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!• ;■» iw ««t WE PREPARE FOR TOMORROW AT ALABAMA RELIGION, MORALITY, AND KNOWLEDGE BEING NECESSARY TO GOOD GOVERNMENT AND THE HAPPINESS OF MANKIND, SCHOOLS AND THE MEANS OF EDUCATION SHALL FOREVER BE ENCOURAGED. . . . Ordinance of 1787. Dr. Joseph F. Volker, dean of the new School of Dentistry, is internation- ally famous as an educator and scientist. Formerly dean of the dental unit of Tufts College, he was the first American to v in honorary membership in the Dental Society of Czechoslovokia. WE ' RE GOING TO The University Medical Center in Birm- ingham is located in the Jefferson-Hillman Hospital, a gift from Jefferson County, housing the Medical College of Alabama and the new School of Dentistry. The Medical College now includes four full classes, graduating approximately fifty doctors each Spring, in addition to these classes, approximately eighty young doc- tors pursue graduate work on a full-time basis. To the University ' s expanding Medical Center an important addition was made during the past year. The School of Den- tistry began operation in the Fall and re- ceived a select class of fifty men. The School of Dentistry is staffed by a faculty of men outstanding in the field. During the summer of 1948, prior to the school ' s opening, Dean Volker traveled in Europe as a member of the Unitarian Medical Mission to Germany. Dr. Roy R. Kracke, as dean of the Medical College of Alabama, has established high standards of medical education. He is inter- nationally famous in the fields of hematology and pathology and has written several noted scientific works. Home of the University Medical Center fop, Med Library Above, X-Rays Scrubbing up r Ks ill A $200,000 annex to Farrah Hall was erected during the past year, to meet needs resulting from postwar enrollment increases. The three-story annex includes law offices, library stacks, reading room, and two large classrooms providing approximately 175 additional student seats. The Law Library now includes 21,000 volumes of the finest legal reference books available. During the past year Law School initiated semi-annual publication of the Alabama Law Review, a legal handbook distributed to the State Bar and to certain individuals outside Alabama. The Law Re- view is published by outstanding students chosen on scholarship basis. Dean William M. Hepburn became head of the School of Law in 1944, succeeding the late Albert J. Farrah. A member of the War Labor Board during World War II, he is a recognized authority in the field of labor relations, hie holds an LL.M. degree from Harvard and has studied at Indiana, Yale, and at the Sorbonne in France. The Law Annex Under Construction -,f...v Individual Research in Biology Hours of Laboratory Experimentotion And At-The-Easel Interpretation Dr. Albert B. Moore is Deon of the Graduate School, Head of the History Department, and Chairman of the Faculty Committee on Ath- letics. Development of graduate work at the University of Ala- bama during the past tv enty-five years has been one of the most significant developments in the history of the insti- tution. Through the Graduate School the University has made a great contribution to education and to cultural and economic development of the State. Graduate study has contributed a great deal of research by the faculty and students concerning economic, social, political, and educa- tional problems in Alabama. During the year ending June 1, 1949, more than 1700 students were enrolled. hui«£e.wui» ' tti lb.iikk. itt6 Amelia Gayle Gorgas Library is a Focal Point in Graduate Study The quality of master ' s work at the Univer- sity is recognized throughout the country. Mas- ter ' s graduates have made superior records in pursuit of doctor ' s degree in the foremost grad- uate schools of the country. Master ' s work is being offered in practically oil departments of the College of Arts and Sciences and in all the professional divisions except Lav School. Several departments are now prepared to offer graduate work beyond the master ' s level. Research Conferences Breed and Propogate Ideas and Facts : m Dr. Marten ten Hoor, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, succeeded Dean Charles Barn- well in 1944, after having served in the same capacity at Tulane University. Dean ten Hoor holds A.B., A.M., ond Ph.D. degrees from the University of Michigan. Majestic old Morgan Hall is the center of intellectual and artistic development at the University of Alabama. With the largest enrollment of any division of the University, the Col- lege of Arts and Sciences offers major courses in virtually all the liberal arts and pre-professional subjects. Assistant Dean G. Burke John- ston is the member of the A S staff who handles student rela- tions. An associate professor of English, he is an alumnus of the University holding an M.A. and Ph.D. from Columbia. Speech as a Scientific Study Music in the O ' Steen Manner Dramatic Direction in the Rough 7a IS Woods Hail was repaired, and the Speech Department moved to quarters in one of the Smith Woods buildings where, in addition to classrooms, individual clinics were es- tablished in connection with a rehabilitation program for disabled veterans. Committees were appointed and work done pursuant to granting doctorates in English, history, and other fields. ' ' ' »!W»WM«»w„ Morgan Hall, ' ( Capstone of Liberal Education Laboratory Experiments Prove Chemical Facts of Life IS OUR FIELD . . . The School of Chemistry has participated in the spirit of expan- sion that prevails at the Capstone. The Department of Ceramics, one of the best in the South, was expanded and provided with modern equipment and a Department of Biochemistry was added. Only 200 of the 1800 students who receive instruction in chemistry are registered in the School of Chemistry. The others are engi- neering, biology, geology and pre-medical students who find it necessary to take the basic chemistry courses. Most chemistry graduates go into industrial fields in this country, but many of them accept positions with American and foreign firms outside the United States. Young chemists are advised to enter industrial chemistry as independent operators. Graduate students working in the School of Chemistry are encouraged to initiate their own research problems. Dean Stewart J. Lloyd came to the University in 1909 as adjunct professor of chemistry and was named professor of chemistry in 1911. In 1929, when the Department of Chemistry became the School of Chemistry, Metallurgy and Ceramics, he was named dean. ' RE INTERESTED IN Progressive in accordance with the policy of the University, the School of Commerce and Business Administration today ranks among the finest of its kind in the country. Its most recent progress has been in the field of graduate v ork. With increased en- rollment in this phase of the School, thirty-three courses have been installed especially designed for students seeking master ' s degrees. An integral part of the School is the Bureau of Business Research, es- tablished in 1930 to assemble and coordinate infor- mation of a business nature. Dean Lee Bidgood has directed the School of Commerce and Busi- ness Administration since its organi- zation in 1919. Vice-President of the American Association of Col- legiate Business Schools, Dean Bidgood has held positions on sev- eral boards which required expert economic counsel. Income Taxes, A Major Problem Speed is Important The School of Commerce and Business Administra- tion was second in enrollment at the University throughout the past year. Affiliated with the Ameri- can Association of Collegiate Schools of Business, Commerce School is also registered under the ac- countancy laws of New York and New Jersey, the only states which require college degrees as pre- requisites to CPA examination. The Commerce Building, Well Known Whistle Stop " ' hjjf " p CiT " ' " ' ■ »__ at " " " r _ If 1 OME OF US WILI Visual Aids in Education Children ' s Division of the Education Library The University of Al abama is one of the few institutions of higher education in the United States where teacher training is handled under a separate major division. In the belief that teach- er education is of tremendous importance, the College of Edu- cation is organized as a profes- sional school. It is responsible for administration of oil curricula for education of teachers, prin- cipals, superintendents, and edu- cational workers for public schools and other educational institutions. Dr. John R. McLure has served as Dean of the College of Edu- cation for the past seven years. He v os named head of the De- partment of School Administra- tion in 1924. Dean McLure holds an MA. and Ph:D. fron ' i Colum- bia University. Practice Teaching in Verner School BE Members of the faculty of the College of Education serve as consultants to teachers and administrative officers and to boards of education in city and county school systems. Frequent conferences and meetings are held at the Uni- versity in order to provide opportunities for educators to discuss their problems under the leadership of authorities in public education. Education students receive practical train- ing under expert supervision in the city and county public schools of Tuscaloosa. During the 1948 Summier session the College of Education conducted a training program for the U. S. Air Forces, preparing 193 officers to teach in ROTC units throughout the country. Bibb Graves Hall, A Monument to Education in Alabama r A Big Wheel And Observers PLL BE To the College of Engineering a new Department of Metal- lurgical Engineering was added during the past year, offering a degree in this field for the first time. Plans were begun for o new building to supply additional needs of the College. This building, similor in design to the present Engineering Building, will be located adjacent to that building and in front of the East Engineering Laboratories. The new structure is intended to provide offices for the deans and headquarters for the De- partments of Electrical, Civil, and Industrial Engineering. Oegf e Dean James R. Cudworth, a mem- ber of the engineering faculty at the Capstone since 1923, is completing his third year as Dean of the College of Engineering. He is on outstanding figure in the field of engineering education. V. " % Boring, The Next Thing to Engineering Assistant Dean Charles N. Gaylord oined the engineering faculty at the University in 1943, following several years ' experience in teaching and in industry. He was named Assistant Dean in March, 1946. rO MORROW . . An important event of the Foil quarter was Engineering Open House. Laboratories and class- rooms were thrown open to visitors from the campus and throughout Alabama. Through the cooperation of civic clubs, high school students attended from several sections of the Stote. Surveying The Future i itf; ' ,?; Dean Agnes Ellen Harris has di- rected the School of Home Econom- ics for the past 21 years. Before coming to the University she served as Dean of Women at Alabama Polytechnic Institute. Dean Harris holds honorary membership in Phi Beta Kappa. The Art of Weaving Cultivating the Maternal Instinct The mission of the School of Home Economics is two-fold, but both phases of the program concern preparation of women students at the University for the lives that they will lead after college. Young women are trained as homemakers and they are prepared to take advantage of the broad opportunities now offered to women in the professional fields of home econo- mics and allied professions. Through the three major depart- ments, Clothing, Foods, and Family Life, the School of Home Economics supplies to its students the basic subjects necessary for success in homemaking and in careers. Designed for Vv ' earing .J» W|imiwiiiiiii»iiiimiiiiinmmmu .: iSi «« jpS !@ i ■ IIIIIWI i il Mmi!JttHl i . i »nll i wm ii EVc-jriS; : ' -: », Doster Hall, Home Economics Classrooms and Laboratories OUR CHOICE . . . During the 1948-49 school year the Family Life Department was revised and its name changed to General Home Economics. Under the new arrangement greater opportunities are offer- ed in a broader field. The Foods Department received money grants from several companies to finance special laboratory research experiments. The Clothing Department conducted a significant number of research problems dealing with fabrics. Approximately one-fourth of all women students at the Uni- versity are enrolled in the School of Home Economics. They Satisfy— Appetites ART OF THIS OLLA Student Body of the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa, Alabama F. Coleman Inge EDITOR Leonard J. Weil BUSINESS MANAGER Dr. John Morin Gallolee is one of the friendliest faculty members at the Capstone. As President of the Univer- sity of Alabama since January 1, 1948, he has been held in the fondest esteem by the entire student body just as he was loved by his engineering students during his many years on the engineer- ing faculty. As a tribute to Dr. Gallalee ' s genuine love for the University, and to the feeling of kinship which exists be- tween him and the student body, the 1949 Corolla is respectfully dedicated. DR. JOHN MORIN GALLALEE HIS EXCELLENCY, JAMES E. FOLSOM Governor of Alabama an d BOARD GOVERNOR STEES HIS EXCELLENCY, JAMES E. FOLSOM President, ex-officio AUSTIN R. MEADOWS State Superintendent of Education, ex-officio DR. JOHN M. GALLALEE President, University of Alabama Seated (around table); Salter, Noojin, McCorvey, Gallalee, Ferguson, Denny, Palmer, Steiner, Key, Mitchell . . . Standing; Williams, Pickens, Penick. GESSNER T. McCORVEY ROBERT E. STEINER, JR. PAUL P. SALTER BREWER DIXON B. LONNIE NOOJIN THOMAS S. LAWSON GORDON D. PALMER WILLIAM H. KEY WILLIAM H. MITCHELL HILL FERGUSON CLIFTON H. PENICK, Secretary Messrs. Ferguson, Palmer, Steiner Executive Committee DR. GEORGE H. DENNY DR. DENNY The history of the Capstone during the post 37 years is almost a biography of Dr. George H. Denny. President of the University from 1912 until 1937, " Dr. Mike " built a great Southern institution from a small college. Today, as Chancellor, Dr. Denny re- mains active in the administration. After the death of Dr. Richard C. Foster in 1941, Dr, Denny returned to the University until Dr. Raymond R. Paty was appointed President the following year. A native of Virginia, Dr. Denny received his A. B. from Hampden-Sydney College and his M.A. from the same institution in 1892. He earned his doctorate at the University of Virginia in 1896. The degree of Doctor of Laws was conferred upon him by Furman Uni- versity in 1902; by Washington College in 1905; by Tulane University in 1912; and by Washington and Lee University, of which he was president for 10 years. Dr. Denny is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Omicron Delta Kappa, and Sigma Chi. No man has done more toward the development of the University than has Dr. George H. Denny. During his long period of service he has been beloved by the thou- sands of students who have had the privilege of knowing him. Poge 25 ■■ iiN: NOBLE B. HENDRIX Dean The office of the Dean of Students serves as liaison between the University administro- tion and its students, handling all matters con- cerning student welfare, organizations, and social and extra-curricular activities. Student housing, disciplinary action, budgets and loans, scholarships, the University calendar, student publications, and the University Hos- pital are among the numerous responsibilities of Dean Noble B. Hendrix. Dean Hendrix has served in his present capacity since 1943. He was formerly principal of Birmingham ' s Woodlawn High School. The office of the Dean of Students includes three assistants to the dean, one position of which was left vacant at the beginning of the Fall quarter when H. H. Mitchell entered the University of North Carolina to pursue gradu- ate work. Assistant Henry J. Siker is director of the Alabama Union Building in addition to other administrative duties. Assistant James E, Foy works in close cooperation with the Student Government Association and with official campus publications. %e DEAN d STUDENTS HENRY J. SIKER Assistant To The Dean JAMES E. FOY Assistant To Th-= Dear Handling the problems of women students 5 the work coordinated by the Dean of Wo- nen, Mrs. lona B. Berry. An improved )rogram for Freshmen women during the post •ear has created a more congenial spirit imong the entire student body. Dean Berry as encouraged closer cooperation between ororities. Since she assumed her present losition three additional national social so- orities have been installed at the Capstone. Dean Berry has organized Triangle and set p a student advisory program for Freshmen omen, through which every Freshman girl as a Sophomore " big sister. " Dean Berry came to the University of Ala- oma in 1946, after serving as Dean of Vomen for four years at Northwestern State ollege of Louisiana. Previously she was as- stant Dean of Women at Louisiana State niversity. She also held administrative csitions at Columbia University, University of .rizona, and New York Medical College. To aid women students in adjusting to col- ;ge life are Mrs. Sue Gunter and Mrs. Jennie lorris Howard, Assistants to the D ean,- Mrs. essie L. Hoyden and Miss Grace Baker, ounsellors to Women,- and Miss Arrio Mc- iinnis, Director of Housing. J MRS. lONA B. BERRY Dean of Women 7 ie DEAN al WOMEN MRS. JENNIE MORRIS HOWARD Assistant To The Dean MRS. SUE GUNTER Assistant To The Dean DEAN OF ADMISSIONS AND RECORDS WILLIAM F. ADAMS Dean William F. Adams is in charge of the Office of Admissions and Records, handling ad- missions to all undergraduate divisions of the University. He is custodian of all student records, and is in charge of mailing grade reports at the close of each quarter and complete photostats of records once each year. His office was geared to handle the tremendous task of registration in the Fall quarter. DEAN OF EXTENSION DIVISION DR. ROBERT E. TIDWELL Dr. Robert E. Tidwell has served as Dean of the Extension Division for 19 years. Before coming to the University, he served as State Superintendent of Education and also as principal of Ensley High School. The Extension Division plays an important port in carrying the facilities of the University to various groups over the state. Four University Centers, located in Birmingham, Mobile, Montgomery, and Gadsden, are under the supervision of this depart- ment. Other phases of the work of the Extension Division are carried on by the following depart- ments: Commerce and Engineering, High School Counseling and Guidance, Home and Family Life, Correspondence Study, Audio-Visual Aids, Club Study and Library Loan, Adult Education, Radio Broadcasting Service, and University News Bureau. Page 28 ERNEST G. WILLIAMS ACTING TREASURER Ernest G. Williams was appointed Acting Treas- ure r upon the death of Dr. Shaler Houser in January, 1948. He has been connected with the treasurer ' s office since 1934, when he became a student assistant. Williams is now custodian of all University funds. He serves on the Loan Committee and directs the keeping of student financial records. COMPTROLLER As University Comptroller, William E. Pickens, Jr. directs the budgeting and accounting for the entire University administration. He has been an administrative official of the University since 1931. During World War I! he directed the Army training program on the campus. LAND COMMISSIONER Clifton H. Penick, former Tuscaloosa attorney and past president of the Tuscaloosa Bar Associa- tion, is completing his ninth year of service to the University. At present he is University Attorney and Land Commissioner and secretary to the Board of Trustees. Page 29 t ' t WILLIAM E. PICKENS, JR. CLIFTON H. PENICK COLONEL L. P. HODNETTE DIRECTOR AT NORTHINGTON Colonel L. P. Hodnette negotiated with the Gov- ernment for the University ' s acquisition of North- ington General Hospitol. Now, in his capacity as Assistant to the President, he serves as director of the Northington Campus property which can furnish living accommodations for 1800 students, including apartments for 240 families. At the time of his retirement from the Army in 1946 Colonel Hodnette was Commandant of the University ' s ROTC unit. CONSULTING ENGINEER Professor Fred Maxwell, as Consulting Engineer, holds a significant position in overall planning of expansion of the University. He has in his office what might be called a " dream campus. " It is a scale drawing of what the administration hopes the University may grow to be in the future. ALUMNI DIRECTOR As director of alumni affairs, Charles Bernier handles all relations between the University of Alabama and its almuni in all parts of the world. An up-to-date almuni file is mointained in his of- fice. Mr. Bernier is editor of the Alumni News and of bulletins published regularly to keep alumni in- formed. FRED MAXWELL CHARLES BERNIER DIRECTOR OF SUMMER SCHOOL Clinton E. Williams, Director of Summer School, is completing his sixth year of service to the Uni- versity. Quiet and unassuming, Williams has com- bined foresight and diligence in the expansion of the Summer School program. It is his job to plan the schedule of courses offered during the Summer in order to satisfy the peculiar needs of students who do not attend during regular sessions. DIRECTOR OF LIBRARIES Coming to the University as Director of Libraries in 1944, Dr. W. Stanley Hoole has guided the expansion of the University library system to meet the great demand placed in this service. Having the responsibility of the thousands of volumes in use at the libraries, he has found time to write several books, one of which has been published by the University Press. DIRECTOR OF THE UNIVERSITY PRESS Dr. James B. McMillan has served as chairman of the University Press Committee since organiza- tion of the Press was first considered in 1944-45. He has held several other important administrative positions on the campus, including directorship of instruction at Northington Campus, and head of the Department of Linguistics. CLINTON E. WILLIAMS DR. W. STANLEY HOOLE DR. JAMES B. McMillan AUDITORS Auditors for the four of- ficial student publications and for the Board of Publi- cations are Mr. and Mrs. Louis D. Boylan. As inde- pendent public accountants with offices in the Alabama Union Building, they are also available to all fra- ternities, sororities, and honorary and professional groups for complete audit- ing service and financial ad- vice. From their long experience v ' ith financial conditions at the university, they have steered many publication business managers to successful tenures of office. Their financial odvice is alv ays available to officers of other campus organizations. LOUIS D. BOYLAN MRS. LOUIS D. BOYLAN UNIVERSITY NEWS BUREAU J. RUSSELL HEITMAN Director NORMAN H. BASSETT Assistant Director The University of Alabama ' s press liaison identifies the position and activities of the University News Bu- reau and Alabama Press Association. fHeading these units is J. Russell hieitman, who began his duties on July 1, 1948, succeeding the late Doyle L. Buckles. Heitman, a former teacher of journalism at the University of Illinois, received his B. J. degree from the University of Missouri and his master ' s degree from Northwestern University. Associated with hieitman is Norman hi. Bassett, University alumnus and former editor of The Tuscaloosa News. Central headquarters for the Alabama Press Associa- tion, a 78-year-old organi- zation of the state ' s daily and weekly newspaper pub- lishers, is located in the Union Building. Its purpose is to serve as a clearing house for information con- cerning activities in the newspaper and allied pub- lishing fields. The News Bureau is the University ' s primary outlet for news and information about the Uni- versity to the press of the state. Page 32 iTctiMotu And then there were activities , . . The incomparable Harry James and his Music Makers . . . wit and humor dripping from the Rammer Jammer . . . the bevy of Coroiia beauties chosen by Billy Rose of Diamond Horseshoe fame . . . the Blackfriars rehearsing their performance of " Androcles and the Lion " . . . spirits rising as the Million Dollar Band let loose with " Dixie " . . . Corolla winning a 1948 All-American rating ... the Crimson-White ' s air- borne edition arriving for distribution every Wednesday . . . politicians taking advantage of ' Bama Day to get before the student public . . . " Depreciation of Music " by Spike Jones . . . climax of year ' s activities reached with the Board of Publications Banquet . . . ACTIVITIES... BUZZING IN TRADITIONAL STYLE, THE ALABAMA UNION BUILDING CONTINUED TO BE THE HUB OF STUDENT ACTIVITY AND ACHIEVEMENT. FOR THIS IS WHERE THE STUDENTS WHO ARE INTERESTED IN THE MYRIAD ACTIVITIES OUTSIDE THE CLASS- ROOM GAIN RECOGNITION IN THE CAMPUS WORLD. THIS IS WHERE THE STUDENT GOVERNM ENT OFFICIALS, PUBLICATIONS PEOPLE, AND STUDENT LEADERS FROM ALL PHASES OF CAMPUS LIFE DAILY ASCEND THE STAIRWAY TO THE BUSY THIRD FLOOR TO PLAN AND ARRANGE THE ACTIVITY PROGRAM FOR THE ENTIRE STUDENT BODY. HURRYING WHEELS ROLLED INTO EACH OTHER AT SHARP CORNERS OF THE CORRIDORS AND ON THE BUILDING ' S COM- PLICATED SET OF STAIRWAYS. COTILLION CLUB MEMBERS DASHED TO THEIR MEETING PLACES TO PLAN THE BIG NAME DANCES AND PROGRAMS, WHILE SGA MEMBERS MAINTAINED A CONSTANT VIGILANCE TO PLAN EVERYTHING ELSE. THE RAM DISTRIBUTED ITS SEVEN MONTHLY ISSUES WITH RELATIVE TRAN- QUILITY, AND COPIES OF THE COROLLA JAMMED THE BUILDING FOR DAYS AFTER DISTRIBUTION BEGAN. THE CRIMSON-WHITE DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM CALLED FOR A SUCCESSION OF PLEDGES CARTING PONDEROUS BUNDLES OF THE CAMPUS WEEKLY UP AND DOWN THE 121 STEPS. AFFORDING A LIGHTER BACKGROUND TO THE DRUDGERY OF THIRD FLOOR OFFICE ACTIVITY, THE MUSICAL ORGANIZA- TIONS OFFERED A VARIATION OF LYRI C AND TUNE. BANDSMEN TOOTED ON THEIR WAY TO PRACTICE SESSIONS IN THE DOME. STUDENT RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS FILLED THE HALLS WITH DAILY SONG. MUSIC WITH A PROFESSIONAL TOUCH COULD BE HEARD FROM THE OPEN DOOR OF THE WABP RECORD LIBRARY. Page 37 ACTIVITIES... BUZZING IN TRADITIONAL STYLE, THE ALABAMA UNION BUILDING CONTINUED TO BE THE HUB OF STUDENT ACTIVITY AND ACHIEVEMENT. FOR THIS IS WHERE THE STUDENTS WHO ARE INTERESTED IN THE MYRIAD ACTIVITIES OUTSIDE THE CLASS- ROOM GAIN RECOGNITION IN THE CAMPUS WORLD. THIS IS WHERE THE STUDENT GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS, PUBLICATIONS PEOPLE, AND STUDENT LEADERS FROM ALL PHASES OF CAMPUS LIFE DAILY ASCEND THE STAIRWAY TO THE BUSY THIRD FLOOR TO PLAN AND ARRANGE THE ACTIVITY PROGRAM FOR THE ENTIRE STUDENT BODY. HURRYING WHEELS ROLLED INTO EACH OTHER AT SHARP CORNERS OF THE CORRIDORS AND ON THE BUILDING ' S COM- PLICATED SET OF STAIRWAYS. COTILLION CLUB MEMBERS DASHED TO THEIR MEETING PLACES TO PLAN THE BIG NAME DANCES AND PROGRAMS, WHILE SGA MEMBERS MAINTAINED A CONSTANT VIGILANCE TO PLAN EVERYTHING ELSE. THE RAM DISTRIBUTED ITS SEVEN MONTHLY ISSUES WITH RELATIVE TRAN- QUILITY, AND COPIES OF THE COROLLA JAMMED THE BUILDING FOR DAYS AFTER DISTRIBUTION BEGAN. THE CRIMSON-WHITE DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM CALLED FOR A SUCCESSION OF PLEDGES CARTING PONDEROUS BUNDLES OF THE CAMPUS WEEKLY UP AND DOWN THE 121 STEPS. AFFORDING A LIGHTER BACKGROUND TO THE DRUDGERY OF THIRD FLOOR OFFICE ACTIVITY, THE MUSICAL ORGANIZA- TIONS OFFERED A VARIATION OF LYRIC AND TUNE. BANDSMEN TOOTED ON THEIR WAY TO PRACTICE SESSIONS IN THE DOME. STUDENT RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS FILLED THE HALLS WITH DAILY SONG. MUSIC WITH A PROFESSIONAL TOUCH COULD BE HEARD FROM THE OPEN DOOR OF THE WABP RECORD LIBRARY. Page 37 WILLIAM E. JOHNS Arling President CLARENCE SIMMONS, JR. Secretary Treasure, THE STUDENT GOVERN SGA EXECUTIVE COUNCIL MARTHA SIMON Stenographer ROY KILLINGSWORTH WILLIAM E. JOHNS CLARENCE SIMMONS, JR. ANNE SHAW President, SGA Acting President, SGA Sec ' y-Treas., SGA President, WSGA PATRICIA DEVER Secretary-Treasurer, WSGA WILLIAM T. ROUNTREE, JR. A S Representative THEO MITCHELSON Commerce Representative Chemistry Representative Engineering Representative Education Representative Graduate Representative SYLVIA MITCHELL WINSTON WALLACE ROBERT COCHRAN DON HURLBERT JEAN BLAIR Home Economics Representative Page 38 The Student Government Association was organized at the University of Alabama in 1914 with Senator Lister Hill as its first president. Under thirty-five presidents, SGA has be- come a responsible administrative branch of the University in matters pertaining to student welfare, rendering worthwhile services both to the University and to the student body. Rcy Killingswcfth, who was elected to the presidency of SGA fcr the 1948-49 school year, failed to return to school to begin his term of office in the Fall quarter. William E. Johns, elected vice-president, replaced Killingswoith as president. Activities of the 1948-49 SGA included a campaign to make the University a more friendly campus. This campaign, initiated with Johns as chairman, was carried on by Marianne Crone. Freshmen Orientation held the spotlight during the first week of the Fall quarter. With the beginning of foot- ball season the Spirit Planning Committee began operations and made efforts toward a better display of school spirit. Homecoming, with Charles Porter as chairman, was one of SGA ' s main projects. Again in 1948 SGA conducted the Campus Community Chest. During the Fall quarter a committee was appointed to wcrk cut improvement of civic problems on the campus. T he Fall quarter also sow installation of a lottery system designed to establish a more equitable distribution of football tickets to students, and SGA published a Student Life Calendar to serve as a reminder to students cf all activities on the year ' s activity agenda. The " A " Book, with Horry Cook as editor and B. J. Arno as business manager, was published and dis- tributed to Freshmen and transfer students. In the Winter quarter SGA conducted a clinic for student candidates in SGA elections to acquaint prospective officers with the functions of SGA. Bama Day, held in conjunction with Soring elections, was an outstanding event cf the year. Representatives of the University were present at meetings cf the UN General Assembly, the National Student Associa- tion, and the Southern Association of Student Body Presidents. In preparation for the resumption of athletic relations between Auburn and Alabama, SGA officers met in several sessions with student leaders from Auburn in an effort to assure sportsmanlike conduct by students and alumni of both institutions. A new student constitution was written and pre- sented to the student body for ratification. yiENT ASSOCIATION.. MitcheUon, Wallace, Sherrill, Dever, Simmons, Johns, Shaw, Rountree, Blair, Mitchell, Cochr i V " " " Ktji-jglB ' ' ' ' ANNE SHAW OFFICERS ANNE SHAW SARA SELLERS PATRICIA DEVER President Vice-President Secretary The Women ' s Student Government Association is composed of two houses, the Board of Directors, elected by women students, and the House of Representatives, composed of the president of each dormi- tory and sorority. The objective of WSGA is to promote intellectual, social and religious welfare of women students. Rules and regulations for women students are made and ad- ministered by this group, with the assistance of lona Berry, Dean of Women. The organization also sponsors several annual social events. A WSGA workshop, held in the Fall quarter, was attended by the Board of Directors, the House of Representatives, sorority officers, and dormitory hall chairmen. The group met to discuss and outline plans and aims for the year. BOARD OF DIRECTORS JANIE PARKER KAKI JONES HELEN HAWKINS BETSY SMITH MOTT MARGARET JEAN KIRBY SHIRLEY DURRER JOHNNIE ELLARD NINA GAMBLIN WOMEN ' S STUDENT GOVER Parker, Kirby, Jones. It ! SEATED: Haden, Clay, DaLee, Jones, Van Cleve, Dever, Trastour Miller, Wigington, Junkin, Goodman, Parker, Hartley, Marcus, Moss . . " ill, Romsdell, Besk, Thwealt, Goston, Shaw. . . KNEELING: Morse, Hall, STNADING: McAuley, Wright, HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES PAULINE WIGINTON MARTHA McANAULTY FRANCES HALL LOUISE CLAY BILLY SLY JANICE PARKER BETTY MILLER PHYLLIS GOODMAN SARA HADEN DENECA MOSS CHRISTINE MORSE ALICE LAWRENCE SARA JONES KATHRYN PILL KAY PRUETT LAURA GASTON MARTHA WRIGHT GAYLE VAN CLEVE KATHRYN THWEATT DORA ANN DALEE KATHRYN HARTLEY BARBARA ANN TRASTOUR ANN RAMSDELL PHYLLIS MARCUS BETTY BECK MENT ASSOCIATION . . . President Anne Shaw and Workshop Conferenc n F. COLEMAN INGE Editor Assistant Editors Routine Filing and Typing Ite 19 4 9 EDITORIAL The editorial staff of the 1949 Corolla mode a real effort to better represent the student body of the University. New administrative techniques were devised in an effort to eliminate errors. Student numbers were used on Corolla records to provide a positive means of identification of the individual student. The theme of the Opening section attempts to drama- tize the magnitude o the ten schools and colleges of the University, and attempts to show how they have combined to form a university system. With the goal of better pic- torial coverage of the year ' s activities, emphasis was placed on better pictures in the Snapshot section. EDITORIAL STAFF F. COLEMAN INGE . . Editor WILLIAM O. MYRICK , Copy Editor JUNIUS B. SMITH, JR. Class Editor DESSIE SEMON Snapshot Editor DONALD J, CRONIN Organizations Editor BUDDY BERNSTEIN Athletics Editor JEAN WARREN Se cretary STAFF— Betty Finley, Doug Lanford, Lois Alder- man, Margaret Brown, Doris Edwards, Reola Gilbert, Herman Scott, Gil Peorsall, Bea Haas, Betty Ruth Smith, Elizabeth Moore, Mildred Rhodes, Cista King, Buddy Bernstein, Walter Grider. PHOTOGRAPHERS-William O. Trimble, Yeatman King, David Gleason, William F. Hayley, Mac Morri- son, Harvey Feigelson, Bailes Studio, Chidnoff Studio. Just Checking ' i;. ' ' COROLLA BUSINESS Financing publication of the 1949 Corolla was a tre- mendous task handled efficiently by the business staff. A whirlwind sales campaign was staged in the opening weeks of the Fall quarter, and a thorough advertising campaign continued until the February 15 deadline. Several new photographic appointments were given to those students who failed to meet their original appoint- ments. This was a result of the Corolla ' s genuine effort to guarantee that every student who bought a Corolla have his picture appear in the book. ) LEONARD J. WEIL BUSINESS STAFF LEONARD J. WEIL Business Manager HAROLD SWEARINGEN Sales Manager B. JAY ARNO Advertising Manager STAFF— Rubin Franco, Joe Bates, Paula Garrison, Frank Nicholas, FHarold Wall, Doug Armstrong, Jack Floyd, Elvin Kanter, Roy Locklar, John Curlee, William Bernstein, Gus Freibaum, William Davis, Julia Lampkin, Lua Gallalee, Jim Jackson, Eloise Foster. Advertising Manager Arno and Stoff CHERI CHANDLER EDITORIAL CRIMSON EDITORIAL The 1948-49 Crimson-White achieved the distinction cf being the only college newspaper in the country to fly copy from the editorial rooms to the composing room. Each week the editor traveled bv air to Haleyville to over- see makeup and read proofs in the plant of the Haley- ville Advertiser, where the Crimson-White was produced. The 1948-49 Summer C-W, edited by John Hamner, presented a two-fisted editorial policy that demanded careful readership of the editorial page. Cheri Chandler, who has served as editor for five quarters, followed with a positive editorial stand, especially where the admini- stration was concerned. A survey was conducted on the four University cafeterias, and spending of University money was criticized in several instances. CHERI CHANDLER DICK FULTON LAMAR FALKNER FRANK LEE FLORENCE DAY Editor Managing Editor News Editor Sports Editor Society Editor STAFF — Sue Jones, Herb Carnathan, Harry Cook, Jim Waldrop, Rebecca Kresses, Betty Burgess, Doris Hill, Walter Grider, Gere Lee, Grover Smith, Jim Nightingale, Frank Palumbo, Iris Levy, Joe Hoffman, Jane deVore, Joe Vana, Mary Hill, Sam Harvey, Benny Smith, Evelyne Bryan, Gordon Blackwell, Sam Wetmore, John H. Francis, Julie Cone, Everett Goldman, Bill Lumpkin, Sara Ruth Hoge, Al Stanton, Jim Harland, Mike Stetelman. Department Heads -WHITE BUSINESS The reporters got the by-lines, but working behind the scenes the men and women of the business staff handled financial and business management of the Crimson-White. Advertising revenue was subsidized by a student ac- tivity fee allocation, financing once again free distribution to all students. Under Business Manager Elwood Rutledge the business staff kept ads flowing into the newspaper, and every week placed the Crimson-White in the hands of its 9000 student readers. A. B. C. Nicholls managed business affairs for the 1948 Summer edition. BUSINESS Mc ELWOOD RUTLEDGE Business Manager BUSINESS STAFF ELWOOD RUTLEDGE HARRY MITCHELL JIM BRANDIS RICHARD CARTER Business Manager Advertising Manager Assistant Circulation Manager STAFF — Richard Litt, Marvin Bearman, Julie Holloway, Betty Anne Landrum, Frank Evans, Joe Smith, William Kerlin, Allan Barton, Pierre Pelham, Joe Holloway, Ralph Sokol, Russ Lunn, Roy Grayson, John Covin, Bob Turner, Dave Mayo, Ottis Powell, Jr., Tommy Thomas, Dick Avery, Don Wright, Sonny Stockton, Ed Dugan, Walter Tyson, James Tyson, Bill James, Bill Davis. Advertising Solicita iing and ,s Staff DCN F WASSON Editor EDITORIAL STAFF RAMMER EDITORIAL Presenting the lighter side of campus life is the Ram- irer Jcinm ' .er, University humor m.agozine. First issued in 1924, the mciqozine was originally a humcr book, then a literary magazine, and then humcr again. For the past two years, the Ram has been a ccmbino- ticn of both and has given increased emphasis to pictorial features. The Ram occupies an enviable pcs ticn college humor magazines. Its articles are freoiently re- printed in its counterparts on other campures. i ' - . f i " " mm . t t DON F. WASSON ROBERT BEELAND H. E. " BUDDY " SMITH BEN R. DAVIS Editor Assistant Editor Feature Editor Sports Editor STAFF — Mcrton Grcmas, John A. King, Sue Jones, Jchn Duddy, Jr., Bebe Smith, William O. Trimble, Eloise Foster, Jobie Bryan, Willnita Wyctt, Jesse Duke, Robert Burnham, C. J. Wolpert, Rebecca Kresses, Barbara Clulhe, Homer Lee Krout, Harriet Burns, William W. Pittmon, Don Worrell. Deportment Head: The EditoHol Staff Plan Makeup end Design JAMMER BUSINESS The Rammer Jammer is financed by sale of advertising and an allocation from the student activity fee. The budget does not permit the printing of a copy for every student, but it does allow a liberal use of pictures and cartoons in the seven issues published each school year. In the 1948-49 Rammer Jammer the business staff em- phasized illustrative advertisements, which improved the general appearance of the magazine. An eauitoble plan of distribution was worked out whereby almost every student was able to read the magazine each month. JOHN DUDDY JR. Business Manager BUSINESS STAFF JOHN DUDDY, JR Business Manager ERIC N. HARRIS Advertising Manager PATTON B. SEALS Circulation Monager STAFF — Jesse Duke, Lex Matthews, Paul Page, Helen Garrett, Ed Steele, Jean White, Frank Stone, Sylvan Byck, Bob Ruffin, Dick Burton, Jean Young, Emory Folmar, Fred Burns, Russell Anders, Martha Turner, Jesse Wilson. A Chat With the Business Staff Weil, Bounds, Wasson, Wallace, Foy, Hendrix, Inge, Johns, Chandler, Shaw, Rutledge BOARD d PUBLICATIONS Although formulation of policy is generally left to each editor and business manager, the four student publications, Crimson- White, Rammer Jammer, Corolla, and " A " Book, are governed throughout the year by the Beard of Publications. Before Spring elections the board nominates Qualified candidates for the two major positions on each publication. Editorial and busi- ness assistants are appointed at the beginning of each publication year and vacancies on the paid staffs are filled as they occur. MEMBERS NOBLE B. HENDRIX Dean of Students lONA BERRY .... Dean of Women C. E. BOUNDS Head of Journalism Department DR. ROBERT M. WALLACE English Department Representative F. COLEMAN INGE .... Corolla Editor LEONARD J. WEIL .... Corolla Business Manager CHERI CHANDLER . . . Crimson-White Editor ELWOOD RUTLEDGE Crimson-White Business Manager DON F. WASSON JOHN DUDDY, JP. WILLIAM E. JOHNS LOUIS D. BOYLAN JOHN LUSKIN JAMES E. FOY ANNE SHAW Rammer Jammer Editor Rammer Jammer Business Manager SGA President Publications Auditor Journalism Representative Assistant to the Dean of Students WSGA President COTILLION CLUB Through the efforts of the Cotillion Club, functioning to supply Capstone dancers with finer entertainment, several of the finest dance bonds in the country were brought to Foster Auditorium during the post year. Harry James and his Music Makers opened the Cotillion calendar on October 28. Late January brought Vaughn Monrce with his Moon Beams and the Camel Caravan broadcast. The man with muscles in his threat, long a Capstone dancing favorite, main- tained his excellent reputation here. Other outstanding orchestras — Claude Thornhill, Tommy Dorsey, Les Brown, OFFICERS FURNISS JOHNSON President HUBERT WRIGHT Busi ness Manager ROBERT WOODHAM A. B. C. NICHOLLS Advertising Manager SIDNEY W. JACKSON, JR. GERALD WIGGINS Decoration Chairman BETTY HARDIN CECIL STUBBS Ticket Chairman WILLIAM BERNSTEIN MEMBERS Wilmer Garrett McLin Humpidge William Hill Arthur B. Patton Burns Proctor John A. King Bob Collins Williom A. Smith Alvin Benred Frank Long Edward T. Thornton Rubin Franco Robert L. Hembree Jean Blair Rcbert Beeland Walter Bridges Lougenia Stollings William Arnold George LeePard John McGill Sara Ann Stollings Harold Bain William A. Harbin Bill Hamm Mrt Roesner Albert Copeland J. Jack Andrews Bill Sullivan Tom Horton Harold W. Tucker Gregory Scott Jess Kizzort FIRST ROW: Bernstein, Stubbs, Hardin, Johnson, Nicholls, Jackson . . . SECOND ROW: Hami Horton, Andrews . . . THIRD ROW: Bridges, Collins, Roesner, Kizzort . . . FOURTH ROW: Fultor Benny Gocdman, and Spike Jones — were possibilities under ccnsideraticn for appearance later in the year. The Cotillion Club presented the Alabama Cavaliers with the second annual Cotton Ball during the 1948 Summer ses- sion. Miss Mary Sue Sewell was selected to reign as 1948 Cotton Queen, and was crowned at this dance. A boost was given to SGA ' s Campus Community Chest drive by a dance on December 10, at which 1949 Corolla beauties were publicly introduced. Special Activities Charge of Auditorium Secretary Accountant Charles J. McMullin Emily Wright Eddy Albrittin Mac Morrison Duncan T. Fulton, Jr. Martha Simon Phyllis Tenenbaum Donald J. Cronin " . f , .L ' M A Tribute to Te t (V_ THE MILL COL. CARLTON K. BUTLER Director From military marches to the latest popular songs, fast-stepping redcoats of the University of Alabama Million Dollar Band swept through another colorful season, executing precision formations in the South ' s finest football stadiums. Colonel Corltcn K. Butler ' s crack corps of a hundred musicians packs its holftinie show into seven minutes. From ranks which take the field at a drum cadence of 256 steps a minute, the fastest-stepping band snaps into novelty drills of almost in- finite variety. Stirring marchtime faded into the dreamy strains of " It ' s Magic " at the Georgia gome, and the band swiftly formed a huge " G " . Then, before the largest crowd ever to see a football game in Alabama, Sponsor Anne Barnett vanished and was replaced by a tiny girl. Instantly the musicians swung into a shuffle routine and " St. Louis Blues March, " A moment later " Dixie " sent the corps into " U " of " G " for the Georgia stands. That was just one of the scintillating shows the Million Dollar Bond presented through- out the football season wherever the Crimson Tide rolled. Halftime Score, 1948 Sugar Bowl OFFICERS JAMES CLEMENTS Drum Major WILLIAM LEDUE Band Manager RICHARD THOMPSON Assistant ANNE BARNETT Sponsor COLONEL CARLETON K. BUTLER .... Director Lj x ML j Jii ,itA J iAAtii A Perfect Formation for the Tecli Gart DN DOLLAR BAND What the fans wanted to hear, they heard, although Colonel Butler ' s charges sometimes had to learn numbers to fill special requests. Capstone students listened in vain for " Dixie " at the first games of the season. Then at the Duquesne game a grass-roots element in the Pep-Squad started a chant, " We want Dixie! " Chanting back, the musicians cried, " We don ' t know it! " " Learn it! " the cheer- ing section ordered. " Wait ' til next week, " was the chanted plea of the bandsmen. And next week it was. At the Tennessee game the Million Dollar Band struck up " Dixie " and kept the rally march of the Confederacy revived at every subsequent appearance cf the season. f;i -{2pC t ' ' » ' ' S ' y «V X ' A The Mexican Hat Dance An Over. sized Sugar Bowl tL lkii ' i ' LiEi Staging ness Management Makeup Vk BLACK PRESENT THEIR FORT George Bernard Shaw was twice featured by Blockfriors during their forty-third drama season at the University of Ala- bama. Blackfriars used a cast of local talent to present ANDROCLES AND THE LION in the Fall auarter. In the Winter quarter they sponsored the Barter Players, of the State Theatre of Virginia, who presented Shaw ' s ARMS AND THE MAN. These two performances followed presentation during the Summer of LABURNUM GROVE and THE POOR OF NEW YORK. A SLIGHT CASE OF MURDER wos presented in mid-February. NIGHT MUST FALL wos an even of early March, and the season was closed with A SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL. UNIVERSITY THEATER STAFF DR. MARIAN GALLAWAY Director WILLIAM CORIO Technical Director JACK WILSON Business Manager DAVID VANN Staging Technician EDMOND deCELLE , . Staging Technician MARK vonREDLICH Lighting Technician COMMITTEE HEADS JIM KIMBROUGH Properties BRYANT MATTHEWS Publicity JAYNE GARDNER . Costumes MARIANNA CRONE Makeup DR. MARIAN GALLAWAY WILLIAM CORIO Rl A RS HIRD SEASON . OFFICERS DAVID VANN . . - President BOB BOW ERS . . . . Vice-President ELIZABETH DIXON . . . Secretary JACK WILSON .... Treasurer SCHUYLER WILLIAMS Executive Council SAM BUSBY ... Executive Council wDunn njiitRS TH THE TRUTH Props Lightit Publicity .t 4f _ JEAN BLAIR OAKLEY W. MELTON, JR. CHERI CHANDLER THEO K. MITCHELSON THADDEUS J. DAVIS HERSCHELL NABORS PATRICIA DEVER A. B. C. NICHOLLS MORT GRANAS JOE PIPER WHO ' S AMONG STUDENTS IK AMERICAN " Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, " a national yearly publication, was originated by on Alabama alumnus to recognize the outstanding student leaders on the various campuses in the United States. This year the University of Alabama was allowed to select twenty-nine entries. LOIS JOY SCHLOSS ANNE SHAW CLARENCE SIMMONS, JR. SARA ANN STEWART ,NK HOWARD HAWTHORNE HARIES EDWARD PORTER FRANCIS COLEMAN INGE JOSEPH ALLEN REYNOLDS, JR. WILLIAM EARNEST JOHNS RAY RICHESON LUTHER FURNISS JOHNSON WILLIAM TARVER ROUNTREE JOHN ARGYLE KING RICHARD ELWOOD RUTLEDGE WHO UNIVERSITIES and COLLEGES . . . Entries were selected by the SGA Executive Council on the basis of nominations submitted by each student publication and organization and the Deans of the various colleges in the University, The selections were made with respect to scholarship, character, student activity, and individual leadership. JOSEPH RUSSELL TERRY WINSTON LEON WALLACE DON FORREST WASSON LEONARD J. WEIL GERALD W. WIGGINS ' ' • " llll f - 4 l . ' -Vi A UNIVERSITY CAMPUS SPEED LIMIT ■ 25 5 I Tommy McRo CAMPUS PER Don Cronin Hub Wright, Lamar Falkn Bill Hamm, Harold Bain, Jack Black Lenora Dempsey, Lua C-allale Harold Swearingen, John Cur ' ee, David Klolz Clarice Strange, Margoret Brown ;ONALITIES Bob Woodha Doug Lanford, Horry Cook Bill Myrick Junius Smith at ALABAMA f A CLUB STOPS SURE STORE TRAFFIC ?iVI( RTTAU " Mil I ION OOLLAR GIRL w is and i» » SrtSKt ja!i a« « ' ' ' ymvf mpntfM ' AS CHOSEN BY BILLY ROSE Line-up of Beauty Candidates at 1949 Corolla Beauty Ball. 7 BEAUTY BALL Each year, the Corolla devotes o section of the yearbook to the twenty most beautiful girls on the campus. In quest of placement in the 1949 beauty section, 53 glamorous co-eds ascended the stage at the 1949 Corolla Beauty Ball to display their beaming smiles and glittering gowns before the voting student attendants. Emerging from the Ball were the lucky twenty, who were then placed in order of beauty by Billy Rose of Diamond Horseshoe fame. The top eight beauties and twelve ' Bama Favorites were presented to the student body at the Community Chest Ball in December. Poge 75 Presenting the top three . . Mli6 cMelen Qa ' iett V " k MiS6. ' aan kJkt e - m m. r Wf., MlM eanee led md kl MlU I cm McA cdlf MldA man if ICmakt i, ' »V Mlii- flan-iKi a lunoi - ' 5 ' . MlU Pai GllUa d MiA-d- MaMf lauella cdeif ' BAMA ' S FAVORITES . . MAXINE MILLSTEIN BABETTE PAGE ' BA BETTY SEIDENSPINNER SARAH PHILLIPS A ' S FAVORITES... AUDREY SILVERN ...MORE FAVORITES More than 9,000 students tromping over the Capstone campus . . . ranging fronrj the " where am I " look of the undergrads to the " here I am " look of the grads ... in- quiring freshness of the frosh deepseated knowledge of the sophomore sedate confidence of the junior worried features of the senior from . . . white smocks and serious looks of the medics . . . politicking by the lawyers-to-be . . . graduate students searching . . . students today. Alumni tomorrow . . . trained to lead . . . Knowledge seep- ing through the layers of class hours . . . the wide world ahead to be dealt with . . . the Capstone . . . University of Alabama . . . hub of a great state ' s future . . . J 1 « •. FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Screws, Neighbors, Johnson, Kohen, Miller, E., Coden, Fow!er, Peters SECOND ROW: Stephens, Stansell, Carson THIRD ROW: Coding, Leo, Douglas, Joyce, Almon, Sporks, Graham FOURTH ROW: Mosher, Baird, Shoshy, Lauderdale] Miller, J., Carraway FIFTH ROW: Powell, Myers, Smoak, Haden, Elia ABSENT: Caldwell, Hitchcock. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS ROLAND J. KOHEN President JOHN G. CADEN Vice-President ELAINE D. MILLER .... Secretary-Treasurer ALMON, DAVID THIXTON Moulton BAIRD, DUKE B. Peterson, New Jersey CADEN, JOHN G,, JR. Memphis, Tennessee CALDWELL, TOM OLIVER Huntsville CARRAWAY, CHARLES A. Birmingham CARSON, BESS CLINE Birmingham DOUGLAS, GEORGE CAPERS , Birmingham ELIA, DOMINIC R. Staten, Island, New York FOWLER, INEZ Fayette CODING, RAY FRANKLIN Potter, Nebraska MEMBERS GRAHAM, JAMES H. Westmoreland, California HADEN, HUGH H. Sumit HITCHCOCK, W. PHILLIP Birmingham JOHNSON, IRENE W. Guntersville JOYCE, MARGARET E. Birmingham KOHEN, ROLAND J. Miami, Florido LAUDERDALE, ROBERT O. Birmingham LEO, HASKELL D. Olyr npia, Washington MILLER, ELAINE DAVIS Cordova MILLER, JAMES ELDRED Birmingham MOSHER, DONALD M. Sot th Bend, Indiana MYERS, IRA LEE Vinemont PETERS, MYRA ANN . . . . Sheffield NEIGHBORS, JACOB ALLEN , . . Goodwoter POWELL, FRANCIS MARVIN . . , Langdale SCREWS, CARL Birmingham SHASHY, PAUL M Ocala, Florida SMOAK, HENRY E. Haines City, Florida SPARKS, JAMES ELLIS Huntsville STANSELL, EVELYN LACEY Bessemer STEPHENS, ALBERT B. , , Birmingham Poge 94 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS INGRUM W. BANKSTON President ROBERT W. COWDEN . Vice-President AGRICOLA, FREDERICK T., JR. . ALLISON, MACK E. BADE, CRAIG PERKINS BANKSTON, INGRUM W. . . BLAKNEY, EMERSON W. BERNHARD, CHARLES B., JR. BLISS, RICHARD F. BROCK, JOSEPH T., JR. BUECHLER, WILLIAM F. Goodrich, BURNETT, ROBERT E., JR. BYRNE, HAYNES C. CLAYTON, JACKSON B. COWDEN, ROBERT W. CRABTREE, SAM FERRELL DAHLENE, OSCAR, JR. DE SIMONE, JOHN S. Brocton, DORMAN, GEORGE . , OIL INL MEMBERS Gadsden DUNN, DAVID EARL Montgomery Birmingham ERWIN, CLAUDE C Talladega Birmingham FUNDERBURG, LONNIE W. Birmingham Section HEAD, THOMAS D. Montgomery Kennedy HOYT, MILLARD L. Vermil ion. South Dakota Birmingham HUTCHISON, NORTON H. Birmingham Birmingham JONES, EDITH GAY New Market Dothan KATZ, HARRY M. Montgomery North Dakota KENT, JOHN E. Fairfield Montgomery KENT, SIDNEY P. Cordova Montgomery LEDBETTER, JOHN RILEY Guntersville Birmingham MATICKA, JACK BARNEY _ Peoria, Illinois Mobile McLaughlin, leon d. Blue Springs Greensboro MORGAN, PHILANDER D. Bessemer Tuscaloosa MOSS, GEORGE Selma Massachusetts NELSON, JOHN HALL Birmingham Oxford NETTLES. JAMES DENNIS Arlington NIXON, WILLARD L. PERDUE, MERVIN W. PARISH, CLAUDE E. POUNCEY, WYATT B. ROMINE, WILLIAM O. RYLE, WINFRED E. SIMPSON, HARRY M. SPIRA, HENRY STEELE, CATHERINE H. STEELE, CHARLES H. STURGIS, DORIS JEAN THOMAS, JAMES B., JR. VANCE, SCOTT WEINGARTEN, JEROME S. WILCOXSON, CORNELIA R. WINGO, DORGLASS H. WRIGHT, WILLIAM HAIG Cullman Luverne Headland Montgomery Florence Mobile Florence Birmingham Aberdeen, S. Dakota Aberdeen, S. Dakota Birmingham Billingsley . Godsden Fargo, North Dakota Florence Birmingham Guin FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Allison, Blakney, Steele, Sturgis, Jones, Wilcoxson, Erwin, Nelson . . . SECOND ROW: Byrne, Vance, Dunn, Hutchison, Buechler, Welngcrten, Moticko, Katz . . . THIRD ROW: Funderburg, Simpson, Steele, Dormon, Cowden, Moss, DeSimone, Bernhord, Bliss . . . FOURTH ROW: Romine, Neltles, Pouncey, Dohlene, Morgan, Agricola, Bankston, Head, Burnett . . . FIFTH ROW: Kent, J., Ledbetter, McLaughlin, Parish, Thomas, Kent, S., Hoyt, Wright, Nixon. t h HL SS S3«B Sf«VliIW -WJiJ«lU«l afe i 1 fe? ' % H : f KM ■Ri 41 PjKlr9 ' vH ' ■m wr ' ii Mkl ' " j iJ ' f mPi » i , HI i %ii 1 il W B 1 If 1 M ID H FIRST ROW, Led to Right. Coffey, Collohon, CimI ., Hyil , Cupiluiul, l-Jul.n, F, No ' . mi, T, Meigs, Robertson, Droughon, Lewis, Nuckols, Blakeney, Johnson, Whitehead, Byrd Terrell, Muir, Whitley, Moore, J. T., Myer, Moughon, Sherrod FOURTH ROW: Hicks, Harris, Young, Wise, Haden, Hogan. Jaudon, Osment, Caldwell SECOND ROW; THIRD ROW: Campbell, Pinkerton, Wade, McCarley, Moore, J. M., lusk, Mudd, Simpson, Coorer, Contley, SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS RICHARD HARRIS . President ROBERT HADEN Vice-President MATTIE HYDE Secretary-Treasurer ABELE, HENRY BYRNE Birmingham BALTHROP, JOHN E., JR. Mobile BLAKENEY, WILLIAM HUBBARD Birmingham BYRD, BEN RALPH Ozark CAFFEY, BENJAMIN F., JR. Choccolocco CALDWELL, HARRY EDWIN Huntsville CALLAHAN, JAMES SPEED, JR. Bessemer CAMPBELL, DAVID AUSTIN Fytfe CANTLEY, DONALD A., JR. Birmingham CARPENTER, BURWELL S., JR. Fairfield CARTER, THOMAS E., JR., , Greenville COGGAN, GEORGE M. Birmingham COLLINS, DOUGLAS . Birmingham CONNER, WILLIAM HOLLIS , . Mobile COPELAND, ALBERT BERTRAM . . Tuscaloosa DRAUGHON, ROBERT L., JR. Montgomery DUFF, ROLAND DeWITT , Birmingham HADEN, ROBERT HOWELL Guntersville MEMBERS HARRIS, RICHARD ADLEY HENDERSON, JOHN HOGAN, ROBERT STEADHAM HYDE, MATTIE ISBELL JAUDON, GEORGE ROBERT JOHNSON, LESLIE MACON LEWIS, FRED A., JR. LUSK, JOHN A., Ill McCARLEY, JOHN T., JR. MEIGS, LAMAR CARROLL MILLER, JOHN CLEVELAND MOORE, JOHN MARVINE MOORE, JOHN THOMAS MOUGHON, WILLIAM S., JR. MUDD, ROBERT HIDEN MUIR, IAN WALDRIDGE , , MYER, EDWIN MARVIN , . NOLEN, FRANCES M. NOLEN, THIRWELL MURFEE . Bayou Bessemer NUCKOLS, FRANK JOSEPH Tuscaloosa Gordo OSMENT, LAMAR SUTTON Birmingham rmingham PINKERTON, HASKELL A. Cullman untersville ROBERTSON, WILLIAVl H, Birmingham Fairfax SAUNDERS, JOHN CLARKE Birmingham Ariton SHERROD, JOSEPH ARNOLD, JR Selma uscaloosa SIMPSON, WILLIAM FORD Montgomery Gadsden STRONG, QUENTIN R. Robertsdale rmingham TERRELL, CLYDE Hamilton Dadeville WADE, JOHN F., JR., Aliceville Dothan WEBB, JOHN W., JR. . Birmingham rmingham WEIR, HUGHEY MONROE Birmingham Orrville WHATLEY, GEORGE BARRY Birmingham rmingham WHITEHEAD, JOHN SELLERS Birmingham rmingham WHITLEY, MILTON EUGENE . . . Albertville rmingham WISE, ROBERT HAROLD , . . . , Elba La Batre YOUNG, RAY GODFREY, JR. . , Dothan Gadsden BELL, FRANCES Montgomery nder City Page 96 FIRST ROW, Kirklcnd, Mc Kimbrough . ft to Right: Walton, Holland, Barge ell, Spruiell, Atchison, Childs, Calho FOURTH ROW: Jackson, B,, Martin in. She Walke ■ill, J. Beddo net;-. Glass, DeVa THIRD ROW: H aughn. Bote;, Gr eft, Cook, Price . . SECOND ROW: Cau Palmer, Merchant, Robinson, Rudder, Skin FIFTH ROW: Duke Word, Kent, Pitts, Thon H., Sherrill, F., Lighlfoot, Nori J., Gregg. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS CLAUDE E. BENNETT President CECIL PRICE . . Vice-President VANN SPRUIELL Secretary-Treasurer ATCHISON, WILLIAM D. . BARGERON, LIONEL M., JR. BATES, JAMES S., JR. BEDDOW, CHARLES BENNETT, CLAUDE E. BLANTON, HAROLD L. BURT, CHARLIE HUNTER CALHOUN, WALLACE E. CAUSEY OSCAR M. CHILDS, HOYT ABNER COOK, MALCOLM C. DeVANE, FREDERICK H. DUKE, JOSEPH E. GARRETT, STEINER D., JR. GLASS, HENRY G. GRAY, SIDNEY J. GREGG, WILLIAM H. MEMBERS Birmingham HANAN, VICTOR E. Montgomery Birmingham HANNON, KENNETH Mobile Birmingham HOLCOMB, MARICE C, JR. Birmingham Birmingham HOLLAND, CLAUDE MAXWELL Pinson Jacksonville JACKSON, BENJAMIN B. Jasper Excel JACKSON, JAMES S., JR. Clio Trinity JOHNSON, RICHARD HARDIN Montgomery Montevallo KENT, EDWIN BLUE Montgomery Birmingham KIMBROUGH, JAMES E. Chatom . Samson KIRKLAND, LEWIS E. Birmingham Tion Springs LAMBBERTH, LEWIS M. Alexander City Silas LIGHTFOOT, ROBERT M. Shorter Gadsden LOWRY, MARY ELLEN Bessemer Sylacauga MARTIN, ROBERT LESTER, JR. Geneva Uniontown MAXWELL, BENJAMIN C. Atmore Spring Hill MERCHANT, JOHN P., JR. Auburn Hamilton NORRIS, WOODFIN G., JR. Northport OWENSBY, DAVID E Linden PAL.MER, STEPHEN DONALD Birmingham PHILLIPS, SIDNEY C, JR Mobile PITTS, WILLIAM R Hueytown PRICE, CECIL Louisville ROBINSON, CARL R Graysville RUDDER, WILLIAM H. . Birmingham SHERRILL, JOHN POKE , , Birmingham SIMS, MARION HENRY , Renfroe SKINNER, HENRY FRANK . . Speigner SPRUIELL, VANN ERWIN , Leeds THOMA S, HENRY DUKE Highland Home THOMAS, JULIUS O. , Highland Home VAUGHN, RUFUS M. . , Fairfield WALKER, RHETT P. . . Mobile WALTON, JOHNYE RUTH York WARD, HARTWELL . Tuscaloosa Poge 97 - . i to Right; Nobors, Anioon, Hotfield, Thomas, Fostec SECOND ROW: Atkinson, Lew ell, Mattel, Pantalone, Blackwelder . THIRD ROW; Zuck, Semon, West, Jones, Wallace. The University of Alabama offers a combination course leading to a Bachelor of Science Degree in Medical Technology upon satisfactory completion of a prescribed three-year college curriculum and one full year in the School of Medical Tech- nology. The first three years are taken in the School of Chemistry at the University of Alabama. The course of instruction in Birmingham consists of twelve months of formal lectures, supervised laboratory training, and practical experience in several sections of the Medical School and Hospital laboratories. MEMBERS ANTOON, CECILIA Greenwood, Mississippi ATKINSON, CLARA L. Philadelphia, Mississippi BLACKWELDER, PATRICIA Lafayette FOSTER. ZORADA Bi mingham HATFIELD, LAURA JONES, JOYCE Mt. Berry, Georgia LEWIS. LAURA Bi mingham MAXWELL, BETTY Fairfield NABORS, MARILYN Birmingham NAFTEL, CAROLYN Bessemer PANTALONE, MARY L. Farmington, West Virginia SEMON, ROSE MARY THOMAS, KATHERINE WALLACE, JOHN, JR. WEST, VIRGINIA JOHN ZUCK Mobile Birmingham Middlesboro, Kentucky Macon, Georgia Moultrie, Georgia Page 98 Within the School of Medical Technology, courses of instruction in Radiology ore offered to students who hove success- fully completed the required curriculum at the University of Alabama and the twelve-month course at the Medical School in Birmingham. During the six-month training program, the potential radiologist is taught the mechanical and medical functions of X-ray work. Throughout the course actual hospital experience is combined with class instruction. MEMBERS ARMSTRONG, MARTHA A. aurel, Mississippi BERRY, MARION Birmingham BRITTON, OSCAR . Birminghom CASSELS, NELLIE JEAN Siluna DAILEY, VELMA Bessemer GATES, JOYCE Holt HOLCOMBE, YVONNE Columbiana JAMES, ETHEL Birmingham JOLY. WALTER Birmingham LAY, VIRGINIA Birmingham LOLLAR, BILL .... Birminghom LOVVORN, BETTY SUE Newell MURCHISON, LUCILE T. Birminghom NELSON, FAYE , Decatur STARNES, ELOISE Bessemer SHAW, T, M. Hortselle WHITMIRE, INDA Brighton WILLIAMS, MAY Birmingham FIRST ROW, Left to Right; Murchison, Holcombe, Joly, Britton, Starnes, CassesI M)lH FIRST ROW, left lo Right: Rowe, Welch, Nowe ' l, Johnston, Brosfield, Cummings, Beosley, Lovelody, Hovis, Hare, Ashley, Sonderson, Specke SECOND ROW; Bailey, Bradley, Lawson, Taylor, Gayle, Sullivan, McCabe, Davis, Eustice, Christopher, Bellenger, Mollis . . . THIRD ROW: den, Preston, Hancock, Cobb, Kelley, Griffith, Mosher, Cosper, Millsap, Cox, Andrews, Ballard, Smith . . . FOURTH ROW: Rye, Nicholson, Ven Owens, Jones, Bradford, Hardin, Lamar, Laffre, Ashley, Qualtleboum, Kirby, Webster. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS W. C. BELLENGER President NELSON B, OWENS Vice-President WILLIAM M. WELCH Secretary WILLIAM M. PRESTON Treasurer ANDREWS, WALTER C, JR. , Ozark ASHLEY, WILLIAM HENRY . Hanceville ASHLEY, WILLIAM WARREN Tuscumbia BAILEY, RICHARD LUCIEN Marion BEASLEY, WILLIAM EDWARD Athens BELLENGER, WILSON CLINTON Gadsden BRADLEY, CHARLES A., JR. Greensboro BRADFORD, THOMAS C, JR. Selma BRASFIELD, LESTER B. Jasper CHRISTOPHER, AUDIE MAC, JR. Elkmont COBB, BILLY JOHNSON . Ashville COSPER, JAMES WATSON, JR. Knoxville COX, RAYMOND FOY Pell City CUMMINGS, ROBERT ALEXANDER Jasper DAVIS, AUBREY Double Springs GAYLE, HAROLD JEAN Boaz GRAY, JOHN ROBERT Birmingham MEMBERS GRIFFITH, EDD BROUGHTON HANCOCK, CHARLES SANDERS HARE, JOSEPH ETHELBERT HOLLIS, MORRIS WHITSETT HOVIS, HOUSTON BRUCE JOHNSTON, SAMUEL TERRENCE JONES, JASPER ALLEN KIRBY, JIM MACON LAFFRE, RANDALL O., JR. LAMAR, WOODROW DURHAM LOVELADY, JAMES R. I McCABE, JAMES BERNARD MOSHER, ALVIN WILBUR, JR. NICHOLSON, THOMAS M. NOWELL, WILLIAM FRANK OWENS, NELSON BROWN PARDEN, ALFRED ALTON PRESTON, WILLIAM M. Eclectic QUATTLEBAUM, WILLIAM C. Hanceville Ethelsville ROWE, GERALD ROBERT Booz Talladega RYE, JAMES WILLIAM Birmingham Sylacauga SANDERSON, JAMES LESTER Birmingham Huntsville SMITH, WALTER L., JR. Scottsboro Birmingham SPEAKE, JOHN LEE Danville Salem SULLIVAN, WILLIAM EUGENE Huntsville Scottsboro TAYLOR, WENDELL HILL Andalusia Mobile VENABLE, JOSEPH PETER, JR. Wetumpka Montgomery WELCH, WILLIAM MORRIS Montgomery ble Springs BALLARD, ROBERT HENRY Alexander City Birmingham EUSTICE, ROBERT JAM ES Birmingham Birmingham HARDIN, MELVIN DALLAS Tuscaloosa Centerliold KELLEY, WILLIE FRANCIS. JR. Mobile Headland LAWSON, THOMAS CLAY Florence Birmingham MILLSAP, COLIE H., JR. Atmore Mobile WEBSTER, JOHN STEWART Elmore Ensley Poge 100 Adams, B. Adams, J. Adams, L. Adams, N. Adcock Albright Alford Anderson Austin Bailey, B. Bailey, J. Bornett Bates Beasley, M. J. Beasley, M. W. Beeland Bell Bergdauer Black Blackwood Booker Bradbury Browner Brock Bryan Burt Campbell Carmichael Cossody Childers Clausen Clayton Cleveland, C. Cleveland, M. Cohen Colebeck Compton Conway Culver Davis, J. W. Davis, J. B. Davis, T. Dearmon Delong DeMouy Dempsey A LARGE ADDITION WAS MADE TO THE LAW BUILDING THIS YEAR ADAMS, BREWSTER C; Sheffield ADAMS, JOHN WILLIAM; El Dorado, Ark.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Past Presi- dent, Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Post Secretary, Druids; Past Sec- retary, Alabama Quadrangle; Past Vice-President, O. D. K.; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges ADAMS, LEWIE HENRY, JR.; Columbia; Phi Alpha Delta; President, A. I. A., 1948-49; Cotillion Club . ADAMS, NON QUINCY; Mobile; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Phi Delta Phi ADCOCK, HOBSON HANLEN; Birmingham; Lambda Chi Alpha; O. D, K.; Phi Delta Phi; Alabama Law Review; Farrah Order of Jurisprudence; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges . ALBRIGHT, NORMAN C; Birmingham. ALFORD, JAMES EARL; Opelika . ANDERSON CONWELL A.; Sister Bay, Wise, AUSTILL, JERE, JR.; Springhill; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Phi Delta Phi BAILEY, BRAD BIBB; Decatur; Kappa Alpha BAILEY, JOSEPH CLAYTON, JR.; Birmingham; Sigma Nu BARNETT, GEORGE E.; Florence; Phi Gamma Delta. BATES, ROBERT C; Fort Deposit BEASLEY, MONROE JACK; Birmingham; Pi Kappa Phi BEASLEY, MURRAY WHITMAN; Tuscumbia BEELAND, ROBERT A., Ill; Green- ville; Phi Delta Theto; Assistant Editor, Rammer Jammer; Cotillion Club BELL, WILLIS VINCENT, JR.; Grady; Phi Delta Phi; Delta Sigma Pi; Farrah Order of Jurisprudence . . . BERGDAUER, URBAN C; Tuscaloosa; Theta Chi; Alpha Kappa Psi. BLACK, JOHN THOMAS; Fort Payne; Lambda Chi Alpha . . . BLACKWOOD, LOYAL R.; Gadsden; Phi Gamma Delta; Alpha Phi Omega BOOKER, WILTSHIRE MARION; Gadsden; Delta Tau Delta; Wesley Foundation , . . BRADBURY, RALPH VICTOR, JR.; Birmingham; Chancellor, Delta Sigma Pi; Treasurer, Phi Alpha Delta; Beta Gamma Sigma; Chair- man of Council, Veteran ' s Co-op Grocery . BRAWNER, EMILY A.; Birmingham BROCK, PAUL W.; Mobile; Sigma Chi; President, Jasons; O. D. K.; Secretary and Treasurer, Phi Eta Sigma; Vice-President, Druids; President, Sigma Chi; Assistant Business Manager, 1946 Corolla; Student Senate; President ' s Council; Board of Publications; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges; Great Greeks on Ameri- can Campuses; Cotillion Club; Beta Gamma Sigma; Secretary, Delta Sigma Pi; Executive Council ROTC; Scabbard and Blade; Officers ' Club; Province Balfour Award, 1947; Nat- ional Balfour Award, 1947; Most Outstanding ROTC Air Corps Cadet, 1946-47; Voted College Graduate Most Likely to Succeed, Class of 1948; Business Manager, 1947 Corolla. BROWN, ALTON R., JR.; Guntersville; Phi Delta Theta . . . BRYAN, JESSE OLIVER; Greenville; Pi Kappa Alpha; Rammer Jammer; Air Reserve Association; Cotillion Club BURT, LEONARD IRL; Sheffield CAMPBELL, WALTER McRAE; Page 103 Birmingham . . . CARMICHAEL, CHARLIE ELMORE, JR.; Tus- cumbia; Phi Gamma Delta CASSADY, JOE CALVIN; Glenwood; Pi Kappa Phi. CHERRY, WILLIAM ROY, JR.; Dothan; Pi Kappa Alpha . . . CHILDERS, BENJAMIN MEEK MILLER; Selmo; Kappa Alpha . . . CLAUSEN, HUGH J.; Mobile; Phi Kappa Sigma; Greeks; I. R. C; Newman Club CLAYTON, LLOYD EUGENE; Birmingham; Lambda Chi Alpha; Phi Eta Sigma CLEVELAND, CHARLES DOUGLAS; Sylacauga . . . CLEVELAND, MELFORD O.; Wilton; Delta Chi; Greeks; Druids; I. R. C ; Alabama Law Review. COHEN, WALLACE; Birmingham; Kappu Nu . . . COLEBECK, EDWARD LAUGHTON, JR.; Greensboro; Sigma Alpha Ep- silon; Phi Delta Phi COMPTON, WILLIAM BOND; Meri- dian, Miss.; Kappa Alpha CONWAY, TIMOTHY MICHAEL, JR.; Birmingham; Kappa Alpha; O. D. K.; Phi Delta Phi; Farrah Order of Jurisprudence; Editorial Board, Alabama Law Review CULVER, DAVID H.; Dothan; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Druids; Alpha Kappa Psi DAVIS, JESSE WYCHE, JR.; Bessemer; Lambda Chi Alpha. DAVIS, JOSEPH BUFORD, JR.; Atlanta Go.; Sigma Nu; Greeks DAVIS, THADDEUS J., JR.; Marion; Phi Delta Kappo; Phi Alpha Delta; Executive Council, Law School- President, Law School; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges DEARMON, JIMMIE DUMONT; Healing Springs; Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Alpha Delta DELONG, CLIFFORD KING; Tuscumbia DeMOUY, MARSHALL JEFFERSON; Mobile; Phi Delta Theta; Who ' s Who in Ameri- can Universities and Colleges; Phi Delta Phi , . DEMPSEY, HARRY YOUNG, JR.; Piedmont; Sigma Nu. Caught in the act Dobbs Doster Duddy Dzilenski Enslen Enzor Etheredge Fitzpatrick Gcines Garth Gates Gilbreoth Ginsberg Given Glenn Goade Graves Green, J. Green, P. Greene Greer Griffin Gwin Hairston Halsey Hortim Hanvey Howthorne Heard Hill Hocklander Hodgkins Hollinqsworth Holt Hood Hooten Hornsby Houston Howard Howell Howton Hundley Hurst Jonsen Jarrard f- - = " «;f ,)% « W U. S. ATTORNEY GENERAL TOM CLARK SPOKE HERE ON LAW DAY, 1948 DOBBS, CARNEY H.; Birmingham; Sigma Chi; Alpha Phi Omega; Phi Alpha Delta . , DOSTER, CHARLES SENN, JR.; Birmingham; Alpha Tau Omega DUDDY, JOHN A., JR.; Grenada, Miss.; Spanish Club; I. R. C; Ridgecrest Council of Representatives; Business Manager and Humor Editor, Ram- mer Jammer; Veterans Association; Chairman, Student Body Calendar Committee; Chairman, Spirit Planning Committee; Men ' s Spirit Committee; Quadrangle; Pep Squad; Chairman, Building and Grounds Committee; Founder, Football Walk of Fame; Chairman, Elephant Freight Fund; Board of Publi- cations; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges . . . DZILENSKI, LUCIEN K.; Terryville, Conn. ENSLEN, DAVID McKAY; Mobile; Phi Kappa Sigma ENZOR, LELAND GRANT; Andolusio; A. I. A.; O. D. K.; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges; Phi Alpha Delta. ETHEREDGE, ROBERT FOSTER; Birmingham; Pi Kappa Alpha PASSMAN, LAWRENCE JONES, JR.; Montgom- ery; Alpha Tau Omega; Rho Alpha Tou; Druids; Jasons; Farrah Order of Jurisprudence FITZPATRICK, MARSHALL H.; Birmingham; Delta Chi GAINES, RALPH DEWAR, JR.; Talladega; Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Alpha Delta; Alpha Phi Omega; YMCA . . GALLOWAY, THOMAS M.; Mobile; Alpha Tau Omega . GAMBLE, JOE GRAHAM; Tuscaloosa; Phi Gamma Delta. GARTH, HORACE EVERETT; Huntsville; Sigma Nu; Phi Alpha Delta GATES, ANNA E.; Phenix City; President, Eta Gamma Delta; Secretary, I. R. C; Second Vice-President, A. I. A. GILBREATH, ROBERT H.; University GINSBERG, HERBERT RAYMOND; Hattiesburg, Miss.; Sigma Alpha Mu GIVEN, SAM PERRY; Birmingham; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Delta Phi GLENN, JOHN S.; Opeliko; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. GOODE, MARION J.; Gastonburg GRAVES, EUGENE HAMITER; Eufaulo; Sigma Nu; Tau Kappa Alpha GREEN, JAMES A.; Fairfield; Phi Alpha Delta; Pep Squad; Commerce Association GREEN, PHILLIP, JR.; Charlotte, N. C; Theta Xi GREENE, LOUIS GEORGE; University; Sigma Nu , , GREER, LAWRENCE E.; Birmingham. GRIFFIN, MALVERN U.; Huntsville; Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . GWIN, WELLINGTON M.; Birmingham; Phi Gamma Delta; Greeks HAIRSTON, WILLIAM B.; Birmingham; Alpha Tau Omega; Quadrangle; Jasons; Vice-President, Freshman Class, Law School HALSEY, WILLIAM S.; Tuscumbio; Kappa Sigma HAMM, WILLIAM GRADY; Huntsville; Kappa Sigma; Homecoming Committee; Spirit Planning Com- mittee; Corolla; Quadrangle; Great Greeks; Cotillion Club; President, I. R. C. HANVEY, FRANK WOOD; Heflin. Page 105 HAWTHORNE, FRANK HOWARD; Montgomery; Pi Kappa Phi; Past President, O. D. K.; State President, Pi Tau Chi; Phi Alpha Delta; Past President, Pi Kappa Phi; Chairman, Homecoming Committee, 1947; Who ' s V ho in American Universities and Colleges HEARD, WILLIAM MAYNARD, JR.; Mobile HILL, WILLIAM R.; Tuscaloosa; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Past President, Druids; Past President, Canterbury Club; President, Foster House; Jasons; Quadrangle; O. D. K.; Great Greeks; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges; Cotillion Club , HOCKLANDER, JOSEPH MONROE; Mobile; Kappa Sigma HODGKINS, JACK; Birmingham; Delta Chi; Greeks HOLLINGSWORTH, WILLIAM ERNEST; Talladega. HOLT, JOHN NEAL; Birmingham; Kappa Alpha HOOD, GRIGSBY SIBLEY; Birmingham; Sigma Nu HOOTEN, THOMAS H.; Tuscaloosa; Delta Chi . . . HORNSBY, JOSEPH ALLEN; Dothan; Sigma Nu HOUSTON, JOSEPH MARTIN; Springhill; Chi Phi; Phi Eta Sigma . . HOWARD, CHARLES L., JR.; Courtland; Farrah Order of Jurisprudence; Associate Editor, Alabama Law Review; Phi Alpha Delta. HOWELL, GEORGE W., JR.; Montevallo; Pi Kappa Alpho President, Pi Kappa Alpha; Crimson-White HOWTON WILLIAM C; Birmingham; Pi Kappa Alpha; Alpha Phi Omega Officers ' Club; Pep Squad; Greeks; Scabbard and Blade . . HUNDLEY, RICHARD LOWE; Decatur; Alpha Phi Omega Freshman Representative to Executive Council Low School . . HURST, GRADY -WESLEY, JR.; Chatom; Chi Phi JANSEN VERNOL ROBERT, JR.; Mobile; Kappa Alpha; Phi Alpha Delta; Quadrangle JARRARD, WILLI AM JESSE; Birming- ham; Kappa Alpha. oy for Alamite Johnson, A. Johnson, J. Johnston Jordon Keener Kellett Key Klinefelte Klotz Knight Lathem Leslie Lester Lewis Locke Loeb Longshon Loront Martin Mossa Moxwell Meodor Melton Messick Mitchell Morrison Murphy Musick MocGregor McGinty McGowin, J. McGowin, S. McLendon McNutt McPhearson Nobors Nosh Noel Nolon O ' Conne Odom O ' Neal O ' Rear, C. O ' Rear, W. Patterson Perdue Phillips LAW SCHOOL ENROLLMENT THIS FALL WAS 550 STUDENTS JOHNSON, ALVIS C; Veridicm, Miss.; Phi Alpha Delta . . . JOHNSON, JAMES HOWARD; Birmingham; Lambda Chi Alpha JOHNSTON, VIVIAN G.; Leroy; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; O. D. K.; Phi Alpha Delta; Interfraternity Council; I. R. C; United Nations Council; National Director of Col- legiate Council for the United Nations; Southern Regional Supervisor for the United Nations; Herald Tribune Collegiate Board of Advisors; Past President of Student Council; Presi- dent of Wandering Greek Fraternities; Debate Squad; Varsity Baseball; Great Greeks JORDAN, ALBERT BERNARD; Headland; Alpha Phi Omega KEENER, IRBY ARTHUR, JR.; Centre; Lambda Chi Alpha; Phi Alpha Delta KELLETT, JOSEPH CABOT; Fort Payne; Alpha Tau Omega. KEY, ROBERT E. L.; Evergreen; Phi Alpha Delta KLINEFELTER, JAMES LOUIS; Tuscaloosa; Phi Kappa Sigma; Phi Alpha Theta KLOTZ, DAVID BAER; Napoleonville, La.; Zeta Beta Tau; Interfraternity Council KNIGHT, HAROLD P.; Birmingham; Lambda Chi Aloho; Secretary, I. R. C; B. S. U. LATHEM, DON N- Silurio; Sigma Alpha Epsilon LESLIE, THOMAS BASS; Huntsville; Alpha Tau Omega. LESTER, JOHN RUSH, JR.; Birmingham; Kappa Alpha , . . LEWIS, FRANK R.; Birmingham; Delta Chi LOCKE, HUGH ALLEN, JR.; Birmingham; Kappa Alpha; O. D. K.; Law Day Committee . . . LOEB, B. FRANK; Montgomery; Zeta Beta Tau; Phi Eta Sigma; Druids; Jasons LONGSHORE, WILLIAM LEVI, JR.; Birmingham; Sigma Nu; Druids . LORANT, JERRY NICK; Birmingham; Alpha Sigma Phi. McGINTY, JAMES S.; Frisco City; Delta Sigma Phi; Delta Sigma Pi; Alpha Phi Omega; Interfraternity Council; Pep Squad; Greeks McGOWIN, JOSEPH JACKSON; Troy; Sigma Alpha Epsilon McGOWIN, SUMPTER MILLIGAN; Greenville; Delta Kappa Epsilon, Phi Delta Phi McLENDON, CLYDE PATTERSON; Montgomery McNUTT, JOHN P.; Miami, Fla.; Kappa Sigma . . McPHEARSON, RICHARD EDWIN; Silas; Sigma Chi. NABORS, OLLIE WILSON; Glencoe; Pi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Alpha Delta; Editorial Staff, Alabama Law Re- view NASH, HUGH A.; Oneonta NOEL, JAMES BARNEY; Birmingham; Kappa Alpha NOLEN, CHARLES W.; Ashland; Phi Gamma Delta O ' CONNELL, EDWARD, JR.; Birmingham; Phi Gamma Delta; Interfraternity Coun- cil ODOM, LEWIS GUY, JR.; Gadsden; Phi Kappa Sigma; Canterbury Club. O ' NEAL, DUDLEY L., JR.; Andalusia; Kappa Sigmo; Phi Alpha Delta; Homecoming Committee; Social Calendar Com- mittee; Men ' s Spirit Committee O ' REAR, CAINE, JR.; Jasper; Sigma Nu . O ' REAR, WILLIAM GUNTER; Mont- gomery; Phi Kappa Sigmo; Interfraternity Council PATTERSON, JOHN MALCOLM; Phenix City; Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Alpha Delta PERDUE, HARRY HARBIN; Greenville; Sigma Chi; Alpha Phi Omega , . . PHILLIPS, ROY H.; Lanett. LOWERY, RONALD MALCOLM; Mobile MARTIN, GORDON DALLAM; Birmingham; Delta Kappa Epsilon . . MASSA, FRANK A.; Tuscaloosa; Phi Alpha Delta MAXWELL, ROBERT HAMILTON; Atmore; Sigma Chi; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Phi Omega AAEADOR, DANIEL J.; Green- ville; Kappa Alpha MELTON, OAKLEY, WEBSTER, JR.; Wetumpko; Kappa Alpha; President, Druids; O. D. K.; Sports Editor, Crimson-White and Corolla; Pep Rally Chairman; President, Kappa Alpha. MESSICK, WILEY SANDERS; Abbeville; Delta Sigma Pi Cadet Officers ' Club MITCHELL, JOHN FRANCIS Albion, N. Y.; Theta Xi MORRISON, MACLIN FOWLER Cullman; Phi Kappa Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi; Scabbard and Blade; Officers ' Club; Secretary and Treasurer, Junior Class in Law School; Alpha Phi Omega; Cotillion Club; Homecoming Committee; Corolla Staff Photographer , MURPHY, MICHAEL THOMAS; Mobile; Pi Kappa Alpha; Newman Club; Parliamentarian, Newman Club; Interreligious Council MUSICK, QUINTON E.; Guntersville . . MacGREGOR, MARGARET HOWARD; Montgomery. Derby Page 107 Pippin Porter Prescott Price Pritchord Royburn Redden Reynolds Rilchey Roberts Ro-en Rudolph Rutledge Solmon Samford Sopp Souls Scott Slote Smith Sockw. Stohmer Stewart, C. Stewort, H. Sullivan, W. C. Sullivan, W. J. Torrant Taylor Thompson Torbert Turner Tyree Wallace Word, J. Ward, P. Weaver Whiddon Wiggins Wilkins Willson Woodroof Wright Young I .-i3 LAW SCHOOL BEGAN PUBLICATION OF THE ALABAMA LAW REVIEW PIPPIN, REGINALD F., JR.; Dothan,- Sigma Nu; Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Tau Sigma,- Phi Alpha Delta PORTER, CHARLES EDWARD; Georgiano; Pi Kappa Phi; Spirit Plan- ning Committee; Chairman, Homecoming Committee; Editorial Staff, Alabama Low Review PRESCOTT, WALTER H.; Mystic, Conn.; Theta Chi PRICE RALPH; Louisville; Pep Squad; Northington Campus Association; Veterans Associa- tion PRITCHARD, WILLIAM S.; Birmingham; Phi Delta Theta RAYBURN, WILLIAM WIGHTMAN; Gadsden; Alpha Tau Omega. REDDEN, LAWRENCE DREW; Tollassee; Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Beta Kappa; O. D. K.; Farrah Order of Jurisprudence; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges; Outstand- ing Freshman Law Award, 1946; Phi Eta Sigma; Scabbard and Blade; President, Phi Alpha Delta; Editor, Alabama Law Review REYNOLDS, JOSEPH ALLEN, JR.; Montgomery; Phi Delta Theta; President, O. D. K.; Phi Delta Phi; PI Mu Epsilon; Eta Sigma RITCHEY, FERRIS SALIM; Birmingham; Phi Eta Sigma ROBERTS, ROSCOE OWEN; Augusta, Go.; Phi Delta Theta; President, Phi Delta Theta; Phi Delta Phi . . . ROSEN, GORDON; Citronelle; Alabama Law Review; Farrah Order of Jurisprudence RUDOLPH, EDWARD MAYNARD; Albertville. RUTLEDGE, RICHARD ELWOOD; Haleyville; Chi Phi; Busi- ness Manager, Crimson-White SALMON, JOSEPH THADDEUS; Auburn; Kappa Sigma SAMFORD, YETTA GLENN, JR.; Opelika; Alpha Tau Omego; O. D. K.; Quad- rangle; Phi Delta Phi; Senior Representative, Law School Exe- cutive Council SAPP, ROBERT A.; Tuscaloosa; Veterans Association SAULS, EDWARD TISDALE; Mobile; Phi Delta Theta SCOTT, BOBBY VERNON; Toney. SIMMONS, CLARENCE, JR.; Jefferson; Alpha Gamma Rho; Secretary-Treasurer, S. G. A.; Advanced ROTC; Phi Kappa Phi; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges; Cotillion Club SIMMONS, GEORGE; Bayou La Batre; Phi Kappa Sigma SIMON, OTTO ERNEST; Mobile; Phi Alpha Delta SLATE, RALPH EDWARD, Hartselle; Theta Chi; Phi Eta Sigma; Corolla SMITH, WILLIAM A.; Red Bay; Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Delta Phi; Cotillion Club SOCKWELL, LEON D.; Tuscumbio; Alpha Tau Omega. STAMMER, HARRY JOSEPH; Birmingham; Lambda Chi Alpha STEWART, CHARLES A.; University; Alpha Tau Omega STEWART, HERBERT LEDYARD; Gadsden; Delta Tau Delta; President, Delta Tau Delta; Cotillion Club; Inter- fraternity Council; Greeks; Eta Sigma Psi; I. R. C; Phi Delta Phi; Westminster Fellowship; O. D. K. STOVALL, MURRAY PROPST, JR.; Jasper; Chi Phi SULLIVAN, WILLIAM C; Lincoln; Chi Phi; President, Greeks; Cotillion Club SULLIVAN, WILLIAM JAMES, JR.; Birmingham; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Alpha Delta. Page 109 TARRANT, EMMETTE SAUNDERS; Birmingham; Sigma Nu TAYLOR, GEORGE PEACH; Birmingham; Kappa Alpha THOMPSON, WOODFORD R., JR.; Forest Home TORBERT, JACK WHITFIELD; Linden; Sigma Nu; Phi Alpha Delta TURNER, ALTON LEE; Luverne; Pi Kappa Phi; Editorial Staff, Alabama Law Review . . . TYREE, KARL TINNON; Florence; Phi Delta Theta. UNDERWOOD, KENNETH W.; Montgomery; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Delta Phi VARNER, ROBERT E.; Tuskegee; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Alpha Delta VINSON, NELSON; Red Bay; Delta Chi WALLACE, JACK WILFRED; Mont- gomery; Phi Gamma Delta; Alpha Kappa Psi; Phi Alpha Delta; Farrah Order of Jurisprudence WARD, JOSEPH F.; Geneva; Pi Kappa Phi; Phi Alpha Delta; Farrah Order of Jurisprudence; Executive Council, Law School; Vice-President, Law School WARD, PAUL JENNINGS; Geneva; Farrah Order of Jurisprudence; Phi Alpha Delta WEAVER, FRED SELDON; Double Springs. WHIDDON, DURELL; Webb; Pi Kappa Phi WIGGINS, TED ORSON; Dozier WILKINS, ROBERT BERNARD; Mobile; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Phi Delta Phi; Inferfraternity Council , WILLSON, ERNEST CHARLES; Hunstville; Alpha Tau Omega; Phi -Eta Sigma WOODROOF, JAMES W.; Athens; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Delta Phi WRIGHT, HARVEY J.; Guntersville; Alpha Tau Omega YOUNG, TOM F.; Dadeville; Phi Alpha Delta. A lady passes by GRADUATE SCHOOL ENROLLMENT REACHED AN ALL-TIME HIGH THIS FALL WITH 3 5 6 BARBER, IRENE; Bay City, Tex.; Commerce; Phi Mu; Com- merce Graduate Association; Pi Gamma Mu BARRETT, HENRY CHARLES; Birmingham; Education; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Phi Delta Kappa; Mu Alpha , BECK, BETTY ANN; Indianapolis, Ind.; Pi Beta Phi; Pep Squad; Newman Club . . . BOWDEN, WARREN P.; Sylocaugo; Commerce; Vice-President, Kappa Sigma BOWEN, LAVINIA ANN; Troy, S. C; Phi Upsilon Omicron. DAY, FRANCIS; University; A S; Phi Delta Kappa; I, R, C. DOUGLAS, DAN EDGAR; Birmingham; Sigma Alpha Epsilon DOUGLAS, WILLIAM WESLEY; Birming- ham; A S EDGAR, WILLIAM H.; Birmingham; Chemistry; Lambda Chi Alpha ELLARD, JOHNNIE DALE; Russum, Miss.; Education; Chi Omega. BRIGNULL, EVELYN LORENE; Trenton BROWN, JACK STANLEY; Maysville; Delta Tau Delta . . . BROWN, WILLIAM TERRY, JR.; St. George, S. C; Commerce; Commerce Graduate Association; Wesley Foundation BURNETT, THOMAS JEFFERSON; Greenville; Biology Journal Club; A. I. A BURNS, C. MAURICE; Birmingham; Chemistry. FARLEY, JOSEPH McCONNELL; Birmingham; Commerce Kappa Alpha FINDLAY, JOHN DAVID; Birmingham Commerce FINLEY, ISAAC WILEY; Burnside, Ky. Education FINLEY, WAYNE HOUSE; Lineville; Chem istry FREEMAN, FRED M., JR.; Birmingham; Commerce CAPOUYA, RALPH E.; Montgomery; A S; Kappa Nu . . . CARSON, WILLIAM GEORGE; Evansville, Ind.; Alpha Sigma Phi; Interfraternity Council . . . CONGLETON, JANE HINTON; Richmond, Ky.; A S; Delta Gamma; I. R. C; Friendship Committee; YWCA; Choral Union; Pep Squad; Crimson-White; Corolla COX, LAMAR, F.; Florala; A S; Delta Tau Delta CURRY, PATRICIA YVONNE; St. Joseph, La.; Phi Mu. GILMER, MAX VANDIVER; Birmingham; Pi Kappa Phi; Band, President, Air Reserve Association GOBER, EDGAR M., Ill; Florence; Alpha Kappa Psi; Phi Eta Sigma; Commerce Association; Beta Gamma Sigma; Vice-President, Beta Alpha Psi; University Accounting Society HAYES, SEAB WASHINGTON, JR.; Tuscaloosa; Sigma Chi; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges HEAD, HOLMAN; Montgomery; Phi Kappa Sigma HENDERSON, CHARLES HARMON; Manchester O.; Education. It ' s only a diploma HILL, JEAN; St. Petersburg, Fla.; A S; Alpha Lambda Delta; Sigma Delta Pi HILL, WILLIAM TAYLOR; Hot Springs, Ark.; Engineering; Theta Tau; Chi Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; St. Pat ' s; B. S. U.; Student Religious Association; A. S. C. E. . . . JOHNSON, T. KATHLEEN; Jack- sonville, Fla.; A S; Delta Zeto; Pep Squad; Wesley Founda- tion JOHNSTON, FRANCES KATHRYN; Tuscaloosa; Education, Sigma Delta Pi; Blackfriars; Spanish Club JONES, FRANCES; Verbena. LANIER, MONRO B.; Birmingham; Engineering; Alpha Tau Onicgci; Tliela Tou; Muckers Club; St. Pat ' s; Track Squad . . . LAWLER, JOYCE; Carrollton, Go. MADDOX, DUSTIN R.; Alpine; Commerce . . MAVILA, NANCY PATE; Bed- foid. Pa.; A S; Theta Upsilon; Spanish Club MAYGARDEN, ERNEST M.; Mobile. Page 1 10 Borber Barrett Beck Bowden Bowen Brignull Brown, J. Brown, W. Burnett Burns Capouya Carson Congleton Cox Curry Day Douglas, D. Douglos, W. Edgar Ellord .rley indlay inley, I. inley, W. Gilmer Gober Hayes Head Henders Hill. J. Hill, W. Johnson Johnston Jones Lanier Lowler Moddox Movila Maygorde FOR THE FIRST TIME IN BAMA ' S HISTORY, MASTER ' S WORK WAS OFFERED IN MEDICINE MICHIE, JO E M.; Steele, Mo.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon MILSTEAD, CLINTON REID; Wilton; A S; Press Club MOSES, MARILYN STANLEY; Sinton, Tex.; Commerce; Phi Mu; Pep Squad; Commerce Graduate Association McCRAY, ELMO MARCUS, JR.; Fairfield, A S; Sigma Chi McDonald, WILLIAM ULMA, jr.; DeKolb, Miss.; A S; Phi Beta Kappa. ROBISON, SARA NELL; Jasper; Education SELIKOFF, ELI; Montgomery; A S; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Biology Journal Club . . . SHAVER, FREDERICK THOMAS; Montgomery; Engineering; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; A. I. E. E. SMAWLEY, earl CLINTON; University; Engineering; Phi Kappa Sigma; St. Pat ' s Executive Council; A. S. C. E.; S. A. M. E.; Secretary-Treasurer Senior Class . . . STEINBERG, MORRIS; Jacksonville; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pep Squad. NELSON, ANN GONZALES; Mobile; A S; Alpha Omicron Pi OCKSRIDER, IRVIN LUTHER; Reading, Penn.; Phi Sigma Nu . , PEEBLES, FRANK D., JR.; Decatur; Sigma Alpha Epsilon PELHAM, JOEL DOUGLAS; Anniston; Chem- istry PERRY, JOE H.; Birmingham; Alpha Kappa Delta. STELLA, EMIL B.; Birmingham; Engineering; Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma; A. S. M. E. TAYLOR, NANCY, Rusfon, La ; Home Economics; Alpha Chi Omega . . . THOMAS, LELAND CLOVIS; Calvary, Go.; Education; A. I. A.; Pep Squad; Presi- dent, Phi Delta Kappa THOMAS, RALPH EVERETT; Cleveland, O.; Commerce TOWNE, FRED T.; Dallas, Tex.; Commerce; Kappa Sigma; Greeks; Commerce Associa- tion; Pep Squad; St. Pat ' s. PHARR, SCOTT; Uniontown; Chi Omega PHILLIPS, JOSEPH DRAPER; Mobile; Commerce; Alpha Kappa Psi . , . PICKETT, REUBEN HAYNE; Birmingham; Commerce; Phi Kappa Sigma; Commerce Association PRESCOTT, EMOGENE BROADHEAD; Birmingham; A S, Alpha Delta Pi; Alpha Kappa Delta ROBERTSON, GORDON GLENN; Mor- ristov n. Pa.; Sigma Tau Gamma. TUBBS, ROBERT BOV MAN; Tuscaloosa; Engineering . . . VARN, CHARLES JAMES; Tuscaloosa; Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega; A. S. M. E.; Society for Advancement of Manage- ment . . WEEKS, FRANCES MARGUERITE; Guin . . . V ENTLING, JAMES V ESTFALL; Ashtabula, O.; Commerce; President, University Religious Association; Disciple Student Fellowship WHISENANT, EDNA JO; Bessemer; A S; Gamma Phi Beta; Alchemists Club. WHITE, CLARENCE EDWARD, JR.; Tuscaloosa; A S; Delta Chi; B. S. U. WHITESIDE, LUCY; De Armanville; Home Economics; Kappa Kappa Gamma; President, Kappa Kappa Gamma; Treasurer, AAUW; Panhellenic; Phi Upsilon Omicorn WICKHAM, NED W.; Dearborn, Mich.; Commerce; Alpha Kappa Psi; Commerce Association WIDEMAN, HILLMAN CURTIS, JR.; Birmingham; Engineer- ing WILLIAMS, JAMES L.; Anniston; Kappa Alpha. WILLIAMS, JAMES NELSON; York; Education: Phi Delta Kappa; Kappa Delta Pi WINDHAM, WILLIAM THOMAS; Louien, Miss.; A S; Theta Xi. Page 112 ii. ? Vi MIchle Milstead McCray McDonald Nelson Ocksride Peebles Pelham Perry Pharr Phillips Pickett Prescott Robertson Robison Selikoff Shaver Smawley Steinberg Stello Toylo Thomas, R. Tubbs Vorn Weeks Wentling Whisenant While Whiteside Wickham Wideman Williams, J. L. Williams, J. N. Windham SENIORS... THE LAST YEAR IS DONE AND LENGTHENING SHADOWS FALL UPON FOUR YEARS OF ONE ' S LIFE THAT WILL REMAIN FOREVER IN HIS HEART. FOUR YEARS OF WHAT ONE CONSI- DERS CLUTURE-MATHEMATICS, LITERATURE, THE SCIENCES, MUSIC, PHILOSOPHY HAS BEEN INSTILLED INTO THE LIFE OF ANOTHER GRADUATE WHO WILL BE AMONG THE THREE PER CENT OF THE NATION WITH A COLLEGE EDUCATION. SOME WILL BE UNSUNG HEROES AND ENROLL THEIR DEVOTION TO HUMANITY IN THE ANNALS OF A NATION ' S HISTORY. OTHERS WILL ACHIEVE DISTINCTION AS BUSINESSMEN, EDUCATORS, HOME ECONOMISTS, DOCTORS, DENTISTS, ENGINEERS, CHE- MISTS, LAWYERS, PHILOSOPHERS, LINGUISTS, AND MINISTERS. STILL OTHERS WILL SETTLE DOWN WITH A JOB AND A HOME AND DO THEIR PART TOWARD UNIFYING THIS STATE OF ALA- BAMA, CONTRIBUTING TO WHAT WE CALL AMERICANISM. THEIR EFFORTS WILL NOT BE IN VAIN; THEIR FAILURES WILL NOT BANISH THEM FROM THOSE WHO KNOW THAT LIFE IS NOT LIVED ONLY THROUGH BEING SUCCESSFUL, BUT IN OVERCOM- ING ITS MANY FAILURES. THESE SENIORS WHO GO FORTH INTO THE WORLD WILL BOAST OF THEIR ALMA MATER, AND ALABAMA WILL LOOK WITH PRIDE UPON HER CHILDREN WHO HAVE GONE FORTH TO SHOW ' THEIR ABILITY AND TO PROVE THE VALUE OF EDUCATION. AS THE LAST SUNBEAM STRIKES THE TOP OF DENNY CHIMES, AND FAINT ECHOES OF THE CHIMES RING OUT, ANOTHER SENIOR CLASS WILL GO AND LEAVE ITS PRINT UPON CIVILIZATION, A CIVILIZATION WHICH DEMANDS EDUCATED AND CULTURED CITIZENS. Page 114 Abernothy, J. T. Abernathy, J. D. Acker, A. Acker, R. Adams, A. B. Adams, A. F. Adams, C. Adams, L. Adams, P. Adkinson Adkisson Aiken Akin Albritton Alexander, C. Alexander, M. Ailbritton Allen, B. Allen, M. Allgood Allison, M. E. Allison, M. E. Alston Alt Alverson Anderson, C. Anderson, D. Andrews Appling Ard Arnold, E. Arnold, R. Arrant Ashburn Atkins Ault Boggett Bagnuk Baker, J. F. Baker, J. T. Baker, J. H. Baker, R. Baker, W. Baldridge Boll Ballard Banks, P. Bonks, T. MILITARY ENROLLMENT IN THE FALL QUARTER WAS 1,150 ABERNATHY, JOHN T.; Jasper,- A S; Pi Kappa Alpha President, Wesley Foundation,- Rho Alpha Tau; Druids,- Jasons Quadrangle,- Vice-President, O. D. K.,- Varsity Debate Team Tau KoDpa Alpha; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges; Pi Tau Chi ABERNATHY, JOSEPH DAVID; Jasper; A S; Pi Kappa Alpha; President, Wesley Founda- tion; Y. M. C. A.; President, Pi Kappa Alpha ACKER, ANN; Birmingham; A S; Delta Delta Delta ACKER, RICHARD NORRIS; Selmo; Engineering; Theto Tou; Pi Mu Epsilon; A. I. I. E.; St. Pat ' s ADAMS, ANN BROOKING; Tuscaloosa; A S; Kappa Delta; Vice-President, Mortar Board; Vice-President, Phi Alpha Theto; Alpha Lambda Delta; Corolla; Panhellenic Council ADAMS, ARCHILOU; Flomaton; Education; Wesley Foundation; A. I. A ADAMS, CHARLES E.; West Blocfon; Education; Wesley Foundation; A. I. A. ADAMS, LOUISE ALLINE; Anniston; A S; Canterbury Club ADAMS, PAUL PRUETT; Mont- gomery; Commerce; Theta Chi; Westminster Fellowship Council . ADKINSON, EARLE; Atmore; Commerce; Delta Chi; Pep Squad; Veterans Association; B. S. U. ADKISSON, KATE RAINER; Brewton; A S; Delta Delta Delta AIKEN, SAMUEL O.; Founsdole; Commerce; Delta Chi; Officers ' Reserve Corps; Alpha Kappa Psi. AKIN, ANNA FAYE; Atwood; Commerce . . . ALBRITTON, CHARLES EDGAR; Montgomery; A S; Lambda Chi Alpha; Cotillion Club; Blackfriars; Pep Squad . ALEXANDER, CORA; Prcttville; Home Economics; Caroline Hunt Club ALEXANDER, MINNIE RITA; Kennedy; Education ALLBRITTON, BETTY JEAN; Dixiano; Commerce; Pep Squad . . . ALLEN, BRYANT L.; Greensboro; Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. ARNOLD, ELIZABETH; Cedar Bluff; Home Economics; Pep Squad ARNOLD, ROBERT EUGENE; Mobile; A S Pi Kappa Alpha; Glee Club ARRANT, BETTIE W. Columbus, Go.; A S ASHBURN, CAROLYN ADELINE Winston-Salem, N. C; Home Economics; Phi Mu ATKINS, JANE; Heflin; A S; Chi Omega; Y. W. C. A., Secretary AULT, JAMES WILLIAMS; Birmingham; Com- merce; Delta Sigma Phi; Delta Sigma Pi; Alpha Phi Omega; Greeks; I. R. C. BAGGETT, GEORGE RUSHTON; Monroeville; Commerce; I. R. C; Blackfriars BAGNUK, WILLIAM W.; Brooklyn, N. v.; Engineering; Theta Xi; A. S. M. E.; St. Pat ' s; Greeks I. R. C. . . . BAKER, JAMES FREDDIE; Cullman; A S; Square and Compass . . . BAKER, JAMES T.; Enterprise, Alpha Gamma Rho; Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Epsilon Delta BAKER, JOSEPH HENRY, JR.; Mobile; Commerce; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Interfroternity Council; Quadrangle BAKER, ROBERT, JR.; Tuscaloosa; Engineering; St. Pat ' s; A. S. C. E. BAKER, WILLIAM C, JR.; Alexander City; Commerce; Delta Chi BALDRIDGE, BETTY JANE; Alexandria, La.; A S; Alpha Delta Pi; Blackfriars; Canterbury Club; Girls ' Spirit Committee; Friendship Committee BALL, JOE LLOYD; Tuscaloosa; Commerce BALLARD, JANIE ELIZABETH; Alexander City; A S; Delta Delta Delta BANKS, PHILIP BARBOUR MINOR; Eutavv ; Commerce; Sigma Nu; Josons; Quadrangle ; Alpha Kappa Psi; Great Greeks BANKS, THOMAS GIRARD; Raleigh, N. C; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. ALLEN, MARTHA GENE; Berry; A S; Alpha Chi Omega; Girls ' Spirit Committee ALLGOOD, JOSEPH PATRICK, III; Piedmont; A S; Concert Bond ALLISON, MARY ELLEN; Library, Pa.; Education; Delta Zeto; Women ' s Ping Pong Champion, 1945-46 ALLISON, MONA ELAINE; Lakeland, Flo.; Home Economics; Alpha Phi; Bond; Caroline Hunt Club ALSTON, MARY FARLEY; Tuscaloosa; Home Economics; Delta Delta Delta; Phi Upsilon Omicron ALT, ROBERT MAURICE; Buffalo, N. Y.; Engineering; Theta Chi; Scabbard and Blade; St. Pat ' s; Society for Advancement of Management; Pep Squad. ALVERSON, FRANK; Birmingham; Commerce; Delta Chi . . . ANDERSON, CLINTON A.; JR.; Anniston; A S; Kappa Sigma; Pep Squad ANDERSON, DALE E.; Meridian, Miss.; Commerce; Kappa Sigma ANDREWS, ALLEN KNOX; Whiteville, Tenn.; A S; Band; Wesley Foundation . . . APPLING, MARTHA LOUISE; Kennedy; Education; Caroline Hunt Club ARD, HARLON E.; Geneva; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. Page 117 rker, G. rker, L. rksdole Barrett Bornhill Barrett Basinger Bassett Bates Battles Bayer Beaird, A. E. Beaird, H. G. Beaird, J. R. Beal Beasley Beavers Beck Becker Beddow Bedingfield, Bedingfleld, Beeny Bell, J. Bell, W. Bender Bennett Benton Berggren Merger Berman Berry Biedermon Bigelow Bilbro Bishop, C. Bishop, E. Black, D. Black, J. Black, J. E. Black, L. Black, R. Blackman ' I A WALLACE CLUB WAS ORGANIZED HERE PRIOR TO NATIONAL ELECTIONS BARFIELD, KATHRYN ELIZABETH; Sylocauga; A S; Kappa Kappa Gamma BARGER, CURTYLEESE; Tuscaloosa Commerce BARKER, GEORGE FRANK; Selmo; A S Pi Kappa Phi BARKER, LLOYD WESLEY; Haleyville Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; Black Warrior Flying Club BARKSDALE, OLIVER D.; Gadsden; Commerce; Delta Chi . . . BARNES, THOMAS WILLIAM; Bessemer; Engineering; Kappa Alpha. BARNETT, GEORGE W.; Attallo; Commerce; Delta Ch BARNHILL, LOY J.; Moultrie, Ga.; Commerce; President, Bap list Student Union, Summer Baptist Training Union Meridian, Miss.; Commerce Aliceville; A S; Chi Phi Troy; Commerce; Theta Xi 3; Director, Young Peoples BARRETT, HARRY BENNETT BASINGER, JAMES M. BASSETT, JAMES EDWARD BATES, BEN MOORE Birmingham; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta; Alpha Kappa Psi, BATTLES, JAMES WADE; Hollywood, Fla.; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Eta Sigma; Head Master, Delta Sigma Pi; Executive Committee, Commerce Association; President, Sen- ior Class; Pep Squad BAYER, MARY ELIZABETH; Eutaw; Commerce; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Y. W. C. A. BEAIRD, ARTHUR EUGENE; Tuscaloosa; Engineering; Delta Chi; St. Pat ' s; A. S. M. E. . . . BEAIRD, HENRY GRADY, JR.; Tuscaloosa; Engineering; Pi Kappa Phi; Theta Tau Gamma; Alpha Rho; St. Pat ' s; Tau Beta Pi; IAS... BEAIRD, JAMES RALPH; Gadsden; Commerce; Theta Xi; Student Forum; I. R. C; United Nations Council , . . BEAL, JAMES D.; Plant City, Fla.; Engineering. Memphis, Tenn.; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta; Cadet Officers ' Club BENDER, RICHARD JOHN; Atlanta, Go.; Com- merce; Phi Kappa Sigma. BENNETT, WILLIAM GEORGE; Birmingham; Commerce Sigma Nu BENTON, MELLANIE C; Blue Springs A S BERGGREN, DALE ALBERT; Vero Beach, Fla. Commerce; Pi Kappa Phi; Greeks BERGER, GERALD E. Mobile; A S; Kappa Nu; Hillel Foundation; Spirit Planning Committee BERMAN, MERLE JACK; Farrell, Pa.; A S; Kappa Nu BERRY, DAN M., JR.; Tuscaloosa; A S. BERRYMAN, LEO, JR.; Leighton; A S BIEDERMANN, LAURA JANE; Tuscaloosa; Home Economics; Caroline Hunt Club BIGELOW, HARRY L.; Montgomery; Commerce . . . BILBRO, WILLIAM T.; Beatrice; A S; Kappa Sigma BISHOP, CLARENCE ETHERIDGE; Helena; A 5 BISHOP, ELLOUISE; Holt; Education; A. I. A. BLACK, DORIS VE RONNE; Brewton; A S BLACK, JACK; Cordova; A S; Manager, WABP; Alpha Epsilon Rho BLACK, JAMES ELBERT; Townley; Commerce BLACK, LOUIS P.; Pasadena, Calif.; Commerce . , , BLACK, REX WEEKS, Guin; Commerce; Delta Sigma Pi; Phi Eta Sigma BLACKMAN, ARTHUR WADE; Tuscaloosa; Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega; A. S. M. E.; St. Pat ' s; Pi Tau Sigma. BEALLE, SAM W.; Tuscaloosa; A S; Alpha Tau Omega . . . BEASLEY, LLOYD H.; Corrollton; Engineering; Chi Phi; 1. A. S.; Society for Advancement of Management; Black Warrior Fly- ing Club . . BEAVERS, EARL, JR.; Cuba; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega BECK, JOHN BEDFORD; Bridgeport Engineering BECKER, JACK H.; Bessemer; Commerce Zeta Beta Tau BEDDOW, SARAH B.; Birmingham A S. BEDINGFIELD, DONA C, JR.; Rogersville; A S BEDINGFIELD, IRENE, G.; Anderson; Home Economics; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Caroline Hunt Club BEENY, CLAIRE LOUISE; Birmingham; A S; Delta Delta Delta; Panhellenic Council BELL, JAMES W.; Montgomery; A S; Kappa Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma; Blackfriors; National Collegiate Play- ers; WABP; I. R. C; Vice-President, Junior Class; Presi- dent, Senior Class BELL, WILLIAM MILTON, JR.; Page 1 1 9 • % iLA Wj . Blacksheor Blackwell, J. Blackwell, L B!oir Bloke, M. Bloke, R. Blake, T. Bliss Bolding Bonds Bonduror Bonney Borlond Bowers Boykin Brobslon Bradley Brcgg Bronscomb Brantley Bray Brent, S. L. Brent, W. T. Bridges Brislin odheod oks om wder own, B. R. own, C. J. n, F. R. n, J. M. n, J. n, M. n, P. own, R, T. Brown, S. E. Bruce Brunson, F. Brunson, P. Bryan, E. Bryan, R. ROY KILLINGSWORTH TURNED SGA GAVEL OVER TO WILLIE JOHNS IN THE FALL BLACKSHEAR, ROBERT H., II; Tuscaloosa; Education; Delta Tau Delta; Phi Delta Kapoo; Westminster Fellowship BLACKWELL, JAMES CHARLES; Adomsville; Engineering; Tau Beta Pi BLACKWELL, LEWIS F., JR.; Mobile; Education; Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Delta Kappa BLAIR, JEAN; Anda- lusia; Home Economics; Secretary, A. I. A.; S. G. A.; Triangle; Caroline Hunt Club; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges; Executive Council, A. I. A. . , . BLAKE, MARY CLAIRE; Fort Deposit; Education BLAKE, ROBERT EDWARD; Birmingham; Commerce; Commerce Assocxition; Stamp Club; Accounting Association; President, Beta Alpha Psi; Alpha Kappa Psi. BLAKE, THOMAS B.; Selmo; Education; Phi Delta Kappa; Scabbard and Blade BLISS, CATHERINE D.; Savannah, Ga.; A S; Phi Mu BOLDING, FAIRY ELNA; Tuscalooio; Chemistry; Alpha Delta Pi; Pasteur Society; Y. W. C. A. BONDS, JOSEPH W.; Flomaton; A S BONDURANT, GENE, K.; Marion Junction; Engineering; Chi Phi; Greeks St. Pat ' s Executive Council; Spirit Planning Committee A. I. I. E. BONNEY, MARY ANN; Enterprise, Miss. A S; Delta Delta Delta; Alpha Lambda Delta. BRIER, HENRY CLAY; Pratfville; A S; Alpha Phi Omega; Wesley Foundation BRISLIN, HENRY JUDSON; Selmo; Phi Gamma Delta; Druids; Vice-President, I. R. C. BROADHEAD, CECIL; Needham; Engineering , , . BROOKS, MARGARET ANN; Decatur; Education . . . BROOM, GEORGE DEWEY; Centre; A S; Lambda Chi Alpha; Square and Compass; German Club . . . BROWDER, J. WALLACE; Mont- gomery; Engineering; Delta Tau Delta; Band; Blackfriars . . . BROWN, BILLY RAY; Homestead, Fla.; Education; Rifle Team; Wesley Foundation; Cadet Officers ' Club; Alabama Industrial Arts Association . . . BROWN, CARL JACKSON; Tracy City, Tenn.; Engineering; A. I. E. E.; St. Pat ' s. BROWN, FRED R.; Brundidge; A S; Kappa Sigma BROWN, JAMES MADISON; Birmingham; A S; Phi Eta Sigma BROWN, JANE; Sylacougo; A S; Zeta Tau Alpha; Y. W. C. A.; Girls ' Spirit Committee; A. A. U. W. . . . BROWN, MAX; Tampa, Fla.; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Mu; Rho Alpha Tau BROWN, PAULINE; Tuscaloosa; Edu- cation . . . BROWN, RALPH TAGGART; Ookman; Engineering. BOOKER, JACK E.; Mobile; Commerce; Kappa Sigma Pep Squad BOROM, BETTYE CARLA; Ozark; Education Zeta Tau Alpha; Y. W. C. A.; Caroline Hunt Club; Pep Squad Spirit Committee BORLAND, MORTON H., JR.; Irondale Commerce; Sigma Nu . . . BOWERS, QUINTON R.; Samson Commerce; Commerce Association BOWRON, ROBERT H., JR.; Birmingham; A S; Phi Delta Theta BOX, WILLIAM EDWARD; Collinsville; Commerce. BROWN, SHIRLEY E.; Herndon, Va.; A S; Delta Gamma Art Club; Alpha Sigma Omega . . . BRUCE, BETTY; Farifield Home Economics . . . BRUNSON, FOX HENRY; Elba; A S Pi Kappa Phi BRUNSON, PAUL R.; Elba; Education . . BRYAN, EVELYNE; Opp; A S; Delta Zeta; Crimson-White Secretary, Press Club; Pep Squad; Rammer Jammer; Pan hellenic Council; Theta Sigma Phi . . . BRYAN, ROBERT Brantley; A S. BOYKIN, TRAVIS H.; Hatfiesburg, Miss.; A S; Kappa Alpha BRABSTON, EUGENE WILLIS; Birmingham; A S; Phi Delta Theta; Greeks; Cadet Caotain, R. O. T. C BRADLEY, MARY HART; Bessemer; Education; Delta Delta Delta; Pep Squad BRAGG, JULIUS LaVERNE; Birmingham; Commerce; Scabbard and Blade BRANSCOMB; GILLIAN LUCILLE; Tuscaloosa; A S; Alpha Gamma Delta; Triangle Y. W. C. A.; Cabinet and Treasurer, Alpha Lambda Delta Glee Club . . . BRANTLEY, JOE KIRVEN; Troy; Chemistry Sigma Alpha Epsilon; President, Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Bond BRAY, JOHN WILLIAM; Montgomery; Engineering; Pi Kappa Phi; St. Pat ' s; Scabbard and Blade;Theta Tau BRENT, SAM LEE; University City, Mo.; A S; Pi Kappa Phi; Pep Squad BRENT, WILLIAM T.; Nashville, Tenn.; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Intramural Athletic Council BRIDGES, WALTER GLENN; Bessemer; Commerce; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Delta Sigma Pi; Scabbard and Blade; Cadet Officers ' Club; Cotillion Club; B. S. U.; Interfraternity Council Now here ' s ihe plan Bryson Bubbett Buckley Burgess Burks, B. Burks, H. Burns, A. Burns, D. Burns, H. D. Burns, H. J. Burroughs Burt Code Cain Coldwell, A. E. Caldwell, C. W. Caldwell, J. G. Calhoun Calvert Campbell Cannon Carlson Correll Carter Cashion Cason Caudle Chadick Chandler, C. Chandler, J. D. Chondler, R. D. Chapmon Chappelle Chiepalich Chunn Clark, C. D. Clark, J. M. Clark, M. J. Clark, P. A. Cleary Clemens Clifton Cobb Cobern ROCKET WARFARE BLASTED FRATERNITY ROW DURING FALL QUARTER FINALS BRYSON, DOROTHY JEAN; Enterprise; Education; Alpha Delta Pi; Gleo Club; Wesley Foundation . . . BUBBETT, VICTOR LeROY; Birmingham; A S; Kappa Alpha; Druids; Assistant Editor, 1947 Corolla; Editor, 1946-47 " A " Book . . . BUCKLEY, BEVERLY ELAINE; Mobile; Education; Delta Zeta . . . BURGESS, SARAH DAVIS; Northport; Commerce . . . BURKS, BASIL MANLY; Greensboro; Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega . , BURKS, HENRY B.; Marianne, Fla.; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Greeks. CAUDLE, MARY AMELIA; Birmingham; A S . . . CHADICK, IRA ALVIN; Meridan, Miss.; Commerce; Kappa Sigma CHANDLER, CHERI; Decatur; A S; Alpha Delta Pi; Editor, Crimson-White, 1948-49; Press Club; Committee on Student Life; Mademoiselle College Board, 1946-49; Theta Sigma Phi .. . CHANDLER, JOHN DAVID; Decatur; A S; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Epsilon Delta . . . CHANDLER, ROSCOE DRADEN; Birmingham; Commerce . . . CHAPMAN, DONALD R.; Birmingham; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. BURNS, AUBREY BOWEN, JR.; Anniston; A S; WABP . . . BURNS, DANIEL HOBART; Atlanta, Go.; A S; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Alpha Phi Omega; Pep Squad; Blackfriars; Little Theatre; Greeks; Spanish Club; Student Forum; WABP . . . BURNS, HENRY DAVID; Heidelberg, Miss.; Commerce . . . BURNS, HUGH J.; Birmingham; Commerce; Delta Chi BURROUGHS, NELL MYRA; Buhl; Commerce; Wesley Founda- tion; Pep Squad . . . BURT, HAROLD KEENE; Laurel, Miss.; Engineering; Executive Council, St. Pot ' s; Theta Tau; Phi Eta Sigma. CHAPPELLE, FRANK H., JR.; Birmingham; Commerce; Kappa Alpha; President, Y. M. C. A.; Quadrangle . . . CHIEPALICH, JOHN BARBICH, JR.; Mobile; Commerce; Delta Sigma Pi . . . CHUNN, SARA NIEL; Jackson; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Dance Club; Corolla; Y. W. C. A. CLARK, COLBERT D.; Dozier; Engineering; St. Pat ' s; A. S. C. E. . . . CLARK, JESS MELVIN, JR.; Russellville; Commerce; Scabbard and Blade . . . CLARK, MARY JOAN; Sarasota, Fla.; Education; Delta Gamma; I. R. C; Y. W. C. A. BURWELL, RICHARD H.; Montgomery; A S; Sigma Nu . . . CADE, JOHN M., JR.; Tuscaloosa; Commerce CAIN, V ILLIAM GORDON; Mobile; A S; . . . CALDWELL, ALICE ELIZABETH; Birmingham; A S; Delta Delta Delta CALDV ELL, CHARLES W.; Cleveland, O.; A S; Aloha Sigma Omega . . . CALDWELL, JACK GREENE; Birmingham; A S; Vice-President, Black Warrior Flying Club; A. I. A. CALHOUN, WILLIAM O., JR.; Montgomery; A S; Chi Phi . . CALVERT, THOMAS JACKSON, JR.; Tuscaloosa; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Corolla CAMPBELL, WILLIAM DEWEY, JR.; Tuscaloosa; A S; Delta Chi; Pershing Rifles; Rifle Team; I. R. C. CANNON, ANNE; Mobile; A S; Phi Mu; Pep Squad; Press Club; Spirit Committee . . . CARAWAY, JOHN MELVILLE; Cordova; Commerce; Theta Chi; Delta Sigma Pi CARLSON, WALTER ROGERS, JR.; Rockford, III.; A S; Delta Tau Delta; Rho Alpha Tau; Post President, Gamma Delta; Pep Squad. CARMICHAEL, DOUGLAS GORDON; Bessemer; Commerce; Wesley Foundation . . . CARNES, DONALD E.; Hixson, Tenn.; A S; Lambda Chi Alpha; I. R. C. CARRELL, EDWARD ZACHARY; Birmingham; Commerce; Delta Sigma Psi CARTER, LOTTIE IVY; University; Home Economics; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Swan Club . . . CASHION, BETTY JO; Red Bay; Commerce; President, Mortar Board; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Chi Theta; Commerce Association . . . CASON, JANE E.; Birmingham; A S; Delta Delta Delta; Alpha Lambda Delta; Junior A. A. U. W.; Mortar Board. Page 123 CLARK, PATRICIA ANNE; West Palm Beach, Fla.; Home Economics; Phi Mu . . . CLEARY, JOHN LEROY; Thomasville; Education; A. I. A.; Pep Squad . . . CLEMONS, JACK KEITH; Albertville; A S; Pi Kappa Phi; Y. M. C. A.; Wesley Founda- tion . . . CLIFTON, BERYL; Sylacaugo; Commerce . . . COBB, JENI VIRGINIA; Livingston; A S; Corolla; Pep Squad; Y. W. C. A. COBERN, JEAN PARKS; Birmingham; A S; Alpha Delta Pi; Blackfriars, Work hard, girls Coker Cochran Cogburn Colburn Colemon, G. W. Coleman, W. D. Collie Collier Collins, B. J. Collins, J. W. Co ' lins, O. Collins, V . A. Compton Connaughton Conrad Conte Conway, B. F. Conway, H. Conway, W. P. Cook, C. H. Cook, G. T, Cook, P. J. Cooper Cotman Coughlin Couture Covey Crawford, M. D. Crawford, R. A. Crawford, T. N, Creecy Crenshciw Crone Croner Crow, A. H. Crow, E. Cruit Crump Cubbedge Cudworth Culley Culpepper Cummings, J. R, Cummin;, M. M. SORORITY BIDS WERE PRESENTED TO 372 COEDS AS RUSH WEEK ENDED COKER, ELIZABETH ANN; Tallassee; A S; Delta Delta Delta; Zeta Phi Etc.; WABP; B. B. A. COCHRAN, ROBERT ELLIS; Hueytown; Education; S. G. A.; " A " Club . . . COGBURN, HARRY REGINALD, JR.; Mobile; A S; Phi Delta Theta . . . COLBURN, JO MYRLE; Greensboro; Education; Phi Mu; Wesley Foundation; Blackfriars; Pep Squad; Girls ' Spirit Committee; Y. W. C. A. COLEMAN, GEORGE WHEELER; Birmingham; A S; Sigma Alpha Epsilon COLEMAN, WILLIAM D.; Tuscaloosa; Commerce; Y. W. C. A.; Wesley Foundation; Commerce Association. COLLIE, BERNIS N.; Chattanooga, Tenn.; Commerce; Alpha Kappa Psi; Phi Eta Sigma . . . COLLIER, JAMES D.; Birmingham Commerce . . . COLLINS, BILLIE J.; Panama City, Fla. Engineering; A. I. C. H. E. COLLINS, JOHN WOOD, Birmingham; Engineering; Phi Eta Sigma; Theta Tau; A. I. E. E. St. Pat ' s . . . COLLINS, OLIVIA; Gallion; Home Economics Glee Club; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Caroline Hunt Club; Pep Squad . . . COLLINS, WALLACE A.; Huntsville; Commerce. Sigma; Phi Delta Koppo; Soanish Club . . , CREECY, EDWARD W.; Richmond, Va.; Engineering; Chi Phi . . . CRENSHAW, JOHN ROBERT; Meridia-n, Miss.; Commerce; Sigma Nu CREW, MARY JANE; Jasper; Home Economics; Alpha Delta Pi. CRONE, MARIANNA; West Lebanon, Ind.; A S; Alpha Delta Pi; Blackfriars; Spirit Planning Committee; Girls ' Spirit Committee; Friendship Committee; Chairman, Mademoiselle College Board; junior A. A. U. W. CRONER, JACK R.; Memphis, Tenn.; Commerce; Zeta Beta Tau . . . CROW, AB H.; Ashville; Commerce; Pi Kaopa Phi; President, Pi Kappa Phi . . . CROW, ELLEN; Asfiville; Commerce; Alpha Chi Omega; Spirit Committee; Pep Squad; Treasurer, Alpha Chi Omega; Treasurer, Commerce Association . . . CRUIT, ROBERT LAWRENCE; Atmore; A S; Alpha Epsilon Delta CRUMP, CHARLES H.; Birmingham; A S; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. COMPTON, RICHARD MIDDLETON; Wedgeworth; Com- merce . . . CONNAUGHTON, JOSEPH WALTON; Tuscaloosa; Engineering; Delta Tau Delta . . . CONRAD; MARY ANN; Troy; A S; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Y. W. C. A. . . . CONTE, JOSEPH F.; Lackawanna, N. Y.; Engineering; A. I. E. E. . . . CONWAY, BEN FITZPATRICK; Jacksonville, Fla.; A S; Kappa Sigma . . . CONWAY, HUDON; Hackle- burg; Engineering; Pi Kappa Phi; Scabbard and Blade. CONWAY, WILLIAM PATRICK; Birmingham; Commerce; " A " Club . COOK, CHARLIE HYNAM; Tuscaloosa; Engi- neering; Society of American Engineers; A. S. C. E.; St. Pat ' s . . . COOK, GEORGE THOMAS; Daytona Beach, Fla.; A S; Press Club; Sigma Delta Chi . . . COOK, PATRICIA JUNE; Birmingham; Commerce COOPER, BANCROFT; Elba; A S . . . COTMAN, HELEN GAY; Birmingham; Home Economics. COUGHLIN, WILLIAM R.; Standing Rock; A S; Lambda Chi Alpha; Sigma Delta Pi . . . COUTURE, BETTY GENE Fairfield; A S . . . COVEY, EARL R.; Wilmington, Vt. Commerce . . . COWSER, TARRELL LOUIS; Panama City, Fla. Commerce . . , COX, HERBERT P.; Hamilton; Chemistry . . . CRANE, WILLIAM HARRY; Montgomery; Commerce; Delta Sigma Pi. CRAWFORD, MARJORIE DEL; Fort Payne; A S; Delta Zeta; Choral Union . . . CRAWFORD, RICHARD ANDREWS; Grand Rapids, Mich.; Commerce; Lambda Chi Alpha . . . CRAWFORD, THOMAS N., JR.; Birmingham; Education; Kappa Poge 125 CUBBEDGE, ROBERT ALLEN, Moitland, Fla.; Engineering; Kappa Alpha; Y. M. C. A.; A. I. I. E. . CUDWORTH, ALLEN LATHAM; Tuscaloosa; Engineering; Sigma Chi; Tau Beta Pi; Theta Tau; St. Pat ' s Council; Phi Eta Sigma CULLEY, JAMES KENNETH; Birmingham; Engineering A. S. M. E.; A. I. E. E. CULPEPPER, D. L.; Fort Payne Commerce . . . CUMMINGS, JIMMY R.; Florence; Commerce Delta Sigma Pi; Commerce Association . . . CUMMINGS, MARL M., JR.; New Orleans, La.; Commerce; Sigma Chi; Pep Squad; Greeks. May I have this do Cunninghom, B. A, Cunningham, C.L Cunningham, M. F Curtis Dabbs Doiley DaLee Domsky Danenberg Daniel Davenport Davies Davis, B. R. Davis, C. K, Davis, W. E. Dean Deep Deloney, G. E. Deloney, W. A. DeMaville Dendy, A. V. Dendy, E. O. DePriest Deuel DeWalt Dickinson, L. E, Dickinson, R. Dill, F. Dill, R. F. DiKon Dixon Dodges Dodson Donald Donaldson, H. N Donaldson, J. V . Doming Doughty Dow Dowdle Downer Dracos Droke Drennen Drenner Driggers i K. ,• . t HARRY JAMES OPENED COTILLION CLUB SEASON OCTOBER 28 CUNNINGHAM, BEVERLY ANN; Birmingham; Commerce; Alpha Delta Pi; Blackfriars; Phi Chi Theta; Girls ' Spirit Committee . . . CUNNINGHAM, CAROLYN LORRAINE; Mo- bile; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha; Corresponding Secretary, Swan Club; Elementary School Council Chairman; Pep Squad . . . CUNNINGHAM, MARY FRANCES; El Paso, Tex.; A S; Zeta Tau Aloha , . CURTIS, EARNEST MARKELL; Tuscoloosa; A S; Alpha Tau Omega . . DABBS, LEON EDWARD; New Orleans, Lo; A S DAILEY, CHARLES BROCKMAN; McMechen, W. Vo.; A S; Theta Xi; Sports Director, WABP; I. R. C; Alpha Epsilon Rho. DIXON, ELIZABETH; Detroit, Mich,; A S; Alpha Chi Omega; President, Zeta Phi Eta; I. R. C; Blackfriars; Secre- tary, Collegiate Council United Notions; Secretary, Junior Class; Pep Squad; Student Speech Council; Vice-President, Senior Class DODGES, ANDREV J.; Buffalo, N. Y.; Engineering; St. Pat ' s DODSON, HERBERT DOUGLAS; Hampshire, Tenn.; Commerce; Kappa Alpha; Commerce Association DONALD, V ALNE V ATSON; Pine Apple; Commerce; Delta Kappa Epsilon DONALDSON, HARRY MONTGOMERY; Bessemer; Commerce; Kappa Alpha DONALDSON, JOHN WEBB; Bessemer; A S; Scabbard and Blade; Y. M. C. A. DaLEE, DORA ANN; Tuscaloosa; Chemistry; Delta Zeta Panhellenic Council; W. S. G. A. DAMSKY, BERT S. Birmingham; A S; Kappa Nu , , , DANENBERG, ALBERT I. A S; Sigma Abha Mu . . . DANIEL, RODGER C; Pine Level; A S; Delta Chi . . . DAVENPORT, THOMAS H.; Valley Head; Engineering . . . DAVIES, B. W,, JR.; Demopolis; Commerce; Phi Kappa Sigma. DONOVAN, SHILA; Birmingham; A S; Delta Delta Delta Canterbury Club; I. R. C. DORNING, CLAUDE WILLIAM, Huntsville; Commerce; Chi Phi DOUGHTY, JOE; Reform, A S; Delta Chi DOW, HERMAN F.; Tuscaloosa Chemistry DOWDLE, MARY ANNE; Ethelsville; Education Pep Squad; Wesley Foundation DOWNER, HUGH WINDHAM; Aliceville; A S; Phi Kappa Sigma; I. R. C. DAVIS, BEN REEVES; Porrish; A S; Pi Kappa Phi; Sports Editor, Rammer Jammer; Crimson-White; Treasurer, Press Club; Band; Pep Squad; Wesley Foundation; Sigma Delta Chi . . . DAVIS, CLARK K.; Pennington; Commerce . . . DAVIS, WILLIAM EDWARD; Birmingham; A S; Phi Kappa Sigma. Corolla; Crimson-White; B. S. U. . . . DEAN, ROBERT HENRY, JR.; Anton; A S; Phi Gamma Delta . . . DEEP, RAYMOND ABRAHAM; Birmingham; Engineering; Theta Tau . . . DELONEY, GEORGE EDWARD; Dothon; Commerce. DRACOS, JAMES N.; Pensacola, Fla.; Engineering; St. Pat ' s; President, A. I. I. E.; Society for Advancement of Man- agement . . . DRAKE, MARGARET E.; Montgomery; Commerce; Commerce Association . . . DRENNEN, FELIX MELVILLE; Birmingham; Commerce; Delta Kopoo Epsilon DRENNER, BUCKLEY, L.; Charleston, W. Va.; Education; Pi Kappa Alpha; I R C, Newman Club; Greeks; Pep Squad DRIGGERS, EDWARD C; Dothan; A S; A. I. A.; Press Club DRUMMOND, KENNON AGEE, JR.; Tuscaloosa; Commerce. DELONEY, WYNELLE ALLEN; Hastings, Fla.; Education . . . DeMOVILLE, ZODIE; Boligee; Commerce; Kappa Alpha Theta , , DENDY, A, VAVELLE; Montgomery; Commerce . . . DENDY, EMMETT ORIN; Petrey; Education; Pi Kappa Phi . . . DePRIEST, JAMES BRYANT; Montgomery; Commerce; Phi Gamma Delta , DEUEL, GLEN A.; Loxley; Engineering; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Wesley Foundation; St. Pat ' s; A. S. M. E.; I. A. S.; Pi Tau Chi. DeWALT, JOHN W.; Tuscaloosa; A S; Square and Com- pass; Mucker ' s Club . . . DICKINSON, LAWRENCE EDWARD, JR.; Atmore; A S; Sigma Chi . . DICKINSON, ROY; Eldorado, Ark.; A S; Kappa Sigma DILL FREIDA; Carbon Hill; Education . . . DILL, RICHARD F.; Tuscaloosa, Education; " A " Club; Baseball, 1946-47 DILLON, PATRICIA BETH; Jacksonville; Home Economics; Koppo Kappa Gamma; Caroline Hunt Club; Y. W. C. A.; President, Senior Class. Page 127 Dugan Duggan Dunawoy Duncan Dunn Dunning, E. H. Dunning, F. Dunson Durrer Dyar Easley Ecinols, D. E. Echols, J. E. Eddins Edwards, H. A. Edwords, W. A. Ellington Elliott Emens Ensign Evans, R. Evans, S. A. Everage Fail Former, E. W. Farmer, T. D. Faust Feinberg Feldman Fernande; Fike Finley, I. E. Finley, I. F. Finnen Fills Fitzpatrick Fleenor Fleming, H. D. Fleming, S. D. Fletcher Florey Floyd Flurry AMA ' S TOTAL ENROLLMENT FOR FALL QUARTER WAS 11,467 DUGAN, EDWARD BOUTEN; Stamford, Conn.; Commerce, Delta Chi; i. R. C; Pep Souad; Commerce Association DUGGAN, JOHN EDWARD; Andalusia; Commerce; Alpha Sigma Phi; Corolla DUNAWAY, ALLIE LEE; Orlando, Fla.; A S; Zeto Tou Alpha, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet; Alpha Kappa Delta; President, Junior A. A. U. W. DUNCAN, JOHN EWELL, Alexander City; A S DUNN, JOE ALLEN; Montgomery; Commerce; Phi Gamma Delta; . . DUNNING, ELIZABETH HUTTO; Mobile; Education. DUNNING, FRANK; Mobile; Commerce DUNSON, LOUISE ANN; Huntsville; A S; Chi Omega; I. R. C; Can- terbury Club DURRER, SHIRLEY ORRILA; El Paso, Tex.; Home Economics; W. S. G. A.; Gamma Delta; A. I. A. DYAR, GWENDOLYN VIRGINIA; Boaz; Education; Pep Squad; B. S. U. EASLEY, ANSELM THEDFORD; Boy Minette; Commerce ECHOLS, DON E.; Parrish; A S; Delta Tou Delta; Greeks. Sigma Alpha Mu FERNANDEZ, IDA; Tampa, Fla.; A S; Alpha Chi Omega; Spirit Committee; Pep Squad; Spanish Club; Newman Club; Corolla FERRIS, J. LORRAINE; Washington, D. C; Theta Upsilon; President, Elementary Education Council; Alumnae Vice-President, Theta Upsilon . . . FIKE, JOHN WILLIAM; Northport; Engineering; A. I. E. E. FINLEY, IDA ELIZABETH; Tuscaloosa; Commerce; Corolla; Wesley Foundation; Y. W. C. A. FINLEY, LUCY FREDERICK; Birmingham; A S; Delta Delta Delta; Swan Club; Blackfriars; Secretary, Pasteur Society FINNEN, MARY NELL; West Blocton; A S FITTS, CHARLES M., JR.; Meridian, Miss.; Commerce; Kappa Alpha; Scabbard and Blade; Interfraternity Council FITZPATRICK, WILLIAM CURDTS; Montgomery; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta; Pep Squad FLEENOR, SAM K.; Montgomery; Commerce; Commerce Association. ECHOLS, JOHN E.; Parrish; A S; Delta Tau Delta; Cotillion Club; Greeks EDDINS, HAROLD BERNARD; Evergreen; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega; Scabbard and Blade . EDWARDS, HARVEY A., JR.; Tuscaloosa; Com- merce; Alpha Tau Omega EDWARDS, WILLIAM ALBERT; Birmingham; A S; Phi Gamma Delta; Crimson-White; Rammer Jammer; Honey Bowl Publicity Committee; Press Club ELLINGTON, MARTHA JANE; Birmingham; Com- merce; Alpha Delta Pi; Phi Chi Theta; Triangle ELLIOTT, E. RAY; Alabama City; A S. ELLISON, MARY NANCY; Birmingham; A S; Alpha Ch Omego; Corolla; Crimson-White; Girls ' Spirit Committee Y. W. C. A.; Florida Club EMENS, FREDERICK EARL, Birmingham; Commerce ENSIGN, GEORGIE JOHNSTON Selmo; Chemistry; Delta Delta Delta; Y. W. C. A.; Pasteur Society ENSOR, HAL BAINE, JR.; Ookman; Engineering Delta Tau Delta, EPSTEIN, BURTON JEROME; Birmingham Commerce; Zeto Beta Tau ESCO, C. EUGENE; Selma Commerce; Phi Gamma Delta . EVANS, RUSSELL; Bessemer; A S; Lambda Chi Alpha . . . EVANS, SABRE ANNETTE; Anniston; Home Economics; Alpha Delta Pi; Y. W. C. A.; Caroline Hunt Club EVERAGE, JOHN W.; Andalusia; Commerce; President, Alpha Kappa Psi FAIL, JAMES MANASCO; Prichard; A S; Koppo Sigma; Druids FARMER, EDGAR W., JR.; Panama City, Fla.; Commerce; Pep Squad FARMER, THOMAS DANIEL, JR.; Tuscaloosa; Engineering. FAUST, SUE; Ozark; Commerce; Commerce Association . . . FEINBERG, IRWIN LEONARD; Birmingham; Commerce; Kappa Nu FELDMAN, JERRY J.; New York, N. Y.; Engineering; Page 129 FLEMING HENRY DANIEL; University; Education; Phi Delta Kappa FLEMING, SARA DIXON; Birmingham; A S . . . FLETCHER, MARTHA SUE; Guntersville; Home Economics . . . FLOREY, WILSON ANDRESS; M.onroeville; Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega; A. 1. I. E.; St. Pat ' s. . . . FLOYD, GEORGE HOWELL; Alabama City; A S; Phi Kappa Sigma; President, Phi Kappa Sigma; Scabbard and Blade; Interfraternity Coun- cil; Corolla; Alpha Phi Omega; I. R. C. FLURRY, WILLIAM LIVINGSTON; Montgomery; Commerce; Phi Gamma Delta; Druids; Scabbard and Blade; Cadet Officers ' Club; Treasurer, Phi Gamma Delta. She walk, she talks, she Foley Ford Frank Franks Franklin, E. N. Franklin, J. C. Franklin, S. I. Fronzle Freel French Friedman Frohlich Fulton Gamblin Garner, W. [ Garrett Gaston Gales, C. N. Gates, H. E. Gay Gibbs Giege Gilchr Glass Glover Golden Goldman Goldstein, L G- Goldstein, L . Gclightly Goodloe Goodson Gossett Graham Gray, D. M. Gray, G. W. Gray, M. E. Green, L. L. Green, T. G. Greenwocd COROLLA BEAUTY CANDIDATES TOTALED 53 FOLEY, MARY LEUELLA; Birmingham,- A S; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Corolla; Pep Squad; Sweetheart of Sigma Chi, 1946; Y. W. C. A. FORD, SAM B.; Jasper; A S; Sigma Nu; WABP FRANK, FRANCES LOUISE; Tylertown, Miss.; A S; Press Club; Wesley Foundation; Thetc Sigma Phi . . . FRANKS, PRESTON EARL; Brilliant; Education; Pi Kappa Phi , . . FRANKLIN, ERSKINE NORRIS; Birmingham; Engineering; Lambda Chi Alpha . . . FRANKLIN, JEANNE D.; Birmingham; Education; Alpha Xi Delta; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Kappa Delta Pi. . . , FRANKLIN, SHADRACH INMAN; Miami, Fla.; A S; Crimson-White; Press Club; Northington Afheltic Associa- tion . . . FRANZLE, JOSEPH EDWARD; Middlesboro, Ky.; Commerce; Band; S. P. E. B. S. Q. S. A.; Commerce Asso- ciation . . . FREEL, JAMES ALLEN; Canton, N. C; Commerce; Lambda Chi Alpha; Wesley Foundation; Commerce Associa- tion; Student Religious Association . . . FRENCH, CECIL R.; Birmingham; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Phi Omega; Cadet Officers ' Club; Greeks FRIEDMAN, RICHARD; Bessemer; Commerce FROHLICH, SYDNEY J., JR.; Tuscaloosa; A S. FULFORD, AUBREY E.; Mobile; Commerce; Theta Chi Greeks; Commerce Association FULLER, BARBARA A. Centreville; Education; Alpha Phi; Swan Club; Pep Squad Junior A. A. U. W.; Spirit Committee . FULTON, DUNCAN THOMAS, JR.; Cookville, Tenn.; Commerce; Pi Kappa Phi; Cotillion Club; Treasurer, Pi Kappa Phi . . . GAMBLIN, NINA RUTH; Aftallo; Education GANN, JAMES G., JR.; Birmingham; Engineering; Phi Kappa Sigma; Pi Tau Chi; Wesley Foundation GARNER, JOSEPH SIDNEY; Uni- versity; Engineering; Sigma Chi; I. A. S.; St. Pot ' s; Wesley Foundation; Pi Tau Chi. CAROLYN; Gordo; Home Economics; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Caroline Hunt Club GLOVER, DANIEL GRADY; Samson; Engineering; Pi Kappa Phi. GOLDEN, RICHARD C; Fivepoints; Commerce; Lambda Chi Alpha; Scabbard and Blade; Commerce Association; Military Class Representative GOLDMAN, ANITA; Mobile; A S; Alpha Epsilon Phi GOLDSTEIN, IVAN GENE; Birmingham; Commerce; Zeta Beta Tau . GOLDSTEIN, LESTER A.; Haverhill, Mass.; Engineering; Alpha Epsilon Pi; A. S. C. E.; Pershing Rifles; Rifle Team GOLIGHTLY, JOHN CALHOUN; Birmingham; Commerce; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Scabbard and Blade GOODLOE, JAMES V ILLIAM; Mobile; A S; Phi Eta Sigma; Press Club. GOODSON, WAYNE LEE; Hixson, Tenn.; Commerce; Lambda Chi Alpha . . . GOSSETT, ELLIS MONROE, JR.; Birmingham; Commerce GRAHAM, JAMES ROLAND; Cuba; Com- merce GRAN, NATALIE JOHNSON; Tuscaloosa; Home Economics; Alpha Delta Pi; Disciple of Student Fellowship . . . GRANAS, MORTON A.; Beverly Hills, Calif.; A S ; Sigma Alpha Mu; National President, Alpha Epsilon Rho; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges GRAVES, MINNIE JOYCE; Tuscaloosa; A S. GRAY, DOROTHY, M.; Bessemer; Chemistry; Delta Zeto; Pasteur Society; B. S. U.; Pep Squad GRAY, GEORGE WILLIAM, JR.; Birmingham; A S; Phi Gamma Delta; Greeks, Press Club . . . GRAY, MARCIA EMILY; Springhill; A S Delta Delta Delta GREEN, LUCIAN L., JR.; Lexington Commerce GREEN, TAPPAN GOODRICH; Birmingham A S; Phi Gamma Delta; Pep Squad; Press Club GREENWOOD, EARLE, B., JR.; Homewood; Engineering; Pi Kappa Phi. GARNER, WILLIAM EMMETT; Ozark; A S; Sigma Nu . . . GARRETT, WILLIAM WALTON; Birmingham; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha; University Religious Council; Wesley Foundation Cabinet; Alpha Phi Omega; Pi Tau Chi; Commerce Associa- tion Council; Secretary, Pi Kappa Alpha . GASTON, LAURA ANNE; Montgomery; Engineering; Alpha Phi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Mu Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi; President, Alpha Phi; St. Pot ' s GATES, CLARA NELL; Phenix City; Home Economics GATES, HELEN ELIZABETH; Lockhart; A S; Chi Omega; First Vice-President, Y, W. C. A.; Wesley Foun- dation GAY, CHARLES LINN, JR.; Birmingham; Com- merce. GIBBS, CHARLOTTE ROYSTON; Cullman; Education; Pub- licity Chairman; Caroline Hunt Club; Secretary, Girls ' Spirit Committee; B. S. U.; Phi Epsilon Omicron; University Symphony Orchestra . . GIEGER, ROBERT B.; Hattiesburg, Miss.; A S; Pep Squad; Chess Club; U. M. O. C. . , GILCHRIST, FRED B.; Gadsden; A S; Lambda Chi Alpha; Spirit Plan- ning Committee; Greeks; I. R. C; Muckers Club . . . GILES, WILLIAM RICHARD; Gadsden; A S; Theta Xi . . . GLASS, Page 131 Bama ' s Rockettes Griffin, A. Griffin, L. Griffin, M. R. Griffin, W. C. Grimsley Gulledge Guy Guyton Hoden Haigh Hoin Halcomb Hall Hornby Hamilton, J. P. Hamilton, S. M. Hamilton, W. A. Hammock, W. Jock Honey Honnoh Horben Hordin norland Harmon Harper Harrington Harris, D. Harris, E. N. Harris, G. R. Harris, H. B. Harris, J. R. Harris, K. R. Harris, S. L. Horrison, C. P. Harrison, C. C. Harrison, f. K. Harrison, J. C. Horrison, R, F. Hort, C. J. Hart, J. Hortloy Hatch Hotten Hoy BAMA ' S ART DEPARTMENT IS ONE OF 9 IN NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF SCHOOL OF DESIGN GREER, CHARLES H.; Sylacauga, A S; Kappa Sigma Piess Club; I. R. C. GRIFFIN, ARTHUR; Birmingham A S ' GRIFFIN, LUCILLE; Quentin, Miss.; Education Alpha Xi Delta; Kappa Delta Pi; Pep Squad GRIFFIN, MARGARET ROY; Bessemer; A S GRIFFIN, WILLIAM C; Union Springs; Commerce GRIMSLEY, BARBARA ANN; Fayette; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Pep Squad. GULLEDGE, MARY ANNE; Birmingham; A S; Delta Zeto; Pep Squad; Girls ' Spirit Committee; Corolla; French Club; B. S. u ' . . , GUY, MARIE; Bessemer; A S; Delta Delta Delta; Zeta Phi Eta; WABP; B. B. A.; Westminster Fellow- ship GUYTON, ROBERT DAVID; York; A S HADEN, SARA ARNOLD; Guntersville; A S; Zeta Tau Alpha; Triangle; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet; President, Zeta Tau Alpha; Vice-President, Junior A. A. U. W. HAIGH, PAUL G.; Birmingham; Commerce; Sigma Chi; Alpha Phi Omega HAIN, JANE ELIZABETH; Selmo; A S; Kappa Kappa Gamma. HALCOMB, JAMES LOWELL; Gadsden; Engineering; Pi Kappa Phi; B. R. N. HALL, FRANCES CAROL; Fort Davis; Chemistry; W. S. G. A.; A. A. U. W.; Westminster Fellowship; University Religious Council HAMBY, ALBERT COLGAN; Birmingham; Commerce; Newman Club; hiomecoming Com- mittee . . HAMILTON, JAMES PAUL, JR.; Fort Payne; A S . HAMILTON, SAMUEL M.; Opp; A S; Pi Kappa Phi HAMILTON, WILLIAM AMOS; Birmingham; Engineering; Kappa Sigmo; Phi Eta Sigma; President, Kappa Sigma. HAMMACK, WILLIAM JACK; Tuscaloosa; A S; Pi Kappa Phi; Band; Alpha Epsilon Delta HAMMACK, WILLIAM JACKSON; Livingston; A S; Sigma Nu; Alpha Epsilon Delta HAMMOND, REBA EUGENIA; Prattville; A S Press Club; Rammer Jammer; Crimson-White; Corolla; I. R. C. A. A. U. W.; Theta Sigma Phi HAMNER, NED; Arley Education HANEY, DOROTHY M.; Birmingham; Home Economics; Alpha Chi Omega; Girls ' Spirit Committee; Pep Squad HANNAH, CARL EUGENE; Tuscaloosa; Com- merce; R. O. T. C. HARBEN, WILLIAM ALAN; Augusta, Ga.; Commerce; Lambda Chi Alpha; Greeks; Cotillion Club HARDIN, BETTY GENE; Nashville, Tenn.; A S; Alpha Delta Pi; Cotillion Club; Rammer Jammer; Y. W. C. A. HARLAND, CAROLYN MONTGOMERY; Greenville, Miss.; Education; Phi Mu; Westminster Fellowship HARMON, ERNEST NASON, JR.; Woolford, Md.; Engineering; Chairman, A. S. M. E.; St. Pat ' s HARPER, CLAIRE EDNA; Montgomery; A S; Alpha Chi Omega; Symphony Orchestra; Chamber Music Quartet HARRINGTON, ROBERT LEONARD; Sweetwater; A S; Lombda Chi Alpha; Recreation and Athletic Director, Page 133 Northirgton Campus; President, Northington Athletic Club; Northington Campus Association. HARRIS, DOROTHY; Elmore; A S; Delta Gamma; German Club; Spanish Club; Y. W. C. A. HARRIS, ERIC N.; Birmingham; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Advertising Manager, Rammer Jammer HARRIS, GEORGE RUSSELL, JR.; Mobile; Commerce; Phi Kappa Sigma HARRIS, HERSCHEL BARLOW; Piedmont; A S; HARRIS, JERRYLENE REBECCA; Morris; A S HARRIS, KENNEDY R.; Piedmont; A S; Press Club; Phi Eta Sigma . HARRIS, STELLA L.; Birmingham; Education; Wesley Foun- dation HARRISON, CECIL PRICE; Florence; A S; Pi Kappa Phi; Greeks HARRISON, CHARLES CRESHULL; Marianno; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Greeks HARRISON, FRANCES KATHRYN; Pensacolo; A S; Delta Zeta; Press Club; Crimson-White; Wesley Foundation; Theta Sigma Phi HARRISON, JOSEPH CAREY; Union City; Commerce; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Delta Sigma Pi . . . HARRISON, REUBEN FRANKLIN, JR.; Birmingham; Engineering; Kappa Alpha. HART, CLARENCE J., JR.; Canton, Miss.; Commerce; Sigma Chi; President, Alpha Phi Omega; Delta Sigma Pi HART, JEAN; Birmingham; Education; Triangle; Blackfriars . . . HARTLEY, C. J.; Tuscaloosa; Commerce; Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . HATCH, CHARLES KRAMER; Demopolis; Commerce HATTEN, ROY WEBB; Meridian; Commerce; Kappa Alpha . . . HAY, JOHN CARROLL, JR.; Huntsville; Commerce; Sigma Nu. m %:f k Hoyes, A. S. Hayes, W. J. Hayley Haynes Hays, M. D. Hays, W. D. Heacock Head Headley Heard, H. L. Heard, W. H. Hearn Helms, J. D. Helms, V. R. Hembree Hemphill Hendricks Hendrix Heusless Heyer Hicks, C. E. Hicks, J. Hicks, W. G. Higgins Hildebrarct Hill, C. Hill, E. H. Hill, J. E, Hill, M. E. Hines, J. A. Hines, R. H. Hinlon Hoffman Holcombe Holder Hollond Holley Hollis, G. H. Mollis, K. L. Holloman Holt Holzer Hoppers FLYING FEATHERS COVERED VICTORIOUS ALABAMA FANS AFTER THE AUBURN GAME HAYES, AUBREY S.; Greenville; Commerce HAYES, WILLIAM JULIAN; Langdale; Commerce; Kappa Sigma HAYLEY, WILLIAM F.; Birmingham; Commerce; A. I. A.; Pub- licity Director, A. I. A.; Crimson-White Photographer; Alpha Phi Omega; Commerce Association; Staff Photographer, 1949 Corolla HAYNES, CLYDE W.; Bessemer; Commerce . . . HAYS, MARCUS DAVID; Scottsboro; Commerce; Phi Kappa Sigmo; Greeks; Commerce Association; I. R. C. HAYS, WILLIAM DALTON; Talladega; A S; Delta Kappa Epsilon. HINES, RICHARD H.; Pulaski, Tenn.; A S . HINTON, WILLIAM NEWTON; Tuscaloosa; Phi Gamma Delta HJORTH, GEORGE EARLING; Roselle, N. J.; Engineering, Band; Alpha Phi Omega; A. I. I. E.; A. S. M. E.; St. Pat ' s Council; A. I. A.; Pep Squad HITE, JOHN E.; Nashville, Tenn.; Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon HIX, HUGH BISHOP; Washington, D. C; Chemistry; Sigma Nu HODO, PETE THOMAS; Armory, Miss.; Commerce. HEACOCK, LEONARD MACK; Sylacaugo; Commerce HEAD, E. GARY; Birmingham; Engineering; Lambda Chi Alpha; St. Pat ' s Executive Council; Theta Tau . . . HEADLEY, MARVIN COOPER; Jemison; Commerce; Lambda Chi Alpha HEARD, HORACE L.; Albertville; Engineering; St. Pat ' s HEARD, WILLIAM HARRISON; Montgomery; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega; Greeks; Officers ' Club HEARN, JOE A.; Birmingham; Engineering. HOFFMAN, JOSEPH; New York, N. Y.; Engineering; A. I. I. E.; Society for Advancement of Management; St. Pat ' s; Crimson- White HOLCOMBE, HELENA; Carriere, Miss.; A S; Pep Sauad; Alpha Lambda Delta HOLDER, ARVIN COMA; Jackson; Commerce . . . HOLLAND, HELEN KATHRYN; Birmingham; A S; Alpha Epsilon Rho; Zeta Phi Eta; W. A. B. P. HOLLEY, JOSEPH REED; Jacksonville; Engineering; Treasurer, Pi Kappa Phi HOLLINGSWORTH, IDA SUE; Glen Allen; Education; Pep Squad; Spirit Commit- tee; Caroline Hunt Club. HELMS, JOHN DAVID; Enterprise; Education; Pi Kappa Phi; Intramural Golf Champion; Cadet Officers ' Club HELMS, VIRGIL ROE; Portsmouth, Va.; Education; Industrial Arts Club . . . HEMBREE, ANDERSON HESS; Section; Educa- tion; Pi Kappa Phi; President Senior Class HEMPHILL, ANDREW FREDERICK; West Point, Miss.; A S HENDRICKS, BETTY JO; Tuscaloosa; Commerce; Commerce Association HENDRIX, NANCY RUTH; Tuscaloosa; Home Economics. HOLLIS, GUY HOUSTON; Scottsboro; Commerce; Pi Kappa Phi HOLLIS, KNOWLTON LOWE, JR.; Sulligent; A S; Pi Kappa Alpha HOLLOMAN, FRED S.; Dothan; Com- merce; B. S. U.; Track Team HOLT, FRED MARION; Florence; Commerce; Phi Gamma Delta HOLZER, ARNOLD; Birmingham; Commerce; Zeta Beta Tau HOPPERS, DAVID H.; Decatur; Engineering; A. S. M. E.; St Pot ' s. On the Pi Kapp la HEUSTESS, DAN C; Montgomery; Commerce; Kappa Sigma HEYER, CHARLES JOSEPH; Birmingham; Com- merce . . . HICKS, CLARENCE E., Watson, Ark.; Commerce . . . HICKS, JAMES; Seven Mile Ford, Va.; Commerce; Phi Eta Sigma HICKS, W. GLENN; Honoroville; Commerce; Pi Kappa Phi HIGGINS, WALTER P., JR.; Birmingham; Commerce; Phi Eta Sigma. HILDEBRANDT, WARREN L.; St. Joseph, Mo.; A S; Dis- tinguished Military Student; Scabbard and Blade HILL, CLINT; Shuqualok, Miss.; Commerce HILL, ELEANOR HARLEY; Houston, Miss.; A S; Wesley Foundation; Press Club; Pep Squad HILL, JOHN E.; Booz; A S HILL, MARY ELIZABETH; El Paso, Tex.; A S; Delta Gam- ma; Debate Team; Sigma Delia Pi; Press Club; Crimson- White; Newman Club; Pep Squad; I. R. C; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges HINES, JOHN ALLEN, JR.; Siluro; A S; Sigma Chi. Page 135 Hoiton, G. C. Horfon, M. O. Howard, G. L. Howard, P. J. Howell Huffm-n Huffstutler Hughes, E. L. Hughes, R. E. Hule Hunt Hunter, J. G. Hurley, B. Hutchersor, D. J. Hulcherson, E. E. Hufto ingran Irby IsbeM, K. G. Jcckson, F. E. Jcckson, G. S. Jccbon, L. Jcckson, M. W. Jcck:on, S. W. ackson, Vi ' . I. Johonien Johns, G. E. Johns, J. S. Johns, W. E. Johnson, I. T. Johnson, J. P. Johnson, L. F. Johnson, R. T. Johnston Jones, J. K. Jones, L. L. Jones, M. A. BILLY ROSE SELECTED THE 1949 COROLLA BEAUTIES NORTON, GEORGE C; Montgomery; Commerce; Kappa Sigma NORTON, MERRILL QUENTIN; Fort Payne; A S; Delta Sigma Phi HOWARD, GEORGE L.; Birmingham; Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; Chi Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigma; A. S. C. E.; St. Pat ' s . . . HOWARD, PERCY JOHN; Mobile; A S; Sigma Chi; Alpha Epsilon Delta HOWELL, LAURINE LAVENDER; Newbern; Home Economics; Y. W. C, A.; Caroline Hunt Club HUFFMAN, MARIAN RUSSELL; Fairhope; A S; Pep Squad; W. S, G. A. HUFFSTUTLER, BETTY JEAN; Tuscaloosa; Home Economics; Chi Omega; Coroline Hunt Club; Triangle; Y. W. C. A. . . . HUGHES, EDWIN LEON; Morris; A S HUGHES, ROBERT EPPERSON; Gadsden; A S; Y. M. C. A.; Alpha Phi Omega; Cadet Officers ' Club; Wesley Foundation; Katie Belle Harris Scholarship; Pi Tau Chi; United Nations Com- mittee; University Religious Council; Pep Squad NUIE, JOSEPH PRESTON; Oneonto; A S; Sigma Phi Epsilon; I. R. C; Press Club HUNT, ALICE LOUISE; Montgomery; Home Economics; Chi Omega; Y. W. C. A.; Corolla HUNTER, JOSEPH GULLATTE, JR.; Opeliko; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega. HUNTER, ROBERT EDWARD, JR.; Bessemer; A S; Phi Gamma Delta . . . HURLEY, BARCLAY; M.obile; Commerce . . . HURLEY, DAVID P.; Birmingham; Commerce . . . HURST, DAVID Vv ' EBB; Montgomery; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta . . . HUSTON, FRED LANGDON; Sylacaugo; Engineering HUTCHERSON, DOROTHY JEAN; Sulligent; Education. HUTCHERSON, ELMER E.; Sulligent; Commerce HUTTO, THOMAS CARROLL; Birmirgham; A S; Phi Gamma Delta INGRAM, MARTHA JEANNE; Birmingham; A S; Phi Mu; I. R. C; Pep Squad IRBY, WALTHERINE; Meri- dian, Miss.; Home Economics; Alpha Xi Delta IRWIN, LAFAYETTE KEY; Stantonville, Tenn.; Engineering ISBELL, FRANCES ANNETTE; Attallo; Education; Alpha Gamma Delta; Kappa Delta Pi, ISBELL, KATHRYN G.; Atfalla; A S; Alpha Gamma Delta JACKSON, FLORA ELIZABETH; Ersley; Home Economics; Secretary, A. I. A. JACKSON, GRACIE SHERER; Selmo; Education JACKSON, LILLIAN; Mobile; Home Economics; Alpha Chi Omega; Vice-President, Senior Class; Cotillion Club; Y. W. C. A.; Girls ' Spirit Committee Pep Squad JACKSON, MELVIN MOORE; Selma A S JACKSON, SIDNEY WARREN, JR.; Petrey Commerce; Pi Kappa Phi; President, Officers ' Club; Quad rangle; Scabbard and Blade; Cotillion Club. JACKSON, WILLIAM INGRAM; Bessemer; Commerce JACOBS, THOMAS EDWARD; Decatur; Engineering; Phi Delta Theta JAMERSON, DORALEE DALE; Twin Falls, Idaho; Poge 1 37 A S; Alpha Chi Omega; Zeta Phi Eta; W. A. B. P. . JANTZEN, ANNE HARRIET; Atlanta, Ga.; Home Economics; Kappa Kappa Gamma JETER, JACK L.; Enterprise; Commerce; Sigma Nu; Alpha Kappa Psi JIMMERSON, MARY GEORGE; Atlanta, Ga.; Home Economics; Kappa Delta; Corolla; Y. W. C. A.; Junior A, A. U. W. JOHANSEN, PHILIP; Mobile; Commerce; Theta Chi . . JOHNS, GEORGE ERNEST; Talladega; Commerce , JOHNS, JAQUELIN SMITH; Washington, D. C; A S; Phi Mu; President, Sigma Delta Pi; French Club; Alpha Lambda Delta . . . JOHNS, WILLIAM EARNEST; Birmingham; Com- merce; President, Junior Class; Commerce Association; Home- coming Bonfire Chairman, 1947; President, S. G. A.; O. D. K. JOHNSON, IRIS TAYLOR; Jasper; Home Economics; Zeta Tau Alpha; President, Zeta Tau Alpha; Cor- olla; Pep Squad JOHNSON, JESSE PIERCE; Haleyville; Engineering; Pi Tau Sigma; St. Pat ' s; A. S. M. E,; Tau Beta Pi. JOHNSON, LUTHER FURNISS; Selma, Commerce; Lambda Chi Alpha; President, Cotillion Club; Delta Sigma Pi; Great Greeks; O. D. K. JOHNSON, ROBERT T.; Lanett; Com- merce; Pi Kappa Alpha; Alpha Kappa Psi . . . JOHNSTON, ROB ROY, JR.; Dancy; Commerce; Beta Gamma Sigmo; Delta Sigma Pi JONES, JAMES KENDA; Birmingham; A S Sigma Nu; Debate Squad; Cross-country Team; I. R. C. R. O. T. C. Silver Star; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Kappa Alpha Alpha Eosilon Delta; German Club . . . JONES, LEO LESLIE, New Castle, Pa.; Engineering; I. A. S. JONES, MARY ANNE; Booneville, Miss.; A S; Delta Delta Delta; Sigma Phi Eta; Y. W. C. A. Take it easy, gii Jones, M. J. Jones, M. S. Jones, R. E. Jones, S. F. Jordon Jurkln Kohn Korrh Keel Kellum Kelly, A. W. Kelly, W. M. Kerlln Kernochan Kerr Key Kidder Killlngsworth Kilpatrick King, E. King, J. A. King, M. L. King, M. R. King, T. King, W. W. Kirby, H. B. Kirby, L. J. Kirby, R. J. Kirklond Kizzort Klinefelter Knight, G. C. Knight, J. S. Knight, M. I. Koen Krotz Krichmon Krodop Ladd Lcdner Lagorde Laird Landers, B. L. Lenders, K. C. Landgroff Londham Lang Langham, A. M. ■} V A BAMA STUDENT IS NATIONAL PRESIDENT OF ALPHA EPSILON RHO JONES, MAURICE J.; Decatur; Engineering JONES, MILTON SPENCE; Clanton; Commerce; Phi Eta Sigma JONES, RAGON E.; Georgiona; Engineering; A. S. M. E.; . . . JONES, SARA FRANCES; Anniston; A S; Kappa Delta; Alpha LamlDcia Delta; Alpha Kappa Delta; Triangle; Presi- dent, Kappa Delta; Panhellenic Council; Mortar Board JORDAN, BRYANT ELIJAH; Grove Hill; Education; Kappa Delta Pi JUNKIN, RUTH; Gordo; Education; Kappa Delta Pi. KLINEFELTER, JOHN W.; Tuscaloosa; Engineering; Delta Chi; Pi Tau Sigma; Rho Alpha Tau; A. S. M. E.; St. Pot ' s; Greeks KNIGHT, GROVER C; Bessemer; Commerce . . . KNIGHT, JAMES SPROULL, Anniston; Commerce; Sigmo Alpha Epsilon KNIGHT, MARY LELILA; Macon, Ga. A S; Phi M,u KOEN, CAROLYN JEAN; Austin, Tex. A S; Alpha Epsilon Phi KRATZ, EUGENE; Birmingham Chemistry; Pi Kappa Alpha; Vice-President, B. S. U.; State Baptist Student Union Council; President, Pasteur Society; President, Senior Class; Alpha Phi Omega. KAHN, HELEN CAROL; Gadsden, A S; Alpha Epsilon Phi KARRH, WILEY JEFFERSON; Tuscaloosa; Engi- neering KEEL, VIRGINIA DICKMAN; University; Educa- tion; Kapoa Delta Pi KELLUM, MYRA ROSE; Tuscaloosa; A S; ' KELLY, ANNIE WHITAKER; Ashford; Educa- tion KELLY, WILLIAM MILNER, JR.; Birmingham; A S; Sigma Nu KERLIN, HOMER EASON; Prattville; Commerce KERNACHAN, MARY LUSK; Guntersville; A S; Zeta Tau Alpha; Corolla; Panhellenic Council; Spirit Committee; Spanish Club; Y. W. C. A. KERR, JOHN THOMAS; St. Peters- burg, Fla.; Engineering; Phi Delta Theto; A. S. M. E.; Pep Squad; St. Pat ' s KEY, SAMUEL AMOS; Arley; Educa- tion KIDDER, DAVID ROY; Tuscaloosa; Engineering; Delta Kappa Eosilon; St. Pat ' s; Officers ' Club; Rifle Team . KILLINGSWORTH, JULIA S.; Sumterville; Education. KILPATRICK, MARY E.; Mobile; Home Economics; Caroline Hunt Club . . KING, EDGAR, JR.; Union Grove; A S; Theto Xi . , KING, JOHN ARGYLE; Gadsden; A S; First Vice-President, A. I. A., 1948-49; Phi Eta Sigma; Cotillion Club; Rammer Jammer; Publicity Director, A. I. A.; Third Vice- President, A. I. A., 1948; A. I. A. Chairman, White Christmas; S. G. A. Art Director; Chairman, S. G. A. Homecoming Decorations; Treasurer, Alpha Sigma Omega; A. I. A. Chair- man, A. I. A. Homecoming Decorations; Ridgecrest Campus Association; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Col- leges . KING, MARTIN L.; McMinnville, Tenn.; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Mu KING, MARY RUTH; Tuscaloosa; Home Economics; Delta Zeto; Caroline Hunt Club KING, TOMMIE; Goshen; Commerce. KING, WILLIAM W.; Clinton; Commerce KIRBY, HAROLD B.; Ensley; A S; Chief Console Engineer, WABP KIRBY, LAWRENCE J.; Woodland; Engineering; St. Pat ' s A. I. C. H. E. KIRBY, ROBERT JOHNSON; Natchez, Miss.; Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; Black Warrior Fly- ing Club; A. I. S. . KIRKLAND, WILLIAM G.; Quitman; Miss.; A S; Sigma Alpha Epsilon KIZZORT, JESSE J.; Guntersville; A S; Delta Tau Delta; Cotillion Club, Poge 139 KRICHMAN, IRVING; Nev ark, N, J.; A S; Alpha Epsilon Pi; American Chemical Society KRUDOP, LAURANNE; Greenville; A S; Delta Gamma; Pep Squad; Blackfriars; Zeta Phi Eta LADD, ROBBIE DELL; Montgomery; Home Economics LADNER, JAMES EDSEL; Prichard; A S . . . LAGARDE, MARY VIRGINIA; New Orleans, La.; A S; Phi Mu; Canterbury Club; Choral Union; Glee Club LAIRD, MARJORIE; Gastonburg; Education. LANDERS, BLUITT LEE; Hartselle; A S; Alpha Phi Omega LANDERS, KENNETH CARL; Birmingham; Commerce; Delta Sigma Phi; Pep Squad; Advertising Mana- ger, Bama Beam LANDGRAFF, DONALD RICHARD; Ingomar, Pa.; A S; Delta Tau Delta; Greeks; Press Club; -Rammer Jammer; .Rho Alpha Tau LANDHAM, REUBEN F.; Lincoln; A S; Chi Phi LANG, JOHN W.; Meridian, Miss.; Commerce; Kappa Alpha LANGHAM, ARTHUR MOODY; Greensboro; Education; A. I. A, ■ ngham, B. A. .nhom .nkford Layman Layton Lazenby Leard eePard land nahan Lewis, C. F. Lewis, J. S. Lloyd Locke Locklor Loeb Loftin London Long Lord Lowe Lowry Ley Luker Li;m,:kin Luna Lutz Lynn Macon Malone Mcnderson Mange Mann Mop ' es W.arcus Maring A DEWEY-WARREN CLUB WAS ORGANIZED ON CAMPUS DURING NATIONAL ELECTION LANGHAM, BETTY ANNE; Montgomery; A S; Kappa Delta; Alpha Kappa Delta; Pep Squad LANHAM, JOHN WALTER, JR.; Miami, Fla.; Engineering; PI Kappa Phi LANKFORD, JOHN WILLIAM; Birmingham; Engineering; Theta Xi; St. Pot ' s; A. S. M. E.; B. S. U. . . . LARSON, MARY ELIZABETH; Birmingham; A S; Theta Upsilon . . . LAVENDER, ROBERT EUGENE; Fairfield; Engineering; Tou Beta Pi; St. Pat ' s; A. I. A. S. LAWRENCE, ALICE C; Atlanta, Ga.; A S; Alpha Xi Delta; W. S. G. A.; Panhellenic Council; Junior A. A. U. W. LAWSON, THOMAS C; Tuscaloosa; A S; Alpha Tau Omega; Alpha Epsilon Delta LAYMAN, GEORGE OLIVER; Mobile; Engineering; Theta Chi; Secretary-Treasurer, A. S. C. E;. Student Assistant, Engineering; A. S. M. E. . . . LAYTON, THOMAS M.; Patsburg; Commerce; Phi Eta Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi; Commerce Association LAZENBY, EDN A; Forest Home; Education; Delta Delta Delta; Pep Squad LEARD, DONALD ARTHUR; Hudson, N. Y.; Engineering; Soci- ety for Advancement of Management; A. I. I. E. LEE, REX LYNWELL; Dothan; A S; Alpha Epsilon Delta. LEEPARD, GEORGE P., JR.; Pensacola, Flo.; Commerce; Delta Tau Delta; Vice-President, Delta Tau Delta; Cotillion Club; Greeks; Cadet Officers ' Club . . . LELAND NORFLEETE Birmingham; A S; Kappa Delta; Y. VV. C. A.; Spirit Com mittee LENAHAN, ARTHUR LEWIS; Meridian, Miss. Commerce; Koppo Aloha LENNOX, DOROTHY MAY New Orleans; La.; A S; . LEON, TOFEY, JR.; Mobile A S; Phi Kappa Sigmo; 1. R. C. . . . LEWIS, BEBE; Tuscaloosa A S; Delta Zeto; Panhellenic Council; Crimson-White. LONG, WILLIAM ROBERT; Birmingham; Commerce; Lambda Chi Alpha LORD, ELLEN JUNE; Birmingham; A S; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Blackfriars LOWE, JAMES ROYCE; Birmingham; Commerce; Delta Kappa Epsilon LOWRY, WILLIAM S.; Memphis, Tenn.; Commerce; Kappa Sigma; Pep Squad; Crimson-White; Commerce Association . . . LOY, WILLIAM MASON; Birmingham; Commerce; Chi Phi . . . LUKER, VIRGINIA R.; Montgomery; Home Economics. LUMPKIN, THOMAS RILEY; Tuskegee; A S; Kappa Alpha . . . LUNA, BEN CURTIS, JR.; Florence; A S; Sigma Delta Pi, Boxing Team LUTZ, ANN GREDELL; New Orleans, La.; A S; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Treasurer, Kappa Kappa Gamma; Vice-President, Swan Club; Vice-Director, Pi Mu Epsilon LYNN, JAMES FARRIS; Montgomery; A S Muckers Club MACON, PAUL VERNON; M.obile; A S Phi Delta Theta MALONE, SAMUEL DURWARD Tuscaloosa; Commerce. MANDERSON, MARY L.; Cordova; Home Economics MANGE, WILLIAM GARVIN, JR.; Anniston; Commerce; Sigma Nu; President, Alpha Phi Omega; Y. M. C. A.; Commerce Association MANN, ELIJAH MASON; Jackson, Miss. Commerce MAPLES, JOHN MARTIN; Middlesboro, Ky. Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega; Scabbard and Bla de A. S. C. E.; St. Pat ' s; Pep Squad MARCUS, MARK, Montgomery; A S; Zeto Beta Tau; Black Warrior Flying Club . . . MARING, LOUIS E.; St. Petersburg, Fla.; Com- merce; Zet Beta Tau; Corolla; I. R. C; Blackfriars. LEWIS, CLATIE FLOYD; Lodi, Miss.; Commerce LEWIS, JACK S.; Tuscaloosa; A S; Koppo Alpha LILE, JOHN MINOR, JR.; Leighton; Engineering; Kappa Alpha LILES, DOLLY RUTH; Frisco City; Home Economics; Phi Mu, Caroline Hunt Club LINDSEY, THOMAS LEVI, JR.; Fayette; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Commerce Asso- ciation LITTLE, BARBARA KERR; Tuscaloosa; Chemistry; Alpha Delta Pi; Pasteur Society; Wesley Foundation. LLOYD, ELIZABETH ANNE; Anniston; Home Economics; Kappa Delta LOCKE, MARGARET ELIZABETH; Marion; Education; Delta Zeto; Wesley Foundation LOCKLAR, ROY; New Brocton; Commerce; Alpha Sigma Phi; Corolla; Commerce Association LOEB, HENRY SYLVAN; Mont- gomery; A S; Zeta Beta Tau; Druids LOFTIN, CHARLIE FRANKLIN; Fort Deposit; Engineering LONDON, DOROTHY CLAIRE; Hattiesburg, Miss.; Education, Sigma Delta Tau. Page Ml Marlowe Marshall Martin, B. Martin, H. R. Martin, J. Martin, J. Martin, J. R. Massey Mastin Mothews Mathis Matthews Mavilo Maxwell, A. B. Maxwell, B. C. May Maye Mayer Meledy Mendel Middlebrooks, C. Middlebrooks, K. Miller, B. M. Miller, B. R. Miller, D. G. Miller, L. T. Miller, W. H. Mills, C. J. Mills, C. W. Mills, R. S. Mills, R. Mitchell, E. L. Mitchell, H. D. Mitchell, S. F. Mock Moore, B. B. Moore, B. G. Moore, C. H. Moore, E. R. Moore, F. S. Moore, H. H. Moore, J. H. Moore, P. L. Moorer Morgan, J. L. Morgan, L. A. VETERANS COMPOSE MORE THAN HALF OF THE STUDENT BODY MARLOWE, SARA FRANCES; Tuscaloosa; Education; WSGA; Pep Squad MARSHALL, WILLIAM LUTHER, JR.; Fair- field; Commerce MARTIN, BETTY; Donalsonville, Go.; Education MARTIN, HELEN RUTH; Gadsden; Educa- tion MARTIN, JACK; Birmingham; Engineering; Phi Sigma Kappa; Tau Beta Pi; Theta Tau; A. I. E. E. MARTIN, JACK; Northport; A S; Kappa Alpha; Druids; Quadrangle; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Spirit Committee; Y. M. C. A. MILLS, CORDELL WOOD; Springhill; Commerce MILLS, RABUN S.; Montgomery; Engineering; Theta Chi; Con- cert Bond MILLS, ROBERT; Evergreen; Commerce; Chi Phi; Vice-President, Interfraternity Council . . . MITCHELL, EARL LEE; Haleyville; A S; Phi Kappa Sigma . . , MITCHELL, HAROLD DENNIS; Birmingham; Commerce; Phi Kappa Sigma; Greeks; I. R. C. MITCHELL, SYLVIA FRANCES; Birming- ham; Chemistry; Alpha Xi Delta; Secretary-Treasurer, Al- chemist Club; Student Affiliate, American Chemical Society; S. G. A. MARTIN, JAMES RYAN; Gadsden; Engineering; Phi Kappa Sigma MASSEY, WILLIAM EUGENE; Bessemer; Engi- neering; Kappa Alpha MASTIN, FRANK T.; Boaz; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega MATHEWS, BILL; Jasper; Commerce; Phi Gamma Delta; Pep Sauad MATHIS, VIRGINIA; Monroeville; Chemistry; Alpha Phi; Y. W. C A.; Pasteur Society MATTHEWS, SARA EANES; Gosport; Education, Wesley Foundation. MAVILA, WILLIAM; Lima, Peru; Engineering MAXWELL, ANNA BACON; Augusta, Ga.; Home Economics; Chi Omega MAXWELL, BOBBYE CLAIRE; Tuscaloosa; Home Economics MAY, IRVING; Birmingham; Engineering Kappa Nu; Spirit Committee MAYE, LEON D.; University A 8c S; . . . MAYER, MORRIS LEHMAN; Demopolis; Commerce Chairman, Civic Committee, S. G. A.; Chairman, Publicity, Commerce Day; Beta Gamma Sigma. MOCK, HYRUM HERMAN; Red Level; Commerce; Sigma Phi Epsilon MOORE, BILLY B.; Oneonto; Commerce MOORE, BILLY G.; Wetumpko; Education; Kappa Alpha; Y. M. C. A. MOORE, CLAUDE HOWARD, JR.; Mobile; Commerce; Phi Gamma Delta; Rho Alpha Tau MOORE, ELIZABETH RUTH; Tuscaloosa; Commerce; B. S. U.; Corolla; Commerce Association MOORE, FRED S., JR.; Birming- ham; Engineering; A. I. I. E.; Band. MOORE, HENRY HAROLD; Montgomery; Commerce MOORE, JAMES H.; Lineville; Commerce MOORE, ROBERT LANDREW; Ryderwood; Engineering; St. Pat ' s MOORER, LAMAR CURTISS; Evergreen; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta MORGAN, JOHN LEWIS; Birmingham; Commerce; Lambda Chi Alpha MORGAN, LENOIR ANN; Birming- ham; Home Economics. MELEDY, THOMAS ALEXANDER; Bethlehem, Pa.; Engineer- ing; Chairman, A.I.A.S. . . . MENDEL, MANUEL; Birmingham; Engineering; Zeta Beta Tau; Student Forum; I. R. C; St. Pat ' s; A. S. C. E. MERRILL, THOMAS LEE; Heflin; Commerce; Lambda Chi Alpha; Delta Sigma Pi MIDDLEBROOKS, CHRISTINE; Troy; A S; Phi Mu; Corolla; Spanish Club; Junior Ponhellenic; R. O. T. C. Sponsor, 1946-47; Corolla Beauty, 1947; Girls ' Soirit Committee MIDDLEBROOKS, KATHRYN; Troy; Home Economics MILES, JAMES R.; Mathews, Va.; Commerc e. MILLER, BETTY MARIE; Birmingham; Home Economics; Alpha Delta Pi; Phi Upsilon Omicron; President, Alpha Delta Pi . . . MILLER, BILLY RAY; Dothan; Commerce; . . . MILLER, DORIS GLYNN; New Orleans, La.; Education; President, Women ' s Physical Education Club; Social Chairman, B. S. U.; Pep Squad . . MILLER, LOUIS TERRY; Carbon Hill; Commerce . . . MILLER, WILLIAM H., JR.; Attallo; A S; Delta Chi; Rho Alpha Tau; Intramural Sports Committee, 1946-47; WABP . . . MILLS, CHELSIE JOE; Winfield; Commerce. Page M3 Morris Morriss Morrow, E. B. Morrow, H. B. Morrow, K. A. Morton Moseley Moses Mosley Moss Mowery Moxiey Muckle Muir Mundy Murphey Murphy, R. W. Murphy, R. D. Murphy, V. Murray McAdory McBeth McBride McConn McClenny McCluney McConnell McCord McCoy McCrary McDermott McDonald, E. E. McDonald, M. M. McDougal, P. A. McDougol, T. A. McDowell, C. L. McDowell, W. McDuff McElroy McGahey McGee McGehee McGovern McGuffog McGuIre Mclnnis Mcintosh McKenzie BILLIONAIRE HINDU R. DALMIA SPOKE AT THE CAPSTONE ON WORLD PEACE MORRIS, PEGGY WARE; Birmingham; Home Economics Alpha Delta Pi MORRISS, JESSE EDWIN; Wetumpko A S; A. I. A.; Pep Squad; Y. M. C. A. MORROW ELMER B.; Greenville, S. C; Education MORROW HUGH B.; Helena; Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; Theta Tau A. I. E. E. MORROW, KEITH A.; Batavia, N. Y. Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; Society of American Engineers A. I. I. E. MORTON, FREDERICK G.; Mobile; Commerce Distinguished Military Student. McDERMOTT, AUGUSTA; Union Grove; A S; Alpha Delta Pi McDonald, ELTON E.; Geneva; Engineer- ing McDonald, MARLIN MITCHELL; Quitman, Miss.; A S; McDOUGAL, PAUL ALLEN; West Palm Beach, Fla.; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega McDOUGAL, THOMAS ALLEN; Ensley; Engineering; A. I. E. E. McDOWELL, CLAYTON L.; Tuscaloosa; Commerce; Alpha Sigma Phi. MOSELEY, LESLIE; Uniontown; Education; Kappa Delta . . . MOSES, HUGH; Hamilton; Commerce; Square and Compass; Delta Sigma Pi . . . MOSLEY, LYNN H.; Birmingham; Com- merce; Kappa Sigma . . . MOSS, CLARENCE LEWIS; Birming- ham; Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Muckers Club; Cadet Officers ' Club; Rifle Team, 1946-47 . . . MOWERY, PAUL ALLISON; Chattanooga, Tenn.; A S; Square and Compass; WABP; B. B. N. . MOXLEY, STEPHEN DEWEY, JR.; Birmingham; Engineering; Kappa Alpha; Theta Tau; Phi Eta Sigma; Jasons; Pi Mu Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi; A. I. E. E. McDowell, W. BOYD; Uniontown, Pa.; Commerce; Phi Eta Sigma; Debate Squad, 1946-47 McDUFF, JACK; Woodward; Commerce; Lambda Chi Alpha; Pep Squad . . . McELROY, JAMES B.; Attallo; A S; Sigma Nu . . . McGAHEY, CHARLES B.; Tuscaloosa; Commerce; Commerce Association . . . McGEE, JAMES RALPH; Killen; Engineering McGEHEE, THOMAS RIVES; Jacksonville, Flo.; A S; Phi Gamma Delta; President, Phi Gamma Delta; Interfraternity Council; Greeks. MUCKLE, RICHARD, JR.; Greensboro; A S; Alpha Sigma Omega; Spanish Club; Westminster Fellowship; Crimson- White . . . MUIR, DONALD WILDRIDGE; Birmingham; Com- merce; Delta Kappa Epsilon MUNDY, MIGNON RUSSELL; Rockmart, Ga.; Home Economics; Phi Mu; Corolla; Vice- President, Phi Mu . . . MURPHEY, GEORGE ANN; Boyce, La.; A S; Alpha Delta Pi; Blackfriars; Canterbury Club; Pep Squad . MURPHY, RALPH WALDO; Centreville; Engi- neering; A. I. I. E. MURPHY, ROBERT DUDLEY; Vernon; A S; Delta Tau Delta. McGOVERN, LORRAINE ALICE; Schenectady, N. Y.; A S; Girls ' Spirit Committee, Secretary, Newman Club McGUFFOG, HOWARD E.; Cambric Heights, Long Island, N. Y.; Commerce McGUIRE, POLLYE; Memphis, Tenn.; Commerce; Alpha Phi; Pep Squad; Junior A. A. U. W. , MclNNIS, MARGARET ANN; Mobile; A S; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Y. W. ' C. A. MclNTOSH, ROBINS PHARR; Camden; A S; Kappa Alpha McKENZIE, SAMUEL A.; Hattiesburg, Miss.; A S; Kappa Alpha; Y. M. C. A. MURPHY, VIOLET; Centreville; Education; Vice-President, Sophomore Class MURRAY, ROBERT SANDS; Mobile; Engineering; Delta Kappa Epsilon McADORY, WALLACE C; Tuscaloosa; A S; Koppo Alpha; Corolla McBETH, DANIEL P.; South Langhorne, Pa.; Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; Theta Tau McBRIDE, PATRICIA; Covington, Tenn.; Commerce; Alpha Delta Pi; Y. W. C. A.; Crimson- White . McCANN, NORMAN EWELL; St. Louis, Mo.; Commerce; Commerce Association. McCLENNY, LLOYD GEORGE; Headland; Education; P Kappa Phi McCLUNEY, JOE A.; Gaylesville; Com- merce McCONNELL, FORREST; Montgomery; Commerce Koppo Alpha McCORD, RUTH LYNNELL; Centreville Commerce; Mortar Board; Spirit Commitee; Phi Chi Theta Pi Tau Chi; Wesley Foundation McCOY, CARMEN VIRGINIA; Cullman; A S; Delta Zeto; Gamma Delta McCRARY, EVERETT MALCOLM; Troy; Commerce; Alpha Tou Omega. Poge 145 Engine McMurray McNeely McNeil McShan Nabors Nelson, G. Nelson, S. D. Nelson, W. G. Nesbit Nettles Neukom Nevin New Newman Nichobs Nelson, G. Nichols, B. J. Nichols, J. H. Nicholson Nolen Norman Norris Norton Oakley Ogden Ogilvie Olive Oliver Olmsted »» ;, OSleen Owen Owsley Ozbirn, T. W. Ozbirn, W. T. Page Palmer Panaboker Poppas Parker, J. H. Parker, J. J. Parks Patrick Patterson J. L. Potterson, W. R. Pottishail Patton, F. FOREIGN STUDENTS FROM 14 NATIONS ENROLLED AT THE UNIVERSITY DURING 1948 - 1949 McMURRAY, DORIS ANN; Roanoke; Education; Alpha Gamma Delta . . . McNEELY, BASIL TYRRELL; Mobile; Com- merce; Phi Delta Theta McNEIL, FRANCES LOUISE Mobile; A S . . . McSHAN, JOHN TYLER; McShan Commerce; Chi Phi . . . NABORS, HERSCHELL F.; Birmingham A S; A, I. A.; O. D. K.; Phi Eta Sigma; Y. M. C. A.; Wesley Foundation; Spirit Commitee; I. R. C; Pep Squad; German Club; Secretary-Treasurer, Senior Class; American Chemical Society; Cotillion Club; University Religious Council; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges - NELSON, GEORGE; Sylocaugo; Commerce; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Secretary Sigma Phi Epsilon; Pep Squad; Commerce Association. NELSON, SIDNEY, D.; Mobile; Commerce; Lambda Chi Alpha . . . NELSON, WALTER G.; Montgomery; Education; Sigma Chi; Alpha Phi Omega; Cadet Officers ' Club NESBIT, PHYLLIS SCHNEIDER; Tuscaloosa; Chemistry; Sergeant- At-Arms, Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Student Affiliate, American Chemical Society; Secretary-Treasurer, Alchemists; President, Senior Class NETTLES, ELEANOR C; Jasper; Commerce; Alpha Gamma Delta; Y. W. C. A.; Blackfriars; Crimson- White NEUKOM, EUGENE A.; Mobile; Commerce . . . NEVIN, THOMAS E.; Moundville; Commerce; Commerce Association. NEW, ROBERT L.; Tuscaloosa; Commerce; Cadet Officers ' Club . . . NEWMAN, VERNON, JR.; Leeland, Miss.; Commerce Sigma Alpha Epsilon NEWSOME, GEORGE L.; Bessemer Education NICHOLAS, FRANCIS EUGENE; Monroeville A S; Phi Kappa Sigma; Alpha Phi Omega; Spirit Committee Corolla; I. R. C. NICHOLLS, ANDREW BARRY CROOK Vicksburg, Miss.; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Druids Quadrangle; Jasons; Crimson-White; Interfraternity Council Spirit Planning Committee; Commerce Association; Canter bury Club; Cotillion Club NICHOLS, BETTY JEAN Birmingham; Chemistry; Alpha Xi Delta; Vice-President, Pasteui Society; Student Affiliate, American Chemical Society. NICHOLS, JAMES HENRY, JR.; Jacksonville, Fla.; A S; Kappa Sigma; Press Club; Pep Squad NICHOLSON, WILLIAM FORREST; Pensacolo, Flo.; Commerce; Delta Tau Delta NOLEN, LOUISE; Ashland; Home Economics . . . NORMAN, RALPH REYNARD, JR.; Fort Deposit; Commerce . . . NORRIS, CLESTE; Jasper; A S NORTON, HENRY BUFORD, JR.; Birmingham; A S; Kappa Alpha; I. R. C. OAKLEY, EDWARD H.; Lake Charles, La.; Commerce; Theta Chi; Greeks OGDEN, TALLULAH; Sulligent; A S; Delta Zeto; Alpha Kappa Delta; Wesley Foundation; Crimson- White OGILVIE, WALTER LEROY; Tuscaloosa; Commerce; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Kappa Psi; Beta Gamma Sigmo; Gov- Paga 147 erning Council; Quadrangle; Vice-President, Jasons; Commerce Association OLIVE, GEORGE C; Brantley; A S; W. O. Palmer Scholarship OLIVER, JOHN T., JR.; Tuscaloosa; A S; Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . OLMSTED, DAVID GLENN; York; Commerce; Commerce Association. ORR, JEANNE HARDEE; Birmingham; Home Economics Alpha Delta Pi O ' STEEN, BRAMLETT FUL MAN, JR. Tuscumbia; Commerce OWEN, EUGENE F.; Red Level Education; Phi Delta Kappa . . . OWSLEY, ALICE McGEHEE Eclectic; A S OZBIRN, THOMAS WASHBURN; Rus sellville; Sigma Nu; Greeks OZBIRN, WILLIAM T. Russellville; Commerce; Sigma Nu. PAGE, BABETTE; Pensacola, Fla.; Education; Pi Beta Phi . . . PALMER, GEORGE DAVID, III; Tuscaloosa; Kappa Alpha . . . PANABAKER, JACK WARREN; Tuscaloosa; Commerce . . PAPPAS, CHRISTIE G.; Eufaulo; Commerce; Kappa Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma; Glee Club; University Accouniting Association; Commerce Association PARKER, JAMES HUGH; Tus- caloosa; Commerce PARKER, JOSEPH JOHN; Tuscaloosa; Commerce; Lambda Chi Alpha. PARKS, WILLIAM P.; Montgomery; Engineering; Vice-Presi- dent, Tau Beta Pi; A. I. E. E. PATRICK, JOY; Jasper A S; Chi Omega PATTERSON, JOHN L.; Guntersville A S; Theta Xi • PATTERSON, WILLIAM ROY; Tuscaloosa Commerce PATTISHALL, PATRICIA JANE; Orlando, Fla. A S; Pi Beta Phi; Pep Squad; WABP . . . PATTON FRANK; Birmingham; A S; Kappa Sigma. Mcther Chandler Emily Post Patton, P. E. Poul Pausky Poxton Pearson Pelhom Pelle Pelowilz Pendleton Perdue Perloff Perry, J. L. Perry, M. A. Persons Philips Phillips, C. H. Phillips, D. R. Philips, . P. Phillips, L. T. Phillips, M. H. Phillips, S. E. Phillips, W. M. Pickering Pitchford Pitts Piatt P ' otl Paag Poe, M. T. Poe, W. E. Pollard Pope Porch Porter, E. L. Porter, J. S. Porter, M. F. Potter, K. Pounders Powell, A. B. Powell, D. D. Powell, D. K. Pradot Prescott Pres ' wood , ? c ONE OF THE LEADING ODONATA COLLECTIONS IS IN SMITH HALL PATTON, PATRA ELIZABETH; Quitman, Miss.; Home Economics PAUL, WALTER WILLIAM, JR.; Birmingham; Commerce; Commerce Association; A. I. A. PAUSKY, PAUL A.; Son Antonio, Tex.; Engineering . . . PAXTON, MYRON; Birmingham; Home Economics PEARSON, JOY; Tuscaloosa; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Glee Club; Choral Union; Vocal Ensemble PELHAM, CHARLES P.; Dothan; Engineering; Kappa Sigma; Theta Tau; A. I. E. E.; St. Pat ' s; Secretary-Treasurer, Junior Class; Pep Squad. PLOTT, MARY JANE; Westwood; Home Economics; Cor- respondence Secretary, Junior A. A. U. W. POAG, BETTY ANN; Centreville; Education; Chi Omego; Vice-Presi- dent, Senior Class . . POE, MARJORIE THOMAS; Birming- ham; A S; Theta Upsilon; Press Club POE, WILLIAM ELLIS; Fayette; A S; Press Club; Sigma Delta Chi POLLARD, GLENN LEON; Montgomery; Commerce; A. I. A.; Commerce Association POPE, SHEROLD PAIGE; Gads- den; A S; Band. PELLE, W. G.; Meridian, Miss.; Commerce; Kappa Alpha; Scabbard and Blade PELOWITZ, JOSEPH; Homewood; Engineering; Sigma Alpha Mu; A. S. M. E.; President, Sigma Alpha Mu; Pi Tau Sigmc; St; Pat ' s; Tau Beta Pi . . . PENDLETON, MALCOLM DAVID, JR.; Birmingham; Engineer- ing . PERDUE, DAN R.; Tuscaloosa; Engineering PERLOFF, MAYER WILLIAM; Mobile; Commerce; Kappa Nu; Scabbard and Blade PERRIN, PATRICIA ESTELLE; Phenix City; A S; Alpha Xi Delta. PORCH, ELLIS FAY; Arab; A S; Alpha Epsilon Delta Pep Squad PORTER, EDGAR LEE; Peterson; Commerce Gamma Delta . . PORTER, JANE SEARCY; Tuscaloosa A S; Kappa Kappa Gamma PORTER, MYRTLE FRANCES; Tuscaloosa; Education; Cabinet, Y. W. C. A.; Caroline Hunt Club; Vice-President, Student Religious Asso- ciation . . POTTER, KENNETH; Manchester, N. Y.; Engi- neering; A. S. C. E. POUNDERS, JOHN D.; Sheffield; A S. PERRY, JOSEPH LEE; Bessemer; Commerce; Delta Chi . . . PERRY, MARY ALICE; Birmingham; A S; Phi Beta Pi; Wesley Choir; Spirit Committee; Junior Panhellenic PERSONS, CLAUDE C; Fitzgerald, Ga.; Commerce PHILIPS, ELSIE ANN; Attallo; A S; Alpha Gamma Delta; Pep Squad; Corolla; WABP PHILLIPS, CLEM H.; Syla- cauga; Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; Theta Tau PHILLIPS, DAVID RICHARD; Birmingham; Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; A. I. E. E. POWELL, ALLINE BOUNDS; Jackson; Education; Alpha Xi Delta; Vice-President, Elementary Education Council POWELL, DANIEL D.; Carson; A S POWELL, DURWARD KEITH; Tuscaloosa; Commerce; Theta Xi; Commerce Associa- tion PRADAT, JOHN SINGLETON; University; Com- merce; Sigma Chi;. Officer ' s Club; Commerce Association PRESCOTT, WILLIAM ERNEST; Birmingham; A S; Lambda Chi Alpha . PRESTWOOD, LOUIS; Andalusia; Commerce; Delta Chi; Rammer Jammer, PHILLIPS, FRANK POND; Mobile; A S; Phi Gamma Delta PHILLIPS, LOUGENE TRAMMELL; Ozark; Home Economics; Rose of Delta Sigma Pi . . . PHILLIPS, MAURICE HOWARD; Birmingham; A S; Lambda Chi Alpha PHILLIPS, SARAH ESTHER; Birmingham; Home Economics; Phi Mu; President, Junior Class; Vice-President, Phi Upsilon Omicron PHILLIPS, WILLIAM MARION; Jackson, Miss.; Engineering; A. I. C. E. PICKERING; JOHN MILTON; Plontersville; A S. PIERCE, PEGGY ELAINE; Knoxville, Tenn.; Commerce; Phi Chi Theta; Blackfriars PINKERTON, CARLTON PAUL; Cullman; Commerce; Square and Compass PIPER, CARL JOSEPH; Tallassee; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha; Di- rector, Pep Squad; President, Interfraternity Council; Jasons; Spirit Planning Committee; University Religious Council; Com- merce Association; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges PITCHFORD, JOHN DALTON; Sylacaugo; A S; Pi Kappa Alpha PITTS, MARY KATHRYN; Sylacaugo; A S; Alpha Gamma Delta; Pep Squad . PLATT, WALTER MICHAEL; Schenectady, N. Y.; Education. Poge 149 been framed Pribbenow Price, D. S. Price, W. G. Pricke!t Priest Proctor Pruitt Pullum Puryecr Putman Quinn Robin Raley Ramsdeii Rawlinsor Roybon Reeves Reliberg Relfe Reynolds, C. P. Reynolds, M. Ricliords, A. Richards, E. Richeson Riley Rish Rittenhouse Ritter, D. W. Rilter, R. D. Riviere Robinson Robison Roesner Rosenberg, F. vV Rosenberg, M. E. Ross, D. A. Ross, G. D. Rountree Rowe, G. W. Rowe, S. W. Rudu ' ph Rushing Russell Rulledge Ryan Scle Sanders Sonfilippo NATIONAL PRESIDENT OF AMERICAN HOME ECONOMICS ASSOCIATION SPOKE HERE PRIBBENOW, ROBERT LYNN; Jasper,- Education; Delta Chi; I. R. C; Y. M. C. A.; Pep Squad PRICE, DONALD S.; Ocean City, N. J.; Commerce; Block Warrior Flying Club . . . PRICE, WYATT GLENN; Ozark; Commerce; Kappa Sigma; Pep Sauod; Greeks; Commerce Association PRICKETT, PATRICIA; Guntersville; A S; Zeta Tou Alpha; Y. W. C. A.; Junior A. A. U. W.; Wesley Foundation PRIEST, WILLIAM ALLISON; Birmingham; A S; Delta Kappa Epsilon PROCTOR, WILLIAM JEFFERSON, JR.; Claxton, Ga.; Chemistry; American Ceramics Society, Student Branch; Disciple Student Fellowship. PRUITT, ENOCH ELIHU; Chatom; A S PULLUM, CATHERINE; Dothan; Commerce; Phi Tau Chi; Phi Chi Theta PURYEAR, DORIS L.; Groveland, Fla.; Home Economics; Alpha Chi Omega; Girls ' Spirit Committee; Caro- line Hunt Club; Y. W. C. A.; Pep Squad PUTMAN, JENNIE LOU; Birmingham; Home Economics; Caroline Hunt Club; Girls ' Spirit Committee; Pep Squad QUINN, JAMES FOSTER; Prattville; Engineering; Phi Delta Theta; Theta Tau; Pi Tau Sigma; A. S. M. E.; Canterbury Club RABIN, SALLY LEE.; St. Petersburg, Flo.; Education; Sigma Delta Tau; President, Education Council; Triangle; Hillel; I. Z. F. A.; Sponsor, Alobama-Duquesne game. RALEY, NATHANIEL GREENE; Forkland; Engineering Delta Sigma Phi; St. Pat ' s; A. S. M. E.; Wesley Foundation Interfraternity Council, 1947-48 RAMSDELL, ANN H. Columbus, C; A S; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Treasurer, Mortar Board; Choral Union RAWLINSON, HARRY HUGH; Prattville; Commerce; Commerce Association RAYBON, PHARES H.; University; A S REEVES, DELAYNE; Tuscaloosa; A S REHBERG, CAROLYN E.; Cario, Ga.; Education. RELFE, ELIZABETH C; Montgomery; Home Economics; Zeta Tau Alpha; Corolla; Blackfriars; Y. W. C. A. , REYNOLDS, CHARLES P.; Bessemer; A S; Sigma Alpha Epsilon REYNOLDS, MERYL; Tuscaloosa; Chemistry RICHARDS, ALFONSO; Nev York, N. Y.; A S RICHARDS, EVELYN; Mobile; Home Economics; Alpha Delta Pi RICHESON, THOMAS RAY; Tuscaloosa; Education; President, " A " Club; Captain, 1948 Football Team. RILEY, OSCAR, JR.; Greenville; A S; Kappa Alpha RISH, MIRIAM; Dothan; Education RITTENHOUSE, JAMES O.; Birmingham; Engineering RITTER, DAYTON, W.; Mason, Tex.; Commerce RITTER, RICHARD DANIELS; Hogerstov n, M,d.; Engineering; Wesley Foundation; A. I. I. E. . , RIVIERE, NANCY JOAN; Birmingham; Education; Delta Delta Delta; President, Swan Club; Honey Bowl; A. A. U. W.; Y. W. C. A.; Physical Education Majors ' Club; Pep Squad; Spirit Committee. ROBINSON, FAN HALEY; York; Education; Delta Delia Delta; Y. W. C. A ROBISON, MITFORD GORDON; Page 151 Sweetwater; Education . . . ROESNER, MRT RUTH; Cicero, III.; A S; Alpha Chi Omega; Staff Artist, Cotillion Club Advisor, Newman Club; Girls ' Spirit Committee; Y. W. C. A. Pep Squad; Blackfriars ROSENBERG, FRANK MARK Columbus, Ga.; Commerce; Zeta Beta Tou; President, Zeta Eeta Tau, 1948-49; Vice-President, Zeta Beta Tau, 1947-48 . . . ROSENBERG, MARY ETHEL; Anniston; A S; Treasurer, Hillel Foundation ROSS, DONALD ALAN; Philadelphia, Pa.; A S; Sigma Alpha Mu. ROSS, GUS DAVID, JR.; Gadsden; Commerce; Pi Kappa Phi; Vice-President, Freshman Class, 1943; Cotillion Club, 1943; Band; Commerce Association ROUNTREE, WILLIAM TARVER, JR.; Selmo; A S; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; O. D. K.; Jasons; Quadrangle; Phi Etc Sigmo; S. G. A.; Debate Mana- ger; Tau Kappa Alpha; Phi Beta Kappa; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges ROWE, GALE W.; Fairhope; Commerce ROWE, STEPHEN W.; Gadsden; A S; Alpha Tau Omega; Pep Squad; Y. M. C. A.; Alchemist Club; Alpha Phi Omega; German Club; Glee Club RUDULPH, WILLIAM CAFFEY; Montgomery; A S; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Quadrangle; Public Relations Officer, R. O. T. C; R. O. T. C. Executive Committee . . . RUSHING, OLIVER FRANK; Tuscaloosa; Commerce. RUSSELL, RHONDA JEAN; Birmingham; Commerce; Alpha Phi; Girls ' Spirit Committee; Y. W. C. A. , RUTLEDGE, DAVID LOFTON, JR.; Birmingham; A S; Alpha Tau Omega RYAN, JAMES H.; Greensboro; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon SALE, MARTHA WYMNE; Victoria, Tex.; A S SANDERS, HATTON LEWIS; Graysville; Commerce; Commerce Association SANFILIPPO, SALVATORE GASPER; Jackson Heights, N. Y.; A S. 1 1 ■ H ■ B H pvSS HBp pena H PVH w. 1 1 W - -JK .3 n I i 1 r i 1 V ,1 Santos Sartor Sasnett Saunders Schalzberg Schloss Scott, E. N. Scott, J. G. Scott, J. W. Seals Sedberry Seidenspinner Self, H. F. Self, J. Semple Shackelford Sfiopiro Sfiaw Shedd Shelton Sflerman Sherrill Sherwood Shofner Shugort Siegal, I. F. Siegal, R. R. Simmons Sims Sindik Singletary Sirmon Skelton, L. C. Skelton, M. Skelton, W. Slaughter Sly Smith, C. T. Smith, C. H. Smith, D. Smith, H. E. Smith, J. T. Smith, M. J. Smith, M. H. Smith, R. J. Smith, S. M. Smith, V. M. Smyth BOB HOPE AND LES BROWN HIT THE CAMPUS IN JANUARY SANTOS, ANGELA; Mobile,- Education; Wesley Foundation Caroline Hunt Club SARTOR, WARNER EASTWOOD Decatur; Commerce SASNETT, JAMES WILLIAM Guntersville; A S; Theta Xi; I. R. C. SAUNDERS, CHARLES B.; Nashville, Tenn.; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon SCHATZBERG, ALVIN L; Newark, N. J.; A S; Alpha Eosilon Pi; American Chemical Society SCHLOSS, LOIS JOY; Hamilton, O.; A S; Sigma Delta Tau; Alpha Kappa Delta; Hillel Foundation; Mortar Board. SCOTT, ELMORE N.; Birmingham; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon SCOTT, JAMES GREGORY; Fort Payne; A S; Theta Xi; I. R. C; Cotillion Club SCOTT, JAMES W.; Phenix City; Commerce; Delta Chi; Boxing SEALS, PATTON B.; Tuscaloosa; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta; Alpha Kappa Psi; Circulation Manager, Rammer Jammer SEDBERRY, WARREN ASHTON; Montgomery; Commerce; Delta Sigma Pi; S. P. E. B. Q. S. C; Sauare and Compass; Cadet Officers ' Club; I. R. C; Veterans ' Association; Com- merce Association . , . SEIDENSPINNER, BETTY ANN; Mon- roe, La.; A S; Alpha Gamma Delta. SELF, HELEN FRANCES; Tuscaloosa; Education SELF, JANE; Jacksonville; Education; Delta Delta Delta; Choral Union; Kappa Delta Pi; Y. W. C. A,; B. S. U. SEMPLE, T. DARRINGTON; Armonk, N. Y.; A S; Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . SHACKELFORD, VIRGINAI WHITE; Springhill; A S; Alpha Gamma Delta SHAPIRO, LESTER; Rochester, N. Y.; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Mu SHAW, ANNE; Aliceville; A S; President, W. S. G. A.; S. G. A.; Executive Committee, Student Life Committee; Board of Publi- cations; Spirit Planning Committee; Contact Chairman, West- minster Fellowship; Y. W. C. A.; Friendship Committee; University Religious Council; Veterans ' Scholarship Committee; Junior A. A. U. W.; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges. SHEDD, GEORGE PATTERSON; Bradenton, Fla.; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta; Scabbard and Blade; Aloha Kappa Psi . . . SHELTON, LESLIE TAYLOR, JR.; Mobile; A S; Delta Kappa Epsilon SHERMAN, EUGENE HARRIS; Montgomery; Commerce , SHERRILL, JAMES D.; Birmingham; Engi- neering; Theta Chi SHERWOOD, HARRY ALLEN; Grand Rapids, Mich.; Commerce; Lambda Chi Alpha SHOFNER, RALPH BOLYN; Dothan; Engineering; Theta Chi; Theta Tau; Chi Epsilon; A. S. C. E.; Head Cheerleader, 1948-49; St. Pat ' s Council. SHUGART, DOROTHY RUTH; Fort Payne; Home Economics SIEGAL, IRVIN F.; Birmingham; Commerce; Kappa Nu; Interfraternity Council; I. R. C. SIEGAL, ROSALYN, RITTEN3AUM; Birmingham; A S; Sigma Delta Tau; I. R. C, . . . 5IMMONS, DOROTHY ANN; Monroeville; A S SIMS, JOSEPH LANEY; Birmingham; Engineering SINDIK, Page 153 GEORGE EMMETT; Mobile; A S; Phi Kappa Sigma; Alpha Epsilon Rho; Program Director, WABP; Newman Club; I. R. C. SINGLETARY, L. CLYDE; Montgomery; Commerce; Delta Tau Delta SIRMON, LOIS GEORGINE; Daphne; Com- merce SKELTON, LEONARD CLIFTON; Birmingham Commerce SKELTON, MILDRED; Kennedy; Education Wesley Foundation SKELTON, WILLITA; Birmingham A S; Alpha Lambda Delta; Alpha Sigma Omega SLAUGHTER, PAUL GARRETT; Birmingham; Engineering; St. Pat ' s. SLY, BILLIE DeLENE; Kansas; A S; Student Ceramic Society; W. S. G. A. SMITH, CHARLOTTE THORNTON; Jasper; Education . . SMITH, CLAUDE HERBERT; Gunters- ville; Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Eta Sigma; Theta Tau; Scabbard and Blade SMITH, DENNIS; Florence; Commerce; Delta Chi SMITH, H. E. " Buddy " ; Bay Minette; A S; Pi Kappa Phi; Press Club; Feature Editor, Rammer Jammer SMITH, JOHN THOMAS; Huntsville; Commerce; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Delta Sigma Pi; Commerce Association. SMITH, MARTHA JO; Cullman; Home Economics; Alpha Xi Delta SMITH, MARTIN HARRIS; Guin; Education . . . SMITH, ROBERT JAMES; Painted Post; N. Y.; Engineering . . . SMITH, SARA MELL; Birmingham; A S; Delta Delta Delta; Y. W. C. A,; Junior A. A. U. W.; Rammer Jammer SMITH, VIRGINIA MARGARET; Jasper; Home Economics; Theta Uosilon SMYTH, J. D., JR.; Luverne; Commerce; Phi Gamma Delta. " Ohhh, Rah Rah! .■,-? l »MBi Snider Snowden, C. E. Snowden, J. W. Snyder SolMe Sorrells Sparkman Sport Springer Stabler Stolionis Stanley, J. G. Stanley, P. M. Stapleton Starling Steele Stell Stephen Sternsher Sterman Stetelmon Stewart, G. J. Stewart, R. C. Stewart, S. A. Stine Stith Stitt Stokes Stone Stowers Strange, C. Strange, L. S. Strickland Siricklin Stuart Stubbs, C. Stubbs, L. D. Sullivan, H. T. Sullivan, R. J. Summers Sumrall Sulher Swetmon Toknersly Tonf ix c DR. M. C. CALDWELL WAS NAMED TO WHO ' S WHO AMONG AMERICAN EDUCATORS SNIDER, JAMES; Bessemer; Commerce; Alpha Kappa Psi . . . SNOWDEN, CAROLYN ELIZABETH; Monroeville; Home Econ- omics; Alpha Delta Pi; Caroline Hunt Club SNOWDEN, JAMES WRIGHT, JR.; Hattiesburg, Miss.; Engineering; Kappa Sigma , SNYDER, WILLARD A.; Sylacaugo; A S; Kappa Alpha SOLLIE, JAMES J.; Ozark; Engineering; Kappa Sigmo; Pep Squad SOMERVILLE, LUCY ELEANOR; Aliceville; Education; Treasurer, Swan Club; Physical Education Majors ' Club. STOUGH, FOSTER EARL; Birmingham; Engineering; Kappa Alpha; Pi Tau Sigma; Theta Tou; Scabbard and Blade . . . STOWERS, JOSEPH HENRY, JR.; Lapine; Education; Pi Kappa Phi STRANGE, CLARICE; Waynesboro, Miss.; Home Economics; Alpha Xi Delta; President, Panhellenic Council; Caroline Hunt Club; Y. W. C. A.; A. A. U. W. STRANGE, LOUISE SCOTT; Gonzalez, Fla.; Engineering; Alpha Phi; Corolla . . . STRICKLAND, JULIUS G., JR.; Sylacauga; A S STRICKLIN, WILLIAM E.; Lutts, Tenn; A S; Delta Chi. SORRELLS, STANLEY L.; Birmingham; A S . . . SPARKMAN, JULIUS MELVIN, Tuscaloosa; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha . . . SPORT, LEON E., JR.; Headland; Commerce; Kapoa Sigma; Alpha Phi Omega SPRINGER, CURTIS HOWE, JR.; Miami, Fla.; A S; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigma; Rho Alpha Tau; Druids; O. D. K.; Scabbard and Blades; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges; Great Greeks; Advertising Manager, Crimson-White, 1946-47; Business Mana- ger, Crimson-White, 1947-48 STABLER, LEMUEL CLAY; Forest Home; Commerce; Kappa Alpha; Commerce Associa- tion STALIONIS, ANNE HELEN; Chicago, 111.; Commerce. STUART, ALAN EARL; Meridian, Miss.; Engineering; Kappa Alpha . STUBBS, CECIL; Montgomery; A S; Lambda Chi Alpha; Cotillion Club , STUBBS, LOUIS D.; Jackson- ville, Flo.; Commerce; Kappa Alpha; Corolla, 1946; I. R. C; Commerce Association SULLIVAN, HUBERT T.; Mobile; Education; Phi Delta Kappo; President, A. I. A. A. SULLIVAN, ROBERT J., JR.; ' Tuscaloosa; Commerce; R. O. T. C. SUMMERS, JOHN HOWARD; Birmingham; A S; Lambda Chi Alpha. STANLEY, JAMES GORDON; Huntsville; Engineering; Phi Gamma Delta; St. Pat ' s; I. A. S.; Pep Squad . . . STANLEY, PHYLLIS MARGARET; Fort Payne; Commerce; Delta Delta Delta; Y. W. C. A. STAPLETON, WILLIAM C, JR.; Mobile; Engineering; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; A. I. E. E. . . . STARLING, THERESA WILLARD; Panama City, Fla.; A S . . . STEELE, AUGUSTUS L.; Tuscaloosa; Commerce; Commerce Association STELL, HARVEY GRAY; Red Bay; Commerce; A. 1. A.; Commerce Association. SUMRALL, EUGENIA SARA; Memphis, Tenn.; A S; Zeta Tau Aloha; Y. W. C. A.; Junior A. A. U. W. SUTHER, ALSTON F.; Tuscaloosa; Commerce SWEARINGTON, HAROLD E.; Pine Hill; Commerce; Phi Gamma Delta; Tau Kappa Alpha; Spirit Planning Committee; Assistant Business M,anager, 1949 ■Corolla; Pep Squad , , , SWETMAN, EDWARD HOLT, JR.; Mobile; Commerce TANKERSLY, RUBYE CATHERINE; Cullman; Education; B. S. U.; Pep Squad . . . TANT, ROBERT STEWART; Tuscaloosa; Commerce. STEPHEN, BILL; Birmingham; A S; Alpha Tau Omega . . . STERNSHER, BERNARD; Falls Church, Va.; A S; Sigma Alpha Mu; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Alpha Theta; Phi Beta Kappa STERMAN, GLORIA ANNE; Fayette; A S; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Corolla; Blockfriars; Hillel . . . STETELMAN, MYRON EARL; Columbus, Ga.; A S; Sigma Alpha Mu; Crimson-White; Press Club; WABP STEWART, GWENDOLYN JONES; Tuscaloosa; Chemistry STEWART, RALPH C; Tuscaloosa; A S; Theta Chi; Interfraternity Council. STEWART, SARA ANN; Mobile; Education; Kappa Delta; Mortar Board; Secretary, Cotillion Club; President, Y.W.C.A.; Triangle; Treasurer, Zeta Phi Eta; Secretary, Kappa Delta Pi . . . STINE, JAMES OSCAR; Margaret; Commerce; Pi Kappa Phi STITH, FLORENCE JANE; Atlanta, Go.; Commerce; Pep Squad STITT, FRANK; Cullman; A S STOKES, EARLE A., Reform; Commerce; Delta Chi STONE, JIM; Meridian, Miss.; Commerce; Delta Chi. Poge 155 Tapley Taylor, H. C. Toylor, J. Taylor, J. E. Taylor, W. H. Terry, E. D. Terry, J. R. Terry, T. D Theodos Thomas, H. D. Thomas, M. M. Thomas, M. S. Thompson, E. T. Thompson, M. F Thompson, O- H. Thompson, R. H, Thompson, W. E Thornton Thrasher, J. H, Thrasher, J. J. Throckmorton Tidmore, G. C. TIdmore, M. O, Till Traope Trotter, B. Trotter, G. H. Tucker Tune Turnbull Turner, A. N. Turner, J. E. Tutwiler Tyndol Vaden Van Cleve Van Houten Venn, G. D. Vann, R. W. Vickery Villines, D. M. Vlllines, M. P. Walden V olker, B. G. DR. W. G. ECHOLS HAS BEEN HEAD OF WESLEY FOUNDATION FOR 15 YEARS TAPLEY, HILDA JEANETTE; Talladega; Commerce; Com- merce Association TAYLOR, HARLAN CONNIE; Bilber- town; Commerce; Commerce Association; Alpha Kappa Psi . . . TAYLOR, JEAN; Phil Campbell; Education TAYLOR, JOHN E.; Birmingham; Commerce; Delta Sigma Pi TAYLOR, WILLIAM HERSCHEL; Anniston; Commerce; Chi Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Druids . . . TERRY, EDWARD DAVIS, JR.; Greensboro; Commerce; PI Kappa Alpha; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Phi Omego; Commerce Association Council; Spanish Club; Beta Gamma Sigma. TUCKER, EDWARD GIBSON; Montgomery; Commerce; Ph Gemma Delta TUNE, JAMES THELON; Birmingham Commerce; Phi Gamma Delta TURNBULL, DON CARL Birmingham; A S; Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Etc Sigma Quadrangle; Treasurer, Alpha Epsilon Delta TURNER ALBERT NEAL; Montgomery; Commerce; Delta Sigma Pi Officers ' Club TURNER, JEAN ESTEN; Montgomery A S; Chi Omega; Press Club; Westminster Fellowship TUTWILER, ALLEN JONES; Birmingham; Commerce; Delta Kappa Epsilon. TERRY, JOSEPH RUSSELL; Greensboro; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha; Blackfriars; Tuscaloosa Little Theatre; President, Com- merce Association; Josons; Cotillion Club; Delta Sigma Pi; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges TERRY, THOMAS DANIEL; Tuscaloosa; Commerce; Delta Tau Delta . . . THEODOS, JIMMY TOM; Birmingham; Commerce . . . THOMAS, HERMAN DOUGLAS; Luverne; Education; Phi Delta Kappo; B. S. U.; Camous Religious Association . . . THOMAS, MacMULICAN; Gadsden; Commerce . . . THOMAS, MERCER S.; Gadsden; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. THOMPSON, BYRD THOMAS, JR.; Mobile; Engineering; A. S. M. E.; St. Pat ' 5 THOMPSON, MARY FRANCES; Columbus, Ga.; Home Economics; Y. W. C. A.; Newman Club; Caroline Hunt Club; I, R. C; Junior A. A. U. W.; Pep Squad . . . THOMPSON, OLIVE HAYNES; Franklin, Ky.; A S; Phi Mu . . . THOMPSON, RICHARD HAWKINS, JR.; Birming- ham; Education; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Assistant Band Manager; Greeks THOMPSON, WILLIAM EDWARD; Marietta, Go.; Commerce; Delta Tau Delta; Greeks; Pep Squad THORNTON, LUCIUS CUMBY, JR.; Wetumpko; Engineering; Lambda Chi Alpha; A. S. M. E.; St. Pat ' s; Pi Tau Sigma. THRASHER, JESSE HOWELL; Albertville; Education THRASHER, JOHN JAMES, JR.; Athens; Commerce THROCKMORTON, JULIA; Gunfersville; Education; Delta Delta Delta TIDMORE, GERALD COLEMAN; Bayou La Batre; Commerce; Delta Sigma Pi; Commerce Association . . . TIDMORE, MARVIN O.; Moundville; Commerce TILL, HENRY HAMPTON; Tensaw; A S; A. I. A. TONES, EDWARD JOSEPH; Mobile; Commerce; A. I. A . . . TOLLESON, GUSS, JR.; Heflin; Commerce; Sigma Chi; Delta Sigma Pi TOWEY, JAMES WILLIAM, JR.; Mobile; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha; Treasurer, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . TROOPE, WOODROW WILSON; Tuscaloosa; Commerce . . . TROTTER, BEN, JR.; Jackson, Miss.; A S; Kappa Sigmo; Choral Union; Music Department Quartet TROTTER, GLENN HUDSON; Birmingham; A S; Canterbury Club; Choral Union; Senior Recital. Page 157 TYNDAL, CHARLES M.; Hamilton; A S; Pi Kappa Alpha . . . VADEN, GERALDINE MAY; Tuscaloosa; Home Economics . . . VanCLEAVE, PAULA GAYLE; Montgomery; A S; Alpha Gamma Delta VanHOUTEN, MARGARET VIRGINIA; Mobile; Home Economics; Canterbury Club VANN, GEORGE DEWEY, JR.; Birmingham; A S; Sigma Chi; Press Club VANN, ROBERT WOOD; Birmingham; Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. VERNER, CATLIN CADE, JR.; Tuscaloosa; Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Past President, St. Pat ' s; President, Theta Tau; Vice-President; Society for Advancement of Man- agement; A. I. I. E.; A. S. M. E.; Phi Eta Sigma . . VICKERY, JACK H.; Birmingham; Engineering; A. I. C. E. . . . VILLINES, DALLAS M.; Tuscaloosa; Engineering; Phi Gamma Delta VILLINES, MARY PAGE; Tuscaloosa; Education . . . WALDEN, MILDRED; Dothan; Education WALKER, BARBARA GRAY; Long Beach, Calif.; Home Economics; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Ipana Smiles 9 mmB m f Walker, C. J. Walker, N. G. Walker, W. A. Wallace, H. B. Wallace, W. L. Waller Wolmsley Walters Womsley Ward, J. Ward, J. M. Warren Waslleski Wosson Watkins, J. A. Watklns, J. C. Watkins, J. F. Watson, F. M. Watson, F. G. Watson, V. J. Watson, W, M. Way Weotherford Weaver Webber Weber Weeks Weil Wellborn Wendel Wentling West Wetterou Wetzel Whaley Whatley White, A. White, E. J. White, L. B. White, M. E. White, M. M. Whitehead Whitfield Wiggins, G. W. Wiggins, J, R. Wigington Wilhurn Wilkes ALABAMA LICKED ALLIGATORS DURING HOMECOMING, 1948 WALKER, CHRISTOPHER JOSEPH, JR.; Albertville, A S; Alpha Tau Omega, Alpha Epsilon Delta; Phi Efo Sigma WALKER, NORMA GERALDINE; Huntsville; A S WALKER, WILLIAM A.; Winfield; A S; Theto Chi; Chi Epsilon WALLACE, HENRY BROWN; Tuscaloosa; A S; Blackfriors WALLACE, WINSTON LEON; Tuscaloosa; Engineering; Delta Chi; S. G. A., St. Pat ' s, Executive Coun- cil; Tau Beta Pi; Theta Tau; Quadrangle; Scabbard and Blade; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges . . . WALLER, WILLIAM C; Atmore; A S; Kappa Sigma; Pep Squad. WALMSLEY, KATHRYN ELLEN; Birmingham; A S; Phi Mu; Zeta Phi Eto; WABP WALTERS, JOSEPH MURPHY; Birmingham; Engineering; St. Pat ' s; A. S. M. E. WAMSLEY, ROBERT MARTIN; Birmingham; Engineering WARD, JAKE; Slocomb; Commerce; Phi Eta Sigma WARD, JAMES M.; Highpoint, Miss.; Commerce; Phi Eta Sigma, Delta Sigma Pi; Commerce Association; Beta Alpha Psi , . WARREN, GORDON; Guntersville; Commerce. WASILESKI, CHESTER T.; Utica, N. Y.; Engineering; Pi Tau Sigma; A. S. M. E,; St. Pat ' s WASSON, DON FORREST; Birmingham; A S ; Editor, Ramer Jammer; President, Press Club; Phi Etc Sigmo; Crimson-White; Board of Publications; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges; Charter Member, Sigma Delta Chi WATKINS, JAMES ALBERT; Huntsville; A S; Phi Delta Theta . . . WATKINS, JOHN CLEVELAND; York; A S; Pi Kappa Phi WATKINS, JOSEPH FLETCHER; Birmingham; A S; Pi Kappa Alpha; Westminster Fellowship; Corolla . . . WATSON, FLETA MONTGOMERY; University; A S; Delta Delta Delta; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Beta Kappa; Rammer Jammer; Pep Squad; Blackfriors. WENDEL, ABBIE VAN; Birmingham; Home Economics; Kappa Kappa Gamma. WENTLING, ANN HOUSTON; Tuscaloosa; Education; Alpha Delta Pi; Disciple, Student Fellowship WEST, RUFUS H.; Bessemer; Commerce; Pep Squad WETTERAU, ELIZABETH MILDRED; Birmingham; A S; Alpha Delta Pi . . . WETZEL, HAROLD E.; Tuscaloosa; Commerce WHALEY, BEN F.; St, Augustine, Fla.; Engineering; Band; A. S. C. E. . . . WHATLEY, MARY HADEN; Opeliko; A S; Kappa Delta, WHITE, ALLIGENE; Tuscaloosa; Home Economics; B. S. U. WHITE, ELBERT J.; Troy; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon WHITE, LONNIE BUNYAN, JR.; Bessemer; Engineering; Phi Gommo Delta; A. S. M. E.; St. Pat ' s WHITE, MARION EDWARD; Daytono Beach, Fla.; A S; Pi Kappa Phi; Scabbard and Blade WHITE, MARY MARIE; Cullman; Home Economics WHITEHEAD, JOHN D.; Roanoke, Va.; A S; Chi Phi. WHITFIELD, MARCUS L.; Gadsden; Engineering; Executive Council, Cadet Officers ' Club; President, Cadet Officers ' Club; Scabbard and Blade; A. S. C. E.; Pep Squad; Distinguished Military Student; B. S. U.; Chi Epsilon; Chi Epsilon, Out- standing Military Engineering Student Award; St. Pat ' s WIGGINS, GERALD W.; Gadsden; A S; Chi Phi; Vice- President, Cotillion Club; Greeks; Rho Alpha Tau; Great Greeks . . . WIGGINS, JOHN ROBERT; Moundville; A S . . . WIGINGTON, JESSIE PAULINE; Fyffe; Home Economics; Presi- dent, Tutwiler; B.- S. U.; Baptist Training Union . . . WILBURN, MARY REBECCA; Washington, D. C; A S; Wesley Founda- tion; University Religious Council; Y. W. C. A.; Pep Squad . . . WILKES, WILLIAM EDWARD; Eufaulo; A S; Druids; Cotillion Club; S. A. G., 1947-48; Press Club; Crimson-White. WATSON, FRED GRAY; Bessemer; Commerce; Lambda Ch Alpha WATSON, VIRGINIA JOYCE; Montgomery A S; Zeta Tau Alpha; Sigma Delta Pi; Spanish Club Y. W. C. A. . . . WATSON, WARDLAW MASON; Birmingham Commerce; Alpha Kappa Psi; Commerce Association . WAY, WINSTON W.; Tuscaloosa; Commerce; Commerce Association . . . WEATHERFORD, GUY WINSTON; Dozier; Commerce . . . WEAVER, MORIS BURTON; Dilltown; Com- merce. WEBBER, BOMAN COLLINS, JR.; Birmingham; Engineering; A, S, M, E.; St. Pat ' s WEBER, MELVIN LEONARD; Mobile; Commerce; Kappa Nu; Spirit Planning Committee; Vice-President, Commerce Association; Executive Council, Commerce School WEEKS, GRADY MARVIN; Birmingham; Education; Pi Kappa Alpha; Greeks WEIL, LEONARD JAMES; Birmingham; Commerce; Zeta Beta Tau; Business Manager, 1949 Corolla; Rho Alpha Tou; Druids; Jasons; O. D. K.; Phi Eta Sigmo; Board of Publications; President, Zeta Beta Tau; Commerce Association; Who ' s Who in Ameri- can Universities and Colleges , , WELLBORN, SIDNEY NELSON; New Orleans, La.; Commerce; Sigma Nu Poge 159 It ' s for keeps Williamson Wilson, H. B. Wilson, J. Wilson, J. A. Wilson, J. Wilson, J. E. Wilson, K. Winefordner Winkler Winston Wisdom Wood, M. L. Wood, S. W. Woodoll Woodard Woodham Wootton Worrell Worthinglon Wrenn Wright, H. H. Wright, J. E. Wright, J. N. Wright, M. J. Wright, M. Wright, W. T. Wyott, B. W. Wyott, W. Young Yourick TWENTY-NINE CAPSTONE LEADERS WERE NAMED TO WHO ' S WHO WILLIAMS, CECIL BROWARD; Ocala, Fla.; Commerce . . . WILLIAMS, CHARLOTTE ELLEN; Laurel, Miss.; A S; Thefa Upsilon; Treasurer, Theto Upsilon; Treasurer, Panhellenic; Pep Squad WILLIAMS, ELLIS KEITH; Birmingham; A S; Radio Continuity Director, WABP; Treasurer, Westminster Fel- lowship; University Religious Council; Blackfriars; Officers ' Club; Bama Radio Association WILLIAMS, MYRTICE EVELYN; Castleberry; Education; A. I. A. WILLIAMS, RICHARD G.; Montgomery; Commerce; Beta Gamma Sigma; Beta Alpha Psi. WILLIAMSON, FRED CARR, JR.; Tuscaloosa; Engineering; Kappa Alpha; Y. M. C. A.; S. A. M. E.; A. S. M. E. WILSON, HENRY BOYCE; Opp; Commerce WILSON, JACK; Sfeens, Miss.; A S; Square and Compass WILSON, JACK A.; Irondole; Commerce; Chi Phi; Business Manager and Treasurer, Blackfriars; Tou Kappa Alpha; Uni- versity Debate Squad; Pi Epsilon Delta WILSON, JACQUELYN; Bessemer; A S; Zeta Tau Alpha. WILSON, JAMES E., JR.; Russellville; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega WILSON, KATHLEEN; Fort Payne; Chemistry; Pasteur Society WINEFORDNER, JOHN S.; Tuscaloosa; A S WINKLER, KEITH ANTON; Theodore; Com- merce; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Delta Sigma Pi; Canterbury Club; Student Religious Council WINSTON, HENRY MILLS; Tuscaloosa; Commerce; Zeta Beta Tou. Go.; Home Economics; Alpha Phi; Girls ' Spirit Committee; Caroline Hunt Club; Corolla; Treasurer, Alpha Phi WRENN, FRANK GEORGE, JR.; Carrollton; Engineering; jun- ior Chapter, A. S. C. E. WRIGHT, HUBERT HARVEY; Guin; A S; Alpha Tau Omega; Business Manager, Cotillion Club; Greeks; Alpha Phi Omega; President, Junior Class . . WRIGHT, JOHN EUGENE; Decatur; Commerce; Delta Sigma Phi; Band; Pep Squad WRIGHT, JOHN NICKLES; Jacksonville; Com- merce; Sigma Nu WRIGHT, MABEL JANE; Marion; Education; Delta Gamma WRIGHT, MARTHA; Elba; Chi Omega; Corolla; Y. W. C. A.; WSGA. WRIGHT, WILLIAM THOMAS; Berry; A S WYATT, BETTY WARE; Decatur; A S; Delta Delta Delta; Sigma Delta Pi; Pep Squad WYATT, WILLNITA; Mont gomery; A S; News Editor, Crimson-White, Summer 1948; Make- up Editor, Rammer Jammer; Press Club; Wesley Foundation; Theta Sigma Phi YOUNG, WILLARD WATSON; Birm- ingham; Engineering; Pi Kappa Phi; O. D. K.; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges; Great Greeks; Scabbard and Blade; Theta Tau; S. G. A.; St. Pat ' s Executive Counci Society for Advancement of Management; Y. M. C. A. Band YOURICK, JOHN J., JR.; Tuscaloosa; Commerce Alpha Kappa Psi; Phi Eta Sigma. Pretty sure of himself WISDOM, JACK H.; Birmingham; Engineering; Lambda Chi Alpha WOOD, MAURICE L.; Birmingham; Com- merce; Alpha Kappa Psi WOOD, SALLIE WATKINS; Montgomery; A S; Kappa Delta . . WOODALL, WILLIAM lONNIE; Brantley; Engineering; A. S. M. E. WOODARD, TOMMIE; Decatur; Commerce; Delta Chi; President and Vice- President, Delta Chi; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges; O. D. K.; Druids; Cotillion Club; Great Greeks; Originator and Director of Pep Squad; King Bee. WOODHAM, ROBERT ALAN; Andalusia; Engineering; Sigma Nu; Cotillion Club; St. Pot ' s; A. I. 1. E.; S. A. M. E.; Wesley Foundation WOOTTON, DAVID JOEL; Tuscaloosa; Engineering; St. Pot ' s; A. S. M. E. WORRELL, DONALD CREN; Eufaulo; A S; Pi Kappa Phi; Press Club; Rammer Jammer . . WORTHINGTON, ANNETTE OMA; Atlanta, Page 161 UNDERGRADUATES... AS THE FRESHMAN ENTERS THE UNIVERSITY, HE BEGINS TO PIECE TOGETHER THOSE IDEALS, ASPIRATIONS AND AMBITIONS OF YESTERYEAR. THROUGHOUT THE CLOSING DAYS OF HIGH SCHOOL THE EDUCATED CITIZEN OF TOMORROW HAS MODI- FIED, COMBINED, OR SUBSTITUTED THESE CHILDHOOD AMBI- TIONS, AND HAS INWARDLY CONCLUDED A TENTATIVE PLAN FOR HIS FUTURE PROFESSION. NOW, AS A COLLEGE FRESH- MAN, HE HAS TAKEN THE FIRST STEP IN COMPLETING THIS PLAN. DURING THIS FIRST YEAR THE NEWNESS OF COLLEGE LIFE, TOGETHER WITH THE MANY UNIVERSITY FUNCTIONS, AC- COUNTS FOR THE LOOK OF BEWILDERMENT ON HIS FACE. ADVANCING TO THE RANK OF SOPHOMORE, THE STU- DENT TAKES ON A NEW SOPHISTICATION AND SERIOUSNESS. HE HAS GAINED A FOOTHOLD IN COLLEGE LIFE, HAS AC- CLIMATED HIMSELF TO THE METHODS OF COLLEGE STUDY, AND HAS REALIZED THE BASIC FUNDAMENTALS AND REQUIREMENTS OF EDUCATIONAL DEVELOPMENT. AT THIS POINT, THE STU- DENT WEIGHS THE VALUE OF A WELL-ROUNDED COLLEGE EDUCATION, AND SPECIALIZES IN CHOSEN EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES. WITH DEFINITE SELECTION OF A MAJOR SUBJECT, AND WITH ELEMENTARY WORK COMPLETED, THE JUNIOR BEGINS SERIOUS STUDY IN HIS CHOSEN FIELD. AS A RESULT, HOURS OF STUDY ARE LONGER AND HOURS OF PLEASURE ARE SHORTER. LIBRARY AND RESEARCH WORK HOLD A DEEPER MEANING TO THIS ADVANCED UNDERCLASSMAN. WITH A THOUSAND PLEASANT COLLEGE THOUGHTS BEHIND HIM, THE JUNIOR ANXIOUSLY NURTURES THE CHERISHED AMBITION OF ALL UNDERCLASSMEN--TO BE A SENIOR. Page 162 «»r ° % - y. V ' i i| g « fsM T A j H V ■ - ' M - . Si... i WAGNER ' S " ROMEO AND JULIET " CAME TO BAMA OCTOBER 25 ABBOTT, WILLIAM LAMAR; Geneva, Commerce, Pi Kappa Phi; Inter- Iraternity Council; Greeks . . . ABROMS, EVELYN; Florence; A S . . . ACKMAN, BARRY ALAN; Mobile, A S; Zeta Beta Tau; Rho Alpha Tau, WABP . . . ADAIR, JOHN LEON; Tuscaloosa; Commerce; LambcJa Ch. Alpha ADAIR, ROBERT HOWARD; Mobile; Engineering; Pi Kappa Alpha . . . ADAMS, CELESTE PATTERSON; Ozark, A S, Koppa Delta; Triangle; Pep Squad; Corolla . . . ADAMS, CHARLES D.; Shelfield; Engineering; A. S. C. E.; St. Pafs; Pep Squad, Wesley Foundation. ADAMS, CHARLES FRANCIS; Mobile; A S, Theta Chi; Band; Orchestra ADAMS, HAROLD DAVIS; Columbiana; Commerce ADAMS, LUTHER FRANKLIN; Monlevallo, Commerce; Phi Kappa Sigma . . . ADAMS, RICHARD O.; Weogufko; Commerce; Westminster Fellowship; A. I. A., Ridgecrest Compus Association ADAMS, TRENTON EARLE; Anniston, Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega ADKISON, PAUL COCHRANE; Dothan; A S; Pi Kappa Alpha; Pep Squad AGEE, NOLLIE ELBERT, JR.; Fort Payne; Engineering; Pep Squad; B. S. U.; St. Pafs; A. S. M. E. ALBERT, FRANK WILLIAM; Birmingham; Engineering; Pi Kappa Phi; St. Pot ' s ALBERT, ROSS CLAYTON; Birmingham; Engineering; Pi Kappa Phi ALDERMAN, LOIS WILMA; New Haven, Conn.; A S; Corolla, Hillel Foundation; Inter-Relations; Press Club; Crimson-White . . . ALEXANDER, GLENDA; Tuscaloosa; Home Economics; Phi Mu ALEXANDER, HOWARD C; Prattville; A S; Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . ALEXANDER, JOE, JR.; Fayette; Commerce; Sigma Nu ALEXANDER, JUNE CAROLYN; Fayette; Chemistry. ALEXANDER, MARGIE ANN; Jackson, Miss.; Home Economics; Phi Mu Caroline Hunt Club ALFORD, CHARLES AARON; Birmingham A S; Theta Chi; Phi Eta Sigma ALFORD, JOHN C; Columbia Engineering . ALLEGRI, JACK A.; Daphne; Commerce ALLEN EDNA EARLE; Mobile; A S ALLEN, JAMES RUDOLPH; Tallassee A 8. S; Lambda Chi Alpha . . ALLEN, MARY ELIZABETH; Birmingham Home Economics; Zeta Tau Alpha; Pep Squad; Corolla; Crimson-White Caroline Hunt Club; Y. W. C. A. Square needle line ALLEN, WILLIAM KENNETH; Birmingham; Engineering; Koppa Alpha; Y.M.C.A. . . . ALLEN, WILLIAM W.; Birminghom; A S; Kappa Sigma; WABP ALLENBERG, JOAN BARBARA; New Orleans, La.; Home Economics; Sigma Delta Tau ALLGOOD, WILLIAM DAVID; Mentone; A S; Crimson-White; Canterbury Club; Track Team ALLISON, RICHARD B.; Birmingham; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega ALTMAN, DOROTHY; York, A S; Alpha Gamma Delta; Blackfriars; I. R. C. ALTON, ROBERT MITCHELL; Tallassee; A S; Pi Kappa Alpha; Pep Squad. AMBERSON, LEGRANDE HAMILTON; Birmingham; A S; Sigma Chi; Pep Squod AMBROSE, CLAUDE EDGAR, JR.; Centreville; Com- merce AMIS, ANNUNZIATA JEANNE; Birmingham; A S; Alpha Comma Delta, Corolla, Y. W. C. A. ANDERSON, GLEN DAVID; Montgomery; A S; Kappa Delta ANDERSON, LOUIS HERMAN, JR.; Providence Forge. Vo.; Engineering; St. Pats ANDERSON, MARTHA ANN; Houston, Tex.; Commerce; Representative, A. I. A. ANDREWS, BEVERLY; University; A S; Koppa Kappa Gamma. ANDREWS, LOIS NELL; Cullman; Education; A. I. A.; Pep Squad . . . ANDREWS, THOMAS GAIL; El Dorado, Ark.; Engineering; Delta Tau Delta ANGEL, BETTY RHEA; Memphis, Tenn.; A S, Sigma Delta Tau ARCHER, CHARLES JACK; Huntsville; Engineering; Blockfriors; St. Pat ' s, Social Chairman, R. C. A. ARENDALE, ALICE; Birmingham, Commerce; Blackfriars; Girls ' Spirit Committee AMBRECHT, WILLIAM HENRY, III; Spring Hill; Commerce; Delta Kappa Epsilon, Intramural Debate Squod; Corolla ARMSTRONG, BETTY ROSS; Birmingham; Home Economics; Phi Mu; Caroline Hunt Club; Pep Squod. ARMSTRONG, LANIER DOUGLAS; Mobile; Commerce; Theta Chi; Con Commerce Club ARMSTRONG, WILBUR CLYDE; Tallahassee, Education; Theta Chi ARNO, B. JAY; Columbus, Go.; Commi Zeta Beta Tau; Druids; Business Manager, " A " Book; Assistant Business Manager, 1949 Corolla, Commerce Association; Pershing Rifles; Cadet Officers ' Club ARNOLD, BILL, Selmo; Commerce; Delta Chi; Pep Squad; Cotillion Club ARNOLD, ROBERT J.; Heflin; A S; Alpha Sigma Phi ARNWINE, EUGENE REED; Birmingham; Engineering; Pi Kappa Alpha ARONOWITZ, BERNARD; Paterson, N. J.; Engineering; Sigma Alpha Mu; St. Pat ' s. A, I. I E, ARSTEIN, SARA ANN; Orlando, Fla.; Home Economics; Sigma Delta Tau ASH, BILLY; Birmingham; Commerce; Delta Tau Delta , ASHCRAFT, JAMES HAROLD; Reform; A S; Delta Chi ASHTON, RICHARD P.; Brewton; Commerce; Theta Chi ATKINSON, PATRICIA; Memphis, Tenn.; Education AUERBACH, RITA KAY; Hottiesburg, Miss.; Education; Sigma Delta Tau AULT, JO ANNE; Birmingham; Home Economics; Phi Mu; Pep Squad; Caroline Hunt Club; Corolla. AURELIUS, WILLIAM EARL; University Heights, O.; A S; Pep Squad AUSTILL, MARY WINIFRED; Spring Hill; A S; Koppo Delta; President, Triangle, Panhellenic Council; Swan Club; Y. W. C. A AVERYT, ALWYN RICHARD; Birmingham; Commerce; Sigma Nu; Crimson- White AYRES, JESSE A.; Fayette; A S; Delta Tau Delta; Baseball Team, 1948; Press Club; Sigma Delto Chi . BAGGEH, JIMMY KEITH; Montgomery; A S; Alpha Tau Omego; Canterbury Club; Y. M. C. A. , , BAGWELL, STANLEY P.; Wichita Falls, Tex.; A S; Koppo Alpha; I. R. C; United Nations Club; Greeks . . BAILEY, BEnY FORREST; Montgomery; A S; Kappa Delta; Y W. C. A, Poge 164 Abbott Abroms Ac k man Adair, J. L. Adair, R. H. Adams, C. P. Adams, C. D. Adams, C. F. Adams, H. D. Adams, L. F. Adams, R. O. Adams, T. E. Adkison, P. C. Agee, N. E. Albert, F. W. Albert, R. C. Alderman Alexander, G. Alexander, H. C. Alexander, J. Alexander, J. C. Alexander, M. A. Alford, C. A. Alford, J. C. Allegri Allen, E. E. Allen, J. R. Allen, M. E. Allen, W. K. Allen, W. W. Allenberg Al ' good Allison Altmon Amberson Ambrose Amis Anderson, G. D. Anderson, L H. Anderson, M. A. Andrews, B. Andrews, L. N. Andrews, T. G. Angel Archer Arendale Ambrecht Armstrong, B. R. Armstrong, L. D. Armstrong, W. C. Arnold, B. Arnold, R. J. Arnwine Aronowitz Arstein Ash Ashcraft Ashton Atkinson Auerbach Ault Aurelius Austin Averyt Ayres Boggett Bcgwell Bailey, B. F. MILLION DOLLAR BAND PARTICIPATED IN TRUMAN INAUGURAL BAILEY, DONALD CARTER; Lourel, Miss.; Engineering; Phi Gamma Delia; Pep Squad; Westminster Fellowship; St. Pat ' s BAILEY, EVELYN GRACE; Coker; Education BAILEY, FRED EARL; Pensacola, Fla ; Education BAILEY, GEORGE HERBERT; Montgomery; Commerce; Phi Delta Thelo; Vice-President, Freshman Class BAILEY, JAMES WADE; Demopolis; Commerce; Delta Sigma Phi BAILEY, JOANN MARTIN; Meridian, Miss.; A S; Delta Delta Delta BAILEY, JUANITA S.; Mobile; A S. BAILEY, WALTER HARWELL, JR.; Laurel, Miss.; Engineering; Phi Comma Delto, St. Pafs; Rho Alpha Tou BAIN, HAROLD EMERSON; Cullman; A S; Lambda Chi Alpha; Druids; Spirit Planning Committee, Tou Kappa Alpha; Cotillion Club; German Club BAINS, JACK MARTIN; Oneonto; Commerce; Lambda Chi Alpha BAKER, HAROLD LEE, Birmingham; Engineering, S. A. M. E. BAKER, HARRIET SHIRLEY; Clorksdole, Miss.; Commerce; Sigma Delta Tau; Commerce Association . . . BAKER, JUANITA; Charleston, S. C; Education, Delta Delta Delia, Y. W. C. A.; Corolla; Pep Squad BAKER, OLIVER CHARLES; Cedar Bluff; A S; Pep Squad. BALDWIN, WILLIAM HOPE; Andalusia; A S , BALFOUR, CAROLINE FOWLKES; Tuscaloosa; Home Economics; Alpha Gamma Delta BALL, MARGARET LEE; Foxworth, Miss.; Commerce BALL, THOMAS WALTER; Athens; Commerce; Lambda Chi Alpha; Cadet Officers ' Club BALLARD, JAMES A.; Dothon; Education BALLENGER, FRANCES ANN; Birmingham, A S, Alpha Xi Delta . . . BANKESTER, RUTH MARION; Robertsdole; A S; Alpha Lambda Delta. BANKS, ARTHUR WADDELL; Andalusia; Engineering; Sigma Nu BANKS, JAMES OLIVER; Eutow; Commerce; Delta Koppo Epsilon BANKS, THOMAS DUPRE; Attallo; A S; Y. Tou . . BARASCH, ROBERT IRVING; Florer Tou . . BARFOOT, CAROLYN; Gadsden; Com BARNARD, CORA LEE; Union Grove; Education L., JR.; Ozark, Commerce; Kappa Sigma; Blocklr Cooling off BARNETT, BETTY JANE; Birmingham; Home Economics; Delta Zelo; Swan Club BARNETT, MARY ANNE; Birmingham; A S; Delta Zeto; Band Sponsor; Triangle BARNETT, RICHARD; Montgomery Engineering; Delta Clii A S BARTON, Corolla; Crimson-White, I. A S; Zeto Beta Tau A S; Delta Chi; Presiden " A " Book, WABP. BARRETT, JAMES COLE; Tuscaloosa ALAN; Selma; Commerce, Zeto Beta Tau . C. BARTON, MORRIS, JR.; Selmo BARZE, KEITH E.; Doytono Beach, Fla Y. M. C. A; Blackfriors; Business Manager, C. A.; Rho Alpha A S; Zeta Beta BEAUCHAMP = ; Alpha Phi Track Team BARNES, JAMES Tou Omega Pep Squad A S; Cantei BASORE, MARY ANN; Tulia, Okla.; Home Economics; Pep Squad; Caroline Hunt Club BATES, JOE CLIFFORD, JR.; Birmingham Commerce; Phi Kappa Sigma; Pep Squad BATES, JUDY LOUISE; Enterprise; Education; Alpha Delta Pi BAUMHAUER, MARY LOUISE; Mobile; Chemistry; Zeta Tou Alpha BAYNES, HELEN CONSTANCE; Talladega; Education; Alpha Delta Pi; Y. W. C. A ; Pep Squad; Honey Bowl; Swan Club; Blackfriors SEAL, SCOTT R.; Gostonio, N. C; Commerce; Theto Chi BEARD, CHARLES LEONARD; Sheffield; Commerce; Kappa Alpha; Druids; Y. M. C. A.; Wesley Foundation. BEARD, JAMES WHITFIELD; Tuscaloosa; Commerce , BEARDEN, JOSEPH REUBEN, JR.; Maplesville; Engineering; A. I. E. E.; St. Pat ' s , . BEARMAN, ALVIN JEROME; Birmingham; A S; Kappa Nu; Corolla . , , BEARMAN, MARVIN IRVING; Birmingham; Commerce; Kuppo Nu; Coi olla; Crimson-White, Commerce Association BEASLEY, JOSEPH JACKSON; Winfield; A S BEASLEY, ROBERT D.; Ozork; A S; Kappa Sigma BEATTY, CHARLES GAILBREATH; DeLand, Flo.; A S; Track Team. RICHARD HARMON; Jacksonville, Fla.; Engineering; BEAVERS, FRED WILLIAM; Cuba; A S; Alpha BEAVERS, WILSON FRANKLIN; Meridian, Miss ; ury Club BEBBER, HOWARD JONES, JR.; South Boston, Vo.; Engineering; Delta Tou Delta; St. Pat ' s BECK, BEVERLEY MAE; Portsmouth, Vo.; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha; Pep Squad Physical Education Club; Canterbury Club BECK, CAROL CLIFTON Lillian; A S; Theto Upsilon; Glee Club BECK, CHARLES RICHARD Dothcin A S, Alpha Tau Omega. BECKER, CAROLYN SUE; Orlando, Fla.; Home Economics; Sigma Delta Tau BECKER, ELAINE; Bessemer; A S; Sigma Delta Tau BECKWORTH, HOYT LEE; Fairfield; Commerce BEGUE, RAY FRANCIS; Montgomery; Engineering; Pep Squad BELCHER, LLOYD R.; Rosedole, Miss.; Engineering; Chi Epsilon; A. S. C, E. BELL, FRED; Boyonne. N. J.; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Mu BELL, SARA FRANCES; Northport; A S. BELL, YVONNE; Birmingham; Commerce . , BELLANDE, WILLIAM LANEY; Birmingham; A S; Delta Chi; Pep Squad . . . BELLENGER, MARY WOOD; Gadsden; A S; Kappa Kappa Gommo; Triangle , . BENNETT, AUSTEN L.; Tuscaloosa; A S; Delta Kappa Epsilon , BENNETT, .GLORIA MAY; Birmingham; Home Economics; Alpha Xi Delta; Caroline Hunt Club , BENSON, CAROLYN R.; Birmfnghom; Education; Bond; Honey Bowl BENTLEY, ARTHUR C; Birminghom; Engineering; St. Pat ' s. Page 166 I " 1 1 » II f » f i Bailey, D. C. Bailey, E. G. Bailey, F. E. Bailey, G. H. Bailey, J. W. Bailey, J. M. Bailey, J. Baker, H. L. Baker, H. S. Boker, J. Baker, O. C. Baldwin Balfour Ball, M. L. Ball, T. W. Ballard Ballenqer Bankester Banks, A. W. Banks, J. O. Banks, T. D. Barasch Barfoot Barnard Barnetl, B. J. Barnelt, M. A. Barnett, R. Barrett Barton, A. Barton, M. Bates, J. C. Bates, J. L. Baumhauer Baynes Beal Beard, C. L. Beard, J. W. Bearden Bearman, A. J. Bearman, M. I. Beasley, J. J. Beasley, R. D. Beatty Beauchamp Beavers, F. W. Beavers, W. F. Bebber Beck, B. M. Beck, C. C. Beck, C. R. Becker, C. S. Becker, E. Beckworth Begue Belcher Bell, F. Bell, S. F. Bell, Y. Bellande Bellenger Bennet, A. L. Bennett, G. M. Benson Bentley, A. C. PAT REILLY TURNED OUT TO BE RAM EDITOR JOHN ORR BENTLEY, ARTHUR L.; Godsden; Commerce,- Theto X, BERGER, HUGH MALCOLM; Mobile; Commerce; Kappa Nu BERGIN, JACK EDWARD; Chicago Heights, 111.; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega BERMAN, BENNETT MAYER; Tuscaloosa; A S; Koppa Nu; Pep Squad . . . BERN, IRVING ISAAC; Montgomery; A S; Koppo Nu; Crimson-White, I. S. F. A.; Alpha Phi Omega; Corolla . . . BERNSTEIN, JOE; New Orleans, La.; Commerce; Zeta Beta Tau; Corolla; Crimson-White BERNSTEIN, MELVYN GERALD; Tampa, Fla.; Commerce; Kappa Nu; Crimson-White; Corolla; Alpha Phi Omega; Rho Alpha Tau. BERNSTEIN, SIDNEY LEE; Birmingham; Commerce; Kappa Nu; Pep Squad; I. R. C. BERN STEIN, WILLIAM E.; Birmingham; A S; Zeta Beta Tau; Secretory, Zeta Beta Tau; Cotillion Club; Business Mana- ger, Corolla Beauty Boll BERRY, HAROLD; Fayette, A S; Phi Koppa Sigma BERRY, PEGGY ANN; Orlando, Fla,; Home Economics; Pi Phi Bete. BERRY, WALTER LESLIE, JR.; A S; Chickasaw BERRYHILL, LOLA GAY; Hamilton; Education BERRYMAN, WILLIAM CLINTON; Town Creek; A S. BEVILL, JAMES K.; Townley; Commerce; Alpha Sigma Phi BEVIS LUTHER ANDERSON; Anniston; Commerce; Delta Chi BICKNELL EILEEN GHITO; Montego Boy, Jamaica, West Indies; A S; Phi Mu French Club BINION, CHARLES EDWARD; Birmingham; Engineering Pi Kappa Alpha; St. Pat ' s Council; Secretary, A I. 1. E ; S, A. M. E Pep Squad; Cadet Officers ' Club BISHOP, WILLIAM M.; Quincy Fla.; Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon BIVENS, BARBARA JEAN Moultrie, Go.; A S; Delta Zeto; French Club; Wesley Foundation Volley Ball BLACK, ROBERT TEARCE, JR.; Fayette; Commerce Phi Kappa Sigma. BLACKLIDGE, JOYCE ERLINE; Birmingham; A S; Blackfriars . . BLACKMON, BENJAMAN T.; Forest City, Ark.; A S; Kappa Sigma . BLACKWELL, GORDON EUSTACE; Mobile; Commerce; Pi Koppa Alpha; Wesley Foundation BLAIR, SAM W.; Leeds; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon BLAKE, ANNA CAROLYN; Phenix City; A S; Phi Mu; Girls ' Spirit Committee, B. S. U. BLANKENSHIP, EMMA RUTH; Tuscumbia; Education; Delta Gammo; Triangle; Corolla; Y. W. C. A. BLEMKER, MARVIN WILLIAM; Huntingburg, Ind.; Education; Vor- sity Basketball; Varsity Baseball. ■ ' Yer outta there! " BLISS, JANE ALICE; Birmingham; A S; Chi Omega BLISS, LEWIS, JR.; Savannah, Go.; Education; Chi Phi BLOOM, JAMES PIERCE; Birmingham; A S; Phi Gamma Delta BLOOMFIELD, PHYLLIS ANN; Stuttgart, Ark.; A S; Sigma Delta Tau; Spirit Com- mittee BLUE, ELIZABETH RHODES; Union Springs; A S; Koppo Delta BLUSTEIN, CHARLES H.; Little Rock, Ark.; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Mu; Rho Alpha Tau; Corollo; Hillel Foundation BOBER, BETTY JANE; Mobile; Home Economics. BOBZIN, ELLEN LUCAS; Montgomery; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha; Triangle, Pep Squad; Spirit Committee; Y. W. C. A.; Canterbury Club . . . BOCOCK, EUEL EDMUND, JR.; Avondole Estates, Go.; Home Economics . . . BODIE, HARRY CONRAD; Brunswick, Md.; Engineering; Chi Phi; Freshman Footboll; Blackfriars BOGGESS, JOHN WILSON; Birmingham; A S; Alpha Tau Omega BOGGS, ELOISE NANCY; Kingsport, lenn.; Education; Alpha Comma Delto; Corolla; Y. W. C. A. BOGGS, WILLIAM PYRLE; Marion Junction; Education; Chi Phi . . BOLASKY, SYLVIA; Jacksonville, Fla.; A S; Sigma Delta Tou; Debate Squad; Triangle; Girls ' Spirit Committee; Zeto Phi Eto; Hillel Foundation. BOLEN, WILLIAM OSSIAN; Selma; A S BOLLMAN, ELIZABETH IRENE; CIcirksdale, Miss.; A S; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Corolla; Press Club BONNER, BILLIE JEAN; Northport; Commerce; Bond BONNEY, WALTER ALLAN; Enterprise, Miss.; A S; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Eto Sigma; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Cadet Officers ' Club . . . BOONE, BETTY; Tuscaloosa; A S; Kappa Delta; Y. W. C. A.; Corolla BOONE, FLOYD EDWARD; Bay Minette; A S; Press Club BOORSTEIN, JERRY; Bronx, N. Y.; Engineering; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pep Squad. BOOTH, Y. M. C. Delta; Per JAMES LAWRENCE; Northport; A S; Kappa Alpha; A. BOOTH, JOE THOMAS; Florolo; A S; Delta Tou ,hing Rifles BOSTICK, DIANE JUANITA; Birmingham; Home Economics; Fhi Mu BOWEN, DORIS; Birmingham; Home Economics BOWEN, DOROTHY; Birmingham; A S BOWEN, JACK WESLEY; Birmingham; Commerce; Theto Xi; Druids BOWEN, REBECCA ELIZABETH; Birmingham; A S; Alpha Chi Omego; B. S. U. i ) ■ ' S t:A BOWERS, ROBERT LAMAR; Godsden, Commerce; Pi Koppo Phi; Vice- President, Blackfriars BOYD, ROBERT BAXTER; Sheffield; Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon . BRADFORD, CAROLYN MATHILDA; Russellville; Engineering; Koppa Delta; St. Pat ' s Council; Triangle; Wesley Foundation; Girls ' Spirit Committee; Y. W. C. A.; A. 1. C. E. BRADLEY, PHILLIP H.; Brewton; Engineering; Pershing Rifles BRADLEY, SARA JEAN; Greensboro; A S; Triangle; Spirit Committee BRAKEFIELD, WILLIAM LACY; Jasper; A S; Chi Phi BRANDIS, JAMES EDWARD; Troy; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Assistant Advertising Manager, Crimson-White. BRANNAN, AUSTIN; Gorgos; Chemistry; Delta Tau Delta; Rho Alpha Tuu: PrMsidenl, Freshman Closs BRANTLEY, JAMES JACKSON IVY; Montjoniery; A S BRASHER, LOUIS ACKERMAN; Alabama City; Commerce , BRASSELL, PATRICIA WILMA; Tampa, Fla.; Home Economics;- Delta Delta Delta BRASSELL, THOMAS E.; Evergreen; Engineering; St. Pot ' s BRASWELL, EUGENIA; Montgomery; Chemistry BRAWNER, MARIEL O.; Birmingham; Home Economics; Alpha Chi Omega; Triangle. Page 168 Bentiey, A. L. Berger Bergin rnstein, J. rnstein, M. G. Bernstein, S. f. Bernstein, W. E. Berry, H. Berry P. A. Berry, W. L. Berryhill Eerryman Bishop Biocklidge Blackmon Blackwell Blair Blake Blankenship Elemker .s, J. A. .s, L. Bobzln Bocock Bodle Boggess Boggs, E. N. Boggs, W. P. Bolasky Bolen Bollma Boone, F. E. Boorstein Booth, J. L. Booth, J. T. Bostick Bowen, D. Bowen, D. Bowen, J. W, Bowen, R. E. Bowers Boyd Bradford Bradley, P. H. Bradley, S. J. Brakefield Brandls Brantley Brasher Brossell, P. VJ. Brossell, T. E. Broswell Browner COROLLA BEAUTY BALL WAS NOVEMBER BRAZELTON, ELBERT COLYAR, JR.; Uppe. Darby, Pa„ Commerce; Phi Gnmmo Delta; Greek; BRENNER, WALTER; Montgomery; Com. merce; Koppc Nu BREWER, ALBERT PRESTON; Decatur; A S, Dello Sigma Flu BIREWER, HELEN KEYES; Greenwood, Miss.; Home Economics BRICE, JAMES A.; Pans, Tenn.; Commerce, Pi Koppa Alpha; Deboting Club; Blackfriors; Pep Squad; Corolla; Y. M. C A., Commerce Association; I. R. C. BRINSON, CAROLYN VIOLET; Blokely, Ga.; Education BRITTAIN, NANCY CAROLYN; Oneonto; Home Economics; Zeta Tau Alpha, Triangle, Y. W. C. A, BRITTON, BETTY ANN; Montgomery; A S; Chi Omega; Corolla; Y. W. C, A. BRITTON, WILLIAM BROWN; Montgomery, Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega BROBSTON, ED L.; Bessemer; A S; Kappa Alpha BROCK, HARRY B., JR.; East Gadsden; Commerce; Phi Delta Theto; GoK Team BROCK, RUTH RAMSAY; Marion; Education, Delta Gamma; Corolla, Crimson-White, Y. W. C. A. BROLUND, ROBERT FREDERICK; Wichita, Kan.; A S; Lambda Chi Alpha BRONSON, MILTON NORRIS; Crafton; A S, Bond; Orchestra. BROOKS, GRACE MARGARET; Comillo, Go.; A S, Kappa Delta . . . BROOKS, JAMES BOLLING; Brewton; A S; Phi Delta Theto; President, Freshman Class, 1947; Vice-President, Canterbury Club; Corolla BROOKS, MARILYN TOMACIA; Brewton; Home Economics; Delta Zeta, Honey Bowl; Tennis Tournament BROOKS, THOMAS DONALD; Fairfield; A S, Delta Tau Delta; Pep Squad; Crimson-White BROOKS, VONCILE; Tuscaloosa; A S BROUPHY, HAROLD E.; New Orleans. La.; Engineering BROWN, A. VINCENT, Millry, A S, Pi Kappa Phi. BROWN, BOBBIE; Birmingham: A S; Phi Mu; Triangle; Y. W. C. A BROWN, CAROL ELIZABETH; Glyndon, Md.; A S; Phi Mu BROWN, CARROLL; Tuscaloosa; Education; Kappa Alpha, Pershing Rifles Y. M. C. A. BROWN, CHARLES ANGFLO: Mobile; Commerce Pi Kappa Alpha BROWN, DORA ANN; Columbia, Tenn.; A S Theta Upsilon BROWN, DOROTHY LEE; Federalsburg, Md.r A S Alpha Delta Pi BROWN, HARRIET W.; Attallo; Education, Alpha Comma Delta. BROWN, HELEN JANE; Empire, A 8. S, B. S. U.; Student Religious Association BROWN, JAMES R.; Demopolis; Engineering; St. Pafs BROWN, JANE HARRIET; Beverly Hills. Colif.; A S; Delta Delta Delta; Pep Squad BROWN, JERRY NEAL; Cordovo; Com- merce, Alpha Sigma Phi; Greeks BROWN, JOE A.; Fayette; Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; A. I. I. E.; Scabbard and Blade BROWN, JOYCE; Elmore; Commerce, Zeta Tau Alpha; Pep Squad; Com- merce Association; Corolla BROWN, LEWIS CLEVELAND, JR.; Thomaston; Education. BROWN, MARGARET RACHEL; Guntersville; A S; Zeta Tau Alpha; Glee Club; Blackfriors; Spanish Club; Corolla; Triangle; Y. W. C. A, Honey Bowl; Girls ' Spirit Committee; Friendship Committee BROWN, MAXINE; Montgomery; Commerce; Alpha Phi; Pep Squad; Corolla BROWN, MILDRED LAKE; Atlanta; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma; V. W. C. A. BROWN, NANCY ANNE; Durham, N. C; A S, Kappa Koppa Gamma; Corolla; Pep Squad BROWN, ROBERT A.; Mobile; A S, Pep Squad BROWNLEE, SARA B ETH; Columbus. Go.; Educotion; Alpha Xi Delta; Wesley Foundation BRUGAL, EDWARD ANDRES; Dominican Republic, Puerto Plata; Engineering; St. Pafs, Newman Club. BRUHN, BARBARA ELLEN, Fort Monroe, Va.; A S; Alpha Xi Delta BRUNER, ALBERT H.; Montgomery; Chemistry; President, Wesley Foundation; Alchemists Club BRUNNER, CLARA JO; Cullman, Education; Triangle; Band BRUNSON, BETTY; Montgomery; A S, Kappa Kappa Gamma; Triangle; Spirit Committee; Spanish Club Y. W. C. A. BRUNSON, DONALD HERBERT; Montgomery; Coi merce; Sigma Nu BRYAN, ELIZABETH THORNTON; Umonpoint, Ga., A S; Kappa Koppa Gamma BRYAN, WILLIAM JENNINGS; Opp, Engineering. BRYAN, WILLIAM T.; Birmingham; Engineering; Lambda Chi Alpha, Phi Eta Sigma BRYDGES, THEODORE BURTON; Rochester, N. Y., Engineering . . BRYSON, SARA JUNE; Dothon; Home Economics; Deltc Delta Delta . . BUCHANAN, FRANCIS CECIL, JR.; Lake Wales, Fla. Education; Pi Koppa Phi; Band BUCHANAN, RICHARD W., JR., Selmo; Commerce; Phi Delta Theto BUCHMAN, PAUL; Mobile Commerce; Koppa Nu BUCKLER, WILLIAM E.; East Alton, III. A S; Delta Tau Delta. BUCKLEY, DOROTHY ALICE; Meridian, Miss.; A S; Alpha Xi Delta . . . BUCKLEY, VALERIE; Mobile; Home Economics; Delta Zeta BUCKNER, BETTY LOIS; Cincinnati, O.; A S; Pi Phi Beta; Corolla; Crimson-White; Pep Squod BULLARD, HERBERT LUTHER; Birmingham; A S; Delta Tau Delta BULLOCK RICHARD S., JR.; Birmingham; Com- merce; Koppa Alpha BUNTIN, THOMAS EUGENE, JR.; Dothan; A S; Sigma Nu. BUNTING, WILLIAM M.; Portsmouth, Va.; Engineering; Theta Xi; A. S. M. E. BURGESS, HELEN SUE; Gadsden; A S; Tau Koppo Alpha BURGESS, LEON MALCOLM; Godsden; Commerce BURGOYNE, ALICE ANTIONETTE; State College, Miss.; A S; Chi Omega; Westminster Fellowship BURKA, AUDREY FAY; New Orleons, La.; A S; Sirimo Delta Tau BURKE, BILLY TOM; Anniston; Com- merce BURKETT, ETHEL E.; Beaumont, Tex.; Chemistry . BURLESON, DAN DOWNS; Decatur; A S; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Page 170 BM j J m « ■ i r, A. P. r, H. K. •Ilton, B. A. •itton, W. E •obston •ock, H. B. •ock, R. R. -olund Brooks, G. M. Brooks, J. B. Brooks, M. T. Brooks, T. D. Brooks, V. Brouphy Brown, A. V. n, C. E. own, C. n, C. A. n, D. A. n, D. L. own, H. W. vn, H. J. vn, J. R. vn, J. H. vn, J. N. vn, J. A. vn, J. vn, L. C. vn, M. R. vn, M. vn, M. I. vn, N. A. vn, R. A. vnlee Brunson, D. H. Bryan, E. T. Bryan, W. J. Bryan, W. T. Brydges Bryson Buchonon, F. C. Buchanan, R. W. Buchmon Buckler ckley, D. A. ckley, V. Burg, rgess, H. S. L. M. urgoyne urka urke urkett urieson DR. ERIC RODGERS IS A MEMBER OF THE OAK RIDGE INSTITUTE OF NUCLEAR STUDIES S; Fhi Kappa A S; Phi Mu; BURNS, BEAURY COOK, JR.; Heidelberg, Mi; Sigma BURNS, HARRIET GLENN; Birmini Pep Squad; Girls ' Spirit Committee; Corolla; Rammer Jammer BURNS, JACQUELINE DORIS; Coatopo; Commerce BURNS, JOAN Lincoln; A S; R. O. T. C. Sponsor BURRELL, CLIFFORD WAYNE, Kennet, Mo.; Education BURROW, BARBARA NELLE; Josper; A S Chi Omega; Press Club BURTON, DICK; Talladega, Commerce Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Rammer Jammer. BURTON, JOHN H.; Selmo; A S; Koppa Sigma BURTON, JOSEPH B.; Columbus, Go.; A S; Theto Xi BUTLER, FRANK MIDDLETON; Anniston; Engineering; Sigma Nu; Phi Eta Sigmo; Fi Mu Epsilon; Tou Beta Fi, WABP; St. Pat ' s; A. I. E. E.; Theto Tau BUTLER, KATHRYN MASON; Mobile; Home Economics; Kappa Delto; Corollo; Caroline Hunt Club BUTTS, JAMES LEONARD; Jasper; Commerce BUXBAUM, JANET RUTH; St. Joseph, Mo.; Education; Alpha Epsilon Fhi; H.llel Foundotion; Corolla BYCK, SYLVAN M., JR.; Savannoh, Go,; Commerce; Zeta Beta Tou; Corolla; Rammer Jammer; Blockfriors; WABP. BYRD, CHARLES R.; Birmingham; Commerce; Alpho Tau Omega; Crimson- White CAFFEY, HUGH MADISON; Brewton; Commerce; Delta Kappa Epsilon CAGLE, CORNELIUS ELMORE, JR.; Stanton; Commerce CAIN, ANNE CECILE; Mobile; A S CAIN, WALTER LOUIS; Bessemer; Commerce; Lambda Chi Alpha; Rho Alpha Tou CALDWELL, THOMAS C; Birmingham; Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon CALHOUN, DAVID WILLIAM; Hyattsville, Md.; Commerce; Sigmo Alpha Epsilon. CALHOUN, ELSIE; Montgomery; Home Economics, Alpha Xi Delta; Wes- ley Foundotion; Coroline Hunt Club CALLAHAN, REBECCA LEE: Pensocolo. Flo.; Home Economics; Y. W. C. A.; Westminster Fellowship . . . CALLAWAY, SHIRLEY; Tuscaloosa; A S; Delto Delta Delta CAMERON, JAMES FELL; Mount Hebron; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega . . . CAMMACK, JACQUELINE; Jackson, Miss,; A S; Zeto Tou Alpha CAMP, CHARLES LEE; Rockford; A S CAMP, NELSON; Arab; Commeice; Delta Chi. Hep Cats CAMPANELLA, FRANCES; Hot Springs, Ark.; A S; Newman Club... CAMPBELL, HARVEY BURK; Munford; A S; Delta Sigma Phi CAMPBELL, JAMES E.; Princeton, Flo.; Commerce; Kappa Sigmo; I. R. C; Pep Squad CAMPBELL, LEONARD ROY; Birmingham; Commerce; Koppa Sigma, I. R. C, Vice-President, Freshman Class CANNON, BENNIE JONES; Berry; A S; Alpha Comma Delto; Wesley Foundation; Y. W. C. A. CANNON, JANETTE MARILYN; Andalusia; Education CANNON, ROBERT E.; Opp; Commerce; Lambda Chi Alpha; Commerce Association CANTEY, THOMAS CLIFTON; Montgomery; Commerce; Sigma Nu Corolla; Crimson-White CAPOUANO, LEON MORRIS; Montgomery Commerce; Kappa Nu; Corolla; I. S. F. A. CAPPS, ELIZABETH ANN Talladega; Chemistry CARLIN, WILLIAM BERNARD; Bond Engineering CARLOVITZ, CARLYE MERLE; Mobile, Commerce Alpha Xi Delta; Wesley Foundation CARLSON, NORA-MAE, Western Springs, III,; A S; Theto Upsilon CARNATHAN HERBERT GLENN; Birmingham; A S; Pi Koppa Alpha; Crimson-White WABP; I. R. C; Pep Squad; Codet Officers ' Club. CARNATHAN, KENNETH M.; The Dalles, Ore.; Commerce; Delta Sigma Pi; Phi Eta Sigma, Wesley Foundotion; Pep Squad; Commerce Asso- ciation CARR, PAUL LEROY; Montgomery; Engineering; Theto Chi; Bond; Pershing Rifles . . . CARRAWAY, ALFRED; Godsden; A S; Alpho Tou Omego; Y. M. C. A. CARRAWAY, WANDA LEE; Minter City, Miss-; Commerce; Commerce Association CARRELL, ALICE G.; Birminghom; Home Economics CARROLL, BOOTS ANNE; Jock son- ville, Flo.; Education; A. I. A.; Wesley Foundation CARSON, JOHN CURTIS; Huntsville; A S. CARSON, ROBERT JONES; Tuscumbio; Commerce; Delta Koppa Ep- silon CARTER, ELLIS ANN; Fort Mitchell; Education; Alpho Xi Delta CARTER, HERMAN; Troy; Engineering . . . CARTER, Alexandria, Vo,; A S; Alpha Chi Omega; Canterbury , CARTLEDGE, RAYMOND EUGENE; Panama City, Flo.; Com- Koppo Phi; Bond CASH, MELBA RUTH; Tuscaloosa; Glee Club CASTLEBERRY, DWIGHT J.; Bessemer; Lombdo Chi Alpho; Blockfriors; Rammer Jammer; Intramural UNALANE Club merce; Pi Education; Education; Boxing Tea CATALDO, CHARLES EUGENE; Birmingham; Chemistry . CAUSEY, CLARENCE RICHARD, JR.; Birmingham; A S; Kappa Alpha CAVIN, JOHN A.; Amorillo, Tex.; A S; Pi Kappa Alpha; Crimson- White CHAMBERS, DICK; Brundidge; A S; Koppa Sigmo; Druids; Fhi Eta Sigmo; Alpha Phi Omega; Dos Deutsches Verein; Blockfriors CHAMPION, JOE FREDERIC; Birmingham; Commerce; Phi Gamma Delta; Pep Squad CHANNELL, CHARLES W.; Tuscolooso; Commerce; Commerce Association, Pep Squad; B. S. U. . CHAPPELL, SAM M.; Birmingham; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Greeks. CHASTAIN, LORA DELL; Jackson; A S CHESTNUT, ANN ELIZABETH; Silos; Commerce CHILDS, JAMES ROBERT; Elba, Commerce; Pi Koppa Phi CHILDS, LOOMIS McCULLOCH; Vicksburg, Miss.; A S CHIRAFISI, DONALD; New York, N. Y.; Com- merce CHISLING, MATT SHERRELL; Birmingham; A S; Pep Squad CHISHOLM, JOHN NORTHINGTON; Montgomery; Engineering. Fhi Delta Theto. Page 172 Burns, H. G. Burns, J. D. Burns, J. Burrell Burrow Burton, D. Burton, J. H. Burton, J. B. Butler, F. M. Butler, K. M. Butts Buxboum Byck Byrd Coffey Cagle Coin, A. C. Coin, W. L. Co ' dwell Coit-.oun, D. W. Calhoun, E. Callahan Comp, C. L. Camp, N. Componella Campbell, H. B. Campbel, J. E. Campbell, L. R. Connon, B. J. Common, J. M. Cannon, R. E. Contey Copouano Copps Ccrlin Car ' ovltz Carlson Carnothon, H. G. Carnothan, K. M. Corr Corrowoy, A. Corraway, W. L. Carreil Carroll Carson, J. C. Carson, R. J. Carter, E. A. Career, H. Carter, U. Cartledge Cosh Costleberry Catoldo Causey Covin Chambers Champion Chonnell Choppell Chostoin Chestnut Childs, J. R. Childs, L. M. Chirafisi Chisling Chisholm TUTWILER DORMITORY WAS REMODELED THIS YEAR CHRISTIAN, ROBERT LLEWELLYN, JR.; Norfolk, Va.; Commerce; P Kappa Alpha CHRISTOPHER, PEARL ELIZABETH; Semmes; Edu cation CHRISTOPHER, SAM EMMETT; Fori Payne, Commerce; Alphc Tau Omega; I. R. C; B. S. U. CHUNN, VAN DANTZLER; Jackson A S; Sigma Alpha Epsilon CITRANO, SAMMY JIM; Huntsville A S; Newman Club CLAFFEE, JOSEPH.; Birmingham; Engineering Delta Chi . . CLARK, BONNIE BROWN; Lauderdale, Miss.; Commerce COHN, ROBERT; Albany, N, Y.; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Mu; Hillel Foundalion COKER, ANNE; Birmingham, A S; Alpha Gamma Delta, Corolla; Y. W. C. A. COKER, WALTER DONALD; Birmingham Engineering; Kappa Alpha COLE, ARLINA; Russellville; A S Alpha Phi COLE, HARRY; Birmingham; A S; Alpha Tau Omega Y M. C. A.; Crimson-White , . . COLE, MARIANNE; Birmingham; A S Alpha Gamma Delta, Triangle; Y. W. C. A.; Crimson-White COLE, WILLIAM EDWARD; Delmar, N. Y.; Engineering; St. Pal ' s. CLARK, BURL LYNN, JR.; Boytown, Tex.; Engineering CLARK CHARLES LEE; Elba; Commerce; Pi Koppo Phi CLARK, FLOYD M Anniston, Education; Sigma Alpha Epsilon CLARK, JAMES McGRUDER Mobile; A S; Delta Kappa Epsil on CLARK, MARGERY JILL Sarasota, Fla.; A S; Delta Gamma; Glee Club, Y. W. C A CLAY, LOUISE; Rogersville; Education; Caroline Hunt Club; Triangle: Phi Upsilon Omicron; President, Colonial Hall CLEMENTS, JAMES T.; Tuscaloosa; A S; Band. COLEMAN, MARY WANDA; Whatley. Commerce COLEMAN, RICHARD EDWARD; Bloomfield, N. J; A S COLEMAN, ROBERT S.; Dothan, A S; Lombda Chi Alpha COLLINS, BETTY ANNE; Doytona Beach, Flo.; Home Economics COLLINS, CAROLEE Tuscaloosa; Education COLLINS, ELIZABETH ANNE; Burkville Educotion COLLINS, ROBERT MILTON; Birmingham; A S Fi Kappa Alpha; Rho Alpha Tau, Druids, Cotillion Club. CLEMONS, HAROLD DECKER; Albertville; A S; Pi Kappa Ph CLEVELAND, MARY ANN; Birmingham; Home Economics CLIFFORD, ARTHUR GENE; Talladega; A S CLIFFORD, PATRICIA ANN; Worcester, Mass.; A S CLIFTON, ALICE JEANETTE; Birmingham, Home Economics; Alpha Chi Omega, Y. W. C. A.; Choral Union CLOUSE, JOAN; Ozark; A S; Pi Beta Phi; Crimson-White; Corolla , . CLUTHE, BARBARA ANN; Coral Gables, Fla.; A S; Phi Mu, COATES, WILLIAM MALCOMB; Birmingham; Commerce; Kappa Alpha . . . COBB, CAROLYN; Birmingham; Home Economics; Alpha Chi Omega; Corolla COBB, CHARLES R.; Selma; Commerce; Phi Delta Theto . . . COBB, NELLIE; Montgomery; A S; Delta Gamma; Triangle; Alpha Lambda Delta; Blackfriors COFFEE, DICK EASTER; Decatur; Com- merce; Phi Gamma Delto COHEN, BETTY REVA; Birmingham; A S; Sigma Delta Tau; Girls ' Spirit Committee COHEN, HARRIS C; Dothan; A S; Sigma Aloha Mu; Student Forum; I. R. C. No trees in Texas COMMANDER, IRVING MILLER, JR.; Tuscaloosa; Commerce; Pep Sriucid COMPTON, WILLIAM; Montgomery; Engineering; Delta Sigma Phi: Phi Eta Sigma; Orchestra CONE, JULIET; Tampa, Flo,; A S: Chi Omega; Crimson-White CONLON, RALPH THOMAS; Forest Hill, N Y; Education CO NTE, JEANNE LARNER; Fort Worth, Tex; A S COOK, HARRY NICHOLSON; Birmingham; A S, Vice-President, Press Club; Crimson-White; News Bureou; Wesley Foundation; Editor, 1948 " A " Book; Sigma Delta Chi COOK, JOHN WILLIAM; Birmingham, Commerce. COOK, MARY AMANTE; Spring Hill; A S; Delta Gamma, Triangle; Canterbury Club COOK, RICHARD REYNOLDS; Miami, Fla.; Engineering; Pi Koppo Alpha, S. A, M. E. COOK, SARA VIRGINIA; Brunswicl., Ga., Commerce; Alpha Gamma Delta; Y. W. C. A. . . . COONS, HARRY J.; Huntsville; A S; Phi Delta Theto; Pep Squad . . . COONS, SUE CHASE; Huntsville; Education; Chi Omego; Y. W. C, A. . . . COOPER, PAULINE HOLLAND; Montgomery; Education; Delta Gamma, Pep Squad; Freshman Y. W. C. A. COPELAND, ALBERT WHITING; Montgomery; Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigma; President, Druids; Cotillion Club. COPELAND, TED; Montgomery; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Wes ley Foundation CORD, RICHARD HARVEY; New York, N. Y. Engineering; Theta Chi CORNELIUS, RALPH G.; Guntersville, Commerce COSBY, JOSEPH CONWAY; Richmond, Vo.; Engineering, Fi Kappa Alpha COSTELLO, GEORGE WILLIAM, JR.; Mobile, Engineering; St. Pat s COTE, LOUIS J.; Hartford, Conn.; Engineering, St. Pot ' s , COTTER, DAVID JAMES; Tuscalooso; A S; Lombda Ch Alpha; Corolla. COTTER, FRANK McGRATH; Tuscolcoso; A S; Lambda Chi Alpha COTTLE, PAUL THOMAS; West Palm Beach, Fla.; Engineering COULTER, AUBREY CHENOWETH; Tuscaloosa; Engineering . . . COUNTS, JUNE MARIANNE; Florence; Commerce COURTNEY, EDNA AMELIE; Mobile; Home Economics; Kappa Kappa Gamma COURTNEY, RICHARD C; Birmingham; Commerce; Lambda Chi Alpha; Delta Sigma Pi; Squore and Compass , . COVINGTON, ROBERT C; Montgomery; Education. Page 174 p Christian Christopher, P. E. Christopher, S. E. Chunn Citrono Cloffee Clark, B. B. Clark, B. L. Clark, C. L. Clark, F. M. Clark, J. M. CIrak, M. J. Clay Clements demons Cleveland Clifford, A. G. Clifford, P. A, Clifton Clouse Cluthe Coates Cobb, C. Cobb, C. R. Cobb, N. Coffee Cohen, B. R. Cohen, H. C. Cohn Coker, A. Coker, W. D. Cole, A. Cole, H. Cole, M. Cole, W. E. Coleman, M. W. Coleman, R. E Coleman, R. S. Collins, B. A. Collins, C. Collins, E. A. Collins, R. M. Commander Ccmpton Cone Conlon Conte Cook, H. N, Cook, John W. Cook, M. A. Cook, R. R. Cook, S. V. Coons, H. J. Coons, S. C. Cooper Copelond, A. W. Copeland, T. Cord Cornelius Cosby Costello Cote Cotler, D. J. Colter, F. M. Cottle Coulter Counts Courtney, E. A. Courtney, R. C. Covington RAYMOND SWING SPOKE AT CAPSTONE ON U.S. FOREIGN POLICY COWEN, JEFFERSON DAVIS; Bessemer; Engmt GEORGE EDWARD; Kenmore, N. Y.; Engineering Thorsby; Home Economics COX, JUNE LEE; B Alpha Phi; Pep Squad; Canterbury Club Birmingham; Educotion; Alpha Xi Delta Birmingham; Education; Theta Upsilon; Triangle; Crir CRANE, MARGARET REBECCA; Tuscaloosa, Education. ering COX COX, INEZ rmingham; Commerce COX, LINDA OREE COX, MARY BEN :rimson-White CRANFORD, CHARLES RUFUS; Jasper, A S; Phi Gamma Delta CRANFORD, JANIS ELAINE; University; A S CRAWFORD, HOWARD JAMES, JR.; New Kensington, Penn.; Alpha Sigma Phi; Greeks Commerce Association; Corolla CRAWFORD, JAMES HOWARD, JR.; Columbiana; A S; Pi Kappa Alpha CREEL, LUTHER SIMEON, JR.; Mobile; Commerce; Sigma Chi CREWS, SARA WILL; Lineville; A S Zeta Tau Alpha; Triangle; Y. W. C. A. CROEN, LARRY; Crestwood, N. Y.; A S; Sigma Alpha Mu; WABP; Crimson-White. CRONIN, DONALD JOSEPH; Tuscaloosa; Commerce; Alpha Sigma Ph., Phi Eta Sigma; Chairman of Arrangements, 1948 Notional Convention, Phi Eta Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi; Chairman, Delta Sigma Pi Roster; Com- merce Association; Greeks; Pep Squad; Cotillion Club; Assistant Editor 1949 Corolla; President, Alpha Sigma Phi GROSS, CAROL; Gadsden; Home Economics; Alpha Gamma Delta; Caroline Hunt Club, Choral Union CROUCH, JAMES PHILLIPS; Batesville, Ark.; Commerce CROW, WARREN BAKER; Birmingham, A S; Phi Gamma Delta; Pep Squad CROWDER, WILLIAM EDWARD; Little Rock, Ark.; Engineering; Theta Chi CROWLEY, DANIEL JOSEPH, JR.; Jackson- ville, Fla.; Commerce; Track Team CROXTON, EUGENE L., JR.; Montgomery; Engineering; St. Pat ' s. CRUM, MARY E.; Memphis, Tenn.; A S; Alpha Gamma Delta CRUMLY, CECIL; Birmingham; Commerce; Delta Chi CRUMPLER, CARL BOYETTE; Jacksonville, Fla.; Commerce; Kappa Alpha; Quadrangle, Phi Eta Sigma; " A " Club CULP, CHARLES ALLEN; Birmingham; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon CULPEPPER, LILLIAN JANE; Gulfport, Miss.; A S CULPEPPER, THOMAS MELTON; Demopolis, Engineering; Kappa Alpha CUMMINGS, WILLIAM WINN; Birming- ham; Engineering. CURLEE, JOHN COLEMAN; Sylacauga; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha; Y. M. C, A ; Crimson-White; Corolla; Rammer Jammer; Druids; Commerce Association CURRY, LAURA JUNE; Birmingham; Education; Alpha Lambda Delta; Sigma Delta Pi; Spanish Club; I. R. C; Girls ' Spirit Com- mittee; Pep Squad CUTHRIELL, JEAN KING; Miami, Flo.; A S; Alpha Chi Omega DABBS, VIOLET; Hueytown; Education; Choral Union DAILY, EVERETT ALLGOOD; University; A S; Pi Kappa Phi, Y. M. C. A.; Wesley Foundation; Crimson-White. DANCY, BARBARA; Mobile, A S; Delta Gamma; Corolla; Crimson-While; Y. W. C. A. DANEHOWER, WILBURN JUSTUS; Gadsden; Engi- neering. DANIEL, DONALD W.; Pluckemin, N. J.; A S DANIEL JOYCE M.; Parnsh; Home Economics DANIELL, MARILYN RUTH, Birmingham; Home Economics; Alpha Chi Omega; Caroline Hunt Club Wesley Foundation; Y. W. C. A.; Pep Squad DARBY, MARTHA ANN, Tuscaloosa; Home Economics; Y. W. C. A.; Caroline Hunt Club DAVES, LILLIE MARGARET; Hattiesburg, Miss.; Chemistry DAVIDSON, ALAN K.; Birmingham; Engineering; Sigma Chi DAVIDSON, HELEN JEAN; Memphis, Tenn.; Home Economics; Sigma Delta Tau; Caroline Hunt Club. DAVIDSON, JOHN DALY; Boise, Idaho; A S; Alpha Tau Omega Blockfriors DAVIDSON, PAUL JOSEPH; Cincinnati, C; Engineering Delta Tau Delta DAVIE, CAROLYN ROSE; Atlanta, Ga.; A S Alpha Xi Delta DAVIS, BOB; Fo ' ey; Commerce; Kappa Sigma I. R. C; Pep Squad DAVIS, BOBBYE LEE; Selmo; A S Delta Gamma; Corolla; Rammer Jammer; Blackfriars; Y. W. C. A. DAVIS, EDWIN, S.; Parrish; A S; Pi Kappa Phi; Wesley Foundation . . DAVIS, JAMES L.; Decatur; Commerce; Theta Chi; Band, Wesley Founda DAVIS, JOHN HICKMON, JR.; Selmo, A S; Kappa Alpha DAVIS, JOSEPH HOMER; Ashford; A S; Pi Kappa Phi DAVIS, MILDRED VIRGINIA; Moundville; Commerce; Wesley Foundo- lioii DAVIS, SAM LEFTWITCH; Huntsville; A S DAWKINS, MARY LUCILE; Birmingham; A S; Zeta Tau Alpha DAWSON, MARVIN, JR.; Jemison; A S; Delta Tau Delta; Pershing Rifles; Pep Squad DAWSON, MARY; Selmo; Commerce; Kappa Delta. DAWSON, WILLIAM ROY; Montgomery; Education . , DAY, CLARENCE WESLEY; Birmingham; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha . DAY, DIANA DODDS; New York, N. Y.; A S; Chi Omega . . DAY, MARTHA FLORENCE; Birmingham; A S; Phi Mu; Society Editor, Crimson-White; Triangle , DEAL, WILEY R.; Dothon; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Officers ' Club DEAN, HAROLD D.; Rogers- ville; A S , , DEAN, HARRIET; Alexander City; Education; Kappa Delta; Y. W. C. A.; Corolla; President, Sophomore Class. DEAS, PATSY RUTH; Fulton; A S . DEAVER, CAROLYN; Birmingham; A S; Chi Omega; Triangle DeBARDELEBEN, PERRY CALDWELL, JR.; Selmo; A S; Kappa Sigma . . DeCELLE, EDMOND THOMAS; Mobile; Commerce; Chi Phi; Blackfriars; University Theatre . . . DEFFKE, SELMA; Education; Alpha Delta Pi; President, Freshman Class . . . DEIMLING, PAUL LEWIS; Canton, O.; Engineering . DELONEY, JOHN C, JR.; Bessemer; Engineering; A. S. M. E.; St. Pat ' s; R. O. T. C. Cox, J. L. Cox, L. O. Cox, M. B. Cranford, C. R. Cronford, J. E. Crawford, H. J. Crawford, J. H. Crowder Crowley Croxton Crum Crumly Crurt pler Culp Culpepper, L. J. Culpepper, T. M. Cummings Curlee Curry Cuthriell Dabbs Daily Dancy Danehow, Daniel, D. W. Danie l, J. M. Darby Davidson, A. K. Davidson, H. J. Davidson, J. H. Davidson, P. J. B. L. E. S. J. L Davis, J. H. Davis, J. H. Davis, M. V. Davis, S. L. Dawkins Dawson, M. Dawson, M. Dawson, W. R. Day, C. E. Day, D. D. Day, M. F. Deal Dean, H. D. Dean, H. Deover DeBardelebe De Celle Deffke Deimling Deloney THE LARGE PEP SQUAD THIS YEAR CONTAINED 1,400 STUDENTS DENNIS, DOROTHY MAXINE; Wilsonville; A S DENNIS, NELDA JEAN; Beoverton,- Education DERAMUS, DOROTHY; Bum ingham; A S; Kappa Delta; Triangle; Alpha Lambda Delta DERIEUX, JERRY SEXTON; Birmingharr; Commerce DETWEILER, JOHN STUART; Jacksonville, Fla.; A S; Troct Team DEUEL, JOYCE; Costleberry; Education . De VAN, MARIANNE; Citronelle; Educa tion; Alpha Xi Delta. De VAN, CAROLYN ELIZABETH; Lake Cty, Fla., Home Economics DEVER, PATRICIA H.; Mobile; A S; Alpha Delta Pi, Secretory-Treasurer, W. S. G. A.; S. G. A.; Y. W. C. A.; Who ' s Who m American Universities and Colleges . , . DeVORE, JANE; Ozark; Education; Zeta Tou Alpha; Blockfriors; Crimson-White DeVORE, PHILLIP ALLEN; Birmingham; Commerce; Phi Gomma Delta; Pep Squad De WITT, PATSY JEANNE, Mobile; A S; Delta Delta Delta; Y. W. C. A. DICK, GEORGE FRED; Bessemer; Engineering; Delta Chi; Pep Squad DICKINSON, GLADYS L.; Leeds; Home Economics. DICKINSON, LOUISE; Opelika; A S; Alpha Delta Pi DICKSON, ALLIE DANIEL; Monroeville; A S; Phi Kappa Sigmo; Pep Squad DIFFLY, MADELYN JANE; Selmo; A S; Delta Gamma; Triangle; Alpha Lambda Delta DILLARD, DONNA-MAI; Huntsville; A S DILLARD, DOROTHY DEAL; Coker; A S DILLARD, WILLIAM GARDNER; Atlanta, Go.; A S; Chi Phi DILLON, JOHN FORREST; Montgomery; A S; Phi Delta Theta. DOAK, SHIRLEY; Dothon; A S; Alpha Delta Pi; Spirit Committee; Y. W. C. A.; Crimson-White DOBBINS, JEANNE ELIZABETH; Birmingham; Education; Chi Omega; Corolla. Y, W, C. A DOBBS, BETTY JOYCE; Birmingham; Education; Phi Mu; Spirit Committee DOBBS, JOE HARLAN; Foyette; A S; Fhi Kappa Sigma DODD, D. F.; Double Springs; A S; Chi Phi; Pep Squad . , DODDS, JAMES EDGAR, JR.; Birminghom, Commerce; Chi Phi . DOKOS, ANNIE THERESA; Columbus, Go.; A S; Delta Zeto; B. T. U. Alpha Delta Poradi; DOLOWITZ, ROBERT CHARLES; Lake Hiawatha, N. J.; Education; Sigma Alplia Mu, Pep Squad; Hillel Foundation DOMINEY, RAYMOND G.; Clayton, A S; Alpha Tou Omega DOMINICK, ELEANOR HARDIN; Spring Hill, Home Economics; Zeto Tau Alpha; Caroline Hunt Club; Wesley Foundation; Pep Squad . . . DONALDSON, DORIS; Louisville; Education DONOVAN, GERALDINE TALIAFERRO; Mobile; Chemistry; Delta Gamma; Y. W. C. A,; Corolla; Pasteur Society DORMAN, BUXTON; Birmingham; A S; Delta Chi DOROUGH, VIRGINIA ANN; Birmingham; Chemistry, Pep Squad; Wesley Foundation. DOSS, BOBBIE E.; Cenlreville; Education DOWNEY, LEON CLARENCE; Section; A S, Pi Kappa Phi DOWNS, MARIAN JANE; Birmingham, A S DOWNS, WALLACE EARL; Homewood; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta DRAKE, JOSEPH PETERKIN, JR.; Shelbyville, Tenn.; Commerce DREHER, ANN KATHRYN; Montgomery; A S; Alpha Chi Omega; Blockfriors DRENNEN, ALAN T., JR.; Birmingham; A S; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigma; Blackfnors; Quadrangle; Interfroternity Council; I. R. C. DRENNEN, GERALD ALEXANDER; Birmingham; Commerce; Delta Kappa Epsilon DREYFUSS, GERRY; New Rochelle, N. Y,, A S; Sigma Alpha Mu DRIGGERS, ROY MORRIS; Dothan; A S, Sigma Phi Epsilon; Rho Alpha Tau DRIGGERS, WALLACE G.; Sheffield; A S; Band DRUEDING, DOROTHY; New Orleans, La.; Home Economics; Pep Squad DRUMMOND, JOE LEHMAN; Jasper; A S; Theta Chi DUBERMAN, DAVID; Mobile; A S; Kappa Nu; Phi Eta Sigmo; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Secretary, Koppo Nu; Pep Squad; Hillel Foundation. DUBLIN, MARY CLYDE; Madison; Education; Alpha Delta Pi; Triangle; Y. W C. A DUCK, ROBERT MILTON; Sylacougo; A S; Director, Social Events, WABP; A. I. A. . DUGAN, DAVID LAWRENCE; Stanford, Conn.; A S; Delta Chi . . DUGGER, ALICE; Glen Ellyn, 111,; A S; Delta Delta Delta; Triangle DUGGER, CORNELIA ANNIS; Tuscaloosa; Home Economics; Pep Squad DUKE, ANDREW JESSE, JR.; Birmingham; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Rammer Jammer; Wesley Foundation DUKE, WARREN CECIL; Columbiana; A S; Pi Kappa Alpha. DUNCAN, ELIZABETH JACKSON; Alexander City; Commerce; Alpha Gamma Delta; Y. W. C. A. DUNCAN, LAURA VIRGINIA; Birming- ham; Home Economics; Phi Mu; Corolla; Caroline Hunt Club , DUNHAM, DOROTHY CAROLINE; Delond, Fla.; A S DUNKLIN, JAMES H.; Greenville; A S; Phi Delta Theta . . . DUNN, SUSAN HOWARD; Tuscaloosa; Education; Delta Gamma; Canterbury Club DUNNAM, ARTHUR LEE; Mobile; Engineering; Delta Kappa Epsilon . . DUNWODY, MARY GENE; Mobile; A S; Kappa Delta. DURHAM, MARJORIE NELL; Fort Payne; Education; Choral Union . . . DURR, ELIA G.; Montgomery; A S; Kappa Delta; Corolla . . DURRETT, MABEL LOUISE; Anniston; Education; Koppo Delta; Y. W. C. A. DYER, JAMES MARTIN; Huntsville; Engineering; Sigma Nu . , , DYSON, BROMLEY CLEGG; Pensucola, Fla.; Commerce; Sigma Nu; Crimson- White EARHARDT, JAMES ALEXANDER; Alexander City; Commerce; Lambda Chi Alpha . , . EARP, BETTY JEAN; Greenville, S. C; Education; Kappa Delta; Y. W. C. A.; Spirit Comnnittee; Pep Squad. Page 178 Dennis, D. M. Dennis, N. J. Detweiler Deuel De Van De Vane Dever DeVore, J. DeVore, P. A. DeWitt Dick Dickinson, G. L. Dickinson, L. Dickson Ditfly Dillard, D. Dillord, D. D. Dillard, V . G. Dillon Dook Dobbins Dobbs, B. J. Dobbs, J. H. Dodd Dodds Dokos DolowiU Dominey Dominick Donaldson Donovan Dormon Downey Downs, M. J. Downs, W. E. Drake Dreher Drennen, A. T. Drennen, G. A. Dreyfuss Driggers, R. M. Driggers, V . G. Drueding Drummond Duberman Dublin Duck Dugan Dugger, A. Dugger, C. A. Duke, A. J. Duke, W. C. Duncan, E. J. Duncan, L. V. Dunham Dunklin Dunn Dunnam Dunwody Durham Durr Durrett Dyer Dyson Earhardt Eorp ODK CIRCLES ESTABLISHED ODK BOWL, AWARDED A GIANT TROPHY TO CRIMSON TIDE EASLEY, DUVAL H.; Martinsville, Va.; Engineering , EASTWOOD, GEORGE STONE, II; Gallion; Engineering,- Delta Kappa Epsilon EATMAN, ANNE BAKER; Eutaw; A S; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Corolla . . . EDGEWORTH, JESSYE HILMA; Detroit; Educotion; Wesley Foundation . . . EDMONDS, BEVERLY JEAN; Brent; Home Economics, Pep Squad; Girls ' Spirit Committee EDMONDSON, ARTHUR T.; Tarljoro, N. C; Education; Kappa Sigma; Pep Squad . . . EDWARDS, BAkbARA JEANNE; Wetumpko; Chemistry; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Wesley Foundation. EDWARDS, BETTY JEAN; Tuscaloosa, Home Economics; Alpha Xi Delta Caroline Hunt Club; Pep Squad EDWARDS, CHARLES KENNETH Sheffield; Commerce EDWARDS, DORIS MARIE; Bessemer; A S Corolla; Crimson-While; I. R. C; Pep Squad . . . EDWARDS, JOHN HARVEY; Gadsden; Engineering; Thela Xi; Interfroternity Council; Secretary- Treasurer, Sophomore Class; I R. C; St. Pafs; A. I. E. E.; Greeks EDWARDS, LELA CATHERINE; Union Springs; A S; Alpha Gamma Delta EDWARDS, LESLIE M., JR.; Anniston; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon , EDWARDS, TED RAY; Decatur; A S; Delta Sigma Phi; Spanish Club; Press Club; Westminster Fellowship. EDWARDS, VIRGINIA ALICE; Birmingham; A S; Alpha Chi Omega... EDWARDS, WILLIAM JACKSON, III.; Birmingham; Commerce; Kappa Alpha EHRLICH, EVERETT F.; Chatham, N. J,; Chemistry EHRLICH, HAROLD; Montgomery; Commerce; Kappa Nu EISENBACH, ROBERT LEONARD, JR.; New York, N. Y.; A S; Zeto Beta Tou ELLIS, GEORGE JARVIS; Florence; A S; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Black- friars; Westminster Fellowship ELLIS, GEORGE WILLIAM; Mont- gomery; A S, Delta Sigma Fhi, Phi Eta Sigma ELLIS, JOHN, JR.; Chotchee; A S; Chi Phi ELLIS, ROBERT E., JR.; Decatur; Commerce; Kappa Sigma ELLIS, SALLY JEAN; Miami, Flo.; Home Economics ELLISOR, JAMES DILLARD; Andalusia, A S; Phi Eta Sigma; Bond; Wesley Foundation ELMORE, JOYCE; Atlanta, Go.; Home Economics; Alpha Gamma Dello; Pep Squad; Triangle ELMORE, VIRGIL JACKSON; Birmingham; Commerce ELROD, GARY EARNEST, JR.; Cullman; A S; Square and Compass. energetic Phi ' s EMBRY, CAROLINE HERMIONE; Nashville, Tenn.; A S; Alpha Gammc Delta; Y W. C. A, EMMET, RICHARD P.; Montgomery; A S Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Rho Alpha Tau; Rammer Jammer; Druids ENTEEN, ALICE HELEN; Atlanta, Ga.; A S; Sigma Delta Tou; I. Z. F. A EPPES, WALTER WATLINGTON, JR.; Meridian, Miss.; Commerce Kappa Alpha EPSTEIN, ANITA ELAINE; Atlanta, Ga.; A S Sigma Delta Tau ERICKSON, WALTER B., JR.; Short Hills, N, J. Engineering; Delta Kappa Epsilon ERKIFITZ, ANNE CATHERING Grosse Points, Mich.; A S. ERVIN, REITA GWENDOLYNN; Girord, O,; A S ERWIN, JAMES HOWELL; Gadsden; A S; Alpha Tou Omega . ESTES, JUANITA; Sylacauga; Home Economics; Triangle . . EUBANK, WILLIAM HILLMAN; Birmingham; Commerce; Commerce Association; Pep Squad . . . EUBANKS, PATRICIA; Columbus, Go.; A S; Phi Mu; Blockfriors . . . EUNICE, SUE; Abbeville; Home Economics; Delta Zelo; Caroline Hunt Club, Y. W. C. A.; Pep Squad; B. S. U. EURTON, CAROLYN; Birmingham; Home Economics; Alpha Chi Omega; Y. W. C, A,; Caroline Hunt Club. EVANS, DAVID FRANKLIN; Dothan; Commerce; Lambda Chi Alpha; Crimson-White EVANS, DONALD PATTON; Sylocaugo; A S; Kappa Sigma, Pep Squad, Choral Union; Greeks EVANS, GOMER DENNIS; Birmingham; A S; Alpha Tau Omega EVANS, MITCHEL M.; Vondergrift, Penn.; Commerce; Delta Chi EVANS, SAMUEL DUDLEY; Powderly; Engineering EVANS, WOODROW W.; Brewton; A S EYRAUD, GEORGE V., JR.; Ocilmon, A S; Sigma Nu; WABP. E2ELL, JAMES E.; Mobile; Commerce; Kappa WILLIAM HENDERSON; Bay Minette; Commerce SAMUEL RODERICK; Pensacola, Fla.; A S Germanic, Miss.; A S; Sigma Chi; News Editor, Sigma FAIL, FAIRCLOTH, FALKNER, LAMAR; ison-White; Druids; Canterbury Club; Officers ' Club; I. R. C; Press Club FALLS, WILLIAM RICHARD; Fayette; Commerce; Delta Tau Delta FAMULA, CHARLES SEBASTION; Boyonne, N. J.; Commerce FARMER, BILLY LIGON; Birmingham; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Rho Alpha Tau; Phi Eta Sigmo; Druids. FARMER, CHARLES E.; A S; Pi Kappa Phi FARR, JAMES LEWIS; Jackson, Miss.; Commerce; Kappa Alpha FARRIS, HUGH DOUGLAS; Jasper; A S; Phi Gamma Delta; Pep Squad FARRIS, JIMMY R.; Elba; A S; Kappa Sigma FEARS, JOYCE LEA; Anniston; Home Economics; Alpha Xi Delta FEIGELSON, CHARLES ISAAC; Empire; A S; Kappa Nu; Rammer Jammer; I. Z. F. A. FEIGELSON, EUGENE B.; Empire; A S; Kappa Nu; Rammer Jammer. FEIGELSON, HARVEY; Empire; Commerce; Kappa Nu; Pep Squad; Cor- olla; Rammer Jammer; Hillel Foundation . , FEIGELSON, HERSCHEL; Empire; A S, Kappa Nu; Hillel Foundation; I. Z. F. A.; I. R. C, FELDER, JAMES THOMAS, JR.; Birmingham; Engineering FELIX, NELL HURST; Atlanta, Go.; A S; Kappa Koppo Gamma FELL, CHARLES ALBERT, JR.; Birmingham; A S; Pi Kappa Alpha FELL, HENRY PERRY; Birmingham; Engineering; Pi ' Kappa Alpha; St. Pal ' s; Blockfriors FENN, ANNE E.; Nashville, Tenn.; A S; Chi Omega; Pep Squad. Page l£ Easley Ecstwood Ealman Edgeworlh Edmonds Edmondson Edwards, B. Edwards, B. J. Edwards, C. K. Edwards, D. M. Edwards, J. H. Edwards, L. C. Edwards, L. M. Edwards, T. R. Edwards, V. A, Edwards, W. J. Ehrlich, E. F. Ehrlich, H. Elsenbach Ellis, G. J. Ellis, G. W. Ellis, J. Ellis, R. E. Ellis, S. J. Ellisor Elmore, J. Elmore, V. J. EIrod Embry Emmet Enteen Eppes Epstein Erickson Erkifilz Ervin Erwin Estes Eubank Eubanks Eunice Eurton Evans, D. F. Evans, D. P. Evans, G. D. Evans, M. M. Evans, S. D. Evans, W. E. Eyraud Farmer, C. E. Farr Forris, H. D. Farris, J. R. Fears Feigelson, C. I. Feigelson, E. B. Feigelson, H. Feigelson, H, Felder Felix Fell, C. A. Fell, H. P. Fenn DR. F. L. SCHOELL LECTURED TO LANGUAGE STUDENTS HERE NOVEMBER 10 FENNEL, MAUD PRUIT; Leighton,- Educolion,- Alpha Gci FERGUSON, WILLIAM W.; Carrollton, Engineering ANGELO LOUIS; Tuscaloosa; A S Camden, N. J.; Home Economics R. I.; Commerce; Theta Xi; Newm Birmingham; A S; Glee Club Ark.; A S; Sigma Alpha Mu. no Delta FERRANTI, FERRANTI, QUINTINA BUFO; FERRARO, ARMAND TIM; Westerly, n Club FERRELL, JANEY; FESTINGER, CHARLES; Hot Springs, FIERMAN, ROBERT LOEB; Bessen Con Nu FINCH, ROBERT; Mobile; Commerce; Kappa Sigma HENRY; Tuscaloosa; A S; Pi Kapoo Alpha K.; Peterson, N. J.; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Mu; FINKEISTEIN, SYDNEY; Montgomery; A S; Sigm FITTS, FLOYD OLIVER; Tuscaloosa; A S; Pi FIXELL, ROBERT; New Rochelle, N. Y.; A S, Sigm Squad. FINCHER, WILLIAM FINKELSTEIN, FRED Pep Squad , . . 1 Alpha Mu , . . Kappa Phi 1 Alpha Epsilon; Pep FLAKE, MARVIN EDWARD; Chattanooga, Tenn.; Education; Pi Kappa Phi . . FLIPPEN, BETTY JANE; Tuscumbio; A S, Delta Zeta . . , FLOYD, BILLY LATHRAM; Andalusia; A S; Pi Kappa Alpha FLOYD, DOROTHY JANE; Atlanta, Go.; A S; Alpha Gamma Delta FLOYD, ELIZABETH ANN; Atlanta, Go.; A S, Pep Squad FLURRY, JAMES EMORY; Montgomery; Commerce; Phi Gomma Delta FLYNN, JOSEPH L.; Absecon, N. J.; Education. FOLMAR, EMORY McCORD; Montgomery; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Rammer Jammer FOLMAR, NED FLOWERS; Goshen; Commerce FOLSOM, JAMES A.; Dothon; Commerce; Kappa Sigma FONDREN, OREN ALLEN; Birminghom; Commerce; Boxing Team FOREHAND, HILLIARD MONARY; Enterprise; A S; Sigma Nu FORMAN, JAMES L.; Spnngville; A S, Sigma Nu FORSTER, WALTER AUGUSTUS; Fairhope; Commerce; Blockfriars. ■turned from Eutow FOSHEE, JOHN MORGAN; Clonton; Commerce; Delta Tau Delta FOSTER, JOE S.; Tuscaloosa; Engineering FOSTER, JULIETTE; Washington, D. C; A S; Delta Gommo; French Club. Corolla; Crimson- White; Canterbury Club; Pep Squod; Blockfriors FOSTER, L. GENE; Montgomery; A S, Delta Delta Delta FOSTER, MARY ELOISE; Tuscaloosa; Commerce. Rammer Jammer; Corolla; Y. W. C. A.; " A " Book FOSTER, POSEY DeROY, JR.; Miami, Fla.; A S, Sigma Nu FOSTER, VONNIE; Birmingham; A S, Kappa Delta; Corolla; Canterbury Club. FOUNTAIN, CLARENCE CARTER; Brewlon; Commerce; Sigma Nu; Greeks FOWLER, EDWARD PHILLIPS; Hackleburg; Commerce; Pi Kappa Phi FOWLER, WILLIAM GOODWYN; Birmingham; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon FOWLKES, WALTER B., Ill; Birmingham; A S. Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Pershing Rifles FRANCIS, JOHN HUBERT, JR.; Meridian, Miss.; A S; Kappa Alpha; Concert Bond; Press Club; Crimson-White; Officers ' Club , FRANCO, EDWARD MORRIS; Mont. gomery; A S; Kappa Nu; Spirit Committee FRANCO, HERMAN; Montgomery; Kappa Nu; Commerce. FRANCO, RUBIN A.; Montgomery; Commerce; Kappa Nu; Cotillion Club; Rho Alpha Tau; Druids; Interfroternity Council; Corolla; Scabbard and Blade; Vice-President, Kappa Nu . FRANK, DIANA HART; Memphis, Tenn.; A S; Alpha Epsilon Phi FRANLE, NANCY ELIZABETH; Birmingham; Home Economics; Zeta Tau Alpha; Y. W. C. A.; Corolla FRANKLIN, FREDERICK KING; Springfield, Mass., Engineer- ing FRANKLIN, PEGGY ANNE; Birmingham; Home Economics; Theta Upsilon; Caroline Hunt Club; Pep Squad FREED, EVERETT LEWIS; Forest Hills, N. Y.; A S; Alpha Epsilon Pi FREEMAN, M. LAMAR; Miami, Flo.; Commerce; Lambda Chi Alpha. FREEMAN, WILLIAM A.; Birmingham; Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega . . . FREIBAUM, GUS; Gadsden, Commerce; Zeta Beta Tau; Corolla; Friendship Committee FRENCH, JACQUELINE; Sampson; Home Economics FREUNDSCHUH, JOY ADELE; Pensacolo, Flo.; Education; Delta Zeta; Honey Bowl; Pep Squad . . . FRIANT, HOWARD LEWIS; Moplewood, N. J.; Com- merce; Delta Tau Delta . . . FRIANT, OLIN CHESTER, JR.; Moplewood, N. J.; Commerce; Delta Tau Delia FRIDAY, JUNE; Eutow; Commerce.. FRIEDLANDER, HARRIS; Mobile; Commerce, Kappa Nu; Corolla FRIEDMAN, BURNLEY A.; Norfolk, Va.; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Mu; Interfraternity Council, Rho Alpha Tau . FRIEDMAN, LOWELL J.; Mobile; Commerce; Koppa Nu, I. R. C; Crimson-White; Hillel Foundation; Inter-Faith Council FRIEDMAN, RICHARD JAY; New York, N. Y.; Commerce; Alpha Epsilon Pi FRITZ, ROSEMARY LEE; Birminghom; A S; Delta Gamma FROST, MARGARET EUGINIA; Gadsden; A S; Alpha Phi; Canterbury Club . FULFORD, AL COLEMAN; Georgiono; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. FULGHAM, EUGENE FRANKLIN; Birmingham; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega FULLER, DONALD HARVEY; Miami, Flo.; Commerce; Kappa Alpha FULLER, EDNA EARLE; Haleyville; Home Economics , , FULLER, JEANNE MARIE; Miomi, Fla.; Home Economics . . . FUILINGTON, LAWRENCE TATUM, JR.; Birmingham; Commerce; Lambda Chi Alpha Track Team FULTON, JAMES RICHARD; Columbiana; A S Pi Koppa Alpha; Managing Editor, Crimson-White; Treasurer, Press Club I. R. C. FULTON, WILLIAM FRIERSON; Goodwoter; A S; Glee Club. Poge 182 Fennel Ferguson Ferranti, A. L, Ferrantl, Q. B. Finch FIncher Finkelstein, F. K. Finkelstein, S. Fitts FIxell Flake Flippen Floyd, B. L. Floyd, D. J. Floyd, E. A. Flurry Flynn Folmar, E. M. Folmor, N. F. Fondren Forehand Foshee Foster, J. S. Foster, J. Foster, L. G. Foster, M. E Foster, P. D, Foster, V. Fountain Fowler, E. P. Fowler, W. G. Franco, E. M. Franco, H. Franco, R. A. Ficnk Fronkle Franklin, F. K. Franklin, P. A. Freed Freeman, M. L. Freibaum French Freundschuh Friant, H. L. Friant, O. C. Friday Friedlander Friedman, B. A. Friedmon, L. J. Friedmon, R. J. Fritz Frost Fulford Fulghom Fuller, D. H. Fuller, E E. Fuller, J, M. Fulllngton Fulton, J. R. Fulton, W. F. BAMA ' S PRE-GAME PEP RALLY WAS BROADCAST OVER A STATEWIDE HOOKUP FURCRON, JOY ANN; Birmingham; Commerce FURLONG, HERBERT; Montgomery; A S; Delta Chi GALLALEE, LUA VAUGHN LAURA; University; A S; Kappa Delta; Corolla; Spirit Committee, Y. W. C, A.; Triangle; Friendship Committee GAMMAGE, EMIL LAMAR, JR.; Decor Town, Go.; Commerce; Sigma Chi GANEY, JEAN; Fort Myers, Flo.; Home Economics; Caroline Hunt Clulj; Florida Club; Corolla; Pep Squad; I. R. C. GARCIA, ANDREW RUDOLF; Key West, Flo.; Education GARCIA, PRADO VIRGILIO M.; San Jose de los Ramos, Cuba; A S. A S GARDNER, GARDNER, JAYNE POWER; GARDNER, GARFINKLE, Phi GARDNER, DOROTHY MYRA; Tampa, HARRY; Birmingham; A S; Delta Chi St. Augustine, Fla.; A S; Blockfriars; Florida Club THOMAS B.; Monroeville; A S; Chi Phi; Press Club JANE KRAUSS; New Orleans, La.; Education; Alpha Epsil. GARRETT, ELWOOD; Montgomery; Engineering; Sigma Nu GARRETT, HELEN HORACE; Ashland; Comm erce; Alpha Delta Pi; Rammer Jammer; Corolla. GARRIS, LOU LA FAYETTE; Bessemer; A S; Blockfriars; WABP GARRISON, JULIA F.; Gadsden; Home Economics; Alpha Phi; Pep Squad; Caroline Hunt Club; Westminster Fellowship GARRISON, PAULA LOUISE; Bogalusa, La.; Chemistry; Zeto Tau Alpha; Corolla; Choral Union; Wesley Foundation; President, Sophomore Class GARTRELL, JOHN OSWELL, JR.; Tuscaloosa; Commerce GASTON, BETTYE JO; Mobile; A S; Alpha Xi Delta GASTON, LORA JOYCE; Mobile; Home Economics; Alpha Chi Omega; Corollo; Wesley Foundation; Secretory- Treasurer, Freshman Class GATES, ARTHUR FREDERICK; Anniston; Commerce; Alpha Sigma Phi. GATES, CONNY; Fairfield; A S; Kappa Sigma; I. R. C. . . . CAUSE, CLARA lONE; Birmingham; Home Economics; Alpha Phi; Triangle; Caroline Hunt Club; Lovemon, Joseph, and Loeb Scholarship CAUSE, LUTHER PRESTON; Dothan; Engineering, Kappa Sigmo; Pep Squad; I. R. C. CAY, ANDREW JACKSON, JR.; Roanoke; A S; Pi Koppo Phi; Pep Squad . . GAY, BRADFORD HARDIE, JR.; Mont- gomery; Commerce; Sigma Nu; Pershing Rifles; Rifle Team GAYLORD, DAN ALBERT, JR.; Birmingham; A S; Bond; Wesley Foundation GAYNOR, JACK; Babylon, N. Y.; Commerce; Basketball. GEBHARDT, H. WARD, JR.; Mobile; Engineering; Phi Kappa Sigma . , . GEE, DON P.; St. Petersburg, Fla.; A S; Phi Kappa Sigma GELB, IRA JOSEPH; Montgomery; A S; Koppo Nu GENDER, GILBERT CHRIS; Foirhope; Commerce GIANOUDIS, GEORGE PETE; Birmingham; Commerce; Officers ' Club GIBB, MARGIE; Birmingham; Education; Alpha Chi Omego; Crimson-vvmte; Pep Squad; Y. W. C. A GIBBS, MARY GLENN; Birmingham; A S; Zeto Tou Alpha; Triangle; Choral Union, Wesley Choir; Westminster Fellowship; Pep Squad. GIDDENS, JOSEPHINE AUNE; Troy; A S; Koppo Delta GIDLEY, CHARLES FLOYD; Jacksonville; Commerce; Delta Tau Delta; Fep Squad GiEGER, HOLLIS NORMAN; Gadsden; A S; Sigma Nu . . . GILBERT, ARLENE BETTY; Nashville, Tenn; Education; Pep Squad GILBERT, FREDA ROSE; Mobile; Home Economics; Hillel Foundation GILBERT, REOLA; Birmingham; Commerce; Girls ' Spirit Committee; Pep Squad; Football Sponsor; Miss Alabama Contest; Clemen- tine Contest; Corolla; Wesley Foundotion . GILBERT, THOMAS VESTER; Memphis, Tenn.; A S; Pi Kappa Phi; Bond; Glee Club. GILLER, GRACE ELAINE; White Hall, III.; Home Economics; Pi Phi Beta GILLESPIE, JANE BUTLER; Madison; Education; Delta Zefa Wesley Foundation GILLESPY, BARBARA BELL; Birmingham A S GILLEY, MARY ALICE; Jocksonville, Flo.; Education Delia Zeto; Secretory-Treasurer, Freshman Class; B. S. U.; Y. W. C. A. GILLILAND, JACK E., JR.; Mobile; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon OILMAN, STANLEY ARTHUR; Woterville, Maine; Com- merce GILMER, JIMMIE D.; Ellinwood, Kansas; Commerce; Pi Kappa Phi. GIOVANOS, LOUIS, JR.; Perth Amboy, N. J.; Engineering . GIPSON, WILLIAM CURTIS; Montgomery; A S; Alpha Tau Omega GLASS, MILTON DAVIS; Russellville; A S; Theta Chi GLASS, VIRGINIA PHILLIPS; Gordo; Commerce; Chi Omega; Alpha Lambda Delta; President, Phi Chi Theta . GOOSEY, ROSEMARY; Holeyville; A S GODWIN, ELIZABETH RUTH; Mobile; A S; Alpha Chi Omego GOLD, MARILYN; Cornelia, Go.; A S. GOLDBERT, ELLIOT A.; Brookline, Mass.; A S; Alpha Epsilon Pi . . . GOLDENTHAL, LESLIE HOWARD; Long Island. N. Y.; A S; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Rho Alpha Tau GOLDFIELD, NORMAN HERMAN; Frattville; A S; Koppo Nu GOLDSTEIN, LAWRENCE HARVEY; Birminghom; A S; Koppo Nu GOLDSTEIN, MARIAN; Columbus, Go.; Home Economics; Sigma Delta Tou GOLDSTEIN, SANDY H.; Huntsville; Commerce; Zeto Beta Tau GOODMAN, PHYLLIS MARIAM; Storkville, Miss.; Home Economics; Sigma Delta Tau; Secretary, Hillel Nu GOODSON, LADD GARFIELD; A S; Sig BEVERLY; Birmingham; A S; Pi Phi Beta Jockson, M.iss.; Education; Delto Gamma Mobile; Education; Alpha Xi Delta; Girls ' S::irit Coi Crimcon-Whife COWER, LLOYD GEORGE; B GOODWIN, GORDON, JEAN; GOREE, BARBARA; nitlee; Hor.ey Bowl; ninghom; Commerce CRADEN, JOSEPH CONWAY; Florence; Engineering; Alpha Tou Omega; Y. M. C. A,; A. S. M. E.; Wes ' ey Foundation , . GPAEBER, DOROTHY; Vicksburg, Miss.; Commerce; Sigma Delta Tou. Page 184 Furcron Furlong Gallalee Gommac Ganey Gardner, D. M. Gardner, H. Gardner, L. Gardner, T. B. Garfinkle Garrett, E. Garrett, H, H. Garris Garrison, J. F. Garrison, P. L. Gartrell Gaston, B. J. Gaston, L. J. Gotes, A. F. Gates, C. Gause, C. I. Cause, L. P. Gay, A. J. Gay, B. H. Gaylord Gaynor Gebhardt Gee Gelb Gender Gianoudis Gibb Gibbs Giddens Gidley Gieger Gilbert, A. B. Gilbert, F. R. Gilbert, R. Gilbert, T. V, Gillespie Gillespy Gil. ' ey Glllibnd Gilman Gilmer Giovanos Gipson Glass, M. D. Glass, V. P. Godsey Godwin Gold Goldbert Goldenthal Goldfield Goldstein, L. H. Goldstein, M. Go ' dstein, S. H. Goodman Goodso Goodwi Gordon Goree Gower Groden Graebe ROTC CADETS MARCHED IN TUSCALOOSA ' S ARMISTICE PARADE GRAHAM, EVELYN G.; Atmore,- Efome Economics; Caroli.e Hunt Club GRAHAM, JOHN H.; Bridgeville, Penn.; Engineering GRAHAM, MALCOLM C; West Pittston, Penn.; Education; Delta Chi . . . GRAHAM, RALPH JAMES; Florence; A S; Alpha Toy Omega; Pep Squad; Y, M, C, A., Cnmson-White GRANGER, WALTER C; Bessemer; Engineernig; Delto Chi GRANT, DONALD POWELL; Tuscolooso; A S GRANT, WILLIAM ANGUE; Russellville, A X. S, Phi Delta Theto, GRIDER, HOPKINS WALTER; Talladega; A S; Crimson-W hile GRIDER, JACK T.; Birmingham; Engineering, Pi Kappa Alpha . GRIFFIN, ANN LEE; Henderson, N. C; Education, Phi Mu GRIFFIN, BILL; Birmingham; Commerce; Delta Chi GRIFFIN, BILL HANCOCK; Huntsville; A S; Phi Delta Theta GRIFFIN, DUDLEY WILLIAMSON; Montgomery; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta GRIFFIN, JAMES DEMPSEY, JR.; Dothan; Commerce; Sigma Nu. GRAVES, DOROTHY CECILE; Birmingham, Commerce; Theta Up! GRAVES, MARGARET CLARICE; Birmingham, Home Economics; Corolla; Crimson-White GRAY, BETTY SUE; Birminghai Economics; Zela Tou Alpha; Pep Squad; Wesley Foundation EULA CAROL; Lebanon, Va,; Education; Alpha Delta Pi, Sw( Glee Club; Honey Bowl GRAY, MARY LOUISE; Mor Commerce; A. I. A.; Pep Squad; Commerce Associotion MIA KATHRYN; Orlando, Fla.; A S; Alpha Chi Omega: Blackfr GRAY, WILLIAM DENNIS; Lourel, Miss.; Engineering; Sigma CI Tou, Scabbord and Blade. lion . . Phi Mu 1, Home GRAY in Club tgomery GRAY GRIFFIN, MORRIS TRAFTON; Edenton, N. C; Engineering; St. Pafs . . . GRIFFIN, SIBYL DORIS; Winter Haven, Fla.; Home Economics; Delta ZetO; rep Squad, Crimson-White . , GRIFFIN, TALBERT F.; Birmingham; Com- merce; Pi Kappa Alpha . . GRIFFIN, WILLIAM L.; Dothan; Commerce, Sigma Nu; Corolla . . . GRIMES, RUTH TALBOT; Tuscaloosa; Home Economics, Kappa Delta, Y. W. C. A.; Corolla; Canterbury Club GROSS, RAY HERREN; Grahom; A S, Sigma Phi Epsilon GRUNDFEST, BARBARA ANN; Little Rock, Ark.; A S. Comrr GRAYSON, ROY ANDERSON; Meridian, Mi! Alpha, Band; Cnmson-White; Advanced R. O GREAVES, ELSIE TYSON; lowndesboro; A J JOHN ALBAN; Belleville, N. J.; Education; D GREAVES, WALKER RADFORD; Mobile, Comm Delta Sigma Pi GREEN, DOROTHY; Montgomei GREEN, ELLEN MARJORIE; Bessemer; Chemistry PINK; Guntersville, Education; Theta Xi; Cross Countr Lambda Chi T. C; Press Club : Phi Mu GREAVES, jita Kaopa Epsilon ■rce; Delta Kappa Epsilon; A S GREEN, JOHN GRZYMKOWSKI, MARIE E.; Rochester, N. Y.; Education GUEDALIA, HIRAM JOSEPH; Boonton, N. J.; Education; Sigma Alpha Mu, Track T€ani GULLATT, CLAUDE B.; Phenix City; Commerce GULLETT, JAMES HOFFMAN; Fayette; Commerce GUNBY, DAVID KIRK; Delond, Fla.; Commerce; Alpha Tou Omega GUNTER, ELIZABETH LOUISE; Orlando, Flo., Home Economics; Phi Mu GUNTER, JOSEPH LEON; Fayette; Engineering; Phi Kappa Sigma. GREEN. MICHAEL IRVING; New York, N. Y.; Engineering; Alphn Epsilon Pi GREENE, BETTY MUSGROVE; Cordova; Home Economics, Zela Tou Alpha GREENE, EVELYN FAYE; Northport; Education GREENLAW, SONYA MARGARETHA; New Orleans, La.; Chemistry; Cnm- son-White; Romme; Jammer GREER, VIRGINIA M.; Altoono; Commerce . . . GREINER, JAMES WILLIAM; Mobile; Commerce; Sigma Chi . . GRIDER, HELEN CORINE; Andalusia; Education. What, no beer? m ip m GUNTER, RONALD VAN; Onconta, A S; Pi Kappa Alpha; Pep Squad GUP, SUZANNE BEULAH; Rochester, N. Y.; Commerce Alpha Epsilon Phi GURWITCH, MAURY; Mobile; Commerce Koppa Nu; Pep Squad; Planning Commiltee, Spirit Planning Committee Officers ' Club GUTHRIE, MARION; Townley; Education; Pep Squad GUYTON, JACKSON WILSON; Birmingham; Engineering; Lambda Chi Alpha GUYTON, JIMMIE ANN; Hamilton; Home Economics HAAS, BEATRICE LORRAINE; Chickasaw; A S; Pi Phi Beta. HAAS, HENRY PAUL; Montgomery; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . HAAS, MARY LISBETH; Mobile; Education; Delta Delta Delta; Girls ' Spirit Commiltee HACKETT, MARY JEAN; Bessemer; Home Economics Caroline Hunt Club HACKMAN, LEONARD; Selmo; Education Sigma Alpha Mu HACKNEY, CECIL FAIN; Birmingham; A S Delta Kappa Epsilon; Track; Blockfriors HAGAMAN, MARY BONNER; Tampa, Fla.; A S; Alpho Delta Pi HAGAN, FREDERICK SHERROD; Sylocougo; Commerce; Koppa Sigmu. HAGEDORN, LUCIEN; West Point, Go.; Zeto Beta Tau; Druids; Pep Squad; Hillel Council . . , HAGESTRATOU, JOHNNY XENOPHON; Birmingham; Commerce; Theta Xi . . HALE, WILLIAM BALLENGER; Rome, Go.; A S; WABP; University Extension Division; Pep Squtui . . . HALEY, CHARLES GIBBS; Tuscolooso; A S; Phi Kappa Sigma HALL, ANNCILE WATSON; Conol; Educotioh . HALL, CHARLES W., JR.; Birmingham; Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon HALL, JAMES W.; Rocky Mount, Vo.; Engineering. Page If Graham, E. G. Graham, J. H. Graham, M. C. Graham, R. J. Granger Grant, D. P. Grant, W. A. Graves, D. C. Graves, M. C. Gray, B. S. Gray, E. C. Gray, M. L. Gray, M. K. Gray, W. D. Grayson Greaves, E. T. Greaves, J. A. Greaves, W. R. Green, D. Green, E. M. Green, J. P. M. I. ' , B, M, •, E. F. Grider, H. W. Grider, J. T. Griffin, A. L. Griffin, B. Griffin, B. H. Griffin, D. W. Griffin, J. D. Griffin, M. T. Griffin, S. D. Griffin, T. F. Griffin, W. L. Grzymkowski Guedalio Gullatt Gullelt Gunby Gunter, E. L. Gunter, J. L. Gunter, R. V. Gup Gurwitch Guthrie Guyton, J. W. Guyton, J. A. Haas, B. L. Haas, H. P. Haas, M. L. Hackett Hackmon Hackney Hagaman Hagan Hagedorn Hegestratou Hale Haley Hall, A. W. Hall, C. W. Hall, J. W. PHI ETA SIGMA HELD ITS NATIONAL CONVENTION HERE NOVEMBER 19-20 HALL, MARY AUGUSTA; Fairfield; Education HALLAM, VIRGINIA ANN; Chicago, III.; A S; Corolla; Blackfriors; Crimson-While HAMILTON, CATHERINE; Anniston; Education; Kappa Delta HAMILTON, PETER BRYCE, JR.; Montgomery; Commerce; Delta appo Epsilon; Greeks HAMILTON, WILLIAM CHRISTOPHER; Anniston, Commerce; Delta Chi HAMNER, LEWIS, JR.; Camp Hill; Law; Delta Chi; Interfraternity Council; Phi Alpha Delta HAMNER, THOMAS JEFFERSON; Northport; Education; Theta Chi, Alabama Cavaliers; Choral Union; Million Dollar Band; Vocal Ensemble; University Symphony. HAMPSON, THOMAS B., JR.; Anniston; A S; Koppa Sigma HAMPTON, WADE LEE; Prattville; Commerce HAMRICK, THYRA MAE; Mobile; Home Economics; Alpha Xi Delta; Caroline Hunt Club HANSARD, STONEWALL; Ider; A S HANAHAN, MARION LOTHROP, III; Dothan; A S; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigmo; Canterbury Club; Pep Squad HANAN, BERNARD; Montgomery, A S ; Kappa Nu; Corolla . . . HANCOCK, JOAN FRANCES; Birmingham, Commerce; Phi Mu; Y. W. C. A.; Pep Squad HANCOCK, THOMAS H.; Orlando, Fla,; Commerce; Phi Gamma Delta; Pershing Rifles; Pep Squa d HANDLEY, JAMES DONALD; Picayune, Miss.; Commerce; Phi Gamma Delta HANDWERGER, JOSEPH; Mobile; Engineering; Kappa Nu; Crimson-White HANKINS, JOAN LOUISE; Doytona Beach, Flo,; Home Economics; Pi Phi Beta HANLY, JOHN STANLEY; Tuscolooso, Commerce HANSON, HEN Y REID; Decotur; A S; Blockfriars: WABP; Bamo Broadcasting Association HARBIN, JACKQUELINE CHRISTINE; Scottsboro; Home Economics; Chi Omega. HARBIN, WILLIAM TAYLOR; Gadsden; Engineering; Phi Koppa Sigma... HARBUCK, ROBERT LAWRENCE; Congers, N. Y.; Education; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Pershing Rifles HARDEGREE, MARGARET ANNE; Ashland; Educofion; Chi Omego; Y. W. C. A. HARDUVEL, ARTIE THEODORE; Birmingham; A S; Alpha Sigma Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Corolla; Pep Squad; Greeks HARDY, DAVID SANDERS; Tallossee; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha; Pep Squad; Cadet Officers ' Club HARE, JOYCE; Tuskegee; Home Economics; Kappo Koppa Gammo; Y. W. C. A.; Crimson- White HARGROVE, JOSEPH E.; Birmingham; A S; Sigma Chi; Alpha Phi Omega; Debate Squad; Rho Alpha Tou; Pep Squad. HARKINS, JAMES EDGAR; Canton, N. C; Engineering; A. S. M. E.; S. A. M. E. HARLAND, JAMES ROBERT, JR.; Breenville, Miss.; A S; Koppa Alpha; Corollo; Crimson-White; Blockfriors; Debate Squad HARLAND, LEILA RUSSELL; Greenville, Miss.; A S; Phi Mu HARMAN; BLANCH RUBY; Roanoke; Commerce HARRE, JO ANN; Tampa Fla Education HARRELL, SIDNEY M.; Sunflower; Commerce HARRINGTON, JOYCE COMPTON; Sweetwater; Chemistry; Pasteur Sociely. HARRIS, CHARLTON DUKES; Mobile; Commerce; Phi Koppa Sigma . . . HARRIS, GLYNN; Dothan; Commerce; Koppa Sigmo; Pep Squad HARRIS, GREGG, JR.; Mobile; A S; Sigma Chi , , HARRIS, JAMES WOODSON, JR.; Crozet, Vo.; Commerce; Sigma Phi Epsilon HARRIS, JOHN R., JR.; Wadley; A S; Koppa Alpha HARRIS, LOUISE BOLLING; Tuscaloosa; Home Economics; Kappa Koppa Gamma; Corolla, Vice-President, Y. W. C. A.; Canterbury Club HARRIS, MARY KATHERINE; Slocomb; Commerce. HARRIS, NINA WEIR; Little Rock, Ark.: A S; Delta Delta Delta HARRIS, WILEY; Billingsley; A S HARRISON, MARJORIE KATHLEEN; Mobile; Chemistry HART, DOROTHY ELLEN; Birmingham; Education HARTLEY, CATHERINE LOUISE; Chemistry; Delto Gamma; Triangle; Alpha Lombdo Delta; Pasteur Society HARVEY, SAM WELLS; Guntersville; A S; Crimson-White; Press Club; Pep Squad HARWOOD, JAMES THOMAS; Miami, Fla.; Engineering; Lambda Chi Alpha HASSELL, HORACE P.; Birmingham; Engineering; Lambda Chi Alpha . . . HATFIELD, MARJORIE RUTH; St. Petersburg, Flo.; Home Economics Sponsor, R. O. T. C. HAWKINS, JAMES DONALD; Panama City Flo.; A S; Lombda Chi Alpha HAWORTH, MICHAEL ELLIOTT, Birmingham; Commerce; Phi Gamma Delta HAY, WILLIAM RICHARD Huntsville; Commerce; Sigma Nu HAYES, BOB; New Erocktcn A S; Kappo Sigmo; Glee Club HAYES, IMOGENE EDDY Rogersville; Education. HAYES, MICHAEL JAMES; Tuscaloosa; A S; Lambda Chi Alpha HAYMAN, JOHN LUTHER; Jemison; A S; Bond HAYS, WILLIAM E.; Eufaula; A S; Kappo Sigmo; Glee Club; Pep Squod HEAD, FRANCES; Fairfield; Home Economics , , HEAD, OLIVER PICKENS Columbiono; Commerce HEAD, TOM L.; Roanoke; A S; Chi Phi Rho Alpha Tau; Rammer Jammer; Pep Squad HEATH, F. MAXEY, Florala; Commerce; Delta Tau Delta. HEDGECOCK, CARTER, JR.; Mortinville, Vo.; Engineering , . , HEFFINGTON, RICHARD LANDEAU; Anniston; A S; Delta Tau Delta; Pep Squad HELD, SIDNEY DAVID; Talladega; Commerce; Zeto Beta Tau . . . HELLER, RALPH H.; Central Falls, R. I.; A S; Alpha Epsilon Pi ' , . HEMBREE, ROBERT LYLES; Section; A S; Pi Kappo Phi; Cotillion Club; Square and Compass; I. R. C. , . HENAGAN, JAMES VANN; Birmingham; A S; Alpha Tou Omega , , HENDERSON, DAISY DENNIS; Decatur; A S; Phi Mu; Crimson-White; Press Club. Poge IE Hamilton, C. Hamilton, P. B. Hamilton, W. C. Hampson Hampton Hanahon Honon Hancock, J. F. Hancock, T. H. Hondley Handwerger Hankins Hanly Hanson Harbin, J. C. Harbin, W. T. Harbuck Hardegree Horduvel Hardy Hare Hargrove Horkins Harland, J. R. norland, L. R. Harringto Harris, C. D. Harris, G. Harris, G. Harris, J. W. Harris, J. R. Harris, L. B. Harris, M. K. Harris, N. W. Harris, W. Harrison Hart Hartley Harwocd Hossell Hotfield Hawkins Haworth Hey Hoyes, B. Hayes, I. E. Hayes, M. J. Haymon Hays Head, F. Head, O. P. Head, T. L. Heath Hedgecock Heffington Held Heller Hembree Henagan Henderson, D. D. WABP CELEBRATED ITS FIRST ANNIVERSARY THIS YEAR HENDERSON, DAVID G., JR.; Guntersville, Engineering, Alpha Tau Omega; A. I. I. E.; St. Pat ' s HENDRICK, ANNE ELIZABETH; Hurtsborc; A S; Alpha Chi Omega; Y. W. C. A. HENDRICKS, MARY JANE; Yazoo City, Miss.; Education, Chi Omego HENDRIX, BEN RICHARD; Tuscaloosa; A S.: Delta Chi; Interfrotermty Council; ■A " Book; I. R. C; Y. M. C. A. HENDRIX, WILLIAM ROBERT; Tuscaloosa; Chemistry; Phi Gamma Delta; A. C. S.; I. R. C. HENRY, FREDERICK S.; Jackson, Tenn., A S; Chi Phi HENSARIING, KINARD DALE; Petal, Miss.; A S; Sigma Chi, Alpha Phi Omega HENSON, MONZA ZANA; Childersburg; Home Economics HERNDON, FRANK DAVID, JR.; Gadsden; Commerce HERREN, CLIFFORD ALEXANDER; Montgomery; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . HERRINGTON, ARTHUR WATERMAN, JR.; Schenectady, N. Y,; Commerce; Theto Xi; Greeks HERRINGTON, ROBERT B.; Mobile, Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha; Pep Squad HERSHO N, NORMAN; Forest Hills, N. Y.; Commerce; Sigma Alpho Mu HERZIG, MARVIN JAY; Forest Hills, N. Y.; Commerce, Sigma Alpha Mu; Pep Squad, I, R. C. HEUSTESS, JANE; Montgomery; A S HIATT, WOOD COLEMAN; Mobile; A S; Alpha Tau Omega; Debate Team; Westminster Fellow- ship HICKS, ALTON DAVID; Huntsville; A S; Germon Club HICKS, PAUL I.; Norwood, Mass.; Commerce; Phi Kappa Sigmo; I. R C; Commerce Association HICKS, THOMAS FRANKLIN; Birmingham, A S; Chi Phi; Alpha Phi Omega HICKS, VIRGINIA ANN; Quinton; A S HIGGINBOTHAM, BOBBIE J.; PpII City, Education; Phi Mu; Corollo; Sponsor, R, O, T. C. HIGGINS, FRANCIS NICHOLAS; Jackson Heights, N. Y, Phi Delta Theta HIGH, MARY LUCILLE; Tuscaloosa; A S; Alpha Phi, Crimson-White; Westminster Fellowship; Choral Union HILBISH, ANN ELIZABETH; Tampa, Flo.; A S; Alpho Xi Delta; Debate Squad Zeta Fhi Eto; Alpha Lambda Delta; Tau Kappa Alpha HILL, AGNES; Scottsboro; Home Economics HILL, KATHLEEN JORDAN; Roaroke, Education; Student Religious Association; B. S, U.; Girls ' Spirit Committee. President, Junior Class HILL, MARY LEE; Tampa, Flo., A S, Delta Gamma; Y. W. C. A. HILL, MILTON DEE; Chelmsford, Mass, Engineering. Horseplay! HILL, THOMAS BOWEN, III.; Montgomery; A S; Alpha Tau Omego; Debate Squad; Druids; Canterbury Club; Y. M. C. A. HILTON-GREEN, WILLIAM H.; Pensacolo, Flo.; A S; Kappa Alpha; Golf Team NINE, BUTLER P.; Decatur, Engineering; Kappa Sigma; Pep Squad HINES, IDA JANE; Dechard, Tenn.; Education; Pi Phi Beto; Y. W. C. A.; Wesley Foundation HINES, JAMES THOMAS, JR.; McWillioms; Engineering; Sigma Chi; Druids; A. S. C. E.; Officers ' Club HINTON, WILLIAM NEWTON; Tuscaloosa; Commerce; Phi Gommo Delta HIRS, EDWARD A., JR.; Mobile; Commerce; Delta Koppo Epsilon. HJORTH, EUGENE PAUL; Roselle, N. J.; Engineering; Phi Eto Sigmo; Pershing Rif!es; A. I. A HODGES, DOROTHY RHODES; McCombs, Miss.; A S HODGKINS, ROBERT; Birmingham; Commerce; Delta Chi . . . HODGSON, ROBERT M.; Bay Minette; Commerce; Alpha Tou Omego; Druids HOFFMAN, BILL W.; Little Rock, Ark.; A S; Sigmo Chi HOGAN, ELWOOD LEON; Mobile; Commerce; Concert Band . . . HOGUE, CHARLES SANSOM, JR.; Fairfax; A S; Alpha Tau Omega. HOLCOMBE, JOSEPH U.; Birmingham; A S; Pi Kappa Alpha; Wesley Choir HOLDER, SIDNEY GEORGE; Birmingham; Chemistry; Pershing Rifles; Outstanding Military Student, Basic R. O. T, C; Scabbard end Blade; Alchemist Club; Choirmon, Chemistry Day; President, Sopho- more Class, President, Freshman Class: Phi Eto Sigmo HOLLAND, LYMAN FAITH, JR.; Mobile; A S; Pi Koppa Alpha HOLLE, EVERETT HUGHES; Anmston; A S; Publicity Director, WABP, Crimson- White HOLLINGSHEAD, WILMA; Fayette; Chemistry; Zeta Tau Alpha HOLLINGSWORTH, CAREY FERGUSON, JR.; Bessemer; Engineering; Phi Gamma Delta; Druids; Pershing Rifles; St. Pot ' s HOLLINGSWORTH, MARY JANE; Birmingham; A S; Phi Mu; Corolla. HOLLIS, LYNN SMITH; Dora; Commerce HOLLON, MARTHA ALICE; Montgomery; Home Economics; Chi Omega; Caroline Hunt Club HOLLOWAY, JAMES HENRY; Tampa, Flo.; A S; Chi Phi HOLLOWAY, RAY; Gadsden; A S; Theta Xi HOLLOWAY, ROBERT CURTIS; Wynne, Ark.; Commerce; Sigma Chi Druids; Bond . . . HOLMAN, EARL E.; Atlanta, Go.; A S; Alpha Tau Omego; Crimson- While; Y. M. C. A. HOLMAN, RICHARD PRICE; Northport, Com- merce; Alpha Tou Omego HOLMES, ALFRED PARKER, JR.; Mobile; A S Theta Chi, Pershing Rifles; Wesley Foundation; Debate Squad HOLMES, JAMES D.; Trinity; Commerce; Pershing Rifles HOLMES, JOHN ARTHUR; Huntsville; Commerce; Sigma Nu HOLMES, WILLIAM C; Foley A S; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Newman Club HOLMGREN, SEHON KAYE; Birmingham; Commerce; Delta Tau Delta HOLSTON, ARTHUR FRANKLIN; Baltimore, Md,; A S; Del ta Sigma Phi; Trock Team; Glee Club HOLT, WILLIAM EDWARD; Meridian, Miss.; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. HONEYCUTT, NORMA JEAN; Thorsby; Education HOOD, HELEN SULLIVAN; Montevallo; A S; I. R. C; Blackfriars; Y. W. C. A. HOOE, KATHLEEN HAYNE; Alexandria, La.; Education; Kappa Koppo Comma HOOPER, ELIZABETH; Cullman; Home Economics . . HOOPER, PERRY O.; Birmingham; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon . , HOOSER, OLGA MARIE; Birminghom; A S; Blackfriars; Pep Squad . . . HOOTON, HELEN CLAIRE; Dadeville; A S. Page 190 Henderson, D. G. Hendrick Hendricks Hendrix, B. Hendrix, W. Henry Hensarling Herrington, A. W. Herrington, R. B. Hershon Heustess Hialt Hicks, A. D. Hicks, P. I. Hicks, T. F. Hicks, V. A. Higginbothar 99 " High Hilbish Hill, A. Hill, K. J. Hill, M. L. Hill, M. D. Hill, T. B. Hi ' ton Greei Hine Hines, I. J. Hines, J. T. Hinton Hirs Hjorth Hodges Hodgkins Hodgson Hoffman Hoqon Hogue Holcombe Holder Holland Holle Hollingstieod Hollingswor:h, C. F. Hollingswortfi, M. J. Hollis Hollon Holloway, J. H. Hoilowoy, R. Holloway, R. C. Holman, E. E. Holmon, R. P. Holmes, A. P. Holmes, J. D. Ho ' mes, J. A. Holmes, W. C Holmgren Holston Holf Honeycutt Hood Hooe Hooper, E. Hooper, P. O. Hooser Hooton BUDAPEST STRING QUARTET GAVE CONCERT HERE NOVEMBER 29 HOPE, MARGARET BRYANT; Mobile, A S; Delta Delta Delta, Fe;: Squad; Y. W. C. A., Corolla HOPKINS, MIRON; Pansey, Commerce HORTON, GREER MACK; Alexander City; Commerce Phi Delta Thet a HORTON, WILLIAM P.; Montgomery; A S Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Peo Squad HOSE, ROBERT P.; Nework, N. J. Engineering; Phi Kappa Sigma; St. Pal ' s; Greeks HOSEY, BOBBIE JO; Tuscaloosa; A S , HOSLI, FREDERICK J.; Tuscaloosa; A S; Chi Phi: WABP. HOUSEMAN, HARRY EUGENE; Pensacola, Fla.; Engineering . HOUSER, MARTHA; Tuscaloosa; Education HOWARD, RALPH O ' SULLIVAN; Troy; A S; Alpha Tau Omega HOWARD, ROBEP.T E AMETT; Birmingham; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsi ' on; Pep Squad . . . HOWELL, GOLDEN LEON; Hamilton; A S; Bond HOWSE, CECIL PAUL; Memphis, Tenn.; Commerce; Phi Gamma Delta; Pershing Rifles; Rammer Jammer HUDDLESTON, ANNE; Wetumpko; A S; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Y. W. C. A.; Wesley Foundation; Rammer Jammer. HUDGINS, JEANNE, Anniston, Education; Alpho Xi Delta; Crimson- White HUDGINS, SAMUEL EDWARD; Tuscaloosa; Engineering St. Pat ' s . HUDNELL, ARMSTEAD BRISTOWE; Alexander City, A S; Sigma Nu HUFFSTUTLER, JAMES K.; Montgomery; Education Alpha Tou Omega HUGGINS, ANNE MARION; Miami, Fla. Home Economics; Pi Phi Beta; Corolla; Pep Squad; Y. W. C. A.; Carolint Hunt Club . . HUGGINS, JANE MARIE; McKenzle; Home Economics . . HUGHES, EUGENE, Spring Hill; A S. HUGHES, GRADY LANIER; Hertford; Commerce HUGHES, JOE Geneva; A S; Kappa Sigma HUGHES, MARIANNE; Tuscaloosa Home Economics; Caroline Hunt Club HUGHLETT, ARLENE PERN Tompo, Fla.; Home Economics; Delta Zeto; Caroline Hunt Club; Crimson- White; Y. W. C. A. HUGULEY, HARRELL DALLIS; LoFovelte, A S; Phi Gamma Delta HULL, WILLIAM EDWARD, JR.; Birming- ham; A S; Pershing Rifles HUMPHREY, BETTIE M.; Montgomery; A S. Pass the crackers HUMPHREY, RICHARD CHEEK; Birmingham; Phi Delta Theta; Track Pep Squod HUMPIDGE, HERBERT McLIN; Sovannan, Go.; Commerce Fhl Gomma Delta; Quadrangle; Secretary. Cotillion Club; Fhi Eta Sigma Delta Sijmo Pi; Westminster Fellowship Council HUNDLEY, RICHARD Enterprise; A S; Sigma Nu HUNT, IDA MAE; Deotsvllle; Com msrce; Pep Squad HUNT, VIRGINIA ELIZABETH; Columbiono A S: Delta Zeto HUNTER, JO ANN; Birmingham. Home Economics; Kappa Delta; Caroline Hunt Club HURLEY, BETTY JO; Biloxi, Miss.; Chemistry; Alpha Gamma Delta: Y. W. C. A.; CoroH. . KURT, WILLIAM PRYOR; Talladega; A S; Delta Koppo Epsilon H ' JRVICH, MARVIN SAMUEL; Birmingham; Commerce; Kappa Nu; Hillel Foundation; 1. Z. F. A. HUSKEY, DOROTHY JEAN; Do ' ha.-i; Educctlon HUTCHISON, EMILY; Forest Home; Commerce HYTKEN, BARBARA JEANNE; Leiland, Miss.; A S INGE, FRANCIS COLEMAN; Mobile; Education; Delta Kappo Epsilon; Editor, 1949 Corolla; Officers ' Club; Pep Squad; Choral Union; Druids; Board of Publications; Canterbury Club; Assistant Editor, 1948 Corolla; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges , INGE, JOHN ERWIN; Mobile; Engineering; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Machine Tool Laboratory Acsistaiit; Cadet Cclo.-.el, R. O. T. C, 1947; Captain, Rifle Team, 1947; Scabbord and Blade; St. Pal ' s. INGE, SAMUEL WILLIAMS; Mobile; Commerce; Delta Koppo Epsilon Treasurer ' s Office Assistant INGRAM, LUCY GILBERT; Cloverdale Education; Kappa Delta IRWIN, JOY REEVE; Falls Church, Vo. Commerce IRWIN, PATRICIA; St. Petersburg, Flo.: A S; Delta Delta Celto IVEY, EDITH JANE; Gadsden; A S; Kappa Koppo Gamma; WASP IVY, WILLIAM FRANK, JR.; Huntsville; Com- merce JACOBY, SALLY MARTHA; Chicago, III.; A S; Blackfriars; Hillel Foundation. JACKSON, ETTA MARION; McGehee, Ark.; A S; Phi Mu; Black- friars; Westminster Fellowship , , JACKSON, JACK THO.MAS; Montgomery; A S; The!a Chi , JACKSON, JAMES W.; Petrey; Commerce; PI Koppo Phi; Corolla; Rho Aloha Tou; Druids JACKSON, JOHN LEONARD; Birminghcm; A S; Sigma Nu; Alpha Epsilon Delta JACKSON, LOUIS V.; Gadsden; Commerce . , JACKSON, PHILLIP C, JR.; Birmingham; Commerce; Sigma Aloha Epsilon JACKSON, THOMAS LESTER; Mobile; Engineering. JACKSON, VIRGINIA; Foducoh, Ky.; A S; Orchestra JACOBS, .-ALBERT HENNING, JR.; Jacksonville, Flo.; Engineering; Phi Elo Sigma; ; ep Squad; Society for Advancement of Management . JACOBSON, SHIRLEE; Winter Haven, Flo.; A S; Delta Phi Epsilon JAFFE, BERNARD DAVID; Birmingham; Commerce; Zeto Beta Tau; Blackfriors; Glee Club; Hillel Fou.ndation , JAMES, BILL BALLARD; Cedar Bluff; Commerce; Lambda Chi Akho JAMES, BILLY MINK; Haleyvile; Commerce; Chi Phi . . JAMES, ROBINSON BROWN; Sigma Alpha i psilon; Bond. JAMiES, Vv ' ILLIAM P.; Rconcke; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega JANNETT, BiLLlE RHEA; Birmi.ighom; A S; Crimsor-While; Swan Club . . . JAWORSKY, ANTHONY JOSEPH; Manville, N. J.; A S JEAN DORVAIYN; Delrcse. Tenn.; A S; Alpha Xi Delta; Blackfriars . . JEFFERS, JANE FRANCES; Birmingham; Home Economics; Delta Delto Delta JEFFERS, RICHARD LAMAR; Birmingham; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta , JEFFREY, CLYDE G.; Linden; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Corolla; Rammer Jammer. ,«l i Hope Hopkins Horton, G. Horton, W. Hose Hosey Hosli Howard, R. E. Hudgins, J. Hudgins, S. E. Hudnell Huffstutler Huggins, A. M. Huggins, J. M. Hughes, E. Hughes, G. Hughes, J. Hughes, M. Hughlelt Huguley Hull Humphrey, Humphrey, R. C. Humpidge Hundley Hunt, I. M. Hunt, V. E. Hunter Hurley Hurt Hurvich Huskey Hutchison Hytken Inge, F. C. Inge, J. E. Inge, S. Ingram Ivey Ivy Jacoby J. T. J. W. Jackson, P. C. Jacobs Jacobs. Joffe Jeffers, J. F. Jeffers, R. L. Jeffrey HOME ECONOMICS SCHOOL CLAIMED ONE-FOURTH BAMA COEDS JEMISON, JOE M.; Anniston, Commerce; Kappa Sigma; Pep Squad; Homecoming Committee JENKINS, CHARLES JEFFERSON; Opeliko; Chemistry; German Club; Bibliographical Society of Americo JENNINGS, JOYCE STEWART; Birmingham; A S JERNIGAN, MARGARET ELLAN; Brewton; Home Economics; Delta Zeta JERNIGAN, MARY RUTH; Tuscaloosa; Home Economics; Alpha Xi Delta; Band . JINRIGHT, LLOYD DAVID; Birminghom; A S; Pi Kappa Phi; Cheer leader; Alpha Phi Omega; Blackfriars; Y, M. C. A. JOFFRE, JACK; Tuscoloosa; A S; Kappa Nu. JONES, JAMES D., JR.; Hunlsville; A S, Pershing Rifles; Alchemist Club JONES, KATHRYN; Dothan, A S, Alpha Gamma Delta; W. S. G. A, Pep Squad; Corolla JONES, MIMS; Birmingham; A S JONES, RUBY KATHLEEN; Birmingham, Chemistry; Black- friars; Pasteur Society JONES, REGINALD McCLENDON; Eutaw, Commerce; Chi Phi JONES, ROBERT HOYT; Anniston; A S; Delta Tau Delta; Black Warrior Flying Club; Wesley Foundation JONES, SHIRLEY MAITLYN; Mobile, Commerce; Alpha Chi Omega, Pep Squad m JOHNSON, BERNARD MEANS; Fairfield, Commerce JOHNSON, BETTY JO; Gadsden; A S, Y. W. C A, JOHNSON, BURELL CARVER; Bessemer; Commerce JOHNSON, CARL G.; Moreheod. Ky ; Engineering; Theta Xi; Track Team JOHNSON, IRIS EUGENIA; Heflin, Education; Zeto Tau Alpha; Triongle; Y. W. C. A, JOHNSON, LAWRENCE S.; Ozark; Engineering; Kappa Sigma JOHNSON, MARION LUNCEFORD; Lanett; Home Economics; Phi Upsilon Omicron. JOHNSON, MAURINE MADELON; Spring Hill; A S; Pep Squad; WABP; Blackfriars; Corolla; Wesley Foundation; Spanish Club JOHNSON, MILTON; Alaboma City, Commerce; Theta Xi; Rho Alpha Tau JOHNSON, ROBERT KJELDGAARD; Tuscaloosa; Engineering Alpha Tou Omega; St. Commerce; Delta Chi A S; Pi Kappa Phi A 8. S; Koppo Alpha . Alpha Gamma Delta. JOHNSON, ROBERT W.; Birmingham, JOHNSON, WILBUR GEORGE; Dothan JOHNSTON, JOHN GERDINE, III; Selmo JOINER, ANN ELIZABETH; Ozark; Education JOLLIT, WILLIAM OZLEY; Opelika; Commerce JONES, BILLIE, Birmingham, A S JONES, CURTIS, JR.; Guntersville; Engineer ing JONES, DONALD ROY; Birmingham, A S; Pi Kappa Alpha Alpha Phi Omego JONES, HARRIET BETTES; Orlando. Flo.; A S Pi Phi Beta; Canterbury Club JONES, HUGH MILTON; Birmingham Commerce JONES, JAMES A.; Birmingham, A S; Chi Fhi. Hell was never like thii JONES, SUE MILLSAP; Monroeville; A S; Alpha Delta Pi, Secretary, Alpha Delto Pi; Secretary, Triangle; Rammer Jammer; Crimson-White, Press Club Junior A, A. U. W.; Theta Sigma Phi JONES, WALTER F.; Birmingham; A 5 JONES, WATSON; Camden; Commerce; Kappa Alpha JORDAN, HENRY CLAYTON; Dothan; Engineering; Sigma Nu, A. I, E E, JORDAN, PAUL M.; Brewton, Commerce; Theta Chi JUDE, ELAINE RUTH; Meriden, Conn., A S; Theta Upsilon; Corolla; Y, W. C. A., Pep Squad; Blackfriars KAHN, MICHAEL LOUISE; Little Rock, Ark.; A S; Hillel Foundation. KAHN, NATHAN ALAN; Mobile; Commerce; Kappu Nu; Pep Squad . . KANTER, ELVIN; Torrant; Commerce, Kappa Nu; Debate Team, Druids Corolla; President, Rho Alpha Tau KANTER, PHILIP DAVID; Oneonto A S, Kappa Nu KAPLAN, MORRIS MERLE; Canton, Miss.; A S Pep Squod KARRH, LORENE ELIZABETH; Carbon Hill;; A S; Deltc Zeto KASAI, KENNETH D.; New York, N. Y.; Engineering KATZ, BARBARA ELAINE; Fort Lauderdale, Flo ; Commerce; Sigma Deltc Blackfriars; Corolla. KAY, EMILY PATRICIA; Birmingham, A S, Chi Omego; Alpho Epsilon Delta; Y. W. C, A., Corolla KAYSER, JULIAN; Mobile, Commerce, Zeto Beta Tou; Corolla; Crimson-White KEEL, MARGARET CAROLYN; Greenville, Miss.; Engineering; A. S. C. E.; President, Junior Class KEEL, STELLA GRACE; Tuscaloosa; Home Economics; Caroline Hunt Club KEELER, JOAN ELIZABETH; Spring Hill; Chemistry; Pasteur Society; Swan Club KEIL, NANETTE; New Orleans. La.; A 8, S; Alpha Epsilon Phi KELLEY, PEGGY JOYCE; Quinton; Home Economics. KELLEY, WILLIE FAYE; Abbeville; Education R.; Jeff; Education; Delta Delta Delta; Y. W. C. A., KELLY, BARBARA ANN; Repton; Chemistry LINDSAY, JR.; Birmingham; Engineering; Pi Kappa I. JOYCE; Birminghom; A S KEMP, ANN; E KEMP, VALMA RAYFORD; She Foundation; Pi Tau Chi. Edu KELLY, ADALENE Crimson-While KELLY, FREDERICH Alpha KELLY, ssemer. Chemistry . . . Swan Club; Wesley KEMPER, DON B., JR.; Franklin, La.; Engineering . KENAN, WILLIAM OWEN; Selmo; A S; Koppo Alpha; Druids , KENLEY, MARTHA ANN; Memphis, Tenn.; A S; Delta Zeta . KENNEDY, DOROTHY SUE; Gulfport, Miss.; A S; Phi Mu; Y. W. C. A.; Corolla KENNEDY, MARY ERASER; Tuscaloosa; A S; Pi Phi Beto; Pep Squad; Newman Club KERLIN, WILEY C; Prattville; A S; Peo Squad . . . KERLIN, WILLIAM L.; Prattville; Commerce; Lambda Chi Alpha. Page 194 UT WF Jemison Jenkins Jennings Jernigan, M. E. Jernigan, M. R. Jinright Joffre Johnson, B. M. Johnson, B. J. Johnson, B. C. Johnson, C. G. Johnson, I. E. Johnson, L. S. Johnson, M. I. Johnson, M. M. Johnson, M. Johnson, R. K. Johnson, R. W, Johnson, W. G. Johnston Joiner Jollit Jones, B. Jones, C. Jones, D. R. Jones, H. B. Jones, H. M. Jones, J. A. Jones, J. D. Jones, K. Jones, M. Jones, R. K. Jones, R. M. Jones, R. H. Jones, S. M. Jones, S. M. Jones, W. F. Jones, W. Jordan, H. C. Jordan, P. M. Jude Kohn, M. L. Kohn, N. A. Kanter, E. Konter, P. D. Kaplan Korrh Kasai Kotz BAMA RENEWED FOOTBALL RELATIONS WITH AUBURN FOR FIRST TIME IN FORTY-ONE YEARS KERR, WILLODENE; Reform,- A S, Choral Union KEYTON, JOHN ARTHUR, JR.; Dothon; A S, Koppo Sigma KILGO A. O.; Logan, Commerce; Alpha Tou Omega, Rifle Team KILGORE, CLYDE HILL; Atlanta, Co.; Commerce; Chi Fhi KIMBROUGH, SUSIE SMITH; Chatom; Commerce KIMBROUGH, WILLIAM CLARK; Linden; A S; Sigma Chi; KIMMEY, JOHN MASON, JR.; Elba, A S; Pi Kappa Phi. KING, EVELYN; Anniston; A S; Delta Delta Delta KING, HATTIE MALLORY; Okolona, Miss.; Commerce, Chi Omega; Corollo; Y. W. C. A.; Crimson-White KING, KELMIE MAE; Mobile; A S; Alpha Delta Pi; Corolla; Triangle; Y W. C. A Fep Squad, Canterbury Club; French Club; Crimson-White KING, MARY GENE; Tuscaloosa; A S; Alpha Phi; B, S. U, KING, PAUL CLINTON; Kingsport, Tenn.; Commerce KING, RICHARD JAY; Fort Payne, Commerce; Alpha Tau Omego; Y. M. C. A.; Wesley Foundation KINGSBERY, WALTON WAITS, JR.; Tuscaloosa; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. KIRALFY, JEAN; Columbus. Co.; A S; Alpha Epsilon Phi; I. R. C; Corolla KIRBY, LOUISE ANN; Germantown, Tenn.; Education; Chi Omega; Y. W. C. A; Pep Squad KIRBY, MARGARET JEAN; Birmingham; Education; Phi Mu; Pep Squad; Y. W. C. A.; Treasurer, Elementary Student Council; Pledge Trainer, Phi Mu KIRKLAND, DONALD EVERETT; Columbus, Co.; Engineering; Theta Chi KIRKLAND, HUGH HOWELL; Dothon; Commerce; Pep Squad; Commerce Association; Wesley Foundation; A. I. A. KIRSHNER, BERNITA; Nashville, Tenn.; A S; Alpha Epsilon Fhi KISBER, J. D.; Birmingham; Commerce; Zeto Beta Tau; Corolla; 1. R. C KIZZIAH, GEORGE EDWARD; Commerce; Phi Kappa Sigma KLOTZMAN, MELVIN; Montevallo; Engineering; Zeto Beta Tou; Druids; St. Pats KNIGHT, JAMES EDWARD; Jasper; A S; Bond KNIGHT, MARGARET; Rowlond, N. C; A S; Blackfriors KNIGHT, MARTHA; Tuscaloosa; A S; Alpha Delta Pi KNIGHT, WILLIAM ANDERSON; Pike Rood; Commerce KOEHLER, ROBERT HENRY; North Bergen, N. J.; Commerce; Theta Xi. A little squirt KOHLMANN, ROBERT LOUIS; New Orleans, La.; Commerce; Zeta Beta Tau KRAVITZ, DAVID; Vinelond, N. J.; Engineering; Alpha Epsilon Pi; St. Pot ' s, Gamma Alpha Rho KREEGER, MARCIA LOUISE; New Orleans, La., Education; Physical Education Major Club KREISMAN, RAE RITA; Montgomery; A S; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Corolla KRESSES, REBECCA; Birmingham; A S; Cr.mson-White, Rammer Jammer; Blackfriors, Hillel Council; Pep Squad; Theta Sigma Phi KRICKBAUM, JANET; Tampa, Flo.; Home Economics; Delta Zeta KROEZE, JEAN RANDALL; Jockson, Miss.; Home Economics; Pi Phi Beta, Caroline Hunt Club. KROPP, MARGARET EVANGELINE; Carbon Hill, Home Economics; Delta Zeto; Wesley Foundation KRUEGER, JACK HOWARD; Birmingham; Commerce; Delta Kappa Epsilon KULMAN, DAVID; Atlanta, Ga.; A S; Zeto Beta Tou; Credit Manager, 1949 Corolla . . . KL ' PFER, CHARLES J., JR.; New Mark, N. J.; Engineering . . . LABRECQUE, CONRAD ARTHUR; Springfield, Mass.; Engineering; Pershing Rifles; Pep Squad; Rifle Team; A. S. C. E.; St. Pat ' s LACKEY, LOUIS H., JR.; University; A S; Theta Xi; Varsity Track Team; " A " Club LACKEY, PHILLIP RAY; Sylocaugo; A S; Pershing Rifles. LAMB, CLEMENT DIEMER; Foyetteville, Tenn.; Commerce; DeMoloy Society LAMBERTH, EDWIN GRADY; Alexander City; A S; Sigma Nu LAMPKIN, JULIA McCAIN; University; Band; Corolla . . . LANDERS, HUMPHREY BASKIN; Jacksonville; Commerce; Delta Tau Delta; Fep Squad; Alabama Cavaliers LANDERS, WILSON HARRY; Annisto.i; Engineering; Delta Tau Delta; St. Pat ' s; Greeks LANDRETH, BETTY JEAN; Tollcdega; Education; Concert Band LANDRUM, BETTY ANN; Birmingham; Home Economics; Alpha Omicron Pi; Crimson- White; Corolla LANDRUM, WILLIAM JUDSON; Tuscaloosa; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon LANE, JOHN BENJAMIN; Deatsville; A S; Pep Squod LANFORD, EDWARD DOUGLAS, JR.; Commerce; Phi Gamma Delta; Corollo; Alpha Kappa Psi; Commerce Association; I. R. C; Execu- tive Council, Commerce Association; Alternate Interfroternity Council Representative LANGNER, JAMES EARL; Birmingham; Commerce; Football LANTRIP, G. C; Birmingham; Commerce; Theta Chi LAPIDUS, STANLEY FREDERICK; Birmingham; Commerce; Koppo Nu; Pep Squad; Crimson-White LARIMER, JAMES R.; Ensley; Commerce; Lambda Chi Alpha. LARKIN, WARREN; Pensacola, Flo.; A S; Pi Kappa Alpha LcROE, DIXIE EMMA; Maxwell, N. M.; A S; Press Club LASETER, WILLIAM RAY; Montgomery; A S; Lambda Chi Alpha LATHAM, J. LAWRENCE; Europe, Miss.; A S LATIMER, BEVERLEY ADAIR; Birminghom; Home Economics; Pi Phi Beta; Pep Squad; Caroline Hunt Club lATTOF, MITCHELL GEORGE; Prichord; Commerce; Debate Squad; Cadet Officers ' Club; Tou Kappa Alpha; Commerce Asso- ciation . , lATTURE, ANN; Birmingham; A S; Phi Mu. LAVELLE, JAMES MICHAEL; University Heights, O.; Commerce; Pep Squad; Commerce Association; Newman Club; Ridgecrest Campus Asso- ciation LAVENDER, GESNER FRANCES; Havana; Education; Pep Squad; Wesley Foundation LAVENDER, JOHN DAVIS; Havana A S; Pi Kappa Alpha LAWHON, RUBYE ERNESTINE; Hamilton Education ■ LAWRENCE, MILTON; Meridian, Miss.; A S WABP LAY, MARGARET BEATRICE; Birmingham; Home Economics, Phi Mu; Caroline Hunt Club , LAYMAN, H. TRAVIS; Springville Engineering. Poge 196 Keyton Kilgo Kilgore Klmbrough, S. S. Kimbrough, W. C. Kimmey King, E. King, H. M. King, K. M. King, M. G. King, P. C. King, R. J. Kingsbery Kiralfy Kirby, L. A. Kirby, M. J. Kirkland, D. E. Kirkland, H. H. Kirshner Kisber Kizziah Klotzman Knight, J. Knight, M. Knight, M. Knight, W. A. Koehler Kohlmc Kravitz Krickbai Kroeze Kropp Krueger Kulmon Kupper Labrecque Lackey, L. H. Lackey, P. R. Lamb Lamberlh Lampkin Landers, H. B. Landers, W. H. Londreth Landrum, B. A. Landrum, W. J. Langner Lantrip Lapidus Larkin LaRoe Laseter Latham Latimer Lottof Lattuer Lavelle Lavender, G. F. Lavender, J. D. Lawhon Lawrence Lay Loyman BILL STERN ANNOUNCED THE ALABAMA - AUBURN GAME ON A NATIONWIDE HOOKUP LEACH, ALYNE DORIS; Memphis, Tenn,,- A S; Sigma Delta Tou; Pep Squad; Spanish Club LEATHERWOOD, ERNEST, JR.; Fairfax; A S, Kappa Sigma LEE, BETTE SUE; Pell Cily; Education LEE, ELLEN; Birmingham; Commerce . LEE, FRANK MICHAEL; Mount Vernon, N. Y.; A S; Sports Editor, Crimson-White; WABP; Press Club, Journalism Alumni Bulletin; Rammer Jammer; Sigma Delta Chi LEE, MARY LOU; University; Educotion; A. 1. A,; French Club; Spanish Club; Pep Squad LEE, VICTOR D., JR.; Birmingham; A S; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. LIPSITZ, GWEN ANN; Augusta, Go,; A S; Sigma Delta Tau UPSON, ELLIS; Tuscolooso; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Mu LITT, RICHARD ERWIN; Birmingham; A S; Kappa Nu; Crimson-White; Corolla LITTLE, FAYE HASSEL; Tuscaloc;:; Education LITTLE, WILLIAM GRAY, JR.; Kosciusko, Miss.; A S; Chi Phi LITTRELL, V ILLIAM J.; Laurel, Miss.; Engineering LITWIN, MARTIN STANLEY; Jasper; A S; Sigma Alpha Mu, Corolla; Pep Squad; I. R C; Student Forum; Alpha Phi Omega; Hillel Foundation; I. Z, F. A. LE GARDEUR, GEORGE VERGNES, JR.; Slidell, La,; Engineering; Beta Theta Pi LELAND, VIRGINIA MOSBY; Tuscaloosa; Kappa Delta; Corolla LE MASTER, CHARLES H.; Anniston; Commerce; Lambda Chi Alpha; Crimson-White LEMKE, JAMES U.; Yonkers, N. Y.; Engineering LEONARD, HOWARD ENSIGN; Mobile; A S LESLIE, JEANNE, Tuscaloosa; A S; Chi Omega LEVENSON, JAMES IRWIN; Birmingham; A S; Zeta Beta Tau. LEVIE, JAMES E.; Birmingham; Engineering; Delta Tau Delta LEVINE, H. M., JR.; Birminghom; A S; Zeta Beta Tou; WABP LEVINSON, MAURINE LANE; Florence; A S; Alpha Epsilon Phi, Corolla LEVY, ED N.; Demopolis; Chemistry; Sigma Alpho Mu LEVY, IRIS GERTRUDE; Demopolis; A S; Crimson-White LEWIS, CALVERT DALE; Jacksonville, Fla.; Commerce; Sigma Chi; Trock Team LEWIS, ROBERT FRED; Birmingham; Commerce; Kappa Nu; Treasurer, Kappa Nu; Commerce Association. LICHTENSTEIN, MARILYN RUTH; Birmingham; A S LIGHTFOOT, PATRICIA; Tuskegee; A S; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Vice-President, Pan hellemc; Westminster Fellowship; Y. W. C. A.; Triangle LILES, OWEN MAHONE; Frisco City; A S; I. R. C; Sponish Club LINAKER, CHARLES ALAN; Birmingham; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega . . . LINCOLN, RITA LEE; Atlanta, Co.; A S; Sigma Delta Tau LINDLEY, MARGARET EMELINE; Birmingham; A S LINKE, OTTO ANTHONY; Carlstadt, N. J ; A S, Theta Xi; Rammer Jammer, Pre s Club. closer, girls LIVINGSTON, PHILIP VAN REVESSELAER; Long Island, N. Y.; Com- merce; Lambda Chi Alpha, Pershing Rifles; Y. M. C. A. LIVINGSTONE, SAUNDRA ALEXIS; Pleasantville, N. J.; Education LOCKE, CHRISTA JEAN; Marion; Home Economics; Delta Zeta LOCKE, GWENDOLYN; Marion; Home Economics; Delta Zeta; Pep Squad LOCKE, MABLE v.; Birmingham; A S; Alpha Comma Delta; Y. W. C. A,; Triangle, Pep Squad; Wesley Foundation LOEB, HONORE; New Orleans, La,; Home Economics; Sigma Delta Tau LOEB, RALPH, JR.; Montgomery; Zeta Beta Tau; Engineering; Phi Eta Sigma; Historian, Zeta Beta Tau. LOGAN, BETTY ANNE; Prichard; Education LOGAN, JOHN P.; Russellville; Engineering; Theta Chi LOLLAR, MARGARET KYLE; Tuscaloosa; A S; Zeta Tau Alpha LOMBARDO, JOSEPH PATRICK, JR.; Birmingham; Commerce; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Rammer Jammer . . , LONDON, CAROLYN JANE; Hattiesburg, Miss.; Education; Sigma Delta Tau LONDON, JEAN R.; Hattiesburg, Miss.; Education; Sigma Delta Tau LONERGAN, DONALD C; Birmingham; Education; Chi Phi. LONERGAN, RONALD CARLIS; Birmingham; Commerce; Kappa Alpha, Pep Squad LONG, ASHLY MILLER; Nashville, Tenn.; Home Economics, Chi Omega, Corolla; Y. W. C. A. LONG, MARY ELIZABETH Guntersville; Commerce; Alpha Chi Omega, Pep Squad; Commerce Asso ciation; Wesley Foundation; W. S. G. A. Uniontown, A S; Phi Delta Theta Nashville, Tenn.; A S; Pep Squad Anniston; Commerce; Sigma Nu Birmingham, Commerce; Sigma Nu. LONG, ROBERT JOHNSON LONGCRIER, BARBARA NAN LONGSHORE, FRANK SNOW LONGSHORE, LESLIE ROBERT LORBERBAUM, ROBERT A.; Woodmere, N. Y,; Commerce; Sigma Alph Mu, Hillel Foundation LOVE, CHARLOTTE ANNE; Jacksonville, Flo A S, Delta Zeta LOVE, GLORIA VERREE; Jacksonville, Flo A S; Delta Zeta LOVELL, PATRICIA ANNE; Opp, A S; Alpha Chi Omega; Choral Union; Triangle LOWE, EVELYN JUNE; Clonton; Home Economics; Y. W. C. A.; Coroline Hunt Club , LOWERY, JANE WORTH; Greenville; A S; Alpha Gamma Delta; Pep Squad LOWMAN, JOSEPH ALLEN; Birmingham; A S; Kappa Alpha. LOWREY, LUCY CAROLYN; Jacksonville; Home Economics; Phi Mu; Treasurer, Phi Mu; Secretary, Caroline Hunt Club; Miss Tuscaloosa, 1948; Choral Union LOWRY, ROBERT; Huntsville; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta; Golf Team . LUCKIE, CARRIE PEARLE; Selmo; Home Economics; Kappa Delta; Caroline Hunt Club; Y. W. C. A. LUM, JAMES GALLAGHER; Jasper; A S; Phi Delta Theta . . LUMPKIN, ROBERT FRANKLIN; Birmingham; A S; Delto Tau Delta; Football LUMPKIN, WILLIAM IVAN, JR.; Birmingham; A S; Delta Tau Delta; Crimson White LUND, BARBARA LUCILLE; Doytona Beach, Flo.; A S; Alpha Gamma Delta; Sweetheort of Sigmo Chi; Corolla Beauty. Poge 198 Leatherwood B. S. Lee, E. Lee, F. M. M. L. V. D. Le Gardeu Leiand Le Master Lemke Leonard Leslie Levine Levmson Levy, E. N. Levy, I. G. Lewis, C. D. Lewis, R. F. chtenstein ghtfoot les naker Lipsifz Lipson Liit Little, F. H. Little, W. G. Littrell Livingston Livingstone Locke, C. J. Locke, G. Locke, M. V. Loeb, H. Loeb, R. Logon, B. A. Logan, J. P. Lollor Lombardo London, C. J. London, J. R. Lonergon, D. C. Lonergan, R. C. Long, A. M. Long, M. E. Long, R. J. Longcrier Longshore, F. S. Longshore, L. R. Lorberbaum Love, C. A. Love, G. V. Lowrey Lowry Luckie Lum Lumpkin, R, F. Lumpkin, W. I. Lund PHILADELPHIA SYMPHONY O R C H E S T R A A P P E A R E D H E R E I N A P R I L LUTTRELL, FRANK ALEX, JR.; Brewton,- Commerce; Delta Kappa Epsilon LUTTRELL, MARY ELLEN; Attallo; A S; Alpha Gamma Delta; Triangle LYLES, MARY LOU; Spring Hill; Education; Alpha Xi Del ' j LYNN, EMILY; Mobile; A S; Alpha Xi Delta LYON, JOHN ALLEN, JR.; Attalla; Commerce; Sigma Nu MABRY, VIRGINIA BROWN; Fairfield; A S; Fhi Mu; Crimson-White MocGOWAN, BRADFORD LEROY; Jacksonville, Flo.; A S; Phi Gamma Delta; Blackfriars; Pep Squad. MocLEOD, RODERICK MOORE; Birmingham; A MADDEN, JEANNE; Birmingham; Education MADDOX, ALVA HUGH; Andalusia; A S ANN; Jasper; Chemistry; Zeta Tou Alpha; Corolla JEWEL KATE; Abernont; Education; Triangle; HARRIETTE E.; Sougjs, Mass.; A S; AIA HARRIS; Itto Bene, Miss.; Engineering; Kappa S; Delta Kappa Epsilon : Delta Delta Delta MADDOX, BARBARA ; YWCA MADDOX, BSU M A G E E, MAGRUDER, FREELAND Alpho. MAIER, BARBARA ANNETTE; Jacksonville, Flo.; A S; Delto Zeta; Pep Squad MAJOR, MARGARET B.; Birmingham; Home Economics; Delta Zeta MAJURE, MARY CLIFFORD; Gadsden; A S; Alpha Delta Pi; YWCA MALICE, VIRGINIA EDNA; Burlington, N. J.; Education; Theta Upsilon MALKOVE, BERNARD STANLEY; Birming- ham; Commerce; Kappa Nu MALLORY, FRANCES ALMA; Anniston; Home Economics; Kappa Delta; YWCA MALONE, GEORGE HOLCOMB; Dothon; Commerce; Kappa Sigma; Blackfriars. MANDULEY, ALBERT; Tuscaloosa; Commerce MANGUM, EUGENE PHILIP; Montgomery; A S; Phi Delta Theto MANLY, ROY HUNT; Birmingham; A S; Kappa Alpha MANN, EARL STEVENS; Birming- ham; Commerce; Theta Chi MANN, LELA BELLE; New Hope; Educa- tion; AIA; Pep Squod MANNERS, LEE ROY; Birmingham; A S; Delta Chi; Pep Squad; Spirit Committee MARCHESSEAU, FRANK M. R.; New Orleans, Lc; A 8. S; Phi Delta Theto; Greeks. The man on the left MARCUS, PHYLLIS MIRIAM; Montgomery; A S; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Girl ' s Spirit Committee; President, Alpha Epsilon Phi; WSGA; Panhel ' enic Council MARING, DON HERBERT; Birmingham; Commerce; Phi Gam- mo Delta; Scabbard and Blade MARKS, MARC L.; Sharon, Penn.; A S; Zeta Beta Tou; Corolla; WABP MARLEY, NEEDHAM, JR.; Ozark; A S; Sigma Nu MARSHALL, MILTON HOPE; New Orieons, La.; Engineering; Lambda Chi Alpha; Fhi Eta Sigma; Theto Tau; ASCE MARSHALL, WILLIS WORTHINGTON; Trussville; A S; Phi Gammo Delta; Pep Squad, Corollo; YMCA MARTIN, A. NEILSON; Aliceville; A S; Kappa Alpha; YMCA, Westminster Fellowship; University Religious Council. AAARTIN, GRIFFIN PIERCE; Bessemer; A S; Lambda Chi Alpha MARTIN, JOHN BENNETT; Eelzoni, Miss.; A S MASINGILL, ARTHUR C; Montgomery; Commerce MASON, CHARLOTTE ANN; Athc-,s; Education; Caroline Hu ' t C ' rb Fep Squcd MASSEY, WILLIAM HENRY; Moundville; Commerce MASTIN, MARY GERALDINE; Gadsden; Home Economics MATHEWS, BETTY JEWEL; Birmingham; Education; Girls ' Spirit Committee; Caroline Hunt Club. MATHEWS, BYRON C; Birmingham; Commerce MATHEWS, EVELYN; M.ontgomery; A S; Alpha Gamma Del. ' o MATHEWS, LEX STERNER; Montgomery; Alpha Tou Omego; Canterbury Club MATHEWS, PATRICIA; Atlanta, Go.; Chemistry; Corollo; Fep Squad MATHEWS, THOMAS F.; Montgomery; A S; Alpha Tou Omega; Canterbury Club MATHIS, CHARLOTTE; Tuscolcoso; Home Economics; Phi Mu; Caroline Hunt Club MATTHEWS, CLIFFORD BRYAN; Georgiono; A S; Chi Fhi; Blackfriars. MAULDIN, ROBERT SMITH, JR.; Bessemer; Chemistry; Delta Sigma Fhi; Alchemist Society; American Chemical Society MAULDIN, WILLIAM RICHARD; Laurel, Miss.; A S MAURY, MADELEINE; Mobile, A S, Corolla; Triangle; Spirit Committee MAURY, MARY FONTAINE; Mobile; A S; Alpha Xi Delta MAXEY, DICK HALL; Demopolis; A S; Freshman Baseball Team; Freshman Basketball Team , MAY, I. W.; Montgomery; A S; Delta Tou Delta; Crimson-White; Wesley Foun- dation MAY, ROSEMARY; Mobile; Commerce; Alpha Delta Pi. MAYO, ROBERT DAVID; West Palm Beach, Fla.; Commerce; Delta Tau Delta; Crimson White MAYS, FRANCES; Montgomery; Education; YWCA MAYS, REBA JO; Haleyville; Education; Debate Squad MAZE, GLEN L.; Arab; Education; Delta Sigma Phi; Bond; SPEBQUSA; Symphony Orchestra MEADOWS, DAVID EARL; Birmingham; A S MEANS, ELSIE CLYDE; Gadsden; Chemistry; Pasteur Society MEDINA, ENRIQUE RODOLEO; Progroso, Yoro, Honduras; Commerce. MEEHAN, BOBBIE JEAN; Pell City; Education MEEKS, JULIUS PAUL; Birmingham; Commerce; Delta Tou Delta M ERCER, ROBERT WALLACE; Montgomery; Commerce; Sigma Nu MERIWETHER, BOB S.; Mobile; A S METZGER, LEONARD HERBERT, JR.; Mobile; Com- merce METZGER, SIDNEY H.; Selmo; Chemistry; Zeta Beta Tau; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Mu Epsilon . . MICHAEL, THOMAS CALVIN; Mobile; A S; Alpha Sigma Phi. Page 200 Lutlrell, F, A. Luttrell, M. E. Lyies Lynn Lyon Mobry MacGowon MacLeod Madden Moddox, A. H. Maddox, B. A. Maddox, J. K. Magee Magruder Maier Major Majure Malice Molkove Mallory Malone Manduley Mongum Manly Mann, E. S. Mann, L. B. Manners Marchesseau Marcus Maring Marks Marley Marshall, M. H. Marshall, W. W. Marlin, A. N. Martin, G. P. Martin, J. B. Masingill Mastin Mathew Mathews, B. C. Mathews, E. Mathews, L. S. Mathews, P. Mathews, T. F. Mathis Matthews Mouldin, R. S. Mauldin, W. P. Maury, M. Mciury, M. F. Maxey May, I. W. May, R. M.ayo Mays, F. Mays, R. J. Maze Meadows Means Medina Meehan Meeks Mercer Meriwether Metzger, L. H. Metzger, S. H. Michael TWENTY THOUSAND ATTENDED HOMECOMING GAME HERE MICHAELS, GEORGE MARTIN; Pensacola, Flo.; A S. Pi Kappa Alpha MICKLE, WILLIAM COOPER; Anniston; A S, Sigma Nu, Press Club MIDDLEBROOKS, WILLIAM FRANK; Troy; A S; Sigma Alpha Epsilon MIDDLETON, ALBERT MORRIS; Garland; Commerce; Delta Tau Delta MIDDLETON, MARY ANN; Birmingham; Home Economics; Theta Upsilon MILES, EARl SHATFER; Mobile; Commerce; Theto Chi; Bond MILLARD, BETTY JANE; Bradenlon, Flo; A S; Kappa Kappa MILLER, CARL SCOTT; Birmingham, Commerce MILLER, ED PAYNE, JR.; Huntsville. A S, Pi Kappa Alpha; Westminster Fellowship Council; YMCA MILLER, JOHN E.; Russellville, Education; Theto Chi; Pep Squad; Glee Club MILLER, JOHN THOMAS; Birmingham; Engineer- ing; Phi Gamma Delta MILLER, TOMMY R.; Alexander City; Com- merce; Sigma Nu; Crimson-White MILLIRONS, PAUL LaRUE; Camp Hill; A S; Kappa Alpha MILLS, ANDREW JACKSON; Enterprise; A S; Officers ' Club. MILLSTEIN, MAXINE SYLVIA; Jackson, Miss.; MINGA, ALTON RAY; Cordova; A S; Corolla MINGO, ALAN CHARLES; Mi A S; Sigma Delta Tou Alpha Sigma Phi; Greeks; ineapolis, Minn.; A S; Theto Chi MINKS, JACK B.; Scottsboro; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon MINSHEW, ANNETTE W.; Oxford; Home Economics, Kappa Koppo Gamma MIRSKY, ZELDA; Savannah, Ga.; Education MITCHELL, AUDREY JANE; Tuscaloosa; Home Economics; Alpha Phi. MITCHELL, BERT WALTER; Mobile; Engineering, Zeto Beta Tou; Phi Eta Sigma; Pershing Rifles; Physics Club MITCHELL, CHARLES R.; Tuscumbio; Commerce; Delta Chi; Pep Squad MITCHELL, GEORGE EDWIN; Atmore; Kappa Alpha; Druids; YMCA MITCHELL, HARRY PENMAN; Frankfort, Ky.; A S; Lombda Chi Alpha; Crimson-White; Westminster Fellowship; Rho Alpha Tau MITCHELL, JACK C; Sylo- cauga; A S; Sigma Nu MITCHELL, WILLIAM THOMAS; Birmingham, A S; Kappa Alpha . MITCHELSON, THEO K.; Palatko, Flo; Com- merce; Pi Kappa Alpha; ODK; Delta Sigma Pi; SGA; Commerce Association; Square and Compass; Pep Squad, Florida Club; Chairman, Bomo Doy; Chairman, Commerce Day. MIZZELL, JAMES JOSEPH; Tolladego; A S MOFFITT, ROY B.; Greensboro, N. C; A S; Delta Sigma Phi; Muckers Club; Corolla; Rho Alpha Tau MOLPUS, B. O ' DELL, JR.; A S; Phi Koppo Sigma, Crimson-White . . . MONK, MARGARET ANN; Gcdsden; A S; Delta Del a Delta MONTEABARO, GAIL ELIZABETH; Birmingham; A S; Phi Mu MOODY, KATHERINE MARIE; Birmingham; Commerce MOONEY, JANE ALLEN; Port Arthur, Tex.; A S; Alpha Delta Pi. ROTC Sponsor; President, Junior Panhellenic Council. MOORE, CARL RANDOLPH; Gate City, Vo.; Commerce MOORE, E. JONES; Birmingham; A S; Delta Chi; Rho Alpha Tau; Pershing Rifles MOORE, JACQUELYN LEE; Holeyville; Home Economics; Caroline Hunt Club MOORE, JOHN OLIVER; Birmingham; Commerce; Sigma Chi; Alpha Phi Omega, Rifle Team; Pershing Rifles . . . MOORE, MARGARET ELLEN; Hattiesburg, Miss.; Chemistry; Pep Squad MOORE, MARTHA JEAN; Northport; A S MOORE, MARY ANN; Russellville, Commerce. MOORE, THOMAS E.; Tuscolooso; Commerce MOORER, HENRY DERRELL; Tuscaloosa; Engineering; Fhi Delta Theto MOORMAN, EVELYN JANE; Birmingham; Home Economics; Phi Mu; Crimson-White, Fep Squad; YWCA MORGAN, CHARLES, JR.; Birmingham; Commerce; Delta Tau Delta; Pep Squad; Blackfriors; Canterbury Club; Crimson-White MORGAN, JAMES M.; Little Rock, Ark.; A S MORGAN, JOE SHEPARD; Birmingham; Engineering; Alpha Sigma Phi; ASME, St. Pat s MORGAN, NELDA MARIE; Georgiono; Education. MORGAN, ORSON CHIRPS; Fayette; A S; Phi Kcppo Sigma MORRIS, EMORY WILLIAM; Elkins, W. Va.; Engineering; AIEE; St. Pot ' i MORRIS, MARYALYCE; Geneva, Home Economics; Kappo Delta Corolla; Wesley Foundation MORRIS, ROBERT LEWIS, JR.; Elkmont Commerce; Phi Gamma Delta MORROW, DAVID JACK; Birmingham A S; Delta Tou Delta; Pep Squad MORROW, HOYT; Bear Creek A S; Theto Chi MORROW, JAMES RUSSELL; Bessemer; Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha; Interfroternity Council; YMCA; ASCE. MORSE, CHRISTINE FRANCES; Daphne; A S; Theto Upsilon MORTON, DOLLIE ANN; Tuscaloosa; Home Economics MOSCOWITZ, EDWARD B., Brooklyn, N. Y.; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Mu M.OSELEY, ROBBIE LEE; Sylacauga; A S; Koppo Kappa Gamma MOSES, JUANITA JEANNE; Havana, Cuba; A S; Delta Comma; Pep Squad; YWCA; Spanish Club MOSKOWITZ, CECIL; Birmingham; A S; Alpha Epsilon Pi , MOSS, DENISA LEE; Birmingham; Home Eco- nomics; Phi Mu; Caroline Hunt Club; President, Wilson Hall; WSGA. MOSS, THERON HOBART; Birmingham; Commerce; Fi Kappa Alpha MOUGHON, MALLIE; Birmingham; A S; Delta Delta Delta MOXLEY, INA OBERLIN; Charleston, Mo.; Education , MUELLER, BILLIE GRAYSON;- Mobile; A S MULDROW, HELEN BOWEN; Jasper; A S; Alpha Comma Delta; Newman Club ' MULL, WILLIAM PAGE; Birmingham; A S; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Pep Squad; Crimson-While MULLINS, CAROLINE S.; Mobile; A S; Kappa Delta; Pep Squad. Page 202 Michaels Mickle Middlebrooks Middleton, A. M. Middleton, M. A. Miles Millard Miller, C. S. Miller, E. P. Miller, J. E. Miller, J. T. Miller, T. R. Millirons Mills Millstein Minga Mingo Minks Minshew Mirsky Mitchell, A, J. Mitchell, B. W. Mitchell, C. R. Mitchell, G. E. Mitchell H. P. Mitchell, J. C. Mitchell, W. T. Mitchelson Mizzell Moffitt Molpus Monk Monteaba Moody Mooney Moore, C. R. Moore, E. J. Moore, J. L. Moore, J. O. Moore, M. E. Moore, M. J. Moore, M. A. Moore, T. E. Moorer Moorman Morgan, C. Morgan, J. M. Morgan, J. S. Morgon, N. M. Morgan, O. C. Morris, E. W. Morris, M. Morris, R. L. Morrow, D. J. H. J. R. Morse Morton Moskowitz Moss, D. L. Moss, T. H. Moughon Moxley, I. Mueller Muldrow Mull Mullins SIGMA DELTA CHI, NATIONAL JOURNALISM FRATERNITY, WAS INSTALLED IN DECEMBER MURBACH, JANE ELIZABETH; Mobile, Home Economics; Alpha Xi Delto; Pep Squad; Blockfnors MURDOCK, CHARLES EDWARD; Enterprise; E-gieerino; Fi Koppa Fhi; St. Put ' s MirPHEY, ClF.YL BRCK CK Montgomery; Engineering; Theta Chi MURPHREE, WILLIAM DRU; Universi:y; Engineering; St. Pot ' s; IAS MURPHY, CLEMENT J., JR.; Birmirghcni; A S; Kappa Sigma; Crmuon-White; Corolla; Blackfriars, Assistant Director, Pep Squad AAYER, RUTH; Birmingham; Education; Chi Omega, YWCA; Corolla MYERS, JOE B.; Birmingham; A S; Delta Chi; Pershing Rifles; Corolla. MYRICK, WILLIAM OTIS; Deatsville; A Editor, 1949 Corolla; Press Club; Charter Meir McADAWS, JERRYE RICHARDS; Reform; Ergi KATRINA TERRELL; Montgomery; A S CLARENCE, JR.; Selmo; Commerce; Blackfriars S; Pi Kappa Fhi; Assistant ber Delta Chi cerirg A. ' cARTHLR, McCAIN, WILLIAM Pep Squad WcCALL, On 3lack- JOANE HATCHER; Boynton Beach, Flo.; Chemistry; Ch friars; Pep Squad McCAMY, LEON; Scottsboro; A S McCLELLAN, BILL; Sprmgville; Commerce; Kappa Sigma, IRC. McCLENDON, ANN; Ashville; Education McCLUSKY, LONNIE, JR.; Toney; Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega McCOLLOUGH, WILLIAM BRYANT, JR.; Birmingham; Commerce; Kappa Alpha McCOLLUM, EDGAR PATTON; Birmingham; A S; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Druids; Crimson- White McCOY, JEAN BROOKS; Montgomery; Commerce; Zeto Tou Alpha; YWCA; Blackfriars; Honey Bowl; Commerce Association McCRACKEN, MARGARET HOWARD; Eutaw; A S; Koppa Koppa Gamma McCRARY, LUCIAN PAUL; Centreville; A S; Phi Gamma Delta. McCLLLOUGH, WARY CHLOE; Birmingham; A S; Bond; Triangle, Secretary, Alpha Lambda Delta McCULLOUGH, WAYNE, JR.; Carbon Hill; Engineering; Theta Xi; St. Pot ' s; Wesley Foundation McCURDY, CECELIA; Decatur, Go.; Home Economics; Alpha Gamma Delta; Corolire Hunt Club; YWCA . . . McDANIEL, ROBERT LEE; Aiiceville; Education; Delta Chi McDonald, ELLIS PELHAM; Birmingham; A S; Pi Koppa Alpha McDonald, Harriet ELIZABETH; EI Poso, Tex.; Home Economics; Zeto Tau Alpha McDONALD, MARY EVELYN; Pensocoki, Flo.; Edualion; Alpho Gamma Delta; Pep Squad. Bridge party McDonald, RICHARD HAMILTON; Montgomery; A S; Sigma Nu; Band McDONALD, ROBERT DAN; Livingston; Engineering; Phi Etu Sigma; IAS; SAME; St. Pat ' s McDONALD, STERLING PAINE, III; Roanoke; Commerce; Chi Phi; Pep Squad McDONALD, WILLIAM WHITE; Roanoke; Commerce; Chi Phi; Pep Squad McDOWELL, ARTIE SAMUEL, JR.; Memphis, Tenn.; Commerce; Lambda Chi Alpha; Rho Alpha Tau; Druids; YMCA McGEE, HARRY R.; Guntersville; A S; Delta Tau Delta McGINTY, LOUISE; Frisco City; A S. McGOWAN, ELIZABETH MARY; Foley: A S McGRAW, EDWARD NASH; Mobile; Chemistry; Fhi Koppa Sigmo; Pasteur Society, Alchemist Club; Ee.-a Beta Eelo; Cartc;bury Cl.b McHENRY, SILEN EL ' CENE; Jacksonville, Flo.; A S; Track; " A " Club McKAIG, JANICE KING; Montgomery; A S; Pi Phi Beta McKENZIE, RICHARDSON BRICKEN, JR.; Selma; Commerce; Kappa Alpha; " A " Club; Basketball McKINLEY, ETHEL LOUISE; Foley; A S McKINNEY, MILTON HARRIS; Montgomery; Engineering; Sigma Nu. McKNIGHT, CAROLYN; Crawfordsville, Ark.; Home Economics; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Alpha Lambda Delta; Triangle; Swan Club McLaughlin, max VICTOR; Blue Springs; A S; Phi Gamma Delta; Pep Squad McLEAN, MARY EUGENIA; Birmingham; Home Economics McLEOD, ELIZABETH M.; Mobile; Home Economics; Caroline Hunt Club McLEOD, HAROLD GRAY; Quitman, Miss.; Commerce; Alpha Koppa Psi McMAHON, WILLIAM REED; Birmingham; Engineering; St. Pot ' s McMATH, RAY N.; Birmingham; Commerce; Delta Tau Delta. McMILLEN, DONALD DUANE; Saginaw, Mich.; A S; Track McMULLIN, CHARLES JAMES; Birmingham; A S; Delta Koppa Epsilon; Cotillion Club McMURRAY, LOUISE WEATHERS; Heflin; A S; Zeta Tau Alpha; Triangle; Vice-President, Press Club, 1948-49; Theta Sigma Phi McNALLY, JAN MICHAEL; Birmingham; A S; Koppa Kappa Gamnio; Crimson-White; Newman Club; YWCA; Blackfriars; Home- coming Committee; Corolla Beauty McNEELY, BLAKE W.; Springhill; A S; Band; Alobama Cavaliers McPHERSON, JOHN WARREN; Roanoke; A S; Chi Phi McPHERSON, WILLIAM BRYAN; Birming- ham, Engineering; Theta Chi; Track Team. McRAE, EMMA FRANK; Clonton; A S; Delta Zeto; Treasurer, Delto Zeta; Spirit Committee; BSU; Alpha Koppa Delta McWHORTER. JOSEPH WINSTON; Summerville, Ga.; A S; Pi Koppa Phi McWHORTER, ROBERT DALE; Gaylesville; Commerce; Phi Gamma Delta McWILLIAMS, JOHN WILLIAM, JR.; Birmingham; Commerce; Phi Gommo Delta NABORS, MARJEAN; Birmingham; Home Economics; AIA; Triangle; Wesley Foundation NALL, KENNETH ARNOLD; Mobile; Chemistry; Delta Tau Delta; Pep Squad; Vice-President, Junior Class; Cadet Officers ' Club NAMBA, KEN ISAO; Sylocougo; Chemistry. NAMIAS, THELMA E.; Boy St. Louis, Miss.; Home Economics; Phi Mu NAPIER, STANLEY LYONS; New York, N. Y.; A S; Phi Kappa Sigma NEAL, MARY E.; Oxford; A S NEIGHBORS, HAROLD W.; Alexander Cily; Commerce; Lambda Chi Alpho; YMCA; IRC; Commerce Association NEISWENDER, NANCY ANN; Atlanta, Ga.; Home Economics; Chi Omega NELLUMS, KENNETH EARLE; ' Pensocolo, Flo.; Engineering; Lambda Chi Alpha; Vice-President, Wesley Foundation; President, Lambda Chi Alpha; St. Pot ' s; AllE NELSON, BARON ELMO; Brantley; A S. Page 204 Murl,ach Murdock Murphey Murphree Murphy Myer Myers Myrick McAdoms McArthur McCain McCall McCamy McClellan McClendon McClusky McCollough McCollum McCoy McCrocken McCrory McCullough, M. C. McCullough, W. McCurdy McDaniel McDonald, E. P. McDonald, H. f. McDonald, M. E. McDonald, R. H. McDonold, R. D. McDonald, S. P. McDonald, W. W. McDowell McGee McGinty McGowc McGraw McHenr) McKaig McKenzl McKlnle) McKinne McKnlght McLaughlin McLean McLeod, E. M. McLeod, H. G. McMohon McMath McMillen McMullin McMurroy McNolly McNeely McPherson, J. W. McPherson, W. B. McRae, E. F. McWhorter, J. W. McWhorter, R. D. McWilliam s, J. W. Nabors Nail Nomba Neol Neighbo Nellums Nelson, B. E. STUDENTS BURNED THE LARGEST BONFIRE IN BAMA HISTORY AT ALABAMA-AUBURN RALLY NELSON, CLAUDE MARION; Newton, Education; Lambda Chi Alpha NELSON, JAMES BALDWIN; Mobile; Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega NELSON, JOAN E.; Moss Point, Miss, Commerce; Chi Omego- Blockfriors; Corollo NELSON, JOAN JOYCE; Birmingham, A S NELSON, JOE FRANK; Newton; A S; Lambda Chi Alpha NELSON, MARY ELLEN; Montgomery; A S, Alpha Chi Omega, Vice- President, Zela Phi Eta; Tau Kappa Alpha; Assistant Manager, Debate Squad; Student Speech Council; Girls ' Spirit Committee, IRC NELSON, NORMA LEE; Wyatt, Mo.; A S, Wesley Foundation NEWMAN, ALICE ANN; Long Island, N. Y , A S; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Captain, Intramurol Sports; Hillel Foundation, French Ckb NEWMAN, JOHN HAYNES, JR.; Birminghom; A S; Pi Kappa A ' pha NEWMAN, LOUIS JACK; Covin; Commerce; Delta Tau Delta NEWSOM, CHARLES; Montgomery; Engineering NEWSOME, JAMES LESTER; Phenix City, Education; Delta Chi; Black Warrior Flying Club; lrdus:rial Arts Associa- tion NEWTON, JOHN GORDON; Rome, Go.; A S; Theta Chi NEWTON, OSCAR LEE, JR.; Birmirgham; A S; Pi Kappa Alpha; Druids; President, Tau Kappa Alpho; Manager, Debate Squad; Varsity Debate Squad; Chairmon. Speakers Bureau; Mid-South Extempcroneous Speaking Champion. NEWTON, PHILLIP L.; St. Louis, Mo.; Engineering; Sigma Chi NIGHTENGALE, JAMES M.; Lancaster, Penn.; Engineering; Crimson-Whiie NOBLE, MARY TERRY; Richmond, Va,; Education NOBLE, THOMAS ALEXANDER; Birmingham; Commerce; Lambda Chi Alpha; Com- merce Associotion NOEL, STANLEY NELSON; Tuscalooso; Commerce; Delta Sigma Phi; Band . . . NOLEN, JACK M.; Ashland; A S; Phi Gamma Delta NORMAN, MARION; Birminghom; Home Economics; Alpha Xi Delta; Bond, Caroline Hunt Club. NORRED, MARY JAMES; Tallodego; Education; Physical Education Major Club; Swan Club NORRIS, HUBERT LEE; Birmingham; Commerce; Lambda Chi Alpho; Rammer Jammer NORWOOD, GILBERT WESTON; Choctaw; A S NORWOOD, MARGARET ELLYN; Choctaw; Com- merce; Pep Squad; Honey Bowl; Blackfriars NORWOOD, SARAH FRANCES; Birmingham; Home Economics; Corolla NULL, FRANCIS CLYDE, JR.; Demopolis; A S, Sigma Phi Epsilon; Pep Squad; Canterbury Club NUNEZ, KATE HOBBS; Tampa, Fla, A S; Chi Omega; Pep Squad; Chorul Union NUSSBAUM, DELORES DELL; Dermott, Ark.; A S; Sigma Delta Tau OAK, BARBARA SUE; Jacksonville, Flo., A S; Pi Phi Eeta; Blackfriars; Crimson-White OAKLEY, ELOISE; Columbia; A S; Alpha Delia Pi OBER, EARL RICHARD; Mississippi City, Miss.; Engineering, Fhi Kappa Sigma ODEEN, JOAN EDLA; Spring Hill; A S O ' DONNELL, JERRY M.; Loxley; Education; Glee Club, Choral Union, Spanish Club, Corolla; IRC; Student Forum; Canterbury Club OGDEN, WILLIAM W.; Sulligent; Engineering; Pi Kappa Alpha. O ' HARA, JAMES WILLIAM; Miami, Flo,; A S; Lambda Chi Alpha OLIVER, CHARLOTTE; Panola; Education OLIVER, SAMUEL JOHN; Monlgonifry, A S; Delta Chi; Phi Eta Sigma; Pep Squad OLIVER, VIVIAN G., JR.; Birminghom; A S; Sigma Alpha Epsilon OLSHAN, BURTON DONALD; Birmingham; A S; Kappa Nu; Interfro- ternity Athletics; Pep Squad; Hillel Foundation OLSON, JOYCE ANN; San Marino, Calif.; A S O ' NEILL, PATRICIA ESTELLE; Mobile; Home Economics. OPALAK, ANN; Waterbury, Conn.; A S; AIA; Pep Squad; Spanish Club, Canterbury Club; Rammer Jammer OPPENHEIM, RAYMOND MAURICE; Jackson, Miss.; Commerce; Kappa Nu OPPENHEIM, RESA MAXINE; Jackson, Miss.; Sigma Delta Tau; Vice-President, Hillel Founda- tion ORR, JOHN R.; Birmingham; A S, Delta Chi; Pershing Rifles O ' STEEN, JANICE OLIVE; Houston, Tex,; Home Economics; Zeta Tau Alpho; Caroline Hunt Club OTTENBERG, MARILYN J.; Orlando, Flo.; A S OWEN, ALEXANDER PAUL; Jnnesville, Wis.; Commerce; Sigma Chi OWEN, CAROLYN JEAN; Memphis, Fenn.; Education, Alpha Phi, Pep Squad OWEN, EVELYN WOOD; Atlanta, Ga.; A S; Orchestra; Blackfriars; YWCA OWEN, ROBERT BURNS; Boy Minetle; A S OWEN, ROBERT HUBERT; Birmingham; Commerce; Delta Chi; Hod- nette Freshman Award; Phi Eto Sigmo; Pep Squad; YMCA; Druids; Presi- dent, Junior Class OWENS, IRIS ANNE; Jacksonville, Fla.; A S; Pi Phi Beta; Blackfriars, Pep Squad OWENS, JAMES BENTLEY, JR.; Birmingham, Commerce; Kappa Alpha OWENS, KATE ANN; Ashland; Chemistry. OWENS, LUTHER B.; Empire; Engineering; Pi Kappa Phi OWENS, WILLIAM FRANKLIN; Heflin; A S; Sigmo Chi OZTEKIN, MUAMMER AHMET; Istanbul, Turkey; Engineering; St. Pot ' s PAFFORD, MARY (.UE; Daytono Beach, Flo.; A S; Zeta Tau Alpha; Glee Club PAGE, FRANCES ALMA; Pensacola, Flo.; Home Economics; Koppo Delto; Corolla PAGE, JACK RAYMOND; Phenix City; Commerce PAGE, MILTON ANDREW; Engineering; Jackson. PAGE, PAUL H.; Washington, D. C; A S; Delta Chi; Rommer Jammer PAILET, TED H.; New Orleans, La.; Commerce; Zeta Beta Tau PALMER, EUGENE CLAYTON; Pinson; Commerce , PARK, STANLEY; luscoloosa; A S; Kappa Alpha PARKER, JAMES ERNEST; Mont- gomery; A S PARKER, JANIE COLEMAN; Birmingham; Home Economics; President, Alpha Chi Omega; WSGA, Fhi Upsilon Omicron; Triangle; Pep Squod; Girls ' Spirit Committee PARKER, JUDY; Syla- caugo; A S; Koppo Koppo Gamma. Poge 206 ,. s im -: f N , , i .a . JVi ' 4i TU «?»• " ; Nelson, C. M. Nelson, J. B. Nelson, J. E. Nelson, J. J. Nelson, J. F. Nelson, M. E. Nelson, N. L. Newma n, A. A. Newma n, . H. Newma n. L. J. Newson Newson e Newton , J G. Newton , O. L. Newton , P L. Nightengo e Noble, M. T, Noble, T. A. Noel Nolen Norma Norred Norris Norwo 3d, G. W. Norwo 3d, M. E. Norwo 3d, S. F. Null Nunez Nussbo um Ook Ockley Ober Odeen O ' Don ell Ogden O ' Harc Oliver, C Oliver, S. J. Oliver, V. G. Olshon Olson O ' Neil , P . E. Opalo Oppen hei m, R. M Oppen hei m, R. M Orr O ' Stee n Ottenb erg Owen, A. P. Owen, C. J. Owen, E. V . Owen, R. B. Owen, R H. Owens , 1 A. Owens , J B. Owens , K A. Owens , L B. Owens , W. F. Oztek n Poffor i Page, F. A. Page, J. R. Page, M A. Page, P. H. Poilet Palme Pork Parke , J E. Parke , J C. Parke , J THERE ARE MORE THAN 100 BUILDINGS ON THE CAMPUS PARKER, ROBERT; Birmingham; Commerce; Delta Chi PARKS, J. B.; Lawrence, Miss.; Engineering; Si. Pofs; ASCE PARKS, JOAN FAIRLEY; Talladega; Education; Delta Gcmmo; Triangle; YWCA PARNELL, LEIGHTON C, JR.; Montevollo; A S; Sigma Alpha Epsilcn, Greeks PARR, THERON LUTHER; Gadsden; Commerce PARSON, ROBERT DEAN; Saginaw, Mich.; Education; Track Teem PARSONS, JOHN; Dothon; Commerce; Kappa Sigma; Pep Squad; IRC. Home Ec PARSONS, ; Caroline PARSONS, MARTHA JANET; Cent RHONWYN ANNETTE; Selmo; Home Economics; Del Hunt Club; YWCA PARTIN, GLENN EDWARD; Vi;-mi, Flo.; Engireer ing; Lambda Chi Alpha; Greeks; St. Pats PARTLOW, NANCY LILLIAN BIytheville, Ark.; A S PARTLOW, RUFUS C; Tuscalcoso; A S Delta Kappa Epsilon PASS, REX QUILLIAN, Birmirgham; Commerce Lambda Chi Alpha PASSMORE, PATRICIA GENE; Birmingham; Educo tion; Alpha Chi Omega; Wesley Foundation. PASTERNACK, YWCA; Hillel Fc Tau Alpha; Co BETTY CLAIRE; Fernday, La,, A S; Sign jndation PATTERSON, BEVERLY; Birn oline Hunt Club; Phi Upsilon Cm Delta Tau; ■mingham; Ze ' a YWCA PATTERSON, CLYDE FRANKLIN; Dothon; Commerce; Kappa Sigmo; IRC, Pep Squad PATTERSON, FORREST FRANKLIN; Columbus, Go.; Engineering; Theta Xi; Westminster Fellowship; Religious Council; IRC, St. Pat ' s PATTERSON, JU ' LIA; Montgomery; A S; Kappa Delta; Corolla; YWCA PATTERSON, RUBEN HAROLD; Athens; A S; Pi Kappa Phi PATTON, ARTHUR BREVARD; Montgomery; A S; Alpha Tau Omega; Interfraternity Council; Canterbury Club; Greeks. PEARSALL, GIL B.; Scorsdole, N. Corolla; President, Sophomore CIcs A S; Sigma Alpha Epsilon A S; Pi Kappa Alpho; Pep Squad; FEEPLES, SAM LEE; Birminghom; PELHAM, PIERRE; Chatom; A S; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Crimson-White; Wesley Foundation PENFIELD, WILLIS EDGAR; Tuscaloosa; Engineering; Phi Delta Theto; ROTC; West- minster Fellowshio PENN, DALTON HOFFMAN; Dothon; Engineering PERDUE, LORREN LASLIE; Montgomery; Commerce PERKiNS, TED; Anniston; A S; Phi Gamma Delta. PERKINS, VANN; Birmmghom; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta; Pep Squad PERRY, LOUIS WILLIAM; Birmingham; A S; Alpha Tau Omega FETCHER, FRANK URMEY; Prichard; Engineering; St. Pot ' s PETERSON, GLENNON CAPERS; Elmore; Education; Theta Xi; Track Team PETROSKY, SEYMOUR FREDDY; Memphis, Tenn.; Commerce; Kappa Nu, Corolla PETER, CHARLES S., JR.; Mobile; A S; Sigma Chi PETTY, HOWARD P.; Chattanooga, Tenn.; Engineering; Pi Kappa Alpha; Pep Squad; Corolla; St. Pot ' s. PHARAOH, FRANK HAND, JR.; Ocean City, N. J.; Commerce; Pi Kappa Phi PHILIPS, WILLIAM BYERS; Birmingham; Commerce; Sigma Chi PHILLIPS, BALLARD CARL; Samson; A S; Pershing Rif ' es PHILLIPS, EDWIN J.; M.onlevallo; A S; Chi Fhi PHlLLiPS, ELINOR; Fort Pierce, Flo; Commerce; Chi Omega PHILLIPS, ROBERT FRANCIS; Birmingham; Commerce; Sigma Nu; President, Rho Alpha Tau PICKENS, KATHERINE DELIA; Birmingham; A S. PATTON, JAMES ORIN, JR.; Birmingham, Enqireering; Kcpra Alpha, St. Pat ' s; AIEE PATTON, ROBERT CLARK; Tuscaloosa; A S; Delta Sigma Phi; Pep Squad PATY, NANCY LEE; Elizobethtown, Tenn,, Home Economics; Zeta Tau Alpha; Caroline Hunt Club PALL, LEROY THOMAS; Birmingham; A S; Lambda Chi Alpha PAYNE, BILLY WARREN; Hartselle; Education; Lambda Chi Alpha PAYNE, EDWINA; Tuscaloosa; Chemistry PEACOCK, JEANETTE; Atmore; Home Economics. PIERCE, BILLYE JEAN; Leeds; PIERCE, CHARLES CLAYTON; Le A S, Alpha Delti eds; Engineering Press Club PIGG, ELOISE L. Selmo; Education Alpha Epsilon Phi Phi Mu, Blackfric Zeta Tau Alpha Press Club. PINTCHUCK, ROSE THERESA; Atlanta, Ga.; A S PIPER, MARGARET FRANCES; Bristol, Tenn.; A S PITARD, HELEN HORN; Mobile; Commerce, PITTMAN, WILLIAM WILLOUGHBY; Dothar; A S Nice looking PIZITZ, NORMAN LEE; Hunlsville; Commerce; Kappa Nu . . PLASTER, HOLLIE, JR.; Huntsville; A S; Theta Xi; Corolla; Pep Squad; IRC; Block- friars PLATT, MARTHA JUNE; Headland; Home Economics , PLUMMER, ERNEST MALCOLM; Selmo; Engineering; Theta Chi; IAS; St. Pal ' s POINDEXTER, PAT; Shaker Heights, O.; Home Ecoromics; Alpha Gamma Delia; YWCA; Caroline Hunt Club; Pep Squod POLLARD, JACK RICHARD; Roanoke, Vo.; Engireerirg; Fhi Kappa Sigma; Alpha Phi Omega POLLOCK, JACK TODD; Mobile; Commerce; Fhi Gamma Delta. POMSTEIN, ARNOLD JOSEPH; Springfield, Mass.; Engineering; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Hillel Foundation POOL, BILLIE SUE; Nashville, Tenn.; Home Economics; Alpha Delta Pi; Fep Squad; BSU POOLE, ELISHA CALVIN; Greenville; A S; Sigma Nu; Druids; Quadrangle; Canterbury Club; Crimson-While POOLE, RUFUS EDWARD; Greenville; A S, Sigma Nu POOLEY, DAVID GEORGE; Nashville, Tenn.; Engineering Kappa Alpha POPE, RALPH WILLIAM; Memphis, Tenn.; A S Lambda Chi Alpha; Wesley Foundation; WABP PORTER, ALLISON Montgomery; A S; Alpha Gamma Delta; Pep Squod; Triangle; Rammei Jammer. Page 208 Parker, R. Parks, J. B. Porks, J. F. Parsons, M. J. Porsons, R. A. Parlin Porllow, N. I. Partlow, R. C. Posternock Patterson, B. Potterson, C. F. Patterson, F. F. Patterson, J. Patterson, R. H. Patton, A. B. Patton, J. O. Patton, R. C. Poty Paul Pcyne, B. W. Payne, E. Peacock Peorsoll Peeples Pelhom Penfield Penn Perdue Perkins, T. Perkins, V. Perry, L. W. Petcher Pe ' erson Petrosky Peter Petty Pharaoh Philips, W. B. Phillips, B. C. Phillips, E. J. Phillips, E. Phillips, R. F. Pickens Fierce, B. J. Pierce, C. C. Pigg Pintchuck Piper Pitard Pittman Fizitz Plaster Plait Plummer Poindexte Pollard Pollock Pomstein Pool Poole, E. C. Poole, R. E. Pooley Pope Porter, A. BORDON BURR ONCE AGAIN CARRIED THE CHAIN AT THE ALABAMA - AUBURN GAME PORTER, FRANCES STEPHANIE; Sorasota, Flo., A S, Alpha Chi Omegc PORTER, JOHN FINLEY, JR.; Ph, Delta Thelo; Physics Club, Phi Eio Sigmu POUNDS, JIMMY CLEVELAND; Jasper; A S POW, HAZEL MAE; Birmingham, Home Economics; Theto Upsilon POWE, DOROTHY DEAN; Bucatunno, Miss.; Education; Triangle; Girls ' Spirit Com- mittee; Caroline Hunt Club; Wesley Foundation POWELL, BERT; Mobile; A S; Pep Squad POWELL, WILLIAM OTTIS, JR.; Be::emer, A S; Lambda Chi Alpha; Rho Alpha Tou, Druids, Quadrangle; YM.CA; Crimson-White; IRC. POWERS, ORENITA; Mobile; Chemistry PRATHER, ROBERT WILLIAM, III; Anniston; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon PRATT, MARY LOUISE; Centreville; Education; YWCA PREECE, MARGOT ANNE; St. Petersburg, Flo.; A S; Pi Phi Beta; Canterbuiy Club, Germoii Club; Honey Bowl; Crimson-White PREIS, JEROME H.; Elmhurst, N. Y.; Commerce; Alpha Epsilon Pi PRESTWOOD, ALVIN TENNYSON; Tennille; A S; Kappa Sigmo; Rho Alpha Tau PRICE, BETTY JAYONN; Garden City; Education; Alpha Xi Delta; Pep Squad. PRICE, CHARLES G.; Gadsden, A S; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Greeks PRICE, FRANCES LOUISE; Gadsden; A S; Delta Delta Delta PRICE, ROBBYE; AUord, Flo.; Home Economics; Phi Mu; Caroline Hunt Club; Girls ' Spirit Committee PRIDMORE, CHARLES FLETCHER; Birmingham; Engineering; Fhi Kappa Sigma; Pep Squad PRIES, NORMA SARAH; Memphis, Tenn.; A S PRINCE, WILBUR STEADHAM; Clanton; Commerce PRITCHETT, WILLIAM; Decatur, Go., Commerce; Kappa Sigma; Glee Club; Pep Squad. PROCTOR, GRADY BURNS, JR.; Enterprise; Commerce; Sigma Nu; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Kappa Psi, Quadrongle; Cotillion Club; Interfraternity Council; Greeks; Commerce Association PUGH, KIRKLAND; Mobile; Engineering PURVIS, DONALD L; Palm Beoch, Flo.; Commerce; Delta Tou Delta; Crimson-White; Florida Club; Commerce Association PUTMAN, HOUSTON PAUL; Tuscaloosa; Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha; Band QUARTIN, JANET SARAH; Miami, Fla.; Home Economics; Sigma Rainy day fashions Delta Tau RABREN, MORRIS EDWIN; Andalusio; A S RAINEY, HERBERT LYMAN, JR.; Birmingham; Commerce; Delta Chi. RAINEY, JOYE ELLEN; Greenville; Education RAKES, OTHELLO RUTH; Acmor, Engineering; St. Pat ' s; AICE RAMING, RICHARD J.; Minneapolis, Minn., Commerce RAMSEY, LESTER H.; Dothan, Com- merce; Koppa Sigma; Greeks; Pep Squad RANCK, PEGGY MAE; Pulaski, Tenn.; Home Economics; Zeta Tau Alpha RAPP, HELEN J.; Miontgoinery; Home Economics; Alpha Gamma Delta, YWCA; Corolla RASSEL, HAROLD JOHN; Chicago, IK.; Commerce. RATCLIFFE, CHARLES FRANCIS; Spring Hill; Commerce; Sigma Chi; Bond RATLIFF, EMMETT RICHARD; Meridian, Miss.; Engineering RATLIFF, JAMES VARDEMAN; Birmmghom; A S; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; YM.CA RATLIFF, JOHN MORGAN; Fhenix City RAUB, SARA JANE; Daytona Beach, Flo., A S; Zeto Tau Alpha; YWCA; Pep Squad; Westminster Fellowship Council; Choral Union; Triangle RAWLS, GERRY; Miami, Fla.; A S; Ipha Delta Pi; YWCA; French Club; Canter- bury Club RAY, WILLIAM HARRISON, JR.; Birmingham; Commerce; Fhi Gamma Delta; Pep Squad. RAYMON, PAUL; Tuscaloosa; A S; Si. lion REA, JEWELL MAE; Nouvoo; Home Economics WILLIAM GROVER, JR.; Tallosiee; A S; Sigma Chi; G Phi Omega Alpha Delta Pi Theto Xi Blackfriors Xi Delta, Crims Alpha Mu; Hillel Founda- iconomics REDDEN, Club; Alpha REDDOCH, LENA SUE; Montgomery; Home Economics; REDMOND, JACK JAMES; Belmor, N. J.; Commerce; REED, ROBERT HENRY; Philadelphia, Pe,-,n.; Engineering; REESE, PEGGYE VIRGINIA; Tuscaloosa, Education; Alpha n-White; Blockfriars. REID, EDITH; Elmore; Home Economics; AIA REID, FRANCES GERALDINE; Oneonto; Education; Zeta Tau Alpho; Pep Squad; Caroline Hunt Club REID, HELEN FRANCES; Atlanta. Go.; Commerce; Alpha Chi Omega REID, JUDY VIRGINIA; Russell, Miss.; A S; Pep Squad; Spirit Committee; YWCA; IRC REINMAN, C. HOWARD; Clayton, N, Y, Engineering; Delta Tau Delta; Greeks; St. Pat ' s; ASME; Pep Squad RELING, ALICE JEAN; Mobile; Home Economics; Delta Zeta RENNHACK, DONATA E.; We stern Springs, 111.; A S; Theto Upsilon. RESNIKOFF, MORRIS; West End, N. J.; A S; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Hillel Foundation REYNOLDS, PATTY RUTH; Bessemer; Commerce; Pi Phi Beta REYNOLDS, RICHARD D.; Clanton; A S; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Student Opinion Poll . RHEA, NANCY MAE; Mobile; A S; Delta Delta Delta; Triangle; Corolla; Girls ' Spirit Committee; YWCA RHETT, LOUISE MATHER; Charleston, S. C; A S; Delta Delta Delta; YWCA; Corolla; Pep Squad RHODES, DOROTHY JEAN; Birmingham; Commerce; Alpha Delta Pi; Treasurer, Phi Chi Theto; Spirit Committee RHODES, MILDRED L.; Tuscalooso; Home Economics; Chi Omega; Caroline Hunt Club; Corolla; YWCA Cabinet. RICH, STANLEY ARNO; Pell City; Education RICHARDS, WILLIAM FESTUS, JR.; Fayette; A S; Delta Tou Delta RICHARDSON, GARNET MARSHALL; Danville, Vo.; Education RIGGAN, DORIS; BirnnnglHim, A S, Alpha Chi Omega; Pep Squad; Wesley Foundation RIKARD, TOMMIE JEAN; Lorgo, Fla.; Home Economics; Honey Bowl; Pep Squad . . RILEY, DEANE; Ozark; Education; Alpha Chi Omego; Corolla; YWCA; BTU RILEY, SARA J.; Lineville; A S; Alpha Chi Omega; Glee Club; YWCA. Poge 210 Porter, F. S. Porter, J. F. Pounds Powell, W. O. Frother Pratt Preece Preis Prestwood Price, B. J. C. G. F. L. Pridmore Pries Prince Pritchett Proctor Pugh Quartin Robren Rainey, H. L. Roiney, J. Pokes Roming Ramsey Ronck Ropp Rotcliffe Ralliff, E. R. Ratliff, J. V. Ratliff, J. M. Roub Rawls Roy Redden Reddoch Redmond Reid, E. Reid, F. G. Reid, H. F. Reid, J. V, Reinmon Reling Rennhock Resnikoff Reynolds, P. Reynolds, R. Rhea Rhett Rhodes, D. Rhodes, M. Riggon Rikard Riley, D. Riley, S. DENNY CHIMES IS 1 1 5 FEET HIGH RITTENBERG, HAROLD BERNARD; Birmingham; Commerce,- Kappa Nu RIVERS, CURTIS F.; Chattanooga, Tenn.; Engineering; Deho Tou Delia ROBBERT, PHYLLIS ANN; New Orleans, La.; A S; Koppa Kappa Gamma ROBERSON, MARY ANN; Bessemer; A S ROBERTS, ALICE A.; Birmingham; Education; Theta Upsilon ROBERTS, FRANKE FOY; Eufoulo; Home Economics; Delta Delta Delta; Corolla; Cr.mson-White; YWCA ROBERTS, JAMES BARNEY; Mont- gomery; A S; Theta Chi; Bond. ROSS, ANITA LOUISE; Godsden; Home Economics; Alpha Chi Omega; Caroline Hunt Clulj , . . ROSS, EDWIN ARNOLD; Mobile; A S; Sigma Al- pha Mu; Hillel Foundatio.i . . . ROSSER, KATHERINE JOYCE; Stewart; Educo- tion; Theta Upsilon . . . ROSSON, CHARLOTTE MARIE; Cullman; A S; Chi Omega . . . ROST, BETSY; Montgomery, Home Economics; Chi Omego; Caro- line Hunt Club; YWCA . . . ROUSSELLE, JEAN MARIE; Mobile; A S; Alpha Xi Delta; WABP; Pep Squad; Blockfnars . , ROUTMAN, ELLIOT JEROME; Birmingham; A S; Kappa Nu; Hillel Foundation. ROBERTS, MERRIE HELENE; Sheffield; Home Economics; Kappa Delia ROBERTS, SHALER S.; Florence; A S; Phi Gamma Delta ROBERTSON, BETTY JEAN; Birmingham; A S ROBERTSON, CAROLYN SUE; Coving; Education ROBERTSON, HUBERT PALL; Northington; A S ROBERTSON, LOIS MARIE; Lineville; A S . . ROBISON, HELEN MARGARET; Fairfield; Education. ROGERS, ELOISE; Winfield; Education ROGERS, WILLIAM OLIVER; Birmingham; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha ROLAND, WILLIAM ROBERT; Greenville; Engineering; Sigma Nu ROLLINS, JOHN, JR.; Hamilton; Engineering ROOBIN, ROBERT L.; Birmingham; Com- merce; Zeta Beta Tou ROPER, WARREN L.; Hazlehurst, Miss,; Com- merce ROSEN, DOROTHY HELENE; New Orleans, La; A S; Hillel Foundation. ROSENBERG, DOROTHY HARRIET; Birminghom; Home Economics; Hillel Foundation; Corolla ROSENBERG, MARILYN; Perth Amboy, N. J., Commerce; Commerce Association; Hillel Foundation ROSENBLUM, KATHLYNE FAYE; Nashville, Tenn.; Education; Pep Squad; Blackfriars ROSENBUSH, BERT J., JR.; Demopolis; Commerce; Zeta Beta Tau; Corolla; SGA; Rammer Jommer ROSENFELD, SHIRLEY; Miami Beach, Flo.; A S ROSENTHAL, VERNON RICHARD; Birmingham; A S; Koppa Nu ROSEVEAR, JEAN MANDEVILLE; Fairmont, W. Vo.; A S; Alpha Xi Delta; Alpha Lambda Delta; Girls ' Spirit Committee; Sec- retory, German Club. Everybody gets in the act ROUTMAN, GILBERT BERNARD; Birmingham; Commerce; Kappa Nu ROWE, ERNEST; Martin, Tenn; Commerce; Delta Chi; Pep Squad ROWE, JOY ANN; Sylacaugo; Education; Concert Bond ROWLAND, JOHN DEWEY; Mc.Ttgon ' ery; Commerce . RUBENSTEIN, M.ARJORIE ANNE; Milan, Tenn.; A S; Sigmo Delta Tau; Choral Union RUBIN, JOSEPH HOWARD; Birmingham; Commerce; Koppa Nu; Hillel Foundation RUBIN, SYLVIA; Fort Pierce, Flo.; A S; Sigma Delta Tou. RUDD, GEORGE ELLIS; Pinson, A S; Delta Chi; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Eps.lon Delta RUDNICK, CAROLYN RUTH; Shreveport, La.; A S; Alpha Epsilon Fhi RUFFIN, ROBERT; Memphis, Tenn.; A S; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Cotillion Club; Westminster Fellowship; Rammer Jammer RUFFNER, JEANETTE; Birmingham; A S; Delta Zeto; Corolla RUMSEY, JANE ANN; Ithaca, N. Y.; Home Economics; Delta Gamma Corolla; YWCA, Caroline Hunt Club RUNYAN, MARY ADELAIDE, Ashland; A S RUPLE. CLARA LORAINE; Bay Miinette; A S Wesley Foundation Council. RUSH, MAY VERNA; Montgomery; A S; Alpha Chi Omega; YWCA; Pep Squad RUSSELL, JANE; Tuscalooso; A S; Koppa Koppa Gommo; Triangle; Alpha Lombdo Delta; YWCA; Westminster Fellowship; Vice-President, Alpha Lambda Delta RUSSELL, JULIA WALKER; Alex- ander City; Commerce; Koppa Delta; YWCA; Crimson-While RUSSELL, NANCY ELIZABETH; Alexander City; Commerce; Kappa Delta; YWCA; Crim- son-White RUSSELL, ROBERT JAMES; Meridian, Miss.; A S; Koppo Alpha; Crimson-Wh.te . . . RUSSELL, WILLIAM MORGAN, JR.; TuskegeC; A S RUTLAND, W. T. GOODLOE; Cherokee; Kappa Alpha; Rho Alpha Tau; Druids; YMCA Cabinet; President, Junior Class. RUTLEDGE, EARL V., JR.; Birmingham; Engineering; Sigma Chi RYAN, FERREL S.; Selmo; Commerce; Kappa Alpha RYDER, RUBY A,; Winterhaven, Flo.; Commerce; Phi Mu; Glee Club . SAGIN, MARTHA JEAN; Tampa, Flo.; A S; Pi Phi Beta; Crimson-White; Blackfriars , , SAHINBAS, HARIK OSMAN; Istanbul, Turkey; Engineering SALIBA, ALFRED JOSEPH; Dothan; Engineering; Sigmo Phi Epsilon SALTZMAN, STANLEY SELIG; New York, N. Y.; A S; IRC; Pep Squod. SANDERS, MARY ANNE; Aliceville; A S SANFORD, THOMAS HERBERT, JR.; Huntsville; A S; Sigma Nu SAROFF, FANNIE DEVORAH; Birmingham; Education; Pep Squad; Hillel Foundation , SATTERFIELD, THOMAS ADDER; Sportanburg, S. C; Cominerce; Sigmo Nu SAUNDERS, MARTHA JANE; Birmingham; Home Economics; Alpha Phi; Caroline Hunt Club SAUNDERS, MYRA; Bronx, N. Y.; A S SAVAGE, ARTHUR L., JR.; Memphis, Tenn.; A S; Theta Xi; WABP. Page 212 Riltenberg Rivers Robbert Roberson Roberts, A. Roberts, F. Roberts, J. Roberts, M. Roberts, S. Robertson, B. Robertson, C. Robertson, H. Robertson, L. Robison Rogers, E. Rogers, W. Roland Rollins Roobin Roper Rosenberg, D. Rosenberg, M. Rosenblum Posenbush Rosenfeld Rosenthal Poseveor Post Rousselle Routmon, E. Rowe, J. Rowland Rubenstein Rubin, J. Rubin, S. Rudd Rudnick Puffin Puffner Run sey Runyon Ruple Rush Russell, J. Russell, J. W. Russell, N. E. Russell, R. Russell, W. Rutland Rutledge Ryan Ryder Sogin Sahinbas Solibo Scltzman Sanders Sanford Soroff Satterfield Saunders, Martha Sounders, Myro Savage, A. THE CAPSTONE CAMPUS COVERS 300 ACRES SAVAGE, FRANK MARION, JR.; Centre, Commefce, Lambda Chi Alpha, Commerce Association,- IRC, Air Reserve,- Greeks,- Secretory, Lambda Chi Alpha SAWYER, CHARLES MARTIN; Fort Poyne; Commerce, Alpha Tou Omega; YMCA; Wesley Foundation SAWYER, MARY PAYNE; Anniston; Home Economics; Kappa Delta; Corolla SAXON, WALTER EDWARD; Dothan; Commerce; Sigma Nu SCHIFANELLA, TOM V.; Birmingham; A S; Delta Chi SCHIFF, EDWARD MAURICE; Brighton, Moss.; A S, Kappa Nu; Religious Council: Pep Squad SCHLESINGER, SHIRLEY FRANCES; Brookhoven, Miss.; Home Economics; Sigma Delta Tou, Caroline Hunt Club; Corolla. SCHLOSS, RONALD L.; Chicago, III.; Engineering SCHOEL, JOSEPH DAWSON; Birmingham; Engineering; Phi Gomma Delia SCHOLL, ROY WALTER; Birminghom; Chemistry; Kappa Alpha SCHROEDER, EDWARD PAUL; University; Engineering; AIA; St. Pat ' s SCHULHAFER, LOUIS; Birminghom; Commerce; Zeto Beta Tau SCHULMAN, DORIS; Commerce; Hillel Foundotion SCHWARTZ, BONNIE SONIA; Golves ton, Tex.; A S; Alpha Epsilon Phi. SCOTT, ALICE MARGARET; Montgomery; Home Economics SCOTT, ALICE MICHAEL; Birmingham; A S; BSU SCOTT, ANN ELIZABETH; Huntsville; Home Economics SCOTT, HERMAN ANDERSON; Dalton. Go,; A S; Alpha Sigma Phi; Corolla SCOTT, JOHN EDWIN; Clanton; Commerce; Sigma Nu SCRUGGS, SIGSBEE LEE; Go.nesville, Flo,; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha; Pep Squad; Florida Club SCUDDER, MARY ELIZABETH; Shelbyville, Tenn.; Commerce; Chi Omega. SEABROOK, MARY ANNE; Memphis. Tenn.; A S; Chi Omego; Corolla Crimson-White, Wesley Foundation; Pep Squod SEAY, DORIS LEE Russellville; Home Economics; Triangle SEDLIN, ELIAS DAVID; Mobile A S; Kappa Nu; Corolla; Crimson-White; IZFA SEGER, RICHARD STUART; Round Bay, Md.; A S; Delta Sigma Phi SEIGEL, JERRY EDWARD; Birmingham; Commerce; Zela Beta Tau; Corolla; Crimson-White SELB Y, FRANK; Birmingham; Commerce; Kappa Alpho SELLERS, ROBERT JENNINGS; Brewton; Engineering; Lambda Chi Alpha; Rho Alpha Tau; President, Freshman Class. SEMMES, ALLISON C; Chattonoogo, Tenn.; A S; Kappa Alpha SEMON, DESSIE; Mobile; Home Economics; Alpha Chi Omega; AssislanI Editor, 1949 Corolla; Caroline Hunt Club; Triangle, YWCA; Wesley Foundation; Secretary-Treasurer, Junior Closs SETTERSTROM, RALPH ALBERT; Gadsden; A S; Sigma Nu SEVERSON, PAT LOU; Soldier, lov a, Education, Alpha Chi Omego; Wesley Foundation SEWELL. MARY SUE; Tuscaloosa; Home Economics; Kappa Delta; YWCA SEXTON, ANNA HELENA; Mobile; Commerce; Alpha Phi SEXTON, LOUIS EDWIN; Knoxville, Tenn.; A S, Delta Tou Delta. SEY, BETTYE MURDOCH; Jacksonville, Flo.; A S; Pep Squad; Corolla SEYMOUR, JAMES MADERSON, JR.; Lanett, A S, Fi Tau Chi, Alpha Phi Omega; Wesley Foundation SHACKLEFORD, JOHN MURPHY; Mobile; A S; Phi Delta Theto; Corolla; President, Freshman Class SHAFRON, MARTIN HAROLD; Paterson, N. J.; Commerce, Sigma Alpha Mu; Interfraternity Council; Hillel Foundation SHEA, BART EDWARD; Savannah, Go.; Commerce SHEALY, STEADMAN STAPLETON; Dothan; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Corolla; IRC SHEATS, THOMAS M.; Decatur; Commerce; Theta Chi; Wesley Foundation. SHECKTER, SEYMOUR E.; Long Island, N. Y.; A S; Alpha Epsilon Pi; SHEHADI, JOHN EDWARD; Maplewood, N. J.; Commerce; Delta Tou Delta SHELDON, ROGER HORTON; Los Angeles, Calif.; A S; Pi Kappa Alpha; Greeks; IRC; Corolla; Crimson-White; Canterbury Club SHEPHERD, GEORGE HASSELL; Fayette; Commerce; Delta Tou Delta SHEPHERD, MILDRED JEAN; Richmond. Va.; A S SHEPHERD, REGINALD HARRY; Middlesboro, Ky.; Engineering; Pi Kappa Alpha; St. Pot s SHEPHERD, SCOTTIE; Montgomery; A S; YWCA. SHERKIN, JACK; Bcyonne, N. J.; Engineering; Alpha Epsilon Pi; St. Pats SHERRILL, JOHN D.; Decatur; Commerce; Phi Gamma Delta SHERRY, HENRY IVAN; Birmingham, Commerce; Kappa Nu, Corolln SHIFLETT, RICHARD TAYLOR; Adamsville, A S; Delta Chi; Rho Alpha Tou, BSU, Pep Squad SHINAULT, JEROME PORTER; Booneville, Miss., A S; IRC; German Club SHINBAUM, DON; Newark, N. J.; A S, Sigma Alpha Mu; Pep Squad SHIPP, MAXWELL J.; North- port; A S; Kappa Alpha. SHIREY, ANDREW; Winlield; A S; Pi Kappa Alpha SHIRLEY, AGHITA; Goshen, A S; Phi Mo SHIRLEY, RUBY; Louisville; Home Economics; Chi Omega SHIRTZ, RAYMOND L.; Drexel Hill, Penn.; Engineering; Phi Kappa Sigmo; Newman Club; IRC SHIVERS, MARY LANE; Jasper; A S; Chi Omega SHMERLING, ALFRED N.; Brook- yn, N. Y.; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Mu; Commerce Association SHUTTLEWORTH, JOHN GEORGE; Anniston; Chemistry; Sigma Nu; Alpha Phi Omega; Crimson-White. SIEGAL, BEN LOWELL; Tuscaloosa; Commerce; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Com- merce Association; Hillel Foundation SIEGEL, SHELDON; Trumbull, Conn.; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pep Squad; SGA; Hillel Foundation SILVER, RITA; Augusta, Ga.; A S; Sigma Delta Tou; Pep Squad, Corolla SILVER, SELMA FRANCES; Bronx, N. Y.; Education; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Glee Club SILVERN, AUDREY LOU; Miami, Flo.; Home Economics; Sigma Delta Tau; Hillel Foundation SIMMONS, CHESTER ROBERT; Pawtucket, R. I.; A S; Alpha Epsilon Pi SIMMONS, JULIA ANNE; Jefferson; Alpha Delta Pi; Crimson-White; Pep Squad. Poge 2M Savage Sawyer, C. Schlesinge Schloss Schoel Scholl Schroeder Schulhafer Schulman Schwartz Scott, A. Scott, A. Scott, A. Scott, H. Scott, J. Scruggs Scudder Seobro. Seay Sedlin Seger Seigel Selby Sewell Sexton, A. Sey Eeyrr Sheoly Sheckter ShehadI Sheldon Shepherd, G. Shepherd, M. Shepherd, R. Shepherd, S. Sherkin Sherrili Sherry Shiflett Shinault Shinbaurr Shipp Shirey Shirley, A. Shirley, R. Shirtz Shivers Shmerling Shuttlewort Siegol, B. Siegal, S. Silver, R. Silver, S. FOUR U. S. SENATORS AND EIGHT REPRESENTATIVES ARE ALUMNI OF UNIVERSITY SIMMONS, WILLIAM WILWYN; Westerly, R, I , A S, Canterbury Club SIMON, CHARLES H.; New Orleans, La.; Commerce, Zeta Beta Tou, Homecoming Committee; Coro ' lo . . . SIMON, MARTHA ANNA; IVcbie; A S; SGA Stenographer; Cotillion Club SIMS, JOHN MORGAN; Northport; Chemistry; Sigma Phi Epsilon; American Chemical Society; Alchemist Club; Canterbury Club; Stamp Club; Pep Squad; Pershing Rifles SIMS, RACHEL; Renfroe, Home Economics SINCLAIR, A. LEFTWICH; St. Petersburg, Fla.; A 5; Phi Kappa Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma, Pershing Rifles SITTASON, FRED MARION, JR.; Decatur; Engineering; Phi Gan Delt SITTASON, ROBERT DARE; Decatur: A S SKAGGS, ALBERT C; Bessemer; A S; Pi Kappa Phi; Rho Alpha Tou, Press Club SKEEN, CHARLES EDWARD; Dothan; Commerce; Kappa Sigma; IRC SKELTON, WILLIAM JOSEPH; Birmingham; Commerce; Pi Kappa Phi SKINNER, MARILYN MILLER; Macon, Go.; A S; Phi Mu; Wesley Foundation; Spanish Club SLEDGE, JOSEPH WALTER; Tuscaloosa; Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon SLEDZINSKI. JEANEE M RGO; Upland, Calif,; Hem,; Economics; Alpha Chi Omego. SMALL, FRANCES LUCILLE; Gadsden; Home Economics, Triangle; Treas- urer, Spirit Committee; Treasurer, Caroline Hunt Club; Wesley Foundation; Blackfriars SMITH, ALFRED GRAHAM; Wouchula, Fla.; A S; Pi Kappa Alpha SMITH, BENJAMIN BOSWORTH; Tusca ' cosa; A S, Alpho Tau Omega; Secretary, Rho Alpha Tau; Vice-President, Druids; Canterbury Club; Crimson-White SMITH, BETTY CATHERINE; Leigh- ton; Commerce SMITH, BETTY RUTH; Spring Hill; A S; Delta Gamma; Corolla; YWCA; Rammer Jammer; Honey Bowl SMITH, CAROLINE FREDRICA; Selmo; Home Economics; Kappa Delta; Caroline Hunt Club; YWCA; Canterbury Club SMITH, DESSE MAE; Pisgah; Education; Physical Education Major Club. SMITH, DORA PRATT; Montgomery; A S; Kappa Delta SMITH, EVELYNE DUNKIN; Prattville; A S; Kappa Kappa Gamma SMITH, FRANKLIN I.; Donaldsonville, Go.; Commerce SMITH, GEORGE G.; Long Island, N. Y.; Engineering; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Hillel Foundation A f ' . v . j H A k« X4 ' f Pp 1 H r " a n m mvr K " .■ 4l SMITH, GEORGE ROE; Demopolis; Commerce; Kappa Alpha SMITH, HARDY EOLTON; Theodore; A S; Alpha Tau Omega; Crimson-Whiie; YMCA SMITH, JAMES DAVID; Godsden; A S; Phi Kappa Sigma; Rho Alpha Tau; Corolla. SMITH, JOHN HORTON; Tuskegee; A S; Pi Kappa Alpho; Rho Alpha Tau SMITH, JOSEPH FLORES; Gadsden; Commerce; Lambda Chi Alpha SMITH, JUNIUS BRAGG, JR.; Montgomery; Phi Delta Theic, Assistant Editor, 1949 Corolla; Alpha Koppo Fsi; Druids; Quadrangle; Homecoming Decorations Chairrr,an; Pep Squad; Commerce Association; Cadet Officers ' Club SMITH, LOUISE STEVENS; Sylocougo; A S; Alpho Gamma Delta; Cheer Leader; Rommer Jammer; Corolla SMITH, MARGARET ANN; Jackson; Commerce; Kcppa Delto; YACA, Corolla SMITH, MARGARET FRANCES; Fairfield; Home Ecoromlcs, Caroline Hunt Club SMITH, MARY LEE; Fayette; A S. SMITH, MARY RUTHERFORD; Monroeville; A S; Koppo Delta SMITH, MONA LEE; Arubo, N.W.I.; A S; Phi Mu SMITH, NEVA RUTH; Scottsboro; A S; Pep Squad . SMITH, RAMON GIFFCN; Tylerlown, Miss.; Engineering SMITH, SAM C; Mariana, Fla.; A S; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Crimson-White; Westminster Fellowship SMITH, SCOTT GEORGE; Wouchula, Fla.; A S; Pi Kappa Alpha; Greeks SMITH, STEWART ALONZO; Mobile; A S; Kappa Alpha. SMITH, WALTER MEEDS; Sanford, Fla.; A S; Lambdo Chi Al|:ha; Pep Squad; IRC, Westminster Fellowship SMITH, WILLIAM CORWIN; Selma; A S; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Eosilon Delta SMITH, WILLIAM LUTHER; Coker; Commerce SMITHERMAN, JEANETTE; Wcodwcrd; A S; Chi Omega SNEAD, MARY LYNN; Altoono; A S; Pep Squad SNODDY, MYRON THOMAS; Anniston; A S; Crimson- White; WASP SNOWDEN, LOUISE; Monroeville; Chemistry; Alpha Delta Pi. SOBEL, EMILIE; Meridian, Miss.; A S; Hillel Foundation SOCKWELL, GLEN D.; Tuscumbio; A S SOCLOF, RHODA LOUISE Spring Hill; Sigma Delta Tau; Debate Squad SODERBEFG, ROY G. Chicago Heights, III; Engineering SOKOL, RALPH LEE; Bessemer Commerce; Kappa Nu; Crimson-White; Corolla SOLOMON, CLARE MILDRED; Brownsville, Tenn.; Education SOLOMON, STANLEY EDWIN; Birmingham; A S; Zeta Beta Tou. SORRELLS, HELEN THROWER; Heflin; Educ ation S O W E L L, KATHERINE QUINCY; Birmingham; A S; Delta Delta Delta SPAIN, LUCY CAROLYN; Tuscaloosa; A S; Pi Phi Beta; YWCA; Wes ' ey Foun- dation; Glee Club; Pep Squcd SPANN, JAMES M X; Chapman; Commerce; Pi Kappa Phi SPANUTIUS, WARREN FREDERICK; Bronx, N. Y.; Engineering SPEAR, BEVERLY ANN; Houston, Tex.; A S SPEAR, NANCY JANE; Gree-cove Springs, Fla.; Home Economics; Alpha Fhi; Pep Squad; Caroline Hunt Club. SPEED, BOBBY JEAN; Luverre; Home Ecoromics SPENCER, BARBARA ANNE; Tallahassee, Fla.; Hoir.e Economics; Delta Gamma; Triangle; Coro- line Hunt Club; Pep Squad SPENCER, JACK J.; Apollo, Penn.; Engineering; Delta Tau Delto SPENCER, LILLIAN FLORENCE; Eutaw; A S; Zeta -Tau Alpha SPIRER, BILL; New York, N. Y.; A S; Sigma Alpha Mu . SPIVEY, ROBERT EARL; Tuscdlooso; A S; Phi Gamma Delta . . . SPRAGINS, MARION BEIRNE; Huntsville; Commerce; Fhi Delta Theta; Greeks; Corolla; Pep Squod; Homecoming Committee. Page 216 Simon, C. Simon, M. Siltason, R. Skaggs, Skeen Skelton Skinner Sledge Sledzinski Smith, A. Smith, B. B. Smith, B. C. Smith, B. R. Smith, C. F. Smith, D. M. Smith, D. P. Smith, E. D. Smith, F. I. Smith, G. G. Smith, G. R. Smith, H. B. Smith, J. D. Smith, J. H. Smith, J. F. Smith, J. B. Smith, L. S. Smith, M. A. Smith, M. F. Smith, M. L. Smith, M. R. Smith, M. L. Smith, N. R. Smith, R. G. Smith, S. C. Smith, S. G. Smith, S. A. Smith, W. M. Smith, W. C. Smith, W. L. Smithermon Snead Snoddy Snowden Sobel Sockwell Soclof Soderberg Sokol Solomon, C. Solomon, S. Sorrells Sowed Spoin Spann Sponutius Spear, B. Spear, N. Speed Spencer, B. Spencer, J. Spencer, L. Spirer, Spivey Spragins A NEW SORORITY WAS ESTABLISHED ON CAMPUS FOR TOTAL OF 17 SPRING, LOUISE M.; Vernon; A S STABLER, FRANCES LUCILE; Greenville; Educalion; Delta Delta Delta; Corolla; YWCA STABLER, FRANCIS D.; Aliceville; A A; Phi Koppa Sigmo; German Club; Wesley Foundation STABLER, WILLIAM HENRY; Greenville; A S; Pi Kappo Alpha, Crimson-White STALLINGS, FRANCES LOUGENIA; Dothan; Chemistry, Kappa Kappa Gamma; Cotillion Club, YWCA; Pasteur Society; Corolla STANBURY, THOMAS RAMSER; Eufoula, Commerce, Sigma Nu; Alpha Phi Omega; Glee Club; Pep Squad, Chairman, Campus Com- munity Chest Drive; Alpha Kappa Psi STANFORD, CLARENCE EDWARD; Dothon; Education. STANLEY, MARIANNE; Greenville; A S; Delta Delto Delta, Crimson- White, YWCA STANTON, A. H.; Tarrant City; A S; AIA; Crimson- White STAPLES, JENNY; Mobile; A S; Pep Squad; Crimson-White; Blockfriors; Wesley Foundation STAPP, JERRY LEE; Tuscaloosa; A S, Pi Kappa Alpha; Debate Squad, Tau Kappa Alpho; Student Speech Council; Phi Eta Sigma; Secretory-Tree surer; Druids; Chairman of the- Collegiale Council of the United Notions; IRC; Student Forum STARBUCK, SARAH RUTH; Birmingham; A S; Zeta Tau Alpha; YWCA, Rommer Jammer; French Club STAUFFER, JOHN E., JR.; Talladega, Education; Thelo Xi; Trock Team STEED, CYRUS S., JR.; Ashland; A S, STEELE, EDWARD TRACY; Little Rock, Ark., A S; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Rammer Jommer , . . STEGEMEYER, PHILIP ENDERS; Terrace Park, Ohio, Commerce; Conlerbi- ' ry Club; Commerce Association STEIG, BARBARA; Miami Beach, Flo., A S; Sigma Delta Tau STEPHEN, THOMAS HOSER; Birmingham; Education; Alpha Tau Omega; Rifle Team STEPHENS, JAMES ASBURY; Tollossee; Commerce STEPHENSON, DEWEY ALBERT; State, Miss.; Engineering; Delta Tau Delta STEPHENSON, SAM R.; Birmingham, Chemistry; Phi Delta Theta. STEVENS, FREDERICK H.; Evergreen; A S, Kappa Sigma STEVENS, MARGARET LUCY; Augusta, Go., Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma, YWCA; Pep Squad STEWART, ARTHUR E.; Tallassee; A S STEWART, WALKER BYRON; Rockford, A S, Lambda Chi Alpha, Quack, Quack! German Club STICH, SAUL ALLEN; New York. N. Y.; A S; Sigma Alpho Mu STICKNEY, HUNTER; Gadsden; A S; Koppa Koppa Gamma; Triangle; YWCA; Spanish Club STOCK, OTTO FREDERICK; Gainesville, Fla,; A S; Fhi Delta Theta. STOCKFELT, LEE; Natchez, Miss.; A S; Band STOCKS, SYLVIA SHERYL; Birminghom, Home Economics; Caroline Hunt Club STOCKTON, BENTON ARGILE, JR.; Huntsville, Commerce; Chi Phi; Crimson- White STOLLENWERCK, MARY GASTON; Uniontown; Home Eco- nomics, Kappa Delta STONE, BETTY LEE; New Orleans, La.; Home Economics; Sigma Delta Tau STONE, CHARLES MERCER; Montgom- ery; Commerce; Sigma Nu, Rammer Jammer STONE, FRANK S.; Mobile; Commerce; Phi Delta Theto; Homecoming Decoration Committee, Vice-President, Sophomore Class. STONE, MARY FRANCES; Tampa, Flo.; Education; Delta ZetO; Symphony Orchestra STONE, PATSY; Birmingham; A S, Zeta Tou Alpha; YWCA STONE, WINTERS GREGG; Bessemer; A S, Lambda Chi Alpha; Blackfriars; Pershing Rifles STRAUSS, HELGA; Greenville, Miss.; Education; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Commerce Association STREETS, KENDRICK LOREN; Tuscaloosa; A S; Delta Tau Delta; Pep Squad STRICKLAND, DORIS SUE; Falkville; A S STRICKLAND, JAMES TYLER; Mobile; Commerce. STROTHER, LAURA KATE; Shawmut; Engineering; St. Pafs; Triangle, Wesley Foundation STRUTHERS, ANN; Tuscaloosa; Educotion; Alpha Fhi STUCKEY, JULIAN ALVIN; Bay Minette; Commerce; Pi Koppa Phi STUCKEY, JULIUS ELVIN; Bay Minette; Commerce; Pi Kappo Phi STUDDARD, MELBA MARIE; Clanton; Home Economics; Alpha Gamma Delta; Triangle; Secretary, Alpha Lambda Delta; Caroline Hunt Club, Historian, Phi Upsilon Omicron; Vice-President, Junior Class SUDDUTH, G. G.; Panama City, Fla.; Commerce SUITS, WILLARD JOHN, JR.; Guam; Education; Lambda Chi Alpha. SULLIVAN, SARA LEE; Tuscaloosa; Home Economics SUMNER, JANICE RAE; Mobile, Home Economics; Phi Mu SWIDER, ANTONY, Minneapolis, Minn,; Commerce; Theta Chi; Newman Club SWIFT, GEORGE ROBINSON, JR.; Atmore; Delta Koppa Epsilon, Druids, Fhi Eta Sigma SWINGLE, IRA NICHOLS, JR.; Mobile; A S; Phi Koppa Sigma; Alabama Cavaliers TARVER, HARRIET MARIA; Gadsden, Commerce, Fhi Chi Theto; Triangle; Wesley Foundation TATUM, NANCY LEE; Meridian, Miss.; Education; Swan Club. TAYLOR, ESTELLE; Wetumpko; A S; Pep Squad TAYLOR, JAMIE LEWE, JR.; Eufaulo; Commerce; Glee Club; Pep Squad TAYLOR, JULIA EWING; Atlanta, Go.; A S; Pi Phi Beta; YWCA TAYLOR, PAUL W.; Bessemer; Education; Delta Chi TAYLOR, PEGGY ANN; Lebanon; Va.; A S TAYLOR, SARA ANNE; Cypress; Commerce TAYLOR, WAYNE L.; Houston, Tex; A S; Wesley Foundation; Religious Council; YMCA; Spanish Club. TEAGUE, RAYMOND MONROE; Birmingham; A S; Pi Kappo Alpha; Choral Union; Wesley Choir, Pep Squad TEATE, HENRY CARROLL; Foley; Commerce TEDDER, JOSEPH WALL; Columbus, Go.; A S; Theta Chi; Rho Alpha Tou TENENBAUM, PHYLLIS SHIPLEY; Atlanta, Ga.; A S; Sigma Delta Tau; Triangle; Cotillion Club TENNENT, HENRY D.; Atlanta, Go.; Commerce TERRELL, THOMAS JACKSON; Prentiss, Miss.; Engineering; Wesley Foundation; Masons; ASCE THARPE, MELVIN BARTON; Birmingham; A S; Sigma Chi. Poge 218 Spring Stabler, F. L. Stabler, F. D. Stabler, W. H. Stallings Stanbury Stanford Stanley Stanton Staples Starbuck Stauffer Steed Steele Stegemeyer Steig Stephen Stephens Stephenson, D. Stephenson, S. Stevens, F. Stevens, M. Stewart, A. Stewart, W. Stich Stickney Stock Stockfelt Stocks Stockton Stollenwei Stone, B. Stone, C. Stone, W. G. Strauss Streets Strickland, D. S. Strickland, J. T. Strother Struthers Stuckey, J. A. Stuckey, J. E. Studdord Sudduth Suits Swide Swift Toylor, J. L. Taylor, J. E. Taylor, P. W. Taylor, P. A. Taylor, S. A. Taylor, W. L. Teague Teate Tedder Tenenbo Tennent Terrell Thorpe THE COLLEGE INN WAS COMPLETELY REDECORATED BY THE ART DEPARTMENT THOMAS, EELTON E., JR.; Opelika, Commerce; Commerce Association; Executive Council, AIA; Executive Council, BSU THOMAS, CATHERINE ELIZABETH; Biloxi, Miss.; A S THOMAS, CHARLES WILLIAM; Tus- caloosa; A S; Phi Gamma Delta THOMAS, FRANK W., JR.; Tuscaloosa; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Cnmson-White; Corolla THOMAS, HOWARD EDWARD; Birmingham; Engineering; Pi Kappa Alpha, President, Phi Eta Sigma; Si. Pat ' s; Druids THOMAS, MARION LODGE; Jacksonville, Flo.; A S; Blackfriars; Pep Squad THOMAS, ROBERT E., JR.; Albertville; Commerce. THOMAS, WINIFRED ELIZABETH; Birmingham; Home Economics; Delta Zeto THOMASON, MARY DOROTHEA; Birmingham; Education; Deltc Zeta; Girls ' Spirit Committee; Westminster Fellowship THOMPSON FARLEY DEE; Sheffield; A S THOMPSON, JAMES CLAUDE; IVont gomery; A S THOMPSON, JAMES EDMUND; Cullman; A S Delta Sigma Phi; Band; Symphony Orchestra THOMPSON MARJORIE P.; Panama City, Flo.; A S; Theta Upsilon THOMPSON MARY JANE; Birmingham; Home Economics; Fhi Upsilon Omicron. THOMPSON, RICHARD R.; Aliceville; Commerce; Delta Chi THOMPSON, JAMES ADISON; Tuscaloosa; A S; WABP THORNBURGH, HENRY L.; Birmingham; A S; Alpha Tau Omega THORNBURY, DONALD DAVIS; Birmingham; Engineering; Delta Kappo Epsilon THORNTON, HIJGH B.; Montgomery; A S; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Wesley Foundation, ROTC THORNTON, LEON EARLE; Tut- caloosa; Commerce THORNTON, PAMELIA ANN; Hous ' on. Tex.; A S THORNTON, PRESSLY LAFAYETTE, JR.; Dothan; A S; Sigma Nu THOSS, ZEMMA NCRVILLE; Mobile; Commerce THRASH, NORMAN EUGENE; Myrtlewood; Education TILL, ELLIS H.; Birmingham; Com- merce; Lambda Chi Alpha TINSLEY, EETTIE LORINE; Birmingham; Education; Band; AIA TIPTON, RAYMOND GILBERT; Scottsboro; Commerce TISDALE, BOBBY LAWRENCE; Attallo; Commerce; Sigma Nu; Crimson-White. Who ' s Baby? TOBIAS, ELEANOR; Montgon jmmer; YWCA; Pep Squad 3ry; Tau Educotion; TOBIN, ROBERT S Alpha; Patersor Rammer , N. J., Commerce; Sigma Alpha Mu; Fhi Eta Sigma Birmingham; Commerce; Kappa Alpha cola, Fla.; Home Economics; Pep Squad REYNOLDS; Bessemer; A S, Koppo Alpha Bessemer; A S; Lambda Chi Alpho Paso, Tex.; A S; Zeta Tau Alpha; Fep Squ. . . TCDD, EDWARD H., JP.; TOMBRELLO, JOANN; Pensa- TOMMIE, HERBERT TOMMIE, JOSEPH DALE; TOMPKINS, LAURA ANN; El YWCA; Ze ' o Fhi E:a. TORANTO, LEON EPHRIAM; Montgomery; Commerce; Kappa Nu; Cnn; son-White; Corolla, IZFA; Commerce Associotion TORRELLAS, RAFAEL E.; Humocoo, P. R.; Engineering; St. Pats TOWNSEND, JESSE; Penns Grove, N. J.; Commerce TRASTOUR, BARBARA ANN; Bay St. Louis, Miss.; A S; Fhi Mu; President, Phi Mu; Ponhellenic Council; Crimson-While; Girls ' Spirit Committee, Pep Squad TRAYLOR, JEWELENE; Malone; Home Economics; Triangle; Wesley Foundation TRIMBLE, WILLIE OTIS, JR.; Mt. Vernon; A S; Delta Tau Delta; Staff Photographer, Rammer Jammer, Crimson-White, and Corolla TROTTER, BEN INMAN, JR.; Ridgeland, Miss.; A S; Koppo Sigma; Choral Un IRC. TRULL, MARY ELIZABETH; Birminghc TSOUCALAS, MICHAEL GEORGE; New TUBBS, JAMES ARTHUR; Akron; A S Birmingham; Commerce; Kappa Sigma; m; Education; Delta Zeta . York, N. Y.; Engineering TUCK, WILLIAM ARTHUR, JR.; RC . . TUCKER, JEAN; Birming- Squad TUGGLE, BEVERLY ANN; Birmingham; Commerce; Fep TULL, ISAAC W., JR.; Okolona, Miss.; A S; Chi Phi. TUNSILL, GERTRUDE; Athens; Education; Pep Squad; Caroline Hunt Club TUNSTALL, JOCELYN MACLEOD; Boy M,ire;te; A S; Triangle; Crimson-Whi ' e TUREERV LLE, RUSSELL JAMES; Mobi ' e; Education TURNER, BOYD LEE; Scottsijoro, Commerce; Kappa Alpha; Fep Squad TURNER, CHARLES MANLEY; Birmingham; A S; Delta Sigma Phi TURNER, JAMES HOWARD, JR.; Alabama City; Engineer- ing; Theta Xi; Band TURNER, JUANICE; Sulligent; Education. TURNER, MARTHA D ' ALTON; Tuscaloosa; A S; Koppa Delta; YWCA; Rammer Jammer , , TURNER, ROBERT CARDEN; Huntsvil ' e; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha .. .TUTWILER, MARTHA LOUISE; Ncshville, Tenn.; Home Eco- nomics TYNDAL, EDWARD CARRAWAY; Hamilton; A S; Pi Koppa Alpha TYSON, CHARLES MONROE; Tallossee; A S TYSON, THOMAS MARTIN; Montgomery; Commerce; Crimson-White; . Homecoming Committee TYSON, WALTER BRAGG; Montgomery; Commerce; Crimson-White; Homecoming Committee, UNGER, JUNE; Mobile; A S; Koppa Koppa Gamma; Westminster fellowship; Crimson-White; YWCA . UNSELL, LITA JAY; Horrisburg, III.; A S; Press Club; Pep Squad . . UPCHURCH, DOROTHY ELOISE; Montgomery; Education; Chi Omego; Triangle; Girls ' Spirit Committee UPSHAW, JEFF D.; Louise, Miss.; A, S; Sigma Chi; Druics; Fhi Eta Sigmo; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Interfraternity Council; Pep Squad . UPTON, PASCHAL GUY; Birmingham; Education UTSEY, MARIAN; fruitda ' e; Education VALLELY, BENJAMIN D.; Birmingham; Engi- neering; Lambda Chi Alpha; Fhi Eta Sigma; Theta Tou; St. Pot ' s Council; Greeks. Page 220 Thomas, B. E. Thomas, C. E. Thomas, C. , W. Thomas, F. W. Thomas, H. E. Thomas, M. L. Thomas, R. E. Thomos, W . E. Thomosc m Thompson, r. D. Thompson, J. c. Thompsc jn. J. E. Thompsc )n. M. P. Thompsc n. M. J. Thompsc n. R. R. Thomsor J , A, Thornbu rgh Thornbu ' y Thornloi H. B. Thorntoi L. E. Thorntoi P. A. Thorntoi P. L. Thoss Thrash Till TInsley Tipton Tisdole Tobias Tobin TodcJ Tombrello Tommie, , H . R. Tcmmie, , J . D. Tompkir ' Toronto Torrella Townsend Trostout Traylor Trimble Trotter Trull Tsoucalas Tubbs Tuck Tucker Tuggle TuN Tunsill Tunstoll Tubervil le Turner, B. L. Turner, C. M. Turner, J. H. Turner, J. Turner, M. D. Turner, R. C. Tulwiler Tyndal Tyson, C. M. Tyson, ■ r. M. Tyson, W. B. Unger Unsell Upchurc h Upshow Upton Utsey Vallely CLARK HALL WAS REMODELED FOR A GENERAL ADMINISTRATION BUILDING VANA, JOSEPH, JR.; Eost Islip, N, Y,; Engineering; Pep Squad, ASME, Canterbury Club; Crimson-White VANCE, JOHN JOSEPH; Cedar- town, Ga.; A S; Phi Kappa Sigma; IRC VAN DE CAR, ESTEILE; Mobile; A S; Alpha Xi Delta; Blockfriors; Debate Squad; Cnmson- White; Westminster Fellowship VANDEVOORT, HAROLD M.; Scotts boro; Commerce; Kappa Alpha, Rho Alpha Tau VANDIVER, JEANETTE RENEE; Huntsville; A S; AIA VAN DYKE, ROBERT D.; Memphis, Tenn.; Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon VAN PELT, WILSON COUCH; Gadsden; A S; Ph. Kappa Sigma. VANN, MARGIE HEETH; Hartboro, Home Economics; Theto Upsilon VARN, MARY MARGARET; Pine Bluff, Art.; A S; Chi Omega; Freshman YWCA; Newman Club VARNER, KATHERINE DALE; Orlando, Flo.; Home Economics VAUGHAN, THELMA ANN; Birmingham, A S; Pi Phi Beta VAUGHN, OSCAR MORRIS; Decatur; Engineering VAUGHN, PATSY LOU; Tampa, Fla.; Chemistry; Alpha Chi Omega VERSCHEURE, ANN MARIE; Mobile; Chemistry; Pi Phi Beta; Newman Club; Corolla. VICKERS, DALLAS NEAL; Gene En ng; Kappa Sign VICKERY, MARY NAN HALL; Canoe; Education VILLAR, BOBBY G.; Pensacola, Flo.; A S; Pi Kappa Alpho; Pep Squad VINES, PAUL L.; Bessemer; Commerce; Delta Chi; Veterans ' Association VINSON, GLENDA ANITA; Sylacauga; Education V I N Z A N T, DRAYTON; Selma; A S; Koppo Alpha; YMCA VIRCIGLIO, PEGGY JO; Birmingham; Home Economics; Pep Squad; Caroline Hunt Club. VIZZINA, THERESA ANN; Birmingham, Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club; Newman Club WADDELL, KATHRYN ANN; Ailanta, Go , Home Economics; Alpha Chi Omego, Pep Squad WADSWORTH, DAVIS COOPER, JR.; Gadsden; A S; Sigma Alpha Epsi ' on WAITE, HENRY GRAHAM, JR.; Grove Hill; A S; Sigma Chi WAITE, LEON MASTERS, III; Mobile; Commerce; Phi Kappa Sigma WAKEFIELD, JOSEPH COLLINS, III; Albertville; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega WALDEN, EMMETT S., JR.; Dothon; A S; Chi Phi; Blackfriars. Let ' s get started WALDEN, LOUIS GEORGE; Birmingham; Chemistry WALDROP, HOMER VANN; Tuscaloosa; A S; Phi Gamma Delta WALDROP, JAMES CASWELL, JR.; Bessemer; A S; Crimson-While, Press Club, Block- friors; Square and Compass WALKER, CORINNE LANGHORNE; Montgomery; A S; Koppo Kappa Gommo; Alpha Lambda Delta; Sigma Delta Pi; Spanish Club; YWCA; Canterbury Club WALKER, JAMES M.; Clanlon, A S; Alpha Tau Omega WALKER, LEILA TERRY; Bedford, Va.; A S; Delta Gamma; Conterbury Club; Corolla; Crimson-White; Choral Union WALL, HAROLD DEAN, JR.; Birmingham; Commerce; Corolla; Pep Squad. WALL, RICHARD R.; Birmingham, Engineering; Lambda Chi Alph i WALLACE, JAMES BOB; Longston; Commerce WALLACE, THOMAS HUGH; Tuscalooso, Commerce WALLER, BETTE JEAN; Mobile; A S WALLER, MARTHA THORNTON; Greensboro; A S; Kappa Delta; Alpha Lambdo Delta; Canterbury Club; Tau Koppo Alpha; Zeto Phi Eta WALLER, MAULTSBY, Montgomery; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon WALMSLEY, WILLIAM AUBREY; Russellville; A S. WALTHER, EDWARD; Birmingham; Engineering; Delta Sigma Phi; St. Pat ' s, Muckers Club WARCHAIZER, PHILIP A.; Brooklyn, N. Y.; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pep Squad; Hillel Foundation; Commerce Association WARD, CLAUDE FRANK; Dothon; Education; Phi Delta Koppo WARD, DENSON ALEXANDER, JR.; Birmingham; Commerce; Koppo Alpha WARNER, ALVIN V., JR.; Big Creek, Miss; Engineering; AICE WARNER, CHARLES T.; West Point, Miss.; Engineering; Block- friors, AlCE WARNER, LUCY MAYE; Bloomfield, Mo.; Education. WARREN, DOROTHY JEAN; Birmingham; A S; Alpha Chi Omega Corolla; Pep Squad WARREN, RICHARD McRAE; Bessemer; Engineer Mig; Sigma Chi; Pep Squad WARREN, WILLIAM M.; Tarrant; Com merce; Delta Chi WATERS, BETTY WHITE; Columbus, Miss.; Home Economics; Chi Omegci WATERS, FRED PARKER; Opp; Commerce Pi Koppo Alpha WATERS, JAMES PHILLIP; Foirfie ' d; Engineering Chi Phi WATKINS, VIRGINIA SUE; Birmingham; A S; Phi Mu Secrelory, Panhellenic Council; Corolla; Westmirs ' er Fcliowship. WATSON, DEWEY L.; Demopolis; Commerce; Sigma Nu WATSON, MARTHA TEAGUE; Montgomery; A S; Alpha Delta Pi WATSON, PEGGY JOYCE; Bessemer; Commerce; Glee Club; Girls ' Spirit Committee WATSON, THOMAS ROBERT, JR.; Lincoln; A S; Chi Phi WATTERS, JULIAN ALBURTUS, III; Tuscolooso; Commerce; Sigma Nu WAYNE, BARBARA GERALDINE; Birmingham; A S; Alpho Epsilon Phi; WABP; Hillel Foundation WEATHERLY, JESSE OREL, JR.; Birminghom; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. WEAVER, GEORGE HIRAM; Double Springs; A S; Alpha Sigma Thi, Rho Alpha Tau; Vice-President, Phi Eto Sigmo; Interfroternity Council WEAVER, MARGARET MAY; Birminghom; A S; Bond; Spanish Club; Swan Club WEAVER, SAMUEL JAMES; Opp; A S; Koppo Alpha WEAVER, ZAC LEGRAND; Mobile; A S; Chi Phi, Rammer Jammer, Pep WEBB, BILLIE C; Haleyvii;e; A S WEBB, SOB W.; Palatka, Flo.; A S; Pi Koppo Alpha WEBB, DEWEY DAVID, JR.; Birmingham; Engineering; Alpha Sigma Ph.. Page 222 v Vana Vance Van De Ca Vandevoort Vandiver Van Dyke Van Pelf Varn Varner Voughan, T. A. Vaughn, O. M. Vaughn, P. L. Verscheure VIckei VIckei Villar Waddell Wcdsworth Waite, H. G. Waite, L. M. Wakefield Walden, E. S. Walden, L. G. Waldrop, H. V. Waldrop, J. C. Walker, C. L. Wolker, J. M. Walker, L. T. Wall, H. D. Wall, R. R. Wallace, J. B. Wallace, T. H. Waller, B. J. Waller, M. T. Waller, M. Walmsley Walther Warchaizer Ward, C. F. Ward, D. A. Warner, A. V. Warner, C. T. Warner, L. M. Warren, D. J. Warren, R. M. Warren, W. M, Waters, B. W. Wafers, F. P. Wafers, J. Ph. Watkins Watson, D. L. Watson, M. T. Wotson, P. J. Watson, T, R. Walters Wayne Weatherly Weaver, G. H. Weaver, M. M. Weaver, S. J. Weaver, Z. L. Webb, B. C. Webb, B. W. Webb, D. D. A COMPLETE CARNIVAL CAME TO THE CAMPUS FOR 1948 BAMA DAY WEBB, JAMES WILSON; Birminghom,- A S; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Band WEBB, JULIA MAY; Birmingham; Home Economics; Delta Delta Delta WEBB, WILLIAM L.; Birmingham; A S; Phi Kappa Sigma WEED, BETTY JANE; Ariton; Education; AlA WEEKLEY, LILLIAN LORAINE; Atlanta, Go.; A S; Zeta Tau Alpha; Pep Squad WEEKS, WILLIAM CAREY, JR.; Magnolia, Miss.; A S WEHRENBERG, FRANCES LOUISE; Birmingham; Commerce; Phi Mu; Triangle; YWCA; Westminster Fellowship. WHITE, HELEN LOUISE; Valley Head; Home Economics WHITE, JOAN COTTY; Elba, A S; Chi Omega; Choral Union; YWCA; Pep Squad; Rammer Jammer WHITE, MARGARET ANN; Birmingham; A S; Alpha Gamma Delta WHITE, MARY ALICE; Boy Minette; Commerce; Alpha Delta Pi; Triangle WHITE, PAUL GASTON; Laurel, Miss.; A S; Kappa Sigma; Bond WHITE, PEGGIE ANN; Miami, Flo.; A S WHITE, WILLARD REX; Hartford; Engineering. WEIL, ALAN EDWARD; Montgomery, Commerce, Zeta Tau Alpha WEINSTEIN, DORIS; Birmingham; Home Economics; Caroline Hunt Club WEISSMAN, WILLIAM FLASTER; Stanford, Conn.; A S; Corolla. Rammer Jammer; German Club WELLS, BUREN EARL; Ashford; A S, Pi Kappa Phi WELLS, GEORGE DEWEY; Albertville; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omego WENDEL, DAVID DEADERICK; Birmingham; A S; Sigma Nu; Track Team WESLEY, JOHN FRANKLIN; Newburn; Education. WHITFIELD, LOUIS BROUGHTON, III; Montgomery, Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega; Crimson-White WHITING, ALMUR STILES; Mobile; A S; Theta Chi WICHMAN, HERBERT RALPH; Tuscaloosa; Engineer- ing, Alpha Sigma Phi; Social Director, Alpha Sigma Phi WICHT, JANE; Hattiesburg, Miss.; Chemistry WIDEMAN, MARY SELLERS; Marion; Chemistry; Delta Zeta; Wesley Foundation; Pep Squad WIGGINS, IDA JENKINS; Mcnroeville; Education; Alpha Phi, Spirir Com- mittee WILBANKS, GEORGE LAURIN; Columbus, Miss.; A S. WESLEY, JOHN HAROLD; Greenville, A S; Sigma Nu WESLEY, WILLIAM BILBERT; Greenville; A S; Sigma Nu WEST, EMORY FLOYD; Battles Wharf; A S WEST, JAMES EARNEST; Townley, A S; Theta Chi WEST, WILLIAM SWANSON; Brewton; A S; Delta Kappa Epsilon WEST, YOUNG U.; Townley; A S; Theta Chi WESTERVELT, FRANK HARVEY; Bayonne, N. J , Engineer- ing; Wesley Foundation; St. Pat ' s. WEYMOUTH, DAVID JAMES; Memphis, Tenn.; Engineering WHARTON, RAY; Millport; Commerce WHEELER, BENTON McMILLON, JR.; Shelbyville, Tenn., Commerce; Theta Chi; Delta Sigma Pi; Band WHIDDON, JAMES GERALD, JR.; Montgomery; A S; Delta Kappa Epsi- lon WHIDDON, JANE; Dothan; A S WHIGHAM, HENRY GRAY; Spring Hill; Commerce; Sigma Chi WHITE, GRACE BOYCE; Rosedale, Miss.; A S; Phi Mu. What do they WILCOX, GUY TALMADGE; Steele; Education WILDER, GUY BENTLEY, JR.; Andalusia; A S; Pi Kappa Alpha WILDER, LINDA SUE; Birmingham; A S; Triangle WILDMAN, BEN W.; Mobile, Commerce; Sigma Chi WILHOIT, FRANK ELDON, JR.; Birmingham, A S; Delta Kappa Epsilon WILKERSON, EMMETT; Lanelt; A S, AlA; Wesley Foundation WILKERSON, FRED WOOTEN, JR.; Montgomery, A S, Fhi Delta Theta, Vice-President, Freshman Class. WILKINS, ELIZABETH ANN; Leesburg, Flo; Commerce; Pep Squad WILKINS, ELOUISE MAE; Pell City; Education WILKINSON, WALTER MOISE; Gunnison, Miss.; A S; Kappa Sigma WILLIAMS, DIANE, Birmingham; A S; Chi Omega WILLIAMS, FRANK WILLIFORD, JR. Phenix City; A S; Band WILLIAMS, GENUBATH COKE; Oxford A S, Alpha Tau Omega WILLIAMS, GRETA M.; Montgomery, Education; Alpha Xi Delta. WILLIAMS, HOMER DARDEN; Anniston; A S, Alpha Tou Omega, Secretary, Rho Alpha Tau; Crimson-White WILLIAMS, JAMES WINDSOR; Guntersville; A S; Phi Delta Theta WILLIAMS, JESSIE LOUISE; Oxford; A S; Kappa Kappa Gammo; Triangle; YWCA; Wesley Foundation WILLIAMS, MARY HELEN; Athens, A S; Alpha Chi Omego; Pep Squad; Corolla WILLIAMS, SARA ANN; Bessemer, A S; Alpha Gamma Delta WILLIAMSON, DELIA FRANCES; Bes- semer; Home Economics; Triangle WILLIAMSON, FLOYD EUGENE; Tuscaloosa; Engineering; Kappa Alpha. WILLINGHAM, EVELYN LOUISE; Lin eville; A S; Triangle WILLINGHAM, J. BRYAN; Atlnnki, Go.; Commerce; Delta Tau Delta; Pep Squad WILLIS, DOROTHY DEE; Fort Lauderdale, Fla.; A S; Alpha Chi Omega WILLIS, MARY ANN; Alexander City; A S WILSON, AMELIA; Florence; Commerce; Zeta Tau Alpha WILSON, EMRICE DEAN; Gadsden; Commerce WILSON, HORACE DWIGHT; Childersburg; A S; Wesley Foundation; Pep Squad. Page 224 Webb, J. W. Webb, J. M. Webb, W. L. Weed Weekley Weeks Wehrenberg Well Weinstein Weissman Wells, B. E. Wells, G. D, Wendel Wesley, J. F, Wesley, J. H. Wesley, W. B West, E. F. West, J. E. West, W. S. West, Y. U. Westervelt Weymouth Wharton Wheeler Whiddon, J. G. Whiddon, J. Whigham White, G. B. White, H. L. White, J. C. White, M. A. White, M. A. White, P. G. White, P. A. White, W. R. Whitfield Whiting Wichmon Wicht Widemon Wiggins Wilbonks Wilcox Wilder, G. B. Wilder, L. S. Wildman Wilhoit Wilkerson, E. Wilkerson, F. W. Wilkins, E. A. Wilkins, E. M. Wilkinson Williams, D. Williams, F. W. Williams, G. C. Williams, G. M. Williams, H. D. Williams, J. W. Williams, J. L. Williams, M. H. Williams, S. A. Williamson, D. F. Williamson, F. E. Willinghom, E. L. Willingham, J. B. Willis, D. D. Willis, M. A. Wilson, A. Wilson, E. D. Wilson, H. D. APPROXIMATELY 11,000 MAN-HOURS WERE REQUIRED TO PRODUCE THE 1949 COROLLA WILSON, JERRY; Selma, Commerce, 1 WALLACE, JR.; Huntsville; Commerce; P President, Sophomore Class; Pep Squad Birmingham; Commerce; Delta Chi eta Chi WILSON, JESSE li Delta Theto; Pershing Rifles, WILSON, JIMMY KEITH WILSON, WALTER LUCIEN, JR. Commerce Montgomery; A S . . . WILSON, ZELMA L.; Hunt: WILTERS, HARRY J.; Robertsdole; Commerce; Theta Chi WiNFORD, EDITH ANNE; Pulaski, Tenn.; Home Economics; Zeta Tau Alpha; Pep Squad. WORTHY, JERRY DEE; Fyffe; Commerce; Alpha Gamma Rho; IRC; Home- coming Committee WRIGHT, DONALD RALEIGH; West Palm Beach, Fla.; Engineering; Delta Tau Delta; St. Pot ' s; Crimson-White; Florida Club WRIGHT, JAMES C; Wedowee; A S; Corolla WRIGHT, JAMES MYLES; Charlotte, N. C; Commerce; Delta Tau Delta; Pep Squad. WINN, ALMA ADAIR; Uniontown; Education; Delta Delta Delta WINN, DAN; Montgomery; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta WISE, PEGGY LORENNE; Selma; Home Economics, Delta Delta Delta, Caroline Hunt Club; YWCA; BSU WISE, RUTH; Samson; Home Economics WISEBRAM, HERSHEL W.; Piedmont; A S; Sigma Alpha Mu; German Club; Student Forum; Pep Squad WITHAM, GEORGIA MARY; Mobile; Home Economics WITHERINGTON, ANN; Newton; A S, Delta Delta Delta. WITSELL, CAROLYN RICHARDS; Memphis. Tenn,; Home Economics; Chi Omega; Corolla; Pep Squad WOLPERT, CAROL JANE; Miami, Fla.; A S; Sigma Delta Tou; Rammer Jammer; Spirit Committee , . . WOLTMAN, CLAIRE J.; Elk.ns Pork, Penn.; A S WOMACK, SALLY; Birming- hom; A S WOOD, ALICE; Spring Hill; Home Economics; Delta Delta Delta WOODALL, HAROLD FREDERICK; Montgomery; Com- merce WOODARD, PATRICIA; Birmingham, Home Economics; Delta Delta Delta; YWCA. WOODHAM, GLORIA PATRICIA; Pensocolo, Flo., Home Economics; Alpha Chi Omega; Triangle; Caroline Hunt Club WOODWARD, MARY JUNE; Thomosville, Go.; Chemistry; Alpha Phi WOOLF, MARY JOAN; Anniston; Home Economics; Kappa Delta; Caroline Hunt Club WRIGHT, JOE L.; Rutledge; Education WRIGHT, MARION GREENE; Dothan; Education, Alpha Gamma Delta WRIGHT, MARY EMILY; Valley Head, Home Economics; Cotillion Club WUSKA, ANDREW TIMOTHY; Hilton Village, Vo,; Engineering WYATT, MARY JOAN; Citronelle; Education WYATT, WILLIAM E.; Vincent; Commerce WYCOFF, SAM; Anniston; A S; Delta Chi; Canterbury Club; YMCA. WYNEGAR, WILLIAM WALLACE; Kncxville, Tenn.; A S; Phi Gammc Delta WYNN, ALBERT McCONNELL, JR.; Birmingham; Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta WYNN, ROBERT E.; Geneva; A S; Koppa Sigmc YANUCK, PAUL RONALD; Bniningham, A S; Kappa Nu; Crimson White, Corolla; Pep Squcicl YARBROUGH, CHARLES B.; Decatur A S; Kappa Sigma YARBROUGH, HARVEY ANDERSON; Dothan A S; Sigma Nu YASWEN, CHESTER; Forest Hills, N, Y; A S Sigma Alpha Mu; WABP; Hillel Foundation. YATES, PATRICIA ANN; Quincy, Flo.; Educotion Tuscaloosa; Education; Kappa Alpha; Debate Squad, Westminster Fellowship; YMCA ... YOUNG, JACK H.; Birr Delta Chi YOUNG, JAMES COVERT; Meridion, Delta Koppa Epsilon; Commerce Association AUDREY; Sheffield; A S; Chi Omega; YWCA MORRISON; Columbiana; Commerce; Pershing Rifles MARGARET SUZANNE; Dallas, Tex.; A S. YEUELL, DAVIS Pershing Rifles ingham; A S Miss.; Commf YOUNG, JEAN YOUNG, JOE YOUNG, Bell Boys YOUNG, MARJORIE JEAN; Centreville; A S; Chi Omega; Rammer Jammer, YWCA YOUNG, ROBERT ELWYN; Corinth, Miss.; Engineer- ing; ASCE; St, Pat b YOUNG, ROBERT H.; Ensley; Commerce; Theta Chi YOUNGBLOOD, JAMES MARVIN; Talladega; Commerce; Com- merce Association; Corolla ZAIS, NATALIE ADELE; Foil River, Moss. A 8. S; Sigma Delta Tau ZANDER, PRISCILLA JEAN; Birmingham, Chemistry ZEANAH, PATRICIA ANN; Tuscaloosa; Home Economics, Alpha Delia Pi, ZEIGLER, MARGARET; Fort Deposit; Education ZEITZ, JOSEPH C; Sylacougo; Commerce ZELKIND, WOODROE; Washington, D. C, A S; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Inlerfraternity Council; Vice-President, Alpha Epsilon Pi ZEVE, GRACE JANET; Youngstown, O.; A S; Alpho Epsilon Phi ZIESELMAN, HERBERT STANLY; Stamfor d, Conn.; A S; Alpha Epsilon Pi ZUCCARELLO, BEBE; Pulaski, Tenn.; Commerce; Delta Gamma. Page 226 Wilson, J. Wilson, J. W. Wilson, J. K. Wilson, W. L. Wilson, Z. L. Willers Winford Winn, A. A. Winn, D. Wise, P. I. Wise, R. Wisebrom Witham Wilherington Witsell Wolperl Wollmon Womock Wood Woodoll Woodard Woodham Woodward Woolf Worthy Wright, D. R. Wright, J. C. Wright, J. M. Wright, J. L. Wright, M. G. Wright, M. E. Wusko Wyott, M. J. Wyott, W. E. Wycoff Wynegar Wynn, A. M. Wynn, R. E. Yanuck Yorbrough, C. B. Yarbrough, H. A. Yates Yeuell Young, J. H. Young, J. C. Young, J. A. Young, J. M. Young, M. S. Young, M. J. Young, R. E. Young, R. H. Youngblcod Zois Zonder Zeonoh Zeigler Zeitz Zeikind MILITARY ♦ ♦ ♦ COMMISSIONS ARE CONFERRED EACH YEAR UPON AP- PROXIMATELY 150 UNIVERSITY STUDENTS BY THE DEPARTMENT OF MILITARY SCIENCE AND TACTICS, UPON COMPLETION OF THE ADVANCED ROTC COURSE IN ANY ONE OF SIX BRANCHES. ABOUT 1,500 STUDENTS, BASIC AND ADVANCED, ARE ENROLL- ED IN MILITARY AT THE UNIVERSITY EACH QUARTER. VETERAN TRAINEES ARE COMMISSIONED IMMEDIATELY UPON COMPLE- TION OF THE ADVANCED COURSE, BUT FOR NON-VETERANS THE COMMISSION IS CONTINGENT UPON COMPLETION OF THE EQUIVALENT OF FOUR YEARS ' COLLEGE WORK. BASIC MILITARY TRAINING IS REQUIRED OF ALL PHYSICALLY QUALIFIED MALE STUDENTS UNDER TWENTY-THREE YEARS OF AGE, EXCEPT VETERANS AND NON-CITIZENS. ENROLLMENT IN THE ADVANCED COURSE IS VOLUNTARY, BUT CONTINUOUS ENROLLMENT BECOMES MANDATORY ONCE THE TRAINING IS BEGUN. STUDENTS IN THE BASIC COURSE RECEIVE NO MONEY ALLOWANCE. ADVANCED STUDENTS ARE PAID APPROXIMATE- LY $25.00 A MONTH IN LIEU OF RATIONS. ADVANCED STU- DENTS ARE REQUIRED TO ATTEND SUMMER CAMP FOR ONE SIX WEEKS ' PERIOD DURING WHICH THEY ATTEND THE ARMY ' S TECHNICAL SCHOOL FOR THE BRANCH OF TRAINING TO WHICH THEY HAVE BEEN ASSIGNED. THESE BRANCHES ARE AIR CORPS, INFANTRY, QUARTERMASTER, ENGINEER CORPS, SIGNAL CORPS, AND ARTILLERY. SIX CO-EDS ARE ELECTED ANNUALLY BY CADET OFFICERS ' CLUB TO SERVE AS SPONSORS FOR THE REGIMENT, THE FOUR BATTALIONS, AND PERSHING RIFLES. THESE PRETTY MORALE- BUILDERS DRESS IN DISTINCTIVE UNIFORMS AND MARCH WITH THE TROOPS EVERY THURSDAY. Page 228 STAFF OFFICERS COLONEL M. G. STUBBS LT. COLONEL R. F. CURRAN LT. COLONEL R. A. DUTTON LT. COLONEL A. R. GLAFKA LT. COLONEL H. H. STAY MAJOR C. H. BYNUM MAJOR J. C COOK MAJOR K. W. DAVEY MAJOR E. N. EDRIS MAJOR B. M. NORVELL, JR. MAJOR B. B. SMITH CAPTAIN L. E. BROWN CAPTAIN J. B. KING CAPTAIN H. V. MYERS CAPTAIN H. C. PARK CHIEF WO G. W. WILLIAMS Infantry Signal Corps Signal Corps Quartermaster Air Force U. S. Air Force Quartermaster Corps Air Corps Infantry Corps of Engineers Coast Artillery Corps Field Artillery Coast Artilley Corps Air Corps Infantry U. S. Army COLONEL M. G, STUBBS COMMISSIONED STAFF OFFICERS First Row; Norvell, Glafka, Stay, Stubbs, Cuiran, Dutton . . . Second Row; Bynum, Edns, Cook, Smith, Davey . . . Third Row; Myers, King, Brown, Williams, Park. NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS First Row: Collins, Crabtree, Shannon Wilson, Robinson . . . Second Row: Keafen Cartwright, Mollory, Lundberg, Powers . . Third Row: Wesson, Johnson, Sladzinski Justice . . . Fourth Row: Blum, Honcock Younger. Page 230 REGIMENTAL STAFF THOMAS B. BLAKE Cadet Colonel MIDGE HATFIELD Honorary Cadet Colonel W. C. HOWTON, JR. Cadet First Lieutenant W. L. HILDEBRANT Cadet First Lieutenant WINSTON L. WALLACE Cadet Major PAUL L. YONTIS Cadet Captain FOSTER E. STOUGH Cadet Lieutenant Colonel FIRST BATTALION STAFF WILLIAM L. FLURRY Cadet Lieutenant Colonel JOAN BURNS Hono.-ory Cadet Lieutenant Colonel DIXON NABORS _ Cadet Major JOHN BRAY Cadet Coptoin CURTIS SPRINGER Cadet First Lieutenant FRED B. STEVENSON _ Cadet First Lieutenant HARLAN ARD Cadet Captain WILLIAM C. BAKER Cadet First Lieutenant SECOND BATTALION STAFF SIDNEY W. JACKSON BOBBIE HIGGINBOTHAM W. G. PELLE DAN BURNS ARTHUR LENAHAN RICHARD H. HINES HUBERT WRIGHT Cadei Lieutenont Colonel Honorary Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Cadet First Lieutenant . Codet Captain Cadet First Lieutenant . Cadet Coptoin Cadet Major THIRD BATTALION STAFF MARCUS L. WHITFIELD SHIRLEY WARFEL GEORGE C. HORTON DAVID G. POOLEY J. B. PERRY CHARLES E. MURDOCK E. KEITH WILLIAMS Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Cadet Major Cadet First Lieutenant Cadet Coptoin Codet Coptoin Cadet Second Lieutenant FOURTH BATTALION STAFF DAVID BARK JANE MOONEY VIRGIL C. MOON JAMES R. McGEE GEORGE WILLIAMS CECIL GILLILAND Codet Lieutenant Colonel Honorary Codet Lieutenant Colonel Cadet Mojor Cadet Captain Cadet Captain Cadet First Lieutenont b ikm UL. inW ed ROTC Students Aulor of The Cadet Offli CADET OFFICERS ' CLU FIRST YEAR ADVANCED MEMBERS s. H. Ball, Jr. J. M. Everett J. T. Hmes G, V. Eyraud, Jr. J, E. Stuckey C. M. Nelson D. S- Hardy J. D. Sheehan R. L. Broak J. H. Francis, Jr. G D. Hopson L L. Falkner W. C. Terry, Jr. P. U, Nelson E. H. Holle A. G. Smith D. Chirafisi G. P. Gianoudis A. H. Jacobs M. J. Fortenberry W, W. Troope W. G. Nelson C. P. Howse A. L. Smith C. R. Cobb H. R. Grant, Jr. R. C. Lacey B. H. Gay, Jr. J. Vana, Jr. S. J. Oliver W B. Joiner W A. Thompsc M. Woite H. A. Fincher R. A. Grayson O Leon-Posarell J D. Griffin, Jr. J, E. Edwards R. E. Parker S. L. Jolhtt L. J. S. Foster C. J. Hauser, Jr. 1. May E. H. Hall G. F. Atlwood B. W. Payne P. M. Jordan M L. Weber R. C. Frost S. G. Holder, Jr. H. M. McCracken W Q. Homrick G- C. Baldwin E, R. Plowden M G. Lattoff A. E. Weil H. H. Harris w P. Horton, Jr. R. McDonald F. R. Harris J. N. Bearden, Jr O. A. Reed R. F. Lewis B. M. Wheele A. T. Henry C. H. Ladner, Jr. N F. Mcleod G. Harris, Jr. R. Q. Bell W. R. Riggs J. S. Livingston F. E. Wilbournt B. P. Mine G P. Martin B. Nunnelley C. C. Harrison J. W, Booker, Jr. R. L. Roobin J. P. Meeks, Jr. W W. Allen E. W. Morris A. S. Osgoode J. O. Gates C. A. Herren G. B. Box W, L. Roper B. O ' Neal R. Alton J. E. Moxley G. B. Parsons W V. Pritchett, J r. R. W. Hodgkms A. P. Brewer J. L. Smith W G. Price J. J. Anderson R. S. Ketchum P. Pelhom D E. Pruett W D. Hudson H. B. Campbell J. B. Smith, Jr. O J. Sanders J. W. Coin C. J. Patrick M W. Perloff D. J. Tucker R. H. Jones C. P. Caruso W. M. Smith A. C. Semmes M S. Chisling P. Copeland P. Crouch E. V. Rulledge J. H. Poole W A. White E. U. Kissel J. Cossody J. E. Taylor J. J. Smith S. T. H. Stephen A. T. Prestwood J. D. Wise R. R. Locklin E. L. Colebeck J. E. Thompson S. W. Smyer P. G C. Smith E. W. Rosco W E. Arnold F. B. McKenzie W. B. Compton B. G. Villar E. S. Tarrant J. 1. Dye H. Graves L. A. Wiles C R. Samuel W P. Boggs P. T. Moner, Jr. W. O. Donaldson M. H. Von Redlich E. H. Todd E. D. E. Anderson J C. ichmorkey B T. Bynum W R. Marshall A. T. Enslen T. L. Waldrop B. J. Arno J L. Jackson H. E. Bailey J. G. Scott J. F. Cameron G, L. Maze W. B. Fowlkes W. H. Weston R. W. Buchanan, J C. E. Banks S. C. Stuckey, J . H N. Camp W S. Messick H. R. Hanson C. H. Whitfield J. L. Davis C. J. Jenkins w B. Borr V. E. Whan, Jr. E. S. Campbell T. C. Michael B. H. Horned W. W. Wynegor C. A. Fell D. J. Deador w A. Bonney H. E. Wilkes H. G. Cornathan P. L. Millirons J. R. Horrell W. L. Abbott M E. Haworth, J . G. O. McGinn w 1. Brittain R. V. Woolridge B. M. Collins J. Monk R. G. Harris T, W. Ball J. D. Herndon A. J. Mills J. H. Britton H. F. Baker C H. Colvin, Jr. G. W. Nelson W. J. Hayes J. D, Bonham P. O. Hooper T. N. Britton, Jr. C. E. Binion J, R. Cooper, Jr. A. E. Oliver, Jr. J, D. Helms W. Brenner F. B. Johnson H. P. Mitchell A. R. Brown, Jr. w H. Carter J. N. Crawford R. H. Owen R. L, Horton M. A. Brown E. P. McCollum J. A. Morton B. R. Brown c L. Collins J T. Crowe W 1. Owen T. C, Hutto R. O. Cox S. P. McDonald, III J. A. Porter W L. Carl w G. Creswell C. B. Grumpier H. J. Pierson M. V. Jones J. W. Dean R. W. Mercer W W. Reed W L. Chapman J. C. Deloney, Jr. w R. Deal D. E. Rice L. W. Larkin P. A. DeVore E. S. Miles, Jr. G W. Dean, Jr. c. E. Graham J. W. Dowling A, M, Shoemaker R. B. McKenzie, Jr R. E. Ellis, Jr. T. K. Mitchelson T. R. Stonbury L, 8. Dormon J E. Harkins R. C. Dowling J, D, Smyth, Jr. D. L. May H. R. George H. L. Norris W G. Stone D. P. Evans E. H. Haynes A. T. Drennen, Jr. J. A. Stuckey J. J. Minyard M. Gurwitch G B. Proctor C. L Wilson. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL OF OFFICERS ' CLUB First Row: Bowers, Poppas, Springer, Jackson, Bailey. Hooper, Whitfield, Graves . . . SECOND ROW: Rudulpli, Golden, Britton, Welch, Drennen, Moon . . . Third Row: McKenzie, Williamson, Fulton, Fincher, Bragg, Page 232 1- ♦ Ti • •• ' %i .; -? - Second Year Advanced Cadets Will Receive Reserve Commissions CADET OFFICERS ' CLUB SECOND YEAR ADVANCED C. E. Bethea J. K. Bevill T. J. Calvert, Jr. J. T. Crow W. O. Donaldson A. T. Drennen, Jr J. E. Duggan E. H. Hall W. Q. Homrick F. R. Harris H. L. Heard F. W. Jones M. V. B. Jones T. W. Justice J. W. Kilpatrick W. G. Kroggel J. H. Lair C. L. McDowell J. M. Maples W. R. Marshall J. P. Modling G. F. Neilson G. W. Nelson R. L. New T. J, Posner L. M. Prestwood C. A. Roberston C. B. Simmons J. L. Smith C. H. Springer E. T. Thornton W. W. Troope M. E. White E. K. Williams G. F. Barker A. E. Beoird H. B. Campbell W. R. Coughlin M. M. Cummings J. D. Cumminghom E. O. Dendy A. T. Enslen R. C. Golden J. R. Horrell C. C. Harrison W. J. Hayes J. D. Helms W. L. Hildebrandt W. T. Holcomb F. C. Inge G. P. Leepard, Jr. B. C. Luna. Jr. R. L. McAllister A. M. McLeod, Jr. MEMBERS J. A. Mardis D. L. Modling J. Monk W G. Nelson G D. Palmer, 11 R. W. Sides A. N. Turner H. H. Williams J. C. Alford, Jr. G H. Burger A. L. Cudworth E. B. Dugan B. A. Green, Jr. J. L. Halcomb W A. Hamilton M Marcus D. G. Pooley R. O. Rushing J. W. Simmons F. B. Stevenson G L. Welsh G H. Floyd L. H. Homner, Jr O L. Holmes G C. Norton F. H. Kornegay H. S. Mason V, C Moon, Jr. D. H. Ncibors K. A. Nail J. W O ' Neal W W. Rayburn W C Rudolph J. A. Rountree C. O Simpson J. H. Sims p. W Swanson, Jr. J. H. Von Horsyen G K Williams W L Bullard G T. Chapman E. Garrett O C Holloway J. E. Levie J. D. White F. C. Williamson, R. A. Woodhom W C Baker J. B. Bellomo L. Z Jilmocz J. M. Clark W P Conway E. V. Crawford H. B Eddins R. A. Franco C. R. French D. T. Fulton, Jr. J. C. Golightly C. E. Hale J. W. Jackson D. B. Jaffe A. L. Lenahan J. G. Little D. H. Maring, J O D. McManus C. H. Pitts F. A. Powell, Jr. J. S. Prodot C. R. Rice F. S. Ritchey M F. Rosenberg V. M. Smith E. G. Tucker D. J. Vann R. 1. Berry R. L. Bowers A. F. Gates E. H. Graves M G. Gross W C. Horton J. W. Stuart COMPANY COMMANDERS AND EXECUTIVES , _ White, M. White, Second Row; Hannah, First Row: Salmon, Bragg, I Chapman, Brabston, Holmes . Bridges, Mores, Green, Porsons, Drew, Kilgo, . . . Third Row: Alford, Burger, Hnmner, Prodas, Franco, Swindell, Little . . . Fourth Row: Kidder, Cantey, Bell, Beolle, Perloff, King. Page 233 First Row: Le t to Right- Whitfield, Golden, Ritchey, Flurry, Bridges, Perloff, Norton, Eddins, J. White, Clark, Bloke, Bragg, Stough, Wollace . . Second Row: Rice, Fre ' nch, Springer, O ' Neal, Golightly, Pappas, Franco, Crawford, Hildebrandt, S. Jackson, Moon, Rountree, Bray . . . Third Ro Johnson, Mardis, Vann, Howton, Robertson, Floyd, M. V. White, Fulton, Thornton, Maples, M. E, While, Mating . . , Fourth Row: Coughlin, Gret Mason, Williamson, Pelle, Lenahan, Powell, J. Jackson, Cunningham, Helms. SCABBARD and BLADE HAROLD B. EDDINS JOHN A. ROUNTREE JAMES MERRILL CLARK JOE D. WHITE OFFICERS Captain (PresidentI First Lieutenant (Vice-President ' . Second Lieutenant iTreasureri First Sergeant i Secretary i T. B. Blake J. Bragg J. B. Bray W. G. Bridges E. V. Crawford J. D. Cunningham G. H. Floyd W. L. Flurry R. A. Franco R. C. Golden B. A. Green S. W. Jackson Lloyd Johnson F. H. Kornegay J. M. Maples H. S. Mason MEMBERS J. A. Mardis V. C. M.oon Don M.aring G. F. Neilson J. W O ' Neal W. C. Pelle M. W. Pe-loff F. A. Powell, Jr. C. A. Robertson Curtis H. Springer T. E. Stough G. T. Thornton W. L. Wallace Marion E. White Murray V. White M. L. Whitfield William R. Coughlin Cecil R. French Duncan T. Fulton John C. Golightly John D. Helms Warren L. Hildebrandt George C. Horton William C. Howton, Jr. James W. Jackson Arthur L. Lenahan Christie B. Poppas Charles R. Rice Ferris Ritchey Fred C. Williamson David J. Vann Page 234 PERSHING RIFLE COMPANY OFFICERS FIRST PLATOON B. A, GREEN Co. C. O. CAPTAIN BEN GREEN .... Platoon Commander R. A. FRANCO Ex. Off. T Sgt. J. P. HUFFMAN ... Platoon Sergeant J. C. BROWN First Sergeant J. D JONES Guidon Sgt. W. D BROWN .... . Platoon Guide FIRST SQUADRON SECOND SQUADRON THIRD SQUADRON B. H. Gay N. E. Williamson A. E. Oliver • L. S. Smith H. J. Roberson W. H. Barcroft C. Brown W. E. Vickers J. P. Phillips E. Kanter R. C. Center J. D, Noiton L. W. Perry W. B. Mitchell R. E. Kelley W. E. Hull E. J. Moore J. W. Wilson C. E. Lyons J. R. Orr R. S. Rayfield P. R. Lackey C. F. Hollingsworth R. D. McWhorter C. A. La Brecque S. R. Shannon M. Davison A. D. Troth Paul L. Carr R. A. Rives B. L. Worthen Paul House R. W. Pradat J. M. Young B. C. Phillips A. L. Sinclair H. B. Harmon J. Holmes S. Holden W. C. Holmes A. P. Holmes R. L. Harbuck P. V. Livingston P. A. Bradley E. P. Hjorth L. H. HANCOCK H. D. YEUELL COLOR GUARD Color Guard J. B. MYERS Color Guard J. E. WILKERSON Color Bearer Color Bearer First Row: Left to Right- Ben Green, Cadet Captoin; Janice McKaig, Honorary Cadet Captain . . , Second Row: Holder, Phillips, Hancock, Rayfield, Bancroft, Huffman, Phillips, Vickeos, Wilson . . . Third Row: Smith, Harbuck, Orr, Moore, Lackey, Dawson, C. Brown, Jones . . . Fourth Row: J. Brown, Corler, Livingston, Holmes, Lyons, Warthen, Holmes, Young. %e MELTING Sportsmanship hit a new high at Capstone . . . prospects for the coming grid season brighten as new stars begin to shine . . . basketball gaining greater favor and attrac- tion . . . Southeastern Conference takes a second look as Tide Five climbs toward the top of the league . . . flash- ing spikes of cinder-men add a deeper hue to Crimson glory . . . Southern collegiate baseball centers on Alabama . . . the sing of the bat hitting against the horsehide . . . the call was for greater participation in athletics and good ' Bama men answered . . . Down in the Deep South athletic teams have risen to nation-wide recognition . . . there the reputation will remain . . . lW . - ■J : - (wrm FRANK W. THOMAS DIRECTOR OF ATHLETICS Frank W. Thomas is a name that will live forever in the annals of Alabama foot- ball history. Seldom has a coach enjoyed such success and popularity over such a long period as has Bama ' s Frank Thomas. If the prominence that is Alabama ' s in the na- tional football scene could be laid to any one man, Frank Thomas would be that man. Thomas ' present position in the athletic department is that of Director of Athletics. ] I FRANK W. THOMAS DIRECTOR OF ATHLETICS Frank W. Thomas is a name that will live forever in the annais of Alabama foot- ball history. Seldom has a coach enjoyed such success and popularity over such a long period as has Bama ' s Frank Thomas. If the prominence that is Alabama ' s in the na- tional football scene could be laid to any one man, Frank Thomas would be that man. Thomas ' present position in the athletic department is that of Director of Athletics. HAROLD " RED " DREW Head Foctball Coach « Harold Drew, fiery red-topped coach, succeeded Frank Thomas as head football coach at the Cap- stone in 1947 when the latter was forced to give up his coaching duties because of ill health. During his tirst season as head coach at Bama, Drew steered Harry Gilmer and company to five conse- cutive victories and was duly rewarded with a Sugar Bcwl invitation. With only two first-string players returning, Drew ' s task was much more difficult in 1948. As hard as his job seemed. Drew pleased Alabama fans with six victories, including a sensa- tional upset of Georgia Tech and a 55-0 triumph over Auburn in the season finale. ALABAMA ' S Head Coach Harold Drew A large measure of the success enjoyed by Crimson Tide teams in past years has been due to the efficient coaching staff assisting Coach Drew. Alabama is indeed fortunate to have such talented men as Tom Lieb, Malcolm Laney, Tilden " Happy " Campbell, Lew Bostick, and Joe Kilgrow to guide its gridiron endeavors. Tom Lieb this year completed his third year as tackle and center coach. He came to the Capstone from the University of Florida, where he served as head football coach for five years. Prior to that he was head coach at Loyola of Los Angeles and acted as line coach at both Notre Dame and the University of Wisconsin. Much of the credit for the fine showing made by Alabama ends during the past few years should go to Malcolm Laney, Tide end coach. Coming to Bama from Woodlawn High School in Birmingham, where he copped four state championships and six city titles, Laney has been on the Bama staff since 1944. Happy Campbell is the man to see about the bockfield. This genial gentlemon first began tutoring Bama boll-car- riers in 1935, and except for a four-year period during which he served in the Navy and at Ole Miss, has been on the campus every foctball season since. Campbell also directs the baseball squad in the spring. HARRY GILMER " Imprint for Posterity " Harry Gilmer, one of the outstanding figures in Alabama football history and alternate captain of the 1948 Sugar Bowl eleven, is shown at right, impressing his handprint in the cement Walk of Fame in front of Denny Chimes. He starred at the Capstone in 1944, ' 45, ' 46, and ' 47. Gilmer ' s record has been a great one. He will doubtless be remembered as one of the greatest passers of all time. " Imprinl tor Poslerity " REA SCHUESSLER Publicity Director of Athletics Rea Schuessler, as Publicity Director of Athletics, deserves much of the credit for the al- most universally favorable pub- licity which appears about the Crimson Tide in the daily press of the state and the nation. The detailed information which he places at the disposal of the press makes this publicity possi- ble. JEFF COLEMAN Business Manager of Athletics One of the most important jobs connected with athletics is the business end and the un- usual success in its performance lies in the executive ability of Jeff Coleman. REA SCHUESSLER COACHING STAFF JEFF COLEMAN ♦ ♦ ♦ The " B " team, the growing pen for the stars of tomorrow, is under the capable direction of Joe Kilgrow. One of the most versatile backs in Tide history during his playing days, Kilgrow has been notably successful in developing replacements for the varsity as players graduate or leave school. He is assisted in his efforts by four former Crimson Tide standouts, Dick Gibson, Tom Whitley, Hugh Morrow, and Norwood Hodges. CAPTAIN Ray Richeson, a Tide standout for three seasons, was named to lead the 1948 gridders at Alabama. A native of Russellville, Alabama, Richeson was a star in the ' 48 Sugar Bowl encounter, and is con- sidered a great d efensive lineman. ALTERNATE CAPTAIN It is fitting that Jim Cain should be honored as alternate captain of the eleven. This native of Eu- dora, Arkansas was a member of the undefeated 1945 Rose Bowl team, and has performed brilliant- ly at his end post for four seasons. RAY RICHESON THE 1948 FOOT Bama ' s ' 48 gridiron warriors emerged with a record of six victories, four defeats, and one tie. The team had its ups and downs during the season, but composed chiefly of sophomores and juniors, the Tide made a creditable showing this year and promised even greater things for next year. The season commenced inauspiciously on September 25 in New Orleans with a disappointing 21-14 loss to Tulane and a last minute tie with Vanderbilt in Mobile the following week. The Tide then began a see-sow month which inter- spersed losses to Tennessee and Georgia with victories over Mississippi State and Mississippi Southern. Then, on November 13, the Red Elephants sprang one of the greatest upsets in the nation when they edged a favored Georgia Tech eleven at Grant Field in Atlanta, 14-12. The BAMA ' S BACKERS CHEERLEADERS If eight individuals were named as most responsible for football spirit at Bama, Bebe Smith, Mickey Sadler, Lennette Ellis, L. D. Jin- right, Rusty Collins, Gloria Sabotini, John McGill, and Ralph Shofner would be mentioned. Performing in their function as cheerleaders, this group has brought the Bama fans to their feet at every game with their stirring cheers and en- thusiastic spirit. They followed the Tide to each contest, cheering them on whether in victory or defeat. " COACH " COLLINS " Ccach " Collins, athletic department janitor, has actually seen the University of Alabama football team grow from the Thin Red Line to the now mighty Crimson Tide. Collins can remember when Cap- stone football coaches were known as " managers " and when there was no Supe Store. He was employed by the Supply Store when it was established. Collins has shown interest in Alabomc football for almost forty- five years. During these many years of following Tide footballers, and later in his more direct connection with University athletics, he has assembled a vast collection of memories. Johnny Mack Brown, Don Hutson, and Dixie Howell stand out as his favorite all-timers, but " Coach " insists that Harry Gilmer not be forgotten. " COACH " COLLINS BALL SEASON... Crimsons figured in an upset the following week also, but in a negative way, as the LSU Tigers clawed up from the conference cellar to hand them a 26-6 defeat. Facing the possibility of becoming the first Tide team in history to lose five gomes in a single season, the Drew men rebounded to an encouraging 34-28 Homecoming victory over a colorful Florida team in Denny Stadium. The season was brought to a completely satisfactory close on December 4 when Alabama crushed Auburn ' s ambitious gridders, 55-0. This game alone was enough to coll the 1948 football season a success for the Crimson Tide, and left Bamo football fans enthusiastically awaiting a great season in 1949. 1948 Football Squad " " a Cli-m Welch ALABAMA ' S MEN... Alabama ' s ' 48 edition of the Crimson Tide was composed chiefly of juniors and sophomores. There were only six sen- iors on the squad. They were Coin and Hood at ends, Dick Flowers at tackle, Richeson and Steve Fortunato at guards, and Pettus at left halfback. Richeson served as captain of the squad end Cain as alternate captain. Ed Salem was the big threat in the backfield with an out- standing record in running and passing. He racked up 288 lill Cadenhead yards net gain to lead the team ' s ground attack. In the air he picked up a 597-yard net gain record. He led the team in scoring with 60 points and in touchdown passes with six. Other frequent ball carriers were Bill Cadenhead with a 275-yard net gain; Tom Calvin, 254; Clem Welsh, 227; Gor- don Pettus, 205; and Red Noonan, 170. Strangely enough, the leading pass receivers were not the ends but the backs. Eutch Avinger, quarterback, was top receiver, snagging 12 passes for 150 yards. Righthalf Clem Welsh led the team in scoring on passes with three touchdowns. Quarterback Jack Brown did practically all of the team ' s punt- ing for a season average of 38.9 yards. In kick-off returns it was Fullback Tom Calvin who returned seven for a total of 173 yards. In the line, Richeson and Flowers were bulwarks in their final year on the campus. Bill Theris, Floyd Miller, and Herb Hannah held down the remain- ing tackle posts admirably, while the guard position was more than well-fortified with Jim Franco, Mike Mizerany, Walter May, Steve Fortunato, and Ed Holdnak sharing the duties. Doug Lockridge and Larry Lauer capably performed at center. Alabama ' s line backers, Elliott Speed and Pat O ' Sullivan, were among the best in the confer- ence, and stopped many a run- ner with their deadly tackles. Pat OSulllvon Steve Fortunate Jim Fronko Dick Flowers Doug Lockridge Herb Hcnnah Ed While Lorry Louer Bob Hood i l. , «. t-; •i..jl-»f,j : ' " n . ' : ■% ' ■ ' : Ed Salem Mike Mizerony Al Lary Bill Theris Rebel Sieiner Howard Pierson Floyd Miller Ed Holdnok Elliott Speed Rolph Cochr Gordon Pettus OF ACTION SEASON ' S RECORD Alabama 14 Alabama 14 Alabama 48 Alabama 6 Alabama 10 Alabama Tulane Vonderbilt Duquesne Tennessee Mississippi State Georgia 21 14 6 21 7 .35 Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama 27 ,14 6 34 55 228 Mississippi Southern Georgia Tech . . Louisiana State Florida Auburn 12 26 28 170 Clarence Avinge The year 1948 saw the Crim- son Tide football team of Ala- bama win six games, lose four, and tie one. The Tiders garner- ed victories over Duquesne, Mississippi State, Mississippi Southern, Georgia Tech, Florida, and Auburn. The losses were to Tulane, Tennessee, Georgia, and LSU. The tie was with Vonder- bilt. Poge 249 Calvin goes over for ALABAMA 14 Alabama ' s Crimson Tide staged a brilliant second half rally which netted 14 points, but it wasn ' t enough as Tulane ' s Green Wove dropped the Tiders 21-14 in the season opener at New Orleans. The defeat was Alabama ' s third straight in the Tulone stadium. More important, it marked Bamc ' s first opening game defeat in 40 years. Some 60,000 fans sat spellbound as on underdog Greenie eleven taking advantage of Bama fumbles and poor kicking ran up a 21-0 lead before the Tiders were able to recover themselves. The passing of quarterback Joe Ernst ar.d the booming kicks of Euel Davis set an early pace which was to continue for most of the contest. Tulane scored first on a 79-yard drive in the second quarter and added two more touchdowns in the third. Paced by White, Salem, Calvin and Welsh, Alabama came back to score once in each of the two final quarters. Calvin registered from the four-yard line. Later Salem dashed ever from the 10-yard line. O ' Sullivan, Franko, Flowers, and Steiner were standouts in the i aif j ■KivTiaumi. ra Qn r mm i ' ti-TZitftaxjeaxL sciS S T A T 1 S T 1 c s Ala. Tulane First Downs 16 9 Net Yards Rushing 213 156 Net Yords Passing 76 89 Passes Attempted 17 18 Passes Completed 7 6 Passes Intercepted By 1 Punting Av. ifrcm scrim. ' 28 44 Oppon. Fumbles Recovered 1 3 Yards Lost by Penalties 25 20 Page 250 STATISTICS Ala. Vcindy First Downs 8 10 Net Yards Rushing 115 125 Net Yards Passing 118 83 Passes Attempted 22 7 Passes Completed 11 4 Passes Intercepted By 2 Punting Av. ifrom scrim j 42 37 Oppon. Fumbles Recovers d 2 Yords Lost by Penalties 24 30 ALABAMA 14 VANDERBILT 14 Ed Salem added a storybook finish to a hotly-contested pigskin battle and gave the 38,000 fans jamming Mobile ' s nevj Ladd Stadium a thrilling climax to the first Bama-Vandy fracos to be played in that city. With Vanderbilt leading 14-7 and less than ten seconds to ploy, Salem fired a touch- down pass to Jock Brown to make the score 14-13. Salem then converted to give Bama a tie with the strong Commodore eleven. The Nashville team dominated ploy throughout most of the afternoon, but Alabama showed a never-say-die spirit. Twice they came from behind to stall off what seemed to be certain defeat. Ed White picks Vandy ' s big, charging line out-played the Tide for- wards, opening holes as backs Rich and Berry scotted through to pile up yardage. The Commodores ' touchdowns both came as results of sustained 80-yard drives with Rich and Davidson dividing the scoring honors. Alabama went scoreless for the first three quarters, with Salem finally picking up the first six-pointer in the final period when he faked a pass and barreled his way across the goal. Then, trailing 14-7 with three minutes left, Bama took the ball at mid-field and pushed to pay-dirt on a series of Salem passes. ' rt ivt ' % . ' Lone Wolf Spur STATISTICS Ala. Dl quesne First Downs 11 11 Net Yards Rushing 531 115 Net Yards Passing 114 110 Passes Attempted 12 24 Passes Completed 6 9 Passes Intercepted By 2 1 Punting Av. (from jcrim. 34 35 Oppon. Fumbles Recovered 1 Yards Lost by Pena ties 45 25 After a defeat in their first game and a tie in their second, the Red Elephants gave their followers new hope as they steamrolled to an impressive 48-6 victory over Duquesne eleven at Denny Stadium before 24,000 spectators. Sparked by Gordon Pettus and Bill Cadenhead, the entire Alabama backfield caught fire as time and time again they out- maneuvered and outran the Duquesne tacklers. Cadenhead scored twice, and Pettus, Don Spurrell, Paul Taylor, Charley Davis, and Jim Burkett tallied once each. The game was marked by long runs, the most notable of which were a 41 -yard end sweep by Davis in the second quarter, a brilliant 72-yard return of a punt by Pettus, and a 67-yard scoring jaunt by Cadenhead, the longest gain from scrimmage by a Tide runner during the season. Duquesne scored their only touchdown of the afternoon on a 70-yard drive built around the passing of Len Kubiak. The entire Bamo forward wall played well with Mike Mizer- any especially outstanding. Ed Salem converted six of the seven Bama touchdowns. ALABAMA 48 DUQUESNE 6 Musical welcome for Duquesne I I I i M V i I N f I • I f ff_JJ! J } ■C " ' - lC?l Mi ■ ' •)(? ' ??« " " " " ■■ v 4ir els the Voluntee ALABAMA 6 TENNESSEE 21 Tennessee ' s fighting Volunteers evened their modern-day rivalry with Alabama at nine victories apiece as they marched to a 21-6 triumph over the Crimson Tide. The alert Vols completely outplayed the Tiders with Hal Littleford reeling off gain after gain through the Red Elephant front wall. Tennessee capitalized on a break to make their first pointer. A Littleford kick brushed the leg of Pat O ' Sullivan just as it rolled dead and was pounced upon by Messerol near the midfield stripe. Three running ploys and a pass by W. C. Cooper were sufficient to produce the tally and the Vols went into the lead. Bomo came bock in the second half on a drive engineered by Salem, Calvin, and Davis to score their first touchdown. Salem failed to make the extra point. The Tide never seriously threatened again, and the Vols put the game on ice in the final stanza with two more touchdowns. Though in defeat. Bill Cadenhead played one of the best games of his career, excelling both offensively and defensively. Ray Richeson and Dick Flowers were the stalwarts in the line. Greetings from the pep squad STATISTICS Ala. Tenn. First Downs 12 16 Net Yards Rushing 184 257 Net Yards Passing 54 59 Passes Attempted 16 10 Passes Completed 7 5 Passes Intercepted By 2 1 Punting Av. ' from scrim. 36 34 Oppon. Fumbles Recovered 2 Yards Lost by Penalties 30 39 ALABAMA 10 MISS. STATE 7 The accurate toe of Eddie Salem spelled the difference as Alabama downed Mississippi State in Stark- ville, 10-7. With three seconds re- maining in the first half, Salem booted the crucial field goal frcm State ' s 15-yard line. Sparked by Cadenhead, Pettus, and Noonan, the Tide opened the scoring in the first period on a drive which commenced on the Bama 21 -yard line and ended with Cadenhead plunging over from the State one on o fourth down. Salem ' s field goal in the next quarter gave the Crimsons a 10- point lead as the half ended. The Maroons came back in the Embraceabie You second half. Spearheaded by Shorty McWilliams and Harper Davis, they made a determined bid to even the count. However, the Bama line, playing its best game of the season, gave scant yards to the Maroon runners, and only in the third quarter did the Red Elephants yield a touchdown to the Starkville lads. The punting of Jack Brown and Shorty McWilliams was an important factor in the low scoring as both averaged better than 40 yards per boot and consistently kept the offensive team deep in its own territory. Elliott Speed, in his first starting assignment was the outstanding lineman on the field. Mike Mizerany and Dick Flowers also played exceptional ball. ' im . :0fy STATISTICS Mtss. Ala. State First Downs 13 11 Net Yards Rushing 168 139 Net Yards Passing 39 103 Passes Attempted 10 13 Passes Completed 5 7 Passes Intercepted By 1 1 Punting Av. (from scrim. 42 48 Oppon. Fumbles Recovered 1 Yards Lost by Penalties 75 20 picks up yardage ALABAMA 7 Disappointment and amazement filled the faces of most of the 45,000 persons who watched bowlbound Georgia hand Alabama their worst defeat since 1910. Wally Butts ' Bull- dogs, sparked by All-American quarterback Johnny Rouch, ran and passed the Tide into oblivion 35-0 in Birmingham ' s Legion Field. It was simply a case of a Georgia team that could do no wrong against an Alabama team which could do no right. Six Alabama passes were intercepted and two Bama fumbles went to the Bulldogs. STATISTICS Ala. G eorgio First Downs 4 11 Net Yards Rushing 109 137 Net Yards Passing 37 176 Passes Attempted 13 18 Passes Completed 2 11 Passes Intercepted By 2 6 Punting Av. from scrim. 42 44 Oppon. Fumbles Recovere d 1 2 Yords Lost by Penalties 35 88 „1 .1 GEORGIA 35 The men from Athens struck with their aerial attack twice in the first eight minutes to register scores. Rauch passed to Walston and Geir went for 19 and 38-yard touchdowns for the only scoring in the first half. Georgia recovered an Alabama fumble on the 6-yard line shortly after the third quarter opened. Reid went over three plays later. An 80-yard runback of an intercepted pass by Jockura and a 10-yard run by Mixon completed the Bull- dog scoring for the afternoon. Cadenhead, O ' Sullivan, and Miller played good defensive ball for the Tide. Alabama chalked up Its third win cf the season at the expense of an outclassed Mississippi Southern eleven at Denny Stadium, 27-0. Clem Welsh was the day ' s leading scorer as he gathered in two Salem aerials for touchdowns. One of these was an off- balance, one-handed snare that brought the crowd to its feet, providing one of the few thrills in a predominantly uninteresting contest. Butch Avinger crossed the goal for Bama ' s first marker midway in the first guarter, and Welsh add- ed another in the second stanza to complete the scoring in the first half. Jim Franko became the first lineman to score this season when he intercepted a pass on Southern ' s 21 and hurried over for another six points in the third period. Salem made his third conversion of the afternoon. Southern mode their lone scoring bid of the contest in the third quarter when they drove to the Alabama 25, only to lose the ball on downs. The fourth quarter saw the Tide tally once more on Welsh ' s circus catch and subsequent touchdown. Crimson linemen giving noteworthy performances were Speed, Franko, Flowers, and O ' Sullivan. ALABAMA 27 MISSISSIPPI SOUTHERN STATISTICS Miss. Ala. Sou. First Downs 12 15 Net Yards Rushing 216 197 Net Yards Passing 89 18 Passes Attempted 8 14 Passes Completed 2 2 Passes Intercepted By 4 1 Punting Av. (from scrim.) 46 38 Oppon. Fumbles Recoverec 1 1 Yards Lost by Penalties 27 40 Page 256 9° off ,„, ALABAMA 14 GEORGIA TECH 2 Two substitute centers rode to fame as a fighting Crimson Tide bowled over Georgia Tech before 40,000 people at Grant Field in Atlanta. The upset read Alabama 14— Georgia Tech 12. Centers Doug Lockridge and Elliott Speed were the stars in Bama ' s best game of the year. Lockridge recovered a Tech fumble on their 4-yard line to set up one score. Speed jump- ed high into the air to intercept a Southard pass and then Paydirt if ' - i . ran 62 yards for a touchdown. Ed Salem provided the win- ning margin as he connected for two extra points. Bill Cadenheod scored on on end-around after Lock- ridge ' s recovery to give Soma a 7-0 lead at the half time. But Tech proved they were still in the game when Bowen ran 26 yords to narrow the margin to one point. Speed ' s long run made it 14-6 but the Golden Tornado marched 80 yards in 12 plays to moke the score close once again. However, it was too little too late as the Tide held the boil for the two remaining minutes. The whole Alabama team was magnificent in victory, especially the forward wall which once again proved the difference on this Sot- _ urc ' ay afternoon. i ' i STATISTICS Ga. Ala. Tech. First Downs 10 12 Net Yards Rushing 154 168 Net Yards Passing 65 164 Passes Attempted 8 17 Passes Completed 5 11 Passes Intercepted By 2 1 Punting Av. ifrom scrim. ' 30 31 Oppon. Fumbles Recoverec 2 Yards Lost by Penalties 30 35 f Race tor the ball ALABAMA 6 LOUISIANA STATE 26 A heavily favored Crimson Tide felt the anger of an LSU tiger that hod been defeated in six out of eight games in 1948 but which on this Saturday was up and springing. The Tigers scored twice in the first and fourth quarters to win easily, 26-6. Alabama, fresh from the surprising Tech vic- tory, was completely outplayed before 26,000 peo- ple in Baton Rouge ' s huge, almost empty stadium. Alabama ' s single touchdown came on a pass, Salem to Avinger, which covered 15 yards. Salem missed the extra point. Charlie Peevey, understudy to Y. A. Tittle for two seasons, came into his own against the Tiders. He passed for two quick scores in the first quarter. End Abner Wimberley was the LSU star in the line, both on offense and defense. One bright spot for Alabama was the continued fine kicking of Jack Brown. End Al Lary and de- fensive center Pat O ' Sullivan played good ball in the line for Alobarha. Codenhead and Co STATISTICS Lo. Ala. State First Downs 12 14 Net Yards Rushing 99 244 Net Yards Passing 171 141 Passes Attempted . 30 9 Passes Completed 17 6 Passes Intercepted By 1 3 Punting Av. (from scrim.) 43 37 Oppon. Fumbles Recoverec 3 1 Yards Lost by Penalties 20 25 ALABAMA FLORIDA 34 28 In the most colorful gome of the year in Denny Sta- dium before 25,000 Homecoming fans, the Crimson Tide downed Florida ' s Alligators, 34-28, in a see-saw encounter in which the lead changed three times. Charley Hun- singer, jet-propelled Gatcr bock, left players and specta- tors alike breathless in the woke of his pigskin rumblings. After first quarter touchdown engineered by Hun- singer, Bomo raced back early in the second period to their first marker. The Tide forged into the front a sh:il time later when O ' Sullivan partially blocked a Gatcr punt and Bill Abston returned it to the 27-yard stripe. Six plays later, Abston scored on a reverse. Florida was not to be forgotten, however, as two plays after the kick-off, Hun- singer danced 77 yards through the entire Tide team to put Florida in the lead once more. The Floridians inaugurated the scoring in the second half as Hunsinger once again went over for the score. Eight plays later, Eddie Salem took a hand-off and went 32 yards for a touchdown to put Bama bock in the ball game. The final quarter saw the Tide forge ahead when Salem and Charley Davis each romped to pay dirt. As the Calvin charges through clock ticked toward the final minutes, Hunsinger perform- ed his most thrilling feat of the game as he took a kick- off and sped 96 yards untouched through the center of the Bama defenders for the final score of the game. STATISTICS Ala. Flo. First Downs , 21 13 Net Yards Rushing 391 307 Net Yards Passing 65 14 Passes Attempted 14 7 Passes Completed 9 2 .Passes Intercepted By 1 Punting Av. (from scrim.) . . 34 36 Oppon. Fumbles Recovered 2 Yards Lost by Penalties 45 40 Completion It ' s Touchdown Time for the Tide Welch, Salem, and Pettus Sat . . :d« -t|g ■,:.:,, ■■ ' v ;??i s)H ' ALABAMA 55 The morning of December 4 saw Birming- ham a human cauldron seething with the spirit of football rivalry at its strongest. The first athletic meeting between Alabama and Auburn in almost half a century assumed all the characteristics of a bowl contest; banners and colors decorated the streets, and cries of " Roll Tide " and " War Eagle " filled the air as the city restlessly awaited the kick-off. So great hod been the demand for a meeting between these two institutions that a bill had been introduced in the Alabama Leg- islature to withhold funds from the schools until an agreement to play could be reached. More than 45,000 fans filled Legion Field to the brim that afternoon. The winner was to receive not only the glory that goes with victory, but the mammoth ODK Trophy, to be presented annually to the winner of the clash. The giant trophy was donated in honor of the resumption of athletics between the two schools by the Auburn and Alabama circles of Omi- cron Delta Kappa, national leadership honor society. Thus was the setting for what was probably the most eagerly awaited encounter in the history of Alabama football. The game was one never to be forgotten by either Alabama or Auburn supporters. The Red Elephants, playing like the powerhouse of old, ran roughshod over the Tigers, dealing devastating defeat to their intrastate rivals and appearing triumphant on the long end of a 55-0 count. The game was marked by the brilliant play of Alabama ' s sophomore backs, but much credit should also go to ' Bama ' s six seniors, who bowed out in a blaze of glory. AUBURN Pettus started the ball rolling when he passed to Butch Avinger in the end zone for the first score of the afternoon. For a while it appeared that it might be a close contest as both lines held doggedly until the latter part of the second period. Then, taking over on the Bama 11 -yard stripe, Eddie Salem and Clem Welsh took charge, spearheading a drive which took the Crimsons the length of the gridiron to their second touchdown. Shortly afterward, the Tide gained possession of the ball on their own 32. With Welsh and Tom Calvin in the driver ' s seat, the Tuscaloosans roared to another goal. Eddie Salem booted his third extra point of the day and Bomo led 21-0 at halftime. Auburn wasted no time in turning the boll over to Alabama as Pelfrey fumbled the kick-off to start the second half. Salem went off tackle for the score on the next play. It took the Tide three minutes to make another tally— this time on a 53-yard pass from Salem to Steiner. In the lost quarter Salem spotted Howard Pierson m the end zone for the sixth touchdown of the gome. The final two pointers came on a kick blocked by Larry Lauer and recovered by Tom Selman, and a pass interception which Don Sourrell converted into a touchdown. Eddie Salem had his greatest field day, accounting for four of the Tide ' s touchdowns and succeeding in seven of eight attempted conversions. Richeson, Inman, and ODK Trophy STATISTICS Ala. Auburn First Downs 18 5 Net Yards Rushing 222 81 Net Yards Passing 194 45 Passes Attempted 17 19 Passes Completed . 11 5 Passes Intercepted By 4 2 Punting Av. (from scrim.) 48 34 Oppon. Fumbles Recovers d 3 Yards Lost by Penalties 105 45 THE COACH Coach Floyd Burdette ' s third year as head bas- ketball coach at Alabama saw the " won " column oulweigh the " lost " column, as has been the case in each of his three years at Boma. Burdette retain- ed the controversial " slow break " system which he has incorporated into Bama basketball. The " slow break " system is the deliberate style of play employed by Henry Iba at Oklahoma A M and emphasizes ball control. The very close games that Bama has played throughout the Burdette era have proven the de- fensive power of this system, and with the prospect from the 1948-49 freshman team, the offensive might of " slow break " play will undoubtedly be equally as deadly. The basketball outlook at Bama is much brighter for the 49-50 season that it has been for any of the other Burdette years. There are several regulars returning and a whole crop of freshmen who are jammed with height and ability. COACH FLOYD B. BURDETTE ALABAMA ' S BASKET Pete Manglna Dick McKenzie W . !« -i FIRST ROW: Hamner, Vrotsos, Mangino, McKenzie, Ste SECOND ROW: Coach Burdelte, Blemker. Dean, Palmer, Shoeffer, Hil BALL SQUAD . . . Hamner adds two against Kentucky Dyson Hamne Elliott Speed Marvin Blemkc Over-scheduled and under-manned was the word for Alabama ' s 1948-49 basketball squad. Coach Floyd Burdette ' s Crimson Tide cage squad got off to a flying start with a pair of victories over Birmingham-Southern and single wins against Howard, Auburn and Southern Methodist University before losing in the semi-finals of the Oklahoma City All-College Tournament to powerful Oklahoma A. M. After being eliminated from the All-College meet by Texas, Alabama re- turned to Southeastern Conference competion and beat Auburn and Georgia befcre losing to Georgia Tech in At- lanta. The Tide ended its regular season with nine victories against nine defeats in S. E. C. competition and a 13-11 sea- son ' s record against all-comers. Six of Alabama ' s nine losses were to Kentucky, Tulane and Vanderbilt— three of the league ' s most powerful teams. Alabama lost to Tulane, 42-62, for the third time during the season in the annual conference tournament at Louisville, Ky. Considering all, it was a commendable season for the Burdette-men. Dick McKenzie, junior guard from Selmo, Ala., was the team ' s leading scorer with 221 points. Carl Shaeffer, only senior on the squad from Delphi, Ind., had 204 markers, and Dyson fHamner had 142, Gene Palmer, 119; Rebel Steiner, 1 12; and Billy Dean, 104. With Shaeffer the only graduating senior, Alabama ' s outlook for the coming season is much brighter than any time since pre-war years, especially with o fine crop of freshman cage prospects coming up. The Baby Tide hoopsters won their first 12 games before losing to Mississippi State in their season ' s finale. Paul Sullivan, six foot, five inch center; Sammy Moore, 6-3 forward; Bryant Ivey, 6-2 forward, and Bob Schneider and Paul Riddle, a pair of Indiana ball-hawking guards, were the standout prospects on the 1949 freshman squad. against L. S. U. Billy Dean Car ShaeHer J ohnny Hite SOUTHEASTERN CONFERENCE GAMES Alabama 46 Auburn 45 Birmingham Alabama 37 Mississippi 42 Oxford Alabama 45 Auburn 38 Auburn Alabama 40 Kentucky 56 Tuscaloosa Alabama 46 Georgia 40 Tuscaloosa Alabama 56 L.S.U. 45 Tuscaloosa Alabama 38 Georgia Tech . 51 Atlanta Alabama 50 Mississippi State 45 Tuscaloosa Alabama 49 Georgia , , 43 Athens Alabama 42 Vanderbilt 68 Nashville Alabama 44 L.S.U. 51 Baton Rouge Alabama 32 Kentucky 74 Lexington Alabama 46 Tulane 51 New Orleans Alabama 40 Tulane 56 Tuscaloosa Alabama 31 Vanderbilt 36 Tuscaloosa Alabama 43 Mississippi State 31 Starkville Alabama 39 Auburn 37 Tuscaloosa Alabama 64 Mississippi 57 Tuscaloosa NON-CONFERENCE GAMES SOUTHEA STERN CONFERENCE TOURNAMENT Alabama 62 Birmingham-Sou. 36 Tuscaloosa LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY Alabama 48 Birmingham-Sou. 38 Birmingham Alabama 42 Tulane 64 Louisville, Ky. Alabama 38 Howard College 37 Birmingham ALL COLLEGE TOURNAMENT Alabama 42 SMU 39 Oklahoma City Alabama 31- Oklahoma A M 44 Oklahoma City Alabama 39 Texas 60 Oklahoma City BASEBALL THE COACH Completing his tenth yeor of coaching at the University of Alabama, Cccich Tilden " Happy " Campbell has compiled a record that is unsurpassed in collegiate ccaching circles. In 1935 Coach Campbell was named head baseball coach following three seasons as varsity quarterback on the Alabama Crimson Tide football teams, and three campaigns as regular third baseman on the baseball squad. During his first season Campbell led Alabama to a conference title. Alabama baseball teams have won eight Southeastern Conference crowns under Campbell leadership. The Tide season record in 1948 showed 16 wins and seven losses. In conference competition Alabama won 1 1 and lost 5. Alabama ' s baseball team ended its South- eastern Conference season with a record of 1 1 wins against but five defeats and repre- sented the S. E. C. at the regional N. C. A. A. Cocch Tilden Hcppy " Compbell ployoffs ot Charlotte, N. C, for the second straight year. After defeating George Wash- ington University, 4-1, in the opening game. Coach Happy Campbell ' s Crimsons dropped two in a row to North Carolina and to George Washington to be eliminated from the tourney. With southpaw Joe Kirkland leading the way among ' Bama hurlers the Tide got off to a fine start in S. E. C. competition with five straight victories before losing to L.S.U. at Baton Rouge. Returning to Tuscaloosa the Tide handed L.S.U. two successive defeats and appeared vvell on its way to a second straight conference championship only to lose two in a row to Florida before home fans. The late season losses to the Gators, plus a pair of defeats at the hands of the Mississippi State Maroons, knocked Alabama out of the running for the confer- ence championship. Kirkland, who signed a professional contract with the Atlanta Crackers at season ' s end, had six victories against but two defeats against conference competition, and Jay Byrd and Ed White led the ' Bama batters with .351 and .345 averages, respectively. Freshman Coach Kilgr Jennings Byrd Clarence Fleck Gordon Pettus rAHAn i in 1948 Baseball Squad 1948 RESULTS SOUTHEASTERN CONFERENCE Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alaboma Alobama Alabama Alabama Alabarr Alaban Alabarr Alabon Alabama 4 Hugh Morrovi Mississ Mississ L.S.U. L.S.U. L.S.U. L.S.U. Rollins Rollins Bradley Tech Bradley Tech Alabam Alobon Alaban Alobarr Alaban Alaban Alaban Alaban Alaban 2 Florida 1 Florida 3 Mississippi 6 Mississippi 9 Mississippi 7 Mississippi State State State State NON-CONFERENCE GAMES Alabama n Alabama 2 Alabama 5 Alabama Tuscaloosa Indiar Central Foundry Central Foundry Central Foundry Walker County NCAA PLAYOFFS George Washington I Alabama 3 North Co Alabama 8 George Washington 9 J. F. Sharpe Mike Mizerany John McCollun J ? 1948-49 Track Team THE TRACK TEAM During the 1948 season, the Alabama Track team was under the leadership of Coach Tom Lieb and Assistant Coach Phil Knuth. Coach Lieb is an alumnus of Notre Dame where he let- tered in track, football, baseball, and hockey. He played with Coach Frank Thomas and under the great Knute Rockne, and also coached the Notre Dame line under Rockne. He was great discus thrower and won top honors in that event in the Olympic Games in 1924. Assistant Coach Fhil Knuth, finishing his first year on the Bama coaching staff, is a alumnus of Western Michigan College where he ran the mile and cross-country. He was recently track coach at Lee High School in Jacksonville, Florida, where his teams established remarkable records Allan McHenr ' Young Pricket) Glennon Peterson and completely dominated track in the state for several years. During the past year the track team participated in the Florida Relays, Southern Relays, Southeastern Conference meet, and in the Southeastern AAU meet. The pride and joy of the team was the fine mile relay team. After being a little slow getting into condition, they made an excellent showing in every contest, climaxing the season by winning the event in the AAU meet in Atlanta, setting a new school lecord. Team members were John Stauffer, Roy Winslett, Sam Ridley, and Chuck Davis. Also coming in for much acclaim were the high jumpers. With Clark Hurst, Allan McHenry, Yourn Prickett, and Dick Hansen, Alabama had a strong group of high jumpers. Top sprinter again was Buck Ridley, being pushed in the 200 by Roy Winslett. Winslett and Chuck Davis were a pair of potent 440 men and in the 880 John Stauffer and Buddy Breen performed. Lou Lackey doubled in the mile and 2-mile races, aided by J. P. Green, Charlie Hopper, Glennon Peterson, and Joe Doughty. Beauchamp threw the javelin, " Big Red " Houshalter threw the discus and put the shot, and Clem Welsh was the mainstay in the pole vault. Fred Holloman was the leading broad jumper. The cross-country team completed its second seoson since being rejuvenated at Bama. Its members were Captain Lou Lackey, Carl Johnson, Glennon Peterson, Joe Doughty, David Wendell, J. P. Green, Buddy Breen, John Martin, and E. J. Goldman. Lackey placed seventh in the Southeastern Conference meet and third in the Birmingham Roadrace. The freshman cross-country team was most powerful and went through the season undefeated. They won team honors at the Birmingham Roadrace with Frakes, Parsons, DeRieux, and Webster placing second, fourth, fifth, and ninth respec- tively. Other members of this team were Jack Detwieler, Gene Miller, and Bob Knuth. The varsity can expect much help from these boys next fall and spring. Lou Lackey Buddy Breen John Green John StouHer Dole Lewis Chorley Davis Roy Winslett Charlie Hoppe Buck Ridley I ' iaJ r " - THE " A " CLUB 1948 marks another year of " A " Club activities and traditions. The spring initiations, " A " Day football game, " A " Club formal dance, and the annual " A " Club picnic have long been campus traditions. In these and ether activities, President Ray Richeson has led the club to a successful year. Although this has hardly been a record-breaking year in the won-lost column for the major sports teams, largely composed of club members, they have played and contended well and are looking forward to better treatment by Dame Fortune in the coming year. OFFICERS RAY RICHESON ... GORDON PETTUS RED NOONAN BOB COCHRAN, Chairman, BILLY CONWAY, JOE KIRKLAND President Vice-Pre.-ident Secretary-Treasurer Social Committee 1948 " A " Clu Bama Pugilists BOXING For the first time since the war, in 1948-49 Alabama was represented by a boxing team. Under the leadership of Eddie Brugal, Bama ' s pugilists hove trained long and hard and are ready to enter matches with top-flight teams. The boxing program was first reactivated in January of 1948 as an intramural program under the intramural director. A large number of men answered the call, and after several matches the iaea was conceived to form a bcxing team to fight under the school colors. An elimination tournament to select the members of the squad Coach Eddie Brugol was held on January 25 at Fort Brandon Armory. In the first official match, with the Birmingham Boys ' Club, the " Crimsons fcught to a draw. Each team wen two victories and there were three draws. COACH Eddie Brugal, former Dominican Republic Golden Glove champ- ion, was appointed by the Intramural Athletics Department to direct the new University boxing team. Brugal has been successful in arous- ing a considerable amount of interest in boxing on the campus, and has advanced appreciably with his new organization. Presently a student in the College of Engineering at the University, Brugol ' s home is Puerto Plata in the Dominican Reoublic. Page 271 Preston Franks, Emmett Dendy THE DIRECTOR AND ASSISTANTS The Department of Intramural Athletics is headed by Director Churles Stopp. Different phases of the widespread intramural ath- letic program are administered by three student assistants, Emmett Dendy, Preston Franks, and Bill Hembree. Intramural Director Cha Stapp INTRAMURALS Continuing the previous year ' s extensive intramural sports program the Intramural Athletics Department maintained its record during 1948-49 by going all-out on all sports. Fraternity and independent competitive spirit was at its peak. For the Fall quarter touch football held the spotlight and was followed up by horseshoes, bowling, and ping pong. Nine men made up a touch team and resulted in a faster game than the larger teams previously used. Holding the spotlight for the second year in a row, the Sigma Chi team won the football trophy through a de- cided victory over the ATO ' s. The Dekes came in second to win the small trophy. In independent football the Raiders won in their league and were beaten by the Sigma Chi ' s. The horseshoes championship was held by the Delta Tau Delta ' s and the KA ' s held top place in bowling. In the Winter quarter approximately fifty basketball teams were organized on the campus. Sigma Chi emerged the victor. In the indepen- dent league the Corner basketball team came out on top. They played the Sigma Chi ' s and were defeated. The Spring quarter was the time for athletics to take over the campus. Baseball, softball, golf, track, volleyball, and tennis were all jammed into the Springtime atmosphere. Page 272 Independent League Champs Sports Counc WOMEN ' S SPORTS »5Sf-? ' The Women ' s Intramural Sports Deportment at Barnwell Hall plans and organizes various matches, contests and tourna- ments to be held on the campus between the dormitories, sororities and town teams. Mrs. Lucile Rosenfield, intramural sports director, Ivirs. Neva McCall, assistant director, and Doris Miller, student chairman, are responsible for the organization of the athletic program. Each team has a sports representative and those representatives manage their teams. Many interested coeds have gathered to watch the teams as they partici- Tri-Delt Chomps pate in the various tournaments. While keen competition prevails in the games, clean sport and spirited play is stressed by the department rather than the development of champions. f4i«t Before drawing for the tournament all teams must practice three times and play four after entering the preliminary tournament. The team winning three out of four games in the preliminary tournament play in the ' - ■■t .jf!ik.,_ elimination tournament. Volleyball, bosketball and softball tournaments ore Court Conqueror held during the respective quarters of the school year. Twelve teams participated in the volleyball tournament, sixteen teams entered the basketball tournament, and many students participated in th e table tennis, badminton, tennis singles and tennis doubles tourna- ments during the year. The " Fems " in aclion Poge 276 z o o z Of o. m m Of O Z o X CO LU O Of o to lO UJ Z LU ■I A great University is based on strong and useful organi- zational life ... the theory is for every student to have some place in some organization . . . honoraries . . . social . . . departmental . . . religious . . . service . . . scholarship and activities rev arded by honoraries . . . friendship gains new meaning in the social organizations . . . professional interests fostered by departmental fraternities . . . spirit- ual advancement guided in the religious groups . . , general student life and campus activities encouraged by the service organizations ... a mixture of many activities to help with the liberal education , . . training leaders for the future ... all for the betterment of the University, the state and the nation . . . 4 ' f ? fl «r;- « i% ■ " : n l ' ' %V U t M ii " " " " 3 -4 ALPHA TAU OMEGA DELTA TAU DELTA DELTA KAPPA EPSILON KAPPA ALPHA ke FRATERNITIES AN INSTITUTION 102 YEARS OLD AT BAMA The Fall Quarter began with open rush and certain fraternities were accused of meeting all trains and busses with shiny new pledge pins for likely-looking Freshmen. The quarter ended with a full-scale fire- works war on Fraternity Row which lasted most of the week of final examinations. The situation was a serious problem for a while, but solemn threats of chapter fines ' and administration disciplinary action stopped " friendly " hostilities, after many Capstoners had resignedly shrugged, " Well, I didn ' t want to study for finals, anyway. " The first postwar bumper crop of all-civilian pledges strengthened all chapters. Greeks came through with excellent cooperation on oil campus undertakings — publications, pep rallies, Homecoming activities, Ele- phant Freight Fund, and the Campus Chest Drive. Fraternities and the entire student body cooperated Poge 282 ■ E p lis W ' ' iijfi f -. j ih " mmEm m " ' ■ y - . ' ■ ' 1 1 -:i-ai ■ tt ' 1 1 i i ■ 1 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA PHI GAMMA DELTA . mif0 m n f iif 1 HH ■ kM ■ n ■ St-. 4 ii KAPPA SIGMA PHI DELTA THETA PI KAPPA ALPHA PI KAPPA PHI PHI KAPPA SIGMA SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON wonderfully in maintaining an orderly manifestation of spirit in resumption of varsity football relations with Auburn. The game, a success from every stand- point, was marked by excellent spirit on the part of supporters of both teams. January brought unusually warm weather and saw numerous picnics at hlurricone Creek and other places. An acceleration of pinnings such as is usually seen only in Springtime was reflected in the news columns of the C-W, roughly a year after the ex- tremely heavy Tuscaloosa snowfall of 1948. But cold weather and accompanying light snow followed inevitably a week later, putting on end to the June in January period and driving courtship indoors. Then Spring weather returned, and the usual Springy feverish activity was resumed. Page 283 SIGMA ALPHA MU SIGMA PHI EPSILON ZETA BETA TAU a t ALPHA SIGMA PHI ALABAMA DELTA SIGMA PHI Page 284 n ■ ■ w m f V. r, " A weekly meeting of Interfraternity Council INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL SPONSORED THE AUBURN-ALABAMA PUNCH BOWL GAME The Interfraternity Council is the governing body of all fraternities. Composed of two representatives from each social fraternity, the Council serves as an agency for coordinating the activities of the various groups. The Council, through its legis- lative povi ' er, seeks to protect the interests of fraternities, and to promote a spirit of cooperation and mutual aid betw een the fraternities and the Student Body. During the past year the Council sponsored many events of campus interest such as the Punch Bowl game between fraternity touch football champions from Auburn and Alabama, two open dances, and the annual Stepsinging contest. A service cup was awarded to the male student judged as contributing most to the University during his college career. A scholarship cup was awarded to the fraternity which led in scholastic average of all its members. The Council organized meetings between house mothers, and chapter officers, to encourage members of these two groups in discussion of common problems. JOE PIPER BOB MILLS WILLIS HAGAN BILL ABBOTT ALAN DRENNEN LARRY FIQUETT JACK FLOYD BURNLEY FRIEDMAN LAMAR GAMMAGE LOUIS HAMNER BILL HAMM DICK HEFFINGTON ELVIN KANTER DAVID KLOTZ JIM McGINTY OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary and Treasurer MEMBERS BILL MARTY JAMES MORROW A. B. C. NICHOLLS ED O ' CONNELL BUBBER PATTON BURNS PROCTOR REX RANKIN JACK REDMOND RICHARD SMITH RALPH STEWART GEORGE WEAVER Page 285 ALPHA TAU OMEGA BUSINESS MANAGER OF COTILLION CLUB IS AN ATO Beta Delta chapter of Alpha Ta u Omega was established at Alabama in 1885, shortly after the campus-wide fraternity ban was lifted, and has been active on the campus ever since. The local chapter received approval of the Worthy Grand Chief after his visit and a banquet in his honor on January 17. The success of a Pirate Party built around the digging of an underground Rumpus Room promises to become an annual event. A dance was held in Birmingham in connection with the Alabama-Auburn gome. The annual Tea Rose pledge dance on February 27 and the formal dance on April 10 were prominent in the fraternity ' s social season. In 1948 ATO won first place in the intramural swimming meet and second place in the track meet. Drew Redden, Phi Alpha Delta president, ODK, Phi Beta Kappa, was named first editor of Law School ' s Alabama Law Review. Quadrangle President Tom King was a member of ODK and Druids. Faculty Dr. Tom Allen Dr. George Long Mr. Clifton Penick Mr. B. B. Trowick Mr. L. M. Trowick Dr. Bernard V eber Prof. Clanton Williams Actives Trenton E. Adorns Richord Allison James K. Baggett Sam V . Bealle Earl W. Beovers Fred W. Beavers Charles Beck John E. Bergin Arthur W. Blockmon John W. Boggess Duke C. Bradford Thomas N. Britton James W. Burketf Basil M. Burks James L. Burton Tom Galloway James J. Cameron James W. Collins Ernest M. Curtis James H. Crutcher George W. Dean Raymond G. Dominey MEMBERS Charles Doster Thomas C. Lawson Harold B. Eddins Thomas B. Leslie Harvey Edwards John M. Maples Comer D. Evans Frank T. Mostin Lawrence Passman Lex S. Mathews Wilson A. Florey Thomas F. Mathews Henry B. Foster William Mobley William A. Freeman Lonnie N. McClusky Cecil R. French Euell E. McCoy Eugene Fulgham Everett M. McCrary Alton D. Fulmer Paul A. McDougal William B. Hairston James B. Nelson Williom D. Hall Donald C. Northingto William H. Heard David O. Parker David Henderson John Patterson James Vann Henegan Maurice W. Patterson Thomas B. Hill Arthur B. Potton Shelby Hodges Louis W. Perry Robert M. Hodgson Williom W. Rayburn Charles S. Hogue Drew Redden R. O. Holman Dan E. Rice J. K. Huffstuther Stephen W. Rowe Joseph G. Hunter Lofton Rutledge Raymond D. Hurlbert Yetta G. Samford William P. James Chorles E. Sharp Robert K. Johnson George S. Shirley Edward M. Jones Benjomin B. Smith Lonnie C. Jordon Herbert Smith Joseph C. Kellett Ralph Smith Alpheus O. Kilgo William A. Smith Tom K. King Leon D. Sockwell Monroe B. Lanier Thomas H. Stephen William O. Stephen Charles A. Stewart Henry L. Thornburgh Don C. Turnbull Jomes Vorn Brice A. Wager Joseph C. Wakefield i ;; : sa iaHI H H Christopher J. Walker a H James M. Walker George D. Wells Ernest C. Wilson James E. Wilson Harvey J. Wright Hubert H. Wright Pledges Bill E Dick Byrd Al Corroway Harry Cole Sam Christopher Joke Davidson Clark Dyer Howell Erwin Billy Gipson Joe Graden Ralph Graham Dovid Gunby Sondo Helms Woody Hiatt Ted Holder Earl Holman Ralph Howcid James Jordan Richard King Charles Linaker Ned Madison Dick Madison Doug Putnam Paul Robertson Charles Sawyer Hardy Smith J. P. Vonhook Bill Watt Coke Williams Dorden Williams Robert Williams L. B. Whitfield Tommy Taylor Poge 286 BETA DELTA CHAPTER r4i N gm - r , f y C- p O, (Tj q r w 1 iii » i ' k 4 Adams Brctton Allison Burks Baggelt Byrd Eealle Cameron Beovers, E. Carraway Beavers, F. Christopher Beck Cole Bergin Curtis Blackman Davidson Boggess Dominey Doster Galloway Eddins Gipson Edwards Graden Erwln Graham Evans Gunby Passman Hairston Florey Heard Freeman Henogan French Henderson Fulgham Hiatt Hill Kellett Hodgson Kilgo Hogue King Holman, E. Lanier Holmon, R. Lowson Howard Leslie Huffstutler Linoker Hunter Moples James Mostin Johnson Mathews, L Mathews, T. Redden McClusky Rowe McCrory Rutledge McDougol Samford Nelson Sowyer Patterson Smith, B. Patton Smith, C. Perry Smith, H. Rayburn Smith, Wm. Sockwell Stephen, T. Stephen, Wrr Stewart Thornburgh Turnbull Vorn Wakefield Walker, C. Walker, J. Wells Whitfield Willioms, G. Williams, H. Wilson Wilson Wright, Horvey Wright, Hubert C H I P H I A CHI PHI IS PRESIDENT OF GREEKS Tau chapter of Chi Phi was organized at Ala- bama in 1920 and remained active on campus throughout World War II. The local chapter is proud of its alumni association, Chi Phi Club of Alabama. Interstate sig- nificance was introduced into the fraternity ' s program by a dance in Atlanta following the Alabama-Georgia Tech foot- ball game, in which chapters from Emory, Tech, Georgia, and Alabama participated. The Tau Day banquet on April 20, and the annual Homecoming tea dance, were outstanding social events of the year. Greek President Bill Sullivan, Jerry Wiggins, Cotillion Club vice-president, and C-W Business Manager Elwood Rutledge were outstanding members of the fraternity. Herschel Taylor, a Druid and a member of Phi Eta Sigma, and Bob Mills, Interfraternity Council vice-presi- dent, were also prominent in campus affairs. MEMBERS Actives James Basinger Lloyd Beasley William Boggs William Erokefield Oscar Calhoun Edward Creecy John Creel Claude Dohmer Alvis Dearmon Edmond de Celle Williom Dillard Frank Dodd John Ellis Thomas Gardner Ashby Gholson James Holloway Frederick Hosli Joseph Houston Grady Hurst Billy James James Jones Reginald Jones David Kilgore Reuben Landham Granger Lotto Mason Loy Bryan Matthews Robert Mills George Middleton Sterling McDonald John McShan James Owings Clorence Paugh Edwin Phillips Elwood Rutledge Murray Stovall William Sullivan William Taylor Issac Tull Robert Watson John Whitehead David Whitney Jack Wilson Gerald Wiggins Pledges Lewis Bliss Harry Bodie Eugene Bondurant E. Hoi Davidson James Dodds Claude Doming John Ebaugh Tom Head Fred Henry Thomas Hicks William Israll James A. Jones Clyde Kilgore William Little Donald Lonergan William McDonald Warren McPherson Benton Stockton James Tingle Emmett Walden James Waters Charles Weaver Zoc. L. Weaver Poge 288 TAU CHAPTER • Mi ., P l?f t- ' I 4vyc -7 -jmBm f ' O f . O .O p p i«i C r Basinger Beasley Bliss Bodie Boggs Bondorant Brakefleld Calhoun Creecy DeCelle Dlllord Dodd Dodds Doming EMis Gardnf Head Henry Hicks Hollow. Hosli Houston Hurst James Jones, J. Jones, R. Kilgore Lcndhom Little Lonergran Loy Matthews Mills McDonald, S. McDonald, Wm. McPherson McSharn Phillips Rutledge Stockton Stovall Sullivan Taylor Tull Walden Waters Watson Weaver Whitehead Wiggins Wilson DELTA C H I DELTA CHI ' S HAVE TWO MEN ON THE VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM In 1923 Theta Sigma, a local fraternity, was organized at the University. In December, 1924, this organization petitioned the national chapter of Delta Chi and a charter was granted. Delta Chi held its 1948 Founders ' Day in October and offered a gala Home- coming weekend in November. Beozey ' s Banquet followed in December, and the annual picnic was an event of the Spring quarter . House dances were held twice each month, and dances were held in Birmingham with the Georgia and Auburn football games. The fraternity ' s Winter Formal was in Janu- ary. Winston L. Wallace, Who ' s Who, Quadrangle, SGA, St. Pat ' s Council, Tau Beta Pi, Theta Tau, Rifle Team and Scab- bard and Blade, was a leading member of Delta Chi. MEMBERS Faculty Allan Bailes Jeff Coleman Dr. Wade Coleman Dr. James F. Doster Knox Hagood Dr. John V. Masters Clinton McGee Poul Thomas Actives Earle Adkinson Samuel Aiken Frank C. Alverson William H. Arnold James Ashcroft William C. Baker, Jr. O. D. Barksdale George W. Barnett Richard Barnett Keith Barze Gene Beoird David B. Brosfield Joseph H. Cloffee M. O. Cleveland Cecil Crumly Clayton Colemon Buxton L. Dormon Joseph P. Doughty Edmund B. Dugon William Durant Mitchel M. Evans Marshall Fitzpotrick Walter C. Granger William W. Griffin Lewis H. Homner, Jr. Ben Hendrix Jack hlodgkins Thomas Hooten Robert W. Johnson John W. Klinefelter Lee Roy Manners Norman McCann Robert L. McDoniel, Ji Vol Lloyd McGee William H. Miller, Jr. Charles Mitchell E. Jones Moore Joe B. Myers Dixon Nabors James M. Nighfengalt John R. Orr Robert H. Owen Paul H. Page Robert M. Porker Gregg Burns Parsons Joseph Perry Robert Pribbenow Herbert L. Rainey George E. Rudd James W. Scott Richard Shiflett Dennis Smith Earl Stokes W. Ellis Stricklin Paul W. Taylor Richard R. Thomson Gerald Tidmore Winston Wallace William M. Warren Clarence White Samuel J. Wycoff Jock hi. Young Pledges William Bellonde Luther Bevis Joseph Burns Nelson Camp William Rodger I pbe Dav L. Dugon Herbert E. Furlong Malcolm Graham Roy Graham William C. Hamilton Robert W. Hodgkins Frank Lewis Harold Lutz Guy Morton James L. Newsome Samuel J. Oliver George A. Parker Herman C. Patterson Gail Penny Louis M. Prestwood J. D. Roddam Ernest Rowe Thomas Schifanello James Stone Robert Sweat John D. Thomas Paul L. Vines, Jr. Nelson Vinson Glenn Morris Weldon Jimmy Wilson It Was A Fine Party r-j — M. Hfit " ' . r l uKQI Page 290 ALABAMA CHAPTER rrrmi . r yu Xv Adkrnson Aiken Alverson Arnold Ashcroft Baker Barksdale Barrett, G. Barnett, R. Borze Beaird Bellande Bevis Burns Camp Campbell Claffee Cleveland Crumly Danfel Dorman Doughty Dugan, D. Dugon, E. Evans Fitzpatrick Furlong Graham Granger Griffin Hamilton Homner Hendrix Hodgkins, J. Hodgkins, R. Hooten Johnson Klinefelter Lewis Manners Miller Mitchell Moore Myers McCann McDoniel Newsome Nightengale Oliver Owen Page Parker Perry Prestwood Pribbenow Roiney Rowe Rudd Schifanella Scott Shiflett Smith Stokes Stone Stricklin Taylor Thompson Tidmore Vines Vinson Wallace Warren While Wilson Woodard Wycoff Young 1 1 DELTA KAPPA EPSILON DEKES CELEBRATED THEIR 101ST ANNIVERSARY THIS YEAR The forerunner of all fraternities on tfie campus was Psi chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon, found- ed here in 1847. Since that time the fraternity has estab- lished itself among the top of the local organizations. Their parties for the year included a Formal Donee in Mobile after the Vonderbilt game, the Homecoming Reception celebrating the chapter ' s 101st anniversary on the campus, and the annual Backwards Dance. Among the chapter ' s outstanding mem- bers was N. Q. Adams, a member of Phi Delta Phi, and 1949 Bama Day Chairman. Billy Farmer was a Phi Eta Sigma, a Rho Alpha Tau, and a Druid member, while Charlie McMullin was affiliated with the Cotillion Club, Press Club and Alumni News Staff. Coleman Inge served as Editor of the 1949 Corolla. Faculty Dr. William C, Friorson Dr. Stuarf Graves Dean G. Burke Johnston Mr. Hudson Strode Actives Non Quincy Adams William H. Armbrecht, III Jere Austill, Jr. Joseph H. Baker, Jr. George H. Bergeron Donald R. Bounds Hugh M. Caffey, Jr. Robert J. Carson Wolne W. Donald Alan T. Drennen, Jr. Felix M. Drennen, Jr. Walter B. Erickson, Jr. Billy Ligon Former John C. Golightly John A. Greaves Walker R. Greaves Malvern U. Griffin Peter B. Homilto.n, Jr. William B. Hand William D. Hoys James A. Heod, Jr. Edward A. Hirs, Jr. Williom C. Holmes Robert Milton Hope William P. Hurt, Jr. Francis Coleman Irge John E. Inge Sam W. Inge James C. Inzer, Jr. David R. Kidder Richard Latody Robert R. Locklin James R. Lowe Frank A. Luttrell William R. Marshall Roderick M. MacLeod Gordon D. Martin George B. Massey Sumpter M. McGowan Claude M. McGowan, J Charles J. McMullin James P. McMurphy, Jr G. Thompson McRoe, Ji Donald W. Muir Robert S. Murray Charles Oscar Nolan Rufus C. Partlow Eugene M. Pitord, Jr. Sam B. Pollock William A. Priest Fred T. Rand, III Robert B. Scott Leslie T. Shelton, Jr. Henry Crawford Slaton, Jr. Roy L. Stewort, Jr. George R. Swift, Jr. Donald D. Thornbury Allen J. Tutwiler William S. West, Jr. James Gerald Whiddon Frank E. Wilhoit, Jr. Robert B. Wilkins William V. Wilson James L. Wyche, Jr. James C. Young Pledges Charles Lucien Adams James Oliver Banks William H. Beddow, Jr. Austin L Bennett James M. Clark Rae M. Crowe Gerald A. Drennen Arthur Lee Dunnam, Jr. George Stone Eastwood, II C. Fain Hackney, Jr. Horry Drake Henson Jack Howard Kreuger J. Monson Murray Jock D. Phillips William E. Sherrill Hope Anct Son Page 292 PSI CHAPTER o ( u is I vr ►■, .■ .A. i( .1 ii fli ' i A I iiiv j - ( " ■ ' ■ Adams Armbrecht Austin Baker Banks Bennett Caftey Carson Clark Donald Drenren, A. Drennen, F. Drennen, G. Dunnam Eastwood Erickson Farmer Gollghtly Greaves, J. Greaves, W. Griffin Hackney Hamilton Hays Hirs Holmes Hurt Inge, C. Inge, J. Inge, S. Kidder Krueger Lowe Luttrell Martin Muir Murray McGowin MacLeod McMuilin Portlow Priest Shelton Swift Thornbury Tutwi ' er West Whiddon Wilhoit Wilkins Young DELTA TAU DELTA DELTA TAU ' S HAVE Delta Tqu Delta fraternity was founded at Bethany College in 1859. Delta Eta chapter was founded at Alabama in April, 1926. During the past year two dances were held at the Tuscaloosa Country Club, the Christmas Formal in December and the annual Rainbow Formal in January. The spirit of the Gay Nineties was repro- duced in the Delts ' fifth annual Bowery Ball at the chapter NEW RECREATION ROOM house on February 5. A beautiful recreation room was in- stalled in the basement of the chapter house. The Alumni Banquet was held in Birmingham in February, followed by the Founders ' Day Banquet on March 5. Members active in campus organizaticn included Herbert Stewart, Austin Bran- non, Robert H. Bkickshear, Joe Mayo, Kenneth Nail, Don Landgraff, and John Echols. MEMBERS city Mr. Monoii Coley Mr. Howard Foits Professor Whitley McCcy Mr, Paul Newell fives William Allison Thomas Andrews Jesse Ayres Robert Blackshear, II Wiltshire Booker, Jr. Joe Booth, III Wallace Browder Jack Brown Walter Carlson Joseph Connaughton Lamar Cox Paul Davidson Don Echols John Echols, Jr. Hal E nsor, Jr. Maxie Heath Richard Heffington Robert Jones Wilson Landers Donald Landgraff George LeePard William Lumpkin Joseph Mayo Paul Meeks Albert Middlelon Robert Murphy Richard Myers Kenneth Nail William Nicholson Howard Reinman Clyde Singletary Herbert Stewart Kendrick Streets Thomas Terry William Thompson Willie Trimble, Jr. Bryan Wiilingham Pledges Billy Ash Howard Bebber Austin Bronnon Donald Brooks William Buckler Herbert Bullord Raymond Copes Marvin Dawson James Dunn William Foils John Foshee Howard Friont Olin Friant Charles Gidley Sehon Homegrin Humphrey Landers James Levie Robert Lumpkin Roy McMoth I. W. May Horry McGee David Mayo Jock Morrow Chuck Morgan Jock Newman Don Purvis Curtis Rivers Louis Sexton Jock Shehadi George Shepherd Jack Spencer Dewey Stephenson Frank Vaughn Hibbert Weathers Roy White Don Wright James Wright Serious MoctI I Page 294 DELTA ETA CHAPTER wt .V iiJitfi . ; Andrews Ash Ayres Bebber Blockshear Booker Booth Brooks Browder Brown Buckler Bullcrd Carlson Connaughlon Cox Davidson Echols, D. Echols, J. Foils Foshee Friant, O. Frlont, H. Gidley Heath Hefflngton Holmgren Jones Landers, H. Landers, W. LondgrcH LeePard Levie Lumpkin, R, Lumpkin, W. May Mayo Meeks Middleton Morgan Morrow McGee McMoth Nail Newman Nicholson Purvis Reinmon Rivers Sexton Shehadi Shepherd Singletary Spencer Stephenson Stewort Streets Terry Thompson Trimble WillinghaiT Wright, D. Wright, J. Ldi. KAPPA ALPHA KA ' S ADDED A RECREATION HOUSE IN BACKYARD Alpha Beta Chapter of Kappa Alpha Order, one of Bamo ' s most athletic-minded fraternities, has won the All-Sports Rotating Trophy for the past four years, in the 1948 Fall quarter the fraternity held its annual Rose Ball before the Gecrgio gome in Birmingham. The Alabama chapter gave a dance in Birmingham with the Auburn and Birmingham Southern chapters on December 4. Rounding cut the social calendar, the Old South Ball and annual Senicr Banquet were held in the Spring. KA ' s have long been noted for their prominent men on the campus. Chapter President Oakley Melton, Jr., was sports editor of the 1948 Corolla, an ODK, Jason, Druid, and a member of Quadrangle. Vice-President, Frank Chappelle was active in Quadrangle, Spirit Planning Committee, and Campus Com- munity Chest, and was president of YMCA. Steve Moxley was president of Tau Beta Pi, and a member of Jasons, Theta Tau, Phi Eta Sigma, and Druids. Fester Stough was a member of Quadrangle, Tau Beta Pi, and Phi Eta Sigma. MEMBERS Faculty Ernest G. Williams Noble Hendrix Major Kenneth W. Davies William D. Jordan Copt. Henry V. Myers Rev. George Murray Dean Charles H. Barnwell Actives William Kenneth Allen Paul Stanley Bagwell Brad B. Bailey Kenneth A. Barnes Thomas W. Charles L. Beard, Jr. James L. Booth, Jr. Travis H. Boykin Victor L. Bubbett Richard Bullock Dugan Calloway Daniel W. Carmichoel Clarence R. Causey, Jr. Frank H. Chappelle, Jr. Benjamin M. M. Childers Richard Doss Cleveland William Molcomb Coates Williom B. Compton Timothy M. Conway, Jr. Cor! B. Grumpier Robert A. Cubbedge Miles Daly Confederate Tir James Edwin Davis John H. Davis, Jr. Harry M. Donoldson, Jr John W. Donaldson Leslie Doss Kyle Elliott Woller W. Eppes, Jr. Joseph M. Farley William B. Fite Charles M. Fitts, Jr. John H. Froncis, Jr. William Wayne Gentry Jock J. Griffis Reuben F. Harrison, Jr. Roy W. Hatten William H. Hilton-Greer John N. Holt William E. Holt Thomos H. Horton William D. Hudson William J. Jorrord Arthur A. Jones, Jr. Fate Watson Jones William Owen Kenan Walton W. Kingsberry, John W. Long James D. Lonkford, Jr. Arthur L. Lenohon John Rush Lester, Jr. Ronold Lonergan John J. Lumpkin Thomas R. Lumpkin Wallace C. McAdory, Jr. Forrest McConnell, Jr. Williom B. McCullough William J. McDaniel Robins P. Mcintosh Edward L. Mcintosh, Jr. Frank B. McKenzie Richardson B. McKenzie Samuel K. McKenzie Roy H. Manley, Jr. Jack Martin Adrian Neilson Martin William E. Massey Daniel J. Meador, III Oakley W. Melton, Jr. Paul L. Millison George E. Mitchell William T. Mitchell, Jr. Robert W. Moriorty John N. Morris James C. Mott Stephen D. Moxley, Jr. James B. Noel, Jr. James R. Owens, Jr. George D. Palmer, III James O. Patton, Jr. Wilbur G. Pelle Eldridge R. Plowden, Jr. David G. Pooley Mo R. Rankin Robert James Russell W. T. Goodloe Rutland Maurice L. Salmon Roy W. Scholl, Jr. Willard A. Snyder Lemuel Clay Stabler Foster E. Stough Alan E. Stuart Louis D. Stubbs George P. Taylor Henry G. Tiller Edward H. Todd, Jr. Denson A. Word Jesse O. Wealherly, Jr. James L. Williams Fred C. Williamson Robert Wooldridge Hardin Davis Yeuell John S. Yow Pledges Ed Brabston Carroll Brown Walter Coker Ellis Cooper T. M. Culpepper Douglas Dodson W. Jock Edwards Jim Farr Grady Fitts Don Fuller Jim Harland John R. Harris Vernell Jansen John G. Johnston Joseph Lawmer Jock Lewis John M. Lile Hugh A. Locke Harris Mogruder James Melton Bobby Montgomery Billy G. Moore Stanley Park Jimmy Purnell Buddy Riley Oscor Riley Ferrell Ryan Frank Selby Maxwell Shipp George Smith Stewart Smith William Stone Julius Tolton Boyd Lee Turner Harold Vandervort Nip Vinzont Jim Weaver Floyd Williamson Page 296 ALPHA BETA CHAPTER P f ip-j - " 3r «! IE. V Mr iM di Y « i. ! ' ! .J ' N Beard Booth Boykin Brabston Bullock Cousey Choppelle Childers Coates Coker Compton Conway Crumpler Cubbedge Culpepper Francis Davis Fuller Dodson Harland Donaldson, H. Harris Donaldson, J. Harrison Edwards Hotten Eppes Hilton-Green Farley Holt, J, Forr Holt, W. ' o..,u .- i r (f» c:) A ' Kingsbery Long Lenahan Lester Lile Locke Lonergan Lumpkin Magruder Manly Martin, A. N. Martin, J. Massey Meador Ay o f4 e [ 1 O r- Mclnlosh McKenzie, R. McKenzie, S. yf . Melton Millirons Mitchell, G. Mitchell, W. Noel Moore Norton Moxley Owens McAdory Palmer McCollough Park McConnell Patton Smith, G. Smith, S. Snyder Stabler Stough Stuart Stubbs Taylor Todd Williamson, Floyd Williams, J. WilliDmson, Fred K A N U KAPPA NU ' S HAD LARGEST MEMBERSHIP IN HISTORY THIS YEAR Pi chapter of Kappa Nu, with largest active membership in the chapter ' s 26-year history, filled the past year with expansion and plans of expansion. The lawn was landscaped and plans were made to erect a new wing to the fraternity house. The Valentine Dance was held in Foster on February 12, and Founders ' Day was ob- served at the Tuscaloosa Country Club on May 14. Leading the chapter in extra-curricular activities was Jack Berman, Hillel Foundation president. Elvin Kanter and Rubin Franco, both Druids and Rho Alpha Tau members, also worked on the Corolla staff and participated in other campus activities. Melvin Weber served as vice-president of Commerce Associa- tion and worked on the Spirit Planning Committee. Buddy Bernstein was President of RAT and Corolla Sports Editor. MEMBERS Maurice Bell Ceroid Berger Jack Berman Sidney Bernstein Samuel Blitz Walter Brenner Wallace Cohen Ralph Capouya Burt Damsky David Duberman Harold Ehrhch Harvey Feigelson Herschel Feigelson Irving Feinberg He Dn Fn Rubin Franco Lowell Friedman Richard Friedmon Iro Gelb Norman Coldtield Maury Gurnweitch Marvin Hurnveich Jack Joffre Sidney Joseph Nathan Kain Elvin Kanter Philip Kanter Bob Lewis Stanley Lapidus Max Mcisel Bernie Molkove Irving May Burt Olshan Roy Oppenheim Mayer Perloft No on Pi: Vernon Rosenthal Gilbert Routman Jerome Routman Howard Rub.n Edward Schiff Irvin Siegal Lorry Wollock Melvin Weber Pledge Irving Bern Hugh Berger Melvyn Bernstein Bennett Berman Paul Buchmon Leon Capouano Charles Feigelson Gene Feigelson Robert Fierman Edward Franco Harris Friedlander Bob Forgosh Lawrence Goldstein Bernard Honon Joe Handwerger Paul Kanter Rich.ard Litt Seymore Petrotsky Horold Rittenberg Eli Sedlin Henry Sherry Ralph Sokol Leon Taranto Paul Yanuck Page 298 PI CHAPTER H f} vl cy . P p fi. P iSi e c- C : t Cs f: iMi t. V Bearman, S. Beorman, M. Eerger, G. Eerger, H. Eermon, B. Bcimon, M. Bernstein, M. Bernstein, S. Brenner Buclimon Capouano Copouyo Cohen Dcmsky Duberman Ehrlich Felgelson, C. Feigelson, E. Felgefson, Horvey Feigelson, H. Feinberg Franco, H. Franco, R. Friedlander, H. Friedman, L. Friedmon, P. Gelb Goldstein Goldfield Gurwitch Hanan Handwergcr Hurvich Jotfre Kahn Kanter, E. Kanter, P. Lopidus Lewis LitI Molkove May Olshon Oppenlieir Perloff Petrovsky Pizitz Rittenberg Rosenthal Routmon, E. Routmcn, G. Rubin Schiff Sedlin Sherry Siegol Sokol Toronto Weber Yonuck KAPPA SIGMA THE PRESIDENT OF IRC IS KAPPA SIGMA The Beta Chapter of Kappa Sigma was found- ed at the University of Alabama in 1869 and has the distinction of being the second chapter founded na- tionally. Last year, on November 4, the annual pledge dance began a busy year. A party was held before the Auburn game in Birmingham followed by the Christmas dance. The Black and White Ball on January 22 in Foster Auditorium was the highlight of the winter quarter, and the annual Spring Dance completed the years activities. As for out- standing members; Bill Hamm was president of I. R. C; James Bell was a Notional Collegiate; and G. C. Norton was a member of Scabbard and Blode. MEMBERS Faculty William F. Adams Dr. T. G, Andrews L, J, Nations Dr E. Tidwell Actives Clinton A. Anderson Dale E. Anderson Horlan E. Ard James L. Barnes Robert D. Beasley William E. Beckman James W. Bell William T. Bilbro Benjamin J. Blackmon Jack E, Booker Reuben L. Bowden Worren F. Bowden Fred R. Brown John H. Burton Leonard R. Campbell Ira A. Chodick, Jr. Richard Chambers Donald Charifisi Forrest Clark J. W. Collins Benjorr Thomas Ci Robert De Con vford Comfortoble And C07 Rcy Dickinson Arthur Edmondson James B. Ezell James M. Foil Robert E. Finch James A. Folsom Jack Gebbard Charles H. Greer Andrew D. Hogan Will Will Will Thor im S. Halsey im A. Hamilton im G. Hamm 3S B. Hampson Frank M. Hawkins Robert L. Hayes Wm. J. Hayes Dan C. Heustess Butler P. Hine, Jr. Joseph Hocklonder George C. Horton Max Howard John E. Hughes Joseph P. Hughes Jce M. Jemison Lawrence S. Johnsc William B. Joiner Fete Jones John Keyton Sam G. Lawrence Ernest Leotherwood William S. Lowry Arnold Mardis J. P. McNutt Andrew McWhorter Jack A. Mills Vernon Milsap Lon J. Moorefield Lynn Mosley James C. Murphy James H. Nichols Dudley O ' Neal Christie G. Poppas Frank Patton Charles Pelhom Gerald Powell Alvin Frestwood Glenn W. Price Lester H. Ramsey Warren L. Roper J. T. Salmon A. C. Semmes James W. Snowden J. J. Sollie Mike Sollie E. E. Solomon Frederick Smith Leon Sport F. H. Stevens William Theris Fred F. Towne Benjamin Trotter Dallas N. Vickers William C. Waller John D. Wise Moise W. Wilkinson Robert C. Wilson Robert E. Wynn C. B. Yarbrough Pledges William W. Allen Don T. Cameron James Campbell David R. Coley Robert Davis Caldwell Debardelebe Robert Ellis Donald P. Evans Jim Farris Connie Gates Luther Cause Fred W. Hogon Jack Hogon Glynn Horris William E. Hays Bob Johnson George Malone William McClellan Donald Mize Milton W. Moore Pat Murray John Parsons Franklin Patterson William B. Pritchett Charles Skeen George Tote William Tuck William Vickers Gaston White Page 300 BETA CHAPTER Allen Anderson, C. Anderson, D. Ard Bornes Beasley Bell Bilbro BIcckmon JE . f ' . t Ail » w r . . r f - Dii e — : :i4 A C- I ■f -ss -c 4 ' t f ' ) C (f _ x JM Collins Conway Crawford Davis DeBardelebo Dickinson Edmondson Booker Bowden Brown Burton Campbell, J. Campbell, L. Chadick Chambers Chirafise Finch Folsom Gates Homm Hocklander Hamillon Norton Hampson Huestess Harris Hughes Halsey Jemison Hayes, R. Johnson Hoyes, W. Keyton Hoys Uctherwood Hine Lowry Molone Patterson Mosley Patton Murphy Pelham McClellan Prestwood WcNutt Price Nichols Prilchett O Neol Ramsey foppas Roper Sc ' mon Trotter Semmes Tuck Skeen Vickers Snowden Waller Sollie While Sport Wilkinson Stevens Wynn Towne Yorbrough LAMBDA CHI ALPHA LAMBDA CHI ' S HAVE A HAWAIIAN PARTY EVERY YEAR Alpha Phi Zeta chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha wen the campus golf championship in the 1948 Spring quarter, and took third place in the 1948 Winter basketball tournament. Late in the Fall the Lambda Chi ' s entertained with a closed formal in Birmingham for members of the four Alabama Chapters. Other entertainment was the Valentine Ball, Founders ' Day celebration, Apple Polish- ing Party, and annual Hawaiian Lauou. Hobson Adcock was a member of ODK, Fhi Delta Phi, Farrah Order, and Who ' s Who. Harold Bain was chairman of the Spirit Planning Com- mittee, a member of Druids, Tau Kappa Alpha, and German Club. Ottis Powell was a Rho Alpha Tau, Druid and Quad- r angle member. Benjamin Vallely was ci Theta Tau, Phi Eta Sigma junior advisor, and a member of St. Pat ' s Execu- tive Council. MEMBERS Faculty Brooks Forehand Jess H. Hcwton Carl Jemison Dean Henry J. Sikir Joe Williams Stewart Tinsley Hosmer T. Robison Aaron Richard Abercrombie Hobson Hanlen Adcock Charles Edgar Albritton Horold Emerson Bain Jock Bains Thomas Walter Boll John Thomas Block George Dewey Broom, Jr. Robert Enoch Cannon Donald Eugene Cornes Dwight Costleberry LIcyd Eugene Clayton William Rudolph Coughlin Richard C. Courtney Richard Andrew Crawford Jesse Davis William Hubert Edgar David Franklin Evans Jack Rush Evans Penry Russell Evans Erskine Norris Franklin James Allan Freel Mexie Lamar Freeman James Michael Fullan, Jr. Conrad Hobort Fulton Fred Basil Gilchrist James Claude Golden, Jr Richard Calvin Golden Wayne Lee Goodson Jackson Wilson Guyton William Alan Harben James T. Horwood James Donald Hawkins Marvin Cooper Heodley Mack Home James H. Johnson Luther Furniss Johnson Irby Arthur Keener, Jr. Harold Parker Knight Phihp Van R. Livingston William Robert Long .■ si r t fl ' ' ' ' , A «V2j if ' ' ««. Milton Hope Marshall Griffin Pierce Martin Artie Samuel McDowell Jock McDuff Thomas Lee Merrill Harry Penman Mitchell John Lewis Morgan, Jr. James Russell Morrow Harold Willis Neighbors Kenneth Earle Nellums Claude Nelson Sidney D. Nelson Joseph J. Parker Glenn Edward Portin Pex Quillion Pass Billy Warren Payne Robert Lem Pennington Maurice Phillips Ralph Pope William Ottis Powell, Jr. William E. Prescott Frank M. Savage, Jr. Harry Allen Sherwood Flo Smith Walter Meeds Smith Harry Joseph Stahmer Walker Byron Stewart Winters Gregg Stone Cecil Stubbs Willord John Suits, Jr. John Howard Summers Ellis Hampton Till, Jr. Joseph Dale Tommie Benjamin Dunbar Vallely Richard Hanno Wall Fred Gray Watson Jock Wisdom Pledges Leon Adoii , R. Alle William D. Borrington Frederick Brolund Ted Bryan Walter Louis Coin Robert S. Coleman David Frank Cotter Frank David Colter James A. Earnhordt Lawrence T. Fuilington Roy A. Grayson Robert L. Harrirglon Horace P. Hossell, Jr. Michael Hayes Elbert Gory Head Harold T. Henderson James R. Hudson Bill James Carl Roy Johnsey William Leon Kerlin James Knight James Richard Larrime William Roy Loseter Chorles H. LeMaster Dick H. Maxey Jefferson Morris Joseph Nelson Thomas A. Noble Hubert Lee Norris James W. O ' Hora Leroy Paul Harry Reynolds Robert J. Sellers Bernie Thompso l Page 302 ALPHA PHI ZETA CHAPTER r- ' p, 11 p f r p r-j e: o c: f . f ' V. - I O C ' ■ ' « i.;(r I •i v- l ti . s Adair Eryan Adcock Cain Albritton Cannon Allen Carnes Bain Castleberry Bains Clayton Ball Coleman Block Colter, D. Brolund Cotler, F. Broom Coughlin Courtney Fullington Crawford Gilchrist Davis Golden Earnhardt Goodson Edgar Grayson Evans, D. Guyton Evons, R. Horben Franklin Harrington Freel Norwood Freeman Hassell w f P,(v ' •. ' ' 1 ' ' P ' f f . e r e- Bl c- p f ■ " ft ;sc r-. tj a f a e- e. . (I. f pa Knight, J. Head Loseter Headley LeMoster James Livingstor Johnson, J. Long Johnson, L. Marshall Keener Martin Kerlin Maxey Knight, H. Merrill Mitchell Noble Morgan Norris Morrow O ' Horo McDowell Parker McDoft Portin Neighbors Pass Nellums Poul Nelson, C. Payne Nelson, J. Phillips Nelson, S. Pope Powell Stubbs Prescott Suits Savage Summers Sellers Till Sherwood Tommie Smith, J. Vcllely Smith, W. Well Stahmer Wotson S ' ewart Wisdom Stone PHI DELTA THETA PHI ' S CLAIM PRESIDENT O F O D K Fhi Delta Theta established Its Alabama Alpha chapter at the University in 1877 and has remained one of the top social fraternities on the campus. The 100th anniversary of the national fraternity was cele- brated on this campus with a Centennial Banquet, and nationally with a Centennial Convention. In this, the 100th year of the fraternity, social functions played an important part. The wide variety of socials included the 1948 Orchid Ball in Birmingham, a Christmas Party, Barn Dance, Valentine Party, and Spring Houseparty in Birmingham. In sports the Phi ' s distinguished themselves by winning trophies in horse- shoes and the football field meet. ODK President Allen Reynolds, a Fhi Delta Phi, was elected to Who ' s Who. Bob Beelond was assistant editor of the Rammer Jammer. Corolla Assistant Editor Junius Smith was a member of Druids, Quad- rangle, and SGA Homecoming Committee. Class officers were Fred Wilkerson, Jesse Wilson, Frank Stone, and John Shacklefcrd. Nine Fhi ' s were members of Phi Delta Phi and four were members of Alpha Kappa Psi. MEMBERS Faculty Ho Robert Teogue George Webb Marshall DeMouy rry Allen George Bailey Charles Banks Ben Bales Robert A. Beelond Williom Bell George Bellinger Robert Bowron Eugene Brobston Horry Brock Boiling Brooks Alton Brown Richard Buchanan Ed Cannon Jock Chisholm Charles Cobb Reginald Cogburn Harry Coons Joe Cox Chorles A. Crute Chris de Groffenreid Ryan de Graflenreid Marshall DeMouy Mason Dillord J. B. Dobson James Downey Wallace E. Downs James Dunklin William Fitzpatrick Bo Goskin Sam Perry Given Campbell W. Glover William Grant Dudley Griffin Tom Haas Willis Hogon Francis Higgins Sam Higgins Charles Hopper Greer Mack Horton Richard Humphrey David Webb Hurst Thomas Jacobs Richar_ Jeffers John Kerr Don ' t Spill The Butte Chris Kyle Robert Lokey James G. Lum Foul Macon Philip Mongum David Marbury Francis Rick Morchessei Thomas Martin Frank McGehee John McGiffert Townley McGiffert Henry Moorer Lamar Moorer E. W. Mudd Teddy Neilson Von Perkins John Porter Donald Ross Fritchord William S. Fritchord Joseph Allen Reynolds Roscoe O. Roberts Chorles Robinson J. Asa Rountree Neal Rowell Edword T. Sauls James O. Screven Patton B. Seals George Shedd Junius B. Smith Belrne Sprogins Samuel Stephenson Frederick Otto Stock Frank Store Mercer Thomas Thomas Toothoker Karl T. Tyree Kenneth Underwood James Albert Wotkins Addison W. White James Williams Herndon Wilson Jesse Wilson Don Winn Walter Wood James Wright Woodruff Pledges John Q. Adams Jefferson Ccbb William Coe William Costello Richard Cox John Dillon William Gri. ' fin Lloyd Hooper David Kittrel Robert Lor.g Robert Lowery Jim Norris John C. O ' Neill Willis Edgar Fenfield John Shockleford Thomas Twitty Fred Wilkercon Page 304 ALABAMA ALPHA CHAPTER Bailey Botes Beeland Brabston Brock Brooks Brown Buchanan Chisholm Cobb Cogburn Coons uemouy Dillon Downs Dunklin Filzpotrick Given Grant Griffin, B. Griffin, D. Higgins Norton Humphrey Hurst Jacobs Jeffers Kerr Lorig Lowry Lum Macon Mongum Marchesseou Moorer, H. Moorer, L. Penfield Perkins Porter Pritchord Quinn Reynolds Roberts Souls Seols Shackleford Shedd Smith Sproggins Stephenson Stock Stone Thomas Tyree Underwooc Varner Wotkins Wilkerson Williams Wilson PHI GAMMA DELTA 1949 COROLLA IS DEDICATED TO f Tradition, wheeling and socializing all shared in the makeup of Theta of Phi Gamma Delta, the first fraternity to homestead along the now-famed Fra- ternity Row. The Fiji Ball Formal, the nationally famous Pig Dinner, ttie onnual Roorin ' 20 ' s Party, the Christmas Party for underprivileged children, and numerous house dances and " study club " sessions dominated the social scene of the Phi Gams. The chapter, presided over by Tom McGehee, boasts such campus " names " as the original King Bee, Dick PHI GAM Coffee, and 1948 King Bee, John D. Sherrill. Art Lukens, Tau Beta Pi, Druids, ODK, Farrah Order, and former secre- tary-treasurer of SGA was a Phi Gam leader in Law School. Jerry " Boss " Gwin was a member of the Alabama Demo- cratic Executive Committee. Bill Flurry, Druids, Scabbard and Blade, and Officers ' Club, was a lieutenant colonel in ROTC. Jud Brislin, a Druid and IRC vice-president, was active in extra-curricular activities, as was Harold Swearingen, Tau Kappa Alpha and assistant business manager of the Corolla. MEMBERS Faculty Dr. John M, Galialee Dr. Ralph McBurney Col. Maurice G. Stubbs Herbert A. Van Scoy Actives George E. Barnett Rufus Hogood Belhea Loyal Ray Blackwood Earl Charles Bloom James Pierce Bloom Elbert Colycr Brazelton Henry Judson Brislin Richard Easter Coffee William Wightman DoLee Robert Henry Dean James Bryant DePriest Phillip Allen DeVore Dan O ' Connell Dowe Robert Avon Drew Joe Allen Dunn William Albert Edwords Eugene Esco James Emory Flurry William Livingston Flurry Joseph Graham Gomble Harry Liscomb Gilder George Williams Gray Tappan Goodrich Green Jerry Walter Gwin Wellington M. Gwin Thomas Henry Hancock James Donald Hondley Michael Elliott Haworth William Newton Hinton Carey F. Hollingsworth C. Paul Howse Robert Edward Hunter Thomas Carrol Hutto Edward Douglas Lanford Arthur Lewis Lukens Don Herbert Moring Manley L. Mathews John Thomas Miller Claude Howard Moore Lucian Paul McCrary Thomas Rives McGehee Robert Dale McWhorter John Williams McWilliams Charles Nolen Jack Merrill Nolen Edward O ' Connell Louis Henry Phetteplace Frank Pond Phillips Jack Todd Pollock William Harrison Roy Henry Grantland Rice Sholer Sinclair Roberts Carey R. Scarborough Joseph Dawson Schoel Charles Harold Smith James Bruce Smith Justice Dink Smyth Robert Earl Spivey James Gordon Stanley Harold E. Swearingen John Harris Taylor Charles Williom Thomas Edward Gibson Tucker James R. Turner James Thelon Tune Dallas Villines Homer Vann Waldrop Jack Wilfred Wallace Joseph Henry White Lonnie Bunyan White Charles Wiggins William Wallace Wynegc Albert McConnell Wynn Pledges Carter Donald Bailey Walter Harwell Bailey Oliver Charles Baker Joseph F. Champion Charles Rufus Cranford Warren Baker Crow Hugh Douglas Farris William Robert Hendrix Fred M. Holt Horrell D. Huguley Herbert M. Humpidge Bradford L. MacGowan Willis W. Morsholl Max Victor McLaughlin Robert Lewis Morris Edward Showden Perkins Thomas Henry Selman John D. Sherrill Frederick M. Sittason. Making Use Of The Tub Page 306 THETA CHAPTER , , p Q r ' f ft Bailey, D. Bailey, W. Baker Barnett Blcckwood Bloom Brazelton Chompion Cronford Coffee Crow Dean DePriest DeVore Dunn E£CO Farris Flurry, J. Flurry, W. L. Gamble Gray Gwin Hancock Handley Howorth Hendrix Hinton Hollingsworth Holt Howse Huguley Humpidge Hunter Hutto Lonford Marirg Morsholl Mathews Miller Moore Morris McCrary McGehee MocGowan McLaughlin McWhorter McWilliams Nolen, C. Nolen, J. OConnell Perkins Phil ips Pollock Roberts Schoel Sherrill Sittoson Smyth Spivey Stanley Sweoringe Thomas Tucker Tune Villines Woldrop Wolloce White Wynegor Wynn PHI KAPPA SIGMA SINGER FOR ALABAMA CAVALIERS IS PHI K A P The tenth fraternity to be eslcibhshed on the campus contributed its share to the campus social functions with a Founders ' Dance, Hcmecoming Recep- tion, Christmas Luncheon, hiitiation Dance, Ball, Alumni Smoker, and Annual Alumni Banquet. In spcrts the Fhi Kaps won the bowling championship. K oc Morrison wos an outstanding member of Phi Kappa Sigma and counted among his achievements membership in Delta Sigma Fi, Cotillion Club, Corolla, Rammer Jammer photographer, and Homecoming Committee. Jack Floyd was a member of Rho Alpha Tau and Scabbard and Blade, while James Martin shared honors as vice-president of the Senior class in Engi- neering, and a member of AIIE. Earl Smawley was secretary of the Senior class of Engineering and a member of SAME and ASCE. Francis Nicholas worked on the Corolla, A-Book, and Spirit Planning Committee. MEMBERS Faculty M. Leigh Harrison Holman Head Howard D. Goodsi Joe C- Bates, Jr. Richord J. Eerder Robert T. Black Eugene H. Bradley Beoury C. Burns, Jr. Hugh J. Clauten Benjamin W. Davies, Jr Hugh Downer David M. Enslen George H. Floyd Jomes G. Gann, Jr. Henry W. Gebhardt, Jr Don P. Gee Robert L. Gunn Joseph L. Gunter Charles G. Haley, Jr. Charlton D. Horns George R. Horns, Ji Marcus D. Hays Paul I. Hicks Robert P. Hose George E. Kizziah James L. Klinefelter Tofey Leon, Jr, Stan Lyons Napier James R. Martin Earl L. Mitchell Harold D. Mitchell Moclin F. Morrison Froncis E. Nicholas William G. O ' Rear Lewis G. Odom, Jr. Reuben H, Pickett A Leftwich Sinclair. George E. Sindik Froncis D. Stabler Ira N. Swingle, Jr. Raymond L. Shirtz John J, Vance Leon M. Waite, III William L. Webb Pledges Luther F. Adams Harold E. Berry William E. Davis Joe H, Dobbs William T. Harbin Wilham W. Hatch Edward N. McGraw B, Odell Molpus Earl R. Ober Morgan Orson Jock R. Pollard Charles F. Pridmore George Simmons Earl Smawley James D. Smith Edwin L. Thornton Wilson C. Von Pelt Leste ' - L. Wotkins Men Of Distinction Page 303 ALPHA KAPPA CHAPTER 2%: fTn f f} f , if f j fTj ( " ' 4 Adams Bates Bender Berry Black Burns Clausen Davles, B. Dickson Dobbs Downer Enslen Gann Gebhardt Gunn Gunter Haley Harbin Harris, C. Harris, G. Hoys Head Hicks Hose Kizziah Klinefelter Leon Martin Mitchell, E. Mitchell, H. Molpus Morgan Morrison McGrow Napier Nicholos Ober Odom O ' Reor Pickett Pollord Pridmore Shirtz Simmons Sinclair Sindik Smawley Smith Stobler Swingle Vance Van Pelt Waite Webb PI KAPPA ALPHA PIKES FLOAT WON IN THE HOMECOMING PARADE Gamma Alpha chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha was installed on the University campus in 1924 with U, S. Senator John Soarkman as its charter president. In the 1948 Fall quarter the fraternity held its Silver Anniversary Garnet and Gold Ball. An Alabama-Auburn dance in Bir- mingham contributed to friendly relations between the two schools, and a four-chapter weekend enhanced good fellow- ship. The Founders ' Day banquet, the Mid-Winter Formal, the Spring Formal, Alumni Day and an annual pledge tea dance rounded out the year ' s social highlights. Outstanding members were John Abernathy, ODK vice-president and Who ' s Who; Theo Mitchelson, ODK, end Square and Compass vice-president; Russell Terry, Who ' s Who and Commerce Association president; Gene Krotz, Pasteur president, and BSU vice-president; Ed Thomas, Phi Eta Sigma president; Joe Piper, Interfraternity Council president and Pep Squad direc- tor; C-W Managing Editor Dick Fulton; and Debate Squad Manager Oscar Newton. MEMBERS Faculty Mr. J. Frank Livingston Dr. Alton O ' Steen Dr. Jock Montgomery Mr. Malcolm Loney Mr. Harold E. Smolley Actives John Thomas Abernethy Joseph David Abernethy Robert Mitchell Alton, Jr. Robert Eugene Arnold Tho anks Charles Edward Binion, Jr. Wallace Johnson Boothby, Jr James Alexander Brice Hal Henry Brock Jesse Oliver Bryan, IV Richard Cleon Carter, Jr, William Roy Cherry, Jr. Wright Christian Robert Milton Collins Richord Cook James Howard Crawford Hoyt Crider John Coleman Curlee Wesley Day Buckley Drenner Cecil Warren Duke Robert Foster Etheredge Joseph Calhoun Farrow Charles Albert Fell, Jr. James Richord Fulton Ralph Dowar Goines, Jr, William Wolton Garrett Wilmer Charles Garrett Jock Taylor Grider Carl Eslis Hale David Sanders Hardy William Thomas Holcomb Knowlton Lowe Hollis, Jr. George Washington How. William Chesley Howton, Maxwell Clyde Hudson Robert Arthur Jensen Earl B. Johnson Donald Ray Jones Eugene Clarence Krotz Harold Ladner John David Lavender Ellis Pelham McDonald Walter Theodore May, Jr David Lanier May Ed Payne Miller Theo K. Mitchelson Frederick Watson Moss Theron Hobart Mess Tom Murphy John Haynes Newman Oscar Lee Newton, Jr. William W. Ogden Into My Parlo Charles Hastings Owens, III Gil B. Pearsoll Carl Joseph Piper John Dolton Pitchford Paul Putman William Oliver Rogers Sam Ray Shannon, Jr. Reginald Harry Shepard Roy Simmons Alfred Graham Smith Scott George Smith Julius Sporkman Jerry Lee Stopp Edward Davis Terry Joseph Russell Terry Walter Terry Howard Edward Thomas Herbert Reynolds Tommie James William Towey, Jr. William Turner Charles Mothison Tyndal Olen Edward Vernon Robert Gene Villar Charles Wendell Wokefield Fred Parker Waters Joseph Fletcher Watkins Bob Webb Grady Marvin Weeks Guy Bentley Wilder, Jr. Pledges Robert Adair Paul Adkinson Gordon Blockwell William Blow Hiram Brogden H. G. Cornothan John Cavin Robert Christian Robert Coots Joseph Cosby James Deormon Larry De Loach James Duke Henry Fell William Fincher William Floyd Talbert Griffith, Jr. Ronald Gunter Mead Guy Raymond Hardin Robert Herrington Joseph Holcomb Lymon Holland, Jr. John Jackson Roy Jayne Danny Jones James Kassner Fred Kelly Loring Kiker Warren Larkin Ed Lilley George McCain Walter B. McCain George Michaels Not Perkins Howard Petty Jack Phillips Hosmer Roberson Pete Russell Lee Scruggs Roger Sheldon Andrew Shirey John Horton Smith William Stabler Robert Taylor Monroe Teogue Don Trowick Robert Turner Edward Tyndal Harold Wall Jack Zahner Page 310 GAMMA ALPHA CHAPTER ,i ! fn f " ' o o % O f - ej f:: p e. ' p f : p f f ' 1 f Abernethy, D. Blackwell Abernethy, J. Brice Adair Bryan Adkison Carnotha Alton Covin Arnold Cherry Arnwine Christian Banks Collins Binion Cook Crawford Fell, H. Cosby Fincher Curlee Floyd Day Fulton Dearman Gaines Drenner Garrett Duke Grider Etheredge Griffin Fell, C. Gunter Hardy Krotz Herrington Larkin Holcombe Michoels Holland Miller Hollis Mitchelson Howell Moss Howton Murphy Jones McDonald Kelly Newman Newton Ogden Pearsall Petty Piper Pitchford Putman Rogers Russell Scruggs Sheldon Shepherd Shirey Smith, A. Smith, J. Smith, S. Sparkmon Stabler Stapp Tyndol, E Teague Viller Terry, E. Wall Terry, J. Waters Thomcs Watkins Tommie Webb Towey Weeks Turner Wilder Tyndol, C. PI KAPPA PHI TWO HOMECOMING CHAIRMEN IN ROW Athletic and social advancements were mode by Omicron of Pi Kappa Phi during the post year. The football field meet in the Fall quarter went to the Pi Kapps by an overwhelming score. The Pi Kappa Phi Fall Formal opened the dance season in Foster auditorium. Auburn, Howard, and Alabama chapters gathered for an informal party and dance in Birminghom the weekend of the Auburn game. Frank Hawthorne and Homecoming Chairman Charles Porter were named to Who ' s Who. Chapter President OIlie Nabors was co-chairman of Law Day. Porter, Nabors, and Alton Turner were members of the Alabama Law Review staff. Pi Kapp charter initiates of Sigma Delta Chi were Ben Davis, Rammer Jammer sports editor. Bill Myrick, Corclla as- sistant editor, and Walter Meeks. Faculty Dr. Langston Hawiey Actives William L. Abbott Frank Albert Frank Borker Grady Beoird Dale Berggren George Black Robert Bowers John Bray Sam Brent A. Vincent Brown Robert Brown Fox Brunson Eugene Cortledge Joe C. Cassady James Chjids Charles Clark Jock demons Hudon Conway Abner H. Crow Everett Daily Truman Daniels Ben Davis Ed Davis MEMBERS Ed While James Jackson Homer Davis L. D. Jinright Emmett Dendy Wilbur Johnson Bruce Evans Lloyd McClenny Floyd Fitts Dwight Mclnish Albert Fowler Winston McWhort Ed Fowler Walter Meeks Preston Franks Charles Murdock Duncan Fulton William Myrick Andrew Gay OIlie Nabors Tommie Gilbert Luther Owens Max V. Gilmer Harold Patterson Grady Glover Charles Porter Earle Greenwood Gus Ross James Halcomb William Skelton Fred Harris Buddy Smith Cecil Harrison James Stine Frank Hawthorne Joseph Stowers David Helms Julian Stuckey Bill Hembree Julius Stuckey Robert Hembree Alton Turner Glenn Hicks Joe F. Ward Joe Holley John Watkins G. H. Hollis Buren Wells Stanley Holmes Durell Whiddon John Williams Donald Worrell Willord Young Pledges Joe Adkins Ross Albert Jack Beasley F. C. Buchanan George Cameron Harold demons Leon Downey Charles Former Marvin Flake William Gaskill James Harrod John Kimmey John Lanham Mack Mathews Robert Owens Frank Pharaoh Frank Posey Albert Skoggs Horley Smalley Max Spann Charles D. Wright Poge 312 OMICRON CHAPTER P a a ' " i f f a» a f Abbott Bray Albert, F. Brer t Albert, R. Brown Barker Brunson Beaird Buchanan Beasley Cartledge Berggren Cassady Bowers Childs demons, H. Dendy demons, J. Downey Conway Daily Davis, B. Davis, E. Jinright Johnson Kimmey Lonham Murdock Ros Farmer Flits Flake Fowler Franks Fulton Ho nmack Gay Ho rison Gilbert Hov vthorne Gilmer, J. Hel ms Gilmer, M. Hen nbree, A Glover Hen nbree, R. Greenwood Hie s Halcomb Hoi ey Hollis Myrick Jockson, J. McClenny Jackson, S. McWhorter Nobors Owens Patterson Pharaoh Porter Skaggs Skelton Smith Spann 5 Stine Stowers ' " =- fli Stuckey, Julian Worrell Young Stuckey, Julius Turner Ward Wotkins Wells Whiddon White SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON SAE ' S PLAN TO HAVE FIRST NEW HOUSE ON NEW FRATERNITY ROW With construction scheduled to begin in 1950, Alabama Mu chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Is slated to be the first organization to build a house on the new extension of Fraternity Row, on a lot granted in honor of SAE founders. Outstanding social events of the past year were the Homecoming Dance, annual Pledge Dance, Little Sister Party, and the Black and White Formal in Foster. Crook Nicholls, Who ' s Who, Cotillion Club publicity manager and business manager of the 1948 Summer Crimson-White, was a campus leader. Chapter President Curtis Springer, ODK and Who ' s Who, was business manager of the 1947-48 Crimson-White. Torver Rountree was elected to Phi Beta Kappa, Who ' s Who, and the SGA Council, Druids President Albert Copelond was a member of the Cotillion Club and Bama Day business manager. culty Dean Allen J. Going Mr. William Going Mr. A. M. Kennedy Mr. Edward Kimbrougli Mr. Gerald Little Dr. R. I. Little Dr. John R. McLure lives Johnny Adams Howard Alexander Bryant Allen Paul Barcrofl Jim Barton Billy Bishop Sam Blair Walter Bonney Baxter Boyd Wilbur Clark Bragg, Jr James Brondis Joe Kirven Brantley Bill Brent Bill Brittain Joe Brown Robert Brown Henry Burke Don Burleson David Calhoun Jack Calvert Don Chapman Sam Choppell Jim Chenowith Van Chunn MEMBERS Floyd Clark William Paul Horlon John Sibley Edward Colebeck Phil Jackson Joseph Sledge George Coleman Jeff Jefferies Sam Smith Albert Copelond Vivian Johnston Curtis Springer Tommy Cowles William Kirkland William Sullivan Pete Crump Claude Kitchins, IN John Tyson David Culver Jimmy Knight Robert Van Dyke Jack Dailey Judson Londrum Bob Venn Bob Deal Donold Lothem C. C. Verner, Jr. Bill Dickenson Victor Lee Kip Wodsworth Don Douglas Tommy Lindsey Maultsby Waller Leslie Edwards Pitt Maner Elbert J. White Clifford Emmonds Edgar Potton McCollum Brantley Wiley Dick Emmett Jack McGowin Edgar Wilkinson Richard Flowers Paul McLendon Pledges Bill Fowler Joe M. Michie Fred Burns Walter Fowlkes Buddy Moose Dick Burton Ai Fultord Clarence Moss Tommy Caldwell John Glenn Billy Mull Ted Copelond Bobby Moos Vernon Newman Charlie Gulp Marion Hanohon A. B. C. Nicholls Jesse Duke Eric N. Harris Scott Nichols George Ellis Creshull Harrison John Oliver Jock Elmore Tyler Hegenwald Vivian Oliver Jim Farmer Clifford Herren Gilbert Palmer Emory Folmor Bill Hill Foots Pornell Jack Gillilcnd Milton Hill Shine Peebles Charlie Hall John E. Hite James A. Plylor Bobbie Howard Durwood Hodges Sonny Prather Robison James Joe Holloway Charlie Price Billy Middlebrooks Jimmy Hood Ed Rayfield Jack Minks Perry Hooper Charlie Reynolds Sam Peeples George Hopkins Richard Reynolds Pierre Pelhom Richard Robinson Bill Petree Tarver Rountree Jimmy Ratliff William Rudulph Bob Ruffin Hollis Ryan Shealey Steadmon Chorlie Saunders Ed Steele Elmore Scott Tommy Thomas T. D. Semple Hugh Thornton 1 John Philip Shealey, Jr. Page 314 ALABAMA MU CHAPTER Burke Burleson Burton Caldwell Calhoun Calvert Chapman Culver Deal Douglas Duke Edwards o r r r f ? r « M .fir Bi ' W is.ll N, P-. a p Copeland, A. Ellis Copeland, T. Elmore Crump Emmet Harrison Herren Hill, M. Hill, W. Hile Hooper Horton Howord Jackson Michie Middlebrooks Minks Mull McCollum McGowin Newmon Nicholls Oliver, J. Oliver, V. Rudulph Ruffin Ryan Saunders Scott Semple Shealy Reynolds, C. Sle Reynolds, R. Smith Springe fy Thornton Von Dyke Wadsworth Waller SIGMA C H I SIGMA CHI ' S WON THE INTERFRATERNITY FOOTBALL CUP Through the efforts of a member from Howard College, Iota Iota chapter of Sigma Chi was established on the Alabama campus in 1876. The subsequent ban on fraternities at the University removed the chapter from the campus. Since its re-establishment in 1914, the frate rnity has grown steadily. One of the main attractions of the Sigma Chi social season is the annual Blue and Gold Ball at Fester, and the Sigma Chi Derby now ranks with Eania Day for campus-wide entertainment and high-spirited horseplay. Chapter President Paul Brock, ODK, and former Jasons president, was business manager of the 1947 Corolla. Lamar Falkner functioned as news editor of the Crimson- White during the 1948-49 year, Jefferson D. Upshow, an- other outstanding Sigma Chi, was a member of Druids, Phi Eta Sigma and Alpha Epsilon Delta. MEMBERS Focully Dr. George H. Denny Dr. Everett Bishop Coach Joe Kilgrow Mr. James Thomas Actives John E. Adams James B. Anderson Don Barbour George Bromlett Paul Brock Lawrence Brownlee William Burton Jennings Byrd Tho ; Cor David Clokey Joe H. Chalmer; Harry Coots Oscar Coleman Ralph T. Cowan Allen Cudworth Marl M. Cummir Alan K. Davidson Jimmie Denham Lowrence E. Dick Charles Dickson Carney Dobbs gs Charles Ellis Bob Esdale Ruddy Fovre Lamar Falkner Lamor Gommage Richard Gibson Mac Barton Gree Paul G. Hoigh Gregg Harris Clarence J. Hart John A. Hines Charles Hollis Robert C. Hollow( Louis Holmes Percy Howard John Jomeson Oscar W. Jones William C. Kimbn William King Edward Kissel James Kissel James Longford Dole Lewis Cecil Mackey Harry M. MacKoy Zachary B. Martin Robert Maxwell ugh Pope Moseley Richard McPhearson W. C. Nelson Frank Owens Walter Peorce Harry H. Perdue Charles Peter William B. Phillips, Jr. John Pradot Ray W. Pradat Eugene E. Raughley Eriing Riis, Jr. Robert Rives Howard Rogers Eorl V. Rutledge, Jr. Robert Scott William S. Smyer Edward Speir Roger Stevens William P. Stevens Gene Tolleson Jock Turberville Jeff D. Upshaw, Jr. Dewey Vann William H. Walker Richard M. Warren Winston R. Waters James M. Weldon Ben W. Wildman Victor Woodman Pledges Bud Amberson Robert L. Andrews Charles Brooks Max Brown Robert Burt Luther Creel Gene Foils Charles Goston Jock Giles William Greiner Joseph E. Hargrove Bill Hoffman R. B. Kent Carl Longlois Joe McGowin Robert Montgomery Alex Newton Philip Newton Paul Owen Richard Peorce Frank C. Pollock Charles Radcliffe Lamor Rancher James William St. John Graham Woite Gray H. Whighom Seaman F. Williams Jud Webster E. L. Williamson Some Hove Ipana Smiles HH VBiiRppPi|||| Page 316 IOTA IOTA CHAPTER r fi o P Amberson Brock Creel Cudworlh Cummings Davidson Dickinson Dobbs Falkner Gammoge Garner Gray Greiner Haigh Harris Hart Hayes Hensorling HInes, J. Hines, T. Hoffman Holloway Howard Kimbrough Lewis Maxwell Moore McCray McPheor Nelson Newton Owen Owens Perdue Peter Philips Pradct, J. Rolcliffe Fedden Rutledce Thorpe Tolleson Upshaw Vann Waile Warren Whighom Wlldman S I M N U FOUR SIGMA N U Tlie Sigma Nu fish pond has been the favorite bathing place of all Fraternity Row since the Sigma Nu ' s abandoned undercover operation in 1885. Since that time, Sigma Nu has been one of the leading fraternities on the campus. The Sigma Nu ' s had a galaxy ct parties last year, including their White Rose Formal. In campus organiza- tions Theta Chapter ' s Phil Bonks was a member of Jason s ARE IN QUADRANGLE and Quadrangle. Elisha Poole was active in Druids and Quadrangle, and Burns Proctor and Earl Robertson were mem- bers of Quadrangle. Alpha Phi Omega ' s president. Bill Mange, and vice-president Ramser Stanbury were Sigma Nus, as were Rho Alpha Tau ' s president Bob Phillips. Sigma Nu was ac- tively represented in professional fraternities and other campus organizations. MEMBERS Faculty Mr. James Foy Mr. Verner Chatfin Dr. A. B. Thomas tives Joseph Alexander Dick Avery John Ayers Joseph Bailey Ph. Hip Banks William Bennett Morton Borland Thomas Bunlin Billy Burke Richord Burwell Frank Butler Thomas Cantey Oliver Cooper John Crenshaw Joseph Davis Horry Dempsey George Eyroud Samuel Ford Milliard Forehand Clorence Fountain Aurthur Gomble William Garner Ellwood Garrett Horace Garth Bradford Gay Hollis Gieger Ladd Goodson Eugene Graves Louis Green James Griffin William Hammock John Hay Hugh Hix Grigsby Hood Joseph Hornsby Armsteod Hudnell Richard Hundley William Ivy Homer Jackson John Jackson Lynn Jenks Jock Jeter James Jones Robert Jones Henry Jordan Williom Kelley Ed Lomberth James Little Leslie Longshore Williom Mange Jack Mitchell Frank Moore Richard McDonald James McElroy Milton McKinney Thomas Ozbirn William Ozbirn Coin O ' Reor Reginald Pippin Elisha Poole Rufus Poole Grady Proctor Aurthur Robertson James Robertson William Roland Thomas Sanford Walter Soxon John Scott John Shuttleworth Thomas Stanbury Jock Torbett Emmett Tarrant Oliver Thomas , Tho nton Needha Morle Robert Mercer William Mickle Pressley Thornton Sydney Wellborn David Wendell John Wesley Thomas Wilder Robert Woodham John Wright Horry Yarbrough Bill Bonks Tom Banks Don Brunson Jim Dyer Bromley Dyson Posey Foster William Griffin John Holmes Dink Lomb Frank Longshore John Lyon Tommy Miller Bob Phillips Newman Sanky Adger Sotterfield Ralph Setterstrom Charles Stone Bobby Tisdale Dewey Watson Julian Wotters Gilbert Wesley A Hard Dcy Poge 318 THETA CHAPTER z , r ' -- f ' ' i f c ' ' ' ' | Alexander Buntin Averyt Burke Bailey Burwell Bonks, A. Butler Banks, P. Contey Banks, T. Crenshav» Bennett Davis Eorland Dempsey Crunson Dyer Dysan Garth Cyrcud Gay Ford Gieger Forehand Goodson Forman Graves Foster Greene Fountain Griffin, J. Garner Griffin, W Jackson Jeter Jones, J. Jordan Kelly Lamb Lomberth Longshore, F. Longshore, L. Longshore, W Ti. O ' Rear Lyon Ozbirn, T. Mange Ozbirn, W Marley Pippin Mercer Phillips Mickle Poole, E. Miller Poole, R. Mitchell Proctor McDonald Roland McKinney Sanford ik - ki T Satterfield Torbeft Saxon Watson 5cott Watters Stlerstrom Wellborn hutt ' eworth Wendel ' tanbury Wesley, J. Stone Wesley, W Torrant Woodhom Thornton Wright Tisdole Yorbrough T H E T A C H I PRESIDENT OF SGA IS T H E T A CHI The Alpha Phi chapter of Theta Chi was found- ed on the University campus in 1926 and has become one of the leading social fraternities. At the be- ginning of the social season a Buffet Supper was given to honor Dream Girl contestants. The annual Red and White Ball was held on November 26 and the Dream Girl was presented. Alpha Phi chapter of Theta Chi joined ether southern Theta Chi chapters for a glorious " Rebel Reunion " in Birmingham to close a successful 1948-49 year. The annual Pirates ' Ball at the chapter house was the outstanding event of the Summer quarter. Outstanding men on campus were SGA President Roy Killingsworth, and Band Manager Bill Ledue, both of whom were elected to Who ' s Who. Ralph Shofner was named head cheer leader, and John Caraway and Harold Hays were active in Delta Sigma Pi. MEMBERS culty Dr. H. D. Bonham Col Carleton K. Butler Coach Phil A. Knulh Dean S. J. Lloyd Coach Charles Slopp Charles Ctenshuw tives Paul Adams Aaron Alford Bob Alt Wilbur Armstrong Jock Ashton Phil Ashton John Ballard Scott Beal J. D. Bonham John Caraway Paul Carr Howdy! John Cooper Bdl Crowder Jimmy Davis Sidney Dickey Charles Dolbeor Aubrey Fulfoid Bob Fuhz Hale HuMiplon Toiiiiny Hamiier J. W, Hams Fred Hassell Harold Hoys Alfred Holmes Bill Houston Phihp Johaiisen Paul Jordan William Ledue Earl Mann Van Maramon Dick Merrill Earl Miles Gil Miller John Miller Raburn Mills Biff Moorodian HoyI Morrow Beryl Muiphey Biyan McPhersoi John Newton Eddie Oakley Malcolm Plumme Wall PrescotI Tom Sheets Jim Sherrill Ralph Shofner Ralph Slate Rundy Smith Ralph Stewart Joe Tedder Bill Walker Jumes Wall James West Young West Benton Wheeler Al Whiting Harold Williams Jerry Wilson Harry Wilters Pledges Charles Adams Doug Armstrong Jimmy Conners Dick Cord Joe Drummond Howard Edge David Gloss Jack Jackson Don Kirkland G, C Lantrip Herman Leibache John Logan Bill Mathews Richard Moss Don Overstreet Jimmy Roberts Preston Sewell Tony Swider Burgoyne Taylor Tom Wood Bob Young ALPHA PHI CHAPTER w 4 mMi i 4.1 Adams, C. Adams, P. Alford Alt Armstrong, L Armstrong, W, Ashton Cord Fulford Glass Hamner Holmes Jackson Johanser Jordan Kirkland Lantrip Logon Mann Miles Miller Mills Morrow Murphey McPhersor Newton Oakley Plummer Prescott Roberts Shofner Sheats Sherrill Slate Stewart Swider Tedder Wall Wa ' ker West, J. West, Y. Wheeler Whiting Wilson Wil:ers Young H , Aint It ALPHA EPSILON PI IOTA DEUTERON CHAPTER A ' phci Epsilcn Fi established its Iota Deuteron chapter on the Uni- versity campus in 1941. One of the Capstone ' s newest fraternities, AEPi was concerned with strengthening its position during the year 1948-49. The Founders ' Day banquet was held on January 24. Social activities during the year included a State Fair party, numerous pledge functions and pledge-swaps, a gala House-warming, and an old-fashioned Hallo- ween party. Teams were entered in intramural athletics. David Kravitz, a member of the Institute of Aeronautical Sciences and a technical member of Gamma .Alpha Rho, was an outstanding member of the fraternity. Faculty ,ard Siega ry Siegol Everett Freed Richard Friedma Elliot Goldberg Ralph Heller Lennie Horn MEMBERS Murray Kitmon Charles Fehr David Kravitz Jack Fein Arnold Pomstein Leslie Goldenthol Eli Selikoff Michael Green Harold Shafron Irving Krichman Chester Simmons Phihp Lapidus Richard Smith James Levitt Woodrow Zelkind Cecil MoskovKitz Jerome Preis dges Bernard Ratner Irving Esrig Morris Resnikoff Joe Ritter Albert Schatzberg Hoi Sharff Seymour Sheckter Jack Sherkin Ben Lowell Siegol Bernard Siegol George Smith Allan Sockol Mel Stem Herbert Zieselman E PI ORGANIZED ON ALABAMA CAMPUS IN 1941 Freed Friedman Goldberg Goldenthol Heller Kravitz Krichman Moskowitz Pomstein Resnikoff Schatzberg Selikoff Shafron Sheckter Sherkin Siegol Simmons Smith Zelkind Zieselman ALPHA SIGMA PHI ALPHA IOTA CHAPTER Alpha Iota of Alpha Sigma Phi wos reorganized en the campus in April, 1948. Original installation occurred in 1930, when a local fra- ternity organized in 1925 as Chi Delta Sigma, was initiated by a dele- gation from the Kentucky chapter. Since its reorganization at the University, Alpha Sigma Fhi has taken an active part in campus activities. The fraternity ' s Spring Formal was held in Foster. The Founders ' Day banquet in December and a Hard-time party highlighted the year ' s events. Donald J. Cronin, active in arrangement of the Phi Eta Sigma national convention on-campus, a very active member of Delta Sigma Pi and an assistant editor of the 1949 Corolla, was a leading member of the fraternity. George H. Weaver was active in Phi Eta Sigma and Rho Alpha Tau, and Artie T. Harduvel contributed to the success of the Phi Eta Sigma national convention and was a member of the Corolla staff. Slicking Up MEMBERS Faculty Artie Harduvel PI ;dges Roy Minga Dr. James Hollo day Roy Locklar Robert Arnold James Feake Dr. Morcus Wh tmon Jerry Lorant Leslie Berry, Jr. Robert Reid Actives Joseph Morgan Jerry Brown James Stephens James Bevill Clayton McDowell Howard Crawford Arthur Stewart William Carson Herman Scott Arthur Gales John Walker Donald J. Cron n James Theodos Gilbert Gender Dewey Webb John Duggan George Weaver Fred Kildron Thomas Micheal Herbert Wichma Robert Wright ALPHA SIG ' S RE-ACTIVATED ON CAMPUS IN APRIL 194 •• ; y Brown Carson Crawford Cronin Duggan Harduvel Kildron locklor Lorant Michael Minga Morgan Webb Wichm Faculty Dean J. R. Cudworth Dr. G. H. Yeull Mr. Charles Brennen Actives Jimmy Ault Raymon Baker Euclid Bertini Donald Bowman Charlie Brennen Albert Brewer Harvey Co Harold Clark Charles Colv npbell DELTA SIGMA PHI BETA KAPPA CHAPTER The national fraternity of Delta Sigma Phi was founded at Alabama in 1933 incorporating Phi Alpha Psi, a local fraternity, as its Beta Kappa chapter. The 1948 Founders ' Day Banquet and dance were held on December 3 in Birmingham, as a joint affair between Birmingham Alumni and undergraduate chapters from Auburn, Birmingham Southern, and Howard. The Delta Sigma Phi ' s entertained with many dances and open houses, featured by the annual Shipwreck Ball. Glenn L. Maze served as president of Delta Sigma Phi. Other prominent Delta Sigs included Jimmy Ault, Alpha Phi Omega and Greeks; James S. McGinty, Alpha Phi Omega, Interfraternity Council, Greeks; Bill Compton, Phi Eta Sigma, Symphony Orchestra; Victor Music, Theta Tau and AIIE; Kenneth Landers, Bama Beom advertising manager. Alpha Phi Omega, Greeks; Roy B. Moffitt, Rho Alpha Tau, Muckers Club; and Jimmy Watson, C-W cartoonist. Holhs Bowdan Roy Edwards Sam Faircloth Jomes Goodwin Joe Harbuck Crawford Keith Curtis Martin jimmy Mizzell Roy Mottitt Bob Moore Carl Politi Bob Taylor Ralph York MEMBERS James Colvin Nat Raley William Compton Richard Seger B. J, Grain Lou Steakley George Ellis Glen Stribling Hugh Halbrooks James Swindle Frank Holston Jamie Thompson Merrill Horton Ben Tingle Anthony Jones Charles Turner Kenneth Landers Edward Walther Glenn Maze Jimmy Watson Bob Mouldin Eugene Wright James McGinly Pledges Stanley Noel Don Alberts Robert Patton Charles Leroy Bartot FOUNDERS ' DAY BROUGHT TOGETHER FOUR STATE CHAPTERS Campbell Compton Edwards Foirc ' oth Holston Horton Landers Mouldin Maze Mizzel Moffilt McGinly Noel Patton Raley Sege Thon Walther Wright rs f SIGMA ALPHA MU TAU CHAPTER Marking 1948 as one of the outstanding pages in its 29-year history, SAM was paced by six men in national scholastic and honor societies. The Sammies were consistent leaders in the fraternity scholarship race. Mort Gronos was national president of Alpha Epsilon Rho. Bernard Sternsher was local president of Phi Alpha Theta, and a member of Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Eta Sigma. Other leaders included Al Bender, Cotillion Club; Martin Wimar, president Student Forum; Bob Tobin, Phi Eta Sigma; Joe Pelowitz, Phi Tau Sigma; and Les Shapiro, Sammy tennis team captain. Founders ' Day was observed November 26. The Purple and White Ball was held in January followed by the Spring house party in May. Oh, To Be An Actn Faculty Martin Wiman Horry Lipson Fred Bell Alvin Bender Max Brown Harris Cohen Robert Cohn Lawrence Croen Albert Danenberg Gerald Dreyfus Jerry Feldmon Charles Festinger MEMBERS Burnley Friedman Gordon Shoolman Herb Ginsberg William Spirer Mort Gronos Morris Steinberg Leonard Hackmon Bernard Sternsher Norman Hershon Myron Stetelman Marvin Herzig Robert Tobin Martin King Martin Wiman Edward Levy Herschel Wisebrom Martin Litwin Joseph Pelowitz Pledges Poul Roymon Jerry Applefield Donald Ross Bernard Aronowitz Martin Shafron Charles Blustein Lester Shapiro Jerome Boorstein Howard Sherman Robert Dolowitz Fred Finkelstein Sidney Finklestein Hiram Guedolio Ellis Lipson Bob Lorberbaum Edward Moscowitz Edwin Ross Stanley Soltzman Victor R. Sarosohn Alfred Shmerling Donald Shinbaum Sheldon Siegel Saul Stich Philip Warchaizer Chester Yaswen AN SAM IS THE PRESIDENT OF A NATIONAL RADIO FRAT Q, Aronowitz Danenberg Bell Dolowitz Blustein Dreyfuss Boorstein Feldman Brown Festinger Cohen Finkelstein, F Cohn Finkelstein, S Croen Friedman Ginsberg Lipson Granas Lilwin Guedalic Lorberbau Hackman Moscowitz Hershon Pelowitz Herzig Raymon King Ross, D. Levy Ross, E. Saltzmon Sternsher Shafron Stetelman Shapiro Stich Shinbaum Tobin Shmerline Warchaize Siegel Wisebram Spirer Yaswen Steinberg See V hai I Gol SIGMA PHI EPSILON ALABAMA BETA CHAPTER Sigma Fhi Epsilon, founded nationally in 1901, established its Ala- baiTo Beta chapter at the University in 1927. The notional fraternity new includes 86 active chapters. Plans of the local chapter during the past year included erection of a nev house near the University Hospital en the extension of Fraternity Row. The Golden Heart Ball celebrated Founders ' Day on November 1, and a series of house parties and dances observed Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Valentine ' s Day. Sig Ep leaders in campus affairs included Don H. Burns, Harold K. Burt, Walter Bridges and Tom Smith. MEMBERS ulty C. J. Hartley John Sims James Harris Mr. Wendell Ada iison Billy Hayes John T. Smith Charles A. Horvey Mr. James Faircloth Billy Hinton Luther S. Smith Gaylord C. Hunt Mr. L. A. Woodm Tn Joe Huie Robert Story Walter Kirkwood, J Mr. Emmett Carm chael Ernest Kronvall Terry Thomas James Herman Kyle John M. Lee, Jr. Richard H. Thompson Harold McBride ves Henry V. Lewis Jimmy Webb John MacCallom Henry C. Borrett Joseph Lombardo Keith Winkler Neil Moore Lucian B. Bell, Jr. Wilfred Morty Charles Woodman Herman Owens Walter Bridges Walter Mierzeiewski Alfred Saliba Dan H. Burns Hyrum Mock Pledges James C. Sams Harold K. Burt Albert J. Muglach, Jr. Floyd Boone Paul Taylor Glenn A. Deuel George W. Nelson Roy Driggers Albert Thull Jofinnie S. Epps Lawerence N. Nicastro Neil Gillis Earl S. Usher Ben A. Green Clyde J. Null Ted Griffin John odantis Roy Gross Jimmy Reeder Leiand Hall Fred J. Weathers Joseph C. Harriso n Horace Sanders Robert Harbuck SIG EP ' S PLAN HOUSE ON NEW FRATERNITY ROW Bridges Burt Deuel Driggers Gross Horbuck Harris Harrison Hartley Huie Lombordo Mock Nelson Null Saliba Smith Thompson Webb Winkler T H E T A X I ALPHA LAMBDA CHAPTER Since Theta Xi first came to Alabama in 1932 Alpha Lambda chapter has been active in campus affairs. Last year Forrest Patterson served as president of Westminster Fellowship and secretary of the State West- minster Fellov ship, while Charles Daily, Jr., was sports director of WABP. John Edwards was a representative to St. Pat ' s Executive Council. Theto Xi furnished the track team with five valuable members, including Louis Lackey, captain of the cross country team. While the Theta Xi ' s were not pounding the cinders and taking part in other campus activities they were filling their social calendar. Social events during the past year included an Alumni Reception at Homecoming, a Christmas Party, the Spring Formal in Foster, and Founders ' Day Banquet in April. A visit b Minnie Pearl MEMBERS Knight 1. Smith Bill J. Allmon William W. Bognuk James E. Bassett Ralph Beaird Edwin Brelard William M. Bunting Horry J. Coward Charles B. Doiley, Jr Henry J, Domurad John E. Edwards Tim Ferraro Horace Flonigan J. P. Green Philip J. Green, Jr. Roy H. Holloway, Jr Carl Johnson Edgar King, Jr. Louis H. Lackey John Lankford Wayne McCullough John Mitchell Mike MIynar James A. Moon A. C. Moore, Jr. Forrest F. Patterson John L. Patterson Glennon Peterson Hollie Plaster, Jr. D. K. Powell James Sosnett Gregory Scott Eugene H. Sherman Pledges Morion Baldwin Arthur L. Bentley Jack Bowen Joseph Burton Harold Camp James G. Despinokis George Gandy Herchell L. Ghio William R. Giles Stanley Gilmon James Goddard PRESIDENT OF WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP IS d ,1 Mm - ik - P P Q t ■ " ' , I " " Art Herrington Johnny W. Hogestrotou Milton R. Johnson John Milton Kellum Wiley W. Kennamer Robert G. Knight Robert H. Koehler Otto A. Linke John Michalak John J. Redmond Arthur C. Savage, Jr. John Stouffer, Jr. Robert S. Thomas, Jr. Alan Trott James Turner, Jr. THETA Bcgnuk Bassett Beaird Benetley Bowen Bunting Edwards Ferraro Giles Oilman Green, J. Green, P. Hagestratou Lackey Herrington Lankford Holloway Linke Johnson, C. Mitchell Johnson, M. McCullough King Patterson, F Koehler Patterson, J Peterson Redmond Sosnett Sovage Scott Stouffer Turner A House Mother ' s Duty Faculty Barry Ackman B. Jay Arno Robert Barosch Morris Barton Jack Becker William Beinstein Jack Croner Robert Eisenbach Burt Epstein Gus Freibaum ZETA BETA TAU PSI CHAPTER One cf the outstanding events of the Homecoming weekend was the recepticn and dance given by Psi chapter of Zeta Beta Tau. Their winter formal and Founders ' Day celebrations followed, and were even moi ' e successful. Zebes have long been noted for their prominent men en the campus. Among those are B. Jay Arno, Business Manager of the " A " Book and Assistant Business Manager of the 1949 Corolla; Leonard Weil, Business Manager of the Corolla; and William Bernstein, Business Manager of the Corolla Beauty Ball. The local chapter was established in March, 1916, as Psi Chapter of Zeta Beta Tau. MEMBERS Ivan Goldstein Henry Loeb Alan Weil Sanford Goldstein Ralph Loeb Leonard Weil Lucien Hagedorn Marks Marcus Henry Winston Sidney Held Manuel Mendel Pledges Arnold Holzer Sidney Metzger Alan Barton Bernard Jaffe Bert Mitchell Joe Bernstein J. D. Kisber Ted Pallet Sylvan Byck, Jr David B. Klotz Robert Roobin Julian Kayser Melvin Klotzman Frank Rosenberg H. M. Levinie Robert Kohlinonn Lewis Schulhafer Louis Maring David Kulman Charles Simon Marc Marks James Levenson Stanley Solomon Bert Rosenbush Fronk Loeb Lawrence Warner COROLLA BUSINESS MANAGER IS ZEBE MEMBER Ackman Byck Arno Croner Borasch Eisenbach Barton, A. Epstein Barton, M. Freibaum Berstein, J. Goldstein, 1. Berstein, W. Goldstein, S Becker Hagedorn Held Kulmon Holzer Levenso Jaffe Levine Kayser Loeb, F. Kisber Loeb, H Klotz Loeb, R. Klotzman Marcus Kohlmann Maring Marks Rosenbush Mendel Schulhafer Metzger Simon Mitchell Solomon Pallet Weil, A. Roobin Weil, L. Rosenberg Winston ■■pK: ' ' ' ' " 2pMp ? p ' o C p o O f J f0 r» IP C IIP 7 SORORITIES d Rush, rush, rush . . . " Oh, I ' m so-ooo glad to know you " — and it was almost impossible for a University man to get a date with a sorority girl. Endless chapter meetings were the order of the day when water-refreshed rush parties were not in prog- ress, and companionship-hungry men hung-on outside chapter houses anticipating a recess or adjournment. The system drew an editorial attack from the Crimson- White, but no alteration of this all-important sorority function was in the offing. Bids were passed-out and " Squeal Night " passed into history before hundreds of spectators. Sorority cooperation in campus life was more than adequate, spirit was high, and competition was keen. Efforts to advance the chapter and its indi- vidual members were never relaxed. The Corolla Beauty Ball was a focal point as all groups sought to place their star members on the stippled pages of the 1949 Corolla. Participation was encouraged in all quarters, and publications heads wondered how their organizations could function if it were not for sorority help with clerical duties and administra- tive details. It was a successful year and the sorori- ties proved their merits well. Pi Phi Beta was established in September as a colony of Pi Beta Phi. With forty promising pledges the colony clung to hopes of becoming Alabama Beta of Pi Beta Phi at the end of a year. ALPHA CHI OMEGA ALPHA DELTA PI ALPHA GAMMA DELTA ALPHA XI DELTA CHI OMEGA Poge 330 ' BAMA " . » IS m SHHB9 .4 ffipp f - ' :. m 0 m ij 1 i i .,. 5!! " ' W --rf ' DELTA DELTA DFII A 1 i : ; , ' ■( ' , A t APPA DELTA KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA THETA UPSILON ZETA TAU ALPHA ALPHA EPSILON PHI r-l FHI BETA Poge 331 »i§iW»« i » Panhellenlc Council, sorority governing body, in session PANHELLENIC COUNCIL SORORITIES LOOK AFTER FOREIG N STUDENTS THIS YEAR As governing body of campus sororities, Panhellenic Council serves to compile and enforce rush v eek rules, unify interest of sorority and non-sorority women, and to promote scholarship. A cup is awarded annually to the sorority group maintaining the highest scholastic average throughout the year. Springtime brought the annual Panhellenic-lnterfraternity stepsinging contest, featuring the fraternity and sorority choral groups, and Panhellenic ' s presentation of a trophy to the winning fraternity. In the Fall the Council orronged with the administration to admit one foreign student free of tuition. Panhellenic paid for the room and board, and Miss Claude Mace came from Paris to study at the Capstone. OFFICERS CLARICE STRANGE President PATRICIA LIGHTFOOT Vice-President SUE WATKINS Secretary CHARLOTTE WILLIAMS Treasurer MEMBERS MARY AUSTIL LAURA GASTON ALICE LAWRENCE MARY LOUISE FRATT BETTY BECK CLARA GAUSE MARGARET McCRACKEN ANN RAMSDALE CLAIRE BEENY DOT HANEY LOUISE M.cMURRAY J ERRY ROBERTS EVELYN BRYAN CATHERINE HARTLEY PHYLLIS MARCUS CATHERINE THREATT BETTY COHEN SARA HAYDEN BETTY MILLER BARBARA TRASTOUR DORA ANN DALEE JEANNE INGRAM CHRISTINE MORSE GAYLE VAN CLEVE MARGARET DUGGIN SARA JONES JEAN ORR JERRY WALLACE JEANNE FRANKLIN CAROLYN KOEN JANIE PARKER MARTHA WRIGHT Page 332 ALPHA CHI OMEGA ALPHA UPSILON CHAPTER One of the Capstone ' s strongest national sororities is Alpha Chi Omega, established here in 1924. Alpha Upsilon ' s social activities for the past year were varied. Among the highlights were the Faculty Tea, annual Fledge Dance and Picnic, Founders ' Day, Scholarship Banquet, Hera Day, the Senior Banquet, and the Spring Dance. Chapter President Janie Parker was also junior representative to WSGA and a member of Phi Upsilon Omicron. Elizabeth Dixon was Zeta Phi Eta president and secre- tary of Blackfriars. Mary Ellen Nelson, Zeta Phi Eta secretary, and Dessie Semon, Assistant Editor of the 1949 Corolla, were other outstanding Alpha Chi ' s. Jeanee Sledzinski was named one of eight top Corolla Beauties. Good Ole Saint Nick Fcculty: Mrs. J. Hal McCall Actives: Martha Allen Mariel Browner Ellen Crow Marilyn Doniell Elizabeth Dixon Mary Nancy Ellison Ida Fernandez Dot Honey MEMBERS Claire Harper Pledges: Lil Jackson Betty Bowen Pat Lovell Unalane Carter Mary Ellen Nelson Alice Clifton Janie Parker Ann Dreher Doris Puryeor Virginia Edwards Mrt Roesner Carolyn Eurton May Rush Joy Ann Furcran Dessie Semon Joyce Gaston Pat Severson Margie Gibb Pat Vaughn Katherine Gray Pat Woodhom Ann Hendrick Shirley Jones Mary Elizabeth Long Patricia Possmore Frances Porter Helen Reid Doris Riggon Deane Riley Sarah Riley Jeonne Sledzinski Mary Tyler Katherine Waddell Mary Helen Williams Dodie Willis Joan Wyatt ALPHA CHI ' S CLAIM THIRD TOP COROLLA BEAUTY imi ' Jl 1 Allen Bowen Riley, D. Riley, S. Rush Severson Sledzinski Dixon Drener Edwards Ellison Eurton Fernande Furcron Gaston Gibb Lovell Gray Nelson Honey Parker Harper Porter Hendrick Puryeo Jackson Possmo Jones Reid Long Riggon Vaughn Waddell Warren Williams Willis Woodhai Wyatt fl rv " ; ALPHA DELTA P ETA CHAPTER Without A Song The Etci chapter of Alpha Delta Pi, re-established on the Alabama campus in 1931, claimed many honors for itself during the post year. While Cheri Chandler edited the Crimson-White, Pat Dever held the office of secretory-treasurer of WSGA and was elected to Who ' s Who. Sue Jones served as Triangle secretary and fashion editor of the Rammer Jammer. Betty Hurdin was Cotillion Club secretary. The ADPi ' s were outstanding in the pulchritude department as Helen Garrett was selected by Billy Rose as the number one Corolla Beauty. The annual Mother ' s Day Luncheon, Founders ' Day Banquet, Christmas Faculty Tea, and the Spring House Party rounded out an exciting year for Alpha Delta Pi. Faculty Mrs . G. K. Little Dr. Septima Smith Actives Betty Baldridge Cor nie Boynes Ma tha Beasley EIn 3 Bolding Dorothy Brown Jea n Bryson Che ri Chandler Jeo n Cobern Pat i Conlon Ma y Cooper Jan eCrew Ma ianna Crone Bev erIy Cunningha Ma tha Deffke MEMBERS Pat Dever Jeanne Orr Louise Dickinson Marion Parker Shirley Doak Jean Pierce Mary Clyde Dublin Geraldine Rowls Jane Ellington Evelyn Richards Annette Evans Dot Rhodes Anne Finley Elizabeth Snowde Helen Garrett Martha Watson Natalie Gran Ann Wentling Betty Hardin Betsey Wetterou Sue Jones Mary Alice White Kelmie King Pledges: Pot McBride Martha Ann Ball Betty Miller Judy Bates Horianne Moore Betty Burgess Peggy Morris Suzanne Coats George Ann Murphy Marie Deftke Eloise Oakley Bonnie Hagaman Helen Hawkins Doris Hill Martha Knight Barbara Longcrier Mary Clifford Majure Millicent Majure Rosemary May Augusta McDermott Jane Mooney Patsy O ' Neill Billie Sue Poole Sue Reddoch Julia Ann Simmons Louise Snowden Dot latum Mary Flagg Ward Pat Zeanah MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL ON CAMPUS IS AN Baldridge Cunningha Bates Dever Bolding Dickinson Brown Doak Bryson Dublin Chandler Deffke Cobern Ellington Gran Miller Hagoman Mooney Hardin Morris Jones Murphy King McBride Knight McDerm Longcrier Oakley Majure O ' Neill May Orr Simmons Pierce Snowden, E Poole Snowden, L Rawls Watson Reddoch Wentling Rhodes Wetterou Richards White Boynes Zeonoh ALPHA EPSILON PHI ALPHA RHO CHAPTER The Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority was founded nationally in 1909 at Barnard College in New York. The Alpha Rho chapter was organized here in the Spring of 1947. A reception fcr new pledges and a party after the Homecoming game headed the list of 1948 Fall activities, and a Formal Dance in the Spring completed the year ' s social activities. Throughout the year members of the sorority entertained rushees at week-end parties. Outstanding members of Alpha Epsilon Phi were Terry Fine, a member of the Debate Squad, and Ruth Rudnick, member of Alpha Epsilon Delta. Active participation in publications work and service undertakings of all kinds helped the new organization to achieve a favorable position with its older sister groups. Typical Bridge Gome MEMBERS ctives: Ruth Rudnick Diana Fronk Anifo Goldman Marcia Sabel JaneGarfinkle Helen Carol Kohn Gloria Sterman Susanne Gup Carolyn Koen Barbara Wayne Barbara Hytken Phyllis Morcus PI ?dges: Nanette Keil Joan Pollock Janel Buxbaum Jean Kiraify Sunny Rosen Terry Fine Bernita Kirshne Rae Rita Kreisman Maurine Levinson Alice Newman Rose Pintchuck Bonnie Schwartz Selmo Silver Helga Strauss Grace Zeve AE PHI ' S ORGANIZED ON CAMPUS DURING 1948 Buxbaum Fronk Gorfinkle Goldman Gup Hytken Kohn Keil Kiroify Kirshner Koen Kreiimo Pintchuck Rosen Rudnick Sobel Schwartz Silver Sterman Strauss Woyne The New Look ALPHA GAMMA DELTA PSI CHAPTER Psi chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta sorority was organized at the Capstone in 1921. Since then m.any customs and activities have been practiced year after year. Among them are the Rose Banquet, Interno- ticnal Reunion Day, and a Faculty Tea given each quarter. Lost year the Alpha Gams had a house donee and a pledge dance. Some of their outstanding members were Barbara Lund, Sweetheart of Sigma Chi and o top Corolla Beauty; Kathryn Jones, sophomore representative to WSGA; Bebe Smith, cheerleader; and Nina Gomblin, transfer representative to WSGA. Class officers included Allison Porter, and Melba Studdard, who was also a member of Phi Upsilon Omicron. Helen Muldrow was an Alpha Sigma Omega, Annette Isbell was a Kappa Delta Pi, and Betty Jo Hurley was treasurer of Freshman YWCA. MEMBERS Faculty: Kathryn Isbell Melba Studdard Margaret Moorer Ann Joiner Gayle Van Cleve Kathleen Cannon Kathryn Jones Ann White Actives: Mabel Locke Sara Ann Willian- Nuncie Amis Mary Ellen Luttrell Piedges: Gillian Bronscomb Mary Evelyn McDo nald Dorothy Altman Harriet Brown Cile McCurdy Carolyn BoUour Bennie Jones Cannon Ann McMurray Eloise Boggs Anne Coker Helen Muldrow Virginia Cook Marianne Cole Eleanor Nettles Carol Cross Mary Emily Crum Ann Philips Betty Duncan Kathryn Edwards Allison Porter Maud Fennel Joyce Elmore Betty Anne Seiden spinner Betty Ann Floyd Caroline Embry Virginio Shacklefo rd Dorothy Floyd Annette Isbell Louise Smith Jean Fuller Nina Gomblin Jean Hartmon Betty Jo Hurley Jane Lowery Barbara Lund Evelyn Mathews Marie Moody Kathryn Pitts Pat Poindexter Helen Rapp Ruth Rapp Helen Toomey Jean Tucker Missy Wright AN ALPHA GAM IS SWEETHEART OF SIGMA CHI Bolfour Boggs Conn Coke Floyd, B. Fuller Gomblin Hurley Isbell, A. Isbell, K. Joiner Jones Locke Embry Fennel Floyd, D. Lund Luttrell Mathews Moody Muldrow McCurdy McDonald McMurray Shacklefo Nettles Smith Philips Studdard Pitts Tucker Poindexter VonCleve Porter W hite Rapp V i Mams Seidenspinner Wright ALPHA PHI BETA MU CHAPTER Founded by ten outstanding coeds selected by Dean Agnes Ellen Harris, Mrs. R. D. Lanier, and Mrs. Elva Middlemiss, Beta Mu chapter of Alpha Phi has contributed much to campus activities. Their social activities during the past year began with weekly Wednesday coffee hours and included a Christmas Dance, a Spring Dance, and a number of Sunday night steak fries. Alpha Phi contributed materially to campus organizations. Laura Gaston was a member of Tau Beta Pi, Pi Mu Epsi- lon, and Alpha Lambda Delta, while Barbara Fuller was a member of the Swan Club and Girls ' Spirit Committee. Triangle counted among its members Clara Gause, who was also a member of Caroline Hunt Club. What ' d Ya Say? MEMBERS Faculty: Clara Gause Nancy Spear June Cox Mrs. Paula Gregc ry Mary King Louise Strange Julio Garrison Actives: Virginia Mathis Anne Struthers Lucille High Mono Allison Audrey Mitchell Ida Jenkins Wiggins Pat Mathews Moxine Brown Virginia McCrossin Annette Worthington Carolyn Owen Julia Bush Pollye McGuire PI sdges: Helen Sexton Peggy Frost Joyce Pippin Carolyn Barfoot Betty Sey Barbara Fuller Rhoda Russell Frances Christion June Woodwo Laura Gaston Martha Jane Saunders Lyn Cole COFFEE HOUR EACH WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON THIS YEAR Allison Barfoot Gaston Cause High King Mathew: Mathis Mitchell McGuire Owen Russell Saunders Sexton Sey Spear Strange Struthers Wiggins Woodward Worthington ALPHA XI DELTA ALPHA TAU CHAPTER The Founders ' Day Banquet at the Country Club on April 17, the Rose Formal during the Winter quarter, and the Stardust Ball in October honoring new pledges highlighted the social year of Alpha Tau chapter of Alpha Xi Delta. Other events included a Buffet Dinner in honor of chapter potrons and patronesses, a Faculty Tec, and three informal house dances. Alpha Tau chapter of Alpha Xi Delta was organized at the University of Alabama in 1927, twenty-four years after the national sorority was formed, and has contributed much to the extra-curricular activities on the campus. Clarice Strange was president of Panhellenic, while Ann Hilbish was a Tau Kappa, Zeta Phi Eta, and a member of the University Debate Squad. Jeanne Franklin served as president of Phi Upsilon Omicron, a member of Kappa Delta Pi, and an honor student in Home Economics. Sylvia Mitchell was SGA representative from Chemistry School and a member of Pasteur Society, American Chemical Society, and Alpha Lambda Delta. MEMBERS Faculty: Alice Lowerence Barbara Bruhn Miss Helen Bosard Emily Lynn Dorothy Buckley Mrs. Ida Crane Betty Jo Nichols Elise Calhoun Actives: Marion Norman Carlye Merle Car Gloria May Bennett Alline Bounds Powell Linda Cox Ellis Ann Carter Peggy Reese Carolyn Davie Pat Gentry Cooper Jean Roseveor , Marianne DeVan Jean Franklin Clarice Strange Betty Jean Edwar Mildred Gabbett Greta Williams Solly Ellis Barbora Goree Kathleen Wilson Joyce Leo Fears Lucille Griffin Louise Woolf Gordon Betty Jo Gaston Ann Hilbish Pledges: Thyra Mae Hamri Jeanne Hudgins Ann Bollenger Marjorie Harrison Walterine Irby Sara Beth Brownlee Dorreolyn Jean Mary Ruth Jerniga Mary Lou Lyies Mary Maury Marianne McKinno Jane Murboch Pat Perrin Betty Price Joan Rodin Jean Rousselle Mary Frances Sane Martha Jo Smith Estelle Van DeCar PRESIDENT OF PAN HELLENIC IS AN ALPHA XI DELTA Bollinger Davie Bennett DeVan Brownlee Edwards Bruhn Ellis Buckley Fears Calhoun Franklin Carlovitz Gaston Carter Goree Cox Griffin Homrick Lynn Harrison Maury Hilbish Murboch Hudgins McKlnno Irby Nichols Jeon Norman Jernigon Perrin Reece Roseveor Rousselle Smith Strange Van De Co Williams Wilson CHI OMEGA NU BETA CHAPTER Founded in November, 1922, Nu Beta of Chi Omega haz established a reputation for participation in campus activities. Highlights of the past year included the annual Founders ' Day Banquet, a Hallcween Fledge Dance, the Spring Dance, several open houses, and a Faculty tea. Chi O placed second in 1948 Skits and Skirts competition. Jean Young was honored as Sweetheart of Lambda Chi, and Joan White, a Corolla Beauty, was a member of the Homecoming Court. Chi Omega was active in the YWCA with Betty Gates serving as vice-president, and Jane Atkins serving as secretary. Johnny Dale Ellard served as graduate representa- tive to SGA, while Virginia Glass was president of Phi Chi Theta. Triangle members include Bootsie Deaver, Dot Upchurch, and IVary Ann Tharp. Active in Freshman YWCA were Katherine Pill, Alice Hollon, Peggy Vein, and Joan McCall. fi Faculty: Miss Elizabeth Corm Miss Alice Wyman Actives: Jane Atkins Jane Bliss Alice Burgoyne Jeni Cobb Juliette Cone Sue Coons Bootsie Deaver Jeanne Dobbins Johnny Dole Ellard Charlotte Evans Ann Fenn Betty Gates MEMBERS Virginia Glass Joan White Joanne McColl Jockie Harbin Mortho Wright Joan Nelson Ann Hardigree Jeon Young Elinor Phillips Lib Hinton Katherine Pill Betty Jean Huffstutler Pledges: Sally Poag Alice Hunt Carol Arnett Jean Reynolds Emily Kay Patsy Atkinson Mildred Rhodes Jeanne Leslie Barbara Burrow Mabel Robinson Anno Maxwell Esther Lee Cobb Charlotte Rossen Ruth Meyer Diana Day Betsy Rost Nancy Neiswender Louise Dunson Mary Elizabeth Scudd Kate H. Nunez Mary Jane Hendricks Mary Ann Seabrook Joy Patrick Saroh Hodges Mary Lane Shivers Betty Poag Sue Hodges Jeonnette Smitherman Mary Louise Pratt Alice Hollon Peggy Varn Mary Ann Tharp Peggy Holmes Betty Waters Dorothy Upchurch Hattie King Diane Williams SWEETHEART OF LAMBDA CH CHI OMEGA GIRL Adkinson Day Atkins Deaver Bliss Dobbins Burgoyne Dunson Burrow Fenn Cobb Gates Cone Glass Coons Harbin Hardegree Maxwell Hendricks Myer Hollon McCall Huffstutler Neiswend Hunt Nelson Kay Nunez King Patrick Leslie Phillips Poag Smilher Pratt Turner Rhodes Upchur Rosson Vorn Rost Waters Scudder White Seabrook William Shirley Wright Shivers Young Faculty: Mi; Helen Osband Actives: Kate Adkisson Mory Alston Janie Ballard Claire Beeny Mary Ann Bonney Mary Bradley Potricia Brassell Jane Brown Sara June Bryson Betty Caldwell Kay Calvert Jane Coson Elizabeth Ann Coker Alice Duggar Georgie Ensign Dot Fleetwood Lucy Finley Gwen Gemniell Morcia Gray Marie Guy Mary Elizabeth Haas Virginia Holley Mary Ann Jones Mimi Jones Rachel Kracke Helen Lester Joyce Lee Marjorie Meador Margaret Ann Monk DELTA DELTA DELTA DELTA MU CHAPTER The Delta Delta Delta social season ranged from a Pledge Dance in December to the famous Tri Delta Wedding Rush Party. Other social functions included an annual Valentine ' s Dance, the Pansy Breakfast for Seniors, the Founders ' Day Banquet, and coffee hours every Tuesday. The Tri Deltas won the intramural girls ' volleyball championship and the 1948 Stepsinging contest. Tri Delta had a galaxy of honors heaped on it last year. Mallie Moughon was named Miss Homecoming, while Juonita Baker was selected Sweetheart of Theta Chi. Jane Coson was a member of Mortar Board. The Swan Club was presided over by Nancy Reviere and Zeta Phi Eta claimed as its members Marie Guy, Mary Ann Jones, and Ann Coker. Nancy Rhea served as an efficient member of the Corolla staff. Edna Lazenby was elected secretary of Junior Panhellenic. MEMBERS Sally Ann Palmerlee Jane Paty Mary Paty Nancy Riviere Nancy Rhea Fon Robinson Jane Self Sara Mell Smith Cecile Solomon Kitty Sowell Phyllis Stanley Judy Throckmorton Kotherine Thweatt Fleto Watson Mary Wilkinson Alma Winn Ann Witherington atricia Woodard etty Wyatt Pledges: Jo Be Juanita Baker Winifred Cardinal Shirley Callaway Nona Cooper Patsy De Witt Shilo Donovan Gene Foster Nina Harris Florence Hartsfield Genevive Holmes Margaret Hope Pot Irwin Jane Jeffers Adeline Kelly Evelyn King Edna Lazenby Jeanie Madden Barbara Mize Mallie Moughon Frances Price Louise Rhett Fronkie Roberts Isobell Sowell Frances Stabler Nonnie Stanley Julia Webb Peggy Wise Alice Wood TRI DELTA CLAIMED MISS HOMECOMING Acker Brassell Adkisson Brown Alston Bryson Bailey Caldwell Baker Callowoy Ballard Cason Beeny Coker Bonney De Witt Bradley Donovan Duggar Irwin Ensign Jeffers Finley Jones Foster Kelly Gray King Guy Lazenby Haas Madden Harris Monk Hope Moughon Price Rhelt Stanley, P. Rheo Throckmorlo Riviere Watson Roberts Webb Robinson Winn Self Wise Smith Wilheringtor Sowell Wood Stobler Woodard Stanley, M. Wyatt ? %4I r fHk KZS Q n ' H K f ' s 1 DELTA GAMMA BETA PSI CHAPTER Celebrating their third year on the Alabama campus, the Delta Gams entertained with functions such as the annual Faculty Tea, Fall Pledge Dance, and Watermelon Cut, ending the year with a Spring Dance. In the short period of three years, the Delta Gams have established them- selves in honoraries and outside activities en the campus. Leading the group were Nellie Cobb, Triangle Junior Sponsor; Susan Dunn and Mary Cock, vice-president and secretary, respectively, of Canterbury Club; and Madelyn Diffey, Alpha Lambda Delta president. Marion Stanfield was honored with the Sigma Delta Pi award for the year. Sleepy Time Gals MEMBERS Actives: Emma Ruth Blankenship lono Blotsios Marion Bowen Ida Marie Beckmon Shirley Brown Joan Clark Nellie Cobb Jane Congleton Mary Cook Bobby Davis Madelyn Diffley Geraldine Donovor Margaret Dugins Susan Dunn Rosemary Fritz Dorothy Harris Catherine Hortley Mary E. Hill Mary Lee Hill Louranne Krudop Mary Alice Lindsey Jeanne Moses Joan Parks Barbara Spencer Mabel Wright Bebe Zuccorello Pledges: Ruth Brock Mildred Brown Jill Clark Pauline Cooper Barbara Dancy Juliette Foster Jean Gordon Rhonwyn Parsons Jane Rumsey Betty Ruth Smith Jerry Walker FIVE DELTA GAMMA ' S ARE TRIANGLE MEMBERS Blankenship Brcck Brown Clark, J. Clark, M. J. Cobb Congle ' on Cook Cooper Doncy Dovis Diffey Dunn Foster Fritz Gordon Harris Hartley Hill, M. L. Hill, M. Krudop Moses Parks Rumsey Smith Spencer Wolker Wright Ztccarello Sing It Out DELTA ZETA ALPHA GAMMA CHAPTER A full calendar of social functions wfnich included celebration of Founders ' Day, a Halloween party, a house dance, and the annual Rose Boll and Banquet was presented by the Alpha Gamma chapter of Delta Zeta during the past school year. Anne Bornett marched with the Million Collar Band as Miss Alabama. Dot Gray presided over the Junior class of Chemistry, while Mary Gilley served as secretary-treasurer of her class in the College of Education. Aside from being secretary of the Press Club, Evelyn Bryan was active in efforts toward securing a chapter of Theta Sigma Phi on this campus. Mary Ellen Allison was a consistent winner of campus ping pong championships. MEMBERS ulty: Sue Eunice Christa Jean Locke Jackie Burns Charlotte Anne Love Mrs. Emily Lewis Little Dot Gray Margaret Locke Theresa Dokos Gloria Love Mrs. A. H. Mason Sybil Gnffin Barbara Maier Peggy Fleck Peggy Major ves: Jone Gillespie Carmen McCoy Betty Jane Flippin Clara B. McRimman Mary Ellen Allison Pearl Graham Frankie McRoe Marilyn Freeman Jeanette Ruffner Ann Barrett Ann Gulledge Tolluloh Ogden Joy Freundschuh Ann Schorfschwerdt Jane Barnett Katherine Horri on Betty Sue Richards Mary Gilley Frances Ann Seole Borbara Bivins Betty Jane Harr s Betty Smith Arlene Hughlett Cory Ann Skinner Louro Jane Biedermann Kathleen Johnsc n Winifred Thomas Elizabeth Hunt Norma Smith Evelyn Bryan Elizabeth Korrh Dot Thomoson Betty Carol Huske Mary Stone Beverly Buckley Mary King Mary Widemon Margaret Jernigan Jo Ann Tombrello Marjorie Crawford Peggy Kropp Pledges: Mortha Kenley Mary Trull Dora Anne Da Lee Annie Louia La igston Marilyn Brooks Jane Krickbaumn Peggy Young Doris Ann Evans Bebe Lewis Valerie Buckley Gwendolyn Locke DELTA ZETA ' S DECLARE GAIL PATRICK AS AN ALUM Allison Buckley, V. Barnett, J. Crawford Barnett, M. A. Da Lee Beidermann Dokos Bivins Eunice Brooks Flippen Bryan Freundschuh Buckley, B. Gillespie Gilley Karrh Gray Kenley Griffin King Gulledge Krickbou Harrison Kropp Hughlett Lewis Hunt Locke, C. Jernigon Locke, G Locke, M. Ruffr Love, C. Ston Love, G. Thon- Maier Thorr Mojor Tomt McCoy Trull Ogden Wide Reling . €.O.cvL ' KAPPA DELTA ZETA CHAPTER The KD ' s have always played a prominent part in campus life, and the past year was no exception. Besides winning the Scholarship Cup, the sorority hod two Corolla Beauties, Mary Austill and Dora Smith; and the queens of Bama Day (Mary Austill) and the Cotton Boll iMary Sue Sewelli. Betty Bailey wen the 1948 fall tennis championship. Carolyn Bradford was a mem.ber of St. Pat ' s Council, and Betty Anne Langham won the Chi Omega Sociology Award. In addition to serving as vice- president of Mortar Board, Ann Adams was vice-president of Phi Alpha Theta. Sara Ann Stewart, secretary of Mortar Board, was president of YWCA, secretary of Kappa Delta Pi, treasurer of Zeta Phi Eta, and a member of the Cotillion Club. Sara Jones was a member of Alpha Kappa Delta, treasurer of Alpha Lambda Delta, and treasurer of Triangle. Social functions included a Founders ' Day Tea, White Rose Ball, and a Pledge Dance. Swing Your Partne MEMBERS Faculty: Miss Elizabeth Colemc Miss Moble Adams Mrs. Jenny Howard Mrs. L. A. Woodman Actives: Ann Brooking Adams Celeste Patterson Ada Mory Austill Gloria Blacksheor Betty Boone Carolyn Bradford Harriet Dean Dorothy Deramus Betty Jean Earp Lua Gallolee Jo Ann Hunter Mary George Jimmerson Sara Frances Jones Betty Anne Langham Norfleete Leiand Elizabeth Anne Lloyd Madeleine Moury Moryoiyce Morris Leslie Mosely Caroline Saunders Mulli Frances Alma Page Merrie Helene Roberts Julia Walker Russell Mary Payne Sawyer Mary Sue Sewell Sara Ann Stewart Mary Gaston Stollenweck Martha Turner Martha Thoring Wal ' er Anne Stewart Webb Mary Haden Whatley Sallie Watkins Wood Pledges: Glen David Anderson Betty Forrest Bailey Jane Saint Clair Ball Elizabeth Rhodes Blue Grace Margaret Brocks Kothryn Mason Butler Mory Neilson Dawson Mary Gene Dunwoody Elio Garrett Durr Mabel Louise Durrett Vonceil Oden Foster Josephine Anne Giddens Ruth Talbot Grimes Catherine Hamilton Barbara Anne Heard Evelyn Jane Hodges Martha Louise Holt Martha Houser Lucy Gilbert Ingram Rose Hood Johnston Virginia Mosby Lelond Carrie Pearle Luckie Frances Alma Mollory Julio Patterson Nancy Russell Dora Pratt Smith Fredrica Caroline Smit Morgaret Ann Smith Mary Joan Woolf Patricia Ann Yates Gage Yielding KD ' S HAVE THREE MORTAR BOARD MEMBERS Adams A. Butler Adams C. Dawson Anders on Dean Austill Deramu Bailey Dunwod Blue Durr Boone Durrett Bradfo d Eorp Brooks Foster allolee ddens Langham Lelond, N omilton suser Lelond, v. Lloyd Luckie Mullins Page Patterson Roberts Russell, J. Russell, N. Sawyer Sewell Smith, C. Mosely Smith, D. Smith, M. Stewort Sto ' lenwe Turner Woller Whatley No Party Records He KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA GAMMA PI CHAPTER The Kcippci calendar for 1948-49 was filled with many social events, including o dance honoring pledges, Spring Formal in April, Sunday Coffee Hour, Founders ' Day Banciuet, and a Faculty Tea in December. tV.ary Lcuella Foley and Jem McNclly were top Ccrclla Beauties. Ann Ramsdell was treasurer of Mortar Beard, and Pat Lightfoot was vice- president of Panhellenic Council. Ann Lutz was vice-president of Pi Mu Epsilon. Louise Williams, YWCA vice-president, was also treasurer of Triangle and one of the chapter ' s nine Triangle members. Carolyn Mc- Knight, Swan Club and Alpha Lambda Delta, served also as president of the Home Economics Sophomore class. Faculty: Miss Jon shall Actives: Kathryn Borfield Mary Elizabeth Boye Mary Bellinger Betty Brunson Lottie ivy Carter Sarah Chunn Mary Ann Conrad Lenora Dempsey Joy Pearson Dendy Patricio Dillon Mary Louello Foley Potricio Foley MEMBERS Barbara Grirrsley Virginia Rychener Jane Hain Lougenia Stallirgs Joyce Hare Polly Stevens Louise Harris Hunter Stickney Kathleen Hooe Barbara Walker Anne Huddleston Connie Walker Anne Jentzen Abbie Wendel Pat Lightfoot Shelby Weston June Lord Louise Williams Ann Lutz Morgoret McCracken Pledges: Ann Mclnnis Beverly Andrews Carolyn McKnight Bettie Bollnian Annette Minshew Betty Brown Jone Porter Nancy Brown Anne Romsdell Betty Bryan Jane Russell Annie Sue Cain Amelia Courtney Lillian Culpepper Anne Baker Eatman Barbara Edwards Nell Felix Julie Holloway Edith Ivey Margaret McMillan Jan McNolly Betty Jane Millard Robbie Moseley Jane Nolen Judy Parker Phyllis Robbert Evelyn Smith June Unger TWO TOP COROLLA EAUTIES ARE KAPPAS Andrews Carter Bnrfield Chunn Bayer Conrad Bellenger Courtney Bollman Clllon Brown, M. Cul|:epp Brown, N. Eatman Brunson Edwards Bryan Felix Foley Grimsley Hain Hare Lightfoot lord Lutz Millord Harris Minshew Hooe Huddleston Moseley McCrocke Ivey Jentzen Mclnnis McKnight McNolly Stcllings Parker Stevens Dondy Stickney Porter Unger Ramsdell Walker, B. Robbert Walker, C Russell Williams Smith Wendel P H I M U ALPHA ZETA CHAPTER The Alpha Zeta chapter of Phi Mu began the 1948 Fall quarter with a Faculty Tea, and completed the social calendar with a Christmas Party, Senior Breakfast, Style Show, Guntersville House Party, Founders ' Day Dance, and Spring House Dance. Carolyn Lowrey was chosen h .hi Tuscaloosa and placed third in the Miss Alabama contest. Jackie Johns, S ' gma Delta Pi and French Club, shared honors with Sue Watkins who served as Panhel. ' enic secretary. Sarah Phillips was Junior class president in Heme Economics and vice-president of Phi Upsilon Omicron. Jo Merle Cclburn was secretary of the Senior class in Education. Florence Day served as society editor of the Crimson-White, ond Bobbie Higginbothom was an ROTC soonsor. They Mode A Grand JIan Faculty: Miss Gwendolyn Anders Mrs. Winifred Snow Breer Miss Marilyn Moses Actives: Carolyn Ashburn Irene Barbour Catherine Bliss Diane Bostick Bobbie Brown Harriet Burns Ann Cannon Patricia Ann dork Barbara Cluthe Jo Merle Colburn Pot Curry Florence Day Ann Duke Elsie Greaves Rebecca Hagler Carolyn Harland Leiia Norland Mary Jane Hollingsworth Jeanne Ingram Jacqueline Johns Margaret Jean Kirby Mary Knight Virginia Logorde Ann Lotture Dolly liles MEMBERS Carolyn Lowrey Christine Middlebrooks Mignon Mundy Sarah Phillips Robbye Jean Price Ruby Ryder Aghito Shirley Olive Thompson Barbara Trostour Kothryn Wolmsley Sue Watkins Frances Wehrenberg Doty White Pledges: Glenda Alexander Margie Ann Alexander Betty Ross Armstrong Jo Ann Ault Eileen Chito Bicknell Carolyn Blake Carol Elizabeth Brown Betty Dobbs Laura Virginia Duncan Patricia Eubanks Eleanor Foye Graff Margaret Clarice Graves Ann Lee Griffin Elizabeth Louise Gunter Joan Frances Hancock Daisy Henderson Bobbie Jane Higginbothom Marion Jackson Dorothy Sue Kennedy Peggy Loy Virginia Brown Mabry Patricia Ann Mortin Charlotte Mathis Gail Elizabeth Monteabaro Evelyn Jane Moorman Denisso Lee Moss Thelma Elizabeth Nomias Margaret Frances Piper Marilyn Miller Skinner Mono Lee Smith Janice Rae Sumner MISS TUSCALOOSA IS P H I M U GIRL Ashburn Cannon Ault Clark Bicknell Cluthe Bloke Colburn Bl:ss Day Bo:tick Dcbbs Duncan Henderson Eubanks Higginbothom Graves Hollingsworth Greaves Ingrom Griffin Jockson Gunter Johns Honcock Kennedy Harlond, C. Kirby Norland, L. Knight Mundy Lowrey Phillips Mabry Piper Mathis Price Middlebro oks Ryder Montecba ° Shirley Skinner Smith Sumner Thompson Trostour Wolmsley Watkins Wehrenbc 9 White Faculty: Miss Elizabeth Cotliey Mrs. Ann Montgomery Actives, Pi Beta Phi: Betty Beck Jane Hughes Emily Moss Babette Poge Patricia Pottisholl Edith Nicholson Morion Vaughn Actives, Pi Phi Beta: Peggy Berry PI PHI BETA Fi Fhi Beta, established here in September, 1948, is the youngest member of Alabama ' s family of fraternities and sororities. The Pi Phi Beta ' s were formally introduced to the campus at an open house in November and again early in the Winter quarter at a Formal Dance honoring the chapter ' s charter initiates. The Pi Phi ' s won second place in Homecoming lawn decorations. To add to the chapter ' s accomplish- ments, Nancy Lcwry and Babette Page were chosen as Ccrolla Beauties. The colony is looking forward to the installation ceremonies when it will become Alabama Beta of Pi Beta Fhi, the 95th chapter of the national organization. MEMBERS Dorothy Dunham Pledges: Mary E. Gillespie Jeannette Atkinsc Beatrice Haas Betty Buckner Harriet Jones Joan Clouse Mary F. Kennedy Grace Giller Jean Kroeze Beverly Goodwin Beverly Latimer Joan Hawkins Jonie McDoniel Mary Joy Harpol Kotie Mcintosh Jane Hines Terry Noble Anne Huggins Nancy Perry Polly Hutto Lucy Spain Nancy Lowry Janice McKoig Borbaro Sue Oak Iris Owens Mory Alice Perry Morgot Preece Pottie Ruth Reynolds Martha Rutledge Jean Sagin Jean Shepherd Julio Toylor Ann Verscheure Thelma Vaughn PI PHI BECAME THE SEVENTEENTH SORORITY ON CAMPUS Beck Be:ry Buckne Giller Goodv Hankins Hines Huggins Jones Kennedy Kroeze Latimer McKoig Noble Oak Ov ens Poge Pottishall Reynolds Preece Sogin Shepherd Spain Taylor Vaughn Verscheure SIGMA DELTA TAU » RHO CHAPTER Rho chapter of Sigma Delta Tau, founded at ttie University in 1935, was awarded the attendance plaque and recognized as " most im- proved chapter " at the sorority ' s national convention last Summer. The Founders ' Day Banquet was held last Spring, and new pledges and actives were presented at an open house party. A Scholarship Banquet and Senior Breakfast were held in the Spring. Alumnae entertained actives, pledges and dates at a barbecue on November 4, and a Sadie Hawkins Day Dance followed on December 2. Lois Schloss, Who ' s Who, Mortar Board, and Alpha Kappa Delta president, was a leading member of SDT. Audrey Silvern and Moxine Millstein were selected as Corolla Beauties, and C. J. Wolpert was a valuable member of the Rammer Jammer staff. 4 . Results Of FLmiiiine Ingi-nuily MEMBERS Actives: Elaine Becker Phyliss Bloomfield Sylvia Bolosky Betty Cohen Phyliss Goodman Alyne Leach Dottie London Resa Oppenheim Sally Rabin Lois Schloss Phyliss Tenenboum C, J. Wolpert Pledges: Joan Allenberg Betty Rhea Angel Solly Arstein Rita Auerboch Harriet Baker Sue Becker Audrey Burka Louise Chonin Helen Jean Davidson Alice Enteen Anito Epstein Marian Goldstein Dorothy Graeber Bobby Grundfest Barbara Katz Rita Lee Lincoln Gwen Lipsitz Honore Loeb Jane London Jean London Moxine Millstein Dolores Nussboum Betty Claire Pasternak Janet Ovartin Sylvia Rubin Marjorie Rubinstein Shirley Schlesinger Rita Silver Audrey Silvern Rhcdo Soclof Betty Lee Stone Borboro Steig SDT ' S YARD DECORATION WON HOMECOMING CUP Allenberg Angel Arstein Auerboch Baker Becker, C. Becker, E. Bloorrfield Bolasky Silver Silvern Soclof Steig Stone Tenenbou Wolpert Burka Cohen Davidson Enteen Epstein Goldstein Goodman Graeber Gundfest Kotz Nussboum Leach Oppenhein jU Lincoln Paslernock k fl Lipsitz Quortin . H Loeb Rabin ' M London, J. Rubenstein A London D. Rubin itffl London J. Schlesinger HI Millsteir Schloss Gambling Women THETA UPSILON ALPHA ALPHA CHAPTER In observance of Mothers ' Day, mothers of fifteen members of Theta Upsilcn visited the local chapter and received the Mother-Patroness de- gree, becoming members of Omega Club of Theta Upsilcn. Other high- lights of the year were the Pledge, Christmas, and Spring dances in November, December, and May. A Faculty Tea and the Founders ' Day Banquet were held in January. Theta Upsilon won the bridge tournament and placed third in 1948 Stepsinging. Campus personalities in Theta U included Mary Ben Cox, Triangle; Charlotte Williams, Panhellenic treasur- er; Nora May Carlson, radio production manager of WABP; and Elaine Jude, promotion staff of WAPB. Foculty: Dr. Dorothy E hie Dr. Ar ne Pann ell Actives: Theresa Begley Mario Bingam an Mary 3en Cox Lorrai e Ferris Peggy Ann Fro ikl DorotI y Grave MEMBERS Joyce Hurlburt Mary Larson Christine Morse Morjorie Poe Hazel Mae Pov Jerry Roberts Joyce Rosser Margaret Smith Betty Ann Spiller Charlotte Williams Pledges: Carol Beck Nora Carlson Jeanene Flowers Ruth Franklin Elaine Jude Virginia Malice Kotherine Martin Ann Middleton Donota Rennback Morjorie Thompson Margie Vann TREASURER OF PAN HELLENIC IS THETA U Bec k Corlson Ferris Fronklin Graves Jude Larson Malice Middleton Morse Row Poe Rennback Roberts Rosser Smith Thompson Vann Williams ZETA TAU ALPHA NU CHAPTER Zeta Tau Alpha history has afforded the ZTA ' s the prestige of being the first sorority to have a house en the campus and the second scrcrity to be established on the campus. Since then, ihey hG e been active in all phases of sorority life. The pledges were cffered a sample cf what to expect socially with a Fall Pledge Dance at the chapter house in second circle, and were presented with ihe full picture at a Winter Formal at the Country Club. Both actives and pledges combined to spcn:or a party in honor of Santo at Christmastime. Mary Kernachon and Sue Pofford represented the Zeto ' s in the beauty department by their selection OS Corolla Favorites. Keeping the ZTA before the campus were Cheer- leader Rusty Collins, ROTC Sponsor Shirley Warfel, and Louise McMurray, vice-president of Triangle. MEMBERS Faculty: Paula Garrison Elizobeth Relfe Nancy Frankle Mrs. Marjorie Nicholls Mary Glenn Gibbs r.ebekah Shamblin Petty Grce: e Miss Margaret Davis Betty Sue Gray Lillian Spencer Wilma HoLirshead Actives: Sara Haden Sara Starbuck Jane Heustess Mary Louise Baumhauer Delia Haisten Patsy Stone Barbara Maddox Elle n Bobzin Eugenia Johnson Eugenia Sumrall Sara McCao Betty Borom Iris Taylor Johnson Eleanor Tobias Jean McCoy Nancy Brittain Mary Kernachon Laura Ann Tompkins Nancy Paty Jane Brown Margaret Lollar Shirley Warfel Helen Pitord Joyce Brown Harriet McDonald Virginia Watson Peggy Rank Margaret Brown Louise McMurray Pledges: Beverly Spear Sara Will Crews Janice O ' Steen Mary Elizabeth Allen Pam Thornton Carolyn Cunningham Mary Sue Pafford Beverly Beck Lillian Weekley Mary Frances Cunningham Beverly Patterson Jackie Cammock Betty Wilkins Mary Lucille Dawkins Pat Prickett Rusty Collins Amelia Wilson Lee Dunawoy Sara Jane Raub Eleanor Dominick Edith Ann Winlord Marjorie Egge Geraldine Reid Ann Dawkins Jane de Vore ZETA ' S HAVE TWO MEMBERS IN FAVORITE SECTION OF COROLLA Cunningham, C. Cunningham, M. Dawkins de Vore Dominick Garriso n Maddox Gibbs McCoy Gray McDonald Greene McMurrcy Hoden O ' Steen Holling. ;head Pafford Johnson 1, 1. Patterson Johnson 1, 1. E. Paly Prickett Toblos Ronck Tompkins Raub Thornton Reid Watson Relfe Weekley Spencer Wilson, A Storbuck Wilson, J. Stone Winford Sumrall % Mb. } FD HTIDH OAK First Row: Left to Righti; McCollum, Thomos, Whitney, Smith, Copeland, Hogedorn, Bom, Owen, Ker,c Bowen, Arno, Shonnon, Kanter, Klolzman, Mines, Chambers, Smith, Hollingsworth, Poole . . . Third Ro« Collins, Mitchell, Jackson, McDowell, Barnes, Beard, Falkner, Martin. DRUIDS OFFICERS ALBERT W. COPELAND President BENNY SMITH Vice-President LUCIEN HAGEDORN Secretary-Treasurer Established at Pennsylvania State College in 1907, Druids is the only Sophomore honorary service fraternity on the campus. Theta chapter was established at Alabama in 1930. Activities of Druids during the past year began in the Sum- mer quarter when a group of Druids published a new campus telephone directory. -During Fall registration Druids cooperat- ed in the Freshman orientation program and sponsored q free street dance open to all students. Druids also assisted the Spirit Committee in conducting pep rallies and handled col- lections for the Elephant Freight Fund to bring " Alamite " to the campus for Homecoming. Early in December D.uids spop.soied a midnight picture show for the benefit of fhs Campus Community Chest, In the Spring quarter the College Inn was transformed into the Druid-sponsored " Crimson Horseshoe " wilh o galaxy of all-star campus entertainers. Spring also sow definite plans formulated by the Sophomore fraternity for the building of the Druid Wishing Well in the Ridgecrest picnic area. MEMBERS B. Jay Arno Richard Emmet Elvin Kanter Harold Bain Lomor Falkner Owen Kenan Kenneth Barnes Billy Farmer Melvin Klotzma Leonard Beard, Jr. Lucien Hogedorn Jock Martin Jack Bowen Bowen Hill Edgar McCollu Richard Leon Chambers Tom Hines Artie McDowell Robert Collins Carey Hollingsworth George Milchel Albert W. Copeland Jim Jackson Robert Owen Sam Shannon Benny Smith Junius Smith Howard Thoma Dave Whitney Page 352 J ASON S OFFICERS A. B. C. NICHOLLS President WALTER OGILVIE Vice-President BILL HAIRSTON Secretary-Treasurer Jaions, founded at the Capstone in 1914, was the first honorary service fraternity on the campus. The fraternity, composed of Seniors, has remained a local fraternity select- ing its members on the basis of leadership in some branch of college activities, scholarship, general value to the college, and promise of future usefulness. Tapping ceremonies are held annually on the mound in front of the Jason Shrine, the historic Roundhouse. Each year Jasons sponsors Jasons Jam- boree, better knov n as Skits and Skirts, to raise money for a project which will benefit the University of Alabama. Plans have been laid for the construction of a fountain between Gorgas Library and Denny Chimes. Jasons also plan to take over permanently the Freshman orientation program in the Fall quarter of each year. John Abernethy Bill Hairston FACULTY Mr. James Foy Dr. Burke Jotinston MEMBERS Tom King Lionel Noonan Russell Terry Oakley Melton Walter Ogilvie Jim Van Hoose Steve Moxley Joe Piper Leonard V eil A. B. C. Nicholls Torver Rountree First Row; (Lett to Righti Seated: Mr. Foy, Ogilvie, Nicholls, H lirston, Dean Johnston Rountree, Piper. Hill, Wei ' , Moxley. Second Row; Abernethy, Terry, ( Uw c MORTAR BOARD OFFICERS BETTY JO CASHION President ANN ADAMS Vice-President SARA ANN STEWART Secretary ANN RAMSDELL Treasurer LYN NELL McCORD Editor and Historian Mortar Board is the Irghest hono ' aiy organization for Senior women on the campus. Members are selected for scholarsfiip, leadership and service. Twelve, or fewer, third quarter Juniors having 2.0 averages and outstanding records in leadership and service, are taoped in the Spring quarter " each year in ceremonies on the Mound. Mortar Board con- ducts the annual Homecoming chrysanthemum sale, using the proceeds to provide two $100 scholarships for deserving Serior women who require financial assistance in order to graduate. Other activities include a tea honoring transfer women each Fall quarter, and a Smarty Party in the Winter quarter for women students who make 2.0 scholastic averages on the previous quarter ' s work. The board counts ballots cast to elect beauties at the annual Corolla Beauty Ball. FACULTY Mrs. Jennie M. Howard Miss Henrietta Thompson MEMBERS Miss Margaret Mo Ann Adams Sara Jones Ann Ramsdell Belty Jo Cashion Lyn Nell McCord Lris Schloss Jane Cason Sara Ann Stewart Stewart, McCori Cashion, Cason, Jones, Schloss. First Row: Left to Righli: Going, Foy, Deon ten Hoor, Carpenter, Reynolds, Dean Joiinston, Long, Abernetliy, Hill, Mitchelson . . . Second Row: Speight, Lul ens, Brock, Johns, Woodard, Enzor, Adcock, Redden . . Third Row: Samford, V. S. Johnston, Young, Conway, King, Nobors, Weil, Etheredge, Rountree. OMICRON DELTA KAPPA OFFICERS J. ALLEN REYNOLDS, JR President FRANK HAWTHORNE Pasf-President JOHN ABERNETHY Vice-President DEAN G. BURKE JOHNSTON . Secretary WILLIAM HILL Treasurer DR. ALLEN GOING Faculty Advisor Omicron Delta Kappa, national leadership honor society tions, and Speech, Music and Dramatic Arts. Iota circle, and for men, was founded at Washington and Lee in 1914. Iota Omega circle from Auburn, together established the ODK circle was installed on this campus in 1924. Membership is trophy, observing resumption in 1948 of varsity athletic rela- granted to Junior and Senior men solely through collegiate tions between Alabama and Auburn. The giant trophy will circles, on the basis of character, scholarship, leadership and be awarded each year to the winner of the Alabama-Auburn service in campus life, and consecration to democratic ideals. football game. ODK sponsors the traditional Christmas Star Election to membership is from five phases of participation, on Denny Chimes. A campaign encouraging good sportsman- Scholarship, Social and Religious Affairs, Athletics, Publico- ship at varsity athletic events was begun early in 1949. FACULTY Prof. Carlton K. Butler Prof. Brooks Forehand Dr. G. Burke Johnston Prof. John Payne Col. William T. Carpenter James E. Foy Dr. E. V. Jones Dean Marten ten Hoor Frof. V. F. Chaftin Dr. John M. Gallolee Dr. R. E. Jones Fronk Thomas Jeff Coleman Dr. S. Paul Garner Dr. George Long Prof. Paul Thomas Harold " Red " Drew Dr. Allen J. Going Dr. J. B. McMillan Prof. C. Stewart Tinsley Dr. Williom G. Echols Decn Noble B. Hendrix Dr. Jock P. Montgomery Ernest G. Williams Dean W. M. Hepburn Rev. George Murray MEMBERS John Abernelhy James F. Hatcher John Lumpkin J. F. Shorp John W. Adams, Jr. Frank H. Howthcrre Oakley Melton John W. Speight Hobson H. Abcock William R. Hill Theo Mitchelson Curtis Springer Paul Brock William Johns Hershell Nobors Leonard Weil Tim M. Conway, Jr. Furniss Johnson Lowrence Drew Redden Robert Wheless Leiand Enzor Vivian G. Johnston J. Allen Reynolds, Jr. Tommy Woodard Foster Etheredge John Thomas King Tarver Rountree Willard W. Young Arthur L. Lukcns, Jr. Yelto Sonford Page 355 First Row: iLeft to Rights Seoted: Mr. Foy, Dr. Long, Chappelle, King, Humpidge, Martin . . . Second Row: Rudulph, Ogilvi Drennen, Baker, Hill, Hamm, Samford, Hairston, Smith . . . Third Row: Proctor, Nicholls, Jackson, Powell, Rountree, Turnbu Poole, Duddy, Melton, Abernethy. QUADRANGLE OFFICERS TOM KING President FRANK CHAPPELLE Vice-President McLIN HUMPIDGE ' . . . Secretary JACK MARTIN Treasurer The Alabama Quadrangle was organized in 19i9 by a group of Christian men. Their purpose was to unite those men who believed in the high ideals of scholarship and all- round University life. From its beginning, the Alabama Quad- rangle has stressed the ideal of the Four-Squore Man: the physical, the spiritual, the mental, and the social. Its mem- bers have been selected from University students who have measured-up to this standard. Last year Quadrangle extend- ed its annual $100 scholarship loon to two deserving male students at the University. In addition to this, the Quadrangle sponsored the wood-gathering contest for the Homecoming bonfire and other projects intended to be of benefit and in- terest to students at the University, and assisted in the 1949 Bama Day ticket sales. John Abernethy John Adorns Jcc Boker Phil Bonks Jim Barton Fronk Chappelle Carl Crumpler A an Drennen John Duddy MEMBERS James Foy Dr. George Lang Torver Rountree Bill Hairston .lock Martin Yetta Samford Bill Hamm Onkley Melton George Shirley Sam. Higgins Rev. George Murray Junius Smith Bill Hill Crook Nicholls . Stan Starnes McLin Humpidge Walter Ogilvie Don Turnbull Sidney Jackson Elisha Poole V inston V ollace Tcm King Ottis Powell Ernest Williams Claude Kitchen Burns Proctor Page 356 Seated: Left to Riohti: Moore, Johnson, William Chambers, Head, Morton, Moffitt, Sellers, J. h Bailey, Tote, J. Phillips, M. Bernstein, Eolen, Burton . Smith, Biustein, Driggers . . . Third Ro D. Smith, Wotson, y dams, Murray, Coll . Second Row; Skaggs, Knight, Golclenlhal, J. Bernstein, Wilson, RHO ALPHA TAU OFFICERS BUDDY BERNSTEIN . . . ' President JOHN HORTON SMITH Vice-President DARDEN WILLIAMS Secretary BILL BOLEN Treasurer BOB COLLINS Student Advisor DICK EMMETT Student Advisor ROY B. MOFFITT Public ity Chairman JIMMY SMITH Social Chairman Rho Alpha Tou, Freshman honorary society, has as its purpose the promotion of better understanding among the students. Composed of one representative from each frater- nity and five independents high in scholarship, the Rho Alpha Tau ' s constantly strive tovi ard the improvement of the cam- pus. This organization v as founded in 1920 for the purpose of warning Freshmen when there was an upperclassman in the area. Since hazing at Alabama has been discontinued, Rho Alpha Tau has returned its attention to campuswide activities such as Bama Day. Rho Alpha Tau ' s main task is training Freshman men to take the responsibility of leader- ship that they may find it necessary to assume in the future. Leon Adoir John Adams Walter Bally Buddy Bernstein Joe Bernstein Charles Biustein Bill Bolen Austin Brannon MEMBERS Dick Burton Roy Moffitt Jce Chalmers Jones Moore Roy Driggers Neil Moore Leslie Goldenthal Bill Morton Tom Head Monson Murray Milton Johnson Ellis Phillips Corloone Knight Bob Phillips Bryan McPherson Bob Sellers Paae 357 Albert Skaggs Jimmy Smith John Horton Smi George Tofe James Watson Darden Williams Jerry Wilson Hal Vondervoot TRIANGLE MARY AUSTILL LOUISE McMURRAY LOUISE CLAY OFFICERS President SUE JONES Secretary Vice-President LOUISE WILLIAMS Treasurer Historian Triangle is a service organization of Sophomore and Junior women. Its main function is to serve as " big sisters " to FresLiman women students and to fielp them in every way to become adjusted to life at the University of Alabama. Before a Freshman woman arrives at the University she is assigned to a Triangle member who writes to her suggesting appropriate preparations for life at the Capstone. On arriving the Fresh- man finds that her " big sister " will help her through registra- tion, take her to all the programs during orientation week, and keep up with all her campus activities throughout the year. Triangle members cooperate with Panhellenic Council in the rush week program, with YWCA in the Bama Day nursery provided for the convenience of the students who have children, and with the Dean of Women by helping with Freshman orientation classes during the Fall and Winter cjuarters. Mary Austill Carolyn Bradford Louise Cloy Nellie Cobb Celeste Adams Kotherine Ballard Mary Anne Barnett Mory Bellenger Joon Blackwell Emmo Ruth Blankenship Ellen Bobzin Sylvia Bolosky Sora Jean Bradley Muriel Browner Nancy Brittoin Bobbie Frances Brown Margaret Brown Clara Jo Brunner Betty Brunson Marianne Cole Dorothy Deramus Mary Clyde Dublin Lua Gallalee Mory Cook Mory Ben Cox Sora Will Crews Martha Florence Day Corolyn Deaver Madelyn Diffly Alice Dugger Joyce Elmore Doris Evans Potricia Foley Clara Gause Mary Glenn Gibbs Spencer Lee Grayson Ellen Green Irma Gutiow Virginia Holley JUNIOR SPONSORS Bobbie Jean Jenkins Sue Jones Kelmie King Potricia Lightfoot SOPHOMORE " BIG SISTERS " Nova Huckcby Anne Huddleston Jean Hunt Eugenia Johnson Sora Ruth Lancaster Moble Virginia Locke Margaret Lollar Patricia Lovell Mory Ellen Luttrell Mory Chloe McCullough Mory Eugenio McDaniel Carolyn McKnight Kote Moddox Madeline Maury Fannie Mitchell Morjenn Nabors Louise McMurray Jonie Parker Amelia Pyron Katherine Bogby Robertson Betty Jo Newton Mildred Osborne Joan Parks Jane Pcty June Piatt Sara Jane Raub Nancy Rhea Juanita Rodgers Sylvia Romaine Jone Russell Julia Russell Doris Seoy Despino Semon Mary Sue Sewell Barbara Spencer Jeanenne Stanley Frances Small Melbo Studdord Dorothy Powe Louise Williams Hunter Stickney Laura Strother Harriet Torver Phyllis Tenenbaum Mary Ann Thorp Jewelene Traylor Joycelyn Tunstoli Dorothy Upchurch Patsy Vaughn Frances Wehrenberg Helen Louise White Linda Sue Wilder Delia Frances William Evelyn Willinghom Mary Alice White Patricio Woodham Roselyn Zarvosky Poge 358 ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA OFFICERS MADELYN DIFFLY . President JANE RUSSELL . . Vice-President MARY McCULLOUGH . . Secretary NONA HUCKABY . Treasurer Alpha Lambda Delta, Freshman honorary installed at the University of Alabama in 1930, encourages scholastic achievement among women students in all undergraduate schools and colleges of the University. Membership is extend- ed to honor Freshman women who maintain 2,5 averages for two quarters. Members are tapped at Spring convocation, at the same time that certificates are awarded to Seniors who hove maintained 2.5 averages throughout their college careers. A gift is presented to the Alpha Lambda Delta member who has the highest overall average for four years. Meetings held twice monthly during the year were featured by entertaining programs. A tea honoring prospective mem- bers was held in the Winter quarter, and a Twenty-fifth Anniversary program followed later in the year. MEMBERS Dorothy Dennis Mary McCullough Jean Rosevea Madelyn Diffly Mary McDoniel Jane Russell Nona Huckaby Corolyn McKnight Betty Watson Fanny Mitchell Juanita Rogers First Row: Left to Right- McCullough, Diffly. Russell, Huckoby . . . Second Row: Dennis, Rodgers, Watson, Mitchell McKnight, Rosevea r. BETA GAMMA SIGMA OFFICERS HARRY D. BONHAM President WILLIAM C. FLEWELLEN Secretary-Treasurer DEAN LEE BIDGOOD Grand Vice-President Alpha of Alabama chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma was installed at the University on March 4, 1931. It hod its be- ginning in a local society, Sigma Eta, organized in thc- School of Commerce and Business Administration in 1922. Dean Lee Bidgood, Dr. H. H. Chapman, and Dr. Arthur Up- green organized the group to recognize those students who hod done superior work during their enrollment as commerce students. The purpose of Beta Gamma Sigma is to encourage and reward scholarship and accomplishment in the field of business studies among students and graduates of collegiate schools of business, to promote th e advancement of educa- tion in the science of business, and to foster principles of honesty and integrity in business practice. Eligible candidates are tapped after ten quarters ' work. b. Alyea Anderson Lee Bidgood H. H. Chopn William C. f=lewell Paul S. Garner Lillian H. Gunnin Langslon Hawley James Holladay FACULTY Chester H. Knight Horry Lipson Burton R. Morley Duncan W, Murphy M. Clinton McGee L. J. Nations John P. Nolond Wylodine Shotts W. Paul Thomas Marcus Whitman MEMBERS Freda Lee Baker Bond, Jr. Robert Boston Ralph V, Bradbury Paul Brock lis Coll Willi W. Gorrett Edgar Gober, III Harold H. Hoys Bob Roy Johnston Thomas Loyton Morris L. Mayer Carl E. Meriwether James R. Miles John Murrell, Jr. Robert E. Nader Eugene A. Neukom Walter Ogilivie William E. Pickens Alex S. Pow Dayton W. Ritter Samuel C. Rountree, Edward D. Terry Edsel Wells James W. Wentling Benjamin Wesson, Jr Richard G. William- Preston R. Woodhom St Row: ' Left to Righti: Ritter, Gunnin. Baker, Holloday, W hil s . Second Row: Murohy, Miles, Terry, Wells, Wesson, Mer Third Row: Laylon, Boston, Bond, Murrell, Garrett, Meyer, Ct Flewellen, Bonham, Chapman, Hawley, Lipson, Pick- r Thomnv Noder, Neukom, Ogilvie, Shotts, Alyea . . . Vi " ini Hey, Rountree, Collie, Wentling, McGee. •9 . o r ■%! P j Mitchell, Mciriry, Glass, Rhodes, McGinty, Caohion . , , Standing: Su Torver, McCord He, Cunningham, Dickey, Ellington PHI CHI THETA OFFICERS VIRGINIA GLASS President FRANCES HARTMAN Vice-President ALICE MANRY • ' . . Secretary DOROTHY RHODES Treasurer CAROLINE DOYLE Reporter LYN NELL McCORD Personnel Chairman ELSIE RIDDLE Chairman, Ways and Means Committee MISS MARY WOEBER Faculty Advisor DR. LANGSTON T. HAWLEY Sponsor Phi Chi Theta, a national professional fraternity for women in the field of commerce, was organized in 1925. Chi chapter was installed at the University of Alabama in 1936. Membership qualifications include a 2.0 overall aver- age and the desirable attributes of character and leadership. Activities of Phi Chi Theta include a coke party for new pledges, cooperation with the Commerce Association, a tea for Commerce faculty and Freshman women, and a banquet for new members. The Phi Chi Theta key is awarded at the Spring Commerce Ball, to the woman student in the Junior class in Ccmmerce who has maintained the highest scholastic average during her first seven quarters of residence work. Betty Jo Coshion Beverly Cunningham Norro Deon Dickey Caroline Doyle Jane Ellington Mary Lou Gonus Virginia Glass Irmo Gutlow Frances Hartman Lyn Nell McCord MEMBERS Catherine McGinty Alice Manry Fanny Mitchell Elaine Pierce Dorothy Rhodes Elsie Riddle Sylvia Romaini Marilee Summi Harriet Tarver Poge36l First Row: .Left to Righti: vo Grumpier, Kanter, Vickers, Cri, Chcimbe lin , . . Third Rov , Thomas, Weover, Horduvel Woodoll, Kerr, Ogilvie, Nabo , , Second Row: Bell, Cornothan. Holde McDowell, Humpidge, Kanonchoff, Dubermo PHI ETA SIGMA OFFICERS EDWARD THOMAS President GEORGE WEAVER Vice-President DICK CHAMBERS Secretary BILLY FARMER Treasurer DEAN JAMES E. FOY Faculty Advisor Phi Eta Sigma, Freshman scholastic fraternity, extends its key to Freshmen who maintain above a 2.5 average during their opening quarters of college study. Its purpose is to encourage study among the Freshmen in order to Icy a solid foundation for their remaining years of college life. Phi Eta Sigma is responsible for the publication and distribution of the booklet " Hov to Study, " which is presented to all incom- ing Freshmen. As the center of the 1948 Phi Eta Sigma Nation- al Convention, the Alabama chapter played host to delegates from every state in the Union. The purpose of the convention was to formulate fraternity policy for the coming year ' s operation— the keynote being to encourage higher scholastic standards among the students through emphasis during their Freshman year. MEMBERS William D. Armstrong James V . Bell Martin E. Blutinger Iro B. Bright William T. Bryan Kenneth M. Carnathon Richard L. Chambers Robert Coker John W. Cook Albert Copeland Robert C. Covington Donald J. Cronin Matthew A. Donofrio James D. Ellisor Billy Ligon Farmer Philip W. Gore Artie T. Horduvel John Hoyman E. Paul Hjorth WiMiom E. Hull Herbert McLin Humpidge Benjamin B. Jackson Michael Kanonchoff Elvin Kanter Robert E. Kelly Charles L. Kerr Donald R. Landgraff Mortimer D. Murks W. Boyd McDowell W. Bert Mitchell E. Jones Moore Keith Morrow Sidney B. Poellnitz John f. Porter, Jr. Fred B. Powell Robert F. Rey Dan E. Rice Joseph B. Roberts, J David D. Rodgers, A. Leftwich Sinclai Robert D. Sittason William H. Taylor Howard E. Thomas Alan Trott Joseph Van Mark H. vo Charles Wa George H. Weaver Samuel S. Wetmore Ernest C. Williams. Redlick vright Page 362 first Row: (Left to Rightl: Mil etheo, Glass, Franklin, Studdard, Bedingfisid Mason, Clay, Huffstutler, Parker t, Collins, Thompson PHI UPSILON OMICRON OFFICERS JEANNE FRANKLIN ... ' ., President SARAH PHILLIPS Vice-President CAROLYN GLASS . Corresponding and Recording Secretary MILDRED BETHEA Treasurer MELBA STUDDARD Historian NELL BASSETT Librarian KATHERINE ROBERTSON Chaplain HELEN MORGAN Candle Editor Phi Upsilon Omicron is a national honorary fraternity in Home Economics. Psi Chapter, established at the Capstone in 1936, is composed of twenty-five students from all fields of study in Home Economics. It ' s membership is restricted to students who hove shown exceptional qualities in leadership. service, scholarship, and professional attitude. Each year Phi Upsilon Omicron selects one student as the outstanding Freshinon in Home Economics School and honors her by engraving her name on a plaque provided for this purpose in Doster Holl. MEMBERS Mory Farley Alston Nell Bossett Irene Bedingfield Mildred Bethea Beatrice Brown Louise Clay Olivia Collins Jeanne Franklin Charlotte Gibbs Carolyn Gloss Betty Jeon Huffstutler Mary Lowery Charlotte Mason Betty Miller Helen Morgan Janie Parker Beverly Patterson Sarah Phillips Kotherine Robertson Melba Studdard Mary Jane Thompson Martha Sue White Celio Wilson Ruth Wise Jimmie Sue Woodriff Poge 363 first Row; (Left to Righti; W. Keith Lovender, Swonson . . . Th McFarlond, Bray, Normi Goode . . . Sixth Row ., Moxley, Cudworth, Parks d Row: Edwards, Massey, Butler, Holley Stopleton, Musick, Robinette, Pelowitz . , ep, Hilburn, Sanders, Belcher, Self, Kyle, Will Mo V - , . . . Second Row; Holtzclaw, Stella, Johnson, Morrow, Phillips, Wallace, McBeth, Knob, Acker, Broskie, Linsley, Wuller, Stough . . . Fourth Row; Quinn, Deming, . Fifth Row: Carlton, Searcy, Brown, Thomas, Meadows, Sweat, Fi ncher, Beaird, Blackmon, Woll . . . Seventh Row: Asquilh, Gore, F. Keith, Kirby, Howard, )rrow, Powell. TAU BETA PI OFFICERS STEPHEN MOXLEY, JR President ' WILLIAM PARKS Vice-President % ALLEN CUDWORTH Recording Secretary H. H. MEIGS Corresponding Secretary W. G. KEITH Treasurer Tau Beta Pi, national engineering honor society, was part of St. Pat ' s Day. An annual award is made to the founded at Lehigh University in 1885. In 1926 Alabama Beta Sophomore in Engineering who has maintained the highest became the fifty-first chapter of the national organization scholastic average throughout his first four quarters in which now has eighty-four chapters. A Senior scholastic school. Projects of the fraternity during 1948-49 included honorary, Tau Beta Pi selects members from Engineering investigation relative to establishing a Hobby Shop for the Juniors and Seniors who are outstanding in scholarship and campus and a faculty rating system in the College of Engi- character. Public tapping is performed in the Spring as a neering. FACULTY Jack Bean Oscar Dahlene Charles Gaylord Fred Moxwell Bill Rey F. L. Smith Kenneth Coons George Davis, Jr. W. F. Gray H. H. Meigs H. A. Sawyer George Webb Horold Cotter James Faircloth W. D. Jordon W, J. Miller W. F. Siofield J. R. Cudworth John Gallalee W. G. Keith L. Mi Potter R. Q. Shotts MEMBERS Richord Acker Lindley Carlton Eyrum Holtzclaw Daniel McBeth Clem Phillips Fred Swonson Robert Asquith Allen Cudworth George Howard Robert McFarlond Dovid Phillips Robert Sweat Lloyd Barker Frank Deming Jesse Johnson Ewell Meadows Fred Powell Ester Thomas, Jr. Lloyd Belcher Roymond Deep Fred Keith Perry Morris Jomes Quinn Richard Wall H. Grady Beird, Jr. Claude Edwards Robert Kirby Hugh Morrow Spurgeon Robinette Winston Wollace Robert Beyer Herbert Fincher James Kinsolving Keith Morrow Guy Sanders Charlie Weed James Blackwell William Goode Harold Krob Stephen Moxley, Jr. John Searcy Robert Wheless A. Wade Blockmon Earnest Gore L. Christopher Kyle Victor Musick Louis Self F. L. Williams John Broy William Hilburn Robert Lavender Earnest Nothon Frederick Shower Richard Wuller Thomas Broskie . William Hill Edward Linsley Joe Normon William Stopleton Ralph Brown Joseoh Holley Jock Mortin William Porks Emil Stella Frank Butler Joseph Holby William Massey Joseph Pelowitz Foster Stough Page 364 CHI EPSILON OFFICERS FREDDIE WILLIAMS President RALPH SHOFNER Vice-President FRANK DEMING Secretary JAMES KINSOLVING Treasurer Chi Epsilon is a national honorary civil engineering fraternity which has as its general aim the improvement of the engineering profession. Outstanding Juniors and Seniors in the Department of Civil Engineering are eligible for membership. The selection of active members is based on scholarship, character, practicality, and sociability, the four requirements of a successful engineer. Fourteen students petitiored the national fraternity of Chi Epsilon for permission to establish a chapter at the University of Alabama. This petition was accepted, a charier was issued, and the local chapter of Chi Epsilon was installed at the University on June 5, 1948. Lloyd Belcher Frank Deming Claude Edwords Jack Alford Kenneth Biggs Thomas Branner Elwood Garrett Wallace Hall Lonnie Hartung FACULTY Ml. G. H. Dunsfan HONORARY MEMBERS Mr. W. G. Keith CHARTER MEMBERS William Hill George Howard James Kinsolving Percy Nixon MEMBERS Robert Hawkins James Mines Glen Jordan Howard King David Little Manuel Mendel Mr. L. A. V oodn Ralph Shofner Charlie Weed Freddie Williams Robert Pogue Claude Smith Hugh Thompson Robert Wamsley Hugh Williamson Marcus Whitfield First Row: ' Left to Righti: Keith, Woodman, Faircloth, Dunstan, Williams, Shofner, Kinsolving, Deming, Belcher . . . Second Row: Weed, Biggs, Brannen, Mines, King, Thompson, Smith, Wamsley, Pogue . . . Third Row: Nixon, Garrett, Hawkins, Hartung, Little, Jordan, Whitfield, Hill . . . Fourth Row: Howard, Edward, Hall, Mendell, Williamson. 1? « rst Row: Let! to Right ' : Lee-, Powell. Killgore, V. L. McGee, J. B. Smith jlens, Jan;en, H. S. Jackson, M. L. Salmon, O. J. Goodwyn, Redden, Tird Row: Downing, Bone, Cooper, Keenei, W. C. Wilson, Doorman, I . . Fourth Row: M, O. Cleveland, Simon, Pippin, Sullivan, Colvin, Berry Fifth Row: Foulkner, Patterson, McDonald, Johnston, Howard, T. J, Davis, Sherrill, Key . , . Second Row: L H, Adorns, Galloway, Bradbury, T. F. Young, M. C. Hudson, Hawthorne, J. A. Green . . . lobDrs, Porter, Owen, Livingston, A. C. Johnson, B. F. Chappell, Wallace, Brown Homner, Mosso, Vomer, F. L. Adams, J. O. Davis, R. D. Gaines, Dobbs, Enzor . . . Louten, Fite, J. E. Wilson, Elliot, Collowoy, Mclnish. PHI ALPHA DELTA OFFICERS LAWRENCE D. REDDEN Justice OTIS J. GOODWYN Vice-Justice JAMES O. DAVIS, JR Clerk RALPH V. BRADBURY Treasurer ROBERT E. VARNER Sgt.-at-Arms John Tyler Morgan chapter of Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity was installed at the University of Alabama in 1922, to become a member of the national organization which was founded at Yale in 1898. The national fraternity is composed of fifty-four active undergraduate chapters and numerous alumni chapters. The list of local charter members includes many men now prominent in legal and political af- fairs throughout the country. In 1948, Phi Alpha Delta ori- ginated Law Day which has become an important annual affair. The annual banquet honoring new initiates and alumni is held during Law Day festivities. Election to membership is based on leadership and scholastic average. Through its vari- ous functions during the year the organization strives toward formation of a closer bond between the various schools of law, and between the different classes within the individual schools. MEMBERS Forest Adams L. H. Adams George Bornette Jos. F. Berry Rowan S. Bone Ralph V. Bradbury Norman Brown Dogen Calloway Billy Chappell Oliver Cleveland Jchn Coleman Coy Cooper Jock Crenshaw James O. Davis, Jr. Thod J. Davis Jimmy Deorman Carney H. Dobbs Maurice A. Downing James Earle Hoyt Elliot Leiond Enzor Jcmes H. Faulkner Bill Fite Horace Garth Ralph Gaines Thomas Gollowny Otis Goodwyn Jim Green Lewis H. Homner Frank H. Hawthorn James F. Higgens Chorles L. Howard Max Hudson Harvey Jackson Robert Jensen Alvis C. Johnson Tommy Johnson Vivian G. Johnston Irby Keener James Kelley Bruce Key Andrew I. Killgore Robert Kirksey Bill Lauten Wolter Lee ' Jack Livingston Aurther Lukens Frank Mosso Tom McDonald Vol L. McGee Dwight Mclnish OIlie Nobors Bob Norman Lee Otts James R. Owen John M. Patterson Reginold F. Pippen Charles Porter Tom Powell Drew Redden Louis Salmon William Bruce Sheri Otto Simon James Smith William J. Sullivan Jock W. Tarbert Robert Vomer Jock W. Wollace Joseph F. Ward Poul Ward James E. Wilson Winton Wilson Tom F. Young Page 366 ALPHA KAPPA PSI OFFICERS JOHN W. EVERAGE President HAROLD G. McLEOD Vice-President WOODHAM W. CAULEY Secretary CHELSIE JOE MILLS Treasurer WALTER L. OGILVIE Master of Rituals Alpha Kappa Psi, founded in 1904, is the oldest national professional fraternity in commerce and is one of the leading fraternities in the professional field. The aims of Alpha Kappa Psi ore to further the individual welfare of its members; to foster scientific research in the fields of com- merce, accounts, and finance; to educate the public to appreciate and demand higher ideals therein; and to pro- mote and advance in institutions of college rank courses leading to degrees in business administration. The local chapter. Alpha Rho, was established in 1924. Each year Alpha Rho presents the Alpha Kappa Psi Scholarship award to the highest ranking male student of the Senior class. Alpha Rho was active in the revival of Commerce Da and takes an active part in all commerce activities. FACULTY Dr. Ralph E. Adams Dean Lee Bidgood Dr. Samuel P. Garner Professor Jack H. Dr. Paul E. Alyea Professor Harry D. Bonhom Dr. Langston T. Howley Professor Donald F. Mulvih Dr. Edward H. Anderson Marion K. Coley Professor Chester H. Knight Dr. Horace H. Washburn Professor Edward K. Austin Professor Richard T. Eostwood MEMBERS Dr. Russell L. Lorconi Samuel D. Aiken Brooks A. Godilhe Chelsie Joe Mills James B. Snider Philip P. Banks Edgar M. Gober, III Walter L. Ogilvie Harlan Connie Taylor Benjamin M. Bates William J. Homner Frank G. Ferryman James W. Towey, Jr. Harry L. Bigelow John M. Henderson Joseph D. Phillips Clyde Frost Vann Robert E. Bloke James Hicks G. Burns Proctor, Jr. Beason B. Walker Woodhom W. Cauley Hobert E. Ivey C. C. Robinett, Jr. Wardlaw M. Watson Bernis N. Collie Jock L. Jeter Gus D. Ross, Jr. W.lliom G. Watson Richard M. Compton Robert T. Johnson, Jr. Potton Seals Guy W. Weotherford William Patrick Conway August W. Kuhn George P. Shedd James W. Wentling John W. Everage Horold G. McLeod Leonard C. Skellon Harold E. Wetzel Elton Franklin Walter A. McLeod Walter T. Slottery Ned W. Wickham Glen M. Furlow Albert Morris Middleton Junius B. Smith John J. Yourick, Jr. First Row: Left to Righti: W. McLeod, Proctor, Aiken, Smith, Cauley, H. McLeod, Everage, Ogilvie, Yourick, W. M. Watson, Kuhn, Gadiihe, W. G. Wat- son .. . Second Row: Conway, Ivey, Compton, Wickhom, Collie, Ross, Hicks, Towey, Bates, Seals, Weotherford, Franklin . . . Third Row: Phillips, Perry- man, Bigelow, Hamner, Johnson, Gober, Taylor, M(ddleton, Wentlmg, Jeter, Wetzel, Vann, Mills, Skelton. : _3ii: .; _ - :E ill First Row: (Left to Rightl; Ritter, Thomas, Humble, Brewer, Knight, Blake, Gober, J. Hicks, Cauley, Ward, Wells, Sims, Hayes . . . Swetman, Chandler . . . Fourth Row: Hamner, C. Hicks, Ritl ■■ c:: -=a Dickerson, C. Knight, Garner, Whitney, Freeman . . . Second Row: Harrison, G. . Third Row: Pappas, Poer, Neukom, Nader, Williams, Meriwether, Yourick, Rollins, Bond, Parker, Frix, Diamond, Wesson, Griffin, Sorter, Baggett. -I li BETA ALPHA PSI OFFICERS ROBERT BLAKE .... President EDGAR GOBER Vice-President JAMES HICKS Secretary WOODHAM CAULEY Treasurer DR. A. J. PENZ Permanent Vice-President Beta Alpha Psi is a professional accounting fraternity whose purpose is to encourage and foster the ideal of ser- vice as the basis of the accounting profession, to promote the study of accountancy and its highest ethical standards, to act as a medium between professional men, instructors, stu- dents and others who are interested in the development of the study or profession of accountancy, to develop high moral, scholastic and professional attainments in its mem- bers, and to encourage cordial intercourse among its mem- bers and the profession generally. Membership is based on standards of scholarship, practicality, and sociability. Beta Alpha Psi was founded at the University of Illinois in 1919 and Alpha Beta chapter was established at the University during the Fall quarter of 1948, becoming one of the national fraternity ' s twenty-five chapters. During its initial year on the campus, the local chapter has sponsored various professional meetings and functions, inviting speakers to talk on account- ing subjects. FACULTY Professor Richord C. Dr. S. Paul Garner Brewer Professor Thomas Professor Chester N, H. H Kr mble Dr. A. J ight Professor CHARTER MEMBERS Pe W. Pau 1 Thomas Professor Williom H. Whitney George Baggett Robert Bloke Velner Bond Woodhom Couley Roscoe Chandler Som Diomond Fred Freeman Glenn Edgor Dougl Willia Benjar Willia Cloren Frix Gober JS Griffin Tl Hamner nin Harrison 11 Hayes ce Hicks James Hicks Grover Knight Carl Meriwether Robert Nader Eugene Neukom Cristie Pappos Stewort Porker William Poer Dayton Ritter John Rittman Kenneth Rollins Worner Sartor Edward Swetman Owens Sims James Word Edsel Wells Benjamin Wesson Richard Williams John Yourick Page 368 DELTA SIGMA PI OFFICERS JAMES BATTLES ... .... Headmaster JOHN TAYLOR Senior Warden ED CARRELL Junior Warden JOHN WISE Chancellor STANCIL HUDSON Senior Guide HUGH MOSES Junior Guide Delta Sigma Pi was founded in 1907 and the local chap- ter was installed in 1926. The national fraternity is compos- ed of fifty active college chapters and sixteen alumni chapters. It was founded and organized to foster the study of business in universities, to encourage scholarship and the association of students for their mutual advancement by re- search and practice, to promote closer affiliation between the commercial world and students of commerce; and to further a high standard of commercial ethics, and the cultural, civic, and commercial welfare of the community. MEMBERS Jomes Ault Frank Duval Ihcmas Layton John Taylor Bobby Baites Walker Greaves Robert Mathev s, Jr. Russell Terry Thomas Barfield Joseph Harrison Thomas Merrill Gerald Tidmore James Battles Clarence Hart, Jr. Wiley Messick Gus Tolleson Rex Bloci Harold Hays Theo Mitchelson Albert Turner Kenneth Carnathan Sfancil Hudson James .Moore David Vaughn James Clark Levin Huff Hugh Moses James Ward Richard Courtney Herbert Humpidge McGinty Edsel Wells Maurice Cox Dave Hurley Lionel Noonan Benton Wheeler William Crane Luther Johnson Samuel Roundtree Keith Winkler Don Cronin Roy Johnston, Jr. Warren Sedberry John Wise, Jr. Jcnies Cummings William Joiner John Smith First Row: ' Left to Righti: Taylor, Vaughn, Wise, Hays, Moses, Cox, Battles, Terry, Hudson, Carrell, Roundtree . . . Second Row: Clark, Carey, Flewell Mitchelson, McGinty, Ault, Messick, Harrison, Cummings, Cronin . . . Third Row: Wells, Mathews, Tolleson, Merrill, Humpidge, Wheeler Cornathan, Courtney, Johnston . . . Fourth Row: Sedberry, MacLeod, Black, Carraway, Chiepolich, Hart, Crone, Tidmore, Foster . . ley, Dykema, Adomson, Greaves, Layton. Ward, Winkler Fifth Row: Hur • ' First Rov v; (Left to Ricjhth Hendrix, Hunt Westcve , Taylor, Stuckey . . . Third Ro well . . . Fifth Row; Owen, Gleoson, Bci w; Finley. Sulhvar ret, Kornegoy, C. , Shcir Willia Enalebert, Ogl IM. ' ,, J WilLonvi Second Row, s, Blake, Gonce Fourth Rov» ; MocGran, Hall th Row: McLure Are 1, Baucjhmon Coleman, Wood rd, J. Hadley, Ho PHI DELTA KAPPA LELAND C. THOMAS ROBERT W. ENGELBERT JAMES N. WILLIAMS OFFICERS President JAMES R. OGLETREE Vice-President DR. ROBERT C. HAMMOCK Secretary DR. GLADSTONE H. YEUELL Phi Delta Kappa, professional education fraternity, was founded at Indiana University in 1906. The Alpha Xi chapter was installed at the University of Alabama in 1930. In its nature, the fraternity presents three aspects: the professional, the fraternal, and the honorary. The chief purpose of Phi Delta Kappa is to promote free public education through the continuing interpretation of the ideals of research, service and leadership. Phi Delta Kappa extends membership to men students of deserving character and high academic standing Historian Executive Secretary Faculty Sponsor who are above the Sophomore year and preparing for a life career in educational service. Members of the faculty and men in public education who meet constitutional requirements are also eligible for membership. New inembers are honored each quarter at a banquet. Regular meetings are held with programs of interest. To keep the membership informed of fra- ternal affairs, members receive the quarterly news-letter of the local chapter and the national magazine. The Phi Delta Kappan. FACULTY Fredrick Archer Dr. Joseph H. Hadley Mordis O. Hulsey Eldridge R. Plowden Charles D. Stapp Dr. Charles K. Arey Orville R. House Dr, L. Tennent Lee, Jr. Joseph L. Peterson Dr. Paul W. Terry Dr. W illis J. Boughman Dr. Robert C. Hammock Vergil P. McKinley Dr. Eric Rodgers Dr. Robert E. Tidwell James F. Caldwell Ben E. Harris Dr. John R. McLure Richard R. Schmitz Dr. Frederick L. Westover Harlan D. Clark Dr. Joseph C. Hayes Dr. John R. Morton Dr. Jackson R. Sharman Clinton E. Willioms Dr. Wode H. Coleman, Jr. Noble B. Hendrix Fronk Newell Dr. Verner M. Sims Dr. Henry B. Woodward, J Ralph W. Cowort Dr. George Howard Dr. Alton O ' Steen MEMBERS Dr. John B. Smith Dr. Gladstone H. Yeuell Henry C. Barrett Billy Dabbs James H. Gonce L. Kornegoy, Jr. Wilson M. Stuckey Robert H. Blockshear, II Francis H, Day V illiom P. Gray Miles Mac Gran Hubert T. Sullivan Lewis F. Blackwell, Jr. Robert W. Engelbert William M. Hadley James R. Ogletree Greene Y. Taylor Thomos B. Blake Issaac W. Finley James R. Hall Eugene F. Owen Herman D. Thomas Som E. Cain Henry D. Fleming Paschall M. Hoynes Elbert E. Rickles Leiand C. Thomas Thomas N. Crawford, Jr. David K. Gleoson Lester B. Howard Goither B. Snoddy, Jr. Claude F. Word James N. Williams Page 370 , , , r p p r f Seated; ' Left to Right ' : Inzer, Partridge, Starnes, Whitfield, de Graffenncd, Fletcher, Reid, N( H. W. Roberts, M. W. Molthews, Poelinitz, Austill, Key, Meodor, R. O. Roberts, J. R. Matthews . Wiley, Underwood, Woodroof, Demouy, Adams, Adcock . . . Last Row: Johnson, Scruggs, Wilkins Higgins, ;beck. Given . . . Second Row: Albrillon, Row: Longshore, Allen, Hairston, Somford, Straub, McGee, Bell, Conway, Reynolds. PHI DELTA PHI OFFICERS :• RYAN DE GRAFFENRIED Magister JOHN E. FORRESTER Historian WILLIAM E. JOHNSON Clerk EDWARD E. PARTRIDGE Exchequer DeGraffenried Inn of Phi Delta Phi was established in 1922 and received its name from an oustanding member of the bar. The fraternity was organized for professional pur- poses and promotion of legal ethics. Phi Delta Phi seeks to benefit law students and the bar alike. Each year the out- standing Law School Freshman is selected and his name is inscribed on a plaque in Farrah Hall. A Law School Hand- book is issued annually to all low students. DeGraffenried Inn is proud of the part it plays in keeping the honor system in operation in Law School. Outstanding leaders from the legal profession are invited to the campus to speak on timely subjects under Phi Delta Phi auspices. Former Governor Frank M. Dixon spoke at the Capstone on the controversial states rights question. Luncheons, cocktail parties and family nights served to stimulate both fellowship and professional in- terests of Phi Delta Phi. MEMBERS N. Q. Adams Hobson Adcock Marvin Albritten Bibb Allen Jere Austill Willis Bell Earl Bloom Edward Colebeck Timothy Conway Waller Fletcher Richmond M. Flowers Arthur E. Gamble Sam Perry Given Bill Hairston Samuel G. Higgins James C. Inzer Robert E. Key Bill Longshore Maximillicn Matthews John R. Matthews Dcin Meador John McGee Sumter McGowin Robert Normon Richard H. Pollinitz Amos Lamar Reid Joseph Allen Reynolds Hugh Roberts Roscoe Roberts Yelta Somford Ed Scruggs Louis R. Simpson William A. Smith Stoncil R. Starnes Robert Straub Kenneth Underwood Jomes E. Whitfield Joseph B. Wiley Robert B. Wilkins James W. Woodruff Page 371 THETA TAU OFFICERS CADE VERNER, JR President FOSTER S. STOUGH Vice-President JOHN W. BRAY Secretary WINSTON W. WALLACE Treasurer WILLIAM K. REY Faculty Treasurer JAMES M. FAIRCLOTH Faculty Advisor Theto Tau is a national professional engineering fraternity formed to promote comradeship among promis- ing engineering students and outstanding graduate engineers. Membership qualifications stress character, integrity, and fu- ture promise as an engineer. The first organization of its kind, Theta Tau was founded in 1904 at the University of Minnesota. Theta Tau membership, which at present exceeds 12,000, is larger than that of any other organization of its type. Mu chapter, originally a local group known as the Castle Club, was activated at the University in 1922 and became the twelfth chapter in the national organization of Theta Tau which is presently composed of twenty-six chapters. MEMBERS Richard Acker Blackman John Bray Frank BLtler Horold Burt John Collins Eill Crowder Alien Cudworth Raymond Deep Heigurt Fincher VV. D. Gray Bill Hayes Gory Head William Hill Glenn Jordon Mcnroe Lanier George LeGordeur John Logon Milton Logan Jock Martin Aram Moorodian Hugh Morrow Steve Morley Victor Musick Doi. McBeth Marvin McGarity Joe Saevery Charles Pelhon- Clem Phillips Robert Pogue James Quinn Don Riley Guy Sanders John Searcy Ralph Shofner Herburt Smith Thomos Snow William Spier Karl Stark Bill Stapleton Foster Stough E. L. Thomas Ben Vallely Code Verner Winston Wallace Charles Weed Robert Wheless Freddie Williams Hugh Williamson Willard Young First Row: (Left to Right): Pallister, Scofield, Keith, Foircloth, Goylord, Verner, Slough, Wallace, Broy . . . Second Row: J. Logan, Rey, Weed, Pot- ter, Blockmon, Young, Pogue, Heod, Pelhom, Shofner, Legordeur, Riley, Lanier, Burt, Savery, Smith, Moxley, Marshall, Stapleton, H. Logan, Thomas . . . Third Row: Noltel, Snow. Williams, Hoyes, Growder, Acker, Musick, Hill. Seorcy, Collins, Speir. Moorad-on . , . Fourth Row: Fincher, McGarity, Cud- worth, Williomscn, Butler, Quinn. f 1 O. f f r First Row: Seated, Left to Righti; Harper, E. Moore, Covington, T. Moore, Krotz, Collier, Tankersley, Gray, Mollis, Taylor . . . Second Row: Langley, King, Weeks, J. Hill, K. Hill, Kinimey, Thomas, Girtman, Stallings, Maddox, Barnes . . . Third Row; Roberts, Lane, Davis, Neely, Hollomon, Brown, B. Gunnells, Barnhill, G. Gunnells, Howell. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION BAPTIST STUDENT COUNCIL CHARLES W. BARNES Director MR. LAMAR HUBBS . . Advisor DR. N. D. TIMMERMAN ' . . Advisor DR. H. G. WILLIAMS Advisor The aim of the Baptist Student Union is to aid in the spiritual, social, and service development of every Baptist student. Founded at the University of Alabama in 1921, the Baptist Student Union has, through the years, accumulated several outstanding activities. Among the activities are the chapel services held doily in the Union Building, visitation services at local hospitals, open house at the church every Saturday night, and fellowship hours at local churches at the close of the evening worship service. Last year there was a Youth Revival with preaching led by students, and a Kardex File system was installed containing the names of approxi- mately 3,000 Baptist students on the campus. Also, each year the Baptist Student Union in schools throughout Alabama is responsible for sending a missionary to Hawaii. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Wilhom T. Hill, President Harry Girtman Doris Glynn Miller Delayne Reeves toy Barnhill Sara Herring John Neely Porter Roberts Bill Callahan Buddy Jackson Ruth Oswalt Henry Stricklen Connie Corter , Gene Krctz Josephine Phillips Catherine Tankersley Billy Weeks COMMITTEEMEN AND REPRESENTATIVES Jim Bailey Kothy Hill Clarice May Charles Pitts Katie Ball Fred Hollomon Nina May Peggy Reese Carolyn Blake Molcolm Howell Frankie McRae Carol Reeves Helen Brown Jean Hunt Violet Murphy Dennie Stollings Alton Buzbee Robinson James Kendall Nail Fred Stevenson T. W. Collier Sara Lancaster Ed Oliver Frank Stovall Bob Covington Ruby Longley Evelyn Owen Sue Strickland Bill Dickens W. D. Lowley Stanley Pork, Jr. Henry Stricklen Don Foster Mary Alice Line sey Marion Parker Dot Summer Dot Gray Kate Maddox Harold Penick Doug Thomas Jim Hawkins Julia Ann Man ill Pauline Phillips Polly Wigginton Fred Henry O. D. Mason Joe Piper Page 373 CANTERBURY CLUB OFFICERS LEX MATHEWS ... President SUE DUNN Vice-President MARY COOK Secretary-Treasurer The Canterbury Club is a notional organization made up of all Episcopal students in college. The organization spon- sors religious, intellectual and social activities for its members during the school year, and sponsors community and national charitable projects. Weekly religious activities include ser- vices of Holy Communion, morning prayers and sermons, Bible study groups, and special services during Lent. Social activi- ties include bi-v eekly " Coffee Clubs, " and picnics and par- ties. Student Forum meets each Sundoy night for religious and general discussion. The home of the Canterbury Club is the Foster House, located at 400 Thomas Street. All stu- dents are welcomed to the various activities offered there. The Chaplain is always available to render assistance to students in any way possible. The Anna Lee Pitts Memorial Library located in Canterbury Club ' s Foster House is available to all students who wish to use it. COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN JOE VANA Publicity and Canvass JOHN SIMS Program LOU ADAMS Altar Guild MARGARET VAN HOUTEN Refreshments FRANK MATHEWS Athletics DIRECTORS REV. GEORGE MURRAY Chaplain PROFESSOR WADE COLEMAN Faculty Advisor WILLIAM HILL Assistant Student Director First Row: ' Left to Righti: Ransen, Bucknell. Burtis, S. Jones, Hardin, L. Motlnews L Jocl son, Carter, Semon, V, Foster . . . Second Row: Trotter, Kolischot, R Lunn, Rosevear, Adorns, Mcintosh, Culpepper, Cool(, Moses. Giliespy, J. Foster Third Row E Jackson, Wilhoms, Heyle, Winlv. Rov Muriny, Lanier, Stegemeyer, Moore, Inge . . . Fourth Row: Gender, J. Lunn F Mnthews Toylo Vana, W. Jone ' . i • Seated: Left to Right ' : Gardner, Rosenberg, Berman. Dr. Fischel, Goodman, Kresses . . . Standing: Bernstein. Cohen, Brown, Zarovsky, Hagedorn. HILLEL FOUNDATION OFFICERS JACK BERMAN , . LUCIEN HAGEDORN , . PHYLLIS GOODMAN MARY ETHEL ROSENBERG President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Four hundred and twenty students participate in the cultural and social activities sponsored by Hillel Foundation on the campus. It chiefly serves students of the Jev ish faith, but one of its nnain objectives is to foster the development of harmonious Christian-Jewish relationships. Religious ser- vices are conducted each Friday and on all festivals and holi- days notable guest speakers participate. A social education program on Sundays includes music appreciation, religious history, choral work, current events and dramatics. A lecture series in contemporary cultural problems and a film series of national and international masterpieces are offered as o service to the entire campus. Hillel sponsors a varied pro- gram of social, athletic, and interfaith events at intervals dur- ing the year. lOUNCIL Sally Arnstein A! Bender Bill Bernstein Mox Brown Betty Cohen Alice Entin Rubin Franco Dorothy Gardner Arlene Gilbert Marvin Hurvich Bernard Joffe Bernito Kirshner Rebecca Kresses Stanley Lapides Cecil Moskovitz Bernard Ratner Shirley Rosenfeld Ronald Schloss Al Shmerling Melvin Weber Roslyn Zarovsky Page 375 First Row: deft to Righti Lucas . . . Third Row; Viz Z, Ascr, Sanfilippo, Collins, Father Mulvoy, McGov ina, Dominic, Luna, Johnson, Barefoot, K. Moses . . . Wright, Butler, McKinnon, Kircchoff, Jc rn. Holmes . , , Second Row Coll, Fritz, Chandler, George, Roe:,nel, hiozunA Fourth Row: Ziegler, Golliva n, Rodriguez, Reynolds, G. Azo r. Delotte, Murphy es. Tores, D, Moses, Brugol Cosseilo, NEWMAN CLUB OFFICERS FREDERICK COLLINS President SALVADOR SANFILIPPO First Vice-President BUDDY HOLMES Second Vice-President LORRAINE McGOVERN Recording Secretary HONEY KENNEDY Corresponding Secretary HARRY REYNOLDS Treasurer ZACH AZAR , , ■■ Assistant Treasurer The Newman Club was established to foster spiritual, intellectual, and social interests of Catholic students at the University of Alaboma. The Club endeavors to aid the work of the Church, through the Bishop of the Diocese, by Catholic Action. Spiritual interests are advanced by intellectual pro- grams including discussions and lectures at Newman House. The club sets aside at least one Sunday each month for all members to attend Holy Communion at St. Francis Chapel. With their world-wide affiliates, all Newman Clubs seek to do works of charity by cooperation among themselves. Social welfare is taken as o major consideration by all Newman Clubs, acting jointly for long-range projects. The Newman Club seeks to develop character in individuals by having them work in the operation of the club. Fellowship is fostered by a program of recreational activities. Football and basketball teams,, formal and informal dances, picnics, parties, and coffee hours are included on the social and recreational calendar. Page 376 WESLEY FOUNDATION OFFICERS ALBERT BRUNER , KENNETH NELLUMS LYN NELL McCORD GLENN FRIX . . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer DR. WILLIAM GRAHAM ECHOLS MRS. WILLIAM GRAHAM ECHOLS MRS. H. J. SAENGER WESLEY STAFF Director MR. JAMES HATCHER House Mother BILL BROWN Counselor GLENN PEARCE Minister of Music Student Assistant Student Assistant PATRICIA PASSMORE Student Assistant CABINET JAMES SEYMOUR DWIGHT WILSON NELL BURROUGHS REBECCA WILBURN JOHN ABERNETHY JAMES LEWIS MARILYN DANIELLS WAYNE TAYLOR TALLULAH OGDEN GARLAND STROUP ED DAVIS VALMA KEMP RUTH HOGE GEORGE WILLIAMS Acade Art Altendance Center Deputations . Deputations Dormitories Dormitories Fellowship Forum Fraternities Kitchen Kabinet Missions ju Chi President BILL BROWN WALTON GARRETT ELWYN RASCO KYLE ELLIOTT MILDRED DAVIS JO MYRLE COLBURN CLAY BRIER DICK RITTER GLENN PEARCE TOM CALHOUN KATHRYN MIDDLEBROOKS JOHN COOK RUTH COFFMAN LUCY SPAIN ... Projects Motive Publicity Recreation Social Service Sororities . Stewards Ushers Worship iistant to the Choir Director Choir Secretary President of Wesley Players Director Wesley Hour Wesley Foundation, a home away from home for some 3,000 Methodist students at the University of Alabama, is a complete church unit with a minister, a board of stewards, and o group of standing committees organized to carry on various functions of the organization. Wesley Center, located near the campus at 614 Tenth Street, contains a student lounge, workshop and kitchen, Sallman Chapel, and the of- fices of Wesley Foundation. Although Sunday church ser- vices are conducted in Doster Hall, all other Wesley activities are held at the Center. These activities include worship ser- vice and Wesley Hour evening vesper services. Wesley Foundation, with its wide range of spiritual and recreational activities, is a powerful influence on spiritual development of Methodist students at the University . ■_ COUNCIL MEMBERS John Abernathy David Abernathy Elwyn Rosco James Freel Margaret Ann Howell Lyn Nell McCord James Seymoi. Albert Burner Glenn Frix Dwight Wilson George Willion ' Bob Hughes First Row: (Left to Right): Hodges, Crawford. Tobias, P. Severson, Riggan, Gibbs. Bingoman, D. Severson . . . Second Row: Spain, Lyda, Meadows, Tubbs, M. A. Perry, Sparks, N. Perry, Kirkpotrick, Komp, Howell, Bryson . . . Third Row: G. Peorce, Hancock, Devel, B. Peorce, Holcomb, Robinson, Mitchell, Upton . . . Fourth Row: Worthington, Garrett, Strickland, Teogue, Calhoun, Bond, Williams, Mize. t f uu uu i ■ 1 7 m irn lib llllllll llllfilAl WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP EXECUTIVE OFFICERS FORREST F. PATTERSON President QUENTIN GUENTHER First Vice-President FRANCES CARROLL HALL Second Vice-President McLIN HUMPIDGE Corresponding Secretary CORINNE FANNING Recording Secretary KEITH WILLIAMS Treasurer MALCOLM C. MclVER, JR Minister to Students Westminster Fellowship is the Presbyterian student or- ganization through which the church cooperates with its students in universities and colleges to encourage them in Christian fellowship. The goal is that students may become candidates for eternal life, and not merely candidates for academic degree. A project was organized during the past year to raise $1,000 toward constructing a Presbyterian student center on the campus. Cooperation was begun with other units in Alabama to establish a scholarship fund at Stillnian Institute for a Presbyterian student. A council retreat was held in the Fall quarter, and an overnight policy-forming conference was held in May. Deputation teams were sent to churches in Alabama, and visits were made by the student minister to fraternities, sororities, and dormitories. The Social Service Committee sent clothing and food to Europe. Services, conducted by students, were held on Sunday nights at the First Presbyterian Church in Tuscaloosa to encourage closer unity of faith. COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN FAT LiGHTFOOT Alumni Files MARIE GUY ANN SHAW Contact PAUL ADAMS Mc HUMPIDGE Contact JANE RUSSELL BOB BLACKSHEAR Deputations CAROLYN DeVANE BYRON KENNEL Equipment SARA JANE RAUB DOT PHILLIPS Historian WALTER SMITH DORIS ERICKSON Hostess RAY EDWARDS HERMAN C. PATTERSON . . . Midweek Program DARLENE GUENTHER ED MILLER Missions . HARRY MITCHELL Music Promotion Publications . Refreshment , Refreshment Social Social Social Service Social Service First Row: (Left to Right): Kennel, Martin, Ruffin, McLendon, Fanning, Yeuell, Patterson, Pctcher, Miller . . . Second Row: Johnson, Russell, Tarver, Mitchell, Raub, Edwards, Williams, Lightfoot, Hall, Burgoyne, Bryant . . . Third Row: Nabors, Erickson, Phillips, High, Eurton, Anderson, McCoy, Woodward, H. S. Lee, H. C. Lee, M. Mclver . . . Fourth Row: O. Nabors, Knight, Humpidge, Jackson, Dodds, Callahan, Graham, Adams, Cord, Cooper, Campbell, M. Mclver . . . Fifth Row: Mathis, Smith, Dollar, Guenther, Muckle. wmwT 1 n - n 0 t rt, r .f ' » ' .-i u ALABAMA INDEPENDENT ASSOCIATION OFFICERS L. H. ADAMS, JR. President JOHN ARGYLE KING, JR First Vice-President ANNA E. GATES Second Vice-President WALTER GRZYMKOWSKI Third Vice-President ELIZABETH JACKSON Secretary BEN MOORE Treasurer CAROLINE HUEL Publicity Chairman Dedicated to " the promotion of a greater and better University, " AIA was established in May, 1947 to give the independents of the campus an organization through which they might reap the same benefits as fraternally affiliated students. Any man or woman student who does not belong to a social fraternity or sorority is eligible to join. Purposes ore to provide a spirit of fun and friendship among independ- ent students, to promote good student government, and to encourage participation of independents in the social, athletic, and political aspects of college life. AIA cooperates with the Student Government Association in sponsoring certain events. In the 1948 Summer session the two groups staged a street dance during the friendship campaign. Sponsored by the association during the year ore dances, buffet suppers, bridge parties, and watermelon cuttings. Independent teams are organized for Softball, volleyball, football, and basketball. Martha Anderson Jean Blair FACULTY Dean W. Hepburn JUDICIAL BOARD Leiand Enzor Otto Simon REPRESENTATIVES Rowan Bone Walter J. Lee, Jr. Agnes Hil Billy Morton Belton Thomas, Jr Jean Treocy Seated: left to Right)- Hewl, Moore, Gates, Grzymkouski, King, Nobors, Adams, Jackson, Killgore, Hoyley Morton, Lee, Tracy, Hill. Standing; Anderson, Thomas, Bone, Blc COMMERCE ASSOCIATION EXECUTIVE COUNCIL RUSSELL TERRY . . President MELVIN WEBER Vice-President WALTON GARRETT Secretary ELLEN CROW Treasurer THEO MITCHELSON Representative to S. G. A. JIM BATTLES President of Senior Class BOB OWEN President of Junior Class JESSE WILSON President of Sophomore Class JIM BRICE President of Fresfiman Class JOHN EVERAGE . .■.■.•. President of Alpfia Kappa Psi VIRGINIA GLASS ........ President of Pfii Cfii Tfneta Tfie Commerce Association was originally founded in January, 1934, by tlie Senior class in Commerce, but it later experienced four years of inactivity due to wartime conditions. Last year saw tfie Commerce Association again return to pro- minence on the campus. Membership is open to any student in the School of Commerce and Business Administration, The purpose of the Commerce Association is to promote a closer affiliation between the commercial world and the students of commerce, and to encourage higher standards of commercial ethics. The annual Commerce Day, sponsored by the Com- merce Association, is held in January. Businessmen throughout the state are invited to attend this all-day affair. The principal event is an address by an outstanding businessman. The afternoon is devoted to panel discussions in various business fields. To climax the day ' s activities a dance is held in Foster Auditorium. JIM BATTLES TOMMY MERRILL JIM BRICE JIM FLURRY HAROLD EDDINS COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Generol Chairman Parade Committee Luncheon Committee Tour of Campus Commerce Ball MORRIS MAYER . " . Publicity Committee BOB OWENS Posters and Signs ED CARRELL Bulletin Boards VIRGINIA GLASS Correspondence MELVIN WEBER Program Committee Faye Akin Sam Braswell Roy Campbell Betty Jo Cashion Diclc Courtney Don Cronln John Curlee P. A. Devote Frank Evans Marie Freeman Glen Furlough Nancy Gate COMMITTEE MEMBERS Francis Hortman William Hotch Doug Longford Bob Long LynNell McCord Basil McNeely Hubert Morris Meyer Perloff Bob Phillips Burns Proctor Bert Rosenbush Jack Shehodi Frank Stone Ed Terry Guss Tolleson James Towey Bob Turner Ned Wickham Henry Winston First Row: iLeft to Right): Brice, Garrett, Crow, R. Terry, Weber, Battles . . . Second Row: Owen, Glass, McCord, Flurry, Mayer, Merrill, E. Carrell, Akin, Cashion, Campbell . . .Third Row: E. Terry, Mitchelson, Kantor, Lanford, Rosenbush, Everoge, Sedberry, Manners, Courtney, Tolleson, Baites. i|pr p W r r . M| .v. ; ■•MSSSK t - First Row: iLeft to Righti: Binion, Fincher, LeGordeur, Burt, Woodman, Johnson, Walker . . . Second Row: shton, Horber, Shofner, Weed, Smith, Wallace, Hill, Macey . . . Third Row: Gray, Barker, Petty, Verner, Draros, Woodham. ST. PAT ' S ASSOCIATION OFFICERS HAROLD K. BURT _ . President HERBERT FINCHER Vice-President CHARLES BINION Secretary GEORGE LE GARDEUR Treasurer MR. L. A. WOODMAN Faculty Treasurer St. Pat ' s Engineering Association, an organization open to all students in the College of Engineering, promotes fellowship, furthers interests of its members, and sponsors programs to acquaint the public with the work of the College of Engi- neering and the University. Highlights of the year are the St. Pot ' s Ball for members and guests in the Fall quarter. Engineering Open House of exhibits in the Winter, and the traditional St. Pat ' s Day celebration each Spring. A smoker every quarter serves as a business meeting and social get- together for all members. The organization is directed by an executive council composed of representatives from each professional, technical, and honorary society, four faculty members, the class presidents, the engineering school repre- sentative to the student government, and ten representatives at large. The council is the governing body of the organi- zation. Jack Ashton Lloyd Barker John Bray Jim Breeland Wilham Crowder Allen Cudworth James Dracos FACULTY Johnson tV.r. Clinton Walker EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Mr F. R. Steir bacher John Edwords Charles McFarland Ben Vallely Henry Fell Howard Petty Cade Verner H. D. Gray Ralph Shofner Winston Wallace L. T. Harper James Smith Lee Waters William Hill George Spongier Charles Weed Carolyn Keel Norman Swanson Bob Woodham Ralph Macey H. E. Thomas Page 381 First Row: (Left to Righti: Guenther, K. Hill, Porter, J Wenllmg Second Rov : Rowland, Wilburn, T. Williams, Rasco, Brown, Weeks . . . Third Row; A. Wentling, Martin, K. Williams, Hall, l=anning, Lee . . . Fourth Row: Freel, I. Hill, Bond, Kirshner, Bolasky, McRoe, Bornhill, Stevenson . . . Fifth Row: Hicks, Gales, Patterson, Girtman, Stevens, Jones, Winter . . . Sixth Row: McKenzie, Pitts, Stovoll, Barnes, Bruner. UNIVERSITY RELIGIOUS ASSOCIATION The Student Religious Association is composed of repre- sentatives from all campus religious organizations, on the basis of one representative for every 200 members of each group. The constitution was written and ratified by the several religious organizations early in 1947. The first meeting was held on April 7, 1947, at which William T. Hill, Forrest Patterson, and Virginia Jackson were installed as charter officers. The University Ministers ' Association and the Student Religious Association comprise the University Religious. Coun- cil, an organization through which students and ministers may work together to increase religious consciousness on the campus and to learn of common problems faced by other religious groups. Annual Religious Emphasis Week, the Cloth- ing Drive for The World Student Service Fund, and annual Church Night are sponsored by this group. Representatives to The Religious Council are from Baptist Student Union, Newman Club, Canterbury Club, Hillel Foundation, Wesley Foundation, Westminster Fellowship, YMCA, YWCA, and the Christian and Lutheran groups. The representatives of all faiths meet monthly. Dovid Abernothy John Abernothy Loy Bornhill Sylvia Bolasky Robert Bond Helen Jane Brown Albert Bruner Fred Collins Corine Fanning James Free! Anno Gates Walton Garrett Horry Girtman MEMBERS Quentin Guenther Neilson Martin Frances Hall Torn Murphy James Hawkins Pot Patterson Clarence Hicks Pauline Phillips Kothy Hill Joe Piper William Hill Charles Pitts Sam Honey Frances Porter Bob Hughs Elwyn Rosco Harriett Jones John ' Rowland Bernita Kirshner Eddie Schiff Gene Kratz Fred Stevenson Ted McKinsey George Stevens Frankie McRae Dot Sumn?r Woyre Taylor Sarah Ann Stewart Doug Thomas Billy Weeks Ann Wentling James Wentling George Williams Keith Williams John Winters Keith Winkler Page 382 Y M C A OFFICERS FRANK CHAPPELLE President JACK MARTIN Vice-President ; .:■] OTTIS POWELL Secretary ' ' ■ ' ' ' ' } ,. ' -. ' il ' ' .l ' ii|JOHN DONALDSON Treasurer The two-fold purpose of the Young Men ' s Christian Asso- ciation on the University campus is to build Christian leader- ship and to be of service to the students. Among the various projects which assist in accomplishing this two-fold objective are hospital visitation, the annual Easter sunrise service, Orphan ' s day, anil Religious Emphasis Week. In addition, the YMCA particiapted in Freshman orientation, in the weekly worship meetings in the dormitories and fraternity houses, and in the delivering of Thanksgiving baskets to the needy families in Tuscaloosa. Membership in YMCA is open to all men students at the University , Frank Chappelle Jack demons Carl Grumpier Leonard Beard Sonny Booth Jim Brice Carrol Brown Frank Chappelle Don Clausen CABINET John Curlee Phil Livingston John Donaldson Jack Martin Ralph Gaines MEMBERS Herschell Nobors Jack demons Bob Hughes Carl Crumpler Phil Livingston John Curlee Jack Martin John Donaldson Ted McKenzio Kyle Elliot Bill Moore Ralph Gaines Edwin Morriss Otis Powell Goodloe Rutland Herschell Nabors Robert Dwen Ottis Powell Goodloe Rutland Wayne Taylor George Williams Davis Yenell First Row: Sealed, Left to Right : Foy, Donoldson, Chappelle, Gaines, Powell . . . Second Row: Standing: Moore, Morriss, Kenzie, Beard, Rutland, Hughes, demons, Livingston . .Third Row: Standing: Vinzant, Taylor, Brown Crumpler, Clausen, Nabors. A K li k - Ck . .a " Y W C A SARA ANN STEWART BETTY GATES LOUISE WILLIAMS JANE ATKINS First Vice-President Second Vice-President Secretary SARA HADEN . . OFFICERS President GILLIAN BRANSCOMB LUA GALLALEE . . . LEE DUNAWAY , , FRANCES PORTER Inter-racial Treasurer Program Chairman Publicity Worship The Young Women ' s Christian Association, oldest wo- men ' s organization on the campus, was organized in 1899. All women students are eligible for membership who accept its purpose to unite in the desire to realize full and creative life through a growing knowledge of religious ideals. Activi- ties range from baby-sitting on Bama Day to serving as hostesses on various-occasions. Campuswide events sponsored by the " Y " include the Christmas tree on Tutwiler lawn and the annual Easter Sunrise Service. YWCA membership in 1948-49 was divided into four commissions. Christian Faith and Heritage, Social Responsibility, World Relatedness, and Personal and Campus Relations. The Social Responsibility commission worked with the Dunconville School in a tenant farmer community near Tuscaloosa. The World Relatedness group sent more than thirty CARE packages to Europe and worked toward social adjustment of foreign students on this campus. Other commissions worked on similar projects plan- ned for ultimate benefit to the University. MEMBERS Archilou Adams Elizobeth Blue Betty Boone lona Blatsios Alice Burgayne Mary Elizabeth Baye Carol Beck Mary Bradley Juanita Baker Emma Blonkenship Ruth Brock Mary Anne Conrad Candy Carter Jane Congleton Ester Lee Cobb Alice Clifton Joyce Daniel Sue Dunne Margaret Dugins Mabel Louise Durrett Mary Gene Dunwody Bobbye Davis Jerry Donovan Barbara Doney Rosemary Fritz Pat Foley Mary Luella Foley Jean Gordon Jo Ann Hunter Margaret B. Hope Marty Holt Barbara Ann Heard Mary Lee Hill Sara Hoden Jone Haine Monza Henson Dorothy Harris Cathy Hill Catherine Hamilton Anne Hardegree Jane Hines Louise Harris Lucy Ingram Lillian Jackson Rose Johnston Elaine Jude Mary Ann Jones Adeline Kelley Hattie King Mary Kernachan Lauranne Krudop Mary Alice Lindsey Margaret Lelond Pearle Luckie Leslie Moseley Jewel B. Murphy Carolyn McKnight Anne Mclnnis Kate Nunez Rhenwyne Parsons Parks Rumsey Riley Sara Jane Raub Donata Reenhack Martha Jo Rutledge Louise Rhett Russell Caroline Smith Lucy Spain Betty Ruth Smith Mary Brooke Soule Lougenio Stallings Clarice Strange Mary Sue Sewell Lillian Spencer Julia Ann Simmons Polly Stephens Mcrjorie Thompson Frances Werenberg Peggy Wise Missy Wright Amelia Wilson Corrinne Walker Joan Woolf Mabel Wright Audrey Young Pot Yates Bebe Zuccarello Page 384 ALABAMA CAVALIERS OFFICERS JOE HUNTER Director IRA SWINGLE Vocalist EVERETT McCRARY Business Manager When nightfall came on a University weekend and the air was filled with gaiety, the mellow strains of Joe Hunter and the Alabama Cavaliers were usually heard echoing from Foster Auditorium or from some dimly-lighted fraternity house. From the first note of the Cavaliers ' theme " Stars Fell on Alabama " until the last note at the end of the dance everyone thrilled to the orchestra ' s varied arrangements. The Cavaliers started the 1948 social season at Bama with the annual street dance held soon after Fall registration, and, playing for nearly every fraternity and sorority dance during the year they successfully brought to a close the 1948-1949 social season with the last big dance. Last year as in the past the Cavaliers were much in demand for they played the kind of music that Capstonions liked to dance to. SAXOPHONES: Lawrence Morgan Buford Herndon Joe Mickie Jud Brislin Boskin Landers TRUMPETS; Joe Hunter John Kendrick Charlie Foxworth Blake McNeelv BASS: Everett McCrary TROMBONES: Tommy Hamner Williom Ledue Del Knieing FRENCH HORN: James Price DRUMS: Gene Co " tiedge PIANO: Ira Swingle ARRANGERS: Ira Swingle Lawrence Morgan Farrell Jackson Swingle, Mickie. Harris, Landers, McCri Morgan, Cartledge, Hunter, Price, Kendrick, Hamner, Foxworth, Ledue, McNeely, Knii ' First Row: (Left to Righti; Hargrove. Jinright, DoLee, Maxwell, Hughes, Seymour, Sport Chambers . . . Third Row: Pollord, Morrison, Bernstein, Hart, K. Landers, Dobbs, Hines Litt . . .Fifth Row: Brice, Garrett, B. Landers, Hjorth, Kizzia . Second Row: Stanbury, Higgs, Waters, Mange, Kemak, , Fourth Row: Gay, Jones, Wright, McGinty, French, Haigh, Nicholas, Joffre, Bern, Petrovsky. ALPHA PHI OMEGA OFFICERS BILL MANGE President RAMSER STANBURY First Vice-President BARNEY WATERS Second Vice-President JAMES AULT Secretary JOHN KEMAK Treasurer BOB HUGHES Historian DICK CHAMBERS Alumni Secretary MR. WILLIAM R. HIGGS Faculty Advisor Alpha Phi Omega is a notional service fraternity com- posed of college and university men who are or have been previously affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America. The first chapter of Alpha Phi Omega was established at Lafayette College, Easton, Pennsylvania, on December 16, 1925. Epsilon Tau chapter on this campus received its charter on March 7, 1948. The purpose of the fraternity is, " To assemble college men in fellowship and promote service to humanity. " Alpha Phi Omega renders service in four major fields, service to the student body and faculty, service to youth and com- munity, service to members of the fraternity, and service to the nation as participating citizens. Its contributions to stu- dent life on the campus include distribution of SGA Bulletins, trophy display, erection of the safety banner across University Avenue for the football games, ticket sales for the Community Chest football movie, and the Safety Project. ACTIVE MEMBERS Jomes Ault Clay Brier Dick Chambers Bill DaLee Borney Dobbs Robert Esdale Walton Garrett L. D. Ginright Jere Guin Paul Haigh William Haley Joe Hargrove Clarence Hart Thomos Hicks Thomas Hines George Hiorth Robert Hughes Donald Jones John Kemak Bluitt Landers James McGinty Horry Mac Kay Maurice Mockey Bill Mange Robert Maxwell John Moore Maclin Morrison Francis Nicholas Harris Perdue Grover Redden Stephen Rowe James Seymour Jock Shuttleworth Leon Sport Ramser Stanbury Ed Terry PLEDGES Eriing Riis Barney Waters James Brice Melvyn Bernstein Albert Copeland George Floyd Bob French Sonny Gay Jack Joffre George Kizziah Kenneth Londers Richard Litt Murty Litwin Robert Rives Elias Sedlin Scott Smith Albert Sproyberry Garland Stroup Jack Tuberville Joe Vance Leon Waite Hubert Wright Fags 386 First Row: (Seated, Left to Right): Gibbs, Miller, McCurdy, Studdard, Patterson, Vann . . . Second Row: Seated: Minborne, Redditt. Small, Strange, Cloy, Lowery, Goney, Kroeze . . . Third Row: Standing: Putman, Glass, Fowler, Appling, Alexander, Collins, Mason, Worthington, Garrison, Tunstiil, Ferranti, Rhodes, Powe. CAROLINE HUNT CLUB LOUISE CLAY ELIZABETH SNOWDEN First Vice-President CLARICE STRANGE Second Vice-President OFFICERS President CAROLYN LOWERY Secretary FRANCES SMALL- Treasurer Faculty MISS HENRIETTA THOMPSON Caroline Hunt Club was organized at the University to provide membership opportunity for all students in Home Economics Education. Since 1927 the group has been affiliat- ed vj 1h the American Home Economics Association. The purpose of Caroline Hunt Club is to moke campus life and its living more worthwhile. It is toward this purpose that each year ' s numerous activities are planned. A tea honoring Freshmen and transfer students was an event of the 1948 Fall quarter. An open fashion show was presented by Avon- dale mills under Caroline Hunt sponsorship. Interesting talks were conducted at monthly meetings during the year. An outstanding guest speaker was Dean Marion Spidle, from Ala- bama Polytechnic Institute. The club ' s activities for the year ended in the Spring with a picnic and installation of officers. A scholarship fund for several students is maintained by Caro- line Hunt Club each year. MEMBERS Ann Alexander Cora Alexander Glenda Alexander Mona Allison Betty Ross Armstrong Jo Ann Ault Mory Ann Bosone Neil Winslett Bassett Irene Bedingfield Gloria May Bennett Feggy Berry Mildred Bcthea Dorothy Blake Corolyn Brinson Nelda Foye Caroll Louise Clay Olivio Collins Adeline Crowford Caroll Cross Martha Ann Darby Helen Davidson Virginia Duncan Betty Edwards Sally Jeon Ellis Ruby Eubanks Carolyn Eurton Luintina B. Ferronti Jean Ganey Judy Garrison Clara Cause Charlotte Gibbs Elaine Gillen Carolyn Gloss Evelyn Graham Dorothy Green Gloria Gummels Elizabeth Gunter Jean Hackett Helen Haw kins Elizabeth Henderson Monza Henson Jane Hodges Margie Hollingswort Sue Hollingsworth Alice Hollon Joan Honkins Laurine Howell Ann Huggins Marianne Hughes Arlene Hughlett Joyce Hurburt Stella Grace Keel Mary Kilpatrick Janet Krickbaum Jean Kroeze Beverly Latimer Peggy Lay Patsy Long Carolyn Lowery Margaret Moior Charlotte Mason Betty Mathews Cecile McCurdy Harriet McDonald Martha McEwen Kotie McGee Elizabeth McLeod Betty Miller Jerral Moorer Denisa Moss Morjeon Nobors The Nc Janice O ' Steen Jonie Parker Janet Parsons Beverly Potterson Nancy Poty Cornelia Poindexter Dot Powe Robbye Price Jennie Putman Helen Rapp Dana Reddit Mildred Rhodes Joy Richards Betty Rost Jane Rumsay Shirley Sams Martha Jane Saunders Jane Schiedenhelm Shirley Schlesinger Rebecca Shamblin Elizabeth Snowden Frances Small Nancy Spear Nancy Separ Barbara Ann Spencer Bobbie Sperd Sylvia Stocks Melba Studdard Be erly Tidmore Jo Ann Tombrello Vertrude Tunstiil Geraldine Voden Margie Vonn Peggy Vircigilo Annette Worthington Doris Weinstein Louise Williams Frances Winborne Georgia Withom Joan Woolf Page 387 First Row: (Left to Right): Bolasky, Soclof, Van De Car, Stuckey, Hill, Hargrove. Wilson, Lattof, Newton, Stopp. Shannon, Nelson, Konter, Ye Holmes, Pope, Mays . . . Second Row: Rountree, Miss Dunham, Miss McMillan, Brice. DEBATE SQUAD COUNCIL ANNABEL DUNHAM Coach of Debate MARVELLE McMILLAN .... Graduate Assistant in Debate OSCAR NEWTON President TARVER ROUNTREE Manager MARY ELLEN NELSON Assistant Manager The University of Alabama Debate Squad evolved from the Philomcthic Literary Society, founded in 1832. This evolution was the beginning of outstanding achievement in debate by the University. After a lull in debate activities during the war years, the Alabama debaters have again claimed a position of prominence in national forensic circles. During 1947-48 season the University of Alabama debaters won six tournament championships, five second places, and three third places. Their success was climaxed by their selec- tion as one of thirty-two outstanding debate teams in the nation to participate in the West Point notional invitational debate tournament. Continuing their previous success, the Capstone debaters won 1948-49 championships at the Purdue University national invitational debate tournament, the Ala- bama discussion conference, the Southern Tau Kappa Alpha debate tournament, and the Mid-South debate tournament. The debate squad contributes greatly to campus life by sti- mulating interest in local, national, and international problems. MEMBERS Jomes A. Brice Sylvia Bolasky Florence Fine Joseph Hargrove James Harlond, Jr. Woody Hiott Mary Hill Thomas Bowen Hil Alfred Holmes, Jr Elvin Konter Mitchell Lattol Reba Jo Mays Mary Ellen Nelson Oscar Lee Newton, Jr. Ralph Pope William Tarver Rountree, Jr 5am Shannon, Jr. Jerry Stopp Rhoda Soclof Sid Stuckey, Jr. Estelle Van De Car Jock A. Wilson H Davis Yeuell Page 388 Seoted: Left to Right ' : Green, Batrous, Dorough, Hartley Gray. Nichols, Henley . . . First Second Row: Standing: Woodward, w: Standing: Kelly, Snowden, Stcliings, Allen, Little, Harrington, lith, Wideman, McCall, Jones, Keeler, Means. PASTEUR SOCIETY OFFICERS GENE KRATZ BETTY JEAN NICHOLS MARY BATROUS . ELLEN GREEN ... DOROTHY GRAY . . , DR. MILDRED A. ENGLEBRECHT President Vice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Faculty Advisoi Pasteur Society, organized in 1944, is composed of bacteriology and medical technology majors in the Depart- ment of Bacteriology. A local organization with no national affiliations, Pasteur Society includes in its membership all stu- dents registered in the Department of Bacteriology. At monthly meetings guest speakers are invited from various departments of the School of Chemistry, Metallurgy, and Ceramics, and from other areas of the campus. An annual banquet in the Spring quarter features a distinguished guest speaker from a professional field associated with major scientific interests of Pasteur Society members, offering an out- side picture of the profession. MEMBERS Turman Earl Allen, Jr. Hulon Cade Austin Jeffro Basenach Mary Jacqueline Batrous Mory Louise Baumhauer Audrey Virginia Bedford EIna Balding Wory Eugenic Broswell Billie Ruth Brewer Lee Roy Brown, Jr. Julian Ellis Buckner Ethel Emma Burkett Elizobeth Ann Copps Elizabeth Teresa Christy Kalliope Chronis Robert Clendenning Doris Geneviere Dora Ann DaLee Lillie Margaret Daves Henry Joseph Domurad Geroldine Donovan Virginio Ann Dorough Borbara Jeanne Edwards Georgia Johnston Ensign Williom O. Fry Richard Paul Gatto Dorothy Mary Gray Ellen Marjorie Gree Sonya Greenlaw Dorothy Guess Frances Corol Hall Joyce Harrington Catherine Louise Ha Evelyn Hawkins William T. Holcomb Wilma Hollingsheod Ruby Kathleen Hone Betty Jo Hurley Joan Keeler Barbara Ann Kelly Murray Kitman Clarence E. Krotz irtley Mary Elizabeth Lindsey Barbara Kerr Little Roy Lloyd Barbara Ann Maddox Lizzie Martin Patricia Mathews Alva Mathis jcane McCall Edgar B. McCord Edward McGraw Jomes Clement McMahon Elsie Means Dens Nell Minga Margaret Ellen Moore Betty Jean Nichols June Naland Kate Ann Owens Edwina Payne .Mory Pauline Phillips Virginia Reynolds Gloria Rose Sabatina Mary Frances Sands Evelyn Saxon Bette Ruth Smith Frances Louise Snowden Frcnces Stollings Georgia Stathos Gwendolyn Jones Stewart Lillian Torber Augusta Rose Temerson Mary Dean Turner Patsy Lou Vaughn Ann Marie Vercheure Joyce Ruth Wesley Jane Wicht Mary Sellres Wideman William Wiggins Kathleen Wilson Mary June Woodward Robert Wright Priscilla Jean Zander Page 389 SPIRIT PLANNING COMMITTEE The Spirit Planning Committee is organized to foster and maintain school spirit on the University campus. Plan- ning Committee leadership of the spirit organization is established on a year-round basis, but major emphasis is placed on football season. This group plans and directs all activities of the Spirit Committee, an organization composed of representatives from oil campus organizations that have a direct relation to school spirit. The committee planned all pre-game pep rallies, torchlight parades, motor parades in Birmingham, Mobile, and Tuscaloosa, and a motorcade to the Mississippi State game in Starkville. It was through the efforts of the Spirit Plonning Committee that the mascot ele- phant was brought to the campus at Homecoming. Halftime shows were presented at basketball games and informal dances were held in Foster until midnight after Saturday night games. The Spirit Planning Committee put forth great effort toward obtaining cooperation of Auburn and Alabama students, assuring the success of the Alabama-Auburn gome. Harold E. Bain, Chairman Gerry Berger Gene Bondurant Bob Collins Marianna Crone MEMBERS Lee Manners Jack Martin Lyn Nell McCord Hubert Norris Joe Piper Anne Shaw Walter Smith Harold Swearingen Melvin Weber Norris, Berger, Crone, Bondurant, Swearingen, Monners, Bain, Shaw Collins, McCord, Weber, Piper, TT- UNIVERSITY PRESS CLUB OFFICERS DON WASSON President HARRY COOK ... Vice-President EVELYNE BRYAN Secretary BENJAMIN DAVIS Treasurer The University Press Club is an organization of journalism majors and minors joined to promote fellowship among pros- pective fourth estaters, to encourage work on student publi- cations, and to indulge in such activities as ore in keeping with the nature of their chosen profession. Each year the Press Club has sponsored the Honey Bowl coed touch football game. The proceeds of this game went into student and civic welfare activities. In the past year the Press Club was successful in obtaining charters of Sigma Delta Chi, national professional journalistic fraternity for men, and Theta Sigma Phi, a similar organization for women. The Press Club will function as a parent organization for both. Lois Alderman Jesse Ayres C. E. Bishop Vary Blasingame Floyd Boone Evelyne Bryan Bob Burnham John Burton Oscar Calhoun Anne Cannon Frank Carnaggio Virginia Chivington Horry Cook George Cook Ben Davis Flossie Day Edward Driggers Bill Edwards FiecJ Eiland MEMBERS Lomor Folkner Sue Jones Ec-b Finney George Kelley Larry Fiquett Rebecca Kresse John Francis Don Londgraff Fiances Frank Dixie LaRoe r ick Franklin Gere Lee DiCK Fulton Frank Lee W. P. Gay Otio Linke Jimmie Goodloe Clell Mayfield Roy Grayson Harry McGee Toppan Green . - Louise McMurr John Haltom Will Mickle Percy Hamilton Horry Morris Reba Hammond Bill Myrick Kennedy Harris Henry Nickols Kathy Harrison Relfe Parker Sorr Harvey Bill Pittman Dick Hines Bill Poe Joe Huie Marjorie Poe Walt Rigdon Myra Saunders Chad Skaggs Buddy Smith J. W. Smith Libby Steirmetz Harold Singletary Jean Treocy Jean Turner Lita Unsell Jim Woldrop Don Wasson Edwin Wotkins Emmett Weaver Sam Wetmore Bill Wilkes Don Worrell Willnita Wyatt First Row: Left to Righti: H. Cook, Davis, Wesson, Bryan, B. Smith, Grayson, Wotkins . . . Second Row: Burton, Nichols, J. Smith, Eilond, Burnham, Fulton, Wyatt, Finney . . . Third Row: Harrison, Franklin, Harris, G. Cook, Blasingame, Skaggs, Kresses, LaRoe, Cannon, Steinmetz . . . Fourth Row; Carnaggio, Rigdon, Wilkes, Mayfield, Harvey, Kelly. Boone, Goodlo3, M. Poe, W. Poe, Pittman Fifth Row: Frank Chivington Londgraff, Hamilton, McGee, Ayres, Parker, Holtcm, Driggers, Morris, Hines, Gey . . . Sixth Row: Green, Singletary, Edwards, Turner Jones Myrick, Woldrop, Treocy, G. Lee, F. Lee, Francis, Huie, Unsell First Row: Left to Right : Hart, Hooper Anderson, Heard, Sedberry, McGee, Ha DeWalt, Wood, Mo:es, Swiney, Johnston, Shoemaker , , Second Row: Dodge ris, EIrod, Miles, . . . Third Row: WHson, Parker, Pinkerton, Turner, Whatley, Broom Mitchelson, Courtney. SQUARE AND COMPASS OFFICERS HUGH MOSES .... President JOHN W. DEWALT Vice-President RALPH M. WOOD Secretary JAMES R. SWINEY Treasurer CHARLES J. HOOPER Sgt.-at-Arms ROB ROY JOHNSTON, JR Chaplain DR. BURTON R. MORLEY Faculty MR. CHESTER KNIGHT Faculty The Square and Compass Club, composed of M.aster Masons on the University campus, was reorganized in 1947. Meeting each Tuesday night the Masons congregate to pro- mote friendship between brothers and to further their interest in Masonry. The Square and Compass Club sponsored a state Masonic reunion in April, 1948. More than 400 men from lodges throughout the state attended a meeting at Foster Auditorium for an evening of Masonic brotherhood. The event was such a success that plans were mode to con- tinue the reunion as on annual affair. Other projects are being planned as the club works toward its goal of service to the University of Alabama and its student body. MEMBERS Louis H. Anderson Chester D. Dodg e Bob Roy Johnston, Jr. Chorles H. Owens A. M. Shoemaker James E. Breland Cary E. EIrod John Harris Hugh Parker James R. Swiney George D. Broom Philip English James R. McGee Carlton Pinkerton Willard Suttles Hoyword Cameron Jackson Guyton Walter Miles Williom R. Ptomey Jock Wotley Oscar F. Carroll Julian Hart Max Millner Robert Rongley James Waldrop Richard Courtney ' William Heord Theo Mitchelson Allen O. Rayfield Jack Wilson Williom C. Crews Charles Holman Hugh Moses William Rogers Ralph M. Wood John W. DeWolt Charles Hooper Billy O ' Neal Warren Sedberry Page 392 SWAN CLUB OFFICERS NANCY RIVERIE President ANN LUTZ Vice-President MICKEY SADLER Recording Secretary CAROLYN CUNNINGHAM .... Corresponding Secretary LUCY SUMMERVILLE Treasurer The Swan Club, a graceful group of women students proficient in the aquatic arts, has completed its sixteenth year of existence at the University. Swan Club was one of the few organizations here that remained active on the campus throughout World War II. Prospective members are taken into the organizotion as ducklings after they have demonstrated their ability by passing certain swimming and diving tests. Ducklings become swans after they have ap- peared in one of the club ' s annual Swan Show presentations and have been formally initiated into the organization. The Swan Show, presented in the Winter or Spring quarter, con- sists of a water ballet by the entire club and individual performances by the more talented members. Various aqu- atic performances make up the Swan Club year. SWAN Mary Auslili Connie Baynes Clarie Berry Frances Copelan Lenette Ellis Nona Cooper Dorothy Dunho Lucy Fidley Barbara Fuller Billie Rhea Janette Mimi Jones Helen Lester Jane Hodges Fam Marshall Ccrolyn McKnigt Dorothy Rhodes Nancy Russell Wanda Shephen Carey Ann Skinn riotte DUCKLINGS Bee Joy Millard Helen Sexton Cho Harriet SmitI Cecile Solom Dorothy Sun Joy Williams Ann Webb Jeanee Sledzinski Mary Tyler First Row: (Left to Right : C. Smith, Cunningham, Sadler, Reviere, Li-tz, Somerv Keller. Sexton. Hodges. Baynes, Skinner, M.cKnight, Lester . . . Third Row: Durho mon, Morsholl, H. Smith, Sun-rer , Copelond Sheppard, Second Row: Tctum, Jonnett, Fuller, Solo- PHI BETA KAPPA OFFICERS PROFESSOR JOHN F. RAMSEY President PROFESSOR S. PAUL GARNER Vice-President DEAN WILLIAM F. ADAMS Secretary PROFESSOR JEROME W. SCHWEITZER Treasurer PROFESSOR ALLEN J, GOING Archivist Phi Beta Kappa, first of the Greek-letter organizations, was founded under the name of " Flat Hats " as a social fra- ternity at William and Mary College in 1776. In 1831, its third chapter, established at Harvard, disclosed the fraternity secrets after nationwide agitation against secret organiza- tions. From that time the fraternity became strictly an honor- ary organization. It is now the world ' s largest fraternity, both in membership and number of chapters. Alpha of Ala- bama, established at the Capstone in 1851, was the twelfth unit of the national organization. The fraternity selects its members from liberal arts majors on the basis of scholarship, service, and leadership. FACULTY Professor Moble Adams Dean William F. Adams Professor W. M. Adamson Dean Lee Bidgood Mr. Woodrow W. Boyetf Professor Elizabeth Colemai Professor Wade H. Coleman Professor R. W. Cowart Professor James F. Doster Professor Brooks Torefiond Mr. James E. Foy Miss Kotherine Fraker Mrs. Jean Wallace Gayle President Jofin M. Gollalee Professor S. Paul Garner Professor Allen J. Going Robert Owen Bowen Warren Jacob Bowles John A. Dorden Professor William T. Going Dr. Stuart Graves Dean Agnes E. Harris Professor M, Leigh |-tarrison Dean William M. Hepburn Dr. W. Stanley Hoole Mrs. W. K. E. James Proessor G. Burke Johnston Prr fessor Robert E. Jones. Professor W. E. Kimbrough Professoi C. H. Knight Professor George Lang Professor Albert Lepowsky Professor Fred A. Lewis Mrs. G. K. Little Professor R. 1. Little John Francis Haltom J hn McDade Howell William Ulmo McDonald, Deon S. J. Lloyd Professor Miriam Locke Professor John Luskin Dean John R. McLure Professor J. D. Mancill Mrs. Glenovis R. Martin Professor R, C. Martin Professor J. P. Montgom Mrs. Ira B. Moody Dean A. B. Moore Miss Margaret Moorer Professor Burton Morley Mrs. Emily Boss Nash Professor M. E. Nunn Professor Alton O ' Steen Professor Johnstone Parr MEMBERS Mr. W. E. Patterson, Jr. Mr. W. E. Pickens Professor John F. Ramsey Professor E. F. Richards Professor Sarah H. Rodgers Professor J. W. Schweitzer Professor Hudson Strode Professor Charles G. Summers Dean Marten ten Hoor Professor P. W. Terry Professor A. B. Thomas Dean R. E. Tidwell Professor Marcus Whitman Professor C. B. Wicks Professor C. E. Williams Kotherine Wade Thompson Fleta Montgomery Watson Page 394 GAMMA SIGMA EPSILON OFFICERS JOE BRANTLEY ... President EARSIE W. DELCHAMPS Secretary GEORGE WHITE Treasurer PHYLLIS NESBITT Sergeant-at-Arms PROFFESSOR A. M. KENNEDY Advisor Gamma Sigma Epsilon, national chemical honorory fra- ternity, was established at Davidson University in 1919. The local chapter, Delta Beta, was organized at the Univer- sity in 1928. Members, students of the Junior class in the School of Chemistry who have maintained a 2.5 average in chemistry and a 2.0 overall average, are tapped onnually on Chemistry Day. Aside from promoting scholastic excel- lence, Gamma Sigma Epsilon participated in many activities, including Chemistry Day, the Freshman essay contest, a party given for " B " overage students, and an annual Spring ban- quet honoring the Chemistry School faculty and new initiates to Gamma Sigma Epsilon. John Glendenning Eugene Delchomps MEMBERS Robe E. Lindsay Joe Mayo John Morton KAPPA DELTA PI OFFICERS VIRGINIA KEEL President ROBERT C. ODOM Vice-President LUCILLE GRIFFIN Secretary PAULINE FOSTER . Treasurer LOUISE WALLACE Reporter-Historian DR. FREDERICK WESTOVER Counselor Kappa Delta Pi, a national honor society in education, extends membership to both men and women who display leadership and high scholarship in the field of education. The society offers annually two loon scholarships to students who ore preparing for careers in the teaching profession, one to a Senior and one to a Graduate student. The objectives of the society are to foster high professional, intellectual and personal standards. As a campus service project, the society is aiding in the conduct of a reading and study laboratory for the students in the College of Education. Xi chapter was installed at the University of Alabama on May 16, 1922. Meetings are held monthly at which a speaker or a program is presented on subjects of timely interest to the group. New members are honored each quarter at a banquet sponsored jointly by Phi Delta Kappa and Kappa Delta Pi. FACULTY Icie Rowe Alley Elaine Berlin Virginio May Booker Beatrice Brown Dorothy Burns Annette Clark Louro June Curry Jomes Elson Dennis Henry Daniel Fleming Mrs. Pauline Foster Dr. Frederick Westover Jeanne Franklin Lucille Griffin Bernice Hall Anna Lou Ingrart Jean Ingram Bryant Jordan Virginia Keel Julia Lampkin Elizobeth Lewis MEMBERS Cha Dean Ralph W. Cowort Dr. Robert C. Hammock H. Lyda ' lotte Ann Mason Howard Mosley Ophelia McDuff Robert C. Odom Melba Patton Walter Russell, Jr. Beverly Seymour Eugenia Shurbert Sara Ann Stewart Florine Hogood Trigg Louise G. Wallace Vivian Weaver Juonita Gray Weems Elouise May Wilkins James Williams Mary Jane Wright Eva Wilson Page 395 PI M U E PS I LON OFFICERS ROBERT WHITEHURST Director ANN LUTZ .... Vice-Director HASKELL COHEN Secretary FERDINAND MITCHELL Treasurer JULIAN MANCILL Librarian ELLA JONES Publicity Chairman CHARLOTTE SPEIGHT Social Chairman Pi Mu Epsilon, honorary mathematics fraternity, was founded at the University of Syracuse in 1914. The organiza- tion has grown until there are at present forty-five chapters in the United States. Alabama Alpha, installed at the Uni- versity in 1922, was the fifth chapter in the national organiza- tion. Dr. F. A. Lewis, present head of the Mathematics Department, was a charter member of this chapter. The aims of Pi Mu Epsilon, as expressed in its constitution, are scholar- ship of the individual members in all subjects and especially in mathematics, the advancement of the science of mathe- matics, and the mutual and personal advancement of its members. The fraternity recognizes by nomination to mem- bership those members of the faculty and the student body whose work in the maihematical sciences has been distin- guished. At monthly meetings papers are presented to encour- age a continuing interest among members, and contests open lo the entire student body are sponsored by the organization to stimulate outside interest in mathematics. MEMBERS Richard Acker Robert Asquith Scott Barr irmo Berkowitz Frank Butler Kathleen Cannon Elizabeth Cathey Rio Jane Clinkscoles Haskell Cohen Jobe Couch Barbara Deoson Robert Englebert Alice Gaston Laura Gaston Bynum Holtzclow George Howell Paul Hummel Ella Jones Nan Ledbetter Frederick Lewis Edward Linsley Ann Lutz Juli( Ma Sidney Metzger Ferdinand Mitchell Steve Moxley Joan Norman Joe Norman Johnston Parr Clem Phillips Lily Powell Fay Reade Eric Rodgers Sarah Rodgers Meal Rowell Samuel Schwar C. L. Seebeck Louis Self R. A. Shotts Charlotte Speight M. C. Stapp Henry Stockard Mary Suttles Robert Sweat Herbert Thurston William Volger Susie Lee Ward Beatrice Watson Martha Weeks Volena Wholey Robert Wheless Robert Whitehurst Clyde Wiley ZETA PHI ETA OFFICERS ELIZABETH DIXON President MARY ELLEN NELSON Vice-President KATHERINE WALMSLY Recording Secretary DORALEE JAMERSON Corresponding Secretary SARA ANN STEWART Treasurer ELMA VINNE Faculty Advisor Zeta Phi Eta, the first women ' s professional fraternity founded in this country, was established in 1898 at North- western University. Xi chapter was founded at the University of Alabama in 1931. The fraternity chooses its members from women students who have attained recognition in the various fields of speech activity. Sylvia Bolosky Ann Coker Helen Cousins Elizabeth Dixon Murie Guy Marian Galloway Paula Gregory FACULTY Ruth Coffman Anabelle Dunham MEMBERS Ann Hilbish Helen Holland Reathel House Margaret Ann Howell Doralee Jamerson Mary Ann Jones Lauranne Krudrop Reba Mays Mary Ellen Nelson Sara Ann Stewart Eleanor Murphy Elma Vinne Anne Lide Tillton ■ Martha Waller Kotherine Walmsly Page 396 ...Nearly Everybody Reads The Corolla No Meal Complete Without a Bottle of Milk From Dn vifw Phone 3213 For Delivery OR ASK YOUR GROCER WHEN IN BIRMINGHAM . . . J- in£. at MRS. TODD ' S DELICIOUS FOOD Inc. Breakfast - 6:00 - 9:00 Lunch - 11:00-2:00 Dinner — 5:00-7:30 Sundays - 11:00-7:30 Serving Continuously 215 So. 21st. Street ESTABLISHED OVER TWENTY-FIVE YEARS No Better Buy in Radio f Distributed in Alabama and West Florida by 1525 2nd Ave. So., Birmingham, Ala. AIR ENGINEERS INC. CAMPUS BEAUTIES- NEW 1949 Studebaker See them in Birmingham at . . . CRUSE - CRAWFORD STUDEBAKER CARS and TRUCKS USED CARS - PARTS - SERVICE. Bendix Home Laundries — Bendix Ironers and Dryers Norge Refrigerators — Norge Farm and Home Freezers Norge Electric and Gas Ranges — Water Heaters Norge Washing Machines - Norge Home Heaters Mertland Water Heaters - Columbus Gas Ranges Arvin Radios - Wilcox-Gay Recordios Electresteem Portable Radiators Sunbeam and Knapp — Monarch Household Appliances CROSE-CRAWFORD MANUFACTURING COMPANY 2200 2nd Ave. So. Birmingham, Alabama HILL FOOD STORES WE INVITE you to make the " HILL STORE NEAR YOU " headquarters for your Food and Household necessities. You will always find our stores well supplied with the best the market affords. It will pay you to get the " Hill Store Habit " ' ■ ' Wl ' ' ; ' ' i " Hill ' s Quality i ■ ' ' ! Is Economy " .4 Sailed. Pani Loit Stadia OFFICIAL COROLLA Photographer 1225 University Avenue PERSONALITY PHOTOGRAPHS Reproduced by Permission Phone 4022 r :go 4C0 MISS HELEN GARRETT TOP COROLLA BEAUTY Received A Complete Outfit Frcm hu WOMEN ' S WEAR MILLINERY SHOES DRY GOODS BEAUTY SALON T. H. B E N N E R S CO. Protective Life Building BIRMINGHAM 3, ALABAMA - HILL ' S CREEK - RED ASH COAL Carefully Prepared and Sized In: STEAM - NUT - EGG - LUMP B. L P. PAINT ' ' Made x ad .in AlcuKima MOBILE PAINT MANUFACTURING CO. Mobile, Alabama Page 401 n e UNIVERSITY SUPPLY STORE Serving THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA STUDENTS FACULTY and ALUMNI Since 1Q05 " THE SUPPLY STORE IS YOL ' R STORE ' Institutional Iv Owned Page 402 PERSONALLY SELECTED . . . B. H. Wragge McMullen Claire McCardell Ceil Chapman Tina Leisa Star Maid Nantucket Naturals Ida Harris TOWN AND COUNTRY CLOTHES 1420 University Avenue 7Vc SaUute 7 gadet Caifr4. of the UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA f 1424 CHESTNUT ST., PHILA. 2 America ' s OLDEST and FOREMOST Makers of iJ. S. Officers ' Unuorms ot i-ine Uuatity. Page 403 As Years Go By - - - ___ . j j j OF THE ALUMNI AND FRIENDS OF THE University Sixty-One Years of Se 3 r V i c e NEWLY DECORATED and IMPROVED ■ OPERATED by AN ALUMNUS When in Tom HOTEL McLESTER Tuscaloosa, Alabama Pruteilive Life InsiiraiK? [oiiipiiiiy Page 404 One of three new dormitories built at a cost of nearly $850,000. It houses 390 women students and is of fireproof construction throughout. D. T. UNDERWOOD SON BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Hahn Roofing Heating Co. Incorporated Roofing and Sheet Metal Work Birmingham, Alabama Barnes Electric Company Contractors and Engineers Tuscaloosa, Alabama J. S. Parker, Decorator Painting, Papering and Floor Finishing Tuscaloosa, Alabama Gulf States Plumbing And Heating John W. Dill Tuscaloosa, Alabama Page 405 M ' c In Siuh! mimm% BRAND aendmed HAM DELICIOUS BRAND TENDERED Hams are processed from individually selected, top-quality pork, care- fully cured with table sugar. Slowly smoked with hickory chips for tempting, " real country " flavor. Try them! STAR PROVISION CO. xim fresh Extra Econom BtcUf. S(M.tU . . . YOUNG MAN Stall So4iiU ' ALABAMA ' S LEADING FLORISTS ' s. PATERSONS Since 1892 MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY YOUR FRATERNITY and SORORITY JEWELER 2104 5th Avenue, North BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Send Orders to E. B. BENSON, JR., Manager Poge 407 In The Interest Of LESS NOISE - BETTER HEAR N G ACOUSTI ENGINEERING COMPANY Celotex Acoustical Products Atlanta — Birmingham — Charlotte — Jacksonville — Miami SMOKE ROMAN ' Bama ' s Own CLASS OF ' 33 HILMON HOLLEY Owner CAMPUS SERVICE STATION Phones 5575 and 5576 PURE SERVICE STATION 10th Street and B ' hom Highway Phone 8-8781 BAMA TAXI 7 57 5 SERVICE and COURTESY ROGERS ELECTRIC COMPANY ® • Contractors ® BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Pass the Weeds Page 408 Have a Coke BOHLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY, TUSCALOOSA F. M. BASS AND CO. " YOUR CHECKERBOARD STORE " Purina Chows Sanitation Products Form Supplies 2420 8th Street " Around Block from Courthouse " Tuscaloosa, Alabama BAMA DRUG COMPANY The REXALL Store H. J. McRAE J. G. HARALSON " Your Nearest Prescription Specialists " 1201 University Ave. Tuscaloosa, Ala. Phones 5531 - 32 FREE FAST DELIVERY WEATHERFORD PRINTING COMPANY Serving the University since 1892 Complete PRINTING Service TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Walter W. Baker A. C. Hossell 2114 Broad Street P. O. Box 372, Telephones 5738 - 951 1 Page 409 ' WW tivoi nnfC UO ' H STAfttVe BYCASHICP BiroKUxviNC Lwrnur BUNOUS -— l.l Trust Your Laundry and Dry Cleaning With Experts We give 24 hour service on specials and requested bundles. Priority service to students and faculty. NORTHINGTON LAUNDRY, Inc. MAIN PLANT: Northington Campus Phone 7308 SUB-STATION 10141 2 8th Avenue Back CORNER Phone 6867 CANNON BROTHERS FANCY MEATS and GROCERIES 1310 10th Street Phone 3656 We Deliver Cloverdale GULF SERVICE STATION Phone 9632 GAS - OIL - TIRES BATTERIES LUBRICATION WASHING ROAD SERVICE SAM CONAWAY, Prop. 1425 Hackberry Lane TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA THE CHILDREN ' S SHOP Nationally Advertised Brands CHILDREN ' S CLOTHING Tots and Teens 614 Pari viev Center Phone 9603 COLE SUPPLY CO., Inc. wholesalers And Distributors AMERICAN-STANDARD Heating Plumbing WALLPAPER - PAINTS 520-22nd Ave. Tuscaloosa, Ala. Page 410 Accessories L W ' iSl -2£ ib Factory Trained Mechanics Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Come in For Free Demonstration HERMAN DAHLKE MOTORCYCLE CO. 2812 9 St. Phone 9532 TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA VISIT us OFTEN WE APPRECIATE : YOUR PATRONAGE DUGINS SHOE STORE W. B. DRAKE SON PRINTERS TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA 2119 9th St. Phone 3243 wF-° 7 9 NEW SMART Ic am aw- IN TUSCALOO e TUSCALOOSA " Where Co-eds Love to Shop " ONESUULEY JONES VALLEY SAUSAGE CO. B I R M I N G H A M . _ A L A B A M A_ Truck Serving The University Weekly MEN ' S WEAR Phone 2-1532 6 Dexter Ave. Montgomery, Alabama FOR GENERAL AUTOMOBILE REPAIRS GRACE ' S GARAGE 2415 Broad Street Phone 5560 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama Compliments of C B. GRIMES for the " DOWNTOWN " THEATRES 9 B a m a • Druid • R i t z 2215 6th STREET FURNITURE CO. " Home of Quality Furniture " SEE US FOR FRATERNITY AND SORORITY FURNISHINGS PHONE 7574 TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA ( OODFOR ? WILSON M.Kiiua eoNNH ar " Men ' s Clothing, Hats and Furnishings Varsity Town Clothes — Crosby Square Shoes — Revere Sportswear 12 Dexter Avenue Montgomery, Ala. TO THE GRADUATING CLASS of a great Uni- versity we extend congratulations. W e express the hope that you have enjoyed your stay in our community,- that you will return to Tuscaloosa as often as possible. We feel sure that you will take your proper place in the Free Enterprise System that has made America great, the only eco- nomic system extant which provides investor, producer and consumer with freedom of choice and opportunity. To the remaining students and to the faculty we pledge continuing interest in your welfare and happiness. GULF STATES PAPER CORPORATION A Tuscaloosa Industry GREENWOOD ' S CAFE 407 No. 20th Street Birmingham, Alabama ' Always the Best in Food ' 0 XJE COFFEE CO. Poge 413 SAFE, DLIlMjAbLL, oUn;. oo, ,- :JD ECONOMICAL TRANSPORTATION DRUID CITY LINES, Inc. 5c fare on regular " University " buses leaving every 15 minutes Better than 10 minute service on University Avenue to town including all buses Better than 15 minute service out Birmingham Highway to Alberta City for token or 10c fare Serving The Greater TUSCALOOSA, NORTHPORT, AND HOLT AREA AND INDUSTRIAL PLANTS Compliments of F. W. Woolworth Co. Tuscaloosa, Alabama DIAMONDS JEWELRY WATCHES SILVERWARE FINE CHINA CRYSTAL PHOTOGRAPHIC EQUIPMENT KLEIN SON Jewelers Montgomery 4, Alabama P[l! HW! CO HAS THE MOST MODERN PLANT TO SERVE YOUR ENTIRE DAIRY NEEDS PERRY CREAMERY COMPANY PHONE 5516 C. T. HURT FRED L. CRAFT Assistant Cashier Assistant Cashier Complete Facilities . . . Checking Accounts Saving Accounts Trust Department Foreign and Domestic Exchange Commercial Loans Travelers Checks )t Citp i ational panfe of tlTugcaloosia Total Resources Over $22,000,000 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation $5,000 Maximum Insurance for Each Depositor OFFICERS J. F. ALSTON Chairman of the Board J. F. ALSTON, JR. President FRANK S. DANIEL Executive Vice President ROBERT N. ALSTON Vice President R. H. COCHRANE Vice President HOWARD E. HAMNER Cashier Page 415 COMPLIMENTS OF MAYER ELECTRIC SUPPLY CO. 3200 Avenue " C " , South BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Wholesale Distributors of ® Electrical Supplies • Residential and Commercial Lighting Fixtures BEN S. WEIL, President 88 U-DRIVE-IT COMPANY, INC. AUTO AND TRUCK RENTALS FOR EVERY OCCASION " Ride in Stote With 88 " PHONE 4488 Milton Cooper Contracting Company Commercial and Residential Building Specialists In . . . Fraternity and Sorority Modernization Work NORTHPORT, ALABAMA Box 415 Plione 7900 Cfje Jfirsit i?ational illanfe of Tuskaloosa, Alabama Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation " A National Bank For Savings " Pucje 416 Hart Schaffner Marx Clothes REG. U.S. PAT. OFF. Wiesel Co THE STORE FOR MEN BOYS P. H. Nichols Company POWER PLANT EQUIPMENT 903 Whitehead Building Atlanta 3, Georgia Tom B. Barnes Teddy Crusius W. CLEVE STOKES CO. Lincoln - Mercury Tel. 2-3851-2 Montgomery, Ala. the EARL STUDIO fot- PORTRAITS In the Modern Manner PARKVIEW CENTER Phone 6746 Portrciit used by perm filiate cM-a iAe PAPER SCHOOL SUPPLIES Fashionable Writing Papers Montag Brothers, Inc. Atlanta 3, Georgia Page 417 Pujq ' ' GOOD THINGS TO EAT " ON THE CAMPUS Page 418 J. A. Duckworth Charles Morris DUCKWORTH -MORRIS INSURANCE AGENCY GENERAL INSURANCE RENTALS - LOANS REAL ESTATE Telephone 2040 Tuscaloosa, Ala. COMPLIMENTS OF... McLester Corner Tuscaloosa, Alabama " It ' s Now the Vogue to Eat at Bogue ' s " YESSIR! BIRMINGHAM BOASTS BOGUE ' S HIGHLAND RESTAURANT 3028 Clairmont Ave. Birmingham, Alabama Fine Foods Courteous Service Friendly Atmosphere OPEN ' TIL Du 7 0700 WEEK-ENDS MID-NITE P ' 7-9780 a. M. DEAL LUMBER COMPANY RETAIL LUMBER and BUILDING MATERIALS 18th Street and G.M. O. R. R. Phone 4767 Tuscaloosa, Ala. LET ' S GO AND BOWL ON THE SOUTH ' S FINEST BOWLING LANES BAMA BOWLING CENTER 1307 University Ave. Phone 9251 L. 1 EDGE Ge neral Contractor p. o. Bo.x 545 Forest Lake Rood TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Page 419 EXTENSION DIVISON FOLLOW YOUR EDUCATIONAL INTERESTS DURING VACATIONS, AFTER COLLEGE YEARS ARE OVER, AND WHILE YOU ARE AT WORK through The Extension Division of THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA DEPARTMENT OF EXTENSION INSTRUCTION Correspondence Study Courses for College and High School Extension Classes Commerce and Engineering Extension DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SERVICE Bureau of Information Adult Education Home and Family Life Audio-Visual Aids News Bureau Counselling and Advisory Service Radio Club Study, Drama Loan, and Library Extension UNIVERSITY CENTERS BIRMINGHAM MONTGOMERY MOBILE GADSDEN Third Floor, Administration Building For Information call 4079 or 7542, EXTENSION DIVISION OFFICE, or write Box 2787, UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA Compliments of J. M. Burchfield Sons WHOLESALE GROCERS Howard Burchfield, ' 26 A. . A. ASH, Inc. J e v e I e r s Corner 2nd Avenue 20th Street, N. Frank Nelson Building Birmingham, Alabama EVERY DAY EVERY WEEK EVERY MONTH A T YOURSERVICE CRITERION CLEANERS - DYERS - LAUNDRY PHONE 4262 Tuscaloosa, Alabama PHONE 2731 1005 University Avenue Corner 7th Street at 22nd Avenue OTHERS COME AND GO - WE STAY AND GROW Poge 420 WOOD - FRUITTICHER GROCERY COMPANY WHOLESALE GROCERS Birmingham, Alabama COMPLIMENTS OF CAIN M ACH 1 N E COMPANY MANUFACTURERS and REPAIRS Truck Trailers and Equipment fiama CASH GROCERY CO. Fancy Groceries and Fresh Meats PHONES 4438-3681 WE DELIVER 1219 - 1221 University Avenue Comp iments of BURCHFIELD HOTEL and COFFEE SHOP Alaga Syrup " Good Every Drop " ALABAM GIRL PICKLES and TEMPTING BRAND PICKLES " A Picnic In Every Bottle " " Keep Your Eyes Upon Me " Page 421 THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH Longer lasting beauty for your clothes can be dis- covered at ROYAL SUPERIOR CLEANERS 2219 7th St. Phone 2512 DIXIE STORE FIXTURES AND SALES COMPANY 2129 No. First Avenue Birmingham, Alabama Complete Manufacturers of Restaurant Equipment ® Store Fixtures and Supplies • Fluorescent Lights MOLTON HOTEL DINING ROOM In The Heart of The City AIR COOLED THROUGHOUT G. L. Harvey, Mgr. 507 N. 20th Dial 3-7243 Prepare For Good Times Be Sure Of Your Dancing and iP iH You ' ll Be Sure of M . - M Yourself %L W ENROLL ■ TODAY! ' Double Your Money J Back If You Can ' t H l Dance After MISS JANE ROSS ONE LESSON! Start lessons now and get the thrill of being so popular dur- ing the coming social season. Says: " Let me lake the re- sponsibility and you ' ll learn any dance quickly — and hove confidence in your dancing every time you step on the Hoor. " LIPPE DANCE STUDIO 210 ' 2 N. 21st St., Birmingh 3m 3, Ala. - Phone 4-6612 The Finest Dancing School in Alabama 125 ' 2 Lee St., Montgomery , Alabama - Phone 4-3478 BELL STEAK HOUSE For Delicious STEAKS SEA FOODS MEALS Telephone 3990 Page 422 A Typical Installation at the Z B T House liaaenA. Plu KlUn and eM-eatUix Go4fppxn44 2 r7 8th STREET R. L, MURPHREE, Owner DAY PHONE 4596; NIGHT PHONES 7708 9577 College Men Everywhere Prefer GLOBE TAILORED-TO-MEASURE CLOTHES For Business and Formal Wear THE GLOBE TAILORING COMPANY Cincinnati, Ohio Compliments of JOE C. MONTGOMERY LIFE INSURANCE " 30 Years in Mobile " STEIN ' S SHOE SHOP For Th ose Who Appreciate FINER WORKMANSHIP Right n The Heart of Town 2326 6th Street Page 423 YOU ' VE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE IT! uu ' a h ' aee vplciiiiciirizer Perfume Atomizer Lipstick In one Beautiful Case! TOP! -A I ' limplctcly new type Atom- izer ... diffuses precious perfume into fine, gentle mist ... reveals its fullest beauty! BOTTOM!- §1.00 size Tangee Lipstick. Comes in 7 super- shades! It ' s the perfect gift! PalrnI Applied For Compliments of CHRISTIAN SON General Merch andi se NORTHPORT, ALABAMA DEPENDABLE QUALITY SERVICE SINCE 1888 Jaffe Jewelry Co. 119 N. 20th Street Birmingham, Ala. ot Mobile, Alabama HART SCHAFFNER and MARX CLOTHES dobbs hats McGregor sportswear ARROW shirts W J R D , ALABAMA ' S FRIENDLY STATION Serving a Million Listeners From TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA 5,000 Watts 1150 K.C. Serving West Alabama Since 1936 ALABAMA AUCTION ROOM Antiques, Bric-A-Brac and Authentic Reproductions THE SOUTH ' S FINEST ANTIQUE STORE 2010 Fourth Ave., N. Phone 7-4073 BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA If you ' re going to engage in business or a profession in Ala- bama after you leave school — you ' ll get some real help if you " Call the Head Man. " OFFICE SUPPLIES AND FURNITURE BUSINESS SYSTEMS 9 BUSINESS MACHINES 9 INSTITUTIONAL EQUIPMENT 9 OFFICE PLANNING EHD ' : Z0I3-I5 First AvE..N..Phone 3-BIB3, ENGE REALTY CO. Real Estate Mortgage Loons AGENCY -INSURORS Insurance Bonding 1921 First Ave. N. Birmingham, Alabama 7-0255 KEW DIESEL REPAIR SHOP AT CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE Built For SOUTHERN RAILWAY SYSTEM By BRICE BUILDING COMPANY, Inc. The structure pictured above is one of the many recently completed by Brice Building Company, Inc. This company is currently engaged in the construction of your new Alumni Hall building. Page 425 PREFERRED PROTECTION For The Whole Family LIFE INSURANCE - ENDOWMENTS RETIREMENT INCOME - TERM CHILDS EDUCATIONAL - MORTGAGE REDEMPTION HOSPITALIZATION - SURGERY - POLIO MONTHLY INCOME DISABILITY BENEFITS Preferred Life Assurance Society HOME OFFICE: MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA S. H. LONGSHORE, President-General Manager Operating in the following States ALABAMA - GEORGIA - LOUISIANA - SOUTH CAROLINA L L ADAMS Refrigeration Electric Co. Tuscaloosa, Alabama 1508 Greensboro Ave. Phone 9561 Stuart Tile And Awning Co. All Types of Floor and Wall Coverings Tuscaloosa, Alabama 2521 Broad Street Phone 6534 ( ' ' PcmUt yartMu ..d A.cnue. N. (f Birmingham ' s Smart Fashion Store Yazoo Gravel Company, Inc. WASHED SAND AND GRAVEL Tuscaloosa, Alabama P. O. Box 924 Phone 3913 Page 426 Winken, Blinken and Nod Findlay Electric Com pa ny Electrical Contractor 2121 Eighth Street TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Compliments of . . . The Pickwick Cafe, Inc. RECOMMENDED BY DUNCAN HINES 25 Commerce Street MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Tucker Printing Company Printers of HIGH GRADE PROFESSIONAL end OFFICE STATIONERY 525 25th Ave. Phone 2086 iMm c Jl MS WUP Exclusive Dealers in Tuscaloosa For: STYLEMART SUITS MARLBORO SHIRTS PORTIS HATS CURTIS SHOES JERKS SOCKS SLOSS BROS. SUITS 2317 6th Street Poge 427 PERDUE SERVICE STATION Corner 10th Street and Denny Stadium University, Alabama ROAD SERVICE PHONE 6787 Superior Ice Cream Company " All The Name Implies " Bessemer, Alabama Tuscaloosa Mattress Co. MANUFACTURERS - RENOVATORS Furniture Refinished and Upholstered Slip Covers Tailor Made 2506 17th St. Phone 2052 WE KNOW QUITE WELL HOW TO DO OUR PART FOR WE HAVE STUDIED THE PLUMBING ART CONTRACTOR PLUMBING and HEATING GENERAL REPAIRS QUICK SERVICE FREE ESTIMATES Telephone — 3073 — Telephone D. B. QUARLES PLUMBING COMPANY Page 428 CnilokX Bessemer, Alabama " BuiU With BriJgers " RETAIL LUMBER FARM and HOME BUILDING AAATERIAL SUPPLIES BRIDGERS LUMBER CO. Phone 221 1 221 1 Greensboro Ave. Tuscaloosa, Alabama SOUTHERN DISINFECTANT COMPANY Disinfectants - Liquid Soaps - Floor Oils - Metal and Furniture Polish Tile Soap - Fly Spray 813 North 18th Street BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Cleaning and Pressing for University Students Since 1935 J AX CLEANERS CASH and CARRY S. R. Jackson, Proprietor " Alteration Repairs a Specialty " SPECIAL SHIRT SERVICE Rex ' s Corner Tuscaloosa, Ala. EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES - For - PHYSICIANS, HOSPITALS and CLINICAL LABORATORIES Medical Students are invited to visit our store while in Montgomery DURR SURGICAL SUPPLY COMPANY SURGICAL ond HOSPITAL SUPPLIES Montgomery, Alabama Lane Tile And Marble Co. Tile - Marble - And - Floor Covering CONTRACTORS TUSCALOOSA BIRMINGHAM THE RIGHT GIFT FOR EVERY OCCASION — at the - JEWEL BOX TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Page 429 MOBILE • MONTGOMERY • PENSACOLA " IT PAYS TO LOOK WELL " UNIVERSITY BARBER SHOP Conveniently Located In Union Building " Personality Haircuts " HUDSON AUTOMOBILE Sales and Service KNAPP MOTOR CO., Incorporated 326 So. 21st. Street BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Phones 3-9412 - 4-0443 D E SC H OT RADIO RECORDS SALES SERVICE POPULAR CLASSIC Most Complete Record Selection In Tuscaloosa DE SCHOT RADIO SERVICE 2107 Brood Street Dial 451 1 BOLTON - ADAIR TRANSFER COMPANY " Trucks Furnished for Hoyrides, Picnics, Etc. " M. L. BOLTON 2613 Nitith Street TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Agents for: Phone 5003 NORTH AMERICAN VAN LINES, Inc. Page 430 Y o u R University Bus Service M M BUS LINE " Student Owned and Operated " T. B. McGiffert - J. G. Madison, Jr. YOU DON ' T HAVE TO BE SMART TO HAVE SMART CLOTHES . . . SHOP AT mnncEL ' s FEMININE APPAREL 2318 Broad Street Tuscaloosa, Alabama AVERETTE RADIO CO. TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA FREE PICK-UP and DELIVERY Dealers For ADMIRAL RADIOS DIAL 9280 1731 24th AVENUE Growing Up Fresh Up ...With 7 - U p Likes You You Like It — It Likes You! FOR YOUR PARTIES and SOCIAL FUNCTIONS Coll JAMES R. DUREN Phone 6308 ' Bama Alumnus Seven-Up Bottling Co. Tuscaloosa, Alabama Page 431 TANNER BROTHERS WHOLESALE FRUITS-VEGETABLES Tuscoloosa, Alabama 2314-2316 4th Street Phones 2891 - 2892 PITTS YELLOW CABS 2404 Broad Street Phone 3636 - 2727 RADIO EQUIPPED CABS For Better Service FURNITURE - RADIOS and APPLIANCES FOR HOME, SORORITY, FRATERNITY CLUB HOUSE S O K O L ' S OR 4714 PHONES 4715 Hugh J. Hughes Heating Co. Manufacturers: Kool Vent Aluminum Awnings — Furnaces Boilers — Air Conditioning SHEET METAL T. S. SHARMAN, Mgr. Phone 9682 1729 Greensboro Ave. Tuscaloosa, Ala. FOR SPORTING EQUIPMENT and HARDWARE Visit J. OVIATT BOWERS CO. FREE PARKING - NO TIME LIMIT 2105 Second St. Phone 4466 imJ.lm. ' .n. ' U Phone 3661 21 12 Broad Street ' Sooner or Later Your Favorite Cleaner ' ;-? , Watch Where You ' re Going Page 432 T O Y S W. A. MAY GREEN 23 So. Court Street Montgomery, Alabama Phone 3-0224 ATHLETIC SUPPLIES Serving You Since 1903 FRANK ROSA, Mgr. T O Y S TUSCALOOSA LIBRARY BINDERY CLAKEY BELL, Owner " LIBRARY BINDING A SPECIALTY " Dial 2204 2122 Bread Street Tuscalocso, Alabama " BOUND TO PLEASE " BLACK, FRIEDMAN WINSTON " MEN ' S QUALITY CLOTHIERS " Since 1890 AND STYLE HEADQUARTERS FOR WELL DRESSED UNIVERSITY MEN Tuscaloosa, Alabama THE BEST DRESSED MEN WEAR H ■ ViLSl ;i 1 11 ■ H ' . C L O T H E S RCG. U.S. PAT. OFf. M A GREAT NAME IN CLOTHING " SCHWOBILT SUITS THE SOUTH " DANCE LESSONS... Cost No More At ARTHUR MURRAY ' S This famous school of dancing has become on Amen can tradition, now that we have one hundred studios from coast to coast. This is your guarantee that you will learn the latest ond most attractive steps, which all good dancers are using. Arthur Murray ' s pupils include many people from our best families, leading business men and women, and employees from every type of organization. In Arthur Murray ' s pleasant studios you can quickly become o popular, interesting partner, though you may know httie or nothing about dancing. His talented, expertly-trained staff has taught thousands of awkward individuals to dance rhythmically, faultlessly. A few lessons are all you need. And you ' ll be aston- ished how little if costs. Rates were never lower. Why not call today for the interesting dance analysis and trial lesson offered without charge? Studios open doily from !0 A, M, to 10 P. M. ARTHUR MURRAY ' S SCHOOL OF DANCING BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA ,210 No. 21st St. - Third Floor - 54-5576 B. Jay Arno Takes A Dancing Lesson the HELBURN COMPANY For Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Restaurant, Drug and Institution Equipment Montgomery 2, Alabama The Georgia Show Case Co. MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Designers and Manufacturers of High Grade STORE and BANK FIXTURES Furnished Fixtures For THE UNIVERSITY SUPPLY STORE Compliments of Distinctive Fashions 218 N. 20th Street Birmingham, Alabama JOY YOUNG AMERICAN AND CHINESE FOODS Birmingham, Aloboma Page 434 FANNIN ' S Home of Hart Schoffner and Marx Clothes Arrow and Manhattan Shirts McGregor Sportswear Holeproof Sox FANNIN ' S Montgomery, Alabama 3-5755-3-5756 Meet Yo ur Frien ds At Jo h 1 n 1 s For F i n e F o o ds 214N 2 1st St. Birmingham J fi ' n BOOK STORE ..J U2.LLLj a Gipj SHOP Established 1898 The Same Policy The Some Quality The Same Welcome THE REAL COLLEGE STORE Miller Electric Refrigeration Company AIR CONDITIONING ELECTRICAL REPAIRS Day Phone 2805 Night Phone 3295 718 Twenty-Second Ave. Tuscaloosa, Alabama For Fine Food . . GEORGE ' S GROCERY Hargrove Rd. WE DELIVER Phone 6685 J. F. H O L L E Y General Contractor 905 6th Avenue, North BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Phone 4-4725 Member of THE ASSOCIATED GENERAL CONTRACTORS OF AMERICA Poge 435 Meet Your Friends and Enjoy the Fine Foods at BOB ' S Restaurant FRIED CHICKEN _ - _ STEAKS Phone 2047 PRIVATE PARTY BANQUET FACILITIES ACCOMMODATIONS FOR 125 PERSONS 2217 Broad Street - Next To Kress ' TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA BANKS W. QUARLES PLUMBING and HEATING Residence 905 14th Avenue Dial 5840 Office 1305 10th Avenue Dial 2627 SMITTY ' S FUN SHOP City Hall Buildi ng Birmingham, Alab ama HEADQUARTERS FOR TRICKS - JOKES - MAGIC Co igratulations and Best Wishes REX CLEANERS Phone 6144 One Day Service Tuscaloosa, Alabama Compliments . . Pake-Ste p h e n SO n Co. Central Al abama ' s Leading SPORTING GOODS STORE B R O M B ERGS " Alabama ' s Most Distinctive Store " -• " " ' S- - The Finest In . . . Silver i ' r ill " Diamonds Jewelry ■ ,„.| M»n ' ■ ' ' ■ ' ■I f : Crystal, China j g -T_ J o|| " j, Furniture Appliances 20fh Street at Second A e , Birmingham, Alabama 33 Years of FLORAL PERFECTION MEANEY ' S FLOWERS ON THE CAMPUS 100? University Ave. Dial 5330 CABINS - With Tile Bath - Steam Heat Sandy ' s Tourist Court 1 1 1 Birmingham Road On U. S. Highway 1 1 Sandy Helms, Owner Tuscaloosa, Ala. Phone 9179 Page 437 Compliments . Red Top Transfer Co. , Inc. Phone 3302 Local and Long Distance Moving 610 - 25th Ave Tusca oosa, Alabama " ONE STOP " SHOPPING CENTER Parking Space For 1000 Cars MOBILE, ALABAMA O DRUG SUNDRIES SODAS We DELIVER CALL 2827 801 10th Street e If It Swims — We Have It SEAFOODS MEATS S H A R P E ' S 2624 Eighteenth Street Telephones 7843 — 6175 Owned by JAMES F. (Jmimiei SHARPE Old Times ' Sake Before You Purchase A Diamond . . . Be Sure To See LOUIS W . PERRY JEWELER 320 No. 20th Street Birmingham, Ala. Page 438 UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA SUMMER SCHOOL The Summer School offers to the regular session student: • Facilities and programs of work comparable to other quar- ters of the year. • Programs of work on the regular quarter basis in some divi- sions; in a first term of six weeks and a second term of five weeks in other divisions for those who prefer not to attend the full quarter. • Carefully planned programs of recreation and entertainment. For catalog and other information call at summer school office, 102 Graves Hall, or write to DIRECTOR OF SUMMER SCHOOL University, Alabama ■ -5t . ESPECIALLY CATERING TO THE CAMPUS TRADE POULTRY EGG CO. - For - POULTRY PRODUCTS 2513 Fourth St. Back of Burchfield Hotel HEADQUARTERS FOR PHYSICIANS ' and LABORATORY SUPPLIES McKESSON ROBBINS, Inc. Birmingham, Alabama fcigc ' i ' t We Sincerely Solicit Your Patronage Allen Jemison Co, HARDWARE Established 1883 Tuscaloosa, Alabama Compliments Of s. H. KRESS and CO. 5 -10-25 CENT STORE Tuscaloosa, Ala bama CHARM FASH IONS 2312 6th Street DRESSES, SPORTSWEAR LINGERIE REMEMBER " CHARM FOR FASHION " CHARLES TEMERSON AND SONS NEW STEEL and SUPPLIES Tuscaloosa, Alabama SOUTHSIDE CLEANERS CASH and CARRY J. F. VIBBART, Owner 1930 Queen City Avenue Near A. G. S. Station LADIES WEAR EXCLUSIVELY DRESSES • COATS SUITS • ACCESSORIES KAYSER ' S SETS THE STYLE 1., MOBILE, ALA. SELMA, ALA. COLUMBUS, GA. GREENVILLE, S. C. KNOXVILLE, TENN. R A I FORD ' S Musical Headquarters SHEET MUSIC OF ALL KINDS Pianos and Capehart Radio-Phonographs C. G. CONN BAND INSTRUMENTS Reeds, Strings and Accessories of All Kinds 617 Greensboro Avanue Dial 3044 PIZITZ BESSEMER ' S FINEST DEPARTMENT STORE " Let ' s Be Friends " I , • AT ALL " " GROCERS T C FOR... HARDIN ' S " BREAD AT ITS BEST ' This book is bound in ct DURAND COVER Produced by THE DURAND MANUFACTURING COMPANY 939 W. 35th Street Chicago 9, Illinois The Game Room at the Z B T Houie Built By A. D. ORR CONSTRUCTION CO. 3004 9th Street TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Phone 5311 Q eetlnad FROM THE CITY OF MONTGOMERY ALABAMA JOHN L. GOODWYN Mayor EARL D. JAMES W. A. GAYLE Commissioners l latlo nal SOUTHERN PRODUCTS CORPORATION Producers of T U L 1 L Tuscaloosa and Fox, Alabama Page 442 C . W. LEWIS FURNITURE COMPANY 45 YEARS OF DEPENDABLE SERVICE- SELLING NATIONALLY ADVERTISED FURNITURE Tuscaloosa, Alabama Compliments of POWE ' S SHOE STORE Corner Opposite P. O. Phone 4126 Tuscaloosa, Alabama COMPLIMENTS OF THOMPSON SWAIM PLYWOOD COMPANY TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Tuscaloosa Motor Express 2112 9th St. - Tuscaloosa, Alabama Telephone 3323 Operating in Seven Southern States Local and Long Distance Trucking Bonded ond Insured Movers of: Household Goods, Heavy Machinery, and Equipment GENERAL OFFICES: 7th Ave. 14th St. North Birmingham, Alabama Phone 3-3131 Home Owned and Operated By O. M. CUMMINGS SONS JloAjietU Ic weAA. Jtion s for Your Con Call 7 -0828 At 2150 Highland Ave. 7-0436 Greenhouses Nights Dial 7-0828 Telegraph Delivery Service ® Bedding Plants ® Wedding Decorations • Funeral Designs ® Cut Flowers Birmingham, Alabama Page 443 MILLER, MARTIN LEWIS Architects and Engineers BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA ed kj.He 6 ajj- AMELIA GORGAS LIBRARY RICHARD FOSTER AUDITORIUM ALABAMA UNION COMMERCE BUILDING ADMINISTRATION BUILDING FARRAH HALL AND NEW WING NOTT HALL ENGINEERING BUILDING ENGINEERING LABORATORY BUREAU OF MINES MEN ' S GYM ANNEX DENNY CHIMES REMODELING CLARK HALL DOSTER HALL COLONIAL DORMITORY EAST AND WEST ANNEX DORMITORIES NEW HALL DORMITORY GROUP FOUR 1947-1949 GIRLS ' DORMITORIES GIRLS ' CO-OP DORMITORY JULIA TUTWILER DINING HALLS NURSERY SCHOOL HOME MANAGEMENT HOUSE SIX 1939 MEN ' S DORMITORIES THREE 1947 MEN ' S DORMITORIES CAFETERIA DINING HALL REMODELING WOODS HALL AND PROPOSED PHYSICS BUILDING, DINING HALL AND STADIUM ADDITION ALSO EIGHTEEN FRATERNITY AND SORORITY HOUSES AND TEN PROFESSORS ' HOMES PLAY FOR e SKILL • HEALTH • RELAXATION • PLEASURE THE MOST MODERN EQUIPMENT AT JESSE ' S PLACE 2414 6th Street Phone 4498 Office Machines and Office Supplies 521 25th Ave. Phone 5720 TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA " The Store On Your Way Down Town " SEWELL HARDWARE COMPANY JOE SEWELL, Manager Phone 2896 - 2897 Page 444 Already, Sexton Fountain Specialties have captured the favor of fountain managers who know the art of pleasing the public. The rich crushed fruit makes every sundae a taste sensation. The chocolate syrup is smooth and mild, yet rich-bodied. The toppings are delectable. Sexton fountain service is convenient and complete even to the accessories. The Sexton Man in your neighborhood will be glad to call on you. wj p Poge 445 II M e r p a c o " OFFICE FURNITURE COMMERCIAL PRINTING OFFICE SUPPLIES DRAFTING AND SURVEYING EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES SCHOOL SUPPLIES DUPLICATING MACHINES AND SUPPLIES • " DICTAPHONE " ELECTRONIC DICTATING EQUIPMENT AERCANTILE PAPER COMPANY " THE HOUSE OF THE BEST " 1 16 Commerce Street MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA MITCHELL ' S AWNING AND SHADE COMPANY Venetian Blinds and Burglar Bars 811 Twenty-Third Ave. Phone 2505 Tuscolooso, Alabama Fine Pipes — High Grade Tobaccos Smoking Accessories WEBBER ' S SMOKE SHOP — For Your Smoking Needs — Phone 7-2388 209 18 St., No. Birmingham, Ala. BATSON - COOK CO GENERAL CONTRACTORS West Point, Georgia Page 446 BEST WISHES . . To THE STUDENTS and FACULTY from YOUR CAPITAL CITY iTVS e MONTGOMERY NETWORK STATIONS WSFA WAPX NBC ABC wcov W J J J CBS MBS Golson Electric And Carburetor Co. We Specialize In Ignition — Carburetion — Motor Tune Up TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA 221 1 Eighth Street Phone 7301 McLELLAN STORES TUSCALOOSA, ALA. " Try McLel Ion ' s First " In The BAG RED DIAMOND Alabama ' s Favorite COFFEE Vacuum Packed Better Late Than Never Page 447 HUNGRY? Need A Snack — Call Raymon ' s You ' ll Get Fast Service, by crack. Delicious sandwiches made on white, pumpernickle bread with salami, cornbeef, boiled and barbecued ham, and Swiss rye, and pastrami. Cheese. R AYMON ' S Call 3296 We Deliver Free ' Til 1 1 00 P M. Colo n i a 1 A. A. A Court UNITED MOTOR COURTS AM. MOTEL ASSN. 2715 East 9th Street Phone 3850 WALK A LITTLE - SAVE A LOT SCHWi fZiUlS MENS WIAR Tuxedos For Rent 2311 — 7th St. Tuscaloosa, Alabama SHOP AT SEARS AND SAVE RETAIL AND MAIL ORDER 1 00,000 ITEMS FROM WHICH TO CHOOSE SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO. 2317 6th Street TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Compliments Of THE COTTON PATCH Page 448 e{ zi vL j7 • • act COMB WHAT MAY. CONFIDENCE is the heritage of youth .... it is also a fundamental requirement of business .... attained by long study, training and experience • We have enjoyed the confidence of yearbook Staffs throughout the country for over thirty years .... an accomplishment for which we are truly grateful and justly proud .... • • • T r COLLEGE ANNUAL DIVISION ALABAMA ENqRAVING COA PANY B I R 1I N Q HAM. (lememlteA Paia- n » R.e-ittcmIfe-1 Paiac oii » Re tc ' ii-lfei Pa ' iaa .n I Jil 4 oday we are printers of the MA yearbook of your school. iS: Tomorrow as you seek your future in m the professions, industry and commerce JIM we at Paragon hope to serve you with i the essential Printing and Lithography g you will need in the pursuit of your career. Mciny of our best customers came to us through Iriondships formed aroimd the annual planning table or from former grads like yourself who first saw our work in their annual. ©ije Qaragon Qre s; MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA !)h 1 e - TO ADVERTISERS ACOUSTI ENGINEERING CO. 408 L. L. ADAMS REFRIGERATION ELECTRIC CO 426 AIR ENGINEERS INC. 398 ALABAMA AUCTION ROOM 425 ALABAMA ENGRAVING CO 449 ALABAMA-GEORGIA SYRUP CO 421 ALLEN AND JEMISON CO 440 A. A. ASH JEWELERS 420 AVERETTE RADIO CO 431 BAILEE STUDIO 400 L. G. BALFOUR CO. ...... 407 BAMA BOWLING CENTER 419 BAMA CASH GROCERY 421 BAMA DRUG CO. 409 BAMA TAXI CO 408 BAMA THEATER 412 BARNES ELECTRIC CO 405 F. M. BASS AND CO f 409 BATSON-COOK CO BELL ' S STEAK HOUSE ' i 422 T, H. BENNERS AND CO. .... 401 BLACK, FRIEDMAN AND WINSTON 433 BOB ' S RESTAURANT 437 BOGUE ' S HIGHLAND RESTAURANT 419 BOLTON-ADAIR TRANSFER CO 430 J. OVIATT BOWERS CO. ... 432 BRANSCOMB ' S U DRIVE IT CO 436 BRICE BUILDING CO 425 BRIDGERS LUMBER CO 429 BROMBERG ' S AND CO. 437 J. M. BURCHFIELD AND SON 420 BURCHFIELD HOTEL AND COFFEE SHOP 421 R. D. BURNETT CIGAR CO. ... 408 CAIN MACHINE CO. . ' . " 421 CANNON BROTHERS GROCERY ... 410 CHARM FASHIONS INC. 440 CHILDREN ' S SHOP 410 CHRISTIAN AND SON 424 CITY NATIONAL BANK 415 CLOVERDALE GULF SERVICE STATION 410 COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. 409 COLE SUPPLY CO., INC 410 COLONIAL COURT 448 MILTON COOPER CONTRACTING CO 416 CORNER 433 THE COnON PATCH 443 CRITERION CLEANERS AND LAUNDRY 420 CRUSE-CRAWFORD MANUFACTURING CO. 399 HERMAN DAHLKE MOTORCYCLE CO. 411 DEAL LUMBER CO. 419 DELCHAMPS INC. 430 DELVIEW DAIRY . 398 DE SCHOT RADIO SERVICE AND SOUND CO DIXIE COFFEE CO. DIXIE STORE FIXTURES AND SALES CO DO NOVAN COFFEE CO. W. B. DRAKE AND SON PRINTERS DRUID CITY LINES, INC. DRUID FURNITURE CO. DUCKWORTH-MORRIS INSURANCE AGENCY DUGINS SHOE STORE DURAND MANUFACTURING CO DURR SURGICAL SUPPLY CO ; EARL STUDIO L. D. EDGE 88 U DRIVE IT CO ENGEL REALTY CO ERLICK ' S EXTENSION DIVISION, UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA FANNIN ' S FINDLAY ELECTRIC CO FIRST NATIONAL BANK FITTS YELLOW CAB CO. 430 413 422 . , , 447 411 ... 414 413 419 41 I 441 429 417 419 416 425 429 420 435 427 ... 416 432 GEORGE ' S GROCERY 435 GEORGIA SHOW CASE CO 434 GLOBE TAILORING CO. 423 GOLSON ELECTRIC AND CARBURETOR CO 447 GOODFORM SHOP 413 GRACE ' S GARAGE 412 GRAY ' S MEN ' S SHOP 419 ARTHUR GREENWOOD CAFE 413 GULF STATES PAPER CORP. 413 GULF STATES PLUMBING AND HEATING CO 405 HAHN ROOFING AND HEATING CO 405 IDA HARRIS SHOP 403 HARDIN ' S BAKERY 441 JAMES A. HEAD AND CO 425 HELBURN CO. 434 HILL GROCERY CO 400 HILLMON HOLLEY SERVICE STATION 408 J. F. HOLLEY, CONTRACTORS 435 HUB 412 HUGH J. HUGHES HEATING CO 432 JACOB REED ' S SONS 403 JAFFE JEWELRY CO. 424 JAX CLEANERS 429 JOHN ' S RESTAURANT 435 JONES VALLEY SAUSAGE CO. 412 JESSE ' S PLACE 444 JEWEL BOX 429 EDDIE GRAY JONES MEN ' S SHOP 427 KAYSER ' S 44C KLEIN AND SON 415 KNAPP MOTOR CO. 430 Pogc 451 !)mA e TO ADVERTISERS ■.«■ S. H. KRESS AND CO. KYLE OFFICE SUPPLY CO LANE TILE AND MARBLE CO C. W. LEWIS FURNITURE CO LIPPE DANCE STUDIO LOVETTS FLOWER SHOP THE GEORGE W. LUFT CO LUSTIG ' S BOOK STORE MANGEL ' S MAURICE INC W. A. MAY AND GREEN MAYER ELECTRIC SUPPLY CO., INC. ... McKESSON AND ROBBINS INC McLELLAN STORES INC. , . . McLESTER HOTEL MEANEY ' S FLOWER SHOP MERCANTILE PAPER CO METZGER BROTHERS MILLER ELECTRIC AND REFRIGERATION CO MILLER MARTIN AND LEWIS MITCHELL ' S AWNING AND SHADE CO M. M, BUS LINE MOBILE PAINT MANUFACTURING CO MOLTON HOTEL DINING ROOM MONTAG BROTHERS, INC. CITY OF MONTGOMERY, ALA, JOE C. MONTGOMERY MONTGOMERY BROADCASTERS ASSOCIATION MORGENTHAU CLEANERS ARTHUR MURRAY SCHOOL OF DANCING NATIONAL SOUTHERN PRODUCTS CORP P. H. NICHOLS AND CO. NICK ' S AT KNOXVILLE . NORTHINGTON LAUNDRY INC A. D. ORR CONSTRUCTION CO PAKE-STEPHENSON CO PARAGON PRESS J. S. PARKER PERDUE SERVICE STATION PERRY CREAMERY LOUIS W. PERRY JEWELERS . PICKWICK CAFE INC PIZITZ IN BESSEMER PIZITZ IN TUSCALOOSA POULTRY AND EGG CO POWE ' S SHOE STORE PREFERRED LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY PROTECTIVE LIFE INSURANCE CO PUG ' S BANKS W. QUARLES PLUMBING AND HEATING CO. 440 444 429 443 422 443 424 435 431 434 433 416 439 447 404 437 446 424 435 444 446 431 401 422 417 442 423 447 432 434 442 417 448 410 442 437 450 405 428 415 438 427 441 411 439 443 426 404 Poge D. B QUARLES PLUMBING CO 428 RAIFORD STORES INC. 441 RAYMON ' S 448 RED TOP TRANSFER CO., INC 433 REX CLEANERS 437 ROGERS ELECTRIC CO 408 ROGERS PLUMBING AND HEATING CO. 423 ROSEMONT GARDENS 407 ROYAL SUPERIOR CLEANERS . 422 SANDY ' S TOURIST COURT 437 SCHLOSS AND KAHN 422 SCHWEITZER ' S 448 SCHWOB CO. OF GEORGIA 433 SEARS ROEBUCK AND CO 448 SEVEN UP BOTTLING CO. 431 SEWELL HARDWARE CO. 444 JOHN SEXTON AND CO i. 445 SHARPE ' S %. 438 SMITTY ' S FUN SHOP 437 SOKOL ' S ...;: ._.-. 432 SOUTHERN DISINFECTANT CO 429 SOUTHSIDE CLEANERS 440 STAR PROVISION CO 406 STEIN ' S SHOE SHOP 423 W CLEVE STOKES CO 417 STUART TILE AND AWNING CO. 426 SUMMER SCHOOL, UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA 439 SUPERIOR ICE CREAM CO. 428 TANNER BROTHERS WHOLESALE PRODUCE CO. 432 MRS TODD ' S DELICIOUS FOOD, INC . . . 398 CHARLES TEMERSON AND SONS 440 THOMPSON AND SWAIM PLYWOOOD CO 443 TUSCALOOSA LIBRARY BINDERY 433 TUSCALOOSA MATTRESS MANUFACTURING CO, 428 TUSCALOOSA MOTOR EXPRESS 443 TUCKER PRINTING CO. 427 D. T. UNDERWOOD AND SONS 405 UNIVERSITY BARBER SHOP 430 UNIVERSITY SUPPLY STORE 402 THE VANITY . 426 WEATHERFORD PRINTING CO 409 WEBBER ' S SMOKE SHOP ,. 446 WEINACKER BROTHERS 438 WIESEL CO. 417 LOUIS WIESEL INC 401 WJRD 424 WOOD-FRUITTICHER WHOLESALE GROCERY CO 421 F. W. WOOLWORTH CO 415 YAZOO GRAVEL CO., INC ., 426 JOY YOUNG 434 452 if ' ! !• ' II III I cc erf ct II III I u II tti; II A

Suggestions in the University of Alabama - Corolla Yearbook (Tuscaloosa, AL) collection:

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