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 - Class of 1942

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University of Alabama - Corolla Yearbook (Tuscaloosa, AL) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Cover

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-"7 ,,,,. -+ i 5 ? F ,? N ,Q 9 . Z ,, A. is K A-4 . Q f 5 . 7' '- 5741553 '55 A , 8 ., ,V A , ,, ff ' N4 T lfi ww 'iw 42' xi I . rr :MJ P ,rua Q., ' . eg.. i . 4, 'ff el M ,, 2 . lfgf' .g .. G' E. MA ,A www iw " 'nf r ,M if' ," W-. , ix 'ffm 1. nx I nv W AV. 141-up iN Qs, P-. 4 . 5,3 S - 1 ,L ' 73, xy n we v , ildi my QW7' ' S593 ' .Q 'X 4 ,MA 11. - if V ag' f 435, , ,-eww - . 1 .,..L YNY- ' ai Hg., 3' is ., - Q. A- ., wk, R-Y? .gn - xml, ap- 1 by -ww, :Eu-a' "'r It V audi? ,af L . 9 X I mv I " I MIT. L. W fr. ffl!"- 'af' rj' in 'H H! f W, ' n i ,., -ir, .4 4 r if ,.- 3,4 , , 5: ' im 1 , f- ' . fi - ,,z .. V ' ff' jf' -I -A ,,. ,.f-1 -,,. l ',,' I nv '1,,,, ...L J 'pet' 1 , A , 1 . , -M . ' 1' , Xvf1vf'c", 41 if X ,, I ,' 57 . 'Ep Q A., ,,-Mfg? , ,JI A A . ga Kg Q - - 9-'r-M ,,--'f , , ' ffffif' ,. I ,A ,V 4: Y v., - 5 -f.., uw- 1 " "hip, 'N Q' ' ,- , v . fs , ' - I f g, 1 f 'I H4 t -, ' ti, ' . h in .:.. fx? Z. -- wi-.I f ,5 2:31, 1 I 1 . " -' u f,a"?": . 1' 72273 ' 1 , -,-A V : di - 1 h , H ', ' , W' . I ! ,. 1 . X L I V Av r I 'V 't ,.,, y .v K' J x 5 .1 v - .9 X I 1 'fan .nav ,ef If fyw' I, , ', If . . hr, ,1 , . 1 J.. A yr V, 4 v J X V! Ie. U ' -' - ' - ' f 'r 4. ' ' up I f -e . -an-' .- J, ,., 4 ,. ,. ' .4 ., . V3, -A-"A ' if. x ,, 4 ' - x " ' . A15 ' "' . W. - 5. - Q ,' uhm? - ' ,. I ' M 4 "' -nr ' 7 ' ' , .ni " .,,.- ' 1 W- , . , ' N ,A ' , 1 , X ,M X bf Y' A. " l 9-Q . 0' . ' . uw-., .ff 1- . . , YA., : gg, 9? UU A ., I, h ,X v "rn: 7-P' " asv- I-, .:" Q I - M 1893 1 ,fmfw gf A , ,L 121 ' ,,, 'wwf f,f,f,, 'J ,ff f' r ,Nm Y 1 lr, 1.1 1 , J , ,f ,., x 1 -Q., f f, ,. ,, 1 f ,A f ' L' , 444 Us - a af-ff? f ' ' "1 ,,,, f ' .,.,,,.,, , I, :FV fi" af ' lf' ' .,gwQm" -i111-1 --' -9:4525 -:,., '-.' ' . 41, -- Q. r wh, 9 navy, pw . . T' X ,.,. Y f " L g-T "': " IT K f 'f"if" g? Q the first Corolla was a symbol of progress. It was a step forward T -a sign that the life of the University campus merited a written record. 4 0 THE Alabama student of 1893, the small, white volume of With the sentimentality of that day, the first editors looked to the flower world for the name of their publication. Their botany had taught them that the corolla of a flower is the brightly colored inner ring of petals, so the title Corolla-"a term suggestive of flowers, wreaths, garlands, and pleasant feelings"-was chosen to signify the spirit of the book. That first edition was small, but in it could be seen the promise of more elaborate volumes to come. lt was a modest little book, bound in white cloth and decorated in the upper left-hand corner of the cover with a small gold spray of leaves and the word "Corolla.', T Pictures were few in that issue, but there appeared photographs of two "recent structures," Barnard Hall and Toumey Hall. The twentyfone mem- bers of the faculty were listed and a thorouvhfvoinv histor of the Uni, versity filled a sizable section. Literary societies were the typical activities of the day, and much literary effort appeared in that first Corolla in the form of poems and essays, Athletics were covered by pictures and lists of names, and the senior class had its own pages. Each of the six fraternities was represented by its crest, a list of its college chapters, and the names of the local members. 7 D b Z: Y Y X Q 180- ll unw- ,. ,,,,. iq F n- JJ"L N' ..- 4 H Q 4 1 I V , 5-W ww ,. Jalfgw' ., C if fifty 7 'i5l5"' f2'7'4v-L: 'Q .1--1 ,---rw, V ,,- fn-,J LX- if 'fu fl 17"-N' fJ Q'-1,'1.: F"-Qi'1' N" X51 ,. - kg? V1 wi V4 S' 7 YW- V If5fXXx I, xx ,X 5 , Q., E Pl .1 .f -. ,f M N , - ,1 ,, 11: rx, ' an ,f ,M ' v 5, 6, , A X , -. J X.. f 5 ,1-vi K 75,-444, , gf 1 V ow f, J Lf, 3- 4, , . 5 'I 2 I M , A f D 2 1 . 1,1 1, -X I 2 1 LMA 1 fo 523 " . . Y, Z1 e 1' .Ph-14 :lf 'H vj xl 'F ' ff"'T' Rx Kiwi" 1 .4 1 5 1 fr g,,"f:g4 'f.,v'1.-,. QA, fav, f..,,-WJ" Y 1"N-.QLZALLJ -'--4,,,gJf -Q V 4. Sw. Wy PA vg- 'Y13 ' ' C?-fff, w- fu, ,,. A '11 51' af' asf ' Rv' -555 11.4 fx? 'Aim 1, 53211 , N Y xii V , . -X ga 9 A, 'lah l 1 ikifjgigx I WEE, 5555? 1 vm., .-'filw ff .P 1-----H Pj -, uf ' ff f X M6539 , r I 1 Q' L1 .writ ,, 1 ' xxJ5?3?F"i- .'f'L4w LH- V... ...,,,4.-..,,,..N,A-,. " 'a+3Pf:.g,,, gin, , -1' Q-3" .. xuws:1:1+2fv -fx ' .Sain ' 'QAi21s:6I1Pi11k.1e.v:.iI':3ei.n.i51fr1:L3:'JlLfli1:'5!' S? mf xg 1 ,uf Q, 1, ,F kde. V :L Lzgrgfasmzf ' Y' "ZW f iff' """' I -' A' f""'H"" : "pr-ef -Nr' vfr -' , fn- rv--W -.X Qu A M'-M " 4:1 . ' :1A::::-rx , , 4 Siuffwffi 5? 12 l dfiiS155i1e. f 932 3622. ' fr 1 vm , 1 I 3 J - qi A- N '1.:fh'31 , Y E3 , 'ggi f. -' f1"dUEQ', 4" 31" QI -Juli 1 1, K, Y bzrf V ,hir Q. T Jivg 2 ,. sig FTM - ,Vw g , .fl xx 1 2 A.. , L X 4 .Af . V 4..,-4.fg:..,.,,f. .Q,,,-.-,.g, Q. .,,, :,g,,,, 1 5- '1 c.N:...:.:..A.:Q.. .E ., 5 rx gli - , in ,, N 1-Qrhxff wi' ,f ,SAST wg V ,R , F22 W iam l 'X 541 MLW? xv, L X 513 NX 'Q Y. , K .Ian , 'J '21 1 1 w, ""'?x1Q'fm,, --V, Jfkzf- , I' 'Tie .XY- . U X S, 5 I E. Xl 5, gg N ,,. , x I Wx n 1 ki R YF X W - 'Ex 'N X QLQZQPML 1 . Fai 41.1 R, Q ' ,- qqtgggfis 0 x 'Qi w xl, 'NX' :Q '+A 5-. 3 4 iqmix M N size and in scope, the Corolla Was qlialkdlll I . growing. ln 1896, it changed to photof ere . . . ifgfigi album size and shape, but in 1901 it was ffiefiffffii' issued in a larger boolc size. Witli this issue, the yearbook began to print individ- ual pictures and write-ups of the seniors. The editors were now talcing more pains with decoration. Gibson Girl illustrations were common, and color work began to appear. The 1906 Corolla had an attractive red suede cover. At this time the various schools of the University were more distinctly separated in the Corolla than they are today. The Medical School even had a separate Corolla stair. lndividual pictures for undergraduates started in 1913. Witli the 1916 Corolla, the year book began to look more like the one of today, ,-,,- L-:gf-P . :-we--' x ,. 1, .X rg .am X 5 my 1 s 2. -,iff 4.4! gf.-, ,- EW? A ,fff-a pex, 414412. If .tt N A 4, Q iv.. at ai. ,aff , ff' " 1 fZSEjvffE!il'?u '.lf:w,r-if' ,4??ff? 333' ,.-31173. '-'1b5f'3'1' AS- , ,wasps f " 'l .,. .f1, ,A , .J 1. nf ,f.f. m.1 1. 4 N31 -4'i--W.vL'11'5"1- -vi'51,6-JW.5-'nf".!,'.,za '- .Jf:'ff"g4--3'-he-' 'gf' -55,,3ftvfag?f?e1bizijf wtijikw'-Q41'g5N5fr1.ef3'faf,f2fg2f2Lw-' f" 1 K .- A -XL mv I 1- -' . .., 'L ,.L if 22:-'S 1-"1 t' ' " ,fffiiivfwati he 1 ., ehnff'5'ff" 'a,:2sf.4f1.?f5f2f.f+'t ' I' at k4ff:5j?g2g5,r' Y -.. ,aaalyggw 4- A , fn -2- : ' 1 , 0 . . ,- , .A ,..1 J 1' -su, lb xx 955 'iii 'Na-s, I "1 ,-:ali -fffmx, ' ,--'-. 'Ts ,, 1" , , ,. X f 1 f fn- xxfalx 'wax 5 If xx,--,vm r., ry' j 11 ,,-SV V, '- - 1 ' ' W :. ' ' .- F xiii Y 1 '-. if f f E l 'T PM f a ! i 1-ir ffl f 'i fh if . ff 7.5 J, -Z ff in g wb by in V7 ,M ,I j .V .IL H - L ,- H f surf' ' P H f 1-. 4' 'W Vi 3 Hi: v' flzlfxiifv H., l If N if X, ,fl Q X J M 'li' ,ilrrw WSJ' 1' F- l 7' xi lv' 'V If il 1 F" XP' my Vp ,lx 3 7 X ,H -KI, ik Ii w, ff X 1 .ff ,, - aj .4 -L ,inf 1 , , . V. ' , r , f uae N, 91' Q12-X37 me 'v 't-aggjgpf kg,---131-'-J fL?.fx.-37x.,l1?QwLg:f Czzgfkfa' f- W .FVV W-1,., ,,, NTRANCE of the United States into if the first World War made its mark on " the Corolla. The 1918 edition was dedif cated to "the graduates and students of Lefilii-JJ the University of Alabama who have offered their lives to safeguard a principle and a country we love." The "War Corollaf' 1919, was bound in khaki and lettered in gold. At the beginning was a memorial page to honor those students killed in action. ln the 1923 Corolla, radio was adopted as the symbol of the dynamic force of progress at the University of Alabama. Instead of growing smaller after the depression started, the Corolla came forth in 1930 with the first of the large volumes we know today. ln 1931, the Universitys Centennial, a magnificent Corolla appeared, with an Indian theme and an inside color combination of orange and black. ln 1934 came the 1'Corolla of Progress" in which a page of tribute was devoted to President Roosevelt. The issue of 1940 was the thrilling "Pace Maker"-adjudged the best yearbook in the nation, Last years book followed up with the enviable AllfAmerican award. sh tl fiftieth Corolla And now- 16 ' . 6, gear my 'Agia lrkffiiw. qiiwrirz,-5,f,:-..N 13.113 F L " " .' N -r --1, N --if . .aeigrfiww tiiriaa f-it ,.,xHsas "' " " ,iftivffii 'Q'i'5if2 3'fi2f?Waw"-1 .s -iwkfiy' ,- P "Qs 'A 51 NA ",. P151 . i whali- 4. .. -Mg-Egfr: X-1:1 mi-,git v-Q2 'Ev -,gg-f k'mQa,::.g.l1r rc fra Nmvs .,,.,,5t5 .a ,i .gsigag AJ., Aa, Dsmsmitgf - G3"ahN13f'Wef9 5-SFS' .wi-"H: .Qi if-' Y-"ve 3'FQre?as.LuXf'M-raw, 1 QQNQQ- ,di as 13? 'wav is xx gpg .-"ffl fl Y. L Q ZQYS1 , ,xg Lx 5.0,- v' ,xv A-fi 1 iff' ...Lu-v .xg A Erifw affix! if 1 1 XJ .f ' r cr 31 S IVV" AS been to record in V. word and in picture the .53 life and activities of the M University of Alabama student. Like the first Corolla, this issue of 1942 is a collection of memories on paper-an attempt to preserve for tomorrow a true crossfsection of the University today. Student life falls into several classifications under which all activities can be grouped. lt is the purpose of this Corolla to cover each of these catagories. The Student Body is the backbone of the school, and its characteristics are recorded for the future in the following pages. The many sides of Student Affairs offer countless opportunities for picturing these University citizens in action. Students love to organize into brotherhoods and call themselves Greeks. They build muscle and sportsmanship and school spirit as they compete in Athletics. They learn to work together in Organi- zations,--valuable training in cooperation and management. To record each of these facets of University life is the goal of this book. E 'iflf' fv- n,e G I' eel: W -5' of 1910 x wo-N,,kNx vooxb oxx X ,,,,,,--r"-w'Tf7'2':T--f-ev-.. --'- wh- f F Organizuiions 1905 57? ,if in if if f ggffgf f 1 f 9 fu XX? f 1' 5, FZ-. fx X f, ,f y f f 6 , , f' f ,f if 1 , 1 f if Q ' fi f '76 ray! c 'fl ff PZ 6 if X K" :J fi! Ai EJ 1' pi? wif 55? Q 7 FM? if 5 ,ffl ' A ' 1 5 2 wQ.rJf :Il U My 5 EDITED PUBLI BY THE TUDE T BODY HED T TLISCALCOSA, AL BAMA , .L 11 'e :img-. .nfl ,211 'ua 4 - - Lk 453 mf 5? A .qs QL' ,zjy an .QV ii! wif' gif W' fi' , -' 4- Q Q --1 , n 4 , , AAG' ga-7 +41 .rw , I .wi 5152! , '13 we ' .437 - MQ" gm' .1 ' 1-.pq-1 as-1 Q '71 55? gg,-'Ze ,139 ,-,iff .sm f, ,. L'-or ,. ' .- , ' Ar' V Q ' , . ,' 1 ' fm - ,QW Ff?1"a.eP f iam s '.-' M5349 5035 gf' " ,,,, .3 T A K.. , .mfs . ' 'f ' M ,-5.41 cg' . nh -, ,, W. , '55, A . FELL' '34, 1 ' ,,, ,J . ,.,,Ti b Copyright T942 LISTER BRUNSON . . . EDITQR JACK HINES , BUSINESS MANAGER nl E U REIT? F QL THQ I -9435:--fr . ,, fry' , I -':'-: .Q .-fre jf- ' ., ..,,,,,M,-,1.,.-,ff ,., -1. ff, .--.., ,g,--,-,g1,-11: f ' '21 J' " ""-wi:-, 141-' -'in.'f,147z,::-,fy46,2-Z::Z:z:a4'f'irfc,: PM gg: - -2-wp--gf.-.:1:a,'f, 74,.. -221 51' 1-ff -' :ah FJ :fy in-4 Af.'z1,' 2-. ' 17:1 ' -"fm-123:11-'ff f ' ,afar 51:2 - -47' f JC? - iz'-L" iii' -ff if ' ., .+,:- - . .. .475 ..:,-:f11- ,: 1-' 1-1'1-' 5232! , , ' -2 zip' s?-?" '21 , gif f 1157" , if' 4314 ' 'T ,fa-vw: -Q? -ff .:1ffF" .iff-if fifif' -:' f ' 4' -I ' " :fr- fr-uns: ,-2-..-' gf- , :fr ,g:-:- . 5,4 - Q-: ,fr . 15:2 V paw: , -If T154- irw.-" YZ-P' ,JE-1 -11? ,fsfa-' mmf-fl-' 4,f'1'1Z --. " calf- ,aff ,,,L:- .-,ai-v' :zsafzr -'1-W'f3.E' ,xiii f ,,:gge'f:' ' ,V .mr mfr ,fn f . '. ' :gf-f,:,e ,rr 3-.,r - f :,-5 ,,,f ,:'-1 V.---5,-.-',.r ,,, f.p.,-':- ,. .-us'--' ,r ,u,- .,- 47.-f:- . ' , L '- :f .- .-,f4,Q:' D,-' pi" -gf -eil" -1: ' ffa- , W- :Jin ."f 1112 f .a-1' ,-ff '1i'f ,f:' '--, ' -f L. - 7- - . I-if ' -2:1-si' ' ' - " T72'fL'5' 'ff ' 11:11-f' -'CJ-.:i:' -1 '--.fnig-.-3-Fr" ff- -,.-V' 1-f '- S- -' 1 ' " 171- ' ' ' '--' , -1' - MEMORY OF RICHARD CLARKE FOSTER VVHO AS PRESIDENT FOR THE CRUELLY BRIEF SPAN OF FOUR YEARS GAVE VVITHOUT STINTING HIS DE- VOTION AND HIS STRENGTH TO HIS ALMA MATER. WHILE SOME MEN IN POSITIONS OF IMPORTANCE WIN ONLY FAME, DR. FOSTER WON THE TANGIBLE AND PRICELESS PRIZE OF THE LOVE OF CAPSTONE STUDENTS AND FACULTY. THIS SENTIMENT WAS COMPOUND- ED OF MANY ELEMENTS, CHIEF AMONG WHICH WAS READY ACKNOWL- EDGMENT OF HIS MANLINESS, DEEP RESPECT FOR HIS EXECUTIVE ABILITY, AND AFFECTIONATE REGARD FOR HIS HUMBLE, CHRISTIAN APPROACH TO THE MULTIPLE TASKS HE FACED. ' WE STRIVE IN VAIN TO MAKE ADJECTIVES SPEAK THE THOUGHTS OF OUR HEARTS AND VERBS THE CONVICTIONS OF OUR SOULS WHEN WE PAY TRIBUTE TO A MAN OF THE STATURE OF DR. FOSTER. THE MANY AND BEAUTIFUL EULOGIES THAT HAVE BEEN SPOKEN IN HIS MEMORY WERE RICHLY INSPIRED BY THE COMPELLING EXAMPLE OF THE LIFE HE LIVED. PRESENTING AS IT DOES THE STORY OF HIS LAST YEAR WITH THE STU- DENTS AND SCHOOL FOR WHICH HE LABORED, THIS T942 COROLLA IS OF- FERED AS AN ENCOMIUM IN THE NAME OF EVERY SON AND DAUGHTER OF ALABAMA. W: mi ' ,Uk A . Q" -gf., m 1 ' S ew. . Q Q Y ' Lis ' 3 1 N, . 1 , 'S 1 . D Q. mf?-' , f ' 'agiffsf-1 - l ,J ' gf. - N x 1 1 S SP ,G x. S E vi E if Q N ' :wi -fsavaig-F5s: faLff-: ""'Y" 'Q ... fin? I . 'ls 5 ' usa ,,a if-f' . l Q A 1 M .-1. 9 .-gl .5 K Q", 'L . ,A. K ' X is ,Q 37" ' 7. aye.. 0 Rh . -. 'u :bww ' I . 4 A '44 '17 Af E I L. 94- , yr o -as ,, 1 I-L' -S"-s X , . ,,,. , ,pf , i 'X 5 'A' .-,. .lf :PG . a , ' W 7 -' .. 'fx-1,-1-1. . I R ft A' , 3 :Af 5, ti -1,911 . wr' 61+ if 1" Sf ff42.f.L1' H' -fr Flgffi -i'..'J 5:1 ' W -3 -.W . . -.1 .- .v-ff-2.1--1 - . in lei "' 4 fd, " ip 3X6.fQ4g'Rs.f-tj-Q-.'f:,:1a"' N 45 fv 1-L if . fa' -TVR ,5"f1 :wifi ' Hb, A 4 5' , , ,K -5 U .V ' x Q4 4 .x get K ' '17 if . .Q f-rf. .s1-"1. iff. .5 'g',.gfi-Mig., . -'?.4Eif?g:5:, . 3 . f, -riff-.-.. L,V.i'??ffL2f 'mf 'M 21-:Q . ,.,-Y..-2, - , I V W. V. ,,... ,vin E .. " -AA' - . Y A 4 49 - ' ' .n,,,.',, .. n 1 .Q 3: . g M -',,.W'N 1 --,.,- - .:.f.-. . ' - , -f H 1 I . -. -4 f ... - ' sg fx 'a Y. i . , 2 R . vi. . .-. '7 ,A V-awvf"f"'..ff'9 . ' - -Q " i Q32-' . H . ::i 2.5-' I f. .-if-2'-sr, Cm- '-"- ,3'.5". fr? xl' ., .' -53593 1 Z-.N::ki1.i.E: L. V -Y.: I . . ' df' '- A-A1":,: " '. . . " aa.-lla Lf L. , V - . .. -.,.. 1, is - ,gk .55 4. ,Z : I - ,. , - j .W-' :f 3-'-.,4hf'f'f7':.:A-Lg .H if 157' v . ' -A . is . - 1 -' - 334 . -i f.f4'?'?-'q. G - if Q , . ff. . 3 '-' Y ig? 5 ' '.'i"'?':':"f' . 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Q 5 S I F A , "x L L ,, LL Lf. , M41 Lf Lv L -L 'Li L "- ,1 H If LY11 ,Q I V 471,115 X, JL P he n PM f M. --1-Lw+L-,- M if , ' '- fl' 'L -..-1'4mE'- 1' ' 1 H L L C L A R K A M 5'gLv,l ,Q kg I 111 x R I :jk KXHSNN L '4 1 ' ,pygf 1 h N x L r Y, RL X . l VP-1X n. tr. 1 x fxxs. x X LQ 1 B LLj.gk! 1' 'T ,xxx 1' 5 :cava LLQJHBEE WE?-'fiff'-7 EXW... ? f ,fkz , flll L ,.,, L niyfazllm Ill Ill' Ill Ill l l ill! lll Ill Ill Ill Ill ill Ill Ill Ill Ill Ill Ill Ill Ill Ill Ell MSE Ill Ill Ill Ill I!! Ill Ill Ill Ill ll' Ill ll!! Ill ' Ill Ill Ill EFI III Ill Ill Ill Ill QE!! EE! Ill Ill ll Ill il l Ill Ill Ill :wi l l Ill Ill Ill mtv, all Ill ,. ffx L Ay! ----'M ' ,jf XM L df . ,Fx A 'R . ff xx W , I 55 .4fFg54f'5 as ,5 xx .I -, - I V , - X XFX- ...ll 5 .- 3 Q-- -ffl: ,,'fT:F'Tr'541-""lf'1 'vw Y 4 L -6 ',.,, f xzzr-fr:-zrrzvmgne L'-fr:-.f f-- X 5-....... , --.. 1 ' ....-7- I V f ,g, K1 ll' GOVERNOR FRANK M. DIXON We GOVE OR OF ALABAMA The Honoroble Fronlc M. Dixon, since becoming Governor of Alobomo, hos been The ouTsToncling figure in The sToTe Tor The ocIvoncemenT oT educoTion in Alobomo. Seldom hos The Chief ExecuTive oT ony sToTe shovvn os much inTeresT in The youTh oT The presenT Time os hos Governor Dixon. Alvvoys eoger ond reocly To serve vvhen- ever he is collecl upon, His Excellency hos been oT especiol imporTonce To This Uni- versiTy. The vveITore oT The school is close To his heorT onol iTs progress is o personol moTTer vviTh him. GOVERNOR FRANK M. DIXON, RresidenT, ex-oTTicio ALBERT H. COLLINS, SToTe SuperinTenclenT oT EolucoTion, ex-officio CLIFFORD H. PENICK, SecreTory oncl Commissioner oT UniversiTy Loncls Congressionol DisTricT FirsT DisTricT ..,.i.... Second DisTricT . . . Thircl DisTricT . FourTh DisTricT FiTTh DisTricT . .. Sixfh DisTricT . SevenTh DisTricT . . . EighTh DisTricT NinTh DisTricT .... SHALER C. HOUSER, Treosurer .. .GESSNER T. MCCORVEY ...., ......., M obile . . .ROBERT E. STEINER, JR. .....,. . . .MonTgomery . . .CHARLES S. McDOWELL, JR.. . . ..i. .Eufoulo . . .BREWER DIXON .,....,..... .... T ollodego . . .LOUIS L. HERZBERG ...... ,..... G oolsclen . . .GORDON D. PALMER ...... ..... T uscolooso . . .JOHN H. BANKHEAD ........ ...... J osper . . .ARCHIBALD H. CARMICHAEL. . , . . .Tuscumbio . . .HILL FERGUSON ......... ,... B irminghom Page 24 7he Any sTudenT which visiTs The office oT Deon J. H. Nevvmon on The TirsT Tloor oT The odminisTroTion building reolizes WhoT oi busy mon Deon Nevvmon is. Every mole sTudenT oT The UniversiTy oT Alobomo Tinds some occosion To visiT The youThTul Deon oT Men beTore he hos been on The compus Tor on very long Time. In nedrly dll coses The sTudenT's impression of The person vvhom he hod Tdncied os some sorT of on ogre is highly Tovoroble. Besides his nu- merous oTTice duTies, Deon Nevvmon is Choirmon oT The Boord oT PublicoTions, Choirmcin of The CommiTTee on STudenT PublicoTions ond Choirmon of The Sociol CommiTTee. GreoT crediT musT be given To Deon Nevvmon Tor The highly eTTicienT mon- ner in vvhich he hos hondled his work. J. H. NEWMAN Deon oT Men Y Qid' 'F' 4 f Tig will DEAN N EWMAN From The TirsT doy The lowly Freshmon sTeps on The compus Till The doy of grc1duoTion Tour yeors hence his every move is vvoTched over ond guided by The UniversiTy Decins. He Tinds Them cinxious To help in Times oT personol sTress, ond inTeresTed in ony club or TroTerniTy progrom he wishes To discuss. He olso Tinds Them willing dnol oble To keep him on The sTrciighT ond ndrrow poiTh, To check his closs obsences, To supervise in generol his compus liTe. These deons ore o ver- iTc1ble bulvvcarlc oT sTrengTh upon which The school moy rely. H. H. MITCHELL AssisTonT Deon oT Men H. H. lvliTchell, AssisTonT Deon oT Men, hos shown The necessory quoliTicoTions oT Tock ond Tirmness Tor copobly conducTing his po- siTion. His c1biliTy hos won him The respecT oT boTh sTudenTs ond his Tellovv Workers. JAMES FOY AssisTonT Deon oT Men .lczmes Foy, AssisTonT Deon oT Ivlen cmd Su- pervisor oT DormiTories, goined oi repuToTion Tor obiliTy ond hord work during his connec- Tions vviTh The UniversiTy. lvlr. Foy is novv serving The U. S. GovernmenT. H H. MITCHELL ' JAMES FOY Page 26 DEANS AGNES ELLEN HARRIS Deon of Women Agnes Ellen I-Iorris, Deon of The School of Home Economics, serves olso os Deon of Women. She come To The UniversiTy Trom Auburn in I927, ond quickly mode o ploce For herself in The heorTs of her sTudenTs. She is olvvoys on The job, vvheTher iT be sooThing The homesick Freshmon, showing The Tlunking co-ed hovv To budgeT her Time, or finding o iob To seTTle The Tinonciol problem of The poorer girl. CompeTenT, she is The possessor of TocT, undersToncling ond disorming Tronkness, oll of which conTribuTes To The success she hos in deoling vviTh her girls. Her door is olvvoys open, ond she is olvvoys pleosed To hove ony one of her sTudenTs poy her o purely sociol coll. Such o visiT vvifh The deon is like o Tonic, Tor she never foils To boosT your morole ond selfvconfidence. She hos impIiciT TdiTh in The obilify of her sTudenTs ond communicoTes This ToiTh To Them. ThoT They do Their besT To live up To This confidence she hos in Them goes vviThouT soying. DEAN HARRIS Page 27 N3 MISS HOWARD MRS. GUNTER JENNIE MORRIS HOWARD AissisTonT Deon oT Women Jennie Ivlorris Hovvord, AssisTonT Deon of Vvomen, is beloved by sTu- denTs Tor her deep inTeresT in Their problems, ond Tor her close cooperci- Tion vviTh Them in connecTion vviTh sTu- denT ocTiviTies such os Y.W.C.A. She hos ci knock Tor Tinishing up deToils in record-breoking Time ond on omozing memory which moke Tor reol eTTiciency in her iob. MRS. SUE GUNTER AssisTonT Deon oT Women lvlrs. Sue GunTer, AssisTonT Deon oT Women, is The oTTiciol choperone Tor oill universiTy TuncTions. TuTvviler Holl, lorgesT oT The girls' dormiTories is un- der her direcTion. Her sympoThy ond undersTonding hove mode her well known ond beloved by hundreds oT porenTs ond sTudenTs olike. MR. ADAMS CLIFTON H. PENICK Secrefory ond Commissioner of Loncls Secrefory onol Commissioner of Universify Lonols, Mr. Penick is in chorge of oll UniversiTy reol esToiTe, onol he olso occupies The office of SecreTory of The Boorcl of Trusfees. He hos very coipololy hondlecl school loroloerfies for The losf Two yeors, ond The Uniyersify is reolizing o finon- ciol goin os o resulf of his efficiency. Uffzcefm cr RALPH E. ADAMS ExecuTive SecreTc1 ry UnoloubTeclly one of The busiesf men in The ocl- minisTroTion, Mr. Aolcims is olso omong The oblesT. Business-like onol efficienf, he hos done much To roise The sTondorols of o school which hos seen o phenomenol growTh wiThin The posf few yeors, Here is o mon who knows whoT is loesf for The Uni- versify onol who is occomplishing Those Things wiThouT quibbling. Mr. Adoms is well likecl by oll who come in conToicT wiTh him, oncl respecfed by oll who know of him. MR. PENICK Z 'T l l i NISTR TI SHALER C. HOUSER Treasurer and Bursar While not so vvell lanovvn to the general student body as some of the other administrative officers, Dr. Hauser is an important part of the adminis- trative set-up. It is Dr. l-louser who so competent- ly takes care of the many odds and ends of Uni- versity finances which in itself is no little iob. Dr. l-louser also serves as professor of engineering and a member of the Committee of Athletics. All students vvho come in contact vvith him are en- thusiastic in their praise of this busy member of the University administrative staff, MR. MCGILL DR. HOUSER JOHN C. MCGILL Assistant to the Treasurer Mr. McGill has held his present position with the University since TQQT. Those who have vvork- ed vvith him have found him to be indispensible to the financial administration of the University. Omicron Delta Kappa, recognizing his qualities of character and leadership, has elected him to honorary membership. MISS ROBERTSON DEAN MCLURE MARY A. ROBERTSON I2egisTrar The speed and precision wiTh which regisTraTion aT The Uni- versiTy of Alabama is handled is a TribuTe To lvliss RoberTson's abiliTy as RegisTrar. Skillful and compeTenT, she handles in a highly sysTemaTic manner The records oT more Than Tive Thous- and sTudenTs. JOHN R. MCLURE Dean oT Summer School VViTh summer school aTTendance increasing rapidly, Dean IVlcLure occupies a posiTion ThaT is consTanTly growing in im- porTance. His eTTicienT and sTeady work has Thrown upon him The responsibiliTy Tor The rapid growTh in size and imporTance oT This UniversiTy division. ROBERT E. TIDWELL Dean oT The ExTension Division The purpose oT The ExTension Division oT The UniversiTy oT Alabama is To give Those who are unable To aTTend classes aT The CapsTone The opporTuniTy To secure an educaTion. Ex- Tension is one oT The mosT modern ideas in educaTion, and iT is To The capable direcTion of Dr. Tidwell ThaT This deparTmenT owes iTs growTh. JOHN MacKENZlE CORY H UniversiTy Librarian I One of The youngesT head librarians in The counTry, Mr. Cory is well aualiTied To perform The many duTies required oT him. Since his arrival on The campus, he has made many Triends and acauc1inTcinces. BeTore coming To The UniversiTy, he was employed by The UniversiTy of Chicago. LOUIS D. BOYLAN FraTerniTy AudiTor In charge oT keeping all TraTerniTies, sororiTies, organiza- Tions, and publicaTions on a sound Tinancial TooTing, Mr. Boy- lan Taces one oT The hardesT iobs on The campus. l-le is The man known as "boss" To all Treasurers, Tor iT is he who musT decide whaT They can or can'T do. A hard worker, Mr. Boylan is handling a Tremendous amounT oT work in a very skillTul manner and is rapidly making a name Tor himselT on The campus. MR. CORY MR. BOYLAN Page 30 DEAN FARRAH STUART GRAVES, A.B., M.D., LL.D. Deon of one of The mosT imporTcinT schools on The ccimpus, medicine, Deon Groves hos builT up The repuToTion of Alobomcfs iunior med school. Since he hos come To office oll sfu- denTs who hove finished The firsT Two yecirs hove been Tronsferred To iunior sfcinding in ThirTy-eighT differenT four yeor schools. Less Thon 0.5 per cenT of This number hos foiled To groduc1Te. Toking o personol inTeresT in The "boys", Deon Groves sTrives To see ThcuT They geT The mosT Thc1T con be goTTen obouT medicine while in school. His fondesT ombiTion is looking for- wcird To The doy when The LJniversiTy con be occrediTed os o full four yeor medicol school. Good luck, Deon! DEAN BARNWELL ALBERT J. FARRAH, A.M., LL.B., LL.D., D.C.L. Known ond beloved To oll low sTuolenTs is This ground old mon of low-Deon Fcirroih. Wifh o repuToTion for considering noThing sove low of imporfonce he hos proceeded To moke This one of The finesT low schools gnywhere in The coun- Try. Before coming To The UniversiTy in l9l2, Deon Fcirroh orgonized The low school c1T The UniversiTy of Florido where he served for Two yeors. He wos mode heod of The low school one yeor ofTer coming To Alobomo. Deon Forroh's oble leodership in The po1sT ond The respecT ThoT he hcus goineol mokes all Those who ever inTenol To Tolie low oT Alobomo hope ThoT he will be "generc1l" in Low School for ci long Time To come, """': . -T ,.., DEAN GRAVES CHARLES H. BARNWELL, A.M., Ph.D., LiTT.D. Deon Chorles H. Bornwell is The oldesT foculTy member in poinT of service oT Aloboimoi. Under his leodership, The Col- lege of ArTs onol Sciences hos become one of The lorgesT ond finesT liberoil oirTs schools in The SouTh. The mciny sTudenTs ThoT come in conTocT wiTh Dr. Bornwell, boTh in his closses ond in his office, hove come To unolersToncl why The AB. School hos reoiched iTs presenT envioble sToTus. VViTh The "ground old mon" of The foculTy working for iT, This school hos cz worfhwhile fuTure oheod. Page 31 DEAN BIDGOOD DEAN DOSTER DEAN DAVIS LEE BIDGOOD, A.M., LL.D. A Deon Lee Bidgood, heod of The School of Commerce ond Business AdminisTroTion, TirsT become ciTTilioTed vviTh The Uni- versiTy of Alobcimcx ToculTy in l9l3, ond six yeors lciTer be- come Deon of The oToremenTioned school. Deon Bidgood re- ceived cz degree Trom The UniversiTy oT Virginio, ond ToiughT one yeor oT The UniversiTy of Wisconsin before coming To Alo- bomo. Under his eTTicienT ond populor leoidership, The School of Commerce hos oTTc1ined The second highesT enrollmenf of ony division on The compus ond hos repec1Tedly been proised by c1uThoriTies Tor iTs comprehensive curriculum. Deon Bidgood dlso vvos insTrumenTol in bringing The QuorTermcisTer's Corp To The UniversiTy. JAMES J. DOSTER, A.M., LL.D. Deon Jomes J. DosTer come To The UniversiTy in V907 ond vvos mode Deon of The EducoTion College only Tour yeors loTer. l-le hos dischorged vviTh reol inTeresT ond undersTond- ing The responsibiliTy of supervising The College of EducoTion ond iTs vciried TuncTions. Since his oppoinTmenT To This posi- Tion, Dr. DosTer hcis been insTrumenTol in developing The school inTo on Tull Tour-yeor college whose enrollmenT is sTeodily in- creosing vviTh ombiTious sTudenTs who ore onxious To enfer The Tield of public educoTion. GEORGE J. DAVIS, JR., C.E., D.Sc. Deon George J. Dcivis, Deon oT The College of Engineering, is moinly responsible Tor The grovvTh ond envioble repuToTion oT The engineering school here ciT The UniversiTy. A procTicol engineer himself, Deon Dovis hos increoised The curriculum of The engineering To meeT The demcinds of every need of The professionol engineering vvorld. AfTer grc1duc1Ting from Cor- nell UniversiTy, Deon Dcxvis served Tor eighT yeors oT The Uni- versiTy oT Wisconsin os Deon of Engineering. ThirTy yeors oigo he come from ThoT universiTy To Alobomo To Tcike The posi- Tion ThoT he now holds here. Page 32 AGNES ELLEN HARRIS, A.M., LL.D. In i927, Dean Agnes Ellen l-larris came to the University campus to take over her new position ot Dean ot the School ot Home Economics. Two years ot service with the U. S. De- partment ot Agriculture, and tive years on the taculty ot Ala- bama Polytechnic Institute, as well as a degree from Colum- bia University adequately equipped Dean Harris tor the posi- tion which she holds today. She is both a competent and energetic leader, is deeply interested in the organization ot the institution and has done much to map out a program ot study tor students that provides both valuable information and practical experience. STEWART J. LLOYD, M.Sc., Ph.D., D.Sc. Dean Stewart J. Lloyd became altiliated with the University in T909 Since l9ll, he has been Dean ot the School ot Chemistry, Metallurgy, and Ceramics. l-lis untiring interests in the advancements ot these subjects has been largely respon- sible for the growth ot the school. Dr. Lloyd is always work- ing tor the best interests ot his students by trying to secure tor them positions that are worthwhile in the modern world ot chemistry. The worla ot the students ot Dean Lloyd have gain- ed wide-spread recognition tor the Chemistry School. ALBERT B. MOORE, M.S., M.A., Ph.D. Dr. Moore, Dean ot the present Graduate School which was organized in T925 in order to place graduate work on an equal basis with other schools ot the University, came to Ala- bama in l923, and was made head of the Graduate School the two years later. l-le has received degrees tram both Au- burn and the University ot Chicago. Immediately preceding his coming to the University, Dean Moore served at Iowa State College as Associate Protessor ot l-listory. l-lis wise leadership has proved invaluable in winning prestige and recognition tor the school. Page 33 DEAN HARRIS DEAN LLOYD DEAN MOORE A W Sckcacwf The School oT Lovv, esToblished in l845, is on member of The AssocioTion oT Americcin Lovv Schools ond is roTed on "Approved Lovv School" by The Americon Bor Associo- Tion. The school, boosTing o presTige rorely equolled in The SouTh, offers iTs sTudenTs o combinc1Tion of TheoreTicol ond procTicol Troining in legol courses. Through The medium oT The procTice courT, required oT oll low sTudenTs in The senior yeor oT The UniversiTy oT Alobomo, The sTudenT is given procTicol insTrucTion in pleoding ond proicTice c1T lovv ond in equiTy ond experi- ence in The preporouTion ond Triol oT coses. Thus is meT The obiecTion someTimes roised To low school Troining roTher Thon oTTice Troining on The ground ThoT iT is enTirely TheoreTicol ond oTTords The sTudenT no knowledge oT ocTuol courT procedure. Boc1sTing o librory oT over l6000 vol- umes, on oible ond eTTicienT TciculTv, ond o modern ond compleTe building in Forrcih l-loll, The school conTinues To produce o sTeody sTreom oT copoble groduoTes. GroduoTes of low who ore bono Tide residenTs of Alobomo ore ouTomc1Ticollv odmiTTed To The prorcTice oT low in The sToTe vviThouT exoiminoTion. Pleocling in prodice courT . . . AT work in The law library . . . The prociice courT iury EDICAI. CQOQCQCOJX The school of medicine, The only medicol school in The SToTe, is on The opproved lisT oT The Council on Medicol EducoTion oT The Americon Medicol AssocioTion, ond is o member oT The Associcnion of Americon Medi- col Colleges, The school vvos originolly orgonized c1T Mobile in l859, buT vvos removed To The UniversiTy compus in 1922. High sTcindords of odmission, Thorough meThods of Teoching ond reseorch, close supervision of sTudenT Work cmd sympoTheTic inTeresT in The personol vvelfore oT o sTricTly limiTed sTudenT body chcirc1cTerize The od- minisTroTion oT The School oT Medicine. Gver ci period oT Ten yeors These principles hove re- sulTed in The Tronsfer To iunior sTonding in ThirTy-Three of The leoding Americcin Tour-yeor medicol schools of oll The sTudenTs who hove possed Their excimincifions oTAlc1bomc1 ond in The subsequenT grclduofion in medi- cine oT every TronsTer excepT one. This remorlcoble record, TogeTher vviTh The moderoTe expense of The medicol course, is oTTrocTing on increosing number of pre-medicol sTudenTs To Alcibomo. Right above-Learning why The body moves . . . CenTer-A sTuclenT-clocTor's insTrucTion in The onuTomy of The Throat . . . Rigl'iT- ldenfifying The malaria germ ,f- ' S- N. A Practicing a course in radio arts wr Above-Dr. Pomerat instructing embryo- biologist in surgical technique . . . Right -Journalism majors at the copy desk- Prof. Luskin "in the slot" CCDLLEGE on SCIE Alabama has tor many years maintained a standard College ot Arts and Sciences, which otters rich oppor- tunities tor study in varied tields ot learning. The com- prehensive curriculum ot this college has been ex- panded from year to year to meet the demands ot a constantly increasing student body. Today the college ot Arts and Sciences ranks as one ol the largest and finest liberal arts schools in the South. The department ot English provides excellent oppor- tunities tor those who Wish to do constructive writing- in the short story, in poetry, in play-writing, and in the novel. Students under Professor Hudson Strode, him- sell a widely known author, have produced nine suc- cessful novels within the past tour years, all ot which have been published by leading publishing houses. The department ot music and art have been greatly expanded in recent years and large numbers ot stu- dents are receiving sound and thorough instruction under competent, experienced musicians and artist. The department ot iournalisrn otters cultural and practical instruction in Journalistic methods and subject matter. Students in this department have an oppor- tunity to secure practical experience to supplement their classroom instruction by Working on the student pub- lications. was . uf., NIJ :,vUf-,- 3 241, . 1 1 'V A 1 mix I , 4 HG. 4V uf-:L R X, . he ': ,-wx. ww 3 v S V' ' F . W , , 1 -301.115 if - ' ' 1, 'jgwbzg I 542 V 4 I . ' ' -Q 1 '. 5 6 . 'z ' - I ' I' , N x. V H4 , V ,. 4. ""'-lf .V, 7 uv V 1 , 3, vb k:,w M . 1 -.jlfff S 1 , ' in N E V 'w'-f':-:lx ' , 4 ,J . ' --X .iw ,,f V I -v fy ,g ' ' - -Q 1 iff-....,-,-Sm X, 1 g TU 'iii E" I ww - ., . 1:12 4 E - X i Vr 1 ., f' P' .W 33 -f I ., U .. . W. '--" .V:'1a:,.VV:VV4QZ I 'WSW . X E A g 25 A 4H ,f 2 4' 2 ., Q5 t 4 vw WWW' T ,,. 1 :V 2 ' ,4 . Hffiwefi V W ,r A f. , ,- X if , ,H .. A f Q , . f-'V ',, , -M .0 4 . ,V- ff,,, JVZT' ' V T- M, ,- -W . iii ,. V M 0 ' V-ig, 54114 ' 1 7 4 1 I r V V 2 ww in , 44?'573,47J.-' ,whiff " V f?i'iV f , ,I , ali.: Q . iijffiwff 5 ?fW'5f'3f, - wal- ,,,.Qz" ' '-Nail-'ff5' "fl Q5 rw X . 'M' 1" , -"-."s7-was Top-Bureau of Business Research . . . BoTTom-Dean Biclgood signs regisfraiion schedules Scholar! af CCMM ERCE For iTs excellenT curriculum, compeTenT Toculry and sysTemoTic orgonizoiion, The School oT Commerce hos Won Tull membership in The NoTionol AssocioTion oT Col- legiore Schools oT Business, The sTondordizing ogency Tor commerce schools oT The noiion. The Universiiy opened iTs School oT Commerce ond Business AdminisTroTion in 1920. This school hos ci lorger sTuderiT body ond ToculTy Thcin ony oTher commerce school in The souTheosTern SToTes. Closses ore moderore or smoll size. The sTudenT re- ceives individucil oTTenTion Through on odviser sysrem, os well os in The clcissroom. The school now oTTers Tive cur- riculo, embrocing Tifreen speciol Tields oT sTudy, or "moiors." A moioriTy oT The sTudenTs ore regisTered in The privoTe business curriculum. This curriculum broriches ouT inTo moiors in occounTing, odverTising ond selling, bonkirig ond Tinonce, eTc. The oTher curriculo ore: Pre-low end public business, cloThirig ond TexTile merchandising, com- merciol orT, ond secreToriol work. There ore Tevv uni- versiTies which oTTer os wide o ronge of opporTuniTy in The Tield of commerce ond business odminisTroTion os does The UniversiTy of Alobomo. Seventy-five per minute ... g . -K .seems -g CCLLEGE f fcfuccaizcam The College of EducoTion is cin inTegrc1l pc1rT oT The regulcir session. Orgcinized in T909 Tor The purpose oT Troining superinTendenTs, supervisors, nornicil school in- sTrucTors, Teochers ond principcils of secondcirv schools, This college hos rendered voluoble service To The SToTe in These fields, Courses in librcirv science ore being offered Through The college of educcnion ond excellenTTc1ciliTies hcive been provided Tor The Trciining of young inen cind young women vvho ore plcinning To be libroricins. The proies- sionol librciry of The college is unusucilly vvell supplied vviTh books, periodicols, ond oTher reference nTc1Tericils. The new building in which iT is housed provides coni- modc1Tions ond coniTorToble ciucirTers Tor This depc1rTnTenT of The UniversiTy, ond is recognized os one oT The Tinesf college buildings in The SouTh. ExcellenT Tociliries hove been orronged Tor prcicTice Teoching cmd observciTion oT Teaching under coreful ond helpful supervision, An cid- diTion To The building, conTpleTed in W39, provides cidded Tc1ciliTies Tor insTrucTion. A class in elementary library science fr f Measuring phase shift along an artificial line Running ci load Test 'Fr C O L L E G E fgnqmeefzmq No school oT Technology in The SouTh holds o more exolTed posiTion Thon The college oT engi- neering oT The UniversiTy of Alobomoi. Since iTs esTdblishmenT in i88i The college hos sTeodily developed unTil iT novv includes in iTs comprehen- sive curriculum The Tollovving broinches of engineer- ing: oeronouTicol, chemicol, civil Cincluding high- vvoyj, elecTricc1l, indusTriol, mechonicol, meTollurgi- col, mining, public heolTh ond soTeTy, ond soni- Tory. In oddiTion, courses ore offered leoiding To degrees in indusTry ond in peTroleum Technology. A nevv curriculum in rodio Technology, broughT obouT by The ropid exponsion oT The rodio indus- Try ond The ocTiviTies oT The Army ond Novy, sup- plies groduones Troined especiolly Tor This vvork. The Survey Commission oT l9l9 oi The U. S. Bureou oi EducoTion recommended ThoT, in oddi- Tion To The bosic bronches oT engineering, The UniversiTy should moilqe The service oi The mining ond indusTriol disTricT in which iT is locciTed iTs guide in The Tield oT engineering educoTion. l-lence The nevv sTress on mining, meTollurgy ond chem- isTry, ond The nevv deveiopmenT oi hydroulic en- gineering, soniTory engineering, indusTriol mon- ogemenT, ond mining geology. PorTiculor oTTenTion is likewise colled To The odded emphosis novv being given To cieronouTicol ond sTrucTurol engineering. The UniversiTy oT Alo- bomci vvcis one of The TirsT insTiTuTions in This region To develop ond moke ovoiloble To iTs sTudenTs o Tour-yeor curriculum leoding To ci degree in dero- nouTicol engineering, ond one oT The TirsT Ten schools in The UniTed SToTes To hove iTs oeronouTi- col engineering curriculum oiccrediTed. Checking pressure in hydroulic lub Overhczuling on airplane motor The School oT Home Economics vvos developed by ex- ponding The deporTmenT oT home economics To meeT The increosed demoind on The porT of young Women Tor Thorough undergroduone ond groduoTe insTrucTion in This field. The school hos os iTs prirnory purpose The Troining OT young women Tor The imporTonT Tosk of home-moking ond Tor The Tollovving professions demonding o high de- gree of speciolizcnionz DieTiTions5 sTylisT ond buyers in deporTmenT sTores, TexTile ond nuTriTion reseorch Workers, ond insTiTuTion monogers The school is housed in DosTer l-lcill, o hondsome Tour- sTory building erecTed in T929 The building vvos plonned ond equipped Tor The Teoching of home economics oc- cording To modern sTondords ond iTs loboroTories ond equipmenT ore in every woy odequoTe Tor Thorough insTrucTion. Two oT The rnosT ocTive groups in The School of Home Economics ore Phi Upsilon Omicron ond The Corolino l-lunT Club, which deol vviTh home economy ond give sTudenTs on opporTuniTy To keep obreosT of The progress being mode in Their proifession. Jaime C o Q s J , 'E ., '-- ..,IL4 ' s or Biff: , nano M T., viii? 5 LW Top-We'gh' m le fo cx cml ' C Te Ex ' i Ing SC P S T I1 UYSIS . . . en fi Pefl- menf in quanTaTive lab . . . Boiiom-Doing research in organic ghemuiw S C CD 0 From o minor depcirTmenT oT The CopsTone hos emerged The presenT-doy School oT ChemisTry, meTollurgy ond ceromics vviTh iTs vorieTy oT courses ond oble ToculTy of Technicol experTs. lyloior pro- groms ore oTTered in chemisTry, commerciol chem- isTry, meTollurgy, ceromics, chemisTry ond loocTeri- ology, chemisfry ond geology, pulp ond poper chemisTry, ond medicol Technology. The commerciol chemisTry course is less Technicol Thon some oT The oTher moior progroms oTTered Through The school of chemisTry, ond is inTended porTiculorly Tor sTudenTs who wish To TiT Them- selves Tor commerciol posiTions such os Technicol solesmen, purchosing oigems ond soles monogers. The chemisTry-loocTeriology ond medicol Tech- nology courses ore designed porTiculorly Tor Those who wish To become Technicioins in hospiTols, clinics, cmd public heolTh lolooroTories. The school is housed in o hondsome, 'Three- sTory building which is equipped in eyery Woy Tor c1dequoTe ond Thorough insTrucTion in The Tields of chemisTry, meTollurgy, ond ceroimics. Making serum in bcideriology lab , , , , ,P ,H-,,., ,,,,,,.- ,.,X,,, ,,-,, ,,,,,,.,.- ,. fmcimaie SCHCCI. The graduaTe school of The UniversiTy has been ex- panded since iTs organizafion as an infegral parT of The Universify in l924. The chief aim of This division is The promoTion of The spiriT of research and The development of The sfudenf. GraduaTe vvork, which is open To any sTudenT holding a bachelor's degree from an approved school, demands inTensive sTudy, maTure iudgmenf and resourcefulness. The consTanT grovvfh of This school aT- TesTs The success ThaT has been aTTained by iT in pasT years. The degrees conferred by The graduaTe school are masTer of arTs and masTer of science. The Technical masTer of science degree is conferred in The professional schools of chernisTry, commerce, engineering, home economics, and public adminisTraTion. The library is The workshop of The graduaTe sTudenT. Among The more Than 200,000 volumes conTained in The library he pursues his research. The library conTains spacious reading rooms and seminar rooms where The graduafe sTudenT may vvorlc Workshop of The graduate sfudenfs Top-The reserve room in The library Bottom-Browsing room Wg, 7:57 'hx , L ik.. - '1 S , . ,X ,gsljgi-:,f 1' X X gg - 'f'ET.'x :M K sffi' K' WN?l15'gs:2,,:i"iQ1S' -5 X55 if' .Aww-5QSExS"f L- ' X K-My-,-www, v- . 9, - Irv 1. r-ga ' 1,1 ' .f-gkwkag - "X K - f ,,, N fm,-115 S?i-iw - 431 2' . Q ., ,ES 5. W,QQ..,:- ,W X J X ,Q , E':..x, 555275 32' 11? ,, , .X . ,W x .,,:A,.2,.v.: Qs , ' pg f wi: , Us Mgxsy:-. .91 'f N 6 +-f.w9S1i:L x xx K , . zz :ww V, K Q -, if PR FESSGRS T906-MARY GORGAS, known as "Mamie" to the students, comes from a family long connected with the University. Her mother was Amelia Gale Gorgas, for whom the library was named, her brother the General Gorgas of Panama Canal fame, whose picture new hangs in the library. Her home, the modest red brick dwelling next to Morgan Hall, is filled with meinentoes of her famous family, and has now been made ci shrine by the Alabama Federation of VVcmen's Clubs. Miss "Mamie" herself serves as assistant librarian, and as such has charge of arranging and check' ing all important documents in the library. Tfhzt 4eo!L04fz M, cfeclzcajecf Za Me non-admmdfhajlue f2fZ0f6440M when fvecafzcfi Maw zyeafzd af z4zfz4effMfL J6I!0fZllZUlfL fa Aaffn Zfze fczcwffff and dfffzcfenl Avacfq of Me Zfzfzwwzddfy af Alabama. 1908--ROBERT LITTLE, Professor of Romance Languages, is a tall, lithe, energetic man. Because he so genuinely loves the languages he teaches, the stories and books his classes read, he can communi- cate to students an enthusiasm for these subiects which makes studying for him a relatively simple matter. His store of anecdotes is well-nigh inexhaustible, an added inducement to keep sleepy ll 5 ' il 1 1-iuuucu-1 students wide awake. Courteous and kind, honest and sincere, he might very aptly be called a true Southern gentleman. .C .. iffxf .". AL. 4... r.. E l i F i , E mn i Q lu'-uf! if - ' i ..,ifi-i i l '4- A 1911-JACK MONTGOMERY is one of our more widely known professors of the campus. His classes are always fill- ed to capacity, not only because of his extensive knowledge cf chemistry, but also because of his excellent sense of humor which has made him famous with the student body. He is well known for if his pleasant disposition and his appar- ent love for the great outdoors. His stu- dents admire his ability to present his brilliant knowledge of science in an in- teresting manner, and his love for tack- ling difficult problems for them. This and the understanding disposition which has won for him the affectionate name "Doctor Jack" to his numerous friends among the students, definitely places him among the ranks of the great. CLITSTANDI .G 1912-JOHN GALLALEE, Professor of Mechanical En- gineering, has supervised and aided in The consfrucfion of all buildings which are relaTively new on The campus. IT is due To his foresighT and planning ThaT The UniversiTy has become famous Throuqhouf The Soufh for The con- venienf yet aTTracTive arrangemenf of iTs buildings. Most readily noTiced by visifors is ThaT grouping which forms The Quadrangle. Dr. Gallalee is in charge of all con- sTrucTion work now done aT The CopsTone. Thus one sees him srrolling along, envisioning in his mind's eye The erec- Tion of anofher dormiTory here or a larger laborafory There, buf ever planning for a brillianT fufure for The Uni- versify. 1916-HUDSON STRODE has broughf naricnal fame To The Universify of Alabama as The aurhor of several Travel books which have rafed as besT sellers in The lasT Tevv years and as The conducTor of a class in crec1Tive wriTing which aTTracTs sTudenTs from all parTs of The counTry. Through This class he has produced so many promising young wrifers ThaT Lippincoffs Publishing Company offers each year a subsTanTial prize To The member of This class who vvriTes The besT novel. STrode's Travels, in search of local color have carried him To SouTh America where he vvroTe South By Thunder- bird, To Finland, where he vvroTe Finland Forever, and To Mexico, vvhere he has given many lecfures. ln addiTion To his class in creafive vvriTing he conducfs several courses in English liTeraTure under The auspices of The Universify. All of These courses are filled To capacify each year, and he is considered by faculfy and sTudenTs alike as a greaT crediT To This insTiTuTion. me GAQJTALEE 1913-ALICE WYMAN, a dignified lady who never fails To give one an impression of quief poise and efficiency, is in charge of a large and valuable collecTion of old books and papers deal- ing wifh The hisTory of Alabama. AT The begin- ning of her career here aT The Universify, while serving as head librarian, Miss Wyman laid The foundafion for vvhar was desfined To become one of The mosf exfensive libraries in The Soufh. ln spife of The endless dufies of her posiTion, she al- ways finds Time for a smile and a pleosanf vvord To everyone she meefs. X uf 1 'n . I Y 1 ,fini .al . I.. 1? r ,-,,, iidlf' 4 5 4 . . I IJ 5 " ,.: 1 . , Ls I , 1.., ff, 1 bi 1. -,,,Y I . .V,, - 5 5 .4 , 1 -f f Q. J x 'u 79 jf ij, tg- F5 'J V- 15 -'ylrh 5 j jf 1,75 1 f I ' I " f 'f 'mf 1 7711222-LX - -, , . at 1 2: ,fm -,ff 1 1. ,.. ,,, . , ., . kg 13 M. e ,, 2? , f"gM,, .gy -gf a 1 tr' W',kZf:m"1,'i,zsZS, 9 M Q-1mm,:x.a.,L,,,.xf. ,..4 vw ,t .3 s AW4- ' wx 1 ,v .1 3 E .fm . -3 " E.. -' . -v ff 4 S- 1. r J 's Q 1' w f 5 75" uf.. -vez' mdfga-Avy: fa.: ww, .sh .fum ,- A 1. A '5'5If1'f?1 '42 , - . V, ' "br L. ,. ..u-,- A. ..f.,x,,. '-Q .V ,.:?:E1 65'--'M . . .. . ,wx R .4 V-V V, . v s'-S: X . . x . x ,,...:F ,...s 34-, 4, 1 4 ,1 3 1 N yen 141 5 'f' ..a-' .v ' " -fwggvf - 51 ,-5: 'gg'-' ,A . 5, , V .,-115: rf 'I 4. :' 4 K 4 .f.',-"mf ' .V ing-t'.12' w Q.-'V+ 'JN Mem v. .1 ., -. -1.4 v rg ,, " :Vx-'.. -- -5 . f .4 N w -if -' .gn,,v-,,y,,,- Mg- ,W .. gmvgwf' +G .wr f an If xml' ff. Vg X. V, f,5,,, 44,01 , 15: -w rw .41-:, ,:f Q J. I I f . f ff Af 1..5'.'ar1': 12 -ix5i5.4?,, .1-QE Qzlzf, , 1 , fn MEMQRI RICHARD C. FOSTER, AB., LLB., LL.D., D.C.L VVILLIAM B. SAFFOLD, AM., LL.D., PhD. J. A. ANDERSGN MARJORIE CARLSGN FRED HARRIS CHARLES HINTQN Pg 48 3 THE spacious Alabama campus was peopled by one hundred sixty-five uniformed cadets. Their interests were militaryg the barracks and drill supplied their jokes and complaints. They were younger and smaller than the students of fifty years later. The University was a man's world, but coeducation was begin- ning. In 1897, there were five women students, the largest num- ber thus far registered. Resplendent in trailing skirts, plumed hats, and high collars, these pioneering young women were addressed as "Miss" and were regarded as curiosities. Alabama's average student of 1896 was eighteen years of age, stood five feet seven inches, and weighed one hundred thirty- nine pounds. He went to bed at lO:1O P. M. Twoffifths of the cadets smoked briarwood pipes, and an uncouth five per cent chewed tobacco. Thirty students were participating in football, twenty each in baseball and track, and ten in gymnasium. Twoffifths of the students belonged to the Y. M. C. A. "The Tobacco Association" furnished amusement for the barracks. "The Kazoo Klub," made up of virtuosos on the comb, the alarm clock, and similar instruments, was an active student organization. Q42 1 I , f I ' 7 f 4 rff , 1 , 2 , f , , ff f " , f' f ' I I , 1, , 4 5 , -1 ,iff 1' 1 1'i V' 5 57' -' 1 f ff , ff , , f If I 1, , f J f ff f , 1, Q' ,- fi , 1 ff f f I ! f A! I , U' I , iff" ff " ' ' "' if 1 f 4.1 , ,Asa 5'0- 'flf f 1 w W ' W ,V Q n. it "A l A ww 5+ lltfi. l t, ESM lvl' ,. ill 'ln A fl ' ' sl-c 1967 i . x ' l fi , fl? t ,4 - 2 ,x ,f 0 lt, il 'U ' L1 if 4.-ssiaf J' Il i -it i 'I-I I 6 I -Q PREPARE TO SERVE THEIR CCDLI TRY The year 1942 saw the University of Alabama on a wartime footing for the third time in its history. And, as before, it gave to the emergency program its devoted en- ergy and its loyal cooperation, The l,8OO basic and advanced military students enrolled in the Reserve Officers' Training corps responded with alacrity to this latest and greatest challenge. Uncle Sam would find in them the kind of soldiers equalled no where else in the nation, Their commitment to this resolve was in evidence everywhere: in the classroom, on the parade field, in maneuvers. Xfgx ,Vi Cadet officer and private participation in the new in tramural program was not without significance Here were men who wanted, through voluntary physical training to build a sound body that would be the necessary comple ment of the trained mincl. From among these men Alabama will send forth those who, as a result of this singleness of purpose and de votion to country, will take over the responsibilities of military leadership wherever they can serve best They will truly be earning their heritage during these times of great STVSSS. First Row: Maior Mills, Maior Whybark, Colonel Carpenter, Captain Thomas, Lt. Finnell . . . Second Row: Lt. Livin ston'Lt. Hu hes Lt. Screen Lt. Ban 9 I 9 1 , ks . . Third Row: Lt. Crewes, Lt. Burkhalter, Lt. Cade, Lt. Shepherd. Sergeants Green, VVall, Evans, Carter. BRIGADE STAFF The highest cadet office obtain- able in the Reserve Officers' Train- ing Corps at the University of Ala- bama is that of Brigade Com- mander, held by Colonel Venizelos G. Pappas fFront Rowi. His Hon- orary Cadet Colonel is Miss Nell Montgomery. The staff consist of: Lt.-Colonel Pete Boroday, Brigade Adiutant, Lt.-Colonel John Bing- ham, Brigade Executive, Sellers Stough, honor sophomore student, Maior Archibald D. Owen, Assist- ant Brigade Adiutant, and First Lt. Jce P. Chandler, Aide to Brigade Commander. Page 54 We .. "The program fcr military takes on a national importance from the sole viewpoint of citizen- ship, and calls for the most earnest consideration of every thinking man and woman." These words of General John J. Pershing, fa- mous leader of World War l, more than any others express the desire of the military depart- ment of the University of Alabama in training men for service to their country in time of peace and in time of need, as today. Fourteen commissioned officers in the United States Army are assigned to develop Alabama's men for this service. Col. William T. Carpenter, P.M.S.8tT., directs this group and assists them in building courage- ous, loyal and generous citizenship. Col. Lovick P. Hodnette directs infantry tactics at the Uni- versity and is the latest addition to the military staff, having returned to the campus this semes- ter. He previously served here from i925 to l933. Major Henry P. Mills and Maior George W. Whybarlz, both affiliated with the Coast Artillery corps, also are assigned to duty at the Capstone. Purposes of the R.O.T.C. are to train officers for reserve commissions, apply discipline similar to that of the regular Army, improve as much as pcssible the physical conditions of all cadets and student officers through an active athletic pro- gram, teach students initiative ond self-reliance and to give them opportunities to make their own decisions. ' Captain William P. Thomas, infantry, is a leader in challenging all R.O.T.C. units with high ideals of scholarship, citizenship and character. ln his first years at the University, the basic military student will contact these first and second lieutenants in primary courses: lst Lt. Willard W. Livingston, CAC, lst Lt. Ed- ward J. Finnell, Jr., CE, lst Lt. Halbert E. Hughes, Inf., lst l.t. Joe R. Shepard, lnf., 2nd Lt. Dozier C. Cade, CAC, 2nd Lt. Lorin B. Screen, CE, 2nd Lt. Paul H. Crews, Inf., 2nd Lt. Wilkes C. Banks, Jr., CAC, and 2nd Lt. Samuel C. Burkhalter, CE. welll .... ..-..W............, -ms ti - CX fi l ' -7 fit, it .Q D, 1 l,.j 5 1 Ijfgiglxjj j jjfhlxj fi lui' lil Q rl! L5-7 .dll !'Ql ls . ll "ll 'l FIRST REGIMENT-INFANTRY Commanding officers and sponsors of the first regiment, first and second battalions of the Infantry unit of the Uni- versity of Alabama's Reserve Officers' Training corps, line up for inspection by the cameraman. The first battalion, pictured at the near right, are, read- ing left to right, Captain Oscar Cohn, executive, Major James B. McPeters, commanding, Carolyn Nichols, battalion spon- sor, and ist Lt. Morton W. Kimball, adjutant . At the far right, the second battalion, reading left to right, are Captain James L. Coley, executive, Major John T. Mur- ray, junior executive, lst Lt. Victor A. Covington, adjutant, Clara Witsell, battalion sponsor, and lst Lt. Archie R, Jor- dan, assistant adjutant. Major Murray boasts three silver stars for exceptionally high military rating. SECOND REGIMENT-ARTILLERY Shoes shined, permanents in order and sabers polished, commanding officers of the first and second battalion in the Second Regiment "smile for the birdie" These lads ond lassies lead the boys in blue who will fire the big guns, i. e., the Coast Artillery. Pictured at the near right, first battalion officers are, read- ing from left to right, lst Lt. Lawrence Ditoro, assistant adju- tant, Major John Milner, commanding, Captain Maxwell Gra- bove, executive, Dorothy Adams, sponsor, and lst Lt. Jack Brock, second in command. Officers of the second battalion, pictured at the far right, are, reading left to right, lst Lt. Warren N. Coleman, Major John Puryear, commanding, Francis Dean, sponsor, and lst Lt. Stanley Banyra, assistant adjutant. J "Red John" makes a good soldier, eh? THIRD REGIMENT-ENGINEERS All-American officers and beauties. Commanding officers and sponsors of the engineers are pictured at the right dressed in their Wednesday best as they smile for the Corolla camera. Seen at the near right are officers of the first battalion. Reading left to right, they are, lst Lt. Nestor Ortiz, adjutant, Major Holt Rast, commanding, lst Lt. Milan V. Krisnansky, assistant adjutant, Gloria Ann Terry, sponsor, and Captain William M. Pate, executive. Lined up at the far right are officers of the second bat- talion, reading left to right, lst Lt. Chester S. Martnowicz, adjutant, Major Joseph L. Cobb, commanding, lst Lt. Harold A. Johnson, assistant adjutant, and Captain Albert C. Gurney. t lt lilrill l' x'lfLTTl J" X f tj .y Ni tt REGIMENTAL STAFFS First Regiment-Lt.-Colonel Newell W. Embley, Jr., Executive, Colonel Hunter M. Montgomery, Commanding, 'vlajor Benjamin Bloom, Adjutant, Hon- orary Cadet Colonel, Mary Worthing- ton, Captain William Bishop, Assistant Adjutant , , , Second Regiment-Md jor Julian McKinnon, Adjutant, Colonel Thomas Shumaker, Commanding, Lt.- Colonel Lester Farmer, Jr., Executive, Honorary Cadet Colonel, Mildred Smith, Captain Joseph Dick, Assistant Adjutant . , . Third Regiment-Ltf Colonel Andrew Kuzmik, Executive, Colonel William Jordan, Commanding, Major William Long, Adjutant, Hon- orary Cadet Colonel, Martha Roberts, Captain Cecil Pickens, Assistant Adju- tant. - L IT RYMM mike Page 56 1 Ernest Ray Acton, Junior . , Charles Robert Adair, Senior . . Thomas Mowery Alexander, Senior Ray Allen, Junior ,..,. Albert Wilson Applegate, Senior Cy Nesibe Bahakel, Senior . Joe Baker, Junior . . Herman Bernstein, Senior . . Charles W. Bethany, Jr., Senior Jack Bingham, Senior . . . Vililliam T, Bishop, Senior . James Blooclworth, Junior . John G. Bohortoush, Senior . Troy Crompton Brannan, Junior . Charles Brown, Senior . . John Barrett Browning, Junior . William Grady Bryant, Jr,, Senior . Bill Burns, Senior .... Ralph W. Bye, Jr., Senior . . William Alexander Collis, Senior Jack Durward Carr, Junior . . Charles J. Cargile, Junior . A. B. Carter, Junior , . Joe Palmer Chandler, Senior . Warren N. Coleman, Senior . James Lemuel Coley, Senior . Victor Thomas Covington, Senior Joseph Clark Cox, Junior . Frank Crumley, Junior . William C. Cryer, Junior . Andrew J. Dailey, Junior . Walter Sturclivant Davis, Senior . James Arland Dawson, Junior . James O. Dickinson, Junior . 2nd Lt. Captain lst Lt. 2nd Lt. lst Lt. lst l.t. 2nd Lt. lst Lt. lst Lt. -Colonel Captain 2nd Lt. lst Lt, 2nd Lt. lst Lt. 2nd Lt. Captain Captain lst Lt. lst Lt. 2nd Lt. Qncl Lt, 2nd Lt. lst Lt. lst Lt. Captain lst Lt. 2nd Lt. 2nd Lt. 2nd Lt. 2nd Lt. lst Lt. 2nd Lt. 2nd Lt. William Disero, Junior . . . Louis Freeman Duckworth, Senior Robert Calhoun Duke, Senior . Charles DuPre, Junior . Bruce William Eclwards,'Junior . Ernest Nolen Edwards, Junior . Chester William Ellingson, Junior Wendell Holmes Elliott, Junior . Newell W. Embley, Senior . Milton Fancher, Senior . L. A. Farmer, Senior , Peyton N. Finch, Senior . Foster Etheredge, Junior . William Baker Flowers, Junior . Ralph Franco, Junior . . Amos George Gammon, Junior John R. Gauntt, Senior , . Howard Dalton Goodson, Senior Maxwell Grabove, Senior . Herbert Gray, Jr., Junior . Charles Russell Green, Senior . Robert Lee Green, Junior . Leonard Greenspun, Senior , Robert Glenn Curlee, Junior . J. W. Hafley, Junior . . George Peter Haloukas, Junior Samuel Andrew Hannah, Senior William H. Harbaugh, Senior . Vv'iiiiam S. Hillman, Junior . Al Holston, Senior , Perry Hubbard, Junior . Douglas T. Huie, Junior . Robert E. D. Irvin, Senior . Martin Andrew Israel, Senior . 2nd lst lst 2ncl 2nd Lt. 2nd Lt. 2nd Lt. 2nd Lt. Lt.-Colonel Lt. Captain Maior Captain Qncl Lt. 2nd Lt. 2nd Lt. 2nd Lt. lst Lt. Captain Captain 2nd Lt. lst Lt. 2nd Lt. lst Lt. 2nd Lt. 2nd Lt. 2nd Lt. Captain Captain 2nd Lt. Captain Qnd Lt. 2nd Lt. lst Lt. -Colonel Wmaewfzliq mf A i. 4 o 7' ,'Q,:,f - li fan, -'W' 'Ji le Page MGM QCQM4 William Edward James, Junior . Robert F. James, Senior . Archie Randell Jordan, Senior . Alfred J. Karniewiczg Senior . Francis P. Keenan, Senior. Morton Kimball, Senior , Gerald Lamar King, Junior . Law Lamar, Jr.5 Junior . . Harry Eugene Laneg Senior .. Edwin Burlcs Livingston, Senior . James C. Lloyd, Senior . Lee B. Lloyd, Junior .... William Creight Lloyd, Il, Junior Alfred H. Loos, Junior , . . Leroy McEntire, Jr.p Senior . Chas. W. McKay, Jr., Junior . Julian T. McKinnon, Senior . James B. McPeters, Senior . John J. Markowitz, Senior . Robert H. Mason, Senior . Michael Charles Matsosg Senior . Jack Mayo, Senior . . . Ernest E. Miller, Junior , Leonard Miller, Junior . John Milner, Senior . Henry N. Mims, Junior . Hunter Milton Montgomery, Senior Robert K. Morrow, Senior . . N. Welch Morrisette, Junior . John T. Murray, Jr., Senior . Joseph S. Nicholsong Junior . Frank Martin Oden, Junior . Nestor Ortiz, Senior . . Francis Gardner Park, Senior . lst Lt. lst Lt. ist Lt. lst Lt. Captain 2nd Lt. 2nd Lt. 2nd Lt. ist Lt. ist Lt. lst Lt. 2nd Lt. 2nd Lt. 2nd Lt. lst Lt. 2nd Lt. Captain Maior lst Lt. lst Lt. ist Lt. lst Lt. 2nd Lt. 2nd Lt. Maior Qnd Lt. Colonel Captain 2nd Lt. Maior 2nd Lt. 2nd Lt. Captain lst Lt. Venizelos Gregory Pappas, Senior William Fair Patterson, Senior , Edwin W. Piburn, Junior . Thomas E. Powell, Senior . Walter H. Prescott, Junior . John Allan Redmond, Senior , Ed Reynolds, Junior . . Harold Richey, Junior . James Vell Rives, Junior Zack Rogers, Jr., Junior . Donald Joseph Sails, Senior , Salem Shory, Junior . William P. Schuessler, Junior . Clare Donald Sherwood, Junior . . Myler Shiland, Junior . Frank J. Shirtz, Jr., Junior . Thomas John M. Thomas William William Russell Samuel Charles P. Shumaker, Senior . Slosar, Junior . , George Smith, Junior , Clarke Snow, Senior . Sorum, Junior . . . Edward Speake, Junior . P. Sumner, Senior . Henry Talbot, Senior . Sam Thomas, Senior ,.., John Long Thompson, Jr., Junior Albert E. Tondreau, Senior , . William Lenhart Toomey, Junior Claude D.. Wallace, Senior . Albert Edward Walmsley, Junior Goius Whitfield, Senior E . Themes P. Wilkinson, Junior . Eugene Robert Wulf, Junior . . LT. Colonel lst Ll. 2nd Ll. lsl Ll. Qnd Ll. lsl Ll, Qnd Ll. 2nrl Lt. 2nd LI. Qnrl Lt, lst Li. '2:1d LI. Qnd Li. 2nd Ll, 2nd Lt, Qnd Lt, Colonel 2nd Ll, 2nd Lt. Captain 2nd Lt. 2nd Lt. lst Lt. Captain lst Lt. 2nd Lt, lst l.t. 2nd Lt. Captain 2nd Lt. -Colonel Qncl Lt. 2nd Lt. lst Lt. 4- , f I5lf4w,J"fi ' , i 1 ' ' ,Ef f i s,1 .,v - f fi ' , Q. 13, V: A I : .,.. -,. 1, ff .Prize 1 A , 4, Q. ff. ,qt y,.4,4,, .., 1 1. J ,su N VM V. f"f,,.ymw .,, ,,. ,, , . ,,. .Z yhwfmn. r 5531- f. , a,,Q1Z.43,,, 5 - .. .-j.f:'. 3 'Q-f , , ,, 1.49.11 '-,,...: " " 5 7 L A B A i' SQ' 7he FFI SE IOR INFANTRY Charles Adair, Jr. Thomas M. Alexander Reid J. Anderson Albert W. Applegate William T. Bishop Benjamin J. Bloom John G. Bohorfoush Charles F. Bromn Ralph W. Bye William A. Collis Oscar Cohen James Coley Victor Covington Walter Davis Louis Duckworth Robert Duke Newell W. Embley, Jr. Milton Fancher Wilbert D. Gailey Charles R. Green, Jr. Samuel A. Hannah Robert Irvin, Jr. William James Archie Jordan Alfred J. Karniewicz Marion W. Kimball Harry E. Lane Edmund E. Lemieux James B. McPeters John J. Markowitz John B. Mayo, Jr. Hunter M. Montgomery Carl A. Morring, Jr. C E R L U B U IVERSITY OF ALABAM Robert Morrow John T. Murray, Jr Francis G. Park Thomas E. Pomell David T. Randman Donald J. Salls Charles H. Talbot Samuel P. Thomas James Tindell Claude D. Wallace George E. Weeks Henry C. Wood, Jr. COAST ARTILLERY Nesilie T. Bahakel Stanley Banyra Herman Berstein Charles Bethany John Bingham Jack Brock James L. Chaney Warren Coleman, Joseph R. Dick Lawrence Ditoro Louis Drezek Lester Farmer Peyton Finch Harold Goodson Maxwell Grabove Leonard Greenspun Robert J. Greiner William Harbaugh Alfred Holston Martin A. lsrael Robert Janes Francis P. Keenan George A. Kellum Henry E. Linsky Edwin Livingston James Lloyd Leroy McEntire, Jr. Julian McKinnon Joseph T. McKinnon Robert H. Mason John Milner Harold B. Nappan Balpha L. Nooiin, Jr. Henry M. O'Connor John O'Leary William S. Orman James Owen William Patterson John Puryear Thomas P. Shumaker William Snow Kenneth P. Spreeman Samuel P. Sumner Albert A. Tondreau Heustis Whiteside, Jr. Garland Wood James G. Wood George F. Wurzbacher James Ro Younger ENGlNEERS William Boardman Pete Boroday William Bryant William Burns Joseph L. Cobb William Collins Angelo Conti Joseph M. Giang regorio Herbert Gray Albert Gurney Russell Hoffman Frederick Hower Guy Hubbs Harold Johnson William Jordan Joseph Kiskis Harry Kleyensteuber Milan Kriznansky Andrew Kuzmik Austin Lee George Leskowitz Robert Lightfoot William Long Alfred Laos Winfrecl McCartney Chester Martnowicz William Meisinger Paul Michalko Nestor Ortiz Archibald Owen William Pate Cecil' R. Pickins Holt Rast, Jr. John Redmond Edwin Senger Elven Short George Solt William Wall JU ICR INFANTRY Pames R.--Allen Bartle A. Avery Harry L, Balzan Lee A. Barclay James N. Bloodworth Troy C. Brannon, Jr. Robert O. Brietling, Jr. John B. Browning Jack D. Carr Sam J. Carrol Alfred B. Carter, Jr. Robert H. Chin William R. Craft James F. Crumley Andrew J. Dailey Francis X. Di Leo Charles H. Du Pre George L. Ebert Houston T. Eddens William B. Flowers Ralph A. Franco Thomas H. Franklin George A. Gammon James S. Gaskell, Jr. Wesley S. Glenn, Jr. Marshall A. Gordon Robert L. Green, Jr. Douglas T. Huie Frank M. Johnson, Jr. Wheeler B. Leeth Graham H. Lester, Jr. Lee B. Lloyd Paul W. McClung Jack R. McKewen Michael Matsos Kenyon G. Meeks Leonard H. Miller Herbert H. Mitchell Caine O'Rear, Jr. James M. Parrish Edwin W. Piburn Sidney S. Propper Albert R. Sabo William P. Schuessler Sam H. Sharp Clare D. Sherwood, Jr. Meyer Shiland Salem L. Shory Joe Starnes, Jr. Henry E. Thomas, Jr. James V. Thompson Robert M. Underwood James A. Ward, Jr. Norman R. Wesley Charles Williamson Alfred E. Hawkins, Jr. COAST ARTILLERY , William S. Hillman George P. Howard Perry Hubbard Ernest Acton Forrest L. Adams Donald Adler Joseph S. Baker James E. Banks James Canright Charles J. Cargile, Jr. Lawrence Caruthers Harold Cheatham Harry Cluley, Ill. John Coleman Douglas P. Corretti Joseph Cox Robert G. Curlee James Dawson James Dickson Peter Ditoro Ernest N. Edwards Chester Ellingson, Jr. Robert Etheredge George Finkbeiner Paul Fredenburgh, Jr. John R. Gauntt Austin Gerber Jarrett L. Griffin Joe Harrell Jack Hunter John M. Jones, Jr. Julius L, Kayser Gerald King Law Lamar Noah Langdale William C. Lloyd John R. McConnell William L. McElroy Chas. W. McKay, Jr. William B. Mayes George E. Nerwin Buren Moncrief Nathaniel Morrisette, Jr. Robert Nesbitt Lloyd Newcomer, Jr. Joseph S. Nicholson, Jr Harold M. Gwen Walter H. Prescott Biagio L. Rampone Edward Reynolds Clarence Rhea Harold Richey Zack Rogers Edeard Schurick Burton Scott, Jr. Frank Shirtz, Jr. Max Silverman Thomas G. Smith Russell E. Speake William Sorum John L. Thompson Felix H. Treadway Richard Van Horn William Watson William E. Weeks Walter Wilson Mitchell B. Wozniak ENGlNEERlNG John W. McConnell, Jr. Jack Bean Page 60 James Calabra Harold Cohen William Cryer Donald Cunningham James Currie William T. DeSiero James Ealy Bruce W. Edwards Wendell Elliott John Hafley George Haloukas James Hill Robert Horton Ernest Joseph Paul E. McCollum Lawrence McDonald Albert Mclnnis Louis Mancusi Ernest Miller Felix Moss Ralph Murphy Frank Oden James V. Rives Jack M. Skelding John Slosar James Snipes William Toomey Albert Walmsley Robert Whitehurst Thomas Wilkinson Frederick Windholz Eugene Wolfe Larrie W. Yarbrough A ri The Officers Club, composed of all the cadet officers at the University of Alabama, commands the recognition and respect of the civilian population today as never be- fore. The Alabama R.O.T.C., long since recognized as one of the foremost units of the country, provides an an- swer to the problem of supplying the Army with leaders. Each year, approximately i4O basic military students are accepted for advance training. They are selected ac- cording to their scholastic and quality point ratings and -iv, i 1 1-Q-Q l,,,,-,,--N-H-, r must pass a rigid physical examination. Through long hours of study, sincere classroom work, and applied train- ing on the drill field combined with the patient efforts of the Army personnel, these members vvill obtain the high rating common to Alabama officers, After completing this intensified officers training course, with six weeks of camp as actual military experience, they will receive their commissions as second lieutenants in the United States Army. .-,.,.,.....-....,..g q 5 l 'N l i i i ii l r, . ,- ,,. A . g L,,- QT A' ' . 1" . -, -A' 5. V: QQ X -- x X 1- I' ii--Q..-1 AB W I '--------In I i ,f'72,, -ff"-Prv'bi:a?'Z-'Il:v.-Q J,21l3:'EET'ff-1155 . , - .. ,. ,,,.,.M,,, .mow ,., . ,fcvxx--:gy-:J V f 3 15, -V ,. XX SCABB RDW BL DE National Honor Society of Scabbard and Blade, estab- lished at the University of Wisconsin in I902, is composed of outstanding members of the Advanced Military training course and takes its members from those men who are outstanding in military science. Personality and charac- ter also figure in the selection. During I9-42, under Captain John Murray, the society enjoyed a most successful year. lts members helped with both semester registrations and aided the faculty in orien- tation of freshmen. LT. HUGHES . . JOHN T. MURRAY . . EDWIN B. LIVINGSTON . CHARLES H. TALBOT JOHN BROCK . . For the first time in its eighteen year history, Company K held a flag raising ceremony at a football game in Bir- mingham. Socially, the Scabbard and Blade members held a lead- out at the Military Ball and a banquet for members dur- ing the year. Its initiates dominated the upper ranks in the Advanced unit. Approximately fifty men were initiated during the year l942. Venizelcs Papas, a member, served as Cadet Col- onel for the University unit. . Faculty Advisor . . . Captain . First Lieutenant . Second Lieutenant . First Sergeant Charles R. Adair John Bingham William T. Bishop Ben Bloom John Bohorfoush Fefe Boroday Jack Brock Joe L. Cobb Oscar Cohen Lemuel Coley Warren N. Coleman Victor T. Covington Robert D. Duke Newill W. Embley Lester A. Farmer Peyton N. Finch Maxwell Grabove William H. Harbaugh Alfred Holston Guy Lamar Hubbs William E. James Robert F. Janes William D. Jordan Francis P. Keenan Morton Kimball Joe Kiskis Harry M. Kleyensteuber Andrew Kuzmik Austin W. Lee Robert C. Lightfoot Edwin B, Livingston William Long, Jr. Leroy McEntire John B. Mayo John Milner Hunter M. Montgomery Carl A. Morring John T. Murray B. Lonnie Nooiin V. G. Pappas John W. Puryear Thomas P. Shumaker William, C. Snow Charles H. Talbot James L. Tindell Samuel P. Thomas Heustis P. Whiteside Gaius Whitfield J. Garland Wood James R. Younger I .... 5 'T' .-1 .4 -f. , 1 .Ah-Vlgiyg .f PHAL Phalanx, honorary Military organization, played an im- portant part in military lite at the Capstone during 1942. Drawing members from the Advanced Military unit, the organization was an integral part of the R.O.T.C. unit. Under the skilled leadership of Commander Cecil Pick- ens and Vice-Commander Robert Morrow, the military group took an active part in all military events. ln the social field, the members held a banquet tor scme ten new recruits and held a leadout at the annual military ball. Purpose ot the organization is to encourage leadership in the Military unit, and its members held high positions in the ranks. Ralph Bye Stanley Ba nyra William Bryant CECIL PICKENS . ROBERT MORROW J. B. MCPETERS . ALBERT APFLEGATE JOE GIANGREGORIO William A. Callis Joseph Dick Herbert H. Gray, Jr. Leonard Greenspun Samuel Hannah Frederick Hower Edmund Lemieux Julian McKinnon Chester Martynowicz Paul Michalka Nester Ortiz David Randman Walter Scheible Page 63 . Commander Vice-Commander Finance Officer , Adjutant . Historian Kenneth Spreeman Albert E. Tondreau Claud Wallace Fratres in Facultate Maior Feringa Lt. Thomas Col. Carpenter '- s H' " ' , fi 2115 lm 'T., if' Y .T Tl li A ll ,I .T ,, 11 s , ii, i. i. , . -, wx ,ini ranges? lj? yi ' " 'li T9 fi: ' 5. .lf-m Eg f' we-A , ll-L i , Sielfimiy illQ 'T,, The Pershing Rifles, basic miliTary organizafion, enioyed a boom year during l942. Easing membership on drill excellency and proficiency in milifary subiecfs, The pre- cisicn drill uniT held semi-annual iniTiaTions and each Time approximafely Twenfy men were admiTTed. Under The skilled leadership of CapTain Joe Kiskis and lsT LieuTenanT Cy Bahakel, The members were called upon To display precision and fancy drills on several official occasions JOE KISKIS . CY BAHAKEL . ALFRED LOOS , EDWlN SINGER . NORMAN PONDER . MosT nofable of These displays was The show held as parT of The "A" Day celebrafion. During This parade approxi- maTely sevenTy members wenT Through exercises before The sTudenT body and assembled guesTs. Several mem- bers were admiTTed To The Advanced Milifary course dur- ing The year and will wear The disTincTive braid of Pershing Rifles during The coming year. Ivliss Ardufh CrurnpTion served as sponsor for The unif during The year. . . . Captain . Firsi Lieuienani . Second Lieuienani . Second LieuTenanT . . FirsT Sergeant Kenneih Ackerman Richard Blomquisi Frank Briii RoberT Cady John Chapman Dorrance Dalrymple Irvin Davis Jed Denmark John Dubovech Roger Graves David Hauser Bill Kennedy James Lotz Frank McEachern Ralph Napoliiano BerT Negin Frank Odell Gene Perlman Frank Peters Elmer Ross William Schmick Herberi Smiih Ralph Sireicher Reginald Teed MarTin Wyman Page 64 A ' T T To , T T rg f T ,T , , T l 'TM ,,,' T an Q T l T T The Alabama rifle Team uncler The experT coaching ol sissippi STaTe and Auburn. Several members of The group LT Som BurkhalTer come Through vviTh one of The lJesT sea- were named To The rank of experT marksman, an honorary sons ID The h1sTory of The organizaTion. rank lor Those proTicienT in The use ol arms. During The year, The expert marksmen from The Mili- Members Tor The Team were chosen on a compeTiTive Tary un1T aT The CapsTone engaged The Teams from Mis- basis and The UniversiTy's besT marksmen were represenTeol. LT. BURKHALTER . CO0Ch Angelo Conn Peier DePmlo Alfred DeNice Jerome Follender Berney Fowler Paul Greenlee Ulyssess Goodwin George lrlnloulf Drnllmm ,lmrlmfm Loo Jones Ernest Miller Joe Miller Ralph Murphy Eugene Perlman Edwin Singer Pnul Slassi Joe Triola Sfanley Wilson Garland Wood Andrew Kuzmik Ernest Joseph Page 65 T T l l ml nfl il l ll ills ll ,l ill lllil ll 4 lg in fi ll ,il yi ll 1, ly l ii il l ll ll i El J .T sm ,. L, .., V J ZZZQQ L49 fun ZZCQTCQ SvveeThearTs of The UniversiTy CadeT Corps-They're worTh TighTing Tor . . . R.O.T.C. Company passing in review-eyes righfl Where These colcrs go our men Tollovv , . , Targef pracTice- preparing for The Japs . . , Cheer leader shows The army how To yell . , . The lieuTenanT checks up-inspecTion arms! l2.0.T.C. band performs cn Union Building sTeps . . . Armis- Tice Day-The army parades . , , The cadeTs line up-aTTen- Tion! . . . Tuscaloosa sees Eama's Million Dollar Band. The R.O.T.C. has a Tug of vvar-building muscles for Uncle Sam . . . LiTTle Ralph Adams-TuTure Alabama cadef . A A Dr. Denny presenTs 'sTar To hesT soldier. UniversiTy cadeT answers roll call, "l-leref' it B, . wmv: .ww-W 9' Q . f v ,V .-.-:-mf - . ez s.. .. . XR ' -,.:-W,-, - ilwx - Q ,.:c Y J X , 3 aw' iv x f 1.4 ,. 3-5:5 X S SN x . - :..:. 45:i1.:'-va, ,zgkgij-35:5 Q.- :k.:f.ff-fih , g N' S f xx R ' X Q X X v ' 1-Wk --flu:-wma-:gzai-aff:-far . .ir- . v::,:.f-rv.- 3' E l X 1 X X 3 Q x X - 25 aww N X .. , vzf -.wg-Am X ' ' Qu! V. 5 115? QQ- . M:N,..,,-:gm-3g:g.,,Q,. -,K . x . 'Q Za K x is--xsN ww S xn xx "ESS 2 ., E, w pau, 1 f 'nam ,. I 53.9 ., f "'w,1wL2ftfL'2g':z , , '-'Aww ""W"52av -' . 1 ff- W-y,..,.4 L , 'fY:7'z'25-f'4" ev v , , 0 . N354 'f2,'i,4: , 1 0 ,vw X .X ww, . W is S" '? M 1 15-51:5:gf5f,:gfw .zf 1 5 f NN., N-. . .mf 72 WYER Bama's law sTudenTs of Today, our lawyers of To- morrow, are characTerisTic of The quickening age in which we live. They bliTz righT on Through Their sTudies, social evenTs, exTra-curricular acTiviTies, and, on Their big day-l.awyer's Day-They always have Their panzer division on The field. From morning Till nighT . . , from dusk Till dawn . . .from can To can'T . . . These fellows really geT around. You can always Tell a law sTudenT by The way he argues in a bull session . . . by The amounT of coffee he consumes . . . by The worried look he gives his ineviTable armful of books . . . by The whoppers he Tells . . . and by The way he sizes you up as a candidaTe for The sucker lisT. Classes, classes and horn-rimmed glasses, books, books and sTudious nooks-ThaT's moaning low by The legal sTudenT. Their social life, however, is more acTive Than They would have you believe . . . They admiT To fewer girls yeT acTually daTe more belles Than any oTher group on The campus. ln facT, The amounT of work ThaT Dean Farrah and his assisT- anTs can geT ouT of These social-minded sTudenTs is miraculous. Homecoming day To a solon is BarrisTer's Day and he really Takes over. The BarrisTer's cheering secTion aT The homecoming game is a melange of walking sTicks, fancy cravaTTes, black derbies aT a cocky angle, and an organ grinding ouT "ThaT Old Time Religion." The BarrisTer's Ball finds These fuTure lawyers sfepping ouT full force To The laTesT iam and iive . . . They swing Their parfners as well as They promise To swing Their big law cases. A cuTe liTTle blonde a-dancing, nine old men a-siTTing -These are his ombiTions. From The ranks of These law sTudenTs emerge The campus poliTicians, The B.lVl.O.C. of Bama. lvlany sTudenT governmenT iobs are held down by These capable boys on Their way up To a poliTical career. Phi BeTa Kappa, O. D. K., Who's Who in American Universifies, Quadrangle, Jasons, Million Dollar Eand, Excelsior LiTerary SocieTy, Tau Kappa Alpha, Scabbard and Blade, Farrah Order of Jurispru- dence-These are buT represenTaTives of The or- ganizaTions in which law sTudenTs are prominenT. We have a greaT law school, and we're proud of The grand record made by iTs graduaTes. Today, an alumnus, l-lugo Black, holds one of The highesT posfs a lawyer can aTToin, .lusTice of The U. S Supreme CourT . . . and Then There's Ed LivingsTon, JusTice in Alabama's Supreme Courf . . . and John Bankhead, The laTe Will Bankhead, and Claude Pepper-senafors all .... Now anoTher graduafing class goes forTh To Take iTs place in The legislafive and poliTical life of our counTry. LeT's do a liTTle crysfol gazing and see whaT The fuTure holds for some of Bama's greaT . . . Why, There's Clifford Fulford, a likeable fellow who has all The makings of a diplomaT or sTaTesman. Yes, ThaT's Clifford going up The sTeps of The WhiTe l-louse fifTeen years from now and ThaT's PresidenT l2oosevelT coming ouT To meeT him .... Anofher fa- miliar figure in our crysTal ball is Tom Adair, one of The greaT criminal lawyers of his Time, in The midsT of a dramaTic appeal To The iury before a packed and jammed courTroom audience .... And sTill a Third figure is Charlie Wood wiTh a speak- er's gavel in one hand and a coke in The oTher .... A greaT law school, and a greaT law class .... VersaTile and brillianT young men, who will lead us ouT of The blackouTs and bliTzkriegs of Today inTo The free democracy of Tomorrow .... Page 69 REMEMBER ADAIR, THOMAS S., Tuscaloosa, Senior, Tennant Lomax Oratory Avvard, Debate Team, Tau Kappa Alpha, Excelsior . . . AGRICOLA, HUGH, Phi Delta Theta, Gadsden, Fresh- man . . . BEALLE, JOHN RUFUS, JR., Pi Kappa Alpha, Tus- caloosa, Senior, Phi Delta Phi . . . BELL, GEORGE ROSS, Alpha Tau Omega, Birmingham, Freshman . . . BETHANY, CHARLES W., JR., Decatur, Freshman, Debate Squad, Tau Kappa Alpha, Otticers' Club . . . BLANTON, JOHN H., Kappa Sigma, Selma, Senior, Quadrangle, Druids, Phi Eta Sigma, Debate Team, President, Y.M.C.A., President, Excel- sior, President Freshman Lavv Class. BLOODWORTH, JAMES NELSON, Kappa Alpha, Decatur, Freshman, Y.M.C.A., President, Philomathic, Quadrangle, Spirit Committee, Otticers Club, Executive Committee Lavv School . . . BRUNSON, LISTER, Pi Kappa Phi, Elba, Fresh- man, Editor T942 COROLLA . BURNETT, JOE GAINES, Pi Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, Junior . . . BURTTRAM, JULIAN, Tuscaloosa, Senior . . . CAMPBELL, JOHN ED, Sigma Nu, Scottsboro, Senior, Blaclctriars, Solcist, The Messiah 81 Eliiah, Secretary to Executive Secretary . . . COLEMAN, THOMAS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Birmingham, Senior, Phi Delta Phi, Ex- ecutive Committee, Vice-President, Senior Class. COPELAND, BUFORD L., Gadsden, Senior . . . DALRYM- PLE, WILLIAM CALLAND, Alpha Tau Omega, Birmingham, Senior '... DEHN, JOHN JOSEPH, Delta Tau Delta, Canton, Ohio, Freshman, President, Newman Club . . . DODSON, ELBERT LEE, JR., Tuscaloosa, Senior . . . DOMINICK, FRANK MCCOY, Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, Freshman . . . ELLING- SON, CHESTER WILLIAM, JR., Birmingham, Junior, Phi Alpha Delta. Page 70 ELMORE, NESBITT, Phi Gamma Delta, Montg Phi Delta Phi . . . FARMER, LESTER A., Sigma Dothan, Freshman, Scabbard and Blade, Otfio FULFORD, CLIFFORD, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, B nior . . . HARDEGREE, ARTHUR LEE, JR., Pi Ashland, Freshman, Philomathic, Y.M.C.A., . . . HASTY, HELEN ELIZABETH, Tuscaloosa HAWKINS, GEORGE COPELAND, Tuscaloosa ident Junior Class, Chiet Justice Phi Alpha E Farrah Order ot Jurisprudence, Executive Co Law School. HAYES, MILLARD BROOKS, Delta Kappa E tovvn, Florida, Senior, Editor I94I Corolla, Ja O.D.K., Quadrangle, Who's Who in America ecutive Committee . . . HEDBAVNY, JOHN I City, N. Y, Senior, Phi Alpha Delta, Spirit C HOWARD, GEORGE PIERCE, Sigma Chi, We' Phi Eta Sigma, Rho Alpha Tau, Delta Sigma I Philomathic . . . HUGHES, CLAUDE BENTL Omega, Birmingham, Freshman, Alabama I ISRAEL, JOHN ROY, Alpha Tau Omega, Bin man . . . JOHNSON, J. W., Sigma Alpha Ep Freshman, Spirit Committee, Cotillion Club. September-luggage, arrivals-the mm....... ....., xx. i I I Jjlre Yfllniuemilfg og .xgfcngamoa wow ,,,,,, .. -,K Adair Agricola Bealle Bell Bethany Blanton l Bloodworth Brunson Burnett Burttram Campbell Coleman i Copeland Dalrymple Dehn Dodson Dominick Ellingson l l l l l l Elmore Farmer Fultorcl Hardegree Hasty Hawkins l 1 i Hayes Heclbavny Howard Hughes Israel Johnson V Y . . -, -w1. LgfAz:gf,,Qea.:i u'i L -':-',-21, '.-:f' g-.iz f-1,L4io.e.5,L:gE?:14 ,LL g?T'T1i.g.i,.fLIZTM, ,,,. ,iw .. -, ,,e,,2j:::i5? mf ljolleo Awffffv ffm o o - , ' " .' J?"vf '1,."12i1i?'i'L'f'F ""W- '. "FW55fr'i75i'1i' i!5Xii3T:"mM:-.ji Y' WSW, 'Y' 'TTR 5159? :,,g5.fjZ11f" 1' 'LT'77"' '32 322 ffl ' K H A ' V W" " ,il TCI' .7,.' k Y' Y ' V ' V W 'i' " ' M-'AM F ' ' ' lg . "':f3-ff.. ' 'YT' i'T"f'li1Cff- f,'l"f-f iii'Rf?'U:17F.'P2l"'"',1v1,.qJ ,www UllIF'1LyIlt.21" '1- .f5'f"'17E ' "'., Vi' 5.5, , -' EJ " nz . i?ffiCi1JE2ii"!"l ',E1fN" ' ' Zi " I 'S FA-1 ' 'LW' e V -A ' S C H Q O L A651 JONES, GORMAN ROBINSON, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Shettield, Junior, Quadrangle, Tau Kappa Alpha . . . Le MAISTRE, SAM A., Kappa Alpha, Tuscaloosa, Feshman . . . LEVVIS, PARNELL SAGE, Sigma Nu, Dothan, Spirit Commit- tee, Druids, Jasons, O.D.K,, Quadrangle, Who's Who in American Colleges, Business Manager T941 Ccrolla . . . LIVINGSTON, EDWIN BURKS, Fhi Gamma Delta, Montgom- ery, Freshman, Cotillicn Club, Scabbard and Blade, Business Manager Glee Club . . . LLOYD, HUGH A., Pine Apple, Se- nior . . . McKAY, CHARLES W., JR., Pi Kappa Alpha, Ash- land, Junior, Philomathic, Political Science Forum, I.R.C., Honor Roll, Wesley Foundation. MILLER, GEORGE VVAYNE, Delta Chi, Gadsden, Junioi, Cotillion Club, Intertraternity Council, Phi Alpha Delta, Lavv School Honor Board . . . MITCHELL, WILLIAM HENRY, JR., Phi Gamma Delta, Florence, Junior . . . MONTGOMERY, HUNTER MILTON, Fairfield, Freshman, Excelsior, Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Kappa Alpha, Druids, Executive Committee, Council ot Clubs, Scabbard and Blade, Debate Squad, Who's Who in American Colleges . . . MOORE, JOHN L., Kappa Alpha, Mobile, Senior . . . MORRISETTE, N. WELCH, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Greensboro, Freshman, Druids, Debate Squad, Excelsior, President, Rho Alpha Tau, T.K.A .... MULLINS, JESSE NORTON, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Dothan, Junior, Pres- ident, Junior Class. MULLINS, JOSHUA SANFORD, JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Alexander City, Freshman . . . PARKER, THOMAS F., Lambda Chi Alpha, Bessemer, Freshman, Druids, Delta Sigma Phi, ln- tertraternity Council . . . PENNINGTON, J. MARVIN, Sigma Chi, Jasper, Junior , , . PHILLIPS, WALTER COOPER, Lanett, Senior . . . PORCH, RALPH D., Chi Phi, Anniston, Freshman, Transfer Emory University, Intertraternity Council . . . REY- NOLDS, EDWARD HARRIS, Phi Gamma Delta, Notasulga, Ju- nior, Phi Delta Phi, Junior Honor Court. Page 72 'f fs, fest fl., ROBERSON, RICHARD LEO, Moulton, Senior . . . ROGERS, ZACK, JR., Sigma Chi, Butler, Junior, Baseball, "A" Club . . SEWELL, TOXEY H., Pi Kappa Alpha, Tarrant, Freshman, O.D,K., Jasons, Debate Squad . . . SMILEY, THOMAS LAW- SON, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Birmingham, Senior . , . TAYLOR, JOHN FONVILLE, JR., Demopolis, Freshman, TINDELL, JAMES L., Pi Kappa Alpha, Dothan, Senior, Scabbard and Blade, Philomathic. WALKER, EPHRIAM BREVARD, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Mo- bile, Senior, Excelsioi '... WALLACE, GEORGE C., Clio, Senior, President, Spirit Committee, Captain, Boxing Team, Phi Alpha Delta, Honor Court . . . WHITE, HARVEY IVESTON, JR., Sigma Chi, Birmingham, Freshman, Sigma Delta Psi, Quad- rangle, Philomathic, Cotillion Club . . . WILLIAMSON, WAR- REN JACKSON, Sigma Nu, Pine Apple, Junior, Phi Beta Kappa, Spirit Committee . . . WILSON, LEWIS HOBSON, Tuscaloosa, Senior, Phi Alpha Delta , . . WOOD, CHARLES F., Hopkinsville, Ky., Senior, Phi Alpha Delta, Student Execu- tive Committee, Chairman, Baracks Ball Committee. Signing for hours of headaches and a few triumphs. Jones LeMoistre Lewis Livingston Lloyd McKoy Miller Mifchell Monlgomery Moore Morrisefte Mullins, J. Mullins, J. S. Parker Pennington Phillips Porch Reynolds Roberson Rogers Sewell Smiley Taylor Tindell Walker Wollcce White Williamson Wilson Wood .f' .f s2.1-:, ' - " ' ,. ' ,... i412"1""', S,LWifFK?1'?':f?TE-T5FfV-1?.2"i2'i4F-i?W'41i?fw:ifi?i'4aftf5e1ir'f5W7f'?'3?i6H'i'r?Fx?!w"':'t'G39f7H"'f"1"fiFEi'if'f1'13ff":sTl:"::T5i4e"f:FT'F'7i1fa"f76?'?" 'L'-'5ffi"T'fiT4f1 """"-?1i?F"YM' T"'f1"'i""" """' niuerffify ofjfagama OPQVLQC! ilf5 afioom io ffm C6L!05f0lfL8lf'f5 V -, -l . f 'fuf.Lf??5:1:-1..'wf.--9f.aG..F'-f 1'-fw-f..:'f-a:,-zrygn-5-m1Q.fl,ggQ,a ?g:,:.fg,a ,sv .. Y- , A WSU 7 fm- Tv -,,1,,.,,-, 1, N.-.Q-. 5 .,,,,e,.-...f,-.1.,.,q,-,.- ,......p,,-....,...W.Ye-,... -..,.,....-,.q..,- X-,-. '. 'v ' -f- s ' A,...f. ,p, -Lg-5, MH., - 1 :e ,4 Y., -' H+- 'fy -:fe-M -,-. nn w- 1- '-1 ye K fi if , 'f - ' - , ' - , " ' , s , - i ,- -5. 1 , -:-'-ff,-.-f. -'he ,I :N . 1411.1 .i:'.-,af ' ' V. 1 Fd i , R' fn . i ,f , fa e in 1 i 1 . , .1 if ' if 'A , ' - ' .,e,q., :N eg-igfQ,J,'..'5w -M' i 1' ' , i 1- M ,J l - - - . - , i-3 -lp1Q,,,,-4 .Q , ,i , , 1- ,.. K . y f " 'QM 1 -la fa .rivfiffi -'KY 1 E A Y? "Nm,.,..,+ 72 MEDICO By Their obsence from exTro-curriculor ocTiviTies you sholl know Them: Medicol STudenTs oT Bomo. IT The Low sTudenTs Think They sTudy o loT, They should consider The loT oT The grove-ydrd woTch . , , burning The oil unTil cock-crow in The grey lighT oT ecich dc1y's down. FosT obToining ThoT "docTor personoliTy," They Tolk in professionol poTTer They oTTempT To im- press you wiTh Their scienTiTic knowledge of oll The TocTs ond ocTs They do Their work wiTh o colrn deTerminoTion-work ThoT even some of our sTrong- esT-heorTed would hesiToTe To consider They diognose everybody , They prescribe Tor The meresT Trivio , They know The medicol Term Tor everyThing Trom o sproined eyeldsh To o broken heorT. All joking oside, These ore The sTudenTs who ore besT known Tor reolly Ieorning Their lessons while They ore on The compus. RighT here oT The Uni- versiTy oT Alobomo, our TuTure men in whiTe nighTly pore over volumes oT books in Their oll-ouT eTTorT To Toke Their ploces in The ronks of The docTors of The noTion. And don'T Think iT doesn'T Toke ci loT of hord work To ochieve The gool oT which These boys ore diming . . . buT The Bomo Med sTudenTs hove Cl hobiT of oiming high, ond hiTTing higher. OT greoTesT imporTonce To civilizouTion in iTs TighT Tor preservoTion ore The men in whiTe work- ing behind The men in khoki on The Tiring line. These ore The reseorch docTors ond scienTisTs, Tor- ever peering Through microscopes, ddily Tinding The onswers To The problems of onesTheTic ompu- ToTion ond open wound heoling. On The boTTle- Tield or in The Trenches, The Army surgeons TighT inTelligenTly ond relenTlessly To rehobiliToTe The living deod. And on The home TronT, The men oT Tope ond gciuze conTinue Their everlosTing vigi- lonce ogc1insT The diseoses oT monkind. ln The upseT ond Troubled world of l942, our docTors hove ossumed on even more imporTonT posiTion in our conTinuol sTruggle Tor life. And Alobomo's docTors ore ploying Their porT in This greoT dromo of physicions, boTh on The boTTleTieIc,f ond on The home lines. Monny oT Them ore now in The Army, corrying on Their work on ci dozen TronTs. OThers ore moking o nome Tor Themselves here c1T home. Dr. McLesTer of Birminghom, wos presidenT oT The Americon Medicoul AssocioTion, which is The ulTimoTe gool of his profession. Pres- enT SuperinTendenT oT The Alobomo lnsone Hos- piTols is Dr. Williom D. PorTlow, who succeeded Dr. Jomes T. Seorcy, The mon who is responsible Tor The deveIopmenT of These humone insTiTuTions. Ross Veol, onoTher Bomo olumnus, hos mode very recenT discoveries in The Tield oT onesTheTic ompu- ToTions. R. P. Crocke is doing imporTonT reseorch work oT Emory UniversiTy. Bomo's Med School hos hod more Thon iTs shore oT groduoTes' nomes in- scribed in The onnols oT The medicol iournols. OuTsTonding omong The sTudenTs now enrolled under Deon Groves ore Foy Rondoll, RoberT Voughn ond John Moore. These, ond numerous oTher boys, hcive oll shown by Their hord ond per- severing work ThoT They hove whoT iT Tokes To moke good docTors. They will oll moke Their ndmes greoiT ond Toke Their ploces in The Medicol world when They leove Bomo To corry on This work To oid monkind. For The services of The docTors oT Todoy, Amer- ico will olwoys be grciTeTul. For These sons of The microscope, Those who hove noT os yeT chonged The "Mr." in TronT of Their nomes To "Dr.", The ormy, The ncrvy ond The civilions woiT eogerly, Thonkful Tor Their knowledge ond poTenTiol ser- vice. VVheTher They choose The role of humble counTry docTor or ThoT oT The greoT surgeon, Boimo's medicol sTudenTs will be ossured of Their viTcil ploce in our world oT Tomorrow. Page 75 ...Q 0. .?f3Ef,i9.:i?Jil9-iiilfissli BERRY, JAMES DANIEL, Pi Kappa Alpha, Fayette, Fresh- man, Quadrangle, Debate Squad, Y.M.C.A., Corolla, Black- triars, Phi Chi . . . BLALOCK, JOHN BUTLER . Fhi Chi, Marion, Kappa Sigma, Selma, Freshman, Quadrangle, Phi Chi . . . BOOZER, IRWIN MONROE, Anniston, Freshman, Alpha Epsi- lon Delta, Phi Beta Pi. BROCK, WILLIAM MICHAEL, Fairfield, Freshman, Phi Chi, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Gamma Sigma Epsilon . . . BURCHFIELD, GROVER LEE, JR., Tuscaloosa, Feshman, Phi Beta Pi . . . CHIL- TON, JOHN MORGAN, Chi Phi, Montgomery, Freshman, Phi Chi, Alpha Epsilon Delta . . . DARDEN, SAMPSON HARRIS, Phi Chi, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore. DAY, CHARLES HENRY, Decatur, Freshman, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Wesley Foundation, Y.M.C.A .... EL- LIS, DONALD RICH, Columbus, Miss., Freshman . . . ERWIN, CHARLES ROSWELL, Winter Haven, Fla., Freshman, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Fhi Beta Pi . . FINLEY, DOR- OTHY GRACE, Decatur, Freshman, Alpha Lambda Delta, Guidon, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Gamma Sigma Epsilon. Page 76 .A O! FAQ AGIKQIPULK COLU6L Pg! Sophomore, Alpha Epsilon Delta . . . BLANTON, CLAIBORNE, GAINES, JOHN LUTHER, Crossville, Sophomore, Phi Beta Pi . . . GAMBLE, HAROLD, Phi Gamma Delta, Montgomery, Sophomore, Phi Chi, President, Sophomore Medical Class . . . GOGGANS, ALBERT MILTON, Rockford, Freshman, Phi Chi, Fhi Eta Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Phi Beta Kappa, Honor Roll, Vice-President, Freshman Medical Class . . . GRIFFIN, BELTON GLENN, Birmingham, Sophomore, Phi Chi. HANKS, BOYCE LORING, Frisco City, Freshman, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Phi Beta Kappa . . . HUTCHINSON, HAMILTON, Kappa Alpha, Mont- gomery, Freshman, President, Druids, Fhilcmathic, O.D.K., Jasons . . . IGOU, RUFLJS ALFRED, JR., Fort Payne, Fresh- man, Phi Eta Sigma, A.E.D., Phi Beta Pi . . . KING, DON EDGAR, Alpha Tau Omega, Birmingham,.Freshman, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Y.M.C.A., Phi Chi. Democracy at Bama-Waiting line for paying fees. ! E E 1 .- fi n 5 ! E I F Berry Blalock Blanfon Boozer Brock Burchfield Chilton Darden Day Ellis Erwin Finley Gaines Gamble , Goggans Griffin Hanks Hutdhinson Igou King ' - 4 ,. . , .w g mf, , L ,,,gm:-Qpgfgvwfeawffaf-2av':ew::'faf-'Grwhim:S 'ff-fwirisjitf'-L1a::yf?r:1-vsv-1zg:f,:--wgnudf, 25:52-rvf, .1-1-1-11'1'1,1'.:f1+2zi-H"F"' 1afw:nff'A2w'ini-':i:'ffff":"vi'f'- WE' "fn-'-if'f"f":'1f"ST"f'f eyfroyecf file Uniuerdify camlozfw Avaifafjngd Ori lofi! 41 7 li , - ,,,n..,i. -we J J ....,,, fn,.u-.'1f..,, , an ., mu Y 1 H-td - , W - 1 W 5 Y if hx lr L f 'f'1Q':a:r'::m.ff I -y K1 W 1, 10 in 'G' T lv ,wg 1 f 'ff' C ' ,f -'X ., M 'f' IQ l ' a Q -' ' 1 I Pi ' ' -,N X -Q tiff . l A ' Q x 1 'Q H f f 'N f- M I f- ' J B g if Z-'fir S C H O O L C? LAWRENCE, FRED E., Tuscaloosa, Freshman, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Phi Chi . , . MADDOX, WILLIAM AL- BERT, Abbeville, Cotillion Club, Alpha Epsilon Delta . . . Mc- LALLEN, CLYDE DAVIS, JR., Kappa Sigma, Birmingham, Fresh- man, Phi Chi, Y.M.C.A .... MILLAR, EDWARD ADAMS, Delta Tau Delta, Tuscaloosa, Freshman, A.E.D., Gamma Sigma Ep- silon. MOODY, MAXWELL, JR., Phi Delta Theta, Tuscaloosa, Freshman, Phi Chi, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Gamma Sigma Ep- silon . . . MOORE, ELBERT LEE, Phi Chi, Birmingham, Fresh- man, Phi Eta Sigma, AIphalEpsiIon Delta . . . NICHOLS, HENRY THOMAS, Altoona, Sophomore, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Phi Beta Kappa . . . NORTON, THOMAS BERRY, Sulligent, Sophomore, NORTON, ROBERT OLON, JR., Sigma Chi, Louisville, Freshman, Phi Chi, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Gamma Sigma Epsilon . . . O'REAR, HARRY BARROW, Jas- per, Sophomore, Phi Chi, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Phi Beta Kappa . . . OWENS, THOMAS MCCLENDON, Gadsden, Freshman, Phi Beta Pi . . . FENTON, JOHN RANDOLPH, JR., Alpha Tau Omega, Mont- gomey, Freshman, Phi Chi Page 78 PENTON, SIM, Wetumpka, Freshman, Phi Beta Kappa, A.E.D., Phi Chi . . . RANDALL, FAY MARTIN, JR., Pi Kappa Alpha, Bessemer, Freshman, Quadrangle, A.E.D., President, Freshman Class . . . SHARMAN, LEWIS CROOK, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Tuscaloosa, Freshman . . . SMITH, GREENE, HAMP- TON, Kappa Sigma, Birmingham, Freshman, Phi Chi. UNDERWOOD, GRANT, Richeyville, Fa., Freshman, Phi Beta Pi . . . WILLIAMS, ROY WILLIAMSON, Pi Kappa Phi, Freshman . . . WILLIAMS, THOMAS HARRIS, JR., Marion, Sophomore, Phi Chi, Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Gorgas Medical Society . . . WILLIFORD, ROBERT FRANCIS, Birmingham, Freshman, Alpha Epsilon Delta. First dance-thrill of the year-the social season begins. smmsmmxammmmz-1z.:1:n,wQwss1 . .. . f--.mes Lawrence Maddox McLallen Millar Moody Moore Nichols Norton, T. Norton, R. O'Reor Owens Penton, J. Penton, S. Randall Sharmcm Smith Underwood Williams, R. Williams, T. Williford l "T:gQ1ir,,g1-:zW:,41.,17,-rfgfazqqwrzi-wygf .mg :fren-pH---if,.-wif-Meiexrfm-frfTm11mffT-m-inW-ffvmiai-Isa?-n1f11?2'?'f,--,fvf'f"'T'i':viii"F':m'f1?1'I1'f'L1LT'1'ffJF'2i'1?"'--1f'."f"f'T' " f?"F'2""' :- .xgfoqgama ecozme on fovwf offfie 7flfLiue1f'5ffy ofjfagama in f 90 7 l - . , -:Qz..2.k11af-mr, . E m , ,M ig '23-om2:E'.S,solo-is-nnfwrmf--v,. 1..vr,s.v..1.L-rg .aieegorafa-1--'vw-+I-H+'-ffu-' ---- 1: -:.--W' -' M ff f--- '4"-f:::gQ-:wr-1.- .1-K-vf-rw: n5-f'ff-f-:'1w---i:r-f--- - -vg ' - , . . f ,. T We ,T ,.-.-,,.f-...,1..-..,..-...-.,..-.,-.---,-f-v1v-f-i'..,.7,Wq,Y .-..,,,.. -..ww-?a, .-. .,,,,w- ,,g.,,51,.-::....5 ,-Y-q:,g..L.-Y., ,. .ir ..-W, -4--4:z,i1.b.4fa,,aX:q ,,'.-:111.74:Q-:i,i':,i:4-,'-gg-, 412, 'jf'--gr' ,,-,'-'-1 " 1 ,,'-1.4.1-ff. 1Li:,,,.,"..i., , , , ., J. i . ,. ,J wg, .,:..,fv ., Y 1 f " I if 1-'+'r-g,g'gef'i,,'- .5-434, -, - -V,-7. ingMi,7,:1'f','g.a,l'f mifaefi '15 I-ni. -fn it 13.15. 'f'f,1v . 1: iv , 'V , ' 1 ., .' w ,. -, . Qs.. U. .iq vi .::,, 5,-,-:f,,:N1,if, . , . fy :M '-1. r ,-7+ -. '1 qv, -. - ilk 45. 152.11 A ' L-aj-:-".1ff"-'r' 13.3. " " 14-121 -1 'f' 72 ln todoy's theoter ot world events, the Senior is one ot the most importont persons. He is the mon desired by industry, the ormy, ond his whole country. Everyone points to him ond soys, "There goes Mr. Future." During his tourth ond tinol yeor ot the Univer- sity ot Alobomo, this much-wonted person is de- veloping oll the chorocteristics thot moke one im- portont to his fellows. He olwoys hos time to put the proverbiol "bug" in o BMOCS eo: '... he ol- woys seems to be ot leost portly prepored in closs . . . he olwoys tokes in oll the meetings, especially the Supe Store concloves . . . still, he never hurries from one ot these importont groups to ottend o study session. In on world ot bombers ond bullets, the Senior tinds thot his most voluoble weopon is the college degree. l-le is one step oheod ot the mon who does not possess such o sheepskin. Whether in business or in the ormed service, the college grod stonds out . . . he gets the best positions . . . he turns out the best work . . . he odvonces tostest ond torthest. Look ot the present crisis-the Senior ot yesterdoy is the mochinery running our notion todoy. Engineers, stotesmen, executives . . . oll ore preporing ond guiding our country on on even keel through its greotest test. Page 81 Typicol ot the young men ond women ot the Closs ot '42 who ore onxious to begin toking o whock ot the world ore George Bloodworth, Bill Long, Molly Powell ond Jock Binghom. Eoch ot these students hos mode on outstonding record ot Alobomo. Eoch olreody hos cz good stort toword leoding our notion. The boys will probobly end up with high-ronking commissions in the ormy, ond Molly will receive her "Mrs" degree before mony ltulll moons hove possed. All tour ot these Bomions ore destined tor greot things in Arnerico. Meonwhile, newspoper heodlines spell out, "UlXllVEl?SlTlES THROUGHOUT NATION SVVlTCl-l TG THREE-YEAR QUARTER SYSTEM." Seniors lose their chorocteristics ond reputotions goined through decodes ot vitol extro-curriculor octivi- ties goined under the tour-yeor plon. Twelve months ot steody grind , . . o leop trom college to ormy . . . yet the Bomo mon will still reolize the importonce ot on educotion. l-le will be willing to go to ony extremes to get one. The present outlook tor ony Senior moy be dull, but when the sounds ot guns ond hobnoiled boots hove once ogoin died out, when democrocy hos ogoin reoch- ed towering spires throughout the world, emphosis upon culture ond educotion will once more be- come poromount in the minds ot everyone. Those ore the doys to which Seniors ot T942 look tor- word. HERB 'S CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-TWO ABERNATHY, RUTH, Tuscaloosa, Education . . . ADAIR, CHARLES ROBERT, JR., Delta Tau Delta, Narrows, Va., Com- merce, Scabbard and Blade, Rho Alpha Tau, President, Greeks, President, lntertraternity Council, Spirit Committee, Vice-President, Council ot Clubs, Excelsior, Rammer-Jammer, Officers' Club . . . ADAIR, LOUIS R., Blue Mountain, Miss., Education, "A" Club, All S.E.C. Guard in Basketball . . . ADAMS, DOROTHY MAY, Delta Delta Delta, Birmingham, Arts and Sciences, Glee Club, A Cappella Choir . . . ADAMS, MARGARET, Troy, Commerce, Phi Chi Theta, A Capella Choir, Triangle . . . ADAMS, MARY, Huntsville, Education, Mortar Bcard, President, Kappa Delta Pi, Honorary Cadet Major. ADDISON, EXIME ELIZABETH, Alpha Phi, Jasper, Arts and Sciences, W.S.G.A., Pan-Hellenic Council, l.R.C .,,, AIR- HEART, RUTH, Alpha Delta Pi, Scottsboro, Education, Y.W.C.A., Rammer-Jammer, Kappa Delta Pi . . . ALDERDICE, GEORGE WALTER, Hamburg, N. Y., Engineering, l.Ae.S., Wesley Foundation, Pi Tau Chi, St. Pat's . . . ALEXANDER, DOROTHY GERTRUDE, Tuscaloosa, Commerce . . . ALEXAN- DER, THOMAS MOWERY, Moulton, Education, Intramural Sports . . . ALLEN, JAMES RAY, Dothan, Commerce, Debate Team, Crimson-White, Ball and Mask Society, Fencing Team. ALLGOOD, MARY FOX, Alpha Delta Pi, Alexandria, Va., Arts and Sciences, Rammer-Jammer, Crimson-White . . . ALVA- REZ, JAMES J., Delta Kappa Epsilon, Mobile, Commerce . . . AMUNDSON, JANET CAROL, Phi Mu, Forbes, Minn., Home Economics, Triangle, Caroline Hunt Club . . . ANDERSON, REID JEFFRIES, Theta Chi, Orange, Mass., Ats and Sciences . . . APPLEGATE, ALBERT WILSON, JR., Tuscaloosa, Com- merce, Fhalanx, Pershing Rifles, Wesley Foundation, Black- triars . . . ASH, ERNEST CLINTON, JR., Mobile, Engineering. ATKINSON, NANCY REBECCA, Laurel, Miss., Arts and Sciences, Spirit Committee, P.S.A ..,. AUSTIN, LOUIS, Phi Gamma Delta, Trenton, Tenn., Engineering, Theta Tau, A.l.M.E., St. Pat's . . . BABBITT, WALTER HOWARD, Belle- ville, N. J., Commerce . . . BAGWELL, ECTOR LANE, Fayette, Arts and Sciences . . . BAGWELL, NINA EUGENIA, Fayette, Home Economics . . . BAHAKEL, CY NESIBE, Birmingham, Pershing Ritles, Excelsior, Debate Squad, T.KA., Newman Club. Page 82 cjfie gmt Aarfeifdorf zfeam was BANYRA, STANLEY, Queensyille, N. Y., Engineering, St. Pat's, Newman Club, A.I.Ch. E .... BASS, JEAN, Alpha Chi Omega, Decherd, Tenn., Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars, A Capella Choir, Transfer from Brenau College . . . BATES, GEORGE LUCIEN, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Mobile, Chemistry, Skulls, A.Ch.S., President, Senior Class Chemistry School . . . BATES, LUCY PRUDE, Zeta Tau Alpha, Tuscaloosa, Arts and Sciences . . . BAUM, MARVIN, Paterson, N. J., Arts and Sciences, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Spirit Com- mittee, Track Hillel . . . BAXTER, DOROTHY WALLACE: Alpha Delta Fi, Atlanta, Ga., Arts and Sciences, Glee Club, Art Club, Corolla, Crimson-White, Editor Rammer-Jammer, Tri- angle, Mortar Board. BELL, LOIS, Tuscaloosa, Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars . . . BENENSON, HAROLD A., Atmore, Commerce . . . BENNETT, KAY, Theta Upsilon, Chipley, Fla., Arts and Sciences, Alpha Kappa Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Blacktriars, Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil, Triangle . . . BERINGER, ARTHUR B., JR., Zeta Beta Tau, Montgomery, Commerce, Y.M.C.A .... BERNSTEIN, HER- MAN, New York, N. Y., Commerce . . , BERNSTEIN, MARTIN GERALD, Staten Island, N. Y., Education, Band, Pi Sigma Phi. BILLUPS, ALLETA, Chi Omega, Greenwood, Miss., Educa- tion, Blacktriars, Y.W.C.A., Corolla . . . BINGHAM, JACK, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Birmingham, Arts and Sciences, Phi Beta Kappa, Omicron Delta Kappa, President, Jasons, Debate Team, Phi Eta Sigma, Druids, T.K.A., Quadrangle, Scabbard and Blade, Intertraternity Council, Rho Alpha Tau, "Who's Who in American Colleges, Honor Roll . . . BISHOP, WIL- LIAM T., Birmingham, Commerce, Alpha Kappa Psi, Scabbard and Blade, Otticers' Club . . . BLACK, THOMAS JOHN, Theta Xi, Jackson, Mich., Education, Intertraternity Council, Spirit Committee . . , BLACKBURN, CURTIS BAGLEY, Birmingham, Commerce . . . BLACKMON, SUMPTER, Columbus, Ga., Grad- uate, Football, Baseball, "A" Club. A popular spot-the refreshment room. Abernathy Adair, C. Adair, L. Adams, D. Adams, Margaret Adams, Mary Addison Airhearl Alderdice Alexander, D. Alexander, T. Allen Allgood Alvarez Amunclson Anderson Applegafe Ash Afkinson Ausfin Babbilf Bagwell, E. Bagwell, N. Bahakel Banyra Bass Bates, G. Bates, L. Baum Baxter Bell Benenson Bennet? Beringer Bernslein, H. Bernstein, M. Billups Bingham Bishop Black Blackburn Blackman -' "1-1 B-,huvufm H . . ' ---"f. , -1 ' -1 -' ., 'im -cfeg -Lfiljss-QTL4.--TIT' f 'f'?'. A f"T"2Tif'iTi ' ffl?" LCLGL 55 OVZAOIWQJ A lfniuemifzf 0 .fgfagama in H993 ima:-fs-iswws mw- 2: 'i:1Efg1' 5 .1 'fwfi ffg, is V ' H ng. A' ' fy -L J'. 'fain' . " f- 'AKQED V- vu '-:.:a'y2--,ll-Miir., .A Tsai'-. :7.f'-1K1"5Lv-w'1'Ag1.'f"n .',-:- I 5-51 I '111Ii.T.-'-,2.-25,1-if.-:-.2-,-f.'Li-Q1'TF1igiiZ?'i- 4f-iilvew'7-- "'2??'f.e2"h'-144'-if 1 FC--'-nj .1-A-3 Y1'7?77"'F"77T'f'Tf'T7T"Y'7"""""""""'Z'Yf"" ' f,:.,.,.,-1211-Q-,-fi'p,:effiErr1:r "'1.e,"--5 . fin..-' "intl .pi f-,-fwrzwifve rf ' . Fl, 'ffiii I rr ff' -' HJ ' '-'lf far -'ff'-'sl' ' '-lf-' T21 "' . A -5 fxaaalmiii'--ff:zfglzlf,-Z-7,5 A view? M: 'Q SX , X i' fl l fi, N' 'N' Q ' in if Q , ' "' ' .nw--2 Q13 .1 1. fs' , 1 f .1 , f . -' " ' " 'HC " M," ' 'H C'f?,f'Z". - Q , QL i:.f'.4ivfvZl7i9f5 "5il ' 5.-. lf .J .117fi3L'lfLf!I?-37 NA in '1' " ' fi V' Q rl- " I ' J 'M' 'ISN 'rx 'alll H.-:ffw f 5:-fi 6:..'w 41:31-i'2lu.a:Qfv'f'.-' Srafwi fe ' 2' :V-an J. .1. -1- , HERB ' CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-TN BLOODWORTH, GEORGE, Kappa Alpha, Gadsden, Com- merce . . BLOODWORTH, JAMES, Kappa Alpha, Decatur, Commerce . . . BLOOM, BEN JOSEPH, Kappa Nu, Hunts- ville, Commerce, Scabbard and Blade, Druids, Excelsior, Of- ficers' Club, Honor Court, Interfraternity Council, Interfaith Council, Rho Alpha Tau, Y.M.C.A .... BOALES, SARA ELIZA- BETH, Zeta Tau Alpha, Daytona Beach, Fla., Arts and Sciences, Chi Delta Phi, Blackfriars, Swan Club, Y.W.C.A., Rammer-Jammer . , . BOHORFOUSH, JOHN G., Birmingham, Commerce, Scabbard and Blade, Alpha Kappa Psi, Newman Club, Officers' Club, Pershing Rifles, Spanish Club, Spirit Committee . . . BOISE, ROBERT EVANS, Syracuse, N. Y., Com- merce, Newman Club. BOLT, MARY LINNER, Sigma Kappa, Lanett, Home Eco- nomics, Y.W.C.A., Caroline Hunt Club, French Club, Senior Woman's Auxiliary . . . BREEN, RUTH ELLEN, Pompton Plains, N. J., Arts and Sciences, Spirit Committee, Triangle, Zeta Phi Eta, P.S.A .... BRESSLER, REGINA, Flushing, N. Y., Arts and Sciences, Blockfriars, Spirit Committee, Triangle . . . BRICE, DORIS ANNETTE, Alpha Delta Pi, Oneonta, Com- merce, Phi Chi Theta, Rammer-Jammer, Madrigal Club, Wes- ley Foundation . . . BRICE, JAMES COBLE, Phi Gamma Delta, Union City, Tenn., Chemistry, Phi Eta Sigma, Rho Alpha Tau, Druids . . . BROADHEAD, DOROTHY ELAINE, Alpha Delta Pi, Birmingham, Arts and Sciences, Blackfriars, Rammer-Jom- mer. BROADUS, MARIAN STEWART, Phi Mu, Tuscaloosa, Arts and Sciences, Blackfriars, National Collegiate Players, Tau Delta Tau, T.K.A., Spirit Committee, Triangle . . . BROCK, BETTY, Alpha Gamma Delta, Gadsden, Arts and Sciences . . . BROCK, JACK, Pi Kappa Phi, New Brocton, Arts and Sciences, Scabbard and Blade . . . BRODBECK, DOROTHY BESSIE, Point Clear, Home Economics, Gamma Delta, Y.VV.C.A., Caroline Hunt Club . . . BROOKS, ELINOR, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Brewton, Arts and Sciences, Mortar Board, Wcmen's Editor, Crimson-White, Guidon, Executive Cabinet Y.W.C.A., Spirit Committee . . . BROWDER, TOM SMITH, Phi Delta Theta, Livingston, Arts and Sciences. BROWER, WALTER J., Delta Kappa Epsilon, Birmingham, Arts and Sciences . . . BROWN, CHARLES FRANKLIN, Red B-ay, Cc-mmerce . . . BROWN, DOROTHY EUNICE, Delta Zeta, Birmingham, Arts and Sciences . . . BROWN, JAMES BROOKS, Pi Kappa Alpha, Tallassee, Arts and Sciences Q . . BRYANT, WILLIAM GRADY, JR., Eauality, Engineering, A.l.E.E., St. Pat's, President, S.A.M.E., Phalanx . , , BUECH- LER, EDWARD, Newark, N. J., Commerce. Page 84 IL mme ne of Mia Korofa BURNS, BILL, Pittsview, Engineering . . . BUTLER, I LEAVITT, Phi Delta Theta, Huntsville, Arts and Scier BUTLER, EUGENIA CADE, Delta Delta Delta, Annis and Sciences, Band Sponsor Two Years, Triangle . KENNETH FORMAN, Delair, N. J., Commerce, Wesl dation . . . BYE, RALPH W., JR., Delair, N. J., Cc Alpha Kappa Psi, Pi Tau Chi, Phalanx, Officers' Cli ley Foundation . . . CABANISS, ELLA RACHEL, Sigmc Roanoke, Va., Education, Swan Club, P.S.A. CALABRO, PETER JOSEPH, Richmond Hill, L. I., Sciences, Baseball, Crimson-White, Newman Club, Club, University Press Club . . CALLIS, WILLIAM . DER, Theta Chi, Ozone Park, N. Y., Education, Iota Sigma, Phalanx . . . CALVERT, WILSON CLARK, Sig Union, Miss., Arts and Sciences, I.R.C., Blackfriars, White, Y.M.C.A .... CAMPBELL, ALEESE, Alpha Delta, Welsh, La., Education, Y.W.C.A,, Glee Club . . . CAMPBELL, MARION BROWN, Alpha Gamrr Jacksonville, Fla., Arts and Sciences, Blackfriars, Eta, Crimson-White . . . CAMPBELL, MARY EVELYI Delta Pi, Scottsboro, Arts and Sciences, Alpha Lambi Chi Delta Phi, Matrix, Crimson-White, Corolla, Jammer. CAPILOUTO, LEON DAVID, Montgomery, Cc Bond . . . CAPOUYA, MATHILDE, Montgomery, C Secretary, Senior Class Chemistry School, Alchemis ish Club . . . CARNEY, PATSY GARTH, Chi Omega, I Miss., Arts and Sciences, Corolla, Crimson-White, . . . CARPENTER, BURWELL S., JR., Sigma Alpha Fairfield, Arts and Sciences . . . CARR, BETTY ROBE Omega, Charlotte, N. C., Home Economics, Trans Queen's College, Secretary-Treasurer, Junior Class, Hunt Club, Spanish Club, P.S.A .... CARSON, I INEZ, Pittsburgh, Pa., Home Economics, Triangle, Representatives, Caroline Hunt Club, Glee Club. Stolen fun-an outdoor class in indian sun X - Bloodworfh, G. Blooclworih, J. Bloom V Boales Bohorfoush Boise Bolt Breen Bressler Brice, D. Brice, J. Broudhead Broadus Brock, .B. Brock, J. Brodbeck Brooks Browder Brower Brown, C. Brown, D. Brown, J. l Bryant Buechler I Burns , Butler, C. Butler, E. Bye, K. Bye, R. 1 Cabaniss l Calabro Callis Calverl' Campbell, A. Campbell, M. B Campbell, M. E Copiloufo Capouya Carney Carpenter Carr Carson ,A , . . W . H . - --..-.-L-....-.-A,-.1-.-.-.-f-mf-To-nf.-.0,,q-1-ffyf-,rug-ef-5?---W-w-1--r-r-1 , wow llowgiifsfreall ffm foamozfw c vim of me Uniuerdify 0 78931 isaizzffg --Yrwmegbxm-igfse:f,':-f.,--. ,-.. f, .fuzz-e,,..f.f-.-Q vc:-vf-11...-.V .1ff.f,n.s,ff---f . S'Y":7T"57T'X- '1 +2-Fxfirfffief -il'-TIL-552' 'vw-Ar' 55-s -- f B ..,,.-2g,,..-....1.f..1..- .5 .-...V .-I.,-.-.5-1.ggyffgg.nrf:-"-'.1-:.,1:g3''ff 7'3fi,i,4' ::::,,"':"Tf7""jw1f' . i5nI.fi5.Blili?ffi'S CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-TWO CARTER, DORIS ANDERSON, Chi Omega, Sylacauga, Commerce, Crimson-White, Rammer-Jammer . . . CARTER, JOHN K., Pi Kappa Alpha, Greenville, Commerce, Philo- mathic, Y.M.C.A., Blaclcfriars, Pershing Rifles, Crimson-White, B.S.U .... CASH, EDMOND JOSEPH, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Bronx, N. Y, Graduate, President of Graduate School, Spirit Committee, Newman Club, National Collegiate Players . . . CASTAGNO, ALPHONSO A., Hartford, Conn., Arts and Sciences, Newman Club . . . CASTILLO, JOSE LUIS, Iota Lambda Sigma, Guayama, Puerto Rico, Education, Spanish Club . . . CHANDLER, JOE PALMER, Kappa Sigma, Fayette, Commerce, Y.M.C.A., Wesley Foundation, Officers' Club. CHANDLER, MARY RUTH, Hanceville, Education, A.A.U.W. . . . CHAPMAN, ELEANOR ADAMS, Chi Omega, Ripley, Tenn., Arts and Sciences, Pan-Hellenic, House of Representa- tives, Blackfriars . . . CHAPMAN, ROGER EDINGTON, JR., Evanston, III., Law, Debate Squad . . . CHERRY, MARY N., Montgomery, Arts and Sciences, Mortar Board, President, GirI's Spirit Committee, Triangle, Alpha Kappa Delta, Tau Kappa Alpha: Aloha lambda Delta, Debate Sauad: P.S.A. . . . CHRIETZBERG, FLORENCE, Holtville, Education, Y.W.C.A. . . CHRIST, MARY WARREN, Montgomery. CHRISTIAN, LOUISE MONROE, Kappa Delta, Northport, Home Economics, Triangle, President of Pan-Hellenic . . . CHRISTIANO, ANTHONY JOSEPH, Waterloo, N. Y., En- gineering, A.S.M.E, Newman Club, St, Pat's . . . CHUDY, FRANK STEPHEN, Bridaepcrt, Ccnn., Engineering, Theta Tau, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, St. Pat's Committee, Spirit Com- mittee . . . CLARK, RUTH, Falkville, Education, Triangle, Kappa Delta Pi, B.S.U .... CLEMENTS, EDNA EARLE, Phi Mu, Birmingham, Home Economics, Wesley Foundation, Chi Delta Phi, Caroline Hunt Club, Transfer from Howard Col- lege . . . CLEVELAND, MARTHA HELEN, Kappa Delta, Annis- ton, Arts and Sciences. CLINKSCALES, RIA JANE, Phi Mu, Montgomery, Graduate, Symphony Orchestra, Phi Mu Epsilon, Teaching Fellowship . . . COBB, JOE LEONARD, Pi Kappa Alpha, Bessemer, En- gineering, President of St. Pat's, A.S.M.E., Jasons, Quadran- gle, Philomathic, Officers' Club, Tau Beta Pi, Scabbard and Blade, Maior in Engineering Regiment, Theta Tau . . . COHEN, OSCAR, Zeta Beta Tau, Alexander City, Commerce, Scab- bard and Blade, Phi Eta Sigma, Druids, Cotillion Club, Spirit Committee . . . COLE, EMILY ELIZABETH, Delta Gamma, Union, Miss., Arts and Sciences, Crimson-White, Matrix . . . COLEMAN, LONNIE WILLIAM, Montgomery, Arts and Sci- ences, Blackfriars, Phi Eta Sigma, Crimson-White . . . COLE- MAN, WARREN NEIL, Allen, Arts and Sciences, Spirit Com- mittee, Philomathic, Officers' Club, Scabbard and Blade. Page 86 jfie .S?1fL0!e1fLLL.fQ50c1la1fi01fL 0 COLEY, JAMES LEMUEL, Chi Phi, Alexander City, Com- merce, Phi Eta Sigma, Druids, Jasons, Omicron Delta Kappa, Spirit Committee, Excelsior, Business Manager of Crimson- White, Scabbard and Blade . . . COLLINS, VIRGINIA DARE, Church Hill, Tenn., Arts and Sciences, Alpha Lambda Delta, Transfer from U. of Tenn. and Ohio U., Eta Sigma Phi, Ger- man Club, Wesley Foundation . . . COLLINS, WILLIAM JO- SEPH, Andover, Mass., Engineering, Officers' Club, S.A.M.E., Spirit Committee, I.Ae.S., Newman Club, O.R.A .... COL- VIN, FRANCES MERKL, Birmingham, Chemistry, Alchemist Club, Chi Beta Phi . . . CONNER, MARY FRANCES, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Macon, Miss., Arts and Sciences, Corolla, Y.W.C.A .... CONNER, MARY HELEN, Phi Mu, McCalla, Arts and Sciences. CONTI, ANGELO ANDREW, Norwood, Mass., Engineer- ing, Rifle Team, A.S.M.E., St. Pat's, President of I.Ae.S . . COOLEY, ELMER RAYMOND, Frenchtown, N. J., Chem- istry, Alchemist, Varsity Baseball . . COVINGTON, VICTOR THOMAS, Troy, Commerce, Philomathic, Scabbard and Blade . . . COWLES, MARY, Alpha Delta Pi, Rome, Arts and Sciences, Blaclcfriars, Rammer-Jammer, Corolla, Y.W.C.A. . . . CRIM, EARL RAYMOND, JR., Lambda Chi Alpha, Bir- mingham, Commerce, Alpha Kappa Psi . . . CROMARTY, ARTHUR MARTIN, Amityville, Long Island, N. Y., Commerce, Cheerleader, Spirit Committee, President of Garland Hall. CROMER, LINDA MARIE, Alexander City, Commerce, Tri- angle, Treasurer of Mortar Board, Phi Chi Theta Scholarship Award Il94II, Executive Council of Y.W.C.A., Alpha Lambda Delta, Spanish Club, B.S.U .... CULLY, ROBERT CHARLES, Buffalo, N. Y., Commerce, Spirit Committee, Pershing Rifles, Newman Club, Commerce Association . . . CURRIE, ROBERT R, Lambda Chi Alpha, Frenchtown, N. J., Chemistry . . . DANIEL, ANNIE, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Birmingham, Arts and Sciences, Art Club, Council of Clubs . . . DANNELLY, FRANK PERRY, Alpha Tau Omega, Montgomery, Arts and Sciences, Alabama Band, Y.M.C.A., Rho Alpha Tau, Alpha Kappa Delta, Excelsior . . . DA PRATO, PETER CHRISTOPHER, North Bergen, N. J., Commerce, Spanish Club, Varsity Rifle Team. Pep rally-adding spirit to the Bama rooting section. 1 + , i iiIfQ9.Bl'iISFf1i'S CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-TWO DAUPHIN, REX, Fountain, Arts and Sciences, Spirit Com- mittee . . . DAVIDSON, THEODORE ALLAN, Newton, Mass., Commerce . . . DAVIS, ALBERT B., Alpha Tau Omega, Eu- faula, Commerce . . . DAVIS, JEFF WHATLEY, Alpha Tau Omega, Montgomery, Engineering, I.Ae.S .... DAVIS, WAL- TER STURDIVANT, Marion, Engineering , . . DAVLIN, DOR- OTHY JANE, Miami, Fla., Arts and Sciences. DEEMS, REBECCA, Birmingham, Chemistry, Mortar Board, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Chi Beta Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Triangle, Alchemist . . . DeFURIO, CARL HAROLD, Alpha Sigma Phi, Syracuse, N Y., Arts and Sciences . . . DEM- BITSKY, ZENON WALTER, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Plainfield, N. J., Commerce . . . DEMING, BETH, Alpha Gamma Delta, Evergreen, Arts and Sciences, Swan Club . . . DENMAN, BETSY, Birmingham, Education, Blackfriars, Wesley Founda- tion, Alpha Delta Pi, Spanish Club . . . DENNISON, VIR- GINIA NELSON, Lakeland, Fla., Arts and Sciences, Spanish Club. DEUEL, ELIZABETH KINSLER, Castleberry, Education . . . DICE, RUTH VIRGINIA, Alpha Xi Delta, Pittsburgh, Pa., Home Economics, Corolla, Rammer-Jammer, Caroline Hunt Club, Transfer from Penn State . . . DICK, JOSEPH R., Bristol, Pa., Engineering, President, Chi Beta Phi, Theta Tau, A.l.Ch.E., St. .Pat's . . . DICKSON, ANNE, Delta Delta Delta, Lowndes- boro, Arts and Sciences, Y.W.C.A., Spanish Club, Secretary and Treasurer, Junior Class . . . DILLEY, ALBERT ROM, Delta Tau Delta, Grand Rapids, Mich., Arts and Sciences , . . DITORO, LAWRENCE, Pittston, Pa., Engineering. DONALD, THOMAS CLAUDE, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Bir- mingham, Arts and Sciences . . . DONNELL, JOHN RUS- WELL, Norwood, Mass., Arts and Sciences . . . DREW, CHAR- LOTTE KATHLEEN, Racine, Wisc,, Chemistry . . . DREYFUSS, MIRIAM LOUISE, Sigma Delta Tau, Birmingham, Arts and Sciences, Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Kappa Delta, Trian- gle, Spirit Committee, House of Representatives, Caroline Hunt Club . . DRIVER, JAMES PATRICK, Pi Kappa Phi, Ge- neva, Commerce . . . DUCKWORTH, LEWIS FREEMAN, Ken- nedy, Education, President, Ridge Crest, Spirit Committee. Page 88 L3-AQPQ 0LP'8 FLOW WfL0lf'e2 EAQVL OVLQ DUFFEE, LILLIAN ADELE, Kappa Delta, Dadeville, Arts and Sciences, Blackfriars, Y.W.C.A .... DUKE, ROBERT CAL- HOUN, Lambda Chi Alpha, Birmingham, Commerce, Alpha Kappa Psi, Officers' Club . . . DuPRE, CHARLES WILSON, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Gadsden, Commerce . . . EAKINS, MARGARET MASON, Delta Zeta, Huntsville, Arts and Sci- ences, Y,W.CA., P.S.A., Blackfriars . . . EARLY, WILLIAM ED- WARD, Jacksonville, Fla., Arts and Sciences . . . EDMONDS, JACK BARRET, Alpha Tau Omega, Middlesboro, Ky., Engin- eering, A.l.E.E., Council of Clubs, St. Pat's. EHRLICH, EMERICH, Delta Chi, Chicago, III., Arts and Sciences, Persian Rifles . . . ELLINGTON, MARGARET NAT- ALIE, Alpha Chi Omega, Annapolis, Md., Arts and Sciences, Crimson-White, Chi Delta Phi, Pan-Hellenic I94I, Matrix . . . ELLIOT, GUINEVIEVE, Tuscaloosa, Arts and Sciences, Kappa Delta Pi, Wesley Foundation . . . ELLIS, ELON E., Jackson, Miss., Engineering, Theta Tau, Chi Epsilon, Sigma Theta Pi, A.S.C.E., Spirit Committee, Scabbard and Blade, Officers' Club, St. Pat's, Rammer-Jammer . . . ELLISON, MAL- COLM WALKER, JR., Alpha Tau Omega, Montgomery, Chem- istry, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Pi Mu Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma, Chi Beta Phi, Alchemist, A.Ch.S., A.C.S., Honor Court . . . EMBLEY, NEWELL WALTER, Oak Park, III., Commerce, Fhi Eta Sigma, Scabbard and Blade. EMISON, M. HERSHEL, Unadilla, N. Y., Chemistry, A.C.S., A.Ch.S., Alchemist, Phi Eta Sigma, Gamma Sigma Epsilon . . . ENDICO, FELIX ANTHONY, New York, N. Y., Arts and Sciences . . . ERWIN, HAROLD OTIS, Columbus, Ga., Com- merce, Band, Delta Sigma Pi, Phi Eta Sigma . . . ESPEY, EVELYN, Delta Zeta, Jacksonville, Graduate, Wesley Foun- daticn . . . EYRSE, RUTH ROBERTA, Theta Upsilon, Charles- ton, Ill., Commerce, Pan-Hellenic, W.S.G.A., Spirit Commit- tee, Spanish Club . . . FAGG, CHARLES ORWIN, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Newark, N. J., Chemistry, Alchemist, Y.M.C.A., Ger- man Club. The Crimson Tide's strongest supporters-the Bama students. i5cZmPS.BliIVi1SfS CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-TWO FALKNER, MARGARET DEAN, Vernon, Education, Alpha Lambda Delta, Y.W.CA., Wesley Foundation . . . FANCHER, MILTON, West Blocton, Commerce . . . FARMER, MELNA ADAMS, Montgomery, Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club . . . FARR, TILLMAN J., Quincy, Fla., Commerce . . . FAR- RIOR, MARY CAROLYN, Delta Delta Delta, Lovvndesboro, Arts and Sciences, Guidon . , . FEATHERSTON, ALICE RUTH, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Hurtsboro, Home Economics, Mortar Board, President, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Triangle, Spirit Com- mittee, Honor Court, House ot Representatives '40-4I, Caro- line Hunt Club, Y.W.C.A., Corolla, Alpha Lambda Delta, Council ot Clubs. FIELDS, RITA JEAN, Woodmere, N. Y., Arts and Sciences, Hillel, French Club , . . FINCH, PEYTON, NEWELL, Sat- tord, Chemistry, Cotillion Club, Alchemist Club, American Chemical Society, Americon Ceramics Society, Scabbard and Blade, Secretary, Student Body, Co-Chairman Barracks Ball Committee, Wesley Foundation, Spirit Committee, Who's Who in American Colleges . . , FINKBEINER, CARL A., Theta Xi, Buffalo, N. Y., Engineering . . FISH, JAY TAYLOR, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Niagra Falls, N. Y., Engineering, Glider Club , . . FISHBURNE, AUDREY CARROLL, Delta Delta Delta, Eutavv, Arts and Sciences, Alpha Lambda Delta, French Club, Glee Club, Y.W.C.A., Rammer-Jammer , , . FISHMAN, HARRY, Atlantic City, N. J., Commerce, Million Dollar Band, Alabama Cavaliers, Hillel Foundation, FITE, MINNIE WATT, Kappa Delta, Hamilton, Education, Blacktriars, Glee Club , , . FLANAGAN, MIRANDA VIR- GINIA, Tuscaloosa, Education, Y.W.C.A. . FLOYD, MAU- RINE, Kappa Delta, Abbeville, Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club . . FORSTER, HOWARD T., Theta Chi, Brooklyn, N. Y., Engineering, Spirit Committee, Manager, Track Team, A.S.M.E., Sigma Delta Phi FOSE, RAYMOND JOSEPH, Browns Mills, N, J., Engineering, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma . . . FOSTER, PAUL SCOTT, Sigma Nu, Opp, Arts and Sci- ences, Quadrangle, Y.W.C.A., Rho Alpha Tau, Blacktriars, Philmathic. FOWLKES, HATTIE, Delta Delta Delta, Selma, Arts and Sciences . . . FREEMAN, JEAN MILAM, Phi Mu, Hartselle, Education, Blacktriars . . FRIES, MILDRED ELIZABETH, Theta Upsilon, Tuscaloosa, Commerce, Wesley Foundation . . . FRITZINGER, WALTER LLEWELLYN, Wilkes-Barre, Penn., Engineering, A.S.M.E., St. Pat's . . . GAILEY, WIL- BERT DURWOOD, Portland, Maine, Commerce, Officers' Club, Wesley Foundation . . . GASTON, NELLE COSBY, Zeta Tau Alpha, Birmingham, Arts and Sciences, Transter from Duke University, Y.W.C.A., French Club. Page 90 are are nine APQVZQ5 on fire GAUNTT, JOHN RICHARD, Mt. Holly, N J., Arts and Sci- ences, Excelsior, French Club , , . GAY, NATHALIE, Zeta Tau Alpha, Whistler, Education, Y. W. C. A., International Rela- tions Club, Wesley Foundation . . . GENTIL, LEONARD, Delta Sigma Phi, Carrcrott, Del., Arts and Sciences, Crimson-White, Blacktriars, Y.M.C.A .... GEVERS, FLORENCE PATRICIA, Zeta Tau Alpha, La Porte, Ind., Arts and Sciences, Triangle, Girls' Spirit Committee, Alpha Lambda Delta, Matrix, Wo- man's Editor, Crimson-White, Rammer-Jammer . . . GIBBONS, WARD, Tuscaloosa, Education . . , GILBERG, JOSEPH B., Mount Vernon, N. Y,, Commerce, Hillel. GLAZNER, LEMUEL JOSEPH, Jasper, Arts and Sciences . , . CLICKMAN, LOUIS, Patterson, N. J., Arts and Sciences, International Relations Club . . , GLOVER, EMILY ALICE, Kappa Delta, Montgomery, Arts and Sciences, W.A.A., Crimson-White , . . GOLDSMITH, HAZEL FRANCES, Delta Delta Delta, Austin, Texas, Education , . . GOLO, ALFRED JOSEPH, Phi Sigma Kappa, Scranton, Penn., Commerce . , . GOODE, EDITH LOUISE, Rogersville, Home Economics, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Alpha Lambda Delta, President, Caroline Hunt Club, Triangle, Member House of Representatives '39, '40, W.S.G.A., '40, GOODSON, HOWARD DALTON, Vernon, Arts and Sci- ences, Art Club, Officers' Club . . . GOODWIN, CHARLES RICHARDS, Birmingham, Arts and Sciences . . . GORRIE, HELEN, Montgomery, Arts and Sciences, Orchestra , . . GRABOVE, MAXWELL, Kappa Nu, Birmingham, Chemistry, Blacktriars, Excelsior Alchemist, Officers' Club, Scabbard and Blade, Cotillion Club . . GRAVES, MARION STUART, Kappa Delta, Tuscaloosa, Arts and Sciences, Alpha Kappa Delta, Triangle , . . GREEN, CHARLES RUSSELL, Kappa Alpha, Decatur, Commerce, Officers' Club, Philomathic. The Colonel and his men-and their sponsors. , x. ax' - , . x ., g' , g,,A - 31 L"-1.2 'V I ' ' V- - ..v:LT" i5cIfiS.BiilV.ifS,'S CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-TWO GREENSPUN, LEONARD, Philoidelphio, Poi., Engineering, Phc1Icinx,A.I.Ch.E . . . GREINER, ROBERT JOHN, Tuscoilooso, Commerce, Reserve Officers' Associotion . . . GRIFFIN, BARBARA HELEN, Montgomery, Arts ond Sciences, Y.W.C.A., House of Representotives, Honor Roll . . . HAIG, WILSON ROBERT, Delto Tou Delto, Binghompton, N. Y., Commerce, Phi Eto Sigmo, Delto Sigmo Pi, Vice-President, Junior Clciss . . . HAKCIL, TAHSIN HASAN, Turkey, Commerce, Grcid- uote . . . HALL, MARY WHITFIELD, Alpho Gcimmo Delto, Eutovv, Arts ond Sciences, Wesley Foundotion, Y.W.C.A., Rommer-Jommer, Alpho Koppo Delto. HALSEY, WILLIAM LANIER, JR., Phi Delto Theto, Hunts- ville, Commerce, Rommer-Joimmer, Philomothic, Greeks, Ouodrongle, lnterfroternity Council, Cotillion Club . . . HAMILTON, HERMAN NELSON, Tuscolooso, Arts ond Sci- ences, Alpha Epsilon Delto . . . HAMMOND, VICTORIE, Alpho Gommci Delto, Kosciusko, Miss., Arts ond Sciences . , , HANDWERK, JOSEPH HENRY, Phi Koppo Sigmo, Joliet, III., Chemistry, Blockfricirs, Alchemist . . . HANKS, ROBBIE GENESE, Frisco City, Educotion, Elementory School Council, Wesley Foundotion . , . HANLEY, THOMAS E., Goinesville, Chemistry, A.Ch.S., A.C.S., Alchemist. HANNA, DOROTHY J., Alpho Gommo Delto, Arts ond Sci- ences, Pon-Hellenic Council . . . HANNAH, SAMUEL AN- DREW, Reform, Educcition, Koppci Delto Pi, Pi Mu Epsilon, Pholonx, Blockfriors . . . HARALSON, OPAL, Lonett, Arts ond Sciences, Crimson-White . . . HARBAUGH, WILLIAM HENRY, Chi Phi, Nework, N. J., Arts ond Sciences, Boseboll, Officers' Club, Scobbord ond Blode, Press Club . . , HAR- RELL, BILLY EDWARD, Delto Chi, Opeliko, Educcttion, Foot- boll, Trock, President, "A" Club, Spirit Committee . . . HAR- RELL, JOE JACKSON, Sigmo Nu, Pensocolci, Flo., Commerce, Interfroternity Council. HARRIS, ANNA DRUE, Tuscumbio, Arts ond Sciences, Pres- ident, Y.W.C.A., Alpho Lombdci Delto, Mortor Boord, Trion- gle, Spirit Committee, Blockfriors, Wesley Foundotion, Pi Tou Chi . , . HARRIS, KATHRYN FLETCHER, Zeto Tou Alpho, Tuscolooso, Arts ond Sciences, President, Zeto Phi Eto, Block- friors, Tou Delto Tou, Triongle . . , HEARN, JOSEPH ED- WARD, Pi Koppoi Phi, Albertville, Arts ond Sciences, Block- friors, B.S,U., Y.M.C.A., Internotionol Relotions Club, Vice- President, Senior Closs, Executive Committee . . . HEATON, ROY GORDON, Sheffield, Engineering, Glee Club, A.I.E.E. HENLEY, RUSSELL GRAY, Pi Koppo Phi, Roonoke, Vo., Engineering . . . HERBERT, EDWARD, Evergreen, Commerce. Poge 92 jfie Uniuerdify ofjgfagama HERITAGE, JAMES LAWLEY, Vinelond, N. J., Engineering, A.I.E.E., St. Pcit's . . . HERRERA, PROCAPIO M., Escombry, S. C., Cubci, Engineering . . . HILL, KATHRYN JETER, Alpho Delto Pi, Atlonto, Go., Arts ond Sciences, Art Club, Rcimmer- Jcimmer . . . HILL, RUTH ELIZABETH, Tollodego, Educcition, Wesley Foundotion . . . HILTY, MENA HALL, Delto Delto Delto, Birminghom, Arts ond Sciences, Blockfriors, French Club . , . HINES, JACK W., Phi Gommo Delto, LoiFoyette, Commerce, Business Monoger, I94-2 Corollo. HINES, JOHN HENRY, Theto Xi, Fort Wciyne, Ind, Com- merce, Bosketbcill, "A" Club . . . HOLMAN, JANE EU- GENIA, Alpho Delto Pi, Northport, Home Economics, Coro- Iine Hunt Club, Y.W.C.A. . . HOLSTON, ALFRED, Pi Koppo Phi, Akron, Engineering, Sccibbord ond Blode, A.I.Ch.E. . . , HOPKINS, NANCY OLIVIA, Chi Omego, Hickory, Miss., Home Economics, Y.W.C.A., Triongle, Coroline Hunt Club, Rommer- Jommer, Tronsfer from M.S.C.W. . . . HORN, EMERY ROB- ERT, New Brunswick, N.J., Commerce, Delto Sigmo Pi . . , HORTON, JAMES OSCAR, JR., Phi Koppo Sigmo, Gunters- ville, Arts ond Sciences, Greeks, Spirit Committee, Interfro- ternity Council, Wesley Foundotion. HOWELL, JAMES LEVERT, Gordo, Educotion, Phi Mu Epsi- lon, Honor Roll '36, 137, '4I, Junior Foculty . . . HUBBARD, BENJAMIN C, Centerville, Commerce, Blockfricirs, Ridgecrest, Council . . . HUBBS, GUY LAMAR, Sigmo Chi, Ensley, En- gineering . . . HUEY, FRANK EUGENE, Bessemer, Engineer- ing, Chi Beto Phi, A.l.Ch.E., St. Pot's . , . HUFF, CATHERINE PRENTISS, Delto Delto Delto, Eglin Field, Flo., Educotion . . . HUGER, RUTH NOBLE, Delto Zetci, Anniston, Arts ond Sciences, Chi Delto Phi, French Club. Traditional Homecoming bonfire-ready for the torch. I 'amifsmmzmm:vf:3SnL1E1fi 2'-"if Ti-2.34:-ff ff' S' ' 2Y'iY"f:f ' ' ' Greenspun Greiner Griffin Haig Hakcil Hall Halsey Hamilfon Hammond Handwerk Hanks Hanley Hanna Hannah Haralson Harbough Harrell, B. Harrell, J. Harris, A. Harris, K. Hearn Heaton Henley Herbert Heritage Herrera Hill, K. Hill, R. Hilly Hines, J. W Hines, J. H. Holman Holsfon Hopkins Horn Horton Howell Hubbard Hubbs Huey Huff Huger vlbilfeall IJAQ Colffon Mu! ,Ar fire Zmlf Ifime in f Q42 ,gi - ' 5.22: ' ,jyji.:.?:.l,-3-f.g,i.'p,.f,.11. ' ,--f. , V' , , .--. W- asm Eqvmrwasfi 'rv'--,if'fzfF,:...1,ff:-in-1:Hue-,g..E1-Aee?-2521,-Q19-v......-,1v ?ffA'f-Q if?fft'r':---H -fwfr--vf A-fr-:vwsu-'zvrf-w-eff: 1. ., fr--75: af.-. Ha.. J ' Q ' ' 1 ' ' ""'75f WI? j:"3"1f"'1.-,'jg?f:,g 5,24 - ' 1 '-2' " ,-I 1 , i ,ve ' - 'J f . '.'la2-:ai-,ue er'+:ff1f-.- , in l ' W Q JE K F , J: "V ' . , , , , .i F, ., .lj-.,1...M,.,,4,,,, ,5,.,4,-. ,A 1 f ...L we M, , , Y- X Q . - " ,X 'Y:'3',.'.-:,3a:,'-l.' rw' 1' .1 'th' 6 1 ' f f 3 F ' 'W' -e - eg.,-'f-fs .L , . . .V -'iff '--.ff . VHF 'i 'rw ,Altria 'lf'-' - la"L2'L5'v?FLZi " A '- "Y IC-.T'F-3.'f1L:f 'shi 'FIBRE-iE'T'-" T-iff' iiIfi9.Bf5.lViiSfS CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-TWO HUNTLEY, GORDON McKINLEY, Edgewood, R. I., Com- merce, Phi Eta Sigma, Spanish Club, Y.M.C.A ..., HUNT- LEY, SCOTT, Edgewood, R. I., Commerce, Y.M.C.A., Spanish Club . , . HUSTON, ROBERT KLINE, Akron, Ohio, Law, Phi Sta Sigma, Quadrangle, Delta Sigma Pi, Phi Alpha Delta, Dance Committee, Assistant to Dean of Men, Cotillion Club, B.S. degree . . . HYNDMAN, ELSA LOUISE, Mobile, Home Economics, Y.WC.A., Caroline Hunt Club , . . INGRAM, JAMES CARLTON, Lineville, Commerce, Blacktriars . . . INZER, ALICE STONE, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Gadsden, Arts and Sciences, Corolla, Crimson-White. IRVIN, ROBERT E. D., Tuscaloosa, Commerce, Spanish Club, French Club , . . ISRAEL, LAURENS IRVING, Kappa Nu, Tuscaloosa, Arts and Sciences, Crimson-White, Hillel, Spanish Club, Rammer-Jammer, Debate Club, Blackfriars . . . ISRAEL, MARTIN ANDREW, Woodside, N. Y., Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars, Hillel . . . ISSERMAN, GERTRUDE SADYLYNE, Newark, N.J., Home Economics, German Club, Caroline Hunt Club, Hillel , . . JACOB, MADELEINE TULEY, Delta Zeta, Montgomery, Arts and Sciences, Spanish Club, Camera Club, Y.W.C.A., Blacktriars . . . JACOBS, PAUL D., Phi Delta Theta, Decatur, Commerce. JAMES, MARJORIE MAY, Pensacola, Fla., Arts and Sci- ences . . . JAMES, ROBERT FRANCIS, River Edge, N. J., Arts and Sciences, Tennis, Scabbard and Blade, Ridgecrest Council . . . JAMES, ROBERT LAWRENCE, Sigma Chi, Bir- mingham, Commerce, "A" Club, Jasons, Spirit Committee, Track . . . JEWELL, BILLIE MAE, Alpha Chi Omega, Annis- ton, Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars, French Club, Pan-Hellenic . . . JOHNSON, HAROLD ALARICK, Theta Chi, Norwood, Mass, Engineering, "A" Club, Track, Theta Tau, Vice-Presi- dent, Senior Class, A.l.E.E., S.A.M.E., R.O.A .... JOHN- SON, HELEN MAXINE, Florence, Home Economics, Spirit Com- mittee. JOHNSON, MARY ELIZABETH, Birmingham, Chemistry, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Honor Court , . . JOHNSTON, SAMUEL McCOY, JR., Delta Kappa Epsilon, Mobile, Arts and Sciences . . . JONES, CECIL REGINALD, Alexander City, Commerce, President, Delta Sigma Pi, Spirit Committee . . . JONES, DORIS VIRGINIA, Kappa Delta, Birmingham, Arts and Sciences, Crimson-White, Rammer-Jammer . . . JONES, KATHERINE ELIZABETH, Zeta Tau Alpha, Carrollton, Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club . . . JONES, LILLIAN LOWRY, Birmingham, Education, Caroline Hunt Club, Wesley Founda- tion, Y.W.C.A. Page 94 OZ JONES, MARGIE ALLINE, Tuscaloosa, Education . . . JONES, MARK FERGUSON, Pi Kappa Phi, Canton, N. C., Commerce . . . JONES, REBEKAH, Chi Omega, Dyer, Tenn., Education, Kappa Delta Pi, Y.W.C.A., Corolla, Blacktriars, Crimson-White, Rammer-Jammer , , . JORDAN, ARCHIE RANDELL, Midway, Education, Iota Lambda Sigma . . . JORDAN, MARVELL, Robertsdale, Home Economics, Y.W.C.A., Wesley Foundation, Caroline Hunt Club . . . JORDAN, WILLIAM DITMER, Kappa Alpha, Carrollton, Engineering, Omicron Delta Kappa, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, Theta Tau, Jasons, Scabbard and Blade, Quadrangle JOWERS, AFTON BRADFORD, Dixons Mills, Engineering . . . KARNIEWICZ, ALFRED J., Norwich, Conn., Commerce . , . KATZ, SIDNEY BERNARD, Winsted, Conn., Education, Iota Lambda Sigma, Hillel, Pershing Rifles, Spirit Committee . . . KAVA, BUDDY, Phi Sigma Delta, Brooklyn, N. Y., Com- merce, Drum Major "Million Dollar" Band, Hillel . . . KEENER, MARY FAYE, Attalla, Arts and Sciences, Alpha Lambda Delta, Chi Delta Phi, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Chi Beta Phi, Alpha Kappa Delta, Spirit Committee, Triangle, Mortar Board, A Capella Choir, Glee Club . , KENNAMER, SAMUEL REX- FORD, Fhi Gamma Delta, Montgomery, Arts and Sciences. KEENAN, FRANCIS P., Theta Chi, Boston, Mass., Educa- tion, Scabbard and Blade, Pershing Rifles, Rifle Team, New- man Club, Spanish Club . . . KILLIAN, EARL WILLARD, Williamsville, N. Y., Education . . . KIMBALL, MORTON WILLIAM, South Bend, Ind., Commerce, Scabbard and Blade, Football . , . KISKIS, JOSEPH EDWARD, New Britain, Conn., Engineering, Phi Eta Sigma, Theta Tau, Spirit Committee, President, Junicr Class, Captain, Pershing Rifles, Dance Com- mittees, A.S.M.E., S.A.M.E., Newman Club, Scabbard and Blade . . . KLINGBIEL, JEROME ROY, Minneapolis, Minn., Arts and Sciences, Y.M.C.A., Transter trom Minnesota . . . KOINER, FAY KRAUTH, JR., Sigma Chi, Waynesboro, Va., Education, Spirit Committee, Vice-President, Senior Class. The dance sign is up-now a short rest. iiIfi5.BliIV.f2i'S CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-TWO KOKOLAKIS, CHRISTOPHER H., West New York, N. J., Arts and Sciences . . . KRIZNANSKY, MILAN VITUS, Roselle Park, N. J., Engineering, A.S.M.E., S.A.M.E., St. Pat's Com- mittee, Spirit Committee, Newman Club, R.O,A. . . . KUZ- MIK, ANDREW, Torrington, Conn., Engineering, Tau Beta Pi, Theta Tau, Phi Eta Sigma, Scabbard and Blade, St. Pat's, Ritle Team, I.A.S. . . . LACKEY, RUFUS JULIAN, Phi Delta Theta, Birmingham, Arts and Sciences, Greeks . . . LAM- MON, DANIEL JOHN, Kingston, N. Y., Engineering, St. Pat's . . . LANE, HARRY EUGENE, Kappa Sigma, Dothan, Com- merce, Fcotball, Assistant Freshman Football Coach. LANGSTON, MARY LOUISE, Dothan, Education, Y.W.C.A. . . . LANTEIGNE, HENRY JOSEPH, Shirley, Mass., Commerce . . . LA POLLA, ROBERT PETER, Phi Sigma Kappa, Bronx, N. Y., Education, Basketball, Baseball . . . LA TOURRETTE, HAZEL MARIE, Muscatine, Iowa, Home Economics, Y.W.C.A., Caroline Hunt Club . . . LEAR, WILLIAM EDWARD, Alpha Tau Omega, Middlesboro, Ky., Engineering, President, Tau Beta Pi, President, A.I.E.E., Crimson-White, Theta Tau . . . LEE, AUSTIN WEBB, Delta Chi, Charlotte, N. C., Engineering, Scabbard and Blade. LE MAISTRE, EDITH FERRIN, Alpha Gamma Delta, Tus- caloosa, Home Economics, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Rammer-Jammer, Caroline Hunt Club, German Club, Spanish Club, Y.W.CA. . . . LEMIEUX, EDMUND E., Portland, Me., Commerce, Phalanx, Officers' Club . . . LENT, W. CHARLES, Theta Xi, New York, N. Y., Engineering . . . LESLIE, HENRY ARTHUR, Pi Kappa Phi, Troy, Commerce, Orchestra, "Million Dollar Band" Captain, Intertraternity Council Delta Sigma Pi, President, Assistant Editor, Corolla, Spirit Committee, Dance Committees . , . LEVY, BEVERLY, Sigma Delta Tau, Tuscalcosa, Arts and Sciences . , . LEVY, JEANNE RUTH, Sigma Delta Tau, Mobile, Home Economics, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Triangle, Spirit Committee, W.S.G.A., Pan-Hellenic, Caroline Hunt Club, Alpha Lambda Delta, Crim- son-White. LEWIS, CATHERINE AVALEEN, Birmingham, Education, Cheer Leader, Spirit Committee, W.A.A., Triangle, Guidon, Honorary Cadet Maior . . . LEWIS, HOWARD IHANKI, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Washington, D. C., Graduate, Editor, Crimson-White, Honorary Editor, Corolla and Rammer-Jam- mer, University Press Club, Assistant Director University News Bureau, Spirit Committee, Excelsior, Newman Club . . . LIGHTFOOT, ROBERT C., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Tuskegee, Engineering, Scabbard and Blade, St Pat's . . . LINDE- MANN, GLADYS DOROTHY, Long Island, N. Y., Arts and Sciences, A.A.U.W., Y.W.C.A., Gamma Delta . . . LLEW- ELLYN, RAEBURN CARSON, Foley, Arts and Sciences . . . LLOYD, JAMES C., Pine Apple, Chemistry. Page 96 iii., rm, mrs. LLOYD, VIRGINIA EDITH, Alpha Phi, Tuscaloosa, Com- merce, Phi Chi Theta, Triangle, National Collegiate Players, Zeta Phi Eta, Tau Delta Tau, Blacktriars . . , LOEB, MAR- JORIE, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Montgomery, Home Economics, Phi Upsilon Omricon, Hillel, Triangle, Caroline Hunt Club, I.R.C .... LONG, WILLIAM JACOB, Kappa Alpha, Besse- mer, Engineering, Phi Eta Sigma, Druids, Theta Tau, Tau Beta Pi, O.D.K., Jasons, Quadrangle, President, Student Body . . . LOWREY, MARK, JR., Gallatin, Tenn, Engineer- ing, St. Pat's, S.A.E. . . . McADAMS, NANCY KATHERINE, Millport, Commerce, Wesley Cabinet, Glee Club, Triangle, W.S.G.A., Pi Tau Chi, A.M.S.M .,., MCBRIDE, JACK E., Florence, S. C., Engineering, I.A.S. McCANN, JOY, Delta Delta Delta, Montgomery, Arts and Sciences, Secretary ot Senior Class, Pan-Hellenic . . . Mc- CARLEY, SARA FRANCES, Birmingham, Arts and Sciences, Spirit Committee . . McCARTNEY, WINFRED FRAZIER, Pi Kappa Phi, Birmingham, Engineering, Band, President, Senior Class . . . MCCONNELL, JOHN REID, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Livingston, Arts and Sciences, Y.M.C.A .... MCCORVEY, EMILY GRAY, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Mobile, Graduate . . . McCRACKEN, WEAVER H., Lake Junaluska, N. C., Arts and Sciences. MCDONALD, CHARLES EDWARD, Kappa Alpha, Meridian, Miss., Education, Track, "A" Club . . . McENlRY, MARY ALICE, Alpha Gamma Delta, Dolomite, Chemistry . . . Mc- ENIRY, THOMAS R., Kappa Alpha, Bessemer, Arts and Sci- ences, Glee Club . . . MCENTIRE, LEROY, JR., Delta Kappa Epsilon, Decatur, Arts and Sciences, Scabbard and Blade . . . MCGAW, LILLIAN, Chi Omega, Fayetteville, N. C., Home Economics, Corolla, Swan Club, Fencing Club, Caro- line Hunt Club, President, Senior Class, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Y.W.C.A. . . . MCGEE, LYDA FRANCES, Birmingham, Edu- cation, Y.WCA, Wesley Foundation. Between classes-cokes in the Supe Store. Kokolckis Kriznonsky Kuzmfk Lackey Lammon Lame Langston Lanfeigne l.aPollc Lo1Toure'r1e Lenr Lee LeMais1re Lemieux Lent ' Leslie Levy, B. Levy, J. lewis, C. Lewis, H. Lighifooi Lindemann Llewellyn Lloyd, J. Lloyd, V. Loeb Long Lowrey McAdams McBricle McCann McCurley McCartney McConnell McCorvey McCracken f McDonald McEniry, M. McEniry, T. McEntire McGcw McGee '1 e'Bfs?E!!S9PZ5E-555:-2u2e ? rilz:.1::'s:va-zEz2..'-z-15ZIG:-:E:-.e4?JJ-212-cmiflffql .LT 1.2.51 2"'l:.1,I-.3.i1i.g.i T.: "ff g6LVLLA80L6! PKJVQO! Olflf .!g!0!fL0'LMfL6L3 ,4,, l:F'61f , oofgatyf f86LWL -" - -Q. fT3EiE11'5 E5FU5:nfLf.fff.E4v...--11.-.-Pxmfwf'fe W ' - 1 - 1- 3511- ww- .ff ,--rf f:.::..-1-z1e:..'f emi.- ...g...z.5gf..,...: ll CW-'g-,,11.,b M L ll: 'df' Kgifrv, 3 fig? ugfdl Efylrzl ll ' - , ' I ' 3' .I 3, ., - "'-:'Affj.,- ,'-wm:.fgf- .,Qwg,1'.,' - ,ffqslfz-'na . K rm- '--N -gr-'f '. my -14, 1 S . 1 'a. H. . '"1' P-'-ff34:v-':- 1197-,1.gEf:"27-1-A V vf"":fr3g-:age , : 'TV' ' ml , , ., ,..,. ,nv ..,,w ...R T, ml, , MU-. ...wg yn. .- - . ,. 01+ ..,l4...v.,,.u., ,,v.-, w, ml , Mm- 'v. C . 'J .fm . .-..-. V, f.. -..-.. - -l- . - 1 W , - 4 Y, k , ,M ,,. , ,,.1--.. H . , Lp,1,,fg.....4,,,,,fi... xl , .E-,el ,mn-, .,,.,.,,,. U, .L yy- ., ,, -W ,, :V -,,.g -..-,r--. -,-..,L, .,f.,. ,V V,,W,H ,JM -Z... , V Q, , i l V N .4 , , ,. ....,.,4f . - . ,. A 4,. 1, U, ...fe ,n 1,,.n-,M-,, -,,...,. .,, 4,,,-t,. . ,, ,,u,,,, .f.., ,., x , . .g.,,-.- . 4 "1 'L : q,,,--1f-'qw-1-,eq 7 :.,- , ff.: -.2 7- szmgqg-,Ie - 1 ... 'w"m.'- -1.91 1 - w , -x-e,m...f-y4-- ' 1--..1. fl- -1 .- ' ' f ' -'V 'fn' -L.. :fm-':Ylll":'1 ' A--'-1 : 'JJ-"gl ..2Lf.QeJ- 5'f5f?Q',..: --L 25' ,iid ' e..g.'L :lGiiSl- 'M e 2 'l' 'V ' HERB 'S CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-TWO MCGOWEN, NELL, Zeta Tau Alpha, Cuba, Home Eco- nomics, Y.W.C.A., Caroline Hunt Club . . . McKAY, MAR- THA SUSAN, Lanett, Education . . . McKENZIE, BETTY JEAN, Dixiana, Education. Caroline Hunt Club, Blackfriars, W.S.G.A., Triangle . . . McKEWEN, JACK LEARD, Pi Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, Commerce, Football . . . McKINNON, JULIAN T., Clio, Engineering, Tau Beta Pi, Jasons, Phalanx, Theta Tau, A.I.Ch.E. . . . MCMURPHY, PATSY, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Atmore, Commerce, Vice-President, Phi Chi Theta, Wesley Foundation. McFETERS, JAMES B., Killen, Commerce, Phalanx, Alpha Kappa Psi, Officers' Club, Wesley Foundation , , , McWlL- LIAMS, LORRAINE, Alpha Delta Pi, Frisco City, Home Eco- nomics, Rammer-Jammer, Caroline Hunt Club, Blackfriars . . . MAGEL, WALTER F., Memphis, Tenn, Metallurgy , . . MALLERY, HELEN ELIZABETH, Memphis, Tenn., Home Eco- nomics, Caroline Hunt Club, Auxiliary of A.A.U.W., Y.W.C.A. . . MARKOWITZ, JOHN J., Carteret, N. J., Education , , MARKS, EVELYN GRACE, Delta Delta Delta, Oak Park, III., Home Economics, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Spirit Committee, Caroline Hunt Club, Fellowship in Home Economics, Presdent, Senior Class in Home Economics, Guidon, Honorary Cadet Col., T940-4I, Triangle, Beauty Sec- tion, l94O-4I. MARTIN, GEORGE MOTTE, Chi Fhi, Prattville, Graduate, Teaching Fellowship . MARTYNOWICZ, CHESTER S., New York, N. Y., Engineering, SA.M.E., A.S.M.E., Senior Class, St. Pat's, Phalanx , MASON, ROBERT HAYES, Delta Chi, Russellville, Arts and Sciences, Greeks , MAS- SINGILL, DIXIE, Delta Zeta, Tuscaloosa, Home Economics, Blackfriars, Tau Delta Tau . . . MATSOS, MICHAEL CHARLES, Birmingham, Commerce, Delta Sigma Pi, Spanish Club, Spirit Committee, Blackfriars . , MAXWELL, JOSEPH WILSON, Sigma Chi, Atmore, Commerce, Y.M.C.A., Blackfriars, Rho Alpha Tau, Phi Eta Sigma. MAYO, JACK, Selma, Commerce, Scabbard and Blade . . . MAYOR, NORMAN, Philadelphia, Pa., Arts and Sci- ences, Phi Eta Sigma, Gamma Siama Epsilon . . . MAZZA- CANO, NICHOLAS FERDINAND, New York, N. Y., Arts and Sciences, Newman Club , . . MEISINGER, WILLIAM OTTO, Freehold, N. J., Engineering, A.SM.E., R.O.A., S.A.M.E., St. Pat's . . . MELVIN, BETH, Alpha Delta Pi, Montgomery, Ed- ucation, Orchestra, Glee Club, Band, Rammer-Jammer . . . METZ, JOSEPH S., Mobile, Chemistry. Page 98 Afadamag !.l!LlfLi0lf' Aelfmlfor MICHALKO, PAUL, Torrington, Conn., Engineering . . . MILLER, WILLIAM ELLSWORTH, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Wad- ing River, N. Y., Engineering, President, A.S.C.E., St. Pat's, Transfer from William and Mary, Tau Beta Pi, Theta Tau . . MILLS, DONALD, Johnstown, Pa., Commerce, Delta Sigma Pi . . . MILNER, JOHN, Sigma Chi, Durham, N. C., Engineering, Scabbard and Blade, Quadrangle, Philomathic, A.I.Ch.E. . . . MIMS, PAULINE, Alpha Delta Pi, Birmingham, Chemistry . . , MINTO, ARTHUR LAUBENHEIMER, Mobile, Engineering, St. Pat's. MOLELLA, DOMENIC JOSEPH, Millbrook, N. Y., Engineer- ing, A.S.M.E., A.l.M.E., Newman Club, St. Pat's . . . MONT- GOMERY, MARY MUNGER, Kappa Delta, Birmingham, Arts and Sciences . . . MOONEY, BURGETT, Phi Delta Theta, Gadsden, Arts and Sciences . , . MORGAN, BERTAS, West Point, Commerce . , MORGAN, EDWARD FRANKLIN, Tuscaloosa, Arts and Sciences, Debate Squad, President, Ex- celsior, Corolla, Rammer-Jammer, Wesley Foundation, Crim- son-White, Blackfriars . . . MORGAN, RICHARD B., Kappa Sigma, Gadsden, Commerce, Blackfriars, Pershing Rifles, Y.M.C.A. MORROW, ROBERT KLINE, Harrisburg, Pa., Commerce, Phalanx, Delta Sigma Pi . . MOSKOWITZ, ESTHER, Tus- kegee, Arts and Sciences, Hillel, I.R.C., Modern Dance Club, French Club MULLINS, FLORENCE LOUISE, Tuscaloosa, Home Economics . . MURRAY, JOHN TOBIN, JR., Delta Kappa Epsilon, Mobile, Commerce, Captain, Scabbard and Blade, Quadrangle . . MUSE, FRANCES JUSTINE, Delta Zeta, Atlanta, Ga., Commerce, Spirit Committee, Blackfriars, Ccrolla, Camera Club, Y.W.C.A. . . . NEDRY, ALAN MON- ROE, Sigma Nu, Chicago, III., Arts and Sciences. Five girls on a balcony plus one bag of water-water bombardment' McGowan McKay McKenzie McKewen McKinnon McMurphy McPefers McWilliams Magel Mallery Markowitz Marks Martin Marlynowicz Mason Massingill Malsos Maxwell Mayo Mayor Mazzacano Meisinger Melvin Metz Michalko Miller Mills Milner Mims Minlo Molella Monlgomery Mooney Morgan, B. Mcrgan, E. Morgan, R. Morrow Moskowitz Mullins Murray Muse Neclry . ,, ,.3-2'4a2sLGLT-4-+'l'li.i2- L..-f-1" Q:-.ei2-5E5J..Li.-'f',:rT'TiTE.?,r-'iz-s1L5,+e--i 'ff a..-- ff2Qz.:-:gi J-.f-:-3..-,L.- V F,-W -1. .L... -z.:.5,.i.....:...,4g...44flt Life? JM! WM fig hm ,oimfmf O! fig ifrwfmf My ' Wm.: io.:-'.'4z:,l-ixl.:iZ ig,'1fZTE55i.--vrvwi-:Xiu -.rxlsarll6539-xv1.ofE9--rl:-af-,-: fini, 11,-.."Ai"i 'i 'L , Tiff- - f'f,'I"fTT'f'1fi-xW'd:'T"f5"'1?f'J"- "'f"'f" ""'1'T , ,,. "?".""T"""7"f'f7' M'-'ff' ' if' : 7' '- Y V f Llglrfl-'Ft r' ' ' I ' A F :.Q..Q. f YQ.l I: vi J JT -qi 4 02144 vi TJ 'V'i::':ipi! 'Pi Wil 'J7 'i I' vi- '-lx-1..Flf-rvL-fi--:WPS -- "'.-in , ---fn. - 'A 1 .ff F , -Jw - Rr-1' - .. 21613:-arm-1 :lf-nf-I 1 - ., ff' T-s--nr' 'FP""f""'f"Y"ATf7'7'ff'f"'T'f"T'- """' - ' - ' -f ': Z "N """"7"'7'- ' '- M ' " 'N' , ,4 ,f,.,,,. . fx -, .v. ,6 N G, All ,., , - '-'F . Jinx..-, qL-M..4w.,.. -f-.,.:-.4-J ,ww-341, ,,,f,. ,f . i u '- E , rw 'fi' Q7Iz1mw:g.,fSs,-:,1w'1i:'i s-fiisiff: 52 ,517 ' , "51i'5Z.uiq3i'1'2 '65:4g.?g1",'!-v'i'i7,i.1HLr A ' ' Fill ,' ' . l " ,, my 7': --'gl' A ,wb fy-.i-'2'3f.3' QmgU53,341-.gif--.'Q-,1":'rf nwa , . x ', 'Ugg li-Tzu v 1 f" 5-S24-U.: , . , , H ,. . P -- ,Ag zz.S,:4-:.'.,gg1.g.: -- nk.-, .-,-w w ".'f'f'4' ' , 1Lief?::'f' -'11, l i S J l l HERB 'S CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-TWO NELSON, ELIZABETH REED, Tuscaloosa, Home Economics . . . NEUSTADT, GEORGE, Meyersville, N. J., Commerce, Hillel . . , NEWTON, MARGUERITE, Alpha Delta Pi, Dothan, Arts and Sciences, Rammer-Jammer, Matrix, Crimson-White . . . NEWTON, RALPH LEONARD, Binghamton, N. Y., Com- merce . . . NORTHCUTT, LOYCE IRENE, Alpha Xi Delta, Tuscaloosa, Commerce, Spirit Committee, Triangle, Auxiliary to A.A.U.W. . . . NUNALLY, LUTHER HAYS, JR., Helena, Chemistry. O'CONNOR, HENRY MICHAEL, Monson, Mass., Arts and Sciences, Basketball, Newman Club, Press Club, Crimson- White . . . ORENSTEIN, JACOUE S., Sigma Alpha Mu, New Orleans, La., Arts and Sciences, Hillel, Cotillion Club . . . ORTIZ, NESTOR, New York, N. Y., Engineering, Tau Beta Pi, Phalanx, S.A.M.E .... OSBORN, DOROTHY, Alpha Delta Fi, Birmingham, Arts and Sciences, Rammer-Jammer, Crim- son-White . . . OSBORN, LOUISE, Alpha Delta Pi, Birming- ham, Arts and Sciences, Rammer-Jammer, Crimson-White , . . OSBORN, MARGUERITE, Theta Upsilon, Hackleburg, Graduate. OSWALT, JOHN MACON, Fayette, Arts and Sciences . . . OWEN, ARCHIBALD DEBOW, Tuscaloosa, Engineering, Tau Beta Pi, Student Editor The Bama Beam, Phi Eta Sigma, Fi Mu Epsilon, Wesley Foundation, A.I.E.E., S.A.M.E., St. Pat's . . . OWENS, HELLON, Chi Omega, Union City, Tenn., Arts and Sciences . . . PAPPAS, VENIZELOS GREGORY, Kappa Sigma, Eufaula, Commerce, Phi Eta Sigma, Jasons, Beta Gamma Sigma, Glee Club, Philomathic, Scabbard and Blade, Debate Squad . . . PARK, FRANCIS GARDNER, Sigma Nu, Aliceyille, Arts and Sciences, Quadrangle . , . PARLAGRECO, A. J., Utica, N. Y., Chemistry, Alchemist Club, Newman Club, A.Ch.S., A.C.S. PARSONS, MARY ELIZABETH, Adger, Education, Phi Up- silon Omicron, Kappa Delta Pi, Triangle, B.S.U. Caroline Hunt Club, Glee Club . . . PARTLOW, DAVID BEESON, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Tuscaloosa, Arts and Sciences . . . PATRICK, ELIZABETH, Alpha Delta Pi, Scottsboro, Education, Y.W.CA., Rammer-Jammer, W.A.A ..,. PATTERSON, WIL- LIAM FAIR, Chi Phi, Sea Island, Ga., Engineering, Otticers' Club . . . PAVELLE, MARY ANN, Fremont, Ohio, Arts and Sciences . . . PEARSON, EDWIN AUSTIN, Philadelphia, Pa., Commerce. Page IOO I". QOIWQQ l-blglflflflfy QCULIWLQ PEARSON, JAMES WILLIAM, York, Arts and Sciences, Alpha Epsilon Delta . , . PEARSON, KATHLEEN, Duncan- ville, Arts and Sciences . . . PELTON, DOUGLAS HOWES, Delta Sigma Phi, Monticello, N. Y., Engineering, St. Pat's, A.I.Ch.E .... PERKINS, JULIA MIMS, Chi Omega, Tusca- loosa, Arts and Sciences, French Club, Triangle . . . PETER- SON, HARRY ALFRED, Pine Blutt, Ark., Commerce . . , PETREE, CHARLOTTE, Kappa Delta, Montgomery, Arts and Sciences. PFEIFER, HARRY JOHN, Theta Chi, West Paterson, N. J., Engineering . . . PHILLIPS, MARY SARA, Alpha Xi Delta, Titusyille, Pa., Education, Cheerleader, Triangle, Blacktriars, Spirit Committee, Y.W.C.A., Honor Roll . . . PICKENS, CECIL ROBERSON, Mount Hcpe, Engineering, Tau Beta Fi, Theta Tau, Phalanx, St. Pat's, A.I.E.E. . . . PIGFORD, MARY, Chi Omega, Meridian, Miss., Arts and Sciences, Y.W.C.A. . . . PIPER, LESLIE BERNARD, Glassport, Pa., Engineering . . . POE, JESSLYN KATHLEEN, Tuscaloosa, Education. POPE, HARVEY JOE, Fairtield, Arts and Sciences, Black- lriars, National Collegiate Players, Tau Delta Tau . . , POPE, PEGGY PAUL, Alpha Gamma Delta, Bessemer, Arts and Sciences, Pan-Hellenic, Spirit Committee, W.A.A. . . . PORTER, CLYDE, Theta Xi, North Hollywood, Calit., Engineer- ing . . . PORTER, MARY GRAY, Kappa Delta, Tuscaloosa, Arts and Sciences, French Club . . . POWELL, GERTRUDE, Andalusia, Arts and Sciences, Alpha Lambda Delta, Spirit Committee . . . POWELL, MOLLY, Florence, Home Economics, President, W.S.G.A., Glee Club, Spirit Committee, Triangle, Y.W.C.A., Executive Council. A ride on Sunday afternoon-real fun outdoors. :ui.p55f..,-mdlm. .els . . --.E2E'2Elsi5Q,- ffl? Nelson Neustcxclt Newton, M. Newton, R. Nortlzcutt Nunnally O'Connor Oremlein Ortiz Osborn, D. Osborn, L. Osborn, M. Oswalt Owen Owens Pappas Park Parlagreco Parsons Partlow Patrick Patterson Favelle Pearson, E Pearson, J. Pearson, K. Pelton Perkins Peterson Petree Pfeifer Phillips Pickens Pigforcl Piper Poe Pope, H. Pope, P. Porter, C. Porter, M. Powell, G. Powell, M. ???il"': T"'?5i4Q1fflT E1ifE1Z:5."T"L 'F 1555 'I A P777 7' " ILQJLP 111 2QfTT1'.'IQ.'fT"" "',f ' l nf '-l 1nb- !Olf'8.',lLJ8lfLlf of fA0 lflfLU8lf'5lffg O! ,Afdgdmd LVL mm. ...E1,...s.W,..W.s-.jmT.f5.eW......7s... ..g43ie-ff .ll-fefgfeefv-eff. . -fe---bfi:-3131-W-V JA lat gg. if 'Ms . .. , .. .DJJ-3.'JcwJ..,..-. Q, fiIf5P5nBi'ilVfR'S CLASS OP NINETEEN FORTY-TWO POWELL, THOMAS ELLIS, Birmingham, Commerce, Assist- ant in Ottice ot Dean ot Men . , . POYNER, MARY ILA, Delta Delta Delta, Dothan, Arts and Sciences . . . PRATER, ELIZA- BETH, Chi Omega, Millport, Education, Y.W.C.A., Corolla, Blacktriars, Kappa Delta Pi , . PRATER, JEAN, Tuscaloosa, Commerce, Phi Chi Theta, Triangle, Y.W.C.A., Crimson-White . . . PRAYTOR, MARTHA, Phi Mu, Birmingham, Home Eco- nomics, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Wesley Foundation, Black- triars , . . PRICE, ANNE WARD, Kappa Delta, York, Arts and Sciences, Triangle, Y.W.C.A. PRINCE, JOHN DOYAL, JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Bir- mingham, Law, Tau Kappa Alpha, Phi Delta Phi . . PROC- TOR, ALICE EUGENIA, Retorm, Home Economics PUGH, WILLIAM CUNINGHAME, Sigma Chi, Birmingham, Commerce, Blacktriars, Y.M.C.A. . . . PURYEAR, JOHN M., Hartselle, Commerce, Phi Eta Sigma, Druids, Jasons, Spirit Committee, Omicron Delta Kappa, Scabbard and Blade, Quadrangle, President, Junior Class, Dance Committees, President, Cotil- Iion Club . , . RAGSDALE, MILTON CLAY, Phi Gamma Delta, Bessemer, Arts and Sciences, A.E.D .... RAINER, SARAH ISABEL, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Montgomery, Arts and Sci- ences, Corolla, Dancing Club. RAMBO, ELLA BOYD, Alpha Gamma Delta, Benton, Edu- cation, Crimson-White, Corolla . , RANDMAN, DAVID I., Kappa Nu, Birmingham, Commerce, Glee Club, Y.M.C,A., lntertraternity Council, Spirit Committee, Phalanx, Otticers' Club, "A" Club . . RAST, HOLT, Lambda Chi Alpha, Ports- mouth, Va., Engineering, Football, Omicron Delta Kappa, Jasons, Theta Tau, Who's Who in American Colleges, Presi- dent, "A" Club , , , RAY, MARY CAROLINE, Alpha Delta Pi, Montgcmery, Education, Glee Club, A Capella Choir, Triangle, Spirit Committee, Guidon, Honorary Cadet Major . . . RAY, MILDRED OUIDA, Sulligent, Education , , RED- MOND, ELIZABETH WOODARD, Chi Omega, Birmingham, Arts and Sciences, Matrix. REEVES, LERONZO T., Birmingham, Commerce, Delta Sigma Pi, Blacktriars . , . REICH, MORTON LEWIS, New York, N Y., Arts and Sciences, Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilon, Phi Beta Kappa, l.R.C .,.. REY, FELICIANO F., New York, N. Y., Arts and Sciences . . . REYNOLDS, JEAN, Minter, Arts and Sciences, Alpha Kappa Delta . RHEA, WILLIAM HENRY, Attalla, Engineering . . . RICHARDSON, ELLIE WAL- KER, Alpha Gamma Delta, Athens, Graduate. Page IO2 RICHARDSON, R. NOBLE, JR., Montgomery, Arts and Sciences, Crimson-White, Alabama Editorial Review . . . RICHESON, GEORGE WALLACE, Russellville, Education, Foot- ball . . . RIDDLE, VIRGINIA, Delta Zeta, Birmingham, Arts and Sciences, Y.W.C.A., Blacktriars, Wesley Foundation . . . RILEY, ALFRED H., JR., Pompton Lakes, N. J., Engineering, A.I.Ch.E .... RIPPS, YETTA Z., Mobile, Arts and Sciences, Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Beta Kappa, Gamma Sigma Epsilon . . . ROBERTS, MARTHA ELIZABETH, Alpha Gamma Delta, Florence, Arts and Sciences, Triangle- Spirit Committee, Guidon, Alpha Kappa Delta. 1 ROBINSON, FRANK DOUGLAS, Manchester, N. H., Com- merce . . . ROBINSON, MARY JANICE, Repton, Education- . ROGERS, ELLISE ELLWOOD, Delta Delta Delta, Selma, Arts and Sciences, Alpha Kappa Delta . . . ROGERS, MARY EASON, Alpha Gamma Delta, Newton, Arts and Sciences . ROGERS, WILLIAM WARREN, Staten Island, N. Y., Edu- cation, Iota Lambda Sigma, Newman Club . . . ROPER, WIL- LIAM A., Kappa Sigma, Hazlehurst, Miss., Commerce, Cotil- lion Club, Spirit Committee, Greeks. ROSEN, SIDNEY FREDERIC, Sigma Alpha Mu, Chicago, III., Commerce, Crimson-White, Spanish Club, Spirit Com- mittee . ROSSER, CLARENCE BARTON, JR., Birmingham, Arts and Sciences . . ROTH, JAMES WATSON, Theta Xi, Fort Wayne, Ind., Commerce, Basketball, Omicron Delta Kappa, "A" Club . . . ROWAN, HOKE ALEXANDER, JR., Kappa Sigma, Jacksonville, Chemistry, Spirit Committee, Vice- President ,Senior Class, A.C.S., A.Ch.S. . . ROYCE, MARY ELIZABETH, Kappa Delta, Llaneach, Pa., Arts and Sciences, Pan-Hellenic, House ot Representatives . . . RUDOLPH, JACK EDWARD, Yonkers, N. Y., Arts and Sciences, I.R.C. Winter attraction-Bama hoopsters in action. Powell Poyner Profer, E. Prafer, J. Proyfor Price Prince Procfor Pugh Puryeor Ragsdale Rainer Rambo Rand ITIGH Rust Ray, M. C. R ay, M. O. Redmond Reeves Reich Rey Reynolds R Richcir hea Richardson dson, R. Richeson Riddle Ril R eY ipps Roberis Robinson, F. Robinson, M. Rogers, E. Rogers, M. Rogers, W. Rosen Roper Rosser Roih Rowan Royce Rudolph eff'f"1f-Maia?-' -'- ' :'.1+j-f ia-.N-Y: 2--:ef L2LfZ.4v.c3fZeeQ. -'ITTI-.elm yiolfgaf f86LIflfL 01,15 WL Edd MW AMF lfLlflfL8.'5 V ' ' er fmmf-:fume M 1 72,1 " " 1 i e ' " ' ' " " . ' ' ,ffl 5 I. ,,' f -to -"""'f gf' 'ew' 'arf-gjzff "" 3' 3117.3-, .f'.:-jlvpity5.-1-.:., ""' ' ' " Qfpiwff 1 --qw 4.5 ,5"fg.'1. rr 1 , t V W V A Q Q ,L V A- Y. igJ.t,,,fa, CN.g!T . I A.-.5 1. .Hug ,f.-5, -?R,.,.? 1-1, mb Y V H V V rm W A f Y windwnwnl- M74 ,,.i ,' -,gn - -"' "' ' ga Q ,.- -V ,I .JA:T:r, 4 ,f REAR 'S CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-TWO RYAN, JEROME A., Delta Tau Delta, Cleveland, Ohio, Chemistry, A.l.M.E., Newman Club . . . SABEL, MARK, Zeta Beta Tau, Montgomery, Commerce . . . SACHS, ROBERT A., Staten Island, New York, Commerce, Alpha Kappa Psi . . . SALLS, DONALD JOSEPH, Phi Sigma Kappa, White Plains, New York, Education, Newman Club, Spirit Committee . . . SANFORD, I. N, Jasper, Education . . . SANTO, RALPH VERREI, Newark, N. J., Arts and Sciences. SAUL, JOSE JOAQUIN, San Juan, Puerto Rica, Commerce, Spanish Club, Debate Squad . . . SAUNDERS, ZOE REED, Fi Beta Phi, Birmingham, Commerce, Phi Chi Theta, Triangle, Y.W.C.A. . . . SAVITS, IRVING ALLAN, Chester, Pa., Com- merce, Hillel . . . SCARBROUGH, ABB LLEWELLYN, Mont- gomery, Chemistry . . . SCARBROUGH, HALE, Centerville, Arts and Sciences, Managing Editor, Crimson-White, Chair- man, University Press Club, Spirit Committee, Barracks Dance Committee, President, Senior Class . . SCHMIDT, ROBERT H., Fall River, Mass., Arts and Sciences, Wesley Foundation, Pi Tau Chi. SCHOEL, ROBERT EDWARD, Birmingham, Arts and Sci- ences . . . SCHUTZE, ANN, Alpha Gamma Delta, St. Louis, Mo., Home Economics, Y.W.C.A., Caroline Hunt . . SCOTT, MARY FRANCES, Spencer, Tenn., Education, Transfer from T.C.W. . . . SCOTT, S. SILBIA, Vinemont, Education, Kappa Delta Pi . . . SEARCY, MARY EMILY, Kappa Delta, Tusca- loosa, Arts and Sciences, Triangle, Orchestra, Pan-Hellenic . . . SELF, DAVID WILSON, Pi Kappa Phi, Springville, Edu- cation, President, Senior Class, Junior Prom Committee, Wes- Iey Foundation, Phi Delta Kappa. SHANAHAN, EUGENE ROBERT, Little Rock, Ark., Arts and Sciences, Newman Club . . . SHARMAN, JACKSON ROGER, JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Tuscaloosa, Commerce, Band, Glee Club, Orchestra, Druids, Quadrangle Y.M.C.A. . , . SHEP- HERD, MATTIE LOU, Northport, Arts and Sciences . . . SHER- RILL, RICHARD BYRD, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Birmingham, Arts and Sciences . . , SHILLITO, THOMAS BENTLEY, Las Cruces, New Mex., Engineering . . SHIREY, WORTH, Fyffe, Edu cation, B.S.U. Page IO4 jke Qozigicaf Survey SHUMAKER, THOMAS P., New Brunswick, N. J., Chemis- try . . . SIMPSON, SAM T., Pi Kappa Alpha, Stevenson, Arts and Sciences . . . SKULTETY, VICTOR T., Buffalo, N. Y., Chemistry, A.l.M.E,, A.S.M .... SMITH, ARTHUR AN- THONY, Poughkeepsie, N. Y., Arts and Sciences, Glee Club, Barracks Dance Committee, German Club . . . SMITH, FRED F., Pi Kappa Phi, Birmingham, Arts and Sciences . . . SMITH, MILDRED JULIA, Alpha Chi Omega, Birmingham, Arts and Sciences, Caroline Hunt Club, House of Representatives, Glee Club, Rammer-Jammer. SMITH, WALTER E., Delta Chi, Vineland, N. J., Commerce . . SMITHER, JOHN FRANKLIN, Kappa Alpha, Decatur, Commerce . . . SNOW, ELIZABETH ANN, Alpha Delta Pi, Montgomery, Arts and Sciences, Glee Club, Y.W.C.A., Ram- mer-Jammer . . , SNOW, WILLIAM CLARKE, Phi Delta Theta, Las Cruces, New Mex., Arts and Sciences, lnterfra- ternity Council, Cotillion Club, Greeks, Scabbard and Blade, Jasons, Business Manager, Rammer-Jammer, Quadrangle, Spirit Committee . SOLOMON, IRVIN A., Kingston, N. Y., Education . . . SOl.T, GEORGE ADAM, JR., Bethlehem, Pa., Engineering, S.A.M.E, SOOY, BYARD ERNEST, JR., Phi Sigma Kappa, Egg Har- bor, N. J., Arts and Sciences, Boxing, Blackfriars, Greeks, Spanish Club . . . SPEEKER, JAMES MALCOLM, Phi Sigma Kappa, Oberlin, Ohio, Arts and Sciences . . . SPRUIELL, ELAINE, Leeds, Home Economics . , STANGO, JOSEPH ANTHONY, Waterbury, Conn., Education, Newman Club, Iota Lamba Sigma , . . STANLEY, JAMES FRANKLIN, Pi Kappa Phi, Enterprise, Arts and Sciences, Band . . . STAN- TON, WILLIAM EDVVARD, Alpha Sigma Phi, West Springfield, Mass, Arts and Sciences, President, Alpha Sigma Phi. Military "HeIlweek"-earning the "braid" of Scablaarcl and Blade Ryan Sobel Sachs Salls Sanford Santo Saul Saunders Savits Scarbroug Scarbrou Schmidt Schoel Sch utze Scott, M. Scott, S. Searcy Self Shanahan Sharman Shepherd Sherrill Shillito Shirey Shumaker Simpson Skultety Smith, A. Smith, F Smith, Smith, W. Smither Snow, E, h, ghH M Snow, W. Solomon Salt Sooy Speeker Spruiell Stango Stanley Stanton X r- . .-1 Q 1625151-'d1HiiTi'iT9IEF!-'Ii - ff- 'F"flu?'FTi 'A75'fff' "'7'57 "7""""' 7'1" " ""T"""7i9 Ar r? Ar Afagama L5 1fL1fL51fwl00w5ec! Ay any in ffm .ggzfuffi 'V V IQ' 2.41 F Ht ,ETH . .V ' '1 ' , ' -' A , ii ' t Q1 f ' --- 7'i:-gf-5.1-, W- mi-L-11, -5gq.-g.'g - "mfg, Ji1,g:,,.',.,n,f'.1 ,fff::'jf'--+4Tv"T:i1:'1'T-lsr'--'ffrffvz' f-fir:-v--f----ff--'M W- ' , ' , , ' Y . - ,, . - t ,. -,Jg-5,:'1Lg'-his, gg.-vm, limi'53,1-,lf1,a2,!5'1'-'i'.,-0: .ng A. s,,,-fit -MS M. f ' , 1 W -- , , '- ' , . "ffQ11-atW1':ff7L'.fQ'..1iQu11fm'-1 wi-:rf fa.-.1 fi t 1 A 1 - -W l -V - .V N W .-. . . W, Y-. . . mt.1a:n?5,'s?iQ'5't.i1vwsxfa-,fafw1.., Aa. n. iirfcffl K ---n:':r-mg--in Q new Qwfmmiwa iiIfl5.BlE1Vi1i'S CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-TWO STATON, WESLEY MORGAN, Hempstead, N. YI, Educa- tion, "A" Club, Blackfriars, Track I I I STEEL, ROBERT Mc- DONALD, Stratford, Conn., Arts and Sciences, Tennis, PISIAI, Glee Club, IIRIC .... STEEN, EDITH BARGE, Forest Home, Education, Glee Club I I I STEIN, MELVIN, Kappa Nu, Mo- bile, Commerce, Pershing Rifles I I I STEINBERG, TILLIE, Tuskegee, Arts and Sciences, Hillel, Auxiliary to AIAIUIWI, French Club, IIRICI I I I STEWART, DORIS HELEN, Albany, N. Y, Arts and Sciences. STEINER, LEWIS C., Sigma Nu, Greenville, Commerce, Cotillion Club I I I STOCKTON, VIRGINIA JANE, Scotts- boro, Education, Y.W.C.A., Wesley Foundation, WIAIAI I I I SULLIVAN, JOSEPH MICHAEL, Delta Sigma Phi, Holyoke, Engineering, AISICIEI, Newman Club I I I SULONEN, OIVA OSCAR, Norwood, Mass., Engineering, Fr. Basketball, St. Pat's, AISMIEI I I I TALBOT, CHARLES HENRY, Pi Kappa Phi, Troy, Commerce, President, Commerce Association, Jasons, Quadrangle, Spirit Committee, Interfraternity Council, Scab- bard and Blade, Officers' Club, Cotillion Club I I I TALIA- FERRO, EDWARD, Tusaloosa, Arts and Sciences, Blackfriars, French Club. TARTAGLIA, FREDERICK EDWARD, Morristown, N. JI, Arts and Sciences, A Capella Chorus, Glee Club I I I TATLER, ANN, Talladega, Arts and Sciences I I I TAYLOR, HARDY SAMUEL, Delta Chi, Tuscaloosa, Commerce, Wesley Foun- dation, YIMICIAI, Crimson-White I I I TERRY, GLORIA ANN, Chi Omega, Bessemer, Arts and Sciences, Blackfriars, Y.W.C.A., Rammer-Jammer, Zeta Phi Eta, Honorary Cadet Major, Guidon I I I TERRY, MYRTLE FAINE, Dothan, Educa- tion, AIAIUIW ,.., THOMAS, BEATRICE ELOISE, Dothan, Education, Triangle, YIWICIAI, BISIUI THOMAS, SAMUEL FERRY, Delta Chi, Gadsden, Commerce, Greeks, Officers' Club, Scabbard and Blade I I I THOMP- SON, DANIEL BLACKSTONE, Alpha Tau Omega, Tuscaloosa, Commerce, Basketball, Baseball, "A" Club I I I THOMP- SON, MARY LOUISE, Northport, Home Economics, Excelsior, Caroline Hunt Club I I I THORNHILL, GERTRUDE, We- tumpka, Arts and Sciences, Wesley Foundation, Y.W.C.A. I I I THROCKMORTON, MARGARET, Delta Delta Delta, Guntersville, Commerce, Y.W.C.A. I I I TIDMORE, MINNIE LEE, Tuscaloosa, Commerce, Wesley Foundation, Spanish Club. Page IO6 TINNEY, HOWARD CI, Elmira, NI Y., Engineering, Inst. Aero-Science I I I TIPPINS, HENRY KEENER, Pi Kappc Alpha, Geneva, Arts and Sciences, AIEID I I I TODD, MARY BURTON, Freedom, Maine, Arts and Sciences, Blackfriars, Spanish Club I I I TOLLETT, VAUGHN HI, Nashville, Ark., Arts and Sciences, Track, Football, "A" Club I I I TON- DREAU, ALBERT EI, Central Falls, R. I., Arts and Sciences Blackfriars, Excelsior, French Club I I I TOULMIN, HARRY AUBREY, JR., Delta Kappa Epsilon, Mobile, Engineering, Tar Beta Pi. TRINER, WARREN WILLIAM, Alpha Sigma Phi, Calvwell N. J., Engineering I I I TUOHY, ROBERT JAMES, Jersey City NIJ., Education, Newman Club I I I TURNER, NANCY BON NER, Delta Delta Delta, Montgomery, Arts and Sciences, Ch Delta Phi I I I TURNER, THEODORE LAURENCE, Clifton N. JI, Chemistry, Pi Tau Chi, Alchemists I I I UNDERWOOD JANE, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Andalusia, Arts and Sciences Woman's Manager Debate Squad, Mortar Boarcl I I I UN GER, ELEANOR, Kappa Delta, Mobile, Arts and Sciences. UPCHURCH, DORRIS LEE, Middlesboro, Ky., Arts and Sci ences I I I VICK, RUTH, Pine Hill, Education, Representative WISIGIAI, Y.W.C.A., Spanish Club I I I VOGEL, JACI MITCHELLE, Alpha Tau Omega, Cullman, Engineering AIIIMIEI, St. Pat's, Band I I I WADAS, EDWARD JOSEPH Manchester, Conn., Engineering, AISIMIEI, St. Pat's, Newmai Club I I I WAKEFIELD, MERLE, Zeta Tau Alpha, Albertville Education, Triangle, Y.W.C.A., Spanish Club I I I WAKE FIELD, JOHN RI, Alpha Tau Omega, Anniston, Arts anc Sciences. "Ready on the tugging line"-a military tug of war. Steel S Stiene Sull Su T Tatle Tay Te T Tho Th T Tippi Tod To T Trlner Tuoh Tu Up-chu Vick Stcxton Steen Stein telnberg Stewart I' Stockton ivan lonen cmlbot Talioferro Tartaglia r lor rry, G. erry, M. Thomas, B. Thomas, S. Thompson, D. mpson, M. ornhill hrockmorfon Tidmore Tinney ns d lleti' ondreau Toulmin Y Turner, N. rner, T. Underwood Unger rch Vogel Wadcxs Wakefield, M. Wakefield, .l - 2-+L?- f: 3'r- -T ' 'wf:.:" 1 1"' --:f r ml ' 525125. ILTSUUTT..Sf"1?QE,1Iff.-F "FEE lQffl1:?,S'....?.E:f,,l.f-1317-' " ' 35?:Y??':":.'-" 1f""2: fl ' il,-.1 1 f '11 ' v A' fn QF -TFA ,xgfadama id one 0 dw our owne in fha lfL0'Lfi0lfL 1:'IH'2 Ff"'W1if'G'qH 5L7UA,T f1""fP"" SEL." ' 1' 'F "" 1 L- ' "".' inf..-.,.., ' ' 'Lili 1 4 41' l' ,. ,E l ., ,M l ' ' .- . V4 'TT - T' f fi : 'iff ' -'5"'4S W'EC!'-1239255 i ii? 'W 'T 7' . 'TT' 'T TT'f"T7"'T -. T T W - ' ' 3 . ' t r ' - ' - f -2 withl"54i2f.3-vi-'.Y42,z1c:'31?1fr.-5-l""H . 'lfHt-,-Jvf- 5E'51lfal?lt,'?1?9Ei135lIQ.'1':-E52 "1.j?l'lQ,urI'1'i:.ff' I l i5cIfiiB1ilVf2S.'S CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-TWO WALKER, ALLAN PALMER, Delta Sigma Phi, Newark, N. J., Commerce, Blacktriars, German Club, Spanish Club, Y.M.C.A., lntertraternity Council, Co-Chairman Artist Lecture Series . . . WALL, WILLIAM L., JR., Lamba Chi Alpha, Bir- mingham, Engineering, Rho Alpha Tau, Greeks, A.I.E.E., Theta Tau . , . WALLACE, CLAUDE D., Dothan, Commerce, Phalanx . . . WALLS, MARTIN L., Guntersville, Education . . . WALMSLEY, MARJORIE JOSEPHINE, Zeta Tau Alpha, Birmingham, Arts and Sciences, President ot Triangle, Council ot Clubs, Alpha Kappa Delta, Spirit Committee, President, Junior Class, Pan-Hellenic Council . . WARNOCK, JOHN EDWARD, North Bergen, N. J., Engineering, WARREN, ELEANOR FLEMING, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Enterprise, Education, Y.W.C.A., Wesley Foundation , . WATKINS, FRANCES EMILY, Delta Zeta, Birmingham, Com- merce, President, Delta Zeta, President, Camera Club, Spirit Committee, Y.W.C.A .,.. WEBB, BETSEY STUART, Alpha Chi Omega, Hagerstown, Md., Arts and Sciences, Zeta Phi Eta, Blacktriars, Triangle . . , WEBB, MARY YOUNG, Alpha Gamma Delta, Marion, Arts and Sciences, Y.W.C.A., W.A.A., French Club . . . WEEKS, GEORGE ELLISON, Dothan, Com- merce, Football, "A" Club, B.S.U. , WEEKS, THEDA LOUISE, Cullman, Commerce, Madrigal. WESLEY, NORMAN R., Lambda Chi Alpha, Talladega, Commerce, "A" Club, Football, Baseball WHIIE, HAR- VEY I., JR., Sigma Chi, Birmingham, Commerce WL-IITE, HOWARD WILSON, Great Kills, N. Y., Engineering, C.A.A., A.I.Ch.E., Camera Club, Ritle Team . . WHITEHURST, MARY ELIZABETH, Shettield, Arts and Sciences, B.S.U., Y.W.C.A., Glee Club . . . WHITFIELD, GAIUS, Alpha Tau Omega, Middlesburg, Ky., Commerce, Scabbard and Blade, Intertraternity Council, Cotillion Club, Drum Major in Band . . . WHITLEY, ANNIE RUTH, Albertville, Home Economics, B.S.U., Caroline Hunt Club. WHITLOW, WILLIAM BARNEY, Phi Sigma Kappa, Jack- son, Mich., Arts and Sciences, Sigma Delta Psi, Episcopal Forum, Blacktriars . . . WIGGINS, EMILY RUTH, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Arlington, Va., Home Economics, President, Mortar Board, Caroline Hunt Club, House of Representatives . . , WILCOXSON, CORNELIA RHODA, Lexington, Arts and Sciences, WILLIAMS, DANIEL SMITH, Tuscaloosa, Grad- uate, Political Science Forum, B.S.U. . . WILLIAMS, JIM- MIE PARRIS, Attalla, Education . . WILLIAMS, LUCILLE, Milton, Fla., Arts and Sciences. Page IOS iima 52055414 wow WILLIAMS, REDDOCK E., JR., Fi Kappa Fhi, Kfnstcn, Arls and Sciences . . . WILLIAMSON, CAREY E., Montgomery, Arts and Sciences, Debate Squad, Council of Clubs, Black- friars, Spirit Committee, Y.W.C.A. . . . WILSON, ZANE O., Aspinwall, Pa., Engineering, Spirit Committee . . . WINTER, JEANNE MILDRED, Miami, Fla., Education, Blacktriars . . WITHAM, PHILIP HORWOOD, Chi Phi, Swarthmore, Pa., En- gineering . , . WOLFORD, MARIAN ELEANOR, Zeta Tau Alpha, Warrior, Education, Corolla, Crimson-White, Black- triars, Spirit Committee, Triangle, Pan-Hellenic Council. WOLFSCHMIDT, WILLIAM ALBERTSON, Palmyra, N. J., Arts and Sciences . . . WOOD, HENRY COBB, Birmingham, Commerce, Delta Sigma Pi . . . WOOD, JACK WHITNELL, Hopkinsville, Ky., Engineering, St. Pat's, I. A. S. . . . WOOD, JAMES GARLAND, JR., Tuscaloosa, Chemistry, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, A.C.S., Rifle Team . . . WOODALL, MARY EVELYN, Decatur, Education, Blacktriars . . . WORTHINGTON, MARY AUGUSTA, Delta Zeta, Montgomery, Home Economics, Glee Club, Caroline Hunt Club, Crimson-White, Corolla, Spirit Committee, Triangle, Y.W.C.A., Honorary Cadet Colonel. I WRIGHT, MARY FRANCES, Guin, Education, Kappa Delta Fi . . YOHAY, RUTH LOUISE, New York, N. Y., Education, Blacktriars, Hillel . . . YOUNGER, JAMES R, Lambda Chi Alpha, Birmingham, Commerce, Alpha Kappa Psi, Scabbard and Blade, Cotillion Club . . , ZANTHOS, CATHERINE D., Selma, Commerce, French Club . . . ZBINDEN, ARTHUR DAVID, JR., Dothan, Arts and Sciences, T.K.A ..,. ZECK, JESSE JOSEPH, Waterloo, N. Y., Education. "This year was fun-see you in September." ' , 1 -wx i . M ' , ' f-' ' .:f,?':ff-'!m,1-3s9'9-'AWINBPQU , whahiffvgv , gs:-f,' 251-QEEE5 ' ' t I , :,.,.,:-:Q, H:-- " 7 1 1-Q-.L if .- 1144913 . 1 - f-,. q, f. J, , , , . -1 f'f':1 -2, -W--.'.'-'::f15'.4fcW W- -: ' V,-:g5Z,,gg4,,x JZ :. , ,f 5, ,,,.,ewf...,.,6Wa , ' 1,512 561- "--42'f'4"f'-'W J,-,:'-'5 if .'.' 35.4.-4:,' ' 4, 4 iw ww - 1 gf E J , 3:5-fgj wwf Q1 - ' -'?2g,?'.a: ', . fi? ,K i2if?Sj1?p .8?:iA.E' V I 4,452-'ff S-mf? w'.1Q-M.-fih ,S " ,: - . f f-L N F, 5:6- - wzlif, , - 1 fm-.I' ' .- -, : ,Qs '14:zQ::gs:f-44 .-.1-W,-b. , f:v ,,p-,ff f,-mg-.V-1-V. f -,.y55-.f4 ,wf- A -V .. , - 1:1 55,17 -, ,354 411: if ...ff-,L - ,M ,W-,.,1f,Qf,,. , ,. MQ.L:,,-,M m,.f':::,44 . . pg, ' 45-21 - gzxgx-f.,, ',,1 V . , 3-f'-M -':'.9:1'1' .::::w5,A:1 v. --1 .2113 f . ' . . W at x,. ,M .f ,..,::, . A 1 , ,, ' 'fr',.-rzggg, . , my ss, 4?-Rqzf ' -XQgZ3.:,.5:-1 -.r- - . . -'Jigga . -x:Ia:4,- ' 5' -2? 15--z,,.-.A -wc - -V -- 1 ff, fe!--L.fzfm:,smL.,.P-, ,1.m-ffm!x-'mmm-Q-A-.,,- .1 r 'SYIHUKTHK A M4 4 ,,.,,,,vyW., I Q., , J! R541 E -K A A Q -L , E . . Q.. , :R 'mi -myw . N-eww :www , ,ipa- A lk . -S fi ,.,s:. fa- v ,Q li 0 xl: vii f ,gba - 24-awy, :- ,Mwwwmwevw-A + --X Qv A Y x We U DERGR DU TE The undergraduafes of Today as a rule are dif- ferenT from The undergrads of lasT year or The year before. Buf like all The oTher people in The U. S., parTicularly Those in The big defense organ- izafions, which have been sTepped up and mod- ernized for NaTional Defense, Bama's undergrad- uafes have geared Themselves To a higher piTch. They realize They are living in a world which changes wiTh everyday's newspaper . . . and They are preparing To Take Their places in This rapidly changing life of Today. Even The greenesT liTTle freshman knows ThaT aT The end of his four years he musT be able To do someThing besides wear col- legiafe clofhes and spend his allowance from home. YeT in spiTe of The facT ThaT The undergraduafe of Today senses The emergency of The momenT and The unseTTled ouTlook of The fuTure, The average underclassman seeks his relaxafion in The same lighT spirifs and carefree happy-go-lucky aTTiTude of The undergrads of oTher years. When an underclassman firsT hiTs The Bama Campus, he is overcome wiTh a feeling of awe be- fore The many big buildings, looming bigger Than They are . . . before all The old sTudenTs who seem To know Their sophisficafed way around. l-le feels as Though he will never fiT inTo This excifing paT- Tern of life . . . he is ready To pack up his bag and go home. This feeling lasTs only a day or so . . . Then The new sTudenT is so busy regisTering, running from one end of The campus To The oTher, debafing which sororify or fraTerniTy he is To pledge . . . meefing new people and making new friends ThaT will be wiTh him Through The nexT four years . . . Trying To impress oThers ThaT he is so wisewhen he is so oTherwise . . . and figuring ouT whaT makes The upperclassmen Tick and how They keep on Ticking. The inexperienced undergraduaTe sTarTs his life off wiTh a bang-up resolufion To seTTle righT down To work and To sTudy, and To send The folks home some excellenf grades. A good resolufion for The week or Two iT lasfs, buT alas, along comesffhe firsT "knockouT girl' '... and The freshman is a goner . . . spending all his allowance on Push-iTs, cokes in The Supe Sfore l"8l squeeze iT"l . . . Tak- ing in all The big dances and The fraTerniTy formals in The Audiforium, which seemed so huge The firsT Time . . . subscribing To everyfhing ThaT sells sub- scripTions . . . geTTing sTung on blind daTes . . . swallowing The line handed ouT in The Rammer- Jammer . . . ioining all organizaTions ThaT have a key . . . geTTing The school spiriT aT The excifing Pep Rallies and The foofball games . . . enioying Those wonderful foofball weekends . . . scheming To be seen wiTh The campus glamor girls and The B.lVl.O.C.'s . . . sleeping Through eighT o'clocks . . . mixing The wrong Things in Chemisfry lab . . . fall- ing asleep in Economics . . . searching The Crim- son-Whife Twhich he has signed To work on, and hasn'T as yeTT for his name . . . Trying hard To re- form The campus, especially The poliTical end of iT . . . realizing aT exam Time ThaT he has slipped up somewhere . . . hibernafing wiTh books and noTes To cram in one nighT whaT he has avoided all semesTer-such is an undergraduaTe's life. Yep, They're a busy loT, The undergraduaTes, and in spiTe of all The social, polifical, and loafing acTiviTies, mosT of Them manage To make some preTTy good grades. The mefhod is a secreT formula, which will always be one of The nine wonders of The world. Thus The undergraduafe: a freshman Today, a sophomore Tomorrow, a junior in The noT-so-dis- TanT fufure, and, finally, a senior-receiving his degree aT commencemenf, commencing a life in The work-a-day world all The beTTer prepared be- cause he is a member of The fraTerniTy of Univer- siTy of Alabama alumni! Page lll T' ii l l i l i if . l T T i i J , .J .wgks . ,V ' A- Y-wr ,..v-,.-M., - 'A . P 9' ,W .VIN A Q ze X . fx. THE ABERNATHY, ELIZABETH, Tuscaloosa, Junior in Home Economics, Wes- ley Foundation, Caroline Hunt Club . . . ABROMS, MILTON: Sigma Alpha Mu, Corinth, Miss., Junior in Engineering, A.l.Ch.E., Spirit Com- mittee . . . ACKERMAN, KENNETH GEORGE, Berwin, Ill., Sophomore in Engineering, Concert Band, Pershing Rifles, A.l.M.E, ACTON, ERNEST RAY, Phi Gamma Delta, Birmingham, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Manager, Baseball Team, Ollicers' Club . . ADAIR, VIRGINIA MAY, Hatboro, Pa., Freshman in Home Economics, Blacklriars . . ADAMS, ETHEL MAY, Lanett, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. ADLER, DONALD H., Zeta Belo Tau, Meridian, Miss., Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . ADLER, LOUIS JAMES, Kappa Alpha, Mobile, Soph- omore in Commerce, President, Ph! Eta Sigma, Philomathic . AIR- HEART, GENE DOUGLAS, Pi Kappa Phi, Scottsboro, Freshman in Com- merce . . , ALLEN, GLENN LUMAN, JR., Sigma Chi, Murfreesboro, Tenn., Sophomore in Engineering, Rho Alpha Tau, Phi Eta Sigma . . ALLEN, NATALIE, Quincy, Ill., Junior in Arts ancl Sciences . ALLEN, SUSAN HOLT, Phi Mu, Birmingham, Freshman in Commerce, Blaclctriars, Crimson- White, Rammer-Jammer, Corolla. ALLEN, WILLIAM B., Huntsville, Sophomore in Commerce . . . ALLI- SON, SHIRLEY FRANCES, Bellamy, Junior in Education, Spanish Club, Wesley Foundation . . , ALOIS, ALFRED FRANCEIS, Phi Sigma Kappa, Schenectady, N. Y., Sophomore in Engineering, Newman Club, Football . . . ALSOBROOK, DIANE MARGARET, Sigmo'Kappa, Miami, Fla., Sopho- more in Arts and Sciences, Blackfriars, P.S.A .... ALTOBELL, LOUIS ANTHONY, Rutland, Vt., Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . AMBERSON, TALMADGE RICHARD, Sigma Nu, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts and Sci- ences, Debate Squad, Blacktriars. AMBROSE, MARYLAND KATHLEEN, Centerville, Sophomore in Home Economics . . . ANDERSON, JOAN, Alpha Phi, Peoria, III., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Spirit Committee, Editor, Newman News . . , AN- DERSON, MARGARET MORROW, Kappa Delta, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Y.W.C.A. . . . ANDERSON, ROBERT LAWSON, Sigma Chi, Birmingham, Freshman in Engineering . , , ANDERSON, WILDA MAE, Vandergritt, Pa., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . ANDES, HARRY DILLMAN, Vandergritt, Pa., Junior in Engineering, Band, A.S.M.E., St. Pat's. ANGEL, LORNA LILLIAN, Brooklyn, N. Y., Junior in Education, Hillel, Sports: Hillel Paper . . . ANZALDI, SALVATORE, Boston, Mass., Fresh- man in Engineering . . . ARCESE, NORMAN, Newtonville, Mass., Soph- omore in Arts and Sciences . . . ARCHIBALD, EDWARD, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Birmingham, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Corolla, Y.W.C.A., Rammer-Jammer . . . ARMOUR, MARY KATHERYN, Delta Delta Delta, THE COROLL.A'S istott I-:ALL WA Page II3 UHTES Birmingham, Freshman in Home Economics . . . ARMSTRONG, CARL, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Great Neck, N. Y., Freshman in Engineering. ARMSTRONG, ROGER LEWIS, Parlin, N. J., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . , . ARTHUR, RETTA JANE, Kappa Delta, Fayette, Sophomore in Home Economics, Wesley Foundation . . . ASHURST, WALTER THOMAS, Phi Gamma Delta, Montgomery, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . AUSTIN, FRANK JOHNSON, Alpha Tau Omega, Kosciusko, Miss., Junior in Arts and Sciences, Omicron Theta, Business Manager, Freshman Hand- book-Miss State College, Varsity Club, Reflector Staff, Y.M.C.A., Crimson- White . . . AUSTIN, FRANK S., Phi Gamma Delta, Greenville, Tenn., Sophomore in Commerce, Greeks . . . AVERY, JACK WILLIAM, Pi Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, Sophomore in Commerce. AVERYT, MARY REBECCA, Delta Zeta, Birmingham, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Transfer from Montevallo, Blacktriars, Crimson-White, Y.W.C.A., Corolla, B.S.U .,.. BAILEY, RICHARD A., A.T.O., Florence, Freshman in Engineering . . . BAILEY, SARA FRANCES, Boaz, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Transfer from Snead Junior College . . . BAKER, FURMAN JAMES, JR., Phi Gamma Delta, Eufaula, Sophomore in Commerce, Druids, Spirit Committee, Philomathic, Y.M.C.A., Corolla . . . BAKER, JOSEPH, Worcester, Mass., Junior in Arts and Sciences, Manager, Football, Spirit Committee, French Club, Chevrans Club, Crimson-White . . . BAKER, ROBERT, Delta Chi, Tuscaloosa, Freshman in Engineering. BALDWIN, THELMA MARGARET, Robertsdale, Freshman in Home Eco- nomics, Y.W.C.A., Newman Club, Caroline Hunt Club . . . BALES, AL- LEN, Delta Chi, Birmingham, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Blactriars, Tau Delta Tau, National Collegiate Players . . . BALZAN, HARRY LEE, Sharon, Pa., Junior in Commerce, Rammer-Jammer, Delta Sigma Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, Y.M.C.A., Spanish Club . . . BANKS, JAMES EDWIN, Delta Kappa Ep- silon, Eutaw, Junior in Commerce . . . BARGERON, MALCOLM LIONEL, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Birmingham, Freshman in Commerce . . . BARNARD, WILLIAM STEVEN, Sigma Nu, Enterprise, Junior in Arts and Sciences. BARNES, JUSTUS RAWDON, Montgomery, Sophomore in Arts and Sci- ences, Pershing Rifles , . . BARNHILL, GRACE ELIZABETH, Sigma Kappa, Wilmington, Del., Junior in Education, Swan Club, Spirit Committee . . . BARR, JOHN U., Phi Delta Theta, New Orleans, La., Freshman in Com- merce, Y.M.C.A., Rammer-Jammer, Blaclcfriars . . . BARR, NONIE, Phi Mu, New Orleans, La., Freshman in Chemistry, Y.W.C.A., Alchemists Club, Crimson-White . . . BARROW, MILDRED GERALDINE, Purvis, Miss., Soph- omore in Commerce, Wesley Foundation, Crimson-White, University Sym- phony Orchestra . . . BARTLETT, CAROLINE JANE, Kappa Delta, Bir- mingham, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. It ERE TED IN T922 N NIVEFZSARY R' I ,I In, In Ii I. It l'I 1. I t I I I I I I I I I -I 1 I I I I I ,I I ,I . I LJ I V.- F 1 t t I l f r is gl W .,i l nl ! t l .ll iz G it sw l l I lift! i l l 5 ,it l ff H.. Q, E fl ml fl Pl Ql Tlx il ll li il fi 1' S1 t l 5 l r l l 1 'l i J 1 J , I l hz nl Basinger Batchelor Bates, C. Bates, M. Battersby Baxley Beolle Bean Beatty, B. Beatty, W Beavers Beckner Beckwith Bedsole Beelancl Bell Belt Bender Benenson Benham Bennett, J. Bennett, M Berkman Berman, Berman, H. Berry Berta Bertini Betts Bidgoocl Bingham Bires Bishop Bitz Blach Block, G Black, H. Black, H. L. Black, M. Blacksheor Blair Blonciok Bliss Bloom Blount, B. Blount, H. Blumberg Bohczker Bohat Boisseae Booth, D. Booth, S. Bosch Boswell, THE ULSYBER BASINGER, MAYHEW, Aliceville, Freshman in Commerce , . . BATCH- ELOR, HELEN EDNA, Aberdeen, N. C., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Representative, W.S.G.A., Debate Squad . . . BATES, CAROLYN FAIL, Alpha Gamma Delta, Dothan, Junior in Education, Swan Club, Spanish Club, Glee Club . . . BATES, MARCIA LOU, Alpha Xi Delta, Norwood, Ohio, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Spirit Committee, Blackfriars . . . BATTERSBY, RUTH VIRGINIA, Winton, N. C., Freshman in Home Economics, Blacktriars . . . BAXLEY, MARY FAY, Gulfport, Miss., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Glee Club, Operetta Chorus, French Club, Wesley Choir, Wesley Foundation, Tau Delta Tau, Alpha Lambda Delta, Blaclciriars. BEALLE, SAM WILSON, Alpha Tau Omega, Tuscaloosa, Freshman in Engineering, Y.M.C.A., Crimson-White . . BEAN, JACK MINTER, Hart- selle, Junior in Engineering, Druids, Theta Tau, St. Pat's Committee . . . BEATTY, BABYE BESS, Decatur, Freshman in Commerce, Alternate Cheer- leader . . BEATTY, WILLIAM MILTON, Delta Tau Delta, Meadville, Pa., Junior in Engineering . . . BEAVERS, MARIANNE, Cedartown, Ga., Freshman in Commerce, Crimson-White . . , BECKNER, ROBERT, Delta Tau Delta, Ellrhorn, W. Va., Junior in Arts and Sciences. BECKWITH, WILLIAM ARTHUR, JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Birmingham, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . BEDSOLE, ROBERT CORNELIUS, Pi Kappa Phi, Samson, Sophomore in Commerce . . . BEELAND, ANN SHERLING, Kappa Delta, Greenville, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Y.W.C.A., Corolla . . . BELL, EVELYN, Kappa Delta, Mobile, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Y.W.C.A. . , . BELT, FAY, Chi Omega, Birming- ham, Freshman in Chemistry, Y.W.C.A., Corolla . . . BENDER, RICHARD J., Phi Kappa Sigma, Atlanta, Ga., Junior in Commerce, Greeks. BENESON, ELSIE RUTH, Atmore, Freshman in Home Economics . . BENHAM, NANCY PARKER, Mineola, Texas, Sophomore in Education . , . BENNETT, JULIUS RICHARDSON, Sigma Nu, Pine Apple, Sophomore in Commerce, Spirit Committee . . . BENNETT, MAYME COOTS, Fairhope, Freshman in Arts and Sciences , . . BERKMAN, MARION JOYCE, Sigma Delta Tau, Russellville, Ky., Sophomore in Commerce, Blacktriars, Crimson- White, Corolla . . . BERMAN, FRED, Kappa Nu, Birmingham, Freshman in Commerce. BERMAN, HELEN LOUISE, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . BERRY, HELEN JANE, Chi Omega, Bessemer, Junior in Arts anc ScIences, Blacktriars, W.S.G.A., Y.W.C.A., Rammer-Jammer . . . BERTA. DORIS, Sigma Kappa, Midvale, N. J., Freshman in Arts and Sciences, THE COROLLA'S THE Auoironiu Page II5 HATE S Blacktriars . . . BERTINI, EUCLID, Delta Sigma Phi, Cotland, N. Y., Sophomore in Engineering . . . BETTS, LOU MARGARET, Junior in Com- merce, Y.W.C.A., Blackfriars, Spanish Club, Wesley Foundation, Wesley Choir, Wesley Players . . . BIDGOOD, WILLIS DEANS, Phi Gamma Delta, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Druids, Phi Eta Sigma, Blackfriars, Corolla. BINGHAM, GEORGE CHESTER, Kappa Alpha, Tuscaloosa, Freshman in Commerce, Y.M.C.A., Corolla . . . BIRES, ANDREW PHILIP, Delta Sigma Phi, Ambridge, Pa., Sophomore in Commerce, Football . . . BISHOP, DAVID HARRY, Florence, N. J., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . BITZ, MARGARET ELAINE, Alpha Delta Pi, Birmingham, Junior in Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club . . . BLACH, IVAN K., Zeta Beta Tau, Birmingham, Junior in Commerce . . . BLACK, GEORGE ALEXAN- DER, Pi Kappa Phi, Geneva, Sophomore in Commerce. BLACK, HILDA, Cordova, Sophomore in Home Economics . . . BLACK, HUGO L., JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Birmingham, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Y.M.C.A., Druids, Rho Alpha Tau, Glee Club, Debate Squad . . , BLACK, MARY HENDERSON, Alpha Gamma Delta, Troy, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . BLACKSHEAR, ROBERT HENRY, Peekskill, N. Y., Freshman in Engineering, St. Pat's . . . BLAIR, BARBARA SHIRAS, Kappa Delta, Orange County, Va., Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars, Corolla, W.A.A. . . . BLANCIAK, AMBROSE EDMOND, Vandergritt, Pa., Freshman in Engineering. BLISS, RICHARD FREDERIC, Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . BLOOM, ESTAN JACK, Sigma Alpha Mu, Tusca- loosa, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Blaclcfriars . . . BLOUNT, BETTY, Midway, Freshman in Commerce . . . BLOUNT, HOUSTON, Sigma Nu, Union Springs, Sophomore in Commerce . . . BLUMBERG, DAVID, Dothan, Freshman in Commerce, Band . -. . BOHAKER, DONALD ANDREAS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, West Roxbury, Mass., Freshman in Engineering. BOHAT, EDWARD JAMES, Theta Chi, Pleasant Prairie. Wis., Junior in Education . . . BOISSEAE, P. C., Roanoke, Va., Junior in Engineering . . . BOOTH, DORIS NELL, Alpha Delta Pi, Northport, Freshman in Chem- istry . . . BOOTH, SAMUEL WILLIAM, Delta Sigma Phi, Wilmington, Del., Sophomore in Commerce, Blacktriars, Rammer-Jammer . . . BOSCH, CARLOS LUIS, Phi Sigma Kappa, Yauco, Puerto Rico, Junior in Engineer- ing, Spanish Club, St. Pat's . . . BOSWELL, CLYDE MCGIBONY, Alpha Delta Pi, Decatur, Ga., Sophomore in Education, Y.W.C.A., W.A.A. OVER 5000 SE li TM AN NIVERSAFCY 55 Y I ' ? i Y W K THE NBER BOSWELL, ED, Pi Kappa Phi, Geneva, Sophomore in Commerce, Rho Alpha Tau, Spirit Committee, President, Sophomer Class, Corolla . . . BOSWELL, KATHERINE LILE, Alpha Gamma Delta, Decatur, Junior in Education . . . BOULLEMET, MARSEILLE, JR., Sigma Nu, Oxford, Soph- omore in Commerce , . . BOWRON, RICHARD ANDERSON, Phi Delta Theta, Birmingham, Sophomore in Commerce . . . BOX, JOSEPH LEE, Phi Kappa Sigma, Vernon, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Wesley Foun- dation, Spirit Committee, Y.M.C.A., Blackfriars . . . BOYKIN, JACK, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Mobile, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. BOYKIN, JAMES ROBERT, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Mobile, Sophomore in Commerce . . . BRADFIELD, MARTHA GARLAND, Winston Salem, N. C., Junior in Education . . . BRADFORD, DORIS, Alpha Gamma Delta, At- more, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Y.W.C.A., Rammer-Jammer, French Club . . . BRADLEY, ULMER EARLE, JR., Delta Kappa Epsilon, Blacktriars, Sophomore in Commerce, Y.M.C.A., Corolla , . . BRADY, DUANE, Lanett, Freshman in Home Economics . . . BRAKEMAN, MILDRED ALICE, Gads- den, Junior in Education, Y.W.C.A., B.S.U. BRANDON, CHESTER HUGH, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Falls Church, Va., Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Crimson-White, Blacktriars , . , BRAN- NAN, TROY CRAMPTON, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Brewton, Junior in Com- merce . . . BRANNON, WADE HAMPTON, Alpha Tau Omega, Anniston, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Glee Club, Band, Excelsior, Y.M.C.A. . . . BRANYON, EDGAR WATTERSON, JR., Kappa Alpha, Hamilton, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . BRATTON, NANCY CAROLYN, Chi Omega, Birmingham, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Y.W.C.A., Spanish Club, Crimson-White . . . BRAZELTON, MAE RUSTY, Alpha Phi, Mobile, Fresh- man in Education. BREITLING, ROBERT O., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Livingston, Junior in Commerce, Y.M.C.A., Corolla . , . BRENT, MARION TABB, Borinquen Field, Puerto Rico, Sophomore in Engineering, Swan Club, Alpha Lambda Delta , . . BRIGANTI, E. J., Hartford, Conn., Junior in Chemistry, Alchem- ists Club, Newman Club , . , BRITTAIN, SARALYN, Alpha Gamma Delta, Weclowee, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Transfer from Judson, Y.W.C.A. . . . BROADHEAD, EMOGENE, Alpha Delta Pi, Birmingham, Sophomore in Home Economics , . . BROCK, BEN JONES, Pi Kappa Phi, New Brock- ton, Freshman in Engineering. ' BROCK, WILLIAM EARL, Montgomery, Freshman in Commerce . . . BROOKS, BARBARA ELAINE, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Andalusia, Freshman in Education, Blacktriars, Y.W.C.A ..., BROOKS, MARTHA HELEN, Ra- mer, Junior in Education, Blaclctriars , . . BROOKS, SARA ELEANOR, THE COROLLA'S Bias eRAvEs' CLA Page II7 I HATES Kappa Delta, Camilla, Ga., Junior in Arts and Sciences, Corolla, Black- triars . , . BROOKS, THOMAS JAMES, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Camilla, Ga., Freshman in Engineering, Crimson-White . . , BROOKS, WILLIAM EMMETT, JR., Phi Delta Theta, Brewton, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Quadrangle, Philomathic, Press Club. BROWN, ANNA LAURA, Alpha Delta Pi, Guntersville, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Rammer-Jammer . . . BROWN, DAVID ALEXANDER, Pi Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, Junior in Education, Football, "A" Club . . . BROWN, HUGH DEVVITT, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sylacauga, Sophomore in Commerce . . . BROWN, JACQUELINE, Delta Delta Delta, Selma, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Crimson-White, Y.W.C.A., Spanish Club, Corolla . . . BROWN, JAMES EDWARD, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Mobile, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Corolla, Y.M.C.A. . . , BROWN, LIL- LIAN FAYE, Gordo, Freshman in Education, BROWN, MARY LEIGH, Alpha Chi Omega, Jackson, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Crimson-White , . . BROWN, NORMAN KNIGHT, Millry, Sophomore in Commerce . , . BROWN, RUFUS WAYNE, Russellville, Sophomore in Commerce, Wesley Foundation . . . BROWN, WILLIAM ELIJAH, Sigma Chi, York, Sophomore in Commerce . . . BROWNBACK, PETER EVANS, Spring City, Pa., Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . BROWNE, RAY BROADUS, Millport, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. BROWNING, JOHN BARNETT, Phi Sigma Kappa, Haddonfield, N. J., Junior in Commerce, Alpha Kappa Psi , . . BROWNSTEIN, SHIRLEY JUNE, Sigma Delta Tau, Newport, Ark., Sophomore in Commerce . . . BRUMMEL, ALICE NEWMAN, Anniston, Sophomore in Commerce, Black- triars . . . BRUNS, ANNE, Phi Mu, Bessemer, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Blackfriars, Y.W.C.A. . . . BRUNSELL, JOAN RACHEL, Phi Mu, Sheridan, Wy., Sophomore in Commerce, Newman Club . . . BRUNSON, WILLIAM JOSEPH, Pi Kappa Phi, Enterprise, Freshman in Education, Band. BRYANT, FRANCES F., Alpha Delta Pi, Anniston, Freshman in Com- merce, Blacktriars, Glee Club, Y.VV.C.A .... BRYARS, ANNE WARREN, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Enterprise, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . BUMPERS, AVIOUS NELLWYN, Sigma Kappa, Childersburg, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars . . . BUERGER, LESLIE E., Sigma Chi, Mobile, Sophomore in Commerce . . . BUETTNER, HELEN JUNE, Delta Zeta, Cull- man, Freshman in Commerce . , . BURDESHAW, ELOISE APPLING, Alpha Chi Omega, Chamden, N. J., Junior in Arts and Sciences, President, Glee Club, President, Colonial Hall, Executive Secretary, W.S.G., Y.W.C.A., P.S.A., Blackfriars. ISHED IN T894 Nl ERSARY I I I I i rl H! l l fl i.v.:7"5 l 5 3 Q l. l Q 1AA ,Qi , if 5" JT ' V1 J1 Es' 3 .311 541' Lrg E If SWL... c S-3 1.. rv-L 7 A,- 554 ul M 'ff"'1ll 32 ri -:Mig "'ief'i' 'H , 2:eT?. A -2. . Q id: gy Eifjhfsgl ' .14 llggjlsul -U , T -5EY...iI ':"Q-r'.lz- Fl 7 I 5.1: ' vivifgfig I .- Qu' S Wi? . "J ,1:f'i":.Q i J 5.5 I ...gil 2 Miflgfqg FT .. el .if f-Ps-if,,. l TJ' Civ!!-.i'1l Q. glilpigl '-.3.,.' E l F ggi- -, V" 'F-.f?if. ' 've laik ' if f :fl -1 'll :Eg- 2 Yfycgll JNL . . ivaw? 1: ' z an T 424 N. lf wr V 1 -9. .AL f l .ggi .-ee. .- 1- A 55,4 623'-:ll ,- . - ,N E: .' 'Q-f'f3?77fl fl 'kk2F:1?Pf:f sw '-- , w -fffzvlf-l.,..,,I ra --,Ln . dam' :.l .1 -, 1. 5431 Ab ag., P -gg - - riozjilf, .5 25' LJ. r- Aiwa.. 55 . sign -i -'21,-Lv-15 '11 f - cm , .-1 L "H" Q.. 1 Nl ,fllffgh T ,QSQAI1 :..l -wil-, -, .A ,M l1.:,.,,S!:, .Y rffqi. V' 1 QU- I "7 ' l ,. , , 1: . ' - l f ' L Xl' ,ll . , ' l Y l 3 l 1 2 .T L. -.2 Burgess Burgett Burke Burkhalfer Burkholcler Bu rks, H. D. Burks, H, T. Burns Burnum, H. Burnum, J. Burt Bush, F. Bush, J. Bufler, M. Butler, T. Caddell Caffey Cahaley Caldwell, C. Caldwell, H. Caldwell, o. Caldwell, S. Callahan Callen Camp Campbell Cargile, C. Cargile, R. Carlo Carloss Carlson Carlion Carofhers Carpenfer, A. Carpenter, C. Carpenier, L. Carr Carroll, M. Carroll, S. Carry Carter, A. Carter, D. Carier, T. Casfeel Casfleberry Chambers Champagne Chapman, D. Chapman, J. R. Chapman, J. M. Chapman, M. W Charles, R. Cheatham Chenaulf THE UNDER BURGESS, CHARLES MONROE, Pi Kappa Alpha, Opp, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . BURGETT, ROBERT M., Delta Tau Della, Middleburg. N. Y., Sophomore in Engineering, Transfer, Notre Dame, Basketball . . . BURKE, DUPUY, Chi Phi, Birmingham, Sophomore in Commerce . . . BURKHALTER, KATHLEEN, Theta Upsilon, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore in Edu- cation, Newman Club, Blackfriars, Crimson-White . . . BURKHOLDER, VQRGINIA, Alpha Chi Omega, Miami, Fla., Freshman in Home Economics, Farnmer-Jammer, Y.W.C.A., W.A.A .,.. BURKS, HARRIET DURRETT, Delta Delta Delta, Tuscaloosa, Freshman in Home Economics. BURKS, HENRY THOMAS, Alpha Tau Omega, Tuscaloosa, Freshman in Engineering . , . BURNS, FEAGIN ARNOLD, JR., Delta Chi, Tarrani City, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Y.M.C.A,, Wesley Foundation, A.I.S.O .,.. BURNUM, HUBBARD DENSON, Kappa Alpha, Decatur, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . BURNUM, JOHN FRANCIS, Phi Delta Theta, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore in Engineering, Band, Symphony Or- chestra, Y.M.C.A., Crimson-White, Corolla . . . BURT, BETTY JOE, Zeta Tau Alpha, Greenville, Miss., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Black- triars, Spanish Club, Corolla, Transfer, Belhaven College . , . BUSH, FRED N., JR., Sigma Chi, Birmingham, Sophomore in Commerce, Crimson- White. BUSH, JEAN ADELL, Theta Upsilon, Ithica, N. Y,, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Y.W.C.A. . . . BUTLER, MAURINE, Phi Mu, Billings, Mont., Sophomore in Commerce . . BUTLER, THOMAS EDWARD, Lambda Chi Alpha, New Hope, Junior in Commerce , . . CADDELL, IDA, Alpha Delta Pi, Jacksonville, Fla., Freshman in Home Economics . . . CAFFEY, JANE, Delta Delta Delta, Mobile, Freshman in Commerce . . . CAHALEY, NAN WILMA, Millville, N. J., Junior in Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club. CALDWELL, CHARLES WARNER, Delta Chi, Orrville, Ohio, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Freshman Football Manager , . . CALDWELL, HARRY EDWIN, Kappa Sigma, Birmingham, Junior in Engineering . . . CALD- WELL, OLIVER TICI-IENOR, Lambda Chi Alpha, Huntsville, Junior in En- gineering, Transfer, N. C. State, Sigma Pi Alpha . CALDWELL, SUSAN CATHERINE, Delta Zeta, Birmingham, Junior in Home Economics, Caroline Hunt, Pan-Hellenic, Y.W.C.A. . CALLAHAN, MARION LEE, Alpha Phi, Bessemer, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . CALLEN, ANNA LOIS, Delta Delta Delta, Birmingham, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Y.W.C.A., Sports Club. CAMP, MARY MILES, Alpha Gamma Delta, Blakely, Ga., Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . CAMPBELL, ANITA MONTELLE, Alpha Chi Omega, Milford, Conn., Freshman in Commerce, Blacktriars . . ,. CARGILE, CHARLES JACKKSON, JR., Tuscaloosa, Junior in Engineering, A.l.C.E., St..Pat's, Camera Club . . . CARGILE, REBECCA ANDREE, Tuscaloosa, THE CORQLLAZS INTRAMURALS, HER Page I I 9 UHIYES Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Blackfriars, Crimson-White, Rammer- Jammer . . . CARLO, LUIS FEDERICO, Mayaquez, Puerto Rico, Sopho- more in Arts and Sciences, Newman Club . . . CARLOSS, HARRY ED- WARD, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Memphis, Tenn., Freshman in Engineering, Y.M.C.A., Corolla. - - ---.,,.. CARLSON, BARBARA JEAN, Alpha Delta Pi, Savannah, Ga., Junior in Home Economics . . . CARLTON, MORTON BURTIAN, Sigma Alpha Mu, Miami Beach, Fla., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . CAROTH- ERS, A. D., JR., Sylacauga, Sophomore in Commerce . . . CARPENTER, ANNE VIRGINIA, Zeta Tau Alpha, Tuscaloosa, Junior in Home Economics, Spanish Club, Y.W.C.A., P.S.A., Blacktriars, Caroline Hunt Club, Spirit Committee, Tau Delta Tau . . . CARPENTER, CAROLYN BALDWIN, Zeta Tau Alpha, Tuscaloosa, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Blackfriars, Y.W.C.A., Spanish Club . . . CARPENTER, LEONA ALICE, Birmingham, Junior in Arts and Sciences. CARR, JACK DURWARD, Sigma Chi, Birmingham, Junior in Commerce . . , CARROLL, MYRA JANE, Delta Delta Delta, Ozark, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . CARROLL, SAM JONES, JR., Kappa Sigma, Ozark, Junior in Commerce, Officers' Club . . . CARRY, LUIE BRUCE, JR., Sigma Chi, Birmingham, Freshman in Engineering . . , CARTER, A. B., Marion, Ark., Junior in Commerce . . . CARTER, DANNER, Chi Omega, Mario Ark., Junior in Arts and Sciences. CARTER. THOMAS EWING, JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Bessemer, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Corolla, Spirit Committee, Junior Prom Committee, Y.M.C.A., CASTEEL, JEANNE, Mobile, Junior in Home Economics, Glee Club, Caroline Hunt Club, Y.W.C.A ..., CASTLEBERRY, GAY, Jasper: Sophomore in Education , . . CHAMBERS, LEROY, Sigma Nu, Birming- ham, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . CHAMPAGNE, ETHEL, Theta Upsilon, Tuscaloosa, Junior in Education, Spirit Committee, Newman Club, Blackfriars . , . CHAPMAN, DAN W., Kappa Sigma, Selma, Soph- omore in Arts and Sciences, Glee Club, A Capella Choir, Blacktriars, Phi Eta Sigma, Druids, Y.M.C.A., Excelsior, Corolla. CHAPMAN, JAMES R., Delta Sigma Phi, Newport, R. I., Junior in Eclu- cation, Newman Club . . . CHAPMAN, JOHN MONROE, JR., Zeta Beta Tau, Birmingham, Sophomore in Commerce, Pershing Rifles, Blacktriars . . . CHAPMAN, MARY WILSON, Kappa Delta, Montgomery, Sopho- more in Arts and Sciences . . . CHARLES, RICHARD LINCOLN, Delta Tau Delta, Rochester, N. Y., Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Blackfriars . . . CHEATHAM, HAROLD NICHOLS, Phi -Kappa Sigma, Nauvoo, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars, Press Club, Crimson-White, Spanish Club . , CHENAULT, FRANK LEIGH, Decatur, Sophomore in Engineering, St. Pat's. TO THE NATION AN NIVERSARY 'ii 'i. i 'i. lr, -ill lil ,i ll fi if .L 1: ll! A, ig: , k .3 ll .V . .I .1 gi f-1?i' if ... ,, M' l, .T I ll lm iii' 1 '- . ,fu Vg. 35.21 , 1."iv":.' 1 F' Li'i,.2:f:. 1: .eyrfffn r 93 "'7'aie3f l', 4 1f?.fEj15j-.-z ' ima'-'fix Q.- -Efffeffiez 2-'J rg.-1zA35i3 mx, - ?:f:i'i,+,ygg1,4.LTE- 2 :.,.1.,1o,,x--. ,. . ... rg-eeg:.j5::'fff ' ..ef:3fa'-F. . 132533, :.:- if .. f-'Fw Tflil G, neg V + . . r 1a'ff..r3.f..,. Q1 f' -'N -' L 1 if A l 11 'll 27?g.'8f-Mefvgxv, .u mfwewv-2: 22 fi! :1.-il ii .25 -' , -1'-sf 5 1. .:gsi!'," I I1 l .sg .1 ,. L.:-V: J ,g. 'F' i If fl W ' I .il l Tlliiiii L3 H1 X . iv r lf' W i -:y,?"1 W. 4 im ' '13 4 I jk I 5 1 .gray Fx' .M Jil 1 UQ f R ' jig '5- -sew-he: l'QF,-'sgfwifl 5: gp .1 we 45: lf. --ffhzr.. 7. 0 . 54-5211. 24 11. ffvmhi.. :' -1 ' 'Fa.iY.l5'i" ': - .' '1-'Tiiiin iw 9 '1..-K qi ,fm e. A " ii:..'l1l ""' L .115 21 4 H 'bgg- f1"'l Qi gl 1 2- gp V: l" i . 1 J, '1 I L A l vl' ,,, . files", 7 1.7329 "2 iq -.2 x, 54. -cf naw, ' - '.l'?lTf ' 5-. J .--is if I 1 . am"- - e 55323523 ' l+,.fa1.-'M-X :g,z:1-S:Jl, ' . . 15-ego. .. a, . ,.,Y.,.,.. .. -- 14... . . 4:31:14 -. J. f .1 -"1 244-' r? '. f 'Ky J y xg, N if fu- jug: M in Q-Us. 1 ?'ff:',i lf l -'Q ll 1 W li ,1 - I fl Jxl -+4 l ' -. '. , ,r f. "ll if ll Yr- .- sf. n , li ,-J Li ll it il , ,r . l .W .v, ' l L. Cheney Childress, G. Childress, l.. Christian Cimorell Claiborne Clark, M. Clark, W. Clemenis Cleveland, C. Cleveland, S. Clifton Close Cloud Clouse Cobb, Beify Cobb, Bobby Cobb, J. Cobb, L. Cobb, R. Cobb, T. Cobble Cochran Coffin Cogdell Cohen, A. Cohen, H. Cohen, P. Cole Coleman, G Coleman, J. Coleman, R. Colon Colidis Collar Collier Collins, B. Collins, C. Collins, F. Collins, R. Comer, T. Comisarow Conisha Conner, E. Conner, J. Conner, W. Coogan Cooper, C. Cooper, E. Copeland, F. Copeland, M. Correlfi Cosby Cournyn THE' one CHENEY, ALAN BRECK, Allgoocl, Junior in Engineering, Glee Club, Band, Excelsior, Orchestra, A.l.C.E. . . CHILDRESS, GERALDINE PRICE, Zeta Tau Alpha, Jackson, Miss., Junior in Arts and Sciences, Blackfriars, Y.W.C.A., Crimson-White, Corolla, Transfer from Southwestern at Mem- phis . . , CHILDRESS, LLEWELLYN, Kappa Delta, Columbia, Tenn., Soph- omore in Arts and Sciences . . CHRISTIAN, WADE WRIGHT, Cullman, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . , CIMORELL, DOLORES MARIE, Alpha Xi Delta, Ashtabula, Ohio, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Trans- fer from Kent State, Crimson-White, Spirit Committee, Y.W.C.A. . . . CLAIBORNE, MARY EMILY, Huntsville, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Black- friars. CLARK, MARTHA LOUISE, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Mobile, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Y.W.C.A. , , . CLARK, WYLENE, Dozier, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Zeta Phi Eta, Tau Kappa Alpha, Alpha Lambda Delta, Blacktriars, Wesley Players, Debate Squad . . . CLEMENTS, STANLEY WILTON, Pi Kappa Phi, Berry, Sophomore in Education . . . CLEVE- LAND, CRAWFORD HAL, JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Anniston, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Druids, Quadrangie, Glee Club, Spirit Committee, Y.M.C.A., Wesley Foundation , . . CLEVELAND, SAMUEL WESLEY, Delta Chi, Centerville, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Wesley Foundation . . . CLIFTON, ROBERT A., McKinney, Texas, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. CLOSE, RICHARD A., Morgaretville, N. Y., Sophomore in Commerce, Glee Club . . , CLOUD, SARAH FRANCES, Birmingham, Sophomore in Home Economics, Glee Club, Newman Club, Caroline Hunt Club, Fencing Club . . . CLOUSE, HENRY NEWT, Sigma Nu, Ozark, Freshman in Com- merce , . . COBB, BETTY, Alpha Gamma Delta, Vredenburgh, Sopho- more in Arts and Sciences . . . COBB, BOBBY, Kappa Alpha, Fayette, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Greeks . , . COBB, JAMES TROTTER, Phi Gamma Delta, Tuscaloosa, Junior in Commerce. COBB, LAURA ANN, Kappa Delta, Fayette, Freshman in Home Eco- nomics . . . COBB, RICHARD SICARD, Lambda Chi Alpha, Jackson Heights, Lang Island, N. Y., Sophomore in Commerce . . . COBB, THRATH, Kennedy, Junior in Education, Y.W.C.A., B.S.U., Caroline Hunt Club , . . COBBLE, ARTHUR L., Pi Kappa Alpha, Fort Payne, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . COCHRAN, THOMAS EVERETTE, Danville, Ky., Sophomore in Engineering . . . COFFIN, JACK GALE, Pittsburgh, Pa., Fershman in Engineering. COGDELL, WILMER DONALD, Pi Kappa Alpha, Bleecker, Sophomore in Commerce . . . COHEN, ARNOLD JEROME, Sigma Alpha Mu, Chicago, Ill., Freshman in Education, Football , . . COHEN, HERBERT, Zeta Beta Tau, Alexander City, Sophomore in Commerce, Rho Alpha Tau, Druids, BATES Crimson-White . . . COHEN, PERRY CHESTER, Sigma Alpha Mu, Miami, Fla., Sophomore in Commerce, Spirit Committee . . , COLE, HAROLD, Delta Tau Delta, Dunkirk, N. Y., Sophomore in Commerce . . . COLE- MAN, GEORGE WHEELER, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Birmingham, Freshman in Engineering. COLEMAN, JOHN WOODROW, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Eutaw, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . COLEMAN, RUTH WILHITE, Delta Delta Delta, Panama City, Fla., Sophomore in Home Economics, Y.W.C.A., Caroline Hunt Club . . , COLON, BUDDY, Alpha Tau Omega, Hamburg, Iowa, Junior in' Arts and Sciences . . . COLIDIS, NICHOLAS NORMAN, Bir- mingham, Freshman in Commerce , . . COLLAR, NORINE, Cordova, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Crimson-White, Matrix . . . COLLIER, MILTON, Kappa Sigma, Madison, Sophomore in Commerce, Blackfriars, Greeks, Y.M.C.A., Rammer-Jammer, Glee Club. COLLINS, BETTY JANE, Alpha Gamma Delta, Jasper, Junior in Home Economics . . . COLLINS, CARROLL WALKER, JR., Delta Sigma Phi, Traverse City, Mich., Freshman in Arts and Sciences , . . COLLINS, FRANK JOSEPH, JR., Newark, N. J., Junior in Engineering, St. Pat's, A.S.M.E. . . . COLLINS, RUBY NELL, Birmingham, Sophomore in Arts and Sci- ences . . . COMER, TRAVIS LATTNER, JR., Chi Phi, Birmingham, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Captain, Tennis Team, lntertraternity Council . . . COMISAROW, PAUL, Theta Xi, Philadelphia, Pa., Sophomore in Engineer- ing. CONISHA, WILLIAM EDWARD, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Elizabeth, N, J., Freshman in Chemistry, Band, Glee Club . . . CONNER, EILLIS, Delta Chi, Montgomery, Sophomore in Engineering, Band, ,Wesley Foundation . . . CONNER, JOSEPH HOWARD, Kappa Sigma, Talladega, Junior in Engineering, Y.M.C.A., Band . . . CONNER, WILLIAM HARDY, Kappa Sigma, Talladega, Junior in Commerce, Y.M.C.A., Band . . , COOGAN, SHIRLEY RUTH, Alpha Gamma Delta, Mobile, Sophomore in Arts and Sci- ences, Zeta Phi Eta, Crimson-White, Y.W.C.A., Blackfriars , , . COOPER, COY, Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, Freshman in Commerce, Y.M.C.A. COOPER, ERNEST EUGENE, Phi Delta Theta, Tuscaloosa, Freshman in Engineering , . . COPELAND, FRANCES MARIE, Alpha Delta Pi, Bir- mingham, Sophomore in Home Economics . . . COPELAND, MARY JOHN, Oneonta, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars, Y.W.C.A. . . . COR- RETTI, DOUGLLAS PHILIP, Lambda Chi Alpha, Fairfield, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Phi Eta Sigma, T.K.A., Debate Squad, Excelsior, Officers' Club, l.R.C., Alabama Editorial Review . . . COSBY, JEAN ENGLISH, Phi Mu, Abingdon, Va., Junior in Chemistry . . . COURNYN, JOHN BURTON, Washington, D. C., Sophomore in Engineering. THE COROLLA'S DENNY CHIMES 15' FEET HIGH AN N VEHSARY ,... Coutrney, H. Courtney, J. Covington, C. Covington, J. Cowen, D. Cowen, W. Cox, F. Cox, J. J. Cox, J. C. U 1 cox, J. A. J J, cox, M. g Craig, F. ffl . i-fi 34?':':' ,ffl '- 55-gif M Crawford, C. Qui Crawford, F. :ff If Crittenden, A. , ,. ,,. , Ft' SL- I' Crock, A. , .i ffl! Cronwalt 1, 1 , ix, sq .4-ffjgj yi crow, s. ' 'iii it it! Crow, W. gif' Q1 Q Crowell Crowley ij 'b gfi Crum Ji Cruml C. A 'N Crumly, F. ,gziffifrgm i, 9.9 lub .5..-901513. "f1'liif5s 1 L ' crumpfon, M. 'fi C 'L li wer Cunningham, J ii Cunningham, W Curlee -3-e.Ik.iia . .eg ' Currie . J t -"'-.152 9 Dahlen ,.,ff.ti'?i:f 'J e J D'1i'eY it Dalrymple :i?:.T5r'1iif"fb t 'K . Dame' 1 if 3 Dmby ii' Darby 'y.3',,' :gui gl igiii if Zag,-'fiifg' 5,1 ti Darden, B. Darden, D. ,:: 1 Dusher .-,.,73- 5 n I x s,--...E p fffsfgfi gi D -d G EQJR CIVI son, . Yilif' 'N . jjj 2-I Davidson, J. yv ,X iggfiji Davies, P. X , Se 1 '. iff'11rL'f ii .rer , 3 11-:E -51 "i fl Davies, T. .. ,N l Y ' T- " Davis, A. ! :N Davis, D. W. 'V Davis, D. A ix Davis, E. Davis, J. A i H 1 W .Q Davis, J. B. Davis, M. Davis, R. Davy Dawson, A. Dawson, J. ling... . 4 ,, no ae COURTNEY, HOWARD A., Chi Phi, Birmingham, Sophomore in En- gineering, Rifle Team, Wesley Foundation, Y.M.C.A., Crimson-White . . . COURTNEY, JOE MANNING, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Mobile, Sophomore in Commerce , . . COVINGTON, CLAIRE, Delta Delta Delta, Memphis, Tenn., Freshman in Home Economics, Y.W.C.A. , , . COVINGTON, JOE S., Sigma Chi, Meridian, Miss., Sophomore in Engineering . . . COWEN, DAVID PURSER, Delta Chi, Brighton, Junior in Commerce, Blackfriars, Y.M.C.A., Tau Delta Tau, Spirit Committee . . . COWEN, WILLIAM STEWART, Delta Chi, Brighton, Freshman in Commerce. COX, FRANCES, Phi Mu, Carrollton, Freshman in Commerce . . COX, JOHNNIE JEAN, Collinsville, Freshman in Commerce . . . COX, JOSEPH CLARK, Kappa Sigma, Fairfield, Junior in Chemistry, Wesley Foundation, Officers' Club, Alchemist . . . COX, JUNE ANEYL, Theta Upsilon, Tus- caloosa, Junior in Education . . COX, MARY FRANCES, Collinsville, Freshman in Commerce . . . CRAIG, FERN HELENE, Wilmington, Ill., Sophomore in Commerce. CRAWFORD, CLARENCE W., Lambda Chi Alpha, Springville, Junior in Commerce . , , CRAWFORD, FRANK BAKER, JR., Alpha Sigma Phi, New Kensington, Pa., Junior in Engineering . . . CRITTENDEN, ALICE BAR- BARA, Alpha Chi Omega, Long Island, N. Y., Freshman in Arts and Sci- ences . . , CROCK, ALBERT BRUCE, Theta Xi, Jerome, Pa., Junior ii. Commerce , . . CRONWALT, LOREON HELEN, Phi Mu, Jacksonville Beach, Fla., Freshman in Commerce, Y.W.C.A., Rammer-Jammer, Fencing Club . . . CROW, SALLY RUTH, Montgomery, Junior in Home Economics, Spirit Committee, Caroline Hunt Club. CROW, WILLIAM WILSON, Delta Chi, Birmingham, Junior in Engineer- ing, Phi Eta Sigma, Druids, Jasons, A.l.C.E. . . . CROWELL, PEGGY JUNE, Kappa Delta, Mobile, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Chorus, Y.W.C.A., . . . CROWLEY, HERBERT DANIEL, Sherborn, Mass., Sophomore in En- gineering . . . CRUM, WILLIAM BARTON, Alpha Tau Omega, Montgom- ery, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, University Band, Phi Eta Sigma . . CRUMLY, CECIL DONALD, Delta Chi, Birmingham, Sophomore in Com- merce . . . CRUMLY, FRANK, Birmingham, Officers' Club, Pershing Rifles. CRUMPTON, MARGARET ARDATH, Delta Zeta, Greenville, Miss., Junior in Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club, Y.W.C.A., Pershing Rifle Sponsor . . . CRYER, WILLIAM C., Anniston, Junior in Engineering, A.l.E.E., Y.M.C.A., Wesley Foundation . . . CUNNINGHAM, JOHN CLARKE, Theta Xi, Bethlehem, Pa., Junior in Commerce . . . CUNNINGHAM, WILLIAM DODGE, Sigma Chi, Birmingham, Junior in Commerce, Philomathic, Quad- rangle, Spirit Committee . . . CURLEE, ROBERT GLEN, Wetumpka, Junior TH E COR OL.LA'S UJSTES in Law, Tau Kappa Alpha, Debating, Philomathic . . . CURRIE, JAMES WILLIAM, Oxford, Junior in Engineering, Phi Eta Sigma. DAHLENE, DONALD HENRY, Delta Chi, Tuscaloosa, Freshman in En- gineering, Band , . . DAILEY, CHARLOTTE FRANCES, Phi Mu, Bessemer, Freshman in Arts aid Sciences, Blackfriars, Y.W.C.A., Crimson-White . . . DALRYMPLE, DORRANCE F., Alpha Tau Omega, Birmingham, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Pershing Rifles, Y.M.C.A. . , . DANIEL, SUE CHRIS- TIAN, Delta Delta Delta, Tuscaloosa, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Y.W.C.A., Crimson-White . . . DANSBY, CLEO, Zeta Tau Alpha, Mobile, Sophomore in Commerce, Blackfriars, Corolla, Y.W.C.A .... DARBY, WILLIS C., Phi Gamma Delta, Huntsville, Freshman in Commerce. DARDEN, BETTY ANN, Gadsden, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Glee Club . . . DARDEN, D. HUGH, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Lanett, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Glee Club, Blackfriars , . . DASHER, EDWARD THOMP- SON, Chi Phi, Richmond, Va., Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Band, Glee Club, Crimson-White , . , DAVIDSON, GOLDIE, Cochran, Ga., Junior in Commerce, Debate Club . . DAVIDSON, JACKIE, Delta Zeta, Florence, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars . . . DAVIES, PEGE JANE, Alpha Chi Omega, Birmingham, Sophomore in Education, Transfer from Baldwin Wallace College. DAVIES, THOMAS JOSEPH, JR., Andover, Mass., Freshman in Chemis- try, Newman Club, Alchemist Club . . . DAVIS, ANNETTE, Chi Omega, Gordo, Freshman in Home Economics, Spirit Committee, Spanish Club, Y.W.C.A .... DAVIS, DAVID W., Delta Chi, Washington, D. C., Fresh- man in Arts and Sciences, Blackfriars . . . DAVIS, DORANN, Alpha Phi, Fort Slocum, N. Y., Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . .. DAVIS, ELEANOR, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Bessemer, Freshman in Home Economics, Y.W.C.A., Caroline Hunt Club, Crimson-White , . . DAVIS, JAMES AUSTIN, Pi Kappa Alpha, Bessemer, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Phi Eta Sigma, Druids, President, Y.M.C.A., President, Alpha Epsilon Delta. DAVIS, JOE BUFORD, Sigma Nu, Montgomery, Junior in Commerce, Y.M.C.A .... DAVIS, MARTHA, Alpha Gamma Delta, Mobile, Sopho- more in Commerce . . . DAVIS, ROBERT EASTON, Delta Tau Delta, De- troit, Mich., Special Student in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars . . . DAVY, LILLIAN, Zeta Tau Alpha, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . DAWSON, ANNE, Alpha Delta Pi, Snowdoun, Sophomore in Com- merce, Y.W.C.A., Corolla, Crimson-White , , .DAWSON, JAMES ARLAND, Delta Chi, Birmingham, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Blackfriars, National Collegiate Players, President, Tau Delta Tau, Spirit Committee, Head Cheerleader, Y.M.C.A. rm BLACKFRIARS RAMATIC CLUB is g ANNIVER IARY I , . I 5 i 1 1 1 i r lol V 1 I ii l :QF "1 Vi 1 J i l f l l il W1 - , ln ' Day Deon Deoson Delony DeMors Deming DeMoHe Dennen Dempsey Dennis Den? Derryberry Derfinger DeShields DeSiero DeVore DeWalt Dickerf Dickson, B. Dickson, D. Dickson, N. Dickinson Dillon Dismuke Dodd Dodson Donahue Donald Donnelly Dofson Douglass Dow Dowling Downey Dozier Dracos Drew, A. Drew, H. Drew, J. Duggor Duke Duilch Dumont Dunn Dunne Dunwoody Duren . Durham Durreif Duvall Dwyer Dyer Ebert Echols -U me DAY, EUGENE WESLEY, Alpha Sigma Phi, Ripton, Vermont, Junior in Engineering, St. Pat's . . DEAN, MARY FRANCES, Chi Omega, Birming- ham, Sophomore in Chemistry, Corolla, Guidon, Honorary Cadet Maior . . . DEASON, JEAN HARRIS, Chi Omega, Tuscaloosa, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Crimson-White, Y.W.C.A., Glee Club . . . DELONY, SUSAN GOODWIN, Tuscumbia, Sophomore in Home Economics . . . DeMARS, MARY CATHERINE, Houston, Texas, Junior in Education , . . DEMING, FRANCES, Alpha Gamma Delta, Evergreen, Sophomore in Arts and Sci- ences. DeMOTTE, EDWARD L., Alpha Tau Omega, Montgomery, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Phi Eta Sigma, Druids, Crimson-White . DENNEN, CHARLES ARTHUR, Phi Sigma Kappa Boston, Mass., Freshman in En- gineering . . . DEMPSEY, HARRY YOUNG, JR., Sigma Nu, Piedmont, Junior in Commerce, Y.M.C.A., P.S.A., Corolla, Delta Sigma Pi . . . DENNIS, EDWARD HUNDLEY, Phi Sigma Kappa, Baltimore, Md., Junior in Arts and Sciences . . DENT, ELLIOTT E., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Bir- mingham, Freshman in Commerce, Corolla DERRYBERRY, FRANCES, Delta Delta Delta, Shreveport, La., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. DERTINGER, ELLSWORTH, Theta Xi, Sparrows Point, Md., Sophomore in Engineering, Basketball, Baseball . . DeSHIELDS, LOUISE, Delta Delta Delta, Montgomery, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . DeSIERO. WILLIAM THOMAS, Theta Chi, Bridgeport, Conn., Junior in Engineering, Secretary-Treasurer ot Spirit Committee . . . DeVORE, BETTY BRYDING, Alpha Gamma Delta, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . DeWALT, JOHN WALTER, Wilkinsburg, Penn., Sophomore in Engineering, St. Pat's, Wesley Foundation . . . DICKERT, HUBERT JACKSON, Pi Kappa Phi, Brundage, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. DICKSON, BETTY LOUISE, Kappa Kappa Gamma, St. Petersburg, Fla., Junior in Arts and Sciences, Corolla, Crimson-White, Y.W.C.A. . . . DICK- SON, DOROTHY HELEN, Jacksonville, Fla., Freshman in Commerce . . DICKSON, NANCY LANE, Kappa Delta, Opelika, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Crimson-White, Rammer-Jammer . . . DICKINSON, GLORIA ELISE, Altoona, Freshman in Home Economics, Y.W.C.A., Caroline Hunt Club . . . DILLON, JOSEPHINE BYRD, Delta Zeta, Garden City, N. Y., Junior in Arts and Sciences, Blackfriars, Y.W.C.A .... DISMUKE, BEN FOY, Sigma Chi, Chattanooga, Tenn., Sophomore in Engineering. DODD, FRANCES, Zeta Tau Alpha, Birmingham, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . DODSON, WILLIAM FRANK, Birmingham, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Band . . . DONAHUE, HENRY GERARD, Brooklyn, THE CCR OLLA'S UHTES N. Y., Sophomore in Engineering, St. Pat's . , . DONALD, DAN CALD- WELL, JR., Delta Kappa Epsilon, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts and Sci- ences . . . DONNELLY, KATHRYN IRENE, Alpha Gamma Delta, Palm Beach, Fla., Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . DOTSON, DONNA LEA, Fort Payne, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars. DOUGLASS, FHYLLIS, DeFuniak Springs, Fla., Sophomore in Commerce . . . DOW, HERMAN FURNISS, Tuscaloosa, Junior in Chemistry, Alchem- ists Club , . . DOWLING, R. A., Sigma Nu, Pinckard, Sophomore in Commerce, Rho Alpha Tau, Dean's List, Phi Eta Sigma, Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship . . . DOWNEY, HUGH PATRICK, Phi Sigma Kappa, Wash- ington, D. C., Junior in Arts and Sciences, Spirit Committee, lnterfraternity Council , . . DOZIER, ALBERT SIDNEY, Phi Delta Theta, Eufaula, Junior in Commerce , . DRACOS, JAMES NICK, Washington, D. C., Sophomore in Engineering, St. Pat's. DREW, ALLAN JOSEPH, Amityville, N. Y., Sophomore in Commerce . . . DREW, HAROLD, Phi Gamma Delta, Tuscaloosa, Freshman in Com- merce, Crimson-White . , . DREW, JOHN WALLACE, Phi Sigma Kappa, Norwood, N. Y., Junior in Arts and Sciences, Blackfriars . . DUGGAR, HELEN KATHRYN, Kappa Delta, Mobile, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . DUKE, FRANK MADISON, Lambda Chi Alpha, Birmingham, Freshman in Engineering, Y.M.C.A., SI. Pat's . . . DUITCH, LOIS LIBBY, Sigma Delta Tau, Coatesville, Pa., Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Y.W.C.A., Corolla. DUMONT, ANGELO ARTHUR, Raritan, N. J., Junior in Arts and Sci- ences, French Club, Vice-President of Photography Club . . . DUNN, CAROLYN, Delta Delta Delta, Anniston, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Glee Club, Y.W.C.A .... DUNNE, MARGUERITTE LOPEZ, Alpha Delta Pi, St. Augustine, Fla., Sophomore in Education, Blacktriars . . DUN- WOODY, FRANCES DENNEY, Alpha Xi Delta, Columbia, Junior in Edu- cation . . . DUREN, HATTIE NELL, Theta Upsilon, Tuscaloosa, Freshman in Home Economics . , . DURHAM, WILSON ERNEST, Phi Gamma Delta, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore in Commerce, Debate Squad, Tau Kappa Alpha. DURRETT, RUBY ELAINE, Alpha Phi, Bessemer, Junior in Home Eco- nomics . . . DUVALL, LEE ROY, Lambda Chi Alpha, Birmingham, Junior in Commerce . . . DWYER, JAMES JOSEPH, Waterbury, Conn., Junior in Engineering . , . DYER, WILLIAM VERNON, JR., Bessemer, Sophomore in Engineering, St. Pat's . . . EBERT, GEORGE LEWIS, Phi Sigma Kappa, New York, N. Y., Junior in Commerce, Tau Delta Tau, Blackfriars . . . ECHOLS, JOHN HALE, Pi Kappa Alpha, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Million Dollar Band, Wesley Foundation. el-A Y.M.C.A. MAIINTAI SOCIAL RooM AN N IVERSARY l il ri' fra l A .1 5, ll iq H 'll l. fo 1 il ,yu -1 I i Ai, I il ii 51 lan J 'F ll lx l ,l will all lil , l M nl 422' 3-2' l ld 'll ll 1. il L ,U rl lie il V PM ll vi 35 u v v.. 1 l l ,Q K i E Ll Y f-4 Y' il if f,,.:- g 5 Edison Edwards, B. Edwards, E. Eggens Eldridge Ellioff Ellison Elmore, J. Elmore, O. Emerson Engel Engleman Eriksen Eros Eshelman Essberg Etheredge Eudy Evans Faircloth Fallin Fassman Faulk Feibelman Feiner Feinstein Felier Fendell Fernandez Finkbeiner Finkelsiein, D. Finkelstein, l. File, J. Fife, M. Fiffs Fifzpcnirick Fletcher Flowers Folio Ford Forman Forrester, S Forrester, T. Foshee Foster, L. Foster, R. Founiain Fowler, B. Fowler, J. Franco Frankl-louse Fraser Frawley Frazier mam sz EDISON, ROBERT DONALD, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Fort Dodge, Iowa, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . EDWARDS, BRUCE W., Green Bay, Wis., Junior in Engineering, St. Pat's, A.S.M.E ..., EDWARDS, ERNEST NOLEN, Chi Phi, Bessemer, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Winner, Intramural Debate Tournament, Glee Club, Y.M.C.A., Crimson-White, Corolla, Black- friars, Excelsior, Spanish Club, Officers' Club, Chevrons Club, Pershing Rifles, A Capella Chorus, B.S.U. . . . EGGENS, JANE STUART, Sigma Kappa, Elizabeth, N J., Sophomore in Chemistry, Alchemist Club , . . ELDRIDGE, PAUL RITCHIE, Kappa Sigma, Forrest City, Ark., Freshman in Engineering, Y.M.C.A., Student Poll . , . ELLIOT, ETHEL ELLIOT, Alpha Chi Omega, Lynchburg, Va., Freshman in Commerce. ELLISON, ROBERT REDMON, Theta Chi, Decator, Ill., Junior in Educa- tion . . , ELMORE, JOHN DURR, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Montgomery, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Sigma Delta, Y.M.C.A. . . . ELMORE, OLIVE RAINER, Delta Delta Delta, Birmingham, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . EMERSON, JACQUELYN CHRISTYNE, Zeta Tau Alpha, York, Freshman in Commerce . . . ENGEL, ROBERT JULIAN, Sigma Alpha Mu, Jasper, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Introfraternity Coun- cil, Blacktriars . , . ENGLEMAN, PHOEBE, Zeta Tau Alpha, Birmingham, Sophomore in Commerce, Corolla, Y.W.C.A. ERIKSEN, MARY ADELE, Alpha Chi Omega, Fort Worth, Texas, Fresh- man in Education . . . EROS, JOSEPH, JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Bir- mingham, Freshman in Commerce . . . ESHELMAN, JOSEPH WILLIAM, Alpha Tau Omega, Birmingham, Sophomore in Engineering, Band . . . ESSBERG, JUNE, Birmingham, Freshman in Home Economics, Secretary- Treasurer , . , ETHEREDGE, ROBERT FOSTER, Pi Kappa Alpha, Birming- ham, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Druids, lntertraternity Council, Quad- rangle, Rho Alpha Tau, Debate, Blackfriars . . , EUDY, BANKS EDWIN, JR., Delta Tau Delta, Shaker Heights, Ohio, Sophomore in Commerce, Blackfriars, Delta Sigma Pi, Rho Alpha Tau. EVANS, CLAIRE BENNETH, Lake Mary, Fla., Freshman in Arts and Sci- ences .' . , FAIRCLOTH, MARGARET ELIZABETH, Milton, Fla., Junior in Arts and Sciences . . FALLIN, RHODA ELIZABETH Alpha Phi, Linthicum, Md., Sophomore in Home Economics, Alpha Lambda Delta, Caroline Hunt Club, Y.W.C.A .... FASSMAN, LAWRENCE J., JR., Alpha Tau Omega, Montgomery, Freshman in Commerce . . . FAULK, ED, Kappa Alpha, Bir- mingham, Sophomore in Commerce, Crimson-White . , . FEIBELMAN, HERBERT JOSEPH, Zeta Beta Tau, Miami, Fla., Freshman in Commerce. FEINER, CARLENE MAE, Ann Arbor, Mich., Freshman in Commerce . . . FEINSTEIN, JACK, Jamaica, N. Y., Freshman in Engineering . . . FELTER, RUTHERFORD, Phi Sigma Kappa, Bogota, N. J., Freshman in Chemistry . . . FENDELL, JONAS, Sigma Alpha Mu, Brooklyn, N. Y., Freshman in THE COR OLLA'S UBTES Arts and Sciences . , . FERNANDEZ, JEWELL, Chi Omega, Tampa, Fla., Junior in Education, Spanish Club, Corolla, Y.W.C.A., Sweetheart of Sigma Chi . . . FINKBEINER, GEORGE A., Theta Xi, Buffalo, N. Y., Junior in Engineering. FINKELSTEIN, DOROTHY, Milton, Fla., Freshman in Home Economics, Hillel . . . FINKELSTEIN, IRWIN RICHARD, Sigma Alpha Mu, Clen-Ridge, N. J., Freshman in Commerce . . , FITE, JANE HOGE, Kappa Delta, Hamilton, Sophomore in Commerce, Glee Club, Phi Chi Theta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Blackfriars . . . FITE, MARY ELIZABETH, Alpha Delta Pi, Hamilton, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Freshman Representative, Glee Club, Spirit Committee, Wesley Foundation , . . FITTS, ANNALEE TAY- LOR, Delta Delta Delta, Tuscaloosa, Junior in Education, Rammer-Jammer, Crimson-White . . . FITZPATRICK, HENRY TOMPKINS, JR., Phi Delta Theta, Montgomery, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. FLETCHER, WARREN C., Delta Sigma Phi, Indianapolis, Ind., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Y.M.C.A., Interfraternity Council, Spirit Committee , . . FLOWERS, WILLIAM BAKER, Tuscaloosa, Junior in Commerce, Alpha Kappa Psi, Wesley Foundation . . . FOLLO, PAIGE BILL, Phi Gamma Delta, Gadsden, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . FORD, HENRY CHAMPION, Titusville, Fla., Sophomore in Commerce . , . FORMAN, PAT, Chi Omega, Springville, Junior in Education, A Capella Choir . . . FORRESTER, SCOTT HARRISON, Sigma Nu, Montgomery, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. FORRESTER, THARPE, Sigma Nu, Montgomery, Sophomore in Com- merce, Y.M.C.A. . . . FOSHEE, JOHN GRAY, Sigma Nu, Red Level, Junior in Commerce, Phi Eta Sigma, l.R.C., Y.M.C.A., Assistant to Treasurer . . , FOSTER, LIDA SCARBROUGH, Kappa Delta, Tuscaloosa, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Y.W.C.A., Blackfriars, Corolla . . FOSTER, ROBERT, New- burgh, N. Y., Sophomore in Engineering, St. Pat's Barracks Ball Com- mittee, Ridgecrest Council . . . FOUNTAIN, DAVID COLLINS, Lambda Chi Alpha, Bessemer, Freshman in Commerce . . . FOWLER, BERNEY FRANKLIN, Delta Chi, Attalla, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. FOWLER, JAMES THOMAS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Birmingham, Fresh- man in Commerce . . . FRANCO, RALPH ABRAHAM, Kappa Nu, Mont- gomery, Junior in Commerce, Honor Roll, Phi Eta Sigma, Rho Alpha Tau, Excelsior, President, Hillel . . . FRANKHOUSE, ROBERT BARTON, Port Royal, Pa., Freshman in Engineering . . . FRASER, ALICE JANE, Palisades Park, N. J., Freshman in Education . . , FRAWLEY, LESTER FREDERICK, Theta Xi, Trenton, N. J., Sophomore in Engineering, St. Pat's, Band . . . FRAZIER, MARGARET ELIZABETH, Plantersville, Freshman in Artsrand Sci- ences. Fi TH CAPSTONIA INC J F '30O ACRES ANNIVERSARY J . .I i - I .xl WL. -vi '-. ...w 6 Q. ,V Q EL' get ' Jill qs: .,,:1.-J., 5,11 l fw., .,,,s-,,.55z:+L.,l 5:47 "i U P' .Hr ,ws ,. -.. -,L-i,..i -3-9151 ,tk git W,-.,.1 1:0 fn 'QW :. :Q-g-1-ii, 1 1 pil 2. fr t L I' It 'r N gy. ,I u W X . .Y - tl z- as 155551 1 ,-yi 144 '25 f Q 21 S. m y 1. -v., ue P11112 'iiiil , .. ,,. in 'MM 2-1 guwfgi Y. 51-E15-1, 41 kgs, . ,.. 35.3, i-,fi .-.., ., em, ir ,Q . 2 ff -as , If ,I , ,rf Lai . ... ,-r .i 3.1.12 1 i H1252 ,,,..J,. . y... ' 4L:w5-via'--5 j 51. -gwi?:.Ifu 4.5, . . J., S-' Lf". DUN 5, , . V' 'rr' 3iff?5??"1111'l f 1 E13 .tfaqfs .-,,,i.W5 . , 2 Q . .ill ,AE ,r J. ,. .,,, .fw.fg1l'1.. 3.1, '4 l .W tim-: . V.-. 1-pr , ., 1... '- 1 ni-1' fn c ' ?-U .- ii 13 x xp? 3.1. .W G: 1.9-.1 -tv. i. . m"'n- . if in Freedman Freevol Frese Friedlander Friedman, K. Friedman, Frost, D. Frost, E. Frost, F. Frosteg Fultord Fuller Gaddis Gaines Galinsky Gammon Ganne Ganter Garcia-Sanchez Gardner, C. Gardner, H. Garner Garrett, C. Garrett, F Garth Gary Geddie Gehrken Geller Gentry George Gerber Gelrlock Gibbs Gibson, L. P. Gibson, M. Giebler Gilley Gillis Gilmer Gilpin Ginsberg Glascock Glass Glaze Glazer Glenn Glover Godley Goff Godwin Goldberg, M. Goldberg, Goldberg, R. S THE- FREEDMAN, MURIEL ROSE, Burlington, N. C., Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . FREEVOL, BETTY MAE, Chicago, Ill., Alpha Delta Pi, Soph- omore in Education, Rammer-Jammer . , . FRESE, GEORGE EDWIN, Phi Sigma Kappa, Aliquippa, Pa., Freshman in Chemistry . . . FRIEDLANDER, YALE CHARLES, Kappa Nu, Mobile, Freshman in Commerce . . . FRIED- MAN, KARL BERNARD, Kappa Nu, Birmingham, Freshman in Commerce . . . FRIEDMAN, PEGGY LOUISE, Tuscaloosa, Freshman in Education. FROST, DONALD FREDERICK, Sigma Alpha Mu, Montclair, N. J., Junior in Arts and Sciences, Spirit Committee, Spanish Club . . , FROST, EU- GENE, JR., Ardmore, Po., Freshman in Arts and Sciences , . , FROST, FRANCES LOUISE, Sigma Kappa, Cortland, N. Y., Freshman in Educa- tion . . , FROSTEG, BECKY, Pelham, Ga., Sophomore in Commerce, Hillel . , . FULFORD, ALICE NELLE, Kappa Delta, Birmingham, Sophomore in Commerce, Spirit Committee, Glee Club . , . FULLER, CLARENCE CLARK, Pi Kappa Alpha, Loxley, Freshman in Engineering, Crimson-White. GADDIS, M. FRANCIS, Delta Tau Delta, Jamaica Plain, Mass., Fresh- man in Education . . . GAINES, MARTHA ANNE, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . GALINSKY, SIDNEY Z., Rochester, N. Y., Fresh- man in Engineering, Hillel . . . GAMMON, GEORGE AMOS, Pi Kappa Phi, Cullman, Junior in Commerce, Delta Sigma Pi, Football, Track, Dean's List . . , GANNE, MIGNON CLARE, Sigma Kappa, New York, Fresh- man in Arts and Sciences, Newman Club, Y.W.C.A., Corolla . . . GAN- TER, HARRY, Natrona, Pa., Freshman in Education, Blocklriars. GARCIA-SANCHEZ, WILFRED, Sigma Chi, Montgomery, Junior in Com- merce . . . GARDNER, CHRISTINE OTHO, Greensboro, Fla., Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . GARDNER, HELEN RAE, Alpha Delta Fi, Gantts, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . GARNER, VIOLA LOUISE, Dothan, Junior in Education . . . GARRETT, CHARLES, Brewton, Junior in Commerce . . . GARRETT, FRANCES LOURENA, Roopville, Ga., Soph- omore in Education. GARTH, VIRGINIA RANDOLPH, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Trenton, Ky., Junior in Home Economics, Caroline Hunt'Club, Y.W.C.A., Crimson-White, Corolla . . . GARY, HARRY LEE, Alpha Tau Omega, Enterprise, Fresh- man in Arts and Sciences . . . GEDDIE, MARGARET LEROY, Phi Mu, Laurel, Miss., Junior in Chemistry, Y.W.C.A., Blacktriars , . . GEHRKEN, MARGARET ELIZABETH, Delta Zeta, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . GELLER, MERTON DANIEL, Sigma Alpha Mu, Newport, THE COFtOLLA'S BARNWELL - 35 Page l29 V ES R. I., Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . GENTRY, HOMER STEVE, JR., Theta Xi, Montgomery, .Iunior in Engineering, St. Pat's., GEORGE, FREDERICK ARTHUR, JR., Kappa Alpha, Atmore, Junior in Commerce, Corolla, Greeks, Commerce Committee . . . GERBER, WAL- TER JOSEPH, Theta Xi, Williamsville, N. Y., Freshman in Engineering . . . GERLOCK, FRANK GEORGE, Delta Sigma Phi, Altoona, Pa., Sophomore in Education, Y.M.C.A., St. Pat's, Basketball, Baseball, Blackfriars . . . GIBBS, HUGH OUINTON, Chi Phi, Pell City, Freshman in Arts and Sci- ences , . . GIBSON, LILLIAN JEAN, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Birming- ham, Freshman in Home Economics, Rammer-Jammer, Y.W.C.A., Cara- line Hunt Club . . . GIBSON, MARGARET BRITT, Eufaula, Freshman i. Arts and Sciences, Glee Club, Y.W.C.A. GIEBLER, CLIFFORD LORNE, JR., New York, N. Y., Sophomore in En- gineering . . . GILLEY, FRANCES ROSS, Fairfield, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . GILLIS, WELLINGTON ALBERT, Malden, Mass., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Band . . . GILMER, MAX VANDIVER, Pi Kappa Phi, Birmingham, Sophomore in Education, Band, Rammer-Jammer, Pres- ident, Freshman Class . , . GILPIN, MARY AGNES, Delta Zeta, Tusca- loosa, Freshman in Education . . . GINSBERG, SYDNEY NATHANIEL, Sigma Alpha Mu, Hattiesburg, Miss., Sophomore in Commerce. GLASCOCK, JOSEPH KELLER, Tuscaloosa, Junior in Engineering, St. Pat's . . . GLASS, LOUISE URQUHART, Delta Zeta, Tuscaloosa, Sopho- more in Chemistry, Blackfriars, Rammer-Jammer . . . GLAZE, HAIDEE LERUTH, Athens, Freshman in Commerce, Glee Club . . . GLAZER, EVELYN LEE, Sigma Delta Tau, Louisville, Ky., Freshman in Arts ond Sci- ences, Spanish Club, Corolla, I.R.C ..., GLENN, W. S., JR., Mobile, Junior in Commerce . . . GLOVER, SOLON HINGSON, Alpha Tau Omega, Anniston, Sophomore in Commerce, Band. GODLEY, WILLIAM HOWARD, JR., Sigma Phi Epsilon, Frenchtown, N. J., Junior in Commerce, Spirit Committee, lnterfraternity Council . . . GOFF, MARY LEE, Alpha Phi, Charlotte, N. C., Sophomore in Commerce, Wesley Foundation, Y.W.C.A., I.R.C. . , , GODWIN, MYRTICE, Delta Zeta, Selma, Junior in Commerce . . . GOLDBERG, MARGARET LOUISE, Sigma Delta Tau, Sylacauga, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Corolla, Y.W.C.A., Crim- son-White . . . GOLDBERG, RHODA, Brooklyn, N. Y., Freshman in Com- merce . . . GOLDBERG, SIDNEY JAY, Sigma Alpha Mu, Sylacauga, Junior in Commerce, Band, Spirit Committee, Excelsior, Crimson-White, Hillel. . ,OF SERVICE Thi AN NIVER ARY x , in if A C 5 Q 1' Xb I, AK X v kx X ..N. THE INSIDER GOLDEN, JAMES OWEN, Lambda Chi Alpha, Sophomore in Engineer- ing, Secretary-Treasurer of Sophomore Class . . . GOLDMAN, ETTA LOUISE, Sigma Delta Tau, Talladega, Freshman in Home Economics . . . GOLDMAN, PEARLIE EVELYN, Sigma Delta Tau, Mobile, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Glee Club, Blackfriars, Corolla . . . GOLDTHWAITE, ALFRED WITHERSPOON, Sigma Nu, Montgomery, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Y.M.C.A. . . . GOODE, BETTY, Zeta Tau Alpha, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Alpha Lambda Delta, Blackfriars, Wes- ley Foundation . . . GOODE, JERRY HAMMOND, Delta Tau Delta, Oak Park, Ill., Sophomore in Engineering, St. Pat's, A.l.Ch.E. GOODE, JOE PUGH, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Gastonburg, Junior in Com- merce . . . GOODMAN, ELINOR L., Sigma Delta Tau, Starkville, Miss., Junior in Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club, International Relations Club, Spanish Club . . . GOODWIN, ROSCOE HOOPER, Alpha Sigma Phi, Tilton, N. H., Freshman in Engineering, St. Pat's . . . GORDON, ALFRED BENJAMIN, Stratford, Conn., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences , . , GORDON, CHARLENE, Starkville, Miss., Freshman in Home Eco- nomics , . . GORDON, MARSHALL ALVIN, Kappa Nu, Birmingham, Junior in Commerce, Blackfriars, Excelsior, Hillel. GORDON, FOPE, Montgomery, Junior in Commerce, Band, Excelsior, International Relations Club . . . GOURLEY, ROY GEORGE, North Apollo, Pa., Freshman in Commerce . . , GOWING, ROBERT E., Theta Xi, Evans- ton, Ill., Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . GRAHAM, ANN NEAL, An- niston, Junior in Arts and Sciences , . , GRAHAM, FERNA REE, Millport, Junior in Education, Wesley Foundation, French Club . . , GRAY, HER- BERT H., JR., Adamsville, Junior in Engineering, Theta Tau, St. Pat's Com- mittee, Phalanx, S.A.M.E., A.l.E.E. GRAYSON, MARY LOUISE, Phi Mu, Birmingham, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . GREVERT, HARRY CHARLES, Valley Stream, N. Y., Sopho- more in Commerce, Band . . . GREEN, JACK PRESTON, Sigma Nu, An- niston, Junior in Commerce, Spirit Committee, Alpha Kappa Psi, Black- friars, Excelsior, Rammer-Jammer, Corolla, Spanish Club . . . GREEN, ROBERT LEE, Sigma Chi, Fairfield, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . GREENE, BETTY JANE, Delta Zeta, Indianapolis, Ind., Junior in Arts and Sciences, Blackfriors, Y.W.C.A., Caroline Hunt Club . . , GREENE, LOUIS GEORGE, Sigma Nu, Birmingham, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. GREENE, ROY MITCHELL, Pi Kappa Alpha, Phenix City, Junior in Com- merce, Debate Club . . . GREER, HELEN SIBLEY, Kappa Delta, Mobile, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . GREER, JAMES M., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Anniston, Freshman in Engineering . . . GREINER, ERNEST ED- WARD, Sigma Phi Upsilon, Richwood, N. J., Junior in Arts and Sciences, THE COR OLL.A'S HATES Alabamians . , . GRESHAM, JOHN SPIERS, Phi Delta Theta, Milbrook, Sophomore in Commerce, Football . . . GRIFFIN, BETTY GRAY, Thomas- ville, Freshman in Home Economics, Blackfriars. GRIMES, PORTER HOWARD, Pi Kappa Alpha, Enterprise, Junior in Com- merce, Million Dollar Band . . . GRISBAUM, MARILYN KATHERYN, Sigma Kappa, Upper Darby, Pa., Sophomore in Education, Spirit Committee . . . GRISSOM, SARAH ELIZABETH, Alpha Delta Pi, Birmingham, Freshman in Home Economics, Secretary-Treasurer, Freshman Class, Y.W.C.A., Caroline Hunt Club . . . GROSS, HAROLD A., Hartford, Conn., Junior in Arts and Sciences, French Club, A.B. Association , , . GROSS, SARA, Cullman, Freshman in Home Economics . . , GROSS, TOMMY TRAYLOR, Cullman, Freshman in Commerce. GROSSMAN, JIM EUGENE, Zeta Beta Tau, New York, N. Y., Sophomore in Commerce, Crimson-White . . . GRUBBS, MARGARET ETHEL, Alpha Chi Omega, Florence, Sophomore in Home Economics, Blackfriars, Spanish Club, Caroline Hunt Club . . GUIN, JUNIUS FOY, De'ta Chi, Russel- ville, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Phi Eta Sigma, Y.M.C.A., Debate Squad, Church of Christ Student Forum, Vlce-President, Sophomore Class, Rammer-Jammer, Chevrons Club . . GL'LLETT, WILLIAM WAITMAN, Foley, Sophomore in Chemistry . . . HAAS, TOXEY DANIEL, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Mobile, Freshman in Arts and ScIences, Corolla, Y.M.C.A .... HAFLEY, JOHN WILLIAM, Westfield, N. J., Junior in Engineering, Sec- ondary C. P. T. Course. HAGEDORN, LEONARD S., Zeta Beta Tau, Selma, Freshman in Com- merce . . . HAGGARD, BESSIE, Delta Delta Delta, Gadsden, Sophomore in Home Economics . . . HAGOOD, THOMAS WILLIAM, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Brewton, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences Q . HAGOOD, WIL- LIAM KNOX, Delta Chi, Dixiana, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Black- fiors . . . HAILS, JEANNE MARY, Kappa Delta, Montgomery, Junior in Home Economics, Blackfriars, Crimson-White, Y.W.C.A., Newman Club, Caroline Hunt Club . . . HAISTEN, MARION GRANT, Chi Omega, Bir- mingham, Freshman in Commerce, Blacktriars. HALE, VERGIL GARRISON, Pineapple, Freshman in Commerce . . . HALL, DOROTHY RUTH, Chi Omega, Shamrock, Texas, Sophomore in Edu- cation, Corolla, Crimson-White, Y.W.C.A., Transfer, Oklahoma A. 81 M. . . . HALL, WILLIAM FRANK, Russellville, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Press Club . . . HALLADAY, W. GERALD, Clayton, N. Y., Sophomore in Engineering , . . HALLBERG, CARL FREDRICK, Theta Chi, Orange, Mass., Junior in Commerce, Leader of Alabama Cavaliers . . . HAMEL, DAR- RELL C., Painted Post, N. Y., Freshman in Engineering. ' I' E we ' ,.,.Z.,, DRUIDS SPON'O ELLO WEEK" 4 ANNIVERSARY Hammond, D. Hammond, L. Hammer Hampfon, Hamplon, Hamrick Hand Handley Hardin Hargrave Harkins Harlan Harmon Harper Harrell Harringlon Harris, A. C Harris, Harris, F. Harris, J. B. Harris, J. M. Harris, R. Harris, W. Harrison Harsh Hartley Hartman Hasty Hafcher Hause Hawes Hawkins Hayes, J. Hayes, M. Haynes Head Heloson Heffernan Hegenwald Heidi Held Heller Henderson, E. Henderson, E. Henley Henninger Henry Henson Herndon Herrick Hersh Hershner Herfzman Heslop Q. T. C sie ae HAMMOND, DICK ALFORD, Phi Delta Theta, Birmingham, Freshman in Commerce . . . HAMMOND, LAURA ELLA, Reform, Sophomore in Education . . . HAMNER, FREDALINE, Northport, Freshman in Home Economics , . , HAMPTON, QUENTIN LEE, Tampa, Fla., Sophomore in Engineering . . . HAMPTON, THOMAS HENRY, JR., Kappa Alpha, Meri- dian, Miss., Sophomore in Commerce . . . HAMRICK, MARY ELEANOR, Greenville, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Blackfriars. HAND, BREVARD, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Mobile, Freshman in Com- merce . . . HANDLEY, BONNIE JEAN, Birmingham, Freshman in Chem- istry . . . HARDIN, ELIZABETH ANNE, Phi Mu, Columbus, Ga., Fresh- man in Arts and Sciences , . . HARGRAVE, CATHERINE VIRGINIA, Zeta Tau Alpha, Fairtielcl, Freshman in Commerce . . , HARKINS, PHILIP M., Chi Phi, Sheridan, Wyo., Sophomore in Commerce . . , HARLAN, JANE, Alpha Gamma Delta, Jackson, Tenn., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. HARMON, JAMES RALPH, Sigma Nu, Gadsden, Junior in Chemistry, Y.M.C.A ..,. HARPER, JAMES CARHART, Pi Kappa Phi, Montgomery, Freshman in Commerce, Spirit Committee, Band, Crimson-White . . . HARRELL, JANE, Delta Delta Delta., Selma, Sophomore in Home Economics, Blacktriars, Caroline Hunt Club, Y.VV.C.A., Corolla, President ot Sopho, more Class . . . HARRINGTON, JAMES BELL, Phi Delta Theta, Jackson, Tenn., Sophomore in Engineering . . . HARRIS, AARON DUNCAN, Alpha Tau Omega, Montgomery, Sophomore in Commerce, Druids, President, Rho Alpha Tau , . . HARRIS, CHARLES EDGAR, Cherokee, Sophomore in Com- merce. HARRIS, FREDERICK L., Delta Sigma Phi, Manchester, N. H., Junior in Commerce . . . HARRIS, JOHN BRADFORD, Palmer, Tenn., Junior in En- gineering . . . HARRIS, JOHN MANVILLE, Phi Sigma Kappa, Waban, Mass., Sophomore in Engineering, Spirit Committee . , . HARRIS, ROBERT OTIS, III, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Tuscaloosa, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Phi Eta Sigma, Druids, Glee Club, Debate Squad . . . HARRIS, WILLIAM HASTING, II, Lambda Chi Alpha, Vicksburg, Miss., Junior in Chemistry, Tau Delta Tau, Blaclctriars, Crimson-White, Alchemist, Y.M.C.A .... HARRISON, MARIANNA, Alpha Chi Omega, Tampa, Fla., Junior in Edu- cation. HARSH, ELIZABETH FOSTER, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Birmingham, Sopho- more in Arts and Sciences, Rammer-Jammer, Art Club,, Spirit Committee . . , HARTLEY, JEANNE RUTH, Theta Upsilon, East Chicago, Ind., Fresh- man in Home Economics . . . HARTMAN, MARY LEE, Sigma Delta Tau, Birmingham, Sophomore in Home Economics, Glee Club, Intramural Wo- man's Sports Committee, Hillel . . . HASTY, LOUISE, Theta Upsilon, Tus- caloosa, Freshman in Commerce . . . HATCHER, LOUISE, Chi Omega, THE can oi.LA's HATES Memphis, Tenn., Junior in Education, Woman's Editor I942 Corolla, Sec- retary-Treasurer, Junior Class, Y.W.C.A., Guidon . . . HAUSE, BILL G., Pi Kappa Phi, Harttorcl, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. HAWES, JULIA ANNE, Zeta Tau Alpha, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Y.W.C.A ..,. HAWKINS, SARAH WAGER, Zeta Tau Alpha, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Wesley Foundation, Y.W.C.A., Spanish Club . , . HAYES, JAMES PATRICK, Delta Kappa Ep- silon, Blountstown, Fla., Junior in Commerce, Y.M.C.A., Quadrangle, Glee Club, Assistant Editor I942 Corolla, Cotillion Club . , , HAYES, MINNIE IRENE, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Blountstovvn, Fla., Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Corolla, Glee Club . . . HAYNES, MARSHALL, Phi Delta Theta, Birmingham, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . HEAD, VIRGINIA PIERCE, Kappa Delta, Tuscaloosa, Junior in Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club. HEBSON, JAMES McCALL, Kappa Sigma, Sylacauga, Freshman in Com- merce . , . HEFFERNAN, JOHN ANTHONY, Delta Sigma Phi, Sheffield, Junior in Commerce, Blackfriars, Newman Club, Spanish Club . . . HEGENVVALD, JAMES FRANCIS, JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Memphis, Tenn., Sophomore in Engineering, Rammer-Jammer , . . HEIDT, LILLIAN SIBLEY, Delta Delta Delta, Birmingham, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences , , HELD, LEONARD M., Zeta Beta Tau, Talladega, Junior in Com- merce . . . HELLER, BEN BODWELL, Alpha Sigma Phi, Millburn, N. J., Freshman in Commerce. HENDERSON, EMAYN CRITTENDEN, Alpha Delta Pi, Birmingham, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Rammer-Jammer, Crimson-White, Y.W.C.A .... HENDERSON, EUGENIA, Delta Zeta, Dixon Mills, Junior in Education, Y.W.C.A. . . . HENLEY, JOYCE, Chi Omega, Tuscaloosa, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars, Rammer-Jammer, French Club, Y.W.C.A. . . . HENNINGER, MARYE SHIRLEY, Tuscumbia, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . HENRY, CHARLES LEONARD, Kappa Sigma, Anniston, Freshman in Engineering, Band, Rammer-Jammer, Y.M.C.A. . . . HENSON, MARGA- RET ELIZABETH, Alpha Chi Omega, Tampa, Fla., Sophomore in Commerce, Phi Chi Theta, Blacktriars, Glee Club. HERNDON, ANNE WATSON, Zeta Tau Alpha, St. Augustine, Fla., Freshman in Commerce, Crimson-White, Blacktriars . . . HERRICK, WIL- LIAM CHARLES, Glassport, Pa., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . HERSH, BETTYE ANNE, Sigma Delta Tau, Nashville, Tenn., Freshman in Arts and Sciences . , , HERSHNER, IRWIN H., JR., Phi Sigma Kappa, Felton, Pa., Freshman in Commerce . . . HERTZMAN, ANNE, Sigma Delta Tau, Louisville, Ky., Junior in Home Economics, Pan-Hellenic, Caroline Hunt Club , . . HESLOP, WILLIAM ROBERT, Alpha Sigma Phi, Watertown, N. Y., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. TH GLADYS SWARTHOU AT ALABAMA Iowa 'ANNIVERSARY 55 2 Fa J' - I 1 4 ,. vi . E ie R E M - ' -K t -Vff-:pm,W1u1'--N::u::uw.w, :Aw-Qu.-'vf v- aww-'fu zQma:ffvf'h' my ,- lu- mmf.,-ex-1 a : ff.--,A-,uw V -.,s:f.s:vi uma THE NBER HEWITT, CHARLES MASON, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Birmingham, Sopho- more in Arts and Sciences . . . HICKSON, ROBERT ELLIS, Leonia, N. J., Freshman in Engineering . . , HIGBIE, HELEN, Cranford, N. J., Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . HIGGINS, WILLIAM FRANCIS, Phi Kappa Sigma, New Haven, Conn., Junior in Commerce, A.l.S.O., Newman Club, Y.M.C.A. . . . HILL, ALICE MOSELLE, Kappa Delta, Birmingham, Fresh- man in Arts and Sciences, Y.W.C.A., Golf Club, Corolla . . . HILL, ANNE NEVILLE, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Macon, Miss., Junior in Home Economics, Corolla, Y.W.C.A., Caroline Hunt Club. HILL, GERALD CLEVELAND, Sigma Nu, Anniston, Freshman in Com- merce, Band . . . HILLIARD, PATRICIA HARRISON, Alpha Chi Omega, Birmingham, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Chi Delta Phi, Blacktriars , . . HILTY, MADELINE ROSE, Delta Delta Delta, Birmingham, Sopho- more in Arts and Sciences, Blaclcfriars, Crimson,White . . HINES, THOMAS FRANKLIN, Phi Gamma Delta, LaFayette, Freshman in Com- merce, Glee Club, Y.M.C.A., Wesley Foundation, Corolla . . HINSON, MARY BETH, Delta Zeta, Marianna, Fla., Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . HINTON, CHARLES FOSTER, Phi Gamma Delta, Tuscaloosa, Freshman in Commerce. HIRSCH, GARLAND JEAN, Delta Delta Delta, Gulfport, Miss., Junior in Chemistry . . . HOBBS, MARGARET DAVID, Chi Omega, Huntsville, Soph- omore in Arts and Sciences, Y.W.C.A., Rammer-Jammer, Crimson-White . HODGE, BARBARA ANNE, Delta Zeta, Birmingham, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Chi Delta Phi, Y.W.C.A., Presbyterian Student Association, Spanish Club, HODGSON, WILLIAM MALCOLM, JR., Bay Minette, Fresh- man in Commerce . . . HOEKSEMA, RUTH PAULINE, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Mobile, Freshman in Arts and Sciences , . , HOFFMAN, EUGENE FREDERICK, Wheeling, W. Va., Freshman in Engineering. HOFFMAN, RUSSELL VERNON, Sigma Chi, Belle Vernon, Pa., Junior in Engineering, Theta Tau . . HOGUE, ERMA GREY, Tuscaloosa, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Chi Delta Phi , , . HOIT, WILLIAM SCARBOROUGH, Freshman in Commerce, Livingston, Presbyterian Student Association . . . HOLCOMB, HELEN MAE, Birmingham, Sophomore in Chemistry, Alchemist Club . . . HOLCOME, NELL ROSE, Northport, Junior in Education, Ele- mentary School Council . . . HOLLEY, FRANCES HELEN, Alpha Delta Pi, Northport, Freshman in Education. HOLLEY, JEANNE MARIE, Phi Mu, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore in Home Economics, Crimson-White . . . HOLLINGER, LOUIS RANDALL, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Mobile, Sophomore in Engineering, Y.M.C.A .... HOL- LINGSWORTH., GILBERT BEEBE, Phi Gamma Delta, Bessemer, Junior in Commerce, Crimson-White , . , HOLLOWAY, JULIAN L., JR., Sigma Chi, Tallassee, Sophomore in Chemistry . , . HOLLOWAY, THOMAS ELMER, Delta Tau Delta, Collinsville, III., Freshman in Education , , . HOLMES, JUDSON TAPPEN, Sigma Phi Epsilon, New Milford, Conn., Sophomore in' Arts and Sciences, Crimson-White, Blackfriars, Excelsior. TEH E con o i.i.A's HEPES HOLMBERG, BROWNIE ANN, Huntsville, Freshman in Education . . . HOOD, GRIGSBY SIBLEY, Sigma Nu, Montgomery, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . HOOPER, ALONZO BARBER, Pi Kappa Alpha, Albertville, Freshman in Engineering . . . HOPKINS, HETTIE ALLEN, Kappa Delta, Montgomery, Freshman in Education . . . HORNSBY, AUBREY THOMAS, Chi Phi, Montgomery, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Druids, Phi Eta Sigma, Rho Alpha Tau, Y.M.C.A., Spanish Club , . . HORTON, MARY, Alpha Phi, Evergreen, Junior in Education. HOUSTON, MARTHA ELIZABETH, Alpha Phi, Hartselle, Junior in Edu- cation . , . HOWARD, PATSY RUTH, Delta Zeta, Bessemer, Freshman in Commerce, Glee Club, Y.W.C.A .,,, HOWE, WILLIAM ANDREW, Delta Tau Delta, Newburyport, Mass., Sophomore in Commerce, Spirit Commit- tee, Rammer-Jammer . . . HOWE, WILLIAM EMERSON WHITE, Phi Gamma Delta, Tuscaloosa, Freshman in Engineering . . . HOWELL, ELIZA- BETH, Chi Omega, Gordo, Junior in Home Economics, Y.W.C.A., Corolla, Crimson-White . . . HOWELL, PAULINE FRANCIS, Memphis, Tenn., Junior in Home Economics, Wesley Foundation. HOWELL, TOM ANDERSON, Chi Phi, Eutaw, Freshman in Commerce . . . HOWLE, SUE NELL, Alpha Gamma Delta, Meridian, Miss., Junior in Chemistry . . . HOYT, EDWARD ELMER, Delta Sigma Phi, Manchester, N. H., Freshman in Engineering , . . HUBBARD, PERRY, Pi Kappa Alpha, Tarrant, Junior in Commerce, Rifle Team, Debate Squad . . . HUDGINS, JEWELL ELAINE, Aliceville, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, President, Chi Delta Phi, Blackfriars , , . HUDSON, MAXWELL, Pi Kappa Alpha, Oneonta, Junior in Commerce, Y.M.C.A. HUDEC, SUE, Buffalo, N. Y., Freshman in Education . . . HUEY, MARY HOPE, Chi Omega, Enterprise, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Y.W.C.A. . . . HUFFSTUTLER, LUVOLA FRANCES, Montgomery, Sophomore in Home Economics, Blackfriars, Caroline Hunt Club . . . HUIE, DOUGLAS T., De- catur, Junior in Commerce, Vice-President, Junior Class, Spanish Club, Officers' Club . . . HUIE, WILDA LOIS, Delta Zeta, Garden City, Sopho- more in Education, Y.W.C.A .... HUMBER, DORIS ANNE, Delta Delta Delta, Fayette, Sophomore in Home Economics, Glee Club, Y.W.C.A., Wes- ley Foundation. HUMMELL, VERN, Chi Phi, Sheridan, Wyo., Junior in Engineering . . . HUNNICUTT, NORVIN WELBORN, Phi Gamma Delta, Centreville, Junior in Engineering, Crimson-White . . . HUNT, WILLIAM FRANCIS, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Birmingham, Sophomorein Arts and Sciences, Debating Society . . . HUNTER, LUCILLE RUSH, Delta Delta Delta, Mobile, Sopho- more in Arts and Sciences, Y.W.C.A., Crimson-White . . . HURST, BILLY, Louisville, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Glee Club . . . HYTKEN, JULIAN STANTON, Indianola, Miss., Sophomore in Engineering, Excelsior, Black- friars, Million Dollar Band, St, Pat's, Vice-President, Freshman Class. TM A SELF-HELP BU V IS 'MAINTAINED AN NIVERSAFIY ww:-A ,fi - 5. , v A fran W fe yd, gf'-w. ,N-,.-,N A M, 2 A -. 5. . N0 wx IGLER, KATHRYN JANE, Delta Zeta, Mobile, Sophomore in Home Eca- nomics . . . INGE, HERNDON, JR., Delta Kappa Epsilon, Mobile, Junior in Commerce, Spirit Committee, Excelsior, Assistant to Treasurer, Y.M.C.A. . . . INGRAM, MARTHA ANN, Alpha Chi Omega, Pensacola, Fla., Sopho- more in Arts and Sciences, Blackfriars, Spirit Committee, Wesley Foun- dation . . INGRAM, MARY INEZ, Sheffield, Junior in Commerce, Phi Chi Theta . . . INGRAM, REGINA, Alpha Delta Pi, Columbus, Ga., Fresh- man in Commerce . . . INZER, JAMES CLARENCE, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Gadsden, Freshman in Commerce. ISAACSON, ROBERT DALE, Phi Gamma Delta, Tuscaloosa, Freshman in Commerce, Blackfriars . . JACKSON, JEANNE BELTON, Alpha Gamma Delta, Jasper, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . JACKSON, MILLARD, Sigma Nu, Pineapple, Freshman in Engineering . . . JACKSON, ROBERT ADRIAN, Alpha Sigma Phi, Montgomery, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Greeks, lnterfraternity Council, Spanish Club . . . JACOBS, BERT J., Sigma Alpha Mu, Brookline, Mass., Junior in Arts and Sciences, Spirit Committee, Editor of Swing Column, Rammer-Jammer, Blackfriars . . . JAEGLE, ROBERA VIRGINIA, Alpha Phi, Drexel Hill, Pa,. Freshman in Education. JAMES, CHARLES LYNWOOD, Lambda Chi Alpha, Birmingham, Junior in Commerce, Greeks . . , JAMES, JOHN CALLER, Phi Delta Theta, Union- town, Junior in Commerce, Glee Club, Rammer-Jammer, C.A.A., Greeks . JAMES, RICHARD EARL, Fairfield, Junior in Engineering, Glider Club . . . JAMES, WILLIAM EDWARD, Kappa Alpha, Tuscaloosa, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Excelsior, Blackfriars, Y.M.C.A., Quadrangle, Scob- bard and Blade, Officers' Club . . JAMISON, BILLY, Phi Gamma Delta, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore in Commerce . . . JANSEN, VERNOL ROBERT, JR., Kappa Alpha, Mobile, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Corolla. JEFFERIES, DONALD S., Delta Chi, Citronelle, Junior in Education . . . JENKINS, BARBARA ANN, Theta Upsilon, Hamden, Conn., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Rifle Club . . , JENNINGS, JAMES CHRISTOPHER, JR., Gongolez, Fla., Junior in Engineering, A.I.Ch.E., St. Pat's, P.S.A. . . . JENTZEN, CHRISTINE LEE, Atlanta, Ga., Junior in Home Economics, Caro- line Hunt Club, Blockfriars , . . JINKS, LYNN WILSON, Sigma Nu, Union Springs, Freshman in Commerce . . . JOHNS, TREVOR, Phi Mu, Washing- ton, D. C., Sophomore in Commerce. JOHNSON, ALEESTEWART, Alpha Delta Pi, Clanton, Junior in Home Economics . . . JOHNSON, ANNE HAVRON, Alpha Gamma Delta, De- catur, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . -. JOHNSON, EVANS C., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Langdale, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Crimson-White . . , JOHNSON, JAMES H., Lambda Chi Alpha, Birmingham, Sophomore in Chemistry . . . JOHNSON, AJANICE ELAINE, Zeta Tau Alpha, Tusca- loosa, Sophomore in Education, Caroline Hunt Club . , . JOHNSON, JEAN HEWLETT, Alpha Gamma Delta, Birmingham, Junior in Home Eco- nomics. THE can oi...LA's UISIFES JOHNSON, JOSEPH SAMUEL, Phi Delta Theta, Clanton, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . , . JOHNSON, MARY KATHERINE, Fitzgerald, Ga., Sophomore in Home Economics, Million Dollar Band Sponsor, R.O.T.C., Band Sponsor, Blacktriars . , JOHNSON, REGINALD, Pi Kappa Phi, Guntersville, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . JOHNSON, SYDNEY KENT, JR., Norwich, N. Y., Freshman in Engineering, Glider Club . . . JOHNSON, ALYCE, Zeta Tau Alpha, Brundidge, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Blackfriars, Corolla, Y.W.C.A .... JOHNSON, MARY ELIZA- BETH, Alpha Xi Delta, Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Sophomore in Home Eco- nomics, Blackfriars, Caroline Hunt Club, Wesley Foundation, Swan Club. JOHNSTON, NORTHAM FREDRICK, Phi Gamma Delta, Pasadena, Calif., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . , . JOHNSTON, ROBERT DUNCAN, Pi Kappa Alpha, Chapman, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . , JOL- LEY, ELMER, JR., Waterloo, N. Y., Junior in Engineering, St. Pat's, A.I.Ch.E. JONES, BETTY, Daytona Beach, Fla., Junior in Education, Caroline Hunt Club, Y.W.C,A., Blackfriars, Wesley Foundation Choir, Chorus, Gamma Delta , . . JONES, JULIAN HARRIS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Mont- gomery, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences , . . JONES, LESLIE WALDON, Alpha Tau Omega, Birmingham, Freshman in Commerce, Y.M.C.A., Crim- son-White. JONES, LUCIA ALSTON, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Omega, Y.W.C.A., Art Club, Rammer-Jammer . . . JONES, MARTHA LOU, Alpha Gamma Delta, Attalla, Junior in Commerce, Junior Representative to W.S.G.A., Swan Club, Phi Chi Theta, Spirit Com- mittee . . , JONES, RUTH DAVIS, Chi Omega, Greenville, Miss., Junior in Home Economics , . . JOSEPH, ERNEST, Birmingham, Junior in En- gineering, S.A.M.E., Newman Club, Rifle Team, St. Pat's . . . JOSPIN, SAMUEL H., Sigma Alpha Mu, Bessemer, Sophomore in Commerce, Spirit Committee, Y.M.C.A .,.. KADIN, ANNALOU, Sigma Delta Tau, Staten Island, N. Y., Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Blackfriars. KAHALLEY, JAMEAL, Pi Kappa Phi, Bay Minette, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . , . KAHLMUS, MAURICE FULLER, Kappa Alpha, Meridian, Miss., Junior in Commerce, Phi Eta Sigma, Greeks . . '. KANTER, JOSEPH HYMAN, Kappa Nu, Birmingham, Freshman in Commerce, Blackfriars, Crimson-White, Rammer-Jammer . . . KAUCH, ROBERT, Chi Phi, Fort Walton, Fla., Junior in Arts and Sciences, Blackfriars . . . KAYSER, JULIUS LOUIS, Zeta Beta Tau, Birmingham, Junior in Engineering, St. Pat's . , . KELLY, CATHERINE, Sylacauga, Freshman in Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club, Spanish Club, Blacktriars. KELLY, MARSHAL QUILLA, Hartford, Sophomore in Commerce, Alpha Kappa Psi . . . KENNEDY, BENJAMIN HUGHES, Phi Gamma Delta, Bir- mingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . KENNEDY, WILLIAM ROB- ERT, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Queens Village, N. Y., Sophomore in Engineering, Vice-President, Sophomore Class, Spirit Committee, Pershing Rifles, New- man Club, St. Pat's . . . KEPHART, RUBYE RAE, Sigma Kappa, Prospect Park, Pa., Freshman in Home Economics, Blackfriars . . . KERR, JEAN RANDALL, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Atlanta, Ga., Junior in Arts and Sci- ences, Alpha Kappa Delta . . . KIBBY, HAROLD ROBERT, Berwin, III., Junior in Engineering, St. Pat's, Transfer, Morton Junior College. 7712 DENNY STADI I OVER 8 UM I 1 ,ooo AN NIVEHSARY fm, 'fx V .r 4 - fx J 42 . f 1-me . 1 f. 0" ' X THEY KIMBROUGH, JAMES EDWARD, Sigma Chi, Chatom, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Blackfriors, Greeks . . . KIMBROUGI-I, JAMES MACLIN, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Meridian, Miss., Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . KIM- BROUGH, JANE, Thomasville, Freshman in Home Economics, Blackfriars, Y.W.C.A., Wesley Foundation, Caroline Hunt Club , . , KING, CARO- LINE FRANCES, Delta Zeta, Birmingham, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars . . . KING, GERALD LAMAR, Alpha Tau Omega, Anniston, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Circulation Manager, Crimson-White, Excel- sior, Spirit Committee . . . KING, JOHN THOMAS, Alpha Tau Omega, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Crimson-White. KING, JULIAN HAROLD, Sigma Chi, Chicago, Ill., Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Press Club, Blackfriars, Rammer-Jammer, Crimson-White , . . KING, MELBA CHARLOTTE, Sigma Delta Tau, McMinnville, Tenn., Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . KING, PORTER, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Mobile, Sophomore in Commerce, Y.M.C.A ..., KINGSLEY, RALPH MAL- COLM, Kenmore, N. Y., Junior in Chemistry, Alchemist Club . . . KIN- NEY, BETTY MORGAN, Kappa Delta, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Glee Club, Y.W.C.A. . . . KIRBY, PHILIP CAMDEN, Delta Tau Delta, Mullens, W. Va., Freshman in Commerce. KLAPPERT, ANNE BURNS, Kappa Delta, Cincinnati, Ohio, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Blackfriars . . . KLEIN, WALLACE CARNAHAN, Alpha Tau Omega, Anniston, Junior in Commerce, Excelsior, Y.M.C.A. . . . KLINEFELTER, JOHN WILLIAM, Delta Chi, Tuscaloosa, Freshman in Engineering . , . KLOSTERMAN, JEWEL ANNICE, Alpha Chi Omega, Tampa, Fla., Sophomore in Commerce . . . KNIEHL, MARGOT JUNE, Theta Upsilon, New Haven, Conn., Sophomore in Chemistry, Newman Club, Y.W.C.A. , . . KNIGHT, WILBURN WILLIAM, Clio, Junior in Coin- merce. KNOWLES, CLYDE M., JR., Phenix City, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . KNUTSEN, CARL I., Port Washington, N. Y., Freshman in Com- merce, Pershing Rifles, Spanish Club, Crimson-White . . . KOBAN, GEORGE, Sigma Phi Upsilon, Du Pont, Pa., Junior in Education, Newman Club . . , KOENIG, MYRA BROWNE, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Birming- ham, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . KOHN, MARY ELIZABETH, Theta Upsilon, Montgomery, Freshman in Commerce , . . KONRAD, LEIF HALFDAN, Kappa Alpha, Mobile, Junior in Engineering, St. Pat's, A.S.M.E. KORN, ALLAN LAWRENCE, Margaretville, N. Y., Freshman in Cam- merce, Band . , . KRAL, LAWRENCE JOSEPH, Theta Chi, Bayonne, N. J., Freshman in Engineering . . , KRASELSKY, SARA, Dothan, Sophomore in Commerce . . . KRAUS, DONALD SPENCER, Zeta Beta Tau, Glencoe, Ill., Sophomore in Commerce, Crimson-White, Rammer-Jammer, Spanish Club . . . KRAVTIN, MAURICE, Kappa Nu, Columbus, Ga., Freshman in Commerce, Crimson-White . . . KRUGER, EVELYN, Fitzgerald, Ga., Sopho- more in Commerce. TH E co Fi o i.LA's UISIYES KUEKES, .IOHN H., Theta Xi, Lakewood, Ohio, Sophomore in Commerce, Rho Alpha Tau, Spanish Club, Y.M.C.A .... KUGLER, BARBARA JANE, Alpha Xi Delta, White Plains, N. Y., Freshman in Education . . . KUNZE, ELDON CLARKE, Belleville, N. J., Sophomore in Commerce, Phi Eta Sigma, Delta Sigma Pi . . . LACEY, HUBERT LAMAR, Alpha Tau Omega, Bir- mingham, Freshman in Engineering , . . LACY, ALEX, Phi Gamma Delta, Birmingham, Junior in Chemistry . . . LAMAR, LAW, III, Kappa Sigma, Selma, Junior in Commerce, Y,M.C.A., Quadrangle, Civilian Defense Com- mittee. LAMAR, WOODWARD DURHAM, Sigma Nu, Montgomery, Freshman in Engineering, Crimson-White . . . LAMB, D. LANELL, Cullman, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, President, Alpha Lambda Delta, French Club, Wes- ley Foundation . . . LAMB, GENE, Alpha Chi Omega, Middletown, Ohio, Junior in Education , , , LAMONT, MARY HOWARD, Tuscaloosa, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Zeta Phi Eta, Blackfriars, Crimson-White, Rammer- Jammer . LAND, JOHN ROBERT, Simga Nu, Melvin, Sophomore in Commerce, Y.M.C.A., Wesley Foundation, Spirit Committee, Philomathic LANDAU, BERENICE MIRIAM, Scranton, Pa., Freshman in Arts and Sciences. ' LANDERS, ELSIE ELLEN, I-lolt, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . LAREWDER, MARGARETTE LAURINE, Havana, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . , LARSEN, LAURENE JANELLE, Theta Upsilon, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore in Commerce . . . LATHAM, JULIA O., Kappa Alpha, Miami, Fla., Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Corolla . . . LATHEM, DONALD N., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Siluria, Freshman in Commerce . . . LAUGHLIN, MARY JANE, Chi Omega, Huntsville, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Corolla, Rammer-Jammer, Crimson-White. LAWSON, A. VENABLE, Alpha Tau Omega, Tuscaloosa, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Blackfriars . . . LEABU, VICTOR F., Follansbee, W. Va., Sophomore in Engineering, Phi Eta Sigma, St. Pat's . . , LEARD, DON- ALD ARTHUR, Newburgh, N. Y., Freshman in Engineering, Band . . . LeBLANC, STEWART ALFRED, JR., Phi Delta Theta, Mobile, Sophomore in Commerce, Y.M.C.A., Glee Club, Druids, Rho Alpha Tau . . . LEDBETTER, SARAH ELIZABETH, Guntersville, Sophomore in Education . . . LEE, JO- SEPH ALLEN, Sigma Nu, Mt. Willing, Junior in Commerce, Palmer Schol- arship, Y.M.C.A. LEEPER, HELEN, Chi Omega, Miami, Fla., Sophomore in Home Eco- nomics, Caroline Hunt Club, Glee Club, Rammer-Jammer, Pan-Hellenic, Y.W.C.A., Corolla . . . LeMAlSTRE, CHARLES, Kappa Alpha, Tuscaloosa, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Y.M.C.A., Blackfriars . . . LEONARD, CULLMAN KEYE, Lambda Chi Alpha, Jackson, Junior in Engineering . . . LEPPER, SALLY MAE, Alpha Chi Omega, Miami Beach, Fla., Freshman in Home Economics , . , LeROY, JOSEPH RUSSELL, Alpha Tau Omega, Mont- gomery, Sophomore in Engineering . . , LESTER, CHRISTINE, Phi Mu, Martinsville, Va., Junior in Home Economics. ' ffl. A.A.U.W. BRINGS T ECTURERS HERE ANNIVERSARY -ai 2 1 14 imaw fummw.fw1zM,1 mmmmmv . any -mmm: N,.-:-9wyzw- ,rms wmnsw.-Am:M-,-W-:ff-:wwf. 1,www--ss-Q:-:,:fV-mm vwfl rw LESTER, GRAHAM WALLACE, JR., Sigma Chi, Tuscaloosa, Junior in Arts and Sciences, St. Pat's . . . LESTER, LEE ORCUTT, Sigma Chi, Tus- caloosa, Freshman in Commerce . . . LE VAUGHN, ROLAND LINCOLN, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Sophomore in Engineering, St. Pat's, Wesley Foun- dation . . . LEVER, ETHEL MARIE, Sigma Delta Tau, Atlanta, Ga., Sopho- more in Home Economics, Hillel, I.R.C., Glee Club . . . LEVINE, SAMUEL S., Zeta Beta Tau, Birmingham, Sophomore in Commerce, Crimson-White, Rammer-Jammer . . , LEVY, PAUL BERNARD, Sigma Alpha Mu, Madison, Wis,, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. LEWIS, NETTIE JEAN, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Dothan, Junior in Educa- tion, Caroline Hunt Club, Y.W.C.A., Crimson-White, Glee Club , , . LEWIS, THOMAS KNIGHT, JR., Pi Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . LEYDEN, PAUL MICHAEL, Anniston, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Y.M.C.A .... LEYDEN, SARA, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Anniston, Junior in Home Economics, Blackfriars, Caroline Hunt Club , . , LICHTER, BERNARD SIDNEY, Kappa Nu, Birmingham, Junior in Commerce, Excelsior, Orchestra, Hillel . . . LIDDELL, MARY, Alpha Gamma Delta, Camden, Junior in Arts and Sciences, P.S.A. LINDSAY, IRBY ADELE, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Birmingham, Freshman in Commerce, Blacktriars, Y.W.C.A., Crimson-White . , . LINDSEY, GAY- NELLE, Leighton, Freshman in Commerce . . . LINDSEY, NAN, Crossville, Sophomore in Education, Caroline Hunt Club . . , LINDSLEY, PATTY LEE, Hollywood, Fla., Freshman in Home Economics . . . LIPPMAN, EVELYN IRENE, Miami Beach, Fla., Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Hillel . . . LIPSON, HARRY M., JR., Zeta Beta Tau, Marks, Miss., Sophomore in Commerce, Crimson-White, Rammer-Jammer, Band. LIPSON, MIRIAM INEZ, Marks, Miss., Junior in Commerce, Caroline Hunt Club, Hillel Foundation . . . LISTER, WALTER JOSEPH, Phi Sigma Kappa, Providence, R. I., Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars . . . LITTRELL, BETTYE LOUISE, Alpha Phi, Laurel, Miss., Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Y.W.C.A. . . . LIVERMORE, FREDERICK TEMPLE, JR., Phi Sigma Kappa, Great Neck, N. Y., Freshman in Commerce . . . LLOYD, EDITH VANE, Chi Omega, Tuscaloosa, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . LLOYD, WILLIAM C., Il, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Birmingham, Junior in Arts and Sciences. LOEWENHERZ, CARLEEN, New York, N. Y., Freshman in Commerce . , . LOFTIN, JOHN BARTLEY, Sigma Chi, Linden, Sophomore in Com- merce . . . LONG, BETTY, Alpha Gamma Delta, Bessemer, Sophomore in Education, Swan Club . . . LONG, WILLIAM, Kappa Alpha, Bessemer, Senior in Engineering . . . LONGENECKER, TOMMY I., Sigma Chi, Amory, Miss., Freshman in Commerce . . . LONEGWAY, FORREST, Delta Tau Delta, Savannah, Ga., Junior in Arts and Sciences. ' THE COR OLLA'S HATES- LOOS. ALFRED HENRY, Binghamton, N. Y., Junior in Engineering, Pershing Rifles, St. Pat's, S.A.M.E., A.S.M.E .,., LORDI, JOHN ELLIOTT, Port Washington, N. Y., Freshman in Education . . . LOWE, EVA BER- NEICE, Clartong Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Blackfriars, Spanish Club, Fencing Club, Bowling Club . . . LOWELL, JUNE DELIGHT, North Wind- ham, Me., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Glee Club . . , LUCAS, MARY, Sigma Kappa, West Orange, N. J., Junior in Home Economics, Pan-Hellenic Council, French Club, W.S.G.A. . . . LUCIA, JEANNE, Alpha Gamma Delta, Fort Payne, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars, Y.W.C.A., Tau Delta Tau. LUKENS, ARTHUR L. JR., Pittsview, Sophomore in Engineering, Druids, St. Pat's, A.l.Ch.E .... LULL, WILLIAM TAYLOR, Springfield, Mass., Sophomore in Commerce, French Club . . . LUSK, PICKETT W., Kappa Sigma, Aberdeen, Miss., Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Blackfriars, Y.M,C.A. . . McANALLY, MARY FRANCES, Panama City, Flo., Fresh- man in Education, Y.W.C.A., Caroline Hunt Club . . . MCBURNEY, CHARLES WALKER, Phi Gamma Delta, Tuscaloosa, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Crimson-White, Rammer-Jammer, Blacktriars , . , MCCLELLAN, JAMES ELBERT, Sigma Nu, Anniston, Freshman in Commerce. MCCLELLAND, LOUISE VASS, Kappa Delta, Mobile, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences , . . MCCLENDON, HAZEL DUNN, Aberville, Freshman in Education . . . MCCLURE, VIRGINIA ANN, Alpha Chi Omega, Pahokeei, Fla., Junior in Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club, Spirit Committee MCCONNELL, JOHN WILLIAM, Kappa Alpha, Bessemer, Junior in Arts and Sciences . ., . MCCONNELL, JOSEPH ANDREW, Ill, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . MCCORD, ERN- EST THEODORE, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Chicago, Ill., Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars. MCCORMACK, JOHN JOSEPH, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Hartford, Conn., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Crimson-White, Spirit Committee, Press Club . , MCCOROUODALE, MARTHA, Jackson, Junior in Education, Y.W.C.A., Caroline Hunt Club . . , MCCORSTIN, MILDRED, Chi Omega, Birmingham, Sophomore in Home Economics, Corolla, Caroline Hunt Club . . McCOY, CAROLYN, Breckenridge, Texas, Junior in Engineering, Women's Rifle Team . . . MCCRARY, SARAH IMOGENE, Scottsboro, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . MCCREARY, MARGARET, Alpha Delta Fi, Montgomery, Sophomore in Education. MCCULLOUGH, TOM EARL, Apollo, Pa., Freshman in Engineering, Band . . . MCCURDY, GEORGE R., Pi Kappa Alpha, Lowndesboro, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . MCDONALD, LAWRENCE H., Kappa Sigma, Selma, Junior in Engineering, Y.M.C.A., St. Pat's . , . MCDONALD, MARILU, Zeta Tau Alpha, Sylacauga, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Blackfriars I . . MCEACHERN, JAMES FRANK, Lambda Chi Alpha, Houston, Texas, Sophomore in Chemistry, Pershing Rifles . . . MCEACHERN, JOYCELYN ELIZABETH, Stresport, La., Junior in Education, Y.W.C.A., B.S.U TH, O.D.K. RECOGNIZES MINENT MEN AN N IVEHSARY A ' 'gi' Z -1 -If . az Kema- :wwf , , . .,, ,R ff. 1- Y Q .Li 1544 , .-4.. -1'-4-4 1-J!! '.,-3: .,., is .11 -V3 -iw ug THE NBER McEACHERN, LEE, Ensley, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars, Tau Delta Tau, Alabama Editorial Review . . . McENlRY, RALPH WINTERS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Bessemer, Junior in Engineering . . . McFARLAND, FRED SLEYDEN, Birmingham, Sophomore in Engineering, St. Pat's, A.S.C.E. . . . MCGEE, ANN FARRINGTON, Kappa Delta, Tuscaloosa, Junior in Home Economics , . . MCGEE, VAL LLOYD, Delta Chi, Bessemer, Sopho- more in Commerce . . . MCGLATHERY, ROY MUNSEY, JR., Decatur, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. MCGOWIN, SUMPTER MILLIGAN, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Greenville, Freshman in Commerce . . MCGUFFOG, HOWARD EDWIN, Flushing, N. Y., Freshman in Engineering . , . MCINERNEY, THOMAS M., Sigma Chi, Honolulu, Hawaii, Freshman in Commerce . . , MCINISH, DWIGHT H., Dothan, Freshman in Commerce , . . McINNIS, ALBERT KENNETH, Mont- gomery, Junior in Engineering, Phi Eta Sigma, Theta Tau, I.A.S .,.. MCINNIS, FRANK, Repton, Junior in Arts and Sciences. MCINNIS, JAMES RAY, Montgomery, Freshman in Engineering, Band , . . MCINTYRE, ROBERT EDWARD, Sigma Nu, Sheffield, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Band McKAY, BOB, Pi Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Debate Squad, Rammer-Jammer , . . Mc- KENZIE, SAMUEL KENNETH, Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . , McKINNEY, MARTHA, Anniston, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Fencing Club, Glee Club, Blackfriars, Symphony Orchestra . . . McLANE, DOROTHY DOWNING, Brunswick, Ga., Sophomore in Education. MCLAUGHLIN, MILTON DONALD, Kappa Sigrrfa, Birmingham, Sopho- more in Engineering . , . MCLEAN, JAMES GILCHRIST, Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon, Hope Hull, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Advertising Manager, Crim- son-White, Spirit Committee , , . McLELLAN, JOHN WILLIAM, Kappa Sigma, Birmingham, Junior in Engineering, Glee Club, A.I.Ch.E. . . . MCLEOD, NELL, Jackson, Sophomore in Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club . McMILLAN, ALICE, Delta Delta Delta, Mobile, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Y.W.C.A., Crimson-White , . . MCMILLEN, JOHN CLAIR, Apollo, Pa., Freshman in Engineering. McMILLlAN, MARY LUCILLE, Delta Zeta, Birmingham, Freshman in Home Economics, Crimson-White . . . MCMURPHY, JAMES PATRICK, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Atmore, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Rho Alpha Tau, Druids, Y.M.C.A. . . . McMURPHY, JOHN EARL, JR., Phi Delta Theta, Mobile, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences , . . MCMURPHY, MARION BANCROFT, Phi Delta Theta, Mobile, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . , . McNARON, LOUISE, Delta Delta Delta, Anniston, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . MCNEIL, CHARLES EDWARD, Pi Kappa Alpha, Frisco City, Junior in Arts and Sciences. THE COR OLLA'S HATE S MCNIFF, WILLIAM HENRY, Lambda Chi Alpha, Long Meadow, Mass., Sophomore in Commerce . , . MCPHERSON, LUCILLE MIDDLETON, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Gulfport, Miss., Sophomore in Home Economics, Corolla, Caroline Hunt Club . . . MCREE, JEAN DOUGLAS, Kappa Alpha, Ham- ilton, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . MCWHORTER, PAUL KERR, JR., Phi Gamma Delta, Gaylesville, Freshman in Arts and Sciences , , . MABON, PEARLE PRIESTER, Vandergrift, Pa., Junior in Engineering, St. Poi's . . MACOMBER, SARAH LOIS, Fall River, Mass., Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Blackfriars, Orchestra. MADDEN, RUTH SIGHTLER, Alpha Delta Pi, Montgomery, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Blackfriars, Corolla, Rammer-Jammer, Crimson-White, Y.W.C.A .... MADDOCKS, WILLIAM DONALD, Thompsonville, Conn., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Wesley Foundation, Blacktriars . . . MADDOX, JAMES H., PI Kappa Phi, Sulligent, Junior in Commerce, Ex- celsior , . MALLOY, HOWARD EDWARD, Delta Tau Delta, Mount Ver- non, N. Y., Junior in Commerce, Newman Club . . . MALONE, ANNIE LAURIE, Alpha Gamma Delta, Dothan, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . MANGE, MARY ALICE, Anniston, Junior in Education, Glee Club. MANNING, GLENN FRANKLIN, Lambda Chi Alpha, Huntsville, Sopho- more in Commerce . , , MANOVILLE, JAN, Sigma Kappa, Long Island, N. Y., Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . MARKS, HENRY CHURCHILL, Alpha Tau Omega, Montgomery, Sophomore in Engineering . . . MAR- LOWE, JAMES PRYOR, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Tuscaloosa, Freshman in Commerce, Treasurer. Freshman Class . . . MARSDEN, ROBERT WEN- DELL, Moymaid, Mass., Sophomore in Engineering, St. Pat's . , . MARSH, MARY SLOAN, Montgomery, Junior in Arts and Sciences. MARSHALL, JACK LeMOYNE, Phi Sigma Kappa, Pittsburgh, Pa., Sopho- more in Commerce . . . MARSHALL, ROBERT L., JR., Phi Delta Theta, Moile, Freshman in Commerce . . . MARTIN, GORDON DALLAM, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . MAR- TIN, JAMES F., Sigma Chi, Dothan, Junior in Commerce . . . MARTIN, RUTH CORNELIA, Zeta Tau Alpha, Raleigh, N. C., Freshman in Commerce . , . MARX, MILTON DAVID, Zeta Beta Tau, Huntington, Ind., President, Sophomore Class, Spirit Committee, Rammer-Jammer, Press Club, Crimson- White, Blackfriars, Band. MARX, WILLIAM, Birmingham, Junior in Commerce . . . MASON, VESTER LAWRENCE, Lisman, Junior in Commerce . . . MASSENGALE, ANNIE LAURINE, Moundville, Sophomore in Commerce . . . MASSEY, ALTA MAREE, Delta Delta Delta, Birmingham, Sophomore in Home Eco- nomics, Caroline Hunt Club, Y.W.C.A ..,. MATHEWS, GENIE BLUE, Alpha Gamma Delta, Montgomery, Sophomore in Home Economics, Debate Squad, Caroline Hunt Club, Y.W.C.A., Wesley Foundation . . , MATSON, JAMES CURTIS, Kappa Sigma, Talladega, Junior in Engineering, Y.M.C.A., St, Pat's, Wesley Foundation. , 7111 THE BAMA RADIO RK HUMS DAILY ANNIVERSARY . ,uw 'S A L Q5 Q ' - -5. 52 1 4. .. 'F' THE Q MATTHEWS, MAX WELLBORN, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Montgomery, Sophomore in Commerce, Druids . . , MAXWELL, ROSCOE STEELE, Punta Gordo, Fla., Junior in Arts and Sciences, Phi Eta Sigma . . . MAY, JOHN WINSTON, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Gadsden, Sophomore in Engineering, Spirit Committee, Crimson-White, Y.M.C.A ..,, MAY, MARTHA ELIZA- BETH, Notasulga, Freshman in Arts ancl Sciences, Blacklriars, Y.W.C.A., Wesley Foundation , . , MAY, SETH DAVID, Alpha Tau Omega, Birming- ham, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . MAYES, WILLIAM BREWSTER, JR., Sigma Chi, Birmingham, Junior in Arts and Sciences, University Press Club, News Editor, Crimson-White, Chess Club. MAZZEI, JASEPH METZ, Ellwood City, Pa., Junior in Arts and Sciences, Chevron Club . . , MEADOWS, DOROTHY NELL, Birmingham, Junior in Chemistry, Secretary, Y.W.C.A., Alchemist , MEARS, THOMAS WAKE- FIELD, Phi Gamma Delta, Gadsden, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences , , MEEKS, KENYON GAVIN, Kappa Sigma, Aliceville, Junior in Commerce . . . MELTON, LEROY EUGENE, Kappa Alpha, Atmore, Junior in Com- merce . , , MERRILL, JANE, Alpha Gamma Delta, Bessemer, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. MERRITT, MARIE ELIZABETH, Alpha Chi Omega, Miami Beach, Fla., Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . MERWIN, GEORGE EMORY, Monroe, N. Y., Junior in Commerce, Blacktriars, Phi Eta Sigma, Spirit Committee, Debate Team . . . MESHAD. CHARLES EDWARD, Lambda Chi, Birming- ham, Sophomore in Commerce . , . METCALF, RAMSEY NEIL, Pi Kappa Alpha, Hartford, Junior in Commerce, President, Junior Class, Spirit Com- mittee, Junior Prom Committee . . , MEYER, EMIL JOSEPH, JR., Zeta Beta Tau, Montgomery, Sophomore in Commerce . , . MICHALOWSKI, STEPHEN GEORGE, Theta Chi, New York City, Freshman in Engineering, Rho Alpha Tau, St. Pat's. MICHELL, MARY JANE, Alpha Chi Omega, Eldorado, III., Sophomore in Home Economics, Acapella Chorus, Blacktriars . , . MILES, CAROLYN, Chi Omega, Tuscaloosa, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Y.W.C.A., Ram- mer-Jammer, Corolla . , . MILLER, ERNEST E., Belleville, Ill., Junior in Engineering, Rifle Team, St. Pat's, S.A.M.E. . . . MILLER, HELEN EDITH, Sylacauga, Freshman in Home Economics , . . MILLER, JANE WELLS, Alpha Phi, Passaic, N. J., Freshman in Home Economics . , . MILLER, JOHN RICHARD, JR., Delta Kappa Epsilon, Brewton, Junior in Commerce. MILLER, JUANITA LILLIAN, Clanton, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . MILLER, LEONARD HARRY, Kappa Nu, Lineville, Junior in Com- merce . . . Hillel Foundation, Excelsior . . . MILLER, REGINA, Chi Omega, Guntersville, Sophomore in Home Economics, Crimson-White . . . MILLER, SEYMOUR S., Colchester, Conn., Junior in Commerce, Hillel Foun- dation . . . MILLER, WILLIAM BRADLEY, Phi Kappa Sigma, Erie, Pa., Junior in Arts and Sciences, French Club, Blackfriars, Greeks . . . MILLS, JOE DAN, Delta Chi, Charlotte, N. C., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. THE COR OLLA'S waives MILLS, SAM A., Lambda Chi, Bessemer, Sophomore in Engineering . , . MIMS, HENRY NATHAN, Sycamore, Junior in Commerce, Phi Eta Sigma, Y.M.C.A., Officers' Club , . . MIMS, ULUS EUGENE, Ozark, Sophomore in Education, Wesley Foundation, Debate Squad, Y.M.C.A., Summer School Chorus . . . MINNIS, VIRGINIA VIIINFIELD, Alpha Phi, Mobile, Freshman in Commerce, Bowling Club, Y.W.C.A., Crimson-White . . . MINOR, HELEN HAMBRICK, Delta Delta Delta, Paulette, Miss., Freshman in Home Economics . . . MINTO, MERCEDITA, Phi Mu, Mobile, Sophomore in Education. MITCHELL, GEORGE MALCOLM, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Patterson, N. J., Junior in Arts and Sciences, Excelsior, Y.M.C.A ..., MITCHELL, PAULA MOZELLE, Alpha Chi Omega, Cullman, Freshman in Home Economics . . MIZELL, WOODFIN GRADY, JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Cairo, Ga., Fresh- man in Engineering . , , MOFFETT, CHARLES WILLIAM, JR., Phi Gamma Delta, Atlanta, Ga., Junior in Arts and Sciences, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Biology Assistantship, Blacktriars . . . MOFFETT, TYLER CAPHTON, Phi Gamma Delta, Atlanta, Ga., Sophomore in Commerce . . . MONAST, CHARLES HENRY, Alpha Sigma Phi, Pawtucket, R. I., Junior in Commerce. MONCRIEF, MALCOLM GRAHAM, JR., Phi Gamma Delta, Prattville, Freshman in Engineering, St. Pat's . . . MONCRIEF, BUREIN WHITFIELD, Phi Gamma Delta Prattville Junior in Engineering Druids, Phi Eta Sigma, Y.M.C.A., St. Pat's, Philomathic . . . MONETTE, ROBERT JOHN, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Birmingham, Junior in Engineering , . , MONROE, SARAH BINFORD, l'lelta Delta Delta, Huntsville, Freshman in Commerce, Y.W.C.A., Crimson-White, Corolla . . MONTGOMERY, CHARLES LEVIS, Theta Xi, Elizabeth. N. J., Junior in Commerce . MONTGOMERY, ELIZABETH ANN, Delta Delta Delta, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. MONTGOMERY, JOHN ALLEN, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Birmingham, Sophomore in Commerce . . . MONTGOMERY, VIRGINIA NELL, Chi Omega, Miami, Fla., Freshman in Education, Vice-President, Freshman Class . . , MONTIEL, GONZALO FITCH, Sigma Chi, Mobile, Junior in Commerce . . . MOORE, CASPER JOSEPH, JR., Phi Kappa Sigma, Youngstown, Ohio, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Debate Squad . . . MOORE, DORIS MARIE, Zeta Tau Alpha, Cleveland, Ohio, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Y.W.C.A., Crimson-White . . . MOORE, JAMES RALPH, Kappa Alpha, Prattville, Freshman in Commerce. MOORE, JEAN MYRACK, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Tuscaloosa, Sopho- more in Arts ancl Sciences . . . MOORE, MARTHA LOU, Zeta Tau Alpha, Tuscaloosa, Freshman in Commerce , . . MOORER, RUTH YOUNG, Alpha Gamma Delta, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore in Commerce, Y.W.C.A., Corolla, Omega, I.R.C .... MORGAN, BERT, Andover, Mass., Freshman in Chem- istry, Alchemist . . . MORGAN, JAMES MARTIN, JR., Phi Gamma Delta, Thomasville, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Glee Club . . . MORGAN, MARILYN, Alpha Delta Pi, Tuscaloosa, Freshman in Commerce. I TH THE MILLION D BAND IS TOPS ANNivEnsAnY e '715l1,, A if AQ? Q w THE MORGAN, MARJORIE, Alpha Delta Pi, Birmingham, Sophomore in Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club, Rammer-Jammer . . . MORISON, PATRICIA, Chi Omega, Berwyn, Ill., Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Y.W.C.A., Corolla, Crimson-White, Rammer-Jammer . , . MORRIS, IRVINE ERNEST, Sigma Chi, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Crim- son-White, Press Club . . . MORRIS, JULIA RAVENEL, Kappa Delta, Tus- caloosa, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Spanish Club, Glee Club, Black- friars, Corolla, Rammer-Jammer . , , MORRIS, MARY JANE, Zeta Tau Alpha, Birmingham, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars . , . MORRIS, MARY MADEIRA, Kappa Delta, Tuscaloosa, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Glee Club, Spanish Club, Y.W.C.A., Corolla, Blocklriars, Rammer-Jammer. MORRISSETTE, EDWARD ROBISON, Phi Delta Theta, Selma, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Crimson-White, Press Club . . . MORSE, FRANK WAYNE, Lambda Chi Alpha, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . MORSE, RICHARD BOOTS, Beverly, Mass., Sophomore in Engineer- ing, Basketball, St. Pot's . , MOSES, R. OMER, Theta Xi, Motahambre, Cuba, Junior in Engineering, Phi Eta Sigma , . , MOSS, PHILIP B., Kappa Sigma, Selma, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Glee Club, Vice-President, Rho Alpha Tau, Y.M.C.A .... MOSSEY, CLIFFORD AUREL, Wharton, N, J., Sophomore in Education, A.I.S.O., Excelsior, MOULTON, MARY STRINGFELLOW, Alpha Gamma Delta, Kinston, N. C., Junior in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars, Zeta Phi Eta, National Collegiate Players, Glee Club, Pi . . MUDD, DOAK, Phi Delta Theta, Birming- ham, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Druids, Debate Squad, Philamathic, Rho Alpha Tau, Y.M.C.A., Rammer-Jammer . . . MUDD, EDWARD WILKIN- SON, Phi Delta Theta, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . MUIR, IAN WILDRIDGE, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Birmingham, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . , . MURCH, DONALD GORDON, Phi Kappa Sigma, Garden City, N. Y., Sophomore in Commerce . , . MURCHISON, MAR- GARET LEIGHTON, Alpha Phi, Bay City, Mich., Freshman in Commerce. MURDICK, JOYCE, Alpha Chi Omega, Albany, N, Y., Sophomore in Home Economics, Blacktriars, Caroline Hunt Club, French Club . , . MURPHY, WILLIAM FRANCIS, Sigma Nu, Abbeville, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . MURRAY, APPIE, Kappa Delta, Mobile, Sophomore in Com- merce, Y.W.C.A. . , , MURRAY, J. REESE, Phi Delta Theta, Birmingham, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . MURRAY, KETTIG WILLIAM, Phi Delta Theta, Birmingham, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences , . . MURRAY, MILDRED, Alpha Gamma Delta, Birmingham, Sophomore in Home Eco- nomics. MYERS, RICHARD E., Delta Tau Delta, Centralia, Ill., Junior in Engin- eering . . . MYERS, SARA FRANCES, Kappa Delta, Opp, Junior in Edu- cation, Y.W.C.A., Corolla, French Club . . , NAPOLITANO, RALPH RAY- MOND, Riverton, Conn., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Pershing Rifles, Spirit Committee, Blaclctriars, Excelsior . . . NEAL, GEORGE MARION, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Bessemer, Junior in Engineering . . . NEIGHBORS, JACOB ALLEN, Goodwater, Freshman in Arts and Sciences NEILSON, MARY MINGE, Kappa Delia, Tuscaloosa, Freshman in Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club, Y.W.C.A., Crimson-White. TH E COR OLLA'S UHTES NELSON, ELI T., Kappa Alpha, Athens, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . NELSON, JAMES ALEXANDER, II, Decatur, Freshman in Engineer- ing . . . NELSON, LIBBYE ANN, Alpha Chi Omega, Wylam, Freshman in Home Economics . . . NELSON, MARY JOSEPHINE, Gadsden, Junior in Education, Transfer from Snead Junior College . . . NEPPER, EMILY, Chipley, Fla., Sophomore in Home Economics . . . NESMITH, NELWYN, Yazoo City, Miss., Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Chorus. NETHERY, CLARA RYAN, Aliceville, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Newman Club . , . NETTLES, DOROTHY, Chi Omega, Brewster, Fla., Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Corolla, Crimson-White, Y.W.C.A., Spirit Committee, Freshman Representative W,S.G.A. . , . NETTLES, ELIZABETH STOREY, Alpha Delta Pi, Jasper, Junior in Home Economics . . . NETTLES, JAMES DENNIS, Sigma Nu, Arlington, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Rom- mer-Jammer, Crimson-White, News Bureau . . . NEVELING JOHN JOSEFH, Phi Kappa Sigma, Chicago, III., Sophomore in Commerce, New- man Club . . . NEVILLE, ELAINE, Phi Mu, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. NEWCOMB, HARRY, Haddentield, N. J., Freshman in Commerce . . . NEWCOMER, LLOYD H., JR., Theta Xi, Wheeling, W. Va., Junior in En- gineering, St. Pat's, Assistant Drum Maior, Rho Alpha Tau . . . NEW- MAN. JEREMAE ADELINE, Waterloo, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . NICHOLS, CAROLYN IRENE, Linden, Sophomore in Chemistry, Alpha Lambda Delta . . . NICHOLSON, JOSEPH S., Montgomery, Junior in Engineering, St. Pot's, Otticers' Club . . . NICHOLSON, WINONA ROYAL, Huntsville, Junior in Education, Executive Council, Y.W.C.A., Library Science Club. NIEDERHAUSER, NELL DEXTER, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Gadsden, Fresh- man in Home Economics, Blacktriars . . . NOBLE, ANDREW JACKSON, Alpha Tau Omega, Tallassee, Sophomore in Arts and'Sciences, Phi Eta Sigma, Blaclctriars . . . NOBLE, CHARLES HALL, Phi Delta Theta, Bir- mingham, Freshman in Engineering . .' .' NOLAN, ROSALIE HAXALL, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Birmingham, Freshman in Education NOLAN, SIDNEY, Birmingham, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . NOLAN, WIL- LIAM F., Lambda Chi Alpha, Canton, Ohio, Junior in Commerce. NOLAND, JOHN PHILIP, Montgomery, Sophomore in Commerce, Base- ball . . . NOONAN, GEORGE L., Alpha Tau Omega, Bay Minette, Sophomore in Commerce . . . NORRIS, THOMAS JOSEPH, Theta Xi, Old Greenwich, Conn., Freshman in Engineering . . . NORSWORTHY, ANNE ELIZABETH, Alpha Phi, Waynesboro, Miss., Junior in Arts ancl Sciences . . . NORTON, CHARLES HOWARD, JR., Sigma Nu, Union Springs, Junior in Commerce, Y.M.C.A. , . . O'BRIEN, MARGUERITE ANN, Delta Zeta, Birmingham, Sophomore in Commerce, Y.W.C.A., Newman Club, Spanish Club. E Thi JAsoNs TAKE DING JuNioRs I ANNIVERSARY 3 ...- If wx THE NBER O'CONNELL, RICHARD MERRITT, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Birmingham, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . , O'CONNOR, BILL, Phi Gamma Delta, Miami, Fla., Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Blackfriars . . . ODEN, FRANK M., Lambda Chi Alpha, Birmingham, Junior in Engineering . . . OLENSKI, MITCHELL JOSEPH, Delta Sigma Phi, Vestal, N. Y., Sophomore in Commerce, Football . . . OLERI, FRANK JOHN, JR., Delta Tau Delta, West New York, N. J., Junior in Engineering , . . OLIVER, FRANCES B., Dadeville, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, A Capella Choir, Y.W.C.A., Wesley Foundation. OLIVER, JOHN P., Kappa Sigma, Dadeville, Junior in Arts and Sciences Wesley Foundation, Glee Club, A Capella Choir, Y.M.C.A. . . . OLIVER, WILLIAM HARRY, Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, Freshman in Commerce, Blaclcfriors, Y.M.C.A., Crimson-White . . . OLLINGER, H. LEO, JR., Sigma Chi, Mobile, Junior in Engineering . . . O'REAR, CAINE, JR., Sigma Nu, Jasper, Junior in Commerce, Quadrangle, Glee Club, Rho Alpha Tau , . . ORR. ELIZABETH, Phi Mu, Bessemer, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . , . ORR, JOHN WILLIAM, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Montevallo, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars, Tau Delta Tau, Rammer-Jammer, National Collegiate Players, French Club. OSBORN, CHARLES HOWARD, Albany, N. Y., Sophomore in Engineer- ing, St. Pat's . . . OSWALT, JOSEPH HARRIS, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Mo- bile, Freshman in Commerce . . . OTIS, MARILYN GILBERT, Alpha Xi Delta, Long Island, N. Y., Freshman in Home Economics . . , OTTS, LEE MacMILLAN, Phi Gamma Delta, Greensboro, Sophomore in Engineering, Crimson-XA!hite, St. Pat's, A.l.C.E. . . . OWEN, JAMES RAY, Pl Kappa Phi, Bay Minette, Freshman in Engineering, St. Pat's . . . OWENS, GEORGE, Sigma Nu, Aliceville, Junior in Commerce. OWENS, JONNYE JAMES, Chi Omega, Union City, Tenn., Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . , PACEY, PAUL, Joliet, III., Junior in Engineer- ing . . . PALMER, WILLIAM ROBERT, Sag Harbor, N. Y., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Press Club, Blackfriars, Crimson-White, Rammer-Jammer , . . PAPPAS, ZAFERO GREGORY, Zeta Tau Alpha, Eulaula, Freshman in Home Economics, Glee Club, Y.W.C.A. . . PARKER, EDWARD ASHE, Alpha Tau Omega, Panola, Freshman in Engineering . . . PARKER, GEORGE STUART, Aliceville, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. PARKER, JOHN M. G., JR., Delta Kappa Epsilon, Birmingham, Fresh- man in Arts and Sciences, Corolla, Y.M.C.A. . . . PARKER, WILMER, Kappa Sigma, Ozark, Junior in Commerce, Druids, Quadrangle, Million Dollar Band, A Capella Choir, Spirit Committee . . . PARISH, CLAUDE EDWARD, Headland, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . PARROTT, PAT, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Dallas, Texas, Spohomore in Arts and Sciences , . . PARTRIDGE, PAULA ELIZABETH, Chi Omega, New Orleans, La., Sophomore in Home Economics, Rammer-Jammer, Corolla, Y.W.C.A. . , . PATE, DOROTHY RUTH, Blauntsville, Sophomore in Chemistry, Alchemists Club: W.S.G.A. THE COROLLA'S BLACKFRIARS I Page I49 UISEYES PATE, SAM FRANKLIN, Kappa Alpha, Carrollton, Freshman in Com- merce . . . PATTERSON, MADELYN, Zeta Tau Alpha, Birmingham, Sopho- more in Arts and Sciences, Y.W.C.A., I.R.C .,.. PATTERSON, THOMAS JEFFERSON, Harrisburg, Ill., Sophomore in Chemistry . . . PATTON, MARTHA PIERCE, Delta Delta Delta, Tuscaloosa, Junior in Home Eco- nomics, Spirit Committee, Crimson-White, Caroline Hunt Club . . . PAW- LEY, ANITA WALLACE, Miami, Flo., Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Black- triars . . . PAYNE. EDMUND CAPE, Alpha Tau Omega, New Castle, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. PAYNE, QUENTIN, Sigma Chi, Birmingham, Junior in Commerce . . . PEEBLES, DAURICE GERALDINE, Alpha Xi Delta, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore in Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club . . . PENICK, CLIFTON SHIP- MAN, Phi Delta Theta, Tuscaloosa, Freshman in Engineering . . . PETER- SON, EVERETT M., Sigma Phi Epsilon, West Hartford, Conn., Junior in Arts and Sciences, Spirit Committee . . . PHELAN, HARRY HOMER, JR., Delta Kappa Epsilon, Rochester, N. Y., Sophomore in Commerce . . . PHIFER, MARY ELLEN, Tuscaloosa, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Secretary of Tau Delta Tau, Blacklriars, Zeta Phi Eta, Spanish Club, Camera Club, National Collegiate Players. PHILLIPS, HAROLD A. Birmingham, Sophomore in Commerce, Barracks Committee . , . PHILLIPS, MANDERSON W., Mosone, N. Y., Junior in Arts and Sciences, Honor Roll, Alpha Epsilon Delta . . . PHILLIPS, NELLE, Nicholsville, Sophomore in Commerce, Y.W.C.A. . . . PHILLIPS, ROY H., Lanett, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . PIBURN, EDWIN W., JR., Delta Sigma Phi, Ft. Benning, Ga., Junior in Arts and Sciences, Black- lriars . . . PIERETTI, PETER JOSEPH, Centerbrook, Conn., Sophomore in Engineering. PIGFORD, HAZEL, Delta Delta Delta, Meridian, Miss., Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . PINCKARD, RAY, Pi Kappa Phi, Troy, Junior in Com- merce . . . PIPER, ROBERT ARTHUR, Pi Kappa Alpha, Tallassee, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Sigma Delta Pi, Quadrangle, Blackfriars, Crimson- White, Philomathic, Y.M.C.A., B.S.U. . . . PIPES, MILDRED JEANETTE, Kappa Delta, Clanton, Junior in Home Economics, President ot Guidon, Honorary Cadet Colonel . . . PITTMAN, WINIFRED, Alpha Delta Pi, Tuscaloosa, Freshman in Commerce . . , PITTS, PERCY MCGRAW, JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Clanton, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Glee Club, Y.M.C.A. PLOURDE, ELMER EDWARD, Delta Sigma Phi, Manchester, N. H., Fresh- man in Commerce . . . PLUMLE, CLARA HALL, Alpha Delta Pi, Birming- ham, Freshman in Commerce . . . POLASKO, JOHN D., Pittsburgh, Pa., Sophomore in Engineering, St. Pat's, Y.M.C.A .... POLK, ANNIECE, Clanton, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . POLLARD, WILLIAM ASHLEY, Delta Sigma Phi, Mobile, Freshman in Commerce . . . POOL, DORIS COKER, Freshman in Commerce. Thi I EARS 'OLD Y s ANNIVE SARY 1 1 I - 1 --- -- '--' +V'--V1 M- - - 4-w THE BHBER POWE, ROSEMARY, Alpha Phi, Delray Beach, Fla., Sophomore in Com- merce . . . POWELL, WILLYNE SARAH, Centre, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . , . POWERS, GEORGE EDWARD, Kappa Sigma, Moundvilfe, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Rho Alpha Tau, Spanish Club . . PRATT, DAN, Phi Delta Theta, Birmingham, Sophomore in Arts and Sci- ences Corolla, Rammer-Jammer, Y.M.C.A ..,. PRAYTOR, HUGH BAZEL- LEEL, JR., Trussville, Freshman in Arts and Sciences , . . PRESCOTT, WAL- TER H., Theta Chi, Mystic, Conn., Junior in Arts and Sciences. PRETTYMAN, ROY HAMILTON, JR., Norwood, Po., Freshman in Com- merce . . . PRICE, BETTYLU, Delta Delta Delta, Gadsden, Sophomore in Arts ond Sciences . . . PRICE, DONALD SANBORN, Ocean City, N. J., Freshman in Commerce . . . PRICE, EDWIN W., Gordon, Pa., Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Crimson-White, Blackfriars , . . PRICE, GEORGE AL- BERT, Theta Xi, Sparrows Point, Md., Freshman in Engineering , . PRICE, LOIS ELIZABETH, Dadeville, Junior in Education. PRICE, RALPH, Louisville, Sophomore in Commerce Spirit Committee . . . PRICE, ROSS W., JR., Phi Sigma Kappa, Baltimore, Md., Freshman in Commerce . . . PRICE, WILLIAM THOMPSON, Kappa Alpha, Tusca- loosa, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Y.M.C.A. . , . PRICKETT, DOROTHY VIRGINIA, Alpha Delta Pi, Oneonta, Sophomore in Commerce . , . PRIDDY, WILLIAM STRATTON, Sulligent, Sophomore in Commerce . . . PRITZ, ROBERT ELMER, Phi Kappa Sigma, Joliet, Ill., Junior in Engineering, Gamma Delta, St. Pat's. PUCKETT, FLOYD EMMETT, Sigma Nu, Enterprise, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . PUGH, PATRICIA OGLE, Phi Mu, Beaumont, Texas, Fresh- man in Arts and Sciences . . . PULLEY, BYRON BROCK, Sigma Nu, Ft. Worth, Texas, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Press Club, Crimson-White , . . PULLUM, CARL E., Sigma Chi, Birmingham, Sophomore in Commerce . . , PULLUM, MARJORIE, Dothan, Freshman in Commerce . . . PURKS, VIR- GINIA, Delta Zeta, Cedartown, Ga., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. PURSLEY, DOROTHEA LOUISE, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Birmingham, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . RADWIN, MYRON MARTIN, Kappa Nu, Birmingham, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Track, Hillel, Crimson-White . . . RAGSDALE, MARJORIE, Chi Omega, Memphis, Tenn., Sophomore in Home Economics, Blackfriars, Y.W.C.A., Crimson-White . , , RAGS- DALE, VIRGINIA HYLAND, Phi Mu, Atlanta, Ga., Freshman in Chemistry, Alchemists Club, Y.W.C.A ..,. RAINER, JAMIE FLOURNOY, Chi Phi, Gordo, Freshman in Engineering . . . RAINER, SALLY DURRETT, Delta Delta Delta, Birmingham, Sophomore in Home Economics, W.S.G.A., Sec- reitary, Sophomore Cass, Corolla, Spanish Club, Y.W.C.A., Caroline Hunt Cub. TH E COR OLLA'S UISIYE S RANDALL, HENRY CLAY, Phi Delta Theta, West Blocton, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Band, Press Club, Wesley Foundation . . . RAPONI, ALBERT LOUIS, Middletown, N. Y., Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . RASBERRY, MARY ANN, Delta Delta Delta, Anniston, Y.W.C.A., Glee Club . . . RAWALD, LAWRENCE LOUIS, Theta Xi, Nyack, N. Y., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Basketball , . . RAWLS, WANDA, Alpha Delta Pi, Alexander City, Junior in Education . . . RAY, JOHN A., Alpha Tau Omega, Montgomery, Freshman in Engineering, Band, Y.M.C.A. RAY, ROBERT G., Phi Kappa Sigma, Tuscaloosa, Freshman in Engineer- ing . . . RAYNOR, ELIZABETH LEE, Alpha Phi, Washington, D. C., Junior in Arts and Sciences, Blackfriars . . . REAMES, KATHRYN BECK, Delta Delta Delta, Hughes, Ark., Sophomore in Chemistry . . . REDDEN, LAW- RENCE DREW, Alpha Tau Omega, Tallassee, Sophomore in Arts and Sci- ences, Phi Eta Sigma, Blackfriars . . . RENEAU, BILLY, Sigma Chi, We- tumpka, Freshman in Engineering . . . REYNOLDS, ELEANORA, Monte- vallo, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Blackfriars. REYNOLDS, JOHN ANDREW, Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, Junior in Arts and Sciences , . , REYNOLDS, JAMES EUGENE, Kappa Alpha, Bes- semer, Freshman in Engineering, Blackfriars . . . REYNOLDS, OLGA, Jacksonville, Fla., Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . REYNOLDS, WIL- LIAM G., Pi Kappa Phi, Enterprise, Freshman in Engineering . . . RHEA, CLARENCE FROST, Attalla, Junior in Commerce, Debate Squad, Tau Kappa Alpha . . . RHODES, GILBERT ALFRED, JR., Delta Chi, Tuscaloosa, Junior in Engineering, St. Pat's, Wesley Foundation, Y.M.C.A. RHODES, HELEN HUNTER, Mobile, Junior in Arts and Sciences , . . RHODES, JACQUELIN, Middlesboro, Ky., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Glee Club, Crimson-White . , . RICE, FRANK, Phi Gamma Delta, North- port, Sophomore in Engineering . . . RICH, MARVIN FRANK, Kappa Nu, Birmingham, Freshman in Commerce . . . RICHARDS, ARTHUR HAY- WOOD, Vandergritt, Pa., Junior in Engineering, St. Pat's, A.S.C.E. . . . RICHARDS, LILLIAN CHASE, Alpha Phi, Daytona Beach, Fla., Junior in Commerce. RICHARDS, ROSALIE, Jacksonville, Fla., Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Blackfriars . . . RICHARDSON, MARY C., Moulton, Freshman in Chemistry . . . RICHARDSON, ROBERTA MAXWELL, Kappa Delta, Tuscaloosa, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Blackfriars, Glee Club . . . RICHARDSON, TOMMY, Sigma Nu, Birmingham, Freshman in Engineering . . . RICHEY, HAROLD PAUL, Sigma Chi, Birmingham, Junior in Engineering, A.I.M.E., Philo- mathic , . . RICLES, ALVIN, Boston, Mass., Sophomore in Engineering, Band. . TM I-IOMECOMING is Rs' PLAYDAY AN NIVEFISARY Riddick Ridolphi Riley Ripley Rives Roberts, M. Roberts, M, C. Roberts, M. S, Roberts, R. Roberts, S. Robertson, A. Robertson, Robertson, C. Robertson, W. Robinson, D. Robison, F. Robson Rockett Rodgers Rodriguez Roel-lm Rogers Rosenblum Rosenthal Roslwlco Ross, C. Ross, E. A. Ross, E. B. Ross, M. Ross, O. Rothenberg Roy Royal Rubin Rubinstein Rucker Runge Rushing Russell Rutledge, A. Rutledge, G. Rutledge, R. Sobel Sale Solemme Salmon Salter Sances Sanders, R. Sanders, W. Sanford Sare Sarver Sotterwhite Savage Sawyer Sayre Schapp Scarborough Schlosser A B. THE ' B R RIDDICK, HARRY HAYNSWORTH, Kappa Alpha, Demopolis, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Phi Eta Sigma, Druids, Y.M.C.A. . . . RIDOLPHI, EUGENE PIERRE, Sigma Nu, Montgomery, Sophomore in Arts and Sci- ences . . RILEY, MARIE, Lineville, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Wesley Foundation, Y.W.C.A., Spirit Committee, House of Representatives, Black- friars . . RIPLEY, AMES A., Erie, Pa., Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Band, Symphony and Dance Orchestra . . . RIVES, JAMES VELL, JR., Sigma Chi, Birmingham, Junior in Engineering, St. Pat's Committee, Presi- dent, Junior Class, Junior Prom Committee, Philamathic, A.S.M.E .... ROBERTS, MACON ADAIR, Pi Kappa Alpha, Boaz, Junior in Commerce, Crimson-VVhite, Philomathic, Y.M.C.A. ROBERTS, MARY CRAIG, Alpha Gamma Delta, Florence, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . ROBERTS, MARY SYBIL, Alpha Gamma Delta, Dothan, Sophomore in Education, Caroline Hunt Club, Y.W.C.A. . . , ROBERTS, ROSCOE OWEN, Phi Delta Theta, Huntsville, Sophomore in Commerce, Blacktriars, Y.M.C.A. . . ROBERTS, SARA FRANCIS, Alpha Phi, Jack- sonville, Flo., Freshman in Home Economics, Y.W.C.A ..., ROBERTSON, ARTHUR BORDERS, JR., Sigma Nu, Clayton, Junior in Commerce . . . ROBERTSON, BENJAMIN A., Marcus Hook, Pa., Junior in Engineering, St. Pat's, I. Ae. S., P.S.A. ROBERTSON, CALLOWAY MIDDLETON, JR., Sigma Nu, Brewton, Junior in Commerce . . . ROBERTSON, WILLIAM BELL, Phi Gamma Delta, Tus- caloosa, Freshman in Engineering . . . ROBINSON, DOUGLAS MCLEAN, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Binghampton, N. Y., Freshman in Engineering, St. Pat's, Crimson-White , . . ROBINSON, FRANCES SUE, Alpha Phi, Herson, Va., Junior in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars . . . ROBSON, SHIRLEY ELIZABETH, Alpha Delta Pi, Birmingham, Sophomore in Commerce, Ram- mer-Jammer . , . ROCKETT, NELL, Zeta Tau Alpha, Clanton, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Caroline Hunt Club, Y.W.C.A. RODGERS, HENRY, Sigma Chi, Atmore, Sophomore in Arts and Sci- ences . . . RODRIGUEZ, JOSE LUIS, San Juan, Puerto Rica, Freshman in Engineering, Spanish Club . , . ROEHM, CHARLOTTE MARIE, Zeta Tau Alpha, Fort Bragg, N. C., Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Y.W.C.A .... ROGERS, ELIZABETH BARNES, Kappa Delta, Eutaw, Sophomore in Com- merce, Y.W.C.A., Crimson-White, Corolla . . . ROSENBLUM, HAROLD LAWRENCE, Sigma Alpha Mu, Toulminville, Freshman in Engineering . , . ROSENTHAL, NATALIE REESE, Birmingham, Sophomore in Arts and Sci- ences. ROSHKO, MURIEL ELIZABETH, Alpha Omicron Pi, New Orleans, La., Freshman in Education . . . ROSS, CHARLES WARREN, Florence, Junior in Engineering . . . ROSS, ELMER ALBERT, Uniontown, Pa., Sophomore in Engineering, St. Pat's, Glider Club, Pershing Riles . . . ROSS, EMMA BUCK, Kappa Delta, Mobile, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . ROSS, MARTHA, ROSALIND, Phi Mu, Birmingham, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars . . . ROSS, OLIVER STREET, Kappa Alpha, Guntersville, Junior in Engineering, Greeks, A.S.C.E. THE COROLLA'S Page I53 ROTHENBERG, SIDNEY, New York, N. Y., Sophomore in Chemistry . . . ROY, WILLIAM DEWEY, JR., Delta Kappa Epsilon, Deatsville, Freshman in Commerce . . . ROYAL, WILLIAM HAROLD, Lambda Chi Alpha, Birming- ham, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Spirit Committee, Rho Alpha Tau, Y.M.C.A., Corolla, Interfraternity Council . , . RUBIN, LIBBIE, Sigma Delta Tau, Fort Pierce, Fla., Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Debate Squad, Crimson-White . . . RUBINSTEIN, MARION, Theta Upsilon, Atlanta, Ga., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . , RUCKER, EDWARD BREWER, Lambda Chi Alpha, Birmingham, Freshman in Commerce. RUNGE, MARGARET LUISE, Kappa Delta, Sylacauga, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Newman Club, Y.W.C.A., Rammer-Jammer . . . RUSHING, MARION DAVIS, JR., Sigma Nu, Durant, Okla., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . RUSSELL, ROBERT, Sigma Nu, Oxford, Sophomore in Com- merce . . . RUTLEDGE, ANN, Chi Omega, Dallas, Texas, Freshman in Education . . . RUTLEDGE, GUY LESLIE, Alpha Tau Omega, Northport, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Band, Y.M.C.A. . . . RUTLEDGE, RICHARD ELWOOD, Chi Phi, Haleyville, Freshman in Commerce. SABEL, JIMMIE LEE, Zeta Beta Tau, Montgomery, Sophomore in Com- merce, Crimson-White, Rammer-Jammer , . . SALE, MAZIE CAROLINE, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Victoria, Texas, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Blackfriors . . . SALEMME, VINCENT JAMES, Flushing, N. Y., Junior in Engineering, A.S.M.E., St. Pat's . . . SALMON, MAURICE LOUIS, JR., Kappa Alpha, Mobile, Sophomore in Commerce, Philomathic, Y.M.C.A. . . . SALTER, PAUL PULLEN, JR., Phi Gamma Delta, Eufaula, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Phi Eta Sigma, Druids, Quadrangle, Y.M.C.A., Crimson- White . . . SANCES, FRANKIE, Pi Kappa Phi, Bogalusa, La., Junior in Arts and Sciences. SANDERS, ROY NEEL, Chi Phi, Fort Worth, Texas, Junior in Engineer- ing, Band , , . SANDERS, WILLIAM MARION, Chi Phi, Fort Worth, Texas, Sophomore in Engineering, Druids, Phi Eta Sigma, Rho Alpha Tau, Band, Crimson-White, Most Outstanding Freshman i940-41 . . . SAN- FORD, CLARA LAWSON, Phi Mu, Wetumpka, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . SARE, JAMES, Chi Phi, Sheridan, Wya., Sophomore in Engineer- ing . . . SARVER, VERNON THOMAS, Delta Tau Delta, Bluefield, West Va., Junior in Commerce . . . SATTERWHITE, HERBERT, Phi Delta Theta, Eulaula, Freshman in Engineering. SAVAGE, MARION WILMER, Alpha Delta Pi, Montgomery, Sophomore in Arts and Scienes, Swan Club . . . SAWYER, SARAH ELIZABETH, Delta Zeta, Fort Payne, Junior in Education, Y.W.C.A., Rammer-Jammer, House ot Representatives . . . SAYRE, HOLLAND R. Phi Kappa Sigma, Spring- field, Pa., Freshman in Commerce . . . SCHAPP, MARION CATHERINE, Sigma Kappa, Bloomfield, N. J., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . SCARBOROUGH, ANDREA GREER, Kappa Delta, Great Neck, N. Y., Fresh- man in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars . . . SCHLOSSER, LORRAINE CARL, Bellville, Ill., Sophomore in Engineering. rm THERE ARE 25 fi' RNITIES HERE ,INNIVEHSA 2.a ,,,.M ,I. f: ' v , 'Um w Am. 1 QW K f ,Q A f fi ., . an X A : S.: .,,, 1 . X ' .1 . :-X .Q sfw"ts"M THE NBER SCHMIDT, SARAH ELLEN, Delta Zeta, Tuscumbia, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Y.W.C.A., Crimson-White, Blackfriars, Wesley Foundation, Chi Delta Phi . . . SCHOELL, ROBERT F., Buffalo, N. Y., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . SCHOENBAUM, CLAIRE, Alexander City, Sophomore in Commerce, Hillel . . . SCHOENBAUM, MARJORIE, Alexander City, Sophomore in Commerce, Hillel . . . SCHRINNER, MARION LESLIE, Bluefield, W. Va., Freshman in Commerce, Glee Club, Y.W.C.A. . . . SCI-IUESSLER, WILLIAM, P., Pi Kappa Alpha, LaFayette, Junior in Com- merce, Assistant Business Manager Corolla, President, Sophomore Class, Vice-President, Commerce Association, Executive Committee, Cotillion Club, Spirit Committee. SCHWARZ, WILLIAM XAVIER, Theta Chi, Williamstown, Mass., Sopho- more in Engineering, Rho Alpha Tau, Secretary, St. Pot's . . . SCHWINDE- MAN, JAMES LAWRENCE, Theta Xi, Buffalo, N. Y., Junior in Commerce, Newman Club . . . SCISCENT, VERDI, Washington, D. C., Junior in Arts and Sciences . , . SCOGGINS, LUELLA McWl-IIRTER, Alpha Phi, Nashville, Tenn., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Rammer-Jammer, Glee Club . . . SCOTT, BETTIE, Pell City, Freshman in Commerce . . . SCOTT, BETTY, Birmingham, Junior in Education. SCOTT, BERT A., Theta Chi, Son Francisco, Calf., Junior in Arts and Sciences, Crimson-White, Corolla, Baseball, Officers' Club, Blackfriars, Press Club, Interfraternity Council, Spirit Committee . . . SCOTT, ROB- ERT I., Delta Tau Delta, Bellerose, L. I., Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . SCRUGGS, ED, Kappa Alpha, Guntersville, Sophomore in Commerce, Philomathic, Greeks . . . SEALE, SHIRLEY TURNER, Birmingham, Junior in Education, Newman Club, Chi Delta Phi, Women's Student Govern- ment, Blackfriars . . . SELF, KENNETH CARLTON, Lambda Chi Alpha, Birmingham, Sophomore in Commerce, Blackfriars . . . SELF, PEGGY SUE, Alpha Chi Omega, Fairfield, Freshman in Home Economics. SESSIONS, MOULTRIE HORATIO, Alpha Tau Omega, Enterprise, Fresh- man in Commerce . . . SEVERANCE, VIRGINIA JEAN, Chi Omega, Montgomery, Freshman in Chemistry, Blackfriars, Y.W.C.A., Corolla , . , SEWELL, JOSEPH WHEELER, JR., Phi Delta Theta, Tuscaloosa, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Glee Club . . . SHACKEROFF, ALFRED M., Batesville, Miss., Sophomore in Engineering, Orchestra, Cavaliers . . . SHACKLE- FORD, CHRISTINE, Delta Delta Delta, Mobile, Freshman in Arts and Sci- ences, Crimson-White, Y.W.C.A., Glee Club . . . SHANNON, EVLYN, Phi Mu, Lake Cormorant, Miss., Sophomore in Home Economics, Y.W.C.A., Caroline Hunt Club. SHANNON, RUDOLPI-I FRANK, Sigma Chi, Birmingham, Freshman in Engineering , . . SHATZ, MARK FLOYD, Zeta Beta Tau, Kenton, Tenn., Freshman in Commerce . . . SHAVER, MARTHA ANN, Herbert, Junior in Education . . , SHELDRAKE, ROBERT, Theta Xi, Bethlehem, Pa., Sopho- more in Commerce . . . SHELLEM, FRANCIS XAVIER, Delta Sigma Phi, Townsends Inlet, N. J., Junior in Commerce, Blackfriars, Executive Council, Tau Delta Tau, Rammer-Jammer, Newman Club . . . SHERIDAN, WIL- LIAM F., Alpha Tau Omega, Memphis, Tenn., Freshman in Commerce, Blackfriars. TH E COR OLLA'S SHERRILL, JOHN DOKE, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . SHERROD, BETTY, Kappa Delta, Birmingham, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Rammer-Jammer, Crimson-White, Y.W.C.A. . . , SHERROW, WARREN DUANE, Pi Kappa Alpha, Decatur, Junior in Chemistry, Crimson-White, Y.M.C.A. . . . SHERWOOD, CLARE DONALD, Theta Chi, Lake Villa, Ill., Junior in Commerce, Pershing Rifles . . . SHILAND, MEYER IRVING, Kappa Nu, Birmingham, Junior in Commerce, Blackfriars, Hillel, Y.M.C.A., Symphony Orchestra . . . SHIRLEY, MARY LOUISE, Birmingham, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Blackfriars, Beta Pi Theta, Chi Delta Phi, Crimson-White, Y.W.C.A., B.S.U. SHIRTZ, FRANK, J., JR., Drexel Hill, Pa., Junior in Chemistry, Glee Club, Newman Club, Spirit Committee, Ridgecrest Council, Vice-President, Junior Class Chemistry School . . . SHORY, SALEM L., Birmingham, Junior in Commerce, Blackfriars, Tau Delta Tau . . . SHUGERMAN, ALWYN A., Zeta Beta Tau, Birmingham, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Druids, Phi Eta Sigma, Debate Squad, Excelsior . . ,SHUGERMAN, VIVIAN NAOMI, Birmingham, Freshman in Home Economics, Hillel , . , SHUPTRINE, HER- BERT LEROY, Kappa Alpha, Safford, Sophomore in Commerce . . . SHUTTS, KENNETH ROBINSON, Alpha Sigma Phi, Harrisburg, Pa., Sopho- more in Commerce. SHWARTS, GALMAN, Zeta Beta Tau, Montgomery,IJunior in Commerce, Blackfriars, Y.M.C.A., Spanish Club . . . SIBLEY, JEAN LUCILLE, Chi Omega, Mobile, Sophomore in Commerce, Crimson-White, Corolla . . . SILVERFIELD, JEROME SEYMOUR, Kappa Nu, Birmingham, Junior in Com- merce . , . SILVESTIO, VICTOR FRANK, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Brooklyn, N. Y., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences , . . SIMON, NICHOLAS ALLAN, Richeyville, Pa., Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . SIMPSON, GEORGE MALONE, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Birmingham, Junior in Chemistry. SIMPSON, JANET COLLIER, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Florence, Fresh- man in Arts and Sciences . . . SIMPSON, PHYLLIS MERYL, Alpha Phi, Ames, Iowa, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Blackfriars, Spirit Committee, Transfer, Iowa State . . 4. SIMS, IMOGENE, Alpha Xi Delta, Montgomery, Sophomore in Home Economics, LaVerne Noyes Scholarship, Crimson-White, Corolla, Rammer-Jammer, Blackfriars, Caroline Hunt Club . . . SIR, ROSE BLUMA, Woodbury, Tenn., Sophomore in Commerce . . . SKEMP, SAMUEL CHARLES, JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Prattville, Freshman in Arts and Sci- ences, Crimson-White, Y.M.C.A., Debate Squad, Corolla . . . SKEWES, BETTY ROSAMOND, Phi Mu, Bessemer, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. SKINNER, STANFORD J., Gatun, Canal Zone, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, University Band . . . SLEEPER, HERBERT RAYMOND, Sigma Alpha Mu, Hartford, Conn., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . SLOANE, SIDNEY LOUIS, Worcester, Mass., Sophomore in Commerce, As- sociate Manager, Football Team, Spirit Committee . . . SLOMAN, NANCY JANE, Delta Zeta.. Tuscaloosa, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Black- friars, Spanish Club, SLOSAY, JOHN MICHAEL, Cleveland, Ohio, Junior in Engineering, l.A.S., A,S.M.E., Spirit Committee, Newman Club . . . SLOSS, HARRIOT SHELBY, Delta Zeta, Birmingham, Sophomore in Educa- tion, French Club, Y.W.C.A., Episcopal Student Union. rm THE SORORITIE NUMBER I5 . ANNIVERSARY 1 ,, ,tv X YR X0 F X-.J fv 1 My 1.- Mf W , , ,i ., F , ,SIXQXL 5 'V bf 1 E1 X , .: , yrs. -X X X K L . .Y 'XL - -w 'tgifw , KX X QQ? ff: X w-Q' .X X-, XX . YQ ' mfr. " ' X 'N X Y X X X X X LX S 'A 5 , X ,X 4 NX - ,- 'M "iii . X N 8 ,X X 1 ,X K-f'klF5w K ,J .Qgxflix XX X -1X gcks . . X .ar SX XX X W-VY , ifi -Q ' gf X . ,Q T I F .:.X XXX Xf .1 y. ,,X,g'Q5sX53 X QX. Xrs- xfgg--gXXX , ,X me XX V.-X.: .- xx,- 559. 'X X X ,,, x X X ' I X., 1- 2 . X X .. SN N 4 f.:..gX f XIX. , +A X XXX' L. ,XXX 1 X X . ' Xsxg-, X X X ., X Y? 3 ' N1 ' K 3 Wax Y ,J A ,lQ'fg?'iEifii2-jClif ' , J X L R X .X - . - 'gr " - X13 1, 'X ,X X Q X X P9 X A Y X .. .1 ..,. zfgglsiififg-H ' 1X:.-XX-Xa: '- XX X11 K. : XAXXXX 4 X X Wag, f , +25 , X Q- X 5 gg: ' , X X -mi THE UHBER SMITH, ALONZO WADE, Alpha Tau Omega, Conway, Ark., Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . SMITH, ANNE FARRAR, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars . . . SMITH, BETTE RAE, Phi Mu, Washing- ton, D. C., Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . SMITH, CHARLES FRANCIS, Amory, Miss., Freshman in Commerce , . . SMITH, CLARENCE HERBERT, Lambda Chi Alpha, Birmingham, Sophomore in Commerce, Pershing Rifles . . . SMITH, DUANE B., Delta Sigma Phi, Barberton, Ohio, Freshman in Commerce. SMITH, FRANCES OLIVIA, Mt. Hope, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . SMITH, PAT, Lambda Chi Alpha, Birmingham, Freshman in Com- merce, Vice-President, Freshman Class in Commerce School , . . SMITH, PAUL A., Phi Gamma Delta, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . SMITH, ROBERT J., Painted Post, N. Y., Freshman in Engineering . . . SMITH, RUBY GLORIA, Atlanta, Go., Sophomore in Home Economics, Alternate Cheer Leader, Glee Club . , . SMITH, THOMAS GEORGE, Theta Chi, Perth Amboy, N. J., Junior in Arts and Sciences, Press Club, Crimson- White, Officers' Club, Pershing Rifles, Spanish Club, Newman Club, Spirit Committee. SMITH, THOMAS SELDON, Alpha Tau Omega, Birmingham, Freshman in Engineering , , . SMITH, THOMAS Y., Gadsden, Junior in Engineering . , . SMITH, WILLETTEE SEWELL, Alpha Chi Omega, Atlanta, Ga., Sopho- more in Arts and Sciences, Rammer-Jammer, Crimson-White SMOYER, GERALDINE LOUISE, Tampa, Fla., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Ch. Delta Phi, Matrix, Spirit Committee, Spanish Club, Crimson-White, Ram- mer-Jammer, Newman Club , . . SNEDDEN, JEAN WATSON, Dravosburg, Pa., Junior in Commerce, House ot Representatives, P.S.A., Y.W.C.A. . , . SNIVELY, AVIS, Phi Mu, Winter Haven, Fla., Sophomore in Arts and Sci- ences. SNOW, DOROTHY LILLIAN, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore in Commerce . . . SNOW, ROBERT LEE, Parrish, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . SNYDER, CHARLES ARTHUR, JR., Delta Sigma Phi, Woodbury, N. J., Junior in Engineering . . . SOHIGIAN, ROBERT GREGORY, Worcester, Mass., Junior in Education, Baseball, Secretary-Treasurer at Sophomore Class in Education . . . SOLNICK, ROBERT LEWIS, Kappa Nu, Florence, Freshman in Engineering . , . SORUM, WILLIAM ROBERT, Chi Phi, Hat- tiesburg, Miss., Junior in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars. SPEAKER, FAYE DAVIS, Zeta Tau Alpha, Birmingham, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . SPEAKE, RUSSELL EDWARD, Sigma Chi, Decatur, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . SPEED, VIRGINIA, Luverne, Sophomore in Education, Y.W.C.A., Caroline Hunt Club . . . SPEIGHT, JOHN WIL- LIAMS, Sigma Nu, Dothan, Freshman in Commerce, Debating Squad . . . SPENCER, JOSEPH RICHARD, Apollo, Pa., Freshman in Engineering, St. Pat's . . . SPOONER, AGNES, Delta Zeta, Dothan, Sophomore in Com- merce,-Glee Club, B.S.U., Y.W.C.A. THE COROLLA'S SENATOR 'PEPPER is Page I57 ' UISIYES SPRADLEY, WALTER MORRIS, Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, Junior in Commerce . . . SPRAGGINS, THOMAS J., Pi Kappa Alpha, Alexander City, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . STABER, NANCY OTTLIE, Sigma Kappa, Oradell, N. J., Freshman in Home Economics . , . STABLER, ALINE ANSON, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Birmingham, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . , . STACEY, JAMES EDGAR, Lambda Chi Alpha, Birming- ham, Junior in Chemistry . . . STACY, GEORGE HARPER, JR., Pi Kappa Phi, Centerville, Freshman in Engineering. STALLWORTH, FRED NICK, Pi Kappa Alpha, Chapman, Freshman in Commerce . . . STALLWORTH, NANCY MARGARET, Phi Mu, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore in Home Economics, Blacktriars, Wesley Foundation . . . STAMPS, BERNICE G., Kappa Alpha, McComb, Miss., Freshman in Engin- eering, Y.M.C.A .... STARCHER, WILLIAM LAWSON, Sigma Nu, Pratt- ville, Sophomore in Engineering . . , STARKEY, EDWARD WILLIAM, Delta Tau Delta, Canton, Ohio, Junior in Engineering . . . STARNES, JOE, Pi Kappa Phi, Guntersville, Junior in Arts and Sciences. STAUB, ROSEMARY, Bessemer, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . STEFFEE, BARBARA JANE, Theta Upsilon, Honolulu, Hawaii, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Oratorio . . . STEINDLER, LOUIS JACK, Sigma Alpha Mu, Muskegon Heights, Mich., Freshman in Commerce . . . STEINER, JOHN ELSBERRY, Phi Delta Theta, Montgomery, Junior in Arts and Sci- ences, Philomathic, Skulls . . . STEPHENS, GLENN LAFAYETTE, Lambda Chi Alpha, Bessemer, Freshman in Commerce . . . STEVENS, FRANK WESTON, Kappa Sigma, Selma, Sophomore in Commerce. STEVENS, HARRY M., Middlebury, Vt., Junior in Chemistry, Alchemist . . . STEVENS, ROBERT EDWARD, Kappa Sigma, Muncie, Ind., Junior in Education, Track . . . STEWART, LONG ROBERT, Sigma Chi, Carrollton, Ga., Freshman in Commerce, Crimson-White . . . STEWART, LESTER E., JR., Albany, N. Y., Junior in Commerce . . . STEWART, ROY LEE, JR., Delta Kappa Epsilon, Birmingham, Freshman in Engineering, Y.M.C.A. . . . STILWELL, STEPHEN NORMAN, Glens Falls, N. Y., Junior in Chem- istry, A.I.M.E., Alchemist. STOUGH, SELLERS, JR., Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, Sophomore in Cam- merce, Phi Eta Sigma, Outstanding Freshman in Military . . . STRAUB, GLORIA GERMAINE, Wiggins, Miss., Junior in Home Economics . . . STREICHER, RALPH VICTOR, Phi Kappa Sigma, New York, N. Y., Sopho- more in Engineering, Pershing Rifles . . . STRINGFELLOW, BOBBIE, Alpha Gamma Delta, Birmingham, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . STROHM, JACQUELINE MARIE, Alpha Chi Omega, Annapolis, Md., Fresh- man in Education, Bowling Club . . . STROMINGER, LEONORA, Flush- ing, N, Y., Sophomore in Home Economics, Hillel. BAMA ALUMNUS -. ANNIVERSARY ku. ff-gl 3 Ji' Yum 1 1x 1 1 1- ,f . awww--4: -7 m - Y www ,,-pg..-.1,-1-zum,-Qp..f N, . f xx -in U one STRONG, EMILY ALICE, Alpha Chi Omega, Birmingham, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Rammer-Jammer, Crimson-White . . . STUART, ROBERT JAMES, JR., Phi Kappa Sigma, Pittsfield, Mass., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Glee Club, Rifle Team, Wesley Foundation . , . STUART, WILLIAM CLIFFORD, Pi Kappa Phi, Bay Minette, Freshman in Commerce . . , STUDDARD, DAVID CURTIS, Pi Kappa Phi, Cordova, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . STUDDARD, MARY, Cordova, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Blockfriars . . . STURDY, DOROTHY MAE, Alpha Chi Omega, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Blackfriars, Y.W.C.A. STURGIS, ELDNA, Roanoke, Freshman in Arts and Sciences .. . SUD- DUTH, JOSEPH EARL, Phi Delta Theta, Birmingham, Sophomore in En- gineering . . . SULLIVAN, ARTHUR GORDON, Phi Sigma Kappa, Buffalo. N. Y., Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . SUTTON, BEN BAXTER, Sigma Nu, Birmingham, Sophomore in Commerce, Debate Squad, Y.M.C.A. . . . SUTTON, CAMILLA, Delta Delta Delta, Anniston, Sophomore in Home Economics, Corolla . . . SWANSON, LOLA GLENN, Brownville, Freshman in Education. SVVEERS, PETER CORNELIUS, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Chicago, III., Sopho- more in Arts and Sciences, Newman Club, Crimson-White, Press Club . , . SWINDLING, KENNETH JEROME, Delta Sigma Phi, Elyria, Ohio, Junior in Commerce, Newman Club, Rammer-Jammer, Blackfriars , . . SYDENHAM, MARION DORIS, Fort Benning, Ga., Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Man- ager of Women's Ritle Team, Swan Club, House of Representatives . , SYRACUSE, JOSEPH D., Batavia, N. Y., Junior in Commerce, Spirit Com- mittee, Newman Club , . . TACCHI, ANN MAE, Alpha Xi Delta, East Aurora, N. Y., Freshman in Home Economics . . . TANNER, NAN, Alpha Gamma Delta, Miami, Fla., Junior in Home Economics. TARBOX, ESTHER MARIE, Lancaster, N. Y., Freshman in Home Eco- nomics . . . TARDIF, LIONEL ARTHUR, Concord, Conn., Sophomore in Engineering . . . TARPLEY, VIRGINIA ERNESTINE, Gadsden, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Y.W.C.A ..., TATE, NEAL MITCHELL, Pi Kappa Phi, Jacksonville, Fla., Freshman in Engineering , . . TATUM, JANE R., Chi Omega, Tuscaloosa, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Crimson-White . . . TAUL, GEORGIA L., Alpha Xi Delta, Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Junior in Arts and Sciences, Pan-Hellenic, Y.W.C.A. TAYLOR, JEANNETTE, Fayette, Freshman in Commerce . . . TENEN- BAUM, ALVIN JEROME, Kappa Nu, Birmingham, Freshman in Commerce, Excelsior . . . TERHUNE, BARBARA, Alpha Phi, Arlington, Va., Junior in Arts and Sciences, I.R.C .... TERRELL, JACK I., Lambda Chi Alpha, Bessemer, Sophomore in Commerce . . . TERRELL, RICHARD C., Sigma Phi Epsilon, Binghamton, N. Y., Freshman in Engineering, Spirit Com- mittee, Rammer-Jammer, Crimson-White . . . TERRY, MARY, Delta Delta Delta, Birmingham, Junior in Arts and Sciences. THE con oi.LA's HATE S THETFORD, DELPHINE, Boligee, Junior in Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club, Blackfriars, Y.W.C.A .... THOMAS, EDWARD F., Sigma Chi, Fairfield, Junior in Engineering, A.I.M.E., A.S.M., St. Pat's . , . THOMA- SON, JAMES WILEY, Alpha Tau Omega, Midway, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . THOMASON,-MATTHEW DEWITT, JR., Pi Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, Freshman in Commerce . . . THOMPSON, JAMES NELSON, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Vicksburg, Miss., Freshman in Engineering . . . THOMPSON, JAMES VARDAMAN, Kappa Sigma, Sylacauga, Junior in Commerce, Y.M.C.A., Druids, Phi Eta Sigma, Quadrangle, Spirit Com- mittee. THOMPSON, JOHN LONG, Montgomery, Junior in Arts and Sciences . , . THORNTON, DAN R., JR., Kappa Alpha, Meridian, Miss., Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . THORNTON, GEORGE MORRISS, Chi Phi, An- niston, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences , . . THORNTON, LAURA HAILS, Kappa Delta, Montgomery, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Dancing Club, Rammer-Jammer . . . THORNTON, LOIS ELAINE, Tuscaloosa, Sopho- more in Commerce, B.S.U., Phi Chi Theta, Blackfriars, GleelClub . . . THORNTON, RUSSELL BEARD, Sigma Nu, Montgomery, Sophomore in Commerce, Druids, Phi Eta Sigma. THORPE, MILDRED FRANCES, Zeta Tau Alpha, Tuscaloosa, Freshman in Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club, Spanish Club, Blacktriars . . . THRELKELD, NANCY LEE, Miami Fla., Freshman in Home Economics, New- man Club . . . TILLERY, PEGGY ALMA, York, Freshman in Arts and Sci- ences . . . TINKLE, JEANNE, Alpha Chi Omega, Marion, Ind., Junior in Education . . . TINNEY, THOMAS SEAY, Pi Kappa Alpha, Colum- biana, Freshman in Engineering . . . TODD, CAROLYN, Alpha Phi, Fair- field, Conn., Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Y.W.C.A., Spanish Club, Swan Club. TOMLINSON, JACK O'NEAL, Phi Delta Theta, Birmingham, Freshman in Commerce . . . TOOMEY, PATRICK ALLISON, Alpha Sigma Phi, New Kensington, Pa., Freshman in Commerce . . . TOOMEY, WILLIAM LEN- HART, Alpha Sigma Phi, New Kensington, Pa., Junior in Engineering, St. Pat's . . . TOUART, MARILYN ANN, Alpha Chi Omega, Pensacola, Fla., Sophomore in Commerce, Newman Club, Blackfriars . . . TOWNSEND, CHARLES EDWARD, Delta Sigma Phi, San Francisco, Cal., Junior in Com- merce, Transfer ot San Francisco Junior College . . . TRENT, WEBER, JR., Sigma Nu, Roanoke, Sophomore in Commerce. TRICE, PETER ALBA, JR., Phi Gamma Delta, Thomasville, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Band, A.E.D., Y.M.C.A. . . . TROTTER, ALICE ANNE, Alpha Gamma Delta, Bessemer, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . TUBB, MARTHA JEAN, Alpha Delta Pi, Tuscaloosa, Freshman in Commerce . . . TURNER, FRANCES GAYNOR, Alpha Delta Pi, Montgomery, Sophomore in Arts and Science, Spanish Club . . . TYLER, SUE ANN, Zeta Tau Alpha, East St. Louis, Ill., Freshman in Arts and Sciences, P.S.A., Blackfriars . . . UNDERWOOD, ROBERT MIZE, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Fort Randolph, Panama Canal Zone, Junior in Commerce. fha HUGO CK MA GRADUATE ANNIVERSARY 3- ii Q N 1 R L 'F"" fz',.,:- N +1- x P-.p.,..21..n :11m1 -QVJM-ww -,M-: ' fm. ivi vw, ..,A,-Q,-mm.: . -x THE NBER URAN, SUSAN, Mattoon, Ill., Junior in Arts and Sciences, Swan Club . . . VANCE, PATRICIA, Chi Omega, Brookhaven, Miss., Freshman in Commerce, Spirit Committee, Corolla, Cheerleader . . . VANCE, PATRICIA, Sheffield, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Blaclcfriars . . . VAN DUSEN, HELENA BERNADETTE, Bayshore, N. Y., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars, Y.W.C.A., Newman Club . . . VAN HALA, RICHARD CLARK, Pi Kappa Phi, Birmingham, Freshman in Engineering, Band . . . VAN HORN, RICHARD DAVIS, Hope, N. J., Junior in Commerce, Blackfriors. VAUGHN, ALMA FRANCES, Alabama City, Junior in Education . . . VICK, FRANCES, Fayette, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Y.W.C.A., Black- friars . . . VINSON, THOMAS EMORY, Sylacauga, Freshman in Com- merce . . . VOGT, NORMAN EDWARD, Phi Sigma Kappa, Newark, N. J., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Blackiriors . . . WADSWORTH, WIL- LIAM WOOD, Sigma Nu, Prattville, Sophomore in Commerce . . , WAITE, JOHNNY, Grove Hill, Freshman in Commerce. WAITE, WILLIAM HAMMOND, Delta Tau Delta, Geneva, Ohio, Sopho- more in Commerce . . . WAITKUS, HELEN CHRISTINE, Alpha Xi Delta, Chicago, III., Junior in Arts and Sciences, Y.W.C.A .... WAKEFIELD, SAMMY M., Albertville, Junior in Education, Wesley Foundation, Swan Club . , . WALKER, AUDDIS MARION, Kappa Alpha, Tuscaloosa, Fresh- man in Arts and Sciences, Y.M.C.A .... WALKER, OLIVE FRANCES, Sigma Kappa, Daytona Beach, Fla,, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . WALKLEY, LOIS ANNETTE, Jackson, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. WALLACE, ROBERT CAMPBELL, III, Delta Sigma Phi, Livingston, N. J., Freshman in Engineering, Football . . . WALLER, PARKER M., Pi Kappa Alpha, Greenville, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Million Dollar Banc , . . WALLER, WILLIAM LOUIE, Delta Chi, Centerville, Junior in Com- merce . . . VVALLEY, WILLIAM RICHARD, Phi Gamma Delta, Huntsville, Junior in Engineering . . . WALLS, GRACE COOLIDGE, Guntersville, Freshman in Commerce . . . WALMSLEY, ALBERT E., Fall River, Mass., Junior in Engineering, Newman Club, St. Pat's, Officers' Club, A.S.M.E. WALSH, JOSEPH, Trenton, N. J., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Newman Club . . . WALTERS, STANLEY CRAIG, Pi Kappa Alpha, Ellis- ville, Miss., Junior in Engineering . . . WALTON, L. FRANK, Pi Kappa Alpha, LaFayette, Freshman in Commerce, Spirit Committee, Corolla . . . WALTON, LOLA LOUISE, Chi Omega, Beulah, Miss., Junior in Arts and Sciences, Corolla, Rammer-Jammer, Y.W.C.A. . , . WARD, HARTNNELL HESTER, Kappa Alpha, Tuscaloosa, Freshman in Commerce . . . WARD, HERSCHELL EDWIN, Pi Kappa Phi, Kinston, Freshman in Education. THE can oi.i.A's MOORE IS GRAD HATE S WARD, JAMES ANDREW, JR., Sigma Nu, Dothan, Junior in Commerce, Quadrangle, Intertraternity Council . . , WARD, JAMES MONROE, Kappa Sigma, Tuscaloosa, Junior in Commerce, Vice-President, Freshman Class, Y.M.C.A. , . . WARD, JOSEPH F., Pi Kappa Phi, Geneva, Junior in Edu- cation, President, Junior Class . . . WARE, WILLIAM WALLACE, Alpha Tau Omega, Birmingham, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Glee Club, Crim- son-White . . . WASHBURN, MARJORIE, Alpha Gamma Delta, Mont- gomery, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Vice-President, Y.W.C.A., House I Representatives, Wesley Foundation . , . WASHINGTON, ALICE SIN- CLAIR, Chi Omega, Memphis, Tenn., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Corolla, Rammer-Jammer, Crimson-White, Y.W.C.A., Matrix, Alpha Lambda Delta. WATERS, FRANCES ELOISE, Kappa Kappa Gamma, OPP: Sophomore in Education, Y.W.C.A., Blacktriars . . . WATSON, GEORGE MASTIN, Linden, Freshman in Engineering , . , WATSON, SARAH, Kappa Delta, Birmingham, Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . WEALCH, MARY DOW- DELL, Delta Delta Delta, Talladega, Junior in Arts and Sciences , . . WEBB, CAROL, Alpha Chi Omega, Pensacola, Fla., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Wesley Foundation . . . WEBB, GEORGE WALTON, Phi Delta Theta, Uniontown, Sophomore in Engineering. - WEBSTER, ANN HARRISON, Miami, Fla., Freshman in Arts and Sci- ences, Y.W.C.A., Crimson-White , . . WELCH, JOSEPH EDMUND, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Selma, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . WELCH, VER- NON LEE, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Birmingham, Junior in Chemistry . . . WELLBORN, BETTY CLAY, Delta Delta Delta, Arlington, Va., Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars, Y.W.C.A., Rammer-Jammer . . . WELLS, ROBERT R., Boaz, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . WENDEL, CLAR- ENCE JAMES, Huntingdon Station, N. Y., Sophomore in Engineering, St. Pat's. WEST, MARIE, Montgomery, Sophomore in Home Economics . . . WET- TERAU, DAVID, Alpha Tau Omega, Birmingham, Sophomore in Engineer- ing, Excelsior, St. Pat's . . . VVHATLEY, CLEVELAND DEMOND, Red Level, Freshman in Education , . . WHITE, JAMES ROBERT, Birmingham, Sopho- more in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars, Excelsior . . . WHITE, RAYMOND H., Lambda Chi Alpha, Indianapolis, Ind., Junior in Commerce . . . WHITFIELD, CHARLES HARDEN, Alpha Tau Omega, Middlesboro, Ky., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Excelsior, Vice-President, I.R.C., Crimson- White. WHITMIRE, MARGARET, Chi Omega, Clarksdale, Miss., Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . WHITON, WILLIAM PRATT, Phi Kappa Sigma, Evie, Pa., Junior in Chemistry, Alchemists . . . WHITTINGTON, JOYCE, Chi Omega, Greenwood, Miss., Junior in Home Economics . . . WIGGINS, CHARLES R., JR., Phi Gamma Delta, Jasper, Sophomore in Arts and Sci- ences . . . WIGHT, L. WARD, Theta Xi, Belmar, N. J., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . WILDER, MARJORIE MAE, Alpha Gamma Delta, Decatur, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Corolla, Crimson-White, Wesley Foundation. 7116 CHOOL DEAN AN NIVEFISARY no ae WILDER, THOMAS WINGATE, III, Meridian, Miss., Freshman in Engin- eering , . . WILEY, HOMER PAUL, Kappa Sigma, Marianna, Ark., Sopho- more in Arts and Sciences . . . WILHELM, ROBERT F., Alpha Sigma Phi, Chicago, III., Junior in Arts cmd Sciences . . , WILKERSON, MARGARET ELIZABETH, Chi Omega, Montgomery, Sophomore in Commerce, Y.W.C.A., Corolla, Crimson-White . . . WILKINSON, BEN, Delta Chi, Brighton, Sophomore in Engineering St. Pat's, Rho Alpha Tau, Baseball . . , WIL- LEM, JANE ANN, Phi Mu, New Orleans, La., Freshman in Arts and Sc.- ences. WILLIAMS, BETTYE SUE, Phi Mu, Birmingham, Sophomore in Home Eco- nomics, Spanish Club, Y.W.C.A., Caroline Hunt Club , . WILLIAMS, EUGENIE ELMIRE, Kappa Kappa Gamma, San Diego, Calif., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Glee Club, Blacklriars, Corolla . , , WILLIAMS, GENE HERBERT, Chi Phi, West Frankfort, lll., Freshman in Arts and Sci- ences . . . WILLIAMS, HARRIET RUTH, Richmond Hill, N. Y., Sopho- more in Home Economics, Y.W.C.A., B.S.U .... WILLIAMS, HELEN MAR- GUERITE, Milton, Flo., Freshman in Education . . . WILLIAMS, KENNETH ALFRED, Lambda Chi Alpha, Florence, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. WILLIAMS, MARY LYDIE, Kappa Kappa Gamma, San Diego, Calif., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars, Glee Club, Crimson-White, Corolla . . . WILLIAMS, MIRIAM ELAINE, Alpha Gamma Delta, Talla- dega, Junior in Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club, Wesley Founda- tion, Corolla, Crimson-White . . . VVILLIAMS, ROBERT EDD, Dunnellon, Fla., Sophomore in Engineering . . , WILLIAMSON, CHARLES G., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Montgomery, Junior in Commerce . . . WILSON, HELENE ELIZABETH, Alpha Chi Omega, Miami, Fla., Freshman in Chemistry, Black- triars . . . WILSON, RALPH W., Pi Kappa Alpha, Ft. Payne, Sopho- more in Arts and Sciences. WILSON, WALTER SCOTT, Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, Junior in En- gineering . . . WIMAN, MARTIN JULIAN, Sigma Alpha Mu, Yonkers, N. Y., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Pershing Rifles . . . WIMBER- LEY, MORRIS A., Pi Kappa Alpha, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts and Sci- ences . . . WINEFORDNER, JOHN S., Gadsden, Freshman in Chemistry . . . WING, MARY CONSTANCE, Kappa Kappa Gamma, St. Petersburg, Fla., Junior in Arts and Sciences, Corolla, Crimson-White, Y.W.C.A. . , . WINGARD, CHRISTIAN, Wetumpka, Freshman in Chemistry. WINTERS, LEO H., Phoenix, Ariz., Sophomore in Engineering, St. Pat's . . . WIRTH, FREDERICK CARL, Fredonia, N. Y., Sophomore in Com- merce, Band , . . WISE, ALICE, Kappa Delta, Birmingham, Junior in Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club, Bowling Club, Y.W.C.A. . . . WISE, PATRICIA HELEN, Delta Zeta, Blytheville, Ark., Freshman in Commerce, Blacktriars . . . WITHERINGTON, MARTHA, Delta Delta Delta, Dothan, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Alpha Kappa Delta, Y.W.C.A. . . . WITSELL, CLARA MCMILLAN, Chi Omega, Memphis, Tenn., Sophomore in Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club, Y.W.C.A.,' Rammer-Jammer, Guidon, Hon- orary Cadet Maior. THE COR OLLA'S UISIYE S WOLCH, MILDRED, Birmingham, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . WOLTZ, CLAUDE C., Chi Phi, New Port News, Va., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Baseball, Rammer-Jammer . . . WOOD, ANN, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars, Y.W.C.A., Chi Delta Phi, Crim- son-White, P.S.A. . , . WOOD, MARCELLE ELIZABETH, Little Rock, Ark., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Cheerleader, Spirit Committee . . . WOOD, MORRIS B., Brundidge, Junior in Commerce, Crimson-White, Glee Club, Wesley Foundation, Delta Sigma Pi, A Capella Choir . . , WOOD- RUFF, MARGIE HOUSER, Delta Delta Delta, Tuscaloosa, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Crimson-White, Y.W.C.A., Rammer-Jammer, WOOLRIDGE, WILL STRINGFELLOW, Delta Chi, Tuscaloosa, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . WOOLSEY, WILLIAM SWIFT, Selma, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Blaclctriars, Glee Club, Band, Orchestra . . . WORTSMAN, GENE, Zeta Beta Tau, Birmingham, Junior in Arts and Sci- ences, President, A.B. Association, Interfraternity Council, Assistant Editor, Rammer-Jammer, Press Club, Excelsior, Corolla, Crimson-White . . . WOZNIAK, FRANCIS JOHN, Dunkirk, N. Y., Sophomore in Arts and Sci- ences, Phi Eta Sigma . . . WRIGHT, CAMILLE SEARCY, Kappa Delta, Tuscaloosa, Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . WRIGHT, DOROTHY WILDER, Chi Omega, Bessemer, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Spirit Com- mittee, Y.W.C.A., Corolla. WRIGHT, JAMES MALACHI, Delta Chi, Tuscaloosa, Sophomore in Arts ancl Sciences, Corolla, Rammer-Jammer, Art Club, Vice-President, Fresh- man Class, Greeks . . . WRIGHT, RALPH DENNY, Phi Gamma Delta, Alexandria, La., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Transfer from U. ot Colorado . . WRIGHT, RICHARD EARL, Guin, Freshman in Commerce . . . WRIGHT, ROBERT THOMAS, Kappa Sigma, El Dorado, Ark., Fresh- man in Commerce, Y.M.C.A .... WRYE, MARGARET ELAINE, Phi MU, Birminaham, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Vocalist with Alabama Cavaliers, Pan-Hellenic Council , . . WYATT, ERVIN BAILEY, Phi Kappa Sigma, Miami. Fla., Junior in Home Economics, Phi Eta Sigma, Rho Alpha Tau, Honor Roll, Blackfriars, Phi Epsilon Honor Award, Wesley Foundation. WYKER, JOHN DANIEL, Kappa Alpha, Decatur, Junior in Commerce, Quadrangle, Greeks , . . YACUBIAN, M. HENRY, Summerville, Mass., Sophomore in Engineering . . . YARBROUGH, HELEN LEE, Tuscumbia, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Alpha Lambda Delta, Treasurer of Zeta Phi Eta, Y.W.C,A. Council, Girls' Spirit Committee, W.S.G.A., House of Rep- resentatives, Secretary of Wesley Foundation, Blackfriars . . . YATES, DOROTHY LEIGH, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Black- lriars, Y.W.C.A. . . , YEATES, SEYMOUR JOHN, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Birmingham, Freshman in Engineering, Vice-President, Freshman Class . . YELLOWBY, JESSIE FONTAINE, Phi Mu, Tuscaloosa, Junior in Arts and Sciences, Y.W.C.A., French Club, Spanish Club. YELLOWBY, JULIA PERKINS, Phi Mu, Tuscaloosa, Freshman in Arts and Sciences, Blacktriars, Y.W.C.A., Spanish Club . , . WEAVER, ROBERT E., Kappa Sigma, Goshen, Ind., Junior in Commerce, Interfraternity Council, Rammer-Jammer, Alpha Kappa Psi, Spirit Committee, Greeks, Glee Club, Excelsior, Business Manager of "A" Book, Y.M.C.A. . . . YODER, BEAT- RICE FLORENCE, Kappa Delta, Tuscaloosa, Freshman in Home Economics . . . YODER, KEITH JAY, Delta Tau Delta, Sturgis, Mich., Sophomore in Commerce, Phi Eta Sigma , . . YOUNG, GWENDOLYN ANN, Alpha Delta Pi, Selma, Freshmanvin Arts and Sciences . . . YOUNG, JAMES ERNEST, JR., Pi Kappa Phi, Gadsden, Junior in Commerce, I TM BAMA Rose wi AND THOMAS AN NIVEFISARY 'Q ' , GY Ni , VF' ,X x .3 4 h Q , . xc' ,K ' , . ..., V ,x 4 ? ' 5, " ' H -. L V .3 m Q! W fy , ral 3 p if 5 f? 1 i V w,,,.,...,,.-M,...---f-N fm g , 1 1 5 ,W y Hn, , ,, , .2,,ff4'?f1M 1 ,, .af.::,, .2 . ,ajdfx -1969 2 ' 1 mag, , f ,ffgi ' 1 11' 'X , . -, ' -1 Mtg: V - I 49 ' Af V fy.. . if ,fp 1 4 I I ,,,,w 135:59 ,,g,. ,E ,., i , l'wf f' ,uf , ,ay f. -ff' 5 nf V: Y ,Q,r!""f 1 ' ff' :,,-- . J ga:"f':f5 f Mi Qsifff' new .ff 1235 iff ' ' , f ' 4-Mf ,J My-'zxgaiif ,bf Qfafmgy . 4,,1" ':fQw'f"'mf, , J' . ' 1 '?'1f 'f 2 -f 1 - '15, ,V , .1 'gd .? 1 .ig W , V -5. I 1,4 'f ' f- x. I - V fl-MV-pf' pl gi , HMS' 1 "'g'.?2L7.x, ' jy:f.wg4.y I - , 14 3 2 , ,a.,u,g:y1xS,'?.N Nj' 5 .Q Av. W' ' aw5f:zm1.w.ww- 4' l 2 W . . '-Qgigg ' Lw3fdVwk"" 'C . U- ' 7 v . A . , Q ' A .,- F . , , x ' 5' ny- -. L, ., . '-wglf X :X Q--:X . , -qv M V 1,1 . , N , , f if-iw .A .M .- - :J wwmffaxues-N4 V ' ..,::i. gk : - . .V 1 Q43 ,- 5 , ,fgxlrzh-L . . Q-, . V45514-5..13-::.f,.-,. 'iff -' 39' 1 ' H ' ' ,qw . 1 5 ,-ARM v ' gg: 52"-253 -:f7n'.'.,2-z. 3-'S 'X 43.1 - ,U ' ii' . 'f .ff gels- , .5354 29,21 J- f f 1 f A 1 , 'z fry: k my dw W9 ,pf - J 'mf -..:- A, , fi 7, M F A 1 , ,fp x ' - ' ,NJ rf - 7. ,. A N wail W., , R QW J, 35532, 4 my k as .x 2345 A -an as m s X-Xwm ., Nw fm--WMM ww. Mm., -wi -fLsw.:5f5'-f.Q':uz. J -' 5 44 I Q25 , , , y..-1 ,- if -91551 W A ' wif? aS5'W3?'1 fxvffff 'Nm ,Vx fm L, XJ. ky, 'x 1 1 mqssxf Aa' ,fs me , 26' -1 .Q 'V 1 N , ' -,A . ,. ' - X 2.1 x ,. U , A---f-V - 4+ ,,,7Wn, fn Ecoe :tio OF THOSE CALLED TO THE COLORS f l .tt 1 -ew 4, ,A+ . G ,' ,fit!5w ' -fffff-if 5 f I ,wifi fi : 11" F"""'fisi'99, . iw. yffbww J .,H. 1 :,FMw c . . ' ' N i This page is dedicated to the Alabama graduates and to former Alabama undergraduates who are now in the ranks of the fighting forces of the United States Govern- ment. Men whose addresses were once University, Ala- bama, whose addresses may now be "Somewhere in the Pacific" or "Somewhere in Africa" or "Somewhere in Eu- rope" or Fort Bragg, Fort Barrancas, or Fort Knox, U.S.A. This page is a tribute to men 'like Joe Smith, William Allen, B. L. Machen, Jesse Cheatham, Haynes Thompson, and James Foy, who in former years were influential pow- ers on the Alabama campus, who were graduated, and who are ncw serving Uncle Sam. This page is a memorial to fellows like Bruce lvlorson, Hals Scarbrough, Brooks Hayes, William Lipsey, Conrad Fowler, Jce Payne and James Haisten, whose college ca- reers were interrupted by a call to duty in ci branch of service to the American government. This page is inscribed to men, now enrolled in the Uni- versity, but who, in a few months, will be in the country's lines seeking to establish a world society where free-think- ing men and women will be allowed to follow the dictates of their consciences. To these men and to other fellow Americans will fall the task of curbing the ruthless militarism of the Japanese government, toward giving the people of Germany a di- rected chance to enioy a democratic government, toward teaching the Italian people that power cannot be attained under the leadership of self-seeking, selfish, and vain- glorious leaders. To these men will fall the mantle of leadership to bring a war-torn world to prosperity again. To these men will be trusted the sacred privilege of restoring liberty again to oppressed legions. We think these men can do it. Page T64 J 3 THE extra-curricular activities of the Alabama student were many and varied. He could now choose from a variety of clubs that would cater to any special interests he might have. Aside from his fraternal affiliations, the Capstoner Worked in publications, in professional, social, religious, or honorary clubs. He could choose from the Crimsonfwhite, the Corolla, and the Rammer-Jammer for his journalistic work. The Y, M. C. A., the Y. W.. C. A., and the denominational clubs represented the religious phase of the University. For the budding actor or actress, Blackfriars offered an oppor- tunity for stage experience, makeup Work, or other backstage functions The Debate Squad gave practice to clear-headed young orators, and the literary societies fostered high standards of journalistic endeavor Ability and scholarship were recognized by a large number of honorary organizations Cmicron Delta Kappa asons, Quad tangle, and others honored men students, Mortar Board and Triangle were outstanding honoraries for women Phi Beta Kappa the highest scholastic honor, each year selected the top students for its membership The various schools and colleges had organizations recognizing achievement in their respective fields The University Glee Club and University Crchestra gave an outlet for musical expression on campus The Cotillion Club sponsored all University dances, and the Alabama Cavaliers, succeeding the Alabama Crimsons, supplied music ' T ,,,.a . . . . . 4 L . . . I . .1 . . . 1 c . , . L . . . . . . D . . . . . . . . . 4 . . . . . . . . . . . 1 s . - f C o fl '? 1 , 3 1 1' , ' , 1 .1 1 1 , f 1 , f 1' ,I 1 , 1 , If 1,1 I ,z K f , ff f f , f ,1 1 r 1 1 ,, 1 , , ,f ,f , ! 1, i ,., I -' Ajit' fl -5 --rg? -1 T -are . .1 if 5' ff 1" -rs, r - af , f1 --59,1 4.4. .- Q--g -9 ,- .-if :9.r' qv f 1. .4 -.r.. -yy ,ffm , 1 t f 1 If I 1 r 1 GWJZCWWM LE D ACTI LIFE More women was The principal developmenf for acTivi- Ties aT The UniversiTy when The fall session opened wiTh a record coed rosfer. Evidence of The coming of nearly 2,000 of The bamarous was all abouT. iT was firsT noficed by The men aT regisfra- Tion and in classrooms. Lafer iT became evidenT as The publicaTions began Their yearly grind, and coeds seem To ouTnumber The men as sTudenTs signed up for These offices. And, in The office of The Rammer-Jammer, The Cap- sTone's firsT woman editor, Dorofhy Wallace BaxTer, di- recTed acTiviTies. Down The hall, anoTher sfrong scholasfic currenT-or drafT-was evidenT. LisTer Brunson was Taking over The Corolla EdiTor's posT for Bruce Morson, called To duTy. Ofher publicafion heads-Jack Hines, Lem Coley- were saved by The grace of advanced R.O.T.C., and be- specfacled Hank Lewis was deferred, because, as he said, "They hadn'T lowered intelligence requirements yeT." Also wiTh a finger on The pulse of acTiviTies aT The Union were Cliff "Fluff" Fulford, SGA head, and his brain-TrusT, Charlie "Judge" Wood. Prime SGA obiecTive, laTer scuT- Tled, was a new consTiTuTion, designed To make The asso- ciafion an ocTive funcfioning body. Here The army sfruck also, persuading Fulford To Turn his execufive duTies over To Bill Long. Direcfing The record-size woman's world in iTs orderly routine of convocafions, lO:45 and Things-every-young-coed- should-know, The WSGA was doing an efficienf iob under The Tufelage of Molly Powell, and, excepT for a minor up- rising when 35O coeds goT resTricTion bans for passing up a convocafion, The women's group proved iTself adequaTe for The larger enrollmenf. Adding To The Union TumulT, and sfirring up as much noise as The cry for more TuTwiler Telephones was The Mil- lion Dollar Band. BuT This Time iT was a preTTy noise, and The famous red-coaTs were among The CapsTone's hardesT- working aggregafions, almosT Tirelessly going Through ma- neuvers for The fooTball fesfs, designed by iTs direcfor Carl- Ton K. BuTler, and laTer pracficing conTinually for iTs spring concerf and presenTaTion of iTs queen for The second Time, Mary Kafherin Johnson. OTher acTive noTes were blended inTo The general melee by Uncle Tom Garner's Glee Clubs, which carried on Their TradiTion of excellence and persisTence, climaxing Their performance wiTh The sTaging of "H.M.S. Pinafore" in April. Definifely also a performer. was The Blackfriar group, under The wing of busfling Dr. Lesfer Raines. Some of iTs presenfafions were poor, buT on The whole The dramafic group afforded color, genuine acfing abilify and The besT plays, again mainTaining iTs parT as an infegral campus maior acTiviTy. LaTer, 'Bama's H. PeTTus Randall came Through wiTh his "Who's Who" designafing sTudenTs deemed ousTanding . . . by whom, iT was noT revealed. BuT These men and women picTured in This secTion were noT The only ones who carried Through in The acTiviTies line and added To The ac- complishmenfs of campus life. DefiniTely in The maiorify were a greaf many, some of whom are porTrayed in The general acTiviTies picfures, who carried The brunf of The work in campus organizafions. Such generally unpubli- cized sTudenTs were Those who worked laTe aT nighf To meeT publicaTions deadlines, and The faifhful members of The CapsTone's 75 or more organizafions. ZesT and color was added To The Tide Trample on The gridiron by The Spirif CommiTTee. Dynamic Georgie Wal- lace, polifician definifely, lived up To his repuTaTion by providing The commiTTee wiTh an adeauafe lisT of mem- bers. BuT he goT his iob done in good fashion and wiTh The flare of brillianT fireworks displays and rallies. Turning poinT in campus acTiviTies was The annual elec- Tion held in April wiTh major polifical roles of The fuTure going To Bill Brooks, CW ediTor, John Will "Bubber" John- son, business cohorf, PaT Hayes and Bill Schuessler, Corolla ediTor and financial Trusfer, and Gene WorTsman and Joe Cobb in The same order for The Ram. Jack Williamson Took over The ill-faTed posT of Cofillion Club head from "Red" John Puryear, who had worked To give The Cap- sTone beTTer bands, buT had been Thwarfed by circum- sTances beyond his confrol. And "Tiny" Jacobsking, ro- Tund ruler of a campus maior poliTical uniT aT "The Vil- lage", Took over Wallace's Job on The commiTTee. BBQUQ' B! 600,755 l 80:04-,rrlbrs . "O' cc, Of - '77 P - C pf'-T P Ubbbq Oro!! Sf-S fjbn I I C-OU 0 0170077 s . 9 C I Ugly ' I S r of s I ' 4 D 1,77 sons W C1068 . ' I 9 G ebofe like - A 775 lee Sqllq ' 4 cf . Foifony Clubs . 776 'Me es ' A I f7f9 S . 74 1900707 fudeni - g I ' 778 S - ef-J G V T S plrly C 01,7076 Oyernlh I I 0 . ' ' ' I wnqpshof mmlhee H I enf V H 82 603 ws , S , ' - 204 ywomenf 60 , ' E . 770 'A'1.Q4 S Sfuden . ' V 'ond y f Gaye ' I . 786 .144 CA rumen, . 216 U ' . . A 212 . , 172 . 788 n 5 Q ie -Qui W J if .fs lxil L' XEH ff f T ,fi fi .ff N E The University of Alabama has as its supreme purpose the training of young men and women in the principles of good citizenship. Student government is the lab in which these principles may be put into actual practice. Thus since the days of the Civil War students at the University have exercised the right of self-government. ln T914 they obtained a written constitution, which to keep pace with the times has been revised four times since then. Ac- cording to this constitution every student enrolled in the Uni- versity is automatically a member of the Student Associa- tion. As such it is his privilege and obligation to support the student government, either actively as an officer or com- mittee member or as an informed voter in student body elections. Heading the Student Association is the Execu- tive Committee made up of the President, Vice-President, and the Secretary-Treasurer of the Student Association, the President and Vice-President of Women's Student Govern- ment Association, and one member-elected from each school or college on the campus. lt is this committee .. L H My 1' 'f,, -ti ' 1 I ., -k- - Q' , ' X W h F in 'x - . . which wields both legislative and executive power, making and enforcing the rules and regulations for student con- duct. A member of this committee presides at all trials for violations of the honor system, and no one may be a candidate for a student office until his qualifications for the office are examined and passed upon by this com- mittee. This insures the election of competent officers rather than merely skilled politicians. The student government holds all student body elections including elections of the Junior Prom Committee, Cheer Leaders and the Cotillion Dance Committee. The Execu- tive Council makes out an annual budget subject to the approval of the Board of Publications of each student activity receiving financial aid from the University student activity fund. Cliff Fulford, I9-42's capable student body prexy, was drafted but Bill Long, his successor, did a splendid iob during his half a term. Executive Committee Student Gov- ernment Association. Left to right -McDowell, Wood, Watson, Wig- gins, Wood, Long, Finch, Powell, Mason, and Shumaker. f fi i VY" N l , I i , ll ' ff- 'l ' l l ll l l . li Ii OFFICERS CLIFFORD FULFORD President BILL LONG Vice-Presicleni PEYTON FINCI-I Secrefcii-y,Trec1surer " l 4.1-cgi . I , Clifford Fulford EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE CLIFFORD FULFORD BILL LONG PEYTON FINCI-I BILL SCI-IUESSLER ROBERT MASON TOM SI-IUMAKER . MARY FRANCES WATSON JACK WOOD EMILY WIGGINS Cl-IARLIE WOOD . WALTER McDOWELL I HOWARD LEWIS . HUNTER MONTGOMERY MOLLY POWELL . , . CAREY WILLIAMSON Choirmcin Vice-Choirmon . Secretory School of Commerce College of Aris ond Sciences School of Chemisfry . College of Educcifion I College of Engineering School of Home Economics , I , School of Low School of Medicine . . . . . Grocluoie School Eleclecl from lost yeor's Commilfee I . . , Presidem' ol WSGA . Vice-President of WSGA ,QQ II W ,f7!,1f if ,i fix my I mx in ICQ: .I ,-fi' , X I N '- X ' tl l it fl" ll l li lil! ll xx" xxx like XXX ft I- J' i 1 ' II li I lk N NI i f W." ' It I I ' m In la LJ --Ava LI L Ll ' MOLLY POWELL . CAREY WILLIAMSON ELOISE BURDESI-IAW Martha Lou Jones Exine Addison Jane Arthur Nancy Benham Ruth Breen Mary Cherry Marion Doughty Helen Duggar Barbara Griffin Mary Horton Juanita Lassiter Lf' fy, ,fi I ffl If :Z at y 1 I XX yf I A lk I I .sg iff ffvlf ff-D 0,7 I Q F f BOARD OF DIRECTORS Mary Elizabeth Fite Lexie Beggs Helen Batchelor Jane Berry HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Evelyn Marks Bessie Merriwether Mary Alice Plemons Marie Riley Sarah Sawyer Virginia Sparks Ruth Vicks Frances Watkins Helen Yarbrough Helen Anderson Annie Pearl Bailey Peggy Bonner Eugenia Carson Adileen Donaldson Miriam Dreyfussl Margaret Ellington May Johnson Kathryn Hill . President Vice-President . Secret ary Pete Miles Nancy McAdams Carolyn Masters Dorothy Pate Peggy Pope Betsy Royce Margaret Skewes Jane Underwood Mariorie Washburn Ida Martin Windham ME t E if Q 3 ,K t 1 fd ' BOARD OF DIRECTORS Conway, Rainer, Carpenter, Jones, Burcleshaw, Powell, Batchelor, Fite, Nettles, and Deaver. Women's Student Government on the Alabama campus has just completed one of the best years in its history. Long recognized as one of the most efficient student or- ganizations on the campus, WSGA is, in truth, a govern- ment of the women students, by the women students, and for the women students. lts chief business is to regulate the conduct of and to attend to all the business which pertains strictly to the feminine students on the campus. The power to enact regulations concerning the conduct of the women is vested in the Board of Directors, which is composed of the President, Vice-President, and Secretary of the Women's Student Government Association, a town representative, a transfer representative, sorority and non- sorority representatives, and a representative from each class, all elected by popular vote of the women. These, the highest offices girls can hold on the campus, are hotly contested. The Board of Directors is aided in its law enforcement by the House of Representatives which is composed of the president of each sorority and the hall chairman of each dormitory. ln every possible way, the Women's Student Government seeks to cooperate with and further the plans and hopes of its faculty advisor, Dean Agnes Ellen Harris, and serves to make closer and more friendly relationships between the faculty and the students. The elections held this year in March, started the po- litical ball rolling. Aspirants to offices must have at least one hundred and fifty signatures to a petition asking that they run, before they may be entered as candidates into the contest. Then come the days of politicking, of making announcements during meals at sorority houses and dormitory dining halls, of visiting each room on the dormitory halls, and finally, of election. Once each month, the women students are summoned to a meeting or convocation, sponsored by VVSGA. At these convocations, important student government an- nouncements are made, programs announced or presented, toppings conducted by the honor societies on the campus, and introduction made of candidates for political offices. Two of the most important highlights of the year for the women students are the Homecoming and Christmas convocations, Each year, according to tradition, the women students parade behind the band from the lawn of Doster Hall to their seats in the Auditorium on Home- coming morning. They are presented with a program very apropos for the occasion, the great speaker of which is usually the wife of the Governor of Alabama. Just as beloved a tradition is the annual Christmas convocation, preceded by the Christmas dinner parties in every dormitory and sorority house, and followed im- mediately by an all-girl dance. lt is every girl's pleasure to take part in the preparation for and participation in any of these three events planned for the night of the Christmas festivityi This year, under the able leadership of Molly Powell, President, Women's Student Government has taken long strides in its never ceasing growth and development. Several times during this year, this government for girls has been called upon to show its true worth and ability -and each time it has met the test. Since these feminine politicians are elected to office only by the vote of the women students, and since the government they set up and maintain displays more and more its durability and efficiency, it might be well to point out that this govern- ing body is truly representative of the entire body of women students. ln a democratic nation such as the one in which We live, could anything be more desirable than such a system of government? gamma!! af L LI B The membership of The Council of Clubs is composed The campus, and coordinaTes The work of These groups of one represenTaTive from each recognized organizaTion wiTh The Sfudent AssociaTion and The UniversiTy. The Coun on The campus. The Council has conTrol over all maTTers cil TurTher seeks To eliminaTe all organizaTions which are of common inTeresT To exTra-curricular organizaTions on unworthy oT existence on The campus. OFFICERS HUNTER MONTGOMERY . . . . Presidenf MARJORIE WALMSLEY . . Secretary Abb Scarbrough Julian McKinnon Jack Edmonds William Miller James Davis Marian Graves LaNeil Lamb Anne Daniel Harvey Pope George Wallace Louise Goode Jewel Hudgins Reginald Jones STewarT LeBlanc Ralph Franco Clifford Eulford Mary Cherry - Will Halsey Page T74 Mildred Pipes Jack Bingham Emily Wiggins John Murray Louise ChrisTian Joe Kiskis George Hawkins James Adler James Blaodworth Alice Rufh Feafhersion Gorman Jones Ed Lear Perry Hubbard Bill Jordan James GunTer Eloise Burdeshaw John McCormack CaTherine Harris Goyerning over all student publications, 'the otticial Board ot Publications has as its duty to pass on the eligi- bility ot the candidates for the publication ottices and to select their assistants. The complete power to change rules and policies is also invested in this body. The board is composed ot four taculty members and tive students. The Dean ot Men is its chairman and other taculty members are the Dean ot Women, the head ol the journalism laculty, and a representative from the English department. The student members include the president ot the student body, and the editors and business man- agers ot the two major publications. The president ot the Women's Student Government antends all meetings, and the editor and business manager ot the Rammer-Jammer attend those meetings which pertain to the Rammer-Jam- mer. MEMBERS DEAN JAMES H. NEWMAN DEAN AGNES ELLEN HARRIS DR. A. P. BEEDON DR. WILLIAM C. FRIERSON BILL LONG LISTER BRUNSON JACK I-IINES HANK LEWIS LEM COLEY Cr! Chairman Deon of Women Department of Journalism Department of English President of Student Body Editor of Corolla Business Manager of Corolla Editor at Crimson-White Business Manager of Crimson-White p . . Q- tx Yield... "1"'fv LISTER BRUNSON, Edifor of The Corolla, overcame unbelievable difficulties This year ediTing The yearbook in The shorTesT Time ThaT iT has ever been published. Righffully, his Time should have been monopolized by The Law School and by Q.lvl.C. of Advanced Milifary, yeT oTher sfaff members rarely worked in The office during The year wifhouf having The ediTor as company plugging away at his desk. Despife Threafened shorTages of gold ink and en- gravings because of The war and an earlier deadline because of shorTer working hours for prinTers The edifor has managed wifh The aid of a hardworking sTaff To produce whaf we believe will be anoiher outsfanding year-book for Bama. 726 TT ll T levy L A Q77 vyx .Z Fifiy years ago The firsT Corolla came off The press. This year The Golden Anniversary ediTion comes out cenTered around The Theme, "Bama Today," as a bigger and beTTer Than ever presenTaTion of The UniversiTy's developmenf during The pasf half-cenfury. The Corolla, only year book of iTs class in The Soufh To hold an All-American raTing for The pasf Two con- secuTive years, conTains in This ediTion more individual picfures and more ediforial maTTer Than ever before. In The pasf nine monfhs The sfaff has waded Through Tons of copy, en- graver's proofs, phofos and prinTer's copy To accurafely bring The sTudenTs an accounf of evenTs consTiTuTing The growTh of Their Universify from a small school wiTh less Than lOO sTudenTs To an insTiTuTion of more Than 5,000 en- rollmenf. Only Through complefe comradeship and close harmony has The sfaff been able To aTTain Their primary aims. The compefence of The sTaff is obvious in The high qualify publicaTion iT has produced. LisTer Brunson and Jack Hines successfully direcfed Their crews in puTTing auf The greaTesT Corolla of all Times. The news sTaff posi- Tion, head of The office force, was efficienfly held down by Isabel Rainer, who direcfed The TypisTs and kepT office business in general moving aT Times when iT looked as if The whole ouTfiT were bogging down. The shoofing of The increased number of campus acTiviTies picfures for The lf?-42 Corolla required almosf consTanT work on The parf of Two sfaff phofographers, Joe STarnes and Sam Simpson. During The pasf year a large porfion of The 'Bama sTudenTs had Their picfures snapped by These roving cameramen, liTTle realizing ThaT wiTh The publicafion of The Corolla They would be supplied wiTh an indelible record of Their campus acTiviTies and a consTanT reminder of Their "Rah Rah" days. SporTs were capably handled for The Golden Anniversary edifion by Bob Spann and .lim Beech. Of course, The assisTanT edifors, Paf Hayes and Henry Leslie, The assisTanT business managers, Bill Schuessler and .lack Green, and The VVomen's ediTor, Louise Hafcher, came in for Their share of The dirfy work. NOT ThaT Hines and Brunson were aT all indolenf, iT iusf requires The complefe cooperafion of an energefic Trained sTaff To success- fully gef our a year-book of Corolla caliber. THE BUSINESS STAFF SeaTed: Leslie, Rainer, Hatcher, Hayes . . . Sfand- ing: Glazer, Blair, McGaw, Childress, FosTer, Coffey, Morgan, Royal. Page T76 3' THE BUSINESS STAFF Seated: Green, Schuess fer, Baker . . . Standing Hayes, Hines, Kennedy Archibald, Rainer, 3 : 'X 1 '.- ,f ll H y I 0 I ii e e , nned -1 EDITORIAL STAFF LISTER BRUNSON ..,...........,, Editor-in-Chief Louise Hatcher, Women's Editor, Pay Hayes, Assistant Editor, Henry Leslie, Assistant Edi- tor, Jim Beach, Sports Editor, Dr. A. P. Beedon, Faculty Advisor, Bruce Morson, Hank Lewis, Dorothy Baxter, Honorary Associate Editors. WOMEN'S STAFF: Anne Beeland Becky Reames, Jonnye Owens, Lyda Foster, Pat Mori- son, Sara Frances Myers, Dorothy Wright, Danner Carter, Ruth Moorer, Geraldine Childress, Joyce Henley. GENERAL STAFF: Isabel Rainer, Buck Royal, Ruth Madden, Evelyn Glazer, Lynn Mc- Gaw, Barbara Blair, Becky Jones, Betty Wilkerson, Jane Coffey, Helen Leeper, Imogene Sims, Virginia Dice, Mozelle Hill, Laura Ann Cobb, Anis Audrey, Cleo Dansby, Anna Laura Brown, Pearlie Goldman, Fay Belt, Alice Washington, Mildred McCarstin, Paula Partridge, Pat Vance, Jean Severence, Olive Elmore, Sam Skemp. SPORTS STAFF: Bob Spann, Rea Schuessler, Bob Marrisette. EDITORIAL STAFF: Gene Jordan, Ed Morgan, Jim Gunter, Barbara Hodge, Marion Wol- ford, John McCormack, Jean Hale, Gene Wortsman, Ed DeMotte, Charles McBurney. IPHOTOGRAPHIC STAFF: Joe Starnes, Sam Simpson, P. C. Boisseau, Mike Langon, Manny Si ver. BUSINESS STAFF JACK HINES ................, Business Manager Bill Schulessler, Jack Green, Assistant Business Managers, L. L. Boylan, Dean J. H. New- man, Faculty Advisors, Bill Snow, Lem Coley, Marlin Moore, Mark Ray Clements, Honorary Associate Business Managers. CIRCULATION STAFF: Sally Rainer, Tom Hines, Connie Wing, Hugh Kennedy. GENERAL STAFF: Ann Hill, Edward Archabald, Ginny Garth, Betty Dickson, Minnie Hayes, Beatrice Yoder, Dot Nettles, Micky Ganne, Margie Woodruff, Pat Morris, Lydie Wil- liams, Furman Baker, Janny Burnham. Page I77 JACK HINES, business manager of the Anniversary edition after four years as iust another member of the staff, really had to step this year to keep up with the pace of Editor Brunson and his staff. Directing his staff of 20, Hines buckled dawn early in the year to his record-making work by selling the greatest number of Corollas in the history of the publication. ln addition to this, he also sold one of the heaviest advertising schedules ever carried by a Corolla business manager, a creditable achieve- ment in view of merchants' curtailed advertising allotments. Naturally, Hines ran into many snags in the course of the year but, as he expressed it, "The toughest iob of any business manager is keeping the editor from spending all the money." I HANK LEWIS, Editor The Editorial Staff r-X T A C I lvl Q1 N Completely new in make-up, the I9-4I-42 Crimson-White, under the tutelege of Editor Hank Lewis and Business Manager Lem Coley, repre- sented a striking change from the editions of previous years. To the general student the campus paper "just looked different," but to the editorial staff it was all-out for "streamlining" In their more tech- nical lingo, they had dropped "run-over" stories," reiuvenated inside and back page make-up, dropped column rules, used more bold face type and headlines, headlined editorials, departmentalized pages and "lightened" the paper. The staff included a corps of veteran writers despite the army call. Most veteran were Elinor Brooks, Hale Scarbrough, John McCormack and Bob Sponn. Scarbrough and Miss Brooks found it necessary to resign their positions as managing editor and women's editor at the middle of the term. Bill Brooks and Pat Gevers took over and carried on capably. EDITORIAL STAFF HOWARD I. LEWIS ..,.,....... Editor MANAGING EDITOR: Hale Scarbrough, ASSISTANT MANAGING EDITOR: John McCormack, SPORTS EDITOR: Bob Spann, WOMEN'S EDITOR: Patricia Gevers, NEWS EDITOR: William Mayes, FEATURE EDITOR: Charles McBurney, INOMEN'S FEATURE EDITOR: Lorraine Nelson, EDITORIAL SECRETARY: Marguerite Channell. COPY DESK: Byron Pulley, Harold Cheatham, Edward DeMotte, Martha Ross. , GENERAL STAFF: Judson Holmes, Thomas Smith, Pete Swees, Frank Austin, James Gunther, Hal King, Howard Silber, Mildred Barrow, Page Edwin Price, Ruth Skinner, Irvine Morris, William Sorum, Chester Johnson, Chester Brandon, Noble Richardson, Robert Anderson, Alfred Van Hoose, Bill Brooks, Nick Fedew, Eleanor Sturgis, Margaret Fon- dren, Joseph Kanter, Erwin Morris, Norris Wimberley. SPORTS STAFF: Bert Scott, Bob Morissette, Jim Beech. WOMEN'S STAFF: Alice Washington, Mary Lamont, Becky Jones, Elinor Brooks, Elizabeth Cole, Lydie Williams, Joanne Rhea, Anne Wood, Gerry Childress, Margaret Ann Morgan, Ann Webster, Ann Upchurch, Nancy Bratton, Regina Miller, Andree Cargile, Helen Butch- elor, Dolores Cimorell. I78 The Business Staff fix jf' ff jf -1 Tj fill i , . j -, f I l I x . ' I 2 ji: j l it I la ..l lol Editorial Boss, Lewis, looks to thcse who meet him for the first time like a precocious freshman, with large glasses, small stature, always a coat and a new project. His editorial projects for the year were varied, with his clipped, cut words directed chiefly at TutwiIer's phone system, advocacy of a Union date room and a graduate endowment plan. On the side he was spasmcdically identified with the Press club, the executive committee, the BRN, the news bureau, "Who's Who," and the Meadowbrook golf links IIS holes: I58l. Business Boss Coley was actively identified with practically everything on campus. His pet project of recent months was the BRN where he was equally versatile as an announcer and a public relations man. A meeting- goer from way way, this other member of the Crimson-White "Who's Who," cculd be seen at every get together of ODK, the spirit committee, the inter- fraternity council. He is a member tco of Rho Alpha Tau, Druids, and Phi 4 1 wwf Eta Sigma. LEM COLEY, Business Manager BUSINESS STAFF LEM COLEY ........... Business Manager ADVERTISING MANAGER: Bubber Johnson. COLLECTION MAN- ager: Carl Morring. CIRCULATION MANAGER: Norvin Hunnicutt. ADVERTISING STAFF: Elwood Rutledge, Sam Skemp, James Harper, Shirley Coogan, Etta Louise Goldman, Edward Disher, Tom Howell, Tom Lewis, Bill Oliver. ' COLLECTION STAFF: Bill Sanders, Macon Roberts. CIRCULATION STAFF: Bebe Montgomery, Mary Kathryn Armour, Sue Daniels, Margie Woodruff, Marianne Beavers, Yale Friedlander, Herbert Tischler, Robert Solnick, Maurice Kravtin, Paul McWhorter, Paul Smith, Bill Darby, Hughes Kennedy, Miriam Bolton, Luella Scog- gins, Marion Callahan, Jonnie Owens, Pat Marrison, Joyce Whittington, Jane Caffey, Jacqueline Brown, Jean Deason, Jane Tatum, Beatrice Yoder, Sam Bealle, Tom King, Charlie Whitfield, Mary Ray, Dick Ben- nett, Jimmie Bross, Ruth Jones. Page I79 History was made this year by DOROTHY WALLACE BAXTER. She not only was the first woman editor of the Rammer-Jammer, but her edi- torial policy helped the magazine reach a peak in circulation. Besides being Chief Ram for l942, she was president of A.D. Pi So- rority and a member of the Mortar Board, women's honor society. Miss Baxter's spark was shown on the pages of humor not only through her writings, but also through her editorial efforts, 5 A lvl lvl - Distribution to former Barnians all over the nation, as well as to students on the campus, reached a new high for the Ram- mer-Jammer this year. After nearly two decades of service at the Capstone, the student humor magazine can boast this year the largest circulation in its history. A large part of this growth in production was due to the literary efforts of Editor-in-Chief Dorothy-Wallace Baxter and to the business policies of Business Manager Bill Snow. Under the direction of these two the Ram staff turned out jokes, fic- tion, editorials, vignettes, sports and poems covering about twenty-six pages each issue. Managing Editor Gene Wortsman, besides writing short stories and features for each issue, helped edit, copyread and com- bine each Ram. Decorating the pages of the publication were cartoons and pictures from all parts of campus life. Featured in one edition was the Homecoming Queen. An- other was a special A-Day issue, with pictures and stories about the yearly celebration. Winners of the annual Ram advertis- ing contest this year were the Alpha Gams, who got to produce the April issue. They had their own writers, copy girls, re- writers, and editor. Since the magazine's foundation by Robert Matherne and Clifford T. Inglis back in 1923, it has grown and expanded until today it is an Alabama institution. lt has risen from a new and unproven publication to one which is quoted by humor publications throughout the nation. THE EDITORIAL STAFF Seated: M a d d e n, Brown, Henderson, Sil- ver . . . Standing: Wortsman, Beech, King, Christian, McBurney, Boisseau, S a n d e r s, Wright, Kertman, Mor- gan. I 1 in in fr. li 'lllltllx ,NN I llllllv ,lip Wee 'l.,-JI! " f il I il is I EDITORIAL STAFF DOROTHY-WALLACE BAXTER ,.....,..,. Editor HONORARY ASSOCIATE EDITORS: Lister Brunson, Howard Lewis, Clifford Fulford, MANAGING EDITOR: Gene Wortsman, ASSISTANT EDITOR: Howard Silber, SPORTS EDITOR: Jim Beech: ART EDITOR: Wriglit Christian, PHOTO EDITORS: P. C. Boisseau, Sam Simpson, EXCHANGE EDITOR: Charles Adair, COPY BOY: Jimmy Nettles. WOMEN'S STAFF: Anna Laura Brown, Ruth Madden, Elinor Brooks. GENERAL STAFF: Bill Palmer, Virginia Dice, Mary Lamont, Andre Car- gile, Pick Lusk, Milton Marx, James Hegenwold, Gwen Young. ART STAFF: Jimmy Wright, Lucia Jones, Elizabeth Harsh, Jean Moore, Hal King. BUSINESS STAFF BILL SNOW ....,... . . . Business Manager HONORARY BUSINESS MANAGERS: Jack Hines, Lem Coley, John Pur- yeor: ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGER: Bob Weaver: CIRCULATION MAN- AGER: Lamar Sanders: COLLECTION MANAGER: Lynn Jenks: ADVERTIS- ING MANAGER: Kent Hall: TYPIST MANAGER: Tom Fitzpatrick: OFFICE BOY: John James. CIRCULATION STAFF: Betty .lean Hunt, Lillian Davy, Ruth Madden, Joyce Whittington, Lola Walton, Ruth Davis Jones, Mark Shotz, Virginia Burkholder, Ernest Edwards, Herbert Satterwhite, John Barr, Imogene Sims, Joe Sudduth, Virginia Dice, Dick Hammond, Foy Guinn. ADVERTISING STAFF: Doris Jones, Jeanne Hails, Willette Smith, Emily Stong, Douglas McRee, Max Gilmer, Donald Gordon, B. G. Feibelmon, Leon- ard Hagedorn, Sam Levine, Jocquelyn Emerson, Luela Scoggins. GENERAL OFFICE STAFF: Dwight Mclnish, Jeff DeGraffenreid, Marvin Rich, Fred Berman, Louise Runge, Mary Miles Camp, Mary Chapman, Jean Gilison, Mariorie Gondren, Andria Scarborough, Dick Ferrell, Clara Witsell, Soldie Davidson, Charles Henry, Jo Brokaw, Fay Belt, Sam Cleveland, Fred George. TYPISTS: Becky Averyt, Becky Reames, Claire Covington, Emalyn Hender- son, Som Johnson, Clifton Penick, Joe Sewell. 7.,--fs- -M-rg?" 3' Mainly through the work of BILL SNOW, Business Manager of the Ram, the magazine experienced its best financial condition since its foundation. Although Bill never seemed to be in a hurry to collect his adds, he always appeared before deadline with a handfull of advertisements, both local and national. He was president of Phi Delta Theta fraternity and o member of ODK and Jasons honor societies. THE BUSINESS STAFF Seated: Coffey, Hall Cobb . , . Standing: Wood ruff, Edwards, Mathews, Guin, Farns- wo rth. 7he GLEE CMIB In its thirty-seventh session, The Boy's Glee Club has climaxed all previous years with concerts, Trips, and contests. In Montgomery This year, the Glee Club won the State Coral Cup Tor the third time and Tor "keeps" This time. The club entered The nation-wide Fred Waring Reccrd contest. For Their entry in The contest The boys sang "All Through The Night" and "Song ot The Crimson Tide." Again This year They acted as a good will agent ot The University by visiting many high schools and Towns in this state. Other places which have been visited by the group in past years include Wash ington, D. C., The WorId's Fair in New York, and Atlanta, Georgia. "Pinatore," Gilbert and Sullivan Operetta was presented by the two glee clubs this year. The masculine leads were taken by Philip Moss, Jim Gunter, Rodney Wiggin, Ernest Edwards, Walter Monroe, and John Oliver. The Bcy's Glee Club has become as much of a tradition on the campus as their able director, Uncle Tom Garner. JAMES W. GUNTER PHILIP B. MOSS . RODNEY A. WIGGIN First Tenor Rodney A. Wiggin Donald F. Colquett A. A. Elliott Stewart A. LeBlanc, Jr Robert J. Stuart, Jr. Julian Edwards Billy Hurst ' Murray Kitman Hartwell Ward Leroy McEntire Irvine C. Morris Second Tenor R. Gordon Heaton OFFICERS MEMBERS Clarence B. Rosser, Jr. William Horace Cade Philip B. Moss Alan B. Cheney Milton Collier Edward Dasher Donald Gooden John W. McLellan Percy M. Pitts Robert M. Steel Leon Stewart Chas. B. Waldrop Robert E. Weaver First Bass Elton Bonner Peter A. DiRite' Blake W. Godfrey Thomas F. Hines Reuben C. Joiner Walter H. Monroe Morris B. Wood Estan J. Bloon William H. Conner Ross Davidson . . President . Vice-President . . . Secreta ry Second Bass Thos. R. McEniry Ernest N. Edwards James W. Gunter John P. Oliver Richard A. Close Marion B. McMurphy William A. Woolsey Dan Chapman Walker P. Cradclock Cameron B. Forrest Henry L. Casen J. Howard Conner Milton D. McLaughlin First Row: Waldrop, Stewart, Gooden, Kitman, DiRito, Cheney, Dasher, Weaver . . . Second Row Cade, Heaton. Moss, Garner. director, Gunter, Stuart. Colquett . . . Third Row: Conisha, White, Clase Hurst, Edwards, Collier . . . Fourth Row: Steel, Hines, Joiner, Wood, Monroe. . X , - 2' v's,i'i5"'7 VI ""'.-1 3 'Y' FWF: 3 . I ff., , I -,-., 3 I I L. I I , , "',"""'V . I ' fl' J I , ,A . .1 J .I X I ' First Row: J, Morris, Weekley, Boxley, Hartman, Walkley, Cloud, Goldman, Woodward . . . Second Row: Lee, Sturgis, Fulfcrd, Burdescw, Garner, director, Humber, Levar, Parsons, J. Fite . . . Third Row: M. Morris, Schriner, Lewis, Brown, Dunn, G. Ellis, Swingle, Frazer, M. E. Parsons. Oliver . . . Fourth Row: Darden, Rasberry, M. W. Fite, Betts, Glaze, Murphy, Spooner, Handley, Pappas. L The Madrigal Club, better known as the Girls Glee Club, is completing its fifteenth year under the direction of Uncle Tom Garner. Several concerts were given and were enthusiastically received. Then together with the Men's Glee Club, they presented their l4th performance ot a Gilbert and Sullivan Operetta by giving the famous "Pinatore" in Morgan Hall on May I4 and l5. Among those taking the feminine leads in the Operetta were! Minnie Watt Fite, Doris Ann Humber, and Nina Wingle. Also many of them were in the chorus ot the production. The group has always been prominent among the nation's best and during the year usually appears on some coast to coast network, OFFICERS TOM GARNER . . . . Director ELOISE BURDESHAW . . Presfdent ALICE NELLE FULFORD . . Vice-President DORIS ANNE HUMBER . , Secretary MEMBERS First Sopranos Annie Lou Duncan Any Ellis Jane Fite Minnie Watt Fite Helen Lee' Ethel Levar Mary M. Morris Marjorie Woodward Second Sopranos Lou Betts Joan Nickley Mildred Brakeman Eloise Burdeshcw Sarah Cloud Betty Ann Darden Nettie Jean Lewis Julia Raverzel Morris Virginia Moses Frances Oliver Zatero Pappas Nonnie Parsons Ann Rasloerry Catherine Shelton Page IB3 Mildred Smith Eldena Sturgis Annette Walkley Mary Edna Weekley First Alto Fay Baxley Frances Bryant Martha Clark Carolyn Dunn Alice Nelle Fultord Elaine Heaton Isabel Inge Second Alto Jane Casteel Edith Frazer Bonnie Handley Mary Lee Hartman Minnie Hayes Doris Anne Humber Rae Murphy Mary Elizabeth Parsons Marion Schrinner Agnes Spooner Nina Swingle AL Head Drum Moior Whitfield, oncl Sponsor Johnson. . F in ,ll , ,pw U 0 if ,f .7 ,4 f , ff Aj 7 TM! ff' rf! MM M ywylfib . Under The oble direction of CorleTon K. Butler, The UniversiTy's "Million Dollor" Bond climoxed oll preceding yeors wiTh o bond ThoT hold noTionol Tome. For The Tirsf Time This yeor, The bond occomponied The Crimson Tide fooTboIl Teom To ci bowl gome ond reolly sTruTTed iTs sTuTT oT The CoTTon Bowl Gome, wiTh such originol sTunTs os "Pop Goes The Weasel" ond The "Score" TormoTion. Severol other Trips were Token by The RedcociTs To Birminghom ond New Orleons. The bond wos led for The Third successive yeor by high sTepping Drum Moior Goius VVhiTTield, occomponying The new sponsor Miss Mory KoTherine Johnson. Much of The success mode wos due To The work of Wilmer Porker, Monoger, ond Henry Leslie, CopToin. The RedcooTs ore composed of over 90 members who ore selecTed in Sep- Tember ciTTer TryouTs hove been held. Keys ore given, bosecl upon The lengTh of Time The recipienis hove ployed in The bond. They put on The show. Bomo's "Million Dollor" Bond. wifi , I . T ig EMM" CARLETON K. BUTLER I HENRY LESLIE WILMER PARKER ..,4 MARY KATHERINE JOHNSON . GAIUS WHITFIELD . . . WILLIAM DODSON Flutes Ames Ripley Charles Hacket Charles Henry Clarinets John Ray Milton Marx William Crum Kalman Schworts Harry Andes Pope Gordon William Conisha Henry Miller Guy Rutledge Wellington Gillis William Sanders Wilbur Hinton James Woll Fred Wirth Tom McCullough Allan Korn Salon Slover Joe Eshelman Sidney Goldberg AN OFFICERS MEMBERS Frank Persons George Moye Alvin Ricles Alto Saxophone George Bishop Parker Waller Irving Silverman James Harper Richard Von Hala Tenor Saxophone Charles Welch Donald Leard Harold Thrapp Baritone Saxophone Garold Kincannan Trumpets Henry Leslie Harry Grevert Gerald Welch Frank Donnelly Robert Cummings Ha rold Cooley Leonard Bernstein Robert Armstrong On the field at Henry Randall Stanlorcl Skinner Ellis Conner Floyd Gilbert Don Dahlene Jack Marsh Ray Mclnnis Peter DiRito Hardy Conner Jay Miller .IaCk Burns Robert Mclntyre William Brunson David Blumberg Horns Walter Clark George Hiorth Sanuel Abston Trombones Wilmer Parker Kenneth Winslow Ross Davidson Edward Smith Milton Gardner the half. . Director . Captain . . , Manager , . . Sponsor Head Drum Maior . , , Librarian John McCIanahan Herbert Ball William Ledue James Hodges Elmer Pollen Baritones Jack Lewis William Dodson Herman Robinson Robert MacClellan Bass Dixon Meyers Cymbal Ray Prolsdorler Glockenspeil Edgar Lambert James Bearclen Drum Majors Gaius Whitfield Buddy Kava Max Gilmer Les Frawley Harry Lipson Lloyd Newcomer I I I Colonel Butler 'T' 'Y f 'j,3iQ" I U- ' ' I we 1 'enlli A- of sg - sniff f. 35 .1.1 ,im y L- 1 g v: 1 ,, It I l :""I J ,4 4 I 1 i ff ' "i' I, 1 I L. - v. -. .s 41- 1 E , .. . 4 ' i' sf .. , ' ,IQ J, IW D A 'R J , I NII M X E21 -ua. J I' Q V ,, fry i 'ff' ' I' The bass section tunes up. ED v!',,ffQicx.X WX W is if si an L. The SpiriT CommiTTee is designed To promoTe a beTTer school spiriT among The various groups and organizaTions on The campus. IT was This commiTTee who held pep ral- lies and led colorful parades before The games in Bir- mingham and Tuscaloosa. RepresenTaTive men from all groups on The campus, boTh non-fraTerniTy and fraTerniTy are chosen To make up The commiTTee. Each year The cc-mmiTTee awards Two cups, one To The fraTerniTy and one To The sororiTy showing The besT spiriT during Home- coming. Decoraficns and work on The bonfire boTh counT in This conTesT. OFFICERS GEORGE WALLACE . , . . PresidenT JOE KISKIS . . . , Vice-President W. T. DeSlERO . . Secrefary-Treasurer MEMBERS Charles Adair Furman Baker Jim CarnwrighT Edmond Cash Hal Cleveland Oscar Cohen Warren Coleman Lem Coley David Cowen ArThur Cromarty Jim Dawson H. P. Downey Sidney Goldberg Jack Green Al Grusha John Homil Billy Harrell W. Heiler Jack Hines Roberf Husion Bert Jacobs Reginald Jones Bubber Johnson Sid KaTz Gerald King J. J. Klein Parnell Lewis John May HunTer Monfgornery James McLean George Merwin John Puryear Donald Solis Paul Salfer Mariy Savifska Bill Schuessler Frank ShirTz John Slosar Bill Waife Roberf Wraver Gaius Whitfield Jack Williamson Zane Wilson Charles Wood Donald FrosT Bill Sanders Ted Davidson Arfhur Lukens Peyfon Finch John Hedbovny Howard Forsfer Lawrence Clemenf Julian Hexfer Jock Bush Cecil Jones Bill McLeod Thomas ShiIliTo Dale Thursfon Ed Schurich Bill Farmer Frank Chudy Jack Garfield Ralph Franco Joe KanTerRoy Roy Greene James Harper H. S. Maddox Bob James Bob King John Bohorfoush Neil Mefcalf Hoyf EllioTT Frank Shellem Ralph Jacobskind Ralph Napolifano Dick Blumquisf Jimmy Bloodworfh Tom Rosf BerT ScoTT Tom SmiTh Hale Scarbrough Ben Hubbard Roberf Ellison Howard Lewis MilTon Krisnansky Buck Royal Jimmie Sabel Milion Marx Page T86 PIRIT One of the leading service organizations for women on the University campus, the Girls' Spirit Committee has a large-standing record ot assistants to the Women's Stu- dent Government, Y.W.C.A. and other similar organiza- tions. Its purpose is "to promote and increase the in- terest ot women students of the University ot Alabama in all the activities on their campus." 64 Each year, new members are elected from all classes ot women students by the older members ot the commit- tee. It is the work of this group to encourage attendance at pep rallies, and to otherwise take interest in activities at the Capstone. OFFICERS MARY CHERRY , SARAH A. PHILLIPS . Dean Harris Dean Howard Mrs. Bessie Leach Hayden Dorothy Buzbee Nancy Atkinson Regina Bressler Ruth Breen Mary Cherry Miriam Dryluss Ruth Eyrse Anna Drew Harris Jean Levy Helen Johnson Sara Frances McCarley Evelyn Marks Frances Muse Molly Powell Caroline Ray Martha Roberts Mariorie Walmsley Carey Williamson Mary Worthington 57' MEMBERS Pat Gevers Fay Keener Anne Carpenter Carolyn Carpenter Ethel Champagne Frances Conway Ruth Crow Sarah Robinson Martha Lou Jones Phyllis Simpson Martha Patton Sarah A. Phillips Betty Rae Smith Dorothea Ellis Martha Ingram Mary Elizabeth Fite Juan Anderson Alice Nell Fullord Elizabeth Harsh Jean Moore Marilyn Grisbaum Ida Martin Windham President Secretary Marian Bolton Geraldine Smoyer Dorothy Starling Dolores M. Amorell Marcia Lou Bates Annette Davis Dorothy Nettles Peggy Church Pat Vance Marcelle Wood Betty Barnhill Evelyn Jones Juanita Lasseter Ruth Lake Skinner Catherine Lewis Gertrude Powell Wanda Bolton Marie Riley Helen Yarborough Mary Frances Brown Ann Shaver Frances Norton I Page I87 , D -fi . Q MEMBER ORGANIZATIONS IN THE WORLDS Santa and his helpers. The Y.M.C.A, and Y.W.C.A. execuTive councils. L The UniversiTy Y.VV.C.A. and Y.IVl.C.A. are member organizaTions in The World's STudenT ChrisTian FederaTion. The FederaTion is The only World STudenT group ThaT is novv acTive in spiTe of The vvar The magnified naTional boun- daries. In iTs naTional aspecT, The local group is a member oT The NaTional lnTercollegiaTe Chris! Tian Council. IT vvas represenTed aT The Na- Tional STudenT Assembly in December, I94I, by James Davis, Marjorie Washburn, Marie Riley, and Dale, and a TaculTy advisor, lVlarTin Vvilliams. IT was represenTed af The SouThern Regional ConTerence in Blue Ridge, N. C., and James Davis, and Anna Drue I-larris aTTended PresidenT's School in New York CiTy Tor 6 weeks in The summer of I94I. The local group has The same emphases as The naTional governmenT-vvorld broTherhood, sccial and economic equaliTy, and democracy. The "Y" is TundamenTally a service organiza- Tion, and iT endeavors To bring TogeTher Those oT diTTerenT TaiThs who have The same ideals of ChrisTian service. During The year I94I-42 iT has worked in close cooperaTion vviTh The UniversiTy lvlinisTers Council, and The diTTerenT denominanonal groups on The campus. ew -V or va V' '. i I I i It I ' .K , I H. I 1, , w it -. . t I I. y . , 4 lt I STUDENT CHRISTIAN FEDERATION Y.M.C.A. OFFICERS President, James Davis, First Vice-President, James Thompson, Second Vice-President, Joe Chandler, Secretary, Low Lamar, Faculty Advisor, Dr. George Land, Freshman President, Mickey La Maistre. Executive Committee: Martin Williams, Foy Guin, Hal Cleveland, John W. McConnell, Foster Etheridge, Jock Boyd. Y.W.C.A. OFFICERS President, Anna Drue Harris, First Vice-President, Marjorie Washburn, Second Vice-President, Marie Riley, Secretary, Dorothy Meadows. Executive Council: Linda Cramer, Louise Hatcher, Winona Nicholson, Jane Puget, Sarah Ellen Schmidt, Delphine Thetford, Beatrice Thomas, Merle Wakefield, Helen Yarbrough. tm Scenes from the Christmas party. Every year the Y.W.C.A. and Y.M.C.A. give a Christ- mas party for 300 underprivileged children in Tuscaloosa. The day includes entertainment, tocd, and a visit by Santa Claus. Each child gets a vvarm sweater and a stocking filled with presents. S qaxljkijli Fi?j,f,,jfjDj5x l , r Q .st jj A AN ,J AH? ilbkxmx , l t"f NS,,.,l3,,jXxfjjN ,dir N: mtiiii WMWLQ Picture l-Judge Homer W. Peabody, perennial candidate for senator, prepares for his usual campaign. Rummaging through the attic of his New Hampshire home, he unearths some of his election posters of lo years ago, and exhibits them proudly to his wife, the maid, and his old friend, Zeke Bentham. Picture Il-The local politician, Henry Ames, offers the judge his support if the judge will put through some of Ames' schemes, but Judge Peabody refuses to cooperate with him. Ames, angry, declares he will run against the judge and beat him in the election. Picture Ill-Zeke's artist son, Jeremiah, has long been a suitor of the judge's daughter, Harriet. As a gift, he brings her a pair of hand-made andirons. He is putting his career before marriage, however, and Harriet, tired of waiting for .lerry's proposal, returns the andirons and tells Jerry everything is over between them. Picture IV-Jerry, desperate over losing Harriet, works madly on his mural project in the city hall. Without realizing it, he paints Harriet's face on one of the nude figures. The villagers are shocked, for they believe Harriet posed for the picture. The preacher and the town busybody call on the judge to insist that the picture be removed. Harriet is discharged by the school board. Picture V-Ames' nephew, Herbert Carter, whom Harriet thinks she loves, shows his selfish character when he reproaches on the matter of the mural. She realizes he is more concerned with his own reputation than he is with hers, and she gives him back his ring. r 1 - , . . i W IK ' ll y gf if to ll J! Q L ii.. ll, A. L ll fs ll ll L . f l l . l li l l ' "VILL G GREE " Picture VI-The stcry at l-larriet's face on the mural has spread all over town and the gossips are busy. Jerry is arrested for fighting some street loaters who macle insulting remarks about l-larriet, and he is brought betore Judge Peabody. The iudge, who has hitherto been rather unconcerned, begins to realize the seriousness at the matter. Picture VII-The news reaches the city, and a Look photog- rapher is sent out. l-lis magazine wishes ta champion the cause at an artist's right to paint what he pleases. The iudge sees the political possibilities at this and decides to base his cam- paign an the bill of rights. l-le wants publicity and has his family line up for photographs. Picture Vlll-The magazine appears on the news stand at the crucial moment in the campaign. Although Ames has bought up every copy in town, l-larriet drives to a neighboring hamlet and buys enough copies to distribute in the village. The write- up and pictures throw public opinion to the iuclge's side. Sud- denly, the news comes that the city hall is burning dawn, and everyone suspects Ames. Picture IX-On election eve, the iudge prepares to go out on the porch to greet the cheering crowd assembled outside. Zeke otters him a drink. When Judge Peabody steps close to him, he smells a strong odor of kerosene on his friend's clothing. l-le realizes it was Zeke who burned down the city hall and helped turn the election tide, Picture X-Jerry has been recogniecl nationally as a result ot the Look writeup, and is naw receiving the acclaim he is an artist has been waiting tor. Harriet realized that Jerry is really the one she has always loved, and they are reunited. Pl ft K If f.gR.,x Q iii Cs fy' lyyfzy If l 1 tif U .1 ,',,:f' ,tw f' 'lx l Ll Coach Ray and Dixie Champion Debaters. JACK BlNGHAM . JANE UNDERWOOD . WYLENE CLARK . . HUNTER MONTGOMERY WILLIAM T. D. RAY . OFFICERS Wornen's Assistant Assistant Manager Manager Manager Manager Coach The Debate Squad, official forensic group of the Uni- versity, beides engaging in contest debating, directed four tournaments during the year, held featured home debates with other colleges, and published its own "De- bate Annual" reviewing the year's work. Debating's major lcss of the year was Uncle Sam's gain. Mr. Wil- liam T. D. Ray, coach of the squad for five successful sea- sons, entered the service in March. Behind him he left an imposing record. For l94l-42, the squad won twelve first places in the Dixie Tournament at Rock Hill, S. C., and three firsts in the Southern Tournament in Atlanta. For the five years, the group won first places in nine out of thirteen maior tournaments throughout the country and made an unequalled record for woman's debate of six championships and forty wins out of forty-two debates. MEMBERS Ray Allen Roy Greene Bob McKay Talmadge Amberson Foy Guin Samuel McKenzie Nesibe Bahakel Walter Gwin Jack Noble Helen Batchelor Theda Berliner Jack Bingham Charles Bethany Mary Cherry Wylene Clark Bernard Cohn Douglas Coretti Glen Curlee Goldie Davidson Jeff DeGraffenreid Wilson Durham Tom Fowler Yale Friedlander Perry Hubbard Laurens lsrael R. L. Jones Annalou Kadin Joe Kanter Catherine Kelly Peggy Mauldin Leonard Miller Hunter Montgomery Casper Moore, Jr. Ed Morgan Margaret Morgan Welch Morrisette Jack McGee William Oliver Drew Redden Clarence Rhea Libbie Rubin Joseph Saewitz Toxery Sewell Sam Skemp Bill Snow Bill Sorum Richard Thompson Richard Tombrink Jane Underwood Norris Wimberley Arthur Zbinden L. i 225'bMfZQ'5 - 2: ,,, .. .., .- - ' I ,. . .. W- ' 1 -. -. - - . : -ff-: 1:-'-12:ff-'L-Z' - - - f .-1 ' ' -'f fi- 791-J"Q -'Ev-1?--ff-E"-'i.-21357I-f4?ifLf'55i5fl5,?55?QT''-.-'rfafifffffift-T'E42 Fl iii?--I '-,L 5. 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DeserTing classes To-concenTraTe on The esTheTic side oT life They gaThered aT Their clubhouse To judge SouThern beauTy aT iTs besT. Deciding such imporTanT maTTers would seem To be second naTure To These air cadeTs who repre- senT colleges Trom diTTerenT corners oT The counTry. Chalked up To Their crediT is The experTness oT The connoisseurs-ThaT is every college man's birTh- Cc1deT Rice: "My pick is-" AVEATTON CADE TH rmswcoi. righT. No maThemaTicians, These men are wl aT TacTs and Tigures. . In Their new role as "iudges oT pulchri These boys are all eyes as They look ove enTries. They are: CadeT R. S. Hardwick C' ForesTl of VVilmingTon, N. C., CadeT T. S. Mi lWilliamsl oT ScranTon, Pa., CadeT E. B. Thor lBaldwin Wallacel of Berea, Ohio, CadeT Rice lUniversiTy oT WashingTonl of Enuci Wash., and CadeT J. A. CoTTon lUniversi Georgial oT ATlanTa, Ga. The following day gan and Thompson won Their "wings" and commissioned Ensigns in The Naval Reserve. Thumbs up on This one A fir I,-. 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His hair was carefully slicked back, and if he wished to be really dressed up, there would be a stickpin in his tie. Sororities numbered three, one of them a local chapter which was to affiliate with a national sorority the next year. College fashions for women called for long hair with rats, to say nothing of suits, blouses with sailor collars, and highftop shoes. The year of 1913 saw the organization of the Pan-Hellenic Association of Woinen's Fraternities at the University, and of the Pan-Hellenic Council for men's Greek organizations. These associations made for cooperative spirit in the fraternal world. lljraternitiies increased steadily in number, growing from the nine of 1913 to fifteen in 1922. There were only three sororities from 1913 on until three new ones appeared in 1922. A new era was to start with the new decade. Bobbed hair for girls was the newest and most daring thing. The flapper was about to emerge from the demure girl of the turn of the century. Sororities, up to now scarcely more than little copies of fraterf nities, came into their own. The campus was entering the bustling "twenties" with an elaborate social framework made up of Greek organizations. X942 1 V - ggfzi -.,,. ..-., , ,- .. .--... Q ....,,-.-...ct.Li..,...... ....-.-,.. m.f...... -. 72 Qfmlefmbizzei SYMBOLIC OF THE WELL-ROLINDED COLLEGE LIFE. The fraternities at Alabama Today provide for their members a well-rounded college life. From the first house dance of the year to the "quiet hours" of final exams, their members live ci full college life in The most beautiful and pleasant surroundings. in almost every phase cf college life the fraternities make their influence felt: in the social, The scholastic in the athletic. The fraternity houses Themselves are impressive and add much to The beauty of The campus. Among The fraternity houses will be found examples of The various styles of architecture, with emphasis being placed on The old Southern and The English. The houses fcr The most part have a mature loolc, which is em- phasized by the giant calcs cn the lawns and the trailing ivy on the walls of some of the houses. The houses, standing along both sides of University Avenue, have given that street the name, "Fraternity Row". The wide, well-kept lawns falling away to the street acld the final note of beauty to the "l2ow". ALPHA SlGMA PHI DELTA CHI DELTA TAU DELTA - T fm? The fraternities play a vital part in campus life. Member- ship is selective and is made by the fraternities individually and in accordance with certain standards set up by the fraternities themselves. This feature does much to provide homogeneity in The individual groups. There is to be found on The campus a fraternity in which any college freshman will feel at home, so wide is the range in the sections of the country represented. There are some twenty-six fraternities cn the campus and among these will be found representative chapters of the most promi- nent and strongest national fraternities. The fraternities are founded primarily as social organizations. The newly pledged fraternity member will soon become ac- quainted with the terms, "house dance", "tea clance',, "recep- tion", and "pledge dance". The house dances are given at frequent intervals by the fraternities and the tea dances are given by the sister organizations on the campus, the sororities. I .. ALPHA TAU OMEGA CHI PHI DELTA KAPPA EPSILON DELTA SIGMA PHI - ' . 'eff ' I C - '-'25s-Fe-5-- v' -A' N' " 71:1 4. P 4 2 J 4'-X W Ti,-1sf1f.1.-L-life ' f 1" 1 f tft -, ..,,. , .- T -, , , t .- 6 ,M -gage S sz r 1, ru ff' ' H fi ' ti' 3 . iff, ,.VKsefQ,ft 'Ziff M .,., if .f Y , W, M , ,- 2. .... : -1 . 1' "4 .. ' KAPPA ALPHA KAPPA NU Page 233 ff inwregfgracive-,3id,,.gsg,m:e1-fxsfzcgs.-me-.f--4 A-T-. ' .f -1 1.JL"fT?' - ' 'T er 'Eff-W'-'f45R2f W2"---fed iT?"".1-13i'3"' 1955" ' ff 'ii'T" I-4?'?7f?'?f '7Wif5fE','3l3l5-2 .V I' 7 - 'T WW T l 1 Q T . . 'i - sr' 1 . ' E , 2- fi" '. ' ' r .- r ' ' ' , ' . T Q . rf? T-WIT" ' Tiitiafbfiilk F. -cl-Z759fil,1l'ii1ui' m5f2:2QjgQ:5gfQjgl'L,,' js ,q!:x,F Q ,, t u - - -. ,- , . . .. '-:i-i1fgi,.- .,, NCOURAGE SOCIAL, .ii..-T? -+ 'Ni' n 4-LT, , il.. .,, , -. ,ugff 4,1 0 5 ,gl 1. A - .. A 'I' - ' I ,wg 5 . rf .54 A! . . 'fig . , 4.--Q .."' 'I I' -I-'hip f' ' 0,--"' ggj i if, ., as .!t:. L :QE " I .P . flfz ' -" 4 W ,, . L ,bf 'W' -1 in ' A , 5 xv as A, W ' , 1, , 5 H 5 2 '35 ff E N -' .4 A I 4 " 9 'rc' w , 3 r X -4 D w I I 0 -v Q +2 A 4. Q K. Y M E E , q D I " 1, 01 I X A -A" """'0'4M2f'f'1fv?6'fQtt'GxtbW . . ,, . .. f ' 4.- T "'7"w -"-xk'7:f"1":::'-,rv .rf I, '.. - :sv::,'J ' 1-141:15-,', ,"':,"'11-am:-' QL 4:i.,?S-,fr .-:zen 1 u-I.---- ' :N- KAPPA SIGMA , I --L, , . ,rn Il, 5-, ,S .- Iflgx' 154' 3- QL!!! xx ' . ' -f X av-' v ' f , ff ,.:: Al, ,' , ' "1 3, , Q , ' I 1 v 2 - ,1- P "" -' . QQ, " V ,..-571--:W.1:::1:,.q..I L Us .,,, - I-: f- QW, w " -"- 1-.-:-I-'-'. ' X I' - fi -,475 1. 5. 5' "" I5 1' ' ,' P1 U ,. br 2 2 J, 'Z ' L92 Q? 4 Q gg ff 2 is 3 , I . I- 2- . Ek 2255 5 I Six Lakai, W f J -I Ing! 2 R Y 1 M, 15,2 '-, I I r 'J V gf? AS' Q Q- dk 4 E ' I 'fx , , fx ? ,S X S Q fs E, ii 11 '33 S 'I we -, N L ' . , ,M ,B v. 4, my La Dm X it L 6 Lx , 5 ., I, 1,0 f ' , mm- A xii- asv' ,G 9,41 , .W N 1. f- ff-L.,--x,:'w ,, 1 ' ' 4 ' .,.. , '- PHI KAPPA SIGMA SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON ,,,,1.,,N, f ,- SIGMA PHI EPSILON Y, , Y , L. ...L .I.,...,,., A... , ....L. ,M,..L.-... min-. .GA,, ......1....f..'....'-L.-.' .g f I, ,. ,,L. .,.:,.A. -, SCHO ASTIC AN THLETIC ACTIVITIES PHI DELTA THETA PI KAPPA ALPHA if I L . A .. ,sv r- , ' 4 ' -pw: Hifi bw-f'iv.-Q' -. 1 , r :if ix' ' ' X- --g...,. . mix K. 1' K- is 2 ' t:.g.?i:, in "a- . ggw- .... -4.1... g.. ,,. . - :ff-ffw sl-,-,sy-1-L gg vw- 2 .. -, 3 ,.---x 3: '- -55,2 PE ' .Y... f"'-E1 I 'Y ' ' '-T-.mira " .LI Q I. - x , 1,9 .1 G ., g. Q ggi +I Q59 ' 1-..'.L.,:f, 'V G--f '11 1 -f. . x.'?Ef'f" N S' '9'I'K"'-we . -:E N- Qfiqyem .5--L-,L 1- -L 31-1-4, 5- N- '- SIGMA CHI THETA XI AND ALSO OFFER RICHIEXPERIENCES OF SOLID FRIENDSHIPS. PHI GAMMA DELTA Pl KAPPA Pl-ll SIGMA NU F... ZETA BETA TAU The members gain valuable and enjoyable social Training aT Their house dances which are aTTended by members only. In addifion To The house dances, each fraTerniTy on The campus gives a formal dance each year which is sTaged aT The large universify audiforium. These affairs are aTTended by bofh fraTerniTy and non-fraTerniTy men. They are an infegral parf of The social life on The universiTy campus. They are The gliffering, large-scale shows of The fraTerniTies, impressive for Their large affendance and smooTh execufion. These, Tcgefher wiTh The individual house dances, provide The formal and The informal social enTerTainmenTs on The campus. Aside from These social funcTions, The members have The privilege of learning To live wiTh ofher men in Their own house. On The campus They learn To live wiTh men from ofher houses. The fraTerniTy on The campus encourages, and for The mosT requires, scholasfic endeavor. MosT of The fraTerniTies have cerfain raTher high scholasTic requiremenTs for full membership. The resulfs of The scholosfic program is evidenced in The facT ThaT The fraTerniTy average is consisTenTly higher Than The all-men average, and by The high percenfage of men who are fraTerniTy men in The various honorary organizafions on The campus which recognize scholasfic achievemenT. Each fraTerniTy promofes a vigorous inTeresT in The inTramural aThleTic program which is The lorgesf of iTs kind in The Unifed STaTes. Trophies are given To The winners in The various sporTs. Almosf every sporT ThaT can be ThoughT of will be found in The universify-sponsored iniramural sporfs program of which The fraTerniTies are The maicr parTicipanTs, In addifion To The oTher more acTive funcfions, The fraTerniTies furnish probably The sfrongesf Ties befween The alumni and The undergraduaTe sTudenT. To The fraTerniTy men who have been graduafed, The fraTerniTy house is The year 'round headquarfers where The laTch-sfring is always on The ouiside and The friendly handclasp is always exfended. The governmenT of The fraTerniTies is provided by The lnTerfraTerniTy Council. This is a represenfafive group from The fraTerniTies and iTs rules and regularions largely govern The relaTions of The fraTerniTies wiTh each ofher. The universify iTself does liTTIe more Than sfabilize The acTiviTies of The fraTerniTies. This is largely The resulf of The successful manner in which The lnTerfraTerniTy Council funcTions. I Through These many acTiviTies, The fraTerniTies have become a viTaI cog in The proper funcTioning of The universify. The only quesTion mark on The horizon of The fraTerniTy ouTlook for Tomorrow is caused by The greaT war which is raging on The several con- Tinenfs of The world Today. To fighf a war we musT have men, and parf of These men musT come from The ranks of The fraTerniTies aT Bama Today. This year has seen The firsT evidences of The efTecT of The war on The fraTerniTies. Already many of The faces ThaT had become familiar in fraTerniTy circles in The pasT year are missing. The close of The nexf year will probably bring more marked change. ln spife of These facTs, The war will noT remove The need of The fraTerniTy from The col- lege campus. IT is doing a parficular iob, and This iob musT be conTinued. IT is cerTain ThaT The war will have salufory effecTs on The fraTerniTy sysTem as well as on The men who compose Their membership. IT will necessarily Thrusf responsibiliTy of organzafion and managemenf on The younger men. IT will give Them The invaluable Training in leadership ThaT will pay off in big dividends To The concerTed efforf of The nafion. IT may be predicfed safely ThaT The nexT year will see liTTle change in The essenfial characTerisTics of The fraTerniTy sysTem iTseIf-The change will come in The membership. For we who know Bama Today cannoT conceive a change drasTic enough To seriously afTecT The fraTerniTy sysTem. And so we say To The fraTerniTy men aT Bama Today, may you ever increase your good accomplishmenTs and may you ever sfrive To overcome Those condifions which work To your disadvanfage and defrimenf. Page 235 72a gcafzcwdzlw GUIDE THEIR MEMBERS IN TRADITIONS OF SOCIAL COOPERATIONs The sororiTy on The Bama campus Today is "The house" To some six hundred coeds. Much could be written abouf The many good poinfs of The sororifies, buf suffice iT To say ThaT They are The besT. They are filling a definife need and doing a definiTe iob. The sororiTy houses Themselves have in common a dignified, sTaTely beaufy which is enhanced by The prim, green lawns. The arrangemenf of The houses is unique aT The Capsfone. They are builf along a compacfly-planned sTreeT which exfends in an L-shape To include Colonial Place and Tenfh Sfreef. From Colonial Place exfend Two "circles" around which are builT sororiTy houses. No Two of These are alike, yeT They comple- menf each oTher in appearance To produce an aTTracTive "So- rorify Row". Membership in The sororiTies is probably more seIecTive Than in The fraTerniTies, because iT is definiTeIy limiTed. Pledging is subiecTed To very close conTrol and comes aT The end of closed rush week during which The prospecTive pledges make kncwn To The Dean of Women Their choice of sororiTies. The acTual pledging Takes place on Pledging Day when The rushees indi- caTe Their choice by walking To The house They have decided To pledge. lmmediaTeIy upon Their enTrance The sfill of The morn- ing is broken by a wild cacophony of sounds-The screams of we!- come from The members of The sororiTy. This evenf receives campus-wide noTice and is viewed wiTh varying degrees of amusemenT by The men sTudenTs and oTher campus residenfs. AfTer The acTual pledging, The iob of making sororiTy mem- bers of The girls begins. This includes The orienTaTion cf The freshmen girls, The beginning of Their Training in The TradiTions cf The sororiTy, and insTrucTion in whaf is expecTed of a Bama sororiTy girl. There are fifTeen sororiTies on The Bama campus and in Their membership may be found girls who lisT Their home addresses in sTaTes from New York To California and.from Maine To Florida. The sororiTies are naTional, and like The fraTerniTies, represenf some of The besT known ones in The counTry. The social acTiviTies of The sororiTies are wide and varied. The highlighf of The sororiTy social calendar is The series of very enioyable Tea dances. These are aTTended on inviTaTion by The men cn The campus, bofh fraTerniTy and non-fraTerniTy. In ad- difion To The Tea dances, each sororiTy enTerTains aT open house, faculTy dinners, and house dances aT infervals Throughouf The year. Scholasfic achievemenT is given a prominenf place by The so- roriTies. The scholasfic sfandards for iniTiaTicn are exTremely high in The average sororiTy. CompeTiTicn for The scholarship Trophy given by Pan-I-Iellenic Council each year is keen and sTudy hours are enforced by The sororiTies. TradiTionaIly, The sororiTies enforce a period of closed house iusT before and during final exam week which means "No men allowed". As-ide from Training in The social nicefies and scholasfic adap- TaTions, The sororiTies fosfer a feeling of good fellowship among ALPHA PHI ALPHA Xl DELTA CH1 QMEGA . g 1 4 i ,em -' L' ' ,:. :- f' ' r -"Tj - I If A f K V5 'W rf' fi? fwfr f T 'A i.'y2.:'fv ..... 5v...: -,Ig,.5g.1:1'f- Eg '- - I . ffif., L.,.5:..Q-. V 1 . 'ww fl.. , ,,..E.,,,. . ,. I I , .f r- I '---' lylu .,..., - ..... YY,-"-'iW"'f+'?fffJ -'f 4 fs 1- w if' - . 2 ? ! KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA PHI MU SIGMA DELTA TAU ' Page 236 FAIR PLAY, UNIVERSITY LOYALT The girls in The several houses. Here are TaughT also The lirsl' principles of how To live happily with oTher girls. This is whaT The sororiTies are Today, buT whaT of Tomorrow? IT is possible Thai' The war will have a marked eTTecT on The sororiTies. There will be an increase in The number of girls com- ing To The campus, and This will make iT harder To choose The small quota from a ToTal group. Government will be harder because of The increased Tempo of college life. One of The Tirsr iobs ThaT The sororiTies will have To do will be To face wiTh in- Telligence and courage The challenge Thar The new siTuaTion has ThrusT upon Them. Y, AND AMERICAN WOMAN HDOD. The sororiTies will undoubTedly be able To presenT ganized fronT To The accomplishmenT of any Task which cn The universiTy campus are asked To face. . CID OT'- WOFTTSTT While accuraTe predicTions as To The exacT sTaTus of The so- roriTy in The TuTure are diTTiculT To make now, This much said: whaTever The condiTions may be in The TuTure, The soror- ities as we know Them Today will be preserved largely Through Their own efforfs. For who would noT agree ThaT The sororiTies srand high on The lisT of Things ThaT make The Bama campus The charming place iT is Today? They are a "musT" To The con- can be iinuecl successful operaTion of The universiTy sysTem, D ' :' 4 19, T ii gw ALPHA CHI OMEGA ALPHA DELTA PI ALPHA GAMMA DELTA 'x 10? V 'rs Mfr'-5,2 if fm f 'f , 'N A 1 ry' '11 V' D A . 'I-9' 'T --mam: 'Z ,Av -V' ' " .-'ff H B .... 'T s..r -1534 3.4 mr ' -- 512251 . . 15,295 ,,. 4 -: - 1 A I . T ? .,,.. 'L "'E'P"' i" .2,5.-it,-Q W - ' -' , ,--431131s'c:wQQ:4-.:2,afiT3-:- '-Y' f ' 1,1-fy ,. - .-,.,.- ,f ,, ya 'A-,:i:-4s2wQ'f:zwf- , - : 1 DELTA DELTA DELTA DELTA ZETA TJ Sin JWm,. v KAPPA DELTA T Jgfikjffl , I I ,I H TW-. . 1, '-"f-"' ' -f SIGMA KAPPA V THETA UPSILON ZETA TAU ALPHA Page 237 Left To RighT: Royal, McGee Worfsman, Halsey, Parker Downey, Ward, Leslie, Pi burn, Schwarz, Donald Adair, Klien, Whitfield, Hor- Ton Reynolds, Jackson, Porch McCormack, Cleveland, Elh - ei-:Zviig?'3fa1?RW"'T-Jielffidfi','v'' sfyk V. 31.9-cxyrgno. 'r fry T, gy. 1 ,V ' . 'ff' . . . - . . .-.ixfiiw 2'ffl"l'sZf+?T1l'5::inl:1EQi' w -- -2-2 fVl5'Tff"" . - . , , . ., - rf -' ,-gy, V my .15 .5 .3 'f-,M -,+I 45. if, I .,,, . , Q M, My-ff -11' J . -le'ysrr-mfEl-,gag-T-:f--,',f1,-T-, - T.. ,:-- - . 1 -. .- . .. - 1 . '-"-f U' 'NT' ' ' TT..-f 'T I lvyl P From This group of men, The InTerfraTerniTy Council, comes The laws which govern The relaTions of The fraTerniTies wifh each oTher. The Council is composed of Tvvenfy-six members, one from each TraTerniTy, and iT meeTs weekly. lT deals wiTh problems ThaT arise from The acfions of all The fraTerniTies such as The regulaTion of pledging and various collecTiye projecTs of The fraTerniTies. IT also deals wiTh problems concerning The fraTerniTies and The universiTy. The Council has been very successful in The performance of These TuncTions, and deserves a greaT deal of crediT for The successful operafion of The fraTerniTy sysfem aT Bama Today. 7ke I TERFRATER nv gamma OFFICERS CHARLES R. ADAIR, JR. ..,. . . PresidenT JAMES JOSEPH ALVAREZ . . . Vice-PresidenT ROBERT ENGEL . , . . Secrefary-Treasurer MEMBERS Charles R. Adair, Jr. Ralph D. Porch Val L. McGee Jules J. Klein Hal Cleveland Gene Wcrfsman Gauis WhiTfield, Jr. John W. lvlcConnell Buck Royal James Oscar HorTon, Jr. John McCormack Will Halsey Edward Harris Reynolds Fosfer Efheredge Hugh P. Downey RCberT A. Jackson Wilmer Parker Edwin W. Piburn, Jr William Schwarz Thomas C. Donald J. A. Ward, Jr. Henry A. Leslie eredge, McConnell. Page 238 .i1,1'lfw7,':f'Tv ' T T T3 Q '. ,fI?Q'fT ii-. I I I l I 1 I Front Row: Watkins, Wrye, Searcy, Brunsell, Underwood, The Pan-Hellenic Council is an organization of sorority girls whose purpose is to promote a feeling of friendly cooperation among the soror- ities on the campus. Its membership is made up ot two representatives from each sorority and its meetings are held at regular arranged inter- vals. Its rules govern largely the details of pledging in the sororities such as the number ct members allcwed and manner ot acquiring these mem- bers. It coordinates the actions of the sororities with the policies ot the university and cooperates with the Intertraternity Council in matters of mutual interest. The Pan-Hellenic Council has enioyed a high degree ot success in its endeavors and holds a prominent place in the govern- ment ot the Bama campus today. Bunny Ellington Mary Jane Mitchell Dot Hanna Exine Addison Luella Scoggins LOUISE CHRISTIAN PEGGY POPE . JOY MCCANN . Eleanor Chapman Helen Leeper Evelyn Marks Emily Watkins Sara Ellen Smith Betsy Royce OFFICERS MEMBERS Emily Searcy Jane Underwood Elizabeth Harsh Margaret Wrye Joan Brunsell Jeanne Ruth Levy Page 239 Harsh, Moore . . . Second Cann, Hanna . . .Third Row: Leeper, Pappas, Wolford, Stringtel low, 72a PA -HELLENIC Gramer! . . President . Vice-President . Secretary Anne Hertzrnan Mary Lucas Ruth Beck Ruth Eyrse Marian Rubinstien Marian Wolford Doris Moore Elizabeth Ann Snow Dorothy Prickett Georgia Toul Delores Cimorell Row: Philips, Smith, Royce, Hertman, Snow, Prickett, Mc- Sloman, Morell, Eyrse, Ru- berstein, Marks, Chapman, -'. .-. -- 1, .-1t,.,,.,+ vw -- -f - - w-- - -'f":"'f+- 5 'ac ' - H ,.1',?::.12' V 6175: T' 1.31. -. . . . .'A',,,. - sp '?ff,Y-Xh - -1 ,,,'. "1 's' ,.., rw-,ffgnu-AF.,.34i..,'t,. f 1 5 . P c A -1 fr 1-. F. 4 'ff 64.3.3 r' 3:21-:xy lt 1.14:-f :U Um- I ' . J JVVHYL .. . E taslvm- Q 4 -f . f N , 'YQ ' ' 'QQ "L: P723 fi 'fl"1Q"' Llfub"v'fs.,.4....1. I 'Kb Jr -LL ' " T l L' M? 'ie' Fratres in Facu ltae Dr. Marcus Whitman Dr. James Holloday Everett H. Snedeker Seniors William E. Stanton Warren W. Triner Juniors Frank B. Crawford William L. Toomey Spring baseball practice l -.,'ggs.,,., J wg fn V z t , I . A .5 V., :..g,..f. X 1 ' - fi 'Q LPHA SIGMA PH Eugene W. Day Robert Wilhelm Robert A. Jackson Sophomores Charles H. Monast William D. Heslop Kenneth R. Shutts Freshmen Patrick Toomey Benjamin B. Heller Roscoe Goodwin s 4 i -Q----K ' ' '3:,2'.'12,.f First Row: Stanton, Triner, Crawford . . . Second Row: Toomeny, Day, Jackson . . Third Row: Monast, Heslop, Shutts . . . Fourth Row: Toomey, Heller, Goodwin. ALPHA IOTA CHAPTER Robert Jackson, president ot Alpha Sigma Phi, member of the Inter- traternity Council, and secretary ot the Junior Class in the School of Arts and Sciences, announces that this year celebrates the twelfth anniversary ct the Alabama chapter ot the fraternity. Another cam- pus otfice-holder was Charles Monast, who was secretary ot the Sopho- more Class in the School of Commerce. The HAlpha Sigs entertained with their annual formal in the spring ot the year, and six house dances were held during the entire school year. Widely known on the Ala- bama campus and in Tuscaloosa is Gordon Davis, who is the county solicitor tor Tuscaloosa County, and a member of the Grand Council ot Alpha Sigma Phi. y Page 240 . .,. .... ,..,,,.-1 '-1-,..P..-W.,iw.-.4.p,men,.w.:.:a,N1e.,5.,.e,, .f,4?....:.. .ez - .... ,T . , . , -. . . '- - WC, M- ...,.,..,4,........ . .v --wffagy, .:,5niTt""'3 ' R.. L. 1 ' V , . ' dg,,f:vFllT'ff'...'i l:"2"'1'ifTQYi5 1'- i 'l'-i?iiDt'fff.ii?fQi'F'EIMi .simnf iiiiiir-if i . .ww-ifw - 'fisgffwarfeziiafiii-if1'ifilj-,Ev , . .1-L. iw'JLzu" eJ:4 - X - viiFitzfQ'f'gfs3YlL.5'21BfL3i1'iDillFiLLMis' leehldik- :Isla ' 1 if .lim . " ml ..-.. -. i.-....-- ss.. ......,,,. -.. -in BETA DELTA CHAPTER ni-i.i'.,..i.E' ' k..:iim.-'-'...'- 11ab4A" r. lr '1L...'::.2.L.r4..:.1L1.u .L .Jul r57ITZIZL:.JL. .Euan 'TESL . . The Maltese Cross of Alpha Tau Omega identified such men as Ed Lear, house president, president of the Tau Beta Pi, and member of Theta Tau, Gaius Whitfield, drum maior for the last four years, mem- ber of the lnterfraternity Council, and Scabbard and Blade, Tennessee Harris, past president of Rho Alpha Tau, and member of Druids. The ATO's entertained in the spring with their annual formal dance, and had three house parties during the year. They also had three house dances, and their spring picnic climaxed their social season. The ATO's en- tered teams in every intramural sport, and were very successful in win- ning various events. The ATO's have been on the campus since l885, making them one of the oldest social fraternities here. For 57 'years ATO has been proud of its position, and this year has proved to be no exception. First Row: Dalrymple, Israel, Huges, Bell, Davis, J., Davis, A., Ellison . . Second Row: Lear, Thomason, Thompson, Whitfield, Barrett, Brannon, Dannelly . , Third Row: King, Klien, Lawson, Smith, Crom, Dolrymple, DeMotte . . , Fourth Row: Harris, Le Roy, Nole, Redden, Whitfield, C., Wetterau, Eshelmon . , . Fifth Row: Glover, Noonan, Parker, Austin, May, Bealle, Burlcs . . . Sixth Row: Bailey, Fassman, Gary, Hodgson, Jones, King, Ware . . . Seventh Row: Lacey, Payne, Ray, Rutledge, Sessions, Smith, Sheridan. Page 241 -. -' .7 te!" ,.,. Nui" 'N-fx x 'T ...wr ,...,.5,.3,,HL. .... . fe. ., .,,.-.-. A .. The A.T.O. barn dance A .A . lk fflZg.f'ff':y, .L:.Gf..lLvL.. LPHA EG Fratres in Facultate Dr. Richard C. Foster Dr. George Lang Dr. Wooten Dr. Bernard Weber Dr. Clanton W. Williams Dr. Shaler C. Houser Dr. Shannon Maior Feringa Mr. Clifton Penick Dr. Waner L. Hall Graduate William Seth Oliver Medicine William Martin Farmer Marion Harwood Dodson Dan Edgar King Randolph Penton Law Francis Arnold Drennen William Callen Dalrymple John Roy Israel Claude Bently Hughes, Jr. George Ross Bell Seniors William Daniel Douglass, Jr. Albert Baker Davis Jefferson Whatley Davis Malcolm Walker Ellison, Jr. William Edward Lear Robert David Reich James Wiley Thomason Blackstone Thompson Jack Mitchelle Vogel Gaius Whitfield John Robert Wakefield John Barrett Edmonds Juniors Wade Hampton Brannon Frank Perry Dannelly Gerald Lamar King Wallace Carnahan Klein A. Venable Lawson LeRoy Hartness Woodley Howard Colon, Jr. Alonzo VVade Smith Sophomores William Barton Cram Dorrance F. Dairymple Edward Lawrence DeMotfe Blake W. Godfrey Aaron Duncan Harris J. Russell LeRoy Andrew Jackson Noble Lawrence Drew Redden Charles Harden Whitfield David Wetterau Thomas Coleman Albright Joseph William Eshelman Solon Hingson Glover Henry Churchill Marks George Lee Noonan Edward Ashe Parker Frank J. Austin David Austin May Freshmen Sam Wilson Bealle Henry Thomas Burks, Jr. Richard Alosoton Bailey Newton Miller Evans Lawrence J. Fassman Harry Lee Gary, Jr. William Malcolm Hodgson, Leslie Waldon Jones William Roland Johnson John Thomas King Hubert Lamar Lacey Edmund Cape Payne John Andrew Ray Guy Leslie Rutledge, Jr. Horatio Moultrie Sessions Thomas Seldon Smith William F. Sheridan William Wallace Ware "Eaalxvddrfisl6e3s2S,AReeL5i3iE1?5R.Qha: 525.1522-.e.sf3ii44 .se 1 - , , f U. , . ,, 4 iff. 'elle-,l . ",x-g1sf'::"Z..5:3'. 'tex' Gf.f'i"ff:faeS 1 fr: Grad uate George Motte Marti n Medicine H John Morgan Chilton Law Ralph Douglas Porch Gilliard Robinson Seniors James Lemuel Coley William Henry Harbaugh William Fair Patterson Philip Harwood Witham Juniors Ernest Nolan Edwards Robert Kauch, Jr. William Robert Sorum Where are those smiles? mrs: .. . ..Q.-e,,s,.ss.,-- - s" ' - e-fftfg .W si 1 , lr ' -4 X "!1f'EiR' L'f'T1'lEgrf-Q' L f P . . , ,. . 1 Q K .4 J A1-.S ,fn ,dan 5 I , ,i t gf ns.,-p J 'W ' Y' ' W e A ws. ,..::,....-i Wigs i F v . s 4.3 is .5-A PHI Travis Lattner Comer, Jr. Roy Neel Sanders Aubrey Thomas Hornsby Robert Coates James Robert Sare Sophomores Fr Harold Burke Dupuy Vern Halley Hunnell William Marion Sanders Claude Carlisle Waltz Howard Alexander Courtney George Morriss Thornton eshmen Richard Elwood Rutledge Hugh Quinton Gibbs Flourney Jamie Rainer, Jr. Thomas Anderson Howell Philip Monroe Harkins Gene Herbert Williams Edward T. Dasher First Row: Martin, Chilton, Porch, Cofey, Harbaugh . . . Second Row: Patterson, Witham, Edwards, Kauch, Sorum . . . Third Row: Comer, Sanders, R., Honrsby, Sore, Thornton . . . Fourth Row: Hunnell, Sanders,,W., Waltz, Courtney, Dupuy . . . Fifth Row: Rutledge, Gibbs, Rainer, Howell, Harkins, Dasher. TAU CHAPTER Lem Coley, Business Manager ot the Crimson-White, member ot Omicron Delta Kappa, Jasons, Scabbard and Blade, and Quadrangle were the Chi Phi Skeleton this year. Others identified by the same symbol were Travis Comer, house president anal captain-coach ot the University Tennis Team, Claude Woltz and Bill Harbaugh, members ot the varsity baseball squad, and Bill Sanders, last year's outstanding treshman on the campus. The annual Chi Phi Homecoming Tea Dance led oft the traternity's social season, with their tormal dance topping it att in the spring. Probably the best known ot the Chi Phi alumni is General Jchn J. Pershing, who served as commander-in-chief of the A.E.F. during the last war, ancl W. P. Few, president ot Duke University. Page 242 Q ' ' CTBC ,JiZT,.t.T,uzF' -- ' ' ' " .. i.-t , . .It .f' mi. .cd f-..- 1 - Mi.1n,'gY21-4.5. mu, , . ,T -- ' ' . V ' Y '1.W..,f.. y,1..5giSiA. w,..g.7',. ,. Q . M V I . Ji til. ,I M f 4 5? get .g,,.i W, lg-, ry t 5. , ,, pf , P M to A-. it , .. ., ..- F"4..' xFv.l .N .Tu Ml'-f'?t.f"'e.... -:i,.... . 1 t .., . - T fstviihe-" " --f!3tF'455'f"53"fts'iT'fA?3"ifQ"l'U'i'e'3""4'1'- "'Q1i" 'A ' ....- ego.. -- .-,,..f'-.,L-Q. -,.L , .ag ., .. , . L, , f'Lfs::aLs.e1.z:...a..1:i1a:.aiIt.L1.a:.n1fsA.vt:.u.a.s.u.,.-.,1-.......,'.... 573' T.. J,..I1'.I1..s II, ' .,...,1.'.11 ALABAMA CHAPTER The Delta Chis kept in full swing with the social events of the cam- pus this year with a formal and three house dances. Outstanding among their members we find Bill Crow, President of the Alabama Institute of Public Opinion, Druids, Phi Eta Sigma, Quadrangle, and Jasons, Noah Langdale, Phi Beta Kappa, Football, Quadrangle, and O.D.K., Jim Dawson, Head Cheer Leader, President of National Col- legiate Players, and Tau Kappa Alpha. Also wearing the Delta Chi pin we find alumni William Jennings Bryant, Dr. James Doster, Jeff Coleman and Captain Paul Thomas. The fraternity was inaugurated on our campus in 1927. First Row: Miller, Lee, Smith, Thomas, Mason . . Second Row: Taylor, Harrell, Crow, Cowen, D., Wilkinson . . . Third Row: Dawson, Waller, Rhodes, Bales, Jeffries . , , Fourth Row: Guin, Hagood, Mills, Burns, Conner . . . Fifth Row: McGee, Crumley, Wright, Cleveland, Davis, Baker , , . Sixth Row: Woolridge, Caldwell, Cowen, W., Fowler, Klinefelter, Dahlene. Page 243 DELT Fratres in Facultate Dean James H. Doster Dr. James F. Doster Mr. Jeff J. Coleman Mr. Wade H. Coleman Mr. Donald H. McCuaig Dr, Otto Lunde Dr. J. V. Masters Mr. Martin Williams Lt. Joe Shepherd Lt. W. Paul Thomas Medicine Harden Crandall Law Wayne Miller William McElroy Seniors Austin W, Lee Bradley P. Bartow Walter E. Smith Samuel Thomas Noah Langdale Robert Mason Samuel Taylor William Harrell William Crow Juniors David Cowen Ben Wilkinson James A. Dawson William Waller Warren Main Dave applies the hot foot James Corley Gilbert Rhodes Gene Parsons Allan Bales Donald Jefferies Sophomores Foy Guin Knox Hagood Jae Mills Parker Mackey Jack Lee Cecil Crumly Roy Allen Jimmy Wright Max Morton Feagin Burns Sam Cleveland James Lancaster Ellis Conner Val McGee Freshmen David Davis Harel Tucker Murphy Young Roert Baker ' Will Woalridge Ralph Dean Charles Caldwell William Cowen Berny Fowler John Klinefelter Billy McCall Erskine Crews Donald Dahlene few- ' H. -- pf' 1:21-5--"sm :-2155111'ella'2sf"fsf5t'12f'r"l??P .. 1:1:5-as:-A1r.:51s:." ' -, 5 -.3 1,1 wplg.:.-Ifxsmcti-.5-Q., f?fu,gifTf'f:9'ii::f,51f':?s-imrqszbtt-,f. Tzygflfiir.. L. L I t.s i.3wi:2seei v s fvsses iiflhf wq . , , f 4 pg? Rgfa I, ,, f L. ,, 'qs i9,q-.l.3-514413,--,.yi.:,.,,, . , , , , . , U ... . ,f ,, 1- .. .,.. ,J if - -f l.f . I of-:fe u1,.,lxgVay1w?s:f:,'n'5,. --fit ESM' ffUE3jtfJcsi'f'.1-rn-e:.f23-p1wW.'-ig s,1fv.:f11-53s1.,'.'. ,vw I M , , W Y ,s ,dna -Lia Y 1 sized A ' L mumsi-new-rniosm.-1ens.x.zei1gg-grae.-. r1uf.e.-f-.A-.maze '. ,.,, ':r-eysf..-'rss if , ,,., .. C . .--. ... wa.. -- ,.., .. -,..,1. f --wf-or-T.--9f--+--.,-f-?vf--??W-ffef-fs- z M, ,Y , .M Ji A M , 1, in I I DELTA EP Fratres in Facu ltate Dr. William C. Frierson Dr. Stuart Graves Mr. Robert Harwood Mr. Thomas Garner Mr. Hudson Strode Law Lonnie Nooiin M. Brooks Hayes E. Brevard Walker Seniors Sam M. Johnston, Jr. Lucian Bates John T. Murray, Jr. Aubrey Taulmin, Jr. Leroy McEntire, Jr. James J. Alvarez Walter Brower John R. Miller Richard Sherrill T. C. Donald Joe P, Goode David Partlow Juniors James Banks John Coleman Pat Hayes John McConnell VVilliam Lloyd Herndon Inge A brother in distress K ..,.,- ...Q-Q..4i,...., --.f. ' '. .. :.'.-,L,,:,L,Lu,L5L,g,,:,5V1g,-gl sl ,,-,,f ,:g'5,j,i:,jQi'5,4 V93 .2-A' 'E.LQziJp3.IXfYt.-93212: ''idfgiiljfFW?.7r.2QTE1Z12iC5 QQTQTJQQAEZ-il.?Ziir s , -:if Nt' K. . 351, X-: PP IL Sophomores Ernest Knapp Porter King Randell Hollinger Ian Muir Joe Courtney Robert Boykin Jack Boykin Harry Phelan Ulmer Bradley James Brown William Hunt James McMurphy James Wyche Freshmen Harry Carlos Jack Parker Dan Donald Seymour Yeates Joe McConnell Roy Stewart Gordon Martin Brevard Hand Jack Oswalt Toxey Haas Dewey Roy James Inzer Ernest McCord James Marlow John Sherill Sumpter McGowin Mac Bargeron First Row: Hayes, B., Walker, Johnston, Bates, Murray, Toulmin, McEntire . . . Second Row Alvarez, Brower, Miller, Sherrill, Donald, T., Goode, Partlow . . . Third Row: Banks, Hayes, P., Coleman, McConnell, Lloyd, Inge, King , . . Fourth Row: Hollinger, Muir, Courtney, Boykin, B., Boykin, J., Phelan, Bradley . . . Fifth Row: Brown, Hunt, Mc- Murphy, Carloss, Parker, Donald, D., Yeates . , . Sixth Row: McConnell, Stewart, Martin, Hand, Oswalt, t1-:as, Roy , . , Seventh Row: Inzer, McCord, Marlowe, Sherrill, McGowin, Bargeron. PSI CHAPTER The names ot prominent men on the DKE Fraternity Roll for this year include John Murray, Captain ot Scabbard and Blade, Pat Hayes, As- sistant Editor ot the Corolla, member ot Excelsior, Quadrangle, and the Cotillion Club, Jimmy Alvarez, Vice-President ot the Intertraternity Council, and Brooks Hayes, President of Omicron Delta Kappa, mem- ber ot Jasons, and former Editor ot the Corolla. The Dekes entertain- ed with their annual Homecoming Reception, a tormal dance in the spring, six house dances, and a Christmas party. They won their bracket in tootball and did well in baseball. The fraternity has been on the campus since I885, having been started here in I847, but, like other social organizations, was discontinued until after the Civil War. Page 244 'ijglj' 'f"1l:f'iififl.5r'fiuiiiit-"3f"1''if?!iff2'?i'i1if1'hf'lvt':t'2H5!F:iv..efzawejnbmevsiivwrgwm'-fs1mh ' -' ' ' ' A V ' ' fit L.. ,, WE, ji'r.7.2,i ,. , 'F ' mnneppg , i,Ygxe,'c.2,.,g,' In., , .veg 53.11 if , T"Ll'l11tikk.",-'.-Wwes':lt'r 5:52 J-It Atv-1'ir- fl" ' ' ' 1 J v 1f35jtr,-nu,2f,gg:Q':1.r2g-1 .4 ,4. 1r5:vj?f12f.-if i- -, .- " J- , ., r. -A , J 1- 'n.A.-.'t. .R-he, -v, -ry,-.-l.3.,f1.L. . , ,+V , . X . ---"4-J-'.H 'le-1 'f-I" A .. .lj ,Q-fl". .111 .J ,PL .L l.I-' "' TI ,,-v-,.,.,- V- , D A... .w,.f. t-At ..'. -, ,H-Z,-X V ,rv may ,579 I :-UWn:7nlnJkkwW,i In 739, L Y Vg: ' ,Z Q.-,...,...-.,-........--..,......,?.L..7S?,:.::.......,.,..-. ..- ...- .. . ...,. .,..,,..-- ...,.,V....-,,., .,- ...,-......W...,s,Vv. BETA KAPPA CHAPTER The Delta Sigma Phi pin has been tamiliar to the Alabama campus since l933. This year the fraternity was represented on the football squad by Mitchell Olenski and Andy Bites, in Blacktriars by Francis Shellen, and in Tau Delta Tau by Kenneth Swindling. The Delta Sigs won the soccer championship last year, and were very active in all of the other intramural spcrts. They entertained in December with their annual Founder's Day Banquet, and in the spring with a picnic, while several house dances were held during the year, Outstanding alumni ot the fraternity are Hal Kemp, Jan Garber, Ted Weems, and Skinny Ennis, nationally famous orchestra leaders, Fritz Crisler, Foot- ball coach at Michigan, and John Scott Trotter. First Row: Sullivan, Walker, Felton, Shellem . . , Second Row: Swindling, Snyder, Heffernan, Harris . . . Third Row: Piburn, Townsend, Booth, Chapman . . . Fourth Row: Fletcher, Olinski, Bires, Smith . . . Fifth Row: Hoyt, Pollard, Wallace, Gerlack. Page 245 f X 'Q -me The Delta Sigs go to work DELT SIGMA PHI Seniors Sophomores Joseph Sullivan Allan P. Walker Douglas Pelton Juniors Fr Frank Shellem Kenneth Swindling Arthur Snyder John Heffernan Frederick Harris Edwin Piburn Charles Townsend Samuel Booth James Chapman Warren Fletcher Mitchel Olinski Andrew Bires eshmen Duane Smith Edward Hoyt William Pollard Robert Wallace JohnlCollins Joseph Bertini Charles Stiles William Maley Frank Gerlock N1':l::Zs1:"' 1 ri T. 1 X' A .Z ATM, - : gf It 1 A ELT TAU DELTA Law Orrin Kaley Ames John Joseph Dehn Seniors Charles Robert Adair, Jr. William Milton Beatty Jerome Aloysius Ryan James Alexander Gouck Howard Edward Malloy, Jr. Wilson Robert Haig Albert Rom Dilley Juniors Woodrow Rhodes Thomas Frank John Loeri, Jr. Vernon Thomas Sarver Robert Ferdinand Beckner Richard Evan Myers .lust talking things over Edward Warren Schurick Edward William Starkey Sophomores Banks Edwin Dudy, Jr. Keith Jay Yoder Jerry Hammond Goode William Hammond Waite John Richard Prutton Thomas Warren Alley William A. Howe John Paul Voyer Freshmen Robert l. Scott Richard Lincoln Charles Robert Easton Davis Francis M. Gaddis Thomas Elmer Holloway Phillip Camden Kirby First Row: Dehn, Adair, Beatty, Ryan, Malloy . . . Second Row: Haig, Dilley, Oleri, Sarver, Beckner . . . Third Row, Myers, Starkey, Eudy, Yoder, Goode . . . Fourth Row: Waite, Howe, Scott, Charles . , , Fifth Row: Davis, Gaddis, Holloway, Kirby. DELTA ETA CHAPTER The emblem ot Delta Tau Delta was worn on our campus this year by Charles Adair, President ol lntertraternity Council, member of Scabbard and Blacle, Past President ot Greeks, and Vice-President ot the Council ot Clubs, John Dehn, President ot the Newman Club, Howard Malloy, President ot the Gultstate province ot Newman Clubs, Keith Yoder, member of Phi Eta Sigma and Delta Sigma Phi. The annual Delt Rainbow Ball, held in February, was the spotlight ot their social season, although house dances occurred otten during the year. Vice-President ot the United States Henry Wallace, as well as Pinky Tomlin and James Melton are nationally known brothers ot Delta Tau Delta. Page 246 I. - Y -.,..,.'v,r.?, ,,.,,-.,,,.,, ,.-,-,,TL.,.?,.T,,,...,,.,,.,,. me W . t X ' -' - w f xmxf-q .2:g?::r'fi"' 1 - .Sf 4. '.'.'rf.-5lsf3EEts-.. - V - 1 Q f 3 Y '- ,Hi ',:f'..'-5'fL- ' ' ' " '. v ' 2 l' , '-'f11,v'.'," ' "0 N-:ill ' maui . .1 gi. i V ' -e ,A .1 '.',:...xi, gg 4-t..f-mfg., L.. -'W' " 'L' 'WW 9 re M,-u'i1',"lf,. L ts! -" ' fa' J. 1 l 1 '-'11-I . , ALPHA BETA CHAPTER The Rose of Kappa Alpha was worn in i94l-42 by such men as Bill Long, Vice-President of the Student Body, member of Omicron Delta Kappa, Jasons, Tau Beta Pi, Theta Tau, and Scobbard and Blade, Johnny McConnell, member ot the Cotillion Club, Druids, and Phi Eta Sigma, and George Bloodworth, member ot Beta Gamma Sigma, Presi- dent of the Senior Class in the School of Commerce, member of Jasons, Fhilc-mathic, anal Quadrangle. The annual Formal Dance in Birming- ham was the high spot at the social season for the KAs, along with a Christmas party, four house dances, and a spring picnic. The local chapter ot Kappa Alpha has been cn the University campus since i885. First Row: Hutchinson, Blaodworth, J,, Dominick, LeMaistre, Moore, Bloodworth, G., Green . . . Second Row: Jordan, Long, McDonald, McEniry, Smither, Cobb, George , . . Third Row: James, Konrad, McConnel, Melton, Reynolds, Ross, Spardley . . . Fourth Row: Thornton, Wilson, Wyker. Adler, Burnum, Faulk, Hampton , . . Fifth Row: Jansen, Kahlmus, McKenzie, Riddick, Salmon, Shuptrine, Scruggs , . , Sixth Row: Stough, Bingham, Bliss, Branyon, Cooper, Latham, LeMaistre, McRee , , . Seventh Row: Moore, Nelson, Oliver, Pate, Reynolds, Stamps, Walker, Ward. PP Frotres in Facultate Dr. Charles H. Barnwell Randolph Fort Robert Wallace Ernest G. Williams Medicine Willis Samuel Hood Henry Hamilton Hutchinson Robert Nelson, Jr. Law James Nelson Bloodworth Joseph Hirain Calvin Frank McCoy Dominick Sam Angus Le!viaistre Herbert James Lewis John Lauthlin Moore Seniors Julian Lee Bibb George Bloodworth Charles Russell Green William Ditmer Jordan Cyril Joseph Lenahan William Jacob Long Charles Edward McDonald Thomas Robinson McEniry John Franklin Smither Juniors Rowland Chappell Cobb Frederick Arthur George William Edward James Leif Haltdon Konrad John William McConnell Leroy Eugene Melton John Andrew Reynolds Oliver Street Ross qi. F -' mfr. Bridge or poker? 'iw T 4 it f nl ., f .jug 'T LPH Jack Miller Skelding Walter Morris Spradley Robert Sherwood Stubbs, Il Daniel Raymond Thornton, Jr Walter Scott Wilson John Danile Wyker Sophomores Louis James Adler Hubbard Denson Burnum William Edward Faulk Thomas Henry Hampton, Jr Vernol Robert Jansen, Jr, Roy Marvin Johnson Maurice Fuller Kahlmus Earle Walter Long, Jr. Samuel Kenneth McKenzie Harry Haynsworth Riddick Maurice Louis Salmon Herbert Leroy Shuptrine Edward Neal Scruggs Sellers Stough, Jr. Freshmen Georoge Chester Bingham Richard Frederic Bliss Edgar W. Branyon, Jr. Coy McCleskey Cooper Julian Oliver Latham Charles Aubrey Leiviaistre Thomas Leeper Long Jean Douglas McRee James Ralph Moore Eli Tutwiler Nelson William Harry Oliver Sam Franklin Pate William Thomason Price James Eugene Reynolds Bernice Glen Stamps Charles Brooks Vail Auddis Marian Walker Hartwell Hester Ward Page 247 Ml.-1ee.fweo..sf.-,---f.,,.x.s as-eeeeeeseeg-e-sg, J-7-gee,-A-slezseage-555.-fiea..-r - ,--1-q-----fe -- - , . -- 4-'H :reggae-rf-V f 13-33: -f-'-'-:-r+-r- -' gf its' '.Z"'i"-?'.'.'-'as-f , If-'Y-" M.: 'f, is-:-. fF7'Jvnf:i '.'i.:1ef -"PV v -err s--'TT' -' :ri-u . w-Sqvxpzu -we-i-.,.:. ' - 'fer W "' "W" """"T ""iT""" 'T T "T ' T' " '-"-?'-"T"7FF"'4- 'f -L f , - i - 'T F Z--ff " ?1:2fc'i'4t-t',f2t:4i::L2M'i1iV' astra-44 2 'i421f'vfd?.1 veitihi F553-Efl-tee"-if fffi,1' ' ,JH-H P ' , 'Q 2.4-:iff -'-- 'mf'-i',-iii-i'J'2',, -.-,,-1'ja-:-.-e ,'t:1-if-:v.---K"-5:14115 gn. 'S g,J',E'Ll'ljrr'?Qv"2.1Tfx-,,-'L ,-2 rec. L.r.,uf,-i'-' ff-' f--,,,,: J- '. sn- -J .. f- - . . - t- -it-f t -- t..' ...t,.mt...1.,..i,'t P,1e.paesi,,rm,g,a:tsi"af.:tH " ' ei3.w:.s:.e2,..f--fm?-,Y - V, ,, , , l - -t,. fPv 'Qi -l 1414, iw.. - tif! qi .m,i:. ' Yi.--' 5 TSM, Q63 ph -ite ll., . . -- r.:.h-v- I- is :iglk sign. mc: 4913 9,359.2-v,lQfp,u'1g1-fi ' ' 3 f. Q. A ' 3- :.,.q.1 n ...ii , .,-eng, f 'F'iif?r'fiiz5.::52ifIf.fflf-3215-ra? 'Q 'WF 'i Q" 'f mit " N V S by ., . .. V .,.. L, , I . flw 4:g51':.35ie:L.Qfi., as: Z., 541' if -gf. s T". 1 'fu '37 ?i,, ,,,J'Fl'! 12' 'FJY-U s Q wx' Qr'i5KN A! V1 Seniors Sophomores David Randman Julian Hytken Ben Bloom Melvin Stein Laurens Israel Max Grabove Juniors Myron Radvvin Leonard Miller Myer Shiland Raldh Franco Marshall Gordon Jerome Silvertielcl Bernard Lichter Practicing for intramurals Freshmen Fred Berman Alvin Tenebaum Yale Friedlander Karl Friedman Marvin Rich Joe Kantor Maurice Kravtin Robert Solnick Herbert G. Teschler 14: .:.. 'L .... u. , ,en-fee if. 'yu - w . ,W WI r . W, :rf2.., ,Tf-'e lim iJ?..i,,1,1g-.arf--Vi"i :X Ai' First Row: Randman, Bloom, Stein, Israel . . . Second Row: Grabove, Radwin, Miller Shiland . . . Third Row: Franco, Gordon, Silvertield, Lichter . . . Fourth Row: Hytken Berman, Tenenbaum, Friedlander . . , Fifth Row: Friedman, Rich, Kantor, Kravtin Solnick. PI CHAPTER Kappa Nu won the intermural football cup for l94l-42. Winners also were men on the campus such as Ralph France, President of Ex- celsior Literary Society, Ben Bloom, house president, member ot Druids, Scabbard and Blade, Rho Alpha Tau, and Excelsior, and Max Gra- bove, member ot Scabbard and Blade. These men entertained with a week-end Valentine party, their annual pledge dance, and, at Home- coming, with a Founder's Day Banquet. The local chapter has been here for twenty-two years, having come only nine years after the founding ot the national fraternity of Kappa Nu. Page 248 ' warm ' f-"- - --' X V -- -fn.-. ef--hifi ' Iii'.fifiii.'il" f' r ' . . - , - f ,- "' rr if ' .1 tr. . fl, 3 lf , , i V 'JN' Quilt: if 'C P: new -n' -if ,I , 'ltxlil ,J l ix , l A JJ: Vain i,, gif, stftm-l,'TtF txt' 5 1- 1 .. ml it ,J fi u 1 , it My X -I r u xuusuiur' K- :S 'f BETA CHAPTER Their annual Black and White Ball headed the long list ot Kappa Sigma social events. Following up the dance are nine house dances, a Christmas party, and a Valentine party. The Crescent and Star made its appearance tar the titty-third year this year. Outstanding among its wearers are Jimmy Thompson, member of Druids, Phi Eta Sigma, Quadrangle, and Vice-President ct Y.M.C.A., Venizelos Pappas, mem- ber ot Beta Gamma Sigma, Jasons, and Cadet Colonel of the Mili- tary Brigade, Wilmer Parker, Business Manager ot the Million Dollar Band, member ot Druids, lntertraternity Council, and President of the A Capella Choir, and Bob Weaver, Assistant Business Manager ot the Rammer-Jammer. The Kappa Sigs won their bracket in football, and were very active in the other intertraternity sports as well. First Row. Smith, McLallan, Blanton, C., Blanton. J.. Morgan Scconrl Row: Pappas, Roper, Rowan, Chandler, Parker . Third Row: Ward, Carroll, Lamar, MacDonald, Matson , . Fourth Row: Meeks, McLellan, Oliver, Stevens, Thompson . Fifth Row: Weaver, Caldwell. Chapman, Conner, W., Conner, J., Collier Sixth Row: Mc- Loughlin, Stevens, Lusk, Henry, Powers, Elriclge . Seventh Row. Wright, Vinson, Cox, Moss, Heleson, Wiley. . . , A . kia, Bob entertains the crowd , ff' lf, 6 N li F ,,.' I o J :- K Fratres in Fccultcite Dr. R. E. Tidwell Dr. W. P. Ott Dr, G. H. Kessler Dr. F. M. Folkers Mr. M. F. Adams F. A. Nations Mr. Leslie Andrews Lt. E. J. Finnell PP SGMA Kenyon Muks John McLellan John Oliver Robert Stevens James Thompson Robert Weaver Davis Overton Harry Caldwell George Bernard Sophomores Medicine Hampton Smith Clyde McFallan Claiborne Blanton Law John Blanton Seniors Richard Morgan Vengelus Pappas William A. Roper F Hoke A. Rowan Joe Chandler Juniors Wilmer Parker James Ward Mike Sollie, Ill. Sam J. Carroll, Jr. Law Lamar Larry MacDonald Curtis Matson F William Avant Dan Chapman Hardy Conner Milton Collier Kent Hall Paul Wiley Milton McLaughlin Walter Murphree R. C. Joiner Frank Stevens William Eiland eshmen Picket Tusk Charles Henry Ceorge Powers Paul K. Eldridge Kenny Ruse Richard Gunter James Hebson Bobby Tom Jenkins Robert Wright Tommey Vinson Riley McElroy Page 249 b1 -ti-Y+F15Y2'f+?loF3'525 UN-'Y '3f1'L'f1-IRQ-'8'1J5lwiwmW.K'.'F ifififwsfvfrrs'e1.'n'::rfet1:f?i?:"5':TTH?"'Tz7S.TT7.L-ILTZQTZTIETTFEATZFT '- '-'-TPS"-B " T"'TT" 1"7'7'7 ' gifs-I TE H . .r T 5"-1 7 1 V lL2'?"-lizsti J '1"' , i"iigiIlil','l,t1e3iif - 5253-1,1 .- 3' 5t'-l'tl:t-'- V X: . f ' n ' 1 5 Y '- 5 ' P' i 5" ' 1 2 i , . .. - i L f-."gf.'i3'1Z5-'FEP' ft . PI- 'za et.-'-n r ' fn, .' ,532fituJ3ir'f:E.1'ifitqjgi'5 'H 'P gif' ,Ji .QQ . J - . -. . .- l 'gas , ,,,.... sf mf- 1. ..s. W... ,,.. f nes- -tri,-9 . +, . W .-.-ff,-,.i":.a-r3,v.'' trEit!v-'A 5,- -,.i A f. 4 ff.: ,Y .. .1.,f4- ,L N n-,uf A. 5 iz.. .-,fy , ni.-1 AL.: . nw ,L -,,,.-5,-m?,, . '..f+y.,..m3f..f,:'-fggzggqi.,. r 4 J 7 -H if J lk , "ii, g 1 4,5515 fvflfi' If! Hifi-Ei! 1 .1fg7,t5'i'ig"Q19-J'.'i,'.2',?i2'.-Lv.WB? .LW W?i'7?i1P'B'1f2'f1:'- '-1. .Q1f.:LiJ-,...t-.3-3n.r-e......''ttff' 41 .d!,L1ef,p.-:w.:va'-2- 29141, 'Li 'Z 115' Q --s: in f :silt it Hvils, ., .ggi f "sf-ers" LA BD ALPHA Fratres in Facultate L. D. Boylan Lt. Paul H. Crews Lt, Halbert E. I-lughs Brooks Forehand Harwell Boyd Medicine Edward Welden QW Thomas F. Parker Seniors William L. Wall Robert C. Duke James R. Younger Robert R. Currie Holt Rast Norman Wesley Juniors Oliver T. Caldwell Thomas E. Butler William E. Nolan Clarence W. Crawford Charles L. James Lee Roy Duvall William H. McNiff Tl1ere's something about a uniform Hl Cullman K. Leonard Raymond H. White Douglass P. Corretti William H. Harris James Stacy Sophomores William H. Royal James O. Golden J. Frank McEachern Sam A. Mills Kenneth C. Self Richard S. Cobb C, Herbert Smith Glen F. Manning Dewey Mitchell Thomas Hargrove Charles E. Me:.had Freshmen Collins B. Fountain Jack l. Terrel Edward B. Rucker Frank M. Duke F. Wayne Morse Marshall E. Smith James E. Bearden Glen L. Stephens Kenneth Williams James H. Johnson - ,-. ..L.,N-,s,.s..m .uw :use-:.s,J,ffv -......f4 r--swiss.-3:5 s.eL:1-Jian.:-e..' 'wemtf First Row: Parker, Wall, Duke, Younger, Currie . . . Second Row: Rast, Wesley, Cald well, Butler, Nolan . . . Third Row: Crawford, James, Duvall, Stacey, McNiff . . . Fourth Row: Leonard, White, Corretti, Harris, Royal . . . Fifth Row: Golden, Mc- Eachern Mills, Self, Cobb . . . Sixth Row: Smith, Manning, Meshad, Fountain, Terrel Rucker , , . Seventh Row: Duke, Morse, Smith Stephens, Williams, Johnson. ALPHA PHI ZETA CHAPTER The Lambda Chi's Movie Theater wcn the l94l Homecoming Deco- ration Award for fraternity houses. Jimmy Younger, member of Scab- bard and Blade, Cotillion Club, and Secretary of Alpha Kappa Psi, was leader of the group this year, Holt Rast, member of O.D.K., Jasons, and Theta Tau, gained fame as Alabama's All-American Football Hero, and Tommy Parker, member of Delta Sigma Pi, Druids, and the Track Team, is well known cn the University campus. The fraternity had a Christmas party, and a formal Founders' Day Banquet and Dance in Birmingham in the spring. They entertained with a house dance every month, and were the first to have a Defense Dance, and have every member pay defense stamps as the price of admission. The Lambda Chis were runners-up in the Fall Golf Tournament, and entered teams in all intramural sports. Page 250 W9 ik vt K is sr-if I' if Wffiiffii ?'?9!rh -V -Am - -.f- --ff-A---1-ez:-rygzvffgz-vs -f:.'-nf:-.rrp-A-rf-ff-A 'sL'ffff2Slf."vxvz .. . .. .. e- --f- ..... ww' U.. -3-V---sr: .-. V-. f- ',,.. . .. A U 5.,...Q....,-T..--,r,Tn,I f'.m':.'---3i.21- ",".1wafs' i1'fS4f:r"'1n'-tural'--Z-1.1.2,1'-. '- "ff Fi'-."i'9'?1?'ff'Z9ig LES. a-fl',.' -1- .ilf .ii . - A ug., .f V 5- 4. -L, .s Azkmwu.. 1k,lV.A:,. . t t :ear -- 4. ALABAMA ALPHA CHAPTER The Phi Shield and Sword was The recogniTion symbol This year of Bill Sncw, house presidenf, Business Manager aT The Rammer-Jammer, Scabbard and Blade, and Jasons, Jack Tomlinson, Presidenr of The Freshman Class in The School of Commerce, Bill Brooks, Managing Edifor of The Crimson-WhiTe, Will Halsey, PresidenT of Greeks, and member of The CoTilIion Club. The annual Phi DelTa Theta Formal Dance was given in Birmingham on The week-end cf The Alabama- Georgia game. The TraTerniTy also held its ChrisTmas party, and sev- eral house dances. The Phis won The Golf TournamenT, and were run- ners-up in Their fooTball bracket. First Row: Browder, Halsey, Jacobs. Lackey, Mooney, Sncw Second Row: Agricola, Moody, Brooks, Butler, Dozfer, James , , . Third Row: Mudd, Steiner, Bawron, Burnom, Gresham, Harrington . , Fourth Row: Haynes, LeBlanc, McMurphy, Morrisettte, Pratt, Randall . . . Filth Row: Roberts, Sewell, Webb, Murray, R., Murray, B., Barr . , Sixth Row: Cooper, Hammond, Johnson, McMurphy, Mudd, Marshall . . Seventh Raw: Noble, Penick, Satterwhite, Sudduth, Tomlinson. - si, Spending a lazy afternoon 1 ,. ffzjf 1, :lt ly tl 'Q , , . . PHI DELT THETA Medicine Max Moody Law Bill Snow Hugh Agricola Eric Embry Bernard Sykes Seniors Tom Browder Will Halsey Paul Jacobs Julian Lackey BurgeTt Mooney Juniors Bill Brooks Charles Butler Albert Dozier John James David McGifferT Doak Mudd Alfred Sartain Ed De Graffenreid John STeiner John Burnom John Gresham James HarringTon Marshall Haynes STeworT Le Blanc Earl McMurphy Robert Morrissette Dan PraTT Henry C. Randall Roscoe Roberts Joe Sewell George Webb Reese Murray Bill Murray Freshmen John Barr Ernest Cooper Jeff De Graffenreid Dick Hammond Joseph S. Johnson John MCG-ifferT Marion McMurphy Ned Mudd Roberf Marshall Charles Noble Bill O'Conner ClifTon Penick Herbert' Satterwhite So homores p Joe SudduTh Richard Bawron Jack Tomlinson Page 251 I , - .-,IFVU-"t2tVv'TfE'-Tuff::.x!-'fs-YAYJ-aunvEiiET.f.ii'ZE'Ffff7iTTil?-5-'T?TfFffff?:7TL'.??7'f'lTMTTTT7-'1 'Ji' 'Y ff-'3'T""'7"'T"'A"?"'Z"""'-"'-'5f,T'T'7, 77: '..:E-T'f..ffQf21.T'5:'T4,.T ' rw " . 4- . --wf1a:.::- ef: -ne J- f-1-, - W--T-V -,- s ' ie--we---fs--1., -Q :fy-ft r-f'-4"-fm?-'Y-'Tim "f'H's""""""""' ' "" W' 4 ' I -, J .H 4 ,,:'.f " SJ: ?l'v " ' vm- B " 'QQ Rl'-jf' 171: 5 ' " " 2 - . ,, '. . V -. it ' 75 1 1 :gemJef.'-g'fr.e?Q.,f?fe,. . l ' . . A - -Q , -A f e M . Q it - J ,. ft . " H' 'I A, ----V.---1236:-f:lGr'2-:She IN -v ?m.i-, 'lzf.-YT:.5Ts'::',. it 1 " - 1 , W E.-,,. - 354.27 Y -- Clk! ,Q , , Hl AMMA DELT Fratres in Facultate Dean James H. Newman John Morin Gallalee Medicine Harold Gamble Robert Turpin Ashurst Albert Tatum Robert McBurney Law Edwin Burks Livingston Richard Seals Brooks William Henry Mitchell Edwin Harris Reynolds Seniors Tolliver Louis Austin James Cable Brice Jack Witherspoon Hines G. B. Hollingsworth Samuel Rexford Kennamer Milton Clay Ragsdale James Courtney White Juniors Ernest Ray Acton James Trotter Cobb Alexander Shelton Lacy Charles William Moffett, J Burein Whitfield Moncrief James Forrest Rikard Norwin Hunnicutt Worth Ross Jake Boykin Study Corner-Fiii Style Sophomores Furman James Baker Willys Deans Bidgood Wilson Ernest Durham William Deal Jamison E Northam Frederick Johnston Thomas Wakefield Mears James Mack Morgan Tyler Caphton Moffett Lee McMillan Otts Paul Pullen Salter Peter Alba Trice William Richard Walley Ralph Denny Wright Frank Rice Charles Reubin Wiggins Freshmen Walter Thomas Ashurst Frank Smith Austin Willis Carey Darby Harold Drew Paige Bill Follo Jerry Walter Gwin Thomas Franklin Hines Charles Foster Hinton William Howe Robert Dale lsaacson Beniamin Hughes Kennedy, Ill. Charles Walker McBurney Jack McGee Virgil McGee Lewis Bernard McLaurine Paul Kerr McWorter Malcolm Graham Moncrief William O'Connor William Bell Robertson Paul Alley Smith - 1 ff, it 21, FT ss? ., 3' f' '- 'SSJEQZE-'::ti.'4f'i1q "" I i ,qzeels t ,,,, ', -:"igii.1esiii'M3f 2 f in l T' " " -----s-AHL.---.'-"sf" -ALJ..-,Q-.CQ4 '-4' ears First Raw: Gamble, Livingston, Mitchell, Reynolds, Austin, Bice, Hines . . . Second Row Hollingsworth, Kennamer, Ragsdale, Acton, Cobb, Lacy, Moffett . . . Third Row: Mon- crief, Hunnicutt, Baker, Bidgood, Durham, Jamison, Johnston . , , Fourth Row, Mears Morgan, Moffett, Otts, Salter, Trice, Walley . . . Fifth Row, Wright, Rice, Wiggins, Mc- Whorter, Moncrief, O'Conner, Robertson . . . Sixth Row: Smith, Ashurst, Austin, Darby Drew, Follo , . . Seventh Row: Hines, Hinton, Howe, lsaacson, Kennedy, McBurney. . THETA CHAPTER The White Star of the Fiiis made its first appearance on our campus eighty-seven years ago. Jack Hines, Business Manager of the Corolla, Furman Baker, President of Druids, and member of Phi Eta Sigma, Paul Salter, member of Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Delta, and Druids, and Bill Livingston, Scabbard and Blade, Cctillion Club, and Executive Committee of Law School were outstanding among the other Phi Gams who participated in the school's activities this year. 'The fraternity's annual "Pig Dinner" preceding the spring initiation, and their formal dance, headed their list of social events for the year, although the an- nual Christmas parties were held, as well as several dinner dances. Page 252 ' f - 4- - -fe-H' ---l sv --r-fe A - - A -, A f----r-T-Y-fswxaf-ee:'eieifamsfni-:zifzA-mei1mcfzrsfe'zfzrsafzif-:n:vr,ys.mi1sv:ia':kavJ5-2e- 1 1-fvef-are .1-.--1-'H - I, .-. ,.i,......,-s W.. , g , 1g,lTf'.V,.A.::',fgg:fs5?ff,..,,g, , gif y f. ,.131. .fZff-,v"t2- ffhf?"T if-iff' r - -, 4,..,.Q.,'.,,:llLi..i.1.lf li l.:- Y.Q.ZLEIi1.L3I'H-A 'f.L,,,w L. ,g.l,.,rf- ' L . x4 1 I 6 s i y nu " Y' ' , ' ,T L -L X 1 rv maze--I '22 "- - r' 'Ls L .. ' ,.' " "' ' 'M' 'A +A"a'-'-"v-f------ ALPHA KAPPA CHAPTER A new Phi Kappa Sigma crest hung over that traternity's mantel this year. An alumni reception during the first week of school led oft the social events tor these boys. Besides this, tour novel house dances were enjoyed, along with the annual dance given by the pledge class tor the active chapter. Ervin Wyatt with the highest grades in the School of Home Economics, Julius Papais on the Gridiron, Harold Cheatham on the staff ot the Crimson-White, Bob Pritz, President of Gamma Delta, cmd James Horton, House President, and lntertraternity Council member wore the Skull Key this year. The Phi Kaps entered a team in all intramural sports, and had a very successful season. The local chapter of Phi Kappa Sigma has been on the campus since 1903, having been established here titty-three years after the founding of the national fraternity at the University of Pennsylvania. First Row: Hanwerk, Horton, Pritz, Bender Seconcl Row: Whiton, Miller, Wyatt, Cheatham . . . Third Row: Higgins, Moore, Neveling, Murcli . . Fourth Row: Box, Ray, Streicher, Sayre. lf f. ff E, i.,2,,,3 If PH Irwin selects swing tunes I PP IGM Fratres in Facultate William T. Ray Martin L. Harrison Seniors Al Grusha Joseph H. Handwerk James O. Horton Jule Papias Robert Devore John Loard Harold Chetham William Higgins John D. Brennan Sophomores Casper J, Moore John J. Neveling Donald Murcle Joseph Lee Box Robert Ray Ralph Stretcher Juniors Robert Pritz Freshmen Wallace Johnson David Authur Richard J. Bender George Bonds William P. Whiton Holland R. Sayre William Miller Fred Sanders Robert J. Stuart Raymond Ross Ervin B. Wyatt Wade Haden Richard K. Hose Harvy Burke Russell Leonard Ed Burke Page 253 crsrfs' f' F' 'i"t "i" "i"""gQ ii li, ' " ' ' ,r'. ' ' "" "J:5J'1IIIf'l'tfff i.f- il" isf' '.l-' -i. -...'1 7 "', irffl! q . ' r ' 1' A A r - i.t-- if '-'. 'iris -.-..:, T B W. .- , et is if igfefjiggg. , .-t..s.,,,,, PHI SIGM KAPPA Graduates William l-l. Wasson Seniors Elmer Raymond Cooley Alfred Joseph Golo Robert La Polla Byard Ernest Sooy James Malcom Speeker William Barney Whitlow Juniors Carlos Luis Bosch John Barnett Browning Edward Hundley Dennis Hugh Patrick Downey John Wallace Drew Mowitt S. Drew George Lewis Ebert Alfred George Hecht Richard Scott Russell Donald Salls Sophomores p Robert Kroeck Armstrong Listening to the game Barthe Avery Robert Bourlier William Howard Grant John Manville Harris Richard Otis Kirwin John Anthony Maloney Jack Le Moyne Marshall Theodore McKosky Gilbert Phillips Weatherbee Frank Eugene Webb Charles Marvin Woodward Norman Edward Vogt Freshmen Charles Arthur Dennen Rutherford Felter George Edwin Frese Elon Clark Gustafson lrwin H. Hershner, Jr. Walter Lister Frederick T. Livermore, Jr. Ross Witherspoon Price, Jr. Arthur G. Sullivan Harlan Weiby Taylor First Row: Cooley, Golo, LaPolla, Sooy, Speeker . . . Second Row: Whitlow, Bosch, Browning, Dennis, Downey . . . Third Row: Drew, Ebert, Salls, Harris . . . Fourth Row: Marshall, Dennen, Felter, Hershner . . . Fifth Row: Lister, Livermore, Price, Sullivan. OMICRON DEUTERON CHAPTER When the National President of Phi Sigma Kappa visited the Uni- versity's campus this spring to celebrate the chapter's seventeenth anni- versary, the Phi Sigs welcomed him with a Founder's Day Banquet, given in his honor. Other entertainments during the year included a fall picnic, four house dances, a carnation formal dinner-dance, and a tennis court dance. The fraternity was represented on the football gridiron by George Hecht, Don Salls, Ted Mclioskey, and Bart Avery, on the basketball squad by Bart Avery and Bob LaPolla, and on the baseball diamond by Elmer Cooley. Red Rolfe, third baseman for the New York Yankees, wore the Phi Sig badge in college, as did Eldon Auker of the Detroit Tigers, and Publisher McMillan. Page 254 4 .. wr, t- " H ' ' iii? I - .,,i......,wv.f,.f.s-1 ' i ' . t , t"'Tt'jj' ,t.1'F'f2tjj . . -2 .' is 5:.,311'K U 'mx . X 1 V 4' '1'5'-Jig:.-.115-Q':.5i."'l" .. . Y. ,viqri , ,A .. --, ..-, , GAMMA ALPHA CHAPTER Hosts at the annual Homecoming tormal dance were the members ot Pi K. A. They entertained during the year with a pledge dance, a Christmas dance, and six house dances. James Davis, President ot Y.M.C.A., President ot Alpha Epsilon Delta, and member of Quad- rangle, Bill Schuessler, Assistant Business Manager at the Corolla, and a member ot the Cotillion Club, and the Executive Committee, Joe Cobb, Chapter President, member ot Jasons, Tau Beta Pi, Theta Tau, and President ot the St. Pat's Association, and Carl Morring, member of Jasons, Scabbard and Blade, and Circulation Manager at the Crim- son-White, are Pikes ot reknown on the campus. The Shield and Dia- mond is comparatively a newcomer to the University among fraternity pins, having been here only since 1924. First Row: Randall, Berry, Tindell, McKay, Sewell, Harclegree, Burnett . Second Row: Bealle, Brown, B., Carter, Cobb, Simpson, Tippins, McKewen . Third Row: Burgess, Davis, Etheridge, Hubbard. Hudson, Metcalf, Piper Fourth Row: Roberts, Schuessler, Brown, D., Green, Grimes, Avery, Cogdill . Fifth Row: Echols, Lewis, Stollworth, Waller, Wilson, Spraggins . Sixth Row: Cobble, Fuller, Hooper, Mc- Curdy, McKay, Sherrow . . . Seventh Row: Thomasson, Tinney, Walters, Walton, Wim- berley, McNeil. Page 255 New Pl Frotres in Facultate Dr. Jack Montgomery 'alumnus Councilort Col. Wm. T. Carpenter Graduates Crayton C. Fargason Medicine Walt McDowell Fay Randall James Berry James Grimes Law James Tinclell Charles McKay Toxey Sewell Carl Morring Arthur Hardegree Joe Burnett Rufus Bealle Seniors Brooks Brown Jack Carter Joe Cobb Robert Lister James Nelson Sam Simpson Keener Tippens Felix Treadway Heustis Whiteside Jack McKewen Paul Spenser Tom Rast Juniors Charles Burgess James Davis ,Ap 1. 'ot Bridge ala Pt K A PP LPH So Robert Dawkins Foster Etheridge Perry Hubbard Max Hudson Neil Metcalf Robert Piper Macon Roberts Bill Schuessler Dave Brown Robert Waters Roy Green Porter Grimes phomores Jack Avery Happy Beard Donald Cogdill John Eohols Charles Gibson Tom Lewis Nick Stallworth Parker Waller Ralph Wilson T. J. Spraggins Fresh men Billy Armstrong Arthur Cobble Johnny Farr Clark Fuller Barber Hooper George McCurdy Bob McKay Sonny Pepper Warren Sherrow Cloud Stabler M. D. Thomason Tom Tinney Stanley Walters Frank Walton Norris Wimberley Bob Johnson Charles McNeil Ji? Llg'.,,?J?gg3ge.Z1' .. ,era Q ' - 1 J H ,, 4 ., A., . 1. ,, .IW ,..e.,m.i',44,,9 al ,,,.,.s,,,e1i.'rf,, , Wu, ,1,, , f 1., 1 ,Fx i 'High ,fini f i .. i -, ,. .. ery, .1 . 1 i . i .e . 5 sedan- ,,.,,E,ei,.,,..i...sfe 1, ., . .ii.-u-,e,.,,. ,g,.ia-wmi,.fg-.-4,-gf.. . Pl Fratres in Facultate Edward S. Carothers Donald F. Mulvihill Charles L. Seebeck Graduates Wayne Wells Medicine Richard Henry Roy W. Williams John Ladden Law Lister Brunson Leonard Lowery Seniors Charles Talot Henry Leslie Jack Brock Pat Driver Joe Ed Hearn Russell Henley Mark Jones Jim Stanley David Self VVir.fred McCartney Fred Smith G. C. Houston Alfred Holston Reddock E. Williams V. O. Storey George Gammon Joe Wheeler Leith Lewis Adair Juniors James Kelley Ray Pinckard Frankie Sances Slats for the Rats ..,..--.,.-. ..-.f.,- ...,. ..,. - ..... f-..,..T.,.....,,.T,..,.,,....,,,,,,.....i.,. ....1e,,.-..,- .,,,,,,. , s,,,M,:,, .,,. .,f,- . ,,.,, . 1 - .L ,W ,,- -J!---M Ygefeegflfglfii' '..eIif4e-e9E.1,'if3eiQg "' " - - V L -L ,emo - ,ee.,:..,w4f--sets.-.-..-e,J.1, J, 1.1-ef.---L,..s , AQ.-:si---eesheeg. Y-.. U ff' L L., J 1 gs., .ww ' .iii Y f.,,., ...gk PP PHI Joe Starnes, Jr. Joe Ward Ernest Young James Hill Maddox J. W. Reese Sophomores Ed Boswell George Black William Reynolds Robert Bedsole William Hause Wilton Clements Raymond Cox Richard Self John Edsell Hardage Freshmen Ben Brock William Brunson Jack Dickert Max Gilmer James Harper Reginald Johnson James Owens George Stacy William Stuart Wallace Mabrey ixeal Tate Richard Van Hala Edwin Ward Bernard Windham Cecil Jones Gene Airhart Jcmeal Kahalley Truman Daniels William Corretti Marlin Hamilton Edwin Harris Leon Moore John Bray Curtis Studdard First Row, Williams, R. W., Brunson, L., Brock, J., Driver, Hearn, Jones . . Second Row, Stanley, Talbot, Self, McCartney, Smith, Holston , . . Third Row: Williams, R. E., Gammon, Adair, Leslie, Henley, Pinckard . . . Fourth Raw: Sonces, Starnes, Ward, Young, Maddox, Boswell . . . Fifth Row, Black, Reynolds, Bedsole, l-lause, Clements, Brock, B. . . . Sixth Row: Brunson, W., Gilmer, Harper, Owens, Stacy, Tate . . . Seventh Row. Van Halo, Ward, Airheart, Kahalley, Johnson, Dickert, Stuart. GMICRON CHAPTER With their Student Lamp for a background, the Pi Kappa Phi's gave the first formal of the year, and along with four house dances and novel parties, they kept in full swing socially throughout the year. Among their members we find six class officers: David Self, President of the Senior Class in Education, Winfred McCartney, President of Senior Class in Engineering, Joseph Ward, President of Junior Class in Education, Joe Ed Hearn, Secretary of Senior Class in Arts and Sci- ences, Ed Bcswell, President of Sophomore Class in Commerce, and Max Gilmer, President of Freshman Class in Education. Also high in the estimation of the student body are Lister Brunson, Editor of the Corolla, Charles Talbot, Chairman of the Commerce Committee, and Henry Leslie, Assistant Editor of the Corolla and Band Captain. The Pi Kap's did exceptionally well in baseball and entered all competition in the intramural league. This local chapter was organized during the last war, and has attained its peak during the present one. Page 256 X b. .,. - ...A-.. . ,-,V W Y H 1 , -ef . ec.-,,:. -J,.+..,s.s:..:,.,3.i,1-,.,i,,,.,..,,.s5., , , . . ., f , i .- - , if . kt . . . . . I I i-W ' Q ' ,J T - PM-'3""'f.'b"f'i""' "fn 'f ff." v'fT"' KET," 12,773 -'t.W, Q-Lui s.-.Lf ' .. .'.. I' .S - l A A . ' ,,. .n-' izqczpbf- .. ,, Y-1 -. ,- .1,.K7., ,A ng 1.4. 1 x 3 ,,:.i:.e'fr 1+ .. .- ' . 'X .',v'fv"?:'temz,'5-7. ,, .- 1 .1 . .-1 i , . , ,wx - , , pry Q 'g 1: 1:i,i,-r3l'-s9z:':.g1 ff ' up 'flffbff-xv. Q- "j f'i,.'i ilk: .V -fi, :'77f5-l:F'.'iIj ,Qi , .-.vii ,4'-gg11:- -- ' E A. ,':',-it ' 'Av' -'N -' '- , , 'L I A v ?, ir xii wh Jw-,sg q F lt, i , i,. L I ' ' -- 1' 1 i-' ':"-"'i'f'tt""l'.."2'i?I.1 tr "viii"-5 .- 4-, . ' . ' t ,- -' f'4 7 it I L .' ' - r , , L xL :i J.. 'i f ' -' i,a..L..qs-Ly... . T".""'T ,. 7"I"l -. , s.. L -.1 LTQ ' -, T. "IMT '7"'T7'."'T: . T7 ALABAMA MU CHAPTER Having the distinction of being the only national fraternity founded at the University of Alabama, it is only natural that there should be many prominent wearers of S.A.E.'s "Minerva". Among them are, Chapter President Jack Bingham, who is also President of Jasons, member of Omicron Delta Kappa, Tau Kappa Alpha, and Debate Man- ager, Hal Cleveland, Past President of Druids, member of the Inter- fraternity Council, Quadrangle, and of the Junior Prom Committee, Gorman Jones, President of Quadrangle, J. W. Johnson, member of Cotillion Club, and Clifford Fulford, President of the Student Body, member of Jasons, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Beta Kappa, and men- tioned in Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. The SAE's entertained in December with their annual Black and White Ball, and had seven house dances during the school year, as well as a Christmas party and a Founders' Day Banquet. They were runners- up in football and golf. The fraternity was founded here in l856. First Row: Sharman, L., Coleman, Fulford, Prince, Smiley, Jones, Mullins, N ..., Sec- ond Row: Farmer, Mullins, J., Morrisette, Johnson, Bingham, Lightfoot, Underwood . . . Third Row: Sharman, J., Carpenter, Kimbrough, Beckwith, Brannon, Carter, Cleveland . , . Fourth Row: Elmore, Harris, Jones, J., Dupre, McEniry, McLean, Monelte . , . Fifth Row: Neal, Williamson, Darden, Black, Bohaker, Brown, Edison . . Sixth Row: Hagood, Hewitt, Johnson, Mathews, Moy, Montgomery, O'ConnelI . . Seventh Row: Orr, Simpson, Breitling, Brooks, Coleman, Dent, Eros, Greer . . Eighth Row: Latham, Mizell, Pitts, Skemp, Thompson, Welch, Brandon, Fowler. If ,M 1-1 Xl Clifford bids the guest goodbye IGM LPH EP Fratres in Facultate Dr. lrbing Little Paul S. Garner Dr. John R, McClure Dr. Jackson S. Sharman Dr. J. Henry Walker A. M. Kennedy William Going Edward Kimbrough Medicine Robert Vaughn Lester Norvel John Harsh Conyers Relfe Lewis Sharman Law Grady Reynolds Thomas Coleman Clifford Fulford John Prince Taylor Hardy Tom Smiley Robert Arrington Gorman Jones Norton Mullins Lester Farmer Josh Mullins Welch Morrisette John Will Johnson Seniors Jack Bingham Robert Carr Robert Lightfoot Robert Underwood Jack Sharman Jimmy Kimbrough Burwell Carpenter Juniors William A. Beckwith Troy Brannon Ewing Carter C. Hal Cleveland Page 257 IL 'wr-tvs-:Le-uve-wg:-V -in--1-1' 1- -1- Q3 Y?k3??E??fToZV.t7?itg1ffa1-f-:1"r"'?'F'C'!r11i1L'fF7T ' Ti' tint' T' 'F John Durr Elmore Robert O. Harris Julian Jones Charles DuPre Ralph McEniry James G. McLean Robert Monette George M. Neal Richard Poelnitz Tram Sessions, Jr. Charles Williamson Hugh Darden Sophomores Hugo L. Black, Jr. Don Bohaker Hugh Brown Robert Edison William Hagood James Hagenwald Charles Hewitt Evans C. Johnson Max Matthews John Winston May John Allen Montgomery Richard O'Connell John Orr George Simpson Freshmen Robert Breitling James Brooks George Coleman Elliott Dent Joe Eros, Jr. James Greer Donald Latham Woodfin Mizell Percy Pitts Samuel Charles Skemp Jr Sam P. Stickney James Thompson Edmund Welch Chet Brandon Thomas Fowler 8 I 1" 1-J, wZ.f?"f 1553 t- - - 1. ,- f-'sg , - ' L'f31,1Qf5 SIGMA ALPH Fratres in Facultcite Harry Lipson Medicine Benny Steinberg Seniors Jacque Orenstein Sidney Rosen Milton Abrams Juniors Sidney Goldberg Robert Engel Edward Winniker Sophomores Samuel Jospin Shoe shine boy keeps busy Perry Cohen Leo Wilkoft Herbert Sleeper Marvin Reubin Jules Klein Don Frost Sidney Ginsberg Morton Carlton Martin Wiman Freshmen Harold Rosenblaum Arnold Cohen Paul Levy Jonas Fendell Stan Bloom Jack Steindler Irwin Finkelstein Daniel Geller ...wee ,.a......e.........i. First Row: Orenstein, Rosen, Abroms, Goldberg . . . Second Row: Engel, Jospin, Cohen, P., Sleeper . , Third Row: Frost, Ginsberg, Carlton, Wiman . , . Fourth Row: Rosenblaum, Cohen, A., Leby . . . Fifth Row: Fendell, Finklestein, Geller. TAU CHAPTER . The Octagon ot Sigma Alpha Mu is worn by such men as Bob Engel, house president, Secretary ot the lntertraternity Council, and member ot the Cotillion Club, Sidney Goldberg, Secretary-Treasurer ot the Junior Class in the School ot Commerce, Don Frost, Secretary ot the Sophomore Class in the School ot Arts and Sciences, and Leon Finch- man, varsity tackle on the Football squad. The traternity entertained with a house party in April, with a pledge dance in the tall, and with tive house dances throughout the year. The S.A.IVl.'s entered all in- tramural spcris, and were especially well represented in basketball. The National Fraternity, Sigma Alpha Mu, was tounded in l909, and only ten years elapsed betore the establishment ot the local chapter. Page 258 . H... ,..,-. -,.. ..,. .,. -... .,..,,.... fs, A -- - ea..w.:.i4.o......-...,...., ,-,.W..,,, - V. -V V' - - ww 4-1. - .. .- 5 . , y ,, -irciisvxxf'-'vr:'irur - - . I IOTA IOTA CHAPTER The Sigma Chis held their second annual "Derby" last fall. Among Sigma Chi's membership are found such track stars as Bob James and Jack Boswell, and football stars as Ted Cook. George Howard is Chapter President, and Vice-President of the Junior Class in Law School. The annual "Derby" for competition of sorority pledges was a very suc- cessful event, and proved a novel addition to the campus sccial cal- endar. They entertained in December with their annual Blue and Gold Ball, with a Christmas party, as well as several house dances during the year. The Sigma Chi Cross has been on the campus since l876, having come to the campus twenty-one years after the founding of the fraternity at Miami University in Ohio. The intramural sports were a major activity of Sigma Chi this year. First Row: Norton, Howard, Rogers, White, Pennington, Hoffman, Hubbs . . Second Row: James, Koiner, Maxwell, Mayes, Milner, Monteil, Pugh Th.rcl Row: Calvert, Carr, Cunningham, Garcia-Sanchez, Green, Thomas, Speake FoLrth Row: Lester, Martin, Ollinger, Payne, Richey, Rives, Allen . . . Fifth Row: Brown, Bush, Covington, Dismuke, Holloway, Loftin . . . Sixth Row: Pullum, Rodgers, Anderson, Buerger, King, Lester . . . Seventh Row: Lonqnecker, Morris, Mclnerney, Renau, Shannon, Stewart. - Page 259 An intermission gab-fest 4- if ., X n".v "NUI, L I 1 Q su - t 'iw u n IGM HI Fratres in Facultate Dr. George H. Denny Ralph E. Adams Law Lawrence Woolf Caruthers James Taylor Hardin George Pierce Howard Joseph Daniel McPherson Zack Rogers, Jr. Harvey lveston White, Jr. Jesse Marvin Pennington, Jr. Seniors Russell Vernon Hoffman, Jr. Robert Lawrence James Guy LaMar Hubbs Fay Krauth Koiner, Jr. Joseph Wilson Maxwell William Brewster Mayes, Jr. John Milner Ganzalo Fitch Montiel Vililliam Cuningham Pugh Howard Leslie Zacher James Nash Wilson Juniors Henry Fairchild Boswell Wilson Clark Calvert Jock Durward Carr William Dodge Cunningham Wilfred Sanchez Garcia Robert Lee Green, Jr. Edward Franklin Thomas Russell Edward Speake Lee E. Johnson James Edward Kimbrough Graham Wallace Lester, Jr James Floyd Martin Harry Leo Ollinger, Jr. Quentin Payne Harold Paul Richey James Vell Rives, Jr. Sophomores Glenn Luman Allen William Elijah Brown Fred Norman Bush, Jr. Joe Street Covington Ben Foy Dismuke, Jr. Julian Lee Holloway, Jr. John Bartley Loftin Carl Espy Pullum, Jr. Henry Herbert Rodgers, Jr. Freshmen Robert Lawson Anderson Leslie E. Buerger, Jr. Louis Bruce Cary, Jr. Julian Harold King, Jr. Lee Orcutt Lester Tommy Ike Longenecker Irvine Ernest Morris, Jr. Thomas Mortimer Mclnerney William Bailey Reneau Rudolph Frank Shannaon Robert Long Stewart :mn se-,maggie-1 1-'r' Fratres in Facultate James B. McMillan James Foy Dr. Edwin R. Foster Mr. F. C. Blood Dr, Alfred B. Thomas GW Parnell Lewis Jack Williamson John Ed Campbell Seniors Paul Foster Jack Dempsey Pete Steiner Francis Park Alan Nedry Joe J. Harrell Juniors Bill Barnard Calloway Robertson Jack Norton Caine O'Rear Floyd Puckett George Owens Byron Pulley J. A. Ward Ralph Harmon A. B. Robertson, Jr. Joe Allen Lee James Nettles Jack Green James Currie A quiet evening at the house WW' fiiszt 1 Rev' Y - X w,3.,,,:f'e.'.f3.',s 1 H. V --c.,A.sL.,g.1,4s-...L4g,-.,o....g.L.Lf.,-,... ,:4Lc,,44s are '.,...c...,1,1..-L.: ",-H1 ia., H , 1 x , , E .' 5 Qi" Vpf-fS1:sf'aiif3, 3- Ls.-,-sr, .gy 'C' 5 J"""' 55322. swat., -5- Sophomores Fr Leroy Chambers Thorpe Forrester Scott Forrester William Wadsworth Benjamin Sutton John Land Pierre Ridolphi R. A. Dowling Louis Green Alfred Goldthwaite Russell Thornton Buford Davis Weber Trent Houston Blount John Foshee William Startcher eshmen Richard Bennett Millard Jackson Grigsby Hood William Murphy Talmadge Amberson Lynn Jinks Marion Rushing Henry Clouse Woodard Lamar Robert Mclntyre Thomas Ben Richardson Gerald Hill Elbert McClellan Marcelle Boullemet Robert Russell John Speight First Row: Lewis, Williamson, Campbell, Foster, Dempsey, Steiner, Park . . , Second Row, Nedry, Harrell, Barnard, Robertson, Norton, O'Rear, Puckett . . , Third Row: Owens, Pulley, Ward, Harmon, Robertson, Lee, Nettles , . . Fourth Row, Green, Currie, Chambers, Forrester, T., Forrester, S., Wadsworth, Sutton . . . Fifth Row: Land, Ridolphi, Dowling, Greene, Goldthwaite, Thornton, Davis . . Sixth Row, Trent, Blount, Foshee, Startcher, Bennett, Jackson, Hood . Seventh Row: Murphy, Amberson, Jinks, Rush- ing, Clouse, Lamar, Mclntyre . . Eighth Row: Richardson, Hill, McCellan, Boullemet, Russell, Spight. TH ETA CHAPTER The Five-Armed Star of Sigma Nu has been familiar to the Alabama campus for the past sixty-eight years. Outstanding members of the fraternity are Parnell Lewis, member of Jasons, Omicron Delta Kappa, and Business Manager of the l94l Corolla, Jack Williamson, President of Theta Chapter, and member of Phi Beta Kappa, Pete Steiner, mem- ber of the Cotillion Club, and Jack Green, Assistant Business Manager of the Corolla, and Secretary of Excelsior. The Formal in the spring, and their annual Christmas party head the list of social functions for the Sigma Nus, but they supplemented these with a pledge dance and several house dances. The Sigma Nus were very active in Intramural sports, being runners-up in football. The local chapter is one of the oldest fraternity chapters on this campus. Page 260 'ifj-..g,Q,r-1729 5 -s .. -t ' ,. t ' t M. ,sine-eza..-..fA'-'QL-.L-4.'3ii1HLsiL.L'.-"f .. Q. , ,. ..L Q ' . , It grin if Wfy.JiL t , i 'l y' lr, ' r ' :YA Fl, 'wx si. .vL,.,,.s..,.- .,..V ..,.,,.e- .1-.-.s,..4...-., Y, .. . . ,. . . , . .. . ALABAMA CHAPTER The Heart of Sigma Phi Epsilon was worn by Hank Lewis, Editor ot the Crimson-White, and member ot the Executive Committee, John Mc- Cormack, Columnist on the Crimson-White, Bill Kennedy, Vice-Presi- dent of the Sophomore Class in the College of Engineering, and mem- ber at Rho Alpha Tau, and George Kobar, Vice-President of the Junior Class in the College of Education. The "Sig Eps" were the tirst fra- ternity men on the campus to remember the boys in the Service. ln the Fall, they held a house dance at which the price ot admission was two packages of cigarettes which were sent to the boys in army camps all over the country. They entertained their National Secretary, Mr. William L. Phillips, with a Founder's Day Banquet in February. The social side ot the picture consisted of dances and parties given at the chapter house during the year. First Row: Cash, Lewis. Fagg, Dembiislcy . Second Row: Mitchell, Greiner, Peterson Gadley . . Third Row: Kobon, Kingsley, Stewart, Kennedy Fourth Row: Mc Cormack, Holmes, Silvestri, Robinson Fifth Row: Armstrong, Corisha, Terrell. did!! A New brother is pledged QEW: 16. 6 IGM PH EPSILON Fratres in Facultate Prof. Wendell Adamson Dr. Emmett Carmichael John M. Cory J, M. Faircloth Donald Thompson Waverly Barbe Dr. August Mason Graduates Edmond Joseph Cash Howard Lewis Seniors Charles O. Fagg Zenon Dembitsky Juniors Malcolm Mitchell Ernest E. Greiner Everett M. Peterson Vtfilliam Godley George Koban Ralph Kingsley Lester Stewart Sophomores William Kennedy John McCormack Judson Holmes Victor Silvestri Fresh men Douglas Robinson Carl Armstrong Richard Terrell Page 261 ffflwri QILZAL 4:.:::.ggg4 N-.. Q "li s'ri' ' .. - - -' . - 1 . ' I' '..-iff 'Ti' 1- '-,' : -fri' "t4 WEQK- . ' ' ' A f s-A ' .1,-135, ,' f'i1V2f?IJiI.,1' il.--5 - ,' ,. W X 'f'.'l i' i 7 A f 'ltlt - " f A 3 7? QJ!s'?:3.r.Q':rl. Li THET Fratres in Facu ltate Coach Henry Crisp Dr. F. Nowell Jones Dean S. J. Lloyd Medicine Robert Denton Seniors Francis P. Keenan William A, Collis Reid J. Anderson Harold A. Johnson William DeSiero Howard Foster Juniors Walter H. Prescott Robert R. Ellison Clare D. Sherwood Berlon A. Scott Carl leads a quartet - :-- N ...., 24.2 2,3311 " "iz" v- '- -, v i jt' swiii -- ' ,T .nggygawg ,Qtr ., Q- , r v I 1 1 1 1 ' it I " ' +V c t i A v H , 1, 4 rv.-M gm, N . . . ,f ...l K.. A..- .. -.,,. ...J .. ..,.5...r....1,, ,- .. -....f..v-.. mac..ov-:.e..--.o,,-L--..4h..-....',.,us...- v- ' . g:..4L-." .fxef :meg fa L-,:J3g4,,ry-A1-f.'1'e'1.-1-: . ' --,Q , ..1,.-,4-- 2, f tv si .U.lZ..., X . . 1 wr e,.,.,.-' 1 H I Russell W. Craft Thomas A. Smith Carl F. Hallberg Edward Bohat Edward Owcar Sophomores William X. Schwarz A. Marvin Crittenden Carl R. Rowe William Jackson Freshmen Euvene W. Mitchum Lawrence Kral Thomas Davies Burt Morgan Robert Collins William Stratton Arihur Neuwirth William LaDue Slephen Michalowski :sere,..-t--s.g:5.1".-,.. .',.-V ...F ',.r.x-ffe...-H-'.1.f......'A-F...-" ...E-7.1.-.,ffcm..:i.e:,le.1---.t.,s-suse.tu- 1 M First Row: Kennan, Collis, Anderson, Johnson . . . Second Row: DeSiero, Foster, Pres cott, Ellison . . Third Row: Sherwood, Scott, Hallberg, Smith , , , Fourth Row: Bohat Schwarz, Michalcwski, ALPHA FHI CHAPTER The Crossed Swords identity the pin ot Theta Chi. Hal Johnson, Captain ot the Track Team, member ot "A" Club, and Scabbard and Blade, Bill DiSiero, Secretary ot the Spirit Committee, Bert Scott, Col- umnist cn the Crimson-White, and Francis Keenan, Chapter President and member at Scabbard and Blade are particularly well-known locally. The Theta Chi's entertaining consisted ot a formal dance in the spring, and six unusual house dances during the year. They were winners of their bracket in basketball and ping-pong, and entered teams in all intramural sports. The local chapter was established in 1923, the national fraternity of Theta Chi having been founded in T856 at Norwich University. Page 262 .-1L.I,QLI.g,.-.?jm'?L.1 tn r11T!I'f"r-, rr: ?fj'?'T?'i"-'1."'r"-. i . . . . K J T u,,,.., I U 'T K sz ' ' 'CY' I . s, . - E-'ht "ff -jf,cQt.fl2-" ,fwflini T . f e" l'iisl'fQi"fF .C .1', L... - 5 ' ' t .. . . ' ' ' tLcag4.tm1.1-4 .' -' "'-' ' ALPHA LAMBDA CHAPTER The Oval and Z of Theta Xl is proudly displayed by Jimmy Roth, mem- ber ot Omicron Delta Kappa, and a letterman for three years on the varsity basketball team, John Hines, a tvvo-year letterman on the bas- ketball team, and Tom Black, Director at lntramural Sports, member ol the lntertraternity Council, and ot the Spirit Committee. Clyde Porter is President ct the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. The Theta Xis entertained in April with their annual formal dance, and in the same month with their Founder's Day Banquet. Seven house dances were enjoyed during the year by these boys and their dates. The local chapter is very young, having been introduced here in l932, seventy-tive years after the founding of Theta Xi Fraternity. First Row: Lent, Black, Porter, Finkbciner, C.. Roth Second Row: Hinos, Gowing, Cunningham. Moses, Finlcbeiner. G. Third Row: Gcnlry, Schwinclemzm, Montgom- ery, Shelclral-ze, Fravvley . . Fourth Row- Comisaraw, Crock. Kulhes, Hoffman . Fifth Row: Price, Rowalcl, Norrfs, Newzerner. Cracking the first book ll 1, '55 , i, t Y' , ' I I. THET Frcitres in Facultate Mr. Chester H. Knight Mr. Winston M. Scott Major Mills Lieutenant Samuel Burkhalter Mr. Stewart Berry Seniors Charles Lent Thomas Black Clyde Porter Carl Finkbeiner James Roth John Hines Juniors Robert Gowing Jack Cunningham Omer Moses George Finlcbeiner X Homer Gentry Lloyd Newcomer James Schwindeman Charles Montgomery Sophomores Fr Robert Shelldralce Lester Frawley Paul Comisaraw Albert Crock George Miller VVard Wright John Kuekes eshmen Eugene Hoffman George Price Lawrence Rawald Walter Gerber Thomas Norris Page 263 . 057''TT"'7'7"'l.'Q:A"T7T"5T'TEi'TrT'TT'-TTTWTTLTETATQ'T':7'TVT'T'Tr'T-T"TTT'Ti-:QT-S'-ilhlmf-ii'-Ti-'TTT PPETLJJ- I -'f A ,,g.,r1 1 , ' L-ju: - g..i..,, 5 wifi...-,s.r-' -T f:g,.,:e vu.. ' 4- W-1, . .se--v ,,,,. -A f- -'.'5rwf-:-f1r'-1:-ef:"t1+'-- " r 1 Q: . , .SVA 1 .3 t Q - . MQ., V- J, ,J ii- .-t,1:.jt-...gif . .11-,gp aff-a , sw 'fi'.",::7,?g:ii"- :'i',r-t,'f5.,,5f-'Jizz In 2, ,,.,J.x,M 5 -.s.q.,,g3f. J H - f. 5 -I ' . . . . . . ...i. . ..f, ,,... ,,,..1 '31, . ,.. , .frm - mm. .,., ,. ,. . ., ,A , '- ' . .-1 ' -, H Q- -. 'fr--'H'-:v"r2f41a4x1?L v ISV f 'Q 5-lf. -Lf 'fliixsy --wh-' -. W :.- A 1 .fi wt--.fe-L -1-, T. i.1-'.za'-- i-.mi f ' - . f ' -f ' ' A -T ' ' . ' ' 'P f e ' - 'Lg---'-l' , I ET Fratres in Faculfate Dr. Fred Lewis Seniors Arthur Beringer Oscar Cohen Mark Sabel Juniors Donald Adler Ivan Bloch J. Louis Kayser Leonard Held Kalman Swarts Gene Worfsman Two's company-Four's oi mob! : 7 Q-,Y -1 A. a Q 7, In 1 , in if 18' lf"-mlv. QAZD Lf!! 'lil . fa X 1, 1 4 I BET Sophomores Jack Aland John Chapman Herbert Cohen Jim Grossman Donald Kraus Harry Lipson Milton Marx E. J. Meyer Jimmy Sobel Alwyn Shugerman Freshmen Herbert Feibelman Leonard Hogedorn .,, Sam Levine Mark Shatz A... ,.,..c C., .V ,. .u.....-.e.,.:1i.-- m f-Jew-Q-4:m..,,..,ees First Row, Beringer, Cohen, O., Sabel, M., Adler . . . Second Row: Bloch, Held, Kayser Swarts . . . Third Row, Wortsman, Chapman, Cohen, H., Grossman . . . Fourth Row Kraus, Lipson, Marx, Meyer, Saloel, J. . . . Fitth Row: Shugerman, Feibelmen, Hage- dorn, Levine, Shatz. PSI CHAPTER The "Zebes" celebrated their twenty-fifth anniversary on the campus by winning the Scholarship Cup, and running second in the intramural bridge tournament. The social calendar consisted of tour house dances, a house party and a spring picnic. Gene Wortsman, President of the A.B. Association, Managing Editor of the Rammer-Jammer, and mem- ber of the Interfraternity Council, Oscar Cohen, former President of Phi Eta Sigma, member of Druids, and Scabbard and Blade, Alwyn Shugerman, member ot Phi Eta Sigma and Druids, Milton Marx, Presi- dent of the Sophomore Class, head the list ot vvearers of the Diamond ot Zeta Beta Tau. Page 264 ,,. mu...V.....,.,..f,...,.Q.......i.,........i...........sA..,s...s......--,........-,,-. - ,A - . L..,.....,.....i.,w....-..+.A,. . f .- .., .Wacom .L 1 --.fesf i 1f-',.rw1'v:1.-fvrsm:aroma--1zr:es-... fs .ff-+0-r-ea. so 'CD , T ia ig ' v. A.-.PF aw' ,S L f fi - . . .- . c . . , - - I -i T'?iA3Pl4SQ:j3 'E' 55-Kffq, .,.-::,',"'2E':zzt':z S-?4"ilW?i"' - 3' S ning,-,i,. 'L .,:,,i.,u - . '11 F-3253195 , We ,Sf it-'se' of " ' -U ., :iw-my Wa- -ilfiszft' Plsfslg :.1??f3,N,g. -,I ug . zw . '. ct S 'f3'1,e P 'xl 1 t"! V g urn 4' 'iii sffmwff 'Q iw" Q in 11 if ALPHA Sora res in Facu ltate Miss Frances Greenwood Miss Elmerine Sherman Seniors Margaret Ellington Billie Jewell Mildred Smith - Jean Bass F,- Betsy Webb Juniors Mary Leigh Brown Eloise Burdeshaw Gene Lamb Jeanne Tinkle Virginia McClure Marrianna Harrison Sophomores Dorothea Ellis Margaret Henson Patricia Hilliard Martha Ingram Checking on the gossip column H l GA Mary Jane Mitchell Joyce Murdick Marilyn Touart Carol Webb Emily Strong Willette Smith Rita Sanford Annice Klostermann eshmen Pege Davies Sally Leper Peggy Sue Self Virginia Burkholder Anita Campbell Mary Sparks Jackie Strohm Adele Erickson Marie Merritt Dorothy Sturdy Alice Crittendon Ethel Elliot Mozelle Mitchell Helene Wiison Amy Ellis Libbye Nelson c,N,.....,..,.......- ..,f..-. .,,.. .A .,, .WH-. . ...,,-,. .A .. .-.v ...V 3: R W Q Y M 4 Wm Sb-1-LAM-ll T -9'1L?F'2' T Z ' 4?"ff"Q'i'Q1V4L23L'4iJf!'EfEl'jf"l51Ef3ia-:FSEEYTQ ' "5" A L' T ' i' ' " ' '- . ': t 1 - gms: 1' A BIZ' First Row: Ellington, Jewell, Smith, Bass, Webb . , . Second Row: Brown, Burdeshaw, Lamb, Tinkle, McClure . . . Third Row: Harrison, Henson, Hilliard, Ingram, Mitchell . . . Fourth Row: Murdick, Touart, Webb, Strong, Smith . . . Fifth Row: Klostermann, Davies, Leper, Self, Burkholder . . Sixth Row: Campbell, Strohm, Erickson, Merritt, Sturdy . . . Seventh Row: Crittendon, Elliot, Mitchell, Wilson, Nelson. ALPHA UPSILON CHAPTER A new harp hung over the door ot the Alpha Chi Omega house this year. Alpha Upsilon, the Alabama Chapter ot the Sorority celebrated its fourteenth year ot existence. One ot the most outstanding Alpha Chi Omega alumnae is Dorothy Thompson, the prominent newspaper columnist. The girls hailed with most pride in this chapter are Mildred Smith, Honorary Cadet Colonel, Guidon, Eloise Burdeshaw, Secretary ot the Woman's Student Government Association, Betsy Webb and Billie Jewell, both members ot Blacktriars and the National Collegiate Players, and Bunny Ellington, Chapter President and member ot Pan- Hellenic Association. The Alpha Chis entertained trequently during the year, their social calendar including two tea dances, and Founder's Day Banquet, and open house, the annual Christmas party, and sev- eral house dances. Page 266 T-zffsfve.-we-,ever-wnsfffe -H1':':'-1 -FT? .- 71 77 14.92,-it !'f,ZZ.'-:F59't'f, , , ,, ffl, Q, A-,, -VN1 ..v,2,,'fLi, , , -um.. ar .f 1, .,.,, ,Ui .. , A l P it 'JY if '-it 1 ,ir .L -: i T -.....'..' -use 121' :E I I 1 -1.1. i:d?.1Lu:.LJ.eL,z.L1-e.L'.Z... i..J:,,-' ' .gc ' -. z-. ,,....-s f P ,sea ,s .e ETA CHAPTER The diamond of A D Pi shone over The door ot a residence That housed a very active sorority chapter. This year, Dorothy Wallace Baxter headed the Rammer-Jammer staff as editor, The first woman To hold This position, Mary Elizabeth Fite represenTed The Alabama Sophomore Women in The VVoman's Student Government Association, and Elizabeth Ann Snow, Chapter President, is a member ot Pan- Hellenic, and is on Woman's Student Government. As a chapter, A D Pi won second place in The Rammer-Jammer Homecoming Queen Contest, and entertained with Two Tea dances, one on November hone oring The pledges, and another in The spring. Other entertainments were The Founder's Day Banquet, open house for The men students on The campus, ancl a Coca-Cola party Tor pledges of all sororities. Mary Ccwles was chosen Queen ot A. B. School at Their annual dance. First Row: Airheari, Allgoad, Baxter, Brice, Broaclhead, Campbell , . . Second Row: Cowles. Hill, Holman, Newton, Osborne, D., Osborne, l.. . , . Third Row: Patrick, Ray, McWilliams, Melvin, Minis, Bitz . . , Fourth Row: Carlson, Henderson, Johnson, Neitles, Rawls, Snow . , . Fifth Row: Boswell, Dawson, Dunne, Fite, Frevol, Madden . . . Sixth Row: Morgan, McCreary, Prickett, Robson, Turner, Savage . . . Seventh Row: Copeland, Broadhead, Brown, Booth, Caclell, Gardner . . . Eighth Row: Grissom, Holley, Morgan, Pittman, Plumlee, Tubb. Page 267 LPH Sorores in Faculiate Dr. Sepiima Smith Graduate Hermione Donnelly Seniors Ruth Airheart Mary Fox Allgood Dorothy-Wallace Baxter Doris Brice Dorothy Broadhead Mary Evelyn Campbell Mary Cowles Kathryn Hill Eugenia Holman Marguerite Newton Dorothy Osborne Louise Osborne Elizabeth Patrick Caroline Ray Lorraine McWilliams Beth Melvin Pauline Mims Juniors Margaret Bitz Barbara Carlson Emalyn Henderson Doris Jordan Alle Stewart Johnson Sleeping porch hecklers ' , 'I DELT Pl Elizabeth NeTTles Wanda Rawls Elizabeth Ann Snow Sophomores Clyde Boswell Anne Dawson Peggy Dunne Mary Elizabeth Fife Betty Frevol Ruth Madden Mariorie Morgan Margaret McCreary Dorothy Prickett Shirley Robson Gaynor Turner Wilmer Savage Frances Copeland Emogene Broadheacl Freshmen Frances Bryant Anna Laura Brown Doris Booth Ida Cadell Rae Gardner Sarah Grissom Frances Holley Regina Ingram Marilyn Morgan Winiirecl Pittman Clara Hall Plumlee Martha Jean Tubb ' we ,sf-va-fr:-Q -v-F 'fn'-f-, . , L. 'Hn-9 'rpm-yr: Z7 fgpqy df 1 --is EYE? 1- ',e:r2r+:.:,.-f:--f-.- .l ,.,., V -FW l 5. 3 553' f -:af ,. 1. '- 'gssszmsse -r . ... . Q ' . - . '- -. 1. " ,...1..4gsQL1e,,..'-gigs... f"ii.Q'f'Ti Q,Q'12i iii L...iei-r-i" i"'i1'i'r' f . gi J J xii, ffl-l fs, ij Zi- :M ij 1, i .H ',, I :jg il' . . .... --. - fs., ..,,...f..., AWE.-. -. ..-....,.....,.,-,.,,-,,.,. MM , ,.,,,,,, , an -.s , ,ss ,Lv , A Graduates Ellie Richardson Seniors Betty Brock Aleese Campbell Marion Campbell Beth Deming Mary Hall Dorothy Hanna Victoria Hammond Edith Le Maistre Mary McEniry ' Peggy Pope Ella Boyd Rambo Martha Roberts Mary Rogers Anne Schutze Mary Webb Juniors Carolyn Bates Mary Henderson Black Katherine Boswell Doris Bradford Sarolyn Brittain Mary Miles Camp Betty Jane Collins Sue Howle Belton Jackson Anne Johnson Alpha Gam glamour wagon . Mum-N Awywwnkgyv ,vw -Ahgwkmg who-W-4 , . .. we -My -f f'-Lmeemt 'T ri' ' 1- 0 it 1' fr 'rs' 1' J 1 9 I U J! , f lv.. i ALPHA LJAMM D E LTA Jean Johnson Martha Lou Jones Mary Liddell Annie Laurie Malone June McVay Mary Moulton Mildred Murray Mary Craig Roberts Bobbie Stringfellow Nan Tanner Marjorie Washburn Miriam Williams Marjorie Wilder Jeanne Lucio Saphomores Betty Cobb Shirley Coogan Martha Davis Frances Deming Jane Harlan Betty Long Genie Blue Matthews Ruth Moorer Sybil Roberts Alice Ann Trotter Freshmen Betty Blount Betty Devore Jane Merrill i First Row: Richardson, Brock, Campbell, A., Campbell, M., Deming, Hall . . . Second Row: Hanna, Hammond, LeMaistre, McEniry, Pope, Rambo . . . Third Row: Roberts, Rogers, Schutze, X'Vebb, Bates, Black . . . Fourth Row: Boswell, Bradford, Brittain, Camp, Collins, Howle . . . Fifth Row, Jackson, Johnson, A., Johnson, J., Jones, Liddell, Malone . . . Sixth Row, Lucia, Moulton, Murray, Roberts, Stringtellow, Tanner, Wash- burn , . . Seventh Row, Wilder, Williams, Cobb, Coogan, Davis, Deming, Harlan . . . Eighth Row, Long, Matthews, Moorer, Roberts, Trotter, DeVore, Merrill. PSI CHAPTER The pearl "A" ot the Alpha Gams might have also been the initial letter of Alpha Lambda Delta, to which Jane Merrill, Betty Long, and Ruth Moorer belonged. Betty Long, Honorary Major, and Martha Rob- erts, Honorary Colonel, were tapped into Guidon, Martha Lou Jones was President ot Phi Chi Theta, President ot the Junior Class, and Junior Representative on Wcman's Student Government Association, Sue Howle represented the State of Mississippi at the Rose Festival in Tyler, Texas, Marjorie Washburn was Vice-President ot Young Women's Christian Association, and Betty Long was President at the Swan Club, and Secretary ot the Sophomore Class. Actresses in the Alpha Gam Chapter at Alabama were Mary Moulton, Shirley Coogan, and Marion Campbell, all members of Zeta Phi Eta, and National Collegiate Play- ers, and Jean Lucia, a member at Tau Delta Tau. Jean Johnson was Phi Upsilon Omicron, and Eleanor Spear was a member of Beta Gamma Sigma. - Page 268 Twin T ' Jl33"TCT' "TT"'i""""""' 1-1'L'I ""5"S'?'?fFft'7""1""':"' "MIT" " ' ' 'Li ""' 'f'-mm''TT"wf-'Tf'fffYo1"ffrfTF'f-vos'n'f1':t"::f' 'ratrffxr A , f"Bl:fJi'i' --fp',Ig-kf,'lfSffi'fiJi-,5f,'lgt--f5:?i5iiS'Yi5?'Kf'jf, I. - .- . f . M - J -.""f1"-'em 1 1i1ef'.s1:i.:re-.-nf -' 11:-..e 2 pa' -- F ' ' -1 ses-e,1.,.1 . ' .1 ' 4..4.. V. A. wut-'fl-if-r. f. . 5: tht. .. t.,. .Y , ,A . , , - sm-: ff '-' 1' f L ff 1.f"'if'l-ilgQ.Q,ilfgg.g.l2..,-g.,gs,... ...,.., ., , ., . ., . , . W, vf ' E -. l f 0' -. ......-.,,...-f-.-,Y A --.L -.. -.--tmes -.,l.,,,.-.,-, AL, KWH , BETA MU CHAPTER Among nationally outstanding persons who wear the ivy leaf ot Alpha Phi are Anna Roosevelt Brettinger, Ann Shumacker Hummert, well known writer and one ot the "Ten Outstanding Women in the United States in l94O", Margaret Jennings, top flight woman skier, Amy Comstock, member of American Association ot Newspaper Ecli- tors, Florence Ryerson Clements, Head Metro-Ooldwyn-Mayer scenario writer, and Muriel King, outstanding New York designer. The trater- nity has shown international spirit in sponsoring the sale of Alpha Phi War Reliet Stamps, the proceeds used in the bombed area ot Britain. Outstanding on the campus are Virginia Lloyd, National Collegiate Players and Zeta Phi Eta, and Betty Fallin, Alpha Lambda Delta. The chapter is represented in Guidon, and Rammer-Jammer, Corolla, and Crimson-White staffs. i942 social activities consisted ot two open houses, a tea dance, several house dances, Founder's'Day Banquet, Faculty Christmas Dinner, and a reception tor the district governor. First Row: Addison, Durrett, Horton, Houston , . Second Row: Norsworthy, Robinson, Richards, Terhune . . . Third Row: Anderson, Goff, Fallin, Powe . . . Fourth Row: Scoggins, Simpson, Brazelton, Callahan . . . Filth Row: Davis, Jaegle, Littrell, Miller Sixth Row: Minnis, Murchison, Roberts, Todd. Page 269 Posture practice for the pledges , ,-ll 3. I vlwwlia I LPH PHI Seniors Exine Addison Juniors Ruby Durrett Mary Horton Elizabeth Houston Anne Norsworthy Betty Lee Rainer Sue Robinson Lillian Richards Barbara Terhune Marion Williamson Sophomores Joan Anderson Mary Lee Goff Betty Fallin Rosemary Powe Luella Scoggins Mary Catherine Simmons Phyllis Simpson Freshmen Rusty Brazelton Jean Bickley Marion Callahan Dora Ann Davis Roberta Jaegle Betty Littrell Jane Miller Virginia Minnis Margaret Murchison Clare Overton Sara Frances Roberts Jeanne Steckler Carolyn Todd 5: r 'E 1 . ,1. 1 Q 2 -r I K1 Rig. X ' , . ,L . .. f" siifigpvg,-' . gYS'f-vj..'..n..' ' - A ,, .- . -, 3 am-wff""' -1.v3k.-:.2pg,-7 ffm: - 3 fe if ':.+,gA,,7m-.-. . . . i. , J- .rig Juli. -x, ,V y .5-..f.i.....,,.4 -P il A ll l ,hi V 1 Lag!1,,4i,,Q33.5. so 1 f-v.--------- ef--ev--v--T--Q-.---.Q-P, ?-,?.-i-,--,------f,-s- . ., -If e.. . ,. L. , .,. ., .. , ,, -. ,. Q TK, .,, - .: i -in A . 1. . 4 ZA LPH A xi DELTA So ro res in Facultate Miss Helen Bosard Miss Elizabeth Guthrie Mrs. Ida Crane Mrs. Edith Stallings Seniors Vera Clemons Virginia Dice Helen Waitkus Mary Phillips Marcelle Berry Loyce Northcutt Juniors Frances Dunwoody The inevitable bridge game Carmela Jeffries Georgia Taul Sophamores Fern Craig Dolores Cimorell Mary Elizabeth Johnston Imogene Sims Freshmen Marcia Lou Bates Barbara Kugler Marilyn Otis Ann Tacchi . ,.: .54-.4-.:mesa.-,.,..:.ef,.e,.s,aL-se.: g - .- . L-.. V . .. L,,.as...Cae..,.e,... W.-M-.. ee.....M.MM.cfM-se:-Qaeda: First Row: Dice, Waitkus, Phillips . , . Second Row: Northcutt, Dunwoody, Taul . , . Third Row: Craig, Crimorell, Sims . . . Fourth Row: Bates, Kugler, Otis, Tacchi. ALPHA TAU CHAPTER The quill of Alpha Xi Delta has been worn on the Alabama campus for fifteen years. During the 48 year period since its national found- ing, many famous alumnae have scaled the heights to fame, foremost of those being, Lois Montross, authoress, Pat Friday, Judge, Maxine Davis, authoress, Lena Townsley, child photographer, and Sue Hast- ings, of marionette fame. From the local chapter come Helen Norris Bell, who achieved fame through her novel, "Something More Than Earth", and Lois Barringer, who was recently appointed to the Ala- bama Medical Board. Mary Phillips, Alabarna's foremost cheerleader, was this year named All-American cheerleader for the third consecu- tive year. The Alpha Xi Deltas held many social activities throughout the year, among those being two program dances, a faculty dinner, open house, and a Founder's Day Banquet. Page 270 V A .-1 ' 'ff' f' 5l".j-.i.',.lf.i-,g'i's-', .. ..y 1 , H M... .L:.. -cg.-ff, ': ." -' F '1, , . . , ,T if..-.-. N f ' 'alt ' .. ., ,, ..,. N D, ,. A.g,i,Qi,,i,.,g,:,1, I, , -I., -efJt.'-lf"t...3l1lsl'Mzl,.'ifi'-i- eee,ee..i1,g,, . -. .,,.,.,, - ft.,4.n...2.L- n tatism-.Ls--W - 'n-L ' ".:g.ggg,,,,,.',,, adm., " """' NU BETA CHAPTER The X and Horseshoe was the sign under which Judge Florence Allen stopped for tea last spring. Among outstanding members ot Chi Omega are Eleanor Chapman, Chapter President, Pan-Hellenic, Women's Student Government, Gloria Ann Terry, Honorary Cadet Major, Guidon, Vice-President ot Zeta Phi Eta, Lynn McGaw, President of Senior Class, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Louise Hatcher, Secretary-Treas- urer ct Junior Class, Y.W.C.A. Council, Women's Editor of the Corolla, Guidon, Frances Dean, Honorary Major, Guidon, 1941 Beauty Section, 1940 Swetheart of Sigma Chi, Mildred McCorstin, member of 1941 St. Pat's Court, and in 1941-42 Cotillion Ieadouts, Alice Washington, Alpha Lambda Delta, led A.B. school dance, Jewel Fernandez, led Greeks' dance, 1941 Sweetheart ot Sigma Chi, Cotillion Club leadouts, Caro- line Miles, 1941 Homecoming Queen, Nell Montgomery, Vice-President of Freshman Class, Dorothy Nettles, Freshman Representative on Stu- dent Government, Alleta Billups led Gorgas dance. First Row: Perkins, Chapman, Owens, Hopkins, Redmond, Terry, Prater . . , Second Row: MCGQW, Jones, Rebekah, Billups, Carr, Carney, Carter, Doris, Piglord . . . Third Row, Hatcher, Wright, Lloyd, Berry, Fernandez, Forman, Whitmire . . . Fourth Row, Howell, Henley, Jones, Ruth, Walton, Whittington, Carter, Dana, Leeper . . . Fifth Row, Washington, Deon, McCorstin, Miller, Partridge, Ragsdale, Wilkinson . . . Sixth Row, Hobbs, Witsell, Sibley, Hall, Belt, Brctten, Davis . . . Seventh Row: Deason, Haiston, Laughlin, Miles, Morison, Nettles, Owens , . . Eighth Row: Severance, Tatum, Vance, Rutledge, Montgomery, Huey. Page 271 H l Sorores in Facultate Miss Alice Wyman Miss Elise Alexander Seniors Julia Perkins Eleanor Chapman Hellon Owens Nancy Hopkins Betty Redmond Gloria Ann Terry Elizabeth Prater Lynn McGaw Rebekah Jones Alleta Billups Betty Carr Patsy Carney Doris Carter Mary Pigford Juniors Louise Hatcher Dorothy Wright Edith Lloyd Jane Berry Jewell Fernandez Margaret Frances Forman Peggy Whitmire Dorothy Sherman Elizabeth Howell Joyce Henley Ruth Jones Lola Walton -T. , 5-. . Q.. . 1.1,-ft, T.,"'a,Q. .-gf-fb A 1.15" if figs, f Q. Bullf?1 session 10:45 Joyce Whittington Donner Carter Sophomores Fr Helen Leeper Frances Dean Regina Miller Mariorie Ragsdale Margaret David Hobbs Jean Sibley Alice Washington Mildred McCorstin Paula Partridge Betty Wilkerson Clara Witsell Dorothy Hall eshmen Fay Belt Annette Davis Marian Haiston Caroline Miles Dorothy Nettles Jean Severance Patricia Vance Nell Montgomery Nancy Bratton Jean Deason Mary Jane Laughlin Patricia Morison Jonnye Owens Jane Tatum Anne Rutledge Mary Hope Huey ......,,-- . le...l l - -ff' gy,-,,:--, . . ,,,. ,, " ' - ' ' , -1'.,'f' ' 3-9.-f"i '-i'Z'fqS?i1T:gJ' " "Ti" 1"'Tl',E liulia ?'Hf?.'1.u ' f ' P- . rg 1-. '1-1sr.,.gJ.f '-gzmlfff..-v,-'vi -' A-Lt'lg,.::l.:-1. .45 Q fejltllili '48-'r'2i'Qlfi2!31f-iii TQ!--L So rores in Facultate Mrs. Pauline Wilson Miss Helene Osborne Graduate Emily Hillyer Owen Seniors Dorothy May Adams Eugenia Cade Butler Ann Dickson Mary Carolyn Farrior Audrey Carroll Fishburne Hattie Evelyn Fowlkes Hazel Frances Goldsmith Mena Hall Hilty Katherine Prentiss Huff Evelyn Grace Marks Joy McCann Mary lla Poyner Ellise Ellwood Rogers Margaret Throckmorton Nancy Bonner Turner Juniors Myra Jane Carroll Olive Rainer Elmore Annalee Lester Fitts Garland Jean Hirsch Martha Pierce Patton Hazel Lillian Pigfora' Listening to Excelsior 1 DELTA DELTA DELTA Mary Dowdell Welch Martha Alice Witherington Sophomores Anna Lois Callen Ruth Wilhight Coleman - Elizabeth Tabiatha Haggard Mary Jane Harrell Madeline Rose Hilty Lucille Rush Hunter Doris Anne Humber Alice Hicky McMillan Alta Maree Massey Bettylu Price Sally Du rrett Rainer Kathryn Beck Reames Camilla Sutton Fresh men Mary Katherine Armour Jacqueline Fairchild Brown Harriett Durrett Burks Claire Covington Jane Calhoun Caffey Susan Christian Daniels Carolyn Dunn Helen Hambrick Minor Sara Binford Monroe Elizabeth Montgomery Mary Ann Rasberry Myrtia Christine Shackleford Betty Clay Wellborn .g,'5-.:e ,1,f:mgp-- :Kr , 4-- as e.,-rn., ' J -. '- ff 1.51 'ijwifwft-:ww ,L ' g3gi,31.Q,f, Q . .-.,.' .,..,..... First Row: Adams, Butler, Dickson, Farrior, Fishburn, Fowlkes, Goldsmith . . . Second Row: Hilty, Mena, Huff, Marks, McCann, Poyner, Rogers, Throckmorton , , . Third Row: Turner, Carroll, Patton, Elmore, Hirsch, Pigford, Welch . . . Fourth Row: Withering- ton, Callen, Coleman, Haggard, Harrell, Hilty, Madeline, Hunter . Fifth Row: Humber, McMillan, Massey, Price, Rainer, Reames, Sutton . . . Sixth Row: Armour, Brown, Burks, Covington, Caffey, Daniels, Dunn . . . Seventh Row: Minor, Monroe, Montgomery, Rasberry, Shackleforcl, Wellborn . . . Eighth Row: Woodruff, Fitts, Mc- Naron, De Shields, Derryberry, Terry. DELTA MU CHAPTER The Tri-Delta crescent was the identification mark for the house that won this year's cup for the best sorority Homecoming decorations. President of the Chapter, Evelyn Marks, won the l94l "A" Day Fashion Show, was a member of Triangle, and Guidon, and led last year's Beauty Section. She led her girls to victory in the volley ball tourna- ment and in thinking up the best Homecoming slogan. Dot Adams, infantry batallion sponscr, and Eugenia Cade Butler were Triangle members, and Mary lla Poyner led the St. Pat's Dance last year. Jane Harrell was elected President of the Sophomore Class, Sally Rainer was elected transfer representative on Woman's Student Government, and Joy McCann won for herself the l94l Alabama Golf Champion- ship. Martha Witherington was tapped Alpha Kappa Delta, and Nancy Turner was a member of Chi Delta Phi. Caroline Dunn and Madeline Hilty were in the Cotillion Club leadout at the opening dances. Page 272 "N"'n"4'td't'tl't't',""'"""' ' in MM' Aff' '"t"t"'f""fv""V'uc1'cz'2""'vftMf'e'i::fHbz+rff:',:1r:'fi:rzf1ar'x::wLf4:z - :M " ,Q -553gfii,?:1r,g,..:':.' V V se..:,.4a?imf.9..a.i-. , f- - ' 'thru .- , , - .,-. 3 . ,I . .. , , ,s,,, M, . 4.--,rr-ii. -ef nm- ,W .,5f:g,, gt, , ' L A ' 4.1-4i .2 -' 1 N' 3 un i ' 42 39- J 4-fi r' ' 'v-'YH e LL T' "" LL. ... ,.-..t-.....c.LL...i1l ,,.,- ....--., , ,, a, , . " ' ' 4 """' ' ' " ,.'....+..' 'L.v,...' ...S.'2g,...-., e. f7fL:....G"T4..f'1'.f..'lfl'.7,-Af'T,2Tf7T.ZITLfFA'Qff."lT 1"fff"7TI TIT"f'TTTTIf7IT"'f"T""'-im' T' F ,-'ST' 'h'T""' """"', . ,, lv ALPHA GAMMA CHAPTER The lamp ot Delta Zeta burned for its twentieth year this year on the Alabama campus. Alpha Gamma Chapter ot Delta Zeta is espe- cially proud ot its housemother, Mrs. Leland, who has been with it tor fifteen years. Both movie actress Gail Patrick, and Princess Irene ot Sweden are nationally kncwn members of Delta Zeta, This year Ardath Crumpton was chosen as Pershing Rifle Sponsor. Mary Worthington has the honor ot being the Honorary Cadet Colonel tor the infantry regiment. Babye Bess Beatty was elected alternate cheerleader. Delta Zeta entertained with several house dances during the year, their an- nual Rose Banquet, a Founder's Day Banquet, and a tea dance. Frankie Muse and Dixie Massingill were both outstanding in Black- triar productions this year-Frankie being a member of National Col- legiate Players, and Dixie a member ot Tau Delta Tau, while Sarah Ellen Schmidt held a prominent position on the Young Women's Chris- tian Association Executive Council. First Row: Espey, Brown, Jacob, Massengill, Muse, Watkins . . . Second Row: Worth ington, Huger, Riddle, Caldwell, Crumpton, Godwin , . . Third Row: Henderson, Hodge Schmidt, Averyt, King, Purks . . . Fourth Row: Dillon, Greene, Sloss, Sawyer, Glass Huie . . . Filth Row: lgler, O'Brien, Sloman, Hinson, Davidson . . Sixth Row Gehriken, Buettner, Gilpin, McMillan, Howard . . . Seventh Row: Wise, Beatty, Spooner Cox, M., Cox, J. 1 The girls go strictly rural T' sfx K t .- FAX , , gig? f iyxdivlif ' " DELTA ZETA Graduates Evelyn Espey Seniors Dorothy Brown Margaret Eakins Madeleine Jacob Dixie Massengill Frances Muse Emily Watkins Mary Worthington Ruth Huger Virginia Riddle Juniors Susan Caldwell Ardath Crumpton Myrtice Godwin Eugenia Henderson Barbara Hodge Sarah Ellen Schmidt Rebecca Ave ryt Carolyn Frances King Virginia Purks Joe Byrd Dillon Betty Greene Harriet Sloss Page 273 Margaret Davidson Sara Sawyer Sophomores Louise Glass Wilda Huie Kay Jane lgler Margueritte O'Brien Nancy Sloman lmoiean Schuyler Mary Beth Hinson Vivian Ward Jacqueline Davidson Fresh men Betty Gehrken Helen June Buettner Flora Morrison Doris Mallet Mary Agnes Gilpin Lucille McMillan Patsy Howard Pat Wise Babye Bess Beatty Agnes Spooner Mary Cox Jonny Cox Betty Kinney . Third Row: Brooks, Alice Wise r' ' 1 '- -' et -if: :ur 2 'Qer:e'W:V4':v".'-' .' ""': 1 -,Q-: -. " .V - " A 2:1-'ref "QQ,-5 ,xii f,-'l' f2s3f"3wZ'f-iii'-it .+ N iijssili. -57 F55 --'T'lf"' 2 F t 3: '. , 'Fl mi :fit .ngrf 4 -sVL-es'?l7J9!t3?1"l..T1QLi"'EliL:,'5afc .1255 '11 YE I i sil wx sw- 'air :...S.fifiH:f J za. 35-HZLF. :mn . 1 'Lb :' "--fi-,'s-: ',f-1-i,'P"--.'fg:, ' V G 1- I -Q.. 5:55 , -'V . 1 . f V-Qs.. . i,. .L .fi .- - f L V -,eq ',V. -,,.VNf,i- .i J- fr- .err .,,s..,i,1.,f' ev.-1 -has f 1 ft -s,"V- . 4, 5,1 ' il, f eff- s".'-I'- 'f.bcf.f-i!f"f?Nf- .- 5' Q 'r.,z1.V-av' w w ie.-ffgfxrfrciga.531-Si1144.212--,Eggefgffeig---az, 1,A9:Lui5:sy'f:.I2pfc-:ew-12 .gf -Q.: -f '-21. . H: -fleets' .ft Qiiitg, 'twig styles'-'r1?iVV,,.: i it .., , ,.,. M-Y g,.m,',,L sg., :MQJ ,,l.,L.QYia , i,,g,,, . . s.. 4. .Y . .. , f, .A -Y ,. 'U 1 ,K W r -ri s.'1"'P"J7 5: sf' " if 1' l 7 -.,-Wa,..s,...s.. ...- ,. . . .. . .. fswa1w4a..b,.-sf as '.1ifis.1i -' th ii-:gli lim 4' 'g9,f"f KAPPA DELT Sorores in Facultate Miss Elizabeth Coleman Mrs. Jennie M. Howard Mrs. Hayden Graduate Martha Helen Cleveland Seniors Louise Christian Lillian Duftee Minnie Watt Fite Maureen Floyd Emily Alice Glover Marion Graves Doris Jones Mary Montgomery Charlotte Petree Anne Ward Price Betsy Royce Emily Searcy Elanor Unger Juniors Sara Brooks Helen Duggar Jeanne Hails Virginia Head Anne McGee Sara Frances Myers Julia Morris Mary Morris Harriet Phillips Sarah Amanda Phillips Mildred Pipes Mary Gray Porter Spending an evening at home Roberta Richardson Louise Runge Laura Thornton Sara Watson Sophomores Jane Arthur Caroline Bartlett Evelyn Bell Mary Chapman Lewellyn Childress June Crowell Polly Ann Drew Jane Fite Alice Nelle Fultord Sibley Greer Anne Kloppert Louise McClelland Mary Ray Appie Murray Betsy Rogers Emma Buck Ross Betty Sherrod Betty Turner Freshmen Margaret Anderson Anne Beeland Barbara Blair Laura Ann Cobb Nancy Dickson Lida Foster Mozelle Hill Hettie Hopkins Mary Minge Neilson Camille Wright Beatrice Yoder 1 X .. '-1Ei5'V':t't"4 ' ' ' : X 4 urlgfjfgrfj-3 V::V1-,- sg,5:g:r5:r .g.5-fm-f.,. 5-5A.A.,51:.,g, ssmw-,....1, '3V'lN,3:E.f12:3:2 'iliac' .... 3,21 Q .Rf .W ,..,. 1? ki 9 V N X X ' iii" - I , V. pf: " view.: '-7. " 'fff if i Q s X T Q W Q 1 f 1 mt IQ s 2E:E'f?'.- s 5 X X I f V , NE V55 ff sm :iii li 3 s gf' , .X . ic. X t V x. 'Z1 2sE:Z:zif 2ffi f e rf' ' ZEEEJILES Va 525:5 1 V -V:-ii '15:5:ii?a- .i.., 4 X 2 K 'A V- ' X Q, 4 Ya 95 M - ::vi".sV:.-. 'fe ss. 'vxs-5 .2?2:r.',r:r:vXj2:1s:' A-+2-a 44- Q- 'M 8 15 sz .. :'..-A' -1"r1'Z1f,f.":":.' "':1:rV5,'.'.'.r:1.- V , V - -fV-.g...-:,-,:,:,- V:V:q,11:V2: sm -. , 'C t sr53::1.:z:,:5z12:g:p ,,.. P M Wei Q 1.5-.:.fg5:5-I ' ., -Q ' if f .V 53+ F-2:' aziegi,-1-s:"' ', 'f- I- ' 1' 'v lit :iii-3L1:V:s: 33' V' " -. , . 4 -:gf J.,-Q, 'fi W. 0, -Q-LF s:-V.- - .. -Q f- -2-I Z,L-ss?" ' sf-522-av:-Q.. .iis V..ffF5' 2't1 - 1 ' .- V ' iVf+rV- ,ssfigqzqg 2- 9'-ee: ?'izs2:3e1 .-15. siialz,-V.:"t" "ij-V:1' A N 521 .V - ' sv ' 9 5? V V f " T . 4-9 I ssrzfs . -V V' :sz-.i2a:,'2'::-1' is.1:1:.VV:..,. ,A-. .V VF ff . ' ' ' 1 r r' ,,, - ' :VV f'1:?if?f it ffitfff ' .Vi V "5 F " ' " i5fff5i2'i'x' -. fwff- riff? 1 V usgfff.-' Vi, VV: " - . fe .V 'f . ,' E : .V 2 w, 'V ' 53 :fa-1 X 1 . . .,V: ..,,. CV, ,A:.:,vV: , .5 Vi!-, ,b ?X g s f , ,. y . J' .gg lv A s , .,,., 5? . ,,,. .V ,, -. - 2. - -' 'f L J -V ..-. - -V ::g::sa: im. . , ,V 3, r ...,,,. H ,Q -Q - ' 59:1 IK . ' Q.,,g. fs -Ve . V - 'V .2 lizl lllgv A, I J , M X Q R. 1 W firm-Q V I , '71 .XV sign..-- :.-f ' . H V V 2"'j ' ,. ,' ' , 552552252535 , M:,,,.,.V' f' Q' 'PWM . ' - 9-"5-f'-2 ' .. ', -. 'V 15,3 V.-:Vi is ,, .- 1' 2' ":S.1,,5f - . 3,-,afglfs 1-,:,1Vf.E Q sw "i 7 ' '-' . ' -ff 1--,111 ' ' i,. :5 .I:'4. N .5 V ' ' -, 'J A " ' ...- -f .V . 9- 1 -' -- 2 . e " V, f 2 V l .ii ff ,. Vx . '. , ' : '-'-'--' "':ff":'1I'1 Y- "'- : ff.e:I'-swf?-i.'T austria" - ' " 'sr' -3"---'iff 5212411 'izefiiwv:3i2i1Ef95533i3iY'Z1-PEI' ' ' l- V Z" ':' - V ,C ' -1.2-' -r:5T2I1'5if3 f"3E'i':iE3i ""' S In , ,H " " 'Y V , it .T if '5:V'Z,I5 ' seg- " Q .... A 5? A as . V -' . V . - - i - - .. V as V ,pc-,7 .-.V 9-.V4 s- V. .. , ' L- Q sie! 1-'fs4:5:.SV s5.:,f:sf2- ""'Z3zVf:Z1VV , 'tai i - V s-my 2 :1 Q ...,, 4.5.5 1" ,. V H 't' A ff: , 'I' -"' ' s " ' ' VV g,.. Ae 'V ff A " V, me ,,-fi - :LgE'-3? " " 53' :V . ' , H A 4- I vi . V Q Q, .- V ' - 1 . V JV ' Q "lifes 'l' . 1 'I' I ,sf--, A 2 1 . ,-wb N ,eV-:V st I I '- P p-' X A 2 .1-M 1 t::V.. X1 -. , , , ' 5 ' First Row: Cleveland, Christian, Duffee, Fite, Floyd, Glover, Graves . . . Second Row: Jones, Montgomery, Petree, Price, Royce, Searcy, Unger . Duggar, Hails, Head, McGee, Myers, Morris, J ,... Fourth Row: Morris, M., Pipes, Porter, Richardson, Runge, Thornton, Watson . . . Fitth Row: Wise, Arthur, Bartlett, Bell, Chapman, Childress, Crowell . . . Sixth Row: Fite, Fultord, Greer, Klappert, Mc- Clelland, Murray, Rogers . . . Seventh Row: Ross, Sherrod, Anderson, Beeland, Blair, Cobb, Dickson , . . Eighth Row: Foster, Hill, Hopkins, Kinney, Neilson, Wright, Yoder ZETA CHAPTER ' The diamond of Kappa Delta was worn tor the twenty-eighth year on the Alabama campus this year. Louise Christian was President ot Pan- Hellenic Council, Mildred Pipes was President of Guidon, and Marion Graves was President ot Alpha Kappa Delta. Anne Beeland was elected the most popular pledge at the University opening dances, and Nancy Dickson was elected President ot the Freshman Class. Louise Christian won third place in the annual Homecoming Queen Contest. The pledge class captured the Sigma Chi trophy at its an- nual derby. Anne Beeland, Mildred Pipes, and Sibley Greer repre- sented Kappa Delta in the annual Corolla Beauty Review. Social ac- tivities forthe year included a buttet supper and Founder's Day Ban- quet in the fall, and a taculty tea, spring tea dance, and Senior break- fast in the spring. Page 274 Eiiilifiiiliiz- 1 - . . i . L'L.'3, .1 .. jkll tang1gf,:.Lc?-1i1,g5-,,,.r..--.WT ' I. . , . ,. 4 ' ,, , r .. -. V: J- . 5,-p,,5.+'-Q N' by .:'. i . , i -. ' it In . L i,,+ sf-:i i i.,Q.?hM , izqihriis . A-is-:. c- .. .....-...a..:.L:s.:-.C......r....... . . .. - , .. . ' f I-'-'1zm.....1.' '..:-.sp --- ',',.,.L ' -' Q..-.-H .. ':.... .."' ".' 'fo' -"' ' ' """""""o""""' r"'-"'r' GAMMA PI CHAPTER The Kappa Kappa Gamma Key has been worn at Alabama since June 2, i927. This year, Kappa was represented by tour members in Mortar Board: Emily Wiggins, Jane Underwood, Alice Ruth Feather- stone, and Elinor Brooks. Emily Wiggins was President ot Mortar Board, a member ot the Student Association, and listed in Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. Jane Underwood, girls' man- ager ofthe debate team, was chosen to membership in Phi Beta Kappa. Last spring she won the Southern Conference Championship for women in debating. Alice Ruth Featherstone was President ot Phi Upsilon Omicron. Ann Daniel was President and Jean Moore Secretary of the Art Club. Mazie Sale had the leading role in two important Black- triar productions. Jean Moore was a member ot Alpha Lambda Delta. Social functions included a Founders' Day Banquet, a tea dance, and a Christmas party during the first semester, with another dance, a faculty tea, and a senior banquet spring semester. First Row: McCorvey, Brooks, Daniel, Featherston, lnzer . , . Second Row: Kerr, Mc- Murphy, Rainer, Underwood, Warren . . . Third Row: Wiggins, Archibald, Conner, Dickson, Garth . . . Fourth Row: Hill, Lewis, Leyden, Welch, Wing . . . Filth Row: Bryars, Clark, Harsh, Jones, Koenig . . . Sixth Row: McPherson, Moore, Pursley, Sale, Stabler . . , Seventh Row: Waters, Williams, G., Williams, L., Brooks, Davis, Gibson . . . Eighth Row: Hayes, Hoeksema, Linclsay, Neiderhauser, Noland, Simpson. lt's June in January KAPPA PPA 'AMMA So ro res in Facu ltate Miss Marie Drolet Mrs. William Fiddler Miss Miriam Locke Mrs. D. A. Ramsdell Graduates Algie Hill Emily McCorvey Seniors Elinor Brooks Anne Daniel Alice Ruth Featherstone Alice Inzer Jean Kerr Patsy McMurphy Isabel Rainer Jane Underwood Elanor Warren Emily Wiggins Juniors . Edward Archibald Mary Frances Connor Betty Dickson Virginia Garth Sara Leyden Vernon Welch Connie Wing Sophomores Fr Anne Bryars Martha Louise Clark Elizabeth Harsh Lucia Janes Myra Koenig Lucille McPherson Jean Moore Marilyn Noble Dorothea Pursley Mazie Sale Aline Stabler Frances Waters Gene Williams Lydie Williams esh men Barbara Brooks Elanor Davis Jean Gibson Minnie Hayes Ruth Hoeksema Irby Lindsay Nell Neiderhauser Anne Hill Rosalie Noland Nettie Jean Lewis Janet Simpson - Page 275 L"' 'F "T: -"""'i-'f'?if'iP4L'45f"'f' f""'5'l1' 'A .If L J sau ,IJ-.155 ,if 1 'i "T '.1."t'f'3:--1?f'i'ET'I,i,'?i"f''T .1 ' Tiiiiilll iff, f Z'JC-QT1"'T'77'TP ,KTCTTT 'F 7 "A-4' T775 QT,""5' .FLT FT Nr? .i g ' 1 ' 1: ,Z -gr: .. .. l for-'f:rv':r.'---'.pf..'Tv.If"'t'1'.-ff.'r1.,e.. - ..1-4 it-'.i.:-x,:.",5:1 L, 1 '. -' '21, 1 " f'-:- -, .. 1 . , I . i K. g.,f'.f.g-H:-,,g.,:f..3y-t L--1,eis,GiiLe:e3s'f:is1,:r ,.afsi5,.i 5. fiif-1" . -- 1 A'-figs: fs:t5"2'L-rf rf- - J . ' -A ini v "1',f.',-'..-I'-'i"Q,5jt"'.mlfftrkfjh i' rs .i-15413,-'why-' ffl- ' '- ' 1 t A. Q ft" i l :e , LiL.i.5-1w':4--- ' .V 141.-.Eur-"'4'-1 , fran' .edimszike 1 'W 'r f iw 1 LU" 51 Ss.. r' at is ' .-: 1-M3eweZQ', - -+- - ---- - .- i . Y ff:----F--vt . V-t, -- ' -Q-A - :g1iEra"fQf4'1'??' 'gi59i,5,fe?.-'STE' 1-.,:.'5,5ffi"ijf-si 1 3-"?ff?i5flt11:"fVl1 ' ,- L' 'F 1 1: N' QV: s , 1 i l .ll ,, 1 1 J-U ."Q""Qff,... ... . .1 '-ef'-'uf-1' -- v -if-Jaml-'f'L,"s F-"F-s.i.fJ.z4 PH Sorores in Facultate Miss Katnryn Smullen Graduates Ria Clinkscales Seniors Janet Amundson Mary Connor Jean Freeman Martha Praytor Margaret King Edna Earle Clements Marian Stewart Broadus Juniors Jean Cosby Margaret Geddie Louise Grayson Christine Lester Martha Ross Clara Sanford Bette Rae Smith Margaret Wrye Jessie Yellowby The chimes peal eight 1, - J 1 ,J .y V- 4 :mimi 'B -- 'SA qi A 1 1 'P :Qs it .L-.aiip- -9 'MZHYEQMW Sophomores Anne Bruns Juan Brunsell Jeanne Holley Mercedita Minto Trevor Johns Elizabeth Orr Evelyn Shannon Avis Snively Nancy Stallworth Maurine Butler Betty Williams Freshmen Susan Allen Nonie Barr Frances Cox Loreen Cronwalt Ann Hardin Jean Hardin Elaine Neville Patricia Pugh Virginia Ragsdale Mary Jane Simon Jane Ann Willem Julia Yellowby Betty Skewes Charlotte Dailey Marianne Beavers Rosemary Staub . ..-J ..., .. - V- K.,-,.-se.. ,,WH.,..4..,.,-e.,,,,,'..-L - -.Lp Tf"v. L. A . Z-I . '.,.Yf"'f"?'-'lI""f"1? '11"" First Row: Clinkscales, Amundson, Conner, Freeman, Praytor . . , Second Row: Clem ents, Broadus, Cosby, Geddie, Grayson . . . Third Row: Ross, Sanford, Smith, Wrye Yellowley . . . Fourth Row: Bruns, Burnsell, Holley, Minto, Johns . . . Fifth Row: Orr Shannon, Snively, Stallsworth, Butler . . . Sixth Row: Williams, Allen, Barr, Cox, Cron walt . . . Seventh Row: Hardin, Neville, Pugh, Ragsdale, Willem . . . Eighth Row Yellowley, Slcewes, Dailey, Beavers, Staub, Lester. ALPHA ZETA CHAPTER The Phi Mu emblem has been familiar to the Alabama campus since l93O. This year, Phi Mu entertained with two tea dances and several house dances. The annual Christmas party for the underprivileged children of Tuscaloosa was held iust before the holidays, and was fol- lowed by the annual Christmas Banquet and party for the pledges. Alpha Zeta Chapter had the highest average attained on the campus in several years, and was awarded the Scholarship Cup given each year by the Pan-Hellenic Council. Joan Brunsell sponsored at the Howard, Georgia, and Georgia-Tech football games. Johnnie Milner led the annual Homecoming "A" Club dance. Margaret Wrye, Chapter President, was the T941-42 vocalist for the Alabama Cavaliers, and a member of the Pan-Hellenic Council. Page 276 -gag'-1-4 -t,-+f--:,,f- : .5 L . Q t-V-.v .A i,- .. gnvsfi5'q.-wwviff 5: . -T1 -1 ,1..,Lx:-,,:.,,,. ..- if ir. ..,,,,,,L ',.v3Qss.f.,,.L.f,,,,- .. .:. Q11 - "" "' if -x.. -f.'.:.i Y 5, , -: . :, sikyxm- fix .-:lil ' . ' ' l y...-,eq gs? T. ., -7-,.f:wr g ,- .T X. tJ'1': '1- L figir.-15,,.-.1.... . , T , ii 1 J rn- i ln -. -..... - 4s4.ueh.i.:..:11..:. JJ.-. x '.,,. . .. RHO CHAPTER The tlaming Torch is The recognition symbol ot Sigma Delta Tau. They began the year by entertaining rushees in their newly decorated home. Pledges were honored by a reception early in the year, and a reception Tollowed both initiations. Several house dances were held during the year, outstanding among Them being a going away party on The "S.D.T." Streamliner in December. The most prominent social event was the Founder's Day Banquet in March celebrating S.D.T.'s Silver Anniversary. A number of faculty members were entertained during the year. S.D.T.'s were active in campus organizations, hav- ing Two members in Triangle, senior honorary, one member in Alpha Kappa Delta, soliology honorary, one member in Phi Upsilon Omicron, Home Economics honoraryg and members active in Blacktriars, Glee Club, and the University Debate Squad. Miriam Dreyfuss was Vice- President ot the Senior Class. First Row: Dreyfus, Levy, B., Levy, J., Berkman , . . Second Row: Goodman, Hertz- man, Brownstein, Goldman . . . Third Row: Hartman, Lever, Deutch, Goldberg . . Fourth Row: Goldman, Glozer, Hersh . . . Fifth Row. K::clin, King, Rubin. SKIN Seniors Miriam Dreyfuss Beverly Levy Jeanne Ruth Levy Juniors Marion Berkman Elinor Goodman Anne Hertzman Sophomores Ruth Alpert Shirley Brownstein Pearlie Goldman Fr The Ram has readers! DELT Mary Hartman Ethel Lever eshmcin Audrey Anis Lois Deutch Jean Rae Flexner Margaret Goldberg Etta Louise Goldman Evelyn Glazer Bettye Ann Hersh Annalou Kadin Melba King Libbie Rubin Page 277 11:4-ffllfref .. T. . .,.. .,.. .. .. .,.. , .. . . . . .,. . . . FF-.--W , - --M-. ,see-W1 , X .. . E... . . I V -. . . T , 0 . ,,,,.. . A ., I. ,-.,,,..zwf',l..,3:L,. ., .i ' T -' J, , J-.z .i.-af-:i1SS5.4:'e:'f-sf 2-:viii-Q5f1'fTl-E55 "'STE595":f' . . - .. . 1 ' ' . ' 1 ' ' w' r f. ,z 'wi-fo:"2:.'ftJbZ'5tQY!1' w, -iirf'-'fb' ."i w.1-T: -: ' Init ' .. 'i :Jw A . : . ' - '- 2 T A -A T ' A- T' -T 5. E' ' A - T . . 4... ' sf -"" ':f?aHffL31:"'u2f 'r.-2.51" , . N g .4 3- 131.2 3-cJeg,g..:,..x,zwifffrahy ,,' fr V - .N 1. - . rams. l . , . , Y L ' 1. 5 ' -' ,-:'i'e:fr'--n.::'',:e,f.f,f,,,', W-J.f'-L.t1,gc.a-,sq uff,f1:-gn r. 1,31-'eg-:34g,'4:-.,..,,:, ' ' ' " ' A ' ' 2" 11 1 :Gif'i. ' IG Sorores in Facultate Dr. Ethyl J. Saxman Dr. Belser Seniors Mary Linner Bolt Ella Rachel Cabaniss Juniors Grace Elizabeth Barnhill Avious Nellwyn Bumpers Mary Lucas Hey , . . You're late! WL., A f...L sr at as ,...s. H- J ' vfffxiu if- Ex , .. . 9. 090090 KAPPA Sophomores Fr Margaret Dian Alsobrook Ruth Marie Beck Jane Stuart Eggens Marilyn Kathryn Grisbaum Marion Catherine Schapp eshmen Doris Josephine Berta Frances Louise Frost Mignon Gonne Rubye Rae Kephart Jan Maureen Manoville Nancy Ottilie Staber Olive Frances Walker First Row: Bolt, Cabaniss, Barnhill, Bumpers . . . Second Row: Lucas, Alsobrook, Eggens, Grisbaum . . . Third Row: Schapp, Berta, Frost, Ganne . . . Fourth Row: Kephart, Manoville, Staber, Walker. ALPHA OMEGA CHAPTER The equilateral triangle is the Sigma Kappa symbol ot sisterhood. The Alabama Sigma Kappas entertained their National Traveling Sec- retary, Miss Betty Spencer, during rush vveek last September. It was also at this time that Diane Alsobroolc, formerly an outstanding model in Miami, ioined the Sigma Kappa ranks. During the year, Nellvvyn Bumpers has been very outstanding in Blacktriars, Rachel Cabaness served as Vice-President ot the Swan Club, and the sorority entertain- ed vvith a house dance every month. On November ll, Sigma Kappa celebrated its sixty-eighth birthday, with a Founder's Day Banquet. Anna McCune Harper, famous tennis star, and National President, made their contributions to Sigma Kappa's national reknovvn. Page 278 . 3 f '1f'1f1'7fE7Tf737"f2f3E1TE'S1:.ti.3"-4,,, .L,. .,. 12','F'-" .M 1. ,K -www: 1.417 - ..Mgf5ji5!- 'fm f Q r , T' v iff' " fit ft' , V -.w.,ys1...... ALPHA ALPHA CHAPTER The Bar, enclosed by The Circle, and followed by The Y was worn This year by The girl, EThel Champagne, who led The songs at The "Ala- bama Sings" programs given in The audiTorium This year. Kay Ben- neTT, anoTher Theta U, was a member cf Triangle, Kappa Delta Pi, and Alpha Kappa Delta, RuTh Eyrse was Pi'esidenT of The Chapter and ci member of Pan-Hellenic and Spirit CommiTTee, Jean Bush served on Y.W.C.A., and Luvola Huffstutler was Alpha Lambda Delta. The chap- Ter enTerTained with a Tea dance The night before Homecoming for The pledges and alumnae. They followed This, with another tea dance in The spring, This chapter sent several representatives to The Auburn Theta U ConvenTion Dance in February. On March 28, The annual Founcler's Day Banquet was helcl. First Row: Osborn, Bennett, Eyrse, Fries . . . Second Raw: Cox, Champagne, Rubenstein, Kniehl . . , Third Raw: Jenkins, Steffee, Larsen, Burlchcilter . . , Fourth Row: Hull- stutler, Kohn, Hartley . . . Fifth Row: Bush, Battersby, Hasty. THET Sorores in Facultate Mrs. Harry Eddins Miss Emmett Lewis Mrs. Carlson Miss Reba Turner Seniors Kathryn Bennett Ruth Eyrse Mildred Fries Juniors June Cox Ethel Champagne Page 279 fr-.- Jam session-Theta U Tyle fv 7 vf Q UPSILO Sophomores Marian Rubinstein Margot Kniehl Barbara Jenkins Barbara Steffee Laurene Larsen Kathleen BurkhalTei Jean O'Gwynne Aileene Taylor Luvola Hutfsfutler Freshmen Mary Kohn Jeanne Hartley Jean Bush Virginia Batfersby Louise Hasty iran' ' ,55393:ewsfrnxf-1-:mmwk.e,y:r::i':es:'-'1.age-:wifi-'..i, 3,,jg3i"'1E573C1155Tir::g'f:1-'rg-3311jQ,L1jg,Q,gj.gj 35543 jg, J 'EW A WTF? Cain' r ix Jjix JJbhf Er S Y-J 'rg nf I ,af + all-ij' 3' Fel? Ar F s, , . f - 53, ' r- ft., .1 1-.--rw ees-:,.s., -- -X ,,,. . . - -- . -, rg- - rw- -- i -s 4 H , H15 MQ 'Tilt ' ' sc QI ' 'ivy at 4 ,'-'J-as ' L L T f t , . . . , , , , ,, . 1' ,igiy as ,J 4 .-W ,Mgt N wp, x t -1 'S 14 43, JM 'sq 4 wr an f J 2. q. ,Hydra Sorores in Fccultate Margaret M. Davis Graduates Dorothy Deaver Seniors Nathalie Gay Merle Wakefield Lucy Bates Mary Fraser Ann Godfrey Nell McGowen Katherine Harris Elizabeth Jones Betty Johnson Mary Elizabeth Patton Marion Wolford Patsy Gevers Nelle Gaston Sarah Boales Mariorie Walmsley Juniors Anne Carpenter Carolyn Carpenter Sarah Hargrove Florence Harris Sarah Eldredge Rose Weaver Geraldine Childress Ready for the dance . 'Q 5 f f K? ,. A 1 11 J., 42? ET LP HA Sophomores Doris Moore Madeline Patterson Betty Goode Cleo Dansby Phoebe Engleman Janice Johnson Frances Dodd Faye Speaker Marion Vaughn Sarah Jim Phillips Martha McCroy Seay Freshmen Betty Joe Burr Lillian Davy Jacqueline Emerson Catherine Hargrove Julia Anne Hawes Sarah Hawkins Mary Katherine Green Alyce Johnston Martha Moore Charlotte Roehm Mcrilu McDonald Mildred Thorpe Sue Anne Tyler Nell Rockett Zatero Pappas Betty Jean Hunt Anne Herndon X, ...Z -...,,,..s..... B'-"'T""T+'TE"T'Tw"T'f"" - 'H 11 , ' eff, 'cv,,:..e.,,-ggfsiw. -mes ..,...es1s....a..-:s1si":.:e-'wr v L- '-fi is-' 'L cesugesl ee- ss. f.f.'.-:L-nyesjsmm First Row, Gay, Wakefield, Bates, McGowen, Harris . . . Second Row: Jones, Wolford Gevers, Gaston, Boales . . . Third Row: Wamsley, Carpenter, A., Carpenter, C., Chil dress, Moore . , . Fourth Row, Patterson, Goode, Dansby, Engleman, Johnson . , . Fifth Row, Dodd, Speaker, Davy, Emerson, Hargrove . . . Sixth Row: Howes, Hawkins Johnston, Moore, Roehm . . . Seventh Row: McDonald, Thorpe, Tyler, Rockett, Pappas Herndon. NU CHAPTER The Crown and Shield ot Zeta Tau Alpha is worn with pride by Ala- bama members ot the sorority, because at their convention last sum- mer, Nu Chapter at the University was awarded second prize as the chapter making the most progress tor the years T939-4l. Nu cele- brated Founder's Day with a banquet at the McLester. Zetas point with pride to Nell McGowan, Honorary Cadet Colonel, led Military Ball, and the following officers, Doris Moore, Pan-Hellenic Presi- dent, Marjorie Walmsley, President ot Triangle, listed in Who's Who in American Colleges, Merle Wakefield, Vice-President ot Junior As- sociation of University Women, Tappy Harris, President ot Zeta Phi Eta, and Business Manager ot Blacktriars, Dorothy Deaver, graduate representative on Wcman's Student Government, Ann Carpenter, town representative, and Carolyn Carpenter, tapped Alpha Kappa Delta. Among alumnae upholding Zeta's standards are Faith Baldwin, Gina Branscombe, noted composer, and conductor, and Mavis Freeman, Olympic swimmer. Page 280 1' :,n:.',, - -I . ,., . .,.. ,.,, .s . . .,.s-.f'g.... ei. an, Y., ,af -if 4,1-sf Ls,sse..fLo:o .... -s. ' a.-s.-4Q..'L,M, ' X 14,1 ,L Wx " Vp w ' X Wm ,m rs ' ' ,I FW' W - ,. tv, .- W 'fb V-.K . . F, Q M ug' Y gi . 1 , 1 3 wh Vx 1' , all V" f ' T W ' ' 91 . - . f .ri f , ggi: , V' -W 'zdyf -Qs' 4 TA. "A+ , 4 W'+'w.x' . 5-4.3 :N -A ft , Y .1 . - H'-'M,1x 'J' , , f- 3 -' I ' 'lx f" 3 M' 47 'K 'lffgv' ' ' ' ' '- 7' . -. :' 4 al mf' P ' 1' lvff 1 .1 ff? :il W mA. .- vi -w.-11+ wwf vm . - . .V., -+ ' wx' 1. .. gn' ff my , h L - MI' .,u-npnf X ., -gf . X j ELI.. A. :V I RH, Q l, V. V' M'-,I J , -T 3'4Rn+w Q A 1 .,., ,f g Aw: . -'ws ,,. 5 V an Q L ,gif 'W ' A - l . 7 mf -fm' -' . f ,421 " ' X j ,M .' , ' -'wx ,V-,1 ' ,- . 2' F ' fi " r , if' s . Ml vw. , , P, H ! . -w G 4 4' 1 f, z f ug ,ig ' 434: awry, THE University of Alabama had "the most successful season of her long gridiron career,', having come closer to the championship than ever before. ln johnny Mack Brown, experts saw "the makings of the greatest and most elusive back of all time in Dixielandf' An active freshman squad Won the Southern Intercollegiate freshman football championship, and was destined to win it the next two years as well. The varsity baseball team had won thirteen of its eighteen games, and the freshman nine had carried off all of its eleven games. Track, basketball, and tennis were other sports. Golf and fencing were soon to appear. Better things were yet to come. In 1924, Alabama was unanif mously awarded the Southern Conference football title and in the next year the Crimson Tide swept victoriously into the Rose Bowl to defeat Washington. Wallace Wade was acclaimed "the greatest coach in the South and one of the greatest in the world." In 1926, the baseball team headed the Southern Conference. The Pickens Cup came into possession of the University at the end of the 1926 season, when the Alabama football team won the Southern Conference title for the third successive year. However, the next few seasons were off-years for the Crimson Tide. Then came the "Season of Seasons," when on New Year's day, 1931, Alabama defeated Washington 24-O in the Rose Bowl, the most positive football victory yet won by an invading team. The baseball nine carried off another Southern Conference champion- ship that year, and intramural sports were becoming important. B U T T H I S I S . -51" .JT Jr' ,f Q ,rf 2- gf ff:-' .f f ,gf J,- fi' '::.7' :f If -5" E' 254 5' '55 2 . 0 -2 f 14' ' .ff J ,s 1 ,,.:' 1: '24,-f'f ,1'f,J' 5514-i EQ: -6- f ' :a-aw 4-A ,F .,f.,f x :L .UH ,., . 1 .'- .M f., 7- 1 ,J ,. - -f ' 15722 , ' ' ff, I , .fr , 5 ,IW .3 '- -.a.-gf' .4--.. L -:- f- :gg F , vii w,,..n. .gg- ik ,V-. J , 'ri wg ,ly , gqqifjx. .. ,M if? - V3 -153: - QQ k'Z,,,S'f w' X , , Nt. Ximav: ' 'VL' "T -gl - -J '1-.-"7 ,esp mu Y -NN ' X Tlx, 3 X 'UQ-S I ' Q-fx. ,4 , N -u z 1 -4 'WY X x -562552 ..,. X x tax , x -J,-H, ,- ' im -'1?"f'3'fk, xgwi.-W., , V - , .,,Qs2?' . w X gmgtwhf ,ggi . ,A-':5.A1" .wfzl .'f'1f-V-'Q N 2:5 Z , UQ -"V f Q: -. ,mmf-Q':f vw- - , ,ft- Mm- .QT 2--Div, :fx 2557- ,f H?-,.'2'A? 9515 '50 v X ' f .5 Y. ,1. 35: .L-Hui' , ,H 11. Fw Zz,-fav.-!,',! 134' -12' fc V-112. ,A - f -V , M ,-35' -3 f?fi314'Arw1'g"' AY' , K 3354 ' S49 Minsk X555 .5?3+55'WS'5.w:",D fR'9'Q?r .bw-,r WH' iimgg, f..,e,r,.' wtf AQ! f ,gi wi ,5,, milf" Ng, Y,1g5,,,T,: gg, Ls +r,,9' -j,-7.: f - 'J 1,.1':.' .xv " ,- uw n.g,,-,J K I X K QQ ,H W K --c 156 -: ' , gb" ff h ,-ugqgf Y-.i.?agkg,5:imR .- .' wb, C3514 g1m.64x':Y+"dg- :3fiTMRlWL4,w.c3f4yS'y5i,fxi11!9 ,. 5 V , 4 gg:fm,1x-3i5,1-- k A.,L.,,VL +1 u f - N, , ,V W. I , . . H :QQ , U' 3 , LK Wa' ND fa j i f A I '18 u ' " bf. am Y 1 it " K A .Q ,mv 'P' . -.5 , . HV K ol 'l - gy 1 ,il ,--7 15 f 3 if 1 Y A ,., 1 fmt, ,M - " fa fx, A K 5, is X? V ,H Q 2 ' 1 w' .3 A E. ' f x A A fa ,,'iEQ.aH,1Af:1w -X Q . X ,, 'Z ' ,fa Y x. X . M xx- U e N 3 A Ay Q :A nf.: A Ti , V x Y , Q' A X' 4 'Nw b i 1 M J , A, in , s 1 1+ ,Q V, J 4 H+-1' 1.1 ' 'faq T . WM ii ' ., ' , .- , . . ww - , .,f .l565.:Y M Q 1 ,, T ,,f" W551' fff! ' ,, ' Nj ,, ' X. ff! Rx! IX, rex I w , A Y , x W ff' W X W w ,N x Q J, x ' 1 ' ,f'xX YY Y Yri X I Y , , , ' fa Y A w Head Coach Frank Thomas Cooich Thomas closed ouT his elevenTh year of CopsTone coaching wiTh U CoTTon Bowl championship. He ran his Alabomo coaching record To 85 wins, l5 losses, ond five Ties. This represenTs one of The ouTsTanding coaching records aT ony maior college in The Unifed SToTes. During his reign The Crimson Tide has won Three SouThecisTern Conference championships and mode Two Trips To The Rose Bowl. Alobomo holds The best record in The SouTheasTern conference since iTs Tormcnion. ALABAMA Alabama menTors Thomos, Crisp, Drew, Campbell, ond Burnum combined To esTo1blish one of The TinesT records in The hisfrory oT The UniversiTy during l94l. On The TooTboll field The Tide Teom ployecl iTs TirsT Bowl game ouTside The ToUrnomenT of Roses ond won The Dollos CoTTon Bowl Clcissic. During regulor season ploy The Tiders avenged posT cleTeoTs aT The honds of Tennessee's powerful VolUnTeers in Knoxville ond pulled The prize upseT of The year by coming Trom behind To been Tulone's perennially sTrong Greenies. Going ogainst whaT was called "The greciTesT possing Team in The nciTion", The Crimsons cornpleTely boTTled Texas A. 81 lVl.'s arroy of possers ond dorninoTed The Dallas New Yeor aTTrocTicn. GeTTing OTT To on ecirly sTorT, The Alobomo Teom ouTsmorTed The Texans Tor Tour periods of The greofesf TooTboll yeT To be seen in The Classic. They upset The SouThwesT conference applecorT. Coaches lleff To righTJ Paul Burnum, Frank Thomas, Harold Drew, Tilden Campbell, and Henry Crisp fx ,LN , l X' gil gmc ED HICKERSON ralaovei-called to navy physical training past of mid-semester. Trainer BILL RANEY itop left?-He kept the boys in "shape", Business Manager JEFF COLEMAN itop right'-He kept the iurnstiles clicking. Student Manager JOE BAKER flower lefti-He attended the equipment. Publicity Director REA SCHUESSLER llawer rightl-He kept the presses rolling. "They "Bowlecl" for Bama Q1 ff a A N KX X ' N Afxfi If lx W X! fp" N l Xi N X l l VX J Captain John Wyhonic-All-Souflwecsfern Guard Holt Roast, All-American end Biily Harrel, quarterback Norman Wesley, center Jimmy Nelson, All-Southeastern halfback Julius Papais, halfback Noah Langdale, Phi Beta Kappa tack le l . 'x 4 Q ,L , ei., 4 , eg. - 4' xx-s,,, .....mi, .L 5 , ,J TN V. X ll' -'I H f -A 'x Yl x f x X ': :,,' Sumpfer Blackman, quarterback Paul Spencer, fullback Vaughn Tolleff, l'10'lfl3GClK Wallace Richeson, iackle Tony Leon, guard Lloyd Wise, Tackle Ted McKosky, guard Al Sabo, quarterback MOWOT1 Kimball, 9UC'fd I Dx :XX PLAYER The picture speaks for itself Jock McKewen, tackle Howard Hughes, hcuifback Vaughn Siewcxrf, center Carl Mims, halfbuck Joe Domnanovich, center Bart Avery, quarterback ' .- Russ Mosley, hcmlfbcxck Scam Sharp, end Don Whifmfre, tackle Louie Scales, fullback .wa Leon Fichmcm, tackle Dave Brown, hulfback George Weeks, end George Hecht, guard viii. ,gem- :-'f.,:1J:,?Zff , 2 Vg., .- 1 4. -- 1 :Wm .Mg 15243 asf' W , ff . c ,K ,yi 1 I f . 'wavy f W, ,wr f V Afifi- , f' ' of .f ev ' - ,fc V5 " -Z" cw jyLg59f4-5023 ,fl 15' V f ' - , 2' , 'Af iff ff I " f ff fwg x Q-any -Q5 'rim jf f 4 Q , f' 9 7 f f 'I 1 fy 1 M ff X X , Q ff W f ff f Q? 0, f 2 , f jf f ,,,.4- ,,,,,, ,. 7 '6'7 :72Q, ,yQ'.- f ,gff n fg e:1,w 'f ,. , nf' , , f ff 7,1 . fp 1' 1, ffi Q72 1 ,,, ff X 7 I 1 f my ff, y + If f K ' :hr we., ' .713 'J . . , J S.. . . :. f, A X.., 9 " 521 ' fa ZX 4 1 I Q . wg 1 4 914 43 P X, ef ,Q K 4: arp. V321 Jce Chorbcx, guard James Roberts, end George Gammon, quarterback Wheeler Leefh, end Russ Craft, holfbock Don Salls, fullback Mitchell Olenski, tackle Mackey McCoy, halfbcxck Top-Our All-American swings out. Center-Even The cheerleaders need boosfing aT Times. Below-The Bama Bees prepare To buzz T fl? ll rg?" A f' ,lf xl ,fi X.-'fx ,fx L 4 viii! A ,"' ,," 'lffgz ""' ,ffl ,J ,T -J, I Fx X Rx pas-,E - XX -, L ROLL ON, CRIMSON TlDEl ROLL ON, CRIMSON TIDEI ROLL TIDE, ROLL! And so iT did. BUT There also rolled OUT Trom The UniversiTy secTion of The sTadiums The greaTesT roar of enThusiasm and school spiriT ThaT 'Bama has known for many years. , Chiefly responsible Tor This reiuvenaTion of specTaTor parTicipaTion in The games were our head cheerleaders, Jim, Dawson, and Mary Phillips, and Their able assisTanTs, Pai' Vance, Jimmie CarnwrighT, ArTie CromarTy, WhiTie Burshek, and Marcelle Woods. These were The seven people whose voices led Those of The sTudenT body, alumni, and Alabama Tans in giving moral supporT To The Team in iTs worsT momenTs on The Tield, and in voicing unanimous appreciaTion and approval when The Tide was riding on The cresT oT The wave oi vicTory. ln addiTion To The Tradiiional Torce aT cheerleaders who remain on The field, This year The "Bama Bees" hummed up and down The sTadium sTeps among The specTaTors, giving addiTional vim, vigor and vitality To The crowd already Tense wiTh exciTemenT. The band sTrilces up, The signal passes Trom one cheerleader To The nexT down The Tield, Then iT is Taken up by The 'bees' in The sTadium. 'll re ' ' ,a ady, now! One, Two, Three, leTs sing- YEA-A, ALABAMA, DOWN 'EM TIDE! Below-The varsiTy squad before The Tide rolled over Howard College, 61-0. LeH To right-Carnwrighf, Vance, Cromarty, Phillips, Dawson, Woods, and Burshek . ,., - .-N 3 X l ' l 'f 5 ,Mix ' , T Vkx KQMN l I XATXX R ix 'Ml N Alix Lf X3 uf, ,fl Xi ld it All Hx l ii fl , QTY Kg il lf Ci lf! l llfilfffl Vi 77 T l D l X .ly i l I i Q l vXky,,yXA!!' J ll- 4 ,. 153- 1-ell ll l f' if l,Q1f1rl" lc ff, fl 1 , Alobomds Crimson Tide toctbcill team got oft to o running stort in the i941 season with o crushing, 47 to 6, victory over Johnnie Cciin's S.L.l. eleven in Denny Stadium on 0 sultry sum- mer ofternoon. Fcrmer Tide All-Americon Coin threw o well- cooched and hard-bottling team into his former mentor's Tide eleven, but it could not stem Thomcus' powerful baclcfield array. The Crimsons got oft to o good pace in the tirst quorter with two necitly executed touchdowns ond erosed any doubt from the minds of the skeptics. During the third ond fourth periods, Cooch Thcrnos gove his new condidotes a chance to get gome service and they completed the wrecking ot the Boyou State team, Joe Chorba, reserved guard, pulled the surprise ploy ot the ball game when he caught o blocked Bulldog punt and ombled 20 yords for a score. ttf New ffffffff AUBVKMA Tl-IUNDERS OVER S. L. I., 47 TO 6 Tulane Upsets Boston Colleges Su ar Bowl Champions, .21 To 7 GrccniesMukc' All Of Sc mi 9 4 xii: C,""'S""f W' ic... v.l.,f.:-fi-.' Fine Running 5'f'iT'f,j'l Backs Al stan P U 0 nm ure. Afguinq In Flrst Mulllof Qu w.:..,i-s N. 'f - cm., f.n.,..1 1.-,. fm. C., ' ' Va dy Bum :flf V U , Perdue, 3 To 0, K' V- .: f Cy Slupmcka 1 Oth Plum Klck g 'F "'QuiIs Tribe , ,515-'xl' Business Job Y .W,,d.Me Mackey McCoy starts his 53-yard touchdown iaunt through the Bulldogs ..-ll , 155. 3 D f-.5 ' X mhls,'Kl R,'.l l Vw pf 1-Nr 9 The night before -D5 Pounding Paul plunges through Mosley cufs back for five yords The Million Dollar Bond spells iT ouT , , Q iii . . ,Z ...ii 1, -. - A L A B A M A MHSSQ STATE Before some l8,000 sweoT loden Tide Tons in Denny STc1dium, Mis- sissippi STcrTe's Mcirocns pulled The impossible ond upseT The highly- Tdvc-red Crimsons, l4 To O. A long pdss ond o drive oround leTT end by The SToTe's Tdmed "Blondy" Block counTed The Tide's doom. Fum- bles, poss inTercepTions, ond blocked kicks kepT The ineTTecTive Alo- bomo Teom oT o spiriTless low. For The mosT porT of The oTTernoon, The Tons mopped brows woiTing for The ever-presenT Tide power To sTorT rolling, buT The Tinol whisTle found Them in on sTupor wiTh The Aldbomd Teom surprisingly on The shorT end ol The score, Time ond ogoin The sTor-sTudded 'Bomo bockfield pushed inTo scoring Terri- Tcry, buT eoch Time someThing clogged The Teom's eTTecTiveness. Bowl Tolk, which had been presenT edrly in The yeor, wos surpressed ond Tons owoiTed The worsT for The coming seoscn-linle did They know ThciT noT Too Tor owoy wos wc1iTing ci CoTTon Bowl chompionship. MISSISSIPPT STATE vs October 4, T941 Dove Brown sTcirTs Through for six 'Q A ,Z M A lfl CDT A U Ripping back from the State defeat, the Tiders took a field day up in Birmingham and completely swamped Hcward's Bulldogs, oi to O, to set a new scoring record for the season in the Legion Field arena. Sophomore backs in dozens push- ed the Tide home by a book tull of touchdowns. Only Ala- bama has ever scored any higher on the Magic City turf. ln l937, the Crimsons took Sewanee, 65 to O, in the same park. Carl Mims, Dave Brown's understudy, took command of the game and scored three touchdowns after "Tater Head" Nelson had set the day's pace with a 95 yard kickoff return. Nelson scored twice, Mims sccred three times and Mackey McCoy and Ted Cook scored once apiece. Cook helped Little Roy Johnson climax his day's work when he took a 22 yard pass from the "Mighty Mite" late in the game, after Roy had completed five straight aerials. Almost the entire second half was played with third and fourth stringers getting to see service after the first and sec- ond teams had made it plain that Alabama was to win the ball game. Jimmy Tarrant, Howord's great halfback, started the ball game in grand style, but after the Tide really got to rolling, he was taken from the lineup in order to prevent injury. The all-important question of whether Alabama could stop good passing was answered in this game to the satisfaction of Tide coaches. Depite the Howard air corp, the Tide backs repulsed every attempt. Alabama gained an amazing total of 422 yards by rush- ing to 41 for the Bulldogs and made another T56 through the pass route. George Hecht kicked six of seven attempted extra points and Roy Johnson added another by drop-kicking his own score extra point. All team members from Birmingham showed well before the home fans, especially Holt Rast, who was named All-Amer- ican for his play at left end during the season. Bama's Brown goes 26 yards for the second score Vaughn Tollett recovers 'bay A "Sl,O00,000" on parade Alabama bc-TTled Johnny Bpfrler, who had sparked The Tennesseans To Two sTraighT wins over The Tide, and scored early To puT an end To VolunTeer "Bowl" dreams, 9 To 2. ln The TirsT period George l-lechT dropped back and booTed home a Tield goal Trom Q3 yards back To puT The Crimsons in a Three poinT lead. Donnie Salls blasTed Through righT Tackle on The second play oT The second auarTer To score The only Touchdown of The game. Ala- bama was Tar superior in The TirsT half and spenr The sec- ond holding The Tennessee Team aT bay. LaTe in The Third cguarTer Jim Nelson was caughT behind his own goal line To give The Vols Two poinTs, buT Tennessee's scoring eTTorTs were in vain-Alabama goT her revenge and "bowl" Talk rose To new heighTs. v -- ,Q - 1 21 ,fr fT- . V , , T x .Q YQ VT " if Q , fx li cfm ylhvfly f l l? Emil E lv ,T T ci J ' THE TIDE GETS REVENGE Butler siopped again Sinkwich loses ground ond misses Nelson os he goes for 53 yc-r:ls To score ry 1 rw ,Y-s, ' F rr fr ,-ro . --1 ffm- - fe- fe, -- A- fuxx Fl I. X, ii i I rx T W V U ,N W N M y:,NxX W ,,- X! 1 xi - . - T 1 X. T - 1 -V. i 'Q w ' u v ' i -- J - TIDE MUZZLES BULLDOGS WiTh "bowl" fever roging ond speculciTion high over boTh The Tide ond Georgie, Jimmy "Tourer Heod" Nelson puT on one of The greatest fooTboll shows of The yeor To bec1T Georgia, 27 To l-4, ond for The second sTrciighT week wrecked The hopes of ci bowl bound Teom. Georgiors Fronk Sinkwich sTorTed The gome os one of The mosT highly roTed Toot- lcollers in The SouTh, buT Jimmy lciid him in The shode when iT come To oll 'round ploy. "'ToTer Head" czccounTed for Two of The Tide's Touchdowns personally ond flipped All- Americon HolT RUST o poss Tor The Third. His mosT sensc1Tionol score wos o 53 yord iounT ihrough The whole Bulldog squcid down The sideline in The Third period wiTh one of Sink- wich's posses under his cirrn. Holi RasT snogs one from honds of "Broken-Jowed Frankie" A.. S . fa. an 44 gi. , B -? JUST before The Tide rolled The dorms express sentiments FM' Carl Mims goes around end for 16 yards ALABAMA CRIMSONS SHOW WiTh spiriT running high, The Tide compleTely wrecked KenTucky's WildcaTs, 30 To O, in Denny STadium before a Homecoming crowd of l2,000. ATTer Jim Nelson and The TirsT Team had puT The game on ice in The TirsT quarTer, Coach Thomas gave his reserves a chance To geT game experience. Nelson ripped Through The KenTuckians Tor 20 yards and The TirsT score in The opening momenTs of The ball game. Russ Mosley came in Tor Nelson and Tlipped George Weeks a 23 yard Touchdown pass in The second. Nelson sTarTed The Third quarTer by racing 25 yards To The Tour yard line, Then dropping back and piTching l-lolT l2asT The Third score of The engagemenT. Howard Hughes passed To Carl Mims, who raced 57 yards Tor The TourTh Touchdown. Mackey McCoy Turned on The sTec1rn and plunged 56 yards OTT Tackle in The closing minuTes of The encounTer To bring The scoring To a close. Noah Mullins, WildcaT sTar halfback, Tried Time and again To denT The sTurdy Tide forward wall, buT The Crim- son huskies Toiled To give ground and only once did The KenTucky Team ThreaTen To score, They drove To The Tide six yard line in The Third period, buT led by Vaughan STewarT, The line held. l-lolT RasT, Noah Langdale, CapTain .lohn Wyhonic, MiTchell Olenski, Joe Domnanovich and George l-lechT Turned in line masTerpieces during The aTTernoon and con- vinced "old grads" ThaT The Tide possessed one ol The iinesT lines in The naTion despiTe early reporTs ThaT iT would noT be up To par. George Weeks abou! To sTop KenTucky's Mullins 'OLD GRADSH POWER PLUS fs .?fv- fx. -' ll lol TL lil lil BiggesT hurT of The looll gcime come when iT vvos leorn- ed ThoT TirsT sTring Tullbock Poul Spencer hod inlurecl his knee ond would be ouT Tor The remciincler ol The seoson. "Poundin' Poul" was one of The Tide's leocling grouncl goiners ond was one of The besT line breokers in The busi- VIGSS. Severol sophomores showed Tons Thor Couch Thomcis had C1 vveolfh of new morTeriol To iolce him Through The seoson in prime sTyle. Oc wr We 73. 15" 39? KenTucky's Alabama Sponsor George Hecl-TT gets The Tide rolling in The initial kick-off v u .1 - -. .lip , Lim Dum. N Dm T v -uvcvfibl The Greeks dress up A big time was had by all After the game T Ll LA hl E Putting on one ot the greatest second halt comebacks ever witnessed in New Orleans' Tulane Stadium, the Tiders derailed the highly-touted Greenies, T9 to l4, and practically cinched a bowl bid before some 55,000 thrill mad tans. Alabama got the game oft on the right toot with Dave Brown pushing 65 yards behind perfect interference to score with a Tulane punt after he had taken the ball on a wide re- verse trom Jimmy Nelson. Tulane popped back immediately and used passes to score two lightning touchdowns and hold a 14-6 lead at halftime. Jimmy Nelson and Russ Craft retaliated by the air route to get two Tide scores in the seccnd halt. With more spirit than was shown all season, the Tiders fought bitterly against a much heavier Tulane team minus starters Paul Spencer and Joe Dom- nancvich. Nelson passed to Rast for the score that brought Ala- bama within one point ot the Greenies. With seconds leit to ploy, Craft passed deep into Tulane territory and Don Sails plunged over center tor the margin ot victory. The Crimson's "Four-Breakers" who outwashed the Wave W Tl M A Ll .Z f T-Th l, ' if l llllls uf' T ffiw y Nfiw 'TT It s F. TJ li lvl l. E TL si T A posT season game seemed only around The corner in Birmingham when The Crimson Tide smashed a sTrong Georgia Tech eleven, 20 To O. Howard Hughes, undersTudy To Nelson, played one of The TinesT games of The season To lead The rebellious Tiders. Hughes scored early aTTer Den Sails and Russ CraTT had alfernafed with him in driving inTo scoring Terrircry wiTh a dash around end. Jimmy Nelson sTarTed The Third period in grand sTyle vviTh a 68 yard punT refurn Through The enTire Tech Team. Hughes scored again on a brillianf 7l yard punf reTurn down The sidelines To give The Tide a clear paTh Tor The remainder of The game. The game was played on an even basis for The most part of The day and exce T for Two lon runs, The Teams baTTled on even Terms. I3 Q Coach "Tommie" greets The Engineer's engineers ,l ll il pi vi l I ,',A:i"' ' y .,- ,, , Y- ..z ,,., "f"r'. 'a Above-Tech sfopped on The goal line Below-CapTcuin John makes u Tackle . 4.- I , . Fcins gafher for send-off AL MA NOYBBFIQSGE Freshmen show Vcmdy passes DERBILT BenedTh o miserobly murky sky ThgT spilled roin in TorrenTs, Alo- bomc1's bowl hopes Took wings in The Torm of VonderbilT's Commo- dores. For weeks The newspopers hod corrieol dccounTs of how Alo- bomo wos To puT The crown on o bowl bid in Nashville, buT They didn'T Tell of how The Tield wos To slow even The powerful Tiders. Jock Jenkins, o Truly greoT bock, Took o 13 ydrd poss eorly in The Third pericd ond provided his Commodores wiTh o sensoTionol vic- Tory. Jim Nelson puT his heorT inTo The boll gome, buT iT wos noT enough To keep him from Toilling on his Tdce in on oTTempTed run ond begging up on his kicking. Alobcirno's line ployed one of The greoTesT boll gomes of The yeor in holding The powerful Vondy eleven To 0 single Touchdown. .ice Domnonovich, l-lolT l2osT, Bobs RoberTs ond John Wyhonic were pushed wiTh Their bcicks To The wdll Time ond ogoin, buT ecich Time mcinoged To dig in ond sTop The hcird chorging Commodore bocks. Russ CroifT slushes Through but fails To score fx f Wit rt ft rt in ,ft t w tt, X ft ' NX 'I-A i 'T -. l it 1 ffl Y X H to l lvl X -ix. ra f f ' f 1 r' 'i V l Rl ,i l 1: . , t e , . 1- ' , ,i 'X , 1 , X t, i, ,V X V 5 i . l R. t it J . X 1 ' "Wu lil ll "lil ,fill l ' it l iitvy f t il J xx X X V 1 I , A scrapping Miami U. Team put up a great fight dovvn in the Citrus City, but they were nct enough to stop the rebounding Tide. Jimmy Nelson played ancther of his great games to help the Tide put the game into records as a Tide victory. ln the first quarter, "Tater Head" ran a Miami punt back 85 yards to set the scene for Russ Craft's scoring run around left encl. Miami came back with a long run and three stabs at the line to tie the count in the first period. Dave Brown shook loose for 29 yards to give the Tide its only score of the second period. Don Salls played a brilliant ball game for sixty minutes and was particularly effective in driving through for much needed first dovvn yardage. The Crimsons rolled up a 72 yard march in the third quarter with Nelson ambling over for the final score of the game. Fireworks for Bama Just before the Florida iaunt The stadium rally One of the few times Nelson was stopped A D A A Zi' ll, K A L A i i yi i .P TIDE SETS Alabama's Crimson Tide climaxed a successful season by setting new precedent in Dallas' Cotton Bowl. For the first On the eve of departure NEW PRECEDEN time in Tide history, a bowl bid other than from Pasadena was accepted and with a record of three wins, one tie and one de- feat in the Tournament of Roses, the Crimsons added a Cotton Bowl crown to its string of post-season accomplishments. Going against Texas A. 84 M., a team which was labeled the greatest passing outfit in the nation, Alabama completely out- played the Southwest conference champions and, despite the fact that Alabama made only one first down during the after- noon, rolled up an impressive 29 to 21 win. Jimmy Nelson and Holt Rast closed out two of the most suc- cessful gridiron careers in the history of Capstone football be- fcre shivering Texas fans in what was called "the thriller of thrillers in Cotton Bowl." Jimmy slashed his way through the Aggies twice for touchdowns. Once he returned Aggie star Derace lVloser's punt 72 yards through the entire Texas team and again on a Ql yard swirl around end, l-lolt, besides play- ing his greatest game defensively, snagged a neat pass for a score. The starting team George Hecht and Russ Craft added the other Tide points. Hecht booted a 22 yard field goal, while Craft sprinted eight yards on a cut back reverse tor a six-pointer. Hecht added another point with a perfect placement point after touchdown. Ot 42 Aggie aerials attempted, only I3 were completed and a total of seven were intercepted. Alabama played perhaps the greatest defensive ball ever seen by the Cotton Bowl tans. Some of the brightest stars in the Southwest were unable to dent the Tide wall. y if. ,AVN ,N 1 1 lift fi. gy ,x . j ip fit "N K Y ,V WY! v 'l YV' 'L 5 , wif. .X oft! ., L, N COTTQN BQWL Happy about the whole thing Awaiting Dr. Denny Above-Fumble! Right-Jolting Joe about to stop Aggie's Moser ike" gets a "Bowl" of his own 'C 1 if , ' 6 lil J ,Af , fu ' ff " i, f ' ,fi , ,fr . Al. Alabama's i942 Baby Tide produced a wealTh of ma- Terial despiTe The facT iT losT Two of Three siarTs in compe- TiTion. STarTing The season wiTh a win over Howard Col- lege freshmen, The green shirfed Tiders hiT an iniury sTreak and losT To Mississippi STaTe and Tulane. Several promising candidaTes shown in The scrimmages againsf The varsiTy and in The Annual "A" Day game. Monk Mosley, Third in a line of varsiTy Crimson men, Ken- ny Reese, Bobby Tom Jenkins, Weldon BenneTT, WalTer Miles, George Lawley, Sam Crain, Jack Green, Morris Waldrop, Bill Chambers, Gri Cashio, LesTer Harmon and J. D. Gambrell are only a few of The men Coach Paul Bur- num is sending up for fuTure service wiTh Coach Thomas' varsiTy squad. MosT valuable service of The Baby Tide was To keep The varsiTy in Trim To win The CoTTon Bowl championship and give The varsiTy men a chance To geT a look aT opponenTs' plays before imporTanT games. The "rookies" had a hard llJl A D Time wiTh Their own games because They had To carry a head full of signals. During The Spring Training sessions several of The Baby Tiders gave evidence of fuTure service wiTh The varsiTy. Bobby Tom Jenkins, Kenny Reese and Monk Mosley kepT fans on edge wiTh brillianT play and early season promise. Jenkins will fill an imporTanT gap To be vacafed in The full- back posT nexT year wiTh The graduaTion of Don Sails. Reese has promise of doing some playing aT righT half- back, while Mosley was easily The ouTsTanding freshman up for varsiTy work aT leff halfback. Line candidaTes Too numerous To menfion paraded on "A" Day in Their TirsT varsiTy roles and several are la- beled To geT inTo acTion nexT year. MosT promising hope- Tuls appeared aT The Tackles, guards and ends and Coach Thomas seemed well pleased wiTh The work of These men To replace The weakness aT The cenTer of The line posTs during The T941 season. Future Tide siczrs on parade 1' 72a c o A c 'J Hank Crisp, the dean of Alabama athletics, finished his ' ' N Twenty-first year on the Crimson Tide coaching staff This sea- son cmd his Teams had one of their most successful years un- der Ccach Crisp. The Crimson Tide footballers, of which Coach Hank moulds the famous lines That has brought Alabama through The years-Rose Bowl and all-to be recognized as one of The natian's greatest grid powers. l-lis basketball Teams have won Two conference championships and have led The league dur- ing The regular season for the past Three years. During The present year, Alabama was defeated by Ken- tucky for The S.E.C. championship. Alczbcimo's beloved Couch "Hank" T - F -1 --"r 4 iw , ' f--T 7 V-w gs, 1 Y Vx, . I ,f- N Y , W ful, J I N' cv .X ,Tl ,V .XX T T..- , i . C, t l l- . 3 l -f T T tt , .lf f T 'X T 1 ' N- ' l T , T l 7 1 ' . 'i lf ' Q fl," l ' ff. l, 1 ' X , W W V 'x V, ,V W1 'rf il fry vxx tiff c , ,, Q Ti' 1 . .. - , . T, ,-T , mi ' T f' V-'f' W :ff .Li ,Q L cl J ,Z Alabama's T942 basketball team came Through with second place in The Southeastern conference tournament and finished second in the regular season standings, and despite a shortage of material Coach Henry G. Crisp's Team placed Two men on the All-Southeastern Team. During The season, the Tiders won T5 and lost five-a record second only To the highly favored Tennessee Vols. In the Louisville tournament, The Crimsons bowled through the toughest bracket over Georgia Tech, L. S. U. and Tennessee To get a place against Kentucky. Only Two-points kept the Alabama bays out of first place in a hard fought Tilt with The Wildcats. Beating Tennessee was the biggest upset of the Tournament and proved the Tiders' might. wh, ,, gf. -N 4., . , Q 9 25' .J fs- 1 fy' ' 'Mi 2.1 'E L 2 g , en A, Y Aw if as-g x Q xi.. W f., H I C r X Bob LcPalla, forward Above-Homer sinks a free throw. Right above- Adair drops in a field goal. Right-Bart Avery scores a "charity toss" and equally as potent on defense. l-lines scored l22 points and Roth racked up ll8 during the regular sea- son in helping round out what was called "the best de- fensive ball club in The conference." Bob LaPolla, forward, was the only regular iunior player and was one of the best in the loop. Bob scored 96 markers during the season. l-le was a standout in sev- eral of the Tide's regular games during The season and showed plenty of ability in The tournament. Sam Sharp, Jim l-lomer and Bart Avery were The re- serve members of The Tournament squad. This Trio proved the Crimson's margin of victory by their capable relief work. Sharp filled in at forward, l-lomer at center and Jim Homer, center Henry O'Conner, center Avery at guard and on several occasions They played im- portant roles in Tide victories. Frank Gerlcck and Henry O'Conner played reserve po- sitions during the regular season and proved themselves capable men for the job. During the season, the Tiders worked without any abundance of material, but week-by-week worked them- selves into a position of co-favorite during the Tourney and provided the only upset of the year. Starting out with none too bright an outlook, Alabama worked up from scratch and developed into the strongest of contenders, whereas they were not being counted on to finish better than fifth fcr the season when the year opened. Sherman Jorgensen, center Frank Gerlock guard Couch Harold "Red" Drew We coAc l-lecud Trock Cooch l-lorold S. lRedl Drew, who is in chorge of his T2Th Trock Teom of Alobomo, hos Turned ouT mony Cinder sfors during his sfoiy of The Copsfone. Among The ouTsTc1nding sTors Thof he hos produced gre Kelly Horn, high iumper, Wciyne Downey, pole voulTer, ond Bill Joyce, dosh mon. Drew olso serves os end cooch fcr The fooTboll Teom. The red hecided Tide cooch come To Aloloomci in T93T from Chorffonoogo where he hoc! served os heod foofbcsll cooch for Three yeors, Drew received his B.S. degree from Bofes College in Moine in T9T6 ond served in The novol oir corps in The firsT World Wor. ReTurning To school offer The wor, he received his mosTer's degree in physicol edu- cofion from Springfield llvlossl College in T92O. Cooch Drew's oble Trock ossisTonT is Bill Roney who olso serves os heod Troiner for The Crimson Tide. Roney come To Aloloomo in T940 from Romsey Tech high school in Birminghom where he hod Turned ouT sToTe chompion Trock Teoms in T938, '39, ond '40, He received his BA. degree from Slippery Rock Teochers College in T932 ond his MA. from Alobomo in T938. Before coming Soufh, he cociched of Erie, Po., in T933 ond T934. fi rw' YKTT ,fl fl f,,,,f 7 " ffl 41 , l, A me Alobomcfs T94T Trock squod hod one of iTs besf seo- sons in dlmosf g decode, winning Third ploce in The Florido Reloys, copping five sTroighT cluol meeTs, ond finishing second To l.. S. U. in The SouThecisTern Conference meeT. Billy WesT, Dash Jack Boswell, All-SouThecisTern 880 Following The Floridci Relays of Goinesville, where l-lol Johnson ond Poul Deschomps seT new records in The shoT puT ond pole vciulf, respecTively, The Tide horriers opened Their seoson of The Copsfone wiTh o 68V2 To 57V2 win over ArT Komorowski, All-ScuTheusTern 2-miler Joe Keeney, 2m1ler up ,..i l. V 4 "N .si-i'.,. Howard Hughes, Dash Nolan Tollett, pole vault Georgia Tech. Bop Stephens, sophomore distance man, cracked the campus record in the mile by negotiating the rain soaked track in 4 minutes, 25.4 seconds, Alabama swept T0 first places, Johnson getting two in the weights and Jack Boswell a pair in the 220 and 440 yard dashes. Journeying to Knoxville for their second meet, the 'Bama cincler-pathers captured ll first places to roll over Tennessee 77 to 48. Johnson broke a Tennessee record in the shot put with a throw of 48 feet, 3'fb inches and also took a first in the discus. Other Tide winners were: Bob Stevens in the mile, Boswell in the 220 and 440 yard dashes, King Ganner in the low hurdles, Descramps in the pole vault, Bob James in the 880 yard run, Vaughan Tollet Yira, , ,ig . Vaughn Tollett, iuvelin King Gunner, All-Southeastern hurdle! in the iavelin, Charlie McDonald in the high hurdles, and Art Kamporowski in the two mile run. The Tiders cholked up their third consecutive win by nosing out 'Ole Miss on Denny Field, 84V2 to 4lV2. Ala- bama snowed Tulane's Green Wave under at the Cop- stone for their fourth win, B2 to 35. Paul Descharnps, ace pole vaulter, suffered his first loss of the season To Nolan Tollet, a teammate. Buck Mason, senior dashman, came into his own by taking first place in the T00 yard dash and second in the 220. Moving to Starkville, Coach Harold "Red" Drew's thin-clads closed out their regular season with a decisive 77V2 to 53V2 victory over lvlissis- sippi State, ,f' l' ,ir '-.ix-i ,fa- , i l i ' V c i l 'Q g 'V ,-fi' lx oc , X X . , i l 1 ,J Boswell and James start time-trials for Coach Raney f , . . , J ik X, - ,.. , s.f West Stciton, Distance Bob Stevens mller ,P L. 'H ,.,A , A F fix iw Jll L? ill if Ll 'x" fel l-lol Johnson, Jock Boswell ond King Gonner pocecl The Tide rrock sfors in fhe Soufheosfern Conference meef of Birminghom, eoch winning o firsf ond second poce. Alo- bomo scored 4l points fo finish second To L. S. U. in The conference. '81 Kelly Horn, All-Southeastern, goes over the bar Chuck McDonald, low hurdles Tommy Parker, high hurdles Bob James, miler I l THE COAC Ccach Tilden "Happy" Campbell added another feather to his cap as Capstone baseball pilot during 1941. For the second straight year his team came in under the wire as Southeastern conference title holder. ln his seven years coaching at Alabama, the former Tide football and baseball star has seen his teams vvin five crowns. This record is the best of any maior college diamond coach in the nation. Coach "Happy" has had the pleasure of send- ing a host of his pupils to the maior leagues and would have been there himself had not a football injury kept him back when he completed his collegiate career. ZX, '-'T 7 -A W W l l W 1 I 1 W ly Alabama's baseball team stretched its conference cham fit Coach Campbell won his fifth Southeastern Conference pionships to 14 in 1941 to win the loop title for the sec title in seven years ond successive season and to establish one of the most With three letterimen cn the pitching staff Francis unusual intercollegiate athletic records. Starting the cam Red Lee a ennor ngnt handei who ended the worst paign with six lettermen from the championship 1940 out season of his three on the Tide vvith cne vv n and one loss Sam Sharp, first base Fruncis "Red" Lee, shorstop Joe Scurbio, shortstop Claude Woltz, second base D1 Roy Acton, student manager Wolter Beck, senior southpcxvv who won Tour Tor Tour, cind John Wyhonic, junior righT-honder who won one Tor one during The yeor-Alobomo noT only ended with The S.E.C. Title ond ci record of i9 wins, Two losses ond one Tie l3uT Turned out The best group of hurlers To ever ploy Tor The Crimson Tide. More "PeTe" Lewis, right-honded pitcher- outfielder, now wiTh Louisville oT The Americon Associa- Tion, won Tour gomes ond lost one-boTTed .393 while hurling ond ploying centertield. Lorlcin Thornhill ond Eddie Owcor, o poir of soph right- honders, were The surprises ot The l94l pitching sToTT with o 2-O ond 3-O record, respectively, during The yeor. N F Q Q-f : Q A :ge NTL X X9 '7 ,fir ,ig ,V ii 'if' lfgj 1 X , ,fy -. f ,:- fi, x -, ,A, 3 , TW ' :T . f' ii ,ff ,jf it T ,rr if fi-'f , '-L- if 111' f' ' 1-K ':f' iz' 1:1 if :P Elmer Cooley, outfielder Shelley Oglesby, ccitcher John Wyhonic, pitcher Howard Hughes outfield urs Pete Lewis, pitcher-outfielder Norman Wesley, outfielder Sam Sharp, senior letterman first baseman, toppled the Crimson Tide batters with .4l0 for 95 times at bat. He made 39 hits, 26 runs and drove 28 more teammates across the plate. Claude Woltz, a sophomore, held down the keystone position, and batted .320 for the season. Veo Story, who left organized baseball to become an naval physical education instructor, was the unopposed candidate for third base, and was second to Sharp in runs batted in with 22. He hit ,340 for the season. Joe Sciurba, senior letterman, played his second sea- son as the Tide's shortstop and made a name in the double play department, participating in l8 of Alabama's 22 A-O-O plays of the season. Norman Wesley, Russ Blackie Thompson, infielder Larkin Thornhill pitcher Craft, Howard Hughes and Elmer Cooley comprised the Alabama outfield with Cooley and Lewis splitting up the chores, Craft was third in team batting with .360 for ol times ot bat, while "Pete" Lewis ranked second with a .400 average besides winning four out of five games frcm the mound, Ot the l94l stars Walter Beck joined Meridian, Miss., of the Southeastern League, Veo Story signed with Day- ton of the Mid-Atlantic League before becoming a naval officer, and Mars Lewis, first played for Montgomery of the Southeastern League, but later with Louisville of the American Association. rs rt , V1 Q' -, W f n ,f 1 l i i, i N l W 3 l ix l -. l ' 1- f il 4: "L-, ,fr f Z: l 1 'N i i J 1' ix .K i , A C fir My ,Mg J: V134 N! L- ,Za Y, N W C Y! W .K W N 1 1 in ,N x Z, Q y Ml A Ji' fly ,C-'fill-ff! fr illffl ef! 'Aj l Ll ., X i i, if l,l l, l Isl L lil" li" lj Russ Craft, outfielder Walter Beck, pitcher Eddie Owcar, pitcher Veo Storey, third ba e --Y---Q- ...-,.g..-.--fu Assembled for The iniTicaTion T , . y . . . x P- 1 X T ' "Mama" Whiimxre gives out Q " X f' f , I fi QQ, , , W. , , ffl A 3 I W 'ff ,ly i-TY ii J , , ,gf . f 1 !,' T 1 9 yy jjj! ff! , lj , If f if :T 1 I I 1 If 5 ff? V 1,0 :fm l l I Q T l I T' ,ZW ff ff' 1 TZ' f M s,g Y l T f' ffl WW! -ff? jify T gf ,T f"' , 'kr , f r X, -, ,ff ' Huff fflgf l rw! The "A" Club, vorsiTy oiThleTes orgonizoTion, enioyed 0 TruiTTul yeor during i942 ond sponsored one of The besT "A" Doy shows in The hisTory oT iTs exisTence. STorTing under The leodership oT Billy Horrell, The "A" members held severol socionl TuncTions ond porTicipoTed wiTh leodouTs oT TooTbcill donces which They sponsored on The compus. AT mid- Term l-lorrell resigned To go inTo Novy Physicol Troining ond l-lorold Johnson vvos elevoTed from his vice-presidency To Tcike chorge of The club. Johnson heoded The "A" Doy celebroTion ond proved cr ccipoble leoder. Severcil of iTs mem- bers were inducTed inTo scholosTic honor socieTies during The yeor. TENN S With three lettermen back from the 1941 tennis team that won six matches, lost nine and tied one and finished fourth in the Southeastern Conference standings, Coach- Captain Travis Comer faced not too hard a iob of mould- ing a championship racket-wielder squad for Alabama in the spring of 1942. Comer, Bob Janes and Bob Steele, the returning letter- men, will play the number one, two and three positions respectively with two juniors and a sophomore transfer from Vanderbilt, Herb Carmichael, to hold down the re- maining places. Al Roser, iunior from Kohly, Cuba, who showed much promise in 1941, will play number four, with Carmichael playing five, and Al Hollander, a iunior, playing in sixth place. The Crimson Tide had the best balanced team in 1942 than in several seasons and despite a rather ambitious road schedule, Corner has prospects for his squad to finish near the top of the conference tennis standings. Alabama won over Clemson, Emory and two each over Mississippi State and Sewanee in 1941. The Bama net- men lost to Springhill twice Ole Miss twice and to Geor- gia Tech, Tulane, L. S. U., Presbyterian and Vanderbilt. Left to right-Comer, Janes, Hollander, Rosar, Steele, M Tr' Q1-Li' Captain-Coach Travis Comer and Carmichael .P-" Kepler Mills, Director of Intramural sports TR MLIR lt is of vital importance to each student to engage in some form of sport in connection with his regular academic work. For those students who, for various reasons, are unable to participate in regular Freshman or Varsity Athletics, in- tramural sports afford an excellent cppcrtunity for them to gain the benefits of wholesome recreation. By taking part in the intramural program the student is able to become better acquainted with his fellcw students in an informal and friendly way. From these associations a better college spirit emerges because of the better under- standing. Sports on the intramural prcgram fcr this year included: football, base- ball, baseball field meet, basketball, foul throwing, golf, horseshoes, relays, soccer, swimming, tennis, track, volleyball, table tennis, water polo, and bad- minton. Besides the directly supervised activities there are many other sports and games sponsored by the intramural department which are: archery, badminton, paddle tennis, clock gclf, box hockey, shuffleboard, tether ball, ring tennis, ringo, darts, basketball, relays, football field meets, speedball field meets, baseball field meets, track lindocrsl, hcrseshoes lindcorsl, gymnastics, fencing, codeball and twenty-one, golf driving, golf putting, target throw, hcrizcntal bars, climb- ing poles, and climbing ropes. Again the intramural department did its part fcr charity fcr the third straight year, by sponsoring ticket sales for the championship fcotball finals held in Denny Stadium. The sum cf Sl5o.8O raised by this game was given to the Christmas party for the Tuscaloosa underprivileged children. This year the championship basketball games were played in auditorium with cigarettes as the admission. More than five thousand cigarettes were taken in and sent to the Commanding Officer at Ft. McClellan with the ccmpliments of the boys from the University of Alabama. ' SPORT G. KEFLER MILLS ,..,.. Director Department of Physical Education THOMAS BLACK . , . Supervisor of Sports FAY KOINER ..... , Assistant FREEMAN DUCKWORTH . . . Assistant EARL KILLIGAN . . , Assistant JOHN RINGWOOD . . Assistant LESTER MORGAN ,..... Assistant BOYD BATCHELOR ...,. Assislant MILTON MARX . . . Supervisor of Officials BURT SCOTT . . . Publicity Director It is the aim of the Physical Depart- ment tor Men to Otter every student and faculty member an opportunity to par- ticipate in team sports or recreative physical activity as regularly as his time and interest will permit. AIabama's program, rated by surveys for the past three years as one of the leading programs in the country, is di- vided into the following units: fraternity, independent students, faculty, interde- ncminational athletic associations, and the R.O.T.C. . W. ,p,m.. 1 Y 'QM' Independent touch football Scenes from year's activity f , . ,W fi fl 417,11 "', l lll,'l,7'kflA',?ffl Ill' ' llll nfzlf xg I M llefytf if .Vit INTRAMURAL TOURNAMENTS lntramural tournaments offer an op- portunity for keen competition among the various sororities, dormitories and town teams. After several weeks of practice, a round robin type tourna- ment is held, in which each team plays three other teams. Then the winners play an elimination tournament to decide the champion. This year, in keeping with the spirit of national defense, defense stamps are awarded to the winners. Tournaments are held in volleyball, ping pong, basketball and softball. The Tri- Delts were the only team to win all three of the preliminary games in volleyball and thereby won the tournament. ln ping pong, Garland Jean Hirsch, Tri- Deft, defeated Nancy Benham, New l-lall in the finals. Tutwiler entered two teams in basketball, and as fate would have it these teams met in the finals- the team captained by Frances Schell defeated Ann Upchurch's team, 25-ll. As we go to press, the softball tourney is still underway. ARCHERY Perhaps no other sport has such a rich and romantic history as does archery. For some the bow and arrow brings to mind the American Indian and his uses of these instruments, while to others the bow and arrow brings a picture of Robin l-lood and his merry men. Whatever concept we may have of archery, the modern feminine William Tells see in it a chance for real sport and keen com- petition with self. l-litting the bull's eye gives to these girls the same thrill and satisfaction as William Tell got from shooting the apple off his small son's head-and it's a lot safer, don't you think? Archery is a sport which can also be adapted to use by those who cannot take strenuous activity. lt is a popular sport with these girls as well as with the more active ones. GOLF Let's go golfing with the sophomore women students who choose this sport as part of their second year requirement. Left top-Miss Robin Hoods. Center-Ready for an afternoon at Meadowbrook. Bottom- Sorority representatives discuss volleyball. THLETICS Students are taught the fundamental skills by using the indoor cage, balls and mats for practice. Then as the swing is acquired, practice begins an the women's athletic field in approach shots, driving and putting. After about six weeks of practice the classes are then transported in station wagons to the nearby course "Meadowbrook" where ploy ac- tually begins. An attempt is made through these classes to give the students some skill, knowledge, and an appreciation cf the game which they may use later as part of their recreational and social life. SWIMMING If you want to "get into the swim," you will have to keep physically fit. At a time when physical fite ness seems essential for civilian defense, swimming well supplies the physical exercise necessary for fitness. Swimming and diving serve to develop self-reliance and courage, and furnish a medium for self-expression. In the beautiful pool at Barnwell Hall, women students and faculty members have an opportunity for excellent instruction in swimming and diving. Instruction begins on the level of the non-swimmer- a girl who has probably never been in the water. Each year about one hundred of these learn to swim-and do they love it! Beginning, intermediate, and advanced classes offer opportunity for learning a variety of strokes, as well as developing endur- ance. Fundamentals of diving are included in these courses, but if a girl desires to be a springboard artist, there is a special course in diving. Each spring a course in life-saving is cffered and everyone successfully completing this work receives an American Red Cross life-saving certificate. Every afternoon the pool is open for recreational swimming and water games. Yes, the war has definitely hindered travel, but it hasn't stopped us from swimming Around-the-World. The equipment in the pool includes two large mir- rors by which a student may note her own faults and progress. Music for rhythm and relaxation is furnished by means of records and an amplifying system. Then there is a trapeze for the swingsters and to help the divers master their flips. Because of the keen interest shown by students, a swimming club was formed several years ago. This club, the Swan Club, is recognized at other uni- versities as a swimming club which affords keen competition with other universities during the spring Telegraphic meet. Right-Girls enjoy an afternoon of swimming in the pool in Barnwell. Three srhkes and shek out BADMINTON Badminton is fast becoming a number one sport. lt's fun to play! ln addition it's easy to learn. Equipment can be bought at a price that brings it within the range of many players, and the space re- quired is small. Fraternities and Sororities are planning courts in their backyards and on their front lavvns. The vvomen's physical education cle- partment has four outdoor courts and three indoor courts available for play. Many enthusiastic learn- ers have signed up for the beginners' classes. There are others vvho are becoming experts in the old- vanced classes. Nancy Benham '44, and Betty Long '44, entered the single and doubles of the Southern Badminton Association tournament which was held in Birming- ham this spring. We are very proud to say that they were among the finalists in the tournament. FENCING " En Garde!" " En Garde!" " Alley!" "Touche!" " Ivlesdames!" Everything is there except the romantic back- ground of the l7th Century duels, seconds, and grudges. lt is an hour in the University fencing club which is a part of the University of Alabama's intramural program for women. With the walls of Barnwell Hall gymnasium form- ing the back drop, the students fence for the sport of it. Tipped foils and masks are used, so seconds are unnecessary. The fencing club is opened to all women students and instruction is given weekly. Touche T ' J ' T .., Q ,- T T T T X . T lx T T , FTW rfffxf' X , 7Qj,ll Til T J lvl T T T VOLLEY-BALL Volleyboll is one of The mosf populor sporTs enioyed by The girls on This com- pus. ApproximoTely Three hundred girls porTicipoTed in volleylodll during The fdll inTro-murol progrom. Prodices were held cloily for o period of Three weeks, in order ThoT Town girls, dormiTory girls ond sororiTy girls mighT prepcire Them- selves for The TourncimenT. This sporT offers opporfunifies for The individuol girl To develop skills which she ccin use in keeping herself physicolly fiT ond c1T The some Time offords her o very fine recreofionol sporT. TENNIS Tennis is o smosh hiT wiTh The women sTudenTs of The Universify of Alobomo! WiTh even The promise of o sunny doy, sTudenTs con be seen wolking cicross The compus wiTh Their rockeTs un- der Their cirms. This sporT offords opporTuniTy nof only for closs porTicipoTion, louT iT olso offords o meons of wholesome recreo- Tion for Those who ore noT enrolled in physicol educcifion closses. OTher Thon The ploying oreo provid- ed by The Women's Heolfh cmd Physicol EducoTion Depc1rTmenT, opproximofely TwenTy Tennis courTs ore loCC1Ted on The compus behind Smifh Holl. .Q T T O i I ,rf :.:..i' V A 'I' A , A -VAN T L Over The nel WonT ci ride? ww. .,,. 4-wwx-X-MA Q-,gwVk,,,..g'- 'L ' ' ' Y x - I' , :fx P W, .1 "wx n, x 4-"fr, If . 177, j' 'U-il". 5, sv. nn!! G1 1 ' C 19-W my ww. WMMW-WMM Gy 3 fw f Q' I' M Www ,ww ada? 4-WN -A-wm,,,, f 4 S, -. H CLUBS and organizations kept the Alabama student busy. The Corolla :md the CrimsonfXX!liite had large, ellicient staffs. A high percentage of the student body belonged to the Y.M.C.A. or Y. W. C. A. Nine fraternities were on campus in 1903, and a sorority was to make its appearance the next year. Capstone students were fun-loving then as well as now. Countless strange societies sprang up. "Ye Poverty Ridge Barris- tersl' led a hectic life. A group of selffstyled social lions organized the "Beau Brummel Clubf' The "Ancient and Independent Brotherhood of Writer Throwersn were a hardy bunch, and the "Big Eaters Fraternity" kept the grocery bill high. The Clee Club and University Orchestra entertained the musical element on the campus, and the Erosophic and Philof mathic societies kept literature on a cultured plane. Coeds were now many in number and social life was flourishing. The class German Clubs sponsored dances, events to which the campus looked forward all year. Football, baseball, tennis, track, and basketball supplied the athletically inclined with activity. In 1905 coed sponsors were chosen for football and baseball. Riding to town and back on the "Dummy," an old steam engine and car, was one of the milder amusements. Buggy rides were good entertainment, and there was a houseboat on the river Q 2 for outings, BUT THIS IS. 'Zz' , 121::95e.asf11a:A -'f " '- S . , 1 ,J-3' 3? , 4 :Q-4.r,.,,a1M A ,if--az. , ,,-, --f'a- sk .,- - gym, ,S , Q. 'i-77 ',:',y,4f::'m ,Wie ,z 3. -gf ,479 -fl' dy Jr' 4-, fs:.,4'ff:,5' :Q-.r iz' rnffbz f' ,Jeff 5' .fZf fa- fir Ji" f' 1 6527 ..' :Er 4 .f 'G' ,253 ,119 91" " -inf" rf' ,-f ' 7, rt' Z-' EC' iff .- .515 ff , ,Uhr ,r , ,-- f:-- ' 'Zi ' 4',1 rg-4 lag' 1 'J fl .af ire' Aff' ,fjzf ' 11: ,f ,Jw ag - - .,:::-? " .f ' g ff- ,f uv .-gf iff if' 5512? :Ez .. K fn, .-..:f:' .frff f- 1 ,4 f 15, Q .' 1.-: :f-:1 ..:- ff,-. rf: ..- , , .,.., . .. ,. . - , , , ,, ,M . .. , ,,,.. ,., ,.. J ' '?'Z'1",-55' 35'- ' r-"' - ' W' ' '- I 5" ' r J! J' Jf .Z .Q A" 5.1: SCHOLASTIC Phi Beta Kappa . , Beta Gamma Sigma Tau Beta Pi . , Gamma Sigma Epsilon Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Eta Sigma , . HONORARY Omicrcn Delta Kappa Mortar Board . , . Jasons ,..,. Quadrangle . Druids .. . Rho Alpha Tau . Triangle . . Guidon , . . Phi Alpha Delta . PROFESSIONAL Theta Tau . . Chi Delta Phi . Kappa Delta Pi . Delta Sigma Pi . Phi Chi Theta . . , Caroline Hunt Club . Phi Upsilon Omicron . RELIGIOUS Hillel . . LITERARY Excelsior . Philomathic SOCIAL St. Pat's Association Alabamians . . I Alabama Cavaliers . Greeks . , . lllll Page 329 Any wearer of this key is immediately recognized as hav- ing superior intelligence and ability. Phi Beta Kappa re- cognizes and emphasizes character as well as scholastic achievement of students of the School of Arts and Sciences. WILLIAM GOING RALPH ADAMS Mr. Ralph E. Adams Mr. William F. Adams Dean Charles H. Barnwell Dean Lee Bidgood Mr. Edward S. Carothers Dr. Brent G. Clark Prof. Houston Cole Prof. Elizabeth Coleman Prof. Wade H .Coleman Prof. Ralph W. Cowart Dr. Clyde B. Crawley Mrs. Isabel W. Cumming Dean George J. Davis Dr. John C. Dawson Dr. George H. Denny Dean James J. Doster Dr. Wilson K. Doyle Dean Albert J. Farrah Prof. Brooks Forehand Prof. Edwin H. Foster Dr. Richard C. Foster Mr. James E. Foy Dr. John M. Gallalee Mr. William T. Going Dr. John Y. Graham Dr. S. Paul Garner Mr. Tom Garner Mr. Lee Glover Dean Stuart Graves Dr. Edward W. Gregory Prof. M. Leigh Harrison Dr. Shaler C. Houser Prof. Lindsey R. Jeanblanc Dr. Robert Epes Jones PHI BET 55 one of fire OFFICERS Prof. Chester H. Knight Dr. George Lang Dr. Fred A. Lewis Dr. R. Irving Little Dr. Stewart J. Lloyd Miss Miriam Locke Dr. Julian D. Mancill Dr. Roscoe C. Martin Dr. Ralph McBurney Dr. Jack P. Montgomery Dean John R. McLure Mrs. Ira B. Moody Dean Albert B. Moore Dr. Burton R. Morley Dean James H. Newman Dr. William P. Ott Dr. H. Clifton Pannell Mr. William E. Pickens, Jr Dr. John F. Ramsey Mrs. Frances Romsdell Dr. Edwards F. Richards Dr. John B. Rlppere Miss Mary A. Robertson Dr. William B. Saffold Dr. Jerome Schweitzer Dr. George Pope Shannon Prof. E. Hudson Strode Dr. Charles G. Summersell Dr. Paul W. Terry Dean Robert B. Tidwell Dr. C. Beaumont Wicks Prof. C. E. Williams Dr. Alto L. Whitehurst Dr. Marcus Whitman Page 330 THISISTHEC PP wif aaa emic cw zfeffemelfifd . A banquet was held in December at the McLester for faculty as well as student members. Phi Beta Kappa, the oldest National Honorary Fraternity was founded at William and Mary in I776, and the Ala bama Alpha chapter was established in l85l. O President Secretary Dr. Benjamin A. Wooten Prof. E. Baskin Wright Members Leon Chappelle Agee Octavia Elizabeth Barnes Jack L. Dozier R. Clifford Fulford Noah Noel Langdale, Jr. Louise McClanahan Emily McCorvey Henry Thomas Nichols Harry B. O'Rear Robert S. B. Penton Cyril D. Solomons Robert H. Vaughan Thomas Harris Williams, Jr. Warren Jack Williamson Mary Evelyn Campbell Jack Bingham Mary Cherry Marshall Follo Albert Milton Goggans Josephine Dennis Hammond Boyce Loring Hanks Anna Drue Harris lla Julenne Huckaby Fred Eugene Lawrence Norman Mayor Elbert Lee Moore Gertrude Powell Yetla Ripps James David Robertson Thelma Julia Mildred Smith Jane Underwood ROLLAS BETA GAMM SIG 46 are fire up an coming 400Lie5" O! fire ffzlfwre . . . Beta Gamma Sigma, founded at the University of Wis- consin in 1907, is the national honor fraternity of the schools cf commerce. The Alabama chapter was installed on March 4, 1931. The fraternity elects from the junior and senior classes, not more than two per cent of the iunior class, and not more than ten per cent of the senior class may be elect- OFFICERS ed. Membership is based upon scholarship, leadership and character, and is open to both men and women. Twelve seniors, three iuniors, one graduate student, and one hon orory member were inducted into the chapter at the Spring initiation and banquet, March 10, at the McLester Hotel PROF. PAUL GARNER . . . . , . President PROP. l-. J. NATIONS . . Secretory-Treasurer Faculty Members Dean Lee Bidgood Dr. H. H. Chapman Prof. Chester H. Knight Prof. Lee Glover Prof. Harry Bonham Mr. Ralph E. Adams Mr. William E. Pickens Cap. William Paul Thomas Prof. Bruce Futhey Prof. Morris Burkett Dr. Paul Garner Dr. E. H. Anderson Dr. James Holladay Dr. Burton Morley Dr. Marcus Whitman Prof. L. J. Nations Prof. Harry Lipson Miss Elinor C. Speer Prof. Willburt Ham Honorary Members Mr, Sam F. Clabaugh Mr. Donald Comer Mr. Thomas W. Martin Student Members Seniors George Bloodworth V. Gregory Pappas Beniamin Joseph Bloom Newell Walter Embley Harold Otis Erwin Page 331 Wilson Robert Haig Samuel Spartan Hays John H. Hines, Jr. John Roy israel James B. McPeters Hunter Milton Montgomery Toxey Hannon Sewell Jackson Roger Sharman, Jr. Ira Spear Juniors James Edwin Banks James Charles Nix James Vardaman Thompson Graduate Leon James, Jr. FIFTIETHANNJVERSARY THE B TALI BET PI 64 77 awe engineered lfA8l:lf' way fo aw ieuemenf . FirsT Row: Owen, Pickens, Lang, Jordan, Cobb, Fose McKinnon . . Toulmin, AusTin, Shillifo, Mil ler, Orifz, Dwyer, Kuzmik. . Second Row Tau BeTa Pi, honorary engineering TraTerniTy, Taps iTs mem- bers aT The engineers' annual ST. PaT's day celebraTion. This year iT was a TesTive occasion, Tram The enTrance of HolT l2asT as ST. PaT wiTh BeTTye Williams as his queen and John O'Leary as courT iesTer, To The closing of The dance aT mid- nighT. Since iTs esTablishmenT on The UniversiTy campus in l926, Alabama BeTa of Tau BeTa Pi has been one of The ouTsTand- ing scholasTic socieTies aT The CapsTone. lTs purpose is: "To mark in a TiTTing manner Those who have conferred honor on their Alma MaTer by disTinguished scholarship and exemplary characTer as undergraduaTes in engineering or by Their aT- TainmenTs as Alumni in The Tield of engineering and To TosTer a spiriT of liberal culTure in The colleges of America." OFFICERS ED LEAR . BILL JORDAN . ED SNIPES . Howard H. Meigs Beniamin A. WooTen Major Edward A. Feringa Frafres in Faculfaie George J. Davis, Jr. Donald A. du PlanTier KenneTh W. Coons William Miller John M. Gallalee Donald McCuaig Fred R. Maxwell, Jr. Members DeBow Owen Cecil Pickins Bill Long Page 332 THISIS THE Bill Jordan Joe Cobb Andy Kuzmik Ray Fase ' Ed Todd Julian McKinnon Aubrey Toulmin Ed Snipes C O . PresidenT Vice-Presidenf . Secrefary Fred STockTon Louis AusTin Tom Shillifo Bill Miller Mark PaTe Nestor Ortiz Jim Dwyer RoberT WhiTehursT ROLLAS MEMBERS OF MA IGM First Row: Brock, Hanks, lgou, Maddox, Millar, Moody , . , Second Row: Finley, Chudy, Deems, Dwyer, Elli- son, Emison , , . Third Row: Johnson, Mayor, Norton, Ripps, Shumaker, Williams, Wood. EP IL , ,, ,K ,.1, ..f..k ,A,-,,,,. ,,1,,g1F-, .--e-, . . , .. Y fo:-,.,.sew .Q-k'.L-:Q ef. .-Y-1 -'vs -,-.f...f-- -1--ea -'rr'-re-1'-ee'2 eve ' " "Y ' 1 1 -f2f's:f'Wf'5'Z'7' 'FW' ' -' ?'12"'iY?7'zTf"l "':"" ' t"" 'QF' 'f' w:1'gE lfL0lfU f!L8l:l" LQIJZF ZTJLAQJ 6Ll'LC! Z?lfLlfLfS8lfL lfLl"lfL8lf'5 . . . The Gamma Sigma Epsilon men are wizards when it comes to test tubes and chemicals. They have attained new heights in their knowledge ct the chemical world around us, Schol- arship, leadership, attitude in natural sciences, and character are all qualities of these students. ship in chemistry, to promote triendship and the general wel- tare of the chemists" Gamma Sigma Epsilon has done much toward the realization ot this purpose. Founded in i919 at Davidson College, the society has become the "Phi Beta Kappa" of the Chemistry School, and now boasts titteen Created with the aim "to increase interest and scholar- chapters. OFFICERS ALBERT H. MARKHART . , . . President MALCOLM ELLISON . . Treasurer REBECCA DEEMS , , Secretary Fratres in Facultate Ray L. Farabee William Maddox Elizabeth Johnson Stewart J. Lloyd Kenneth W. Conns Edward Millar Albert Markhart Jack P. Montgomery Joseph Royal Max Moody Norman Mayor George D. Palmer Martin Williams Harry O'Rear Robert Norton James L. Kassner Beniamin A. Wooten Dorothy Finley Yetta Ripps John E. Gran Frank Chudy Thomas Shumaker Harold F. Cotter Members Rebecca Deems John O'Leary Mildred A. Englebrecht William Brock James Dwyer Thomas Williams Absalom M. Kennedy John Foster Malcolm Ellison Garland Wood Emmett B. Carmichael Boyce Hanks Hershel Emison Frances Greenleaf James R. Cudworth Rustus lgou Fred Fitch Julius Pearlman Page 333 ' 'PTTTPF CT'PM'T'W1Z.7iLElf..,. ..., . -. ...-- f -- FIFTIETH ANNIVERSARY E v.wa:u1utmrfrrrex.-'w.:'.xvr:fz'.vv'.'--' -1112, J...-if1:s.a-n'.v'.i:-:s--' -were1,--'...1-'-f-fa-1 ,w ' f i. 1- ,A L.. -, A 4, .' . - sk Z- THE PRES:-:MEN woMEN IN ALPHA LA BD DELT ULPQ EAQ ll00t8IfLtl:0L! ULIIOIOQVC 61,515 Ld QIW5 O! t0VIfL0lf'l"0M!g . First Row: Pridmore, Nichols, Fite, Lamb, Brent . . . Sec- ond Row: Goode, Moore, J., Baxley, Snipe, Huffstutler . . . Third Row: Merrill, Moore, R., Washington, Dunn, Fallin. Freshmen women who have averaged a 2.5 during their first semester or first year in college become members of Alpha Lambda Delta. Time has proven that those who reach this high standard become the leaders in their senior year. Many have been presidents and vice-presidents of our stu- dent government and other campus organizations. They will always be leaders vvherever they may be. This year more girls were tapped into membership than ever before. Alpha Lambda Delta was founded at the University of lllinois in l924, to promote intelligent living and a higher standard of learning, and to encourage high scholastic at- tainment among freshmen women. OFFICERS LA NEIL LAMB . .... . . President BETTY GOODE . . Vice-President JANE PAGET . . Secretary Members Carolyn Irene Nichols Joan Lee Wasson Jane Merrill Barbara Beerbower Edith Gay Jones Jean Myrick Moore Ruth Young Moorer Virginia Pridmore Marion Beatrice Baum Fay Baxley Alice Washington Jane Paget Lily Starr Elizabeth Louise Sipe Ruby Nell Spencer Dorothy Starling Jane Hoge Fite Ruth Roberts Frieda Dunn Margaret Campbell LaNeil Lamb Eudora Rosser Mary Edna Anders Ruby Elizabeth Brown Marion Tabb Brent Luvola Huffstutler Rhoda Elizabeth Fallin Helen Louise Anderson Betty Goode Elizabeth Paden Long Page 334 THISIS THE COROLLA'S PHI ETA IG First Row: Allen, Riddick, Crum, Thornton, Redden, Salter . . . Second Row: Yoder, Harris, Wozniak, Kunze, Chapman, Biolgood . . Third Row. Kahlmus, DeMotte, Maxwell, Dowling, Adler, Saunders, Noble. N V1fL86LlfL5 oadigfg !O!fLf5n1:VL on mon e A25 mom . Boasting of many faculty members, Phi Eta Sigma is the national honorary society for the recognition of scholastic work of freshmen men. High on this list of University fac- ulty members is Dr. George H. Denny, President of the Uni- versity, Dean C. H. Barnwell, Dean J. J. Doster, Dean Lee Bidgood, Dean S. J. Lloyd, Dean C. J. Davis, and Dean J. H. Newman. The local chapter was founded in T930 after the original group was formed in T923 at the University of Illinois. Hav- ing 46 chapters on its roll, Phi Eta Sigma has as its aim: "To promote a higher standard of learning and to encourage the high scholastic attainment among the freshmen men in our institutions of higher learning." Each year prior to initiation of new members, Phi Eta Sigma is host at several smokers for prospective members and later holds a formal banquet near the end of the second semester at which time new members are taken in. OFFICERS JIMMY ADLER . . . . . President R. A. DOWLING . . Secretary Members Lawrence Drew Redden Willis Bidgood Leonidas Monroe Jones Glenn L. Allen, Jr. Paul Pullen Salter, Jr. Maurice Fuller Kahlmus William Marion Sanders Harry Haynesworth Riddick Keith J, Yoder Edward Lawrence DeMotte Malvern Bernard Cooper William Barton Crum Robert Otis Harris, Ill. Roscoe Steele Maxwell Robert Jackson Brantley Russell Beard Thornton Francis John Wozniak William J. Terry, Jr. Jack Quarles Lewis Emanuel Gunnberg Eldon Clarke Kunze R. A. Dowling, Jr. Ralph Thomas Bugg Arthur Lee Wooten Dan William Chapman Louis James Adler Andrew Jackson Noble Dominic Ralph Elia Paul Q. Hewes Page 335 FIFTIETHA NNIVERSARY A B. M. O. C.'S RATE OMICRO DELT PP ---nafiona denior onolf orgcmizalfiolfz or men . First Row: Bingham, Coley, Fultord, Hayes, Huston . . . Second Row: Hutchinson, Jordan, Lewis, Long, Puryear . . . Third Row: Rast, Roth, Sewell, Dominick. Each year many protects are sponsored by this group. Activities this year included: the establishment ot a hitch- hiking post on University Avenue, the acceptance by the Ad- ministration of suggestions tor alleviating trattic conditions on University Avenue and Sorority Row, assistance in secur- ing iron lung in memory ot Dr. Richard C. Foster by student subscription, and similar worthwhile projects. ODK desires to recognize men who have attained a high standard ot etti- ciency in collegiate activities and to inspire others to strive tor scholastic and extra-curricular activities. It is an organ- ization which helps to mould the sentiment ot the institution on questions ot liberal and inter-collegiate interest. OFFICERS BROOKS HAYES . . . . . President TOXEY SEWELL . . Vice-President JAMES FOY . . Secretary Fratres in Facultate John M. Gallalee Jack P. Montgomery Hamilton Hutchinson Ralph E. Adams S. P. Garner J. H. Newman Bill Jordan Dozier Cade Robert B. Harwood W. P. Ott Noah Langdale Jeff Coleman Wilson L. Hetlin Paul W. Thomas Parnell Lewis Henry G. Crisp William M. Hepburn Ernest G. Williams Bill Lipsey George H, Denny Shaler C. Houser Bill Long Charles H. Douglas Robert Jones Members John Puryear Herbert R. Downs George Lang Jack Bingham Holt Rast W. G, Echols Stewart J. Lloyd Lem Coley James Roth A. J. Farrah Donald McCuaig Clifford Fultord Toxey Sewell Brooks Forehand John C. McGill Brooks Hayes Joe Calvin James Foy James McMillan Bob Huston Frank Dominick Page 336 THISIS THE CO is - .- ,ty , -11 1' -,.. -,ws " ' I -f ROLLAS WOMEN OF First Row: Adams, Baxter, Brooks, Cherry, Cromer, Deems . . . Second Row: Featherston, Harris, Keener, Powell, Underwood, Wig- gins. MORT R BO RD are lfL6Lfi0lfLOL!f AOVLOIAZ or adiklflf if J Each year the outstanding iunior and senior women stu- dents cn the campus are tapped by Mortar Board. This organization throughout the year sponsors many projects. Activities of this year included: a Chrysanthemum Sale on Homecoming Day for the benefit of the Scholarship Fund, regular monthly Fireside Chats, discussions of interest to stu- dents, sale, of defense bonds and stamps on the campus, and this year for the first time, Smarty Parties for those women students with a UB" or above average. Mortar Board seeks to encourage scholarship, to promote college loyalty and spirit, and to stimulate and develop a finer type of citizen. By this many activities and accomplishments of this and past years, Mortar Board has made an outstanding name for itself on the campus. OFFICERS EMILY WIGGINS . . . . . . . President MARY FRANCIS WATSON . . Vice-President MARY ADAMS . . . . Secretary Members Eleanor Brooks Alice Ruth Featherston Jane Underwood Mary Adams Mary Cherry Anna Drue Harris Mary Frances Watson Dorothy Wallace Baxter Linda Cromer Jaye Keener Emily Wiggins Rebecca Deems Mollie Powell Page 337 FIFTIETHA N NIVERSARY JASONS L5 6LlO5f0lfLl:6L25 0lfL0lf' group Off' Aeniolf' men . First Row: Bingham, Blood- worth, Cobb, Coley, Crow . . . Second Row: Hutchin- son, James, Jorclan, Long, McKinnon . 4 . Third Row: Pappas, Sewell, Snow, Tal- bot. The fifteen most outstanding iunior men are tapped each spring by Jasons. These fifteen men, as seniors and Jasons, are very active on the campus throughout the year. Three of the returning seniors are elected as advisors and the others become associate members. Meetings are held in the Uni- versity roundhouse which has been set aside as the Jason Shrine. Jasons was organized at the University in l9l4 to pro- mote the interest of the students in college activities and scholarship, to act as a Senior Honcr Society, and to recog- nize merit in leadership, ability, and character in every school and college in the University. lt has become since its founding one of the most active and outstanding organiza- tions at the Capstone. OFFICERS JACK BINGHAM . . . . . President JULIAN McKINNON . Vice-President GEORGE BLOODWORTH . Secretary Fratres in Facultate Dean Lee Bidgood Mr. Jeff Coleman Prof. Brooks Forehand Dr. Richard C. Foster Mr. James Foy Dr. John Gallalee Dean James H. Newman Dr. William Saffold Mr. Clemson Duckworth Mr. Ernest Williams Mr. Herbert Hall Mitchell Lt. Dozier Cade Lt. Paul Thomas Members Clifford Fulford Brooks Hayes Frank Lankford Parnell Lewis Page 338 Holt Rast Robert Vaughan Noah Langdale Bill Lipsey John Puryear Jack Bingham George Bloodworth Joe Cobb Lemuel Coley Bill Crow THISIS THE CO Hamilton Hutchinson Robert James Bill Jordan Bill Long Julian McKinnon Carl Morring Venizelos Pappas Toxey Sewell Bill Snow Charles Talbot ROLLAS THE WELL-ROUNDED MAN MAKES QU DRA GLE First Row. Lamar, McConnell, Murray, Milner, O'Rear, Pur- year, Salter, Spradley, Snow , . , Second Row: Shar- man, Talbot, Ward, Wyker, Adair, Berry, Blanton, Blood- worth, J., Bloodworth, G. , . Third Row: Bingham, Cunningham, Cleveland, Crow, Etheridge, Fulford, Hayes, P., Hayes, B., Hutch- inson , . . Fourth Row: Huston, Jones, Jordan, James, Long, Brooks, Thomp- son, Foster, Lewis, Park. on CKULA recognizin re irion, sclaofowdfaiyq, service Alabama Quadrangle is an honorary organization found- ed here at Alabama in 1920. This organization, which has the honor of being the only chapter in the country, stands for the development of four-square men, and fosters high Christian ideals. ln the spring cf each year, new members are chosen from the outstanding men of the campus. After these men are initiated, a banquet is held for all the mem- bers. lt is usually the custom for several members of Quad- rangle to announce their engagements at this affair. The "Twilight Hour" concerts, which are played at dusk every evening, are carried on by Quadrangle and are a fitting example of the organization's fine work. By upholding its ideals every year, Quadrangle has become one of the lead- ing honor societies on the Alabama campus. OFFICERS 1 GORMAN R. JONES, JR. . . , . , President TOM MCENIRY . . . . Vice-President JIMMY BLOODWORTH . Secretary Fratres in Facultute Members J. A. Ward Brooks Hayes Wade Coleman Law Lamar John Wyker Hamilton Hutchinson James H. Newman Tom McEniry Charles Adair Bob Huston Alto Whitehurst Johnny McConnell Brad Bartow Gorman Jones H. H, Mitchell John Murray James Berry William Jordan Jeff Coleman John Milner Julian Bibb Billy James Burke Johnston Carl Morring John Blanton Noah Langdale H. C. Pannell Cain O'Rear Jimmy Bloodworth Bill Long C. E. Williams John Puryear Jack Bingham Bill Lipsey Jim Foy Paul Salter Bill Cunningham William Brooks James Doster Walter Spradley Hal Cleveland James Thompson Dr. George H. Denny William Snow Bill Crow Paul Foster Dr. Jack Montgomery Jack Sharman Foster Etheridge Parnell Lewis Charles Talbot Clifford Fulford Francis Park Robert Vaughan Pat Hayes Page 339 FIFTIETHA NNIVERSARY SOPHOMORE MEN IN R Ll VOZIIQ A own orfafafoanafing Jcfwof Ayoirilf First Row: Baker, Lukens, Harris, R., Bidgood, Black, Chapman . . . Second Row: Cohen, DeMotte, Harris, A., LeBlanc, McMurphy, Math- ews . . . Third Row: Rid- dick, Salter, Sanders, Shu- german, Thornton. The Druids have promoted a new spirit of friendship among students with their "Hello Week" after each regis- tration. Started by the Druid Sophomores ot '39, "Hello Week" has become a tradition at the campus. The service Druids render in welcoming and showing visitors around on our campus is recognized by both faculty and students. ln the spring the Druids helped arrange high school debates ushered at student plays and programs, registered alumni and acted as guides on numerous occasions. Druids serves as a recognition group for outstanding trehmen and thus inspires them to greater usefulness. OFFlCERS FURMAN BAKER . . . . . President ARTHUR LUKENS, JR. . . Vice-President ROBERT HARRIS . . Secretary Members Hugo Black Aaron Harris Paul Salter Furman Baker Dan Chapman Stewart LeBlanc William Sanders Art Lukens Herbert Cohen James McMurphy Alwyn Shugarman Robert Harris Ed Delviotte Max Mathews RUSSell Thornton Willis Biclgood Duncan Gault Harry Riddick Arthur Wooten Page 340 THISIS THE C O ROLLAS RHO ALPHA First Row: Speight, McMur- phy, Donald, Lester, Harper, Solnick, Terrell , . Second Row: Holloway, Dasher, Michalowski, Fassman, La- Maistre, Falla, Welch . . . Third Row: Powers, Shatz, Klinefelter, Rucker, Wimber- ly, Smith, Heller, Gerber. T 6Ll"8 1fA8g"6Lf8l"IfLiflZl Ad, QP5 0 f0lflfL0lf'l"0LU . . Each year the outstanding freshmen in each fraternity at the Capstone is chosen tor Rho Alpha Tau. One non-tra- ternity man is selected trom the campus as a whole. These men meet frequently and discuss campus problems and ac- tivities of the freshmen. Being founded at the University in l925, Rho Alpha Tau has as its purpose: "To try in every way to acquaint its members with the University lite and to imbue them with hon- orable ideals ot worthy achievement." During the year, Rho Alpha Tau had smokers tor prospective members, had lead- outs at the Cotillion Club Dances, and carried on many other campus activities. OFFICERS JOHN SPEIGHT , . , , . , President MARION MCMURPHY . Vice-President DAN DONALD . , Secretary Members Robert Solnick William Follo Duane Smith John Speight Richard Terrell Ed Welch Ben Heller Marion Mclvlurphy Tom Holloway George Powers Walter Gerber Dan Donald Eddie Dasher Mark Shatz Jack Sterndler Lee Lester Stephen Michalowski John Klinefelter Ray Ross James Harper Lawrence Fassman Ed Rucker Harland Taylor Mickey LeMaistre Norris Wimberly Page 34l FIFTIETHA N NIVERSARY THET TAU fringe glaze? fo fire engineer 0 I I First Row: Austin, Chucly, Cobb, Dick, Ellis, Gray, Hoff- man, Johnson . . . Second Row: Jordan, Kiskis, Kuzmik, Lightfoot, Long, McKinnon, Pickens, Rast . . . Third Row: Wall, Banyra, Ed- monds, Fish, Heaton, Hols- ton, Jowers . . . Fourth Row: Lear Miller, Shillito, Dwyer, Mclnnis, Bean, Wil- son. l Desp-ite the fact that Theta Tau, professional engineering fraternity, does not stress grades, students must still have above the average grade point to become members. Theta Tau is the largest fraternity of its kind in the United States. The official publication is the "Gear" and close con- tact between national and locals is maintained by pamphlets and visiting representatives. Mu chapter was established in 1922, and has become the most active organizaticn in the University Engineering School. its purpose is to develop and maintain a high standard of professional interest among its members, to unite them in a strong bond of fraternal fellowship, to further a feeling of brotherhood among engineers, to furnish an incentive for better scholarship, and to broaden its members by encourag- ing them to participate in outside activities. OFFICERS WILLIAM JORDAN . . , . . President ED SNIPES . . . Vice-President JCE Klslfls . , Secretary Fratres in Facultote Herbert Gray Cecil Pickens A. B. Jowers J. M. Faircloth John Hamil Holt Rast Sherwood Lawrence D. H. McCuaig Russell Hoffman Ed Snipes Ed Lear L. B. Screen Hal Johnson ' Fred Stockton William Miller Bill Jordan Bill Wall Tom Shillito Members Joe Kiskis Stanley Banyra Jim Dwyer Louis Austin Andrew Kuzmik Jack Edmonds Paul McCollum Frank Chudy Bobby Lightfoot Jay Fish Albert Mclnnis Joe Cobb Bill Long Joe Giongregorio Jack Bean Joe Dick Julian McKinnon Gordon Heaton Jack Skelding Elon Ellis John O'Leary AI Holston Walter Wilson Page 342 THISIS THE C O ROLLAS ENGINEERSIN . P T' First Row: Cobb, Chudy, Long, Kriznansky, Shillito, Bean, Rives, Dwyer, McDon- ald, Sanders, Reynolds. If rin name Landau fo file ca,nfL!0zfw . The St. Pat's Committee, functioning with great success, made the celebration of St. Pat's day one ot the outstand- ing events ot the year. During the day the committee put on a very entertaining program including Tau Beta Pi and Theta Tau toppings, a tea dance, and the presentation of the Queen and Jester at the Court ot St. Pat. Various or- ganizations in the Engineering School sponsored exhibits. Bobby Byrnes and his orchestra, probably the last "name band" to play on the campus for some time, were signed for the St. Pat's Ball and helped make it one of the outstanding dances ct the year. During the year the committee enter- tained the members of the St. Pat's Association with a smoker at the lvlcLester Hotel. OFFICERS JOSEPH COBB . , . . . . President JOSEPH GIANGREGORIE . . Vice-President JACK BEAN . . . . Secretary Fratres in Facultate Members Joe Giangregorio J. V. Rives Professor McCuaig Joe Cobb ' Milan Kriynansky Herbert Grey Professor Dahlene Frank Chudy Tom Shillito Billy Sanders Professor Faircloth Bill Long Jack Bean James Reynolds Page 343 FIFTIETHA N NIVERSARY HI DELTA PHI dean? fo ffm on ry: lfmfiolfm womenb Afghan? Aocielfy First Row: Campbell, Huger, Keener, Powell, Cherry, Tur- ner . . . Second Row: El- lington, Adams, Hague, Clai- borne, Seale, Hodge . . . Third Row: Schmidt, Smoyer, Hudgins, Hilliard, Vaughn, Simpson, Wood. Women of talent are not merely figures of history but are found on the campus of the University of Alabama! Chi Delta Phi has members whose names will some day appear along with that of George Eliot in the literary iournals of the world. Believe it or not, students on this campus are associating everyday with the future notables in the field of literature. Chi Delta Phi, a wcmen's literary society, was established here at the University in l93l, having been founded at the University of Tennessee in l9l9. This organization has as its purpose to raise the standards of literary work produced by college women. Today Chi Delta Phi is proud of its twenty-five chapters throughout the nation. Election to mem- bership is on the basis of meritorious work. OFFICERS JEWEL E. HUDGINS . . President EMILY RAGENELLI . Treasurer RUTH HUGER . , Secretary Fratres in Facultate Faye Keener Frances Conway Jewel E. Hudgins Elizabeth Octavia Barnes Gertrude Powell Shirley Seale Patricia Hilliard Miss Elizabeth Coleman Mary Cherry Barbara Hodge Francis Schell Members Nancy Turner Sarah Ellen Schmidt Alma Vaughn Hermione Dannelly Margaret Ellington Geraldine Srnoyer Janet Simpson Mary Evelyn Campbell Mary Adams Mariorie Warth Ann Wood Ruth Huger Erma Gray Hogue Emily Ragnelli Ruth Ward ' Mary Emily Claiborne Marie Walt Page 344 THISIS THE CO ROLLAS THE AIM OF First Row: Adams, Airheart, nah, Jones, Parsons, Prater, Ripps, Wright. KAPPA DELTA Pl L5 fo ironor Q owcclfom in Ifiw ma ing . . . As a group of potential educators of American youth, Kappa Delta Pi during this year has endeavored to quicken professional growth by presenting faculty members as lec- turers. Elizabeth Prater, vice-president, represented Xi chapter at the National Convention held in San Francisco in Feb- ruary. The members were inducted twice during the year. A tea followed the first initiation, while a ioint banquet with Phi Delta Kappa honored the spring initiates. Kappa Delta Pi was founded in T932 at the University of lllinois to encourage high intellectual and scholastic stand- ards and to recognize outstanding contributions to education. Mrs. Roosevelt is an honorary member. OFFICERS MARY ADAMS . . . . . . President ELIZABETH PRATER . . Vice-President RUTH AIRHEART . . Secretary Fratres in Facultate Agnes Ellen Harris Ethel Saxman Ruth Clark Byron Arnold V. P. McKinley R. R. Schmitz Betsy Denman Danylu Belser John R. McLure C. E. Williams Guinivieve Elliot Helen Bosard Lenna Mills Emma Louise Wills Samuel Hannah Elizabeth Coleman Tullye Borden Lindsey Gladstone Yeuell Juliennel Huckaby R. N. Cowart H. C. Pannell Eva Wilson Rebekah Jones Houston Cole Mary A. Robertson Pauling Wilson Eric Overbey James J. Doster Lester Raines Louise Davis Mary Elizabeth Parsons Margaret Davis Ellwoocl Senderling Members Elizabeth Prater Pauling Foster Jackson R. Sharman Mary Adams Yetta Ripps Frances Greenwood Paul Terry Ruth Airheart Mary Frances Wright R. E. Tidwell Kathryn Anne Bennett Page 345 FIFTIETH ANNIVERSARY Bennett, Clark, Denman, El- liot . . . Second Row: Han- DELT TO BE A MEMBER OF IG Pl g0lfL CLUQ fo A8 MAA fo AQKULWCQ . First Row: Jones, Morrow, Matsos, Embley, Wood . . . Second Row: Haig, Horn, Er- win, Mills, Reeves . . . Third Row: Leslie, Gammon, Balzan, Dempsey, Eudy, Wood. Delta Sigma Pi promotes business relations among The stu- dents of the Commerce'Schcol through professional meet- ings. At these meetings they bring to the campus some out- standing successful executive to lecture on his particular phase of business, or some film which shows the activities of some business enterprise. Outstanding among their achieve- ments this year was their survey of all graduates of the Com- merce Schcol which brought in all kinds of helpful informa- tion to the faculty and students. This organization annually awards a key to a senior with the highest grades, and engraves on a silver cup in The Com- merce Library the name of the freshmen with the highest scholastic standing. lt was founded in l908, and the Alpha Sigma chapter was established at the University of Alabama in l926. OFFICERS HENRY LESLlE ..... . President MORRIS WOOD . . Vice-President JOHN BROWN . . Secretary MICHAEL MATSOS . . Treasurer Fratres in Facultafe Michael Matsos Henry Leslie Ed Eudy Leory Nations Newell Embley Ray Allen Morris Wood Marcus Whitman Henry Wood Lee Lloyd Keith Yoder James Holloday Robert Haig George Gammon Frank Ricords Burton Morley Emery Horn Ralph Renfroe Morton Kimball Members Harold Erwin John Brown R. C. Joiner Reginald Jones Donald Mills Harry Balzan Eldon Kunze Robert Morrow Leronzo Reeves Jack Dempsey Joe Johnson Bradley Bartow Page 346 THISIS THE LLAS CORO ..l..iAS'l. f I First Row: Adams, Brice, McMurphy, Prater, Cromer, Lloyd , . Second Row: Saunders, Fite, Jones, In- gram, Thornton. PHI HI T HET llAl:lfLL A1f1,5ine55 neea!5 ffm Lminine 1f01fwA . . Their aim is to prcmote business education and training tor all vvcmen and to foster high ideals for them in business careers. They believe that the present emergency has given women an opportunity to serve their country and to aid in National Defense by entering business professions formerly held by men. Phi Chi Theta, which is a commerce fraternity for women, has during the past year held a tea tor all treshmen vvomen in the Commerce School, installed mirrors and couches in the women's rest rooms, and awarded a scholarship key to the iunior girl with the highest scholastic average. OFFICERS MARTHA LOU JONES . , , . . , President PATSY MCMURPHY , . Vice-President JEAN PRATER . . Secretary Members Patsy McMurphy Virginia Lloyd Martha Lou Jones Mable D. Mills Jean Prater Zoe Saunders Inez Ingram Margaret Adams Linda Cromer Jane Fite Lois Thornton Doris Brice Marlyn Edwards Margaret Hinson Ida Windham Page 347 FIFTIENTHA N NIVERSARY TRIA GLE fm! ffm cm? e---Aemfice wiflr ffm Aminine dmi e . . First Row: Adams, Margaret, Adams, Mary, Amundson, Baxter, Bennett, Bolt, Breen, Bressler, Brooks, Butler, Car- son . , .Second Row: Cher- ry, Christain, Cromer, Clark, Deems, Dreyfuss, Ellington Featherstone, Gevers, Goode, Graves . . . Third Row: Harris, A., Harris, C., Hop- kins, Keener, Levy, Lewis, Lloyd, Loeb, Marks, Mc- Adams, McKenzie . . . Fourth Row: Northcutt, Por- sons, Perkins, Phillips, Pow- ell, Prater, Price, Ray, Rob- erts, Saunders, Searcy . . . Fifth Row: Thomas, Under- wood, Wakefield, Walmsley, Webb, Whitehurst, Wiggins, Williamson, Wolford, Worth- ington. In spite of the polio epidemic and the short orientation program last fall, Triangle helped many freshmen women to adiust themselves and become familiar with university life. At Christmas time tuberculosis seals were sold and at the beginning of the second term, new students were given a hearty welcome by Triangle. Triangle was founded in l939. Since this time it has grown from an organization of twenty members to one com- posed of sixty outstanding women students. Its purpose is to serve, to inspire, and to direct undergraduate women stu- dents in their orientation, and to serve throughout the year as a group of advisors for women students. Frcitres in Facultate Mrs. Howard Mrs. Hayden Members Dorothy Busby Margaret Adams Mary Adams Janet Amundson Lillian Anderson Dorothy Baxter Kay Bennett Mary Bolt Ruth Ellen Breen Regina Bressler Elinor Brooks Eugenia Cade Butler OFFICERS MARJORIE WALMSLEY . .... , , President FAY KEENER . . .... . Vice-President MARTHA ROBERTS . . . Secretary RUTH BREEN . , . . Historian Eugenia Carson Faye Keener Ann Ward Price Mary Cherry Jean Ruth Levy Caroline Ray Louise Christain Catherine Lewis Martha Roberts Linda Cromer Virginia Lloyd Zoe Saunders Ruth Clark Mariorie Loeb Emily Searcy Rebecca Deems Evelyn Marks Beatrice Thomas Miriam Dreyfuss Carolyn Masters Jane Underwood Marlyn Edwards Nancy McAdams Merle Wakefield Margaret Ellington Betty McKensie Mariorie Walmsley Alice Ruth Featherstone Bessie Merriwether Mary Frances Watson Patsy Gevers Loyce Northcutt Betsy Webb Louise Goode Mary Eliz. Parsons Mary Eliz Whitehurst Marion Graves Julia Perkins Emily Wiggins Anna Drue Harris Mary Phillips Cary Williamson Katherine Harris Molly Powell Marion Wolford Nancy Hopkins Jean Prater Mary Worthington Page 348 THISIS THE COROLLAS rf-r Era :-1.-'ww'-c or-. we-... 'A .ww refzr,-.,j:-: ffflv- H r ,- -,Y --wr . GUIDC First Row: Finley, Butler, Brooks, Roberts, Marks, Ray , , . Second Row: Adams, Farrier, Pipes, Wise, Hatcher, Smith . , . Third Row: Pat- ton, Crumpton, Waters, Vtlorthington, Carpenter, Dean . . . Fourth Row: Ter- ry, Long, Nichols, Sutton, Johnson, McGowen, Witsell. , 4 HA., .- , ,e '-f- rf ,e,, ,., L-eezeigg-.. rs,,-:gli-.r,.-v.,, ,.,- .5 - f E: f- - f, ,, A-t-f---,ef,A'-'-+-e-,- et 2 6lf'8 fA,8 f5lfU8QtA86Ll"lf15 O! fA8 UIfLLUQl"f5Lf7 Cdjgf 601705 L . The twenty-four members of Guidon, a women's honorary military organization, include the Brigade, Regiment, and Battalion Sponsors, the Pershing Rifle Sponsor, and the Mil- lion Dollor Band Sponsor, Miss Alabama. Members include also former sponsors and replacements for those who have graduated. These girls have really gone all out for victory. Nct only have they provided the "inspiration for our future officers, but also they have maintained a Red Cross Knitting Rccm, giving knitting instructions and distributing the knit- ting. New members are tapped at the Military Ball, at which Guidon has a leadout. Guidon was established at Alabama by Scabbard and Blade. O F F l C E RS MILDRED PIPES , . , . . President Members Carolyn Ray Martha Patton Betty Long Dorothy Finley Mary Adams Arduth Crumpton Carolyn Nichols Eugenia Cade Butler Carolyn Farrier Frances Waters Camilla Sutton Elinor Brooks Mildred Pipes Mary Worthington Mary Katherine Johnson Martha Roberts Alice Wise Anne Carpenter Nell McGowen Evelyn Marks Louise Hatcher Frances Dean Clara Witsell Mildred Smith Gloria Ann Terry Page 349 A , 1 to J LAWYERS OF PHI ALPH ELT wi argue eilffrerl Jidle of any ejyvawlfion . First Row: Hawkins, Hed- bavny, Huston, Wilson . . . Second Row: Wood, Elling- son, Miller. They are known for their persuasive abilities. Among their fraternity brothers who have already proved themselves are Robert Jackson, Supreme Court Judge, and a number of the most prominent attorneys in the country. Phi Alpha Delta, a National Law Fraternity, was organ- ized at the University in T923 as the Tyler Morgan chapter. Its purposes are to further professional contacts of law stu dents, sponsor worthwhile proiects, offer connections be tween students and practicing attorneys, and instill n t members the ethics of the legal profession. Each year Phi Alpha Delta has a banquet and several smokers. OFFICERS GEORGE C. HAWKINS . . . . . President FRANK B. PARSONS . . Secretary Fraires in Facultate Members Bob. Huston Louis Wilson J. V. Masters W. J. Allen L. M. Lowery Chas. WOOd Whitley P. McCoy Louis Gwaltney Frank B. Parsons Chester Ellingson George A. LeMaistre George C. Hawkins Cooper Phillips Wayne Miller L. R. Jeanblanc John Hedbavny Harold Welch Page 350 THISIS THE CO ROLLAS -Aix A RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATION HILLEL First Row: Baker, Steinburg, Hartman, Moskowitz , . . Second Row: lsserman, Baum, Engel, Bloom, Bressler . . . Third Row: Adler, Goldberg, Randman, Levy. darned yewblt Mflfacfelfilfd on fire Camlozfw . Working constantly toward recognition by the National Foundation, the Hillel Club ot the University of Alabama has been very active during the year. Besides the important re- ligious teachings and work, the Foundation has been active in socials and athletics. Their annual dance, which was given in Doster Hall, was a great success. Several house dances have been given during the year and teams have been entered in many intramural sports. Serving the religious, cultural, and social needs of Jewish students is the purpose at Hillel Foundation. Its house, located iust oft the University campus, is the center of ac- tivity tor the students. The Alabama organization is a chap- ter ot the national B'Nai B'Rith Foundations, established at many of the leading colleges of the country. OFFICERS BERNARD LlCHTER . . . . . . President HAROLD NAPPAN . . Vice-President CHARLOTTE TRUBIN . , Secretary MERIAM DREYFUSS . . Treasurer Members Bernard Cohn Gertrude lssorman Regina Bressler Bernard Lichter Tillie Steinburg Herbert Sackett Donald Adler Harold Nappan Mary Hartman Mariam Baum Sidney Goldberg Charlotte Trubin Harvey Benjamin Kalman Schwartz David Randman Meriam Dreyfuss lra Spear Chick Baum Jeanne Ruth Levy Joe Baker Esther Moskowitz Bob Engel Bob Rosenberg Penny Mandell Pearl Fisher Ben Bloom Page 35l FIFTIETHA NNIVERSARY MEMBERS GF XCELSIQR LITERARY SOCIETY MPI so-J. 7-1 5 J.-f., .aumv-L... - .. -sf- gelf Ifftingd one Qfzftiify unc! efgcienlffiy . . . First Row: Adair, Bloom, Brannon, Coley, Chapman, Edwards, Franco, Gordon, M., Gordon, P. . . . Second Row: Green, Gauntt, Gold- berg, Hayes, P., Inge, James, Klein, McEachern, Maddox . . . Third Row: Morgan, Montgomery, Napolitano, Rhea, Riddick, Tenenbaum, Whitfield, Wortsman, White . . . Fourth Row: Weaver, Corretti, Bahakel, Miller, Crow, Grabove, Metcalf, Am- berson. X I During the last few years, Excelsior has become one of the most wide awake organizations on the campus. Its annual Short Story Contest and Talent Contest encourage students to develop their abilities in writing and speaking. Excelsior conducts a weekly radio program over WJRD, featuring news, entertainment, and discussions of interest to the entire student body. lt provides speakers for any organization on the campus or in town that requests them. Other activities are an annual debate with Fhilomathic, a debate with Tau Tau Tau of Birmingham-Southern, a ioint meeting with Chi Delta Phi, literary sorority for women, and oratorical ccn- tests and debates among its own members. Excelsior was founded on the Alabama campus in l92I to promote ex- cellency in speaking and to foster a spirit of friendliness on the campus. OFFICERS ED MORGAN . . . . . , , President WADE BRANNON , JACK GREEN ....., . Vice-President . . Secretary Charles Adair Ben Bloom Wade Brannon Lem Coley ' Dan Chapman Ernest Edwards Ralph Franco Marshall Gordon Pope Gordon Jack Green John Gauntt f. 21 far' ' ' Sidney Goldberg Pat Hayes Herndon Inge Billy James Wallace Klein Lee McEachern James Maddox Edward F. Morgan Hunter Montgomery Ralph Napolitano Clarence Rhea Harry Riddick Alvin Tenenbaum Charles Whitfield Gene Wortsman Robert White Robert Weaver Douglas Corretti Nesibe Bahakel Leonard Miller Bill Crow Max Grabove Neil Metcalf Talmadge Amberson O Joe Kanter Karl Friedman Yale Friedlander Fred Berman Dave Bloomberg Jules Klein Carl Moran James Parker Ed Payne Lamar Sanders Mark Shatz THISISTHEC ROLLASI MEN IN First Row: Bloodworth, G. Bloodworth, J., Brooks, Carr Carter, Coleman, Cunning- ham . . . Second Row. Cur- lee, Green, Halsey, Horde gree, Howard, McKay, Mil ner . . . Piper, Rives, Tin dell, White, Wilson, Pappas Foster . Fourth Row Roberts, Salmon, Scruggs Spradley, Baker, Stough, Ad ler, McEniry. PHILOMATHI LITER RY SCDCIETY 66118 .'58lf'U86! Z?6LIfVL6L lflfdggflfffy Alf' 90LI".'5 . . . The Philomathic Literary Society has made history not only also one of the oldest corporations in the state. The local on the University campus, but throughout the state as well. literary society offers opportunity for the development of Being founded in 1832, one year after the University opened, ability in public speaking and debate. Faculty members are it is one of the oldest organizations on the campus. It is often guest speakers. OFFICERS JIMMY BLOODWORTH . . . . . President BILLY CUNNINGHAM . . Vice-President PAUL FOSTER . , . Secretary ARTHUR HARDEGREE . . Treasurer Fratres in Facultate Dean J. H. Newman Prof. Huston Cole Dean Lee Bidgood Tom Garner Members Julian Bibb George Bloodworth Jimmy Bloodworth Bill Brooks Jack Carr Jack Carter Warren Coleman Billy Cunningham Glynn Curlee Charles Green Will Halsey Arthur Hardegree George Howard Noah Langdale Albert Lewis Herbert Lewis FIFTIETHA Page 353 Tom McEniry Charles McKay John Milner Bob Piper J. V. Rives Harold Ritchie John Steiner Gerard Sykes James Tindell Jack Walker Harvey White Walter Wilson Venezelos Pappas Paul Foster Macon Roberts Frank Johnson Lewis Salman Ed Scruggs Walter Spradley Fruman Baker Sellers Stough Jimmy Adler NNIVERSARY THE MEMBERS OF CAROLI HU LUB ig, ..,-.,.,....- ' 'A ' ,L-vim2'-e eJiaiKTir-:vit-'S--1:zE9hf::mmghfmraizmfafxirwa-szamrqamhv f-V:-..,'21ee-N-1-swlzlomyaf-11nrwzhysiszaerrsa rwlwaware X-Iiasei-551M 5xiEawiewtmwwimuwrdmuwmfwwwsfefmagg' 'ff' ,. , Amundson... , . . Seventh CULV!! C00 ULVL Jew ULVLJ A8810 00111587 Oifd . First Row: Goode, McWil- liams, Carpenter, Farmer, Spruiell, Sims, Shugerman, Whitley, Battersby, Staber, Leeper, Frost , . . Second Row: Humber, Hertzmen, Harrell, Neilson, Yoder, Da- vis, Cobb, Jones, E., Hop- kins, Hyndman, Miller, J., Neiderhauser . . . Third Row: Chrietzberg, Roshlco, Miller, R., Mitchell, Jones, L., Huffstutler, Garrett, ls- serman, Mallery, Lewis, Kel- ley, McCorquodale . . . Fourth Row: Crow, Kim- brough, Johnson, Grissom, Grubbs, Massingill, Lipson, Gibson, Brady, Davis, Jones, R., Whittington . . . Fifth Row: Tacchi, Hill, LaTourette, Rainer, Haggard, Garth, Thorpe, Dice, Johnston, Mc- Leod, Gordon, Pappas . . . : Sixth Row: Loeb, Baldwin Massey, Jordan, Thetford, Carson, Mathews, Schutze, Bolt, McPherson, Floyd, Row: Parsons, Marks, Feath- erstone, Wiggins, McGraw, Brice, Peebles, Dreyfuss, Worthington, Bitz, McCors- tin. Every Tuesday night they roll out the nickel machine in the Union Building to start the fun at the traditional dime dance. This is the main proiect of the Caroline Hunt Club, Economics majors and that means they can cook and sew and keep house. Founded locally in 1927, the Caroline Hunt Club has al- and the proceeds of these affairs are used for Home Eco- nomics scholarships. Boys, if you'll take members would make wonderful wives. Members Louise Goode Mary Frances Watson Lorraine McWilliams Ann Carpenter Sleta Belle Cook Melan Farmer Elaine Spruiell Imogene Sims Vivian Shugerman Anne Ruth Whitley Anna Clare McClain Virginia Battersby Nancy Staber Helen Leeper Frances Frost Doris Ann Humber Mary Dean Baccus Jane Harrell LOUISE GOODE . . MARY FRANCIS WATSON SELATA BELLE COOK . Mary Minge Neilson Beatrice Yoder Cecile Hudson Betty Sipe Peggy Bonner Annette Davis Thrath Cobb Elizabeth Jones Nancy Hopkins Elsa Hyndman Jane Miller Nell Neiderhauser Florence Emily Dent Dorothy Berman Elsie Donnenson Muriel Roshka Regina Miller Moselle Mitchell Lillian Jones Luvola Huffstutler our advice, these They're all Home ways been affiliated with the National Home Economics As sociation. Besides the dime dances, the club sponsors semi monthly programs of interest to Home Economists. OFFICERS Melba Morgan Frances Garrett Annie Lois Hickman Gertrude lsserman Sybil Hearn Eloise Swann Elizabeth Malery Nettie Jean Lewis Beatrice Williams Catherine Kelley Martha McCorquodaIe Susan Bunn Ruth Crow Jane Kimbrough Alee Johnson Sara Grissom Margaret Grubbs Dixie Masingill Miriam Lipson Jean Gibson Duan Brady Eleanor Davis Ruth Jones Joyce W. Wittington Margaret Campbell . . President . Vice-President . . Secretary Altawaree Massey Dorothy Broadbeck Marvelle Jordan Delphine Thetford Eugenia Carson Maurine Floyd Janel Amundson Anne Hertzman Ann Tachi Lillian Anderson Anne Hill Isabel Orr Mary Elizabeth Parsons Hazel LaTourette Virginia Pridmore Evelyn Marks Sally Rainer Sara Davis Alice R. Featherston Bessie Haggard Genie Blue Mathews Emily Wiggins Claire Bayles Ann Schutze Lynn MCGGW Kelsie Nixon Barbara Johnston Marion Bolton Sarah Gann Betty lnglebert Sarah N. Price Ginny Garth Florence Morton Daurice Peeples Mildred Thorpe Virginia Dice Elizabeth Johnson Carline Gordon Zaphero Pappas Marjorie Loeb Thelma Baldwin Ruby Nell Spencer Elaine Heaton Mary Bolt Kathleen Thompson Bessie Merriweather Maude Ellen Waddell Lucille McPherson Miriam Dreyfuss Mary Worthington Dot Buzbee Ann Godfrey Margaret Bitz Mildred McCorstin Page 354 'iiii 'ii THISIS THE COROLLA'S FIFTIE INITIATES OF First Row: Featherston, Goode, Levy, Loeb . . . Second Row: Marks, McGaw, Parsons, Powell, Praytor . . . Third Row: Procter, Wiggins, Crow, Johnson. PHI UP ILO OMICRO day fliereh can arf LL0 A101458 eeloing . Tops in home economics are the members of the local chapter of Phi Upsilon Omicron, a national professional or- ganization for students in the School of Home Economics. This year with the help of Miss Thompson, professor of the Home Economics Department, they have carried out a Con- sumer's Education Program. The local chapter has conduct- ed open meetings with discussions ot Consumer's Education, and has sent material on the subiect to the women's clubs of the state. They have done splendid work in maintain- ing a Consumer's Education Center in Tuscaloosa. The Ala- bama chapter, founded in i93o, can well say that it is carry- ing out the purpose of Phi Upsilon Omicron which is "to establish and strengthen bonds of friendship, to promote the moral and intellectual development of its members, and to advance and promote Home Economics." OFFICERS ALICE RUTH FEATHERSTON . . . . . President SELETA BELLE COOK . . . Secretary Fratres in Facultate Members Lillian McGaw Mary Barr Bryant Agnes Ellen Harris Lillian Anderson Mary Elizabeth Parsons Seleta Belle Cook Henrietta Thompson Mary Ruth Bayles Mary Ellen Powell Ruth Crow Gladys Knight Alce Ruth Featherston Martha Praytor Adeline Donaldson Pauline P. Wilson Louise Goode Eugenia Proctor Jean Johnson Janice Arthur Jeanne Ruth Levy Mary Frances Watson Margaret Morgan Marjorie Loeb Emily Wiggins Evelyn Marks Wanda Bolton Page 355 THAN NIVERSARY MUSIC BY THE ALABA CAVALIERS giued az! eef on dt . Playing tor many ot the campus dances given by traternu ties and sororities the Alabama Cavaliers are recognized as having one ot the best college bands in the South. The Cavaliers a co-operative organization features fourteen men and a girl vocalist Margaret Wrye. The arrangements are patterned on the Glen Miller style although many are copied in the style of other popular orchestras The band does considerable traveling in the South playing one night ers during the Christmas vacations and usually moving to a location spot each summer The Cavaliers this year have been under the direction ot Carl Hallberg clarlnetist and saxophonist OFFICERS CARL HALBERG Leader MARGARET WRYE Vocalist Saxes Carl Hallberg Claude Hughes Tom McCullough .lack May John Ray Rhythm Richard Sperber Edward Wmiker Henry Cason Edward Gremer Page 356 Brass Harry Fishman Alfred Shackeroff Harry Grevert Lee Jones James Broadus THISIS THE C0 Arrangers Warren Koontz Neil McLean Cecil Fields Alfred Shackeroff ROLLA A AB MIANS yoro new 0L1fLc6LfL5 cacfion Tut Yarbrough and his Alabamians furnish many happy hours of dance music lor the Bama campus. At the traternity houses, at the sorority tea dances, at the auditorium, at the country club, or wherever there is music to be had, you will find the Alabamians. Featuring the vocalist, Annabelle Gibbens, Tut Yarbrough and his fifteen piece band have made numerous trips over this section ot Alabama and to neighboring states, playing at many popular and well known "spots." Founded last year, the band has already become a permanent addition to the Castone. OFFICERS TUT YARBROUGH . , . . , Leader Saxcxphones Rhythm Brass Vocalist Aimes Ripley Wilbur Hinton William Mitchum Annabelle Gibbens Joe Metz Jimmy Corder Eddie Welch Wayne Miller J. B. Stover Marshall Fields Roy Levitt Tut Yarbrough Ross Davidson Paul Lehman Jimmie Davis Junior King Page 357 FDIFTIETHA NIVERS AI RY N THOUGH NOT NECESSARILY FROM GREECE GREEK lozffomolfe Znienjgnesd among, ronferloilfied - Flrst Row Parker Adaur Partlow Lackey Sooy Hal sey Wyker Snow Horton Wllson Second Row Bender Box Mason Wea ve James L James Cobb George Ross Knng Thrrd Row Wrnght Kahalmus Scruggs Thomas Wall Jackson Thornton Colluer Moore Muller Fourth Row Sayre Satter whlte Johnson Joners Aus n Ro er Paper Davls Sudduth Greeks rs an lnterfraternlty organization founded IU 1925 with e purpose ot promoting better feeling and better un derstandlng among the various traternltles The University boasts of having the only chapter ot this organization Varl ous social tunctlons are given throughout the year to accom llsh Its arm Among those glven thts year were a pucnuc an the spnng and a breakfast dance before the Georgia Tech game In Birmingham at wh ch the Greeks played hosts to members ot the other Greek letter organizations on the cam pus One ot the highlights ot the year ts the annual Greek Ice Race In which new rnltlates push and rude a cake of Ice from the west end ot the campus to the Union Building OFFICERS WILL HALSEY Pre5 dent FRED GEORGE Treasurer WILLIAM ROPER Secre Qry Fratres In Facultate Faul Crewes Members Clayton Coleman Tommy Parker Orren Ames Charles Adair David Partlow Julxan Lackey Byard Sooy Wllllam Halsey John Wyker Wllllam Snow James Horton Walter Wllson Rtchard Bender Joe Box Robert Mason Bob Weaver Linwood James John James Bobby Cobb Fred George Page 358 FIFTIETHA Buddy Ross Porter Kung Jimmy Wright Earl Long Buddy Kahalmus Ed Scruggs Sam Thomas Wullnam Wall Bobby Jackson Dan Thornton Mlke Solley Mtlton Collner N Ceorge Bonds Cas er Moore B 'l M1 er Holland Sayre Herbert Satterwhrte San Johnson Mark Jones Frank Austin Bull Roper Bob Pnper Dave Davrs Joe Sudduth 1 I I I I I - I I I T r, , -, , J., , . . : , I , ' I I I T TI , P , , , I . A . . , W ,. 3. 'll 154wffwf1ii4P un W gn Q wil :N , cf' .af-QP' 47 AQ' , X ,Y 1 ffzfify 43 ,ff K f- 1 r' J 4 X ' ,fd J ,-Zsgfyefw' ffl if ,3 7 A ,-ly ' ff! f ,f 7' Q! Lf' L' ,A ff 2 P-wf-if ,,, ,Q ,--1 ,f fl fs " fi y f ff: ,. P ,.f.,5:, x. 1,113 :nf'f45,v,W A X5 f,f ,0!f ifl,g,.,. fix ,,f Lfqwj If 'QB' 4 1' ,gf-5' 41. QD .K I,-'fy . ',.4q,yffw If 7 -J! lf' U" '! ,. ff 1 I ' 1 ,ff 2 f f' -1, ,H-as f1:4 -'fir' U 'AV X ' A, Jw' ' ' ' N wel 1, ny- K ff? 34 uNlvl5RslTY SUPPLY STGRE .Sawing 726 WWMQM7 of fgfmlecoma cmd? fdlwmm Smeg 1' 905 "THE SUPPLY STORE IS YOUR STORE W F W ' ' . 'V ,V J 2 A :F 5 N -Q, - . f ' ' ,.sX"y QQYNQ X-L -' ' ' M 'f , , .- ' , -L - - ' X X W- . H -f wfapmgf .i"'yw.fx his 5 , :sg 5 - K V Y- x if Q wi- N 7' M K H f , 4 B L3:1gN?:v X -:RI 6,5321-M 1- F 5' ,F V f , Afwgsg W .iQ.g:, e ,mi,f.,:fvQQ4cNff:evwy5u xgasew ,. 7 -.vrgf-f - ' ,5,1Q'.f:4' " " .wiv ' :XM Z?'1'sm .f..,QW'62,.'.Q:36'-1 N -fs, -vi , 2 ,N f. .x:wx1,g- - fr, 4 .wi ,1g.5yQ1g3. xv- :QV , ,isiw Wag-gk W -V -iw-dgff 'biUTf', f'??f'fvif'aff3?v--.PY '.,wwm me '31, W 1, 'fxwyrh lx" -:QW my'-2-?3wm 1- v,1gN-,lfsaggwg fway QQ snub - wf,,..-4.-aQ3gnegsfgfsz 3 was -s::.X,fs 51YLi14,,1Z??iy.fRiZ'74'4,"' -,Lu N" 5 1, 1, vhfm X A as W ,Q My ,, - ggi , gp - 42: fam f- mb ml f Vwwxsf: wx wkmv 1 'Xe mv- 'zwffsgxgsmww4waXMm X M ,Km , Xywwwfsyggwwafmffmg--fgwvVJ, -f A. 'em as N 1 sk 4SewRf+,NweNf,Qe AANSWR ON? 3 9 SN . x A ffm we Wk fi ffsmal X1:,v,.',:wPf,.:1a .wwfxfwsvsmwfwvv, , 1 .ww-fwsg " 'V ' 'QMNQMABWX' 0QW Q M 'MQ -NV 'wwe wxwf if mfwfmfww ww sy, Wx ' qw: A vw 2-. wa gag ,www.,mywwmQx ., rw yi. , fwzggfj Gu 'si 'Q favs -34W-SZQWT f 49 Wx'fQQfi A ew we A9 Mg Q- wigimx f BEFORE, Football and Basketball were born,- BEFORE, Baseball players wore gloves, BEFORE, Golf got out of Scotland ' WALL I N 5 , . ,.,, -IIEMISQN . .55-fr . . 'L . .fs :MSS , .-.- 1,1-. .,,. www .421 0 f--.- ,-1-4:--.,iw.-V fs-I sv. . - I V dy . K I - jtiff-122-E1-ft?if-1: ,'., , ,s:..'.4.'1 1. ' Ill ,,f-- - .,Ig..,.- ...M .,.,, MD.. ..,.., ,, .. .lzmis ...1 ,. :slit '-Iggy r"'. "'f 1 .0.N.. 'enum .,., ,,s, ,,,. - 'H l 1 - I - ,vll I bl -I '. , "If Zs '- - 'A-'I vii. 1 ' I """'! VQIJWF. 5.2" P 8 ,- l' ,V,. .,,, , f 4-F A A '-l'Q--As ff Assiv was co-operating with the University of Alabama, and its students have sought "A 81 J C for Athletic Equipment, Hardware and Household Supplies of every sort THE HOME OF QUALITY HARDWARE SINCE '83 ALLEN 81 JEMISON COMPANY Fitty-nine Years ot Service to Bama Students. 'I883 - 1942 Keep Your House Up - fo - Date with New Furniture if WE DOUBT IF THERE IS ANY FRATERNITY OR SORORITY ON THE CAMPUS THAT WE HAVE NOT FURNISHED. YOU SHOULD SEE THESE AND THEIR ARRANGE- MENTS. THERE ARE BUT FEW HOMES IN TUSCALOOSA THAT ARE MORE BEAUTIFUL AND COM- FORTABLE. C. W. Lewis Furniture Co NAT TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA IONALLY ADVERTISED FURNITURE F44-f' X5 PM -+XWff 'W 5? fu Xi ,S j 6V-X 177 Jars VA Q R N72 "Let,s get a Coe-a Cola,' When you want a the right step to rel COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO BIRMINGHAM'S FINEST RESTAURANT A nation, like an army, progresses on the tood it eats. So Eat the Best-EAT AT , 1 From a delicious seafood cocktail through a satisfying dessert and demi-tasse, Jeb's serves tood that strengthen and satisfy: SEAFOODS OYSTERS ON HALF-SHELL SHRIMP MAINE LOBSTERS SOFT SHELL CRAB SHAD ROE SCALLOPS STEAKS, CHOPS, FOWLS TENNESSEE HAM WESTERN STEAKS JEB'S SPECIAL STEAK FROM THE STRIP BOILED CALF LIVER FROG LEGS BEST TURKEY OYSTERS ROCKEFELLER CHICKEN POMPANO EN PAPILOTTE DUCK AND MANY, MANY OTHERS I C I .lEB'S SEAFOOD HOLI E 406-I8-QO North 26th St. IOpposite Terminali FREE PARKING SPACE ONE OF THE SOUTH'S FINEST The PHOTOGRAPHIC work for this ANNUAL was done by A ones I Cgifucfio 2414 Broad Street Tuscaloosa Alabama OWEN MEREDITH 8. SONS I INSURANCE Property Management-Mortgage Loans REAL ESTATE QQIQ Broad Street Tuskaloosa, Alabama GREENWOOD Ca e Birmingham, Alabama .ae TQ? I .T .EGE prefer AUTHENTICALLY STYLED GLOBE 'Needle Melrlerln CLOTHES Excfme Agency UNIVERSITY SUPPLY STORE Pritchett Insurance Agency IEEE: 1 IX Hurry Pritchett Marlin Moore D WN' ' ' ' Q INSURANCE REAL STATE an CJ Specializing in Fraternity and Sorority oc Insurance at a saving , . 527 23rd Ave. Tuscaloosa, Ala. PIIOMO34 IXZIZIILIXIASJQLETIATSE, "You Must Be Satisfied at Jax" Suits Cleaned and Pressed ...,... 35 Cents Dresses Cleaned and Pressed .40 Cents Up CASH AND CARRY JAX CLEANERS S. R. Jackson, Proprietor "Alteration Repairs a Specialty" T304 University Ave. Tuscaloosa, Ala. WE KNOW QUITE WELL HOW TO DO OUR PART FOR WE HAVE STUDIED THE PLUMBING ART coNTRAcToR' PLUMBING and HEATING GENERAL REPAIRS Lowest Prices-Quick Service-Free Estimates Telephone-3073-Telephone NIGHT AND DAY CALLS 5076 D. B. QUARLES PLUMBING CO. Your Evening Dress or Tux .... YoUr Sweorer, Skirr or SUIT - oII will hove Thor well groomed oppeoronce Ioy Ierring CRYS- TAL LAUNDRY do yoUr cleoning and loun- dering DIAL 4476 Speciol Rores To Srudenrs Crystal Laundry Incorporoied 423 University Ave. You Wont The Besi-Why Not Get If? ALABAMA GAS COMPANY USE NATURAL GAS -Tor- COOKING - HOT WATER REFRIGERATION - HEATING S. H. KRESS 8K CO. 5-10-25C sToRE "WATCH KRESS WINDOWS" Tuscolooso, Alobomo Buck and Orchid: ThuT's Beauty TWENTY-ONE YEARS OF SERVICE AS UNIVERSITY FLORIST TUSCALOOSA FLOWER SHOP QOH 3065 Nigm 3792 Hlllll-lllll lllllllllll GENERAL CCDNTRACTGRS WEST PGINT, GEORGIA Gordon D. Palmer, Presidem John P. Baker, Cashier Adolph C. Cade, Vice-Presidem Chas. Ingram, AssisTanT Cashier Chas. N. Maxwell, Jr., Vice-PresidenT Frank lVlCCorkle Moody, Cashier of Tuskaloosa, Alabama , t ie T T ? Member Federal Deposit Insurance CorporaTion A DesignaTed DeposiTory of The UniTed STaTes and The STaTe of Alabama de sires To be remembered by The young men and Women of The UniversiTy ...YOU... WiII find STyIes of Todoy vvi'rh ci Touch of Tomorrow or PIZIZLZ Where every Co-Ed likes To 'rrode Foshions Thor will odd Glomour cmd Distinc- Tion To you or ony Formol Evenil Foshions Thor reflect The Individuoliry of every Proud Weorer! - "STyIes Thor con'T be equc1Ied" Piziliz Lore Tuscolooso, AIc1 loo mo J. M. BURCHFIELD 8m SON WHOLESALE GROCER Phones 3654 ond 3655 Successors To Burchfielcl Bros. I-Iovvord Burchfield '26 Dr. S. L. Brisfer '23 LEADING GROCERS FOR 36 YEARS TURNER 8g SCHOEL SHEET METAL WORKS WINTER AIR CONDITIONING QI IO Brood ST. Telephone 3883 Sfwif. ' 'T' "The Board of EcIucation" Seriously Though-did you Icnovv Thor There is DEAL LUIVIBER in neorly every building on The UniversiTy Compus? For The Finesi Qualify of LUIVIBER, WOOD-WORK ond FLINKOTE ROOFING SEE . . . DEAL LUMBER COMPANY I8Th ST. ond M. 84 O. R. R. Phone 4767 Tuscolooso, Alobomci HILL FOO I TTORE T OUR STORE NEAR YOU WE INVITE you to make the "HILL STORE NEAR YOU" headquarters Icr your Food and Household neces- sities. You will always find our stores well supplied with the best the market affords. It will pay you to get the "Hill Store Habit" fx., fi mu. STORE sTORE rouovv THE cieowo to U of 5 1:g'."T'A!i . H- X ,- I . ' .I'?':::F .wfjj I ' ' 1 if 'V .9 U rl? l it' ' I lilll i t lu' I A 'I 'fd ' ll 'F" 'J"L1 ' I UI" " T 'T 1, A lvl i 'Q Tl lx 'lil L ll hi ,lf , I 4.55 1 1 ls X I l'l f' l. 1 ,f ' I nt' ' -. . XJ! ici "HiII's Quality Iliiiriytiyiiiiiii,siii.i. Ic.eiIeI ABI AX l il , x X is Economy" ROGERS PLUMBING 8K HEATING COMPANY PHONE 4596 With Up-to-Date Plumbing and Heating Fixtures With 25 years' experience we are equipped to give you the best service in Western Alabama WE INSTALLED THE PLUMBING IN Colonial Hall, New Hall, Engineering Shop, Bu- reau of Mines, New Auditorium, Girls' Gymna- sium and Many of the Sororities and Fraternities. ROGERS PLUMBING 8t HEATING CO. PHONE 4596 THE BEST DRESSED MEN WEAR A NEW BOOK STORE Serving the UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA STUDENTS ALABAMA BOOK STORE University Ave. Tuscaloosa, Ala. gmwo n i COLLEGE CLOTHES FOR COLLEGE MEN if Schwab Company Birmingham Dothan Mobile Montgomery GOING MODERN? VVe'll ber yOU Ore, cmd yOU"ll feel your beST TOO, TOT The ClOThes yOU'll be weorning will hczve iUST COme from TUSRALOOSA STEAM LAUNDRY IF YOU WANT-- SERVICE NEATNESS -fb-Ef-E'EE'w' qrfm I -. I I ECONOMY CERTIFIED COLD STORAGE VAULTS A QUAUTY DRY CLEANWG FURS - WOOIEN GARMENTS DERENDAEIIITY STORE YOUR WARDROBE FOR THE SUMMER WITH US DIAL 4711 uSl2alOOSa team aun ry SOUTHERN DAIRY FARM ALL CREAM ICE CREAM ' - ' '- "The Tolsfe Thc1T Tells" PHONE 5363 GRADE "A" MlLK - RAW OR PASTEURIZED . ' . 'E E, C- TUSCOIOOSO, AlCIbOImO ' C IMAGINE-?!? SOrOriTIeS Ohd FrOITerniTieS hCIve The SAME Preference BARBER GerIeSCO STARITE Sl-IINGLES PAINTS, WALL PAPER AND We PUT Them Oh-They STOy Oh PLUMBWG SUPPUES 520-22nd Avenue ESTES ROOFING CO. PHONE 5561 PhOne 3966 2215 8'Th STreeT TUSCOIOOSGI Alolbgmg TUSCOIOOSCI, AlCIbOImOI UK. U. ol A.I Here's Thai ENRICI-IED B rz E A D . . . that science says the American people need! In fact this loaf is enriched in two important ways-with the WHEAT HEART and with niacin, additional vita- mins and minerals. Conlorms to the recommendations of the Committee on Food cmd Nutrition of the National Research Council. 'TZ if? it SERVING WEST ALABAMA AND THE UNIVERSITY SINCE 1900 OVEN FRESH - ii ' ' T f it T l 't" '75 1 7 Mum, Y A B I ' 3 -- O AT ALL .ti f I Gnocmns , qnrl'n0 ,iw No A IW Q'-'Q' sr-We , IJ I F 5 ,tgp W, .L i Z .I iff' V My if S X iff , tx t sw, K ,ffjy f , xt ' I f W W x my K X 0' ,I Q Y.. A ff' M X paddy" wi, LEARN A f"'Ji ff Q H nr A . - "X 6 v f M 'ta , H9 6 I . gf .5 I I HARDIN'S Butter-Krust BREAD Contains The Vital, F lavorsomo wn EAT H EART You'll Earn that Key for Good Looks and Cleverness in Choosing Clothes X. ..., - xx ,awe ..-, gill! Eff lf tift I it Hifi 5? T .x, 'I' XIX vlftspitt 'M' 6 . l A X js? fl! 'PX FROM MANGEL'S 2318 BROAD STREET Shop Al: Sears And Save SPORTING GOODS - LUGGAGE - SHOES - RADIOS - BATTERIES AND AUTO ACCESSORIES A sinus, noisucii IItlDlC0., DIAL 472l Tuscaloosa, Alabama The Wheat Heart, Science says, is the productive or "growth" element of the wheat. Restored in making white bread, you now get the precious elements heretofore impossible to impart. F, . 1 r .M ,- ,MM an MW VV,.4 -4 bl M ' . , LAUNDRY CLEANERS DYERS CRITERION J. F. Newton, Owner and Proprietor 2201 7 St. Dial 273l IOII University Ave. U55 f?fLl2iUE'Zil:fLl.! of Gqfagamcz Summer School offeef OpporTuniTy To shorTen The required Time Tor compleTion of regulor Tour-yeoir college course-OpporTuniTy To enrich regulor Tour-yeor curriculum by doing supplemenTciry work-OpporTuniTy To moke up bolck Work-lvlony elecTive courses noT offered in regulor session. For coiTdlog ond TurTher inTormoTion coll by The Summer School OTTice in Bibb Groves l-Ioll or wriTe To JOHN R. MCCLURE, Deon of Summer School UniversiTy, Alcibomd BRANSCOMB U-DRIVE-IT COMPANY euir SERVICE STATION Phone 3311 UniversiTy Avenue Hildreth Printing Company OF TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA o nounces The insfollofion of beoufiful new Type Faces Tor SOCIAL INVITATIONS Old English ond ScripT Types Phone 3243 2323 EighTh STreeT ESTABLISHED I892 WEATHERFORD PRINTING COMPANY COMMERCIAL PRINTERS Phone 5738 QI I4-I6-I8 Brood STreeT TuScoIIooSo Alobomo BLACK, FRIEDMAN 81 WINSTGN ' I "MEN'S CLOTHlERS" STYLE HEADQUARTERS FOR WELL DRESSED UNIVERSITY MEN 'TuSccIIooScI, AIcIIoomcI EAT WITH YOUR FRIENDS AT McLester I Uoffss cgfiofz THE dvfofgf MCLESTER ONE-HALF CENTURY OF SERVICE IMPROVED AND MANAGED BY AN ALUMNUS FOR THE ALUMNI AND FRIENDS OF THE UNIVERSITY SAME LOCATION FOR MORE THAN PATERSOWS 60 YEARS Rosemont Gordens . MonTgomery, Alobomo Telephone 773I CAPITOL CLOTHING STORE On The Squore ALL HOURS Momgornery, A obomg FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS 1 KLEIN a SON .ANYT . I Ntomgomeryl Alobgmg - ,l BUY with confudence ,Q ' gf, ' WATCH ES if A IU. SILVERVVARE THE CLOTHING NEEDS OF EVERY T FJAUB CHMWARE KLEIN 8t SON .IEWELERS MONTGOMERY - ALABAMA ,IlIlIi,IlI IIII III lII,llI,l,li,l,, Slfifa .gwflsciagza RADIOS STUDY LAMPS PILLOWS DESKS STUDY TABLES CHAIRS For Good, Clear and Clean Originals and Carbo Headquarters tor . . PI-IYSICIANS' AND LABORATORY SUPPLIES R-2 S55 MCKESSON 81 ROBBINS, Inc. Birmingham, Alabama Copies, Durable and Uniform Results OLD TOWN TYPEWRITER RIBBONS OLD TOWN CARBON PAPERS Distributed on the Campus by The University Supply Store Throughout the Southeastern Territory by THE GULF STATES SALES CORPORATION 22 So. 20th Street U Birmingham, AI -USE- DIXIE CLUB COFFEE and TEA Roasted and Packed by DIXIE COFFEE COMPANY Birmingham, Ala. acob Reedys Sons 1424-1426 Chestnut Street Ph I cl lph , P Moi kers ot QUALITY UNIPQRMS jqyr all occasions s 1824 fldfomwk flflfgm . . . 5Vfiffina'zy . . 55051 . . . Jovaffiaa . . . Esauzfy 50,5012 . . . ZFouvfW1e.sef WHHU Cas.. Zfffi, C. HHKINH EUMPHNY TIP Top Enrlched Bread 1221 Universify Avenue I Q . K A rmenloaws sen VI, DEPARTMENT STORE ' EXTENSION DIVISION UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA FOLLOW YOUR EDUCATIONAL INTEREST DURING VACATIONS AND AFTER COLLEGE YEARS ARE OVER DEPARTMENT OF INSTRUCTION CORRESPONDENCE STUDY COURSES UNIVERSITY CENTERS EXTENSION CLASSES DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SERVICE HIGH SCHOOL DEBATE FORUMS AND LECTURES HIGH SCHOOL DRAMATICS CLUB STUDY SERVICE HIGH SCHOOL PUBLICATIONS LIBRARY EXTENSION RADIO ' NEWS BUREAU EXTENSION DIVISION For lnformoiion CoII or The EXTENSION OFFICE or wrife ADMINISTRATION BUILDING, Universify, Alobomo ROBLEE Shoes For Men AIR STEP Shoes for Women P O W E 7 S Post Office Block Tuscolooso REX PHARMACY DRUGS - somxs - CIGARS RILEY COAL COMPANY CANDIES Af the Service of 'the Fraternities cmd- Sororifies -cmd- on the University Campus THE FINEST IN QUALITY, THE LOWEST IN PRICE Phone phone I3OI Universiiy Avenue 2024 2024 PIWOFIG 559i TUSCQIQQSQ Jr A. Duckworth Charles Morris DUCKWORTH- AACJRFHS O GENERAL INSURANCE O RENTALS - LOANS REAL ESTATE Tusca loosa, Alabama Christianfic Son Dealers in GENERAL MERCHANDISE COTTON BUYERS 'iff COUNTRY PRODUCE BOUGI-IT AND SOLD Tvvo Phone Numbers 404l 4016 FRATERNITY JEWELRY Place your order NOW for The Famous Balfour Official Fraternity Jewelry "THE OLD RELIABLE" Rings-Badges-Novelties ENOCH BENSON, Manager L. G. BALFOUR CO. 2lO4 Fifrh Avenue, North Birmingham, Ala. Tatum Drug Company I Phone 2836 Tuscaloosa, Alabama fi?- Nexf Door To Druid Theafre SHELL GAS and OIL 24 I-Iour Service as u-DRIVE-IT COMPANY lncorporafed Universify Avenue Rhone 2088 UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA A Standard institution of Learning Modern Buildings and Equipment LETTERS, SCIENCE, ENGINEERING, CHEMISTRY, METALLURGY AND CERAMICS, COM- MERCE AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, EDUCATION, HOME ECONOMICS LAW, MEDICINE AND MINES Expeases Exceedingly Moderofe For CoToIog Address Presidenf GEORGE I-I. DENNY Univershy, Alobomo Wo od-Fruittioher Grocery Company I WHOLESALE c3I2ocEI2s I Birmingham, Alobomo 0 7 af fha Service of THE UNIVERSITY STUDENTS 'k T A GREASING l W WASHING STORAGE DIAL REPAIRS 2816 U-DRIVE-WS T101 UNIVERSITY AVENUE DRUID DRUG COMPANY ACROSS FRGM THE HOSPITAL Tusccnlooso, Alobcnmo PHONE WE 4424 DELIVER LUSTIC5'S Si? Established T898 l. FOR REAL COMFORT AND BOOK STORE CONVENIENCE GIFT SHOP STCP . . . The Some Policy The Some Qualify The Some Welcome THE REAL COLLEGE STORE 5lT Universily Ave. Phone 3172 gcameememf mmf Z ' Z ,. ENJOY YOUR MEALS IIII IINIIIIIIIII II HIHHHIIH C'Wifl?lLYOfIIf,vQC0fW, DIN ING HALL FaHhfuHy Yours DONOVAN'S RED DIAMOND COFFEE MORGENTHAU'S CLEANERS Byron McNeill, Manager ALL GARMENTS INSURED AGAINST FIRE OR THEFT PHONE 3780 2112 Broad ST. Tuscaloosa, Ala. Miller, Martin 86 Lewis ef4rcl7itects and Engineers BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Designers of NEW LIBRARY BUILDING DENNY CHIMES NEW AUDITORIUM DOSTER HALL ALABAMA UNION COLONIAL PLACE GIRLS' DORMITORY COMMERCE BUILDING and ADDITION EAST and WEST ANNEX DORMITORIES ADMINISTRATION BUILDING NEW HALL DORMITORY GROUP FARRAH HALL JULIA TUTWILER DINING HALLS NOTT HALL NURSERY SCHOOL NEW ENGINEERING BUILDING SIX MEN'S DORMITORIES NEW SHOP BUILDING MEN'S DINING HALL BUREAU OE MINES NEW GYMNASIUM and LOCKER BUILDING ALSO EIGHTEEN FRATERNITY AND SORORITY HOUSES AND TEN PROFESSOR'S HOUSES Ucwfplde CHECKING ACCOUNTS SAVINGS ACCOUNTS TRUST DEPARTMENT FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC EXCHANGE COMMERCIAL LOANS TRAVELERS' CHECKS The City National Bank of Tuscaloosa Member Federal Deposir Insurance Corporarion 55,000 Maximum Insurance for Each DeposiTor I fpfzafzcz 'za owl For Existing Military and Commercial Positions The Alabama Institute of Aeronautics Offers Training For COMMERCIAL LICENSE, PRIMARY AND ADVANCED INSTRUCTOR RATINGS FROM 0 TO 390 H.P. Our graduates are now applying Their training as insfruciors in CPT and Army Programs as well as do- ing Their part as combat and bomber pilots in all paris of the world. We are represented in Hawaii, The Philippines, Africa and numerous other spois where we hcpe to "sei" The "Rising Sun." The Alabama Institute ol Aeronautics, Inc. For YOUR ENJOYMENT GOLDEN FLAKE PRODUCTS "Always Good - All Ways" POTATO CHIPS - SALTED PEANUTS PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICHES Made Fresh Daily by Magic Ciiy Food Producis Co. Birmingham, Alabama TANNER BROS. WHOLESALE FRUIT - VEGETABLES Tuscaloosa, Alabama QSI 2 - flfh Slreei Especially Caiering io The CAMPUS TRADE POULTRY 8. EGGS CO. -For- POULTRY PRODUCTS 2408 Fourih Si. Back of Burchiield Hoiel SOKOL BROS. FURNISHINGS FOR THE HOME FRATERNITY AND CLUB HOUSE Your Pafronage Soliciied Tuscaloosa, Ala. ELVIEW DAIRY WW bervfng like L!VI1.I7Q7'S1,f27 WHA ifs Dairy Neecfsp DELVIEW FARM FRESH PRODUCTS ARE PREFERRED BY A MAJORITY OF THE UNIVER- SITY STUDENTS. THIS SHOWS THEIR BELIEF AND CONFIDENCE IN A PROJECT BEAR- ING THE DELVIEW NAME. THE NEXT TIME THAT YOU WANT MILK E L V I E W 7 S CALL I2oI2 QUALITY PRODUCTS AND QUICK SERVICE OFFICE LOCATED AT 325 22nd AVENUE PHONE 3213 Universally Approved by University Men If you wam' To know whaI's righf in sfyle, ask a college man. He will fell you, cmd let you in on The smartest shoe news of the year - our new Jarmans! Shoe sfyling as featured by Jarman in Es- quire, the magazine for men, is avail- able for your choice in our new Jar- mans for Spring. New brogues, sfraighf Tips, leisure Type shoes - any style for any occasion. Dugin's Shoe Store "The SfuclenI's Store" FINCHER 81 OZMENT JEWELRY CO. WATCHES, DIAMONDS, JEWELRY SILVERWARE PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES Tuscaloosa, Alabama FREEMAN'S MEN STORE on THE UNIVERSITY CAMPUS For The Service of The ALABAMA STUDENTS Call on Us for all of your CLOTHING NEEDS I2I 7 Universiry Avenue THEATRE SIGN SHOUTS VICTORY kg PHONE 2274 ATTENTION STUDENTS I Our Complefe Line of S SPORTING GOODS A QQMPLETE AUTQ SERVICE Ooll Bolls, Golf Clubs, Boseboll EquipmenT AX'-E FRAME and BRAKE Tennis Bolls oncl Rocl4eTs SPECIALISTS "The Sfore on your way down Town" BABBITING h d I CLEANK SH!-QFT .GRlNDlNG Authorize Unnfe Motors ervlce Phone 406-407 720 Greensboro Avenue JOG Sewell, Mcmcgerl 120 UNDERWOOD TYPEWPITEPS Renfol, Repoirs ond Supplies PA-l'RONlZE OUR ADVERTISERS KYLE OFFICE SUPPLY COMPANY Phone 61 l ul? w Come on--- Boys and Girls ui' w Le'r's go cmd Bowl on The SouTh's Finesf Bowling Alleys lf's Fun - ond good for you 'foo BAMA BOWLING CENTER l307 University Avenue Phone 92l5 A i s -.I ' Wild llll'l"' psi.u.zr 'Z Z il M i ' lll lfiiiiiililfi if 'flf xxv Q ' 5 " , -.X N -" ' 'A Once ogoin HMGLLOY-MADE quolily ond vvorkmonshipn scores os The fifleenlh Corollo since i924 is cosed in on MCDLLOY-MADE Cover from Tlae Davicl Malloy Plant 2857 Norlh Weslern Avenue Chicogo, Illinois ,t I COME WHAT JVIAY. CONFIDENCE is the heritage of youth .... it is also a fundamental requirement of business . . V. . attained by long study, training and experience 0 We have enjoyed the confidence of yearbook Staffs throughout the country for over thirty years . . . an accomplishment for which we are truly grateful and justly proud . . . . if 1- -A- ir at CCDLLECIE ANNUAL DIVISION ALABAMA E N GRAVI N G C OMPANY B 1 RM 1 N G HAM I .AN O 1' FQ WI v - sv IH A" 7" O 'Hx V.,-E E f 'N-WRT fi .122 F I fy H., ,IMI J , .JV M X ,I I I IN. III-.2 T ,AQEN-l g,jQ?1 PRINT , ' I I I I9j.11,fq,,4-I, ':xoq.T'u..,i-K-I E-VIR: xx EA -T11 IYQIIPS. 1- I VIII Af TI ' " I, ' -- "ll 'ff-' Il .1 WIN"u'aEX',z" .U U., wifi M me 'k 1. I' -all 'Axim-N LI Wit M LI'-,jkillgil lk , 'I ff -If I ATI ig' 'Z .FMU ml' L "iii "Lg A 'MAL A I II WI aggffb-.q'5 I -J I 0 0 -'A BODY OF MEN ASSOCIATED FOR THEIR COMMON INTEREST, BUSINESS OR PLEASURE"---WEBSTER. ' I I . I wg WW W QMWW 53444 haw ww B Ljjqd QMQQMMQ W me WWW my W GMMTWLJQW V . I be aragun ress I4 ADAMS AVENUE WWW fm Me GWMQ MONTGOMERY, ALA. I K. + ,M 6, , gl I 31 I I I I I . 5 va If I " ' Q. .M-, , is .,,: 3? kai? ' Qi I ws I ,gg ry:-5-r". .f'ffifQ3,. F. aww, it I I I www P. .A- fn 'S' 'fx vi ,,x , In X ,Ik In-' VA. I If 'M sv" f.. - .m+,...g .xt ,Q W - t I - 1 5 Q..-1. 14 1-Eff-. lv .ml JY MM A. .-..- n. V nn . ,I t I . .-,ew I erik? 43", f- ie... A 'VK I xp -- , N fm, un! , 'Pi - , 'S ,X ,gl ffm: I, - ' -N ,IRB m. . AFY3, -f' gnu: affffc , 'V I W ull, . - 2. - -. ,,S:n,,a3 ,, N - .A ,, 'X ,, A A Jn. ' 5 ' :xv QW wx WARM , I I I w-A-an II I I I I I I I u 9 xewligir M-whiff Y RQ I

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