University of Alabama - Corolla Yearbook (Tuscaloosa, AL)

 - Class of 1943

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University of Alabama - Corolla Yearbook (Tuscaloosa, AL) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Cover

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S. v iii , T 0 0 K 0 N THEY WE H ..,u..1,..,,,:', , Qi , T i T Ll limi f ' yi 1 T T ill sl iii A W , . ,... V ,,-- .EW' IR . . . dll T , 'ik r 1,-. ,fm -.wT'fIxT' V ' ,.'- - ,T X,-i9,,, ' -l 'THA T , liglf '-m5'W'.ialj?-F", f ii - l 'la K a,m,l1 2 "1 "T-'vfw ,T 1 i " T 'M Evisiprw , T ,T . ,, W. , 'T"ll.if.' 'fn :V 1 A -'..L'It-' , . -.if .T .A .if,,.wp.q i , f, . 1121, wr f -uhm flfl5izii+l.,-51Q5f,f r T 5 ,111- is ir! :v,zXg,,,v:yf .. T -- T - if ..f, -' 4-f' X -sf. , , ., 'lf ' -I' M' ' if-Ti V f'?Qw' T. " '?v'Qff,1Nf' Biff , -, 1 I . - M 9' , sp- T -, N --f- iii,,i4s2g- ' - T sq izfifv w1:,,'+n!Q 'J f'15?IiQ?5. -NV :Clw " ,1 Q ' 'll , V. ' , l" ':ll' fi' iv, y V, . .T 152597 If ' Ev it 5. T l -L 'f 1' , . 5' - - ,sy r I H ,..,,lfj'if T. Q LL. if. ,I - I' .T T jg g lr PL YI R KEEP -5111- 'n Virgo -'f 'Qs-T ix -x T, ..'i"I:lZ:f .cw ,- Q, 1'xu.-7 if , .Y- Time was when The boys Taking ROTC. were merely geTTing This Training Tor The Tun ThaT vvenT vviTh iT and Tor The disciplinary Training ThaT could be ac- quired from iT. Now-in T942-113-Reserve Officer Training has Talcen on a new air. The boys are no longer playing aT vvar, They are playing Tor keeps. The Training ThaT boTh advanced and basic R.O.T,C. sTudenTs have received inJT,his vvar year aT Alabama has been n10f5T4ifT.tiT-Snsigifgfaiwd The boys have been TaughT Thaifiyiljgiil-Te1Tu,reTlehplinng vvill noT only help Them in 3Ty, buT OlsQ?3ElUjfgTEjlgETlTenT almosT in- valu, Afiiijfiqifcoffiqelgliiw The TighT Tor Tre M T1 sT u d e n Ts and The more eyidenfffiaijzljjaryglallc anfzlxvvork have been evidence enough of lTheTTocT ThaT 'Ala'bTama's boys are Training now To geT inTo The TighT. Jii3'E2fS.'ik32' . i . - I . l ' x -. xx , i ge-X4 Wight, TT' V.- Top: Scenes from maneuvers of The baffle befween The Reds and Blues. . . . Lefh Their expressions show ThaT These classes are serious. 2 11 ,Nw -, ':'f.:E:1 ' x ' 1 Q 1+ I lx' :zip r 1 . 2 . 1ff..'l'f ,-5. - -, U L, A J, V Wf e r r r , -f , x v I P X 1 . 1 , 1 f 1 X , J . , Nx I , X k- J '- - A ' 1 , ., , X . , 1 u . . Us-. , ...1 W, . ,,,, J . , ' Y .X 22:13. '- v V ' , 'Cf 15' 'Fir ' J .. 5 1 15 fl1,l5W?1.5T. l ,B ?."11'L'1'l'.i f f 3 '. r ' f 1, K ', fflfgili ' 7 ' '-.,1,': 1- 'A .- .V .s.' -. . . '.-'12, Jixpu 1 ' 72 f X1 'sl' -' kr' Ju-'!1,3 X fl 'f1.lzV'.':- I 3 "1 V X ' " :Yu Y , , , -, v .. .. .Y , ,K , , Q dv, . ,ff ,-5: , .rx , - .. ', , , f, 'g 'LE -' ig' "LY -' 'F ' ' ' Jug", ,' LLC J ' I ,'f,:'?l?f1,..:gj:' ,, ' f 522-7114- ' . -, ' , 1.33 ,v . A '. y W 1 Ly 1 A :J,:-1. , ' X , A -54 '.,,y. -'zfvge .5 ,'.:,'fgf'.'-- - , , , - - '-v.. - X -- L5,,w,, -5,5 X J 1. .5el.1',+n ' Q my -, aw We A we I 4 7 M x f 1: -'wcmw rg f r M, 3 4 E I I 241 lwfzr x,,r- -1- fr , 4 , " ., - x, f .f- X f 1 ' giiiikguxfzgrggiil if id. L .,..Lz.. 'fries'M,-,-.'l,'iLL,gjL,,gf-.'- r, , f- Af '-1 l.efT: The colors on parade! . . . Below: The R. O. T. C. Brigade Stuff posses in review. xv -,111 , , in-1-,. . N., ' -L4 L55 ,1 V. R --4. . J '- .. ,X . 'LQ-,f,EknLx?."'.1', " Y - A "' ' f r X W A Q1 VE 5' g' 1 'Q 4 5 1 , SQL? I f 1 A A J + 1 ' 1 ? A f A Wf?f- 5 I E 9 E , ' 5 if fx A 63? A17 f V! X ' 1 1 V 1 f H X f -1 l 5 A 5 ij I 1 f 1 A 5 A 1 A ag 1 + ,lil 1V35 AL Ei as iv H ref: A ' f 1 IA A A P A f 1 A 1 ff, A f r A 2 A 1 ' F T I 1 I gg ev 4 V, ,f , 5 l I-, ,... Y--. ., , . ,J A OF ALABAMA AT fruscALoosA THE u IVER :Tv .f : Tflg,,HA-v- AAAAA A A A A W A ,L A Zfm A i I 5 , X . 5 4 ! 1 L 1 1 r 1 E , al W S G. A. lenders s ow that they realize the im- porwnce of ihis banner f f fl f ' lf H A T S A Y com THE cmwus TO TRAiN.lF eR,7ACTIVE UTY GN FAR HUNG BATTLE f . Left: Air Students 'fake The place of regu- lars in the Supe Sfore . . , Below, leff to right: The Bull Pen is now their Mess Hall. Welcomed to Alabama by adminisiration l-leads. mfs.-Q. TIT . -.1 .wg 'V 27.271-,g.':-.' In-:E r 4 -n A- ,..,f,.e-f,-,Nm Wa --1 Inside the dormitories, their barracks. Two Air Students ore writing home. IHI UNIVEHSIY L . 4 :Zi 'ww A -- N 22 1,1 44, ggi? 4 I A- .,.. ,. ,,., -,.., . . ,,,, fr V" ' ":?fzm?:"v5 LL1 'fx 5 1 Q,,2:a45ffgff'e5.4zg1,e-' VZ544' f rw. ie 1 --'ffilifflzz I HHS HHN? rrrr Z5 Wwe 19"'if2'Z4f I JM WAV '4- .Jg QQ uqf.q,,"! H ,X ' ' .' fd ., if T 15 5. wwM4 ,..,,.m . Q2Mmm-.vm-.jpmEE5hvYw I ,7 ffwwdeazfflsf' L L3 ,, lf'55Z,"7?!f X 5 'fm ffzcam Me ffwlfdl of Q if XX . . . TO THE MEN AND WOMEN CDF UNIVERSITY NOW SERVING IN THE ARMED 'k Wfzcw yum aa G sf me iamfficeiae fwcwcffq vw , 7395? fm 61 If , WL!! N31 ZQQQJGM. 761 yfwm MAG , E 1 , , CIZQCLCJQ MMI IRG C732 7660 M 4' rr: af an I K is ,' ' " zmdmizcm wh I 70 ' I we. X -ff II f QSC. W e MQ ' .mg Za I If 1 and f XZA I QE 615 A ' 7Z' Is' Fm' wk ll MW? fl 0 XX CZ nv' QI ' T I f Mfg ca Wed mnwmibig Za wen LDZOZICOJLQ mmf peace Q ffv af N N,hN.N . . f 1 .. . 11 ,N :tm . . w 1, 2 '72 'WL' " ,MJ , . '-wr, 153'-f : :A 1 I n.,.,. .VJ , V. ff... ,I 'H ,. 1' r2l4.32 w-1-H" ' .pk ,J X f1".i'+ T ""' 1 'fulfil v' V5 ' , ,ni-'W L-. , V- 'widx ,ri 3 1. - , K 115 N Pg "f'ff' 'I Q - -1 1-f - 1 .jk MF, ' , ' ' , 7 , ,,1 ' f 1 .1 fx 5 fi K ,-5 J 'gf' 5 J- W ' A! gnszx., Lb ,gnu .E f 'L..'E.5 Q fggkaa , jgivwilfx, HE -Fi-AX-....g.. ..4.L... :ORC S f CQQ "wif X Martha Lou Jones, W.S.G.A. President, at oifention while Old Giory is lowered io end ci clay. N n ff? f v- 1464.4-J'.' ' 93? SQ. . ,,ug,gg::.::, - ww 3 9 . .ivy-gi N . 'v.i:Y."".i V5'X"'vx C . 5,5 , , QQ 4 'N W YsM::?ffQSmMfWM.'iNf - N ' , X..w -X, 4 , X N 'gf-gx fa --.,yg.,v A- 'gggw . -W - - 1 - . A wx G , iv - . " M? 'Q . W ., Q.. ,, 2 Gaia' lfif L - -Gif? ,7 1' 14 :.,. ., .A-, x ::f23i?TS ig " - f, ,,. - ' '? ' My az Z 5:2 ' 'Z ,T l .. S X .md ALABAMA UNION BUILDING ,IASON'S SI-IRINE 1 92? -rfb Z 5 '77 JJ MORGAN HALL SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING SCHOCL OF CGMMERCE mf, 1, "s:. fwfh ju SHA-N6-,., . . CLARK I-IALL BIBB GRAVES I-IALL 'ir it Wk Wi CHEMISTRY SCHOOL if if 'is III . fa Q-I WOODS HALL AMELIA GAYLE GORGAS LIBRARY 4 wmv :wa frm.: 1.3,-' -f"-A,-wf-'::'v-vw,-v-J:'a:':.:-w-ww-'-afrhv :Jaw J'-1 wx-,:...4'.v :ws 2'p4.2m- f,-L -Pav' Q.:-'wvfrvxiz-4:--c gr-wife' 'v yrzif-:f'f1'-.fri s.:-ff. ,'1m1':r' Mhfzwffx-'-:w'-.- ev W nf' af?-sv' viva:-s21"w'f-inmf15f.'-1-.wv:z.1- xx. ww I 1 M . A A ,Q V A ,:, SCHOOL OF HOME ECONOMICS W 'if W' ik 5' We GOVER OR ALABAMA The Honorable Chauncey Sparks in The shorT Time ThaT he has been governor of The STaTe of Alabama has become quife well-known among Universify sTudenTs and officials. As Governor-EIecT he made his firsT appearance on The campus on Home- coming Day when he spoke aT The Alumni luncheon. With his becoming governor also came his appoinfmenf as Presidenf ex-officio of The Universify Board of Trus- Tees. Since assuming his duTies as gov- ernor, he has been an invaluable aid To The adminisfrafive officials here aT Ala- bama. ARD TRU TEE GOVERNOR CHAUNCEY SPARKS, Presidenf, ex-officio ALBERT H. COLLINS, STaTe Superinfendenf of Educafion, ex-officio CLIFFORD H. PENICK, Secrefary and Commissioner of Universify Lands SHALER C. HOUSER, Treasurer Congressional DisTricT Firsf DisTricT , . Second DisTricT ....GESSNER T. McCORVEY.... .,......Iv'Iobile M. .... ROBERT E. STEINER, JR.. . . . Monfgomery Third DisTricT ..,. .... C HARLES S. McDOWELL ..., ..,, E ufaula Fourfh DisTricT . . ..... BREVVER DIXON ,.,. . . .Talladega FifTh DisTricT . . . .... LOUIS L. HERZBERG .... . . .Gadsden Sixfh DisTricT .... .... G ORDON D. PALMER .... .Tuscaloosa Sevenfh DisTricT ..... JOHN H. BANKHEAD ..,..... ..,... J asper EIQhTh DisTricT ..... ARCHIBALD H. CARMICHAEL .... ,.... T uscumbia NinTh DisTricT . . ..... HILL FERGUSON ....,,..... .... B irmingham Page 20 jmyfl ig Raw 'v '11, lrgiixm. ,. jig rf'5I,f: " T511 ig'-0.5 ALX-iktrrrf .V Vg. . I , 4:3 ,X A k X N X T s 'ivifliiffiiliffi T2f'f0T:17':4 '- FWT' DR. GEORGE H. DENNY 1 - ' 1 .JO .""D lx of 5+ .fs q T- -X 5 x, ,T , ii lx ,. X , X y, 4 , 1 , . , , .U A do li, ic fl lf ii mf., The only presidenT OT The UniversiTy To be recalled, Dr. Denny was The unanimous choice OT The Board OT TrusTees To head The UniversiTy upon The dearh OT Dr. Richard C. FosTer in 1941. This year Dr. Denny again re- Tired Trom The presidency and was mode Chancelor upon The oppOinTrnenT OT Dr. R. R. PaTy os The new presidenT. Dr. Denny came here Trorn WOshingTon and Lee in 1912, and began building o greaT universiTy Trom a small school. During his periods OT service he has been beloved by The Thousands OT sTudenTs vvho have had The privi- lege OT knowing him. A Page 21 -2+ f gf. 5 . '. frgxrg-iw?,4zfg...h., . M-. , f 5 . .Qu xi' Q52 , , fA'VAA- .Jr W . ef L. f 'L :amzWW5.,hwmfyfffwgifffff'W?Tf'?Ti'7. cf-f-fwfff-Q:-'1'fff.f1'271' 1 -'-- fl f k?fEi' f. V' - -' . ,..l.:,:Q -iw .--.'fv-1-"ff-WW" 'W'."'X' , .. A 1. M 4iffy?:'i:4p122:4.i':f4S:CQ'24E5?5 'f' Vff , .Uv 4, .2'.g,f4"'z-5 frf":9f2fl'2'1'fL'7.'.'i-,-5"'5"T.'ff"''f'45i'V'fVC "Ti-fyf, vi . -fl-gf!?,w.1. , 5 f gf'-1 9 A Vg . AK. wwf-c :"""j',,g1, 2: 1, ,4 ,, ,4,.2,. .,,--W. L42 2"4'.fJ"?-5152,-514241. 'V f -4 111 - ' 7. .- 'f. . wc?-S' fr We 9- fwifa fsierfpflf rf-1:42 ' : - 21-1 ' " ' f ww - .wmfe-W: cfwwwsecs-Y",-' '-w:,24fwff1.- ' 1 XX S x, Mika-Qfgiw' N .. ff..-If . , X , if 5 ' 16' '-- . , B. if Q 3 -- 1, 2'- " 'fm wwf? wif i.. 'hi' " liffiil ff- -'1f ,j ' . 3519, X T' 'f W " Fii3gf2l'5Qgi4.zi?i 2. ' :Q W Y - Ag' - . 3 f l.,.. 1...:, . i g. livin 5 55 1. ',E,:g,,: V ,,,:,Aw , ji.:-, A J ...NM J, -- -A'- 1. 4 vf - y V j, I ,vw ' w- z-Nr rg - 1g,..- P. 1 v-45-'Y fm' gmg., K1--ff gg! . , "fn wx -Q f . - . , -:pw W ' f JEEMV """'- " fl:--Fg..-',?Q,'wf'3!'3f5y,fzZf'.'."'-'g:P'.4'f.i-iff - - ilk' .95-15-P"' . 1 gd . , "LfiM4S51-'1?"5aF':'- '- vf 4' . ':fZi',, "" ' -wi ' W "M" 1 -.rg x.-- . -iw, V .11-::,:" -X ' - 4 ' " fy--.,nj-Y--..:L5,..,.g , Z,ga,4w 1, - - - , .4 ' W , --V-if-f '-.wwf-n-' , .1 is 1 ' , 1 'I Q mu, ' ,, N , is , W. ' ' 'nw' ,. '51 1. . 73 - i aazwf' ' I j .. U ' ' - - E 1 . A 'ww' ff ' "" ':2:.IQ:..I:.a,:f:-2+ . f' - ' K an 1 QW .- I s v N K , .1 3 - .wa ,,,: , V 5. , ,L , V 4, . . I 5' I , Q Q-S. ,. A . 'iwlvi . ' ' ,Q , L-. ' ' 'FR .1: ?x :f7.f-4 - J, - - '. . 'az 4'-. -. ' -if-XL T .zgz , ij..-:SQ-:':5f?5'E32:5312... , '- fgkf' Y ,.,x I ,J Q' 4 I paqfl ggeggf '-, A Q.,-L, L 1 f ' ,sis . P The UniversiTy's FirsT Families have resided in This beauTiTul home since beTore The Civil War. LocaTed direcTly across The Quad- rangle, and in The hearT oT The campus, This lovely place is a siTe To which boTh Alabama sTudenTs and alumni poinT vviTh pride. THE PRESIDENT'S MANSION and Me Zfmwefzef' ' ' i , The UniversiTy of Alabama is indeed TorTunaTe in having noT only Dr. PaTy, buT also his lovely wife and daughTers living in The PresidenT's Mansion. The oldesT daughTer, Miss MarTha Ann PaTy, is novv a sTudenT aT Duke UniversiTy, vvhile The Tvvo younger daughTers, Misses Mary and Jane, are enrolled in The public schools of Tuscaloosa. IT is evidenT ThoT Birmingham-SouThern's loss was The UniversiTy's gain, as so many fine Things are said abouT The PaTys by The people of Birmingham and Tuscaloosa. This gracious Tamily is an inspiraTion and ioy To The sTudenTs and TaculTy. IT is hoped ThoT The UniversiTy will be able To show The F'aTys iTs sincere appreciaTion of Them during Their period oT residence here. Besides Dr. Pcxfy, ofher members of The UniversiTy's First Family are, from left To right, Mrs. Pcfy, Mary, and Jane I' I J. H. NEWMAN H. H. MITCHELL AssisTanT Dean of Men H. H. Mifchell, AssisTanT Dean of Men, is in charge of class aTTendance. His fairness and abiliTy was rewarded when he was made Dean of Men afTer LT. Newman was called inTo The Navy, ALLEN J. GOING AssisTanT Dean of Men Mr. Going, who was appoinfed AssisTanT Dean of Men and Supervisor of Dormifories This pasf year has been a member of The faculfy for many years. His efficiency in The managemenT of dormiTories and work in oTher acTiviTies has gained him a mulTiTude of friends. 72 AD J. H. NEWMAN Dean of Men LT. James H. Newman, Dean of Men, be- came The firsT Dean To ioin The armed forces from Alabama This year. LT. Newman was a friend and beaconing lighf To all Those who came in conTacT wiTh him. He won The ad- mirafion and respecf of alll Besides his numerous office duTies, LT. Newman was Chairman of The Board of PublicaTions, Chair- man of The CommiTTee on STudenT Publica- Tions, and Chairman of The Social CommiTTee. BuT before The year was over, LT. Newman placed aside his Dean's robes and puT on The Navy blue. Alabama's loss will be America's gain. Xxx-s Page 24 H. H. MITCHELL ALLEN J. GOING r4,.i . T i 'W ". Wi . 1 T W X Y. , T 'Ax i . i , i l i W W W NW W W W NW T yy' W W Y! W W W W x W W W 4 W W l W W il --'sf Tiff- fe T 5 i- T WW J "' WWW TKT l'W il 5' Wil T. . , ,, ..,.,,, We. M, ,., i Defini Ol l"WiWfTi'n.?Wi Agnes Ellen l-larris serves The UniversiTy as Dean of Women and Dean of The School of W-lame Economics. Dean l-larris came To The UniversiTy from Auburn in l927. Since her brief buf ouTsTanding sTay aT Alabama, a physical planT for young women sTudenTs has been builT, The grovvTh of Wamenfs STudenT Body has been phenomenal, and a schelasfic aTTainmenT of The highesf level has been reached by The Universify vvomen. Miss l-larris also serves on The Board of PublicaTions, and as a Member of The CommiTTee on Social AcTiviTies and STudenT Organizahons. Com- peTenT, she is The possessor of TacT, under- sTanding and disarming frankness, and lends her individual aTTenTion To every woman sTu- denT aT The UniversiTy. .IENNNIE MORRIS HOWARD MRS. SUE GUNTER Page 25 i T i AGNES ELLEN HARRIS ll.-El'sllrsllE .ilifllfllllmglilg lffWQWT.fWLCw.RD' I-NssisTcWnT Dean of WNarrWen Mrs. l-lovvard, AssisTanT Dean of Women, has vvon The respecT and admiraTion of all Those vvifh vvhom she has come in conTacT. l-ler good advice and knowledge is especially felT by The Y.W,C.A. and Triangle. l-ler effi- ciency has done away wiTh much red Tape. MFES. SUE GUlNl'WlmElfi AssisTanT Dean of Women Mrs. Sue GunTer, AssisTanT Dean of Women has a dual purpose. She is The official chaperone for all universiTy funcTions and is The direcTor of TuTvviler Hall, The largesT of The girls' dormiTories. She has impliciT faiTh in The abiWiTy of her sTudenTs and communi- caTes This faiTh To Them. RALPH E, ADAMS M. C. HUNTLEY Page 26 FFI ERS CQ RALPH E. ADAMS ' ExecuTive SecreTory Mr. Addms, ExecuTive SecreTc1ry is o noTurcil business mon. Since his sToy OT Alo- bomo, The school hos grown by lecips ond bounds. The sTc1ndords oT The school hove been rciised. This yecir Mr. Adoms mode severol Trips To WoshingTon. His unTiring eT- TorTs were revvoirded by Army ConTingenTs being senT here. Mr. Adcims hos engineered Alcibomo inTo Trciining men Tor ci mosT im- porTonT iob, The vvor. M. C. HUNTLEY Deon of AdminisTrc1Tion Dr. HunTley is The nevvesT ciddiTion To The c1dminisTroTive sToTT OT The UniversiTy. He come here in eorly December oT This yecir ond hcis cissumed his duTies os Deon oT Ad- minisTroTion hoving served beTore Then cis ExecuTive SecreTciry of The SouThern Associo- Tion oT Colleges ond Secondory Schools. In The shorT Time Thc1T he hos been here Dr. HunTley hos proved himselT involucible To our cidminisTrc1Tion. CLIFTON H. PENICK Secretory ond Commissioner of Lands SecreToiry ond Commissioner of UniversiTy Londs, Mr. Penick is in chorge oT cill universiTy recil esToTe. His oTher TuncTion is To be Secre- Tory of The Board of TrusTees. Mr. Penick, in The shorT while ThoT he hos been here, hos dischorged his duTies vviTh o copobiliTy ThoT hos more Thorn jusTiTied his cippoinTmenT. , i i i ilk-x,,,i,.Xi .igni Siiii .iii Dr. Houser, who may noT be as vvell knovvn as some oTher adminisTroTion officers, holds one of The mosT imporTanT iobs in The school as Treasurer and Bursar of Alabama, profes- sor of engineering, and a member of The CommiTTee of AThleTics, Dr. I-iouser has one of The fullesf days of anyone on The campus. This year's iob was even harder, due To The refunds given back To The E. R. C. Boys. BUT Dr. Hauser performed his iob efficienTIy and well. g , igii, ' i i For over TvvenTy years, Mr. McGill has been AssisTanT To The Treasurer. Mr. McGill is in- dispensible To The financial adminisTraTion of The UniversiTv. Mr. McGill is also an honor- ary member of Omicron DelTa Kappa. Being one of The oldesT members in The odminisTra- Tion, Mr. McGill has done a mosT commend- able iob for The pasT TvvenTy-Two years. 1 SHALER C. HOUSER 'Egfr' , cLirToN H. Psrsucic JOHN C MCGWL Page 27 MARY A. ROBERTSON ROBERT E. TIDWELL MARY A. ROBERTSON egisTrar Miss RoberTson has been RegisTrar and Counselor aT Alabama Tor many years. She keeps all academic records oT sTudenTs enTering and enrolled in The UniversiTy. I-ler skill and ease in coping vviTh complicaTed siTuaTions has done away vviTh much red Tape. ROBERT E. TIDWELL Dean oT ExTension Division Dean Tidvvell, Dean oT ExTension Division, aT The CapsTone has Tor his iob To give Those vvho are unable To aTTend classes aT Ala- bama The opporTuniTy To secure an educaTion. l-lis deparTmenT has increased many Told Times since he has been in charge of iT. JOHN W. MCLURE Dean ol Summer School Dean McClure had The largesT aTTendance in The hisTory of The Summer School lasT year. l-lis abiliTy in mainTaining an inTensiTied program during The summer auarTer has made his name even more renowned. LOUIS D. BOYLAN Frcnierniry Audiior Mr. Boylan is a "lack-of-all-Trades". His many duTies include keeping all TraTerniTies, sororiTies, organizaTions, and publicaTions on a sound Tinancial basis. Mr. Boylan regulaTes whaT all Treasurers may spend, and perTorms his job very eTTicienTly. JOHN W. McLURE LOUIS D. BOYLAN DONALD E. THOMPSON Page 28 ALBERT J. FARRAH, A.M., LL.B., LL.D., D.C.L. Deon of Low School Deon Forroh come To The UniversiTy in 1912, ond in 1913 he vvos mode Deon of The Lovv School. ln ThoT one yeor he had shown his copobiliTy, which hos been ouTsTonding ever since. TcxxoTion, TrusT, ond legol eThics ore his porTiculor inTeresTs in The field of low, he is well ocguoinTed vviTh boTh The procTicol ond pedo- gogicol problems of The profession. Before coming To The CopsTone, Deon Forroh orgonized o lovv school oT The UniversiTy of Florido, where he served Tor Two yeors. Since he hos been here, his hord work hos been ci deTermining TocTor in moking The UniversiTy of Alobomcfs Low School one of The TinesT in The counTry. STUART GRAVES, A.B., M.D., LL.D. Deon of Medicol School Deon Groves hos done much To build up The repuToTion oT The Alobomo Medicol School. Formerly, iT hod been only o Two-yeor school, buT now due To The hord ond Tireless work of Deon Groves, money is going To be opproprioTed for o Tour-yeor school. The Tinol plons for o Tour-yeor med school hove noT been compleTed, buT The CopsTone is olmosT cerToin To be TirsT in line Tor iT. Since he hos come To office, only .OSM of The groduoTed number who hove enTered senior medicol schools hove foiled To groduoTe. Deon Groves is very proud of his "boys", especiolly Those who hove gone inTo service. CHARLES H. BARNWELL, AM., Ph.D., LiTT.D. Deon of ArTs and Sciences Under The cible guidonce oT Deon Bornvvell, The College of ArTs ond Sciences hos become one oT The lorgesT ond TinesT liberol c1rTs schools in The SouTh. Deon Bornwell is The oldesT ToculTy member in poinT of service oTAlobomc1. Deon Bornvvell hos won The ddmirci- Tion ond respecT oi oll vviTh whom he hos come in conTocT. His Trienhdliness ond keen vviT hove done much To increose The ArTs ond Sciences School. DONALD E. THOMPSON Universify Librorion Mr. Thompson, UniversiTy Librorion, become one oT The neWesT oddiTions To The UniversiTy ToculTy This yeor. 1-le reploced Mr. Cory CTT The beginning oT The yeor ond hos mode cz very envioble record during his brief sToy oT The CopsTone. , Page 29 ALBERT J. FARRAH A. ,f 1.3 .- 4 STUART GRAVES CHARLES H. BARNWELL LETE Bineooo JAMES J. DOSTER GEORGE J. DAVIS, JR. LEE BIDGOOD, A.M., LL.D. Deon of Commerce School Deon Lee Bidgood, hecid of The School of Commerce ond Business AdminisTroTion, firsT become offilioTed wiTh The UniversiTy of Alo- bomo fciculTy in i913 ond six yeors loTer become Deon of The oforemenTioned school. Deon Bidgood received his degree from The Universify of Virginio, ond ToughT one yeor oT The UniversiTy of Wisconsin before coming To The UniversiTy of Alobdmo. Under his efficienT leodership The School of Commerce hos oTTc1ined The second highesT enrollmenr of ony division on The compus ond hos been roTed omong The Top schools of iTs Type in The noTion. Deon Bidgood vvos very insTrumenTol in bringing The QuorTermc1sTer uniT of The U. S. Army here To Alobomo. JAMES J. DOSTER, A.M., LL.D. Deon of EducoTion School Deon Jomes J. DosTer come To The UniversiTy in l907 ond vvos mode Deon of The College of EducoTion only four yeors lcifer. He hos dischorged vviTh reol inTeresT ond undersTc1nding The responsi- biliTy of supervising The College of EducoTion ond iTs voried funcTions. From The Time of his c1ppoinTmenT To This posiTion, Dr. DosTer hos been insTrumenTol in developing The school inTo 0 full four-yeor college vvhose enrollmenT hos sfeodily increosed vviTh ombiTious sTudenTs who ore onxious To enTer The field of public educoTion. GEORGE J. DAVIS, JR., C.E., D.Sc. Deon of Egnineering School Deon George J. Dovis, Deon of The College of Engineering is moinly responsible for The growTh ond envioble repuToTion of The engineering school here ciT The Universify. A pro-cTicol engineer himself, Deon Ddvis hos increosed The curriculum of The engineering school To meeT The demonds of every need of The professionol en- gineering vvorld. Affer groduoTing from Cornell UniversiTy, Deon Doivis served for eighT yeors of The Universify of Wisconsin in The some coipcicify in which he novv Works. l-le come To The UniversiTy of Alobomo ThirTy-one yeoirs ogo. Page 30 AGNES ELLEN HARRIS, A.M., LL.D. Dean of Home En' School In T927, Dean Agnes Ellen Harris came to the University to take over the position ot Dean ot the School ot Home Economics. Two years ot service with the U. S. Department ot Agriculture, and tive years on the taculty at Alabama Polytechnic Institute, as well as a degree from Columbia University have adequately equipped Dean Harris tor the position which she now holds along with being Dean of Women also. She is both a competent and energetic leader, is deeply interested in the organization ot the institution and has done much to map outa program at study tor students that provides both valuable information and practical experience. STEWART J. LLOYD, M.Sc., Ph.D., D.Sc. Dean ot Chemistry School Dean Stewart J. Lloyd became attiliated with the University in l909. Since T911 he has been Dean ot the School at Chemistry, Metallurgy, and Ceramics. His untiring interest in the advance- ment ot these subiects has been largely responsible tor the growth at the school. Dr. Lloyd is always trying to serve in the best interests ot his students by trying to secure for them positions that are worth- while in the modern world ot chemistry. The work ot the students at Dean Lloyd has gained wide-spread recognition tor the Chemistry School. ALBERT B. MOORE, M.S-, M.A., Ph.D. A Dean at Graduate School The Graduate School at the University was organized in T925 in order to place graduate work on an equal basis with other schools ot the University and Dr. A. B. Moore was made Dean ot this school. He came to the University in T923 after working at Iowa State College as Associate Protessor ot History. He obtained degrees at Auburn and the University at Chicago, and his wise leadership has proved invaluable in winning prestige tor the Graduate School. Page 31 AGNES ELLEN HARRIS STEWART J. LLOYD ALBERT B. MOORE Top: Getting prepared for class Bottom: Full view of Law Library ,JA . , X , i if, K, ui ,i,-,. " ' ln' " :N 'ix f L 'U 'J .-'rcs' Y ff" f fl llc-ji f f A J X The School of Law, established in l845, is a member of the Association of American Lavv Schcols and is rated an "Approved Lavv School" by the American Bar Associa- tion. The school, boasting a prestige rarely equalled in the South, offers its students a combination of theoretical and practical training in legal courses. Through the medium of the practice court, required of all law students in the senior year at the University of Alabama, the student is given practical instruction ir' pleading and practice at law and in equity and experience in the preparation and trial of cases. Thus is met the ob- jection sometimes raised to law school training rather than office training on the ground that it is entirely theoretical and affords the student no knowledge of actual court pro- cedure. Although faced with a much decreased enrollment due to the war, this school, boasting a library of over l6,000 volumes, an able and efficient faculty, and a modern and complete building in Farrah l-lall, continues to pro- duce a steady stream of capable graduates. Graduates of law who are bona fide residents of Ala- bama are automatically submitted to the practice of law in the state without examination. Dr. Masters directs typical Law Class t t T T l Ar t r i Recording Anatomical data Instruction in throat anatomy The School ot Nedicine, the only medical school in the State, is on the approved list ot the Council on Medical Educa- tion at the American Medical Association, and is a member ot the Association of American Medical Colleges. The school was originally organized at Mobile in l859, but was removed to the University campus in T922 High standards of admission, thorough methods ot teaching and research, close supervision of student vvork and sympa- thetic interest in the personal vveltare ol a strictly limited student bcdy characterize the administration ot the School ot Medicine. Over a period of ten years these principles have resulted in the transfer to junior standing in thirty-three ot the leading American tour-year medical schools ot all the students who have passed their examinations at Alabama and in the subsequent graduation in medicine of every transfer except one. This remarkable record, together with the moderate expense at the medi- cal course, is attracting an increasing number ot pre-medical students to Alabama. All med students and teachers do intensive research Y P' 1' .' ft P Alabama has for many years mainTained a sTondard College of ArTs and Sciences, which offers rich opporTuniTy for sTudy in The varied fields of learning. The compre- hensive curriculum of This college has been expounded from year To year To meeT The demands of a consTanTly in- creasing sTudenT body. Today The college ranks as one of The largesT and finesT liberal arTs schools in The SouTh. Tian -, f . f"vM musicians Above: Pre-med sTuclenTs spend many hours over The microscope . . . Left: Practice Time for sfudeni it , QW i' 1 ywkil it t" "i i , l - i . -,X 5 , i l l ri it i i -, H . i The department of English provides excellent opportuni- ties tor those who wish to do constructive work in writing- in the short story, in poetry, in play writing, and in the novel. Students under Professor Hudson Strode, himself a widely known author, have produced nine successful novels within the past five years, all ct which have been published by leading houses. The department ot music and art have been greatly expanded in recent years and large numbers at students are receiving sound and thorough instruction under com- petent, experienced musicians and artists. The department at journalism otters cultural and prac- tical instruction in journalistic methods and subiect mat- ter. Students in this department have a chance to secure practical experience to supplement their classroom in- struction by working on the student publications. Lecture Class in Comer Hall The recently organized department of radio arts has proved highly popular and successtul in affording train- ing tor students desiring a career in the field ot radio- broadcasting, production and direction ot programs. This course is one ot the most modern and complete in the South. Not only is the College ot Arts and Sciences the largest on the campus today but it always has been. There are around 90 tull time instructors, as well as graduate teach- ers. Graduates from this college are granted uncondi- tional admission to any graduate school in the country. important training in Physics Lab ii ! l ii 'c'-as I :E 2 ul' Af7WszK?3Q?3,Q??Z f MQW ,f iffiy I A! VI! wi. Y if - if fry .ll ri' lpltml film' ,T lived' ,, low .4w.,fi1.ff .jf jfs 7 l CCMMERCE For its excellent curriculum, competent faculty and sys- tematic organization, the School of Commerce has won full membership in the National Association of Collegiate Schools of Business, the standardizing agency for com- merce schools of the nation. The University opened its School of Commerce and Business Adminstration in l92O. This school has a larger student body and faculty than any other commerce school in the southeastern states. Classes are moderate or small size. The student receives individual attention through an adviser system, as well as in the classroom. The school now offers five curricula embracing fifteen special fields of study, or "maiors". A maiority of the students are registered in the private business curriculum. This curriculum branches out into majors in accounting, advertising and selling, banking and finance, etc. The other curricula are: Pre-lavv and public art, and secretarial work. There are few universities which offer as wide a range of opportunity in the field of commerce and business administration as does the Uni- versity of Alabama. Library work is an essential port of Commercial training x www- raven ' 11 - R' l 1 . i i i' l -it i i iw' i Nils fcfacaffzcm The College of Education is an integral part of the regular session. Organized in T909 for the purpose of training superin- tendents, supervisors, normal school instruc- tors, teachers, and principals of secondary schools, this college has rendered vcilimlnle service to the South in these fields. Courses in library science are being of- fered through the college of education and excellent facilities have been provided for the training of young nien and young wo- men who are planning to be librarians. The professional library of the college is un- usually well supplied with books, periodie cals, and other reference materials. The new building in which it is housed provides accommodations and comfortable quarters for this department of the Univer- sity, and is recognized as one of the finest buildings in the South. Excellent facilities have been arranged for practice teaching and observation of teaching under careful and helpful supervision. An addition to the building in T939 provides added facilities for instruction. Top: First stages of Nursery School training . . . Center: Beginning steps in practice-teaching . . . Bottom One of the requirements in child care education Top: Women take engineering also . . . View of some ofthe Engineering school equipment Overhead in the Electrical Engineering Laboratory CGLLEGE -X , R ,fi v V , , No school of Technology in the South holds a more excellent position than the college of engineering at the University of Alabama. Since its establishment in i881 the college has steadily developed until it now includes in its comprehensive curriculum the following branches of engineering: aeronautical, chemical, civil, lincluding high- wayb, electrical, industrial, mechanical, metallurgical, min- ing, public health and safety, and sanitary. In addition, courses are offered leading to degrees in industry and petroleum technology. A new curriculum in radio technology, brought about by the rapid expansion of radio industry and the activi- ties of the Army and Navy, supplies graduates trained especially for this work. The Survey Commission of l9l9 of the U. S. Bureau of Education recommended that, in addition to the basic branches of engineering the University should make the service of the mining and industrial district in which it is located its guide in the field of education in engineering. Hence the new stresses on mining, metallurgy, chemistry, and the new development of hydraulic engineering, sani- tary engineering, industrial management, and mining geology. Recording data on number of volts l 1 :malff '.- Pf'l.K l:.awm:m 2-'-.-mzmm,.-',ssQ0:vz4m vm -2 v 0 M E CCDNGMICS The School of Home Economics wos developed by expanding the deportment ot home economics to meet the increosed de- Dress designing is essential mond on the port of young women for Thorough undergroduote ond groduote instruction in this field. The school hos os its pri- mory purpose the troining of young women tor the importont tcisk ot home-moking ond for the following professions dernond- ing o high degree ot speciolizcitionz Dietitions, stylists ond buy- L if ers in cleportment stores, textile ond nutrition reseorch workers, oncl institution workers ond monogers. The school is housed in Doster Holl, ci hondscme four-story building erected in 1929. The building vvos plonned ond equip- ped tor teoching home economics ciccording to mcclern stcxnd- ords ond its loborotories ond equipment ore in every woy ode- quote tcr thorough instruction. Two ot the most cictive groups in the School of Home Eco- nomics cure Phi Upsilon Cmicron and the Coroline Hunt Club, which deol with home economy ond give students on cpportunity to keep obrecist ot the progress being mode in their profession. ' , i X-ng-Avhxv -uit .sv X, .R . .X Above: Art is ci prerequisite to designing and color work . Left: Preparing delica- cies thcat are so rare now Women chemists observe chemical reactions Chemistry School's opinion of paper mill V l l l li ,l 0 CQ fy ggi . X.. 41 if ll it 'X LZ From a minor department at the Capstone has emerged the present-day School ot Chemistry, Metallurgy and Ceramics with its varied courses and able faculty of technical experts. lvlaior programs are offered in chemistry, commercial chemistry, metallurgy, ceramics, and bacteriology, geology, pulp and paper chemistry, and medical technology. The commercial chemistry course is less technical than some of the other maior programs offered through the school ot chemistry, and is intended particularly tor students who wish to tit themselves for commercial positions such as technical salesmen, purchasing agents and sales managers. The chemistry-bacteriology and medical technology courses are designed particularly for those who wish to become technicians in hospitals, clinics, and public health laboratories. The school is housed in a handsome, three-story building which is equipped in every way tor adequate and thorough in- struction in the tields ot chemistry, metallurgy, and ceramics. Left: The work is complicated in "Quan" labs . . . Below: Running experiments in one ot the complete Chem labs i Z S :1,:?fEf1EEE- ' 3.15 .-.tcp , .- 1 PQ, 5 -1 vs if- ., V, -. f' T ,X N' i ,V , T 1 i T ' Y 4 A' ii I ,xy 1 my i Aix , r i ,' - M Q I X .T ,T l ll if f f it f ill T i -Z it l T L . ,x , 1 W T, ,. , . , , ,L ,, tc , in f , T , ce Q gn - f . T ,f sc., , -, f. ,f f T, lm 'sf tu The grgduote school of the University hos been expended since its orgonizotion os on integrol port ot the University in T924 The chief oim of this division is the promotion ot the spirit of reseorch ond the development of the student. Grctduote work, which is open to ony student holding o bochelor's degree from on opproved school, demctnds intensive study, moture iudgment ond resourcetulness. The constont growth of this school ottests the suc- cess thot hos been ottciined by it in post yeors. The degrees conferred by the groduote school ore moster ot ortsxond moster ot sci- ence. The technicol moster of science degree is conferred in the professional schools of chem- istry, commerce, engineering, home economics, ond public odministrotion. The librory is the workshop ol the groduote student. Among the more then 200,000 vol- umes contoined in the librory he pursues his reseorch. The librory contoins spocious reod- ing rooms ond seminor rooms where the grod- uote student moy work. 44632 1 Above: The workshop of the graduate student-The Li- brory . . . Left: Graduate students spend much time looking for books from the stacks fl, l ll. Y 7 N3 Z7 3.17 fi Vs. 47456 TO FACULTY MBER MZQQS ' Alfhough probably incomplete since a number of The facUITy members have gone inTo The I I I service since This IisT was compiled, The following are The members of The acfive faculTy of The UniversiTy of Alabama vvho are now serving in The armed forces of The counfryz WENDELL MAVITY ADAMSON FORREST C. BLOOD DR. M. E. BUTTERFIELD JOHN W. CHISHOLM, JR. WADE HAMPTON COLEMAN, JR. JAMES PORTER COLLIER LUTHER DAVIS, JR. HAROLD BELBERT DREW JOHN MCLAUGHLIN FORNEY WILLIAM COLEMAN ERIERSON EDWARD WADSWORTH GREGORY WILSON L. HEFLIN GEORGE BURKE JOHNSTON ROBERT EPES JONES GEORGE A. LEMAISTRE HARRY AARON LIPSON, JR. G. KEPLER MILLS WILLIAM RANEY WILLIAM THOMAS D. RAY EDWARD FRANKLIN RICHARDS JEROME WILLIAMS SCHWEITZER ELLWOOD W. SENDERLING CHARLES G. SUMMERSELL CHARLES B. WICKS CLANTON W. WILLIAMS WALTER B. JONES TILDEN CAMPBELL J. H. NEWMAN H. H. MITCHELL JOHN S. BICKLEY REA SCHUESSLER CHARLES M. POMERAT JACKSON R. SHARMAN RAY HAMILL SIMPSON HENRY M. CAMPBELL QUINTON DABBS LESTER RAINES 'A' ir if ik 'k 'Ir Page 42 W., , A 4' of 4 f", , .1 , Yib. ff' -. 3 I I Q ,f ,' .J-5, .Q VQVG .- A l ' 5 A I I A4 J I. N I f3'3,'.,ls ff' ...R if .' 5935?-5-:ff ii? ff f .ggjsm :fi- x V1 2 4. x 24.4 ' Qgwmfm A' Nz, ,- av, 1 ' . ,, , , V . - -,'f3f4f W-PiA'5L -' -' - .. - J L xfQyqf4w,,- N .f ff f' ' , y 2' . f-. AA - - 1 iv. 1-vii "QQ," -. wwf' '- 4,e,, 4,31 ' .Viv A. ff- wif' if-'fm W I im. ,Q , . -. -S5 if ,l.,3,,gA,x i. In . ,A,g...g:,gs ,f,::4m,WiFJ.. .xg 32.1. gt., . 4, wi l-44 ff: -1. Y-u : -"E:-,--, fwvramwff ,X ,, .- My-'x M .4 1 A ' N ' ,. p 1 x . , , 2, . - N. - f W 'flsv f ' ' . 1- -F 3 : .-,, , ' ' ' ' 'A EW, A by ,xylem Jil.. , -- fl -f .4 5-I?" .zltfwy-Q. '. ., 1' s h ,I W ,.,, . , 'M A 'N R . 4 , z. x -- 2 .. , . M N' .Vw " " g.x,,..A, , ,. . 1 , ' 1" 5 1 H1-.....fe.. .. A - --,. 1' H fx' .. , " ' 5 . 7 ' 'Fsteimgx 1 y Ad.,-wx ra .M 9 , ' . 3-aft-,,-Axw 4 1 3 2 1 'Q 'e.!,- , f. .us,eib?' "ILA ,-,..,.,, ,. ,A . fr, .,., ., 37:1 4 ,pf ir ir 'A' ir ir ir MEMORI THIS PART OE THE I943 COROLLA IS DEDICATED TO THE MEMORY OF THOSE FORMER STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA WHO HAVE MADE THE SUPREME SACRIFICE IN THE SERVICE OF OUR COUNTRY, AND TO THE MEMORY OF JAMES JARVIS DOSTER, MA., LL.D., WHO PASSED ON IN THE FALL OF I942. Pg 44 Manpower shorfages, TransporTaTion Tangles, raTioning Trou- bles-all The difficulTies of a naTion aT war-faced UniversiTy of Alabama sTudenT acTiviTies This year. The problems which perplexed The world aT large found Their counTerparTs in The college universe, as sTudenT governmenT, publicaTions, and ofher maior Bama insTiTuTions made reacliusTmenTs and sur- mounTed new difficulTies. Where once acTiviTy manpower was more Than adeguaTe, There were now gaping vacancies. Time was aT a premium, as UniversiTy courses and individual war work became geared To emergency speed. Alabama publicaTions found Themselves handicapped by The same shorTages which faced The ouTer world of iournalism. STudenT governmenT was confronfed wiTh new issues more crifical Than any iT had encounTered before. Every parTicipanT in sTudenT acTiviTies found iT necessary To work harder and To use all his ingenuiTy To overcome The problems faced. The Univer- siTy of Alabama acTiviTies wenT To war in T942-43-wiTh in- creased efficiency and crisis-born vigor. 7he Wm 6 BUT ACTI ITIES C0 Tl UED "Come and stay as long as you can before you are called" was the challenge that each man student was facing as the year began. More women were around, in percentage, and the outlook was that they would be taking over by degrees as the year went on. Advanced R.O.T.C. helped keep the men officers of the Student Government Association intact until the March graduation and a trip to O. C. School took Prexy Johnnie McConnell away. Bill Crow assumed his duties from his vice-president's post to finish out the year. Martha Lou Jones turned over the reins of the W. S. G. A. in March to Helen Batchelor who knew that she would be around for next year. In the offices of the publications, Gene Wcrtsman was drafted after putting out but one issue cf the Ram. Charlie McBurney took over from there and presented the students with the Ram every month until he left with the E. R. C. men in April. Editor Bill Brooks, future Navy Ensign, was replaced in March on the Crimson-White by the paper's first woman editor, Barbara Hodge. The Corolla heads remained to finish the year through the kind consideration of Naval and Army reserves. Although material acquisition was extremely difficult, the publications managed to conce out quite as usual. The Corolla had the hardest time due to the lack of pho- tographic equipment and metal for plates. Advertising laxity brought on a smaller Crimson-White. All this was the main topic of discussion among those who occupied the third floor offices of the Union building. Adding to the bustle of activity in and around the Union was the Million Dollar Band. This aggregation was its usual hard working self, practicing for hours in the dome of the building and then marching out to Denny Stadium to spend even longer hours practicing their difficult marching tac- tics. The spring brought on the replacement of Mary Katherine Johnson by Alice Crittendon as Miss Alabama. Uncle Tom Garner's Glee Clubs added to the many musi- cal notes arcund the Union. This year, due to a small men's group, the annual presentation of a Gilbert 81 Sul- livan Operetta was postponed until future times. ir 'A' 'A' ir Among the maior campus activities were those of the Blackfriars. Dr. Lester Raines, director of this group, left for the Army but the leadership duties were ably handled for the remainder of the year by Mrs. Lucille Chenault. The group presented its usual good plays with scme only fair ones coming along as usual. Toward the middle of the year, Alabama's H. Pettus Randall presented to the campus the year's selections of the 23 students to represent Alabama in his volume of VVho's Who in American Universities and Colleges. These students were deemed outstanding by someone-who we will never know. But these were not the only students who carried the burden of campus activities. There were those hard-working and ever faithful members of the Capstone's 75 odd organizations, the "informers" at the desk of the Union Building, those who posted books for Mr. Boylan in his efforts to keep organization books balanced, the Y.M. and Y.W.C.A. members who kept the reading rooms of the Union open to all comers, especially the soldiers and their wives later in the year, and those 'unheralded and valuable members of the publications staffs. They all were around a few afternoons a week doing their many iobs and making the Alabama Union a real place of ac- tivity-the actual center of our campus activities. The numbers of those who kept up the center of life on the campus decreased more and more as the year pro- gressed. The first March graduation in Capstone history- because of the accelerated war program-took away many, but the biggest number left as a result of the Air Corps, E. R. C., and Navy calls to active duty in the ser- vice ot Uncle Sam. T942-43 was truly a war year at Alabama, activity pro- grams were tuned to war times but the hum around the center of activity, the Union, never ceased. ln fact, the hum and tumult became greater after the l,OOO Air Stu- dents ofthe Army made their appearance in March. The girls have taken over for the duration and it is hoped that they will have the best of luck and good tor- tune in their direction of the center of student life at Alabama. Page 49 'ir ir 'A' Siwcfeni Qcwm ni JOHN W. McCONNELL Since The days of The Civil War, self-governmenT has been The rule in under-graduaTe affairs aT Alabama. lTs permanence is sTrong evidence of The facT Thaf governmenf "by The sTudenTs and for The sTudenTs" is a good idea. ln l9l4, They obfained a wriTTen consTiTuTion, which, To keep pace wiTh The Times, has been revised four Times since Then. According To This consTiTuTion, every sTudenT enrolled in The Universify is auTomaTically a member of The sTudenT associaTion. IT is, Then, The sTL'denTs' duTy and privilege To suppcrr This governmenf, as an officer or commiTTee member, or as an inTelligenT voTer in The sTudenT body elecTions. The STudenT Governmenf is The final auThcriTy in sTudenT affairs, and To IT These sTudenT problems are referred. The sTudenT governmenT is vesTed by The sTudenT body wiTh The auThoriTy To govern sTudenT affairs, and is responsible for OFFICERS JOI-IN W. lvlcCONNELL , . . Presidenf WILLIAM CROW . . . . Vice-PresidenT ART LUKENS . . SecreTary-Treasurer mainTaining sTudenT affairs in a manner fiTTing To The Tradifions of Alabama, and beneficial To The sTudenT body. This conTrol is exercised by legislaTion and rulings passed in The sessions of The commiTTee. I-leading The sTudenT associarion is The ExecuTive Com- miTTee made up of The PresidenT, Vice-presidenf, and Secrefary-Treasurer of The STudenT Governmenf AssociaTion, and one member elecfed from each school or college on The campus. CommiTTee members are chosen for Their abiliTy and not Their being a skilled polifician. Closer friendship between Auburn and Alabama was fosTered by The STudenT GovernmenT Associafion This year. An exchange of Telegrams of congraTulaTions on ouTsTand- ing accomplishmenTs were senf by each of The Two schools To The ofher. The STudenT Governmenf AssociaTion was under The compeTenT leadership of John McConnell This year. IT was one of The few Times in which The STudenT AssocIaTion has funcfioned in The summer. The STudenT GovernmenT holds all sTudenT body elec- Tions, including elecTions of The Junior Prom CommiTTee, Cheer Leaders, and The Cofillion Dance CommiTTee. An annual budgeT subiecT To The approval of The Board of Publicafions of each sTudenT acTiviTy receiving financial aid from The Universify Sfudenf AcTiviTy fund is made ouT by The ExecuTive Council. Upon The graduaTion of McConnell in March, William Crow, The vice-presidenT for The maior parT of The year, Took over The duTies as presidenf and performed These duTies in an exTremely commendable manner. if 'lr if ir ' Page 50 AS SOC TI EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE JOHNNIE MCCONNELL . . I . BILL CROW , . . ART LUKENS , , RUSSELL THORNTON I ERNEST EDWARDS NICK KOWALCUK . GEORGE KOBAN . JIM DWYER HELEN LEEPER . GEORGE HOWARD , BILL MADDOX MARTHA LOU JONES The Executive Commiifee, Sfuclent Government Associuf I Choirmcm Vice-Choirmcm I . , Secretory School cf Commerce College of Arts cxncl Sciences School of Chemistry College of Eclucolion College of Engineering School of Home Economics , School of Low School of Medicine Presiclem of W.S.G.A. ir ir Mamma Dean Harris advises W. S. G. A. leaders left to right: Frances Norton, Martha Lou Jones, Dean Harris and Helen Batchelor. 'A' if 'A' 'k OFFICERS MARTHA LOU JONES , FRANCES CONWAY , HELEN BATCHELOR , . President . Vice-President . . Secreta ry MEMBERS OF BOARD Edwina Wallace Mary Elizabeth Fite Minnie Hayes Sally Rainer The Governing bodies of the Women's Student Gov- ernment Association at Alabama are a Board of Directors and a House of Representatives. The President, Vice- president, Secretary, a graduate representative, town representative, transfer representative, and a representa- tive from each class ccmpose the Board of Directors. The members of the House of Representatives are chosen from each sorority house and dormitory. The elections which are held in March start the first politics on the women's campus. Candidates for offices must present a petition, asking that they run, to which one hundred and fifty names are signed. A run-off be- tween the two highest candidates foreach office is usually necessary. Nancy Benham Carolyn Carpenter Terry Walker Hallie Fuller The Women's Student Government Association, in addi- tion to enacting and enforcing laws concerning the conduct and welfare of women students enrolled in the University, also encourages cooperation between the faculty and students in matters of college government. All business which pertains strictly to the feminine students on the campus is attended to by W.S.G.A. The faculty advisor of this governing body, Dean Agnes Ellen Harris, always works in close co-operation with the group, and has played a large part in its success. Convocations of women students, which are held each month, are sponsored by W.S.G.A. The two most im- portant convocations are the ones held at Homecoming Page 52 iil.LlDbNil1 and Christmas. At these meetings important speakers are present and a very interesting program is given. One of the highlights ot the year is the "all-girl" dance which is held after the Christmas convocation. The Women's Student Government on the Alabama campus displays more and more its durability and etti- ciency and is truly representative of the entire body of women students. VV.S.G.A. has long been recognized as one ot the most efficient student organizations on the campus, and continues to uphold its standard of being a most desirable and democratic system ot government. 1 Mun. -. rr' 1 . I f. tl if -. - A F 75? 'fix' Members of House of Representatives The Board of Directors Although taced during almost the entire year with material shortages and with the loss ot important statt members due to army calls, the statt ot the I943 COROLLA has managed . .A to get its work done. The invaluable aid ot Mr. Robert Faerber ot the engraving company and Mr. T, G. Flinn ot the printing company, and the tine cooperative spirit ot the general statt members have enabled the editor and his statt N... " to get this volume to the student body. i 'S .9 . S' . .ef Au., Q... T,3".ff -ff? f .s 3-,cgi j PAT HAYES, Editor EDITORIAL STAFF PAT HAYES . . Editor JOE STARNES, JR. ASSISTANT EDITORS: Henry Leslie, William Royal, Max Hudson, Louise Hatcher, Jim Beech, Sports Editor, Minnie Hayes, Women's Editor, Professor John Luskin, Faculty Advisor, William E. Brooks, Charles McBurney, John McConnell, Honorary Associate Editors. WOMEN'S STAFF: Wallace Bruner, Barbara Hodge, Lorraine Nelson, Carolyn Turner, Elaine Boggess. GENERAL STAFF: Laura Ann Cobb, N. Q. Adams, Edward Archibald, Bobs Andrews, Robert Aren- dall, Becky Averyt, Fay Belt, Betty Brannon, Ann Beeland, Bettye Cranford, Delores Cimorell, Wodie Coleman, Pressly Donald, Bob Doyle, Faye Hardegree, Betty Jean Hunt, Rose Jones, Willard Jernigan, Lorraine King, Eleanor McCorvey, Jeannette Martin, Anne Porter, Kitty Grey Pharr, Bette Wilson, Carolyn Thoman. SPORTS STAFF: Rea Schuessler, Alex Lacy. EDITORIAL STAFF: John Held, Ernest Young, Wini Young, Gerry Childress, Ed DeMotte, Tom Rast. MILITARY ADVISORS: Col. Wm. T. Carpenter, Lt. Wilkes C. Banks, Capt. Dallas Hundley. PHOTOGRAPHIC STAFF: Joe Starnes, Jr., Mr. J. V. Jones, Howard Binkley, Rose Langan, Benny Silver, Sam Simpson. Editorial Staff: Left to right, seated: Bru ner, Hatcher, Hudson . . . Stading: Ford Hayes, Thoman, Leyden, Porter, Leyden, Maxwell, Turner, Franklfn and Held. 4 ,fp BILL SCHUESSLER, Business Manager Directing his small but efficient staff, business manager Schuessler settled down early in the year to the business of securing ads from both Tuscaloosa and all over the state and parts of the South. Although the advertising allotments of merchants was much lowered this year, Schuessler and his staff sold just as much advertising as has been normal for COROLLAS of the past. Besides selling a great deal of advertising, the business staff also sold more books to the student body than have ever before been sold in the history of the book. A familiar sight, Fall book sales BUSINESS STAFF BILL SCI-IUESSLER . , Business Manager Macon Roberts, Assistant Business Manager, Jack Green, Assistant Business Manager, John W. Johnson, Louis D. Boylan, Mrs. Louis D. Boylan, Honorary Associate Business Managers. GENERAL STAFF: Camille Maxwell, Joe Franklin, Wilmer Garrett, Toxey Haas, Jim McCormack, Clare Sudduth, James Von l-loose, Cecil Duffee, C. B. Waldrop, Wayne Miller. Business Staff: Left to right, seated: Green, Roberts . . . Standing: Slaton, Anderson, Gibson, Ragsdale and Orr. .,?5'., Y-sl 129' BILL Bkooks, Editor EDITORIAL STAFF WILLIAM E. BROOKS, JR. . . .,........,.... . Editor Edward DeMotte, Managing Editor, Jim Beech, Sports Editor, Mary Lamont, Women's Editor, COPY DESK: Edwin Price, Wini Young, Barbara Hodge, Rebecca Averyt. GENERAL STAFF: John McCormack, Marie Carlile, T. G. Smith, Sara Ellen Schmidt, Pat Hilliard, Jean Lloyd, Nancy Dickson, Wanda Sondefur, Betty Gherken, Louise Ferriera, Helen Batchelor. SPORTS STAFF: Alex Lacy,. WOMEN'S STAFF: Andree Cargile, Eldna Sturgis, Lorraine Nelson, Alice Washington, Elizabeth Otts, Marjorie Fondren, Delores Cimorell, Ann Wood, Ann Webster, Mary Sue Wallace, Lynn Martin, Joanne Rhea, Ann Upchurch, Margaret Frazier, Eloise Adair. I J RIMSO Editor-in-Chief Brooks, the boy with the "lean and hungry look", performed a magnificent iob doing his part in present- ing the weekly news of the campus to the student body. BiII's editorial policies were dedicated mainly to the presenta- tion of information cr the killing of rumors that persisted around the Capstone. Called to the Navy early in April, Brooks was only able to serve as Editor for part of the year, but the iob that he did will be a goal for future editors to attempt to attain. Upon BilI's departure, Miss Barbara Hodge was chosen as the new editor. She has the distinction of being the first woman to edit the Crimson-White since World War I. -'S' :R 'iii . ' A' f-'sr , .--we BARBARA HODGE 'A' EDITORIAL STAFF t,..,1,i, wg .mii "ir ' I 7 In Business Monoger, John Will "Bubber" Johnson, olthough from the reol country ot Eost Alobomo wos oble to get out oncl mix with the odvertisers this yeor ond secure the ods thot cure so Bubber hod members to "tight" issue will go into importont in the operation of o newspoper. ditticult times clue to the lcss of importont stott the ormy but there wos not o week when ci ot the Crimson-White olicl not come out. Johnson the Ouortermostens bronch of the ormy upon his groduotion in Moy. J. W. JOHNSON, Business Monuger BUSINESS STAFF JOHN VV. JOHNSON . , , , . . , , . , . Business Ivlonoger George Noonan, Advertising Monoger, Williom Sonders, Colfection Monoger, Clore Sudcluth, Circulotion Monoger, Bill Schuessler, Honorory Associore Business Monoger. ADVERTISING STAFF: Jimmie Jones, Louro Ann Cobb, Comille Wright, Dick Bennett, George Wright, Louis Tilghmon, Woolsey Jones, Luther Woller, Louis Bedshom, Tom Howell, Elwood Rutledge. COLLECTION STAFF: Bill Sonders, Poul Gish. CIRCULATION STAFF: Bobs Andrews, Jonice Claire, Corolyn Turner, Corolyn Thomon, G, B. Hollingsworth, Ann McConnell, Batty Vcznn, Morilyn Sutton, Morilyn Willioms, Betty Kinney, Betty Leyden, Mory Ley- den, Eleonoro Reynolds. M.: ,fbi ,I 1 , - ' . . . I wmvfv 14 THE BUSINESS STAFF EDITORIAL STAFF CHARLES MCBURNEY . . Editor BOARD OF EDITORS HONORARY ASSOCIATE EDITORS: Bill Brooks, Pat Hayes, John McConnell. MANAGING EDITOR, Howard Silber. ASSIST- ANT EDITORS, Wilton Dillon, Ed Price, Mark Shats. PHOTO EDITOR, Howard Binlcley. SPORTS EDITOR, .lim Beech. TYPING EDITOR, Joanne Rhea. ART EDITOR, Wright Chris- tian. PHOTOGRAPHIC STAFF: Irvin Morris, Joe Fikes, Dan Young. ART STAFF: Pete Ruckman, Jimmy Wright, Wilmer Garrett. GENERAL STAFF: Alice Washington, Elizabeth Borders, .lack Mumford, Bernice Allred, June Rawls, Carolyn Thoman, Cynthia Ford, Cyril Kertman, Herbert Ginsberg, Jimmy Da- vis, .lune Kimbrough, Virginia Ferguson, Eleanor Lambert, Jean Trammell. After taking over in October when Gene Wortsman was drafted, Charley McBurney made history with the Ram by making it the only College Picture Magazine in America. Mac did a bang up job handling the editorial duties until he was called into the army in April through the channels ot the Enlisted Reserve Corps. 1Z.,5'Y?ff 29 bl' WAGE vV44E? 'ya 24 ft. Mfr' Q- ' v Q61 x .lt I rv I HMV- . ' F?-yu Q l":3fw't, , --A Q. I M ,K I . ff, .I+ I I ' ' fi.,-' h If X il it 1 - f' 342- I W T I 1 - . .J"' ,., 1. f:ZFrffR.f"M I hu.: JIM COBB, Business Manager MVN-: H BUSINESS STAFF JIM COBB . . Business Manager MANAGING BOARD HONORARY BUSINESS MANAGERS: Bill Schuessler, Bubber Johnson, Jack Williamson. CIRCULATION MANAGER, Foy Guin. COLLECTION MANAGER, John Burnum. OVERSEER OF OFFICE NEATNESS, Mariorie Ragsdale. ADVERTISING STAFF: Jeanette Martin, Kitty Grey Pharr, Car- olyn Miles, Jane Tatum. Lenaini Stubbs, Susan Orr, Mar- garet McCreary, Martha Woolman, Nan Pennington, Caro- lyn Turner, Ellen Chapmcn. CIRCULATION STAFF: Jean Ratliff, Marjorie Ragsdale, Betty Hughston, Julia Ann Hawes, Elizabeth Otts, Bill Flurry, Lewis Sharman, Medical Adviser: James Ward, Floyd Med- lin, Managers of Waste. R By settling down to some hard concentrated work at the very beginning of the year, Jim Cobb did a magnificent iob of handling subscription sales to the Ram for the months of l943. Through Cobb's hard work in doing work himself and directing his staff, the Ram continued the policies this year of getting the sororities to help sell subscriptions and advertising. Jim went into the Army in April with his cohort McBurney. 3 A 25 Ng? Business Staff: Left to right, seated: Turner, Guin and Burnum . . . Standing: Orr, Ragsclale and Thoman. I sf? ' ' :a.1.4L2aif'2,.Nima.31, -4. 4. I., xl f ' ""' , .,., wa ir' 4' ., . ' X 1 ,, '-'- . - f' -', I ,' 5-f:521T'E-151 3 2' , 9 2 1 'V 'F"'L, fre!-1 wiv? I it , ,, V . . ig M : I ,. 1 ' r if - . , rs ti X W J 'M-114. If 3 S ! Z 'I , 1,1 A .xv fmjfirpv, '755 7 1 ' f Left to right: Cobb, Brooks, Schuessler, Luskin, Going, Smart, McConnell, Johnson, Hayes and McBurney. IT 'W I WW tl I 1 ,fb .- R its I A 1 gli If I I fl . I Ns xx ' K ' 'lx In I Ii' If I ' EW-: I I M. LJ is f I. K LJ . 4 , .. W- . MEMBERS MR. ALLEN GOING ,... . . . .... Chairman DEAN AGNES ELLEN HARRIS . . . . Dean of Women PROF. JOHN LUSKIN , . . Department of Journalism DR. GEORGE SMART , . . Department of English JOHN W. MCCONNELL , . President of Student Body PAT HAYES .... ..,. E ditor of Corolla BILL SCHUESSLER . . . Business Manager of Corolla BILL BROOKS . . . .,., Editor of Crimson-White JOHN W. JOHNSON . . Business Manager of Crimson-White The official Board of Publications has as its duty to approve the eligibility cf the candidates for the publications offices and to select their assistants. The board is composed of four faculty members and five students. Among others who attend the meetings are the president of the Women's Student Government, and when meetings pertaining to the Rammer-Jammer are held, the editor and business manager of that publication attend. This year the board met more frequently than usual for the purpose of selecting assistants to replace those who had been drafted. Dean Newman, now a Lt. lj.g.l, chairman of the board, was called by the Navy before the year was over and Mr. Allen Going finished the year as the chairman. Page 60 MA Jim Afeiwcefzk The Bama Radio Network was loundecl in l94l, with John S. Carlile, radio department head, as faculty ad- visor and Roy John Flynn as president. The chief purpcse of the organization is to provide actual broadcasting training tor all students vvho vvish to take part in such activities and to serve the University campus by rapid dis- patching of international, naticnal, and local nevvs, and to encourage and promote the growth ot campus talent by providing that talent ainotural outlet. At its beginning, BRN obtained trial membership rating in the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System, and thus became one of the few schools in the South to have its cvvn student's radio station. ln the summer ot i942, BRN was given a class A member- ship in the college netvvorlc, IBS, and thus was permitted to accept commercial announcements for broaclcasts. Top: Walters, Silber Alexander and Marx cover S. E, C. baseball. Bottom: Radio drama from B. R. N. Left to Right, Seated: Reese Whitehurst, Marx, Silber . . ' Standing: Flynn, Mauldin Hallberg, Farrell. Glee Club Quartet. Left to right: Wiggins, Cade, Wood and Craddock. The Boys' Glee Club was started on the Alabama Campus thirty-eight years ago by Uncle Tom Garner, and has been under his supervision since that time. The men's chorus, one ot the most popular extra curricular activities on the campus, has thirty-tive members this year. The annual concert, held in Morgan Hall in January, was well attended. The group has also presented programs this season in several towns throughout the states. 7heGLEE OFFICERS RODNEY A. WIGGIN , , President MORRIS B. WOOD . . Vice-President BILLY HURST . . . . Secretary HORACE CADE . . Business Manger MEMBERS FIRST TENORS: Rodney A. Wiggin, Billy Hurst, Murray Kitman, Henry Pen- dleton, J. T. Turner, James A. Sims, SECOND TENORS: Horace Cade, Alan Cheney, C. B. Woldrop, Robert Weaver, Robert Braun, Thomas Beech, Lawrence Carlton, Robert Godwin, William Longshore, Alvin Show, Hunter Taft. FIRST BASS: Estan Bloom, Hardy Conner, Rueben C. Joiner, Morris B. Wood, Warren Bowden, Frank Jacobson, Charles Thompson, Elbert Williams, SECOND BASS: Walker Croddock, Ernest Edwards, Richard Close, Cameron Forrest, Howard Conner, William Hooper, Eugene Jackson, William Murphy, George Perryman. DIRECTOR: Tom Garner. ACCOMPANIST: Robert Clifford Edwards. The Madrigal Club, or girls' glee club, is one ot the most outstanding activities tor women students at Alabama Uncle Tom Garner completes his sixteenth year ot directing the glee club this year. This group has appeared on various programs from time to time during the year and were enthusiastically received. The glee club gives its members a chance to work in the music field and prepares them to take some part in the music life at other communities. About thirty girls are members at this fine singing group. First Sopranos Louise Berman Betty Cranford Amy Ellis Jane Fite Mary Moulton Eva Symonds Katherine Watkins Mariorie Woodward Second Sopranos Edith Berkman ni D OFFICERS AMY ELLlS , . . .President MARJORIE HOWARD , Secretary Duane Brady Mildred Brakeman Katherine Chapman Erin Davis Carolyn Fendley Haidee Glaze Agnes Gilpin Pearlie Goldman Dorothy Hoffert Margaret Henson MEMBERS Mary Leyden Johnny Liggetts Anne Porter Eloise Rosser Muriel Wood First Alto Fay Baxley Martha Clark Jerry Hayden Mary Helen Mims Lois Niermann Evelyn Vandiver Bettye Wilson Second Alto Bernice Allred Mary Anderson Marie Carlisle Louise Ferreira Bonnie Handley Betty Leyden Wanda Sancletur l . ig- i ,i ts Bcimcx's Band lisiens for oz change. The "Million Dollor Bond" of The UniversiTy of Alobcimd is cerToinly one of The mosT Colorful orgonizoTicns in The counTry. The CcipsTone bond reolly become fomous oT on ecirlier dciTe Than did The Alcibdmo sfer and Mary Katherine lecid The way. mg,-ggffff'. gy 41 .fgfdfi-3-ga-gqyfv ::,.f,,..,..m,,i, I fl -. Aff! 'v' i f 'Q -2' f. .gyggisywef-42n1:vwswa-1:2'm:i.4'- -W..,.-.'.-...feGmff:.ef2.gz4?ef,w,s4?pv..-4new, ,wi ,Mix ,newV-A15,m'fAg,,sy,f,,1sawWeiw-waive-:,W...,s-sys My .-R,m,,q,Q,ii.f3f,sQvf? fr fe. ff. ff. .Mm-Q v 4 ,N Vf. T ..f..m,. 4w..fp,..,.,., .1,,1.,m.- -4, ,s. .-,W s vm. - rgvggwbfiswfw: ,M . -ws ' iw, ' rf ffsimw feeei-fffwifc f,As.i,i,:,1, f.-fa2,mapf,iygwf,wzm-:Pye mfg., . 50? 1, wi.-fm,Tmi.-.Q,f.-'s,fMmiQs,-,- yfyikywzge--mf,:y,.ff ,V ,- -- I-if V--T.: :wisewi-mei,-wef:i.,:i:ffM3Qy22 fm7 .3i?6 wmzfwwvem-M56ffm-:year. me C- sf' ..:-,T -mw..,g ya. -. ' ,T 1- -1445 -' 'QM T-::5:31e'f:s 2 if 1 ' T V . fgzaiff feqz "::-"R, - Aw. 1 T - - T 'f .4 K "lf 'fi .ff s 432 1515'.gf?J,j129b?5: g,.e 4 ar , 9, exif, 5 , 5 1. . ,.-,, ' ,1 QT . , ' ,h 'T , me --fzrigim ''if:-2251-if..?:fZs'e12f1fi2i5r 3. , X. K-iw,-y,5,, my 'fd -im-531' ' - f . , ,.::-393 gzyfxgggf, , . 4 V '-ffm?-5 25:15 I' , ' ' W?" fi i l i i 1 ,,..,..,..,. TooTboIl Teoms. AbouT T8 yedrs dgo, when Alcibomo wos playing in ATlonTci, The ATloinTci popers were merciless in Their criTicism of Aldbdmds TooTbcill TdcTics, buT They did proise The bond To sky-high limiTs, one pciper saying "iT looked like ci million dollors." Since ThoT Time iT hos been known oll over The nciTion os "Aldbcimci's Million Dollar Bond." This yeor, The bond wos iTs usuol mcigniTicenT self. Agoin in ATlcinTo iT mode one oT The mosT impressive showings in iTs hisTory even Though The Tide wenT down in deTeciT To The Georgie Rose Bowl chompions. All The gcimes in Birmingham were blessed by The bond's presence buT wor-Time TronsporTciTion diTTiculTies mode only one long Trip possible This yeor, ThciT wus To ATlcinTo. Few of The bc1nd's Tons reolize The hdrd work ThoT Toikes plcice behind The scenes before The Red-CodTs Teel ThoT They ore good enough To Toke The Tield. Colonel BuTler ond The sTudenT leoders of The bcind puT in long hours of mopping ouT various TormoTions ThoT The bond performs on The Tield, cmd very lengThy prc1cTice sessions ore held in order To mcike The music equol To The group's specTdculor marching. SToirTing oTT The yedr wiTh over 80 members, The bond wcis rc1Ther smoll in numbers Toword The loTTer pcirT of The yeor due To The loss of mony of iTs members To The cirmed Torces. Colonel Bufler reviews Sl,OO0,000. Page 64 Flutes Ames Ripley Charles Hacket Charles Henry Clarinets John Ray Milton Marx William Crum Kalman Schwarts Harry Andes Pope Gordon William Conisha Henry Miller Guy Rutledge Wellington Gillis William Sanders lt speaks for itself. OFFICERS CARLETON K. BUTLER , Director HENRY LESLIE Captain VVlLlVlER PARKER lvfgiriciger MARY KATHERINE JOHNSON Sponsor LESTER FRAWLEY Head Drum Maior BLACKIE LAMBERT Librarian MEMBERS Vtfilbur Hinton James Wall Fred Wirth Tom McCullough Allan Korn Solon Glover Joe Eshelman Sidney Goldberg Frank Persons George Moye Alvin Ricles Alto Saxophone George Bishop Parker Waller Irving Silverman James Harper Richard Van Hala Tenor Saxophone Charles Welch Donald Leord Harold Thropp Baritone Scxophone Garold Kincannon Trumpets Henry Leslie Harry Greverl Gerald Welch Franlc Dannely Robert Cummings Harold Cooley Leonard Bernstein Robert Arrnstrorg W 'Mm EBCQZZM Henry Randall Stanford Skinner Ellis Conner Floyd Gilbert Don Dohlene Jack Marsh Ray Mclnnis Peter DiRito Hardy Conner Jay Miller Jack Burns Robert Mclntyre William Brunson David Blumberg Horns Walter Clark George Hiorth Samuel Abston Trombones Wilmer Parker Ken Winslow Ross Davidson Edward Smith Milton Gardner John McLanahan Herbert Ball William Ledue James Hodges Elmer Pollen Baritones Jock Lewis William Dodson BA Hep-two-three-four. Herman Robinson Robert McLellan Bass Dixon Meyers Cymbal Ray Prolsdorter Glockenspeil Edgar Lambert James Bearden Drum Majors Lester Frawley Buddy Kava Max Gilmer Harry Lipson Lloyd Newcomer ttltvittcdi: ttiticlittti emma One ot the leading service organizations on the campus for women, the Women's Spirit Committee has a long- standing record of achievements. The object ot the Wome1's Spirit Committee shall be to promote at all times, in the woman students, an interest in all activities on the University ot Alabama campus, to work in cooperation with the Men's Spirit Committee when such assistance is needed and to foster a spirit at friendliness among the women students. Each year, new members are elected from all classes ot women students by older members ot the committee. The work done by the spirit committee in helping entertain the soldiers that came to the campus this year has been very commendable. OFFICERS RUTH LAKE SKINNER . . President ALICE NELL FULFORD . . Secretary MEMBERS Jane Harrell Dean Agnes Harris Catherine Harg rave Margaret Darrow Mrs. Jennie M. Howard Sally Rainer Fran Norton Claire Evans Mrs. Bessie Hayden Jo Byrd Dillon Ryan Nethery Joanne Rhea Mrs Pauline Wilson Susan Caldwell Frances Robinson Virginia Whatley Mrs. R. R. Paty Nancy Dickson Juanita Lassiter Ruth Sponsler Amy Ellis Alice Nell Fultord lda Martin Windham Marion Bolton Frances Garrett Mary E. Fite Bernice Allred Jane Merrill Nan Tanner Margaret Murchison Collen Morgan Delores Cimorrell Margaret Clernon Dorothy Nettles Annette Davis Janet Simpson Jean Moore Frances Cox Edna Higginbotham Libbie Rubin Etta Louise Goldman Jo Brokaw Frances Frost Catherine Eddins Ethel Champagne Carolyn Carpenter Page 66 Bertha Lee Wood Edith Outlaw Mary Studdard Carolyn Nichols Marv Bird Skinner Adeline Donaldson Elizabeth Ferguson Ruth Crow Mary Eleanor Hamrick Charlene Guthrie Kathryn Barron Wanda Bolton Mary Frances Brown Shirley Moore Mary Wilson Helen Higbie Mary McDonald Thelma Baldwin Glida Gannett Oleta Gross Sara Robinson Ree Graham WoiviEN's yr mm The Women's Rifle Club is one of The newer organizations on The campus, having been organized only lasi year. Members are chosen in open compeiirion. Grear inieresf in The club is shcwn by The facr Thar 54 young women pariici- pared in Try-ours when it was known Thar only I8 could be chosen for membership. This year the Team engaged in several marches wirh our of siaie schools, and one march with The Unixersiiy lNf.en's Rifle Team. OFFICERS MARIEN TABB BRENT . . Caplain LOUISE INGE Business Manager MARY ELEANOR HAMRICK Secretary-Treasurer COACHES LT. SAMUEL C. BURKHALTER Ll. PAUL H. CREWS MEMBERS Jane Arthur Ellen Graves Ann Nunez Marien Tabb Brent Laura Hammond Karheryn Pearce Mary Emily Claiborne Mary Eleanor I-lamrick Sue Ann Tyler Sally Cummings Annie Lois Hickman Sammy Wakefield Sarah Davis Carolyn l-luie Rosemary Walker Jane File Louise Inge Marilyn Williams Julie Gaillard Bernice Lowe Gessner Young Marjorie Nieber ' "-VTE . -- ' v 'F' gg, are 6!F55"W5 Wie?-9 i!:3Z'G?iM,b.PW!S'?S?5'f,4 1pi W fr? YY? ! H K rw W Q' fW' K. Lf. O O 6 Q One of the lorgest crgoinizotions in octivity on the ccimpus, the Young Men's Christion Associotion is ci fellowship ot Chris- ticin students whose purpose is the development of Christion ideols for the individuol ond tor society, o growing understond- ing ot God ond I-lis purposes for the individuol ond tor the world, on ever increosing knowledge ot Jesus Christ ond o determi- notion to follow Him, os friend, guide, exomple ond Lord. The Y.M.C.A. is very octive, hoving iointly sponsored ci Christmos porty for the underprivileged children ot Tuscolooso with the Y.W.C.A. A Sunrise Service wos held ot Eoster, ond regulor meetings ore held, mony ot them iointly with the women's group. This yeor the "Y" wos o greot help in the Red Cross drive ond in helping orientote the Air Crew Students who come to the com- pus in Morch. OFFICERS JOHN A. REYNOLDS . . President J , Vice-President MICKEY LEMAISTRE , , Secretory 1 MEMBERS LAw LAMAR . , LAW LAMAR MICKEY LEMAISTRE DICK BLISS " EUGENE MIMS DALE McLIN FOY GUIN JIM I-IEGENVVALD PAUL GISH GROVER MURCHISON Left to right, seated: Mims, Reynolds, Mclclin, Murchison. Standing: Hegenwald and LeMc1istre. 0 0 O 0 OFFICERS MARIE RILEY . President DELPHINE THETFORD . . Vice-President LOU BETTS . JANE PAGET . Eloise Adair Betty Andrews Virginia Bagwell Fay Belt Martha Bradfield Barbara Brooks Frances Brown Susie Brown Ora Brown Wallace Bruner Anne Bruns Mary Campbell Kathleen Cannon Margaret Campbell Sybil Carey Jeanette Carleton Sue Carnes Maggie Dean Clark Elizabeth Collins Jean Cosby Thelma Cryer Eleanor Davis Patricia Deems Daisy Dozier Louise Ferreira Julia Anne Florence Edith Folmar June Essberg Jacquie Gaffney Gladys Thornton Ann Upchurch Peggy Whitmire Betty Jean Woodham Page Gannon Louise Garner Jean Gibson Jill Gillette Jane Griffin Fredaline Hamner Ann Hardin Catherine Hargrave Jane Harrell Betty Gray Hays Dorthula Hendrick Jane Hinton Ruth Hubbard Cecile Hudson Habe Huey Catherine Kelly Lorraine King MEMBERS Secretary Freshman Counselor Joan LaGar Lillian Lanham Margaret Leland Sallie Lepper Martha Liddell Louise Lipscomb Berneice Lowe Mary Izzo Elizabeth Montgomery Pat Morison Mary Nelson Dorothy Nettles Nadine Trammell Ann Webster Marie Wilson Camille Wright Catherine Nicholson Nell Niederhauser Mary Minge Neilson Lois Niermann Frances Oliver Isabel Orr Modelyn Patterson Nan Pennington Virginia Petty Jo Pratt Dorothy Prestwood Rosino Rainero Jeanne Reid Joanne Rhea Marie Shamblin Mary Byrd Skinner Frances Smith Lorene Smith Avis Snively Betty Stanley Mary Ellen Stinson Josephine Strickland Leinani Stubbs Eldna Sturgis Clare Sudduth Shirley Moore Elnora Reynolds Mildred Brakeman Ernestine Tarpley C. M. Turnipseed Mary Welch Ann Wood Jessie Yellowly Front row, left to right: Brakeman, Moore, Van Dusen. . . . Center row: Campbell, Thetford, Riley, Paget . . . Back row: Reynolds, Betts, Leath, Turnipseed. The Young Women's Christian Association has been one of the most active women organizations on the campus this year. This group was founded to encourage the young women of the University of Alabama to live a fuller life, a more creative life through the growing knowledge of God and active Christian service. With this purpose in its collective mind this group has continued to go forward through each year, As is their custom at Christmas, they once again had a party in collaboration with the Y.M.C.A. for the underprivileged children of Tuscaloosa. Many ioint meetings with the Y.M.C.A. were held this year and cabinet meetings were held regularly. At many of the ioint and singular meetings of the Y.W.C.A. faculty members gave interesting talks that were for the benefit of all those who at- tended. T l I l i I 1 i I i I I 1 we I I i 7h BLACKFRIA s These are The picTures from The plays produced by BlackTriars during Their 36Th season. BlackTriars enjoyed a very successful season wiTh many plays which are now currenT hiTs on Broadway, and oThers which have had long runs on The "Gay WhiTe Way." Reading from Top To boTTom: Blackfriars opened The season wiTh The hilarious murder farce, Arsenic and Old Lace, by Joseph Kesserling. The play deals wiTh Two very kind old maid sisTers who Teel iT is Their duTy To help lonely old men on To Their "greaT reward" by giving Them a place To sleep, a glass oT Elderberry Wine wiTh a dash oT arsenic and iusT a pinch of cyanide added, and Then giving Them a Tull ChrisTian burial in Their cellar. The Moon is Down was anoTher "BlackTriar" TirsT-The presenTaTion oT John STeinbeck's gripping sTory oT Nazi-occupied Norway. Noel Cow- ard has wriTTen many gay musicals and comedies buT one of his gayesT is The sTory of The l8Th cenTury France as Told in The Marquise. From leTT To righT below. Here Comes Mr. Jordan, a play abouT delayed acTion concerning deaTh and love and laughs. The Eve of ST. Mark, now playing on Broadway is Maxwell Anderson's sTirring drama oT America aT War. Everyone who saw The play or The movie of My SisTer Eileen will remember iT ci long Time for iTs sparkling comedy. On The page To your righT, reading from Top To boTTom, FirsT column. Two scenes Trom The Marquise. Two scenes Trom SulTan Vane's exciTing drama, OuTward Bound. AnoTher laugh from My SisTer Eileen. Second column: "Here Comes Mr. Jordan." The Top sergeanT speaks in The Eve of ST. Mark. An original comedy, Tea Tor Nine by MargareT l-lorTon. DeaTh Takes iTs Toll in Arsenic and Old Lace. The mayor speaks To one of The Quislings in The Moon is Down. W f. kb' :ig :I - . , f , -:-ff' Wh ' AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES Each year 23 University ot Alabama students vvho excel not only in scholastic work but also in extra-curricula activities are chosen by impar- tial persons to appear in "Who's Who in American Universities and Col- leges." This nationally tamous annual recognition cf outstanding college students was created by Alabama's own H. Pettus Randall. One ot the 23 students is not pictured here. He is Gecrge Blaoclvvorth who went into the army early in December ot l942. PAT HAYES BILL SCHUESSLER JAMES DAVIS FOSTER ETHEREDOE TOXEY SEVVELL JACK WILLIAMSON JOHN McCONNELL HAL JOHNSON if ir 'k ir i ir 'A' if 'A' if iw 'A' J. VV. JOHNSON CAROLINE CARPENTER ED SNIPES HELEN YARBROIJOH BILL BROOKS JACK BEAN J. A. REYNOLDS J. V. THOMPSON BILL CROW MARTHA LOU JONES RUTH SKINNER OORIVIAN JONES PQ73 PERSCDNALITIE Below, lefi To right, Top: Macon Roloerrs, .lim Beech, Frank Crumley. Borrorn: Wayne Miller, Sid Goldberg, Ed DeMoTTe, Torn Rasi . . . Gpposiie page, Top: Bob King, Lisier Brunson, Wheeler l.eeTh. Middle: Clarence Rhea, John l-leld, Herndon lnge, Joe Domnanovich , . . Boriornz Bill Maddox, Henry Mims, ,lack Green. ir ir 'A' 'A' ,..av" 'iW a. gn- M fi Ei I 'wiv-ui .1 5 ? 0 E fl f ir f f THE AP HCT PAR DE Top: Picniclcers McConnell ond RoberTs. Some vvonT To reduce-oThers vvonT To goin. Blondes on lo Koppo DelTo . . , CenTer: "Fish" is Tishing. They procTiced buT They losT. Lock oT monpower brings drosTic rneosures . . . BoTTom: The "DelTs" ond Their 'Minor' girls. "Ed" wiTh "Red" WhoT could The big shoTs be so hoppy obouT'? On The poge To your righT, Firsi row: Look vvhoT The droTT did Tor Ed. Jock-con'T reod! Bock Tor Bomo-FronT Tor Uncle Som . . . Second row: Alice dishes ouT The sugor. On one oT Those horrible Wednesdoys . . . Third row: The rushlmen'sl will soon begin. "King" on his Throne . . . FourTh row: HodneTTe on The mound-R.O.T.C. oT boT. Spring "conning." 59 G Q - eff I ' X N No PARKING 'QETWEEN TRAFFm gmwws .x k r Higgs ,A V -3.x-: , .xii .' - k if -. 4 423 r ' To your leTT, FirsT row: Non Pen- ningTon-Sigmo Chi's choice Tor 1943. SurreolisTic, isn'T iT'? or sorrie- Thing . . . Second row: An evening oT The DelTo Chi house-Typicol? These ore some oT The TheTo Xi's . . . Third row: Everybody's doing iT-doing iT now . . . FourTh row: Some lick vviTh sTomps lwor sTc1mps Tor poTrioTisml oThers wiTh poddles. Cn The poge To your righT, FirsT row: RoTioned gos. UnroTioned beer. RoTioned records , . . Second row: Don'T shooT Till you see The slonTs of Their eyes. Pholonx bon- queT, noT o sToTT meeTing . . . Third row: Goy nineTies-DelT sTyle. By Their figures you will know Thern. Awful picTure, isn'T iT? . . . FourTh row: WhoT ci crooked line These women hcive. Would molce good scrop-The cups. Picnic bound-Typ- icol spring ocTiviTy . . . FiTTh row: B.W.O.C.'s Toke Time ouT for o pic- Ture. Typicol June wedding oT The U. oT A. H943-no menl. T2-l-eoch ond every Wednesdoy. ' n.. . X 5 M if , , I . r,A.,,,,K,.:j.. .4 H H - . A A A,-lr? .l . ' 1 . . ,A 1 . .15 ' 1. Y ,-Q ., -1 ' - q , 42, N IW . 1? 13 S. A 1 I ..- H 1 L K N 1. ' : X A4 aw 4, Maw, ' . .4 . ,Q ff. ' Q, .MM X v , ,, ,A-4 A E ,V In 3, J i , f2 ,J ' ' ' ' , Y 'Q .J '.,' k , ,,- ' . 2 551 P-"H ' 'r 'Q ' ,fwx -gff 2 . ' X4 'ff', ' ,aw V inf. 2 x Q- 7 .,, 1 . 'l'f:,f ' ,V - . 3,31 If 1 u X k I 41, ?Ef5b'G54?2?Qfmf:q5Ew'J1Z2K 'jim ' 2' '- 4 N fwffmmal On This poge, FirsT row: WoTch The "Birdie", WoiTing Tor lunch To come . . . Second row: LosT yeor These were unusuoil. "Old Glory" sTill Tlies oT The Sigrno Chi house. . . Third row: This picTure goT in Twice -vve're sorry! The boys found ouT ThoT louses hod seoTs olong in Moy! . . . FourTh row: GeT reodyl GeT seTI Go!-Tor The Sigmo "Pie" derby. On The poge To your righT, FirsT row: Some were kniTTing, some wriT- ing To The boys on The oTher side of The loig pond. He reolly ioined- by Torce! . . . Second row: VV.S.G.A. prexy rolling olong in Blue Gees. ZeTo's oT lO:46 P.M. Squeoling in The second circle . . . Third row: This oin'T or reol SonTo Clous. Z.B.T.'s on Their "books". Khoki will soon Till These houses . . . FourTh row: Poss in Review! The Phi Mu's ore posing. Proise Allohl we ThoughT only TroTs did This. 4, In ,X N435 ' - X 'u 1 1 ig , 4 ' ri H.-f A. il ro. we ' ' Lzivjy u 1 .' ' 2 xl, W 1 . 7, WMM HTHHHMH On your leTT, FirsT row: The Alpho Goms hove some cuTe Tricks. Bobby Byrne oT The Commerce-AB. Boll . . . Second row: These oin'T "dime- onds", They're The reol McCoy. Lob Tee, room deposiT, breolcoge Tee, TuiTion, SA. Tee, iT's hell on Pop . . . Third row: lT is cerToinly o lie. The "GreoT Profile' '... FourTh row: From 5 Till, Till TO ofTer. "ThirsTy" Young will show This To his Tollcs- he posed Though. I On The poge To your righT, FirsT row: 550 on your diol. They mode us sTep! . . . Second row: Over There-Over There! You won'T know Them Tomorrow . . .Third row: Four gollons won'T go very Tor. Fos- Ter BoTTery-will be bock oTTer The wor . . . FourTh row: The nighT be- fore The big gome. The Colonel peps his boys up. lT's noT True- Tokel . . . FiTTh row: Scobbord ond Blode boys being puT Through. Holf woy To Heoven! IT olwoys hoppens To The EorrisTers on Homecoming. w-1. --.s ...2 " ,,,..-..,v 'wa ,J f , 1 A 5 .. S' y Na X ELA on W ly! 4 ,R -. x fl ivilii ' ' :L f 9, X , X' , . wg: WWR5w,.g,ywgai.g,.,.,MwM1:Q4pg??,ig '52 31 Q2 QQ 2 , ., fy 14 - '.w.w,:41.--QW-Q1 a 57 x, .ac '-L' 1- x" -PKW 1' J: , ir Q.. fwfmma To your IeTT, FirsT row: Lucky To geT sTanding room. VVine, Dine and Dance . . . Second row: Phi Mu's on parade. "RusTy" CrafT was shin- ing Today . . . Third row: Mary El- len smiles Tor The camera. SiTTing one ouT . . . FourTh rovv: 'Tvvas The nighT loefore Xmas. They'li do any- Thing for a ride These days. . . FiTTh row: We pass in review Tor The Gov- ernor. Some waTch, some march . . . SixTh row: Parade-ResT!-you mighT call iT resT. SaluTe To The col- ors-may They Torever wave. The Aloborno sTudenT loody looked upon ci new worTime com- pus in T942-43. In UniversiTy miliTory circles, ploying oT wor hod ceosed. The men were novv preporing To TighT. Hun- dreds oT underclossmen regisTered in The enlisTed reserve corps were coiled inTo The ormy in eorly spring. Advonced miliTory sTudenTs sow Their sTudies-in o new lighT, os They mode reody for ocTuol comboT. The Universify vvos chosen os o Troining cenTer Tor oir crew sTudenTs ond ormy engineers. A clossiTicoTion uniT Tor The Army Speciolized Troining Pro- grom vvos inTroduced. The compus swormed vviTh uniforms- UniversiTy Avenue vvos Tilled vviTh morching men. Alobomo sTudenTs moved from dormiTories ond clossrooms To moke vvoy for hundreds of fledgling ovioTors ond oTTicers-in-The-moking. UniversiTy Coeds enTered closses in engineering ond chem- isTry, preporing To Toke Their ploces in wor indusTries. More ond more oT The men sTudenTs received orders Tor immedioTe or Tufure service, The vvor hod come To The UniversiTy of Alobomo in reol, concreTe Terms. Alobomci's sTudenT body wenT To wor This yeor. l-low did This effecT The overoge sTudenT? FirsT, The school yeor wos divided inTo four quorfers irisfecid of Two semesfers. The sTudenT hod To give up his summer vcicoTion ond Trudge weorily To college. l-lis seoside vcicoTions, Trips To New York, ond evening doiTes were ull reploced by sweoT ond Toil oT 'Bomo This summer. SororiTy houses combined This sum- mer. "FiT To FighT" lefT The R.O.T.C. boys "plumb worn ouT". Then come The foll quorfer ond girls re- Turned To The compus en mosse. We hod o new presidenf for The school Too. The formols begon. The freshmon puT on his firsT Tux, doinced wiTh The populor girls, ond soon become new lodge broThers. The freshmon girl sow The foofboll hero ond swooned oT his feef. The froTerniTy "college hoT" sophomore exercised his ouThoriTy. l:ooTboll seoson begon ond o new ouTbursT of "espriT de corps" prevoiled on The compus. The low- yers hod Their doy oT The Mississippi SToTe gome. They bellowed "IT wos good enough for old Deon Forroih. lT's good enough for me," while old Remus bonged enThusiosTicolly on The orgon. Some sTu- denTs Took week-end Trips To woTch The Crimson Tide roll, oThers sToyed, lisfened To The rodio ond offer The gome scurried To The Supe STore To bull or meeT ci doTe. Wor Colos Took The ploce of cokes ond noTh- ing wos presenT To Toke The ploce of condy. Rumors ond uncerToinTy obouT The reserves filled The oir. The Josons gove Their rip-rooring Jomboree. Errol Flynn's Triol become The Tolk of The compus. Some of Aloiboimo's boys were decoroTed for meriTorious service. We worked TogeTher, wofched TogeTher, ond woiTed TogeTher To see whoT The efforTs of our ormed forces would bring. Those of us who remoined here wofched our friends ond clossmcifes os They lefT The UniversiTy To loin The ormed forces, or To porTicipoTe in wor work. Ecich member of The sTudenT body wenT on his merry woy of Chrisfmos Time-be iT NorTh, SouTh, EosT, or Wesf. Fc1Thers, broThers, friends, ond sweeTheorTs who were home on leove meT ogoin. Boys Tolked wiTh Their big broThers os To whoT service To enTer. TrcinsporToTion ogoin wos olmosT impossible. BUT we finoilly goT boick To school ond seTTled down To sfudying. Corollo picTures were compleTed, Crimson-WhiTes ogoin rolled from The presses ond The "Rom" become The only college pic- 'A' ir 'lr Page 89 W RTIME Ture mogozine in The counTry. Tronsporfofion focili- Ties kepT us from seeing Alobomo crush BosTon Col- lege in The Oronge Bowl. Formoils come bock inTo The limelighT. We checked our P. O. boxes every hour. "Push-iTs" were horder To geT. When we rode To Town on The bus, we usuolly sTood on someone else's heod, hounds, feeT, or body. The buses broke The old physics low ThoT "no Two bodies con occupy The some spoce oT The some Time". Week doys were long ond drown ouT. We goT plenTy of sleep Though. We slepT in closses. Sundoiy mornings were spenT eiTher sleeping or going To church. For dinner we Took our besT girl To The Moc. Gosoline roifioning seT in ond cors were reploced by corTs ond wogons, scooTers, horses, bicycles, ond, believe iT or noT, wolk- ing. Even dcifes begon To wolk. The quesTion of The hour wos, "Why wos The lighT ploced on The duod- rongle?" We soon become occusTomed To gosoline rofioning. Boskefboll seoson come ond wenT. Some Teochers ioined The ormed forces. OTher Teochers come from Birminghom every doy To Teoch us. Pinning, engogemenfs, ond morrioges become more frequenf. The only nome bond oppeored on The compus of The end of The WinTer Quorfer. The Seniors groduoTed in lvlorch. They puT owoy sophis- Ticofion ond chose noT To weor Cops ond Gowns. For The firsT Time, we begon To recilly feel The wor when The Seniors lefT. MosT of Them would be scoT- Tered call over The world ond some beyond iT. They were Truly o Wor Closs. When we come bock for The spring guorTer, we found new friends. The Army Air Corps wos here. Their singing while morching wos glorious To heor. Physicol Troining become required for oll mole sTu- denTs. Some Took iT lighTly oT firsT, buT lciTer reolized The imporTonce of iT. Then The wor reolly sTruck 'Bomo. The E.R.C. wos colled ouT. Joe, Tom, Dick, Jock, ond oll of The boys lefT. FroTerniTies were Token over by The Army. The compus become vo- cofed of mole sTudenTs. Yes, wor come To Alobomci This yeor. lT come groduolly. We joked obouT The wcir of firsT, buT finolly reoilized how recil iT wos. The Low School become depleTed, froTerniTies ond dormifories were converTed inTo boirrocks for The soldiers, The "college hoT" clofhes were reploced by Army khoki, ond formols, porTies, ond sociols were reploced by hopes for The fuTure. And so 'Bomo olong wiTh hundreds of oTher UniversiTies wenT To wor This yecir. 'Af ir 'k THE f,,,T,SCH0OL The Low School enrollmenT wois smoll in Sep- Tember, buT The spiriT wos high. Ldw clcisses begon-The onnucil Home-coming BorrisTers' ploydoy celebroiTion wenT on ds usudl-"IT wos good Tor old Deon Forroh" rong ouT os usuol- hcingovers The Sundoy dTTer. ATTer The cele- brdTions, bock They wenT To Their closses. Closses, coses, cloisses, coses, This old humdrum sTill preyed on The mind oT The sTudenT ldwyer- These old iTems, mixed wiTh The dreory oiT- mosphere oT Todoy's world, gove The lowyers doys ond nighTs like none of Alobomors Forroh l-ioll boys hold Tdced since The doys oT T917-18. The TirsT Three monThs oT The yeor were weoThered much The some os ever, buT by De- cember dnd The beginning of onoTher quorTer, There wols ci redl score Thrown inTo The lowyers when one of The mony rumors oT The yeor sounded like This: "Did you know The Low School is redlly going To close This quorTer, ond Tor The duroiTion?" GT course, They were wor- ried, buT Then come regisTroTion Time, ond Deon Fdrroh sounded The coll Tor dll oT Them To come ond regisTer dgoin. Those who were leTT oT ThisTime were oidvonced miliToiry sTudenTs, 4F's, Ncfvol ReservisT's, Air Corps ReservisTs, dnd more girls Thon hove been in The Low School J , . in yeors. They conTinued Their pursuiTs of legol educdTion, so ThoiT There would be The know- ledge of ond The corrying on of low when The emergency is over. Alobomo hos o greoT Low School, ond Alo- bdmions should be proud of The ground record iT ond iTs groduoTes hdve mode. The school iTselT is mdking d record by monoging To keep running in The Toce oT The mosT Trying Times iT hos ever Tdced. ITs groiduonTes hdve mode Their envioble records boTh in The Tield oT Low oind on The wdr-TronTs. lvldny hdve leTT Forroh I-loll in The pc1sT Tew yecirs To go direcTly inTo The service. Their procTices oT whoT They had leorned hove hod To be posTponed unTil The enemy wos overcome. Mdny oT Alobomds low groduoiTes hove mode more Thon envidble records on The wor TronTs. l-lere's d wish Trom The hedrTs of every sTudenT ond dlumni of The UniversiTy of Aloibomo ThdT dll These men moke iT bcick sofely ond con puT To good use oll ThoiT wois Tc1ughT Them in The School of Low here in our Tomous universiTy. A greouT low school? Yes, indeed! And iT iT does hove To sTop Tor owhile, moy iT come bdck much sTronger Thon iT ever hos been. ir , 'ir ir if 'lr ir P g9O . 152g as-:,..:,f.' X ,143 31. 12,- fmaf, ,K A' diari- fxwm '- ..4mq74- ff xrveur -f 'wa 1-aff..-.-f , . , x - fix. .. -'fer-S151-N 1 W' f :.ef4'35.fr1' - - . . - , , . X, f g.,.., -, . yu, gs.. M. :Si 1 -, kv As e, w K 1 . xwg, 5 las .xx F A 1 llvu RAM ., :- F Y x A VPU Yun , rw.-a- I 4 VNV RIP. 'vb L,, Lawyers lead cheer in Supe Store pep rally THE HOOL C BELL, GEORG ,, a Ta Ingham, UNI FARMER, LESTER A., JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Dothan, Senior, . . BLoo oRTH, JAMES Alpha, Da- saablaara and Blade. catur, Ju ior, Presiden uadrang , . C.A., ' thic, Lavv Sch l Exe IVG Co Omi cron Delta Kapp ""' L, EDWARD W., " alia, FRANCOI RALPH ABRAHAM: KGPEG NU: Montgomery: Genevgi Freshman, Spirit Commgffee U A y BRG .. fe shman, Scabbard and Blade, President Excelsior, Spirit BARNE-I-T: Phi Sigma Qppoi Hgdenfiel Jigs. Committ , Rho Alpha Tau, Phi Eta Sigma, Officers' Club, a I' pholcmxi Alpha Kcppg Psi. l .M.C.A .... GUIN, FOY, Delta Chi, Russellville, Freshman, Debate quad, Phi Eta Sigma, Honor Roll, Vice-President So more Class in A. , School, Officers' Club, Circulation Manager Rammer-Jammer, Y.M.C.A., Intertraternity Council, BRUNSON, LISTER, Pi Kappa Phi, Jun o ltor l942 Co- Excelsior . . . HARDEGREE, 1 THUR LEE, JR., Pi Kappa Alpha, rolla . . . BURNS, ARTH , d a-- r shman, '- ' 1 fu- ,ggx Ashland, Junior . . . W NS, WARREN G., Collinsville, dent Sophomore Cla .in B "q 01:25 pirl mml :- os: ll!"?5fx Freshman, Phalan crest Council, A Cap lla 4' -awsiil, CARR, JACK D., Sigm h xykxggi N Chi, Birmingham, Freshma -wt' EE, . ' ' etumplca, 6 l Senior, T.K.A., Philomathic, -aa - .- an President Senl K , , 2---A-I----"ft 4 K, A lpha Epsilon Pi, Tuscaloosa, Senior, Law Class. .Q ' Secretar - reasurer Ju ls Law Class, Executive Council . . . A Y HEWITT, CHARLES " - g o A ha Epsilon, Birming- ham, Freshm y yx9 GEO P CE, Sigma Chi, DEHN, JOHN JOSEPH, Delta Tau Delta, Canton, O., Junior, Wetumpka, Se Sigma, Rho Alpha au, Delta President Newman Club . . . DUVALL, LEE ROY, Lambda Chi XSi Pi, Oua r gle, Philomathic, .1 School xecutive Alpha, Birmingham, Freshman, Philomathic . . . ELLINGSON, om .AH - . HJ!! 'Iliiq.Q app A e a, Tarrant, CHESTER WILLIAM, Birmingham, Senior, Phi Alpha Delta . . . if- man, Debate Squad, President T.K. . l Page 92 jim Yfbvfiuelailffgz of ,fgfagama if 'A' 'k'A'1lrir1 Bell Bloodworth Boswell Browning Brunson Burns rr Carr Curlee ,--ng in A Dehn Duvall Ellingson Farmer Franco Guin Hcrclegree Hawkins Heller Hewitt Howard Hubbard aw .SZAOOK wow olfmaleal in 7845 pg? In , X r ,X ,A X., ,J re la 1 w A V4 V l , 3 r A fx 1 'Q' ' "1fll'lV -3-f'::v 2357 wgllf -. ffrif ' 'fx' ,,1 A H 1 .Q fs Q ,J A y A ,ww , . xr W Us-" an -' fl Q: 1. Ng 4 Q w say- x L 'iii 5 Wi "'E:55E'1:?:1:'.-i ....-xg. S 9 4 N V... Me.. 4, :,:, , rr- -. aw -2' Gig." X Q MM ff:-wif-2222 Fi: - Lg'-14.,.?::izE3 .5. f5'Q'g,g? . f - . -zff.-.min Wg -g w A ' i f e 1 32, .sa-1-r-V-fm.. 1:5 -z Q. -1 - .r :P-ng:-1:-rf J I Y' -' . . EEE fs? 621'-' -13: 4225.2 x WYE 'z1:,?: 5 1 v sr.-m fir. "P ! , 'fmfhf-' ' 212.4-..: 1. ,,.. 4 4. i. Y- : f fr. .Q5'If5,:,1:...r--' ' fr.-' - , tif.-,.,y,. .if gs 1. E' , " .Q 57 ,Mi ' , 516 X if-2xxjS".:3,f2,"N ,. ' I 5- --5 'i ff f ' "'f-11 f'--er' -s A ,S . ,ss-Uv -,Q-214 R -wir z., :':-fa'6,1-jf-Q ff, Q? 'fi 5' ' .vm P11 L,.,f, X .L I L L Z. 0 N Zig' .Q 1.f:9i1, 5 X f':Qf:sQ, ,-Z?' 1 V vff- - Q- .N - fwfr: 5.,: :f5-e5:sis2l:f5- 2655 1' Q Inge Johnson Jones King Lawson LeMc1is1re Leslie McEniry McPherson Merrill Merwin Miller, G. Miller, L. Moore Morriseffe Mullins, N Mullins, S. Pcrker, T. Parker, W. Reynolds Rhea Sewell Van Horn White Ogldlfer ,xdfvagamod omior elfmfor, wow iff foredi eral P . f X . X f r i. -' - - - i ,f I f 4 , ai . f Q, L-"Rai J "4 T E SC OO Barristers parade in the Homecoming celebration OF ALABAMA C W 1- INGE, HERNDO , , elta K O' Mobile, esh- ternity Council, Quadrangle, Lavv School Honor Court, Spirit man: Quodm iei Spirh Qqmmm Club! Interlra- Committee, Phi Alpha Delta, Law School Executive Committee. terniTY Co ncil, Excelsioii M IS any Ia ' asur . . JOHNSO ,JO L,JR.,S' n if-e .- o -L d , J E C T H I I, ' " A,-4q. On o e MILLER, LEONARD HARRY, Kappa Nu, Lineville, Freshmen, , C e - . N.:-I.-:""'7'i' oo-"' " --Q-.-, ' - Umor I Q U ml Debate Squad, Excelsior, Scabbard and Blade . . . MOORE, Who's Who Amo udents In American Colleges vu nI- I 1 'E ,A ER JOSEPH, JR., Phi Kappa Sigma, Youngstown, O., versities . . . JONES, ORMAN R., JR., Sigma ' pha Epsil nlfp-if ' U ' ' Freshman, Debate Squad, Greeks . , . MORRISETTE, N. Sheffield, Senior, Omicr Delta Kappa, T .A., Quad ng - ,N ,, Wh , Wh A ST d T . C H d U , I' LC , i ma Alpha Epsilon, Greensboro, President, Rho os o mon u ens I '--- n o e s an ni- Q , ' pha Tau, T.K.A., Druids, Excelsior, Scabbard and Blade, Ifersities . . . KING, GERALD L., Alpha In mega, AnnIst , D b T ' Q INS JESQE NORTON S' AI h Freshman, President Freshman Law lass, Scabb 2 and e Ge H ' ' 'S' . H ' Cv ' 'gmc' p O -'C 1 I I ' T- Blade, Spirit Committee, Excelsior. on O on emcr O V our . IQ MULLINS, JOSHUA SA 'l l Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Alex- LAWSON, A- VEN BLE: Tw Omega? TDS Q , Undef ary, Jumor . . ARKER, THOMAS FRANCIS, Lambda Freshman, Blacktriars, atio giate Players . . . I Al lmf B eff Junior, " ' Club, Druids, Delta Sigma "BMV - '- Ics . . . PARKER W MER' Ka a Si ma- Ozark- LEMAISTRE, SAM A., Kap N'-Ba.: usca o -c nIor . . . e I ' pp 9 ' ' LESLIE, HENRY ARTHUR, Pi appa PIII, Troy, Freshman, A F SSIImC'nf QUO ' ' ids: Spirit Comfwfteef "A" Club, sistant Editor I943 Corolla, LH-a , in , :Jul -' IiOn I ii"it""Z' '-" 'I CROW , - - REYNOLDS- EDWARD Club? Quadrangle! Delta S- mo Pi A I 1 MCENIRY, -I-HO HARR , I Gamma De a- Notasulga, Senior, lnterfraternity ROBINSON, Kappa Alph , Bessemer, Freshman, Council, Phi Delta Ph ooc- d a Q Blade, Cotillion Club. V I so ff-mt RHEA, CLAREN lrflo-It AIIQIIG, Freshman, Im g, Quad- , M, ul N . MCPHERSON, DOVIE ELIZABETH, Reform, Senior . . . FQIFIQI S CITG 5 A : 4- -A ---- A- EI-I-I-TOXE H-7 Pl MERRILL, FREEMAN GRANT, Sheldon, Iowa, Senior . . . K ppa Al h - '-GN' , ' ' FP R. - DSIDG R Sql-I : BIOCIK- MERWIN, GEORGE EMORY, Delta Tau Deltai Monroe, N. Y.: ' W ONS: YICe"PV9SIdef'1T DFUIdS: " P , ITIICFOH DGITCI Freshman, Phi Eta Sigma, Spirit Committee, Blacktriars, Tau Ka a, BGTCI GQVQAVTIO SIQUWG - - - VAN ORN, RICHARD Delta Tau, National Collegiate Players . . . MILLER, GEORGE DAVI Delta Tau Delta, HOPG, N- -I-: GSIWWOUJ BlC1Cl4fFiC1VS WAYNE, Delta Chi, Gadsden, Senior, Cotillion Club, Intertra- . . . WHI , ARVEY I-i I ITICI 1 BIFmII1QI1Om, JUDIOF- tie . . . i' 'A' 'A' 'A' if ir 'A' PCQEQ5 THE ff The vvor hos come To Alcibomo ond coused o lox spiriT omong mosT sTudenTs buT our Tu- Ture men in vvhiTe, The medicol sTudenTs sTill grind ovvciy on Their books, spend sleepless nighTs ond drink greoT quonTiTies oT roTioned coffee. They musT obTc1in Their knowledge ond TIT Themselves Tor Their imporTonT jobs on The boTTleTields ond The home TronTs. The droTT overlooks These hord-working men so ThoT They moy be oble To go oiheod vviTh Their sTudies ond TiT Themselves Tor Their TuTure service. OT greoTesT imporTonce To The civil- izoTion ThciT such ci greoT TighT is being vvoged Tor, ore The men in whiTe working behind The men in khoki on The firing lines. Alobomds men in vvhiTe will be omong The leoders in such Work on The TronTs. ln Their TighT To obToin Their ulTimoTe gools, Alobomcfs med sTudenTs TosT ossume ThoT "doc- Tor personoliTy"-Tolk in words much Too big Tor The loymon-do Their work WiTh o colm de- +SCHOOL TerminoTion in ci mcinner ThciT even some oT our sTrongesT-heorTed vvould hesiToTe To consider. Along vviTh Their hord vvork ond deTermino- Tion, Alobomcfs medicos ore TorTunoTe indeed in being oble To do This work in such o Tine school. Among The besT in The noTion, Alo- bomo's School oT Medicine hos oTTuned iTselT Tovoroble To The presenT-doy condiTions. The number of sTudenTs hos been increosed To meeT vviTh demoinds oT The Troubled world of T943 The ToculTy hos hod Tevv oddiTions To iTs ronks, buT hos monoged To go oheod ond do iTs iob vvell, ond The occepTonce of sTudenTs for TuTure med closses hos been sTepped up To enoble The besT omong The pre-meds To hove oi sure chonce of geTTing inTo medicol school. The CcipsTone con be cerToin ThoT iTs repre- senToTives in The Tield oT medicine will corry on The nome of The UniversiTy of Alobomd To The greoT heighTs ThoT hove been oTToined by iTs lvl.D.'s oT The posT. if if 'ir ir ir ir 1' 9 N, .- , ' 4' 1 .,., X. 1 ., . ,V 'IQCEE-',49"?1,'f . 13 . ..,, f, - .x.. Q ,www r V 1' .::. - ug... , . ,V . . fl. ,. . uhm '-1-1-rf, 3. :Pg -'f., ' ' .f'1':P . qv., - . 9. in l . .'13g:'yw4-4. ng 1' f5i.:1:y ' M2335-v,'g,Qf4,Qw ,.,J,5g Q 1 :y--nw"-',,w 1 1 x 1. -'1rm:5s1.-4'5.-""1.- S .Lyn --gen 4.1"-?..f' Y -'f.fYw9":-4-1-2-: ,w 1 V, -,:fgq::,.14 be-CS"-2515 ff'-.HUM wr.. -.139fT?'5'9'l:x?'?'f, 'J U - ' V wie.: 1 1 Z' if ff H-'H . vs "wi --M " , . . ' 91i5a!JLfff.:.C:f g:5'l'4Kf.55i?g':l' r ' ' :fwfme f v?- : ' 1 1, z'-v.,,' v1.f. -Z .' 4: uf? W f', f., L. - ,,,k,.,, V ,J 4.4 ,lu M , M f. f"'.vZf1,. nQS5?,m,,?-., .. 33-fs.: P A , I-.Jew q4?iJ,,2'i' QQLIH -"..'1 . " Kihei-.l ' ' I 5 V N ' Q- - :.'J5, -1 . 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Op Q r, Q, k ho- DAVIS, JAMES AUSTIN, JR., Pi Kappa Alpha, Bessemer, more, B acktriars, . .C.A., bg l ec - Freshman, Jasons, Vice-President, Omicron Delta Kappa, tive Comm' ff VVhO's Who in American Colleges and Universities, Grover HAMPTON, Al,ah Omaaa, Arrrrrsrarr, Fras arr, Phi ev Sl Hall Award . . . ELMORE, JOHN DURR, Sigma Glea Club, Band, celsiar, Y.M.C.A. . . BROCK, A I- ' A FBLEQ On, Montgomery, Freshman: Alpha Epsilon Delta: Pi Kappa Phi, New BrOCl4tO,, eshman- Calobar and Blade, I I ETC1 SI ITIG - - - GARNER, JOE FRANCIS: DOTIWOVIJ FVSSIW- Fhi Chi . . . BROWN, BROOKS, Pi K -,aaa Alpha, Tallasr a, mon, P . er li A --- Epsilon Delta . . . HARRIS, CARL- Freghmgn, GW L., Alexander City, S homore. , A mlT IS, ROBERT OTIS L, igma Alpha Epsilah, Mobile, -Frlgfhman, Glee Cl Q ate Squad, Blackfriars, Phi Eta . a Ep lon Delta, Quadrangle, Phi Chi D BUTLER, CHARLES LEAVLTT Phi Delta Theta, New ' ' ' KENNAMER' SA RD' Phi Gcmmc Demi Fraahrhah . . . CLAYTON, OOLFORD, Fort Payne- rash- MO"l9Ome'V' mesh " LU 'N' YT G" BCM rhah, Fha Beta Pi . . . CLE IJNND FORD, JR.: Freshmcm " ""'41 iI ALBERT: A bevi ' SOPILO- Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Anniston, Freshman, Vice-President of more, Omlcro I has Tung? F..-'F .Ve Commmeei lpho Freshman Class, Omicron Delta Kappa, Jasons, Quadrangle, Epsllo elm, Gamma Slqmcl E silon com 'I CIU ' Spirit lnterfraternity Caahal, Phi Chi . . . DANNELLY, FRANK FERRY, Com Ill ' ' 5' e m Cdely' ' ,SENT Alpha Tau Omega, Montgomery, Freshman, Phi Chi. Page 98 ,7!Le Afagama Wenham! CSCZL00! 'A' ir ttuktf 155- r l i rll ffl Brannon Brock I Brown !'5-. l I Buller Clayton A9 Cleveland 'R ' Donnelly Davis , Elmore Garner , 'R Harris, R. Kennumer Lumpkin Maddox fm moueaf Aera AUM WML in 7920 5 Q ,fl JX N lx f i fl? Q' ', ---'11 Q- 7 7 ff rx ff . ' f rw, f f Mason Maxwell Meyers Rcxgsdcxle Robertson Rubin Salter Sclzoel Simpson Slafon Thompson Trice Welden Williams Wood Wrona om Mr em, Zyrmelf e 34044, Ac! ffm grail .fgjmerican M fy -R A 11 9 X 4 l A 17, ya JV i iv if 1 Q' X 1' N X' I f V ' X, f ,L l X f THE 0 S C H 0 Q L A doctor is needed for some Tenn essee Vols. UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA if iiiiiii MAS N, ROBERT S, Delta I ussellville, Fres --of SIMPSON, SAM TALLY, Pi Kappa Alpha, Stevenson, Fresh- ofeeks , . MA E ., mn . . . SLATON, CLARA ELLEN, Delta Zeta, Loochopoka, Freshman, L Eta Sigma, President ot - s ig Freshman . . . THOMPSON, JOHN L., Montgomery, Fresh- Class . . . MYER mart, . . Beta Pi . . . TRICE, PETER ALBA, Phi Gamma Delta: Chi, Alpha Epsilon Ito, Band . . , AGSDAL ILT T cm ' e, Freshman, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Gcrgas Medical CLAY, Phi Gamma Delta, Bes - -- , eshm , Alpha Epsil Society. Delta. 111' . ROBERTSON, .lAM'S DA3q calooso, Freshman, Phi Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, ' appa, is - ' s . . . P DEN, JOSEP ARD, Lombdo Chi Alpha, We- RUBIN, MILTON BERNARD, ort Po n- - man, Excelsior, X-1-s...:g.....a-e-P!! Phi hi, President of Sophomore Class . . . 'V AMS, THO '. H BERT, Tuscaloosa, Freshman, Society SALTER PAU PULLEN JR Phi Gamma I Alpha Epsilon Delta, Gamma lgma Epsilon, Gorga .RRIEQJ . . ,J . . . , , ., A , Eutoula, Freshmon, Drul - Quadrangle, P a Sigma, Gamma Sigmo Epsilon, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Spirit Commit- tee . . . SCHOEL, ROBERT EDXNARD, Birmingham, Freshman Phi Beta Pi. mir-Mai over ermomg. .. .. A A A A A A A I Alpha Epsilon Delta, Sig e Eps 'en Gorgos Medical I Society . . . 'QMPEIABQQ GARLAN , JR., Uscalooso, I' 'l x reshmcin, Gam ' - Gorgos Medical ociety .i . ONA, CH A ER M., Utico, N. ., ,no re, Phi Be Pi. - If -l I PagelOi THE iff LA Those of us who Today are seniors in The Universify, and in almosf every school in The naTion, realize Thaf we, Togefher vvifh Those undergraduafes vvho follovv, have a very par- Ticular place in America Today. We realize ThaT our diplomas will be cerfificafes of ad- mission To any and all kinds of parTicipaTion in This maximum vvar efforT. Those of us who are leff have vvafched our fellovv sTudenTs leave Their homes, books, and sfudies To join The armed forces, or To do Their parfs in The vvinning of The war. To us, gradu- aTion means enfrance inTo This vvork, raTher Than The sTepping inTo The fooTsTeps of our faThers and uncles in business or professional vvork, as The graduafes of years before have done. For The momenT, vve puT aside our pasT dreams of "seTTling down" To a vocaTion, home, and nevv social environmenT-rfor The dream of making concreTe Throughouf The vvorld The American ideal of liberfy and iusfice for all. The educafion vvhich vve have received here vvill, for The presenf, conTribuTe To The achieve- menf of success for our counTry, raTher Than personal success and safisfacfion. We leave The Universify aT a criTical Time in The hisfory of The Unifed STaTes, and each senior here feels ThaT iT is his personal duTy and privi- lege To ioin his co-paTrioTs and The graduafes of years before i943 in achieving The ulTimaTe aim of all educafion-ThaT of making The world a beTTer place in which To live. Therefore, vve, The Class of i943, say adieu To The Universify and The friends and class- mafes vve leave behind, sadly, of course, for all goodbyes are sad, buT in The assurance ThaT each member of The graduafion class will do his parT in making for The classes which will follovv in our foofsfeps a civilizafion in which There vvill be peace on earfh, and good vvill among all men. 1? if 'ir 'A' i' ir if Page lO2 nr I ,, .15 il I THE Johnny and Margaret in Opening Dance Iecrclout I I K S S UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA ACKERMANN, KENNETH GEORGE, Berwyn, Ill., Engineer- ing, Pershing Rifles, Band, A.l.M.E .... ACTON, ERNEST RAY, Phi Gamma Delta, ' - QMIEQ' v- Sciences, Scabbard and Blade- ' " ' as C. TB , OR L., Clayton, Preside of L pha Ka tx . . . - A JAMES WIL - , JR., Kappa veport, La., Arts and Scien s, Phi Eta Sigma . .-'A-IPI? DONALD HELD- Zeta Bet Tau- Meridia iss.- Ani - Sciences- -Q bard and Bla e . . AD ,LOUIS JA , - .ego Alpha, Mo ' - Ccmmerc - Presi ent P ' - -no ALLEN, ALICE WMAN, Talladega, Ar and Scie sv . . . ALLGOOD, M Y Fox, Alpha Del . Phi, Alex .. ' Va., Arts and Sciences . . . ALLISO , SHIRLEY ANC Bellamy, Arts and Sciences, -' - : . of Tria e, A.A.U.W., Spanish Club, Wesley Foundation, Y . . .... ALTOB LOUIS ANTHONY- Rutland Vt.- A s and Sciences . . . ANDES, HARRY DILLMAN, Delta Tau elta, Vand rift, Pa., Engineering, A.S.M.E., Band . . . A CHI , Sf'-'I Kappa Kappa Gamma, Birmingham, Ar an ciences, Zet Phi Eta, Corolla. . 1 ' fix ' N9 ARTHURS IRVING Brookl Chemistry A and Sciences, Corolla, ' - 1 riiPi"y"q, -- . v . A . . . AVERYT MARY REBECCA, Delta Zet , Birmingham, Arts an - f ces, Chi Delta Phi, Corolla, C' 9- A ' - I , U., Blackfria - . . . BAGDASARIAN, AND , 'w-vv I -Q - Q'- neering, A.I.Ch.E .... BA R, JOSEPH S., Worcester, I :G Arts and Sciences, Footb , Vice-President of Senio Class, Executive Commit ef- Men Spirit Committee . . . BAL , A EN- D - - , irmingham, Arts and Sciences- President Blaclcfriars- Tau Delta Tau. BALZAN, HARRY L., Sharon, Pa., Commerce, Phi Eta Sigma, Delta Sigma Pi, Beta Gamma Sigma . . . BANKS, JAMES BATLAN, JULIAN, New York, N. Y., Commerce, Pershing Rifles, Hillel, Phalanx, Officers' Club, Spanish Club . . . BAXLEY, JAMES RUSSELL, Tuscaloosa, Chemistry, Metallurgy, and Ceramics, B.S.U,, Executive Council '42-43, President Alabama Baptist Student Convention, '4l-42 , . . BEAN, JACK M.- Pi Kappa Alpha- Birmingham- Engineering, Druids, Theta Tau- President Jasons- President St. Pat s- Cadet Colonel, Cotillicn Club- Whos Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities . . . BECKWITH WILLIAM ARTHUR JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon- Birmingham- Arts and Sciences . . . BERG- BAUER URBAN C. JR.- Theta Chi- Harvey lIl.- Commerce, Alpha Kappa Psi- Adiutant of Phalanx . . . BETTS, LOU, ret- Commerce- Blaclcfriars- Spanish Club- President A.A.U, Auxiliary- Secretary of Y.W.C.A. Cabinet- Secretary . ri al Club- Wesley Choir and Council- Phi Tau Chi, riangle- ouncil of Clubs. BEVILL TOM D. F.- Town y- Commerce- Alpha Kappa Psi, Scabbard and Blade . . . TZ MARGARET ELAINE, Alpha Delta Pi- Birmingham- Ho e Economics- A.A.U.W.- Caroline Hunt Club . . . BLACH AN .- Zeta Beta Tau- Birmingham, Commerce . . . BU N SELMA VIRGINIA- Tuscumbia, Home Econom' . i Tau Chi- hi Upsilon Omicron- Triangle s- Mortar Board --- rer- Phi Upsilon Omicron Treas- er- Triangle- Girl ' Committee- President Junior Class, - f,.- -- 1 ves Junior Prom Committee- Y.W.C.A., an I lub- aroline Hunt Club- A.A.U.W. Auxil- iary- Defense Council- . ish Club- Wesley Foundation . . . BORDONARO SEBA .n N. Y.- Engineering. X ,. fgmv. --:Dei TO- La -. Chi Alpha- Chatta- o a Tenn.- En " . . . BOTTE . HEO ORE C., e 3, I :EL THA AR S441 ' 1 I ' 1 t I I I I I I I5 v l ' 'I X H , 1 1 , I' . I I 'X -'I - " , , .4 . I I Il FRANK JOHNSON, A ha Kosciusko, Miss., Arts We g. ON, WANDA IRE, I Elkins W' VG.. Home ECO- I 1 I E. A 1 X M 1 . r M in 9 , I ' n Cl 0 f , , I , , Qual , , 'Q S CO , vx J O 1 1 L ' B Ml T' I 'T 1 Q I l I. A r thl - 'I P 51' A ' ' A I xl EDWIN, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Eutaw, Commerce, Beta Gamma Sigma, Scabbard and Blade . . . BARCLEY, LEE ARMSTEAD, Birmingham, Commerce, Scabbard and Blade . . . BARNARD, WILLIAM STEVEN, Sigma Nu, Enterprise, Arts and Sciences . . . BARNHILL, GRACE ELIZABETH, Sigma Kappa, Wilming- ton, Del., Education . . . BARRON, MARY MARGARET, Bes- semer, Home Economics, Spirit Committee. Page IO4 clcfriars YWCA Crimson White ADFORD DORIS Alp a Gamma Delta, Atmore, Arts and fences, Pan-Hellenic Coun' . . . BRAKEMAN MILDRED A ICE- Gadsden, Edu cation, e tive Council Y. . ., Glee Club, A.A.U.W. Auxiliary . . . - , ON CROW, JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Clarksdale, Miss., Arts and Sciences. - ., . Q: ..- Cz V G . 1,0 , eta Tau Alpha, Winston- . C., Education, C7!Le Uniuerdify 0! Afagama 'k1Ir'k'k'kir Ackerman Acton Adams, F. L, Adams, J. W Adler, D. Adler, L. Allen Allgood Alison Alfobell Andes Archibald Arfhurs Auslin A ' Ave ry! 51 "Z j - 'V . -2 Bagdasarlan N . V P N li, C A ' Baker . . . Bales V .- 51" Balzan Banks V' Il 1 Barcley Barnard Barnhlll Barron Baflan Baxley Bean Beckwllh Bergbauer Beifs Bevill Bitz Bloch Blackburn Bolton Bordonaro Bostrom Bofiema Bradfield Bradford Brakeman Bramlelf egcm c added on monday .jlolffif 78, 78:97 ..... Brannan Brazelle Breitling Briganfi Brifrain, M. Briftain, S. Broder Brooks, M. Brooks, S. Brooks, W. Brown, J. W. Brown, L. L. Brown, R. C. Brown, W. W. Brownback Bruce Bruns Bryant Bumpers Bunn Burger Burns Byrd Calabra caldwell Culver? Campbell Cargile Carnes Carnrighf Carpenier, C. Carpenier, L. Carroll, J. Carroll, S. Carier Casfeel Chambers Champagne Chaney Chapman ' Cheatham Chew ji.. ,M CMP. of CZJQQ af Afadm.. WM QW in fsao. ik., f J sis" lf -'ah fwfr W Q I ' l l ' l ,V x 1 A THE ASS IVERSITY OF ALAB , I I , Q , A, .V I- I .. V MW . . ., B ry ..-,ve :'f.,"'f,.'-- - l ,l ...f I, -M,-v,,, ug: ,,Jr'g5, A , gg, f 1. 'lim . A1 ' re. f .f ,,B1.'i.4'f'.?fZ'l4l3l:i'iQf'i'f?kf'l? ,f'?j,,,Zif3'f21f.?"z.rf. -..J ., ,s 5-, ,y filrvr yy. M 1.5.5,,a:fwi.u?3M5wg2:gzJ,,3,23-55. .5192 25:1 . . W " ' -'1 ., I N .w" . ' , '-if rv' -o -5:1 , 'WX A A141 1 .J 1uf,2,, 9 "1 ae -5. ff! f ,' : vi -,N " . 13- .4Y'l3.'.T'Ff-QZ1. ff ifI,."Q'i,,"?wg"'j"?-'I 'ij :JG M,"-sf- 'W 4K H536 M- Q iq. - ,Jg,,,-My? . "' f H, , nz, ' yvg ' ,A ,E,,ip5f,,' l 'fgsagr ,5F5w3,1v:,f', I, L' 1 1- " 1 ' 1 ' "Cx" El ,. 7 0 ' 'wL7s,f.B4 afuf ' ' tgp? Q . -A ,. V in ,, .. , 1 , -,., Mmm.-1 - A, ' ,I ,i . ,,. . - . 'af . B B, ,I ,V - ,,,,,,,, Y ,A xt I L . Q.. I A M, 1:3 ir ' Bi, 1 B. B, . I . . . r. " I if-I .tu -rf . . A' ff IQ., , V ,A , fi, - g g .f, j. 1 2, I - -3411" -swag 4 , , , ,, ,, fx L. 'l1"Us ,L -. .--V .. A . . . , .V - .L,.- ,ff-B ?,igIFv?'l,'4,....: '1'1.,. r- ,fi 14,54 ii i.iQw',qvfi'.B.'if.I...Im,swffrfy- -' .-.4 ' v A '.1'f.,,j'rd:".,'f-."Ga1.',f,g:- .51 wwf ,,.w.,,4,,5gi," , ,fm .. , W' fi 'a?z,-:l- " .- ' R, If? W .cfurz -" m'1v2wz4..s, B.f A Bratz,- YT '- -44,21-fg.,3:.+,,,f..v..:B:-H f,f,1:1f-rs ' 'ii-vififf' ..-.f-1, , -, - A. K .y r " . -f'-"'1'2f""'i'1 ' Y- -M-.Aww.w,:r,r?ffr,fzif,..,af 'f-wfu, " lik B- f --A' i'f'1J'!',,v--ff -,z.zsgfff'f',,y-4 Bzffsdwgg z ,wr-,Q i ui-4, qi. . ,,-I -,. 1 '-, 90,7 ng , ,Q m.M,,,,v71,yx y,1B,,irxff,.g2:::v:,W f . ,B .A , ,. 1 ' , . 'I A' 1, 2-g gf '- I f B- ' ff-mffiagnlfrf ffwf--.,?4f'f,:,,' ' ,nwfwf . ' " I 8 W -'6,H?ClHrfli-.",A -LB .:.27ui- .-4i.:Iy1'ifa My 2:. fQ?154?g,-ff.-,,,,,,j.3,.BW ,. , , In ' mfrffrls' Ei? A v Agri' Erwin ala T 'Tl 'Tv FA- fffir' . .,'1,d.-?,iq i, frm, Mig.. A,,w's5.,,fe-.,.g,,.4,. ,,,. .,f L 1: 4 ling 24 gf Af , A mtg V5 -P W 'lr 'W' 7 :ga -??jX,,1 ,,.. ww ,A ,,.. . 2Agw,: 2,1 f',.ffQ'f --f' -f hp 1',g5f'ff',5.' A ' r--:fav or 1 --N' "FL, my BBB'iyrfibfiwm1'IzA:,4f1-0,MMG-1wi.: .- mx. -:few 23' A5 -wi - LAW1, -Awfrwn.-mfffamr ,fa .1-me , -by f I:-c v,,,. . wi I '9. ,. ixggq? -.,,!y,,,-,,1 -wfe,,f.f,4 ,,i,,71,,i5 w,.,qfi,,4,B .-.ffl,',A,-. " 1I"'7-JM! NIT' ffl" J' 5 '. ' at "' Sponsors-not the escorts-boost Ticle morale BRANNAN, TROY CRAMPTON, Sigma Alpha Epsilcn, Brew- Band . . . BYRD, C. B., JR., Reynolds, Ga., Education . . . TON: COVTWUSVCGJ COTIIIIOIW Club, Sca E . . . CALABRA, JAMES, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Eost Rochester, N. Y., BRAZELLE, VERNA, Flare , . TLING, Engineering. ROBERT OTTO, JR.- B J'--X -'la ,-..,gl1'iIin o , OI - merce, Y.M.C. , Coral? . . J., I-Tarttor , Ccnn., Che stry, President A nililm eramic Society, A-l.lVl.E-1 5 Cretary-Treasurer w i ll ,, ' -:-- I , Ameri- CALDWELL, SUSAN CATHERINE, Delta Zeta, Birmingham, can Soci ty of Metal . . . BRITT , URIAL, Tusc sa, Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club, Spirit Committee, Qrts-Tin Scie A appa D c ' -0 " . 9 . . A.A.U.W .... CALVERT, WILSON CLARK, Sigma Chi, Union, R I " N' L I ',.---2 59 :r ' t Miss., Arts and Sciences, Philomathic, Blacktriars, Crimson- and Sciences. White, Y.M.C.A .... CAMPBELL, MARGARET, New Orleans, 'I A IE La., Home Economics, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Upsilon Omi- IWC 222121 ro''ifAlIEllEC'Lipbrifli-S1129'TAflif!fI4iA'i,lleilfZCfif.1'll.if BRODER, BERTRAM: QB. mmerce, cktriar , 't ngin ' 1, A.I.Ch.E., Phalanx . . . CARNES, MARY SUE, EXCSISIOV, Pershing Rifles, - -' : -Treasu Ridgecrest O '-rob, Co merce, Y.VV.C.A ..,. CARNRIGHT, JAMES ALBERT, Council . . . BROOKS, MARTHA HE ,fRfn2Zr, Educati , lushing, . Y., Arts and Sciences, President Junior Class in Blacktriars . . . BROOKS, SARA EL ANOR, Kappa elta, A.B. S fee "-od' ,sf leader, I942, Spirit Committee, Presi- Camilla, Ga., Arts and Sciences, Tri gle, Black ' rs . . . er senior Class in A.B. V hool. BROOKS, WILLIAM EMMETT, JR., Phi elta to- 3 - on, Arts and Sciences, Editor of the Crimson- V it - asons, Quad- rangle, Press Club, Philomathic- Q l.- - Abc Who, Co' ' Club . , , BROWN, 0- 1 .- 'lin , ecotur, c-in CARPENTER, CAROLY A DWIN, Zeta Tau Alpha, Tusca- Secretary ot Delta S' ma A 'ESE , :'0 'fi 1. loosa, Arts and Scienc , Tria gle, Pan-Hellenic, Spirit Com- Sigmo Chi, Jackson, iss., Art ciences. mittee, Alpha Kap elta, Bl cktriors, Tau Delta Tau, No- ' ' layers, VV.S. .A .... CARPENTER, LEONA f 55114 97, , Sigma Kappa, Birmin am, Arts and Sciences . . . 'J LL, JANE, Delt D5 5 Delta, Ozark, Commerce, Scob- BROWN, RUTH CATHERI , Oakman- Engineering . . rd and Bla ngle, Cotillion Club, Greeks . . . BROWN, WILBUR WESLE A EE .,.. .B ng -1, -g, . . 'Nga--"" Aff-'ft' 5 , Ka o Sigma, Marion Ark., Commerce, BROWNBACK, PETER EV S, ll, Spring City, Hf gqr 5-B-BB B B- 6 lode . . . CASTEEL, JEANNE, Washington, and Sciences, Presiden Sophomore Class, Blacktri , D. C., Home Economis f '- -, Pershing Rifles, Wesley oundation, Y.M.C.A .... C B JACK B., Birmingham, "e, eering . . . E?-fi' ANNE, an 0 ' Phi Mu, Bessemer, Arts and ciences, ocktriars, Spanish . W V ' Nik Club, Y.W.c.A .... BRYANT, MARY BARR, Birmingham, Edu- '- BER5, G. ,Sym-ll' Ievelond, Commerc Tricmolef cation, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Kappa A-A-U-W ' 'ARM' -Q dation . . . CHAMPAGNE, Della pi, Triangle' ET NNA, The I Up i on, Tuscaloo - Education, ewman ub, Sp it -MW- - q,o Cho . . . HANEY, q -. I .,.. .at D" 'D ' o ' -'s Amigos rpg- eering, Glee Kilo. . . . CHAPMAN, DAN WILLIAMS-, 'owe Sigma, Selma, BUMPERS, AVIOUS NELLWYN, Sigma Kappa, Childersburg, A and Sciences, A.E.D., Phi Eta Sigma, uadrangle, Glee Arts and Sciences, Spirit Committee, Blacktriors . . . BUNN, Clu A Cappella Choir, Y.M.C.A., B.S ., Druids, Excelsior, SUS-ANNE, Montezuma, Go., Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Gamm igmo Epsilon . . . CHEAT V , HAROLD NICHOLS, Club . . . BURGER, SAMUEL, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Bridgeport, Phi Kappa '- nB9 ,f,..- nd Sciences, CI'irnSOV1-Whliez Conn., Arts and Sciences, lntertraternity Council, Spirit Com- mittee . . . BURNS, JACK MACON, Talladega, Commerce, 'k'k1Ir'k'k'k Spanish Club, Press ' e Blacktriors . . . CHEW, WILIIAM L., JR., Delta Chi, Birmingham, Engineering. Page IO7 AMA'm TH hQ e bQ k c L A S S UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA CHILDRESS, GERALDINE FRICE, Zeta Tau Alpha, Jackson, Miss., Arts and Sciences, Corolla, Y A, A - Blacklriars, Crim- COOKE, HERBERT EARL, Northport, Commerce, Phalanx, Alpha Kappa Psi . . . COPELAND, MARY JOHN, Oneonta, son-White . . . CHRISTI , 'O .I w i --'Q 'seo Delta, Arts and Sciences . . . COPPOLA, VINCENT JAMES, Sche- Northport, Home fu n' cs, Tgikel s - if - Tri le, nectady, N. Y., Chemistry, A.l.M.E., Alchemist, A.Ch.S. President, Pa -J nl ic Counc AlBORNE, MA EMILY, HU Viiie, Arts gng 25 5511355 Delta Pni, sigcr- gff-133 ' e. Teqm j ' ' CLE ' 9' Y gffx ilgj CORRETTI, DOUGLAS Pi-LLLLLP, Lambda cni Alpha, rgii- ' " nglrleermg' ' ' ""' ' ' L ' tield, Arts and Sciences, Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Kappa Alpha, QMS Om E T gm c Ann l ,F Debate Squad, Scabbard and Blade, Excelsior . , . COSBY, WT,f,fQReE'D , ,, T l d JEAN ENGLISH, Pni Mn, Abingdon, Vg., Arts gngl Sciences, Hellenic COUM GA 'Op ' ' " A E' it A.A.u.vv., Y.vv.c,A .... COVINGTON, EDWARD CONNER, ' ' ' ' ' -Q r, Va., Arts and Sciences, Spanish Club, Blacktriars, - Spirit mmittee, Wesley Foundation . . . COWEN, DAVID 5 .ii '-' R, Delta Chi, Brighton, Commerce, Blacktriars, Tau CLEMENT, LAWRENCE G a-- . ambri , ivigss., An N gfllglq f SWE, COm"f'L'ileffI2,l-NLE-A',, - WCQXI QOSEOIPH and Sciences, "A" Club, Spirit Com ' -A . . . COBB, BO , , I OPPG lgmcl' Oll le I emls lyf QS ey Oun O' Kappa Alpha, Fayette, Arts and Scie ces, Greeks . . . OBB, EE F CE 9 h ' Bl dew .CEjlFT'T.Wl'LlIgAl:lb WKSSELLI JAMES TROTTER, Phi Gamma Delta, Tuscaloosa- ommerce, , H ,,A,,l7CIesC Ollo ' O" UGG lon' OO G I ose- Business Manager, Rammer-Jammer, lee u ? 0 1 p a O 7 U ' Tau, Y.M.C.A .... COBB, THRATH, Ke ned , ducation, P ' - Upsilon Omicron, Triangle, B.S , - . ,A., Carolin " , Club: A-A-U-VV-5 KOPF3 e f f ag CHRAN 23 CROW, RUTH, Mont me , Home Economics, Phi Upsilon I--2 MICIWCIY: Coninier e - ' U' TT "9 P 'L - N Omicron, Trian le, S ' it Co ittee, Caroline Hunt Club . . . . . u YD 9 Engineering. :digg CROW, WILLIA I ' ILSON, J ., Delta Chi, Birmingham, En- tgia if n -e ' , -5 icron Delta Ka a, Jasons, Vice-President, Stu- , . . . 'I' , 1 CI COLEMAN' JOHN WJ ella Ka ppa Epsllolll EUTOWI I ls SSG: Mlons rts and ScienceS: Phi Etap ggmcll Gnd 5CienCeSf Swbbnfd 'LIEIEEBI' ' I ' LEMA I A nT""1""ZlH is Ci CRUMLEY JAMES FRANKLIN- NORMAN C4 Allen? CO erce ' ' ' Col' is emits ' Bir e o -C merc - Otticers' Club- Scabbard and Bladel WAYNE' GVQCIW Edusnnn - i - Collllisf BETTY Pnilgnngfnig. . . -mv e- ARGARET ARDATH, Delta AIPITCI Ggmmcl Della! -l 5PeVi Home Economlcs - ' ' C. ' U ' Zeta, Greenville, ,ig'f134S?, e con 'cs, Guidon, A.A.U.W. JOSEPH HOWARDP 'SO C' 'gmof Toll e ' ' 9"te?f"1Qf . . . -,QLWH . 5 CLINT - An 'ton, Engineering: Y.M.C.A .... CONNER, V A - " Nl , Kappa Sigma, P H A I E e-sl !- li S.A-M.E'i y- 'ey Oundonon. Talladega, Commerce, Band, Glee Club, Y.M.C.A. X CULLEY, 'QL 3 if'--PJ. - Tuscaloos ngi ering . . . CONNOR, MARY FRANCES, Kappa Kappa Gamma, fgn..-in ia-..,., .L.,.g lu .1 EA' lehem, pq., Macon, Miss., Arts and Sciences, A.A.U.W., Triangle, President 1. nf erce . . . CUNNINGHAM, W "" Hui DODGE, Sigma Senior Class . . . CONWAY, FRANCES HELEN, Fort Deposit, Arts and Sciences, Vice-President, W.S.G.A., Mortar Board, Triangle, Kappa Delta Pi, Chi Delta Phi, VVho's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities . . . COOK, SELETA BELLE, Selma, Home Economics, President, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Triangle, Caroline Hunt Club, A.A.U.W .... Page lO8 K. i, Birmingham, Commerce, Quadrangl , Philomathic . . . C ' RNECKl, EDWIN GREGORY, New edtcrd, Mass., Engi- neeri Q, Tau Beta Pi . . . DAHMER " AUDE LAFAYETTE, JR., Chi Phi, v'-ea Arts and S ' ces, Crimson-White . . . DAILEY, ANDRE "T ' N, Delta Tau Delta,, Binghamton, N. Y., Commerce. in 7865 0, ADJ, of EMM,-,I ififtttt 9 Childress Christian .1 I Claiborne Clark, J. Clark, W. . r, ,, .--mf. 4' .f A Clarke H :Q311-,, . em..........,. ' A, M , Clement cobb, J. a. i Cobb, J. I Cobb, T. l l Cochran Cohen ' , N ' nr' Coleman, J. Coleman, N. Collier Collins J Q' Conner, J. Conner, W. 41 Conner, M. ' . Conway Cook Cooke ,A Copeland f v"'V L -v , 'F' ' 2.1-'F Y' L.'.:..g. - ,I . - Correfti '9 Cosby Covingfon Cowen Cox - Craft Crow, R. Crow, W. Crum Crumley Crumpton Cryer Culley Cunningham, J. Cunningham, W. Czarnecki Dahmer Dailey Am? W! ,, an f My ' 3. ff? Q . ' ., , H 5? ' . crumb? cfezilfroyec! flw Mniuerdifyh Azfaifcfilfagi . . J J J J' ek we Darden Davidson, G, Davidson, M. Davis Davison Dawson D'Elia Deming DeMotte Dempsey Dent DeSiero DeWeese Dickinson DiLeo Dillon Ditoro Donnelly Donovan Douglas Downey Dozier Drew Dugger Duncan DuPre Duvall Dwyer Ebert Edwards, B. Edwards, E. Elliott Etheredge Evans Fichman Finkbeiner Fisher Flinn Florence Flowers Flynn V Folmar S afar 60444 ,!47!UL:58 wcwi file gmf Gmmalfwflomlf 0 gizclelfa ' ' ,- .K i 'E ru fl ,A N ,- W , ,. 1 . X ,. 0 , f -Q ,ff Q-j V Q5 '7 xg! 57 -Q 7 K 5.-,KI ,ij x 2 1, wk ,N ,win QQ QAM! yqi THE ASS DARDEN, HUGH DOW, JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, West Point, Ga., Arts and Sciences . . - SON GOLDIE- Cochran, Ga., Commer , ' 57 . K ", , B-SOX, - GARET TAYLOR, Delta Z , Rkgkfib e d'SciQtees, cn Club, Spanis , . . DAV ' ,milf gf- LOUISE, Birming ham, Arts ' a saaaaas, Blaclcfrf T ' AVISON, Run-I o., Kappa D lta, Buffalo, W o B l' 'Mit ' - . DAWSON, JAMES ARLAND, D c Chi, Birmingham, Arts and ' ces- ac fri rs- 4- ' ent ' -- - - ' - 0 ers- Practicing up to use those mess kits DUGGER FOWLER JR.- Delta Kappa Epsilon- Birmingham, Arts and Sciences. DUNCAN FREDERICK F.- Tuscaloosa- Engineering, Band, St. Pat's, A.S.C.E .... DUPRE, CHARLES WILSON, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Gadsden, Arts and Sciences, Scabbard and Blade . . . DUVALL, LEE ROY, Lambda Chi Alpha, Birming- ham, Law . . . DWYER, JAMES JOSEPH, Theta Xi, Waterbury, U N I V E R S I T Y O F A L A B A M A I B. I I I I I I h I I I B' It ' f " Delta TCIUI iri 0" ji---"'f"5"F' """" - 1- -I OI' 2 I ana Blade, "A .M.C.A. at ' I5 f x D'EuA FRANK P ICK Newark N Ars ana C ag' Arts and Sciences . . . D 'i EDWARD LAWRENC Alpha Tau Omega, Montgomery, A -sfan Sciences, Cot' o Club, Band, Phi Eta Sigma, lvlanagi 5 Editor, Crimso - hite, Druids . . . DEMPSEY, HARRY YOUN , JR., Si u Nu- Pied- Conn., Engineering, Tau Beta Pi, Jasons, Theta Tau, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, A.I.C.E., American Chemical Society, Phi Eta Sigma- Rho Beta, Executive Committee, Tau Beta Pi Award, . ats Committee, Edgar Boyd Kay Award, Engineers' Councl . . . EBERT, GEORGE LEWIS, Phi Sigma Kappa, New Yof . Y., Commerce, Tau Delta Tau, Phalanx, National Collegiat Players, Blackfriars . . . EDWARDS, BRUCE WILLIA , Green Bay, Wis., Engineering, The American So- ciety J ' ff-au s Engineers, The Society of American Mili- f ngineers, Phalan , St. Pat's. , ' ' 1 , A -1 F I lp . . . DEMING, FRANC - Alpha Ga ma Deltgflgjrgree - J ft' ri T mont, Commerce, Delta Sigma Pi, or ' . . ENT EMILY JO, Reform, Education, Carolin H Club, Presb EDWARDS' ERNEST .1 N: Bessemer, Am and Sciences? Ieflcn Swdenl' ASSOCIOIIOVI- " ' P' ll-LIAMT 9 AS' Fellowship, History, Stu n Council, Scabbard and Blade, Them CPI? Bridgeport 0991! ge I 9? PPC' ' SOCISIY Officers Club, Winner 94 Intramural Debate Tournament, Oi Ameflmn EVIQIPG VSI 561 me I 'R O' Secretary, I94O So more I ass, Glee Club, Y.M.C.A., Black- CIGIY of AQVOPCIUTIC I EnQI"Iee friars, Excelsio .S.U., Span sh Club, Crimson-White, Ram- W - mer, Kappa Delta I . . . ELLIOTT, WENDELL H., ' N' QQ aIoosa, Engineerin T Beta Pi, A.S.M.E., A.I.IVl.E., . . . DEWEESE, ERLINE som RV E, Alpha Gamma : a, Tas- IQ-EG EREDGE, ROB TER, P, Kappa A,p,,O2 B,,m,,,ghOmi EffIZOSG:EdETgEf3gg131nSj f "' A ' '4I1COfOl'ne " X 1 s and ws. re ident, Interfraternity Council, Who's U 1 2" - -I - A " em'5 Y a es an Universities of America, Omicron - - - Dll-EO' FRANCIS f POft Cheslefi N- Y-I Pei De ta appa, Scabb and Blade, Quadrangle, Rho Alpha Phi Eta Sigma, Comma der of Phalanx, Spanish Club . . TGU . . A EVANS, his v . Coker, Home Economics DILLON, JO BYRD, D lta Zeta, Shawnee, Okla. rts a d , U l FICHMANI L Ang , Sl ,Educcmow Foofboli. 5Cief1CGSfTriOnQIef Girls 'C " Co mi te - -A-2 Crimson- Track . . . FI a: . I ' . ORGART-HU, heta xi, Batfalai White . . . DITORO, PETER, Pittston, Pa., Arts and Sciences .. - Av a , -A . . . DONNELLY, KATHRYN IRENE, Alpha Gamma Delta, Palm Beach, Fla., Arts and Sciences, Newman Club. DONOVAN, JOHN HENRY, Irvington, N. J., Arts and Sciences, Newman Club, Cotillion Club I942 . . . DOUGLAS, ELEANOR, Pensacola, Fla., Education, Secretary, Junior Class, A.A.U.W., P.S.A.". . . DOWNEY, HUGH PATRICK, Phi Sigma Kappa, Washington, D. C., Arts and Sciences, A.I.Ivl.E., Spirit Committee . . . DOZIER, ALBERT SIDNEY, Phi Delta Theta, Eufaula, Commerce . . . DREW, JOHN WALLIS, Phi Sigma Kappa, Evanston, III., Arts and Sciences, Blaclcfriars . . . 6f .!4!0Lg0lflf1fL6L. . . . . . 'k'i"k'k'k1Ir -- ., glnee ard and Blade, The Tau. V X 'SHER, FEARL, Birmingham, Educ ' n, .app Delta Pi, Secret -- S " V u", . . FLIN I JE MILTON, W - a "appa, Birmingham, l g . . . FLORENCE, ffl IA ANNE, Chi Omega, Cedartown Ga., Commerce, W.C.A., Corolla, Crimson-White . . . LOWERS, WILLIAM BA . R, Tuscaloosa, Commerce, Alp a Kappa Psi, Scabbard and I we . . . FLYNN, ROY Of , Bridgeport, Conn., Arts and Scienc , ' - a s Story Contest, Jasons, Spirit Committee, President, Bama Radio Network . . . FOLMAR, EDITH, Goshen, Arts and Sciences, Y.W.C.A. Page III Street dance starts the freshmen social season THE ASS UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA FOLSOM, JAMES C., Grove Hill, Arts and Sciences . . . Hunt Club . . . GORDON, MARSHALL ALVIN, Kappa Nu, FORMAN, PAT, Chi Omega, S r' .ille,-Education, A Cap- Birmingham, Commerce, Blacktriars, Excelsior, Phalanx, Ot- Rellv Choir . . . ma - Red ticers'CIub, Intertraternity Council . . . eowiNe, ROBERT E., Level, Commerce, P ' t Tgma 35I ' ?ROBER1- - Theta Xi, Winnetka, Ill., Arts and Sciences, Scabbard and burgh, N. Y., E lneeffincgx. . . FR S TDMAS W,m.TER, Blade . . . GRAHAM, FERNA REE, Millport, Education, Tri- Troy, Comm ce . . . FREDENBUR Albany, angle, Spirit Committee, House ot Representatives, Wesley N, Y., Art and Sciences, ' -- ' .lilliilu ' e e - Gamma Council, Kappa Delta Pi, President ot Pi Tau Chi. Delta. C',-"""- -"' " GRAY, HERBERT H., JR., Adamsville, Engineering, Theta Tau, FREELAND, "e-T1 JEAN, Birmingham, Arts an R. ence ,E Phalanx, Co-chairman, Barracks Ball, A.I.E.E., S.A.M.E. . . . . , , GALLOPS, RO ELIZABETH, Birmingh , Arts Q e V "--x JACK PRESTON, Sigma Nu, Anniston, Commerce, Sciences, Y,W,C,A .,,, GAMMON, GE GE AMO , qw Q Assistant usiness Manager, Corolla, i942 and I943, Excel- Kappa Phi, Cullman, C0 1 erce, Track, F iball, Del igm ,X iq x o , 'rit Committee, Intertraternity COUFICII . . . GREEN, Phi, Omicron Delta KappaEi" ' , Presid ,"A" Club, BERT It Sigma Chi, Fairfield, Arts and Sciences . . . Spirit Committee, Who's Who in Amer ca eges and Un' ' REENE, ETTY JANE, Delta Zeta, Indianapolis, Ind., Arts versities . . . GARNER, VIOLA LOUI E, Dothan, Educ ' and Sci -. 2- 4 ., Blacktriars . . . GREENE, MICHAEL Blacktriars, Y.W.C.A., A.A.U.W .... GARTH, ' PAU , ementon, N. Y., s merce . . . GREENBERG, HERBERT RANDOLPH, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Tr ton, ne - 9' HARD, New York, N. Y., Engineering, Band, Bama Beam, nomics, Corolla, Crimson-White, Caroli n ub . . . Hillel. GASKELL, JAMES SHIELDS, JR., Phi Gam g elta, Prattvi - Commerce, Scabbard an 2 on 'e---v Jammer. 'mn X GREINER, ERNEST WAR , Sigma Phi Epsilon, Ridge- -nw Weed, N. J., Engi ring, A.I.C .E .... GRIFFIN, JARRETT L., GEORGE, FREDERIC PEI Kappa Alpha, Atmcre, ,D 'Q .nee . e , untsvillez Arts nd Sciences, Scabbard and Commerce, Treasurer ot s - Xq - i- s eks, Scpho- ex . . GRIFFIN, JO B SCOM, Bessemer, Engineering more Representative ot Co I erce Association, Secr e ot .ILL X ROSS, OLETA il RET, Unadilla, N. Y., Education, Commerce Association, Presi t-et c . . t Clubs, Presi- Y. Committ G UBBS, MARGARET ETHEL, Alpha dent ot Commerce Associati , - 6 - ' - se, LR hi 6 -cu o ef e, H e Economics, Blacktriars, Caroline sentative . . . GERBER, AU IN JAMES, Atlantic City, . , Hun T ua . .C.A. . . GRUNBERG, EMANUEL, Dorchester, Education, Otticers' Club, lacktriars, Newman Club, Ph Q14 Mass., Arts and Scien JW! I ' -: igma, Hillel. GERLOCK, FRANK GEO E, JR., Delta Sigma Phi, Q Ben- 4 ning, Ga., Education, Iota Si - Ea'-o Basket- ' ball, Phalanx, Rifle Team . . . GILLETTE, JILL EVELYN, Phi Mu, , A JEANN 6 D I Camp McO.uaide, Cal., Home Economics, Y.W.C.A., Caroline .' , I' Gppol emi Momgo eryl Home Hunt Club . . , GILLEY, FRANCES ROSS, Fairfield, Arts and FFO'IOm'CS' F ' ' ' Pl'mSOl"Wh'Tef WPAT Sciences. . .GLENN WESLEY s. JR.- Mobile- Commerce. CO' ' ' ' ' HAL 'P RP PYRO f ' GPPG AIP af Pine' ' ' ' ' a ple, Comm e Pr- I e - e-u Delta Sig e i, P omathic, A S' , Q' ' n -e"u -' "iii: a : mil i eu , , ALOUKAS, GOLDBERG, SIDNEY JAY, Sigma Alpha Mu, Sylacauga, Commerce, Cotillion Club, Vice-President, Hillel Foundation, Excelsior, Spirit Committee, Representative ot Senior Class, Commerce Association . . . GOLDSTEIN, MEYER, Lynn, Mass., Arts and Sciences . . . GOODMAN, ELINOR L., Sigma Delta Tau, Starkville, Miss., Home Economics, Triangle, Caroline Page II2 115' E PETER, Mount Vernon, N. ., gineering, Rifle Te rn . . . HARRINGTON, RICHARD FRAN I IN, Akron, N. Y., Engl enng, A.S.M.E .... HARROD, RU VIRGINIA, vveen- ington, 5 C., Arts and Sciences, ngle, A.A.U.W .... HATCHER, C SE, Chi O me , emphis, Tenn., Education, Guidon, Triangle, . . . ., Spirit Committee, Assistant Editor, T943 Corolla. AQP8 GLIWQ EAIPQQ COAVLQA OVL 'kulrakalrulriri' Folsom Forman W Foshee ll Foster Franklin Fredenburgh Freeland Gallops Gammon Garner Garth Gaskell George Gerber Gerlock Gillette Gilley Glenn Goldberg Goldslein Goodman Gordon Gawing Graham ff if Gray Green, J. Green, R. Greene, B. Greene, M. Greenberg Greiner Griffin, J. Griffin, J. B. Gross Grubbs Grunberg Hails Hale Haloukas Harrington Harrod Hatcher Wiglfarg Aiea!! Aera af Ae Uniuerdify .. l . i x 0 0 0 0 0 U fi 7 Q, -x xr ,f , 1 ,. l , if r. fx: D' Q v' ' Hauser Hausman Hayes Head Held Henderson Henley Hiering Hill Hinson I Hodge Hoffman Holcomb 5 Holsfon l Hornsby Horfon Hose Howell V Howle 1-. "' ::... , .,.. . J - Hudson -3: F.. E.: gg. .,g:g',v 3g:veg3gf5'5 ' Hughes 1 1 Q H U ie . ,. .,gf54,:..g-W5 . eggs , if 2 , 44 5 z is M' X 4 5 4 C 1 9.91 sg cw 3 Y f fx-4.7 N , Hurst 'iryjrf f Viz ::" ' ' ' -2,5 f - ' AQ N 1 'W , 5 Q, if Y' 42 " "'EEi.2I:1.5.:.,.',. ----. gk' W eg.. , X I n g e Wav l "5 I ..,. 434,551 f .. -we 4 Q s:3ie3e,.f1l fl . Jackson, D. Jackson, J. James Jefferies, C. Jefferies, D. Jenfzen Jernigan Johnson, A. NN6x Johnson, E. C. Johnson, H. Johnson, J. H. Jones, E. A. Jones, M. Jorclan Joseph Jospin Kahlmus Kauch Yfflfbiuemilfy ,jvwfilforizfam wow cfeaficoalfecf fo .ibn gc am , F -P Q 's V sg Q Q fs P' f Q fx nl fi YR THE ASS HAUSER, DAVID PHILLIP, Lambda Chi Alpha, Montgomery, Commerce, Spirit Ccmmittee . . . HAUSMAN, MARY ADELIA, OF ALABA Cokes-or nearest substitutes-between classes Sciences, Glee Club . . . INGE, HERNDON, JR., Delta Kappa Epsilon, Mobile, Law. Tuscaloosa, Education, Y. . . - . 9 ' e Club . . . HAYES, JAMES PAT ' - 5: Q sian,-eBlou ovvn, Fla., Commerce- jtor, I943 Jasohtsigmd rangle, Wh ' Who, Cotillion 'etary-Treasurer, Sen- JACKSON, DALTON F., Russellville, Engineering, Rifle Team, ior Class ' Commerce . . . HEtA 4A'- s. A PIERCE, Kappa A.I.C.E .... JACKSON, JEANNE BELTON, Alpha Gamma Delta, scaloosa, Art Scie-c , mrner-Jam - Crim- Delta, Jasper, Arts and Sciences, Blackfriars . . . JAMES, son-W ite . . . , LEONARD u I - eta Beta u, RICHARD EARL, Fairfield, Engineering . . . JEFFERIES, CAR- Tallad a, Co merc . . H -5,!,..!, As... a MELIA MUGGIE, Alpha Xi Delta, Citronelle, Education, Tri- Zeta, Di ' 3:-fi' ' I angle, Kappa Delta Pi . . . JEFFRIES, DONALD SCOTT, ,bf Delta Chi, Citronelle, Education, President, Iota Lambda Sigm Y.M.C.A., Phi Delta Kappa . . . JENTZEN, CHRISTINE - ,X . fy LEE- tl nta, Ga., Home Economics, University Defense Coun- HENLEY, JoYcE, c mega, Tuscal osa, Arts,a d science , I C"f CC' O me HW Club- Y.W.C.A., Crimson-White . . . NG, WILLIAM ALBE , Delta Tau Delta, Seaside Park, N.eJgf'Ehgineering, I. . .S. - C ' . , . . . HILL, ANNE NEVILLE, Kappa appa Gamm - acon, ,K i , Miss., Home Economics, Corolla, Caro 'ne Hunt -o Cr' ef ERNIGAN' WILLIAM OX' P' Kappa 'ixlphilf Brewlon' . . Arts and Sciences, Scabba d and Blade, Officers Club . . . White . . . HINSON, MARY BETH, el - et , arianna, 1 . Fl . I I JOHNSON, ALEE STEWA - Clanton, Home Economics . . . a., Arts and Sciences . . . HODGE, B B ' ANNE, -. a JOHNC , . . . . . . . SON, EVANS CO S, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Langdale, ilTTT1'OBllmIL2EgGmbQTS,G ir?-,Cl A . -Wis h' E, Arts and Sciences, Bla riars, Crimson-White . . . JOHNSON, p . O G G' .8 , HAROLD ALARICK, eta Chi Norwood, Mass., Engineering, Matrix- P.S.A .... H FMAKJ 15 L A -0 , - 2 . . . . . ' . yi . Omicron Delt .A ppa, Vice-P esident, Theta Tau, President, Chi, Belle Vernon, P ., Evra, resident, Theta Ta . c,N .u..e.i , , e,p,e5,de,,,, Se or C1055 1942 and TQ435 Vice- W W ent, A.l.E.E., Va rack '40-'42, Who's Who . . . ' T .17 TILE SON, JEAN -' I-' T, Alpha Gamma Delta, Birming- , X-ss Home ,wg P i Upsilon Omicron, Triangle, Caro- HOLSTCNI ALFRED? P' Kelp " f I' ' 7 Birming am, Arts and 5.. .e-i...- - Girls' Spirit Committee. Tau, Scabbard and Blade, A.l.C.E .... HORNSBY, A ' . THOMAS, Chi Phi, Mont mery, Arts and Sciences, e "0 I Sigma Epsilon, Alpha E silon Delta, Druids . . RTON, YW ., MARY, Alpha Phi, Everg - uc ti - .C.A .... -f O , 1 T -7'i'I-'fi'-Ht, lpha Gamma Delta, lla, Com- HOSE, RICHARD KENNETH, Phi Kappa Sigmfilz NGWCIVI4, N- J-1 merce, Preside H ortar Board, Trian e, Girls' Chemistry . . . HOWELL, ELIZABETH S., Chi Omega, Gordo, Spirit ittee, -'Q heta, Uni ef 't Defense ouncil, Home Economics, Corolla, Crimson-White. IQ! s Who . .' . JORD MELVIN EUGE Pi ppa Phi, C llman -Q " e Q '- A he .Q--Gy mittee . . . HOWLE, SUE NELL, Alpha Gamma Delta, Meridian Miss., Chemistry . . . HUDSON, MAXWELL CLYDE, Pi Kappa Alpha, Oneonta, Commerce, Assistant Editor, T943 Corolla, Officers' Club . . . HUGHES, MILES PRESTON, Gadsden, Arts and Sciences, Wesley Foundation . . . HUIE, DOUGLAS T., Decatur, Commerce . . . HURST, BILLY, Louisville, Arts and josfer in fQ4Q. . . . . rk 'Af' J - -'E' ST- Gardendale, Enginee "'-cj Scabbard and life Rifle Team, American Society of Me anical Engineers, Soc ty of American Military Engineers, ficers' Club, Nevv- man b . . . JOSPIN, SAMMIE, Sig nd' Alpha Mu, Bessemer, Commerc , i terfraternity Coun ' Spirit Committee . . . KAHLMUS, MA RIGBI5- pa Alpha, Meridian, Miss., Com- merce . . . KAUCH, ROBERT, JR., Chi Phi, Garden City, N. Y., Arts and Sciences, Blackfriars. i i ty t iv Page II5 THE Onvoca C L A S S UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA KAVALIAUSKAS, ALGIRD ANTAN, Lawrence, Mass., Engi- neering . . . KAYSER, JULIUS L., Ze o 5- Q a u, Birmingham, Engineering . . . KEV 'Uh 1 , 'K T e e i, New Britain, Conn., Engi r' , 'S.i :'f KIR , HA D ROBERT, Cicero 3?,Engineeri . . KIMBROUG , JAMES MA , igma Alpha eridian, Miss., Arts and Scie es, A.I.M.E., . . g'?A 'fs', ' x FRANCES, Delta Z a, Birmingha rts and ciences, A.A.U.VV., " 2 c Club, B ackfriars. ----- -- -A-ls, Brigade Colonel, Executive Committee . . . LEETH, WHEELER B., Pi Kappa Phi, Boaz, Education, "A" Club, Football, Basket- ball, Officers' Club. ' LELIEVRE, THOMAS W., Oakman, Commerce . . . LEON, ANTHONY DAVID, Follansbee, W. Va., Education, "A" Club, Football . . . LESTER, FLOY CHRISTINE, Phi Mu, Martinsville, Va., Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club, Spanish Club, .- Y.VV.C.A .... LESTER, GRAHAM WALLACE, JR., Sigma Chi, Q u Francisco, Cal., Arts and Sciences, Scabbard and Blade Kino, WILLIAM ., JR., Cullman, Enginee ' Q . . . KL Lglilfr '55 NEFIEHJETE liolfg KOPQj',I.fG'Q'ff,fCD,f'lIOn' WALTER EDWARD, C ensboro, Pa., En ' eering . . . KL ' B - 'I . , Oro me Un U f rlmson- l.ef ' ' ' ' ' ' ' WALLACE CARNAHAN, ha Tau o ege, A ston, cem- 'fI5f:IfeK,jIf'IQ1GC'fIf,?P,j EEQTG' A'm'SlOI'f Home ECO' merce . . . KNIGHT, WILBUR IAM- io, Commer , ' ' ' ' ' . Alpha Kappa Psi, Phalanx . . . KOBA , -EORGE, Sigm hi Epsilon, Dupont, Pa., Education, Educ tion Represen Q ive on Executive Committee- Vice-President Ju ior Clas . . . 0' A MCH-I-ER BERNARD SIDN KO - - ' ', , I I I , - , ppa Nu, Birmingham, Com- EUGENE Al'lT,l3ED7Cl5gUgC'lO'N'Y"Engmee 'E 'l ' merce, President, Hillel Fo dation, Bama Radio Network, res' em' G' er U ' Blackfriars . . . LIDDELL, A , Alpha Gamma Delta, Cam- I den, Arts and Sciences . . . LPSON, MIRIAM INEZ, Marks, I - ,gg Miss., Commerce, we ine Hun Club, Hillel, A.A,U.VV., . . . II I I LLOYD, WILLIA ' EIGHT, Delt Kappa Epsilon, Birmingham, KOWALCUKL NICK Elwoo sggfii- Chemistry: EXGQCUYIIV .' e ciences, elee Club . . . LOOS, ALFRED HENRY, gpcnlttitteef EIQSIIIPIEEISQI T, PIr s1denIt, eenior fI- mIrIon, CIN. I Y., scarf, meg Cepfei?,IVIPeLshinQ IRifles, - - ' I ' 9" I I "S '9 ' ' ar an Ba 'fd ociety o ec anica Engi- fIIIlI!ILSEIl?lIIID'g-l-f BOEBTEI EU Unlhfli EdUCC'lf0n - - -IAI- AR - ' fefvf Ica Military Engineers, Officers' Club: A I I Umm S102 if 'WH ' "- - 1 ' . ic ,LEONARD JA ES, s E li, l-AWP KUPPU Sigma, Sel n ommerce, V ' !!1'g75f'1l'Q N. T., igineering , N?eVv - A- St. Pat'sl3AA.S.MEElECG Q S Y.M.C.A., Vice-President, Q drangle, Scabbard and Blad 5 Defense Council . . . LAM T, MARY HOWARD, Tusca ee, ' KQ- Arts and Sciences, Ram r-Jammer, Zeta Phi , atrix, VE Triangle, Womanfg Editor, Cr L e.. A ' , H ., f I QWIQRI. Phil Campbell, Comme e, Vice- resident, ..- . A LLUM, PAUL EA NEST, Pi Kap ' i, New 'Vw -' Graduate, "' ta igm Theta T GU BGTG Pi- eco-: 3 :-1 de. . . MC NNELL, LANEY, RUTH ELLEN, Ariton, Education . . . LANZARA, JO N 'M -Q... - Q, E- r nd Sciences, ALBERT G., New York, N. Y., Engineering, A.S.M.E., Newman 3-w o- ' ' ' ' Club . . . LASSETER, N. JUANITA, Albertville, Chemistry, Secretary, Mortar Bcard, Triangle, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Spirit Committee . . . LEARY, TIMOTHY, Theta Chi, Springfield, Mass., Arts and Sciences . . . LEEPER, HELEN, Chi Omega, Miami, Fla., Home Economics, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Vice- President, Freshman Class, Pan-Hellenic Council, Rammer- Jammer, Treasurer, Caroline Hunt Club, Guidon, Honorary Page II6 can alleges and Universities, President, Stu nt Body, Jasons Quo ngle, Cotillion Club . . . McC ACK, JOHN J Sigma ' -' Epsilon, Hartford, Conn., 'L-A and Sciences, Inter- fraternity Co '- Excelsior, C' " n Defense Council, Ram- mer-Jarnmer, Crimson- 1 e, Corolla . . . McCOY, CAROLYN, Breckenridge, Tex., Engineering . . . MCCURDY, GEORGE REESE, JR., Pi Kappa Alpha, Lowndesboro, Arts and Sciences. ents in Ameril 'ir uk if ir i' Air 154 cifae 6lfU8lf'0Lg8 VLIXLWL QI' O! :Ji-lflf6?!.QlfL 1k Kuvaliuuskus Kayser Kevorkicln Kibby Kimbrollgh King, C. King, W. Klegka Klein Knight Kovon Korkcz Kowcicuk Krahenbuhl Kuykendclll Lucy Lamar Lcmont Laney Lunzcro Lossefer Leary Leeper Leeih Lelievre Leon Lester, F. Lesfer, G, Lewis Leyden Lichier Liddell Lipson Lloyd Lcos Ludovico McCiung McCollum McConnell McCormack McCoy McCurdy imf mx Worm wwe wow 709 ' 7554? Ti' H McDonald McEacl'1eren McEc1chern McGifferf Mclnnis McKay McKenzie McLellan McLeod McNeil Maddox Maffei Mahnken Malone Mange Maring Martin Mason Mea Meadows Mears Medlin Meeks Metcalf Mieczkoski Miller, E. Miller, G. Miliner Mims Moncrief Montenegro Moore Moran Morgan, M. E. Morgan, M. Morris, J. Morris, M. Moses Moss, F. Moss, P. Moulton Murray 6 0-eafzfcccafiolfa wow dlfcwfeaf flare calf flw niuemilfy filly geozm 1' , . 'X l 1 N l -M 7 J W .J W The ,JT JT J, ,AW JE, Jw vp., .WAT s 1 y f , K I ,Y I X f Z, x , Z J, 1. f, ' 4 UL-,, ' J' 1 1 L . - fa N- ff N If K, A ,fb 1. A---.x N, ,rl 1 Q, THE L A S S They ge to pledge-whsle the crowd watches UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA MCDONALD, LAWRENCE H., Kappa Sigma, Selma, Engi- neering, lntertraternity Council, Sca LcLan,CLQLade, 5,5 pmfs MIECZKOWSKI, WALTER, Alpha Kappa Psi, Port Chester, N. Y., Commerce, Phalanx, Treasurer, Alpha Kappa Psi . . . Committee . . . MCEACH P' , I EN ,IfE,fBi mihgh m, Arts MILLER, ERNEST EDWIN, Belleville, III., Engineering, Ritle and Sciences, Blac ' r- Q15 , Team, Phalanx, S.A.M.E., A.S.M.E .... MILLER, GEORGE JOYCELYN, Shr epe , La., Ed Y ',U.W., Y.M':C.A., WAYNE, Delta Chi, Gadsden, Law, Cotillion Club, Intertra- Wesley Fou ation . . . ,D GARRETT, Phi ternity Council, Phi Alpha Delta, Honor Committee ot Law Delta Thet , Tuscaloosa, a -c-29 9 -'xv -1 - ,.A.M.E ,... School, Spirit Committee, Quadrangle . . . MILTNER, CHESTER MCINNIS ALBERT K.,J ., ontgomer, ngineeringw'BueQa J., Mamaroneck, N, Y., Commerce, Phalanx . . . MIMS, Pi, Theta au, '- a Sigma- ' - Y WILLIA HENRY N., Delta Chi, Sycamore, Commerce, Captain, Scab- EDGAR, Pri rd, o -'3,g,--- ,---- - QVD. . bard and Blade, Vice-President, Senior Class in Commerce, F Phi Eta Sigma, Treasurer, Barracks Dance Committee '42 . . . ' xi MONCRIEF, BUREIN WHITFIELD, Phi Gamma Delta, Prattville, , n ring, Phi Eta Sigma, Druids, Scabbard and Blade, Tau MCKENZIE, DANIELL e e- eee, Engt efmg . . . fl McLELLAN, JOHN WILLIAM, Kappa gma, ' mingham, En- gineering, A.I.C.E., Glee Club . . . c OD, SUSIE M - GARET, Tuscaloosa, Education . . . MCNEIL, C LES li , , EDWARD? Pi Koppc Alphoi Frisco Cityi FTS and . mes U l I-9 TENEGRO, PED s VALMIR, Theta Chl, Brazil, Chem- MADDOXI JAMES HILL: Pi Kgppc Phij g . emu mmerce try, Newman Club, Span h Club . . ..MOORE, 'SHIRLEY .. .MAFFEI, A. LAWRENCE, Summit, N. .- - end Science LORRA'2E!iC5Qf!SdeB'V T115 O dfwfgff T"0"ikZSEL'I gig mittee,....,acria , fx. ARTHUR, Detroit, Mich., C m erce, Delta Sigma Pi, Excelsior -'W-1' . . . MORGAN, MAR RET LIZABETH, Fort Plain, N. Y., IJ!-EE? X Home Econorgigs, Aliprsil Pmisrorg A.AiqU.W.H . . I' RGA'N it J RIE, a eta i, irmin am, ome MAHNKENI HAROL ER WI! eonoldf N' lf Commerce omics, Triangle, Pan-Sell nic, House of Regpresentatives - - - MAI-ONE' ANNIE LA I A -REU Gclmm 55' ' Dollwnf . ORRIS, JULIE RA ' , Kappa Delta, Tuscaloosa, Arts Arts and Sciences . . . NGE, MARY ALICE: An np ScienCeS: Y- , Pf1f1iSh Club: Madrigal Club, Tri- EiUCC'llC"' -T' - MAIRINGI S RU N AM Y 'A F I f Flo" . a.:e'e"'TIm--" Bl ckfriars, Rammer-Jammer. emistry, riangu ar . . . ' ' , G F' I' 0 -H Commerce, Blacktriars . . . MASON, BETTE RAE SM i Mu, Arlington, Va., Arts and Sciences, Alpha Lambda Bf - f Spirit Committee, Triang - Alpha Epsilon Delta. I MORRIS, ,..-9m.g.f? A Kappa Debt, uscaloosa, Arts . 6 ences, S Madrigal Club, . .C.A., Ram- mer-Jamme- Blaclctriars . . . OSES, R, O e' C eta 1, .e -ambre, 'ee Engineering, Phi Eta MEA, ANTHONY, New Providence, N. J., Engineering, . . . Q A I -.,. RAY: EIFVTIIN 1 E IHGGFIHQ: A.I.E.E .... -MEADOWS, DOROTHY NELL, Birmingham, Chemistry, Secretary, Y.VV.C.A., Women's Student Govern- ment, A.C.S .... MEARS, JOHN U., JR., Phi Gamma Delta, Gadsden, Arts and Sciences . . . MEDLIN, HENRY FLOYD, Kappa Sigma,-Tuscaloosa, Commerce, Wesley Foundation . . . MEEKS, KENYON GAVIN, Kappa Sigma, Aliceville, Com- merce, Scabbard and Blade, President, P.S.A .... METCALF, RAMSEY NEIL, Pi Kappa Alpha, Hartford, Lavv. Ik ir he at i , -on , ' A t-" H AEI,-E ... O., , PHILIP B., Qgoo Sigma, Selma, Arts and in" o Alpha Tau, adrangle, Phi Chi, Y.M.C.A., President en's Glee Club . . . OULTON, MARY STRING-FELLOW, f' pha Gamma Delta, Houst Tex., Arts and Sciences, Bl triars, Glee Club, Tri- angle, tal hi Eta, Nation ollegiate Players . . . MURRAY, JOH tc " ., Phi Delta Theta, Birmingham, Arts and Sciences. t t i i i Page II9 Homecoming paraders pass in review-military style U N I V E R S I T Y MURRAY, WILLIAM KETTIG, Phi Delta Theta, Birmingham, Arts and Sciences . . . MY M 2 IM' '- Delta Tau Delta, Centralia, lll.- o '-al' no .f UQ RAH FRANCES, Kapp , opp, 5 NEAL, SEG - M., Sigma A e a Epsilon, Bessem gering . . . NELSON, MARY JO PHINE, Gadsden, Edgc d-W.C.A., A-A-U.W- . . . N ..-BITT, ROBER D R AW. . ., me ooo Science , Phi ta ' ma, Scabbard and Blade. f,-- ,,-c, -----A'-, Lk NETTLES, JAMES ENNIS, Sigma Nu, ' ington, Art Sciences Ouadran le ammer Jamme NE " WAS. e1 , Q j - . . . '- LLOYD HAMPTON, JR., The e '- Whe ing, W. ., Engineer- ing, Scabbard and Blade, Intertrat rnit ,C6ncil, Assista . Drum Major, Million Dollar Band, ' o Alpha Tau . . . NICHOLSON, JOSEPH STEINER, H ntsville, Educ ' n, Tri- TH ASS OF ALABAMA dent, Senior Class, Baseball . . . PACEY, PAUL GILES, Joliet, Ill,, Engineering, A.l.Ch.E .... PAPAIS, JULIUS, Phi Kappa Sigma, Hammond, Ind., Education, "A" Club, Football Team, Freshman Football Coach . . . PARKER, RICHARD S., Delta Sigma Phi, Bar Harbor, Me., Arts and Sciences, Newman Club. PARRISH, JAMES MILTON, Phil Campbell, Commerce, Alpha Kappa Psi . . . PARSONS, EUGENE, Delta Chi, Birmingham, r rce- Pho anx . . . PATE DOROTHY RUTH- Blountsville, Chemist -, Alchemist- W.S.G.A .... PATTERSON FRANCES HE I IE- Tuscaloosa- Arts and Sciences- Y.W.C.A.- Glee Club- A appella Choir- Spanish Club- Baptist Student Union . . . P TON MARTHA PIERCE- Delta Delta Delta- Tusca- loosa- f - A- 'cs- Guidon . . . PEARLMAN JULIUS, a Epsilon Pi- Kiame a Lake N. Y.- Chemistry- Treasurer, ZXTSILZI S1'f'LJNIQQngSBOIQONAcZiE?w2rI1I AN. A amma Sigma Epsilon- A erican Chemical Society. NORTON, CHARLES HOWARD, JR., Sig Commerce, Greeks, Cotil ' E .1 4' T . NX NORTON, FRANCES, - - Committee, Wcmen's Stud ec-- 1 ssociatlon NUNNELLEY, MARY GERA , if sv - , e-UFQ M ODELL, FRANK HAROLD- tantord N. Y.- Arts an elf President, Alpha Kapp elta, Pershing Rifles, Scabbar d Blade . . . ODEN FRA 'K MARTIN- Lambda Chi A b a- B mingham, Engineering, oe-U Q gnc 5 ee- .A.M.E OLIVER, JOHN, Kappa Sigma, Dadeville, Arts and Sciences A Cappella Choir, Wesley Foundation, Spirit Committee . . . OLLINGER, H. LEO, JR., Sigma Chi, Mobile, Engineering, JR PETERS FRANK 4 HON North Truro Mass Arts and Sciences Persh itles Fren Club Span: h Club Newman ETTINCER HERB RT Brooklyn N Y Arts and ces Spirit Comm: illel Foundation PHILLIPS, a hi Camp Chafee Ark Arts and clences Bla triars Tau Delta Tau National Col- legiate layers PICHNARCIK ANTHONY JOSEPH, Meriden Conn E ,wx g N wman Club . PIPES, MILDRED JEANET J NWN D oo Home Economics, Gurdon Tria I Hunt C lllbj 0 - , I 1 , T ' ' -ll 1 1 1 1 Q 'd I . ull , I ,I . A " 1 ' 1 1 1 ci ' 0 H D U ,fi Q n I v i ' Ai -I ll.. EPI ' 2 " ' 1 2 S 2 me il 'N I. Q ... - ' ' . .' u re iences, Mortar I - - - ei - - 1 I I Bwrd: Alrvlw KORRO Deir : Lembdfl Delfcv Trivn C Spirit I5l+lA OLD A., Birmi .IP Commerce . . . PiBuRN, EDWIN an A V , I . . A I. A 'an Q en 5 .I I J ' ' C ' 2 l'1 Gt ' 1 1 1 1 1 Si ' ' . . I ' , ., 43 r:. , - . . I 1 1 ' ,' X55 6 rg V ga I A ' ' ' ' A , ' eigafbs s ' s . I QIII' N ' ' D T, Sig 1 I . .. , . , I- -. , O'REAR, CAINE, Sigma Nu, Jasper, Commerce, Scabbard and Blade, Quadrangle, Rho Alpha Tau . . . ORLOWSKI, FRANCIS JOHN, Rockville, Conn., Arts and Sciences . . . OWCAR, EDWARD ALBERT, Theta Chi, Springdale, Pa., Edu- cation, Iota Lambda Sigma, Vice-President, "A" Club, Presi- Page l20 POELL H' ' ' --9-O E - ' A a E silon, RAYAROND -me , ef- r s an - .. " I-iomeyrlle, Commerce . . . orr, WALTER H., eta Chi, Mystic, Conn., Arts and Sci ces, Phalanx . . . FR E, LOIS ELIZABETH, Dacleville, D cation . . . PRITZ, ROE ELMER, Phi Kappa Sig .e- Joliet, Ill., Engineering, Gamma 5- A.I.Ch.E. , -- ROPFER, SIDNEY, Flushing, N. Y., Commerce, Phalanx. JMC? g6Lff50lfL7 0lf'lf1fL8lf' irulriralrririrnlr Murray Myers, R, Myers, S. Neal n Nelson Nesbitt z A: Nettles Newcomer , in It Nicholson, J. A Nicholson, W. Norsworthy Norton, C. Norton, F. Nunnelly Q Odell 45' Oden Oliver Ollinger O'Reor Orlowski Owcar in Pacey Papais Parker Parrish Parsons Pote Patterson Patton Pearlman Peters Pettinger Phillips Piburn Pichnarcik Pipes Poellnitz Potter Prescott Price Pritz Propper O ,A ' I ' j. . Aeaci L6 in ffm onfwufw err? omlfzfwm K J X. J K ' TA? ffl? 1 s. JT TJ -- wht: flwfeh N ,iff ,LMA V+: At Q, ,U :X ,if A fn 3 X ,L Puckett Pulley Radison Radwin Rampone Rarig Ras? Rawls Raynor Redden Reese Renfroe Reynolds Rhea Richards Richardson, R. N. Richardson, R. M. Riley Rives Robbins Roberts, M. Roberts, M. Roberison Robinson, F. Robinson, S. Rocket! Rogers Rosenberg, J. Rosenberg, R. Roser Ross, C. Ross, M. Ross, R. Rosser Roselle Sackeff Salemme Sanders Sanford Savage Sawyer, S. Sawyer, W. f f ,Ameda gagk 0lf'96L5 og Mary cw on 450,000 uofzfame ff? if 5' is ' T elf T l"il ' jf? il THE ASS They-the girls-have won a debate cup UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA PUCKETT, FLOYD EMMETT, Sigma Nu, Enterprise, Arts and Sciences . . . PULLEY BYR PIX!! i s .. u- Dallas Tex., Arts and Scien - , f P, , " Committee, Offip .p . . . R psig Ag. PH F .ERl - Delta Sigma ' i, ' ittsburgh, . fd Sciences . . . RADWIN, I RON MARTIN, Ka I ingham, Arts and Sciences, anager, Tra eam, " - ' un a no , imson- White . . . R P , BIAGIO LEONARD- Brooklyn, . - Engineer: Q . . . i'l Q--Qi-504, '-'-., ' OU ' Heller, N. J.: ' - Cappella c pi RAST, THOMAS ED ' ' D, Pi Kapp Alpha, P smou - Cotillion Club, Scabbard and Blacl - ' sident, Pi Kap Alpha . . . RAWLS, WANDA, Alpha elta Pi, Alexande ity, lu, lrit , + 1 ' ARI ' ., Q, - j Va., "A" Club, Varsity Track, " rsity B ' g, T939-40, lpha, l nton, Arts and Sciences, Triangle, Alpha Kappa . . K S gm l , X - -- A A A ,x i , MACON ADAIR, Pi Kappa Alpha, Boaz, Commerce, Assistant Business Manager, Corolla l943, Scabbard and Blade . . . ROBERTS MARY CRAIG, Alpha Gamma Delta, Florence, Arts and Sciences, Triangle, Pan-Hellenic Council, House ot Repre- sentatives . . . ROBERTSON, ARTHUR BORDERS, JR., Sigma Nu- Clayton, Commerce, Scabbard and Blade, President, Senior Class in Commerce School . . . ROBINSON, FRANCES SUE- Alpha Phi, Herndon, Va., Arts and Sciences, Triangle, Blacktriars' Zeta Phi Eta, Bama Radio Network. ROBI ON, SARAH ELIZABETH, Portersville, Education, via ' o mittee . . . ROCKETT, ELIZABETH NELL, Zeta Tau Delta- Y. .C.A., A.A.U.W .... ROGERS, DOROTHY EDYTHE, Salisb , -ww, ' and Sciences, Hillel . . . ROSENBERG, Education, Pi Mu Epsilon . . . RAYNOR ELIZABETH , Alpha J r ' H HARRY, Brook N. Y., Engineering, Pi Mu Epsilon, Phi, Chevy Chase, Md., Arts and Scien s, of a .J - .S.M.E .... ROSENBER ROBERT, Brooklyn, N. Y., Com- Club . . . REDDEN, LAWRENCE DREW, ' p Q au Omega, merce' Hillel . . . ROSER, A RED ANTHONY, Havana, Cuba, Tallassee, Arts and Sciences- P ' ta gma, Blackt' s, Engineering, Varsity Tennis- panish Club. Debate Squad . . . RE , . . ' pp Phi, ertville, r Arts and Sciences . . 'SSE' L - L , ontgo -- , Commerce, Delta Si ma Pi, ,"'t A 0, . -' S WARREN, Phi Kappa Sigma, Florence, Q ' ' ppripg, A,I.E.E .... RO ,MARTHA ROSALIND, Phi Mp, I I 1 ' gham, Arts and 53: ces, Bama Radio Network, Crim- REYNOLDS, .IOHN AND E - -ning Al ha, Birming iw son-White, Y.VV. --A . OSS, RAYMOND LLOYD, Phi Kappa Arts pppi sprppppp, Y, .- ., ep ,. icppp . gap rspp . . . ROSSER, ELoisE BURBE- , , , RHEA, CLARENCE FR ST, Attalla, Law . . . ' Jffmp. -IH - - - - ,a a hi Ome a, Camden, N. J., Arts and Sciences, ARTHUR HAYWOOD, V olergritt, Pa., Engineering, A.S E. Glee Club, Blacktria - ' Ie, Y.VV.C.A., P.S.A., Alpha . . . RICHARDSON, I" RT NOBLE, Sigma Chi, ...a t Kappa Delta . . . - H "9 LAMAR: Talladega, Arts and Sciences- Philom ' - Press Club Radio Net- work . . . RICHARDSON, ROBERT V XWELL, Kappa Delta, Tuscaloosa, Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars, Art Club, Triangle, Tau Telta Tau . . . RILEY, MARIE, Lineville, Arts and Sciences, President, Y.W.C.A., Triangle, Spirit Committee, Blacktriars, AjA.U.VV., Wesley Foundation. RIVES, JAMES VELL, Sigma Chi, Birmingham, Engineering, Jasons, Fhilomathic, Theta Tau, Scabbard and Blade, St. Pat's Committee, A.S.C.E., Intertraternity Council . . . ROBBINS, Engineering, We o nt ation . , A KETT, HERBERT J., I ha 9 'Q 'TS SIEIMQEQR Conn., 'ne g. Quang, SALE , ' g . shing, N ,fl gineering, A. ' M ., ers ing Rifles . . . 5751? 'li I EEL, Chi Phi, lt Worth, Tex., Engineering, Theta . . . SANFORD, C RA LAWSON, Phi Mu, Wetumpka, ' ft' and Sciences . . . SA '41, MARY ANN, Montgomery, cation . . . SAWYER, SARA I IZABETH, Delta Zeta, t Payne, Education, Tri- angle, l w , s:. A, ' , WILLIAM HAMPTON, New ARNOLD, Queens, N. Y., Arts and Sciences . . . ROBERTS, Brockton, Engineering. pacilfy. .P ........... . ir ir if ir tk ir Marx signals pep rally crowd-not a bund rally U N I V E R S I T Y SAXON, JAMES LOUIS, Goodwater, Chemistry . . . THE ASS OF ALABAMA SICLARI, RICHARD JOSEPH, Newark, N. J., Chemistry . . . SCHMIDT, SARA ELLEN, Delta , ia, Arts and SILVERFIELD, JEROME, Kappa Nu, Birmingham, Commerce, Sciences, Chi Delta Phi, ' n - H I , . ' ou '-Wes- Otticers' Club, Y.M.C.A., Crimson-White . . . SIMPSON, Iey Foundation, Y. . . . . . MO' JO - WILLIAM FORD, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Montgomery, Arts and Brooklyn, N. Y he istry, Society . . . Sciences . . . SKINNER, MARY BYRD, Speigner, Arts and SCHUESSLE WILLIAM P., Pi ,,g..1lllIllEf:7 LGrQyene, Bust- Sciences, span, committee, Y.W.C.A .... SKINNER, RUTH ness Man er, Corolla, Ja , D bta ofgiyid So'pI'fe. re Class, LAKE, Montgomery, Arts and Sciences, President, Spirit Com- Cotillion I lub, VVho's Igsfimong Students in American I- mittee, Secretary-Treasurer, Matrix, Triangle, Crimscn-White Ieges an Unive ' es, S iri a " ee . . . - xl MA , . . . SLOMAN, NANCY JANE, Delta Zeta, Washington, D. C., .IIANIES Q E- m,r ' i3 " . B Arts and Sciences, Spanish Club. a anx, ewma . . . , c : ..r. Alpha Phi, Nashvi , Tenn., Arts and Sciences, lrit Co P I ,R -J ' ,Cl ,A "'." ' 2,'LlE?PGH2,'Qlfgnifng e ,I "mon 'le I U pc' SJR - sios , Joi-IN MICHAEL, Cleveland, o., Engineering, I I 5 "I -1: ' -o ittee, Theta Tau, Scabbard and Blade, S.A.M,E., lAe.S., I icers' Club . . . SMITH, ALONZO WADE, Alpha au Ome a, Conway, Ark., Arts and Sciences . . . SMITH, EDWA I' - P - A stic, Conn., Commerce, Band, Alpha no Psi . . . SMITH, BERT EARL, Talladega, Chemistry SCOTT, BURTON A-f Theta Chi: SOP Frmd ,Q C - ' ' ...sMlTH, THOMAS GEOR E, Theta ans, Perth Amboy, N. J., Cfnfl SC'eIlC95i IPIGVIVUIGVP'-TY COUPCIIJ S I C 'fleet CO' Arts and Sciences, Pershing itles, Crimson-White, Press Club, tllllon Club, Crimson-White, Student r tor, Intramu Q gpm, Committee, Ofpcersf Ub . 1 . SMITH, WILLIAM EPEVISJ Y-QACEUASGIEGSS Cl , , 9 ' IICGVS' CIU 5 FREDERICK, Frenchtown, J. Engineering, A.S.M,E. a ... , O MZ?-Lv'-,Sf ap a 1 Q-u A - ville, Commerce, Phi omathic, . . . SEAL , -. . TURNER, Birmingham Educ Delta Phi, Blacktri - " S EDWARD M E . . W.S.G.A., A.A.U.W., lC S'h'lM! o . SESSIONS, TRAM, ITN 5' ' f ' I -7 Onlgomeryi ngmeerlngf Sigmo Aipho Epsuom Birm, A! -N H5 Wes- Eqlu eta Pi, Theta Tau- P ' Eta Sigma, Brigade Colonel, Iey Foundation, Blacktriars . . . SEWELL, JOSEPH W H ' , WIWOIS W HKSEACEQ-I-eisEc:Erkd Lgniyersitiles, JR., Phi Delta Theta, T C r A s-, , Al In 2-A -4'-- "0 2 1 'f O FHSVI ef Epsilon Delta: Glee QUE? s ms,-,Jammer 1 . I , -Vt' IANA:-E--,,,2. app Delta UPI, Triangle . . . snow, . . . SHELLEM, FRANCIS AVIER, Delta Sigma Phi, TO - ROB H :Parrish A. s and Sciences . . . SNQW,'WALTER send's Inlet, N. J., Com erce, Blacktriars, Spirit Co f- "-a A-7 l-GWISPUVQI EVIQIVIS - - UM' Bll-l-7 Chl Pill? l'lUli'e5' TOL, Delta Tw, tmerfmfe - Council. Iourg, Miss., Arts -,IG nce , B w iars . . . SPENCER, RUBY NELL, T me Econ ics, hi Upsilon Omi- nn SHELTON, CATHERINE YEEND, Mobile, Arts and Sciences X SPRADL . A A 5 - he-u Alpha, i t --to Ccm- . . . SHELTON, RICHARD J., Elmore, Chemistry, A.l.M.E .... I- "- . ' " " IVV U: .Eli n , Pe 0 Tau Delta, SHERMAN, DOROTHY DELL, Chi Omega, Forest, Miss., Home 'IQ' on, O., Engineering, Theta Tau ... S! FFEE, BARBARA Economics . . . SHIRTZ, FRANK JOSEPH, JR., Drexel Hill, Pa., Chemistry, Newman Club, Glee Club, Spirit Committee . . . SHORY, SALEM LEIN, Birmingham, Commerce, B.R.N., Black- triars, Tau Delta Tau, Phalanx . . . SHWARTS, KALMAN, Zeta Beta Tau, Montgomery, Commerce, Y.M.C.A., Corolla, Black- triars, Spanish Club. Page I24 is E, Theta Upsilon, Honolulu, Hawaii, ducation . . . STE MELVIN, Kappa Nu, Mobile, I ommerce, Pershing Rifles . . STEVENS, HARRY I ON, Middlebury, Vt., Chemistry, ' - resident ,er a Class in Chemistry . . . STEVENS, ROBERT EDWARD, Kappa Sigma, Muncie, Ind., Education, "A" Club, Track. ive of fowf WWHZ lf'ilf1fL50lfL 'kirirtki' Saxon Schmidt Schneider Schuessler Schwindemcln Scoggins Scott Scruggs Seale Sessions Sewell Shellem Shelton, C. Shelton, R. Sherman Shirtz Shory Shwarts Siclori Silverfield Simpson Skinner, M. B. Skinner, R. Slomcm Slosur Smith, A. Smith, E. Smith, R. Smith, T. Smith, W. Snipes Snowclen Snow, R. Snow, W. Sorum Spencer l Spradley Starkey Staffee Stein Stevens, H, Stevens, R. L MC 8:5 6'Ll"9 l -L A l if l l now in ffm awww owed .... . . . .... il it l N K T-' S ,S W S ,, -. ix -i Xe Y 'Q if T 7' rv .1 if if X . f x X 4, W 1 . X ,VN fmi VA y Stewart Stilwell Stratton Strickland Stringfellow Stuart Stubbs Svendsen Swindle Tanner Tarpley Tartaglia Taul Thetford Thomas Thompson Thornton, D. Thornton, l.. Tinkle Townsend Trammell Treciokas Trotman Tune Tyndall Underwood Vaughn Waddell Walcefield e H Waldinger Wallace Walley Walmsley Ward, A. Ward, J. A. Ward, .l. M. Ware Weinberg, F. Weinman Weintraub Welch, M. Welch, V. .fgfcadama 55 now lfraining 2600 men O! file army engineel ,, ll x X N X X I l X X T X - w f --,f .-- 27 fl 7 A' -7' - 'l-f -fl f ff- - ' '-: -Y -'- 1-"dv f' 7 , 1 X v' N .1 X f -. ,V ' 2 f N ' N f t K M x' VN V XX VA .lf it MX 1, W-X lf" if-L V'-st MQ THE ASS Acceleration brings this on four times a year UNIVERSITY OF ALABA-MA STEWART, BYRICE: Buchana . ., -e--- Economics . . . NADINE, Eutaula, Arts and Sciences, Alpha Kappa Delta STILWELL, STEPHEN 0' ' ' R , K he ' , Presi- . . . TRECIOKAS, VYTAUTAS PAUL, Oakville, Conn., Engi- dent, A.l.M.E., A. . . . . si!-fun mb Q LES ., e - e, neering . . . TROTMAN, CHARLES ALBERT, Birmingham, Engi- N. Y., Engine In . . . STRIC 'QE',.L"f-Ei? RYN, Tuscaloos , neering . . . TUNE, LEON JENNINGS, Carbon Hill, Arts and Education , . STRINGFELLOW, QU ,LlE, Alpha Gamma Sciences, Pershing Rifles. Delta, B' mingham, Arts ve efqleefg . . T, ROBERT JAMES JR., Pittstie , ass., Arts and Sciences, R o A o n Tau,P 'Eta a,Busine -we aa- i-- .e ppe a Chorus, ' ' cl- X'-...Q-I--":3'i 'iT"i"""i-:If-Q 0 nl' Spanish Club- 'mi N TYNDALL, LAuREDTs BRUCE, West Palm Beach, Fla., Edu- tion . . . UNDERWOOD, ROBERT MIZE, Sigma Alpha Epsio - Tuscaloosa, Commerce . . . VAUGHN, ALMA ,Xi IA ' , Alabama City, Education, Chi Delta Phi, Kappa Delta ' . . . WADDELL, DOROTHY, Alpha Xi Delta, Rogers- STUBBSI ROBERT SHERW I -- 'Rite Bifmia ville, Ar s ana Sciences . . . WAKEFIELD, SAMMY M., Albert- ham: AWS Gnd Sciences - - - 5 -EN, JEAN 5' Ai ville, duc ' - Student Government, Ritle Team . . . Birmingham, Home Economics . . . SWINDLE, ' AUDE W 5 GER, HER : FRANCIS? Flushing, N' Y., AHS ond CECIL, JR., Birmingham, Engineering, resident, ' .C.E., We - Ciencesi Spirif Qommme . German Club. ley Foundation . . . TANNER, NAN, ve r a Delta, Miami, Fla., Home Economics . . . -' LEY, VIRGI I ERNESTINE, Gadsden, Art --e -- e-f- Y.W.C. TARTAGLIA, FREDERI Aw:-jig: ristown '- . neefinef A5-M-E-1 ' """Q1gs Sf ' - WALLACE, EDW A, Alp a Delta RI, Lower Peach Tree, 543.55 efaaaafe . . ALLEY, LLIAM RICI-IARD, Phi Gamma 1,3-J' W a, untsville, Enaaneeri e . . . WALMSLEY, ALBERT E., lu.-Y River, Mass., E n ring, Newman Club, S.A.M.E., TAUL, GEORGIA LOVE AI IIa XI Delta, rf. Laude .e - X -5-MEP Ofh ei ' 'WAYgQR'fANfE'2NiJLDS.CARLYIbE' Fla., Arts and Sciences, 'u u- --I no 0 reien - : Tm Q ' ' ' '7 lgmo Ui tives THETFORD D I-IINE- Isenaee- Hom ' "" emef S obbmd and Blodef Qucdmgle ' ' - V. ' ' .' ' A .' ' I ' ' WARD, JAMES MO -?O,, Kappa Sigma, Tuscaloosa, Com- Ice-President, Y.VV.C. , Caroline Hunt Club, Black rs, ' YMCA, V, A in . en Ommerce Freshman Cl SS. A.A.u.vv .... rHo s, EDWARD FRANKLIN, s' a I, gif' ,db -f is f I G f FaIfIIeIa, Engineering, . .E .... TI-IoM ee- JAMES . 'Cm U ,QI Q Kappa Sigma, Sylacauga, Com E e, cabbard and Blade, NQA Jasons, Beta Gamma Sigma . . . THORNTON, DAN R., Kappa Alpha, Meridian, Miss., Arts and Sciences . . . THORNTON, E lCA:iii,2nl5lV,iA!hi?e-KCcl?EjlaDelTGi Montgomery: AHS and Sciences X WARE, . ,P -A I' ' Alpha Oh me : Birming' ' L h , Q-ee ""2"" . . . Am?""5 ,' ' 1 LeO1ChVill6, QE Arts and Sciences . . . WEI i k til IRWIN BROOK, righton, Mass., Commerce . . . WE TRAUB, NATHAN, e York, Y., Engineering, A.l.Ch ." .... WELCH, MARY TINKLE, JEANNE, Alpha Chi Omega, Marion Ind., Educa- DO ' S LL: Delta Delta Delta, Tal eaaz Arts anal Sciences: tion . . . TOWNSEND, CHARLES E., Delta Sigma Phi, San Y.W.C,A., ' .lJ.VV .... W -. , ERNON LEE, Kappa Kappa Francisco, Cal., Commerce, Newman Club . . . TRAMMELL, Gamma, Birming am, rts and Sciences. ULU' COIAP5. . . . . . . Page 127 'k1lr'k'kirir THE Guides, Peer: rheywi better learn to do ii A S S UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA WENDEL, CLARENCE JOSEPH, H 1. ton Station, N. Y., Y.VV.C.A .... WOLCH, MILDRED, Birmingham, Arts and Engineering , , , WERT V .--' l a Delta, Sciences, Hillel, Senior Council. . . . WOOD, BERTHA LEE, Berkeley, Cal., Art n o ' treaties AHITWQ is D Boaz, Education, Spirit Committee . . . WOOD, MORRIS HAROLD, Lam a i Alpha s, Incl., Commerc BOYKIN, Kappa Sigma, Brundidge, Commerce, Pi Tau Chi, . , , WHIT R T, ROBERT Engineering, President, Delta Sigma Pi, Men's Glee Club, Treasurer, Wesley Vice-preg em, TOU gem pi. ugeyp ,Q e s Phalanx, Foundation, Council ot Clubs, Corolla . . . WOZNIAK, A.I.E.E., I .A.M.E., Phi igma, ' hie ngineer, Bam adi FRANCIS JAMES, Dunkirk, N. Y., Arts and Sciences, Phi Eta Neiwo , O.D.R .... WHITI " ' ,. ' Chi E' I, SIQVUG- Mobile, rts and P- --,,,,, .,.l e -1i. i Omega, ' e -.e e I Uf"" " Arts and Sciences, A AV-e -'- - Y.VV.C.A. L .r"" Q iii R TX ' ll WO AK, MITCHELL B., Gowanda, N. Y., Engineering . . . - WRIGHT DOROTHY WILDER, Chi Omega, Bessemer, Arts and WHITON, WILLIAM PRATT: PIII ' " 'QmO: EVIG, R -2 Science , Tri - Y.VV.C.A., Corolla . . . WRYE, MARGARET CIWSITIISTFY . . . WIGGIN, RODNE ARTHUR: TUSC OSCI: ELAI , Phi Mu, Birmin am, Arts and Sciences, Bama Net- EdUCC1TIOn:GlSS Club - - . Wll-DER, M RJORIE: Alp Q Gamma ..f' r , Triangle, Mortar Bo rd, Vocalist, Alabama Cavaliers DGITOJ DGCGTUV: AVTS CIUCI Sciences - - - W 1 W9 ' ' . . . WYATT, ERVIN BAILE - Phi Kappa Sigma, Miami, Fla., M-r JR.: DGCOTUV: AVIS und SCIGUCGSJ Ph I - - - Wll-I-IAMS Home Economics, Rho Alph Tau, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Upsilon MARY I-EIGHI AIPIWCI Chi OVUSQO: JOCKSO -'FTS ond SCIG SJ Omicron Award, Blacktri s, ational Collegiate Players, Art Matrix, ROmmeV-JOVUWGF - - ".l!!HYI4E' MIRIA T AINEI Club, Cheerleader . . . f KE JOHN DANIEL, Kappa Alpha, AIIOIWG G0mmC1 Delta, T 3235 , E OHO i f E is I- Decatur, Commerce, uadran e, Greeks . . . YARBROUGH, dent, Junior A-A-U-W-: C0 0 igaslji CIU . HELEN LEE, Tu . ia, Arts a e Sciences, President, Mortar 'I-,QQII .5 e- , ng e, Zeta Phi Eta, i easurer, Alpha Lambda Delta, LEMI' rer, Spirit com Y.W.C.A., Council, w.s.o.A., 'iv' fi sl y Foundation- ry, Pi Tau Chi. WILLIAMSON, CHARLES ., Si up A gn E silon, Mont- X ' gomery, Commerce . . . 'LIL f A-r ' -N lrllgggur Alpha, Birmingham, Engine ing . , . WING, MARY ill STANCE, Kappa Kappa amma, St. Petersburg, Fla., PA and Sciences, Y.W.C.A., rimson-White, Corolla . . ' INN, I M . u . HARLAN HARBOUR, JR., ' Delta Theta- eriville, He., , A BRO GIL, Molllgomeg ' "QE, e"ng,1 Yme' Arts and Sciences . , . WINTER , o HERMAN, Piieeriix, ' ' ' Qli'l'tlllfl' Gm ec' GBM Ariz- En irieeriri ,si Pat's WISE ALicE MERRITT- Ka e '--YEILDWG H ' 'nglwmf Home EC OMS' D 1" .9 . 9' ' .' ' . ' 'OP Y.VV.C. , ymphe r estra, A.A. . . . . YELL WLEY, eta, Birmingham, Home Economics, Gurdon, Corolla, Caro- J , . , . . . ES FONTAINE- n u - aloosa, Ar and ciences, llne Hum I:i' i'1Cl1 C ,Q 'gon .F -i L i v ,".E" . . . WISTRAND, HARRY E., East Chicago, Ill., Chemistry . . . WITHERINGTON, MARTHA, Delta Delta Delta, Dothan, Arts and Sciences, Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Kappa Delta, Triangle, Page I28 rol : Intramural Sport Committee, Otfi rs' Club YO G, WINIFRED ALICE, Sigma Kapp South Bend, Ind - ST, JR., Pi Kappa Phi, Gads e , ommerce, Co! Arts an Sciences, Crimson-White, C olla, Blacktriars, Delta Phi . ZENOBILE, VI ,. T, Follansbee, W. Va., Chemistry, A.l.M. . even reloredenfcalfiuw om Kwai' 'k1Ir'k'k'k'k Wendel Werfz White Whitehurst Whiting ' Whitmire Whitan Wiggin g wander 'J Wiley Williams, M. L. Williams, M. E. Williamson Wilson ,Q Wing .--Q, Winn Winters Wise Wisfrcnd Wolch ff -1 Wifheringion Q ,yu w Wood, B. T l . X, if . V . wood, M. -A - Wozniak, F. ll Wozniak, M. Wrighl la Wrye Wyaff Wyker Yarbrough, H. 1iQ:l'.bLOUgl1, L. Yeilding Yellowley Young, J. Young, W. Zenobile mlfom are grcw!1fmlfe5 O! .yfie Uniuerdify of ..... J ,Q ii, ,ii k Y, W qv. .i 5 . .X 5, if F7 Y 7 A7 V' fi if if pf ' , i, 1,442 ,fi x ,gf-ii y .:, if Q D i THE A ALABA The undergroduoiTes, freshmen, sophomores, ond iuniors, who ore lefT here in The schools of educofion, chemisfry, orTs ond sciences, en- gineering, commerce, ond home economics, oll, of The presenT Time, feel ourselves very forTunoiTe in being cable To remoin here To con- Tinue our educoiTion. YeT, on The oTher hond, we feel ThoT we would eoch like To be ouT in The field of service To our counfry. IT is our belief, however, ThoT we ore rendering Americo The greoTesT possible service in conTinuing our educofions os long os iT is possible, so ThoT when we ore colled, or when we groduoiTe, we will be prepored To The fullesT degree in help- ing The Unifed Sfofes ond The Allies To win The finol peoce. During This yeor, we hove Tried To moinToin The some freedom on compus, ond The some spiriT of friendliness, helpfulness, ond cooper- oTion wiTh eoch oTher ond The Universify os hos been Typicol in yeors before. We hove ploiyed, donced, sung, sTudied, ci TTe n d e d closses, ond Token exominorrions, iusT os oll sTudenTs hove done in previous Times. BuT we MA hcive felT The necessify for conservoTion in oll Things, iusT os The resT of The nc1Tion hos. During The loTTer porT of The yeor, mosT of our sociol efforTs hove been devofed To enTer- Toining The soldiers who joined us in closses on The compus, ond The codeTs, who hove been sToTioned iusT ouTside of Town. We hove felT ThoT our porT now, is To work wiTh ouxiliory orgonizoTions Toword furfhering morole on The home fronT, ond To devoTe our Time ond energy Towcird The successful complefion of our school- ing. Some of us who begon The yeor i9-42-43 in school, hove been colled info The ormed forces. We hove woTched Them go, knowing Thof eoch of us in his Turn will hove his oppor- TuniTy To ioin Them. Our grec1TesT hope for The fuTure is Thof when The wor is won, ThoT Those of us who hove noT been oble To compleTe our educofions will be oble or desirous of reTurn- ing To The Universify in loiTer yeors To Toke up where The presenT conflicT hos forced us To leove off. 'A' 'k 'A' 'ir 'A' 'Ir 44 Q 7 ,M -47' W,,,,f Mfwma M- ff 1' i Vf' , ,114 Q f S , ,. Mfr- ff' ci YM: If ff 4 Q 4 W.f,,,, K3 f . 1 4 UL -'mv' , W4 V 2 ' -sg f W if j,gQg.2z A , 5 Y M ,,A,,,,ff . A? 1 i , , 4 if ,wa QI, 5 V fp WW J 'Y 'U' 'MRM T y fl 'el A . ew.. HUIL wCAi,,OC?':f'x, ,fxiik ffl THE AT ALABA ABBOTT, JAMES BATES, Phi Gamma Delta, Birmingham, Freshman, Engineering . . . ABRAHAM, JACK HENRY, JR., Zeta Beta Tau, Mont- gomery, Freshman in Engineering, Blacktriors, Corolla . . . ABSTON, SAMUEL B., Lambda Chi Alpha, Bessemer, Sophomore in Commerce, Band . . . ABT, EMIL F., Theta Chi, Bloomingdale, N. J., Freshman in Engineering . . . ADAIR, ELOISE, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore in Education, Crimson-White, Blacktriars, Y.W.C.A ..., ADAMS, HUGH EDWARD, Delta Sigma Phi, Hingham, Mass., Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Pershing Rifles. ADAMS, NON QUINCY, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Mobile, Freshman in Engineering, Corolla . . . ALBRIGHT, JOYCE SINGLETON, Haleyville, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Blackfriars . . . ALBRIGHT, CHARLES FRANCIS, Bluefield, W. Va., Junior in Arts and Science . . . ALLEN HOWARD, S.A.E., Tuscaloosa, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . ALLEY, EMMA KATHLEEN, Alpha Gamma Delta, Pensacola, Fla., Fresh man in Commerce . . . ALLRED, BERNICE, Alpha Delta Phi, Hazelhurst, Miss., Freshman in Chemistry, Y.W.C.A., Rammer-Jammer, Glee Club, Chorus, Blacktriars. ALOIS, ALFRED FRANCIS, Phi Sigma Kappa, Schenectady, N. Y., Junior in Engineering, Football . . . ALT, ROBERT M., Theta Chi, Buffalo, N. Y., Sophomore in Engineering . . . ALVAREZ, JEANNE THOMPSON, Delta Delta Delta, Mobile, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Y.W.C.A., Corolla, Crimson-White . . . AMBERSON, TALMADGE RICHARD, Sigma Nu, Birmingham, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Debate Squad . . . AMBROSE, MARYLAND KATHLEEN, Centerville, Junior in Home Economics . , , AMOS, ALBERT EARLE, Kappa Alpha, Mobile, Sophomore in Commerce. ANDERSON, CLINTON ANTHONY, Kappa Sigma, San Juan, Puerto Rica, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . ANDERSON, JAMES ROBERT, Phi Sigma Kappa, Staten Island, N. Y., Freshman in Engineering . . . ANDERSON, M. JANE, Delta Delta Delta, Oklahoma City, Okla., Junior in Education . . . ANDERSON, JOHN A., Theta Xi, Boston, Mass., Fresh- man in Engineering, Pershing Rifles . . . ANDERSON, LIBBY, Kappa Delta, Birmingham, Freshman in Commerce, Y.W.C.A., Crimson-White, Corolla . . . ANDERSON, MARGARET MORROW, Kappa Delta, Bir- mingham, Sophomore in Commerce, Crimson-White, Alpha Lambda Delta. ANDERSON, MARY MOZELLE, Birmingham, Sophomore in Commerce, Blacktriars . . . ANDERSON, ROBERT LAWSON, Sigma Chi, Birming- ham, Sophomore in Commerce . . . ANDERSON, WILDA MAE, Vander- gritt, Pa., Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . ANDREW, BABS, Alpha M A Gamma Delta, Hopkinsville, Ky., Freshman in Commerce, Corolla, Crimson-White, Rammer-Jammer, Glee Club . . . ANDREW, BETTY, Alpha Gamma Delta, Hopkinsville, Ky., Junior in Arts and Sciences, Corolla, Rammer-Jammer, Crimson-White, Spanish Club . . . ANDREWS, JOSEPH WHEELER, JR., Birmingham, Sophomore in Chemistry. ARCESE, NORMAN, Phi Beta Pi, Newtonville, Mass., Junior in Arts and Sciences . , . ARENDALL, BOBBY A., Delta Kappa Epsilon, Mobile, Freshman in Commerce, Corolla . . . ARGESO, SAID M., Istanbul, Turkey, Freshman in Engineering . . . ARMOUR, MARY KATHERYN, Delta Delta Delta, Birmingham, Sophomore in Home Economics, Crimson- White, Caroline Hunt Club, Rammer-Jammer . . . ARMSTRONG, JAMES F., JR., Alpha Tau Omega, Birmingham, Freshman in Commerce, Crimson- White, Excelsior, Corolla , . . ARMSTRONG, JAYNE ANN, Theta Upsilon, Newark, Del., Sophomore in Education, Caroline Hunt Club. ARNOLD, HENRY WILLIAM, Sigma Nu, Dothan, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Blackfriars . . . ARTHUR, DAVID FRANK, Phi Kappa Sigma, Haleyville, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . ARTHUR, RETTA JANE, Kappa Delta, Fayette, Junior in Home Economics, Crimson-White, Corolla, Wesley Foundation . . . ASHCRAFT, MARGARET ELAINE, Kennedy, Freshman in Commerce . . . ATKINS, ELIZABETH ANN, Zeta Tau Alpha, Florence, Sophomore in Commerce, Y.W.C.A., Black- triars . . . AVANT, WILLIAM W., Kappa Sigma, Andalusia, Junior in Engineering. AVERY, JACK WILLIAM, Pi Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, Junior in Commerce . . . BAER, MARRIN, Sigma Alpha Mu, Akron, O., Freshman in Commerce . . . BAGWELL, JEWELL VIRGINIA, Phi Mu, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Corolla, Y.W.C.A., French Club . . . BAILEY, JANE, Delta Zeta, Marion, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . BAILEY, RICHARD A., Alpha Tau Omega, Florence, Sophomore in Engineering, Blacktriars . . . BAIRD, ROBERT C., Delta Chi, Birmingham, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Cheer Leader. BAKER, FURMAN JAMES, Phi Gamma Delta, Eufaula, Junior in Com- merce, Druicls, Philomathic Society, Quadrangle . . . BAKER, SARA WILL, Alpha Gamma Delta, Anniston, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Crimson- White, Corolla, Y.W.C.A .... BALDWIN, THELMA MARGARET, Roberts- dale, Sophomore in Home Economics, Newman Club, Spirit Committee, Caroline Hunt Club, Y.W.C.A .... BANCROFT, CHARLES MOORE, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Mobile, Freshman in Commerce, Corolla . . . BARGERON, LIONEL MALCOLM, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Birmingham, Sophomore in Commerce . . . BARKER, JOYCE, Carrollton, Ga., Sopho- more in Chemistry. Page I32 LLI -I D. O I.I.I D. O CD C N I-O D4 LIJ P O CD I- 4 lJ.I LD D D! O '-+1 D D 4 LZ L.LI I- CD O41 Abbott Abraham Abston Abt Adair Adcms, H. Adams, N. Albright, B. Albright, C. Allen Alley Allred Alois Alt Alvarez Amberson Ambrose Amos Anderson, C, Anderson, James Anderson, Jane Anderson, John Anderson, L. Anderson, M Anderson, Mary Anderson, R. Anderson, W. Andrews, Bobs Andrews, Betty Andrews, J. Arcese Arendall Argeso Armour Armztrong, James Armstrong Arnold Arthu r, D. Arthur, R. Ashcroft Atkins Avant Avery Baer Bagwell Bailey, J. Bailey, R. Baird Baker, F. Baker, S. Baldwin Bancroft Bargeron Barker 2 J ,. on A . 2 l 'W i V .., 'bl .x ' ,L 1. .R A.: ,e ii if Barnard, A. Barnard, C. Barnard, E. Barnes, J. Barnes, T. Barr, J. Barr, R. Barrow Bartholomew Basinger Bass Bastar Batchelor Bates Batson Baxley Baxter Bealle Beamon Beard Bearden Beatty Beavers Beckham Beddow Bedsole Beech Beeland, A Beeland, Bell, E. Bell, M. Belt, F. Belt, P. Bender Benham Benjamin Bennett Benson Benton Berkman Berlin Berman, Berman, F, Berman, H. Berry, B. Berry, H. Berti Bertini Bettersby Bibb Bidgood Biffar Bingham Bizzoco I- Z ua D U3 LU D! - D. , J: I- Z LIJ LI.I - I- I O LI..I M D O CD P- i- ' fr a. ri ai ai g Q THE AT ALABAMA BARNARD, ALBERT, Chelsea, Mass., Freshman in Chemistry, Secretary- Treasurer, Freshman Class in Chemistry . . . BARNARD, CAROLINE ELIZABETH, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Ozark, Freshman in Commerce . . . BARNARD, EMMA ELLIS, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Ft. Knox, Ky., Junior in Commerce . . . BARNES, JUSTUS RAWDON, Montgomery, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Pershing Rifles, Press Club . . . BARNES, THOMAS WILLIAM, Kappa Alpha, Bessemer, Freshman in Engineering . . , BARR, JOHN UEBER, JR., Phi Delta Theta, New Orleans, La., Sophomore in Commerce, Alpha Kappa Psi, Greeks, Blacktriars, Y.M.C.A. BARR, ROBERT FRED, JR., Sigma Chi, Myrtlewood, Freshman in En- gineering . . . BARROW, MILDRED GERALDINE, Purvis, Miss,, Junior in Commerce, Wesley Foundation . . . BARTHOLOMEW, MARJORIE LEE, Zeta Tau Alpha, Miami, Fla., Freshman in Commerce . . . BASINGER, MAYHEW, Aliceville, Sophomore in Commerce, . . . BASS, EMILY CLARE, Alpha Chi Omega, Decherd, Tenn., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars, A Capella Chorus, Alpha Lambda Delta, P.S.A .... BASTAR, KATHERINE BURGIN, Birmingham, Freshman in Commerce, Y.W.C.A., Corolla. BATCHELOR, HELEN EDNA, Aberdeen, N. C., Junior in Arts and Sciences, Secretary of W.S.G.A., Chi Delta Phi, Spanish Club, Crimson- White . . . BATES, MARCIA LOU, Alpha Xi Delta, Norwood, O., Sopho- more in Arts and Sciences, V.S.O .... BATSON, ROBERT VERNON, Lumberton, Miss., Freshman in Commerce, Cavaliers, Corolla . . . BAXLEY, MARY FAY, Delta Zeta, Gulfport, Miss., Junior in Arts and Sciences, Alpha Lambda Delta, Tau Delta Tau, Wesley Foundation, Glee Club . . . BAXTER, SYBIL DOVIS, Alpha Delta Pi, Attallo, Freshman in Commerce, Y.W.C.A., Crimson-White, Rammer-Jammer . . . BEALLE, SAM WILSON, Alpha Tau Omega, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore in Commerce. BEAMON, LAURENCE E., Fayette, Mo., Junior in Engineering . . . BEARD, MARTHA FISHER, Alpha Xi Delta, Hardinsburg, Ky., Freshman in Commerce, Blacktriars . . . BEARDEN, RAYMOND WILLARD, Lambda Chi Alpha, Birmingham, Sophomore in Engineering . . . BEATTY, BABYE BESS, Delta Zeta, Decatur, Sophomore in Commerce, Cheerleader, Wesley Foundation, Girls' Spirit Committee . , . BEAVERS, MARIANNE, Cedartown, Ga., Sophomore in Commerce . . . BECKHAM, LOUIS EDGAR, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Tuscaloosa, Junior in Arts and Sciences, President Freshman Y.M.C.A. BEDDOW, ANN, Delta Delta Delta, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Crimson-White, Corolla, Rammer,Jammer . . . BEDSOLE, MABEL MOORE, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Mobile, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Corolla, Crimson-White , . . BEECH, THOMAS RICHARD, Delta Chi, Ellisville, Miss., Freshman in Engineering, Blacktriars, Glee Club, Rifle Page I35 Team, Crimson-White, Band . . . BEELAND, ANNE SHERLING, Kappa Delta, Greenville, Sophomore in Home Economics, Corolla, Y.W.C.A., Crimson-White . . . BEELAND, CONNIE, Kappa Delta, Greenville, Junior in Home Economics, Corolla, Crimson-White, Y.W.C.A .... BELL, EVELYN ADELIA, Kappa Delta, Mobile, Junior in Arts and Sciences. BELL, MAURICE SOLOMON, Kappa Nu, Montgomery, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Varsity Basketball, Rifle Team . . . BELT, FAY, Chi Omega, Birmingham, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Corolla, Y.W.C.A., Rammer-Jammer . . . BELT, PHILIP BROWN, Sigma Nu, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . BENDER, BETTY JANE, New Yorlc, N. Y., Sophomore in Home Economics . . . BENHAM, NANCY PARKER, Mobile, Junior in Education, W.S.G.A .... BENJAMIN, HARVEY LEON, Brooklyn, N. Y., Junior in Commerce. BENNETT, JULIUS RICHARDSON, JR., Sigma Nu, Pineapple, Junior in Commerce, Y.M.C.A., Scabbard and Blade, Advertising Manager Crim- son-White, Spirit Committee, lntertraternity Council, '42 . . . BENSON, MARY LLOYD, Alpha Xi Delta, Sandy Spring, Md., Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Crimson-White, Blacktriars . . . BENTON, JAMES ROBERT, Sigma Chi, Fairfield, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . BERKMAN, EDITH MAE, Sigma Delta Tau, Russellville, Ky., Sophomore in Chemistry, Crimson-White, Hillel, Corolla . . . BERLIN, FELIX DUDLEY, Kappa Nu, Montgomery, Freshman in Engineering, Blacktriars, Band . . . BERMAN, ANN LOUISE, Andalusia, Freshman in Education, Blacktriars, Hillel. BERMAN, FRED, Kappa Nu, Birmingham, Sophomore in Commerce . . . BERMAN, HELEN LOUISE, Birmingham, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Hillel, Glee Club . . . BERRY, BETTY, Alpha Chi Omega, Jacksonville, Fla., Freshman in Commerce, Blacktriars, Corolla . . . BERRY, HELEN JANE, Chi Omega, Bessemer, Senior in Arts and Sciences, Triangle, Pan-Hellenic Council, Y.W.C.A., Blackfriars, Sponsor for Scabbard and Blade . . . BERTI, ORLANDO, Elmhurst, N. Y., Freshman in Engineering . . . BERTINI, EUCLID, Delta Sigma Phi, Cortland, N. Y., Junior in Engineering. BETTERSBY, VIRGINIA, Theta Upsilon, Winton, N. C., Sophomore in Commerce, Crimson-White . . . BIBB, WILLIAM WYATT, Alpha Tau Omega, Tuscaloosa, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Band, Rammer- Jammer . . . BIDGOOD, WILLIS DEANES, Phi Gamma Delta, Tusca- loosa, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Druids, Phi Eta Sigma, Quadrangle, Alpha Epsilon Delta . . . BIFFAR, ADA ELANOR, New 'York, N. Y., Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . BINGHAM, GEORGE C., Kappa Alpha, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore in Commerce . . . BIZZOCO, DOMINICK H., Brooklyn, N. Y., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Pershing Rifles. THE AT ALABAMA BLACK, GEORGE ALEXANDER, Pi Kappa Phi, Geneva, Junior in Commerce . . . BLACK, HILDA, Cordova, Junior in Home Economics, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Caroline Hunt Club, Wesley Foundation . . . BLACK, JACK, Cordova, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . BLACK- WELL, ROBERT TERRY, Lambda Chi Alpha, Brookhaven, Ga., Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Crimson-White . . . BLANCIAK, AMBROSE EDMOND, North Vandergrift, Pa., Sophomore in Engineering, Cheer Leader . . . BLISS, RICHARD FREDERICK, Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Druids, Y.M.C.A. BLOCK, MAURICE AARON, Kappa Nu, Quintown, Freshman in En- gineering . . . BLOOM, EARL CHARLES, Phi Gamma Delta, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . BLUMBERG, DAVID, Kappa Nu, Dothan, Sophomore in Commerce, Excelsior, Crimson-White, Corolla . . . BOGGESS, LILLIAN ELAINE, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Macon, Miss., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Corolla . . . BOLDING, DONALD BURALL, Pi Kappa Phi, Portsmouth, Va., Freshman in Engineering . . . BOLT, GLADYS MURIEL, Lanett, Freshman in Education, Y.W.C.A. BONDS, EFFIE LOU, Adamsville, Sophomore in Chemistry . . . BOOTH, DORIS NELL, Alpha Delta Pi, Northport, Sophomore in Chemistry . . . BORDERS, ELIZABETH COLEMAN, Chi Omega, Bir- mingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Rammer-Jammer, Crimson- White, Blaclcfriars, Y.W.C.A .... BOWDEN, WARREN FRANKLIN, Kappa Sigma, Sylacauga, Freshman in Commerce . . . BOWRON, RICHARD ANDERSON, Phi Delta Theta, Birmingham, Junior in Com- merce . . . BOYD, LEON AUGUSTUS, III, Alpha Tau Omega, Enter- prise, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. BOYE, HELEN, Alpha Xi Delta, Mobile, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Alpha Lambda Delta . . . BOYKIN, JACK, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Mobile, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . BOYKIN, JAMES ROBERT, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Mobile, Sophomore in Commerce . . . BOYKIN, RICHARD AINSWORTH, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Mobile, Freshman in Commerce . . . BOYKIN, TRAVIS HARDY, JR., Kappa Alpha, Hatties- burg, Miss., Junior in Arts and Sciences, Glee Club . . . BRABHAM, JAMES SLOAN, Sheffield, Sophomore in Commerce, Phi Eta Sigma. BRADLEY, FRANCES, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Birmingham, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Corolla, Crimson-White, Y.M.C.A .... BRADLEY, JOHN MILLER, Phi Gamma Delta, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . BRADY, DUANE, Lanett, Sophomore in Home Economics, Y.W.C.A., Glee Club, Caroline Hunt Club . . . BRANNAN, BETTY, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Brewton, Freshman in Home Economics, Secre- tary-Treasurer of Freshman Class, Corolla, Crimson-White . . . BRANTLEY, ROBERT JACKSON, Montgomery, Junior in Commerce, Phi Eta Sigma . . . BRANYON, EDGAR W., JR., Kappa Alpha, Hamilton, Junior in Arts and Sciences. BRATTON, NANCY CAROLYN, Chi Omega, Birmingham, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Crimson-White, Corolla, Spanish Club . . . BRAUN, ROBERT WILLIAM, Delta Sigma Phi, St. Albans, N. Y., Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Glee Club, Gamma Delta . . . BRAY, JOHN WILLIAM, Pi Kappa Phi, Montgomery, Sophomore in Engineering . . . BRAZELTON, RUSTY, Alpha Phi, Mobile, Sophomore in Education, Alpha Lambda Delta . . . BREITLING, THOMAS OTTO, Grand Bay, Junior in Engineering . . . BRENNEN, THOMAS J., Delta Sigma Phi, Hastings-on-Hudson, N. Y., Freshman in Arts and Sciences. BRENT, MARTIN TABB, Harrisonburg, Vo., Junior in Engineering, Alpha Lambda Delta, Rifle Team . . . BROADHEAD, CAROLYN EMOGENE, Alpha Delta Pi, Birmingham, Junior in Home Economics . . . BROCK, BEN JONES, Pi Kappa Phi, New Brockton, Sophomore in Engineering, A.S.C.E .... BROCK, WILLIAM EARL, Montgomery, Sophomore in Commerce . . . BROKAW, JO, Sigma Kappa, San Fran- cisco, Cal., Sophomore in Education, Rifle Club, Y.W.C.A., W.S.G.A., Debate Squad, Rammer-Jammer, Blackfriars, Girls' Spirit Committee . . . BROOKS, BARBARA ELAINE, Andalusia, Sophomore in Education, Y.W.C.A. BROOKS, THOMAS JAMES, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Camilla, Ga., Sophomore in Engineering . . . BROOM, GEORGE DEWEY, JR., Lambda Chi Alpha, Centre, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . BRONSTEIN, BARNEY HERMAN, Sigma Alpha Mu, Buffalo, N. Y., Sophomore in Commerce, Rammer-Jammer . . . BROUGHTON, WILLIAM EDWARD, Alpha Tau Omega, Perduehill, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . BROWN, ANNA LAURA, Alpha Delta Pi, Guntersville, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Chi Delta Phi, Rammer-Jammer . . . BROWN, DAVE LAMAR, Kappa Sigma, Dothan, Freshman in Commerce. 'if BROWN, EDNA SUE, Jasper, Tenn., Sophomore in Chemistry, Y.W.C.A. . . . BROWN, HELEN M., Pike Road, Freshman in Home Economics, Y.W.C.A., Caroline Hunt Club, Wesley Foundation . . . BROWN, HUGH DEWITT, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sylacauga, Junior in Commerce . . . BROWN, JACQUELINE, Delta Delta Delta, Selma, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . BROWN, JAMES RAYMOND, Pi Kappa Alpha, Andalusia, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Y.M.C.A., Corolla . . . BROWN, JEANNE, Alpha Delta Pi, Little Rock, Ark., Freshman in Home Economics, Glee Club. Page I36 00 ON W I1 Z D I.I.I I- D1 4 I- cn E 4 LI.I I- .-I ..I 4 an i- O O Ll- I- UD D5 IJ- LD 4 4 :D 4 .J 4 Black, G. A. Black, H. Block, J. Blanciok Blockwell Bliss Block ' Bloom Blumberg Boggess Bolding Bolt Bonds Boolh Borders Bowden Bowron Boyd Boye Boykin, J. Boykin, J. R. Boykin, R. A. Boykin, T. H. Brobhcm Bradley, F. Bradley, J. M Brody, D. Brannon Bromley Bronyon Brollon Broum Bray Brozellon Breiiling Brennen Brent Broadlweod Brock. B. Brock, W. Brokaw Brooks, B Brooks, T. Broom Bronstein Broughlon Brown, A. Brown, D. Brown, E. Brown, H. M. Brown, H. D Brown, J. Brown, J. R. Brown, Jeanne K 7 ' as , l J -A y 3 1 1 BJ' J . B J 'A A l I N A 15 ws' W4 , '-:1 X 6 f Xlff ll, j Q wfl A--Af PM I A Nrlf pal l."'L NA w l X4 i Q Nfl x -D xxx lxw ia. xl? fx i lm 2 ml, Ai ,VW -BVS. Nfl F f l 6, 4 2 V' or A V a Nfl? ,XJ Q4 of 5 l rl, 1 5, l f X wax ,x in w .. lxf 4 , 'XXX VL ,lv X A L, C flx f +l I' 4 4 FQ A yl' ,l Q., A V V C l l ef in . lf X l Q, ,l if If-x, .lf Q lfx XL .F Xl fl Brown, N. Brown, Robert Brown, Rufus Browne Brownstein Brune Bruner Buetiner Bumgardner Burg Burkhalier Burkhim Burkholder Burks, Harriet Burks, Henry Burns Burnum, H. Burnum, J. Bush Bushnell Cade Cain Caine Callaway Campbell, A. L. Campbell, A. M Cannon Cantley Carey Corgile Carlin Carlisle Carloos Carlson Carlion, C. Carlion, C. Carr Carreker Carroll, J. Carroll, K. Carroll, T. Carson Carter, G. Carter, W. C. Carter, W. L. Cary Cashion Castleberry Chambers, L. Chambers, S. Chapman. E. Chapman, H. Chapman, K Chapman, M THE AT ALABAMA BROWN, NORMAN KNIGHT, Pi Kappa Phi, Millry, Junior in Com- merce . . . BROWN, ROBERT EDWARD, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sylocauga, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . BROWN, RUFUS WAYNE, Delta Chi, Russellville, Junior in Commerce . . . BROWNE, RUBY ELIZABETH, Tuscaloosa, Alpha Lambda Delta . . . BROWNSTEIN, SHIRLEY JUNE, Sigma Delta Tau, Newport, Ark., Junior in Commerce . . . BRUNE, MIRIAM R., Scranton, Pa., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Spanish Club, Blacktriars, Debate Squad, Newman Club. BRUNER, WALLACE, Chi Omega, Fort Benning, Ga., Junior in Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club, Corolla, Y.W.C,A., Junior Class Presi- dent in Home Economics . . . BUETTNER, HELEN JUNE, Cullman, Sophomore in Commerce, Gamma Delta . . . BUMGARDNER, KATHRYN MARIA, Chi Omega, Bessemer, Freshman in Commerce, Crimson-White, Blockfriars, Corolla . . . BURG, ROBERT L., Sigma Alpha Mu, West Frankfort, Ill., Freshman in Commerce, Football Manager . . . BURKHALTER, KATHLEEN, Theta Upsilon, Tuscaloosa, Junior in Edu- cation, Crimson-White, B.S.U., Blocktriars, Pon Hellenic Council . . . BURKHIM, BARBARA, Zeta Tau Alpha, Neptune Beach, Fla., Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars, Y.W.C.A. BURKHOLDER, VIRGINIA MINNA, Alpha Chi Omega, Miami, Fla., Sophomore in Home Economics . . . BURKS, HARRIET DURRETT, Delta Delta Delta, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore in Home Economics . . . BURKS, HENRY THOMAS, Alpha Tau Omega, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore in En- gineering . . . BURNS, ROSEMARY, Shreveport, La., Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . BURNUM, HUBBARD DENSON, JR., Kappa Alpha, Decatur, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . BURNUM, JOHN, Phi Delta Theta, Tuscaloosa, Junior in Engineering, Corolla, Rammer-Jammer, Band, Symphony Orchestra, A.l.Ch.E., Y.M.C.A. BUSH, FRED N., Sigma Chi, Birmingham, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Press Club, Crimson-White . . . BUSHNELL, JAMES JOSEPH, Phi Delta Theta, Birmingham, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Y.M.C.A., Crimson- White, Blacktriars . . . CADE, WILLIAM HORACE, Eutaula, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Glee Club, Crimson-White, Spanish Club , . . CAIN, SAM ERNEST, Bessemer, Sophomore in Engineering . . . CAINE, JO ANN, Alpha Gamma Delta, Fayette, Freshman in Home Economics, Crimson-White, Y.VV.C.A .... CALLAWAY, CLYDE DUGAN, Kappa Alpha, Bessemer, Freshman in Commerce, Y.M.C.A., Crimson- VVhite. CAMPBELL, ANDREW LEWIS, Pi Kappa Alpha, Fort Payne, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . CAMPBELL, ANITA MONTELLE, Milford, Conn., Sophomore in Commerce, Crimson-White . . . CANNON, KATHLEEN Page I39 JANE, Alpha Gamma Delta, Fayette, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Corolla, Y.W.C.A., Crimson-White . . . CANTLER, DON ANTHONY, Sigma Chi, Birmingham, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . CAREY, SIBYL MARILYN, Alpha Delta Pi, Richton, Miss., Sophomore in Com- merce . , . CARGILE, REBECCA ANDREE, Tuscaloosa, Crimson-White, Zeta Phi Eta. CARLIN, MARGARET RUTH, Alpha Gamma Delta, Mobile, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . CARLISLE, CECILA MARIE, Phi Mu, Bir- mingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Glee Club, Y.W.C.A., Crimson- White . . . CARLOSS, HARRY EDWARD, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Memphis, Tenn., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . CARLSON, WALTER ROGER, Delta Tau Delta, Rockford, Ill., Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . CARLTON, CARY, Chicago, Ill., Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . CARLTON, CATHRON JUDSON, Zeta Tau Alpha, Montgomery, Sopho- more in Arts and Sciences, CARR, EDWARD JAMES, Cleveland, O., Freshman in Engineering , . . CARREKER, ROLAND POLK, JR., Pi Kappa Alpha, Trussville, Freshman in Engineering, Band, Y.M.C.A .... CARROLL, JAMES YANCEY, Kappa Sigma, Ozark, Freshman in Commerce . . . CARROLL, KELLS CHILTON, Kappa Sigma, Ozark, Freshman in Commerce . . . CARROLL, THOMAS MORRIS, Pi Kappa Alpha, Hurtsboro, Freshman in Commerce . . . CARSON, MARY ELLEN, Kappa Delta, Southern Pines, N. C., Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Corolla, A Cappella Choir. CARTER, GILBERT, JR., Pi Kapo Phi, Caruthersville, Mo., Sophomore in Engineering . . . CARTER, WILSON CLEVELAND, Kappa Alpha, Meridian, Miss., Freshman in Commerce , . . CARTER, WILLIAM L., Kappa Alpha, Sylacauga, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Band, Y.M.C.A. . . . CARY, LOUIE BRUCE, Sigma Chi, Birmingham, Sophomore in Engineering . . . CASHION, EMMA ELIZABETH, Hamilton, Freshman in Commerce . . . CASTLEBERRY, JESSE WENDELL, Bassemer, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars, Symphony Orchestra. CHAMBERS, LEROY, Sigma Nu, Birmingham, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . CHAMBERS, SAM COOKE, Phi Kappa Sigma, Cherokee, Freshman in Engineering . . . CHAPMAN, ELLEN, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Birmingham, Freshman in Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club, Glee Club, Crimson-White . . . CHAPMAN, HERBERT, Elmore, Sophomore in Education, Football Squad, A Club, Baseball . . . CHAPMAN, KATHERINE GARRETT, Alpha Delta Pi, Grove Hill, Freshman in Educa- tion . . . CHAPMAN, MARY WILSON, Kappa Delta, Montgomery, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Corolla, Crimson-White. THE A T CHAPMAN, ROWE, JR., New Hope, Junior in Engineering . . . CHENEY, CAROLYN, Chi Omega, Sarasota, Fla., Freshman in Com- merce .... CHENOWETH, JAMES BURNETT, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Birmingham, Freshman in Commerce . . . CHESSER, CATHRINE MAE, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . CHIPMAN, ANNE PRESCOTT, Zeta Tau Alpha, Williamsburg, Va., Junior in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars . . . CHIRAFISI, DONALD, Kappa Sigma, New York, N. Y., Freshman in Engineering. CHISHOLM, RAY FRANK, JR., Phi Sigma Kappa, St. Louis, Mo., Junior in Engineering . . . CHRISTIAN, WADE WRIGHT, Pi Kappa Alpha, Cullman, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Rammer-Jammer, Crimson-White . . . CHORBA, JOSEPH J., Follansbee, W. Va., Junior in Education, Football . . . CIMORELL, DOLORES, Alpha Xi Delta, Ashlabula, O., Junior in Arts and Sciences, Crimson-White, Corolla, Spirit Committee, Y.W.C.A., Pan-Hellenic . . . CLARK, MAGGIE DEAN, Chi Omega, Elbo, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Y.W.C.A., Corolla . . . CLARK, MARTHA LOUISE, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Mobile, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Glee Club, Y.W.C.A. CLARKE, MINGE, Jacksonville, Fla., Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . CLARK, NEIL PENTON, Alpha Tau Omega, Evergreen, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Y.M.C.A., Band . . . CLARK, WARREN, Georgetown, III., Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Band, Blacktriors . , . CLAY, VIVIAN MINTA, Anniston, Sophomore in Pre-Medicine . . . CLAYTON, DORIS JEANETTE, Crossville, Freshman in Commerce , . . CLEMENTS, D. ALFRED, Birmingham, Junior in Engineering, Press, Wesley Foundation. CLEMENTS, STANLEY WILTON, Pi Kappa Phi, Berry, Junior in Edu- cation . . . CLEMENTS, WHITSON H., Delta Sigma Phi, Mobile, Fresh- man in Arts and Sciences . . . CLEMONS, MARGARET PATRICIA, Alpha Xi Delta, Bessemer, Sophomore in Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club, Spirit Committee . . . CLEVELAND, MELFORD O., Delta Chi, Wilton, Freshman in Commerce, Debate Squad, Y.M.C.A., Excelsior, Wesley Foundation . . . CLOSE, RICHARD A., Margaretville, N. Y., Junior in Commerce, Glee Club, Delta Sigma Pi . . . CLOUD, SARAH FRANCES, Birmingham, Junior in Home Economics, Newman Club, Glee Club, Caroline Hunt Club. CLOUDMAN, DONABETH MARGARET, Theta Upsilon, Westbrook, Me., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . CLOUSE, HENRY NEWT, Sigma Nu, Ozark, Sophomore in Commerce, Greeks . . . COAKER, BEATRICE VIVIAN, Fruitdale, Sophomore in Education, Student Govern- ALABAMA ment . . . COATS, MRS. JOHN D., Tuscaloosa, Sophomore in Home Economics . . , COBB, LAURA ANN, Kappa Delta, Fayette, Sophomore in Home Economics . . . COBB, RICHARD SICARD, Lambda Chi Alpha, Vernon, Junior in Commerce. COGDILL, ARLINE ANN, Phi Mu, Gainesville, Fla., Freshman in Commerce . , . COHEN, HERBERT, Zeta Beta Tau, Alexander City, Junior in Commerce, Druid, Rho Alpha Tau . . . COHEN, WALLACE, Kappa Nu, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . COLEBECK, ED, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Greensboro, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . COLEMAN, MARGARET AULD, Delta Delta Delta, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts arid Sciences, Crimson-White . . . COLEMAN, REBECCA LOU, Zeta Tau Alpha, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars, Y.W.C.A. COLEMAN, WODIE, Kappa Delta, Birmingham, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars . . . COLLINS, ELIZABETH M., Alpha Delta Pi, Laurel, Miss., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Corolla, Y.W.C.A. . . . COLLINS, ROBERT A., Theta Chi, Methuen, Mass., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Secretary-Treasurer Sophomore Class, Rammer-Jam- mer . . . COLSON, WARREN GORDON, Chi Phi, Eutaw, Sophomore in Education . . . COMISAROW, PAUL, Theta Xi, Philadelphia, Pa., Junior in Engineering . . . COMPTON, CHARLES EARL, JR., Sylacauga, Sophomore in Engineering, Football. CCNISHA, WILLIAM EDWARD, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Elizabeth, N. J., Sophomore in Commerce, Band, American Chemical Society . . . CONNELLY, FRANK J., Theto Xi, Staten Island, N. Y., Junior in Engineering . . . CONNER, CAROL OWEN, Birmingham, Sophomore in Home Economics . . . COOGAN, SHIRLEY RUTH, Alpha Gamma Delta, Mobile, Junior in Arts and Sciences, President of Zeta Phi Eta, National Collegiate Players, Blacktriars, Y.W.C.A., Crimson-White . . . COOLEY, HAROLD NILES, Birmingham, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Band . . . COOLIK, MOLLIE, Reynolds, Ga., Junior in Arts and Sciences. COOPER, ERNEST EUGENE, Phi Delta Theta, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore in Engineering . . . CORDER, JAMES TILLMAN, Lambda Chi Alpha, Huntsville, Junior in Commerce, Alabamians . . . CORNELIUS, BARBARA RAE, Alpha Xi Delta, Tuscaloosa, Freshman in Commerce, Glee Club, Crimson-White . . . COSBY, ANNIE JEAN, Selma, Junior in Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club . . . COSPER, JAMES WATSON, Sigma Chi, Knoxville, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . COURNYN, JOHN BURTON, Washington, D. C., Junior in Engineering. Page I4O 00 'Q' Os I-z N li I U M 4 Z4 O 5- +- U7 EZ LI.I P Z IJ IJ.I I I- O I- Z D u.l OV + Y AR E TH Chapman Cl-eney Chenowerh Chesser Chipman Chirafisi Chisholm . Cliristian Cliorba Cimorell Clark, M. D Clark, M. L Clark, M. Clark, N. Clark, W. Clay Clayton Clements, D Clements, S. Clements, W. Clemons Cleveland Close Cloud Cloudmon Clouse Cooker Coats Cobb, L. Cobb, R. Cogdill Cohen, H. Cohen, W. Colebeck Coleman, M Coleman, R Coleman, W. Collins, E. Collins, R. Colson Comisarow Compton Conislwa Connelly Conner Coogan Cooley Coolik Cooper Corder Cornelius Cosby Cosper Cournyn "' :TT "" 561 af,-f . 'ff sgi 3 -1 J Q as Q :2X3f:3:fP'3:."- f?-1 ' A 'aj,: f ' L www ,, ,. X 1'V f '. ' 'AL' -, ' :QQ ,W 'w i' Q 590.5 Vxwgfgm ww- sg 1 2 QF Nqr' rg 1 QD I- Z Lu D D I- an ON O CD 4 I -I O O :i: U UD -.I 4 U D I.I.I 4 4 an 4 4 LI.I I I- ,L THE AT ALABAMA COURTNEY, JOE MANNING, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Mobile, Sopho- more in Commerce . . . COWART, HANSFORD McALLISTER, Kappa Sigma, New Orleans, La., Freshman in Engineering, Freshman Football, Y.M.C.A .... COWDEN, MARTHA JANIS, Delta Zeta, Fulton, Miss., Sophomore in Chemistry, A Capella Chorus, Wesley Foundation . . . COWEN, WILLIAM STEWERT, Delta Chi, Bessemer, Sophomore in Com- merce . . . COX, FRANCES, Phi Mu, Carrollton, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Spanish Club, Y.W.C.A ..,. COX, JUNE, Theta U, Tuscaloosa, Junior in Education. COX, MARY GENE, Alpha Chi Omega, Guntersville, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Blackfriars . . . COX, MIRIAM LOUISE, Alpha Delta Pi, Boaz, Sophomore in Chemistry, Glee Club, Crimson-White, Corolla . . . COX, RAYMOND FOY, Chi Phi, Lincoln, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Football . . . COX, RUTH MARIE, Delta Zeta, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore in Education, Band . . . CRADDOCK, WALTER POPE, Kappa Sigma, Sylacauga, Junior in Engineering, Glee Club . . . CRAIG, FERN HELENE, Alpha Xi Delta, Wilmington, Ill., Junior in Commerce, Crimson-White. CRANDOLL, MARGARET, Delta Delta Delta, Birmingham, Freshman in Home Economics . . . CRANFORD, BETTYE LOGAN, Alpha Gamma Delta, Birmingham, Freshman in Home Economics, Corolla, Rammer- Jammer, Glee Club, Caroline Hunt Club . . . CRANNELL, PHILIP ALMERON, Titusville, Fla., Junior in Engineering . . . CRAWFORD, DAVID LAMAR, Marion, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . CRAWFORD, JAMES BERNARD, Alpha Tau Omega, Birmingham, Fresh- man in Arts and Sciences, Band, Glee Club, Crimson-White . . . CROCKETT, DAVID WILLIAMS, Shelbina, Mo., Junior in Engineering. CROSBY, GEORGE FLOWERS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Greenville, Junior in Commerce . . . CROWELL, PEGGY JUNE, Kappa Delta Mobile, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . CRUNK, EWEN WEBB, JR., Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . CRYER, THELMA ANNE, Delta Delta Delta, Anniston, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Transfer from Brenau College, Blackfriars, Crimson-White . . . CULLINS, ANN BRETT, A. D. Pi, Memphis, Tenn., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Crimson-White, Corolla, Rammer-Jammer, Y.W.C.A. . . . CULP, JACQUELYN MILDRED, Phi Mu, Jacksonville, Fla., Fresh- man in Arts and Sciences. CULVERHOUSE, JANE M., Speigner, Sophomore in Home Economics . . . CUMMINGS, ROBERT FOREST, Theta Chi, Maybraok, N. Y., Junior in Engineering . . . CUMMINGS, SALLY HENDERSON, Memphis, Tenn., Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Y.W.C.A., Blackfriars . . . Page I43 CUNNINGHAM, MARY BELLE, Carbon Hill, Junior in Home Economics . . . CURREN, MARION PERRY, Zeta Tau Alpha, Birmingham, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Transfer from Ohio State . . . DAHLENE, DONALD HENRY, Delta Chi, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore in Engineering, Phi Eta Sigma, Band, A Cappella Chorus. DAILEY, CHARLES B., Theta Xi, Wheeling, W. Va., Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . DALE, DOROTHY, Zeta Tau Alpha, Montgomery, Freshman in Home Economics, Y.W.C.A., Caroline Hunt Club, Corolla . . . DALL, BERNARD ROBERT, Sigma Alpha Mu, New York, N. Y., Freshman in Commerce, Freshman Football Manager . . . DALRYMPLE, DORRANCE F., Alpha Tau Omega, Birmingham, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . DANA, SYLVIA RUBY, Montgomery, Freshman in Com- merce . . . DANIEL, SUE CHRISTIAN, Delta Delta Delta, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore in Home Economics, Crimson-White, Y.W,C.A. DARBY, WILLIS CARY, Phi Gamma Delta, Huntsville, Sophomore in Commerce, Delta Sigma Pi . . . DAVIDOW, MIRIAM, Marks, Miss., Freshman in Commerce, Corolla, Hillel . . . DAVIDSON, DORA, Eastman, Ga., Freshman in Commerce, Hillel . . . DAVIDSON, ELIZA- BETH ANNE, Kenmore, N. Y., Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . DAVIDSON, JEWEL JACQUELINE, Delta Zeta, Florence, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . DAVIES, PEGE JANE, Alpa Chi Omega, Birmingham, Junior in Education. DAVIS, ANNA ELOISE, Montgomery, Sophomore in Chemistry, Alpha Lambda Delta . . , DAVIS, ANNETTE, Chi Omega, Gordo, Sophomore in Home Economics, Girls' Spirit Committee, Caroline Hunt Club . . . DAVIS, DUDLEY JAMES, Phi Kappa Sigma, Slocomb, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . DAVIS, DUDLEY LEONARD, Sigma Nu, Gordo, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Y.M.C.A., Crimson-White . . . DAVIS, ELEANOR, Bessemer, Freshman in Education, Corolla, Y.W.C.A., Caro- line Hunt Club . . . DAVIS, ERIN, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Dothan, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Glee Club, Corolla. DAVIS, JAMES E., Kappa Alpha, Bessemer, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Band . . . DAVIS, NATHANIEL JONES, Marion, Junior in Engineering . . . DAVIS, SAM DOBBS, Chi Phi, Gordo, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . DAVIS, SARAH MALLORY, Greenwood, Miss., Freshman in Home Economics, Blackfriars, Glee Club, Y.W.C.A., Caroline Hunt Club . . . DAVIS, WALTER HOMER, Pi Kappa Phi, Geneva, Freshman in Commerce, Corolla . . . DEAN, MARY FRANCES, Chi Omega, Birmingham, Junior in Arts and Sciences, President of Chi Omega, Member of Guidon, Defense Council, House of Representatives, Crimson-White. THE AT ALABAMA DEAN, ROBERT HENRY, JR., Phi Gamma Delta, Montgomery, Fresh- man in Education, Band, Crimson-White . . . DEASON, JEAN HARRIS, Chi Omega, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore in Home Economics, Crimson-White, Y.W.C.A., Glee Club . . . DEAVER, MARY CLYDE, Chi Omega, Bir- mingham, Sophomore in Home Economics, Y.W.C.A., Caroline Hunt Club, Crimson-White . . . DEEP, FARRIS ANTHONY, Birmingham, Sophomore in Engineering . . . DE GRAFFENREID, JEFF, Phi Delta Theta, Birmingham, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . DEMPSEY, RAY, Sigma Nu, Piedmont, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Y.M.C.A. DENBO, CHARLES, Sigma Alpha Mu, Pulaski, Tenn., Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Freshman Football Manager, Hillel, Band . . . DENT, MARY ELLEN, Dallas, Tex., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . DERRYBERRY, FRANCES ELIZABETH, Delta Delta Delta, Shreve-pon, LQ., Junior in Arts and Sciences, Corolla, Crimson-White, Rammer-Jammer, Y.W.C.A .... DERTINGER, ELLSWORTH FRANKLIN, Theta Xi, Sparrow's Point, Md., Sophomore in Engineering . . . DePRIEST, JAMES BRYANT, Phi Gamma Delta, Montgomery, Freshman in Commerce, Crimson-White, Corolla, Y.M.C.A .... DeSHlELDS, LOUISE, Delta Delta Delta, Montgomery, Junior in Arts and Sciences. DeVERE, NANCY DAVIDSON, Kappa Delta, Uniontown, Freshman in Commerce, Corolla, Y.W.C.A .... DeVORE, BETTY BRYDING, Alpha Gama Delta, Birmingham, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Corolla, Rammer-Jammer . . . DeWALT, JOHN WALTER, Wilkinsburg, Penn., Junior in Engineering . . . DeWEES, JUNE OLIVIA LEDYARD, Miami, Fla., Sophomore in Commerce . . . DeWEESE, JAMES CARL, Lambda Chi Alpha, Tuscaloosa, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Pershing Rifles . . . DICKERT, JACK, Pi Kappa Phi, Brundidge, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. DICKINSON, ROY, Kappa Sigma, ElDorado, Ark., Freshman in Chemistry, Y.M.C.A., Rammer-Jammer, Corolla . . . DICKSON, DOROTHY HELEN, Jacksonville, Fla., Sophomore in Commerce, Blackfriars, Y.W.C.A., Crimson-White, Corolla . . . DICKSON, DUANE, Zeta Tau Alpha, Birmingham, Freshman in Commerce, Rammer-Jammer, Y.W.C.A. . . . DICKSON, NANCY LANE, Kappa Delta, Opelika, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Civilian Defense Council, Crimson-White, Chi Delta Phi . . . DIGHTON, NANCY PEYTON, Sanford, Fla., Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars . . . DIPIAZZA, SAM ANTHONY, Theta Chi. Birmingham, Freshman in Engineering. DISHUCK, FRANK, New York, N. Y., Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . DOBBINS, JIMMY PINCKNEY, Phi Delta Theta, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Crimson-White, Y.M.C.A., Corolla . . . DODSON, WILLIAM FRANK, Birmingham, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Manager ot Band, Vice-President of Arts and Sciences School Junior Class, Spirit Committe, Ridgecrest Council . . . DONALD, DANIEL CALDWELL, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Birmingham, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Druids, Phi Eta Sigma, Rho Alpha Tau . . . DONALD, PRESSLY YOUNG, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Selma, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Corolla, Y.M.C.A .... DONALDSON, JOHN WEBB, Kappa Alpha, Bessemer, Freshman in Engineering. DORGAN, BETTY, Kappa Delta, Biloxi, Miss., Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . DORR, FRANK IRVING, Phi Kappa Sigma, Tuscaloosa, Freshman in Engineering . . . DORROH, MARY ELIZABETH, Tuscaloosa, Junior in Education . . . DOTSON, DONNA LEE, Delta Zeta, Fort Payne, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Crimson-White, Blackfriors . . . DOWLING, ROBERT JON, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Bath, Me., Sopho- more in Engineering, Blackfriars, Pershing Rifles . . . DOWNS, DEAN GAINES, Phi Delta Theta, Birmingham, Junior in Arts and Sciences. DOYLE, ROBERT BEARDSLEE, JR., Delta Kappa Epsilon, Mobile, Freshman in Commerce, Corolla . . . DRENNEN, MARGARET, Birming- ham, Freshman in Commerce . . . DREW, POLLY ANN, Kappa Delta, Tuscaloosa, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Crimson-White . . . DRISKILL, BYRON CHESTER, JR., Tuscaloosa, Junior in Commerce, Wesley Foun- dation . . . DRIVER, MARGARET JEANNE, Geneva, Freshman in Commerce . . , DROBBIN, HAROLD, Brooklyn, N. Y., Freshman in Engineering. DUBE, ALBERT, Phi Sigma Kappa, Freeport, L. I., Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . DUDLEY, GEORGE WILLIAMS, Sigma Nu, Columbus, Ga., Freshman in Engineering . . . DUFFEE, CECIL GRAVLEE, JR., Phi Delta Theta, Dadeville, Freshman in Commerce . . . DUKE, CHRISTINE, Vernon, Sophomore in Commerce . . . DUNCAN, JOHN RICHARD, Phi Delta Theta, Huntsville, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars, Greeks, Y.M.C.A .... DUNN, CAROLYN, Delta Delta Delta, Anniston, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. DUPUY, BURKE, Chi Phi, Birmingham, Sophomore in Education . . . DURHAM, WILSON E., Phi Gamma Delta, Tuscaloosa, Junior in Com- merce, T.K.A., Debate Squad . . . EAGLE, MARTIN ALLAN, New York, N. Y., Freshman in Commerce . . . EAKES, KENDALL, Clinton, N. C., Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . EBERHART, HARRY LOWRANCE, Phi Delta Theta, Atlanta, Ga., Freshman in Commerce, Y.M.C.A., Crimson-White, Blackfriars . . . EDDINS, CATHERINE NAOMI, Theta Upsilon, Freshman in Education, Blackfriars, Spirit Committee. Page I44 CD D! 4 I.I.I P- I-0 CVD or O Ll. I.l.I 1 L.I.I I cn 4 3 CK l.I.l I- an O CJ Z 4 uJ D Lu I-' 4 ,I LIJ I I- Dean, Robert Deason Deaver Deep DeGraffenreid Dempsey Denbo Dent Derryberry Deriinger DePries! DeSl1ields DeVere, Nancy DeVore, Belly DeWalt DeWees DeWee:e Dickerl Dickinson Dickson, D. H. Dickson, D. Dickson, N. Dighfon, Nancy Cipiazzc Dishuck Dobbins Dodson Donald, D. C. Donald, P. Donaldson Dorgan Dorr Dorroh Dotson Dowling Downs Doyle Drennen Drew Driskill Driver Drobbin Dube Dudley Duffee Duke Duncan Dunn Dupuy Durham Eagle Eakes Eberharf Eddins '15 , , l ' af 2 2-TRL , K Mya 4 fri? ,Q K . if I Eddins Edmondson Edwards, C. A. Edwards, M. Edwards, R. Eisen Eldridge Ellington Elliot, B. Elliot, E. Ellis, A. Ellis, C. Emerick Engel Enslen Eriksen Eros Essberg Estes Eudy Evans, C. Evans, Margaret Evans, N. Evans, T. Fassmon Faulk, E. Faulkner Feiner Feinstein Fendley Fensterer Ferguson, E. Ferguson, F. P. Ferguson, Va, Ferreira Fikes Findley Fingerhut Fink Fife, B. Fite, J. Fite, M. Fitzpatrick, H. Fitzpatrick, M. Fitzsimmans Fletcher Florey Floyd, A. Floyd, S. Flurry Flynn Fogg Follo Folmar Y 4 4 an 4 ..l 4 I- 4 cn I- ,fz Ll.I D D I- CD sf ri Z O C O N yu D5 I.l.l P O I.I.I 1 4 U.I D5 l.I..l I I- 5 THE AT ALABAMA EDDINS, ISABELLE, Bushnell, Fla., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, A Cappella Chorus . . . EDMONDSON, JAMES LOWELL, Hanceville, Junior in Engineering . . . EDWARDS, CARY ALLEN, Delta Chi, Bessemer, Freshman in Engineering, Blacktriars . . . EDWARDS, MARGARET, Little Rock, Ark., Sophomore in Home Economics . . . EDWARDS, ROBERT CLIFFORD, Kappa Alpha, Tuskegee, sophomore in Education, Glee Club, Y.M.C.A .... ELSEN, ROBERT MARK, Ossining, N. Y., Freshman in Education, Pershing Rifles, Band. ELDRIDGE, DAVID ROGERS, Theta Xi, Morrisville, Pa., Freshman in Engineering . . . ELLINGTON, ELIZABETH GAINES, Docena, Junior in Commerce . . . ELLIOTT, BETTY CAROLYN, Zeta Tau Alpha, Atlanta, Ga., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Corolla, Rammer-Jammer, Crimson-White, Bama Beam . . . ELLIOTT, ETHEL HARVEY, Alpha Chi Omega, Lynchburg, Va., Sophomore in Commerce, Y.W.C.A., Black- triars . . . ELLIS, AMY VIRGINIA, Alpha Chi Omega, Mobile, Sopho- more in Home Economics, Glee Club, Blacktriors, Spirit Committee, Wesley Foundation . . . ELLIS, CHARLES WILKERSON, Chi Phi, Harrisonburg, Va., Freshman in Education, Vice-President Freshman Class. EMERICK, MARY MARTHA, Delta Delta Delta, Sanford, Fla., Sopho- more in Education . . . ENGEL, WILLINE, Sigma Delta Tau, Jasper, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Corolla, Rammer-Jammer . . . ENSLEN, PHILIP JUDKINS, Sigma Chi, Wetumpka, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . ERIKSEN, MARY ADELE, Alpha Chi Omega, Fort Worth, Tex., Junior in Home Economics . . . EROS, JOSEPH, JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Birmingham, Sophomore in Commerce . . . ESSBERG, JUNE, Phi Mu, Birmingham, Sophomore in Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club, Spanish Club, Y.W.C.A., Crimson-White. ESTES, EILUM IRENE, Centre, Sophomore in Commerce . . . EUDY, BANKS EDWARD, JR., Delta Tau Delta, Shaker Heights, O., Junior in Commerce, Delta Sigma Pi, Rho Alpha Tau . . . EVANS, CLAIRE BENNETH, Lake Mary, Fla., Sophomore in Home Economics, Girls' Spirit Committee . . . EVANS, MARGARET BURDICK, Auburndale, Fla., Junior in Commerce . . . EVANS, NEWTON MILLER, Alpha Tau Omega, Anniston, Sophomore in Commerce, Y.M.C.A., Corolla . . . EVANS, THELMA ELAINE, Delta Zeta, Pittsburg, Pa., Freshman in Commerce. FASSMAN, LAWRENCE, Alpha Tau Omega, Montgomery, Sophomore in Commerce, Druids . . . FAULK, EDDIE, Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Crimson-White . . . FAULKNER, BENJAMIN EUGENE, Sigma Nu, Dothan, Sophomore in Commerce . . . FEINER, CARLENE MAE, Ann Arbor, Mich., Sophomore in Commerce . . . Page l47 FEINSTEIN, JACK, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Jamaica, N. Y., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Pershing Rifles . . . FENDLEY, MARTHA CAROLYN, Alpha Chi Omega, Grove Hill, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Black- triars, Glee Club, Rammer-Jammer, Crimson-White. FENSTERER, PHILLIP HUBERT, Oyster Bay, N. Y., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences , . . FERGUSON, ELIZABETH ANN, Fredericksburg, Va., Junior in Education, Spirit Committee, A Cappella Chorus . . . FERGUSON, FORREST P., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Laurel, Miss., Freshman in Commerce, Y.M.C.A .... FERGUSON, VIRGINIA, Kappa Delta, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Rammer-Jammer, Crimson- White, Y.VV.C.A .... FERREIRA, STELLA LOUISE, Springfield, Ill., Junior in Arts and Sciences, Spanish Club, Crimson-White, Y.W.C.A., Glee Club, P.S.A .... FIKES, JOE E., Sheffield, Junior in Engineering, Bama Beam. FINDLEY, LYMAN, Alpha Tau Omega, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . FINGERHUT, HERBERT WISE, Zeta Beta Tau, Columbus, Ga., Freshman in Commerce, Rammer-Jammer, Corolla, Spanish Club . . . FINK, JOEL CHARLES, Anniston, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . FITE, BILLY BAXTER, Kappa Alpha, Hamilton, Freshman in Commerce . . . FITE, JANE HOGE, Kappa Delta, Hamilton, Junior in Commerce, Phi Chi Theta, Glee Club . . . FITE, MARY ELIZABETH, Alpha Delta Pi, Hamilton, Junior in Arts and Sciences. FITZPATRICK, HENRY TOMPKIN, JR., Phi Delta Theta, Montgomery, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . FITZPATRICK, MARSHALL HOOKS, III, Delta Chi, Birmingham, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars . . . FITZSIMMONS, JAMES CHARLES, Newport, R. l., Junior in Arts and Sciences, Varsity Baseball, Newman Club . . . FLETCHER, WARREN C., JR., Delta Sigma Phi, Indianapolis, Ind., Junior in Arts and Sciences, Blackfriars . . . FLOREY, WILSON ANDRESS, Alpha Tau Omega, Perdue Hill, Sophomore in Engineering, Y.M.C.A., Crimson-White . . . FLOYD, ALICE EARLE, Alpha Gamma Delta, Peterman, Sophomore in Home Economics, Crimson-White, Caroline Hunt Club, Y.W.C.A. FLOYD, SHIRLEY, Phenix City, Freshman in Chemistry . . . FLURRY, WILLIAM L., Phi Gamma Delta, Montgomery, Freshman in Engineering, Crimson-White, Bama Beam . . . FLYNN, THOMAS JOSEPH, Sigma Chi, Fairfield, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . FOGG, KARL PENDLETON, Theta Chi, Mobile, Junior in Engineering . . . FOLLO, PAIGE BILL, Phi Gamma Delta, Gadsden, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Rho Alpha Tau, Druids, Wesley Foundation, Y.M.C.A .... FOLMAR, MARY, Alpha Gamma Delta, Troy, Freshman in Home Eco- nomics, Corolla, Rammer-Jammer, Crimson-White, Blacktriars, Carolyn Hunt Club, Y.W.C.A. TIJE A T A L .A B A M A FOOSE, BENJAMINE M., JR., Sigma Phi Epsilon, Warren Glen, N, J., Junior in Chemistry, A.C.S., Alchemist Club . . . FORD, CYNTHIS ISABEL, Kappa Delta, Tuscaloosa, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Corolla, Rammer-Jammer, P.S.A., Y.W.C.A .... FORD, HENRY CHAM- PION, Titusville, Fla., Junior in Commerce, Delta Sigma Phi, Phalanx . . . FORGASH, HERBERT LOUIS, Kappa Nu, Niles, Mich., Junior in Arts and Sciences, Crimson-White, Blaclctriars . . . FORREST, CAMERON BRUCE, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Uniontown, Junior in Chemistry, Glee Club . . . FORREST, JAMES ALAN, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Uniontown, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars. FORRESTER, SCOTT HARRISON, Sigma Nu, Montgomery, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . FOSTER, LIDA SCARBOROUGH, Kappa Delta, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Blackfriars, Alpha Lambda Delta, Corolla . . . FOUNTAIN, JOHN THOMAS, Brewton, Sophomore in Commerce . . . FRALLER, EMANUEL JOSEPH, Sigma Alpha Mu, Newark, N. J., Freshman in Commerce, Corolla, Crimson-White . . . FRASER, ALICE JANE, Palisades Park, N. J., Sophomore in Education . . . FRAWLEY, LESTER FREDERICK, Theta Xi, Trenton, N. J., Junior in Engineering, Spirit Committee, Band, Drum Maior Band. FREEARK, G. LOUIS, Springfield, Ill., Junior in Commerce, Alpha Kappa Psi . . . FREIDLANDER, YALE CHARLES, Kappa Nu, Mobile, Sophomore in Commerce, Excelsior, Crimson-White, Debate Squad, Corolla . . . FRIEDMAN, KARL BERNARD, Kappa Nu, Birmingham, Sophomore in Commerce . . . FROST, DONALD FREDERICK, Sigma Alpha Mu, Montclair, N. J., Junior in Arts and Sciences, President of Junior Class in Arts and Sciences, Junior Prom Chairman, Secretary- Treasurer ot Spirit Committee, Secretary of Sophomore Class, Spanish Club . . . FROST, FRANCES LOUISE, Sigma Kappa, Cortland, N. Y., Sophomore in Education, Girls Committee, Alpha Lambda Delta, Caroline Hunt Club . . . FULFORD, ALICE NELLE, Kappa Delta, Birmingham, Junior in Arts and Sciences. FULLER, CLARENCE CLARK, Pi Kappa Alpha, Loxley, Sophomore in Engineering, Druids, Phi Eta Sigma, Philomathic, St. Pats Committee, Crimson-White, Bama Beam . . . FULLER, JAMES ALLEN, JR., Phi Delta Theta, Huntsville, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Y.M.C.A., Crimson- White . . , FULLERTON, WINNIE MAE, Phi Mu, Birmingham, Freshman in Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club, Y.W.C.A .... GADDIS, M. FRANCIS, Delta Tau Delta, Jamaica Plain, Mass., Sophomore in Education, Blacktriars, lntertraternity Council, President ot Newman Club . . . GADDIS, VIRGINIA LEE, Atlanta, Ga., Freshman in Home Economics, Blacktriars, Caroline Hunt Club . . . GAFFNEY, JACQUELINE VICTORIA, Montgomery, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Crimson- White, Corolla. GAGE, RICHARD S., Delta Sigma Phi, Indianapolis, Ind., Junior in Education, Basketball . . . GALLOWAY, JAMES HOLLENBECK, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Milford, N. J., Freshman in Chemistry, Band . . . GALVIN, EDWARD ANTHONY, Somersworth, N. H., Sophomore in Engineering . . . GANSEBERG, JOAN CARYLLYNNE, Sigma Kappa, New York, N. Y., Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars, Debate Squad . . . GANN, SARAH ELIZABETH, Albertville, Sophomore in Home Economics, Secre- tary in Alpha Lambda Delta, Caroline Hunt Club, Y.W.C.A., Wesley Foundation . . . GANNON, LORRAINE PAGE, Alpha Gamma Delta, Montgomery, Junior in Arts and Sciences. GANTT, GINGER, Jacksonville, Fla., Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . GANTT, MARY FRANK, Montgomery, Sophomore in Education . . . GAROFALO, EMILIO ROBERT, Phi Sigma Kappa, Middletown, Conn., Junior in Education . . . GARRETT, FRANCES, Alpha Chi Omega, Roopville, Junior in Education, Caroline Hunt Club, Spirit Committee . . . GARRETT, WILMER CHARLES, Pi Kappa Alpha, Montgomery, Freshman in Commerce, Corolla, Crimson-White, Rammer-Jammer, Y.M.C.A .... GARRISON, VIRGINIA, Fayette, Junior in Education. GARTH, FRANCES, Athens, Freshman in Commerce . . . GARY, HARRY LEE, Alpha Tau Omega, New Orleans, La., Sophomore in Commerce, Druids, Y.M.C.A .... GASKELL, BILLY, Phi Gamma Delta, Prattville, Sophomore in Engineering . . . GASTON, CAROLYN, Mobile, Junior in Chemistry, Y.W.C.A .... GAY, WILLIAM TEAGUE, JR., Sigma Chi, Montgomery, Freshman in Engineering . . . GEHRKEN, MARGARET ELIZABETH, Delta Zeta, Birmingham, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. GEISELMAN, JOHN WILLIAM, Phi Sigma Kappa, Hanover, Pa., Freshman in Commerce, Band . . . GEISMAR, ROBERT A., Zeta Beta Tau, Chattanooga, Tenn., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Crimson- White, Blacktriars . . . GEORGE, MARIE LOUISE, Zeta Tau Alpha, Buffalo, N. Y., Freshman in Chemistry . . . GERBER, WALTER JOSEPH, Theta Xi, Williamsville, N. Y., Sophomore in Engineering, Rho Alpha Tau . . , GERKMAN, MARION JOYCE, Sigma Delta Tau, Russellville, Ky., Junior in Commerce, Hillel, Corolla, Crimson-White . . . GERST, HUGH ANTHONY, Lambda Chi Alpha, Bessemer, Junior in Engineer- ing, A.l.M.E. GIBSON, LILLIAN JEAN, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Birmingham, Sopho- more in Home Economics, Y.W.C.A., Caroline Hunt Club, Corolla . . . GIFT, JANE, Alpha Xi Delta, West Milton, O., Freshman in Commerce, Blacktriars, Corolla, Glee Club . . . GILBERT, MARVIN, Jasper, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . GILL, LOUISE MICKLER, Alpha Phi, Wilmington, Del., Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Crimson-White . . . GILLEY, ELLIE JO, Fairfield, Freshman in Education . . . GILLEY, JANE, Fairfield, Junior in Education. Page l48 BER TO I4 O R U O T UD A STER FO U IN ED AR PPE A Obl LET P TE LEC A Foose Ford, C. Ford, H. Forgash Forrest, C. Forrest, J Forrester, S. Foster, L. Fountain Fraller Fraser Frawley Free-ark Friedlander Friedman Frost, Don Frost, F. Fulford Fuller, Clark Fuller, James Fullerton Gaddis, M. Gaddis, Va Gaffney Gage Galloway Galvin Ganseberg Gann Gannon Gantt, G. Gantt, M. Garofalo Garrett, F. Garrett, W Garrison Garth Gary Gaskell Gaston Gay Gehrken Geiselman Geisman George, M. Gerber Gerkman Gerst Gibson Gift Gilbert Gill Gilley, E. Gilley, Jane Gillis Ginsberg, H. Ginsberg, S. Gish Givens Glass Glaze Glazer Glenn Glover, F. E. Glover, G. Glover, S. H Godbold Godwin Goldberg, M. Goldberg, R. Goldman, E. Goldman, P. Golclsiein Goldfhwaife Goode, Befiy Goode, J. Goodson, M. Gordon Gorrie Graffo Graham Grandahl Graves, 'E. Graves, l.. Graves, S. Grayson Green, C. W. Green, E. S. Green, A. Greenberg, Greenberg, R. Greenberg, S. Greenwood Gresham, A. Gresham, J. Greverf Griffin, B. Griffin, E. Griffin, J. Griffin, M. Griffin, T. Griffin, Y. B. Griffith Grimes Grissom Gross Groover Gulleif A D i D 4 u.1 'na 9' D -D 5 P P P P P b D D D- if ns 4 4 na LLI I I- UD u.i I UD .I m :J D. ..i O O I U LD O Z D5 l.I.l LIJ Z O Z LL.l LL! I I- THE AT ALABAMA GILLIS, WELLINGTON ALBERT, Malden, Mass., Junior in Arts and Sciences, Bond . . . GINSBERG, HERBERT R., Sigma Alpha Mu, Hattiesburg, Miss., Sophomore in Commerce, Crimson-White, Rammer- Jammer . . . GINSBERG, SIDNEY NATHANIEL, Sigma Alpha Mu, Hattiesburg, Miss., Junior in Commerce . . . GISH, PAUL TUDOR, Athens, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Y.M.C.A., Crimson-White . . . GIVENS, PAULINE, Delta Zeta, Bay Saint Louis, Miss., Junior in Home Economics . . . GLASS, LOUISE URQUHART, Delta Zeta, Tuscaloosa, Junior in Chemistry, Secretary Junior Class in Chemistry. GLAZE, HAIDEE LE RUTH, Athens, Sophomore in Commerce, Glee Club, Rammer-Jammer, Y,W.C.A .... GLAZER, EVELYN LEE, Sigma Delta Tau, Louisville, Ky., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Hillel, Spanish Club . . . GLENN, HENRY MARVIN, Whatley, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . GLOVER, FRED EDWARD, Alpha Tau Omega, Montgomery, Sophomore in Engineering . . . GLOVER, GRADY, Samson, Freshman in Engineering . . . GLOVER, SOLON HINGSON, Alpha Tau Omega, Anniston, Junior in Commerce. GODBOLD, MRS. GRACE FULLER, Perryville, Junior in Education . . . GODWIN, ROBERT LATER, JR., Phi Gamma Delta, Mobile, Sophomore in Commerce, Glee Club, Blackfriars . . . GOLDBERG, MARGARET LOUISE, Sigma Delta Tau, Sylacaugo, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Corolla, Crimson-White, Rammer-Jammer . . . GOLDBERG, RHODA X., Brooklyn, N. Y., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Hillel . . . GOLDMAN, ETTA LOUISE, Sigma Delta Tau, Miami, Fla., Sophomore in Home Economics, Pan-Hellenic, Spirit Committee, Crimson-White . . . GOLDMAN, PEARLIE EVELYN, Sigma Delta Tau, Mobile, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars, Glee Club, Corolla, Pan-Hellenic, House of Representatives. GOLDSTEIN, EVELYN JOYCE, Charlotte, N. C., Freshman in Com- merce . . . GOLDTHWAITE, ALFRED WITHERSPOON, Sigma Nu, Montgomery, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . GOODE, BETTY, Zeta Tau Alpha, Tuscaloosa, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Alpha Lambda Delta, Blacktriars . . . GOODE, JERRY HAMMOND, Delta Tau Delta, Oak Park, III., Junior in Chemistry, A.C.S .... GOODSON, MARY ALICE, Montgomery, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . GORDON, CHARLENE, Starkville, Miss., Sophomore in Home Economics. GORRIE, MARION STEWART, Montgomery, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . GRAFFO, JOSEPH LAWRENCE, Birmingham, Sophomore in Commerce . . . GRAHAM, PRISCILLA LOUISE, Chi Omega, Bir- mingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Corolla, Crimson-Vllhite, Page I5l Y.VV.C.A .... GRANDAHL, MARGARET MANNETTE, Alpha Xi Delta, Upper Darby, Pa., Freshman in Commerce, Y.W.C.A., Newman Club . . . GRAVES, ELLEN, Waverly, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Wesley Foundation . . . GRAVES, LARRY DAVIS, Phi Kappa Sigma, Talladega, Junior in Arts and Sciences. GRAVES, STUART, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . GRAYSON, JAMES MARSHALL, Phi Delta Theta, Birmingham, Freshman in Commerce, Y.M.C.A., Blacktriars, Crimson- White . . . GREEN, CHARLES WOOD, Chi Phi, Birmingham, Freshman in Commerce, Blacktriars . . . GREEN, EARL STEWART, Pi Kapa Phi, Birmingham, Freshman in Commerce . . . GREENE, ALFRED CLINTON, Chi Phi, Richmond, Va., Junior in Engineering, Glee Club . . . GREENBERG, BERNARD, Kappa Nu, Birmingham, Freshman in Com- merce. GREENBERG, RENEE JOYCE, Sigma Delta Tau, Omaha, Neb., Fresh- man in Commerce, Corolla, Rammer-Jammer . . . GREENBERG, SIDNEY, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Springfield, Mass., Freshman in Engineering . . . GREENWOOD, WILLIAM J., Delta Sigma Phi, Rochester, N. Y., Fresh- man in Arts and Sciences . . . GRESHMAN, ANNABELLE, Kappa Delta, Birmingham, Sophomore in Home Economics . . . GRESHAM, JOHN SPIERS, Phi Delta Theta, Millbrook, Junior in Commerce . . . GREVERT, HARRY C., Valley Stream, N. Y., Junior in Commerce, Captain ot Band. GRIFFIN, BETTY GREY, Thomasville, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . GRIFFIN, ELISE HALL, Mobile, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . GRIFFIN, JANE, Phi Mu, Bessemer, Junior in Home Economics, Corolla, Y.W.C.A., Caroline Hunt Club . . . GRIFFIN, MARJORIE, El Dorado, Ark., Sophomore in Commerce, Transfer from Henderson College . . . GRIFFIN, TERRELL LaVERNE, Pi Kappa Phi, Samson, Fresh- man in Commerce . . . GRIFFIN, YANCEY BAILEY, Sigma Nu, Dothan, Sophomore in Commerce, Excelsior, Spanish Club. GRIFFITH, RICHARD PETERSON, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Mobile, Fresh- man in Engineering . . . GRIMES, PORTER HOWARD, Pi Kappa Alpha, Enterprise, Junior in Commerce, Band . . . GRISSOM, SARAH ELIZA- BETH, Birmingham, Sophomore in Home Economics, Y.W.C.A., Caroline Hunt Club . . . GROSS, SARA, Cullman, Sophomore in Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club . . . GROOVER, WALTER NORTON, Phi Delta Theta, Savannah, Ga., Freshman in Engineering, Y.M.C.A., Blacktriars, Crimson- White . . . GULLETT, WILLIAM WAITMAN, Theta Chi, Foley, Junior in Chemistry, Blacktriars. THE AT ALABAMA GUNTER, GUY FLEMING, JR., Pi Kappa Phi, New Brockton, Sopho- more in Arts and Sciences . . , GUNTER, NED L., Chi Phi, Oneonta, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . GUNTHRIE, CHARLENE, Townley, Freshman in Commerce . . . GUYDON, CAROLYN, Hamilton, Freshman in Education . . . GUYTON, ELIZABETH, Atlanta, Ga., Sophomore in Education . . . HAAS, TOXEY DANIEL, JR., Delta Kappa Epsilon, Mobile, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. HAAS, WILLIAM DAVIS, Kappa Sigma, Bunlcie, La., Freshman in Engineering . . . HAEFNER, RUSSELL WILLIAM, Phi Sigma Kappa, St. Louis, Mo., Sophomore in Engineering, Bama Bean . . . HAGEDORN, LEONARD S., Zeta Beta Tau, Selma, Sophomore in Commerce, Rammer- Jammer, Blacktriars . . . HAGGARD, ELIZABETH, Delta Delta Delta, Gadsden, Junior in Home Economics . . . HAGOOD, WILLIAM KNOX, Delta Chi, Dixiana, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars . . . HAILE, FRANCES, Cedartown, Ga., Freshman in Commerce. HAIRSTON, WILLIAM BURTON, Alpha Tau Omega, Birmingham, Freshman in Commerce . . . HAISTEN, MARIAN GRANT, Chi Omega, Birmingham, Sophomore in Commerce, Rammer-Jammer, Y.W.C.A .... HAISTEN, MAURICE WYATT, Kappa Sigma, Tennille, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . HALE, HENRY HARRISON, JR., Phi Gamma Delta, Tuscaloosa, Freshman in Commerce . . , HALE, VIRGIL GARRISON, Pi Kappa Alpha, Pineapple, Sophomore in Commerce, Assistant to Treasurer . . . HALL, BRUCE JACKSON, Kappa Alpha, Hattiesburg, Miss., Junior in Arts and Sciences, Corolla. HALL, CARL BYNUM, Red Level, Freshman in Commerce . . . HALL, DAVID PARKS, Sigma Nu, Chiclcamauga, Ga., Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars, Crimson-White . . . HALL, HOWARD KENT, Kappa Sigma, Dothan, Junior in Commerce, Rammer-Jammer . . . HALL, JAMES WILLIAM, Alpha Tau Omega, Atlanta, Ga., Freshman in Com- merce, Y.M.C.A., Baptist Student Union . . . HALL, WILLIAM DAVID, Alpha Tau Omega, Birmingham, Sophomore in Engineering, Y.M.C.A. . . . HAMEL, DARRELL CROSBY, Painted Post, N. Y., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Pershing Rifles. HAMILTON, ROBERT STURMAN, Theta Xi, Buttalo, N. Y., Sophomore in Education, Excelsior . . . HAMILTON, S. MARLIN, Pi Kappa Phi, Opp, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Crimson-White . . . HAMMOND, LAURA, Reform, Junior in Education, Chi Delta Phi . . . HAMMER, SARAH RUTH, Northport, Sophomore in Education . . . HAMRICK, MARY ELEANOR, Greenville, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Black- triars, Women's Rifle Team , . . HANCOCK, MARION, Birmingham, Freshman in Commerce, Y.W.C.A. HANCOCK, MARTHA JEAN, Ethelville, Freshman in Commerce , . . HAND, BREVARD, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Mobile, Sophomore in Com- merce, Druid, Blacktriars, Y.M.C.A .... HAND, JAMES ALBERT, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Mobile, Freshman in Engineering . . . HANDLEY, BONNIE JEAN, Birmingham, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Glee Club . . . HANTHORN, HARRIET HYACINTH, Birmingham, Freshman in Chemistry . . . HARDEGREE, FAYE, Chi Omega, Ashland, Freshman in Home Economics, Y.W.C.A., Blackfriars, Corolla. HARDIN, JEAN, Phi Mu, Columbus, Ga., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . HARDIN, JOYCE LAVERNE, Montgomery, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . HARGIS, ALICE MEDORA, Alpha Delta Pi, Donelson, Tenn., Junior in Engineering . . . HARGRAVE, CATHRINE VIRGINIA, Zeta Tau Alpha, Fairfield, Sophomore in Commerce, Black- triars, Spirit Committee . . . HARMON, GASTON, Sigma Chi, Elmore, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . HARPER, JAMES CARHART, Pi Kappa Phi, Montgomery, Sophomore in Commerce, Spirit Committee, Rho Alpha Tau, Crimson-White. HARRELL, MARY JANE, Delta Delta Delta, Selma, Junior in Home Economics, Spirit Committee, Blacktriars, Y.W.C.A., President at Caroline Hunt Club . . . HARRIS, CHARLES EDGAR, Phi Kappa Sigma, Cherokee, Junior in Commerce . . . HARRIS, DAN CARR, 'Alpha Tau Omega, Montgomery, Freshman in Engineering . . . HARRIS, DONALD MEYER, Sigma Alpha Mu, Glen Ridge N. J,, Freshman in Erigineering, Crimson- White . . . HARRISON, EDDIE SUE, Bushnell, Fla., Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . HART, JEAN, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. HAUSE, WILLIAM G., Pi Kappa Phi, Hartford, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Junior Prom Committee . . . HAWES, JULIA ANNE, Zeta Tau Alpha, Birmingham, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Rammer-Jammer, Corolla, Crimson-White, Y.W.C.A .... HAWKINS, ELIZABETH ANN, Marietta, Ga., Freshman in Home Economics . . . HAYDEN, JERRY GEORGIANA, Alpha Gamma Delta, Birmingham, Freshman in Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club, Glee Club, Rammer-Jammer, Corolla . . . HAYES, MINNIE IRENE, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Blountstown, Fla., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Alpha Lambda Delta, Women's Student Government, Corolla Staff . . . HAYNES, MARSHALL R., Phi Delta Theta, Birmingham, Junior in Arts and Sciences. Page I52 300 ACRES CONTAINS OVER PUS ACA ERS TY OF ALABA UNIV E TH Gunfer, G. Gunier, N. Guthrie Guydon Guyton Haas, T. Haas, W. Haefner Hagedcrn Haggard Hagood Haile Hairston Haisien, M, G. Haisten, M. W. Hale, H. Hale, V. Hall, B. J. gvm Hall, C. Hall, D. Hall, H. Hall, J, Hall, W. Hamel Hamilton, R. Hamilton, S. Hammond Hamner Hamrick .47 ' An 4? J I IT. . f, Cl JP .4 -Q ,.. -a '-V 'Q n' 3 5 54 f ' "? Hanccck, M. 11-iglil 'Q r ' I Hancock, M. J. Hand, B. Hand, J. Handley Hanthorn Hardeg ree, F Hardin, J. Hardin. J. l.. Hargis Hargrove Harmon Harper Harrell Harris, C. Harris, D. C. Harris, D. M. Harrison Hari Hause Hawes Hawkins Hayden Hayes Haynes I 'L ali " r :- -J 4-n-nl' 4 1 X r, '1- f. 'O ,"'5' iSf IZ J. N4 fi 1. T' fir. X, .Ai -.1-N fief .. .W ff' -1 f Wil Q4 A N ik wp Mfr yQ . ,I 'SL y- K .Aff elif el- -, iv 4 'sv 9 me ,JAX ia. ii. ,f 242 5 Wi. .If x .x 3, N 45? R., iz, ' -S. 'mf .43 5' .Wh is ,rf Tri X QW fl? - 1 K ye... il' ,fs if fi.-ff ,ax i sv eine iff fi 1 li , .35 .nv ,Q ,,,,. . . , P g2?P'fV'y52i' ., ,. eg: hwy, , ZLQM E- A f 4 f f gf? M ?4l?Yv,, hi, 44 53? Y 9 M ff 1 " 3 1 ,f mf: f my 4 ..,,w,,.X,. . K f I W 4 AN TA BA ON RDS O EC R RY LLE T R I ADE A T D' ui D ,Z D F.: 4 4 4 ca bi O I- rw geo 4 ,4 l I, I THE AT ALABAMA HAYS, BETTY GRAY, Kappa Delta, Mobile, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Y.W.C.A., Crimson-White . , . HEATH, HENRY LEWIS, Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Crimson-White, Y.M.C.A .... HEATON, ELAINE VIVIAN, Sheffield, Sophomore in Home Economics . . . HEBSON, JAMES, Kappa Sigma, Sylacauga, Freshman in Commerce . . . HEGENWALD, JAMES FRANCIS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Memphis, Tenn., Junior in Engineering . . . HELD, JOHN DAVID, Zeta Beta Tau, Anniston, Freshman in Engineering, Corolla, Blackfriors, Bama Beam, Rho Alpha Tau, HELMS, FELIX ROY, Phi Gamma Delta, Clio, Junior in Commerce, Alpha Kappa Psi, Phalanx . . . HENDRICK, DARTHULA HARDIE, Kappa Delta, Birmingham, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Y.W.C.A., Presbyterian Student Association . . . HENIG, WILLIAM, Phi Gamma Delta, Detroit, Mich., Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . HENRY, CHARLES LEONARD, Anniston, Sophomore in Engineering, Band, Rammer-Jom- mer, Y.M.C.A .... HENSON, MARGARET ELIZABETH, Alpha Chi Omega, Tampa, Fla., Junior in Commerce, Phi Chi Theta, Glee Club . . . HERRMANN, LEONARD A., Delta Chi, Pittsburgh, Pa., Freshman in Engineering, Blackfriors. If HERREN, WOOD S., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Birmingham, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . HERSH, BETTYE ANNE, Sigma Delta Tau, Nashville, Tenn., Sophomore in Arts and Science, Hillel, . . . HERSHNER, IRWIN H., JR., Phi Sigma Kappa, Felten, Pa., Sophomore in Commerce . . . HEWES, KATHERINE MAY, Phi Mu, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . HICKMAN, ANNIE LOIS, Green- ville, Sophomore in Home Economics, Alpha Lambda Delta, Women's Rifle Team, Caroline Hunt Club, Y.W.C.A .... HIEBER, GEORGE MATTHEW, Phi Sigma Kappa, Richmond Hill, N. Y., Junior in Engineer- ing, Pershing Rifles, Blackfriars. HIGGINBOTHAM, EDNA FLORENCE, Phi Mu, Pell City, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Spirit Committee, Corolla . . . HIGGINS, ELLEN, Alpha Phi, Akron, O., Freshman in Chemistry . . . HIGHTOWER, CULLEN, Lambda Chi Alpha, Montgomery, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . HILDRETH, ALLISON VAN, Lambda Chi Alpha, Eutaw, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . HILLIARD, RUTH LOUISE, Delta Zeta, Vero Beach, Fla., Freshman in Home Economics . . . HILTY, MADELINE ROSE, Delta Delta Delta, Birmingham., Junior in Arts and Sciences, Zeta Phi Eta, Blackfriars. A ' HINES, MAXINE YVONNE, Alpha Phi, Adrian, Mich., Sophomore in Education . . . HINES, THOMAS FRANK, Phi Gamma Delta, Lafayette, Sophomore in Commerce, Glee Club, Corolla, Y.M.C.A., Wesley Foun- Page I55 dation . . . HINTON, KATHRYN JANE, Chi Omega, Tuscaloosa, Sopho- more in Arts and Sciences, Corolla, Blackfriars, Y.VV.C.A .... HOBBS, MARGARET DAVID, Chi Omega, Huntsville, Crimson-White, Y.W.C.A., Corolla . . . HODGES, JAMES MILFORD, Sigma Nu, Roanoke, Sopho- more in Engineering, Band . . . HODO, JOHN B., Sigma Nu, Millport, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Y.M.C.A. HOEKSEMA, RUTH, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Mobile, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, A Cappella Choir, Corolla . . . HOFFMAN, FORREST LEE, Montague, Mich., Junior in Engineering , . . HALDER, JOE P., Vredenburgh, Freshman in Commerce . . . HOLLADAY, EDWIN HUGH, Chi Phi, Pell City, Sophomore in Commerce . . . HOLLADAY, MARGARET PEGGY, Pell City, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . HOLLEY, FRANCES HELEN, Alpha Delta Pi, Northport, Sophomore in Chemistry. HOLLEY, JEANNE MARIE, Phi Mu, Tuscaloosa, Junior in Home Eco- nomics, Phi Upsilon Omicron . . , HOLLIMON, MARIE, Tuscaloosa, Junior in Education, B.S.U .... HOLLINGER, LEWIS RANDALL, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Mobile, Junior in Engineering . . . HOLLIS, DANIEL L., JR., Biloxi, Miss., Freshman in Engineering . . . HOLLOWAY, HOWARD CURTIS, Alpha Delta Pi, Tallassee, Freshman in Chemistry, Corolla, Blackfriars . . . HOLLOWAY, JULIAN L., Sigma Chi, Tallassee, Junior in Chemistry. HOLLOWAY, THOMAS ELMER, Delta Tau Delta, Collinsville, Ill., Sophomore in Education . . . HOLMAN, WILLIAM SHERWOOD, Lambda Chi Alpha, Callao, Mo., Junior in Engineering . . . HOLMES, MAR- GARET I., Zeta Tau Alpha, Fort Pierce, Fla., Freshman in Commerce, Blackfriars, Crimson-White, Y.VV.C.A .... HOLSTON, MIRIAM, Akron, Ohio, Junior in Education, Wesley Foundation, Transfer from Livingston State Teachers College . . . HOLT, FRANCES CORNELIA, Kappa Delta, Birmingham, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . HOOPER, WILLIAM EDWARD, Kappa Sigma, Selma, Freshman in Education. HOOTEN, THOMAS HOWARD, Delta Chi, Birmingham, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Blackfriars, Glee Club . . . HOPE, ROBERT MILTON, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Mobile, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . HOPEWELL, HELEN JEANENE, Florence, Freshman in Commerce . . . HOPKINS, HETTIE ALLEN, Kappa Delta, Montgomery, Sophomore in Chemistry, Swan Club . . . HOROWITZ, LAWRENCE J., Alpha Epsilon Pi, New York, N. Y., Blackfriars, Pershing Rifles, Hillel . . . HOUSEAL, WALTER S., Phi Delta Theta, Birmingham, Junior in Arts and Sciences. THE A 'T A L A B At M ,A HOUSTON, LOU, Alpha Delta Pi, Hartford, Sophomore in Com- merce, Y.W.C.A ,... HOUSTON, MARY VICTORIA, Alpha Gamma Delta, Spring Hill, Freshman in Commerce, Rammer-Jammer, Corolla, Crimson-White, Y.W.C.A .... HOVVELL, TOM ANDERSON, Chi Phi, Eutaw, Sophomore in Commerce, Crimson-White, Corolla . . . HOWELLS, MARY BARBARA, Zeta Tau Alpha, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . HUBBARD, RUTH M., Alpha Gamma Delta, Catonsville, Md., Junior in Commerce, Glee Club . . . HUDEC, SUE, Theta Upsilon, Buffalo, N. Y., Sophomore in Education. HUDSON, CECILE, Boaz, Junior in Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club, Y.W.C.A., Phi Upsilon Omicron . . . HUDSON, THOMAS WAR- NER, JR., Sigma Chi, Pascagoula, Miss., Freshman in Commerce, Glee Club . . . HUEY, MARY HOPE, Chi Omega, Enterprise, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars, Y.W.C.A., Corolla . . . HUFF, FLORENCE MYRTLE, Birmingham, Sophomore in Commerce, Y.W.C.A .... HUFFSTUTLER, LUVOLA FRANCES, Theta Upsilon, Montgomery, Junior in Home Economics, Blacktriars, Tau Delta Tau, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Pan-Hellenic Council, Phalanx Sponsor . . . HUGHES, ELIZABETH ANNE, Biloxi, Miss., Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars, Y.W.C.A., Crimson-White, Corolla. HUGHSTON, BETTY, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Tuscumbia, Freshman in Home Economics . . . HUIE, WILDA LOIS, Delta Zeta, Garden City, Junior in Education, Pan-Hellenic, Y.W.C.A .... HUNT, ALICE LOUISE, Chi Omega, Montgomery, Freshman in Home Economics, Crimson- White, Corolla, Y.W.C.A .... HUNT, BETTY JEAN, Zeta Tau Alpha, Birmingham, Sophomore in Home Economics, Rammer-Jammer, Crimson- White, Corolla . . . HUNTER, HAMLET DOUGLAS, Appomatox, Va., Junior in Commerce . . . HURST, GRADY WESLEY, Chi Phi, Chatom, Sophomore in Commerce. HUSTED, JEAN ELIZABETH, Pensacola, Fla., Sophomore in Commerce . . . HUTCHINSON, JOHN HUGHSTON, Kappa Alpha, Montgomery, Sophomore in Engineerin-g . . . HUTCHINSON, MARGARET ANN, Theta Upsilon, Scooba, Miss., Junior in Education . . . IGLER, KAY JANE, Delta Zeta, Mobile, Junior in Home Economics . . . IMMLER, THOMAS ALOYSIUS, Pi Kappa Alpha, Bessemer, Freshman in Engineering, Corolla . . . INGRAM, MARTHA ANNE, Alpha Chi Omega, Hunts- ville, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars, Spirit Committee, Pan- Hellenic Council, Wesley Foundation, Zeta Phi Eta. INGRAM, PERRY BEN, Theta Chi, Jacksonville, Fla., Freshman in Engineering . . . INZER, JAMES CLARENCE, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Gadsden, Sophomore in Commerce . . . IRVIN, JOSEPH MARION, Albertville, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . ISACSON, ROBERT DALE, Phi Gamma Delta, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore in Commerce, Black- triars, Corolla, Y.M.C.A .... IVY, BERYL, Meridian, Miss., Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . IZZO, MARY MADELYN, Quechee, Vt., Sopho- more in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars, Y.W.C.A., Newman Club. JACKSON, HELEN FRANCES, Pell City, Sophomore in Home Eco- nomics . . . JACKSON, JOHN ELWIN, Colbran, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Vice-President Freshman Class in A.B. School . . . JACKSON, MILLARD FRANKLIN, Sigma Nu, Pine Apple, Sophomore in Engineering . . . JACOBSON, FRANK N., Zeta Beta Tau, Mobile, Sophomore in Engineering, Glee Club . . . JADOVICH, WALTER D., New Britain, Conn., Junior in Engineering, A.S.C.E .... JAEGLE, ROBERTA VIRGINIA, Alpha Phi, Philadelphia, Pa., Sophomore in Education. JAFFE, LOUIS, Sigma Alpha Mu, Philadelphia, Pa., Freshman in Engineering, Bama Beam, Assistant Football Manager . . . JAMES, RAY WARREN, Lambda Chi Alpha, Eutaula, Sophomore in Commerce . . . JAMISON, BILLY, Phi Gamma Delta, Tuscaloosa, Junior in Commerce . . . JANNETT, GLIDA MAUDE, Bessemer, Junior in Edu- cation, Spirit Committee . . . JANSEN, VERNOL ROBERT, JR., Kappa Alpha, Mobile, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . JEMISON, WARREN, Kappa Delta, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars, Y.W.C.A., Glee Club, Corolla. JERNIGAN, WILLARD HENRY, JR., Delta Kappa Epsilon, Mobile, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Corolla, Y.M.C.A .... JINKS, LYNN WILSON, Sigma Nu, Union Springs, Sophomore in Commerce, Rammer-Jammer . . . JOHNROE, JOSEPH ALFRED, JR., Rochester, N. Y., Junior in Commerce, Phalanx . . .JOHNS, DONALD L., Chi Phi, Sarasota, Fla., Freshman in Engineering . . . JOHNS, JAQUELINE SMITH, Phi Mu, Washington, D. C., Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Y.W.C.A., Crimson-White . . . JOHNSON, IRENE WOODALL, Zeta Tau Alpha, Guntersville, Freshman in Chemistry. JOHNSON, JACKIE, Alpha Gamma Delta, Decatur, Freshman in Commerce, Corolla, Crimson-White, Y.W.C.A .... JOHNSON, JAMES DANIEL, Fruitdale, Sophomore in Commerce, Y.M.C.A., Spanish Club . . . JOHNSON, JAMES HOWARD, Lambda Chi Alpha, Birmingham, Junior in Chemistry . . . JOHNSON, JANICE ELAINE, Zeta Tau Alpha, Tuscaloosa, Junior in Education . . . JOHNSON, JESSE PIERCE, Haleyville, Freshman in Engineering . . . JOHNSON, JOSEPH HARRIS, Fruitdale, Junior in Commerce, Delta Sigma Pi, Officers' Club, Scob- bard and Blade. Page 156 A ALABA OF PRES DENT FRST THE AS VA WOODS AL DR Houston, L. Houston, M. Howell Howells Hubbard Hudec Hudson, C. Hudson, T. Huey Huff Huffstutler Hughes Hughston Huie Hunt, A. Hunt, B. Hunter Hurst Husted Hutchinson, J. Hufchinson, M. Igler lmmler Ingram, M. Ingram, P. lnzer Irvin Isaacson Ivy Izzo Jackson, H. Jackson, J. Jackson, M. Jacobson Jadovich Jaegle Jaffe James Jamison Jannett Janson Jemison Jernigan Jinks Johnroe Johns, D. Johns, J. Johnson, Johnson, J. Johnson, J. D. Johnson, J. H. Johnson, J. E. Johnson, J. P. Johnson, J. H. L-I A 9 . war ' A 'U' 5 . I I I I . , - , 1 'gal I. F, II . . . . f I .. 1 C' 'Vt .f 'I . I .. fr ' , J ,, , ' 'JZ , Tv ...qt mg, f , 5 ' I I . ff 3 5 . '- is ' f..,4ff'?? - 1 ,Sw-izfff' , ,, f I2 I WF .f iqgyzs ' if . I.. 122. 5' 1:751???5I" 3. ' f 'V I I V 5.1111 'N' - 1' A .. J J Q ,. Ik Valli . jg, Q r, al K , 4 My a " ' . f 1 H,.,,,:, I 'N if . 9.272 ' iw -lf: g.,',.- 3 N ' fr" f M " " ' V 2 . V-A5 'V ' f-: i .5248 hr F . f -Ahsifzf. ,, 54 , , x --. - f ' 1 , . I I A ll ! v-xy A if hy: af' .- .,. ' I '. sf I Z' I -X ,ap nur .3 ,, , - 41... Jfefif . fi If .. .g.K.12.. . I J I V all r ' P ,. . -'- " - " ra. - 1, - 11931 'f , ' J' " 'K ' ,g":,3.gj ' , . -' sf.. . fwliqfffi -. Q. . f 11+ 2 ' -Q... 2 5 .5 - -f '- if 4.63354 -54,1 r ' -9 1 :J .kYv,-dis". . ,. ..:,Yi ':,.:' X 1 -JY ,gg x ' -: . ' 4. . .Jig .:' , . Q .5 . H5 .,,. .- 4-. . a2', -. -' Q. .- 4 1- ,. ,. ..-:Q ... , I , f, Wk f- f " I ' . 599 'f-.:.1:,.5-arf , v 3.545 'Q . , .5-a , Q. : .:, '-4. ..j.,,, en-1 03. -Q.,-1: +I-1-I+' .4-1 . . I - ,Q . r ,,g.f,.,ggg.. f. X K ,ff ,, 3 ff ' , I . . ' .5,QfgfEfg, " its ' ,,,, . H , . . ,, ..,..,,.,.... . , .A . . J ?.f7Cf ' J 'f' " v 1l,..M. 'A f - ' gf .. 0-Wff+.,,.- . 11, f . , 5-qQ.2.of: J. W, -. .- . . ' . I .,-12142-0 . , 3 r: 31. - as - .-13' ,Q ZLFESI . ' , c4."Z-f"L'7? 4-fl. Z. It :-:- '-'. 6-033- -. ,. ' . - ' f z W, a X - 1-. .-..'.:g.:.yQq -. I -a ' A,,.mf4 . may f - g ' , 1 p ,il 4 -1 .gf -. as 1:1 I if . - - , .-vp,- of ,QI- .P arf! 24:1 JW 'qlyfgg .. :I !l'l,,?i,,, It .fl in-If SYIQWY V 'A , ,P if?-Ls, fall fs? 7 I WIA Elf' -lifff If ...el gl If ff lj-,ff Half yi .Fix ESV TIL itil' JI-ff' wleris Y 4' H Fw ,Ia ff ,sq 5:5 V11- ,g I if? FL - WA EMI., Biff 7 kb ML- if ,Vs . lr? My , IM1' X ' ll 'P' 7 f"'f11 wifi- If :IL ESI.. ' It Johnson, M. Johnson, R. Johnson, S. Johnston, A. Johnston, K. 1' Joiner Jones, C. Jones, E. Jones, G. Jones, H. Jones, J. Jones, Leslie Jones, Lucia Jones, R. Jones, W. G. Jones, W. V. Jordan, E. Jordon, L, .ludoy Judd Jurgenson Kcidin Kanter Koss Keener Keith Kelly, C. Kelly, M. Kelly, R. Kennedy, B. Kennedy, W. Kerchner Keyser Kilgore Killingsworth Kimbrough, C Kimbrough, J. Kimbrough, J. R. King, B. King, D. King, J. King, l.. King, M. King, M. C. King, N. King, P. Kinney Kinsaul Kirby Kirven Kiftmun Klamke Knapp Knowlton Koffler Korn Krcavtin Kruger Kuder Kuekes LD D CL ff U P- I- cn D4 LLI P Z D I.I.I I I- Z O LI.I 1 sf cn O Z D .-I D M O O Il 1 I.l.I P O THE AT ALABAMA JOHNSON, MARTHA JANE, Phi Mu, Montgomery, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . JOHNSON, RALPH ASH, Vineland. N. J., Sophomore in Commerce . . . JOHNSON, SARAH PACE, Jackson, Junior in Education, Blockfriars . . . JOHNSTON, ALYCE, Zeta Tau Alpha, Brundidge, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . JOHNSTON, KENNETH MAYNARD, New Brittain, Conn., Freshman in Engineering . . . JOINER, REUBEN C., JR., Kappa Sigma, Ozark, Junior in Commerce, Glee Club, A Cappella Chorus, Delta Sigma Pi, Spirit Committee. JONES, CECIL S., JR., Pi Kappa Phi, Brewton, Sophomore in Engineer- ing, Spirit Committee . . . JONES, EDGAR LEE, Phi Kappa Phi, Birmingham, Sophomore in Commerce, Band, Alabama Cavaliers . . . JONES, GEORGE T., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Monroeville, Junior in Commerce . . . JONES, HENRY RED, Laurel, Miss., Junior in Education, Football . . . JONES, JAMES M., JR., Sigma Nu, Dothan, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars, Crimson-White, Y.M.C.A .... JONES, LESLIE WALDON, Alpha Tau Omega, Birmingham, Sophomore in Commerce. JONES, LUCIA ALSTON, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Tuscaloosa, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Y.W.C.A., Art Club, Rammer-Jammer, Pan- Hellenic . . . JONES, ROSE DAVIS, Chi Omega, Greenville, Miss., Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Y.W.C.A., Crimson-White, Corolla . . . JONES, WILLIAM G., Woodville, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Press Club, Crimson-White . . . JONES, WESLEY VAN HOOSE, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Tuscaloosa, Freshman in Engineering . . . JORDAN, EDWARD EARL, Theta Chi, Danville, Vo., Sophomore in Commerce . . . JORDAN, LEE CLAY, JR., Alpha Tau Omega, Helena, Freshman in Commerce, Corolla, Rammer-Jammer, Y.M.C.A. JUDAY, RICHARD EUGENE, Phi Sigma Kappa, South Bend, Ind., Freshman in Commerce, Band . . . JUDD, ALBERT CHARLES, Newark, N. J., Sophomore in Engineering, Track . . . JURGENSON, HAROLD E., Phi Sigma Kappa, Boston, Mass., Freshman in Engineering, Blacktriars . . . KADIN, ANNALOU, Sigma Delta Tau, Staten Island, N. Y., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars, Debate, Bama Radio Network . . . KANTER, JOSEPH H., Kappa Nu, Tarrant, Sophomore in Commerce, Excelsior, Phi Eta Sigma, Debate Squad, Corolla, Crimson- White, Hillel, Council, Bama Radio Network, Freshman Tennis Squad, ,Delta Sigma Pi Freshman Scholastic Award . . . KASS, ETHEL, Piedmont, Freshman in Home Economics, Hillel. KEENER, IRBY ARTHUR, JR., Lambda Chi Alpha, Centre, Freshman in Commerce . . . KEITH, REUBEN STANLEY, Montgomery, Freshman in Engineering, Band . . . KELLY, CATHRINE, Sylacauga, Sophomore in Chemistry, Alpha Lambda Delta, Blacktriars, Y.W.C.A., Rammer- Jammer . . . KELLY, MARY PETTUS, Delta Zeta, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Y.W.C.A., Spanish Club . . . KELLY, RAMON J., Theta Xi, Butler, N. J., Junior in Engineering, Phalanx, S.A.M.E., Glee Club, Rho Beta . . . KENNEDY, BENJAMIN HUGHES, Phi Gamma Delta, Birmingham, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Page 'l59 KENNEDY, WILLIAM R., Sigma Phi Epsilon, Belaire, N. Y., Junior in Engineering, A.l.E.E .... KERCHNER, PAUL H., Louisville, O., Sopho- more in Arts and Sciences, Spirit Committee, Football Manager . . . KEYSER, ROSALIE, Sigma Delta Tau, Hartford, Conn., Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Blaclctriars, Crimson-White, Junior and Senior Councils . . . KILGORE, SAMUEL DAVID, Chi Phi, Jasper, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Crimson-White . . . KILLINGSWORTH, ROY WILLIAM, Dothan, Freshman in Engineering . . . KIMBROUGH, CAROLINE BEALL, Albany, Ga., Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Y.W.C.A. KIMBROUGH, JANE, Alpha Delta Pi, Thomasville, Sophomore in Home Economics, Alpha Lambda Delta, Caroline Hunt Club, Wesley Founda- tion, Y.W.C.A ..,. KIMBROUGH, JUNE RIDGELL, Delta Delta Delta, Tuscaloosa, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Corolla, Rammer-Jammer, Crimson-White . . . KING, BOB, Gadsden, Junior in Commerce, Spirit Committee, Vice-President of Junior Class in Commerce School, Black- friars . . . KING, DOROTHY MAUDE, Birmingham, Freshman in Commerce . . . KING, JOHN THOMAS, Alpha Tau Omega, Birming- ham, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Crimson-White, Excelsior, Y.M.C.A .... KING, LORRAINE, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Selma, Sopho- more in Arts and Sciences, Y.W.C.A., Crimson-White Corolla. KING, MARY FRANCES, Camp Hill, Freshman in Commerce . . . KING, MELBA CHARLOTTE, Sigma Delta Tau, McMinnville, Tenn., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Hillel . . . KING, NETTIE IDA, Centre, Freshman in Education . . . KING, PORTER, JR., Delta Kappa Epsilon, Mobile, Junior in Commerce, Greeks . . . KINNEY, BETTY MORGAN, Kappa Delta, Birmingham, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Glee Club, Crimson-White, Y.W.C.A., . . . KINSAUL, RAYMOND LEE, Pi Kappa Alpha, Tallassee, Junior in Arts and Sciences. KIRBY, PHILLIP C., Delta Tau Delta, Mullens, W. Va., Sophomore in Commerce . . . KIRVEN, DOROTHY LEE, Alpha Delta Pi, Jackson, Freshman in Education . . . KITTMAN, MURRAY, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Bronx, N. Y., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Glee Club, Hillel . . . KLAMKE, NADINE, Delta Delta Delta, Minden, La., Sophomore in Home Economics . . . KNAPP, DAVID PRENTICE, Sigma Nu, Birmingham, Junior in Engineering . . . KNOWLTON, CALVIN WOODSIDE, Phi Sigma Kappa, Westbrook, Me., Freshman in Engineering. KOFFLER, IRVING ARTHUR, Kappa Nu, Mobile, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . KORN, ALLAN LAWRENCE, Margaretville, N. Y., Sophomore in Commerce, Band, Blocktriars . . . KRAVTIN, MAURICE, Kappa Nu, Columbus, Ga., Sophomore in Commerce, Excelsior, Crimson- White . . . KRUGER, EVELYN, Fitzgerald, Ga., Junior in Commerce, Hillel . . . KUDER, JANET ELAINE, Phi Mu, Winterhoven, Fla., Fresh- man in Home Economics . . . KUEKES, JOHN HENRY, JR., Theta Xi, Cleveland, O., Junior in Commerce, Rho Alpha Tau. 'THE A 'T A L A B Ai M .A KUGLER, BARBARA JANE, Alpha Xi Delta, White Plains, N. Y., Sophomore in Education, A Cappella Choir . . . KUNZE, ELDON CLARKE, Belleville, N. J., Junior in Commerce, Phi Eta Sigma, Delta Sigma Pi, Phalanx . . . LABOVITZ, HARRY, Kappa Nu, Montgomery, Junior in Commerce, Excelsior, Hillel . . . LACKEY, ALFRED GERBER, Sigma Chi, Salisbury, N. C., Freshman in Commerce . . . LAGARDE, JOAN, Alpha Gamma Delta, Anniston, Sophomore in Home Economics, Caro- line Hunt Club, Y.W.C.A., Crimson-White . . . LAMBERT, ELEANOR, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Hattiesburg, Miss., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Corolla, Crimson-White. LAMONT, WILLIAM EDWARD, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Tuscaloosa, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . LANCASTER, LAWRENCE MUS- GROVE, Pi Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, Freshman in Engineering . . . LANDHAM, REUBEN F., Chi Phi, Macon, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . LANDRIP, JOHN MADISON, Phi Delta Theta, Jasper, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Corolla, Crimson-White, Y.M.C.A .... LANDRUM, CLAUDE H., Quinton, Sophomore in Engineering . , . LANG, ALBERT WARDEN, JR., East St. Louis, Ill., Sophomore in Engineering. LANHAM, LILLIAN, Chi Omega, Clarksdale, Miss., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Y.W.C.A., Corolla, Blacktriars . . . LARGE, JAMES WILLARD, Sigma Chi, Birmingham, Freshman in Commerce . . . LASETER, ROGERS NEILSON, Sigma Nu, Tuscaloosa, Freshman in Engineering, Blacktriars . . . LASTAYO, VIRGINIA DILLARD, Alpha Chi Omega, Miami, Fla., Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars . . . LATHAM, DONALD NICKERSON, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Siluria, Sophomore in Commerce, Y.M.C.A .... LATTA, GRANGER, Chi Phi, Dyersburg, Tenn., Junior in Arts and Sciences. LAUGHLIN, MARY JANE, Chi Omega, Huntsville, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Chi Delta Phi, Corolla, Rammer-Jammer . . . LAVENDER, MARGARETTE LAURINE, Havana, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . LAVETTE, .PATTIE, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . LEATH, MARTHA JEAN, Gadsden, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Black- triars, Alpha Epsilon Delta . . . LE BLANC, STEWART ALFRED, JR., Phi Delta Theta, Mobile, Junior in Commerce, Rho Alpha Tau, Druid, Quadrangle, Spirit Committee, Glee Club, Vice-President Junior Class in Commerce . . . LEDBETTER, ALICE HANNAH, Birmingham, Sopho- more in Education, Treasurer Presbyterian Student Union. LEE, BETTIE, Charleston, S. C., Sophomore in Home Economics, Caro- line Hunt Club . . . LEE, HELEN, Mobile, Sophomore in Education, Madrigal Club, A Cappella Chorus, Wesley Foundation . . . LEE, JOSEPHINE ELIZABETH, Zeta Tau Alpha, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Crimson-White . . . LEGGITTE, JOHNNIE KATHERINE, Grove Hill, Freshman in Home Economics, Glee Club . . . LEITES, IRVING, New York, N. Y., Sophomore in Chemistry . . . LELAND, MARGARET LOUISE, Alpha Delta Pi, Anniston, Freshman in Chemistry, Crimson-White, Y.W.C.A. LEMAISTRE, CHARLES A., Kappa Alpha, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . LEROY, JOSEPH RUSSELL, Alpha Tau Omega, Montgomery, Junior in Engineering, Phi Eta Sigma, A.l.CH.E ..., LEVAUGHN, LOUIS JAMES, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Freshman in Com- merce, Wesley Foundation, Football . . . LEVINE, SAM SOLOMON, Zeta Beta Tau, Birmingham, Sophomore in Engineering, Corolla, Crim- son-White, Rammer-Jammer . . . LEVITAN, LIBBY PAULA, New Orleans, La., Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Hillel . . . LEWIS, EMILY JEANNE, Delta Zeta, Indianapolis, Ind., Sophomore in Home Economics, Black- triars. LEWIS, FANNY LLOYD, Birmingham, Freshman in Commerce, Y.W.C.A., Crimson-White . . . LEWIS, JACK QUARLES, Birmingham, Junior in Engineering, Phi Eta Sigma, Band . . . LEWIS, OLIVER W., Knoxville, Tenn., Sophomore in Engineering . . . LEWIS, THOMAS KNIGHT, JR., Pi Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Crimson-White, Y.M.C.A ..., LEYDEN, BETTY, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Anniston, Sopho- more in Home Economics, Corolla, Crimson-White, Glee Club, Caroline Hunt Club . . . LEYDEN, MARY, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Anniston, Sophomore in Home Economics, Corolla, Crimson-White, Glee Club, Caroline Hunt Club. LICHTENSTEIN, JEAN SHIRLEY, Augusta, Ga., Freshman in Home Economics . . . LICHTER, JULIAN, Kappa Nu, Birmingham, Freshman in Commerce, Blacktriars, Hillel . . . LIDDELL, MARTHA ANNE, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Camden, Junior in Chemistry, Crimson-White, Y.W.C.A., P.S.A .... LIENEL, LOIS, Charleroi, Pa., Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . LIGHTFOOT, PHILIP MCGOWAN, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Tuskegee, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Vice-President Y.M.C.A .... LINDSAY, IRBY ADELE, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Birmingham, Sophomore in Commerce, Blackfriars, Y.W.C.A. LINDSEY, NAN, Crossville, Junior in Education, Caroline Hunt Club, B.S.U., . . . LIPSCOMB, INEZ, Alpha Chi Omega, Henning, Tenn., Freshman in Home Economics . . . LIPSON, HARRY MASON, JR., Zeta Beta Tau, Marks, Miss., Sophomore in Commerce, Band Drum- maior, Rammer-Jammer, Crimson-White . . . LISTER, BURCHIE, Zeta Tau Alpha, Birmingham, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . LISTER, WALTER J., Phi Sigma Kappa, Providence R. I., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars . . . LITTLE, AUGUSTA LOUISE, Attalla, Freshman in Home Economics. LLOYD, JEAN DALY, Kappa Delta, Anniston, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Crimson-White, Glee Club, Corolla . . . LOARD, JOHN WESLEY, Phi Kappa Sigma, Montgomery, Junior in Commerce, B.S.U., Y.M.C.A., Glee Club . . . LOEB, BERNARD FRANK, Zeta Beta Tau, Montgomery, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Spanish Club, Corolla, Crimson-White . . , LONG, ELIZABETH PADEN, Alpha Gamma Delta, Bessemer, Junior in Education . . . LONG, WILLIAM JAMES, Delta Tau Delta, Hornell, N. Y., Freshman in Commerce, Pershing Rifles, Newman Club . . . LONGSHORE, LESLIE ROBERT, Sigma Nu, Bir- mingham, Freshman in Commerce, Y.M.C.A. Page I6O STRA GHT YEARS THREE ERCAN ADE ALL-A COROLLA HAS THE Kugler Kunze Labovitz Lackey Lagarde Lambert Lamont Lancaster Landham Landrip Landrum Lang Lanham Large Laseter Lastayo Lathcm Latta Laughlin Lavender Lavette Leath LeBlanc Ledbetter Lee, B. Lee, H. Lee, J. Leggitte Leites Leland LeMaistre Le Roy Le Vaughn Levine Levitan Lewis, E. Lewis, F. Lewis, J. Lewis, O. Lewis, T. Leyden, B Leyden, Lichtenstein Lichter Liddell Liener Lightfoot Lindsay Lindsey Lipscomb Lipson Lister, B. Lister, W. Little Lloyd Loard Loeb Long, E. Long, W. Llongsho if ,f i ,i s W f bi Mfg ff, X fsgiazz W ' f W f J f, y ' 2 K 3: " 55,72 X faa,. 1 ,. 95' My 2, t . jf 'i ' . -' 1' D 7. ' v "Qi, z 'fr ' ' - 1 3 -s of I A " ., - - gif: " . - '1' Lie Lili? 3 . A , , ,, fi f - M X , . g 1. ,A 1 'V " ? fi' 1 . ': - 'J .. ,.... .,,V , , . ,. 5 ' 'mff,,, 1 o:,:sw':f9 f - F3312-YF , Q' , " ""f' 204 1 .21155 - '-"- ' , , . Q 171: -zaq' ,. ' sjay vfi'-"-1 ' ,f VJ.: 21' Q V 1 GM M A , ., ' ' 44 - vm inns! -v Jug, - XA, . H!! J, li!-Ff Longshore, W. Lopuioff Lowe Lowman Lukens Lyerly Lynch McAdory McBurney McCann McCarthy McCar1'y McCollum McClunuhun McClellan McClelland McClin1on McCollum McConnell, J. McConnell, M. McCord McCormick McCorvey McCroy Mcfreary McCutcheon, A. McCutcheon, M. McDaniel McDonald McDonongh McEochern McElroy McFerrin McGee McGowin, S, McGowin, T. Mclnish Mclnnis Mclniosh, E. Mclnfosh, R. Mclmyre McKay McKinnon McKosky McLaughlin McLin McMahon McMahon McMann McMillan, A. McMillan, L. McMillen McMilLian McMurphy, Jos McMurphy, John McMurphy, M. McNoron McNaughIon McRee McWhor1er D Z D u. I- UD LI.I I U 1 4 TO 000 I, 3 BUTED TR N CO TS UDEN ST TY ERS UNIV TttE A 'T A L Ai B A M A LONGSHORE, WILLIAM LEVI, JR., Sigma Nu, Birmingham, Freshman in Commerce, Glee Club, Freshman Y.M.C.A .... LOPATOFF, MITCHELL, Brooklyn, N. Y., Junior in Engineering . . . LOEW, EVA BERNEICE, Clanton, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars, YW.C.A., Spanish Club . . . LOWMAN, MARGARET RICE, Zeta Tau Alpha, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Y.W.C.A., Crimson-White, Rammer- Jammer . . . LUKENS, ARTHUR LEWIS, JR., Phi Gamma Delta, Piltsview, Junior in Engineering, Secretary-Treasurer Student Body, Theta Tau, Quadrangle, Druids, Vice-President A.l.Cl'l.E., Y.M.C.A., St. Pat's Com- mittee, Spirit Committee . . . LYERLY, BETTE, Kappa Delta, Columbus, Ga., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Glee Club. LYNCH, CAROLYN, Pensacola, Fla., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Y.W.C.A .... MCADORY, WALLACE C., Kappa Alpha, Greensboro, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Y.M.C.A, Crimson-White . . . MCBURNEY, CHARLES WALKER, Phi Gamma Delta, Tuscaloosa, Sopho- more in Arts and Sciences, Vice-President A.B. Association, Vice-President of Press Club, Crimson-White, Corolla, News Bureau, Vice-President Druids, Editor Rammer-Jammer . . . MCCANN, MARGARET RITA, Theta Upsilon, Springfield, Pa., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . MCCARTHY, FRED ROBERT, Alpha Tau Omega, Red Bear, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . MCCARTY, MIKE DAN, Quintion, Junior in Engineering, Vice-President Spirit Committee. McCOLLUM, DON HARRY, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, P.S.A., Baseball . . . MCCLANAHAN, HARVEY P., Anniston, Sophomore in Engineering, A.I.M.E .... MCCLELLAN, JOHN BEATTIE, Kappa Sigma, Athens, Junior in Engineering . . . MCCLELLAND, LOUISE VASS, Kappa Delta, Mobile, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Corolla, Crimson-White . . . McCLINTON, WILBUR ROY, Jackson, Junior in Engineering, A.l.CH.E .... McCOLLUM, FLOYD WILSON, Pi Kappa Phi, New Market, Freshman in Engineering. MCCONNELL, JOSEPH ANDREW, III, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Birming- ham, Sophomore in Commerce, Y.M.C.A., Corolla . . . MCCONNELL, MABEL ANN, Delta Delta Delta, Birmingham, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Glee Club, Corolla, Crimson-White . . . McCORD, MARY FLORENCE, Centerville, Freshman in Home Economics . . . McCORMICK, JIM, Pi Kappa Alpha, Mobile, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Blackfriars . . . MCCORVEY, ELANOR, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Mobile, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Y.W.C.A., Crimson-White, Corolla . . . MCCRAY, ELMO M., JR., Sigma Chi, Fairfield, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. McCREARY, MARGARET LOUISE, Alpha Delta Pi, Montgomery, Junior in Arts anal Sciences . . . McCUTCHEON, ALICE, Alpha Delta Pi, Russellville, Freshman in Home Economics, Blacktriars . . . McCUTCHEON, MARTHA ANNE, Zeta Tau Alpha, St. Petersburg, Fla., Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . MCDANIEL, MARILYN ELOISE, Washington, D. C., Sophomore in Home Economics, Y.W.C.A .... MCDONALD, MARY ELIZABETH, Gadsden, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . McDONOUGH, SALLY, Iron River, Mich., Freshman in Arts ancl Sciences, Y.W.C.A, Blackfriars. Page I63 MCEACHERN, JAMES FRANK, Lambda Chi Alpha, Houston, Tex., Junior in Chemistry . . . McELROY, JUSTIN RILEY, Kappa Sigma, Ada, O., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . McFERRIN, HARRIS C., Sigma Chi, Greenville, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . MCGEE, VAL LLOYD, Delta Chi, Birmingham, Junior in Commerce . . . MCGOWIN, SUMPTER MILLIGAN, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Greenville, Junior in Commerce . . . McGOWIN, TERE, Delta Delta Delta, Green- ville, Sophomore in Home Economics. MCINISH, DWIGHT, Dothan, Sophomore in Commerce . . . MCINNIS, JANE CARROL, Hattiesburg, Miss., Freshman in Commerce, Y.W.C.A., Blackfriars, Crimson-White, Corolla . . . MclNTOSH, EDWARD LEROY, -Kappa Alpha, Camden, Freshman in Arts and Sciences , . . MCINTOSH, ROBINS PHARR, Kappa Alpha, Camden, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Freshman Football . . . MCINTYRE, BOBBY EDWARD, Sigma Nu, Florence, Sophomore in Engineering . . . McKAY, ROBERT STEVENSON, Pi Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Y.M.C.A., Phi Eta Sigma, Debate Squad. MCKINNON, FRANCES, Birmingham, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . MCKOSKY, THEODORE STANLEY, Phi Sigma Kappa, Monessen, Pa., Junior in Engineering, Football, Theta Tau . . . McLAUGHLlN, MILTON DONALD, Kappa Sigma, Birmingham, Junior in Engineering . . . McLIN, LEONARD DALE, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Y.M.C.A., Phi Eta Sigma, P.S.A., Symphony Orchestra . . . MCMAHAN, REEVES C., Phi Kappa Sigma, Stevenson, Freshman in Engineering . . . MCMAHON, GLENN OWEN, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Cleveland Heights, O., Freshman in Arts and Sciences. MCMANN, ROBERT CASE, Rochester, N. Y., Junior in Engineering, . . . McMILLAN, ALICE HICKEY, Delta Delta Delta, Mobile, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Y.W.C.A., Crimson-White . . . McMILLAN, LANDIS T., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Monroeville, Freshman in Engineering . . . McMILLEN, JOHN C., Theta Xi, Apollo, Pa., Sophomore in Engineering . . . McMILLAN, MARY LUCILLE, Birmingham, Sophomore in Home Eco- nomics . . . MCMURPHY, JAMES PATRICK, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Atmore, Junior in Arts and Sciences. MCMURPHY, JOHN EARL, JR., Phi Delta Theta, Mobile, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Greeks, lnterfraternity Council . . . MCMURPHY, MARION BANCROFT, Phi Delta Theta, Mobile, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Philomathic, Rho Alpha Tau, Greeks . . . MCNARON, LOUISE, Delta Delta Delta, Anniston, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . MCNAUGHTON, NELSON R., Delta Tau Delta, Altoona, Pa., Junior in Commerce . . . McREE, JEAN DOUGLAS, Kappa Alpha, Hamilton, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . MCWHORTER, PAUL KERR, JR., Phi Gamma Delta, Gaylesville, Sophomore in Commerce. THE AT ALABAMA MABREY, WALLACE PAUL, Pi Kappa Phi, Horton, Sophomore in En' gineering . . , MacELLIOTT, THOMAS M., West Springfield, Mass., Sophomore in Engineering, Newman Club . . . MACKTA, JERRY, Sigma Alpha Mu, New York, N. Y., Freshman in Commerce, Crimson- White . . . MACON, JOHN, Sigma Chi, Wetumpka, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . MADDEN, MARY FRANCES, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Fayette, Junior in Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club, Corolla, Crimson-White . . . MADDOX, JAMES THERON, Pi Kappa Phi, Fayette, Junior in Arts and Sciences. MADDOX, MARTHA JANE, Abbeville, Freshman in Home Economics . . . MADDOX, STANLEY ALLEN, Chi Phi, Jasper, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars, Crimson-White . . . MAGEE, FRANCES E., Saugus, Mass., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . MAISEL, MILTON, Kappa Nu, Mobile, Freshman in Commerce, Y.M.C.A., Crimson-White . . . MANCIN, PEGGY ANN, Zeta Tau Alpha, Birmingham, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . MANGHAM, JUANITA, Bremen, Ga., Fresh- man in Commerce. MANN, GLADYS MAE, New Hope, Sophomore in Education . . . MANNING, GLENN FRANKLIN, Lambda Chi Alpha, Huntsville, Junior in Commerce . . . MANSFIELD, JOE TROTMAN, Sigma Nu, Chattanooga, Tenn., Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Pershing Rifles . . . MARCUS, JERRY LEE, Zeta Beta Tau, New York, N. Y., Sophomore in Engineering, Freshman Baseball, Y.M.C.A .... MARION, JOSEPH ANTHONY, Marion, N. Y., Junior in Arts and Sciences, Newman Club . . . MARKS, HENRY CHURCHILL, Alpha Tau Omega, Montgomery, Junior in En- gineering. MARSH, JACK, Hueytown, Sophomore in Engineering, Druids, Band . . . MARSHALL, ROBERT LEE, JR., Phi Delta Theta, Mobile, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . MARTIN, GORDON DALLAM, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Birmingham, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Y.M.C.A .... MARTIN, HARRY GIVHAN, Lambda Chi Alpha, Bessemer, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Y.M.C.A., Crimson-White . . . MARTIN, JAMES CLARENCE, JR., Pi Kappa Phi, Geneva, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Band . . . MARTIN, LIN, Montgomery, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Crimson-White, Y.W.C.A. MARTIN, MARGARET JEANNETTE, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Clayton, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Corolla, Crimson-White, Rammer-Jammer . . . MARTY, WILFRED H., Sigma Phi Epsilon, Ridgewood, N. J., Freshman in Engineering . . . MARX, MILTON DAVID, Zeta Beta Tau, Huntington, Ind., Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . MASON, FRANK LAFAYETTE, Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, Freshman in Engineering . . . MATHEWS, FERRIN Y., Florala, Freshman in Engineering . . . MATHEWS, GENIE BLUE, Alpha Gamma Delta, Montgomery, Junior in Home Economics. MATHIS, AMY LIVINGSTON, Montgomery, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Crimson-White, Corolla, Glee Club . . . MATTHEUS, W. E., Delta Chi, Birmingham, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars, National Collegiate Players . . . MATTHEWS, ELIZABETH FOUCHE, Montgomery, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Crimson-White, Corolla . . . MATTHEWS, JOHN RANDOLPH, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Mont- gomery, Freshman in Commerce . . . MATTHEWS, MAX WELLBORN, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Montgomery, Junior in Commerce, Druids, Secre- tary-Treasurer of Interfraternity Council , . . MATTINSON, MARY NELL, Delta Zeta, Anniston, Freshman in Commerce. MAULDIN, PEGGY ELIZABETH, Hueytown, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Zeta Phi Eta, Chi Delta Phi, Women's Debate Manager, B.R.N., Y.W.C.A .... MAXWELL, CAMILLE SEARCY, Kappa Delta, Tuscaloosa, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Corolla, Blacktriars, Y.W.C.A .... MAXWELL, KATE DeVERE, Tuscaloosa, Freshman in Chemistry . . . MAY, CLARENCE THOMAS, Kappa Sigma, Dothan, Freshman in Com- merce . . , MAY, DAVE, Kappa Nu, Dora, Freshman in Commerce . . . MAYFIELD, WILLIAM THOMAS, JR., Alpha Tau Omega, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. MEADOWS, MARY MARGARET, Birmingham, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . MEARS, THOMAS WAKEFIELD, Phi Gamma Delta, Gadsden, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . MEDLIN, GLORIA GRAY, Aberdeen, N. C., Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Y.W.C.A., Blackfriars . . . MEEKS, JACQUELINE, Alpha Delta Pi, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Crimson-White, Rammer-Jammer, Blackfriars . . . MEGGINSON, RICHARD DUNN, Phi Gamma Delta, Thomasville, Fresh- man in Arts and Sciences, Band . . , MERRILL, CLARENCE WEBSTER, Theta Chi, Salem, N. H., Freshman in Commerce. MERRILL, JANE, Alpha Gamma Delta, Woodward, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Girls' Spirit Committee . . . MERRILL, JOSEPH MELTON, Kappa Sigma, Andalusia, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . MESHAD, CHARLES EDWARD, Lambda Chi Alpha, Birmingham, Junior in Commerce . . . MEYER, EMIL J., Zeta Beta Tau, Montgomery, Junior in Commerce . . . MEYER, JEROME F., Zeta Beta Tau, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars, Rammer-Jammer . . . MICHALOWSKI, STEPHEN GEORGE, New York, N. Y., Junior in Engineering, Rho Alpha Tau, A.l.M.E. MILES, CAROLINE, Chi Omega, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore in Home Economics . . . MILLAR, GLENN LEROY, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Fairfield, Sophomore in Engineering . . . MILLAR, SARA ANNE, Alpha Delta Pi, Marietta, Freshman in Home Economics, Corolla, Y.W.C.A., Caroline Hunt Club . . . MILLER, ARTHUR JULIUS, New Britain, Conn., Sophomore in Engineering, Gamma Delta . . . MILLER, ELMER ISABELL, Tuscaloosa, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . MILLER, HELEN EDITH, Sylacauga, Sophomore in Home Economics. Page I64 Mathis Mabrey MacEllioM Mackfa Macon Madden Maddox, Maddox. M. Maddox, S. Magee Maisel Mancin Mangham Mann Manning Mansfield Marcus Marion Marks Marsh Marshall Marlin, G. Mariin, H. Martin, J. Marlin, L. Marlin, M. Marry Marx Mason Mathews, F. Mafhews, Maitheus Mafthews E. Maffhews J. Matfi.on 1,6 H , O' A I N - , 5 Maithews, M. '95, ' - l i E - , Mauldin Maxwell, C. Maxwell, K. May, C. May, D. Mayfield Meadows Mears Medlin Meeks Megginson Merrill, C Merrill, J. Merrill, J. M. Meshad Meyer, E. Meyer, J. Michalowski Miles Millar, G. Millar, S. Miller, A. Miller, E. Miller, H. Ji D, in -J Q 'Ab 'C u -:P 'D i --in ZA? G Miller, Mille J. D. r, J. W. Mills, M. Mi lls, Raymond Mills, Roberl Mims, Mims Min Mi Mills, S. M. , U. or lchell Mixon Moffa Mizell ll' Monasee Money Monroe Mo ntgo me ry, E. Montgomery, J Moore, H. Moore, James Moore, Jean Moore, Joe Moore, M. Moorer, R. Morgan, B. Morgan, C. Morgan, M. Morgan, P. Morison Morring Morris Morr iselfe Morrison Morse Moseley Mosley Moss Moses Moye Mudd Mugler Mulford Mullady Murc hison Mu rphree Murphy, D. Murphy, W. F. Murra Murphy, W. R. y, A. Murray, J. Nagy Napolitano Naramore Nash Nathan Neal Nei lson Nelson, E. Nelson, J. Nelson, J. R. THE AT ALABAMA MILLER, J. D., Pi Kappa Phi, Cordova, Junior in Engineering . . . MILLER, JANE WELLS, Alpha Phi, Passaic, N. J., Sophomore in Home Economics . . . MILLS, MAJOR CARROLL, Kappa Sigma, Ozark, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Greeks, Y.M.C.A .... MILLS, RAYMOND SEALS, JR., Pi Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . MILLS, ROBERT ISAAC, Chi Phi, Evergreen, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Crimson-White . . . MILLS, SAM A., Lambda Chi Alpha, Bessemer, Junior in Engineering. MIMS, MARY HELEN, Alpha Delta Pi, Birmingham, Freshman in Home Economics, Glee Club, Corolla, Rammer-Jammer, Caroline Hunt Club, Crimson-White, Y.W.C.A .... MIMS, ULUS EUGENE, Ozark, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Blackfriars, Wesley Foundation, Debating, Y.M.C.A. MINOR, HELEN HAMBRICK, Delta Delta Delta, Paulette, Miss., Sopho- more in Home Economics . . . MITCHELL, MARY JANE, Alpha Chi Omega, EI Dorado, Ill., Junior in Home Economics, A Cappella Chorus, Caroline Hunt Club, French Club . . . MIXON, TAYLOR BROWN, Chi Phi, Hamilton, Sophomore in Commerce . . . MIZELL, WOODFIN G., JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Cairo, Ga., Sophomore in Engineering. MOFFATT, ROBERT E., Alpha Tau Omega, Birmingham, Freshman in Commerce . . . MONASEE, CHARLES ARTHUR, Kappa Nu, Mont- gomery, Sophomore in Engineering, Phi Eta Sigma, Crimson-White, Bama Bean . . . MONEY, EVELYN, Alpha Delta Pi, Scottsboro, Freshman in Commerce, Y.W.C.A., Blacktriars . . . MONROE, SARAH BINFORD, Delta Delta Delta, Huntsville, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Corolla, Rammer-Jammer, Crimson-White . . . MONTGOMERY, ELIZABETH ANN, Delta Delta Delta, Birmingham, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . MONTGOMERY, JOHN ALLEN, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Birmingham, Junior in Commerce, Rammer-Jammer. MOORE, HELEN MAXINE, Tuscaloosa, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . MOORE, JAMES W., JR., Phi Delta Theta, Birmingham, Junior in Engineering . . . MOORE, JEAN MYRICK, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Tuscaloosa, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Spirit Committee, Alpha Lambda Delta, Rammer-Jammer . . . MOORE, JOE BURTON, Phi Delta Theta, Tuscaloosa, Freshman in Engineering, Ramer-Jammer, Corolla . . . MOORE, MARTHA LOU, Zeta Tau Alpha, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore in Commerce . . . MOORER, RUTH YOUNG, Alpha Gamma Delta, Tuscaloosa, Junior in Commerce, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Chi Theta, Spirit Committee, Corolla. MORGAN, BERTRAM S., Theta Chi, Andover, Mass., Sophomore in Chemistry . . . MORGAN, COLLEEN THELMA, Alpha Phi, Ogdensburg, N. Y., Junior in Commerce, Newman Club . . . MORGAN, MARGARET ANN, Bessemer, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars, Glee Club, Chi Delta Phi, Zeta Phi Eta, P.S.A .... MORGAN, PATRICIA MARY, Alpha Phi, Ogdenburg, N. Y., Junior in Chemistry, Vice-President Newman Club . . . MORISON, PATRICIA, Chi Omega, Berwyn, Ill., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars, Glee Club, Crimson-White, Rammer-Jammer . . . MORRING, THOMAS FRANK, Pi Kappa Alpha, Huntsville, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Crimson-White, Blacktriars. Page I67 MORRIS, VICY, Alpha Chi Omega, Fort Payne, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Blackfriars . . . MORRISETTE, WILLIAM FOWLKES, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Greensboro, Freshman in Engineering . . . MORRISON, FRANCES CLAIRE, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Black- triars, Crimson-White . . . MORSE, RICHARD BOOTS, Beverly, Mass., Junior in Engineering, St. Pat's Committee . . . MOSELEY, HENRY, Sylacauga, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . MOSES, SHIRLEY FELD, Sigma Delta Tau, Mobile, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Crimson- White, Hillel, Corolla. MOSELEY, REBECCA FARRAH, Akron, Sophomore in Education . . . MOSS, ARTHUR BROADUS, Kappa Sigma, Andalusia, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars, 'Iau Delta Tau . . . MOYE, GEORGE WILSON, Kappa Sigma, Decatur, Junior in Commerce, Band . . . MUDD, EDWARD WILKINSON, Phi Delta Theta, Birmingham, Sopho- more in Arts and Sciences . . . MUGLER, JAMES LEEDS, Pelham Manor, N. Y., Junior in Engineering . . . MULFORD, FELIX GEORGE, Paterson, N. J., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. MULLADY, WILLIAM FRANCIS, Hartford, Conn., Freshman in Chem- istry . . . MURCHISON, GROVER CLEVELAND, Kappa Alpha, Mont- gomery, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Y.M.C.A., President, Phi Eta Sigma, Druids, Crimson-White, Outstanding Cadet Freshman, Coast Artillery Corps . . . MURPHREE, DOROTHY, Chi Omega, Jackson, Miss., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Corolla, Y.W.C.A .... MURPHY, DAVID WARREN, Kappa Sigma, ElDorado, Ark., Freshman in Com- merce, Y.M.C.A .... MURPHY, WILLIAM FRANCIS, Sigma Nu, Abbeville, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . MURPHY, WILLIAM RAY, Kappa Sigma, ElDorado, Ark., Freshman in Chemistry. MURRAY, ANN, Kappa Delta, Mobile, Sophomore in Commerce, Corolla, Crimson-White . . . MURRAY, JOHN PRITCHETT, Pi Kappa Alpha, Belle Glade, Fla., Freshman in Engineering, Y.M.C.A., Black- triars . . . NAGY, STEPHEN JOSEPH, JR., East Orange, N. J., Junior in Engineering . . . NAPOLITANO, RALPH RAYMOND, Bridgeport, Conn., Junior in Arts and Sciences, Spirit Committee, Excelsior . . . NARAMORE, MALTA LANE, Sigma Chi, Birmingham, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . NASH, HUGH ANTHONY, Oneonta, Freshman in Engineering. NATHAN, ELIZABETH, Sheffield, Freshman in Commerce, Corolla, Rammer-Jammer, Y.W.C.A ..., NEAL, MARY LOUISE, Robertsdale, Junior in Education . . . NEILSON, MARY MINGE, Kappa Delta, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Alpha Lambda Delta- Crimson-White, Corolla, Y.W.C.A., Spanish Club . . . NELSON, ELI TUTWILER, Kappa Alpha, Athens, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . NELSON, JAMES A., Decatur, Sophomore in Engineering . . . NELSON, JOHN ROBERT, Vina, Junior in Arts and Sciences. THE AT ALABAMA NELSON, LIBBYE ANN, Alpha Chi Omega, Birmingham, Sophomore in Home Economics . . . NELSON, PATRICIA, Livingston, Junior in Commerce . . . NESMITH, NELWYN, Yazoo City, Miss., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . NETTLES, DOROTHY, Chi Omega, Ocala, Fla., Sophomore in Home Economics, W.S.G.A., Alpha Lambda Delta, Spirit Committee, Y.W.C.A., Crimson-White, Corolla, Treasurer ot Sophomore Class, President ot Sophomore Class in Home Economics . . . NEVILLE, ELAINE, Phi Mu, Birmingham, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Black- iriars . . . NEWBERRY, NINA JO, Dothan, Junior in Arts and Sciences. NEWCOMB, JOAN, Alpha Xi Delta, Haddonfield, N. J., Freshman in Commerce . . . NICHOLS, CAROLYN IRENE, Linden, Junior in Chemistry, Girls' Spirit Committee, Alpha Lambda Delta . . . NICHOLS, JAMES HENRY, JR., Kappa Sigma, Birmingham, Freshman in Commerce . . . NICHOLSON, CATHERINE FLETCHER, Huntsville, Sophomore in Educa- tion, Alpha Lambda Delta, Y.W.C.A., Spanish Club . . . NIEBER, MARJORIE, Long Island, N. Y., Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . NIEDERHAUSER, NELL DEXTER, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Gadsden, Sopho- more in Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club, Blacktriars, Y.W.C.A. NIERMAN, LOIS E., Cincinnati, O., Junior in Commerce, Glee Club, Y.W.C.A .... NIREN, NORMAN BERNARD, Kappa Nu, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Bama Beam, Crimson-White, Y.M.C.A. . . . NIXON, HENRY LEES, Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, Freshman in Engineering . . . NIXON, KALSIE IRENE, Cullman, Sophomore in Edu- cation . . . NOBLE, ANDREW JACKSON, Alpha Tau Omega, Tallassee, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars, Debate Squad, Phi Eta Sigma . . . NOLAN, ROBERT MARSTON, Phi Sigma Kappa, Albany, N. Y., Sophomore in Commerce. NOLAN, WILLIAM FAREL, III, Lambda Chi Alpha, Canton, O., Junior in Commerce . . . NOLDAN, ROSALIE HAXALL, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Birmingham, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars, Y.W.C.A. . . . NOONAN, GEORGE LEE, Alpha Tau Omega, Bay Minette, Junior in Commerce, Crimson-White . . . NORMAN, ROBERT DANIEL, Delta Chi, Birmingham, Freshman in Commerce, Blacktriars . . . NOVI, WILLIAM FRANK, New York, N. Y., Sophomore in Engineering . . . NUFRIO, RICHARD PHILLIP, Newark, N. J., Freshman in Arts and Sciences. NUNEZ, ANN, Tampa, Fla., Freshman in Commerce . . . NUSSBAUM, FRED D., New York, N. Y., Sophomore in Engineering, Bama Beam . . . O'CONNOR, RUTH MARY, Kappa Alpha Theta, Syracuse, N. Y., Junior in Commerce . . . O'CONNOR, WILLIAM FITTS, Phi Delta Theta, Tuscaloosa, Junior in Commerce . . . O'DARE, PATRICK FRANCIS, Yonkers, N. Y., Junior in Engineering, Spirit Committee, President ot Ridgecrest, St. Pat's . . . O'KUHN, SHERWOOD, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Passaic, N. J., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. OLENSKI, MITCHELL JOSEPH, Delta Sigma Phi, Vestal, N. Y., Junior in Commerce, Football, Track, "A" Club . . . OLIVER, FRANCES B., Dadeville, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Y.W.C.A., A Cappella Choir, Wesley Foundation . . . OLIVER, WILLIAM HARRY, Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, Sophomore in Commerce, Crimson-White . . . OPPENHEIM, EVELYN HARDIN, Alpha Gamma Delta, Florence, Sophomore in Educa- tion, Blacktriars, Corolla, Rammer-Jammer, Crimson-White . . . ORR, ELIZABETH, Phi Mu, Bessemer, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . ORR, ISABEL, Birmingham, Junior in Education, Caroline Hunt Club, Y.W.C.A. ORR, JOHN WILLIAM, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Montevallo, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Tau Delta Tau, Blacktriars . . . ORR, MARTHA SUSAN, Chi Omega, Birmingham, Sophomore in Home Economics, Corolla, Crimson-White, Rammer-Jammer, Y.W.C.A .... OSWALT, JOSEPH HARRIS, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Mobile, Sophomore in Com- merce . , . OTTS, ELIZABETH AVERY, Greensboro, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars, Crimson-White, Corolla, Rammer-Jammer . . . OTTS, LEE McMILLAN, Phi Gamma Delta, Greensboro, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . OWEN, JAMES RAY, Pi Kappa Phi, Bay Minette, Sophomore in Engineering. OWENS, BRADY, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Troy, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . OWENS, CHARLES HASTINGS, Pi Kappa Alpha, Hurts- boro, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . OWENS, JONNYE, Chi Omega, Union City, Tenn., Sophomore in Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club, Crimson-White . . . OWENS, WINDELL CLIFTON, Phi Kappa Sigma, Repton, Sophomore in Commerce . . . OWENSBY, PAUL SHELTON, Linden, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . PAGET, JANE, Red Level, Junior in Arts and Sciences, 2nd Vice-President Y.W.C.A., Spirit Committee, Alpha Lambda Delta. PAINTER, WILLIAM MITCHELL, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Columbus, Miss., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . , PANVINI, THOMAS PAT, Delta Sigma Phi, New York, N. Y., Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Rifle Team, Newman Club . . . PAPPAS, ZAFERO GREGORY, Zeta Tau Alpha, Eufaula, Sophomore in Home Economics, Y.W.C.A., Caroline Hunt Club . . . PARISH, MARTHA, Headland, Sophomore in Education, Caroline Hunt Club . . . PARKER, GEORGE STUART, Aliceville, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . PARKER, JOHN M. G., JR., Delta Kappa Epsilon, Birmingham, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Y.M.C.A., Corolla, Greeks. PARKER, LUTHER ERNEST, Oneonta, Freshman in Commerce . . PARKMAN, BYRON, Kappa Sigma, Dothan, Junior in Commerce . . . FARMER, DOROTHY, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Mobile, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . PARROTT, PAT, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Dallas, Tex., Junior in Arts and Sciences, Y.W.C.A .... PARTRICH, MARGENE, Northpart, Freshman in Education . . . PATE, SAM FRANKLIN, Carroll- ton, Sophomore in Commerce. Page I68 D cz O i- D D 4 I.J.I I I- Z LD LI.I U Z 4 Q .-I ,I 4 I- 4 D -I O an LI.I cz 4 UD D.. 'ti LD Ihr 4 Nelson, L. Nelson, P. Nesmifh Nehles Neville Newberry Newcomb Nichols, C. Nichols, J. Nicholson Nieber Niederlwauser Niermann Niren Nixon Nixson Noble Nolan, R. No'an, W. Noland Noonan Norman Novi NuFrio Nunez Nussborm O'Cannar, R. O'Conner, W. O'Dare O'Kul1n Olenski Oliver, F. Oliver, W. Oppenheim Orr, E. Orr, l. Orr, J. Orr, M. Oswalf Otis, E. Oils, L. Owen Owens, B. Owens. C. Owens, J. Owens, W. Owensby Page? Painter Panvini Pappas Parish Parker, G. Parker, J. Parker, L. Parkman Parmer Parrof Parfrich Pore 4 ,-1 l w I 9, I9 I if 4 A R ji I' 6 S m ' ,P l l ' ll 2. ,'9Y' 9 1 a - , ll' ,I rsxi-1 Q' I I l' 1? . !, N 5 "' ' iwj '4' W 4 iz 'fr f N ,fa f VJ f , 2 fn fe , 4, ff 4 14 f 4 , , Jw 'I ' fi Arg 1 V Q I Q 1 .. ii i, " -11.1. .1i, , j W 1 - "GH ','-' A .Ya- Q. ,l ' A' K! 4. , ...A WI' 1 X V 'r ,L X l B , , f Patterson, Madelyn Patterson, Margaret Patterson, P. Paulsen Payne, E. Payne, Mc Pearce Peebles Pendleton Pennington Perryman Peters Petrey Pharr, A. Pharr, K. Phifer Phillips, J. Phillips, M. Phillips, R. Phillips, S. Pierce Pinckard Pineau Piper Pippin Pitman Pitts, C. Pitts, P. Platt Plourcle Poe Pollam Pollard Pope Porter Potter Powe Powell, B. Powell, S. Powers Prather, E. Prather, M. Pratt, A. Pratt, D. Praytor Prestwood Price, B. Price, V. Price, W. Prickett, D. Prickett, J. Priddy Prince Pritchett Pruet Pugh Pullum, C. Pullum, M. Pursley Putman cn cn O cz U D LI.I CZ LLJ I I- O i- cn ac sf .-I O D O O CD CN u.l P 4 O NTS DE STU TY ERS UNIV THE A T PATTERSON, MADELYN MARY, Zeta Tau Alpha, Birmingham, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Y.W.C.A., W.S.G.A .... PATTERSON, MARGARET, Graceville, Fla., Junior in Commerce, Y.W.C.A . . , PATTERSON, PATRICIA, Kappa Delta, Montgomery, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Y.W.C.A., Crimson-White . . . PAULSEN, CLINTON HENRY, Oakland, Col., Sophomore in Engineering . . . PAYNE, EDMUND CAPE, Alpha Tau Omega, Newcastle, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Excelsior, A.E.D. . . . PAYNE, MCDONALD, Alpha Tau Omega, Arlington, Vo., Freshman in Engineering. PEARCE, KATHRYN, Vina, Freshman in Arts ancl Sciences . . , PEEBLES, DAURICE GERALDINE, Alpha Xi Delta, Tuscaloosa, Junior in Education, Caroline Hunt Club . . . PENDLETON, HENRY HARWOOD III, Pi Kappa Alpha, Bessemer, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Corolla, Glee Club, Y.M.C,A .... PENNINGTON, NAN, Alpha Gamma Delta, Jasper, Junior in Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club, Corolla . . . PERRYMAN, GEORGE IRA, Montgomery, Junior in Engineering, Glee Club, A.S.C.E., Phalanx, S.A.M.E .... PETERS, MYRA ANN, Sheffield, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. PETREY, BASCOM DOWLING, Sigma Chi, Eufaula, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . PHARR, AUSTILL, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Mobile, Freshman in Commerce . . . PHARR, KITTY GREY, Chi Omega, Memphis, Tenn., Freshman in Home Economics, President Freshman Class, Black- triors, Y.W.C.A., Caroline Hunt Club, Corolla . . . PHIFER, GWEN- DOLYN IDA, Tuscaloosa, Freshman in Home Economics . . . PHILLIPS, JACK LEWIS, Zeta Beta Tau, Birmingham, Freshman in Commerce, Blacktriars, Crimson-White . . . PHILLIPS, MARY EVELYN, Birmingham, Freshman in Home Economics, Crimson-White. PHILLIPS, ROBERT B., Sigma Chi, Birmingham, Freshman in Engineer- ing . . . PHILLIPS, SARA EVELYN, Tuscaloosa, Freshman in Education . . . PIERCE, BURTRAM D., Alpha Gamma Delta, Washington, D. C., Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Corolla, Rammer-Jammer, Crimson- White, Y.W.C.A .... PINCKARD, EFFIE ELIZABETH, Phi Mu, Troy, Freshman in Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club, Y.W.C.A ,.,. PINEAU, ART L., Theta Chi, Lowell, Mass., Freshman in Commerce . . . PIPER, CECIL GILBERT, Glasborg, Pa., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. PIPPIN, REX, JR., Dothan, Freshman in Engineering, St. Pat's, Presi- dent ot Freshman Class in Engineering, Phi Eta Sigma . . . PITMAN, WILLIAM SANDERS, Delta Tau Delta, Kokomo, Ind., Freshman in Engineering . . . PITTS, CLYDE GRAY, Alpha Delta Pi, Decatur, Freshman in Commerce . . . PITTS, PERCY M., JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Clanton, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . PLOTT, DOROTHY NELL, Aliceville, Freshman in Home Economics, Y.W.C.A. . PLOURDE, ELMER EDWARD, Manchester, N. H., Sophomore in Commerce, Newman Club. Page l7l ALABAMA POE, LOUISE NARDIN, Alpha Gamma Delta, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Corolla, Rammer-Jammer, Glee Club . . . POLLAM, ELMER NEWELL, Dothan, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Band . . . POLLARD, WILLIAM A., Delta Sigma Phi, Mobile, Sophomore in Com- merce, Band . , . POPE, DOLLY E., Zeta Tau Alpha, Birmingham, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . PORTER, ANNE, Alpha Gamma Delta, Kellyton, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Glee Club, Crimson-White, Corolla, Y.W.C.A .... POTTER, ORA LEE, Phi Mu, Jacksonville, Fla., Freshman in Commerce. POWE, ROSEMARY, Alpha Phi, Delray Beach, Fla., Junior in Com- merce, Triangle . . . POWELL, BARBARA SHERARD, Delta Delta Delta, Mobile, Sophomore in Home Economics, Corolla, Crimson-White, Y.W.C.A .... POWELL, SARA WILLYENE, Alpha Delta Pi, Center, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . POWERS, GEORGE EDWARDS, Kappa Alpha, Rockford, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . PRATHER, MARGARET, Delta Delta Delta, Anniston, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Crimson-White, Corolla, Blacktriors. PRATT, ANDREA JOSEPHINE, Chi Omega, Centerville, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars, Y.W.C.A .... PRATT, DAN, Phi Delta Theta, Birmingham, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . PRAYTOR, HUGH EIAZELLEEL, JR., Pi Kappa Alpha, Trussville, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Philomathic . . . PRESTWOOD, DOROTHY CARROLL, Zeta Tau Alpha, Brundidge, Freshman in Education . . . PRICE, BETTYLU, Delta Delta Delta, Gadsden, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . PRICE, VIRGINIA ANN, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. PRICE, WILLIAM THOMSON, Kappa Alpha, Tuscaloosa, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Y.M.C.A., Crimson-White . . . PRICKETT, DOROTHY VIRGINIA, Alpha Delta Pi, Oneonta, Junior in Commerce . . . PRICKETT, JUNE, Alpha Delta Pi, Oneonta, Junior in Commerce, Caroline Hunt Club, Y.W.C.A .... PRIDDY, STRATTON WILLIAM, Pi Kappa Phi, Sulligent, Junior in Commerce . , . PRINCE, ARTHUR, Kappa Nu, Mobile, Freshman in Engineering . . . PRITCHETT, WILLIAM NORMAN, Delta Tau Delta, Norwood, Pa., Sophomore in Commerce. PRUET, EVA, Sylocauga, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . PUGH, PATRICIA OGLE, Phi Mu, Houston, Tex., Sophomore in Engineering, Bama Beam . . . PULLUM, CARL ESPY, PR., Sigma Chi, Birmingham, Junior in Commerce . . . PULLUM, MARJORIE, Dothan, Sophomore in Commerce, Wesley Foundation . . . PURSLEY, DOROTHEA LOUISE, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Mobile, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . PUTMAN, MARGARET C., Kappa Delta, Birmingham, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars. THE AT ALABAMA QUARLES, JAMES SIDNEY, Alpha Tau Omega, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . RAGSDALE, MARJORIE, Chi Omega, Memphis, Tenn., Junior in Home Economics, Crimson-White, Blacktriars, Corolla . . . RAINER, JAMIE FLOURNOY, Chi Phi, Gordo, Sophomore in Engineering . . . RAINER, MARY JANE, Delta Delta Delta, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Corolla, Crimson-White . . . RAINER, SALLIE DURRETT, Delta Delta Delta, Birmingham, Junior in Home Economics, W.S.G.A., Vice-President ot Pan-Hellenic, Detense Council, President of Junior Class, Phi Upsilon Omicron . . . RAINERO, ROSINA, Phi Mu, Bristol, Va., Junior in Home Economics, Y.W.C.A. RAMEY, MARY KATHERINE, Akron, Sophomore in Education . . . RANDALL, HENRY CLAY, Phi Delta Theta, West Blocton, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Press Club, Crimson-White . . . RASBERRY, MARY ANN, Delta Delta Delta, Anniston, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Y.W.C.A., Corolla, Crimson-White . . . RATLIFF, JEAN, Chi Omega, Birmingham, Sophomore in Home Economics, Rammer-Jammer, Corolla, Y.W.C.A. . . . RAWLS, JUNE, Delta Delta Delta, Selma, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Crimson-White, Rammer-Jammer, Corolla . . . RAY, JOHN ANDREW, Alpha Tau Omega, Montgomery, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Band, Alabamians. RAY, MARY CRENSHAW, Kappa Delta, Birmingham, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Spanish Club, Crimson-White . . . REA, HENRY HUDSON, JR., Alpha Tau Omega, Montgomery, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Y.M.C.A .... READ, VIRGINIA AUDREY, Zeta Tau Alpha, Pensacola, Fla., Freshman in Commerce, Corolla, Y.W.C.A .... REESE, KENNY, El Dorado, Ark., Sophomore in Education, Football, Freshman Baseball . . . REEVES, VIRGINIA, Kappa Delta, Birmingham, Freshman in Commerce . . . REID, JEANNE MARIE, Alpha Delta Pi, Tampa, Fla., Sophomore in Home Economics, Y.W.C.A. RENEAU, WILLIAM BAILEY, Sigma Chi, Wetumpka, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . REW, FRANCES ELIZABETH, Kappa Delta, Birmingham, Sophomore in Home Economics . . . REYNOLDS, ELEANORA, Chi Omega, Montevallo, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars, Y.W.C.A., Crimson-White, Spanish Club . . . REYNOLDS, MARY LOUISE, Phi Mu, Bessemer, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Corolla, Crimson- White, Blacktriars . . . RHEA, JO ANNE, Mobile, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Crimson-White, Blackfriars, Rammer-Jammer, Corolla, Spirit Committee, Alpha Lambda Delta, Matrix . . . RHODES, GILBERT ALFRED, JR., Delta Chi, Tuscaloosa, Junior in Engineering, Wesley Foundation. RICH, MARVIN FRANK, Kappa Nu, Birmingham, Sophomore in Com- merce, Rammer-Jammer, Corolla . . . RICHARDS, ROSALIE, Jackson- ville, Fla., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . RICHARDSON, CHARLES EDWIN, Birmingham, Freshman in Engineering . . . RICHARDSON, THOMAS B., JR., Sigma Nu, Birmingham, Sophomore in Engineering . . . RICLES, ALVIN J., Boston, Mass., Junior in Engineering, Football, Band . . . RICORDS, FRANK CLARKE, Phi Sigma Kappa, Merchantville, N. J., Junior in Commerce, Delta Sigma Pi. RIDDICK, HARRY H., Kappa Alpha, Demopolis, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . RINGLAND, ADRIAN ALTON, JR., Pi Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, Freshman in Engineering . . . RINKENBACH, WILLIAM H., Delta Tau Delta, Penn Wynne, Pa., Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . RITTER, GENEVA, Delta Zeta, Smithville, Miss., Freshman in Home Economics, Y.W.C.A., Caroline Hunt Club . . . ROBERTS, ALLEN GUILFORD, Alpha Tau Omega, Birmingham, Sophomore in Engineering . . . ROBERTS, MARY SYBIL, Alpha Gamma Delta, Dothan, Junior in Education, Caroline Hunt Club, Wesley Foundation. ROBERTS, SARA FRANCES, Alpha Phi, Jacksonville, Fla., Sophomore in Home Economics, Y.W.C.A .... ROBERTSON, MARGARET DAWSON, Delta Delta Delta, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore in Home Economics, Corolla, Y.W.C.A., Caroline Hunt Club . . . ROBERTSON, WILLIAM BELL, Phi Gamma Delta, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore in Commerce . . . ROBINSON, DOUGLAS McLEAN, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Binghamton, N. Y., Sophomore in Engineering . . . ROBINSON, JAMES FRANCES, Repton, Junior in Education, Girls' Spirit Committee, Caroline Hunt Club . . . ROBSON, SHIRLEY ELIZABETH, Alpha Delta Pi, Birmingham, Junior in Commerce. RODRIGUEZ, JOSE LUIS, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Sophomore in Engineering, Spanish Club . . . ROEHM, CHARLOTTE, Zeta Tau Alpha, Ft. Bragg, N. C., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Y.W.C.A., Spanish Club . . . ROGERS, ELIZABETH BARNES ADUSTON, Kappa Delta, Eutaw, Junior in Commerce, Corolla, Crimson-White . . . ROGERS, GROVER C., Sigma Chi, Tampa, Fla., Sophomore in Commerce . . . ROGERS, JAMES HOWARD, Sigma Chi, Tampa, Fla., Freshman in Engineering . . . ROPER, ROBERT S., Kappa Sigma, Hazelhurst, Miss., Freshman in Commerce. ROSS, ELMER ALBERT, Uniontown, Pa., Junior in Engineering, Pershing Rifles . . . ROSS-, OLIVER STREET, Kappa Alpha, Guntersville, Junior in Engineering . . . ROTHENBERG, SIDNEY, New York, N. Y., Junior in Chemistry . . . ROWE, RUTLAND, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Montgomery, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . ROWLEY, JEAN FRANCES, Washing- ton, D. C., Freshman in Home Economics, Blackfriars . . . ROY, VN. D., JR., Delta Kappa Epsilon, Deatsville, Sophomore in Commerce. ROYAL, WILLIAM HAROLD, Lambda Chi Alpha, Birmingham, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Assistant Editor I943 Corolla, Crimson-White, Rammer-Jammer, Y.M.C.A., Rho Alpha Tau, Spirit Committee, Cotillion Club, Junior Prom Committee, Vice-President of lntertraternity Council . . . ROZEAR, FREDERICK CHANDLER, Decatur, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . RUBIN, LIBBIE, Sigma Delta Tau, Ft. Pierce, Fla., Sopho- more in Arts and Sciences, Spirit Committee, Hillel, Crimson-White . . . RUBIN, MONA ADELAIDE, Sigma Delta Tau, Miami Beach, Fla., Fresh- man in Home Economics, Blacktriars, Hillel, Crimson-White . . . RUCKER, EDWARD BREWER, Lambda Chi Alpha, Birmingham, Junior in Commerce, Rho Alpha Tau, Y.M.C.A., Alpha Kappa Psi . . . RUSHING, MARGARET LAVERNE, Tuscaloosa, Junior in Home Economics. Page l72 U3 Dt 4 LLI P- P- I- Z I.I..I I- D1 Ll.I P O M O u. LI.I Di Ll.I I D Lu I U sf O U D.. LD CZ U S4 Z sf I Quarles Ragsdale Rainer, J. Rainer, M. Rainer, S. Rainero Ramey Randall Rasberry Ratliff Rawls Ray, J. Ray, M. Rea Read Reese Reeves Reid Reneau Rew Reynolds, E, Reynolds, Rhea Rhodes Rich Richards Richardson, Richardson Ricles Ricards Riddick Ringland Rinkenbach Ritter Roberts, A. Roberts, Roberts, S. F, Robertson, M. Robertson, Robinson, Robinson, Robson Rodriguez Roehm Rogers, E. Rogers, G. Rogers, J Roper Ross, E. Ross, O. Rothenberg Rowe Rowley Roy Royal Rozear Rubin, L. Rubin, M. Rucker Rushing M. y D. 7 45 I f 1 , 2-1541 f. .ww f . . ., ., ..:, .. - . .- Q o.,,..,,M . g:yf255,,4t . ' 2,7 Q, 9.5,-,. f , .f,,M. - -V .f,:-ww . '. 1 1 we. J o .L ff J 3 'L gif 4656 ff f r If s I View , -Z, i g , Wi? 4 1 op, f em ' A, PM - -. .go y f is K 1 Q8 -I ay 1 f ,Q e " 5, .V .1 'if Z 'Us - 'r!C1KY1'14.M Russell Rutledge, D. Rutledge, G Rutledge, R Ryland Sobel Sadowski Saffell Saks Salmon Sandefur Sanders, F Sanders, J. Sanders, R. Sanders, W Sankey Sargent Sawka Sawyer Sayre Scarborough Schoel Schoonmaker Schwartz Schwarz Scobie Scott, B. Scott, R. Scoville Screven Seagard Sessamen Sessions Severence .I Severence W Sewell Sexton Shamblin Shatz Shaw, A. Shaw, Jennie Shaw, Jerome Shedko Shelley Shepard Sheridan Sherrill Shibles Shilancl Shirley, A. Shirley, H. Shugerman Siben Sibley Siegal Siegel Silverman Silvestri Simpson Sims THE AT ALABAMA RUSSELL, JAMES C., Phi Gamma Delta, Tuscaloosa . . . RUTLEDGE, DAVID LOFTON, JR., Alpha Tau Omega, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . RUTLEDGE, GUY LESLIE, JR., Alpha Tau Omega, Northport, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Y.M.C.A., Alpha Epsilon Delta, Band . . . RUTLEDGE, RICHARD ELWOOD, Chi Phi, Haleyville, Sophomore in Commerce, Crimson-White, Interfraternity Council, Presi- dent of Sophomore Class . . . RYLAND, THOMAS OWEN, Birmingham, Junior in Chemistry, Wesley Foundation . . . SABEL, JIMMIE LEE, Zeta Beta Tau, Montgomery, Junior in Commerce, Spirit Committee, Rammer-Jammer, Crimson-White, Intertraternity Council. SADOWSKI, RICHARD MELVIN, Phi Sigma Kappa, Pensacola, Flo., Sophomore in Commerce . . . SAFFEL, WALTER WADE, Lambda Chi Alpha, Elmont, Va., Sophomore in Engineering . . . SAKS, ALAN SAKS, Zeta Beta Tau, Gadsden, Freshman in Commerce . . . SALMON, LOUIS, Kappa Alpha, Mobile, Junior in Commerce . . . SANDEFUR, WANDA, Phi Mu, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Glee Club, Crimson- White . . . SANDERS, FRED BRYCE, Phi Kappa Sigma, Scottsboro, Junior in Arts and Sciences. SANDERS, JOHN LAMAR, Phi Kappa Sigma, Goshen, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Excelsior, Rammer-Jammer, A,B. Executive Committee . . . SANDERS, ROBERT WARREN, Phi Kappa Sigma, Tuscumbia, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Band . . . SANDERS, WILLIAM MARION, Chi Phi, Ft. Worth, Tex., Junior in Engineering, Theta Tau, Spirit Committee, St. Pat's Committee, Intertraternity Council, Tau Beta Pi Award l942, Collection Manager Crimson-White . . . SANKEY, MARION ALLEN, Zeta Tau Alpha, Montgomery, Freshman in Home Economics, Crimson- White, Carolyn Hunt Club, Y.W.C.A .,.. SARGENT, GEORGE WILSON, JR., Lambda Chi Alpha, Birmingham, Sophomore in Engineer- ing, American Institute Chemical Engineering . . . SAWKA, ALBERT ANDREW, Delta Sigma Phi, New York, N. Y., Sophomore in Engineering. SAWYER, JAMES TOLIVER, Phi Kappa Sigma, New Brockton, Junior in Engineering, Theta Tau, Greeks . . . SAYRE, HOLLAND RHODES, Phi Kappa Sigma, Springfield, Pa., Sophomore in Commerce, Inter- traternity Council . . . SCARBOROUGH, ANDREA, Kappa Delta, New York, N. Y., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars, Chi Delta Phi . . . SCHOEL, WALTER, JR., Phi Gamma Delta, Birmingham, Freshman in Engineering . . . SCHOONMAKER, ELEANOR ANNETTE, Ft. Monroe, Va., Freshman in Chemistry . . . SCHWARTZ, MINETTE RAY, Memphis, Tenn., Freshman in Chemistry. SCHWARZ, WILLIAM X., Theta Chi, Williamstown, Mass., Junior in Engineering, lntertraternity Council . . . SCOBIE, WILLIAM WEBSTER, Titusville, Fla., Freshman in Engineering . . . SCOTT, BETTIE, Pell City, Sophomore in Commerce . . . SCOTT, ROBERT Si., Kappa Sigma Birmingham, Sophomore in Commerce . . . SCOVILLE, MARY, Rochester, N. Y., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Y.W.C.A .... SCREVEN, JIMMY ODINGSELL, JR., Phi Delta Theta, Birmingham, Freshman in Commerce, Y.M.C.A., Crimson-White, Corolla. Page I75 SEAGARD, HERBERT BERTIL, Alpha Sigma Phi, Jamestown, N. Y., Junior in Commerce . . . SESSAMEN, MARY, Zeta Tau Alpha, Bir- mingham, Freshman in Home Economics, Y.W.C.A., Corolla, Rammer- Jammer, Crimson-White . . . SESSIONS, MOULTRIE HORATIUS, Alpha Tau Omega, Enterprise, Sophomore in Commerce, Phi Eta Sigma, Y.M.C.A .... SEVERENCE, JEAN, Chi Omega, Montgomery, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . , . SEVERENCE, JOHN WALDEN, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Montgomery, Freshman in Engineering . . . SEWELL, WILLIAM A., Chi Phi, Rome, Ga., Sophomore in Commerce. SEXTON, NELLA MAE, Fayette, Sophomore in Chemistry . . . SHAMBLIN, JOHN LAFAYETTE, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Tuscaloosa, Fresh- man in Arts and Sciences . . . SHATZ, MARK FLOYD, Zeta Beta Tau, Kenton, Tenn., Sophomore in Commerce, Cotillion Club, Rammer-Jammer, Excelsior . . . SHAW, ALVIN W., Delta Chi, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Glee Club, Blacktriars . . . SHAW, JENNIE MAUDE, Alice- ville, Freshman in Education, Y.W.C.A .... SHAW, JEROME, Brooklyn, N. Y., Junior in Arts and Sciences. SHEDKO, VICTOR JOSEPH, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Elizabeth, N. J., Sopho- more in Arts and Sciences . . . SHELLEY, MARTHA SUE, Miami, Fla., Freshman in Home Economics . . . SHEPHARD, DOROTHY LOUISE, Alpha Gamma Delta, Mobile, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Blocktriars . . . SHERIDAN, WILLIAM F., Alpha Tau Omega, Memphis, Tenn., Sopho- more in Commerce, Blacktriars, Y.M.C.A., Crimson-White, Excelsior . . . SHERRILL, JOHN DOKE, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Birmingham, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . SHIBLES, BETTY, Alpha Xi Delta, Westbrook, Me., Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars, Crimson-White. SHILAND, SYLVIA, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . SHIRLEY, ADOLINE, Tuscaloosa, Freshman in Chemistry . . . SHIRLEY, HOWARD SHOLL, JR., Delta Chi, Birmingham, Sophomore in Chemistry . . . SHUGERMAN, VIVIAN NAOMI, Birmingham, Sophomore in Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club, Hillel, Alpha Lambda ,Delta . . . SIBEN, AARON SAMUEL, Sigma Alpha Mu, Central Islip, N. Y., Sopho- more in Education, Pershing Rifles . . . SIBLEY, RUTH, Tuscaloosa, Freshman in Commerce. SIEGAL, IRVIN FRED, Kappa Nu, Birmingham, Freshman in Corn- merce, Corolla, Rammer-Jammer, Excelsior . . . SIEGEL, E. E., Zeta Beta Tau, Selma, Junior in Commerce . . . SILVERMAN, MELVIN L., Sigma Alpha Mu, Norwich, Conn., Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . SILVESTRI, VICTOR FRANK, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Brooklyn, N. Y., Junior in Arts ancl Sciences . . . SIMPSON, JANET COLLIER, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Florence, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Chi Delta Phi . . . SIMS, IMOGENE, Alpha Xi Delta, Montgomery, Junior in Home Economics, Crimson-White, Blackfriars, LaVerne Noyes Scholarship. THE AT ALABA u SIMS, JAMES ANTHONY, JR., Chi Phi, Talladega, Junior in Engineer- ing, Glee Club . . . SIPE, CHARLES A., JR., Bedford, Pa., Junior in Engineering, Phalanx, A.S.C.E., S.A.M.E., . . . SKINNER, STANFORD JOYNER, Lambda Chi Alpha, Gatun, Ariz., Junior in Arts and Sciences, Band . . . SLATON, CHARLES WARREN, Sigma Nu, Ashville, Freshman in Commerce . . . SLAUGHTER, JOHN L., JR., Alpha Tau Omega, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . SLOANE, SIDNEY L., Worcester, Mass., Junior in Arts and Sciences, Manager Football Team, Spirit Committee, Spanish Club. SMALL, HELENE, Zeta Tau Alpha, Birmingham, Junior in Education . . . SMALLMAN, RALPH ALCORN, JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Birming- ham, Sophomore in Engineering . . . SMAWLEY, EARL CLINTON, Chi Phi, Ft. Myers, Fla., Freshman in Engineering . . . SMITH, ANNE FARRAR, Birmingham, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Glee Club, Blackfriars . . . SMITH, ARTHUR JAMES, Pi Kappa Alpha, Phenix City, Sophomore in Commerce . . . SMITH, CHARLES FRANCIS, Amory, Miss., Sophomore in Commerce. SMITH, CLAUDE BENNETTE, Manchester, Ga., Freshman in Engineer- ing . . . SMITH, FAIRRIS LYNN, Pi Kappa Alpha, Bessemer, Freshman in Engineering, Rammer-Jammer . . . SMITH, FRANCES OLIVIA, Mt. Hope, Sophomore in Home Economics, Y.W.C.A., Caroline Hunt Club . . . SMITH, FRED RUTLEDGE, Alpha Tau Omega, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . SMITH, JAMES NEWTON, Chi Phi, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Band, Crimson-White, Blackfriars . . . SMITH, JOHN ROBERT, Lambda Chi Alpha, Birmingham, Sophomore in Engineering. SMITH, JOHN ROBERT, JR., Huntsville, Freshman in Commerce, Corolla, Blackfriars, Y.M.C.A., Crimson-White. . . SMITH, LLOYD K., Brewton, Freshman in Chemistry . . . SMITH, LORENE SUE, Phi Mu, Meridian, Miss., Junior in Education, Y.W.C.A., Corolla . . . SMITH, MARGARET CATHERINE, Delta Delta Delta, Gadsden, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Crimson-White, Rommer-Jammer, Corolla . . . SMITH, MARY IDA, Delta Delta Delta, Birmingham, Sopho- more in Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club, Corolla, Crimson-White . . . SMITH, MILDRED WARD, Phi Mu, Atlanta, Ga., Junior in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars. SMITH, MURIEL, Alpha Xi Delta, Sarasota, Fla., Freshman in Com- merce . . . SMITH, PAT, Lambda Chi Alpha, Birmingham, Junior in Commerce, Corolla, Crimson-White, Rammer-Jammer, Blackfriars . . . SMITH, PAUL ALLEY, Phi Gamma Delta, Birmingham, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Y.M.C.A., Wesley Foundation . . . SMITH, STINSON EDWIN, Nevada, Mo., Junior in Engineering . . . S-MITH, THOMAS SELDON, Alpha Tau Omega, Birmingham, Sophomore in Engineering . . . SMITH, WARREN IRVING, Montgomery, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. M A SMITH, WILLIAM ASHBY, Alpha Tau Omega, Red Bear, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . SMYER, MARTHA FRANCES, Delta Delta Delta, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Crimson-White, Blacklriars . . . SNIDER, MARGARET, Bessemer, Freshman in Home Economics, Rommer-Jammer, Caroline Hunt Club, Crimson-White . . . SNIDER, MYRTLE LEE, Adger, Sophomore in Education . . . SNIVELY, AVIS, Phi Mu, Winter Haven, Fla., Junior in Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club, Y.W.C.A .... SNOWDEN, JAMES W., Kappa Sigma, Shreveport, La., Freshman in Engineering. SNYDER, GORDON EDWARD, Ft. Benning, Ga., Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Pershing Rifles, Crimson-White . . . SOKOL, ALBERT, Kappa Nu, Bessemer, Sophomore in Commerce, Blacktriars, Crimson-White . . . SOKOL, MELVIN SEYMOUR, Kappa Nu, Birmingham, Freshman in Com- merce . . . SOLANA, SAMUEL, New York, N. Y., Junior in Education, President Spanish Club . . . SOLNICK, ROBERT LEWIS, Kappa Nu, Florence, Sophomore in Engineering . . . SPAULDINGS, LORRAINE K., Buffalo, N. Y., Freshman in Home Economics. SPEAR, WILLIAM FARLEY, Lambda Chi Alpha, Lapine, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . SPEED, VIRGINIA, Luverne, Junior in Edu- cation, Y.W.C.A., Caroline Hunt Club . . . SPEIGHT, JOHN WILLIAMS, Sigma Nu, Dothan, Sophomore in Commerce, President Rho Alpha Tau, Phi Eta Sigma, President Druids, Delta Sigma Pi Award . . . SPENCE, LARKIN ANDREW, Tuscaloosa, Junior in Engineering, A.I.Ch.E .... SPENCER, JOSEPH RICHARD, Delta Tau Delta, Apollo, Pa., Sophomore in Engineering . . . SPERLING, DVORAH, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. SPICER, FRED JOHN, Theta Xi, Trenton, N. J., Freshman in Education . . . SPINKS, DOROTHY, Thomasville, Junior in Commerce, Phi Chi Theta . . . SPONSLER, RUTH LAVERNE, Birmingham, Junior in Edu- cation . . . SPRAGGINS, THOMAS J., Pi Kappa Alpha, Alexander City, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . SPRAYBERRY, WILLIAM LUCIUS, JR., Lambda Chi Alpha, Atlanta, Ga., Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . STABLER, ALINE ANSON, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Birmingham, Junior in Arts and Sciences. STACEY, JAMES EDGAR, Lambda Chi Alpha, Birmingham, Junior in Chemistry . . . STAGG, JOHN ROBERT, Kappa Alpha, Danville, Ky., Sophomore in Commerce . . . STAHMER, HARRY JOSEPH, Lambda Chi Alpha, Birmingham, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . STALCUP, WILLIAM SPANN, Winfield, Sophomore in Engineering . . . STAMPS, BERNICE GLEN, McComb, Miss., Sophomore in Engineering, Phi Eta Sigma, Druids . . . STANLEY, BETTY REES, Phi Mu, Booneville, Miss., Junior in Arts and Sciences, Y.W.C.A. Page I76 I4 al L5 cz O u. Z u.l UD O I U CD il O O J: U CD CN IT I- CD D4 Ll. LL O LIJ Z O cn 4 4 4 na 4 .-I 4 Sims, J. A. Sipe Skinner Slaton Slaughter Sloane Small Smallman Smawley Smith, Ann Smith, A. J. Smith, C. Smith, C. B. Smith, F. Smith, F. O. Smith, F. R. Smith, J. N. Smith, J. R. Smith, J. R. Jr. Smith, L. K. Smith, L. S. Smith, M. C. Smith, M. l. Smith, M. W. Smith, Muriel Smith, Pat Smith, Paul Smith, S. Smith, T. Smith, Warren Smith, William Smyer Snider, M. Snider, M. L. Snively Snowden Snyder Sokol, A. Sokol, M. Solana Solinick Spauldings Spear Speed Speight Spence Spencer Sperling Spicer Spinks Sponsler Spraggins Sprayberry Stabler Stacey Stagg Stahmer Stalcup Stamps Stanley 9 aa I' .41 1 1 lff , fan- ' 1 9 5 5 1 fi c A iii!! t -L, b. 1 ig . , iwei 5 wi . ws., E wg . 1 X? 5 4 iwvggww 'A 9 Q10 , ,201 V ' . .""f 1. I Z 5. 5' V' Stanley Staples Steadham Steiner Stein ley Steinmetz Ste p he n Stephens Sterman Stetz Stevenson Stewart, L. Stewart, R. Stewart, R. L. Stillwagon Stimpson Stinson Slllf St. John Stone Stough, F. Stough, J, Stough, S. Stovall Stratton Streit Strickland Stringfellow, A Stringfellow, Stohm Strong Stuart Stubbs Studdard, D. Studdard, M. Stu rdy Sturgis Sudduth, C. Sulduth, J. Sullivan Suren Sutton, C. Sutton, J. Sutton, M. Sutton. M. J. Swearingen Tacchi Taft Tatum Taub Taylor, Alleene Taylor, Audrey Taylor, H. Taylor, l. Taylor, Lois Taylor, M. Taylor, N. Taylor, W. Teel Tenenbaum THE AT ALABAMA STANLEY, VIRGINIA WEBB, Delta Delta Delta, Greenville, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Crimson-White . . . STAPLES, JOHN S., Owensboro, Ky., Junior in Education, Varsity Football . . . STEADHAM, EMILY LEFILS, Phi Mu, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Black- friars, Crimson-White, Corolla . . . STEINER, ROBERT EUGENE, III, Phi Delta Theta, Montgomery, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . STEINLY, ANNIS MAY, Memphis, Tenn., Freshman in Home Economics, Corolla, Glee Club, President of Freshman Y.W.C.A .... STEINMETZ, GEORGE C., Theta Xi, Wheeling, W. Va., Freshman in Chemistry. STEPHEN, WILLIAM OSCAR, Alpha Tau Omega, Birmingham, Fresh- man in Engineering, Y.M.C.A., Bama Bean . . . STEPHENS, GLENN, Lambda Chi Alpha, Bessemer, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . STERMAN, MILTON IRES, Kappa Nu, Fayette, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Crimson-White . , . STETZ, EUGENE, Delta Sigma Phi, New York, N. Y., Sophomore in Engineering, Newman Club . . . STEVENSON, JOSEPH ELLIS, Theta Xi, Trent, N. J., Sophomore in Engineering . . . STEWART, LEON F., Delta Chi, Bessemer, Sophomore in Commerce, Excelsior, Blacktriors, Corolla. STEWART, ROBERT LONG, Sigma Chi, Carrollton, Ga., Sophomore in Commerce . . . STEWART, ROY LEE, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Birmingham, Sophomore in Engineering . . . STILLWAGON, FRED W., Theta Xi, Pittsburgh, Pa., Sophomore in Commerce, Spanish Club . . . STIMPSON, BEN CHARLES, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Mobile, Freshman in Commerce . . . STINSON, MARY ELLEN, Delta Zeta, Birmingham, Sophomore in Commerce, Y.W.C.A., Wesley Foundation . . . STITT, JIMMIE LEE, Roanoke, Freshman in Commerce, Y.W.C.A. ST. JOHN, LUCY TURNER, Alpha Gamma Delta, Birmingham, Fresh- man in Home Economics, Blacktriars, Glee Club, Corolla . . . STONE, EDWARD WILKERSON, Alpha Tau Omega, Whigam, Ga., Junior in Commerce . . . STOUGH, FOSTER EARL, Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, Freshman in Engineering . . . STOUGH, JOHN ALAN, Alpha Tau Omega, Montgomery, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Y.M.C.A .... STOUGH, SELLERS, JR., Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, Junior in Commerce, Phi Eta Sigma, Philomathic, Quadrangle . , . STOVALL, INA RUTH, Phi Mu, Jacksonville, Fla., Freshman in Arts and Sciences. STRATTON, WILLIAM L., Theta Chi, Malden, Mass., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . STREIT, MARTHA MAXINE, Delta Zeta, Sheffield, Freshman in Home Economics, Corolla, Crimson-White, Caroline Hunt Club . . . STRICKLAND, CATHERINE JEANETTE, Faulkville, Sophomore in Chemistry, Y.W.C.A., Baptist Student Union . . . STRINGFELLOW, ANN, Phi Mu, Gainesville, Freshman in Commerce . . . STRINGFELLOW, ARTHUR KING, JR., Chi Phi, Jacksonville, Fla., Freshman in Commerce, Crimson-White, Corolla, Rammer-Jammer, Blackfriars . . . STOHM, JACQUELINE MARIE, Alpha Chi Omega, Annapolis, Md., Sophomore in Education, Wesley Foundation. Page 179' STRONG, EMILY ALICE, Alpha Chi Omega, Birmingham, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars, Spanish Club, Y.W.C.A .... STUART, BETTY JANE, Zeta Tau Alpha, Miami, Fla., Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . STUBBS, VIRGINIA LEINANI, Chi Omega, Fort Benning, Ga., Sophomore in Home Economics, Corolla, Rammer-Jammer, Caroline Hunt Club, Y.W.C.A ..,. STUDDARD, DAVID CURTISS, Pi Kappa Phi, Cordova, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . STUDDARD, MARY, Cordova, Junior in Education, Spirit Committee, Blackfriars . . . STURDY, DOROTHY MAE, Alpha Chi Omega, Birmingham, Junior in Home Eco- nomics, Caroline Hunt Club, Blackfriars, Spanish Club. STURGIS, ELDNA, Roanoke, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Crimson- White, Glee Club, Blacktriars, B.R.N., House of Representatives, Y.W.C.A., Wesley Foundation, Matrix . . . SUDDUTH, CLAIRE MARIE, Delta Delta Delta, Panama City, Fla., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . SUDDUTH, JOSEPH EARL, Phi Delta Theta, Birmingham, Junior in Engineering . . . SULLIVAN, ARTHUR GORDON, JR., Phi Sigma Kappa, Buffalo, N. Y., Junior in Arts and Sciences, Blackfriars . . . SUREN, JOHN ANDREW, Shelton, Conn., Sophomore in Engineering . . . SUTTON, CAMILLA CORT, Delta Delta Delta, Anniston, Junior in Home Economics, Guidon. SUTTON, JOE THOMAS, Pensacola, Fla., Sophomore in Engineering, B.S.U., A.I.Ch.E .... SUTTON, MARILYN LIVINGSTON, Delta Delta Delta, Anniston, Freshman in Home Economics . . . SUTTON, MARTHA JANET, Pensacola, Fla., Freshman in Arts and Sciences, A Cappella Choir, B.S.U .... SWEARINGEN, ROBERT LeRI'IOY, Chickasaw, Sopho- more in Engineering, Orchestra . . . TACCHI, ANN MAE, Alpha Xi Delta, East Aurora, N. Y., Sophomore in Home Economics . . . TAFT, HUNTER GEORGE, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Meridian, Miss., Junior in Engineering, Glee Club. TATUM, JANE R., Chi Omega, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore in Home Eco- nomics . . . TAUB, MYRA, High Point, N. C., Sophomore in Chemistry . . . TAYLOR, AILEENE BATES, Theta Upsilon, Como, Miss., Junior in Home Economics . . . TAYLOR, AUDREY, Alpha Chi Omega, Daytona Beach, Fla., Freshman in Home Economics . . . TAYLOR, HARLAND W., Phi Sigma Kappa, Boston, Mass., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Rho Alpha Tau, Blacktriars . . . TAYLOR, IDA DOROTHY, Demopolis, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. TAYLOR, LOIS HUBBARD, Selma, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . TAYLOR, MARGARET, Theta Upsilon, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore in Home Economics . . . TAYLOR, NORMA GENE, Zeta Tau Alpha, Montgomery, Freshman in Home Economics, Y.W.C.A., Caroline Hunt Club, Corolla . . . TAYLOR, WALLACE WILLIAM, JR., Delta Tau Delta, Winsted, Conn., Freshman in Chemistry . . . TEEL, FRANCIS WILLIARD, Belvidere, N. J., Freshman in Education . . . TENENBAUM, ALVIN JEROME, Kappa Nu, Birmingham, Sophomore in Commerce, Excelsior, Hillel. TIJE A T A L A B A M A TERRY, GEORGE HADDON, Sigma Nu, Sylacauga, Freshman in En- gineering, Y.M.C.A., Glee Club . . . THIGPEN, FRANCIS YOUNG, Greensboro, Freshman in Engineering . . . THOMAN, CAROLYN ELIZABETH, Alpha Gamma Delta, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Corolla, Rammer-Jammer, Crimson-White, Blackfriars . . . THOMAS, KATHERINE WELCH, Delta Delta Delta, Selma, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . THOMPSON, BETTY JANE, Phi Mu, Tuscaloosa, Freshman in Commerce . . . THOMPSON, CHARLES WESLEY, Kappa Sigma, Sylacauga, Freshman in Commerce, Y.M.C.A., Glee Club. THOMPSON, MARY LOU, Alpha Delta Pi, Geneva, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Y.W.C.A., Orchestra . . . THOMSON, JIMMY ADDISON, Delta Chi, Tuscaloosa, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars, Band . . . THORNBURY, JOANN, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Birmingham, Freshman in Home Economics . . . THORNTON, GLADYS MARIE, Zeta Tau Alpha, Tuscaloosa, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . THORNTON, I.. C., Lambda Chi Alpha, Wetumpka, Junior in Engineering, Bama Beam THORNTON, LOIS ELAINE, Tuscaloosa, Junior in Commerce, B.S.U., Phi Chi Theta, Blacktriars. THORNTON, RUSSELL, Sigma Nu, Montgomery, Junior in Commerce, Phi Eta Sigma, Druids, Executive Committee, Quadrangle, Philomathic . . . THORPE, MILDRED FRANCES, Zeta Tau Alpha, Tuscaloosa, Sopho- more in Home Economics . . . THOSS, MARTIN MCGOWIN, Phi Gamma Delta, Mobile, Freshman in Commerce . . . THRELKELD, NANCY LEE, Miami, Fla., Sophomore in Education, Newman Club, Y.W.C.A .,.. TILGHMAN, LESWIS S., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Meridian, Miss., Sopho- more in Commerce . . . TINNEY, THOMAS SEAY, Pi Kappa Alpha, Columbiana, Sophomore in Education, Varsity Baseball. TISCHLER, HERBERT GABRIEL, New York, N. Y., Sophomore in En- gineering . . . TODD, CAROLYN, Alpha Phi, Fairfield, Conn., Sopho- more in Ar'ts and Sciences, Y.W.C.A .,.. TOMBRINK, RICHARD FRANCIS, Watertow, Mass., Junior in Commerce, Debate . . . TOMLINSON, JACK O'NEAL, Phi Delta Theta, Birmingham, Sophomore in Commerce, President, Freshman Class in Commerce . . . TOMPKINS, FRANK GOODLOE, Phi Kappa Sigma, Tuscumbia, Junior in Engineering . . . TOOMEY, PATRICK ALLISON, Alpha Sigma Phi, New Kinsington, Pa., Sophomore in Commerce. TORRES, ANTONIO R., Puerto Rico, Sophomore in Engineering . . . TOTH, STEPHEN J., Theta Xi, Trenton, N. J., Freshman in Engineering, Freshman Football . . . TOWNE, FREDERICK T., Kappa Sigma, Sarasota, Fla., Freshman in Engineering, "A" Book . . . TOWNSEND, RICHARD M., Lambda Chi Alpha, St. Petersburg, Fla., Freshman in Education, Band . . . TRAMMELL, JEAN LORINNE, Kappa Delta, Birmingham, Sopho- more in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars, Corolla, Crimson-White . . . TRENT, WEBER, JR., Sigma Nu, Roanoke, Junior in Commerce. TRIGG, OHMER SCOTT, Pi Kappa Phi, Greensboro, N. C., Junior in Chemistry, Band . . . TROTTER, ALICE ANNE, Alpha Gamma Delta, Bessemer, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . TROY, DAN SIMS, Delta Tau Delta, Kokomo, Ind., Freshman in Engineering . . . TUBB, MARTHA JEAN, Alpha Delta Pi, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore in Commerce , . . TUCKER, CALVERT GEORGE, Round Mountain, Sophomore in Education . . . TUCKER, EDWARD GIBSON, Phi Gamma Delta, Montgomery, Freshman in Engineering. TULLY, FRANK LINCOLN, Cleveland, O., Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . TURNER, ALBERT McDOWELL, Delta Chi, Tarrant, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars, Rammer-Jammer . . . TURNER, BILLY, Pi Kappa Alpha, Bessemer, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Y.M.C.A., Glee Club . . . TURNER, CAROLYN JANE, Alpha Gamma Delta, Luverne, Sopho- more in Arts and Sciences, Crimson-White, Blacktriars, Corolla, Rammer- Jammer, V.S.O .... TURNER, FRANCES GAYNOR, Alpha Delta Pi, Montgomery, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Spanish Club . . . TURNIPSEED, CANNIE MORRIS, Montgomery, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Y.W.C.A., Chi Delta Phi. TYLER, SUE ANN, Zeta Tau Alpha, East St. Louis, Ill., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, P.S.A., Blacktriars . . . TYSON, MARY, Delta Delta Delta, Mobile, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Y.W.C.A., Blacktriars, Crimson-White . . . UPTON, RAY, Lambda Chi Alpha, Centre, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . URICH, ARTHUR EUGENE, Delta Chi, Lan- caster, Pa., Junior in Arts and Sciences, Tau Delta Tau, Blacktriars, Band . . . URIE, MADELYN LEJEUNE, Alpha Chi Omega, Parsons, Kan., Junior in Arts and Sciences, Bama Network, Blacktriars . . . VAN DER VOORT, JUDY, Zeta Tau Alpha, Arab, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Blackfriars. VAN DUSEN, HELENA BERNADETTE, Bayshore, N. Y., Junior in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars, Y.W.C.A., Newman Club . . . VAN HALA, RICHARD CLARK, Pi Kappa Phi, Birmingham, Sophomore in Engineering, Band . . . VAN HOOSE, JAMES R., Pi Kappa Alpha, Cuba, Freshman in Commerce, Y.M.C.A., Corolla . . . VANN, BETTY, Alpha Gamma Delta, Bessemer, Freshman in Education, Y.W.C.A., Corolla, Crimson- White, Rammer-Jammer . . . VANN, GEORGE DEWEY, JR., Sigma Chi, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . VARN, CHARLES JAMES, Alpha Tau Omega, Anniston, Freshman in Engineering, Y.M.C.A., Cavaliers, Corolla. VAUGHN, MARION ELIZABETH, Zeta Tau Alpha, Birmingham, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . VERVAKE, ANNE GAIL, Gadsden, Freshman in Commerce, Y.W.C.A., Newman Club . . . VICKERY, RUTH JEANNETTE, Alpha Xi Delta, Panama City Beach, Fla., Freshman in Chemistry, Blacktriars, Crimson-White . . . VILLINES, DALLAS MADISON, Phi Gamma Delta, Birmingham, Freshman in Engineering, Bama Beam . . . VINSON, NELSON, Red Bay, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . VINSON, THOMAS EMORY, Kappa Sigma, Sylacauge, Sophomore in Commerce. Page IBO C '-O CN V w 4 -J -I 4 LI.. l.I..l I I- Z I.I..l D4 IJ..I I HQG STER REGI if ER B 'k NU E TH Terry Thigpen Thomon Thomas Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, M. Thomson Thornbury Thornton, G. Thornton, L. Thornton, Thornton, R. Thorpe Thoss Th relkeld Tilghman Tinney Ticshler Todd Tombrinlc Tomlinson Tompkins Toomey Torres Toth Towne Townsend Trammell Trent Trigg Trotter Troy Tubb Tucker, C. Tucker, E. Tully Turner, A. Turner, B. Turner, C. Turner, F. Turnipseecl Tyler Tyson Upton Urich Urie Van Der V Von Dusen Vcm Hola Van Hoose Vcinn, B. Vonn, G. Vorn Vaughn Vervczlce Vickery Villines Vinson, N. Vinson, T. . V g 115.14 3 l ff 1' - , .- ' ,ei-fd it asf ' ffm-,j ' w 1 "ii s .1 - -N' f,-e2-+9-4 'S in ' . -4 w if 3 I .." lily sy! an gs su I A , 1 Waddell Waites Waits Waldrop, C. B. Waldrop, S, Walker, A. Walker, F. Walker, R. Wa W llace, G. allace, M. Waller, L. Walls Waller, W. Ward, H. H. Wa W rd, Helen ard, M. Ward, Ruth Warn War Wa re er ren, D. Warren, W. Washington, A. Washington, J. Watk Wat Waters ins, C. kins, K. Watson, Doris Watkins, Dorothy Watson, George Watson, Gloria Weaver, H. Weaver, R. Webb, C. Webb, G. Webster, A. Webster, R. Weder Weitzman Welch Well Wellborn, B. Wells Wellborn, F. Wentling West, Marie West, Miriam Westervelt What Wetterau ley, G. Whatley, V. White, H. H. White, J. H. White, J. R. Whitt Whitfield, C. H. ield, E. C. Whitfield, F. Whitley Widenski Wiggins Willbourne ES ERV ES R RY TA H RIOUS VA IN RE A ERE H TS N DE STU T200 OVER 'THE A 'T A L A B Ai M A WADDELL, MAUDE: Alpha Xi Delta: Rogersville: Sophomore in Edu- cation . , . WAITES, HENRY CLAY: Kappa Alpha: Birmingham: Freshman in Arts and Sciences: Y.M.C.A.: Crimson-White . . . WAITS, GEORGE SIDNEY: Kappa Sigma: Andalusia: Freshman in Commerce . . . WALDROP, CHARLES BRADFORD: Delta Chi: Bessemer: Sophomore in Commerce: Glee Club . . . WALDROP, SAM DUDLEY: Phi Gamma Delta: Tuscaloosa: Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . WALKER, ANITA RAY: Zeta Tau Alpha: Birmingham: Sophomore in Arts and Sciences: Blackfriars: Newman Club. WALKER, FRANCES: Sigma Kappa: Daytona Beach, Fla.: Sophomore in Arts and Sciences: Band: Orchestra . . . WALKER, ROSEMARY: Zeta Tau Alpha: Birmingham: Freshman in Arts and Sciences: Y.M.C.A.: Crimson-White . . , WALLACE, GEORGE JOHNSON: Alpha Tau Omega: Birmingham: Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . WALLACE, MARY JEANNE: Phenix City: Junior in Chemistry: Wesley Foundation . . . WALLER, LUTHER HILL: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Montgomery: Freshman in Engineering . . . WALLER, WILLIAM I.: Lambda Chi Alpha: Grand Bay: Sophomore in Engineering. WALLS, JAMES HERBERT: Birmingham: Sophomore in Engineering: Band . . . WARD, HARTWELL HESTER: Kappa Alpha: Tuscaloosa: Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . WARD, HELEN: Pineapple: Fresh- man in Education . . . WARD, MARY JANE: Alpha Delta Pi: Marietta, Ga.: Freshman in Home Economics . . . WARD, RUTH: Pineapple: Sophomore in Arts and Sciences: Chi Delta Phi . . . WARE, WALTER ESTES: Alpha Tau Omega: Tuscumloia: Sophomore in Commerce: Y.M.C.A.: Crimson-White. WARNER, LAWRENCE: Zeta Beta Tau: Birmingham: Freshman in Engineering: Crimson-White . . . WARREN, DELL: Alpha Chi Omega: Jackson: Sophomore in Education . . . WARREN, WILLIAM W.: Theta Chi: Danville, Va.: Freshman in Engineering . . . WASHINGTON, ALICE SINCLAIR: Chi Omega: Memphis, Tenn.: Junior in Arts and Sciences: Alpha Lambda Delta: Crimson-White: Blackfriars: President of Matrix . . . WASHINGTON, JOSEPH BERRIAN: Punta Gorda, Fla.: Freshman in Commerce . . . WATERS, FRANCES ELOISE: Kappa Kappa Gamma: OPPI Guidon: Glee Club: Y.W.C.A.: Blackfriars: Corolla. WATKINS, CHARLES EDWIN: Sigma Chi: Elmore: Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . WATKINS, KATHERINE: Birmingham: Freshman in Home Economics: Blackfriars . . . WATSON, DORIS JEAN: Fort Payne: Freshman in Commerce . . . WATSON, DOROTHY: Pineapple: Freshman in Arts and Sciences: Blaclcfriars: Y.W.C.A .... WATSON, GEORGE M.: Linden: Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . WATSON, GLORIA: Alpha Phi: Tuclcahoe, N. Y.: Freshman in Arts and Sciences: Y.W.C.A. Page l83 WEAVER, HUGH F., JR.: Phi Gamma Delta: Montgomery: Freshman in Commerce . . . WEAVER, ROBERT E., Kappa Sigma: Goshen, Incl.: Junior in Arts and Sciences: Glee Club: Excelsior: Greeks . . . WEBB, CAROL: Alpha Chi Omega: Pensacola, Fla.: Junior in Arts and Sciences: Wesley Foundation . . . WEBB, GEORGE WALTON: Phi Delta Theta: Uniontown: Junior in Engineering: Scabbard and Blade . . . WEBSTER, ANN HARRISON: Miami, Fla.: Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . WEBSTER, ROBERT ALEXANDER: Phi Sigma Kappa: Baltimore, Md.: Sophomore in Engineering. WEDER, GENEVIEVE LILLIAN: Alpha Delta Pi: Freeport, N. Y.: Sopho- more in Arts and Sciences , . . WEITZMAN, BERNARD BARNEY: Alpha Epsilon Pi: Springfield, Mass.: Freshman in Engineering: Blaclcfriars . . . WELCH, JOSEPH EDMOND: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Selma: Sopho- more in Arts and Sciences . . . WELL, JAMES CURTIS: Pi Kappa Phi: Ashford: Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . WELLBORN, BETTY CLAY: Delta Delta Delta: Arlington, Va.: Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . WELLBORN, FANNIE LOUISE: Phi Mu: Tuscaloosa: Freshman in Arts and Sciences. WELLS, ROBERT RILEY: Boaz: Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . WENTLING, JAMES W.: Ashtabula, O.: Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . WEST, MARIE: Montgomery: Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . WEST, MIRIAM FLEMISTER: Alpha Phi: Birmingham: Freshman in Edu- cation: Y.W.C.A .... WESTERVELT, AGNES ETHEL: Kappa Kappa Gamma: Clearwater, Fla.: Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . WETTERAU, DAVID: Alpha Tau Omega: Birmingham: Junior in En- gineering. WHATLEY, GEORGE C., III: Phi Delta Theta: Birmingham: Freshman in Commerce: Blackfriars: Crimson-White: Band . . . WHATLEY, VIRGINIA ESTELLE: Birmingham: Freshman in Commerce: Y.W.C.A .... WHITE, HEWITT H.: Northfield, Minn.: Junior in Engineering . . . WHITE, JAMES H.: Phi Gamma Delta: Headland: Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . WHITE, JAMES ROBERT: Pi Kappa Alpha: Birmingham: Sophomore in Commerce: Excelsior . . . WHITFIELD, CHARLES HARDEN: Alpha Tau Omega: Middlesboro, Ky.: Junior in Arts and Sciences: Excelsior: Secretary of Junior Class: Scabbarcl and Blade: Defense Council. WHITFIELD, EDWARD CLARKE: Phi Delta Theta: Kitts, Ky.: Freshman in Engineering . . . WHITFIELD, FRANK YOUNG: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Meridian, Miss.: Sophomore in Arts and Sciences: Blackfriars . . . WHITLEY, MILTON E.: Albertville: Sophomore in Engineering . . . WIDENSKI, ALFRED JOHN: Pawtucket, R. I.: Junior in Engineering . . . WIGGINS, WILLIAM HAROLD: Kappa Sigma: Dothan: Sophomore in Engineering: Glee Club . . . WILBOURNE, BETTY LEE: Alpha Gamma Delta: Birmingham: Freshman in Chemistry: Corolla: Rammer-Jammer: Crimson-White: Y.W.C.A. THE AT ALABAMA WILDER, THOMAS WINGATE, Meridian, Miss., Sophomore in En- gineering, Phi Eta Sigma . . . WILEY, HOMER PAUL, Kappa Sigma, Marianna, Ark., Junior in Arts and Sciences, Alpha Epsilon Delta . . . WILEY, JOSEPH, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Birmingham, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . WILLIAMS, DOROTHY, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Orchestra, Spanish Club, B.S.U .... WILLIAMS, JANE FRANCES, Wetumpka, Sophomore in Commerce . . . WILLIAMS, JOHN EDWARD, Kappa Sigma, Freshman in Commerce. WILLIAMS, JOY JUNE, Birmingham, Sophomore in Home Economics, Glee Club. . . WILLIAMS, KENNETH, Alpha Tau Omega, Florence, Soph- omore in Arts and Sciences . . . WILLIAMS, LEO H., Pi Kappa Phi, Luverne, Junior in Commerce, Rho Alpha Tau, Greeks, Philomathlc . . . WILLIAMS, MARILYN ELIZABETH, Kappa Delta, Mobile, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Crimson-White, Corolla, Y.W.C.A .... WILLIAMS, ROBERT EDD, Pi Kappa Phi, Dunnellton, Fla., Junior in Engineering . . . WILLIAMS, ROBERT HAMMILL, Pi Kappa Alpha, Guntersville, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Y.M.C.A. WILLIAMS, WILLIS EDD, Theta Xi, Shelbyville, Ind., Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . WILLIS, THOMAS JONES, Lambda Chi Alpha, I-leadland, Freshman in Engineering . . . WILSON, BETTE, Jacksonville, Fla., Freshman in Commerce, Corolla, Glee Club, Blacktriars . . . WILSON, HELENE ELIZABETH, Alpha Chi Omega, Miami, Fla., Sopho- more in Chemistry, Blackfriars, Y.W.C.A .... WILSON, MARIE CLAIRE, Montgomery, Sophomore in Education, Y.W.C.A .... WILSCN, PEGGY, Sigma Kappa, Baltimore, Md., Junior in Education. WILSON, STANLEY F., Lake Kushaque, N. Y., Junior in Engineering . . . WILSON, WILLIAM R., Theta Xi, Pompton Plains, N. J., Freshman in Engineering . . . WIMBERLY, NORRIS J., Pi Kappa Alpha, Sopho- more in Arts and Sciences . . . WINDHAM, IDA MARTIN, Hartford, Junior in Commerce, Spirit Committee, Phi Chi Theta . . . WINDHAM, L. RALPH, Pi Kappa Phi, Luverne, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . WINDHAM, PHIL, Sigma Chi, Birmingham, Junior in Commerce. WINEFORDNER, JOHN S., Gadsden, Sophomore in Engineering . . . WIRTH, FREDERICK CARL, Fredonia, N. Y., Junior in Commerce, Band . . . WISE, CHARLIE L., Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, Freshman in Chemistry, Y.M.C.A .... WISNESKI, PETER M., Rockford, Ill., Junior in Engireering, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, A.l.Ch.E,, Phalanx . . . WITSELL, CLARA MCMILLAN, Chi Omega, Nemphis, Tenn., Junior in Chemistry, President, Guidon, Crimson-White, Rammer-Jammer, Corolla WOLANIN, JOSEPH S., Sharon, Fo., Freshman in Engineering. WOOD, ANN, Birmingham, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Black- triars, Alpha Lambda Delta, Chi Delta Phi, Crimson-White, Bama Radio Network, Y.W.C.A., P.S.A .... WOOD, ELIZABETH, Columbus, Miss., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Y.W.C.A . . . WOOD, MURIEL, Alpha Chi Omega, Jacksonville, Fla., Freshman in Commerce, Glec Club, Blacktriars . . . WOODALL, DOVELIA VIRGINIA, Delta Zeta, Athens, Ga., Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars, Crimson-White . . . WOODHAM, BETTY JEAN, Dothan, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . WOODMAN, CHARLES J., Sigma Phi Epsilon, Bellaire, N. Y., Freshman in Engineering. WOODRUFF, MARGIE, Delta Delta Delta, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore in Home Economics, Crimson-White, Rammer-Jammer . . . WOODWARD, MARJORIE EVELYN, Birmingham, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars, Alpha Lambda Delta, Zeta Phi Eta . . . WOOLSEY, WILLIAM SWIFT, Lambda Chi Alpha, Selma, Junior in Engineering, Glee Club, Blacktriars, Excelsior . . . WORSHAM, HELEN JUANITA, Alpha Phi, Anniston, Freshman in Commerce, Rammer-Jammer, Blacktriars . . . WORSLEY, CORA LIB, Aberdeen, N. C., Junior in Chemistry . . . WORTHY, DALLIS NADINE, LaGrange, Ga., Junior in Home Economics. WRIGHT, CAMILLE SEARCY, Kappa Delta, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars, Corolla, Crimson-White, Y.W.C.A ,... WRIGHT, EVELYN PRITCHARD, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Columbus, Ga., Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . WRIGHT, GEORGE SEARCY, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Tuscaloosa, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Y.M.C.A., Debate Squad . . . WRIGHT, RALPH DENNY, Phi Gamma Delta, Alexandria, La., Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . WRIGHT, RICHARD EARL, Guin, Sophomore in Commerce . . . WRIGHT, ROBERT THOMAS, Kappa Sigma, El Dorado, Ark., Sophomore in Commerce, Y.M.C.A. WRYE, SALLYE MIRIAM, Phi Mu, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Alpha Lambda Defta . . . WYATT, JAMES DEWEY, Delta Chi, Citronelle, Freshman in Education . , . YACUBIAN, M. HENRY, Somerville, Mass., Junior in Engineering, A.I.Ch.E .... YARBROUGH, DOROTHY LEE, Prattville, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . YELLOWLEY, JULIA PERKINS, Phi Mu, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars, Y.W.C.A., Spanish Club . . . YODER, BEATRICE FLORENCE, Kappa Delta, Sophomore in Home Economics, Spanish Club, Crimson- White. YODER, KEITH J., Delta Tau Delta, Sturgis, Mich., Junior in Com- merce, Phi Eta Sigma, Delta Sigma Pi . . , YOUNG, A. WAYNE, Landersville, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . YOUNG, DONALD JOHN, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Patterson, N. J., Junior in Chemistry . . . YOUNG, JOHN WILLIAM, Phi Kappa Sigma, Vernon, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Rammer-Jammer . . . ZERR, SUZANNE, Towson, Md., Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . ZASA, JOSEPH DANIEL, Delta Sigma Phi, Newark, N. J., Junior in Engineering, S.A.M.E., A.I.E.E. Page I84 Wilder Wiley, H. Wiley, J. Williams, D Williams, J Williams, J Williams, J. J. Williams, K. A Williams, l.. H Williams, M E Williams, R E Williams, R H Williams, W. E. Willis Wilson, B. Wilson, H. Wilson, M. "A Wilson, P Wilson, S. Wilson, W. Wimberly 5 Windham, l Windham, L Windham, Winefordner Wirih Wise Wisneski Wiisell Wolanin Wood, A. Wood, E. Wood, M. Woodoll Woodham Woodman Woodruff Woodward Woolsey Worsl-iam Worsley Worthy Wright, C. Wrighf, E. Wright, G. S Wright, R. D Wright, R. E Wrighf, R T Wrye Wyatt Yacubian Yo rb rough Yellowley Yoder, B. Yoder, K. Young, A. Young, D. Young, J. Zerr Zozo COLONEL WM. T. CARPENTER, U.S.A. Colonel William T. Carpenfer, C.A.C., is The Professor of Milifary Science and TacTics here aT Alabama. "MosguiTo Bill", as he is kncwn by his inTimaTe friends, came To The Universify of Alabama abouf four or five years ago and has since endeared himself To all Thcse connecfed wiTh The Universify acTiviTies. l-le has made our milifary uniT one of The lcesf in The naficn ancl each year, all sfudenfs in milifary under him are able To wear a sTar on Their uniforms as a resulf of The excellenf sfanding of our R.O.T.C. unif. Besides direcfing in a magnificenf manner our miliTary acTiviTies, Colonel CarpenTer has become one of The UniversiTy's ouTsTanding faculTy members. ln The pasT Two years he has been made an honorary member of The Spirif Commif- Tee, The "A" Club, and Omicron DelTa Kappa, naTional honorary sociefy. lT is hoped ThaT Colonel CarpenTer will be able To remain here aT The Universify for many more years, fcr anofher so good as he, would be impossible To find. T 1 ex mf l if J l lT T ' --.fx-. .f , Tw E 1 l " Qlvyfx 73. T fw ff' "Xi V l T fi "The program for miliTary Takes on a nafional imporTance from The sole viewpoinf of cifizenship, and calls for The mosf earnesT consideraTicn of every Thinking man and woman". These are The words of The famous American miliTary leader cf World War l, General John J, Pershing. The above words express The sincere desire cf The milifary deparTmenT here aT The Universify of Ala- bama in Their efforfs To Train college men for impor- Tanf service To Their counTry in This Time of emer- gency, The sevenTeen commissioned officers who serve in The miliTary deparTmenT here are assigned To various Teaching sfaffs. The sTaffs ThaT These men are as- signed To serve as insTrucTing groups for The four branches of The Army ThaT are represenfed here are lnfanfry, CoasT Arfillery, Engineers, and Quarfer- masfers. IT is Through These unifs ThaT Alabama R.O.T,C. sTudenTs boTh basic and advanced are Taughf The special milifary Training Thaf enables Them To beTTer serve The counfry when They do enfer The service. The purposes of The insTrucTing ThaT The commis- sioned officers presenf are To Train officers for reserve commissions, apply discipline similar To ThaT of The regular army, improve as much as possible The physi- cal condifions of all cadefs and sTudenT officers Through an acfive aThleTic program, Teach sTudenTs inifiafive and self-reliance, and To give Them oppor- Tunifies To nialqe Their own decisions. IT is wiTh These purposes in mind ThaT The regular arrry sfaff here aT Alabama has gone so wholehearTedly info iTs iob. lnfanTry The commissioned officers who make up The lnfanfry sfaff here are: Colonel Lovic P. Hod- neTT, USA, Capfain Henry F. Picl4eTT, Capfain Joe R. Shep- herd, lsT LT. Paul l-l. Crews, lsT LT. l-lalberf E. l-lughes, 2nd LT, Newell VV. Embley. Engineers The direcfors of The engineer- ing sTaff of The UniversiTy are: lsT LT. Marvin F. lVlcBroom, lsT LT. Lorin B. Screen, and lsT LT. Samuel C. Burkhalfer. T ii. T. ' T l if Ti li.-. Ti lil ,TCT I llifi tif i ia -J j ii fl T Q ll' .XJ TT if? iff T l Quartermaster Comprising The teaching staff of The quartermaster unit which is The newest addition To The military department of the Uni- versity, and which is one of only five of its kind in The entire country are: Captain Dallas B. Hundley and lst LT. Ralph P. Rudnick. Artillery Making up The largest teach- ing staff of any of The four units of The army here are These Teachers of courses in Coast Ar- tillery: Colonel William T. Car- penter, LT. Colonel George W. Whybark, Major Henry P, Mills, Captain Sherman H. Rounsville, lst LT. Dozier C. Cade, lst LT. W. C. Banks, Jr. .. . .Cixi NCT only do The commissioned officers of The military staff here at Alabanfa have a iob to do but also There are eight ncn-commissicned officers here that act as aides To Those who do The actual instructing in military classes. lt is These non-coms who keep all The records for The military department, issue uniforms to all students, have charge of The rifles, and make all book issues for military classes. The eight ncn-cams who are here at Alabama novv are: Master Sergeant Clinton Wolfe, USA, Retired, Technical Sergeant Buck Carter, DEML, CE, Staff Sergeant Howard H. Gray, DEML, CAC, Staff Sergeant Wiley D. Green, DEML. Infantry, Staff Sergeant Clarence A. Wall, DEML, infantry, Sergeant Robert H. Winter, DEML, Infantry, Sergeant George E. Hoover, DEML, Infantry, Sergeant Charles C. Dent, DElvlL, Infantry. The Non-Ccmrnissioned Offi- cers vvho serve in The Alabama military department are Tech. Sgt. Buck Carter, ST. Sgt. Hovv- ard Gray, St. Sgt. Wiley D. Green, St. Sgt. Clarence Wall, Sgt. Robert Winter, Sgt. George Hoover, Sgt. Charles Dent. I Page 137 ' 0 9 0 7k BRIGADE The Brigciole Sioiff Front Row: Colonel Jomes E. Snipes, Jr., Honorory Coder Col- onel Helen Leeper . . . Second Row: Honorory Coclei Moior Jone H. Berry, Honorory Coclef Moior Lu- volo F. Hulfsiuiler . . . Third Row: LT. Colonel Jcimes E. Bonksg Mejor Toxey H. Sewell, LT. Colonel Froncis X. DiLeo, lsr LT. Lorrie W. Yor- brough. 'k if ir 'Ir ak ir ir Sponsors Front Row: Hon. Coder Colonel Elizoloeih P. Long, Hon, Coder Col- onel Shirley E. Robson, Hon. Cooler Colonel Helen Leeper, Hon. Coder Colonel Mory F. Deon, Hon. Cooler Moior Minnie I. Hoyes . . . Bock Row: Hon. Coder Copi. Morgorer E. Gehrken, Hon. Codei Moior Jocqueline Brown, Hon. Coder Mcl- ior Georgie L. Toulg Hon. Coder Moior Jone H. Berry, Hon. Codei Moior Shirley Coogong Hon. Coclei Mejor Jomes F. Robinson, Hon, Coclei Moior Luvolo F. Huffsiuilerg Hon. Coder Moior Janet C. Simp- son, Hon. Coclei Copioin Alice Criitenclon. rho Page 188 Engineers Front: Colonel Jock M. Beong l-lon. Cadet Colonel Shirley E. Robson . . . Bock: Lt. Colonel Albert K. Mclnnis, Mejor Jomes A. Hill, Coptoin Poul E. McCollum. T T f rt lf" no Y, Q U J Coost Artillery Front: Colonel John VV. McConnell, I-lon. Coolet Colonel Mory F. Deon . . . Bock: Lt. Colonel Ernest N. Edvvcircls, lvloicr Douglos P. Correttig Coptoin Mitchell B. Wozniok. 7 FFI ER The Seniors in The Officers Club this year numbered about 200. This group was somewhat de- pleted after the March graduation this year. Approximately Three-fourths of The 200 left here in March To enter various Officer Candidate Schools all over The country. President Ed Snipes did a good iob This year in directing The affairs of The entire group of Cadet Officers. E IORS COAST ARTILLERY Acton, Ernest R. Adams, Forrest L. Adler, Donald H. Baker, Joseph S. Banks, James E. Cargile, Charles J., Jr. Carnright, James A. Castagno, Alphonse A. Cheatham, Harold N, Coleman, John W. Corretti, Douglas P. Cox, Joseph C. Curlee, Robert G. Dawson, James A. Dickinson, James O., Jr. Edwards, Ernest N. Ellingson, Chester W., Jr Etheridge, Robert F. Finkbeiner, George A. Fredenburgh, Paul H., Jr. Gerber, James A. Griffin, Jarrett L., Jr. Hawkins, Warren G. Hunsburger, Joseph P. Hunter, Jack Jackson, Dalton F. Jones, John M., Jr. Kayser, Julius L. King, Gerald L. Lamar, Law, Jr. Lloyd, William C. McConnell, John W., Jr. McElroy, William L. McKay, Charles W., Jr. McLellan, John W. Merwin, George E. Miller, Julian Moncrief, Burein W. Morgan, Edward W. Morrisette, Nathaniel W., Jr. Nesbitt, Robert D. Newcomer, Lloyd H., Jr. Odell, Frank H. Owen, Harold M. Parker, Thomas F., Jr. Prescott, Walter H. Rampone, Biagio L. Rarig, Lloyd C. Reynolds, Edward H. Rhea, Clarence F. Richey, Harald P. Rogers, Zack, Jr. Schurick, Edward W. Scott, Burton A., Jr. Shirtz, Frank J., Jr. Silverman, Max H. Smith, Thomas G. Sorum, William R. Spinks, James M. Tleadway, Felix H. VanHarn, Richard D. Ward, James M., Jr. Watson, William W., Jr. Weeks, William E. Wilson, Walter S., III Wozniak, Mitchell B. VVertz, William Warren, INFANTRY Alvarez, James J., Jr. Avery, Bartle A. Balzan, Harry L. Barclay, Lee A. Bloodworth, James N. Browning, John B. Carr, Jack D. Carroll, Sam J., Jr. Carter, Alfred B., Jr. Chin, Robert W. Coleman, Norman C. Craft, William R. Crumly, James F. Dailey, Andrew J. DiLeo, Francis X. Domnanovich, Joseph J. DuPre, Charles W. Ebert, George L. Eddens, Houston T. Fichman, Leon Flowers, William B. Franco, Ralph A. Gammon, George A. Gaskell, James S., Jr. Glenn, Wesley S., Jr. Hawkins, Alfred E., Jr. Hillman, William S. Howard, George P. Hubbard, Perry Huie, Douglas T. Jernigan, William K. Johnson, Frank M., Jr. Jordan, Melvin E. Leeth, Wheeler B. Lester, Graham W., Jr. Lloyd, Lee B. McClung, Paul W. McCurdy, George R., Jr lVcGowan, John L. Meeks, Kenyon G. Miller, Leonard H. Mims, Henry N. Mitchell, Herbert H. Mooney, Burgett H., Jr. O'Rear, Caine, Jr. Parrish, James M. Parsons, Eugene Perlman, Eugene Piburn, Edwin W., Jr. Propper, Sidney S. Pulley, Byron B. Renfroe, Ralph L. Roberts, James G. Sabo, Albert R. Schuessler, William P. Shory, Salem L. Starnes, Joe, Jr. Thomas, Henry E., Jr. Thompson, James V. Ward, James A., Jr. Williamson, Charles G. ENGINEERS Bean, Jack M. Calabra, James Cohen, Harold Cryer, William C. Cunningham, Donal B. DeSiero, Biaggio Ealy, James W. Eclwards, Bruce W. Elliott, James W. Elliott, Wendell H. Gray, Herbert H., Jr. Grass, Ira M. Hall, George P. Hill, James A. Joseph, Ernest A. Loos, Alfred H. McDonald, Lawrence H. Mclnnis, Albert K., Jr. McCollum, Paul E. Miller, Ernest E. Moss, Felix R. Murphy, Ralph W. Oden, Frank M., Jr. Phillips, George B., Jr. Redmond, John A. Rives, James V., Jr. Senger, Edwin C. Slosar, John M. Snipes, James E., Jr. Toomey, William L. Wolmsley, Albert E., Jr. Windholz, Frederick E. Whitehurst, Robert N. Wilkinson, Thomas P., Jr. Wolf, Eugene R. Yarbrough, Larrie W., Jr. QUARTERMASTER Batlan, Julian Eeringer, Arthur B., Jr. Bergbauer, Urban C., Jr Bevill, Tom D. F. Bloch, Ivan K. Brannon, Troy C., Jr. Breitling, Robert O., Jr. Brunson, William L. Cooke, Herbert E., Jr. Cully, Robert C. Cunningham, John C. Dozier, Albert S., lll George, Fred A., Jr. Gordon, Marshall A. Green Jack P. Hardegree, Arthur L.. Jr Hudson, Maxwell C. Jacobs, Paul D. Klein, Wallace C., Jr. Knight, Wilburn W. LeMaistre, Sam A. Maddox, James H. McNiff, William H. Metcalf, Ramsey N. Mills, Donald Mieczkowski, Walter A. Molinari, Joseph J., Jr. Rast, Thomas E. Robertson, Arthur B., Jr. Rosenberg, Robert Sobel, Mark Sanders, William H., Jr. Schwindeman, James L. Scruggs, Edward N. Sewell, Toxey H. Shiland, Meyer I. Silverfield, Jerome S. Thornhill, Larkin L., Jr. Weinman, Irvin B. ..,:-in .-.. L. , r . .... .. W -s sw.. +- -:Iw srlgi islwiiietikeiikiwlfla 'Q1?3??zQY:RS??8Ss' k3N1'fs.:3G5E.." .13'T' LU Besides the 200 Seniors, There were around 250 Junior Cadet Officers that made up the Officers Club here at Alabama This year. Between the combined efforts cf beth Seniors and Juniors, The Ala- bama R.O.T.C. unit This year kept its high rating among the nation's many military units in colleges. JUN COAST ARTILLERY Adams, Lewie H., Jr. Albright, Thomas C., Jr. Bales, Allen Barnes, Justus R., Jr. Basowitz, Harold Becker, Helmut F. Black, Hugo L., Jr. Boswell, Edward W. Brociner, Joseph Brownback, Peter E., ll Browne, Roy B. Burger, Samuel Cade, William H. Cleere, Mason C. Clements, Laurence G. Connelly, Frank J., Jr. Cooperman, Harold Dalrymple, Darranze F. Dennis, Edward H. Devlin, Edward A., Jr. Frost, Donald F. Goode, Jerry H. Goodwin, George H. Gordon, Alfred B. Gowing, Robert E. Graham, Thomas F., Jr. Greene, Ray M. Guin, Junius F. Ham, William W., Jr. Hagood, William K., Jr. Hardage, John E. Haynes, Marshall R., Jr. Higginbotham, Wm. F., Jr. Hollander, Alvin L. lkowitz, Morton P. Jackson, Walter D. Jones, Crawford H. Jones, William G., Jr. King, William J. LeBlanc, Stewart A. Lukens, Arthur L., Jr. McClinton, Wilbur R. McCormack, John J. lvtcEachern, James F. Napolitano, Ralph R. Otts, Lee M. Parker, Richard S. Peters, Frank A. Fratt, Daniel IORS Randall, Henry C. Redden, Lawrence D. Richardson, Robert N., Jr. Riddick, Harry H. Rothenberg, Sidr.ey Silber, Howard S. Smith Elwin E. Stevens, Bernard R. Stuart, Robert J., Jr. Sturdivant, Lawrence E., Jr Sullivan, Vincent A., Jr. Traylor, James F., Jr. VVelch, Gerald O. Whitfield, Charles H. Wisneski, Peter M. Wilson, Stanley F. Wood, Robin C. Young, Donald J., Jr. Zeonah, Olin W. Skinner, Stanford Joyner INFANTRY Adams, Joseph W. Bailey, Warren S. Baker, Furman J., Jr. Binkley, Howard L. Bowron, Richard A. Brantley, Robert J. Chorba, Joseph J. Cohen, Herbert Cole, Harold R. Cole, Vernon W. Cox, Raymond F. Derrick, Robert C. Ford, Henry C. Freeark, George L. Gerlock, Frank G., Jr. Gibbs, Stanley Greene, Edwin E., Jr. Homer, James P. Hooten, Thomas W. Hope, Harley R. Houseal, Walter S. Hunley, Ancel E., Jr. Inge, Herndon, Jr. Johnson, Clark E., Jr. Johnson, Joseph H., Jr. King, Robert H. King, Porter, Jr. Koch, Leonard Kunze, Eldon C. Leibowitz, Jerome Levine, Sam S. Lull, William T. Manclell, John W. Matthews, Max W. McGee, Val L. Miller, Richard E. Monast, Charles H. Montgomery, John A. Massey, Clifford A. Mullins, Joshua S., Jr. Murphree, Walter L. Narthingtan, Francis C. Owens, William B. Papais, Julius Parkman, Charles B. Poellnitz, Richard H. Puckett, Floyd E. Roberts, Macon A. Rucker, Edward B. Ruckman, Peter S. Salman, Maurice L., Jr. Sanford, Charles H. Shaw, Jerome Sloane, Sidney L. Smith, Marshall E. Smith, J. B. Spradley, Walter M. Spraggins, Thomas J. Stough, Sellers, Jr. Waite, William H. Yoder, Keith J. Young, James E., Jr. ENGlNEERS Aiken, Francis R. Allen, Glenn L., Jr. Alois, Alfred F. Ashton, Walter L., Jr. Avant, William W. Bertini, Euclid Breitling, Thomas O. Burns, Howard D. Cain, Sam E. Clements, Dennis A. Cowart, Elly H., Jr. Crannell, Philip A. Davis, lrvin F. Davis, Nathaniel J., Jr. DeNice, Alfred R. Evans, Richard V. Faile, Roy M. Gerst, Hugh A. Gilliam, Clyde H. Harmon, Halsey W. Harrington, James B. Hieber, George M., Jr. Hoffman, Forrest L. Kacharos, Willie N. Kelly, Ramon J. Kennedy, William R. King, Bernard J. Kuritzky, Marvin A. Lichtner, William B. McClellan, John B., Jr. McGiffert, David G. McKosky, Theodore S. Mugler, James L. Neubauer, Richard A. Osborn, Charles H. Owen, Charles R. Pappas, Steve L. Perryman, George l., Jr Rhodes, Gilbert A., Jr. Ricles, Alvin J. Ross, Charles W. Sackett, Herbert J. Schlanger, Arthur L. Schlosser, Loriaine C. Schwartz, William X. Sipe, Charles A. Stassi, Paul P. Tillman, James M. Torres, Gerardo R. Underwood, Robert E. Waldrop, Morris M. Webb, George W. Wetterau, David Winslow, Kenneth R. Zasa, Joseph D. QUARTERMASTER Adler, Louis J. Avery, Jack W. Bennett, Julius R., Jr. Bires, Andrew P. Brown, Norman K. Brown, Rufus W. Calvert, Joseph H. J. Cohen, Perry C. Conner, William H. Dowling, R. A., Jr. Driskill, Byron C., Jr. Durham, Wilson E. Duvall, Lee R. Elliott, Hoyt M. Eudy, Banks E., Jr. Farris, James H. Goodwyn, Otis J. Gordon, Algernon P. Goodwyn, Ulysses V. Gordon, Warren M. Grant, William H. Gresham, John S. Grevert, Harry C. Hale, Edward B. Harris, Charles E. Helms, Felix R. Hoit, William S. lsrael, John R., Jr. Johnroe, Joseph A., Jr Johnson, John W., Jr. Joiner, Reuben C., Jr. Jospin, Samuel H. Kahlmus, Maurice F. Kuekes, John H., Jr. Lipson, Harry M. Loard, John W. Laftin, John B. Mahnken, Harold P. Martin, James F. Meacham, Albert J. Meshad, Charles E., Jr. Meyer, Emil J., Jr. Mimms, Harold E. Moss, Wade L. Moye, George W. Noonan, George L. Norton, Charles H., Jr Olenski, Mitchell J. Priddy, Stratton W. Sabat, Peter A. Self, Richard C. Selman, Jackson W. Stone, Edward W. Thornton, Russell B. Tilden, Danforth D. Trent, Weber D., Jr. Venable, Frederick L. Williams, Leo Harold Wright, William L., Jr SCABBARDQM BLADE National Society of Scabbard and Blade, established at the University of Wisconsin in l902, has as its purpose: "To unite in closer relationship the military departments of American Universities and Colleges, to preserve and develop the essential qualities of good and efficient officers, to prepare its members as educated men to take a more active part and to have a greater influence in the military affairs of the communities in which they reside, and above all to spread intelligent information concerning the military requirements of this country. The local chapter of this organization was es- tablished in T924 and this year, because of the increased military activities on the campus, did more than ever toward the furthering of its purpose. OFFICERS LT. HUGHES . . . . . HENRY N. MIMS . WHIT MONCRIEF . JAMES A. WARD . BURTON A. SCOTT . JANE BERRY . . Ernest Ray Acton Donald Adler Harry Balzan James Banks Lee Barclay Jack Bean Thomas Bevill James Bloodworth Troy Brannan Sam Carroll A. B. Carter John W. Coleman Douglas Corretti Joe Cox Frank Crumley James A. Dawson Charles DuPre Houston Eddens Foster Ethereclge Ernest Edwards George Finkbeiner Baker Flowers Ralph Franco James Gaskell Jarett Griffin Byron Hale Edward Herbert Perry Hubbard Ernest Joseph William Jernigan Gerald King Law Lamar Graham Lester Alfred Loos John McClellan Paul McCollum John W. McConnell Larry McDonald Charlie McKay Bill McNiff Kenyon Meeks Leonard Miller Robert Nesbitt Lloyd Newcomer Welch Morrisette Frank Oden Caine O'Rear Tom Parker Tom Rast Page T92 Faculty Advisor . , Captain First Lieutenant . Second Lieutenant First Sergeant . Company Sponser Edward Reynolds Clarence Rhea J. V. Rives A. B. Robertson Edward Senger John Slossar Joe Starnes James Thompson Bill Wertz Bill Avant Jack Avery Julius Bennett James Calabra Alfred DeNice R. A. Dowling Robert Gowing Joe Johnson Art Lukens Max Mathews David McGiffert - Richard Miller Frank Qdell Lee Otts Steve Pappas Drew Redden Macon Roberts Maurice Salmon William Schwarz Walter Spradley Sellers Stough James M. Ward Charles Whitfield George Webb. PHALAN Phalanx is an organization formed for the purpcse of fostering courage, loyalty, and leadership among the advanced members of the Reserve Officers Training Corps. The Alabama chapter of the society was established in l939, and since that time has grown and improved steadily. This year, 27 new members were initiated, bringing the total membership to the largest in the group's history. Under the leadership of Commander Francis X. Dileo, and with the assistance of Maior Henry P. Mills, advisor, Phalanx proved itself to be one of the most wide-awake organizations on the campus this year. OFFICERS FRANCIS X. DILEO . . . . . . . Commander AUSTIN J. GERBER Lieutenant Commander URBAN C. BERGBAUER .... Aoliutant SIDNEY S. PROPPER . . Treasurer WILLIAM T. DI SIERO . . Historian Forrest Adams George Ebert Alfred Hecht Chester Miltner Salem Shory Bart Avery Bruce Edwards Felix Helms Felix Moss Charles Sipe Julian Batlan James Elliott William Higginbotham Ralph Murphy James Spinks Robert Brantley Henry Ford William Hillman Eugene Parsons Gerardo Torres John Browning Paul Fredenburgh Jock Hunter George Perryman Robert W. Whitehurst Charles J. Cargile George Freeork Joseph Johnroe Frank Peters Thomas Wilkinson Robert Chin Frank Gerlock Samuel Jospin Edwin Piburn Stanley Wilson Harold Cole Marshal Gordon Ramon Kelly Walter Prescott FFGCIGFFCIC VVif1Gll'tOlZ Vernon Cole Ira M. Gross Wilburn Knight Ralph Renfroe Keneth Winslow Herbert Cooke Halsey W. Harman Eldon Kunze Albert Sabo Peter VVISHGSIQI Donald Cunningham Alfred Hawkins Walter Mieczkowski James Schwirideman Lorrie Yarbrough James O. Dickinson Warren Hawkins Ernest Miller Meyer Shilancl Mm52rMA-54f?iw5Z2Zf'LkQXstW5S61WK2123572bi-r5fMYf6?Pf21fXfj1i?'US?522221:tw::rSg?zI'x-'P'Xi6Q:2fLC44I-V.-M556 WW 'W-rfff. ' H V ' ref, i ifisiitl in Ll Qs XY. fix! lu ll A 'XA' X x ' ' 5 i Front Row: Captain Frank Odell, Honorary Front Row: Captain Alfred Loos, Honorary Captain Betty Gehrken . . . Second Row: Captain Betty Gehrken, ist Lt. Julian Botlon lst Lt. lrvin Davis, 2nd Lt. Frank Peters. . . . Second Row: 2nd Lt. lvin Davis, 2nd Lt. Frank Peters, Qnd Lt. Frank Odell. The Pershing Rifles, basic military organization, enioyed a big year in i942-43. Basing membership on drill excellency and proficiency in military sub- jects, the crack drill outfit held semi-annual initiaticns and each time approximately twenty men were taken in. The white caps and blue braid threaded through the epaulet of the uniform are the distinctive insignia of the members of Pershing Rifles. From the preamble of the constitution of this military group comes these words stating the purpose of the organization . . . "to encourage, preserve, and develop the highest ideals of the military profession" . . '?'2" ' l'it ii ll f K Q L r Em. . i r 5 3 1 1 t i l ' y.5 ,Q.,,wf?W' 7 ' ' r OFFICERS CAPT. EDWARD FINNELL , ALFRED LOOS . JULIAN BATLAN JUSTUS R. BARNES FRANK ODELL , IRVIN DAVIS . FRANK PETERS . HENRY BRAZEAL . Faculty Advisor Capt. Edward J. Finnell, Members Alfred Henry Laos Julian Batlan Frank Odell Frank Anthony Peters Justus Rowdon Barnes lrvin Francis Davis Dominick Hugo Bizzoco Henery Hughes Brazeal Bertram Broder George Richard Burton Jack Feinstein Jones Fendell J Leonard Frank Norman Gordon Elviro Louis Mucci Juan Pizarro J Facultly Advisor . . , . Captain . First Lieutenant . Second Lieutenant . Second Lieutenant . Second Lieutenant . Second Lieutenant . , First Sergeant Leon Jennings Tune Irving Weinberg Hugh Edward Adams John Alfred Anderson Albert Sidney Bagley Daniel Marc Bernheim Gerald Blum Francis Littlebury Dancy Murray William Dietz Allan Jack Feinblum Edmond Wilson Hodge Lawrence Joseoh Horowitz James Forniss Irby Hilton Dennis Logan William Jame Long Joseph Trotman Mansfield Victor Donald Snow Gordon Edward Snyder Joe William Venoble TTI" r l X f f 'T 3 .1 T" iz' "fig T , ., . T ll-T ll ll' ll lT l ll? Tl L. l ll, lf X T fl ll -Z- 8-6 Probably The mosT consisTenTly successful of all Alabama Teams is The Rifle Team. lT has come To be recognized as one of The sTraighTesT shooTing rifle Teams in The counTry. This year under The experT coaching of LT. Sam Burk- halTer The rifle Team came Through vviTh one of iTs besT seasons in The hisTory oT The organizahon. Members for The Team were chosen on a compeTiTive basis and The lJniversiTy's besT marlcsmen macle up The Team. LT. SAMUEL C. BURKHALTER , Coach Paul Murphy Daniel Hollis John Anderson Paul STassi Joseph Miller J. VV. Reece ErnesT Miller Thomas Beech George Hall ErnesT Joseph William Greene Sicmley Wilson Joseph Triolo John Wineforclner Eugene Pearlman John Oliveri ,T ,T T A T: T il? sl? el? Tl T 7 T VA MNT Vw lfw :fx Page l95 ,fv J ft' ,A t gi X , i J, I' V I, 1 , vi ff: W uf, fjfyn, if A 1 I, g -V, 9 ll f if ' A" 1' ' X' Vi! ff f 1' ,Bl fl r ,ff l l Qflgif, C' "few !,-- ,I eg, CQ., A L.- C, K , ff 1 V- f KJ, Top left: Colonel Carpenter giving his moral support at the Tide-State game . . . First rovv belovvg More Sgt. Yorks in the making . . . Right: Line-up of star students on Parade Day . . . Second row below, left to right: Future officers learn the science of military, Captain Livingston looks the situation over, For physical fitness-the Tug of War. Top rovv, left to right: When one soldier explains to another hovv a machine gun works, Colonel and Mrs. l-lodnett at a reception given for them before the Colonel left for active duty, Scabbard and Blade initiates on the watch for feminine passers- by . . . Second rovv, left to right: VVornen's day to march is at Homecoming-going to convocationg Spectators view the Ala- bama R.O.T.C.'s drill efficiency . . . Third rovv, left to right: Scabbard and Blade initiates do the "duck walk" up the hill Hia! ni. W?f37KP3?fPZ?74Z1T?ifWifek1E"1!fAff:f4?Z'37Wl??4a3'.ZEYZTGEETQQCSEHH 2!Sf3f43iQii-'Ei212T'ai1-EI?Z'fi?lSt2':MV29ivi"l?4Q5f!r?X3'fz?1ffZ1?92l6MXQ?5' WY I fi, l 3 LVL-,' fm ' ,f.rq,'.w-1 2' A f All I ,Jan-..a,5 Bill!! 1 X fx ""'- Gag.-v RU, rf ' Q aw ksrwvk F Q j!f.::i?.1,- , girly l Y -wsgiraan,-4, XE.. 'b A. N '-as . .4 . ,ic Q5 ! ' L. J. Adler, Jr. A. F. Alois, Jr. Allen Bales, Sr.. . .. H. L. Balzan, Sr. J. R. Barnes, Jr. Julian Baflan, Sr. Richard BenneTT, Jr. Euclid BerTini, Jr. Tom Bevill, Sr. ..... H. L. Binkley, Sr. . T. C. Brannon, Sr. . R. J. BranTley, Jr. . N. K. Brown, Jr. R. W. Brown, Jr. ..., P. E. Brownback, Jr... 2nd LT. Qnd LT. .Qnd LT. .lsT LT. 2nd LT. 2nd LT. 2nd LT. Qncl LT. . IST LT. 2nd LT. 2nd LT. 2nd LT. 2nd LT. 2nd LT. 2nd LT. C. J. Cargile, Sr... CapTain J. A. CarnrighT, Sr. . R. W. Chin, Sr. M. C. Cleere, Jr. .. HerberT Cohen, Jr. J. W. Coleman, Sr. N. C. Coleman, Sr. . H. E. Cooke, Sr. J. F. Crumly, Sr. . R. G. Curlee, Sr. J. A. Dawson, Sr. Francis DiLeo, Sr. J. Dickinson, Sr. A. S. Dozier, Sr. B. C. Drislcill, Jr. . W. E. Durham, Jr. Lee Duvall, Jr. .. G. L. EberT, Sr. E. N. Eclwars, Sr. . lsT LT. , lsT LT. 2nd LT. 2nd LT. .lsT LT. ,lsT LT. .IST LT. CapTain .lsT LT. .lsT LT. LT. Col. .lsT LT. .lsT LT. 2nd LT. 2nd LT. 2nd LT. . l5T LT. LT. Col. Vwl. B. Flowers, Sr. ..lsT LT. T. W. Franklin, Sr. . CapTain ilLlT RY PRO HE IVER Page T98 1 I l l 1 l l Page V99 AMA Louis Freearkp Jr. ,, G. A. Gammonf Sr. J. S. Gaskellg Sr. H. M. Glenn, Jr. W. S. Glennp Sr. . R. M. Greene, Jr. .. Foy Guinf Jr. .... . W. K. Hcgood, Jr. William Ham, Jr. .. W. G. Hawkins, Sr. T. H. Hooieng Jr. .. M. C. Hudson, Sr. T . ii i 2nd LT. Captain . .ls1L1. 2nd L1. , lsr Lf. 2nd LI. 2nd L1. 2ndL1. 2nd Lf. . .isTL1. .Qnd Lf. ...lstL1. D. . Huleg Sr. ...... ist LT. J. A. Johnroep Jr. .. 2nd LT. J. H. Johnson, Jr. ..,2nd Lf. R. C. Joiner, Jr. .... 2ndL1. J. M. Jones, Sr. . W. G. Jonesg Jr. ... M. E. Jordang Sr. . Ernest Joseph: Sr. . Maior 2nd L1. Capiain ...lsTL'f. J. H. Kuekes, Jr. ...Qnd Lf. E. C. Kunzep Jr. A. H. Loosp Sr. J. B. McClellan, Jr. J. W. McClellan. Sr. W. R. McClintonp Jr. 2nd L1. Captain Qncl LT. . istL1. 2nd L1. J. W. McConnell: Sr. ..Col. G. R. McCurdyy Sr. J. L. McGowan, Sr. D. G. McGifferi, Sr. . T. S. Mclioskyf Jr. A. K. Mclnnis, Sr. W. H. McNiff, Sr. J. H. Macldoxp Sr. E. E. Millerf Sr. .. . . ist LT. . . lsf LT. Qncl Lt. 2nd LT. Lf. Col. ...lsTLT. .. lsr Lf. Caplciin H. N. Mims, Sr. ..... Major 1 1Iwz4z'maQs:5ya'M1,?ff4ssf41z1f1w-'zzz:wx-2'-:Mania 5- . ' ' KYZRX " r1'3emrJs. ,, iv , N ff gig ,U '-fm-" , Q. N ., . 2, 'S,-5-wk, , V 'iv-I ,'Z',"v: 4, Y 'fo UZ- if 1 C. H. Monost, Jr. R. R. NcpoliTc1no, Jr. C H. NorTon, Sr. F. H. Odell, Jr. L. M. OTTs, Jr. . . . .. 2nd LT. 2nd LT. 2nd Li. .2nd!i. 2nd LT. Eugene Parsons, Sr. . . lsT Li. E. W. Piburn, Sr. ..CopTciiri Don Profi, Jr. ...... 2nd LT. W. H. Prescoff, Sr. ..lsf LT. F. i:. PuckeTT, Sr. ...2nd Li. H. C. Randall, Jr. ...Qnd LT. R. L. Renfroe, Sr. ...lsT LT. E. H. Reynolds, Sr. ..lsT LT. C. F. Rhea, Sr. ..... lsT LT. G. A. Rliopes, Jr. ...Qnd LT. A. J. Ricles, Jr. .... 2nd LT. H. H. Riddick, Jr. 2nd LT. M. A. RoberTs, Jr. ...2nd LT. H. J. SockeTT, Jr. .... M. L. Salmon, Jr. 2nd LT. 2nd LT. L. C. Schlosser, Jr. 2nd LT. W. P. Schuessler, Sr. .,lsT LT. J. Sclwvindermcn, Sr. lst LT. J. W. Selmon, Jr. .. 2nd LT. Jerome Show, Jr. Znd LT. S. L. Shory, Sr. ,... lst LT. S. L. Sloane, Jr. ..,. 2nd LT, M. E. Smith, Jr. .... 2nd LT. W. M. Sprodley, Jr. ..2nd LT. Joe Siczrnes, Sr. ..., lsT LT. R. J. STucrT, Sr. ... 2nd LT, M. M. Wcildrop, Jr. ..2nd LT. A. H. Wczlmsley, Sr. CopToin G. A. Webb, Jr. .... 2nd LT. Erwin B. Weinrnon, Sr. lsT LT. C. G. Williamson, Sr. lsT LT. Leo H. Williams, Jr.. .2nd LT. M. B. Woznicik, Sr. Cciptoin J. E. Young, Jr. .... 2nd LT. J. D. Zcso, Jr. ..... 2nd LT. The acTiviTies of The Tamous Teams ThaT have represenTed The UniversiTy of Alabama in pasT years-Those famous uniTs of The Crimson Tide-began much The same as ever in The Tall of l942. The ouTlool4 in regard To hovv long aThleTic man- power would be available was doubTTul. Many of The coaches had leTT during The summer and aT Times more and more oT The ball players were leaving Tor The service. The TooTball Team held iTs regular sTanding in The Top Ten Teams of The naTion, The baslceTball Team was missing some of The regulars ThaT iT had counTed on Tor The season, and The base- ball Team was in abouT The same condiTion as The baskeT- ballers. The Tide mainTained iTs regular aThleTic program during The year buT The TuTure was indeed hazy. The Army and Navy and Marines were going To geT These men-The Type ThaT Uncle Sam needs-and how many would be back To carry on Tide acTions wasunknovvn. One TacT was known, however, which was ThaT Alabama Through iTs aThleTics in The service would become a headache To The Axis. 1.-'mi .fit G, 5, Q, a 'ig vo .I ki. x I xi " We 'W X ' x ?1'- My Q gif L,-f' X. ng. -in-Q 1-'4 vw b x A I xv-'VL 1, 'rm 51:19. '-A -ff' ' wa f ' H ' as 4+ Nh ' 1 " gf' XC -. if ll x, EK P . TN M " "" wh aria V9fc" N X f fi. .,. 41., ,,.. mc .Q Wy' K ,L FFT? r'fr,xf-ry 'gi "?. A ,QL ma fi W l l J" l'-,T ' f' T re me lv-,f--of 'xwfg J L X At the top of the page: Whitey and Mickey, Jimmy and Alice, Peck and Babye rehearse . . . Bottom ot page: The Pep Squad leads the mass pep rallies in Foster Auditorium . . . On the page to your right: Extreme right, top: At the Tennessee game in Birmingham, Whitey, Babye, Jim, Mickey and Peck take time out to pose . . . Bottom: Here they are again in Denny Stadium with the addition of Ervin and Alice . . . In center of page: This Big "A" took the place of the bonfire . . . At bottom: On top like the Tide usually is. WWEMWWW 1 m 49 i ,. will 422+ The l942 cheering squdd helped puT The Crimson Tide in The Oronge Bowl vviTh The fine o1ssisTonce of The sTudenT body. IT led The pep rollies ond ouT of Town porodes olong wiTh The Million Dollor Bond. The ocrobcnics This yeor were led by Ervin VVyoTT, WhiTey, Mickey, ond Bobye. The iiTTer-bugging wos led by "Pass The AmmuniTion" Cornright. In spiTe of Trc1nsporToTion diTTiculTies This posT yeor The Aldbomcu Pep Squod wos never enTirely obsenT from ony gome including The Oronge Bowl, woy down in Mioimi. Jim Cornrighf ond Peck Beoird will be leoding cheers for Uncle Som nexT Toll os Jim goes inTo The Army os o Second LieuTenonT ond Peck inTo The Novy. In oddifion To leoding cheers, Alice CriTTendon vvos selecTed os "Miss Alc1bomo" for 1943 by The Million Dollor Bond. 3 i ,M TTT if ,TX T L ik W QT Q 'TX ,fl Th l T ,U xx rw T rf- T if ff-1 T T lr T ref if ice: xl .ci A o I ff, y E six N R TQ , , , M ' c,Q::lTlii ' , .l A 'wall W ,- -K . 7:5 1f-. f TQ B A'S COACHI G STAFF Head Coach Frank Thomas closed out his twelfth year of Cap- stone coaching by adding new laurels to his already illustrious name in the nation's major college coaching field. His Orange Bowl championship team represented the first Tide team to in- vade Miami for The classic and added The name of Alabama as the first team to win three maior bowl titles, needing only a Sugar Bowl title to complete The "grand slam" ofthe New Year's Day classics, Thomas' all-time Capstone coaching record, the best of any maicr college record in the country, reached a new high at 93 wins, only T8 losses and five ties for T2 years. His record against conference teams stands at 46 wins, only T2 losses and four Ties -the best of any member team. Off the field, the affable Tide director spends long hours engaged in working with intramural sports and catering per- sonally to golf and baseball, He shoots in the seventies cn the links and seldom misses an opportunity to see a baseball en- counter. Head Coach Frank Thomas ei' - .f V' "W-'.f-,-rf' Jeff Coleman, left below, The Business Manager of The Athletic Asso- ciation. Rea Schuessler. right below, The director of publicity for The Crimson Tide. 'A' 'A' 'lr 'A' Assisting Coach Thomas during the T942 grid season were Coaches Paul Burnum, Pete Caw- thon, Lew Bostick, Jesse Foshee and Julius Pa- pais. Burnum was moved up to the varsity staff at the start of the season after T2 years as head freshman coach. He handled the ends and also helped wherever needed in tutoring linemen and backs. Cawthon, a top ranking coach in the southwest for a number of years, is serving his first year at the Capstone and has gained high praise for his fine work. He coached the tackles on the varsity squad and helped scout Alabama's opponents. Bostick, Foshee and Papais, all newccmersto the Tide staff, helped greatly in filling the gap left by the loss of Coaches Henry Crisp, Harold Drew, Tilden Campbell and Ed Hickerson to the armed forces. Bostick, a former Crimson Tide line star and captain, coached the guards on The varsity squad, while Foshee tutored the linemen and Papais the backs. 1.-ang "-'Tsai 4 E s 2 1 A 4 X X Www. sf , L ' . V X 50 S . 31 ' 4' fi Q ,rv ,f is . , B e l o w: Freshman 7 Coaches Jesse Foshee iff' ,L X and Julius Papias. et to right Coaches Paul Eurnum Ends Pele Cawthon, Tackles, Lou Bostick, Guards. sa 'Q r Bi .I . J' t 4 S ' ' 5 I iff" -'46-Q23 ' ' j '. 14 . Ina " "V' ,,. " ,:: . 5' t :fel 'f - 234 V 9 .4 . ,4.,.,.,,, ,W 4. Left to right, seated: Chorba, Leon, Avery, Marfin, Johnson, Jones, N. Mosely, Caine, Flowers, Craft, Alois . . . Second row: Harmon, Sessions, Staples, Dimitro, McKoskey, Cossio, Killian, Reese, R. Mosely, Cox, McWhorter, Self . . . Third row: Sloane, Manager, Gresham, Lockridge, Gambrell, Kaluger, August, Chapman, Sails, Green, Tucker, Bires . . . Fourth row: Miles, Gunnells, Fichman, Aland, Baughman, Whitmire, Brown, Sabo, Scales, Gammon, Jenkins . . . Fifth row: Hecht, McKewen, Compton, Chambers, Olenski, Domnanovich, Weeks, Irvin, Sharpe, Leeth, Grantham, Jones, Tucker, Waldrop, Cook. if- 569 ' 6956" fibj ' A A 4' J 'A J! XX Nm A J J W ACK YW' ,-' 'Q Russ Mosely AI Sobo Don Solls Dave Brown John August .lim McWhorter Russ Craft Bobby Tom Jenkins Roy Johnson I :iw .," v- Mx" "" George Gammon X 4 qu Louie Scales Frank Martin Monk Mosely Som Caine Al Alois Ray Cox Hal Jones Kenny Reese F ' ...V - ' '- , --aa N Maw AQKS ,-'ss E' ,!, .ini X xy f Page QU Wcaae PL AY E R Scam Sharpe Bobs Roberis Wheeler Leefh Ted Cook O 0 Q D George Weeks Andy Bires ,P X Page 212 James Granfham Red Jones Ely Kaluger Joe Domnunovich, Captain Y 4 w l l l xv fl AX vm W7 f ' " !""X"',5 1 lj, Y 1 'lf X X171 "H" LII lgig' Don Whifmire Miichell Olenski Leon Fichman .lock McKewen Charles Compion -. .lack Aland Monk Miles Bear Gunnells ll fl ,, 7 ll! l -Q-'Alb' - ,., ,V 2, , ,V E:-5 1 Z A yi yxvtx X My A l Pg' Page Q14 George Hecht Tony Leon Jody Staples Ted McKoskey Frank Killian Joe Chorbu Mike Dimifro Charley Green Jack Harmon U A R D A fl Ill A !'x -..,. KPN W5ZmW i fi' H ,I 'il 'lu v XG. f' e - 'T Q -ri. ' Es I za, fi iffy FTA V I N nfl vm? if Iles -fi v Alabama's nafion-wide legion of followers comprised a "spIiT' parfy as Sepfember crepf iTs way up The calendar and speculaTion on The season's ouTcome was abouT as clear as The Warrior river. Five var- siTy coaches-Crisp, Campbell, Drew, I-Iickerson, and Roney-were missing from The firsT pracTices and would noT be around during The year because They were away serving in The armed forces. There was no lefT halfback of Jimmy Nelson's caliber and HolT Rasf, all- American end, had puT his lasT suiT of gridiron armor away in favor of The Army uniform. Therefore, iT was wiTh ci sigh of relief Thaf The Tide Thundered To a season opening of o 54-O win over S, L. I. I I I S T A T I S T I C S I I I l I Ala. S.L.I. I Yards from scrimmage ,.,, 393 22 Yards lost from scrimmage, 'l5 26 Passes attempted . . . .... I0 I4 Passes compIeTed ...,.. . 8 4 I Passes infercepied by ..., 3 0 I Yardage from passes ,... IOI 36 I , Tofal yardage ......... 494 58 ToTaI firsT downs ,.,. ,. 27 4 Number of punTs .,,..... 3 9 Average Iengfh of punts.. 27.5 48 Puni reTurns ......,.,... 'I25 O Lost yardage, penalties . . , 40 'I5 I Top leff The band put on a great show in The capital city for the opening game. Coach Tommy Talks iT over with CapTains Domnancvich and RoberT5 . . . Below: Craff runs back STaTe's opening kickoff for 65 yards. .iss .. -r iz, Fw T i ., . x.,,5 s. , . :IJ so T T . . I 'K X x . ,X-' 4 Q ' ' 4 W . .XX 1 Q X X is Ts gk QXX ' is -- we , , ,gy Q. X . N 1 f si Murphy passes for Slate s lone Tally There was o pregnonT silence among Tide Tons on The SaTurcloy in Denny sTodium when Mississippi SToTe's power- ful Maroons moved in oTTempTing To geT a Third sTraighT shuT-ouT vicTory over Alobamci, buT iT wos broken and replaced by raucous cheering on The opening kick-off, STaTe pressmen bcillyhocecl The TosTesT Team in The nofion, buf Boma's agile Russ Craff Turned ouT To be The "speediesT back in The naTion" on This parTicular daTe. STaTe had To overhaul and down him on The opening kick-OTT aTTer he had Travelled some sixTy yards in The direcTion oT pay dirT. ATTer This auspicious opening, The show Turned inTo a CTQTT producTion. He scored all Three Touchdowns and paced Alabama To on impressive 21-6 vicTory. The one-man massacre oT The lvlaroons did more To bring suTTering spiriTs To new heighTs and even This early in The season There was opTimisTic Talk obouT "bowls" and The glories ThaT were To be. STATISTICS Ala. Miss. ST. l Yards from scrimmage .... 115 32 Yards losT from scrimmage 31 23 ,I - Passes aTTempTed ........ 5 16 Passes completed ...., . . 3 4 1, Passes intercepted by ...., 0 O Yardage from passes ..,,.. 72 62 il W ToTc1l yardage .,. ,U187 94 Tofal Tirsf downs , ., 7 3 15 Number of punTs ......... 13 15 l Average lengTl1 of punTs . 39 38 PunT reTurns ..,......... 31 41 I LasT yardage penalTies , , . 90 55 l l His girl didn'T kniT This sweater. 'fi ,nl A ' dak. it 'll 'TTL 4 TTY. A War was brought nearer To home when The Crimsons iourneyed clown To Mo- bile. For The Tirsf Time since l9l7, The Tide faced a Service Team. Baseball games had been The fashion befween The Capsfone and The Pensacola Naval Air STaTion for some Time, buf This was The firsf foofball baffle. Taking pride in former college and professional sfars, The Goslings were as unpredicfable as The iniuries which hindered The Alabamians aT The momenf. No one knew whaT To expecf oTher Than a hard game. Russ Craff, an esfablished hero by now, Took charge for The second sTraighT week and crossed The double sTripe on Two occasions, while Kenny Reese and Al Sabo accounfed for The oTher scores in Alabama's 27-O win. Nimble running and o lighfning-fasT flank aTTack kepf The Goslings guessing Throughouf The game, while The line confirmed rumors of greafness by allowing The Pensacola sailors a neT gain of minus Two yards, Craff and Company packed away a neaT afTer- noon's work wifh 295 yards gained on rushing plays. Guard play by Tony Leon and George HechT and end play by Sam Sharp, George Weeks and Alfernafe-Capfain Babs Roberfs was nofhing shorf of phe- nomenal. The Tackles had been firmly rooTed for sTardom in The Mississippi STaTe baffle and This game spelled "greaT defense." STATISTICS l Ala. Pen. Navy l Yards from scrimmage ,. 298 -2 l Yards losf from scrimmage 18 48 l Passes atTempfed ...,.,. 10 18 1 Passes compleTed ,....... 7 11 l Passes inTercepTed by ,... 2 0 l Yardage from passes B5 T20 Total yardage .,.. .... 3 BO 118 N Total first downs . , . . . 15 5 l Number of punts . . . 3 5 l Average length of punfs.. 33 35 l Pun? refurns , , , . . , 33 50 l Los? yardage, penalties , . . 40 'I0 l Y. ,.., H- nr l Ready, willing and able. Cifers shoois one in Tennessee Tug-of-war. l l l l . l S T A T l S T l C S Ala. Tenn. Yards from scrimmage ..... 'l5O T01 Yards lost from scrimmage, 52 33 Passes attempted ,....,,. 10 'll lrw , Coach Hank returns to see his boys play. Two of the best in the nation Exit Mit H E lfii'-will W if lil' E itat mt cs if .1 it to T lc. l wi ffl is its rc. lf Tide talk had been heated before the Tennessee game, it was blistering by the time the two worthies trooped onto Legion Field. Two weeks before, the Volunteers had completely wrecked the hopes of the East's pre-season favorite-Fordham -but Tide followers left no opportunity unheecled to remind skeptics of what had happened to Mississippi State on the same Saturday. The game itself is simple to define. Alabamds line was impregnable. Bobby Tom Jenkins, sophomore sensation whom Thomas calls "one of the greatest fullback prospects l've ever coached", slipped over tackle and was away for a 34-yard score in the third period to insure an Alabama decision. It was charity when Bobby Cifers, Vol Star, fumbled Leon Fichman's tremendous kick-off opening the second half and Alabama scored a safety. This was all the scoring, with the Tide winning 8-O. Jolting Joe Domnanovich, Tide captain, had been a steady and consistent line-backer and offensive ball player all sea- son, but following his exhibition against Tennessee, he was sure-fire All-American. Time and again the towering center made impossible tackles and broke up would-be touchdown passes. Legion Field was iammed to the rafters for this game iust as Hartwell Field had been a sell-out the week prior and Cap- stone spirit likewise followed the trend of attendance by reaching a new peak. August off for gain against the Vols. Passes completed ..,..,.. 5 3 Passes intercepted by ..... l 1 Yardage from passes. 51 21 Total yardage .... .... 2 Ol 122 Total first downs. , . . . . li 8 Number of punts ...,...., l'l T4 Average length of punts. . . 36.8 43.8 Punt returns ....,....... 78 68 Lost yardage, penalties ..., 'IO 5 525 V ,..f'fL . 'ii Fighting Joe Wheeler can snag 'em. Z' XL fail J lifil 'il' Q l TLT Sli, L l 2 its it kc -"1 Tennessee had been a powerful enemy. Acclaim put Tension in every Tide start A long train ride and stiff muscles caused sluggishness, hence a slight let-down was in order for the annual Kentucky game in Lexington. For the first half, the Wildcats battled Alabama on even terms, but the Tide began to roll in the third quarter and scored both of its touchdowns to win 14-O. Before Coach Thomas could take time to light his fourth cigar, as the second half started Russ Mosley and Louie Scales had slammed across' the Blue Grass twice and the Tide had come home with a victory. ln helping to preserve the unbeaten, untied victory, .loe Domnanovich, Tony Leon, George l-lecht, Don Whitmire, Babs Roberts and George Weeks kept the records for "the greatest defensive ball team of the land." Russ Craft, Russ Mosley, Monk Mosley, Don Scslls and Al Sabo were the backfield leaders for the still untamed Crimsons. Kentucky mousetrapped, Craft carrying. But the Tide did it this time. STATISTICS Ala. 'Tucky Yards from scrimmage .... 126 92 Yards lost from scrimmage 21 33 Passes attempted ...,.... 9 12 Passes completed ,..., .. 4 3 Passes intercepted by ..... 1 1 Yardage from passes ..,.. 45 44 Total yardage ... . . .171 136 i Total first downs. ,. .. 7 10 Number of punts .,,..... 5 7 Average length of punts.. 35 40 Punt returns ,....,....., 19 36 Lost yardage, penalties ,... 35 52 Craft goes through Sinky for 47 yards and score. ORG! 21 It was a bright, kindly sun that greeted 33,000 thrill-seeking football fans at Grant Field in Atlanta on the fateful Saturday afternoon of the first unsuccesful invasion by Alabama of the Peach State. Little did they suspect at the outset that they were the chosen few who wcn the right to see one of the most outstanding football games in the history of Southern football. A press box housing such great names in sports writing as Grantland Rice, Bill Cunningham, Henry McLemore and a host of others faced a booth across the arena from which was being dispatched a play-by-play account of the proceedings to the nation. As Rice opined after the game: "I have never seen a more thoroughly beaten team for three quarters." They pay cff on the final score, however, and Frank Sinkwich, held to a gain of 36 yards in 24 attempts at running, threw up an umbrella of passes to George Poschner and Lamar Davis. It may be recorded that this invasion of Atlanta failed because of the new innovation known to modern warfare as "surprise air attack." Alabama played its heart out and lost, but still to dent the memories of the nation will be the beautiful weaving run that Craft made for half the ,-. .af ,... ...L STATISTICS Ala. Yards from scrimmage .,.. 107 Yards last from scrimmage 21 Passes attempted i,...,.. 12 Passes completed . . 8 Passes intercepted by .... 4 Yardage from passes .. 92 Total yardage ... .... 199 Total first downs 4 . . 11 Number of punts ........ 7 Average length of punts , 41 Punt returns .......,... 69 Lost yardage, penalties... . . 55 Ga 62 34 37 18 O 231 293 15 10 39 84 30 Always good for that extra point Iengh of the field to draw first blood and the perfect field goal from the toe of George Hecht in the third quarter. Leading 10-0 in the fourth quar- ter, Alabama was unable to hold Georgia, and the Bulldogs won 21-10. 51,000,000 marched through Georgia. fix-EAI Z'0155'1'?' Miss Homecoming for 1943, Jane Hinton Joan's 35,000 in bonds bought this ball. ,i V' t' ' lt l f " 'ur K t t f-X T fr it X 'tl 4, 5,1 174 N N Ay X LT X My it ,L V . K- nf ,gtft l jj If! X - in 1 ,Mt if X 1 it -rf I I I i X i 1 STATISTICS Yards Yards Passes Passes Passes Yardage from passes .... 73 Total yardage ., .,.. 333 Total first downs . . . . , 8 Number of punts ...4,., 7 Average length of punts 37.6 Punt returns ..........,. 47 Lost yardage, penalties .. 70 South Carolina stops August after nice gain. w, ,Y , .L i .1 it ,! 'J' Global war took much of the spice from Home- coming. There were few house decorations be- cause of a request from the War Department, but what was more important the Tide was mad. The sting of first defeat remained and the Tide was lick- ing its wounds and snarling. Coach Thomas started his second team and before the stands had been comfortably seated, the reserves had packed up a margin big enough to insure victory. Such names as: Kenny Reese, Bobby Tom Jenkins, Monk Mosley, John Staples, Ted McKosky, Hosea Rad- gers fthe freshmanl and a host of others, cropped up in the Sunday papers. Johnny August came into his own. He passed to Kenny Reese and Babs Roberts for the first two scores. Russ Craft and Dove Brown, who had been sidelined because of Fall practice iniuries, took the second period show and Craft raced 44 yards for the third score. Brown brought the crowd to its feet with an 85-yard dash for the fourth. A South Caro- lina back fumbled the ball in the end zone for a safety to complete the scoring, Alabama 29, South Carolina O. Typical of the great Tide elevens, Alabama was on the comeback trail and woe was forecast for the remaining three. ' ' 'lk Bobby Tom Through The middle for six points. Th. l Qi il p .Ti -VX fin gf ll -. 'l 'T 1 lla- .figlllx ll TKLQX llldllll KAY lglll lied-l ATlonTo remembered well The firsT Alobomo invo- sion ond TickeTs for The Tech gome were gone o week prior To The meeTing. In spiTe of The Georgio Bulldog mork on The Tide record, no Teom hod been oble To score o Touchdown ogoinsT Alobomo on o ground ploy. BuT The record Tell when o fresh young Treshmon by The nome of ClinT CosTleberry seT up o Yellow .lockeT score in The TirsT period ond Rolph FlosTer plunged ocrcss oTTer Two oTTempTs Trcm The one yord line. Alobomo ToughT wiTh mighT ond moin. Time ond ogoin They drove inTo Jocl4eTlond, buT eoch Time They Tell shorT unTil loTe in The Third period when Russell Mosley broke loose ond scored. Tide Tons were in hysTerics, buT The referee Turned The cheers inTo moons by corefully sTepping oTf o five yorcl penolTy Tor oTTsides ogoinsT The CopsTone on The ploy. Johnny AugusT seT up o Tolly wiTh o 57 yord sTreok, buT iT wiThered ond more desperoTe eTTorTs Through The oir in The woning momenTs wenT Tor noughT. Tech's lone Touchdown proved The morgin oT vic- Tory, 7--O. Before o second ATlonTo copociTy house ond o TourTh Tor The seoson, The Tide bowed iTs houghTy heod Tor The second Time. BoTh Georgio Teoms now held perTecT reccrds oT The expense oT Alobomo, buT os iT loTer proved There wos room Tor oll Three To hold ploces in New Yeor's Doy gomes ond even go TorTher To move over ond moke room Tor Tennessee, The TourTh conference member in The holicloy rev- elry. STATISTICS Ala. Yards from scrimmage .,.. 187 Yards lost from scrimmage. 24 Passes of'rempTed ......., T3 Passes complefed .... , 4 Passes inTercepTed by ...,. l Yardage from posses ,...,. 33 Total yardage ..., .220 ToTol firsf downs . . . TO Number of punls .... . . 7 Average lengTh of punTs. 365 Punt refurns ...,.,,,,... 45 Lost yardage, penolfies. .. 25 -ri n - -7 gg-, ', T , T ' V' L w . T Y 'l Q KTU 7 lim llfl ill il ,TT , T, x, 1 ' ' ., :-1 -13' Top: Alcibumo in The "HearT" of Dixie. BoTTom: Block geTs off o nice boof. STATISTICS Ala. Vandy . . . wi M irisfss isis 'sit Top: Half time performance. Bottom: Always faithful. Y ite Yards from scrimmage ..,. 169 76 Yards lost from scrimmage. 18 21 Passes attempted 4....... 10 21 Passes completed ..,..... 5 7 Passes intercepted by ..., 2 1 Yardage from passes ...,,, 85 116 Total yardage . . . . .. 254 192 Total first downs. ,. . . .. 14 9 Number of punts .......,. 4 6 Average length of punts.. 37 39.6 Punt returns .......,,... 53 41 lost yardage, penalties ., 25 25 -- I ' QA I .J I' ,ri A A I IIS l -- he I It AINI EP IT Vanderbilt's schedule called for a game with Alabama at an unlucky moment for the Commodores in 1943. The Tide was in the wrong frame of mind. They were tired from eight back- breaking games. Two losses, which squad-members were reliv- ing daily, were in their minds and they were ready to explode when their feet trod the turf at Legion Field. Russ Craft and Johnny August worked behind a line that play- ed the hard and crushing style of football and the Commodores could do no better than hang on and wait for the final gun. It was a great day for Sophomore August. I-Ie scored first after he had hauled back a punt to the IO. On his second at- tempt with the ball his swivel hips shook him over the double stripes. Johnny prepared the way, likewise, for Bobby Tom Jenkins to score on a plunge from the one. I-Ie sparked the 'third with a 21-yard punt return and passes to Sam Sharp and Jim McWhorter, and Dave Brown hauled it over from close in. Bill Baughman, reserve center, counted for the final marker on an intercepted pass from J. P. Moore. Final score: Alabama 27, Vanderbilt 7. Russ had better reverse his field. STATISTICS Ala.Ga.Navy Yards from scrimmage .... 129 172 Yards lost from scrimmage 35 18 Passes attempted ..,...., 17 25 Passes completed ,.,,,. , 9 15 Passes intercepted by ..... 3 1 Yardage from passes , . I 111 185 Total yardage ..,. 240 357 Total first downs . 12 14 Number of punts ....,,, 10 6 Average length of punts . 30,8 31.3 Punt returns . . , .,....4. 23 88 Lost yardage, penalties . . 15 40 AMA I GA. P E-FLIGHT Alabama staged a fourth quarter rally and netted 19 points, but time ran out and the second Service team toe of the season marched back, ironically enough into Georgia, with a 35-19 victory. Two former Tide stars were in the Georgia Naval Pre-flight line-up and three Alabama coaches were sitting on the wrong bench as the curtain came down on the season. Ed Hickerson, all-Southeastern guard in l94O and Noah Langdale, 1941 Phi Beta Kappa tackle, took an active part in the downfall ot their former mates, while Paul "Bear" Bryant, Henry G. Crisp and Tilden Campbell sat on the bench devising methods to stem the Tide, Craft and August saw the game from the bench because oi injuries, and Salls, McWhorter and Jenkins pulled the scoring with little Monk Mosley serving as the sparkplug. The season came to an end, but greater things were in store tor the Tide with a New Year's Day engagement with Boston College yet to be announced. Jenkins makes beautiful run behind fine blocking t. AQ I X 'l' - ,W vw Y if 1 2 mer H ,, .A N, 'TTL is 5,1535-:-1, ' , , In-K, W ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, , ,,,, ...L . 729 A VKX V N31 6 5 IX. nie gf Ur Q WJ Coach and Capfuin wifh Orange Bowl Trophy. Pre-game ceremonies. ' A sample of The dose we gave to B. C. A3 .M 32.3 W W Q Zffl ii- T i r . .. 1. ii m .M ,i .Nh A, MT .... .. , , . ,vii--,VL .. I ,V V., Miami sets an example for other bowls. its f'--lib lu YT ll .fl T p.ll ll ' VN i iiil KT fi i ETT r' ii .N in. s T .. , T. it it i it - ii fn lie w 1 LJ fell it 'ref l 'l E--.1 lf. L, ll- '-trawl TL, fi. il Amid the glamour and tropical brilliance that is mid-winter Miami, the Crimson Tide won one of its greatest victories in a long and colorful series of post-season "bowl" games. Appearing for the seventh time in one of the New Year's day football classics-five Rose Bowl showings and once in the Cotton Bowl-Alabama spotted a favored Boston College team two touchdowns in the first period and then came back to completely halt the famed "T" formation and win going away. No one man can be given credit for sparking the Tide to victory since every squad member turned star for the occasion. Space limitations do not permit an adequate description of Alabama's brilliant win. Wheeler Leeth, Ted Cook, .Johnny August and Bobby Tom Jenkins scored touchdowns for Alabama with Jenkins tallying twice. George Hecht kicked a i5 yard field goal and Capt. .Ice Domnanovich tacked a Boston College back behind the goal line for a safety. Mike Holovak scored all three of Boston College's touchdowns. .I by K rin 1' A, .5 . V. .. - .ww-"' P Jw . re... TQIFET 1" " f7i'!'.?i-iff? ZIi'W".?ss,2'..-f'TfE'5: -:Wr1.f'W"?1:-f-W-',.': if - ffv. eh... mfs 1 +-,.' ,,' Jim- . . I fff I sv i A 5 ,qw " , Fi.. "' " Fil, Q-psi' .lit 14155 ,gl .il 4 I iff il' d'?-5-v'-4'i- My 01355, .g,19'Z5-5-7 W: 'f:"13i??52f5fe i' 'W' ,i W E ...J tegsigjy 4 .... 2. 5 r' "W 'i 'W ' WM 'Mfv PM J- I .., wif ps gg .L 1 ,1- rv fs.: .: ,- ,V -,. .' ,vg.g7.. 1 f-J ,- i':.f'i"' L 3 i- fi " : 5" Q ' i-55 iv-i't:'o 5 1" " .- 'Z' ' - .. .:":-- , - : iqipfw' .. eg.- .W fvf-f . fri .--.51 ' -.L 15 K, . i iaggg- V, ,.v.4x, - , LV-,-. ,r nyg 'if'2"- fb 'f 'S .ff . i .' : ,-,ii .'i"f. A .7 . 24.16 1 . r'-' f. l W f f MSW, .af if-3 S827 58' 7vf'K- fi f . ,, ...,, . f5yW9Qf4?3iM,,w Q65 057:4- Qeew ewek ' ' .1 1 V, '- if zfg, ,- f Q fr? fiibffiff' f ,K , : A gg i ,, 11. 47-'53 .1145 Qs fp,-. 4. .- sw f' , . ' 5 -'J f . -, "frSL,:?".2-V' V4 fi' -"' l-"W i :P-MII' -A I . V 1' . N3-i-59" H ,Q x 'gr '. .L f --if i ' i-. nap.-.'4q:,,5. . .. 'P' ' is vi- f A. f'f " TQ- i ' ' 1 A-. it t -he g - -. f - , , tri A 1 . 4 :ii . ' . 'li ' 3: ' vw " As . 1523 5 7 v A, Yinfhj. . ' ,tix W' .-,1 ' 1 'Q 'J ' xx BA .QQ M. X Tix ,X . A 'S rw .U s il X ll il X ' ' 2 M X xv .,...,....j QM -. - 1 " sms 1- X W- s ' +4-J. fy 4 ,V r f d: i , ' 9 6 Vflfj ii - ' f ' '4,-'IQW T 1 Q ' W" 1' 'i " X' 7575 .sfwsweeeeeeee ,. ,. W .fb ,V . ,,., .-9'ff?4.,. yfj Q7 J 1 -1 5 i f ji 6 1' 3,4 - M J - K, f. ,...,,s.z,,,, ., , 'gf"N.,,1fv- gaffsggfef yi fe' . - . li 5 il , fl J " i 5 A , t ' t i qv f . , f al g A ,, I ,V V ,,.. 0 ..,., JMB, .,,. Z A .- E2 f , . ,.4f.W..i,,.,ig,5ig,,1g!fW , A757 " . ' i ' ' Qc, l 1 1 :TQ 1, 5 tits? ' . 4, Fi Q- . "1 f 45"-" "' , c - i ' ' .' 'axons "' . 1 4 .. -V :4 . -2. raw-..'fsf"':-w:LHrby:s,. L --fff4..: -.,-: Orange Bowl queen-America's queen. B. C.'s "T" could not stop Tide's power. .c . ge- , - J 4,-4 i 4, I? K In STATISTICS y nf A 42 .W 1, Alu. B.c. Yards from scrimmage... 277 239 Yards lost from scrimmage 33 37 , ii Passes attempted ....,... l5 20 illfi l Passes completed ..., . 9 'll I Passes intercepted by ..... 2 1 Total first downs .,...,.., 13 Yardage from passes .... 97 'I Total yardage ...... . . ...74 Number of punts ....,... , 6 Average length of punts.. 39 Punt returns ..... . , , .... 45 Lost yardage penalties .... 20 13 170 409 7 34 23 11 'WN' if-ff-W7 73"4'W1'EX'5W.4JZeZ?f VWMSSXSVWKW V fav!! like vt .f as-rail gxifins . .qs f' a . Q i 15' t Eye vw , .. H. W, .2 1 .lawn 4 sg 7 rl te 'S' 1' V ' V ,kwa Q, V, S 7 9 . , V an . ,gi V, su , v get mg 'V 4' J, xi .-1 Mfg -v 4 1 '99 Coach Paul Burnum Erwin sinks one against L. S. U. ln his first year as varsity basketball coach, Paul Burnum turned in one of the Southeastern Conference's best tu- toring iobs. Every member of Alabama's 1942 team that went to the finals of the conference tournament had either graduated or entered the armed services. Coach Burnum had only two lettermen back from the '42 squad, but he molded a well balanced team that battled to the final whistle in every game. Depending largely on sophomore talent, with one freshman in the starting lineup, Coach Bur- num led his charges through a stiff 18 game conference schedule and gained an upset victory over highly favored Kentucky in one of the best games ever played at the Capstone. Asiast With two iuniors, two sophomores and a freshman in the starting lineup, Alabama had its most inexperienced basketball team in over a decade. Gone were such stars as Wheeler Leeth, Jim Roth and Louis Adair. .lim Homer, center, and Bart Avery, guard, were the only lettermen back from the 1942 squad and both had seen action in a reserve capacity during the past season, But, Homer and Avery gave Coach Burnum a pair of determined and talented performers who served as a nucleus for the Tide quintet. Charlie Erwin, slim sophomore forward, Mau- rice "Red" Bell, a battling freshman guard, and J. F. Sharp, sophomore forward and brother of Sam Sharp, former Tide star, made up the other starters. Opening the season with a pair of wins over Florida before the Christmas holidays, Alabama surprised its most ardent followers. With only a few days practice after Christmas, the Tide had a tough time regaining its win- ning form and Tennessee, L. S. U. and Tulane had handed the Crimsons four defeats in a row. Improving with each game and gaining much needed experience, the youthful Tiders hit their peak in mid-season and marked up five straight victories, including a surprising, 41-32 win over Kentucky, before dropping a return engagement to the Wildcats in Lexington. Playing every team in the conference except Auburn, Alabama won nine and lost the same number in an 18 game schedule. Coach Burnum's charges drew a first round bye in the conference tournament and after leading L. S. U. at the half in their second round meeting, the Bengals began to trim the Tide, 46-41. Tennessee's Vols upset a favored Kentucky team, 33-30, in the final game to win the annual Southeastern Conference tourney. ir ul' i' 'k J, F. Sharpe Charley Erwin Jim Homer Bart Avery M u ice Bell ,fir in W ,fi 1 rar 1 ,wr lggliili. lag lie. .fill 1 A'-v LQ, Lil L. df Mk ALABAMA'S 1943 BASKETBALL RECORD Alabama Florida Alabama 41 Keniuclcy Alabama Florida Alabama 50 Ole Miss Alabama Tennessee Alabama 41 Kentucky Alabama L. S. U. Alabama 33 Tennessee Alabama L. S. U. Alabama 47 Georgia Alabama Tulane Alabama 29 Ole Miss Alabama Tulane Alabama 41 Mississippi Stale Alabama Vanderbilt Alabama 47 Mississippi Stale Alabama Vanderbilf Alobgmo Georgig Tech CONFERENCE TOURNAMENT Alabama Columbus Air Base Alabama 41, L. S. U. 46 lseconcl roundl r ell, Sharpe, Jordan, Avery . . . Back: Smith, Preibis, Homer, Erwin, Mathis, Wood. F , - F -M 23:2 .' A .h N V iq 1' 55 ' TL x . , Nw, ,, ff -3 ':-115, ..f 1-. ml. ' fff 'ie 'f - . "ff, V 1' 3 - :1,., .- V. :- V, Q 3 , ,Va ' gf: 1 :IV ,g.5.f,,,.r ' X. -Vf-::5'H '. ' Q x. , "-17, ,5, 3-:af f ' -1',j.jf-H ,ft SWF? 2:1 :Q-'zl f A ,Vx ,Qi "" 'l?3?" 5 4- " NASD. x"1' V :- 'L"3M1P. " " "3 1 A ' ' A A ' 1 1 5 ,3gg?, - . ' USVI ' 4- 35.3. N R , . WRXQ53 , VA - - V - V69 " V I , , yew - .Wy .....,. ,. g+-, - ' - 1:- 4:4 1 V ,as-'6 . Nw 1 V- s W' S ? X P -V ' 5 V ' V f 19115, ' V 'Vi '-' 11L4:'i!3F59K9 " ' V V- - fwzeix-Q. ,- ff-4-' 3 V-:Vg V. .-41-.c-1-1-:S -.-F' J V- ,y - K .-1f:sV,g5::b V: V f ' . ,.-:.:::aK,5Q . 1 . -V ' ax . .,,. V , ,, .3i2f'.' Miz, A .V V lr?:2f: -":"5 2----ry.: , , X ' V, ,,,-52, . ., ' """ ' V V T' I . ' 55551-5 U ,- H . R ' ' . Q A' V V , A M .,,, x,.,. .x,V. ...,1, :,, X . -M 5 . . ' H , - .f.,.. . ,-: :f-:fff ,L --4.45 . fy ,:. B ,1:,- jx' ag.: .M ,,Q,m "0, .V,q,f2g21z?Aw5V::g'f . f , -Zi? - - ' V V:-f ' '21 - X N . ,' f wav- . . 'P - by 4, V A Q ,. 1 fig V wg. 1 Qi f -rr, -- V .' ,T . dx ' A V V - f , , ..,,1 E, A A . K A ..., , V -H. Y-rw' . V+, ,W xv My . ,W gm w -W ,K Q ' -..,-Y. . - 'N . W , . ,fx-X N, V . .4 ' X . . ,M - :..... ' .ax X lf... . I ' X1 , n K wig .... X"-V' -. ' lfkk ' , 1 , t , ,:.g'g , ,Q--'L' N . E V? ..', gg . ' - 4 ,. 4.1. Y 4- :J .. .x. V W, w Q26 2 ff: :Ez V ' f I V' V i v V 1 -vf 14. +'2v'4ffw V" - ., ,"':w.:. .'5?:." Vi 6151 mf-QV. 4 ff, V --ay -2 kill! A - ,- A 9, f V X5-Vfwk,V'-V V. 'A NZ x X QV x 5 fg- 'X ,MAX - ij-K .V E, Tj? . , ? A 'iiffgg Wx F3 'VJ 1. 9-. - .ixyv V ' 56 ,F 1 e""'t six!-,: -, Q V, Vw V .. V. . V-Fi-Z 'Qs . V ,,.,... ,.f.LQ.1, Q , - Q. V Q 53?-v - X . A ,V 9 .QQ M - . 7 Q 3 bg -:iii V V " 23 55 . a,f5gm . aw X -wx .:fsNeQ:- X A-k - NAV, x- ..1 'Y .vw-V M. kv X2 ig: .- - "5 ff' ' S 2 QV.-i":'v': . ,- .VA-rg Y wVV ,Q V Q , V V V . AM. -nz 2 ,. ' N , Q.. X12 ' Y- g w -vs -25-if' 3 - V' X Wscffr-. Nw: . Vxiknz ' , for - iw- Nvjjj . -f. mygmwwg- - 'V 'CRE vb ' V S Qs-mf-f , - L N 0 ff? www' mlwmm- ,,,, , -1. g .W QM, X -w--g'1-.'5,q '.5 -: V :Q Q-wx, V :gigs -5 V 1 - ' M' f - 'NV N. ' "wi-J'-.sP.' W 1 V K ,Iii 1 A, . ,V . . , M, , , Q, X, , .. .NVQ , mg., .W " -, V . ew- ,v .V-fri-xy iz, lv: Yijil' 1.1 , 3 ik - if A33 S "' 1 IV " 5 A WW - - :V .NV - 4.1. . .1 N V si 4: 951.1522-az' -2 . W S5- 32 5' 5 'ff'If4 '-9 .1 '-fx . ' VV 2:- '-. -Nm 3,7 M- Y, ,..f- W 1 ,www ' ' ' ffm. E R V y 1 . .-fwrnfmfi.-V V .. Vw , 1 -, F, I VVINJ: . N4 f , Coach Tilden "Happy" Campbell, ncw Lt. T. D. Camp- bell, USNR, led Alabama's baseball team to its third successive Southeastern Conference championship when the 1942 Alabama nine finished the season with a record of nine victories against but one defeat. Campbell ccm- piled one of the best coaching records in ccllegiate base- ball history during his nine years as mentcr of the Crimson Tide teams by winning the conference championship seven times during that span. A former Tide baseball and foot- ball star, Campbell entered the navy following ccmpletion of the i942 baseball season. Alabama won nine straight conference games before dropping the season finale to Mississippi State. Eddie Owcar and Larkin Thornhill also shared hurling honors in a 3-2 win over the Birmingham Barons of the Southern Association. W 4 4 ,s ' ,.' g. I 'Q ,ff f . T. was A , , ,I VL . is 1 1 1 Q. . jg,-,if .5,,,i5+il3,t2i?Rl':l'llZ.,4,ie":'g'i' 5t!.:,-"ft: 'ig .I -,.,:i+-Q ,,' 'vw i. ',":W,l li rp 'l -'aft 124.16-" .iw-...g f ,-:J 1 Qra:-f5'ZN, ,-'Ek Jill! .u,.' v - -if' nw 'tw i 'fww ' - it-x A-':.,-.231 2 A -I - It 1-' uno- . 'f mg, l 2tffFtl'4lff'P'lit . n'g't'f"'- J. lr ' 'K ' A 4 A-'Ala' -, ff, q-.'- . -. . A - t wi bi A 1 ,- nl, 1 - L P' ..f ' '- If H . I . Q : .7 r W . L' -'hifi M 03" lv L- .L... g..L...- C. 44. Coach Tilden Campbell A S E B A I.. L if 'if 1942 BASEBALL RECORD SOUTHEASTERN CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS Alabama O Pensacola Naval Air Station 3 Alabama 5 University of Mississippi 4 Alabama 9 University of Mississippi O Alabama 3 Birmingham Barons lSo. leaguel 2 Alabama ll L. S. U. 9 Alabama 9 L. S. U. 3 Alabama 8 University of Mississippi O Alabama 7 University of Mississippi 3 Alabama 9 Mississippi State l Alabama 4 Mississippi State l Alabama 8 Mississippi State 5 Alabama 8 Mississippi State 9 Total: ten wins and two losses in all games Southeastern Conference-Nine wins and one loss. Seated: Coach Campbell: Cooley, Beck, Chapman, Johnson, McCoy, Clements . . . Standing: Fitzsimmons, LaPolla, Bailey, Wesley, Thornhill, Owcar, Acton, Manager. Ed Owcar Larkin Thornhill Roy Johnson Mackey McCoy Herbert Chapman Norman Wesley 7h PL Alabama's i942 baseball team was rated as one of the best ever to represent the Crimson Tide. Win- ning nine straight conference games before losing the final encounter of the season to Mississippi State, the Tiders played consistent baseball all year. Eddie Ovvcar and Larkin Thornhill, iunior righthanders, bore the brunt of the hurling, the former pitching a no-hit, no-run game against Ole Miss. Mackey McCoy and Bill I-larbaugh divided the catching duties while Jerry Leibowitz and Don Bailey handled the first base assignment. Little Roy Johnson played a spark- ling game around second base and also proved to be plenty able at bat. Johnson was lead-off man in the Tide lineup and his five foot, two inch frame gave opposing pitchers a tough target to pitch to. Bob LaPolla handled the third base iob and Larry Clem- ent, sensational sophomore, looked like a veteran at shortstop. Clement is considered a major league prospect and his strong arm and big bat helped the Tide in many close games. Russ Craft, Norman 'fBuIl" Wesley and Herbert Chapman held down the outfield berths and furnished plenty of power at the plate. if ir if if What the Ump sees. . X ,Tl H ' K. .. T L.L"f'f ' ll ' ' KX X' A -Av 1--I 1-Aw T , u, ii N - In ii 5 v f xg ir T iii , ,, fel Frank MarTin and Bob Sohigan Turned in capable jobs as reserve infielders, The former holding olown The regular second loose posT in several lafe season games when Johnson was ouT vviTh illness. Elmer Cooley doubled on The mound and in The ouTlield, seeing acTion in sev- eral games aT both jobs. A bespedacled leTT- hancler, Cooley was a righThanded hiTTer and came Through vviTh several Timely blows in close games. Jim FiTzsimmons, Tall righThander, served as No. l relief hurler. Larry Clements Russ Craft Bob LaPolla Don Bailey Elmer Cooley Bill Horbaugh Frank Muffin I If ,, if f Zh 'fu' f , ' -1 li- .i-'--sw:-1'9" 2 lt f, ,. V Y A .R rf IH Wg! 'HKVS MZ' .-762'f3AvWL H5312-?sQ4?W lv 'Fifa' ' . Y AW. .Am ,e bkmdliiv Coach Drew wlTh Two aces Johnson cmd Boswell fi W Coaches Harold "Red" Drew and Bill Raney had a combinaTion of seasoned veTerans and unTried newcomers To work wiTh on Alabama's 1942 Track and field squad. The Two Tide menTors-boTh of whom are now in The armed services, Drew a Lieu- TenanT Commander in The Navy and Raney a FirsT LieuTenanT in The Air Corps-Turned in a fine coach- ing job and led The Tide Thinclads To a dual meeT record of Tour vicTories againsT one deTeaT. Drew received his B.S. degree Trom BaTes College in 1916 and served in The naval air corps in The Tirsf world war. He began his coaching career aT Trinify College and served for Tour years aT Bir- mingham-SouThern and Tor Three seasons aT The Uni- versiTy of ChaTTar1ooga before coming To Alabama in January, 1931. Raney came To Alabama as assisTanT Track coach and Trainer in Augusf, 1940, from Ramsey .T A f ll Q-ll il 1:-l'-f einer '? ' ll LW i7 15 A ci 1' A 7 vi' Bob James .4 T. --X fx,- Richard Miller TRACK Tech high school in Birmingham. Raney is a gradu- aTe of Slippery Rock iPafi Teachers College and coached of Erie, Pa., high school before coming souTh in l935. AfTer losing The firsT meeT of The season To Georgia Tech, 56V2-69V2, Alabama came loack To defeaT Ole Miss, 92-34, Tulane 66V2-45V2, Tennessee, 89-37, and Mississippi STaTe, 73-58. With Two conference champions from The T941 Team-Jack Bcswell in The dashes and Hal Johnscn in The shoi cmd discus- Alabama enfered The annual Soufheasfern confer- ence meeT as one of The favored Teams. BuT, Bos- well pulled a leg muscle on The eve of The meer and was unable To run. Johnson Turned in vicfories in boTh The shoT and discus, hcwever, cmd Bob Ste- vens won The mile run. Boswell was missed sorely in The 220 and 440 yard dashes and Alabama finished Third in The annual meeT wiTh 38 poinTs. Georgia Tech was second wiTh 4O points and I.. S. U. again finished ouT fronT wiTh a 48 poinT ToTal. Both Johnson and STevens seT new school records during The T942 campaign. STevens' 4 minuTe, 22.4 second mile was The l:JesT ever Turned in by a Cap- sfone runer and Johnson seT new marks in boTh The discus ond shoT puT. Hal hurled The discus T53 feef, llV2 inches cmd puT The I6 pound shcT, 51 feeT, 3V2 inches To establish new reccrds in boTh evenfs. Charles "Chuck" McDonald was a consisTenT winner in The high and low hurdles and Harry GrafTon, high iumper, Richard Miller and Jce Keeney, Two milers, Wilmer Parker, hurdler, Wesf Sfafon, half miler, Tom RasT, broad iumper, Bob James, half milerg and Boswell Turned in fine performances Throughout The season. ir uk ir ir ir ir 'A' Joe Keeney Jack Boswell EITTOTY l'lUbbC1I'Cl Wwe Alobomo 56V2 Alobomci 92 Aiobomcz 66V2 Charley McDonald Paul Deschcimps if air COMPLETE 1942 DUAL TRACK RECORD Georgie: Tech 69V2 Alobcimo 89 Tennessee 37 University of Mississippi 34 Alobcimo 73 Mississippi Sioie 58 Tulcine 45V2 Tofcnl-Won four, lost one Wilmer Parker Hal Johnson Tom Ros? Hurry Grciffon FirsT Row: Owcar, Brown, Sabo, Thorn hill, Gammon, John son, Leon, Pcipais Domnanovich . . . Sec ond Row: R. Mcsely Aland, Rasl, Reese WhiTmire, S T a p l e s Mille r, McKoskey Leefh . . . Third Row Olenski, Williams, N M o s e l y, Chapman CrafT, Martin, Comp- fon, Cook, Scales, Fichman. f 1 1 l i l The vvearers of The "A" sweaTers on The campus are The hard-working aThleTes of which The CapsTone is so proud STarT ing under The leadership of George Gammon This year, The "A" Club began a yery TruiTTul year. ATTer Gammon wenT lnTo The Army as a second lieuTenanT, Ed Owcar Took over The presidency oT The club. OFFICERS George Gammon Edward Owcar RoberT Stevens Joe Baker ,. , , . . PresidenT Vice-PresidenT A SecreTary , Treasurer Ray Acton Jack Aland John AugusT Bill Boughmon Andy Bires Dove Brown Jim Carnright l-lerberT Chapman Charles CompTon Ted Cook Russell Craft Jim Dawson Joe Domnanovich Leon Fichmon George Hecht Bobby Tom Jenkins Harold Johnson Roy Johnson Joe Keeney Wheeler Leefh Tony Leon Frank Marfin Ted McKoskey Jim McWhorTer Richard Miller Monk Mosely Russell Mosely Mitchell Olenski Julius Pappais Wilmer Parker Tommie Rasf Kenny Reese Balos Roberfs Al Saloo Louis Scales Sidney Sloane John STaples Larkin Thornhill Don VVhiTmire Bolo VVilliams Bires' beTTer half. "Lady Godiva" Acfon ' f NMEZ?2M1ia9fS'e21iN'??'?:S"wb!Ziriwz-:EZsc::c:.26M'I' ' fx f --Q X Q l .i-A X ll rf ,l fl Qi' W mf W ll li fi l l lT is The aim of The Physical EducaTion DeparTmenT Tor Men To ofier every sTudenT and TaculTy member an op- porTuniTy To parTicipaTe in Team sporTs or recrearive physi- cal acTiviTy as regularly as his Time and inTeresT will permiT. Alabama's program, raTed by surveys for The pasT Tour years as one of The leading programs in The counTry, is divided inTo The following uniTs: TraTerniTy, inclependenT N, T l 34 T' T T T . V' V' 'il 5 H 2. T T rl T f iw :fill sTudenTs, TaculTy, inTerdencminaTional aThleTic associarions, and The R.O.T.C. Due To The physical demands ThaT are made on The man who eniers The armed forces, iT has been of viTal imporTance This year ThaT each sTudenT engage in some form of sporT To help his physical condiTion in general and To put him pariially in The kind of shape Thai Uncle Sam desires. Below, First row: Chew tossing for The Delia Chi's. Around right end. Bones To Berman. Kappa Nus . . . Second Row: K. A.'s-S. A. E.'s abouT To go into baftle. Kappa Nus and Kappa Sig: fight if out in Denny Sfadium . . . Third row: Silverfield gets away from Dupree. The independems have some Tough baiiles. - an ,HEPA l l i I li 2 :H E X 3. x i 1: f F i T F 4, 2 T i l '- " 2:f,L':1,l1a, Wdkvfvwwkvfmwgd . , ,Y i i i i l . i - For those students who, for various reasons, are unable to participate in regular athletics, intramurals afford an ex- cellent opportunity for them to gain the benefits of whole- some exercise and training in sports. The interest in these intramural sports has been high all through the year. Every man taking part who realized that in the near future he might be training for the "big tight", went into the many sports with the idea of getting his body into the kind of shape that our fighting forces need. Sports on the intramural program this year include: football, baseball, basketball, foul throwing, golf, horse- shoes, a track meet, swimming, tennis, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, and softball. Besides these directly su- pervised athletics there are many other sports and games sponsored by the intramural department which are: arch- ery, badminton, paddle tennis, clock golf, box hockey, shuffleboard, tether ball, ring tennis, ringo, darts, basket- ball, relays, speedball, handball, horseshoes, gymnastics, fencing, golf and others. The directors of the intramurals this year were the ma- iors in physical education all under the leadership of Mr. G. Kepler Mills iwho went into the Red Cross service in the late falll and Tony Leon. Through their able direction, high spirit was kept all year in all sports and the school was congratulated by the War Department on its fine work in conditioning young men. Top to bottom: Spring is in the air. McLellan swings a mighty stick. Taking ci dip in the men's swimming pool. The intra- mural 22O yard dash. A winner in the broad iump. Agnes takes aim. Women also take ccilisthenics. ix, ,x fx Y, l ry X If t f -4 Y lx XR- . they ll it lg tl The headquarters ot the Athletics tcr Alabama co-eds is Barn- vvell I-lall. Headed by Drs Ethel Julia Saxman, the statt that directs these athletics performs its duties with a sincere ettcrt to promote health cinol well-being among the women students here. The second front. ! l 4 CT f ig, fri lkisll l M, Ng ,- . .- 4. H . . The women all take physical education of some sort as a regular part of their school schedule. The system is worked out in a manner by which every girl gets training in many and varied sports and games. The program is divided into types of athletics that are suited for the participation of wo- men. The main kinds of sports participation are as follows: INTRAMU RAL TCURNAMENTS Intramural tournaments offer an opportu- nity for keen competition among the various sororities, dormitories, and town teams. Round robin type tournaments are held and in keeping with the war effort, defense stamps are awarded to the winners. Tour- naments are held in volleyball, ping pong, basketball, and baseball. ARCHERY Archery is a sport which can be adapted to use by those who cannot take strenuous activity. It is a popular sport with these girls as well as with the more active ones. GOLF Golf practice begins around Barnwell Hall where students are taught the funda- mentals of the game by using the indoor cage, balls, and mats for practice. After about six weeks of practice trips are made to the "Meadowbrook" where regular golf games are played. Top to bot'tom.' More women's calisthenics. One at the time is the rule. Preparing for cl doubles match . . . Below: Batter up! Steeee- rike! Ye're out. N-6 is 'slr .k ir M my :qw l t Y ' The independent champs. . if fr I up lx I. Z, Vljfxx Xl X x X If I. I ,N , i .1 All i .X X N,-.X .wi qu V lx!! 'Lil xxilyisf BADMINTON Bodminton is tost becoming o number one sport. It is fun, ond it is eosy to leorn. The vvomen's physicol educotion deportment hos tour outdoor courts ond three indoor courts ovoiloble tor ploy. lvlony enthusiostic leorners hove signed up tor the beginners' closses. There ore others who cure becoming experts in the odvonced closses. FENCING With the wcalls ot Bornwell l-loll gymnosium forming the bock drop, the students fence tor the sport of it. Tipped foils ond mosks ore used, so seconds ore not necessory. The fencing club is open to oll women students. Top ot bottom: On the wcxy to Mea- dowbrook. After a good nine holes. A gracefull?J trio . . . Right below: Better luck next time. I Zetos champion volleyball team This is also exercise. , 1 ! 'Q l X gy ' 17 N, 45' 1 i 2 X 3 T . X , , F .WEEE -MMV! 'T E r-it - . ' 1. , I I I ' I I i I I it , ,X . : i -. .2 it '+- ll I' A ll I xll SWIMMING In the beautiful pool in Barnwell I-Iall, women students and taculty members have an opportunity for excellent instruction in swimming and diving. Instruction begins on the level ot the person who cannot swim. Begnning, intermediate, and advanced classes Otter opportunity for learning a va- riety ot strokes, as well as developing en- durance. Fundamentals ot diving are also taught. Because ot keen interest shcwn by students, a swimming club was formed sev- eral years ago. This club, the Swan Club, is recognized at other universities as a swim- ming club which attords keen competition with other universities during the spring Tel- egraphic meet. VOLLEYBALL This sport of great tun otters opportunities for the girls to develop their agility and en- durance. TENNIS Tennis is a smash hit with the women of the University of Alabama. Other than the playing area provided by the physical edu- ciation department, approximately twenty tennis courts are located onthe campus near the engineering building. fi me if -I Upside down! Members of the Swan Club .4oR4mag.Z'2?i"w'iiH1'4ffzfsititiikvtffitfi- I 2' iii if- 2:39 -i22Z:f:333?57Z?Wi! is 5 ,J Modern dancing can be done in or out of doors. 729 AN C Come dance with us. The classic ballet still finds many enthusiasts from the theatrical standpoint, and tap routines still claim the movie goer, but on Alabama VVomen's Campus all dance ideas loin in the development at the dance, No matter what style of dance you prefer there will be a place for your interests with these students who dance for the joy of it. The Dance Club, a iunior organization, invites all women. During the past year this group met for an hour ot vigorous lun each week. The honorary dance group known as Terpsichora, urges all those who have a serious interest in the dance to try out tor membership and loin the ranks ot artist-dancers. Top Upsy Delsey' Bottom: Bullet in its true form. i rf? ,, ,,,, ,, :umm :f , 7:bgaHMks2znb1ffH.x:v-rrwcrzzf--.W. .rzz-.-.mow ?3fx:s,iH.. FraTerniTy liTe on The UniversiTy campus faced drasTic changes This year as college men wenT marching oTT To war. Many chapTers found Their membership dwindling To The danger poinT as sTudenTs leTT school Tor The armed Torces. The coming of army Trainees To The campus ThreaTened Tra- TerniTies vviTh The loss of Their chapTer houses Tor The dura- Tion, a circumsTance which The Greeks Taced vviTh mixed emoTions, as TraTerniTy TuTures seemed doubTTul Tor The war years. SororiTies were spared membership shorTages, buT were Taced vviTh new problems as The cosT of living rose and social acTiviTies decreased. The Greek world looked around Tor means oT iusTiTying iTs exisTence in such criTical Times. Ties oT broTherhood became sTronger as TraTerniTy and so- roriTy members realized how much friendships meanT in a Troubled world. The Greeks Took on a serious demeanor in keeping vviTh The naTion's sTruggle. Less Time was deyoTed To social acTiviTies and more To war Work and down-To-earTh living. The Greek World was hard hiT, buT yalianT. 1 ' ER T ER ITIE lnierlrofernify Council A 252 Phi Delfo Thefoi .,, 268 Eroiernily Houses C . 253, 255 Phi Gomrno Delio , , . 269 Alpho Epsilon Pi i.., 256 Phi Koppo Sigmo A . 270 Alpho Sigmo Phi ,.,. 257 Phi Sigmo Koppo A , , 27i Alpho Tou Omego 4 , 258 Pi Koppo Alpho i.i. 272 Chi Phi , 9 ,.,., 259 Pi Koppo Phi i.iWii. 273 Delia Chi ....,.... 260 Sigmo Alpho Epsilon . . . 274 Delio Koppo Epsilon 2ol Sigmo Alpho Mu .... 275 Dello Sigmo Phi ..., 262 Sigmo Chi ..,,.,.. 276 DelTo Tou Delio ..... 268 Sigmo Nu ....,.. . 277 Koppo Alpho , . 264 Sigmo Phi Epsilon A . . 278 Koippo Nu ,,,,... 265 Thelo Chi ..,.,,.i. 279 Koppo Sigmo ..,.,. 266 Theio Xi i,,..., 280 Lornlodo Chi Alpho . 267 Zeio Beio Tou . . 28l Pon-Hellenic Council A . 282 Delio De-lio Delio , . . 292 Sororiiy Houses ..,. . . 284, 285 DGITO ZSTO ----"-- 293 Alpho Chi Omega v ' I Q 286 Koppo Delio . . ...... , . 294 . Koppo Koppo Gomrno 295 Alpho Delio Pi ...,. 287 Phi MU 296 Alplifl' 90mm Palm 288 sigmg Delia TQLQ 1 2 f 1 ' A 297 AlPlW9l Plll -----i--- 289 Sigmo Koppo .... 298 Alpho Xi Delio . . . 290 Theio Upsilon i.,. 299 Chi Omego ..... . . . 291 Zeio Tou Alpho ..... 300 A T A L A B A M A 'ir 'k if if 'Ir i' if Pg 249 my sr 96127419 WW 'WM 'REQ WmWmW..MW Mm . 4 V -I -. iv.. ' ' C. v4ie."'ffZwWf. fkfi 'K , gg. ' fijfid.. 411 Y' ,,,mf4fW F wfmf-,,U.x.,,,,,,, 2-aymmwggw, ww 4,,..?- gn- -3 1'gg,gh:nnv'-' Www WN Af .W . . ' 4? , W4 W fx ,Q ' 1 1 Q Mex: "K" 37 ?" jr fw T 1 '-Z., 'i...:' ' - ffigispwwgryzg-sfvxgw . ..I- ,. ., .QQ I ,- , ,.,,,, ,A ,.,..,,..,5f...,.,. . ,Aw W. 5.'.Q..:4vm,1- 1. , Q35 gf.: . :W f WW .V W4-612' . :ff-f' ws 1- , . ...,. .X wz1fQfW5.XN3f5f 4 V. ?v4:f::giIi''gzzwz-5 ' :r,:.zi:4,1v ,I .- L lx . ff ': f 5 uf 601 9, f 537 551 M63 ' ,Q N. ,, f 14 .4 , .1 . . Mmbjif ... .. . MSZ. iff bl .V V.. 'io -v,.w2','i-ZA.-E" if "vi 'A 1. .. ..... X f y, -,az v 42,754 Q P- 4 .ws':m..--1 -jf- - :Qi 3-.:' ' , , 'ff ,Rv V2-41, H 'A' Around the Table: Mc- Murphy, Shellem, Kanter, Guin, Sobel, Ashurst, Noble, Rives, Jospin, Son- ders, Inge, Ethereclge, Mothews, Green, McNitl, Burger, McDonald, New- comer, Alt, Jo rd ci n , George, Rutledge, Jock- son. HK' TERFR TER nv www lnterfroternity relations ore governed by the lows ond policies ot the lntertroternity Council. The council is composed ot one mon from eoch troternity on the compus ond meetings ore held every other week. It deols with problems thot orise from the octions ot oll the troternities such os the regulotion ot pledging ond vorious other projects ot the troternities. The council hos been very successful in the per- tormonce ot these functions ond hos merited much credit tor the successtul operotion ot the Alobomo troternity system. 1 OFFICERS FOSTER ETI-IEREDGE . . . . . . President WILLIAM ROYAL , . Vice-President MAX MATI-IEWS . . , Secretory MEMBERS Som Burger Joe Konter Gene Jordon Robert Jockson Jock Noble Elwood Rutledge Foy Guin Herndon Inge Fronk Shellem Edword Storkey Fred George Lorry McDonold Williom McNitt Eorl McMurphy Wolter Ashurst Lomor Sonders George Ebert Foster Etheredge Poge 252 Mox Mothews Samuel Jospin J. V. Rives Jock Green John McCormc1ck Bob Alt Lloyd Newcomer Jimmy Sobel Nfalamai F R T E R Last year on December 7, 1941, Pearl Harbor Day, the Alabama campus got the "iitters". Undergraduates fcrgot to pay much attention to their school work, and many people mourned, "every fraternity will be closed up soon". This thought about fraternities struck home to some 1500 men. Yet, with the beginning of the school year 1942--43, the twenty-six fraternities here were very much in operation and figures show that nearly every one had more members and pledges than it had at the same time the year before. Due to an accelerated school program that demanded that al- most every student remain in school during the summer, the fraternities were able to operate through the summer almost ITIES I WARTIME along with many others was the deciding thing in keeping the local chapters of our twenty-six fraternal groups run- ning and maintaining full memberships. Having full houses, the fraternities were able to keep up the usual fraternity activities. The fraternity fcrmals to en- tertain the whole campus were held but the floor at each one was not quite the crowded floor it was the year before. As the year continued, the crowds became even smaller as more and more men left school to take defense iobs or to enter the service. The intramural athletic program for fra- ternities went on as usual but this time it had a stronger mean- ing than iust competition because the boys who participated in full strength-this summer operation had never been in in the games realized that its was physical fitness that Uncle existence before in the Alabama fraternity set-up. This factor Sam wanted and this was ci good way to acquire it. The ALPHA EPSILCN PI ALPHA SIGMA PHI ALPHA TAU OMEGA A 11.3, M' ' 3 -1 fx , -iii? .Q I , - ' V, 1 - Tally F,-r. F? iff ,gf l '- Q . l:':f 4h 'llIil' 1 ' ' L 'V ui. "ll if f 1141 4-,. " f , if an -V bg: Tl 'w,534:,..::.':-1- 4' 't ii. 'ff'-'li if' F5 . , , -ff'-'--"1T ..P4 Q' . , '.-.1,4,fe::g.:4"g,.,:.1.53fm- , . 'W "Q irq fu' -J-"4 7:3 .A ..! 'ij f"1:'Q r pi 9' 53 '54 '51 fp: ui ' J T1 -,EQ gQ:,f.l ,fi Ei ff 'A T ' CHI PHI DELTA Cl'll DELTA KAPPA EPSILON DELTA SIGMA PHI DELTA TAU DELTA KAPPA ALPHA Page 253 1 HAVE PRGVED THEMSELVES CAPABLE house dances, picnics, iniTiaTion banquefs, and oTher Typical fraTerniTy acfivifies were held much as usual. This was The siTuaTion as iT exisfed for The maior parT of The year. Wrapped up in Their acTiviTies and being pushed by The speeded school program, fraTerniTy men were able To forgef The war To some exTenT for a few monThs buT aT The end of The winTer quarfer and wiTh The deparfure of many men by March graduafion and by milifary calls, The fraTerniTies began To feel The sfrong effecfs of The solemn war afmosphere. The iiTTers ThaT had hiT affer Pearl Harbor, and Then had disappeared for over a year, reTurned. Dr. PaTy and Mr. Ralph Adams, represenfing The adminisTraTion, called special meefings of fraTerniTy heads and discussed wiTh Them The possibilifies of fraTerniTies keeping Their houses open since The groups in each house were geTTing smaller and smaller. The firsT Thoughfs were merely of keeping The houses open buf Then came The news ThaT The adminisTraTion wanTed To use The fraTerniTy houses for housing soldiers who were coming To The campus To Take The special Training ThaT Alabama, among many oTher universifies, was offering To Uncle Sam's Trainees. In The dark for some Time as To whaT would happen To Them and Their houses, The frafernifies finally found ouT ThaT The adminisTraTion really did wanT Their houses for Army use and The nexT Thoughfs To enTer The heads of The men were, "where will we live, where will we eaT?" Then oTher meefings were called by The adminisTraTion To help clear up ever-presenf rumors and help The men solve Their problems. IT was found ThaT The Universify was considering sTeps To Take over The houses buf To arrange for The groups To geT a renf income which would mainfain debf-reducfion programs and perhaps provide for The renfal of smaller houses, or club-rooms, for each chapfer. The frafernifies as a whole accepfed The adminisTraTion's program and immediafely made Their plans To vacafe Their houses and Turn Them over To The Universify for governmenf use. All This Took place in The shorT Time of abouf Two weeks. Then The news came-really The news ThaT The men in The fraTerniTies wanTed To hear-ThaT The soldiers To live in The fraTerniTy houses would nof arrive on The cam- pus unTil May. The men could keep on living in Their houses and hold Their own unTil The end of The year and have Time To work ouT Their plans for whaT was To come when They finally did vacaTe Their houses. Those Things menfioned are a few of The Trying maTTers ThaT have faced Ala- bama's fraTerniTies during This year. Above all This, These fine groups have man- aged To somehow keep up Their good work as They always have. They did The Things desired of Them in The war efforf' such as confribufing To The Red Cross and The War Chesf, collecTing scrap, buying bonds, and many ofher Things. All This was done wiTh The True American spiriT ThaT is in These men, noTwiThsTanding The facT ThaT They are going info The service soon, almosf To The man, To give whafever is required of Them in The acTual prosecufion of The war. Alabama's fraTerniTy men have, by Their efforfs in These Times, shown whaT They are made of and can do. Through The efforfs of Their members who will re- main in school To serve oTher purposes besides acfual miliTary duTy, will come The fraTerniTies afTer The war. There will be ways To keep These groups running under good leadership, for Them To adapf Themselves To The siTuaTions as They de- velop, and To confinue as sTrong, worTh- while groups. SIGMA NU Page 254 'W i mi aff: 427, iw fi- W ' fs wiv? A be wr TM T'3"q'7R"? frffgirfsss KAPPA NU PHI GAMMA DELTA PI KAPPA PHI SIGMA PHI EPSILCN WEATHERI THE E TRYI TIMES KAPPA SIGMA LAMBDA CHI ALPHA PHI KAPPA SIGMA PHI SIGMA KAPPA SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON SIGMA ALPHA MU O O O PHI DELTA THETA I png:-. 6,- .ix 4 f , - ,'-:ef .L fy .Lf if -.KM - , -. -fu 9 . M f 5, :rf A 5: .. -1: nl gpg", QL' I I 792' f I' A 4- rw. QV 5 , , A A A "' I' 1- . . N ,N 1 ., EIA ,J MV , t I Ky' 1 N I 4 I an 1- pg, ' . ' 1 g A I if N l mg., ff 17 is- J . vi IJ , , 5 'f aw J Aj, , .. ?4' ,L .LJ A 1 ,, N1 --. , if-T ' ' "-f m L,--': Q Z, 553 sg. I I I L Ii -nnugwfi f 'W III K ' 'A ' Q I 5 2 4 I I , ,, 1 1 u 4 f L ,ark A 2 my . ' ' P, ' .I rw I ., I P 1 4 I ig 4' , , 0 , I I 'Q5,,,,7'-ix l If f px L 1 4' fm 1, -A ' PI KAPPA ALPHA " -2f ' . m1f"J4i,',,,5f? , . ,ir 4- ,2',i5'-A.a.,,,,4,,4-J,F..:,,,fT2:g - 5 EL 5 .f'. ,, gy .... Ll.-,Mg,,,,,WAM l ffw -I-1-,--V' . . , . ':- +w:'mf 2 1.. , .K .- f ., ,L ,f 2 N wx v L my I t f , ,125 A L f Y f I "1 , , L f J Ns 453 I fgigf, , Q-.-I wif. I 2 A I M --f L' if IL A W ly? I ' ft. , L... .,,,, . ' ' ,ff :i 4, ., Vg. Eg , L 'I RE A 6 W 'if' D 6 L2 P' 7 I 3339. I f 1 ' I 0 Q 'Q " ,Q M 4 'U' 4 Q 1,1 'X W ga, Q 1 3, x I 5 V f I "M HTS ' , A 2 we If ' Q' ' Sf " 5 MK E ' I . v ,f af 5. Kiwi , if X J 1- -. .- , L A 4, V , -.W ,f,,. ,ss 1, 1 , L ,.,,. .L . , V M., L. ,. , ., .L E- ., I- , -n. ,w w wif? ffmafifg-v.3f,1L . .Mg-is -,L-Jgq+,3 l y, . I A-M, -7 -M - -154-LW. I If 11 4,"i- ' 1 PHA' avxtziff.- WL --lk ".,..fxi3M.-1 TL AW ESC?-.A.lDL".. SIGMA CHI , ' 'E Q., " f 1 ff-Q32 'R W 11? ' 5, 'Y - Q " ' ' ' w.1'.:' ,: -. 111- W .r W- ,, , , , -. - .q .-1-f QV:Qin-r-1-'--wa'Qu'-"4:sfz?Zs::--. U5 .xr 1, L., KK! 5 iw MMEFT ,EY ,F M "'-1-:fd A P' 11 , ALI? if I I I .X , f fum e Q 1 v ,df ,M .ffm W7,,,,Ww M J" f grffa, W5 g ,,,.,,.-,- ,Q ,,..--4 7, :ff , 5,,Qv67gW?, ,2.., sjjsig-,ffvn wr " I' g -1 ' mf. - -iz' ,, ,,i-, w' ' ::9,,. "Z .f-1 " l. I ' ?'A-I1 fy 5' Ii.. ., 1' 4,f.:i'i A ' F' I I If If 3 H:-13 -' I . :'f-Q.,-fi v .L --3,5 ':l..,,.2x ' " " , 1,-Y-15' wi?"-A 'iv''-"1?'E,'-'ig-'IT5:e1':.:-4 - ""' '1ff1'Z--.A ,. ,,,., , . ,,,,, ,2...,,,...L,,,, ,102 'fe' -' . - ' THETA CHI THETA XI ZETA BETA TAU Page 255 New s,Qev..s.-A IOTA DEUTERON CHAPTER .vms-iw Becoming the newest addition to an ever increasing Fraternity list was the Alpha Epsilon Pis. They become the twenty-tifth chapter ot Their national fraternity on January 24, i942, the day the chapter was founded on this campus. Even Though iT was Their first year on The campus The Alpha Epsilon Pis had many outstanding men on The campus among whom are: Jules Pearlman, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Pi Mu Epsilon, Alchemists, American Chemical Society, Herbert Sackett, Hillel Senior Council. The Alpha Epsilon Pis entertained with tive dances and a house party during the past social season. ln my opinion, this is the situation THE YOUNGEST FRATERNITY ON THE CAMPUS . First Row: Heller, Burger, Sackett . . . Second Row: Pearlman, O'Kuhn, Kitman Third Row: Wetzman, Greenberg, Horowitz. ALPHA EP ILO PI Law Al Nagelberg, Jr. H ld Th Henry Heller Oro ropp Irving Weinberg Murray Kitman Seniors David Feldman Samuel Burger lvan Freidlander Herbert Socken Lester Goldstein Jerome Chasen Jules Pearlman Gerald Blum Juniors Freshmen Arthur Schlanger Morton Ikowitz Bernard Gelbard Gerald Cohen Barney Wetzman Sidney Greenberg Lawerence Horowitz Sophomores Saul Walters Sherwood O'Kuhn Harold Shatron LPHA IGIVIA PHI Frafres in Facultate Juniors Dr. John Holladoy Dr. Marcus Whitman Kenneth Robertson Shutts Sophomores Patrick Allison Toomey Roscoe Hooper Goodwin Seniors Fresh men William Lenhart Toomey Robert Frederick Wilhelm Robert Adrian Jackson Gene Robert Wolfe Charles Henry Monast Harold Edward Mimms Eugene Wesley Day George Peter Haloukas John Henery Heller Richard Erwin Merrill Robert Warren Eck Dayton Barnfield Spackman Willis Jack Fridell Arthur Jay Galloway, Jr. Gilbert Gustav Miller Robert Francis Weigelt ALPHA SIGMA PHIS CRAMBLET IS PRESIDENT OF BETHANY COLLEGE ALPHA IOTA CHAPTER Robert Jackson, Chapter President, Member Interfraternity Council, Secretary Junior Class in the School of Arts and Sciences, and Charles Monast, Secretary Sophomore Class in the School of Commerce are two ot the many outstanding Alpha Sigma Phis on the campus. The fraternity entertained with two house dances, a Homecoming Barbecue, and a Bowery Ball this year. Among the Alpha Sigs in service was Bud Anderson, Class of I94O, who was killed in North Atrica. Bud was decorated before his death for his gallantry beyond the line of duty. Page 257 BETA DELTA CHAPTER Alpha Tau Omega was The home this year for such outstanding personalities as Drew Redden, Phi Eta Sigma, Scabbard and Blade, assistant debate manager, Russell LeRoy, Phi Eta Sigma, Theta Tau, Tau Beta Pi, Bill Crum, Phi Eta Sigma, A.E.D., Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Ed DeMotte, Phi Eta Sigma, Druid, Managing Editor of the Crimson- White, Cotillion Club. ln addition to entering all interfraternity sports with success, A.T.O. has consistently ranked among the top few in scholarship. Social events during The past year included The annual Beta Delta Ball, four house parties, Two house dances and several picnics. A.T.O. was well represented in The nation's fighting services by such men as Rear Admiral William Henry Allen, Commandant of the Charleston Navy Yard, Rear Admiral Otis Colbert, Maior General Even M. Johnson. ONE OF ATO'S LUMINARIES IS L P H J 'I iam? 1 My it Sala 41 Fratres in Facultote Alon Roberts Pretty gcod, Johnny, but that ain't the way l l:eer'cl it MlT'S PRESIDENT COMPTON ....... First Row: Dannelly, Brannon, Bell, King, Lawson, DeMotte, Crum, Austin . . . Second Row: Redden, Noble, Wore, W. W., Klein, Smith, A. W., Wetterau, Stough, Payne . . . Third Row: Dalrymple, Whitfield, Rutledge, Glover, Stone. Noonan, Leroy, Marks . . . Fourth Row: Roberts, Sheridan, Bealle, Gary,' Evans, Hall, Smith, T. S., Dailey . . . Fifth Row: Burks, Broughton, Smith, W. A., Smith, F., Ray, Williams, Ware, W. E., Fassman . . . Sixth Row: Sessions, Rutledge, Slaughter, Rea, Clark, Mayfield, McCarthy, Quarles . . Seventh Row: Crawford, Bibb, Hairston, Hall, J. W., Wallace, Armstrong, Varn . . . Eighth Row: Harris, Glover, F., Payne, Moffatt, Boyd, Florey, Jordan. Dr. George Lang Dr. Beniamin Wooten Dr. B. C. Weber Dr. C. W. Williams Dr. Shaler C. Houser Dr. G. P. Shannon Major Feringa Mr. Clifton Penick Dr. Warner L. Hall Medicine Frank Donnelly Vllade Brannon John R. Wakefield Donald E. King Law George R. Bell Gerald L. King A. Venable Lawson Seniors Edward L. DeMotte William B. Crum Frank Austin Drew Redden Andrew Jackson Noble William W. Ware Wallace Klein Gaius Whitfield Alonzo W. Smith Bruce Johnston Jafferson W. Davis Juniors David Wetterau John A. Stough Edmund C. Payne Dorrance F. Dalrymple Charles H, Whitfield Guy L. Rutledge, Jr. Solon Glover Edward W. Stone George L. Noonan Joseph R. LeRoy Thomas C. Albright Henry C. Marks Collier Espy Bob McNelly Seth D. May Sophomores William F. Sheridan Sam W. Bealle Harry L. Gary, Jr. William M. Hodgson Newton M. Evans William D. Hall Thomas S. Smith Richard A. Bailey Henry Burks William E. Broughton William A .Smith Fred Smith John A. Ray Kenneth A. Williams John T. Smith Allen Draper Walter Ware Lawrence J. Fassman, Jr. Waldon Jones H. Moultrie Sessions Freshmen David Rutledge John L. Slaughter Henry H. Rea Neil Clark Thomas Mayfield, Jr. Fred R. McCarthy William O. Stephen James S. Quarles James B. Crawford William W. Bibb William W. Hairston James W. Hall George J. Wallace James F. Armstrong, Jr. Charles James Varn Dan C. Harris Fred Glover Mack Payne Robert Moffatt Richard Holman L. A. Boyd Wilson Florey Lee Jordan . , ' V... ft gg' WV-'ffff-' -:--'AV' 1" ...if W- T .V . . ' - A V agp s,l .3 '. V...-. V V ,l gt '- . g .QE -I ' y ug? f 5 ,ge ga -92.1 f. :V:iaf.- 3.5 gg 'eg 1 2- 3: 3' :' ff ,gf- -H -' , Vrlf '1 ,.. --'- .L,VZ.: . 2- . 'ii-1 ' ' .3 -,,.f, :',.,V 4.11-1V QI" , -' f ' 1 if 23' Ks i f 'L . e " 'ti Y K. 'Q' .5 'if .f 1 2 tr. -af Q . "1 v :-:sf .:..-:f..Z,1 ' V 451223 .V+ J. A . 'V .,-1 ' 9f't:.r'f.z .- L .,-:WH '-gi fQ.' ii: t ffffiw - fo?"-' 'ff3cV.:1"' ev s. - ' Q. 'Q ' . 2 ' 1 li ' f -'Q p ff-V PV T .1 M - ' ' ' .A .:. - V , . -1s'Sr1i: t V .-1.151 .a. 'V ' To L51 . -V'- V ... . V' A It av - 1 .aff-I . ':,1"f. .. S'-iiiszui V.jE:-. :Qt ying!! . -' V: ' .1 " . . -' . - " . - 'X' Z-fx' ' V jp -F f. . ss ..,. V ff . U , -'tt-A Q .W V-'S-Q - ' z' ,r ,. V. . 731 gg QV ' ' ' 'V -1'-, .L '. s A ' . Q -. Vifz- -7- ' fi v f J ' w C' .X , A A V 11372 -S lv E. 5'f.:' 'Q iii i. 'ti -Vii . , V., aft' 's .1 sz, . ff 2151 . ' "f::f S- E wt 'K .. .... .rs V' : sz'-.Vlzqwsfbgq V , . , V ., ,, :: ss, . ' . . tz ss s. . , . . .1 .Q L. .. .W . , ' . 13 ,V fs- . N.. Q. I 37 ' ' 'B V J .. f-. .. 'i"' - 5 Q I J., 1 " 7-EL .ti 5 .4145-V-'s: "N, tif' . f 3 1 ' - + its Q xii A V - K , -f It... Z .. .E F .5 5 2516. ' .- -'ws IJSESQ Vf V. , ...:1.ra-:- fi 233112. vt. 1: 1 . f 1 s . .sf - .. .511 . V . Q .. . 1 . ' If . is i ss- . .ig S ss. si Q. .V . gg- V -- f f A. . , AV .. :....., V. QV, . . .I .-N., .V :.:.g:.15V- me , .'-42- .R wg, A P 5:2 , P 'H XV , I f -Q Q ' ag ls1Vf:..V- z.. has X 1: xx z if- x . X . ff ' . .:..Vg:-.5 mms 1 . S ':s-V:.2VI:.z.1- x tIfiiw'.'. ' mi .XM Rexx ' 51. n, -:1.AQ:s:g1s sg. -1.2 ,A f faqs., S:-i:tifi' i ' 'ttiii'-is." " V. . sat.. ' 'Q. it test 2..-- ,. 3 V. -2 5. 4. V .ffl-" ' . . ss-:js ist in LES, wet' 'H "- 2 5 Sf .. 9 LX: 'if . , :I 5 LK' -Q ' '-ffl? .. 'L . if -' .. a -Rf ..-- :fs 1' . .15 V txt- . ., .11 ions f V' tc- 1 sV - rw E V . c. . .M x. .,.. . .W . .L M. Q . .. . A . . 1 ' ,. .. - ess. i .'1:-':22- .QL "V, SF' " is fi . " .0 s ' fi . XFN 'f5::Z..,vV-: '41, ' -V'.Vg.,pnR.,:,....g::.,:-4 .Va -SV 'ew ' .. vt., . vs Qs.. - , 1. -. ' .. . -sing i.. .. -. .V1'..I '-'Tift-. .. ' . V..1V - , rw. -1 ..s, .gy -Vriua V. si. S. ' is NS vt-1 ..s,.,..gty.s.- -.s 4..,sss . xV . V. my L.-. pm ss ., - so V. . . - Q - V QSM ' - :..f' PMV5.-y e a! -sw ' 1'w: tSY .V.ffss.-. sr 'ses :x. if xs fs PMN . .1 -ff.:-s.-1 vw: 'O-.. .V fw s v Km..-4 FSSMX. f V z .-Vs, .. 9 ...Qi........! .. img M., K -Q - gf sk-ey . ,W A. ,X f , ,JA ,, MMQ , 'sw . page E , , . was .4 - sms.. . . QS X W V L , 1 z. Qs ie- -V 'KV .V - wh ". PSR N.-:We-VV ' v-- fHrr.'f:1t is V:,eV:1 V'1ga:'.'-'Sm so 4531" ' ' 5 3 -V v.3.:,fSia.1f- . K.-..-sf. 'x:V,VV,Q. 1. -- , a re ,.,-Q.. ..MvV, -.1-1 sts. S w.1sw:'x,x- ,F.,-.5 -1-'-1-sw- " f ' '. T -' e- ...f:V:::1..s -.v .51-t:..Is':'."'-VV. ,.. 19' ' IB' 0 -Y . Ts 7 4 1 lA,, 1. s I F ' 1 -1 HI ' , 7- , 1 XJ s PHI . , 4.. ,l,.W ,, Qllvlthl Milk - lf" 'l V ' ' 4 .I l - ' ' Semen Jamie F. Rainer J. .1 . P . Q. it - - 'ull V' ljif' l'3H.'f by i X' " . Aubrey Thomas Hornsby Edwm Holllclcy -f--. , Robert Kouch, Jr. Tom Howell ' img William Robert Sorum Warren G' Colson ll Mx H -lomes Allen Whiting Stanley Allen Maddox , '-. fm- T , s l ba, l 1 WJ- I ll J In Claude Dohmer D. Joe Gambrell l . Q 77 ':,,. 3 ull 5.1-'-,"f' Roy Neel Sanders T .. I N L , A V l ll l 'l I 'l A V f. . Freshmen -5- . LQ E . -W i Juniors l fr' fi l Taylor Mixon Q V A William Marion Sanders James N Smllh Jr F A t 'I I Efiiii Y I ,, - X2 - I J Vern l-lunlnell Charles Ellis Y i Q X gf' 1 . - " Granger one Arthur King Stringfello im ' I 2 V D James A. Sims, Jr. Donald L. Johns - V A lzt llgwl-i'f 'f g " 'T 1 Roymond COX Robert i. Mails " l George A. Nelson, Jr. ,I Sophomores E . Q5 l A , 1: 'la Q I Benny Cohen . ' 1 is V ' ,- ' 4 Alfred Clinton Greene David K'l ore ' . 4 I all lg I LJ- ll V H l f , ' Grady Wesley Hurst, Jr. Sam Dobbs Davis, Jr. V I A g A P' PQ Elwood Rutledge Ned L. Gunter . . Second Row: Sanders, W., First Row: Hornsby, Sorum, Whiting, Dohner, Sanders, R. . Lotta, Sims, Cox. Greene . . . Third Row: Hurst, Rutledge, Sewell, Dupuy, Rainer . . . Fourth Row: Holliday, Howell, Maddox, Mixon, Smith . . . Fifth Row: Ellis, Stringfellow, Johns, Mills . . . Sixth Row: Kilgore, Davis, Gunter, Landham. TOM BROWN '40 AWARDED NAVY DISTI Tell me 'no'--it's not a barbershop quartet! William Sewell Burke Dupuy NGUISHED Reuben Landham Donald Phillips FLYING CROSS w,J TAU CHAPTER Led by such men as Bill Sanders, Tau Beta Pi award for l942, Spirit Committee, lnterfraternity Council, O.D.K., Druids, St. Pat's, Theta Tau, Rho Alpha Tau, President Junior Class in Engineering School, and his brother Roy Neel Sanders, Theta Tau, the Chi Phis had one of their most successful years in their history on the campus. Other notables who wore the Chi Phi Skeleton were Charles Ellis, Elwood Rutledge, and Arthur Hornsby. Their social season was comprised of a tea dance, several house dances and their annual formal. One of the Chi Phi's many men in the armed forces is General John J. Pershing. From Tau Chapter hails Lt. ll.g.l Tom Brown, '40, who won the Navy Dis- tinguished Flying Cross for his heroic action in the line of duty for his country. Page 259 Dean James H. Doster James Wright ALABAMA CHAPTER Five house dances, a Christmas party, a New Year's Eve party, a Founder's Day Banquet, and their annual formal-all of these socials added tame to Delta Chi Fraternity. Famous Delta Chis on the campus are Bill Crow, O.D.K., Who's Who in American Colleges and Univer- sities, Theta Tau, Druids, Jasons, Vice-President Student Government, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, Allen Bales, President Blacktriars, Tau Delta Tau, Henry Mims, Captain ot Scabbard and Blade, Phi Eta Sigma, Beta Gamma Sigma, and Jim Dawson, Head Cheerleader, Vice-President Blacktriars. Famous Alumni of Delta Chi are the late William Henry Harrison, a former President ot the United States, Claude Swanson, and William Jennings Bryan. Not Dorsey this time: it's Miller and Clarinet CLAUDE SWANSON IS A DELTA CHI ALUMNUS . Parsons, Jefferies, Chew, Hagood . . . Third Row: McGee, Rhodes, Urich, Turner, Hooten, y Brown . . . Fourth Row: Cowen, W., Dahlene, Mattheus, Norman, Waldrop, Fitzpatrick ,F F, . . . Fifth Row: Baird, Stewart, Hermann, Shaw, Beech . . . Sixth Row: Thompson, Wyatt, 6'-3i:3'! Edwards, Shirley, Cleveland. DELTA HI Fratres in Facultate Juniors Capt. James J. Shepard Capt. Paul Thomas John V. Masters James J. Doster Lyman D. Toulmin Jeff Coleman Wade H. Coleman Mr. Donald H. McCuaig Dr. Otto Lunde Graduate William Lewis McElroy Medicine Harden Crandall Robert Hayes Mason Law Foy Guin Wayne Miller Huston Eddens Noah Langdale Seniors Allen Bales David Cowen William Crow James Dawson Henry Mims Eugene Parsons Donald Jeffries William Chew Austin Lee Knox Hagood Val McGee Gilbert Rhodes Arthur Urich Albert Turner Howard Hooten Wayne Brown Ellis Conner Joe Hendrix Sophomores William Cowen Donald Dahlene William Mattheus Robert Norman C. B. Waldrop Marshall Fitzpatrick Robert Baird Oscar Carroll Leon Stewart Cecil Crumley Howard Shirley Douglas Hendrix Feagin Burns Freshmen Leonard Herrmann Alvin William Shaw Thomas R. Beech Charles Christian James A. Thomson Jimmy Wyatt Cary Edwards McCoy Davidson Oliver Cleveland Palmer Gaines Byrd Jimmy Brown Buford Herndon Al O'Brien Hubert McCulloch s-E ll a P , . ., ., -J .gli , T I I .1 I.. .TX -1 L V. V , I i "xl" I I Q? . 'ia - . I iw .: 5 ., f .. fi- -.4 A.-.',. ',",:v . , H 1 if! , :arf I i H I L 4x 'lg 'V' is . . 2 ' .. I. ip - .g lgeggl I N, :f -1 30 Q. I' v ..-I. 'r f'-5' if ESI' .- 'f I . ' ' I . 11- 7353 ' 1-I " lf if Q., f . I- I' if S , H . I 1 I .il .A - I . 4 1 I . il? .59 ea' y n E , ,sim 3 . -4 , ' fp , - f.,-' ' ,QC1 V i J! ll.-filly. kj f I la First Row: Inge, Banks, Coleman, Dugger, Hayes, Lloyd . . . Second Row: Boykin, B., Boykin, J., Courtney, Hollinger, King, McMurphy . . . Third Row: Stewart, Sherrill, Bargeron, Carlass, Donald, D., Haas . . . Fourth Row: Hand, lnzer, McConnell, McGowin, Martin, Oswalt . . . Fifth Row: Parker, Roy, Adams, Arendall, Bancroft . . . Sixth Row: Donald, P., Doyle. Graves, Griffith, Hand, J .... Seventh Row: Hope, Jernigan, Pharr, Stimpson, Boykin, D. 750 DEKES ARE LISTED IN WHO'S WHO Barn dance in Uncle Tom's cabin ' 1 f ff 1 41 .g . -N 'E ,' DELTA KAPP EP ILO Fratres in Facultate Dr. Stuart Graves Hudson Strode Thomas Garner Medicine David Partlow Law Sophomores Roy Stewart John Sherrill Malcolm Bargeron Harry Carloss Dan Donald Toxey Haas Brevard Hand James lnzer Joseph McConnell Sumpter McGowin James Marlowe Gordon Martin Jackie Oswalt Jack M. G. Parker Herndon Inge Dewey Roy Frank Lankford Glenn McMahon Seniors Freshmen James Alvarez James Banks John Coleman Fowler Dugger N. Q. Adams Robert Arendall Edward Badham Charles Bancroft Pat Hayes Wllllmm C. Lloyd Pressly Donald Robert Doyle Joe Franklin Juniors Stuart Graves, Jr. Richard Griffith James Hand Bob Boykin Milton Hope Jack Boykin Joe Courtney Randall Hollinger Porter King James P. McMurphy Willard Jernigan Austill Pharr Ben Stimpson Dick Boykin George Mapes PSI CHAPTER Beginning their social activities of the year the Dekes held their annual Homecoming Reception. Among their monthly house dances were a Barn Dance and a Christmas Party. The outstanding wearers of the diamond pin of Deke on the campus were such men as Herndon Inge, Assistant to the Treasurer and member of Quadrangle, Jimmy Banks, Beta Gamma Sigma and Cadet Colonel in R.O.T.C., and Pat Hayes, Omicron Delta Kappa, Jasons, Editor of the Corolla, and Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. Among Dekes of nationwide fame are Theodore Roosevelt and Rutherford B. Hayes, Past President of the United States, and General Peyton C. March, who was Army Chief of Staff in World War l. Lt. Jack Clayton of the Class of '41 received the Distinguished Flying Cross for service in Egypt in September, l942. Page 261 BETA KAPPA CHAPTER Delta Sigma Phi was founded at the College of the City of New York on December 10, 1899. Today it is represented by forty-eight func- tioning chapters throughout the United States and Canada. Beta Kappa Chapter was installed at the University of Alabama on May 12, 1933. Some of the active Delta Sigs throughout the United States are Senator James J. Davis from Pennsylvania, Fritz Crisler, University of Michigan, and orchestra leaders, "Skinney" Ennis, Ted Weems, Jan Garber, John Scott Trotter and the late Hal Kemp. Delta Sigma Phi has been active socially having numerous house dances and buffet dinners. An out- standing feature was the annual Founder's Day Banquet, which was held at the McLester Hotel. The fraternity was very efficiently handled under the capable leadership of Warren Fletcher, its president. DELTA SIGMA PHI HAS 48 ACTIVE CHAPTERS E 'QAEYQQ' Brennen Greenwood Fifth Row Braun Panvini Clements Adams Xfml DELTA SIG PHI Fratres in Facultate Joseph Zasa Charles Snyder Dr. E. W. Gregory, Jr. Dr. Gladstone H. Yuell Prof. J. R. Cudworth Sophomores Albert Sawka Thomas Davies Seniors Duane B. Smith Edwin pibuml Jr' William Pollard Joseph Radison Eugene Slelz Francis X. Shellem Joseph M. Sullivan, Jr. Freshmen Charles E. Townsend Robert Voelker Richard Parker Thomas Brennen William Greenwood William T. Hardy, Jr. Juniors Warren G. Fletcher, Jr. Mitchell Olenski Richard Gage Euclid Bertini Frank Gerlock, Jr. Robert Braun Thomas Panvini Spencer Scott Daniel Kolclas Whitson Clements Hugh Adams, Jr. i l ... F X 9 4.3 First Row: Dehn, Merwin, Van Horn, Andes . . . Second Row: Dailey, Hiering, Myers Starkey . . . Third Row: Eudy, Goode, Yoder, Gaddis . . . Fourth Row: Holloway, Kirbyi McNaughton, Spencer, Carlson . . . Fifth Row: Long, Pitman, Rinkenbach, Taylor, Troy DELT 'Nunn Q4 - . 1 Inn.- . U -z DELT Fratres in Facultate Prof. Whitley McCoy Jerry Goode William Waite Lawrence Wright, Jr. Keith Yoder Graduate Wilson Robert Haig Sophomores Frederick Allison Medicine Michael Gaddis Edward Millar Law John Joseph Dehn George Merwin Richard Davis Van Horn Seniors Harry Andes Andrew Jackson Dailey William Hiering Richard Evans Myers Frank Oleri, Jr. Edward Schurick Edward Starkey Juniors David Bishop Banks Eudy, Jr. Fr Thomas Elmer Holloway Philip Kirby Howard Edwin McGuffog Nelson McNaughton John Murdock, Jr, Norman Pritchett Joseph Spencer Robert Quentin Tracy Robert Unkenholz eshmen Ralph Edgar Carlson Walter Carlson Albert Franz Hiering William James Long Williamd Pitman, Jr. Filbert Reynolds William H. Rinkenbach Glenford C. Smith Wallace W. Taylor, Jr. Daniel Sims Samuel A. Brick HENRY WALLACE IS A DELTA TAU DELTA ALUMNUS . Spirits of the Gay Nineties Q DELTA ETA CHAPTER Among men on the campus who wore the badge of Delta Tau Delta are: Edward Starkey, house president who has an Ensign's commission in U.S.N.R., Theta Tau, l.A.S.A., Frank Gaddis, President ot the Newman Club ot the University and Treasurer of the National Federation of Newman Clubs, Banks Eudy, Delta Sigma Pi, Rho Alpha Tau. Delta Eta's social season included monthly house dances as well as several novelty parties including the "Bowery Ball". Henry A. Wallace, Vice- President of the United States, Alben W. Barkley, Senate majority leader, and Branch Rickey are a few of the many nationally known brothers of Delta Tau Delta. With sorrow we add that at least three ot Delta Eta's many members now in the Army Air Corps have been reported as missing in action. Page 263 i l i i i l .il i l l i I l KAPPA ALPHA ALPHA BETA CHAPTER Johnny McConnell, O.D.K., Jasons, President, Student Body, Cadet Colonel in R.O.T.C., John A. Reynolds, O.D.K., President, Y.M.C.A., Jimmy Bloodworth, O.D.K., President Quadrangle, Hamilton Hutchinson, O.D.K., Former Druids President, and Fred George, President of the Commerce Association were a few of the outstanding men on the campus who wore the Kappa Alpha Rose this year. Many others wore the K.A. Rose into battle. Among these is General George C. Marshall, Chief of Staff. The social season for the K.A.'s was highlighted by their formal dance held in Birmingham and was rounded out by two house dances, several picnics and a Christmas party. Ai ne-- Vga ,P fbhu? 'i 'J L, lxzsrz ,ja 1 fl' 'G Fratres in Facu ltate Dean C. H. Barnwell Robert Wallace Richard Brand Pete Cathorne Graduate George Bloodworth John W. McConnell Medicine Hamilton Hutchinson Howard Banton Dyer Carlisle Willis Samuel Hood Robert Nelson, Jr. Law James Bloodworth Frank Dominick, Jr. Sam LeMaistre Thomas McEniry Seniors J. W. Adams, Jr. James Adler Rowland Cobb, Fred George Maurice Kahlmus John A. Reynolds Oliver Ross Edward Scruggs Walter Spradley Robert Stubbs Daniel Thornton Walter Wilson John D. Wyker Juniors Travis Boykin Edgar Branyon, Jr. Denson Burnum Edward Faulk Bruce Hall Robert Jansen, Jr. Roy Johnson Douglas McRee William T. Price Harry Riddick Louis Salmon Clifford Sleeman Sellers Stough, Jr. Sophamores Albert Amos George Bingham Richard Bliss James Davis John Hutchinson Charles LeMaistre Frank Mason Ralph Moore Grover Murchison Eli Nelson Harry Oliver James E. Reynolds Marion Walker Hartwell Ward Freshmen Charles A. Barlowe Thomas W. Barnes, Dugan Callaway Sonny Cooper William Carter, Jr. Wilson Carter Ewen Crunk, Jr. John W. Donaldson, Jr. R. Clifford Edwards William B. Fite Henry Heath Wallace C. McAdory Edward Leroy Mclntosh Robins Pharr Mclntosh Henry Nixon Edward Prather Foster Earl Stough Al Gray Thornton John F. Wade Henry Clay Waites Charlie Lyman Wise Jr. V.:-2353 I " . ww--5 A sn 4. ,. ,vw Roll, roll, Crimson and Gold! GENERAL GEORGE C. MARSHALL IS A K. A. . . First Row: McConnell, Bloodworth, LeMaistre, McEniry, Adams, Adler, George . . Second Row: Kahlmus, Reynolds, Ross, Scruggs, Spradley, Stubbs, Thornton . . . Third Row Wilson, Wyker, Boykin, Branyon, Burnum, Faulk, Hall . . . Fourth Row: Jansen, McRee Price, Riddick, Salmon, Stough, Amos . . . Fifth Row: Bingham, Bliss, Davis, Hutchinson, LeMaistre, Mason, Murchison . . . Sixth Row: Nelson, Oliver, Ward, Barnes, Callaway, Carter, W. L., Carter, W. C .... Seventh Row: Crunk, Donaldson, Edwards, Fite, Heath McAdory, Mclntosh, E .... Eighth Row: Mclntosh, R., Nixon, Prather, Stough, F., Waites, Wise. 1 7 '11 '- ' Ri TTT' i-CVT-"-fi '121eI"23IZF':'ffI59i'.5ii' i'i':4f'1'f"': A ?1F551+ .V,Z UAE ' A PAA- ' - A -1A'fA 5' A A . . -s V V H' Y .W-W. -. .,.. moz ss- .. V H..-,VM-f, V c . Vw . ...H V- 1 -Vs' ' E .A ' . - E , h -. ' . - rs., ' - N W 4 .5V:-s . fm5,s.f 4 41-fV?::.1.,s y 1 " -scsi - Ja. f, 'f'ri:' YV I nv:-1 V, V - V . ' V .V , -sm-V -ft.4-wf:fw'4::Vwr:.3'12 , ,six V ,V V Q - , V- v'- ."-sys: '- f 2915552 , W" . ' ' l A A' -1 'ii'A.f'.. . , 'K , 'SS31 VV V 2 M 'ffm 'V a' Q ,, .V ' 'V 1 .ge ., 1 1 2975 - Vg: : " 9 X :Q ' f 14 ' V- -' E 1 '-1 Y,-V2 4-"VW 2 1 aff., if-.-Q IV. '. VZ .. .. LV 1, 1 in . '- 1--, -3-1,211 V ,. 2. '. . 'V ' .JL w, gi V: Fil 1 V A V34-73. , h ,, J .. ,J 1-:Mis-2 ri , HV. Q V5 H Q ,,. , ' H .I V' V. ,Lf , , sky.-n..5. ,s A V AAA f " " 1 Hs. ,. s -- 21 s,w,s- ., .V E. . ..-. .A .. . - VQTW GY. - . V, s'z24XfXfs5'VwgVz9,f,,.,-f ye? ,,f,vw1.,,, , - J, . .V -f . , f - "" ' - , -' ' V ' 1. 't"' ' ,affix .21 of 1 V V ' . ' , , -2 --X f 4 F -A ' 2 Q. A In ? 455. I 4, . ,W , ,. . . . 1 N , .. .1 . 4 , .' .4 - wx. . we "every -. ..,-f-of bf- ' '-f - V' as. -- . ,. -WV: x '- - z' 11 . -,V-..mtV"a'l fi-'YM , s . npfrff. V. . V. ffglwfr' .' X 1?':"1-:..,:5w PA- V" -':':1.5:-!fe':i'd4+'EN-. ' Z 5:59 ' ' .jif-.. -""'N.q'?T"-l"'?f"V,75 . 4-1-,V.g.yg'g.l'f""' ' 12:0 - V' nq3f'V 1' A eV A . A ' 2 ' . - u V V,ease:ss", . 5' f7 iARf1-A' AA V, ' ' ' -ff. '- Hg,"'A.r,. .wa 4 Aa 1 , 4 '- T.-' -.-4" I i ' , 1 J., 1 - Af Af -- ' Wig-L52 :'-Q , t 'V f , V V V L 1 -zs1,.-:w92-- fb.-0 ,W 4 MG:-VwV"w- - A Ms! V 4. ',:-c4V,-:we-. me-2' ww-" 4' .4-. J ms: 2V 4 -V141 .fm-+ vV- if :-, " . ... N9 :rx X Qfw ffm-'f -.77 - 1 V- f ,fyswf f,,:.4 -' 7. . A . :wa-1: fvfrv.. ff,-221'v -25-:fm-..' --1 , ' -- A AB-v5,,saV.Ii.V"2ifT . W ...Lf fi V vftffmss ,-.3 . dzffliy i I t 5 A 4, , , ff.-,.V..,. .1-Yak.-Li. .. A?:,,KH.-kg 3 .- I I 55 Z .K ii A , , 1 . V . 'qs ' 1 , . ,, , V- 'tx A . . ' 1 ""' ...ez-rs-s ' Qu-:V . 1-.f V. ,M 0- 1 - I-..V'-Ang.: .WY :-:+V-.:V: - . - V- xr-..., .rv ,. .V Q5-Paw.. Vs .fifiszset 4? h:4:mw.4.,.Q V M-sas.. ,230 , . .V s-11 V. - msf.. V. V f -V4 :e,ss.s.,...:i-..f.,V. Y 'WG4 I'1::..lf,'.f .2:,2-et,-7Z:Z2i" ' JFS? .fyv fy:-:Tj ',.,c.g:'Qpg0ZiIl:., .,V VV.,,:'VA-j.V-,'E1,L j 1 F. E' 530' gf. ' "?2.?,ggf:f'Q.1- ' ',5fv"4'f 'Y - K "" fkYf9"P3Afg'QT2"-'Q ' . .V . , fm xr M fm. V V. . V .,,,g, , . 4 , 44 ., , , , . . " -' F' P1 . .' ' L' V2',fC?Wff4,, f' VJ2-1'1G':2IV2i-'iv'-.-wa is V ff A' " C71 1 V' -4 15,',4dpsVN.-. 5'7" - ,, L' ' Y .ki 2 QV-Q-fx.. Zips 'Z .a -. , . if A" 1-.AA ff ' f ' wi" 1.2: G ...VF fli'X'1 w ' 1 ' 'V1ffA2f. --1-'sw 4-'-:-.-6:-'H . .,f::: , 1- Le,--I , 44" -'I -9 -' :c"? 9 1 J' ' V V:"g2-:-it . .2 HV.-ff' ,:1 1 1 ,, . - 2 kin- -'V1. ' " 'V' T"-"" . ,kfxtm . , Q. If. ,?V:QV1.:V1,,, ,-1.32 V, .2 ,wa fy? " -, My 4. ,:.., ' A' 5' Vw .- . 44.Vf,: f-ei: V, 15.1. . 1:1 :V Vffw . M: ...wt . -s-.mtv 4 " rw V I - " V 'aL....g'Q,,g, 5,54 "...M ,Wiz-L 51 "" , ',:,.U':-'-.Va-. 1-rf:.,t.:2g':' by . .M-,-.,.,.,.,,,.,., ,,,., , f - 1 ,Q 3.1233-522251-, 5 V,V-'-VSRV' V.-7: deff? V' Ss 11" 1 A " ,f J 525' 1? , ""f-24.15 3515 J, '15 'QQ-' '.-il-93' . ff-' ,fff ::":. , 1' V 23" Ff'L'f"i?':k :A 'E . .-x N , 'df Vg 'cwffl .mf .-V. V V .4 'V V' . ., , . f "" .,V,c-:Xi 'v '. . - 1 - - s' GM ' "W" AV '1 22' -If 391.-S2P"' ' V ' "" "+V ' V1 P" - V-'cw L-,S 1,5 ' fm'-. 314' - -.V 4. - - . .. '. 7 .125-'-1: -' 'Y":c:4 G-1. .Q :, ' , 4. - f' 4' -' .4w,w' '- ' .f'Vmw'V.fc -' ' -. 4. 'ai' '- "V-wilt.-fi-Vit? 'TV' I.: 'SS 1+ ff f " " Y , V .. ' X A' fax I I , A 7'-ny? J' T5 KAPPA CIW Ralph Franco Leonord Miller Seniors Marshall Gordon Myron Radwin Jerome Silverfield Bernard Lichter Melvin Stein Juniors Albert Capouano Herbert Forgash Julian Hytken Harry Labovitz Sophomores Fred Berman David Blumberg Yale Friedlander Karl Friedman Fr Joseph Kanter Albert Sokol Alvin Tennebaum Marvin Rich Charles Monasee Ted Monasee Irving Koftler Maurice Kravtin Bob Solnick eshmen Maurice Bell Felix Berlin Maurice Block Wallace Cohen Bernard Greenberg Julian Lichter Milton Maisel Dove May Norman Niren Solbert Permutt Arthur Prince Irving Siegal Melvin Solcol Milton I. Sterman First Row: Franco, Miller, Gordon, Radwin, Silverfield, Lichter . . . Second Row: Stein, Forgash, Labovitz, Berman, Blumberg, Friedlander . . . Third Row: Friedman, Kanter, Sokol, R., Solniclc, Tenenbaum, Rich . . . Fourth Row: Monassee, C., Koffler, Krovtin, Bell, Berlin, Block . . . Fifth Row: Cohen, Greenberg, Lichter, Maisel, May . . . Sixth Row: Niren, Prince, Siegal, Sokol, M., Sterman. l THE KAPPA NU'S WON THE INTERFRATERNITY SCHOLARSHIP CUP . Bones gives 'em a pep talk V ' l it l l l PI CHAPTER l Taking second place in intertraternity football, and winning the inter- fraternity scholarship cup, the Kappa Nus had one of their most successful years on the campus. The hard work ot such men as Joe t Kanter, President Excelsior, Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship Award, Bill T Solnick, secretary Phi Eta Sigma, and Bernard Lichter, President Hillel lx Foundation was a determining factor in the Kappa Nu's great rise in il 23 years on the campus. Their social season consisted ot a pledge il dance, Founder's Day Banquet, six house dances, and was climaxed l by a Valentine week-end and house party. tl I Page' 265 BETA CHAPTER Outstanding members of Kappa Sigma include Wilmer Parker, Druids, Quadrangle, "A" Club, Bobby Tom Jenkins, varsity football star, James V. Thompson, Cadet Colonel in the Infantry, Jasons, Beta Gamma Sigma, Druids, Who's Who, Larry McDonald, St. Pat's, lnterfraternity Council, and Dan Chapman, Editor of the "A" Book, Phi Eta Sigma, and Gamma Sigma Epsilon. The Kappa Sigs entertained with nine house dances, a pledge dance, a banquet, and their annual Black and White ball in December. The Kappa Sigs won the intertraternity sports cup for summer sports. Among the 3,000 Kappa Sigs in the armed forces are such leaders as Maior Generals Hodges and Fairchild and Brigadier General Pierce. Fifteen have been decorated for heroism in action in World War ll. ' OVER 3,000 KAPPA SIGS ARE IN ' 4 V .. 4 i 1. 1. .' ' 'iz -f' Q' gr PPA SIG Fratres in Facultate Dr. W. P. Ott Mr. M, F. Adams Mr. F. A. Nations Mr. Leslie Andrews Lt. E. J. Finnell Medicine Claiborne Blanton Clyde McLallen Hampton Smith aw Wilmer Parker Seniors Sam Carroll A. B. Carter Hardy Conner Howard Conner Joe Cox Jarrett Griffin Law Lamar, Jr. Larry McDonald John W. McLellan George Moye Floyd Medlin Kenyon Meeks John Oliver William Roper Mike Sallie Robert Stevens James Ward Robert Weaver Morris Wood Dan Chapman Philip Moss James V. Thompson Juniors William Avant R. C. Joiner John McClellan Milton McLoughlin Arthur Moss Byron Parkman Paul Wiley Sophomores Fr Walker Craddock Don Chirafisi James Hebson Kent Hall Bobby Tom Jenkins Riley McElroy David Murphy Henry Mosely George Powers Robert Scott Tommy Vinson Harold Wiggins Robert Wright eshmen Clinton Anderson Warren Bowden David Brown Honsford Cowart James Carroll Kells Carroll Roy Dickinson Quitman Denson Malcolm Davis David Haas Wyatt Hoisten Bill Hooper Joe Merrill William Ray Murphy Tom May Major Mills Henry Nickols Robert Roper James Snowden James Sollie Charles Thompson Fred Towne Ed Williams Sidney Waites Then it was summer THE ARMED FORCES First Row: Parker, Carroll, Carter, Conner, Hardy, Conner, Howard, Cox, Griffin, Lamar Second Row: McDonald, Moye, Medlin, Meeks, Oliver, Stevens, Ward, Weaver . . . Third Row: Wood, Chapman, Moss, Thompson, Avant, Joiner, McClellan, McLaughlin . . . Fourth Row: Moss, Parkman, Wiley, Craddock, Chirafisi, Hebson, Hall, McElroy . . . Fifth Row: Mosely, Murphy, Powers, Scott, Vinson, Wiggins, Wright . . . Sixth Row: Anderson, Bowden, Brown, Cowart, Carroll, J., Carroll, K., Dickenson . . . Seventh Row: Haas, Haisten, Hooper, Merrill, Murphy, May, Mills . . . Eighth Row: Nickols, Roper, R., Thompson, C., Towne, Williams, Snowden, Waites. . V f I 14.-51.11, V,-,f I H 1 . I. 1' Q, :J .4 -for -1 1.1. as ., . , , . . .. ry- J. ,es ,- se. yt 2 f' , 3 ,.-W . , W V -to t ' .. gig. Zvieilf. sf 2' , ff! . 155. 134 '- . is , ., R - . ' - A I Lit ' . . f it? ' ' Y ' , -' V' . . l f Y ,V . ' . ' X ' . A - . , QTY' r "' a '-' Lf: ' . .i-- - F' . '- .,-:nr , P . wg ' A 'fggg g 5: .. ' .T i , . . ' wi ly: x ., 'llgi-my - ' . if fr '- -gf .gg ' V .... - Win . -- : Y . - n-. -. .- -- - r x 2 N sf... ww? fr:-1. -A - ,f J - .9 ' ,, 2. :st x ,I .. 1 1-f' . ,f21f:e- 4' . -s 'su P-:.-.,.gf' if i- :L .. , ..g:f.' lsr, -' e , -Q 2. X I. ., rc if-.1112 .,. 11. -' L "i ' . vi i ' Q "L 1.. .. .' ' 'H . - 'te I Ss- ' 't Yu m.. -::.- .,'..:H ' - . .asa 'Y J 'fl 1 . 3-. 'r 1 .11 si - , . .. 2155. - . - I - 2 .s w L ff .azaga l . r . -: a- ,- -.W wk . - ' P . ..., - K gm , :1 f " , s Es: gl. z- .rg 5: s .- -fs -.X -1 ' -2 .wr ...A mg: - as .,. li ft' . - , . - 1. ' P f -' 'fix .... . " N A' 'L . ' s ' 'i f . 1 1 -1 -' ii . 'swf s: V. . -ss.. K f ' xg- . .- was - . E. K A, . .. N ' . rs-.1 s - -was as X- +. was -J . W- V . 4 Q -1 .+R . - L X 1 . . .. me.. ex.. .X N t . .. ' Mn' .: ' zfs 11 X sg Sgr" . Was, S '- it r- , gm.. , - ah. , g km, N ...N , N . -w e gc Mi. Q . ... .. i 1 .1 3 -. ...N .:. ., -1 -L. Q K . .- .5.,. Q -C .:, 3 5 is... J-151: S,-qw, h rf X zz. ,:. ' s .. . 1 i2:E'l:z35EsEg..'-. 2553" ' fiji: . . N, s 7 R -Q' '- ' '-.,4 :.-.X . ,Q 255335 ' g t. .- ,S .4 f .Sew - mfg- , ss., .Q r- . .V Mx- also -W -. 2,1.- N f: 'i .. S" f ' . , N ik. -' g- 12 -sf ew.-J ,sg-. . X P. . .- -: ss-:es'st .Q .. -' 'V - 1 H Q . ...J mea s. - .sf , N v - N . . x -. V.-s my ,sts flkvqc.. . , , v -fxgf. . was-H ., . s 5... -.s 5 ..-:......5:Q Aggie - drew , f- ..::?:'. -1 Y-A - . . .. K i f f -. .. - U gl ' X . -' .. Y .s 1' -' V2 S L i f' 1 . "AB Q, A S3 ax. , 11 '- A- .f A- . mega. -.ey '-1 -,I c .. i nw- V-,:. - ...Q fxwsiz... wig. E,B- ."f9f'.- 7... .. , .. Nc... .... . . ., . . R A t ' qs' -- -P ' 5 Ji' I P4 X- ' 4 " "Ci y 5,35 gi ,,, - .AA 11- ,. . ,. ,D V.. .. Pit. ' L' if f .5 'Q' A WI' A .itszgv . . , 7 , tif . ' ' . if ,L Q' 1 ' L - fi ' 'NN 'Y V " J ' ' EI: ""', 5 HF"'f5s-fflytz-..'1'l: W I ': 1 V s '?s..4A,Zfy . ZH,-1? l A . V lffii A , .Eg 2 ' K ,s, . I' an f, fl' V Psi. fv' ls Q ' 'iff' l K : f,,.,.. ' 'X H .. ' ' A sl A ' 'r J 1 at A L P H wax'-' , V , . ti 4 . . '- lj gi - rf' 'l rr, .. 1,31-,u y .4 5 In Fratres in Facultate Edward B. Rucker li. '- ii l . f l' , Richard Cobb -':,,53.:1r -. rg- camp :Q - V. J imp: . -, lv . l Li. Hulbert E. Hughes James E' SLOPES' . l '--'- K M. Lt- Foul Crews James Johnson ' ,,,A ,-:":, 1 if Baskin Wright William Sprayberry you I ', '. , Sam A. Mills ' , 'ii i' i John R. Smith , T y gg is , William woolsey ' -' I 6 I! l A F T., 53"-f i, N W4 Medicine Glenn F. Manning . 'L yi: ' ,Z J J-Q , y Stanford Skinner ., 4 i' Q: A 4 L Ray W. James if Z A - Q, , A Edward Welden OHS Goodwin fr' 3 ' s-"' 'T ? ,fVs,'f"1 Law 1 Sophomores l - T . " Y ' 'Atl F i Thomas Parker , fgbgrp iii ' ' X Lee DUVOH Samuel B. Abston 'fi " ' Gt Walter Saffel Q Q ' Wayne Morse I A l Glenn L. Stephens A V ' Semors Harry Stahmer ' ,, N . iff" " if Ray Bearden A A' ,. lui .gf J Wiliiom Mcyqiff William l. Waller if rg, 29' L ST! lg- -ffrfdr, ' ,M -i Raymond H. White qi" 'i ' ' "5 4 35. 1, . . 'Q'-14 '- C - 42,5 if 19, xv - . it Douglas P. Corretti Eg' it 'f '19 ' d s:,,f:'g: E mir,-' if Hugh Gerst H or Marion O. Bostrom Freshmen .EQ Q3 5 V ., 5, , I' , 4:-j' ' David Hauser - . 4 Frank M. Oden Jack Jones ' 'K ' fl 'Q """l" ' W Q Thomas J. Willis .- K - Q -r J., 'N Ep I Banks Shehee N 1. I 'V fi g., 3 .. .173 lil, 'K Lil J . Robert Blackwell Q3 l ffl' , Q A : Umors Harry Martin in-f i ' l 'Y A 1 ?.,' ' ' ll , . ' rf. .. Allison Hildreth 'W T ' ' lf' "eil V' ""' VI ' . ' ""' 4 L. C. Thornton, Jr. M. Cullen Hightower i- , .A -- William S. Holman James Deweese, Jr. FI . sf - : I ' , f' .Lx First Row: Welclen, Parker, Duvall, White, Corretti, Gerst . . . Second Row: Bosfrom, Hauser, Oden, Thornton, Holman. Meshad . . . Third Row: Sargent, Royal, McEachern, Smith, Rucker, Cobb . . . Fourth Row: Stacey, Johnson, Sprayberry, Mills, Smith, J. R., Woolsey . . . Fifth Row: Manning, Skinner, Jamer, Abston, Satfell, Stephens . . . Sixth Row: Stahmer, Bearden, Waller, Willis, Blackwell, Martin . . . Seventh Row: Hildreth, Hightower, Deweese, Keener, Upton, Broom, Spear. Charles Meshad George Sargent, Jr. William H. Royal James F. McEachern Marshall E. Smith JIMMY DOOLITTLE IS A LAMBDA CHI ALUMNUS . Greeting: you have been selected- lrby A. Keener, Jr. Ray Upton George D. Broom, Jr Arthur McKissack William Spear ALPHA PHI ZETA CHAPTER www The Lambda Chi's social season consisted of one social function a month, a New Year's Eve Party, a picnic, and was climaxed by their annual Purple, Green and Gold Ball. The Fraternity's colors were worn this year by such outstanding men as Frank Oden, Phi Beta Epsilon, A.S.M.E., Scabbard and Blade, Ed Welden, Gorgas Medical Society, President Sophomore Med Class, Phi Chi, Tommy Parker, "A" Club, Scabbard and Blade, Druids, Greeks, Delta Sigma Pi, lnterfraternity Council, and Buck Royal, Vice-President, lnterfraternity Council, Spirit Committee, Cotillion Club, and Assistant Editor of the Corolla. General "Jimmy" Doolittle, who led the first bombing raid on Tokyo and General E. S. Ott are a tew among a multitude of Lambda Chis now in the armed forces. Page 267 ALABAMA ALPHA CHAPTER Outstanding Phis this year included Bill Brooks, editor of the Crimson- White, O.D.K., Jasons, Quadrangle, Philomathic and Cotillion Club, Stewart Le Blanc, house president, vice-president of Commerce School, iunior class, Quadrangle, Spirit Committee, Cecil Duttee, president of Rho Alpha Tau, Max Moody, president of Gorgas Medical Society. The Phi Delta Theta annual formal dance was held in Birmingham this tall after the Alabama-Tennessee game, and the chapter entertained later with a Christmas party, a hay ride and several house dances. The Phis went to the semi-tinals in the intertraternity touch football bracket. Founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio in l848, Alabama Alpha chapter has been on the campus since l877. Southern mint iuleps-Sparks style! THE PHIS HAVE LARGEST MEMBERSHIP OF ANY COLLEGE FRATERNITY First Row: Charles Butler, William E. Brooks, Jr., Albert S. Dozier, lll, David McGittert, Harlan Winn, Bowron . . . Second Row: Bushnell, Burnum, Cheney, Downs, Gresham, Haynes . . . Third Row: Houseal, LeBlanc, McMurphy, Moore, Murray, Pratt . . . Fourth Raw: Randall, Sewell, Steiner, Webb, Murray, Barr . . . Fifth Row: Cooper, Fitzpatrick, DeGrattenreid, Lantrip, McMurphy, Mudd, Marshall . . . Sixth Row: O'Connor, Sudduth, Tomlinson, Whatley, Dobbins, Dutfee, Duncan . . . Seventh Row: Eberhardt, Fuller, Grayson, Groover, Moore, Screvens, Whitfield. PHI DELT THETA Graduate Wm. K. Murray Daniel Pratt Paul D. Jacobs Henry C. Randall Roscoe Roberts Joseph W. Sewell Medicine Robert E. Steiner, Jr. George W. Webb MGX Moody Reese Murray Charles Butler Sophomores Low John U. Barr Ernest Cooper H. Tompkins Fitzpatrick Jett DeGrattenreid ' J. Samuel Johnson 5en'o"5 John M. Lantrip Marion B. McMurphy T. Eric Embry William E. Brooks, Jr. Albert S. Dozier, lll David McGittert Burgett H. Mooney, Jr Edward W. Mudd Robert L. Marshall, Jr. William F. O'Conner Clifton H. Penick, Jr. Dock Mucld Herbert H. Satterwhite Harlan Wlnn Joseph Sudduth Jack O. Tomlinson George Whatley Juniors Douglas Booth Freshmen Richard Bowron James Bushnell John Burnum Allen Cheney Charles A. Crute Dean G. Downs John Gresham James B. Harrington Marshall Haynes Walter S. Houseal Stewart A. LeBlanc, Jr. J. Earl McMurphy, Jr. .James W. Moore Robert A. Beeland Wilmore P. Cox James P. Dobbins Cecil G. Duttee John R. Duncan Harry L. Eberhardt, Jr. James A. Fuller, Jr. James M. Grayson Walter N. Groover Joe B. Moore James O. Screvens, Jr. Edward C. Whitfield , A II II3?:., I... ,I.f,I: ...., E -.. I fifth c I ant I I I ij.. 5 ,c -- " 7 ., P, fun , . , ' -l 1 II.. I , If A r? il , I-W if I, Ia, I f . r 'fwfr V- - il . i . I fi ' 'L 'W .ig I ' QW "iii:-T"'i , , . , . I W , I .III I P . . . i ii. -sw , . '3 ' I '35 'aw ,Qt ig - , I' we I I PHI GAMM YIIIII : .' 5 Qi . Ii I I HII.-T 2, I I. '-A1 A ' , A .gt A I 1 I H. I fy: ' A ' 'Q -I' , ij ' I I I ' P' "' iii' A- A if ' ii .il D E L i , .-, - fd- .2-1. 1' I H " ,A H ' ' I QI I I ' ' Fratres in Facultate Sophomores -l I il? , X I I I Dean -lomef H- Newman Walter T. Ashurst I , 2 ii, iI I If iv II - fi' , Dean Martin Gallalee Willis CI Dorby ER.,,,-ei .., ij- I- i" ' ""' ' " " Capt. Willard W. Livingston l-lqfold Drew 'Iffii ' I, Ui Howard H. Harlan pcige Bill lcollo ' A .il J J w.e' 3, .I IQ I2-I A, I . any I Gmduuie Tibirilwas F. Hides I, I W ,I i 'T 'V 9' 4, I P il J' I I Robert D. Isaacson ,i I I ' ' i ' ',I - 'fi"" I Jack Witherspoon Hines genial-nln l-l' Kennedy ' 'fri li ' . - ' ' I' Ch-rles W. McBurney I,,fIII' , I rf Samuel R. Kennamer William B. Robertson I l Milton C. Ragsdale PCIUI A. Smith ' 'P ' 4 P A. T ' CI W. H ' ie ft i s . 2. i .. ' is " I it rf- PZLTP. ii i A . . .1--A I , H ' Tl i- I I all 1' ' I A . -5 -. I Law Freshmen ' s I I - - fi, 2 I P -- - ' I I if-53 A k 1 Edward H. Reynolds John U, Meg,-5 ,, 4 I, ff Sam D. Waldrop 4 , i . , I Seniors James C. Russell If I . - II, Henry H. Hale, Jr. Q3 1 .r :Na ' it ' ' 'f 1 In 'Q 1 L J , ' V Ernest R. Acton Richard D. Meggison 't A I A I ' -I T' James T. Cobb James S. Gaskell, Jr. I I I, ,I ' ' ,. IK - 1 I ' Alexander S. Lacy Robert L, Godwin 3 3 .I5liIQI,II I- I ,' ll II ,TI " I ' . Charles W. Moffett James H, White I figs-I 1 . ,i ' "lil A I. L. f I' , Burein Whitfield Moncrief Arthur L. Lukens, Jr. , , , , - 'iff' Norvin W. Hunnicutt James P. Abbott, III ., ' " - . , i" . John M. Bradley, Jr. , -- , T , tl I ', t... HU , . , . , i i -J - gh F. Weaver I i fs, -I W, Q 5 I I 5, II Juniors ,I ,ir I V I I . L tg , i , i. F Walter Schoel, Jr. 1 'R I. 4 -he - T 'I i' I Q U'-mon Bake' John L. Spence ' " I MIIIIQ, " I II- 5-I I if 'JIT' f iq-:E Willis D. Bidgood Robert H. Dean, Jr. 16 45 'ii-,, .ff, ' . ' -' 'iff 4 ' A iI ,Q V " Wilson E. Durhom Earl Charles Bloom 1 I 3 'li .I IQIQJ A William D. Jamison Edward G. Tucker First Row: Kennamer, Ragsdale, Trice, Salter, Reynolds, Acton, Cobb . . . Second Row: Lacy, Moncriet, Baker, Bidgood, Durham, Jamison, Mears, T. W .,.. Third Row: Otts, Walley, Wright, Darby, Follo, Hines, Isaacson . . . Fourth Row: Kennedy, McBurney, McWhorter, Smith, Hennig, Mears, J. U., Waldrop . . . Fifth Row: Russell, Hale, Megglsan, Gaskell, J. S., Godwin, White, Lukens . . . Sixth Row: Abbott, Bradley, Weaver, Schoel, Thomas W. Mears James M. Morgan Lee M. Otts William R. Walley Ralph D. Wright Frank A. Rice Felix R. Helms Martin M. Thoss William L. Flurry James B. DePriest Dallas M. Villines William T. Gaskell Dean, Bloom, Tucker . . . Seventh Row: Helms, Thoss, Flurry, DePriest, Villines, Gaskell, W. COMMANDO GENERAL CHAPMAN WEARS THE PHI GAM PIN . TH ETA CHAPTER The Fili Formal, house dances, picnics, annual pig dinner and the Underprivileged Children's Christmas Party were on the Phi Gam's social calendar this year. Charles McBurney, Editor Rammer-Jammer, Blacktriarsg James Cobb, Business Manager Rammer-Jammer, Willis Bidgaod, Druids, Phi Eta Sigma, Quadrangle, Vice-President, A.E.D., and Whit Moncriel, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, Druids, Scabbard and Blade were a few ot the "Islanders" most outstanding on the campus. Admiral Stanley, General Chapman, at the U. S. Commandos, and Lt. Joseph Bailey were only a few who wore the Fill diamond into battle. Page 269 W i5 X ALPHA KAPPA CHAPTER Ervin Wyatt, honor student, cheerleader, James Sawyer, Theta Tau, Robert Pritz, President, Gamma Delta, Don Whitmire, All-American football tackle, and Richard Thompson, Spirit Committee were a few who wore the skull and key and who were outstanding in school ac- tivities this year. Their annual Founder's Day Banquet and Dance began Phi Kappa Sigma's social season. Other social events were a Christmas Party and two house dances. Lt. General Blair, Maior Persons and the DuPonts are a few of Phi Kappa Sigma's alumni who have wholeheartedly contributed to the war effort. THE DUPONTS ARE PHI KAPPA SIGMA ALUMNI . A-f 27: PHI KAPPA Fratres in Facultate M. Leigh Harrison William T. Ray Low Casper Moore, Jr. Seniors Ervin Wyatt, Jr. Richard Hose Robert Pritz Warren Ross Raymond Ross William Whiton Morgan Scott Harold Cheatham Juniors Charles Harris David Arthur John Loard Earl Hunley Frank Tompkins James Sawyer Lauris Graves Lamar Sanders Sophomores Fr Joseph Box Holland Sayre Wendell Owens Richard Thompson John Richardson Fred Sanders John Young eshmen Robert Sanders Sam Chambers Gregory Scott Frank Dorr Ernest Ballard Reeves McMahon Dudley Davis Foster Clark Webb Hurt First Row: Moore, Wyatt Hose Prltz Ross R Second Row Ross W Whiton Cheatham, Harris . Third Row Loard Tompkins Sawyer Graves Sanders J Sayre . . . Fourth Row Owens Sanders F Young Sanders R Fifth Row Chambers -ki' aqv I A J, ,ee Q 1 1 lw,fhM,Q Vim- -I -- -I .1 L' .Y il Q' x If . ,, I va I I ia I ,Ei-P. I yi I First Row: Browning, Ebert, Flinn, Drew, Downey . . . Second Row: Sullivan, Garotola, Chisholm, Ricords, Mcliosky . . . Third Row: Alois, I-lershner, Taylor, Lister, Nolan . . Fourth Row: Duloee, Saclowski, Geiselman, Knowlton . . . Fitth Row: Webster, Jurgensen Juday, Anderson, THE PHI SIGS PLAYED THE ORIGINAL X Seems to me I've heard THIS song before I My PK '- -.s':f'f'ff1l1fa3"6' ' '-1 .ff f - ...Q 1 ,IH .Wg 32, 2 . . Jn,-Q-8' 'l NH NGMA KAPPA Fratres in Facultate Emil Garatola Ray Chisholm, Jr. George A. Miller Deon A B Moore William Grant Gilbert Weatherbee Frank Ricorcls Graduate Elmer Cooley Law John B. Browning Seniors George Ebert Jesse Flinn Peorge Heiber, Jr. John Drew Hugh Downey Theodore McCoskey Altred Alois Sophomo res Irwin Hershner Harland Taylor Walter Lister Russell Haetner Robert Nolan Albert Dubee Richard Sadowski George Phillips Freshmen Edward Dennis Donald SONS John Gelselman George Hecht Calvin Knowlton Robert Webster Harold Jurgenson Juniors Barthe Avery Arthur Sullivan, Jr. CELTICS THIS YEAR Richard Juday Robert Anderson Lawrence Hartman OMICRON DEUTERON CHAPTER Boasting at a time basketball team, the Phi Sigs in one ot their outstanding activities ot the year played the Original Celtics, worlcl's champion basketeers. Other activities at the year were three house dances, a New Year's Party, a Christmas Party, and a pledge dance. Among Phi Sigs outstanding men on the campus are varsity football players George Hecht, Don Salls, Bart Avery, and Ted Mclfoskey. Other outstanding Phi Sigs are Harlan Taylor, Rho Alpha Tau, Harry Gogan, Phi Eta Sigma, track star, ancl George Ebert, President ot Tau Delta Tau, National Collegiate Players. One of the Phi Sigs many generals is Brig- adier General Buchanan. Page 27I 9 GAMMA ALPHA CHAPTER Pi Kappa Alpha had several outstanding men on the campus This year. Foster Etheredge, president of the lnterfraternity Council, Bill Schuessler, Business Manager ot The Corolla, Jack Bean, President of both ST. Pat's and Jasons, Macon Roberts, Assistant Business Manager of The Corolla, and Max Hudson, Assistant Editor of the Corolla. Tom Rast, chapter president, member of The "A" Club and The Cotillion Club, Toxey Sewell, President of Omicron Delta Kappa, and James Davis served that organization as vice-president. The Pi K.A.'s were hosts at Their annual Homecoming formal. A Christmas dance, New Year's party, and several house dances were given. Noted alumni of Pi K.A. are General Courtney Hodges, Chief ot lntantry, and Secretary of Agriculture Claude Wickard. Them were The good ole days COLCNEL CARPENTER, P.M.S.8Q T., IS A Pi K f Q! s'f4visix, .o fix I A 9 marie PI KAPPA ALPHA Fratres in Facultate Felix Treadway Dr. J. P. Montgomery Robert Waters Col. William T. Carpenter Dr. M. C. Huntley Juniors Jack Avery Wright Christian Arthur Cobble Charles Gibson Raymond Kinsaul James McCormick Raymond Mills Thomas Spraggins Graduate Jack McKewen Medicine James Berry Brooks Brown James Davis 0 1 0 4 . . . - . - . First Row: Berry, Brown, Davis, Simpson, Hardegree, Hubbard, Metcalf . . . Second Row: Bean, Etheredge, Grimes, Hale, Hudson, Jernigan, Lewis . , . Third Row: McCurdy, McNeil, Rast, Roberts, Schuessler, Avery, Christian . . . Fourth Row: Kinsaul, McCormick, Mills, . Fifth Row: Praytor, Smith, Tinney, White, Wimberly, Brown, Carreker . . . Sixth Row: Campbell, Carroll, Garrett, lmmler, Lancaster, Morring, . . Seventh Row: Owens, Pendleton, Ringland, Smith, Turner, VanHc Spraggins, Fuller, Hale, McKay . . Murray . Fay Randall Sam Simpson Kenner Tippins Law Joe Burnett Frank Johnson Arthur Hardegree Perry Hubbard Charles McKay Neil Metcalf Toxey Sewell Seniors Jack Bean Dave Brown Charles Burgess Jack Carter Foster Etheredge Roy Greene Porter Grimes Byron Hale Max Hudson William Jernigan Tom Lewis George McCurdy Charles McNeil Robert Piper Tom Rast Macon Roberts William Schuessler Sophomores Fr Clark Fuller Barber Hooper Virgil Hale Robert McKay Hugh Praytor J. F. Sharpe Arthur Smith Tom Tinney Jake White Norris Wimberely eshmen James Brown Roland Carreker A. L. Campbell Carroll Garrett Hooper lmmler Kimbrough Thomas Wilmer DeLeon Thomas Harvey Lawrence Lancaster Frank Morring John Murray Charles Owens Henry Pendleton Adrian Ringland Lynn Smith William Turner James Van Hoose Robert Williams Cecil Wooten -- - :it .v . 1 sg- LI, ,. . ., X. I ., f . XZ , .ix I. - .I 7 135, - it - ' 1 . se? nf" ' - "Y 5 'SV " I - .1 " , . s -1+ 1 15 2 .ei ,gg-if ., .. . I , I I T T - , . , ii - rl':-EQ! : :xr-'U r "r' 'IPQ1 . .L , ..., - Q-X .H ,.f5-:TNI '.:.I,5 9 I , ff , ' I f-.,. eii 4. 1 ,gi 1-f Q 41 - "1 ., if --A-1 me s 4- . .X , . 'S f '--.:'1 . - I ,ge - F .. '-i.:2- '-if or ,- , I, 1. 1-5' ' '.R3""7'Z"55'T ' ' ' ' if:-Y' as - .xg :III , J - Is Q. is 5 - -- -V ., ,g X 'eg r - Z, 1 - se I fs- - gtg HI 7 'Q :J 5, 5,,i. ,X'If '51 .J 2 A gf. i s--f TNQ? .. .ss X XI ix. -I . fy ' ,I - - -- 31gS,I.g:fj 1. 4" . 'f - .rs T . e, 'T 'P ' - .. . Iitfeiiissitf "Wd-Pvii - - .4-f T f " - ills:-. 'z ,ev - fx' 2 1x '-or .. . .. s X'-ev wmfiz, . A4322 .V '-:ff 5 I ' f 'fltf F? 1 I S' it- y trf.. J' Q T at XWMT.-Q.. me -. ,. . , Q X is C , X gsm 5 . S. 4 R2 X S ki. S6 Wei as a, 352:51 I f -we qw., - -X.u -...-.fl ' .M 1.23-flies -Xf'- 'A . X Xl' it i lg ' 1- il .21 fqg.-HQ: 'nl X X5 af., gy 5.1 NXT I 0 X ,jg N P NX E X QS I Xu... , X5 1, X is st? ss? XS Y XX eg T Qs X Ras X XX 5 4 X XVXXXAX X XX X X X X 2. : A If QMIII.. I. NX .Q-if-af :., ., .C T X Q K Q s XX T X xx N X XX X X ,X X ' 1. use ga y W X X 'x XI X P X KXYN g ' 'X 2 N394 :Qs-w ' -r .QNX QT - . . . X .mf Be i .-X X s. t tw ' 7'.. -f':"':.,1E:lI5: 1 Q., . X . ' ' ,i st-. 2,3 ffsgggiivs-..-.FI 22: 5 .sf 5- 331, ,TX - . A -- sw 'rf 'V-' Xsfo' ' 'at L5 'Sit XX is X S is Q 5 is y w. ' . .. ,,, . - .f,f W' I 49.1. 2 Ts 'Qs 536 1 e 52:53 2. 'IIQEQ 3, ,V YN' f T ft ,.. ... . -L f sl XX X S S' X X xx N X .X J by .. .... X XXX X X X 'X X . .Xs'f:w::f,.1:,szef' -'we s V -.5,.:g5 QX: 2 -Xzv ' '-T Y A -:zf if 4 its 5 af. ' et 1 SIX yi ' T .... I,,I.s v- X 6 5 M J s? sae? 1 4 it Q , X I.I s l. ff Qs' 2 55? X KX if X V il A sz? .2-wi X' . r 5452? teams XIX is WX A , 'Y 1 K X X A 'e we X- f .,X .X -. . 5. ose, Williams. .1 .,,.:gI,vgTif:,gf2 2. Xig- sv X "le A -ii' .-15 X, ' -s: - VA Sy' I T 'ff-I .V-Vilfi :Q .mg -.3 s X, X52 sa X X X N 5 F A 5 X X into 1 I X .,... . '- lr Q ,fic I L 5 Xu! . - ef . .:. ' Q X if S J. it X l PX 2 .X EX T .1-1 . B 3 xgkru - so f. W .ffl -I ' X N 3 2 ' ' 1 as is X 5 X Q 'T X si Qs X AX' . .. -xii NX X ...Nw ggi! f ' J . X - QI, , TX , Xf X , X X 1 , X X S X . X XX N X 'A X if ' .. I, A SX X Wax fc. Q , 3,9 W X ,Ig X uf J sg X wk M is , 23 QX A 5 A , 5 X MX-e N XL-.L-Jr-L AZ, im N . 4- 1 1 3 I X T 1 ,L I I i I A fe . I It H yu' 2. 1 I I I It I T I 'H' I 'f' ll 'Z Il? "fa - ri . "J l I I I ii 6- I 2 H ' - -4- .,.... 3 'fu' .' X V- '. ' . , I i ' , D' - 'H ' I I il Us? - I ' I .Y - I . - 9 . T Q' I I T.. ew 3 Q , ,rg ' , V I ,H :L II Ld at , :!. - t- Q Wt VV .2 . Y O Nt ii I N F. ,Qi r. Wi' -1 f . 1 - I-wi " Qgfi .3 .1 It l 3 4 I ' : . I1 2 Fl ' 4. , q t -JP I. 5 fe. tl me T . f, t , , Mfr ' I, ...I .,- . V 1 i WBCLXI. 'c 'if f' ,A" . 5524114 .-gs. pa . sg I i N , 1- ' I 3 I ' :A+ First Row: Brock, Brunson, Boswell, Leslie, Holston, Gammon . . . Second Row: Young Leath, Maddox, Jordan, McCollum, Reese . . . Third Row: Black, House, Clements, Priddy, Studdard, Trigg . . . Fourth Row: Williams, L., Miller, Maddox, Williams, R. Brown, Bray . . . Fifth Row: Hamilton, Jones, Mabrey, Owen, Harper, Dickert . . Sixth Row: Brock, Carter, Jones, Gunter, Davis, Green . . . Seventh Raw: Bolding McCollum, Griffin, Martin, Wells, Windham, PI KAPPA PHI GAVE THE SEASON'S PI :A mt ' 5. 'z Le- 'ffl YS.-'4",f'.. Q-H-. it 7 PH Fratres in Facultate Edward S. Corothers Donald F. Mulvihill Henry A, Leslie Charles L. Seebeck PPA Ohmer Trigg Leo Williams Harley Hope William Ham J. D. Miller James Maddox Robert Williams Medicine Norman Brown Roy W. Williams Jack Brock sophomores John Latham John Bray Law Lister Brunson Marlin Hamilton Gene Airheart Cecil Jones Richard Van Hola Eiingjsnllllie Wallace Mabry James Owen Reginald Johnson Seniors James Harper Patrick Driver Russell Henley Alfred Holston George Gammon Ernest Young Wheeler Leath Joe Starnes, Jr. James Maddox Gene Jordan Poul McCollum J. W. Reese Juniors Jack Gammon George Black William Hause Wilton Clements Richard Self Edsell Hardage Stratton Priddy Curtis Studdard FIRST FORMAL Fr Jack Dickert Ben Brock George Snider Gilbert Carter Lee Jones Guy Gunter, Jr. Paul Collier Emory Hubbard Robert Bedsole eshmen Homer Davis Stewart Green Donald Bolding Floyd McCollum Edward O'Rear Terrell Griffin James Martin Robert Gray James Wells John Ed Harbin Ralph Windham OMICRON CHAPTER The Pi Kappa Phi fraternity was founded December lO, l904, in Charleston, S. C. Omicron Chapter was installed here in l9l7. The Pi Kaps opened the formal season this year by giving the first formal dance in early October. Some of Pi Kap's outstanding men on the campus include Lister Brunson, Editor 1942 Corolla, George Gammon, "A" Club, Varsity football player, Wheeler Leeth, "A" Club member, assistant basketball coach, T942 All-Southeastern Conference basketball player, and Joe Starnes, Jr., ace photographer for the Corolla. Out- standing alumni of the chapter include Joe Starnes, Congressman, and Brigadier Generals Hardey and Grinn. Page 273 ALABAMA MU CHAPTER Founded onthe University of Alabama campus in I856, the Sigma Alpha Epsilons have risen to national fame in their 87 years of existence. The mother chapter gave many social events this year. These events include six house dances, a pledge dance, and the annual Sigma Alpha Epsilon Black and White Formal. Well-known Sigma Alpha Epsilons on the campus are: Bubber Johnson, Business Manager Crimson-White, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, Hal Cleveland, O.D.K., Druids, Spirit Committee, Jim Hegenwald, Chapter President, and Max Matthews, Druids, Scabbard and Blade. Wearers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon's "Minerva" in civilian lite are Senator Bankhead, Pete Jarman, and many others. There are over 5,000 Sigma Alpha Epsilons in The armed forces among which over 50 have been decorated for gallantry in the line of duty. SIGMA ALPHAEPSILGN 'WAS FO , . 4 K IG ALPHA Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall, too! UNDED T ALABAMA IN T856 ..... First Row: Cleveland, Elmore, Harris, Farmer, Johnson, J., Hewitt, Jones, Morrisette . . . Second Row: Mullins, J., Mullins, N., Beckwith, Brannon, Breitling, Darden, DuPre, Johnson, E .... Third Row: Kimbrough, Neal, Poellnitz, Sessions, Simpson, Underwood, Williamson, Brown . . . Fourth Row: Crosby, Forrest, Hegenwald, Herren, Jones, Mathews, Montgomery, Orr . . . Fifth Row: Owen, Taft, Wiley, Bramlett, Brooks, Eros, Forrest, J., Lathem . . . Sixth Row: Millar, Mizell, Painter, Pitts, Smallman, Tilghman, Welch, Allen . . . Seventh Row: Beckham, Colebeck, Chenoweth, Ferguson, Jones, W., Lamont, Light- foot . . . Eighth Row: Morrisette, Rowe, Severance, Shamblin, Waller, Whitfield, Wright. 5..15:f:s :11.aesi: - . . , .735 1'1"-2'VffiLf1-F -V bV2eyV:-.:,-m-r::..e-wwe:rgssfsswesmzsvx .1 EP IL Fratres in Facultate Dr. Irving Little Paul S. Garner Dr. John R. McLure Dr. J. Henry Walker A. M. Kennedy William Going Allen Going Edward Kimbrough Medicine Hal Cleveland John D. Elmore Robert Harris Conyers Relfe Lewis Sharman Law Lester Farmer J. W. Johnson Charles Hewitt Gorman Jones Welch Morrisette Josh Mullins Norton Mullins Seniors Billy Beckwith Troy Brannan Robert Breitling Burwell Carpenter Hugh Darden Charles DuPre Evans C. Johnson Jim Kimbrough Gilbert Moseley George Neal Richard Poellnitz Tram Sessions Bill Simpson Robert Underwood Charles Williamson Juniors Hugo Black Hugh Brown Jim Hegenwald Wood Herren George Jones Max Matthews John Montgomery Dick O'ConneII John Orr Brady Owen George Taft Brantley Wiley Sophomores Fr Leon Bramlett Jimmy Brooks George Coleman Joe Eros, Jr. Jamie Forrest James Greer Don Latham Glen Millar Woody Mizell William Painter Percy Pitts Ralph Smallman Sam Stickney Lewis Tilghman Edmund Welch eshmen Howard Allen Louis Beckham Ed Colebeck James Chenoweth Forrest Ferguson Ramon Gibson Durwood Hodges Wolsey Jones Ed Lamont Phil Lightfoot John Matthews William Morrisette Ed Richardson Rutland Rowe Jack Severance John Shamblin Harper Spencer Luther Waller V K -,f.v-.If-2,-aS:lVi. J F.: V 3 I ' ' r" ' 'F f .,. 'g1.: F - V- 'ia .- ,et 3 age-V,,.. I ' V' if I Y . . .. .. . .. .. .. . ,,.. . N N Q .1 gf 1 F T 4 . Q .392 f f 6 . ist r L , . .4 T' s V. W . 4' ii . eg C uf BI .., M... , K c..3:... ...,. ,.,. ...W . ,. M George Crosby Cameron Forrest Bill Hagood Frank Whitfiled George Wright . 4' V , f U... ,..,,.,,. W,.,.,,. , ...,..k,z..., ,..i,,..,v we 1'-4.4: V- + I W A A s., .. . . .... . .. bb rm FF ,l I. ., 2. 5' -, -llv . 11. , o' - fc ,V .V '. f 1' ,EQ . V :2- - ,V gs. 5 .f F-,, r - .QI .gf -. '1EL::G? ,, j.v .Fil V - - 2 . 4. V. V ,I V, it - Iggy. , V its fs.. 1. 1.3 . ,3 11 , " YW 1.1.1 ,gg . :gi S 5 , ' TV fix' fa .---- vet - N . V ,V I -2: -V gg .sg ,ff V fi, 45- .,- F ' - M. -"H " it :. Q 51 .1 T m ,. 'V -: ETVEF 'Ss If' B? ,R , . nw- ...sw ,Q f- . A fgs1.q , g,gs5s.,'.- .- :I 44 F - 'Snr 4 -.I - s- -:.. . ,fii,,s -.N-'f-r kms ,- SI ,, - . in . 5. " .: ' Ed u.: ,Jax --.5g 2,2Q..?: r I visa- f - -1 5:1 : , Fr.:. :ssl sE1..t. . x 2t-:22.:2' f' wV1- - fs x , . r . sux . . f A st- V - -- . . wi, uv.. .. .t s . .14-A A -..i.-:.- , ss X .V -1. V- . - .sz ,. . . . X, ..., , f - . - H F -i FF .' ., I. .. ...I-1-Ia . . . F:s . V H' V , -A X .A --" 1 V . V' - - -F ' X ...i f ,-..- .,:-'Z 'gr gear .' 4, f sez.: fs. .4 F FF 4 ---"' ' t. " ,f . . , m v' . sf--F P F-41 -. . .. ree Mesgif -- V --:we . -:--.... ,A wssuh - . -x r - A .N F X - -V .. :-rt? at f ag . rigs wg. 2 .sis we rzsqm. N -Q -f i. -F F bft " :wr .F Jw g - , ti sp L . --F Stew qi 5-s -I I MZ, as .. t -F rt fx - J - A J X -,...w . .. ...a,.V,- M... - V .. ss- see: .vs-..s. .. .- - rx-.J gr- sf- . LQ..-Vers: --ws F , -- T. ees: X ::f: : F1 .rgssass F .V f if .,,Q"j.'-':11:'g3..j-.ew5::q:-:Ig-izj-:g QR-Y'GfM '5SN.lSgqzjQ'.',.f ' ' ,QQQ VT I,I.f-fy-ig TWEJQFLTYFSQ KVFQT TBWFBXY' '. -'gl' F '.Q . ...-Q. .-V1.-.:.:,.:F1.-F: V4 it, V- W on ,. -f .I my .. .s :A . f .swf H-af. , A - . 2 ' F vilie slt ... 'TR zeal.. ' F-.S . .V 2:1 3. .. sz 1 5'--f .rg ':r.s1F- . :r... .gsm :N A' .1- 3 f' N if F' we it Q-an .A es 45 IQ -V S V5.5 aa we ':?:::Veg-.33 if -.-Q ' 69- . . . 'cgi ...qu J ,,,., .. , , , ....,. . M , , .,..., . , . s. . V.f:'Ei's 1' . A - ta:-aff.: .se t 'ZF '?'fZ1224-gr Jew...- 1-r..1..,: .:' 1,-.-gi-gag A .:V -gi: - -- , .,-,...g.g,.afg: ,i iFe.5gg.e ..s:sfVVf .V .... .Y X ...,:.:..- 1 . 1 su.:-Je.. M - ..-t-.-.-ies. s. W W - 2, -' F . saws r -my ' ' ' I .N F 'F .. . 5 wg'-1.-gtggcgV - rf-rs, se:s::.3 .. Y... . .. lv-::V-z.-3 .. Vs, r 1 -:-1:15955 ,,g,..:. . - tt. Vs ne T-sg' .- -- . i-mtewzfi-.c . F ., :sg 4' re . -2 WN r' :- 1 fi Q gs:-., , XF-. r-5.15, - .f ry '.. X-,-' . 5. .vs 1, wi- - , - xx. :, -. -.-asp. .. 22: t . Gui -24 3 . SN- :M E ' se - FF T K My T I? F- ft Q95 F' ..-e F- .Q tw: e1'tV.f1.w X-1: . f.:.:es...,:f.s.: ., 1. af si: if ' - 'sf' -' t ts 51 -ff 1 .,',g1.g .- ., :- 'sp . 2 2-:tam-2, :, 'F " . V F- " .esyzbz-sg .- -H,-:L V... - F' . - ,,. , , ,. ...., , .. .. F , - '- "" ' 4- .,.. L , ,. - ,. A... H...--4- . - ...vs .- ., ...X-z..... eg., . 2-M .i .jp .Q ,, .c ,.,, .. ff ' 'g .5 - , 5 3-vw-A ,, . . .U Q L.. 'ig , 1.13:-'1.:mf, c gi-,5Vg5,1, , . ft 1' 9 , , .qv , . :izff i gi' u I 1 Q, Q 1 ,Q IGMA LPH Fratres in Facultate Harry A. Lipson, Jr. Seniors Sidney Jay Goldberg Milton Abrams Leon Fichman Edward Winiker Juniors Sam Jospin Morton Carlton Bernie Stevens Sydney Ginsberg Don Frost Perry Cohen I Sophomares Manuel Fraller Estan Bloom Leroy Branman Arnold Cohen Harold Rosenbloom Paul Levy Jack Steindler Herbert Ginsberg Barney Brownstein Dan Geller Jim Shibko Jack Litt Cyril Kertman Irwin Finklestein Aaron Siben Jo Findell eshmen Marvin Baer Stanley Baer Martin Maltz Robert Burg Melvin Silverman Max Cohen Bernie Dall Don Harris Jerry Mackta Charles Dembo Louis Jattee Milton Waldor William Rubinstein Phillip Mann Martin Levine REPORTER AGRONSKY S A M AMONG LAST TO LEAVE SINGAPORE TAU CHAPTER The wearers ot the Octagon ot S.A.M. held a week-end house party, several house dances, and a homecoming reception for alumni as their social events. Such outstanding men as Sidney Goldberg, house presi- dent, Cotillion Club, Leon Fichman, varsity football tackle, Don Frost, president ot Junior Prom Committee, and Melvin Silverman, vice-presi- dent of the Freshman Class in A.B. School were outstanding leaders in school activities this year. Ensign Ira Weil Jeffery, University ot Minnesota, who was killed in action at Pearl Harbor, will be the first Jewish boy to have a warship named after him. Page 275 IOTA IOTA CHAPTER The Sigma Chis enTerTained The campus Twice during The pasT year. FirsT aT The Third annual Derby held during The fall quarTer and again aT iTs annual "Blue and Gold" Ball held This year in January. In addifion The chapfer enTerTained aT o ChrisTmas parTy, spring picnic, and also several house dances during The year. The Whife Cross of Sigma Chi was worn This year by such men as J. V. Rives, ChapTer Presidenf, Jasons, TheTa Tau, ST. PaT's, lnTerfraTerniTy Council, Russell Hoffman, Presidenf of Thefa Tau, and RoberT Olon NorTon, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Phi Chi, and Phi Efa Sigma. Sigma Chi was furTher disfinguished on The campus by The selecTion' of Dr. R. R.. Pafy as UniversiTy President. Dr. George Denny, Chancellor, and Mr. Ralph Adams, Secrefary are oTher Sigma Chi alumni. And now-The Sweefhearf of Sigma Chi!! PATY, ADAMS, AND DENNY ARE SIGMA CHI ALUMNI .... ..... , feet? ,-5 FirsT Row: Ca rr, Green, Hoffman, Ilu Naramore, Pu Rogers, STewarT Hudson, Lackey, Howard, Richardson, WhiTe, Calverf, Cunningham . . . Second Row: LesTer, Ollinger, Rives, Thomas . . . Third Row: Brown, Bush, Canfley, m, Windham . . . Fourfh Row: Anderson, Cary, McFerrin, Reneau, . . . Fifth Row: Casper, Enslen, Flynn, Gay, Harmon . . . Sixfh Row: Large, Macon, McCroy . . . Seventh Row: PeTrey, Phillips, Rogers, Vann, Holloway. IG HI Frafres in Facu lTc1Te Dr. Raymond R. PaTy Dr. George H. Denny Mr. Ralph E. Adams Mr. Harlan D. Clark Medicine RoberT NorTon, Jr. RoberT Louis Phifer Law Jack Carr Lawrence CaruThers George Howard Noble Richardson, Jr. Harvey l. WhiTe, Jr. Seniors Henry F. Boswell Wilson C. Calvert William Cunningham Roberf Lee Green, Jr. Russell Hoffman, Jr. RoberT James James E. Kimbrough Graham W. Lesfer, Jr. Gonzalo MonTeil Leo Ollinger, Jr. QuenTin Payne Harold Richey J. V. Rives, Jr. Edward Thomas Juniors Glenn Allen, Jr. Louie Lee Brown Norman Bush, Jr. Donald A. CanTley, Jr. Julian Holloway John B. Loffin Maha Narromore, Jr. Carl Pullum, Jr. Philip Windham Sophomores RoberT L. Anderson Bruce Cary, Jr. Lee O. LesTer Thomas Longnecker Harris McFerrin Irvine E. Morris William B. Reneau Grover C. Rogers, Jr. Frank Shannon RoberT Long STewarT Freshmen James W. Cosper Philip J. Enslen, Jr. Thomas J. Flynn William T. Gay, Jr. Samuel H. Hancoch James Gasfon Harmon Thomas W. Hudson, Jr Alfred G. Lackey James W. Large John William Macon Elmo M. McCroy, Jr. Bascom D. Pefrey RoberT BryanT Phillips James Howard Rogers Dewey Vann, Jr. Eg 3335 s .- 1. ,,.f, vi:-E Q ...5 ga., 1 ,Jr ' LM- --- -' .fini .153-1 .r'f1'1'grz-' , 'r 2-5.2, . ---r ' . '- . , N ' xg . N .SAV V ., . wr sV..,,.?t.: , , .5 . -V .se ,I im, I3 ff lu ,, , 2 ' 51 P . 'x +44 . 'Tir 1-sf: -' ,. X .g V . I I 1 .Saw M 1 3 'ir .1 , . If q f .f , I M i f I- ,,,.,....z' ggsejfgi -,511 . sg. 'rfvgf .1 ,, .4 .3 2 ' , ,ms , f Ixiefrk sg M31 - H is -- .X J.. ' c X f wx -.- Q..-sm -. we- -w..weevwgsTs '- "' .J .. I. . .::.+::Qf' - ' " M I ., f I. ' .,f'q-.?sf::e,- 4- 2 ', .' ' I ,T ,sl gee.. . A .f.. f.. gf -X' yy X .- . ' 1 , ' ,.,,,1.,q.T - - ,ssn fg - 5- -W . f 5? - .- .. fl" . Q. ff ' if 11. ' . 3 ' ' i' .. ' '-'f.1:rf.:Tf:ss. , , g Eggs, 3,5-. 5. A511 . , ' . . , T ' ..:'s'ws2:'f' TQ-24.233 , - if sf I 1' lfis S1125 fs" " 2- -V F' 7 , - 1' ' ga- P' .er ' . ' -I ,, '. --5' was 1 fi. .- . ,fr-gi ' ii- 1 1 s we : . s. ,A -, "..f.5:,i, " , ,V , El -I I .JJ ' -. ' jT '4'1" !"'s- Till ST I- '3::i:'f1Ia?: 7E" f' -FRS: A :Lick 1 '5Q "r ilzifu "w . ' ' Nfl on f 'IU S "x 'ISIN 5 .,x'."4 -Swfif' - "QC - V ' "J . .. 1 ' if ?s373:"3' 2,54 if S ,QA is ,Eg X X SER? as 5 es 'X 1 . QC , R K e X - Q X .so so , E 4 g x , X l S X rs T Q 5 X XXX ' Q 4 s-'mfs ,-saw--de ' 1 sew " Y'-sf w Q . ' - r, -1. f.......-- 4:-2 W'-.vw-.' v sew... .. ...L .. F. .- - ... . s -. e...,.Aw:s ff. -' .- - . ec A-Eg -W. . .ef 'w..w5..,ss. , . dx QA X L. -..,'a ws- .'-J K4 If - 1 ..r-..- . - - I we I. we fs -...e f. f. I '.':E'1:':jq. , .R fa-:SffI:,:.-II'1l1 "3 1 T :I . .. . . .R. . 9 A Q. 3 'L - r ew- Q.: '. -----I A - -stem. -GTR" -. . Ii- 1 . - :: - .f ' L., "" T.. Ee: 1 ,-2+ - -- , vis- s. , . . . Q.:-.T 15 Wm. L .. y. . .f . . . Ss ws- NT: N QQ :- . 'Z I 5 fl - -I .I sz Qi sfivse- J... KN . ,,,ki,,,, N, X. N. ,QQ ,, . , X . . ., .Q A ,ss 4, . , . 4 . :fe iw I T, ,pau-X.. 2 i-ff F: -. 'Q f , . W -. M533 341'-K vssl-0 Q' ' 'N-I 1 .. " 3 ' 'I " - f -. ' ' ' "11:s'f f ' 5 S I-T-EE . N- 'E , - wr.: .- - . X-ss s i -. -' ' "'- - , . , ., so , ' -'ik-55. --if A K ' A , : , .' Yixilf- Nfyx -. if R ," 51- Q 1,'3W":.9 i,ffg, 'Wx I- ,lQb:iQ:'1:,:f, I I I . gl CW I- Effslf f ss ails? 15 5 P 1- T 35. . ,- :.. -. V. .: ' . . .cr Q ws X ,, 1. . 5 , :- .gs-5. sis:-gg :-- .ls . . .: so :Ss rr H - . ' , I T I X was ' M F-..1l..T" T r - I .-gxi vsseaef ' . " .. -. .-M.-" i '9:,.jQ-'at- ', " T-ssiik-Sf1:f-' Xb:-ii':f,' s. , fF5Q,NT's'N 'T he N:-Q-"N -."-. -Smit Xgxikzxil w ,,,.,, ' .. ses. sae . s. "5 sf sw 2---s as .ls--w e f. - I ..,.. 4Q.'2:255:5f1,Sf' 5. , ' ' ffijb ' ' -. ,. .- jrgIE"'T:':i"'f'TS : " 'T '- .' ' as 5" :I "Y . 279?1513?"36i'1'iEi?fK'2yffIE"??f if .- '- rf . . -. . .' " E5,.,f1::::'? P ,.... X ii' .., Hilti? 3f:7T3H:ri.i:-Ii.f'???'3I-iYXSR1Sf5f"33 NPS ,fY'?"5."1i9'3ff:"'5G?3 I . , . ' . A "I T s ...yawn s. -I I 'T w.:1.T:e:.,e.a-'Wf-.M ' ' " F?-f A-.H RQ A QI, James B. McMillan . ff n , ef, ,,f.,, 2 IGMA Fratres in Facultate R. A. Dowling Richard Bennett Dr. Edwin R. Foster F. C. Blood Dr. Alfred B. Thomas CW Jack Williamson Seniors William Barnard Charles Norton Harry Dempsey Caine O'Rear Floyd Puckett James A. Ward James Nettles Arthur Robertson Jack P. Green John Foshee Juniors Prentice Knapp Scott Forrester LeRoy Chambers Alfred Goldthwaite Byron Pulley Weber Trent Joe Lee Russell Thornton Sophomores Lynn Jinks William Murphy John Speight Henry Clouse Millard Jaclcson Gene Faulkner James Hodges Talmadge Amberson Bailey Griftin Robert Mclntyre Tom Richardson Freshmen William Longshore Dudley Davis James McDaniel Philip Belt Charles Slaton Ray Dempsey Joe Mansfield George Terry David Hall James Jones John Hoclo Neilson Laseter Henry Arnold George Dudley Leslie Longshore Clayton Cox DR PAULLIN SIGMA NU HEADS AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION TH ETA CHAPTER Jack Williamson, Phi Beta Kappa, O.D.K., President Cotillion Club, A. B. Robertson, President Commerce Senior Class, President House, Scabbard and Blade, John Speight, President Rho Alpha Tau, President Druids, winner of outstanding scholastic award for a Sophomore in Commerce School, Jack Green, lntertraternity Council, Spirit Committee, Assistant Business Manager Corolla, and R. A. Dowling, Beta Gamma Sigma, Scabbard and Blade, Rho Alpha Tau, are a few of the out- standing wearers ot the "tive armed star". Six house dances, a spring picnic, a "Sweater Dance", and a "Carnival Dance" were enioyed by the Sigma Nus and their dates. Outstanding Sigma Nu alumni are Senator George, novelist Zane Grey, tennis star Ellsworth Vines, or- chestra leacler Glenn Miller, now in the Army, and General Steiner. Page 277 ALABAMA CHAPTER The S.P.E.'s social season consisted of a scavenger hunt and house dance, Founder's Day Banquet and Formal Dance, Hayride cmd Military Ball, and a New Year's Eve party. Such men as Bill Conisha, soloist in the Million Dollar Band, Jim Calabra, Scabbard and Blade, George Koban, Executive Committee of the Student Government Association, Charlie Woodman, Rho Alpha Tau, and Eddie Greiner of the Ala- bamians did much to bring campus glory to Sigma Phi Epsilon. The "Sig Eps" were the tirst fraternity men on the campus to do something for the boys in the service. ln the fall they held a house dance at which the price of admission was two packages of cigarettes which were sent to the boys in army camps all over the country. "She stops, and always iust in time" S P E's HIBBS EDITS THE SATURDAY EVENING POST . Fr SIG EPI atres in Facultate Prof. Wendell Adamson Dr. Emmett Carmichael John M. Cory J. M. Faircloth Donald Thompson Waverly Barbe Dr. August Mason tflzfilis i we il , ,vu QQKQQF PH LO Juniors Beniamin Foose Victor Silvestri William Kennedy Donald Young Sophomores William Conisha Douglas Robinson Gmdume Robert Dowling Carl Armstrong Zenon Dembitsky Richard Terrell Roy Nazaro S . Victor Shedko eniors Edward Greiner George Koban John J. McCormack G. Malcolm Mitchell James Calabra Freshmen James Galloway William Marty Charles Woodman e Q 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 First Row: Greiner, Toban, McCormick, Calabra . . . Second Ro Young . . . Third Row: Conisha, Robinson, Dowling, Shedko . V. Q Y . H 1 K. -- :V wa., ff 'dl sf? . wha: ,4- Woodman, Marty. 9341 as 'W f- . , .i,s,,. . ' 'K , viii: 9 LLAWMLM I.. K --- Z, 51, mg. .. w: Foose, Silvestri, Kennedy . . Fourth Row: Galloway nv -1 i A :::-,Q ,. -. . . ,,t,:,,.-.Y,, 4-I 5. " " wr :mmf ', -1 - -. w.,Zg,S,b.,Q X .Q -1.,r . J Ali ings as u W, .Vx 111- V N4 1 -- ,. N.. .,., ,. .,,.,,..,v.. . ,Q , ,, , wx.. . :-' .. f' .J 'i..,,.' L., tx. L 2-iv' gt w fy , Q N f 1 s DQ, w Ii + ' 7 WE' 6 X P, fx Q c y 0' Z ly I I A bw Il .MM 3 AP. RTI X! .55 ' A '1., Q. 'fb A .- 12 :fix 2 H 1.31 :ga 5 fgqgmsigvg " .fx 'vlcjiix -t I . .less-.. - . ..3 Af Q . ,z-,nt -3 ., fr 't ' S ff?-'.f-P - . ' -.leap ' - 'fr J NAT: -5 - K - ' '53 Ni '- sn... f .rs -X sf ff. . ' P g .mari Q 'k'kY'k'k'k'k'kY'k'k'k IL Y - 1 S 31 I nv' gg. FL! If Q f 4 -4' Sf.-QJJ' THET HI Fratres in Facultate William Schwarz William Ledue Deon S. J. Lloyd Aaram Moradian Graduate Sophamores Nell Dunlap Robert Alt Willie Mitchum Seniors Robert Collins Robert Cummings Urban Bergbauer Gail Farnham Russell Craft Bertram Morgan William DeSiero Karl Fogg Freshmen Harold Johnson Timothy Leary Emil Abt Edward OWCGF Robert Batson G B Walter Prescott Uy mwn Samuel DiPiazza Burton Scott I Donald Sherwood Perry ngmm Thomas Smith Edward Jordan 'll, J . Lloyd Rong Clarence Merri r Curl Hullberg Arthur Pineau P . Pedro Valmir Lina Montenegro Clarence Owm William Stratton Edward Tibbets First Row Bergbauer Craft DeSuero Fogg Second Row Johnson Leary Owcar Juniors William Warren THETA CHI WGN THE BASKETBALL TCURNAMENT THIS YEAR . . . ALPHA PHI CHAPTER The Crossed Sabers identify the pin of Theta Chi. Founded upon military tradition at old Norwich University in I856, Theta Chi has more than done her share to give men and officers to the armed forces of the nation as she did in the last war. Hal Johnson, named in Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities leads an impressive parade of Theta Chi men. Russ Craft, the rapid-transit right halfback on the football eleven, Bert Scott, director of intramural sports, member of the Cotillion Club, and other organizations, Carl Hollberg, leader of the Alabama Cavaliers, and Bill Swartz, member of Scabbard and Blade are well known Theta Chis on the campus. The Theta Chi's entertaining consisted of a formal dance in the spring and house functions every month. The members of the local chapter entered all sports and gave a good account of themselves. The chapter was established here in 1926. Page 279 ALPHA LAMBDA CHAPTER ln February the Theta Xi's entertained with their annual formal dance and in April had their Founder's Day Banquet. Six house dances were enjoyed by the Theta Xi boys and their dates. Among the outstanding men in the fraternity are Jim Dwyer, Tau Beta Pi, Gamma Sigma Epsilon Phi Eta Sigma, Theta Tau, Engineers Council, Jasons, St. Pat's, Editor Bama Beam, Omer Moses, Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, Johnny Hines two-year letter man on basketball team, O.D.K. Among Theta Xls Generals and Admirals are Maior General Colton, Brigadier Generals Coane, Mateika, Robinson, Carrington, Fleming, Grahl, and Rear Admiral Smith. One ot Theta Xi's many heroes is Ensign F. C. Davis who was awarded the Navy Cross. MAJ. GENERAL COLTON, REAR ADM!RAL SMITH ARE THETA Xls F THETA. XI Fratres in Facultate Mai. H. P. Mills Chester H. Knight Samuel Burkhalter Graduate John H. Hines Seniors Lloyd H. Newcomer, Jr James L. Schwindemon Robert E. Gowing George A. Finkbeiner R. Omer Moses, Jr. John C. Cunningham James J. Dwyer Stephen Kevorkian Juniors Lester F. Frawley Paul Camisarow John H. Kuekes, Jr. Frank J. Connelly Ramon J. Kelly Lawrence L. Rawald Sophomores Fr Eugene F. Hoffman, Jr. Elsworth F. Dertinger Walter J. Gerber John J. Boyne Thomas J. Norris Joseph E. Stevenson Fred W. Stillwagon Robert S. Hamilton, Jr. Thomas E. McCullough John C. McMillen esh'men Stephen J, Toth David R. Eldridge William R. Wilson Frederick J. Spicer Willis E. Williams John A. Anderson George C. Steinmetz, Jr Charles B. Dailey, Jr. . I L iw- I If -in , -'1 rn- I L., I ' -1 V ligfgr. I -fl' fi I I, ' ' ' I 'IF TJ Q I N . .fa K 1-3 V A .ig I A I Y lf I I fc 'YT' : f 1 'LL ji ,TPI TW' 1' . W f I-g-will S. W gl .mi 'if' f FirsT Row: Adler, Blach, Held, L., Kayser, ShworTs . . . Second Row: Cohen, Levine, Lipson, Marx, Meyer, E. J ,... Third Row: Sobel, Siegel, Geismar, Hagedorn, Jacobson . . . Fourth Row: Shafz, Abraham, FingerhuT, Held, J., Loeb . . . FifTh Row: Marcus, Meyer, J., Phillips, Saks, Warner. TWO SUPREME COURT JUSTICES IN LAST FIVE YEARS WERE ZBT's . Grand Slam in The making 7 .4 1 'I ,Inn I I I a 1, P ii l I ii, ,ui ' ' 'I' ei ...l lil! I I I I Ll Fralres in Faculiate E. J. Meyer 'l Jimmy Sabel Dr. Fred Lewis 4 E. E. Siegel Seniors Sophomores Donald H. Adler Robert Geismm Anhui Bermger Leonard Hagedorn l . I h lvon K BCC Frank Jacobson Leonard Held Mark Shan J. Louis Kayser Mark Sobel Freshmen Alwyn Shugermon Z Kalman Shwaris Jack Abraham Herbert FingerhuT John Held Juniors Frank Loeb Jack Aland Jerry Marcus rl? Herbert Cohen Jerome Meyer Sam Levine Jack Phillips al Harry M. Lipson, Jr. Alan Saks Milton Marx Lawrence Warner 2 5 5 5 5 PSI CHAPTER STarTing off The year wiTh a pledge dance, The "Zebes" completed one of Their mosT successful years on The campus. OTher social evenTs Ig? held were monThly house dances and picnics. Famous "Zebes" on The campus were Alwyn Shugerman, Phi BeTa Kappa, Phi ETa Sigma, Druids, MilTon Marx, PresidenT of The A.B. Associalion, SpiriT CommiTTee, Presi- denf Sophomore Class, Mark ShaTz, AssisTanT EdiTor of The Rammer- Jammer, CoTiIlion Club, Rho Alpha Tau, and HerberT FingerhuT, Presi- denT of The Freshman Class in A.B. School. Among many of Psi's men in The services of Their counTry are Sammy Lanier and Irving Warner. Both of These men have been decoraTed Tor gollanfry in The line of duTy for Their counTry. Page 28I AN-HELLEN c aww! The Pan-Hellenic council is on organization of sorority girls whose purpose it is to promote a feeling of friendly cooperation among the sororities on the campus. lts membership is made up of two repre- sentatives from each scrority and its meetings are held at regular intervals. It coordinates the actions of the sororities with the policies of the university and cooperates with the Interfraternity Council in matters of mutual interest. The Pan-l-lellenic Council has enjoyed a high degree of success in its work and a prominent place in the government of the campus today. OFFICERS CAROLYN CARPENTER . . , . SALLY RAINER ..., MARY CRAIG ROBERTS . JANE BERRY , . . , . . MEMBERS . . President Vice-President . Secretary , Treasurer holds Eloise Burdeshavv Martha Ingram Marjorie Mcrgan Martha Jean Tubb Mary Craig Roberts Doris Bradford Jane Miller Luello Scoggins Dolores Cimorell Georgia Taul Frances Dean .lane Berry .lane Carroll Sally Rainer Rebecca Averyt Sara Schmidt Mary Minge Neilson Laura Thornton Myra Koenig Lucia Jones Jeanne Holley Avis Snively Louise Goldman Pearlie Goldman Wini Clarke Nell Bumpers Luvola l-luffstutler Kathleen Burkhalter Carolyn Carpenter Madeline Patterson Page 282 First Row, Left to Right: Jones, Carroll, Berry, Car- penter, Bradford, Mor- gan, Tubb . . . Second Row: Burkhalter, Gold- man, Averyt, Schmidt, Miller, Scoggins, Dean, Burdeshaw . . . Back Row: Taul, Koenig, Cimo- rell, Huffstutler, Potter- son, Neilson, Thornton, Roberts, Holley, Snively, Ingram. uk 1 A W Eb -xxx A w .'.. VJ? THE Uwfficm' soRoRiTiE As we go off The main campus To The righT down Colonial Drive, we come To ThaT especially hallowed ground known as "vvomen's campus". IT is made up of five main dormiTories, The Harris Houses, and The fifteen sororiTy houses. We find This region infesTed vviTh The badges which symbolize member- ship in one of The CapsTone's fifTeeri nafional scrorifies. Today, These fifTeen sororiTies are The hope of The perpeTu- aTion of The Greek organizaTions on The campus. The frafer- niTy men are fasf being called inTo The Army, Navy, or Marines, and iT is IefT To The feminine branch of Greek Iife To carry on The TradiTion, mainTain The sTronghoId, and con- Tinue The good work of The fraTernaI organizaTions on The campus. If you would walk inTo any of These sororiTy houses righT now, you would find There The same welcome ThaT you would have received aT any oTher previous Time. The girls are sfaying here. These sororiTy girls have done a remarkable iob of mainTaining Their presence of mind in The face of The ",s'-:n. as 13,4 If , PL E ' fi f' 1 jf is - . + W, ,M W ,. .. 'I ,,..,,,. W A ,, ,. , M ,, 5 if' ,jT"'1: ,fi wiv: ms . T. ' ,av ,J ' 1- A' 'gf'-' ga F21 s .ag i -- ggi? if gg 52 ,dy I '- -I TI: ll' Zfi - f ff- I5 .- '- H I ' li. - 7- QL' ' , T- P-if P- 1. , . ..... - V--- ,223 T' L - :Q .es :- S--Sifgsgggwbsfcg ALPHA CHI OMEGA ALPHA DELTA PI ALPHA GAMMA DELTA ALPHA PHI ALPHA XI DELTA CHI OMEGA Q69 'rx Tiujgv, in N1 I TN 3 QQ! in 5,- ' T- DELTA DELTA DELTA DELTA ZETA Page 284 KAPPA DELTA .' " v ' .wh I' T -. -- .. -sen . , - .zvy f s , A.,.c..1f,u,:.v , g -.ll s.. ..... ,,- ' ,,,...."'5.1'3w 3,..--fi--7 . ...h . -W ,. ... , g Ill! Fl? L p ..-K5 T3 31? ,Jr 3: i.T.e,y "' ll. f. ..--.-, .... .. ..- !li'aXiYIi551?L-".f'- T'2.f .',3' f'Zf-fl1T'f:f':x 3 Vigil'-'ugf -L ,Ju 'Q.1y:51-' 1255?-Fi i'N3f'f. "ff, ' r :, 2342? - yu 1:-5. -U hi ,. - tx. ,. l K ,Hg ii I : my 3 I x .l .2 ' , :A mm 2 - 1 , , - .- U . gn." ' 5.1: l 4 X T L: 1 ,MQFQL ' , -bvvs l I thi I 1 1 W A 1 mu i T I 1 l ' I ' 1- ,.f....i.-.. ...- KAPPA KAPPA GANMA If 1, nw.. HJ ' gf-.., .. PHI MU SIGMA DELTA TAU . ..,:-if V - - .L 1:.ffTiSrLTA.Jn 'uf ,,2:....ff .fffifgw 'I - -.-c..,,?M...-:.f..... , ... .f 1"'l"'i' - .mn 44. Lg. Q f -ei f: 1' , 'gl' E57 -'.a' ' .1 A I , ,ll l l g , Tulip, l I ' dill . 'T V - , lllif ii , ' ' . 1 1:59-N - ' SIGMA KAPPA THETA UPSILON ZETA TAU ALPHA emergency. AlThough The boys lwho in former years were The chief inTeresT of The sororiTiesl have been leaving The campus TasT and Turiously, The girls have been able To adiusT Themselves To The new school siTuaTion aT The UniversiTy. They havelall sponsored or parTicipaTed in some special drive or eTTorT To assisT The universiTy adminisTraTion in reaching some goal iT had seT for iTselT in cooperaTing wiTh The war eTTorT. They have boughT bonds, conTribuTed one hundred per cenT To The Red Cross and War ChesT, have done Red Cross kniTTing, enTerTained Tor The Air Corps men who were sTaTioned here, acTed as hosTesses in The U.S.O. lounge in The Alabama Union, raised The women's level of scholarship aT Alabama To new heighTs, and discovered new and conservaTive ways To enTerTain Themselves and The enTire sTudenT body, which would be in accordance wiTh The necessiTy Tor limiTed re- creaTion. The sororiTy girls, who in pasT years were supposedly mere social groups, have proved Themselves This year, To be worThy of The highesT recogniTion in all of The conTribuTory eTTorTs Toward winning The war. The universiTy has losT com- paraTively Tew sororiTy women. Each group has urged iTs members To sTay in school as long as possible so ThaT They Page 285 may be more and beTTer TiTTed To cope wiTh The emergency when They Tinally do have To leave. OT course, some have graduaTed sooner because of The acceleraTed sysTem, some have leTT To be married, some have gone To join in The war work, and oThers have leTT so ThaT They mighT be aT Their homes when The call reached Their TaThers or broThers To go To The TighTing TronTs. BUT on The whole, sororiTy women have proved The sTuTT of which Their local chapTers and naTional organizaTions are made by remaining here To Tace The issue aT hand. The COROLLA saluTes Greek women as being The backbone of The sTudenT body Today and Through The days of The war, Tor They are indispensable members of almosT every organ- izaTion and sTaTT on The UniversiTy campus. Through Them we hope ThaT The TradiTions ThaT The sTudenT body has held in The pasT will be perpeTuaTed and passed clown To The succeeding classes so ThaT afTer "iT is over over There" Those same TradiTions and cusToms ThaT we all know and love now will reTurn To Their former posiTion on The campus, and ThaT Those of us who will reTurn in laier years will know ThaT The Things abouT Alabama ThaT we so love have survived The crisis along wiTh The conTinued presence oT The sororiTy women. 'A' ALPHA UPSILON CHAPTER The Alpha Chis point with pride to Dorothy Thompson, noted au- thoress, newspaper columnist, and lecturer, of international tame, as their most outstanding national alumna. At Alabama we find Eloise Burdeshaw Rosser, President of the sorority, Secretary of Women's Student Government l94l-42, President of Girls' Glee Club, T941-42, Past President at Colonial Hall, Blacktriars, Triangle, Y.W.C.A., and Alpha Kappa Delta, and Eleanor Ludwig, Secretary of the Chapter, Alpha Lambda Delta, and Beta Gamma Sigma, both girls of campus- wide tame. The chapter participated in volley ball and basket ball tournaments among women, and list among their social functions the annual pledge swaps, their Founders' Day banquet, Open House, a dance for the Air Cadets, a house dance and Halloween party, the annual Christmas party and a tea. dance. Ve vant to be alone DOROTHY THOMPSON IS A FAMOUS ALPHA CHI ALUMNA . First Row: Rosser, Tinkle, Williams, Eriksen, Garrett . . . Second Row: Henson, Ingram Mitchell, Strong, Webb . . . Third Row: Bass, Burkholder, Elliott, Ellis, Grubbs . . Fourth Row: Nelson, Sturdy, Urie, Davies, Berry . . . Fifth Row: Cox, Lastayo, Lipscomb v'3fiN Morris . . . Sixth Row: Taylor, Warren, Wood, Verbake. 9 mx 94 ,ii . E 0. igtlilrkigl .Am "- . 'Q' sim-Yywmi "' .-T u'- ' -1. ll" ln ALPHA HI Seniors Eleanor Ludwig Virginia McClure Eloise Rosser Jeanne Tinkle Mary Leigh Williams Juniors Adele Eriksen Frances Garrett Margaret Henson Patricia Hilliard Martha Ingram Mary Jane Mitchell Emily Strong Carol Webb Gessner Young Jackie Strohm Scphomores Emily Bass -Arif E GA Virginia Burkholder Ethel Elliott Amy Ellis Margaret Grubbs Sally Lepper Libbye Nelson Mary Sparks Dorothy Sturdy Le Jeune Urie Pege Davies Freshmen Betty Berry Mary Gene Cox Virginia Lastayo lnez Lipscomb Vicy Morris Audrey Taylor Adele Warren Muriel Wood Jane Sutherland Ann Verbake if E l T , e1:i5+Sf- ' 'pp 't' 2 ' I 1 7 . ie 'ftffatt' t Im . y , f , 1 .- , I K l 1 5 I I -.X 1 . , 1 , :L ' 'ft' l ,,,. 'i 7 ' , l LPH D E LTA X I i Q, iii s .LQ 'El 'NV Q2 ' PI First Row: Allgood, Bitz, Morgan, Rawls, Broodhead . . . Second Row: Fite, Hargis, McCrary, Pricketi, D., Prickett, J .... Third Row: Robson, Booth, Carey, Collins, Cox . . . Fourth Row: Cullins. Holley, Houston, Kimbrough, Powell , . . Fifth Row: Reid, Tubb, Seventh Row Millar Mums Money Pitts Thompson Ward. McCutcheon Meeks Weder, Allreod, Baxter, Brown . . . Sixth Row: Chapman, Holloway, Kirven, Leland, A. D. Pl' Sora res in Facu ltate Dr. Septima Smith Ann Cullins Charlotte Gholson Billie Foe Gunter Eugenia Hawkins Gmduale Frances Holley Edwino Wallace l-OU Houston Jare Kimbrough Seniors Imogene McCrary Mary Fox Allgood Margaret Bitz Barbara Carlson Mariorie Morgan Wanda Rawls Elizabeth Ann Snow Juniors Emogene Broadhead Mary Elizabeth Fite Alice Hargis Louise Lipscomb Margaret McCreary Dorothy Prickett June Prickett Shirley Robson Sophomores Doris Booth Sibyl Carey Elizabeth Collins Miriam Cox Fr CLAIM MARY ZERBEL HOOPER, R. A. F. PILOT Play that one by old 54'-aw . N? , 1 , Qin 95 . , ,, -:w er 1... - e ,. ., . , . ,sf f eg ,g f K We ff , f i Wwe? V sa Vt? . . ., ,, if te eg' ft ' it H H g 5 I ,,,, 3 .1 L s, . - - .... . .. -in I .-. ,A - --1...-WMI, ,.,.- ,,,.,,,. .. ,,..:s..w,s,. , , , ,,. ,-.W-I wvzwawsxgrs, ff , , ,, Y Willyne Powell Jeanne Reid Martha Jean Tubb Genevieve Weder Martha Woolman eshmen Bernice Allred Sibyl Baxter Jeanne Brown Katherine Chapman Ernestine Dobson Howard Holloway Dorothy Kirven Margaret Leland Alice McCutcheon Jacquelyn Meeks Sara Millar Mary Helen Mims Evelyn Money Clyta Grey Pitts Mary Lou Thompson Mary .lone Ward ETA CHAPTER Mariorie Morgan, Alpha Delta Pi's president this year, was a member ot Triangle, Pan-Hellenic, House ot Representatives ot W.S.G.A., mem- ber ot St. Pat's Court of i9-'12, T942 Beauty Section, and the Cotillion Club leadouts, Mary Elizabeth Fite and Edwina Wallace were members ot the Student Government Association, Shirley Robson was an Honorary Cadet Colonel and member at Guidon, Jane Kimbrough, president, Alpha Lambda Delta, and secretary, Caroline Hunt Club, Margaret McCreary belonged to Alpha Kappa Delta, Mary Jane Ward made the Dean's list, Marth Jean Tubb, Pan-Hellenic member, and Wanda Rawls, member of Phi Mu Epsilon. Alpha Delta Pi social ac- tivities included an open house, a reception honoring the Grand President of the sorority, Mrs. S. R. Stanard, two tea dances, and a Founders' Day Banquet. Nationally outstanding Alpha Delta Pis are, Viva L. Yarnelle, Alpha Delta Pi's first W.A.V.E., Mary Zerbel Hooper, Ferry Pilot tor the R.A.F., and Virginia Thompson, the Alabama chapter's first W.A.V.E. Page 287 3 1 31, I W t 0 Zi Q, 3 sf 5 is .g i 2 v Y l 7 3 Q? y 13 v 55 f El gi EV il gl il 51 s 5 it Z F E Li 9 z J it ji I F J' I t xi 9 -4 3 A lv 9 I PSI CHAPTER The Alpha Grams lisT among Their social aciiviiies Tor The year Their Tea dance, Their recepTion, and Their annual Rose BanqueT. Among Their ouTsTanding girls on campus, They name BeTTy Long, Honorary CadeT Colonel, Shirley Coogan, Honorary CadeT Maior: Nan PenningTon, SweeThearT of Sigma Chi, BeTTy Long, Kappa DelTa Pi. of Women's Sfudenf GovernmenT Asso- Phi ETa, President, Mary Craig RoberTs, and Marjorie RiTTenour, Triangle, Jane BeTTy Long, PresidenT of Physical Edu- MarTha Lou Jones, PresidenT ciaTion, Shirley Coogan, ZeTa Jean Johnson, Mary MoulTon, Merrill, Alpha Epsilon DelTa, caTion Majors Club, BeTTy Long, BeTTy DeVore, and Shirley Coogan, Guldon, MarTha -Lou Jores, Phi Chi Theta, MorTar Board, Jean Johnson, Phi Upsilon Omicron. The Alpha Gams also parTicipaTed acTively in women's sporfs and universiTy compeTiTive acTiviTies. Eaf, drink, etc., for Tomorrow milk is raTioned ALPHA GANVS NANCY BATSON FERRIES U. S. BOMBERS . . Firsf Row: Bradford, BriTTan, Coogan, Deming, Donnelly, Howle . . . Second Row Johnson, Jones, Liddell, Malone, MaTThews, Moulton . . . Third Row: RoberTs, M. STringTellow, Tanner, Wilder, Williams, Collins . . . Fourfh Row: Jackson, Long, Merrill Roberfs, S., Andrew, B., Gannon . FifTh Row: PenningTon, TroTTer, DeVore, Lagard Oppenheim, Turner . . . SixTh Row: Alley, Andrew, B., Baker, Cain, Cannon, Carlin . . SevenTh Row: Cranford, Folmar, Floyd, Hayden, HousTon, Johnson . . . EighTh Row: Pierce I-Y ,J 'l 'r .g 'A 'J '11 fit- Q , .- my Q if , 7,17 ini?-:iff-f x v '? - 'v JIP- ' .' lf'- fi' us! LPHA GAMM D E LTA Seniors Sophomores Doris Bradford Saralyn BriTTan Shirley Coogan Frances Deming KaThrine Donnelly Sue Howle Jean Johnson MarTha Lou Jones Mary Liddell Annie Laurie Malone Genie Blue MaThews Mary MoulTon Mary Craig RoberTs Bobbie STringTellow Nan Tanner Mariorie Wilder Miriam Williams BeTTy Jane Collins BelTon Jackson Juniors BeTTy Long Jane Merrill Sybil RoberTs BeTTy Andrew Page Gannon Nan PenningTon Alice Ann TroTTer Fr BeTTy DeVore Joan Lagarde Evelyn Oppenheim Carolyn Turner eshmen KaThleen Alley Bobs Andrew Sara Will Baker Jo Ann Cain KaThleen Cannon MargareT RuTh Carlin BeTTy Cranford Mary Folmar Alice Earle Floyd Jerry Hayden Mary HousTon Jacqueline Johnson BurTram Pierce Louise Poe Anne PorTer Lucy ST, John Carolyn Thoman BeTTy Lee Wilbourne BeTTy Vann First Row: Horton, Norsworthy, Powe, Raynor . . . Second Row: Robinson, Scoggins, Morgan, C., Morgan, P .... Third Row: Brazelton, Hines, Jaegle, Miller . . . Fourth Row: Roberts, Todd, Gill, Higgins . . . Fifth Row: Watson, West, Worsham. ALPHA PHI Mary Horton Anne Norsworthy Rosemary Powe Betty Lee Roynor Frances Sue Robinson Luella Scoggins Juniors Ruby Durrette Colleen Morgan Patricia Morgan Rusty Brazelton Maxine Hines Roberta Jaegle Jane Miller Margarei Murchison Sara Frances Roberts Carol Todd Freshmen Micky Gill Ellen Higgins Gloria Watson Miriam West Juanita Worsham ALPHA PH! SPONSORS AMERICAN-CANADIAN WAR RELIEF FUND Music, pretty girls, and-War Colas BETA MU CHAPTER Alpha Phi has been very active in war work this year. 546,000 has been spent on American and Canadian war bonds, as well as gifts to the American and Canadian Red Cross and their Maple Leaf Fund, an allied Canadian-American War Relief Fund. To Beta Mu Chapter here belong such girls as: Sue Robinson, Zeta Phi Eta, and staff member of B.R.N., Rusty Brazelton and Gloria Watson, Alpha Lambda Delta, Sue Robinson anl Betty Lee Raynor, Blacktriars, Rosemary Powe and Luella Scoggins, Art Club. Luella Scoggins, chapter president, is on Women's Student Government and Pon-Hellenic. Pat Morgan is acting president of the school's Newman Club, and the Secretary of the Gulf States District, The Alpha Phis entertained once a month with house dances. Among other social activities were: a reception given in honor of their district governor, open houses, a tea dance, and Founder's Day Banquets celebrating the founding of Alpha Phi international sorority, and of the chapter. Page 289 ALPHA TAU CHAPTER During the fifty year period since the founding of Alpha Xi Delta in I893, many famous alumnae have scaled the heights, foremost of those being: Lois Montross, authoress, Maxine Davis, authoress, Sue Hastings, of marionette fame, and Pat Friday, radio songstress, Lena Townsley, child photographer, Judge Edith Merserve Atkinson, Juvenile Court Judge. One of Alpha Tau's own luminaries, Helen Norris Bell, has achieved fame through her novel "Something More Than Earth". The chapter here on the Bama campus has spent much of the past year socializing, and among her many social events were a pledge dance, open house, Founder's Day banquet, Halloween party, alumnae banquet. Alpha Tau chapter welcomed a new housemother this year, Mrs. B. B. Glasgow, who comes to this campus after being matron of Athens College, where her husband was president. A regular nightly raid HELEN NORRIS BELL OF LITERARY FAME IS AN ALPHA XI ALPHA DELTA Sorores in Facultate Barbara Kugler Ann Tacchi Miss Helen Bosard Maude Waddell Mrs. Edward Foster Daurice Peebles Mrs. Ida Crane Seniors Freshmen Georglc Tuul Martha Beard Dorothy Waddell Mary Benson Carmela Jeffries Margoret Clemons Margaret Grandahl Juniors Dorothy Shepherd Joan Newcomb Helen Boye Jane Gift Imogene Sims Betty Shibles Fern Craig Ruth Vickary Dolores Cimorell Muriel Smith Barbara Cornelius Sophomores Betty Ann Davidson Marcia Lou Bates Carey Carleton First Row: Taul, Waddell, Jeffries, Boye . , . Second Row Sims Craig Cimorell Bates . . . Third Row: Kugler, Tacchi, Peebles, Beard Fourth Row Benson Clemons Grandahl, Shepherd . . . Fifth Row: Newcomb, Gift Shibles Vickary Sixth Row Smith, Cornelius, Davidson, Carleton Waddell D 41' 'A' 'Ir 'ki' Q I " '.,,. Q 'll Y, ' ,il xiii sl E I 'lx' N , !: ' ei., is -'li g y -' g t fl V 952 " lg' if' A i i r - 5 - 1 - f " - la -' ' 'J 2 L J f i. .V 4 ,I K., 5, ,, , ts A 'X if I it Lmst' 'T . of 'C' .ei ,Q 4 - L rf,-le i. 1 J .Ax l l -.iii 1 . ,, - usb' rijftig' , .. V N First Row: Berry, Forman, Hatcher, Henley, Howell, Leeper . . . Second Row: Wright Whitmire, Bruner, Dean, Hobbs, Ragsdale . . . Third Row: Reynolds, Wishington, Witsell, Sherman, Belt, Bratton . . . Fourth Row: Clark, Davis, Deason, Florence, Haisten Hinton , . . Fifth Row: Huey, Lanham, Laughlin, Miles, Morison, Murphree . . . Sixth Row Nettles, Owens, Orr, Pratt, Rotlift, Severence . . . Seventh Row: Stubbs, Tatum Bumgardner, Cheney, Deaver . . . Eighth Row: Graham, Hardegree, Hunt, Jones, Pharr. 1 1 H I Sorores in Facultate Miss Alice Wyman Seniors Jane Berry Margaret Forman Louise Hatcher Joyce Henley Elizabeth Howell Helen Leeper Edith Lloyd Dorothy Wright Peggy Whitmire Juniors Ora Gilder Brown Wallace Bruner Frances Dean Margaret David Hobbs ..,-wifi f-t '.,. 'v "-Qgaifft l ,fa 1,4 I J' 'if l G Annette Davis Jean Deason Julia Ann Florence Marion Haisten Jane Hinton Mary Hope Huey Lillian Lanham Mary Jane Laughlin Caroline Miles Patricia Morisan Dorothy Murphry Dorothy Nettles Jonnye Owens Susan Orr Josephine Pratt Jean Ratlitf Leinani Stubbs Jean Severance Jane Tatum Marjorie Ragsdole Freshmen Elnora Reynolds Alice Washington Clara Witsell Dorothy Sherman Sophomores Fay Belt Nancy Bratton Maggie Dean Clark Kathryn Bumgardner Carolyn Cheney Mary Clyde Deaver Priscilla Graham Faye Hardegree Alice Louise Hunt Rose Jones Kitty Grey Pharr Elizabeth Borders CONGRESSWOMAN CLARE BOOTHE LUCE IS A CHI OMEGA . . The Sweetheart of Chi Omega 5 gf l NU BETA CHAPTER Among Chi Omegas who achieved national tame are Marlorie Nicholson, Dean ot Smith College, and National president of Phi Beta Kappa, and Mary Love Collins, Chi Omega national president, lawyer, and authoress, who was voted the most outstanding fraternity woman in the United States. Among its outstanding girls, Nu Beta chapter lists Frances Dean, Honorary Infantry Colonel, Guidon, Sweetheart at Sigma Chi for l94O, Alice Washington, Alpha Lambda Delta, Matrix, A. B. Queen l942, led Kappa Sigma dance, Clara Witsell, president of Guidon, Helen Leeper, Honorary Brigade Colonel, Guidon, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Representative on Student Honor Council, led Military Ball, Caroline Miles, l94l Homecoming Queen, Jane Berry, Guidon, Scabbard and Blade Sponsor, Triangle, Treasurer of Pan-Hellenic, Jane Hinton, i942 Homecoming Queen, Kitty Grey Pharr, president freshmen women, president freshman class in Home Economics, and Dorothy Wright, vice- president senior class, Triangle. Chi Omega won the Jason's Jamboree war bond. Page 29i DELTA MU CHAPTER Miss Gene Tierney, of Hollywood fame, and Mrs. Henry A. Wallace, wife of The Vice-Presidenf are both naTionally known Tri Delta alumnae, The Tri Delfs' social acTiviTies were a Valentine Tea Dance, winning The cup in The Sigma Chi Derby for The best skif, Jayne Anderson led The Medical Dance, and Tere McGowin led The Cotillion Club Dances, while Bettylu Price, Chrisfine Shackelford, June Rawls, and Marilyn Sutton were in The leadouT. Bebe Montgomery was The vice-president of The sophomore class and Alpha Lambda Delta, Sally Rainer was a member of The W.S.G.A., Phi Upsilon Omicron, Defense Council, Spirif Commitfee, and president of The junior class, Jackie Brown and Helen Minor battalion sponsors and Guidon, Jane Harrell was presidenf of The Caroline Hunt Club, member of Guidon, and Spirit Commiftee, MarTha Witherington, Triangle and president of Kappa Delta Pi, Madeline Hilty, Zefa Phi Eta, and Chi Delta Phi, June Kimbrough was vice-presidenf of The freshman class. l A pretty girl is like a melody AUDREY FISHBURNE VOLUNTEERED FOR WAVE SERVICE. .... . ME 'iiayiiii 4 DELT DELTA Peggy Coleman DELT Sorores in Facultafe Miss Helen Osband Sue 'Dongs Mrs. Pauline Wilson Com yn Ulm Mary MarTha Emerick Seniors Nadine Klampke Jane Carroll Garland Jean Hirsch MarTha PaTTon Mary Dowdell Welch Martha Wifherington Juniors Thelma Cryer Fanny Derryberry Louise DeShields Bessie Haggard Jane Harrell Madeline Hilty Alice McMillan Louise McNaron Betfylu Price Sally Rainer Camilla Sutton Sophomores Jeanne Alvarez Jayne Anderson Mary Kafherine Armour Jacqueline Brown HarrieT Burks Anne McConnell Tere MCG-owin Bebe Montgomery Helen Minor Barbara Powell Anne Rasberry MargareT Roberfson MargareT Smith Claire Sudduth Mary Tyson Betfy Clay Wellborn Margie Woodruff Freshmen Anne Beddow Daisy Crandall MargareT Hufchins June Kimbrough Margaret Prather Janie Rainer June Rawls Mary lda Smith Martha Frances Smyer Marilyn Sutton Kafherine Thomas Sarah Monroe First Row: Carroll, PaTTon, Welch, Wifherington, Cryer, Derryberry . . . Second Row: DeShields, Haggard, Harrell, Hilty, McMillan, McNaron . . . Third Row: Price, Rainer, SuTTon, Alvarez, Anderson, Armour . . . Fourth Row: Brown, Burks, Coleman, Daniel, Dunn, Emerick , . . Fifth Row: Klampke, McConnell, McGowin, Montgomery, Minor Powell . . . Sixth Row: Rasberry, Robertson, Smith, SudduTh, Wellborn, Woodruff . . . Seventh Row: Beddow, Crandall, Kimbrough, PraTher, Rainer, J., Rawls . . . Eighf Row Smith, Smyer, SuTTon, Thomas, Monroe. A l .LQ A . L. . ff xl ' ' .,, l r .V-...of 'j,f1I, I x i i 1 , T Z me l . ., -sw . 4 -. N V '. V I .. - J S F . A -i i W .. - iv F J- ' .5 ,'--11107-5'.Ls'fft-5. .Q V i y. 1 i - l First Row: Slaton, Averyt, Caldwell, Crumpton, Davidson, Dillon . . . Second Row: Hinson Hodge, King, Sawyer, Schmidt, Sloman . . . Third Row: Greene, Bailey, Baxley, Gehrken Givin, Glass . . . Fourth Row: Huie, Igler, Beatty, Cowden, Dotson, Griffin . . . Fifth Row: Lewis, Stinson, Cox, Evans, Hilliard . . . Sixth Row: Kelly, Mattison, Ritter, Streit, Woodoll LT. LOIS PERRY BROWN IS CLAIMED Results of the draft ' V-no-o T DELT Sorores in Facultate Mrs. Bennie Spinks Mason Law Clara Ellen Slaton Seniors Rebecca Averyt Susan Catherine Caldwell Margaret Ardath Crumpton Margaret Davidson Jo Byrd Dillon Mary Beth Hinson Barbara Hodge Carolyn King Sarah Elizabeth Sawyer Sarah Ellen Schmidt Nancy Jane Sloman Betty Jane Green Juniors Jane Bailey Fay Baxley ET Betty Gehrkin Pauline Given Louise Glass Wilda Lois Huie Kay Jane lgler Sophomores Fr Babye Bess Beatty Martha Cowden Donna Dotson Mary Agnes Gilpin Marjorie Griffin Emily Jeanne Lewis Mary Ellen Stinson eshmen Ruth Cox Thelma Evans Ruth Hilliard Mary Pettus Kelly Mary Nell Mattison Geneva Ritter Martha Streit Virginia Woodall BY DELTA ZETA .... . . . . ALPHA GAMMA CHAPTER Alpha Gamma Chapter of Delta Zeta celebrated its anniversary on this campus with a Founder's Day Banquet. Honor guests were Mrs. Leland, housemother, and Miss Irene C. Broughton, national sorority secretary. Other social activities during the year were the Rose Banquet for new initiates, the spring tea dance, and several house dances. tn connection with its Standards Programs this year, Alpha Gamma chapter sponsored Maria Inez Comez-Corrillo, brilliant young pianist from Ar- gentina. Nationally famous Delta Zetas are Gail Patrick, movie actress, Leslie Ford, author of mystery stories and designer of Margo dressesp Lois Perry Brown, a Third Officer at the first W.A.A.C. Training Center in Des Moines, and Janis Graf, of DePauw University, who won the Mademoiselle Dress Designing Contest. On campus are Ardath Crump- ton, Susan Caldwell, and Betty Gehrlcen, Honorary Cadet Captain of Pershing Rifles, are all members of Guidon. Page 293 l i fi i l it t it A3 at fl 'i 3 L2 ,tg i . i . J. 1 Y fi YARN-Q5 .', -mgudillvs-S IRLBYSA. . S-fa5S.'?JJT:2iSit'SE ' -i 92 is 2 'B Z4 P455 ZETA CHAPTER In her collegiate days, America's famous authoress, Pearl Buck, wore the Kappa Delta pin. On campus outstanding K.D.'s are Lida Foster, president of the sophomore class, Camille Wright and Darthula Hendricks were the debate champions for the campus, Alice Nell Fulford was vice- president of the Spirit Committee, Jean Trammel played a lead for Blackfriars, Jeanne Hails, Sara Brooks, Helen Duggar, Roberta Richard- son, Mary Morris, and Julia Morris, members of the Spirit Committee, Helen Duggar, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Hettie Hopkins, Margaret Ander- son, Lida Foster, and Mary Minge Neilson, members of Alpha Lambda Delta, and Andrea Scarborough and Nancy Dickson, members of Chi Delta Phi. Kappa DeIta's social activities included a reception for Mrs. Betty Lyons, housemother, a tea dance and buffet supper in the fall, the annual Senior Breakfast, and Junior-Senior banquet in the spring. Sweet Leilani and Aloha, Greek style AUTHORESS PEARL BUCK'S PIN WAS THE K. D. DIAMOND . First Row: Brooks, Hails, Head, Morris, J., Morris, M., Myers . . . Second Row: Pipes, Richardson, Thornton, Wise, Arthur, Beeland, C .... Third Row: Bell, Chapman, Crowell Drew, Fite, Fulford . . . Fourth Row: McClelland, Ray, Rogers, Williams, Anderson, M. Beeland, A .... Fifth Row: Cobb, Dickson, Foster, Hopkins, Jemison, Kinney . . Sixth Row: Lloyd, Lyerly, Murray, Neilson, Scarborough, Trammel . . . Seventh Row Wright, Yoder, Anderson, L., Carson, DeVere, Dorgan . . . Eighth Row: Ferguson, Ford Maxwell, Patterson, Reeves. KAPPA DELTA Sorores in Facultote Mrs. Jennie M. Howard Mrs. Bessie L. Hayden Miss Elizabeth Coleman Medicine Helen Duggor Seniors Sara Brooks Jeanne Hails Virginia Head Julia Morris Mary Morris Sara Frances Myers Mildred Pipes Roberta Richardson Lenore Salter Laura Thornton Alice Wise Juniors Jane Arthur Connie Beeland Evelyn Bell Mary Chapman June Crowell Polly Ann Drew Jane Fite Alice Nell Fultord Louise McClelland Mary Ray Betsy Rogers Marilyn Williams Sophomores Margaret Anderson Anne Beeland Laura Ann Cobb Helen Rosa Coleman Nancy Dickson Lido Faster Julie Gaillard Moselle Hill Hettie Hopkins Warren Jemison Betty Kinney Jean Lloyd Betty Lyerly Anne Murray Mary Inge Neilson Andrea Scarborough Jean Trammell Camille Wright Beatrice Yoder Freshmen Libby Anderson Mary Ellen Carson Nancy DeVere Betty Dorgan Virginia Ferguson Cynthia Ford Camille Maxwell Patricia Patterson Virginia Reeves ,, ,.c...,,s ..,... , i ' w, " ill . A-L , -A 3 3-Ai . .ff : qgfl Q .Mtv 4 A as sf i A bl N R in it if ss. ' . t - , Wy, V 1 ,:. li I .gr i 1 l ,. .la is 1' w-.n ,M ' i 4 A. l ! . I 1 ji 'Q A at Q' l' 1 L lil K? r -T. 43 .nl PP KAPPA GAMMA Sorores in Facultate Miss Marie Drolet Mrs. William Fidler Miss Miriam Locke Mrs. D. A. Ramsdell Seniors Edward Archibald Mary Frances Conner Virginia Randolph Garth Anne Neville Hill Jean Randall Kerr Nettie Jean Lewis Sara Leyden Wynn Meager Vernon Lee Welch Mary Constance Wing Juniors Mabel Moore Bedsole Frances Erin Bradley Martha Louise Clark Martha Minge Clark Elizabeth Foster Harsh Lucia Alston Jones Sally Knight Myra Brown Koenig Martha Anne Liddell Mary Frances Madden Jean Myrich Moore Pat Parrot Dorothea Louise Pursley Alline Anson Stabler Frances Waters Ebbie Wright Sophomores Ellis Emma Barnard Lillian Elaine Bogges Lillian Jean Gibson Minnie Irene Hayes Ruth Hoeksema Lorraine King Eleanor Lambert Betty Leyden Mary Leyden Irby Lindsey Nell Niederhauser Rosalie Haxall Noland Janet Simpson Freshmen Caroline Elizabeth Barnard Anne Morris Bidgood Margaret Elizabeth Brannon Ellen Chapman June Erin Davis Betty Houghston Margaret Jeanette Martin Eleanor McCorvey Dorothy Parmer Joan Thornbury Agnes Westervelt A ,J 2 4-. 'F ' g L, , TF li . will ' l L- ' ' if "1 .. 1 t . xy-. ji ' " J 1 V il l 5 U. 3 '1 " ,V 5 - X ' 1 Q' 4 .I t. xv -". i v wltfr i nieff' s it F ,K ' Lift R it i it ff' J -QV tgfri, V 11 AJL1- 'LM ' l l W wcirvirfl l l: ii, - 'A' it - 11 i ' ' ' 4' - it .1 1- f .1 T . . -' ,gg -it -Q 2- .., 2 tr ,ss A 1 A. ' 'V -- M L , ' - f 1 tr A ' - . 7 1 Y 4- ,,.,5l ,.. 2 Mg,-. fi- XS! - -i wm.-rwfg tfgf i ,V ' lit? ' f 1 f A ' ' it is l A 1, Y fe B' 14 ' "lf i'l1 0 l E Q, V " , ?'j Q , Q it Lf ...i '. 'i , . 1 l . Gr- t":2L, l ' J. --.XJ First Row: Archibald, Connor, Garth, Hill, Lewis . . . Second Row: Leyden, Welch, Win , Q Bedsale, Bradley , . . Third Row: Clark, M. L., Clark, M. M., Jones, Liddell, Madden . . . Fourth Raw: Moore, Parrott, Pursley, Stabler Waters . . . Fifth Row: Wright, Barnard, E. E., Bogges, Gibson, Hayes . . . Sixth Row: Hoeksema, King, Lambert, Leyden, B., Leyden, M., Lindsey . . . Seventh Row: Niederhauser, Noland, Simpson, Barnard, C. E., Brannon, Chapman . . . Eighth Row: Davis, Martin, McCorvey, Parmer, Thornbury, Westervelt. KAPPA BOASTS THE MEMBERSHIP GF ENSIGN RUTH RATLIFF . . . . . Let me ride now, Frances GAMMA PI CHAPTER Margaret Speaks, popular radio singer, Pattie Berg, women's golfing champ, and Dorothy Canfield Fisher, renowned novelist, are among the Kappa alumnae of national fame. Alabama's chapter of Kappa enter- tained during the year with a tall tea dance and buffet supper, a Founder's Day Banquet, a faculty tea honoring the new housemother, a Christmas party, and an initiation banquet. Famous on campus are Janet Simpson, Chi Delta Phi, Jean Kerr, Treasurer, Alpha Kappa Delta, Minnie Hayes, member of W.S.G.A. and Honorary Cadet Major for the Quartermaster Corps, Elaine Boggess, runner-up for Homecoming Queen, Betty Brannan, secretary-treasurer, freshman class, Lucia Jones, vice-president of junior class, Mary Frances Connor, president of senior class, Nell Niederhauser, president of sophomore class in Home Eco- nomics, Jean Gibson, secretary-treasurer sophomore class in Home Economics, and Janet Simpson, Honorary Cadet Major. Page 295 .f 1:5 if it ihjf l I l l l l l l -l ,l ,xl l 4 l 'l 3:1 .2 ,El ii Qi tri' A ,xi :ff R? ,152 xg 'V 2 ALPHA ZETA CHAPTER The Phi Mu pin has been familiar to the Alabama campus for some thirteen years now, and this year it's being worn by such actives as Margaret Wrye Hallberg, president of Mortar Board, vice-president of Triangle, and vice-president of Bama Radio Network, Sally Wrye, Kappa Delta Pi, Clara Sanford, Kappa Lambda Delta, Anne Bruns Jordon, Kappa Delta Pi, Jeannne Holley, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Rosina Raniero who led the Delta Chi dance, Fanny Louise Wellborn, who won third place in the Homecoming Queen contest, Betty Williams White, who was the i942 St. Pat's Queen, made it prominent in social, scholastic, and honorary circles. Phi Mu's social activities for the year included a tea dance, a buffet supper, several house dances, and a reception in honor of the district president and the house mother. Every night about this time MARGARET HALLBERG DIRECTED THE WAR BOND DRIVE .... . 4 f Stiff' '6- 3iiEf?jQ33si at-2' 'fs-:f sg -P it 'slr' ' "EZ -"" 6-JQXEQLTKWK' J. as - Seniors Sophomores Anne Bruns Jean Cosby Evelyn Gillette Christine Lester Bette Rae Mason Martha Ross Clara Sanford Avis Snively Margaret Wrye Jessie Yellowley Juniors Virginia Bagwell Jane Griffin Anne Hardin Edna Higginbotham Jeanne Holley Elizabeth Orr Rosina Rainero Lorine Smith Nancy Stallworth Betty Rees Stanley Nonie Barr Frances Cox June Essberg Jean Hardin Elaine Neville Patricia Pugh Rosemary Staub Julia Yellowley Freshmen Marie Carlisle Arline Cogdill Jacqueline Culp Katherine Hewes Jacquelin Johns Martha Jane Johnson Janet Kuder Effie Pinckard Ora Lee Potter Louise Reynolds Wanda Scindefur Emily Steadham ina Ruth Stovall Ann Stringfellow Betty Thompson Fanny Louise Wellborn Sally Wrye First Row: Burns, Cosby, Gillette, Lester, Mason, Ross . . . Second Row: Sanford, Snively Wrye, M., Yellowley, Bagwell, Griffin . . . Third Row: Higginbotham, Holley, Orr Rainero, Smith, Stanley . . . Fourth Row: Cox, Essberg, Hardin, Neville, Pugh, Yellowley Fifth Row: Carlisle, Cogdill, Culp, Hewes, Johns, Johnson . , . Sixth Row: Kuder Pinckard, Potter, Reynolds, Sandefur, Steadhom . . . Seventh Row: Stovall, Stringfellow Thompson, Wellborn, Wrye, S. , 1 . 4- i T 1, JUL " 1' LJ 'L A f . ri' A First Row: Goodman, Goldman, P., Brownstein . . . Second Row: Goldman, E., Rubin, Glazer . . . Third Row: Berkman, Moses, King . . . Fourth Row: Hersh, Goldberg, Kadin Fifth Row: Engel, Greenberg, Keyser, Rubin. 'A' 'A' 'A' T IG in Ill' ew DELTA TAU Seniors Edith Mae Berkman Shirley Moses Elinor Goodman Melba King Bettye Anne Hersh Juniors Margaret Goldberg Pearlie Goldman Marion J, Berkman Shirley Brownstein Sophomores Etta Louise Goldman Libbie Rubin Evelyn Glazer Fr Annalou Kadin eshmen Willine Engel Renee Greenberg Rosalie Keyser Shirley Marks Rhoda Meyer Mona Rubin JEANNE LEVY WGN THE ALGERNON SYDNEY SULLIVAN AWARD Calling Pennsylvania 65000 RHO CHAPTER S. D. T. lists on its roster of famous alumnae the names ot Lillie Engel, private secretary to Ralph Edwards ot "Truth and Consequences", Roslyn Mathews Reisman, winner ot the National Honor Key, and former president ot Sigma Delta Tau, Miriam Simon Levy, Head of the National Work Fund Committee. On campus we find Etta Louise Goldman and Libbie Rubin of the Spirit Committee, Marion Berkman, Mona Rubin, Annalou Kadin, Pearlie Goldman, and Rosalie Keyser, all ot Black- triars, Edith Mae Berkman and Pearlie Goldman, members of the Glee Club, Evelyn Glazer and Pearlie Goldman, Corolla statt members, Elinor Goodman, Triangle, and Jean Ruth Levy, winner of the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Medallion Award tor l94l-42, all on the local chapter roll. The social highlight ot the year was the Eounder's Day Banquet on March 25. Page 297 ALPHA OMEGA CHAPTER Nell Bumpers, Blackfriars player, Frances Frost, Alpha Lambda Delta, and Girls' Spirit Committee, Frances Walker, university orchestra and Terpischora, Leona Carpenter, A.A.U.W.g Winnie Clarke, W.S.G.A., Pan- Hellenic, Jo Brokaw, Terpischora, Girls' Spirit Committee, Army-Navy Brat Regiment, and Winn Young, Crimson-White, Corolla, Chi Delta Phi, and Blackfriars, are among outstanding Sigma Kappas on campus this year. Nationally, Sigma Kappa claims the membership of Lt. Mary Agnes Brown, United States Army, and Ruth Norton Donnelly, newly appointed dean of women forthe University of California. Their social activities this year included entertainments tor Mrs. E. D. Taggart, national Sigma Kapa officer, and a bridge party tor Mrs. Dennis, the sorority housemother. Calling Ely Culbertson SIGMA KAPPA SALUTES LT. MARY AGNES BROWN, U. S. ARMY .... First Row: Barnhill, Carpenter . . . Second Walker, O 'D fl' if S' 1 x vu X0 07401 'balance SKS So ro res in Facu ltate Dr, Belser Dr. Saxman Dr. Thompson Graduate Wini Clarke KAPPA Seniors Bette Barnhill Nellwyn Bumpers Leona Carpenter Wini Young Mary Bolt Sophomores Jo Brokaw Frances Frost Frances Walker Row: Young, Brokaw, Frost Clark. Afgyi Q, 5 s N , 4 5,201 'aw A1 ,FA wx :KX l I5 f N 4 Third Row Ill' ' t, '- tl 4 ': i. il ." . A: i aww., First Row: Champagne, Stetfee . . . Second Row: Burkhalter, Cox, Hutfstutler . . . Third Row: Hutchinson, Taylor, Armstrong . . . Fourth Row: Clouclman, Hudec, McCann Fifth Row: Taylor, Eddins, MRS. EDDINS OF A CAPPELLA FAME, IS TH ET Sorores in Facultute Mrs. Harry Ecldins Miss Emmett Lewis Mrs. Elizabeth Carlson Seniors Ethel Champagne Barbara Steffee Juniors Sarah Macomber June Cox Kathleen Burlchalter Luvola Huftstutler A THETA U. IJAV JI .Fm 59 if M0192 3:2512 V UPSILG Margaret Ann Hutchinson Aileene Taylor Beatrice Williams Margot Kniell Sophomores Jayne Armstrong Donnabeth Cloudman Sue Hudec Margaret McCann Peggy Taylor Freshmen Catherine Eddins Martha Ann Smith s s 0 1 ALPHA ALPHA CHAPTER Theta U began its eleventh year on the University at Alabama campus by winning third place in the Sigma Chi Derby this year. Among its well-known alumnae an campus Theta Upsilon points out Mrs. Pannell, Mrs. Eddins, Miss Emmett Lewis, Mrs. Carlson, and Miss Turner. On its active roster we find the names at Ethel Champagne, vice-president of the A Cappella Chair, Kathleen Burkhalter, member at Pan-Hellenic, Kitty Eddins, member at the Spirit Committee, and Luvola Huttstuttler, president of the chapter at Alabama, and member ot Phi Upsilon Omicron, Guidan, and Alpha Lambda Delta, and Honorary Cadet Maior to sponsor tor Phalanx. Their social activities included a formal dance in honor of the T942-43 pledge class, a Founder's Day Banquet, and a senior breakfast. Numerous informal parties were given at intervals throughout the year. Page 299 uv, ,i"f'af':9, P-.5 .' K I ' V, I A ,,- .-.5,..:3' 1'.f'f' zJ!2"1fm J 5, 4: ,.,C,g,1'f' '-utr' fx 1.-'f""a:1i,',c :Tm 5 'hx f. ,-Muzi'-rizlfi LL ' QA 1 f V "-H. fri " Hmrw-' 'RQ 'Li'.',, L1 1 'Lx ZA 'i J I- 1 ' X Q I,-Vx, X '-v m. I '- we f 14 ,f at if 'H R 1 X w N 4 I 1 I 'Wi NU CHAPTER The Zetas boast the membership ot Faith Baldwin, authoress, Mavis Freeman, Olympic swimmer, Dorothy Shaver, Lord cmd Taylor Executive, and Gina Branscombe, composer and conductor. Listed among their local prides are Carolyn Carpenter, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, president of Pan-Hellenic, town representative an W.S,G.A., Colonel of the Army-Navy Brat Regiment, Catherine Hargrave, executive committee ot Blackfriars, Margaret Lowman, Alpha Lambda Delta, Rebecca Lou Coleman, Zeta Phi Eta, Nell Rockett, vice-president of Alpha Kappa Delta. The Z.T.A.'s entertained often during the year, and among their list ot tetes were the reception welcoming Dr. and Mrs. Paty to the Bama campus, their Founder's Day Banquet, the traditional Christmas dinner tor alumnae, and their Star-Spangled house dance in December. FAITH BALDWIN CLAIMS MEMBERSHIP IN ZETA TAU ALPHA '.' Tyler Fifth Row Vaughn Walker Bartholomew Burkhin Dale Dickson bl' Walker Pope ,',.,,x' 0. .' Q is ,. 2 Tx s ILLVM, f-'Xiu ZETA TAU ALPHA Sorores in Facultate Julia Ann Hawes Betty Jean Hunt Margaret M. Davis Peggy Ann Munch., Elsie Holmes Marilu McDonald Martha Lou Moore Zatero Gregory Pappas seniors Charlotte Marie Roehm M'ld d F Th Martha Garland Bradtield I re mnces orpe Sue Ann Tyler Carolyn Carpenter Marion Elizabeth Vaughn I . . Gera dine Childress Anim Ray Walker Nell McGowen Elizabeth Nell Rockett Freshmen Juniors Anne Prescott Chipman Marion Perry Curran Mary Elizabeth Goode Alyce Johnston Burchie Lister Martha Ann McCutcheon Madelyn Mary Patterson Dolly Pope Helen Nast Small Sophomores Elizabeth Ann Atkins Cathron Judson Carlton Rebecca Lou Coleman Betty Carolyn Elliot Catherine Virginia Ha rg rave Marjorie Lee Bartholomew Barbara Burkhim Dorothy Dale Dorothy Duane Dickson Marie Louise Georges Margaret Irene Holmes Mary Barbara Howells Irene Woodall Johnson Josephine Elizabeth Lee Margaret Rice ,Lowman Dorothy Carroll Prestwood Virginia Audrey Read Marian Sankey Mary Sessaman Betty Jane Stuart Norma Jean Taylor Gladys Marie Thornton Judy Van Der Voort Rosemary Virginia Walker CoeducaTion aT The UniversiTy of Alabama celebraTed iTs TifTieTh year during i942-43, buT iT was a year of change and new responsibiliTy. PeaceTime social life ground To a sTandsTill as men sTudenTs leTT Tor The armed services. The five-To-one raTio beTvveen UniversiTy men and women dwindled To nearer eaualiTy. Former TrivoliTy was replaced by more serious aspecTs of living as sTudenTs puT aside many of Their pre-vvar recreaTional acTiviTies To devoTe more Time To war work. Large UniversiTy dances were fewer-coeds novv spenT evenings enTerTaining The hundreds of service men sTaTioned here for Training. More Time was devoTed To leTTer- wriTing and less Time To daTing, as many Women sTudenTs were novv waiTing Tor someone serving his counTry here or abroad. The marriage raTe rose, as couples saw They were soon To be separaTed Tor The duraTion. UniversiTy women seTTled down To keep The home TronT inTacT unTil Alabama men come home again. ,-- Z ,,z' -TES , ,H ,av 2539! F S geamlzeef Sefeoiec! of 5- .- ,f--. . W .s r ' ri if f- -' V .ss sew., -7-t-. if-6: , L, fi' lf nf' 'L T' 'lv -V l ttf st L 5:4 "l i' ,r ' 5 it rr ty .3 3. jig ,gf L. rj ,ig gg, i fi fi L g 3 2.5 -- 'A - Vt :' rg- . i-, -j fy GJ '-Qs! t PM ll ll ,.i pf ,l l. EJ W 1 l-.nv l-vs The tun-lest ot the year at Alabama is the combined Jason's Jamboree-Corolla Beauty Review. This year the Jamboree was held in the middle ot January, and it is on this occasion that every sorority and fraternity and some individuals present skits ot great entertainment value. The Jamboree is a really big campus amateur show. The fraternity and sorority winners ot the prizes were given 5525 War Bonds and the individual winner was given. a il5lO cash prize. Each sorority and girls' dormitory had three entrants in the beauty review and from the total ot 63 beauty contestants, 20 were selected by the vote ot the audience to appear in the beauty section ot the Corolla. This really big show was a great success this year and it is with pride that we present to you on the following pages the 20 girls who were selected to appear in the beauty section by the Jamboree crowd. Top to bottom: Explosion occurs in Delt skit . . . .luke joint, Alabama style-some joint . . . Ready for their turn to entertain the Jamboree goers . . . A full-fledged minstrel show-only ci part of the Jamboree sit if K l ....Z..,. :sms ""' .M 19 We 4, .z A A J' ' Wav GTAFW f-JH? Wig? 'vpx-' ffh' ' ' f Q I I + AIN Mi. M 47fZQMC9i Qcafwmzm Ann Q98 fan IX V Ar-1 Thi Yi,-ix ,V 54 WHS!-'Z"" ' 3, A '2-J "-:I N .Jw " ' VFW . A ZA? VNU? EAL I' Xiu? kai ,QQZIZQ ZDDYZQMMQM QQZD4 fqeafq Wzfwwm gm Kcaikew Ahmqafzcfnea , J Q n ,x ,N .X r,.. " -' " "' V . i f ' A 1 wx '- , U , J. A w 1 , " r 1 Y . -KJ x l ,,u ,M I i h WW f' 1496? TWZW' V: AC? ?W?f , , .awash-. ..,ww.4,,'-.,. ,,--. 7-M www fgcwmca fgafmem I ,Ji , u W wx ry , ' ual, M ,WM W z',-fr:-sm-R Ps' . :H , . ' z ' -wry DOROTHY PARMER MARJORIE MORGAN MARTHA JEAN TUBE fm, xif A H 11 A , 2 xy F Tp TT U W gf T' T. .. --T. 'T 1 1 Q 1 X lx Inky? 4 if -pix T ,T 1 T K X W E W vw, , ,-1 V? W T T Tm xfyfxi H Q 4 r' W MN ,m 4 , 4 A. Q ,, A I M, N.. , , at . a , , fn 4 Q Q5 J- .Y fa. - 3 , ,.- .- Af .- t A ..., lk.. N3 .hr xg vwmmsv ,,g,'.,.,"""'. , - 1.:,,.""'. ,554-L V ---vw , .W Y. . , , .W 1 '11-211f,'f A-1.11 ,- 1-, V .izffl ' -?i 1, 'F fff'f,f'1' tam' ' '. ,-iwirai., 'ff , V .'-5'-s,.,"1' xi- u fa A, 2 NAN PENNINGTON FRANCES DEAN MADELIINIE HILTY x A H ' A 'f'9?'W' .alas 'X jf -41 if I... am! Www 5 -33'-1 5-.N sf fx 145-mg.: 'F 5 T f f 5 'AN F 1 . A " may xr., 4' fx. M' - E Elia ,'Q"sX H WEEK? 1 w I1 ' , --1 X w X L , -a , M 'A R K . 4 w, Igifr U La. wfmvi in JUNE ESSBERG MARTHA LOUISE CLARK JEAN RATLIEE SUE ZERR BURCHIE LISTER BETTY JEAN HUNT , E. W. A rd "Q Ffa dfixfi N59 YW ,ff -115 'fuel mi' fm iii M' h,-Lil. CDN THE BAMA MARY CHAPMAN CLARA VVITSELI- VVYLENE CLARK .L X .E E Q- EA ' ' ' ' it x .fa CAMPUS . LORRAINE NELSGN MINNIE HAYES ANNIS STEINLEY , ff. if BETTY JEAN VVOQDI-TAM CAMILLA SUTTON LOUISE HATCI-TER W? wiv' if ALICE CRITTENDON BETTY LONG MARGARET HALLBERG Y rx 1 , MARY JANE MITCHELL BARBARA POWELL ANDREA CARGILE faq FN '42' 'I T I p 1 z fit Q, 1' Bs' 3, 25 ,-, y. . MARY LAMONT MARION BERKMAN REE GRAI-IAM Q JS Q wi' WJ' jf '15, I 'W 1 QA KK I I I : I I mm' :I ,, N .: 3 wfgw Ji "ri .- .M I My ,g, . Pl 2 I 5 i 1 Q I 1 4 V 1 4 V I . 1 i , 1 - i 5 . I 2 .' I ' ,, 1 1 V X5 5 X l ' 1 4 I L. " , w H - r. rzfrff' 1 .1-..ff1fM'f1fff-f-f"PW"' fm. , - - W J,A,,.....,, ,. ,,., VF, , 1 i I F 4 r I 1, v ,E E 3 Z 1 x 1 K .- I . . 1 n l, ii' I , Q.-: i . Y'-'f --53'-2T5NQMSFJENQSZZ'1'-65f'CiE':i'Q-1 - ' . 'NJ .- x ' 1' 1 51- ' ' - . 3+'G4-f5'?' ',Gf J? ' .N KSEB Q- . . : ' ' I " CO FESS THE FIRST TWENTY GIRLS TO APPEAR IN TI-IE BEAUTY SECTION WERE SELECTED BY UNIVERSITY STUDENTS FROM TI-IE 63 WI-IO ARREARED IN TI-IE COROLLA BEAUTY RE- VIEW. OUT OF TI-IIS TWENTY, TI-IE FIRST EIOI-IT BEAUTIES WERE SELECTED BY PAT I-IAYES AND BILL SCI-IUESSLER, EDITOR AND BUSINESS MANAGER OF TI-IE I943 COROLLA. 4 4 -43 4- 4- 4 Pg 324 lllllllllllllllll Universify organizations puT aside peacefime pursuifs This year and geared Their acTiviTies To vvarfime seriousness. Each group soughT To confribufe iTs share of useful work To The furfhering of vvar efforf on The campus. The highly suc- cessful Red Cross drive conducfed by Omicron DelTa Kappa, men's honorary, was only one example of vvhaT The sTudenTs were doing. Bama vvar acTiviTies were coorclinafed by a cen- Tral vvar board, and volunfeers Took on such work as The issuing of rafion books. Women's organizafions unifed in The proiecf of mainfaining a hosfess service for The soldiers' recreafion room in The basemenf of Alabama Union. Buf organizafions faced problems of Their own. In men's groups, especially, membership felluoff so seriously ThaT some clubs suspended Their acTiviTies for The durafion of The vvar. Hon- oraries sTill Tapped, buT They acquired a serious Tone. The maferial of which Universify organizaTions are made was Tesfed by The war demands This year-and The organizafions proved Themselves worThy. 746 6871210714 SCHOLASTIC Phi Bera Kappa ..., Bera Gamma Sigma . . . Tau Bela Pi a...a..a. Gamma Sigma Epsilon .,.i Alpha Lambda Delra . . . Phi Era Sigma HONORARY Omicron Delta Kappa .,,,,, Morrar Boa rd Jasons ..... Quadrangle ,iii Druids i.i..i Pho Alpha Tau . . Triangle ,.... Guidon I . . PROFESSIONAL Thera Tau ,.............,....i Chi Delra Phi 332 332 334 334 336 336 338 338 340 340 342 342 344 344 330 331 333 333 335 335 337 337 339 339 341 341 343 343 345 345 if ir ir Pg 329 0 Delra Sigma Pi I . . 347 Caroline I-Iun'r Club . . . 347 Phi Upsilon Omicron . I 349 Alpha Kappa Psi . I 349 Zero Phi Era ..,..,, 351 Alpha Epsilon Delra C, 351 Press Club ..,..,. 358 Ivlarrix ......, 358 Kappa Delra Pi . . . 359 Phi Chi Thera ....i,...... ..... 3 55 RELIGIOUS I-Iillel . , . .,,..,.... .... . 357 LITERARY Excelsior . . I .....i.... ,... . 353 Philomarhic . . . ...,. . 353 SOCIAL ST. PaT's . . . 355 Alabamians ....,. 357 A.A.U.VV. Auxiliary ..... 359 ir 'k 'ir HK' 'Pl 5 it PP PHI BET Phi Beta Kappa is the oldest National Honor Fraternity, having been founded at William and Mary in I776. Alabama Alpha chapter was established in i85I, only eleven other chapters preceding it. The organization has as its purpose the recognition ot high attainment in scholarship and excellence of character among students in the School ot Arts and Sciences. Any wearer of the Phi Beta Kappa is immediately recognized as having superior intelligence and ability. WILLIAM GOING RALPH ADAMS . Faculty Members Mr. Mr. Dea Dea Dr. Prof Prof Prof Dr. Mrs. Mrs. Deo Dr. Dr. Dr. Dea Ralph E. Adams William F. Adams n Charles H. Barnwell n Lee Bidgood Brent G. Clark . Elizabeth Coleman . Wade H. Coleman . Ralph W. Cowart Clyde B. Crawley Betty B. Crawley Isabel W. Cuming n George J. Davis John C. Dawson George H. Denny Wilson K. Doyle n Albert J. Farrah Prof. Brooks Forehand Prof. Edwin H. Foster Dr. Dr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Dr. John M. Gallalee S. Paul Garner Tom Garner Lee Glover William T. Going John Y. Graham OFFICERS Dean Stuart Graves Dr. Edward W. Gregory Prof. M. Leigh Harrison Dr. Shaler C. Hauser Dr. Robert Epes Jones Mr. Edward Kimbrough, Jr. Prof. Chester H. Knight Dr. George Lang Dr. Fred A. Lewis Dr. R. Irving Little Dr. Stewart J. Lloyd Miss Miriam Locke Dr. Julian D. Mancill Dr. Roscoe C. Martin Dr. Ralph McBurney Dean John R. McClure Dr. Jack P. Montgomery Mrs. Ira B. Moody Dean Albert B. Moore Dean James H. Newman Dr. William P. Ott Dr. H. Clifton Pannell Mr. Johnstone Parr Mrs. Frances Ramsdell Dr. John B. Rippere . President . Secretary Miss Mary A. Robertson Dr. Raymond R. Paty Dr. George Pope Shanon Mr. John B. Spragens Prof. E. Hudson Strode Dr. Charles G. Summersell Dr. Paul W. Terry Dean Robert E. Tidwell Prof. C. E. Williams Dr. Alto Whitehurst Dr. Marcus Whitman Dr. Benjamin A. Wooten Student Members William Barton Crum Ross Deloney Helen Katherine Duggar Frences Ivah Greenleaf John Maxwell Jones John William McMonneIl Roscoe Steele Maxwell Loon Ivienaker Louise Carolena Michaelis Paul Pullen Salter, Jr. Alwyn Abraham Shugerman . THOSE OF SUPERIOR INTELLIGENCE AND ABILITY Page 330 BET GAMIVI IGMA Beta Gama Sigma is the national scholastic fraternity of the schools ot commerce. The Alabama chapter was established in the spring of I93I. Membership in the fraternity is based on scholarship, leadership, and character. Sixteen seniors three luniors and one honorary member were inducted into the chapter at the Spring Invitation Banquet, February 24, at the McLester Hotel PAUL GARNER . L. J. NATIONS , Faculty Members Lee Bidgood H. H. Chapman Chester H, Knight Lee Glover Harry Bonham Ralph E. Adams William E. Pickens Bruce Futhey Morris Burkett E. H. Anderson James Holladay Burton Morley Marcus Whitman Harry Lipson Capt. Paul Thomas Lt. N. W. Embley Lt. Wilkes Banks OFFICERS Honorary Members Col. Sam F. Clabaugh Donald Comer Thomas W. Martin Gordon D. Palmer Student Members George Bloodworth Wilson Robert Haig John H. Hines John Roy Israel Toxey H. Sewell Ira Spear James E. Banks James Charles Nix James V. Thompson Louis James Adler . . . President Secretary-Treasurer Harry Lee Balzan Robert J. Brantley Francis X. DiLeo John Gray Foshee Edward Byron Hale Perry Hubbard Melvin Eugene Jordon Maurice F. Kalmus Eldon C. Kunze Eleanor Ludwig Henry N. Min-ns John A. Montgomery Charles W. Northcutt Sidney S. Propper James A. Ward Jane H. Fite Ruth Moorer Sellers Stough, Jr. . . SCHOLASTIC LEADERS OF SCHOOLS OF COMMERCE Page 331 B E T P I . THE REBUILDERS OF THE 'WORLD OF TOMORROW Tau Beta Pi has come to be known as an organization which marks in a fitting manner those who have conferred honor upon their Alma Mater by distinguishing scholarship and exemplary character as undergraduates in engineering, or by their attainments as alumni in the field of engineering, and a group which fosters a spirit of liberal culture in the engineering colleges of America. Ala- bama Beta of Tau Beta Pi sponsors the engineering magazine, THE BAMA BEAM. OFFICERS EDWARD SNIPES .... . . President BOBBY WHITEHURST ..,. . Vice-President JIM DVVYER , , . . . Secretary D. A. DU PLANTIER ..... Treasurer H. H. MEIGS . Corresponding Secretary ALBERT MCINNIS . .... Cotologer Faculty Members George J. Davis, Jr. John M. Gallalee William J. Miller Howard H. Meigs Ferdinand H. Mitchell Donald A. Du Plantier Kenneth W. Coons Beniamin A. Wooten Student Members James Edward Snipes, Jr. Robert Neal Whitehurst James Joseph Dwyer Albert Kennet Mclnnis Wendell Holmes Elliot Edwin Gregory Czarnecki Bruce Williams Edwards Rufus Omer Moses Mitchell Wozniak Burein Whitfield Moncrief Joseph Russell LeRoy William Marion Sanders OFFICERS r -.L ., f I V l R- 1 , rw Ae-A 6. if .m R-rg gk f :W 4' ' ' I. x: 1 1, ,, I . .- vr ,, ' -- R K.. ,ru I n' . '. - 1 , x""-:Zi '- ig Q 'Tr .- ld 1 ' 'I ' I I 5:-"ld":l'Z '- -- L rl' ' A L-' ..f'i'f'L 2 '40 G A M M I G M E P S I L . PROMOTERS OF THE GENERAL WELFARE OF CHEMISTS Chemistry students are recognized for exceptional scholastic work by membership in Gamma Sigma Epsilon, which is the "Phi Beta Kappa" of the Chemistry School. This organization was founded in I9I9 at Dadidson College with the aim "to promote friendship and the general welfare ot the chemist". Delta Beta, the chapter here at the University of Alabama has done much toward the realization of their purpose and has been outstanding in its recognition of those students who have fulfilled the high requirements of the society. JAMES DWYER . . DOROTHY STARLI NO . JULIUS PEARLMAN Members William Brock John D. Elmore Dorothy Finley Boyce Hanks Rufus Igou William Maddox Thomas Williams Paul Salters James Dwyer Aubrey Hornsby Shirley Maring Julius Pearlman Robert E. Smith Mitchell Wozniak Dorothy Starling Stanley Wilson Peter Wisneski Page 332 . Grand Alchemist Recorder . Visor Russell LeRoy Helen Duggar Jack Stanger Charles West Edith Jones Morton Carleton Harold Cooley William Crum Dan Chapman rv! ..,-all' uf First Row: Snipes, While- hurst, Dwyer, Mclnnis, Elliott, Czcirnecki . . . Second Row: Edwards, Moses, Wozniolc, Mon- crief, LeRoy, Sanders. 79 . , 1 ur-,, X - "B e - . M' ' 'iq' l .fi f Acid! 9- , - I 'I -, ,I -vw I v I ------"-- ll g I fl ' -""' x','L..1 , iv: "Lili, v... .1 ' 'VN ' 1 ' ' 'x v"" f" -" 'Wai' i 511 !L"1-...U-T.. 1 ......A ,4-' -Sze 4. lace.-E.-ga.:-S . 1-5.2732 . x. ' if n-ww!-1:1 1- . -, Page 333 I m First Row: Brock, Elmore, Maddox, Williams, Sol- ter, Dwyer . . . Second Row: Hornsby, Moring, Pecirlmon, Smith, Woz- niak, Wilson . . . Third Row: Wisneski, LeRoy, Cooley, Crum, Chopmon. l ll it u i l Z if L P H lVl B D D E L l I, . THE POTENTIAL UPPERCLASS LEADERS OF TOMORROW Alpha Lambda Delta is a national freshman women's organization, the purposes of which are to promote intelligent learning and a higher standard of learning, and to encourage high scholastic attainment among freshman women. The sorority's maior activity this year has been the study hall conducted in the main library for freshmen women on the campus. li OFFICERS JANE KIMBROUGH . . . . . . President JOANNE RHEA , . . Vice-President SARAH G-ANN .... . . Secretary MARY MINGE NEILSON . . Treasurer Members Sara Gann Mary Minge Neilson Catherine Fletcher Nicholson Margaret Morrow Anderson Mary Frank Gantt Dorothy Nettles Betty Skewes Speeker Emily Claire Bass 5 Sara Jane Curtis 2 Anna Eloise Davis lva Claire Bayless Margaret Gibson Minnie Hayes Annie Lois Hickman Louise lnge Annie Ruth Patrick Joanne Rhea Valoria Sexton Ann Earl Wood Jane Merrill Hettie Allen Hopkins Margaret Lowman Elizabeth Ann Montgomery 5 Lida Foster Catherine Pauline Kelly Marjorie Woodward Sally Wrye Frances Frost Jane Kimbrough Virginia Petty Vivian Shugarman l l t C A is y - f L -l 6-A X A A J n- QI al' 3 ,xg V - -, C V. 1' ",,'-.'- .' A A r . f ' " .. .. -I " tr ,F 1" ' ,f ' yr ,- 2 A ,, v ...' , 4 X ' . '---'L-'1 T'-' .UQLP-.S L.-gaze l' T f I -. nF's5SE5' "-' A . A A I. .."i"'.i.. :V l'F Each year, prior to its tapping, Phi Eta Sigma holds several smokers and plays host to the freshmen men on the campus. It is a fraternity organized to recognize scholastic attainment among freshmen. At its annual spring banquet, the organization took in its new members. Phi Eta Sigma's purposes are to promote a higher standing of learning and to encourage high school scholastic attainment among the freshmen men in America's institutions of higher learning. OFFICERS GROVER MURCHISON . . . . President DAN C. McDONALD . Secretary Faculty Members John W. Speight Robert S. McKay Donald H. Crook Dr. George H. Denny Robert L. Solnick James S. Brabhom Henry C. Miller Dean C. H. Barnwell Dan C. Donald Samuel C. Skemp Edmund L. Patton, Jr. Dean J. J..Doster ldeceasedl Thomas H. Fitzpatrick Bernice G. Stamps Hawatt E. Mallinson Dean Lee Bidgood Joe W. Denson Robert C. Greenlee Allan L. Korn Dean S. J. Lloyd David M. McKeown Leonard D. McLin William B. Reneau Dean C. J. Davis Charles A. LeMaistre Horatio M. Sessions Frank T. Weems Dean J. H. Newman Jean Douglas MeRee John S. Yeates Leo L. Jones Honorary Member Chester A. Sokoloski Joe H. Kanter M, Gideon Potter Dr. Raymond Ross Paty Charles A. Monasee Thomas W. Wilder Raymond Parris Student Members Theodore L. Monasee Clark Fuller Melvin S. Levine Grover C. Murchison, Jr. Donald H. Dahlene C. P. Cunningham l l Page 334 Y ltif fi' ltl V1 - all ,am First Row: .Anderson, Bass, Davis, Foster, Frost, Gcnn, Gantt, Hayes . . . Second Row: Hickman, Kimbrough, N ei ls o n , Nettles, Rhea, Wood, Woodward . . . Third Row: Nicholson, Merrill, Hopkins, Lowman, Mont- gomery, Wrye, Shuger- man. l S T - -- L. J- - ll ,i. . L 71 J "f+- H --..f" " 1 I - ' S- ix ' " I ' . 'P .-- -719' i I I -vu . ,- , - 'Qu l , , - . - - ' T1 - -7. - . 5,1 - lL"L:Q-in."'fi7f'..:1'A -' si!! 41' EEG A z::.-aa:-4: . S--if 1713: K i ' x ' 4? nus'4'x', 4 Page 335 First .Rowz Murchison, Speight, Solnick, Donald, LeMaistre, McRee . . . Second Row: Monasee, Dahlene, McKay, Brab- ham, Stamps, McLin . . . Third Row: Sessions, Kan- ter, Wilder, Fuller, Korn, Reneau. S. P. Garner PP O M I C R O D E L T SPONSORS OF THE CAMPUS RED CROSS DRIVE Omicran Delta Kappa is composed of students who have attained a high standard of efficiency in collegiate activites. This organization is nationally recognized as an outstanding service organization and has come to be one of the most respected societies in college circles today. Since its establishment in I924, the University group has maintained the highest standards in the selection of its members. It is an organization which helps to mould the sentiment of the institution on questions of liberal and inter-collegiate interest. OFFICERS TOXEY SEWELL . . . . . . . President JAMES A. DAVIS . . . Vice-President LT. DOZIER C. CADE . . . Secretary Faculty Members Dr. George Lang Lt. Dozier C. Cade Prof. William M. Hepburn Dr. Robert E. Jones Ralph E. Adams Col. Wm. T. Carpenter Jeff Coleman Dr. George H, Denny Charles H. Douglas Dr. Wm. G. Echols Prof. Brooks Forehand Dr. John M. Gallalee Allen Going Wilson L. Heflin Dr. Shaler C. Houser Dr. Stewart J. Lloyd John C. McGill James McMillan Dr. Jack Montgomery Dean James H. Newman Capt. William P. Thomas Student Members George Bloodworth Hal Johnson Billy Mitchell Hal Cleveland Jimmy Davis Hamilton Hutchinson Bill Maddox Gorman Jones Toxey Sewell George Gammon Pat Hayes Johnny McConnell Bill Brooks Foster Etheredge John Hines John A. Reynolds Ed Snipes Bobby Whitehurst Bill Crow Bill Sanders Dean A. J. Farrah Dr. W. P. Ott Jimmy Bloodworth Sellers Stough Dr. Raymond R. Paty Jack Williamson ff t 1-A . ills. I A .els "' ,f I A . l " . ' ' ,Lf -1511 H YQ - ' - ' Q., .- .1 1. - Y , , ' ' . . I , x Q A li i t , I I, Er 1 .N , I ' k h l rl A X . .. I--,iii U - I UMLAQ T T! 5 J' T if I - lf"5'.'T2fu'f-'5 '. ' . ' A Ln' E..-"1"'L fu MORT RD MEMBERS SOLD WAR STAMPS IN EVERY DANCE Mortar Board is an organization for outstanding senior women. The obiect and qualifications of Mortar Board are, service, scholarship and leadership. Its aims are to provide for the cooperation between societies, to promote college loyalty,Ato advance the spirit of service and fellowship among university women, to maintain a high standard of scholarship, to recognize and en- courage Ieadership, and to stimulate and develop a finer type of college women. OFFICERS MARGARET WRYE HALLBERG . .,.. . . President MARY FRANCES NORTON , . Vice-President JUANITA LASSITER . . . . . Secretary Faculty Members Miriam Locke Marie Drolet Elizabeth Coleman Frances Greenwood Mary Robertson Louise Levy Student Members Wanda Bolton Wilene Clark Juanita Lassiter Martha Lou Jones Mary Frances Norton Margaret Wrye Hallberg Helen Yarbrough Frances Conway Gammon Page 336 , 4-1 'Win , If ' First Row: Johnson, Cleve- Y land, Davis, Maddox, 3 H 'gg Jones, Sewell . . . Sec- Q4 V I ' " ond Row: BloodworTh, 1, -an- , ,,....- m l I . ' '- , - N - Xl X -e -- f5 UM4'f-its , . ' -- gm -l -y g?l - 1 .-.g n"'.'1A ' QE!! A' Suez.: g ...- Gammon, Hayes, McCon- nell, Brooks, Etheridge . . .Third Row: Reynolds, Snipes, Whifehursf, Crow, Sanders, Slough. 'L fy l ll' 1 no lf - -all-L-L a ' y , . .,, -g'7"jf,,9,, .11 I , -:fig l l 'ifnn-K'!-Dia l I l Page 337 First Row: Bolton, Clark Conway, Lassefer . . Second Row: Jones, Nor ion, Wrye, Yarbrough. 1 ASCDNS . THE PRGDUCERS QF THE JASON'S JAMBOREE The titteen most outstanding Junior men are tapped each spring by Jasons. Meetings are held in the University roundhouse which has been set aside as the Jasons' Shrine. Jasons' purposes are to promcte the interest of the students in college activities and scholarship, to act as a Senior Honor Society, and to recognize merit in leadership, ability, and character in every school and college in the University. OFFICERS JACK BEAN ,... President CLARENCE RHEA . . Vice-President JAMES Tl-IGMPSON Secretary Faculty Members Capt. Paul Thomas Roy Flynn Dean Lee Bidgood Mr. Allen Going Jack Bean Mr. Jett Coleman Mr. Brooks Forehand Mr. John Gallalee Dean James H. Newman Mr. Clemson Duckworth Lt. Dozier Cade Mr. Herbert M. Mitchell Student Members Hal Cleveland James A. Davis John W. McConnell Clarence Rhea James V. Thompson James Dwyer Gene Wortsman Robert Whitehurst William Schuessler Henry Leslie Pat Hayes Bill Brooks J. V. Rives Q I l-L 'ff ff E , I' S eb Q, i -g - 'I . J . fel- A . if ff E . f- 'Q I -vu:Q..e:.5 Z.4!q'jfFg .,-+,,' C 1 11. its .f'1'.EEE.-?,- 1 " I+ ..-Mui ftp, L AMA U DRANGLE Alabama Quadrangle stresses in man four qualities, physical, spiritual, mental, and social. Its purpose is to enrich the lives ot its members through service and tellovvship, better administer the attairs ot this society, and spread the ideal ot tour-square manhood over the campus. Its i942-43 activities have included the sponsoring ot the Twilight Musical Hour, and the sponsoring with Mortar Board ot the War Stamp sales at the dances. Quadrangle presents each year a SIOOOO Ioan scholarship to a deserv- ing student. OFFICERS JAMES BLOODWORTH . .... . President WILLIS BIDGOOD . . . Secretary Faculty Members Mr. Jeff Coleman Mr. H. H. Mitchell Dean James H. Newman Dr. H. C. Pannell Dr. Alto Whitehurst Prot. C. E. Williams Honorary Members Dr. George H. Denny Dr. Jack Montgomery Student Members Furman Baker James Berry Willis Bidgood Jimmy Bloodworth Bill Brooks Sam Carroll Dan Chapman Hal Cleveland Bill Crow Foster Etheredge Bobby Harris Page 338 Pat Hayes George Howard Ham Hutchinson Herndon Inge Law Lamar Stewart LeBlanc Art Lukens Johnny McConnell Tom McEniry Buddy Moss Jimmy Nettles Caine O'Rear Wilmer Parker Bob Piper Clarence Rhea Harry Riddick Louis Salmon Paul Salter Walter Spradley Sellers Stough James Thompson James Ward Bill Wertz --nu, -..-J' First Row: Cleveland, Da- vis, McConnell, Rhea, Thompson, Dwyer, Flynn . . . Second Row: Bean, Whitehurst, Leslie, Schuessler, Hayes, Brooks. Rives. L ' '23 Eg ' H ,iff C to A YW JI si e e +9 TC 'Qi ' C yy ,T y, . 7 1-,ilij T . - C - f . T QQ , a" ' s o M12 R' lj . ' ' ylizgngi . V Q ,T ,, 'Tv,'Hl4uL,,QL-WL,-,,, 3' L, Y,-fr, W I ' V iv L , L QQ ' ,, -5. 1. ,W T ., -, tv-. 4, , . . sf-N ' 4 1-'a .4-1 gljsx-xi - Y 1 3 1, V ,- ,Y AV 711: ..Y,e F.: 'YYY'-fv',,g,.l 21,34 - F A li Y " A17 Y ' V xiiirir rx MFA Y AfYff,:ggY:.Nm. V AA Y Page 339 First Row: Baker, Berry, Bi cl g o o d , Bloodworth, Brooks, Carroll, Chap- man, Cleveland . . . Sec- ond Row: Crow, Ether- edge, Harris, Hayes, How- ard, Inge, Lamar, Le- Blanc . . , Third Row: Lukens, McConnell, Mc- Eniry, Moss, Nettles, O'Rear, Parker, Rhea, . . . Fourth Row: Riddick, Salmon, Salter, Spradley, Stough, Thompson, Thorn- ton, Ward, Wertz. DRUID . PROMOTERS OF ALABAMA'S "HELLO. WEEK" Druids, which was established at the University in l93O, is the outstanding organization on this campus for the recognition of freshmen for all-round abilities. Each year it selects the freshman men from all schools and colleges located here who have been outstanding both scholastically and in extra-curricular activities. "The purpose of this fraternity is to act as a service group to the administration, the faculty, the students, and the different organizations and clubs of the University of Alabama. OFFICERS JOHN SPEIGHT . . ..... . . . President CHARLIE MCBURNEY , .... . . Vice-President DAN DONALD , A . Secretary-Treasurer Members, Ed Welch Brevdrd Hand John Speight Charlie McBurney Dan Donald Clark Fuller George Powers Micky LeMaistre Jack Marsh B. G. Stamps Bill Follo Grover Murchison Dick Bliss Jim Beech Harry Gary Lawerence Fassman Tom Fitzpatrick Chester Branyon Sam Skemp Seymour Yeates l l-L 3' i f 'Bl I' -V J f Tau' vx T! 1- -:fl iff, .r'Q'.iass.-- 1 'l l A 'L ..-.--ii to Q4 RH LPH .THE HONORED FRATERNITY "RATS" Each year the outstanding freshman in each fraternity is chosen for membership in Rho Alpha Tau. One non-fraternity man is selected from the campus as a whole. Being founded at the University here in l925, Rho Alpha Tau has as its purpose: "To try in every way to acquaint its members with University life and to imbue them with honorable ideals of worthy attainment." During the year, Rho Alpha Tau had smokers for prospective members, dance leadouts, and carried on many more campus activities. OFFICERS CECIL DUFFEE . . ..,., . , President HENRY L. HEATH . . .... . Vice-President WALTER SCHOEL, JR. . , Secretary Members Cecil Duffee Henry L. Heath Walter Schoel, Jr. Harry Martin Phil Lightfoot Charlie Woodman Bill Wilson Dave Kilgore Robert B. Doyle, Jr. Charles J. Varn Homer Davis John Held Maurice W. Haisten Robert H. Williams, Jr Frank Darr Whitson H. Clements David Hall VVilliam Rubenstein Thomas W. Hudson, Jr Perry B. lngram Walter R. Carlson, Jr. Page 340 First Row: Speight, Mc- Burney, Donald, Fuller, Powers . . . Second Row: LeMaistre, Welch, Marsh, Stamps, Follo . . . Third Row: Murchison, Bliss, Hand, Gary, Fassman, Fitzpatrick. - -I - ' A t fu r vf -D -- i ' W of , -Q.: .. ji- F I - l ' -l -JF " -A . ,il I r , A '------T ll ll I I 'L '-"""'., 'x '." "" , ,,.. 1. M - - - ' "Z fi- .- F- " , . s.L"L'KtQl-Ii-'L-. : ....- . Y . fQ-' gif!! AA 'ingzix-.2 a 2' i-'lfifg l i ' A! lfliqixiogj .Z -15-,..,L a "' ,D-fr t 'L 4,2-k em Q f ff' Hr! 4 ,vis-j X ' ' " ' -3 'Sf f fy? it owgaz r' we Page 341 First Row: Duffee, Heath, Schoel, Martin, Lightfoot, Woodman, Wilson . . . Second Row: Kilgore, Doyle, Varn, Davis, Held, Haisten, Carlson . . . Third Row: Williams, D o r r 5 Clements, Hall, Hudson, Ingram. T R I A N C5 L E .THE LOCAL SENIOR SERVICE ORGANIZATION Triangle is a local senior organization. Its purposes are to recognize sixty outstanding senior women, to serve as a nucleus of senior women students that shall inspire and direct The undergraduate wornen students in Their orientation to the University, and To serve Through the year as a group of advisers for freshman woman students. OFFICERS HELEN YARBROUGH . . . . . President SHIRLEY ALLISON , . . Secretary DELPI-IINE Tl-IETFORD . . Treasurer Members Seleta Bell Cook Jean Kerr Roberta Richardson Shirley Allison Ruth Crow Mary Larnonf Marie Riley Jane Berry Jo Byrd Dillon Juanita Lassiter Mary Craig Roberts Lau Betts Adieleen Donaldson Foster Betiy Long Nell Rockett Virginia Blackburn Helen Duggar Shirley Maring Sarah Ellen Schmidt VVanda Bolton Elinor Goodman Melba Morgan Sally Sawyer Mary Bryant Ree Graham Mariorie Morgan Flora Shirley Eloise Burdeshaw Rosser Jeanne Hails Julia Morris Ruth Lake Skinner Margaret Campbell Ruth Harrod Mary Moulton Bettie Rae Mason Carolyn Carpenter Louise Hatcher Sara Naff Margaret Snowden Clara Chambers Barbara Ann Hodge Shirley Moore Delphine TheTford Geraldine Childress Camela Jeffries Winona Nicholson Martha Witherington Wylene Clark Jean Johnson Mary Frances Norton Dorothy Wright Thrath Cobb Betty Jones Mildred Pipes MargareT Wrye Mary Frances Connor Martha Lou Jones Rosemary Powe Helen Yarbrough Frances Conway Sue Robinson I Q-L 5 , i i ' V c ' ill K ,L Z4 I. X., l Y V gk A f I 1.5" g V: E . : I - L I wir?-:Z t .li h 7 gf X V. . ,.-Y I A..f- I V .l-- ' f '- s 5 ' , "- -.- ' A .1 ,' ' k- . 1- - , C , " 1, '-""1"-1 ' qwtgsf.-T-1'7!. ..!1 1 KJ 1 U I I - l v J. --' L . A A 1 ..-'XML 3 ' .A Guia . THE SWEETHEARTS OF THE UNIVERSITY CADET CORPS Guidon is The sister organization to Scabbard and Blade. 'Its goals are To be of service in any way to The University, to The community charitable organizations, and to promoTe a better feeling of unity and fellowship among The women students. Guidon's chief activity during The past Two years has been to be of The greatest possible use in The war effort, and To act as hosTess to The Air Cadets who came to The campus in March. OFFICERS CLARA VVITSELL I . ..... . President ARDATH CRUMPTON . . Treasurer CAIVIILLA SUTTON , , Secreixgiry Members Mildred Pipes Louise Hatcher Jane Berry Helen Leeper Nell McGowan Ardath Crompton Alice Wise Mary Jane Mitchell Minnie Hayes Clara Witsell Camilla Sutton Frances Dean BeTty Long Shirley Coogan Shirley Robson Jane Harrell Martha Patton Frances Waiers Luvola Huffsfutler Page 342 Georgia Taul Frances Robinson Mary Katherine Johnson Carolyn Nichols Janet Simpson Susan Caldwell Betty DeVore Jackie Brown Helen Minor Betty Gehrken J N1 First Row: Allison, Berry, Betts, Blackburn, Bolton, Bryant, Rosser, Campbell, Carpenter, Chambers, Childress . . . Second Row: Clark, Cobb, Con- nor, Conway, Cook, Crow, Dillon, Goodman, Graham, Hails, Harrod . . . Third Row: Hatcher, Hodge, Jeffries, Johnson, Jones, Lamont, Lasseter, Long, Maring, Morgan, Morris . . . Fourth Row: Moulton, Moore Nichol- son, Norton, Pipes, Powe, Richardson, Riley, Rob- erts, Roclcett . . . Fifth Row: Schmidt, Sawyer, Skinner, Mason, Snow- clen, Thetford, Withering- ton, Wright, Wrye, Yar- brough. -a o , N -A gin- 1, 5 , , i ' - Xl! --S nfl, o S' e r . c'-I 4.5 - T ' ' - -A -- J . -F 1 ' .,, "'7'f"T ,,, " 11 ' 1 . , - gr--vv g ' 4 vx . g 4 , V- -- -' 7,4 V' - l . ' Q1 , !4'Lx44'L. 1fZ1 1"'.'f4-' 'urge .M .zeal-E:-ae.:-4: L: i..:fri': l l 1 4ff"-501-391: J Page 343 First Row: Pipes, Hatch- er, Berry, Leeper, Crump- ton, Wise, Mitchell . . . Second Row: Witsell, Sutton, Dean, Long, Coo- gan, Robson, Harrell . . . Third Row: Patton, Wa- ters, Hutfstutler, Taul, Robinson, Hayes, Nichols . . . Fourth Row: Simpson, Caldwell, DeVore, Brown, Minor, Gehrken. THET . THE UNDERCLASS "SLIP-STICK" LEADERS Typical of all the engineering organizations, Theta Tau is most active. It plays a large part in making St. PaT's Day, The annual holiday fcr the "slip-stick" boys", a big affair. On this day, Theta Tau presents a Trophy to The outstanding engineering student. The winner This year was Jack Bean. The purpose of Theta Tau is to develop and maintain a high standard professional interest among its members, to unite them in a strong band of fraternal fellowship, to further a feeling of brotherhood among its members, to furnish an incentive for better scholarship, and to render service to The College of Engineering, OFFICERS RUSSELL HOFFMAN . . . . . . President HAROLD JOHNSON , . Vice-President J. V. RIVES . . . . . Secretary FRED MCFARLAND . . Treasurer Members Edward Lyle William Sawyer James Hill James Dwyer Paul McCollum John Slosar Warren Ross George Finkbeiner Fred McFarland Edward Snipes Frank Deems Herbert Gray Albert Mclnnis Robert Whitehurst Jack Allen Russell Hoffman Felix Moss Walter Wilson James Sawyer Alfred Holston Harald Owen Larry Yarbrough David Crockett Harold Johnson J. V. Rives Harold Kibbee Edward Starkey Sherwood Lawrence Roy Sanders William Crow Jack Bean William Sanders Frank Nyilas I i '1 LC A5 fs-his 'BI ,' J f 1-S." ' ' I- i ' . I . - :Lf .. ' ,I C ,f Q : Q M xl I , ,pf '.: -,A f l ..- I .I-L . - tr..-. .- .I . ,, V, l ' I '. Q , V I. I X In .-n--17,-.- Iqtxgeis-.S .gs T: I 'I i I -. lqX ' - .-' 6' . .A 1 ...'X"'i.11f ' .4 H I E L T P H I THE ONLY NATIONAL WOMEN'S LITERARY SOCIETY Chi Delta Phi works to form bodies of representative women who shall, by their influence and their literary interest, uphold The highest ideals of a liberal education, to provide a means whereby congenial groups of women of a literary inclination may meet for The purpose of informal study and entertainment, to raise The standards of productive literary work among the women students in the colleges and universities, to furnish the highest rewards for conscientious efforts in furthering The best interests of literature in The broadest sense of the word by election To membership in The sorority, based upon such efforts. OFFICERS MARJORIE WARTH . . .... . President MARY EMILY CLAIBORNE , , Secretgry EMILY RAGIXIELLI 4 . , Treqgurer PEGGY IVIAULDIN . . ECJITOI' Members Rebecca Averyt Anna Laura Brown Mary Emily Claiborne Laura Hammond Barbara Hodge Mary Jane Laughlin Peggy Mauldin Margaret Ann Morgan Emily Ragnelli Andrea Scarborough Frarcis Schell Sara Ellen Schmidt Janet Simpson Alma Vaughn Marie Wait Page 344 Ruth Ward Connie Morris Turnipseed Ann Wood Helen Batchelor Beryl Ivy Nancy Dickson Mildred Smith Patricia Deems Clara Ellen Slaton Joyce Hardin Ann Darrah Clarice Weeks Jean Cowsert Faye Sperling Winifred Young 2 R Firsf Row: Dwyer, Fink- beiner, Gray, Hoffman, Holston, Johnson, Mc- Collum, Mclnnis . . . Sec- ond Row: Moss, Rives, Sanders, R., Sanders, W., Sawyer, Slosar, Snipes, Whitehursf . . . Third Row: Wilson, Yarbrough, Kibbee, Crow, Ross, Saw- yer, Crockett, Starkey, Bean. - -J ' J- -43.- 3 I ' ' . N A Xl - fr- 7 N' -- . 'C 'f.. ' ' 1.3-'iv y ' nh I Q M I , . I " 7.1 s . . "' 9.L"LL--i.'L-Q. : . ...Q Y.. . 7Q-' I QE!! Al..li1lZ::-ia:-g: A Jpalfgnfg l 1 ' if lilliiqgl ..i' Page 345 First Row: Averyt, Brown, Claiborne, Hammond, Hodge, Laughlin, Maul- din . . . Second Row: Morgan, Scarborough, Schmidt, Simpson, Vaughn, Ward, Turnip- seed . . . Third Row: Wood, Batchelor, Ivy, Dickson, Smith, Slaton, Hardin, Young, D E L T I G M A P I . FOSTERS THE STUDY OF BUSINESS IN UNIVERSITIES Delta Sigrna Pi is an honorary business fraternity. Its goals are to foster the study ot business in universities, to encourage scholarship and the association at students for their mutual advancement by research and practice, to promote closer affiliation between the commercial world anal students ot commerce, and to turther a higher standard ot commercial ethics and culture and the civic and commercial weltare ot the community. OFFICERS MORRIS B. WOOD . .,.. . President ELDQN Q, KUNZE , Vice-President JOHN W. BROWN . . Scribe RALPH RENFROE . . Treasurer Faculty Members Leroy J. Nations Marcus A. Whitman James A. Holladay Capt. Paul Thomas Student Members Zenon Dembitsky Wilson R, Haig Donald Mills Houston Eddins George P. Howard Thomas Parker Harry Balzan John W. Brown Harry Y. Dempsey Gearge Gammon Lee B. Lloyd Michael Matsos Carl Moran Morris Wood Byron Hale Ralph Rentroe Vernon Cole Banks Eudy, Jr. Henry Ford Joseph Johnson R. C. Joiner Eldon Kunze William T. Lull Frank Ricords Keith Yoder Richard Close Wilson Durham Willis Darby Dwight Mclnish Glenn Manning James S. Brabham Henry Nichols, Jr. OFFICERS t -.L -1 f",cl ,Z , 'Q I5 5 ' nat: f I A , nf- 0 ' . '- 1 '. 'ire'-.-1 ,L I 1 r. vgf -L .. rr1924..ez.5 55.11-.2..'i FE. L..Pq"" P 1 11. jffw r' sim- 'l l , A ..-.rc 'Fl' CA LI HU LUB . THE FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA The National Home Ec Association was established at Alabama in I927. Since then, its primary purposes have grown to be the promotion of friendliness amcng Home Economics students, to sponsor the Dime Dances in the Union Building every Tuesday night, and to study the work ot other Home Economists.. Members Mary K. Armour Evelyn Arthur Jayne Armstrong Mary Dean Baccus Thelma Baldwin Virginia Battersby Claire Bayles Mary Bolt Peggy Bonner Hilda Black Dot Brodbeck Mary F. Bradshaw Betty Brown Suzanne Bunn Wallace Bruner Jo Ann Caine Elna Carpenter Eugenia Carson Ellen Chapman JANE HARRELL JANE KIMBROUGH . Margaret Clemons Thraith Cobb Ruth Coleman Jean Cosby Daisy Crandall Joan Crane Betty Cranford Ruth Crow Dorothy Dale Elizabeth Darrah Helene Dauphin Annette Davis Eleanor Davis Sara Davis Mary C. Deavers Emily Dent Virginia Dice Betty Jane Dickson June Essberg Melna Farmer Mary Folmar Frances Frost Virginia Gaddis Frances Garrett Ginnie Garth Jean Gibson Jane Griffin Sara Grisson Margaret Grubbs Bessie Haggard Sarah Hamilton Laura Hammond Jane Harrell Ann Hawkins Elaine Heaton Sybil Hearn Annie L. Hickman Cecil Hudson Luvola Hutfstutler Betty Hughston Carolyn Huie Nancy Hopkins Elsa Hyndman Betty lnglebert Jean Johnson Elizabeth Johnston Eleanor Jones Lillian Jones Ruth Jones Ethyl Kess Catherine Kelly Jane Kimbrough Ann Koeppert Janet Kuder Margaret King Bettie Lee Helen Leeper Page 346 Johnnie Leggitt Chris Lester Nettie J. Lewis Jean Lichenstein Miriam Lipson Augusta Little Martha Maddox Elizabeth Mallery Genie B. Mathews Nina S. Mathis Dixie Massingill Sara Millar Mary Helen Mims Tere McGowin Florence Morton Melba Morgan Nell Niederhauser Mary M. Nielson Kelsie Nixon . President . Secretary Isabell Orr Zaphero Pappas Martha Parish Virginia Pridmore June Prickett Sara Nell Price Mary E. Phillips Barbara Powell Sally Rainer Elizabeth Reams Frances Rew Jean Rowley Marion Sankey Ann Schultz Carolyn Shaw Myrtle Snider Frances Smith Virginia Speed Ruby N. Spencer Annis Steinley Nancy Stabler Marily Sutton Dot Swaringen Martha Smyer Aileene Taylor Ida Taylor Margaret Taylor Norma Taylor Delphine Thetford Kathleen Thompson Mary Thompson Joan Thornbury Barbara Thulin Maria Wait Mary Jane Ward Katherine Watkins Billie Wilbourne Beatrice Williams Joyce Whittington 5 i '73 ' 93+ S71 T EL" 1 Pzg..-QQ , P -:? 7s,,5?'t -- .,?,...r.. . .-.c.1 ,. 1 'l T ,i . .+I IJ 1 l l r' - A up 4 ' url " 5 - V -I L.:- Y c xl f - Z. ,.. . - J " I L-li.. n'..- -" ' 4 V' ' ' ' .ug . r . ..l-' 4121! ' 'f' . , . . l Li l i 2::.aa:-.: Q :Gui-fffnfl 't P .3 . . if fi i- "' fi. ', . V - f l . r ' .e f i l vi l '. i : 'i ' -. -if .. . l lc J K I ci r Y l U ri First Row: Howard, Park- er, Balzan, Brown, Demp sey, Gammon, Moran Wood . . . Second Row I Hale, Rentroe, Eudy, Ford, Johnson, Joiner, Kunze, Ricords . . Third Row: Yoder, Close, Durham, Darby, Mclnish Manning, Brabham Nichols. .-.--..5- .K ,L -,5 P .rm Jig: ,. n A tok M,-W-W, 42:1 44- . '- fl I Qt!! 1 v 3 I uf it x , Z 'HY l ,, . 6 f Sf... ,A .4 .T ,.., , Q . 0 K A 1 f f '- lies! ' ' T' ' . 'r' . ' '-:A - 5 ' '7 :Wi 1f'f'22r W 3-2 ' , 225529 i.:'4h fr -W7 . j I . - i. 4 . . l - G-Sea , . wr: fa-t' ' 'EP 0 V .. . . .,, . -A , - , - '- .. ' ,. : S , , A- SP-i ' - 5-, fi? ' , 1,53 3 ' 'r-- wi.. i-- -. .P , - v -5 r T C 4' 'E i qi - 1 i "' . of V 5 ' 'hifi - ' V P " H i It 11' i if if . Qi.. lk 1 .' ' , ' 'r 'Psi-r . ' .. 31.5 -rlsirrli i, . ..., -.. Q52 .. ' -' if .. - - - f M ' - Q ,.. f-.- 2. .P '- 2 .523 93: , ' --L . i , - 5- .'P f .. , if - .- .' fr... fa P -5, sw-f,?' 1 .c ' Fu... ,- ff-2 9 f " . Q- A - ' . 1-li' 5 9. .4 if?" 1-4' il . , 7 '- 'Q i f 1 V, . v I , . A if 1 T ' 1 .fb -as seas. A P , ,if . Z. gr. : 1, .- -Y: 1 -4 . - .fy f X - . 2: ,Q W 1-Q,-.:,-' if--.5 My -..P- fi, .:: - . .V ,,,.,- .,p-sirg P: 41:-4 -1 ,., ',.. M 531:11-:iii ff Q5 Q-' f ' f ' t' " - , 1 .fwiw 3924221 s 7. ' P P.g's.-as ,P , 11 1 ' . VM M .,'jg-gas-3: -:,Ps P i 'Q ,"g.jf,f-- ,P :-5, .5-,gms ' . i - .,f:,,: ,-eP.f.P 1 - ' ' -, :- fP- P. , J. .P " 'W - .. , . -:-, '- 1-1 -P . . fi- ' if -- f - . P P , -"' s - . 'W Q W' . .P 31 3, iff -45+ " 1 '-fb' 1 -ff: 'Lf fe" '- ' .-." fi.',' . " of , 1 ass' 595 .V J' '-., ' , ., V A 14 IZ " g. 1:2 1' ff .' - . 1. .QE 'J ., + -, 775 V" jff ,252 1 . . G P he ,, . .. fr s ffhf' 5. -- 3 . -f' A L.. Ps .E . Q . . .,.f51. QPE fZiL,,,vfZT'--'f"5'f. P . 3 - .' g . 45 '- I ' i ss' ,. "l - " 5521514Pfi'.::z.,21Y2"c'f'7! . . , ". . . ' M2 U 7 'f, .QF1-.!1i.'5fT '::Y'ft13 '23132'-'iifClNif'i?E?f?W s- if 'iiT312i'IETE3H5Ei9Z'?7W2?YWT .P.:::x-1 .5-f. ., .- , P.-. P- ' ,. ., -1,P.:.q,.-f , ., -M. 51.55.-.1 1- -PP.Qfl,igc:4PS N ,g-Q54 .,g,P.f. - .Pe - r,, g.,:P':i.-f we-4 -:T T' . . .P ' Y ' -' I T 1' 5 . P. 1. ifl ' I U ?."""1.'sIY' ' .- f .. '-.if - 5 -. . --55.2.5 -- " i ' . 5. 1-f:?'..sif1f . 'f' ff .1 2 1' -if 5?-i2 W .' JI' 31 il P ,. .M I . P- . f -s . ,4 -1 1 .P .. v. P 7 P si .. As- r - . 2 we . Q. ... pu. .M Mi- es .1-v 1- . .Mit ?' if ? - 5 'IIE 'H f g- - Fgflsy Q- 5' , if 3 9? P- - "' -sift 1 lf- 3, 5-., P-.---,Y - 1.5.9 . 1 ,Ugzg ,l . . f 2 :ii - . ll H6 f f- if . -fr rv, .5253 eral- mf . . . .fiat ,7 41 ' . , ,' - we 1- -im' '- fi - -.4 1-Q.. W-QW M H M . ' P+ Y -- 1-252.51 P..-.Pz 1. ae .. .. -5' 1 " CP '. , ' . P- ' ,- ' P- - . . S- ' . . w . sf 1: H ' - A 2 -P s- lf- :Z .li we f .fi r' 1'-V'-' ' 2' J' ' X P. ' " Lie P-. 75" :.-1-2 ' - iff 'fi-Q one -, . j 1 2 1' .q:...fy- Jew ' - . 7 .-mr- L-: -.-2191... ,v -.. .W . -ix-Q f-.-:....4-'.- 1 - . P- P- -s -P.-Piw,-we f- .- .P P Q, w h . .rv . gf .-W. ..isy..,'.P - , ,vfeavy 9-i4Qzf.c-...4 -P.,. f: as-. ' " -1-1:4 P . ...W .1 - .,U,,52 r94-1fz.:fsf4,za?gWZg'.v- .- 4- 1 - .43 f Q H+. 4674? .z-.,f1.qf,.y-swwwz-. '.-.X Yaizif-Cf' .551 g:'2-'EW . ' I 212- '?Z".2f!ffFc:9fij5 if "s :ff Lzf -' ' J- jllizf-'-.U :ff " - iii'-22.2 ff' 63321 tu Fl' "4 51' P f. 'ff . X. -r' - -. "N X Fu? ' fiixi 3 P ' , -. ' , . . - Page 347 if lilikcij 11 A i First Row: Armour, Arm- strong, Baldwin, Black, B u n n , Bruner, Caine, Chapman, Clemons, Cos- by, Crandall, Cranford, Crow, Dale . . . Second Row: Davis, A., Davis, E., Deavers, Dent, Esslourg, Folmar, Frost, Gaddis, Garrett, Garth, Gibson, Gritfen, Grissom, Grubbs , , . Third Row: Haggard, Watkins, Hammond, Har- rell, Hawkins, Heaton, Hickman, Hudson, Hutt- stutler, Hughston, John- son, Kelly, Kimbrough, Kuder . . . Fourth Row: Lee, Leeper, Leggitt, Les- ter, Lewis, Lichenstein, Lipson, Little, Maddox, Mathews, Millar, Mims, MCG-owin, Niederhouser . . . Fifth Row: Neilson, Nixon, Orr, Pappas, Par- ish, Prickett, Phillips, Powell, Rainer, S., Rew, Rowley, Sankey, Snider, Smith . . . Sixth Row: Speed, Spencer, Steinley, Sutton, Smyer, Taylor, A., Taylor, I., Taylor, M., Ward, Thetford, Thomp- son, K., Thompson, M., Thornbury. 1 1 OFFICERS PHI UP HC? CR . EMPHASIZES THE VALUE OF NUTRITION National professional organization for students in the School of Home Economics, Phi Upsilon Omicron established a chapter on the Alabama campus in I936. Much like Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Upsilon Omicron recognizes outstanding achievement by students in the home economics department. The local chapter has done much to carry out the purposes of Phi Upsilon Omicron which are "to establish and strengthen bonds of friendship, to promote the moral and intellectual development of its members, and to advance and promote Home Economics. The local chapter is one of 33 such chapters scattered throughout the nation's colleges and universities. SELETA BELLE COOK . MARY BARR BRYANT . Members Virginia Blackburn Mary Barr Bryant Wanda Bolton Susanne Bunn Thrath Cobb Seleta Belle Cook Ruth Crow Adaline D. Foster Jean Johnson Margaret Morgan Sally Rainer Ruby Nell Spencer Hilda Black . President Secretary Jean Holley Luvola I-luffstutler Cecile Hudson Helen Leeper Virginia Pridmore Frances Robinson Eudora Rosser Margaret Campbell I , H.-lun K ,--A , . Q. I E . I - T it ' - 'i"":'1. '1 6' . s -' ' 'F fit -.4--fs' -0112511-9l-s : Q x-.ease iZ!. 2.951 " i 1- JW 3'----7 ' 'rl' . A '. ..,-'WL 2 -.. LPH PP I . THE OLDEST NATIONAL COMMERCIAL FRATERNITY Alpha Kappa Psi, as a professional fraternity, offers to its members a training supplementary to that of the classroom. It enriches the formal training of the school by means of contacts with the practical affairs and men of the business world. This organization awards annually a medallion to the highest ranking male student of the iunior class. Any regularly enrolled male student is eligible to receive this award. It is the oldest Commerce Fraternity. OFFICERS FORREST ADAMS . .... , . President EDWARD D. SMITH . . . . . Vice-President BAKER FLOWERS . . . . Secretary WALTER MIECZKOWSKI , . Treasure,- Faculty Members Lee Bidgood Chester H. Knight S. Paul Garner James B. McMillan Edward H. Anderson Ralph E. Adams Student Members Michael Greene Edward Smith Walter Mieczkowski James Parrish Paul McClung Forrest Adams Thomas Bevil Baker Flowers John Browning Lewis Freeark William Costello Page 348 Jack Wallace Herbert Seagard Herbert Cooke David McKeown George Puckett Ray James John Barr Urban Bergbauer Wilburn Knight Felix Helms 'TN P i 9 ..i. A 1 ' ' ' V f -- on i, is , ' Q i - ,-- - --"- - 1 1- 1 v , 5,1 'ii-Q : vm- YQ-' arf!! i E i ,f A b ,,p-- , YN 44 1 EEG iz::.'a.::.-3 . Firsf Row: Brycnf, Bolion, Bunn, Cobb, Cook, Crow . . . Second Row: John- son, Morgcn, Rainer, Spencer, Black, Comp- bell . . . Third Row: Holley, Huffsfutler, Hud- son, Leeper, Robinson. i A 1- ll ' -.- '------M .if - . 'I 1 fain: X Z X, ' C in Page 349 Firsf Row: Greene, Smith, Mieczkowski, Parrish, Mc- Clung . . . Second Row: Adams, Bevil, Flowers, Browning, Freeurk . . . Third Row: Secigard, Cooke, James, Bergbouer, Knight, Helms. Z E T P H I E T PROMOTES CHARM IN WOMEN'S SPEECH Zeta Phi Eta is a "National Honorary professional speech organization for women." Xi chapter here at Alabama was begun in I93I and is one of a group of 22 chapters located in the major colleges and universities of the country. This notable speech organization was founded at Northwestern University in I893 and immediately began to establish itself in the nation's schools. Being one of the most active collegiate organizations, Zeta Phi Eta does fine work in the speech field for women and as a report of its activities, it publishes a quarterly magazine called the "Cameo". SHIRLEY COOGAN MARY MOULTON ANNE HOLLIDAY MARY LAMONT . ANDREA GARGILE Members Shirley Coogan Andrea Cargile Madeline Hilty Ann Holliday Mary Moulton OFFICERS Mary Lamont Mary Ellen Phifer Frences Sue Robinson Ed Archibald Mary Claiborne . President Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . Marshall Rebecca Coleman Martha Ingram Rosa Lee Richards Flora Shirey Margie Woodward Dorothy Yeates 1 of C 'rin j , - . I t r ,L 4 IR, 6. l. .4 gl: A if FW. ,jjj ? 1 o - " iv z -1' . ,grf 'fi' 'I ' fi . -. x ' 'D -- I fp: Pg' fT!.L..rqg" v 1 L. Tix .r-ties: ' 'A LPH EP IL DELT . THE MUCH-NEEDED DOCTORS FOR THE FUTURE Alpha Epsilon Delta is a pre-medical fraternity and has as its major purpose the furtheing of fraternity and friendliness among the future doctors of the nation. This hard working organization was founded here at the University of Alabama in l926. Its fine program imediately spread throughout the nation and the group now boasts of thirty-two chapters located in scme of the major American universities. Alpha Epsilon Delta through its fine work has given many distinguished M.D.'s to the medical profession. OFFICERS ALLEN ORY . . , . . . , , President MICKEY LEMAISTRE , Viqje-President . . A Seqrejgry DAN DONALD I - - . Treasurer IVIAR-l'l'lA JEAN LEATH . I Hjsforjgn Faculty Members Dr. Jack P. Montgomery Dr. Emmett B. Carmichael Dr. Benjamin A. Wooten Dr. George S. Graham Dr. Charles M. Pomerat Dr. Septima C. Smith Dr. J. Henry Walker Mr. C. G. Breckenridge Dr. J. Gordon Carlson Dr. Alvin V. Beatty Student Members William H. Baria William M. Brock James A. Davis, Jr. Charles H. Day John D. Elmore Dorothy G. Finely James E. Foster Joseph F. Garner Joseph W. Glaister Albert M. Goggans Hermon N. Hamilton Boyce L. Hanks Robert O. Harris, Ill Rufus A. lgou, Jr. Jack Jones Don E. King Louis Landrum Fred E. Lawrence James T. Littlejohn William A. Maddox Roscoe S. Maxwell Charles D. Myers Edward A. Millar Maxwell Moody. Jr. Elbert L. Moore Robert O. Norton Robert S. B. Penton Milton C. Ragsdale Fay M. Randall, Jr. Milton B. Rubin Paul P. Salter, Jr. William J. Shamblin Lewis C. Sharman Henry K. Tippins Peter A. Trice John E. Wear Thomas H. Williams Robert F. Williford Willis D. Bidgood Edgar W. Branyon, Jr James M. Burnett Morton B. Carlton Edwin D. Carpenter Dan W. Chapman Harold N. Cooley Ernest S. Crawford Donald H. Crook Page 350 William B. Crum Joe W. Denson Dan C. Donald, Jr. Helen K. Duggar Dominic R. Elia Aubrey T. Hornsby Juanita Lasseter Martha J. Leath Charles A. LeMaistre Douglas McRee Bette Rae S. Mason Stanley R. Meigs Jane Merrill Louise Michaelis Charles W. Moffett, Jr. Doak Mudd Grover C. Murchison Norman Nash Alan A. OW Claude E. Parish Edmund C. Payne Guy L. Rutledge, Jr. James J. Somejeden Morgan E. Scott Joseph W. Sewell, Jr. Alwyn A. Shugerman Jay V. Stanger James I. Thorn Homer P. Wiley John E. Wood A-q. Firsf Row: Coogan, Car- gile, Hiliy, Moulfon, La- monf, Robinson . . . Second Row: Archibald, Claiborne, Coleman, ln- gram, Richards, Wood- wardp ' ,. IQ- ,. fx LF. o,i. - . fi L- , V M f me ef- - s -5: ""'-N-+ 4. 1 U55i'j:e . ' lv ee- Q -f ' ., '1 I 1 . ,--- 1 Is. ai- -- 1 A I 1 . h - , -- .. lv, , '. 5,1 U"hL-1 'L-. .. .- . ts' " 'Q ...' 4-ffl! NAA li1 I Z::a.:.-4.1: . Epi--I ffl:-E K l. B ' L' lin! 91091 .l- Page 351 First Row: Davis, Elmore, Garner, Harris, Maddox, Maxwell, Meyers . . . Second Row: Ragsdale, Rubin, Salier, Trice, Wil- liams, Bidgood, Branyon . . . Third Row: Chap- man, Donald, C r u m , Hornsby, Lassefer, Leafh, LeMaisire . . . Fourth Row: McRee, Mason, Mer- rill, Murchison, Payne, Rutledge, Sewell, Wiley. EXCEL ICR LITER RY SOCIETY Excelsior was founded on the Alabama campus in l92i and now boasts of 36 members. During the last few years, Excelsior has become one of the most wide awake organizations here at the University. Its annual Talent and Short Story contests encourage students to develop their abilities in writing and speaking. The purpose of Excelsior is to promote excellency in speaking and to foster a spirit of friendliness on the campus. OFFICERS JOE KANTER . . .... . , President TOM KING . . . . . . Vice-President LAMAR SANDERS , . Secretary-Treasurer Members Lamar Sanders Ed Morgan Bert Broder Marshall Gordon Tom King Yale Friedlancler David Blumberg Harry Labowitz Jake White Julian Lichter Irving Koffler Fred Smith Irvin Siegal Allen Korn Bill Sheridan Leon Stewart Jae Kanter Al Hollander Mark Shatz Frank Jacobson Talmadge Amberson Sidney Goldberg Ralph Franco Jack Green Ralph Napolitano Clarence Rhea Harry Riddick Alvin Tenenbaum Charles Whitfield Douglas Coretti Leonard Miller Neil Metcalf Karl Friedman Fred Berman Carl Moran 5 -.I- X ff, U - gh, 6. l d q nib sch if ,Twig ,EM - N I u ' -. g I- 1 . Qtr 1-'ii' 3 ' k T K , 'J I,. I .JE 'pl u:Q.,.ea.5 s lr . lf. LAY' F J L. JW. .rfiess 'I '. --fu. - in SOCIETY PHILOM THI LITER RY Philomathic society is an honorary literary organization whose object is to offer an opportunity for students to develop ability in public speaking, debating, and expression. It conducts a forum for discussion of public affairs by regular programs, and seeks to develop the art of self-expression in this manner. Election to membership is based on merit. Philomathic was incorporated in T843 by act of Alabama Legislature. lt is one of the oldest corporations in the state. OFFICERS BOB PIPER . . . .... , , President MARION MCMURPHY - . Vice-President Members Gleen Curlee William Murray Hqrvey Whife Bob Piper Lee Duval Quentin Payne Wcifer Wilson Marion McMurphy Foster Etheredge Carl Pullum Tam McEniry Billy Cunningham Roy Flynn J. V. Rives Norris Wimberley Furman Baker George Bloodworth Bill Brooks Jack Carr .lack Carter Frank Crumley Arthur Hardegree George Howard Frank Johnson Albert Lewis Lee McEachern Charles McKay Reese Murray Page 352 Harold Ritchie Macon Roberts Lewis Salmon Ed Scruggs Walter Spradley Sellers Stough Russell Thornton Clark Fuller Ned Mudd Hugh Praytor Hal King Billy Reneau R, A. Dowling ny i .- L ll . L 3 N W ...'23e- t I l u Y l l 1 4. i t i X i e':"'f ,ga J 'SAI it i P iff? 4 7 ig- I.. -1 4 ' , l Q lf! I eff. . 4. . ., f 7 2 Q? if of 2' I w ' f.-ff, - fggeiu- -. A q,l ., k M 1 V , First Row: Sanders, Bro- der, Gordon, King, Fried- londer, Blumberg, Labo- wifz, Lichter . . . Second Row: Koffler, Smith, Sie- gal, Korn, Sheridan, Stewart, Kanter, Shatz , X . . . Third Row: Jacob- son, Amloerson, Gold- Q A , , i berg, Franco, Green, No- gfg ai' '.- .-' Q ' V polifanno, Rhea, Riddick V:'l',., , . . . Fourth Row: Tenen- '4 baum, Whitfield, Coretti, l' ' ,gif ' i 4 Miller, Metcalf, Fried S' ' l ll man, Berman, Moran. - -I ' A - M I Xi -i 'Q ' f....-- - b --- 551. , -g - --V ef 4 ' ,...-..-- ,g 4. .fn . i ., ,A fr A . ,JI . A I w---2 'f '.-" "" ' .. ' 1 . Vw " re - -' - F- -'- fv- lf.. 1- A 9.1.-Li-i. 'L-1-Q : . .. -.S yu . JrQ-' Aff!! 41121 A 2::'aa:-3 9 I i--:fifg , l 1 4 ' A! lillxxpgl I 42' Page 353 First Row: Mclvlurphy, Cunningham, Baker, Brooks Crumley, Curlee, Duvall . . . Second Row: Efheredge, Flynn, Harde- gree, Howard, McEoch- ern, Murray, R., Murray, W .... Third Row: Roberts, Salmon, Scruggs, Spradley, Stough, Thorn- ton, White . . . Fourth Row: Wilson, McEniry, Wimberley, Fuller, Pray- tor, Reneau, Rives. . P ' ASSOCIATIO .THE BACKERS OF ENGINEERS' SOCIAL LIFE The oldest organization of its type, on the Alabama campus, St. Pat's is an Engineering association of the University. Each year the association gives two smokers, and arranges tor the students in engineering school to take a holiday and make merry with the celebration of St. Pat's Day. The festivities this year were complete, with the exception of the usual St. Pat's Dance, which was not held tor patriotic reasons. But on February I7, as in every preceding year, St. Pat held court on the library steps with his queen and her court. OFFICERS JACK. M. BEAN . . . . . . . . President JACK GRAY . . . Vice-President WILLIAM SANDERS . . . Secretary Faculty Members Herbert Gray Art Lukens Oscar Dahlene J. V. Rives Dick Morse James Faircloth James Dwyer Pat O'Dare Warren G. Keith Student Members Larry McDonald Edward Snipes James Reynolds Clark Fuller Jack Bean William Sanders Henry Nixon Fred McFarland I l-L c , . ,L fi . uggb gt if ,X ' L' .L ,. I ' '- "'f1.. J r.- N f '. -- . N: P H I H I T H E T . FUTURE AMERICAN BUSINESSWOMEN Phi Chi Theta was founded at the University ot Chicago in I924, with the local chapter obtaining its charter in I936. The pur- pose ot the organization is: "To foster high ideals tor women in business careers, to encourage traternity and cooperation among women preparing tor such careers, and to stimulate the spirit of sacrifice and unseltish devotion to the attainment ot such ends. Contining its membership to women students in the Commerce School, Phi Chi Theta has taken an active part in the affairs ot that school. OFFICERS LOIS THORNTON . . . . . . President IDA WINDHAM . . . Vice-President ANNA MARY SHERRER . . . Secretary DOROTHY SPINKS . . , . . Treasurer MARGARET HENSON . JANE FITE Honorary Member Miss Mary Woeber Student Members Minnie Lou Betts Clara Chambers Jane Fite Margaret Henson Virginia Maxwell Wynn Meagher Betsy Rogers Dorothy Spinks Lois Thornton Martha Jean Tubb Ida Windham Margaret Anderson Page 354 . . . . Publicity , Program Chairman Marian Haisten Irby Lindsay Marjorie Savage Anna Mary Sherrer Jane Williams Fern Craig Mariorie Pullum Luz r 1-'ISS' NX fkVl'fv 3 sd' H 'fn r, M V S , ., me , , ,4, 45, 5 f, if I Z' A .- V ' M'-E W f 1 L--Y r .2 44.3 -' 1 H, .1 1 , ., ,W . "fan :3ff?f'f",: 5 , 4 ' i :L f l l 3 i f X 1 'Y 4 ' f ' l Q35- lN. il J 'Y I Klil Q' - :Z ,,f'ff,-Jr. N x. ,Grimm '15 J W ' Lil' " 4 l I LH'lL U" ' ' A X fx . if!" " V l QLD' - X V--an 1 - 8 r , First Row: Bean, Gray, Rives, Dwyer, McDonald, Snipes . . . Second Row: Lukens, Morse, O'Dare, Fuller, Nixon, Sanders. , H Q , Y.- -: i . A ,A xii - J. . e .H . --Z - r fs ungfi -1 , i, ,. , 'A' rr. , fl ' - -"' ' 3 U," " ' 3 , ,W , 1 I - ' . . 'sv -"- 7. - K , . -' ' 5!l ?.L"lii:--. L- 5 . .ug 1 , 7A-' 4121! n 2::'a.-ar.-2 L I iqlliifl ' l ' L'f1Il':'x',9j' L l.: Q -.A .3 Page 355 Front Row: Lindsay, File, Spinks, Thornfon, Sher- rer, Windham, Henson . . . Back Row: Anderson, Haisfen, Savage, Betts, Chambers, Tubb, Mecb- her, Williams, Maxwell. A IVI I A N ' S . ALABAMA'S MUSICAL MORALE BUILDERS Playing Tor mosT of The campus dances This year, The Alabamians are recognized as having one of The besT college bands in The SouTh. The Alabamians, a co-operaTive organizaTion, TeaTures TiTTeen men and a girl vocaIisT, Helen Lee. The arrangemenTs are copied in The sTyIe of The naTion's mosT popular orchesTras. The band once did a greaT deal oT Traveling buT presenT-clay TransporTaTion diTTiculTies have confined Them mosTly To The campus. The Alabamians This year have been under The co-direcTion of TuTT Yarbrough and Carl Hallberg. LEADERS TUTT YARBROUGH CARL HALLBERG Saxophones Frank CarpenTer Tom McCullough Carl Hallberg Brass Marshall Fields Charlie Dickerson Euvine MiTchum Lee Jones Jimmy Davis Rhythm Bobby BaTson Eddie Greiner Jimmie Corder Johnny Ray FeT DePraTo Tun Yarbrough Bobby Dickerson Vocalist Helen Lee I l.-L lv A l ill 1' J f' -15" vx Q , - . Q , 'Aa'--1 K V h .,V U .I . A- ,r u, . I ,L vf g-.' " ,arf , -, . ,g s .' :' 'HIE gs. r 1 1-. .rvvrv ,sa-:..2.--. 'l ' A Zo 'e H I L L E L 0 U T I O ADVANCES STUDENTS' RELIGIOUS AND CULTURAL INTERESTS B'nai B'riTh, Hillel FoundaTicn, is a naTionaI crganizaTicn devoTeol To culTuraI, religious, and social wcrlc among Jewish sTudenTs in American colleges and universiTies. The FoundaTion's house, locaTed iusT off The campus, has been The cenTer for many social acTiviTies during The year, and The organizaTicn enTered several Teams in The various sporTs acTiviTies during The year. HAROLD BASOWITZ . SIDNEY GOLDBERG . PEARL FISHER . . LIBBIE RUBIN , . Members Irving Alexander Lorna Angel Joseph Baker Julian BaTlan Harvey Eeniamin Louise Berman STanIey Bloom OFFICERS Samuel Burger Shirley CanTor Goldie Davidson Sidney Ginsberg HerberT Greenberg Emanuel Grunberg Joseph Kcmfor Rosalie Keyser Melba King Page 356 . . PresicIenT . Vice-PresidenT , SecreTary . Treasurer Eugene Perlman HerberT FeTTinger Gideon PoTTer RoberT Rosenberg Mark SchaTz Alwyn Shugarman Vivian Shugarman Mildred Wolch FX ff J ,I ir- C' ,ig -EL-tif.,-X f -4. i . .-3 ff" ' ,f-Lf - 121'-. e . fl-1 fr ix fffff 53,11 il in "Sf ,-UIQ -V fr ' '- - F 1 Q'-, ' w K -D f N X f . i 1 '-Y ' ' W Q ,Eff F -' , Kelli? ' 49 ifw.T'1iideE4flrC C JL . X Page 357 First Row: Mrs. Ende Goldberg, L. Rubin, Bas owitz, Fisher . . . Sec ond Row: Batlan, Walsh Kayser, King, Potter, M Rubin . . . Third Row Rabbi Ende, Burger, Kru ger, Davidson, Green berg, Ellin, Ginsberg . . Fourth Row: Alexander Angel, Rosenberg . . Fifth Row: Baker, Shu german. IVE R ITY PRESS LUB . STUDENT JOURNALISTS TODAY - TOMORROW, EDITORS Although it is a little more than three years old-being organized in February, l91IO-the University Press Club has gone far in reaching its goal of building a unified group of professionally active journalists. Already more than ten of its graduates have entered the professional field and an alumni group is being planned. Membership in the club is restricted to men lournalists of high scholastic and professional abilities. 44 JIM BEACH CHARLES McBURNEY , HOWARD SILBER , Faculty Advisors: Hudson Strode Doyle Buckles John Luskin Members: Rawdon Barnes OFFICERS George Powers Wilton Dillon Norris Wimberly Ed Price Bill Mays Bill Brooks Ed DeMotte President . . . Vice-President . Secretary-Treasurer Billy Wilkes Horace Cade Milton Marks Noble Richardson John Orr Claude Stabler 444444444444 MATRIX . THE NEWSPAPERWOMEN'S TRAINING GROUP Matrix is a women's journalism fraternity, organized to promote interest and friendliness among women students in lournallsm and to give practical experience along this field. Its membership is restricted to women students who are maioring in lournalism at Alabama. ALICE WASHINGTON .... CANNIE MORRIS TURNIPSEED . . Members Barbara Hodge Josephine Byrd Dillon Jean Freeland Uno King Mary Lee Williams Mary Lamont OFFICERS Eldna Sturgis Helen Batchelor Lorraine Nelson Alice Washington Wilda Anderson Marjorie Fondren Martha Sue Wallace Connie Morris Turnipseed Page 358 President Secreta ry Margaret Frazier Nancy Dickson Ann Webster Jacqueline Gaffney Ann Wood Joanne Rhea Mary Jane Laughlin P P A D E L T A P I . THE ASSOCIATION OF SCHOLARLY SCHOOL TEACHERS Membership in Kappa Delta Pi is based upon high scholastic altainments, students who are in the School of Education, and persons who show promise of future usefulness in the field of educational leadership. lt numbers among its members many faculty members of the University. Xi Chapter of the national organization was established here in May, 1922. MARTHA WITHERINGTON . FERNA REE GRAHAM MARY BARR BRYANT DR. H. C. PANNELL EDWIN EARL FLOYD MISS EVA WILSON Student Members Mary Edna Anders Mildred Alice Brakeman Muriel Brittain Thrath Cobb Mrs. Christine Dockery Ernest Edwards WILT OFFICERS Pearl Fisher Edwin Earl Floyd Mrs. Frances Conway Gammon Ferna Ree Graham Nell Rose Holcomb Mrs. Carmelo Mugge Jefferies Ruth Ellen Laney , . President , Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . Recorder . Counselor Betty Long Eudora Rosser Margaret Snowden Mrs. Inez Shepherd Sutton Alma Vaughn Martha Witherington Mrs. Mary Barr Bryant Wilt ... ILI RY . ENCOURAGES CULTURED LIFE AMONG SENIOR WOMEN This organization is an Auxiliary to the Tuscaloosa Branch of A.A.U.W. The chapter at the University of Alabama was the first installed in the United States. It has won much recognition in the National A.A.U.W. Journal for its work. Its purposes are to orientate senior women into the work of the American Association of University Women so that they will better understand its history, purposes, and activities, to encourage a more cultural life as senior women studentsg and to prepare for active participation in com- , M 9 munity life after graduation. OFFICERS LOU BETTS . . , ..... . . . President MIRIAM WILLIAMS . . . . Vice-President MILDRED BRAKEMAN . . . Recording Secretary FRANCES GILLEY . CAROLYN KING . I SARA SAWYER . Members Shirley Allison Rebecca Averyt Alice Allen Edward Archibald Lou Betts Saralyn Brittain Margaret Barron Jane Berry Mildred Brakeman Susanne Bunn Mary Bryant Verna Brazelle Ruth Brown Leona Carpenter Clara Chambers Ruth Crow Mary J. Copeland Nan Cahaley Jean Casteel Seleta B. Cook Margaret Davidson Sara Dismukes Frances Gilley Dorothy Gravlee Elizabeth Gravlee Louise Garner Jo Gillette Oleta Gross Mary Horton Barbara Hodge Christine Jentzen Betty Jones Carolyn F. King Sara Leyden Mary A. Mange Shirley Moore Peggy Morgan Winona Nicholson Marie Riley Sara Robinson Sarah Sawyer Ruth L. Skinner Elizabeth A. Snow Delphine Thetford Mary D. Welch Peggy Whitmire Miriam Williams Susan Caldwell Ardath Crumpton Garland J. Hirsch Ruth Harrod Louise Greene Page 359 Corresponding Secretary . . . . Treasurer . Historian Thrath Cobb Mary J. Nelson Nell Rocket Margaret Snowden Ester Yielding Alma Vaughn Jessica Yellowley Martha Witherington Jean Svendsen Byrice Stewart Jocelyn McEachern Frances Boyd Anne Brunns Margaret Bitz Jeanette Carleton Ruth Laney Mary Fox Allgood Aileen Puckett Miriam Lipson Kathryn Donnelley Elna Carpenter Sara Dickson Flora Shirey Wanda Bolton Nan Tanner Nadine Trammell 41 PPRECIATI ..To Our Photographers We dedicdTe This pdge. The picTures mdlqe The COROLLA, dnd This yeor The Trying condiTions dnd overwhelming demdnds of The drmed forces cdused d CriTicdl shorToge OT Tilm. The men who helped Us geT our pic:Tures seemed To overcome These diTTicUITies vviTh Compdrcrrive edse. OT course We don'T hcive oll The pic:TUres ThoiT we would like To hdve in This 5I sT volume of The COROLLA, IJUT Through The invoiluolole did oind devoTion of Time of our phoTo- groiphic: sToiTT, we oire dple To presenT o Toirly occ:uroTe picTure of life oiT The UniversiTy of Alciboimci since WAR I-IAS COME. IT is wiTh our deepesT oipprecidTion of Their help ond devoTion of Time ThdT we here dcknovvledge The help of our phoTogroiphers: MR. J. VIROIL JONES JOE STARNES HOWARD BINKLEY BENINIY SILVER SAM SIMPSON ROSE LANOAN ir ir ir ir if ir 'A' Pg 360 ir 'A' I WITH CDUR ADVERTISERS if 'A' ir We ELEMENTARY, HIGH SCHOOL, RARE AND COLLEGE BOOKS . Also on Complefe Line of MILITARY SUPPLIES, ENGINEERING SUPPLIES, GIFTS, NGVELTIES AND GREETING CARDS "Something New Every Dey" 14 Bank Slade IOI 5 Universify Avenue ki"A"k'kir'A'i'1Iri"ki BEFORE, Football and Basketball were born,- BEFORE, Baseball players wore gloves,- BEFORE, Golf got out of Scotland,- ,, . , , .. .. , f.,.l,,,,1,.q ,c.-ggi. - 2-A - ,-.fl . -V , 1- 1.5 .'. . v-1-A H -,qv-v:.1" ' , 2 f.--,, 'Z' -: ' ,, "-2.-f' '1'..:-- A .W E - -"L - o 'f' --Elsa: ' was cooperating with the University of Alabama, and its students have sought "A, 8. J. Co." for Athletic Equipment, Hardware and Household Supplies of every sort. THE HOME or QUALITY HARDWARE siNcE '83 ALLEN 81 JEMISON COMPANY 1883 Sixty Years of Service to Bama Students. 1943 WARD BAKING COMPANY Wllllll-FRUITTICHER GRUUERY coiwvli f js? WHOLESALE GROCERS Birmingham, Alabama For More Energy -EAT- TIP TOP ENRICHED BREAD ILLER, ARTIN 86 LEWIS cyflrcfritects and Engineers I BIRMINGI-IAM, ALABAMA CDe5ign ers of I AMELIA GORGAS LIBRARY DOSTER HALL RICHARD FOSTER AUDITORIUM COLONIAL PLACE GIRLS' DORMITORY ALABAMA UNION EAST ond WEST ANNEX DORMITORIES COMMERCE BUILDING ond ADDITION NEW HALL DORMITORY GROUP ADMINISTRATION BUILDING JULIA TUTWILER DINING HALLS FARRAH HALL NEW WOMEN'S CO-OP DORMITORY NOTT HALL NURSERY SCHOOL NEW ENGINEERING BUILDING SIX MEN'S DORMITORIES NEW SHOP BUILDING MEN'S DINING HALL BUREAU OF MINES NEW GYMNASIUM ond LOCKER BUILDING DENNY CHIMES ALSO EIGHTEEN FRATERNITY AND SORORITY HOUSES AND TEN PROFESSOR'S HOUSES COLLEGE MEN VISIT OUR UNIFORM DEPARTMENT Prefer AUTHENTICALLY STYLED GLOBE "Needle Molded" CLOTHES BLACK, FRIEDMAN Exclusive Agency SQ WINSTON Universify Supply Sfore 7 IIIIII IIIIIIHIIHI --21 BEST WISHES TO 'BAMA W -FROM- STyIe He0cIquc1rTers for SFA WELL DRESSED UNIVERSITY MEN ,,We Smnd For Americoff Tuscolooso, Alobcxmol MOHTQOVVIGVY, AIGIDGITICI ' HOWARD E. PILL - President cmd GenercIIMc1noger WINNERS OF U JASGN JAMBCJREE RECEIVE U. S. Wor Sovings Bonds PURCHASED TH ROUGH Your BAMA THEATRE AUTHORIZED ISSUING AGENT Serving The U. S. Tredsury wiThouT compenscITion J. B. LofTin, Alice Washington, Mcccn Roberts WE SELL 'EM DAY AND NIGHT Bama Theafre 1112 Qiinilieriaiiig uf Izrhamzr SUMMER QUARTER The UniversiTy's oII-yedr-round dc:ceIerdTed progrdm provides d TuII gudrTer of work during The summer. By urilizing The TdciIiTies provided in The summer qudrTer The sTudenT mdy: ' ShorTen The required Time Tor compeTiTion oT reguldr Tour-yedr eourse Enrich The reguldr Tour-yeor curriculum by doing suppIemenTDIry Work Moke up beck work Secure eIecTive courses noT offered in oTher QUCIVTSVS For cdTcIIog ond TurTher inTormdTion cdII by Room IO4, Bibb Groves I'IcIII, or wriTe To C. E. WILLIAMS, DirecTor of Summer Session UNIVERSITY, ALABAMA THANK YOU YOR YOUR PAST PATRONAOE, AND WE HOPE TO SERVE YOU AGAIN AFTER THE VICTORY IS WON l 0 Mem I Qcacvfm CIaud Sfallvvarfh, Manager XI XO? Roi . ' ' PSOQPX FAUCETT BROTHERS WMQQWQ doxooggefs I PSG X' S NorThporT, Alabama A O S5 xi: 6 VYNXISXQPX SWT 'A' 'Br MCKESSON 81 ROBBINS, Inc. Birmingham, Alabama J. R. Fauceff, 'I9 S. P. Fauceff, '23 W. I. Fauceff, '32 Q51 4 'TAA' S0306 Store N Paar More . . UNIVERSITY SUPPLY STCRE LIWWIAIW TIIE UNIVERSITY IIE ALAIIANIA STUIIENTS, FACULTY ANII ALUMNI SINUE 1905 EXTENSION DIVISION flIEl11i111zrz-THQ nf lahama FOLLOW YOUR EDUCATIONAL INTEREST DURING VACATIONS AND AFTER COLLEOE YEARS ARE OVER DEPARTMENT OF INSTRUCTION CORRESPONDENCE STUDY COURSES - UNIVERSITY CENTERS - EXTENSION CLASSES , ENLISTED PERSONNEL IN THE ARMY, NAVY AND MARINES LeT your OovernmenT help you ccirry on creoIiT courses by correspondence oT The college or high school level. See The proper officer or vvriTe direcT To The ExTension Division. DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SERVICE I-Iigh School DeI::oTes Forums onol LecTures I-ligh School DroIrnoITics Club STuoIy Service High School PubIicoTions Librciry Exfension Roclio News Bureciu For informoTion coll cIT The ExTension Office, AdminiSTroITion Building or vvriTe ExTenSion Division, UniverSiTy of Aloibomci ATTENTION STUDENTS 7ke Our CompIeTe Line of SPORTING GOODS Oolf Bolls, Boseboll Equipment Tennis Bolls oncl RocIceTS W Wad "The STore on your wcxy down Town" SEWELL HARDWARE CO. Jang M I , PHONE 406-407 Joe Sevvell, Ivlcinoger, '20 , All GMM IIE UHIIAIII "The TCISTG ThoIT Tells" GRADE "A" IvIILI4 - RAW OR PASTEURIZED 2414 md STTST SOUTHERN DAIRY FARM Tuscolooso Alobomo PHONE 5363 Tuscoloosci, Aloloomo Gordon D. Polmer, PresidenT John P. Boker, Coshier Adolph C. Code, Vice-Presidenf Chos. Ingrom, AssisTonT Coshier Chos. N. Moody, Jr., Vice-Presidenf Fronk McCorI4Ie Moody, Coshier be fi SI t' HI EH R of Tuskolooso, Alclbomcu I T ll I I Y l , , , Member Federal Deposit lnsuronce CorporoTion AA DesignoTed DeposITory of The UniTed SToTes ond The SToTe oT Alobomo de- sires To be remembered by The young men ond Women oT The UniyersiTy QW PLACE BILLIARD PARLOR SCHULTZ-HODO SPORTS RETURNS BAsEBALL, FOOTBALL REALTY COMPANY BASKETBALL REAL ESTATE, RENTALS, LOANS, Tuscolooso, Alobomo GENERAL INSURANCE 2414 6Th STreeT Phone 4498 AFEILIATED COMPANIES SchuITz-I-lodo lnsuronce Agency DRUGS - PRESCRIPTION NAME MW COIOHIOI IVIOVTQOQG CO- -Cmd- A I Birminghom, Alobomo SICK ROOM SUPPLIES Shorelond lnsuronce ond ReoITy Co. Miomi, Florido I3OI UniversiTy Avenue I Phone 5591 Tuscolooso Women? WW Millinvfy Shoes NQVBIIIIIS Beaviy Mm Compliments ot VESTAL CHEMICAL LABORATORIES, Inc. St. Louis, Missouri Manufacturers of PYRA-SEAL, VESTA-GLOSS, BRITEN-ALL and OTHER FLOOR TREATMENTS AND MAINTENANCE PRODUCTS I Up-to-Date Plumbing and Heating Fixtures With 25 Years' experience we are equipped to give you the best service in Western Alabama WE INSTALLED THE PLUMBING IN Colonial Hall, New Hall, Engineering Shop, Bu- reau of Mines, New Auditorium, Girls' Gymna- sium and Many of the Sororities and Fraternities ROGERS PLUMBING 81 HEATING CO. PHONE 4596 BRANSCOMB Service Station I MW .fm HILL OOD STORES WE INVITE you To make The "HILL STORE NEAR YOU" headquarters tor your Food and Household neces- sities. You will always find our stores well supplied with the best the market affords. lt will pay you to get the "Hill Store Habit" Follow THE ciaowos TO ouR sToi2E NEAR You U ,Q E ., of -f ' rm-I """ E .- fl 'gif' ' " 331:-.'Sf'Ifg5?"x-2 'f V' , ltlwittlllltlzllllilf 2212. ll A HilI's Quality is Economy Zlwtymufff awww, Place your order NOW for the Famous Balfour Official Fraternity Jewelry "THE OLD RELIABLE" Rings-Badges-Novelties ENOCH BENSON, Manager L. G. BALFOUR CO. 2IO4 Filth Ave., North Birmingham, Ala. J. M. BURCHFIELD 8s SON WHOLESALE OROCER Phones 3654 and 3655 Successors to Burchtield Bros. Howard Burchtield '26 Dr. S. L. Brister '23 J. M. Burchlield, Founder LEADING OROCERS FOR 36 YEARS SHELL GAS and OIL 2-4 HOUR SERVICE 88 U-DRIVE-IT COMPANY Incorporated University Avenue Phone 2088 1-X ug? 0000' MIHLQN to Eat Your Elfenlbg Bram' or T01 . . . 3 ' Your Sweoter Skirt or Suit- oll will hove thot well groomed xo ' oppeoronce by letting CRYSTAL LAUNDRY clo your l 1 ing ond lound Speciol Rotes to Students CRY 'PAL Lilll Incorporoited 423 University Avenu DIAL 4476 e "I1's Your Lciund ry - Use It More" sk . U i . 'f L .psf i l l 1 4 f , gall: mill ii L ' I' i f,HImtrl v it ll O ' 1 'L 9 I 'FF I v- ' ' ' i':' i M. ... I ,. ' . '. l f' V E- 3 CHICAGO DALLAS BROOKLYN SSIEXCIFKOD ll SIIEHRQWIIIQCIJE eyymzfaa... 4 The only nationally advertised brand of foods pre- pared exclusively for the institutional market, A The security of endorsement by all the leading trade associations in the institutional field in the United States. A The facilities of the only wholesale grocery company operating plants in the two principal American markets-Chicago and New York. 4 As rendered by Arnerica's largest distributors of '0 number ten canned foods, a distinctive service on Q Q3 ' 9 , , ii Fi a complete assortment of quality foods packed in I m lm' this institutional size container. A Home recipe pickles. relishes and conserves from Sexton Sunshine Kitchens-delicious and appe- tizing. 1 Carefully selected coffees-blends resulting from years of careful study-roasted fresh daily at Chi- cago and Brooklyn. 1 A selection of your needs from the largest inventory ever assembled for the particular needs of those who feed many people each day. JOHN SEXTON 8g CO. CHICAGO nnooxtvn-nALLAs-ATLANTA Sided af Wacky WMM of 7cQmafmam Piziiz . . . offers you laslwions ol disfindion To iii all occasions from campus casuals To glamorous formals. Fashions which are synonymous vviin good 'rasfe and incli- vialualify. O I Plllfl Sfore WHERE CO-EDS LOVE TO SHOP Tuscaloosa, Alabama ALABAMA GRILL IF YOU WANT: ,MUTE ob -SANDWICHES ,Q I Q -DRINKS sci EBSQ -DELICATESSENS Z CDLD QQ -MISCELLANEOUS ij STORAGE gif -VME df 'Uv WAULT fr 5 eo CISSP UNIVERSITY AVENUE For YOUR ENJOYMENT GOLDEN FLAKE PRODUCTS "Always Good - All Ways" POTATO CHIPS - SALTED PEANUTS PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICHES Made Fresh Daily by Tuskaloosa Steam Laundry MOIQiCCily Food Producfs Co Birmingham, Alabama Q.I5111i111erz-dig nf lzxhzrmzr A sfondord Insfifufion of Leorning Founded in 1831, The Universify enfers ifs second holf cenfury of co-edu- ccifion. The following divisions funcfion on o compus common fo ollz 1. College of Arfs ond Sciences 6. Exfension Division 2. School of Chemisfry, Mefcillurgy, 7. School of I-Iome Economics ond Ceromics 8. School of Low 3. School of Commerce ond Business 9. School of Medicine Adminisfrofion 10. School of Mines 4. College of Educofion 5. College of Engineering 11. Summer School 12. Groduofe School Closses for beginning freshmen ore offered eoch of The guorfers opening in June, in Sepfemloer, in Jonuory, ond in Morch. EXPENSES EXCEEDIINIOLY MODERATE For cofolog oddress. DR. RAYMOND R. PATY, Presidenf UNIVERSITY, ALABAMA Shop Af SEARS And Sove SPORTING GOODS - SI-IOES BATTERIES - AND AUTO ACCESSORIES FURNITURE and WORK CLOTHES Visit our Cofcnlog Deporfmenf 100,000 ITEMS TO SELECT FROM DIAL 4721 Tuscolooso, Alobomo TANNER BROS. WHOLESALE Fi2uiT - VEGETABLES TUSCQIOOSQ, Aiqssms 2312-4111 Street ESTABLISHED 1892 mama PRINTING IIIIIIIPII Y COMMERCIAL PRINTERS OFFICE EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES FILING SYSTEMS PHONE 5738 21 14-16-18 Brood Sfreef Tusccilooscx - - - Alobomo . . . IN TU CITL00 IT E X OVER HALF CENTURY OF SERVICE U V1 6 Improved andmanaged by an ' ALUMNUS for The ALUMNI Gnd FRIENDS rf Q of The UniversiTy HOT L McLESTER Y TW, E If DUGIN'S 5 e STORE if R f fy' ' I Y SEQ ? y fb 'VX JARMAN SHOES SQ AQ EOR MEN T X ff 5585 ' 58585 M K 1-,nur K .Kg "Serving The UniversiTy wITh ITS Dairy Needs" DELVIEW FARM FRESH PRODUCTS ARE PREFERRED BY A MAJORITY OF THE UNIVERSITY STUDENTS. THIS SHOWS THEIR BELIEF AND CONFIDENCE IN A PROJECT BEARING THE DELVIEW NAME CLEANERS and DYER5 Phone 4580 2232 6Th ST. Claude HinTon, Manager DELVIEW DAIRY CASH and CARRY AND DELIVER OTTiCe locafed aT 325 22nd Avenue Phone 3213 VITA TONE KW WW, AW Wmfzdze ME . NEW FURNITURE WE DOUBT IF THERE IS A FRATERNITY OR SORORITY ON THE CAMPUS THAT WE HAVE NOT FURNISHED. YOU SHOULD SEE THESE AND THEIR ARRANGEMENTS. THERE ARE BUT FEW HOMES IN TUSCALOOSA THAT ARE MORE BEAUTIFUL AND COMFORTABLE. III The K.A.'s have found It proflfcble to Irade of l.ew:s'. U. W. LEWI FURNITURE UIINIPII I TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA NATIONALLYADVERTISED FURNITURE FORSBYEARS ull Earn that Key for Good Looks cmd Cleverne in ChoosIng Clothes IX' ,,QW.,' 'P Q wuz EL comm Ew ww I 61 Qi 'E 3 ' II- rx E ' - 'UW my New ZICAPPA X L QLQTHING, SPQRTSWEAR ff, XXX ACCESSORIES 1 from M A N G E L S 2318 BROAD STREET l- 0 I . . M94 Established 1898 Ixl-Xf x I BOOK STORE S GIFT SHOP The Some Policy The Some Oucxlify The Same Welcome Tusccxlooso, Alobomcn THE REAL COLLEGE STORE -USE- Zle hid- . O COFFEE and TEA Roasted and Packed by Dixie Coffee Company Birmingham, Alabama FINCH ER SQ OZMENT JEWELRY COMPANY RILEY COAL COMPANY WATCHES, DIAMONDS, JEWELRY At the Service of the Fraternities and Sororities on the University Campus THE FINEST IN QUALITY, THE LOWEST IN PRICE PHQTQGRAPHIC SUPPLIES Ph Ph 20336 2 j' Tuscaloosa, Alabama SO KOL BROS. FURNISHINGS FOR THE HOME FRATERNITY AND cLuB HOUSE Your Patronage Solicited if I Tuscaloosa, Alabama ,fr , , 1 X Harry Pritchett Marlin Moore A ,T sslr- hbiu Q . if :'1 il I I Pritchett Insu ra nce Agency J 'Efr , INSURANCE REAL ESTATE LAUNDRY CLEANERS Specializing in Fraternity and Sorority DYERS Insurance ata Saving y C R I T E R I O N 527 23rd Avenue Tuscaloosa, Ala. J- F' Newton, Owner and proprietor PHONE 5034 220i 7 St. Dial 2731 IOII University Ave. i- 2 fecal Reach Sam FIRST BASE OF SUPPLY FOR ARMY, NAVY, AND MARINE OFFICERS UNIFORMS FOR UNIFORMS OF QUALITY AND DISTINCTION, OFFICERS IN ALL BRANCHES OF THE SERVICE RELY ON JACOB REED'S SONS. HERE IN THIS MORE THAN CENTURY OLD HOUSE, ARMY, NAVY AND MARINE OFFICERS PROCURE THE BEST IN UNIFORMS AND THE BEST IN SERVICE REED'S UNIFORMS IN THEIR DISTINCTIVE TAILORING, SUPERB VVORKMANSHIP AND SMART FIT HAVE GIVEN DISTINGUISHED SERVICE TO OFFICERS IN EVERY WAR SINCE THE FOUNDING OF THIS FINE OLD UNIFORM HOUSE IN I824 -A' REMEMBER!! WHEN IT COMES TO UNIFORMS AND UNIFORM EQUIPMENT ltiv klgllt at Reeds WRITE FOR CATALOGS AND QUOTATIONS I fecal Reach S0444 I424 CI'1es'mu'r Sfreef Philadelphia, Penno. Ualllpleie IFaU17iiier . . . CHECKING ACCOUNTS SAVINGS ACCOUNTS TRUST DEPARTMENT FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC EXCHANGE COMMERCIAL LOANS TRAVELERS' CHECKS The City Naiional Bank of Tuscaloosa WAN Member Federal Deposir Insurance Corporation ERE-Lf-, . . 35,000 Maximum Insurance for Each Deposilor S. H. KRESS 8. CO. 5-1 o-25C STORE "WATcH KRESS WINDOWS" Tuscaloosa, Alabama "You Musf Be Satisfied af Jax" Suiis Cleaned and Pressed ......,. 40 Cenfs Dresses Cleaned and Pressed. .40 Cenis Up OVER TWENTY YEARS OF SERVICE AS CASH AND CARRY UNIVERSITY FLORIST JAX CLEANERS S. R. Jackson, Proprielor "AlTeraTiOn Repairs a Specialty" CUII 3065 IXIIQIII 3792 l304 University Ave. Tuscaloosa, Ala. Prepare Aomf For Existing Military and Commercial Positions The Alabama Institute of Aeronautics Offers Training For F ff- A I COMMERCIAL LICENSE, PRIMARY AND is , Q N ' ' P' I ADVANCED INSTRUCTOR RATINGS --lw 7j5j.f 1 1' jug I FROM 0 TO 390 HP. Our graduates are now applying their training as instructors in CPT and Army Programs as well as clo- ing their part as combat and bomber pilots in all parts of the world. We are represented in Hawaii, The Philippines, Africa and numerous other spots where we hope to "eliminate the Axis." 'IIIE ALABAMA IN 'IITUTII IIF AIIIIII AIIIIII , Ilw. We are Brokers ancl Processors of I l H H IE I HIDES, SCRAP IRON CIDCI METALS PRlNTlNG COMPANY Offerings of this material are PHONE 3243 respectfully solicited BEST QUALITY PRINTING 2217 8th Street DIAMONDS WATCHES SILVERWARE KLEIN 81. SON JEWELERS Mont omer , Alabama YOUR GUIDE T90 QUALITY MERCHANDISE 8K Cameras and Supplies Complete Optical Service at Reasonable Prices TUSCOIOOSGI Alqbgmg MAIL ORDERS FILLED ENRICHED for I-IEALTI-II THANKS U. OF A .... for your preference for Hor- din's EnRICHed Breads! Hardin's Breads are EnRICHed to government-ap- proved standards and certain Nature's own precious WHEAT HEART which restores the nutritive values of the whole wheat grain and imparts a piquant, tangy, old-fashioned flavor possible in no other way! You get EVERYTHING you should get from bread when you buy Hardin's! ovEN FRESH AM ,,...'u-x"!"2"' i 4 ...I-rw1iiIiIitiIi'Q,rf-IIIIIIIIIII.Tf.-it-IIWII' f ,ff ,,..nIIiIIIIWIIIIIw,IIIIII-mi,QizirxuIiIIQ"'IIIIi:wIIwN Q X-16217 WII'.:::g1gi.:.: .---- 1 - ---- W-IWIIIQ'---'II"fII""I ww Xt ' ,UZ ' ' , .III III IIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIII.MIIIIIIIIIIINIIIIII, ,552-3: f ,.-' ww' - il"'Wyy1141y-ff I ..nlI,ff'i X xxxxi xxwwx Ymwx l T II I Q mwux Z 7 X 7 X ,ff WV' .. ik , e rf M , I! I W l1l if fu.. f '10 It I -x III y4yf.l!Wl,i",:. Q y I . 'ff' yy if ,,,, M I L Q I I in ,ff o AT ALL I -' GROCERS HARDlN'S Butter-Krust BREAD if Contains the Vital Flavorsome ffiwlzf 142' WH EAI I-IE Rl 9 ,kj . . . and containing niacin and iron to conform to the recom- mendations of the Committee on Food and Nutrition of the SERVING WEST ALABAMA AND THE UNIVERSITY SINCE T900 Nutioncli Research Councii. if 4 ll- Compliments of- Pajama! LIIIII IISSIIIIII CII IIIIIPIIIY HOME OFFICE Montgomery, Alabama 'K 'K 'K FISHER BROTHERS LUMBER COMPANY Fannz'n'5 Home Ot HART, SCHAFFNER 84 MARX CLOTHES Montgomery, Alabama lllllll-llll llllllllll WesT PoinT, Georgia MAY 81 GREEN MonTgomery, Alabama Especially CaTering To The CAMPUS TRADE POULTRY 81 EGGS CO. -For- POULTRY PRODUCTS 2408.FourTh ST. Back of BurchTielcl HoTel "lun-,N s For The FinesT QUaliTy of LUMBER, WCOD-WORK and FLINKOTE ROOFING SEE . ,. ' DEAL LUMBER COMPANY l8Th ST. and M. O. R. R. Phone 4767 Tuscaloosa, Alabama J. A. Duckworth Charles Morris IIllCIIW0lI'IH-IIIIIIIIII GENERAL INSURANCE RENTALS - LOANS REAL ESTATE CHRISTIAN 8K SON Dealers in GENERAL MERCHANDISE COTTON BUYERS COUNTRY PRODUCE BOUGHT AND SOLD The Phone Numbers 404I 4016 Telephone 2040 Tuscaloosa, Ala. PHONE 2274 HOUSE'S GARAGE A COMPLETE AUTO SERVICE CASH GROCERY CO. AXLEIQEQQAESQQSBRAKE QUALITY FOODS AT NO EXTRA COST Phone 3681 I22I University Avenue BABBITING CRANK SHAFT GRINDING Authorized United Motors Service 720 Greensboro Avenue For Good, Clear and Clean Originals and Carbon Copies, Durable and Uniform Results OLD TOWN TYPEWRITER RIBBONS OLD TOWN CARBON PAPERS Distributed on the Campus by The University Supply Store Throughout the Southeastern Territory By THE GULF STATES SALES CORPORATION 22 So. 20th Street Birmingham, Ala. The Central Foundry Co. Southern Division Office flmiwd CAST IRON SOIL PIPE AND FITTINGS AND PLUMBER'S SPECIALTIES OTHER PRODUCTS ' UNIVERSAL Cosf Iron Pressure Pipe ond Fittings ' F. 8K W. Vem' ond RevenTDroinc1ge Fiftings ' MONITOR Service Boxes, Volve Boxes, Roodwoy Boxes ' ESSEX Sfeom oncl Droinoge Fillings 'SOLUS Oil oncl Gasoline Seporofor ' Gos Drip Boxes ' Speciol Design Boxes ' Roilrood Broke-Shoes FOUNDRIES HOLT, ALABAMA ANNISTON, ALABAMA BESSEMER, ALABAMA NEWARK, NEW JERSEY WAREHOUSES BOSTON, MASS. NEWARK, NEW JERSEY FOREST HILLS, L. I., N. Y. CHICAGO, ILLINOIS ST. LOUIS, MO. OAKLAND, CALIF. SERVING THE NATION WITH NATIONALLY KNOWN PRODUCTS OVER 40 YEARS MOBILE MONTGOMERY PENSACOLA W Q? QM MORGENTHAU'S CLEANERS ffg Q. M Byron McNeill, Manager Q I XX, jxgx "Sooner or Laier Your Favorife Cleaner" XT-I ffl xi gl? ALL GARMENTS INSURED AGAINST FIRE F' I T -i5 f OR THEFT l og I Wg.. -' PHoNE 3780 , E Y- Y y I il X K'-ii jf I N 4 2I I2 Broad Street Tuscaloosa, Ala. THE BEST DRESSED MEN WEAR ISQHASQBM Mlm 'S'-'T' TT T'-'I Shoes For Men COLLEGE CLOTHES EOR couaeg MEN IIIII STEP I Shoes For Women SC HWOB COMPANY Birmingham Doihan P 0 W E I S Mobile Monigomery Posi Office Block Tuscaloosa ALITY ' - " '- -COUNT xiii Trade Mark Registered WQWMPQQM Thoughts on PAPER . . . Plans on PAPPIZ Food and War Materials packed in PAPER mmm . . . WE Wall! AWP WIP PEACE? if GULF STATES PAPER CORPORATION 74 7 Game! fffzcffwffuf THE EIOHTEENTH COROLLA TO BE CASED IN A fw0zza,,-fzfwe em PRESENTED BY THE I943 STAFF TO THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA THE DAVID J. MOLLOY PLANT Creoiors ond Monufociurers of MOLLOY MADE COVERS 2857 No. Wesiern Ave. Chicogo, III. FSR REAL COMFORT Due To The Ropid Chonges of The World AND CONVENIENCE- YOUR PHOTOGRAPH TODAY WIII Be o 4k PRICELESS MEMENTO TOMORROW BUFORD'S STUDIO Tk 22I3 Brood Sfreef OWEN MEREDITH 81 SONS X INSURANCE S-I-CP. . Q Property Monogemeni - Morfgoge Loons REAL ESTATE CAMPUS TOURIST COURT George D. Johnston, Owner ond Monoger QQIQ BIOSCI SIVGGI 5I I University Avenue Phone 3172 phone 4471 Tuskgioowl Alcbcmc 4 -x . X - orrrcmv. u s NAVY Puofocnuw X .X IIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIII IIIII IN IIIIIIIII, III 7 H S volume represenfs The combined efforrs of mony indi viduols whose one purpose hos been To produce o book worthy of The nome under which if is published. We ore proud of The focf Thof we were selecfed To Design ond Engrove The 1943 COROLLA. CGLLEGE ANNUAL DIVISICDN ALABAMA ENeI2AvINe co. BIRMINGHAM llUll 'l'llEll UIEEII Lil lllllllllll Long after war has ceased they will stand as beacons to the American Way . . . to greater achievement in religion, arts, science, research, and industry. The way is not easy. lt is narrow. lt is sometimes rough. Other paths beckon alluringly, as seeming short cuts. But in mankind's halting progress through the ages many paths have been explored mall Zmfme before. It now in uncertainty we change paths we will slow up progress and confuse those whose eyes are on us. By turther smoothing of the proved paths we can continue to inspire earnest men everywhere to follow the way that already has led one nation so tar toward the better and happier life tor all. be aragun refs' DESIGNERS AND CREATORS OF in ADAMS, MONTGOMERY, ALA. 1402+550 fm 27517111 ' . .You can ff' ..., In i - - s p 0 t 1 t eve 1' y t 1111 e X Z' OUTH, in everything it does, goes for the people and 1 up things that are "right". That's why youth goes for 'aa - S . . . . . . p I ice-cold Coca-Cola. It is "r1ght". . . in quality . . . in taste " 'Rf ' I I . . 'ii , and in refreshment. It's the drink that belongs to If -"11f222? N"'x.,xs youth's ritual of refreshment. .M 4 , .. XR And there s reason for this. Ice-cold Coca-Cola has what it takes . . . a clean fresh taste . . . un- mistakable refreshment. 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