ,,,. P resident, Beta Alpha Psi BERNARD PELTZ. , . . . . President, Freshman Class REPRESENTATIVES TO S. G. A. Mac Humpidge Sam Christopher Manson Murray Jesse Wilson Bill McDonald Faculty Advisor: Dr. J. A. Constantin Friedlander, Deal, Hunt, Pass , . . ROW 2: Peltz, Mitchell, Humpidge, Harris, Murray, Wilson, Christopher, Springfield IVERSHW' PRESS LUB PRESS CLUB ONE OF SPONSORS OF FIRST ICE SHOW EVER STAGED AT BAMA OFFICERS RAY EDWARDS. . . ......,,. ......, P resident BILL PITTMAN .... . . .Vice-President ANNE CAIN ...., . . ..., Secretary MARIANNE COLE . . I . .Treasurer The University Press Club, composed ot students who are majoring or minoring in journalism, serves to promote and en- courage work in student publications and aids in such activities which are connected in that field. The Club sponsors promi- nent speakers and throughout the year various discussions, talks, and panels concerning journalistic work are held. The Press Club also acts as a service organization by supporting worthwhile campus activities. Each year Press Club members judge high-school newspapers, help plan J-Day, and serve on panels during the high-school journalism convention. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Mignonne Bray Sam Harvey Ray Lackey MEMBERS Betty Austin William A. Edwards Ted House Barbara Beaulien Mignonne Bray Herb Brush Anne Cain Juliet Cone Marianne Cole Lamar Faulkner Jack Fein Joe Hamilton Elsie Hansen Bruce Harrison Sam Harvey Ed Craig Beth Hill Bob Cribb Mary Hill Dick Dowis Bill Hoffman Don Durham Ray Edwards ROW 1: Pittman Strickland Maddox Miller R. Edwards ROW 2: Kerlin Watson Spurgeon Day McClintock Holiman B. Hill ROW 3: Briece Bagwell Cone Cain M. Hill Roberts ROW 4: Cole Beaulien Beaulieu House Brush Wilson ROW 5: Harvey Hansen Cribb Flin ROW 6: Montgomery W. Edwards Ritter Poole Skaggs Jean Holiman Frank Holston Katherine Pill Howard Eugene Hughes Gene Kerlin Jeffie Lawrence Martha Lee Carroll Lisby Leslie Livingston Hugh Maddox Marcelle McClintock Harry McGee Tommy Taylor Bob McKinney Will Mickle Bob Miller John Minton Jim Montgomery Bill Pittman Joe Poole Richard Ritter Jeannine Roberts Julia Anne Simmons Chad Skaggs Sam Wetmore Norman Solomon Jim Strickland Connie Spurgeon Ivan Swit Tommy Taylor Lucretia Wagxion Pat Watson Sam Wetmore Leo Willette Charlie Wilson Harold Wilson Q! H LLIB FOOTBALL GIVEN AT HOMECOMING "A" CLUB DANCE TO LUCKY TICKET HOLDER OFFICERS JACK BROWN. A ..,......4.. .,.... P resident ' PAT O'SULLlVAN .,... , . ,Vice-President DR. JOHN RAMSEY. .. . . . .Secretary The "A" Club is an athletic organization whose purpose is to promote unity among all athletes at the University. Letter winners in all major sports are eligible tor membership, in- cluding the manager ot the sport. Each Spring an annual picnic is held for all present "A" Club members, tuture mem- bers, and guests. Initiation ceremonies held in the Spring semester tor new members provide unique entertainment tor Capstone students. Ceremonial dress tor these events personi- ty beasts, wild men, women, tarmers, etc. The club also sponsors a dance on Homecoming night, at which members and their dates are presented in the lead-out. Proceeds go toward the promotion of social and athletic activities tor the club. As a fitting climax to spring football training the "A" Club sponsors the annual A-Day game. MEMBERS Herb Hannah Charlie Harper Sandy Helms Dick Humphries Jug Jenkins Carl Johnson Lou Lackey Dick Hanson Al Lary Clarence Avinger Harmon Beauchamps Jack Brown .lim Burkett Torn Calvin Joe Compton Harold Glasgow Ray Richeson Ed Salem Bob Schneider Elliot Speed Paul Sullivan Nick Vrotsos John Wozniak Larry Lauer Red Lutz Pete Mangina Bimbo Melton Mike Mizerany Sammy Moore Charlie Newsome Pat O'Sullivan ROW I: O'SuIlivan, Hub, Jenkins, Compton, White . . . ROW 2: Newsome, Hanson, Humphries, Johnson, Beuuchcmps, Mongina . . . ROW 3: Brown, Mayfield, Helms, Colvin, Ramsey. A A AMA CAVALIERS ALABAMA CAVALIERS INTRODUCED NEW VOCAL QUINTETTE, "MODERN MOODS OFFICERS EB SWINGLE ..... ........ , ,Direcfor BETTY BOSTWICK. . . Organized on The Alabama campus in The middle 2O's, The Alabama Cavaliers have since remained inTacT, elecTing of- ficers each year by a voTe of The members. ThroughouT The years The Cavaliers have produced an impressive array of name band musicians from wiThin Their ranks. The name Cavaliers has always meanT The finesf in musical enTerTainmenT boTh here on The campus and in surrounding sTaTes. Since The end of World War ll The band has exTended iTs scope of Travel To include such schools as Emory, Georgia Tech, Florida STaTe, 'Ole Miss, Mississippi STaTe, Auburn, and Vanderbilf. During ....VocalisT T950-51 The Cavaliers presenTed an exfremely varied musical fare. VocalisTs wiTh The band were Miss BeTTy Bosfwick, Eb Swingle, and The newly-formed vocal quinTeTTe, "The Modern Moods," FeaTured insfrumenfally were drummer and vibra- harpisf Gene CarTledge, iazz TrumpeTer Willie Thomas, and TrombonisT Tommy l-iamner. The band is proud To claim among iTs personnel Two Music DeparTmenT insTrucTors, Colonel CarleTon K. Bufler, direcTor of The Million Dollar Band, and Laurence Morgan, woodwinds insTrucTor. One of The Cava- lier's mosT famous numbers is Their "HisTory of Jazz." MEMBERS Sexes: Drums: Trombones: Trumpefsz "The Modern Moods": Jay Ziff Gene CarTledge Tommy Hamner Clarence Hickey BeTTy Bosfwick Gilbert Norwood Buss: Cliff Hurfer Willie Thomas Willie Thomas Laurence Morgan Hershel Vickers Don Suggs Earl Hadaway Eb Swingle Col. Bufler Piano: French Horns: Don Gregory Cliff Hurfer A. J. Coleman Eb Swingle Bobby Collins Tommy Hamnei ROW 'lz Swingle, Bosfwick, Morgan, Norwood, Ziff, Bufler, Coleman . ROW 2: Collins, Suggs, Hamner, Hurfer . , ROW 3: CarTledge, Vickers, Thomas, Hickey, Hudowuy, Gregory. "' il Q 1 - A M2 na A MVA l W r i l mn 9 Q r f' A lnzlz ml Page 382 ,iff u , l g . . ,.,. ...,, ...s . - rs. - ROW 'l: Barlow, Ludato, Hogan, Beal, Gilberg, Shafron . . . ROW 2: LaHaine, O'Haru, Miles, Mceck, McCarty, Marks THE SCDUTHER ERS OFFICERS MIKE O'l-IARA .... ......... ,.,,.,.,.,, L e ader BOB GUNN .,... PETE WALDEN .... The year T946 was the introductory year tor one ot the South's most promising college bands . . . the Southerners. At that time Mike O'Hara, a sixteen year old high school senior, formed his own band, named it the Southerners, and began playing tor high school dances, University fraternity parties, and dances in Foster Auditorium. Their rise to state- wide tame is a tribute to Mike's able direction from his drum-beating perch on the bandstand. Current vocalist with the band is lovely Pat Bailey at Tuscaloosa. Walter Moeck, a graduate of Eastman, trumpet instructor ofthe University, John . . .Business Manager . . . .Property Manager Marks ot Montgomery, trombonist, and Ira Beal, lead alto sax man trom Mt. Vernon, New York are the teatured per- formers. Arranger for the band is Bill Velten, one of the better arrangers in America. Throughout the Southern states, in cities such as Mobile, Montgomery, Marion, and in Meridian, Starkeville, and Panama City, enthusiastic dancers have wel- comed the Southerners. The increasing popularity of the Southerners on the University campus is evidenced by the many dance dates played at fraternity and sorority functions during the past academic year. MEMBERS Saxophones: Trumpets: Ira Beal Walter Moeck Leo Gilberg Earl Miles Elwood Hogan Oliver McCarty Marty Shafron Trombone: Rhythm: Dick LaHaine, Piano Pete Lodato, Bass Mike O'Hora, Drums Dick Barlow, Bongos .John Marks Page 383 Aki.. ROW 'lz Debardeleben, Castleberry, Parker, Silvern, Morgan, Byck, Copeland, King, Edwards, Nichols, Preis, Byclrs . . . ROW 2: Vergos, Kantor, Spier, Hawkins, Blankenship, Sagin, Whitten, Smith, Bryon, Hanahon, Coffey, Horton, Hollingsworth , . . ROW 3: Pinson, Thomas, Salibc, Godwin, Golin, Barron Donaldson, Warren, Cole, McDonald, Trott, Seger. COTILLION CLUB PRESENTED JOHNNY LONG AND GLEE CLUB DURING FALL OFFICERS ALBERT COPELAND . . . ......... ,...,. P resident CHUCK MORGAN . . . . . .Vice-President JOEL ROBINSON ,... .,,..,, T reasurer JIM BRICE ...,...... ..,,.... S ecretary CHRIS HAMILTON. . . SYLVAN BYCK .,.., JOHN KING ,..,. The Cotillion Club opened its T950-5l season in Foster Auditorium with Johnny Long and His Orchestra on November Qlst. The Long Glee Club performed as a part of their show the now famous recordings of "Yea, AlabamaI" and "Shanty- town." With Christmas holidays behind them and exams in the offing, Capstone music lovers took time off from studies . . .Publicity Director , . . . . .Business Manager . . . .Decorations Chairman to attend the smooth offerings of Woody Herman on January I2th. The success of these dances indicated that Alabama students were still highly in favor of "name" bands for campus dances. Climaxing a successful year of operation, the Cotillion Club provided a free dance to all students in April as a part of Bama Day festivities. Ann Barnett Al Bender Kate Blankenship Jim Brice Betty Bryant Sylvan Byck Walter Byers Hugh Caffey Dwight Castle-berry Harry Cole Albert Copeland Caldwell DeBardeleben John Donaldson Virginia Edwards Sonny Godwin Chris Hamilton Ann Hanahan Helen Hawkins MEMBERS Cary Hollingsworth Mar: Horton Paul Kantor John King Chuck Morgan Bill McDonald George Nichols Sue Pafforcl Ann Parker Page 3511 Paul Pinson Jerry Preis Joel Robinson Jeanne Sagin AI Saliba Dick Seger Nancy Spear Bebe Smith Dot Spier Audrey Lou Silvern Ramsay Stanberry Belton Thomas Al Trott Gus Vergus Peggy Wise Jean Young ALABAMA I DEPE DE T ASSOCIATIO OFFICERS BELTON E. THOMAS, JR. .,..,..,...,......,,........, President A. RUSSELL LUNN ..... BETTY ROSE NABORS. .. BAILEY SMITH ...,..... FRANCES GILLIAM .. LEE GALIN ..,... LUTHER LEE ...,,.. JAY W. MURPHY ...,. The Alabama Independent Association's aims are to pro' mote a spirit of fun and friendship among independent students and to encourage their participation in the social, athletic and political aspects of college life. AIA's Recreation Center provides facilities for checkers, chess, bridge and other card games, variety shows and movies as well as informal dances and parties. For the sports-minded, there are teams competing , . , . .Executive Vice-President . . , .Social Vice-President . . , . .Athletic Vice-President .......,....Secretary ........,Treasurer . . . .Publicity Director . . . .Faculty Advisor in intramural softball, football and basketball. Intramural debate teams engage in competition on vital issues of the day. In addition to the above campus-vvide activities, Ala- bama Independent Association sponsors White Christmas, movies of varsity football games, and the annual King for a day contest. Since its birth on campus several years ago AIA has played an important role in campus activities. Jeanne Arnold Dub Barron ROW I: Nabors, L unn, Thomas, REPRESENTATIVES-AT-LARGE Mary Bryant . Ed Coleman Nell Carter Richard L. Ford Smith, Gilliam . . . ROW 2: Murphy, Hock, Galin, Coleman, Barron, Ford, Joe Hock Bobby Ware King, Ware, Lee gllnlmunuunmm BLACKFRIARS OFFERED ELABORATE PRODUCTION OF "HAMLET" IN MORGAN OFFICERS JACK B. JEGLLJlvl GLORIA CARRUE-A ROSE PINTCHUCK l-TUBERT SHURFR Blackfriars ot The University Theater had its beginning on this campus in T904 They provide a source oT opportunity Through which students vvho are interested in dramatic arts may develop Their Talents, The T950-5l season opened with a presentation oT "Goodbye My Fancy." Late presentations President Vice-President Secretary and Treasurer Correspondence Secretary included "Scarecrovv" and Shal4espeare's immortal "l'lamleT." Blaclctriars, under The direction ot Dr. Marian Gallavvay, has alvvays stood Tor The Tinest in theater entertainment and will continue To Toster The excellent execution oT The best authors' plays Through artistic interpretations. Virginia Eoifwurilw Anne Bowers Annu Crue Clayton Corzattc Judy Bell Laura Catfec Jeanne dcCeIle lawrence frown Elizabeth Derivnn Diane Durham Gerold Fliol Jean Dunaway Norman Fischer Barbara Greenfield MEMBERS Arlette Harwood lidmund Hughes Elizabeth Karrh Evelyn Kempe PLEDGES Kenneth Greenspan Jerome Lapidus Irvin Liber FACULTY Dil MARVXN f3fXllfXW'A'f itnfvtai !XTJPl!Xll ZXNYPT lift, l".lgi G l ianlx Lee loane McColl lrlna Roclcvvell lannio Saroff Bernice lvlacknin Paul lvleighan Clare lvlet7ger Mui rriy Stahl Monroe Teague lames Vvallwi loc- Wfelustei Patsy Pearson Carolyn Primm Myrtle VVillingham PPV, lefltniffil Diifrrlrn l INTRAMURAL DEBATE TOURNAMENT SPONSORED BY ALABAMA DEBATE SQUAD COUNCIL JIM BRICE. , I I ..... ,.,,. . I . .Debate Manager Rl-IODA SOCLOF .....,..,,... .,,.. A ssistant Debate Manager ANNABEL DUNI-IAM HAOOOD ,,.. ,...,.,.. C oach of Debate SYLVIA BOLASKY. , . , Assistant Coach of Debate The University of Alabama Debate Squad contributes to campus activities by providing public debate and discussions on local, national and international problems and by assisting in the annual Intramural Debate Tournament sponsored by Tau Kappa Alpha, national honorary forensic fraternity. The squad is the intergrowth of the Philomathic Literary Society, vvhich was founded in I832. In the field of intercollegiate debate competition the University of Alabama is currently considered the outstanding debate squad in the nation. Last year the Bama debaters vvon nine championships and three second places in discussion and debate, climaxing the season by winning the National Debate Championship at West Point, New York. Alabama also has earned recognition in the field of international debate by placing a man on the first debate team to represent the United States abroad in a debate at Oxford University in England. MEMBERS Murray Alley Murray Havens Jack Parke: Clyde Roddani Sylvia Bolasky Barbara Horn Jerry Peterson Forrest Short Jim Brice Elvin Kantor Ilosman Roberson Rhoda Soclof Mary Ann Fanning ROW 'lr Brice, Soclof, Fine, Horne, Bolasky, Short , . ROW 2: Miller, Alley, Roberson, Hagoocl, Roddam, Havens, Parker ROW 3: Kanter, Peterson. Q? CHORAL UNION SANG BACH MASS AT 1950 SPRING GRADUATION EXERCISES The University of Alabama Choral Union is a combination of the campus choral groups, augmented by members of the taculty and persons from Tuscaloosa. The Choral Union par- ticipates annually in the Community Christmas Carol Program, in Religious Emphasis Week, and in the Spring Music Festivals. The i951 Spring Music Festival will feature contemporary American music. For a number of years Mr. Lista G. Eddins directed the University A Cappella Choir. Byron Arnold directed the University chorus during the 1943 and T944 seasons. Alton O'Steen, head ot the department ot music, has directed the Choral Union since the tall of l945, with the exception of last year, when Frederick Hyde directed the Bach Mass. Dr. O'Steen will direct the Choral Union in their performance of the 1951 Spring Music Festival. MEMBERS Judith Bell Jim Blades Emma Blankenship Betty Bober Sally Booth Virginia Bridges Betty Britton Joan Brown William Brown Billie Bruns Joan Burns Jeanne Caldow Bob Carpenter Neal Carter Anna Cate Evelyn Chapman Rachel Cohen Henry Coons Walter Cox lla Cronier Violet Dobbs Harry Davis Nelda Dennis Jeanna deCelle Jeannine Ferrill Ann Fikes Saralee Franks Richard Gatto Mary Glenn Gibbs Jane Gillespie Milton Glass Sheldon Goldstein Edith Hammond Betty Harden James Harwood Algin Hawkins Mabel Heaslet Frank Herndon Ann Hilbish Alex Hnatkow Bill Hoffman William Horton Margaret Hughes Anne Jackson Sara Lee Jones Mary Jones Allan Katzman Elizabeth Karrh Carolyn Kearly Katherine Kearly Maiorie Keen Willodene Kerr Juliet Kren Jerry Lapidus Emma Lucus Joyce Malcove Earl Mann Lois Mason R. I. McElroy Gilbert McKee Jack Meszaros Don Mize William Miller Martha Moncure Margaret Myrick John Nicholson Betty Price William Pritchett Betty Reed Dorothy Roberts Alton Rockett Edna Rockwell Ruth Roden Laura Rogers Ernest Rowe Richard Schrubbe Euel Screws Frances Scully Katherine Shattah Shirley Silverman Henry Simms Augusta Snodgrass Weymon Snuggs Edward Speir Willard Suits Thomas Standiter Genevieve Talbert Jacquelyn Taylor Willie Thomas James Tillery Bill Trim John Turnham Charles Vaughn W. E. Walker James Walker Kearney Walters Ann Weaver Betty Webster Michael Whiteside John Whitt Elizabeth Wilkerson Frank Williams ROW I: Keen, Gillespie, M. Jones, Dabbs, Dennis, Cohen, Mason, Chapman, K. Kearley, Wilkinson, Rockwell, Talbert, Fikes, Cate, Heaslet, Gibbs, Harden, Bober . . . ROW 2: Kren, Caldow, C, Kearley, Shattah, Roberts, Price, Blankenship, Hammond, Webster, O'Steen, Moncure, Lucas, Ferrill, Malkove, Cronier, Snodgrass, Roden, Silverman, Scully, Reed, Hughes, Taylor . . . ROW 3: Herndon, W. Brown, W. Walker, Lapidus, Mize, T. Miller, Myrick, Kaub, Bruns, Rogers, Britton, Booth, Bell, Kerr, Weaver, S. Jones, J. Brown, deCelle, Franks . . . ROW 4: Schrubbe, Carter, Thomas, Tillery, Blades, W. Miller, Whiteside, Screws, Rockett, Speir, Glass, Hnatkow, Carpenter, Walters, McElroy, Gatto, Pritchett, Whitt, Hoffman, J. Walker, . . . ROW 5: Vaughn, Williams, McKee, Meszaros, Goldstein, Suits, Standifer, Cox, Harwood, Simms, Horton, Rowe, Nicholson, Coons, Davis, Mann, Kalzman, Snuggs, Turham. f lf., Y . i, AX ,f Q' i 'K Page 388 1 M E ' S G L E E L U B MEN'S GLEE CLUB SANG AT CONVOCATIONS HELD IN FOSTER AUDITORIUM OFFICERS ROY DRIGGERS . . ........, . . ....., President RUFUS LEE ...L... ALTON ROCKETT. . The Men's Glee Club is a result of a suggestion made by Hill Ferguson, a member of the board of trustees of the University, on Alumni Day at the T905 commencement. The Club's first director was Tom Garner, at that time an employee in the Alumni office. Mr. Garner conducted the Glee Club until his death in l944. Mr. Byron Arnold assumed the , , . . . . .Vice-President . . .Secretary-Treasurer directorship, and was later succeeded by Mr. Theodore Miller. Dr. Alton O'Steen, head of the department of music, has directed the club since the Fall of l949. Appearances for this season included several convocations and two choral concerts. The first appearance featured Mrs. Marjorie Perry of Livingston as soloist. This group has enioyed enthusiastic support. MEMBERS i Jake Antonio Walter Cox Algin Hawkins Rufus Lee Donald Oakley Richard Shrubbe Alan Barton David Craddock William Hays Samuel Lerner Alan Oboler Henry Simms Charles Beatty Jack Cummings Theodore Hleba Jerry Love Edward O'Neill Weymon Snuggs D. D. Black Arthur Davidson Alex Hnatkow George Mahoney Alonzo Pappas Willard Suits James Blades Edwin Davis James Holmes Earl Mann Nat Perkins Julius Talton Bill Bolen Frank Drake Donald Hoffman Rhodes Mazer Alan Pines James Tillery Herb Blumberg Roy Driggers John lssing Jack Meszaros James Pinkston Harrell Travis Robert Brown James Gamble William Jones Virgil Metts Charles Pollack Charles Vaughn Dudley Bush Dan Gaylord Julian Kayser John Miller Tom Randall Wade Ward Thomas Cashion Milton Glass Allan Katzman William Miller Alton Rockett Jack Whetstone Frederick Clifford Kenneth Greenspan Arthur King Craig Mitchell Earnest Rowe John Whitt Charles Cobb David Gunby Roy Knox Stanley Napier Roy Scholl Frank Williams Dudley Connally Bruce Hanahan Knox Landers John Micholson Louis Schulhafer James Wright Harry Coons Stonewall Hansard Jerome Lapidus Donald Nizen John Scott Joseph Zaden Charles Cornelius James Harwood ROW 1: Beatty, Gunby, Davidson, Zaden, Black, Oakley, Connally, Barton, King, Blumberg, Schulhafer, Drake, Whitt, Issing, Meszaros, Cashion . . , ROW 2 Hays, Glass, O'NeiIl, Hnatkow, Bush, Hleba, Tillery, O'Steen, Rackett, Napier, Lapidus, Schrubbe, Oboler, Mazer, Kayser, Mitchell . . . ROW 3: Pappas Snuggs, Katzman, Whetstone, Williams, Jones, Cummings, Landers, Hanohan, Driggers, Bolen, Talton, Clifford, Lerner . , . ROW 4: Greenspan, Gaylord Davis, Coons, Lee, Knox, Cornelius, Harwood, Nizen, B. Miller, W. Miller, Perkins, Wright, Holmes, Hansard, Scott, Hoffman , . . ROW 5: Antonio, Cox Rowe, Nicholson, Simms, Ward, Metts, Suits, Pinkston, Gamble, Allgood, Mann, Travis, Pines, Pollack, Scholl. I A .. Page 389 1 I 1 PIRIT PL NNING CO MITTEE ROBERT M. COLLINS At the heart of the great new Bama spirit will be found the Spirit Planning Committee. Thirteen Alabama students were members, working long and hard in the service of University spirit. Pep rallies, parades, and game time cere- monies were planned, organized, and successfully executed. Notice of these events through signs, banners and "time and place" speakers insured that every Bama student was in- formed of all the activities, Serving as the backbone of the Planning Committee were the Men's Spirit Committee and VVomen's Spirit Committee. These committees functioned smoothly in performing the many little jobs which made the one great whole a success. From the very first pep rally Chairman on the Union Building steps, it was obvious that Capstone spirit was higher than ever. Enthusiasm at the Tulane, Tennes- see, Vanderbilt and Georgia games was a great tribute to the football team and the diligent work of the cheerleaders and the Pep Squad. During the week preceding the Auburn game, Bama spirit reached its peak. Six thousand students sang and cheered at the joint Alabama-Auburn pep rally. The smallest details had been taken care of by the Spirit Planning Committee and the Alabama student body re- sponded with the greatest display of spirit ever seen on the campus. Capstone spirit will now reign supreme, and renewed spirit will build a greater University of Alabama. MEMBERS Bob Collins John Donaldson Charley Edwards Corcy Hollingsworth Skip Holmes George Mahoney Bob Miller Charley Mitchell 50t'Gl1 Riley' Paul Pinson Bebe Smith Paul Putman Bob Webb ROW l: Putman, Edwards, Mitchell, Pinson, Miller, Webb, Mahoney, Hollingsworth , . ROW 2: Holmes, Riley, Collins, Smith, Donaldson WOM N'S SPIRIT CCIVIIVIITTEE OFFICERS SARA RILEY, VVANDA CARRAWAY CAROLYN COBB NANCY SPEAR The VVomen's Spirit Committee is an honorary service organization composed ot women students representing all phases at campus lite. Its purpose is to promote the interest ot women students in campus activities and a spirit ot triendli- ness among women students. Under able leadership, the Committee has worked in cooperation with the Men's Spirit Committee and the Spirit Planning Committee to insure the . Presideiil ,Vice-President Secretai y . Treasurer success oi pep rallies and preegame campus publicity. At weekly meetings its 74 members tormulated plans which have brought Alabama spirit to an all time high. The VVomen's Spirit Committee otters the women students on campus a means ot contributing their varied talents toward a more pleasant lite for the student body. Bigger and more active participation in student activities are planned. MEMBERS , S ' Charlene Allen Iivelyn Alexander Martha Claire Alexander Martha Beck JoAnn Benton Virginia Bowden Mariel Brawner Barbara Brotherton Miriam Burge Wanda Carraway Carolyn Cobb Marlene Cohen Polly Fenn B, J. Flippen Phyllis Fralin Janice Garrison Betsy Gilliland Judy Goldman Varina Goodall Jean Hall Louise Harris lla Hill Rose Holland Grace Irvine Paulina Isaacs Hermine Jacobs Ann John Jackie Jones Lucy Jones Mary Elise Jones Sue Jowers Vivian Killebrew Jeanne Kimmel Lido King Janet Krickbauin Sylvia Lazarus Florence Legg Temma Leyton Joyce Lindy Mable Locke Jane London Pat Lovell Emma Lucas Billie Jane Macon Dorace Maritzky Lois Mason Elizabeth Morrison Virginia McDonald Robin Nettles Betty Nowlin Pat Patterson Sally Poag Helen Reid Sara Riley Peggy Ringel Jeannine Roberts Dot Schoel Phyllis Shoal Barbara Smith Norma Smith Louise Smitherman Nancy Spear Lora Stern Jean Stewart Mary Stone Ann Suttle Ann Tucker Kathryn Wadclell Camille Walpole Barbara White Dodee Willis Pat Woodhain Lynn Cole ROW I: Ringel, Stern, Isaacs, Kimmel, Spear, Cobb, Riley, Allen, Beck, Burge, Woodham . . ROW 2: Goodall, Maritzky, Goldman, Jacobs, Nettles, Willis, Fralin, Mabel Locke, Breece, King, Morrison . ROW 3: Flippen, Tucker, John, Hill, Fenn, Gilliland, Smith, Margaret Locke, Hall, Lucas, Harris, Patterson ROW 4: Benton, Brotherton, Schoel, Varner, Cole, Stewart, Irvine, Jowers, Mason, Holland, Killibrew, Macon. I S T A. Sw .. so 4 - f- 'ff ,QP ,... up .,, .. ii uma' .v , f yr -.. 'W N, I W r-Ann-n11n Ysuus..,. i T '- npqw ..... -.,,..-new M, La 1 . ROW l: Bell, Haas, Young, Wayne, Silvern, Hendrick, Hawkins, McCarley, Barnett ROW 2: Mclaughlin, Whetstone, Mann, Yeilding, King Weatherly, Smith, Thomas, Blumberg, Pafforcl, Vergus, Cauley, Driggers. S PHILOS ANNUALLY CROWN KING, QUEEN, AND DEAN FRIENDLINESS ON CAMPUS OFFICERS BELTON E. THOMAS, JR. , , , s , ,.,.. President GUS VERGOS , , , . . , . Vice-President BEBE SMITH . , . , .Secretary PROF. L. A. WGODMAN . Philos was formulated in the summer of T948 as a service fraternity to promote and encourage a greater spirit of friend- liness. To represent the entire campus, it decided to accept one member from each social fraternity and sorority with proportional representation from the Alabama Independents Association and unorganized independents. The constitution was drawn up and approved in February, T9-49, Since then, Philos has sponsored informal dances, picnics, parties, and Faculty Advisor campus tours. But the best known annual proiects are Bama Day Beauty Contest, the crowning oi King, Queen, and Dean Friendliness at the Friendship Ball, and the Watermelon Bust each summer. Philos members are constantly striving to better student-faculty relations and to establish better feeling among the student body through these and other activities which have been planned for the future. The new spirit of Capstone students came through many Philos functions. MEMBERS Anne Barnett George Gandy Bea Haas Puddy Harris Frank Hart Helen Hawkins Ann Hendrick Ann Hilbish Tommy Hooper Ann Jackson Herb Blumberg Ted Bryan Irving Cohen Jack Cummings Roy Driggers Ray Edwards Jim Folsom Richard Freedman Belton Thomas Gus Vergos Barbara Wayne Jimmy Weatherly Jack Whetstone Hub Wright Gage Yielding Jean Young Earl Mann Rebecca McCarley Bill McDonald Max McLaughton Sue Pafford Betsy Robinson Audrey Silvern Bebe Smith 1 Page 392 ROW 'Ia Fowler, Johnson, Frantz, Parker, F. Brice, Rush, Tyndal, Bellenger, Griffin, Scott, Carter, Day, Hardin, Prine . . . ROW 2: Rolls, Berry, Scarbrough, Miller, Crawford, Lucas, Roddam, Ballard, Strickland, Hardy, Homer, Smith . . . ROW 3: Wolters, Bostick, S. Gregory, Mauldin, Michaels, Mann Floyd, Roberson, Campbell, Flowers, Morrow . . LEFT WALL: Moore, Perkins, Willard, Walton, D. May . . . ROW 4: Ezell, Adair, Lampley, R May, McMurray, Pearsall, Batley, Wall, D. Gregory . . . ROW 5: Fancher, Turner, Newman, Grooms, Wood, Blackwell . . . ROW 6: Bugg, Walker, Russell, Alley, Collins, Jones, Ladner, Barr, Graham, J. Brice, Thomas, DeFoor. RAH-RAH CLUB IS IN FIRST YEAR AFTER ORGANIZATION IN FALL SEMESTER OFFICERS CHUCK TYNDAL. . . ........,.. . , . .Grand High Procurator AL DE FOOR ,,,..... TALBERT GRIFFIN .... HAROLD LADNER. . . On a dismal day in September I95O, eight students who had a knack for socializing assembled themselves in a broken-down shanty - their campus home. Their hearts were heavy and their minds depressed by the contemplation of the intellectual revolution that was sweeping the campus. In a moment of inspiration, they highly resolved to do all they could to halt the march of science and to enshrine forever the . . . . . . .President of Vice ,. .Wizzard of Finance . . .Master of Song old ideal of university spirit. Thus the Rah-Rah Club was founded by Scott Smith, Chuck Tyndal, Jerry Stapp, Talbert Griffin, Harold Ladner, Roy Mauldin, Sanders Hardy, and Al De Foor. The club motto is "More and better spirits." The pin was designed by the Rah-Rah Sweetheart, Mary Bellenger. The mascot is "Happy" The Rah-Rah's look to many happy years of continued spirit through their efforts. MEMBERS Robert H. Adair Lieh man Murray Alley Clint D. Anderson Clarence T, Bugg Gordon E. Blackwell Ira Hugh Ballard Jim A. Brice Forrest Brice Turner G. Batley J. Richard Barr Hugh B. Bostick Walter T. Berry Hiram J. Brogden Don R. Campbell Richard C. Carter Robert H. Carpenter Robert L. Charistian Robert B. Coats William H. Cole Robert M. Collins T. Chris Crawford Thomas R. Day C. Wesley Day J. Allison De Foor R. Milton Ezell A. Prude Fancher Henry P. Fell Billy L. Floyd Raymond D. Fowler Robert G. Frantz J. Richard Fulton Donald Gregory Shaffer Gregory Edgar Graham Louis W. Graham H. Hobart Grooms Harry L, Grist Harry S. Girtman D, Sanders Hardy Donald S. Harden Sam M. Hembree George W. Howell, Jr. William L. Hembree David B. Homer Lyman F. Holland Robert B. Herrington Loyd H. Johnson Donald R. Jones James L, Kassner, Jr. Fred Kelly S. Emmett Lucas, Jr. C. Harold Ladner Rudolph N. McMurray George M. Mahoney Robert F. Mann David L, May Raymond B. May Roy L. Mauldin George M. Michaels J, Robert Miller William C. Miller Thomas E. Moore Joseph B, Morrow J. Haney Newman Donald F. Oakley Gill B. Pearsall, Jr. Howard F. Petty D. Jerome Peterson Page 393 Nathaniel Perkins Robert H, Perkins John Prine H. Paul Putman Hosmen H. Robertson Dudley F. Reed Alton C. Rockett Clyde Roddam O. Erle Ralls O. Findley Rush William M. Russell R. Harry Shepard Jerry Lee Stapp James H. Strickland Scott G. Smith Sam R. Shannon James B. Scarbrough Gerald S. Scott E. Alan Taylor Edward D. Terry William H. Thead Robert C. Turner Joseph T. Turner Charles M. Tyndal Edward C. Tyndal William T. Walder Harold D, Wall Fred P. Waters Bob W. Webb Guy B. Wilder Ebbie E. Willard Robert V. Wood ORPHAN'S VISIT TO ALABAMA HOME FOOTBALL GAME SPONSORED BY YMCA OFFICERS WILLIAM D. VINZANT .,..........,.,, . . . . . .President MARVIN YOUNG ,..... .......,.......,....... V ice-President WOODY HIATT .... AUBREY MILLER ...... RICHARD BUSTER ...., JOHN MAYTON ,,,, DON EDWARDS .,.. Every male student automatically becomes eligible tor membership in the YMCA upon enrolling at the University. The Y's purpose is to toster Christian brotherhood on the campus. Meetings are held once each week, and it a man attends three consecutive meetings, he is entitled to a mem- bership card. YMCA programs follow plans made by the National YMCA Conference. These are divided into tour groups or commissions: Christian Heritage, Personal and Campus Attairs, Social Responsibility, and World Relatedness. Well known speakers are brought to the campus each year to ....................Secretary . . .Personal and Campus Attairs . . . . , . . , . . .World Relatedness . . . . . . . .Social Responsibility . . .Christian Heritage lead Bible study, discussions on local and world problems, and on personal attairs. The YMCA works each year with the Religious Council and other religious organizations in sponsoring Religious Emphasis Week. Other proiects this year included Orphan's Day, a party tor the children at Partlovv's State School, a reception tor foreign students, freshman re- ception, Christmas tree lighting on Tutwiler Lavvn, Thanksgiv- ing Service, and Easter Sunrise Service in Denny Stadium in conjunction with the YWCA. All Bama males vvho are not members are invited to attend meetings. Ed Brobston Richard Buster Bodie Collins Don Edwards Jim Gantt Woody Hiatt Charles Horton Clarence Hutt Louis Lusk William McAdory John Mayton Aubrey Miller MEMBERS Reese Mollette Don Morris Tom Moxley Don Norton Gooclloe Rutland Chris Schoel ROW I: Mayton, Tate, Vinzunt, Fuller, Stevens . . ROW 2: Morris, Gantt, McAclory, Miller, Moxley, Horton Forrest Seale George Tate Pat Upton Nip Vinzant Marvin Young YWCA SPONSORS PROGRAM EACH CHRISTMAS AND LIGHTING OF CAMPUS TREE OFFICERS DITSY FORD ...,. ,...,. ,... ...... .........,... P r e s ident KATRINA MCARTHUR ..,,, SARA NELL WEST ..,,.. LOUISE HARRIS ,...., HONEY KENNEDY . . . The YWCA, oldest and largest women's organization on campus, opened the 1950-5l academic year with their annual women student leaders retreat at Camp Cherry Austin. Plan- ning of the orientation program for new students was the main item on the program. Other events were the staging of a fashion show, Hello Day, and the President's reception. The Worship Commission studied the Book of Romans, gave Sun' day worship services at Partlow State School, and worked on the cell group method. The Social Responsibility Commission studied conditions in the jails and mental hospitals and enter- . . . . . .First Vice-President . . .Second Vice-President ............Secretary . . . . .Treasurer tained the orphans of the Children's Home in Selma. The World Relatedness Commission worked through WSSF with the foreign students on campus. The Personal and Campus Affairs Commission interviewed faculty members, prepared a directory, and distributed it to all organizations. A barn dance to better fraternity and independent relationships was part of the Fall Semester's activity. The YWCA conducted Thanks- giving services, a Christmas pageant and lighting of the campus tree, and Easter Sunrise Services. Women students are invited to attend weekly YWCA meetings. MEMBERS Glen Anderson Bea Haas Molly O'Steen Sterling Turner Ann Baker Eatman Ann Hanahan Evelyn Owen Dot Upchurch Vonnie Foster Ann Kingry Jane Russell FACULTY Miss Ola Grace Baker Mrs. Peter Brownback Miss Margaret Davis Mrs. Shciler Hauser Rev. George Murray Mrs. A. B. Thumps ROW I: Kennedy, West, Ford, McArthur, Harris, Foster . . . ROW 2: Haas, Turner, O'Steen, Owen, Upchurch, Anderson, Hanahan, Russell A L LIB WATER BALLET WITH HOLIDAY THEME PRESENTED IN SPRING BY SWAN CLUB OFFICERS CAREY ANN SKINNER .... ........,... . . .Presidenf CONNIE BAYNES ..,,, . . .Secrefary JANE ROBERTSON. . . . . .Treasurer The Swan Club, which has been acTive for eighTeen years, is made up of a graceful group of women who Take pride in Their aauaTic arT. Previously membership was resTricTed To majors and minors in The field of physical educafion, buT The club accepfs women sTudenTs from oTher deparTmenTs of The Universify aT The presenT Time. The annual show, which will be sfaged in The pool aT Barnwell Hall, consisfs of a wafer balleT presenfed by The enfire club and individual perform- ances by The more Talenfed members. This year's ballef will be builT around a holiday Theme, feafuring acTs abouf such famous holidays as April's Fool, Chrisfmas, and EasTer. Formerly, new members called Ducklings were iniTiaTed afTer The annual wafer show, becoming Swans or full-fledged members of Bama's aquaTic organizaTion. Connie Boynes Carolyn Benson Barbara Brady Marea Bowman Befiy Brown Martha Lee Conger Joan Brown BeTTy Bober PaT Brunson Ramona Farrish Hope Foil Joy Freundschuh Alice FruiTTicher Lucy Gardner Jane Gullatt Frances Green Carol Gray Joanna Hahamis Jean Hayes Polly Krienzel Marianne Leach Miss T. Jones MEMBERS FACULTY Mary LuTz Sara Ann Maddox Ruth Moseley Margaref Morgan Befty Rose Nabors Bobby O'Conner MargareT Parrish Libby Pockman Frances Pulley Jane Roberison Mrs. L, Temerson Martha Rosenfield Kafhy Rogers Carey Ann Skinner Elaine Smifh Befty Smofhers Narie Snellings Beffy Spain Nancy Turner Emily Vaughn Claire Wynn ON BOARD: Skinner, Baines, Farrish, Bober, Pockman, Rogers, Brady, Smofhers, J. Brown, Kuenzel, Moseley . . , ROW 'l: Gray, Nabors, Snellings, Hayes, Freundschuh, Lufz, Pulley, RoberTson, B. Brown, Morgan . . . ROW 2: Fruifficher, Parrish, O'Conner, Green, Foil, Gullaff, Brunson, Wynn, Maddox . . . ROW 3: Turner, Bowman, Smiih, Rosenfield, Spain, Conger, Gardner, Benson, Hahamis. ALABAMA THERE ARE FORTY-SIX CHAPTERS OF ALPHA KAPPA DELTA ON COLLEGE CAMPUSES OFFICERS HAROLD R. KATNER. . .....,,..,,., ,,.... President BILLIE JONES ,....., PAT PATTERSON .,., CELESTE P. ADAMS. , . ln the fall of l92O, fourteen graduate students and mem- bers of the Sociology staff of the University of Southern California organized a society for those who were vitally interested in and who were doing outstanding work in the field of Sociology. The society grew out of the feeling that there was a need for both faculty and students to get together regularly for the discussion of sociological activities. Since .............Vice-President . . . ,Corresponding Secretary .............,Treasurer T920 the chapters of Alpha Kappa Delta have continued to increase until at the present time there are -46 local chapters located on University and College campuses throughout the country. In i938 Alpha of Alabama Chapter was established at the University of Alabama under the leadership of Dr. Howard H. Harlan and has continued to expand throughout the thirteen years it has been on campus. MEMBERS Elizabeth Godwin Allen Niel Joseph Applegate Sara Frances Bell Lucy Keith Bibb Jane Bliss Gloria Dell Breland Andrew Gillespie Bumpas Jean Carroll Dr. Solon T. Kimball Dr. Morris G. Caldwell Prof. Henry Andrews ROW 'l: Ford, Adams, Hansen, Patterson, Katne Moseley, Carroll . Diane Durham Martha Ann Fowler Phyllis Maye Fralin Jean Carol Gillespie William Allen Glenn Lucy Sheppard Goodrich Leonard Hackman Ida Harper Dr. A. T. Hansen Prof, T. R. Ford Prof. Bart Landheer Louise Bolling Harris Sara Jones Jeanne Kimmel Jesse Julias Kizzort Hyo Choi Lee Foster Levy Loren Charles Miller Robbie Lee Moseley FACULTY Dr. Jay Murphy Dr. Margaret Quayle Dean Lee Bidgood r, Jones, Landheer, Andrews . . . ROW 2: Bibb, Soclof, Harris, Bliss, Reagan, Bumpas, White, Bell, Fralin, . . ROW 3: Glenn, Nix, Murphy, Reynolds, Hackman, Thomas, Applegate. Robert Dudley Murphy Tommye Reagan Richard Reynolds Richard Smith Rhoda Louise Soclof Otis D. Thomas John King Underwood Bettye Jean White Dean Agnes E. Harris Prof. Albert Lepawsky r HMP ., 5, vw G MMA ALPH RH EPSILON OF GAMMA ALPHA RHO IN THIRD YEAR AFTER INSTALLATION AT BAMA OFFICERS WILLIAM D. MURPHREE .....,, WILLIAM O. ARMSTRONG . . .IOHN R. ALLEN ..,,..,,. JOHN M. BENNETT. ,. ... Epsilon Chapter of Gamma Alpha Rho Society was estab- lished at the University of Alabama on November 23, I948. At the present time Epsilon has forty-three members. Member- ship is restricted to those students in aeronautical engineering who indicate a high degree of academic ability and show promise of becoming outstanding members of their profession Epsilon Chapter has taken an active part in the functions of the Society, particularly in connection with national govern ment and the Society's publication. It is anticipated that the local chapter will be host to the national convention in I952. . . ....,.,. President . . .Vice-President . . . .Secretary . . .......,. . . Treasurer Gamma Alpha Rho pledges may be recognized by the airfoii section suspended by red and white ribbons which they wea during the period between tapping and initiation. The formal initiation is always followed by a banquet for the new mem bers. Tapping is done in the Fall and Spring of each year The organization has as its obiectives not only the conferring of honor on students, but also the promotion of high ethical standards in aeronautical engineering, the encouragement of student research, and the recognition of outstanding work by persons in the whole field of aeronautics. Harold L. Baker Peter C. Boisseau Charles T. Caruso Harold L. Baker Peter C. Boisseau Charles F. Caruso Robert F. Crawford Paul L. Deimling Kendall A. Gustafson Robert Crawford William C. Crowder Paul L. Deimling J. Leith Potter MEMBERS PLEDGES FACULTY Fred W. Manak Mortimer D. Marks Gene R. McRae Kendall A. Gustafson Fred W. Manak Mortimer D. Marks Franz R. Steinbacher Norman L. Turnbull David L. Whitney Gene R. McRae Norman Turnbull David L. Whitney TWO LOAN SCHOLARSHIPS FOR MEMBERS ARE OFFERED BY KAPPA DELTA PI OFFICERS JAMES CUMMINGS. . . ......... .......... P resident NATHANIEL REED ..... SALLY WOMACK ...... MRS. LENORE BISHOP .... MRS. PAULINE FOSTER. . . Xi Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi was installed at the Unie versity of Alabama on May I6, I922. A national honor society in education, Kappa Delta Pi is open to both men anc' women who have leadership qualities, character and higl' scholarship in the field of education. Meetings are held monthly for the purpose of presenting a speaker or a program on subiects of timely interest to a group. Two scholarships . . . . . . . . .Vice-President . . . . .Recording Secretary . . .Corresponding Secretary Treasurer one going to a Senior and the other to a graduate student, are offered annually to students preparing for careers in the teaching profession. New initiates are honored through a reception and a banquet sponsored iointly by Phi Delta Kappa and Kappa Delta Pi each semester. Objectives of the society are the fostering of higher professional, intellectua' and personal standards. MEMBERS Mary Allen Kathleen Baxter A. Ralph Bishop Lenore Bishop Jacquelyn Blackwell Joy Boman Martha Bourland Dr. Willis Baughman Dr. Danylu Belser Helen Bosard Edward Cleino Harold Camp Kathleen Jane Cannon Loyl Collins Richard Costello Robert Covington James Cummings Roy Dawson Ralph Cowart Pauline Foster Dr. Robert Hammock Dr. George Howard Marie Deffke Ellen Emigh Tempie Farris Quintina Ferranti Jewel Mae Keeton Francis Krause Patricia Lovell Betty Jean Moore Elizabeth Morrison Betty Jo Newton Patricia Passmore Arnold Perry Nathaniel Reed Martha Richardson FACULTY Frances lvie Olive Jo Lamb Dr. Tennent Lee Dr. John R. McLure Dr. Daisy Parton Dr. Ethel Saxman Dr. Jackson Sharman Dr. Verner Sims Page 398 Laura Rogers David Ross Edwin Sellers Catherine Shepherd Robert Sims Ralph Sizemore Dr. Esther Swenson Louise Temerson Dr. Frederick Westover Bennet Terry Joseph Toman Ada Joyce Traynor Sara Nell West Louise Williams Sarah Womack Dr. Goldstone Yeuell Eva Wilson Murial Williams PHI BET KAPP PHI BETA KAPPA OLDEST FRATERNITY, HONORARY OR SOCIAL, IN NATION OFFICERS PROFESSOR C. BEAUMONT WICKS ..... ,...... P resident PROFESSOR MIRIAM A. LOCKE ...... . . .Vice-President DEAN WILLIAM F. ADAMS .......,..,, ....., S ecretary PROFESSOR JEROME W. SCHWEITZER. . . . . . Treasurer PROFESSOR ALLEN J. GOING ,........ . .Archivist Phi Beta Kappa is not only the first of the Greek letter organizations, but is also the world's largest fraternity, both in number of chapters and membership. Originally founded at William and Mary College as a social fraternity under the name of "Flat Hats", its present name of Phi Beta Kappa was bestowed on the fraternity in l83I. From that date on the fraternity was an honorary organization in nature. In l85l the twelfth chapter of Phi Beta Kappa was established here at the University of Alabama. Membership is restricted to those students of the liberal arts who show evidence of out- standing scholarship and character. During the year Phi Beta Kappa sponsors scholarly lectures. Throughout the world the simple key with the Greek letters Phi Beta Kappa, three stars, and a pointing hand has come to mean scholarship per- sonified. This year marked the IOOth anniversary of Phi Beta Kappa at the University. MEMBERS Billie Bensman Bryant Imogene Carroll Anna Claire Cate Professor Mable Adams Dean William F. Adams Professor W. M. Adamson Dean C. H. Barnwell Professor Rossiter R. Bellinger Dean Lee Bidgood Mr. Woodrow W. Boyett Professor Verner F. Chaffin Professor Elizabeth Coleman Professor R. W. Cowart Mrs. Truitt Davis Clifton Francis Clayton Corzatte William Jennings Dyess Miss Katherine Fraker President John M. Gallalee Professor S. Paul Garner Professor Allen J. Going Professor William T. Going Dean Stuart Graves Professor Selby Hanssen Dean Agnes Ellen Harris Professor M. Leigh Harrison Dr. W. Stanley Hoole Patricia Helen Foley Donald Roy Jones Mary Chloe McCullough FACULTY Mrs. G. K. Little Professor R. I. Little Dean S. J. Lloyd Professor Miriam Locke Professor John Luskin Dean John R. McLure Professor J. D. Mancill Mrs. Glenavis R. Martin Professor J. P. Montgomery Mrs. Ira B. Moody Sam Martin McMillan Walter Bert Mitchell Jane Russell Mr. Grady H. Nunn Professor Alton O'Steen Professor F. L. Ownsley Professor Johnstone Parr Mr. W. E. Patterson, Jr. Professor John C. Payne Professor C. D. Perry Mr. W. E. Pickens, Jr. Professor John F. Ramsey Mr. Coleman B. Ransome, Jr. Elias David Sedlin Charles Harold Smith James William St. John Professor Don C. Smith Professor Hudson Strode Professor Charles G. Summersell Dean Martin ten Hoor Professor P. W. Terry Professor A. B. Thomas Mrs. A. B. Thomas Dean R. E. Tidwell Mrs. Eleanor W. Titus Professor Buckner B. Trawick Mr. Louis Jaffe Mrs. W. K. E. James Professor George W. DeSchweintz Professor George Lang Professor James F. Doster Professor Donald H. Ecroyd Professor Brooks Forehand Dean George J. Davis Professor J. C. Dawson Professor Albert Lepawsky Professor Fred A. Lewis G MMA SIGM Dean A. B. Moore Miss Margaret Moorer Professor Burton Morley General James E. Morrisette Dean James E. Newman Professor Robert H. Van Voorhis Professor Marcus Whitman Professor C. B. Wicke Professor C. E. Williams Mrs. Murial B. Williams Professor E. F. Richards Professor Eric Rodgers Professor Sarah H. Rodgers Professor Carl Sartain Professor J. W. Schweitzer EPSILON GAMMA SIGMA EPSILON TAP NEW MEMBERS AT CHEMISTRY DAY CELEBRATION OFFICERS BOB HENDRIX ...... ......... , . .President DON SPURREL ....... LOUISE SNOWDEN .... GEORGE M. TOFFEL .... Gamma Sigma Epsilon, national chemistry honorary, was established nationally at Davidson College in I9I9. The Uni- versity of Alabama Delta Beta Chapter received its charter in I928. Membership requirements include a 2.5 average in chemistry, a 2.0 overall average, and iunior standing in the . . . . . .Secretary .........Treasurer . . . .Faculty Advisor School of Chemistry. Members are tapped annually on Chem- istry Day. The aim of the fraternity is the promotion of interest in the study of chemistry by recognizing outstanding scholar- ship in the field . . . membership is one of the highest honors that a chemistry student can receive. MEMBERS Sid Metzger Hugh Stanley Mary Dean Turner Page 399 ROW I: Bronnes, Hegmegee, McElroy, Collins, Higgs, Swindel . . . ROW 2: Carl, Simmons, Romero, Hyman, Sittcson, Cleveland, Hayes, LaMoreaux, Hall, Tucker SIGM MM EP IL SCIENTIFIC SCHOLASTIC FRATERNITY DEVOTED TO THE EARTH SCIENCES OFFICERS WILLIAM COLLINS. . . NATHAN KOENIG . . PAUL HEGMEGEE. .. DAVID MCELROY . . . Sigma Gamma Epsilon, national honorary scholastic tra- ternity of the earth's sciences, was founded at the University ot Kansas on March 30, I9I5. Alpha Chi chapter was founded here at the University in I948 and is the thirty-fourth chapter ot torty-two presently active. Requirements tor membership are a I.5 overall average and a 2.0 average in the major . . .President .. Vice-President . . . Secretary Treasurer subject. The object ot the organization is to further the development ot mutual interests between students tollowing the fields ot mining, metallurgy, ceramics, petroleum and geology. It aims to develop high moral, scholastic, and pro- tessional attainments in its members and to encourage cordial relationships between students and the faculty. William Albright T. G. Andrews Thomas Caldwell James Carl B. L. Clark William D. Cleveland William Collins Adrian Dorenteld William Floyd Charles Hall H. D. Hayes Paul Hegmegee Sidney Holder Norrnand Hyman Warren Jeffery Mitchell Kegley MEMBERS Page 400 Nathan Koenig Phillip LaMoreaux David H. Marshall David McElroy Edward Richards Carlos Romero Robert Sittason Henry Cottrell Stapleton George Swindell John Henry Tucker William Whitton John Winetordner Edwin Wright Joseph Wall Teclder yi bmi Zcmqk qeifmq Qiimiecf ,WNW--Mm ,U f W Wm ,, JM... Amir ,mini Www ,.-, N N .,., ,.., ,.-. - I 4 0 Q YOUR CHOICE OF FINE FOODS Downtown Tuscaloosa Phone 2-2311 Pg 402 ln Your Future Walks ot Lite R E M E M B E R . . . "The Friendliest Store In Town" SEARS ROEBUCK AND CO. Congratulations from SEARS in Tuscaloosa, Ala. It It Svvims - We Have It swxrooos MEMS, S H A R P E ' S 2624 Eighteenth Street Telephones 7843 - 6175 Owned by JAMES F. llirnrniel SHARPE WALK A LITTLE - SAVE A LOT 5'L'llWill'll"II?v "-'-MENS WEAR Tuxedos For Rent 231 1 - 7th St. Tuscaloosa, Alabama "The Store On Your Way Down Town" SEWELL HARDWARE COMPANY JOE SEWELL, Manager Phone 2896 - 2897 TANNER BROTHERS WHoLEsALE FRUITS-VEGETABLES Tuscaloosa, Alabama 2314 - 2316 4th Street Phones 8-2891 - 8-2892 - 7803 5 Stuart Tile And Awning Co. All Types ot Floor and Wall Coverings Tuscaloosa, Alabama 2521 Broaal Street Phone 6534 Pg 403 vvELcoME stu0ENTs . , . UNIVERSITY BARBER SHOP "IT PAYS TO LOOK WELL" ' "Personality Haircuts F. W. WOOLWORTH COMPANY Tuscaloosa, Alabama CHARLES TEMERSON AND SONS NEW STEEL and SUPPLIES Tuscaloosa, Alabama TOMPKINS COAL CO. Office Phone ' 8-2024 ' 4545 YARD - Greensboro Road TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA ' FURNITURE COSTS LESS AT . . . 0' p I i ' NATHAN FURNITURE CO. 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Tl-IE REAL COLLEGE STORE RENTAL TYPEWRITERS OFFICE supvuf C 52I 25th Ave. Phone 57 20 TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA THE LAUNDERETTE 0 SAVE TIME 0 SAVE MONEY ' QUICK EFFICIENT SERVICE "RED" SWANSON I402 Universily Ave. Phone 684i STEAKS - PIT BARBECUE - CHICKEN PIG TRAIL INN -A' Where Friends Meet By Choice - Nof By Chance 'A' NO BEER OR WHISKEY CURB SERVICE Homewood, Alabama IIELCIIIIIIIP I'0IIE MDBILE af MUIITGDMERY if PEIISAGULA PQ GARRISON APPLIANCE COMPANY ww Hotpoint Jwlw QIIO BROAD STREET TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA AMERICAN MOTOR COMPANY Compliments Ot C . B . G R I M E S WHERE YOU FIND.. if Entertainment and OTTO MILLER iI-ICIppIneSS -kFriends 'ir DRUID THEATRE "DOWNTOWN" Under New Moncugement THEATER "Wl7ere The Crowds Gov T7 I I I I I SOMETHING WONDERFUL HAPPENS WHEN YOU WEAR CLOTHES FROM- III M K I-IIIIIIIMAN 81 WINXTUN NATIONALLY KNOWN MEN'S WEAR BFW xbvmls 006 ' x I I I Q Tuscolooso, Alclbcsmcl CLUB VILLAGE MARKET CRESTLINE HEIGHTS BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA FAMOUS FOODS AT MoblIe's Flnesf Restaurant O 9 11 NORTH ROYAL STREET 'BO'mC"SOWn COLONIAL COURT CLASS or '33 HILMON HOLLEY Owner CAMPUS SERVICE STATION Phone 5575 - 926I Road Service - Woshmobile A. A. A. UNITED MOTOR COURTS AM. MOTEL ASSN. 27I5 Eosf QTIW Street Phone 3850 Q CONVERTIBLES AT . U-DRIVE-IT COMPANY ARE POPULAR WITH CAMPUS BEAUTIES CORNER 10th STREET cmd DENNY STADIUM UNIVERSITY, ALABAMA Pg 420 -NEWS- The Burchfield Hotel Coffee Shop Offers MUSIC - for an enchanted evening Softly let your worries drift away as you en- ioy restful music and excellent cuisine! CAIN MACHINE COMPANY MANUFACTURERS and REPAIRS Truck Trailers and Equipment BURCHFIELD HOTEL One Block Right Of Flag Pole TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA J. M. Burchfield 81 Sons WHOLESALE GROCERS Howard Burchfield, '26 RY K I DELVIEW DAIRY The Name That Means QUALITY DAIRY PRODUCTS 20 YEARS OF FINE SERVICE 325 22nd Avenue Tuscaloosa, Alabama Pg 421 TUSCALOOSA FURNITURE COMPANY 2223 oth Street TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Box 303 Phone 2-1515 COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS M E N ' S S H O E S SAMPLES AND CANCELATIONS NATIONALLY ADVERTISED BRANDS Up to 50? Savings STEIN SHOE SHOP 2326 61h street MODERN CLEANERS FINE QUALITY CLEANING 2212 EIGHTH STREET TU SCALOOSA, ALABAMA FOSTER HEATING AND ROOFING O MULE - HIDE ROOFING O DEVOE PAINTS 1605 Queen City Ave. Phone 5033 TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA fbww .... TUSCALOOSA ROYAL CROWN BOTTLING COMPANY 2501 17th Street Tuscaloosa, Alabama NEW CARS USED CARS .ffm ,Y . 'TP A ' I!! l I TUSCALOOSA LINCOLN-MERCURY COMPANY Greensboro Ave. at I'Ith St. "THE HOME OF GOOD SERVICE" Phone 8-8376 Tuscaloosa Motor Express 2II2 9th St. - Tuscaloosa, Alabama Telephone 3323 Operating in Seven Southern States Local and Long Distance Trucking Bonded and Insured Movers of: Household Goods, Heavy Machinery, and Equipment GENERAL OFFICES: 7th Ave. 84 14th St. North Birmingham, Alabama Phone 3-3I3I Home Owned and Operated By O. M. CUMMINGS 8. SONS l : mail - H35 -E11 "" 333 IT.. ..... I .... - '-Tlimwl , uf M, l -I33l.,,e1a-5Q- E-'TWT' 9 r'v11 Il' I u 2- ' '55 Mlllll: .C .ia - LOUISIIIESEQI. mc Q TUSCALOOSA'S BEST DEPARTMENT STORE fouiAGW1es'd ' I r...LsieQw. nn DFPAQTMENT STOQE S I Y Page 423 ALABAIVINS LEADING FLORISTS" ,4 Graz! Name in PATERSONS QALILQAAA2 Since I892 "SUITS THE SOUTH MoNTeeMERY, ALABAMA As Years Go By - - - - - Still The Standby OF THE ALUMNI AND FRIENDS GF THE U nlverslty Sixty-Three Yeo rs of Service NEWLY DECORATED . OPERATED cmd by IMPROVED ' I AN ALUMNUS when in ,own Sfop with your ffosf HOTEL MCLESTER ""'f"""'f,'Z2,,,,,,,,,, EXTENSION DIVISION FOLLOW YOUR EDUCATIONAL INTERESTS DURING VACATIONS, AFTER COLLEGE YEARS ARE OVER, AND WHILE YOU ARE AT WORK - Through The Extension Division of THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA EXTENSION INSTRUCTION Correspondence Study Courses for College ond High School Extension CIosses Commerce ond Engineering Extension Unrestricted Courses, ProfessionoI ond CuIturoI UNIVERSITY CENTERS BIRMINGHAM - GADSDEN - HUNTSVILLE - MOBILE - MONTGOMERY AND SELMA BRANCH PUBLIC SERVICE AduIt Education Home Economics: Home ond Foimily Life Audio-Visuol Aids Food ond Nutrition High School Guidonce ond Counselling News Bureou Librory Extension ond Progrom Services Rodio Third Floor, Administrotion Building For Informotion cdII 4079 or 7542, EXTENSION DIVISION OFFICE, or Write Box 2787, UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA MILLER, MARTIN 8 LEWIS Architects and Engineers BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Ewiqnwm of AMELIA GORGAS LIBRARY RICHARD FOSTER AUDITORIUM ALABAMA UNION COMMERCE BUILDING AND NEW ADMINISTRATION BUILDING FARRAH HALL AND NEW WING NOTT HALL ENGINEERING BUILDING NO. I ENGINEERING BUILDING NO. 2 ENGINEERING LABORATORY BUREAU OF MINES MEN'S GYM ANNEX PHYSICS BUILDING REMODELING CLARK HALL REMODELING WOODS HALL WING DENNY CHIMES DOSTER HALL COLONIAL DORMITORY FOR GIRLS EAST AND WEST ANNEX DORMITORIES NEW HALL DORMITORY GROUP FOUR T947-I949 GIRLS' DORMITORIES GIRLS' CO-OP DORMITORY JULIA TUTWILER DINING HALLS NURSERY SCHOOL HOME MANAGEMENT HOUSE SIX T939 MEN'S DORMITORIES THREE I947 MENS DORMITORIES TVVO I95I MENS DORMITORIES CAFETERIA DINING HALL I95O ADDITION TO STADIUM ALSO EIGHTEEN FRATERNITY AND SORORITY HOUSES AND TEN PROFESSORS' HOMES Page 425 COLLEGE MEN EVERYWHERE PREFER GLOBE TAILORED - TO - MEASURE CLOTHES FOR BUSINESS AND FORMAL WEAR -me gms TAILCRING COMPANY CINCINNATI, OHIO JIfIau'zic5 Distinctive Fashions QI8 N. 2Oth Street Tru-Value hop "STYLE WITHOUT EXTRAVAGANCE' Birmingham, AIabama CGIOOSC1, Alaba 'n E. PLURIBUS UNUM -2.2 SUNIIAYUINNEII S U N D A Y GREENWUUIJS CAFE D I N N E R II 407 NO. Qofh sir I P R o D U C T s ee 0 II: AN QW5 SCH'-OSS 8, KAHN Birmingham, Alabama S The Quality House . Ti-Z "AIways the Best in Food" f o r 8 0 Y E A R S 6 ug 5 GOOD THINGS TO EA T" 0 C US N I Trus'r Your Lound ry cmd Dry Cleoning With Experrs We give 24 hour service on speciols ond requesred IoundIes. Priorify service fo sfudenfs and faculty NORTHINGTCN LAUNDRY, Inc. MAIN PLANT: SUB-STATION Northington Campus 10I4Vz 81h Avenue Back CORNER Phone 7308 Phone 6867 BEFORE YOU PURCI-IASE A DIAMOND I-IAS TI-IE MOST MODERN PLANT TO SERVE YOUR ENTIRE DAIRY NEEDS 'A' PERRY CREAMERY COMPANY PHoNE5516 BE SURE TO SEE ,Canis W Perry Jeweler 320 N. QOTIW Srreef BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA 9 i B R O M B E R G S "AIcibclmcl's Most Distinctive Store" K!,',"j,57:-:"- The Finest In . . gg i ii Silver d 5 Diomon s wif i ti Jeweifv Crystol, Chino B Furniture lf- 'I' , I Appliances 20th St. ot 2nd Ave. Birminghom, Alo. NBui!a7 W1'fh Bricfgersn RETAIL LUMBER 81 BUILDING MATERIAL FARM and HOME SUPPLIES BRIDGERS LUMBER CO. 2211 Greensboro Avenue TuscoIooso, Alobomo DIAMONDS WATCHES GIFTS DEAL LUMBER COMPANY COOKIS fwudwd RETAIL LUMBER Gnd BUILDING 605 Greensboro Avenue MATERIALS TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA I8th Street ond G. M. 84 O. R R Convenient Credit Terms At No Extro Cost Phone 4767 TusCoIooso AIo I "The CORNER" DRUG SUNDRIES CRYSTAL LAUNDRY SODAS C O M P A N Y We DELIVER CALL 8-2827 - 8-2717 DRY CLEANING and LAUNDRY BOI IOth Street The CORNER Phones 4476 - 4477 Pg 429 WIESEL COMPANY THE STORE FOR MEN AND BOYS Nationally Advertised Men's Wear Home of Hart Schaffner 81 Marx Clothes CASINO RESTAURANT NoTED Fon FINE 'A' S T E A K S A SEAFOODS 307 N. 20th Street W E A T H E R F O R D PRINTING COMPANY Serving the University since i892 Complete PRINTING Service BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA BAMA DRUG COMPANY THE RExALLsToRE if H. J. McRAE "Your Nearest Prescription Specialists" IQOI University Ave. Tuscaloosa, Ala. QI I4 Broad SIVSSI Phones 5531 - 32 P. O. Box 372 Telephone 2-l5ll FREE FAST DELIVERY Pg 430 ASTOUNDINO GROWTH BECAUSE OF OUR PERFECTED PLANS PREFERRED LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY Montgomery, Alobomo FOUNDED IN 1929 INSURANCE IN FORCE OVER SI9,000,000.00 LICENSED IN FOUR SOUTHERN STATES ASSETS OVER FOUR MILLION DOLLARS S. H. LONGSHORE President- OeneroI Monoger A. F. WHITING J. J. WARREN Vice-President Secretory-Treosurer BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS ALL BOOKS IN PRINT TEXT BOOKS - FICTIONAL BOOKS EDUCATIONAL BOOKS - MAILORDERS soLlciTATEo - ALABAMA BOOK STORE IOII - I5 University Avenue Tuscolooso, AIobomo Iwi! FURNITURE CO. "Home of Ouolity Furniture" SEE US FOR FRATERNITY AND SORORITY FURNISHINGS PHONE 7574 2215 oth STREET TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Page 431 W. B. DRAKE 81 SON P R I N T E R S I freak RED DIAMUND TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA COFFEE 2119 9th St. Phone 3243 IN THE BAG OR VACUUM PACKED 246504454 . . Z , -A umm emefs IX nu, PllINl'II'Al, flnnis IN 'rnn selfrn ama Agency 702 First National Bank Bldg HOYI' NN lN5Lli'lvlx. ,Uunuger Preteetive Life lnsnrnnee Company Page 432 7 'a in cmfe! DELICIOU BRAND HAM DELICIOUS BRAND TENDERED Hams are processed from individually selected, top-quality pork, care- fully cured with table sugar. Slowly smoked with Ihickory chips for tempting, "r-eal country" flavor. TRYTHEM1 STAR PROVISION CO. Birmingham, Alabama MR. and MRS. DANIEL BROWN, Owners Phone 9230 - SUNSET TOURIST COURT Located 4 miles east of TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA On Hi-Way II Air Conditioned - Private Baths Member: American Motel Association P H o N E 6 3 2 4 ALBERTA CLEANERS HOME OF GOOD CLEANING Pick-Up and Delivery Service 22I5 9th Street East Page 433 OFFICERS J. F. ALSTON ..,................... Chairman ot the Board J. F. ALSTON, JR. .,.. ......,.........,...... P resident FRANK S. DANIEL ,,.... ...,. E xecutive Vice-President ROBERT N. ALSTON .,... ........... V ice-President R. H. COCHRANE ...,..... HOWARD E. HAMNER ,... C. T. HURT .......,.... FRED L. CRAFT ...,...,... JEWEL WISE ................... MARION H. THURMOND ..,,.... Complete Facilities . Checking Accounts Saving Accounts Trust Department Foreign and Domestic Exchange Commercial Loans Travelers Checks he Qlitg zttinnztl 'QBHHIQ nf Glnsralunsa . . . . . . , . . Vice-President Cashier . . . , Assistant Cashier . . Assistant Cashier . . Assistant Cashier . . . . . . . . Assistant Cashier f""'s Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 1, Sl0,000 Maximum Insurance for Each Depositor LITTLE COOK-KEE 4l4 - 23rd Avenue PHONE 8-l3l I Cleaning and Pressing for University Students Since I935 JAX CLEANERS CASH and CARRY S. R. Jackson, Proprietor "Alteration Repairs a Specialty" SPECIAL SHIRT SERVICE I229 University Ave. -- 7I4 I2th Ave. TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA LADIES WEAR EXCLUSIVELY DRESSES 0 COATS SUITS 0 ACCESSORIES K AY S E ll' S SETS THE STYLE In MOBILE, ALA. SELMA, ALA. COLUMBUS, GA. GREENVILLE, S. C. KNOXVILLE, TENN. ge 434 r uIt's one world,-and it's yours QWW to choose from" say our sea food experts . . . and prove it with this exciting array of delicacies from the seven seas. Caviar from the Black Sea . . . sardines from the Mediterranean . . . shrimp from the Caribbean. Wlmere the finest is found, there we search for tidbits for your table . . . a plus value of Sexton specialization on your needs. 9'fHf7mf1"2 W"ff4?M Page 435 Glgrutulutiuns lif J a 'Tm A M A -11 Y fn jf 75 K A Wi Mann nnnnsiflll' lf MW? NN l ' f W-V2 XYQKQ7 lllI.I E: me X X v f we ' COCA-COLA BOTTLI N G COMPANY, TUSCALOOSA ',:,' - , - , S - , 5 5 - 'mul 11, !1Inxl M E N 'S W EA R Pl1one2-l532 6 DexTer Ave. Yazoo Gravel Company, Inc WASHED SAND AND GRAVEL Tuscaloosa, Alabama P. O. Box 924 Phone 3913 Montgomery, Alabama T U N E I N HAROLD WALL MOTOR T150 1150 on ,-4 on COMPANY Your Dl Your lr "An Aufomobile for Every TaSTe anol Dial Dial P H UVQOSS 5000 WATT VOICE LIBERTY BROADCASTING SYSTEM B'RM'NGHAM' ALABAMA Pg 436 C. W. L E W I S FURNITURE COMPANY Our Slogan: "QUALITY AND SERVICE FIRST" AUTO PLATE GLASS CO. 403 22nd Avenue Plwone 5449 46 YEARS OF DEPENDABLE SERVICE - TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA SELLING NATIGNALLY ADVERTISED FURNITURE ir Tuscaloosa, Alabama - L f' .Q a i SM - 4 f' I ' II II I Q? X I A x If ' ,. 'J ll if I I I -I ,Q .. nm' Wa JW, 74,1 ' . I ',. 4 ' 1 ff!-1,4 1 K Q I fffffff .Y ffrf, - - if , DR. PEPPER BOTTLING C O M P A N Y -BOTH bcpxkxobl 90k TUSCALCOSA, ALABAMA Pg 437 COMPLIIVIENTS B R A N S 0 0 M B U-DRIVE-IT comrnnv UNIVERSITY AVENUE UNIVERSITY, ALABAMA THE FOUNTAIN iw . FW OF YOUTH . I - Longer Iosfing beoufy for your clothes con be dis- covered OIT R O Y A L' S SU PERICR CLEANERS 2219 7II1 ST. Phone 25I2 If JUNIOR - IVIISSES - LADIES READY-TO-WEAR PARK SHOP Phone 7601 QI I9 Brood Street TUSCALOOSA, . ALABAMA PJ48 Alabama Gas Your Clothes .. Loolc Better - - - - - - Wear Longer when UTOPIA cIeoIns Them Corporahon NATURAL GAS I I I I 'Q A COOKING WATER HEATING ' HOUSE HEATING REFRIGERATION CLEANERS - DYER5 AIR CONDITIONING TUSCCILOOSCI, Alobomo 2200 BROAD STREET WON'T YOU . .. HAV-A-TAMPA CIGAR 0 HAV-A-TAMPA FANCY EXTRAS v HAV-A-TAMPA SPORTS 0 HAV-A-TAMPA JEWELS 0 HAV-A-TAMPA NUGGETS 0 HAV-A-TAMPA STRAIGHTS 0 HAV-A-TAMPA YOUTHS Disfribufed By . . . MERCHANTS CIGAR AND CANDY COMPANY BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Sfofe Docks of Mobile ALABAMA'S GATEWAY TO WORLD TRADE ALABAMA STATE DOCKS AND TERMINALS A Depclrfmenf of The Sfoie of AloIboImcI MOBILE, ALABAMA yssir B. Ll? PAIN I ciwaie good in fle Sufi or over 'flirty ears." TMOBILE PAINT MFG. co., INc. - MOBILE, AI.A. "IT's Now The Vogue To EaT aT Bogue's" YESSIR! BIRMINGHAM BoAsTs FUR HOU5EWAl2E'PA'NT and HARDWARE B O G U E ' S HIGHLAND RESTAURANT Visit 3028 Clairmonf Ave. Birmingham, Alcbcmc J. OVIATT BOWERS CO. Fine Foods Courfeous Service Friendly Atmosphere FREE PARKING - NO TIME LIMIT 3fE'flNI'lQ Phone 7-9780 WEEEWRS 2105 second si. Phone 4466 SUMMER SCHOOL UNIVERSITY 0F ALABAMA FIRST TERM .....,...,.,...... JUNE Il -JULY 20 SECOND TERM ,...,...,,., JULY 23-AUGUST 24 The Universify has one of The oldesT, largesf, and besf esfab- lished summer schools in The Soufh. LosT summer There were over 3900 differenf individuals enrolled. The needs of regular session sfudenfs are given porficulor of- Tenfion in The preporofion of The Summer School program. Re- quired courses for The Bochelor's and MosTer's degrees ore offered, also exfensive offerings of elecfive vvork. A varied and aTTracTive program of summer recreoITion and enTerToinmenT is provided. For cofolog and full informoTion coll of summer school office, T03 Clark Holl, or vvrife To DIRECTOR OF SUMMER SCHOOL University, Alabama Pg 440 WE KNOW QUITE WELL HOW TO DO OUR PART FOR WE HAVE STUDIED THE PLUMBING ART CONTRACTOR PLUMBING and HEATING GENERAL REPAIRS QUICK SERVICE FREE ESTIMATES Telephone - 3073 - Telephone Night 2-1184 D. B. QUARLES PLUMBING COMPANY I 703 Hockberry Lone PIZITZ THE STORE OF QUALITY "Where Co-eds Love 'ro Shop" BROAD STREET ' TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA IIIIIHIII IIIIHIII uk HART SCHAFFNER ond MARX CLOTHES DOBBS HATS MCGREGOR SPORTSWEAR ARROW SHIRTS Pg 441 Uofomza cgfucfioi, Una. OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER 1950 COROLLA "Om Location PhOTOQVOOl'16VSH 114 PARK ROW NEW YORK, N. Y Phone Beekman 37514 fgememiw pwmgan 77 Qememiw Umaqcm D Qefnewniw pawqm Yll ll Glillllllll'l0 oday Sliwe are printers of the yearbook of your school. Tomorrow as you seek your future in the professions, industry and commerce ll ll we at Paragon hope to serve you with the essential Printing.and Lithography you will need in the pursuit of your career. Man of our best customers came to us throu h friendshi s Y S P formed around the annual planning table or from former grads like yourself who first saw our work in their annual. Wadi Ru! WMM "' fa? be aragun rizss ,A -1' ' -, . NN 1:3f?!,'fll! A. - e x ring? .1 2 , E , i Ui: if 1 1 .,:-'-il: 1. -f Q L ' 1 1 - - A 3? f-ff' N 'im l V l' 1 ' r L1 I ' .,.g, ., A -pw.,-' " QL' +R' MoN'rGoMEnY, ALABAMA P344 ZZ ,t ,.. COME WHAT MAY. CONFIDENCE is the heritage of youth .... it is also a fundamental requirement of business . . P. . attained by Along study, training and experience ' We have enjoyed the confidence of yearbook Staffs throughout the country for over thirty years .... an accomplishment for which we are truly grateful and justly proud .... i' -nr -k -A' Q CCDLLEGE ANNUAL DIVISICJN ALABAMA ENGRAVING COMPANY B I RMI N G HAM Pg 444 index ADVERTI ERS L. L. ADAMS ...,........ ALABAMA BOOK STORE .....,.. ALABAMA ENGRAVING CO. . . . . ALABAMA GAS CORPORATION ....4., ALBERTA GULF .........,........... ALABAMA STATE DOCKS 8K TERMINAL ALBERTA CLEANERS ,.....,........,.. ALLEN 8. JEMISON CO. .. AMERICAN MOTOR CO. .,.,......... . AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST CO. OF MOBILE ......., AUTO PLATE GLASS CO. .. . BAMA DRUG CO. . . . BAMA THEATRE ,...,....,..... BLACK, FRIEDMAN 81 WINSTON .. BRANSCOMB U-DRIVE-IT .,..... BRIDGES LUMBER CO. BROMBERGS ........,. BURCHFI ELD HOTEL .....,...,..,. BURCHFIELD HOTEL COFFEE SHOP ....,. J. M. BURCHFIELD 81 SONS ..... CAIN MACHINE CO. .. CASINO RESTAURANT ....., THE CITY NATIONAL BANK .... CLUB VILLAGE MARKET ,.... COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. COLE SUPPLY CO. ..,,..... . COLONIAL COURT ,,...... COLONNA STUDIOS, INC. . . . CONSTANTINES ....,... COOK'S JEWELERS THE CORNER ..,.......... CRYSTAL LAUNDRY CO. ...,... . O. M. CUMMINGS 8- SONS .... DEAL LUMBER CO. DELCHAMPS STORES . . . DELVIEW DAIRY ,.... DIXIE COFFEE CO. .... . W. B. DRAKE 81 SON ....... DR. PEPPER BOTTLING CO. .. DRUID FURNITURE CO. .... . DRUID THEATRE ..................... DUCKWORTH-MORRIS INSURANCE AGENCY .......,,...,.,...,.. DUGINS SHOE STORE . ........ . DURAND MANUFACTURING CO. ... DURR SURGICAL SUPPLY CO.. . .. ENGEL ..,........... ESTES ROOFING CO.. .. FANNINS .........,. FAUCETT BROTHERS . .. FINDLAY ELECTRIC CO. ......... . THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK .....,..... FOSTER HEATING 8. ROOFING CO.. . .. 407 431 444 439 407 439 433 41 I 41 8 412 437 430 41 B 419 438 429 429 421 421 421 421 430 434 419 436 406 419 442 419 429 429 429 423 429 417 421 419 432 437 431 418 407 410 415 407 412 406 412 405 410 406 422 GARRISON APPLIANCE CO. THE GLOBE TAILORING CO. .. GREENWOOD CAFE .....,.. GULF STATES PAPER CO.. . .. GULF STATES PLUMBING 84 HEATING CO. ......,... . HAMMEL'S .......... HARDIN'S SUNBEAM .. JAMES A. HEAD 81 CO.. .. HILL FOOD STORES ........... ..,.. HILMAN HOLLEY .,..........,..,.... .I. F. HOLLY CONSTRUCTION CO, AND HAHN ROOFING 81 HEATING CO... HUGH J. HUGHES HEATING CO. .... . JAFFE JEWELRY CO. ....... . JEFFERSON FOUNDRY CO. .. JEWEL BOX ...,........... JOHN'S .....,.........,..... JONES VALLEY SAUSAGE CO. .. .. KAYSER'S ,....... KLEIN 81 SON ..... S. H. KRESS 81 CO. ..... . KYLE OFFICE SUPPLY CO. .. LANE TILE AND MARBLE CO.. .. THE LAUNDERETTE ..,........... .. C. W. LEWIS FURNITURE CO. .. LIBERTY BROADCASTING SYSTEM . . LIBERTY NATIONAL LIFE INSURANCE CO. 81 BROWN SERVICE CO. ....., . LITTLE COOK-KEE ............,...... LUSTIG'S ......... MALBIS BAKERY CO.. .. MANGEL'S ........ MAURICE ........... W. A. MAY 84 GREEN ....... MCKESSON 8 ROBBINS INC, .. HOTEL MQLESTER ...,..... . . MERCHANTS CIGAR 81 CANDY CO METZGER BROTHERS .,..,..,..,., .. MILLER ELECTRIC 81 REFRIGERATION CO. .... MILLER, MARTIN 81 LEWIS... MOBILE PAINT MFG. CO. .. MODERN CLEANERS ... MONTAGS ............. MONTGOMERY, CITY OF MORGENTI-IAU'S ......,. NATHAN FURNITURE CO.. .. NICK'S AT KNOXVILLE ..... NORTHINGTON LAUNDRY . . THE PARAGON PRESS PARK SHOP ..,.... PERRY CREAMERY .. LOUIS W. PERRY Page 445 41 8 426 426 406 410 410 410 405 413 419 414 410 417 413 411 411 413 434 411 411 417 405 417 437 436 409 434 417 405 405 426 405 416 424 439 441 404 425 440 422 404 415 404 404 416 428 443 438 428 428 PIG TRAIL INN .... .... PIZITZ .,.... ...................... POULTRY 81 EGG CO. ............... . PREFERRED LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY.. PROTECTIVE LIFE INSURANCE CO. ..... . PUG'S ....................,... BANKS W. QUARLES .,...,..... D. B. QUARLES PLUMBING CO. .. RED DIAMOND COFFEE ....... RED TOP TRANSFER CO., INC.... ROSEMONT GARDENS .,...... ROYAL'S SUPERIOR CLEANERS SEARS, ROEBUCK 81 CO.. . .. SEWELL HARDWARE CO.. . .. JOHN SEXTON 8: CO. ...... . SCHLOSS 84 KAHN ............ SCHWEITZER'S MEN'S WEAR ..... SCHWOBILT ................. SHARPE'S .......,......... SOKOL'S ........,........... SPEAKE, WARREN 81 RATLIFF ..,.. STAR PROVISION CO. ...... . STEIN SHOE SHOP ......... STUART TILE 84 AWNING CO,. .. SUNSET TOURIST COURT ..,.. TANNER BROTHERS ............ CHARLES TEMERSON AND SONS. . . T. 81 M. CAFETERIA .............. TOMPKINS COAL CO. ...... . TRU-VALUE SHOP ............ TUSCALOOSA FURNITURE CO. . TUSCALOOSA LINCOLN-MERCURY C TUSCALOOSA ROYAL CROWN BOTTLING CO. .............. . U-DRIVE-IT COMPANY ...... UNIVERSITY BARBER SHOP ........ THE UNIVERSITY SUPPLY STORE EXTENSION DIVISION, UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA ................. UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA SUMMER SCHOOL ..................... UTOPIA CLOTHERS . .. THE VANITY ... HAROLD WALL MOTOR CO. WEATHERFORD PRINTING CO. WIESEL CO. ................. . LOUIS WIESEL, INC. ............ . WOOD-FRUITTICHER GROCERY CO. F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. ......... . YAZOO GRAVEL CO. . . O... 417 441 415 431 432 427 406 441 432 406 424 438 403 403 435 426 403 424 403 412 412 433 422 403 433 403 404 402 404 426 422 423 422 420 404 408 425 440 439 437 436 430 430 423 416 404 436 1" Emi me came cami mdk aww Zawk I 4 iff Q' 4-1 A 5334 ' X . 3' X Q x. 5. X: L Ek 72 A 1 x 5 A 4 -r - :'. . J M ,A wr ,LAL L. ,M 5. 16,-iw wx JWMQQ. ,W J if-36? .-Y" "'f . fi' ' if: . 'TQ mx Q 1 if-L +- XT 1 .J gy , kia -. ,tb " x. 1.-. Y Q w ' B, ,E . f ,,.f . ,A . 4 v-I , G 4 . -1 8 ,- in C J F, 1 at dx , ,7.:. 5 x . 'sm ,F . 'FY 3 I M al 4' am. x 4' 45: HSS. sv., K Q. We .1 . EQ? 3 2 'Q .ww '53 'fl . A wi .ag ' as ffm .. . 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Suggestions in the University of Alabama - Corolla Yearbook (Tuscaloosa, AL) collection:

University of Alabama - Corolla Yearbook (Tuscaloosa, AL) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


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University of Alabama - Corolla Yearbook (Tuscaloosa, AL) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


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