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OROLLA ' COMEDY ' CHEERS ' COROLLA ' CLANS ' CHARM ' COROLLA OMEBY ' CHEERS ' CoRoLLA ' CLANS CHARM ' CoRoLLA ' CLUBS ' OROLLA ' CRAMMIN ' CAPSTONE ' CoRoLLA ' CELEBRATLN ' COURTIN HEERS ' COROLLA ' CLANS ' CHARM ' COROLLA ' CLUBS ' CRGWDS ' CHA HAoS ' CHEESECAKE ' COROLLA ' CRAMMIN ' CAPSTONE ' COROLLA ' OROLLA ' CQMEDY ' CHEERS ' COROLLA ' CLANS ' CHARM ' CoRoLLA HEESECAKE ' COROLLA ' CRAMMIN ' CAPSTONE ' CORGLLA ' CELEBRATLB CMBDY ' CHEERS ' COROLLA ' CLANS ' CHARM ' COROLLA ' CLUBS ' CRI LOROLLA ' CRAMMIN ' CAPSTONE ' COROLLA ' CELEBRATIN ' COURTIN ' HEERS ' COROLLA ' CLANS ' CHARM ' COROLLA ' CLUBS ' CROWDS ' CHL HAoS ' CHEESECAKE ' COROLLA ' CRAMMIN ' CAPSTGNE ' COROLLA ' C GROLLA ' CQMEDY ' CHEERS ' COROLLA ' CLANS ' CHARM ' COROLLA C' ,HEESECAKE ' COROLLA ' CRAMMIN ' CARSTONE ' COROLLA ' CELEBRATLB CMEBY ' CHEERS ' COROLLA ' CLANS ' CHARM ' CORCLLA ' CLUBS ' CR! LOROLLA ' CRAMMIN ' CAPSTONE ' CoRoLLA ' CELEBRATIN ' COURTIN ' LHEERS ' CORGLLA ' CLANS ' CHARM ' COROLLA ' CLUBS ' CROWDS 'L CHL , HAoS ' CHEESECAKE ' COROLLA ' CRAMMIN ' CAPSTONE ' COROLLA ' Cl :QROLLA B' CQMEDY ' CHEERS ' COROLLA ' CLANS ' CHARM ' COROLLAH' ,f E f MEDY ' CHEERS ' COROLLA ' CLANS ' CHARM ' COROLLA ' CLUBS ' CRL ECRCLLA ' CRAMMIN' ' CAPSTONE ' COROLLA ' CELEBRATIN' ' COURTIN' ' ' COROLLA L' CLANS ' CHARM ' CORCLLA ' CLUBS ' CROWDS ' CH! CHAOS ' CHEESECAKE ' COROLLA ' CRAMMIN' ' CAPSTONE ' COROLLA ' Cl EQROLLA ' COMEDY ' CHEERS ' COROLLA ' CLANS ' CHARM ' COROLLA ' EHEESECAKE '- COROLLA ' CRAMMIN' ' CAPSTONE ' COROLLA ' CELEBRATIIN ICMEDY ' CHEERS ' COROLLA ' CLANS ' CHARM ' COROLLA ' CLUBS "CRL EQROLLA ' CRAMMIN' ' CAPSTONE ' CGROLLA ' CELEBRATIN' ' COURTIN' ' fHEERS ' COROLLA ' CLANS ' CHARM ' CORGLLA ' CLUBS ' CROWDS ' CH1- IHAOS " CHEESECAKE ' COROLLA ' CRAMMIN' ' CAPSTONE ' COROLLA ' VC' LQRCBLLA ' COMLEDY ' CHEERS ' CoRoLLA ' CLANS ' CHARMS 'LCQRQLLA el 1 vu M ' V V ,Qi . Y .I 1 . - A 1 'lxlC1BvLuv 9,51 w 15 v- -- X1 .Q -4- -- , 3 - - -lfjriv ,VV L fHEESECAKE ' COROLLA ' CRAMMIN', ' CAPSTCNE ' COROLLA ' ,CELEBRATLB :, A A A 'C CR' A 'Y 1 A . ' L ' ' :A ' S C+ . . ' ' Lo L ' L L Uf'?E5iFF5'?E L' CQRQSLLA ' CFAMMINL' 'M CAPSIONEQ B' ZHLEESECAKE ' COROLLA ' CRAMMIN' ' CAPSTONE ' COROLLA ' CELEBRATIIN LT SREECEYELELSELAIQE ' LLUKULLAX' LK!-XNUVNIN' ' 'LFKYDIKJINE ' CUKOLLA ' u:u:A: LOLLA ' COMEDY ' CHEERS ' COROLLA ' CLANS ' CHARM ' COROLLA ' CLU ESECAKE ' COROLLA ' CRAMMIN' ' CAPSTONE ' COROLLA ' CELEB-RATIN' B AAEDY ' CHEERS ' COROLLA ' CLANS ' CHARM ' COROLLA ' CLUBS ' CROW EOLLA ' CRAMMIN' ' CAPSTONE ' COROLLA ' CELEBRATIN' ' COURTIN' ' SERS ' COROLLA ' CLANS ' CHARM ' COROLLA ' CLUBS ' CROWDS ' CHAOS KOS ' CHEESECAKE ' COROLLA ' CRAMMIN' ' CAPSTONE ' COROLLA ' CELE, LOLLA ' COMEDY ' CHEERS ' COROLLA ' CLANS ' CHARM ' COROLLA ' CLL EESECAKE ' COROLLA ' CRAMMIN' ' CAPSTONE ' COROLLA ' CELEBRATIN' ' AEDY ' CHEERS ' COROLLA ' CLANS ' CHARM ' COROLLA ' CLUBS ' CROW HOLLA ' CRAMMIN' ' CAPSTONE ' COROLLA ' CELEBRATIN' ' COURTIN' ' CC SERS ' COROLLA ' CLANS ' CHARM ' COROLLA ' CLUBS ' CROWDS ' CHAO! KOS ' CHEESECAKE ' COROLLA ' CRAMMIN' ' CAPSTONE ' COROLLA ' CELE QOLLA ' COMEDY ' CHEERS ' COROLLA ' CLANS ' CHARM ' COROLLA ' CLI EESECAKE ' COROLLA ' CRAMMIN' ' CAPSTONE ' COROLLA ' CELEBRATIN' L NAEDY ' CHEERS ' COROLLA ' CLANS ' CHARM ' COROLLA ' CLUBS ' CROW QQLLA ' CRAMMIN' ' CAPSTONE ' COROLLA ' CELEBRATIN' ' COURTIN' ' CC SERS ' COROLLA ' CLANS ' CHARM ' COROLLA ' CLUBS ' CROWDS ' CHAO KOS ' CHEESECAKE ' COROLLA ' CRAMMIN' ' CAPSTONE ' CGROLLA' CELE QOLLA ' COMEDY ' CHEERS ' COROLLA ' CLANS ' CHARM ' COROLLA' ' CL EESYECAKE ' COROLLA ' CRAMMIN' ' CAPSTONE ' COROLLA ' VCELEBRATINL MEDY ' CHEERS ' COROLLA ' CLANS ' CHARM ' COROLLA ' CLUBS ' cuzov ROLLA ' CRAMMIN' ' CAPSTONE ' COROLLA ' CELEBRATIN' ' COURTIN' 'LCC EERS ' COROLLA ' CLANS ' CHARM ' COROLLA ' CLUBS ' CROWDS ' AOS ' CHEESECAKE ' COROLLA ' CRAMMIN' ' CAPSTONE ' COROLLA ' CEL! ROLL-A ' COMEDY ' CHEERS ' COROLLA ' CLANS ' CHARM ' COROLLA ' CL EESECAKE ' COROLLA ' CRAMMIN' ' CAPSTONE ' COROLLA ' CELEBRATI-N7 6 CHEERS ' COROLLA ' CLANS ' CHARM ' COROLLA ' CLUBS ' CRON ROLLA ,' CRAMMIN' ' CAPSTONE ' GOROLLA ' CELEBRATIN' A' COURTIN' ' Cl EERS' COROLLA ' CLANS ' CHARM ' COROLLA ' CLUBS A' CROWDS ' CHAC ' CHEESECLAKE ' COROLLA' CRAMMIN' ' CAPSTONE ' COROLLA ' CEL -R ALLAQ PE COMEDY "CHEERS ' c:oRoLLA ' CLANS 'Y CHARM 5 COROLLA ' Cl YQQRQYLLSA, L'-, ' CAPsTQfNJE CQ OLLA ' jCELE1BRATlN'- -1 'Z' .., J- . ,f,.,.' .u 'cf .4,-f- -'f t.. A Q ..,.. ' .. -'UW' .I ' Uv. --.1 4, 'U 3 , I f 1 xg, e,,,g,f wwf, , 4,' in , 'Q .-va. xx... .U N 'I- , ,rg QQ ,I ff? 5 I Qifk, , 2 91. , FWZ5 Whf 39 Gs 1? KZ!! X 9 Hi mwamw .-.ff x Ya xr Q.: R'-fw-.qw 1 L 2 1 f ,g'i,2' Q, U4, ,,..-. -S Nm Xwfx .mm nm.-mme-xml-mvuvm wmmx mmm :frm-1, ww. Gs gm X Q , 1 24. I. ' -2 L ' .I gs Wwwf E K Q W ...M . Q JA z ' ,w.r.s A X Q 'ie ' 2 EHEESEKAKE , I 5 Vf4f-0l4-nz 'emi UIQUHA Q ff mxwmwmq ..Q.,,1 N. - ,bf - - Aw-W : - W Ucefwme 55 PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS CDF THE UNIVERSITY OE ALABAMA AT TUSCALCDOSA, ALABAMA gggn-FQIXK , . K:-'-Q 1 fl , ' In ' . x , "A . fax K T 4 A .I - ., . ' .D ,X , ,ic L . LX I I A--w 'T ,JJI I 4Jf K . ,r I I I I, I NJ j ., . 9. I IQ I A ' ,,N I I ' ' , 0 I :JL ,I , ' ' :LI 9 4 7 I"' 4II"1- fy .V VJ JIMMIE MOORE! L.,. .Q Edi' r PAUL ROCK Y 1 YL. . . Businels Mcubog r J lf I 1 I I ' M"'f-wg., 'lk V Z7 'V I I L DR.cEoReE LANG . DR. .iAck MONTGOMERY Back inl9ll and again in l9l8, The UniversiTy of Alabama musT have been on The inside Track vviTh old friend faTe. For, in Those years Tvvo men of greaT disTincTion became members of iTs faculTy-Dr. George Lang and Dr. Jack lVlonTgomery. Professionally Dr. Lang and Dr. lvlonT- gomery have received much recogniTion for Their abiliTies and The knowledge They have passed on To each class makes Them vvell remembered. However, iT has Taken some- Thing more Than Their meriT as Teachers To place boTh Dr. Lang and Dr. Monfgomery in The special posiTion They hold in The esTeem of Those who have knovvn Them. Their friendliness, Their vvarmTh, Their undersfand- ing and Their lively vviT have made Them an infegral parT of sTudenT memories of campus life aT Alabama. Coming To The Capsfone in l9l8, Dr. George Lang sTarTed building his repuTaTion aT The UniversiTy as head of The Philosophy deparTmenT. ' His classes have come To be more Than iusT anoTher lecTure. Dr. Lang puncTuaTes his discussions vviTh his amusing sTories as vvell as his ovvn philosophy. His informalify has vvon him boTh The friendship and respecT of The sTudenTs. ln i939 Dr. Lang became The sixTh man in 25 years To be awarded The DisTinguished Service Key by Gmicron DelTa Kappa, na- Tional honorary leadership fraTerniTy for meh, of which he is a member. Numerous oTher honorary groups claim him as a member such as Phi BeTa Kappa, Pi Gamma Mu, Alpha Mu Pho and Epsilon Pi. He holds an honorary Docfor of Law degree from The UniversiTy of Alabama and an honorary DocTor of LiTera- Ture degree. Dr. Jack lVlonTgomery came To The Cap- sTone in l9ll as professor of organic chemisTry. His work as advisor To chemisTry and pre-medical sTudenTs has broughf him inTo personal conTacT vviTh The sTudenT body, a conTacT marked by helpfulness and friend- liness. ln his field Dr, Monfgomery has received ouTsTanding recognifion for his abilify. He is a member of The American lnsTiTuTe of Chemisfs and The American Chemical SocieTy. He is an acTive conTribuTor To several pro- fessional publicafions. Dr. lvlonfgomery holds membership in Phi Befa Kappa, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Gmicron DelTa Kappa, Phi BeTa Pi and Phi ETa Sigma. He received his docToraTe degree from The Universify of Virginia in l903. IT is To These men . . . Dr. George Lang and Dr. .lack lvlonfgomery , . . vvho have conTribuTed so much in abiliTy and service To Alabama campus life ThaT vve dedicafe This, The i947 Corolla. Their devoTion To The UniversiTy and Their willingness To serve The sTudenT body have reserved for Them a high posiTion in The esTeem of faculTy, sTudenTs and cirizens Throughouf The sTaTe. A .1-., g -,. " K .,-M. ,fa 4.5- LA: l '.. 1 1 , L .....h.- ......, I' I 5 . , , and pw. r L V ou qv. f A 2: ff? , ,VP E pun: .iw 3 F. .U 2 Q f 1 -an U a i i- ,.,, ',,'t fsrrsg me Qs' . naw, fi-414 , Lg f ,..,.,., Q ...P . .... -L ' 1 NL 1 ' 1 5 1 ' F , . ,A 1. '- 1 ... ...vm ,f. -a'-'vw 1 ' ar.. :ing fl!-fi? vm Wg Q. '5 'mf V "' 'U "if" Iwi ' :4L-- 'AAL ' -' ff Q . f-ca. 'f' .tw 91:0 "' 'sz w M I il, 9 .55 t A, W '-M5 if-rf' 5- , ez'-iv M1 'My 4"f- -mae, -"H V' 1' "fic K,-2' '51 Mi, A 'S , 4 . vg-,. fi W "W 2:9 i if 1' -mm -- - itqwlr. fp- - Qi ' ' .iff Ht. . ', 2' 'H :,'.1ff ' 'iy '12 5- -- VM Q. ' Q 4-f 1 k 1 w 1 - ' A ' .,.. . if u X N , M- ., -W .sy . ' -:.:i8-...- Af, x X 1' I w ,,...--,,. . ,... 4.,.,...-,, ,.,.....--...iw 1 fi -41-. ...--. Q.. U w nf .wW,.,..... vnu a an nam, um www -V -me .V -Q ... ml um . .- mv A .b E ,um . fn -aan can awww M .M M -M-, vs we , .NJ 27 Y M. fn ' -qi, 4 ,, fn' . .I 1 1 , , 7 ff f i? Wgwig'-?jfii ' v '05-""""-1. "' 17 Ah. 5 Q .1 0 X . i:,,,.,x.7., 4 ' gp, ..,..,: K at , FIFA, e . fe- , 1,15 'Q f , A ,f f w, 455, ' 5-'ff Y-J. WAV' , .4 iff-L21 aaffxw: , f .. - vp, '14 N , f..fLF QS V C5 375 .V -V 53- , , 3,53 X: ggpv- g W , -,, ,l ,Q ,"W2g1.-ff. I fqgifa 'S 1 f-1'-'E 1 ' J QS ff z W- 7. J, 1- . , . ,54-:gf 4, ,Q Q1 2 , 51, , 7-,agp ,iff 1 f- ' 1' " J f',fv'1fE pri? 4 1.1-1,.7 1 :-4 M. A ' w s Q .. 5" ' ,gi . 1.212 f , 555.3 . f I ,gains f V V M25 1-pZ"'w La-,Q.s'5+ 'f . C 5 5 . 0 , 'iii-'Q :..Q,,,. 4? QWA35? Sa V :H-LQ 5 2' mwik ffl? i A 4 ' . W. , 'X , X I - 3 .M-xx . . . A., -. --.,. , , Wx xy' NX N- 'S -rf xv xi- 'X h x 'N X N Qgwqk iv xlxxfsx 'SX 8 X 1 ig 3 -- . 1"fJi'S 115' Q.,- ,Nm 'va' J f 7ke W GOVER CRS Governor' Chauncey Spar ks ends A A ed his term at attrce this year as Alabarnas Chief exefutryci-, prrwyirtg Continuously hrs sirtayrsv rntr,-rijvst in the states educational systvrn, Srin- Ceeding Sparks in thu aavifrrtrTti's mansion was Cullrnans Jarnrqs E, Big Jirn Folsom who has undr-rr taken with xigor' to cwprirtci thu ry-ri ucatianal serxrcos at Alahcirna Friendly' Governor' iwrisrtrrr hrtici the Center at attentran in tlrrf s rr rnfg i when the Unixrersrty Kei-yhrateii rt: ' iir'ST postwar "GOxQr'rtCr S Dag ' The student body takes pride rn the interest and canscrorttraus ffttiirrrs these ieaders have made to-r.-i.cir'd progress in the states ig-rgtuicitrryrrcii opportunities. CARD TRU TEE The Board ot Trustees is Composed ot distinguished alumni trorn the Capstone and prominent citizens ot the state, They are chosen from Alabamas nine districts and act in an advisory capacity on University policy, 419 DR. GEORGE H. DENNY Chgncellor of the Universify of AlC1bC1I'T1C1 DR. DENN Dr. George H. Denny, Choncellor of The UniversiTy, is one of Twe CopsTone's mosT odmired edu- coTors. Becoming presidenT oT'The UniversiTy in i9l2, Dr, Denny broughT wiTh him plons ond idecrs oT progress Tor The CopsTone. His odminisTroTion broughT To him widespreod occloim from boTh sTu- denTs ond ciTizens ThroughoUT The sToiTe. Now living in his noTive sToTe oT Virginio, Choncellor Denny reTurns TrequenTly To The CopsTone. During The Homecoming celebroTion This yeor, his visiT wos morked loy o speciol recorded C1dClVSSS To The sTudenT pep rolly Trom Birminghom. The record oT his speech wos given To The UniversiTy. Chdncellor "Mike" Denny, who knew The UniversiTy when iT hod less Thom l,OOO sTudenTs, hos helped iT grow To iTs presenT-doy mogniTude Through his leodership ond odminisTroTive obiliTy. Den- ny SToidium ond Denny Chimes sTond os oppreciorions Tor his conTribuTions. I I R .M ii . . , 1 'H K ' +v :' r: V- ,"ff 'v',,,f'1 - 'y . 'p1qvl,5,1v . . A -, M , M Q'..N.- 'N .I 1" , 4' wi? J" . '.i"" 1 ' I M -,. lx 1- 1 444- ' ,ef " fin' , .ff A' r 'K If 1 'L' -i"I " if - ,, ' . N Tx gk: 1-'xglff -- pq 'ar n . "1 Q' 4 ' 65H'1l'1 9' N X In 0 .Q KW' Qui. X H H N me v . vin 9 . 9 ln lk 1 3 29? NN HIME i 3 E lf fr L m.wmmmw,m:w,-x-w- ,MW M. 5-. .Y , mfrmf- ...- - M,N.,1:w.w :W 1 Y -Ky fnwfnfv, .. -fm. fy ww-Qfammuww W-wfm ..1 . 'w-4,,-wvmmmvnmzw-wfwvpw .1NL:1m0zfv-Mmvlnmgmzwmm ng n A , ACTING PRESIDENT RALPH ADAMS RALPH M V Roilph Adoims' olscendonce To inTerim presidenT of The UniversiTy morks The climox of on rise from sTudenT To presidem' of his Almo Mo1Ter. He begon his UniversiTy coreer by enrolling in The School of Commerce ond Business AdminisTroTion in 1922-Wiih The purpose of becoming o bonker. ATTer groduofion, Mr. Adoms worked in The Treosurer's office unTil Dr. George Denny mode him execuTive secreTory. He Then become Deon of Admissions ond Deon of AdminisTroiTion. He hos won The c1dmiroiTion of The sTudenT body in These posiTions. A member of Phi ETo Sigmoi ond Phi BeTo Koppo, Rcilph Adoms opened his inTerim c1dminisTro- Tion by re-emphosizing his inTeresT in sTudenT problems. ' rf DR. TY Dr. Rciymond Ross PoTy resigned os presi- denT To become Choncellor of The UniversiTy sysTem of Georgio oTTer compleTing Tour yeors of service To The UniversiTy. Dr. PoTy's odminisTroTion wos morked by expoinsion. Toking over The presidency during The vvor yeors, he eTTecTively hondled The problems of increosed enrollmenT, lock of housing Tcicili- Ties ond oTher WorTime diTTiculTies. WILLIAM ADAMS DR. JAMES B. MCMILLIAN coLoNEL HODNETTE WILLIAM ADAMS Dean of AdminisTraTion William "Billy" Adams became Dean of Admin- isTraTion This year vviTh The elevaTion ol Ralph Adams To PresidenT ol The UniversiTy. In The Tall he served as Dean of Admissions. Mr. Adams, an Alabama graduaTe, ioined The TaculTy as an as- sisTanT maThemaTics professor. COLONEL HODNETTE Colonel Pierce I-lodneTTe direcTs The educaTional program on The NorThingTon campus as AssisTanT To The PresidenT. A reTired Army colonel, he was in charge of Alabama's ROTC uniT lasT year. VViTh The beginning oT classes aT NorThingTon This year, Colonel I'lodneTTe has handled The supervision and adminisTraTion of boTh The educaTional and hous- ing programs Tor The men living in ThaT area. DR. JAMES B. MCMILLIAN Dr. James B. Mclvlillian acTs as DirecTor of ln- sTrucTion lor The sTudenTs on The IXlorThingTon cam- pus. Through his eTTorTs The program of classes There has been handled eTTecTively and eTTicienTly. l-le also is DirecTor of The UniversiTy Press vvhich began publicaTion lasT year. Dr. Mclvlillian was ProTessor of Business English on The School of Com- merce TaculTy previously. ' MU. I A ' 2 - ' , vf ,A K :V 1 -"',-, ' . 'I n,Z Vg-,'.,. ,,, ' ' ,QH:,,,fp3X2f7 H-f , 4 ' M, ,, as M .firm AFSWF' N' 4 C94 O ,. ' ' M, A X' ,,,,,,.,,,,..,.- ,.1'...,..,,.,-,'- "f" ,. "J1-'-'3 -" "' - ' " n ' K ,, . 1:11 ln: HOO COMMERCE SC IBRARY QT 7 Ar! , 2 .I ..,r,.. ,- K' , A . V . gi, .J C7 t A -1? J. ,4 nip' A Cv .... F xg ft-I A 1 N. .L A , ' A 4, 1' Y 1 1' , . ex? 4 L: I M ' 5. ,, '- --1,1-3-'A . . " ' . ' ,Q "bfi:-'gr' 5 'P 'Z - . 'L .' ?2gk , V. , . H . . - 2 VY,,:f.5 , Us x A 'I .1 - - T, I qi NV M wi.. ' 1. ' ' ' .N 'Z ff '+g"'.'.,'... K 1 -A f ,Q . '5'T -35? 1' A u i',f-?-7. 1. Q , ' -' Q-3f34-'VS-' .. xx , W NK... 'X:':. .Ng --U. WW swvs-A-:. 3, J M. G O RG AS H GM E PRESIDENTS MANSIO DEA HE DRIX X.. When iT comes To ocTiviTies ouiside of The clossroom, Deon Noble Hendrix is The mon who co- ordinoTes Them. He hos os his job working wiTh The TroTerniTies, sororiTies ond sTudenT groups os well os providing housing for single men ond morried couples. He become Deon of STudenTs oT The UniversiTy in l943. Previously he wos wiTh Woodlown High School in Birminghom. A D HIS ASSISTANTS . .. HENRY J. SIKIR H. H. MITCHELL AssisTc1nT To The Deon AssisToinT To The Deon Henry J. Silcir is one of Deon Hendrix's Two H. H. Mifchell, os AssisTonT To The Deon, is Di- righT-hond men. He serves os AssisTonT To The recTor of The men's dormiTories ond oT sTudenT Deon of STudenTs ond is DirecTor of The Alo- orgonizoTions. He olso is The mon who keeps bomo Union Building. The UniversiTy colendor. DEAN BERRY DEAN IONA B. BERRY Deoin of Women Serving her TirsT yecir os Deon of Women c1T The UniversiTy, Mrs. lono B. Berry hos exhibiTed c1olminisToTive obiliTy ond ThoughTTulness Tor The problems oT Women sTuolenTs. Mrs. Berry, working vviTh The Women's STu- olenT GovernmenT AssocioTion, hos been responsible Tor donces being open on ci Triol bosis, picnics becom- ing less resTricTeol cinol on c1menolmenT To The WSGA consTiTuTion removing compulsory voTing being oTTered onol cipprovecl by The women sTuclenTs. Deon Berry, ci nciTive oT Arkonsos, come To The UniversiTy oiTTer serving os Deon oT Women Tor Tour yeors GT SouThWesTern Normcil in Louisicino. She hos olso held c1dminisTroTive po- siTions oT Columbio UniversiTy, Ariz., ond New Yorlc Meclicol College. I-ler To1iTh in The sTuclenTc1nd her un- clersTonding hos mode The Deon oT Women o Tc1voriTe omong boTh men cincl women sTuclenTs. THE DEAN F WOME ASSISTANTS Working vviTh Deon long B. Berry os AssisToinT Deoins ore Mrs. Sue Gun- Ter ond Mrs. Jennie Morris Hovvorol lon leove oT oibsence unTil Junel. Mrs. Bessie L. I-loyden serves cis Counsellor To Women onol Mrs. Arrioi McGinnis is DirecTor oT Housing. These oissis- TcinTs oiiol women sTuolenTs in cioliusTing Their problems of college liTe. f -619: h H.g,i,W.H ,qw A ES HALL 4 E, MISTRY B UILDI :L CCLGNIAL PLACE .Ing ' dvi 1-g, 5. Q- 3 "--. "." TWILER HA ' X z .-R'-+gS 1. x X X I I f WILLIAM PICKENS ROBERT TIDWELL Comptroller Deon of Extensions Williom Piclcens os comptroller tor the Uni- Deon Roloert Tidvvell, heod ot the Extension versity is the mon who directs the budgeting ond Division, extends the services of the University occounting tor the odministrcttion ot the Cop- to the stote Through correspondence courses, o stone. His work requires plonning ond diligence speol4er's bureou ond other oids. He hos been which he hos exhibited outstondingly. ot the Copstone tor I7 yeors. CLIFTON H. PENICK SHALER HOUSER Commissioner of Londs Treoisurer and Bursoir As University ottorney, secretory tothe Boord The mon vvho sees thot the University is ol- ot Trustees, ond Commissioner ot Londs, Clitton woys in the block is Sholer Houser, Treoisurer H. Peniclc is completing his seventh yeor ot serv- ond Bursor. Mr. Houser olso serves os cz pro- ige tg the Cgpgtgrie, IGSSOI' lI'1 GVIQIDGSTIDQ. ,, 4, aa-...M THE BOYLANS AudiTors Mr. ond Mrs. Louis D. Boylon, Two of The mosT populcir occupoinTs OT The Third Tloor Union Building, ore The copoble Teom which works To keep The books of TrgTerniTies, sororiTies, sTudenT publicoTions ond oTher sTudenT orgonizdTions in or- der. As oudiTors Tor The UniversiTy, The Boylcins ore consToinTly colled upon by The leoiders oT sTudenT groups To keep' Their Tinonces sTroighT. Their Triendliness ond helpfulness moikes Them indispenso- ble To The sTudenT body. CLINTON E. WILLIAMS DirecTor of Summer School CompleTing his TourTh yedr os DirecTor of Summer School, ClinTon E. Willioms hos combined ToresighT ond diligence To solve The problems of The UniversiTy's lorgesT summer enrollmenTs. l-le come To The Uni- versiTy in i943 ciTTer hoving served os principol of Goidsden CiTy Schools Tor Three yeors ond in oTher educoTionol posiTions ThroughouT The sToTe. W. STANLEY HOOLE DirecTor of Librciries In his oTTice c1T The cenTer of The Quadrangle in The Amelici Gorges Librory, W, STonley l-loole direcTs oll The librories on The compus. Coming To The UniversiTy in l944, he hols vvriTTen severcil books, one of which hos been published by The UniversiTy Press. Mr. l-loole received his AB oT WoTTcrd ond his PhD Trom Duke UniversiTy. FRED MAXWELL ConsulTing Engineer Consuhing Engineer for The Uni- versiTy, Fred Moxvvell is in chorge of The UniversiTy's building expon- sion. He helped To obToin NorTh- ingTon Trom The governmeni' Tor sTu- denTs. Mr. lvloixwell oilso supervises The consTrucTion of The new domi- Tories ond cciTeTerio which ore be- ing builT. l-lis iob is on especiolly significom' wiTh The UniversiTy plon- riing greoTer progrcims of expon- sion. 'N N E ARTS BUILD ING FRATERNITY ROW R. Kracke Ma icing of 6 A DEAN ROY R. KRACKE Roy R. Krocke, noTed poThologisT, serves os deon oT The UniversiTy's lvledicol School. l-le is o groduoTe of The Copstone ond The UniversiTy of Chicogo. Deon Krocke is recognized in The DirecTory of Americoin Medi- col SpeciolisTs ond Who's Who in America. MEDICAL SCHOOL LocoTed in Birminghom, Alobomds ivledicol College wos moved from The UniversiTy compus in T943 by on un- onimous voTe of The legislcture op- proving Tunds Tor The building of The new school. Jefferson ond Hillman Hospitols hove been Tronsferred To The ivleclicol School Tor Teoching pur- poses. The Medicol College wos esToblished in Mobile in T859 The school wos closed during The Wor BeTvveen The SToTes ond reorgonized in l897. IT moved To The UniversiTy compus in l92O. DormiTories, ci book sTore ond o cofeterio ore moinToined by The Medi- col School in Birminghom Tor The sTudenTs. St d T L b t y T hniciclns Performing u Blood Chemistry Phil Lightfoot WcTches An Expert Taking Blood Pressure Forum On The STeps . . . SCHCDOL F L W AccrediTed by boTh The Americon Bor Lovv School AssocioTion ond The AssocioTion of Americon Lovv Schools, The UniversiTy's Lovv School begon operoTion in i872 To Troin sTudenTs Tor The legol profession. The bcirrisfers, once locoTed on The Top Tloor of lvlorgon Holl, novv ore siTuc1Ted in Their own Forroh Holl. The building is nomed from AlberT J. Forroh, deon from l9l2 To 1927, who gove gredf impeTus To The school's grovvTh by his clevoTion ond diligence. Furnishing The Tools Tor The procTice lovvyer, The Low Librory hos over i9,000 volumes ond is ever increosing iTs number of books. Deon Williom Hepburn hos served cis deon of The Low School since i9-44. He hos been o member of The ToculTy since l93O. Deon Hepburn is o groduoTe of Horvord Low School ond hos sTudied oT lndiono, Yole ond The Sorbonne in Fronce. He is well lcnovvn for his work in The field of lobor relotions ond vvos o member OT The Wor Lobor Boord during The wor. William M. Hep School of Lciwg Quorum in The Library SCH00 DEAN MARTIN TEN HOOR Coming To Twe Universify in 1944, Deon Morfin Ten I-loor hos given To The School of ArTs ond Sciences o progressive progrom of on increasing vo- rieTy of courses. Deon Ten Hoor wos born in Hollond ond hos on educofionol hock- ground of 30 yeors Teoching experience in midwesTern Uni- versifies. He held The posifion of deon of The College of ArTs ond Sciences of Tulone before coming To The CopsTone. The Arfs ond Sciences School vviTh heodquorfers in lvlorgon l-loll is The lorgesT on The compus. Offering o greof voriefy of subiecfs for moior work, iT olso hos music, rodio, orT, speech ond iournol- ism deporfmenfs vviTh moior courses. In The model rodio sToTion, BRN, one of The few in The SouTh, rodio moiors hove opporTuniTy To goin experience in mony differenf fields of rodio work. The Jour- nolism deporTmenT received on occredifed rofing This yeor for ITS progrom. The hisfory of The Universify is procTicolly The hisTory of The ArTs ond Sciences School. Founded in T831 The some yeor The CopsTone vvos opened for sTudenTs, The school ossumed iTs presenf nome in i905 when The Universify vvos reorgoized. IT is o liberol orfs school offering preporoTory courses for low ond medicine os well os more generol suloiecfs designed To give The sTudenT o solid foundofion for consTrucTive Thinking. The c1rTisTs of work . . . The lcibmcn demonstrates L ARTS an SCIENC DR. G. BURKE JOHNSTON Assisto nt Deon Dr. Johnston ossurned his duties os Assistont to the Deon of the School of Arts ond Sciences this yeor. His iob is centered oround personnel contoct vvith the stu- dents of the A85 school in on odvisory copocity. Dr. Johnston ottended Columbia University from which he received his Moster's ond Doctor's degrees. He ioined the University fciculty in i935 serving os on Associcite Professor of English in Arts ond Sciences before his op- pointment os Assistont Deon. Student forums being broadcast . . . JOHN LUSKIN lvlr. Luskin combines infor- rnolity ond orgurnent to per- sudde his Journalism students to seek out focts. DR. GEORGE LANG Dr. Long's philosophy is not confined to his closses oilone cousing students to seek his odvice ond counsel, HUDSON STRODE Mr. Strode hos goined much recognition for his Creo- tive Writing closses which hcive produced outstoinding re- sults. Deon Willis Lee Bidgood School of Commerce DEAN BIDGOOD Deon Lee Bidgood come To The UniversiTy in l9l3 os ci professor of economics. A groduoTe of The Uni- versiTy of Virginio, he ToughT oT The UniversiTy of Wisconsin before com- ing To The CopsTone. l-le hos served os deon of The School of Commerce since iTs founding. SCHOOL 01 COMMERCE As The resulT of o survey on educc1Tion in Alobomci by The Federol Bureciu of Educofion, The School of Commerce ond Business AdminisTroiTion wos orgcinized in l9l9, beginning operoTion The nexT yeor, Deon Lee Bidgood hos heoded The school since iTs founding. Under his guidonce, iT hos moinToined membership in The Americcin AssocioTion of Collegi- oTe Schools of Business since W29. IT hos been occrediTed under The occounT- oncy lows of New York ond New Jersey, The Two sToTes which esTc1blish lisTs of op- proved schools for The C. P. A. exomino- Tions. In l93O The Bureou of Business Re- seorch wos esToblished coordinoTing dofo which The school had been collecT- ing since iTs founding ond engoiging in furTher business reseorch. For iTs excel- lenT progrom of sTudy ond sound plon- ning, The School of Commerce hos goined o wide repuToTion. ! Fufure Secrefories, Ummmm . . . Mere Mufier of 'rifhmefic . SCHCDCL ca GI EERI Hoving o history which dotes to the eorly oloys of l832, the School of Engineering got undervvoy in i882 with tour students os its en- rollment. Todoy it ronks third in size ornong schools on the compus ond offers courses ronging from chemicol to oeronouticol engineer- ing, from mechonicol to electricol engineering. The school is roted os one of the best engineering schools in the south, being occredited by the Uni- versity ot the Stote of New York ond by the Secretory of Wor. Engineers hove o field doy every spring when their St. Pot's celebro- tion rolls oround. Besides ci doy of te-stivity, it is the otticiol time of topping lor the engineering honor- ories. G Future plane builders at work . . . Victims of drafting DEAN CUDWORTH Deon Jomes R. Cudvvorth is finishing his tirst yeor os heod ot the Engineering School. A groduote ot Mossochusetts ln- stitute ot Technology ond Hor- vord, Deon Cudworth come to the Copstone in l923. SCHCDCDL H EM ISTRY VViTh Deon STeWorT J. Lloyd oT iTs helm, The School of ChemisTry, lVleTollurgy ond Ceromics, one of The UniversiTy's youngesT, Woqs esToblished in l929. lT's cirriculum in- cludes courses in medicol Technology ond bocTeriology os Well os preporofory courses Tor degrees in chemisTry, rneTol- lurgy ond ceromics. The Ceromics Deporff- menT is The only one ol iTs kind in Alobomo ond one of The very few in The SouTh. The hisTory of The school doTes To l83l, iT being on division of The ATTS ond Sciences School. Cookin' Up u LiTTle Poison DEAN LLOYD Deon Lloyd hos sTudied oT ToronTo, McGill ond Chicogo. I-le come To The CopsTone in 1909 os odiuncT professor of chemisTry ond rnerollurgy. He wos mode Tull proTessor of chernicol engineering in Wil. Thor' She Blows ! ! ! ! DEAN AGNES ELLEN HARRIS Dean Agnes Ellen Harris is one of The campus's besT lcnovvn personaliTies as well as a leading figure in Home Econ- omics in The souTh. She has been dean of The School of Home Economics since iTs founding in i927 and much of The crediT for The school's conTinuing prog- ress resTs wiTh her. Dean Harris has a greaT inTeresT in civic and culTural affairs which has broughf her wide recognifion. Formerly Dean of Women aT The Capsfone, she has served as presidenT of The NaTional AssociaTion of Deans of Wonwen. She is a former presidenf of The Alabama Di- vision of The American AssocioTion of Universiiy Wonwen and of The Alabama Home Economics Associafion. A graduaTe of Georgia's Women's College, Dean Harris has also sTudied aT Columbia UniversiTy. The School of Home Economics cur- riculum is designed To Train women sTu- denTs in The arf of home making as well as To prepare Them for The Home Econ- omics field. The InsTiTuTional Manage- menT course is approved by The Ameri- can DieTeTics Associafion for The Training of dieTiTians. Preparafory courses for in- Terior decoraTing are also offered. T f rs -"r' ' I T I T T ils 4 'QU - 1 ik 'pi gg' 1 H 'pi 9 ,P-Jn T 1 i 1 . li i ik i ...fri fl? X i 1. Q-,I ll 1 pf ,T ,Q-nmflii, , ,i Tl T 2 L ll M 41 1 ik 1 i Isl l if l T 4 H l Q ...-- T in A' Dean Agnes Ellen Harris School of Home Economics H0 CO CS Designs Especially for Alabama . . . Learning To Handle ci Bobbin . W.-.K-fw-1:-mwfezwe Ta .1 '3T is ',i SCHOOL EDLICATIO P T g The Prclcfice School . . . 'l'Warm'ing Up" in The "SpiTloclll" league DEAN JOHN R. MCLURE Deon John R. McLure is comple-Ting his fiffh yeor os Deon of EducoTion. Previ- ously, he held The posiTions of heod of The DeporTmenT of School AdminisTro- Tion, DirecTor of The Summer School ond DirecTor of The Bureou of EducoTionoI Reseorch. Offering fuTure Teochers ocTuol ex- perience Through iTs procTice Teoching courses, The College of EducoTion is chorged vviTh The Troining of insTrucTors, superinTendenTs ond principolls for The field of educoTion. Becoming in i909 The presenT School of EducoTion, iT vvos mode ci porT of The UniversiTy in i844 os The Normol DeporTmenT, giving The firsT Teocher's Troining offered in The SouTh. The school locofed in Groves Holl since i929 is Alobomds oldesT profes- sionol school. GroduoTes holding Cl de- gree in EducoTion ore enTiTled To cerTifi- coTes To The SToTe Bocird of EducoTion. GR duate Chemist Takes o Test 4, -.- .. """"'W""' DLIATE SCHOCL DEAN MOORE Deon Moore come To The University in i923 cis on osso- ciote professor of History. When The Grciduote School wois founded in i925, he vvos ncimed its director. A groduote of Auburn ond The University of Chiccigo, Deon Moore previ- ously Tought ot lovvo SToTe College. Under The direction of Deon Albert J. Moore, Aldbomoi's Groduote School is designed for Those who wish To complete work for ci Mc1sTer's degree ond for Those who Wish further opportunity for resecirch ond more Thorough investigotions of speciolized fields. The work offered here is recognized Throughtout The country with students coming from cill regions To continue Their study. The foculty of The Groduote School is composed of ony member of The University fciculty who Teciches groducite courses. Writing a Thesis is No Small Matter ' -Gv -A I x pg, . f,-uw: 1? 'Q ' X . . . 1' .f Q, If , , -5553 " 5 ' Lf" .'.' N if 17 K If In X - . ' 1-4- an -1 .sip JH J' gr .---v 9 nos L 3' 74 ,ff t , . ,, .I Y,-N 4 N.. J 1 , .. 'Q w I A -. --fl! ' I y J i LA - ",,'- . Q ' Q w ' -f ' .J W 1- - "I Y ' 'f'4YE1'z45 . " .N-Q: ' -15 gig' ' In Vg ,y A Ap. We A' ' p,f,,5.,r'2' W - had UVV DLD n YY? ' , s ......g.. OFFICERS JOHN A. REYNOLDS .... President GRIFFIN SIKES .... Vice-President RICHARD GIBSON . . Secretctry-Treasurer SCHOOL REPRESENTATIVES PAT LANGLEY ...... Education WILL G. CAFFEY . ,... Lcivv .IANIE LITTLE . . Home Economics BILL MURPHY . . , . Engineering AVERY ANDERSON ..., Chemistry MARY ELLEN MATTHEWS , Arts cmd Sciences LAURA ELLIS VVIGOINS . President, W.S.G.A. DORIS REAMS . . Vice-President, W,S.G.A. Student President John A. Reynolds. Simfemf GOVER Student policies and plans resulted from gatherings like these. mmwm,f.,: .,-- Q , ff:i'f,,-i.,-:-:-:- .-,f 2 W.,--f,:. -rv - .1 , fm: ,W ,-.,, , l ,, I. l it Q, i l l l i i I' , Gi y yy. i, Prexy Reynolds talks it over with the Student Government Association. 1 It's no ioke, son-S.G.A. really went old-fashion this year to the tune of a Bama Barbecue to introduce politicos for next year to the student body. On April first the Quadrangle was the scene of the slickest slick talk, plenty of entertainment, loads of handshaking, and best of all BARBECUE for the entire student body- who got a rare relief from afternoon classes, thanks to S.G.A. influence. And to top the day of glory off, Tony Pastor gave forth with some of his celebrated music for a big dance that night in Foster-all for free. Headed by an ex-Marine and law school iunior, John A. Reynolds, Student Government, marked another milestone toward solving the recreation problem by converting the second floor of the Union Building into a funsters' paradise. And what a place! Dancing on the porch, pingpong tables, tables for bridge and checkers, reading rooms, and a iuke box to provide the music for relaxation. S.G.A. had its eye on the future with two other major activities summed up in two amendments to the constitution voted on in the Spring elections. One converted the old Student Senate into the President's Council which went to work on the honor system. The other provided for the officers of the iunior class to form a prom committee to workout plans for a Junior Prom next year to be sponsored by theiiunior class. S.G.A. has marked i947 with one big step ,forward in developing a community feeling at the Capstone. Page 45 Wcamenl TLID GO ER OFFICERS LAURA ELLIS WIGGINS . , . . DORIS REAIVIS ANN MARTIN BOARD OF DIRECTORS BETTY JANE I-IARGETT .....,.. Junior ANN SHAW . . . , Sophomore PEGGY MYER , . . . Freshman SARAH NEVVSOM I . . Non-Sorority DORIS ANNE SHAMBLIN . . . Sorority JOY PEARSON , . . . Tovvn Women's Student Government Association President Laura EIIis Wiggins. MARILYN . . -I-VOVISIGI' These are the outstanding campus women who comprise the vaunted Mortar Board. . President Vice-President . Secretary Representative Representative Representative Representative Representative Representative Representative Ummaizm ? it -Q s..! 1' Dean Berry, Laura Wiggins, Doris Reems Clute, Ann Martin hold a session With a "Mrs." at its helm for the first time in many a moon, W.S.G.A., under blonde Laura Ellis Wiggiits, set its mark for '47 on improving and making more interesting those weather forecasts known in more dignified language as convocations. Making the trek to Foster at 5 o'cIock on scheduled meeting days, women students found Mrs. Mark Ethridge telling in her humorous way about her difficulties in writing novels with "roommate" Mark and children to keep cn a harmonious plane. Dr. Constance Warren, President Emeritus of Sarah Lawrence College, added the final touches to the convocation series under this year's administration. Spring elections came around in March and the reins were turned over to a new group to continue the progress. The Women's Presidents Council is pictured at one of its many meetings to determine organizations' policy. 7h COR IQ4 Pictures, pictures, pictures-until they oll look olike. The pound, pound, pound of the typevvriters until they rivol Mr. Porter's beot, loecit, beot of the tomtoms. Thot's the Corollo editoricil stoff's generol routine with Editor Jimmie Moore directing the show ond Bulobett, Henry, ond Gossett ossisting. When the weoither begon to turn cold the Corollo office begon to overflow with pictures-to loe checked, to be filed, to be pulled. People, people, people-in the flesh ond on the tobloid. The first of the yeor gove ci stronge impetus to the decidlines thot kept them rolling ciround in ci steody streom. And Spring sow the book beginning to toke recil shcipe. Plenty of vvork- but lots of fun, thot's whot Corollo life is mode of. Corolla Editor James Moore. EDITORIAL STAFF Sister Lovell, Xon Lollor, Mory Mopes, Ann Mclnnis, .lecin ASSISTANT EDWQRS, Dgrgthy Gcggettl Samir Henry Rey- Pierce, Sister King, Bill Groy, Phillip DeVore, Hillord Whit- nolds, Vic Bubbett. lock, Morion Stonfield, Goodloe Rutlond, Joe Schoel, .lunius Smith. PHOTOGRAPHY: Michoel Longdon, Fronk Schimenti, Bill McDonald, Bill Stephens, Yotemori King, Michoel Eric, Ted PSl'l4lI'1S, .lOl1l't l:CIbel', lVlCll'Ii'ill'lQ SOlOl't. Sarah Henry Reynolds delivers the Corolla-atlcist! STAFF: Lenord Dempsey, Grontlond Rice, Mory Scott, Pot Bronnon, Teri Beck, Mory Ellen Blockvvood, Hope Whiteside, Bololoy Bcirth, Fronk Phillips, Toppon Green, Louis Stubbs, Roy Tolbert, Jcme Reid, Corolyn Hovvcird, Mory Louello Foley, Spencer Hicks, Mock Hcivvorth, Elizobeth Joudon, Motion Joudon, Ann Cory Lee, Pot Lightfoot, Sydney Bernstein, 1 MTN' in-U Vic Bubbett, Sarah Reynolds und Dot Gossett discuss editorial material and pass it on to the staff. Iii LL CZLZZCQ Stacking up the money, piling up the acls, planning the Corolla Beauty Ball-those were iust some of the major worries that kept Business Manager Paul Brock and his assistants, Brarnlett ancl Macauley spending sleepless nights this year to produce the I947 Corolla, Beating the streets to the tune of "Buy an acl today," the business staff spent the fall clreanting up publicity tor the presentation of the Bama Beauties to the stuclent body on the side. Alabama Cavaliers, entertainment, clecorations- the show was mainly uncler the guiding hand of Brock. Vtlhen peace and calm returned again to the Union Building office there still remained-ntore acts cincl more acls! That's the life of the business staff, And what cr life! jg P Business Manager Paul Brock at work. BUSINESS STAFF PAUL BROCK r..c... Business Manager GEORGE BRAMLETT . . Assistant Business Manager HUGH MACAULEY . , Assistant Business Manager GENERAL STAFF LL, Doris Ann Shamblin ai' work. iiieififii 4 E Qes2232212axs,24':Mxm:::.,1 :-:.rz1::v.' Imhii I LEONARD WEIL, CECIL STUBBS, ROBIN SWIFT, COLE- MAN INGE, SONNY KING, ANNE LUTZ, JANET DARLING, LOUISE HARRIS, HATTIE FLOURNOY, PAUL PAGE, ELAINE PIERCE, GEORGE SUMMERVILLE. Hugh Macaulay and George Bramlett outline the work and pass if on. Crimson and White Editor Jane Freref Williams. BeaTs, siories, re-wriTes, headlines-ThaT's The usual rouTine ThaT The inhabiTanTs of The C-VV office go Through each week in The process of Turning ouT Tuesday's ediTion of The Crimson-WhiTe each week. IT sounds very calm, buT ThaT's ignoring The rushes To The ever-loving Greyhound each week To geT The copy To Birmingham To be seT up in prinT. ThaT's excluding The rush, rush, rush To finish a lasT minuTe sTory To geT iT on iTs way. ThaT's overlooking The in- opporTune momenTs news seems To break. IT all ThaT rushing isn'T enough To keep The ediTorial sTaTT on Their Toes, consider ThaT This year's sTaTT produced The TirsT exTra The CapsTane has had in quiTe a Tew years and broke anoTher record by producing Tor The firsT Time in Bama hisiory Two papers on The same day. o ClrcuIaT n Manager Clark Liles and his sfaff. Botfom-Managing Editor Mary Huffaker and The reporters. EDITORIAL STAFF EdiTor MARY HUFFAKER Managing EdiTor CHERI CHANDLER News EdiTor MARY WILLIAMS VVomen's EcliTor l JANE FRERET wlLLiAMs GENERAL STAFF Wood. Jesse Ayres, Bill BaTes, Al Bender, Dick Chapin, Nellie Cobb, Harry Cook, Sunny Dresner, Jerry Donovan, Joe Duke, Jane Faulkner, Dick F u l T o n , Cal Goldberg, C h a r I e s Harbin, DoroThy Harris, Joe Harrison, Sylvia HarT, Lawrence HarTman, Judy Holley, H. C. Howard, Jeanne Hudgins, Jack HulIeTT, Barbara HunnicuTT, David Je n ki n s, Glenda Jones, Charles McBurney, Corwin McPherson, KaTherine MeTz- ger, Bill Mickle, Hank Miller, Henry Nichols, D u d I e y O'Neal, Jean Pierce, Nadine PiTTs, Ed Price, Marcia Sabel, Joe Shipp, Phil Sokol, Mike STeTelman, MiITon Thomas, Jr., James Waldrop, Jim l' The business staff of the Crimson-White have the job of keeping the C-W in the black-financially, that is. They are the fellows and gals who trod the sidewalks, keep the telephone wires busy and other- wise till the inside pages with their 40 per cent of advertising. "Money" to keep the paper going is their business. Business Manager Carl Morring is the head man who pulls the strings to keep the C-W finances on the up and up, while Curtis Springer as Advertising Manager, assisted by Gene Glover, handles the staff that keeps the ads pouring in. .X 4. , 157304106 an A ' -QWW12: gfvfjfiiffgjxf ' Business Manager Carl A. Morring. BUSINESS STAFF CARL MORRING . . Business Manager CURTIS SPRINGER . Advertising Manager GENE GLOVER . Asst. Advertising Manager CLARK LILES . . . Circulation Manager Top-The Tuesday afternoon rush in the Crimson-White office. Bottom-Advertising Manager Curtis Springer outlines an od campaign. ADVERTISING STAFF Robert Hughes, C r o o k Nichols, Leonard Weil, Jud Brislin, Eugene Esco, Bert Cotton, Harriet Burns, Char- lotte Eros, Betty Sue Drake. CIRCULATION STAFF Don Echols, Ann Martin, Melba Studdard, Tom Craw- ford, Leigh Pearce, Martee Kindrick, Louise Crews, Mar- ion Pitts, Richard Rutledge, Bobby Roobin, Guy Zachary, Charles Fell, Betty Joyce Cain, Jo Anna Carson, T. W. Jones, Joe White, .Ioe Stick- ney, Fred Stevens, Charles Binion, Bill Rickles, Pat M- Bricle. Fverett Dnilv lnhn tw. Rcimmer Jammer Editor Nelle Harper Lee. AMMER With Lee iNelle Harper, that isl mapping out its strategy, this year's Rammer-Jammer continued to aim at giving Bama students one of the best humor magazines in the South. Highlights ot the year include excerpts trom author Ralph I-lammond's book released last September, "My GI Aching Back" and a take-oft on the small town weekly newspaper which tound Editor Lee and her assistant prominently displayed cn the tront page ot the paper accompanied by a PIG. . Just appearing in the mail boxes is lust a tront to tool anybody who thinks it might be hard turning out a Ram each month-or at least nearly every month. There is the grind tor ideas, what to write. There is getting it written and then getting the printer to set it up and tinish it on time. It all that works out, so does the Ram. On the business side, blonde Mary Lib Cooper takes care of the Ram's money. With the assistance ot Claude Kitchins, Mary Lib and her statt are the ones who keep Corning out with "Open the Door, Richard, we've gotta have an ad." Ad-getting contests pay oft tcr the Ram which is run without any assistance from the activity tees. EDITORIAL STAFF NELLE HARPER LEE . ..,.. .... E ditor MARK SHATZ . . . Assistant Editor LAURIE MAXWELL . ,.... . Feature Editor GENERAL STAFF Howard Gibbons, Jimmie Moore, .lane Freret, Betty Joyce Cain, Mary Williams, Kay Kahrs, Hank Muller, George Phillips, Jim Beech, Arnold Snow, Charles Gay, Bennett Schneider, Al Shackerof, Charlie Wampold, Liz Gay, Liz Otts. The Rammer Jammer writers sweat out cz. dead line. .s JAMMER MARY LIB COOPER , Business Manager CLAUDE KITCHINS Assistant Business Manager CHRIS KYLE Circulation Manager GENERAL STAFF Elizabeth Joudon, John Oliver, Hugh Nichols, Hank Atchison, June Balmer, Elaine Pierce, Cherry Austin, ivluigfirel Bickloy, Leslie Edwards. fx X , A Rammer Jammar Business Manager Mary Lib Cooper. Advertising Manager Claude Kiichin and Circulation Manager Chris Kyle set up a whirl wind ad campaign. l i OARD PLIBLICATIO S The Board of Publications is a familiar group with those who apply for positions on the publications staffs. "Going before the Board" is the process by which those who run for editorships or seek appointed positions on publications are qualified or named to their position. The Board of Publications, made up of representatives from the Journalism and English departments, Assistant to the Dean of Students, editors and business managers of all the publications, and S.O.A. president, consider the applicants' merits for the position and choose or qualify the person best suited for the iob. They function throughout the year to fill vacancies that occur in the staffs and to discuss controversial problems that the editors of the publications may have. MEMBERS H. H. MITCHELL . . . JOHN A. REYNOLDS . JIMMIE MOORE . . PAUL BROCK ..., JANE FRERET WILLIAMS . CARL MORRING . . C. E. BOUNDS . . JOHN LUSKIN .... DR. ROBERT WALLACE . NELLE HARPER LEE . MARY LIB COOPER . . . Assistant to the Dean of Students . . , . . S.Cv.A. President . . . . Corolla Editor . Corolla Business Manager . . . . Crimson-White Editor . Crimson-White Business Manager . . . Journalism Representative . Journalism Representative . , English Representative . . . . Rammer-Jammer Editor . Rammer-Jammer Business Manager Board of Publlcatlonf-Dean Beffy, Mr- Mitchell, Morring, Reynolds, Williams, Cooper, Dean Hendrix, WIQQIDS, Brooks, Lee, Mr. Luskin, Mr. Wallace, Mr. IBounds and Moore. Page 54 EARL ESCO President MEMBERS Gene Esco, Bob King, Charlie Wanipold, Bert Holton, Joe Robert- son, John Cardwell, Richard Tomp- brick, Billy Wilkes, Tiger Brown, Cotillion Club President Earl Esco fsealed righfj and his aides. COTILLI CLUB Earl and Margie Esco greet Rumba King Cugcxt. ln iTs second year since The war puT iT ouT of business, The Cofillion Club goT back on iTs TeeT in a hurry To bring To Bama dance-lovers The besT in The counTry's bands. Opening The dancing season wiTh The DebuTanTe Ball, The CapsTone found iTselT selecTing iTs TavoriTe debuTanTe from a hosT oT beauTies and packing FosTer To send CTT The Club's iniTial eTTorTs of The year To a big sTarT. ' December found Xavier CugaT bringing his syncopaTing rhyThms and LaTin orchesTra from The Magic CiTy's ChrisTmas Carnival To The home oT The Crimson Tide under The auspices of The CcTillion group. Bama guys and gals learned ThaT swing and sway mighT be Tun, buT oh, The rhumba. Coogie Took The kinks ouT and made way Tor Johnny Long's orchesTra To make a bang-up appearance in January. Tall, blond, leader Johnny Long added a liTTle of The senTimenTaI To a liTTle iive To sTarT The new year in a calmer, dreamier manner Than '46 was rushed ouT wiTh. A liTTle of The LaTin plus a liTTle of The dreamy leTT The hepcaTs as The only dancing crew ThaT hadn'T had iTs dancing desires answered-unTil February. And who oTher could beTTer Till Their wish Than The guy who claims Tame for his pounding The skins-nonerorher Than Gene Krupa. Krupa's show was Tor dancing, buT iusT as many people came along To waTch him when he Took oTT on his drum solos. And speaking of Taking oTT, The CoTillion Club zoomed back To iTs old sTanding in one big hurry This year. ,Mo G stuns TS I AMERICAN u ivERsmEs AND coiueers CHARLES ROBERT ADAIR, JR., Dadeville, Past President Intertraternity Council, Scabbard and Blade, Quadrangle, President Greeks, Rho Alpha Tau, President Northington Campus. DOROTHY BELLINGER ALLEN, Zeta Tau Alpha, Mobile, Birmingham, Phi Beta Kappa, President Triangle, Y.W.C.A. Cabinet, Alpha Lambda Delta, Student Forum, Corolla, Crimson-White. ANNETTE AVERY ANDERSON, Eldorado, Arkansas, President Mortar Board, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Secretary Pi Tau Chi, S. G. A., Alpha Lambda Delta, Triangle. JAMES LEDBETTER BEECH, Phi Gamma Delta, Mont- gomery, Sports Editor Corolla, Crimson-White, Rammer- Jammer, Past President Press Club, Editor Summer School News, Druids. PAUL WARRINGTON BROCK, Sigma Chi, Mobile, Beta Gamma Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma, President Jasons, Business Manager Corolla, O. D. K., Commerce Association. WILLIAM G. CAFFEY, JR., Delta Kappa Epsilon, Mobile, President O. D. K., Secretary Phi Delta Phi, Jasons, Quadrangle, S. G. A. BETTY CARR, Kappa Delta, Montgomery, Past Business Manager Rammer-Jammer, President Junior Class. MARY FRANCES EDWARDS, Alpha Delta Pi, Anniston, Mortar Board, Sigma Delta Pi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Pi Tau Chi, Wesley Cabinet, Triangle, Past Business Manager Crimson-White. FOSTER ETHEREDGE, Pi Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, O. D. K., Past 'President Intertraternity Council, Druids, President Pi Kappa Alpha. PEYTON NEWELL FINCH, Pi Kappa Alpha, Browns, O. D. K., Scabbard and Blade, Past Secretary S. G. A., President Ridgecrest Council, Barracks Ball Committee. PAUL TUDOR GISH, Athens, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Delta Phi, Farrah Order ot Jurisprudence, Quadrangle, Law School Honor Court. ROY MITCHELL GREENE, Pi Kappa Alpha, Phoenix City, President Veterans' Assoaiation, President A.B. Senior Class, Scabbard and Blade, Debate Squad. AMY KATHERINE JAMES, Alpha Chi Omega, Pensacola, Florida, Mortar Board, President Spanish Club, Sigma Delta Pi, Crimson-White. ROBERT H. KING, Gadsden, Fast President S. G. A., Past President Cotillion Club, Scabbard and Blade, Quad- rangle, Past Editor "A" Book, Men's Spirit Committee. CARL A. MORRING, JR., Pi Kappa Alpha, Huntsville, O. D. K., Jasons, Vice-President Law School, Business Manager Crimson-White, Tau Kappa Alpha, Scabbard and Blade. ILOUISE PARTLOW, Kappa Delta, Tuscaloosa, Past Editor Corolla, Mortar Board, W. S. G. A., Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Epsilon Delta, President Kappa Delta. BETTY STITH ROWE, Delta Delta Delta, Tuscaloosa, Pan-Hellenic Council, President Delta Delta Delta. GRIFFIN SIKES, Sigma Nu, Prattville, Vice-President Student Government Association, Jasons. DOROTHY C. SOCKWELL, Alpha Chi Omega, Tus- cumbia, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Mortar Board, President Alpha Chi Omega. MARGARET SUE WALLACE, Chi Omega, Meridian, Mississippi, President Y. W. C. A., Vice-President Junior A. A. U. W., Triangle, Spirit Committee. CHARLES HENRY WAMPOLD, JR., Zeta Beta Tau, Montgomery, Past Business Manager Corolla, Jasons, Druids, Cotillion Club, Intertraternity Council, President Zeta Beta Tau. LAURA ELLIS WIGGINS, Delta Gamma, Montgomery, President W. S. G. A., Mortar Board, Sigma Delta Pi, S. G. A. THOMAS WINGATE WILDER Ill, Sigma Nu, Meridian, Mississippi, Fhi Eta Sigma, Theta Tau, Tau Beta Pi, Pi Mu Epsilon, O. D. K., Jasons, Quadrangle, St. Pcit's Committee, A. S. M. E., S. G. A. JANE FRERET WILLIAMS, Birmingham, Phi Beta Kappa, Editor Crimson-White, Alpha Lambda Delta, Mortar Board, Triangle, B. R. N., Blacktriars, Student Forum, Spanish Club, Corolla, Rammer-Jammer, Tri Delta Scholarship. CAMILLE SEARCY WRIGHT, Kappa Delta, Tuscaloosa, Mortar Board, Past Business Manager Crimson-White, Triangle, W. S. G. A. NOT PICTURED, Johnny Adams, Thomas Fitzpatrick, Conrad Fowler, Harry Gilmer, Jack Hullett, Jane Kim- brough, Doris Reams, Bill Rey, John A. Reynolds, Tcm Whitley. Page 56 2, Page 57 Wrighi Adair Allen Anderson Beech Brock Coffey Carr Edwards Etheridge Finch Gish Green James King Morring Pcxrilow Rowe Sikes Sockwell Wallace Wampold Wiggins Wilder Williams CAMPLI PERSO And here, The FAVORITES HAUNT Tl'lElR FAVORITE HAUNTS . . . Along wiTh The Who's Who selecTions, These were The people you sow oround The compus Tolcing leoding ponrTs in The mouny onol vorieol olcTiviTies concerned wiTh UniversiTy life. They were The ones vviTh moxny Tingers in mouny pies-poliTicoil onol oTherwise. They were chosen on The locisis of service To The school, personoliTy, chorocTer oind ony of The mony reosons persons molce Themselves unforgeTToble. IT wos noT eosy To single ouT The persons To be picTured here cis your TovoriTes, since compus life is like The life oT ony single sTuolenT who Tokes porr in iT. There ore deTiniTe recorded TocTs in on individuol's life such os doTe of birTh, oloTe They enTered school, eT ceTero. Then There ore Those Things obouT iT ThoT con'T be occuroTely porTroyed in prinT such os lcindnesses, hobiTs, eT ceTero. The sTudenTs picrured here hod cerToin quoliTies ThoT sepomrofed Them from Their clo1ssmoTes ond The quoliTies hove olreody been enumeroTed. There ore omissions. We regreT Them, buf The line hod To be drown ond drow iT we did. We sincerely hope ThoT you ogree Thof These TvvenTy-Tour persons were To1voriTes. - jj George Bromler, Laurie Maxwell, Curtis Springer. CSfandingl Hugh MacCuuIey xxfvllfwmve w- F Av 4 ' , 'Y Y J if '41 .N S K U 2 + N f ll fx!! M I-42fV""'Q z .wie 'xg -x ,cuv- QL .f-, -v f USL. Q:-X.-ummm J. ,-f, 1-...V V mummy. A N an x sm V 4 rf, ,WM ,. .1 "ful" ff 4 4 'z ff ,, , " Q 'nm f ff fgxf' ,, inf, '53 is "Zz Lf , ,. , 1,721 . . w-yvgv, 'Afffl Q mf iv M 5 i Q4 .W , Q Ct Xigf.. ,- , 1 O 0 O CAMPLI .-Q m Charles McBurney, Elizabeth OHS, Nelle Lee, Jimmy Moore Eddie Fciulk, Wank Inge, Cecil Duffey, John Qordwell, Bill Hill LStcndingJ . M, - .f.,,,f,.,,, - 4 -,.- 'f f ..,m.,. ,mu .awe-f. :4x4s1m .+-mms R r ,J- M..asszLfzf,,M,. PERSCDNALITI Sara Henry Reynolds, Ed Price, Cheri Chandler, Vic Babbc-H, Doi Gcsseft Eari Esco, Mickie Hand, Cynthia Ford, Drew Reddcn 7 . Sig Y. .Cl A. OFFICERS MARGARET SUE WALLACE . . . . , . PresidenT ANNIE LAURIE RAGSDALE . . FirsT Vice-PresidenT DOT SELF . . . . Second Vice-PresidenT JAN REDDITT . ..,. SecreTary BETTY ROWE . . Treasurer OldesT of The vvomen's service groups on The campus, Y. W. C. A. offers To Those wiTh a yen To help ample opporTuniTy To make service more Than iusT a word. ParenT organizaTion CT Triangle, an honorary for Junior women who have conTribuTed in an ouTsTancling way To University liTe, "Y. W." includes on iTs program of service weekly vesper programs conducTed in each of The vvomen's dormi- Presidenf of Y. W. C. A. Margaret Sud Wallace Tories on The campus. OTher acTiviTies are a special Thanks- giving service, The Tradiiional lighTing aT The ChrisTmas Tree on The TuTvviler lawn, and The Sunrise EasTer services in Denny STadium. MargareT Sue Wallace filled The presidenT's chair This year, concluding The Wednesday aTTernoon meeTings in The "Y" lounge of The Union Building where Y. W. C. A. service is planned. , Y. W. C. A. members compleTe a successful year. Here are the officers of the Bama Radio Network-Hirst row, left to rightj Harriett Kobrs, Barbara Bolan, Audrey Weiskopf, Peggy Lund Ifecond row, left to rightj Mr. Martin, Harry Cook, Robert Duck, Charles Daily, Al Shackeroftt and Mr. Charles McNamell. I BA A R DI ETWORK B. R. N. built I947 around a big hope. With a promise that they would have a system for campus-wide coverage by next year, Bama's thriving radio station and its crew has spent most of its time working to be ready to present to the Capstone the best in student radio shows. Student directed, student produced, student written scripts with student actors have continued to give the radio maicrs experience and to prepare a staff for the grand opening next year. However, the air lanes have nct been silently lacking in shows from Bama's talent. In the meantime students have been busy recording shows, or "canning" them in the language of those who know radio lingo, to be sent out over stations throughout the state. So although their facilities have confined their work to the Union Building for this year, they've built a basis for a coming year packed with entertainment. OFFICERS BARBARA BOLAN .... President KAY KAI-IRS . . , Secretary-Treasurer PEGGY LUND . . . Production Director AUDREY WEISKOPF . Program Director AL SHACKEROFF . . Continuity Director ROBERT DUCK .,.. News Director JACKIE STAPP .... Music Director PAT ADAMS . . Publicity and Promotion MORT GRANAS . . . Chief Announcer HARRY. COOK . . Special Events CHARLES DAILEY . . Sports Director JIIVI HOLCOIVIB . . Chief Engineer "This is a presentation of the Bama Radio Network from its studios in the Union Building OFFICERS A JIMMY CLEMENTS .,.. Drum Moior BILL DODSON . . . Bond Monoger JANE WATTS .,.,.. Sponsor COL. CARLTON K. BUTLER . . DirecTor Another grecT show GT hclf Time. B IVIA'S MIZZZGM QSMZWZ Band DirecTor Colonel Carlion K. Butler. When Thcif cheer goes up oT The holTTime when The TooTboll Teoms ore gone from The Tield, ThoT's one of Bcimo's biggesT prides, iTs "Million Dollor" Bond. Under The direcTion of ioviol Colonel Corlton K. BUTler, The Bond morches TorTh QT d codence ThoT leTs The specToTors know Thor ci big show is oheod. Georgie found Them poying TribuTe To Trippi ond Gilmer by Their TormoTions oT The some Time playing "To Eoch His Own." Louisiono neorly ouTdid Them. , , f 5 3 L J V M312 ' ' So They sTopped QT The TirsT "ci" in Their Tormofion ond soT down swinging TorTh wiTh "No Con Do." The "Million Dollor" Bond puTs on iTs biggesT show during as AN e two month football season, but that's no means all it clces. lt was on nd for the packed Kentucky basket- ll game to help the team try for the nfinuecl winning streak. Spring brought 'th their dance in Foster as well as concert for the student body. F like WVMLCWLJZZIQ of fgfadoma Blackfricirs' production experts plan with Mrs. Richard Brooks. When the house lights dimmed ot the Cop- stone's little theoter in Morgon Holl, Blocktriors were ossured ot o tull house to their four moior productions this yeor. Use of the octivity books for the Blockfrior ploys this yeor gove every student ornple opportunity to enjoy the work done by those who dobble in greose point. OUTWARD BOUND, stondout tor its scene decorotions, opened the seoson tor the theoter going public. SKIN OF OUR TEETI-I followed up to complete the toll quorter. '47 found KING LEAR toking ci bow ond Ibsen's WILD DUCK on the menu. Under the direction of Richord Lipscomb, Blocktriors rounded out o seoson of voriety. Director Richard Lipscomb. Familiar scenes from Blockfricir productions 7keaZefz OFFICERS KALETAH NEVVELL CARROLL . . Presidemt MEL LEE ..., , Vice-President HELEN SCOTT A . Secretory WARREN BRYANT . Treasurer efah Newell Carroll holds a sfaff meeiing. fwemend T lc f " ulwcrd B cl O En YOIT1 O oun " und "L1ttIe Fox s 'K A gl T -fx N LN li fl QE? f Sl , l , lx W 'TLA AW' Page 'Sf . . . - ,.., TGXY . ,rf KCPPO H- Sweexxe y , .--' f f o Cb , i I SHQN roxey Tqkes T0ni fa-aura W2 . I ve 6' F' 1 v X plcql Blrml A flgham D . 1 ONCE, . V K , ' 1 . . psig I , I II ,'. mx.-, - 5, g . F43 "r ,fx- ., Q .J Xi, wsu. lift N ,N iz A fi f X - , U SX t ,Q ,N s 1 wif . ,Jr " it iz . M 1 1. I 'Mg Q 'ff"':k!wA-' -HJR Q ,. "'3131- y-'C .f!2a1'.i.' P1 , ' 1-'f 51.52 aw :wifi ' J., M .. -r .,F ,TN 4 -Q53 l W . 1 lag. 1-M, Bmw-2 ,132 .' I . ,,.x, 3 . fb X 1 X L , . A ai uk -rn ' ..N,,h , - ' -1 :arg L . 5 -r N W ,Ks -vw ,zu , Q 1 ' A L , AM. Jr' A 5 4 stir TQJQ , 54' Wfmwfffowx: 2 mv: mhz' 2 G , Ii? M JF it 5 QW? a ms mmm 4? E Mrs. "Arm" gets ca break. 5h'nd3Q A D ll A ' ,. 0 TH Doughfers of the Old Soufh. E Phi Gum Pam' O ver'fNOWS' Formal Evenin V! 4 , 1 x 1 X IAL IDE 0 0 Blackfricrs, "s......f MGSqUG'r ffwffcn , , W iv V nf-4' f X ff ' " 41 ode -.N -Q'-"""f-V mba V - 1 Long' W SCX TY r HOOKS Thc1T's Who? U ncle Remus Plays ,. AW, M965 Prelsmmo 'Y, Wqferlngs ,4.. Oid Favorate-weddang ,.,,+' Alpha Chss Arhsf Chl O First Night CS' L EE E WEEE THE EAL L The Old South km we , wJW'4KwWiMi2?2K5MMWx?fV Dick COE Hummingbirds-The Wi E 6640119 UFIEFS. ee BIRD THE BEF The King's Court ' mwfsmrwmw .uwzamwrwfwwwsswwwccw Q A12 , 1 A fx X , 2 , gf A, fa M K ,dgyx 'iff fgfj' dwg ' V - M ' " , ff ' :il X M 5:-A V -Q 'h2" 2::fa f Q:5:35 I! , -.A'.5? .Q .,.'.f:iig11-A11 1194 47.- -, v:?c'm.smsa:.ns:s-:za Honey Bowl Stars E x x .mx '4BE"f'2 . f17'2 L' , T114- : ,Q . ' F5 ' if -A gg :Q . , .ff A , ,f,4,f 3 V f 2 I 5 Q , , '54 ,, xy QV V M -1, l - v ' ., , "Lic V .4 A -it .vi 2 , 1 ' F2 , Q Q iq.. S. ,M h A N... at ggkifi 'A ' 5 .Q A 5 A' -. - . Q' 2 'ex .- wmv- H15-Mx. xX - f. rn-f.fx"N N f-::.s:,f's's.:- , .- - .A -1.A:3:s:,qg.-. X ..,,. l K ,, mgism , .- mggx ,, 3 'wxgx' Q -'A Rakim . vs sa ' ' H 1x " -1, X, fxfvf T9 N.-S, X, -X aQ::..- a S' w WI 5 ' "f V2-'c"A. VQ5. xg? tl XX , ' My I w 'Y xg- 3 Q, wx xpflx 7'--ZK,,,,xt.Qg+v'G:92 4 NM- 'yxbzv 1: . . .F .W . NSW? pw iv5X"4i'f" ' -'1 ,w.-k,Q,Q,z59. , L . CULLEG S T013 3-'JDE' 'Y W G I ff f "Vi, ,,.,' -Whmmw -... 4 -,fmfw W 1 . , ..,,. ,..,- . , H A- . 1 .X , . 1 vs , , N454 I, ,: , '.:1 ' QI? I H. M '41 fi' 4 f 7 ' 14,2 A f f If f QQ , 0 , ff , if S L s W 'f is , 1a:5fz::sZ:z::f2, gf -"ff V45 mi--7 ' L - - f ' . f Ja Humor. ic and Fun for Everyone. Phi's and Co C3 T. I 6 RACKED 0,332 wbfoffwf WJ' X X f ,vi qx , -If x- 33,552 if if 1 , E ,, ..,..ww Q Vx,.b,. .W .. 'www -211: xg, A' M H112 ' Wx ., .. xx X ff 5 , , ,xl , 1 " 2 , I I X xv K my Ji 4 fb, Q- .JL Q 'hm , , S W ff 5 Sw, f f lynn ww '-Q., au- . A J R Z. 6 4 -Q. v"""' f" 1 A W oy X' . '? g , if f ' 'VW 5 Q f ,J if Q6 mtv. 1 ' Q ' 1 , .SYN .1 Af ,. .3 M 4" in x -fr n ' as --.. K , 5 ' - ff.X:,,f ' Q ri A g . 4- 4 Rh. 1 I Y I lofi. Q3 li U .sa .ff - ,J '.':'x-Pl T',, . ' .'--' . -FQ: L m....3mf. ' . x ' 3 .A , .' .,.eg , w .x. . 72a SENIORS- Dorothy Jean Arnold Louis E. Beckham, Jr. Maury W. Bray, Jr. Len R. Burroughs, Jr. Lawrence E. Carlton John J. Carter Jack T. Chisolm Joseph S. Davis Samuel D. Davis, Jr. Vincent J. DeJohn Edward E. Dudley, Jr. Bruce A. Elrod W. C. Friday Keith W. Gilmore Mary B. Gilliland Martha Hagood Maurice W. Haisten Arthur J. Henry, Jr. Leonard l. Hodges James M. Jones, Jr. Theo N. Kirkland, Jr. Phillip M. Lightfoot Joseph E. Lotton John H. Moseley James Nesbitt lII Lloyd M. Nyhus Mannie D. Paine, Jr. Mervel V. Parker TU lra B. Patton Bascom D. Petrey Harry C. Powell, Jr. Louis F. Rittelmyer, Jr. Thomas J. Stewart Clayton D. Taylor Max E. Vaughn Ralph W. Wadeson, Jr. Frank B. Waldo Sam, D. Waldrop Myron J. Welty Norris A. Wimberley, Jr. SOPHOMORES- David T. Almon Duke B. Baird Aaron Blauer John G. Caden, Jr. Tom O. Caldwell Charles A. Carraway Bess C. Carson George C. Douglas Laura E. Davis Domonic R. Elia Inez Fowler Ray F. Golding Santord M. Goodman James H. Graham Hugh H. Haden DE Joseph A. Hawkins Phillip Hitchcock lrene Johnson Margaret E. Joyce Roland J. Kohen Lawrence L. Larsen R. O. Lauderdale, Jr. Haskell D. Leo William B. Levy James E. Miller Donald M. Mosher lra L. Myers Jacob A. Neighbors Myra A. Peters Edward D. Piatt Francis M. Powell Brison O. Robertscn David W. Russell Sarah C. Schlieder Nancy Scott Carl Screws, Jr. Paul M. Shashy Henry E. Smoak, Jr. Rublee C. Soule James E. Sparks Evelyn L. Stansell Albert B. Stephens, Jr. Charles L. Warner Warren B. Weil ATTN-ls TB Frank C. Wilson Claire B. Wimberley FRESHMEN- Frederick T. Agricola, Jr. Craig P. Bade lngrum W. Bankston Charles B. Bernhard, Jr. Emerson W. Blakney Richard F. Bliss Joseph T. Brock, Jr. Robert E. Burnett, Jr. John F. Burnum Haynes C. Byrne Jackson B. Clayton George M. Coggan William H. Cooner Robert W. Cowden Sam F. Crabtree Oscar Dahlene, Jr. George Dormon David E. Dunn Claude C. Erwin John M. Flowers, Jr. Lonnie W. Funderburg Emily M. Hayes Thomas D. Head Norton H. Hutchinson Edith G. Jones ,iw :A - L1 l sf i ,T, If DY Harry M. Katz John E. Kent Sidney P. Kent John R. Ledbetter Daniel B. Lowery Leon D. McLaughlin Philander D. Morgan George W. Moss John H. Nelson Willard L. Nixon Frank J. Nuckols Mervin W. Perdue George W. Poole, Jr. Wyatt B. Pouncey William O. Romine Winitred E. Ryle John C. Saunders Harry M. Simpson Henry Spira Quentin R. Strong Doris J. Sturgis James B. Thomas, Jr. Henry F. Turner Scott Vance Cornelia R. Wilcoxson Douglts H. Wingo William H. Wright al., G .... . , A . I . 1, .. amz ' tk. Ya L ' I- - it ' We FIR T GR DU TE October 25, I946, Birmingham, Alabama. Today the long dreams of Alabama medicine were truly shaken from their abstraction by the echoes ot "congratulations, doctor." Today the Medical College ot Alabama gave a twenty-one graduate salute to the turning of a momentous page in the state's medical history. Not for twenty-six years has the phrase "congratulations, doctor" resounded in any Alabama hall, not since the closing of the Mobile school in I92O has a student graduated as a doctor from an Alabama school. For the men, as well as the state, it was a crowning event. For them it was the culmination of sweating out a medical education through the uncertainties ot a war-clouded future Xa 'uP ' ,U ,,-94:32 . Q' i , , . I ..., . ...,. , and the birth pangs ot a new medical school. For them pre-med was a succession at classes and labs with an almost man-less campus and the crinkle and scratch ol unfamiliar G. I. clothing as constant reminders of the universal chaos. For them the future was tinted not only by the prospects of the services' immediate needs, but by the desire to finish in the new school-it and when and wherever it was opened. In the summer ot I945, a select handful were chosen to enter the advanced courses at Birmingham. Sixteen months later, these students pioneered the way tor the stream ot Alabama trained men in white to come, by accepting their well-earned degrees and "congratulations, doctor." MEMBERS HOMER WILSON ALLGOOD PALMER HENDERSON BELL MAURICE ROBERT BRYAN JAMES MACON BURNETT DONALD HUBERT CROOK I CARL FREDERICK DIETZ WALTER CLAYTON FOLSOM MARVIN GILBERT DAVID MITCHELL HALL VIRGINIA DARE HAMILTON WILLIAM FRANK HAWKINS WILLIAM HENRY KESSLER WILLIAM BOWEN MCDONALD HAROLD REESE PEPPER, MALCOLM GRAY PIERSON I MAXWELL GIDEON POTTER HUGH BAZELLEEL PRAYTOR JOHN ANDREW RAY EDWIN GLENN WALDROP HOMER PAUL WILEY ' CHRISTIAN WINGARD Page 87 t ' 1 i i ip 0 ED SCHOOL Zfminmq pfzciqfzam Supplying the fullest technical knowledge for the guardians cf health is the Medical College's prime purpose. Training is conducted on internship, resident and postgraduate levels. interns and residents are year-round students at the Center while every winter a Postgraduate Seminar is conducted for Alabama's practicing physicians. Undergraduate work is divided into pre-clinical and clinical phases, Pre-clinical is class and lab preparation for the final years when the students learn, under close staff physician supervision, to diagnose and treat patients. fi , fi inf'- Stuolent lab work sometimes results in important discoveries as did Ray Godring's means of detecting in milk a sometimes harmful preservative, benzoic acid. The Center's growing library of 25,000 volumes and 400 journals is open to students, staff, and visiting professionals. A shortage of medical and X-ray technicians and nurses emphasizes training of auxiliary personnel-the School of Medical Technology, the School of Nursing, the School of X-ray Technology. ff xl I s.-. A C gi N it L, o 3 f w , X . I s f '1 'ly1,: NN. ' 1 SN' Q it .4 A Q :Qi 3 ,. sf 5 s lis p ,, ,, A 4 0 W ' 1' 5 f t ,gs nf V , ,f '- f 4 wV mg' , 2 Q x .J '1 4' gi? r it J in . 'Y thx, '1 'J 72 Whot if we do spreod joy on Homecoming Doy? Hell, brother, thot doy is ours! Don't grudge us one doy ot rest. How would you like to leorn the eighty-three lor is it eighty? l dunnol exceptions to the heorsoy evidence rule? How would you like to recite o logicolly reosoned lto you, thot isi cose, slinging in oll your gitts of rhetoric, only to hove your professor soy, Thot's tine, Mr. Z.-only you're quite wrong. You seem to forget thot there ore six sides to every question in this school!" We work like the heothen Chinee tor three yeors only to receive oi tiny sciuore ot poper thot gives us permission to go out ond stoirve tor two more. But Low school hos its compensotions, my triend! Just like todoy when we put on our deribies ond hickory striped ponts lskirts for the lodies . . . yep . . . we hove lodies over here tool ond get glori- Y ER ously lubricoted. Then there's the smoll motter ot no eight o'clocks tor upperclossmen. Oh yes-we toke our exoms eorly too, but thot's oi rother de- botoble luxury. Then there's Proctice Court, ci bone to the Seniors but o good otternoon's entertoinment tor underclossmen! And the Borrister's "Brovvl," our revvord tor two quorters ot lobor. We sent our invitotions in the form ot Arrest Worronts, which nobody understood. Billy Livingston, the president ot our school, leod out, ond our professors unbent ond donced vvith the lody borristers. Yeoh, there's more esprit de corps in Lovv School thon onyvvhere else on the coimpus. We work like hell ond ploy even hoirder, ond vve look torvvord every yeor to the doy when vve con moirch dovvn University Avenue singing, 'lt vvos good tor old Deon Hepburn . . . ond it's good enough tor mel" ADAIR, CHARLES ROBERT, Dadeville, Freshman, President of the Northington campus, Scabbard and Blade, Rho Alpha Tau, Quadrangle . . . ADCOCK, HOBSON, Lambda Chi Alp.ha, Galena Park, Texas, Freshman, O. D. K .... ALEXANDERQWILQIAM-gyALBERT, Sigma Nu, Prattvil - Jgnior . . . CKRCRHJER, DA1VJTDs.Rg,g Huntsville, Sophomor . . . ASHLEY, AL'BER1I',wPhiIleltg,,.ThQe'tci,i'M6ntgomery,lJNu'hior . . . BANKS, RAIEF?.HiJiOUNDTREE,iJR., Sigma Na, Eutaw, Junior. I rl 2 0 BEASLEY, MURRAY, Tuscumbia, Freshman . . . BEAVERS, CHARLES ALFRED JONES, Kappfa Alpha, Birmingham, Fresh- man . . . BEECH, JAMES L., PlgriTGamma Delta, Montgomery, Freshman, Sports Editor ot Corolla, Crimson-White, Rammer Jammer, Editor ot SummerfASchool News, University Press Cl vb: f'Pfs1.I5J.5...-..,s-,.L,...BLAQlSi, iI.QI:INl.,,.EQrtEPayne: Fresh man . .M BLOODWOR'LFI,f JAMES NELSON? Kappa Alpha, Decatur, O. D. K., Scabbard and Blade, Quadrangle . . . .. ..... so A D C 7 '62 BOOKER, WILTSHIRE M., Delta Tau Delta, Gadsden, Fresh- man . . . BOYETT, BRYON D., New Brockton, Junior . . . BRAWNER, EMILY, Birmingham, Freshman, Spirit Committee, Junior A. A. U. VV .... BUCK, JOHN PERKINS, Phi Gamma Delta, Tusccgoosa, Fr hman, Scabbarg a sl Blade, Greeks, Reserve Otlc6t's'l'Asgcic1iTio'hM'fy. . BBJRIESON, ROBERT MARVIN, Ch' P i, al y ill , Junior . EY, WILLIAM G., JR.5belgLlTKaplS1315a?-gngon, MobliT27Seg32F5 President ot Omicron Delta Kappa, S. G. A. Executive Council, Jasons, Secretary ot Phi Delta Phi, Student Senate, Quadrangle . . . CARDWELL,AJAMEhS BHOWARD, Sigma Nu, Birmingham, Junior. I A B U E ,fi XX A ct fi. if R CAR CLHDFAEL, CHARLIEE E., JR., Phi Gamma Delta, Tas- cumbia, resh CARROLL, J. D., Huntsville, Fresh- man, Veterans Association, Manager of Veterans Co-op. Grocery Store . . . CLOWER, JAMES GIBSON, Phi Kappa Sigma, Troy, Freshman . . . COLQUEGT, DONALD FRANKLIN, Sons of Farrah have their day. Opp, Senior . . . COOK, JOHN SYDNEY, JR., Sigma Nu, Union Springs, Junior . . . COVINGTON, JOE S., Sigma Chi, Meridian, Miss., Freshman, Choral Union, Vocal Ensemble. iksss D X:OWl5i1l,.l2Aml3s.E4YJR., Delta C i, Brig ertgwlleshman . . . CRENTS SHAW, Tusc loosa Freshmms Corolla, Ramgier-Jammer . . . DAVIS, JAMES O., JR., Kappa Sigma, Auburn, Freshman, Alpha Phi Omega . . . DAVIS, JESSE W., Lambglia Eghi, B-e-ssenilerf Senigg, . .BC DEHN, JOHN J., Delta Tau? 5, C?1'nt5'fTOhio, Senioiif resident, Delta Tau Delta , . FWDEMPSEYTDHARRY YouN ,' Sigma Nu, Pied- mont, Freshman, Delta Sigrwal-IPhi, Inter-traternity Council. l XTR I-IC CH DEMPSEY, JAMES ., Ashland, Freshman . . . DIXON, JACK, Kappa Sigma, Birmingham, Junior, Veterans Associa- tion, Inter-fraternit ouncil .C.H. DOMINICK, FRANK MCCOY, Kappa Alrh - Birmingh ,Junior . . . EDDENS, FRANK LEE, JR., De fKrJtingham, Junior, Greeks, Cotillon Club, Blacktriars, erans Association , . . EDDENS, HOUSTON T., Delta Chi, Bil"lningham, Senior . . . ELLIOTT, HOYT M., Vina, Freshman . . . ELLISOR, JOHN O., Anda- lusia, Junior, Phi Alpha Dewta . . . ETHEREDGE, FOSTER, PiKaalh,'rihm,,rs , 'VVho,O. D. Alpha, X Druids . cXg H D- l-lVED ey, Senior, Phi Alpha Delta, Boxing eam, Newman Club . . . FELDMAN, DAVE SAUL, Sigma Alpha Mu, Haleyville, Freshman . . . FINCH, PEYTON NEZNEQ, Pi Kfdppg Alpha- Browns, Junior . . . BQNJEOXR-A'L ' .,JK ' uf:Mbgt3o3e5f5Junior, Scabbard and Bladg, Eta Rho Alpha Tau . . . FRIEDMAN KARL BERNARD, Kappa Nu, Birmingham, Fresh- man, lntertraternity Council, Sports Council . . . GAINES, RALPH D., JR., Pi Kappa Alpha, Talladega, Freshman . . . GARCIA, cle la TORRE, HARRY KEATLY, Sigma Delta Phi, Tuscaloosa, Senior, Blacktroars, International Relations Club, Spanish Club, Canterbury Club. J. REYNOLDS HEADS BAMA STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION Page 92 1 . , , .I-I L Q ' jg-, 5? mx 1912 HM 'QW' as f 1 1" E 3 F' A .E ii Rf S N .X .R g 12--nvwasxf. 'www ' H: f - 1 f , wi lf' , . .' rf -m".a'w.:ww--1.x-.rp:-:xl my 'waw:wmw4fx:s..wmsaw4mwwm1m! me xaraswfmawmmmae wrmmxmwsauamsmaml 1 lv - ll : ,. I I - Y rx I ll Lawyers-always overworked. GISH, PAUL TUDOR, JR., Athens, Senior, VVho's Who, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Delta Phi, Farrah Order of Juris- prudence, Quadrangle, Law School Honor Court , . . GLADNEY, MADELYN, Chi Omega, Jasper, Freshman . . . GLENN, JOHN S., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Opelika, Freshman . . . GOLDSTHTNWITE, ALFRED WITHERSPOON, S' ma Nu, Montgomgy, Freshman. L, GREENE, ROY MITEHEU, Pi Kappa Algha, Phoenpq 'JUn'io'l', Veter wxkissociaticn, Scabbard..8rLaE.Elalde,f.Pfesident, Arts and Sgiehces, Senior Class, Debate Squad . . . GUILLOT, ROBERT M., Pi Kappa Phi, Dothan , . . HALTOM, BERT, Phi Gamma Delta, Flor- ence, Junior, Cotillion Club. E HAMNER, ALBERT PATTO , Selma, Sophomore . , HAMRICK, JAMES M., Kap a Alpha, Bessemer, Graduate . , . HARRELL, JOE J, Sigma Nu, Pensacola, Junior, Presi em,.s1gm.-isiu...limr' r1iy,,.-.,.,-1:iAxpTHoRNE, FRANK HO RD, Pi Kappa -' ,'Montgomery, Feshman, Omicron Delta Kappa, Pi Tau C I . . . HEFLIN, HOWELL THOMAS, Lambda Chi Alphla,ABirmingham, Junior, Omicron Delta KapKgr,r.J'au-..K11ppaZ" lpha,--.Phi..DeIta-.P ig Greeks . . . HE , CHARLESXMTASON, JR., sigme ,rpm Epsilon, saf- mlngham, Senlorf. . . HIGGINS, SAM GRIFFITH, Phi Delta Theta, Mobile, Ifjeshman. HINTONF JIM, Sigma Nu, hVVeaxfer, Ereshman, Druids, Quaclrangle,5DeTta ,Sigma Chi,"Y.M.C.A5f Q . . HODGES, RICHARD EI, Isambdci Ghi Alpha, Bessemer- F eshman . . . HOD'GPKrT'NSPWACK-DGLINRENCE, JR.g3Deltal9CqrlT, Birmingham, Freshman . . . HOPKINS, GEORGE MARKS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Montgomery, Freshman, Rammer-Jammer . . . HOWARD,g:l'lARL5S3:L., University, Freshman . . . HUDSON, MAXWELL .,XPih Kappa Alpha, Oneo ta, Freshman . . . HURST, GRADYZEYSVQQ JR., Chi Phi, Qihgte , Drfshman. ,ff X AC QE jf :. :Zi - INGEERNDOQIE., Delta Kappa Epsilon, Mobile, Junior, In ertT'5TeTFFTit'y ouncil, Cotillion Club, Quadrangle, Spirit Committee . . . IRBY, WILLIAM C., JR., Delta Chi, Jacksonville, Senior . . . JANSEN, VERNOL ROBERT, JR., Kappa Alpha, Mobile, Freshman, Quadrangle . . . JOHNS, THOMAS LEMUEL, Delta Chi, Birmingham, Freshman . . . KING, ROBERT H., Gadsden, Junior, VVho's VVho, Scabbard and Blade, Quadrangle, Spirit Committee , . . LABOVITZ, HARRY, Kappa Nu, Montgomery, Freshman . . . LACX, ALEX S., Phi Gamma Delta, Birmingham, Freshman. 'x XXX U 'N-... rv--. : ' Rf. - ,, . f -M., j. "-, 5 , I "Kr-,,.M? ' ' ' ' ' " " ' , i "vm, X L TTA SAMUEL.-..GRAN.GER:,ecs1hsir.QF Tenn., Freshman . . , LAUTEN, WILLIAM ROBERT, Sigma Chi, Mobile, Freshman . . . LEE, MELVIN, Theta Chi, Clinton, Iowa, Freshrtipn, Blacktftiars, B.-AR. NB C . . LEE, NELLE HARPER, E'Omega,""ll?Toiroevill'e, JiJ'i71fEo'E,'l"Editor, Rammer- Jammer, riangle, Student Senate, S'Fuclent Forum, Press Club, Crimson-White . . O HJMBAUGH, JOSEPH T., Delta Chi, Birmingham, Freshmah' . . , LIVINGSTON, EDWIN BURKS, Phi Gamma Del.toi,.sMontgomery, Senior, President Law School, Lavv Sd'ro'ol Exegiiti-ve Council, Phi Delta Phi, Scabbard and BlaJ:lle,LfCotillion Gfllulld, Glee Club. ll l ll i ra Q cies LUKENS, ARTHUR ls,,X.IR., FhifGamma Delta, VVilmington, Delaware, Freshman . .i'r,LUfBTCEFORD, SIGMON A., Lanett, Junior . . . MCENTIRE, LTEROY, JR., Delta Kappa Epsilon, Decatur, Junior . . . MCGLEE, VAL L., Delta Chi, Birmingham, Freshman . . . MCGOWIN, SUMFTER MILLIGAN, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Greenvilleg, Freshman . . . MCINISH, DWIGHT, Fii Klapp,p,ggxPl,3i, fDothaqr, ilireshrpapj gIQelta Sigma p,, ..s..--.E,,. ..,, .... ,,...... f. r 1 McMURP'If'IY,l't'lJA?MESt"lPG lbeltla I Kfagpl-sl' Epsilon, Atmore, Freshman IIII WQAINNITSIGF'"iGEElSIIlSI','Tlfa'rFibda Chi Alpha, Huntsville, Freshman . . . MILLER, GEORGE WAYNE, Delta Chi, Gadsden, Senaor, ,gllresidegtk Delta Chi, Greeks, Quad- rangle,f Sgiongm cu"veMQgf3jmQte Q. C-. . MILLER, LEONARESEI., aQQ 'l.hneNfQefQjrJui1ifij'f'?5 ETWLLSAP, VERNON B., Kappa Sigma, Evergreen, Freshman . . . MOR.RlNG, CARL A., JR., Pi Kappa Alpha, Huntsville, Senior, Omicron Delta Kappa, Jasons, Business Manager, Crimson- White, Vice-President, Lavv School, Scabbard and Blade, Tau Kappa Alpha, Presiclent, Debate Squad, Blacktriars. EDWIN B. LIVINGSTON IS PRESIDENT OF BAMA'S LAW STUDENTS Page 95 MOSELEY, ALGIE M., Sigma Chi, Birmingham, Freshman . . . NEWELL, NEAL C., Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, Senior, Phi Delta Phi . . . NICE, CHARLES M., JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Birmingham, Freshman . . . NOLEN, ZACH J., Kappa Sigma, Prattville.. Freshman . . . ODOM, LEWIS GUY, JR., Plgir-cKQappa Sigma, Gadsden, Freshman . . . OIREAR, c'Atis1ETillr:7jsrgme giimlgepef, Freshmarg R . owENs, WINDELL C.,.2Phi - pa-'--igma, Reeigwlueier. ...3L.i'5..E..fli. .,er,,, iii-fy V I OTTS, LEE MACMILLAN, Phi Gamrrldl Qegd, Greensboro, Freshman . . . PAYNE, JOE LESLIE, Pi Kappa Phi, Huntsville, Junior, O. D. K., Jasons, Ouadr ngle, Druids, Beta Gamma Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Delta Plhi . . . PIPPIN, REGINALD F., JR., Sigma Nu, Dothan, Fr hman, Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Tau Sigma, Band, Debate Team . . . POWELL, THOMAS E., Birmin ham, Delta Sigma Pi Q . . REDDEN L. DREW, Alpha Tau ,rne'g'a',""Falla'ssee',":'F .2wman','fPI'i'i"'BetB Kappa . . . REESE, CHARLES THEODJ R , Birmingham, Freshman . . . RENEAU, WILLIAM B., lgma Chi, Wetumpka, Freshman, Phi Eta Si xma. 5 5 .X .- .,.... . ,..,, ,..,-.-.-,..., ,. M . .. y J 23118 f .5 I- REYNOLDS, MOR-GAN, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Clanton, Freshman . . . RICHARDSON, PATRICK W., Kappa Sigma, Huntsville, Junior, Phi Eta Sigma, Blacktriars, National Col- legiate Players, Delta.qSigma Phih. . rl RIPQLEY, SCOTT, JR., Birmingham! Jffnidr E7 IAROYAL, WIIFLIAM H., Lambda Chi AIpIga,QB1irmingha Junior, Qgrella, tillion Club, Greeks V QALMOTSIPIIVPAURICE LGUIS,'JQ,CPEappa Alpha, Mobile, Freshman . . . SAMFORD, YETTA, JR., Alpha Tau Omega, O elika- Freshman . . SCHEVITZ, JOAN A., . F, I D Miami, Freslslrririalllgieggnational Relations Club. f' . J i P .ee its ll D iz I X M cs SCOTT, R MSEY OWENS, Phi Gamma Delta, Ashford, Freshmagy mmer-Jam eg . . . SCRUGGS, EDWARD N., Kappa p ,WGtUn1'et's'Vt'l e, Freshman . . . SELDEN, ARMI- STEAD INGE, JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Greensboro, Fresh- man, Omricon Delta Kappa . . , SELMAN, JACKSON W., x JY "Gimme that old-time religion." Tuscaloosa, Senior, International Relations Club, Veterans Association, Spanish Club, Wesley Foundation, Y. M. C. A. . . . SERBER, STANFORD, Kappa Nu, Brooklyn, N. Y., Junior, President, Hillel . . . SIKES, GRIFFIN, Sigma Nu, Prattville, Junior, Vice-President, Student Government, Jasons . . . SMITH, HUGH WALTER, Leesburg, Freshman. ' D is-. ' N I "tt-. ra - .-. Ti-...ji l TN -' "x-v 1.,., - S , 'K'-WAI:KER,"Slgma A'I'p'I76"Er'5s'iI"o'nT'T.Tvingston Ala., Freshman . . . SMITH, OLLIE D., Whistler, Senior, Phi Delta P ii-3, . SFEAKE, HAROLD LAYQQAN, Kappa Alpha, Danville, 'a --Qi-SP-RADtEY,w R M., Kappa Alpha, lsiiilfitrigliem, Freshliwcfn . . . STCEJCTON, Jolilsl M., Phi Kappa Sigma, Scottsboro, Qreshman, Intertraternity Coun- cil . . . STONE, NORBORNP c., Phi Delta Theta, Mobile, Senior, Phi Delta Phi. ll it fi ii ll TIMBERLAKE, LEWI' R., Kappa- Alpha, Florence, Junior . . . TucKER, -allllllslcev w., ERI? Sigma Chi, Grove l-lill, Junior . . . VAN HORN,x RICHARD DAVIS, Delta Tau Delta, Hope, Junior, Intertrateitjity Council . . . WAITES, BENNETT T., JR., Kappa Alpha, Athens, Freshman . . . WALKER, JOE H., JR., Sigma Nu, Birmingham, Senior, Presi- dent, Quadrangle . . . WALLACE, JACK W., Phi Gamma Delta, Clio, Fres man, Alpha Kappa Psi. I ii A I.-. WAMPOLD, CHARLIESXFETQRY, JR., Zeta Beta Tau, Mont- gomery, Julilorlwl Wh ,'sl"lyl,1AliQMlltfelsqRJelitLQleta Beta Tau, Druids, Jas5TisT'C'SFilAl:lTn'TCTLTb,'ImIKnteFTFaTeTrnity Council . . . WATSON, LON CHANDLER, JR., Chi Phi, Anniston, Senior, Phi Delta Phi, Farra r. er ot J. ris Prudence . . . WEST, WILLIAM2SJAQRRE7'ETbi2Img1,,giSigma,3l5AilrJE,a ipsggg, girgnpgham, Freshman . . . w.gLg,YQJo'sEl7lgB3ANtL fsigme Alpha Epsilon, Birmingham, Freshman . . . WILSON, HENRY K., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Talladega, Freshman . . . WRIGHT, CAMILLE SEARCY, Kappa Delta, Tuscaloosa, Junior, Mortar Board, Secretary-Treasurer, Junior Class, Who's Who, Tri- angle. . . . "LAWYER" CARL MORRING IS CRIMSON-WHITE BUSINESS MANAGER Page 96 4 . V L' ,vp II 'ini - T N X- i if Q- 'K Sf 1 X., QQ, -. ral 'T'- Z' fo' L- 4 ' x 'SF 2' fi- 4' 115 T E I, ! Y-Qi. Q A si - I Q Z ?'-A 3 ' f A ,, xr J - 'XJ A , :pg f ,fy-3, ,. , we n 7 f .1 PM , is fl '27 7 If 1 JZ? , L 5 iv n E? 'Z . , Q 1, C. 4 . e fi NEAL uk X X X Q1 2 -.J:sx.j-N .. R. 'ix 3 X X 'iwgv O Xi Q PEA:-.Q i5x,5.:v N-iliac 5- x. -t A MN X X'-., 5' ng, glp , V Si 1 , 33 - ,il as Q x ' -354 ,iiihfx nw 4 7he R "Can'T geT over how many imporTanT Things have accumulaTed in Tour years. We can'T see parTing wiTh a single iTem, Though, because we've goTTen awfully mellow abouT This business of leaving 'Bama Tor good. Four years! Seems like Tour weeks ago ThaT we were The greenesT Treshmen The CapsTone had ever seen. "l-lere's The 'Friendliness a la 'Bama' card They gave us To wriTe our names on. We wore 'em, Too. Rush week Tavors . . . whaT horror ThaT was . . . like being up Tor sale and when we pledged The boys came To look us over like They were selecTing new maTerial Tor a harem. ThaT was T943 . . . noT many civilian men and no TraTerniTy daTe parlors . . . had To do our courTing in The Union lounge . . . we liked The ASTP boys besT buT There were some Air Corpsmen who didn'T do so badly. No Toorball, iusT informal sTuTT . . . everybody kniTTed . . . and The soldiers ran up and down The Avenue singing songs . . . can'T TorgeT Those. "There aren'T very many corsage cards Trom ThaT sophomore year . . . Three To one women . . . everybody wondered when lasT year's Corolla was coming ouT . . . men were independenT as hell buT Bama had a TooTball Team and There were big week- ends . . . Then The Sugar Bowl and sporTs wriTers raved abouT Gilmer .I . . Spanish gave us TiTs and we had To cuT up a worm and a Trog . . . TraTerniTy men had Their houses back buT Tew had housemoThers . . . Crimson-VVhiTe ediTorials sTirred up quiTe a sTew . . . and even more sTew was sTirred when some rushees and rushers were jailed . . . Those Things made The winTer auarTer Tar from dull . . . Spring, as usual picnics. Oh, and here's The TickeT To The lTurbi concerT . . . he didn'T show up and ThaT was a local Topic Tor many weeks. "Juniors . . . oh, ho, we were a liTTle bored by iT all . . . ThaT is, all buf The Crimson Tide . . . one vicfory aTTer anoTher and man, Those weekend iaunTs . . . a loToT veTerans were back . . . we Took some 'crip' courses and never had such a hard Time passing . . . Everybody Talked abouT name bands buT There weren'T any . . . Dick Hyland, Los Angeles sporTs wriTer called Tide members 'swamp sTudenTs '... everybody was burned up by ThaT . . . we beaT The devil ouT of SouThern Cal in The Rose Bowl, Though . . . VVinTer . . , a loT more men . . . Tormals almosT every weekend . . . men weren'T so independenT now. ' "And now we're Seniors . . . our lasT year . more social doings Than we ThoughT possible . '. . Xavier CugaT . . . Tex Beneke selecTed Corolla beauTies and iT seemed like The whole campus was in Birmingham Tor The dance. Dr. PaTy resigned, and Coach Thomas . . . Ralph Adams, Temporary presidenT . . . "Red" Drew, new coach . . . besT baskeTball Team in eleven years . . . dances, whewl whaT mobs iammed FosTer . . . Johnny' Long and Gene Krupa . . . seniors have goT To be planning how To seT The world on Tire . ... sure haTe To leave and don'T guess we will unless we can geT This damn Trunk closed!" f I ALAND, JACK, Zeta Beta Tau, Birmingham, "A" Club, Arts and Sciences . . . ALLEN, DOROTHY BELLINGER, Zeta Tau Alpha, Birmingham, Phi Beta Kappa, Who's Who, Alpha Lambda Delta, President, Triangle, Y. W. C. A. Cabi- net, Corolla,,WCrinispn-White, Wesley Foundation, Student Forum, Teispsiilhesafl-Blerckiriars,,Junior A. A. U. Mirts and Sciences . . . ,agi1EN3-,jgQ.sEi3.EitHoMAs,Xtix.R., Ucce- leeee, Arts gig-clig slciengrceifef .I . ALLEN, RUTRS ADELINE, Portland, Ii7l'a'i'n'Ne,T'Gi'5 uate . . . AMOS, ALBERT EARLE, Kappa Alpha, Montgomery, Commerce . . . ANDERS, GWENDOLYN ADELE, Phi Mu, Jacksonville, Arts and Scien- ces . . . ANDERSON, ANNETTE AVEFY, Eiigrecic, Arkan- sas, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, President, 'Mottar Board, Who's Who, Secretary, Pi Tau Chi, Cabinet and Council Member, Wesley Foundation, Triangle, Qunior American Chemical Society, Alpha Lambda Delta, S. G. A., Wesley Players, Junior A. A. U. W., Chemistr . I 7 A -c-cc-c-s cc----ec B ANDERSON, OLGA UISE, Alpha Phi, Stratford, Con- necticut.. Arts andgvg nces . . . APPLEYARD, ANITA MING , flI1x+scaleosa,. -eme--Economies'-. . . ARNOLD, BETTY 'VlRGINIA, n'-ig, Ga., Blacktriars, AQs and Sciences, . . . ASHE, A IE ALDRIDGE, Kappa Delta, Tuscumbia, Corolla, Y. W. CFA., Junior A. A. U. W., Arts and Sciences . . . AYCOCK, FRANCIS ORINE, Athens, Commerce . . . BAITES, LEONARD, Huntsville, Delta Sigma Phi, Commerce . . . BANKS, MARY, Montgomery, Choral Union, Vice- president, Women Ind pendents, Arts d Sciences. -In 5 "'V""""E' TPS c 55.8-ft 32.06 87.90 BARCLIFT, MARY PAUL, Delta Zeta, Vicksburg, Miss., Wesley Foundation, International Relations Club, Education . . . BASFOWI Z HAROLD, New York, N. Y., Arts and Sciences . . . HAuER, CATHERI E LOUISE, Alpha Gamma Delta, Qmta, Ga., ArtsAxcEriclTSDiEH1ces . . . BAXTER, JOYCE A RLINE, Alpha De-ltcE:P1itAtttgIIa, Triangle, Y. W. C. A., esle Foundation, Education f . . BAXTER, SYBIL DORIS, Alpha Delta Pi, Attalla, Graduate, Black- triars, Y. W. t . A., Ra er-Jammer . . . BEAIRD, CAROLYN, Delta Zaa . ..He ee e Ehi Upsilon Omicron, President, Panhellenic Council, Alpha Lambda Delta, Caroline Hunt Club, Home Economics . . . BEAMON, LAURENCE EARL, Fayette, Mo., Theta Tau, A. S. M. E., Engineering. l'lcrcIin's hot as fire. BECK, JACQUELINE CECILE, New Orleans, La., Corolla, Rammer-Jammer, Graduate . . . BENTON, JANE, Chi Omega, Opp, Triangle, Education . . . BERTI, ORLANDO, Elmont, N. Y., Engineering . . . BEVERIDGE, ROSE, Alpha Gamma Delta, Bay Minette, Caroline Hunt Club, Home Econdmics . . . BLACKBURN, MARY FRANCES, Attalla, Caroln unt Club, Wesley Founiilation, Y. W. C. A., ln- depe dent izatixgn, Educatioitgn . . BLAIR, A. D., sign, ----Alpha-Eps' ,..Leeds, Com erce . . BL KELY, EDN.Al.5ALILLS,--Ieeafnettfllfiiffv-Chi Thietei-7-Triang , Eisurer, Juniogl A. A. U. W., Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Chi Theta, ScholarshipAKEy, Cgmmeget M B C M51 E' T is E ' E If O I-I BLANCIAK, AMBROSE E.,'North Vandergrift, Penn., Theta Tau, St. Pat's Committee, Engineering . . , BLOOM, EARL C., Phi Gamma Delta,,B'ifninglEn, Arts and Sciences . . . BO-GGESS, PAT, Katppii Kappa Gdthma, Macon, Miss., Tri- angle, Arts and Scie es . . . BOLAN, BARBARA, Zeta Tau Alpha, Dallas, T as, Preside t, Bama Radio Network, Treasurer, Alpha n Rho, Tr' glgle, Arts and Sciences . . . BOLTON, YNNE, Alpeh Gamma Delta, Alexan- der City, Corolla, Y. WRC. Agfducation . . . BOOTH, DOUGLAS WADE, Phi Delta: Theta, Birmingham, Secretary, Theta Tau, Secretary, Tau Blelta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, President, A. I. E. E., Engineering . . . BOUNDS, ADA KATHLEEN, Tuscaloosa, Home Economics I HAD TgEACifiERg X 1 BOYD, KATE WHITFIELD, Ljvifigston, Home Economics . . . BOYD, WILLIAM J., R.,fLE1mbda Chi Al ha, Birmingham, Delta SigmaNRi6 I:iI1vQ. f.l"BR!AI'9BURX,l RIAEPI5 V., JR., Birming- ham, Delta stgmesPt71PmmerEeT"TT'ERTNYON, MARY NELL, Chi Omega, I-Iamilton, Triangle, B. S. U. Council, Y. W. C. A., Caroline Hunt Club, Education ,, . BRASSELL, JOHN C., Montgomirax C213 SciYe!AC2 . Z ,gRgDg1Es,C SARA MELVINA, h X2 criftggj Caro in"e unt Club, Y. W. C. A., Corolla, Education . . . BROCK, PAUL WARRINGTON, Sigma Chi, Mobile, Beta Gamma Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma, Delta Sigma Pi, President, Jasons, Druids, Cotillion Club, O. D. K., Student Senate, Executive Com- mittee, R. O. T. C., Business Manager, Corolla, Who's Who, Engineering. LAURA ELLIS WIGGINS IS WOMEN'S STUDENT GOVERNMENT HEAD Page IOO . I. 2 f 5 1 v Q 5, 5 7. ga Lower right-looking for cig butts. BROCK, WILLIAM E., Enterprise, Commerce . . . BROOKS, THOMAS JAMES, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Camilla, Ga., Com- merce . . . BROWN, KATHERINE MAE, Alpha Gamma Delta, Attalla, Senior, Arts and Sciences, Crimson-White . . . BROWN, MARYWLQUISE, Oakman, Education . . . BROWN, RUFUS W-AYNE, eA-f Detta'vClI1i Russellville, Commerceix-X B.. . BRUNER, JAMES, Sigmffi PStL,,?DSiIC1d,-LivingstQQ,K Commerce. by in I ,A . i 3 fx BRYANT, CAROLYN JACKIE, rvtobtlet Aflfsl and science . . . BURTS, THERON EUGENE, JR., Jacksonville, Fla., Engineering, Sigma Pi Alpha . . BUSH, JULIA, Alpha Phi, Covington, Ga., Arts and Sci nce, Alpha Sigma Omega, Triangle, Spirit Committee . . BYRD, ANNA JO, Birming- ham, Commerce . . . CADf, WILLIAM HORACE, Pi Kappa Alpha Eutala, Arts and!Science, Men's lee Club, Press clUb,fcfiHTs6fiM7Htfe""." ,f'.'i,c'ALLAH7Q11'fJ ES SPEED, JR., Pi Kappa Alpha, Bessemer, Arts and Science, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Veteran's Association. 1, K fif- Q -Us -t - T- , -,iff ,J If I CAMPBELL, CIATHERINE EUGENIA, Gadsden, Arts and Science . . . CARDWELL, JOHN M. JR., Pi Kappa Alpha, Johns, Arts and Science, President, Intertraternity Council, President, Pi Kappa Alpha, Cotillion Club . . . CARMI- CHAEL, ELIZABETH ANN, -Alphcw--Gamfmaf Delta, Tuscumbia, Chemistry . . . CARR, BETTY, Kappa Delta, Montgomery, Arts artd'.,Scjences, Ratnmer-Jammer, Prges,ide1jtt,JJunior Class, VVho's Who . . . CARROLL, JAMES YANCY, Kappa Sigma, Ozark, Commerce. tl , ., c, U .5 i ,N xx if .. x 4 . gi' ,A A rf P vi ' 1 Pt U lg 1 L X' I R itz: ir A CARTER, MNTHIIEDE YATES, Alptteioemamt Delta, vide- burg, Miss., 5,A'l'ts an Science . . '. CARTER, WILLIAM L., JR.: Kappa 'Alpha, B mingham, Arts and Science . . . CARTERQWKLLSQISLE EAND, Kappa Alpha, Fort Lauder- dale, Fla., Arts and Science, Phi Eta Sigma, Druids, Quad- rangle . . . CASHION, SUE, Hamilton, Education, Kappa Delta Pi, Caroline Hunt Club, Phi Upsilon Omicron . . . I Y, f CHAMPION, MARY JOYCE, Wadley, Home Economics, Caro- line Hunt Club, Active Independent Girls . . . CHAPMAN, ROWE, JR., New Hope, Engineering, Institute ot Aeronautical Science, American Society ot Mechanical Engineers . . . CHENAULT, SIDNEY BLAIR, Pi Kappa Alpha, Decatur, Arts and 1Science. , .Nh ra . NNW-- , , . - I 3 ' 'T I I We , L-..,.-., E ,, ,, , C, ,,,,,,,..,, ,U C cElEw, WILLIAM L., JR., Delta Clhi, Birmingham, Engineer- ing ...N CHRISTIAN, JACK P., Sigma,-,Alpha Epsilon, Syla- cauga, Coriinrhercef. -CLARK, THOMASSON, Delta Kaptaial Epsilon, Mobile, Enginedrinfg, Tau Beta Pi, Druids . . . CLARK, HAROLD C., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Birmingham, Commerce, Graduate . . . CLARK, ROBERT DAN, LaFayette, Commerce, Delta Sigma Pi . . . CLEMENTS, MARY ANNE, Kappa Kappa--Gamma, Clayton, Arts and Science, Y. VV. C. A, ,I ,I A li I It Q V. tl CLEVELAND, SAMUEL W., Delia' Chi, Centerville, Arts and Science . . . CLOUGH, LAUREN CLELAND, Oswego, N. Y., Arts and Sciences, Vice-pripsident, Junior Class, Vice-presi- dent, Alabama Student Forum . . . COBB, MARTHA HAR- RIETT, Kappa Delta, Fayette, Home Economics, Panhellenic Council, Corollq, Crimson-White . CQBDB, RICHARD SICARD, Larribdd clitA1,5RQ,,vegpQR,.fA,i2-qqlqgatgqces . . . COBB, VI'R'GINIIlA,l'Bitmingham, Home Economics . . . COCHRAN, ROBERTA ELIZABETH,'Birmingham, Home Eco- nomics, Spirit Committee, ,Caroline Hunt Club. , I ,- 5 ', B fs - 'B 1- sw '-.fs gl 91 I 1 I I 'J E- lui . s t, . .I .A f W. .AS ..,f,.. COLLINS, BETTY QQILAIRE, Eulforcgjcy., cqmnmerce, Phi chi Theta, Tlifnfnble '11 R'sl'g LECQOEEW-r KifDl,?:3W.iIBW-acid, Fla., Arts and science .fit-flcoPEfANt3', ALBERT B., Delta cm, Tuscaloosa, Arts and Science . . . CORCORAN, MARY, Montgomery, Commerce, Phi Chi Theta . . . CORLEY, JIM STEWART, Delta Chi, Birmingham, Arts and Sciences . . . CORLEY, MARJORIE DORMAN, Birmingham, Arts and Scl- ence, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Beta Kappa. 53-YEAR-OLD CRIMSON-WHITE IS EDITED BY JANE FRERET WILLIAMS Page IO3 I f i CORN, ELIZABETH H., Tuscaloosa, Commerce, Band . . . CORPENING, BETTYE SUE, Delta Delta Delta, Atlanta, Ga., Chemistry, Alpha Lambda Delta, President, Pasteur Society, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Glee Club, Blaclctriars, Wesley Foundation, Pi Tau Chi . . . COURNYN, JOHN B., Wash- ington, D. ' eerin ,Spirit Committee . . . C VING- TON, CAROLYN H., D e taAQeJta, Belzoni, MQ Arts and Science,,Y.CW.,rC.fA., '. . . U. W. Wish. COX, JOHN W., ' " , ucation . . . CRA , FRANCES ELIZABETH, Tuscaloosa, Education, Swan Club. I-I. O CRANE, FRANK ELSWORTH, Selma, Arts and Sciences, Can- terbury Club . . . CROCKER WILLIAM LUCKEY, Delta Tau Delta, Oalc Grove, Arts and S iences . . . CROSSFIELD, ALICE LEE, Kappa Kappa Ga , Gadsden, Home Economics, Y. W. C. A., Triangle, Car I e Hunt Club . . . CURRIE, ELEAIE ' .lta.,..EnierEpgise, Arts and Scien e . . . CURRY,-5P FRICIA, Phi Mu, t. Joseph, La., Commerce, Phi Chi Theta - riangle . . . DAHLENE, DONALD HENRY, Delta Chi, T41 gloosa, Arts and Sciences, Band. - r ......................,... ..........W..-- -.....----.--H A C ,jg J ,f DAHMER, ,CLASDE L., JR., Chi Phi, Mobile, Arts and Sciences, Crimson-White Phi Beta Kappa, Veterans Associa- tion . . . DANNELLY, FRANK PERRY, Alpha Tau Omega, Montgomery, Graduate . . . DAUGETTE, ELLEN CLAIRE, Phi Mu, Albgerta,,Ed.gcation, C rolla, Glexe Club, Choral Union . . .I DAVIS, ANNIE KELSIE, Albhg ia Delta, Mobile, Commence, Mortar Board, S. G. A. R,e2pResenta 've, W. S. G. A. Houserot Represerltatiitfetsf Alpha Lgitnbdaxibglla, President, Alpha Xi Delta, Phi Chi Theta . . . DAVIS, JULES LEON- ARD, Pi Kappa Phi, Petrey, Education . . . DAVIS, MAR- GARET C., TpscgXLoos,a,gArts and Sciences, Band, Swan Club. 1' ,X rs ,V gs - X Lf - in at o E X fi rt ,ff r' if KW M- K.. R.- DEASON, ZXRGINI ELIZABETH, Zeta Tau Alpha, Birming- ham, Arts 'a. d Scien es, Triangle, Y. W. C. A., Spanish Club . g- .CDEBARDEL BEN, JEWELL, Kappa Delta, Selma, Arts mf sceiswzssfrrrrsagie, Corolla, Y. w. c. A .... DENIG, JEAN, Chicago, Ill., Spirit Committee, Arts and Sciences . . . DESAUTELS, BETTY JO, Alpha Chi Omega, PAUL BROCK HEADS JASONS AND Here-'s what the men cIon't know. Pensacola, Fla., Arts and Sciences . . . DESLATTES, LOIS, Tuscaloosa, Home Economics . . . DISKO, MICHAEL, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Niles, Ohio, Graduate. A D CKI, JOSEPH F., Youngstovgn, Ohio, Commerce, Phi Eta Sgma R. . . DOUGLAS, DAN-,.s,Qgma Alpha Epsilon, B1rr,YiYgiwm,E-Qfiqlsciences . . .1 DO BETTY JANE, Alfsewillef .Home .Es.QnBff'm. . - -L...l2LLl2I5.E,..-.....E?9i:Q.Y5I-AW: sUffaidTc65'fE'comme-,Ce . . . BUFFEE, cEciL GRAYLEE, JR., Phi Delta Theta, Dadeville, Commerce, Rho Alpha Tau, Druids, QUQQITQDQIG.-J . 5-.I EASTEERJL CAIEDCYN, Chi Omega, Jasper, 'eye Scienc'es,"'iP4r'esidWT, C'riE""Qn"iega, Pan Hel- Ienic, Trian e,iY. W. C. A. ' L' ' fs EDGAR, WILLIAM H-UQRT, Llaimbda Chi Alpha, Birming- ham, Arts end scaefldeg Bqskeibeii tt . . EDWARDS, MARY FRANCES, Alpha Del Pi, Annisto , Arts and Sciences, Phi Beta Kappa, Mortar ard, Fi TaullChi, Wesley Foundation, Business Manager, gr rhson-Whitecl 'gma Delta Pi, Triangle . . . EICHOLZ, LOIISE, Delta!'amma, Gulfport, Miss., Home Economics, W. SI"-GR jr7FIouse ot Representatives, Caroline Hunt club, Y. wlc. A .... EILAND, LAURA MARGARET, Clanton, Comh-Ierce, Phi Chi Theta, Triangle . . . ELLIOTT, WILLIE MAE, Vina, Arts and Sciences, Spirit Committee . . . ELLIS, LAURA M., Delta Gamma, Mont- gomery, Arts anlXScie ces, Rresiclenf, .., S. G. A. Representative, Qrltbg fllilggjoard ot Publications. I I, ' ' 1 1 1 f 1 I .f .r f f- f r BMERSON.3.f.L2sIQ?Q.glELlis1.5.1,imfisi.wtiS1.E,.fiYpYR, Aff, and Sciences, InternationallReIations Club . . . ENGEL, BARBARA, Sigma Delta Tau, Milwaukee, Wis., Home Economics, Pan Hellenic, Spirit Co rnitt e . - . ENSIGN, MARGARET DEAN, I?fmQDelgi SeJ s :gmqlgsgigcest Jr. A. A. U. W., Y. W. .2A9.0. . FKSSWAN, LAURENCE J., JR., Alpha Tau Omega, Montgomery, Commerce, Alpha Tau, . . . FEATHERSTONE, JOANNE, Hurtsboro, Arts and Sciences, Glee Club, Y. W. C. A .... FERNANDEZ, ESTELLE, Delta Delta Delta, Indianola, Miss., Arts and Sciences, Alpha Sigma Omega. IS COROLLA BUSINESS MANAGER Page IO4 V7 by if if Was Yr- sf, ff ,x Nw, Vg. bww 6' '51 'GF .,. 2-2, kr YA it 'Fm- Sfvx Q U. Nr- :'T'f'K L -vv' . -,XT . ',,,.,--" x ,- Before there was ci shortage. FIKES, JOSEPH E., Nauvoo, Engineering, St. Pat's Com- mittee . . . FISHER, ANNA EARLE, Bucatunna, Miss., Home Economics, Education, Spirit Committee, Caroline Hunt Club . . . FLOURNOY, HATTIE, Alpha Gamma Delta, Colum- bus, Ga., Arts and Sciences, Corolla . . . FLOWERS, MARTHA IBYQ Nhetb U silon, Newton, Arts and '-snges, Y. W. C. A., Wesleym nd tiQl1,LSpanish Club . . roam, sfxizfxrini Anais, pa Delta, still,-R.-lilhom, Arts and Sciences? , l . . A., Sigma Delta Pi, Spanish Club . . . FORNEY, JOHN MCLAUGHLIN, JR., Phi Delta Theta, Birmingham, Arts and Sciences, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Blacktriars. H 0 E FORREST, JAMES ALAN, Sig a Alpha Epsilon, Uniontown, Arts and Sciences, National Collegiate Players, President, Blaclctrars, Glee Club . 1 .2 FORRESTER, OYCE MADGE, DothaA Education, Baptgst Student Union uncil, Caroline Hunt Club . . . FOWL , WILLENA ALINE, Fayette, Horne Economics, Education . , FREEARK, GEORGE LOUIS, Spring ' ld, Ill., Arts 5 d5Science, PilQl1Q-47505590 Psi, Phalanx . . . REEDMAN,7F QRA, Boston, Mass., A s and Sciences, Hillel, Active lndep ndents, Junior Hostess Corps. I5 FRERET, KIKI, Birmingham, Arts and Sciences, Alpha Lam- bda Delta, Alprlga-Epsifon-Delta-5 . .FFEIIQLANDER YALE CHARLES, Mobile, Commerce, President, Kappa Nu . . . FULTZ, E.,'jT,Ije'j316Chi, JacQoTi,,MjsQ Commerce, Commerce Association, Gamma Delta . . . GAMBLE, AR- THUR E., Sigma Nu, Greenville, Arts and Sciences . . . GAMBLIN, MARY SUE, Zeta Tau Alpha, Monticello, Ky., Arts and Scfterfhefilriternational Relations Club, Crimson- White, BRN . . . CARRETT, BETTE RQSE,'LefJolEatchie, Home Economics, Secret , Spirit Commitieez? ll , GASKIa, O SM IIE, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Birming- ham, Arts and Sciences, Triangle, Y. W. C. A., Spanish Club, Swan Club . . . GERST, HUGH A., Lambda Chi ACS CE I f Alpha, Bessemer, A. I. M. E .... GILLESPIE, DIANA ELIZABETH, Alpha Gamma Deita, Meridian, Miss., Arts and Sciences, Blaclctriars, Corolla . . . GLASCOCK, JOSEPH K., Meridian, Miss., Engineering, A. S. M. E., St. Pat's . . . GODWIN, MARGARET ELLEN, Braggs, Education, Triangle . . . GODWIN, ROBERT LUTHER, JR., Phi Gamma Delta, -MobilA- School of Commerce, Chorgil Union. Mx. "xx TXCM X r - A :X-.,m XL' I Km'-...,m N"-., A -.MV if ,,,,,,-,L,, ., . . 43... ' .-... ....-,,. .-..- .... GOBING, GRACE MARGARET, Alpha Phi, Birmingham, Arts and Sggiepces, Triangleg. . . GOQDQSON, HOWARD DALTON,"PB'iQKappa- Stgma,"Vei5rron, tS'Q'e'e'i'al Student, Art Club . . . GOODWIN,'ROSCOE HOOPER, Alpha Sigma Phi, Mohawk, N. Y., Engineering, Theta Tau . . . GORDON, MORTIMER, Brooklyn, N. Y., Engineering, Band, Military Band . . . GRAHAM, PE .F Lk- LOUISE, Delta Zeta, Mobile, Arts and Sciences . . GRANELNLI, JOHN D., Bronx, N. Y., Arts and Sciences, it-leQman ClubQ H I l ll, ni l'l L L H GREEN, FREDNA GENE, I-Igtffburgh, Miss., Home Eco- nomics . . . GREENLEE, PAUL c., Barmmghqm, Ala., En- gineering, Phi Eta Sigma .P-I. . GREENWAY, JEANNE Mc- CUTCHEN, Zeta Tau Alpha, Steele, Mo., Education . . . GREER, MYRTIE H., Monroeiville, Music, Education . . . GRESHAM, JOH S., PAhi,,De'ta Theia,,rpoLk,,QCommerce, 'ff-iff aus . '. . o?ESr+i.A?Mt..MAJs,e.AtaE1S:M.aiz.n.o.yiz, Kappa Delta, Birmingha , Graduate, Pi M.u,,Epsilon, Jr. A. A. U. W. J f',!!I Lf-J i-I C3 i" H ,ik L3 E- I V E GRIGGS, Delta, Mobile, Arts and Sciences, Swan Club, Y. W. C. A., Westminister Fellowship . . . QUN3? MARXQNISATHERYN, Delta Delta Delta, AI2yQgiQlerQQiXt?L,VA apfd.iSeience9PpQ-E-laegegia Coun- cil, Junior A. A. U. 9.0 . HKWET, CHARLES, Allentown, Penn., Engineering . . . HACKET, FREDERIC C., Allentown, Penn., Engineering . . . HAGOOD, WILLIAM K., JR., Delta Chi, Dixiana, Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars, National Col- legiate Players . . . HAINES, CHARLES WALDO, Ill, Merid- ian, Miss., Graduate Student, Public Administration. WILL G. CAFFEY IS PRESIDENT OF LOCAL OMICRON DELTA KAPPAS Page IO7 I K HALL, JEAN, Savannah, Ga., Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club . . . HAMILTON, BETTY, Russelville, Education . . , HAMMOND, BESSIE MODELL, Retorm, Education . . . HAMMOND, RALPH, Valley Head, Arts and Sciences, President,,,,St,udent Forum, Crimson-White, Rammer-Jammer, sfudem--Isenare -1l" ff- . HAMNER, ANNIE mum rsierriipeff, Education . . . ,lMAXWE, Chi ega!Jasper, Arts and SeienggegA'ES.eprleJiaf'y,iTriangle, Y. VV. . A. 'fi HAMRICK, ELEANOR JACQUELN, Alpha cha Omega, Cartersville, Ga., Arts and Sciences, Alpha Sigma Omega, French Club, Triangle . . HANCOCK, CORINNE, Marion Junction, Educatiin, B. R N., Alpha Epsilon Rho, Student Forum . . . HAND, ARON R., Hetlin, Education . . . HAND, MILDRED DEINI EY, Birmingham, Arts and Sciences, l?iKesiclent,.,-,Active Indyepfendent-s,---Trio' Ie, Spirit Committee . . HARDIN, WILEIAM JOSEPH, appa sigme, Mobile, Commerce . . . IHARGRAVE, GRACE W., Zeta Tau Alpha, Nortolk, Va., Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club, Presi- dent,--R-hi --Upsildffi-Omic-ron, Triangle- V fi' 45' ' HARPER, JEAN ELIZABETH, Alpha Chi Omega, Huntsville, Chemistry School, Spirit Committee, VVomen's Glee Club, Pasteur: Society . HARRIS, CHARLES E., Phi Kappa Sigma, Cherokee, ,.,- cemmefeei t' HARRIS,-MARY, Slocomb, Arts and, Sciences ,. ,E ., HARRISON,, MARY. LOUISE, Phi Mu, Birmiiiqglwddw, Cbmmefee, Triangle? Phij Qni Theta . . . HARVEY, ROSE FRANCES, Theta Upsilon, Tuscaloosa, Home Economics, Newman Club, Spirit Committee . . . HATCHER, DAVID Delta Theta, Memphis, Tenn., Phi Eta Sigma,'Alpha!,Ch'i Sigma, Graduate!! fi ,rt 3 Q 5 .K N ci if il HATJQON, AN , Montgomery, Arts and Sciences, Inter- nati5E,5noJ.,, Iirb . . . HAYNES, VIRGINIA, Corinth, Miss., Education, Swan Club, Terpsichora, Spirit Committee . . . HEAD, HOLMAN, Phi Kappa Sigma, Montgomery, Arts and Sciences . . . HEARN, LOYL COLLINS, Albertville, Chow line-T947 version. Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars, Triangle . . . HEATH, HENRY L., Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, Arts and Sciences . . . HENEGAR, MARGARET, Alpha Delta Pi, Copperhill, Tenn., Home Economics, Glee Club, Y. W. C. A. A N 9 Six!-X Q"-qxuw , HERLONGNTJQSFIN ARTHUR,l Gadsd'5r'r,-..Q'gmmerce, Phi Eta ' ,,.o.ei1EL.sigma.i2E. . .lHERMAN,.zE1.E:eEoRoE, cer- Baon Hill, Commerce . . . HETZZER, JEAN, Chi Omega, State College, Miss., Arts and Sciences, ,Alpha Sigma Omega, Horlohrfgg-rS?1MArtiIEfat,eQitjILk. Z.: HKIIEIJQZJQHNNIE FAE, Jasper, Gradwltge . . . ljIlLl.E, EILEEN MAE, Biloxi, Miss., Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club, Phi Upsilon Omicron . . . HOLLEY, JULIA HESTER,i'Delta Zeta, Jacksonville, Arts and Sciences, Crimson-While, Secretary, International Relations Club, Student Federalist, Press Club, Student Forum. tl a, I, 3 II I I I HORTON, , Kappa,-Alpha, Birmingham, Crimson- White, Arts and Sciences HOWELL, KATY LEE, Delta Zeta, Concord, N. FC.,,.Cornmerce, Phi Chi Theta, B. S. U. Council, Triangle, International Relations Club . . . HOWELL, MARTHA ELIIZABETH, Chi Omega, Eutaw, Com- merce, Y. VV. C. A., Corolla . . . HUGHES, MARY EVELYN, Tuscaloosa, Home Economics . . . HUNNICUTT, NORVIN, Fhi Ga mcg D Ita, Tuscaloosa, EngSineeri,ng,,,Graduate . . HURY,,,E,ORCliFfIYI'.PIARLLEE, Zefcf,..Tau Alpha., Birmingham, Arts and Sciiences. ' I I -.-. , . .N ' i xl 1 iN Xfvl ti if f - . v' ..,. :.f -...wr A vi, , 1 - . ., .. . 2 HUTCHINSONE JOHN H., Kppa Alpha, Montgomery, cem- merce . . . HYTKEN, JULIAN STANTON, Kappa Nu, Indian- ola Mis., Engin-eefing .4f"I3'l ISAPASON, ROBERT: PIII Gai2rhbOSDdita,S "A' Magiisoig, Comiifrietce? LPFesident, Phi Gamma Delta,L'B'Iac triars' . . ISBELL, BILLY SPENCER, Delta Chi, Birmingham, Engineering, Y. M. C. A., St. Pat's Association, Inst. ot Aero. Sciences, "A" Book, Crimson- White . . . JACKSON, HARDY B., JR., Guntersville, Educa- tion, Men's Chorus . . . JACKSON, HOMER ARLIN, Sigma Nu, Birmingham, Graduate. JIMMIE MOORE IS THE EDITOR OF ALABAMA'S FIFTY-FIFTH COROLLA Page IOS f? yi' 'IQ no '5 X4 R 1 'N N4 ig R st,- Q . ,25g553f. s A X M a. .. ,nf f I -f:ff'...Q. , iw 9 ,, 5 :XQLEN . ,,f 4 V ' "Y .v Ei A 4 X Q 49 , x , , my Q 3 NS ,, ,,.cfa, ,SJ LN J I Ballot stuffers burn midnight oil. JACKSON, JACQUELYN YVONNE, Alpha Gamma Delta, Jasper, Arts and Sciences . . . JACKSON, JOYCE, Colum- biana, Alpha Lambda Delta, Active Independents, Education . . . JAMES, AMY KATHARINE, Alpha Chi Omega, Pensa- cola, Fla., At i Sciences, Mortar Board, VVho's Who, President Delta Pi, Cr'imson-Wh .P-. . JAMES, MARION, ZGlCfll.CIU'vAxl.E.l3fl'1.i..lUSCOlOOSxX Ho Eco- nomics, Swag rCflUb:TPre'Slgletf lierpsichora, Triaotggxle, B. S. U., Blaclctriars-T7'E'JAMES, RAY WARREN, Lambda Chi Alpha, Eutaula, Commerce, Alpha Kappa Psi . . . JAMIESON, ADA JEAN, Miami, Flo., Education. It U E JENKINS, HELEN LORRAI , Alpha Phi, Franklin, Tenn., Arts and Sciences, Newman Club, Corolla . . . JENKINS, KATH Rir-eefieemmeuf pewmmgrmfclfgoducfe . . . JENKI S, LOUISE YOUN , Alpha Gamma Delta, La Grange, Georgia, Arts and Sci ce . . . JENKINS, PAUL J., St. Petersburg, Fla., Agtgand Sciences . . . JOHNSON, CHAR s ., ' Llzl'I'ETOT'Bil'TT'IiITQ'l'iOV'E9 emdume, Phi Beta appa . . .7 HNSON, DEWEY, Enterprise, Graduate. If JOHNSOIF, ELIZAIETIH, Anniston, Apts d Sciences, Tri- angle . . . EDI-TISIS ','G'T'-ITGSIA DUAQIE Florence, Com- merce, 'an I . . J HNSON, RY E ZABETH, Bir- ming.hagSCga'istry5EQ'nga Sigmaggvpfgloig Qpha Lambda Delta . . . JOHNSON, IDA MAE, Tuscaloosa, Commerce . . . JOHNSON, JAMES GASTON, Kappa Sigma, Geneva, Arts and Scign B . JOHN-SON, JOSEPH M., Theta Xi, West Blocton, erce, Delta Sigma P' C A B ll D 5 AC F CE- - -A JOHNS , Skipperville, Graduate . . . JOHNSON, THOMASINE, Delta Zeta, Birmingham, Arts and Sciences . . . JOHNSON, TYNES MAC, Lanett, Education, Triangle, Terpsichora, Physical Education Club . . . ik we -of 'mv I LH f JOHNSON, FRED T., Tuscaloosa, Commerce, Delta Sigma Pi . . . JONES, KENNETH R., Salem, N. J., Arts and Sciences, Veteran's Association, French Club. A ANNA D J ES,'i'MA'RY'ANNl,..Bjr-mingharri, Arts a,n'al"iSfeie,nceg . . . JON STMARY 'IJI'BfKap'paT'Kappa fEGa'FriFnaT"Ta'lled45'ga, Arts and Sciences, Vice President, Triangle . , . JONES, RUSSELL, Eclitic, Comrnergp, Pi Mu Epsilon, Delta Sigma Pi . . .-JG! EG, IHOMASINE VlVIANii:F,risco City, Educa- tion, Swarp CE-lub, Physical"'Education, Maier Club . . . JORDAN, WILLIAM D., Kappa Alpha, Gordo, Graduate, Phi Eta Sigma, Quadranglepdbfsons, Theta Tau, Tau Beta Pi, O. D. K .... JOSPIN, Sigma Alpha Mu, Bessemer, Graduate . . . KAI-JRS HARRIETTE MADELINE, Phi Mu, Augusta, Ga., Arts ,and Sciences,QRammer-Jammer, B. R. N. Il Q li I It C CH .Xxx 7,7 xi,-ig, KAM, GEORGE, Honolu , Hawaii, Commerce . . . KAUCH, ROBERT, JR., Chi hi, Alexandria, Va., Arts and Blaclctriars . . . KEITH, REUBEN STANLEY, Mont- Engineering, Thetcl Tau . . . KEMP, WANDA Sciences, gomery, NOBLE, Shayvm t, ,gn Sqtergrceis, Qzfleglq gifoundation, Pi Tau nge-,Q-S-pir,i'tAfCommittee,rfsS-wanmfilrrb . . . KEMPER, MARGIRET, Demopolis,j-Iofne Economics, Triangle . . . KENNEDY, WILLIAMfR'OBERT, Sigma Phi Epsilon, New York, N. Y., Engineering. 1 . XNI-IQ? HAD LIVES i .,..-E-.E .,....... ..-...-.-.....-.. -E .-.J Q .. 'Tf Z KEY BQRQHAX 'gifs XTZTTEW T533 A' , NE!gl.,QKappCf Qqlrta, Russellville, Educa- tion, Y. W. C. A .... KIGER, JOSEPH C., Lambda Chi Alpha, Ft. Mitchell, Ky., Graduate . . . KING, ALTON B., St. Pauls, N. C., Engineering . . . KOINER, FAY K., JR., Sigma Chi, Waynesboro, Va., Education . . . KRESSES, MIRIAM, Birmingham, Chemistry, Orchestra, Glee Club . . . KURITZKY, MARVIN A., Peekskill, N. Y., Engineering. fre. CAROLYN BEAIRD IS ALABAMA PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL PRESIDENT Page III KUYKENDALL, LUCILLE, Delta Delta Delta, Clarksdale, Miss., Home Economics . . . KYLE, ESTER CAROLYN, Zeta Tau Alpha, Birmingham, Arts and Sciences, Triangle . . . KYZAR, ANNE ELIZABETH, Alpha Chi Omega, Greenville, Ga., Home Ecgnmogtigs . . . LAFOY, MILDRED RUTH, Tusca- loosa, Ed . Q5 fx at FA L L zl 'Sq SLEET 4 LAMAR, MARY, Kappa Delta, Selma, Arts and Sciences, Y. W. C. A., Corolla, Rammer-Jammfj . LAMARK, GLORIA IRENE, Pittsburgh, Pa., Arts a Sci ces, B. R. N., Blacktriars, Vocolist, Bobby Adair's Orchestra . . . LAMARK, MARY LOU, Pittsburgh, Pa., ArtsEand Sciences, Cheerleader, Blacktriars, B. R. N .... LA , JAMES PERRY, Tuscaloosa, Engineering . . . LANGLEY PAT, Brantley, Education, S. G. A., Phi Upsilon, Caroline Hunt Club . . . LAUGHTER, CLYDELN., LoyeQMiss., Engiieering,vTaunBegSPi, A. S. C. E., St. Pa lS,IVetera-ns-Assocjfa oft . . . LEE,.I EPHINE ELIZA- BETH, Zeta Tau Alpha, Ieveland, Ohio, Arts and Sciences, Y. W. C. A .... LEE MARTHA CAROLYN, Enterprise, Arts and S .nces. 5 6 o...----.---. Z F LELAND, JOSEPH, JR., Delta Kappa Epsilon, Birmingham, Commerce . . . LETT, PHILLIP WOOD, JR., Lambda Chi Alpha, Midland City, Graduate, Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma . . . LEVFE, IAELSN SAMUEL, Sigga Agoha Mu, Brook- lyn, N. Y., rtsQan'd iences, Phi Eta iggta . . . LEVINE, SAM, ta ta cr, 'rmingha -Engi ing . . . Lici-irEiiBG'3uif'I5?h, KBFQQZPU, Barmilg-6m', Bigmefce, spirit Committee, B. R. N .... LIDDELL, DOROTHY LASSETER, Alpha Phi, Fairtielcl, Commerce, Triangle. A B I C A B ll n is LINDLER, PA 2 YMON, Eva, CLBngrnBFceC.E. . LINDLY, EDITH ANN, -- iss., Arts and Sciences, Student Forum . . . LIN 1 ETH BEARD, Alpha Xi Delta, Tusca- loosa, M- ..A. . ..'-5 :..- EZSociety . . . LINSKY, HENRY EUGENE, Baileyton, Engineering, A. I. C. E .... LIPHAM, VIRIE, Wedowee, Education, Baptist Student Union, Caroline Hunt Club . . . LITTLE, JANIE LEE, Delta Zeta, Birmingham, Phi Mu's at Rush. Home Economics, Pi Tau Chi, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Wesley Foundation Cabinet, Caroline Hunt Club, Bordon Scholar- ship Award, I946, Jr. A. A. U. W., President, Wesley Players. A D LO ER ELMER, Kappa a, Birmingham, Com- mek ,..Varsi.tyZBas. lall, I945, "A' Club . 1. LOPATOFF, Mirc ELL-, Bro.cM.yn..M-....,- Engi. mi- F . . LOVWORN, J. FAYE, Oxtord, Corrfmerce, Blacktriars, Inter- national Relations Club, Student Forum, Glee Club, Spanish Club . . .Ai.li1LL, MKS. WILLUAM L,rOyFBieQ, chemistry . . . McCARLEY,6FIlELEN 'ST-IERA'RIQ,TDeItaF Garijrga, Shettield, Arts and Sciences, Women's Spirit Committee, Blacktriars, Y. W. C. A .... MCCARTER, SUE,HDelta Zeta, Birmingham, Arts and Sciences, Pi Tau Chi, Wesley Foundation. ff. O., ,' HC I l McCOLLUM, JACK Pi Kappa Alpha, Meridian, Miss., Arts and Sciences L- . MCCRQQQ FRANCES, Alpha Chi Omega, Fairfield, Chernstry .yy . MCDAVID, MARTHA VIRGINIA, Chi Omega, Birmirigilgfam, Arts and Sciences . . . MCDONALD, WILLIAM ULMA JR., DeKalb, Arts and Sciences, Managing Editor, CrimsonlWhite, Student Forum, Student Federalists, University Press Club, Rammer-Jammer, Phi Beta Kappa . . . MCGEE, ROSA YN, Phi Mu, Birmingham, Home Economics . . c QXW , BA-R-BQRS Qlqtggton, Com- merce, Bla ' 'F , -Iwi ' I . ,, I wi-io 'limo Leven McINNIS, ineering, Theta Tau, Band . . . Mc OSKY, THEODORE, Phi Sigma Kappa, Monessen, Pa., Engcgeiggng, Thigwgau, "A" Club . . . MCLAUG IT ., igma, i ' gham, En- gineeringgltgsgtcexlawim . Zeta Tau Alpha, Mobile, Commerce, President, Zeta Tau Alpha, Phi Chi Theta, Corolla, Triangle, Wesley Foundation, Panhel- lenic Council, Jr. A. A. U. W .... MCLELLAN, JOHN W, Kappa Sigma, Birmingham, Engineering . . . MCWILLIAMS, MARY, Delta Gamma, Birmingham, Arts and Sciences, Alpha Lambda Delta, Choral Union. THE RAMMER-JAMMER HUMOR MAGAZINE IS EDITED BY NELLE LEE Page II2 ,l. r l . ,F 7' My 9 A gf- . ,R X ' I QW wb 'wr' HH. 469 2 -...ka tx: If :J LT f 'ft 1f"' E' '2 ,Ar Sv KU S I' cfm' .kg R xx r I , .- l '4 gi- 'r ---am, 5 X 1 u 'Rv- N The Governor-The Arm-The Noise. MACAULAY, HUGH H., Lambda Chi Alpha, Seneca, S. C., Commerce, lnterfraternity Council, Chancellor-Delta Sigma Pi, Crimson-White, Corolla, Commerce Association Council . . . MADISON, KATHERINE HOWELL, Chi Omega, Tusca- loosa, Arts agdJS.c,ignces . . . MAHAFFIE, MARY FRANCES, Delta Delta-T3eIta,--'I-tefrtsville, Arts ancl Sciences, stelent, Jr. A. A. U. W., TrianQlb,XPt'e ide-I1lt.,L.Sigma Delhi Ei, orolla, Spanish Clubrg .ETMA , RREN J., Delta Cwlti, Metropolis, III., Comm'eTE7'f ANNING, ALICE, Alpha Chi Omega, Huntsville, Education, Blacktriars, Glee Club . . . MARTIN, FRANCES AMELIA, Anniston, Arts and Sciences, Y. W. C. A., Wesley Foundation, Pi Tau Chi. H Al 0 E MARTIN, JOHN HENRY, Phi Delta Theta, Pell City, Arts and Sciences . . . MARTINE, ANN ADAIR, Alpha Chi Ome2S:.I?.3JJ.SSt.QQ.LQ,,f.ISt,:iA1iS.a.cLd..Sciencg, Secretary, W. S. G. A., Blacktriars, Ct' in-White . . . MARTINOLICH, RACHAEL, Brundidge, ucation, Blaclctriars . . . MARVIN, BETTY, Snowdoun, ts and Sciences . . . MATSON, JAME6 .CURIISL Sigma, Lalladga, Engineering . . . MATTHE ,SWILLIAM E., Delta hi, Birmingham, Arts and Science , Blacktriars, National Collegiate Players. I7 MATHEWS, MARY ELLEN, Alpha Gamma Delta, Mont- gomery, Ar a d ci ces,..S..G.,.A. . .F.eMATTHEWS, JOHN R., JR., SignIE1axlpia?psilon, Montgomery, Arts and Sciences . . MISPQVEL S5 cm LA Ef Algwgg cm omega, Louisvilie? Ky., Artsgg Ejences, Utgsistant Editor, Rammer- Jammer, Crimson-White, Y. W. C. A., Press Club, Women's Editor, Corolla . . . MEARS, LENORA, Alpha Phi, Gadsden, Home Econcplbni , irB Committee, Caroline Hunt Club . . . MITCHELL, JAM S FERGUSON, Fairh eg Apt and Sciences . . . MoBLEY, LLARD K., stgnliemtil B fxngiwm, com- merce. , A C 12 QE ' ' o .. ,,,. - 5 MONROE, FRANCIS BARTOW, Ill, Sigma Nu, Huntsville, Arts and Sciences . . . MONTGOMERY, CHARLES LEVIS, Theta Xi, Ardmore, Pa., Commerce, Delta Sigma Pi . . . 1 1 MONTGOMERY, MARIA M., Brownville, Education . . . MOORE, JIMMIE, Phi Gamma Delta, Tuscumbia, Editor, Corolla, Board of Publications, Student Senate, University Press Club, President, Men's Spirit Committee, Feature Edi- tor, Rammer-Jammer, Crimson-White . . . MORGAN, ED, Tuse'IJmbia, Arts and Sciences. X ,, ,,,. -fbi-shllv' I ' MQRRIS HUGH.-l5M3i EC'SIOI?f?.9.Q.z ...., H .i5.-QQit3s2l,,,.Sf5tenCeS, Unixqersity-PE,s"AssoEiationI . . . MORRISON, H. E., Cullman, Commerce . . . MOSS, SARAH JANE, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Brewton, anclmSciejnces, Alpha Iignzijbda Delta, Spirit CommitteefntSj'G. 'A., Tfiarglgle, Panhell'QnE"'Council, Mortar Board . . DMEDUGHON, WILLIAM S., JR., Alpha Tau Omega, Birmingham, Arts and Sciegcegs, Alpha Epsilon Delta . . . MOXLEY, GLADYS BISHOPI, Phi Mu, Birmingham, Arts and Sciences, Y. W. C. A. Whe-Q Jr. A. A. U. W., Panhellenic Council, Triangle . ,Q . MOYQNIHAN, ELORA AMANDA, Alpha Delta Pi, Ldfurel, Miss., Aiftsriand Sciences, Y. W. C. A., Crimson-White . MUDD, NED, Phi Delta Theta, Birmingham, Arts ancliSciences. I It C CH MUDD, ROBERT, Plhlie tciimta, Birmingham, Arts and Sciences . . . MULLINS, RED F., JR., Sigma Nu, Helena, Arts and Sciences . . . MURFF, KATHLEEN FRANCES, Theta Upsilon, Ashland City, Tenn., Arts and Sciences, Choral Union . . . MURPHY, MQUORIE, Chi Omega, New Or- leans, La., Hom o o ic . . , R Nt: XILLIAM M., JR., Sigm , '. Tau Beta Pi, Theta T u, A. I. E. E. . .,.fMYERS, MARY BRITTAIN, Birmingham,'Arts and Sciencesf' wi-to 'T-TAD IMIVED NANcAifRoWf ioTN'iA7'iBiFHi'H'5H5Fh5' Graduate . . . NAPP, RALPH R., Riverton, Conn., Arts and Sciences, Presi- dent, Spirit Committie . . NEI-ECN, MARY JOSEPHINE, Alpha 2-b8m?gav,WMsdei1,W'lGQQmduQ,,t,e5g53. 3. SNEWELL, KALETA , And rag, QSQC., AgrtQ',Qnd Sciences, President, Blacktriars, Zeta Phi Eta, NationaliCollegiate Players, B. R. N., Radio Extension Workshop . . . NEWMAN, HELEN L., Theta Upsilon, Hattisburg, Miss., Education, Triangle . . . NEWSOM, SARAH, Montgomery, Commerce, W. S. G. A., Spirit Committee, Triangle, Phi Chi Theta, Alpha Lambda Delta. CLARE BARTON IS PRESIDENT OF BAMA'S DELTA GAMMA CHAPTER Page II5 f . NICHOLS, VELMA JEAN, Linden, Chemistry ,. . . NOR- MAN, MARION E, Phi Mu, Bovvling Green, Ky., Arts and Sciences, Y. W. C. A., Crimson-White . . . NORMAN, ROBERT DANIEL, Delta Chi, Birmingham, Commerce . . . NORTHEN, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Richmond, Va., CommerceT'DeIta'yS'tg' ,hi . . . NORTON, LAWR EXW., Delta Chi, Florence, Qtgine 'iaiwi-I1-'Seabbard ,g d.LB ade, A. I. Ch. E. . SALME SHR,-li " ILLIAM, Sigmawgpha Epsilon, Montevallo',TArFsma'nd Sciences, National Collegiate Players, Tau Delta Tau, Rammer-Jammer. OWEN, CHARLES R., Northport, Engineering, Vice-Presi- dent, Tau Beta Pi, Alabama Saffiiety ot Industrial Engineers, Theta Tau . . . OWEN, JOH DUNK, Samson, Education . . . MARVIN, PARK, JR: Ralph, Arts and Science, Stu- dent Assistant Wesley Foun ation . . . PARRIGIN, BILLIE ALICE? Alp,L'i.Q..C.llLsQ.l3l!i.QdmJQJ1tQ,,.L511+ ts and Sciences, Nevvrhbn Club, Y. W.3CZ4A., Panhelleni 'Council . . . PARSONS, SAMUEL P., essemer, Engineering . . . PART- LOW, ILOUISE, Kap fDelta, Tuscaloosa, Arts and Sciences, E0lITOT'4Q,.QQJZ.Q.lLQu.. . Q.E..BQSIIIld5..I:iC1JC1J1QI.LGEy Council, W. S. G. A.,fPresident, Y paa Delta, Alpha Lam da Delta, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Bo rd of Publications, Student Senate. F PATTE-N, BETTIE JANE, Tampa, Fla., Commerce, Y. W. C. A., Blacktriars, Commerce Association, Junior Hostess, Bama Radio Net tk, ,Epi Committee, C gl Staff . . . PArtoN, dung.-m, Miss., Hom? cghomics . . . PAUL, O D ,mga Tau Egg, Bi ingham, Arts cmd scteieegq E, ELEA ,'AiELE2 cm Omega, Huntsville, Arts and Sciences, Crimson-White, Wesley Foun- dation . . . PEACOCK, BOBBIE, Alpha Gamma Delta, St. Petersburg, ,Rl ., tsI?,and Sciences, Zeta Phi Eta, National Collegiate Pla exr , Blacktriars . . 1 PECK, WARREN GILBERT, Plymou ,CMass., Arts anollXSBielIceEI Gamma Delta, Northington Asgoci tion. AQ III. CE PEETEP . tevallo, Education . . . PERRY, JANE ELLEN, Chi Omega, Greenville, Miss., Arts and Sci- ences, Triangle, Y. W. C. A .... PHARR, SARA NELL, Tuscaloosa, Arts and Science, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, Glee Dczteless Saturday. Club, Triangle, Wesley Foundation . . . PHILLIPS, DORO- THY, Kappa Delta, Birmingham, Arts and Science, Orchestra, Chamber Music . . . PHILLIPS, THOMAS HAL, Kossuth, Miss., Graduate . . . PIERCE, MARJORIE LOUISE, Opp, Arts and Sciences, W. S. G. A., University Symphony Or- chefira. 'ns rv I Q-. S I Nm,KNh X - N - ,- - -v-e...,,,..,Qu:?hN,. F Pils1NeLL,uoAN-N,-sr'-mmgimm,Q-mms-Und-,sci-ettee, Alpha Epsilbn Delta, Religious Council, LChristian Student Center, Band, Symphony Orchestra . . . POD-OLNY, WILLIAM H., New YO,,igfg1rsQ..,y.,jspgmeeftng, if-A. sE..T: ...... .. . PowANDA, WILLIAM QI-IZIRLES, Anfonia, Conn., Cbmfmerce, Commerce Club . . . PRATHER, ANNKEKMORRIS, Columbus, GG., Com- merce, International Relatipnis' Club, Y. W. C. A., Black- triars, Commerce Association, Jr. A. A. U. W., Corolla Stott . . . PRESLEY, MAI9EVEIQYN,,XAlpha Delta Pi, Scottsboro, Arts and Sciences, Triangle, Junior' A. U. W .... PRICE, BETTY MAY, Birmingtlfiom, HomeTiEconomics, Spanish Club, Caroline Hunt Club. i I it C C H Xxx fflfiz PRICE, BETTY JANE, Ch? Qrriega, Tuscaloosa, Home Econo- mics, Y. W. C. A .... ICE, EDWIN, W., JR., Ashland, Penn, Arts and Sciences, rimson-White, Rammer-Jammer, Press Club, Student Forum . . . PRICE, MARGARET HOW- ARD, Delta Ga ma, Tuscal osa, Arts and Sciences, Triangle . . . PROL Dcpmzsiqp AY,TMtEsbtte5ZCEcbrEmQrce . . . PRUETT,J ,' "tt"PT:TfneTATts'onifienceswf QU-INN, A. EDWARD, P i Delta Theta, Birmingham, Arts and Scien- ces. ,f' WHO 'T-EAD Lived RAGSDALE, ANNI LAURIE, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Ozark, Education, Vice-Prejiderit, Y. ..C. A., Triangle, Spirit commm gpg 'shcifub .X mjfgjginumxyag rgnxgg Alicia, Phi Mwgpl ersgurg, QdQcation7.6.Q RA LD, LAWRENCE L., Theta Xi, Tuscaloosa, Chemistry . . . REYNOLDS, HAZEL SMITH, Grady, Arts and Sciences . . . REYNOLDS, JOSEPH ALLEN, JR., Montgomery, Arts and Sciences, O. D. K., Phi Eta Sigma . . . REYNOLDS, SARA HENRY, Chi Omega, Montevallo, Arts and Sciences, Assistant Editor, Corolla, Junior A. A. U. W., Y. W. C. A., Triangle. JIM BEECH SERVES AS SPORTS EDITOR OF ALL THREE PUBLICATIONS Page II6 Lu f I v,.f 155- 5' -va Q, ll x X KN fs., Eg, mfr ' L, fx UW. 'ff H Mr' A I .Q Y 1,5 X ,ds 5 3 167' Y91 3 can 5,1 V' ,X ry, ' I tssgf' , Wg, .Q 4' "'e.fs::f x Q Q I. 1 Wm -W, . . 1 x X x 6 Il' y ...A. X W x Q X K x A Barfly Convention. RHODES, GILBERT A., JR., Delta Chi, Tuscaloosa, Engineer- ing, A. S. M. E., I. A. S., Wesley Foundation, Veterans Association, Reserve Officers Association . . . RICHARD- SON, FREDERICKA MAXWELL, Kappa Delta, Tuscaloosa, Arts and Sciences, Triangle, Vice-President, Canterbury Club, Inter:Faith Council, Treasurer, Swan Club, Sigma Delta Pi, Alpha Lamba Delta .. . RICHARDSON, o1..E., Phi Delta Kappa, Huntsville, Educfation . . . RICORDS, FRANK CLARKE, Merchantville, New Jersey, Commerce, Delta Sigma Fi . . . RIEMAN, GLORIA, Delta Gamma, Gulfport, Miss., Home Economics, Y. W. C. A., Caroline Hunt Club, Pan- hellenic . . . RIPLEY, AMES A., Erie, Pennsylvania, Arts and Sciences, Band, Symphony, Dance' Band' -. . . ROMBO- KAS, HELEN MARIE, Roanoke, Home Economics, Baptist Student Union. g ROFER, ROBERT B., Kappa Sigma, Hazelhurst, Miss., Com- merce . . . ROSE, BEVERLY, Brooklyn, Y., Home Eco- nomics, Hillel . . ROWE, BETTY STITH, Delta Delta Delta, Tuscaloosa, Arts and Sciences, President, Delta Delta Delta . . . RUSSEL, ELNA GARRARD, Florence, Education, Spanish Club, Band, Junior Hostess, Glee Club . . . RUTLEDGE,-RICHARD E., Chi Fhi, l-laleyville, Commerce, Secretary-Treasurer, lnterfraternity Council, Crimson-White . . . RUTH,-EMILY, Selma, Chemistry . . . SAMUEL, CAROLYN ELIZABETH, Montgomery, Commerce. SANDERS, FRED B., Phi Kappa Sigma, Scottsboro, Arts and Sciences . . . SANDERS, JOHN LAMAR, Phi Kappa Sigma, Goshen, Arts and Sciences ...' S ANFORD, CHARLES H., JCISPGV, Education . .E . SANKEYHMARIAN ALLEN, Zeta Tau Alpha,-'Montgomery,' Home Economicsff Caroline Hunt Club, Y. W. C. A .... SANSING, JAMES R., Pi Kappa Phi, Margaret, Commerce . . . SAUNDERS, BETTY BART, Alpha Phi, Birmingham,Education, Vice-President, Alpha Phi, Tri- angle, Sec'reta.ry,f'Swan Club, Physical Education Major Club, Alpha Lambda Delta . . .5SQ3AIiES,5NtARTHA ELizA- BETH, Delta Delta., Delta, Decatur, l',ILlpmS,,,Econ-omics. ,,- Q M . S. L. f a scnuuwgytsi, ROSLY.N, Birmingham, Education, Hillel Faiiii- dation,g,SpB1nish Clubyfs, . SCONZO, FRANK THOMAS, Brooklyn, NPewMYo'i:k,iArts and Sciences, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Delta . . . SCOTT, HELEN MARIE, Thomaston, Georgia, Arts and Science, Zeta Phi Eta, B. R. N., Crimson- White, Secretary, Blackfriars '46, Choral Club . . . SCOTT, JUANITA VIRGINIA, Carbon Hill, Home Economics, Pi Tau Chi, Swan Club, Cabinet, Wesley Foundation . . . SERE- VEN, JAMES ODINGSELL JR., Phi Delta Theta, Birmingham, Commerce, Quadrangle . . . SELF, BEN ELLIS, Sigma Chi, Mobile, Arts and Sciences. I' ii sair, DoRoti-iyiouiss, siimiaahamwiis aaa saaiiaas, W. G. A., Vice-President, Y. 'W. C. AI,",-Junior, A. A. U. ,WT,"Triangle, Spirit Committee,"'Westminster "Fellowship . .". SELF, ELSIE JEAN, Birmingham, Arts and Science, Y. W. C. A., Triangle, Westminster Fellowship-. . . SESSIONS, MARGARET,-'Kappa Delta,--Birmingham,-,Home Economics, Rammer-Jammer, Crimson-White, Junior'Aa' A. U. W .... SHACKEROFF, ALFRED MAX, Batesville, Miss., Arts and Sciences, B. R. N., Cavaliers' Orchestra . . . FSHAMBLIN, MARIE, Zeta Tau Alpha, Tuscaloosa, A. B., Blackfiiars, Y. W. C. A., Crimson-White, Spanish Club . . . SHAW, A. W., Delta Chi, Athens, ,Arts and Sciences. SHAW, JEROME, New York City, N. Y., Arts and Sciences . . . SHAW, PEGGY JO, Chi'Qmega, Birmingham, Edu- cation, Elementary School Council, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, Triangle . . . SHELTON., MARTHA EUGENIA, Altoona, Education . . . SHERMAN RUTH, Hogansville, Ga., Chemis- try, Glee Club, House ot?5Representatives, Pasteur Society . . . SHIRLEY, PATTY, Reform, Commerce, Glee Club, Y. W. C. A., Spirit Committee, James A. Anderson Memorial Scholarship 5. SHORES, -DOROTHY FRANCES, Delta Zeta, Birmi.ngham,ifHome -Economics, WesleyliFounalation, Pi Tau Chi, Caifoline Hunt Club 1 ,ff . SHURETT, THOMAS GAINES, Delta Chi, Tuscaloosa,"Engineering. X, ... ..g... SIMMONS, SAllLY,..Colum'bus,l .G,a.,'ff..Arts and Sciences., French Club, Spanistf Club . . . SIMON, ARTHUR JAMES, Sigma Alpha Mu, Brooklyn, N. Y., Arts and Sciences, Vet- erans Association, Pljai-3Ett.g Sigmagffflijllel, Phi Beta Kappa, Stu- dent Foiifmtjlnterneitionail Relat-ion2ffClU-b iii SIMPSON, WILLIAM FORD, Sigma,-3Alphd '2Epsilon, Montgomery, Arts and Sciences . . . SINGLEY, HELEN ELOISE, Silas, Educa- tion, Baptist Student Union, Caroline Hunt Club, Y. W. C. A. . . . SINGLEY, MARY LOIS, Silas, Education, Kappa Delta Pi . . . SKINNER, ANN, Kappa Delta, Ruston, La., Arts and Sciences. INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL HAS JOHN CARDWELL AS PRESIDENT Page II9 Z . SMELLEY, F. AARON, Tuscaloosa, Commerce . . . SMITH, CHARLEY F., Birmingham, Commerce . . . SMITH, FRED R., Alpha Tau Omega, Tuscaloosa, Arts and Sciences, Crimson- White, Druids, Y. W. C. A .... SMITH, HARRIET ANN, Delta Delta Delta, Louisville, Ky., Arts and Sciences, Triangle, Y. VV. C. A.,5IEtd:WtIvtz'er-Jammer . . . SMITH, JAC UEHNE ANNE, Geneva, Educo,,t,ip'h,.S igitx Cpmmittee . . TH, JAMES N., JR.,rChjr Pia, E ' , ts and sp,-iaaaa, Band . . . SMII E - - I ,Alp a Gamma Delta, Birmingham, Arts and Sciences, Triangle. SMITH, MARY BURTON, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Tuscaloosa, Home Economics, Triangle, Y. .v C. A .... SMITH, RAY- FORD AGEE, JR., Delta Kappa silon, Monroeville, Arts and Sciences, Druids, Quadrangle . . . SMITH, WALTER MAC, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Laurel, iss., Commerce, Delta Sigma . . . SMITH WARREN IR PIG, Montgom, y, Arts and Sci- aaaaailior-aaaaa . . 5 'CKW'EI1T'UOl5,gTHY c., Alpha Chi Omega, Tuscumbia, ome Economics, President, Alpha Chi Omega, Phi Upsi n Omicron, Mortar Board . . . SPARIQ, GEORGE Qs, Qlgma Chi, Meridian,r, iss., Commerce and BLJ,siness"71Y'clmiji't5atT6'n'7"'.' . SPARK JOHN F., JR., Sigma Phi Epsilon, irmingham, Commerce. F' I' SPARKS, MARJORIE CAROLINE, Birmingham, Arts and Sciences, Graduate . . . SPRAGGINS, THOMAS J., Pi Kappa AIPI10: AI9XC1IWdGr1City, Arts and-,Scienq1es, .Q . STANFORD, Joi-LN W., Guin, chemistry . . . STASSII' PAUL P., Rock- tord IlI:,.Eng,lneerinQ STERNE, PELQRA5 Phi Mu, Al- bany, aa,-A-riaiaaa"'saaaefea . . .CSTEVENS, EDWARD H., Alpha Tau Omega, Birmingham, Engineering, Tau Beta Pi- A. I. M. E .... STEWART, JANE, Alpha Delta Pi, Nashville Tenn., Educaliofn-,-Vocgal Ensemble. r I XX- ,AA A ir A rw Q sh- f--X il U A S f--- ' I' .' Wf- 1' XX .ex L f. L, STRINAGFELL W, E' IZABETH ANN, Zeta Tau Alpha, Merid- ian, Miss., Ayis and giences . . . STUCKEY, HELEN, Troy, Graduatgigiupation STUCKEY, HELEN, Troy, Gradu- ate, Eaaaataaa 't'i"'MI'mT" STUCKEY, WALTER JACKSON, JR., Delta Chi, Crestview, Fla., Arts and Sciences, Phi Eta Sigma- 1 Alpha Epsilon Delta . . . SULLIVAN ,E. ELAINE, Tuscaloosa, Grinning like they mean it. Home Economics, Phi Upsilon . . . SUTHERLAND, DORO- THY SHEPPARD, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Wilmington, N. C., Education, Triangle . . . SUTTON, BEN BAXTER, Sigma Nu, Birmingham, Commerce, Debate Squad, Foreign Rela- tions, Excelsior Literary Society . . . TATUM, MARY MAR- GAR T, Tuscaloosa, Home Economics, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Ban - Caroline Hunt Club, Wesleys Foundation, Pi Tau Chi. IXNH J . I TA"',A.g F A F Wckm f -..,H'uR i Q "R-A.- E TEET-I'KOYAN,"'EDWARD'T?., WestfNe'vVTY5'Fk, 'l" New IJersey, Engineering, Newman Club, A. S. C. E., Chi Epsilon . . . THIGPEN, AAARTHA, Kappa Delta, Tuscutnbia, Education, Corolla, C. 'l-' A . .- . ,1 THOMI-XSf'1M7ARY VIRGINIA, Tuscaloosap Home Economics, Caroline FI-lunt Club . . . THOMASON, MINELLE, Del,ta.Zeta, Birmingham, Education, Westminister Fellowship Cou'nci'I, Elementary School Council, Corresponding Secretary, Delta Zeta . . . THOMOPOULOS, GEORGE, Bayonne, N5.W'Jerse'y:,:bEducation . . . THOMP- SON, WILLIAM YOHINGE, Phi Gcningta Delta, Jackson, Miss., Graduate. x , l. . .,. h c CH THOMPSON, ZELDA',"B.irmingLlfrefFrt, Home Economics . . . THORNTON, GERALDINE,iClii1nton, Education, Glee Club, Choral Union . . . THRALLJCILL, WARREN MARCUS, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Birmingham, Commerce . . . THRASHER, MARTHA HARRIETTE, Zeta Tau Alpha, Montgomery, Arts and Sciences, Ipha Sigma Omega, Secretgry Zeta Tau Alpha . . L T RHPP, iI5IAROLD IRWIN., Maha-5Epaiiaa Pi, New York, . ., ngfneering,mBffindM.M . TIDMORE, VIVIAN, Frederi k, Maryland, Arts' and Sciences, Zeta Phi Eta, Blacktriars, B. R. N., .lpniof A. A. U. W. , I , S t ..Z..-.Z. T. ,...,. i TILGHMAN, LEWIS S., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Meridian, Miss., Com e . Q If EILLMAN,47I2ALFgEAlEBABRlTgIli2RiSLgg1DG Ci, Bir it Commerce A--Q--E--T , 1 Watertogvn, Mrd75is.,2 Snglmeiqoe? Qigtillion Club, Prefsident, Ridgecrest . . . TOWNLEY, MARTHA LOUISE, Phi MU, Jacksonville, Arts and Sciences, Triangle, Zeta Phi Eta, Blacktriars, Spirit Committee, Y.W.C.A .... TOWNSEND, SARA LOUISE, Tuscaloosa, Arts and Sciences . . . TRA- WICK, CAROLYN, Dothan, Home Economics. EARL ESCO IS PRESIDENT OF THE UNIVERSITY COTILLION CLUB Page I2O Nfi N 1... sf,-HQ, ZA f 414. -iffy .J-1551, iggfq E' ggi f , QA 5, ' 1.3 , , Eg ,..,. 1. . A. , if .0- sa f-' F' 55 4.-.1 Q S1 X",5 L 'cz- 5 5- 9 1"'5 K. Aw " iz, X x -V 'f s:Z5E,.- arf hm- . . 1 1 f ..x ,, JN A521515 1 1 W, '79 , Q 4 99, , .v 1 , 4 MI, W .- 1 Q 1 I 5 I I .r. It Lesson in Kitchen Mechanics. TREADWAY, FELIX H. JR., Pi Kappa Alpha, Nashville, Tenn., Commerce . . . TUBB, BETTY JEAN, Alpha Delta Pi, Birmingham, Home Economics President, A. D. Pi, Triangle, Pan-Hellenic . . . TULLY, FRANK LINCOLN, Shaker Heights, Ohio, Arts and Sciences, Debate Club, Student Forum . . . TURNER, JOHJWI4 QCQOPER, JR., Delta Chi, Northport, Arts and Sciences, FUI s, D' Clup, C. A .... INER, VIRGINIA, I-Ietlin, ECIu,catla,I'i3v4?-T TURNIQSEED, MILY, Mathews, Hbrttef ,E-Qtngoijjies, Splairit Committee. ACN TUTWILER, WILLIAM JORDAN, Delta Chi, Birmingham, Arts and Sciences, President, Delta Chi Fraternity . . . UNKENHOLZ, BOB, Delta Tau Delta, w Y 'k, New York, Commerce . . . VAN HALA, RICHAIREJQCIQQK, Pi Kappa Phi, Cleveland, Engineering, A. S. M. E., Band . . . VICKERY RUTH JEANNETTE, Alpha Xi DEIta, Panama City, Florida, Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars, Spirit Committee . . . WADE, KATHERINE RICHARD, ast Tallassee, Arts and Scien- ces, Student Forum, Triang . . . WAITS, VIRGINIA ORKN Y, Eutala, Arts and' Qences. . W ACE, MARGARET EPE, Chi Omegatllkfleridian, Miss., Arts and Sciences, Pres' ent, Y. W. C. A., Vice-President, Junior A. A. U. W., tivity Chairman, Chi Omega, West- minister, Triangle- s Ifgcommilgem.WWALLER, WILLIAM I., Lambda Chi Al a8Grand Bay, Commehde, Delta Sigma Pi, Quadrangle, In rtraternity Council, Vice-President, Senior Class, President, Commerce Association, Spirit Committee, Greeks . . . WELMSLEY, RUTH VIRGINIA, Fall River, Mass., Commerce, Newman Club, Commerce Association, Intertaiths Religious Council . . . WALTERS, CHARLES EVERETT, Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, Chemistry . . . WARD, JOHN PETER- SON, Kappag.S.igmEE -T-useal-erssa, I-Ewigeering . . . WATKINS, CLARK E., JR., Kappa Alpha, Meridian, Miss., EHQIUSQEIBQ-Sfit 5,106 87. QO WATTS, JOHN CLIFFORD, Kappa Alpha, Meridian, Miss., Graduate, A. I. Ch. E .... WEBB, ALICE ROBERTSON, Kappa Kap,a Gam , Dallas, Texas, Graduate, Mortar Board . . ISVEBB, TLQDA NUNN,Winstoln-Salem, N. C., Arts and Sciences, C rgl Union, Alphfg Q.ajibc,iiaEDelta, Vocal Ensemble . . . v EBB, ROY, JR.,Cljga , mmerce . . . WEITZMAN, B 'NA D, Hartford, ' nE'lE,"Erig?ILleering, Bama Radio Netwo IQ, Spiri Committee, Hillel Foundation, Senior Council . WELLS, OBERT R., Pi Kappa Alpha, Boaz, Arts and? Sf.i.e..nce.s.,,...,,.,,,.,..,3. E WESSON, DOC STEVENS, JR., Birmingham, Graduate, Executive Council, Northington Campus Association, Wesley Foundation, Kappa Phi Kappa, Alpha Phi Omega . . . WEST, VIRGINIA ELIZABETH, Macon, Ga., Arts and Sciences . . . WILDER, THOMAS WINGATE, III, Sigma Nu, Meridian, Miss., Engineering School, Fhi Eta Sigma, Theta Tau, Tau Beta Pi, Pi Mu Epsilon, Omicron Delta Kappa, Jasons, Quad- rangle, Chevrons Club, Veterans Association, St. Pat's Com- mittee, A. S. M. E., Outstanding Freshman in Military, Stu- dent overnment Council, Winnefr Morrison Prize, Who's Who in Am-eriean Universities andf'CEeI,leges . . . WILDS, PATR CIA, Kappa-iDelta,' St. Josephf La., Comimeryce, Newman Club,N Ir1i.or.A. .A. U. . WILLIAMS, -JAMESL5., Delta Chi, lliuscalcosa, Arts and Sciencesi. . . WILLIAMS, JANE FRERET, Birmingham, Arts and Sciences, ,Phi Beta Kappa, Editor, Crt.-rflsoih-White, Alpha-Lanlbda gbbltg, Mortar Board, Triangle, BQ R, N., Blaclgtricirs, PubIicityECihairman, Student Forum, Junior Hostess Corps, Who's Who in American Col- leges, Corolla, Rammer-Jamimett, Madrigal Glee Club, Span- ish Club, Tri-Delta Scholarship Winner, Student Senate . . . WILLIAMS, MARY, Wilso vilte,-,:,Arts and Sciences, Crimson- White, Rammer-Jamlrlniiunior U. W., Student Forum. WILLIS, IDA WILL, eta Tau Alp a, Guntersville, Arts and Sciences, Y. W. C. Ak Spanish Cl b, Sigma Delta Pi, Black- triars, Corolla, Trianrp . . . SON, EMILY JANE, Zeta Tau Alpha, Atlanta, Ga., Arts an ciences, Crimson-White, Corolla . . . WINFREERMI , Chi Omega, Hopkinsville, Ky., Arts and Sciences . WINSLOW, KENNETH R., Ky., Arts and Sciences . WINSLOW, KENNETH R., Waterville, Maine, Engineering . . . WOLTZ, CLAUDE CARLISLE, Chi Phi, Hampton Va., Arts and Sciences, Varsity Baseball I94I, President, ChilPhi.,. Q. .jxvigorerxwif-gtyi, WILLIAM B., Siam Citi- Ol4.l.Q6,,.QQr?1derQ.Q,,134?il.QtI.O KOPPO Phi . . . W ZNIAK, FRANCIS JGHN, Fredonia, N. Y., Arts and Scienc s, Phi Eta Sigma? WRIGHT, SARA Jqnpraafon zqq, Guin, Education, Presi- dent, Deltalwidfa f-Halas? V bt Representatives . .. . WULFF,MBwEATRFEi"MYRIfE,'OSeTi'Fnes,Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars, W.S.G.A., . . . DE YAMPERT, ADELIA, Gamma Phi Beta, Birminggarn, Arts and Sc-iiencps, American chemrcsilgoqeig Y. WSC. y,x.Z,M,,?,. gwgiepponi RHEA, Birmingham, rt aIQ:l1jqfences,jB.gRQN.,Seciie'tar'y-Treasurer, President, Alpha Epsilon Rho, Forum, Triangle . . . YOUNG, DONALD, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Paterson, N. J., Chemistry . . . YOUNG, LAWRENCE W., Guin, Arts and Sciences. YOUNG, RUTH VINING, Alpha Phi, Eudora, Ark., Com- merce. MARY LIB COOPER IS THE RAMMER-JAMMER'S BUSINESS MANAGER Page I23 'E --,X 5 31-' Q zk .,, 1 4, 'I ' -..- : 4"'k '4- : q ' mwwmwvo K Y 5? - x ' , ' 25: . if - 'Q z??5:" Nw sz-ax ly , aff. .KS JZ if -: if- V as Za-1 4 f .. tk 'vxfi 'tif 1 W f 'gpg . ,.. - 'sr .Ig f X , . .f AV t wp wsigm get .pry , ' " 'W WN ' A z, 1. M FA , 4 I, 1 1,-, - ., -',x 5,- ,.Xqm A .msw-X? 1 72 DERGR A FRESHMAN IN '46 . . . wide-eyed, buT pre- pored Tor The worsT , . . The TirsT doTe in o Trc1TerniTy house . . . he colled you Tor o dinner doTe ond come over oT eighT o'clock . . exploro- Tory sTores Trom TroT men when you enTer, ond Then your dc1Te shows you The bcisemem' . . . Denny Chimes ploying IOA5 when you wolk in The dormi- Tory . . . comporing noTes in Room 38 'Till Twelve . . . "And I soid ond Then he said" , . . RUSI-I WEEK . . . deciding which whiTe slips To wriTe "c1ccepT" on . . . everybody grinning oT you . . . seems ThoT everybody won The scholorship cup ond eoch lodge hos Tive members in The seciion . . . Tinol coll home c1TmidnighT . . , Then "sgueol SoTurdc1y" ond more exploroTory sTores from TroT men I . . Three more doys of weoring ribbons ond grinning . . . Then The pledge pin ond no more grin . . . checking everybody's moil buT your own ond onswering phone colls Tor everybody buT you. FOOTBALL SEASON . . . "NoThing's hoppened To Alcxbomoi-iusT woiT 'Till nexT week' '... New Orleons ond The universiTy Toking over Bourbon STreeT . . . MonTgomery, Knoxville, ATlomTc1, BoTon Rouge Birminghom BosTon Homecoming D The lowyers ocT like Thc1T EVERY yeor?" . . . ond Then The "OreoT I.ull." EXAM WEEK . . . "Nobody Told me college wos like This' '... FronTic cromming oT 3 o. m. . . . Mod seorch Tor The TexT you boughT oT The Supe STore in SepTember . . . Toded pencilled noTes . . . sororify house Tiles . . . hour recess Tor coffee every ThirTy rninuTes . . . blue-books . . .Three hour hoIocousT . . . ond you iusT moke ThoT doTe oT lO:3O. SOPI-IOMORICALLY SPEAKING . . . Toncl buT downword glcxnces oT chorTreuse newcomers . . . "You know, ThoT's iusT The wcuy They did iT lcisT yeor" . . . renewing old ocguoinTonces . . . inTroducing your "liTTle sisTer" To your doTe ond never seeing him ogoin . . . Tgking more cuTs Thon you did IosT yeor . . . leorning how To help in "rehobiIiToTion." ONE MORE YEAR TO OO . T . buT you Told ThoT red-heoded Treshmon you were sevenTeen . . . The veTeroins in Treshmon closses . . . you oiudiT English Comp . . . who solid The junior yeor is The Time To geT pinned? . . . The Treshmen hove Three opiece , . . re-wriTing The scripT Tor "Joson's .Iomboree" you used yeor beTore losT . . . new Toces old Toces nexT yeoir o Senior' , '-"o I - ' I Y .rp-, - ., A 1 - g.',,','Q Uv.. ,Y ,. , 6 "S lr , ' ' 1,2 . , M . Y TE, ' ' fi -, - X Q.:L ,I 1: g ' - .umg A ,, X , , -Viv , 1 ..L X ,1- : , " 1 1 . ,w.5., lvvbf 5 L: ' TIM HL! :mf H' w'.A.' . 1., ww, '41 ,fr -'PLL ,Y A H.: ,J.N, . Q"'7-'r ,, ' ,:Z"--Fvflilf ,'K:3f:v.,-' " .Q i , I I "Y V '-LAI" "U l'.:fq1f5,jSgjfibm.,' ' f K--,i 1':11':3fl+v,,,- - a'f77ji!'f.'f"V,:fL!, ' 1. . ' , -'ppm'-rg1,, , f, ,, " - -':?V,Fi,Y5l5 fi,-L71 - , f.w,3qv.j- - ,rawcy hrj- - HIV r - 'v ' 1 .V J 1 . 1 ,N A xx X I E X-.i 'f'-.312 -, OAI f OBQ. AARON, LAGUSTA,'Corclova, Freshman . . . ABBOTT, WILLIAM LAMAR, Pi Kappa Phi, Geneva, Freshman . . . ABERCROMBIE, RICHARD, Lambda Ghl Ailpha,-Birmingham, Freshman . . . ABERNETHY, JOHN T., Pi Kappa Alpha, Jasper, Freshman . . . ABRAHAM, HENRY L., Zeta Beta Tau, Montgomery, Sophomore, lnterfraternity Council . . . ABRAHAM, JACK HENRY, JR., Zeta Beta Tau, Montgomery, Junior, Rifle Team, Officers Club. , , . . "1 ABSTON, SAMUEL B., Lambda Chi Alpha, Bessemer, Junior . . . ACKER, ANN, Delta Delta Delta, Birminghamy Spirit Committee, Y. W. C. A .... ACTON, FRED LAWSON, Phi Gamma Delta, Birmingham, Freshman . . . ADAIR, WILLIAM A., Alpha Tau Omega, Huntsville, Freshman . . . ADAMS ANN BROOKING, Kappa Delta, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore, Alpha Lambda Delta, Crimson,White . . . ADAMS, BREWSTER C., Sheffield, Freshman. ADAMS, JEAN ELIZABETH, Hueytown, Sophomore J. ,ADAMS, NON QUINCY, Delta KappaS'EpsiIon, Mobile, Junior . '. ADAMS, RICHARD O., Weogufka, Freshman . . . ADKINSON, EARLE, Delta Chi, Atmore, Sophomore . . . ADKINSON, ORMAN HENRY, Delta Chi, Atmore, Freshman . . ADKISSON, KATE, Brewton, Sophomore AIKEN, SAMUEL D., Livingston, Sophomore .. Q . AIRHEART, GENE, Pi Kappa Phi, Scottsboro, Junior . . . AKINS, JANIE LOU, Birmingham, Junior . . . ALBERT, MARTHA JAN, Delta 'Delta Delta, Guntersville, Sophomore . . . ALBRIGHT, NORMAN ClCIL,,Birmingham, Junior . . . ALLBRITTON, BETTY JEAN, Dixiarta, Sophomore. ALDRIDGE, SARAH, Eva, Junior, Caroline Hunt Club, Y. W. C. A .... ALEXANDER,'CORfi,.Prattville, Sophomore . . . ALEXANDER, HOWARD C., Sigma 'Aiphd1,gEpsjIon, Prattville, Freshman,-Crimson-White . . . ALEXANDER, SARA, Opelika, Sophomore, PhigXCIjii Th'eta . . . ALEXANDER, THOMAS CLAXTON, Pell City, Freshmctrtk I. . . ALBRITTON, EDDIE, Lambda Chi Alpha, Brewton, Sophomore, Blaclqfriars, B. R. N., Veterans Association. F I K A's-D G's Pledge Swap. ill-I I I I 5 ALLETSII BRYANTfL,,..Sigmcj Pilpha fEpsilon, Newbern, Sophomore . . ALLEN, ELEANOR 'FlUNTER,'Alpha Xi Delta, "DeLand, Fla., Junior . . . ALLISON, MARY ELLEN, Delta Zeta, Pittsburgh, Pa., Sophomore, Treasurer, Sophomore Class !ins Education'. . . ALLISON, MONA ELAINE, Alpha Phi, Sarasota, FIa.,l Sophomore, Band . .E .3 ALLISON, WILLIAM L., Delta Tau Delta, Library, Penn., Sophomore . . . ALLUMS, ISAAC M., JR., Warrior, Freshman. ALSTON, MARY FARLEY, Delta Delta Delta, Tuscaloosa, Junior . . . ANDERSON, CLINTON ANTHONY, Kappa Sigma, Anniston, Sophomore . . . ANDERSON, HELEN SEWARD, Atlanta Ga., Sophomore, W. S. G. A., Caroline Hunt Club . . . ANDERSON, RETA, Kappa Delta, Tusca- loosa, Sophomore, Corolla, Crimson-White . . . ANDREW, KATHERINE LEIGH, Alpha Xi Delta, Montgomery, Y. W. C. A., Crimson-White. ANDREWS, ALLEN KNOX, Delray Beach, Fla., Sophomore, Band . . . ANDREWS, JAMES JACKSON, Lafayette, Freshman . . . ANDREWS, THOMAS G., Delta Tau Delta, El Dorado, Ark., Sophomore . . . ANGEL, JEANNE, Chattanooga, Tenn., Sophomore, Hillel Foundation, Spirit Committee . . . ANTHONY, HAROLD, Delta Chi, Prattville, Freshman . . . APPLEGATE, MAUDE, Alpha Delta Phi, Tuscaloosa, Junior, Y.,W. C.'A. APPLEWHITE, HARRIS M., Kappa Sigma, -Hattisburg, Miss., Sophomore . . . APPLING, MARTHA LOUISE, Kennedy, Freshman . . . ARD, HARLAN, Kappa Sigma, Geneva, Freshman, . . . ARD, JERE, Phi Delta Theta, Birmingham, Sophomore . ., . ARENDALL, ROBERT A., Delta Kappa Epsilon, Mobile, Junior . . . ARMAND, DOROTHY MARGUERITE, Alpha Phi, Montgomery, Junior, President of Alpha Phi. .1 KE ARMBRECHT, WILLIAM, fHEElRY,' III, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Mobile, Freshman . . .i'ARtMOR,"AMANDA, Zeta Tau Alpha, Birmingham, Sopho- more, Y. W. C."A., Corolla, Spanish Club . . . ARMSTRONG, DICK, Edwards, Miss., Freshman . . . ARNOLD, ROBERT EUGENE, Pi Kappa Alpha, Mobile, Sophcimore . . . ARNOLD, WILLIAM H., Selma, Fresh- man . TXARTHUR, DAVID FRANK, ,P,hi,,Ka pa Sigma, Haleyville, Junior. ,-A fm? ii.. Ji IX, f Exam Cram-Intermission. Page I27 f' 4 ASHBURN, CAROLYN ADELINEINE, Phi Mu, Winston-Salem, N. C., Sophomoreg. , . ASHTON, GLADYS, Brewton, Junior . . . ASHTON, JACKSON A., Theta Chi, Brewton, Sophomore . . . ATCHISON, H. C., Sigma Phi Epsilon, Browns, Freshman . . . ATCHISON, WILLIAM D., Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, Freshman . . . ATKINS, JANE, Chi Omega, Heflin, Freshman. , .f..- ' , Ancins, JULIEN S.,'Phi'DeIta Theta, Selma, Tsaphomofe . . . AUSTILL, JERE, JR., Delta Kappa Epsilon, Mobile-,illunior . . . AUSTIN, CHERRY GRAY, Delta Delta Delta, Tuscaloosa, 'Junior . . . AUSTIN, JOHN FRANK, Kappa Sigma, Lynnfield, Mass., Junior . . . AVRAM, BERNARD, Kappa Nu, Leeds, Sophomore, B. R. N., Blaclcfriars . . . BABBITT, BEVERLY ANNE, Pittsburg,.'Penn., Junior, Y. W. C. A., Spirit Committee. BABER, JUNE, Phi Mu, Gulfport, Miss., Sophomore, Rammer-Jammer, Corolla, Yi'W. C. A. . . -. BAGBY, SARAH KATHERINE, Alpha Delta Pi, Birmingham, Freshman . . . BAGWELL, STANLEY Pi,' KappatAlphLi, Birmingham, Freshman . . . BAILEY, BRAD BIBB, Kappa Alpha, Decatur, Freshman . . . BAILEY, JAKE S., Alpha Tau Omega, Micldlesboro, Ky., Junior . . . BAILEY, JOSEPH CLATON, JR., Sigma Nu, Birmingham, Sophomore. BAILEY, JUANITA STONE, Mobile, 'Freshman .' . . BAIN, LEROY E., Mobile, Freshman . . . BAIRD, DOROTHY NELL, Jasper, Junior . . . BAIRD, JACKIE, Delta Zeta, Roanoke, Freshman . VI. BAIRD, VERA JEAN, Anderson, Ind., Sophomore, B. R. Nz, Speech Club . . . BAISDEN, E. T., Lambda Chi Alpha, Montgomery, Freshman. BAKER, CHARLES A., Birmingham, Sophomore . . . BAKER, MARY V LOU, Alpha .Chi Omega, Mobile, Sophomore . . . BAKER, MARY LOU, Alpha Chi Omega,,Mbbile, Sophomore . . . XBAKER, RAYMON .I., Delta Sigma Phi, Decatur, Sophomore, Bahd' . . . BALL, HERBERT, Tuscaloosa, Junior . . . BALL, WALTER THOMAS, Lambda Chi Alpha, Athens, Freshman, International Relations Club . . . BALLENGER, BETTY, Fairhope, Freshman. Can't sing for grinning. ,I Page BANKS, PHIL, Sigma Nu, Eutaw, Sophomore . . . BIARASCIH, ROBERT IRVING, Zeta Beta Tau, Florence, Sophomore . . . BARLEY, BENNIE LEE, Linclen, Sophomore, Glee Club . . . BARNARD, GEORGE S., JR., Kappa Sigma, Ozark, Junior . . . BARNER, MARTEE MORROW, Delta Delta Delta, Birmingham, Freshman . . . BARNES, JEANE, Delta Delta Delta, Coral Gables, Fla., Sophomore, Blackfriars. BARNES, THOMAS W., Kappa Alpha, Bessemer, Freshman . . . BARNES, WILLIAM LLOYD, Tuscaloosa, Freshman . . . BARNETT, ANNIE COUSINS, Northport, Junior . . . BARNHILL, LOY J., Moultrie, Ga., Sophomore, Baptist Student Council . . . BARRETT, HENRY CHARLES, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Birmingham, Junior . . . BARRON,-BISHOP N., Evergreen, Sophomore, Druids. BARTEE, HELEN LOUISE, Theta Upsilon, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore, West- minister Fellowship . . . BARTH, ROBERT MILTON, Phi Gamma Delta, Birmingham, Corolla . . . BASINGER, JAMES M., Chi Phi, Aliceville Junior . . . BASS, EDWARD HERBERT, JR., Lambda Chi Alpha, Birming ham, Sophomore . . . BASS, MARY LOU, Alpha Delta Pi, Winter Pork Fla., Junior, Crimson-White, Y. W. C. A., Wesley Foundation . . . BASSETT, JIMMY, Theta Xi, Troy, Sophomore. I 1 BASSETT, LAURENCE D., Alpha Tau Omega, Troy, Sophomore, Black- triars . . . BASSETT, SARAH MILDRED, Birmingham, Junior, Glee Club, Blacktriars . . . BATES, BEN MOORE, Phi Delta Theta, Birmingham, Freshman, Glee Club . . . BATES, WILLIAM EARL, Tuscaloosa, Junior . . . BATTEIGER, BARBARA ANN, Chi Omega, Birmingham, Fresh- man . , . BATTER, IRWIN, Kappa Nu, New Haven, Conn., Freshman. L ' ' BAUGHN, MARGARET FRAZER, Birmingham, Freshman . . . BAXTER, MYRL, Tuscaloosa, Junior . . . BAYER, MARY ELIZABETH, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Eutaw, Sophomore, Y. W. C. A., Corolla . . . BAYLESS, MAR- GARET, Birmingham, Junior . . . BEAIRD, GENE, Delta Chi, Tusca- loosa, Sophomore . . . BEAL, JAMES DAVID, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore. "And he said, 'Good Mawnin' I28 if M, ,rf 1 I 1 O ,, , i ,:"'fiw, f sf' i 1 1 , i' . ' " : , , 5 . ,, ,A 1 W w , , ' w H , W - . ' , - w I 5' 1 ,I ' Q K 7 .4fMzmmw.x,w,:,.w,v,f- .xwkz-144 wwym-ma 1-., .w,mm. ml -1, 1 - X ....... ... ,.- l --A V H I I L l lk A U 1+ E1 , v 1 ! I w k v . 'N v : A A I I X Y ,, . L1 w . U - , 1 - ,,A , ,M...WM,.A M- .M,.,A.M, .. .. A - ... -. .. ,.. ..,x W ..., ,A W.. -9 -3 A AB2 1' O,-93 -t OBP'- BEALL, DORO HY, Al ha Chi Omega, Mobile, Junior . . . BEALLE, SAM, Alpha To Omega,X.Tuscaloosa, Junior . . . BEAN, NETA, Theta upssiah, i-tdltyia , horhck . . . BEARD, JAMES WHITFIELD, Delta Chi, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore . . . BEASLEY, LLOYD, Chi Phi, Carrollton, Junior . . . BEASLEY, MARTHA, Alpha Delta Pi, Carrollton, Sophomore. 1 BEASLEY, PA'fRIC'l'A'S htgomery,xAri1QTtan Society of Civil Engineers, St. Patric 's As afition . . . BEAQTTTI SAMUEL ALSTON, Tuscaloosa, Delta Sigm Pi, re'97dent, Veterans. Association . . . BEAVERS, EARL W., Alpha Tau HQJO, Cubci,"'Freshmon . . . BECK, JAMES PETER, Lambda Chi Alpha, FfgLWayne, Incl., Sophomore . . . BECKER, ELAINE, Sigma Delta , Bessemer, Freshman, Crimson- White, Hillel . . . BECKER, JACK, eta Beta Tau, Bessemer, Freshman. BECKHAM ,RAN LQLEN, N? ndville, Fresh on ,:- . . HAM, LEONARD azhb rchtrA,:i,a,TTT'iISfyf'filli,s., ',saaiQ,ibf3Iij5 . . BEEBE, CATHERINE, Alpha Gamma Delta, Bay Minette, Sophomore . . . BEELAND, ROBERT, Phi Delta Theta, Greenville, Junior, Rammer-Jammer . . . BEGLEY, THERESA JO, Theta Upsilon, Birmingham, Junior, Choral Union . . . BELL, DOLORES, Alpha Chi Omega, Booneville, Miss., Junior . . . BELL, JAMES WILLIAM, Kappa Sigma, Montgomery, Sophomore, Blaclcfriars . . . BELL, RUBY LOUISE, Delta Zeta, Selma, Sophomore . . -,,. .PELLTZWXILLLAM IVLll6ON,, Phi elta Theta, Memphis, Tana., Sophomore, CTTEISOU-Whlyp .ie ,Lf BELUE --BERNICE AMANDA, Athens, Junior .v BE DERQALYINY JAY,NSjgIma Alpha Mu, Dothan, Freshman, Crimson-WhiIE, icaraiia I, QBENDER, RICHARD J., Phi Kappa Sigma, Atlanta, Go., Junior. ,N ' X if-,I 3 If I i BENNETT, HAL. C., JR., Phi Kappa Sigma, York, Freshman . . . BENNETT, IAM ., Sigma Nu, Birmingham, Sophomore . . . BERGER, G Q EQARD, Kappa Nu, Mobile, Slophomore, Rifle Team . . . BERGER, HARMON ROBERT, Kappa fQA,,'fBiri"ningham, Sophomore . . . BERKE, LEE, Birmingham, Junior, Spirit Committee, Hillel . . . BERMAN, BETTY LEE, Birmingham, Freshman . . . BERMAN, BEVERLY, Tuscaloosa, Junior . . . BERMAN, ELAYNE MURRY, Birmingham, Junior Fe -it s E a 5 Sigma Chi Derby Day. ? ll lol I I I' f' .L ' -1 I.. ,-f' :4 . . . BERMAN, MERLE JAcii,lKaa'pa IXIu,'Farrell, Pa., Freshman . . . BERNSTEIN, SlDNEf LEE, Kappa Nu, Birmingham, Freshman, Crimson- White . . . BERNSTEIN, WILLIAM ERWIN, Zekta, Beta Tau, Birmingham, Freshman, Corolla, ll'n,ternationa'l'iRelations CluI::i".I. . BETHANY, JOE, JR., Alpha Tau Omega, Boligee, Sciphomore, Phi Eta Sigma. 1 fx I I I -V - ,--- --- tw it-2 In BETHEA, RUFUS H., Phi Gamma Delta, Birmingham, Junior . . . BETTS, MARY NELL, Delta Zeta, Birmingham, Freshman . . . BEV- ERIDGE, BRUCE, JR., Alpha Tau Omega, Bay Minette, Freshman . . . BEVIS, CLINTON M., l'luntaNLiJI.a,...Eres.I1man.,.. .--- . -BIBB, WILLIAM WYATT, Alpha Tau Omega, Tusgaiogsp, Sgphomore-. . . BLEDERMAN, LAURA JANE, Delta Zeta, Tuscaloosa,,,Sop-hohdoiref. i viii 5--if xg. BILBRO, WILLIA-NffIfHOliliAS, Kappigi Sigma, Frisco City, Sophomore . . . BINGAMAN, MARION JOANNE,,?Fi'heta Upsilon, Birmingham, Junior, Waman's Glee Club, CihrEtia'n 'ScierTEef'Y5uth Organization . . . BINION, cHARLE's":EDwARD, JR., fpii-lK3ppa Alpha, Birmingham, Fresh- man . . . BlRGE,'WlLlflAM J., Phi,Gcjmma Delta, Montgomery, Fresh- man . . . BLACVH, COLEMAN, ZetafBe1'a Tau, Birmingham, Sophomore, Crimson-White, caraiial . . . 'BLACK,'-JACK, Cordova, Sophomore. , . A . 1 BLACK, 'MlRlAM, Troy, Junior ,f BLACKMAN, ANNE, Birmingham, Junior . . . BLACKMANL WADE, ,Alpha Tau Omega, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore . . . BLACKMON, BENJAMIN THOMAS, Kappa Sigma, Forrest City, Ark., Freshman . . . 'BLACKWOOD, LOYAL RAY, Phi Gamma Delta, Gadsden, Junior . . . BLAKE, BETTY JANE, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Paris, Tenn., Junior, Corolla. 'D ' Cf' BLAKE, THOMAEB:-, -Selma? Sophomore . . . BLAKESLEE, CHARLES H., Kappa Sigma, Jackson, Miss., Sophomore . . . BLANTON, BOB, Sigma Chi, Birmingham, Freshman . . . BLANTON, LEONARD COOPER, Theta Xi, Laurel, Miss., Sophomore . . . BLASINGAME, GRACE LEIGH, Delta Delta l3elta,,'Col5mbus, Georgic7X,Junio, Society editor, Crimson- White . . . BLATASKIOS, CHRISTINE, De1ltaIi'gCG1nQ23Dothan, Junior, Y. W. C. A. -X X X D E Always a mob in Foster. Page l3l A B2 if ow, -+1 oss?- I BLATSIOS, IIONA ARJORIE, Delta Gamma, Dothan, Freshman . . . BLAYLOCKE HEARRY I., R.- Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, Sophomore '. . . BLOOM,i ST NISFTJT ignali Alpha Mu, Tuscaloosa, Junior, Glee Club, Blacktriars, Speech Club, B. R. N., lntertraternity Council . . .BOBO, WILLIAM WALKER, Demopolis, Junior . . . BOGGS, ROBERT E., Delta Kappa Epsilon, Birmingham, Sophomore . . . BOISSEAU, JAMES H., Church Road, Va., Fr shman. HE nose qfl, B0LDING,WELNA, p D tam-PTT' Tuscaloosa, ,Sgphomore . . . BONDURANT, GENE,LChi Merton Junxqnoin, 'tra-shmcm . . , BONNER, CECIL SPU GEON,'E than, Sophomore . . . BONNEY, WALTER ALLAN, JR., Sigma A Epsilon, Enterprise, Miss., Freshman, Crimson-White, International Rela 'cgi-Club . . . BOOKER, JACK E. C., Kappa Sigma, Mobile, Freshman . . . BOOTH, JAMES L., Kappa Alpha, Northport, Freshman. BORDEN, GEORGE, JR., Piedmont, Sophomore, Westiminster Fellowship . . . BOROM, BETTYE, Zeta Tau Alpha, Ozark, Junior . . . BOSWEL , R, HAR "S.,:-E-hi I'ra,lh,etfa,A51ldm game? ,,'FresIiB1E?j, Corolla . . . IQ4dVk5IgENg'LlAWRElSIIgl? Kappa BriinIdidge,"Sophamore . . . BOWDEN, WARREN FRANKLIN, Kappa Sigma, Sylacauga, Sophomore . . . BOWEN, JEAN, Delta Gamma, Montgomery, Junior, Alpha Lambda Delta, Secretary, Sigma Delta Pi, Spirit Committee, Y. W. C. A. BOWLING, xJRQBERTf,LE,Ef,g uscaloosa,,Sophomore . . . BOWMAN, MORTIMER, PI'Ii' Delta FT'I'1efFa,I"I ontgdntery, Jlfnliohf. . . BOX, CAROLYN ANNE, Phi Mu,k,Birmirygham,,Y.fVlL. ci 1-A., .Corollapl Freshman . . . BOYD, ROBERT BUAKTER7iQSig'ind Alpha uEpsi'Ion,flShe'ftield, Freshman . . . BOYD, WILLIAM l.aurel,,Mi,sssissippi, Sophomore . . . BOYKIN, GLO ETHEI.,'Alpl-ta Chi--,'OmefgaS.,MobiIe, Sophomore, Spanish Club, Crimson-White. I I BOYKIN, TRAVIS, Kappa Alpha, Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Junior, Glee Club . TYFE, JOHN JOSEPH, Theta iii, Buffalo, New York, Junior . . .2-B ZEMAN, ROBERT G., JR., Alphajiau Omega, Evergreen, Freshman . . . BRABSTON, EUGENE Phi Delta Theta, Birming- ham, Sophomore, Corolla, Spirit Committee . . . BRADFORD, CAROLYN, Kappa Delta, Russellville, Freshman . . . BRADFORD, DUKE C, Alpha Tau Omega, Birmingham, Junior. l-e J" S l-eo Mad at ya, 'cause your feet's too big. lil ljl f J flll .. .. Ll I lj L ,i -112' BRADLEY,"'E'UGENEWI-IEADDEYi'lPhf Ka'p'p'a' Sigm'a,HCenter, 'Freshmen . . . BRADLEY, IDA GENE, Brewtan, Junior . . I. BRADLEY, JOHN M., Phi Gamma Delta, Biigminghama Junior, Quadrangle, Phi Eta Sigma . . . BRADY, FRANCIS HUGH, Phi? Gamma Deltal"Birmingham, Freshman . . . BRAKEFIELD, W. LACY, Chil Phi, Jasper, Freshman . . . BRAMLETT, GEORGE WILLIAM, JR., Sigma Chi, Birmingham, Sophomore, Corolla, Crimson-White. 'B I ' I "W t 5 I if-A --,--, rt +11 2 ' BRANDON, THURMAN EARL, JR., Chi Phi, Fairfield, Junior, Phi Eta Sigma . . . BRANNON, PATRICIA MARY, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Brew- ton, Freshman, Corolla,A'YT"'W.-MCS A. "i.' . BRANNON, MILDRED, Lincoln, Junior . , ,B,R,AN,5COMB,'G'ILLIAN. II1JQII5L'En?Llpha Gamma Delta, Tuscaloosa, Freshniah, CoroIla,'GIee CIub,'l-Ye-VV' .--, AC. A .... BRASFIELD, DAVID B., Dtelta Chi, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore . . . BRAY, GEORGE EDWARD, Pi 'Kappa 'Phi, Montgomery, Freshman. E , t J .. BRAY, Joi-IN W., Pnkappb 'Pit,,fME,n'ig6mefy, Junior . . . BRECKEN. RIDGE, KATIEE., York, Sophomore',"Y. W. C. A., Student Forum . . . BREEN, WHILDEN PATRICK, .IR.:'4Sigma Chi, Eutaw, Freshman, Track Team . . . BRETT, DORIS, Robertsdale, Junior, Commerce Association, Wesley W. HBRIDGES, BARBARA, Birmingham, Freshman . . . BRIER, HENRY CLAY, JR., Prattyille, Freshman, BRIGNULL, EVELYN LORENE, Trenton,'Te'nn:, Junior . . . BRISLIN, HENRY J., Phi Gamma Delta, Selma, Freshman . . . BRITT, CHARLES, Lambda Chi Alpha, Cullman, Sophomore . . . BROCK, BEN JONES, Pi Kappa Phi, New Brockton, Junior . . . BROCK, BETTY LOU, Fairfield, Freshman . . . BROCK, HARRY B., JR., Phi Delta Theta, Gadsden, Freshman. BROOKS, CATHERINE RYAN, Kappa Delta, Montgomery, Junior, Corolla, Triangle, Y. W. TC. A., Cabinet . . . BROOKS, MARY HILDA, Lincoln, Freshman . . . BROODSHIRE, PAUL A., Louisville, Ky,, Sophomore . . . BROSKIE, THOMAS GREGORY, Theta Xi, Richmond, Va., Freshman .- . JBROWDER, JAMESIWALLA E,,,xDelta Tau Delta, Mont- gomery, Junior A. . . BROWN, ARTILIURfE Outjigma Nu, Enterprise, Freshman. .KT X Xt D E Low down music. Page I32 Q,- ni' W. X wwf 5 'Av '. A BROWN, BARBARA ANN, Demopolis, Sophomore . . . BROWN, FRED REYNOLDS, Kappa Sigma, Brundidge, Junior . , . BROWN, JANE, Zeta Tau Alpha, Sylacauga, Sophomore . . . BROWN, MARION JOYCE, Elmore, Freshman . . . BROWN, LUTHER EMORY, JR., Pi Kappa Alpha, Andalusia, Sophomore, Veterans Association, Intramural Sports Come mittee . . . BROWN, MAX AL, Sigma Alpha Mu, Tampa, Fla., Freshman. BROWN, NEVA VIRGINIA, Montgomery, Sophomore . . . BROWN, RAMSEY, Alpha Gamma Delta, Bennetsville, ,Sf C., Junior, Corolla, Rammer-Jammer . . . BROWN, ROBERT A., Pi Kappa Phi, Guntersville, Sophomore . . . BROWN, ROBERT EDWARDS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sylacauga, Freshman . . . BROWN,' SHIRLEY ELOISE, Delta Gamma, San Antonio, Tex., Sophomore . . . BROWN, THOMAS A., Sarasota, Fla., Freshman. BROWNE, FRANCES MARIE, Theta Upsilon, Tuscaloosa, Junior . . . BRUCE, BETTY Fairield, Sophomore . . . BRLJMMEL, ANN ELIZABETH, Kappa Delta, 'Anniston, Junior, Choral Union, Girls' Vocal Ensemble, Corolla . . . BRUNSON, PAUL, Tuscaloosa, Junior . . . BRYAN, EVELYNE, Opp, Sophomore . . . BRYAN, JESSE OLIVER, Pi Kappa Alpha, Greenville, Junior. BRYANT, WARREN C.,,Forl Payne, Ju.nior, Treasurer, Blaclcfriars . . . BRYSON, BETTY JO, Delta Zeta, Birmingham, Junior, Blackfriars . . . BRYSON, DOROTHY. JEAN, Enterprise, Sophomore, Glee Club, Choral Union . . . BRYSON, JANE, Enterprise, Sophomore ., . . BRYSON, SARA JUNE, Delta Delta Delta, Dothan, Freshman . . . BUBBETT, VICTOR L., JR., Kappa Alpha,- Birmingham, .Junior, Druids, Editor, "A" Book, Assistant Editor, Corolla. I - BUCKLEY, 'BEVERLY' ELAINE, Delta Zeta, Mobile, Freshman, Corolla, Y. W. C. A., LH. l., ,fBLICKNER, JULIAN ELLIE, Theta Chi, Montgomery, Freshman . . , BUETTNER, MARY ELLA, Delta, Zeta, Cullman, Junior, Phi Chi Theta . . . BUFORD, CLARENCE, Sigma Phi Epsilon, New Hope, Junior . . . BULLOCK, HENRY C., Rosedale, Miss., Freshman . . . BUMGARDNER, MARY ALICE, Chi Omega, Bessemer, Freshman. Vets sign up. I I , I I BUNTIiiI,,THOMAS EUGENE, JR.,psagfl1e Nu,foefhen,-Freshmen . . . BURGESS, SARA DAVIS, Tuscaloosa, Freshman 1. . . BURKE, HARRY RICHARD, Phi Kappa Sigma, Birmingham, Sophomore . . . BURKE, RUSH P., Lambda Cl'ji AIpha,'Montgomery, Sophomore, Druids, Greeks . . . BURNETT, THOMAS J., Greenville, Junior' . . . BURNLEY, LUCY ANN, University, Va., Sophomore. BURNS, AWBREY B., JR., Anniston, Freshman . . . BURNS, DAN, Dalton, Ga., Sophomore, A. I. C. E., Blackfriars, Newman Club . . . BURNS, EVELYN CHRISTINE, Athens, Freshman . . BURNS, HARRIET, Birmingham, Freshman, Crimson-White , .ABURRUS, VVILLIAM EDWARD, Kappa Sigma, Birmingham, Freshman I., . BURT,.'l'i'IAROLfD KEENE, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Laurel, Miss., Sophomore, Phi Eta Sigma. ' BURTON, JAMES L., Alpha Tau' Omega, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore . . . BUSH, JACK L.,, Alpha Tau 'Omegci,".Montgomery, Freshman . . . BUSH, JAMES P., Kappa'Sigma, ElfPaso, Tex., 'Sophomore . . .BUSH, JOHN CRAWFORD, 'Kappa Sigmapl3CoILimbus, Ga., Sophomore . . . BUTLER, FRANK MIIJDLETON, JR1,.',,SigmafNu, Anniston, Freshman . BUTLER, MARYZIELIZABETH, Kappa 'lDeflta'," Mobile, Junior. 1 f', ' .... - - . ,. 'ni f.+w-I , ne.. , c-, ' ' 'P l I V, My , 3. ee, Burien, PERHAN HAMPTON, JR., TPM, aeliebrtieie, Attalla, Sophomore . , . BUTTS, ROBERT FGY Il-I,--,-Phi---Gomma- Delta, Clio, Sophomore . . . CAFFEE, WILLIAM G., JR., SigETlabNp, glance, Freshman . . . CAIN, BETTY JOYCE, Alpha Chi Omega, Madison, Freshman, Corolla, Rammer-Jammer, Crimson-White . . . CAIN, SAM E., Bessemer, Junior . . . CALDWELL, CHARLES W., Delta Chi, Cleveland, Ohio, Freshman. .e ,fa . 4. ,.., Lf CALDWELL, HARlTDfE.,'T4Kappa Sigma, Birmingham, Senior . . . CALHOUN, ELIZABETH, Abbeville, Freshman . . .CALHOUN, OSCAR, Montgomery, Sophomore . . . CALVERT, LEE ROY, Lambda Chi Alpha, Birmingham, freshman,--. . . CALVERT, THOMAS JACKSON, Sigma Alpha Epsilon? Tuscaloosa, Freshman ,'.gj'LE EMMET, Tusca- loosa, Sophomoreg . W ' 4 A" it-A55 R, D!f..,...,,.,- is "Strange click-clock in the back . . ." Page I35 5 A IN. 1 V, f n"- 1, QESD, CAMERON, HAYWARD, Picayune, Miss., Sophomore . . . CAMPBELL, BARBARA,d-Birmingham, Zetp Tau Alpha, Sophomore . . . CAMPBELL, WILLIAM QD., Phi't'Kapp'a iSigma, Bridgeport, Conn., Freshman . . . CAMPBELL, WILLIAM D., JR., Tuscaloosa, Sophomore, Rifle Team . CAMPBELL, WINNIE, Kappa Delta, Shreveport, La., Junior . CANNON, ANNE, Mobile, Freshman, Glee Club. CANTEY EDWARD N., Alpha Tau Omega, Junior-'i . CANTRELL, TOMMY, Lambda -Chi, Alph , Jackson, -Miss., Sophomoligef Veterans' As- sociation . . . CAPOUYA,',RAI.PH E., Kappa Nu, Montgomery, Junior . . . CARLISLE, CLINE, Pi Kappa Alpha, AleXci'rtder City, Junior . . . CARLSON, RALPH, Delta Tau'-Delta, Rockford, Ill., Sophomore, Vice- President Delta Tau Delta . . XANJCARLSON, WALTER R., JR., Delta Tau Delta, Rockford, Ill., Sophomo're5'R5mo Alpha Tau, President, Gamma Delta. X CARMICHAEL, CELESTE, Dothan, Sophomore . . . CARMICHAEL, JOY, Birmingham, Freshman . . . CARR, BETTY JO, Bessemer, Freshman . . . CARROLL, OSCAR, Kappa Sigma, Ozark, Freshman ..., CARROLL, vALERIA,JpYce, shgthI.hghhm,tJUhI0f ., . . CARSON,fgLQAQ?IfI-A, Alpha Chi Omega, Tuscaloosa, Junior,'Crimson-White, Spanis Clu , Caroline Hunt Club. CARSON, ROBERT JONES, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Tuscumbia, Fresh- man . . . CARSON, WILLIAM G., Evansville, Ind., Sophomore, North- ington Campus Association, Wesley Foundation . . . CARTEE, JAMES LORENZA, Pinson, Freshman. . . CARTER, CHARLES H., Freshman, Delta Chi, Birmingham, Preshfman . . . CARTER, HENRY G., Delta Chi, Prattville, Sophomore . . . CARTER, LOTTIE IVY, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Tuscaloosa,"Sophomore, Swan Club, Y. C. A., Rammer- Jammer, Corolla. A ' 1 a , . CARTER, MARY EULA, Tuscaloosa, Junior, .Phi Upsilon Omicron, Alpha Lambda Delta, Caroline Hunt Club . . . CARSTAIRS, HUMPHREY, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Burnt Corn, Sophomore, Corolla, Rammer-Jammer, Glee Club,ISwan'Club . . . CARY, LOUIE BRUCE, JR., Sigma Chi, Birmingham, vJunior kv, . CASH, VERA CATHERINE, Tuscaloosa, Junior, Wesley Foundation, Pasteur Society . . ..yCASiH'fON, JANE, Hamilton, Junior . . . CASON, JANE ELLIOTT, DeItaPDelta Delta, Birmingham, Sophomore, Corolla, Rammer-Jammer, Y. W. C. A., Alpha Lambda Delta. C2 I ill xi St. Pat takes over Iibe steps. 2-I tl CASP'El2,' HARRY! CHARLES, Phi Delta Theita, 'Mo'I'Ttg'ESmer'Tf Freshman . . . CASSELL, ANN, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Charlottesville, Va., Sophomore, Crimson-White, Corolla, Y. W. 'C. A .... CASSELS, VERNON, Birming-hom, Sophomore . . . QGASTLEBERRY, JESSE WEN- DELL, Bessemer, Jlunior, A. E.ID .... CAYLEY, BARBARA JO, Phi Mu, Jacksonville, Junior. . ' f':,, CHALKER, WILLIAM H., Kappa Sigma, Birmingham, Freshman . . . CHAMPION, BETTY, Alpha Chi Omega, Jackson, Freshman . . . CHANDLER, CHERI, Alpha Delta Pi, Decatur, Sophomore, Newman Club, Crimson-White, University Press Club . . . CHANDLER, NAOMI MELBA, Crossville, Freshman . .l . CHAPIN, RICHARD LJDELL, Sigam Alpha Mu, Scarsdale, New York, F-reshnfltlm Eorum,'.Crimson-White Q. CHAPMAN, DONALD, Sigma Alpha' Epsilon, Birmingham,'f.So.pfl1o.rnore . . . CHAPPELLE, FRANK HAMILI., JR., Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, Sophomore. CHARLES, RICHARD L., Delta Tau Delta, Rochester, N. Y., Junior, Blackfriars, Greeks . . . CHENAULT, FRANK LEIGH, JR., Decatur, Junior, Theta Tau, A. I. E. E. . . .K CHENOWETH, JAMES B., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Birmingham, Sophomore" . . . CHESBROUGH, JUSTIN E., Jacksonville, Florida, Freshman '. . . CHESNUTT, THEO AGNES, Northport, Junior, B. S. U., Com'mercel,g!Association . . . CHESSER, DORIS, Birmingham, Freshmanf ' 'Q' CHILDERS, EDWIN S., Sigma Chi, 'LaIgreI,'Miss., Junior, A. S. C. E.... CHILDERS, MILLER, Kappa Alpha, SeIma,QFrpQshqman . . . CHRISTOPHER, ANN, Zeta Tau Alpha, Jasper, Junior, Pasteur Society, Y. M. C. A., Corolla . . . CHRISTOPHER, ED, 'ChiMPh'i, Gadsden, Freshman . . . CHRISTOPHER, JIMMY, Chi Phi, Gacilsd5'n,l Pfeshmeh . . . CHRISTO- PHER, NAN WATKINS, Zeta Tau Alpha, Jasper, Junior, Y. W. C. A., Corolla. CLARK, BARBARA ALICE, Sarasota, :Florida, Junior, W. S. G. A., House of Representatives,'Sp'irit Committee, Phi Chi Theta . . . CLARK, CHARLExS,'Lf,5Pi Kappa Phi, Elba, Sophomore . . . CLARK, FOREST EDWARD, Kappa Sigma, Wood River, Ill., Junior, A. S. C. E. . . . CLARK, ISABEL GIVHAN, Alpha Gamma Delta, Uniontown, Freshman .' .g . CLARK, JAMES GARDNER, JR., Pi Kappa Phi, Elba, Freshman . .,' CLARK, JAMES Wi, Fyhj ,Gamma Delta, Camp Hill, Sophomore, Wesley Foundation. P 'I ' X' . XX If A----f - 5- E. Kappas, Silgma Chi's date and listen. I 5 Q 1 r I s Q ' I Page T36 u u , ev O A ' za I F- '-. 1 L I M . . ,z ' - 1 E!" 'I U ji 9 if v Q.. ' , 113: ,L V - , . , v 1 -H.. H.. -. 'A 1 4 "1 ,W i , , 1 p .1:,! , w r" , ,x,. 1 V. -5 5 I , '. ,T-1 ' . -yf , 1. 5 , 1-V,. 'MMU ' -. ,. ,Q , If-. rf, , ,: ' A . ' Ci +51 CLARK, MARY J., Sarasota, Fla., Freshman . . . CLARK, PATRICIA A., Phi Mu, West Palm Beach, Fla., Junior, Pan-Hellenic . . . CLAUSEN, LOUIS O., sMobileL Freshman . . . CLAY, LOUIS, Rogersville, Freshman . . . CLAYTON, ITLOYD EJ, Birmingham, Freshman, . . . CLEMENTS, JIMMY, Pi Kappa Phi, Tuscaloosa, Freshman, Band. I cLEMoNs, LAvEkNE, Alpha xt Delta, Bessemer, sophomofo . . . CLENNEY, ROBERT L., Kappa Sigma, Abbeville, Sophomore . . . CLEVELAND, MELFORD Delta'Cl1i, Wilton, Sophomore, lnterfraternity Council, Druids, Freshman, Y. 'M.VC. A .... CLIFTON, JOE, Panama City, Fla., Freshman . . . CLOUD, EARL E., Huntsville, Freshman, Baptist Student Union . . . CLOUSE, EUGENE C., Kappa Sigma, Ozark, Freshman. CLUTHE, BARBARA ANN, Phi Mu, Miami, Fla., Freshman . . . COATS, KATHERINE A., Alpha Delta Pi, Double Springs, Freshman . . . costs, FRANK' R., gfookiyo, Ala., sophomore . .f..Q:,sfQ,Qj5ANNiE, Livingston, Ala., Junior . . COBB, JOYCE 'D., Alp a Chi Omega, Birmingham, Freshman . . . COBB, NELLIE M., Delta Gamma, Mont- gomery, Freshman. COBERN, JEAN P., Alpha Delta Pi, Birmingham, Sophomore, Black- friars . . . COCHRAN, JOHN P., Sigma Chi, Birmingham, Freshman . . . COE, LAMAR M., Sigma Nu, Dothan, Freshman . . .COFFEE, RICHARD E., Phi Gamma Delta, Decatur,'Freshmon' N. . . COHEN, GLADYS, Birmingham, Junior, Alpha' Lambda' Deltof"'Spirit Committee . . . COHEN, MELVINQF., Kappa Nu, Birmingham, Freshman. . I COHEN, MYRON V., Kappa Nu, Birmingham, Freshman . . . COHEN, WALLACE,-Pliappa Nu, Birmingham, Sop cmore, Debate Squad . . . COKER,fANN'E, 'Alpha Gamma Delta, xBiQmin ham, Freshman . . . COKER, ELIZABETH A., Delta Delta Delta?14"lfalIassee, Blacktriars, Sopho- more . . . COKER, JAMES W., JR., Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, Sopho- more . . . COLBURN, LEONARD W., Tuscaloosa, Freshman. 5- :N -.L ee- 'S 5- .., '- I L, LJ I s., CQ Three Zetas smile. It If COLEBECK, EDWARD L., JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon,1Greegg-boro, Jun- ior, Stnlclhnt' Forum, Veterans' Association, lnternationall Relations Club . . . COLIDIS, NICHOLAS N., Birmingham, Sophomore, Blacktriars, American Legion,. Commerce Association, Veterans' Association, Inter- national Relationsifjlub . . 5. COLLIER, MYRA'A., Wetumpka, Freshman . . . COLLIER, WILLIE R., Decatur, Sophomore . . . COLLINS, JOHN K., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Montgomery, Freshman. I..-:' COLVERT, BETTY J., Birmingham, Freshman . . . COMPTON, HELENNA J., Nanafalia, Junior . . . CONLAN, PATTI, Alpha Delta Pi, Birming- ham, Sophomore, Newman Club,,. . . .CONN.ER, TOMMIE L., Phi Mu, Indianola, Miss., Junior, Glee Club . . . CONRADUNDAVID, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Troy, Junior, Druids, Alpha Kappa Rhifcffitertraternity Council . . . CONRAD, .MARY A., Kappa Kappi'I1'Gamma, Troy, Sopho- more Y. M. C. A ..., "CONWAY, NADINE C., Tuskeegee, Sophomore. w COOK, BOBBY J., Zeta Tau' Alpha, Cottonwood, Freshman . . . COOK, CHARLIE H., McKenzie, Sophomore . . . COOK, HARRY N., Dixon, Miss., Freshman, Wesley Foundation, Crimson-White . . . COOK, RAMSEY, Phi Gamma Delta, Birmirigh'am,-..Freshman . . . COONS, SUE, Chi Omega, Huntsville, Freshrrignfj. . . COOPER, BARBARA, Alpha Phi,wBirmingham, Junior. Y ,E A A r ' ' ' 'r 1 : . i. rg Q1,f.l1.,l COPEIAND, NORMAN B., KappcETIgti1,LlfBiErmingham, Crimson-White . . . CORK, LAWRENCE Cz, Tuscaloosa,-Freshman . . . CORN, ERION C., Meridian, Miss., Junior . . . COTTQN4 BERLT I., Kappa Nu, Birming- ham, Freshman, Crimson-White . . . COTTON, VIRGINIA I., Lexington, Freshman . . . COUCH,, ROBERT E., Winfield, Junior, Kappa Delta Pi. 39 f. -. COUGHLIN, YtlII:tJA5MTFR.,' Standing Rock, Freshman, Student Forum, Blacktriars . .Sf 'COURSON, WESLEY E., Pi Kappa Alpha, Andalusia, Sophomore . . . COURTNEY, ALEXANDER, Montgomery, Junior . . . COUSINS, HELEN, Wetumpka, Junior, Wesley Foundation, Y. W. C. A. covEY, EARL R.,,wtil?nang1on, vt., Sophomore, . . cowAN, DAVE, Bunnell, Fla.: Ffeshman. '75 fi fo -' I ' fl. lx 1, X f X D3-----A -5 E And Delta Zetas, too. Page l39 . . a COWDEN, DAVID WENDALL, PI Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, Sopho- more , . . COWEN,IWlLLIAM s., Deira Chi, Brighton, Junior . . . COX, BILLYIM., Chattanooga, Tenn., Freshman . . . COX, CLAYTON C., Sigma Nu, Carrollton, Freshman . . . COX, INEZ, Tharsby, Freshman, Choral Union .... COX, JAMES L., Phi Delta Theta, Birmingham, Junior. COX, JOHN B., Sigma ,Nay Carrollton, Freshmafnfl. . . COX, JOSEPH THOMAS, Phi Delta Theta, Birmingham, Rifle Team . . . COX, PAT, Sigma Nu, Carrollton, Freshman .V-T . CRAFT, FRANCES ELIZABETH, Tuscaloosa . . . CRAIN, EVELYN, Alpha Phi, Panama City, Fla., Junior, Swan Club, Physical Education Maiar, Pracitice Club . . . CRAWFORD, EDWARD VAUGHAN, Alpha Tau Omega, Birming- ham, Sophomore, Corolla, Newman Club. CRAWFORD, JAMES BERNARD, III, Alpha Tau Omega, Birmingham, Sophomore, Newman Club . . . CRAWFORD, JAMES H., JR., Pi Kappa Alpha, Columbiana, Freshman . . . CRAWFORD, SHIRLEY,rDelta Delta Delta, Pensacola, Fla., Junior . . . CRAWFORD, THOMAS N,,- Kappa Sigma, Birmingham, Sophomore, Wesley Center Choir . . . CREECY, EDWARD WILLSON, Chi Phi, Richmond, Va., Sophomore . . .CRESS- WELL, ANN LOMAX, Jackson, Miss., Junior. CREWS, LOUISE, Delta Gamma, Selma, Freshman . . . CREWS, MARJORIE, l'leacIlanCI,, Freshman . . r. 'CREBBINS, PERRY JEAN, Zeta Tau Alpha, Jacksonville, Fla., Sophomore, Caroline Hunt Club, West- minister Fellowship, Corolla . . .J CRITTENDEN, FERN, Alpha Delta Pi, Double Springs, Freshman , . . CRROCKETT, MARTHA, Shelbina, Mo., Junior, Alpha Sigma Omega, B. S. U., Y. W. C. A .... CROCKETT, THERON A., Camden, Ark., SophomoFe,. A. I. M. E. CROEN, LAWRENCE SPENCER, Sigma Alpha Mu, Yonkers, New York, Freshman, rMen's Spirit Committee . .. CRONER, JACK R., Zeta Beta Tau, .Memphi's,.'j Tenn., Sophomore . . . CROSS, MILDRED, Georgiana, Sophomore . . . CROW, ELLEN, Alpha Chi Omega, Ash- ville, Sophomore, Corolla, Spanish Club . . . CROWELL, GEORGE A., Lambda Chi Alpha, Wetumpka, Freshman . . . CRUMPLER, CARL BOYETTE, Jacksonville, Fla., Freshman. You've gotta be a you-know-what. D I cizursijcg Ewen WEBB, ,JRE,qKappm-Alpha, Bilrmingham, Janiar . . . CRUTCHIER, JAMES' H., Alpha Tau' Omega," Birmingliam, Freshman, Corolla . . . CIJBBEDGE, ROBERT ALLEN,5 Kappa Alpha, Maitland, Fla., Sophomore . L. . CUDWORTH, ALLEN Li, Sigma Chi, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore, Phi Etd Sigma, Rifle Team . 'R . CUMMINGS, JAMES ROBERT, Florence, Sophomore . . . CUMMINS, DAVID, Memphis, Tenn., Sophomore. W CUNNINGHAM CAROLYN LORRAINE, Zeta Tau Alpha, Mobile, Fresh- man . . . CUNNINGHAM, LUCY TAYLOR, Alpha Delta Pi, Lower Peach Tree, Junior . . . CUNNINGHAM, MARY FRANCES, Zeta Tau Alpha, El Paso, Texas, Junior, Blackfriars . . . CURLEE, JOHN, Pi Kappa Alpha, Sylacauga, Freshman, Veteran's Associatiap,flnternational Relations Club . . . CURTIS, EARNEST MARKELL, Alpha Tau Omega, Tuscaloosa, Freshman . . DAILEY, CHARLES BROCKMAN, JR., Theta Xi, Wheeling, West Va., Sophomore. DAILY, EVERETT A., Pi Kcipriof Phi, Birmingham, Freshman . . . DAILEY, JOHN JOHNATHAN, JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Tunnel Springs, Junior . . DaEEE, DORA ANNE,':Delta Zeta, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore . . . DAMSKY, BERT S., Kappa 'Nu, Birmingham, Freshman . . . DANENBERG, ,ALBERT IRVING,- Sigma Alpha Mu, Birmingham, Freshman, Band, Orchestral . .' . DANHOLISER, IVAN, Phi Gamma Delta, Fresh- man Choral Union, Caroline Hunt-Club, Pasteur Society. DANIEL, BILL, Pi Kappa Phi, GadscIen,"Freshman . . . DANIEL, CAROL JOYCE, Fairfield, Freshman ...' DANIELS, JAMES L., JR., Alpha Tau Omega, Evergreen, Sophomore, . DANZIGER, ADRIAN, Zeta Beta Tau, Cleveland, Ohio, Junior . . . DARLING, JANET LOUISE, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Birmingham, Junior, Corolla, Crimson-White, Y. W. C. A .... DAVIDSON, FARRIS RAY, Montgomery, Sophomore. .lv DAviDsoN, RicHARD,.s.,-,'PTi Kapisa Alpha, Birmingham, Freshman , . . DAVIS, ANNE,'.K'appa Kappa Gamma, Valparaiso, Fla., Junior, Y. W. C. A., Coi:oIIa . . . DAVIS, BEN REEVES, Pi Kappa Phi, Sumiton, Sophomore, Band, Press Club . . . DAVIS, BETTYE SUE, Alpha Chi Omega, Huntsville, Sophomore, Crimson-White . . . DAVIS, BILLY, Pi Kappa Alpha, Tallassee, Freshman' . A. DAVIS, CHARLES EARL, Pi Kappa Alpha, Alexander City, Sophomore. -.-J UL-.. . ,F Blackfriars masquerade. I Page I 40 - ' ,r W? . ,.',v,', ,- - vx f , I" QLQQ. 1 .65 , - -1' ., I, M. "J ,V I! f , Q A-T 4 . g L,iL1.V, . 'fV.:3 12,-'VF -4.'xfvf"-Q" ,:QAF'l"yf1'I ,1 , i'1'n,. 11,4 R .1 ijfrsz -' -,,.'w:', V , ' .,, , - -1 I Y . . - f. Y ' ,- 1 ' 1 ,gf , N ' V 1 'A 1 " '-' , N .' 7 'f - , , I-752' 7, ' -1',',1'r'JrQQ.-3511 -.1.-3211 , H' w ' , ', .V N .-yjfQj:?1Gi.'.f.2J'-- . I , , f -, 5 I ,f. ,A , ., 2131.551 5-V: 5' w , i!,a'+Q21 1i,'1',?i- ' -'+Ii?0:rfF-' , , ,,z5,j,"g'j,3-'T ',, . ..1.,',,":1: 4:11 , 1 f , , , . , 4 Y If IL f- .' nf' -fi, X - ,-. ..,Y,1v,,,-LQ.-.,,:,1 :gi-M1 , ' Q, U, A 1'-?.,g,uHf, H Q ' ' A, - ' ' fi: Pfi ffi :' 'Q Q T' " 'Q -L:Lg:',oQfA. .V 4 -' ' N ' ,:'-'.. CJ EH ' ' . Jglfgig-xy.. ,Hg 4 I hug- +.T.-.,s..h, A, , A -. vi' -M.,m.,W.- ,.,A ... .,. A,.. ,. A Wmmu . ... ,, .,,Ax,... ,. .. ,,n..,,,,... ..h...,.... ,,,, ,.,. - ,. A,,.,, , A.,. . - - ' w 1 u A IX 3 - fx B? I-4' OA? -F OB7- DAVIS, EILEEN MARIE, Selma, Freshman . . . DAVIS, FLORA MAE, Zeta Tau Alpha, I:OIGY,I-,NSOPIIOIUOIBJ Y. W. C. A., Spanish Club, Swan Club , . It DAN,l.S,,,-IglA,RBjEB BEASLEY, Samson, Junior, Blackfriars . . . DAVIS, HOWARD G., JR., Sigma Nu, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore . . . DAVIS, JOSEPH BUFORD, Sigma Nu, Atlanta, Ga., Junior, lnteriraternity Council, Debate Squad , . , DAVIS, MILDRED VIRGINIA, Moundville, Freshman. I . 1 A , .-., ' AE! Ll N- xi-f 'iff-, - . . .. , , ., .V DAVIS, WALTER H., Pl Kappa Phi, Geneva, Sophomore' . . . DAVIS, WILLIAM, Columbus, Ga., Freshman . . . DAVIS, WILLIAM AUBREY, Alpha Tau Omega, Demopolis, Sophomore g. . . DAVIS, WILLIAM EDWARD, Birmingham, Sophomore . . . DAVIS, WILLIAM F., Ashville, Sophomore . . . DAWKINS, MARY LUCILLE, Zeta Tau Alpha, Birming- ham, Freshman. DAWSON, JANE L., Sherborn, Mass., Freshman . . . DEAN, ROBERT H., JR., Phi Gamma Delta, Ariton, Sophomore . . . DEAY, JAMES M., Theta Xi, Eudora, Kan.,,Junior' ., . ,.- DEBARDELEBEN, CHARLES IALBERT, Alpha Tau Omega, Auburn, Junior . . DEER, MARY CAROLYN, Evergreen, Junior . . . DEES, OLIVE, Delta Zeta, Selma, Freshman. DEGRAFFENRIED, CHRISTOPHER, Phi Delta Theta, Lafyette, Freshman, DeGRUY, DAVID, Phi Delta Theta, Springhill, Sophomore . . . DeGRUY FRANK V., JR., Phi Delta,Theta, Mobile, Freshman . . . DEMPSEY, LENORA YOUNG, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Piedmont, Sophomore, Y. W. C. A., Corolla . .. . DEMPSEY, RAY, Sigma Nu, Piedmont, Junior . , . DENABURG, LEONARD HERBERT, Sigma Alpha Mu, Birmingham, Fresh- ITICIII. - ' DENBO, CHARLES, Sigma Alpha Mu, Pulaslci, Tenn., Sophomore, Band, . . . DENBO, MQRLEY, Sigma Alpha Mu, Pulaski, Tenn., Freshman, Spirit Committee, -'iHiIlel Foundation . . . DENDY, A. LAVELLE, JR., Montgomery, Sophomore . . . DENDY, EMMETT, Pi Kappa Phi, Petrey, Sophomore , . . DENISON, GEORGE AMES, JR., Lambda Chi Alpha, Birmingham, Sophomore . . . DENNEY, CALVIN D., Sigma Nu, Florala, Sophomore. Ve , fi- ,,,,,,l,, I O C Shakin' that thing . . . I FI III DENNS LENETAA-LANE, IBfeaveqrtcln, Sophomore .Mfg TZZDENSON, WILLIA ., Selma! saphpmara '. I-. DEN'I'f ELLlOTT'E., JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Birmingham, Junior, Alpha Kappa Xi . . . DEPRIEST, JAMES BRYANT: Gamm Delta, Montg rh ry, Sophomore . . . DERAMUS, DEAN, ilminghamcl-Freshman, Y. iiliilec. A .... DERAMUS, DOROTHY, Kappa Delta, Birmi ghom, Freshman. C L' sf' !,.' V----We I, 12.37 DERAMUS, r. BARNETT, JR., Kappa sianla, vai'EaFia, Sophomore . . . DERTINGER, ELLSWORTH FRANKLIN, Theta Xl, Sparrow's Point, Ivlcl., Junior, President Theta Xi, A. I. E. E .... DEUEL, GLEN A., Sigma Phi Epsilon, Loxley, Sophomore . . . DE VAN, GLORIA, Pine Hill, Junior . . . DE VANEY, JAMES P., Russellville, Fresltrftan . . . DE VERE, KATHERINE, Kappa Delta, Uniontown, Freshman. DE WEESE, JAMES CARL, JR., Lambda Chi Alpha, Carbon Hill, Sopho- more . . . DE WEESE, THOMAS P., Lambda Chi Alpha, Carbon Hill, Freshman . . .'DICKlNSON, LOUISE, Alpha Delta Pi, Opelika, Freshman . . . DICKINSON, WILLIAM L., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Opelika, Sopho- more . . . DICKSON, ALLIE DANIEL, Phi Kappa Sigma, Monroeville, Freshman . . . oicKsoN, MARTHA LANEY, Kappa Delta, Opelika, Junior. DICKSON, ROBERT S., JR., Phi Delta Theta, Lowndesboro, Freshman, Corolla . . - . DICKSON, W. 'RlCHARD, ,PI Kappa Alpha, Huntsville, Freshman . . . DIETZ, ALBERT E., Kappa Sigma, Birmingham, Sopho- more . . . DILL, FRIEDA, Carbon Hill, Sophomore . . . DILLARD, MASON, Phi Delta Theta, Birmingham,,.Freshman, Corolla . . . DISHMAN, JEAN, Alpha Xi Delta, Ann-iston, ilunior, Wesley Founda- tion. DISMUKES, MAURICE VAIL, Kappa'-5SQma, Satsuma, Freshman . . . DITTO, EVELYN, Guntersville, Qophortrbre . . . DIXON, ELIZABETH, Alpha Chi OmeqgoQEI?etFaitI"Michigan, Sophomore, Blacktriars . . . DIXON, JAMES O RT, Sigma Nu, Alberta, Junior, Y. M. C. A., Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Druids . , . DOBBINS, JEANNE ELIZABETH, Chi Omega, Birmingham, Freshman, Y. W. C. A .... DOBBS, CARNEY'f7H.fI Sigma Chi, feirmilpgham, Sophomore, Crimson- Whlte. tt! C EP C D Delis have I'ter'ary cli:cussion. Page I43 A : . AB2'-:OAS-I'-OEF DODD, DURALD FRANKLIN, Chi Phi, Double Springs, Freshman . DOLBEAR, CHARLES A., Theta Chi, Montgomery, Sophomore . . . DONALD,,MARXAFIELENQIJ-Xgha Delta Pi, Quitman, Miss., Sophomore . . . DONALD,:rPRESSLYMYOUN ',' JR., Delta Kappa Epsilon, Selma, Sopho- more . . . DONALDSON, HARRY M., Kappa Alpha, Bessemer, Sopho- more . . . DONALDSON, JOHN W., Kappa Alpha, Bessemer, Sopho- more. ig A ti S Arif 'V '71 O DONNELL, JULIA, Dalevilie, ,Junior . . . DQN. vAN, GERRALDINE TALIAFERRO, Evergreen, Freshmxan-, . . . DOQDY, RICHARD BERNARD, Winchendon, Mass., Junior . lg . DORAN, ,HUGH, JR., Kappa Sigma, Mobile, Freshman . . . DORNIAN, LAYTON lauxrorsl, Delta cha, Birmingham, Freshman . . DORNING, CLAUDE WILLIAM, Huntsville, Freshman. DOROUGH, JOE DONALD, Lambda Chi Alpha, Leeds, Junior, I. R. C. . . . DORRIS, BARBARA JUNE5 America, Freshman, Corolla . f .-DORSEY, JOHN THORNTON, JR.,' Sigma,,,AlpFiEi'Epsilon, .Ope'lika, . , . DORSKY, GERALD, Kappa Nu, Birmingham, Freshman . . . DOSS, BOBBIE, Centerville, Freshman . . . DOSS, RAY, Decatur, Sophomore. DOWDLE, MARY ANN, Ethelsville, Freshman . . . DOYLE, ROBERT B., JR., Delta Kappa.Epsilon, Mobile, Junior, .Rho Alpha Tau, Druids, Fhi Eta Sigma . . . DRAKE, BETTY SUE, Haleyville, Freshman . . . DRAUGHON, ROBERT LEE, JR., Alpha Tau Omega, Montgomery, Junior, Druids, A. E. D. Q . . DRESNER, SONYAiBEATRlCE, Sigma Delta Tau, Nashville, Tenn., Junior, Crimson-White, ,Bama Radio Network, Y. W. C. A .... DRIVER, HERBERT C., Cullman, Junior. DUBERMAN, DAVI-D, Kappa Nu, Mobile, Freshman . . . DUBLIN, MARYE CLYDE, Alpha. Delta Pi, Madison, Freshman, Corolla . . . DU BOIS, CHARLES"P., Pi Kappa Alpha, Ashville, Junior . . . DUDDY, JOHN AARON, JR., Lambda Chi Alpha, Grenada, Miss., Junior, Spanish Club, International Relations Club . . . DUGGAN, ALICE B., Andalusia, Junior . . . DUGGER, MARY SUSAN, Chi Omega, Sheffield, Junior. t 4, 2 1, ------.A veg KD Fashion Show. I-I H I l DUGINS,mJmQHN""1R., Pvhigpelta Theta, Tusbaloosa, flgeshmgn . . . DUKE, TEETTY JEAN, Alpha ioellb ini,C"'BifEntngh6?h,msophdmore, Alpha Lambda Delta . . DUKE, DORIS, Alpha Gamma Delta, Birmingham, Sophomore . . . DUKE, JOSEPH EDWARD, ,Sli ma Nu, Gadsden, Junior . . . DUNCAN,iN1AURICE MWF, JR., HuntsvillEfFJunior . . . DUNCAN, THOMAS FLOYD, Montgomery, Sophomore, Wesley Foundation, Spirit Committee, Veterans Association. f" ,l ,fngl .V , V Vllg ,,,.. . . I. lf,,1 DUNKLIN, JAMES HILLIARD, Phi Delta Theta, Greenville, Freshman . . . DUNN, FAYE ELIZABETH, Sylacauga, Junior . . . DUNN, JOE A., Phi Gamma Delta, Montgomery, Freshman . . . DUREN, JANE, Tusca- loosa, Freshman . . . EASON,'JAMES L., CJR., Prattville, Freshman . . . EASTBURN, SARAH, Northport, Sophomore. ' I EASTERLING, WON B., Kappa Sigma, Montgomery, Junior, Band, Blacktriars, Phi .Eta Sigma, Crimson-White . . . ECHOLS, JOHN HALE, Pi Kappa Alpha, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore, Wesley Foundation . . . ECHOLS, WILLIAM G., -JR., Pi Kappa Alpha, Tuscaloosa, Junior . . . EDDINS, HAROLD, Evergreen, Freshman . . . EDGEWORTH, HUBERT CARL, Phi 'Kappa Sigma, Sulligent, Sophomore . . . EDMONDS, BEVERLY JEAN, Brent, Freshman. EDWARDS,i CARY, Delta Chi,'Brightan, Sophomore . . . EDWARDS, CHARLES WILLIAM, Alpha Tau Omega, Tuscaloosa, Freshman . . . EDWARDS, GLORIA, Sipsey, Junior . 1 .- EDWARDS, JOHN ARCHIBALD, Alpha Tau Omega, Anniston, Sophomore, Phi 'Eta Sigma, Druids, Quad- rangle . . . EDWARDS, JOHN HARVEY, Gadsden, Freshman . . . EDWARDS, LESLIE MINTON, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Anniston, Freshman, Rammer-Jammer. A Q EFFRON, Jo ANN, sagmq oplfa Ttdu, Chattanooga, Tenn., Freshman, Y. W. C. A. . .F 6G,GE,1LMNRGERY JOYCE, Zeta Tau Alpha, Montgomery, Sophomore, Chamber Music, Orchestra . . . EILAND, NELL, Montgomery, Junior, Spirit Committee . . . EISENBACH, ROBERT LEONARD, JR., Zeta Beta Tau, New York, N. Y., Freshman, l. R. C., Corolla . . . ELKINS, DAIfE,wjAlphaE3Xi Delta, Birmhpha ,Sophomore . . . ELLARD, MRS. JoHNNlEloAiE, Port Gibson, AlS.,!glJ6EOI'O3 D E Homecoming Queen and Court. Page I44 Von 'Yi 1 A X AB? ow s om X X X ELLIS, PORTE CHAN LER, Phi Gamma Delta, Florence, Freshman . . . EMMETT, TIAE ALBER, gamlzicla Chi Alpha, Birmingham, Freshman , , , E S, FR RICAH E., Birmingham, Freshman . . . ENNIS, REECE HILLIARD, JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Dothan, Junior . . . ENSLEN, DAVID MCKAY, Phi Kappa Sigma, Mobile, Freshman . EROS, CHARLOTTE KELLEY, Baton Rouge, La., Sophomore. H E IQ O S E A UQ ---- -Y--1 -s' V' Q EROS, JOSEPH, JR., igma fdpha Epsilon, BatarTT'Roluge, La., Sopho- more . . . EROS, THORWAL-DQTJR., Sigma-'Alpha Epsilon, Anniston, Freshman . . . ESCO, CLINT UGENE, Phi Gamma Delta, Selma, Freshman, crimson-where . . . gf CK, JOHN K., JR., Birmingham, Sophomore, American Chemical Soci . . . EVANS, ANNETTE, Alpha Delta Pi, Anniston, Sophomore, Y. . C. A., Caroline Hunt Club . . . EVANS, BRUCE, JR., Pi Kappa Phi, Anniston, Junior. - '- ,N rw EVANS, 43HKRl:.!3TIEe wwblnigfrrlempwnmior- if r 3 ,.EVANs3.GWioHT LYMAN, JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Anniston, Junior . . . EVANS, GOMER D., Birmingham, Freshman . . . EVANS, NEWTON, Alpha Tau Omega, Anniston, Sophomore, Greeks . . . EVANS, RUSSELL, Lambda Chi Alpha, Bessemer, Freshman . . . EVERAGE, JOHN W., Andalusia, Freshman. Y 2-3 X Ll" ISII if O EZELL, JAMES' By., ,Kappaf Sigma, ,Mobileg :Freshman . . . FAIL, JAMES M., Kappa 'Sigmof 'M'oIJile, Sophomore' , '. . I FALKNER, MARY FRANCES, Vernon, Freixman f. . .. FAARMERHMARY CHARLOTTE, Heacl- land, Freshman . . . FARR,'XJOYCE,i Alpha Delta, Tuscaloosa, Junior, Band . . . FARRIS, GEORGE HARRY, Sigma Nu, Elba, Freshman. fx FARROW, IQQPHQAEHOUN, Pi Kappa Alpha, hAIexander City, Fresh- man . . . FAULK, CAROLYN JEAN, Kappaliiljella, Mobile, Junior . . . FAULKNER, GERRY, Detroit, Mich., Junior . . . FAUST, SUE, Ozark, Freshman . . . FEIBELMAN, HERBERT JOSEPH, Zeta Beta Tau, Miami, Fla., Junior . . . FEINBERG, IRWIN, Kappa Nu, Birmingham, Freshman Fe + S -M-'fr rea Sitting This One Out l-'l H I l as .. r i, J- fs FELDMAN, JERRYJCI., Sigmb AlphalMu, Nevilf'York, N.IY., Sophomore . . . FELL, CHARIJES A., JR., Pi Kappa Alplta, Birmingham, Freshman . . . FERGUSONA BERYL VVQRRELL, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore . . . FERGUSON, WILLIAM W., Biirrlingham, Freshhian . , . FERNANDEZ, EDNA, Tampa, Fla., Junior . .I . FERNANDEZ, IDA, Alpha Chi Omega, Tampa, Fla., Sophomore, Spanish Club. x 1 I i L I I I ? I I Z. g, ..,...... -A -- -'1 f ,.- r FERRIS, LORRAINE, Theta Upsilon, Philadelphia, Penn., Sophomore, Glee Club . . . FIELDS, ELAINE, Grand Bay, Sophomore . . . FIKES, BERTHA LOU, Nauvoo, Ju,rri'or'1"'7"'7"FII:IL'lI"4l'GIM,' ALLIE FAY: Chi Omega, Tuskegee, Freshman, Y. Cr A. ,., . .--,FI-NCH, 'ROBERT 3, fn. FINLEY, LUCY FREDERICK, Birminlgham, 'Sephom-dref Blackffiafjjllgarfcgla. A za I Gif, FINNEY, JAMESIYTQQJR., Kappa. Sigma, Memphis, Tenn., Sophomore . . . FIQUETT, LAWRENCE, BiI?'I:rii,l'iLgham, Freshman . , . FISET, PAUL, Sigma Phi Epsilorg,AAmstefdani,ITNfTX.,,:Juhior' . . . FISHER, DON ROY, Kappa Sigmci' Tuspaloosb, Juniord fm? . FISHER, ROBERT OWEN, Kappa Sigma, Tuscaloosa, Sophomorefli .. . FISHER, THOMAS EDWARD, Plantersville, Freshman. ' f,",' M . ' V' A- - A rl, , - . r ,. ,A .. EITE, WILLIAM B., Kappa Alphq,2H5fmrirOFr," Sophomore . . . Fins, CHARLES M., JR., Kappa Alpha,I Mefidian,7i,,Miss., Sophomore . . . FITZPATRICK, MARSHALL, Delta.Chi, Birmingham, Junior . . . FITZ- PATRICK, WILLIAM CURDTS, Phi Delta Theta, Montgomery, Freshman, Corolla . . . FLEMING, CHARLES WILLIAM, "Kappa Sigma, Geneva, Junior, Druids . . . FLEMING, JAMES EDWARD, Delta Chi, Birmingham, Freshman. ' Cf FLORA, BETH, fBiGjirigham,' Freshman . . . FLOWERS, NEAL S., Kappa Alpha, Doihan, Sophomore . . . FLOYD, GEORGE H., Phi Kappa Sigma, Alabama City, Freshman . . . FLURRY, JAMES EMORY, Phi Gamma Delta, Montgomery, Freshman . . . FLURRY, WILLIAM L., Phi Gamma 'Delfa,fMBntgomery, SoE5hI21motQe,Q-Dr 'ds . . . FOLEY, MARY LUELLA, igdppa Kappa Gemma? Bi'rm QQQ, Y. vv. C. A., Corolla. ff' g X . D E KA Shipwreck Party Page I47 A IXXX I ! I ! . X , . Vi 5 l A 5 2 o i emi 5 xx , . FOLSOM, EIDWIN XIIART, Tuscaloosa, Junior . . . FOLSOM, JAMES A.: Kappa Sigmal Dothanhx Freshman, Debating Team, International Relations Club , ,LEORD,.-.SAMUEL B., Sigma Nu, Jasper, Freshman . . . FORD, WIILLES THOMAS, Lambda Chi Alpha, Mobile, Sophomore . . FOREHAND, DORIS, Alpha Xi Delta, Enterprise, Sophomore . FORRESTER, JOHN ESPY, Dothan, Sophomore. r'- r- " 9 lel E1 I FI 0 Z3 I1 'lil Q FORRESTER7"T'H70rRPEt?"S'i'g1n'a"NU?"'Mt5ntgomery,-Ju. llph. . . FOSTER, DONALD, Jackson, Mips., Fteglffhwan . . . FQLJNTATN, CLARENCE C-7 Sigma Nu, Brewton, F eshmaih-", imson-Whitehf. . . FOUNTAIN, JOHN T., Bfpwfah, Jimiaf . . . FO .LiE,'lR, WILLIAM oooDwYN, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Birmingham, Freshman FOWLKE5, HENRY 5-5 Phi Della Theta, Birmingham, Sophomore. W" FOX, THOMAS GAUDIN, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Birmingham, Freshman . . . FRANCO, RUBIN A., Kappa Nu, Montgomery, Freshman, Spirit Colnniitteiei lQrimsoIgfVVl'igel ,fa M. ,,,,,FRA,NK,LlINx7 ARILISL DE, Kafilif' 5'!E""G: Moss Point, Misg., Sophomore XL" I . FRANKLIN,'JOSEPH"M.,' Delta Kappa Epsilon, Atalla, Freshman . . . FRANZLE, JOSEPH E., Middlesboro, Ky., Freshman . . . FRAZER, WILLIAM JOHNSON, Sigma Nu, Mont- gomery, Freshman. FREEDMANQFLORA, -eaaiahgmassi gg In .- FREEMAN, WILLIAM ARTHUR, Alpha Tau Omega, Biifmfngham, Freshman . FREISLEBEN, HARRY C., JR., Zeta, Beta mTq1o, 'Opelika, Sophomore, OIticer's Club . . . FRENCH, CECIL ROBERT,'iA'lpha Tau Omega,"Birmingham, Freshman . . . FREUND, CHARLOTTE QCORNELIA, Delta Zeta, Columbus, Ga., Sopho- more . . . FRIEDMCAN, RICHARD, K-appa INU, Bessemer, Sophomore. FRY, W,,ILl.lAM',,O., Theta Chi, Montgomery, Sophomore . . . FUESSLER,pEQDWARDJC,- Theta Xi, Snyder, N. Y.,,,,-Junior . . . FUESSLER, ROBERT V'JILI.IfAM,'TheYa Xi, Snyder, N. fy, Sophomore . . . FULFORD, AUBREY E., Mobile . . . FULLER, BARBARA, Alpha Phi, Centerville, Junior, Spirit Committee, Malor Club . . . FULLER, CHARLES BERNARD, Phi Kappa Sigma, Haleyville, Freshman. w' I r- lp, 7- p,,1 X . H. ,P Chi O Bar-It's a phoney. FULLER, JETALIINE, New lBrocktoni lJunior, Baptist Studenffidnion . . . FULTON, JAMES J'RlcI-IARD, Pi Kappa Alpha, calambiaha, Freshman, Press Club, Crimson-White . . . GABBETT, MILDRED LOUISE, Alpha Xi Delta, Camp .HilI, Jurlidr Spirit Committee, Panhellenic, Physical Education Club I If. . GADDIS, MARY HELEN, Wetumpka, Junior . . . GAINER, HUGH M., Panama, City, Fla., Freshman . . . GAINES, JIM KODE, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.,,.Freshman. . . 1 , , NJN b Y 1,4 5 Q , 11'i...iif-- GAINES, KAY, Alpha Chi Omega, Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Junior, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Caroline Hunt Club, Vice-President, Spirit Committee . . . GAINES, RAY, Sigma Nu, Birmingham, Freshman . . . GALLALEE, LUA, Kappa Delta, TuSca'l66sa,'Freshman' 1' . GALLOWAY, BETTY HAZEL, Fayette, Sop'homore,g Crimson-White, Rargrner-Jgomiirier, Caroline Hunt Club . . . GALLOWAY, DANIEL' ROY,,.KaLppaTf.Sifgma, Fayette, Sophomore , . . GALLGAWAY, JAMES HOLLENBECK, Sigma Phi Epsilah, Milford, N. Y., Junior, ,P-resident, American Chemical Society. ... I 1 . GAMBLE, JULIAN BAKER, Kappa Sigma, Ozark, Junior . . . GAMMAGE, JOSEPH CLIFFORD, 'Sigma Chi, Laurel, Miss., Sophomore . . . GANN, MARION, Montgomery, Sophomore . GANUS, MARY LOU, Mayfield, Ky., Junior, Corolla, Rammer-Jammer . . . GARDNER, MARIEDA, Delta Zeta, Tuscaloosap Freshman . . . GARNER, JOSEPH SIDNEY, Sigma'Chi-, Tuscaloosai- Sophomore. GARNER, WILLIAM E., Sigma NIU, Ozark, Freshman . . . GARRETT, W. C., Pi Kappa Alpha, Montgomery, Sophomore . . . GARRETT, W. WALTON, Pi Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, Sophomore, Glee Club, Choral Union, Crimson-White, Wesley'Foundotion . . . GASTLEY, PAT, Alpha Chi Omega, Decatur, Ga., Junior, Vice,President, Panhellenic, Caroline Hunt Club, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Alpha Lambda Delta . . . GASTON, LAURA ANNE, Montgomery, Junior . . . GATES, ARTHUR FREDERICK, Anniston, Freshman. GATES, EDWARD M., .Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, Freshman . . . GATES, JEANNE,'Alpha Phi, Birmingham, Junior, Y. W. C. A., Wesley Center . . . GATES, JOYCE, Holt, Freshman . . . GAY, BRADFORD HARDIE, JR., Montgomery, Freshman . . . GAY ELIZABETH ALICE, Alpha Gamma Delta, Montgomery, Junior, Corolla, Crimson-White, Rammer-Jammer I. . . GAY, E. AUSTItsI',.,'Delta-.Tau Delta, Woodland, Sophomore. ' l P' 'V O I, D ff . -: '--F-' - ' A F I- Fiii Bar-It ain't. Page 148 I if V 4151. . 4G53 5. N . I3' X. ff. 'A f' -oh gg ,Ja x 'H' wr- 'uv' '48 mf iw' 9 W 41.x1n:smmm .' 1 W . X .4 -. f ' .. , A . - V , X. XX .. W.. , - X . X! X . .K . X X X --1 ,. i -X X XX . , N X . A. X . . F X 1, -HQ L. X ' X X TIN" Q 3 X ' if X X '. 1X'.' XY" X 11, . ' 2725.1 . 3. . ' XA , . jk., Vx A N -,:'Xf'.' A, f ' e 1 ,X . ' QX I , X X 4 , . w , ,X ,413 K -. , - . X X. X fg. X I 1.5 .. A .s, GAYLE, NORMAN, JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Montgomery, Freshman, Crimson-White, International- Relations Club . . . GEBHARD, JACK, Kappa Sigma, Birmingham, Sophomore . . . GEIGER, CHARLES ROBERT, Sigma Nu, Atlanta, Ga., Sophomore . . . GEIGER, ROBERT B., Hattiesburg, Miss., Freshman . . . GELLER, DAN M., Sigma Alpha Mu, Newport, R. I., Sophomore . . GENTRY, WAYNE, Kappa Alpha, Moulton, Freshman. . . f. ,X , F ., Fi I.: .i . . .X ... r GIBSON, RAMON JAMES ALLEN, Sigma Alpha TEpsilon, Mexico City, Mexico, Junior . . . GIBSON, VIRGINIA, Alpha Phi, Hartford, Sopho- more . . . GILBERT, ROBERT Pg, Sigma Chi, Jasper, Junior . . . GILLAM, THOMAS BERNARD, Phi Kappa Sigma, Gadsden, Freshman . . GILMER, MAX V., Pi Kappa Phi, Birmingham, Junior, Band . . GINSBERG, HERBERT R., Sigma Alpha Mu, Hattiesburg, Miss., Junior. GIRTMAN, JACK R., Tuscaloosa, Freshman, Crimson-White . . . GIULI, JOE, -Phi Delta Theto, Mobile, Freshman . .x.'-,GLADNEY, WILLIAM H., Buhl, Sophomore- . . . GLASS? VIRGINIA' PI-LIIJUFS, Chi Omega, Gordo, Freshman . . . GLOVER, SOLON HINGSON, Alpha Tau Omega, Anniston, Junior . . . GOBER, EDGAR M. III, Florence, Freshman. GOCHENOIJR, JOEL GEORGE, Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, Junior . . . GODFREY, BLAKE, Tuscaloosa, Junior, Glee Club . . . GODLEY, WILLIAM HOWARD, JR., Sigma Phi Epsilon, Frenchtown, N. J .... GOGAN, HARRY LEE, Phi 1Sigma Kappa,"Butfalo, N.L Y., Junior, Phi Eta Sigma, Newman Club, Secretary,I'Track Squad . . . GOGGANS, JEAN, Bexar, Sophomore- 1 .' GOID.EL,iALDA, Decatur, Junior. GOLDBERG, CAL ROBERT, Lincoln Park, N. H., Sophomore, Crimson- White, Spirit Committee, University Press Club . . . GOLDBERG, REITA JEAN, SyIaeag5ga,'El:esl:rp1an . . . GOLDEN, RICHARD C., Five Points, Sophomore . . . GOLDFIELD, NORMAN HIERMANK Kappa Nu, Prattville, l. I 'i I GOLDSTJEIN, MICKEY, Kappa Nu, ,l2lirmingham, .Freshrl1cIn,"Men's Glee Club, Hillel Foundation . . . GOLSTON, QIACLYN I-IJARRIET, Sigma Delta Tau, West Hartford, Conn., Freshman, Y.'VV. C. A., Crimson-White, Caroline Hunt CIuI::,1 Hillell Foundation . . , ,GOOCH, NETA LOUISE, Pontotoc, Miss., Sophomore . . . GOODE, MARION, Gastonburg, Sophomore . . . GOODMAN, PHYLLIS MIRIAM, Sigma Delta Tau, Starkville, Miss., Freshman, Crimson-White, Y. M., CNA .... GOOD- WIN, leon cols, Lambda Chi, Blrimingholrrl, Efeeiuflqn, GORDY, BETTY, Delta Gamma Rammer Jammer . . . GORE, Columbus, Ga., Junior '. I' . Junior, Assistant Editor, Corolla, tary, Student Forum, Press'CIu'b .' Decatur, Ga., Junior, Y. W. C. A., WILLIAM PRESTON, JR., Theta Chi, GOSSETT, DOROTHY, Atlanta, Ga., CrimsQneWhite' Corresportvcling Secre- . . GOURLEY,,R'OY, Deltafiau Delta, North Apollo, Penn., Sophomore . . . GRACE, CORNELIA, Delta Zeta, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore, Corolla, Canterbury Club . . . GRAFFENREID, WILLIAM RYAN, Phi-,Delta Theta, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore. GRAHAM, ALICE, E., J,OCI4S6t1,'JTJt1T6F . GRAHAM, KATHERYN E., Delta Zeta, Mobile, Sophomore . Q" GRAN, NATALIE, Alpha Delta Pi, Tuscaloosa, S'ophomore,'CaroIine Irlunif, Club . . . GRANAS, MORTON, Sigma Alpha , u., 'Beverly Hills,'CalltoTluia,QVSophomore . . . GRANGER, WALTER C., eltai Chi, tBESSEI'fIEFf,- Alam Freshman . . . GRANOFSKY, DAVID AARoN5'sKep'p6 Nu, Nevvfoljil,CeInter, Moss., Freshman. .. ,- f- ,fl ,, I .. ,J V, ,X I... GRANT, FRED AWILFIEIAM, JR., lcepie"',slgme,,j Christiansburg, ve., Junior, A Club . . . GRANT, WILLIAM ANCUS2 fflilitrroelie Theta, Russellville, Freshman, Corolla . . ."'GRAVES,' EUGENE'-H., Sigma Nu, Eufaula, Sophomore . . . GRAY, CHARLES ,AR1Ti'IQIR,QQR., Alpha Tau Omega, Trussville, Junior, A. S. M. E .... GRAY, GEORGE WILLIAM, JR., Phi Gamma Delta, Birmingham, Freshman, Corolla . . , GRAY, LEWIS PHILLIP, JR., Anniston, Freshman. Ml, I-E .-Q v ,r ' GRAY, SIDNEY JQHNSIQQSJJR., Phi Delta Theta, Spring Hill, Sopho- mere . . . 05:50 twliLlAM DENNIS, JR., Sigma Chi, Laurel, Miss., Sophomore . . . GRAYSON, JAMES M., Phi Delta Theta, Birmingham, Junior . , . GREEN, DAVID, St. Augustine, Fla., Freshman . . . Freshman, Spirit Committee . . . GOLDSTEIN, IVAN GENE, Zeta Beta GREEN, HERBERT-WMQNROE, Sigma Alpha Mu, Bessemer, Freshman, Tau, Birmingham, Freshman, Crimson-White . . . GOLDSTEIN, MALVIN, Spirit Commlt ee., .:f'. if GREEN, JOYfS,E,q Kgpgal Kappa Gamma, Decatur, Kappa Nu, Birmingham, Freshman, Hillel, Crimson-White. Ga., Freshman. " IM ' F' "R-U3 l F YJ' .il EFX2 DJQW. ...... ...,. , Kappa Sig women ping, Some read-others just loaf.. . Page l5l 3 . , . .Q X Q33311 GREEN, TAPPAN, Phi Gamma Delta, Birmingham, Sophomore, Corolla . . . GREENBERG, BERNARD, Kappa Nu, Birmingham, Junior, Spirit Committeeff Phi---Eta---Sigmig, Veteran's Association . . . GREENE, EVELYN FAYE, Northport, Sophomore , . . GREENE, LOUIS G., Sigma Nu, Birmingham, Sophomore . . . GREENWOOD, EARLE B., Kappa Phi, Birmingham, Sophomore . . GREENWOOD, WILLIAM D., Sigma Nu, Birmingham, Junior. GREER, JACK HVIDMER, DeIt'a,,.Kappa' Epsilon, MobiIe,UJunior, Druids . . . GREGG, WILLIAM I-IOWARD, Hamilton, .Jumfsf . . . GREY, VIRGINIA YOUNG, Kappa Kappp..Gamma,'FIorence, Junior, Crimson- White, Corolla, Press Club, Y. A. . .' . GRIFFIN, CHARLES O., Delta Chi, Gadsden, Freshman, YQ-5tefgn's Association . . . GRIFFIN, DOUGLAS M., Birmingham, Freshhqxcfn . . . GRIFFIN, GERALDINE, Birmingham, Sophomore. GRIFFIN, JAMES DEMPSEY, JR., Sigma Nu, Dothan, Freshman . . . GRIFFIN, THOMAS KELLEY, Delta Chi, Bessemer, Junio ,K Y. M, C. A., Band . in .W GRIGGS, 'ANN., DQRTCH, Alpha,Gamm6JIBe.B1L,,',-Mobile, Sophomore, Alpha Lambda Delta . . . GRING, ROY GORDON, Colum- bio, Miss., Junior, A. S. M. E .... GRIZZARD, EVELYN, Chi Omega, Sheffield, Junior, Corolla . . . GROSS, DOLORES, Savanah, Ga., Junior. GROSS, EDWARD ALLEN, ,Sigma Alpha Mu, Tampa, Fla., Freshman . . . GROSS, SARA, Cullman, Junior . . . GUEST, FRED E., Williston, Fla., Sophomore, Veteran's Association . . . GULLEGE, MARY ANNE, Delta Zeta, Birmingham, Sophomore, B. S. U .... GULLETT, GEORGE HARRIS, JR., Fayette, Freshman, Band . . . GUNN, JOHNNY LEE, Lanette,. Freshman. ,Q , , , ' GUNTER, NED LOUIS, Pi Kappa Alpha, Oneonta, Junior . . . GURWITCH,K MAURY, Kappa Nu, Mobile, Freshman, Spirit Committee, Hillel . . I,vgGUTIgIRIE,,!JEAN, Townley, Junior, President, Fhi Chi Theta, Spirit Committee . 'I "'i . GUY, MARIE LOUISE, ,DeIta.Delta Delta, Bessemer, Sophomore . . . GWIN, CHARLES CARTWRIGHT, Kappa Alpha, Meridian, Miss., Sophomore . . . GWIN, WELLINGTON, Phi Gamma Delta, Bessemer, Freshman. i . NJ " . . . member of the Souse family." I r- 'ff I HAAS,,I HENRY QPAUL, sigms .Aipifc Epsilon, MOEIQOQSEQ51 Freshman . . . IHAAS, Tox'EY DANIEL, JR., Delta Kappa Epsilon, Mobiie, Junior, Greeks . . . HADEN, SARA ARNOLD, Zeta Tau Alpha, Guntersville, Sophomore . . ...HAGAN, WILLIS COBB, JR.,:Phi Delta Theta, Birming- ham, Freshman .' L . HAGEDORN, LEONARD, Zeta Beta Tau, Selma, Junior . . . HAILS, ED, Phi Delta Theta, Montgomery, Junior, Alpha Kappa Psi. K A . ' If Q HAIN, JACK DOYLE, Sigma Nu, Selma, Junior . . . HAIN, JANE ELIZABETH, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Selma, Sophomore . . . HAIRSTON, BILLY, Alpha Tau Omega, Birmingham, Sophomolfe . . . HALBROOKS, R. CECIL, Decatur, Sophomore, -Band, B., Sr. U. .. I-IALQQMB, JAMES LOWELL, Gadsden, Freshman . . JHALE, CARL ESTIS, .llfappa Alpha, Pine Apple, Freshman. HALE, DAYTON, Phi Gamma Delta, Tigcoloosa, Sophomore . . . HALE, KATHARINE ANN, Alpha Xi Delta, Pine Apple, Sophomore, Choral Union . . . HALE, VIRGIL G., Pi 'Kappa Alpha, Pineapple, Junior, Treasurer, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . HALIHMBARNICE HAYDEN, Mobile, Junior . . . ,HALL, BETTY JEAN, Zeta,fTa,ux Alpha, Scottsboro, Sophomore, Blgcktriars,-Y., W. C. A., Westminister .. . HALL, CARL B., Red Level, Sophomore . . . HALL, FRANCES CAROL, Downs, Sophomore . . . ' I-ft ' ' 'B I Q HALL, GWEN, Mobile, Junior, W.'S. G. Ag, Spirit Committee . . . HALL JIMMIE, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore, ,Alphog Sigma Omega . . . HALL, WILLIAM DAVID, Alpha Tau Omega, Birmingham, Junior . . .HAMILTON, PERCY, Opp, Sophomore . . . HAMILTON, SAM M., Pi Kappa Phi, Opp, Junior. .5 --. f HAMILTON, THOMAS, Tuscaloosa Jun,or . . . HAMILTON, VIRGINIA JO, Anderson, Sophomore . . . HAMILTON, WILLIAM AMOS, Kappa Sigma, Birmingham, Sophomore, Phi Eta Sigma, President, Westminister Fellowship . . . HAMMACK, WILLIAM JACKSON, Sigma Nu, Livingston, Freshman, Crimson-White . . . HAMNER,. LEWIS H., JR., Delta Chi, Camp I-Iill, Sophomore . . . HAMNER, NED, Arley, Freshman. V , ,,, . . "Hear the one 'bout aIligcItors" I.,...,, , r, I Page I52 J ' N 1 iq ' y 'w 3: .V V W 1 '- x Q1 W 31 . xl 3 ' H ' 1 ' ' 1 I 1 mg - -- :I M - 1 . . .V.V. ,.,,A.4. 1- W ,,AAX... ....m...,. ,,,,......W......,, .. - --..-ivy - 'Y' 1 D 3' . ' 1 .QV , . - , N. - ' , "I?4f,.', --,. 'Q' '. r, , , n f " -. sa. g. -' 42' ., A V' iii i, f 'hiv' - - ,- .- ,-:,.,. -L 2y,,fv.',,, 1-gm- M' , :fi-, V-jf 1. ,-13-zivfib 13,'.,j--.,- 1 f 1. V W, . m ,gg . , , Z1 :Q-. 4 1 ,Qs W , . V -.Q ' ' 1 lf-15 3 , , . 1-,C j. n ,, - I -" 1 H Q,-, ff. w V, , V .t . lm, 1 Q-+ ' , w 15' i..M,,.-...........- .i.i..1..... ...,.....v , ., ..,.... ...... . ...... ...... ..,..,... l..-.......... i - ... - .1 ,... M. , i A ' fl'I'I7 HAMNER, WALTER EARL, Guntersville, Freshman . . . HAMNER, WILLIAM LEWIS JR., Kappa Alpha, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore . . . HAMPSONLNTHOMAS BANLSTER, Kappa Sigma, Anniston, Freshman, Blackfriars . I. HANAHAN, MARION L., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Dothan, Freshman . . . HANCOCK, ALTA JEAN, Delia Zeta, Birmingham, Sophomore, Phi Chi Theta . . . HAND, JAMES A., Delta Kappa Epsilon, Mobile, Junior, Phi Eta Sigma, Druids. HAND, WILLIAMI BRAVARD, Delta Kappa Epsilon, itvlobile, Jansaf, Druids . . . HANDLEY, RALPH E., Gadsden, Freshman . . , HANEY, DOT, Alpha Chi Omega, Birmingham, Sophomore, Crimson-White . . . HANNON, KENNETH, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Mobile, Junior . . . HARBIN, CHARLES THEODORE, JR., Chi Phi, Montgomery, Freshman, Rammer-Jammer, Sports Editor, Crimson-White, Blocklriars, Newman Club . . . HARBIN, JACKIE, Chi Omega, Scottsboro, Freshman, Corolla. HARBOR, VICTOR, Kappa Sigma, Birmingham, Junior . . . HARDE- GREE, ANNE, Ashland, Freshman V. . . IQIARDIN, BET'I'YwJE'AN, Alpha Delta Pi, NashviIle,STenn., Sophomore . . . HARdINf"WILLIAM EUGENE, Pi Kappa Alpha, Bessemer, Freshman . . . HARDUVEL, ARTIE THEODORE, Birmingham, Freshman . . . HARDY, DAVID S., Pi Kappa Alpha, Tallassee, Freshman. HARDY, JOSEPH P., JR., Kappa Sigma, Tallassee, Freshman, Black- triars . . . HARGETT, BETTY, JANE, Madison, Junior, W. S. G. A., Phi Chi Theta, Wesley Foundation, Y. W. C. A .... HARGROVE, JOSEPH EARLE, Birmingham, Freshman . . , HARKEY, MARY SUE, St. Petersburg, Fla, Junior, A. S. C. E .... HARLAND, BEBE, Phi Mu, Greenville, Miss, Sophomore '. . . HARLAND, CAROLYN, Montgomery, Phi Mu, Greenville, Miss, Junior, Corolla, Ra-mmer-Jammer. HARPER, ALLEN DOUGLAS, Phi Delta Theta, Montgomery, Sophomore . . . HARPER, EDNA CLAIRE, Alpha Chi Omega, Montgomery, Junior, Symphony Orellestraafl gf . . HARPER, JAMES-DC., Pi Kappa Phi, Montgomery, Junior . . . HARRELL, SIDNEYSIMJ Sunflower, Freshman . . . HARRINGTON, J. N., Kappa Alphaf Meridian, Miss., Sophomore . . HARRIS, BETTY JANE, Cherokee, Sophomore. ITC CJ " I LQ Giving his all for knowledge. I ' I ri Iii HARRIS,' BOBBY,,' Phi Gamma Delta, Tuscaloosa, Frteshman . . . HARRIS,'ClHARLTON,fPhi Kappa sigmafMabalagrrashmanr T. ff HARRIS, DOROTHY, Delta Gamma, Elmore, Sophomore, Spanish Club, Y. W. C. A., French Club ., .1 . HARRIS, ERIC NOEL,.JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Birmingham, Saphofmbre . . .I HARRIS, GEORGE R., JR., Phi Kappa Sigma, Mobile, Freshman . . . HARRIS, JEANETTE, Ashford, Freshman. I - A J-Qlii. ' I. I HARRIS, JERRYLENE REBECCA, Morris, Sophomore . . . HARRIS, ROBERT C., Fayette, Junior . . . HARRIS, WILLIAM RHODES, Sigma Nu, Anniston, Sophomore . . . HARRISON, FRANCES KATHRYN, Delta Zeta, Pensacola, Fla., Sophomore, Crimson-White, Wesley Foundation . . . HARRISON, JANE MELANIE, Alpha' Delta Pi, Tampa, Fla., Sopho- more . . . HARRISON, JosEPH c.,,, Sigma Phi xepsalan, ?UnaaH City, Tenn., Sophomore, Delta Sigma Pi, BI' S. UI I P - P HARRISON, KVATHRYN R., Mobile, Sophomore . . . HARRISON, MARY JEANNETTE, Mobile, Sophomore, A-Ipha Lambda Delta . , . HART, HAROLD WESLEY, JR., Sigma Chi, Columbia, Miss., Freshman . . . HART, JAMES W., Pi Kappa Alpha,.,. Chattanooga, Tenn., Sophomore, Wesley Foundation . , . HART, JULlAN,-J.R,,. Marian, Sophomore . . . HART, SYLVIAJ RAE, Sigma Delraflcfui, fjirmingham, Junior, Crimson- White, Y. W.-C. A. v ,Q 5, .,,. L", f 'JKJ' HARTZOG7-CHARLES R., Kappa Alpha,. eilidian, Miss., Junior, Inter- Iraternity Council . . . HARVEY, "STA EEY, Montgomery, Freshman . . . HARWELL, GEORGE HERMA'Nf"Birmihg,ham, Freshman . . . HATCHER, JOHN w., JR., Delta Chi, ss,I5aQe Hrasaman . . . HAUGHTON, PAUL, Delta Chi, Trona, Calif., Freshman . . . HAUSTEIN, DOROTHY LILLIAN, Mobile, Freshman, Newman Club. f' G HAUTH, GEORGE, Warsawpflndtana, 'Sophomore . . . HAVENS, MARTHA CONSTAN,CE,,. Mkintgorifery, Freshman . . . HAWES, LEE B., Wooclmant, ConrC,"'S6phomore, International Relations Club . . . HAWORTH, MICHAEL ELLIOTT, JR., Phi Gamma Delta, Birmingham, Freshman, Corolla . . . HAY, JOHN CARROLL, JR., Sigma Nu, Hunts- ville, Junior,',!. HAYES, WALTER ,J., 'Pi Kappa Alpha, Talleclaga, ,A 1 r .., Q... Freshman. ' s -D ii C' J 1 1 V we 23-N--H-' iii Watts Sisters get around! Page I55 1 ,Q 3 , HAYES, WILLIAM J.,.x Kappa Si-gma, Langdale, Sophomore . . . HAYLEY, WILLIAM F., Birmingham, Freshman . . . HAYS, MARCUS DAVID, Phi? Kappaa'S'igma,'i Scottsboro, Sophomore . . . HAYS, WILLIAM, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Auburn, Freshman . . . HEARD, WILLIAM H., Alpha Tau Omega, Montgomery, Sophomore . . . HEARON, AGNES MARIA, Alpha Xi Delta, Thomasville, Junior, Y. W. C. A. HEATH, MARY JEAN, Alpha Xi Delta, Enterprise,iSophomore . . . HEBSON, MARTHA LANE, Kappa ,Kappa Gamma,,Anniston, Junior . . . HELD, Joi-iN DAVID, Zeta Beru Tau, Armniswii, Junior, Druids, Rho Alpha Tau, Cotillion Club . L '. HEMBREE, A. H., Pi Kappa Phi, Section, Freshman . . . HENDERSON, JOY MARGETTE, Dothan, Freshman . . . HENDON, DANIEL HOLMAN, Pi Kappa Alpha, Tuscaloosa, Junior. 1 HENDRICKS, BEASLEY SAMUEL, Delta Chi, Tuscaloosa, Freshman . . . HENDRICKS, LAWRENCE E., Delta Chi Epsilon, Charleston, S. C., Sopho- more, lntertrraternity Council . . . HENDRIX,. ERNEST LEE, JR., Delta Chi, Tuscaloosa, Senior, Baptist Student Union '..' .. ...'HENDRlX, JOSEPH NEWTON, Delta Chi, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore . . . HERRING, HAROLD F., Alpha Tau Omega, West Point, Ga., Junior, A. S. M. E., . . . HERRMANN, DOROTHY ANN, Delta Gamma, Kansas City, Mo., Junior. HERRMANN, LEONARD A., Delta Chi, Pittsburgh, Penn., Freshman , . . HERSHISER, CHARLES A., Chi Phi, Gadsden, Freshman . . . HERSHKO- VITZ, GUS, Sigma Alpha Mu, Lawrenceburg, Tenn., Freshman . . . HEUSTESS, DAN C., Kappa Sigma, Montgomery, Sophomore . . . HEYER, CHARLES J., Mobile, Sophomore . . . HICKS,"PERRY SPENCER, Phi Gamma Delta, Birmingham, Freshman, Corolla. HICKS, WILLARD GLENN, Pi Kappa Phi, Homoraville, Sophomore . . . HIGGINS, BETTY JANE, Birmingham, Junior . . . HIGGINS, MARY ELLEN, Clanton, Sophomore, Terpsichora, Newman Club . . . HILDE- BRANT, WARREN LEE, .Kansas City, Mo., Freshman . . . HILL, BILL, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Middleton, N. Y., Junio'r, President, Druids, President, Canterbury Club, Student Senate . . . HILL, JEAN, St. Petersburg, Fla., Junior, Sigma Delta Pi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Secretary, Spanish Club, Spirit Committee. -.J Lambda Chi goat eats camel. Page I HILL, ROBERT AWELSH, Birijnirigha-rn,, Sophomore, Phiulftci Sigma . . . HILL, WILLIAM M., Pi Kappa Alpha, Columbus, Miss., Sophomore, St. Pat's Committee . -. , HILTON, CHARLES BARBER, Phi Kappa Sigma, Haleyville, Freshman :. . . I-IINE, BUTLER PRESTON, JR., Kappa Sigma, Decatur, Sophomorle' ...' HINES, BARBARA'A., Alpha Chi Omega, Kingsport, Tenn., Blacktriars, Y. W. C. A .... HINES, JOHN ALLEN, JR., Sigma Chi, Siluria, Sophomore. I HINES, THOMAS FRANKLIN, Phi Gamma Delta, LaFayette, Junior . . . HINSON, MINETTA KATHRYN, Linden, Junior, Glee Club, Spanish Club, Westminister Fellowship . . . HINTON, JEANNE CHESSER, Alpha Phi, Montgomery, Junior, Caroline Hunt Club, Y. W. C. A .... HINTON, WILLIAM N., Phi Gamm'afDelta,' Tuscaloosa, Sophomore: . HIX, HUGH BISHOP, Sigma Nu, Washington, D. C., Freshman . .-. HOCK- LANDER, JOSEPH M., Kappa Sigma, Mobile, Sophomore. HODGES, DURWOOD, Sigma 'Alpha Epsilon, Scottsboro, Junior . . . HODGES, EMILY SUE, Abbeville, Junior, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Baptist Student Union '. HODGES, LILA JEAN, Chi Omega, Scottsboro, Sopho- more, Corolla,- Y. W. -C. A .... HODGSON, ROBERT MORTON, Alpha Tau Omega, Bay Minette, Freshman . HOGUE, CHARLES S., JR., Alpha Tau ',Omega, Fairfax, Freshmen . . . HOILES, ELEANOR BEATRICE, Robertsdale, Sophomore, Phi Chi Theta. Hoicomas, LUCY-JEAN, Deltb Delta Delru, cuieru, Junior, Black- triars . . . HOLCOMB, HUEY GORMAN,-Fulton, Miss., Freshman . . . HOLCOMB, MAURICE CLIFFORD, JR., Pi Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, Sophomore . . . HOLDER, BETTY JANE, Delta Gamma, New Orleans, La., Junior, Crimson-White, Y. W. C. A .... HOLDER, JOSEPH, Vredenburg, Sophomore, Westminister Fellowship . . . HOLDER, SIDNEY G., Birmingham, Freshman, President, Freshman Class, Chemistry School, American Chemistry Society. 3-L , ,Q - s HOLDRIDGE, DOROTHY, BTrmingham, Junior, Physical Education Club . . . HOLLE, EVERETT HUGHES, Anniston, Freshman . . . HOLLEY, JOSEPH R., Pi Kappa Phi, Jacksonville, Sophomore . . . HOLLEY, NORMA KATIE, Montgomery, Freshman . . . HOLLIS, ALLEN U., Pi Kappa Alpha, Sulligent, Freshman . HOLLIS, KNOWLTON L., JR., Pi Kappa Alpha, Sulligent, Freshman. ' ' ij L ...- Day before finals. re. aft- 's55sg..,s.tsg. -- l56 r I 11 ' w !--- X V 3 El ' Y 1 il M .K X X 5 ,,. x V' ,,,, ,I v 1 ' .. ,A . . .W ' ' Q ' 'x U , 1 R D1 K ! . W I r I . F . . N 1 ' 4 V W , A I I., , M12 Lf om + om HOLLOMAN, lPLEAS,'.Dclta Tau Delta, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore , , , HOLLOWAY, JIM HENRXY, Chi Phi, Tampa, Fla., Freshman , , HOLLOWAORAQ,-Ggglsd-Qi1,BFresltr1tr1it, Choral Union . . , HOLLOWAY, ROBERT C., Sigma Chi, Wynne, Arla, Freshimin, Bancl . . , HOLMAN, RICHARD P., Alpha Tau Omega, Northport, Sophomore . . . HOLMAN, WILLIAM S., Lambda Chi Alpha, Callao, Mo., Junior, A. I. E. E. 1 I :T - 'X . A I' ff HOLMES, Chi PIII., '-LAACfT7il'G, Freglimnn . . . HOLMES, NORMAN TROY, Pinson, Fri-slnnrtn' pw. . HOLMES, PETE, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Melbourni.-, Fla., Freshman . . . HOLT, DANIEL W., Kappa Alpha, Montgomery, Ficsltfnan, Crimson-lNhite . . . HOLZER, ARNOLD, JR., Zeta Beta Tau, Birmingltfirn, Freshman, Corolla , , . HOLZMAN, RALPH LEON, Kappha Nu, Birmingham, Freshman. HOOPER, ALONZO BARBER, Ill, Pi Kappa Alpha, Albertville, Junior . . . HOOPER, ANNETTE, Zeta Tau Alpha, Albertville, Sophomore, Cheerleader, Blocklriars . . . HOOPER, WILLIAM EDWARD, Kappa Sigma, Selma,,Sophomope,.-Bar1a:, Glee-Club, Orchcstrfi 'fl . .A HOOTEN, THOMAS HOWARD, Delta Chi, Holly Poncl, Junior . . , HOPPER, CHARLES EWING, Phi Delta Theta, lrluntsville, Freshman . HORNSBY, JEAN, Alpha Gamma Delta, Luverrc, Junior. HORNSBY, JOSEPH ALLEN, Sigma Nu, Dothan, Freshman . . . HORTON, MERRll.L,QUENTlN:,Delta Sigma Phi, FOri Payne: Sophomore . . . HOSLI, FREDERICK JOSEPH, Chi Phi, Tuscaloosa, Freisltman, Band, Glee Club, B. R. NV. . . HOUSTON, ANN, Alpha Delta Pi, Birmingham, Sophomore, Y. W. C. A., G-lee' Club, Christian Sluclant Center . . . HOUSTON, BETTY SUE, Mobile, Freshman . . . HOUSTON, HOVIS BRUCE, Huntsville, Junior, Veterans Association, Choral Union. HOUSTON, JOSEPH MARTIN, Chi Phi, Mobile, Junior, Phi Eta Sigma . . . HOWARD, AI.I9C,',Sigma Chi, Mobile, Sophomore . . . HOWARD, CAROLYN DUPRE, -Kappa Kappa Gammay Tuscurnbia, Junior . . . HOWARD, ROBERT L., Prattville, Sophomore . . . HOWELL, JOHN M., Five Points, Sophomore, Phi Eta Sigma . . HOWELL, LAURINE LAVENDER, Newbern, Sophomore, Informal pose a la ATO. ll H I I HOW MAQIION, s., Foley, Jgqioggy. . . HOWELL, SAMUEL PORTER, Alpha T Omega,ENAarion, FreshrnanIiCoFoTlah-1 F. TOM A., Chl Phi: EUIGW, Jurlynior . . , HOWLE, JANE, Alpha Gamma Delta, Meridian, Miss., JE for . . . HUFFAKER, ARY ELIZABETH, Atlanta, Ga., Junior, Stude T Forum, Cflmson-White . HUFFSTUTLER, BETTY JEAN, Chi Omega, Tuscaloosa,i Freshman. 'S ' I i F I HUGGIN, JEAN, Zeta Tau Alpha, Hogansville, Ga., Junior . . . HUGHES, ALVAH JOAN, Alpha Delta Pi, Montgomery, Freshman, Corolla . . . HUGHES, EDWIN LEON, Morris, Freshman . . . HUGHES, HAROLD BOYD, Phi Kappa Sigma, Briclgeport,'Sophomore . . .HUGHES, ROBERT EPPERSON, Gadsden, 'Junior,AI,nternationaI Relations Club, Stu- clent Forum, Cabinet, Wesley' Foundation . . . HUIE, JOE,,Sigma Phi Epsilon, Oneonta, Sophomore. I ,. HUMES, CAMlJ.LE LOUISE, Alpha Xi Delta, St. Petersburg, Fla., Junior, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Epsilon Omicrom, Caroline Hunt Club . . . HUMPHREY, KENNETH DAVIS, Little River, Sf C., Freshman, Football . . . HUMPHRIES, CHARLES EVANS, Sigma Nu, Eutaw, Freshman . . . HUNNICUTT, BARBARA, Chi Omega, Tuscaloosa, Junior, Corolla, Rammere Jammer . . . HUNTER, JOE GULLATTE, JAR., Alpha Tau Omega, Opelika, Sophomore . . . HUNTER, JOHN RICHARD, Phi Gamma Delta, Quincy, Ill., Freshman, Track. HURN, LYDA LYNN, Delta Delta Delta, Guntersvlle, Junior . . . HURT, WILLIAM PRYOR, JR., Delta Kappa Epsilon, Talladega, Freshman, Huston, FRED LANGDON, syiewugd, Sopihongpre . . . HUTCHISON, FRANCES, Forest I-Iome, Junior, Crimson-White . . . HUTCHISON, PHIL DOWLING, Sigma Nu, Dothan, Sophomore . . . HUTCHINSON, SAMUEL JAMES, JR., Phi Delta Theta, Birmingham, Freshman. 1,9 ,rs--J f HUTTO, ELIZ.1gQEE'IA-rI.:,L.,1lMobile, Sophomore . . . HUTTO, THOMAS CARROL, Phi mma Delta, Birmingham, Corolla . . . HYBART, VIRGINIA, Kappa Delta, Monroeville, Junior, Corolla . . . HYDE, WARREN GORDEN, Phi Kappa Sigma, Haleyville, Freshman . . . HYDRICK, JACK, 'Deltg Chi, Talladega, Junior . . . IKARD, BILL M., Kappa Alpha, Dechverd, Tenn., Junior.Vc3 IL! C D ESigma Nu Shipwreck. ri Page I59 A.. tx ix i '- AB? ze OA? + O31 I S, INGE, COLEMAN,"'DeIta Kappa Epsilon, Mobile, Freshman, Choral Union, Corolla Staff . . . INGE, JOHN ERWIN, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Mobile, Sophomore, Rifle'.Team, Advanced R.O.T.C ..., INGE, MARIA GARTH, Zeta raa'7Alphia','h?iahlla, Freshman . . . INGRAM, PERRY B., Theta Chi, Jacksonville, Fla., Sophomore, Rho Alpha Tau . . . INNES, JOSEPHINE JOANNE, Sioux City, Iowa, Sophomore, Symphony Orchestra, CrimsonaWhite . . . INSTONE, GEORGE CLIFFORD, Lambda Chi Alpha, Bessemer, Freshman. j I-hi f fel 1 ,.,i, -. l, INZER, JAMES C., DeltaKrKappa Epsilon, Gadsden, Junior . . . IRBY, CATHERINE H., Gadsdeh, "Sophomore A.,-J". . IRELAND, WILLIAM REYNOLDS, Phi Delta Theta, Birmlingham, Sophomore . . . ISRAEL, MARY EVELYN, Birmingham, Junior . . . ISRAEL, WILLIAM E., Bir- mingham, Sophomore . . . JACKSOIN, BETTY, Delta Zeta, Birmingham, Freshman. X- JACKSON, ELIZABETH, Birmingham, Sophomore, Independents Organ- ization . .v JACKSON, JACK,'Pi Kappa R,hi,.Petre,y, Sophomore . . . JACKSON, -JAMES SHEL-LEY, Pl-,jf Gdmitia' Delta, ,Clib, ,Saphomfore'. . . . JACKSON, JENNIE LOU, Zeta Tau Alpha, Selma, Freshman . . . JACKSON, JOHN ELWIN, Collbran, Junior . . . JACKSON, MORRIS J., Talladega Springs, Freshman. JACKSON, SARA, Alpha Gamma Delta, Birmingham, Junior . . . JACKSON, UVONNA VMAE, Chi Omega, Florencefwluriior . . . JACOBS, ALBERT H., JR., Birmingham, Freshman . . .'JACOBS, MOODY D., Toxey, Sophomore, Independents Organization, Veterans' Association . . . JACOBS, THOMAS EQ,fPhi Delta Theta, Decatuh,.'Freshman . . . JAFFE, JACK, Sigma Alpha Mu, Birmingham, Freshman. JANNETT, AUDREY E., Bessemer, Junior, International Relations Club . . . JAUDON, FRANCES ELIZABETH, Chi Omega, Tuscaloosa, Junior, Corolla Staff,.Y: A .... JAUDON, MARION ALMA, Chi Omega, Tuscaloosa, Fheshman-' ji. . JEMISON, ELBERT SEWER, JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Birmingham, Junior, Galt Team, XVeterans' Association . . . JENKINS, BOBBIE JEAN, Delta, Freshman . . . JENKINS, DAVID C., Lambda Chi Alpha, Birmingham, Sophomore. V' Q 1' -- ,fs S, 'A fu Q. L.. ' 5-f - I maj If St. Fat could only be- here. A, ,f -- 1, ' '74,hwi?2ZiB?1 v , - Page . -: .iii A f W, lvl 'H I . JERNLGQAN, MAI,GOLM LQU,IS, ,Kappa Sigma, Geneva,-Freshman . . . JERNIG "TN, HWIIQLARD 'H.,WJRQ,i D'eItaf"'Kap'pa"' Epsilon, "" Mobile., 'lll Sophomore JETER, JACK, Sigma Nu, Enterprise, Sophomore . . . JIMENEZ, MARY, Tuscaloosa, Sophogmpre, Spanish Club, Newman Club . . . JINKS, LYNN, Sigma Nuf',Union Splrings, Junior . JOBE, DORIS JUNE, New Market, Junior, Wesley Foundation, Caroline Hunt Club. JOHANSEN, PHILLIP, Theta Chl, Mobile, Sophomore .... JOHNS, JAQUELIN SMITH, Phi Mu, Washington, D. C., Sophomore, Alpha Lambda Delta, Ramxmer-Jammer . . . JOHNSON, CARRIE BYRD, Mobile, Sopho- more . . . JOHNSON, DELLA, Selma, Junior . . . JOHNSON, FURNISS, Lambda Chi Alpha, Selma, Freshman, 'Spirit Committee, Secretary, Veterans' Association, Junior lnterffaterhity 'Council . . . JOHNSON, GEORGE, Red Level, Sophomoref'-1 fi., ' ' ' A ' M I 'I JOHNSON, HARRY CECIL, Birmingham, Sophomore . . . JOHNSON, JAMES H., Lambda 'Chi' Alpha, Birmingham, Junior . . . JOHNSON, JAMES L., Lambd'a'Chi Alpha, Montgomery, Junior, International Relations Club, President, Cadet Officers' Club, Veterans' Association . . . JOHNSON, LAWRENCE SPELLER, Kappa Sigma, Ozark, Freshman . . . JOHNSON, LUTHER H., Enterprise, Sophomore . . . JOHNSON, NEVA ANN, Alpha Xi Delta, Eudora, Arkansas, Junior, Y. W. C. A., Wesley Foundation. . l JOHNSON, ROBERT JAMES, ,Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, Sophomore . . . JOHNSTON, ELAINE, AIpho'Xi Delta, Bessemer, Freshman . . . JOHNSTON, GLORIA DEANE, Mobile, Sophomore, Phi Chi Theta . . . JOHNSTON, KATHERlNE,.TuscaIooso, Freshman . , . JOHNSTON, SAGE MANNISH, Tuscaloosa, Freshman, Phi -Gamma Delta . . . JOHNSTON, VIRGINIA, Brundidge, JiJni'or.' l JOHNSTON, VIVIAN GAINES, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Leroy, Junior, O. D. K., Debate Squad, National .Difgctor of Collegiate Council for the United Nations, Southern' SUper1ii'is'or for Collegiate Council for u. N, svaaam For,u.qn, . Q JOINER, ANN ELIZABETH, Alpha Delta, Ozark, FCBSIITIJDOID . . . JOINER, WILLIAM B., Kappa Ozark, Freshman . . . JOLLEY, EDWIN, Chesson, Freshman JONAS, ROYAL FLAGG, Sigma Alpha Mu, Miami Beach, Florida, Junior, Debating Team-A C.. TZIONES, ARTHUR ALVIN, JR., Kappa Alpha, Decatur Gamma Sigma, Sophomore. It It A ful? H C O3 D!! E The Rhumba King. ll 3, 2. -,, iY:v " i" XL ..2 A its - X , X X pass , gxgg M , x,,sf:.g,3',1 m -- I60 v , - W W Y V Y 1 I 1 ' - , 1 ,, M gl. gf ly , --,. E. '11 p , J . 13 '- - . T' . 1,-Q - df:--- --JF V. N 3 .W 5? f N 4 1 I 1 5 W I I 7 ! , 1 V I N4 K l fn Ni r 31 . il 1 r A , fi f ' 11 II P , 5 ,O A i. il 1 N i V N X i Ig ' iii 1 3' i p m W N . w- r V V -,M,,,,.., .,.,,,. N... -,........, .... -. .u,.., M V,.. ,,.., ..M.,.. ....l,. .MW ... , ,,VA. ..,.. . , -- - .W..,.,.W.. W 'ell A x i A BP CWI i CHIEF I 'xi JONES, BAR ARA, Montgomery, Freshman, Corolla Staff, Y. W. C. A. . . . JO'NES,.BILLIE CAR LYN, Birmingham, Freshman . . . JONES, CHARLES W., Pi' KopipTAA- ha, Greenville, Sophomore . . . JONES, EDGAR LEE, Pi Kappa Phi, Birmingham, Junior, Bobby Adair's Bancl . . . JONES, GRACE, Alpha Chi Omega, Birmingham, Junior, Black- triars, Crimson-White . . . JONES, HALLIE, Selma, Freshman. JONES, JAMES C., ali PhFAKEgQ'aw, Freshman . . JOKNES, JAMES H., Tuscaloosa, Freshman . JONES, LEO L., Heflin, Junior . . . JONES, MARGARET ELIZABETH, A siqljnglwm, Juffilof, Bond . . . JONES, MARILYN, Dothan, Junior, W. .'YG. A., Board of Directors . . . JONES, PEGGY JOYCE, Delta Zetcb Nlew Brockton, Junior, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Baptist Student Union. XX JONES, ROBERT LEE, JR., Phi Sigma Kappa, Troy, Tennessee, Sopho- more . LDNESCSARAV FRANC'EQwISa,ppa Delta, Annrston,fS6phomore . . . JONEE' 'suE,-'M'QnfOeville,, Freshman I. L . JONEs, WATSON, Kappa Alpha, Camden, Freshman . . . JONES, WILLIAM C., Kappa Alpha, Camden, Junior . . . JONES, WOLSEY VAN HOOSE, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Tuscaloosa, Junior. JORDAN, BERIl9.lsENToN,'fmcxeniaeg'Freshmen . . . JORDAN, GLEN s., sigma Nu, lGOrdo, sophemofe . JORDAN, HENRY CLAYTON, Sigma Nu,. Dothan, Freshman . . . JORDAN, J. VERNE, Delta Chi, Jordan, Freshman '. . . JORDAN, KATHLEEN, Roanoke, Freshman . . . JOSEPH, DQT, Montgomery, Freshman. 1 - . JOSEPH, SIDNEY, Kappa Nu, Birmingham, Sophomore . . . KADIS, FLORENCE, Egifraingiwligm, Junior, Hillel . . . If-AHN, DONALD ROY, Kappa Nu, inring m,'l'Freshman . . . KANTZQMMARY JANE, Phi Mu, Atlanta, Georgia, Sophomore . . . KAPIQAN, ROSALIE, Sigma Delta Tau, Wrightsville, Georgia, Junior, American Chemical Society, Students' Affiliation, Hillel Foundation, Y. W. C. A .... KAY, EMILY, Chi Omega, Birmingham, Freshman, Corolla Stott. Fe 'le' S N-'P' ls e O "Fifteen-minute intermission, boys." l I lil i '. , il,:l . 15 A KEARLEY, JAMES, DeIta1Kappa.E'psiIon, Mobile, Freshman . . KEEL, MARGARET ICAROLYN, Greenville, Mississippi, Freshman . . . KELLETT, JOSEPH C., Fort Payne, Junior . . KELLETT, WILLIAM T., Fort Payne, Freshman . . JKELLEY, GILVRIAQLEE, Slocumb, Sophomore . . . KELLUM, WILLIAM L., Tuscaloosa, Junior, Delta Sigma Pi. I L ,, A -1..-Qian .1 , , 1 L... L I -. KELLY, WILLIAM M., JR., Sigma Nu, Birmingham, Sophomore, Crimson- White, Spirit Committee . . . KEMP, JOY M., Birmingham, Freshman . . . KENDRICK, LENORA FARLEY, Chi Omega, Birmingham, Freshman, Crimson-White, Corolla KENDRICK, MARTHA ADELL, Delta Gamma, Selma, Freshman, Crimson-White, .Caroline Hunt Club' if-, Gt KENNEDY, MARGIE, Heflin, Junior, Spirit Committee . . -. KENNEDY, MURRAY LEWIS, Pi Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, Junior. . ,. l . f . KENNEDY, ROBERT A., Whistler,-Junior -, . . KENNEMER, M. S., Pi Kappa Phi, Athens, 'Sophomore . . . KERLIN, HOMER, Prattville, Freshman . .KERLIN, WILLIAM LEON, Prattville, Freshman . . . KERNACHAN, MARY LUSK,VZeta 'Tau Alpha, Arlington, Virginia, Sopho- more, Corolla, Y. W. C. A., Spanish Club . . . KERR, ANN, Oxford, Freshman. KERR, BETTYE, Meridian, Mississippi, Junior, Band, Terpischora . . . KERR, JOHN THOMAS, St. Petersburg, Florida, Freshman . . . KILGO, A. O., JR., Logan, Freshman . . . KILGORE, SAMUEL DAVID, Chi Phi, Jasper, Junior . . KILPATRICK, MARY ELIZABETH, Mobile, Sophomore . . KIMBROUGH, FRANCES, Selma, Junior, Spirit Committee, Glee Club. KING, CRAIG,CKappa Alpha, Freshman , . . KING, JACKSON EVER- ETTE, Sigma Elpha Epsilon, Anniston . . . KING, JOHN THOMAS, Alpha Tau Omega, Birmingham, Sophomore . . . KING, KELMIE, Alpha Delta Pi, Mobile, Freshman, Corolla . . .rKINQ,,I-ESI-LE C-, JR-2 SIQITICI NU: Gadsden, Freshman ,. . , KING, MAR-'I?AIN"iLEE,LS,l a Alpha Mu, Mc- Minnville, Tennessee, Freshman, Spirit Committee, Hillgllj r' X X D .Z......,..E. gr, SPE Floor Show. Page I63 A N i 1 AB2ofoA2+ OBS I R KING, MARY RUTHSA Delta Zeta, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore . . . KING, WILLlAMtD., iigrrro crtr, Dorroy, Sophomore . . . KTRBY, BETTY, Alpha Delta Pifflar sotateystvtissigippi, Junior . . . KTRBY, MARGARET JEAN, Phi Mu, Birmingham, Freshman, Corolla, Glee Club, Y. W. C. A., Wesley Foundation . , . KIRBY, THOMAS, Woodland, Freshman . . . KIRK, LYLIA JEAN, Chi Omega, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore, Crimson-White, Y. W. C. A., Blacktriars. 'X HE ROSE .rQQ KIRKLAND, MARY, zark,RFeXhman . . . KLLTMAN, MURRAY, Alpha Epsilon Pi, New Yorkl New Dfpyk, Junior,,,!iNlen's Glee Club . . . KLINEFELTER, JAMES, Phi Kap a-Qigma, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore . . . KITCHIN, CLAUDE Ill, Sigma A hxo' Epsilon, Anniston, Sophomore, Asso- ciate Business Manager, Rammer-J rnrgter . . . KLOMPARENS, THOMAS R., Phi Sigma Kappa, Washington, . C., Freshman . . . KLYCE, MARY, Chattanooga, Tennessee, Junior, Spirit Committee, French Club. KNIERING, DELWIN EARL, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Newark, ,New Jersey, Sophomongr Etg Sigvmxai, iJEfiiyeEsityi?'Or7dhesjra, kConceIrt-.L Bpncl, Bobby Adair's Orchestra, Cavalier Dance Band . . . KRACKE, RACHEL, Delta Delta Delta, Birmingham, Freshman . . . KROMVALL, ERNEST, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Waterbury, Connecticut, Sophomore . . . KURTTS, ANDREW JAMES, JR., Delta Chi, Bessemer, Freshman, A. S. C. E .... KYLE, L. CHRIS, Phi Delta Theta, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore, Phi Eta Sigma, Rammer-Jammer . . . LACEY, TENIE BETTY, Birmingham, Freshman. - .A ,-X . , . . A. M' 4 -W, My if I , I .- - . T XX x f I 1 'i I xg r ' ' F ,. LACKEY, GURNEY' JEpIE,, DeItafC.hi,4Tuscaloosya, Sophomore . . . LACKEY, LOUIS H., Akrohf-Freshman, . LAIRD,'iANN, Gastonburg, Freshman . . . MARJORIE, .GastonIburg, Sophomore . . . LAMAR, WOODWARD "D., KSigma , Nu,fJiMontgomery, Junior . . . LANCASTER, JIMMY, Delta chi! Tuscaloosaf Junior. LANDGRFWF, DOTALD R., Delta Tau Delta, lngomar, Pensylvania, Sophomore 122. log MSIDHAM, RUEBEN F., ChiQ"P'hi, Lincoln, Sophomore . , . LANGFORD, DORIS, Alpha Delta? Pi, Laurel, Mississippi, Junior . . . LANGFORD, IRVIN JAMES, Sigma Chi, Mobile, Sophomore . . . LANGFORD, JOHN M., Dothan, Freshman . . . LANGHAM, ARTHUR M., Greensboro, Sophomore. ,.. - I ..........u ,, , Zeta ,leo Don't miss It! 1 x rr ls-I - I I I I 2 f"'. 4 ' , 7 I ,fx I I W., LANgoLols,- TCARL,'soz3go?itio,,'FroiHi11olrf, 'Nowmorr 'i" curio, Deifating Team, Northington Campus Association . . . LANGSTON, BENNY, Pi Kappa Alpha, Tuscaloosa, Junior .1 K. . LANIERMMONROE BANISTER, Alpha Tau Omega, Birhrgngham, Jahior . . . LJNNKFORD, JAMES DUDLEY, Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, Jlinior, Phi Eta Sigma, Druids . . . LANTRIP, BETTYE, Birmingham, Sophomore . . . LARSON, MARY ELIZABETH, Theta Upsilon, Birmingham, Sophomore. 3 r , fe, I , C, , 5-1 1-K yr, f-, rz I 4 ,.. t LASETER, NEILSON, Sigma Nu, Tuscaloosa, Junior, Glee Club . . . LASSITER, SHELBY ZORN, Florala, Freshman . . . LATADAY RICHARD, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Pbsc'agSoTJIa,'.Mississip'pi,' Ffieshman . . . LATHAM, ELDRED CROSBY, PI1l'nGQflf1mQ Delfa,1MoblIe, FreS'ljrtTa! . LATHEM, DONALD NlCKERSON,"iSigrna' Alpha Epsilon, Stl-Ugg,-Sophomore . . . LATTOFF, MITCHELL GEORGE, Pritchard, Freshman, Debating Squad, Corolla. y- - - 1., r Q' LUBER, DONNA JEAN,'Birimrigfhofrifrrokhmon . . . LAWLEY, MARY EMILY, Delta VZetp,I Tuscaloosa, Slopljlomore . . . LAWRENZ, MAX K., Delta Chi, Foley, Freshman . . fl LAWSON, BETSY, Chi Omega, Tusca- loosa, Junior, Canterbury 'CIub,.' .ff1AWSON, THOMAS C., Tuscaloosa, Alpha Tau Omega, Freshman, Band .' . LAYMAN, GEORGE OLIVER, Theta Chi,'Tvlol:,iIe, Sophomore, 'A. S.'C. -E. LAZARUS, MARVIN LESTER, Kappa Nu, Birmingham, Freshman . . . LEATHERWOOD, ERNEST, Kappa Sigma, Fairfax, Sophomore . . . LEAVITT, CHARLOTTE, FAY, Sigma Delta 'Tau, Pittsfield, Massachusetts, Sophomore, Crimson-White, Y. W. C. A .... LEE, ANNE CARY, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Evergreen, Freshman . . . LEE, EARLE JOYCE, Decatur, Sophomore . . . LEE, MARY EVELYN, Birmingham, Sophomore. LEE, PEGGY, CZ-eta Tau Alpha, Tuscaloosa, Junior . . . LEGG, FRED VAUGHN, Chi Phi, Marietta, Georgia, Freshman . . . LENAHAN, ARTHUR LOUIS, Kappa Alpha, Meridian, Mississippi, Sophomore . . . LEONARD, CULLMAN, Lambda Chi Alpha,,Jockson, Junior . . . LESLIE, CARL L., Kappa-Sigma, Anniston, Ereshrltarf, . LESLIE, JEANNE, Chi Omega, Birrningham, Freshman. .xg 0 T E Celebrities-waiting for the kickoff. YW NN' Page I64 u 77 4 A . . R V , 5 1 - ' iff ' . Q ' H - W , , -- ,, , f iv S' LETSON, WILLIAM MORTON, Sigma Chi, Birmingham, Junior, Alpha Epsilon Delta . . . LEVY, A-LAN, Zeta Beta Tau, Montgomery, Freshman . . . LEVY, EDWARD NL, JR., Sigma Alpha Mu, Demopolis, Freshman, Spirit Committee, American Chemical Society . . . LEWIS, BEBE, Delta Zeta, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore, Crimson-White . . . LEWIS, HENRY VANDERBILT, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore . . . LEWIS, LELA COXWELL, Monroeville, Sophomore, Blackfriars. I LIDE, ANNE, Jacksonville, Freshman, B. R. N.. '. . . LIGHTFOOT, PATRICIA, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Tuskegee, Freshman, Y. W. C. A., Corolla . . . LILE, JOHN MINOR, JR., Kappa Alpha, Leighton, Sopho- more . . . LILES, DOLLY RUTH, Frisco City, Sophomore . . . LILES, EDWARD CLARK, Pi Kappa Alpha, Prattville, Sophomore, Circulation Manager, Crimson-White . . . LILES, OWENS, Frisco City, Freshman. LIND, LOUISE M., Moundville, Freshman, Caroline Hunt Club . . . LIND, JAMES M., Clarksburg, West Virginia, Freshman . . . LINDLEY, JOHN ELLIS, Sigma Chi, Macon, Mississippi, izlunior . .g . LINDLEY, JUNE ANN, Paducah, Kentucky, Sophomore, Spanish Club, Crimson- White . . . LINDSEY, BETTY, Alpha Chi Omega, Shreveport, Louisiana, Junior, Corolla, Y. W. C. A .... LINDSEY, MARY ALICE, Delta Gamma, Montgomery, Freshman. LINDSEY, THOMAS LEVI, JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Fayette, Freshman, International Relations Club, Veterans' Association . . . LINDSEY, WILLIAM M., Daphne, Freshman . . . LINK, ROBERT O., Sigma Nu, Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, Sophomore . . . LIPSITZ, CHARLES J., Sigma Alpha Mu, Panama City, Florida, Junior . . . LITTLE, WILLIAM D., Lambda Chi Alpha, Montgomery, Sophomore, Greeks . . . LITTLETON, JOE IB, Chi Phi, Blountsville, Sophomore. - LITTRELL, WILLIAM- J., Laurel, MISS., Freshman . . . LLOYD, JEAN ANNE, Birmingham! Sophomore . . . LOCKE, FRANCIS, Delta Zeta, Marion, Junior .l . . LOCKE, MARGARET ELIZABETH, Delta Zeta, Marion, Sophomore, Wesley Foundation . . . LOCKLIN, A. J., JR., Delta Kappa Epsilon, Monroeville, Freshman . . . LOCKLIN, BARBARA, Alpha Gamma Delta, Monroeville, Sophomore. Kappa Nu's and dates-in a dancing mood. 3 . I LOCKLIN, ROBERT, Delta Kappa'Epsilon, Monroeville, Freshman . . . LOEB, FRANK, Zeta Beta Tau, Montgomery, Junior, Druids, International Relations Club, Phi Eta Sigma . . . LOEB, HENRY SYLVAN, Zeta Beta Tau, Montgomery, Freshman, Crimson-White . 1 . LOEB, MORRIS J., Zero Bela Tau, Columbus, GQ., sophomore . . . LOEB, RALPH, zero Beta Tau, Montgomery, Freshman . . . LOLLAR, XAN, Chi Omega, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore. V LONDON, DOROTHY CLAIRE, Sigma Delta Tau, Hattisburg, Miss., Sophomore . . . LONDON, SHIRLEY DEE, Sigma Delta Tau, Hatties- burg, Miss., Sophomore . . . LONG, BOB, Corinth, Miss., Freshman, Northington Campus Association . . . LONG, CHARLES ALLEN, JR., Kappa Alpha, Bessemer, Freshman . , . LONG, ,MARTHA SUE, Demopolis, Freshman . . . LONG,'VONClLE, Repton, Junior, Spirit Committee. LONG, WILLIAM BARON Alpha Tau Omega, Guntersville, Freshman . . . LONG, WILLIAM ROBERT, Lambda Chi Alpha, Birmingham, Sopho- more, President, ,Lambda Chi'Alph,a .' ,. '. LONGSHORE, LESLIE R., Sigma Nu, Birmingham, Freshman V. . . LONGSHORE, WILLIAM LEVI, JR., Sigma Nu, Birmingham, Junior . . . LOONEY, HOYT, Delta Chi, Athens, Jupior, Phi Eta Sigma . . . LOPEZ, MIGUEL A., Aiaiuela, Costa Rica, So'p'hom'ore. ' LOVELAND,-I JEAN,-1 Phi Mu, f',Ridge,'f-Tenn., Sophomore, Swan Club . L'OVELL,'MEMORlE GRAY,Y'AttalIa, ,Freshman . . . LOWE, JAMES RoYcE, Delta Kappa Epsilcn,"Bitmmg'h0m, Freshman . . . LOWRY, KENNETH EVANS, Suhny 'SoIJIl'il,,JUtt'iOf . . . LOWRY, MARY ELLEN, Bessemer, Junior, Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Epsilon Delta . . . LOWRY, WILLIAM, Kappa Sigma, Memphis, Tenn., Sophomore, Corolla, Crimson-White. LUND, MARGARET V., Theta ,Upsi,lon,I,Nashua, New H., Junior, Presi- dent, Theta Upsilon, Panhellehnicf- W. S. G. A., B. R. N., Radio Work Shop . . . LUNDEOM, MARY KATHERINE, Birmingham, Freshman . . . LUTTRELL, JAMESVPADGETT, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Blountstown, Fla., Sophomore . . . LUTZ, ANN GREDELL, Kappa Kappa Gamma, New Orleans, La., Sophomore, Y. W. C. A., Corolla, Canterbury Club . . . LYNN, EMILY'FLOYD, lMobile, Freshrqcgft, ,.V, ..3q.f. X... . ,MACKAY, HARRY M., Sigma Chi, Columbia, Miss., Sophomore." " X f '-. . of-I--I - A-.1 Delta Gammas and Guests, Page I67 A IX Q .-V V ,z, MacKENZIE, EFRASERX, Mobile, Sophomore . . . MacMAil'lON, WILLIAM OTIS, III., Chi'Phi, Mobile, Sophomore, Blacktriars, Canterbury Club . . 5.3 Mi:ADORY,MbNA1LACE C., Kappa Alpha, Greensboro, Fresh- moo, Crimson-White , . I' MCBURNEY, CHARLES, Phi Gamma Delta, Tuscaloosa, Junior, President, Press Club, Crimson-White, Corolla, Editor, Rammer-Jammer . . . McCANN, BERYL LEE, Alpha Phi, Daphne, Sophomore, Blacktriars, 'Canterbury Club, Corolla. ii? ' eff ., ' I J... , ., ., ,H MCCARTY, JOHN Delja,g'sChi, Birmingham, Fiiezhman . . . MCCARVER, MARION, Chattanooga, Tomi., Freshman . . . MCCAULEY, SEZANNE T., Atlanta, Ga., sooiioogtoro . . ,' MCCLANAHAN, HARVEY PITTS, Anniston, Junior, A. S. ixlf'f,.fE., St. Pat's Association . . . MCCLELLAN, JOHN B., Kappa Sigmaw-XxS5fr.ingville, Junior . . .McCLELLAND, VIRGINIA, Connellsville, Penn., Sophomore. MCCLENNY, LLOYD G., Headlartcl, Freshman . .. MCCLESKEY, AGNES, Sheffield, Junior . 1. . McCOLLOUGH, WILLIA ,B., JR., Kappa Alpha,5'Birming.ham,iFreshman 1 . .- McCOMAS, BHIYQIQY, Zeta Tau Alpha, Birmingham, Freshman . . . MCCONNELL, FORREST, JR., Kappa Alpha, Montgomery, Freshman . . . McCOY, CARMEN, Delta Zeta, Cullman, Sophomore. McCOY, EUELLE E., JR., Alpha Tau Omega, Birmingham, Sophomore . . . McCRARY,'JOHN'.F., Phi Gamma Delta, Centerville, Junior . , . MCCURDY, CECELIA, Decatur, Ga., Freshman . . . MCCUTCHEN, PAUL, Sigma Chi, Steele, 'Mo., Sophomore . . . McDANIEL,rMARILYN FAYE, Alpha Chi Omega, Fairhope, Freshman . . . McDANIEL, NORMA BARTON, Bessemer, Junior, Blacktriars, Crimson-White. MCDERMOTT, AUGUSTA MAE, Union Grove, Sophomore, Spanish Club, Corolla . .r . MCDONALD, ROBERT DAN, Livingston, Freshman . . . McDONALD, 'SfI'ERLIlSIG,"Chi Phi, Roanoke, Freshman . . . McDOUGAL, PAUL ALLEN, .9-XlphdNTau'7 Omega, West Palm Beach,jFla., Freshman . . . McDOWELL, ELEANOR, Alpha Chi Omegaf, Anniston, Freshman . . . McEACHERN, SARAH JANE, Alpha Delta Pi, Birmingham, Sophomore, Rammer-Jammer, Y. W. C. A. l so' I '...l The Boys and the Noise. H ,-, MCELRQH, J.AMEsysERNARD, Sigmgat Nu, Aifollo, sopbonrovo . MCFARLAND, KAROLYN, Birmingham, Sophomore, Band, 'Corolla . . . McFARLAND, KATHERYN, Birmingham, Sophomore, Band, Corolla . . . MCGEE, MARY F., Tuscumbia, Junior, Alpha Latnbcla Delta, Phi Chi Theta . . . McGEHEE, THOMAS, Phi' Gamma Delta, Jacksonville, Fla., Sopho- more, Corolla . . . MCGIBONEY, BETTY JEAN, Birmingham, Junior, Terpsichora. . In ' 4 in . MCGILL, EVELYN, Alpha Gamma Delta, Dothan, Sophomore, Corolla, Rammer-Jammer . . . McGILL, MARGARET, Alpha Phi, Percliclo, Sopho- more . . . MCGINTY, GEORGE, Fairhope, Ereshmian . . . MCGOVERN, LORRAINE, Schenectady, N, Sophomore . .2 AZHMQQOXVIN, MARY JOE, Clanton, Sophomore, foto,-4: Club'i.f . '.McGL.tlRE25 KATHRYN FRANCES, Cordova, Sophomore. " McGUlRE, POLLY, Alpha Phi, New Orleans, La., Junior, Panhellenic Council, Corolla . . , MCINNIS, MARGARET ANN, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Mobile, Sophomore, Corolla, Y. W. C. A .... MCINTOSH, ROBINS P., Kappa Alpha, Camden, Sophomore, Football, Y. M. C. A. . . . MclNTOSH, ROY, Kappa Alpha, Camden, Junior . . . MCKENZIE, JOHN THOMAS, sigmo Chi, Mobile, Jooiof. . . MCKENZIE, MARY ELIZABETH, Hamilton, Freshman. . fl 1 si. . McKENZIEf RICHARDSON B., JR., Kappq,A'lpha, Selma, Freshman . . . MoKeNziE, ROBERT w., Sigma chi, Mobile? Junior . . . MCKENZIE, SAMUEL K., Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, Jiu-nior . . . MCKINNEY, JUDY, Delta Zeta, Birmingham, Junior . . l. VMCKINNEY, W. CLYDE, Kappa Alpha, Montgomery, Freshman . . . McKNIGHT, PATRICIA, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Crawtordsville, Ark., Sophomore, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Chi Theta. '. I McLELLAND, ALLISON, Gainsville, Junior . . . MCLENDON, PAUL LAWRENCE, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Montgomery, Junior . . . MCLEOD, C. W., Kappa Alpha, Tuscaloosa, Freshman . . . MCLEOD, EDWARD LENARD, Phi Kappa Sigma, Mobile, Sophomore . . . McLEOD, HAL GUICE, Jaclcson,,Freshrifian, Wesley Foundation . . . McLEOD, HAROLD G., Quitman, Miss., Freshman. A ' ' Who's next ,o-in "'.".4.i A . .... Page I68 . 1 E 'Q Q W U A Q wju nai 1 N 4 f l' 2? Q Hg QV" - R . A ' , 1Q,. ' , 1 I Q V - r : w it r '1 Y -'fm ' 1 ' w 'fkffg Q' . , sv,j11 . X .5-iff: --!r4 K' , V ,. 1. if-.5 V , , ,, . Q , . 41 I Y I A . ' 1, , Q., . . 1 I ...Hy -.51 1, " " ', W ' r W, K -:TIM-V ' l MLN Q. - ' I . ' ' Y 1- SYVM- v . ,- , PM , A .-H-, , ., A. g y -'11, v ' I K , .I X 2. ..-avi: . V , 1 - -1 I , , T . . .J 'W fd-' ' T . T -. ...,M......,..,,,.. A..............,,. ... A, 1. .. ...,.,...,. , . 1 -. H. - - T A I 1' J .717 McLEOD, ROBERT BRUCE, Kappa Alpha, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore . . . MCLURE, WILLIAM RANKIN, Brundiclge, Freshman . . . MCMAHON, DONALD, ,Kappa Alpha, Selma, Freshman, Rifle Team . . . MCMILLEN, ROBERT, Chi Phi, Los Angeles, Calif., Freshman . . MCMILLIAM, JAMES M., Kappa Sigma, Birmingham, Freshman . . McMURRAY, LOUISE, Zeta Tau Alpha, Heflin, Freshman. MCNAUGHTON, 'NELSON R., JR., Delta Tau Delta, .Altoona, Pa., Junior . . . MCNEELY, BASIL, Phi Delta Theta, Mobile, Freshman . . . MCPHEARSON, RICHARD, Sigma Chi, Silas, Freshman . . . MCREA, EMMA FRANK, Delta Zeta, Clanton, Freshman . . . MCSHAN, JOHN TYLER, Chi Phi, McShan, Sophomore . . . MCSWEEN, BETTY DORIS, Ozark, Freshman. McWILLIAMS, BETTYE DAYE, Tuscumbia, Junior . . . MACKERETA, LENA, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore . . . MACON, JOSEPH EDWARD, Sigma Nu, Huntsville, Freshman . . . MACON, PAUL VERNON,,Phi D,e,Ita Theta, Mobile, Freshman . . . MADARIS, CHARLES THOMAS,,.lR., Braggs, Freshman . . . MADDEN, WILLIS GREER, Kappa Sigma, Forest, Miss., Sophomore. MADDOX, SARAH JOY, Fayette, Freshman . . . MAISEL, HERMAN, Kappa Nu, Mobile, Sophomore . . . MAISEL, MAS, Kappa Nu, Mobile, Junior . . . MALEY, THEDA LOUISE, Alpha Chi Omega, Raleigh, N. C., Junior, Crimson-White, Band, Terpsichora . . . MALLORY, WILLIAM PECK, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Anniston, Freshman . . .. MALOY, JOE, Delta Chi, Montgomery, Sophomore. MANDERSON, MARY, Cordova, Spohomore, Blackfriars . . . MANER, PITT TYSON, JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Montgomery, Sophomore . . . MANGE, WILLIAM GARVIN, Sigma Nu, Anniston, Freshman . . . MANLEY, JANE, Alpha Delta Pi, Jackson, Tenn.,AJunior, Phi Chi Theta . . . MANLY, BETTY, Birmingham, Sophomore, Blacktriars, Westminster Fellowship . . . MANLY, ROY HUNT,'Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, Freshman. I -ak! Royalty in Review. ,. ,, If MANLY, WILLIAM H., Phi Delta Theta, Birmingharn,,Junior . . MANN,fHARRY WARREN, Pi Kappa Phi, Memphis, Te-nh., JFLTIEOI' . . . MANN, IMOGENE, New Hope, Junior . . . MANSPEAKER, BETTY L., Alpha Phi, Bedford, 'Pa., Junior . . . MAPES, MARY, Alpha Phi, Birming- ham, Sophomore, Canterbury Club, B. R. N .... MARBURY, DAVE, Phi Delta Theta, Birmingham, Freshman. MARCUS, MARKS, Zeta Beta Tau, Montgomery, Freshman, Crimson- White . . . MARCUS, PHYLLIS, Montgomery, Freshman . . . MARING, DON H., JR., Birmingham, Freshman . . . MARINO, JOSEPH T., Patterson, N. J., Sophomore, Newman Club, A. I. S .... MARKS, MORTON JEROME, Kappa Nu, Birmingham, Freshman . . . MARSAL, MARCELINE, JR., Kappa Sigma, Mobile, Junior, Debate Sqlfqd, Veterans Association. , , ' MARTIN, BILLY CHARLES, Delta Chi, Tarrant, Sophomore . . . MARTIN, ELLEN LENOIR, Kappa Delta, Birmingham, Sophomore . . . MARTIN, JACK, Birmingham, Sophomore .". . MARTIN, JAMES RYAN, Phi Kappa Sigma, Gadsden, Sophomore . . . MARTIN, JANEY, Shet- tield, Junior . . . MARTIN, JOE L., Pi Kappa Alpha, Opp, Freshman, Glee Club, Choral Union. MARTIN, NEILSON, Kappa Alpha, Aliceville, Freshman, Spanish Club, Spirit Committee . . . MARTIN, PIERCE, Lambda Chi, Bessemer, Fresh- man . . . MARTY, WILFRED, Sigma-Phiifpsilon, Birmingham, Freshman . . . MASON, EDITH, Alpha Chi Omega, Huntsville, Junior, Crimson- White . . . MASON, FRANK L., Kappa Qylpha, Birmingham, Junior . . . MASON, MARY GLEN, Athens, Sophomore. MASSEY, JAMES B., Phi Sigma Kappgz, Jackson, Miss., Junior, Vice- President, A, I. E. S .... MATHENNS, BETTY JEWEL, Birmingham, Fresh- man, Y. W. C. A., Caroline Hunt Club, Crimson-White .P . . MATHEWS, BILL, Phi Gamma Delta, Jasper, Freshman . . . MATHEWS, FRANK Alpha Tau Omega, Montgomery, Freshman, Crimson-White, Canterbury Club . . . MATHEWS, JEAN, Chi Omega, Jasper, Sophomore, Press Club, Crimson-White . . . MATHEWS, JESSE LEWIS, Sigma Nu, Wedowee, Juniorp -' ' ' . L' Z"F""W" ' FL Dress Parade. i 1 Page l7l 'X is a f MATTISON, BETTY, Mobile, Sophomore . . . MAXEY, DAVID MARSHALL, Pi Kappa Alpha, Dyersburg, Tenn., Sophomore . . . MAXWELL, SVBETTY LGRENE, Mu, Fairfield, Sophomore, Y. W. C. A. . . . MAY, CLARENCE T., Kappa Sigma, Dothan, Sophomore . . . MAY, HELEN RUTH, Birmingham, Freshman . . . MAY, IRVING, Kappa Nu, Birmingham, Sophomore. MAYER, MORRIS, Dembpolis, Freshman . . . MAYER,'PHOEBE LOIS, Sigma Delta Tau, Birmingham,"Freshman, B. R. N. l '. MAYES, EDNA EARLE, Gadsden, Sophomore 4 . . MEADOWS,'CAROLYN LOUISE, Tallassee, Junior, Wesley Foundation, Caroline Hunt Club . . . MEGGINSON, RICHARD DUNN, Phi Gamma Delta, Thomasville, Sopho- more . . . MELTON, OAKLEY wI,,iRF, Kappa Alpha, Wetumpka, Fresh- man, Crimson-White. .K ' L MENDELL, MANUEL, Zeta Beta Tau, Birmingham, Sophomore . . . MENDENHALL, GEORGE W., Columbus, Ga., Freshman . . . MERCER, ROVERT WALLACE, Sigma Nu, Montgomery, Freshman, Corolla, Inter- national Relations Club , .V . MESSER, EDMOND D., -Sigma Phi Epsilon, Wasl'iihgton,' D. IC., 'Sophomore, Phi- "Eta-,Sig-ma, -'Six Pat's Committee . . . METCALF, JAMES M., JR., Lambda Chi Alpha, Tusca- loosa, Sophomore, Veterans Association . . . MEYER, JEROME F., Zeta Beta Tau, Birmingham, Junior, Rammer-Jammer, Crimson-White, Black- friars. MICKLE, WILLIAM COOPER, Sigma Nu, Anniston, Freshman . . . MIDDLEBROOKS,'CHRISTINE, Birmingham, Freshman, Glee Club . . . MILLAR, CAROLYN, Alpha Delta Pi, Fairfield, Senior, Caroline Hunt Club, swim Club, Y. LW. C. A .... MILLER, HARVEY A., Springfield, Mass., Junior, B. R. N., Spirit Committee, Men's Glee Club, Vocal Ensemble, Cotillion Club . . .MILkER, RUTH LORRAINE, Tuscaloosa, Junior . . . MILLER, WILLIAM HARLOD, JR.,' Delta Chi, Attalla, Sopho- more. MILLIGAN,'I.JO.YCE, Mobile, Sophomore . . . MILLS, ANDREW J., JR., Kappa Sigma, Enterprise, Freshman . . . MILLS,--'BOB, Chi Phi, Ever- green, Freshman . . . MILLSAP, TEMPLE M., Kappa Sigma, Evergreen, Freshman . . . MILTON, WILBURN E., Pi Kappa Alpha, Prattville, Sophomore . . . MINOR, EVELYN JOYCE, Birmingham, Freshman. Chi Phi Kiddiu Party. , Q., I ROBERT, Paedmfsnt, .Ereshfnan . Misuic, .PEGGY K., MINTQN, . , sophomere . MITCHELL, BERNARDE., Montevallo, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore . . . MITCHELL, CAROLYN, Theta, Upsilon, Savannah, Ga., Sophomore, Glee Club, Caroline? Hunt Club . . MITCHELL, EARL LEE, JR., Phi Kappa Sigma, Haleyville, Freshman L . MITCHELL, GEORGE EDWIN, Kappa Alpha, Atmore, Freshman. MITCHELL, HARRY P., Ashland, Freshman, Crimson-White . . . MITCHELL, MARTHA, Alpha Chi Omega, Tuscumbia, Junior, Y. W. C. A., Crimson-White . . . MITCHELL, SYLVIA FRANCES, Alpha Xi Delta, Birmingham, Sophomore . . . MITCHELSON,'THEO K., Pi Kappa Alpha, Palatka, Fla., Freshman, Ir-iternat.iona,l Relations Club-, MIXON, B. T., Chi Phi, Hamilton, Sophomore . . . MOBLEY, GLLBERT D., Aliceville, Freshman. MOCK, HYRUM H., Sigma PhiQ."Epsilon, Red Level, Freshman . . . MOFFATT, R. E.,iAlpha Tau Omega, Birmingham, Junior . . . MONT- GOMERY, FRANK"SlMS,,JR., Sigma Nu, Fairfield Highlands, Junior . . , MOON, MARY DOROTHY, LinevilleE il-Freshman . . . MOORE, ALICE JEAN, Alpha Qeital. Fi, Birming'ham,.Saphomore . . MOORE, ELIZA- BETH RUTH, Tuscalooso, Sophomoreh' V V A I ' .. MOORE, HENRY H., Montgomery,'.. Freshman . . MOORE, JAMES RICHARD, Kappa Alpha, Paris, -Tex., Junior, Executive Counicl, Northing- ton Campus . . . MOORE, JOHN, ERANK, JR., Sigma Nu, Union Springs, Sophomore . . . MOORE, JOY F., 'Kappa Alpha, Leeds, Sopho- more . . , MOORE, KATHRYB ERNESTYNE, Billingsley, Sophomore, Y. W. C. A., Glee Club . . . MOORE, PEGGEANNE, Alpha Xi Delta, Albany, Go., Sophomore, B. R. N., Corollg. I 1 . ,- W ,-, - .J ' -I ,V ,- . .- V , . f x ,Y MOORE, PERSO'N,'flR., Birmingham, Freshman . . . MOORE, ROBERT LIVINGSTON, Portsmouth, Va., Freshman . . . MOORE, ROBINETTE, Birmingham, Junior . . . MOORER, LAMAR, Evergreen, Freshman . . . MOORER, LEELLA, Enterprise, Freshman .I ,. . MOORER, RANDOLPH EARLE, Montgomery, Freshman. l"'f I- I' J M 'E Behind the a-san. 5: Us Page 172 I u u , N w w w K , , V , il 1 . , W 's M ri QV - L1 , ,A V W H4 -- Y ? .W ,w -' - - . if ti lx I1 , ya 14 l ' N L , ' 1 4. if' . 's ' .m 1 1 X N . 1 Y f i , 5 l A IX rw aw -r ogl MORGAN, GARRICK, Fairhope, Freshman . . . MORGAN, JAMES ORVILLE, JR., Phi Delta- Theta, Gadsden, Freshman . . . MORGAN, LENIOR ASN,1-Barmanghetwrreshmon . . . MORRING, THOMAS, Pi Kappa Alpha, Huntsville, Junior, Crimson-White, Press Club . MORRIS, BYRON, JR., Phi Gamma Delta, Tuscaloosa, Junior . MORRIS, EMORY W., Elkins, W. Va., Freshman. MORRIS, HOWELL, Kappa Alplta,'DanvilIe, Sophomope' .'. . MORRIS, JOE BERNON, Ashland, Freshman . . . MORRIS, 'JOHN NORWOOD, Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, Sophomore . . . MORRIS, PEGGY W., Alpha Delta Pi, Birmingham, Sophomore, Corolla . . . MORRIS, WILLIAM, Pi Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, Sophomore . . . MORRISON, JOHNNY, Alpha Tau Omega, Atlanta, Ga., Freshman. MORRISON, MACLIN FOWLER, Cullman, Sophomore . . . MORRIS- SETTE, EDWARD R., JR., Phi Delta Theta, Selma, Junior . . . MORRIS- SETTE, WILLIAM FOWLKES, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Greensboro, Sopho- more . ., . MORROW, JAMES RUSSELL, Lambda Chi Alpha, Bessemer, Freshman . MORSE, CHRISTINE FRANCES, Theta Upsilon, Daphne, Freshman . . . MORSE, WAYNE HOSS, Lambda Chi Alpha, Birmingham, Junior. MOSELEY, WALTER J., Pi Kappa Phi, Highland Home, Junior . . . MOSER, CLAIRE, Delta Gamma, Jacksonville, Fla.,.Sophomore, Y. W. C. A .... MOSLEY, JOHN HOWARD, Montgomery, Freshman . . . MOSS, CLARENCE, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Birmingham, Sophomore, A. I. M. E., St. Pat's, R. O. T. C. Rifle,Squod . . . MOUGHON, JEAN, Chi Omega, Birmingham, Junior . . . MOUNGER, KATHERINE LOUISE, Alpha Delta Pi, Birmingham, Sophomore. O MOXLEY, STEVE D., Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, Sophomore, Phi Eta Sigma . .. . MUCKLE, RICHARD, JR., Greensboro, Sophomore . . . MUDD, ANNE EARIfE,': Kappa Delta, Birmingham, Freshman . . . MUGLACH, ALBERT JOSEPH, JR., Sigma Rht Epsilon, Birmingham, Fresh- man . . . MULLINS, HENRY CLIFFORD, Kappa Alpha, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore, Phi Eta Sigma . . . MULLINS, SARA FRANCES, Guin, Sophomore. v H r : ' ro lv-s., :yoj St. Pat Rules the Day. Isl I-I I I MUN?i, MIGNON RUSSELL, -I Phi' lMu,,, mRockmart,,, Ga., fi'-Sophomore, Corolla, ammer-Jammer . '.l . IMUNN, FRANK O., Phi' Gamma Delta, Homewood, Freshman . . . MURDOCH, JOYCE, Birmingham, Fresh- man . . . MURP QIREE, BETT Q BARTON, Ka do Delta, Troy, Junior . . . MURPHREE, MARJ ms, chi rglega, Jecks0n,IlNliss., Junior, Y. w. C. A., Rammer-Jammer . . . MURPHREE, MARY EMMALYN, Phi Mu, Birming- ham, Freshman, Y. W. C. AVL Glee Club, Wesley Foundation, Physical Education Club. in , yn, ,J ,,., I I , . at V , ..,.K MURPHREE, WINIFRED, Delta Delta Delta, Okolona, Miss., Junior . . . MURPHY, ALICE GARDNER, Alpha Delta Pi, Tuscaloosa, Junior, Crimson- White, Canterbury Club . . . MURPHY, ELIZABETH JEAN, Norfolk, Va., Junior, Blockfriars . .' .' MURPHY, FRED B., Pi Kappa Alpha, Tollassee, Freshman . . . MURPHY, LEONARD BREWSTER, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Tuscaloosa, Freshman, Corolla, Canterbury Club, Spanish Club . . . MURRAY, JOHN P., Pi Kappa Alpha, Belle Glade, Fla., Sophomore. MURRAY, WILLIAM D., Theta Xi, Phil Cam-pbell, Junior, Student Forum, International Relations Club . MURRELL, ALBERT LEON, Fairhope, Freshman . . . MYER, PEGGY, Chi Omega, Birmingham, Freshman, W. S. G. A., Board of Directors, Corolla . . .. MYER, RUTH, Chi Omega, Birmingham, Freshman, Corolla . . . NABORS, DIXON H., Delta Chi, Birmingham, Freshman . . . NABORS, HERSCHELL F., Birmingham, Sophomore, Phi Eta Sigma. M NABORS, JAMES S., Delta Chi, Birmingham, Freshman . . . NABORS, OLLIE W., Pi Kappa Phi, Glencoe, Sophomore . . . NADLER, MARTIN HERBERT, New York, N. Y., Freshman .' . NNAIDEN, CHARLOTTE B., Chi Omega, Monroe, La., Freshman . . . NALL, NELDA CHAPMAN, Alpha Chi Omega, Greenville, Sophomore, Orchestra . . . NEILSON, FRED, Phi Delta Theta, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore. f-O ,rw - ff' . s 4- NELLUMS, KECQ4BT'H,"PeT1sacola, Fla., Freshman . . . NELSON, CAROLYN JANE, Alpha Chi Omega, Montgomery, Sophomore, Glee Club, International Relations Club, Choral Union, Y. W. C. A .... NELSON, DOROTHY, Atmore, Freshman . . . NELSON, GEORGE A., JR., Chi Phi, eedsdehgsegshatnofe . . .Nets , G once w., syismuge, Freshman . . NIIXIELSON, JAMES Decatur, Junior. D E. The Army was Never Like This. Page l75 A IX, li Ms2:oA2+oe1 NELSON, MARY ELLEN, Elmore, Freshman . . . NELSON, NORVILLE L., Fairhope, Freshmanhi-F . . NELSON, RALPH, Birmingham, Junior . . . NESMlTH,ffiCARL...D.,..,BlolungviIIe, Junior . . . NETTLES, ELEANOR C., Alpha Gamma Delta, Jasper, Sophomore, Blackiriars . . . NETTLES, JANIE MAUDE, Arlington, Junior, Spirit Committee, Glee Club, Y. W. C. A., Pasteur Society. 1 fi til Il A 'f' NEVILLE, DON. cr.,,:i Huntsville, rfesiime,g,fj,1T-. . Nevins, ELIZABETH HART, Phi?Mu,X'gBJrmingham, Junior.,",Co'ralla, Westminister Fellowship . . . NEVINS, PAGE, Birmingham, Sophomore . . . NEWELL, ELIZABETH ANN, Clanton, Sophomore . . . NEWMAN, GLADYS MARIE, Birmingham, ,Freshmen . . . NEWTON, JOHN, Rome, Ga., Freshman. f NEWTON, MARGARET ANN, Birmingham, Junior . . . NEWTON, MILDRED FRANCES, Chi Omega, Tuscaloosa, Junior . . . NEWTON, SARA, Delta Delta Delta, Dothan, Alpha Lambda Delta, St. Pat's Queen . . . NICHOLAS, FRANCIS E..,,P-hi"Ktc1ppa Sigma, iMonroevilIe, Freshman . . . NICHOLLS, A. B. C., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Vicksburg, Miss,, Freshman, Crimson-White . . . NICHOLLS, HUGH, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Vicksburg, Miss., Freshman. NICHOLS, BETTY JEAN, Alpha Xi Delta, Birmingham, Sophomore, Alpha Lambda Delta, Ameripon, Chemical Society .S. . NICHOLS, JAMES HENRY, Kappa Sigma, Jacksonville, Fla., Sophomore . . . NICHOLSON, BETTY SUE, Birmingham, Freshman '. . . NICKELSZ JOHN HARVEY, St. Petersburg, Fla., Junior . . . NIREN, NORMAN, Kappa Nu, Birming- ham, Sophomore . . . NIRENBERG, JOAN MARION, Sigma Delta Tau, Orlando, Fla., -Sophomore. , j NIX, CHARLES GIDEON, Tuscaloosa, Junior . . . NIXON, HENRY, Kappa Alph'a,"BiiJjni!ngtham, Sophomore . . .r'NOBLE, CHARLES, Phi Gamma Delta, Birmingham, Junior . . ..,,NOEL, 'JIM B., Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, Freshman . . . NOEL, STANLEY NELSON, Birmingham, Freshman, Band . . . NOLAN, CHARLES, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Birming- ham, Sophomore. 5' , 4 Q' . f"' . 1 - . 1-, ,y 1 C 2 N.: ' I Phi Gam Study Room. I-I H l I NORW-iN.f,NI-HQ'fgtAs , Jbamgmgiwg, m.,.. ,,r,egRmC.,.,.. .i,fiief.eeiregiGie De- bate Squad . . NORTHINGTONJ DON, Alpha Tau 1Omega, Red Bay, Sophomore . NORVELL, SAMUEL SEIRUDWICK, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Florence,IJIunior . IMI. NORWOODQISIDNEY LAWSON, Sigma Chi, Birmingham, 'Alpha Epsilon Delta, Riil Team . . . NUNN, HAROLD W., Phi Gamma Delta, Charleston, West Va., Sophomore . . . NUNNELLY, CLAUDE, Brucetoyi, Tenn., Freshmang I I fi cf NYE, ROBERTA, Fairhope, Sophomore . . . O'CONNOR, WILLIAM F., Phi Delta Theta, Tuscaloosa . . . O'DONNELL, JERRY MILES, Loxley, Freshman, Men's,.Glee...CIub,.Canterbury.Club, Spanish Club . . . ODUM, JAMES EDMUND,4Sigma Alpha Epsilon, President,.International Relations Club, Manager, University Debating Team, Vice-President, Veterans Association, Spanish Club, Student Forum, Student Senate . . . OGLE, JAMES ORLANDO, Alpha Tau Omega, Birmingham, Freshman . . . OLENSKY, MARVIN, Kappa Nu, Mobile, Freshman. OLIVE, GEORGE, Brantley, Freshman . . . OLIVER, MARY CATHERINE, Stapleton, Junior . OLIVER, RICHARD ELLSWORTH, Birmingham, Junior, Newman Club . . OLIVER, SAMUEL J., Montgomery, Freshman . . OLSEN, NORMAN DUANE, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Birmingham, Sopho- more . . .. OLSHAN, BURTON, Kappa, Nu, Birmingham, Freshman, Hillel, Spirit Committee. OLSHAN, MELVIN HOWARD, Kappa Nu, Birmingham, Sophomore . . . O'NEAL, ANN, Delta Delta Delta, Montgomery, Freshman, Corolla . . . O'NEAL, SALLY, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Ozark,' Junior . . . O'NEILL, PEGGY, Birmingham, Sophomore . . . OPPENHEIM, RAYMOND M., Kappa Nu, Jackson, Miss., Freshman . . . OPPLEMAN, MAXINE JANE, Sigma Delta Tau, Lynchburg, Va., Junior. , ,. . 2,9 M: f. ORENSTEIN, EOQEKII LEO, Sigma Alpha Mu, New Orleans, La., Fresh- man, Spirit Committee . . . ORR, POLLY ANN, Chi Omega, Bessemer, Junior, Y. W. C. A .... ORR, ROBERT R., Pi Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, Junior . 7, . OSNLENT, MARINEL, Alpha Chi Omega, Birmingham, Freshman fi' .T f"f7OWEN, EUGENEAIE- Rd Le el, Sophomore . . . OWEN, JAMESNHENRY, Crandall, Mess? U 31.03 D E. "Murder!" he says. i X ii i-s ' . Page I76 1 u w I r 3 , 11 w 4 '. Ag A Q E it ea N I H E fl B X , 3, E1 '. - ..M- .u...,....,,,.N..,.....,,..W,,,,,N.. ,,., .mmm .x....M. -g.-W,W...N,,.......l - .- . - , 1 , 1 -L-A'hVk-,,i , .. , 6 ' 44 , Q m.X,, X 'Y ,v,.AN.:..,..-.H,.,. ,RQ , J, x.gegr.f1:h:.,.,pq5- , -Nvv3izqX,X fr- , K 'f EaQN'fxf,:N:q,- -- . Q 5 113233 ima: 'kd Fight ,MW ' Fww. , A x 1 , 4 . os, A ' .. Y , t xx Qyx - . 1 X 1-J.. , WN 'x- .I gm 'P I .. 4. , ' Ep: U 6 I ,Q "H-cw , L L1 Q.. ,SN V -ef-' -rift. L " - !:!!'.Q- ' -. -.111 2-:n V W ' 1, .3 ' L.. ,4-4' AA -fr, 'Q 1. V 'A P '." .' , b' Qui. E- V g ,A - "" , I .E J if P A Q V, ' ,si i' -1 -.,., bf t , 1, 115 x ffm gi 'j' ' f I - . Wfg., Mis? ,Z '..: ., ' l' f A55 "V: .h ' H . ,mam , . i 1 as um., "Af-f?an, ""'f AN 'ES' Mc, T -G' ,Y Ak 1 , 1 K ' , A - JF 4 V 'F' P 'xx l SA. ' qu G -:N :I 4 QQ 4. wq 5- 45 1 S- ff K5 an "L" A I XX' AB? " 7' I GIS? .XX OWEN, JEA ELIZABETH, Alpha Gamma Delta, Oneonta, Junior, Crimson-White, orollagggkhg. OWEN, OLIVE NELL, Bay Minette, Junior . . . OWENS, CHARLES ., Pi Kappa Alpha, I-lurtsboro, Junior . . . OWENS, JAMES A., Pi Kappa Phi, Warrior, Freshman . . . OWENS, JOHN SHEFFIELD, Phi Delta Theta, Montgomery, Freshman . . . OWENSBY, DAVID EUGENE, Alpha Tau Omega, Linden, Junior, Phi Eta Sigma, Druids, Sigm Epsilon Delta, Blackfriars. -.E,E.-.. ll? A ,Q Q15 l-T C I I 'ILS owinos, JAMES GARDNER,i-,Chi Phi, Carrollton, rreshmon, infer. fraternity Council . . .' PACEAAQISI, Goodwater, Freshman, Glee Club . . . PAGE, PAUL, Washington, Dip., Freshman, Corolla . . . PAGE, RUSSELL LYNN, Washington, D. Cfixxflgeghlttan . . . PALKES, BARBARA JEAN, Bristol, Va., Junior, Treasurerxbf Hillel . . . PALMER, GEORGE DAVID, III, Kappa Alpha, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore, Crimson-White. PANABAKER, JACK W., Tuscaloosa, Sophomore . d. .K PAPPAS, cHRisriE CQ, Kappa QTg,ma,. Eufdula,--Sophonrore' . .X Q PARIS, 'PAULINE ROBERTA, Sigma 'Delta Tau, Sulligent, Junior, Blackfriars . . . PARKER, JOSEPH JOHN, Lambda Chi Alpha, Birmingham, Freshman . . . PARKER, NITA JEAN, Birmingham, Sophomore . . . PARKER, RACHEL MARY, Alpha Delta Pi, Tuscaloosa, Junior, Y. W. C. A. PARKMAN, RQ Kappa Sigrtiaf DC5Than,.'JUnior . . . PARRA- MORE, HOWARD, FloreriCe,"FFeshman . . . PARSONS, CHARLES T., Phi Kappa Sigma, Adamsville, Sophomore . , . PARTON, A. P., JR., Ohatchee, Freshman, Corolla l.'. . PATTERSON, FORREST FRANKLIN, Columbus, Ga., Freshman PATTERSON, JOHN M., Alpha Tau Omega, Phenix City, r'Soph'omore, W Phi LEta' Sigma. PATTERSON, MAtI?HA ANN, Delta Zeta, Memphis, Tenn., Sopahomore, Blacktriars, qxqilolirt 4 Hunt Club, Gamma Delta, .Spirit Committee . . . PATTERSON, T .6MKs'J.5 Lambda Chi AIphq,.,Harrisburg, Ill., Junior . . . PATTERSON, WESLEY M., JR., Lacon, Freshniian . . . PATTON, ABNER FRANK, Kappa Alpha, Tuscaloosa, Freshman . . . PATTON, ARTHUR B., Alpha Tau Omega, Montgomery, Freshman, Corolla, Y. M. C. A .... PATTON, BETTYTJANNEZ Alpha Xi Deltg, I?IarthpQrt, Junior. r- e Q W'--f r- an How About a Good Book lj I I Il I I ' ft . il 'Z ..... .- . , vw ,... PATTON, PATRA, Quitmanf Miss., Junior . .' . PAYNE, JOHNNY M., Theta Xi, Talladega, Sophomore, Veterans Association . . . PAYNE, TAYLOR JONES, Greensboro, ,Freshman . , I, ,PAYTON, C. ELDRIDGE, Hamburg, Tenn., Sophomore .V. . PEACOCKQCORENE, New Brockton, Freshman . . . PEACOCK, MARGARET, Delta Delta Delta, Enterprise, Junior. ,lx U I I I I I . A2 ln Tl PEARCE, MATTIE LEE, Lanette, Sophomore . . . PEARSON, JOY, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore, Board of Directors of W. S. G. A., Y. W. C. A5 ?"'.'i.' PEEK, FRANK, Wadley, Freshman . . . PEEK, GEORGE R., War:IIey,'Freshman . .4 . PEGUES, "ROYAL LEIGH, Alpha Tau Omega, Marion,'Freshman' . l. . PELOWITZ, JOSEPH, Sigma Alpha Mu, Birmingham, Freshman. PENDERGRASS, JOHN A., Phi--Kappa Sigm-a, Fort Payne, Junior . . . PENDLETON, HENRY HARWOOD, Pi-Kappa Alpha, Bessemer, Junior, Glee Club . . 1 PENTECOST, AUGUSTA M., Phi Mu, Gadsden, Junior, Corolla, Swan Club, Spanish Club, Sigma Delta Pi . . . PERDUE, HARRY H., JR., Sigma Chi, Greenville, Sophomore . . . PERKINS, KATHERINE, Gadsden, Junior . . . PERKINS, MARY ALICE, Jacksonville, Fla.: Freshman, Spanish Club. PERLOFF, MAYER W., Kappa Nu, Mobile, Freshman . . . PERRIN, PATRICIA ESTELLE, Phenix City, Freshman -. . . PERRY, J. L., Delta Chi, Bessemer, Sophomore . . . PERRYMAN, FRANK GENE, Sylacauga, Freshman . . . PATCHER, FRANK U., Mobile, Freshman . . . PETERS, IDA MARIE, Delta Gamma, Greenville, Miss., Sophomore, Y. W. C. A. PHARR, HURIEOSCO AUSTILL, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Mobile, Junior, Vice-President, Alabama Quadrangle, Intertraternity Council Represen- tative . . . PHILIP, G., Sigma Nu, Birmingham, Sophomore, Rammer- Jammer . . . PHILLIPS, BAMA, Arab, Freshman . . . PHILLIPS, BERNICE MAx'rNE, Birmingham, JUnroqiglslugkfrprfsftcgimson-White . . . PHILLIPS, BILL, Jackson, Miss., Sophomofe .I . .L"P5IILLIPS, EDWIN JJ Chi Phi, Montevallo, Freshman. ff' XX UL-----5 E The Delts Dine Buffet Style. .HA-44, ' J ,, Page I79 A lx , H n g xx ff. is 2 0 531, 1 5 I PHILLIPS, C5LADYQxXAnniston, Freshman . . . PHILLIPS, JAMES DREW, Eutaula, Fresliman .NX . PHILLIPS, JOHN RAY, Jackson, Miss., Junior . . . RFIILLIlP,S,..,MAURIQg H., Lambda Chi Alpha, Birmingham, Sopho- more, International Relations Club, Veterans Association . . . PHILLIPS, SARAH ESTHER, Phi Mu, Birmingham, Freshman . , . PICKERING, JOHN MILTON, Plantersville, Sophomore. Hel RGSE Q94 PICKETT Wm l'GTliI'TK"'F'iT 'Ek sophomof Qi PICKETT Delta Pi, Leeds, Fres man .Q7 . PIERCE,irrELAINE, Knoxville, Tenn., Sophomore, Phi Chi Theta . PIERCE, IMOGENE, Zeta Tau Alpha, Birmingham, Junior, Crimson-Wh . . PIERCE, JEANNE C., Ozark, Freshman. RUEBEN, isifmmghem, Sophbqge . . I PIERCE? Sims JEAN, Alpha PINES, JACK, Birmingham, Freshman, Glee Club . . . PIPER, CARL J., Pi Kappa Alpha, Tallassee, Freshman, Men's Glee-Club . ., .. PIPPIN, EDNA EfIlAiREp Q'ieenV?'l'le,l1TFrfeshmarl, 'Inierrnati.onalf Relatiohs Club, Crimson-White . . PIPPIN,' JOYCE, Alpha Phi, Gadsden, Sophomore, B. R. N., Glee Club, Blaclcfriars . . . PITCHFORD, JOHN D., Pi Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, Sophomore . . PITTS, ROBERT MARSHALL, Florence, Sophomore. PLATT, svsilifneadienii, 'iifeshnien . . Q PLOTKA, Juuus EUGENE, Kappa Nu, Mobile, Junipr,,Spirir Committee, ,lnterfraternity Council . . . PLOWDEN, ELDRlDGE ROGERS, Kappa Alpha, 'Tuscaloosa, Freshman, Spanish Club, Crimson-Whitel . . POLLARD, GLENN LEON, Montgomery, Sophomore . . .,ROOLEi1'jDORIS,'fTa'lliadega, Freshman, Y. W. C. A. . . . PORTER, ALLISON, AlphafGamma Delta, Montgomery, Freshman. ,A fr., PORTERQXBDGAR LEE, Peterson, Sophomore . POSEY, DORIS J., Haleyville, Sophomore . . . POW, ELIZABETH' M., Zeta Tau Alpha, Birmingham, Freshman . . , POWE, CAROLEEN, Mobile, Sophomore . . . POWE, DOROTHY DEAN, Bucatunna, Miss., Freshman . . . POWELL, GERALD HENRY, Kappa Sigma, Centre, Freshman. S C I ki ' l if - Browse a while. POWELL, JOHN,KEY, Sigma-Alpha Epsiloql, Tuskegee, Sophomore . . POWELL, OTTIS,-JR., Lambda Chi 'Alpha, Bessemer, Freshman . . . POWELL, PEGGY, Chi Omega, Bessemer, Freshman . . . POWELL, WILLIAM JAMES,.QJR., Platebu, Freshman,l-Corolla . . . POWERS, GEORGE EDWARD, Kappa fSigma, Moundville, Junior, University Press Club, Canterbury Club . .Z . PRATER, MARY ANN, Millpart, Sopho- more. ,, W ,,, 1 I H 'i if iii., PRATT, MARY LOUIS, Chi Omega, Centerville, Freshman . . . PRAYTOR, JEAN, Hartselle, Freshman . . . PRESCOTT, CECIL A., Evergreen, Sophomore . . . PRICE, BESS, Alp-ha Gamma Delta, Hunts- ville, Junior, Glee ClubN.m. -PRICE, CHARLES GUICE, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Gadsden, Saahomarei .. '. .-.A'PRlCE, Eigitoula, Junior, Member of Northingtan Campus Association, Spirit--Committee, Member of Alabama Veterans Association. PRICE, SAM'E.,' Phi Gamma Delta, Clio, Freshman . . . PRICE, WYATT GLENN, Kappa s1gm21,'o1Qfk,.Freshmcn . . . PRICKETT, YOUNG, Phi Gamma Delta, Decatur, Sophomore . . . PRIEST, WILLIAM ALLISON, Deira ic0ppQ'Epsal0n, Biiminghem, Sophomore . . , PRITCHARD, WILLIAM SHELTON, JR., Phi Deltaf Theta, Birmingham, Junior . . . PROCTOR, BURNS, JR., Sigma Nu, Enterprise, Freshman. PTOMEY, HARLAN LEIGH, Evergreen, Freshman . . . PUGH, HAZEL, Mobile, Junior, Baptist-Student Union . .. .V PURSE, WILLIAM BURKS, JR., Alpha Tau Omega, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore . . . PUTMAN, OATHER H., JR., Birmingham, Junior, Delta Sigma Pi . . . PYRON, AMELIA, Birmingham, Freshman . . . QUARLES, JANE, Theta Upsilon, Tuscaloosa, Freshman. QUATTLEBAUM, MELBA, Hanceville, Junior,'Glee Club, Alpha Lambda Delta, Caroline Hunt Club . . L QUINN, B. RAYDEN, Kappa Alpha, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore . . . QUINN, JAMES FOSTER, Phi Delta Theta, Prattville, Sophomore, Blacktriars . . . RABIN, SALLY LEE, Sigma Delta Tau, St. Petersburg, Fla., Sophomore . . . RADOMS, MARILYN GRACE, Birmingham, Junior, Alpha Lambda Delta, President Sophomore'Class in School of Education, Hillel, Treasurer Junior Class in School of Education, Kappa Delta Fii .pf RATNEY, HERBERT LYMAN, Delta Chi, Birmingham, Freshman, Crimson-WhiteT' T IJ L---0 .:. An Afternoon with the Alphf1Xi's. Page IBO X '4 I 4 A L, I 1 X N 4 . 1 L w , 1 K r, al t , ff . 1 ,I . '1 E up A A - yi "1 E fx V- 5 , . 1 , .wg,m..:. mmm .nmammwbm -,,Q...w:4.wm.-in 1 J,, im.....,..,,.u.......,,T 1......2,.j...-1 - -T fy ' ' i L4 N ujfgiifsf' E' avi K . V f ' , f E2 54 fn Q M mf 2 ' 7 ,f 3 1 QF ? 'fx Ax. N Q, ., - N. 0 1 ...w 5.4,5,-g1.,fV,5-lg.3 X ,f, L3Q,,9:?3, 3 Q I ff ix 'x 14 is ii 5 nts- L' 1 ww A1 I X ,rt 'J E. I Q.. S -.... 3 X .1 Ll XT x- X. 'cf L- 'T if Ax' W- fgl' -Q Q l P 6 v I .K X .1 'RR X1 x.. K I K L ix f y K In .. . .i, gifs'-12433-af 3, , if 1 9 3 ., gr' 4- .5 'R ,L . r f Q13 Kfiwi W 'E' ' . .fZ"l, ' Q, ,Srl , Ll! 1 ,,,,Jr 1 , 1 N . y L ,J QQ! -Y ' ig 3.1 M L- gl QA. -gf A X X X -SNA X1 , , RALEY, NATHANIEL GREENE, Forkland, Sophomore, Wesley Foundation, St. Pot's, Veterans' Association, I. A. S .... RAMEY, WILLIAM P., Mobile, Freshman . . I RAMSEY, ROBERT MCLESTER, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Birmingham, Junior . . . RAMSEY, SARA REBECCA, Theta Nu, Northport, Junior . . . RANKIN, HARRY L., JR., Sigma Chi, Columbia, Mississippi, Junior, Wesley Foundation . . . RANKIN, REX, Decatur, Freshman. RATLIFF, JOHN M., Phenix City, Junior . .' . RAWLS, GERRY, Miami, Florida, Freshman . . . RAYBURN, WILLIAM WIGHTMAN, Alpha Tau Omega, Gadsden, Sophomore . . . RAYFIELD, TOM EDWIN, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Birmingham, Junior, Cheerleader . . . REA, HENRY HUDSON, JR., Alpha Tau Omega, Montgomery, Junior . . . REEVES, DELAYNE, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore. REEVES, DORIS MAE, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore . . . REHBERG, CAROLYN, Cairo, Georgia, Sophomore . . . REID, FRANCES, Theta Upsilon, Montgomery, Junior, Crimson-White, B. R. N., 'Sigma Delta Pi , , . REID, PAUL, Lambda Chi Alpha, Gadsden, Sophomore, B. R. N . . . RELFE, ELIZABETH, Montgomery, Freshman, Corolla . . . RELING, CATHERINE, Delta Zeta, Mobile, Freshman, Carolyn Hunt Club. RENTZ, BEN A., JR., Jackson, Mississippi, Junior, President, Baptist Student Union . . . REY, GILDA, Atlanta, Georgia, Sophomore, President, Powers Dormitory . . . REYNOLDS, ANNABELLE, Demopolis, Junior, Glee Club . . . REYNOLDS, EARLE A., Phi Sigma Kappa, Montgomery, Freshman . . .-REYNOLDS, MERYL, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore . . . RHEA, ELVELA, Attola, Junior,'CoroIine Hunt Club. RHODES, DOROTHY JEAN, Alpha Delta Pi, Birmingham, Freshman . . . RICE, HENRY GRANTLAND, Phi Gamma Delta, Birmingham, Freshman, Corolla, University Press Club . . . RICH, MARVIN, Kappa Nu, Birmingham, Juniorf . . . RICHARDS, EVELYN, Alpha Delta Pi, Mobile, Sophomore . . . RICHARDSON, CAROl:YN'VESTELLA, Columbus, Georgia, Junior, Crimson-White, Spirit Committee, Blacktriars, Spanish Club . . . RICHARDSON, JAMES HARGROVE, Kappa Alpha, Mant- gomery, Junior, Crimsan-White, Spirit Committee. Lost Weekend. ' i RICHARDSON, MELBA, Alpha Xi Ddlta, Moulton, Sophomore, Choral Union . . . RICHARDSON, THOMAS B., JR., Sigma Nu, Birmingham, Junior . . . RICKLES, BILLIE JEAN, Oneonta, Junior . . . RIDDELL, SALLY ANN, Alpha, Phi, Birmingham, Sophomore . . . RIDDICK, ALICE, Kappa Delta, Demopolis, Junior, Alpha Lambda Delta, Corolla, Y. W. C. A. . . . RIIS, ERLING, Sigma Chi, Mobile, Freshman. RILEY, DAN A., Birmingham, Sophomore . . . RILEY, GLORIA, Headland, Freshman . . . RILEY, JEAN EMILY, Kappa Delta, Pensacola, Florida, Junior . . . RINGER, JOYCE, Valley Head, Senior, Student Forum . . . RINGLAND, ADRIAN A., Pi Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, Junior . . . RISH, MIRIAM, Dothan, Junior. i ' RITCHIE, MARY, Columbia, Mississippi, Sophomore . . . RITTENBAUM, RITA, Sigma Delta' Tau, Atlanta, Georgia, Freshman, Y. W. C. A., Spanish Club . . . RITTER, RUDOLPH ALWIN, Jonesboro, Arkansas, Junior . . . ROACH, WILL M., Phi Delta Theta, Raleigh, North Carolina, Freshman . . . ROBERSON, JIMMIE LOU, Rogersville, Junior, Caroline Hunt Club, olee Club, spirit commiiieeq. . . ROBERTS, ALICE ARJYRA, Birmingham, Freshman. t i A RosERrs,-ikerinstni E., McCorrib,iiMississippi,lf,Junior . . . ROBERTS, LANORA M., Jasper, Junior, Swan Club, Maiorf' Physical Education Club . . . ROBERTSON, EARL JAMES, Si'grna'NU, 'Brewton, Freshman , . . ROBERTSON, JAMES R., Kappa SIQIT1D,'i',sCQI'ISEt,OI'O, Junior, "A" Club . . . ROBERTSON, MARTHA JOY, Piedmont, Freshman . . . ROBERTSON, THURMAN HAROLD, JR., Birmingham, Sophomore, National Institute at Aeronautical Science. I ' t U- v '.' .1 ROBINSON, JAgMEd'R., Birmingham, Junior . . . ROBINSON, RUTH ELAINE, Phenix City, Freshman . . . ROBINSON, WILKES COLEMAN, Kappa Alpha, Anniston, Junior . . . ROCHE, MARTHA JANE, Alpha Gamma Delta, Mobile, Junior, Caroline Hunt Club, Blacktriars . . . ROCKETT, LOI5, Clanton, Junior . . ,.'lROCKWELL, ,JAMES N., Fairhope, Freshman. - - 'F ' "W-' 1 i U sf-- ..,. ,A "A" for Alabama-and Adair. Page I83 ix "E E-37. . L- , .. .,,- RODEN, WILLIAM S., Albertville, Junior . . . RODGERS, HENRY GERALD, Alpha Tau Omega, Montgorrtery, Freshman . . . RODGERS, MARGARET, Alpha Chiibmega7'Atm'areMJunior . . . ROESNER, MAT, Alpha Chi Omega, Cicero, Illinois, Sophomore, Newman Club . . . ROGERS, JAMES H., Sigma Chi, Tampa, Florida, Sophomore . . . ROGERS, ROBERT I., Russellville, Sophomore. ROGERS, WILLIAM,-THQMPSQN, Pi ,Kappa Phi, Luvernfegzlujnior, Crimson- White . . . ROLES, RALPH, ELDON, Altoona, Pen,nsylVania, Freshman . . . ROMBOKAS, JAMES MILTON, Pi Kappa Phi, Decatur, Junior, Cheerleader, BlacktriarsfVeterah,s'i'.Association .. . . ROOBIN, ROBERT LEONARD, zen, sem Tau, Barmtngbiegft, Freshman . . . Rossa, WARREN LYON, Kappa Sigma, Hazlehurst, Niisfgjssippi, Freshman . . . ROASE, ANNIE LOU, Northpart, Freshman. X ROSENBERG, MARK FRANK, Zeta Beta Tau, Columbus, Georgia Freshman . . . ROSENBERG, MARY ETHEL, Anniston, Sophomore . . . ROSENBLUM, CECILLEoCYRIL,, Gulfport, Mlississippi, Juniorg' KJSKROSEN- GARTEN, JOYCE, Sigma' Delta'Tau, Miami, Florida, 'Fre hin4ta'n,'Grimson- White, Y. W. C. A .... ROSSER, JOYCE, Theta Upsilon, Stewart, Freshman . . . ROTH, PENNARD, Zeta Beta Tau, Montgomery, Freshman. ROUNDTREE, WILLIAM TARVER, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Selma, Freshman, Debate Team, llnternational Relations Club, Blackfriars . . . ROUSH, PAULINE, Winston-Salem,fNo'rth,Carolina,iJunior, Spanish Club, B. R. N., Hillel, Terpischore, Crimson-White . . . ROUTMAN, GILBERT B., Kappa Nu, Birmingham, Freshman . . . ROWE, RUSSELL H., Florence, Junior . . . ROWE, STEPHEN WILLIAM, Alpha Tau Omega, Gadsden, Freshman, Crimson,Whi'te . .Q ROWELL, MAE LOUISE, Mobile, Freshman. i ROWELL, NEAL POPE, Phi Delta Theta, Mobile, Sophomore . . . ROZEAR, CIJVALNDLERM JR., Decatur, Junior . . . RUCKER, PATRICIA MARIE, Alphizigiji Qeljaky Mobile, Sophomore, Glee'-.Club, Newman Club . . . RUCKMIAN, ICATHRYN MACKERATH, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore . . . RUPLE, CLARA L., Bay Minette, Sophomore, 'Wesley Foundation . . . RUSH, MAY, Alpha Chi Omega, Montgomery, Freshman, Spanish Club, Y. W. C. A. Cx i ., of Alpha Chi Cow-girls. I i I"'i RUSHIIQG, WOLIVEQLQ Pg, 'Praittyillekr Fieshman . L FRANCES CLAIRE, Zeta Tau Alpha, Jacksonville, Florida, Sophomore, Y. W. C. A. . . . RUSSELL, RHONDA, Alpha Phi, Birmingham, Junior, Spirit Committee, Y. W. C. A. . RUSSELL, lWILLlAM M., iluskegee, Freshman . . . RUTHENBERG, ..,,......... , Zeta Beta Tau, Gadsden, Sophomore . . . RUTH, JAMES HARDWICK, Alpha Tau Omega, Montgomery, Freshman, Canterbury Club, Spirit Committee, Y. W. C. A. RUTHERFORD, ROBERT E., Mobile, Freshman . . . RUTLAND, ANNE ELIZABETH, Mitchell Station, Sophomore . . . RUTLAND, BETTY TEMPLE, Kappa Kappa Gamma, St.,,P,etersburg, Florida,,J.unior . . . RUTLAND, W. T. GOODLOE, Kappa Alpha, Cherokee, Freshman. 1, . RYAN, ELEANOR SEARCY, Kappa-Delta, Atlanta, Georgia,'Fre'shi'r1'an . . . RYAN, HOLLIS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Greensboro, Freshman, international Relations Club, Veterans' Association. RYCHENER, VIRGINIA, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Memphis, Tennessee, Freshman . . .'SABATINI, GLORIA, BiFmingham, Freshman . . . SALE, MARTHA WYNNE, Victoria, Texas,'.lunior, Blacktriars . . . SALIBA, RAYMOND JOSEPH, Dothan, Freshman, Debate Team, international Relations Club . . . SAMUELSON,,ELY MARTIN, Sigma Alpha Mu, Rochester, Nexiv York, Sophomore, Hillel' A23 . . SANDERS, JOSEPH M., Kappa Nu, "Mobile, Freshman. sANDERs',' ROBERT PHILLIPS, 'Phi' igoppsgpsiigmo, Fayette, Freshman . . . SANDERS, ROBERT WARREN, Phi Kappa Sigma, Tuscumbia, Junior, B. R. N., Alabama Cavaliers, Radio,VXLorlgshop . . . SANDERSON, MEGAN PAULINE, Hamilton, Freshman' I. SANDLER, .....,.. Tampa, Florida, Freshman . . , SANDLIN, FRED COLEMAN, Phi Kappa Sigma, Carbon Hill, Sophomore . . . SANFORD, CECIL WILLIAM, Fayette, Freshman. 'N ., 1, ' J f SAPP, ROBERT -'A.,4,iBiFmingham, Sophomore, Veterans' Association . . . SAULS, EDWARD TISDALE, Phi Delta Theta, Mobile, Freshman, Corolla . . . SAVAGE, R. B., Cordova, Freshman . . . SCABURY, ROBERT E., Jackson, Tennessee, Freshman . . . SCHOEL, JOSEPH DAWSON, Phi Gamma Delta, Birmingham, Freshman . . .. SCHOLL, ROY WALTER, Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, Freshman. '- - KD's at Homecoming. Page IB4 N14 A C. 4 Q ff-bl" K' x C' B 76- Q sn' Lf I W w W A w - w x A rt I' N SCHUCHS, JOHN ALLEN, St. Joseph, Louisiana, Freshman . . . SCHWAMBERGER, JACK, Delta Tau Delta, Clarion, Pennsylvania, Junior . . . SCIVLEY, DELMA ,C.,.'JR., Lambda Chi Alpha, Birmingham, Sopho- more . scart, GREGORY J., Ferl Payne, Sophomore . . . scart, MERRILL, Leeds, Freshman . . . SEALS, PATTON B., Phi Delta Theta, Jackson, Tennessee, Sophomore, Corolla. SEARCY, JOAN, Mobile, Freshman, Corolla . . . SEDBERRY, WARREN ASHTON, Montgomery, Sophomore, Veterans' Association, International Relations Club . . . SEFF, SEYMOUR M., Zeta Beta Tau, Birmingham, Freshman, Crimson-White, Rammer-Jammer . . . SEIDENSPINNER, BETTY ANNE, Alpha Gamma Delta, Monroe, Louisiana, Sophomore . . . SELF, GLORIA ANN, Alpha Chi Omega, Fairfield, Freshman . . . SELF, HELEN FRANCES, Tuscaloosa, Junior. . SELF, LUCY NELL, Tuscaloosa, Freshman . . . SELF, JOHN WILFORD, Decatur, Junior . . . SELLERS, HAZEL, ,,.. ..., Sophomore, Wesley Foundation, Choir, House of Representatives . . . SELLERS JEAN, Zeta Tau Alpha, Birmingham . . . SEMMES, ALLISON CORSE, .Kappa Sigma, Ozark, Freshman . . . SEMON, ROSE MARY, Alpha Chi Omega, Mobile, Junior. SEWELL, BETTY RUTH, Tuscaloosa, Freshman . . . SEWELL, JAMES W., Phi Delta Theta, Tuscaloosa, Junior . . . SEXTON, LATTIE ELIJA, Mobile, Freshman . . . SHACKLEFORD, MARSHALL, JR., cha Phi, Demopolis, Sophomore . . . SHAFRON, MARTIN, Sigma Alpha Mu, Paterson, New Jersey, Sophomore, Alabama Cavaliers, Band. R.O.T.C., Band . . . SHANNON, JACK W., Kappa Sigma, Montgomery, Freshman, B. S. U. SHAPIRO, LESTER B., Sigma Alpha Mu, Rochester, New York, Sopho- more . . . SHARPE, HELEN, Theta Upsilan, West Palm Beach, Florida, Alpha Lambda Delta, Art Club, Glee Club . . . SHATZ, MARK FLOYD, Zeta Beta Tau, Kenton, Tennessee, Junior, Student Forum, Rammer- Jammer . . .ll SHAW, BENNIE WELLS, Alpha Galmma Delta, Tuscumloia, Sophomore . . . SHAW, DOZIER C., JR., Fort Davis, Freshman, Wesley Foundation . . . SHAW, JOHN JUDSON, JR., Delta Kappa Epsilon, Birmingham, Sophomore. ' C. -, -Cz Better than the Rain- , 5 i .l l . SHAW, OSCAR -WILLIAM, Gadsden, Freshman . . ,...,SHA?1V, ROBERT H., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Birmingham, Freshman . . .' lSHAW, WOOD- ROW FRANKLIN, Gadsden, Freshman . . . SHEALEY, MARTHA JOYCE, Phi Mu, Birmingham, Freshman . . . SHEALY, JOHN PHILLIP, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Dothan, Freshman . . . SHEDD, GEORGE F., Phi Delta Theta, Bradenton, Florida, Sophomore. SHEHEE, E. BANKS, Lambda Chi Alpha, Birmingham, Sophomore . . . SHERER, GRACIE, Selma, Sophomore . . . SHERMAN, HOWARD, Sigma Alpha Mu, Sylacauga, University Press Club . . . SHERRER, THOMAS IVERSON, Delta Chi, Pensacola, Florida, Junior, Sigma Delta Pi, Spanish Club, Y. M. C. A .... SHERRILL, SALLY J., BIrm.ingha,m,.Y. W. C. A. . . . SHERWOOD, HENRY A.,'Lambda Chi, Grand Rapids, Michigan, Sophomore. l SHINBAUM, JERRY STANLEY, Sigma Alpha Mu, Montgomery, Freshman . . . SHIPLEY, JANE, Moundville, Freshman . . . SHIPP, JOSEPH C., Kappa Alpha, Northport, Junior, Fhi Eta Sigma, Band . . . SHIREY, SUE, Winfield, Junior . . . SHIVER, MARION, Frisco City, Junior . . . SHOFNER, RALPH B., Theta Chi, Dothan, Freshman, A. S. C. E. SHOOLMAN, GORDON MANSON, Sigma Alpha Mu, Rochester, New York, Junior . . . SHUGERMAN, EARIJE, Zeta Beta Tau, Birmingham, Sophomore . . . SHULDER, LOIS BONl'I7A,5,Miami Beach, Florida, Junior, Swan Club, Spirit Committee, Secretary,APhysicaI Education Maiors' Club . . . SHUMAKER, EMMA, Abbeville, Junior . y. . SIEGAL, IRVIN FRED, Kappa Nu, Birmingham, Sophomore f Q"'.lSIGI.ER, ELIZABETH, Waynes- boro, Mississippi, Sophomore. .5 SIGMIER, MARY ELlZABETH,jBifmingh'am, Freshman . . . SILVERN, ENID, Delta Sigma Tau, Miami, Florida, Sophomore, Secretary, Elementary Education Council J . . SIMMONS, ELIZABETH, Gadsden, Junior, Press Club . . . SIMMONS, RICHARD EARL, JR., Phi Delta Theta, Birmingham, Freshman, Rho Alpha Tau . . . SIMMONS, ROY T., Pi Kappa Alpha, Columbiana, Sophomore . . . SIMS, JOHN M., Sigma Phi Epsilon, Northport, Sophomore. - . ,A lb -----N .-1 KA's play bridge-nothing new. i . A Page T87 SIMS, MARION DUDLEY, Phi Delta Theta, Mobile, Sophomore . . . SINDIK, GEORGE E., Phi Kappa Sigma, Mobile, Sophomore . . . SINIARD, JOYCE, Birminghamfriuniot' 51,1 . . SIRMON, LOIS GEORGINE, Daphne, Sophomore, St. Pat's Committee . . . SKELTON, MILDRED LOUISE, Kennedy, Sophomore . . . SKELTON, WILLIATA, Birmingham, Sopho- more, Alpha Lambda Delta. SLATON, CHARLES WARREN, Sigma Nu, Union-Springs, Junior . SLAUGHTER, JOHN L., Alpha Tau Omega, Birmingham, Junior . . . SLEDGE, JOSEPH WALTER, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Birmingham, Freshman, Canterbury Club . . . SMALL, CHARLES NAST, Phi Gamma Delta, Birmingham, Freshman, Newman Club f. . . SMALL, DANNIE, Minter, Junior . . . SMART, THOMAS R., JIR:, Kappa Sigma, Brundidge, Junior. SMIRL, JANCIE DEE, Birmingham, Sophomore, Phi Chi Theta . . . SMITH, ANNE COOPER, Alpha Delta Pi, Birmingham, Freshman , . . SMITH, BETTY,iDeIta Delta Delta, Birmingham, Junior ..'. .QSMITHHBETSY ANN, Zeta Tau Alpha, Tuscaloosa, Freshman . . . SMITH, CAROLYN, De-Ita Zeta, Middlesboro, Kentucky, Junior . . , SMITH, CLAUDE HERBERT, Alpha Tau Omega, Guntersville, Sophomore, Phi Eta Sigma. SMITH, FRANCES E., Guin, SophAomore,'Y. W. C. A .... SMITH, GWENDOLYN, Montgomery, Freshman . . . SMITH, H. E., Pi Kappa Phi, Bay Minette, Sophomore, Press Club ,. . . SMITH, FIARRIET LUCILE, Alpha Gamma Delta, Ozark, Junior . . . SMITH, HORACE G., Mount Hope, Freshman . . . SMITH, JAMES BRUCE, Phi Gamma Delta, Birmingham, Junior. ' . ' , SMITH, JOHN T.,.,Sigma Phi Epsilon, Huntsville, Sophomore, Delta Sigma Pi . .-,. .SMITHMJUNIUS BRAGG, Phi Delta. Theta, Montgomery, Freshman, Corolla fi. I. SMITH, LAMAR, Kappaf Sigma, Birmingham, Sophomore . . . SMITH, LUCIAN LAMAR, JR., Sigma Nu, LaPine, Junior . . . SMITH, MARY LEE, Fayette, Freshman . . . SMITH, MARY RUTHERFORD, Kappa Delta, Monroeville, Freshman. .J Chi O's Shop for Rushees. SMITH, '-" MILLARD JR., Alpha'-Taq omeg6,Q Mo'ntgoI'npry,"'Freshman, Greeks, Rho Alpha Tau . , . SMITH, MONA CARL, Asheville, North Carolina, Freshmanf. . . SMITH, PAUL A.,' Phi Gamma Delta, Bir- mingham, Junior .X . . SMITI9I,fRALPH, Alphafliau Omega, Guntersville, Sophomore . . .A SMITH, RALPH AUSTIN, JR., Lambda Chi Alpha, Sanford, Phi Society. SMITH, ROBERT A., Phi Kappa Alpha, Pine Apple, Junior . . . SMITH, ROYCE R., Hartford, Sophomore . . . SMITH, SHARON, Delta Delta Delta, Montgomery, Sophomore . . . SMITH, WILLIAM A., Alpha Tau Omega, Red Bay, Sophomore . . . SMYER, WILLIAM SIDNEY, JR., Sigma Chi, Birmingham, Sophomore .. . ., SMYTH, DL, Phi Gamma Delta, Luverne, Freshman, Corolla . . . SNOW, JANE ADAIRE, Gaines- ville, Florida, Sophomore. SNOW, ROBERT ALLEN, Sigma"P'hi Epsilon, Stallo, Mississippi, Sopho- more . . . SNQW, SARAH ETHEL, Bessemer, Freshman . . , SNOWDEN, ELIZABETH, Monroeville,-Sophomore . ,, . SNOWDEN, JAMES WRIGHT, JR., Kappa Sigma, Tupelo, Mississippi, Junior . . . SOCKWELL, LEON D., Alpha Tau Omega, Tuscumbia, Sophomore . . . SOLEMON, EDWARD EARL, Kappa. Sigma, .Headland, Freshman. SOLOMON, STANLEY, Zeta Beta Tau, Birmingham, Freshman . . . SOUTH, JANE, Alpha Gamma Delta, Birmingham, Junior, Swan Club . . . SOUTH, SARAH EVELYNN,fBirmi-ngham, Freshman . . . SPANDORFER, ELEANOR, Sigma Delta Tau, London Bridge, Virginia, Junior . . . SPANN, BETTY, Dothan, Sophomore . . . SPARKMAN, DOROTHY NELL, Alpha Chi Omega, Dade City, Florida, Sophomore. A, -, SPARKS, MARY HELEN, Birmingham, Sophomore . . . SPEARS, DOYLE, Alpha Sigma, Henegar, Freshman, Glee Club . . . SPEED, EMMETT L., Pi Kappa Phi, Luverne, Sophomore . . . SPEIGHT, ELEANOR, Alpha Gamma Delta, ChipIey,.Florida, Freshman . . . SPEIGHT, JOHN W., Sigma Nu, Dothan, Junior . . . SPEIGHT, OSCAR COBB, Tuscaloosa, Freshman. ' ' ' ' . Q, L, V M , 'Bama shoots a seven. Page I88 nfl. L mx, f fs ZZ. A. lx i ' fi BP om +- om SPEIR, WILLIAM BYRD, Birmingham, Sophomore . . . SPENCER, JOSEPH R., Delta Tau Delta, Apollo, Pennsylvania, Junior . . . SPENCER, MARY JO, ,?etaLTgnuMAI-gllofj Eutaw, Junior, Caroline Hunt Club, Y. W. c. A. . .H spies, NELL, Alpha Phi, Bafmingimm, rfesiimon . . . SPRAGINS, MARION BEIRNE, JR., Phi Delta Theta, Huntsville, Freshman . . . SPRINGER, CURTIS H., JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Birmingham, Freshman, Crimson-White, Phi Eta Sigma. Q W .' ,. , SPROLES, KATHERINE, Alpha Chi Omega, Mobileffllreshman . . . SPROLES, MARY MARVIN, Delta Zeta, Mobile, Junior, Blaclcfriars, B. R. N, Physical Education Association . . . SPRULIN, CHARLES, Andalusia, Freshman, St. Pat's . . . STAHMER, HARRY JOSEPH, JR., Lambda Chi Alpha, Birmingham, Junior, Newman Club, International Relations Club . . . STALCUP, WILLIAM S., Winfield, Sophomore . . . STALLING5, EVELYN COLEMAN, Citranelle, Freshman. STAMMER, JOSEPH M., Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, Junior . . . STANFIELD, MARIAN J., Delta Gamma, Florence, Sophomore, Spanish Club, Sigma Delta Pi, Corolla, Y. W. C. A .... STANFORD, MARY JEAN, Alpha Delta Pi, Birmingham, Freshman . . . STAPLES, JOHN S., Rack Island, Illinois, Junior, Football Team . . . STAPLETON, WILLIAM C., JR., Mobile, Sophomore . . . STAPP, JACKIE, Talladega, Junior, B. R. N. STAPP, JERRY L., Pi Kappa Alpha, Tuscaloosa, Freshman, International Relations Club . . . STARLING, THERESA, Panama City, Florida, Sopho- more . . . STARNES, S. R., Alpha Tau Omega, Guntersville, Sophomore . . . STEAKLEY, L. J., Guntersville, Sophomore . . . STEELE, PATRICIA, Phil Campbell, Sophomore.. . . STEINBERG, SHIRLEY, Tuskegee, Freshman. STEINER, .EDWARD CHARLES, Lambda Chi Alpha, Birmingham, Fresh- man . . . STEINER, LEO KEITH, Zeta Beta Tau,..Birmingham, Freshman . . . STELL, 'HARVEY GRAY, Red Bay, Freshman . . . STEPHEN, WILLIAM O., Alpha Tau Omega, Birmihgham, Sophomore . . . STEPHENS, GLENN L., Lambda Chi Alpha, Bessemer, Junior . STEPHENSON, EMORY PAUL, Tuscumbia, Junior. 5 -. ' .- --.H . ,. :T I L ' Q i QQ During Rush Week-Mobs. I--I H I I l STEPHENSO-Ng, SAMUEL RANDAITL, Phi Deltaffheta, Birmingham, Fresh- man . ll. STEVENS, FREDERI-CK'K.,'Ka'ppa'Sigfma,'IEv'erg1reen,'Freshman . . . STEVENS, iPOLLY, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Augusta, Georgia, Freshman . . . STEWART, Br5iRBARA LEE, Ti tbnville, Tennessee, Sopho- more, Corolla . .I'i. STEWA T, JAMES, Alpllwd Tau Omega, Gadsden, Freshman . . . STEWART, RAXPH C., JR., Theta Chi, Tuscaloosa, Junior. ,. ,I 'FY II ' .U '- fl 1? STEWART, SARA ANN, Kappa Delta, Mobile, Sophomore, Corolla, Y. W. C. A., House at Representatives . . . ST. GERMAIN, ROGER CHARLES, Gary, Indiana, Sophomore, Band . . . STICKNEY, JOE, Phi Gamma Delta, Greensboro, Freshman . . . STICKNEY, MARGARET C., Zeta Tau Alpha, Fort Knox, Kentucky, Y. W. C. A., Spanish Club . . . STITH, JANE, Atlanta, Georgia, Sophomore . . . STOKES, CLYDE E., Lambda Chi Alpha, Jackson, Sophomore. - STONE, ALLEN DURAND, Jamestown, Freshman . . . STONE, DOT, Huntsville, Freshman . . . STOTHART, JAMES LONNIE, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Greensboro, Freshman, Crimson-White, International Relations Club . . . STOUGH, FOSTER E.,'Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, Sophomore . . . STOVALL, MURRAY PROPST, Chi Phi, Jasper, Junior . . . STOWERS, JOSEPH HENRY, JR., Pi Kappa Phi, Lapine, Freshman. STRANGE, CLARICE, Waynesboro, Mississippi, Sophomore . . . STRANGE, LOUISE SCOTT, Alpha Phi, Gonzalez, Florida, Junior, Corolla , . , STREETER, NANCY LEE, Kappa Delta, Lakeland, Florida, Sopho- more . . . STRICKLAND, MARY, Oneonta, Freshman . . . STRICKLIN, WILLIAM ELLIS, Delta Chi, Lutts, Tennessee,ISophornore . . . STRONG, JACK PERRY, Sigma Chi, Birmingham, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Druids. .Tw C9 fx ' x,,1 STROZIER, ANDERSON, Kappa Sigma, Birmingham, Junior, Men's Spirit Co mi ee, . . . STUBBS, CECIL, JR., Lambda Chi Alpha, Montgomery, Freshman, Corolla . . . STUBBS, LOUIS D., Kappa Alpha, Jacksonville, Florida, Freshman . . . STUDDARD, MELBA, Clanton, Freshman, Caroline llrliiiit Club . . . ASULLIVAN, HORACE D., Tuscaloosa, Junior . . . SULLIVAN, MARY LOUIISIE rlfyikqregfgshomofe. D E' At Dances-Ditto. Page I9l A. IK ' V M32 - om + oee SULLIVAN, YVILLIAM CLINTON, Chi Phi, Lincoln, Sophomore . . . SUMMERSELL, GEORGE, G., Mobile, Sophomore . . . SUMMERVILLE, GEORGE iM., Sigma Chi, Iuscaloosa, Junior, Corolla . . . SUMNER, DOROTHY,Tuscaloosaifw-'Freishman . . . SWAIN, JAMES C., Pi Kappa Phi, Elloa, Sophomore . . . SWEARlNGEN, FLOYD GERRET, Phi Gamma Delta, Andalusia, Sophomore. SWEARINGENQIIAROLD' iaEDi2,5DEgPin-Q Hill, sophqrgisjafxoebme Squad, Blackfriars, Coro'IIa"'."'.""L""rSWI'FT,' G5 R., Delta Kap-pgaS5Epsilon, Aimore, Freshman . . . SWIFT, JOE VANCE, Delta Birmingham, Freshman . . . TAFT, HUNTER FGEORGE, "Sigma Alphafi Epsilon, Meridian, Miss- issippi, Junior, St. Pat's Committeel . . . TAFT, JAMES R., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Greenwood, Mississippi, Ereshman, Band . . Q TARANTO, ALBERT, Kappa Nu, Montgomeryf'ISophomore. TARANTO, JOHNNY YOUNG, Kappa Nu, Montgomery, Freshman, Hillel . . . TAYLOR, FLORENCE DAVIDSON, Kappa Delta, Mobile, Junior . . . TAYLOR, JANE, Alpha Gamma Delta, Decatur, Georgia, F-reshman, Y. W. C. A,, RammeQJammer --TAYLOR, NLAXRTHA. Birmingham, Junior, Y. W. C. A., Swan Club, House of Representatives . . . TAYLOR, MARY ANNELLE, Oneonta, Freshman . . , TAYLOR, PATRICIA, Alpha Xi Delta, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore, Wesley Foundation, Caroline Hunt Club, Y. W. C. A. TAYLOR, STEVE, Delfa,Chi, VVinfreld,,Sophomare , . . TAYLOR, WILLIAM HERSCHEL, Chi"Phi, Pensacola, Florida, Freshman . . . TAYLOR, WILLIAM TERRELI., Lambda Chi Alpha, Birmingham, Junior . . . TERRY,'RUSSELL,7'Pi''Kappa"Alpha,PGreensboro, Freshman, Glee Club . . . TEWELES, MARY ANN, Sig-ma Delta Tau, Milwaukee, Wis- consin, Junior, Swan Club 1" '. , THAMES,.JANICE, Mobile, Sophomore. THOMAS, HERMAN DOUGLAS, Pi Kappa Phi, Luverne, Sophomore . . . THOMAS, IRWIN THAMES, Lambda Chi, Bessemer, Freshman . . . THOMAS, JOIHN Arn' Billingsley, Freshman , .M fXk,THOMAS, LELAND C., Calvary, Georgia, Junior . . . THOMAS,'-xIfILL'lE JOYCE, Dothan, Junior, Phi Chi Theta . . . THOMAS, MARJCRIE, Theta Upsilon, Birmingham, Sophomore. -, . .... . ,.-.f if 'A I C ' J 'P I GD Those Long, Lang lntermissions. H H I . I THOMAS, MERCER S., Ifhj DeItq,Theta,fMobile, Freshman . . . THOMAI'SiT'AWI'LIfIAM1 'N.,4mD5lta PCN, MQPh'iIadelp.hia',' Perinsylyalniia, Junior, A. S. M. E. . . THOMPSON, CHARLES, Sigma Chi, Columbia, Miss- issippi, Sophomare,'Blackiriars, . . . THOMPSON, CHARLES WESLEY, Kappa Sigma, Syiliiicauga, Sfiphomore, Presiqleht, Kappa Sigma, Druids, Phi Eta Sigma, Glee Club, Y.LM. C. A .... THOMPSON, FRANCES, Columbus, Georgia, Sophomore, Y. W. C. A., Caroline Hunt Club, Inter- national Relations Club, Co6lla . . LITHGMPSON, JOE RICHARD, Pi Kappa Alpha, Andalusia, LJunior,' P il? THOMPSON, MARTHA ELIZABETH, Alpha Chi Omega, Mobile, Sopho- more, W. S. G. A. . M, EVELYN, Alpha Delta Pi, Montgomery, Junior . . THOMPSON, MARY FRANCES, Sylacaugo, Freshman . . . THOMPSON,-MARY JANE, Birmingham,',Freshman . . . THOMPSON, PEGGY RUE, Alpha Delta Pi, Piedmont, Junior . . . THOMPSON, RICHARD H.,' Sigma Phi Epsilon, Birmingham, Sophomore, Band. I 1. V . .... . K THOMPSON, WILLIAM EDWARD, Delta, Tau Delta, Fond du Lac, Wis- consin, Sophomore . '. . THORNTON, L. C., Lambda Chi Alpha, Vvetumpkqi Junior, -. . . Phi Delta Theta, Mobile, Sophomore . . . THRASH, CECIL O., Sigma Nu, Tallassee, Junior . . . THROCKMORTON, JULIA, Guntersville, Sophomore . . . THROWER, HELEN MARY, Heflin, Freshman. THuRsToNI. FRANCIS, Tuscaloosa, Freshman . . TILL, BETTY LANE, Zeta Tau Alpha, Birmingham, Sophomoreft. . . TILL, HENRY H., Tensaw, Sophomore . . . TILL, ROBERT A., -Lambda Chi Alpha, Elmore, Freshman , . , TILL, WALTER HARMON, Lambda Chi Alpha, Elmore, Sophomore . . . TILLER, HENRY GRADY, Kappa 'Alpha, Montgomery, Junior, Crimson-White. TILLER, JAMES S., Kappa Alpha, Mgrfigomery, Junior, Secretory, Fresh- man Engineering Class, Presigigqt, PhP'iEta Sigma, lntertraternity Council, Druids . . . TIELINGERXJJOAN SHIRLEY, Sigma Delta Tau, Miami, Florida, FreshmaqT,IYI LW. C. A., Hillel . . . TILLMAN, BRUCE, Pi Karma Alpha, Vicksburg, Mississippi, Junior . . . TIMS, LINNIE GRACE, Sumiton, Junior . . . TOBIAS, ELEANOR LOUISE, Montgomery, Fresh- man, Corollid, 35,--: 'fOBIN, ROBERT .xSlDNfy, Sigma Alpha Mu, Paterson, New Jersey, Freshman. fl C O3 ji 'Ax I D E After Dinner LuII. Page l92 r I 1 1 L - fi? 2, , .. I ,ix P i 1 3 1 i 11 4 1 A ', . ,-. .Ll' '..-A TODD, EDWARD WOFFORD, JR., Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, Freshman . . . TOLBERT, ROY NORWOOD: Gadsden, Freshman, Corolla . . , TOMLINSON, JACK O.,"Fhi Delta Theta, Birmingham, Junior . . . TOMPKINS, GEORGE H., Wildwood, Fla., Sophomore . . . TORBERT, JACK W., Linden, Junior . . . TOTORIS, VICTOR J., Fairfield, Fresh- man. TOWNE, FREDERICK 'QT17"'-KOIDVFSG lsigma, Dallas, Tex., Junior . . . TRANMORE, UPJOHN THEOUQRXEJ Heyclay, FreshmEin,'Swan Club, Coro- line Hunt Club, Corolla, Crimso - hite, Romnier-Jaxmrner . . . TRASTOUR, BARBARA ANN, Phi Mu, Bay .'A- -Louis, Miss., Freshman, Spanish Club, Y. W. C. A ..,. TROTTER, 'NJAMIN INMAN, JR., Kappa Sigma, Jackson, Miss., Sophomore, Choral'1Union, Men's Glee Club . . . TROTTER, GLENN HUDSON, Birmingham, Junior, Wesley Foundation, Choral Union. TRUCKS, DIANA CAROLYNj Fairfield, Freshman . A. . TUCKER, EDWARD -GIBSON, Phi Gomnlaj Delta, 'MorQtgbmery,, Sophomore ,. . . TUCKER, HAREL W., Delta Chi, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore . . . TUGGLE, JOSEPH M., JR., Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, Sophomore . . . TUNE, JAMES THELON, Fhi Gamma Delta, Carbon Hill, Sophomore . TUNSTILL, VERTRUDE, Athens, Freshman . . . TURNER, ALBERT NEAL, Montgomery, Freshman. TURNER, ELoRENCE'icATHEcENE,iHefiinf Jifnibr . . . TURNER, JAMES RILEY, Phi ,Gamma Della, ,Flofencey Sophomore. . . . TURNIP- SEED, BETTY JEAN, Aliceaaiis, frfesiiinoi, .1-4. TUTEN, BEDFORD E., Athens, Junior . . . TYNDALM CHARLES' MATHISON, Fi Kappa Alpha, Hamilton, Freshmon,,Pu'bliciW9 Choirmani Pi Kappa Alpha . . . TYREE, KARL T., Phi Delta, Florence, Sophomore. TYSON, ELSIE, Ptii"Mu, Denver, Colo., Sophomore . . . TYSON, JAMES JORDAN, JR., -'Chi'--Phil, Mobile, Freshman, . '. UHLICH, ALLEN, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Riverside, Ill., Junior . ."'UNDERWOOD, KENNETH WILDER, JR.: Phi Delta Theta, Montgomeryf Sophomore, Rammer-Jammer UPSHAW, JEFFERSON D., JR., Sigma Chi, Louise, Miss., Freshman . . . UPSHAW, MARTHA JO, Birmingham, Junior, Apprentice Players. ig., Main Topic-Men. I VADEN, BARBARA, Kappa. Delta, Anniston, .Sophomoreg Corolla . . . VAN HALA, HENRY ADDISON, Pi Kappa Phi, Cleveland, Ohio, Sopho- more . . . VAN HOOSE, JAMES, Pi Kappa Alpha, Cuba, Junior, Secretary-Treasurer, at Pi Kappa Alpha, Y. M. C. A., Crimson-White, Assistant Athletic Publicity Manager, Spirit Committee . . . VANN, GEORGE DEWEY, JR., Sigma Chi, Birmingham, Sophomore . . . VARD- MAN, DOUGLASS WAYNE, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Memphis, Tenn., Sopho- more . . . VARN, HELEN ELOISE, Delta Gamma,fSt. Augustine, Fla., Sophomore Spirit Committee, Y. W. C. A. VASSAR, JOHN W., Corinth, Miss., Freshman . . . VAUGHN, ANN, Delta Zeta, Memphis, Tenn., Sophomore, Blackfriars, Speech Club, B. R. N .... vERNER,'-,CATLIN CADE, JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Tusca- loosa, Phi Eta Sigma, Vice,President, Sophomore Engineering Class . . . VERNON, OLEN E., Pi Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, Junior . . . VICK, COLEMAN L., Linden, Freshman . . . VILLINES, DALLAS MADISON, Phi Gamma Delta, Birmingham, Sophomore. VINES, EDWARD, Pi Kappa Alpha, Bessemer, Junior, Phi Eta Sigma, Blaclcfriars . .. .L VINES, JEANNE, Chi Omega, Sheffield, Sophomore . . . WADSWORTH, INEZ, -Dixiabnia, Freshman, Cheerleader . . . WADSWORTH,., WILLIAM WOOD, .Sigma Nu, Prattville, Junior . . . . . . WAGER, B. A., Alpha Tau Omega, Montgomery, Junior . . . WAITS, GEORGE SIDNEY, Kappa Sigma, Andalusia, Sophomore. WAKEFIDLD, CHARLES WENDELL,',Pi' Kappa ,Alphag Russellville, Sopho- more . . . WAKEDIELD, JOSEPl'IiC.,ilII,'Alpha Tau Omega, Albertville, Freshman . . . WALDON, RUTH, Brookwood, Freshman . . . WALKER, ANN O'NEAL, Alpha Gamma Delta, Albertville, Sophomore, Crimson- White, Corolla . . . WALKER, CRRISTOPHER J., JR., Alpha Tau Omega, Albertville, Freshman . . . WALKER, CORINNE L., Kappa Kappa Gamma, Montgomery, Freshman, Spanish Club, Corolla, Canterbury Club. 'TR WALKER, JIMM.IE,NAlp.ha1-Tciu Omega, Clanton, Sophomore . . . WALKER, JOSEPIH-'-ABBOTT, Alpha Tau Omega, Anniston, Freshman, Corolla, Presbyterian Student Union . . . WALKER, LEON B., Theta Chi, Mobile, Freshman . . . WALKER, MAY ALICE, Iron River, Mich., Junior, Newman Club, Y. W. C. A., ,Cproline Hunt Club . . .WALKER, RHETT, Sigma Clwgrvtobile, sophomogef ,-TWALL, DICK HANNA, Lambda Chi Alpha, Birmingham, Freshman. " 'N' 'W 1' ' if -- i- "Glad-Salvation Is Free." Page l95 A XX ABQ:-CAB-F081 I WALL, JANICIE LOUEE, Birmingham, Freshman, Y. W. C. A .... WALLACE, GEIibLD O., Phi Gamma Delta, Clio, Sophomore, Cotillion Club , I-QRRY, JR., Gadsden, Sophomore, Band, Phi Eta Sigma . . . WALLACE, HILDA, Montgomery, Junior, Phi Upsilon, Spirit Committee, Alpha Lambda Delta, Caroline Hunt Club . . . WALLACE, JERRY, Alpha Gamma Delta, Decatur, Sophomore . . . WALLACE, MARVIN, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Wesson, Miss., Junior, A. S. C. E. Nc- ,- 'b . .,.,,,..... ,...,.....,,.,... Q WALLACE, WINSTON lL., Deltqfxfihi, Tuscaloosaifslaphtlfmore, Rifle Team . . . WALLER, BERRY,lAtmor -'Heshman WALLER, FRED, Delta Chi, Centerville, Freshman . . Q WALLERYMARTHA THORINGTON, Kappa Delta, Greensboro, Fresh ern . . . WALLER, WILLIAM C., Atmore, Sophomore . . . WA MSLEY, KATHRYN ELLEN, Phi Mu, Birmingham, Sophomore, B. R. N., R dio Workshop, Westminister Fellow- ship. WALMSLEQWWLLLLAM AFQBREY RQ5,sQ,l,vill ljresh H , . WALSH, RICHARD, Mertiflc, tsr."Y., Efelwkcn . gl:XWAlL?fEiIQArs3tQ2 RUTH, Daphne, Freshman . . . WARD, DENSON A., Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, Freshman . . . WARD, JAMES GRIFFIN, Sigma Nu, Carrollton, Sophomore . . . WARD, JAMES MARTIN, I'-lighpoint, Miss., Freshman. WARNER, LAWRENCE? Betci FTL:lg,2BjLz:gii am, Junior . . . WARNER, MILDRED JOATN, usaloosaf'Spkcial sfircni . . . WARREN, BILL, Delta Chi,g'BIgmLn.ghpj.qi,g :fre Hrpcwcf Z, Q'-QA RENQELORA oPHELlA, Piedmont, Freshxman . S' .TlVfASHBURN,"jI' OR , Pensacola, Fla., Freshman . . . WATERSf BE YEL Ajp a Chi Omega, Birmingham, fx ' LQ 5, Freshman. 'I WATERSMROSE RY, Alpha Chi Omega, Bessemer, Junior, Black- triars, Crimlsopfylh te 4 . . WATKINS, JOSEPQF., Pi Kappa Alpha, Homewood, Freshman . . . WATSON,QEIl.SJ' JOYCE, 'Birmingham, Junior . . . WATSON, FREDDIE, Lambda hi Alpha, Bessemer, Sopho- more . . . WATSON, VIRGINIA JOYCE, Zeta Tau Alpha, Montgomery, Sophomore . . . WATTS, DAVID EUGENE, Birmingham, Sophomore. Pe to S -'E'-Ir F e S ZBT House Dance. H H WAT -.ELl.ZABQ?'I, ...... c mlipmqgcld ELLLHLSIQ, Arctic sigmc Omega, riangle . . . W TS, JA E KELL , Chi Omega, Huntsville, Junior, Band Sponsir, Glee Club . . . WATT , MARJORIE, Birmingham, Junior . . . VER, ELIMBETH, Kappal- elta, Tuscaloosa, Junior, Y. W. C. A., minister ellowship . . . WEAVER, JOHN W., Chi Phi, Tuscaloosa, Freshman . . . WEAVER, THOMAS HOLLIS, Sulli- gent, Junior. C l e--H l'l T2 ll E WEBB, CLIFFORD F., Kappa Sigma, Chattanooga, Tenn., Junior . . . WEBBER, MELVIN L., Kappa Nu, Mobile, Freshman, Men's Spirit Com- mittee: Hillel - - - WEB5I,ER,,,ROBERT,A.,..,Ebi.LSIgma Kappa, Baltimore, Mcl., Junior, President,WllThi,,Sigt'r1a Kappa, . . WEEKSQXGRADY M., Pi Kappa Alpha, 'Birmltlgf1gl12g.l1i3"Eophanidre . LWEll2,'3f ALAN E., Zeta Beta Tau, Montgomery, Freshman . . . WEIL,"'ISEONA'RD JAMES, Zeta Beta Tau, Birminghgrhi Crimson-Vihlteg 53,1 ff: A WEISKOPF, AUDREY STEIN,'fSigmgamDehg Tau, Birmingham, Junior, B. R. N., Alplygflipsilo' Rho, Spirit Cpmmittee, Hillel, Alpha Lambda Delta . . ..W,EI.5S,-JfgHN TOMB' Lincoln, Sophomore . . . WELCH, GEORGE LEHMAN, Eclectic, Fresh'man' . WELCH, JAMES SHELBY, Phi Delta Theta, Mobile, Junior-, . WELCH, WILLIAM BENJAMIN, Mcndscn, MLssg,,QJ.LJfi.tf6Eg. . f wE,LLBoRyg1, MARY JUSTINA, Tuscaloosa, Junior. 'J 44243 I ?QL"N7 WELLBORN, ROBERT NOBLELKapplaiAIl:fhg,lTLIscaloosa, Freshman . . . WELLBORN, SIDNEY NELSON, Sigma NupNAqIinaon, Va., Freshman . . . WELLER, FRANCES LUCILLE, Holt, Freslltmfrfll I. WENDEL, ABBIE VAN, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Birmingham, Sophomore, Y. W. C. A., Corolla . . , WENTLING, JAMES WESTFALL, Ashtabula, Ohio, Sophomore . . . WEST, JAMES EARNEST, Nauvoo, Freshman. WHALEY, I-A Montevallo, Sophomore . . . WHATLEY, JAMES B., Red evel, Sophomore . . . WHATLEY, KATY LANE, Alpha Phi, Red Level, Sophomore . . . WHATLEY, MARRY ANNE, Chi Omega, Abiline, Tex., Junior, lpha Lambda Delta , . . WHETSTONE, MARTHA, Delta Zeta, Air in a v Junior NHHHDQN GERALD, Delta Kappa 5259 I5 Epsilon, Montgo rw Freshman.. S O3 U E Their Favorite Singing Commercial. Page A I96 4 N w 5 2 i f X ,E-rf :rf A X2 AB? ef OA? + 031 'r WHILE, BILLYfH., Delta Chi, Birmingham, Freshman . . . WHITE, ADDISON WALKER, Huntsville, Freshman . . . WHITE, ADINE, Alpha Xi Delta, Tiiscalclosa,-slvuniar . . WHITE, ELIZABETH ANN, Gadsden, Junior . . . WHITE, JOE E., Kappa Alpha, Freshman . . . WHITE, JOHN P., Cincinnati, Ohio, Sophomore, Debate Team, International Relations Club. l fx at 3 WaDSi. .lpg WHITE, .IO NELT., VViT1fi'5IEl,.'SCfpT1off15re' . . . WAHLI4E2,JOYCE, Della Zeta, Montgomery, Freshman X. f' . WHITE, M1LD"RED' ANNE, Alpha Xi Delta, Athens, Junior, Panhelleriiq: . . .'tWHITEHURST, ANN, Bir- mingham, Freshman . . . WHITES,IDE,'EDWlNA: WOOD, Phi Mu, Birming- ham, Junior . . . WHITESIDE, LUCY, Kappa Kappa Gamma, De Araman- ville, Junior. ' " s WHITESIDE, ROBERTA, Delta Zeta, Cullman, Junior . . . WHITLEY, MILTON EUGENE, Albertville: Junior . . . WHITLOCK, HILARD ELBERT, Kappa Alpha, Tusguml5ia,.Freshman"'. .Q .r"WHlTT,'T.FRANCES JUELL, Athens, Junior, Pdsteur Society . . . wHirrENsER'oj WILLIAM C., Quinton, Junior . . . WHORTON, BETTY JEAN, Gadsden, Junior. WHORTON, WILLIAM R., Alpha Tau Omega, Gadsden, Freshman . . . WIGGINS, GERALD WINFIELD, Chi Phi, Gadsden, Freshman . . . WIGGINS, IDA .IENKINSQ NlonroeviIle,.'Sophiomorefwp . . WIGINTON, MARY EMILY, Zeta TauTAlphd, Birmingham, Fresh'n1an, Caroline Hunt Cluls, Wesley Foundatio,n,,-fY. :W. :Ar-. .. Q WILBANKS, FRANCES, Chi Omega, Eastoboga, Junior Q' . . WILDES, DOROTHY V., Hueytown, Freshman. . ,I I -- , WILHOIT, FRANK E., Delta Kappa Epsilon, Gadsden, Freshman . . . WILKES, GUY IH., Eufgla, Freshman . . . WILKES, WILLIAM EDWARD, Eutala, Junior, ':DrllidS . . WILKINSON, WlfI:I?IAM COOK, Kappa Sigma, Charlotte, N.l Sophomore . . ,..- WILLJAMS, ANNA MARIE, Tampa, Fla., Junior, Alpha Lambda Delta, 'Gamma Sigma Epsilon, City, Junior. III H J. SCHUYL R, JR., emphis, enn., Sap omore L . . ILLIAMS, KEITH, Birmingham, Sophom re, Blackfriars . . . WI LIAMS, KENNETH, Alpha Tau Omega, Flore , Junior . . WILLI , LINN, Kappa Delta, Junior . . . WILLI MS, LOU , Kappa Kap a Gamma, Oxford, Fresh- man. WILLl4I1S, -EMMEALIE Me,-Deltol cn, Irletdele,-Ffgshman-Qjyl FWILLIAMS, C -ee ii +2 H r WILLIAMS, MARTHA, Talladega, Freshman, Y. W. C. A .... WILLIAMS, RALPH E., Bessemer, Freshman . . . WILLIAMSON, FRED C., Kappa Alpha, Tuscaloosa, Saphomagre-VLWIWI, AIVVA .WILLIAMSON, MILLARD LAMAR, Sigma Nu, Pine pple, Sophomore . . WILLIS, LAURA LEE, Hollywood, Fla., SophoT SWILQON, I,OU,QfJ'uscaloosa, Freshman. ff--Mem"-ef 1, izdi eo WILSON, JACK, Steen, Miss.f5I5frieshman . . . WILSON, JACK A., Irondale, Freshman . . :""WIL5,QN7'j:IAC'QUELYN, Zeta Tau Alpha, Bessemer, sephetpseiet .l. . wusaziig MARY LAUREE, Phi Mu, El Dorado, Ark.,'JTJi'ii6F,"St'lJdent ForLifig,.fY.!W. C. A., Westminister Fellow- ship . . . WILSON, NANCY,---Russellville,--Freshman . . . WILSON, ROBERT C., Kalaphiziigmcli, Selrl1d,..Sophorfiare. '-me-' ease f w l 'T flsfl' H. ll- in Q j QQ WILSON, WALTER STUART, Alghgi ',lfpuQOQe.Qa, Bay Minette, Sopho- more . . . WILSON, WJiI.IAM...QU.KllS,' Phi Delta Theta, Maloile, Freshman . . . WIMAN, MARTIN, Si me Agp MU, New York, N. Y., Junior, Student Forum . . . WINDI-TAM? E CLAIRE, Alpha Delta Pi, Birmingham, Junior . . . WINGARD, GUSSIE PARKER, Wetumpka, Junior . . . WINKLER, LEON HENRY, Sigma Nu, Greenville, Freshman. . 39 ,, 'Z WINN, ALMA Uhicgtown, Freshman . . . WISDOM, BETTY, Shipley, Junior . , . WISE, DORIS ANITA, Afmore, Freshman . . . WISE, JEANETTE, Rabertsdale, Sophomore, Wesley Foundation . . . WISE, JOHN D., JR., appa Sigma, Hazelhurst, Miss., Sophomore . . . WISE, ROBERS, " a au Omega, Wa- iplni r, Druids, Alpha Epsilon Pasteur Society, Newman Club . . . WILLIAMS, ANNA RUTH, Frisco Delta, C 5 5 O3 if - .3 .........r. If I ti 1 Q ts i E S 0 . ,,...., . E Sieepy Time Gals. But They Keep Going. Page I99 A 2 f . A Jr- eel If WISEMAN, HOLLIS JAY, Sigma Chi, Mobile, Sophomore . . . WITSELL, CAROLINE,"-xChi Omega, Memphis, Tenn., Freshman, Corolla . . . VXEOLANJSMJOSEP S., Sharon, Pa., Junior, A. S. M. E., Newman Club, St. Pat's . . . OLFE, CLYDE, Phi Sigma Kappa, Wilmington, Del., Junior, St. Pat's Committee, Vice-President of A. S. C. E., I. A. S. . . . WOLFE, CLYDE W., Piedmont, Sophomore. I 3 - i . A W- 'H 227, I Vi fm' x.. 1... ' ,.,. 1 3-2-.. V4 WOMACK, M. D., JR., Tuscaloosa, Sophomore WOOD, GEORGE MARK JR., Kappa Sigma, llxfxlsgfitdgomery, Juniorsbf .!. WOOD, JANICE, Alpha Gamma Delta, Mobile-,x gunior, wfgfo. A .... WOODALL, JAMES E., Brantley, Freshman . WOODALL, MINOR EDWARD, JR., Phi Delta Theta, Guntersville, WOODALL, WILLIAM L., JR., Brantley, Junior . . . WOODARD, THOMAS B., JR., Delta Chi, Decatur, Freshman, Cotillion Club . . . WOODHAM, PRESTON NRAY---IDanis,wEIa.,f-Fieshmafn . . OODHAM, ROSEMARYF-Alphgf Chf--Orriega, lPehibcofajx-Flb.:S--JfJrggl4 gmkfriars, Y. W. C. A., President of French Club, Womens Glee Club . . . WOOD- MAN, CHARLES J., Sigma Phi Epsilon, Long Island, N. Y., Junior. WOODRUFF, GERALD, Alpha Tau Omega, Anniston, Sophomore, IB-ond, Y. ML,y'c2.A.T2.g,5Zlv,.woolnQRUl2FLQAf51il,Es WRIGHT, Phi Delta them, Athens, Jimior' . '. ,. WOODS, BERN' RD ANTHONY, Lambda Chi Alpha, 5 si,fmiEgliEim,giEgesl1'm1,n -... fp.. 5.3 gyo Ds, THOMAS E., Kappa Sigma, Elmfi5bJrg,rlt,ligs., Tfeshman' Y, '. ooson, ELIZABETH SCOTT, Kappa DeI,ta,lEli rming ha m,mSaplhorriore. Y- -.,, C. .7 of A i I WOOQSQN, JOHN THOMAS, JR., Phi Delta Theta, Birmingham, Freshman,-XlCoroIlal k . . WOOLDRIDGE, R ERT V., Kappa Alpha, Tuscaloosa,'fTuni5T'1, 'Iflead CheerIeader,! eggs Apirit Committee . . . WOOLF, MARY LOUISE, Piedmont, Freshmfl ,"Maior Club . . .WOOLSEY, BILL, Lambda Chi Alpha, Selma, Junior . . . WOOTEN, CECIL A., JR., Pi Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, Sophomore. XM.. , ,., A , K., Z., 51, ...V A., ..-M.. 2... .CA x,, s XA 1 I K., U La Jackson and the Devil. WjJ.qJIEbL,..JCflL,Nl,-AUBIiIEl?!, JIR.,5,I?appa...STgma,..l5Aal 'sort'-IMiss., Junior, Drui s . . . I ORTHI GTON, ANNETTEQ, Alpha hi, Atlanta, Ga., Sophomore . WRENN, GUSSIE D., Tuscaloosa, Sophomore . . . WRIGHT, EMILPE Valley "ad, Freshmanimg. . . WRIGHT, HUBERT HARVEY, Alpha Tau Ome a, Guin, Sophomore. I ' w.-- ,, C1 Q 5 Q H L 1' ..l . WRIGHT, JAMES M., Tuscaloosa, Junior, Corolla, Rammer-Jammer . . . WRIGHT, MARTHA, Chi Omega, Elba, Sophomore, Corolla, Y. W. C. A. - - - WRIGHT' REX? .YlDQL..Q.Q,I2LLQ.V.flQE9L......-i. - WRIGHT, RICHARD E-i Guin, Junior . . . FUQELE, GEORGE R., Brminghgm, Junior. ' s , , F' 'W f"- ' "2 4' C f...f,..l Zfai Z.-5 il- ! fijflf WYATT, BE-T-T RE, Decatur, Sophomore . . . WYATT, ROY, Decatur, Freshman . . . ALBERT McCONNELL, JR., Phi Gamma Delta, Birmigghprp, QFresh'man,,QfCotQ.Iion' Club . . . YARBROUGH, HARVEY Agugrgjqllllgg Dothan, Fteghmbn . . . YARlsRouol-l, JESSE ANN, Delta Delta Delta, Huntsville, Sgphbmore. liiffioo ..,...k...,..,,f.,, ...-...wi E! 4' , .. ......--.,..........,... 44?-f+fi z 355 600 YELTGNr7'NANCtY',"'Chi Ome ai Jacgo germ., Junior, Spanish Club, Corolla . . . YONGE, WALFERJCOX, Lgn Ida Chi Alpha, Montgomery, Sophomore . . . YORKfRAW - Freshman . . . YOUNG, JACK HOWARD, Delta Chi, Birmingl'Ial'QP Flresginan . . . YOUNG, JAMES C., Delta Kappa Epsilon, Meridian, Miss., Sophomore. r-'Q '39 YouNo, vcvlglggp TWQTSTDN, Pi Kappa Phi, Birmingham, Junior, . OUNG, WILLIAM JAMES, Kappa Sigma, Mobile, Fresh- Band . . man . . . ZACHRY, MAURICE C., Pi Kappa Alpha, Meridian, Miss., Sophomore . . . YZANGER, JEAN CLAIRE, Alpha Xi Delta, Miami, Fla., Sophomore, ' Fiwestiia . . . ZEIQ' R, ARGARET, Fort Deposit, Fresh- man. ijt: IIS lurk., :XIX ji X X D E Theta U Rush Party. mfg. li, Page 200 k ' in U Zig? 'M We MILITARY DEP RTME T Alabama's Reserve Officers Training Corps is fast acquiring the position held before World War II. Veterans of the war make up a large percentage of the Advanced Course numbering one hundred ninety-two cadets. High school graduates are filling the ranks of the Elementary Course in increasing numbers. The University ROTC composed of lnfantry, Air Corps, Quartermaster, Engineers and Coast Artillery has always received an honor rating from the War Department. Page 202 COMMISSION COLONEL S. B. MASON ..,. COLONEL THOMAS K. MCGEHEE . LT. COLONEL WILLIS J. ADAMS . LT. COLONEL WILLIAM D. BROWN LT. COLONEL ALVIN R. GLAFKA . LT. COLONEL GREGORY J. SKINNER MAJOR MATHEW J. ALLAIRE . . MAJOR ROBERT A. DLIKES . MAJOR WILLYS H. PEARSON . . MAJOR ZEBULON L. STRICKLAND, JR. CAPTAIN JAMES B. KING . . . CAPTAIN HENRY V. MYERS . . . Our Commandant-Colonel S. B. Moon .. . ...9,-,,.f .. V . R i , Skinner, MXSGT. MfSGT. MXSGT. MfSGT. Mfser. H-ze ' -n . .. Ffsor. Mfsot. sfsor. sfsor. rfsor. Mfsor. NSTRLI TORS ED OFFICERS . . . . , Infantry . . Air Corps . Infantry . ..., Air Corps . . Quartermaster Corps . . Corps of Engineers . . . . Infantry . Corps of Engineers . .... Infantry . . Coast Arillery Corps . . Coast Artillery Corps . . . . . , . Air Corps CHIEF WARRANT OFFICER FRANK D. OBLINGER . . United States Army Commissioned Officers: Ma- son, M c G e h e e, Adams, Glafka, Strickland, Pearson, Allaire, Brown, Oblinger, King. NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS MfSGT. BRUCE C. BAXTER ..,. Air Corps TECH. 4th GRADE JAMES BURCH JR. . Ordnance MfSGT. CHARLES B. CARTWRIGHT . . Infantry ANDREW E. COLLINS . . . Infantry KENNETH G. FLOOK . Coast ArtiIIeryCorps WILEY D. GREEN ..... DEML PHILLIP E. LEMAIRE . . . .Y DEML WAYNE W. LUNDBERG . . . Infantry MfSGT. WILLIAM A. MALLORY . . . Air Corps SGT. GLENN F. POWERS . . . Field Artillery KEITH D. ROBERTS .... Infantry RICHARD A. ROBINSON , Corps of Engineers PURCELL E. ROSE . Quartermaster Corps EVERETT C. SHELBY, JR. . . . Air Corps CLARENCE A. WALL . . . . DEML BILLY H. WESSON ..... Infantry MfSGT. WILLIAM S. WILSON , Quartermaster Corps TfSGT. ROBERT I'I. WINTER ..... DEIVIL Non-Commissioned Officers: Winter, Wesson, Robinson Roberts, Collins, Wilson, Martin, Rose, Mallory, Cart wright, Burch, Baxter Lemaire, Wall, Green, Lundberg I Floolc. REGIONAL STAFF CADET COL. JAMES R. WHITE Regimental Commander HONORARY CADET COL. MARION NORMAN Regimental Sponsor CADET MAJ. RICHARD L. JONES, JR. Regimental Adiutant CADET MAJOR LESTER O. RAY Regimental Statt CADET MAJOR HAROLD K. BURT Regimental Staff FIRST BATTALION STAFF CADET LT. COLONEL CHARLES M. FITTS, JR. Battalion Commander HONORARY CADET LT. COLONEL GRACE BLASINGAME Battalion Sponsor CADET CAPTAIN WARREN M. THRAILKILL Battalion Adjutant CADET IST. LT. HARRY M. DONALDSON Battalion Staff THIRD BATTALION STAFF CADET LT. COLONEL WALTON M. BEASLEY, JR. Boffolion Commander HONORARY CADET LT. COL. CHRISTINE MIDDLEBROOKS Bofrolion Sponsor CADET CAPTAIN JACK H. ABRAHAM, JR. Boffolion Acliufont CADET IST. LT. GEORGE P. SHEDD Bcfrfolion Staff SECOND BATTALION STAFF CADET LT. COLONEL JOSEPH T. LIMBAUGH Boffolion Commander HONORARY CADET LT. COL. DOROTHY HERMANN Boffolion Sponsor CADET CAPTAIN EARL R. COVEY Boffolion Acliuronf CADET IST. LT. GORDON L. STARR Bcxfrolion Sfoff ALABAMA'S MILITARY BAND - Colonel Carlefon K. Bufler, Directory Honorary Cade? Captain Jane Wa11s, Sponsor. MILIT RY BAN cm RIFLE TE FA CDUSO GRIDIRO cmcfm R.CD.T. .a C0 PETITIO Front Row, Left fo Right: McCar'fer, Stark, Corlion, Gray, Inge . . . Second Row: Chism, Gay, Evans, Camp- bell, Wallace . . . Back Row: Wesson, McClure, Moss. XWZAZQW ACTIVITIE Thursday is MiliTary Day on The campusg everyone ex- peds and hopes for fair weaTher so The "Parade" can go off vvifh a bang. PrompTly aT noon acTiviTy cenTers around The Quadrangle and The band plays and The sTudenT body reviews The Troops. Pgsglng yn Review O'fflCe!'S-Ceflfef Bronze Sfur go Cade' L9 Harrison Recognizing Cadets Wifh 2.4 or Above Averages SCABB RD an BL DE National Society of Scabbard and Blade, established at the University of Wisconsin in 1902, has as its purpose: "To unite in closer relationship the military departments of American universities an-d colleges, to preserve and develop the essential qualities of good and efficient officers, to prepare its members as educated men to take a more active part and to have a greater influence in the military affairs of the communities in which they reside, and above all to spread intelligent information concerning the military requirements of this country. The local chapter of this organization was established in 1924. OFFICERS LT. COL. G. J. SKINNER . .... . Faculty Advisor GEORGE P. SHEDD . . . . . Captain CHARLES lvl. FITTS, JR. . . . First Lieutenant LAWRENCE W. NORTON , . Second Lieutenant JOSEPH G. ROBERTSON . . . . First Sergeant MEMBERS Walton Beasley Joe A. Brown Harold Burt Jesse M. Clark Buy Cox Charles Fitts Gordon Hamriclc James Johnson Joseph Limbaugh John P. McGee Lawrence Norton William Pritchett Burt, Beasley, Clark, McGee, Shedd, Ray, Cox, Pritchett, Robertson, Thrailkill, Johnson, White, Norton. Lester Ray Joseph Robertson George Shedd Henry L. Shields James White Fitts, Limbaugh, Page 210 . - ..,. ..... . ., I , 25:7 'i"f2.T'1H4-'-H5 1- .r'- .. if-1fi?:si::,:lg1.,.. cm ,4,,......-- ,M-ya. -.f -n All ggi, dnl Sfewori, Slork, Phillips, Campbell, Waller, HaughTon, Bonham, Gales, Moore, Knox, Moore, Coffey, Dukes Sims, Aiken, Halle, Brown, Xides, Franca, Colton, Hayes, Gay, Breen, Green, Savage, Whife, Hayes, Cun ninghom, Thurston, Brunson, Banks. PER HI RI From The consTiTuTion of This organization come These words which sTaTe iTs purpose . . . "To encourage preserve and develop The highesf ideals of The miliTary professional." This naTional miliTary honor sociefy was founded aT The UniverslTy of Nebraska in I894, in honor of General of The Armies John J. Pershing. The Alabama chapTer of The organizaflon was founded in I932. Membership is based on drill excellency and proficiency in miliTary suloiecTs. FL OFFICERS ZEBULON STRICKLAND, JR. . . . . FacuITy Advisor KARL F. STARK . . . . . CapTain RALPH C. STEWART . , FirsT LieuTenanT WILLIAM D. CAMPBELL . . FirsT SergeanT JAMES N, WALTER . . Plafoon SergeanT MEMBERS George Aiken Sidney Banks John Bonham Arfhur Brown Wilclen Breen Hugh Caffey Burf CoTTon Roberf Dukes Rubin Franco Bradford Gay ArThur Gafes Ben Green ScoTT I-Iardison Paul HaughTon Billy Hayes EvereTT Halle Page 2II Louis Knox John Moore Roberf Moore James Phillips John Simms Francis Thursfon Amos WhiTe Edward Xides We ww.. ,JL u I "1ar- W- .1gg..g,-.,.,.q,,.i4.,i i. .yQ.7a':xg15h- Mg-5 -.Q -, , ', r, qw. 'J 'Q-,..::w..,.:':, , lam -1 - -. , ':-w.-- .wmfnv-v.,4-p-,-: 1 .fr-V,-gn' qu-1-w.Qfw. - ' f -V .1 muy-u V+., -EEZ: . , C. ,-mil" .1,"' 'S " -Ti 1 4- CJ, 1-3' ,X - ' ' V ' f f '. 2 4 V "ill ' ' ' -' 'X ' '. .-2. 55,534,513-:.3,A25-1533.-.,:'-':55,, ... y XX 4,5:.,,.. v , ' -1 f- 4 :sg -Pg-aff'5'Eg?'f'C-35 ' ' '1'5'.u - ' x.,..1,1.:.Y:p..4-m,,,,:w 4441 ,N Ng yu. wxv M 13' -hEs.,.'f'2Qf:w'z' :-sz --4. - 'I' 5 1--:Q we-..:.1 Qi--,-f..f.:Lh1:. - I -,gf14gy:5.::w?i,.,. Mg . - .1 . . .S gg V zs'JEgi'E ii" f 1 ' T ' " I Many, '35, .11 ' '-. 1 ' X 'm'zUfFq.,M," I A ' ,V 1'i1?.3Z?1f' sifiq-f,..Z".'-'N 1 .' I ,-Q80-If--. .' ff. 'l . fzfigi 2,4 Si ng, ' , . .X I 5?'5'f'2 2- , ,f A -, Li .I A v 1 31' Z- I -' ' Y 4 -' -, v 1 W- 1:51 ., ' ..x. M H . V wx way, ,gQ5i,.fg, 2 1' XJ Qs:,.45,F4e1g, . . 9.5 . 1-. . ?'?f:f:1 'Nw'-nf.. , 1'-1 ' Q.. X 'Wx ,vl -ar . f , -' 1' 1 fwdfde 4" 9 . . "X, , gl f' -1 I Cz.. E 4, J 1 'W 9 A . J" 1 Axwvff-Q.. An entire nation of sports lovers- were shocked when they learned that T947 was the last year that Coach Frank Thomas would actively coach Alabama's colorful and mighty Crim- son Tide. Ill health forced the retire- ment of one of the nation's immortal football leaders. In moving into the higher, but less strenuous position of Athletic Director, the "Little Round Man" left behind one of the greatest coaching records in the history of the game. Letters poured into his office from distant corners of the world from stu- - dents, alumni and fans expressing their gratitude for fourteen seasons of the best football in the country. They all wanted to thank Frank Thomas for Un Zh a iob well done for the University and for sports everywhere. Thomas-teams had won il5 and lost only 24 during his reign. He won the Southeastern conference championship four times, had sent three teams into the Tournament of Roses, and one each to the Sugar, Cotton and Orange Bowls. His teams have always been tops in post-season classics. His record was four wins and two losses, and one of those losses was to Duke in the T94-4 Sugar Bowl-a game that is called one of the greatest in the his- tory of New Orleans. To succeed Thomas, the University selected a man who had been one of his most popular assistants for over ten years at the Capstone. Harold "Red" Drew, the affable assistant, came to the University in l93l and left in l94l to serve as a Lieu- tenant Commander in the Navy. He returned to the campus in i945 and accepted the head coaching iob at Ole lvliss for l946. His stay at the Mississippi school was highly successful and when Thomas was forced into retirement, he came back to his "first love." Old Friends-Harold "Red" Drew and Frank W. Thomas-Back Together Again At Bama Business Manager Jeff Coleman Tom Lieb, Lou Bostick, Dixie Howell, Joe Kilgrow, Mal- camb Laney, Frank Thomas. B ,ba , 1 This is the Mighty Team That Kept the Nation's Press Wires Busy During 1947's Football Season Telling of the "Glory of Alabam"' GRIDIR Thomas, a Muncie, Ind. native, got his start in sandlot football in East Chicago, Ind. and made all-state in high school, where he became the school's first four-letter man. He entered Western Normal College in l9l7, when he lettered in football, baseball and basketball. ln l9l9 he entered Notre Dame as a freshman and played quarterback for Knute Rockne in l92O, 'QI and '22 He graduated from the Notre Dame School of Law in the spring of i923 and the following summer the University of Georgia asked Rockne to recommend a man to become backfielcl coach so Thomas became the first Notre Dome graduate to become coach at a mayor college in the South After two seasons ot Georgia he took a head coaches rob at the University of Chattanooga He stayed for four seasons and won the conference championship for his last three Publicity Director Rea Schuessler Lowell Tew James Cain Dick F AMA' seasons. He then returned to Georgia and remained until he came to Alabama to start his long and colorful Cal career. During l947, Coach Thomas had a statt ot assistants of the highest order. Tom Lieb, his teammate at Notre Dame and former head coach at the University ot Florida, was the captain in Chai the line. Lieb replaced Coach Hank Crisp and took on one ot the biggest iobs in the Southeastern. Despite the fact hi. men were out-weighed on any given Saturday during the season, they showed hustle and tight against great odds, an played outstanding knowledge of the highly important fundamentals. Millard "Dixie" Howell, Alabama's immortal All-American haltback, worked with the backtield and passed on his vas of personal knowledge ot half-backing to Harry Gilmer gc Co. The famous "Dixie" lett the University at the close ot the 5 to become head coach at the University of Idaho. Mike Cassidy Bruno Fillipini Bill Buughman , its my mf HUQl1 MOVVOW Hel Self Norwood Hodges Ted Cook PL YER lvlalcomb Laney, who coached l-larry Gilmer and many other Tide stars at Woodlawn High in Birmingham, served as end coach and helped out in the backfield. In addition to his football duties, Laney took on the job of coaching the golf team. The versatile Laney worked the Tide ends into successful offensive and defensive ball players who displayed excellent talent throughout the year. Floyd Burdette, whose principle job was coaching basketball, was the man who kept the Tide "in shape." ln his capacity as trainer, the lanky redhead filled the shoes more than amply and was responsible for the scarcity of iniuries during the season. Joe Kilgrow and Gene Harlow headed up the famous "B" team that gave the varsity rugged scrimmage all week and won the national championship in week-end games. Under these able leaders, the junior varstiy went undefeated and was finally James Grantham James Corbitt MW Daniel J Gambrell Johnny August acclaimed as the number one team in the nation. Their team displayed a brand of smart football and rugged ability that was praised by writers all over the South. The climax game was played on Thanksgiving Day in Decatur, Ala. in a benefit game when the Baby Tide fought for sixty minutes to down a bigger and faster "Bee" team from the University of Missouri in the first game in history be- tween the two schools. Louis Bostick, former All-Southeastern guard at the Capstone, developed the guards. The mighty Lou was responsible for the sterling play of John Wozniak, Bruno Fillipini, John Staples and Nick Terlizzi. A hard worker who was quiet and conscientious, Bostick was an integral part of the Alabama coaching staff. Alabama's eleven game schedule called for coaching in every possible defense against a wide variety of offensive tactics employed by the opposition. The Bee team was used to run "T" formation, single wing, Notre Dame, and the variations of every offense. Not only did the coaches have to instruct their players in their own offensive tactics, but were given the iob of teaching them defensive measures against the wide variety of offenses used by opponents. Norman Mosley Harry Gilmer Bill Codenhead Nick Terlizzi Ray Richeson John Staples Business Manager Jeff Coleman's office had ci record year in l947 with demands for tickets reaching ci new all- time high. As if football ticket sales weren't enough, the office had the added work of handling the tickets for the best basketball year in a decade of the sport. Publicity Director Schuessler kept the nation informed on the progress of the team and provided mat service and an outstanding brochure of sports at Alabama. In addition to his news service, the slender writer kept the game pro- gram interesting and informative. The Crimson Tide played what was commonly referred to as one of the toughest football schedules in the country during the year and the facing of teams loaded with pre- war stars Saturday after Saturday kept the squad, coaches and athletic offices moving at an unprecedented rate of speed. The Tide made its first trip to a game site by air in history when two planes were used to hasten the trip tc Boston for the battle with Boston College. One of the biggest and least publicized jobs with the Athletic department was handled by Fred Posey, student manager. Posey was transportation chief, porter, tailor, shoe shine boy, messanger, ball hawk, trainer, and a hun- dred other aids to the football, baseball, basketball and track teams. NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP "B" TEAM Below is pictured Fred Grant L. W. Noonan Vaughan Mancha Tom Whitley ne of the greatest "B" teams in the history of Alabama football ln the final . o . ' standings in the nation during the season, Coach Joe Kilgrow's team was placed at the top. Most outstanding game of the year was a Thanksgiving Day victory over the University of Missouri's "B" team at Decatur . AA MA T26 FLIRMAN A copcicify crowd filled and overflowed Birming- hclm's Legion Field To see The T947 ediTion of The Crimson Tide open iTs secison. ATTer ci slow sTorT cigoinsi cu big ond deTermined Furmcxn Tedm, Couch Thomcis' Tide woiTed until The second half To pile up cu leod. Hugh Morrow scored on on inTercepTed pciss eorly in The gcime, buT Furmdn reTurned The kick-off c1fTer Touchdown cull The wciy ond led, 7-6, of hcilfiime. Led by Lowell Tew ond Bill Colden- heod, The Tide began To roll shorily offer The second hcilT opened ond piled up 0 comforTdble leod, To keep The scouTs from lecfrning Too much dbouT his newesT Teom, Thomcis showed very Tew ploys ond used his subsTiTuTes freely. STATISTICS '.-fx ' 37 Yi, ' 9 , F T' A. X133 1' . y H ir., Y rg A H wi ,.,, K ra? . .fm t t 9209 nmg .f ,. Q y . Q A R. . me H if 1 'Q I' 4. - 3.-.V Gilmer Follows Hodges for o Short Gain T L Despite a driving rain that lasted throughout the game, the largest crowd in the history of regular season South- eastern conference play saw the Crimsons win over Tu- lane's powerful Green Wave by a single point. Hugh Morrow booted a perfect placement to provide the victory margin. Harry Gilmer stepped out of his passing role ancl showed the tremendous crowd that he could run on days when the ball was too wet to handle. The plucky little halfback kept the Greenies back all afterncon with his speedy plunges off tackle. Jim Grantham blocked two punts and was outstanding in the line during the after- noon. Hal Self played an outstanding offensive game. STATISTICS I. X, .', 1 I W f,. 'aft-. My 1 W? .f. wr 2422522 ,J f ww Ted Cook Stopped After Taking a Gilmer Pass . . . "Hurling" Harry Pivots . . , . . yn 1 2' ' " f' ss" It-Stu ng, .A . ., " - wr? -C --Tiff xii 1- . """S 'fl -, ' f, A - W x 'ill' . Q ' R-Wigiw i,1N.ii ' . - , 1 , N -tat. fm, 'Sw N--,X - . 'X 11' - timw' t' 'ew' 1,42 1-at S A ' . "Fl ?Y41.AXx'2 I ' x..v 4 . 'Q' hw ' , 'S its A -4 ,Z ' , - K iw. ' ly, 1 Kg .www k t I f J,-r f, .K 5 A, W T, gif. Mfg!! 4- is .Ji 'sg ' 'W V FV V ' " 5' T . , w, 9 5. 'Wi . Q NW ,i it, -l , 'li4i5?'fif, Q . N W, " ,V -f' W 1!iN,.M,,,3vt"i' Mitg xk 1' J ,. F X F' X' N. "' , ,, ilif' lt" V ', " .. . - , -ya . 'i1Nt:2:'fll'?'79 - - i 5-,mr'3-f--F3-1' .15 . it X 4. M, , g., ,X i X i N, ,im g yn 1' .gg , , gm -i , , mQgk5. 2:. 3 Q ir fi A C ' C ,.,, s -X. l"' 'rs 'QQ i n -1i'1'Q3v9" - '4 ,V-"Wi 'Q' ' im" M i .fy ' T YQ 2-N v X llff- ' 1 2 1- is Ms it .. H i a. ,i ' iet"'ft!F' 0?3"5 f-iw 2. " ts i , -f 2-4 W , if A is -H Q vt- ,ily 'L 3. tt' pw. , i-.4 pw - -1, V ,rf-,, ,W ,'Z,iIq- i v- :QA I -H i V as " ' Wir ' i rt., my-.W ,y- ,5 w::3msft,3g1Jiimg,2- ,,, gm, it V "Y 'ii' e at -' EJ' -" .l 4Y,k1.l"l' T 'tl-F ' x.-K nf-'F' 'A .' ' 4' if M Q'-A31 V MA- -1 in 'K "l 'I ' i mi .4 ' ' V "l'. 'f 'vim '--t'J"'f'-N flN K?itw ,'-Qwvff-I-'lim .lf N YSE Y--W.-Q Qt' t 1t Xms:'.-ti :' -llwavliaf 99 ww , W ' - V s ' . ' Q -cw-Wt'-L' ttf"-t r ' :T ., .MM .. t g -..-H " - ' 1 t X ,W .Ly,,,,M, gs. .I ,ws-., ,, , I, R ,,, ., ,, ,,.. ,Ip , N V Q-p,5,,f uv,,5.3 , ,N . T Q - sf ' T - .K iw Y' " X lw:Q5t4,xwe-smt'f5QXMi'Qlf t'iM, , +...'t-wt Uv- sw? -x ..r5Kk-tj 'tw' xv- - ' my 1- -lin ,i. :J W ill. 'tw -ww trims-ax. i"'f"t+lit- if - ' ,.., -Wi, u,-f,,yXs,efv,?1QPW.mi M -. --is-s. CM ., -4 i,- lt 4' ' 5 t " Z' " ' ' - Q. vhhv Top-Cadenhead Fights Around End . . W ' Bottom-And Tew Breaks into the Clear sc, BAMA 26 FURMAN A capacity ham's Legion Crimson Tide against a big Thomas' Tide crowd filled and overflowed Birming- Field to see the 1947 edition of the open its season. After a slow start and determined Furman team, Coach waited until the second half to pile up a lead. Hugh Morrow scored on an intercepted pass early in the game, but Furman returned the kick-off after touchdown all the way and led, 7-6, at halftime. Led by Lowell Tew and Bill Caden- head, the Tide began to roll shortly after the second half opened and piled up a comfortable lead. To keep the scouts from learning too much about his newest team, Thomas showed very few plays and used his substitutes freely. STATISTICS yzgMgi54fwAvga:awmwaamQ4.zg.f,-fxfss14t 4.Abffm5zZ'0-:an he f f:'m4:1x w'f1vm::mw mwfzummma-gm - W-v-vu - mmm: L' 2' rv f 1 R ' 1?-gm. I.. 4? 4 2 . t R' V .fi .. I f Witlsv 25 'iywqf sn . 1 :iff 'f Gilmer Follows Hodges for ca Short Gain . A M . L Despite a driving rain that lasted throughout the game, the largest crowd in the history of regular season South- eastern conference play saw the Crimsons win over Tu- lane's powerful Green Wave by a single point. Hugh Morrow booted a perfect placement to provide the victory margin. Harry Gilmer stepped out of his passing role and showed the tremendous crowd that he could run on days when the ball was too wet to handle. The plucky little halfback kept the Greenies back all afterncon with his speedy plunges off tackle. Jim Grantham blocked two punts and was outstanding in the line during the after- noon. l-lal Self played an outstanding offensive game. STATISTICS Ted Cook Stopped After Taking a Gilmer Pass "Hurling Harry Plvots .cv 35:4 lb arrays Q m as Johnny Staples Makes ci Jcxrring Tackle . . . Gcimbrell on the Ground cmd' Cook in the Air . STATISTICS Gczmbrell Wcttbhes Gilmer ond Self Break One Up M A I4 SOUTH CAROLINA Alobcimo tound South Corolino one ot the most im- proved teoms ot the season ond only the tinol whistle gove the Tiders their chonce to relox during the ofternoon. The seoson before, Alobcimo hod coosted to o 55-O, win, but returned veterons in the South Corolino line-up mode this one ot the' toughest gomes ot the seoson. I-lorry Gilmer ond Bill Codenheod, high yordoge men for the Tide, were orloly ossisted by the kicking ot Johnny August who stoved oft Gomecock threots dll otternoon with his tcrlentecl toe. Hurry Sfumbles for Those Extra Inches STATISTICS AL BAMA Q O 0 0 9 Alobomo bounced buck from The Tough South Ccirolinci fight ond showed new power ond determi- nofion in complelely overwhelming Soufhweslern of Louisiclno Inslifufe, 54-O. The Tide reldxed for The firsl qucirler ond Then wifh ci loursf of power ron roughshod with Freshmdn L. W. "Red" Nooncin ond Lowell Tew leocling The ground offensive. Both piclcecl up over ZOO yords, while Bill Ccidenheod hod The heorf-breoking experience of hoving his grecif runs nullified by penoillies. Big "D, Joe" Gornbrell, gclme copfciin, Turned sccil bcick wifh on infercepfed poss ond lumloerecl 87 ycxrds for ci touchdown. Tl1csT's Not cz "Crying Towel" Couch is Holding August Cuis Buck for Cl Guin aft' v -F 2 Q .5 -e 3 3 1 T" ff Y. fi 'Q I W , af' 74 ,.n., Gklmef N k-m9 o PQS5 no o Ted CQOM Hee ds lo' O T we' Touchdown A ABAMA 2I - KE TUCKY STATISTICS A copocity crowd in Montgomery sow the Tide come bock from the bruising Tennessee loss ond down o power- ful ond tricky Kentucky Wildcot tectrn, 21-7. John Woz- niok led the line attack thot kept the big ond seasoned Wildcat teom oft bolonce throughout the gome. Little Hugh Morrow grobbed the tornous Gilmer posses for long goins thot thrilled the crowd. Cocuch Thomos used his sec- ond teom most of the otternoon ond it vvosrhgrd to dit- terentiote the seconds from the tirsts when the going wgs tough. if Two AlllAmericc1ns Meet-Gilmer and Trippi GEORC-Jlg I4 The rains came again os the largest crowd ever to witness a Georgia sporting event savv All-Ameri- can Charlie Trippi turn in a brilliant performance against the Crimson Tide. Coach Wally Butts threw a powerful pass defensive team against Harry Gil- mer and the rain kept the ball slippery to hold the Tide attack at bay. The Tide outgained the Bulldogs on the ground and on kick returns, but Gilmer's passing went for naught against the powerful Geor- giaris. Big Charley Compton played one of the greatest defensive games in the history of Alabama football despite iniuries. August Finds'a Hole Gilmer Steps It Off Lino Play of This Variely Makes I1 Rough on The Baclcfields ALAB MA 2I . . SI SToTisTically This wos Alcilncimds game, but The money plocers only pay-off on final scores. Louisicinci STaTe Took oclvomoge of poss inTercepTion5 To score Trom well out and hold o leocl, Alabama Toughf bcick Time and again, buT The Tiger leod couldn'T be sTemmeCl, The Tide mode on ouTsToncling bid in The Tinol quorTer and seemed on its vvoy To victory, buT Time ron our To seal The Tiger win. Norwood I-lodges, one of The mosT unclerroTed players in The SouTh- easTern, played ouTsTcinding defensive Toofboll along wiTh Vaughan Moitchci and Jomes "Corky" Corbin. STATISTICS Top-Close-up of a Line Buclm Bchom-Another Bama Pass Conneds LABAMA I2 ANDERBILT Harry 'The Arm" Gilmer paved The way once again as The Crimsons ouTToughT a Tough and well-coached Vanderbilt Team, 12-7. Hugh Morrow gaThered in one of Gilmer's passes in a "miracle caTch" in The end-zone To provide The winning margin. Vaughan "Pancho" Man- cha, John Wozniak, and John STaples led The great line play displayed by The Tide in This vicTory. The Commodores made a valianT sTab in The final quarTer and came very near up- seTTing The Crimsons, buT The lighT Tide line made anoTher oT iTs famous siarids againsT a bigger line To hold-ouT for a Win. yqickef Rushing me I ' ., 2 Q U ,, -ag V fu 4, ' ' ,A 'Z 'QQ .E 4 W. I g 9 A is 0 P . Mu- Q Q . 7 at F 45972 if 3 'fs W A A I ,. '9 NX 'l -3 ' ,,,.e,.V V- ' qt " ,, -,V ,, V -V 2 . ....- V. W- ,v-- V 1 '15, ,. ,, a1. V.- ffl, - V ' '.' .. , 'f ," V , L. VV 1 " ii V P' - '- ' , . ' , V , . if -ia ,V , QI A V- fy . :V ,,.V:e' " -' VY V ' A' " f , V -V - - -V - ., .L - . ,. ' ,f-Vw. V, Vu ,Vr :fs , , . A-. . ",. af , , f, J, . f,, V -1' V. , W1 - V 1. ,.Vf , V V. 'W . F fs- , V' VA VV-P "' V 4 V A V ,Q . V, V A-'A V A 1 ,Q I ip., 3 H ,,3?Q:,.V,.i5:?lH V vzilyrzlvil W g g ,gg 4 X . 4 - M-ff' " V 4, I Y Qivjfw. ,M 3.-177' xz",,X7 Y -n ,:,Z'f Zkyiw :I . ,, V - , -s 1 - " ' , Airy! AV ,fl , "f.,,N ' '1' in'zwwV..,1'VVV4f jg: , , V -rf " 2. V V11 fe- , " V , J, ,910 Vu, ' .L . .' ' VV V '. -f " ZILV V- 7' awe, 2 " ffl.-VVVf'f'ff-ff" te " ' V A sa ,C-.5 - - wsma' V 'fs1"'. '31-ff, VV hr-VJ. 9- 'iv a .41 - 's ,V V , N - , V .V fi ' V A .1.,- 321 ,, is-2341:-, ll 1431 , I' V -gf ' 1 F 55- N" if at " A 'f.x,:V.,g 'if' I, 3.53357 ' F V VV V ' a' V ., V, - ' ' V - V " - . ,A - ' 194, V ey M ' c V V u - J ,, ,4 r "'?'?X.,,.W3M1N,, A ,, V. ,, 'YM,.. - qi N 'fx ! f-uv 2, W V A M - A .,. A V. " V , V :L .W-'1-V ' Q. ' A iw F 57 f V we Q V ,QV H . A J, in J., . A. - A 11 ' -f' M VH. A-92? . B 3 1 N. .. . V1 ' 'V ' .. , '5 ' , 4 mb G ' 5 A V. wr , M ,, 3 few. -. W - . V we ,JV , V gi, . . gg ff " I" 3 . V-,,. x fx., -A wr" su' -1 Frrst Downs ...,....... Alabama College " " ' V " V 22 16 V' -.. f , . . 5? f if 1: V ' 5 n - . Eli' rw: v i ' lg 'A 92 ii Q la 5 2 ,-X 1' N' . w . I . . - , . 5 fi L ,Yards Gamed by Rushing. . 'I29 259 F , 3, Q, V Yards Gained by Passing. . 89 6'l ,- -V A 1 if .VV Y V.. . ' .f W Q V V ' - M Forwards Attempted .. . 'IO 'll If V we .. - V - 4' Q m . V V V . fav-, -" sy ,' K -1 Forwards Completed -.5 6 Q .JP ' Q ' -59 " ' " ,, V- - ' V. .- 'V'- V A -, . Forwards Intercepted by . . 'I 'l V ,Eg tl ...,. 1 sq, , ' . , , hgh., ' f 4 V m Punting Average 35 33 M 4, V -'K , H , Ae, V Opponents Fumbles Recovered . 'l 'l 5 y Quit 4 5 Y 'Vx VV I 4 , f V. A 1-VV .: V I A 0225 , mf ,V ' P-.-,Im Yards Lost Penaltues . . . . . . , . 5 V V 40 1 4 li- , :ff X' . ' A ' 1 V. fy. ' ,V ,,., " VV A' Q i, ,tiger V"2321:-no,.f"t'-1m,.,5iZfwg,1 :fV ,V ' , ,V +f4Jf9ga3Q3:m,, V . F .. A , I , , , V.,, .:.V,,V V . A- -VVV A 1, ., 1 K Mf.Me-s:ws,M..s-,.m.-vn4-,.. , f'V55'z"' , , is 9 ' 'rl E U , AV' 5 iii f V, if' V gy . ' F " W' .V 'ff 1, 5, ' El 'A , , ellis? V ll 2, V :Zi 'l in-I li' V,,-, 2fi?.".pV:T: " N W V Vw . . V 40" f-VV , . V: 4:-V ffi- VE:L.Lg.5'V-V'-ViiV5ivV"'-W' ' VV--1 8, fbi V, g '-Nf . QVggi-1:Vwz-H32-zfz2'Vf"' ,L I 1 - V V - 1 , W, ..,. . VV .,gf:Vg,VV,,efwfr VV ,V . kk, V 4.4.-.Q ' X V1 45 1 . V ...ww-a""N -MN, FQ 4 Ya -X v ' N- X- ,swf-K, M y -vev f jz 59' I , , V ' . 3 "s- ' V XV .... -ff-YW 'QW "V , .Q yifgf:-'Qw N' : " V ':: - . V3 "HMV - ' W ' W?'WfVVV V ' "5,1'l'l?Et?XX :sa V ' W, 7- x 1--W . V V w. , V ,,., ,V ,X ,, ,V QV . -, . V .k.V ., . Vfzg x ,,,,V,, -- -1-r5.VV,:-Wg:-yVV jqgV:,-fwymf , ,,. V- 'Mn' -MNWHV " 5,3 M.wQ, .PV an ., 1. VV MN MN .V K My ,u,,7. A w , .y- K X . . W , V M NM P m.,., M My K N s,:g.?, Sw' , vgdms. 1 , 1 V.. 1 -V., , k ,V ...f ,MVV . ,.,. 4, f .,V,, . ,M ,ff I f-VM ew . -.V .. ' .QV ,V-V . LV 3-gifgf.--,lw fif "QQ.:5Nf"" ,, V 50.4. gf " s VVVV ' f gf , V: VVVVf ,V -nf 2 7 - NN--M, 3 V A K -V 1 , 'Tff1g,,ffv,,.,.V.., V ' -V V. , qf2?qe?V .. v ,zur fu 5' f I V ' H j5fK26h',- ,VfV':,,V,wrf Vs, V 4 5 , . , .. ..-, A ,, ,,.Vw'f'1,g V V' ' ' tff"HW'f we V - Q ' 'V , , . ' rV, s 1 . 'K , -,, -VV.-1.2, K., , " .1 V ,V -, ,, V,,VV .V.V ,,,-V.. . . .4 V, , . - 1 5, ,M . .. 1 1 .. V , , ,V,f V ff - U-f , ,. ,,- F -, 430 V ,W tw X, ff Q V, " ', ' V :11z2z':V-QV"S:k6:"T:iVQVf'V:i' 2i.GM-52511 f ' 1457 ,-:MS n'f:f'.f, "" ' fl N-fV.V'V-,' . , " -' -I ' V ' ff' 'ffb' V' .7 'D--' w ' V A - W. ,N . A WV' '- V ' VW, if , at 'Vg Ak V. ..-fa .V V- 1- - V. -W ,.A,,. . Q, 3 ,'.. ap . '- Q ' 34VV:V' wAfW?fwf ' ' ,' fa. , - ' EVP! ", kf5,1V!:VZ-:,i?V:Vg1f.,: Vj V ,V Y 1 ' " V' , V sVV,.V 5k"'Z ff 4' 'Y-' 'lk' ' ," ' V ' A 5 ' 4,j'.4f V ',42,,f'f",'15-'f1,., gif' -' . if F Q, , 5 V ' V' . , , 9 M - ' . ,V , ML . 'l w"'fy'mX 'al "" 1 "X K 9' 51 1, A ' ' V :F K ' ' ' ,V .' W-f ' S5 . V I V V f L rg my .I 'W Y! K 'dw ' if ll , agen. 2 pak www A I ' 43 pi " FV ,ll I' Y a X ' ff N V VV VM , V. 'sw' :iQL,,,?:y4,3gy'WA', -We VV. 1.,,,V.,tVT Q ' ,Il V, , , 4' 1 l ' I' A, , . ,,.A,,,,. V. qw , ,, 1 V7 V V-'Lv,1 f V- 'W "'-':-'rar' .f VV G ,fl W if Wo 63 '. "wiv First Downs Yards Gained by Rushing. . . 140 Yards Gained by Passing. . . 162 Forwards Affempied .... 'I7 Forwards Compleied .... Forwards Infercepfed by ..... Punhng Average ,.......... O onenfs Fumbles Recovered . . Yards Los? Z ' P 2 X . y , Www!! fn., N Wmmmw. gfzmf ,- Z IQ V , ' ff ff 'ff Sv I W , 4 if ,, L ,, f., li. F D. is X ff 2 ,. S is mmm? .Zag A L A B A M A 2 4 MISSISSIPPI STATE 7 A thoroughly aroused Crimson Tide rose to its greatest height in supressing a strong Mississippi State Maroon team before another capacity crowd in Denny Stadium, 24-7. The Tide con- ual' vinced the skeptics that it was not just another "war-time" squad in blasting the bowl-bound Ma- roons. Alabama dominated the play from the start to finish despite the favored Maroon stars- Shorty McWilliams, Eagle Ivlatulich, Harper Davis and Elbert Corley. Norwood Hodges, John Woz- niak, John Staples and Charley Compton played outstanding ball on the defensive, while Harry Gilmer, Ted Cook, Bill Cadenhead, Hugh Morrow and Hal Self led the offensive play. The Home- coming crowd saw a great team put the lid on a season full of upsets all over the country with an exceptional display of power and football smart- ness. W z e' Front Row: Roy Johnson, John Staples, Jim McWhorter, Fred Grant, James Robertson, Jack Lowery. Second Row: Jack Boswell, Lowell Tew, Ted McCosky, Hal Self, Charles Teubert, Ted Cook, James Corbitt, Tom Whitley, Herbert Chapman. Third Row: Carl Shaeffer, Vaughan Mancha, Bill Baughman, Mike Cassidy, Jim Cain, Jim Homer. Fourth Row: Jack Aland, Norwood Hodges, Jack Green. Fifth Row: Daniel J. Gambrell, James Grantham. 75a " " LUB am! The "A" Club returned to pre-war normal during T947 with a full program of initiation "services" and a thrill-packed "A" Day Red-White football contest. The Union Building steps overflowed with letter-winning athletes with their usual store of skits and bawdy humor. Cows, pigs, mules, chickens and a wide variety of costumes played roles in the annual festivities. President John Woznialc and Vice-President Hugh Morrow laid the plans for one of the most colorful intra squad football in the i,,xmA Back Row: Lulu Myers, Marie Butler, Willie Collier, Mary Lamark, Sis Wadsworth. 5 Front Row: Tom Sherrill, Jim E Rombokis, Wikie Robinson, Ed Rayfield. Kneeling: Ann- ,. it lf. ette Hooper. X ' X xv' xx ,,.,,f,,., Qt, , , . tr. W, ly . . ., -' A b L we .- -f':""1 ' ' 'JR' " eb ,J g..,L HAH Club President Ted Cook Head Cheerleader Bookie Woolriclge HEERI SQ history ot the Copstone ond it come oft ciccording to schedule, The stadium wos pocked ond the benefits ore to be used tor the benefit ot o living wor memoriol to "A" Club members who lost their lives in World Wor ll. Bookie Woolridge led the eleven-member cheering squcicl with plenty ot pep ond bounce ond Lulu lvleyers, Morie Butler, Willie Collier, Mary Lomork, Sis Wcidsworth, Tom Sherrill, Jim Rombokis, Wilcie Robinson, Ed Royfield ond Annette Hooper kept the crowds thot followed the mighty Tide in high spirits. It wos not on unusuol sight to see the entire squod cart-wheeling ond going through oll sorts ot ocrobotics during the progress ot o gome. Several new cheers were usecl thot gove the rooters in the stonds on opportunity to porticipote. Spectotor support wos unusucilly strong! Line Coach Tom Lieb Speaks Af u Pep Rally SEASON RECORD ALABAMA 4O ALABAMA 76 ALABAMA 45 ALABAMA 43 ALABAMA 48 ALABAMA 46 ALABAMA 49 ALABAMA 45 ALABAMA 42 ALABAMA 53 ALABAMA 38 ALABAMA 4I ALABAMA 56 ALABAMA 64 ALABAMA 37 ALABAMA 43 ALABAMA 49 ALABAMA 83 ALABAMA 33 ALABAMA 33 ALABAMA 34 998 SOUTHEASTERN ALABAMA 40 CRAIG FIELD I9 CRAIG FIELD 26 FLORIDA I5 BIRMINGHAM VULCANS 33 GEORGIA 27 MISSISSIPPI 40 VANDERBILT 36 L. S. U. 38 GEORGIA TECH 38 GEORGIA 45 VANDERBILT 33 TULANE 39 MISSISSIPPI STATE 42 GEORGIA TECH 46 KENTUCKY 48 L. S. U. 54 TULANE 59 MISSISSIPPI 30 KENTUCKY 63 MISSISSIPPI 28 MISSISSIPPI STATE 37 8OI CONFERENCE TOURNAMENT GEORGIA TECH 43 COACH FLOYD B. BURDETTE A slender, smiling, red-headed former All-American basketball star took over the Tide's freshman-tilled squad tor I947 and the rest is history. Floyd Burdette, starting his tirst year as a college basketball coach as the youngest in the Southeastern conference, turned in one ot the best records in Capstone history. The basketball outlook was dismal when a squad of tive freshmen, three sophomores, one junior and a lone senior reported to the new coach, and the press rated Alabama as one of the weak- Front Row: John Hite, Carl Shaetter, .lim Hamer, Gene Palmer, Carl Swiderski. BGCI4 Row: Coach Burdette, Dyson, Hamner, Hayden Riley, MG' bry Hardy, Dick McKenzie, Joel F. Sharp, Managel' Fred Posey. ui-' ,iS-lj,-'l'I '. - .Ae-1-555' BIN . ' N E7 1 "I" 4-.H L 5 M .-.r. 4 ,. 11 ' ' -, 1 i A J- - :J 1 . 'zz ,- I ff' . QV 1.4 T' J' 1 Lvlmawaf Q? f X ,1 ? .lf 4 i X gt' f Q55 sf , is 4 R X 4 iw -- X , ' 3- C" Q, "9 gi ii Aj 'jf "'v1 !,-'xii 'sfili -f F ' mf' 1 i QV '. ' M ' 7 A ' A K ' V 0 V x V 1' Q xl F ' -1 ly . nf fs, E90 - - K' gg, ?g-, gf ' W L. :L ,Rv gn. in vs. .6 ,, . ,, . H ' if ' i 3' x !-A f ff his if , ff ?" 'Di Q L , gc . 'f 'lg' f w'vfVZzg?'f wal-L 51535-1- J ggzfu. we f W' Ur., A W . ,,,,..f ,V . gf 5' W .jf.0,x,. , 1 I Q, f 1. .. 3 aff' V? ,. .g+ , Wm H 4 m e ' f I 1 A -ey .... , ,x , ,L , .W , W .. 1 lqlh 9 . 1 , ,, ,, .,,, , ,S .. K ,A mage, M, 3 Q g i 7 , kv V a fy' 1 2 1 ' M - f gg, Y f M, ' my ' 4" W ' 'M Q 'S 5 ? i :fl ffiagk., ' A " if A 7? i' ,.-1, V z n ,Q fi--,.f '-"' A , . f ' A il LA' .A 1 ' J E fx W f za. V, Q bf ' ,, :Ei ,f f A 4 vf A . if X' ff, f . fi 4 ,.,3,. f.,1,, f'1.1s:1'- .. 1' -'--- V- , v -2,1 ,f , A. , , cf r' 7 V f 'f 4 X1 W Q A r' fi k ilfl. :A .:- H 4, 1 ,. if i f 4,479 V i 'ft X X f f -, Wgnfmix f - -W9-rf' ' 1 ' f jf., ,...,, ', ' ,L Q A . ,f ,jc 1 --WW I ' X , am? 2,i:i:,l:1.w?'L5. f' iv . - . .V ,. , VQ. - ?.,,.,4s , . . , -sf - . -vv X3 -r - M., 3-.-9, .-2:-' - . J- :ma X , . KW 1- , A, , X .ws-' 5512, V, r M' .. x-:a-::,:f11,:,- , v . Q . QQ, 'X Y r i 4? A f , x e fr 1 5 E X ,rx , 2 x .1455 Q 4 Ngq2,bg:,5:, .V :'.1:p,,. -,vis ..1 .I?3i5E'E25 5 , - QQ-e..v V , ,,.,1':i4.m....-.,g...,, Q ' 4 wg .f. N ,fi , Y-V N' 4' , " ?J,"f 'v3N' wi .X .... X SB ff I 3 Mg' f Q , x s a A 1 ax f Y x A 'ox K my X y ,K S ' Y Nw " 5 s N :W .1- K .M ,, X X vw t Y my yy x as -fa.-c:'23:s:a.: 1-1,-:::x::5-'::. .fn-fr. X -JQ :N YH Q5 f X , M x Q , 4 mf x -' Q , 2 . x XR 'N WX? Q N .:,.x, , ..,15,.,,..m.,,...,,, ,,.1 x. .515 .Q 3 X W EEE? ...izvw 1. ., 1- X X ,M ,, .. ,.,. ..,...,, ,A., ,:.....,,.: ..,,,,1, A V , , .L ' wee k 3 A X X Q 4 , P x 6 Q MV Q , . anJM,-.,,.:.,.:.,.p,,,:? 'f mimk gfayv. - - I ---- 3415 1 - Q 7 9 -Q iw A , ..,.,1,4 ,.., e , f 2 . ,gf ,W 1, t ,,',,,.,,:-13 , 14:3 9 -h- ,,..,.., -1. " , ,Q ' ' ' ,, NYY? fi:5:tf:?i-bf ' K nf' . Q, f :s:esf5i'i:2:s2 'Q'-N: X Z ,QQ 5-' ' 'f ex A 4H:s2:I:f.wgi51 .w,.,., 'ii -fi ',q.ljX4"- QSM" m fs" A -fl iw,gk,g:yir.g4 vw - my , 'Giga -'za I 1' F-WW . ' " 'D - " " 5 51' if X M ww. ,w2.,g, .. - , . . W? .mv . , -. . f ,, ,,, .,, ,. Q 4,4 455,361 ' - .g!.m,, : ' 'g g ,524 ,f , Wit, If 1, fi- f ,-2? I an ge?-:.zg.p 9- 21 ""' V1-1:4 - ,P :1, 4- an " - A 2'-x 'i'-Zf'1ms2Z.L W :BS LT' . M..-. ' -f ' A W --'f as , vs "!"f' , 7 K "' W- A. Wwma ,,.,.. -- 7 F -V ,hh,5-v'!L.- It JL! my -f if , -sw - -. ' f f Q! . ,fr 'IM f ...Q-uma 44. -1' ,- ' ,. , M., J A4 'M 7 k v D V- ii, . 5 , , ,.,....,, W1 -- if .M , , W., ,,,., , . , ff-5-f fi' :'i23'7f:?? 'Q K' I I- va.. f., f 'QQK .E V,A, , ,.: 1, fs- A , 1 11 1 451. fi . 3 V. x I 5 N533 4 r 5 s f ,A 65 A , , xg A ! X M. f' ,y f F fa of A ,mix X , . . : s' Q xx' X 1 ,fb , E ' .,.,, , , 1 .... , -E! ig f f g 5 'ggs fc 5 J Q Q , ' 7 4 f A . im, 1 I QR FX E.-1' 1.5-,.. U ., f '2. Yi , QW- fx ,3 ,, Front Row: Coach Joe Kilgrow, Henderson, Gambrell, Riley, Chapman, Byrd, Sabo, Roy Johnson, Morrow, Coach Dixie Howell. Buck Row: Manager Posey, Bellis, Morton, Rickles, Lary, Tom Johnson, Lee, Morrison, Elmore. ASEB LL of 'BAMA When Coaches Millard "Dixie" Howell and Joe Kilgrow opened baseball practice for l946, few fans expected the team to make a showing against the veteran-filled teams around the conference. After the war lay-off few varsity baseball players returned. Thayer "Blackie" Bellis, chunky speedball pitcher, was the only veteran for mound duty and Lil' Roy Johnson, pint- sized second baseman, was the only letterman infielder. Howell and Kilgrow went to work despite the lack of experienced help and turned in one of the best coaching iobs in the conference. Shifts were frequent. So frequent in fact that one fan was heard to remark before a ball game-"I hope they have some of the nice boys they had in yesterday's game come back today. I think one or two of them might develop!" Coach Dixie Howell Coach .Joe Kilgrow Eugene Elmore ' 'f t ' - 1 f ,. . . . c . , .. A uvmmmumw wm'mmwxmwmwi ms zlrsymwwzxmsxmmmmnnmkemrwmwommva1.zivfwsexmininxl:B'.vaxNn.znana'ur".n ALABAMA'S I946 ALABAMA 5 ALABAMA 8 ALABAMA IO ALABAMA B ALABAMA IO ALABAMA 3 ALABAMA 2 ALABAMA 5 ALABAMA 2 ALABAMA 20 ALABAMA 9 ALABAMA I2 ALABAMA I3 ALABAMA I3 ALABAMA I3 ALABAMA I ALABAMA O ALABAMA I7 ALABAMA 9 ALABAMA I5 BASEBALL RESULTS GADSDEN MONTGOMERY MONTGOMERY OLE MISS OLE MISS L. S. U. L. S. U. L. S. U. L. S. U. MISSISSIPPI STATE MISSISSIPPI STATE MISSISSIPPI STATE MISSISSIPPI STATE OLE MISS COLUMBUS AAF GEORGIA GEORGIA COLUMBUS AAF GEORGIA GEORGIA SEASON'S RECORD: I2 WINS, EIGHT LOSSES CONFERENCE RECORD: IO WINS, FIVE LOSSES Most colorful player on the squad was "Old Man" AI Saba, pre-war football quarter- back. The happy-go-lucky fun maker kept the stands in high spirits with his diamond antics and on one or two occasions during the year was able to get hits oft opposing pitchers. Howell and Kilgrow steadied the team before mid-season and by championship time, the Tide was knocking away at the leaders. Most outstanding performers were. Thayer Bellis, Roy Johnson, Jennings Byrd, Hayden Riley, AI Saba, Gene Rickles, Hugh Morrow, Herbert Chapman and Bill Hender- son. D. J. 'Gambrell AI Sobo Jennings Byrd Hugh Morrow . get . S990 5 cvfll .Seth . sow BN 665001 x 39 awe' Alabama's track team resumed competition during the spring ot l946 after a two year lay-oft. The squad coached by Charlie Stapp competed in dual meets against Mississippi State and Ole Miss, the Southeastern AAU meet at Auburn and the annual Southeastern Conference meet in Birmingham. Kneeling: Alton Miller, Bo Gaskin, Warner Watkins, Clem Welsh. Standing: Feinberg, Hal Self, John Hunter, Ted Cook, Chuck Sweeny. TRACK cmcf GULF With only one lettermon bock from pre-wor yeors, Cooch Stczpp foceol o difficult tczsk in his first secison cis Aloborno trock couch. Chuck Sweeney, qucirter miler on 'Bomcfs l942 squad wos the only condidote out for the tecnm with previous college experience. Twelve Crimson Tide footbollers ioined the trock squcid ot the conclusion of spring proctice ond severol of these huskies de- veloped into point-mokers once they got occustomed to the spiked shoes ond cinder poth. Lowell Tew, Corky Corbitt, Dick Gibson, I-lol Self, ond Ted Cook rcin the lOO ond 220 ycird dashes, Jim Grcmthgm the quorter mile, Bill Codenheod, high ond low hurdles, ond Vorghn Moncho, Nick Terlizzi, dnd Tom Whitley portlcipoted in the field events. Other footboll ployers who helped the Tide were John Wozniok ond Clem Welsh. Chuck Sweeney, Alton Miller, Bo Goskin, Emmett Dendy, Jchn Hunter, Wotkin, Gorgcun, ond Feinberg composed the re- moinder of the squod. l John Hunter Warner Watkins I l Clem Welsh Hal Self Intramural Director Charles Stapp Assistant Director Eddie Faulk TR -MLIR The Intramural Sports Department at the University during the past year launched the largest athletic program of its kind ever attempted on the Capstone campus. With the record-breaking 5600 male enrollment, competition reached an all-time high as more boys than ever engaged in the various activities. Concerned chiefly with the athletic activities of fraternity and independent teams in all sports, Charles Stapp, director of intramural sports, and his assistants began their program last fall with the inauguration of touch football for i946 and continued through until spring with such sports as basketball, softball, track, tennis, volleyball, golf, and various minor competitive contests. It was fitting that the i946-47 season, which sent intramural play surging back into the sunlight after being shadowed by war for five years, brought cut competition for campus honors of the highest order. Winners of the different sports were widely scattered with no single team coming forward to win more than their share of the laurels. Captain Wikie Robinson CAt the Bari and the Capstone Weight Llfters i , , , ,, - 4-. - , ...,.,..,..,l.,.,..,W. ........ 1... ..,,.,......,......, .cc .,fc M..,...,,...c.,M....,....m..,.......,......... ..X.. ,....,.,..,,,......,....,, Softball ranks first in participation among the intramural sports, but attendance figures reveal that the campus is primarily interested in seeing touch football played. Some l5,000 students watched 200 "touch" games last fall, while ii,000 fans witnessed softball this spring. 'Basketball holds third place in interest and competition, and 750 student players performed before 8,000 last season. f Chief functions of the intramural department are super- vision of contests, tabulation of the point system by which the competing teams are rated, and the awarding of tro- phies and medals. ln addition to keeping results and awarding trophies, the department picks all-fraternity and all-independent teams and keeps records in track, swim- ming, and. field events. An annual basketball game be- tween the Alabama and Auburn fraternity champs is also under the auspices of the intramural office. The official publication of the department is The Handbook of intra- mural Spotrs. This volume contains certain rules, organ- ization, and records of the department. The Intramural Sports Department awards the fraternity with the highest number of points at the end of the year a rotating cup and the frat is entitled to hold the cup dur- ing the following year. Kappa Alpha was declared winner of the championship rotating trophy last spring for the Kappa Alpha's Championship Team third consecutive year. The i9-47 conquest gave KA permanent possession of the "Big Cup" as three consecutive wins, or four wins over a period of years, warrant retirement, Kappa Alpha in addition to consecutive wins in i945-'46-'47, received the Trophy in l942. In addition to the extensive intramural pro- gram on the main campus, a broad phase of sports are offered to students and faculty on the Northington campus. A well-equipped gymnasium, volleyball courts, tennis courts, softball diamonds, swimming pool, handball courts, and basketball courts are utilized to full advantage under the direction of Bill Low- ry, Northington campus athletic supervisor. All in all it was a highly successful year for intramural sports. lvluch credit for this success is clue Charles Stabp, who has built the pro- gram of intramurals from war-time infancy to its present position. Coach Stapp is the man who so efficiently planned and carried out this intensive program of athletics for Alabarna's sport lovers. ig ,rw- cg, when Pfs ,avi Aw -. . 5... . 'Mm Page 244 INTRA-MURALS 'gg . 5 WOME ' One of The "Top secreT" reasons Tor Those beauTiful faces and figures seen on The CapsTone campus was The inTense inTeresT The coeds Took in The women's aThleTic program. ln addiTion To The Tull schedule of reaulred courses in physical educahon The women Took parT in a wide and comprehensive program of inTramural sporTs The sporTs program was one of The mosT compleTe Tor coeds in The naTion. BiggesT single evenT on The sporTs agenda Tor The Teminine aThleTes during T947 was The giganTic "Honey Bowl" fooTball classic ThaT drew a Throng To Denny STadium To see Two picked women's Teams baTTle if ouT Tor The Honey Bowl crown. The conTesT exceded The wildesT expecTaTions of The sponsoring Press Club and showed promise of becoming a campus Tradi- Tion. Many new Gilmers and HuTsons were uncovered during The course oT The aTTernoon. lvluch To The amazemenT of The crowd, The squad members Took Their TooTball seriously and The game broughT many unexpecTed plays. Probably The mosT ouTsTanding di-Tference beTween The varsiTy and The Honey Bowlers came early in The TirsT quarTer when The "waTer girl" broughT along a mirror and powder puff for The Tired warriors. lVlosT popular of The women's sports was swimming. The beauTiTul indoor pool aT Barnwell was always Tull of splash- ing beauTies. Swimming classes were divided according To aquaTic abiliTy and The groups ranged from non-swimmers To life guards. Diving and TormaTion swimming were popular courses. Along abouT spring, The girls Turned To volleyball and bas- keTball. Teamwork goT The emphasis and The compeTiTion was TasT and furious. And some of Those baskeTball games goT a biT rough in spoTs. More especially was The going Tough when sororiiy and dormiTory Teams lined up in inTramural championship play. Page 246 Page 247 . A gf : ii ,. .,,,, , I ' ."' N ,A pf' V' ' V ., Q. X ,f Z M f -.v x , . I 3515. ,, ff' Aims!" 1. 2' e 2 , wt R za 3 1 6 Q 9 A ., it A , 1 , ,W , ,. QQ w A W ' Q x 9 3? 'K if QF? figh- ?213'L ' 1113 2 WOME 'S CRT t i l , v I f Q l l ' 55- T T- :: a I ""' G I x l ! The Volley Ball Champions l 5 :it Q f-is ' ' 'A if T Q? It I' When spring rolled ground, the softboll schedule was reody ond teoms begon to sprinkle the women's campus, The spirit shown on the cliomond wos some- thing to see! The woy some of those young lcidies h dd r. belted thot boll oround mode strong men s u e the Softboll vvos the biggest drowing sport during spring, but mony chose tennis ond golf closses. Pou- line Betz never tried horoler to win thon some of the eds who filled the compus courts. Along with the mojor sports, the women pcirtici- pcited in bodminton, bowling, orchery ond ping Most mole students were of the opinion thot pong. men ruled the sports world, but it's simply because ' I they never sow the Amozons of Copstonlo. Bomo co The "Tip Off" in the Basketball Finals W-Q.. as 1: Q. we 2 Qgz 1 31,1 rf-7? Q ..,x.vf- :,p,4:." f ff ' 43 " -vu, . . . '.Z5.Q ., f. "'-s "LJ 4 'F 7he ER TER ITIE The life of o lowly pledge is oi hellish one indeed, buT blissful, in ci boisTerous sorT of woiy ore The posT iniTioTion fruiTs. "Pull up your ponTs, sonny, we're puTTing owoiy The slciTs ond poissing ouT The pins." And so ends The servile life of The uniniTiciTed ond Thus begins The gciy, hecTic life of The froTerniTy mon. TrcidiTions, esToblished by The "wheels" of ecirlier doiys, live on. The Sigmci Chi's spend The firsT monTh or so of eoch new yeor dcishing ciround Trying To find oi sweeThecirT, or roTher THE sweeTheorT. Every clon hos o cerfciin Type formol-VolenTine bcill, Block ond WhiTe bcill, Roinbow bcill, Blue cind Gold, The lisT could go on cind on. Phi Gom Trodifion brings forfh The cinnuol Pig Dinner wiTh pig smooching- norfhword cmd souThword. Sporfs enTer heoivily inTo The froTerniTy schedule, wiTh every group Trying 'modly To lond inTer-murol cups To odorn monTels, in mosT coses olreody over- locided wiTh brosswore. The inTer-frciTerniTy Trcick meeT is quife The doings ond hundreds of sTudenTs specToTe ond bring forTh moddening rocirs for Their fovoriTes. Eeuds, sTc1rTed bock in The long-ogo over God knows whciT, flourish Todoy wiTh renewed vigor, Thonks To severoil yecirs of concenTrciTed sTudy of miliToiry science ond Toicfics by o lcirge porTion of The men. lVlosT fcimous of These is The Fiii-Phi DelT "sTor shooTing" offoir which hcis been conspicuous in iTs cibsence This yeor. Homecoming found The fomous ole "row" decked ouT in unprecedenTed finery. Kcippci Alphci Took Top honors wiTh lifesized "porTroiTs" of Crimson Tiders. Mobs of olums were fed on The big doy, puTTing Terrible denTs in chopfer sociol funds. BuT iT wos ci big weekend ond Bomoi's mole Greeks flourish on jusT such "whooping iT up" os December firsT cifforded. This yecir, Alcibomci frciTerniTies were "big-boys" in every sense of The word. Houses were over- crowded, mony fed in shifTs ond The SAE's goT The blunT end of compus "Big ChcipTer" jokes. Rumor hod iT ThoT Their pins were inscribed "E Pluribus Unum." Some. solid Their pledges liTTered The Cop- sTone like confeTTi following oi "Big Jim" speech, buT The TruTh wos ThoT severoil enTered inTo The "biggesT chopTer" rcice ond There wosn'T Too much difference in numbers omong The leoding conTesTonTs. ln shorT, life cimong The Greeks, wiTh iTs weeks of rushing, pledge swcips, bull sessions, weekend ilosf ond oTherwiseJ, sporTs, poliTics, donces, dofes, bolls, brciwls, ond occcisioncilly sTudying, goes on much The some os iT hos olwoys gone on ond much The some os iT will conTinue To go on ond on od infinifum. 726 FR TER ITIES Aldbomo's froTerniTy houses over-flowed ond gigonric pledge closses wenT To no end of Trouble To improve The cip- peoronce of Their own porTicul'cir dwelling. New coo1Ts of poinT brighTened up mdny of The houses ds The Toll qudrrer begon. Pledges worked long hours on shrubbery ond win- Ter gross. The row-never looked beTTerl VisiTors gre immedioTely impressed by The beouTy of The houses crlong UniversiTy ovenue, wiTh Their huge ook Trees THESE HOUSES ADD BEAUTY "'-11 rf , . ,LN ... ond whire columns. Members ore more losringly impressed for, here is Their "home," ond To eoch mon his own froTer,ni- Ty house is by for The besr looking on The compus. Mdny houses were given The pre-wor czTTenTion ThoT hcid been so long hoped Tor, some odded rooms, some re-dec- orored compleTely, some odded bdrs-milk Thom' is, .Things were brighTer omong The TroTerniTies Thon They hdd been 'in mdny d moon cmd TroTerniTy row wos hciving o wonderful Time. TO THE ALABAMA CAMPUS I, 1, -"' . .I . .. -, , -- 4I.X In I. ALPHA TAU OMEGA CHI PHI DELTA CHI E,,,,,, keg DELTA KAPPA EPSILON DELTA TAU DELTA KAPPA ALPHA - , , mash I KAPPA NU KAPPA SIGMA LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Poge 254 QZAABA r51'x'7 4' PHI DELTA THETA PHI GAMMA DELTA PI KAPPA ALPHA PI KAPPA PHI FHI KAPPA SIGMA SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON A - - SIGMA ALPHA MU SIGMA CHI ' SIGMA NU I V f ,, W-- H ,- I , 4' . - ', my 0, "I f . , I Q.. THETA XI ' THETA CHI ZETA BETA TAU Page 255 I TERFR President Cardwell and the Tribal Chieftains TER ITY COUNCH A GOVERNING BODY FOR ALABAMA'S 24 MALE GREEK CLANS l purpcse, that of furthering common interests and promoting Bama's interfraternity council has a most essentia the good-will of all fraternities. This organization cen one representative on the council and Monday night finds President John Cardwell, trying to keep order among the twenty-four representatives. He's got a icb cn his hands for every group has its problems and here is the thrashing ground. Every year the council awards a cup to the fraternity maintaining the high scholastic average, and another is given to the group rendering the mcst service to the school. The annual interfraternity council ball was held in Febru- ary with music furnished by Bruce Becker. The worries of the fraternity sports council also fall under the jurisdiction of trolizes fraternity-administration relations. Each fraternity has this body. OFFICERS JOHN CARDWELL . . . . . . . President LANG PARKER . . . , Vice-President ELWOOD RUTLEDGE . . , . . Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS HAROLDLQHAFRON . , . , Al xhai Epsilon Pia JERRY ,.., 5, V. . Phi Delta cHAgigtfeRAY . , , . Aaipfgg fait Omega JOHN PENDERGRASS is V . . Phi Kappa. Sigma ELWOOD RUTLEDGE . . . .' . . Chi Phi ROBERT JONES . . T. . . Phi Sigma Kappa BUDDY CLEVELAND . . . . . . Delta Chix! QJAMES HARPER . .... Pi Kappa Phi BOB COOK . , . M. Gp Delta Kappa Epsiliilinfs BROWN , . . . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon MERRIDTT' . .fits ,s .W.Delta Sigma Phi STAN BLOOMM, al . . ,pxgflfl . . SigsridgjfAlpha Mu ieicnfxieoiyf-SIS? HORN , , Tau Delta HAYDEN vygaotfti . . if .... is ...iff Sigma chi cHAteLEs HARTZOG . , . it lggappa Alpha ffl FNQJACK DEM Y , ,..... Sigma Nu SIDNEY GOLTSMAN . . . . . Kappa Nu ' MMIKE DISCO . . . . . Sigma Phi Epsilon JACK DIXON , . . . Kava Sigma RALPH STEWART ........ Theta Chi Huon MbCAULAY Lamb'Eilgk"fhi Alpha A ,, X MISHAEL rvtivggge, . . . , . . Theta xi ED Highs? ..... A . Delta Theta HENRY ABRAHAM . JSPPJ. . Zeigg-gBeta Tau Page 256 LPH T U OMEG law Wesley Acee Ross Bell Cloud Hughes John Roy Israel Reese Johnston Venable Lawson Jack Noble William Oliver Drew Redden Frank Samford Yetta Samford Ed Wadsworth Joe Wallace Jim Whitfield - if-fgfiflf Q in " xt l ' R 1 , 'i f Q L Solon H. Glover Charles A. Gray Harold F. Herring Shelby D. Hodges Tom King Monroe B. Lanier William S. Moughan DeKalb Pierce Henry H. Rea Joseph G. Robertson John L. Slaughter Ralph Smith George M. Stokes Kenneth A. Williams Robert H. Wise Faculty Sophomore Dr. Shaler Hauser Dr. George Lang Mr. Edward Lear Mr. Clifton Penick Dr. George P. Shannon Mr. W. E. Trawick Dr. Bernard Webber Dr. Clanton W. Williams Dr. Beniamin A. Wooten Graduate Bobby Adair Frank Donnelly Russell LeRoy Fred R. Smith Gaius Whitfield Law xi Seniors "T Sam W. Beale Earl W, Hanna Robert E. Moffatt Langdon C. Parker A George B. Penton Horatio M. Sessions Edward H. Stevens Edward W. Stone Juniors ' ' William w. Bibb 1 Duke Cf Bradford Newton M. Evans John D. Fore After Din George V. Albright Jake S. Bailey Lawrence D. Bassett Earl Beavers Joe J. Bethany Edwin E. Bowman James L. Burton Edward N. Cantey Charles E. Crawford James B. Crawford Williams A. Davis Charles A. DeBardeleden Robert L. Draughon John A. Edwards William B. Hairston William D. Hall Richard P. Holman Joe Hunter Thomas C. Lawson Floyd Linebaugh Howard S. Mason Ewell E. McCoy Paul McDougal Howard Milling Roderick Morrison Donald Northington David E. Owensby John M. Patterson William B. Purse Herbert Smith ner Session Fr William Smith Leon D. Sockwell Stan R. Starnes William Stephen Bruce A. Wager James M. Walker Gerald G. Woodruff Hurbert Wright eshmen William A. Adair Bruce Beveridge Wade Blackman Robert G. Bozeman Jack L. Bush Vaughn Crawford James Crucher Earnest M. Curtis James L. Daniels Charles Edwards Charles Flemming William Freeman Robert French William H. Heard Robert Hodgson Charles Haugue Porter Howell Lonnie C. Jordon William B. Long Donald M. Monroe James O. Ogle David Parker Arthur Patton Leigh' Pegues William Rayburn Fresh men Gerry Rodges Steve Rowe James H. Ruth Miiliptrd Smith Louis Stalcup James Stewart Joseph Wakefield Christopher Walker, Jr. Joseph Walker William Wharton First Row: Adair, Bailey Bassett, Bealle, Beavers, Bethany, Beveridge, Bibb . . . Second' Row: Blackman, Bozeman, Bradford, Burton, Bush, Cantey, Cooley, Craw- ford, E .... Third Row: Crawford, J., Crutcher, Curtis, Daniels, Donnelly, Davis, DeBardeleben, Draughon . . . Fourth Row: Edwards, C., Edwards, J., Evans, Foss- man, Freeman, French, Glover, Gray . . . Fifth Row: Hairston, Hall, Heard, Herring, Hodgson, Hague, Holman, Howell . . . Sixth Row: Hunter, Lanier, Lawson, Lang, McCoy, McDougal, Mathews, Moffatt, Morrison . , . Seventh Row: Maughan, North- ington, Ogle, Owensby, Patterson, Patton, Pergues, Purse, Rayburn . . . Eighth Row: Rea, Redden, Rodgers, Rowe, Ruth, Sanford, Slaughter, Smith, F., Smith, M. Ninth Row: Smith, R., Smith, W., Sockwell, Starnes, Stephens, Stevens, Stewart, Wager, Wakefield . . . Tenth Row: Walker, C., Walker, J., Walker, J. A., Williams, Wilson, Wise, R., Wright, Woodruff, Wharton. BETA DELTA CHAPTER From the number of house dances and parties which the men of the maltese cross throw, one might think them just a bunch of social- ites-but, taint so. Even with a calendar which includes picnics, parties, banquets, and a lot of annual affairs, the ATO's still have time to cop sports trophies for their pledges to shine. Not only that, they beat those books as well as they beat the other frat teams, and have three Phi Beta Kappas to prove it's so. George Blue Benton, Jack Noble, and Drew Redden wear the coveted Phi Beta key. Big BIvlOC's of the chapter are Jack Noble and Joe Wallace, with Omi- cron Delta Kappa only one of many honors to their credit. The ATO batting average with the women is pretty good too, for even though these boys may be fancy free, not many are foot loose. Bill "Red- bay" Smith claims a share of attention as he parks the famed cream convertible. ALPHA TAU OMEGAS HAVE BRAINS BUT Not BACHELORS . . . LOOK TWICE BEFORE YOU PIN HI PHI TAU CHAPTER Honors go To The hoTshoTs from Tau chapTer of Chi Phi fraTerniTy Tor swinging The i946-47 social gaTe wide open. FirsT of The Fall Their annual dance innovaTingly Tripped decoraTions cusTom wiTh a modernisTic sTreamer back- . '. ST" N R J I drop. A warm welcome noTe To Bamians old and new was added by rigging skylighT illumes To spell "Hi From iff. Chi Phi".' Along abouT Spooks and Goblins day, The chapTer honored The Twin children oT former broTher Jack Williams and Mary Tyson wiTh a Halloween parTy. The good members had as much Tun wiTh The pony, play- ground Toys and Tour year olds parTying gear as did Jack and Jean and Their TorTy NorThingTon nursery Triends. AT Home- coming, behind a lawn Tull of roaring Crimson Tide and a Tipsy canoed Miss STaTe, The TraTerniTy Threw open The house To campus and crowd aT iTs TradiTional Tea dance. Noise and spiriT was added To everybody's day-all day wiTh a P. A. sysTem Tull of music. Round and abouT The boys pulled oTT wiTh a varieTy oT house parTies and on lazy days They meT Themselves coming and going on dozens and dozens of picnics. Self-sTyled 22 quarTer Reuben Landham, a pre-medicaTor and member oT.Greeks, wheels The deal in chapTer meeTing. Elwood Ruiledge, anoTher wearer oT The pin, is lnTerfraTerniTy secreTary- Treasurer and general campus poliTician, while D. Joe Gambrell and Chuck TeuberT are The lodge's A Clubbers. Claude Dahmer efTicienTly handles The bookworming as TesTiTied by a new Phi BeTa Kappa pin, and Herschel Taylor holds The chapTer TogeTher wiTh yoeman work as sec.reTary and social chairman, on The side he is freshman vice-prexy of Commerce. Grievous loss To The house is The legal banfer of WaTson Chandler, oneTime residenT of Law school and aT presenT acquiring a broad Havhad "A". Sideline' acTiviTies Took in The winning of Jasons' Jamboree wiTh a skiT eliminaTing any wonder abouT The idio- syncrasies OT New Orleans' famed Wonder Bar. MEMBERS Low RoberT Burleson Grady Hurst, Jr. Samuel LoTT'a Ralph.7PoQh chaijgss Lfreubeff, in Lon Chandler WaTson, Jr. Senior E Claude Dahmer, Jr. Joseph M. Housion Tom A. Howell Brown T. Mixon Louis Pfap. e Mundy STo.vall,, Jr. Sophomores Edward Creecy Samuel Kilgore Reuben Landhamfg ,., .-1 - Eugene BonduranT James ChrisTopher, Jr Edward ChrisTopher Donald Dodab- Charles Hcfgbjh ix. Clarence Holmegl Charles Hershiser James H. Holloway Frederick Hosli Donleiflyfsqmbrell Ni RBWGH Lvne 'iv 5151" WalTer James, Jr. Edwin qlyfllgbg A ll be Joe lb LiTTleTon -. 3 Nj James C Jfges J,- Roberf KG Cl'geJsV- sf I, R William OTis MacMahon, l J Lt!-'T F,-ed Legg- I Richard Rulleclge Allll T4 fi John MQSLWGVLIAJV- Sferlinig' P. McDonald JUYTTGS Smlili Lamar Mobrer .j-W5 lssac Mills I J Claude: WalTz George A. Nelsodf Jr. Don Neville umor 4 Q 1" 'I Reginald Richardson ' Lon Ale nder, Jr. ll: 551,21 ll Marshal S ck lford, Jr. , ,P P. h. -Lclrdgi LUSH U 5 M Williaqalsulfilvfliix fel-'X TLT X EEZ. 'niewillium -I-mlidj Lloyd Beasley, Jr. Freshmen TZ" James -I-ysgehs get Thurman Brandon, Jr. Raymond Cox Edward Bellis William Brakefield, Jr. John W. Weaver, Jr. Gerald Wiggins Below The Surface Fun And Still More Fun' Basinger Beasley Brnkerfield Brandon Christopher, Christopher, Creecy Dodd Jones Harbin Hershiser Holloway Holmes Hosli Houston Howell Hurst Kauch Kilgore Landham Lotta Legg Littleton MacMahon McDonald McSl1an Mills Mixon Moorer Nelson Neville Owings Phillips Rutledge Sl-uackerford' Smith Stovall Sullivan Taylor Tyson Weaver Wiggins Woltz E. J. FIRST FRAT DANCE OF FALL, A KIDS' PARTY WITH KIDS SKITS WITH SKIRTS Pj Page 259 DELT HI ALABAMA CHAPTER Boasfing The claim To The besT dancers on The campus wiTh "Mouse" WhiTe and his JiTTerbugs in Their abode, The p DelTa Chi's wenT ancienT in a big way wiTh Their annual formal in February. Featuring a double leadouT, The crowning Touch of The DelTa Chi dance was The fainT aTmosphere of old Greece which eminaTed from Their dec- oraTions of whiTe columns and Trees againsT a black background. Big added aTTracTion To The DelTa Chi house for This year was The new furnishings for The daTe parlor, described as lusf The Thing young ladies would love. They are even Thinking of starTing dancing classes-so as To lure more people in To see Their new furniture. The pool-players, one fraTerniTy sfrong, have suffered a seT back-or maybe iT's a seT-up, for They have been forced To relinquish Their preferred place on The firsT floor and move To The aTTic, buT for some undisclosed reason, They don'T seem To mind aT all. STeered by William Tufwiler and Sam Cleveland, DelTa Chi poinTs wiTh pride To Tommy Sherrer of The gang who cheers on The Crimson Tide as well as Knox Haygood of Blackfriars and National CollegiaTe Players, Wayne Miller, law school sen- ior and member of Quadrangle, and Sam Cleveland, presidenT of The VeTerans Associafion. Founded on The Bama campus in February, l927, when The Delfa Chi's sing "DelTa Chi Glorious," They sing for 20 years of fun like The Chrisfmas parTy and dance They have each year The Friday before The end of The Fall quarTer. Homecoming had Them buzzing around geTTing up Their Red Elephanf who chased The Mississippi Maroon Bulldog all over Their fronT lawn. MEMBERS Faculiy Ernest L. Hendrix Sophomores Charles H, Carter Jefferson J. Coleman Billy S. lsbell Arthur E. Beaird Buxlon L, Dgrmgn Dr. James J. Dosfer Warren J. Main Gene Beard James E. Fleming Dr. John V. Masters William E. Matthews V r W1 James W. Beard Walter C. Granger Malor Willgiearson ala ig Lawrence W- lNfl9rTon x J T David B. Brasfield Charles C, igdgeencc Graducn Q A A 1 Alvin Slnayiils Henry G.,fCarterf Charles Griffinsfi Williamghew Walterlls, Sfuckey, Jr. Melford O. Cleveland Frank D. Grimmett Donald Dahlene John C. Turner Cary A. Edwards John W. Hatcher, Jr. Law William J. Tufwiler ,fp 14' r., Louis H. Hammer, Jr. Paul Houghton David P. Cowen, Jr. if James S. Williams Ju fjgseph N. Hendrix Leonard Al. Herrmann HOUSTON Efjidlns Elly Thomas B. WoOClC1I'Cl, Jr. Gurney Hene Lackeysx ,K six Johnie Bhdairden Ffazk l-- JUClQj,g50UnQ Joe Malay F 'QI QA' Andreyv ilisl-FTrtts JCC C- HO Q in f V- -lUfll0I' 'T lf' A ,M Roy Owen, Jrflg, X Max KTLawrenz William C. Irby, Jr. William Cdvgen 'Ni if VN William B. PiJtcheTT Thomas L. Johns Marshall H. Fitzpatrick mf f Ts William E. Ray J. Watson McCarfey William H. Miller J. T. Limbaugh Douglas Hendnii Allen Ryan Migkey Mills Val T. McGee 4 ,fs M Thomas H.fl'lOChIzg13 Allen Ryan AA A. A ,sfxzplson H. Ncbors Woyneilwllp A Ax 'WT JC1Cl4 Hy riclin- WEE lf' Steve T0Yl0"r"x rl ' . .X "5l"James S. Nabgrs Seniors John Kli. felfer l'lfl2f" 1 AWS Winsfon L. lNollace H. L. Rainewjeh R. Wayne Brown Samuel W. Cleveland Alberf B. Copeland Kelly Griffin William K. Hagood Jimmy Lancaster Hoyt Looney Gilbert Rhodes, Jr. Thomas Sherrer William Thomas Freshmen Earle Adkinson Todd Adkinson Hal Anthony Charles W. Caldwell Joe B. Swift Fred Waller William Warren Billy H. White Delta Chi Bull Session . D . And Sm' More Bull Adkinson Anthony Beaird Beard Brasfield Brown Caldwell Carter, C. Carter, H. Cleveland, M Cleveland, S. Copeland Cowen Cower Dorman Eddens, F. Eddens, H. Edwards Fitzpatrick Fleming Granger Griffin Hagood Hamner Hooien Halcher Hendrix Hermann Hogkins Hydrick lrby Isbell Johns Kurfts Lackey Lancaster Lawrenz Limbaugh Looney McGee Main Maloy Marfin Matihews Miller, G. Miller, W. Nabors Norton Perry Rainey Shaw Sherrer Siriclclin Sfuckey Swift Taylor Thomas Turner Tufwiler Wallace Waller While Williams Woodard Young DELTA CHl'S WENT GRECIAN BUT 'MOOSE'yWHITE'S JITTERBUGS KEEP THE HOUSE ROCKING Page 261 DELT PP EPSIL PSI CHAPTER Albama's Psi chapter of DKE has come of age! And what an age. This year the local boys have century mark and show no signs of slowing up because of squeaky joints. The chapter house h exterior and interior decoration and membership has reached a new high. Well known for partyi have strickly had a full social calendar with the annual Homecoming reception, as usual, holding ln addition, they did things up in grand style for their Halloween, New Year's and Valentine cel. if this weren't enough to keep their minds from things scholastic, they have had four additional house dances many parties, however, they boast many learned BMOCs. Just for example, there's Will G. Caffey who holc in Scabbard and Blade, Jasons, Quadrangle, Phi Delta Phi, Who's Who, SGA and serves as president of C Smith is a Quadrangle and Druid man while many others have choice political plums. lt's a Deke rule that t the chapter president is not known by outsiders and this affords a good campus guessing game. Favorite spot balmy afternoons is the well appointed lawn furniture, within touching distance of the many co-eds passing al avenue. Many are the faculty members who are Dekes and no end of help is Dean Burke Johnston who is tl' when you've cut too much. So the DKEs begin their second hundred years with little worry for it has been sa that the first hundred years are the hardest. MEMBERS Faculty Juniors Pressley Donald, Jr. William l Dr. Wm. C. Friarson N. Q. Adams Walne Donald Coleman Dr. Stuart Graves Robert Arendall Felix Drenner Jimmie K Mr. Burke Johnson Jere Austill, Jr. Bill Hays Billy Ken Mr. Hudson Strode Edwin Auerbach, Jr Larry Hendricks Richard l qw Joseph H. Baker, Jr .Y Wayne Pete Holmes A. J. Loc Will G. Caffey, Jr. Earnest Brown 1 . John E. Inger Royce Lo Robe-rtfClark A Robert B. Doyle, Jr. David R. Kidder F Joe Mad J. W. Coleman Jack V. Greer James Luttrell ' W. R. Mc Tommy Greaves James A. Hand Eugene M. Pitard, Jr. Donald F Hugh Culverhouse Kenneth Hannon William Priest Charlesf Brevard ljland Toxey D. Hayes, Jr. John 'J. Shaw, Jr. A. R. Ou Herndomlhge, Jr. . James C. lnzer, Jr. Roy L. Stewart, Jr. Leonard Sam Johnston f Willard Jernigan Allen Tutwiler . Rivers R. LeRoy McEntire, Jr. Gordon D. Martin Jimmie Walter Robert S1 S. M. McGowin H. H. Moreland Jimmie Wyche Crawforc James P. McMurphy Norman Olson Freshmen Leslie Sh R. B. Wilkins Austill Pharr, Jr.. Billy Armbrecht Frank Ste Seniors John Sherrill James F. Armstrong, Jr. George l Malcolm Bargeron Sophomores - George Bargeron 'J Donald 'l James R. 'Boykin Crawford Badham Hugh Coffey ' Billy We: Bob Cook Ed Bodham Robert J. Carson Gerrald Joseph Leland, Jr. Bobby Boggs Alan Drennen Frank W Ian Muir Willis Brown Joseph M. Franklin, Jr. W. V. W Rayford A. Smith, Jr. Ben Cabell Ed. A. Hirs, Jr. Ed Wrigl Jim Youn Check the Flashy Shirts Fireside Chatter t l Adams Armbrechf Arendall Ausiill A Boggs Carson Donald Doyle Franklin Greer Haas Hand, J. Hand, W. Hannon Hays Hendricks Hurt Inge, C. Inge, .l. lnzer Jernigan Johnson Kearley Locklin Nolan Swift Whiddon DEKES WORRY LITTLE BECAUSE FIRST 100 YEARS ARE HARDEST Page 263 DELTA TAu DELT DELTA ETA CHAPTER When DelTa Tau DelTa vvenT inacTive during The war years, There was one lone survivor. He, lThomas Holloway by namel making The besT of iT, lived in Gorgas Hall, cleaned his own saddle shoes and polished his Trophies- NU which numbered quife a few, for lvlr. Holloway was a BMOC in every sense of The vvord. Among oTher Thngs, " ' he was The TirsT presidenT oT Alabama VeTerans AssociaTion, which according To all charTer members, was America's TirsT college veTerans associaTion and Tom had The number one male iob, SGA presidenT. Needles To say, he is lisTed in Who's Who. Along lasT spring, Tom, wiTh The help of reTurning DelT acTives, seT abouT organizing The chapfer all over again. The DelTah ShelTah was re-acquired lasT SepTember, and wiTh a roof over Their heads, The DTD's began To puT Their Tingers inTo campus pies again. ,Good example is Charlie Adair, CapsTone BTO. His lisT of services To The UniversiTy' is a lengThy one so here are iusT a few. He has served as presidenf of The lnTerTraTerniTy Council, presidenT oT NorThingTon campus, and presidenT oT Greeks. As if This weren'T enough, he is a member of Scabbard and Blade, Quad- rangle and Rho Alpha Tau and is lisTed in Who's Who. Year's big social evenTs included The annual Rainbow Ball in FosTer AudiTorium and The Bowery Brawl, a cosTume affair which was auiTe The doings. John Dehn raps The gavel aT DelTa Tau Delfa chapTer meeTings. V frm ,gt al' Q . : ku ,.,' 'sky- ,. H . Graduate K Rudolph RifTTerg 1 ji Sophomore3.,ix lyTij1Q:Qns.Coley Joseph R.HSperncerf Gail Anglfellvsltv .lefry Goode Roberf Unkenholz Robert Blackshear Howard FolTs Juniors Richard Charles Law Wgligshiire Booker Johh Richard VcTrTHorn Seniors William L. Crocker Roy G. Gourley JQ'sey:gi1,Moyo Radliard Oliver Wallakevglgowder Ralph:'Cdrlson Walier Carlson Ralph A. Johnson, Nelson McNau'lg hlionf "R lr- Paul Mcliibbin Jack R. Schwamberger D5 William E. 'lfhonfpsonrv ' Julius C. Clemons Roberi Cqgoley Doa Johirr Echols John Burke Glaze Wilson Landers George Lee Pord Howard Reinman ,, Six Amdfeur Comvs Basketball Pep Talk Allison Andrews Booker Browder Carlson, R. Carlson, W. Crocker Dehn Gourley Holloman Landgruff Richard Schwumberger Spencer Thompson Unkenholz Van Horn HOLLOWAY HAS PASSED ALONG, BUT DELTA TAU DELTA LIVES ON-IN A HOUSE AT THAT Page 265 -'f""' KA LPHA ALPHA BETA CHAPTER -- 1 body Trumps your ace. Crowded as The mantel may be Mr. Eddie Q. Faulk big-dog intramuralist plans To com- Q plicate Things by spurring his stars To o Third straight win of The rotating trophy- already hes corralled a football Tirst. The K.A.'s socializing has been centered around Tour big shindigs leading off with a Fall quarter Country is Clubbed Shipwreck Party at which The Southen gentlemen weren't so gentle. They made up Tor it by getting Theirboutonnieres all lit up and reviving The annual football formal in B-ham. This year's Rose Ball was before The Vandy tilt. In The Winter They headed back to The Club Tor a little dancing after a 'too' refreshing buTTeT supper aT The chapter homestead. Then There was The senior send-off at The candlelighted Spring Banquet, and of course, anytime The sun was shining The boys were always bound Tor The bushes for a little picnicking or Two. incidental To The tribe's progress wasthe swapping oT o Homecoming house decorations win Tor Their hallowed Confederate Tlag when some ...... managed To slip amongst Them and snitch it. The thick and Thin of K. A. B. M. O. C's is summed up in John A. "Roundman" Reynolds and Bill "Wild Willie" Jordon. lt takes a big mon like The Roundman to handle The SGA's prexy job, ODK, Who's Who and be o solid center on The Trot football Team. Long and drawn out Wild Willie is reputed part owner of Enginering, and is always underweight and Tired from carrying so many honorary keys. Currently he is Tau Beta Pi, ODK, Jasons, Quadrangle, etc. etc. and chapter president. He does not hold membership in Mortar Board, Triangle and other such groups. K.A.'s of Tuture note are Charles Fitts, Scabbard and Blade, Homecoming Committee, The guy who leads The gal who led The bond, and Vic Bubbett, pounder outer of The A Book and assistant Corolla editor. Turn to The right and you knock oTT a Trophy, Turn To The left and you bump into a brother, back up and some- !! Y, X V I . . I . . . 'rf f ' MEMBERS Graduate Watson R. Taylor James E. Davis Henry G. Tiller William J. McDaniel James N. Bloodworth John F. Wade Harry M. Donaldson Fred C. Williamson Richardson B. McKenzie, Jr Joseph H. Calvin Charles E. Walters John W. Donaldson, Jr. Robert V. Wooldridge, Jr. William C. McKinney Frank M. Dominick Clarke E. Watkins Ralph P. Eagerton Freshmen Charles W. McLeod Charles H. Eyster Juniors William B. Fite William D. Atchison Robert B. McLeod William E. Fqulk Albert E. Amos Charles M. Fitts Stanley Bagwell Donald McMahon James M. Hamrick . Charles A. Bevers William lgiamner,.Jr. Brad B. Bailey Roy H. Manly Verna trkislsciitsen Boykin iq John N.l'Harfingfon Thomas W. Barnes V I, Oakley Melforfiln i Williagfpfordan Victor L. Bubbett Q9 "' Robert J. Johnson I-9Ndlf6n"M. BeosleygJrQg.'- T George E. Mitohgilt-2" Maurice F. Kahlmus Ewen W. Crunk, Jr:"' ' Arthur A. Jones James L. Booth, Jr. - V Gwin R. Montgome-Ty Harold Reed Joel Gochenour James D. Lanktord, Jr. Daniel W. Carmichael James B. Noel, Jr. Maurice L. Salmon Charles R. Hartzog, Jr. Artl1ur"l,f Lenahon Ben M. Childers Frank Pat-ton Edward Scruggs ,JHehrjy L. Heath, Jr. Forrest McConnell, Jil. Marion H. Cooper, Jr. Carlton F. Pierce Harold ri sJohin H. Hutchinson Edward L. Mclntosh Robert Allen Cubbedge V 1' Eldridge R. Plowden, Jr. Water M. Siadrdllgy Samuel K. McKen1ie Robin P. Mclntosh Wileliam'M.iEagerton Burl R. Quirgh, 7 A Lewis R. Timberlake Frank l.. Mason James R. Moore Neil S. Flowers Wilmer TJFG. Rutland Bennet T. Waites Wilkes C. Robinson Joy F. Moore Edward GaTes Ray W. Scholl, Jr. John C. Watts, Jr. Joseph C. Shipp John H. Morris William W. Gentry Louis D. Stubbs Seniors V. Joseph M. Stammer James C. Mott Charles C. Gwin Edward H. Todd, Jr. Wilson C. Carter if James S. Tiller Steve D. Moxley, Jr. John H. Hawkins Robert L. Veitch WilliahiixL.jGaTer A'.'M. Walker Henry C. Mullins Dan W, Holt Henry C. Waites RobertiS. Haogan Sophomores Eli T. Nelson Fate W. Jones - Denson A. Ward' Thomas H. Horton Harry S. Blaylock Henry L. Nixon Craig S. King Robert N. Wellborn William M. lkard Hubbard D. Burnum George D. Palmer, lll John M. Lile Joseph E. White Roger E. Logan Clyde D. Callaway James H. Richardson Charles A. Long, Jr. Hillard E. Whitlock Leroy E. Melton Frank H. Chappelle, Jr. Sheridan W. Shirley Wallace C. McAdory, Jr. Roy Wyatt Charles N. Moore James W. Coker, Jr. Foster E. Stough William B. McCullough They'll Be Working For Days Working in The Wee Hours Afchison Carter, Wilson Bagwell Chappelle Bailey Coker Barnes Crvnk Blaylock Cubbeclge Bloodworth Dominick Booth Donaldson, H. Boykin Donaldson, J. Bubbett Fife Carter, William Fitts Flowers Holt Gates Horton Gentry Jansen Gochenor Johnson Gwinn Jones Hammer King Hamrick Lankfard Harrington Lenahan Hartzog Lile Hayden Logan Long McMahon Manly Melton Mason Mitchell McArd'ory Moore, James McCoIlough Moore, Joy McKinney Moxley McKenzie, R. Mullins McKenzie, S. Nixon McLeod, C. Noel McLeod, R, Palmer Patton Speake Plowden Spradley Richardson Stammer Robinson Stubbs Rutland Timberlake Salmon Tiller, H. Schol Tiller, J. Scruggs Todd Shipp Waites Stough Walters Ward Watkins Wellborn White Whitlock Williamson Wooldridge Wyatt SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN HANG OUT SRO SIGN, NEED NEW HOUSE WITH MORE MANTELS Page 267 KAPPA Pl CHAPTER V 55 V The local clan oT Kappa Nu FraTerniTy leaned Towards The sToring up of energies Tor one main social blowout .ffvxu per quarTer and Then making iT lasT Tor a couple or Three days. Fall was The excepTion-as Fall always is-wiTh Three Top card gomuTs. Beginning wiTh a Two day Tinal send-oTT Tor The silver anniversary, Pi men warmed up Through a losT week-end oT Homecoming for The big Fall evenT in Birmingham. Here The CapsTone Ka-nuers did The "oiTTer you Alphonsesn Tor naTional's annual KN-venTion. The business-monkey and sTricTly-consumed The besT parTs of Three days, loTs of brcmo, and ranged Trom srog smokers, ladies' bridge bouTs To a grand blowouT of food and Tox-TroTTing. HearT of The winTer TesTiviTies beaT around The big ValenTine Tormal when The back-of-The-Supe boys hiT Uni- versiTy Avenue FosTerbound aTTer 48 hours oT unloading loaded boards and house dancing. Spring broughT The final push of house parTying, TeasTing, grads and sTuTT aT a 'Two parTy' Tond remembrance of The Tounding TaThers. OTT The parTy line onTo The headliners, Kappa Nu boasTs such campus wigs as diminuTive Karl "Bubber" Friedman whose dynamic sparking keeps Ka-Nu inTroimuralisTs in The Teams-To-be-waTched class. Snag in The Ka-nu-ers' sporTs waTers is a parTicular Trophy laden Tribe ThaT Too Treguenrly nixes The lads TirsT place chances in Tinal eliminaTions. Birmingham's Wally Cohen, sTalworT varsiTy debaTer, l. R. Clubman and man-abouT-The-campus moved inTernal poliTics back To 'NawTh' Alabama by swapping The scribe's quill Tor graduaTing Yale Friedlander's presidenT gavel. Yale is anoTher KN campus noTable and chief among The Tribe's posT war revivers Eugene PloTka adds sprigs To The chapTer's laurels as Commerce iunior class vice-prexy and SpiriT CommiTTee secreTary, while up and coming Rubin Franco conTrols Commerce freshmen Tunds and noTes and is also an acTive SpiriT man and Rho Alpha Tau cardholder. SadisTic success as chief of Hell Week led lnTerTraT represenTaTive Sid GolTsman inTo busi- ness as pc1rTner in a local dispensary of pracrical mirTh and oiher 'snafu' Torms of humor. Heavy loss To The Tribe was The de- parTure of varsiTy baskeTballer Red Bell whose going robbed The campus oT The only surviving sTudenT eye-wiTness of The com- ing of Dr. Denny Law Ralpglcgflm Karl vi man Leonard Miller Sfanford Serber Seniors Yale F ' l nder Julian J u n io rs Maurice Bell Samuel BliTz Ralph Capouya Bernard Greenberg VicTo,r4,HajiSn JuliaETLidhTer Max Maisel J. Eugene PloTka Marvin Rich Tim 55 ,Q . K T K Sophorrroryeiz Q, er GerryqBe l-larmdn Berger Wallace Cohen Richard Friedman Sidney Goltsman Sidneydoseph Joseph Kimmerling Irving May Norman Niren Melvin Olshan Irving Siegal AlberT Taranio LawrenceAWallock Freshmen Bernard Avram MEMBERS A V if W. l '. '--- Jack Berman SidneY"rernsTein Davidflgjftbaum Melvin Cohen' Myron Cohen Norman Copeland Bert Coffon BurT Damsky J. f Gerald Dorskyg David Duberman Harold Ehrlich lrving Feinberg Rubin Franco Norman Goldfield Malvin Goldstein David Granofsky Marry Gurwitch Ralph Ho - an Jack JOTPQ fs. Donald Kahnsr Marvin Lazarus RoberT Lewis Herman Maisel Jerome Mgrks V Marviiiggevnsky Burifprtfilshan Raymond Oppenheim Mayer Perloff Harold PiziTz Gilbert RouTman Joseph Sanders Melvin Weber Graduate l' l Herbert Forgash Home for The Weekend The Life of a Pledge Avrams Batter Berger, G. Berger, H. Berman Bernstein Copouya Cohen, Melvin Cohen, Myron Cohen, W. Copeland Cotton Damsky Dorsky Duberman Franco, Ralph Franco, Rubin Freidmcm Friedlcnder Friedman Feinberg Goldfield Goldstein, Molvin Goldstein, Mickey Grcnofsky Greenberg Gurwitch Holtzmun Hyfken Joseph Kahn Lobovitz Lazarus Maisel Mcrsel Mcy Miller Niren Olensky Olshon, B. Olshon, M. Oppenheim Perloff Ploikc Rich Roufmcn Sanders Serber Seigol Toronto, A. Toronto, J. Weber KA NU-ERS TREND TO TWO PARTY SYSTEM, ONE FRIDAY NIGHT ONE SATURDAY NIGHT Pclge 269 KAPPA SIGMA BETA CHAPTER Nestled serenely between tumultuous Gorgas hall and the line-fronted University cafeteria lies the Alabama home of Kappa Sigma, whose national chapters rank second to SAE's in number. The Beta chapter here was 3435535 F '-,1 . founded almost simultaneously with the mother chapter at the University of Virgina way back in the postwar year U A F of i869. Winter quarter addition to the house was oi bewhiskered little goatlet, who, whenever het or she, J-' whatever the case wasi wasn't snoozing or bleating in the Kappa Sig basement, munched contentedly on neigh- bor PiKA's lawn or followed coeds to class. As is their custom, the boys who "bring out the goblet" on occasion, observed Hallowe'en with a hobo party, which saw the boys who wear the diodemed skull and star and their dates breaking out with the tatteriest tatters they could dig up, The University social committee doled out the fifth anniversary of Pearl Harbor as the date for the Kappa Sigs annual Black and White Ball, their second since the armed forces loosed the deluge. Homecoming found the front of the house laboriously being converted into a huge star-studded map of Alabama, while loudspeakers on the lawn blared forth with "Stars Fell On Alabama." The boys who sing " . . . for it's not for knowledge that we've come to college . . . " also filled out the year's social calendar with house dances and one pledge dance. A virtual annex of the men's gym, Kappa Sigs have Lowell Tew, pigskin-toting Tider, to flex his muscles for the amazement of rushees. President of the lodge, Wilmer Parker, an 'A' man himself, is a past president of the "A" Club. Trackman Parker also is a member of Druids, Quadrangle, the Glee Club, and played in the MillionDollar band. . MEMBERS ,,.Fvi' - Q .ff W' in-git' A 9 xi .P Faculty W. I. Adams Dr. T. G. Andrews L. J. Nations Dr. R. E. Tidwell Law George Barnard Jimmy Davis Jack C. Dixon Pete Jones Vernon Millsap Zack Nolan John Oliver Mike Sollie Robert Straub Seniors H I WillidmlW. Avant Harry Caldwell' Leon Easterling Fred rick Grant, Jr. Victor Harbor William Hardin Gaston Johnson Curtis Matson Johri McClellan Forrest Clark, Jr. Ben F. Conway Charles Fleming Julian Gamble Jack Gebhard Cope Goodwin Will Madden Kenneth MacMillian Christie Pappas Frank Patton Robert Riley John Robbins . Robert Roper Thomas Smart James Snowden Joe Frank Sollie James Sollie Jack Staples Porter Taylor Lowell Tew Fredrick Towne, lll Gerald Vines Clifford Webb . William Wilkinson, , Sophomores ' John W. McClellan Clinton Anderson James B. Robertson Harris Applewhite Peterson Ward Hatlan Ard Juniors James Bell Frank Austin William Bilbro Lawrence Bowden Fred Brown William Benton Charles Blakeslee Warren Bowden James Bush, Jr. Where's the Piano? J. W. Collins Barnett DeRamus, Jr. James Fail James Finney, Jr. Dan Galloway Herbert Gibson Julius Gordon William Hamilton William Hayes Dan Huestess Butler Hirre Jae Hocklander Earnest Leatherwood William Lowery Tom May Virgil Moon Julius Morrow Gerald Powell George Powers William B. Ragsclale William L. Seagle Jack W. Shannon William L. Shrader Malcomb L.,Jernigan Lawrence S. Johnson William B. Joiner Marceline Marsal James A. Mardis Andrew J. Mills Temple M. Millsap William R. McLure Robert McWhirter Clement J. Murphy Don Murphy Dudley L. O'Neal Wyatt G. Price Warren L. Roper John Self Allison C. Semmes Fred H. Stevens William Theris Roy Tolbert Robert Wilson John D. Wise Robert E. Wynn Charles B. Yarbrough William Young Lamar Smith Earl E. Solomon Ben Trotter William C. Wallerf Sidney G. Waites John A. Wooten Freshmen William E. Beckman Ben Blackman William E. Burrus Billy Chalker Tom Crawford Robert A. Demerville Max Dobson Thomas H. Doran James B. Ezell Robert E. Finch Charles Fletcher James A. Folsom Arlis D. Franklin Jack Hagan Albert C. Hamby William G. Hamm Joseph P. Hardy Paul Handley Ben Howland John E. Huges Joe M. Jemison Malcomb L. Jernigan Lawrence S. Johnson William B. Joiner Morceline Marsal James A. Mardis Andrew J. Mills Temple M. Millsap William R. McLure Robert McWhirter Clement Murphy Don Murphy Dudley L. O'Neal Wyatt G. Price ' Warren L. Roper John Self ,Q Allison GCSemmes Fred H. Stevens Wiliam Theris Roy Tolbert Robert Wilson John D. Wise Robert E. Wynn Charles B. Yarbrough William Young Slickin' for the Women sei N? N ,Gaby VW it ri J., M,...,4,, f . , .,,, 2 Q ff ' ,fi A " V f ' ii -if . . 4 ,ff ogvff., .- Q 127- .mn - fy :.- f I 1x,,if.3s:L:.,f3l: S , -5 H iv .A , V. I " 5-"Q':t,g,:1Q5.",, ,' ,.. .4 . Q.. ,7 451112 fi-f " ' :fi Qi . ' - ' ..,. ,Aff "':.,2pxg'fg" Qi! . -'-' .. . 'N N Anderson Brown Ard Burrus Austin BUSl1 Barnard Carroll Bell Chalker Bilbro Clark Blcckmon Clenney Blakeslee Cl0USe Booker Crawford Bowden Davis DeRamus Fisher, R. Dismukes Fleming Dixon Folsom Doran Franklin Ezell Galloway Fail Gamble Easterling Gebharcl Finch Grant Finney Hocklander Fisher, D. Hamilton Hampson Lowry Harbor McClellan Hardy McLaughlin Hayes McLellan Hine McLure .lerigan McMillian Johnson Madden Joiner Marsal Leatherwood Matson Leslie May Mills Roper, W. Millsaps Shannon Millsaps, V. Semmes Zach Smart Pappas Smith Powell Snowden Powers Solomon Price Stevens Robertson Thompson Roper, R. Towne Trotter Waits Waller Wilkinson Wise Wood Wooten Young KAPPA SlG'S FAVORITE GOAT CATCHES ON FAST THIS ABOVE ALL TO THE CHASE BE TRUE Page 27l LA BDA HI LPH ALPHA PHI ZETA CHAPTER WiThin a TooTbalI's Throw of Denny STadium sTands The abode of Lambda Chi Alpha, rumored To be a subdivision of Jefferson counTry, buf acTually The hangouT of The men of The crescenT, cross and crown. ProudesT posT-war possession of The purple, green and golders is The famous Lambda Chi moTor pool which would puT pracTicaIIy any Army posT To shame, for when The Army lockedup shop mosT of The GI rolling sTock, quarTer-Ton varieTy aT FS' leasT, reverTed To The Lambda Chi back yard. Any loyal Alpha Phi ZeTa member also speaks wiTh equal aTTec- Tion of "Algernon ll," noT ci Sherman Tank, buT Their cavorTing peT goaT who noT only mooches Tags in True Bama TradiTion buf also eafs Them wiTh apparenf relish. "Algernon Il" proudly bore The purple, green and gold colors in The Lambda Chi Homecoming exhibiTion cmd shared The sfoge wiTh ThaT scinTillaTing, hip-swinging hoola queen, "Miss Maroon," oTherwise known as Howell Heflin. By far The biggesf brofher on The loT, "Moose" Hefflin laTer doubled in Jamboree, loudly Taking off "Big Jim" Folsom in The Lambda Chi barefooT-governor-wiTh-shoes-on conTribuTion To The Joson's show in January. The boys from IOTh Avenue also played hosT To The Dixie conclave of Lambda Chi chapTers, sTaged an annual Valenfine dance during The hearTs and flowers season, and Topped off Their acTiviTies for The year by pulling a surprise Spring parTy. BusiesT of The whiTe-crescenT seT is bow-Tie-sporTing Hugh Macaulay, Corolla assisTanT business manager, who chancellors DeITa Sigma Pi and members in Commerce AssociaTion and The InTrafraTerniTy council. STricTly a Bidgood man is William Waller, presi- denT of The Commerce school senior class, member of DelTa Sigma Pi, and vice-presidenf of, ThaT's righT, The Commerce AssociaTion. Brains of The house belong undispuTably To Hobson Adcock who dangles a Phi Befa emblem on his key chain, and sporTs an ODK insignia along wiTh broTher Howell Hefflin. Ranking high miIiTarily is James L. Johnson, presidenT of The ROTC Officers' Club, while Pearson Burke holds membership cards from Druids and Greeks. Founded iusT six shorT years afTer The acTivaTion of The firsT Lambda Chi Alpha chapfer aT BosTon UniversiTy in l909, The Alpha Phi Zefa bunch here are one of The lodge's II4 acfive chapTers. , . .1 3- V w i, 54251, NM T ,gf -- Faculty Juniors Louis D. Boylan Brooks Forehand Carl Jamison Graduaip J. C. Kiger P. W. Leif Law H. H. Adcock H. T. Heflin Seniors I W. J. Brown W. H. Edgar H. A. Gersr I. A. Keener J. H. Johnson C. K. Leonard VV. D.'-,L1lTiIe'- H. H. Macaulay J. T. Mackereih W. H. Royal W. I. Waller S. M. Absion J. P. Beck L. G. Beckham J. Boyd Lloyd Clayion R. R. Cobb D. P. CoreTTi C. W. Crawford J. W. Davis J. D. Dorrough J. A. Dudcly A A. V. Hilclreth W. S. Holman R. W. James D. C. Jenkins J.'L. Johnson L. F. Johnson G. F. Manning C. E. Meshad Neal O'Brien T. J. PaTTerson Always a Favorite Pastime MEMBERS M. H. Phillips W. E. Prescoff P. E. Reid R. A, Smith... H. J. Sfahmer J. H. Summers W. E. Taylor L. C. Thornton W. H. Till W. S. Woolsey ' l Sophomores C. E. AIbriTTon John Black Tommy Ball T. Z. BriTT R. P. Burke T. D. Cantrell J. C. DeWeese Conrad Fulton J. O. Golden W. A. Harbin M. C. Hightower G. C. InsTone W. R. Long W. L. Marshall S. A. Mills J. D. Nicholson D. C. Scivley' E. B. Shehee H. A. Sherwood J. R. Smith E. C. STeiner G. L. STephens Bob Till Freshmen Richard Abercrombie L. H.- Blanfon L. R. CalverT D. J. Casfleberry W. R. Coughlin G. A. Crowell Well Known 'Charader Russell Evans L. E. Frazier J. Gains J. W. Gaullney J. M. Griffin, Richard Golden L. C. Goodwin Jack McDuTf Pierce Martin J. M. Mefcalf James Morrow Flarpld 'Neighbors John Parker Otfis Powell WinTers Sione Cecil Sfubbs I. T. Thomas R. H. Wall F. G. WaTson W. C. Yonge Abercrombie Abston Adtock Albritton Baisden Ball Bass Beck Beckham Boyd Britt Burk Calvert Cantrell Crowell Davis DeWeese, J. DeWeese, T. Dorough Ducldy Edgar Emmett Ford Gerst Goodwin Heflin Holman Instone James Jenkins Johnson, F. Johnson, J. H Johnson, J. L. Kiger Lett Leonard Little Long Macaulay Manning Martin Metcalf Morrow Parker Patterson Phillips Powell Reid Scivley Shehee Sherwood Smith Stahmer Steiner Stubbs Taylor Thomas Thornton Till, R. Till, W. Wall Waller Watson Woods Woolsey Yonge 'MERRILY THEY ROLL ALONG' THANKS TO THE ARMY'S JEEPS AND HEFLINS HOOLAS PHI DELT THETA .1 ALABAMA ALPHA CHAPTER 5"-c'f.ff'. .F fifths Phi Delta Thetas Alabama Alpha has been keeping em rolling down University Avenue all This year. Of course a few might have rolled too far and wound up in an all-night keep but There are always occupational 5 ' ' hazards. The shield and sword boys got off to a big start in the Fall with an opening house dance in an at- I ggilifjggizg With just about one gasoline buggy for every Two or Three members and all measuring standards resolved to .wif , ' ' 'r . ,ig mostpherized frat house which according to The poop was strictly informal against a rustic background. AT Hal- loween The lads got downright ghoulish and scattered The bones and skulls of a few wornout old alumnae about, introduced a couple of black widows and made sure The rigor mortising Witches Punch or the decorations made everybody see black and orange. All of this was just a warm-up for The football formal before the Vandy game in Birmingham. Survivors say it was a Tres gay time with lots of buzzing and hedge hopping at the Airdrome Club breakfast afterwards. For the rest of The time the Phis iust kept up the usual pace until the formal Valentine house dance which featured-among other things-a real old timey barber shop quartet backed with lantern song sides. Real remindey, by crackey! The early spring inaugeration of a Founders' Day banquet wound up the heavy social doings. lt was strictly stag and a chance for the " . . . for Aye" boys-past and present-to 'eye' each other out. In spite of all of the noises like athletes coming out of the Phi Delt Bungalow the win column still looks bleak although constantly overshadowed by some game plugging. They've got some hotshots abcot the campus in the clan and among them are ever-keyed graduate lawyer Tom Fitzpatrick, big engineer-and tall too-Douglas Booth who doubles in brass as house treasurer, and Cecil Duffee, Phi president and head of the Quadrangle. MEMBERS Faculty John Gresham John C. McGiffert Henry Fowlkes William Grant Dr. Robert Teague James Harrington William Manley Sid Gray Joe Guili Graduate John Martin Joe Moore Douglas Harper Willis Hagan David Hatcher Charles Johnson James Moore Edward Mudd Bob Morrissette William Pritchard Bruce Holding John McAndrews Charles Hopper Sam Hutchinson John Lusk -i-Ro? rt Mudd Pat Seals K F: John McClelland Webb Hurst Low lAfVi.'Earp':p'Connor V James Sewfg-ll i Ae- Q 'lle Morgan Tom Jacobs Q N Albert Clifton Penick 53, Travis Sims JdQSiEl:'QftTinn ? Q3 T John Kerr Q Y Nl .T W Jeff de Grafenreid Walter Perry H' Joe Terrell . George Shedd ,Basil McNeely William Eyster Edward Quinn Jack Tomli son Marion Sims Paul Macon Perry Given Alle Reynolds Shel h Walter Wood Dave Marbury Egioilgigrdf' Jugiqors Crlven SoLpAl'l2i-'jnroreoodcll f Fnrihrgelgrjcolog 71x EoilxflhmdwMUr Y Ji CQ 0 ' ' 'fi Sen- lb N. C. Stone 'S Charles Banks lolita? life, Jere Ard Ben qatesti V Donal E Chard James Strudwick Mort- Bowman -'fi Julian AtkinsQ 'EI' 5 Richa51d'Boswell Will Roach Robert Beeland James Cox William Bell -si Harry Brock Chorley Robinson Karl Tyree W. P. Cox Bob Bowron Eugene Brown Edward Simmons Bob Varner Qhaggles Crute f Eugene Brabston Ben Buergerh Junius Smith Herndon il n 'F -5l743fq3'i3:ile Graffenreid? LM Edward Copy ork.-, A Calli-,nl CQg6,fif7Q as-,Q Cgierne Spraggigs James f James Grayson the David deGka E HarryXCfSsper l 'V Sam Stephehgok Seniors Edward Hails V Frank deGrcfy Joe Cox E Thomas Merger Douglas Booth Chris Kyle Robert Dugins Chris deGraffenreid Tom Toothacker Cecil Duffee Donald'Kyle James Dunklin Robert Dickson Kenneth Underwood John' Forney Jim McEshern William Fitzpatrick Mason Dillard Addison White Tom Woodson This Alr1'f G KD Unusual Night at the Pl-ii House Ard Ashley Atkins Bates Beeland Bell Booth Boswell Bowman Brabston Brock Butler Casper Cox, J. Cox, Joe de Graffenreid de Gruy, D. de Gruy, F. Dickson Dillard Duffee Dunklin Fitzpatrick Forney Fowlkes Giuli Gray Gresham Hagen Hails Harper Hatcher Higgins Hutchinson Jacobs Johnson Kyle Macon Marbury Martin Morgan Morrissette Mudd, N. Mudd, R. O'Connor Owens Pritchard Quinn, E. Quinn, J. Reynolds Roach Rowell Sauls Screven Seals Sewell Shedd Simons Sims Smith Spragins Stephenson Stone Thomas Thorworth Tomlinson Tyree Underwood Welch White Wilson Woodall Woodroof Woodson l 5 i .mx if ' 4' 1 ,nn- ID- 'Wm , 4 V -' Q mfg, ' 19 I ff' L , .,. ss pf PARTIES AND PARKING PROBLEMS AD INFINITUM IS THE CURRENT LOT OF PHIS Page 275 PHI AMMA DELT THETA CHAPTER Jimmie Moore leaped from The dinner Table, Took a last swig of buttermilk, knocked over a pledge, and dashed off To The Union building every day To knock out The T947 ediTion of The Corolla. But This was nothing unusual ii, .,.i"l among The many BMOC's of The Phi Gam house. When iT comes To bigwigs The chapter can ciTe Earl Esco, CoTil- lion club presidenf, Charlie MacBurney, Press club prexy and former Ram ediTor, and Jerry "Boss" Gwin, vice- ' president of The Veterans Associafion and a member of The Alabama Democratic Execufive CommiTTee. Jim Beech is Bama's biggesT "sporT." I-le is sporTs ediTor of all Three publications and is a who's who genf. Many a gal who had ofTen wanted To crown Coffee lbuT noT kingl, was allowed The chance To see Richard Easter reign as King Bee over The I-loney Bowl game. Said Coffee, "I feel kind of--." One of The big Phi Tradifions is shooting aT The Phi Gam star, but This has fallen off lately. Maybe The neighboring boys have finally learned that There are 20 law sfudents in The chapter. Some of These well known legal men are Lee "SquaTs" OtTs, Jim Bruce Smith, ATT Lukens, Alex Lacey, and Bill Thompson. Ohyes- ohyes, These are a group of versaTile men-for They mix studying and socializin' and come ouT way ahead, wherever that is. Thursday night study club is held in The modernized basement which is one of The many attractions aT The Phi Gam house, and There's plenTy of socializin' There. Along with oTher improvements, The Phi Gams have Taken away The Sigma Nus' Trade by building a fish pond in Their backyard. WiTh all This, iT seems as Though The Fifis would never get around To giving parties, buf on The contrary, They're The parTyingesT group on The campus. Their social calendar dates include several house dances, a Valenfine party, The annual formal, and a Traditional pig din ner, and Their own dates include The cuTesT gals on The campus. MEMBERS Faculty Dr. John M. Gallalee Dr. Hughes Kennedy Jack Wallace Seniors Earl C. Bloom Richarcl Coffee Robert Dean James DePriest Edward Tucker Thelon Tune James R. Turner Michael Haworth Spencer Hicks Carol Hutto Dr. Graham Leonard Robert Isaacson Dan Dowe Dallas Villines Sage Monnish Johnston Mr. Fred R. Maxwell ..,mSeniors Willia Flu yfj- James M. Walker Roy Kracke . Dr. Otts j5JIohp'fSMcCrary 'Q-1, Robertlggomih-Q -"fGerald Wallace -fi' Jack McW erx, K, l .. Gradu Q Norvin Hunnicut Robert Scarborough William Y. Thompson Jimmie Moore " Juniors Rufus Bethea William Birge 3 we Tappan Green Dayton Hale William Hinton Joliin Hunter TA heiaifsg H. whafefi Freshmekn N Lawson Acton Robert Ba rr Clarence H. Moaife Frank C. Munn Jack M. Nolen Gean W. Nolen Med A . Bradley James' S. Jackson Ii 1- 'sf Robert Barth Edward S. Perkins Haynejgygfiesfgz ' X Vlfilliam Gaskefllix Ralph Kelly Loyal Blacglgswood gk Frank. P.-sflfijjps 50m WUICIFOIO Jerry Gwin kgif f Don Marin Hgghfirady? er Granfjg,ri'd'Rice Law Thomas Hines 'X Bill Matthgvsf' , Elbert Brazelton David Robinson Jim Beech Charles McBurney Richard Meggingg Judson Brislin Joe Schoel John Buck Byron Morris Thomas McGehee I Charles Christy Charles Small Earl Esco N A Charles Noble John Northrup Joseph Dunn J. D. Smythe Bert IT Prickett V Harold Nunn., ., PortenElIirs,. Joseph Stickney Alex William Roberfsomfjs Sam O'Ci1inI X lfufgene Esco Floyd Swecfigiilfgen Edwin B. Livingstone James B. Smith X Sam Price James Flurry Corneil Tapia I' Arthur Lukins Paul A. Smith Sam Ridley Harry Gilder John H. Taylor Charles W. Nolen Lee Otts Ramsey Scott Sophomores Roberf Butts James W. Clark Rufus Smith Harold Swearingen Robert Tillman George W. Gray Wellington Gwin Robert G. Harris Joseph H. White George P. W. Williams Albert Wynn Fill Mobs ata House Dance In the Evening by the Fire Action Barth Beech Bethea Birge Blackwood Bloom Buck Butts Brady Bradley Brislin Clark Coffee Cook Dunn De Preist Deon Ellis Flurry, J. Flurry, W. Gray Green Gwin Hale Holtom Harris Horworth Hicks Hines Hinton Hunnicutt Hunter Hutto Isaacson Jackson Johnston Lacy Livingston Lukins Moring Mathews McBurney McGehee Megginson Moore Morris Munn Noble N unn Otts Price Prickett Rice Schoel Scott Small Smith, J. Smith, P. Smyth Stickney 9 ' 9 Swearin en, F. Swearln en, H. Thompson Tucker Tune Turner Villines Wallace, G. Wallace, J. Wynn IF BARRISTERS ARE GUZZLING BACKYARD BUTTERMILK CAUTION PHI GAMS AT WORK Page 277 First Row: Arthur, Bradley, Burke, Campbell, Clower . . . Second Row: Dickson, Edgeworth, Enslen, Floyd, Gillam . . . Third Row: Goodson, Harris, C., Harris, G., Hays, Hilton . . . Fourth Row: Hughes, Hyde, Klinetelter Martin, McLeod . . . Fifth Row: Mitchell, Nicholas, Odom, Owens, Parsons, Pendergross . . . Sixth Row: Sanders, F., Sanders, J., Sanders, R. P., Sanders, R. W., Sandlin. ALPHA KAPPA CHAPTER They call it the "Skull House," but the home ot Phi Kappa Sigma can claim only one addition to the graveyard this year. His name was Andrew, an acquarium triplet to "Phi" and "Kappa" who had the misfortune ot scooting down the drain-helptully opening a place tor "Sigma" in the tinny trio. And speaking ot fishes, "I-Iighball", ot Heinz 57 varieties-a bulldog-leaves certain other occupants ot the lodge to live up to his name. House mother "Tot," although well entertained by the animal collection, has plenty to keep her busy with BMOC's Wallace Johnson, president ot the Freshman class in law school, Gene Bradley, secretary-treasurer ot the Freshman class ot A 81 S, and Joe Box ot the lntratraternity council. And the Phi Kapps are somewhat busy too with their house dances with terri- fic decorations. Paint specialist Howard Goodson holds the head spot in the "Jolly Boys ot Radio" shanty. 'ANDREW' BOWS OUT TO MAKE THE AQUA-ANGLE COMPLETE FOR 'PHI,' 'KAPPA' AND 'SIGMA' Page 278 ' S I PHI PPA GMA lj . .. I 71 .QC- Faculty Fred Sandlin ' IQISOP Sophomo sw Q It e P F t J Law School at Robert Block James G. Clower Willia T, Edwards X e Johnson Lewis G. Odom Wendell C. Owens gym. Qkton We . Kenne y Williams inte Hubert Cwggdggworth 4-1, George Floyd Andrew Haney Marcuifx-Iogyisfcx Harold Hug es James Martin Lennord McLeod Charles Parsons, Graduate 'M' , Howard P. Goodson George giggle? Richard K. Hose A gtiieshmen SHINE 'P' Gene Bradley Richard J. Bender Sam Cighg bars Charlielf. lilrris Fred B. Sanders John L. Sanders RQeFII,Wbe Vore Juniors id Arthur 6cF?6x Harry Burke Holman Head James Kligelter VXLQawO'Rear John Pendergrass Robert Sanders William C bell ,., Deal? Davi Ensle 5... Robert Fosi K 53 Thomas Gilliam Charles Saleh Cham arris Charlton Harris Charles Hilton Warren Hyde Earl Francis Nicholas R ert P. Sanders 'IIT Kgy Sherrin John O. Vance Topic . . . Women! PHI IG KAPPA U-I ,r 5 -. ew-3 Graduate Eddie H. Dennis X A Gamers E D' 'ffm Theodore Stanley McKosky tsl Claude M. Stone li AX Gilbert P. Weatherbee Juniors ll? A CDA XA Albert Dube Qrry Gogan Robert Philmoillhqhes Richard Otis Kirwin Q E James Bennett Mas Q74 Robert Alexaidkftlsqdster Clyde Wolfe Eogofpares b lb Q Robert Lee Jones A K E Jack Martin A T Ai... 'l A E David Hartwell Bentley Q T' A QA, wiiiiem Delmar Brown F John Williamlggen Everett Howard 0 i K QThomas Roy Klomparens Qi A Frank Morey Long eerie AUefey't2EyltSieiPt Homecoming Parade Entry First Row: Gogan, Jones, Klomparens . . . Second Row: McKosky, Martin, Massey . . . Third Row: Reynolds, Webster, Wolfe. OMICRON DEUTERON CHAPTER This Fall another war emptied chair was filled at the interfraterni- ty table with the return of the brother from Phi Sigma Kappa. ln T943 this bunch, almost en masse, answered the Great White Father's famous "greeting and salutations" and the chapter was forced to close an T8 year period of campus activity. For the post-war kiddies, the Phi Kaps were the outgrowth of a local club known as the Snakes. In i925, after a life of about five years, the club was chartered by the national lodge as the Omicron Deuteron chapter. The modern Sigma Kappa skeleton wearers are personally interested in the na- tional housing shortage, and are presently trying to take the personal angle out, temporarily and permanently. Loaded down with engi- neers, the fraternity is headed by a collegiate model of Walter Pidg- eon cut known as Bob Webster. Bob, by coincidence is an engineer. Harry Gogan is another notable, Theta Tau and large size wheel in Comer Hall and annexes. The chapter is also watching a best seller develop under Strode protege, Gil Weatherbee's pen. The fraternity entertained with a series of informal parties, and a Homecoming banquet at the lVlcLester. PHI SIGS RETURN TO CAPSTONE AFTER ANSWER- ING "FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORSH CALL Page 279 PI KAPP LPH 'fly' .9 may H 8 ri in . X, ,. Y?- , X Homecoming comes buT once a year and The PiKA's OT The lusTy voices and The lawn chairs Take advanTage of f., iT. Their annual Gold and GarneT dance is held The Friday nighT oT Homecoming weekend wiTh an added aT- TracTion This year oT Two bands-The Alabama Cavaliers and Bobby Adair. Homecoming is "whoopee" Time aT The home of The Pikes, buT The resT oT The year is spenT in big-wheeling. The dimes and cenfs of The Crimson- WhiTe are carefully waTched over by business manager Carl Morring who also bolsTers The ranks oT ODK, Jasons, Scabbard and Blade, and is vice-presidenT cT The law school. Joe Payne, holder oT The Sullivan Award for l946, Conrad Fowler, FosTer ETheredge, and PeyTon Finch, all of ODK and oTher organizaTions, add To The rosTer oT Pikes who make cam- pus news. EsTablished aT The CapsTone in March l868, The PiKA's celebraTe Founder's Day wiTh a banqueT and dance aT The Thomas JeTTerson in Birmingham wiTh Pikes from all over Alabama Treking To The Magic CiTy Tor The evenT. And To conTinue PTKA uniTy over The sTaTe, They played hosT To more 'Than SOO of Their clan from Auburn, Howard and Birmingham-SouThern during The FourTh-ChapTer weekend in May. Top oTTicers of The local chapTer, FosTer ETheridge and Frank Morring, are The guiding heads Tor such big evenTs as The ChrisTnsas banauef and CounTry Club Tormal. BUT if They need any assisTance There are plenTy of Pike alums righT here aT Bama, wiTh such Tamiliar personages as Dr. AlTon O'STeen, Dr. Paul Siegel and Coach Malcolm Laney having worn The Gold and GarneT, MEMBERS GraduaTe Percy Lee Adrian Ringland William Morris Charles Fell Charles Du Bois Jack McColum Lynn SmiTh John Murray Dick FulTon Fosfer ETherdge Peyfon Finch Conrad Fowler H. .. RoberT Piper Thomas Spraggins Felix Treadwoy RoberT Smith Joe Thompson Bruce Tillman John Pifchiord Julius Sparkman Roy Simmons Carl Hole Gene Hardin David Hardy Ralph4AGaiEQes 53 5l3obg,gT Waters V NJ Ecllfikinbi Olan Vernon 4, S eresh.Hardy Roy QBT lfoloieid Wells 5 xv" SophoTri1'ores if if Charles Vlgakefiaeldl Bi Harper Max dson Juniors Bob Arnold K3 TC Grad Week V J k FT y s ac ayes William Jernigan LuTher Brown Paul Corley RoberT Wilson Allen Hollis Tom Lewis Jesse Bryan 1, HqfhpTon Couclgman Cecil WooTen KnowlTon Hollis Neil :MeTcalT g3XWCherry Courson Guy Zachry Joe Martin Carl An sig giliam Echols 3 David Cowden 'L Freshymen Q -.if Vxigyer May Joe Paynefi Mike Gray John Echols -g'Jol11L Abernothyilb fx ia gmc Meeks Wales Wallace' Vergil Hale Pffi N WalToryTGgkrreTT lLainar AppleTon ' 'Theo MiTchelson Seniors Dan Hendon WilmeT'X'5drreT'1'i Joe Waikins Fred Murphy Horace Cade James Van Hoose James HarT FT 'L Charles Binion William Pardue J. S. Callahan Louis HovaTer Bill Hill Jimmy Brown Joe Piper John Cardwell Mugray Kennedy Cliff Holcomb ,Ja-mes Crawford Jerry Sfapp Clinhigargle Sidneg1QChenaulT WrighT ChrisTian Ned GunTer John Herrod Benny LangsTon -T Eillgene KraTz ,- Donald Miller Frank Morring RoberT Orr Charles Owens Henry Penelefon Barbie Hribpia Chaliles Jane?" Clark Liles David Maxey David May Thomas Mobley , .,JdF1'n Curlee H23 Richard Davidsohw Billy Davis Charles Davis Richard Dixon Joe Farrow ,N 4, Th ,as STapp Rliisqtgll Terry Charles Tyndal James Vernon Joe WaTkins Rare Moment - Peace! Can'T Leave lT Alone - Sporfs, That ls! Abernathy Arnold Binion Brown Bryan Cade Callahan Cardwell Chennault Coursan Cowden Crawford Curlee Davidson Davis, B. Davis, C. Dicksen Echols, J. Echols, W. Etheredge Farron Fell Finch Fulton Gaines Garrett, Wilmer Garrett, Walton Green Hale, C. Hale, V. Hardin Hardy Hart Hayes Hendon Hill Holcomb Hollis, A. Hollis, K. Hudson Jones Kennedy Liles Lyndal McCollum Martin Maxey Mitchelson Morring, C. Morring, T. Murphy Murray Orr Owens Payne Pendleton Piper Pitchford Ringland Simmons Smith Spraggins Stapp Terry Thompson Tillman Treadway Van Hoose Vernon Vines Wakefield Watkins Weeks Wells Wilson Zachry THE HOUSE THAT SPORTS TWO BANDS AT FORMAL IS LICENSED BMOC FACTORY DE LUXE Page 281 First Row: Abbot, Aiken, Airheart, Bray, G., Bray, J., Brock . . . Second Row: Brown, Clark, Clements, Daily, Davis, B,, Davis, J .... Third Row: Davis, W., Dendy, Evans, Gilmer, Greenwood, Guillot . . . Fourth Row: Harper, Hembree, Holley, Hicks, Jones Kennemer . . . Fifth Row: Mann, Mclnish, Owens, Rogers, Rombokas, Speed . Sixth Row: Stowers, Thomas, Van Hala, H., Van Halo, R., Young. OMICRON CHAPTER Back at the beginning of the school year, the Gold Star boys of Pi Kappa Phi popped up with one of the first fraternity dances. lt wasn't hard, all they had to do was step from a rousing open house out the back door and there they were. Such is the other conven- ience of living halfway to Bessemer. Around the end of the football season the chapter got together again with the old and new to raise "The Golden Goblet" lyrically and actually, in memory of the found- ers. ln between and way beyond these was a party-packed calendar that defies further definition. Always strong contenders in Greek intramurals, the Pi Kaps for the past couple of seasons have been showing signs of getting a few athletic nuggets. This year they've pulled down a show in pigskin warfare and fielded a basketball team that was mighty hard to beat. Personalities around the place rank Julian and Julius Stucky, identical twins born in Echo, Alabama, the vice-like grip of Leonard Blood and James Sensing on Commerce seniors' organization, and the chief thumb twirler and left stepper of the Million Dollar Band, James Clements. Law student transfer, Bob Guillot rules the roost. GOLD STARS, GOLDEN GOBLETS, GOLD DUST TWINS - ALL BELONG TO PI KAPS Pl Faculty Frank l'l.,,,l-l t orne Law 'N' M Edward Boswell Norman Brown Lister Brunson Robert Mlgbglot Frank H. Hawthorne H. Dwight Mclnish Seniors Gene George A. Blair Leonard Blood Stanley W. Clements Jules Davis James W. Kelly James R. Richard C. n Halo Juniors Robert Bedsolerzv Q John W. Bray L' Ly Ben J. Brock Fox Henry Brunson Walter Higavis A Bruce Ev , Jr. Max Gilmer Earle B. V penunwood James K. ' ff' Fred C. Hallmai James C. Harter Edwin Johnson Edgar L. Jones Q M. S. Kenne'QixTJr. Harry W. Mann Walter Moseley KAPP PHI ,ff 1. 1: rf-Qi-S !'X'2"' De ,Q n Q. 5 A Q Q . 5,-'Q i."'i-Q'-F52 -H. .. i' egg ' :KA A Q U James R. Owens Carlos Swain William Tg,Rogers, lll K-DOQTQS Thomas Jaggveeiigfj. Rgombakas 15" James G. White HaH't1ibalTumlin Freshman 3' J Henry A. Van Hala ffffiffiiim Abbott Bernard Wildham Willard W. Young George Aiken Frank Albert Sophomgges 4 Charles D. Ballard Gene Bidi? Robert A. Brown, Jr Gilbert Carter Charles L. lark Jameslgilients Hudson Conway A. H. Crow Ben R. Davi EmmQ Emmy James Ewing A. D. Fowler A Blunt Bob Bowers George Bray Bailey Brooks Norman Brown ef mar Bullurd J omas Curry Everett A. Dailey W. A. Daniel, Jr. Duncan Fulton mdrew Gay Frank Fowler X341-'Terrell L. Griffin Preston Franks Daniel G. Glover ,Tit 32139 . . ' bree, Jr. mbgglkiuillot James L. Holcomb Charles Holley Glenn W. Hicks Q TUOB. Kirkland Joseph A. Holley Floyd Jimright SidneyNViJackson, Jr. Charles Lovitt Dwight H. Mclnish James A. Owens Robert L. Martin, Jr. Earl B. Parker Walter Meeks iuwn Sawyer Charles E. Murdock 6 Ollie D. Nabors Thomas W. Pattegn Hector mmm, Jr. Emmett L. Speed James Skinner Julian Stevens Joe Stowers Julian Stuckey Julius Stuckey Studious Bunch of Pi Kaps SIG ALPHA EPSILO UW John Adams Bill Farmer John Glenn Lee Harris Charles H460 George Hopkins Max Mathews Welch Morrisette Morgan Reynolds Armistead I n Robert Smiw Jamk Smith Nat Welch Bill West Brantley ' ey Henry W Q Charles Nice Joe Eros Dwight Evans Tom Fowler Raymond Gibson Bill Hagoad Bill Hill Eg Dur o es Vivivci ston Woalsey Jones Ed Lamont Jack Lowry Paul McCIendon John otemlvmtgtdl James Moore Ed Royfield Harper Spencer George To t Graduates Will Wim Chester Johnson Elbert ison Sonny Jones Sophomores Seniors Foster Bradley Jim Barton B. Bill Beckwm Dwight Bl 74 Carter Ewing Jock Christian Douglas Collinz B T Dan Douglas Jim Forrest Edward Landham Ralph McEnir John M ex A John OFA Scott Hanlon Bill Sim n Ralph S an Lewis Tilgh if Juniors Paul Angel Jimmy Brooks Hugh Brown Edward Col em Georgewe an David Culver Jack Daily Elliot Dent John Dorsey Reece Ennis :::::ggsf,ci:i John Sibley John C. Tyson Billy Pat Vagtle Emmett Weaver Douglas Vordaman Xi-IsKIlSSElLAlexander Paul Barcroft Bi ly ' hop at Boyd Walter Bonny Ken Bragg Bal: Brantley A 'll Britten Qgodqlhown Jack Byars Sam Chappel John Collins Kirby Cotton Tommy Cowles nion Crawford mmy Crumpton Leslie Edwards Bill Fowler Joe R. Brown Bobby Haas Allen Bryant Norman Gayles Henry Burk mil Hagood Dan Budlesan CL rion Honohan Jack Calvert b Wallace Hartsfield Jimmy Chenoweth Am IEOCI Don Chapman n-Ky 'ndsey Floy IcE Peck Mallory Davi onrod Leonard Murphy Ryan Hollis C ook Nicholls Jack King I-Qh Nicholls Claude Kirk Scott Nickels Clauckatchen Jimm ight Donald Latham Ned McDavid Don Meade Bill Morrisette Buggs Moss Ed Odum J. E. n Willicl?HlPhenE':n Key Powell Charlie Price Robert Shelton Sleep and Eats Lounge John Oliver Johnny Orrison Tarrer Roundtree C. B. Sannders Q i Qgbby Shaw Phil Sheoly Joe Sledge Curtis Springer Jim Stothard Dick Taft Moultsby Waller Ed Warner William Wilkison First Row: Alexander, Bonney, Boyd, Brown, Calvert, Chapman, Chenoweth . . . Second' Row: Christian, Colebeck, Collins, Conrad, Dailey, Dent, Dickenson . . . Third Row: Douglas, Edwards, Ennis, Eros, Evans, Fowler, Gayle . . . Fourth Row: Gibson, Glenn, Haas, Hanahan, Harris, Hewitt, Hill . . . Fifth Row: Hodges, Hopkins, Jemison, King, Kirkland, Kitchin, Lathem , . . Sixth Row: Lindsey, Mallory, Mice, Morrisetti, Moss, Murphy, Nickolls, A. B. C .... Seventh Row: Nickolls, H., Norvell, Odum, Oliver, Powell, Price, Ramsay . . . Eighth Row: Rayfield, Reynolds, Round- tree, Ryan, Selden, Shaw, Sheoly, Sledge . . . Ninth Row: Smith, Springer, Taft, Vardaman, Welson, West, Wiley, Wolsey, ALABAMA MU CHAPTER As usual the men at Minerva are still mixing and mingling it all around Memorial Hall, but these days its liable to be a mixed Sunday evening crowd mingling voices in good group harmony, or the brothers minling ideas on a mixed-up world on forum nights. Yes, the days and nights in the Taproom are gone, but don't misunderstand. The lads ot Alabama Mu CMU, short tor Mu-ther chapterl still have high party spirits and a tine non-stainable, intlammable, or break- able place in Honk's Paradise in which to break them out. They put on Little Sister parties, came tully primed for the annual Black and White, had a large size Founders Day when they inaugurated a Badge ot Honor tor local tellers who make good in spite ot it all. There was a Sweater girl party, to Hell With Hell Week party, in short they still find ways to break up those long lonely spaces from day to day-mainly from Friday to Saturday and Saturday to Sun- day. SLEEP AND EATS BOAST OF SOCIAL SINGS, FORUM NIGHTS, AND HONK'S PARADISE First Row: Bender, Bloom, Brown, Chapin, Croen, Danenberg , . . Second Row: Denaberg, Denho, C., Denho, M., Feldman, Geller, Ginsberg . . . Third Row: Granas, Green, Gross, Hershkowity, Jaffe . . . Fourth Row: Jonas, Jospin, King, Levine, Levy . . . Fifth Row: Lipsitz, Orenstein, Pelowitz, Samuelson, Shafren , . Sixth Row: Shapiro, Simon, Shinbaum, Sherman, Tobin, Wiman. TAU CHAPTER Marking this year as a "comeback," the SAM's brought to the Capstone after several years' absence their first Purple and White formal of the postwar era. Staged in Foster in January, the Sammy house clan danced no-break to the music of Bobby Adair who played against a background of Purple and White. With Sam Jospin as prior, Morton Granas, Exchequer, and Mikle Stetelman, recorder, the SAM's bow to Phi Betta Kappa Arthur Simon as the brain of the house and acclaim Roy Jonas of the Debate squad and Morton Maltz, track letterman, as their claim to campus fame. SAM is one of 38 active chapters in the country, commemorating Founder's Day every November 26 since I9l9 with a banquet. SAM'S INAUGURATE THE POSTWAR ERA WITH REVIVAL OF THEIR PURPLE AND WHITE BALL Page 284 SIGM ALPH MU 0 1 s ' Q. D ., f -5. F.: 1 N... , ell 5 5 X Q Grggrlfialgspin Q, 'LCD Seniors Lloyd Florman Royal Jonas Mel Leving AX Art Simon Juniors Dan Geller? ,Q Herb Gensburg Paul Levy W A 9 Chuck Lipsetz Morty Maltz Eli Samuemijs Gorcly Sho an Marty Wiman Sophomores Charles D,en o terry geltfjsm A 1 ar ranas Gus Hershkoivitz Marty Shafren Z EFS Shapiro Mike Stitelman Freshmen Alvin Bende A Max Brofrsn L, E A T Dick Chapin Harry Croen Al Donenburg Lenny Denaburg YB Y Morley D bo Arr Herb Grdglfi Ed Gross Jack Jaffe Marty King Ed Levy XQQ Robert Orenstein A6 Joe Peloivitz Jerry Shirwukg, A Howard S ermon Robert Tobin M 'X . "I3tt',fc1., Q?- Qiivi' LRKE .fin 5' L5 Kfw I mira Must Hove Been ca Good'unI IGM Faculty Ralph E. Adams George H. Denny Raymond R. Paty Graduates George Howard Guy Lama Hubbs Fay Krauth Koiner, Jr. Claude Augustus Tillman Law James Jefferson Bennett Joe S. Covingtan Henry Jj Hurd-ing William R. Lauton f John B. Loftin Gonzalo Fitch Montiel Algie Milner Mosley Seniors Paul W. Bro George W. Calvert James W. Casper Halford A. Tillman Juniors ,LX K , John E. Adbriis ug,-1 Robert M. Blake Archibald Sparkles Brown Walter Ryland Byars Charles Beverly Cary Ross Edwin Davis Wilfred Garcia , Claude A:fI9rIQ'X William Morton Letson Bufford Marion McConatha John Thomas McKenzie Hugh E. Morrouf T Walter Nicholfpearce Harry L. Rankin, Fr. Ben Ellis Self George O. Spqrksr Jack Perr StFl9ng:i-. George . Summerville Ross Searcey Veal ThomasL Whitley Frank V., Roger E. Wi llatfs William B. Workman Sophomores James Wilson Andrews George William lett, Jr. Edwin Starjngff ers Alan Kee nEXDavidson H I T. .i fir' Lili William Dennis Gray Thomas Benjamin Grover, Jr. John Allen Hines, Jr. Alex T. Howard William De Jarnette King, Ill Irwin James Langford John Ellis Lindley Harry Meiler MacKay Maurice Cecil MacKay, Jr. Paul Clenn McCutchen Sidney Lawson Norwood Harry H, Perdue, .1152 ledimmie Poijex 'X -" " John Singleton Pradat James Howard Rogers George Dewe1,Vo'i'i'n Rhett Pringle Wallker Joseph Marion Weldon, Jr. James D. West ,fdohn T. Wi xiam, Jr. 'Hollis Ja isettfajfx Hayden Wood James Arthur Woody, Jr. Freshmen ,I Don Barbour 5 Q 'L lTRobert Lawrence Blanton Luther Taylor rTUey Whilclen Pat BFe'en, Jr. James Thomas Carlin Z Dxllllllliam Henry Coats John Perry Cochran Jimmy Lee Denham Charles Hicks Dickson William RudoIp'h"Favre Arthur FTB5 Jae Clifford Gogn ep Gregg Harris, lcll-NR Lf Harold Wesley Hart, Jr. 2 l5xClvf1,arlesJonathan Hollis Robert Curtis Hgkway Percy Ed Kisse L. Charles Robert Martin r'Richard Edwin McPherson lb ZFrank A. O'Hear Archie Milton Pennington Eugene Er ' a hley Erling Mimi li Dayton Robinson Lee Joel Rosenburg Si ne William Smyer Carney Dobbs 'W Egvirk Stafford Charles H. Ellis Robert Graham Esdale Joseph Sidney Garner Richard D. Gibson, Jr. Robert Parks Gelbert Arthur Gorry Gamila Melvin Barton Thorpe Charles Thompson Herbert Eugene Tolleson Jefferson D. Upshaw Bruce H. West Buttermilk Boys Relax First Row: Blanton, Brcimlett, Breen, Brock, Childers, Cochran . . . Second Row: Cov- ington, Cudworth, Dobbs, Gammage, Garner, Gray . . . Third Row: Hart, Hines, Holloway, Howard, King, Koiner . . . Fourth Row: Langford, Lauten, Letson, Lindley, McCutcheon, McKenzie, J .... Fifth Row: McKenzie, R., McPhearson, Moseley, Nor- wood, Perdue, Rankin, Reneau . . . Sixth Row: Riis, Rogers, Smyer, Sparks, Strong, Summerville, Thompson ,... Seventh Row: Tillman, Tucker, Upshaw, Vann, Walker, Wiseman, Workman. IOTA IOTA CHAPTER Gals flocked to the Sigma Chi Derby last fall-some wore potato sacks, some dripped with glamour. Some iust dripped-as did Ann Self, with a face full of lemon pie, who emerged with the title, "Miss Pie-Eater of I947". Mary Louella Foley winked a luscious eye and received the loving cup and traditional name, "Sweetheart of Sigma Chi". She then reigned as queen over the Blue and Gold Ball. Yes, the "buttermilk boys" had a full year-what with the Derby lman- aged by Carney Dobbsl, some sure-nuff buttermilk parties, and then -lust a few-party-parties. But, being a versatile lot, the Sigma Chis do more than entertain the rest of the campus. They are well repre- sented in publications, athletics CTom Whitleyl, and honorary organ- izations. Business manager of the COROLLA, Paul Brock is also presi- dent of Jasons, a member of ODK and Who's Who. Dick Gibson, secretary-treasurer of the student body, and George Bramlett, assis- tant business manager of the COROLLA, are "knowns", along with Bob Gilbert, president of the sophomore class. Then there's that man about campus, the best M. C. Sigma Chi or any other fraternity could ever have-who else but Perry Cochran! CAPSTONE CO-EDS DRIP GLAMOUR AT REVIVED SIGMA CHI DERBY SIGMA THETA CHAPTER ,..,. The WhiTe STar of The Sigma Nu broThers is firmly seT over one of The CapsTone's Tradifions-The fish pond used by pracfically all fraTerniTies To indocTrinaTe Their pledges To Their new way of life. The fish have become so ac- N X cusfomed To The freshman invasion ThaT Their sereniTy iusf remains inTacT and They drag ouT The welcome maf abouf i'h Three Times ia year, Aside from Their "Good Neighbor" policy, The clan aT The Snake house had bandleader John- , si? .. f. 653. :AA wif T535 or T " ny Long, also a Sigma Nu, as Their guesf when he played for The CoTillion's January dance. Speaking of mu- sic, Orin Tucker and Glenn Miller can be added To The celebrify lisT of Those who wear The whiTe sfar. And as for campus big wheels, Griffin Sikes, vice presidenT of SGA calls The Sigma Nu house "home" Earl Rc-berison, presidenT of The freshmen class of ArTs and Sciences, and Neilson Lasefer, presidenT of The sophomore class of Commerce school are of The Snake house clan. This year Sigma Nu social life seemed To be puncfuafed wiTh buffef suppers. HighlighT of Them all was The formal supper held aT The counfry -club, followed by a dance. Those who love To "swing and sway" remember The "WhiTe Sfar Ball," an annual fair for The Sigma Nu's which was held in The Spring. Homecoming found The house wiTh The whiTe sTar decorafed in a moving fashion. Mississippi STaTe learned ThaT Their ship was headed for a high flying Tide-even on The verge of being sunk, Thanks To Sigma Nu ingenuify. Founded aT Bama in l874, The Thefa chapfer was The fiffh of The pres- enT 98 groups To be formed. Arfhur Gamble gives The orders as commander of The chapfer wiTh Billy Longshore holding down The posifion of LieuTenanT-Commander. MEMBERS Faculiy A. B. Roberfson Lynn W. Jinks Henry C. Jordan Charles E. Humphries F. C. Blood Hugh W. Roberfs Glenn Jordan Rogers Neilson LasseTer John L. Jackson Dr. Edwin R. Fosfer James B. McMillan Dr. Alfred B. Thomas Gfaiierifzr H ' Jac son T. W. Wilder William Mobley W. Sfanley Garner Law 13" Ralph r. James Caldilvei Sid Cook Dal M. Crenshaw Harry Dempsey, Jr. Roy Dempsey B. J ry . Alfr?iV5g'GoldThwaiTe Joseph Harrell Jimmie Hinfon Caine O'Rear Rex Pippin . Gordon Griffin Sikes SSX M Joe Walker J. Buford Davis gfcoff H. Forrester . TArfQgr Gamble Q, Prenfice Knapp Jesse L. Mathews Francis Barfow Monroe Eloyd E. PuckeTT Qgzgnes Richey Jchhn W. Speigkhj Joseph Venahjef gg, Lucien Smifh R' l' Juniors Joseph C. Bailey, Jr. 5' 3,3 gli! self fin "W iwglvin D. Denny 'T , James R. Dixon Joe Duke Beniamin D. Frazier William Sfandley Garner Hamp Graves Louis Greene Woodward D. Lamar Roberf O. Link Willia L shore Willidgifafllglillgcle Frank S. Monfgomery Thomas B. Richardson Charles W. Slaton O5-Vyihomas ff Cecil Thrash 11 .diy William W, Wadsworfh Millard Lamar Williamson Sophomoresfg 'Eff Phil B, M. Bahksifiif William Benneff Richard H. Burwell Frank M.,kBaIler,,J r. ClayToh,jCox ....i 1 John B. Cox Granville Davis William D. Greenwood Grigsby S. Hood Joseph A. Hornsby John Frank Moore, Jr. James B. McElroy Richard H. Pafferson Uv. George W. Philips me Qffgziieen 7 gs. x Arfhur E. Browh'f'Jr. William G. Coffee Lamar Coe Oliver Cooper Paf ox, Tw' ,.sQfiQCs.Q?2srd Lis' ifelllarence C. Founfain, Jr. William Frazer Ray F. Gaines, Jr. William E. Garner Bradfofd H. Gay, Jr. 3 .f Charles Geiger 5, ' James D. Griffin, Jr. William J. Hammock William Harris Roy D. Harfsell H. Bishop Hix A a .-X Caught in MlCl'Al" Sigma Nu Formal Jack l. Jefer Roberf B. Jones William . Kelly, Jr. Leslie Ki Jr Edward a,gTe, Jr. Leslie Longshore Joseph E. Macon, Jr. William G. Mange Roberf W. Mercer John yNl.?Ii!lcCaleb, Jr. RoQerl,3'MF'6TnTyre Thotmas W. Ozbirn William l. Ozbirn G. Burnes Procfor, Jr. Feagin Rainer J. Earl Roberfson Thomas rlsl. Sanford, Jr. o. cobgffspeaghf, Jr. Jack W. Torberf Sidney N. Welborn, Jr Leon H. Winkler Harvey A. Yarbrough Alexander Bailey Banks, P. Banks, R. Bennett Buntin Butler Caldwell Coe Cook Cox, C. Cox, J. Cox, P. Crenshaw Davis, H. Davis, J. Dempsey, H. Dempsey, R. Denney Dixon Duke Farris Ford Forrester Fountain Frazer Gaines Gamble Garner Gay Goldthwaite Graves Greenwood Hain Hammock Harris Hay Hinton Hix Hornsby Humphries Jeter Jinks Jordan, C. Jordon, H. King Lamar Laseter Link Longshore, L. Longshore, W. McCaleb McElroy Macon Mange Mathews Mercer Muckle Mobley Monroe Montgomery O'Rear Philips Pippen Richardson Robertson Sikes Slaton Speighf Torbert Thrash Wadsworth Ward Wilder Williamson Yarbrough 'W 1-.1 , 2 4 on in 'i fx? I I Pl' Q 'l A , :ibn 12 .. .11 R vii: xl f A , K , Q.. ,tr m. 1 .. f HF . A. J 'Rv- . ':,4a e-5 l v f I ' v A l l S' B 1 L4' L5 'R l th i ., 'li f Q' r , -. 'ice 1-ya. E .w . -, 1 4-- ., . , .V-X., An . f ' "v it L' ' a ff ' .9- DWP,- mf.. K THE' MUSICAL-MINDED SNAKE HOUSE DUSTED OFF THE WELCOME MAT FOR JOHNNY LONG Page 287 First Row: Atchison, Barratt, Buford, Burt, Disto . , . Second Row: Fiset, Fox, Gallo- way, Godley, Harrison . . . Third Row: Kennedy, Kromnall, Lewis, Messer, Mock . . . Fourth Row: Muglach, Murphy, Northen, Sims, Snow, Sparks . . . Fifth Row: Thomp- son, Thrailkill, Uhlich, Wallace, Woodham, Young. ALABAMA BETA CHAPTER Silly it may seem, but the local order of Sigma Phi Epsilon is willing to give up its choice location just a window shade's raising from the women's dorms and sorority row. Within whistling distance of civilization and they want to move out in the country! Seriously, the Sig Eps have been dogged by a housing problem every since their reactivation in I945-46. Presently situated across from Colonial Hall, they have plans and high hopes for one of the first houses on the new fraternity row. With the homing instincts taking the lead, the chapter has limited itself to one big social affair. The Founders Day dance at Foster last Fall was their first post-war campus wide show. Things have been kept bright around the house though with a whole string of weekly informal parties. Read Northern, literally one of Bama's bigger men, adds to the chapter gatherings with his comic tap dance routine, and easy-to-meet Bill Murphy holds the spotlight as 'key' man of the frat. New faces with lots of promise for Sig Ep are Hank Atcheson currently vice-president of Rho Alpha Tau, and Glenn Deuel whom they recently tapped as lodge president. 'HEART AND SKULL' SIG EPS HOPE TO JOIN PI KAPS ON ROAD TO BIRMINGHAM Page 288 GM PHI EPSILO 1947! JU' 55414.53 1 ' 'W at ' iv fi. O Graduates Sophomores Michael Disko Harold Burt Alwrtmd E James Curgxmirlpa, Seniors Glen Ugiel James H. Bruner Ben Greea. N Pcumlifet Joseph Huey William Kennedy William M. Murphy RW fe Waltegflac Smith Bob Story Warren Thrilkill Joseph T ialo vi Dgd Young Juniors Henry Zrrgt T Clarence A. Buford James Galloway 'AllidIE-i Qdley Joseph Harrison QW! arvey Harry Van Horsten Allen L. Uhlich Marvi mllace Qui Woodman HA if wil' wi Ernest Kronvall Henrmxgbf Walter Merzgglvslci Edmond D. Messer Hyrum Mock-a John NQIS :' John Sims John T. Smith Robert S Riwnferlgnpson Robert NWUKCIE David Williams Freshmen K2 Fm ifchgn George Bolds Walter Bridges Jaw? K. Wi red H. Marty Albert Muglock TI' K mam Wycoff "Used to Work in Chicago!" J THETA Faculty r. Wham D 3 ol. Carlton F. Butlei Il" Dr. J. Graham T' I Dr. F. N. Jones Deaxloyd flat' Stapp Graduates 'fy William MacWilliams fi: Myron Roberts Q1jJI5qii1XBej'dbauer Law A aj Cy Bahakel if., IN Melvin Lee Walter Prescott Seniors 1 J.. thx Waltenf'AShton L- ' Edward Owgar David Sims Don Sherwi:?od Juniors Jack Ashton Philiphftshrton Q' E- Fr Egbert Alt-3 Julian Buckner J. Bonham 'Chisholm V Jack Liliambliss IH S Robert Crowder Sam Dipiazza Dorace cl Ro efttflluc ett Ch les Dolbear Sidney Dickey Theta Chis-Informally H I William Ethridge Aubre3i'FLjTId:d Robert Fultp William PM WiIlia'I1ivGoIre James Harris Lawrence Hewlett Tlyotpxlamner Perry' rgh-I Philip Hohansen George Kahle Roy Killingsworth George Layman WilIiQQLQQue Van Maraman Letcher Mitchell Beryl Murphy Aram Iylqpradian Glenn McDuffie Ren 'Macey Terry P' e' ' C Fay Pogfllw K L' eshmen James Rnzgerts Qi-fit you ree william Schwarz Ralph Stewart Charles Spriuell Ewell c t Rwwiligthtwer James Shofner George Shatner Leon Walker tt tt In Les Wachman First Row: Ashton, Buckner, Dolbear , . . Second Row: Fry, Fultord, Gore . . . Third Row: Ingram, Johansen, Lee . . . Fourth Row: Layman, Stewart, Shatner, Walker. ALPHA PHI CHAPTER This year, dance time rolled around for the Theta Chi fraternity for the first time since I942. Not to be short about it, the chapter threw a large size feast down in Tuscaloosa town, invited some prominent faculty members to speak, and with the help of a certain brother aired the event locally tor a half hour, Cy Bahakel was also master of ceremonies. Other social events for the crossed swords and Theta men, skipping the numerous house gatherings, included the spring term's Founders' Day celebrations, also a first in tive years. Always sportsmen, the chapter athletes are shaping up for their kingpin competition in basketball and already have shown signs of quality play. The former Gamma Sigma local boasts among other things, that their house is so close to Bryce's Woods that none at the brothers ever go there. The other things include the already men- tioned Cy "Howdy Pahdnuh" Bahakel, Law school gadabout, and Roy Killingsworth, representative in Theta Tau and A. S. C. E. presi- dent, In the house, Perry Ingram pledge marshall operates as gen- eral contact man, while a tall, bald headed blond, Bob "Sleepy" Fultz ofticiates as president. THETA CHI'S TAKE TO AIR WITH BANQUET, REVIVE TRADITIONAL RED AND WHITE BALL Page 289 TH ET Wifi . E hgfil Seniors Frank Jeremia Connelly, Jr YD Q James r el 9, N4 CDAO Q74 So Josep c aurin Johnson Charles Levis Montgomery i N Paul Nahnibida Lawrence Lewis Rawald niors K A A Leonard Cooper Blanton John Joseph Boyne James Martin Deay Ellsworthimlin Dertinger Edward Charles Fuessler Q E Michael Mlynar William Dewey rray Cliffordiktwnith phomores Q Z B Eames Edward Bassett if harles Brockman Dang Jr. Robert William Fuessler A K E Ernest N'iopHEmon, Jr. Donald r y McCollum A T A Johnny Mortimer Payn Y' D Ellis Ray Price m Freshmen James Ralph Beaird Th G B lc' First Row: Bassett, Blanton, Browkie . . . Second Row: Darley, Deay, Dertinger . , . S Tl-Znolz Legzry 'IOS 'eww Third Row: Fuessler, Edward, Fuessler, Robert, Johnson . . .Fourth Row: Montgomery, e Y or en efg Murray, Payne. Sherman Jeffrey Livings -6 A. C. Moore - ALPHA LAMBDA CHAPTER The up-and-coming Theta Xi's showed their prowess on the soft- ball diamond last spring, and are doing so now in almost every field. Headed by president Leonard Blanton and vice-prexy, Paul Nahnibida lsneeze it outl, the chapter has re-organized with unusual zeal. James Deay is an active member of Blackfriars, as are several other members of the chapter. President of the Student Forum, William D. Murray hangs his hat at this house along with interfraternity council- man Michael Mlynar, who is also treasurer of Men's Spirit Committee. A promising BMOC is Thomas Broskie, who has already distinguished himself by election to Rho Alpha Tau and Phi Eta Sigma. Every year the annual founder's day banquet of Theta Xi is a big event, at which pledges, actives and alums gather., THE THETA XI'S OF SOFTBALL FAME BEGAN TO HOMER IN OTHER EXTRACURRIC DOINGS Page 290 'Durward Keah K A "And Then She Said . . is ZETA Q is my , ' fbi .' I W A 5 I va u Faculty Dr. Fred Lewis Law Charles Wampold Seniors x0 Jack Aland Buddwceer Sci ine Juniors 131 CDAO Jock Abraham Adrian Dangiger Herbert Feiblman Harry Friselrnan Leon gedorn BET Mft 1,-PI Franlfom A Jerome Meyer Mark Shatz Lawrence Warner Sophom r evi- Henryzaegzham Colman Black Jock Croner John Held Marr' L bw Jecklihiiss Frank Rosenberg Gene Rutenberg Freshmen z sr ATA am, View Bob Barasch Jack Becker Bill Bernstein Bob Eisegtni Burte ,E ' Ivan galdstein Arnold Holzer Alan Levy Henry Loeb Ralph Marks us Manuel Mendel Sidney Metzger Bobby Roobin Pete Roth Seymour Seft 4 1 Q, Q be AKE we CDW Earle Shuger a s 'P- tanlefwlrgw Keith Steiner Alan Weil Leonard Weil Jose Gets a Hot Foot I n W 3 I 'c f -ar i ,, ' Liify l Ns Firsf Row: Abraham, H., Abraham, J., Aland, Barasch, Blach . . . Second Row: Becker, Bernstein, Croner, Danzinger, Eisenbach . . . Third Row: Goldstein, Hage- dorn, Held, Holzer, Loeb, F .... Fourth Row: Loeb, H., Loeb, M., Loeb, R., Levine, Levy, A .... Fifth Row: Marcus, Mendel, Meyer, Roobin, Rosenberg. . . Sixth Row: Roth, Rutenberg, Self, Shatz, Shugerman . . . Seventh Row: Solomon, Steiner Wampold, Warner, Weil, A., Weil, L. PSI CHAPTER Twenty years from now it a father is telling his college son what a hard time he had getting to school, it will undoubtedly be a ZBT who is talking. Though they live only a short way, the Zebes plough through the mud and dirt behind the supe store to get to their classes of higher learning. In spite of the difficulties Chonest, it's not so badl these boys are noted for their ranking BMOC's. Chapter president, Mark Shatz, is an assistant editor of the Ram, former Corolla busi- ness manager, Charlie Wampold, is also a Jason and Cotillion Club member. Other Zebes notables are Frank Loeb and John Held, members of Druids and umpteen other organizations. Though the ZBT house is hidden behind the Deke house and the supe, girls have no trouble finding their vvay Cwith dates, natchl to the many house dances given there. Would you? ZBT'S PLOUGH THE MUD TO CLASSES, BUT THEIR BIG WHEELS ROLL SMOOTHLY ALONG Page 29I We SO Big news omong Alobolmo's sororiTies wos The invosion oT The DelTo Gommo lossies. They hung Their onchor over The door of o Tine looking house oT TenTh ond Coloniol ond Their TirsT yeor wos omozingly successful Tor They boosTed The number one womon, SGA prexy, Louro Ellis ond The Corollo's number one beouTy, Jeon Bowen. SomeThing ex- Tremely signiTiconT obouT The DelTo Gommo Colonizo- Tion wos The cooperoTion given by Alobomds Tour- Teen oTher Temole clons. DeeGee presidenT, Cloire Bc1rTon, soiys ThoT sororiTy cooperoTion could noT hove been beTTer. ThoT's o big score Tor The lodiesl New rush week rules broughT quiTe o chonge in This much criTicized deporTmenT. There were obso- luTely no pre-bids, even Though There were reporTs of genTle hinTs being dropped in diTferenT Torms. BuT no one, rushee or sororiTy girl, ThoughT The rules bod. Things were eosier Tor oll concerned, corrup- Tion had olmosT been obliTeroTed. Doshing Tor doTes become The womon's greoTesT concern, Tor once more, Bomo wos The morning noon RITIE ond nighT doTe Town ThoT iT hold once been ond The women were in Their glory! Frc1TerniTy pins were os soughT oTTer os ever ond eoch new Crimson-VVhiTe corried cz long lisT oT The newly enTwined. ATTer doTes, There were hen sessions wiTh men os The chieT subiecT. All wos noT ploy wiTh The lddies, however, Tor They were concerned over such Things os Their sororiTy scholosTic overoge, Their skiT oT .loson's Jomboree, ond Their enTrc1nTs in The numerous beouTy ond "queen" conTesTs held during The yeor. Pledges had Their ocTiviTies To keep up ond This furnished womon power Tor UniversiTy publicoTions ond service orgon- izoTions. PoliTics were os much ci concern To The women os To The men ond The slick mole poliTicions never losT sighT of The imporTdnce of The sororiTy voTe. Fingers in oll sorTs oT pies, scholosTic, sociol ond poliTicol-Alobomo's sororiTies, TiTTeen in number, hold TorTh wiTh The chcsrm os They hove since The TirsT orgonizoTion wos esToblished in i904l 3 ,lx K7 1- T sl' I -,QI 1 5 F' A 6 , .N QWQYA .2-"' .ani H c 65 2 ,df + is 5 , 1-:,v:?5" - . ' . ,. 5 A zv 7he OR RITIE MANY OF THE CAPSTONE BEAUTIES ARE HOUSED HERE ..,,., . I ., .V . prix ll- ' N. ,,..-- ALPHA CHI OMEGA ALPHA DELTA PI ALPHA GAMMA DELTA 759 I-fa. ' ALPHA PHI ALPHA XI DELTA CHI OMEGA DELTA, DELTA DELTA DELTA GAMMA DELTA ZETA P g 294 di Q J l Q Q Q ANTE BELLUM DWETLLINGS FOR SOUTHERN BELLES In the Circles, on Coloniol ond Tenth Streets, thot's where you'll find Alobomo's fifteen sorority houses. Some hcive white columns, some hove buzzer systems thot never work ond oll hove o crowd of octive co-eds. Life in the sorority houses is o hum-drum of signing out, forgetting to sign out ond olwoys, those blosted restrictions. Cromming for finols figures in heovily for the dll night sessions ore highlighted by the "slop-hoppy" period which comes obout three in the morning. Burgulor scores hove kept the women on their toes this yeor. The slightest noise hos sent them screoming to their sisters or into the neorest closet or to the telephone for the police. Speoking of telephones, Mr. Bell's invention connot be overlooked os on essentiol port of sorority life. From cloylight to dork ond on into the wee hours sorority telephones ore kept busy. For odded proof, try colling ony one of the fifteen houses ofter ten forty-five p. m. wg s. I KAPPA DELTA KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA PHI MU 9 . . , sioMA DELTA TAU THETA UPSILON ZETA TAU ALPHA Page 295 J PA HELLEN C COUNCIL N EW PANHELLENIC RUSH RULES TEACH OLD DOGS NEW TRICK Here's a group ThaT has iTs hands full all year buf Rush Week is really The busy season. To add To The age old confusion of Rush Week, Panhellenic passed new rules concerning rushing ThaT made a falsehood ouT of The old a-dage ThaT you can'T Teach old dogs new Tricks. The women wenf To Town on The Panhellenic "clean up" campaign and all were well saTisfied wiTh The no pre-bid legisIaTion which had been passed afTer a series of conferences. Carolyn Beaird, presidenT of The organizaTion was a much soughT afTer young lady and soon grew used To The middle of The nighT phone calls. Each of AIaI:nama's fifTeen sororifies has Two represenTaTives on The council. In sTiITed Terms, Pan- heIIenic's purpose is, "To promoTe good feeling and cooperafion among The CapsTone's Greek girls." OFFICERS l CAROLYN BEAIRD , . . . . . . . PresidenT PATRICIA GASTLEY . . . Vice-PresidenT MILDRED ANNE WHITE . . . SecreTary LUCY BANKS .... .... . Treasurer MEMBERS BILLY PARAGIN . . . Alpha Chi Omega MARY MCDONALD . . DeITa Gamma DOROTHY SOCKWELL . . Alpha Chi Omega PEGGY MORRIS ...,... Alpha DeITa Pi BETTY JEAN TUBB ....... Alpha Delfa Pi ELIZABETH ANN CARMICHAEL . Alpha Gamma DeITa JANICE WOOD ...... Alpha Gamma DeITa . Alpha Xi DeITa Alpha Xi DelTa . . Alpha Phi . . Alpha Phi . Chi Omega . Chi Omega DeITa Delfa DeITa . DeITa Delfa DeITa . DeITa Gamma KELVIE DAVIS .... MILDRED ANNE WHITE . . DOROTHY ARMAND , . LOUISE STRANGE . . CAROLYN EASTER . . MAXINE HAMNER . . . KATHRYN GUNN , . BETTY ROWE . . CLARE BARTON . . . FRANCES LOCKE , . SARA JO WRIGHT . FRANCES BEELAND . ILOUISE PARTLOW . . SARAH JANE MOSS . . ANNIE LAURA RAGSDALE PATRICIA CLARK . . PATRICIA CURRY , . BARBARA ENGEL . JANICE GREEN . PEGGY LUND . HELEN SHARPE , JANICE MCLEAN . IDA WILL WILLIS . Page 296 . DeITa ZeTa . . DeITa ZeTa . . . Kappa DeITa . . . Kappa DeITa Kappa Kappa Gamma Kappa Kappa Gamma . . . . Phi Mu . . . , Phi Mu . Sigma DeITa Tau . Sigma DeITa Tau . . TheTa Upsilon . Thefa Upsilon . ZeTa Tau Alpha . ZeTa Tau Alpha S LPHA OME Seniors Pat Ad so Betthxesautels Jackie Hamrick Jean Harper Helen Hopewell Amy James Eliza th Kyzar Alices wing Ann Martin Laurie Maxwell Frances McCroy Billie Parrigin Eleanor Payne Dorothy Sockwell Constance Taylor Junioisb 'CJ Dorothy Beall Delores Bell Joanna Carson Barbara Cary Mary Jane Chichester Kay Gaines Pat Gastley Claire Ffarper Grace Janes Thedo Maley Martha Mitchell Jimmie Lou Roberson Rosemary Semon Martha Thompson Rogmgir-y Watters Rosemary Woodham Sophomores Helen Anderson G lt? If 0,'U': .-Jiri-1. .' J 1 I 'oi' Q' . . . - 441 , . 1 if 1' .7 wx X,- 'Q Rush Week Ain't So Bad H I Mary Lou Baker Glo Boykin Betty Splinxvb' Elizabeth Dixon Dido Fernandez Fr Dorothy Haney Beth Hanks Barbara Hines Lillian Jackson Nelda Nall Carolyn Nelsonj Margaret Rodgers Mert Roesner Dorothy Sporkmon Sarah Frances Traynor Betty Waters eshmen Martha Allef-1 tk if . Betty Joyce Coin Betty Champion Joyce Cobb Ellen Crow Jean Dannattell Jane Ford -. Sue Houston' V Betty Lindsey 'U Thero Loach Eleanor McDowell Betty Murphy Joan Nelson Mary N. Osment Ma Ru An: Se ' 'lj Katherine Sproles Laura E. Trantham First Row: Anderson, Baker, Beall, Bell, Boykin, Cain . . . Second Row: Carson, Champion, Cobb, Crow, De Santels, Dixon . . . Third Row: Davis, Gaines, Gastley, Hamrick, Haney, Harper . . . Fourth Row: Hines, Houston, Jackson, James, Jones, Kysar . . . Fifth Row: Lindsey, McCroy, McDowell, Manning, Martin, Mitchell . . . Sixth Row: Maley, Noll, Nelson, Osment, Payne, Parrigan . . . Seventh Row: Rober- son, Rodgers, Roesner, Rush, Self, Semon . . . Eighth Row: Sockwell, Sparkman, Sparks, Thompson, Waters, B., Waters, R., Wooham. ALPHA UPSILON CHAPTER How could these girls go wrong with a number ot W. S. G. A. members, not to mention other campus bigshots, building their steps? The lyre lodge is the abode ot W. S. G. A. secretary, Ann Martin, and members, Dot Sockvvell, Amy James Cwith the red, red hairt, and Martha Thompson tot the Fiji pint. Flaming Amy did her share ot campus big-wheeling, along with chapter prexy, Dot Sockwell, both of whom held membership in Mortarboard, Triangle, and Who's Who. Also well-known are Kay Gaines, radio maior Pat Adams, and Pat Gastley, who does a tull-time iob as Panhellanic vice prexy and Caroline Hunt club prexy. Popular tourth estater for the C-W, COROLLA, and RAM, is Laurie Maxwell lot the lazy legsl, whose atti- cial capacity lists also her as feature editor ot the last named rag. AXO's also received the 2nd place cup at Jasons Jamboree. Be- sides boasting bigshots and brains, Alpha Chi Omega claims beau- ties fplenty ot blondesl and banquets iplenty ot toodl. CAN THEY BE LYRES? AXO'S SAY WSGA MEMBERS KEEP THEM ON STRAIGHT AND NARROW Page 297 First Row: Applegate, Bagby, Bass, Baxter, J., Baxter, S., Beasley . . . Second Row: Bolding, Chandler, Coats, Cobern, Conlon, Crittenden . . . Third Row: Cunningham, Dickinson, Donald, Dublin, Duke, Edwards . . . Fourth Row: Evans, Bran, Hardin, Harrison, Hanegar, Hughes . . . Fifth Row: Jones, Kirby, Langford, McEachern, Manley, Moore, Morris . . . Sixth Row: Mounger, Moynihan, Murphy, Parker, Pierce, Presley, Rawles . . . Seventh Row: Rhodes, Smith, Snawden, Stanford, Stewart, Thompson, Tubb. ETA CHAPTER Bordering on Barnwell hall, the Alpha Delta Pi domicile houses the famous "Apple Dumbling Pies" of the campus whose pet form of outside recreation is collecting Sigma Chi white crosses. The old- est international sorority on record, ADPi, at least the Alabama Eta chapter of it, possesses one inviolate tradition of long-standing ac- cording to the lawn-mowing Chi Phi's. The wearers of the diamond, they say, never kiss a boy before the eighth date. Rushees who made the pilgrimage back to IOth street to vie for the honor of wear- ing the White and Blue could easily have dressed in loudly-checked sport iackets, for the ADPi lassies went on the air with a Radio rush parties which featured backyard turf races, restricted to tillies only. Phi Beta Kappa Mary Frances Edwards, who business-managed the C-VV last year, out-BVVOC-ed C-VV news editor Cheri Chandler, Phi Chi Theta vice-prexy Jane Manley, and Katherine Bagby, Home Ec School freshman class president, Treasurer of Mortar Board and vice-president of the A. B. senior class, Anniston's Mary Frances also actived in Sigma Delta Pi, Pi Tau Chi and Alpha Lambda Delta. KNOWN AS THE 'APPLE DUMPLING PIES,' THE ADPl'S SAVE THEIR SUGAR FOR TRADITION LPH PI Milt' DELT 'L fr 3 . Ai' V a . H J 1 P Seniors Joyce Baxter Ma ry rms Edwa rcls MMA Henegor 'z Ann Findley Natalie Gran Betty Harginb Jane Rr son Carolyn Millar 4 4 FAM Houston Elora Moynihan Rachel Pattillo Mary Evelyn Presley Jane Stewart Be6 tubs Juniors Maude Applegate Mary Lou Bass Sally Jo Borders Patty Conlon Lucy Cunningham Mart a Hugh Fite Ge irbeacobs Doris Langford Jane Manley Alice Murphy Rachel Parker Evelyn Thompson Betty Claire Windham Peggy Thompson Sopho re POUKAIQJ Elna Bolding Cheri Chandler Jean Cobern Jane Crew Beverly Cunningham Janeiprmnqham Mary een Donald Betty Jean Duke Annette Evans gb VI Betty Kirby Marilyn Klyce Sara Jane McEachern Betty Jo Mclntosh Jean Moore Peggy Morris Katheri er Marion Parker Patsy Gene Rogers Evelyn Richards Elizabeth Snowden Freshmen 410 Katherine Ba by Martha aiy Ann Cod? Fern Crittenden Louise Dickenson Mary Clyde Dublin Jane Ellington Joan Hughes e Jones K IS Eelmie King Qs: Jean Pierce Gerry Rawls Dorothy Rhodes Ann Smith Mary Jean Stanford aculty Z Septima Smith, P . Graduate Sybil Baxter Book Beating ADPi's ALPH GAMMA DELTA Faculty Harriet Smith Mar r Janice Wood Senior? 4 SophomoresA V D Rose Beveridge 4 terine Beebe Wadynne Bolton Catherine Brown Elizabeth Ann Carmichael Matizqmarter Hattie F rnoy Diana Gillespie Betty Griggs Helen Hodgson Curtis Evy Jackie Jackson Louise Jenkins Maigrznlicger Betty Ma on Mary Ellen Matthews Beverly McPherson Charlotte Sharpe Marianne Smith Maro Speight Juniors Ramsey Brown lrobQt Fgtee Elizabeth Gay Jean Hornsby Jane Howle Sara Jackson Marilyn Jones Harr'et orman Bililefga Bi-ckles Martha Jane Roche Jane South Ve fm K Q4 Goons Gab Gaily ris Duke Anne Griggs Bobbie Locklin Barbara McClelland Eleanor Nettles Jean Owen wane Philliix ,Q Anne Rutland Bennie Wells Shaw Betty Ann Siedenspinner Betty Spann Anne Walker Jerry Wallace reshmen 1 Gillian Brzkszomb Harriet Brown Isabel Clark Anne Coker Anne Joiner Shirley Long celia Mig Efelyn McGill M Helen Maldrow Jeanne Pierce Allison Porter Phyllis Roberts Eleanor Speight Melba Stu a Jane Taylc? Tl A Firth Row: Beebe, Beveridge, Bolton, Branscomb, Brown, K., Brown, R .... Second Row: Carter, Carmichael, Clark, Duke, Gay, Gillespie . . . Third Row: Griggs, A,, Griggs, M., Flournoy, Hornsby, Howle, Jackson, J .... Fourth Row: Jackson, S., Jenkins, Joiner, Jones, Locklin, McCurdy . . . Fifth Row: McGill, Mathews, Nettles, Owen, Pierce, Rickles . . . Sixth Row: Roche, Rutland, Shaw, South, Smith, H., Smith, M .... Seventh Row: Spann, Speight, Studdard, Taylor, Walker, Wallace, Wood. C PSI CHAPTER With a talent for getting their names in the public eye, the Alpha Gams of first circle make a habit of walking off with beauty prizes and scholastic honors. No. l beauty-prize winner is dark eyed Ben- nie Wells Shaw, featured in the CORCLLA, who was the University candidate for Maid of Cotton. Alpha Goon big wheels are Bobbie Peacock, who wields the gavel for Zeta Phi Eta, Marilyn Jones, W. S. G. A., Mary Ellen Matthews, Janice Wood, and Helen Hodgson, S. G. A. But all this big wheeling doesn't crowd out the Goons' so- cial life. Anything but! They have an Annual Rose banquet, senior breakfast, and an autumn house dance. Since they don't believe in just feeding themselves, the Alpha Gams entertain annually with a faculty reception and tea. Besides all the other advantages this sorority has to offer, they've got their own Lauren Bacall, or at least Jackie Jackson a la convertible will do just as well. GOON GALS BOAST BENNlE'S BEAUTY, BWOC'S AND THEIR BACALL First Row: Allison, Anderson, Armand, Bush . . . Second Row: Cooper, Crain, Fuller, Gibson . . . Third Row: Going, Hinton, Jenkins, Liddell . . . Fourth Row: Manspeaker, Mapes, Mears, McCann, McGill . . . Fifth Row: McGuire, Pippin, Ridell, Russell, Gates . . . Sixth Row: Saunders, Spies, Strange, Whatley, Young. BETA MU CHAPTER A flock of songbirds are the Alpha Phis. They litted those throaty voices at stepsinging last spring, and, as a result, lifted the loving cup. This they placed on their mantel, which was already crowded with a collection ot sports trophies. The girls claim their house is dry-but we wonder, since it is known that several sisters are mem- bers of Swan Club, one ot whom, Betty Bart Saunders, is the swim- mers' scribbler. They take plenty ot time otf from their singing and sports, however, to give plenty of dances. Come spring, comes the Alpha Phi Wisteria Spring dance, come men. And these very pretty ladies have no trouble at all in overflowing the house with men and more men. Dorothy Armand, chapter prexy, is known about campus, as is Blacktriar member, Beryl McCann. SONGBIRDS OF THE CAMPUS, THE ALPHA PHIS CAN SWIM AND ACT TOO Page 300 i L P , Q - sv. v 'wflf 1 , , Q ffl :Qs A' PX, six is HA PH K ff X, K ix X 5 f Ov ty Q - we.-ii - ' -. 42155 'fEa:ia"-f' i J. ZX Facu liy ,S 2 Rosalie ggiiuebggrry Betty Herbeirisrff' Seniors Olga Anderson Julia Bush Grace Going Lorraine Jenkins Dot Liddell iw Tv' Betty rviierrigsailer Lenora Wea rs in ,xi lakig. BettyfBart Saunders Ruth Young Juniors Dot Armand -i Barbara,,Cooper w, Evelynfigrpiiii is 3" Barbara Fuller Jeanne Gates Jeanne Hinton Pollye McGuire Rhonda Russell Louise Stranger! J Sophomoafesifiq Mona Allison Virginia Gibson Beryl McCann Margaret McGiel Mary Mapes Sally Riddell WT, N Katy iillhatley fi- Freshmenllj Freda Bond Bettye Hannah Jeanne Rolls Martha Jane Saunders Alpha Phi Sing Session ALPH DELT M0 do AAA ,QA ZAT Faculty Helen Bosard Ida Crane Seniors Ju Sar Bridges Ke e ' 'QR Betsy Lin Ruth Vickery niors Eleanor Allen Katherine Andrew Annie Barnett Jean Dishman Joyce Farr Mildred Qbbeit Ag s'El'earan Carme Humes Betty Ann Patton Adine White Mildred Anne White Sophomores LoVerne Clemons Dale lkins Do hand fe P- Katharine Ann Hole Mary Jean Heath Catherine Irby Sylvia Mitchell Peggeanne Moore Melba Richardson Patsy Rucker Frances Split Clarigs, ran e Pat Taylor Juanita Weems Jeanne Zanger Freshmen Martha Havens Adelaide Horn Elaine Johpston Emily 'rite Joyce ligan Betty Nichols Mana Carl Smith Night Before Finals me xn 1 PM ZTA First Row: Allen, Andrew, Barnett, Bridges, Clemons . . . Second Row: Davis, Dish- man, Elkins, Farr, Forehand . . . Third Row: Gabbett, Hale, Havens, Hearon, Heath . . . Fourth Row: Humes, lrby, Johnston, Lindsay, Lynn . . . Fifth Row: Milligan, Mitchell, Moore, Nickols, Patton . . . Sixth Row: Richardson, Rucker, Smith, F., Smith, M., Strange . . . Seventh Row: Taylor, Vickery, White, A., White, M., Zanger. ALPHA Xl DELTA Founder's Day April l7, 1947, found Alpha Xi Delta all done up in pink roses and blue and gold decorations commemorating 54 proud years since their origination. The Alabama Cavaliers tur- nished the music tor a formal dance preceded by the annual banquet to top oft the celebration. l-lonoraries have a habit ot picking the girls who wear the quill. Kelvie Davis has been an active member ot Mortar Board this year serving as its secretary. Camille Humes was tapped tor Mortar Board this year, holding membership also in Sigma Delta Pi, Spanish honor- ary ancl Phi Upsilon Omicron, Home Economics honorary. Page 3Ol First Row: Atkins, Battiger, Benton, Branyon, Bumgardner, Cobb, Coons . . . Second Row: Dobbins, Dugger, Easter, Fillingem, Evans, Gladney, Glass . . . Third Row: Grizzard, Hamner, Harbin, Hardegree, Herzer, Hodges, Howell . . . Fourth Row: Huffstutler, Hunnicutt, Jaudan, E., Jaudon, M., Kay, Kendrick, Kirk . . . Fifth Row: Lee, Leslie,Lollar, Mathews, McDavicl, Murphree, Murphy . . . Sixth Row: Myer, P., Myer, R., Naiden, Newton, Orr, Perry, Powell . . . Seventh Row: Pratt, Price, Rey- nolds, Shaw, Vines, Wallace, Watts, E .... Eighth Row: Watts, J., Whatley, Wil- banks, Winfree, Witsell, Wright Yelton. NU BETA CHAPTER If Mr. Ripley were looking for rarities a Ia Bama, Chi Omega's recommend their lounge as the one and only at the Capstone-fa- mous for its bullsessions. Home of fourth estaters Nelle Lee, Ram Editor, and Sara Henry Reynolds, assistant Corolla editor, Chi O's boast both brains and beauty with such candidates as Jane Watts, who has been "Miss Alabama" for two years, Maxine Hamner, Secre- tary of Triangle, Margaret Sue Wallace, president of YWCA, and Peggy Myer of WSGA. The "X" with the horseshoe marks the spot where President Carolyn Easter and her tribe staged the famous "pin party" of rush week with all the fraternities scoring a pinning. Found- ed at the Capstone in IQQQ, rumor has it that Chi Omega has grown so much in the last 25 years that now a fellow with a yen for a tall date heads toward Sorority Circle and the sign of the horseshoe. PUBLICATION PEOPLE, BEAUTY AND BRAINS GO TO MAKE UP 'SHE AMIGO' SECOND CIRCLERS Page 302 HI OMEG Faculty Elizabeth Watts Miss E' fTRCarmichael Jane Watts ' Mis . oland Mary Anxgygwgaiey Mrs. Venable A. Lawsonq Frances 'ilbanks Q was Brown Yarbrough Graduate Oncy Yelfon Elizabeth Otts Law Sophomores Mad yn Gladney Claudene Fleming Nel e L69 Lila Jean Hodges Lila Jean Kirk Seniors Xan Lollar Jane Benton wean Mofhxsifl Mary Branyon ff, eggy poag CUVOIYP Easier YP' ! Martha Wright Maxine Hamner Emma Jean Herzer Annette Holiman Freshmen I Mart a Howell Jane Alkms MGAGQD Vid Barbara Batteger Mcriorie mm, -Mary A?e iiiigardner Jane Ellen Perry C3 ecmne Gia' Betty Jane Price fw Sue Coons Sara Henry Reynolds 'lean DOPPIPS, peggy Show Allie Faye Fullingem Margaret Sue Wallace Vlrglnlc Glass Mimi Winfree Jackie Harbin Ann Hardigree Juniors Elizabeth Hinton Jo Ann lark Betty Jean Hruifstutler Suigugggr H if Iylbrion Alntcikidmen Ch r otte Evans -its Emily Kay WF Evelyn Grizzard Farley Kendrick Priscilla Graham Jean Leslie Barbara Hunnicutt Anna Maxwell Elizabeth Jaudan Peggy Myer Jean Moughan Ruth Myer Marjorie Murphree Charlotte Noiden Milclyredybleuprton Peggy Pow POIIW?-Aifriidrr fsefg Mary Louis?-lllPri'3TtA Jeanene Vines 'eff Carolyn Witsell Chi O Beauties . . . Check Easter DELTA DELT DELTA Facultybxi 0- Helen Osborne Seniors Elise Ayers Margaret Burton Beth Cole Bettyqumorpening Carolyn vington Margaret Ensign Estelle Fernandez Katherine Gunn Lucille Kuykendoll Mary Frances Mahoffie Betty Rowe Mamnganlm Harriet mith Martha Stoney ilt ggy 41. Sophomores Kate Adplsm A 4 6 ian Albert 45 V! Janie Ballard Claire Beeny Mary Anne Bonney Betty Caldwell Jane Cason Anne Coker Lucy Finlgif -Q Joyce Lee Sharon Smith Jessie Anne Yarbrough Betty Ware Wyatt Freshmen Mary Tyson Williams Juniors Ann Aclcer Mary Farley Alston Cherry Austin Jean Barnes Grk Bkingame Stevie Goode Lucy Jean Holcombe Lynn Hurn Jean Johnston Winnie Murphree Sar Newton Heiea Ewa ifshl Mary Frances Stimpson Q 1 And Not a Man in Sight Martee Borner June Br orfl' Jerry ch Anne Evans Hallie Jones Lois Anne Jones Dot Joseph Rachel Kracke f'!.Anne OJNIQEJA Mary Paty P7 Betty Smith Dot Stone Julio Throckmortan Katherine Thweatt Alma Winn ZTA First Raw: Acker, Adkisson, Albert, Alston, Austin . . . Second Row: Borner, Barnes, Blasingame, Bryson, Cason . . . Third' Row: Coker, Corperring, Covington, Ensign, Fernandez . , . Fourth Row: Finley, Gunn, Holcomb, Hurn, Janes . . . Fifth Row: Joseph, Kracke, Kuykendall, Mahatfie, Murphree . . . Sixth Row: Newton, O'Neal, Rowe, Scales, Smith, B,, Smith, H .... Seventh Row: Smith, S., Stone, Throckmorton, Winn, Wyatt, Yarbrough. DELTA MU CHAPTER Try Delta and you'Il ily right according to the record of the clan from the first circle. The three triangles placed edge to edge have enough big Boasting wheels to make the pledges think they are real- ly in the stars. With tive Alpha Lambda Deltas to substantiate the brains claim, the Tri Delts have Grace Blasingame who was society editor ot the Crimson-White during the tall, and Betty Sue Corpening, president of the Pasteur Society, recorder at Gamma Sigma Epsilon, as well as the members ot I4 other societies and organizations. And yet they still tind time tor an annual VaIentine's dance, their tradi- tional Pansy breakiast tor the senicrs ot the tribe, and the famous Caitee Hour every Tuesday: Their pledge class makes it a iield day tor pledges in general with their party tor all the other pledges on campus. GEOMETRY AND PHYSICS TO THE OTHERWISE, THREE TRIANGLES STILL MAKE A WHEEL ' Page 303 First Row: Blatsios, C., Blatsios, I., Bowen, Brown . . . Second Row: Clark, Cobb, Crews, Eicholz . . . Third Row: Ellis, Gaddis, Gordy, Harris . . . Fourth Row: Her- mann, Holder, McCarley, McWilliams, Moser . . . Fifth Row: Peters, Price, Reiman, Stantield, Varn. BETA PSI CHAPTER The latest thing in the shape of sorority pins to arrive on the cam- pus is the gold anchor and white shield of Delta Gamma Sorority. First seen around the campus during the summer, the Beta Psi Pledge Colony spent the fall doing a successful rush in spite of no house, and finding a home to call their own. The chapter house angle was solved when the girls let their anchor down in the old Lodge. About midway down the winter quarter, the DeeGees took a couple of days off to get initiated and drop the "pledge colony" title. The first day featured the formal initiation ceremonies, followed by the clank of new actives' pins competing with the rustle of crinoline at a Planta- tion party installation banquet. Next day campus folks dropped around all day to match ribs and elbows, tipple coffee and tea, and wish the Delta Gams well at their reception. In the DeeGee B. VV. O. C. collecion are VV. S. G. A, prexy, Laura Ellis, also Mortar Board and Sigma Delta Pi, and number one Corolla beauty and Sigma Delta Pi-er .lean Bowen. Gavel gal for the house is Dot Herrmann who took over in the Winter from the first, Clare Barton. DELTA GAMMA ADDS ANCHOR AND SHIELD TO CAPSTONE GREEKS' SIGNS OF THE TIMES Page 304 DELT GAMMA M0 do AAA KA ZAT Seniors Margaret Banks Clare Barton Eloise gholz Laura I Betty G-my pi Helen McCarIey Mary McWilliams Margaret Price Gloria Reimann Juniors Christine BI ios .lean ovilrgilw Margo et Cook Mary Helen Gaddis Dorothy Herrmann Betty Holder Leslie Tibbitts Sophomg s ShirIeifB4,g,Nn Dorothy Harris Claire Moser Ida Marie Peters Marion Stanfield Helen Varn Freshmen I F Iona mths .loan Clark Nellie Cobb Louise Crews Geraldine Donovan Catherine Hartley Martee Kidrick Marywce Lindsey Jeanne Moses Frances McCormick we xo as PM Z TA Beegee Leads Deegee Crooning DELTA ZETA H-mi-vi l a x'.fii..,c! ' lgxz. If Graduate Frogekgps Seniors 4 4 Mary Paul Barclifl Carolyn Beaird Peal Graham Jul' H ley Peghgyewes Janie Little Sue McCarter Mae Moore Dorothy Shores Minelle Thomason Roberta Wltiteside Sar J Wri ht A 21 Li' Juniors Betty Jo Bryson Mary Ella Buettiner Kathryn Harrison Dorothy Heathcock Frances Locke Judy McKinney cwlybsmnh Mary Marvin Sproles Martha Whetstone Sophomores Mary Ellen Allison Ruby Bell gb V! Qin KK Laiabnq-Beiderman 9+ Dora Ann DaLee No Regard for Waistlines Connie Freund Cornelia Kea Kathenh rmam Ditxflary Ann Gullidge V Alta Jean Hancock Mary King Carolyn Koeppel Bebe Lewis Margaret Locke Carmen McCoy Martha Xtnfatersoit Annie Ruth Vaughn eshman Jackie Baird Mary Nell Belts Barbara Budges Beverly Bnfdcley Olive DESK Catherine Everidge Mariado Gardner Joyce Horton Betty Jackson Mary Emily Lawley c. J. Loclgfh A Emma F. Katherine Miller Dorothy Moore Catherine Reling Sue Stokes Dorothy Thomason Joyce NYM Betty Jean mlgton First Row: Allison, Baird, Barclitt, Beaird, Bell, Betts . . . Second Row: Biedermann, Bridges, Bryson, Buckley, Buettner, Da Lee . . . Third Row: Dees, Freund, Gardner, Grace, Graham, K., Graham, P .... Fourth Row: Gulledge, Hancock, Harrison, Hol- ley, Jackson, King . . . Fifth Row: Lawly, Lewis, Locke, F., Locke, M., McCarter, McCoy . . . Sixth Row: McKinney, McRae, Patterson, Reling, Shores, Smith . . . Seventh Row: Sproles, Vaughan, Whetstone, White, Wharton, Wright. ALPHA GAMMA CHAPTER lt's no wonder that the Delta Zeta's won tirst place among the sororities for the Homecoming decorations, what with not just one Alladin's lamp, but one tor every girl in the house. No idea-lust vvish and bingo! There it is . . . "Every Dog Has His Day" especially the Miss State Bulldog who had the honor to be placed in a freshly dug grave along with the other victims at Alabama's Crimson Tide. Although they're commonly known as the "Dizzies," they tell you they've been living in a "pink cloud" this year. They tcund that a new paint job on the living room was enough to provide the spark tor big wheels Carolyn Beard, panhellenic prexy and Judy Holley at the Crimson-White. And it you don't think Alladin's the ruler in this roost, just take into account the tact they went oriental during rush week with an Arabian party-Allodin's lamp and all. ALADDIN TURNS THE LAMPLIGHT ON FOR 'DIZZIES' TO HAVE THEIR DAY AT HOMECOMING Page 305 First Row: Adams, Anderson, Ashe, Black, Bradford, Brooks . . . Second Row: Brum- mel, Butler, Campbell, Carr, Cobb, Currie , . . Third Row: DeBardeleben, DeRamus, DeVere, Dickson, Faulk, Ford . . . Fourth Row: Gallalee, Gresham, Hybart, Jones, Key, Lamar . . . Fifth Row: Martin, E., Martin, J., Mudd, Murphree, Partlow, Phillips . . . Sixth Rox: Richardson, Riddick, Riley, Ryan, Sessions, Shumaker, Stewart . . . Seventh Row: Taylor, Thigpen, Vaden, Weaver, Wilds, Williams, Wright. ZETA CHAPTER One, two, three, tour. Count 'em. All ot them, Betty Carr, llouise Partlow, the Camilles, Wright and Maxwell, all singled out by the nation-wide college Who's Who, and all of them local supporters ot the K. D. diamond. Add to that two misses, Martha Dixon and Reta Anderson who were selected tor their second straight year to appear in the COROLLA as top beauties. It that isn't enough look a little further and tind Phi Beta Kappa following the names ot Cynthia Ford and Freddie Richardson, and Triangle treasurer in the signature ot Sara Ford. Add also Kitty Brooks, Y Cabinet, and Mortar Board tor llouise. Musically speaking the girls do all right with Dot Phillips expertly fiddling around at her own recital, and Ann Brummel being lyrically sopranoish in the Messiah and as Margarita in the campus version ot the operatta Faust. Bettye Murphree throws her weight around over this aggregation of brains, beauty and talent as presi- dent. Partying is done with house dances in honor of various talks, and iust tor the fun of it, and a slue ot stag banquets, also iust tor the fun of it. KAPPA DOODLE SORORITY HOUSE IS RlFE WITH WHO'S WHO'ERS AND CAMPUS BEAUTIES 'Pls it Graduate K PP Faculty Miss Elizabeth Coleman Mrs Hayden Margaret Gresham Kitty Jenkins Seniors Algie Ashe Francesjeeland Betty Peggy Cobb Eleanor Currie Martha Neal Key llouise Partlow Freddie Richardson Jeane Shepard P ild Junsolg A Charlotte Bickley Miriam Black Kitty Brooks Ann Brummell Mary Butler Winnie Campbell Mary Lib Cooper Jewel de ardeleben Marllizx Econ Jean Faulk Sarah Frances Ford Florence Hails Virginia l-lybart Mary Lamar Janiegamff Sara Martin Betty Murphree Melville Neilson Dot Phillips 2?- Ci GF K' W oil' A 375. H 'farv' 45. : wi if 4 f 9 ,fwfr Fr if 2'- QNRA s- ki DELT Marion Pitts Jane Reid Alice Rigger? B Jean Ri ey ffl argaret Sessions Mary Jane Slator' Betty Staples Nancy Sutherland Florence Taylor Martha Thigpen Elizabeth ave if if E Syczphomores I N -A fe Ann Adams Reta Anderson Ma ry George Jimmerso Sara Jones Sara Stokes Sara Ann Stewart Barbara Betty Waltower Libba Woodson eshmen Mary Austil Margaret Bickley Carolyn Bradggifgzl K'lhryn DeVe'fe', ' Dat Daremus AW Carolyn Doyle Lua Gallillee Eillen Martin Ann Mudd Jean Murray 3 .,. ,F I rw Qlfleanor Ryaaf, A fc, Emma Shumaker Lynn Williams Sally Watkins Wood "Drink to Kappa Delta" KAPP K PPA GAMM Faculty Dr. Miriarr1wLack Mrs. 'Dadnafd A. Ramsdell F. Mrs. Melvin E. Valk A. Seniors Patsy Boggess Mary Anne Clements Alice Crosstield Mary Elizabeth Jones Sarah Jane Moss Annie Laurie Ragsdale, l 'IJ 'U Burton Smith Dorothy Sutherland Juniors Betty Blake' Fr Janet Darling I Anne Davis U Pat Graham Virginia Gray Martha Lane Hepson Caroline Howard Margaret McMillan slimy aneqi Betty Rutland Lucy Whiteside Kay Wilhoit Betty Wisdom Sophomores Lucy Banks Mary Elizabeth Bayer When Mama G's Away Lottie lvy Carter Anne Cassell Lenoro Dempsey Charlotte Eros Mary Luella Foley Marilyn Gill Jane Hain Anne Mclnnis Pat McKnight Joy Pearson- , Jane Porter Anne Ramsdale Mary Scott Abbie Wendell eshmen Mary Ellenlfglackwood Pat Brannon .Joyce Green Annie Kerr Annie Cary Lee Fat Lightfoot Anne Lutz Mary Edward Page Virginia Rychner Sally Sherrill Polly Stevens Corrine Walker Hope Whiteside Louise Williams .:1,s:'-:,.-:iv - fs 'Q' i r. t at J P, 1- Q P First Row: Bayer, Blake, Boggess, Brannon, Carter, Cassell . . . Second Rc Clements, Crossfield, Darling, Davis, Dempsey, Eros . . . Third Row: Foley, Gaslf Gray, Green, Hain, Hebson . . . Fourth Row: Howard Jones, Kerr, Lightfoot, L Lutz . . . Fitth Row: Mclnnis, McKnight, Moss, O'Neal Pearson, Ragsdale . Sixth Row: Rutland, Rychener, Sherrill, Smith, Stevens, Sutherland . . . Seventh Rc Webb, Walker, Wendell, Whiteside, Williams, Wisdom GAMMA Pl CHAPTER Bright new spot in the Key clan's cuppard is a little gold trop that says Mama G's girls can chug-a-lug cakes quicker, ride pigg back taster, eat rawer crackers, and tap more milk through a nipl: than any other Capstone sorority. Ct course it also says that t Sigma Chis have chosen Mary Louella Foley as their 1946-47 swe heart. With beauty as a Kappa tradition, there's Pat Brannon of t top CQROLLA beauty Brannons to keep the clan in the limelig When not in training for the derbies, the Kappas have lots ot til tor flinging a shindig and mixing in campus strategies. They play in the Fall at a 75th Founders Day doings, in the Winter with a hom dance and in the Spring with another house dance and the anni picnic. In between they toasted the faculty, entertained at a p vince convention and went to see a new chapter opened in Mis: sippi. Chapter prexy, Annie Laurie Ragsdale and Mary Lib Joi are Triangle members with Mary Lib acting as vice-president of ' group. Lucy Banks is Panhell treasurer, Alice Crosstield presic over the Alabama Home Ec Schools' convention and, last but 1 least, Sarah Jane Moss is a diplomaed Mortar Boardian. KAPPAS CLEANED HOUSE AT SIGMA CHI DERE PLAYED HOSTESS TO SISTER CHAPTERS FirsT Row: Anders, Ashburn, Baber, Box, Burns . . . Second Row: Cannon, Carroll, Cayley, Clark, CluThe . . . Third Row: Curry, Daugeffe, Gross, Harland, B., Har- lancl, C ..., Fourth Row: Harrison, Johns, Kahrs, KanTz, Kirby . . . FifTh Row: Liles Loveland, Lyson, Maxwell, Maxley . . . Sixth Row: McGee, Mundy, Neville, Nor- man, Phillips, RainwaTer . . . Sevenih Row: Shealey, S'erne, Townley, Walmsley, WhiTeside, Wilson. ALPHA ZETA CHAPTER Should They ever lose ThaT healThy, hearTy look or Their ap- peTiTes Tor The marvelous Tocd Their house is noTed Tor, The Phi Moos are well siTuaTed, being only a few crawls away from The UniversiTy infirmary. BUT, as Things sTand now, These gals clon'T need a Thing. BeauTies, brains, and I3MOC's-They've goT 'em all. Four Triangle members call The Phi Mu house home, among Them MarTha Tcwnley, who is also sflrefary of ZeTa Phi ETa. Mary l"Tricl4les"l Norman, carrying an in The place of Apperson, served as R. O. T. C. sponsor, and MargareT Kirby is presidenT of Treshman Y. W. C. A. The lisT oT Phi Mu noTables wouldn'T be compleTe, however, wiThouT scrawling in The name of Kry Kahrs, radio enThusiasT and publicaTions wriTer. Phi Mus wine and dine aT senior, alumnae, and Founders' Day ban- queTs, house dances, and a spring house parTy. NOT ONLY BEAUTEOUS, BRAINY BWOC'S, BUT PHI MUS HAVE-ABOVE ALL-GOOD FOOD TOO Page 308 PHI siliffliilivi afm., f- xfs,.gQ.:5' Faculiy Winifred Snow Seniors Gwendolyn Anders PaTricia Curry Ellen Daugette Mary Dxennard Louiserlidizgson HarrieTTe Kahrs Roslyn McGee Gladys Moxley Marian Norman Augu P nfecosl K Mary AligR5l'l'rwaTer 'ire ff? , Sophomores Carolyn Ashburn June Baberw :E fn iii SP9 Lelia Hgrlilalid Wi Q Zbaquilin Johns Mary J. KanTz Mary Knight Jean Loveland Dolly Lileiy 1 .3 5 Zi? BeTTy Mailcxivealilfz Mignon Mundy Elsie Tyson Katherine Walmsley Freshmen A Delee Sterne fi? Carolyn grave' Martha Townley Juniors Valerie Carroll Barbara ayley PaTTylfX. glam Delores Gross Caroly Harland Carolyn LesTer Elizaigmv Nezyjlle Annehecglmmons Edwina WhiTeside Mary Wilson O HarrieT Burns Ann Connon Barbara CluThe L bb Dunqan e Y My 1- is T s iff, lqMargareT JI i Ann l.aTTure Emmalyn Murphree Sara Philips MarTha J. Shealey Carolyrrgagluygt Sue WaTkins E Check Those Rush Week Grins 53 IC-EMA DELT TAU ll ,,. Graduatg Jean Ruihqexp Seniors Barbara Engel fl Junice Green Juniors X , 5- f Sylvia fide Hart ,Cx 1 Rosalie Kaplan Mitzi Marlowe f,-j 'I X Maxine Oppleman Rl QL Sally Rabin , -My :N if Lois Schloss' .- Enid Silvern Freshmen Elaine Becker Joanne Efron Ti fN . - L 'M' .lackiQ'Galdst'bn Phyllis Goodman Phoebe Mayer Rita Rittenbawn 5 , Joyce Roseyngarten L la Joan lmehiger Midnight Mutterings First Row: Becker, Dresner, Efron, Engel . . . Second Row: Golston, Goodman, Hart, Kaplan . . . Third Row: Leavett, London, Mayer, Nirenberg , . . Fourth Row: Opple- man, Paris, Robin, Rittenbawn, Rosengarten . . . Fifth Row: Silvern, Spandorfar, Teweles, Tillinger, Weiskopf. RHO CHAPTER Right from the year's beginning the Sigma Delta Tous did things differently. Why, when Luke the Spook was hitting the other houses just for cash, jewelry and stuff, he drove up to the Sig Delts' and lifted all of the furniture. When it came around to partying, well the chapter went hog wild with novel ideas. ln the fall they literally said "notes to you", and to each other, and got the guys alive for a little jump and jive around the hive ilicentiously poeticl with very groovy house decorations for a Music Box dance. The merry-making spirit popped out again with 830 Tenth Street masquerading as a circus, with peanuts, popcorn, pink lemon ade and other boardwalk goodies to work on between dances. Of course the year's last fling was another big novelty dance. Sedateness set in at Homecoming when they acted just like other people and at the pledge sponsored Founder's Day banquet. Wheel in the house is Lois Schloss who took over the job from Barbara Engel, Lois is also a campuscog doing chores in Y. W, cabinet and Triangle. Other important Sigma Deltas are A. E. Rho's .lean Nirenberg and Audrey Weiskopf. 'HOUSE DANCE? NAW, LET'S DO 'SOMETHING DlFFERENT.' AND THEY DID TOO! Page 305 First Row: Bartee, Bean, Begley, Bingaman . . . Second Row: Browne, Ferris, Flowers, Larson . . . Third Row: Lund, Mitchell, Morse, Murff . . . Fourth Row: Newman, Quarles, Ramsey, Reeves . . . Fifth Row: Reid, Rosser, Sharpe, Thomas, Whaley. ALPHA ALPHA CHAPTER A course due south-southeast from your favorite booth in the Supe store will lead eventually to the home of Alpha Alpha chapter of Theta Upsilon where "Mama" Stacey holds forth. For rush week their Colonial Place home was converted into an acquarium as the Theta U's vamped their freshmen prospects with a Davy Jones party in which the girls imitated various denizens of the deep. An inven- tory of the house furniture shows one table missing, a casualty from a blazing paper Hallowe'en pumpkin. Theta U extracurric activities this year varied from copping first place in the Sigma Chi Derby egg and spoon race, modelling Louis Weisel ensembles at a fashion party, painting all the rooms in the house, to dancing gaily to the strains of the Cavaliers at their annual Christmas house dance. Of the Theta U tribe, BRN claims President Margaret Lund cmd Frances Reid. The Helens Newman and Sharpe are both Alpha Lambda Delts, while Rose Frances Harvey and Terry Begley appear on the Newman club roster. EGGS, SPOONS, FISH AND BLAZING PUMPKINS- THAT'S WHAT THETA U LIFE IS MADE OF Page 310 THETA uPsiLo ,. -X . JEF F 1' x-If ul' N569 Faculty Mrs. T1 Gordon Carlson Mrs. Paul Hummell 6 ,Af WW Miss Emmet Lewis fifir., L Mrs. H. C. Pannell ps M ith Q Seniors 'Def Ibys Flowers Rose Frances Harvey Kathleen Murff Helen Newman 'Fwy Juniors ' iff W Teresa Begley Marion Joanne Bingamanv 1 A Frances Browaex Qi Q Mary Larstfng fin ' Margargtf-Lund Rebecca Ramsey - Frances Reid Helen Sharpe A Q Martha Ann Smith 1,3 A, W L1Sophomores in Neta B I Gloriaionsfebf EAD W Lorraine Ferris LaVoda Ford Mary Jean Lackey Carolyn Mitchell Doris Reeves Mariorie Thomas Laura Whaley T Freshmen r Helen Bartee Janet Champoyne Adele Cooke Christine Morse Gwendolyn Price Jane Quarles T ' Gerry Roberts ! ,lOyCE ii' 21 Wee Hour Session Q vm ZETA TAU LPHA Faculty Margaret M. Davis Medicinpe .V I renen.!1,ol'inson Emily Hayes Seniors Dorothy Allen Barbara Bolan Virginia Deason Sue Qamqblin Jeanne Greenway Grace Hargrove Dorothy Hury Carolyn Smith Kyle Marion James Josephine Lee Janice McLean Gloria Paul Marion Sankey LaurdlJego Scott DortB"Anfrvd Sgbmblin Betty Townsend Carolyn Trawick Betty Stringtellow Juniors Betty Borom Martha Edd Chisenhall Ann Christopher Nan Christopher 5. by J. ""s. ll ' Q, 3 """t.' 0 3 E61 Tv" Flu" -co -T,-' -4 5 .. .,. .4 , -it .fl .,, Z o - .. 3- a I a -t 2. nz I -4 3- -I o ui 3' an A 'I -X .." Ma rylBFrd'n'c'es Cunningham' ' Jane Huggin Peggy Lee Lee Pearce Jean Sellers Imogene Pierce Dorothy Thorne Joy Williamsh "P gg 1 is . my x ,W Jean Wilson Mary Joe Spencer Sophomores , A Amanda Armor Jane Brown .'lBarbara Campbell Katherine Collins Jean Cribbins Flora Mae Davis Cecil Dawkins Margery Egge Sara Haden Betty Jean Hall V -.Annette Hooper. i"Mary Kernachan Mary Louise Lovell Patricia Prickett Pamie Russell Margaret Stickney Betty Lone Till Virginia Watson Jacqueline Wilson l ' Freshmen Sally Allen Bobbie Jean Cook Carolyn Cunningham Jane Henry Maria Inge Jennie Lou Jackson .Betty McComos Louise McMurray Betty Mitchell Elizabeth Pow Elizabeth Relte Dorothy Sellers Betty Smith Eleanor Tobias Mary Emily Wiginton -' 4 .' . 'Q 'vt --1 r Auf "Did He Shoot Me a Line!" First Raw: Allen, Anderson, Bolan, Bororn, Brown, Campbell . . . Second Row: Christo- pher, A., Christopher, N., Cook, Cribbens, Cunningham, C., Cunningham, M. . . . Third' Row: Davis, Dawkins, Deason, Egge, Gamblin, Greenway . . . Fourth Row: Haden, Hall, Hargrove, Hooper, Huggin, Hury . . . Fifth Row: Inge, Jackson, James, Kyle, Lee, J., Lee, P .... Sixth Row: McComas, McLean, McMurray, Paul, Pierce, Pow, Russell . . . Seventh Row: Sellers, Shamblin, D., Shamblin, M., Smith, Spencer, Stickney, Stringfellow . . . Eighth Row: Thrasher, Till, Tobias, Trawick, Watson, Wiginton, Wilson. NU CHAPTER Second Circle's colonial styled manse turns out a bevy at women who consistently corner the nicer noteriety brackets on Bama's "Oh, so she's---" lists. The Zeta Tau Alphas have been at it again this year. There is Pamie Russell, COROLLA beauty anal Ipana-wise member ot the Homecoming Court, and Babs Harris, another cheer- some brunette lovely. Both gals scored double ringers on third tinger lett hand this year. Keen-wits won Phi Beta Kappa notice for Doris Ann Shamblin and Dorothy Allen. Doris is seen around W. S. O. A., Mortar Board and Alpha Epsilon Delta meetings, while Who's Who-er Allen presides over Triangle. Grace Hargrave is Triangle's treasurer and the Home Ec Seniors' secretary. Other ZTA execs are Triangle-ite and Swan Clubber Marion James, Terpiscora prexy, Jean Cribbins, Home Ec sophomore power and Barbara Bolan, BRN gaveller and Triangle light. Janice McLean finds time for Phi Chi Theta and- Triangle. Current house ruler is Sister Lovell. ZTA SORORITY BOASTS BLONDE AND BRUNETTE BWOC'S, BOTH BEAUTIFUL AND BRAINY X. N.- A--fr. fp'-. mx- 52'-G' f 1 fa 1 ' 2, .22 ff ,f uf. in 271: X ,'A I I -vw., www ., II ' ,Ia Www I Qcbywg--'. ,,g,s , U 'f5z5,v.:41'. 59- q,f,,:,,gebr32., was .,.,, I K my .1-we-e,.. www - 'T Y - " 5" '::-N-"YM ,.-?'s:s .35 X ,f.Gc:52z? fJ1:mg4 A 1a:Xf1fs,32 545 , ,?f?ff ,.,' ' 'Q QQ..-f,s4,1,L: -, wwf, sr, .- n .5 1 F ffl? ' vii R' , Av 'Mm Wg--.. Lk ,, i ""w:3f,,,, Q.. ,. ,wif . 1' .K wi Vffk. vf l s' S, M, E.,-f W- ,P wwyy .. ,4. 1 W-,f I A f 'f A -. ,fgM 1, F! , X B E E K E Sefecfd like geanizeef Slender, smiling "Texas" Benelce, leader ol one of the most popular bands in America, sounded apologetic as he handed back his selections for the i947 COROLLA beauty selections. "I have re-arranged my selections dozens of times and l wish there was some vvay you could make them all number one. They were all so outstanding and beautiful that it doesn't seem lair to put any one before the rest. l'm sure you'll agree that the University of Alabama has not one, but a host ol beautiful women!" Beneke has taken over the band formerly directed by the ever- popular Glenn Miller and chose this yeor's beauties in person while appearing in Birmingham We ioin "Tex" in saying that the University has not one, but a host of beautiful women! 1' x+ .1f 71 4 ,q- ,f ff fff, If + iff AY Y fo f' Y I ge I., ,..,,V Q ay W' Th " Q, qg::1V1..:,..-WV gf? f ,, 4: ff . .1n.a':f,'- x Mm 3 x -A v X! ,.,,NzQ A g-ws - N MW' L fi , 9+ v. 5f,7a5'i9g?Q ,Q I a f am. .- 22 . fwyfm ig my X , ws, Y' u 25' f ff, lf 'ff iff 1' 4 i' -5+ 1. 41: ir +,f+f"4+: 'KW- 4 14 ik x i if M 5k 4 if 3 1 wr 1+ i A f 4' f t -A' t if ff " if ,p irirla 'Y A' 'af iff if 4 -5 if 4 tiff +,,+W+: k-k if ,+., A N. . NAI Wg 4 ,K 'K 4141 H if 14' ,QV 'K 4' If ,fi 1+ if-L AY ' f 1 4 'k ,K+ rg 'ff gi 4-k -4 :L My ' Q3 '21, . ff 3 ,db 7-9 , if A 2 Q 4 o ff M Af 5 1 ' X?- ,Q ' ,fa-v A ' +:2e::E::-222525 2 xg -. , x f " ,Nw-4 1 .JL if-VA " :. ,K-"J ',,- Is' I I I I UK.-4. J,-Q 1.1, MARILYN KLYCE 7ke RITE ANN JOINER SARAH NEWTON ELEANOR MQDOWELL AV MAE MOORE JAN E VVATTS 723 SIS VVADSVVORTH PAMIE RUSSELL Q- -f N10 1, , .MMMM4 5 if EA 5, 2 'I ,, . J 5 - t it PHI BET PP BRILLIANT B.M.O.C.'S AND B.W.O.C.'S IN ARTS AND SCIENCES December, I776, not quite a half year after a Phila- delphia meeting hall rang with the American spirit of things to come, the halls of already venerable Wil- liam and Mary sounded with the keynote of America's college fraternity system. Phi Beta Kappa, originally social in aspect, turned through the years to the rec- ognition of outstanding scholarship, leadership and character. Today as the pinnacle of the A. B. schools, the classic simplicity of a Phi Beta Kappa key graces only those students who have scored a 2.5 for T44 hours of A. 81 S. work and have stood out in the many other aspects of college life. At the Capstone as in the nation, Phi Beta Kappa is the oldest, with Alpha of Alabama organizing in I85l as twelfth in the na- tional order of founding. OFFICERS DR. JULIAN D. MANCILL . . . . . . . . President PROF. WILLIAM E. KIMBROUGH, JR. . . Vice President DEAN WILLIAM F. ADAMS . . , . Secretary PROF. JEROME W. SCHWEITZER . . Treasurer . PROF. ALLEN J. GOING . . Archives MEMBERS Faculty Dr. W. Stanley Hoole Mrs. Ira B. Moody Prof. C. Beaumont Wicks Dean Ralph E. Adams Dean William F. Adams Miss Margaret Alexander Dean Lee Bidgood Mrs. Peter Brownback Mrs. Wanda Detlie Cade Miss Elizabeth Coleman Prof. Wade Coleman Prof. R. W. Cowart Dr. John C. Dawson Dr. James F. Doster Prof. Brooks Forehand Dr. John M. Gallalee Dr. S. Paul Garner Prof. Allen J. Going Prof. William T. Going Dr. Stuart Graves Dean Agnes E. Harris Prof. M. Leigh Harrison Dean William M. Hepburn Dean Marten ten Hoor Dr. Shaler C. Houser Mrs. W. K. E. James Dr. George B. Johnston Dr. Robert E. Jones Prof. William E. Kimbrou Prof. Chester H. Knight Dr. George Lang Dr. Albert Lepawsky Dr. Fred A. Lewis Mrs. G. K. Little Dr. Robert I. Little Mrs. Annette W. Lloyd Dean Stewart J. Lloyd Dr. Miriam Locke Prof. John Luskin Dean John R. McLure Dr. Julian D. Mancill Dr. Roscoe C. Martin Dr. Jack P. Montgomery Deon A. B. Moore Miss Margaret Moorer Dr. Burton R. Morley Dr. Alton O'Steen Dr. Johnstone Parr gh, Jr. Dr. Raymond R. Paty Mr. William E. Pickens, Jr. Dr. John F. Ramsey Prof. J. B. Rippere Mrs. Eric Rodgers Prof. Jerome W. Schweitzer Prof. George Pope Shannon Mr. Jonas Spiro, Jr. Prof. E. Hudson Strode Prof. Charles Summersell Dr. Paul W. Terry Dr, Alfred B. Thomas Dean R. E. Tidwell Prof. Marcus Whitman Mrs. Melvin Valk Page 330 Prof. C. E. Williams Prof. B. A. Wooten Students Dorothy Bellinger Allen Emily C. Bass Sara C. Brennen Mary Irene Casmus Claude L. Dahmer, Jr. Mary Elizabeth Deems Mary Frances Edwards Henry T. Fitzpatrick Elizabeth Jane Freret Leoniclos Monroe Jones William Ulma McDonald, Jr George Blue Penton Lawrence Drew Redclen Frederick A. Maxwell Richardson Margaret Jemison Shackelford Doris Anne Shamblin Arthur James Simon BET MA IGMA COMMERCE FILLS ITS FOLD WITH Third building down from the Supe store stoplight is the School of Commerce and home of a top na- tional honorary group, Beta Gamma Sigma. Born in the wintery climes at Wisconsin in 1907, Alpha ot Alabama blew onto the campus with a March wind in i93i. Since then, it has done a flourishing business MINDS AND EXECUTIVE TALENT on the sunnyside at the Capstone stimulating and recognizing exceptional scholarship, leadership and character among Commerce men and women. Mem- bership in Beta Gamma, is limited to not more than tO per cent of the Senior class, ot which total, the Juniors can claim no more than 3 per cent membership. MEMBERS Faculty Ralph E. Adams Edward H. Anderson Lee Bidgaod Harry D. Bonham Herman H. Chapman William C. Flewellen, Jr. Bruce Futhey S. Paul Garner Langston T. Hawley James Halladay Chester H. Knight Morris Clinton McGee Ruth Y. Moorer Burton R. Morley Duncan W. Murphy Leroy J. Nations William E. Pickens Marcus Whitman Honorary Sam F. Clabnugh Donald Comer William J. Christian Thomas W. Martin Gordon D. Palmer Students Paul W. Brock Maurice F. Kahlmus Venizelos G. Pappas Joe L. Payne Mary Lynn Starnes Page 331 Seated: Hugh Macauley, Dick Coffee, Jerry Gwin, Sam Cleveland, Furniss Johnson, Neil Metcalf, Frank . Eddens . . . Standing: Charles Small, Charles McBurney, Snaders Hardy, Bill Gray, John Hatcher, David Cowden, Theo Mitchelson, Harold Anthony, James Van Hoose, Fred Waller, Buddy Cleveland, H. G. Car- ter, Charles Griffin. LAB MA ETERA S COLLEGEDOM'S FIRST VET .GROUP QUIETLY BRISTLES WITH VIM, VIGOR, VITALITY While lots of energy evaporates in the pre-crystaI- ization ballyhoos of solutions to the veteran's various plights, the University's ex-men-of-war quietly try to do something about those of the school-going variety. Using service learned methods of group achievement, the Alabama Veterans' Association has currently sparked the dollar-stretching Cooperative Store and the dollar-finding student employment bureau. In the past they have plugged for better quarters for the 90 per vets, successfully sought reductions in the three- a-day tariffs, and for the unexpected pinches estab- lished a Ioan fund. With Operations: Opening, in I943, the Association takes title to the nation's first college vet group. From a handful of high-points-in- a-hurry men it has grown to today's mark near the l,OOO point. OFFICERS SAM CLEVELAND . . . . . . President JERRY GWIN . . . Vice-President FURNISS JOHNSON . . Secretary J. D. CARROLL . . Treasurer Page 332 FirsT Row: Ann Griggs, Katherine Metzger, Betty Duke, Jane Cason, Sara Jones, Mary Ann Bonney, . . . Second Row: Joan Coulietfe, Louise Wallace, Julia Hart, Leona Dornseif, Willita Skelton, Joyce Jackson, Lela Lewis FRESHMEN GIRLS CAN THANK ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA FOR THEIR LIBRARY STUDY HALL For The feminine members of The freshman class who hiT The books enough, polish The apples enough, and cram for exams enough To make The grades Tally up To 2.5 for Two of Their firsT Three quarTers aT The Cap- sTone, Alpha Lambda DelTa is waiTing as Their recog- nifion. Founded aT Bama in T930 To encourage good scholarship among women in The freshman class, The group sponsors a sTudy hall in an appoinTed room in The library where freshmen may come To sTudy wiThouT giving up one of Their coveTecI daTe nighfs. AT The end of The fall quarTer, The acTives of The organizaTion enTerTain The aspiranfs To The group, Those of The fem- inine half of The freshman class who made 2.5 for ThaT quarTer wiTh a Tea. Headed by Jane Cason This year, Miss ElizabeTh Coleman serves as The faculTy adviser. OFFICERS JANE CASON . . . .... . . Presidenf KATHERINE METZGER . . Vice-PresidenT BETTY DUKE . . . . . Secrefary SARA JONES . . . Treasurer MEMBERS Ann Adams Alice Mooney Anfhony EsTer'Bain ' Mildred BeThea Mary Ann Bonney Gillian Branscomb BeTTy Joe Cashion PaTsy Conlan Jane Cason Joan CouIlieTTe Mary ElizabeTh Dubourg BeTTy Duke Ellen Elliot Helen ForsyTh Virginia Glass Ann Griggs Julia Har'T Frances HarTman RosiTa Holcombe Sara Jones Lela Lewis Marion MacKenzie Vera McAllister PaT McKnight Page Katherine MeTzger AnneTTe Morgan BeTTy Jean Nichols DOT Ramey Ann Ramsdell Willifa Skelfon Evelyn Stone MarTha Thomason Louise Wallace Juanifa Weems MarTha Whife 333 First Row: Elizabeth Newell, Barbara Cooper, Linda Simpson, Sara Martin . . . Second Row: Alice Murphy, Fredericka Richardson, Mrs. Jennie M. Howard, Bill Hill, Rev. DuBose Murphy, Dr. Burke Johnston . . . Third Row: Ross Robinson, James Quinn, Joe Bethany, Margaret Cook . . . Fourth Row: George Powers, Virginia Hybart, Leonard Murphy, Robert Snow, Maurice Duncan, Frank Hausman, Frank Mathews, Lou Adams, Karl Tyres, Sam Wycoff. FOSTER HOUSE IS SCENE OF MANY EPISCOPALIAN SPIRITUAL AND SOCIAL DOINGS The Canterbury Club is one of a national group which serves Episcopal students on the University cam- pus. On Thomas street is located the center of activi- ty, the Foster house, which serves as a meeting place welcoming all students, Campus attention has been turned toward the Foster house for its Student Forum at 7:30 each Sunday evening. Discussing problems of the world and the church's part in solving them the group has not only had speeches by faculty members, but has brought outside speakers to the campus to enlarge upon their subjects. Monday and Thursday afternoons from 4 to 6 the Foster house is the scene of an open-house coffee hour to which all students have a standing invitation. Bill Hill presides as presi- dent of the Canterbury Club. The Reverend DuBose Murphy is the rector. OFFICERS AND COUNCIL MEMBERS BILL HILL ..... FREDDIE RICHARDSON . . JAMES QUINN . , , ALICE MURPHY .... DR. BURKE JOHNSTON . . MRS. JENNIE M. HOWARD . REV. DUBOSE MURPHY . . . . . . . . .President . Vice-President , . Secretary . . . Treasurer . Faculty Advisor . . . Director . Rector 'COUNCIL ROSE ROBINSON MARGARET COOK JOE BETHANY MAURICE DUNCAN S. STRUDWICK NORVELL Page 334 CAPSTONE'S STUDENT GROUP PLAYS HOST TO 3-DAY PROVINCE MEETING HERE Sponsored by Rev. Michael Mulvoy, the Newman Club seeks to enlarge the Catholic students' spiritual, educational, and social life. These aims are realized in the full utilization of the club's own chapel, St. Francis, and home. Activities such as bi-monthly busi- ness meetings, Sunday morning religious discussions, buffet suppers, Communion breakfasts, nightly coffee hours, and informal socials accomplish the club's pur- poses. A member of the Gulf State Province of the Federation of Catholic Clubs, Newmanites locally en- tertained the Gulf Province at the annual meeting. The Fall conclave included the annual Newman Dance and a banquet in honor of the visitors. Other activi- ties include the Newman Choir which assists in the Benediction services at the Student Chapel. Mrs. Olivia Massa supervises the clubhouse which is open daily from II A. M. until IO:3O P. M. OFFICERS DICK OLIVER . . . MORT ROESNER . FRANK SCONZO . . HARRY GOGAN . ED UNDERVVOOD . CECELIA ANTOON . RUTH KELLY ,..... REV. MICHAEL MULVOY, C. S. Sp. . MRS. OLIVIA MASSA . . , . , . . . . President . First Vice-President . Second Vice-President . Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secretary . . , . Treasurer . Assistant Treasurer . . . Chaplain . Housemother Newmcnites During ci Nightly Gathering at the Club House Page 335 The Student Churchmen Meet Each Sunday In Doster Hall Auditorium WESLEY FOUNDATION . A METHODIST CONGREGATION ALL OF ITS OWN Wesley FoundaTion is The Term used To designaTe The sTudenT work of The MeThodisT Church on The campus of a sTaTe universiTy. The Wesley FoundaTion aT The UniversiTy of Alabama serves The nearly Three Thousand Me'ThodisT sTudenTs regisTered aT The UniversiTy. The Wesley Cenier locaTed aT 6i4 TenTh Avenue is head- quarTers for This work. IT houses The FoundaTion of- fices, The beauTiTul Sallrnan Chapel, sTudenT lounge, workshop, and kiTchen. Each Sunday morning aT 9:30 in DosTer Hall The FoundaTion holds iTs main worship Wesley Council Avery Anderson BeTTy Sue Corpening Helen Cousins Glen Deuel Carney Dobbs Bill Echols Mary Frances Edwards Bob Hughs Carolyn Meadows Sue McCarTer Dick Rankin Janel ReddiTT John Rowland Wesley Staff Wesley Cabins-T John AbernaThy, PresiclenT Janel RedgIiTT, Vice-PresiclenT BeTTy Sue Corpening, SecreTary Glen Deuel, Treasurer Avery Anderson, Academic ElizaloeTh Sigler, Art RoberT Hughs, ATTendance William Davis, Building Frances Marfin, CenTer CaTherine Mounger, DepuTaTions Sue McCarTer, Dormiiories Mary Frances Edwards, EdiTorial Virginia May, Forum service. The minisTer is in charge and The Wesley Choir sings regularly. The Wesley CabineT, made up of The elecTed oTTicers and chairmen of The sTanding commiTTees, carries on The work of The FoundaTion. Wesley Council, composed of Twelve members, is The governing body. The local chapTer of Pi Tau Chi, naiional socieTy Tor The recogniTion of ChrisTian leader- ship, unselfish service, and church loyalTy, sponsors This page. Carney Dobbs, FraTerniTies Dorris Jobe, KiTchen Kabinef Jim Clarke, Men's Club Lillie Bess Holston, Missions Dick Rankin, Pi Tau Chi John Rowland, Proiects JuaniTa ScoTT, PublicaTions KenneTh Nellums, RecreaTion Mary Paul Barcliff, Social Service Madelyn Gladney, Sororiiies John Echols, Ushers Clara Ruple, Wesley Hour Janie LiTTle, Wesley Player Helen Cousins, Worship Dr. William Graham Echols, M. A., D. D., MinisTer, Director Page 336 These Presbyterian Students Gather to Discuss Religion. IS PLANNED TO PROVIDE FOR THE STUDENTS' SPIRITUAL AND FELLOWSHIP NEEDS Westminister Fellowship is the name for the national Presbyterian college group. Its purpose is to help young people while students to find in Christ and the program of their church adequate resources for liv- ing, it provides for religious inspiration and fellowship. Locally the group strives to this end with an around- the-week bill of religious and social activities that in- cludes a Tuesday evening open house, Thursday night Bible stucly, and Sunday morning and evening func- tions. The group also carries on a separate program for married students in the Young Couples Club. Committee Chairmen Bob Harvey, Publicity Clark Liles, Contact Neilson Martin, Welcomer Tam Perrin, Ushers Libby Neville, Sunday School Dot Self, Social Mary Marvin Sproles, Refresh- Devotionals Billy Chalker, Westminister ment Betty Griggs, Social Service Messenger Doris Erickson, Contact Mary Wilson, Social Service Leonard Blanton, Music OFFICERS BILL HAMILTON . . ANNE SHAW . . ROGER WILLIAMS . MINELLE THOMASON JEAN CRIBBINS . . ELSIE JEAN SELF . . ..... President . First Vice-President . . Second Vice-President , . Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secretary . . Treasurer Page 337 Howard Mason, Poster First Row: Elizabeth Weaver, Mary Wilson, Minelle Thomason, Jean Cribbins Dorothy Self . . . Second Row: Leonard Blanton, Elsie Jean Self, Anne Shaw Bill Hamilton, Roger Williams, Jack Weaver, Malcolm Mclver, Billy Challcer First Row: Eileen Rains, Katheryn Hartley, Martee Kendrick, Jean Cribbins, Peggy Lee, Myrtle Sterling . . . Second Row: Ann Fadley, Melba Studdard, Rose Beveridge, Pat Lindsey, Pat Gastley, Janie Little, Louise Clay, Mary Emily Wigginton, Carolyn Koeppel . . . Third Row: Mary Nelle Branyon, Betty Nicholson, Wilma Parham, Mary Jo Spencer, Mary King, Eileen Hille, Alice Crossfield, Helen Anderson, Joanna Car- son, Carolyn Witzell, Connie Taylor, Annelle Taylor, DRESSES, FOOD, S100 SCHOLARSHIPS HIG The denizens of Doster who take time out from whip- ping up peach and sweet potato pastries only to baste up an evening skirt or two are not without an organ- ization of their own. The Caroline Hunt Club was founded way back in the roaring twenties so that the aproned students of the University could have an as- sociation where they could get together and discuss the best oven temperatures for baking apple-pan- dowdy or whether a bodice should be cut on the bias or not. But the Caroline Hunters are not exactly sew- ing circle commandos. Charter of their association lists its purpose as "making our life and others worth- HLIGHT DOINGS OF CAROLINE HUNTERS while," a phrase stamping the group indisputably as a service organization. In addition the girls of Caro- line Hunt each year search out a deserving junior or senior Home Ec maior and bestow on her a SIOO loan scholarship. Major social functions of the society dur- ing the year are a freshman tea honoring the newly- arrived Home Ec-ers, and fashion shows at which mem- bers model the clothes they themselves dreamed up ancl put together. President Patricia Gastley and Miss Henrietta M. Thompson, club advisor and School of Home Economics professor, are the ones to see for further information on the Caroline Hunters. MEMBERS Katherine Bagley Carolyn Beaird Laura Jane Bieddeman Mary Frances Blackman Mary Nell Branyan Sara Bridges Betty Lou Brock Mary L. Brown June Bryson Jerel Dean Burleson Virginia M. Burleson Margaret Butler Sue Cashion Joanna Carson Louise Clay Peggy Crop Alice Crosstield Jean Edmonds Olga Ellis Annette Evans Ann Fadely Madge Forrester Aline Fowler Margaret Frost Kay Gaines Patricia Gastley Margaret Godwin Joyce Green Xan Hallas Jackie Hashin Betty Hamilton Catherine Harthy Eileen Hille Sue Houston Betty Jean Huffstutler Dorris Jobe Martee Kendrick Mary King Caroline Koeppel Nelle Latimer Peggy Lee Patricia Lindsey Jane Little Page 338 Virie Lipham Cecilia McCurdy Mary Manderson Betty Mathews Lenora Mears Caroline Mitchell Ann Morgan Betty Nicholson Wilma Jean Parham Sara Phillips Peggy Powell Eileen Rains Catherine Reling Martha Scales Helen Singley Ann Smith Mary Jo Spencer Elizabeth Snowden Betty Spann Myrtle Sterling Clarice Strange Melba Studdard Annette Taylor Zelda Thompson Bess Vinson Lorine Weston Mary Emily Wigginton Jeanette Wise Caroline Witzell DRLIID HAVE BEEN PUBLISHERS, GREETERS AND Bama's sophomore service honorary carried the ball for a bunch of yards in the Fall registration scrimmage with Their Hello-tagging-Week and answer-gadget filled information Booth. Turning politicos they dis- tributed absentee ballots to the campus electorate, then iumped back into their glad-handing suits to reg- ister Home Coming alumnae. Knowing that it's tough all over during finals, Druids dreamed up a little moral support in the Wishing Well. ln the winter they bumped Billy Rose as b.t.o. nightery operator with the Crimson CHARGER-UPPERS OF ESPRIT - DE - CAMPUS Horseshoe. An original to the Quadrangle, the re- vamped College lnn show successfully used all local talent from the orchestra to the waiters. Came Spring and the Capstonites chance to find out who lived where and what their telephone numbers were in the first regular session student directory. This beavering bunch wound up activities at the big barbecue dance ,with the traditional intermission tapping when 20 more out- standing 3rd stretch freshmen were selected for the coming year. OFFICERS BILL HILL , . . RAYFORD SMITH A JAMES VAN HOOSE . . . . , President . . Vice-President . Secretary-Treasurer Joe Ashworth Bishop Barron Vic Bubbett Pearson Burke Wilson Carter Buddy Cleveland David Conrad MEMBERS Jimmy Dixon Bob Draughn John Edwards Charles Fleming William Flurry Wilmer Garrett Richard Gibson .lack Greer John Held Dudley Lanlcford Frank Loeb Walter McConnell .lack Strong Aubrey Wooten MEMBE First Row: Gene Loyd, Ralph Bradbury, John Forresfer, Bill Arr.oId Miller . . . Second Row: Joe Johnson, Tom Mashbur son, Warren Sedberry, Cather Putnam, A. T. Gilbert, Reid Kellum, Bob Clark, George Holk, John Smith, n, James McLean, Paul Horton, Hershel Morri- Northern, Som Beatty, Hoyt Looney, Leonard Blanton, Hugh Macauley , . .Third Row: Dan Neeley, Fred Johnston, Harold Whitlock, Roy Webb, Leonard Bates, Bill Waller, W. M. Adamson, Graydon Genge, Joe Harrison, Gordon Hamrick, Charles Montgomery, Mock Morrison, Larry Smith. INTERNATIONAL IN RANGE, PROFESSIONAL Chalk up another year and another mark tor Com- merce's Delta Sigma Pi Society tor tending strictly to the sound business ot promoting higher scholarship and encouraging closer affiliation between the busi- ness world and the commerce student. An all male group, Deltasig taps students from their third quarter on, basing decisions on their scholastic and merit rec- Drnierd Bill Baughman Connie Copeland Otto Fedor Frank Gerlock Merril Hostors Louis Levanon Dick Parker Juniors Johnny August Sam Booth Jett Robinson Eugene Stety Ben Tingle Sophomores Tom Brennen Paymon Baker Jack Cothren R. C. Halbrook Johnny MacCallum Freshmen Bill Aldrich Edward Aldrich Edward Atchison Page 340 GM PI IN SCOPE, IS MEN'S COMMERCE GROUP ords. To them, the Alpha Sigma chapter extends a strong international college and alumnae net work of chapters and a chance to participate in the upholding and improving of business ethics. Annually the local unit throws coal on the tires of incentive by awarding a trophy to the most outstnding freshman man, and a key to the senior having the highest scholastic average. RS Joe Anderson Robert Boyd Harvey B. Campbell Bill Spurlin Lou Garris H. E. Halbrooks Edward Hardin Fred Mayes Archie B. McKay F. S. Mittwade Richard Waugh OFFICERS JAMES E. ODUM . . . . . . President DONALDDOROUGH . . Vice-President DONALD CHAPMAN , 4 Secretary JUDY HOLLY .,.. . . Treasurer DR WALTER H. BENNETT . Faculty Advisor GEORGE KUHN . . . Program Chairman HUBERT WRIGHT . Publicity Chairman One of the Many Meetings On World Problems. I TERNATIONAL RELATIO S CLUB Those who have a yen to dabble in the political and give this old world a new face and thcse who have a desire to know how this planet earth can get into so many tangles, turn their steps toward the semi-month- ly meeting of the International Relations Club tor an array ot speakers that range from politicos to scholars and back again, I. R. C. is one ot many such groups over the country sponsored by the Carnegie Endow- ment tor International Peace to stimulate student in- terest ancl thought on problems of international scope. Marking I946-47 with a meteoric rise in attendance, this group open to any interested person on the cam- pus has the whole world as its range for discussion- trom atomic energy to the success ot the United Na- tions. Ed Odum served as president of the organiza- tion this year with Dr. Walter H. Bennett acting as faculty advisor. Left to Right: Donald Dorough, Dr. Walter H. Bennett, James E. Oclum, Judy Holley Page 341 i - fx- . f- f.., AS Charles Wampold Paul Brock Griffin Sikes Earl Esco William Jorclan Henry Leslie Will G. Coffey . .Mr-WV O S MOUND TAPPING CEREMON.lES OF JAMBOREE BACKERS ATTEST GROUP'S VITALITY Jasons, honorary for Junior men, marked '47 by staging a comeback with their pre-war fun-fested Jam- boree in Foster Auditorium. The frolic matches campus sororities and fraternities dramatic talents for first place recognition. This local group has as its purpose the promoting of enthusiasm and interest in college ac- tivities as well, as to recognize scholarship, leadership, and character. Founded in l9l4, the Jason's Shrine on the Quadrangle houses the meetings of this hon- orary which taps the l5 most outstanding ninth quar- ter men with scholarship above the average. Paul Brock serves as prexy of the organization with Pro- fessor Allen J. Going as advisor. During the spring quarter Jasons in coniunction with Mortar Board taps the l5 new members who are to make up the group the following year in a ceremony held on the mound with the student body in attendance. OFFICERS PAUL BROCK . . . . . . . President AARON HARRIS . . . Vice-President CHARLES WAMPOLD . . . . . Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS T. W. Wilder Earl Esco Joe Payne William Jordan Griffin Sikes William Rey W. G. Coffey Among our outstanding faculty members are President Adams and Professor Brooks Forehand. Page 342 WOMEN LEADERS WITH HIGH SCHOLARSHIP WERE RECOGNIZED BY MORTAR BOARD Giving a nod to the gals who found time enough to be BWOC's, to contribute service to the University and still to keep up a 2 point average, Mortar Board is an honorary organization which taps the I4 women stu- dents at the Capstone who have been most outstand- ing in service, scholarship, and leadership. Establish- ed at Bama in I929, the group recognizes those of the feminine clan who have been on the campus for 9 quarters. Among their activities Mortar Board decks the campus with corsages bearing the crimson and white-at a small fee-for the big game during Home Coming. It sponsors a scholarship for an outstanding senior or iunior woman and offers to leaders on the campus a series of Parliamentary Law lectures to im- prove the big-wheel ability in general to handle meet- ings. Avery Anderson fills the presidency. Dean Agnes Ellen Harris is the faculty sponsor. OFFICERS ANNETTE AVERY ANDERSON DORIS REAMS CLUTE , MARY FRANCES EDWARDS . DOROTHY SOCKWELL , , , . President . Vice-President . Treasurer . Secretary MEMBERS Avery Anderson Mary Frances Edwards Dot Soclcwell Doris R. Clute Ilouise Partlow Laura E. Wiggins Kelvie Davis Doris Ann Shamblin Jane F. Williams First Row: Doris Ann Shamblin, Avery Anderson, Dorothy Soclcwell . . . Second Row: Laura Wiggins, Mary Frances Edwards, Kelvie Davis, Amy James, Blanche Hewitt, Sara Jane Moss, Ilouise Partlow. fi X . n li x 'ji' 1 ' 2, a ray'-'. , f. ,' . Q- I .9411 I fl? V q I ,- -Q ,. 4492? r-Q 9.2 Y R - T -'1 L- .,'. v I," .N 'V ff ' -F' x ' ' ' 2 I A 3 ' " ' f ' if - avr-f f 'I iii, . , .9 '-T: - I .nn or 9 -'ff , gf. ' 1 I - Q I I ei : t ' A L . I Y 3 ,h - Nj . -. 'r . - . . 'f N- arf: V , r . I ' - '-5 " ' ist ' . i -' . n ' . ' - f - . '11 f , E I Y, 4 A QM., and 11:-:Q . A 1 ADAI R'S ALABAMA KNIGHT NEWEST TO QUADRANGLE DANCE FANS DELIGHT MADE FOSTER DEBUT IN SPRING Under The direcTion oT Their dark-haired maesTro Bobby Adair, The Alabama KnighTs give ouT wiTh some very danceable and pleasing music, boTh sweeT and swing. Many of The Top arrangemenTs come from The pen of arranger-composer-pianisT Billy Hill. Examples are The nosTalgic I'll Remember April, and aT The oTher end, The lively Hey-Bob-A-Re-Bop wiTh TrumpeTier Joe HunTer pushing The lyrics along. Billy is also respon- sible Tor The band's TiTle song, simply named, Theme. Theme is The wind up Tor one of The group's popular BOBBY ADAIR . TFUMPETS Trombones Sq Joe Hunier, Business Manager Richard Johnson novelTies Cavalcade of Jazz in which The band gives a rendiTion of The ouTsTanding music-makers from Miller To KenTon, and Their approach To jazz. The ballads of Rod Kinder who especially Thrills The crowds wiTh his senTimenTal TwisT on NighT and Day, and The vivaci- Ty and sweefness of peTiTe June STanley who does The solid honors on jump Tunes-parTicularly Best Man- more Than adequaTely Takes care of The KnighTs vocal deparTmenT. . Leader xaphones Rhyfhm VocalisTs Bobby Chambers William Hill Rod Kinder Jim Cherry Charles Foxworfh Ed Wadsworfh Page 344 Farrell Jackson Lee Jones Del Kniering Lawrence Morgan Frank Carpenter John B. Herndon Claude Hughes Jimmy Varn Lee Rosenberg June Sfanley 2 r - - 4Lt.ri!.- OLD NAME AT OUADRANGLE DANCES, NEW CAVALIERS FEATURE MODERN DANCE MUSIC Under The baton ot genial Jim Reed, the New Ala- bama Cavaliers cater to the current likes ot Foster goers with the sweet reminiscence of the ever popular Miller music. With Earl Esco handling the business headaches the lads do the usual rounds at campus hops, house dances and one nighters in the region with more extensive tours filling the vacation seasons. The band's demand is due to its hard work and the abilities ot men such as the singing pianist, Eb Swin- gle. Eb has won the crowd's favor with his vocals and ace arranging ot pieces such as Roses of Picardy. An- other star music maker is Myron "Mike" Welty, who easily slips from a senior med student's tasks to those ot a versatile arranger and composer. Mike has con- tributed The Bama Jump and More Than Ever, Now to the students' musical enioyment. Other favorites with the band are the mighty midget, Al Shackroft a hot trumpetier and arranger, and Marty Shattron who lulls the crowds into a dreamy mood with his out ot the world renditions ot Body and Soul. JIM REED . . T . Leader EARL ESCO . . . . . . Business Manager Vocalists Eb Swingle Martha Robertson Alto Saxophones Joe Michie Ames Ripley Tenor Saxaphones George Harris Carleton Butler Baritone Saxophone Jud Brislin Trambanes Myron Welty Tom Hamner Bill Ledue Bill Sullivan Trumpets Marshall Fields Al Shackerotf Pete De Rita .lim McElroy Bass Bob Sanders Piano Eb Swingle Drums Charles Davis Page 345 First Row: Bill MaTThews, Knox Hagood, James Forrest, Bobbie Peacock . . . Second Row: Kaleiah Carrol, Allen Bales, John Orr, Vic Batson, Pai Richardson, David McGariTy, Dick Lipscomb. ATIONA COLLEGI TE PL YERS For Those To whom The dimming of The sTage lighTs and The swish oT The curTains spell "magic," NaTionaI Col- legiaie Players, a naTionaI honorary group Tor The mosT sTrongIy moTivaTed oT Those would-be Barrymores of The campus, was broughT To The CapsTone in I937 having been founded aT The Universiiy of Wisconsin in I9I9. WiTh The purpose of recognizing and encouraging in- TeresT in dramaTic pursuiT, The honorary organizaTion se- IecTs Tor iTs membership Those who have been especially ouTsTanding in acfing, speech and backsTage work in The producTions presenTed by Blackfriars each year. The selecTion is based on a poinT sysTem and only Those sTu- denis who have been aT The UniversiTy for 6 quarTers are eligible To be Tapped. AI Gray serves as presidenT of The dramaTic-minded group wiTh Dr. PresTon R. Gled- hill as advisor. OFFICERS JAMES FORREST . KNOX HAGOOD . . WILLIAM MATTHEWS. . . MR. RICHARD H. LIPSCOMB . . . PresidenT MEMBERS Pairicia Adams Allen Bales Vic BaTson Lois Bell Will G. Coffee KaleTah Carrol Marion Coley Hugh Darven . . Vice-PresidenT . SecreTary-Treasurer . FaculTy Advisor Howard Folis I Carl Morrine Ernesf Harper John Orr Venable Lawson Bobbie Peacock David McGarey Par Richardson Page 346 First Row: Barbara McGowin, Janice Smirl, Edna Blakely, Katy Lee Howell . . . Second Row: Sarah Newsom, Betty Jane Hargett, Barbara Clark, Jean Guthrie, Jane Manley, Margaret Eiland . . . Third Row: Janice McLean, Eleanor Hoiles, Kelvie Davis, Dean Johnston, BeTty Cashian, Mary Frances McGee, Pat McKnight, Joyce Thornas. GIVES WHITE COLLAR GIRLS THEIR OWN HONORARY AND PROFESSIONAL FRATERNITY Early in Their school life, Commerce's new women students come in conTact with the school's professional and honorary group tcr The distatf side. This occurs aT Phi Chi Theta's annual Fall welcoming Tea in honor of The newcomers and The faculty. Later if The girls have a 2.0 general average and The desired attributes of character and leadership, They will meet The group again during Their Third Commerce Day Tor membership tapping. On The same day They will see a 7th quarter girl with The highest scholastic average receive The an- nual Phi Chi Theta scholarship key. And iT The girls had been tapped last year, They would have Taken part in This year's work of aiding in the construction of a Commerce School honor system, and in The entertain- ing of The national director aT a formal dinner. OFFICERS JEAN GUTHRIE , JANE MANLEY . BARBARA CLARK . BETTY HARGETT . Sara Elizabeth Alexander Edna Blakely Jean Frances Breland Mary Ella BuetTner Betty Jo Cashion Betty Claire Collins Mary Corcoran Patricia Curry Kelvie Davis Allie Lee Dunaway Margaret Eiland Margaret Francis Ruth Gholston Hilda Graham Alta Jean Hancock Eleanor Hoiles MEMBERS Katy Lee Howell Gloria Dean Johnston Ruth LynNelI McCord Mary Frances McGee Barbara McGowan Patricia Ann McKnight Janice McLean Sara Newsom Page 347 I . . President . Vice-President , Secretary . Treasurer Mary CaTherine Oliver Peggy Elaine Pierce Marion Alice Powell Catherine Pullum Janice Smirl Lillie Joyce Thomas Betty Lane Till PHI ET IGM PHI ETA SIG KEY IS GOOD ANCHOR FOR ANY FRESHMAN B.M.O.C.'S COLLECTION For I6 years, The local chapter of Phi Eta Sigma has been tempting freshmen men in all schools To put their best foot forward and Toe The high quality line. The bait is a handsome gold key award. Purely an honor- ary recognizing and encouraging exceptional academic achievement in first year men, Phi Eta Sig annually awards Those men whose averages 2.5 for Two or Three consecutive quarters The above mentioned key. Group activities are limited to The annual initiation banquet, and The important distribution to incoming freshmen of The vital booklet, How To Study, an informal and infor- mative gold mine of good Tips. FACULTY MEMBERS , Pres. Ralph Adams Dean Lee Bidgood Dr. Jack Montgomery Dean J. R. Cudworth Dr.B. A. Wooten Dean S. J. Lloyd Dr. Marcus Whitman Mr. Allen Going Dr. G. H. Denny Prof. C. H. Knight Dean Noble Hendrix Mr. William T. Going Dean C. H. Barnwell OFFICERS WILLIAM TUBES . . . . . , . President DUDLEY LANKFORD . . Vice-President ROBERT NADER . . A A Treggurer BURT . . . Q Secretgry PAUL BROCK . . MR. H. H. MITCHELL . . . Junior Advisor . . Faculty Advisor MEMBERS Charles Ambrose Eugene Arnwine Brad Bailey James Battles Joe Bethany, Jr. Gonzalous Bobo William Boyd David Brasfield Manuel Brickell James Brown Broadus Bryant Frank Butler William Calhoun John Chandler James Clark Lloyd Clayton John Collins Robert Cox John Cunningham Allen Cudworth Curtis Delchamps John Dorsey Frank Duval George Ellis Herbert Fincher John Forrester Howard Gibbons William Gleaton Stanley Goldsmith John Halton Robert Hamner John Hardin Albert Hamner Walter Higgins Robert Hill William Hill David Hitt William Hopper George Howard John Howell William Hamilton Milton Jones Alvin Kinnaird Delwin Kniering William Macon Scott Marks Howard Mason Albert Maxwell Walter McConnell Nimrod McNair Charles Meadows Carl Merriweather Edmond Messer Charles Moss Steve Moxley Herschell Nabors Walter Ogilvie John Patterson Leon Oliver Frank Perryman Page 348 Tyler Posner Ferris Ritchey Samuel Rountree John Schuchs Carl Self Frederick Shaver Claude Smith Curtis Springer Jerry Stapp Stancil Starnes Hugh Gene Steele Samuel Stephenson Henry Stockard Richard Stockard James Summerville Frederick Swanson William Tarnow Everette Taylor Robert Tobin David Vann Edward Vines Jack Vickery Christopher Walker Don Wasson George Weed Wilmer Williams Charles Robbins ASTELIR SOCIETY MICROSCOPE SQUINTERS FORMED ONE OF ALABAMA'S NEWEST ORGANIZATIONS Way back in i945 A. D., the people who squint through microscope tubes to watch the 'bugs' that the rest ot us can't see decided that there was an organiza- tion for about every other combination at students imaginable except them. So the neophyte microbe hunters temporarily lay down their rental copies at Green Light and the Pasteur Society came into being. The Society is a really serious and scientific one with a speaker series featuring most of its monthly meetings. Membership in the Society is purely voluntary tor any School ot Chemistry bacteriology student who shows a sincere interest in tostering the understanding ot bac- teriology. An Atlanta lass, Bettye Sue Corpening is president ot the association. Appropriately enough, Dr. Mildred Englebrecht, professor of bacteriology and physiological chemistry, is advisor for the group. OFFICERS BETTYE SUE CORPENING . . , . . . . . . . President BETSY BEARD LINDSEY . ...r. Vice-President ANNA MARIA WILLIAMS , , Recording Secretary-Treasurer JUELL WHITT .... . . Corresponding Secretary MIRIAM KRESSES . . . Publicity Chairman JEAN HARPER . . . Social Chairman Margaret Banks Catherine Cash Ann Christopher Joyce Compton John Fowler Jane Huggins Nella Mae Lull MEMBERS Pete Lull Betty Jean McGibboney Betty Jean Means Katherine Miller Le Ella Moorer Jerome Myers Jane Nettles Betty Nichols Carolyn Pennitoy Gloria Riley David Schneitzer Ruth Sherman Donald Young First Row: Anna Mario Williams, Juell Whitt, Bettye Sue Corpening, Elizabeth Lindsey, Miriam Kresses . . . Second Row: Ruth Sherman, Margaret Banks, Betty Jean McGiboney, Jane Nettles, Jane Huggins, Betty Nichols . . , Third Row: Nella Mae Lull, Le Ella Moorer, Gloria Riley, David Schneitzer, John Fowler, Jerome Myers, Catherine Cash, Betty Jane Means. ' Page 349 FUTURE SOLONS TREAT AT MONTHLY LUNCHEONS, BRIEF NOL-PROSSED ROOKIES Nationally styled after the English bar system lbar, as in lawl, Phi Delta Phi chapters are called 'inns' and named after prominent American iurists. The fraternity has been represented in Farrah's marbled halls by the DeGraffenreid Inn since l922. A shop talk group, the organization selects law students with at least I.5 aver- ages who show highly commendable professional traits. Mainspring of activity lies in its efforts to further higher scholarship and the advancement of professional ethics. Activities have taken the form of monthly luncheons brightened with outstanding barristers from the region as guest speakers. Also on the docket has been the dedication of a plaque to the brightest legal light cf each year. OFFICERS ROSS DIAMOND . . . . . Magister WILL G. CAFFEY . . . . . Clerk EDWIN B. LIVINGSTON , , Exchequer L.'CHANDLER WATSON , . . . Historian MEMBERS J. Jefferson Bennett James N. Bloodworth William D. Bolling Woodley C. Campbell John Sydney Cook Frank Dominick William B. Eyster J. Wagner Finnell Arthur F. Fite, Jr. Paul T. Gish, Jr. Thomas G. Greaves Elbert B. Haltom, Jr. Howell T. Heflin Sam Earle Hobbs George Huddleston, Jr. Herdon Inge, Jr. Wallace L. Johnson LeRoy McEntire Carl A. Morring, Jr. Neal C. Newell Joe L. 'Payne Ralph D. Porch Frank P. Stamford, Jr. Armistead I. Selden, Jr. Ollie D. Smith Joe Starnes, Jr. Norman C. Stone Paul Gish, Woodley C First Row: Norman Stone, Ross Diamond, Chandler Watson, Row: Joe Payne, Edwin B. Livingston, Joe Calvin, Will G. Newell, J. Wagner Finnell, Wales Wallace, Jeff Bennett, Thomas Greaves, Howell Heflin Fourth Row: Joe Wallace, John Watkins, Jack Noble, Ralph Porch. Caffey, Ollie Smith . James W. Strudwick Joseph R. Wallace Wales W. Wallace, Ill John F. Watkins, Jr. Faculty Members William M. Hepburn M. Leigh Harrison Leonard M. Trawick ampbell . . . Second . . Third Row: N. C. First Row: T. W. Wilder Hobson Aclcock, Williom Moore, Peyton Finch, Henry Leslie . . . Second Row: Dr. George Long, Williom Mitchell, Will G. Goffey, John Adoms, Dr. E. D. Jones, Paul Gish . . . Third Row: Corl Morring, Fronk Howihorne, Vivion Johnson, Armisteod Selden, Howell Heflin, Fronk Domminick, Conrod Fowler, Joseph Poyne, John A. Reynolds. WHEELS REVIVED CAMPUS ORIENTATION, BOOSTS HONOR SYSTEM-WITH HONOR Guiding lights for brond new CopsToniTes, ond honor sysfem Trouble-shoofers, ODK is one group's woy of recognizing The mosf oufsfonding upperclossmen ond of giving sTudenTs ond foculTy ci common meeTing ground, Hisforicolly speoking, The locol order is The IoTo Circle formed in I924, The Tenfh yeor of The nofionol orgonizo- Tion. In Trodifionol Spring Toppings if selecfs Juniors ond Seniors from cill colleges who ore men of disTincTion in one or more phoses of collegioie oicTiviTy. The sTcirred circle weorers cilso includes ocTive foculfy members ond ciffilioTes giving The sTudenTs ond foculTy on equcil bond of ossociofion. ln The Foll These BMOC's wifh ci Copifol B, keyed The big freshmen welcoming ond seTTling down push, Then Took off ofTer one of The compus's Toughesf clossroom problems. On Their own, ODK is building sTudenT opinion for on ocfive compus- wide honor sysTem, ond in colloborofion vviTh The foculTy, exomining sysfems Thoif mighT be used. OFFICERS WILL CAFFEY . . JOHN ADAMS T . . . . Presidenf . Vice-Presidenf H. H. MITCHELL . . JAMES BLOODWORTH John Adoms Hobson Adcock Jomes Bloodworfh Poul Brock Will Coffey Woodley Campbell Fronk Dominick FosTer Efheredge PeyTon Finch Conrcxd Fowler Poul Gish Fronk Hciwthorne Howell Heflin Vivion Johnston Williom Jordon Henry Leslie Williom Moore Corl Morring Joe Poyne John Puryecir MEMBERS Allen Reynolds John Ai. Reynolds Armisfeod Selden Joseph Wolloce Thomos Wilder V, G. Poppos Faculty Advisor Presidenf Ralph E. Adoms Poge 351 . . SecreTory , Trecisurer Faculty Members Col. Williom Corpenfer Mr. Jeff Colernon Mr. Horold Drew Dr. William Echols Prof. Brooks Forehond Mr. Allen Going Deon William M. Hepburn Dr. Sholer Houser Deon G. Burke .lohnsfon Dr. R, E. Jones Dr. George Long Dr. STeworT Lloyd Dr. James B. McMillion Mr. Herbert MiTchell Dr. Jock MonTgomery Deon Morfen Ten Hoor Mr. Fronk Thomas Mr. Ernesf Williams Dr. John Gcillolee Leonard Price RH LPH MEMBERSHIP CAN BE FIRST KEY ON CHAIN D-O-G spells dog, C-A-T spells cat and R-A-T-Shame on you tor thinking it spells ratl It spells Rho Alpha Tau, a very select freshman honorary dedicated to the interests ot the school. Ot course right now-there is more honor than service, but remember it's been out ot circulation during the war and is busy sweeping away the constitutional cobwebs. Even so it has done a fine job with the S. G. A. Carnival and March of Dimes Dance ticket sales. Membership is composed of tive OF SUCCESS FOR POTENTIAL B.M.O.C.'S non-fraternity men, and one man trorn each fraternity. I925 is the R. A. T.s' charter year, but campus lore pegs its lite earlier and rowdier. The beginning stems from the old A Club pop calls on fraternity row in search ot a little friendy rivalry. To anticipate these visits and have the proper doormat out, certain pledges' services were contributed to a warning system. Afterwards the group beat its spears into ploughshares and continues as its does today. OFFICERS JOHN ABERNETHY . . HANK ATCHINSON . RICHARD SIMMONS . . . . President . Vice-President . Secretary MEMBERS Abernathy, John T Atchinson, H. C. Broski, Thomas Brown, Arthur Edwards, John Franco, Ruben Hargrove, Joseph Joiner, William Landgraff, Donald Mitchell, Harry Pines, Jack Powell, Ottis Goodloe, Rutland Simmons, Richard Smith, Millard Springer, Curtiss Weil, Leonard Wiggins, Gerald John Abernethy Hank Atchinson J. D. Bonham Baily Brooks Thomas Broski Arthur Brown Max Brown Perry Cochrane Jack Floyd Rubin Franco Joe Hargrove John Hargrove Bill Joiner Donald Landgratf Bee Miller Harry Mitchell Claude Moore Jack Pines Ottis Powell Goodloe Rutland Avery Roberts Myron Snoody Richard Simmons Curtis Springer Millard Smith Leonard Weil Jerry Wiggins 3 First Row: Choralette Smith, Thomasine Jones, Jane Taylor, Lanett Ellis, "Milne" Wilkinson, Jean Loveland, Mary Ann Teweles, Evelyn Crain . . . Second Row: Virginia Hayes, Juanita Scott, Augusta Pentecost, Valma Kemp, DeLayne Reeves, Florence Taylor, Florence Davis . . . Third Row: Wanda Kemp, Marian James, Becky Means, Tynes Johnson, Helen Robinson, Lois Brown, Betty Bart Saunders, Fredericlca Richardson, Martha Ann Taylor. NO UGLY DUCKLINGS, SWANS PUT ON Fourteen candles graced the birthday cake at the Swan Club This year, one ot the tew campus organiza- tions which carried right on Through the war years with- out temporarily blocking out. Ot course, all the Swan Club members are girls, the Swans being separated from the ducklings by competitive membership tests. To become a Swan member, The acquatically-minded coed must prove her proficiency in tront, back and breast LUB BEST SHOW IN MALELESS BARNWELL HALL stroke, Q5-yard sprints, and three fundamental dives. Campus males, excluded from Barnwell pool by Uni- versity regulations, miss out observing the main activi- ties at this athletic group, which include Telegraphic meets, intra-mural swimming tournies, and the graceful Water Show. Chief Swan is Helen Robinson, while Miss Rachel Cabciniss, is coach and advisor tor the water-going coeds. OFFICERS HELEN ROBINSON , . CHARLOTTE SHARPE . FREDDIE RICHARDSON . BETTY BART SAIJNDERS . TYNES JOHNSON . . , T , President . Vice-President . . . , Treasurer . . , . . Secretary . Corresponding Secretary Brown, Lois Christian, Helen Croft, Frances Crain, Evelyn Davis, Flo Ellis, Lanette Fuller, Barbara James, Marian Johnson, Tynes Jones, Thomasine Kemp, Velma Kemp, Wanda MEMBERS Page 353 Means, Becky Jane Reeves, DeLayne Richardson, Freddie Robinson, Helen Saunders, Betty Bart Scott, Juanita Sharpe, Charlotte Smith, Charlotte Taylor, Florence Taylor, Jane Teweles, Mary Ann First Row: Jean Bowen, Mary Frances Mahaffie, Mary Jo Cockrell, Ruth Parks . . . Second Row: Augusta Pentecost, Jean Hill, Sarah F. Ford, W. Y. Thompson, Marian Stanfield, Mary Frances Edwards, Fredericka Richardson. SIGMA DELTA PI SI, SI, SI! AS THEY SAY IT IN SPAIN, SO If you can say "adios" in the best Castillian lingo, and have a yen to know about literature, culture, and people in general from south of the border or old Spain, Sigma Delta Pi thrives for you. The Beta Alpha chapter organized at the Capstone in I944, is a part of a national honorary organization created at the University of California in I9I8 to arouse interest in Hispanic lit- SAY WE AT THE UNIVERSITY-IT SAYS HERE erature and culture study. Sigma Delta Pi is open to Spanish maiors and those who take three years of the language and chalk up a two point average over that span. Specific requirement is that the student have at least one Spanish course in literature. Dr. M. E. Nunn serves as faculty advisor for the honorary and Mary Frances Mahaffie holds down the reins of president. OFFICERS MARY FRANCES MAHAFFIE . . MARY JO COCKRELL , . . . .President . Vice-President JEAN BOWEN . RUTH PARKS . . DR. MARSHALL E. NUNN . ' Jane Deems Mary Frances Edwards Mary Ann Eley Sadie Ford Jean Hill Dr. M. E. Butterfield Miss Margaret M. Davis Dr. R. R. Delvalle Mr. Harry Garcia MEMBERS Amy James Winifred Murphree Augusta Pentacost Frances Reid Fredricka Richardson HONORARY MEMBERS Dr. Robert I. Little Dr. A. H. Mason Mrs. Katherine G. Richards Dr. John B. Rippere Page 354 . Secretary . . Treasurer . Faculty Advisor Marion Stanfield Tommy Sherrah William Y. Thompson Laura Ellis Wiggins Ida Wills Willis Prof. Carl Schoggins Dr. Jerome W. Schweitzer Dr. C. B. Wicks P LLIB SPANISH 'JUNTAS' RANGE FORM BULL SESSIONS TO PLAYS 'EN LA LINGUA ESPANOL' It would seem that the end of a perfect day would find students searching out a local athletic event or picture show tor recreation's sake, but not the Spanish students. Come sundown their thoughts turn toward "iuntas" of the Spanish Club. Pity any poor engineer- ing or chemistry student who accidentally walks into one of their meetings, unless he should happen to "com- prende espanol." Spanish club get-to-gethers, as is not too illogical, resemble market day at Tiaiuana or Guadelupe Hidalgo more than anything else. Range of Spanish club activities run from intormal bull ses- sions, conducted entirely "en la lengua espanol" ot course, to almost-full-scale productions ot Spanish or Latin American plays. Katherine Cromwell is "el presi- dente" while Miss Margaret Davis, commercial Spanish instructor, is advisor ot the club. OFFICERS AMY JAMES . . SARAH FORD . JEAN HILL ..., PAULINE ROUSH , . . MISS MARGARET DAVIS . SRA. MARGARITA RIVERA DEL VALLE . DR. M. E. BUTTERFIELD , , I . . President . Vice-President . , Secretary , . . Treasurer . Faculty Advisor . Faculty Advisor , Faculty Advisor MEMBERS Kate Addison Mrs. Lydia Brassell John Brassell Evelyn Brignull Bill Coughlin Dick Chapin Joanna Carson E. Ann Coker Gladys Cohen Ellen Crow June Curry Jane Dauson John Duddy Jean Donnettell Binn Dannenberg Laura Ellis Mrs. R. Ely Jewell DeBordeIeben Ido Fernandez lbys Flowers Sarah Ford Sidney Gottsman Harry Garcias Dorothy Harris Bill House Minnette Hinson Rosito Holcombe Lillian Jackson Amy James Mary Jimenez Barbara Jones Dot Joseph Mary Larnarr June Lindley Johnny Long Miguel Lopez Nielson Martin Jean Moses James Odum Jerry O'Donnell Ann O'Neal C. B. McKay Frank Palumbo Augusta Pentecost Alice Perkins Juan Pizarro Claire Pippin Sonny Plowden Rafael Rivera del Valle Pauline Roush May Rush Roslyn Schulman First Row: lbys Flowers, Joanna Carson, Rosalyn Schulman, Sally Wood, Jean Moses, Ellen Crow . . Second Row: Augusto McDermott, Virginia Watson, .lane Heold, Sarah Ford, Amy James, Polly Roush May Rush, Dorothy Harris . . . Third Row: Ida Fernandez, Harry Garcia, Al Danrenberg, Sonny Plowden N. S. Sensing, Michael Ryan, Neilson Martin, Jack Sellman, Dick Chapin, Bill Coughlin, Evelyn Brignaw. lack Selman N. J. Sensing Joyce Strone Victor Torres Barbara Trastour Mrs. J. B. Waid Larry Wallock Corinne Walker Virginia Watson Sallie Wood Janie Williams R. Paul Worley Nancy Yelton 1 I Page 355 These Senior Women Will Make Life Easier for Freshmen. TRI TRIANGLE TAPS SENIOR WOMEN FOR Just ask any little freshman girl just finishing out her first year at the University about Triangle and she will give you the straight dope, even though she is far from being eligible for membership. Triangle, an honor so- ciety for senior women, actually is a super-service branch of the Y. W. C. A. Not only must prospective members be in their final year's struggle here, but also must be outstanding and have a l.5 or better average on record over in the registrar's office. Seventy-five GLE PROJECT TO TELL FRESHMEN WHAT'S UP women are tapped each year, and assist in Triangle's main project, that of giving the innocent freshmen the right poop on what's up and what's down, where's where, who's who, and what to do about it in the long run. Dot Allen presides over the group this year, while Mrs. Jennie Morris Howard, on official leave of absence to Foster house on Thomas street, is Triangle faculty advisor. ' OFFICERS DOROTHY ALLEN . . . . MARY ELIZABETH JONES . MAXINE HAMNER , . SARAH FORD . , HARRIET SMITH . . . , . President . Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . . Historian MEMBERS Barbara Faye McGowin Margaret Banks Carolyn Lucille Easter Maxine Hamner Jane Culver Jernigan Dorothy Sutherland Mary Nell Branyan Margaret Henegar Mary Evelyn Presley Laura Margaret Eiland Margaret Ellen Godwin Julia Ann Bush Tynes Mal Johnson Helen Lucile White Martha Jane Cunningham Patricia Yvonne Curry Eleanor J. Hamrick Elsie Jean Self Marion Elizabeth Allen Edna Wills Blakeley Barbara Lee Balan Lois Merle Brown Mary Jo Cockrell Betty Claire Collins Ina Loyl Hearns Ann Elizabeth Douglas Mildred Faulkner Elaine J. Harper Georgia Duane Johnson Wanda Noble Kemp Margaret Kemper Helen Louise Newman Ester Carolyn Kyle Martha Louise Townley Katherine Richard Wade Rhea Yarbrough Annie Laura Ragsdale Margaret H. Price Gredricka Richardson Mary Burton Smith Dorothy Bellenger Allen Jane Benton Alice Lee Crossfield Annie Kelvie Davis Ida Will Willis Betty Bart Saunders llouise Partlow Amy James Betty Rowe Virginia Deason Jewell De'Bardelaben Mary Frances Edwards Sarah Frances Ford Mary Elizabeth Griggs Grace Hargrave Louise Harrison Mary Elizabeth Jones Beverley McPherson Mary Frances Mahaffie Gladys Bishop Maxley Jane Ellen Perry Sarah Henry Reynolds Margaret Shakelford Page 356 Doris Ann Shamblin Harriet Ann Smith Marianne Smith Dorothy Sockwell Maro Speight Martha Speight Betty Jean Tubb Elizabeth Watts Joyce Carolyn Baxter Hilda Langston Dorothy Lasseter Liddell Janice McLean Katy Lee Howell Sarah Jane Moss Elizabeth Johnson Marion C. James Elizabeth Otts Nell Lee Laura Ellis Jane Freret Margaret Sue Wallace Mildred Hand Dot Self Sue Pharr Lois Schlose Kitty Brooks Ann Shaw Sarah Newson Joy Pearson Doris Reams Ann Martin Betty Jane Hangett Christine Reynolds Margo Smith Gaskin Laura Jean Scott Laura Hewett Jan Redditt Grace Sharp Avery Anderson Tynes Johnson First Row: Doris Duke, Tarver Roundtree, Marie Guy, J. T. Daniel, Richard Jones, Annabelle Dunnam . . . Second Row: Harold Bain, Carl Langlois, William Lindsey, Lynn Jinlcs, Wallace Cohen, John White, Mit- chell Latoff, Juanita Weems . . . Third Row: Porter Roberts, Arthur Savage, James Odum, Kendo Jones, Gordon Norman, Oscar Newton. SILVER-THROATED DEBATE SQUAD MAKES VERBAL SCRIMMAGING ART OF ORATORY Arguing in one form or another is the tavorite past- time ot approximately 99 per cent ot the Alabama stu- dents who invade the Supe Store with daily regularity, but it is the silver-throated members at the Debate Squad who put that recognized form of recreation on a strictly organized basis. Not only do the local forensic boys thrash out controversial issues between themselves in intra-mural debates, but they also take on the best that other schools in the South have to ot- fer, and, as a general rule, emerge on top. Member- ship on the squad, in pre-war days a Dixie champion- ship outfit, is decided by verbal scrimmages between students bucking tor a place on the line-up, with regu- lar squad members tossing in harrassing oratory gre- nades. Jerry W. Gwin claims the title ot debate squad manager, while Dr. T. Earle Johnston, head of the Speech Department, is coach at the squad. Harold Bain Wallace Cohen Doris Duke Hamp Graves Roy Jonas MEMBERS Lee Jones Mitchell Latott William Lindsey Oscar Newton ' Page 357 James E. Odum Tarver Rountree Richard Thompson Juanita Weems John White First Row: Will G. Caffey, John A. Reynolds, Johnny Adams, Cecil Duffee, Paul Gish, Dr. George Lang . . . Second Row: Tom Wilder, Joe Wallace, Joe Walker, Charles Adair, Rayford Smith, James Scriven, Bill Waller. ALABAMA OUADRAN LE RELIGIOUS EMPHASIS WEEK, COACHING Inspiration for the Alabama Quadrangle is the de- velopment of the mental, physical, spiritual and moral aspects of man's life. This 28 year old group has looked to these aims through a studied program of service, and careful selection of outstanding men from sopho- mores on to carry out its plans. Currently the group has spent a year of re-forming after a war lapse and emphasising through its Coaching School and Religious Emphasis Week the mental and spiritual side of life. An annual affair, Quadrangle members stepped back SCHOOL PRODUCTS 'FOUR SQUARE' MEN into the spark pluggers' position of the Religious Emphasis Week to spread the word of it around the campus, and to sponsor a series of lectures by Dr. T. Z. Koo, noted theologian and secretary of the World Christian Student Federation. During the Winter quarter, Quadrangle squared away to ease the grind over the rough spots of freshman-sophomore studies with coaching aid. Senior-graduate and faculty in- structors volunteered their services to meet the needfuls for a couple of hours, four nights a week. Charles Adair Phil Banks James Barton James Bloodworth Douglas Booth John Bradley Ernest Brown Willis Brown Pearson Burke Will G. Coffey David Conrad CECIL DUFFEE . AUSTILL PHARR . . JOHN W. ADAMS . JAMES HINTON . . . DR. GEORGE LANG . T DR. JACK MONTGOMERY . Robert Doyle John Edwards John Forney Paul Gish Jeff de Graffenried Jack Greer Foy Guin James Hand Sam Higgins Bill Hill OFFICERS MEMBERS Page 358 Herndon Inge William Jordan Robert King Thomas King Claude Kitchin Art Lukens Jimmy Moore Carl Morring Robert Mudd Hugh McCauley . President Vice-President . Secretary . .Treasurer Faculty Advisor Faculty Advisor John A. Reynolds Rayford Smith Foster Stough James Tiller Joe Walker Joe Wallace Wales Wallace William Waller Tom Wilder Gerald Woodruff Future Doctors Bonded to Discuss Interests. LPFI EPIL DELT BAMA BORN AND BRED, ALPHA EPSILON DELTA CREATED FOR PRE-MED STUDENTS A voting cige ogo-twenty-one yecirs, thot is-o group of medicolly-minded Copstonites broke out ot ci Knott Holl loborotory with o potent shot in the orm for pre- med students. The prescription wcis coiled Alpho Epsilon Delto-to be odministered to Bomo pre-med studies ond students. For the studies it wos supposed to strive towords more oclequote pre-medicol preporo- tion, ond it was to shorpen student outlook on pre- medicine ond give them ci chonce to know eoch other. Ticking os it should ond being too good o thing to keep locol, this pre-medicol honorory begon to grow until now more thon 30 moior pre-medicol compuses swing the sign of A. E. D. Members ore chosen tor their shining potentiolities os medicol protessionols ond the level of work done during the first yeor ot pre- medicine. Around the Quodrongle, its octivities run to ci selection of scientific-interest films, field trips ond lectures on medicine ond ollied topics by outstonding outhorities from this region. Page 359 IT'S A SHINY NEW NAME AND A BRIGHT NEW FACE ON AN OLD ORGANIZATION Things have happened To The Ouadrangle's old ArT Club, Things had To happen To meeT The rising demand Tor a Tull Time arT major honorary and professional or- ganizaTion. Already semi-honorary in naTure, The Arr Club underwenT a drasTic overhauling. An Alpha, a Sigma and an Omega were lined up as a new monick- er, a loTTy aim To sTimulaTe arT culTure and inTeresT ThroughouT The sTaTe as well as on The campus was wriT- Ten in, and The membership requiremenTs were lacked up To give The group a more honorish Tone. Bids now are exTended only To B. F. A. or ArT maiors wiTh 2.2 averages in arT, and 2.0 general averages. Taking over The TradiTion oT The parenT group, Alphasig sTill sponsors The annual ArT ExhibiT and Tea, iT is also backing a new arT inTeresT group open To everybody, and iT is planning and hoping To bring The sTudenTs a beaux arTs ball. ROBERT RILEY . . . EMMAJEAN HERZER . PROCTOR TAYLOR . MARTHA CROCKETT . MRS. BERTHA MILLER . Julia Bush WrighT Christian Estelle Fernandez Diana Gillespie Howard Goodson OFFICERS MEMBERS Jacquelin Homrick ErnesT Harper Edgar Johnson Louis Le Vaughn Helen Sharp . . PresidenT Vice-PresidenT . Treasurer Secrera ry . . Advisor ElizabeTh Sigler WiIliTa SkelTon Marfha Thrasher William Tidwell ElizabeTh WaTTs Jimmie Hall James Wright BUNSEN BURNER, BEAKER BUNCH BRING NEW THINGS TO BAMA IN BALLOON RACE IT's no Telling whaT can be brewed up in a chem lab, and iT's no Telling whaT an acTive group such as BeTa DelTa of Gamma Sigma Epsilon will Turn our in The way of acTiviTies. For insTance aT a parTy of B average ChemisTry sTudenTs and TaculTy members, refreshment came in beakers, crucibles and oTher lab equipmenT insTead of such mundane Things as dishes and glasses. Also aT The ChemisTry Day TesTiviTies They sponsored a Balloon Race wiTh all visiTors parTicipaTing. The win- ner was The one whose balloon wenT The TarThesT, and The prizes were Things noT chemical. On anoTher bun- sen burner, Gammasig cooked up a Treshman essay conTesT wiTh cash prizes and a seaT aT Their iniTiaTion banqueT Tor The winner. RepresenTing ChemisTry honoraries, a Gamma Sigma as high an honor as The group is acTive. are 2.5 averages in 30 quarTer hours of aTTribuTes of characTer and service. OFFICERS AVERY ANDERSON . . . BETTYE SUE CORPENING . ANNA MARIA WILLIAMS . MR. A. M. KENNEDY . . . . PresidenT . SecreTary . . . Treasurer . . FaculTy Advisor MEMBERS BeTTy Jane Means Velma Jean Nichols Frank Schonzo Page 360 The zeniTh of Epsilon bid is RequiremenTs ChemisTry, and PP D ELTA PI EDUCATlON'S HONORARY SPONSORS GRADUATE AND SENIOR SCHOLARSHIPS Better leadership and higher scholarship for educa- tion are the aims of Kappa Delta Pi. Xi chapter works towards these goals through scholarships, membership requirements and through its banquet-speaker series. Loan scholarships are awarded annually to a graduate and to a senior student preparing for the teaching pro- fession. Membership is offered only to those showing stellar scolarship and leadership abilities. Quarterly the group sponsors a banquet to which some promi- nent educational figure frorn this region is invited. OFFICERS TENNIE DAVIDSON . ,.,. . . . President, Fall IPresident, Winter-Spring SUE CASI-HON ' ' ' ' '1Vice-President, Fall MARY TYSON WILLIAMS , . Vice-President, Winter-Spring MARY LOIS SINGLEY . . ....,. Secretary PAULINE M. FOSTER , ..., Treasurer FREIDA GUTLOW . . . Reporter-Historian RALPH W. COWART . , Counsellor INITIATES PHI UPSILO OMICRO Nannie Sue Beale Madge L. Clarke Gertrude A. Clemm Chappell R. Couch Robert E. Couch Elsie Jean Cowsert Robert H. Hall Emma N. Hinson Joyce Jackson Doris Jobe Kenneth Lowry Ann Elizabeth Mitchell Mabel Virginia Phillips Marilyn Racloms Hazel S. Roberts Reita Rogers Mary Edwards Smith Marion Stanfield Tex K. Whaley Mildred Anne White Celia V. Wilson Betty Wisdom Other Members Rose J. Brantley Martha E. Garner Mary Frances Gilmer Mary Frances Horan Mary Helen King Johnnie Fae Hill Pennington Doris Reams Ann Watson HOME EC'S HONORARY SAYS HELLO TO NEW STUDENTS, PLANS HONOR SYSTEM Each and every Fall for the past eleven years, Ala- bama's segment of Phi Upsilon Omicron has been mak- ing the new Home Ec girls welcome with a tea in their honor. This season, the girls lsupposedly boys could be admitted, but it isn't likelyl followed through by aid- ing in the planning of an honor system for their school. Also in the activity book is the designing and building i?l of 'Fashion Fanny', a doll most chic in the latest of women's clothing. Traditionally the fraternity honors Doster Hall's most outstanding freshman by engraving her name on the Phi Upsilon Omicron plaque. This year, Miss Jean Franklin received the laurels. Member- ship bids come high, open only to 5th quarter or higher students with 2.0s and showing exceptional leadership, service and professional attitudes. OFFICERS GRACE HARGRAVE . . . EULA CARTER . . . PATRICIA LANGLEY . EILEEN HILLE . . . JANICE LITTLE . . . . ..... President . . . . Vice-President . Corresponding Secretary . . Recording Secretary . , . Treasurer Carolyn Beaird Christine Blatsios Joanna Rita Carson Sue Cashian Jean Dishman MEMBERS Jean Franklin Katheryn Gaines Patricia Gastley Camille Humes Dorris Jobe Page 36I Patricia Lindsey Melba Quattlebaum Hilda Wallace Mary Agnes White MATH INTEREST FRAT CATERS TO BAMA'S MORE ARDENT ARCHEMEDIAN SAVANTS Three plus 30 years ago Professor E. D. Roe, Jr. de- cided that the mathematically inclined of Syracuse Uni- versity needed a means through which they could tur- ther their pursuit of the perfect science. Accordingly Pi Mu Epsilon, a mathematical fraternity based on the promotion of interest in and study of mathematical forms was organized. Through the years the need was felt on other campuses and the group spread. Ala- bama's chapter carries on the main theme in their monthly-lecture-social meetings and in the high mem- bership reauirements. Membership is open equally to students and faculty and is based on accomplishment in mathematics. EMILY JONES . . HAZEL REYNOLDS DR. CHARLES SEEBECK, JR. DR. H. S. THURSTON KATHLEEN CANNON LINDA SIMPSON . William F. Adams Patricia Berry Patillo L. Burton Elizabeth Cathey William D. Chadwick Ria J. Clinkscales J. L. Couch Russell W. Cowan Oscar Darlene Norman E. Dodson Sara G. Fleming Ulusses V. Goodwyn OFFICERS . . . . .Director . Vice-Director . Secretary . , .Treasurer . Social Chairman . Publicity Chairman MEMBERS Margaret Gresham Paul M. Hummel John Hynds Ella Jones Walter S. Kass F. A. Lewis Howatt Mallinson J. D. Mancill Henry Miller Ferndinand Mitchell Herschell E. Morrison William Murphy Mrs. Johnstone Parr Page 362 Theresa Pradat William K. Rey Eric Rodgers Mrs. Eric Rodgers R. O. Shotts Oun Stopinski Mrs. Mary James Suttles Alice Swenson Susie Lee Ward Mrs. Martha Scott Weeks Valena Whaley T. W. Wilder I Y I l i 1 3 i E a X f J Tlve UNIVERSITY SUPPLY STORE iff' Servizfzg TI-IE UNIVERSITY OE ALABAMA STUDENTS EACUTY and ALUMNI Since 1905 ik TI-IE SUPPLY STORE IS YOUR STORE ,l,ir.3 ,Q fi , ,-.....f.-Ju -:Q-----xi,-"fTCTEI, Harrier--ee-R 1420 UNIVERSITY AVENUE TOWN AND COUNTRY CLOTHES . . . Personally Selected tor College Girls Nationally Advertised Dresses, Formals, Suits, Coats, Skirts, Blouses, Sweaters Play Clothes, Ballet Slippers, Lingerie WELL KNOWN LINES Herbert Sondheim David Crystal Claire McCardell Sheila Lynn Sacony Gotham Junior Kaylon "Tommies" Kayser: gloves, hose, lingerie Klein 84 Klein, Suits and Coats Imported Cashmere Sweaters Ceil Chapman Originals Bon Ray Dance Frocks Phone 2948 CARRIED Henry Rosenteld Star Maid Rockin' Chair Frank Starr Cameo Murray Hamburger Duchess Royal Garland Sweaters Glentex Scarts Nantucket Naturals Winfield Madison Sportswear N CIW' CNT WHY DON'T YC-U USE B. I... P. PAINT AND VARNISH MOBILE PAINT MANUFACTURING CO., INC MOBILE, ALABAMA u. s. A. ALABAMA STATE DOCKS TYPICAL SHIP SCENE-ALABAMA STATE DOCKS 8. TERMINALS, MOBILE, ALA. The Alabama State Docks provides wide slips for easy docking and undocking of ships and ample room for tugs handling barges, three tracks at shipside on the concrete apron wharves, wide, well-lighted shipside sheds, protected by dry-pipe sprinkler system, concrete floors for easy handling of goods with tractors, trailers, lift trucks and other equipment, tire-proof concrete-steel construction, with Underwriters fire protection system, fuel and fresh water connections at each berth. Twenty-two g ship berths are available. A GREAT NAME IN cumunc Ki: A fx E " surrsw- ' o TSOUTIIL, C nm. asm! 0 5 2 All This and footbol WE NEVER SLEEP A Phone Coll Brings Us Cn The Run RI-IONE 3636, DAY OR NIGHT 'A' FITTS YELLOW CABS R DE IN A SAFETY CAB ALL CARS ARE INSURED 2407 Brood ST. Tuscolooso, Alo I, Too! McJngeI's is chock-full of exciting nevv Spring foshions. Jounty cosuols for closses, flowering frocks for dofing. Bevvifching gowns for imporfoni even- ings on compus. WQBJISEFS 1 I 2 44- 'gf ffi, ' :MM V014 .4 A ha 'Q g 'iieif is f i x df if ml. 'x I1 I fyimqqm v v 7 F' "". 4,.,4f':' PRINTERS STATIONERS OFFICE MACH NES KYLE OFFICE SUPPLY CO. 52I-23 25Th Avenue DIAL 5720 "SI-IOP AT SEARS AND SAVE" For 60 Yeors The "BUY-VVORDSH of Americo Secirs, Roebuck cmd Co. II5 Dexier Avenue Monigornery, Alci FURNITURE - RADIOS onol APPLIANCES FOR HOME, SORORITY, FRATERNITY OR CLUB I-IOUSE S O K O L'S 4714 PHoNEs 4715 TUCKER MOTOR COMPANY Foiao, MEiQCuRY, LINCOLN Tuscolooso, Aloiborno Phone 3oI6 SALES AND SERVICE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA SUMMER SCHOOL Major emphasis is placed on meeiing The needs of regular session srudenis in planning The summer school program. Praciically all required courses for The Bachelor's and Masier's degrees are offered, also excellenr offerings of eleciive Work. For copies of summer school Ioulleiins and full informaiion, call ai THE SUMMER SCHOOL OFFICE Room IO2 Graves Hall f Q ,' 'Ki 0" I ' 5 I 4 I BYRON Ms1vE1LI?owNEu Q PHONE Sool 2II2 Broad Sifreei gil' ,f5oOner or Laier Your Favoriie Cleaner Af .nanw l LISTEN TO WEST ALABAMA'S ONLY IW! ., NETWORK smriom I ' The VVorld's Largesf Nefvvork pl-AY 1:0 The Mutual Broadcasiing System 0 SKILL l 0 HEALTH O RELAXATION 0 PLEASURE I . . . WITH THE MOST MODERN EQUIPMENT AT ROY'S PLACE T450 On Your Dial 2414 ah Street Phone 4493 WIESEL COMPANY - Home of - Nationally Advertised Men's Wear HART SCHAFFNER 8K MARX CLOTHES CHARLES TEMERSON SOUTH SIDE DRUG STORE 8' Independent Druggists Tuscaloosa, Alabama A. G. S. STATION SOUTHERN DAIRY FARM WILLYS JEEPS oREENssoRo Rox-xo ADMIRAL APPLIANCES "All Cream Ice Cream" I i' DAIRY PRODUCTS TELEPHONE 5363 TOM STUART MOTOR CO. Tuscaloosa, Alabama EAT AT.. Pete' Cafe PIT BARBECUE I PORK BEEF CI-IICKEN SANDVVICI-IES COLD DRINKS Wirh Curb Service I7I5 Universiry Avenue 'Complirnenfs of POWE'S SHOE STORE Nexr Door 'ro Kress Phone 4I26 Tuscolooso, Alobomo ADAMS DRUG STORE Corl Aoloms, Prop. "PhormocIs'rs in cooperorion vvirh your physicionn Phone 2833 Norfhporf, Alobomo EOR SPORTING EQUIPMENT cmd HARDWARE J. A. Duckvvorrh Chorles Morris VISIT DUCKWORTH - MORRIS J. OVIATT BOWERS CO. QIO5 Second ST. Phone 4466 GENERAL INSURANCE A. 8t A. ASH, INC. RENTALS - LoANs REAL ESTATE Corner 2oI Avenue 81 2Orh STreeT, N. Eronk Nelson BuiI'oIIng Q U Telephone 2040 Tuscolooso, AIo. Burmunghom, Alobomo PIZITZ . . . offers you foshions of disfincfion To III oll occosions from compus onnuols To glomorous formols. Foshions which ore synonymous with good fosTe oncl individuolify. Sfyles of Tocloy vvifh o Touch of Tomorrow PIZITZ Where Co-Eds Love To Shop TUSCALGOSA, ALABAMA DELVIEW DAIRY JOY YOUNG GRADE "A" RAsTEuRTzED MILK COTTAGE CHEESE, WHIRRING CREAM, AMERICAN AND CHINESE FRESH FARM EuTTER, CHOCOLATE FOCUS MILK, BUTTERMILK, BIERLEY'S ORANGE ADE . . Bzrmunghom, Alobomo PHONE 32I3 TUSCALOOSA ff N THE FOUNTAIN MEN .mn Homzos LM sv svsnvr' q-- JI. X ' Longer Iosnng Ioeoufy for AL BR.0Tl1ERS , , VUE , -A ' -,., your cloThes con be dns- DEPARTNKENT' STQDRE - Covered GE I If' ' R O Y A L' S 7 MOBILE, ALABAMA SUPERIOR CLEANERS 22I9 7Th SI. Phone 25I2 Il8OOIl ON YOUR DIAL N . W WMOY MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA MUTUAL NETWORK 1 ' BOOK STORE fuifgq 5 GIFT SHOP Esfoblished T898 The Some Policy The Some OuOIiTy The Some Welcome THE REAL COLLEGE STORE Bmw JEWELERS MONTOOMERY, ALABAMA For Your Enjoyment GOLDEN FLAKES PRODUCTS "AIwOys OOOOI-All WOys" POTATO CHIPS - SALTED PEANUTS PEANUT BUTTER SANDVVICHES MOOIe Fresh DOiIy By MAGIC CITY FOOD PRODUCTS COMPANY Birminghom, AIObOmO Complimenfs OI J. M. Burchfield 8g Sons WHOLESALE OROCERS if I-IOWOTCI Burchfield, '26 Dr. S. L. Brisfer, '24 EXTENSION DIVISION FOLLOW YOUR EDUCATIONAL INTERESTS DURING VACATIONS, AFTER COLLEGE YEARS ARE OVER, AND WHILE YOU ARE AT WORK Through THE EXTENSION DIVISION OF THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA DEPARTMENT OF EXTENSION INSTRUCTION Correspondence Study Courses lor College ond High School Exfension Closses Commerce ond Technology DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SERVICE Adull Educofion Home ond Fcxmily Life Audio-Visuol Aids News Bureou High School Guidonce ond Counselling Rodio Club Sludy, Dromo Loon, ond Librory Exlension UNIVERSITY CENTERS BIRMINGHAM MONTGOMERY MOBILE GADSDEN Third Floor, Adminislrofion Building For Inlormolion coll 4079, EXTENSION DIVISION OFFICE, or wrife Box 2787, UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA VISIT US OFTEN WE ARPRECIATE YOUR RATRONAGE ir DUGIN'S SHOE STORE CHARM FASHIONS 23 I 2 oih STreeT DRESSES, SPORTSWEAR, LINGERIE y REMEMBER - I "CHARM FOR EAsHioN" If pays to advertise. RADIO STATION WJIID 'A' TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA I23O On Your DionI IIIIHYIS TuscoIooso1's Leooling Men's Sfore JIM'S PLACE FINER Fooos AND Pl2oMPT CURB SERVICE 30I Universify Avenue Phone 2700 When You "Soy If With Flowers" Soy IT Wifh Ours MONTGOMERY'S FLOWERS Fora ALL oCc:As1oNs 4I3 No. 2IsT STreeT Phone 3-7236 Birminghom, Alobolmo SHOP AT SEARS AND SAVE RETAIL AND MAIL ORDER Complimenfs of METCALF'S I00,000 ITEMS FROM WI-IICI-I TO CHOOSE MEN S AND BOYS OUTFITTERS SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO. 2317 6th STVSGT I3 Commerce STreeT TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA MONTGOMERY N 4 , if 5? ii I i ii A POPULAR GROUP ON THE CAMPUS: I-lorry Gilmer, Mike Cassidy, Fred Grcmi, Jim Coin, cmd Shoriy Roberison, The "A" Club Boiskeibcill Teem. A POPULAR CAR ON THE CAMPUS: 0 sioiionwogon from Brcmscomb U-Drive-IT Company. QUALITY Since coivipuivinsirs IQO4 - or - It FINCHER 8g OZMENT THOMPSON 81 SWAIM JEWELRY CG! PLYWOOD COMPANY PHoNE 2274 'fr TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA GATES 8g COMPANY CLEANERS ancl DYERS 2409-II BROAD STREET PHONE 5546 Tuscaloosa, Alabama Oldesi and Mosf Reliable Cleaners in Tuscaloosa BAMA DRUG COMPANY The REXALL STORE I2OI Universily Ave. Tuscaloosa, Ala. Phones 553I-32 FREE FAST DELIVERY HOUSE'S GARAGE A COMPLETE AUTO SERVICE AXLE, FRAME and BRAKE SPECIALISTS Babbiiing CranIcsIialT Grinding Aufnorized Unifecl Moiors Service 720 Greensboro Avenue FAUCETT BROS. MERCHANTS Norinpori, Alabama i' J. R. Fauceif, 'IQ S. P. Fauceli, Jr., '23 W. L. FauceTT, '32 QNX 6-mv-J KX ,ff 5 ' K 35+ ,ff 3935 'K' f., . i li 5 .I fx w5i,""'S For every occasion X. 5 X IE, D .- 4 " NW' fha 45. .V BOTTLICD LNDFR .XL"T'IIORI'l'Y OI" Tllli L'IK',X-L'OI..X COMPANY RY Coca-Cola Bottling Company TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA COMPLIMENTS C017 I ' fx ZQQZZZMQJ C. B. 5. FROM Tl-IE CITY OF MONTGOMERY ALABAMA Monfgomery, AIObGmG JOHN L. GOODWYN Moyor W. P. SCREWS W. A. GAYLE Associofe Commissioners lllllll llllllllll lll .... Hos The Mos? Modern Plonr To Serve Your En'rire Dciiry Needs 'lr Perry Creamery Company PHONE 5516 i '. gr,,,,, 5 - - '-- ii L, ""-fl' M1112 -r?r:::1'?'- ii El - l , vffi ivbil - . . 1' in I 2 -muh: -l-, ,oak J, me N- S -' .. eh , il-wg! ,ulibjnil N A-Y A .V T? " il We Sincerely Solicir Your Porronoge ir Allen Sglemison. Co. HARDWARE Tuscolooso, Alobomol Xavier in action. 'A 5. X fS ' 15 I WE DISTRIBUTE TOP OUALTTY Athletic Equipment Wilson 81 Rawlings PAKE-STEPHENSON CO. T4 Commerce Street MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Twill, Till 'Til ir HICKEY FREEMAN - SOCIETY BRAND DOBBS HATS MCOREOOR SPORTSWEAR ARROW SHIRTS "The Store On Your Way Down Town" SEWELL HARDWARE CO. Joe Sewell, Manager, '20 Phone 406-407 WEIL BROTHERS cotton MERcHANts Montgomery, Alabama Established T878 Cleaning and Pressing tor University Students Since T935 JAX CLEANERS CASH and CARRY S. R. Jackson, Proprietor "Alteration Repairs a Specialty" Rex's Corner Tuscaloosa, Ala. COMPLIMENTS OF MEAN EY'S FLOWERS lOO9 University Avenue Tuscaloosa, Alabama K I , Ofqfgsfj WI TT IX I elchamp tore Complimenfs RETAIL CVYSTOSI LUUWOIVY C0mP0mY LUMBEI2 and BUILDING DRY CLEANTNG cmd LAUNDRY MATERIALS T8Tn STVGGT ond O. M. 84 O. R. R. Phones 4476-4477 Pnone 4767 Tuscolooso, Alo OWEN MEREDITH 81 SONS C I. T f ornp Imen s o INSURANCE Properfy Management - Morfgoge Looms I A Rea' ESM LIFE INSURANCE 2212 BROAD STREET Tuskolooso, Aloloomo H27 YSOFS in Mobile!! Womeh's Wear Miliihery Shoes Noveliies BeaUiy Salori folliisfbfggcf Ty DEPARTMENT STORE WHY WAIT TO EAT WHEN YOU CAN GET CURB SERVICE AT Green Gables 88 U-DRIVE-IT COMPANY ' Chicken in a Baskef ' Barbecue ik Chili AUTO AND TRUCK RENTALS OYSTG-rs, Shrimp Grid C FOR EVERY OCCASION OTher Sea Foods uk' GREEN GABLES LocaTeoI JUST OTT The Campus on The Birmingham Highway PHONE 4438 "Ride in STaTe With 88" I N '-:5g:g.:.5:zg:g4::::g:g:::g:g:2:5:f:2:1:55:1:2:1g2g2g.g:::55:I1:1551::igrffzis5:15'C:'::::-:g:5:::-:f:Q ,''Ef1?ff1f11f55Iff25"5' '11 , . H'5:g:Q:Z:2:E'3:Z:5:I:1g:4:g:-:::g:,::gfg':::5:I'1-:':-:""':2-'-":.: :A . --f'- ' 1 2:f:EE:Q:f:5:f:f:5:5:5::57igE:g'f:f525.31g-.f.':':E:f.2,"1:f"'::IEZ-'ffzf-':5:5:f " M' ' ' I . --. N:f:::E'7:5:E:Ezfgcf:-:f15f:?1:f5215gr5:2rQI''S.j:fJ.--. 3:4 T-.1 fy "" ' , ---X 'D '- m-:::6:::Q:S511:5:g:?f-'.j1j"-2 ' 4 .:. .. 1 , ff .. 154 2. : - - . '- - ' ' ' ' 4:1 3:f3:i:3FF::5s:2:T.3b.7:3' - -' " . " ' no TWPE AS B01 -TWWF. P-5 AMERlCA'S FINEST COLA DRINK me We . "LET'S BE if A FRIENDS" fa SGC or - BU 1 . R AD A R if W HARDINS E QF - Enioy ' h p'quant, homey AT ALL good h r you want GROCERS good bread! "Bread At Its Bas?" HARDI NS BAKERY Serving Tuscaloosa and The University Since 1900 KD fishes at Jasons Jamboree. IN MOBILE lT'S GR Eli 'lr AND EVERYBODY KNOWS WHY 7 L. G. Balfour Company YOUR FRATERNITY and SORORITY JEWELER QIG4 5Th Avenue, Norrh Birmingham, Alabama ir Send Orders To: E. B. BENSON, JR., Manager BLACK FRIEDMAN 8. WINSTON "MEN'S CLOTHIERS" STYLE HEADQUARTERS FOR WELL DRESSED UNIVERSITY MEN Tuscaloosa, Alabama Zeta "wheels" on The phone. anal Momreommw ALABAMA OAYFERLS Sain? Emmanuel Srreer MOBILE wg? "Geoff Things To Eat X ff HILL FOOD STORES VVE INVITE you To moke The "HILL STORE NEAR YOU" heodquorTers for your Food ond Household necessiTies. You will olvvoys Tind our sTores well supplied wiTh The Qallow Me Canada besT The mczrkeT offords. IT will poy T 1 Th in 'W' Sim 'vm Wm you O ge 6 "Hill sfore Hqbiw -I "2 -'c L F 1. " " :1"f+I .- e " N 'mo IN HiII's Qualify ' ??3! WIFI Is Economy" :-- .TS-f I I 7 ff I Y ? I I I, X ' x Of 'ggi xiii" O aaa . . . fn '7u4cafaa4.a OVER HALF CENTURY OF SERVICE Improved cmd monoged by on ALUMNUS Tor The ALUMNI ond FRIENDS of The UniyersiTy THE HOTEL MCLESTER Jcine 'Watts "MISS ALABAMA" represents your compus toshion shop ond is shown weoring one ot the mony smort outtits you'II find ot . . . MP- IAEA IUXO EIQwIIg,OITiw6V hom Wd the neg' NOW 'wha Cof IHCCDB REEDS SCDNS First Bose ot Supply tor ARMY, NAVY, ond MARINE GFFICERS' UNIFORMS Remember! When it Comes to UNIFORIVIS ond UNIFORM EQUIPMENT It's Right cit ReecI's 'A' Write tor Cotologs ond Quototions JACOB REED'S SONS I424 Chestnut Street Philodelphio, Po. COMPLIMENTS - QF .. A FRIEND TOM GOODBRAD'S FLORAL sl-TOP American National Bank 63 S UTIW Monferey DIOI 6-5254 8 Mobile, AIObOmO, Zone I9 OI: MOBILE "SC1y II VVITIT I:IOWerS" is afdq THE GOURMET 0 I RESTAURANT I AIR CONDITIONED . BAINIOUET FACILITIES FOR OROURS Sewwg UP TO T25 PEOPLE CARL HAMMOND I.INVII.I.E GRAY Owners TUSCOIOOSO, AIObOmO EOUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES -For- PHYSICIANS, HOSPITALS ond CLINICAL LABORATORIES 'A' MecIiCOI Swdenis ore invifed To visiT our sfore while in Monigomery if DURR SURGICAL SUPPLY COMPANY SURGICAL ond HOSPITAL SUPPLIES Monigomery, Alobomo Adam's Cafe 23 I 3 7TI1 Sfreef FINE FOODS STEAKS - CHOPS - CHICKEN OPEN SEVEN DAYS A WEEK SNACK BAR DO-NUT SHOP Bock of Denny FieIoI On IOTI1 STreeT SANDWICHES DO-NUTS BELL STEAK HOUSE For Delicious STEAKS SEA rooms MEALS no R. cz. A. RADIOS I ,,,,,,,,,,, VICTOR RECORDS ALABAMA VENDING APPLIANCE STORE OQI Greensboro Ave. Telephone 5452 Big doin's at The SX derby. FIIIIIIII II' Hart Schottner ond Morx CIothes Knox Hcits Monhqtton Shirts McGregor Sportswecir CITY FURNITURE COMPANY two DOORS WEST or Post OFFICE TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA ir We Specialize in FRATERNITY ond SORORITY HOUSE FURNISHINGS Sk RADIOS - STUDY LAMPS - STUDY II6 Montgomery Street TABLES - PILLOWS - CHAIRS Montgomery Alobomo DESKS CASH GROCERY COMPANY Fcincy Groceries ond Fresh Meoit PHONES .4438-368i WE DELIVER I2I9-IQQI University Avenue Freedom of Opportunity Freedom to speok, to think, to write, to work. Freedom to Choose ond shope our Desti- nies-our Jobs. GUARANTEED by the CONSTITUTION, PRESERVED by the VIGILANCE ot eoch generotion. ir GULF STATES PAPER CORPORATION Tuscolooso, Alobomo 1- COMING SOON A BRAND NEW Nexf Door To The S.A.E. House THEATER TO ADD TO THE Enferfoinmenf Y Reproduced by P Of: THE "I3GFSOI'IOIITy Phorogrolohsn B A M A A B I L E S D R U I D PORTRAIT STUDIO R I T Z I225 Universify Avenue 4022 USE CoIIeQe Men Everywhere Prefer ll M E R P A C 0 II PRODUCTS GLOBE TAILORED-TO-MEASURE CLOTHES For Business ond Formol Weor ir THE GLOBE TAILORING COMPANY Cincinnofi, Ohio III U L -TT L Q T h MERCANTILE PAPER CO OFFICE OUTFITTERS STATIONERS PRINTERS Monfgomery DIAMONDS JEWELRY WATCHES SILVERWARE FINE' CHINA PHOTOORAPHIC EQUIPMENT CRYSTAL - fl I A"- 1 TV lji. 35 I i l l . E J EVVELE RS Montgomery 4, Alabama g HERE IS AN ALL TIME ALL AMERICAN LINEUP OF PROTECTION 9 Preferred Endowment Contract 9 Juvenile Endowments at Age I6-21 9 Ordinary Life Contract Contract 9 Twenty-Payment Life Contract 9 Juvenile Twenty-Payment Life 9 Twenty Year Endowment Contract Contract 9 Preferred Risk Ordinary Life Contract 9 Retirement Income Certificate 9 Preferred Risk Twenty-Payment Life 9 Traveling Pedestrian Contract Contract 9 Term Contract A first class team must have reserve strength. Preferred Life has it! Our ratio of assets to liabilities of IQI 442. Our assets have climbed in I8 short years from S2,4IO.25 in I929 to LT:2,933,866.58 at the close of I946. All of Preferred Life's Star Contracts are issued on a full legal reserve basis. PREFERRED LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY HOME OFFICE: MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA S. H. LONOSHORE, President-General Manager Operating in the following States. ALABAMA -. GEORGIA - MISSISSIPPI - LOUISIANA - SOUTH CAROLINA For Quality Products PITTSBURGH PAINTS . . . ARISTOCRAT WALLPAPER Volves, Fittings, Plumbing, I-leoting Equipment By Crone, Arnericon-Stondord if CULE SUPPLY CCMPANY 520 22nd Avenue Telephone 5561 "A Dependoble Source of Supply" Q :fl fr . gi- 0. ., -9' ' KN il X 5 ' 1 I l Y' oso r' e ,K'MENS WEAR" ff2J.2uQ.R!?l9,!3 Men's Clothing, Hots ond Furnishings Dupuy Office Mcichines Co. ROYAL TYPEWRITERS Vorsity Town Clothes - Crosby Squore SALES cmd SERVICE Shoes - McGregor Sportswear 722 22nd Avenue 12 Dexter Avenue Montgomery, Alu. BROMBERGS ll2Th YEAR IN DISPENSING ALABAMA o o ,f'T45' P . Jewelers 0 J or lllul 1 P 'i 'ii A EEE n g X Sl versmit s All ll oPTicAL SERVICE co tf-?'fil llllllli ffl Af' Goods ' Ti l l ' i" ll7 ll i H if - McLester Hotel Blclg. GIHS H. L. Swoin, Opticion U A 2Oth St. ot 22nd Ave. Birminghom Gordon D. Palmer, PresidenT Adolph C. Cade, Vice-Presidenr Charles N. Maxwell, Jr., Vice-Presidem John P, Baker, Vice-PresidenT and Cashier The :first Q LN Frank McCorkIe Moody, AssisTanT To The PresidenT A Charles Ingram, AssisTanT Cashier J. Herman Perdue, AssisTanT Cashier Edvv. E. Verner, AssisTanT Cashier atinnal Zgank Nsusu 1:2 O EACH 5 TOR Q i' BE' OF TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Seg a I IN E 9 S MEM Member Federal DeposiT Insurance CorporaTion A DesignaTed DeposiTory oT The STaTe oT Alabama desires To be remembered by The young men and Women oT The Universiry A. 81 H. CLEANERS QUALITY CLEANING PrompT Service CARVER'S FOOD STORE A COMPLETE LINE OF FANCY GROCERIES We Deliver Phone 7438 5402 IBOA' UNIVERSITY AVENUE 703 IOTh ST. Tuscaloosa, Ala. ART'S CAFE CompIimenTs of BILL COLBY Ambrosia Cake Company Birmingham, Alabama "WHERE Tl-IE UNIVERSITY CROWD MEETS" For QualiTy and Service i223 UniversiTy Avenue 9268 MILLER, MARTIN 8 LEWIS Architects and Engineers nmmucnmn, ALABAMA Bwwwi CQ AMELIA GORGAS LIBRARY DOSTER HALL RICHARD FOSTER AUDITORIUM COLONIAL DORMITORY ALABAMA UNION EAST AND WEST ANNEX DORMITORIES COMMERCE BUILDING NEW HALL DORMITORY GROUP ADMINISTRATION BUILDING THREE T947 GIRLS' DORMITORIES FARRAH HALL GIRLS' CO-OP DORMITORY NOTT HALL JULIA TUTWILER DINING HALLS ENGINEERING BUILDING NURSERY SCHOOL ENGINEERING LABORATORY HOME MANAGEMENT HOUSE BUREAU OF MINES SIX T939 MEN'S DORMITORIES. MEN'S GYM ANNEX THREE T947 MEN'S DORMITORIES DENNY CHIMES CAFETERIA DINING HALL AND PROPOSED PHYSICS BUILDING, DINING HALL AND STADIUM ADDITION ALSO EIGHTEEN FRATERNITY AND SORORITY HOUSES AND TEN PROFESSORS' HOMES DOG HOUSE COFFEE SHOPPE FAMOUS FOR ITS FOOT LONG HOT DOGS Rear Foster Auditorium CURB SERVICE Phone 73I-4 We Specialize in New and Used' Sporting Goocls ' of AII Kinds We Buy, Sell and Exchange Anything of Value POWELL PAWN SHOP James T. Powell 624 23rd Avenue Phone 4176 Tuscaloosa, Alabama Rifles, Shot Guns, Golf Clubs, Fishing Tackle, Tools, Jewelry, Watches, Musical Instruments, Cameras, I Men's Furnishings, Luggage I EXPERT WATCH REPAIRING sigma Chi's crown Foley queen .zfffeeubi FURNITURE COMPANY NATIONALLY ADVERTISED FURNITURE and - OFFICE EQUIPMENT 'k Tuscaloosa Alabama ALABAMA'S LEADING FLORISTS" PATERSONS' Since I 892 MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA R A I F O R D ' S Musical Headquarters SHEET MUSIC OF ALL KINDS C. G. CONN BAND INSTRUMENTS Reeds, Srrings and Accessories of AII Kinds 6I7 Greensboro Avenue Dial 3044 CHRYSLER - PLYMOUTH GMC TRUCKS PARTS AND ACCESSORIES SALES AND SERVICE STINSON MOTOR CO. Corner 61h Street and I9Th Avenue Phones 669I-6692 Dine where they serve rempting pre- serves and iellies from Sexton's Sun- shine Kitchens. They are famous in 48 states for their pure fruit goodness. X I n-M X -ff M251 S , f 'Em X e 1555? 4, X SQQSQQ fa:g?:.sgpQbr QW 'W r - -Q n H Sexton Nelson Weaver, Presiolenr 44?- Mark l-loolo, Chairman of Board . Oo HODO-WEAVER Q06 MORTGAGE COMPANY DRUG SUNDRIES L Morrgage Loans on Real Eslare S jk WE DELIVER CALL 2827 Hoclo-Weaver Company E 801 lO'rh Srreer Real Esrare - Rentals - Loans General Insurance 1 E Rrorecrive Lile Building Birmingham, Alabama Q00 HEADQUARTERS FOR f' f 22-new an RHYSICIANS K TXX NT gil 'Mig a n a 5f LABORATORY SUPPLIES ir MCKESSON 8g ROBBINS, Inc. Birmingham, Alabama - x f W L E 'S-:E 4' . - ' -gh S COMPLIMENTS OF The PHCKWICK CAFE, Inc. 25 Commerce Srreer MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA pawn Mu 'ipod db? 61.50 ust l1I-ce you that IS the finest compliment a portrait can receive and justly earned by an Olan are alert to every llglxtxng method every camera angle that wall cap ture your most natural expression o an mllls slu los mwyfymm eww 1 1' o 1 I Y' 'IJ I IQ C Mills Portrait! Our photographers '14 S f . Q Olnn isPorlr5it c r ucc y crmussn . TUSCALOOSA LIBRARY BINDERY Clakey Bell, Owner LIBRARY BINDING A SPECIALTY" Dial 2204 2I22 Broad Street Tuscaloosa, Alabama "BOUND TO PLEASE" Complimenfs of S. H. KRESS 8r CO. 5c, IOC and 25c Stores Tuscaloosa, Alabama "WATCH KRESS WlNDOWS" Rush week af the Kappa House. INTERESTED IN A RETAILING CAREER? You Can Choose From Many fmcellenil Uyyyzcminmiiw For College People At. . . MONTGOMERY FAIR DEPARTMENT STORE MONTGOMERY, ALA. There are possibilities in all types of excit- ing, well-paying iobs in one of the most fascinating fields of the business world today . . . RETAILING. lf you are just finishing school or if you have never worked before, the Personnel Manager of Montgomery Fair would like to discuss the many advantages of working in this outstanding Alabama department store. At Montgomery Fair every employee is given the opportunity to improve his position and his financial income, based on his own merit. 592 BEST VVISHES TO BAMA I Q-4-31115522-PQ. 4 ws in ,wg 123 X44 1' 41 C' A41 Montgomery N B C f HOWARD E. PILL, '22 President ,' R. - "F3'S:f5'I f-I if Z- fr 7 as 'W il A ' I alt hw ' '. I ' .Ugg :Ft--2? 1 . , ' ' , -?1':" 1 .:,-Fda' s 'f ' J .' J'-T 2 'Wifi . ss - . , g- A-15-f?'-yjif., es .. .vm . sz- L". - "fm, if ? f f P- W Mies WLT? ESPECIALLY CATERING TO THE CAMPUS TRADE POULTRY 81 EGG CO. -For- POULTRY PRODUCTS 25l3 Fourth St. Back of Burchfield Hotel FUNERAL POLICIES . . . . CASH POLICIES . . T 4 Q ' ET Local Offices and Representatives in M I If Every Section of Alabama J N' ,1 1 I R, g A X, ' , INSURANCE Funeral Policies Serviced by Leading Funeral Directors TROY G. ARNOLD, Chairman of the Board DAN R. HUDSON, President HOME OFFICE: BIRMINGHAM, ALA. NX f f T , k gif 1 f' - ' QQ- .gf 'gi ll' J , X X X BOWL ON THE SOU-l'l'l'S FINEST BOWLING ALLEYS S' BAMA BOWLING CENTER I l307 University Ave. Phone 925i C I- T f ff- OFFICE SUPPLIES AND FURNITURE Omp 'men S O ffaylhcf ' BUSINESS SYSTEMS BUSINESS I H 59 D MACHINES INSTITUTIONAL R- EQUIPMENT 0 ENGINEERING Tl-IE SPORTSMAN'S MEETING PLACE 'I Y0U'fe going 'O SUPPUES ' OFFICE PLANNWG en a e in business or FOOTBALL RESULTS Q gpfifem In A10- BILLIARDS BEVERAGES bama after you leave Qamariffeadatb school - you'll get , some real help if you E S "Call the H e a d MONTGOMERY' ALABAMA ' ZIII5-I5 Tir-SIAvE..N..Pnnne5-ITIIIS MCKELVEY-COATS FURNITURE COMPANY "Trade with The Boys" 1816-18 Second Avenue, Norrh P1-IONE 3-6151 Birminghom, Alebomcu W ,D A fl 115 S Druid Furniture Cu WOOD - FRU ITTICHER GROCERY COMPANY SEE US FOR FRATERNITY AND SQRORITY FURNISHINGS WHOLESALE OROCERS 'A' Phone 757-4 Birmingham, Alebomo 2215 6rh Sfreef ompfafa fiyzaciflfisfi- - - CHECKING ACCOUNTS SAVINGS ACCOUNTS TRUST DEPARTMENT FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC EXCHANGE COMMERCIAL LOANS TRAVELERS' CHECKS The City National Banlc Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporarion 55,000 Maximum Insurance lor Each Deposiior YOU'LL FIND THE RIGHT GIFT FOR EVERY OCCASION -AT The- J E W EL B O X Tuscaloosa Birmingham Complimenls of awzica DISTINCTIVE FASHIONS Birmingham, Alabama WEATHERFORD PRINTING COMPANY Serving The University Since i892 Complele PRINTING Service Tuscaloosa, Alabama Waller C. Baker A. C. Hassell QI I4 Broad Sireel P. O. Box 372 Telephone 5738 Celebrating 25 Years of Service of Growtlzf E efm I5225 I947l o'4LABP-"'v gKKKe M e,Ki eee Insurance at a Saving! l1l-EIIIPL0Y'ER5- ' f-:JI INSURANCE ro. T ' ar ALABAMA I 9 Automobile fall formsl -I . . .. 9 General Public Liability 9 Plate Glass ..q.,, ,mu ,....... ...... I I I M- .,.f,,,,, .. Ei:vzC I EMPLOYERS LIFE INSURANCE CO. Writing all forms of Life In- surance . . . Industrial Life, Ordinary and Group-Ages 0 to 65 Years. , 9 Workmen's Compensation FINANCE the purchase ot your new automobile with your local bank. INSURE it through an agent ot The Employers Insurance Co. of Alabama under a Participating Policy, provid- ing for Dividends to policy- holders. A strong Legal Reserve Stock Company TANNER BROTHERS WHOLESALE FRUITS - VEGETABLES 'A' Tuscaloosa, Alabama 23l4-QSI6 4th Street Phones 289i-2982 I dwdwa SOUTHERN PRODUCTS CORPORATION PRODUCERS OF TTLL 0lL Tuscolooso ond Fox, Alobomo 736 '47 gcmcwffa . . wishes To express iTs sincere oppreciowion Tor The cooperoTion ond mony courTesies rendered iT by The sToTT of The Union Building: Mrs. Julio Sonders, i-iosTess, Deon Henry J. Sikes, Monoger, ond STAFF DvvighT Mclnish Reese JohnsTon Bob Wise Buddy Hendrix Allon Adoms Luke Renfro ,aa M ,. ,. COME WHAT JVIAY. CONFIDENCE is the heritage of youth .... it is also a fundamental requirement of business .... attained by long study, training and experience ' We have enjoyed the confidence of yearbook Staffs throughout the country for over thirty years .... an accomplishment for which We are truly grateful and justly proud .... ak uk vc Af at COLLEGE ANNUAL DIVISICDN , ALABAMA EN CIRAVIN G COMPANY B 1 RM I N C1 HAM ' llllll 'FIIEA Pillli LA DMARK Long after war has ceased they will stand as beacons to the American Way . . . to greater achievement in religion, arts, science, research, and industry. The way is not easy. It is narrow, It is sometimes rough. Other paths beckon alluringly, as seeming short cuts. But in mankind's halting progress through the ages many paths have been explored I owl! Zncfwze before. It now in uncertainty we change paths we will slow up progress and confuse those whose eyes are on us. By further smoothing of the proved paths we can continue tc inspire earnest men everywhere to follow the way that already has led one nation so far toward the better and happier lite for all. be aragun rests DESIGNERS AND CREATORS OF lu ADAMS MONTGOMERY, ALA. AGQMGWZQCZQQMQMZJ To list all who have had a hand in the production of this book would be impossible. Scores of students have taken hours away from their "play" to lend a hand and it is especially to these students that we are grateful. The assistant editors and business managers have spent many days and nights working on the book. Photographers Bill McDonald, Mike Langdon, Bill Stevens and Yateman King were always willing to "rush it up" when a deadline was to be met. As always, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Boylan, auditors, listened to our troubles and brought us through many a crisis. Mr. Bob Faerber of the Alabama Engraving Company and Mr. Ed Wise of Paragon Press were essential during the many "storms" that came along. Miss Barbara Tucker of the Medical College was most cooperative and helpful as were Dean Hendrix and John A. Reynolds. No list of acknowledge- ments would be complete without mentioning Rhea Schuessler and .lim Beech of the Athletic publicity department and members of the iournalism faculty. To the student body we can only say that we hope you like this fifty-fifth edition of the Corolla. We have tried to catch the lighter side of life at Bama and if ten years from now you can turn the pages of this book and feel that you have a complete record of this college year, we will feel that our work has not been in vain. L JlMMlE MOORE, Editor PAUL BROCK, Business Manager YMCZQVL TO ADVERTI ERS A. 81 A. ASH, INC., .. 372 KYLE OFFICE SUPPLY CO.. . ., 369 ADAMS CAFE .,... ,.., 3 91 L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY .,.. 386 ADAMS DRUG STORE . 372 LIME-COLA COMPANY .... 384 A FRIEND ...,...., . .. ,. . 390 LOUIS WIESEL, INC. ,........,......,. .. . 383 A 8. H CLEANERS ....,. , ,.. ... . ., 396 LUSTIG'S BOOK STORE ...,.. ' .,.., ........, . 374 ALABAMA ENGRAVING COMPANY.. . . 408 MAGIC CITY FOOD PRODUCTS COMPANY .. .. 374 AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK 81 TRUST COMPANY 390 MANGELS .,..,,.....,............,,... .. 369 ALABAMA STATE DOCKS . . . . . . . 367 MCKELVEY-COATS FURNITURE COMPANY. . . . . 404 ALABAMA VENDING APPLIANCE STORE . 391 MCKESSON 81 ROBBINS, INC. ..,...,..... . 400 ALLEN 8. JEMISON COMPANY 380 MCLESTER HOTEL . . .......,. 388 AMBROSIA CAKE COMPANY . 396 MEANEY'S FLOWERS ,..,.. . 381 ART'S CAFE .. , 396 MERCANTILE PAPER COMPANY ,,.. 393 BAILES PORTRAIT STUDIO 393 METCALF'S . . ,,.... , . .. 376 BAMA BOWLING CENTER 403 METZGER BROTHERS ...... .... . 381 BAMA CASH GROCERY COMPANY 392 MILLER, MARTIN 81 LEWIS ........ . ..,, . . 397 BAMA DRUG COMPANY , 378 MOBILE PAINT MANUFACTURING CO. .. 366 BAMA, DRUID, RITZ THEATRES 393 MONTGOMERY FAIR ,,,.,....,.,.,,, 401 BELL STEAK HOUSE , . 391 MONTGOMERY'S FLOWERS ,...,.. ,..,,...,... . . 376 BERNS . , ,... 374 MORGENTHAU'S ......,,.... ......,......,.,. . , 370 BLACK, FRIEDMAN AND WINSTON 386 NATIONAL SOUTHERN PRODUCTS CORPORATION ., 407 BRANSCOMB U-DRIVE-IT CO. 377 OLAN MILLS STUDIO ,,.,...,..,..,..,.......... , . 401 BROMBERG'S . . 395 OPTICAL SERVICE COMPANY ........ .,,.....,. . . 395 CARVER'S FOOD STORE 396 OWEN MEREDITH 81 SONS .,... 382 CHARLES TEMERSON 8- SONS . 371 PAKE-STEPHENSON COMPANY .,...,. 381 CHARM FASHIONS . , . . 375 PARAGON PRESS . .. ........ . . ., 409 CITY FURNITURE COMPANY . 392 PREFERRED LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY.. 394 CITY OF MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA 379 PERRY CREAMERY COMPANY ..,..,... 380 COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY 379 PETE'S CAFE .,..,........,. 372 COLE SUPPLY COMPANY . . . . 395 PIZITZ . . . ...,.,.., . . , . 373 CRYSTAL LAUNDRY COMPANY 382 POULTRY 8- EGG COMPANY. ,. 402 C. W. LEWIS FURNITURE COMPANY 398 POWELL PAWN SHOP ,...,.. 397 DEAL LUMBER COMPANY . . . 382 POWE'S SHOE STORE ..,.,.,....... 372 DELVIEW DAIRY ,..,. . . . 373 PUG'S . . .,..............,...... . 387 DIXIE COFFEE COMPANY .. 406 RAIFORD'S MUSICAL HEADQUARTERS .. 398 DELCHAMPS STORES . . . ,..., . 382 ROSEMONT GARDENS , ......,.. . . . 398 DOG HOUSE COFFEE SHOP . . 397 ROY'S PLACE . .,..,.....,,......,.. 370 DUCKWORTH-MORRIS INSURANCE CO. 372 SCHWOBILT CLOTHES .....,. 368 DUGIN'S SHOE STORE . ...,.... . .. 375 SEARS, ROEBUCK 81 CO., MONTGOMERY 369 DUPUY OFFICE MACHINES COMPANY . . 395 SEARS, ROEBUCK 8- CO., TUSCALOOSA . 376 DURR SURGICAL SUPPLY COMPANY .,.,,. . . 391 SEWELL HARDWARE COMPANY ....,.. 381 88 U-DRIVE-IT COMPANY . ,.., .,.,. . 383 SEXTON QUALITY FOODS ....,,. 399 EMPLOYERS INSURANCE COMPANY OF AMERICA 406 S. H. KRESS 81 COMPANY ...., 401 EXTENSION DIVISION, UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA 375 SNAK BAR DO-NUT SHOP ..., 391 FAMILY RESERVE INSURANCE COMPANY ......,. 403 SOKOLS ......,............ 369 FANNIN'S ...,.....,........,......... 392 SOUTH SIDE DRUG STORE 371 FAUCETT BROTHERS ...,..,,.,........,.. 378 SOUTHERN DAIRY FARM .,.., 371 FINCHER 81 OZMENT JEWELRY COMPANY, .. 378 STINSON MOTOR COMPANY .,.. 398 FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF TUSCALOOSA. ., 396 TANNER BROTHERS ........,. 406 FITTS YELLOW CABS ., ...,...,....,...... 368 THE CITY NATIONAL BANK ..,.... 405 GATES 8: COMPANY ...., 378 THE CORNER DRUG STORE .. ..... 400 GAYFER'S ..,,,....,.. 386 THE DRUID FURNITURE COMPANY ...,. 404 GOODFORM SHOP ., 395 THE PICKWICK CAFE, INC. . 400 GRAY'S ,..... . ..... 376 THE GLOBE TAILORING COMPANY ,,.. 393 GREEN GABLES , ..............,.. 383 THE GOURMET RESTAURANT ..,...,,.. 390 GREER'S ,...,,..,.................. 385 THE UNIVERSITY SUPPLY STORE ..,,... 364 GULF STATES PAPER CORPORATION ..... 392 THOMPSON 84 SWAIM PLYWOOD COMPANY ...., .. 378 GUNN'S ........................., 386 TOM GOODBRAD'S ..........,.....,,....... . . 390 HARDIN'S BAKERY ..,...,........... 385 TOM STUART MOTOR CO. ..... 371 HILL FOOD STORES ................... 388 TUCKER MOTOR COMPANY ............... .. 369 HODO-WEAVER MORTGAGE COMPANY ..... 400 TUSCALOOSA LIBRARY BINDERY, ....,......... .. 401 HOUSE'S GARAGE .............,...... 378 UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA SUMMER SCHOOL ...,, .. 370 IDA HARRIS .......,.........,,....,. 365 W C O V .................................. .. 379 JACOB REED'S SONS ...,........ 389 WEATHERFORD PRINTING COMPANY. .. 405 JAMES A. HEAD 84 COMPANY ,.... 403 WEIL BROTHERS ...,,......,....... 381 JANE WATTS . ..,........... 389 WEINACKER DEPARTMENT STORE ...., 373 JAX CLEANERS . .. 381 WIESEL COMPANY ................ 371 JEWEL BOX ........... 405 WILLIE'S SMOKE SHOP ..........,. 403 JIM'S PLACE ......,....,, 376 W J R D .,.........................., .. 376 JOE C. MONTGOMERY ...,. 382 W M G Y .,...,.....................,.. . , 374 J. M. BURCHFIELD 81 SONS .... 374 WOOD-FRUITTICHER GROCERY COMPANY .... .. 404 J. OVIATT BOWERS CO. ..... 372 W S F A. .,,..............,........,.. .. 401 KLEIN 81 SON ..........., 394 W T B C .............. 370 k.l'l'IILJEk.-FTITL. u CmnlvL'lvLll1 " L5..rxr-ulxzlwl.. 1 IOROLLA ' COMEDY ' CHEERS' ' COROLLA ' CLANS 'R CHARM' CORO5LLAfiQ LHEESECAKE ' COROLLA ' CRAMMLN' ' CAPSTONE ' CGROLLA ' CRELEBERATEIS' :OMEDY ' CHEERS ' COROLLA ' CLANS ' CHARM 'C COROLLA "CLUBS ' CRL :OROLLA 'WCRAMMIN' ' CAPSTONE ' COROLLA ' CELEBRATLN' ' COURTLN' ZIHEERS ' CCROLLAA' CLANS ' CHARM ' COROLLA ' CLUBS ' CROWDS ' CHQ :HAOS ' CHEESECAKE ' CO ROLLA ' CRAMMLN' ' CAPSTONE ' COROLLA :OROLLA ' COMEDY ' CHEERS ' COROLLA ' CLANS 'R CHARM ' CORCLLA :HEESECAKE ' COROLLA! CRAMMLN' ' CAPSTGNE ' 'COROLLA ' .CELEBRATIYIN OMEDY ' CHEERS ' COROLLA ' CLANS ' CHARM ' CGRCDLLAR ' CLUBS ' CRL :OROLLA ' CRAMMLN? ' CAPSTONE ' COROLLA ' CELEBRATIN' ' COURTIN' '5 :HEERS f COROLLA ' CLANS ' CHARM ' COROLLA. ' CLUBS ' CROWDS' ' HAOS ' CHEESECAKE ' 'COROLLA ' CRAMMIN' ' CAPSTONE ' COROLLA 'RC OROLLA ' COMEDY ' CHEERS ' COROLLA ' CLANS ' CHARM ' COROLLA HEESECAKE ' COROLLA ' CRAMMIN' ' CAPSTONE ' COROLLA ' CELEBRATIQN OMEDY ' CHEERS ' COROLLA' CLANS ' CHARM ' COROLLA ' CLUBSR'YCRG CROLLA ' CRAMMLN' ' CAPSTONE ' COROLLA ' CELEBRATLN' ' COURTLN' ' HAEERS ' COROLLA ' CLANS ' CHARM ' COROLLA ' CLUBS ' -CROWDS ' Cyn HAOS ' CHEESECAKE ' COROLLA ' CRAMMLN' ' CAPSTONE ' COROLLA B' CL OROLLA ' COMEDY ' CHEERS ' COROLLA ' CLANS ' CHARM ' COROLLA Pf- HEESECAKE ' COROLLA ' CRAMMLN' ' CAPSTONE ' COROLLA ' CE-LEBERATIQN OMEDY A' CHEERS ' COROLLA ' CLANS ' CHARM ' COROLLA ' CLUBS ' CRc QROLLA 'L CRAMMINR' ' CAPSTONE ' COROLLA ' CELEBRATLN' ' COURTLN' HEERS ' COROLLA ' CLANS ' CHARM ' CORCLLA ' CLUBS ' CROWDS -' CHR HAOS ' CHEESECAKE ' COROLLA ' CRAMMLN' ' CAPSTQNE ' COROLLA"R,C'f5I OROLLA ' COMEDY ' CHEERSI' COROLLA ' CLANS ' CHARM ' CfOlgOLLAh-951 HEESECAKE ' COROLLA ' CRAMMLN' ' CAPSTONE 'L COROLLA ' CELEBRA1fl?N OMEDY ' CHEERS ' CORDLLA ' CLANS ' CHARM ' COROLLA ' CLUBS ' OROLLA ' CRAMMLN' ' CAPSTOISIE ' COROLLA ' CELEBIiATIN"' ' COURTLN' RESL HIEERS ' CGROLLA ' CLANSI' CHARM ' COROLLA ' CLUBS ' CROWDS ' HAOS ' CHEESECAKE ' COROLLA ' CRAMMIN5 ' CAPSTONE R' CCSRQLLA CDROLLA 'L COMEDY ' CHEERS ' COROLLA ' CLANS ' CHARM ' HATELESECAKLE 2 COROLLA CRAMMLNI '. CA E 514 u E 'A C Q D O H CLS S

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