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V i - V- ' . . ' , . ' .1 ' If ' ' -; X ' ■■.» ' V, ' f ' ' ' ' i ■ ' .■. ■;. -V-» ' ' sf.t. ' COPYRIGHT BY BROOKS HAYES. EDITOR AND PARNELL roo S. LEWIS, BUSINESS MANAGER THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA ai TUSCALOOSA ' .■, ? " ■ W 2 rti s T» „ - J ' 9i,% ' fm,« - ' Wf - ;i i iJ ™ ? ..NINETEEN FORTY ONE ke HIGHLIGH " Now what was it I wonted to be sure and tell Mom about TS YEAR ai RELATED BY A FRESHMAN CO-ED IN HER LETTERS TO MOTHER AND DAD In attempting to present the University as it actually exists, the theme of this year ' s Corolla is the case history of a typical freshman girl, beginning her four-year career at the big state University. Mary Ellen, a green freshman coed, aghast and awed at the new- ness of everything she finds, in the naive manner of most freshmen, writes home about what she sees at ' Bama. Her letters to Mother and Daddy reveal accurately what her senses tell her about the University, colored vividly by her idealism. She writes, as we all do, of her girl friend, her boy friend, her dates, her classes, her professors. As many of us do, she meets an old friend at registration, one of the few people she knows on the campus, and through this friend meets Donald and Randy. And just as it happens countless times throughout the school year, Mary Ellen, Helen, Donald, and Randy form a clique. They dance together, go to class together, just as do the thousands of students on the campus whom they represent. The students appearing in these scenes were chosen through Blackfriars as being typical of their hundreds of counterparts at the University. In their activities you see student life as it is seen every day on the Capstone campus. They are average students. The setting for each picture was carefully selected, as were the students, as being most representative of the phase of college life they ore meant to portray. So these scenes . . . pictures of a mammoth pro- duction that goes on day after day, year after year . . . feature average students in the leading roles. They cease to be themselves, become personifications of the vast student body they represent. The impressions lingering in the mind of our freshman girl as she writes the folks all about it are here portrayed in her letters. In reading this, your 1941 Corolla, see if you don ' t recognize some of your own ideas about college life in those of Mary Ellen. See if you can ' t pick out dozens of Helens and Donalds and Randys among the students you know and see every day on the campus. m- ALL HELEN an d D O N ami . . . about registering and selecting courses and meeting the Deans and professors and all those connected with the University ADMINISTRATION . . . . . . about her classes and quizzes and her favorite professor, be- cause the STUDENT BODY spends most of its time in classes . . . . . . about STUDENT ACTIVITIES - dances and jitterbugs, field trips and dotes . . . . . . about " A " day and football gomes and the part ATHLETICS play at the University. . . . about fraternity houses and pinning and life among the GREEKS at Alabama . . . about hair-dos and manicures and the BEAUTIES at the Cap- stone . . . about ' Bama ' s ORGANIZATIONS — politics and initiations and keys. . . . The average freshman coed, wide-eyed end open-mouthed, ter- ribly impressed with the vostness of the University, and bursting with enfhusiosm. Her enthusiasm is re- layed to the folks bock home through her letters, in which she de- scribes life at ' Boma. ABOUT RANDY ... A senior girl, who went to the same high school as Mary Ellen. She is one of the few people Mary Ellen knows when she arrives at the University, and Helen takes her freshman friend under her protective wing. . . . A sophomore) fairly we known on the campjis, who is im- mediately attracted to Mary E len, and starts a rushing cam paign that lasts out the year. . . . A senior fraternity brother of Don ' s, who has been going with Helen for several years. He completes the foursome, and eventually pins Helen. DEDICATED h OUR MOTHERS AND DADS They put us on the train and we ' re pretty sad at having to leave them. But in a few days after we get to school, we forget how sod we were to leave home. They sit back at home in the evenings, and they talk about us and wonder what we ' re doing and how long they ' ll have to wait this time before we write. They figure up how many days it will be until we ' ll be home. Then when we do get home, they let us have the car, knowing full well they won ' t see much of us until it ' s time to go back to school. On the surface, it looks as if we ' re pretty thoughtless, doesn ' t it? Perhaps we ore, but every now and then, we get a pong of con- science and try to express to those parents just how grateful we ore to them . . . how much we appreciate the opportunity they ' re giving us. It ' s with a bit of conscience that we dedicate the 1941 Corolla to the folks back home, the people who, after all, will always rank the highest in our estimation. To mothers and fathers everywhere . . . North, South, East, and West . . . wherever there is a family who waits for that letter from ' Bamo, the 49th edition of the Corolla is respecfully dedicated. : .? « • I -HiwrTKISSW ' ' PAUSE U HONOR SOME OF OUR FRESHMEN OF DAYS LONG PAST Yes, most of these men were once freshmen at the University on the bonks of the Block Warrior, but the Gorgos Oak wasn ' t quite so big, and the Roundhouse wasn ' t quite so mellowed as it is now. To these men, men who carried on in the Alabama tradi- tion, bringing fame and honor to their State and University, the 1941 Corolla pays a respectful and sincere tribute. % General John Noble Kennedy, Confederate veteran, and at time of death, oldest living alumnus of the University. Frank Maxwell Moody, President of the First Notional Bonk of Tuscaloosa. Dr. William Wode Harper, one of Alabama ' s most prominent physicians. Justice Hershel Whitfield Aront, former Dean of the Ohio State University Low School, and at his death a Justice on the United States Circuit Court of Appea ls. Honorable William B. Bankhead, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. Dr. John W. Abercrombie, President of the University before Dr. Denny, and former state superintendent of education. Dr. C. M. Pegues, while not an alumnus of the University, was an instructor in Spanish here for the past six years. ' M- c JIL ' 2 " cV ' i .,x V5 ' --K ' ' v: V V T : P -- ' - Wf ' " -. «« ;t «! ,n9», » » tt Ln«- n " ; t - • ' ' -i- Zr l .J» -4 ' T, 3X » l- . - ' " 4 GOVERNOR FRANK M. DIXON Q ue im FRANK M. DIXON As Governor of the State of Alobomo, Frank M. Dixon has proven himself to be a strong pillar in the shouldering of responsibilities for the educational requirements of the State. Seldom has the Chief Executive of any state shown as much interest in the youth of the present time as has Governor Dixon. Alv ays eager and ready to serve whenever he is called upon. His Excellency has been of especial importance to this University. The welfare of the school is close to his heart and its ad- vancement is a personal matter to him. It is a source of pride to every student to know that the Governor is anxious to aid the University in expanding its fields of educational service. From the Huntsville convention of 1819 from whence came the phrase " Schools and the means of education shall forever be encouraged in this State " has come new meaning since Gov- ernor Dixon has been of the helm of the State ' s government. Haan-d TRUSTEES GOVERNOR FRANK M. DIXON President, ex-officio ALBERT H. COLLINS, State Superintendent of Education, ex-officio Congressionol District First District Second District Thiird District Fourth District Fifth) District Sixtfi District Seventh) District Eightfi District Ninthi District GESSNER T. McCORVEY ROBERT E. STEINER, JR. CHARLES s. McDowell, jr. BREWER DIXON LOUIS L. HERZBERG GORDON D, palmer JOHN B. BANKHEAD ARCHIBALD H. CARMICHAEL HILL FERGUSON Mobile Montgomery Eufoula Talladega Gadsden Tuscaloosa Jasper Tuscumbia Birminghiam CLIFFORD H. PENICK Secretary end Commissioner of University Lands SHALER C. HOUSER, Treasurer BOARD OF TRUSTEES DR. RICHARD C. FOSTER PRESIDENT Upon the shoulders of Dr. Richard C. Foster, as President of the University, rests the grave problem of manipulating the affairs of the school and providing for its ad- vancement year by year. In the five years that he has now acted in this capacity. Dr. Foster has shown on uncanny ability in his position, and won himself a high place in the admiration of students and members of the faculty. Under his guiding hand the Uni- versity is steadily growing into one of the outstanding schools throughout the country, known for its professors and the high standards set in the classrooms. 20 and CHANCELLOR One of the most beloved men ever to ba connected v ith the University is Dr. George H, Denny, Chancellor of the school. For twenty-five years Dr. Denny was closely asso- ciated with Alabama. He now lives in Virginia from where he often comes back to his old haunts at the Capstone. Dr. Denny came to the University as president in 1912, and served until 1936 when he retired. It was Dr. Denny who guided the University through her most formative years, for under his leadership the school grew in every respect. Denny Chimes and Denny Stadium were named in his honor by the University that he served so well. DR. GEORGE H. DENNY ik - v . ' ,■ •■ m D EA DEAN J. H. NEWMAN DEAN JAMES H. NEWMAN Young, but rapidly gaining the experience of on old-timer, James H. Newman, Dean of Men for the last four and one-half years, has established himself as a person able to deal with any situation. Dean Newman is himself a graduate of the University and never forgets the fact that he has not been out of school so very long when he listens and advises the hundreds upon hundreds of young men who visit him for advice and pleas- ure. This is not his only position of importance, however, for the Dean heads the Board of Publications, is Chairman of the Social Committee, and holds various other positions of honor and responsibility. Any mole student that has honestly visited with Dean New- man knows him for a " regular fellow, " not hesitating to list him as an understanding per- son, unlike anyone they had expected to meet in the office of the Dean of Men. Dean Newman handles a difficult task with a great deal of foresight and expediency. 33 S OF MEN H. H. MITCHELL Assuming the position of one of the best liked officiols on the campus is H, H. " Billy " Mitchell, Assistant Dean of Men. It is he who is in complete charge of the tedious job of handling class " cuts. " Mr. Mitchell has, how- ever, displayed the qualities of -firmness and tact in discharging his duties. It is this which helps him retain his enviable position. JAMES FOY James Foy stepped right from a position of campus prominence to the office of Assistant Dean of Men and Supervisor of Dormitories. His ability in his new field has already been proven numerous times, and within the short time of two years he has accomplished a great deal in the improve- ment of dormitory conditions. Mr. Foy is well liked by all who know him. AUDITORIUM MR, H. H, M ' TCHELL MR. JAMES E. FOY DEP DEAN AGNES EUEN HARRIS DEAN AGNES ELLEN HARRIS Dean Agnes Ellen Harris serves more than a dual job on the campus although she is listed as being the Dean of the School of Home Economics and the Dean of Women. It is in this latter position that she is probably the better known, for there ore very few women students on the campus who have never had the pleasure of meeting Dean Harris, and coming away from the meeting a much better prepared girl. Dean Harris came to the University from Auburn in 1927, and was at one time Notional President of the Association of Deans of Women, as well as being a member of the President ' s Con- ference of Home Building and director of the fourth district of the Alabama Federation of Women ' s Clubs. Dean Harris is extremely understanding. She meets every new problem with an assurance that gives faith to the individual and her kindly sense of humor more often than not wins the die-hards over to her side. The University recog- nizes its good luck in having Dean Harris as a member of its faculty. 24 ' JS OF WOMEN MISS JENNIE MORRIS HOWARD Miss Jennie Morris Howard is well known and beloved by hundreds of parents and students alike for her understanding and sympathy. As Assistant Dean of Women, Miss Howard lends her attention to the many problems which confront the young women of the University every day. She seriously attempts to work out the difficulties of each, and her ability in accomplishing her mission can be attested to by all with whom she has come in contact. MRS. SUE GUNTER One of the most familiar persons on the campus, especially to the University dancing set is Mrs. Sue Gunter, Assistant Dean of Women. Mrs. Gunter came to the University in 1924, and was immediately made offi- cial chaperone for all University functions. She is present at all formal dances, and is usually the first to arrive and the lost to leave. Tutwiler Hall, largest of the girls dormitories is under her direction. BARNWELL HALL MISS JENNIE MORRIS HOWARD I ,1 MRS. SUE GUNit,-. e OFFICERS 6.. MR. RALPH E. ADAMS RALPH E. ADAMS Serving the University in one of its most important and tedious tasks is Ralph E. Adams, Executive Secretary. Prospective students come in contact v» ith Mr. Adams before they even see the campus, for it is from his office that those letters of information issue. The Executive Secretary is liked and re- spected by everyone, who has ever hod any connections v ith him. Mr. Adams does his job in a business-like manner that gets results, and these results ore always for the well being of the Uni- versity itself. CLIFTON H. PENICK Serving as both land commissioner of the University and secretary to the Board of Trustees is Clifton H. Penick who was named last year to succeed the late Robison Brown in the former posi- tion. Mr. Penick, in the short while that he has been here, has discharged his duties with a capability that has more than justified his appointment. MR ClIFTON PENICK 36 ADMINISTRATION SHALER C. HOUSER Handling the most complicated of jobs is Sholer C. Houser, Treasurer and Bursar of the University. It is his duty to keep track of those odd pennies which inevitably creep onto the books, but their source is not long in being dis- covered by the extremely busy treas- urer. Mr. Houser holds a professorship in Engineering, and also serves as a member of the Committee on Athletics. Mr. Houser is held responsible for the many odds and ends of the University finances, and it con be said that his is a job well done. JOHN C. McGILL Indispensible to the financial admin- istration of the University is John C. Mc- Gill, assistant to the treasurer. This is Mr. McGill ' s twentieth year in this ca- pacity, and each one of these has been more successful than the one before. Omicron Delta Kappa elected him to honorary membership two years ago when they recognized his qualities of character and leadership. DR. SHALER C. HOUSER MR. JOHN C. McGILL 27 ■ M iSS MARY A. ROBERTSON DEAN JOHN R. McLURE MISS MARY A. ROBERTSON Registrar Miss Mary A. Robertson, as registrar, has continued to im- prove the system of registration employed at the Capstone. Skillful and efficient at her job, she handles the records of all the students in a highly systematic fashion. DEAN JOHN R. McLURE Director of Summer School Dean John R. McLure is, without a doubt, one of the busiest executives on the campus. In his position as Dean of the Sum- mer School, he has been responsible for the steady grov th in size and importance of this branch of the University. DR. ROBERT E. TIDWELL Director of Extension Division Under the direction of Dr. Robert E. Tidv ell ore the exten- sion facilities of the Education School. This division has turn- ed out to be one of the fastest growing parts of the Capstone, and credit for its success goes to Dr. Tidwell. MR. JOHN MacKENZIE CORY University Librarian When Miss Alice Wyman retired as University librarian. University officials were faced with the problem of selecting her successor. Mr. Cory was their choice and has proved to be an excellent one. One of the youngest head librarians ir the country, Mr. Cory is well qualified to perform the many duties required of him. He is a graduate of the University of California and was employed ot the University of Chicogo be- fore coming to the University. 28 M« JOHN MACKENZIE CORY DENNY CHIMES AND LIBRARY NINE SCHOOLS l the mae tij. 29 GRADUATE The foculty of the Graduate School is unique in that any member of the entire University faculty who offers graduate work belongs to the staff of this school. This mokes it diffi- cult to accurately state the exoct number of instructors in the Graduate School; but the number of students is in the vicinity of one thousand attending the regular and summer sessions. Students from all sections of the country, and from foreign parts, come here to continue their graduate work. Leading universities of the United States also send their graduates to Alabama; for the graduate work is standard, being recognized throughout the land. Lately, it has been improved still more by adding to the faculty, bettering the equipment, and en- lorging the number of books in the library. Dean Albert B. Moore came to Alabama in 1923, and was made head of the Graduate School the year following. He has received degrees from both Auburn and the University of Chicago. Immediately preceding his coming to the Univer- sity, Dean Moore served at Iowa State College as Associate Professor of History from 1919 until 1923. DEAN A. B. MOORE AMFIIA r,AYIE GORGAS LIBRARY ' it LAW DEAN ALBERT J. FARRAH Boasting a library of 16,000 volumes, as well as other necessary booklets, the Law School has grown constantly since if was first opened in 1872. The Board of Trustees authorized it in 1845, but it was not until a number of years later that it was started. Today, with Dean Albert J. Farrah at its head, the Law School is accredited by both the American Bar Association and the Associotion of American Law Schools. This latter is com- posed of about 100 of the leading low schools, and all of the best schools of this nature are members. Standards for en- tiance ore comparatively high, being the some as the standards for membership in the American Bar Association v, hich calls for at least two years of pre-law work. The faculty of eight ably handles the 167 students enrolled in the school, who find that upon graduation they are able to practice in the State of Alabama without having to take the bar examination. Before coming to Alabama in 1912, Dean Farrah organized the law school at the University of Florida where he served for two years. One year after coming to Alabama, Dean Far- rah was made head of the Law School. FARRAH HALL MEDICINE The School of Medicine hos been a member of the Associa- tion of American Medical Colleges and approved by the Council on Medical Education of the American Medical Asso- ciation since it was founded on the University campus in 1920. Requirements for admission and standards of instruction ore equal to the better medical schools throughout the country. After completion of the first two years of medicine, students successfully transfer to junior standing in the best four-yeor schools everywhere. All of the students who hove finished the first two years during the present administration, headed by Dean Stuart Graves since 1928, have been transferred to junior standing in thirty-eight different four-year schools. Of this number, less than 0.5% have failed to graduate any- where. Most of the medicol students come from the state itself. Other qualifications being equal, they are given preference,- Olid, in recent years, not a single one of them has failed to graduate from the school to which he has transferred. Dean Graves was a member of the faculty of the Univer- sity of Louisville School of Medicine from 1914 until 1928 when he came to Alabama. DEAN STUART GRAVES NOTT HALL DfAN CHAFLES H. BARNWELL ARTS and SCIENCES GoJIeae Charles H. Barnwell, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences has been on the University faculty since 1899, the last thirty-four of those years as Dean, While serving as an in- structor in English at Western Reserve in Cleveland, Ohio, Dean Earnwell received a telegram offering him the headship of the Eiiglish Department at Alabama,- and he has been here since then. Not only is the College Arts and Sciences the largest on the campus today, but it alv ays has been,- now having an enroll- ment of approximately 1830 students. There qxq also 90 full time instructors, as well as graduate teachers. Graduates from this College are granted unconditional admission to any grad- uate school in the country. In addition to the usual courses offered in liberal arts col- lege, this College offers major courses in music, journalism, art, speech, and radio arts. The radio arts department has been given exceptional praise by various experts, and now ranks as one of the outstanding courses of its type anywhere. The College is regarded as one of the best liberal arts colleges not only in the South, but in the entire country. MORGAN HALL COMMERCE McUckpL For its excellent curriculum, competent faculty, and systa- motic organization, the School of Commerce and Business Ad- ministration has won full membarship in the National Asso- ciation of Collegiote Schools of Business, the standardizing agency for commerce schools of the notion. The School ranks favorably with the best commerce schools in the country, and for twenty years the University of Alabama has been the only tox-supported institution authorized to give a business course o ' college grade in the state. The Federal Bureau of Education recommended in 1919 ihot a commerce school b3 established at the University. In ac- cordance with this, the School was begun, and has continued to grow until it is now one of the lorgsst schools on the cam- pus. Eoch year has seen more and more prospective business men turn to it for training in the various fields of commercial study offered. At the heod of the School of Commerce is Les Bidgood who first became affiliated with the Alabama faculty in 1913, and six years later became Dean of the aforementioned school. Dean Bidgood received a degree from the University of Vir- ginia, and taught one year at the University of Wisconsin be- fore coming to Aloboma. DEAN lEE BIDGOOD COMMERCE BUILDING .a ' J ■• -■■ " EDUCATION Gcdleae Organized in 1909 for the purpose of training supervisors, superintendents, normal school instructors, teachers and prin- cipals of secondary schools, the College of Education has never overlooked the necessity for v ell-troined public school teach- ers, and with this always in mind, it has rendered an invaluable service to the state. Alabama teaching certificates ore given tc graduates by the State Board of Education, for these grad- uates have been given a thorough and well-rounded knowl- edge of the subjects they will need to use. Not only ore excellent facilities available for practice teach- ing, but an efficient teaching staff, which is constantly being supplemented with educational experts, has done much to pro- mote educational training at the Capstone, and give excellent supervision to the student with careful and diligent advice. Dean James J. Doster came to the University in 1907 and was made Dean only four years later. He has done a real job in discharging his duties, and has been instrumental in developing the School into a full four-year college whose en- rollment is steadily increasing. DEAN JAMES A. DOSTER GRAVES HALL ■V-X " " 2 t» vm:m ' C . ' ' • HI k « b tao 1 1 3 Hr« I T 1 1 E || kiJIk I Ml m ENGINEERING Twenty-nine yeors ago, from the University of Wisconsin, George J. Davis, Jr., came to the University of Alabama, and immediately assumed the position which he still retains— that of Dean of the Engineering College. Dean Davis is a graduate of Cornell University, and served for eight years at Wisconsin before taking up his duties here. The School itself has as many credited curricula as any other school in the South, and more than most of them. It has also been accredited by the University of the State of New York and the Secretary of War, thus making it possible for a grad- uate of Alabama to get a license in New York. Every member of the large and efficient faculty has had experience in professional engineering and a thorough grounding in the theory of engineering. Graduates from this School hold many responsible positions, and find that upon graduation their status ranks exceptionolly well with other engineering schools throughout the United States. The total number of stud ents enrolled in engineering has increased each year, reaching its maximum this lost semester with approximately 1027 pupils majoring in this particular field. DEAN GEORGE J. DAVIS NEW ENGINEERING BUILDING HOME ECONOMICS In 1927, Dean Agnes Ellen Harris, came to the University campus to take over her new position of Dean of the School ot Home Economics. Two years of service with the U. S. De- partment of Agriculture, and five years on the faculty of Ala- bama Polytechnic Institute, as well as a degree from Columbia University adequately equipped Dean Harris for the position which she holds today. Twelve members of the faculty handle 400 or more students registered in Home Economics. Of this number of students, five are men. Women from other schools at the University elect courses in this department such as clothing, textiles, foods, nutrition, home furnishing, child development, family relationships, and the like. The Institution Management course has been approved by the American Dietetics Association for the training of dietitians. Other courses, as well, have received similar ratings. Pi s i l (|HI| r fl H C 1 rs - 1 ' 1 K DEAN AGNES ELLEN HARRIS POSTER HALL CHEMISTRY a cka(9-l Although it is one of the youngest schools of the University, the School of Chemistry, Metallurgy and Ceramics has con- stantly enlarged itself, and has given an ever increasing ser- vice as on independent unit and as a co-operoting agency with the College of Engineering and the Federal Bureau of Mines. From a one-time minor department, it has grov n un- til today major programs of study ore offered in chemistry, commercial chemistry, metallurgy, ceramics, chemistry and bacteriology and chemistry and geology. This great variety of subjects is under supervision of a faculty of technical ex- perts, each of whom ore specialists in specific fields besides their quantity of knowledge in the entire field of chemistry. Widespread recognition has come to the School from re- search work carried on, and by graduates who hove made enviable records in the outside world. The building, itself, was enlarged in 1936, and is now adequate in every respect for complete instruction in the above mentioned courses. Directly responsible for the growth of the School of Chemis- try, Metallurgy and Ceramics is Stewart J. Lloyd, who has been Dean since 191 1. Dean Lloyd first became affiliated with the University in 1909. DEAN STEWART J. LLOYD CHEMISTRY BUILDING yt V i - ' r t i fijtSXP ' V « V .fiClV ifiil toVit bi v-xi fet J ? ' t.«n kicv 4 u td «t 1 i Vtfw ' STUDENT GOVE OFFICERS GRADY G. CLEVELAND, JR. FRED L. MERRILL MARVIN L. WARNER President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer GRADY G. CLEVELAND FRED L. MERRILL MARVIN L. WARNER BROOKS HAYES GUY HUTHNANCE FRED KERN ROBERT M. BROWN EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Chairman Vice-Chairman Secretory Elected from outgoing Committee College of Low College of Medicine College of Education HUNTER MONTGOMERY JAMES BERRY JACK DAWSON WALKER EDITH JONES JESSE CHEATHAM NANCY BATSON MARY FRANCES WATSON JOHN YEUELL College of Commerce College of Arts and Sciences College of Chemistry College of Home Economics College of Engineering President of W.S.G.A. Vice-President of W.S.G.A. Graduate o Hoyes, Yeuell, Wolker, Jones, Brown, Merrill, Cleveland, Worner, Montgomery, Cheotham, Watson. Berry. Muthnance. n- IN M EN T Student Government Officials Merrill, War- ner, and Cleveland talking over big things. Student Government ot the University dates oil the way back to the Civil War when students were permitted to exercise their own system of discip- line. Since 1914 a written constitution has been in effect. Even so. Student Government did not begin to assert itself at the Capstone until the post year or so. " Buddy " Cleveland, Student Body President, was given the job at the beginning of the year of supervising a new and untried honor system here at the University. In the 1940 elections, amendments to the Constitution were adopted which entirely revamped the honor system under which we had been operating. That he was suc- cessful in doing the job set out for him no one will deny. For while the honor system still leaves much to be desired, there is more honor and less system than there was a year ago. The Student Government Association is headed by an Executive Committee composed of several ex-officio members, and members elected from each school or college on the campus. Having exclusive legislative powers over all matters per- taining to the Student Association as a whole, the Committee finds many problems to keep it busy. Some member presides at all trials for violations of the honor system, and for a change, there were quite a number of these trials this year. The Executive Committee also awards contracts for graduation invitations and for Senior Rings. All candidates for Student Government offices must be qualified by the Executive Committee before they ore allowed to run for any office. When the officers of the Student Association went into control at the beginning of the year they vowed to continue the policy of last year ' s admin- istration and overhaul the entire works; dust off the honor system, which has been on the shelf for several years, work toward a better school spirit, attack sectional feeling and dirty politics and gen- erally try to solve the sociological problems that possess campuses as well as nations. Their record hasn ' t been perfect, but they have achieved much, and their work this year will make for better Stu- dent Government in the future. 41 BOARD OF DIRECTORS STUDENT OFFICERS NANCY BATSON AARY FRANCES WATSON MOLLY POWELL President Vice-President Secretary Nancy Batson Mory Fronces Wotson BOARD OF DIRECTORS Molly Powell Kay Keener Tommie Sue Kendricks Lee Stabler Mory Elizabeth Davidson Corey Williamson HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Annie Pearl Boiley Margaret Bell Mory Jone Berry Adele Berman Feggy Beville Ruby Pearl Blount Sidney Blount Mory Bolt Morgoret Bonner Mary L. Brown Mory E. Carter Catherine Claypoole Edna Creel Mary Crow Miriam Dorsky Adeline Donaldson Morion Doughty Alice Ruth Feotherston Martha E. Folmar Louise Gcode Sybyl Goodwin Mor|orie Gunnells Mory Jone Hozlitl Evelyn Hiller Jeanne Ruth Levy Betty McKeiizie Evelyn Mortin Frances Mortel Morise Mouldin June Mellinger Bessie Merriwether ' auline Mims Mory Alice Moses Elizabeth) Nettles Anne Rcrke Willord Sharpe Gerry Shelburne Morgoret Skewes Lillie Jeon Simmons Mildred Smith Kennon Thetford Lois Walker Harriet Wall Margery Wa-hburn Lurilo Wotkins Lois Wiley Doro Wilkinson Helen Yarborough 47 Each woman student upon registering in the Uni- versity becomes a member of the Student Govern- ment Association, which includes membership in the Women ' s Council, either as an officer or as on individual. The Women ' s Student Government Association in addition to enacting and enforcing lows con- cerning the conduct and welfare of women stu- dents enrolled in the University, also encourages co-operation between the faculty and students in matters of college government. Elections for Women ' s Student Government of- fices are usually held in March, they being the first sign of politics to appear on the campus. A run- off between the two highest candidates for each office is usually necessary, and these races ore always hotly contested. The Governing bodies of the Women ' s Student Government Association ore a Board of Directors and a House of Representatives. The Board of Directors is composed of the President, Vice-Presi- dent, and Secretary of the Women ' s Student As- sociation, a graduate representative, a town rep- resentative, a transfer representative, and a rep- resentative from each class. The members of the House of Representatives are elected from each sorority house and dormitory. Dean Agnes Ellen Harris always works in clos3 co-operation with the Women ' s Student Govern- ment Association. She has played a large part in the success of this body. GOVERNMENT First Row: McAdoms, Feotherston, Mauldin, Bermon, Bot- son, Simmons, Walker, Blount, Martin . , . Second Row: Bolt, Moses, Ermundson, Washburn, Riley, Berry, Yar- brough, Townsley, Nettles . . . Third Row: Garson, Wil- liams, Doughty, Folmar, Levy, Griffin, Dreyfuss, Green . . . Fourth Row: Baxter, Bailey, Hoslitt, Thetford. Grey. Corter, Jones, Wiggins, Wilkinson. ry Mitchell, publicotions financial genius. PUBLICATIONS The Board of Publications is a faculty-student boord wfiich governs all student publications. Every applicant for o solarled position must be qualified by this group, and many an Editor and Business Monoger of an University Publication has been given the " third degree " by this board. That the Board of Publications has done its job vi ell is proved by the outstanding Crimson-Whites, Corollos, and Rammer-Jammers of past years. Staff members of the three publications are awarded Board of Pub- lications keys for meritorious service. These awards are made at the annual banquet given jointly by the Board of Publications and the department of Jou rnalism. The Beard is composed of the Dean of Men, Dean of Women, a representative from the English Department, a representative from the department of Journalism, the Editors and Business Managers of the Crimson-White and Corolla, and the President of the Student Asso- ciation. MEMBERS DEAN J. H. NEWMAN DEAN AGNES ELLEN HARRIS MR. RANDOLPH FORT MR. BURKE JOHNSON HAYNES THOMPSON WILLIAM LIPSEY BROOKS HAYES PARNELL LEWIS GRADY G. CLEVELAND, JR. Ctiairman Deon of Women Deportment of Journolism Deportment of English Editor of Crimson-White Business Monoger of Crimson-White Editor of Corollo Busienss Monoger of Corollo President of Student Body Thompson, Johnson. Horns. Lipscy. Lewis. Newmon, Crobtret. Botion. Clsvelond. Ginn, Fort. Hoy i. r»»;A« 10« t " " fe ' , rP ' ' e 941 COROLLA HBH H ■1 ' ll V Editorial Staff AM SIMPSON EDITORIAL STAFF BROOKS HAYES Editor BRUCE V.ORSON AssistonI Editor WM. LISTER BRUNSON Assistant Editor REA SCHUESSLER and JACK FINKLESTEIN Sports Editors HONORARY ASSOCIATE EDITORS Haynes Thompson Ed Ginn John Yeuell FACULTY ADVISERS William G. Allen Deon J. H. Newmon Mr, Randolph fort Mr. Tom Garner PHOTOGRAPHIC STAFF Dr. Lester Raines Sam Simpson Jimmy Holl Mike Longon Johnny Fober Herbert Arbilblit EDITING STAFF Monny Silver Lee Boer Willis Bidgood Bill Stewart Dorothy Boxter Mory Frances Connor Sammy Messina Ger.e Worlsmonn Isotel Roiner Howord Lewis Lynn McGow Hovord Ewin Morgoret Foncher Pol Hoyes Ruth Moorer Elinor Brooks Bill Brooks TYPING STAFF Averette Penick Rebecca Jones Lucille Hunter Lucille McPherson John Morgan Chillon COMPILING STAFF Mary Worthington Marion Russell Holman Fearlie Goldman Virginio Giles Don Chopman Coroline Huthnance Ulmer Brodley Potsy Carney Alice McMillan GENERAL STAFF Jimmy Brown Don Pratt Clork Wohl Mildred McCorstin Buck Royol Jomes McMurphy Joe Nix Betty Redmond John Boiley Horriet Wall Jean Sibley Miriam Dreyfuss Rondoll Hollinger Jimmy Wyche Helen Duggor Bill Stallard Shirley Woiner Ceo Dansby S«ai»d: Roiner, Mor- ion, Brunton, Brooks, Finkelitein . . . Stond tngi McGow, Wortt- mann, Jonas, Mooror, Boar. 4. HMU ai PiMl T H E UNIVERSITY Business Staff BUSINESS STAFF PARNELL LEWIS JACK MINES JAMES J, ALVAREZ Business Manager Assistant Business Manager Assistant Business Manager Williom Lipsey Horry V. Mitchell Jotnes E. Foy William P. Schuessler Harry Dempsey Lov Lomor Louise Hatcher Virginia Fuller Morguertte Newton Mildred Starnes Carroll Young HONORARY ASSOCIATE BUSINESS MANAGERS Pettus Randoll Sam Crabtree FACULTY ADVISERS Mr. Marttn Moore Dean J. H. Newman H. H. Mitchell ADVERTISING ASSISTANTS Goyle Penny Billy Don Mitchell CIRCULATION STAFF Ewing Corter Porker Anderson COllECTION STAFF Wilmer Boozer Jimmie Nettles SECRETARIAL STAFF Alice Nell Fulford Lois Wiley GENERAL STAFF Jimmy Wright Leslie Susong Williom Hunt Chester Smith R. A. Dowling J. A. Word Alice Ruth Feotherston Borbora Beerbower James Berry Don Pratt Alice Inzer catlaK O F ALABAMA H J r ■ w ' V " B PARNELL LEWIS Sealed: Schuessler, Hoyes, Alvorez, Hines . . . Standing: Hatch- er. Dempsey. Chap- man. Carter. CRIMSON HAYNES THOMPSON HOWARD LEWIS REA SCHUESSLER AVERETTE PENICK BILL STEWART ond HALE SCARBROUGH JOHN McKEON JOHN KEARNEY and BETH BARNES Editor Manogtng Editor Sports Editor Womon ' s Editor News Editors Assistont News Editor Copy Reoders ■..■ ;:iES THOMPSON Editorial Staff GENERAL STAFF Ed Lear Bill Sokolowsky Harold Cheatham Gene Wortsman John McCormock Bill Hunt Clorke Wohl Fronk Anderson Elizabeth Cole Byron Pulley Jim McCormick Ncrine Collar Jimmy Gunter Geraldine Smoyer Phil Sokol SPORTS STAFF Jcck Finkelstein Ed Bender Bob Sponn Jerome Shaw Pete Calobro Joe Baker Bert Scott Ed ' ' oulk Bill Jones WOMAN S STAFF Betty Morrison Opal Haralson Morgaret Ellington Anno Drue Horris Margoret Elliot Chloe Griffith Aline Willis Mory Evelyn Campbell Eleanor Brooks Potriciol Gevers Sorah Schooler Mory Lamont Beth Barnes Betty Redmond Sarah Schmidt Elizobeih Cole Sylvia Wiesel Alice Washington Alice Thompkins EDITORIAL STAFF OF CRIMSON WHITE X HITE BILL LIPSEY LEM COLEY CARL MORRING SAM HODGES DOROTHY WALLACE BAXTER MARGARET BITZ GAYNER TURNER JOE MILLS KNOX HAGOOD Business Manager Advertising Manager Circulotion Monager Collection Manager Chief Statisticion Assistant Statistician Assistant Statistician Assistont Statisticion Assistant Statistician BILL LIPSEY Business Staff G. B. HOLLINGSWORTH BECKY JONES Ernest Nolan Edwords John Morgon Chilton William Sanders Lee Otts J. B. Booth Clorke Wahl Porker Anderson Bill Sokolowsky Charlie Wiggins Poul Solter Herbert Cohen Jimmy Sobel Furmon Baker CIRCULATION STAFF Don raus Assistant Circulotion Manager ' " McMillan Assistant Circulation Monager Mortha Davis -»AMES McLEAN Lucille Hunter George Crosby Barbara Beerbower ' a ' Matthews Russ Holmon I-eslie Susong Mary Pigford Martha Praytor John May Trevor Johns Morion Campbell Mercedito Minto James Grossman Morguerite Newton Jerry Rosenberg Louro Thornton Polly Drew Jeanne Holley Betty Turner Moxine Mobrey Mary Rogers Dot Glister Jock Allen Jean Sibley COLLECTION STAFF Assistant Collection Manoger Shirley Coogon Eugene Lokey Narvin Hunnicut ADVERTISING STAFF Charles Whitfield Horry Lipson George Crosby James McCloin Glen Allen J. W. Adams Maurice Kohlmus Martha Roberts r$t Row: Campbt sgers, Levine, L , m . . . Second R : odges. Hunter, Nevs in, Mabry, Jones, bley. Boxler. Cros- . . . Third Row: sbel. McMillon, Ed- ords, Morring, Hol- day, Goldberg, San- ers , . . Fourth Row: oley, Davis, Adams, Moiling sworth. K»o Schueisler GloDO Ann Terry Howard Silber Howard lawit Corolee Walker Emdy Wotkin J. C. leovall Wade Christian Jimmy Wright Jean Schuyler Jimmy Gaikell Editorial Staff CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Herb ArbitblitI Sorah Schooler Sam Messina Margaret Fancher OFFICE MANAGERS Helen Leepei ART AND PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF Jeon Mooro Cwen McOonold Lucia Jones Bill Tidwell Potsy Gevers ED GINN GENERAL STAFF Buck Bronnon Beth Bornes Horry Bolzon Cecky Jones George Goodwin Bud Swindling Elizabeth Ann Snow Al Catollo Bill Howe Dick Parker Glen Smith Phil Sokol Jimmy Gunter Lulu Moe Evans Don Whitney Jerry Miller Doris Bricc Mortho Roberts Elon Ellis Jock Green RAMMER to GINN BROOKS HAYES HAYNES THOMPSON LEE BAER DOROTHY BAXTER GENE WORTSMAN JOHN FABER ELMER CAMPBELL CLAUDE WCLTZ CHARLES ADAIR Editor Honorary Associate Editor Honorary Associote Editor Monoging Editor Assistont Editor Assistant Editor Photo Editor Art Editor Sports Editor Exchange Editor Seoted: Boxter. Boer, Wortsmon, Walker . . . Standing: Silber, Wotkins, Campbell. Adair, Terry, Woltz. SAM CRABTREE JAMMER Business Staff CIRCULATION STAFF James Nettles Cloro Witsell Lomar Sanders Bill Brooks Sera Werrlwether Sara Brooks Ann Shoe Alice Washington Jean Levy Goy ' e Penny Louise Glass Lorraine McWillioms Eetty Cobb Hottie Fowlkes Kathryn Gay Mory Lomont Lois Thornton Stucrt leBlanc Billy Kidd Jone Shepherd John James ADVERTISING STAFF Louise Hiller Dixie Ho!singer Isobelle Ingram Catherine Glasgow Mory Fox Allgood GENERAL OFFICE STAFF John Chilton Moxine Mobry Jean Sibley Louise Gloss Nancy Sloman Anne Wood Horris Eleonor Huff SAM CRABTREE PARNELL LEWIS BILL LIPSEY BULLY FOWLER WILLIAM SNOW MAX MATTHEWS GAYLE M;LLER Business Manager Honorory Business Monoger Honorary Business Manager Honorary Business Monoger Assistant Business Manager Collection Manager Office Boy Seated: Witsell, Weo ver. Snow, Nettles . . . Standing: Miller, Matthews, Newton, Senders. " A " The first publication thot a freshmon entering the University connes in contact with is the " A " Book, which tells him about the school and his place in it. Edited by John Yeuell, the book which was handed out to freshmen during September registration was the most attractive and informative " A " Bcok yet printed. By the use of this book, one can find out almost anything he wishes to know about the University, the students, and the faculty. Upperclassmen find almost os many uses fcr ihe bcok as do freshmen, for it contains a copy of the Student Government Constitution, addresses of all the faculty members, lists cf all the organizations on the campus, and a student shopping guide of firms in Tuscaloosa and University. The publication of the bcok is sponsored by the Y.M.C.A. cabinet of the University. Staff JOHN YEUELl Oscor Dohlere, Jr. Dorothy Busbee ASSISTANTS M. T. Ormond Editor end Business Manager Harlan Meredith Jane Underwood A ' BOOK STAFF i2 J QUrdW ( c ■ vO HO Xf t i f; STUDENT BODY I •i ■ • s - :V . ' V y% STUDENT BODY... Here is the University . . . where prodigies of fourteen sit in learned discussion with grad- uates of forty-four . . . where shop girls rub elbows with debutantes and where as yet un- discovered genius may struggle through an elementary text with the most ordinary of us. In a sense it ' s the most democrahc place in the world ... in another sense it ' s the least democratic. Big and brawling it is, yet it takes time out for such things as beauty and tradition, and it has a peculiar som,ething that mokes it different from any other spot. We all take our University pretty much for granted, yet when dusk falls across the campus and Denny Chimes bangs out the hour, when the bond swings into the Corn Song after some- one has crashed over for a touchdown, and most of all when the orchestra fades into " Stars Fell On Alabama " , we clench our fists and down deep, something says " good for you, ' Bama. " Behind it all is the spirit of learning. We ' re not at all stuffy, but call it intellectual curiosity or what you will, there ' s some sort of a thrill in slugging it out with a good textbook, there ' s something encouraging when a jitterbug cham- pion can stand up in class and give an accu- rate review of Plato ' s Republic, when a campus beauty queen con write reams of copy on so- cial problems and when our football players can give technical advice on engineering prob- lems. Here at ' Bama we ' re beginning to profit from our cosmopolitan student body. The pres- ent crop of graduates ore vigorous, many- sided, tolerant, and generally well informed. By the time they get through four years of bull sessions with students from every part of the country, with every conceivable accent, with every conceivable viewpoint, our graduates are cosmopolites themselves. bu -r-i; unvis ona Munroe Raissmon overoge up the size situation at ' Bamo This year. University classes in biology, cre- ative writing, radio arts, English, speech and chemistry hove won notional recognition. The faculty is being strengthened and with it the student body. From Walla Walla to Miami, from the largest to the smallest, we ' re Alo- bomians from ' Hhis time on . . . and quite proud of it. 57 STUDENT BODY... Here is the University . . . where prodigies of fourteen sit in learned discussion with grad- uates of forty-four . . . where shop girls rub elbows with debutantes and where as yet un- discovered genius may struggle through an elementary text with the most ordinary of us. In a sense it ' s the most democratic place in the world ... in another sense it ' s the least democratic. Big and brawling it is, yet it takes time out for such things as beauty and tradition, and it has a peculiar something that makes it different from any other spot. We all take our University pretty much for granted, yet when dusk falls across the campus and Denny Chimes bangs out the hour, when the band swings into the Corn Song after some- one has crashed over for a touchdown, and most of all when the orchestra fades into " Stars Fell On Alabama " , we clench our fists and down deep, something says " good for you, ' Bama. " Behind it all is the spirit of learning. We ' re not at all stuffy, but call it intellectual curiosity or what you will, there ' s some sort of a thrill in slugging it out with a good textbook, there ' s something encouraging when a jitterbug cham- pion can stand up in class and give an accu- rate review of Plato ' s Republic, when a campus beauty queen can write reams of copy on so- cial problems and when our football players can give technical advice on engitieering prob- lems. Here at ' Bama we ' re beginning to profit from our cosmopolitan student body. The pres- ent crop of graduates ore vigorous, many- sided, tolerant, and generally well informed. By the time they get through four years of bull sessions with students from every part of the country, with every conceivable accent, with every conceivable viewpoint, our graduates are cosmopolites themselves. ■ " Big Fred Davis ond Munroe Roissman averoge up the size situolion at ' Bama This year. University classes in biology, cre- ative writing, radio arts, English, speech and chemistry have won notional recognition. The faculty is being strengthened and with it the student body. From Walla Walla to Miami, from the largest to the smallest, we ' re Ala- bomions from ' this time on . . . and quite proud of it. 57 TH E BARRISTERS " It was good for old Dean Farrah. It ' s good enough for me " . . . theme song of the Low School is the Old Time Religion, just like the theme that keeps dinning through lawyer ' s heads and will forever keep ringing; theme of " out of the facts the law arises " . . . theme that lawyers hear from the first time they sit in Contracts and hear the dry " that ' ll do " to the time they gaze wistfully out of the window in the last few months of Constitutional Law and hear again the theme, " that ' ll do. " " It was good for Kid McCoy. It ' s good enough for me. " . . . great bunch of guys we have in Law School . . . books, books, new books, wormy old books, always the calf bound books, though. . . . God bless Home- coming, Lawyer ' s one real holiday ... big meeting in the freshman class room the Friday before and election of cheerleaders, then the big game with Mississippi State . . . possible Orange Bowl bid for the Tide, defeat, but what care the Lawyers . . . this is Lawyer ' s Day . . . derbies, striped trousers, Remus playing the organ while lawyers bellow. " It was good for Hokum Harwood, it was good for Old Lord Mansfield, it was good for Cowboy Harrison, yes it ' s GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME " . . . exams, books, books, books . . . lawyer ' s diet of black coffee and aspirins . . . caffeine sulphate and dark circles . . . nightmares, day dreams, sitting in that walnut panelled office of the future or on that Justice ' s Bench, think- ing back of soft warm days at ' Bama . . . tapping for Farrah Order of Jurisprudence . . . Barrister ' s Ball ... big night for everybody . . . Honor System which really works . . . Mavis, the librarian . . . " old time religion " . . . there ' s that theme song again . . . great bunch of boys we have here, but through all the memories looms large the influence of Dean Farrah . . . anxious moments spent in his office while the Dean reaches for a pipe, rejects it, picks up another ... a few puffs, then, " Mavis, bring me his rec- ord " . . . " the law is a jealous mistress " , another theme that keeps repeating itself through the years . . . thoughts about the Law School . . . great school we have, stands with the best in the South, won ' t even bow down to Virginia . . . visits of distinguished alumni, U. S. Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black, Alabama Supreme Court Justice " Mr. Ed " Livingston, an old favorite pro- fessor . . . drinking cokes between classes, loafing in the basement club- room, squatting on those high steps on the first warm day in March . . . watching through the library windows with envious eyes those couples swishing by to the dances in the Auditorium . . . they made a mistake build- ing that Auditorium so doss to Farrah Hail . . . there ' s Remus again. Glimpse of the Dean frying to figure out which pipe to smoke this time . . . just wait till that next Barrister ' s Ball . . . Homecoming should be even bigger next year . . . yep, it ' s a great life. " It was good for Old Dean Farrah, It ' s good enough for me. " 59 ALABAMA ' S ALMON . ' .STRONG. R i MSTRONG BROUGHTON BURKETT BURNETT - I TRAM CAFFEY CAMPBELL fOWLER FRANCIS FULFORD GALLAlEf GRASS GRISWOID THE L A W SCHOOL; CLASS OF FORTY ONE ALMON, COLLINS D.; Moulfon,- Senior,- Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigmo; Farrah Order of Jurisprudence,- President, Senior Low Class . . . ARMSTRONG, ROBERT W.,- Evans- ville, Ind.; Senior; Phi Alpha Delta . . . ARMSTRONG, RUSSELL S.; Evonsville, Ind.; Senior; Phi Alpha Delta; Tau Kappa Alpha; Phi Koppa Phi; Pi Gamma Mu. ARRINGTON, ROBERT PIERCE; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Montgomery; Freshman . , . ATKEISON, W. CLARENCE; Thcmasville; Freshman; Tau Kappa Alpha; Excelsior; Mem- ber Executive Council; Blackfriars; Varsity Debate Squad . . . BANKSTON, HAROLD C; Section; Senior; Phi Alpha Delta; President, Phi Alpha Delta, ' 40- ' 41. BEALLE, JOHN RUFUS, JR.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Tusca- loosa; Junior . . . BEDSOLE, TRAVIS MASSEY; Sigma Chi; Grove Hill; Senior; Fhi Beta Kappa; Omicron Delta Kappa; Jasons; Farrah Order of Jurisprudence; Alabama Quad- rangle; Druids . . . BLAND, JULIAN; Hanceville; Senior; Phi Alpha Delta. BLAND, WALLACE GRADY; Hanceville; Senior; Phi Alpha Delta . . . BRICKEN, LLEWELLYN POWELL; Phi Gamma Delta; Luverne; Senior; Phi Delta Phi . . . BROOKS, RICHARD SEALS; Phi Gamma Delta; Montgomery; Junior; Scabbard and Blade; Tau Kappa Alpha; Debate Squad; Y. M. C. A.; Officers Club. BROUGHTON, ELLIOT POU; Chi Phi; Letohatchie; Senior; Track Teom, ' 36- ' 37; Fhi Eta Sigma; " A " Club; Scabbard and Blade; First Lieutenant O.R.C.; Quadrangle . . . BURKETT, MORRIS A.; Dothon; Senior; Delta Sigma Pi; Beta Gamma Sigma; Secretary to Dean; B.S. Degree . . . BURNETT, JOE G.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Birmingham; Fresh- man. BURTTRAM, JULIAN HARMON; Tuscaloosa; Junior . . . CAFFEY, WILLIAM GARRETT, JR.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Mobile; Freshman; Omicron Delta Kappa; Jasons; Quad- rangle; Reader in English; Scabbard and Blade; Black- friars; National Collegiate Players . . . CAMPBELL, JOHN ED; Sigma Nu; Montgomery; Junior; Blackfriars; Soloist, " The Elijah " 1940; Secretary to Executive Secretary. CARLSON, ROBERT CHARLES; Pi Kappa Alpha; Gads- den; Senior; A.B. Degree; Philomathic; Excelsior; Quad- rangle; Pershing Rifles; Scabbord and Blade; Alpha Kap- pa Delta; Phi Delta Phi; Grader in Political Science; Sec- ond Lieutenant in Officers Reserve . . . CLEVELAND, GRADY G., JR.; Delta Chi; Centerville; Senior; President, Student Body; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities; Jasons; Quadrangle; Board of Publications; Greeks; Spirit Committee; Cotillion Club; Student Chair- man, Artist-Lecture Series . . . COLEMAN, THOMAS; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Birmingham; Junior. CULVERHOUSE, HUGH FRANKLIN; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Birmingham; Freshman; Scabbard and Blade . . . CURLEE, R. GLEN; Wetumpko; Freshman; Tau Kappa Alpha; Fhil- omathic; Varsity Debate Squad . . . DALRYMPLE, WIL- LIAM CALLAND; Alpha Tau Omega; Birmingham; Junior; Tau Kappa Alpha; Y. M. C. A.; Honor Court. DENNISTON, ROBERT PENDAS; Delta Kappa Epsilon Mobile; Senior; President, Farrah Order of Jurisprudence, Honor Roll, ' 36- ' 37- ' 38; Debate Squad; Tau Kappa Alpha, Fencing Team; Foil and Mask Society; Druids; Y. M. C. A. . . . DINNING, WOODFORD WINDHAM; Alpha Tau Omega; Birmingham; Senior; Farrah Order of Jurispru- dence . . . DRENNEN, FRANCIS ARNOLD; Alpha Tau Omego; Birmingham; Junior; Druids; Varsity Tennis; Inter- fraternity Council; Excelsior; Pershing Rifles. FLEISHER, LOUIS; Opeiiko; Junior; Emory Graduate . . . FLOWERS, RICHMOND McDAVID; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Dothon; Junior . . . FORD, RALPH HUNTER; Pi Kappa Alpha; Huntsville; Senior; O.D.K.; Jasons; " A " Club; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges; Assistant to the Treasurer; Quadrangle; Philomathic; Spirit Committee; Cotillion Club; Junior Prom Committee. FOWLER, CONRAD MURPHREE; Pi Kappa Alpha; Col- umbiono; Freshman; President, Freshman Commerce Class; President. Philomathic; President, Druids; Assistant Busi- ness Manager Crimson-White; Million Dollar Band, Reader- ship in Economics; Quadrangle; Spirit Committee; O.D.K.; Jasons; Junior Prom Committee; President Cotillion Club FRANCIS, PAUL; Kappa Alpha; Tuscaloosa; Senior; Phi Delta Phi; Quadrangle . . . FULFORD, ROBERT CLIFFORD; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Birmingham; Junior; Phi Beta Kap- pa; O.D.K.; Josons; Quadrangle; Tau Kappa Alpha; De- bate Squad; Phi Eta Sigma; Druids; Million Dollar Bond; Glee Club; Callahan Company Prize; Honor Court. GALLALEE, JACK; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Tuscaloosa; Senior; A.B. Degree; Josons; President, O.D.K.; Phi Beta Kappa; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Col- leges; University Symphony Orchestra; Arts and Sciences; Honor Court; Quadrangle; Officers ' Club; Scabbard and Blade; Varsity Debating Team; Tau Kappa Alpha; Black- friars; Excelsior; Y. M. C. A.; Glee Club; Fhi Eta Sigma; Classification Committee Council of Clubs; Readership in English; Honor Roll . . . GRASS, MELVYN ENCELL; Delta Chi; Birmingham; Senior; Phi Alpha Delta; President, Delta Chi . . . GRISWOLD, EMMETT O ' NEAL; Enterprise; Senior; President; Junior Class. T A R T E D OPERATING N 18 4 5 61 ALABAMA ' S CLASS OF GRISWOLD, JULIA HUEY, Enterprise,- Senior . . . HAIRSTON, JAMES M., Alpha Tou Omega, Birmingham, Freshmon, Rho Alpha Tou; Druids; Glee Club; Scabbard and Blade . . . HARDIN, JAMES TAYLOR; Sigma Chi; Livingston; Junior; Quadrangle; Crimson-White; Corolla; Interfroternity Council; Junior Prom Ccmmittee; Y. M. C. A. McGOWEN, WILLIAM HENRY, JR.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Birminghan; Senior; Fhi Delta Fhi; Skulls . . . McKAY, CHARLES W., JR.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Ashland; Freshman; Philomathic; Y. M. C. A.; Political Science Forum; Library Fellowship; Physical Science Readership MALONEY, HERBERT F.; Tuscaloosa; Senior. HARRIS, JAMES DOUGLAS; Sigma Chi; Tollassee; Senior . . . HARRIS, ROBERT LEA; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Montgomery: Freshmon; Y. M. C. A.; Excelsior; Honor Court; Scabbard and Blade . . . HAYES, MILLARD BROOKS; Delto Kappo Epsilon; Blountstown, Flo.; Junior; Glee Club; Quadrangle,- Executive Committee of Student Body; Assistant Editor, 1939 and 1940 Corolla ' s; Josons; interfroternify Council; Editor 1941 Corolla; Boord of Pub- lications; Y. M. C. A.; Who ' s Who in American Universities ond Colleges; Classification Committee, Council of Clubs. MARSHALL, JAMES LEASTER; Tuscaloosa; Senior; B.S. Degree . . . MERRILL, FREEMAN GRANT; Sheldon, Icwa; Freshman . . . MILLER, GAYLE HARVEY; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Montgomery; Freshman. HOGUE, WILLIAM LAVENDER, JR.; Phi Delta Theto; Birmingham; Freshman . . . HOWARD, GEORGE PIERCE; Sigma Chi; Wetumpko; Freshmon; Phi Eto Sigmo; Quad- rangle; Fhilomathic; Rho Alpha Tou; Delta Sigma Pi . . . HUSTON, ROBERT KLI NE; Akron, Ohio; Junior; Phi Eto Sigmo; Quadrangle; Spirit Committee; B.S. Degree; Chair- man of Barrack ' s Committee; Phi Alpha Delta; Assistant in Office of Dean of Men; Junior Prom Committee ' 39- ' 40; ' 40- ' 41 MILLER, GEORGE WAYNE; Delta Chi; Gadsden; Fresh- man . . . MILLER, MILDRED; Delta Delta Delta; Gunters- ville,- Senior; Pi . . . MITCHELL, MARY C; Tuscolooso; Senior. HUTHNANCE, GUY THOMAS; Tuscaloosa; Senior; Ex- ecutive Committee; Low School Honor Committee; Glee Club; Quodrongle; Blockfriors . . . HUTSON, JOHN ROBERT; Decatur; Senior; Grader in Business Law; Phi Alpha Delta . . . JONES, GORMAN ROBIN; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Sheffield; Freshman; Debate Squad. MITCHELL, WILLIAM HENRY; Phi Gamma Delta; Flor- ence; Freshman . . . MOORE, JOHN L.; Koppo Alpha; Mobile; Junior . . . MOSES, CHARLES HOWARD; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Birmingham; Senior; Phi Delta Phi; Scob- bord and Blade. KIDD, JAMES MALLORY, JR.; Phi Delta Theto; Birming- ham,- Senior; Quadrangle; President, Tou Kappa Alpha; President, Freshman Low Class; Delta Sigma Pi; Y.M.C.A.; President, Greeks; Vice-President, Philomathic; Var- sity Debote Squod; O.D.K.; Cotillion Club; Phi Delta Phi; Interfroternity Council . . . LEWIS, PARNELL SAGE; Sigma Nu; Dothon; Junior,- Spirit Committee; Druids; Jasons; Quadrangle; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges; Business Monoger, 1941 Corolla; Assistont Busi- ness Manager, 1940 Corolla; Board of Publications . . . LOFTIN, ROBERT LEE; Sigma Chi,- Linden; Junior. MULLINS, NORTON; Sigmo Alpha Epsilon; Dothon; Freshmon; Secretary, Freshman Law Gloss . . . MUDD, WIL- LIAM S., JR; Phi Delta Theto; Birmingham; Junior; Druids; Crimson-White . . . NEWELL, NEAL CURTIS; Koppo Alpha; Birmingham; Freshman. LOWREY, LEONARD, M.; Pi Kappa Phi; Thomoston; Freshman . . . McCONNELL, MARCUS EUGENE, JR.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Livingston; Senior; A.B. Degree; Y.M.C.A. . . . McENIRY, J. HOWARD, Kappa Alpha; Bessemer; Senior; President, Josons; Vice-President, O.D.K ; Quod rongle; Phi Eta Sigmo, Phi Delta Phi, Who ' s Who in Amer- ican Universities and Colleges. PAYNE, JOE LESLIE; Pi Koppo Alpha; Huntsville; Fresh- mon; O.D.K.; Josons; Scabbard and Blade; Quadrangle Brigade Adjutant; Philomathic; Phi Eto Sigma. Druids. Assistant to Treasurer . . . PENNINGTON, J MARVIN Sigma Chi; Jasper; Freshman . . . PHILLIPS, WAITER COOPER; Lanell; Junior; A.B Degree. THE LARGE LAW LIBRARY CONTAINS 63 FORTY ONE GRISWOID, J. itAIRSTON lARDIN HUTHNANCE HUiSON JONES LOWREY f lcCONNELL McENIRY McGOWEN McKAY MAIONEY MARSHALL MERRILL MILLER, G. MILLER, GEORGE MILLER, M. MITCHELL, M. MITCHELL, W. MOORE MOSES MULLINS UDD NEWELL |B iAYNE ■ ENNINGTON PHILLIPS OVER 16,000 VOLUMES i3 ALABAMA ' S REYNOLDS, E. REYNOLDS, G. ROGERS " T SILBERMAN SILIMPERI SMILEY SMITH. C. SMITH, J. STEWART TILLER ilNDElL WADSWORTH, A. WADSWORTH. £. WALLACE, J. WALLACE. W. WALKER, E. WALKER, J. WARNER WATKINS WHATLEY WILEY WILLIAMS WILLIAMSON YOUNG DEAN FARRAH HAS CLASS OF FORTY ONE PORTER, JAMES W.,- Alpha Tau Omega; Birmingham; Senicr . . . PRINCE, JOHN DOYAL, JR.; Sigtro Alpha Epsi- lon; Birmingham; Junior. TINDELL, JAMES L.; Pi Kcippa Alpha; Dothan; Junior Class; Philcmathic; Quadrangle . . . WADSWORTH, ALMA RUTH; Prattville; Senior. REED, JACK CARTER; Kappa Alpha; Tuscumbia; Senior . . . REYNOLDS, EDWARD HARRIS; Fhi Gamma Delia; Notasulgo; Freshman; Corolla. WADSWORTH, EDWARD; Alpha Tou Omega; Mont- gomery; Freshman . . . WALLACE, JOE; Alpha Tau Omego; Birmingham; Freshman; Scabbaid and Blade; Vice-Presi- dent, Junior Commerce Cioss; Quadrangle; Officers ' Club; President, Interfraternity Council. REYNOLDS, GRADY, JR.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Clan- ton; Senior; A.B. Degree; Phi Delta Phi . . . ROGERS, ZACK; JR.; Butler; Freshman; " A " Club; Freshman Baseball; Varsity Baseball. WALLACE, WALES W., JR.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Colum- biana; Freshman; Druids; Quadrangle; Y.M.C.A.; Million Dollar Bond; Monitor in Dormitory . . . WALKER, EPHRIAM BREVARD; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Mobile; Junior. SILBERMAN, WILBUR; Sigma Alpha Mu; Birmingham; Senior . . . SLIMPERI, ARCHIE; Bethlehem, Pa.; Fresh- man. SMILEY, THOMAS LAWSON; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Birmingham; Junior . . . SMITH, CHARLIE MACK; Phi Gamma Delta; Montgomery; Freshman; Phi Eta Sigma; Pershing Rifles; Blackfriors. WALKER, JOE H.; Sigma Nu; Birmingham; Freshman; Quadrangle; Blackfriors . . . WARNER , MARVIN, L.; Kap- pa Nu; Birmingham; Senior; Secretary of Student Body; Scabbard and Blade; Forrah Order of Jurisprudence; President, Excelsior Literary Society; Men ' s Spirit Com- mittee; President, Phi Eta Sigmo; Chairman Classifications Committee, Council of Clubs; President, Sophomore Com- merce Class; Tau Kappa Alpha; Varsity Debate Squad; Blackfriors; Crimson-VVhite; Commerce Honor Committee; Interfraternity Council; Winner Delta Sigma Pi Freshman Scholarship Award. SMITH, JOE W.; Pi Kappo Alpha; Phoenix City; Senior President, Low School; Chairman, Barrack ' s Boll, 1940 Spirit Committee; Honor Court, 1939-40; Quadrangle Philomathic; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Col leges . . . STEWART, LEWIS M NOR; Phi Delta Theto Marion; Freshman. WATKINS, JOHN F.; Phi Delta Theto; Founsdole; Fresh- man . . . WHATLEY, JOHN HOWARD; Birmingham; Senior; Fhi Alpha Delta; Blackfriors. WILEY, LOIS; Alpha Gamma Delta; Troy; Freshman; Pan-Hellenic Council; W.S.G.A. Council; Political Science Forum . . WILLIAMS, W. H.; Montgomery; Freshman. SYKES, BERNARD FARRIOR; Fhi Delta ThetO; Montgom- ery; Junior; Quadrangle; Fhi Delta Phi; Tau Kappa Alpha . . . TILLER, WILLIAM THOMAS, JR.; Kappa Alpha; Tusca- loosa; Freshmon. WILLIAMSON, WARREN JACKSON; Sigma Nu; Pine Apple; Freshman; Fhi Beta Kappo . . . YOUNG, OLIVER, E., JR., Phi Kappo Sigmo; Vernon; Senior; Greeks; Spirit Committee. EADED LAW SCHOOL 28 YEARS 65 s r THE SENIORS A lot of water has passed under the bridgs since that September day in 1937 lor was it ' 36, or ' 35, or . . . ? ' when we boarded that Greyhound for the last 55 miles from Birmingham to unknown Tuscaloosa on rhe banks of the Black Warrior ... a lot of the hopes we had then ha e not been fulfilled, but what is important, a lot of vistas v e hod never dreamed of back in that bus station in Birmingham have been opened to us. A diploma is a little thing, too little perhaps for the amount of work involved— yet there are a lot of things back of the desire for that diploma. There ' s the time we got out of bed early in the morning to welcome the Tide back from their victory over Fordham, and there ' s the time we got a little irked over an article in Collier ' s . . . those things haven ' t anything to do with us, we just came to school to get that diploma and then get out and get a job. Yet there ' s a lot to be said for ' Bama. Graduation time and seniors get a little mellow thinking of four years they ' ve spent here. Take the faculty for instance. Time was when we could have f reely volun- teered to shoot them all on sight, but now that we ' re assured of that little diploma, they seem like a pretty good bunch of guys . . . wonder if they feel that way about us? Come to think of it, they must get fed up on things too. Doc was pretty nice about it when we come in 20 minutes late for two months straight. Then too, he just grinned when Bill went to sleep in class every other day . . . pretty good bunch of fellows we ' ve got in our class. Jock over there has really on interesting life, worked as a stevedore for five years before coming down to the Capstone to study. He ' ll go into med school this fall and make a fine doctor. Charley knocked around newspaper offices a couple of years before he come to study journalism . . . hear he has a job lined up in the southern port of the state . . . ought to be a real crusading editor. Then there ' s Bob. We all thought Bob was stuck-up. He studied all the time, made Phi Beta Kappa and all the honorobles, but we never liked him until the time he jumped up on the balcony in the hotel lobby after the Vonderbilt game and led us all in a yell . . . after that, Bob was one of the gang. You know, it ' s funny in a school as big as this, how many of our class- mates you know. Just looking down the page we con pick out nearly every one OS a personal friend . . . gosh we feel sentimental . . . sure hope they all make good . . . we ' ve never looked at it exactly that way before, but suppose they all have their personal dreams just as we hove ours. Here ' s success to you, class of ' 41 ... we hope that you get what you want out of life. 67 ALABAMA ' S ASIROIM AVERine BAGWELL ABBAOESSA • DAMS, C. ADAVS, F AMATO ANDERSON, 0. ANDERSON ' BAILEY BAKER, T. BAKER, W, THE UNIVERSITY WAS 68 CLASS OF FORTY ONE ABBADESSA, ANGELA; New Haven, Conn.; Home Eco- nomics; Newman Club . . . ADAMS, CLINTON W., JR.; Delta Tau Delta; Tuscaloosa; Engineering; Quadrangle; ScabbarcJ and Blade; Theta Tau; A.I.Ch.E. . . . ADAMS, FRANCES OPHELIA; Alpha Delta Pi; Red Level; Home Economics; Caroline Hunt Club; Blackfriors. ADELSON, NORMAN PERSHING; Brcokline, Mass.; Commerce; Officer ' s Club; Spanish Club; Commerce Asso- ciation . . . AGEE, LEON CHAPPELLE; Whistler; Freshman in Medicine; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Epsilcn Delta; Wesley Foundation; Alpha Epsilon Delta Scholarship Award; A.B. Degree; Phi Chi . . . AGRICOLA, HUGH W.; Phi Delta Theta; Gadsden; Arts and Sciences. AGUILEIA, ENRIQUE PASSIG; Santiago, Chili; Engi- neering . . . ALFORD, JULIUS E.; Montgomery; Commerce; Delta Sigma Pi; Wesley Foundation . . . ALLEN, ELOISE DOUGLAS; Alpha Gamma Delta; Dixon Springs, Tenn.; Arts and Sciences; Pi; Corolla; Crimson-White. ALLEN, IRVIN ROBERT; Kappa Nu; Birmingham; Com- merce; Phi Eta Sigma; Vice-President, Hillel Foundation Blackfriors; A.B. Association . . . ALLEN, WILLIAM G. Dixon Springs, Tenn.; Commerce; Phi Eta Sigma; Druids Quadrangle; Spirit Committee; Phalanx; Junior Prom Com- mittee; Cotillion Club; President, Jasons; Vice-President, Omicron Delta Kappa; Chairman, Commerce Association; Cadet Colonel, Infantry Regiment; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities . . . ALLEY, WILLIAM ABNEY; Pi Kappa Phi; Pell City; Commerce; Quadrangle. ALONZO, MARJORIE ELSIE; Mobile; Arts and Sciences; Triangle; Alpha Lambda Delta; Secretary and Treasurer, Alpha Kappa Delta; Y.W.C.A.; Newman Club; Phi Beta Kappa . . . ALSTON, NETAGENE; Delta Delta Delta; Tus- caloosa; Home Economics; Caroline Hunt Club; Omega; Crimson-White . . . AMANN, JOHN ROBERT; New York, N. Y.; Engineering. AMATO, ANTHONY CARL; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Hartford, Conn.; Arts and Sciences; Blackfriors; A.B. Association; Spanish Club; Newman Club . . . ANDERSON, DOUGLAS WILSON; New York, N. Y.; Education . . . ANDERSON LEON ROLAND; Letohatchie; Engineering; Chairman, I.Ae.S. ANTHONY, NINA JO; Alpha Chi Omega; Phoenix City; Graduate; Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, Mortar Board; President, Y.W.C.A.; Alpha Lambda Delta Blackfriors; National Collegiate Players; Zeta Phi Eta . . ARTHUR, JANICE LOLA; Phil Campbell; Education; Secre tary. Mortar Beard; Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Upsilon Omicron Caroline Hunt Club; Triangle; Assistantship in Foods . . ASHURST, ROBER TURPIN; Phi Gomma Delta; Montgom ery; Fr eshman in Medicine; Phi Chi. ASTROTH, JULIA ANN; Murfreesboro, Tenn.; Education; Alpha Lambda Delta; Kappa Delta Pi; Pi Tau Chi; French Club; . . . AVERITTE, WARREN; Kappa Sigma; Greenville, Miss.; Commerce; " A " Club; Varsity Football . . .BAG- WELL, LEWIS; Joppa; Education. BAILEY, HERBERT G.; Motoaka, W. V.; Engineering; A.S.C.E.; St. Pot ' s Association . . . BAKER, THERON JACK; Delevon, N. Y.; Engineering; St. Pat ' s Association; Phalanx . . . BAKER, WALTER LANGFORD; Kappa Sigma; Talla- dega; Commerce; Quadrangle; Delta Sigma Pi; Wesley Foundation Council. BARBICK, BARTHOLOMEW ANTHONY; West New York, N. J.; Arts and Sciences . . . BARHAM, ALVA VIVI- ENNE; Holyoke, Mass.; Arts and Sciences; Y.W.C.A.; Jour- nalism Club; French Club . . . BARNES, OCTAVIA ELIZA- BETH; Birmingham; Arts and Sciences; President, Senior Class; Blackfriors; National Collegiate Players; Vice-Presi- dent, Zeta Phi Eto; Chi Delta Phi; Spirit Committee; Tri- angle; Crimson-White; A.B. Association; Wesley Foun- dation. BATES, GEORGE LUCIAN; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Mobile; Chemistry; President, Senior Class in Chemistry . . . BATLAN, MORTON HAROLD; New York, N. Y.; Educa- tion; Foil and Mask Society; Fencing Team . . . BATSON, NANCY ELIZABETH; Alpha Gamma Delta; Birmingham; Arts and Sciences; President, W.S.G.A.; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges; Executive Committee of Student Government; Secretary, A.B. Associotion; Triangle; Spirit Committee; Pi. BAYLES, MARY RUTH; Monrceville; Home Economics; Caroline Hunt Club . . . BEATTY, HAZEL PLOUCK; Theta Upsilon; Tuscaloosa; Arts and Sciences . . . BEDELL, HOWARD ELLSWORTH; Phi Sigma Koppo; Huntington, N. Y.; Commerce. BEESON, JAMES; Pi Kappa Alpha; Tuscaloosa; Engi- neering; St. Pat ' s Committee; S.A.M.E.; Tau Beta Pi; Offi- cer ' s Club; A.S.C.E. . . . BELL, MARY HELEN; Dozier; Arts and Sciences; Zeta Phi Eto; Blackfriors; Women ' s Spor! Board; Chairman, Records Committee; International Re- lations Club; Readership in Speech . . . BELOCK, JOHN EARNEST, Rutland, Vermont; Arts and Sciences; Psychol- ogy Club; German Club; A.B. Association. BENNETT, JAMES JEFFERSON; Sigma Chi; Fairhope; Commerce; Commerce Association . . . BENNETT, MAR- GARET; York; Commerce; Triangle; Phi Chi Theta . . . BENNETT, WARREN DAVIS; Tuscaloosa; Engineering; President, American Society of Civil Engineers; St. Pat ' s Association. OUNDED ON MONDAY, APRIL 18, 1831 69 ALABAMA ' S CLASS OF BERMAN, ADELE, Wocdmere, N. Y., Arts and Sciences, Gfodership in Romonce Longuoges; Triongle,- Spirit Com- mittee; House of Representatives; House President; Execu- tive Council, Hillel Foundation; French Club; Spanish Club . . . BERNHARD, CHARLES BONDURANT, JR.; Bir- mingham; Arts and Sciences . . . BERRY, ALICE ANNE; Pi Beta Phi. Birmingham; Arts and Sciences. BREEN, JOHN A.; Pompton Plains, N. J.; Commerce; Commerce Association; P. 5. A. . . . BRESSLER, MORDECAR; Fhi Sigma Delta; Flushing, N. Y.; Arts ond Sciences; Senior Council; Hillel; Officers ' Club . . . BRICE, SYLVIA; Oneon- to; Home Economics; Glee Club; Caroline Hunt Club; Y.W.C.A.; Wesley Foundation. BERRY, JAMES DANIEL; Pi Kappa Alpha; Fayette; Arts ond Sciences; Y.M.C.A.; Executive Committee; Blockfriars; Debate Squod; Baptist Student Council . . . BERREY, MARY DRUE; Selmo; Delta Delta Delta; Groduote; Zeto Phi Efo; Blockfriars; Pi . . . BEVILLE, PETER FRANCIS, Phi Delta Theto; Mobile; Commerce. BROADUS, JAMES M.; Whistler; Arts and Sciences . . . BROWN, JAMES J.; Montgomery; Commerce; Delta Sig- ma Pi; Officers Club; Fho ' onx; Wesley Foundation . . . BROWN, ZELMA JEWELL; Sigma Koppo; Gordo; Educa- tion; Triongle; Caroline Hunt Club. BIDGOOD, LEE, JR.; Fhi Gamma Delta; Tuscaloosa; Chemistry; Comma Sigma Epsilon; Quadrangle . . . BINION, MARTHA; Alpha Gamma Delta; Evergreen; Arts and Sciences; Omego; A.B. Association; Y.W.C.A. . . . BLALOCK, JOHN BUTLER; Morion; Freshman in Medicine; A. ED; Phi Chi BLANTON, CLAIBORNE, JR.; Koppo Sigmo; Seimo; Arts and Sciences; Quadrangle; Y.M.C.A.; . . . BLAUM, ANNE ELIZABETH; Alpha Gommo Delta; Dothon; Arts and Sci- ences; Pi; Corolla . . . BLOUNT, RUBYE PEARL; Millry; Home Economics; House of Representatives; Triangle; Caro- line Hunt Club. BLUE, DENZIL; Hurtsboro; Sophomore in Medicine; Fhi Chi . . . BLUMBERG, LESTER DAVID; Koppo Nu; New Haven, Conn.: Commerce; Officers Club; Phalanx . . . BOBO, ARLINGTON H.; Demopolis; Commerce; Delta Sig- ma Pi. BROWNING, CHARLES EATON; Norwich, Conn.; Com- merce . . . BRUBAKER, VIRGIL DON; Mcnsonto, III.; Edu- cation . . . BRUSS, SHERRARD VANCLEEF; Winton, N. C; Arts and Sciences. BRYANT, NANCY CATHERINE; Booz; Arts and Sciences; Blockfriors . . . BUNN, E. V., JR.; Henderson, N. C; Com- merce; Fhi Eta Sigmo; Delta Sigma Pi; Baptist Student Union; Corolla; Spanish Club . . ' . BURCHFIELD, GROVER LEE, JR.; Tuscaloosa; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Epsilon Delto; Wesley Foundofion. BURDESHAW, SYBIL; Alpha Chi Omego; Comden, N. J.; Education; Blockfriars; Triangle; P.S.A.; W.A.A.; Sports Board . . .BURKE, ALBERTA MARTHA; Chi Omego; Coral Gables, Flo.; Home Economics . . . BURKS, SARAH FRAN- CIS; Delta Delta Delta; Tuscolcoso; Home Economics; Pi; Caroline Hunt Club. BOOZER, WILMER HALL; Dothon; Commerce; President, Quadrangle; Philomothic; Scobbord and Blade . . .BOYD, JOHN McKINLAY; Monticello, N. Y.; Arts and Sciences; Y.M.C.A.; A.M. I.E.; Aloboma Academy of Science; P.S.A. Internotiorol Relations Club . . . BRANTNER, JAMES A.; Fhi Sigma Koppo; Ashland, Wis.; Education; Varsity Eosketboll; " A " Club. BURR. SAMUEL HUGH£ON; Sigmo Nu; Birmingham; Arts and Sciences; Quadrangle; Fhi Nu Upsilon; Scabbard ond Blade; A.B. Association Committee . . . BURT, ALINE WATTERS; Alpha Delta Pi; Pitfsview; Arts and Sciences; Rammer-Jammer; Blockfriars; W.A.A. . . . BURWELL, JEROME ELLIS; Fi Kappa Phi; Casper, Wyoming; Engineer- ing; Commander of Phalanx; A.I.Ch.E.; Z . Pat ' s; Fhiloma- thic; B ' ackfriors; Rho Alpha Tou. BRAUNLICH, EM ' L ALBERT; Bellmore, N. Y; Arts and Sciences . . . BRAY, CHARLES B ; Fhi Delta Theto, Birm- inghom; Arts and Sciences . . . BOZOVICH, JOHN ANTHONY; North Bergen, N. J.; Education; Freshmon Football; Vice-President, Physical Educolion Club. BUTLER, EDWARD BASKIN; Delta Koppo Epsilon; Mo- bile, Commerce . . BUZBEE, DOROTHY; Bessemer; Educo- tion; Caroline Hunt Club; Y.W.C.A.; Triongle; Chi Delta Phi; Spirit Committee; B. S. U. . . . BYNUM, IMOGENE; Alloono; Education. FEDERAL TROOPS DESTROYED THE 70 FORTY ONE ■ " ' tij . ' BINION BLALOCK - GERMAN BERNHARD BERRY, A. BERRY, J. BERREY, M. BEVILLE BIDGOOD BLANTON BLAUM BLOUNT BLUE BlUMBERG BOBO ■m BOOZER BOYD BRANTNER BRAUNLICH BRAY BOZOVICH UNIVERSITY N BUTLER BUZBEE BUNUM 1 ' 8 6 5 } 1 71 T ' ALABAMA ' S CAUTHEN HEAIHAM RENAULT CHRIETZBERG LABAUGH ClARKE RAIG. S. CRANDAU CRAVATTS GUMMING CUNNINGHAM CI.RRIN URRY AIILENE CAR DC N ' LAYPOOl CLENDINEN ' IINKSCAUS T H E UNIVERSITY CLASS OF FORTY ONE BYRNE, HAYNES CRAWFORD; Fhi Gamma Delta; Mont- gomery; Arts and Sciences; Druids; Quadrangle; Scabbard and Blade; Million Dollar Band; Officers Club . . . CABANISS, CAROLINEA CATHERINE; Sigma Koppo; Roa- noke, Va.; Education . . . CAMPBELL, ELMER B.; St. Peters- burg, Flo.; Arts and Sciences; Art Editor, Rammer-Jammer; Crimson-White; Aipfia Epsilon Delta. CANNON, ROBERT HENRY; Alpfia Sigma Phi; Grady, Ark.; Engineering; A.I.Ch.E.; St. Pat ' s Association; Scabbard and Blade; Officers ' Club; Spirit Committee . . . CARLISLE, LALLAH VIRGINIA; Phi Mu; Bessemer; Commerce; Y.W. C.A.; Crimson-White . . . CARLSON, VIRGINIA LENORE; Alpha Delta Pi; Tuscaloosa; Commerce; Phi Chi Theto; Blackfriars; W.A.A.; Corolla; Crimson-White; French Club; Y.W.C.A. CARPENTER, NOEL; Decatur; Commerce . . .CARRA- WAY, CHARLES ASHLEY; ' Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Birming- ham; Arts and Sciences . . . CARROLL, ROBERT BAKER; Tuscaloosa; Chemistry; Rifle Team; American Ceramic So- ciety. CARTER, MARY ETHEL; Zeta Tau Alpha; Atmore; Com- merce; Phi Chi Theta; Guidon; Pan Hellenic; Woman ' s Council . . . CASH, EDMOND JOSEPH Sigma Fhi Epsilon; New York, N. Y.; Arts and Sciences; Newman Club; Spirit Committee; A. B. Association . . . CAUTHEN, FRED PECK; Pi Kappa Phi; Roanoke; Arts and Sciences. CHEATHAM, JESSE RICHARD; Pi Kappa Alpha; Green- ville; Engineering; Colonel, Engineering Regiment; Presi- dent St. Pat ' s Committee; Tau Beta Pi; Jasons; Theta Tau; Phi Eta Sigma; Plalanx; S.A.M.E.; Am.S.C.E.; Student Executive Committee; Quadrangle; Philomathic . . . CHENAULT, LUCILE LEiGH; Decatur; Graduate; Black- friars; Zeta Fhi Eta; National Collegiate Players; Tau Delta Tau . . . CHRIETZBERG, JAMES, JR.; Deotsville; Edu- cation. CLABAUGH, JEAN LESLIE; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Washington, D. C; Arts and Sciences; Chi Delta Phi; Glee Club; Blackfriars; Omega; Vice-President, Mortar Board; Phi Beta Kappa . . . CLARK, BERTHA COOKE; Coosada; Education; French Club; Dance Club . . . CLARKE, ROB- ERT WILSON; Swissvale, Pa.; Graduate; Sigma Delta Psi; Graduate Assistant. CLAYPOOLE, CATHERINE, Kappa Kappa Gamma; Gadsden; Commerce; .W.S.G.A.; .Pan-Hellenic; .Guidon; Omega . . . CLENDINEN, MARION; Gainesville; Educa- tion; Blackfriars . . . CLINKSCALES, RIA JANE; Phi Mu; Montgomery; Arts and Sciences; Symphony Orchestra. CLULEY, CARSON; Springfield, Mass.; Commerce; Com- merce Association; Million Dollar Band . . .COAKER, OSCAR VERNON; Fruitdole; Education . . . CODY, GEORGE REESE; Kappa Sigma; Tuscaloosa; Commerce; Scabbard and Blade. COLEY, MARION K.; Delta Tau Delta; Tuscoloosa; Arts and Sciences; Vice-President, Blackfriars; Secretary and Treasurer, National Collegiate Players; Tau Delta Tau; Officers Club; Scabbard and Blade . . . COOK, STANLEY ALFRED; Theta Chi; Watertown, Mass.; Engineering; Busi- ness Manager, Million Dollar Band; Spirit Committee; Institute of Aeronautical Sciences; St. Pat ' s . . . COPELAND, FRED AMES; Tuscaloosa; Commerce; Treasurer, Delta Sig- ma Pi. COPELAND, REBA; Oneonto; Arts and Sciences; Spirit Committee; A.B. Association . . . COUNCIL, ROBERT HARRY; Sigma Nu; Dothan; Commerce; Scabbard and Blade; Delta Sigma Pi . . . COWDEN, ROBERT WILSON; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Corolla; Officers ' Club. COYLE, JOHN ROBERT; Mamaroneck, N. Y.; Commerce; Newman Club; Intramural Softball . . . CRABTREE, SAM F.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Arts and Sciences; Greensboro; Business Manager, Rammer-Jammer; Associate Business Manager, Crimson-White and Corolla; Scabbard and Blade . . . CRAIG, ROBERT BRUCE; York Village, Maine; Engineering; St. Pat ' s Association. CRAIG, SARA VIRGINIA; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Atlan- ta, Go.; Arts and Sciences . . .CRANDALL, WILLIAM HAR- DEN; Delta Chi; Dora; Arts and Sciences; Blackfriars; Y.M.C.A.; Phi Beta Pi . . . CRAVATTS, WILLIAM; Dorchest- er, Mass.; Arts and Sciences; Treasurer, Spanish Club; President, Spanish Club; President, French Club; Scab- bard and Blade; Officers ' Club; Hillel; Phi Beta Kappa. CUMMING, GEORGE, W.; Alpha Tau Omega; Tusca- loosa; Engineering; Phalanx; Blackfriars; Glee Club; A.S.C.E.; S.A.M.E.; St. Pat ' s . . . CUNNINGHAM, ELIZA- BETH JUDSON; Selmo; Home Economics; Caroline Hunt Club . . . CURRIN, L. W.; Delta Chi; Tuscaloosa; Com- merce. CURRY, BURTON; Phi Delta Theta; Tuscaloosa; Engi- neering; Jasons; Tau Beta Pi; Scabbard and Blade; Theta Tau; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; A.I.Ch.E. . . . DAHLENE, OSCAR, JR.; Delta Chi; Tuscaloosa; Graduate; Fhi Eta Sigma; Druids; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Glee Club; Y.M.C.A.; Honor Roll ' 36- ' 37- ' 38- ' 39; Graduate Assistant, Chemical Engineering; Officers Club; Lieutenant-Colonel, Brigade Staff; Honor Graduate, R.O.T.C; St. Pat ' s Asso- ciation; A.I.Ch. E. . . . DARDEN, SAMPSON HARRIS; Tus- caloosa; Freshman in Medicine; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Druids. AMPUS COMPRISES 300 ACRES 73 ALABAMA ' S CLASS OF DAVIS, BEN DOIslALD, Phi Gommo Delta, Shawmuf, Commerce . . . DAVIS, FRED LEE; Kappa Alpho, Louis- ville, Ky.; Education, " A " Club; Varsity Football, ' 38- ' 39- ' 40 . . . DAW, CARL PICKENS; Montgomery; Arts and Sciences; Transfer Mercer University. EDMONDSON, BERNADEAN, Winfield; Educotion . . . EDMUNDSON, DAN.EL VESTER; Fhi Delto Theto; Birm- ingham; Arts and Sciences; Blockfriars; Excelsior; Greeks . . . ELLINGSON, CHESTER W., JR.; Birmingham; Arts and Sciences. DAWSON, WILLIE LEE; Berry; Education; Caroline Hunt Club; Y.W.C.A.; . . . DEAL, MARY ELSIE; Chi Omega; Tus- caloosa; Arts and Sciences; Pi; Blockfriars; Secretary, University A Coppella Chorus; Alpha Lambda Delta . . . DEAN, DOROTHY DUKE; Chi Omega; Birmingham; Arts and Sciences; A.B. Association; Blockfriars. ELLIOTT, MARGARET LEE; Norfolk, Vo.; Arts and Scien- ces; Crim:on-White; Reader in Journalism . . .ELLIS ELON E ; Jackson, Miss.; Engineering; B ' ackfriors; Scabbard ond Blade; O ' ficer ' s Club; Chi Epsilon; Sigma Theto Fi; St. Pot ' s Association; Transfer, University of Mississippi . . . EYSTER, CHARLES H.; Kappa Alpha; Decatur; Arts ond Sciences; Fhilcmothic. DEAVER, DOROTHY; Zeto Tou Alpha; Birmingham; Groduote; Rommer-Jommer . . . DeFURIA, CARL HAROLD; Alpha Sigmo Phi; Syracuse, N. Y.; Arts and Sciences . . . Di SALVO, MICHAEL JOSEPH; Asforio, N. Y.; Arts and Sciences; Spirit Committee; Vce-President, Spanish Club; Newman Club; Modern Language Festival. Di SALVO, PHILIP ANTHONY; Corona, Long Island, N. Y.; Arts and Sciences; Pershing Rifles; Nev man Club . . . DOD, HALSEY HERBERT; Moss Point, Miss.; Commerce . . . DODSON, THOMES F.; Tuscaloosa; Commerce; Scab- bard and Blade. FAGG, CHARLES ORWiN; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Newark, N. J.; Chemistry; Alchemist; German Club; Interfroternity Council . . . FARR, HAROLD FOX; Rome, N. Y.; Edjcofion . . . FELLOWS, MARY; Tuscaloosa; Arts and Sciences; B ' ackfriors; Y.W.C.A.; Pommer-Jammer. FINKBEINER, CARL ing; Scabbard and Thefa Xi; Buffalo, N. Y.; Engineer- Blade; Secretary and Treasurer; S.A.M.E. . . . FINKELSTEIN, JACK QUINCY; New York, N. Y.; Education; Crimson-White; Rammer-Jammer; Co- rolla; Manager, Boxing Team . . . FINLEY, DOROTHY GRACE; Decatur; Arts and Sciences; A. ED.; Gamma Sig- ma Epislon; Guidon. DOLAN, CHESTER ROBERT; Thefa Xi; Littleton, Mass.; Arts and Sciences; Interfroternity Council . . .DOMINGUS, CAROLYN MATHEWS; Dothon; Education; Spanish Club . . . DONALD, THOMAS CLAUDE; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Birmingham; Arts and Sciences. FINNELL, MARGARET ELLA; Chi Omega; Brewton; Heme Eccnomics; Pi; Triangle; Caroline Hunt Club . . . FITTS, STEPHEN NOBLE; Fhi Delta Theto; Tuscaloosa; Commerce; Quadrangle; Manager, Rifle Team; Captain, Scabbard and Blade . . . FLEMING, NANCY ADELE; Alpho Delta Pi; Montgomery; Arts and Sciences; Block- friars; Rammer-Jammer; Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 39- ' 40. DOUGHTY, MARION FRANCES; Chi Omego; Tusca- loosa; Home Economics; Pi; President, Chi Omego; Pan- Hellenic Council; Beauty Section; Homecoming Queen . . . DOUGLASS, WILLIAM DANIEL, JR.; Alpha Tau Omego; Tuscaloosa; Commerce; Treasurer, Arch Club . . .DRISKILL, ALLEN CAROLYN; Tuscaloosa; Arts and Sciences; Wesley Foundotion; Glee Club. FLINN, JULIA BARNETT; Delta Delta Delta; Tuscaloosa; Home Economics; Blockfriars; Caroline Hunt Club; Busi- ness Manager, Madrigal Club . . . FLURY, FRiTZ J.; Tracy City, Tenn.; Commerce . . . FOLMAR, MARTHA ELIZABETH; Alpha Fhi; Oxford; Arts and Sciences; Pan-Hellenic; W.S.G.A.; Sp ' rit Committee; French Club; Blockfriars. DUDLEY, ELEANOR; A ' pha Fhi; Chicogo, III.; tuu .ohui,, W.AA,; Spirit Committee . . . DUNLAP, NIEL BUTLER; Theto Chi; Tuscolooso; Arts and Sciences; Interfroternity Council; Quadrangle; Druids; Alabama Covoliers; History Reader . . . EBERSOLE, LOUIS F., JR.; Birmingham; Com- merce. FORREST, GAIL, E.; Zeto Tou Alpha; Birmingham; Home Eccncmics; Triangle; Y.W.C.A.; Executive Council; Caro- line Hunt Club . . . FOSTER, MARY; Tuscalooso; Arts and Sciences; Chi Delta Fhi; Girls Glee Club; French Club; Blockfriars . . . FOSTER, THOMAS REDMOND; Mobile; Commerce; Fhi Eta Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi; Beta Gommo Sigma. THERE ARE OVER 6 5 BUILDINGS ON 74 FORTY ONE EOMONDSON EDMUNDSON ELLINGSON DEAVER SPURIA Di SALVO, M. SALVO, P. ODSON FINKBEINER FINKELSTEIN FINLEY THE CAPSTONE CAMPUS 75 ALABAMA ' S FOWLER, A. FOWLER. L FRAZER fURFW ANGLER THE LIBRARY HAS CLASS OF FORTY ONE FOWLER, ARTHUR B.; Delta Chi; Attalla; Commerce, " A " Club; Blackfriars; Wesley Foundation; Spirit Com- mittee; Commerce Committee; Varsity Boxing; Rifle Team; Head Cheerleader . . . FOWLER, LORAINE RITA; Mobile; Arts and Sciences . . . FRAZER, ANNE; Kappa Delta; Mobile; Arts and Sciences; Omega. GLENN, EDITH; Phi Mu; Trussville; Graduate Education Glee Club; W.A.A. . . . GLOVER, GORDON THOMAS Pert Huron, Mich.; Engineering; A.I.M.E. . . GNATOWSKI MICHAEL; Staffordville, Conn.; Commerce; Alpha Kappa Psi; Newmon Club; Spanish Club. FREEMAN, E. RUTLEDGE; Phoenix City; Freshman in Med- icine; Phi Chi; A.E.D. . . . FRITTON, WILLIAM JOHN, JR.; Wilson, N. Y.; Engineering; Spirit Committee; Newman Club; A.S.M.E.; St. Fat ' s; Y.M.C.A.; Cotillion Club . . . FRY, DOROTHY; Alpha Gamma Delta; Gadsden; Education. GOODE, JOSEPH PUGH; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Gaston- burg; Commerce . . .GOODWIN, GEORGE H.; Theto Chi; Terre Haute, Ind.; Arts and Sciences; Press Club; Crimson- White; Rammer-Jammer; Psychology Club; Newman Club; Blackfriars . . . GOUCK, JAMES ALEXANDER; Delta Tau Delta; Buffalo, N. Y.; Engineering; St. Pat ' s; A.I.Ch.E. FURTWANGLER, LEO E., JR.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Evanston, III.; Commerce; Commerce Association . . . GAINES, JOSEPH RAY; Sigma Chi; Bowling Green, Ky.; Arts and Sciences; Crimson-White . . . GAINES, MARY CLARKE; Alpha Phi; Jasper; Education; Glee Club; Caro- line Hunt Club; B.S.U. Council. GRASBERGER, HOMER COOK; Philadelphia, Pa.; Arts and Sciences; Psychology Club; German Club . . . GRAY, JEAN CONSTANCE; Alpha Gamma Delta; Decatur; Arts and Sciences; W.A.A. . . . GRAY, NELLIE; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Fulton; Education; Swan Club; Newman Club. GANNER, KING; Kappa Sigma; Russellville, Ark.; Edu- cation; Track Team; " A " Club; . . . GASKIN, FLORENCE ANNETTE; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Birmingham; Home Economics; Swan Club; Newman Club; Caroline Hunt Club . . . GAY, KATHRYN; Alpha Gamma Delta; Ashland; Arts and Sciences; Blackfriars; Omega. GAY, SAM ALEXANDER; Scoftsboro; Commerce; Varsity Tennis; Phi Eta Sigma . . . GILES, VIRGINIA WILLIAMSON; Chi Omego; Huntsville; Arts and Sciences; Pi; Corolla . . . GILL, EDGAR CARR; Morrisville, N. Y.; Chemistry; Alchem- ist Club; Chi Beta Phi; American Ceramic Society. GILLESPIE, ROBERT WEBSTER; Alpha Tau Omega Rochester, N. Y.; Engineering; I.Ae.S. . . . GILLIS, JEAN Alpha Chi Omega; Andalusia; Education; Triangle, W.S.G.A.; Y.W.C.A.; Girls Spirit Committee; Tennis Team Rammer-Jammer; Sports Board . . . OILMAN, ROBERT J. Palmyra, N. Y.; Commerce; Alpha Kappa Psi. GINN, EDWIN HUBERT; Delta Tau Delta; Union City, Ind.; Arts and Sciences; Editor Rammer-Jammer; Excelsior Spirit Committee; Crimson-White; Corolla; Blackfriars Press Club; A.B. Association . . .GLASGOW, CATHERINE Zeta Tau Alpho; Heflin; Education; Triangle; Y.W.C.A. Spirit Committee; French Club; Blackfriars; Caroline Hunt Club; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universi- ties; W.A.A. . . . GLASS, MARY EVELYN; Delta Zeta; Tus- caloosa; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Lambda Delta; Spirit Committee; French Club; Mortar Board. GRAVES, ROBERT S.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Gadsden; Arts and Sciences . . . GREENE, JOHN HERMAN, JR.; Lambda Chi Alpha; Tuscaloosa; Engineering; Fhi Beta Kappa; Tau Beta Pi; Theta Tau; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Fhi Eta Sigma; St. Pot ' s . . . GREESON, EDWARD OWEN; Montgomery; Engineering; Pi Tau Chi. GRIFFIN, SARAH FRANCES; Theta Upsilon; Miami, Flo.; Education; Triangle; Pan-Hellenic . . .GRIMSLEY, ALVA McGRIFF; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Fayette; Commerce . . . GROTTLE, ALBERT C; Stratford, Conn.; Engineering; Phi Eta Sigma; Chi Beta Phi; Tau Beta Pi; Theta Tau. GUY, LOUIS; Sigma Chi; Birmingham; Arts and Scien- ces; Crimson-White; Philomathic; Wesley Foundation . . . HABRAT, TED RICHARD; Mt. Pleasant, Pa.; Engineering; St. Pat ' s; Newman Club . . . HAGER, THOMAS, JR.; Tusca- loosa; Commerce; Alpha Kappa Psi; Million Dollar Band. HALE, BENJAMIN Fellowship in Physical NING; Birmingham; A.I.Ch.E. . . . HALKA, Education. FRANKLIN; Pineapple; Graduate; Education . . . HALE, JAMES CHAN- Chemicol Engineering; St. Pot ' s; MARJORIE ETHEL; Potchogue, N. Y.; MORE THAN 200,000 VOLUMES 77 ALABAMA ' S CLASS OF HAMIL, JOHN; Troy, Engineering,- St. Pot ' s Committee, A SM.E ; S A.M.E., Spirit Committee, Officers ' Club . . . HAMMONDS, FRANCES LOURENA; Greenville, Education . . . HAMNER, BLANCHE C; Northport.Educotion; W.A.A., Bowling Club; Swan Club. HILL, BERNARD L.; Elkins, W. Va.; Chemistry; Alchem- ist .. . HILLER, EVALYNE; Alpha Delta Pi; Jasper; Educa- tion; Council, W.S.G.A.; Y.W.C.A.; W.A.A. . . . HIXON, MARY LOUISE; Mt. Hebron, Arts and Sciences; Alpha Lombdo Delta; Triangle; Y.W.C.A.; Blackfriars; Interna- tional Relotions Club. HANNON, ROBERT LEE; Chi Fhi; East Cleveland, Ohio; Commerce . . . HANSEN, PHILIP CHARLES; Florence; En- gineering; St. Pot ' s; A.S.C.E. . . . HARDWICK, JAMES L.; Slocomb; Sophomore Medicine; Fhi Chi; A. ED.; Gorges Medical Society. HARLAN, JOSEPHINE PORTER; Koppo Delta; Florence; Arts and Sciences; Secretary, Pi; Secretary, Guidon . . . HARRELL, WILLIAM EDWARD; Delta Chi; Opeliko; Educa- tion; " A " Club; Football; Track . . . HARRIS, JANE CARO- LINE; Fhi Mu; Birmingham; Heme Economics; Y.W.C.A.; Caroline Hunt; Triangle; W.A.A. HODGES, JEAN; Alpha Delta Pi; Hamilton; Educotion; W.A.A.; Y.W.C.A.; Blackfriars; Wesley Foundation . . . HODGES, SAM HENRY; Sigma Alpha Epsilcn; ScoMs- bcro; Commerce; Scabbard and Blade; Jasons; Spirit Committee; Assistant Business Manager, Crimson-White; Council of Clubs . . . HOLLAND, THOMAS EDWARD; Birm- inghom; Arts and Sciences. HOLLEY, FRANCES MORGAN; Tuscaloosa; Education . . . HOLLIMON, GASTON; Kappa Sigmo; Tuscaloosa Engineering; Scabbard and Blade; A.I.Ch.E.; S.A.M.E. Officers Club . . . HOLMAN, AUDREY; Alpha Delta Pi Montgomery, Heme Economics; Blackfriars; W.A.A. HARRIS, ROBERT LEIGH; Delta Chi; Carrollton; Gradu- ate; Alpha Koppo Delta; Fhi Beta Kappa; Y.M.C.A.; Stu- dent Court, ' 39- ' 40; Honor Roll ' 36- ' 40; Vice-President, Alpha Kappa Delta; President, Graduate School . . . HARRIS, ROBERT RUSHIN; Sigmo Chi; Tollossee; Arts and Sciences; Glee Club; Rho Alpha Tou; Greeks . . . HARRIS, RUBY NELL; Fhi Mu; Tollahassee, Flo.; Arts and Sciences. HOLT, JUNE ELAINE; Fairfield; Education . . . HORN, GUY KELLEY; Koppo Sigmo; Vion, Oklahoma; Educotion; " A " Club; Sigma De ' to Psi; Trock Team . . . HORVAY, PAUL; Sigma Fhi Epsilon; Torringfon, Conn.; Arts and Sciences; Crimscn-White. HARRIS, VIRGINIA; Thomosville; Educotion . . . HARVEY, JANE LANGLEY; Alpha Gommo Delta; Hopkinsville, Ky. Arts and Sciences; Omega; A.B. Association; French Club Library Club . . . HASTIE, JOHN M.; Phi Delta Theta Stockton; Arts and Sciences. HOUSEAL, WILLIAM BRADFORD, JR.; Fhi Delta Theto; Birmingham; Ccmmerce . . . HOUSTON, GROVER C; Pi Koppo Fhi; Horlfcrd; Arts and Sciences . . . HOWELL, LUTHER; Chi Fhi; Eutaw; Commerce; Secretary and Treas- urer, Spirit Committee; Junior Prom Committee. HATFIELD, GEORGE W.; Oneida Castle, N. Y.; Com- merce; Spanish Club; Frejhman Boxing . . . HEAD, LEE R., JR.; Tuscolcoso; Arts ond Sciences; Debate Squad; Alpha Kappa Delto . . . HERMAN, MARY ETHEL; Tuscaloosa; Education; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Kappa Delta Pi; Caroline Hunt Club; Secretary, Kappa Delta Pi. HUGHES, CLAUDE; Alpha Tou Omega; Birmingham; Commerce; Million Dollar Band; Concert Band; Alabama Cavaliers . . . HUNDLEY, BEVILY TENEYCK; Sigma Nu; Webster Groves, Mo.; Commerce; Delta Sigma Pi . . . INGRAM, ISABELLE; Zeta Tou Alpha; Lineville; Home Economics; Caroline Hunt Club; Blackfriars. HERRMAN, GUS WATERMAN; Zelo Beta Tau; Lexing- ton, Miss.; Commerce . . . HEUER, GEORGE B.; Forest Hills, Pa.; Engineering; A.S.M.E.; SAME.; St. Pat ' s; Pha- lonx . . . HIAM, JOHN STAFFORD; Wylom; Engineering; Vice-President, Wesley Foundation; Charter Member Alchemist; A.I.Ch.E.; R.O.T.C. expert Rifle Medal. ITURREGUI, MIGUEL SANTIAGO; Son Juan, Puerto Rico; Engineering; Spanish Club; St. Pot ' s Association . . . JACKSON, SHELLYE LOUISE; Kappa Koppo Gommo; Clio; Education; Guidon; Omega; Caroline Hunt Club; Hono- rary Cadet Colonel, Engineers; Blackfriars . . . JACKSON, STANLEY B.; Russellville; Commerce; Alpha Koppo Psi; Captain, Rifle Team. D R . DENNY WAS PRESIDENT O F 78 FORTY ONE HAMIL HAMMONDS HAMMER h:am HOOGES. J. HODGES, S. l-:OLLAND HANNON HANSEN HARDWICK HARLAN HARRELL HARRIS, J. HARRIS, V. HARVEY HASTIE HOLLIMON HOIMAN HORVAY HARRIS, R. L. HARRIS, R. R. HARRIS, RUBY HATFIELD HEAD HERMAN, M. (OUSEAL HOUSTON HOWELL HUGHES HUNDLEY MGRAM TURKEGUI ACKSON, S. JACKSON HERRMAN, G HEUER ALABAMA 25 YEARS 79 ALABAMA ' S JACOBS JARRARD JEMISON JENKINS JENNINGS J08S0N JOHNSON, J JOHNSON, R. JOHNSON, W JONES, GEO. f JONES, GEO. H. KEIPER KELIY KERSH •iNIGHT. E KNIGHT. R. KOMOROWSKi KOZLOWSKI KUBISEK KUREK LAV.B LANGDALE LANKFORD LAWRENCE LEACH LEAR LEFKOV1TS FOUR U SENATORS CLASS OF FORTY ONE JACOBS, NANCY MARGRETTE; Tuscaloosa; Arts and Sciences . . . JARRARD, FRANCELLE; Theta Upsilon,- Mt. Berry, Ga.; Graduate; Glee Club . . . JEMISON, MARY KATE; Kappa Delta; Tuscaloosa; Arts and Sciences; Pi; Girls Spirit Committee; Triangle; Secretary, Council of Clubs; Corolla; Crimson-White; Y.W.C.A. KING, FRANK REGAN; Delta Delta Delta; Huntsville; Arts and Sciences; Omega . . . KING, GORDON; Pi Kappa Alpha; Bessemer; Medical School; Phi Chi; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Gorges Medical Society . . . KNIGHT, ESTHER JOE; Cordova; Education. JENKINS, J. M.; Sigma Chi; Bonham, Texas; Arts and Sciences . . . JENNINGS, ROSE LANEY; Fairhcpe; Edu- cation; Sports Club; Tennis Team; Kappa Delta Pi; Spanish Club . . . JOBSON, WILLIAM EUGENE; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Oxford; Commerce. JOHNSON, JESSIE IMA; Guntersville; Education; French Club . . . JOHNSON, ROBERT G.; Newport, Vermont; Education . . . JOHNSON, WILBUR B.; Vinelond, N. J.; Engineering. KNIGHT, ROBERT ROYAL; Adpha Tau Omega; Annis- fon; Engineering; St. Paf ' s; A.I.Ch.E. . . . KOMOROWSKI, ARTHUR; Vinelond, N. J.; Engineering; " A " Club; Varsity Track; Newman Club . . . KOPACZ, BENJAMIN; Phi Sigma Kappa; Meriden, Conn.; Commerce. KOZLOWSKI, CHESTER JOHN; Jersey City, N. J.; Edu- cation; Pershing Rifles; Varsity Boxing; Spanish Club; Fresh- man Football; Freshman Track; Vice-President, Junior Class; Physical Education Club; Spirit Committee . . . KRAUTH, JUNE; Theta Upsilon; West Orange, N. J.; Arts and Sciences; Chi Beta Phi; Psychology Club; Spirit Com- mittee . . . KUBISEK, EDWARD STEPHEN; Danbury, Conn.; Commerce; Spirit Committee; Pershing Rifles. JOHNSTON, SAMUEL McCOY, JR.; Delta Kappa Epsi- lon; Mobile; Arts and Sciences . . . JONES, ALICE MC- LEAN; Delta Delta Delta; Tuscaloosa; Home Economics; Mcrfar Board; Secretary, Spirit Committee; President Caro- line Hunt Club; Treasurer, Omega; Triangle; Phi Upsilon Omicron . . . JONES, EDITH AUGUSTA; Alpha Chi Omega; Roanoke; Home Economics; Mortar Board; Presi- dent Phi Upsilon Omicron; Vice-President Alpha Chi Omego; Student Executive Council; Triangle; Caroline Hunt Club; Blackfriars; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet. JONES, GEORGE FRANKLIN; Alpha Tau Omego; Mo- bile; Commerce . . . JONES, GEORGE HERBERT, JR.; Sig- ma Alpha Epsilon; Tuscaloosa; Engineering; Scabbard and Blade; Honor Court . . . JONES, KATHERINE ELISE; Chi Omega; Tracy City, Tenn.; Arts and Sciences; Newman Club; A Capello Choir; Blackfriars; National Collegiate Players. KAHN, LAWRENCE I.; Zeta Beta Tou; Gadsden; Arts and Sciences . . . KARTEN, MILTON; Perth Amboy, N. J.; Commerce . . . KAYSER, JAMES R.; Theta Xi; Buffalo, N. Y.; Engineering; A.S.M.E. KEIFER, JOHN A.; Alpha Sigma Phi; Harrisburg, Pa.; Commerce . . . KELLY, DOROTHY; Alpha Delta Pi; Ever- green; Arts and Sciences . . . KERSH, VIRGINIA EARL; Chi Omega; Monroe, La.; Arts and Sciences; Pi. KUREK, JOHN, JR.; Stafford Springs, Conn.; Engineer- ing; Phalanx; St. PatS; A.S.M.E.; S.A.M.E. . . . LAMB, ROB- ERT HILTON; Troy; Medical School; Spirit Committee; Fhi Chi . . . LAND, ERNEST HAMILTON; Sigma Nu; Melvin; Commerce; Quadrangle; Philomathic; Y.M.C.A.; Wesley Foundation. LANGDALE, NOAH; Delta Chi; Valdosta, Go.; Arts and Sciences; Phi Beta Kappa; Josons; Quadrangle; Fhilo- mafhic; Spanish Club; Varsity Football; Trustee Oratorical Prize . . . LANKFORD, FRANK EDWARD; Delta Kappa Ep- silon; Birmingham; Arts and Sciences; Jasons; Quadrangle; Excelsior; A.B. Association; President, Junior Prom Com- mittee . . . LAWRENCE, STACIA; Delta Delta Delta; Fay- ette; Arts and Sciences; Blackfriars. LEACH, RAY D., JR.; Fhi Kappa Alpha; Birmingham; Engineering . . . LEAR, WILLIAM EDWARD; Alpha Tau Omego; Middlesboro, Ky.; Engineering; Crimson-White; Excelsior; A.I.E.E. . . . LEE, FRANCIS E.; Netcong, N. J.; Graduate; Varsity Baseball; Physical Education Club. LEFKOVITS, SAMMY; Zeta Beta Tau; Bessemer; Com- merce; Spirit Committee; Excelsior; Blackfriars . . . LENT, RAYMOND LLOYD; Theta Xi; Hollis, Long Island, N. Y.; Engineering; Officers Club; A.S.M.E. . . . LEVINE, ERWIN ALVIN; Newark, N. J.; Education; Spanish Club; Hillel Foundation; International Relations Club; Psychology Club; Million Dollar Band, ' 37- ' 38, ' 38- ' 39, ' 39- ' 40, ' 40- ' 41. ARE GRADUATES OF THE UNIVERSITY 81 ALABAMA ' S CLASS OF LEVIS, SHIRLEY; Kappo Koppo Gammo; Ocala, Flo.; Arts and Sciences . . . LEWIS, HOWARD IRWIN; Sigma Fhi Epsilon; Washington, D. C; Arfs and Sciences; Crim- son-White, Managing Editor: Press Club; Rammer-Jammer; Excelsior; Newman Club . . . LEWIS, JOHN WILEY; Bir- mingham; Engineering; A. I. Ch. E.; American Ceramics Society, Vice President. McKINLEY, JOHN KEY; Kappo Sigma; Tuscalcoso; Grad- uate; O.D.K.; Tou Beta Pi; President Gomma Sigma Epsi- lon; Quadrangle; Druids; Phi Eta Sigmo; A.I.Ch.E.; Scob- bord and Blade; Officers Club; Rho Alpha Tou; Excelsior . . . Mclaughlin, LEON DURWARD; Blue Springs; Arts and Sciences; A.B. Associotion . . . McMAHON, JANET ANNE; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Son Juon, Puerto Rico; Arts and Sciences; Blockfriars; Tau Delta Tau; Zeta Phi Eto; Nationol Collegiate Players. LIDDELL, ROBERT BARNES; Waterbury, Conn.; Engineer ing; SAME.; IAS. . . . LIGHTFOOT, ROBERT DEAN Alpha Delta Pi; Alexander City; Education; Blockfriars Y.W.C.A.; Coroline Hunt Club; . . . LIMEHOUSE, BEN Birmingham; Commerce; Spirit Committee; University Sym- phony. McMURTRAY, HELEN; Delta Delta Delta; Brewton; Edu- cation; Blockfriars; Caroline Hunt Club . . . McVAY, MARY JANE; Alpha Gamma Delta; Tuscaloosa; Heme Economics, Blockfriars; Corollo; Rammer-Jammer; Caroline Hunt Club German Club . . . MacWILLIAMS, WILLIAM; Theto Chi Wynanfskill, New York; Graduate. LIPSEY, WILLIAM MAYO; Kappa Alpha; Tuscaloosa; Commerce; Business Manager, Crimson-White; Omicron Delta Kappo; Josons; Cotillion Club; Quadrangle; Philo- mathic; Blockfriars; Phi Eta Sigma; Druids; Art Club; Inter- froternity Council; Junior Prom Committee . . . LITTLE, MARGARET; Alpho Delta Pi; Tuscoloosa; Arts and Sci- ences; Alpha Lambda Delta; Wesley Foundation . . . LITTLEJOHN, REIDETH HAMILTON; Crossville; Education. LIVINGSTON, PHYLLIS; Headland; Education . . . LONG, THOMAS RALSTON; Phi Delta Thefo; Uniontown; Arts and Sciences; Greeks; C A.A. . . . LOOS, LETA MARIE; Chi Omego; Arlington, Vo.; Arts ond Sciences; Pi. McCLENDON, ELEANOR; Attollo; Education . . .Mc- CLURKIN, SARAH WHITE; Neenoh; Education; Triangle; Wesley Foundofion; Library Science Club; . . . McCOR- MACK, MARGARET; Kappa Delta; Birmingham; Chemistry; Pi; Guidon, Pi Mu Epsilon; Gamma Sigma Epsilon. McCORVEY, EMILY GRAY; Koppo Kappa Gommo; Mo- bile; Groduote . . . McDonald, JAMES P.; New York, N. Y.; Arts and Sciences; Blockfriars; Crimson-White; French Club; Press Club . . . McGEE, FRANCES GARY; Koppo Delto; Tuscoloosa; Education; Blockfriars; Caro- line Hunt Club. MACHEN, B. L.; Pi Koppo Phi; Alberfville; Commerce; Interfroternity Council; Spirit Committee; President Senior Class; Commerce School; Scabbard and Blade . . .MAD- DOCK, KENNETH JOHN; Henrietta, N. Y.; Engineering; A.I.M.E. . . . MALLERY, M. B.; Sigma Fhi Epsilon; Memphis, Tenn.; Chemistry; Alchemist Club. MALONE, NELLIE MAE; York; Arts and Sciences . . . MALKIN, JACOB K.; Brookline, Moss.; Arts and Sciences; Spanish Club; Hillel; A.B. Association . . . MARIANI, ROLAND; New London, Ccnn.; Arts ond Sciences; Fhi Eto Sigmo; Alpha Epsilcn Delta; Newman Club; A.B. Associa- tion. MARROTT, GEORGE JOSEPH; Indianapolis, Indiana; Commerce; University Orchestra . . . MARSHALL, BEN P.; Delta Koppo Epsilon; Mobile; Commerce; Skulls; Rho Alpha Tou; Officers Club . . . MARTIN, EVELYN; Cullman; Commerce; Triangle; House of Representatives; Girls Spirit Committee; Glee Club. MASON, DAVID PIERCE; Alpha Tou Omega; Sfockfcn; Arts ond Sciences; Million Dollar Band; Wesley Founda- tion; French Club; Pre-Minisferiol Club; Symphpny Orches- tra .. . MASON, FLOYD H,; Kappa Sigmo; Selmo; En- gineering; Scabbard and Blade; Excelsior; Quadrangle; Iheta Tau; S.A.A.E.; I.A.E.; S.A.M.E.; Spirit Committee; Artist-Lecture Committee . . . MATTHEWS, MARY GRAVES; Kappa Delta; Montgomery; Arts and Sciences; President, Art Club; Mortor Board. McKEE, SARA; Northporl; Home Economics; Caroline Hunt Club; Y.W.C.A. . . , McKENZIE, HELEN TERESA; Tus- calooso; Arts and Sciences; Newman Club; Vice-President, Young Musicions Group . . . McKENZIE, JANE; Chi Omego; Monroe, Lo.; Education; Pi. MAULDIN, HELEN MARISE; Alpha Chi Omego; Birming- ham; Commerce; Alpha Lambda Delta; Triangle; Mortor Board; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet; Honor Roll ' 37- ' 38- ' 39 . . . MAYBERGER, HAROLD WOODROW; Astoria, Long Islond, N. Y.; Arts and Sciences . . . MEAGHER, WYNN; Koppo Koppo Gommo; Portlond, Oregon; Home Economics. EIGHT U.S. REPRESENTATIVES ARE 82 FORTY ONE McCLlNDON McCLURKIN McCORMACK McCORVEY McDonald McGEE McKEE McKENZIE, H. McKENZIE, J. ALABAMA McKINLEY McLaughlin McMAHON McMURTRAY McVAY MacWILLIAMS MACHEN MADDOCK MALLERY MALONE MALXIN MARIANI MAROTT MARSHALL MARTIN MASON M.ASON. F. MATTHEWS MAULDIN MAYBERGER MEAGHER ALUMNI 63 jiUMmc ALABAMA ' S MEREDITH MERRILL MESSINA MILLER, O. MILLER. W. MONTGOMERY MOODY MOON MOONEY, B MOONEY, J. MORGAN. E. MORGAN. P. MORRIS MORRISON MURRAY MURTAUGH MYERS OREAR. E OREAR, H. ORMOND WHO ' S WHO CONTAINS e-i CLASS OF FORTY ONE MEREDITH, HARLAN CROSS, Phi Gamma Delta,- Tusca- loosa,- Commerce,- Assistant on 1940 " A " Book; Business Staff, Crimson-White . . . MERRILL, FRED LEE; Heflin; Edu- cation; Vice-President Student Body; Spirit Committee; Philomothic Literory Society; President, Junior Class; Junior Prcm Committee . . . MESSINA, SAM J.; Boston, Mass.; Arts and Sciences; Assistant Editor, Crimson-White; Cam- pus Editor, Rammer-Jammer; Corolla; Spirit Committee; Press Club; Boxing Team; President, Sophomore Class. MORSON, ROBERT BRUCE; Lambda Chi Alpha; Bir- mingham; Commerce; Assistant Editor of Corolla; Druids; Boys ' Spirit Committee; Commerce Association Committee; ' 39- ' 40; Assistant Drum-Major, Million Dollar Band; Rho Alpha Tou; Greeks; Blackfriors . . . MOSES, MARY ALICE; Sigma Kappo; Matahambre, Cuba; Home Economics; Pan- Hellenic Council; House of Representatives; Spanish Club; Y.W.C.A.; W.A.A. . . . MUNSON, WILLIAM; Riverside, Illinois; Engineering; A.I.Ch.E.; St. Pot ' s. MILLER, OLAF; Parlin, N. J.; Engineering; Officers Club St. Pot ' s; A.I.C.E. . . . MILLER, WILLIAM ELLSWORTH Wading River, N. Y.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Engineering St. Pot ' s; A.S.C.E., Secretory-Treasurer . . . MILLS, MABLE DEAN; Tuscaloosa; Commerce; Phi Chi Theta. MILNER, JOHNNIE LEE; Phi Mu; Wetumpka; Education; Y.W.C.A.; W.A.A.; Spirit Committee; Caroline Hunt Club . . . MIRO, BARTHOLOMEW THOMAS; Long Island, N. Y.; Arts and Sciences; Boxing Team; " A " Club . . . MISUK, LEO WALTER; Phi Sigma Koppo; Meriden, Conn.; Arts and Sciences. MITCHELL, BILLY DON; Hartselle; Commerce; Vice-Presi- dent Junior Class; Junior Prom Committee; Spirit Commit- tee; Art Club . . . MITCHELL, LEE LUCAS; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Aberdeen, Miss.; Engineering; Theta Tou; Scab- bard and Blade; A.S.M.E.; S.A.M.E. . . . MONK, JEAN- ETHE WATSON; Nev Haven, Conn.; Education; Spirit Committee; Tutwiler Dance Committee; Secretary Fresh- man Class. MURRAY, GERALD EDWARD; Buffalo, N. Y.; Commerce; Boxing Team, ' 40- ' 41; Newman Club . . . MURTAUGH, RICHARD JAMES; Deferiet, N. Y.; Chemistry; Cotillion Club; Spirit Committee; Newman Club; Alchemist Club . . . MYERS, PAUL F.; Turtle Creek, Pa.; Arts and Sciences; Fhi Etc Sigma; Alpha Kappo Delta; Phi Beta Kappa. NABERS, HUGH C; Delta Kappo Epsilon; Birmingham; Arts and Sciences . . . NELSON, MAURICE CHOATE; Grantsburg, III.; Commerce; Spirit Committee; Commerce Association . . . NELSON; WILLIAM HENRY; Delta Sigma Phi; Gadsden; Education. NEWMAN, HAROLD; Kappa Nu; Birmingham; Engineer- ing; " A " Club; A.S.M.E.; Captain Football, 1940 . . .NEW- MARK, JEROME PHILLIP; Sigma Alpha Mu; Jasper; Chem- istry . . . NICHOLS, MARY ELIZABETH; Alpha Chi Omega; Ft. Wayne, Ind.; Education; Swan Club; W.A.A. MONTGOMERY, VIRGINIA SIBYL; Fairfield; Arts and Sciences; President Mortar Board; Spirit Committee; Vice- President, Spirit Committee; Zeto Phi Etc; Kappa Delta Pi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Debate Squad; Triangle; Tonnont Lomox Prize, ' 39; Trustees Prize ' 39; Blockfriors; Who ' s Who among Students In American Colleges and Universi- ties; Phi Beta Koppo . . . MOODY, MAX; Phi Delta Theto; Tuscolooso; Arts and Sciences . . . MOON, SUSIE FLOYD; Delta Zeto; Livingston; Education; Blockfriors. MOONEY, BURGETT H.; Fhi Delta Theto; Gadsden; Arts and Sciences . . . MOONEY, JOHN J., JR.; Hartford, Conn.; Engineering; Theta Tau; St. Pat ' s Committee; Scab- bard and Blade, First Lieutenant; A.S.M.E.; S.A.M.E.; New- man Club; Blockfriors; Officers ' Club; Outstanding Fresh- man Award in Military; Rifle Team Key . . . MORGAN, EUGENE; Geraldine; Education. MORGAN, PAUL C, JR.; Lambda Chi Alpha; Birming- ham; Commerce . . . MORRIS, JAMES KINSFORTS; Pros- pect Pork, Pa.; Engineering; St. Pot ' s; S.A.M.E.; A.S.M.E. . . . MORRISON, BETTY; Alpha Chi Omego; Jacksonville, Flo.; Arts and Sciences; Crimson-White Staff; Y.W.C.A.; Treasurer, Chi Delta Phi; Spanish Club; French Club. NOBLES, JULIUS SIDNEY, JR., Meridian, Miss.; Education; Baptist Student Union . . . NORRIS, WILLIAM E.; Sigma Chi; Montgomery; Engineering; Philomathic; A.S.Ch.E.; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Chi Beta Fhi; Tou Beta Fi . . . NOWLIN, NEWMAN RODEN; Albertville; Commerce; Blockfriors. NUNNELLY, DANIEL H.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Birmingham; Commerce; Y.M.C.A. . . . O ' DEA, JOHN ARTHUR; Fhi Sigma Kappo; Buffalo, N. Y.; Engineering; Vice-President, A.S.M.E.; St. Pot ' s . . . OLIVER, WILLIAM SETH; Alpha Tou Omega; Ponolo; Commerce; Blockfriors. O ' REAR, EMMA LUCRETIA; Alpha Phi; Jasper; Arts and Sciences; Triangle; Kappa Delta Pi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Mortar Board; Blockfriors; Pi Tou Chi; Madrigal Club . . . O ' REAR, HARRY BARRON; Jasper; Freshman in Medicine; Phi Chi; Phi Eta Sigma; A.E.D.; Phi Beta Koppo . . . ORMOND, MARVIN THOMAS; Phi Gamma Delta; Tusca- loosa; Arts and Sciences; Glee Club; Varsity Debate Squad; Tau Kappa Alpha; Quadrangle; Wesley Foundo- tion. 1 1 3 ALUMNI O F THE UNIVERSITY 85 ALABAMA ' S CLASS OF ORR, MARY FAITH, Booz; Arrs and Sciences; Mortar Beard; Triangle; Girls Spirit Committee; Alpha Epsilon Delta; First Vice-President, Y.W.C.A. . . . OWEN, A. De- BOW; Tuscaloosa; Engineering; Fhi Eta Sigmo; Pi Mu Upsi- lon; President, Tou Beta Pi; A.I.E.E.; St. Paf ' s; Tau Beta Pi Award, 1939 .. . OWEN, DICK; Pi Kappo Phi; Bay Min- efte; Commerce. PORTER, THOMAS F.; Youngstown, Ohio; Arts and Sciences . . . POW, ALEXANDER SIMPSON; Delta Chi; Birmingham; Commerce; Druids, Quadrangle; Delta Sigma Pi; Commerce Association; Junior Prom Committee; Presi- dent, Junior Class; Commerce Committee . . . PUREFOY, J. T.; Sigma Nu; Furman; Arts and Sciences; Pre-.Medico! Club. PANKEN, IRVING; Sigma Alpha Mu; New York, N. Y.; Groduote . . . PARDUE, ALBERT L.; Birmingham; Engineer- ing; Treasurer, A.S.M.E.; St. Pot ' s . . . PATTERSON, CHRIS- TINE; Mobile; Commerce; Gamma Delta. PURYEAR, JOHN M.; Harfselle; Commerce; Fhi Ero Sigma; Druids; Quadrangle; Philcmafhic; Joscns . . . QUINNEY, DOROTHY; Gcllion; Education . . . RAAS, MYRON H.; Cliffside Pork, N. J.; Arts and Sciences; Track; " A " Club; Sigma Delta Fsi. PATTERSON, JOHN WILLIAM; Matoaka, W. Va.; Arts and Sciences; Blackfriors . . . PATTERSON, REGINALD; Phi Gamma Delta; Trenton, Tenn.; Engineering . . . PATTON, MARY ELIZABETH; Zeta Tou Alpha; Tuscaloosa; Education; Secretary, P.S.A.; W.A.A. FENICK, LADIE AVERETTE; Kappa Delta; Tuscaloosa; Arts and Sciences; Pi; Guidon; Triangle; Woman ' s Editor, Crimson-Whife . . . PENNINGTON, HARRY L.; Sigma Chi; Wefumpko; Arts and Sciences; Blockfricrs; C.A.A, Flying, ' 39- ' 40; Officers Club . . . PENNINGTON, MARTHA; Bluntsville; Arts and Sciences; A.B. Association. PENTON, SIMS; Wetumpko; Arts and Sciences; Phi Eta Sigmo; A. ED.; Fhi Beta Koppo; Alpha Kappa Delta . . . PETRY, LOUISE; Delta Delta Delta; Eufaulo; Arts and Sciences; Omega; Guidon; W.A.A. . . . PHARR, GEORGE M.; Chi Phi; Fairfield; Engineering; Scabbard and Blade; St. Pot ' s; Officers Club; Student Monoger Football Pro- grom; Secretory, A.I.Ch.E.; Excelsior. PHILABERT, EUGENIA OLIVIA; Birmingham; Arts and Sciences . . . PHILLIPS, HAYWOOD; Henderson, N. C; Commerce; Fhi Eta Sigmo; Delto Sigma Pi; Corolla; Ram- mer-Jammer; Spanish Club . . . PHILLIPS, JAMES HESTON; Kappa Sigmo; Tuscaloosa; Engineering; Phi Efo Sigma; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Quadrangle; Vice-President, Y.M C.A.; St. Pot ' s Committee; Interfraternity Council; Tau Beta Pi. RAST, HOLT; Lambda Chi A ' pho; Birmingham; Engineer- ing; O.D.K.; Jasons; Theta Tou; President, " A " Club; Foot- boll, ' 39- ' 40 . . . RABON, RICHARD DORSEY; Pi Kappa Alpha; Uriah; Commerce . . . RADFORD, EMMA KATE; Hartford; Education; Secretary, Y.W.C.A.; Vice-President, Chi Delta Phi; Triangle; Spirit Committee; Spanish Club; Corolla Staff; Alpha Kappa De ' to; Koppo Delta Pi. RAINE, ELLAMAE; Penn ' s Grove, N. J.; Home Econom- ics .. . RANDALL, FAY M.; Pi Koppo Alpha; Bessemer; Arts and Sciences; A.E.D.; Quadrangle . . . RATLIFF, RUTH ALETHE; Kappa Kappa Gammo; Birmingham; Education; Transfer from Judson; Y.W.C.A.; Blockfriors. RASBERRY, JOE; Alpha Tou Omego; Anniston; Arts and Sciences; President, Senior Class; Skulls; German Club . . . REEDALL, VERA JANE; Delta Delta Delta; Cleveland, Ohio; Arts and Sciences . . . REEDY, SARAH JOHNSON; Sigma Kappo; Birmingham; Arts and Sciences; Glee Club; Spirit Committee. REICHEL, MAURICE FREDERICK; Koppo Sigm.o; Blyihe- ville, Arkansas; Commerce; Notionol President, Gamma Delta . . . REILY, BETTY VAUGHN; Koppo Kappo Gommo; Monroe, Lo.; Arts and Sciences; Y.W.C.A.; Blackfriors . . . REYNOLDS, MORGAN; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Clanfon; Commerce. PIGGOTT, JACK H.; Tuscalooso; Engineering; Tou Beta Pi; Pi Mu Epsilon; A.S.M.E.; Fhi Eta Sigma . . . PINCKARD, FRANCES ELAINE; Alpha Gamma Delto; Chipley. Flo.; Arts and Sciences; A.B. Association . . . FOLAYES, JACK; Alpho Delta Epsilon; New Haven, Conn.; Arts and Scien- ces; Million Dollar Bond; Orchestro. RHOADS, JOHN LEROY; Reoding, Po.; Commerce; Alpho Kappo Psi . . . RHODE, LEIAND FRANCIS; Hart- ford, Conn.; Education; S.A.E.; Pershing Rifles; Industrial Education Society; Officers ' Club; Newman Club; iota Lambda Sigma; Spirit Committee . . . RIBE, ROSS; Alpha Tau Omego; Birmingham; Commerce. THERE ARE OVER 4 5 MEAABERS ON 8« FORTY ONE ORR OWEN, A. D. OWEN, D. PANKEN PARDUE PATTERSON, C. PATTERSON, J. PATTERSON, R PATTON PENICK PENNINGTON, H, PENNINGTON, M PENTON RETRY PHARR PHILABERT PHILLIPS, H. PHILLIPS, J. PIGOTT PINCKARD POLAYES REYNOLDS RHOADS RHODE RIBE UNIVERSITY FACULTY 87 ALABAMA ' S SANTAMORENA SAUNDERS SAVAGE RICHARDSON, E. RICHARDSON. O. RICHARDSON. E. RICHARDSON, J. RICHARDSON, V. RICHMOND RIKARD RIVERS ROBERTS ROBINSON, J. ROBINSON, L. ROCKWELL ROGERS ROOT RUSSELl RUTLAND )N ■lOfRSON SCIURBA SCOGGINS SFAGARD SENO SERGOTT SESSIONS SMITH HALL CONTAINS CLASS OF FORTY ONE RICHARDSON, EVA THEROUX; Alpha Delta Pi; Jasper,- Arts and Sciences,- Y.W.C.A. Cabinet; Blackfriars . . . RICHARDSON, ORLANDO ASHLEY, JR.; Phi Gamma Delta; Montgomery; Arts and Sciences . . . RICHARDSON, ELLIE; Alpha Gamma Delta; Athens; Arts and Sciences; A.B. Association; Corolla; French Club; Spanish Club; Omega. SANTAMORENA, ANTHONY GEORGE; New York, N. Y.; Arts and Sciences; Newman Club . . . SAUNDERS, ZOE REED; Fi Beta Phi; Birmingham; Commerce; Y.W.C.A. . . . SAVAGE, RICHARD JOSEPH; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Mobile; Commerce; President, S.A.E. RICHARDSON, JENNIE MAXWELL; Kappa Delta; Tusca- loosa; Arts and Sciences; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet; Secretary and Treasurer, Triangle; Glee Club . . . RICHARDSON, VIRGINIA ROSALYN; Alpha Phi; Birmingham; Home Eco- nomics; Caroline Hunt Club; Y.W.C.A.; French Club . . . RICHMOND, BERNARD; Alpha Delta Epsilon; Aliquippo, Pa.; Education; Officers Club. SAVITSKA, MARTIN, JR.; Methuen, Mass.; Engineering; Vice-President, Newman Club; President, S.A.M.E.; Spirit Committee; Officer ' s Club; St. Pat ' s; I.Ae.S.; Barracks Dance Committee . . . SCHEIBLE, WALTER CARL; Monti- cello, N. Y.; Engineering; A.I.Ch.E.; Phalanx; St. Pat ' s . . . SCHNEIDER, VICTOR FRANKLIN; Alpha Sigma Phi; Denver, Col.; Arts and Sciences; Greeks. RIKARD, JAMES F.; Phi Gamma Delta; Frisco City; Com- merce . . . RIVERS, GEORGE; Akron, Ohio; Chemistry . . . ROBERTS, T. E.; Livingston; Graduate; Fellowship in His- tory; B.S. Degree from Livingston State Teachers. SCHOOLER, SARAH YVONNE; Alpha Delta Pi; Port Gibson, Miss.; Arts and Sciences; Transfer from M.S.C.W.; Rammer-Jammer; Corolla; Women ' s Editor, Crimson-White, 1940; Corresponding Secretary, Glider Club; Cheer Lead- er; Spirit Committee; Readership in Journalism; Press Club Award . . . SCHUESSLER, REA; LaFayette; Arts and Scien- ces; Sports Editor, Crimson-White; Sports Editor of Corolla, ' 40- ' 41; Rammer-Jammer; Spirit Committee; Director of Sports Publicity . . . SCHULTZ, GEORGE G.; Philadelphia, Pa.; Arts and Sciences; Tau Delta Tau; Make-up Director for Blackfriars; Glee Club; Ridgecrest Council. ROBINSON, JOHN WILLIAM; Kappa Sigma; Selmo; Commerce . . . ROBINSON, LOUIS COLUMBUS, JR.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Birmingham; Chemistry; A.I.M.E.; A.S.M. . . . ROCKWELL, OLIVER; Fairhope; Engineering; Secretary, A.I.E.E. SCHULZE, LUCILE KATHERINE; Sigma Kappa; Yonkers, N. Y.; Chemistry; Alchemist Club . . . SCHUYLER, DONNA; Delta Zeta; Tuscaloosa; Arts and Sciences; Blackfriars; Art Club . . . SCHWAB, MARIE lONAH; Delta Delta Delta; Memphis, Tenn.; Arts and Sciences; Triangle; Y.W.C.A. ROGERS, EDGAR H.; Kappa Sigma; Phenix; Engineer- ing; Scabbard and Blade; Theta Tau; A.I.E.E. . . . ROOT, WENDELL JONES; Sigma Chi; Addison, N. Y.; Commerce . . . RUSSELL, EDGAR POE; Kappa Alpha; Selmo; Arts and Sciences. SCIURBA, JOSEPH JAMES; Schuylerville, N. Y.; Educo tion; Baseball; Basketball; " A " Club . . . SCOGGINS SUSAN MCWHIRTER; Kappa Alpha Theta; Nashville Tenn.; Home Economics; Transfer from Vanderbilt . . SEAGARD, CURTH LEON; Alpha Sigma Phi; Jamestown N. Y.; Commerce. RUTLAND, WILLA GRAY; Kappa Delta; Montgomery; Arts and Sciences; Omega . . . RYON, THOMAS; Delta Sigma Phi; Tuscaloosa; Arts and Sciences; Spirit Com- mittee; Blackfriars . . . SANDERSON, MELVILLE; Delta Sigmo Phi; Ft. Slocum, N. Y.; Arts and Sciences; President, Blackfriars; National Collegiate Players; Excelsior. SENO, MYRTLE MART; Madison, Wisconsin; Commerce . . . SERGOTT, CLEMENS ANTHONY; Glen Lyon, Pa.; Arts and Sciences; Fellowship in Biology; Transfer from Cor- nell . . . SESSIONS, MARY PAT; Delta Delta Delta; Enter- prise; Arts and Sciences. HE STATE MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY 89 ALABAMA ' S CLASS OF SHAY, ARNOLD LAVERNE, Newton, N. J.; Education; loto Lombda Sigmo; Vice-President, Sophomore Class . . . SHEPARD, JOHN JAMES, Darlington, S. C, Graduate, Wesley Foundation; Student Director of Wesley Founda- tion Orchestra; Teaching Fellowship in Romance Langua- ges .. . SHERROD, ESTALEE; Zeto Tau Alpha; Decotur; Arts ond Sciences; Chi Delta Phi; International Relations Club; Psychology Club; Spanish Club. SMITHSON, NELL WHEELER; Alpha Gamma Delta; Bir- minghom; Arts ond Sciences; Rammer-Jammer; Corolla; Y.W.C.A. . , , SMYTH, GOLDEN BEATRICE; Kappa Delta; Chattanooga, Tenn.; Arts and Sciences . . . SNOW, ED- WARD CORTLANDT, JR.; Fhi Delta Theto; Las Cruces, New Mexico; Engineering; Flight Training; Skulls. SHROPSHIRE, CHARLIE NELL; Tuscaloosa; Education; Caroline Hunt Club; Y.W.C.A. . . . SIAURIS, ALBERT BER- NARD, Boston, Mass.; Arts and Sciences; A.B. Associa- tion; French Club; Newman Club; Y.M.C.A.; International Relations Club . . . SIMMONS, FRANCES LEE; Alpha Delta Pi; Springville; Arts and Sciences; Blackfriars; Y.W.C.A.; W.A.A. SNOW, WINIFRED; Phi Mu; Evansville, Indiana; Com- merce; Fhi Chi Theto; Readership; Orchestra . . . SOOY, BYARD E., JR.; Phi Sigma Kappo; Egg Horbcr City, N. J.; Arts and Sciences; Vorsity Boxing; Varsity Cross Country; Freshman Track; Sigma Delta Psi; Excelsior; Blackfrjars; Greeks; Secretary and Treasurer, Sophomcre A.B. Class; Crimson-White; Ranimer-Jommer; University Press Club . . . SPADA, FRANK JOSEPH; New York, N. Y.; Arts and Scien- ces; Spirit Committee; Newman Club; International Rela- tions Club; A.B. Association. SIMMONS, LILLIE JEAN; Cleveland Heights, Ohio; Com- merce; Mortar Board; Triangle; President, Chi Delta Phi; Treasurer, Chi Delto Phi, ' 39- ' 40; W.I.S.B.; International Relations Club; House President; Treasurer, Spanish Club; Girls Spirit Committee; Council of Clubs . . . SIMMONS, MARY KATHERINE; Delta Delta Delta; Jasper; Arts and Sciences; Y.W.C.A.; Omega . . . SIMON, RUBIN; Bronx, N. Y.; Education; Hillel Foundation; Intramurals. SPEER, ELINOR CAROLYN; Alpha Gamma Delta; Bir- mingham; Commerce; Phi Chi ThefO; Alpha Lambda Delto; Readership . . . SPENCER, ALFRED OTIS; Florence; Engi- neering; SAME.; Scabbard and Blade . . . SPURLOCK, ELSIE; Attallo; Education; Y.W.C.A,; W.S.G. SINGLEY, MARVIN HILTON; Silas; Commerce; Quad- rangle . . . SKELLY, DORIS ESTELLE; Tuscaloosa; Education; Newman Club; Art Club . . . SKEWES, MARGARET PHIL- LIPS; Phi Mu; Bessemer; Commerce; President of Phi Mu; Phi Chi Theta. STANTON, WILLIAM EDWARD; Alpha Sigmo Phi; West Springfield, Mass.; Arts and Sciences . . . STEINBERG, BENJAMIN; Sigma Alpha Mu; Jacksonville; Freshmen in Medicine . . . STENNIS, DOROTHY; DeKolb, Miss.; Educa- tion; President, Woman ' s Sport Board; Triangle. SKURKA, CORNELIUS A.; Buffalo, N. Y.; Chemistry; Alchemist Club; Officers Club; A.I.M.E. . . . SMITH, CHARLES C; Theta Chi; Chatom; Education; Million Dol- lar Bond . . . SMITH, CHESTER ROLAND; Albertville; Com- merce; Secretary, Commerce Committee; Phalanx. STEWART, WILLIAM MATHEWS; Kappa Sigma; Pratt- ville; Arts and Sciences; Assistant Editor, Crimson-White; Press Club; Jasons; Quadrangle; Y.M.C.A.; Phi Eta Sigma . . . STORY, VEO; Pi Kappo Phi; Hector, Arkansas; Educa- tion; Baseball, Basketball . . . STRAIT, MARY; Morrilton, Arkansas; Arts and Sciences; Art Club; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet. SMITH, FRANCES ALLENE; Tuscaloosa; Commerce; Beta Gommo Sigmo; Pi Tau Chi; Phi Chi Theto; Secretary, Wesley Choir; Wesley Council; Blackfriars . . . SMITH, JANE ELIZABETH; Tuscaloosa; Chemistry; Wesley Founda- tion; Alchemist Club . . . SMITH, JOSEPH FREEMAN; Sigma Nu; Birmingham; Commerce; Spirit Committee. STRAKOS, ROBERT PAUL; North Bergen, N. J.; Chem- istry . . . SWIATEK, ERWIN ALFRED; Hempstead, Long Island, N. Y.; Arts ond Sciences; Psychology Club; German Club; Varsity Boxing Manoger ' 38; International Rela- tions Club; Varsity Boxing Squad . . . TATUM, C. D., JR.; Alpha Tau Omega; Tuscaloosa; Commerce; Commerce Association; Commerce Committee; Wesley Foundation. ALABAMA HAS VISITED ROSE 90 FORTY ONE SHAY SHEPARD SHERROD SHROPSHIRE SIAURIS SIMMONS, f. SIMMONS. L, SIMMONS, M. SIMON SINGLEY SKELLY SCEWES SKURKA SMITH, CHAS. SMITH, CHESTER SMITH, F. SMITH, JANE SMITH, JOS. ' SB a STRAKOS SWIATEK TATUM BOWL FIVE TIMES 91 ALABAMA ' S TAYLOR TEDICK THETFORD THOMASSIN THOMASON THOMPSON THOMPSON TOLLETT TOMPKINS TOWNSLEY TRAHAN TRINER TUSON TWEED UEBELHOER UNDERWOOD UNDERWOOD, J, VANN A VINING WAKEFIELDD WALKER. B. WATFORD WATKINS WEAVER COMPLETE COURSE CLASS OF FORTY ONE TAYLOR, EDWIN VALENTINE; Alpha Tau Omega Asheville, N. C; Commerce; Excelsior; Varsity Tennis Team Varsity Boxing; Million Dollar Band; Spanish Club Y.M.C.A. Cabinet . . . TEDICK, WALTER; Duquesne, Pa. Commerce; Alpha Kappa Psi . . . THETFORD, KENNON Boligee; Commerce; Blackfriors; Treasurer, Phi Chi Theta House of Representatives; Executive Council of Y.W.C.A VAUGHN, ROBERT HOWARD; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Tuskegeo; Freshman in Medicine; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Phi Eta Sigma; Druids; Excelsior; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Jasons; Y.M.C.A.; Phi Chi; Phi Beta Kappa , . . VENABLE, MARY ROSS; Phi Mu; Birmingham; Home Economics; Crimson-White; Y.W.C.A.; Caroline Hunt Club; W.A.A. . . . VICK, KIRBY BRASFIELD; Linden; Commerce; Delta Sigma Pi; Phalanx. THOMASSIN, JEANNE ELENE; Theta Upsilon; Bloom- field, N. J.; Education; Spirit Committee; Pan-Hellenic Council; Woman ' s Recreation Board; Woman ' s Student Government . . . THOMASON, JANIE MITCHELL; Birming- ham; Home Economics . . .THOMPSON, HAYNES; Phi Gomma Delta; Montgomery; Graduate; Jasons; O.D.K.; Scabbard and Blade; Who ' s Who in American Schools and Colleges, ' 39- ' 40, ' 40- ' 41; Editor of Crimson-White, ' 40- ' 41. VINING, PAUL C; Delta Tou Delta; Greenwood, Miss.; Commerce; Delta Sigma Pi; Rammer-Jammer; Captain of Bond; Symphony Orchestra; Spanish Club . . . WAKE- FIELD, JOHN ROBERT; Alpha Tau Omega; Anniston; Arts and Sciences . . . V ALKER, BEVERLY; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Long Beach, California; Arts and Sciences; Omega; Spirit Committee. THOMPSON, VIRGINIA; Alpha Delta Pi; Scottsboro; Education . . . TOLLETT, NOLAN; Nashville, Arkansas; Education; Vice-President, Senior Class; " A " Club; Varsity Track . . . TOMPKINS, ALICE LILLIAN; Birmingham; Arts and Sciences; Crimson-White; Editorial Review Program. WALKER, CAROLEE; Delta Delta Delta; Kansas City, Missouri; Home Economics; Caroline Hunt Club; Corolla . . . WALKER, GEORGE C; Sigma Nu; Nemours, W. Va.; Arts and Sciences; Greeks . . . WALKER, JACK DAWSON; Dodeville; Chemistry; Phi Eta Sigma; Chi Beta Phi; Alchem- ist; Philomathic; Executive Committee; Jasons; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; O.D.K. TOWNSLEY, VERNON; Florence; Home Economics; Tri- angle; Caroline Hunt Club; House of Representatives . . . TRAHAN, MILDRED IRME; Lafayette, La.; Arts and Sciences . . . TRINER, WARREN WILLIAM; Alpha Sigma Phi; Cald- well, N. J.; Engineering. WALKER, LOIS ALCIA; Delta Zeto; Huntsville; Home Economics; President, Delta Zeto; House of Representa- tives . . . WALKER, WILLIAM R.; Delta Tau Delta; West Middlesex, Pa.; Engineering; President, Delta Tau Delta; Spirit Committee; Greeks; St. Pat ' s; Artist-Lecture Series Committee . . . WALSTROM, JEAN ELEANOR; Alpha Chi Omega; Grand Rapids, Michigan; Education. TUSON, DONALD BARTLETT; Delta Sigma Fhi; Man- chester, New Hampshire; Commerce; Rho Alpha Tau; Ala- bama Cavaliers; Alabama Knights; Alabama Crimsons; Million Dollar Band; University Orchestra; Commerce Association . . . TWEED, PATRICIA HAMILTON; Atlantic City, N. J.; Arts and Sciences; Honorary Brigade Colonel- Newman Club; Triangle; Guidon . . . UEBELHOER, WIL- BUR L.; Ft. Wayne, Indiana; Commerce; Officers Club; Foreign Relations Club. WALTERS, EMMA ELIZABETH; Waynesboro, Georgia; Chemistry; Chi Beta Phi; Alchemist . . . WALTON, KATH- ERINE STUART; Alpha Chi Omega; Birmingham; Educa- tion; Spirit Committee . . . WASSON, WILLIAM H.; Phi Sigma Koppo; Pittsburg, Pa.; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Delta Psi; Blackfriors; Excelsior; Greeks; Million Dollar Band; Tau Delta Tou; Quadrangle. UNDERWOOD, GRANT; Richeyville, Pa.; Arts and Sci- ences . . . UNDERWOOD, JANE; Kappa Kappa Gammo; Andalusia; Arts and Sciences; Tau Kappa Alpha; Manager, Womens Debate Squad . . . VANN, BETTY; Mobile; Edu- cation; French Club; Spanish Club; Y.W.C.A. WATFORD, WALTER HANSFORD; Pi Kappa Alpha; Dothan; Commerce; Blackfriors; Y.M.C.A.; Excelsior . . . WATKINS, LURITA AGNES; Meridian, Miss.; Education; Blackfriors; W.S.G.A.; Assistant Instructor in Art; Spanish Club; Art Club; Chi Delta Phi; Glee Club . . . WEAVER, BEN HOWARD; Double Springs; Arts and Sciences. I N RADIO ARTS I S OFFERED HERE 93 ALABAMA ' S CLASS OF WEBB, CHARLES CARR, Phi Delta Theta, Uniontown Commerce . . . WEBB, HENRY W.; Sigmo Nu; Demopolis, Arts ond Sciences; Arch Club . . . WEBB, MARY YOUNG Alpha Gommo Delta,- Morion,- Arts and Sciences,- Pi Y.W.C.A.; A.B. Associotion. WILLIAMS, PHILLIP C; Delfo Tou Delto, Norwalk, Ohio; Commerce, Officers ' Club . . . WILLIAMS, ROY WILLIAM- SON; Pi Kappa Phi; Kinston; Arts and Sciences . . . WIL- LIAMS, THOMAS HARRIS; Morion; Freshman in Medicine; Fhi Chi; A. ED.; Phi Beta Koppo. WERNER, ROBERT GOTTLIEB; Cullman; Commerce; Delto Sigmo Pi . . . WEST, WAYNE; Parrish; Engineering; A.I.M.E.; Blockfriors; St. Pot ' s Association; Secretory A.I.M.E. . . . WHALEN, JAMES FRANCIS, JR.; Buffalo, New York; Arts and Sciences; Golf Team; Newmon Club WILLMORE, CHARLES EDWARD; Alpha Sigma Fhi; New Kensington, Pa.; Engineering . . . WILSON, ADA CRAW- FORD; Sigma Koppo; Ploinfield, N. J.; Educotion . . . WILSON, JAMES NASH; Sigmo Chi; Mount Hebron; Chem- istry; Alchemist. WHEAT, A. ARNOLD, Northport; Arts and Sciences . . . WHITE, CLAUDE ALBERTS; Pi Koppo Phi; Tallahassee, Flo.; Engineering; I.Ae.S.; St. Pat ' s . . . WHITE, ELIZABETH; Urioh; Education; Y.W.C.A,; Tronsfer from Judson. WHITE, MALLIE; Koppo Kappa Gommo; Birminghom; Arts ond Sciences; Art Club; Swon Club; Glee Club . . . WHITE, MARY ADELAIDE; Chi Omego; Centerville, Miss.; Home Economics . . . WHITLEY, ELTON C, JR.; Alb ertville; Engineering; Secretary, Tou Beta Pi; Theto Tou; Gommo Sigma Epsilon; A.I.Ch.E.; Vice-President, Junior Class. WIGENT, RICHARD L., Delta Sigmo Phi; Wayne, Ind.; Commerce; Foreign Relations Club; Newman Club . . . WIKLE, JESSE O., JR.; Koppo Sigmo; Madison; Arts and Sciences . . . WILKINSON, DORA; Kappo Delta; Selmo; Education; Omega. WINDHAM, RUTH; Tuscolooso; Education . . . WOHL- FERTH, HARRY CHRISTOPHER; BIcomfield, N. J.; Chem- istry; Alchemist Club . . . WOOD, LEIGHTON CHRISTO- PHER; Fhi Gamma Delto; Washington, D. C; Commerce; Tennis Teom. WOODLEY, ROBERT HAROLD; Alpho Tou Omego; Tus- caloosa; Commerce . . . WOODRUFF, FRANCES NELSON; Delta Delta Delta; Tuscaloosa; Arts and Sciences; Omego; Blockfriors; W.A.A. . . . WRIGHT, HAIG; Guin; Arts ond Sciences. YARBROUGH, RUPERT HAROLD; Albertville; Groduote; Footboll; Glee Club; Y.M.C.A.; B.S.U.; Pi Mu Epsilon; Phi Delto Koppo; Teaching Fellowship in Mothemotics . . . YEUELL, JOHN C; Delta Chi; Tuscolooso; Groduote; Fhi Beta Koppo; Josons; Who ' s Who in Americon Colleges ond Universities; Alobomo Quadrangle; Vice-President, Y.M.C.A.; Phi Eto Sigmo; Choirman, Student Court; Ex- ecutive Committee of Student Body; Fhi Delta Koppo; Koppo Delta Pi; Glee Club; Blockfriors; Crimson-White; President, Stote Presbyterion Student Association; Editor and Business Manager, " A " Book; Interfroternity Council . . . YOUNG, CECIL H., JR.; Delta Koppo Epsilon; Annls- ton; Commerce; Rho Alpha Tou; Druids; Commerce Honor Court; Million Dollar Bond; Quodrongle; Spirit Committee; Commerce Association Committee; Junior Prom Committee Cotillion Club. WILBANKS, ALICE; Alpho Gommo Delta; Alexander City; Commerce; Phi Chi Theto . . . WILLIAMS, DAN S.; Tuscolooso; Arts and Sciences; President, Baptist Student Union; Sponish Club; Radio Club; Internotionol Relotions Club . . . WILLIAMS, KENNEDY; Phi Koppo Sigmo; Rus- sellville; Arts and Sciences; Greeks. YOUNG, NANCY LOUISE; Oneonto; Educotion; Coro- line Hunt Club; Triangle; Spirit Committee; Y.W.C.A. . . . ZACHER, HOWARD LESLIE; Sigma Chi; Chicago, III.; Arts ond Sciences; Crimson-White; Wesley Players . . . ZAR- ROW, BERNARD L.; Phi Sigmo Delta; Albony, N. Y.; Com- THERE ARE NOW OVER 15 COEDS 94 FORTY ONE WHITE, MALLIE WHITE, MARY WIGENT WILKINSON WILBANKS WILLIAMS, D. WILLIAMS, K. WILLIAMS. P. WILLIAMS, R. WILLIAMS, T. WILLMORE WILSON, A WILSON, J, WINDHAM WOHLFERTH WOOD WOODLEY WOODRUFF WRIGHT YARBROLJGH YEUELL YOUNG, C YOUNG, N. ZACHER ZARROW ENROLLED AT ALABAMA 95 X c « THE UNDERGRADUATES The average undergraduate is a curious person. If this undergraduate is male, he has formed a set of habits before he has been long at ' Boma. For instance, he of necessity studies during Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (with time out for coke dates in the afternoons, and a date one of the nights) . . . but on Friday his life begins, for it ' s then he slips on tails or tux and takes in a fraternity formal ... on Saturday nights he has a date until 10:45 and then meets the boys in the Supe Store and hurries down town for the midnight show . . . Sunday mornings he alternately sleeps late or goes to church, then a date for noon meal and a stroll around the campus ... if the girl is extra special, she rotes a dinner that evening at the McLester . . . steak or seafood. The overage undergraduate hates eight o ' clocks but has one three days a week, signs up for the Corolla in September, hongs around Friday afternoon for his copy of the Crimson- White and turns first thing to the gossip column ... is embarrassed when his name is mentioned, but a little disappointed if it isn ' t . . . subscribes to the Rammer-Jammer and gets a kick out of the campus maps. If he ' s from Alabama, he likes grits, if he ' s a Yankee, he detests grits and never learns to eat rice without cream and sugar ... he roots for the Crimson Tide and would like to see on Alabama-Auburn game ... he reads Esquire when- ever he gets a chance, attends most of the Blockfrior ploys and belongs to a couple of activity organizations . . . lives in one of the new dorms and still calls them A, B, C, D, E, or F instead of the fancy monikers on the brass plates. He takes Philosophy for a crip course and breathes a sigh of relief when he comes out with a C . . . hates standing in line ond writes letters to the editor suggesting remedies, decides to quit crusading and meekly stands in line the rest of the yeor to get his moil, register, pay fees, and to go to the show on Sunday afternoons . . . dates a girl undergraduate in one of the dormitories who reads Vogue occasionally, belongs to Black- friors and is trying to make her grades to be initiated into the sorority of her choice . . . she ' s against America ' s entrance into the war, but thinks something should be done about those Nazis . . . tells our mole under- graduate he ' s at the head of her list, but dotes four other fellows regularly . . . and gets away with it . . . eats approximately one-third of her meals at some fraternity house ... is out for her three actvities and hongs around the publications offices twice o week . . . likes knee-length socks, but is afraid to wear them unless someone else does . . . goes out for the glee club . . . gets a rush at the dances and never moves three feet from the same spot on the floor all night . . . goes to P. O. for her moil 29 times a day and rotes a dote at Auburn or Tech once a semester. Here they ore then, their activities ore varied, but for the most port they ' re a smooth, alert, good-looking bunch of undergrods ... in a few years they ' ll bs back home, solid, respectoble Elks, Rotarians, and Democrats. 97 ABERNATHY ABRAHAM ACKERMAN ACTON ADAIR ADAMS, D. M. ADAMS. J. W. ADDISON ADLER, D. DLER, J. ADLER. L.J. AIRHEART ALBRIGHT ALDERDICE ALEXANDER ALLEN, A. ALLEN. E. ALLEN. L. ALLEN, N. ALLERS ALLGOOD ALLISON LOIS ALSTED ALTOBELL ALVAREZ AMBROSE AML.NDSON ANDERSON. C. ANDERSON. J. ANDERSON. R. ANDERSON. W. ANDES ARMSTRONG. G ARMSTRONG. R ARRINGTON ARTHUR AUSTIN AVANT AYRES BABBIT BADHAM BAER BAHAKEL BAILEY BAKER BALL BALZAN BANKS BARNARD BARNES. J. R. BARNES. JNO. R. BARNHILL BARTLETT ALABAMA ' S UNDERGRADUATES ABERNATHY, RUTH; Tusco ooso, Junior in Education . . . ABRAHAM, JACK WALTER, JR.; Delto Chi; Rullond, Vt.; Junior in Arts and Sciences; Newman Club . . . ACKERMANN, KENNETH GEORGE; Phi Sigma Koppo; Berwyn, III.; Freshman in Engineering . . . ACTON, RAY; Phi Gamma Delta; Birminghom; Sophomore in Arts and Sc ences; Baseball Manager . . . ADAIR, CHARLES ROBERT, JR.; Delto Tou Delta; Narrows, Va.; Junior in Commerce; Crimson-White; Corolla; Rommer-Jommer; Rho Alpho Tou; Quadrangle; Excelsior Literary Society; Greeks; Blackfriars; Interfroternity Council; Spirit Committee . . . ADAMS, DOROTHY MAY; Delta Delta Delta; Birmingham; Junior in Arts ond Sciences; Pi; Glee Club; A Cappella Choir, ADAMS, J. W.; Koppo Alpha; Shreveport, Lo.; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; President, Phi Eta Sigma; Philomathic; Crimson-White; A.B. Associotion . . . ADDISON, EXINE ELIZABETH; Alpha Phi; Jasper; Junior in Arts and Sciences; Alpha Lambda Delta; French Club; Y.W.C.A.; Blockfriors . . . ADLER, DONALD HELD; Zeto Beta Tau; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; Meridian, Miss. . . . ADLER, JULES L.; Phi Sigma Delta; Chicago, III.; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; Hillel; A.B. Association . . . ADLER, LOUIS JAMES; Kappa Alpha; Mobile; Freshman in Commerce . . . AIRHEART, RUTH; Alpha Delta Pi; Scotts- boro; Junior in Education. ALBRIGHT, THOMES COLEMAN; Alpha Tou Omega; Tuscaloosa; Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . ALDERDICE, GEORGE W.; Ham- burg, N. Y.; Junior in Engineering; Wesley Foundation . . . ALEXAN- DER, ROBERT E., II; Phi Sigmo Koppo; Flora, III.; Sophomore in Arts ond Sciences . . . ALLEN, ANNA MARIE; Biloxi, Miss.; Junior in Commerce . . . ALLEN, ERIC CHESLEY, JR.; Sigma Chi; Ashland; Junior in Engineering . . . ALLEN, GLENN LUMAN, JR.; Sigma Chi; Tusca- loosa; Arts and Sciences; Freshman, ALLEN, NAT; Quincy, III.; Junior in Arts ond Sciences . . . ALLERS, ARTHUR W.; Delta Sigma Phi; West Englewood, N. J.; Junior in Engineering . . . ALLGOOD, MARY FOX; Alpha Delta Pi; Alexandria, Vo.; Junior in Arts and Sciences; Blackfriors; Crimson-White, Rammer- Jammer . . . ALLISON, SHIRLEY FRANCES; Bellamy; Sophomore in Commerce . . . ALOIS, ALFRED FRANCIS; Schenectady, N. Y.; Freshman in Engineering; Newman Club; Freshman Football . . . ALSTED, WIL- LIAM; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Truesdatl, Wis.; Sophomore in Engineering; Pershing Rifles. Y. W. C. A. . . . ANDERSON, CHARLES LOUIS; Theto Xi; East Orange. N. J.; Junior in Education . . . ANDERSON, JOAN; Alpha Phi; Peoria, III.; Freshmon in Arts and Sciences; Y.W.C.A.; Newman Club; Rammer- Jammer; Crimson-White. ANDERSON, REID; Theto Chi; Orange, Mass.; Junior in Arts ond Sciences . . . ANDERSON, WILDA; Vandergrilt, Po.; Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . ANDES, HARRY; Vondergrift, Pa.; Sophomore in Engineering; Million Dollar Band . . . ARMSTRONG, GEORGE WILLIAM; Lambda Chi Alpha; Evonston, 111.; Freshman in Arts and Sciences; Band; Blackfriars . . . ARMSTRONG, ROBERT K.; Fhi Sigma Koppo; Reading, Pa.; Sophomore in Commerce; Pershing Rifles; Million Dollar Bond . . . ARRINGTON, RICHARD H.; Phi Gamma Delto; Montgomery; Junior in Commerce. ARTHUR, RETTA JANE; Foyette; Freshman in Arts and Sciences; Wesley Foundation; Y.W.C.A. . . . AUSTIN, T. LOUIS; Phi Gommo Delta; Trenton, Tenn.; Junior in Engineering; Theto Tou; A.I.M.E.; St. Pot ' s . . . AVANT, WILLIAM W.; Koppo Sigmo; Andalusia; Freshmon in Engineering . . . AYRES, HARRIETT; Delta Delta Delta; Columbia, Tenn.; Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . BABBITT, WALTER HOWARD; Belleview, N. J.; Junior in Commerce . . . BADHAM; HENRY LEE; Delta Koppo Epsilon; Birmingham; Freshman in Engineering. BAER, LEE WOLLNER; Wheeling, W. Vo.; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; Excelsior Literary Society, Chairman Radio Committee; Black- friars; Men ' s Spirit Committee; Corolla; Rammer-Jammer; University News Bureau; Million Dollar Band; University Symphony Orchestra; Press Club . . . BAHAKEL, CY NESIBE; Birmingham; Junior in Arts and Sciences; President, Tou Koppo Alpha; Debate Squad; Pershing Rifles; Excelsior; Newman Club . . . BAILEY, JOHN D.; Lambda Chi Alpha; America; Sophomore in Commerce; Y.M.C.A.; Rho Alpha Tou; Inter- froternity Council; President, Freshman Class; Corolla; Rommer-Jommer . . . BAKER, FURMAN JAMES, JR.; Fhi Comma Delta; Eufoulo; Fresh- man in Commerce . . . BALL, HERBERT LEROY; Alpha Sigmo Phi; North Hampton, Mass.; Freshman in Engineering . . . BALZAN, HARRY LEO; Sharon, Pa.; Sophomore in Commerce; Phi Eta Sigma. ALTOBELL, LOUIS DOMONIC; Rutland, Vt.; Sophomore in Arts ond Sciences . . . ALVAREZ, JAMES JOSEF H, JR.; Delta Koppo Epsilon; Mobile; Junior in Commerce; Corolla Assistant Business Monoger; Interfroternity Council . . . AMBROSE, KATHLEEN; Ccnterville; Fresh- man in Home Economics . . . AMUNDSON, JANET CAROL; Phi Mu; Forbes, Minn.; Junior in Home Economics; Coroline Hunt Club; BANKS, JAMES EDWARD; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Eutow; Sophomore in Commerce; Phi Eta Sigmo . . . BARNARD, WILLIAM STEVEN; Sigmo Nu; Enterprise; Sophomore in Arts ond Sciences; Y.M.C.A.; Concert Bond . . . BARNES, J. RAWDON; Montgomery; Freshmon in Arts ond Sciences; Pershing Rifles . . . BARNES, JOHN R.; Emporium, Po.; Freshman in Engineering; Blackfriars; St. Pot ' s . . . BARNHILL, BETTY; Sigma Koppo; Wilmington, Del.; Sophomore in Education; Spirit Committee . . . BARTLETT, CAROLINE; Koppo Delta; Birminghom; Fresh- mon in Arts and Sciences; Pi; Corolla Stoff; Sports Club. N N E T E E N O R T Y ONE 99 ALABAMA ' S UNDERGRADUATES BARTOW. BRADLEY, Cello Chi, Woterbury, Conn., Junior in Com- merce Oello Sigmo P., Quodrongle . . . BATCHELOR. HELEN EDNA. Aberdeen. N. C, Fteihmon in Educotion . . . BATES. CAROLYN, Alpha Gemma Delta; Dothan,- Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; Glee Club; A.B. Associolion; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet; Wesley Foundation . . . BATES. LUCY PRUDE; Zeta Tou Alpho; Tuscaloosa; Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . BATES, WINSLEY; Sigma Chi; Tuscaloosa; Freshman in Chemistry . . . BAUER, JAMES EARL; Decatur; Junior in Engineering; Advanced C.A.A.; Glider Club; St. Pat ' s. BAXLEY, MARY FAY; Gulfport, Miss.; Freshman in Arts and Sciences; Y. W. C. A.; Wesley Foundation; Wesley Choir; Blackfriars . . . BAXTER, DOROTHY WALLACE; Alpha Delta Pi; Atlonto. Go.; Junior in Arts ond Sciences; Treasurer. Art Club; Corolla; Glee Club; A Capella Chorus; Crimson-White; Reader in English Deportment; Rom- merjommer. Assistant Editor; President, Alpho Delto Pi; BEALL. KATHLEEN; Alpha Chi Omego; Wesson. Miss.; Junior in Education . . . BEAN. JACK M.; Hortselle; Sophomore in Engineering; Druids . . . BECK, RUTH MARIE; Sigma Kappo; Drexel Hill. Po.; Freshman in Educotion . . . BECKWITH, BILLY; Sigmo Alpho Epsilon; Birminghom; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; Y.M.C.A.; Crimson-White. EEDSOLE. JOSEPH LINYER, JR.; Sigmo Chi; Mobile; Sophomore ir Commerce; Philomothic . . . BEELAND. REBECCA; Koppo Delta; Green- ville; Junior in Arts ond Sciences; Pi . . . BEGGS. LEXIE ODESSA; Zeto Tau Alpha; Tuscumbio; Sophomore in Commerce; Blackfriars; Y.W.C.A. Coll Club . . . BENDER. MIRANDA R.; Dothon; Sophomore in Home Economics; International Relations Club; Coroline Hunt Club; Spanish Club; Junior Council Hillel . . . BENDER. RICHARD J.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Atlonto. Go.; Sophomore in Commerce . . . BENENSON, HAROLD A.; Atmore; Sophomore in Commerce. BENNETT, KAY ANNE; Theto Upsilon; Chipley, Flo.; Junior in Arts ond Sciences; Transfer from Judso.i . . . BENNETT. WILLIAM C; Sharpsville, Pa.; Freshman in Chem.stry; Alchemist . . . BENSON, JOHN C; Phi Kappa Signio; Ithaca. N, Y.; Sophomore in Commerce Blocklriors . . . BERGBAUER. URBAN C; Theto Chi. Horvey, III.; Sophomore in Commerce . . . BERINGER. ARTHUR. Zeto Beto Tou; Montgomery; Junior in Commerce; Y.M.C.A. . . , BERKE. ELAINE MUR- IEL; Sigma Delta Tou; Cleveland, Ohio; Junior in Arts and Sciences; Chi Delta Phi. til ■ in ' I ' j r. ' AKil iijriHi D ' -ii ' i luu. AiululuiKi. Sophomore fe» . . . BERMAN, DOROTHY. Bummghum; Freshmon eiaclfriuri, Hillol , , . BERNHEIN. ALBERT; Phi N. J., Junior in Arts and Sciences, Hillel; A.B. -..•-.■ ISTEIN f AHirj GERALD; Staten IslonrI N v Junior in Educotion . . . BERRY. JANE; Chi Omego; Bessemer. Soplio- more in Arts ond Sciences; Blockfriors; Y.W.C.A.; Pi . . . BERTOLOTTI, NORMAN. JR.; Pi Kappa Phi; Mobile; Sophomore in Engineering. BETHANY, CHARLES W., JR.; Decatur; Junior in Arts ond Sciences; Debate Squad . . . BETTS. MINNIE LOU; Morgoret; Sophomore in Commerce; Blockfriors; Wesley Foundotion; Wesley Choir; Y.W.C.A. . . . BIBB. JULIAN LEE; Kappa Alpha; Decatur; Junior in Commerce; Philomothic; Quadrangle . . . BIBB, LUCY KEITH; Koppo Delto; Howoii; Sophomore in Arts ond Sciences; Blockfriors . . . BIDGOOD. WILLIS; Phi Gamma Delta; Tuscolooso; Freshmon in Arts ond Sciences; Block- friors; Corolla . . . BILBRO, CHARLES F.; Delta Chi; Centerville; Junior in Arts and Sciences; Phi Beto Pi; Wesley Foundation. BILLUPS. ALLETA; Chi Omego; Greenwood. Miss.; Junior in Educo- tion; Blockfriors; Corolla; Y.W.C.A. . . . BINGHAM. JACK; Sigma Alpho Epsilon; Birminghom; Junior in Arts and Sciences; Debote Mon- oger; Secretary of Interfroternity Council; Debote Squad; Phi Eta Sigma; Druids; Tou Koppo Alpha; Rho Alpha Tou . . . BINKLEY, HOWARD LEE; Louisville. Ky.; Junior in Commerce; Pershing Rifles . . . BISHOP, GEORGE MELTON; Alpho Tou Omego; Gadsden; Sophomore in Arts ond Sciences; Million Dollar Bond . . . BISHOP. MARGARET ELIZABETH; Zeto Tou Alpha; Gadsden; Sophomore in Commerce . . . BITZ. MARGARET E.; Alpha Delta Pi; Birmingham; Sophomore in Home Economics; Coroline Hunt Club. BLACH, IVAN K.; Zeto Beta Tou; Birmingham; Sophomore in Com- merce . . . BLACK. GEORGE ALEXANDER; Pi Koppo Phi; Geneva; Freshman in Commerce . . . BLACK. HUGO L.; Sigma Alpho Epsilon; Birmingham; Freshman in Arts ond Sciences; Crimson-White; Glee Club; Y.M.C.A.; Debate Squad . . . BLACK. THOMAS J.; Theto Xi; Jackson. Michigan; Junior in Education; Spirit Committee . . . BLACK- MON, ALVIN LLOYD; Kappo Sigmo; Birmingham; Freshmon in Com- merce . . . BLACKWELDER, MARY ANN; Lafayette; Freshman in Home Economics; Blockfriors. BLACKWELl. GWENNETH Tupelo. Miss.; Freshmon in Commerce . . . BLAIR. ROBERT CLARKE; Alpha Sigma Phi; Staunton. Vo.; Fresh- man in Arts and Sciences . . . BLAKE. THOMAS M.. Pi Koppo Alpha; Sheffield; Junior in Arts and Sciences; Philomothic Literary . . . BLOODWORTH, GEORGE; Koppo Alpha; Gadsden; Junior in Com- merce; Phi Eta Sigmo; Quadrangle PhitomathiC; Honor Court. Y.M.C.A. . . . BLOODWORTH, JAMES NELSON; Kappa Alpha; Decatur; Junior in Commerce; Y.M.C.A.; Quadrangle; Secretary of Philomothic; Vice-F resident of Sophomore Class . . . BLOOM, BEN J.. Kappa Nu; Huntsville; Junior in Commerce; Druids; Rho Alpha Tau; r cels.or. N N E T E E N O R T Y ONE 100 BARTOW BATCHELOR BATES. C. BATES, L. BATES. W. BAUER BAXLEY BAXTER BE ALL BEAN BECK BECKWITH BEDSOLE BEELAND BEGGS BENDER. M. BENDER, R.J. BENENSON BENNETT, K. BENNEH. W. BENSON BERGBAUER BERINGER BERKE BERMAN. DORIS BERMAN. D. BERNHEIN BERNSTEIN BERRY BERTOLOTTI BETHANY BEHS BIBB. J. BIBB. L. BIDGOOD BILBRO BILLUPS BINGHAM BINKLEY BISHOP. G. BISHOP. M. BITZ BLACH BLACK. G. BLACK, H. BLACK, T. J. BLACKMON BLACKWELDER BLACKWELL BLAIR BLAKE BLOODWORTH BLOODWORTH. J. BLOOM BLOUNT, S. BLOUNT, W. BLOUNT, WYNTON BOALES BOBO BOHAT EOISSEAU BOLT BOND BOPP BOOTH. J. BOOTH, S. eORDEN, A. BORDEN, M. BORDEN, MARY BORDERS BOSCH BOSWELL. E. BOSWELL. H. BOSWELL, W. BOWMAN BOWRON BOX BOYD BOYLE BRADLEY BRANCH BRANNAN BRANNON BRATTON BREIDENBACH ERENNAN BRENT BRICE BROCK BRODBECK BRONSTEIN BROOKS. E. BROOKS, M. BROOKS. S. BROOKS. W. BROWOER, T. BROWER. W. BROWN. C. BROWN, D. BROWN, E. BROWN, H. D. BROWN J. BROWN, J. B BROWN. M. BROWN, P. BROWN, O. BROWN, W, BROWNBACK ALABAMANS undergraduates BLOUNT, SIDNEY; Alpha Gamma Delta, Midway, Sophomore in Education; Corolla; Y.M.C.A.; Blockfriors; House of Representatives . . . BLOUNT, WILLIAM HOUSTON; Sigma Nu; Union Springs; Freshmon in Commerce . . . BLOUNT. WYNTON M.; Sigmo Nu; Union Springs; Sophomore in Engineering . . . BOALES, SARA ELIZABETH; Zeto Tou Alpha; Doytono Beach, Flo.; Junior in Arts and Sciences; Swon Club; Chi Dello Phi; Blockfriors . . . BOBO, ARCHIE C; Arob; Junior in Commerce; Commerce Associotion . . . BOHAT, EDWARD JAMES; Theto Chi; Kenosho, Wisconsin; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. BOISSEAU, PETER C; Roanoke, Vo.; Sophomore in Engineering . . . BOLT, MARY LINNER; Sigma Koppo; Lorette; Junior in Home Eco- nomics; Y.W.C.A.; Coroline Hunt Club; Wesley Foundation; Women ' s Student Government Associotion . . . BOND, NAN; Delta Delta Delto; Pace, Miss.; Junior in Education; Blockfriors; Omego . . . BOPP, ELISE RITA; New Orleons, Lo.; Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . BOOTH, JOSEPH BAILEY; Pi Koppo Alpha; Mobile; Sophomore in Commerce; Crimson-White . . . BOOTH, SAMUEL W.; Delto Sigma Phi; Wilmington, Del.; Freshman in Commerce; Blockfriors. Glee Club; Crimson-White . . . BRATTON, JOHN R.; Mt. Cormel, III.; Freshman in Arts ond Sciences; Million Dollar Bond; University Orches- tra. BREIDENBACH, MARGIE; Alpha Xi D?lto; Milwookee, Wis.; Sopho- more in Arts and Sciences; Rommer-Jommer; Glee Club . . . BRENNAN. JACK DAVID; Phi Koppo Sigma; Auburn, N. Y.; Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . BRENT, MARIEN TABB; Fort Adorns, R I.; Freshman in Engineering; St. Pot ' s Association; Swan Club . . . BRICE, DORIS ANNETTE; Alpha Delta Pi; Oneonto; Junior in Commerce; Rommer- Jommer; Y.W.C.A.; Phi Chi Theto; Modrigol Club; Wesley Foundo- tion . . . BROCK, BETTY; Alpha Gamma Delta; Godsden; Junior in Arts and Sciences; Y.W.C.A.; French Club; B.S.U.; A.B. Association . . . BRODBECK, DOROTHY BESSIE; Pointclear; Junior in Home Economics; Comma Delta; Y.W.C.A.; Caroline Hunt Club. BORDEN, ATWOOD NEWEL; Mobile; Junior in Commerce . . . BORDEN, MARTHA THOMPSON; Eutow; Sophomore in Home Eco- nomics . . . BORDEN, MARY CLAYBORN; Eutow; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; Blockfriors; Glee Club; Spanish Club . . . BORDERS, ROBERT H, III; Sigma Nu; Birmingham; Sophomore in Commerce . . . BOSCH, CARLOS LUIS; Phi Sigmo Koppo; Youco, Poerto Rico; Junior in Engineering . . . BOSWELL. ED W.; Pi Koppo Phi; Geneva; Fresh- man in Commerce; Spirit Committee. BRONSTEIN, SEYMOUR; Phi Sigmo Delto; Somerville, N. J.; Fresh- mon in Commerce; Hillel Foundation; Spanish Club; Commerce Asso- ciation . . . BROOKS, ELINOR; Koppo Koppo Gommo; Brewton; Junior in Arts ond Sciences; Glee Club; Spirit Committee; Omego; Y.W.C.A. Cobinet; President of Sophomore Class ' 39- ' 40; Pershing Rif ' es Sponsor ' 39- ' 40; Crimson-White Stoff; W.A.A.; Guidon . . . BROOKS, MARTHA HELEN; Ramer; Sophomore in Education; Blockfriors . . . BROOKS, SARA; Koppo Delto; Camilla, Go.; Sophomore in Arts ond Sciences, Pi; Blockfriors . . . BROOKS, V ILLIAM EMMETT, JR.; Phi Delto Theto Brewton; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; Press Club; Philomathic Corolla . . . BROWDER, TOM S.; Phi Dello Theto; Livingston; SophO ' more in Commerce. BOSWELL, HENRY F.; Sigma Chi; Ensley; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; Vorsity Track . . . BOSWELL, WILLIAM CAMP; Sigmo Nu; Montgomery; Freshmon in Arts and Sciences; BOWMAN, MARTHA; Koppo Oelto; Montgomery; Junior in Arts and Sciences; Pi; Corollo Stoff; Sports Club; A.B. Associotion . . . BOWRON, RICHARD A.; Phi Delto Theto; Birminghom; Freshman in Commerce . . . BOX, JOSEFH LEE; Phi Koppo Sigma; Vernon; Freshman in Arts and Scien- ces; Y.M.C.A.; Wesley Foundation . . . BOYD, EDRIS MILDRED; Northport; Freshman in Education; Caroline Hunt Club. BROWER, WALTER; Delto Koppo Epsilon; Birminghom; Junior in Arts ond Sciences . . . BROWN, CHARLES FRANKLIN; Red Bay; Junior in Commerce . . . BROWN, DOROTHY EUNICE; Delta Zeto; Birming- ham; Junior in Arts ond Sciences; Glee Club; W.A.A.; Y.W.C.A. . . . BROWN, EDWARD HOUSTON; Selmo; Freshman in Commerce . . . BROWN, HUGH DEWITT; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Sylocougo; Freshmon in Commerce . . . BROWN, JAMES; Delto Koppo Epsilon; Mobile; Freshman in Aris and Sciences. BOYLE, WILLIAM J.; Alpha Sigmo Phi; Thompsonville, Conn.; Sopho- more in Arts and Sciences; Crimson-White; Press Club, A.B. Associo- tion . . . BRADLEY, ULMER E., JR.; Delta Koppo Epsilon; Blocksher; Freshman in Commerce . . . BRANCH, ROBERT EDWIN; Delta Sigma Phi; Nework, N. J.; Sophomore in Engineering; St. Pot ' s Association . . . BRANNAN, TROY CRAMPTON; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Brewton; Sophomore in Commerce . . . BRANNON, WADE HAMPTON; Alpha Tou Omego; Anniston; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; Band; Y.M.C.A.; BROWN, JAMES BROOKS; Pi Koppo Alpho; Tollcssee; Junior ir Arts and Sciences . . . BROWN, MARY LEIGH; Alpha Chi Omega Mobile; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . BROWN, ORA GILDER Chi Omego; Centerville; Freshman in Arts ond Sciences; Y.W.C.A. Glee Club; Blockfriors . . . BROWN, PAULINE; Sigma Koppo; Gordo Freshman in Educotion; Caroline Hunt Club . . . BROWN. WILLIAM ELIJAH; Sigmo Chi; York; Sophomore in Commerce . . . BROWN- BACK, PETER EVANS, III; Phi Sigma Koppo; Spring City, Po.; Sopho- more in Arts ond Sciences; Y.M.C.A.; Blockfriors; Wesley Foundation; Excelsior Literary Society; Crimson-White; Pershing Rif:e5. N N E T E E N FORTY O N 103 ALABAMA ' S UNDERGRADUATES BROWNt uNNMIt .via lou Alpho. Brunswick, Go., Freshmon in Home Economics; Blackfnars, Y.W.C.A.; Coroline HonI Club . . . BROWNING. JOHN BARNETT, Fhi Sigma Kappo, Hoddonfield, N. J., Sophomore in Commerce . . . BRUDER. GERARD M., Phi Koppa Sigmo; New York, N. Y.. Sophomore in Engineering; C.A.A. Flight Troining . . . BRUMAGE, KENNETH M.. JR.; Sigmo Phi Epsilon; Monlcloir, N. J.. Sophomore in Engineering , . . BRUMMEL. ALICE NEWMAN; Koppa Koppo Gommo; Annislon; Freshman in Commerce . . BRUNDAGE. HOWARD IRVING; Boocon. N. Y.; Freshman in Com- merce; Pershing Rides. BRUNER, WALLACE FLAKE; Chi Omego; Fori Banning. Go.; Fresh- man in Home Economics . . . BRUNS. ANNE; Phi Mu; Bessemer; Fresh- man in Arts ond Sciences; Blockfriors; Y.W.C.A.; A.B. Associotion . . . BRUNSELL JOAN RACHEL; Phi Mu; Sheridon, Wyoming; Freshman in Commerce . . . BRUNSON, WILLIAM LISTER; Pi Kappo Phi; Elba; Junior in Commerce; Assistont Edilor 1941 Corollo . . . BRYSON, EIOISE; Enterprise; Freshman in Home Economics; Blockfriors . . . BUGG, RALFH; Dodevitle; Freshmon in Arts ond Sciences; Wesley Choir. HERSHEL; Kappo Sigma; Enterprise; Freshmon in Arts and Sciences; Million Dollor Bond . . . CAFFEY, BEN FRANK; Koppo Alpho; Choc- colocco; Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . CAHALEY, NAN; Millville; N. J.; Sophomore in Home Economics; Caroline Hunt Club. CAIN. EDWARD MOORE; Phi Delta TheiO; Josper; Freshmon in Arts ond Sciences . . . CAIN. MARY MARCELLE. Alpha Xi Dello; Tus- caloosa; Junior in Educotion; Pon-Hellenic; House of Representatives; President of Alpho Xi De ' to . . CALDWELL, SUSAN CATHERINE; Delto ZetO; Birmingham; Sophomore in Home Economics; Y.W.C.A.; Coro- line Hunt Club . . . CALLEN. ANA LOIS; Delta Delto Delto; Birming- hom; Freshmon in Arts and Sciences: Omego; Corollo . . . CALLIS, WILLIAM; Theto Chi; Ozone Pork, N. Y.; Junior in Education; Varsity Football; Freshman Boskelboll . . . CALLOWAY, JOHN CLYDE. JR.; Sigmo Nu; Bessemer; Sophomore in Commerce; Alpho Kappo Psi; Commerce Associotion; Rammer-Jommer. BURDESHAW, ELOISE APPLING; Alpho Ctii Omega; Camden. N. J.; Sophomore in Arts ond Sciences; Glee Club; Blockfriors; Y.W.C.A.; P.S.A. . . . BURDETTE, LEWIS; Birminghom; Sophomore in Engineering; Pershing Rifles . . . BURGESS. CHARLES MONROE; Pi Koppo Alpho; Opp; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . BURKHALTER. KATHLEEN; Theto Upsilon; Tuscolooso; Freshman in Education; Blackfriors . . . BURNS. FEAGIN ARNOLD. JR.; Delto Chi; TorronI; Freshmon in Arts ond Sciences; Alobomo Institute of Student Opinion . . . BURNUM. HUBBARD DENSON, JR.; Koppo Alpha; Decotur; Freshmon in Arts and Sciences. CAMPBELL. ALEESE; Alpho Gommo Delto; Welsh, Lo ; Junior in Arts ond Sciences; International Relotions Court; Glee Club; Corollo Staff; Y.W.C.A.; A.B. Association; Pi . . . CAMPBELL. MARION; Alpha Gommo Delta; Jacksonville, Flo.; Junior in Arts and Sciences; Blockfriors; Omego; A.B. Associotion; Crimson-White Advertising Staff . . .CAMP- BELL, MARY EVELYN; Alpho Delto Pi; Scottsboro; Junior in Arts and Sciences; Alpha Lombdo Delta; Chi Delta Phi . . . CANDLER. BEVERLEY RANDOLPH; Koppo Koppo Gommo; Montgomery; Sophomore in Home Economics; Omego; Sports Club . .CAPOUANO. AL MORRIS; Koppo Nu; Montgomery; Freshmon in Engineering . . . CAPOUYA. MATHILDE; Montgomery; Junior in Chemistry; Alchemist; Sponish Club. BURNUM. JOHN. Phi Delta Theto; Tuscaloosa; Freshman in Engi- neering; Million Dollar Bond; Symphony Orchestro; Crimson-White . . BURTON. THOMAS E.; Tuscumbio; Sophomore in Arts ond Scien- ces; Wesley Choir; Glee Club; Y.M.C.A. . . . BUSH, FRED N., JR.; Sigma Chi, Birminghom; FrcsSmon in Commerce . . . BUTLER. CHARLES LEAVITT; Phi De ' to Theto Huntsville; Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . BUTLER. EUGENIA CADE; Delta Delto Delto; Annislon; Junior in Arts ond Sciences; Pi; Bond Sponsor; R.O.T C. Bond Sponsor; President of Guidon; A.B. Associotion; W.A.A. . . . BUTLER, MAURINE; Phi Mu; Sheridan, Wyoming; Freshmon in Commerce. CARLSON, BARBARA. Alpho Delta Pi; Tuscolooso; Sophomore in Home Economics . . . CARNEY. PATSY; Chi Omego; Meridian. Miss.; Junior in Arts ond Sciences; Corolla; Crimson-White . . . CAROTHERS. A. D. JR.; Sylocougo; Freshmon in Commerce . . . CARPENTER. ANNE VIRGINIA; Zelo Tou Alpha; Tuscolooso; Sophomore in Home Econo- mics; Blockfriors; Caroline Hunt Club; Y.WC.A.; Spirit Committee . . . CARR, BETTY ROBERTA; Chi Omego; Charlotte, N. C; Junior in Home Economics . . . CARR. JACK D.; Sigmo Chi; Birmingham; Sophomore in Commerce; Blockfriors; Debote Squod; Philomothic. BUTLER, THOMAS EDWARD; lombdo Chi Alpha. New Hope, Sopho- more in Commerce . . . BYE. KENNETH FORMAN; Deloir; N. J.; Junior in Commerce, Wesley Foundation . . BYE. RALPH W.; Deloir. N. J.; Junior in Commerce; Wesley Foundation, Alpha Kappo Psi . . . BYRD, CARR. ROBERT BRYAN, Sigma Alpho Epsilon; Anmston. Junior in Commerce . . . CARROLL, JANE; Delta Delto Delto. Oiork, Sopho- more in Arts ond Sciences; Y W.C.A. . . . CARROLL. SAM JONES; Koppo Sigmo; Ozark; Sophomore in Commerce; Y.M.C.A.; Commerce Association . . . CARSON. EUGENIA INEZ; Pittsburgh. Pa.; Junior In Home Economics; Coroline Hunt Club . . . CARTER. DORIS A.; Chi Omego; Meridian, Miss.; Junior in Commerce; CoroMo; Crimson- Whiio; Y.W.C.A. . . . CASSIDY. VIRGINIA ROSE; Birmingham; Sopho- more in Arts and Sciences. NINETEEN O R T Y O N 104 BROWNE BROWNING BRUDER BRUMAGE BRUMMEL BRUNDADGE BRUNER BRUNS BRUNSELL BRUNSON BRYSON BUGG BURDESHAW BURCETTE BURGESS BURKHALTER BURNS BURNUM, H. BURNUM. J. BURTON BUSH BUTLER, C. BUTLER, E. BUTLER. M. BUTLER, T. E. BYE, K. BYE, R. BYRD CAFFEY CAHALEY CAIN, E. CAIN, M, C .LDWELL CALLEM CALLIS CALLOWAY CAMPBELL, A. CAMPBELL, M. CAMPBELL, MARY CANDLER CAPOUANO CAPOUYA CARLSON CARNLEY CAROTHERS CARPENTER CARR. B. CARR, J. CARR, R. CARROLL, J. CARROLL, S. CARSON CARTER CASSIDY 105 CASTEEL CASTELLO CATALFO CAWTHON CERNETO CHAMPAGNE CHANDLER CHAPMAN. 0. CHAPMAN, E. CHAPMAN. JAS. CHAPMAN. JOE CHAPMAN, JNO. CHAPMAN. R. CHEATHAM CHENAULT, F. CHENAULT, W. CHENEY CHFPPV CHICKOS CHILDREE CHILDRESS, f. CHILDRESS, L. CHILTON CHISM CHRIST CHRISTIAN. J. CHRISTIAN. L. CHURCH. E. CHURCH. L. CLARK. JAMES H. CLARK. J. HENRY CLARK. M. CLARK. W. CLAUGHTON CLEARY CLEAVES CLEVELAND, C. CLEVELAND. S. CLIFTON CLOUD COBB. BETTY COBB. BOBBY COBB. J. T. COBB. JOE L. COCHRAN COGDELL COGGINS COHEN H COHEN, O. COHEN. P. COHN. B. COHN, L. COLEMAN, I. COLEMAN, J. ALABAMANS undergraduates CASTEEL, JEAN; Mobile; Sophomore in Home Economics; Y.W C.A.; Coroline Hunt Club . . . CASTILLO, JOSE LUIS; Guolamcy. Puerto Rico; Junior in Educotion; Spanish Club . . . CATALFO. ALFRED, JR.; Dover. N. H.; Freshman in Arts and Sciences; Crimson-White; Newmon Club; Excelsior; President, Freshman A.B. Class; A.B. Association; Executive Committee; Associate Editor of Newman Club Publication . . . CAWTHON, ROY DAVIS; Koppa Sigma; De Funiak Springs, Flo.; Freshmon in Engineering . . CERNUTO. JOSEPH; Theta Chi; Buflalo, N. Y.; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; Newman Club . . . CHAM- PAGNE, ETHEL ANNA; Theta Upsilon; Tuscolooso; Sophomore in Education; A Coppelio Choir; Newman Club. CHANDLER, MARY ALICE; Moundville; Junior in Educotion . . . CHAPMAN, DAN WILLIAMS; Kappa Sigma; Selmo; Freshman in Arts ond Sciences; Glee Club; A Coppelio Choir; Excelsior; Blackfriors YM.C.A.; Corolla . . . CHAPMAN, ELEANOR; Ch Omego; Ripley, Tenn.; Junior in Arts ond Scii ' ces; Pi; Blockfriors . . . CHAPMAN JAMES ROY; Delta Sigmo Phi; Newport, R. I.; Sophomore in Engineer ing; Blockfriors; Newman Club . . . CHAPMAN. JOE VANCE; Tus fjmbio; Junior in Engineering; St. Pat ' s; Wesley Foundation . " HAPMAN, JOHN MONROE; Zeto Beta Tau; Birmingham; Freshmnr in Commerce; Blockfriors; Pershing Rifles. CHAPMAN, ROGER E., JR.; Evonston, III.; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . CHEATHAM, HAROLD NICHOLS; Phi Koppa Sigmo; Nauvoo; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; Crimson-White; Spanish Club; Blockfriors; A.B. Association; Press Club . . . CHENAULT, FRANK LEIGH; Decotur; Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . CHENAULT, WILLIAM L., JR.; Lombdo Chi Alpho; Russelville; Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . CHENEY, ALAN; Allgood; Junior in Engineering; Million Dollar Bond . . . CHERRY, MARY N.; Montgomery; Junior in Arts ond Sciences; Alpha Lombdo Delto; Chi Delto Phi; Debate Squod; Tou Koppa Alpho; Blockfriors; Spirit Committee; Psychology Club; PS.A. CHICKOS, STEVE MICHAEL; Lombdo Chi Alpha; Grand Rogers, W. Vo.; Sophomore in Commerce . . . CHILDREE, HAMILTON DEWITT CliO; Junior in Commerce . . . CHILDRESS, FRED J.; Corona, Col. Sophomore in Chemistry; Alchemist . . . CHILDRESS, LLEWELLYN Koppo Delta; Columbio, Tenn.; Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . CHILTON, JOHN MORGAN; Chi Phi, Montgomery; Junior in Arts and Sciences; Symphony Orchestra; Crimson-White Stoff; Corollo; Rommer- Jommer; A.B Associotion; Brigode-Sorgent-Mojor; Chemistry Loboro- tory Assistant . . . CHISM, EDITH ELIZABETH; Foyette; Sophomore in Arts ond Sciences; Wesley Foundation. CHRIST, MARY WARREN; Montgomery; Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . CHRISTIAN, JACK; Sigmo Alpha Epsilon; Sylocougo; Junior in Commerce . . . CHRISTIAN, LOUISE MONROE; Koppa Delta; North- port; Junior in Home Economics; Omego; Coroline Hunt Club . . . CHURCH, ELEANOR CHARLOTTE; Alpha Xi Delto; Birminghom; Sopho- more in Arts and Sciences; Blockfriors . . . CHURCH, LAURENCE; Alpha Tau Omego; Birmingham; Freshman in Commerce . . CLARK, JAMES H.; Rochester, N. Y.; Junior in Engineering, CLARK, JAMES HENRY; Alpha Sigma Phi; Rochester, N. Y.; Junior in Arts and Sciences; Pershing Rifles . . . CLARK, MARTHA LOUISE; Koppo Koppo Gommo; Mobile; Freshman in Arts and Sciences; Glee Club; Y. W. C. A. . . . CLARK, WYLENE; Dozier; Sophomore in Arts ond Sciences; Alpha Lambda Delta; Blockfriors; Wesley Ployers; Debole Squad . . . CLAUGHTON, WILLIAM POSEY, JR.; Delto Sigma Phi; Gadsden; Sophomore in Arts ond Sciences; Blockfriors . . . CLEARY, JOHN W.; Theta Xi; Chicogo, III.; Freshman in Arts ond Sciences . . . CLEAVES, MARCIA CORINNE; Needhom Heights, Moss.; Sophomore in Arts ond Sciences. CLEVELAND, CRAWFORD HAL; Sigmo Alpha Epsilon; Anniston; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; Druids; Quodrongle; Y.M.C.A.; Glee Club . . . CLEVELAND, SAM; Delto Chi; Centerville; Junior in Arts and Sciences; Wesley Foundotion; YM.C.A. . . . CLIFTON, ROBERT; McKinney, Texos; Freshman in Engineering; Y.M.C.A.; CLOUD, SARAH FRANCES; Birmingham; Freshman in Home Economics; Newman Club; Fencing; Glee Club; Corolire Hunt Club . . . COBB, BETTY; Alpho Gamma Delta; Vredenburgh; Freshmon in Arts and Sciences; A.B. A.ssociotion; Rcmmer-Jommer; Y.W.C.A.; International Relotions Club; French Club . . . COBB, BOBBY; Koppo Alpho; Foyette; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; Greeks. COBB, J. TROTTER; Phi Gamma Delta; Tuscolooso; Sophomore in Commerce; Million Dollar Bond . . COBB, JOE LEONARD; Pi Koppo Atpho; Bessemer; Junior in Engineering; A.I.M.E.; Quadrangle; Philo- mothic; St. Pot ' s . . . COCHRAN, LOIS; Parish; Freshmon in Arts and Sciences . . . COGDELL, WILMER DONALD; Bleecker; Freshman in Commerce . . . COGGIN, GEORGE WILLIAM; Sigmo Chi; Birming- hom; Junior in Commerce . . . COHEN, HERBERT; Zeto Beto Tou; Alexorder City; Freshman in Commerce. COHEN, OSCAR; Zeta Beto Tou; Alexonder City; Junior in Com- merce . . COHEN, PERRY CHESTER; Sigmo Alpho Mu; Miomi Beach, Flo.; Freshman in Commerce; Hillel; Commerce Association , . .COHN, BERNARD D.; Zeto Beto Tou; Union Springs; Sophomore in Commerce . . . COHN, LOUIS R.; Phi Sigmo Delto; Eoston, Pa.; Junior in Com- merce; Crimson-White; Spirit Committee; Hillel Senior Council; Sponish Club; Y.M.C.A.; Commerce Associotion . . . COLEMAN, LONNIE WIL- LIAM; Montgomery; Junior in Arts ond Sciences; Phi Eto Sigma; Blockfriors; Crimson-White Stoff . . COLEMAN, JOHN W.; Delto Koppo Epsilon; Eutow; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; Press Club. N N E T E E N FORTY O N 107 ALABAMA ' S u NDERGRADUATES CCXEMAN. NORMAN C; Allen.- Sophomore in Commerce . . . CCXEMAN. WARREN N.; Allen; Junior in Arts and Sciences; Spirit Comm.llee; Philomolhic . . . COIEY. JAMES LEMUEL; Chi Phi; Alex- onder City; Junior in Commerce; Phi Eta Sigma; Druids; Interfroternitv Council; Spirit Committee; Exceliior; Crimson-White . . . COLLIER, MILTON; Kappa Sigmo; Madison; Freshman in Commerce; Y.M.C A.; Blocklriors . . . COLLINS, DOROTHY; Alpho Chi Omego; Columbus, Ohio; Sophomore in Home Economics; Coroline Hunt Club . . , COIVIN, FRANCES MERKL; Birmingham; Junior in Chemistry; Chi Beto Phi; Alchemist. Wesley Center; Wesley Foundation; Alchemist Club . . . COX. JUNE; Theta Upsilon; Tuscolooso; Sophomore in Education . . . CRAODOCK, WALKER; Koppa Sigma; Sylacougo; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; Glee Club; Million Oollor Bond . . CRAWFORD, CLARENCE W.; Lombdo Chi Alpha; Springville; Sophomore in Commerce. COMER, TRAVIS LATTNCR; Chi Phi; Memphis. Tcnn.; Sophomore in Engineering; Tennis Team; C.A.A. . . . COMPTON. DERRELL; Honce- ville; Freshmon in Arts ond Sciences . . COMPTON. MERLE; Zeto Tou Alpho Aliceville; Sophomore in Home Economics . . . COMPTON, VIRGINIA; Zela Tau Alpho, Aliceville; Freshmon in Home Economics . . . CONNER, HARDY; Kappa Sigmo; Tolladego; Sophomore in Commerce; Y.M.C.A.; Bond . . . CONNER, HOWARD; Koppo Sigmo; Talladego; Sophomore in Engineering; Y.M.C.A CRAWFORD, FRANK B., JR.; Alpho Sigma Phi; New Kensington. Pa.; Sophomore in Engineering . . . CRAWFORD. ROBERT JAMES; Detroit, Michigon; Freshmon in Arts ond Sciences . . . CRIM. EARL RAYMOND. JR.; Lambda Chi Alpha; Birmingham; Junior in Com- merce . . . CRITTENDEN, MARVIN; Theta Chi; Mineolo Long Island. N. Y,; Freshman in Commerce . . CROMARTY, ARTHUR MARTIN; Amilyvillt, N. Y.; Junior in Commerce; Cheer Leader; Spirit Com- mittee . . . CROSBY, GEORGE FLOWERS; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Greenville; Freshman in Arts and Sciences. CONNOLLY, GERTRUDE; New Orleons. La.; Junior in Commerce; Spanish Club; Koppo Koppa Gommo; Macon. Miss.; Junior in Arts and Sciences; Corolla; Y.M.C.A.; Coroline Hunt Club . . . CONNOR, MARY HELEN; Phi Mu; McCollo; Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . COOGAN. SHIRLEY; Alpha Gamma Delta; Mobile; Freshman in Arts and Sciences; Blackfriars; Y W.C.A.; Omego; Crimson- White; Newmon Club; A.B. Association . . . COOLEY, ELMER RAY- MOND; Frenchtown, N. J.; Junior in Chemistry . . . COOLEY. MACK D.; Alpha Tou Omego; Wildwood, Flo.; Junior in Arts and Sciences. CROSS, ANGELA; Kappa Koppo Gammo; Spokous, Wosh.; Sopho- more in Home Ecoromics . . . CROW. WILLIAM W.; Delta Chi; Bir- mingham; Junior in Engineering; Director Aiobomo Institute of Student Opinion; Phi Eta Sigmo; Druids; Treosurer. P.S.A ; Excelsior . . . CRUM, WILLIAM BARTON; Alpha Tou Omega; Montgomery; Freshman in Arts and Sciences; Alabama Band . . . CRUMLY. FRANK; Birming- ham; Sophomore in Commerce; Pershing Rifles . . . CRUMPTON. MAR- GARET ARDATH; Delta Zeto; Greenville, Miss.; Sophomore in Home Economics; Caroline Hunt Club; Glee Club; Y-M.C.A. . . . CRUTE, CHARLES ALLEN; Phi Delta Theta; Huntsville; Freshman in Commerce; Corolla; Rammer-Jammer; Y M.C.A. COPEIAND, MARK JOHN, Onoonto; Sophomore in Arts ond Scien- ces; Blackfriars; Spirit Committee . . . CORLEY, JIM STEWART; Delta Chi; Birmingham; Sophomore in Commerce; Y.M.C A. . . . CORNE- LIUS. ERNEST EDWIN; Phi Koppo Sigma; Athens, Texas; Freshman in Commerce; Greeks . . . COVEY, KENNETH D.; Alpha Sigmo Phi; White River Junction, Vt.; Sophomore in Commerce; Blackfriars; New- man Club . . . COWEN, DAVID PURSER; Delta Chi; more in Commerce; Blockfriors; Spirit Committee; COWING, JOHN DeWESE; Phi Sigma Koppo; Eost Junior in Commerce; Vice-President. Spirit Committee; man Club Y M C.A. Brighton; Sopho- Y.M.C.A. . . - Clevelond, Ohio; Blockfriors; New- COWLES, MARY; Alpha Delta PI; Romer; Junior In Arts and Sciences; Blockfriors . . . COX, IRMA DAVIES; Dello 2eto; Foirfield; Junior in Home Economics, Blockfriori; Y.W.C.A.; Caroline Hunt Club , . . COX, JOSEPH CLARK, Kappu Sitima, Fairfield; Sophomore In Chemistry; CRYER, WILLIAM CLINTON; Annislon; Sophomore in Engineering; Y.M.C.A. . . . CULLEY. ROBERT F.; Birmingham; Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . CUNNINGHAM, JOHN CLARKE; Theto Xi; Bethlehem. Po.; Sophomore in Commerce; Freshman in Boseboll . . . CUNNINGHAM, WILLIAM DODGE; Sigmo Chi; Birmingham; Sophomore in Commerce . . . CURRIE, MARY ELIZABETH; Alpha Xi Delta; Frenchtown, N. J.; Junior in Education; Coroline Hunt Club; Glee Club . . . CURRIE, rOSERT R.; Lombdo Chi Alpha; Frenchtown, N. J.; Junior in Chemistry. CURRY, ANNIE LAURA; Zeta Tou Adpho; Corrollton; Sophomore in Home Economics . , . DALRYMPLE, DORRANCE FITZGERALD; Alpho Tau Omego; Birmingham; Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . .DANIEL, ANNE; Koppo Koppo Gommo; Birmingham; Junior in Arts ond Scien- ces; Art Club; Y.W.C A. . . . DANNELLY. FRANK PERRY. Alpho Tou Omega; Montgomery; Sophomore in Arts ond Sciences; Aloboma Bond; Excelsior, Rho Alpha Tou; Y.M.C.A. . . . DANSBY. ClEO; Zeto Tou Alpho; Mobile; Freshmon in Arts and Sciences; Corollo; Y.W.C. A.; Blockfriors; French Club . . . DARBY. DeLOIS EVE; Deito Zeto; Birming- ham; Freshmon in Arts and Sciences. NINETEEN FORTY O N 106 COLEMAN, N. CCLEMAN, W. COLEY COLLIER COLLINS COL VI N COMER COMPTON, D. COMPTON. M. COMPTON. V. CONNER. HARDY CONNER. H. CONNOLLY CONNOR, M. F. CONNOR. M. H. COOGAN COOLEY. E. CCOLEY, M. COPELAND CORLEY CORNELIUS COVEY COWEN COWING COWLES COX, I. COX, JOS. C. COX, JUNE CRADDOCK CRAWFORD, C. CRAWFORD, F. CRAWFORD, R. CRIM CRIHENDEN CROMARTY CROSBY CROSS CROW CRUM CRUMLY CRUMPTON CRUTE CRYER CULLEY CUNNINGHAM, J. CUNNINGHAM CURRIE, M. CURRIE, R. CURRY DALRYMPLE DANIEL DANNELLY DANS8Y DARBY HTsm 1 GO DARDEN DAVIDSON, L. DAVIDSON. T. DAVIES DAVIS. A. DAVIS. B. DAVIS. D. DAVIS. JAMES DAVIS. JEFF DAVIS. L. DAVIS. M. DAVIS. VJ. DAVLIN DAWKINS DAWSON DAY, E. DAY, H. CEAN DEATON DeFURIA DEHN DELK DeMARS DEMING DeMOTTE DEMPSEY, JACK DEMPSEY. JAS. DENGIER DENMAN DENNISON CENTON DEUEL DEVINE DeVORE DEWELl DICE DICKINSON DICKSON DIXON DOHENY CORMON DOUGLAS OOV IING. R. A, DOWLING. W. DOWNEY DOYLE DOZIER ncFw c. DREW. P. A. DREW. J. W. DREWERY DREWFUSS DRISCOLl DRIVER ALABAMANS undergraduates OAROEN. BETTY; Alpha Chi Omego; Cadiden; freshman in Arts and Sciences; Blackfriors; Crimson-White . . . DAVIDSON, LORENE EMILY; Ookman; Sophomore in Commerce; Sectretcry-Treasurer Sopho- more Class . . . DAVIDSON, THEODORE A.; Newton Moss.; Junior in Commerce . . . DAVIES, ANITA " " MART; Kappo Delta; Brminghom; Sophomore in Home Economics; Corcllo . . . DAVIS, ALBERT BAKER; Alpha Tou Omego; Eufoulo; Junior in Commerce; - . DAVIS. BEN RUSSEL; Pi Kappa Alpha; Tallassee; Sophomore in Education. LIAM; Ashland; Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . OENGLER, JOHN C; Rochester. N. Y.; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . DENMAN, BETSY; Fairfield; Junior in Education . . . DENNISON, VIRGINIA NELSON; Lakeland. Flo.; Junior in Arts and Sciences. , DAVIS, DOROTHY, Zeto Tou Alpho; Jasper; Sophomore in Home Economics . . . DAVIS, JAMES A.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Bessemer; Sopho- more in Arts ond Sciences; Phi Eta Sigmo; Druids; Y.M.C.A.; Baptist Student Council; Philomothic Literary Society . . . DAVIS, JEFF W.; Alpha Tou Omega; Montgomery; Junior in Engineering . . DAVIS, LILLIAN INEZ; Moundville; Sophomore in Arts ond Sciences - . . DAVIS, MARTHA; Alpha Gommo Delto; Mobile; Freshman in Arts and Sciences; Crimson-White; Corollo; Outing Club; A.B. Associotion . . . DAVIS, WALTER STURDIVANT; Morion; Junior in Engineering. DENTON, MARTHA ASHLEY; Spring Hill; Freshmon in Arts ond Sciences . . . DEUEL, ELIZABETH; Costleberry; Junior in Education . . . DEVINE, ROBERT; UhrichsviMe, Ohio; Junior in Arts ond Sciences; . . . DeVORE, ROBERT WAYNE; Phi Koppo Sigma; Terre Houte, Ind.; Junior in Arts ond Sciences; Blockfriors; Press Club . . DEWELL, FRANCES ELIZABETH; Tampa, Flo.; Freshman in Home Economics . . . DICE, RUTH VIRGINIA; Pittsburgh, Pa.; Junior in Homo Economics; Transfer Pennsylvania State College. DAVLIN, DOROTHY JANE; Miami, Flo.; Junior in Commerce . DAWKINS, ROBERT COUGLAS; Pi Koppa Alpho; Tollossee; Sopho more in Commerce . . DAWSON, JAMES ARLAKD; Ceta Chi; Bes semer; Sophomore in Arts ond Sciences; Cheer Leader; Spirit Com mittee; Blockfriors; Tou Delta Tou; Y.M.C.A. . . . DAY, EUGEN = WESLEY; Alpha Sigma Phi; Ripton, Vt.; Sophomore in Engineering St. Pot ' s Association . . . DAY, HENRY; Decatur; Junior in Arts ond Sciences; Phi Etc Sigmo; Alpha Epsilon Delto; Wesley Foundation Y.M.C.A . . . DEAN, FRANCES; Chi Omego; Birmingham; Freshman in Arts and Sciences; Y.W.C.A.; Pi; Corolla. DICKINSON, JAMES O.; Altoono; Sophomore in Chemistry . . . DICKSON, ANNE; Delto Delta Delto; Lowndesboro; Junior in Arts ond Sciences; Y.W.C.A.; Corollo Stoff; W.A.A.; Sponish Club; Secretary ond Treasurer Junior Closs . . DIXON, SAM PERRY; Fhi Delta Theto; Montgomery; Freshmon in Arts ond Sciences; Greeks . . . DOHENY, FRANK A., JR. " )elta Sigmo Phi; Powtucket, R. I.; Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . DORMON, GEORGE; Alpha Tou Omego; Oxford; Sopho- more in Chemistry . . . DOUGLAS, DONALD DUFFERIN; Wotertown, N. Y.; Freshman in Engineering. DEATON, CLARENCE DUDLEY; Pi Koppo Fhi; Birmingham; Freshman in Commerce . . . DE FURIA, LOUIS THOMAS; Alpho ■Sigmo Phi; Syrocuse, N Y.; Sophomore in Arts ond Sciences . . . DEHN, JOHN JOSEPH; Conton, Ohio; Junior in Arts and Scie.nces; Newman Club . . DELK, MARIE; Qunicy, III.; Junior in Educolio.n . . . De MARS, MARY CATHERINE; Houston, Texos; Sophomore in Educotion . . . DEMING, BETH; Alpho Gommo Delto; Evergreen; Junior in Arts and Sciences; Blockfriors; Y.W.C.A.; Pi; A.B. Association. DOWtlN, R. A.; Sigma Nu; Pinckord; Freshmon in Commerce, Spanish Club . . DOWLIN, WILLIAM McKENZIE; Fhi Delta Theto Birminghom; Junior in Arts and Sciences; . . . CO VNEY, HUGH Phi Sigmo Koppo; Washington, D. C; Sophomore in Arts ond Sciences . . . DOYLE, MILDRED; Alpha Chi Omega; Miami, Flo.; Freshman in Arts and Sciences; Blockfriors; A Copella Chorus . . . DOZIER, ALBERT SIDNEY; Phi Delto Theto; Eufoulo; Sophomore in Commerce . . , DREW, CHARLOTTE; Rocine, Wis.; Junior in Chemistry. DeMOTTE, EDWARD LAWRENCE; Alpha Tou Omego; Montgomery; Freshman in Arts ond Sciences; R.O.T.C. Band; Million Dollar Band . . DEMPSEY, HARRY YOUNG, JR.; Sigmo Nu; Piedmont; Sophomore in Commerce; Y.M.C.A.; P.S.A.; Corollo . . . DEMPSEY, JAMES WIL- DREW, POLLY ANN; Koppo Delto; Tuscolooso; Freshmon in Arts and Sciences . . DREW, JOHN WALLIS; Phi Sigmo Koppo; Norwood, N. Y.; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; Blockfriors . . . DREWERY, ROBERT E.; Kenmore, N. Y.; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . DREYFUSS, MIRIAM LOUISE; Sigmo Delto Tou; Birmingham; Junior in Arts and Sciences; Alpho Lombdo Delta; Spirit Committee; House of fiepresentotives . . . DRISCOIL, JOHN JOFFRE; New York, N. Y.; Freshman in Engineering; Rifle Team; Pershing Rifles; Newmon Club . DRIVER, JAMES PATRICK; Pi Koppo Phi; Geneva; Junior in Commerce. NINETEEN O R T Y O N III ALABAMA ' S UNDERGRADUATES DROMS. FRED WILLIAM. Theto Chi, Roxford. N. Y., Sophomore in Educotion, Ride Tojm . . . DUBOIS. CHARLOHE ROSALIE, Alpho Chi Omega, Birmingham. Michigan. Freshman in Arts ond Sciences; Blocklriari: Corolla . . . OUFFEE. LILLIAN; Kappa Delta; Dcdeville; Junior in Arts and Sciences; Pi; Blockfriors . . . DUGGAR, HELEN KATMRYN; Kappa Delta; Mobile; Sophomore in Home Economics . . . DUKE. ROBERT C; Lambda Chi Alpha; Birmingham; Junior in Com- merce . . DUMAS. JOY LAWSON; Koppa Dello; Fort Benning, Go.; Sophomore in Home Economics. . . . ELLIS, DONALD R.; Columbus Miss., Junior in Arts and Sciences , . , ELLISON. MALCOM WALKER. JR.; Alpha Tou Omega. Montgom- ery; Junior in Chemistry; Phi Eta Sigmo; Chi Beto Phi; Excels. or. Alchemist Fellowship in Chemistry; Gamma S gma Epsilon; Fhi Mu Epsiton; V.ce-President oi Junior Class; Honor Court. DUNLAP, SAMUEL H.; Tuscoloosa; Junior in Commerce; Commerce Associotion; Y.M.C.A. . , . DUNN, CHRISTOPHER; Phi Delto Theto; Birmingham; Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . DUPRE. CHARLES WILSON; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; GodscJen; Junior in Commerce . . . OUPUY. BURKE; Chi Phi; Birminghom; Freshman in Commerce . . DURRETT, RUBYE ELAINE; Alpha Phi; Bessemer; Freshman in Home Economics . . . DUVALL, LEE ROY; Lambda Chi Alpha; Birminghom; Sophomore in Commerce. ELMORE, JONH DURR; Sigma Alpho Epsilon; Montgomery; Sopho- more in Arts ond Sciences; Y.M.C.A.; Crimson-White . . . EMBRY, ERIC; Sophomore in Arts ond Sciences . - . EMISON, M. HERSHEL; Unodillo, N. Y.; Junior in Chemistry; Phi Eto Sigmc; Alchemist, Ceramic Soc.eiy; Gamma Sigma Epsilon . . ENGEL, ROBERT JULIAN; Sigma Alpho Mu; Jasper; Sophomore in Commerce; Hillel; Commerce Association . , , CNGLEBERT, BETTY; Theto Upsilon; Tuscaloosa; Freshman in Home Economics; Glee Club; Blockfriors; A Copello Choir . . . ENGLEMAN. PHOEBE; Zeto Tou Alpha; Birmingham; Freshman in Home Economics; Corolla; Caroline Hunt Club; Y.W.C.A. DWYER, JAMES JOSEPH; Woterbury, Conn.; Sophomore in Engineer- ing; St. Pot ' s; Newmon Club; Phi Eto Sigmo; Honor Roll ' 39- ' 40 - - . EAKINS, MARGARET; Hunlsville; Junior in Arts ond Sciences; Transfer from Howord College - . . EASON, WILLIAM BRANDON; Pi Koppo Phi; Eclectic; Sophomore in Arts ond Sciences . . . EASTMAN, ART; Phi Gamma Delta; South Bend, Ind-; Freshman in Arts and Sciences; Crimson-White; Y M.C-A. . . . EBERT, GEORGE LEWIS; Phi Sigmo Koppo; New York, N. Y.; Sophomore in Commerce; Blockfriors; Tou Delto Tou . . . ECHOLS, JOHN HALE; Pi Koppo Alpha; Tuscaloosa; Freshmon in Arts and Sciences; Million Dollar Bond. EPLAN. NATALIE; Sigma Delta Tou; Rome, Go-; Sophomore in Home Economics; Corolla . - . ERWIN, HAROLD OTIS; Tollodego; Junior in Commerce; Phi Eto Sigmo; Million Dollar Bond - . - ESHELMAN. JOE WILLIAM; Alpha Tou Omega; Birminghom; Freshman in Engineering; Million Collar Bond . . ETHEREDGE, FOSTER; Pi Koppo Alpha; Birmingham; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; Druids; R.A.T. Debate Squad; Crimson-White; Fhilomolhic; Library Assistontship; Y.M.C.A. . . . EUDY, BANKS EDWIN, JR.; Delto Tou Delta; Shoker Heights, Ohio; Freshmon in Commerce; Blockfriors . . . EVANS, SALLIE MILTON; Chi Omego; Morionno, Flo.; Freshmon in Arts and Sciences; Block- fr.ors; Y-W.C A,; Corollo- ECHOLS. WILLIAM GRAHAM, JR.; Pi Koppo Alpha; Tuscaloosa; Sophomore in Engineering; Wesley Foundation; Y. M.C-A. . . . EDDENS, HOUSTON THOMAS, Birmingham; Sophomore in Commerce; Secre- tary to the President of the University , , . EDISON, ROBERT DONALD; Sigma Alpho Epsilon; Fort Dodge, lowo; Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . EDMONDS, JACK BARRET; Alpho Tou Omega; Middlesboro, Ky.; Junior in Engineering, Skulls, St. Pot ' s; A.I.E.E. Committee . - EDWARDS, BRUCE WILLIAM; Green Boy, Wis.; Junior in Engineering; St. Pot ' s . . . EDWARDS, ERNEST; Chi Phi; Bessemer; Sophomore in Arts ond Sciences; Secretary-Treasurer of Sophomore Class; Corolla; Crimson-White; Y,M,C.A.; Glee Club; Blockfriors; Excelsior; B S.U.; Spanish Club; A,B- Association; Pershing Rifles. EGGENS, JANE STUART Sigmo Koppo; Eluobeth, N. J.; Sopho more in Chemistry . . , EHRLICH, EMERICH, JR.; Delta Chi; Chicago, III.; Junior i n Arts ond Sciences , . , ELDREDGE. SARAH LANDRUM; Zeto Tau Alpha; New Orleans, La.; Sophomore in Education; Spanish Club; International Relutioni Club; Psychology Club . . ELLINGTON, MARGARET NATALIE; Alpho Chi Omego; Annapolis, Maryland; Junior in Arts and Sciences, Crimson-Whito, Spirit Committee; Chi Delta Phi EWIN, L. HAVARD; Kappo Kappa Gommo; New Orleans. Lo.; Junior in Arts ond Sciences; Corollo . . . EYRSE. RUTH ROBERTA; Theto L ' psilon; Charleston, III,; Junior in Commerce . . . FALLIN, RHODA ELIZABETH; Baltimore, Md.; Freshman in Home Economics . . . FARMER, LESTER, A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Dothon; Junior in Commerce - . FARMER, MELVA; Montgomery; Junior in Home Economics; Caroline Hunt Club . . . FARRIOR, MARY CAROLYN; Delto Delta Delto, Lowndesboro; Junior in Arts and Sciences; Pi; A.B. Associotion. FAULK, ED; Kappo Alpha; Meridion, Miss.; Freshman in Arts and Sciences; Crimson-White , . . FEATHERSTON, ALICE RUTH; Koppo Kappo Gommo; Hurtsboro; Junior in Home Economics; Alpha Lambda Delta; Caroline Hunt Club; House of Representatives; Y.W.C.A.; Corolla, ' 3B- ' 39- ' 40; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Honor Court School of Home Economics; President of Junior Closs, School of Home Economics; Spirit Committee . . FELIX, BETTY JEAN; Phi Mu; Birmingham; Junior in Arts and Sciences; Blockfriors; Debate Squad . . . FERGUSON, IRENE; Phi Mu; Oveit, Miss.; Junior in Arts and Sciences; Blockfriors . . . FIKES, JOE EDWARD; Corinth, Miss.; Freshman in Engineering; St. Pal ' s; Glider Club . . . FINCH, PEYTON NEWELL; Soflord; Junior in Chemistry. N N E T E E N O R T Y ONE 112 DROMS Dubois DUFFEE DUGGAR DUKE DUMAS DUNLAP DUNN DuPRE OUPUY DURETTY DUVALl DWYER EAKINS EASON EASTMAN EBERT ECHOLS. J. ECHOLS, W. EDDENS EDISON EDMONDS EDWARDS, B. EDWARDS, E. EGGENS EHRLICH ELDREDGE ELLINGTON ELLIS ELLISON ELMORE EMERY EMISON ENGEL ENGLEBERT ENGLEMAN EFLAN ERWIN ESHELMAN ETHEREOGE EUDY EVANS EWIN EYRSE FALLIN FARMER, L. FARMER, M. FARRIOR FAULK FATHERSTON FELIX FERGUSON FIKES FINCH FINKBEINER FINO:CH!0 fITE, J fITE. K. FITE. M. FITTS FITZGERALD FIT2SIMMONS FLANAGAN FLEETWOOD FLEMING FLOYD FLYNN FOLMAR FOOTE FORRESTER. S. FORSTER FORRESTER, T. FOSTER, H. FOSTER. J. FOSTER. P. FOSTER. R. FOWLKES FRANCO FREELAND FREEMAN. J. FREEMAN. M. FRIEDLANDER FRIEDMAN FRIES FROST FtLFORO GALLEMORE GAMBLE GAMMILL GARCIA GASKELL GASKIN GASTON GACIT GAY GEORGE. F. GEORGE. WM. GIBSON GILCHRIST GILLETTE GILLEY GILPIN GILSTER GISH GLASS GLAZE GLAZIER GLOVER ALABAMAS undergraduates FINKBEINER, GEORGE. Iheta Xi, Buffolo, N. Y.. Sophomore in Engi- neering,- St. Pot ' s . . FINNOCCHIO SAM A., Bessemer, Sophomore in Arts ond Sciences; Blockfriors; Newman Club . . . FITE, JANE HOGE; Kappa Delta; Hamilton; Freshman in Commerce . . . FITE, KELLY v.; Pi Kappa Alpho; Hamilton; Junior in Commerce; Greeks . . . FITE, MARY ELIZABETH; Alpha Delta Pi; Hamilton; Freshman in Arts oncJ Sciences . . . FITTS, ANNALEE TAYLOR; Delto Delta Delta; Tus- caloosa; Sophomore in Educotion; Sponish Club; Crimson-White; Omega. in Education; Blockfriors . . FREEMAN, MERCEDES; Gadsden; Sopho- more in Arts and Sciences; Blackfriors; Glee Club; Sponish Club; A.B. Assoc:otion; Y.W.C.A. . . . FRIEDLANDER, EVELYN CLAIRE; Sigma Delto Tou; Lake Woles, Flo.; Freshmon in Home Economics . . . FRIECWAN, MEYER; Torryiown, N. Y.; Junior in Arts and Sciences . FRIES; MILDRED ELIZABETH; Theta Upsilon; Tuscaloosa; Junior in Commerce; Phi Chi Theto; Wesley Foundotion. FITZGERALD, RUTH JANE; Alpha Xi Delta; Maxwell Field; Freshmon in Arts and Sciences . . FITZSIMMONS, JAMES CHARLES; Delta Sigma Phi; New Port, R. I.; Freshmon in Arts and Sciences; Block- friors . . . FLANAGAN, BARBARA; Kappa Kappa Gommo; Mobile; Junior in Arts ond Sciences; Art Club; Spirit Committee; Pon-Hellenic; Sociology Grodership; C.A.A. . . . FLEETWOOD, ROBBIE GREY; Delta Delto Delta; Tuscolooso; Juinor in Arts and Sciences; Omego; Art Club . . . FLEMING, FREDERICK MALCOLM, JR.; Pi Kappa Phi; Genevo; Sophomore in Arts ond Sciences . . FLOYD, MAURINE; Koppo Delto; Abbeville; Junior in Home Economics; Coroline Hunt Club. FROST, DONALD FREDERICK; Sigma Alpha Mu; Montcloir, N. J.; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; Spanish Club . . - FULFORD, ALICE NELL; Koppo Delta; Birminghom; Freshman in Commerce . . . GALLE- MORE, POLLY; Alpho Gommo Delta; West Polm Beach, Flo.; Sopho- more in Education . . . GAMELE, ARTHUR EMMETT; Sigmo Nu; Green- ville; Junior in Arts and Sciences . . GAMMILL, J. E.; Lambda Chi Alpha; Birminghom; Freshman in Arts ond Sciences . . . GARCIA- SANCHEZ, WILFREDO; Sigma Chi; Montgomery; Sophomore in Com- merce; Sponish Club; Commerce Associotion. FLINN, ROY JOHN; Bridgeport, Conn.; Sophomore in Arts ond Sciences; Trustee ' s Prize . . . FOLMAR, EDITH; Goshen; Freshman in Arts ond Sciences; Y.W.C.A, . . . FOOTE, GEORGE WILLIAM; Kappo Sigmo; Birmingham; Sophomore in Engineering; A.I.M.E. . . . FORRES- TER, SCOTT; Sigma Nu; Montgomery; Freshman in Commerce . . . FORSTER, HOWARD THOMAS; Brooklyn, N. Y.; Junior in Engineering . . . FORRESTER, THARPE; Sigmo Nu; Montgomery; Freshmon in Com- merce. GASKELL, J AMES SHIELDS; Prottville; Sophomore in Commerce, Excelsior; Rommer-Jommer; Crimson-White . . . GASKIN, DONALD R Chicago, III.; Freshman in Engineering . . . GASTON, NELLE COSBY, Zeto Tou Alpha; Birmingham; Junior in Arts and Sciences; Corollo, Y.W.C.A. . . . GALLT, FRANK DUNCAN; Koppo Sigmo; Dallas, Texas, Freshman in Arts and Sciences; Excelsior . . . GAY, NATHALIE; Zeto Tou Alpha; Whistler; Junior in Educotion . . . GEORGE, FREDERICK ARTHUR; Kappa Alpha; Atmore; Sophomore in Commerce; Greeks; Corolla; Y.M.C.A.; Commerce Associotion; Commerce Committee. FOSTER, HERMAN; Elmira, N. Y.; Junior in Arls and Sciences; Ex- ecutive Board of Bond . . FOSTER JOHN EDWARD; Mobile; Junior in Arts ond Sciences; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Honor Roll, ' 39- ' 40; Spirit Committee; Gommo Sigmo Epsilon; Phi Chi . . . FOSTER, PAUL S.; Sigmo Nu; Opp; Junior in Arts and Sciences; Quadrangle; Rho Alpha Tou; Y.M.C.A.; Vice President, Y.M.C.A. . . . FOSTER, ROBERT; New- burgh, N. Y; Freshman in Engineering . . . fOWLKES, HATTIE; Delta Detlo Delto; Selmo; Junior in Arts and Sciences; Rammer-Jammer; Corollo; Crimson-White; Y.W.C.A.; Pon-Hellenic . . . FRANCO, RALPH A.; Koppo Nu; Sophomore in Commerce; Montgomery; Phi Eto Sigmo; Rho Alpha Tou; Excelsior; Honor Roll ' 39- ' 40; Freshman; Y.M.C.A. FREELAND, VIRGINIA JEAN; Birminghom; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; Blockfriors . . . FREEMAN, JEAN; Phi Mu; Horlselle; Junior GEORGE, WILLIAM MORRIS; Theto Chi; Buffolo, N. Y.; Freshman in Commerce . . . GIBSON, L. CHARLES; Pi Koppo Alpho; Enterprise; Freshman in Arls and Scie-ces; Y.M.C.A. . . . GILCHRIST, ARTHUR REED; Washington, D. C; Sophomore in Commerce . . . GILLETTE, JILL C; Jackson, Miss.; Sophomore in Home Economics . . . GILLEY, JANE; Fairfield; Freshman in Education . . GILPIN, R03ERT CRAF- TON; Pi Koppo Alpha; Tuscaloosa; Junior in Education; Blockfriors. GiLSTcR, DOROTHY LOUIIE; Chi Omego; Tupelo, Miss.; Junior in Educotion . . . GISH, WILLIAM R.; Alpho Sigmo Phi; South Bend, Indiono; Junior in Commerce; Spirit Committee . . . GLASS, LOUISE URQUHART; Delto ZetO; Tuscolooso; Freshmon in Arts and Sciences; Blockfriors; A.B. Associotion . . . GLAZE, BILLIE; Birminghom; Sopho- more in Education . . . GLAZIER, MARGARET DUNCAN; Alpha Phi; brodenton, Flo.; Junior in Arts and Sciences; Blockfriors; Y W.C.A.; Internotionol Relations Club . . . GLOVER, EMILY ALICE; Koppo Celto; Montgomery; Junior in Arls and Sciences; Omego; W.A.A. NINETEEN FORTY O N IIS ALABAMA ' S UNDERGRADUATES CLOVER. SOLON HINGSON; Alpho Tou Omega. Anniston.- Fresh- man in Commerce. Mlll.on Dollar Bond . . . GOOLEY. WILLIAM H.. JR.; Sigma Phi Epsilon,- Frenchlown, N. J.; Sophomore in Commerce, Y ( .C.A. . . GODWIN. MYRTICE, Oello Zelo; Solma. Sophomore in Commerce . . . GOGGANS ALBERT, Hiijob. Junior in Arts ond Scien- ces; Phi Elo Sigmo; Alpho Epsilon De ' la . . . GOLDEN, JAMES OWEN; Lombdo Chi Alpha; Bessemer; Freshmon in Engineering . . . GOLD- EERG. SIDNEY JAY; Sigma Alpha Mu; Sylocougo; Sophomore in Commerce; Million Dollor Band; Crimson-White. WARD E.; Sigma Fhi Epsilon; Poterson, N. J.; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; St. Fot ' s; Boxing . . . GRIFFIN, BARBARA HELEN, Mont- gomery; Sophomore in Arts ond Sciences; Alpha Lombda Delta; Y.W.C.A.; House of Representolives; Honor Roll •39-40. GOLDMAN, FEARLIE; Sigmo Celto Tou; Mobile; Freshman in Arts ond Sciences; Blockfr.ors; Corolla Staff . . . GOLDSMITH, HAZEL FRANCES; Delta Delta Delta; Austin, Texos; Junior in Education; Omego; Coroline Hunt Club . . GOFF, LEON WEBB; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Birminghom; Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . GOLO, ALFRED JOSEPH, II; Phi Sigmo Koppo; Scronton, Po.; Junior in Com- merce . . . GOODE, BETTY; Zeto Tou Alpha; Tuscaloosa; Freshman in Arts ond Sciences; Blockfriors; Wesley Foundation; Y.W.C.A. . . . GOODE, JERRY HAMM.OND; Delta Tou Delta; Clevelond Heights, Ohio; Freshman in Engineering. GRIFFIN, CHLOE; Alpha Phi; Denver, Col.; Junior in Arts ond Sciences; Chi Delto Phi; Crimson-White . . . GRIMES, PORTER HOWARD; Pi Kappa Alpha; Enterprise; Sophomore in Engineering; Million Dollor Bond . . GRISBAUM. MARILYN KATHRYN; Sigmo Koppo; Upper Darby, Pa.; Freshman in Education . . . GROSS, DAVID EOYD; Lambda Chi Alpha; Laurel, Miss.; Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . GROSS. HAROLD ARNOLD; Hartford, Conn.; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; French Club; A.B. Association; University Chorus . . . GROSSMAN, JIM; Zeto Beta Tou; New York, N. Y.; Freshman in Commerce; Btackfriors; Crimson-White; Hillel; Commerce Association. GOODE, LOUISE; Rogersville; Junior in Home Economics; Alpha Lambdo Delta; Phi Upsiton Omicron; Caroline Hunt Club; Member House of Representatives; Secretory of Sophomore Cla ss . . GOOD- MAN. ELINOR L.; Sigma Delta Tou; Slarkville, Miss.; Sophomore in Home Economics; Spanish Club; Internotionol Relotions Club; Coro- line Hunt Club . . . GORDON, MARSHALL A.; Koppo Nu; Birmingham; Sophomore in Commerce; Blockfriors; Excelsior; Hillel . . . GORRIE, HELEN; Montgomery; Junior in Arts ond Sciences . . . GOWING, MAURICE; Theta Xi; Evanslon, III.; Junior in Commerce; Commerce Association . . . GOWING. ROBERT E ; Theto Xi; Evonston, III,; Sopho- more in Arts and Sciences. GROVES, ROSEMARY; Alpho Phi; Tompo, Flo.; Freshman in Com- merce; Blockfriors; Y.W.C.A. . . . GUNN, WILLIAM ANGUS; Ft. Worth, Texas; Junior in Engineering; Men ' s Glee Club; Institute of Aeronautical Science . . . GUNTER, JAMES WILLIAM; Fayette; Sopho- more in Arts ond Sciences; Crimson-White; Rommer-Jammer; Glee Club; Press Club; Wesley Foundation; Wesley Orchestra Orotorio; A Copella Chorus. . . . GURNEY, ALBERT CHARLES; Unodillo, N. Y.; Junior in Engineering; St. Pot ' s . . . GUY, JOHN BREWSTER; Alpha Tou Omego; Jasper; Sophomore in Commerce; Excelsior; Y.M.C.A. . HAGOOD. THOMAS WILLIAM; Sigmo Alpha Epsilon; Brewton; Freshman in Arts and Sciences. GRABOVE. MAXWELL; Kuppa Nu; Birmingham; Junior in Chemistry; Excelsior; Blockfriors; Alchemist Club . . . GRAHAM, ANN NEAL; Koppo Koppo Gommu; Anniston; Sophomore in Commerce; . . GRAVES. MARION STEWART; Koppo Delta; Tuscaloosa; Junior in Arts ond Sciences . . . GRAY, RUTH MARY; New York, N, Y.; Sophomore m Arts and Sciences; Student Government . . . GRAY, THOMAS A ; Alpha Sigmo Phi; Rochester, N. Y.; Freshmon in Arts ond Sciences; A.B. Association . . . GREEN, CHARLES; Koppa Alpha; Decatur; Junior in Commerce; Philomothic; Officers Club. HAGOOD, WILLIAM KNOX; Delta Chi; Dixiono; Freshman in Arts and Sciences; Blockfriors . . . HAIG, WILSON ROBERT; Alpho Sigmo Phi; Bingham!on, N. Y.; Junior in Commerce; Delto Sigmo Pi; Phi Eto Sigmo . . . HAILS, JEANNE MARY; Koppo Delta; Montgomery; Sopho- more in Arts ond Sciences; Blockfriors; Crimson-White Staff; Newman Club . . . HALEY. THOMAS D.; Theto Chi; Trenton, N. J.; Junior .n Arts and Sciences; Newman Club; Psychology Club; Blockfriors . . HALL. HOWARD KENWORTHY; Koppo Sigmo; Dothon; Freshmon in Engineering; St. Pofs; Y.M.C.A. . . . HALL, MARY WHITFIELD; Alpha Gamma Delia; Eutaw; Junior in Arts ond Sciences; Y.W.C.A.; Wesley Foundation. GREENE. BEIT ' . . . GREENE, i Commerce . . City. Sophomore in Commerce Mobile; freshmon in Arts and Sciences; Corolla ' Sophomore in Home Econoiiiii Nu; Birmingham; Freshmon in -HELL; Pi Koppo Alpha; Phoenix . GREER. SIBLEY; Kuppa Delta; GREINER, ED- HALLMAN, MICHAEL DOUGLAS; Sigmo Nu; l ntgomery; Sopho- more in Engineering . . , HALSEY. WILL; Phi Delta Theto; Huntsville; Junior in Commerce; Philomothic; Quodrongle; Greeks; Rammer-Jom- iner . . HAM6LEY. WILLIAM ODYAS; Stephenson; Junior in Engineer- ing .. . HAMMOND, META VICTORIA, Alpha Gamma Delta, Kosci- " tLo Mist.; Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . HAND. JAMES. Ill; I fork. Miss.; Freshman in Commerce . . . HANDWERK, JOSEPH :t ' ' ;kY, Pht Siqmd. Joliet. III., Junior in Chemistry. NINETEEN O R T Y O N 116 GLOVER GODLEY GODWIN GOGGANS GOLDEN GOLDBERG GOLDMAN GOLDSMITH GOFF GOLO GOOOE GOOOE. J. GOODE. L. GOODMAN GORDAN corr:e GOWING .M. COWING, R. GRABOVE GRAHAM GRAVES GRAY, R. GRAY, T. GREEN, C. GREENE. B. GREENE, L. GREENE, R. GREER GREINER GRIFFIN, B. GRIFFIN. C. GRIMES GRISBAUM GROSS. D. GROSS. H. GROSSMAN GROVES GUNN GUNTER GURNEY GUY HAGOOD, T. HAGOOD, W. HAIG HAILS HALEY HALL, H. HALL, M. HALLMAN HALSEY HAMBLEY HAMMOND HAND HANDWERK HANKS HANNA HARBAUGH HARDAGE HARDEGREE HARDIN HARDWICK HARLAN HARNEY HARREU, C. HARRELL. J. HARREU. JOE HARRINGTON HARRIS, AARON HARRIS. ANNA HARRIS. ANNE HARRIS. F. HARRIS.FRED HARRIS, J. B. HARRIS. J. M. HARRIS. K. HARRIS. P. HARRIS. R. HARRISON HARROD HARSH. E. HARSH, J. HART HARTMAN HASLITT HATCHER HAVENS HAY HAYES HAYNES HEAD HEARN HEATON HEFFERNAN HEIDT HELD HENDERSON. EM. HtNDERSON. E. HENLEY HENSON HERBERT HERTZMAN HERWIG HILL. M. HILLIARO HILLER HILSON HILTON ALABAMA ' S UNDERGRADUATES HANKS. ROBBIE GCNESE; Frisco City,- Sophomore in Education . . . HANNA, DOROTHY JANE; Alpha Gammo Dclto; Morion; Junlcr in Arts and Sciences; A.B. Association; Y W.C.A, . . . H ARBAUGH, W.L- LIAM H.; Chi Phi; Newark, N. J ; Junior in Arts and Sciences; Bose- boll . . . HARDAGE. NELL; Opp; Freshman in Home Economics . . . HARDEGREE, ARTHUR LEE, JR.; Pi Kappo Alpha; Ashland; Junior in Commerce; PhilomathiC; Y.M.C.A. . . HARDIN. SARA; Alpha Xi Delta; Northport; Junior in Arts and Sciences. MOND B.; Theto Xi; Detroit, Mich.; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; A.B. Association . . . HARTMAN, MARY LEE; Sigma Dello Tou; Bir- minghom; Freshman in Home Economics . . . HASLITT, MARY JANE; Murfreesboro, Tenn.; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; Newman Club; Spirit Committee; House of Representatives. HARDWICK, THEODORE FREDERICK; Petersboro, N. H.; Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . HARLAN, JANE; Alpha Gamma DeltO; Jackson, Tenn.; Freshmon in Arts and Sciences; French Club; A.B. Association; Glee Club; Y.W.C.A . . . HARNEY. SUSAN FRANCES; Evanston, III.; Junior in Arts and Sciences; Blockfriars; University Symphony Orches- tra; Wesley Foundotion Orchestro; Concert Band; Y.W.C.A.; P.S.A. Choir; Girls Glee Club . . . HARRELL, CLARENCE LANIER; Birmingham; Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . HARRELL, JANE; Delta Delta Delta; Selmo; Freshman in Home Economics; Blockfriars; Glee Club; Y.W.CA.; Coroline Hunt Club . . . HARRELL. JOE JACKSON; Sigma Nu; Thomoston; Junior in Commerce; Interfraternity Council. HATCHER, LOUISE; Chi Omega; Memphis, Tenn.; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; Corolla Stoff; Girls Spirit Committee . . . HAVENS, ANNIE HAYES; Mobile; Junior in Education; Glee Club . . HAY, MARY CATHERINE; Chi Omego; Huntsville; Junior in Education; Pi; Pan. Hellenic . . . HAYES, JAMES PATRICK; Delta Kappo Epsilon; Blountstown, Flo.; Sophomore in Commerce; Corolla; Glee Club; Y.M.C.A. . . . HAYNES, MARSHALL RAYMOND; Phi Delto Theto; Bir- mingham; Freshman in Arts and Sciences; Track; Y.M.C.A. . . HEAD, VIRGINIA PIERCE; Kappo Delta; Tuscaloosa; Sophomore in Heme Economics; Omego; Caroline Hunt Club; Crimson-White. HARRINGTON, JAMES BELL; Phi Celto Theta; Jackson, Tenn.; Fresh- man in Engineering . . . HARRIS, AARON DUNCAN; Alpha Tou Omega; Montgomery; Freshman in Commerce . . . HARRIS, ANNA DRUE; Tuscumbia; Junior in Arts and Sciences; Blockfriars; Alpha Lombdo Delta; Y.W.C.A.; Wesley Choir; Crimson-White . . . HARRIS, ANNE WOOD; Delta Delta Delta; Jockson, Tenn.; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . HARRIS, FRANCIS A.; Springdole, Ohio; Junior in Commerce . . . HARRIS, FREDRICK LEE; Delta Sigma Fhi; Manchester, N. H.; Sophomore in Commerce; Blockfriars; Tou Delta Tou. HEARN, JOSEPH EDWARD; Albertville; Junior in Arts and Sciences; Y.W.C.A.; Blackfriors; B.S.U. Council . . . HEATON, ROY GORDON; Sheffield; Junior in Engineering; Men ' s Glee Club . . HEFFERNAN, JOHN ANTHONY; Delta Sigma Fhi; Sheffield; Sophomore in Com- merce; Newman Club; Spanish Club; Blockfriars . . . HEIDT, LILLIAN SIBLEY; Delta Delta Delta; Birmingham; Freshman in Home Economics . . . HELD, LEONARD M.; Zeta Beta Tou; Talladega; Sophomore in Commerce . . . HENDERSON, EMALYN CRITTENBEN; Alpha Delta Pi; Birmingham; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. HARRIS. JOHN BRADFORD; Palmer, Tenn.; Sophomore in Engineer- ing .. . HARRIS, JOHN MANVILLE; Phi Sigma Koppo; Newton, Mass.; Freshman in Engineering; Blockfriars . . . HARRIS, KATH " ,YN FLETCHER; Zeta Tou Alpha; Tuscaloosa; Junior in Arts and Sciences; Blockfriars; Business Manager, National Collegiate Players; Tou Delta Tou; Zeta Phi Eto . . . HARRIS, PEGGY PARKER; Alpha Chi Omega; Housion, Texas; Junior in Arts and Sciences; Blockfriars; Newman Club; Spanish Club . . HARRIS, ROBERT OTIS, III; Sigma Alpha Epsilo.i; Tusca- loosa; Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . HARRISON, JERRIE; Alpho Phi; Jasper; Junior in Arts and Sciences. HENDERSON, EUGENIA; Delta Zeta; Dixon Mills; Sophomore in Education; Caroline Hunt Club . . . HENLEY, RUSSELL GRAY, JR.; Pi Kappa Phi; Roanoke, Vo.; Junior in Engineering . . HENSON, MAR- GARET ELIZABETH; Alpha Chi Omego; Tampa, Flo.; Freshman in Commerce; Glee Club; Blockfriars; Spanish Club . . . HERBERT, ED- WARD; Evergreen; Junior in Commerce . . . HERTZMAN, ANNE; Sigma Delta Tou; Louisville. Ky.; Sophomore in Home Economics; Blockfriars; Pan-Hellenic Representtoive; Coroline Huit Club . . . HERWIG, BETTY; Langley Field, Vo.; Freshmon in Arts and Sciences. HARROD, RUTH VIRGINIA; Ashville, N. C; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; Y.W.C.A.; Wesley Foundation; Swan Club; Spanish Club . . . HARSH, ELIZABETH; Koppa Koppo Gommo; Birmingham; Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . HARSH, JANE LeSUEUR; Delta Delto Delta; Birminghom; Junior in Arts and Sciences; Omega . . HART, RAY- HILL, KATHRYN JETER; Alpha Delta Pi; Atlanta, Ga.; Junior in Arts and Sciences; Art Club . . HILL, MARY LEE; Winfield; Junior in Arts and Sciences; Oratorio . . . HILLIARD, PATRICIA HARRISON; Alpho Chi Omego; Birmingham; Freshmon in Arts and Sciences . . . HILLER, LOUISE; Alpha Delta Pi; Jasper; Sophomore in Educolion; Caroline Hunt Club; W.A.A.; Y.W.C.A.; Rommer-Jommer . . . HILSON, MARY JIM; Andolusio; Junior in Arts and Sciences; Blackfriors . . . HIL- TON, ROBERT EDWARD; Delta Sigmo Phi; Brooklyn, N. Y.; Freshmon in Engineering; Newmon Club; St. Pot ' s Association. N N E T E E N O R T Y O N 119 ALABAMA S undergraduates HILTY. MADELINE ROSE, Delta Dslta Dello, Birmingham. Frcshmon in Arts and Sciences. Pi. Blocklriars . . . HILTY. MENA; Delia Delta pptt n Birmingham, Junior in Arts and Sciences,- Crimson-White, h . Kr.ors; French Club . . . MINES, JACK W., Phi Gommo Delta; tiifjjeile. Junior in Commerce . . . MINES, JOMN M., Theto Xi, fort Wayne, Indiano; Junior in Commerce.- Vorstty Bosketboll . . . HIMES, MARGARET NEIL; Chi Omega, Tuscoloosa. Junior in Arts ond Sc.ences: Corollo; MINTON, CLAUDE A , JR.; Phi Comma Oelto; Tusco- tooso; Junior in Arts and Sciences; Greeks. MOELZLE. EUGENE CMARLES; Grosse Pointc, Mich.; Sophomore in Engineering; St. Pots Engineering Society . . . HOFFMAN. RUSSELL VERNAN; Sigma Chi; Bell Vernon, Po.; Junior in Engineering; Theto Tou, Junior Representotive on St. Pot ' s . . . MOGUE, ERMA GREY; Lourel, Miss.; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; Blockfriors; Intro- murol Debote . . . HOLCOMB, NELL ROSE; Northport; Sophomore in Educotion; Coroline Hunt Club . . . HOLLEY, JEANNE MARIE; Phi Mu; Tuscaloosa; Freshman in Home Economics; Crimson-White . . . MOLLIDAY, ANN VIRGINIA; Phi Mu; Athens, Go.; Freshmon in Arts ond Sciences; Glee Club; CoroHo; Blockfriors. HOLLINGER, RANDALL; Delta Koppo Epsilon; Mobile; Freshmon in Engineering . . . HOLLINGSWORTM, GILBERT; Fhi Gommo Dello; Bes- :cmer; Junior in Commerce- Business Stoff Crimson-White . . . HOLLO- WAY, JULIAN LEE, JR.; Siomo Chi; Tollossee; Freshmon in Arts ond Sciences . . . HOLMAN, JANE EUGENIA; Alpho Delta Pi; Northport; Junior in Home Economics; C A.A, . . . HOLMAN, MARION RUSSELL; Koppo Koppo Gommo; Montgomery; Sophomore in Arts ond Sciences; Corollo; Y,W.C.A.; Crimson-While . . . HOLMES, JUDSON TAPPEN; Sigma Phi Epsilon; New Milford, Conn.; Freshmon in Arts ond Sciences; Crimson-White; Excelsior. HOISINGER, DIXIE; Alpha Chi Omego; Riverside, III.; Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . HOLT. AVON MAY; Fairfield; Freshman in Educotion . . . HOPKINS, NANCY OLIVIA; Chi Omego; Hickory. Miss.; Junior in Home Economics; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet; Coroline Muni Club . . . MORNSBY. AUBREY T.; Chi Fhi; Mo»weil Field; Sophomore in Arts ond Sciences; Rho Alpha Tou, Oruld; Phi Eta Sigmo; Y.M.C.A. . . . MORTON. JACK WESLEY; Alpha Sigma Phi; Stow. N. Y.; Sophomore in Commerce . . . HORTON. JAMES O.. Fhi Kappa Sigma, Guntersville; Junior in Arts and Sciences; Inlerfrofernlly Council. MORTON MARY; Alpha Fh Evergreen; Sophomore in Education " ■■!». FAY ELLEN; Alpha Chi Omego. Bartow, Flo.; Freshmon ' «, „r«, Cheerleoder . , . HOUSTON, LAURIE; CIcyton; ... HOJSTON, MARTHA ELIZABETH, Alpha re in Educatio.i . . . HOUSTON, WILLIAM DOUGLAS; Dclto Koppo Epsilon. Mobile; Freshman in Engineering . . . HOWE, WILLIAM ANDREW; Delta Tou Delta; Newburypcri. Moss.; Freshmon in Commerce; Commerce Associotion. HOWELL, ELIZABETH; Chi Omego; Gordo; Sophomore in Home Economics; Corollo; Caroline Hunt Club; Y W. C. A. . . . HOWELL, SAMUEL SFURGEON; Midlond City; Freshmon in Arts and Sciences . . . HUBBARD, FERRY; Pi Koppo Alpha; Torront; Sophomore in Com- merce; Blockfriors; Debate Squod; Freshman Rifle Team; Tou Koppo Alpho . . . HUBBS. GUY LAMAR; Sigma Chi; Ensley; Junior in Engi- neering . . . HUDGINS, JEWEL ELAINE; Aliceville; Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . HUDSON. MAXWELL C; Pi Koppo Alpha; Oneonto; Sophomore in Commerce; Y.M.C.A. HUEY. FRANK EUGENE; Bessemer; Junior in Engineering; Chi Bcto Phi; St Pot ' s; A.I.Ch.E. . . . HUFF, CATHERINE PRENTISS; Delto Delta Delta; Montgomery; Junior in Education . . . HUFFSTUTLER. LUVOLA FRANCES; Montgomery; Freshman in Home Economics; Blockfriors . . . HUGHES MILES PRESTON; Godsdcn; Sophomore in Arts and Scien- ces; Wes ' ey Center; Million Dollar Bond; Wesley Orchestra . . . HUIE. WILDA LOIS; Delta Zeto; Gorden City; Freshmon in Education . . . HULSEY, ESTHER ELIZABETH; Coker; Sophomore in Education; Tronsler from Alobomo Polytechnic Institute. HUMBER, DOR IS ANNE; Delta Delto Delto; Fayette; Freshman in Home Economics; Glee Club; WesJey Foundation; Y.W.C.A.; Vice- President of Freshman Closs . . MUNNEIL, VERN H.; Chi Phi; Sheri- don, Wyoming; Sophomore in Engineering . . . HUNT. WILLIAM FRANCIS; Delta Koppo Epsilon; Birmingham; Freshmon in Arts and Sciences; Freshman Y.M.C.A.; Debote Squad; Crimson-White . . . HUNTER. LUCILLE; De ' to Delta Delto; Mobile; Freshmon in Arts ond Sciences; Corollo; Crimson-While; Omego; Glee Club; Y.W.C.A. . . . MUNNICUTT, NORVIN W; Phi Gommo Delto; Centerville; Sophomore in Engineering; Crimson-While . . . HURT. GERTRUDE; Indianapolis. Ind.; Sophomore in Home Economics; Rommer-Jommer. HUILI IINjUN. HAMIIIUN. Kuppn Alpho. Montgomety. Junior in Arts and Sciences; President of Druids; Quodrongle. Honor Court. President. Phllomothic; Officers Club . . . HUTCHINSON, JOHN HUGHSTON; Koppo Alpha; Monlgomery; Freshman in Engineering . . . HUIHNANCE. CAROLINE CECELIA; Chi Omego; Birmingham, Freshman in Home Economics; Newman Club; Y.W.C.A.; Corolinp Hunt Club . . HYATT. GENE; Fronklin, Po.; Freshman in Commerce . . . HYMDMAN. ELSA; Alpha Psi Delta; Mobile; Junior in Home Econcm:c»; Y.W.C.A. Cobinet . , . HYTKEN; JULIAN STANTON; Kappo Nui indionolo, Miss.; Freshman in Engineering; Blockfriors, Band, N N E T E E N FORTY O N 120 HILTY, M. HILTY, MENA HINES, JACK MINES, JOHN HIMES HINTON HOELZLE HOFFMAN HOGUE HOLCOMB HOLLEY HOLLIDAY HOLLINGER HOLLINGSWORTH HOLLOWAY HOLMAN, J. HOLMAN, M. HOLMES HOLSINGER HOLT HOPKINS HORNSBY HORTON, JACK HORTON, JAMES HORTON, M. HOSMER HOUSTON. L. HOUSTON, M. HOUSTON, W. HOWE HOWELL, E. HOWELL, S. HUBBARD HUBBS HUOGINS HUDSON HUEY HUFF HUFFSTUTLER HUGHES HUIE HULSEY HUMBER HUNNELL HUNT HUNTER HUNNICUTT HURT HUTCHINSON, J. HUTCHINSON. H. HUTHNANCE HYATT HYMDMAN HYTKEN 121 IGLER INGE INGRAM. I. INGRAM, M. INZER ISRAEL, J. ISRAEL, L. ITCZAK JACKSON JACOB JACOBS, B. JACOBS, P. JACOBSKIND JACOBSON JAMES, C. JAMES. J. JAMES. L. JAMES, M. JAMES. R. JAMES. ROBT. JAMES. WM. . ' EFFERIES JENKINS, B. JENKINS, H. JENNINGS JENTZEN JEWELL JOHNS JOHNSON, B. JOHNSON. H. JOHNSON. J. JOHNSON, J. W. JOHNSON, JEAN JOHNSON, M,C. JOHNSON. MAY JOHNSON, W, JOHNSTON, A, JOHNSTON, N. JOINER JONAS JONES, B. JONES, D. JONES. JUDY JONES. J. JONES. K. JONES, L. JONES. M. JONES, R. JORDAN. A. JORDAN, 0. JORDAN. E. JORDAN. G. JORDAN. M. JORDAN. WM. 122 ALABAMA ' S u NDERGRADUATES IGIER, KATHRYN JANE; Cello Zelo, Mobile.- Freshman in Home Economics, Coroline Hunt, Y.W.C.A . . . INGE. HERNDON, JR.; Delto Koppo Epsilon; Mobile; Sophomore in Commerce; Spirit Committee; Y.M.C.A,; Assistont Treosurer . . . INGRAM. INEZ; Sheffield; Sopho- more in Commerce . . . INGRAM. MARTHA ANNE; Alpho Chi Omego; Pensocolo, Flo.; Freshmon in Arts and Sciences . . . INZER, ALICE; Kappa Koppo Gommo; Gadsden; Junior in Arts and Sciences; Block- friors; Y.WC.A.; Corolla . . . ISRAEL, JOHN ROY; Alpha Too Omego; Birminghom; Junior in Commerce. Corollo . . . JOHNSON. BETTY JANE; Zelo Tou Alpha; East Chicago. Ind. . . . Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . JOHNSON, HAROLD, ALA- RICK; Theto Chi; Norwood. Mass.; Junior in Engineering; " A " Club; Vorsity Track. ISRAEL. LAURENS IRVING; Koppo Nu; Tuscaloosa; Junior in Arts and Sciences; Crimson-White; Blockfriors; Rammer-Jammer; Debating; Hillel Junior Council . . . ITCZAK, LEOCADIA JEANETTE; Hertford. Conn.; Freshman in Home Economics; Caroline Hunt Club . . . JACKSON. ROBERT ADRIAN; Alpha S:gma Phi; Montgomery; Sophomore in Arts ond Sciences; Corollo . . . JACOB. MADELEINE; Delta Zeto; Mont- gomery; Junior in Arts and Sciences; Y.W.C.A.; Spanish Club; Comera Club . . . JACOBS, BERT; Sigma Alpha Mu; Brookline, Mass.; Sopho- more in Arts and Sciences; Spanish Club; Rifle Team . . . JACOBS, PAUL D.; Phi Delta Thelo; Decatur; Junior in Commerce. JOHNSON. JANICE. ELAINE; Zeto Tou Alpha; Tuscolooso; Freshmon in Home Economics; Caroline Hunt Club; Y.W.C.A. . . . JOHNSON. J. W.; Sigma Alpha Ecsilon; Longdale; Junior in Commerce; Spirit Committee . . . JOHNSON. JEAN HEWLETT; Alpho Gommo Delta Birmingham; Sophomore in Home Economics; Coroline Hunt Club Y.W.C.A.; Fencing Club; Outing . . JOHNSON. MARY CATHERINE Fitzgerald. Go.; Freshmon in Home Economics . . . JOHNSON. MAY CATHERINE; Theto Upsilon; Union City, N. J.; Sophomore in Arts ond Scie.nces; Newman Club . . . JOHNSON. WILSON. JR.; Koppo Sigma. Norfolk, Va.. Freshman in Commerce; Y.M.C.A Council; Glee Club. JACOBSKIND. RALPH; Brooklyn, N. Y.; Sophomore in Commerce; Sponish Club; Chairman. University New Deal Club . . . JACOBSON, JULIUS LEE; Zeto Beta Tou; Mobile; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; Bond; Debate Squad; Spanish Club; Y.M.C.A. . . JAMES. CHARLES L.; Lombdo Chi Alpha; Huntsville; Sophomore in Commerce . . . JAMES. JOHN CALLER; Phi Delta Theto; Uniontown; Sophomore in Commerce; Rommer-Jommer; Greeks; Y.M.C.A.; Glee Club . . . JAMES. LEON. JR.; Roanoke; Junior in Commerce; Phi Eta Sigma; Delta Sigmo Pi . . JAMES. MARJORIE; Pensocolo, Flo.; Junior in Arts ond Sciences; International Relotions Club; Sponish Club. JAMES. RICHARD EARL; Fairfield; Junior in Engineering; Y.M.C.A. . . . JAMES, ROBERT L.; Birminghom; Junior in Commerce; " A " Club; Cross Country; Track . . . JAMES, WILLIAM EDWARD; Koppo Alpho; Tuscolooso; Junior in Arts ond Sciences; Quadrangle; Blockfriors; Y.M.C.A.; Excelsior Literary Society . . JEFFERIES, DONALD; Delta Chi; Citronelle; Sophomore in Education; Y.M.C.A. . . . JENKINS, BARBARA ANN; Theto Upsilon; New Hoven. Conn.; Freshmon in Arts ond Sciences . . . JENKINS. HERMAN; Alpha Tou Omego; Knoxville, Tenn.; Sophomore in Arts ond Sciences JOHNSTON, ANNA LEE; Selmo; Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . JOHNSTON. NORTHAN; Phi Gommo Delta; Posodeno. Col.; Freshmon in Arts and Sciences; Debate Squod . . . JOINER. R. C; Eufoulo; Freshman in Commerce; University Chcrus; Wesley Choir . . . JONAS, ROYAL FLAGG; Sigma Alpha Mu; Miami Beoch. Flo.; Freshmon in Arts and Sciences; Hillel; Basketball; Arts ond Sciences Associotion . . JONES. BETTY; Doytona Beach. Flo.; Sophomore in Education; Blockfriors; Coroline Hunt Club; Y.W.C.A. . . . JONES. DORIS VIR- GINIA; Kappa Delta; Birmingham; Junior in Arts and Sciences. JONES. JUDY; Chi Omega; Tracy City. Tenn.; Junior in Arts and Sciences; Blockfriors; A Copello Choir; Notional Collegiate Players; Newman Club . . . JONES. JULIAN; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Montgom- ery; Sophomore in Engineering; I.A.S. . . . JONES. KATHERINE ELIZABETH; Zeto Tou Alpha; Corollton; Junior in Home Economics; Coroline Hunt Club; Corolla . . JONES. LUCIA ALSTON; Koppo Koppo Gommo; Tuscolooso; Freshmon in Arts and Sciences . . . JONES, MARTHA LOU; Alpha Gamma Delta; Attollo; Sophomore in Commerce; Phi Chi Theto; Council of Clubs; French Club; Wesley Foundation; W.S.G.A. . . . JONES. REBEKAH; Chi Omego; Dyer, Tenn.; Junior in Education; Crimson-White; Corolla; Blockfriors; Y.W.C.A.; Tronsfer from Christian College. JENNINGS. BARTLETIE HARDWICK; Foirhope; Freshman in Engi- neering . . . JENTZEN. CHRISTINE; Phi Mu; Atlanta, Go.; Sophomore in Home Economics; Blockfriors; Coroline Hunt . . .JEWELL. BILLIE MAE; Alpha Chi Omego; Anniston; Sophomore in Arts ond Sciences; Blockfriors; Crimson-White . . . JOHNS, TREVOR; Phi Mu; Woshington, D. C; Freshman in Arts ond Sciences; Crimson-White; A.B. Association; JORDAN. ARCHIE RANDELL; Midwoy; Junior in Education; Officers Club . . JORDAN, CCRIS; Alpha Delta Pi; Montgomery; Sophomore in Commerce . . . JORDAN. EDGAR CHAPMAN; Sigmo Alpho Epsilon; Alexandria, Lo.; Sophomore in Engineering . . . JORDAN. GENE MEL- VIN; Pi Koppo Phi; Cullman; Junior in Commerce; Phi Eto Sigmo; Spirit Committee . . . JORDAN, MARVELL; Robertsdole; Junior in Home Eco- nomics; Y.W.C.A.; Coroline Hunt Club; Wesley Foundation . . . JOR- DAN, WILLIAM DITMER; Gordo; Junior in Engineering; Thelo Tou; Quadrangle; Phi Eto Sigmo. N N E T E E N FORTY O N 123 ALABAMA ' S UNDERGRADUATES JOSPIN, SAMUEL H ; Sigma Alpha Mu. Bessemer; Freshman in Commerce . . . JUSTICE, MARGARET NELL, Alpha Chi Omego, Monl- gomery; Junior in Home Economics, Coroline Hunt Club; Y.W.C.A. . . , KAHLMUS, MAURICE F,; Kappo Alpho; Meridion, Miss.; Freshman in Commerce; Crimson-Whife . . . KASER, BILL; Los Angles, Cal.; Junior in Education; Varsity Football; Boseboll . . KASS, LOUISE; Piedmont; Sophomore in Home Economics; Hillel , , , KAUCH, ROBERT, JR.; Chi Phi; Montgomery; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Commerce . . . KLEIN. WALLACE; Alpho Tou Omego; Anniston; Sophomore in Commerce; Y.M.C.A.; Excelsior . . . KNAPP, GEORGE ERNEST; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Birminghom; Freshman in Arts and Sciences; Y.M.C.A.; Trock . . . KNIEHL, PEGGY JUNE; Theta Upsilon; New Hoven, Conn,; Freshman in Chemistry; Alchemist Club; Newmon Club . . . KNIGHT, LELIA OTTS; Koppa Delto; Greensboro; Freshman in Arts ond Sciences; Pi, KAUFMAN, E, L.; Greensburg. Po,; Freshman in Arts ond Sciences , , , KAVA, BUDDY; Phi Sigmo Delto; Brooklyn, N. Y.; Junior in Commerce; Million Collor Bond . . . KAYSER, J. LOUIS; Zeta Beta Tou; Birmingham; Sophomore in Arts ond Sciences . . . KEENER, MARY FAYE; Attollo; Junior in Arts ond Sciences; Alpha Lambda De ' to; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Chi Beta Phi; Chi Oe ' ta Phi; Junior Repre- lentotive W.S.G.; Glee Club; A Copello Choir; W.A.A. . . . KEITH, CAROLYN; Verietto, Go.; Freshmon in Home Economics; Caroline Hunt Club; Wesley Foundotion; Y.W.C.A.; Sponish Club . . . KELLER, MARY EDA; Alpho Gamma Delto; Jacksonville. Flo.; Freshman in Commerce; Concert Bond; Y.W.C.A.; Commerce Association; University Orchestro. KNOTT. HARRY; McKeesport, Pa.; Freshmon m Engineering . . . KNOWLES, CLYDE MURRELL. JR.; Phoenix City; Sophomore in Arts ond Sciences . . . KNOP. CHARLES WILLIAM; Delto Tou Delto; Buffalo. N. Y.; Junior in Engineering; Greeks; St. Pol ' s . . . KOBAN. GEORGE Sigma Phi Epsilon; Du Pont. Po.; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Newman Club; A.B. Associotion . . . KOENIG. MYRA BROWNE Koppa Koppa Gommo; Birmingham; Freshmon in Arts ond Sciences, Crimson-White; Bbcklriars; Y.W.C.A. . . . KOEPPEL, WILLIAM; Delto Chi; Tuscolooso; Sophcmore in Engineering; St. Pat ' s. KELLEY. LAWRENCE KENDALL. JR.; Phi Sigma Koppo; Tewksbury. Moss.; Freshmon in Arts and Sciences . . . KELLY. LEON FRED; Pi Koppa Phi; Birmingham; Junior in Engineering; St. Pot ' s . . . KELSOE. MARY LOUISE; Enterprise; Freshman in Arts and Sciences; Blockfriors . . . KEMPER. JAY CLARKE; Demopolis; Sophomore in Arts ond Scien- ces; Press Club; Glee Club . . . KENNAMER. REX; Phi Gommo Delta: Montgomery; Junior in Arts ond Sciences . . . KERLIN. ROSLYN JEANETTE; Alpho Xi Delta; Birmingham; Sophomore in Home Econo- mics. KOHN, SEYMOUR; Sigma Alpho Mu; Chicogo. III.; Sophomore in Commerce . . . KOINER. F. K.. JR.; Waynesboro. Vo.; Junior in Education . . . KOKOLAKIS. CHRISTOPHER H.; West New York. N. J.; Junior in Arts ond Sciences . . . KOWALCUK. NICK; Ellwood City. Po.; Sophomore in Chemistry; Alchemist Club . . . KRAMER. BETTY; Koppa Kopo Gommo; Fort Benning. Go.; Freshman in Arts and Scien- ces .. . KRASELSKY. SARABEL; Dothan; Freshmon in Commerce. KEY. JOSEPHINE KATHERINE; Birmingham; Junior in Arts and Sciences . , . KIDD, WILLIAM BRADFORD; Phi Delta Theto; Birmingham; Freshmon in Commerce , , , KILLMAN, CHARLES; Baltimore, Md,; Sophomore in Educotion; Vorsity Bosketball; Boseboll , , , KIM- BROUGH, JAMES EDWARD; Sigmo Chi; Chotom; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; Greeks; Blockfriors . , . KINCH, JOSEPH FRANCIS; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Motverne, N, Y.; Sophomore in Engineering; New- mon Club; St. Pots, Pershing Rifles . . . KING, GERALD LAMAR; Alpho Tou Omego; Anniston; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; Co- rho.rmrm A,B. Asiocialion; Excelsior; Y,M,C.A,; Crimson-White Stoff, KING, PORTER; Delto Koppo Epsilon; Mobile; Freshmon in Com- merce . , . KITCHING. ALFORD LAMAR. Greenville; Sophomore in KRAUS, DONALD SPENCER; Zeto Beta Tou; Glencoe. Ill,; Freshmon in Commerce , , ,KUEKES, JOHN H.; Theto Xi; Lokewood, Ohio; Fresh- man in Commerce; Y.M.C.A.; Spanish Club; Commerce Associotion . . . KUZMIK. ANDREW; Torrington. Conn.; Junior in Engineering; Honor Student; Phi Eto Sigma; Rifle Teom ... LA CROIX. EDITH; Birmingham; Junior in Educotion . . . LACKEY, RUFUS JULIAN, Phi Delta Thelo; Birmingham; Junior in Arts and Sciences; Greeks , , , LACY, ALEX; Phi Gcmmo Delta; Birmingham; Sophomore in Chemistry. LA FOUNTAIN, ROBERT FRANCIS; Alpha Sigmo Phi; North Homp- ton, Mass.; Freshmon in Engineering; St, Pot ' s . . . LAMAR, LAW. JR.; Koppo Sigmo; Selmo; Sophomore in Commerce; Senior Y.M.C.A.; Corolla . . . LAMB. GENE; Alpha Chi Omega; Middletown, Ohio; Sophomore in Education; Y,W.C.A. . . . LAMBERTH, LEWIS MclN- TOSH; Sigma Nu; Alexonder City; Freshmon in Engineering, Y.M.C.A,; Secretory of freshman Class . , . LAMONT, MARY, Tuscolooso; Sopho- more in Arts and Sc.ences, Blockfriors; Zeto Phi Eto; Rommer-Jommer; Crimson-While , , , LAND. DOROTHY, Melvin, Sophomore in Com- merce; Weiloy Foundation. N I N E T E N O R T Y O N 124 JOSPIN JUSTICE KAHLMUS KASER KASS KAUCH KAUFMAN KAVA KAYSER KEENER KEITH KEUER KELLEY KELLY KELSOE KEMPER KENNAMER KERLIN KEY KIDD KILLMAN KIMBROUGH KINCH KING, G. KING. P. KITCHING KLEIN KNAPP KNIEHL KNIGHT KNOTT KNOWLES KNOP KOBAN KOENIG KOEFPEL KOHN KOINER KOKLAKIS KOWALCUK KRAMER KRASELSKY KRAUS KUEKES KUZMIK LA CROIX LACKEY LACY LaFOUNTAIN LAMAR LAMB LAMBERTH LAMONT LAND LAND. J. LANDERS. M. LANDERS, WM, LANGSTON LANTEIGNE LAPOLLA LARSEN LARY LAVENDER. M. LAVENDER, R. B. LAWRENCE LAWSON LAZARUS LE BLANC LEE. A. LEE. J. LEE, R. LEEPER LEFTV ITCH LELAND LEMAISTRE LENAHAN LEONARD LeVAUGHAN LEVER LEVERETTE LEVIN LEVY, B. LEVY, J. LEYDEN. P. LEIDEN. S. LEWIS LICHTER LIDE, H. LIDE. R. LICDELL LIFSEY LIGHTFOOT LIPSON LISTER LLOYD, E. LLOYD, V. LLOYD. WM. LOFTIN LOKEY LONDON LONG. B LONG, E. LONG. J. LONG. V. LONG, W. lOVELADY LOWREY LUCAS ALAdAiVIA S UNDERGRADUATES LAND, JOHN ROBERT; Sigma Nu, Melvin; Freshman in Commerce; Y.M.C.A.; Wes!ey Foundation . . . LANDERS. MARY FRANCES; Delta Zefo; Anniston; Junior in Home Economics; Blockfriars; Caroline Hunt Ciub; Y.W.C.A.; W.A.A. . . . LANDERS. WiLLIAM FARRELL; Pi Kappa Fhi; Anniston; Sophomore in Commerce; Spirit Committee; Corolla; Debate Squad . . . LANGSTON, MARY LOUISE; Dothon; Junior in Educotion; Y.W.C.A. . . . LANTEIGNE. HENRY JOSEPH; Shirley, Mass.; Junior in Commerce . . . LAFOLLA, ROBERT PETER; Phi Sigma KappO; New York, N. Y.; Junior in Education; Boxing; Bosketball; Baseball. LARSEN, LAURENE; Theto Upsilon; Tuscaloosa; Freshman in Com- merce . . . LARY, WILLIAM CANNON; Fhi Ce ' ta Theta; Tuscaloosa; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; Freshman Y.M.C.A. . . . LAVENDER, MARGARETTE LAURINE; Havana; Freshman in Arts and Sciences; Y.W.C.A. . . . LAVENDER. R. B.; Cullman; Sophomore in Education . . . LAWRENCE, FRED EUGENE; Tuscaloosa; Junior in Arts and Sciences; Phi Eta Sigmo; Alpho Epsilon Delta . . . LAWSON, A. VENABLE; Alpha Tou Omega; Tuscolooso; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; A.B. Association; Blockfriors; Excelsior. dent, Pon-Hellenic Council; Spirit Committee; Alpho Lombda Delta; Coroline Hunt Club; Crimson-White . . . LEYDEN, PAUL MICHAEL; Anniston; Freshman in Arts ond Sciences. LEYDEN, SARA; Koppo Kappa Gommo; Anniston; Sophomore in Home Economics; Blockfriors; Omego; Coroline Hunt Club; Sports Club . . . LEWIS, MAE BRUMER; Phi Mu; Selmo; Sophomore in Home Economics; Caroline Hunt Club . . . LICHTER, BERNARD; Kappa Nu; Birmingham; Sophomore in Commerce; Blockfriors; Exce!sior; University Symphony Orchestro; Hillel . . . LIDE, HARRIETT EDNA; Alpha Gamma Delta; Birminghom; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; Pi; Y.W.C.A.; Outing Club; A.B. Association . . . LIDE, REBECCA WORTH; Alpha Gamma Delta; Birminghom; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; Pi; Y.W.C.A.; Outing Club; A.B. Associotion . . . LIDDELL, MARY; Alpha Gamma Delta; Co-mden; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; I.R.C.; Y.W.C.A.; A.B. Association. LAZARUS. RUTH NITA; Miami Eecch. Flo.; Freshman in Arts ond Sciences . . . LEBLANC, STEWART ALFRED. JR.; Fhi Delta Theto; Mobile; Freshman in Commerce . . . LEE, AUSTIN WEBB; Delta Chi; Ft. Benning, Go.; Junior in Engineering . . . LEE, JOE ALLEN; Mt. Willing; Sophomore in Commerce . . . LEE, ROBERT MORTIM.ER. JR.; Alpha Sigmo Phi; Miami. Flo.; Sophomore in Commerce; Greeks . . . LEEFER, HELEN; Chi Omega; Miami, Flo.; Freshman in Home Economics; Glee Club; Rammer- Jammer. LIFSEY. JEANETTE, Kappa Delta; Montgomery; Junior in Arts ond Sc.ences; Pi; . . . LIGHTFOOT, ROBERT COLQUITT; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Tuskegee; Junior in Engineering . . . LIPSON. HARRY, JR.; Zeta Beta Tau; Marks, Miss.; Freshman in Commerce; Million Dollar Band; Commerce Association; Rammer-Jommer; Crimson-White; Hillel . . . LISTER, ROBERT HOOD, JR.; Pi Koppo Alpha; Birmingham; Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . LLOYD, EDITH VANE; Chi Omega; Tuscaloosa; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . LLOYD, VIRGINIA EDHH; Alpha Phi; Tuscaloosa; Junior in Commerce; National Collegi- ate Players; Zeta Phi EtO; Tau Delta Tau; Blockfriors; Fellowship in Physical Education. LEFTWICH. JULIA ALMA; Montgomery; Sophomore in Commerce . . . LELAND. ROBERT PATTON; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Birmingham; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . LEMAISTRE, EDITH; Alpha Gommo Detto; Tuscaloosa; Junior in Home Economics; Pi; Alpho Lambda Delta; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Blockfriors; Rammer-Jommer; Crimson-White; Corolla; Caroline Hunt Club; Honor Roll; Y.W.C.A.; German Club . . . LENAHAN, CYRIL JOSEPH; Koppo Alpha; Tusca- loosa; Sophomore in Engineering; Newman Club; St. Pot ' s . . . LEONARD, RUSSELL NELSON; Phi Kappa Sigmo; Chicago, III.; Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . LE VAUGHN, ROLAND LINCOLN; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Niagra Falls. N. Y.; Freshman in Engineering. LLOYD, WILLIAM CREIGHT; Delto Koppo Epsilon; Birmingham; Sophomore in Arts ond Sciences; Glee Club . . . LOFTIN. J.B.; Sigmo Chi; Linden; Freshmon in Commerce . . . LOKEY, GENE SILVEY; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Gadsden; Sophomore in Commerce; Blockfriors; Glee Club; Crimson-White . . . LONDON, SHIRLEY DEE; Sigma Delta Tou; Hottiesburg, Miss.; Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . .LONG, BETTY; Alpha Gommo Delto; Bessemer; Freshman in Educotion; Swan Club; Fencing Club . . . LONG. EARLE WALTER; Koppo Alpha; Mobile; Freshmon in Commerce. LEVER, ETHEL; Sigma Delia Tau; Atlonto, Go.; Freshman in Com- merce; I.R.C.; Corollo . . . LEVERETTE, BLAND; Kappo Sigmo; Selmo; Sophomore in Engineering; Glee Club; A Copello Choir . . . LEVIN, BERNARD; Sigmo Alpha Mu; Newion, Mass.; Sophomore in Com- merce; Spirit Committee . . . LEVY, BEVERLY; Sigma Delta Tau; Tuscalooso; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . LEVY, JEANNE RUTH; Sigma Delta Tou; Mobile; Junior in Home Economics; Presi- LONG, JUDY; Chi Omego; Birmingham; Freshmon in Home Econo- mics; Caroline Hunt Club; Y.W.C.A.; Rammer-Jommer . . . LONG, VELMA; Zeta Tou Alpha; Foley; Freshman in Arts and Sciences; Blockfriars; Dancing Club . . . LONG, WILLIAM JACOB; Koppo Alpha; Bessemer; Junior in Engineering . . . LOVELADY, MARGARET VIR- GINIA; Alpha Delta Pi; Birminghom; Sophomore in Home Economics; Spirit Committee; Coroline Hunt Club; Tennis Club; Rammer-Jommer . . . LOWREY, MARK, JR.; Gatlotin, Tenn.; Junior in Engineering; St. Pot ' s; S.A.E. . . . LUCAS, MARY; Sigmo Kappo; West Orange, N. J.; Sophomore in Home Economics; Pan-Hellenic Council; French Club. N N E T E E N FORTY O N 127 ALABAMA ' S UNDERGRADUATES LUCIA, JEANNE, Alpha Gomma DeltO; Ft. Payne, Freshman in Arli ond Sciences. A.B. Associolion, Y.W.C.A,; B!acklriars, French Club . . . LUKENS. ARTHUR LEWIS, Pillsview. Freshman in Engineering; St. Pol ' s,- Y.M.C.A. . . . LYNCH, JOSEPH 0., Jackson, Freshman in Educolion, Freshmon Football . . . LYONS, DONALD C; Alberto, Freshman in Commerce . . . McADAMS, NANCY (CATHERINE, Millport, Junior in Commerce, Wesley Choir; Glee Club, House of Representatives; Wes- ley Stewards; Commerce Associolion . , . McBRIDE, JACK EDWIN; Florence, S. C; Junior in Engineering. McCANN, JOY; Delta Delia Delto; Montgomery; Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . McCARLEY, SARA FRANCES; Birminghom; Junior in Arts ond Sciences, Girls Spirit Committee . . . McCLESKEY, FLOYD JOSEPH; Sigmo Nu; Sheffield; Junior in Arts ond Sciences . . . McClURE, VIRGINIA ANN; Alpha Chi Omego; Pohokee, Flo.; Sopho- more in Home Economics; Caroline Hunt Club . . . McCLELLAN, JOHN B.; Athens; Freshmon in Engineering . . .McCLELLAND, HOMER; Phi Delta Theto; Mobile; Junior in Commerce. Delto Kappa Epsilon; Decatur; Junior in Arts and Sciences McFARLAND, JUANITA MARGARETTE; Birminghom; Junior in Economics- Home McGAW, LILLIAN; Chi Omego; Ft. Benning, Go.; Junior in Home Economics; French Club; Corolla; Caroline Hunt Club; Fencing Club; Swon Club; Volley Boll Teom . . . McGEE, ANN; Koppo Delta; Tusto- looso; Sophomore in Home Economics; Swan Club; Coroline Hunt Club . . . McGIFFERT, DAVID G.; Phi Delto Thelo; Tuscalooso; Sopho- more in Engineering . . . McGOWEN, NELL; Zeta Tou Alpha; Cuba; Junior in Home Economics; Coroline Hunt Club; Y.W.C.A.; Wesley Foundation . . . MclNNIS, ALBERT KENNETH; Montgomery; Sopho- more in Engineering; Phi Ela Sigmo; St. Pol ' s . . . McKENZIE, BETTY JEAN; Dixiono; Junior in Education; B!ock(riars; Caroline Hunt Club; House of Representolives. McCLELLAND, LOUISE VASS; Koppo Deho; Mobile; Freshmon in Arts ond Sciences; Omego; Corollo; Y.W.C.A. . . . McCONNELL, JOHN REID; Delta Koppo Epsilon; Livingston; Junior in Arts and Sciences; Glee Club; Y.M.C.A. . . . McCONNELL, JOHN WILLIAM; Koppo Alpho; Bessemer; Sophomore in Arts and Scie.nces; Druids; Quadrangle; Philomoihic; Phi Eto Sigma; Y.M.C.A. . . . McCORMACK, MARTHA GENE; Pochulo, Miss.; Junior in Educolion; Glee Club . . . McCOR- MICK, JOHN J.; Sigmo Phi Epsilon; Hsrtford, Conn.; Freshman in Arts and Sciences; Crimson-White; Press Club . . . McCORQUODALE, MARTHA; Jockson; Sophomore in Educolion; Y.W.C.A.; Coroline Hunt Club. McKONE, JOHN JOSEPH; Phi Koppo Sigmo; Melhuen, Moss.; Junior in Arts ond Sciences; Greeks; Newman Club; Blockfriors; Rammer-Jammer . . . McCLAIN, JACK BLADES; Delta Chi; Torront; Freshmon in Commerce; Alabama Institute of Student Opinion . . . McLAIN, WILLIAM EARL; Salem; Freshman in Commerce . . .McLALLEN; CLYDE DAVIS, JR.; Koppo Sigmo; Birmingham; Junior in Arts and Sciences; Y.M.C.A.; Excelsior . . . McLEAN, JAMES G.; Sigmo Alpha Epsilon; Hope Hull; Sophomore in Arts ond Sciences; Y.M.C.A.; Crimson- While . . . McLELLAN. JOHN WILLIAM; Koppo Sigmo; Birmingham; Sophomore in Engineering; Y.M.C.A.; St. Pot ' s. McCORSIlN, MILDRED, Chi Omego; Birminghom; Freshmon in Home Economics, Y.W.C.A. . . . McCOY, CECIL GLEN, JR.; Phi Sigmo Koppo; Wheeling, W. Vo.; Junior in Arts ond Sciences . . . McDERMOTT, VIRGINIA, Birmingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences; Blockfriors . . . McDonald, CHARLIE E., jr.; Koppo Alpha; Meridian, Miss.; Junior in Education; Track Teom . . . McDONALD, JANE ELIZABETH; Alpha Chi Omego; Tuscaloosa; Freshman in Arts and Sciences; Caro- line Hunt Club . . . McDONALD. L. H.; Koppo Sigmo; Selmo; Sopho- more in Engineering; Y.M.C.A., Excelsior, McLEOD, NELL; Jockson; Freshman in Home Economics . . . McMILLAN. ALICE; Delta Delta Delta; Mobile; Freshman in Arts ond Sciences; Crimson-While; Corolio; Y.W.C.A.; Omego; Secretory, Freshmon Y.W.C.A. Cabinet; A.B. Associolion . . . McMILLAN, MARY ANN; Delta Delta Delta; Tollodego; Sophomore in Educolion; Y.W.C.A.; Wesley Choir; Glee Club . . McMURPHY, JAMES PATRICK, Delta Koppo Epsilon; Almore; Freshmon in Commerce; Corolla; Rho Alpho Tou; Secretory, Freshmon Y.M.C.A. Cobinel . . . McMURPHY, JOHN EARL; Phi Delto Theto; Mobile; Freshmon in Arts and Sciences; Corolla . , . McMURPHY, PATSY; Koppo Koppo Gomma; Almore; Junior in Commerce; Omego; Phi Chi ThelO; Blockfriors. McEACHERN. lANGSTON, Pi Kappu Alpha, Kilgore, Texos; Sopho- more in Arts ond Sciences; Band . . . McEACHERN, LEE; Enjiey; Sophomore in Arts ond Sciences, Blockfriors; Excelsior; A. B. Asso- ciolion . . . McENIRY. MARY ALICE, Alpha Gommo Delto; Dolomite; Junior m Chemistryr, Alchemist . . . McENIRY, THOMAS ROBINSON; Koppo Alpha; Bessemer; Junior in Arts and Sciences, Quadrangle; Excelsior Philomaih.c GI« o Cluh fJ ■..Il M ' tNliCf I f ROY. JR.- McPHERSON, LUCILLE; Koppo Koppo Gommo; Tuscolooso; Fresh- mon in Home Economics . . . McVAY, JUNE; Alpha Gommo DeltO; Tuscoloos o; Sophomore in Commerce . . . McWILLIAMS, LORRAINE; Alpho Delta Pi; Frisco City; Junior in Home Economics. Caroline Hunt Club; Blockfriors . . . MABON, PEARLE; Vondergnli, Po.; Sophomore in Engineering; St. Pat ' s . . . MABRY, MAXINE; Chi Omego; Mobile: Freshman in Arts ond Sciences; Corolla; Crimson-White . . . MACK- ERETH, JOHN TYSON; lambda Chi Alpha; Tuscolooso; Junior in Com- merce; Greeks, NINETEEN O R T Y O N I3S LUCIA LUKENS LYNCH LYONS McAOAMS W.cBRIDE McCANN McCARLEY McCLESKEY McCLURE McCELLAN McClelland, h. MCCLELLAND. L. McCONNELL, J. R. McCONNELL, J.W. McCORMACK McCORMlCK McCORQUODALE McCORSTIN McCOY McDREMOTT McDonald, c. e. McDONALD. J. E. McDonald, l. h. McEACHERN, L. McEACHERN, LEE McENIRY McENIRY. T. McENTIRE McFARLAND McGAW McGEE McGIFfERT McGOWEN MclNNIS McKENZIE McKONE McCLAIN McLAIN M.cLALLEN McLEAN McLELLAN McLEOD McMillan, a. McMillan, M. McMURPHY. JAS. McMURPHY, J. McMURPHY, P, McPHERSON McVAY McWILLIAMS MABON MABRY MACKERETH !? ' ■ ' MADDOX MAIN, C. MAIN. CHAS. MAIN, W. MALLOY MANDELCORN MARKLAND MARKOWITZ MARKS, E. MARKS, H. MARS MARSDEN MARTIN MARX MASCHARKA MASON MATHEWS MATSON MATSOS MATTHEWS, G. MATTHEWS, M. MAXWELL MAY MAYES ME A MEARS MEDICI MEEKS MELEDY MELMAN MELTON MELVIN MERIWETHER MERRI1T MERRIWETHER MERWIN MESZARGS METCALF METZ, J. S. METZ, J.T. MEYER MEYERS MICHAIKO MILES MILLER. ERNEST MILLER. EVELYN MILLER. G. MILLER, JERRY MILLER, JOHN MILLER. JOS. MILLER. L. MILLER. R MILLER. WM. MILLS 130 ALABAMA ' S UNDERGRADUATES MADDOX, JAMES H., Pi Koppa Phi; Sulligeit; Sophomore in Com- mence . . . MAIN, CATHERINE, Chi Omego; Metropolis, III.; Freshman in Home Economics; Y.W.C.A.; Corolla; Crimson-White . . . MAIN, CHARLES E.; Delta Chi; Kornak, III.; Junior in Arls and Sciences; Greeks; Rho Alpha Tou; Blockfriars . . . MAIN, WARREN JOSEPH, Delto Chi; Metropolis, III.; Sophomore in Commerce . . . MALLOY, HOWARD EDWARD; Mt. Vernon, N. Y.; Junior in Commerce; Newman Club . . . MANDELCORN, MAURICE JEROME; Koppo Nu; Birmingham; Sophomore in Commerce. KENYON; Aliceville; Sophomore in Commerce MELEDY, THOMAS A., JR.; Theto Xi; Bethlehem, Po.; Junior in Engineering; Track; Block- friars; St. Pot ' j; Newman Club . . . MELMAN, FLOYD; Sigma Alpho Mu; Memphis, Tenn.; Sophomore in Commerce; Vice-President. Fresh- man Engineers; Spirit Committee; Excelsior- MARKLAND, FRANKLIN JAMES; Port Washington, N. Y.; Freshman in Commerce . . . MARKOWITZ, JOHN; Carteret, N. J.; Junior in Education; R.O.A.; R.O.T.C. . . . MARKS, EVELYN GRACE; Delta Delta Delta; Oak Park, III.; Junior in Home Economics; Alpha Lombdo Delto; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Spirit Committee; Caroline Hunt Club; Pi . . . MARKS, HENRY CHURCHILL; Alpha Tou Omego; Montgomery; Freshman in Engineering; Glee Club . . . MARS, MARY NELL; Chi Omego; Tuscumbio; Sophomore in Commerce; Blackfriors . . . MARS- DEN, ROBERT; Moynord, Mass.; Freshman in Chemistry. MELTON, EUGENE; Kappa Alpha; Atmore; Sophomore in Com- merce . . . MELVIN, BETH; Alpha Delta Pi; Montgomery; Junior in Arls and Sciences; Glee Club; Orchestra . . . MERIWETHER, SARA; Koppo Delta; Eutow; Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . MERRITT, ANN; Alpha Delta Pi; Montgomery; Sophomore in Home Economics; Glee Club; Caroline Hunt Club . . . MERRIWETHER, BESSIE; Atmore; Junior in Home Economics; Y.W.C.A.; B.S.U. Council; Caroline Hunt Club . - . MERWIN, GEORGE E.; Monroe, N. Y.; Sophomore in Com- merce; Blackfriars; Phi Eta Sigmo; Spirit Committee. MARTIN, JOYCE JUSTINE; Motooko, W. Vo.; Freshman in Chem- istry . . . MARX, WILLIAM; Birmingham; Sophomore in Commerce . . . MASCHARKA, ROBERT GEORGE; Erie, Po.; Sophomore in Chem- istry; Newmon Club . . . MASON, ROBERT H.; Delto Chi; Russellville; Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . MATHEWS, MARY ELIZABETH; Phoenix City; Freshman in Chemistry; Blockfriars . . . MATSON, JAMES CURTIS; Koppo Sigmo; Talladega; Sophomore in Engirearing; Y.M.C.A.; Wesley Center; Wesley Foundation; St. Pat ' s. MES2AROS, CHARLES, New York, N. Y.; Sophomore in Engineering St. Pot ' s; Newman Club; A.I.M.E. . . . METCALF, NEIL; Hartford Sophomore in Commerce; Excelsior . . . METZ, JOSEPH S.; Mobile, Junior in Chemistry; Alabama Knights; Alchemist; President, Junior Class Chemistry; Junior Prom Committee; A.Ch.S.; Am.Cer.S.; Alobamions; Beto Gommo . . . METZ, JOSEPH T.; Ellwood City, Po.; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . MEYER, E. J., Jr.; Zeta Beta Tau; Montgomery, Freshmon in Commerce . . . MEYERS, GLORIA RUTH; Theto Upsi!on Miomi Beoch, Fla.; Freshman in Arls ond Sciences; Sports Club Oratorio. MATSOS, MICHAEL CHARLES; Brooklyn, N. Y.; Sophomore in Com- merce; Blockfriars; Spanish Club; Biology Department Secretory . . . MATTHEWS, GENIE BLUE; Alpha Gammo Delta; Montgomery; Fresh- mon in Home Economics . . . MATTHEWS, MAX WELLBORN; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Montgomery; Freshman in Commerce . . . MAXWELL, JOSEPH WILSON; Sigma Chi; Atmore; Sophomore in Commerce; Block- friars; Rho Alpho Tou; Phi Eta Sigma . . . MAY, CHARLES EUGENE; Solitpo; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . MAYES, WILLIAM BREWSTER, JR.; Sigmo Chi; Birminghom; Sophomore in Arts and Scien- ces; Crimson-White; Rommer-Jommer. MICHALKO, PAUL; Torrington, Conn.; Junior in Engineering . . . MILES, MARY MARTHA; Chi Omego; Tuscolooso; Sophomore in Com- merce; Rammer-Jammer; Y.W.C.A. . . . MILLER, ERNEST E.; Belleville, III.; Sophomore in Engineering . . MILLER, EVELYN VIRGINIA; Alpho Xi Delta; Hope, Ind.; Sophomore in Educotion; Bowling Club Archery Club . . . MILLER, GEORGE MEASON; Theto Xi; Trenton, N. J.; Freshmon in Engineering . . . MILLER, JERRY JAMES, JR.; EosI Clevelond, Ohio; Freshman in Commerce; Rommer-Jommer. MEA, ANTHONY N.; New Providence, N. J.; Sophomore in Engi- neering . . . MEARS, THOMAS WAKEFIELD; Phi Gommo Ceto; Gadsden; freshman in Arts ond Sciences . . . MEDICI, JOSEPH JOHN; Lawrence, Mass.; Junior in Arts and Sciences; St. Pol ' s . . . MEEKS, MILLER, JOHN RICHARD, JR.; Delta Koppo Epsilon; Brewlon; Junior in Commerce . . . MILLER, JOSEPH EWING, JR.; Pi Koppo Alpha; Montgomery; Sophomore in Commerce . . . MILLER, LEONARD; Koppo Nu; Lineville; Sophomore in Commerce; Excelsior; Hillel . . . MILLER, ROBERT J.; Shaker Heights, Ohio; Junior in Commerce . . . MILLER, WILLIAM BRADLEY; Phi Koppo Sigmo; Erie, Po.; Sophomore in Arts ond Sciences; Blockfriars; French Club; A.B. Association . . . MILLS, JOE DAN; Delta Chi; Charlotte, N. C; Freshman in Arts ond Sciences; Blackfriars. NINETEEN F ' O R T Y O N 131 ALABAMA ' S UNDERGRADUATES MILNER, JOHN; Sigmo Chi,- Durham, N. C; Junior in Engineering, Quadrangle, Philomathic: Rho Alpha Tau . . . MIMS, HENRY N., Sycamore; Sophomore in Commerce; Phi Eto Sigmo; Y.M.C.A.; Block- (riori . . . MIMS. PAULINE, Alpha Dello Pi; Birminghom; Junior in An$ and Sciences , . . MIMS, ULUS EUGENE; Ozork; Freshmon in Educolion; Y.M.C.A.; Wesley Foundation . . . MINTO, MERCEDITA; Phi Mu; Mobile; Freshmon in Education . , . MITCHELL. GEORGE MALCOLM; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Patterson. N. J.; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; Y .C.A. Spirit Committee; Debate Spuod . . . MORRIS. JULIA RAVENEL; Koppo Delta; Tuscolooso; Sophomore in Arts ond Sciences; Corolla. Glee Club, Blocklriors, Y.W.C.A.; Spanish Club . . . MORRIS. MARY MADEIRA, Kappa Delta; Tuscaloosa; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; Blockfriars, Glee Club; Secretary, Freshman Y.W.C.A. Cabinet; Corolla; Spanish Club. MITCHELL. MARY JANE; Alpha Chi Omego; Eldcrodo. III.; Fresh- man in Home Economics; Blockfriors; Glee Club . . . MITCHELL, WIL- LIAM E.; Alpha Tou Omega; Cubo; Junior in Commerce . . .MLYNAR, MICHAEL, Ansonio, Conn.; Sophomore in Commerce; Newman Club; Blockfriors; Commerce Association . . . MOFFETT. TYLER; Phi Gommo Delta. Atlanta, Go.; Freshman in Commerce; Interfroternity Debote Team; Crimson-White . . . MONAGHAN, JAMES JACKSON; Delto Koppo Epsilon; Birmingham; Sophomore in Commerce; Fencing Team; French Club; Commerce Association . . . MONCRIEF, BUREIN WHIT- FIELD; Phi Gommo Detto; Prottville; Sophomore in Engineering; St. Pol ' s; Y.M.C.A.; Philomothic; Druids; Vice-President, Phi Eto Sigmo. MORRISSETTE, BOB, JR.; Phi Delta Theto; Selmo; Freshman in Arts and Sciences; Crimson-White; Y.M.C.A.; Press Club . . . MORRISEHE, WELCH; Sigma Alpho Epsilon; Greensboro; Sophomore in Arts ond Sciences; Debote Squad; Druids; Rho Alpha Tou, President,; Eicelsior; Tou Koppo Alpho . . . MORRISON. RAYMOND; Buffalo, N. Y.; Fresh- mon in Arts and Sciences . . . MORRISON, WINIFRED OWEN; Lynch- burgh, Vo., Junior in Arts and Sciences; French Club; Newman Club; Caroline Hunt Club; Transfer from Finch Junior College . . . MORTON, GLENN MILTON; Pi Koppo Phi; Birminghom; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . MOSS, PHILIP BALL; Koppo Sigmo; Selmo; Freshmon in Arts ond Sciences; Glee Club. MONETTE, ROBERT J.; Sigmo Alpha Epsilon; Birminghom; Sopho- more in Arts and Sciences; Crimson-White . . . MONTGOMERY, CHARLES LEVIS; Theto Xi; Elizabeth, N. J.; Sophomore in Commerce . . . MONTGOMERY, JOHN ALLEN; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Birming- hom; Freshman in Commerce; Crimson-White . . . MONTGOMERY, MARY MUNGER; Koppo Delta; Birminghom; Junior in Arts and Scien- ces; Y W.C.A.; Corollo; French Club . . . MONTIEL, GONZALO FITCH; Sigmo Chi; Mobile; Sophomore in Commerce . . . MOONEYHAM. VICTOR LEE; Montgomery; Junior in Commerce; Alobomo Bond; University Orchestro. MOULTON. MARY; Alpha Gommo Delta; Montgomery; Sophomore in Arts ond Sciences; Glee Club; Blockfriors; Pi; Zeto Phi Eto . . . MUDD, DOAK; Phi Delia Theto; Birmingham; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; Druids; Debote Squad; Fhilomothic; Rho Alpha Tou; Y.M.C.A., Rommer-Jammer . . . MUGGIE, CARMELA; Alpha Xi Dello; Green- ville, Flo,; Sophomore in Educotion; Glee Club; Girls ' Spirit Com- mittee; Pon-Hellenic Council: Spanish Club . - . MULLENIX, TRUDIE E.; Theto Upsilon; Tuscaloosa; Sophomore in Education . . . MUNSELL, FRED W;LLIAM; Windsdor, Conn.; Freshmon in Chemistry . . . MURCH. DONALD GORDON; Fhi Koppo Sigmo; Stewort Manor, N. Y.; Fresh- mon in Commerce. MOORE. CASPER JOSEFH, JR.; Phi Koppo Sigmo; Youngstown, Ohio; Freshmon in Arts ond Sciences . . . MOORE, JAMES MONROE, JR.; Fayette. Freshmon in Arts and Sciences . . . MOORE. JEAN MYRICK; Koppo Koppo Gommo; Tuscolooso; Freshman in Arts and Sciences; Rommer-Jammer . . . MOORE. SHIRELY LORRAINE; Alpha Xi Delta; Gadsden; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; Blockfriors; Y.W.C.A. . . , MOORER. RUTH YOUNG; Alpha Gommo Delta; Tusco- looso; Freshman in Arts and Sciences; Omego; A.B. Association; Coro- llo .. . MORGAN, BERTAS R.; West Point; Junior in Commerce. MURDICK, JOYCE; Alpho Chi Omego; Albany, N. Y.; Freshmon in Home Economics; Blockfriors; Caroline Hunt Club . . . MURRAY, JOHN T.. JR.; Delta Koppo Epsilon; Mobile; Junior in Commerce; Quad- rangle; Druids . . . MURRAY, MILDRED; Alpha Gommo Delto; Birming- ham; Sophomore in Home Economics; Blockfriors; Omego; Interna- tional Relations Club . . . MUSE. FRANCES JUSTINE; Delta Zeto; Atlonta, Go.; Junior in Commerce; Phi Chi ThetO; Blockfriors; Corolla; Y.W.C.A. . . . NATHAN. ELAINE, Ocillo, Go.; Sophomore in Com- merce; Blockfriors . . . NEIGER, GERTRUDE; Alpho Gommo Delto; Godsden; Freshman in Home Economics; Newman Club; Caroline Hunt Club; Glee Club; Archery Club; Y.W.C.A. MORGAN, JAMES MARTIN; Phi Gommo Delta; Thomosville; Fresh- man in Arts and Sciences; Glee Club; Y.M.C.A. . . . MORGAN. LESTER; Phi Sigmo Koppo; Gibbstown, N, J.; Junior in Education; Spirit Com- mittee; Cheer Leader . . . MORGAN. RICHARD B.; Koppo Sigmo; Gadsden. Junior in Commerce; Pershing Rilles; Blockfriors; Y.M.C.A. . . . MORRING, CARL A., JR.; Pi Koppo Alpha; Huntsville; Junior in Com- merce; Philomothic; Quadrangle; Tou Delta Tau; Secretory and Treas- urer, Tou Koppo Alpha; Circulotion Manager, Crimson-White, Groder- thip In Speech; Blockfriors; Notional Collegiate Players; Y.M.C.A.; NELSON, ELIZABETH R., Tuscolooso; Junior in Home Economics . . . NELSON. JOHN JAMES; Koppo Alpha; Athens; Freshman in Com- merce . . . NETTLES, ELIZABETH STOREY, Alpho Delta Pi, Jasper; Sophomoi« in Home Economics; Coroline Hunt Club; Holl Choirmon, Y.W.C.A. . . . NETTLES, JAMES DENNIS; Arlington. Sophomore in Arts ond Sciences; Rommer-Jommer; Corollo . . . NEVELING. JOHN JOSEFH; Phi Koppa Sigmo; Chicago. III.; Freshman in Commerce; Commerce Association . . . NEWCOMB, LOIS: Alpho Chi Omego; Buflolo, N. Y.; Freshmon in Home Economics; Corollo; Caroline Hunt Club. N I N N O R T Y O N 132 MILNER MIMS, H. MIMS. P. MIMS, U. MiNTO MITCHELL, G. MITCHCLL, M. MITCHELL, WM. MYLNAR MOFFETT MONAGHAN MONCRIEF MONETTE MONTGOMERY, C. MONTGOMERY, J. MONTGOMERY, M. MONTJEL MOONEYHAM MOORE, C, MOORE, JAS. MOORE, JEAN MOORE, S. MOORER MORGAN, B. MORGAN, J, MORGAN, L. MORGAN, R. MORRING MORRIS, J. MORRIS, M. MORRISSETTE, 8. MORRISETTE, W MORRISON, R. MORRISON, W. MORTON MOSS MOULTON MUDD MUGGIE MULLENIX MUNSELL MURCH MURDICK MURRAY, J. MURRAY, M. MUSE NATHAN NEIGER NELSON, E. NELSON, J. NETTLES, E. NETTLES, J, NEVELING NEWCOMB 133 NEWCOMER NEWELL NEWPORT NEWTON NICHOLS NICHOLSON NIPPER NIX NOBLE NOLAN NOLAND NOONAN NORTHCUTT NORTON, C. NORTON, F. NORTON, R. NUNN NUNNELLEY O ' CONNOR, H. O ' CONNOR. W. O ' DARE ODEN ODOM O ' GWYNNE OLIVER OLLINGER ORANBURG O ' REAR ORR. J. ORR. I. OSBORNE, D. OSBORNE, L. OSBORNE. WM. ons OWCAR OWENS. G. OWENS. H. PAGE PAGET PALETZ PALVER PAPPAS PARK PARKER. J. PARKER RELFE PARKER, R. PARKER. T. PARKER, W. PARKS PARSONS PARTIOW PATE. D. PATE. P. PATRIC 134 ALABAIVIAS undergraduates NEWCOMER, LLOYD H., JR.; Theta Xi: Wheeling, W. Vo.; Sopho- more in Engineering; St. Pot ' s; Assistont Drum Major; Rho Alpha Tau; A.I.C.E. . . . NEWELL, Q. U.; Sigmo Chi; St. Louis, Mo.; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; Y.M.C.A.; Crimson-White; Rammer-Jammer; Black- friars; Excelsior; International Relations Club . . . NEWPORT, MARGOT RUTH; Alpha Xi Delta; Tompo, Flo.; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; Blocklriors . . . NEWTON, MARGUERITE; Alpho Delta Pi; Dothan; Junior in Arts and Sciences; Crimson-White; Rammer-Jammer . . . NICHOLS, CAROLYN IRENE; Linden; Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . NICHOLSON, WINONA ROYAL; Huntsville; Sophomore in Educa- tion; Y. W. C. A. NIPPER. HELEN; Birmingham; Sophomore in Commerce; Blcckfriars; Y.W.C.A. . . . NIX, JOSEPH BETHUNE JR.; Si ma Nu; Opp; Freshmon in Arts ond Sciences; Y.M.C.A. . . . NOBLE ANDREW JACKSON, JR.; Alpha Tau Omego; Tollassee; Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . NO- LAN, WILLIAM F.; Lambda Chi Alpha; Canton, O.; Sophomore in Com- merce . . . NOLAND, JOHN PHILIP, JR.; Montgomery; Freshman in Commerce . . . NOONAN. GEORGE LEE; Alpha Tau Omega; Boy Minette; Freshman in Commerce. Sconces . . . OREAR, CAINE, JR.; Sigma Nu; Josper; Sophomore in Commerce, Rho Alpha Tou; Glee Club . . . ORR, JOHN WILLIAM; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Montevollo; Freshman in Arts and Sciences; Blockfriors; Rammer-Jammer; Y.M.C.A. . . . ORR, ISABEL; Booz; Fresh- man in Home Economics, OSBORNE, DOROTHY; Alpha Delta Pi; Birmingham; Junior in Arts and Sciences; Rammer-Jammer; Sports Club . . , OSBORNE, LOUISE; Alpha Delta Pi; Birmingham; Junior in Arts and Sciences; Rommer- Jommer; Sports Club . . . OSBORNE, WILLIAM H.; Delta Sigmo Phi; Speculator, N. Y.; Junior in Arts and Sciences; President of Sophomore Class; Treasurer, A.B. Association; Newman Club . . . OTTS, LEE MacMILLAN; Phi Gamma Delta; Greensboro; Freshmon in Engineering . . . OWCAR, EDWARD ALBERT; Theta Chi; Springdale, Po.; Sopho- more in Education; Baseball . . . OWENS GEORGE LAFAYETTE; Sigma Nu; Aliceville; Sophomore in Commerce. NORTHCUTT, LOYCE IRENE; Alpha Xi Delta; Birmingham; Junior in Commerce; Spirit Committee . . . NORTON. CHARLES HOWARD JR.; Sigmo Nu; Union Springs; Sophomore in Commerce; Y.M.C.A . . . NORTON, FRANCES; Bessemer; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Alpha Lambda Delta; Y.W.C.A.; W.S.G.A.; Blockfriors . . . NORTON ROBERT OLAN. JR.; Sigma Chi; Louisville; Junior in Arts ond Sciences, Phi Eto Sigmo; Blockfriors; Y.M.C.A. . . . NUNN, EDWARD FRANCIS Alpha Sigma Phi; New York N. Y.; Sophomore in Engineering . . NUNNELLEY, MARY ISABELLE; Alpha De ' to Pi; Birmingham; Sopho more in Commerce; Rammer-Jcmmer; Donee Club, O ' CONNOR, HENRY MICHAEL; Monson, Moss.; Junior in Arts and Sciences; Press Club; Vorsity Bosketboll; Crimson-White . . . O ' CON- NOR, WILLIAM F.; Tuscolooso; Freshman in Commerce . . . O ' DARE, PATRICK FRANCIS; Yonkers, N, Y.; Freshmon in Engineering . . . ODEN, FRANK MARTIN; Lombdo Chi Alpho; Birmingham; Sophomore in Engineering . . . ODOM, DORIS JUNITA; Alpha Delta Pi; Leeds; Junior in Arts ond Sciences; Blockfriors; A.B. Association; Y.W.C.A. . . . O ' GWYNNE, JEAN ALICE; Theta Upsilon; Tuscolooso; Freshman in Education; Wesley Foundation. OWENS, HELLON; Chi Omega; Union City. Tenn.; Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . PAGE, MARY ELIZABETH; Alpha Phi; Birminghom; Junior in Home Economics; Y.W.C.A.; Internotionol Relations Club; Caroline Hunt Club . . . PAGET, JANE; Red Level; Freshman in Educa- tion . . . PALETZ, ELLIS J.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Linden; Junior in Arts and Sciences; Bond; Senior Council Hillel . . . PALMER, MARY WOOF- FIN; Koppo Delta; Jasper; Sophomore in Commerce . . . PAPPAS, VEN ' ZELOS; Eufoulo; Junior in Commerce; Glee Club; Phi Eto Sigma. PARK, FRANCIS GARDNER; Sigma Nu; Aliceville; Junior in Arts ond Sciences . . . PARKER JAMES H.; Delta Sigma Phi; Long Beach, Col.; Junior in Commerce; Blockfriors; Excelsior; French Club; Com- merce As:ociation; St. Pot ' s; A.I.M.E.; Tronsfer University of Nevodo; Y.M.C.A. . . . PARKER, RELFE; Phi Koppo Sigma; Montgomery; Sopho- more in Arts and Sciences; Blockfriors; Alabama Knights . . . PARKER, RICHARD S.; Delta Sigma Phi; Bar Harbor, Moine; Freshmon in Engineering; Newman Club; Alabama Student Public Opinion . . . Lambda Ch i Alpha; Bessemer; Junior in Greeks . . . PARKER, WILMER; Koppo in Commerce; Druids; Quadrangle; A Bond; Commerce Association. PARKER, THOMAS FRANCIS; Commerce; Delta Sigmo Pi; Sigma; Ozork; Sophomore Copello Choir; Million Dolloi OLIVER, JOHN P.; Dodeville; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; G ' ee Club . . . OLLINGER, H. LEO, JR.; Sigmo Chi; Mobile; Sopho- more in Engineering; St. Pot ' s; Blockfriors . . . ORANBURG, WILLIAM IRVING; Sigma Alpho Mu; Boston, Moss.; Sophomore in Arts and PARKS, RAYMOND HAROLD; Koppo Sigmo; Decotur; Junior in Arts ond Sciences . . . PARSONS, SAMUEL; Bessemer; Junior in E-igi.ncering; Scabbard and Blade; A.S.M.E. . . . PARTLOW, DAVID BEESON; Delta Koppo Epsilon; Tuscolooso; Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . PATE, DOROTHY RUTH; Blountsville; Freshmon in Chemistry; Alchem si , , . PATE, PAUL NICHOLS; Koppo Sigmo; Dothan; Sophomore in Engineering; Y. M. C. A.; St. Pot ' s . . . PATRIC, ELIZABETH; Alpho Delta Pi; Scottsboro; Junior in Education. N N E T E E N FORTY O N 135 ALABAMA ' S UNDERGRADUATES PATTERSON. HARRY HOWARD, JR.. Atmore, Junior in Arts and Scioncei, Greeks; Inlro-mural Golf Chompionship . . . PATTERSON, MADELYN, Zcto Tou Alpha,- Birminghom, Freshmon in Arts ond Scien- ces Y.VV.C.A,; Newmon Club . . .PATTOtJ. MARGARET ANN. Tusco- looso; Junior in Commerce . . . PATTERSON, WILLIAM FAIR, Chi Phi. Seo Island, Go.; Junior in Engineering; St. Pot ' s; S.A.E. . . . PATTON, MARTHA PIERCE; Delta Delto Delta; Tustalooso; Sophomore in Home Economics; Omego; Caroline Hunt Club; Crimson-While . . . PAVELLE. MARY ANN; Fremont. Ohio; Junior in Arts and Sciences. HAZEL LILLIAN; Delta Delta Dello; Meridian, Miss.; Sophomore in Arts ond Sciences , . , PINK. JACK THOMAS; Alpha Sigma Phi; Rochester. N. Y.; Freshman in Commerce . - . PIPER, HILTON ADDISON; Alpho Tou Omego; Birmingham; Freshman in Commerce; Glee Club . - . PIPER. LESLIE BERNARD; Glossport, Po,; Junior in Engineering. PAXTON, DORIS; Chi Omego; Cleorwoter, Flo.; Junior in Arts ond Sciences; A.B. Associotion; Tronsler Representative, W.S.G.A.; House c) Representotives; Crimson-While; Blockfriors . . . PEARCE. DOROTHY ESTELLE; Zeto Tou Alpha; Lonett; Sophomore in Educolion; Y.W.C.A.; Rommer-Jommer; CoroHo; W.A.A. . . . PEEBLES. DAURICE; Alpho Xi Dello; Tuscolooso; Freshmon in Home Economics . . . PELTON, DOUG- LAS; Delta Sigma Phi; V.onlicello, N. Y.; Junior in Engineering; A.I.Ch.E. . . . PENNEY, E. GAYLE; Alpho Tou Omego; Chicago, III.; Junior in Commerce; Y.M.C.A.; Pershing Rifles; Corollo; Rammer-Jam- mer . . . PENNINGTON, VADER RICHARDS; Sigmo Nu; Birmingham; Freshman in Commerce; Y.M.C.A, PIPES, MILDRED JEANETTE. Koppo Delta; Clonton; Sophomore in Home Economics; Pi; Bockfriors . , . PITTS, MYRTLE LUMP; Zeto Tou Alpha; Clonlon; Sophomore in Educolion; Blockfriors Y.W.C.A.; A.B. Associotion . . . POPE, HARVEY JOE; Foirfield; Junior in Arts and Sc ' ences; Blockfriors, Executive Council; Tou Delto Tou; Vice-President. Notional Collegiate Ployers . . . POPE, PEGGt PAUL; Alpha Gommo Delta; Bessemer; Junior in Arts ond Sciences; Omego; Spirit Committee; Pan-Hellenic Council; Corollo; Rammer-Jammer . , , PORTER, CLYDE; Thelo Xi; Wheeling. W, Vo.; Junior in Engineering . . . POWE, HOUS- TON DAVIS; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Sylocougo; Sophomore in Engi- neering, PEPPER, HAROLD REESE; Lore:i; Freshman in Arts and Sc ences . . . PERDUE WILLIAM CLAY; Phi Gommo Dello; Spring Hill; Sophomore in A ts ond Sciences . . . PETERS, DOROTHE MARIE; Koppo Delia Birmingham; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; Corollo; Crimson-While Tennis Club; French Club; Tronsfer from Rondolph-Mocon . . . PETERS NICHOLAS JOSEPH; Dello Tou DellO; Birminghom; Freshmon in Arts ond Sciences; Newmon Club . . . PETERSON, THELMA ELEANOR; Dux- bury. Moss.; Sophomore in Arts ond Sciences; French Club; Alpha Lombdo Delta; Internalionol Relolions Club; Sponish Club . . . PETREE, CHARLOTTE; Koppo DellO; Montgomery; Junior in Arts ond Sciences. POWELL, GERTRUDE; Andolusio; Sophomore in Educolion; Alpho Lambda Delta . . . POWELL, MOLLY; Florence; Junior in Home Eco- nomics; Secretory, Womon ' s Student Government, ■39- ' ' IO, ' 40- ' 4l; Y.M.C.A.; Alobomo Institute of Public Opinion; Modrigol Club; Student Assistonlship; Caroline Hunt Club; P.S.A. . . . POWELL, TOM E.; Bir- minghom; Junior in Commerce . . . POWELL, WILLIAM ROBERT; Pi Koppo Phi; Godsden; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . POYNER, MARY ILA; Delto Dello Delia; Dothon; Junior in Arts ond Sciences; Pi . , . PRATER, MARY ELIZABETH; Chi Omego; Millport; Junior in Education; Pi; Corollo; Blockfriors; Y.W.C.A. PETRUCELLI, FRED PALMER; Thelo Chi; Bridgeport. Conn.; Junior in Arts Old Sc e ces; Newmon Club; Press Club; Crimsor-Whito . . . PFEIFER, JOHN A., Rochester, N. Y.; Sophomore in Ar;s Sciences . . . PFIEGER. BEATRICE L.. Buffalo. N. Y.; Sophomore in Commerce; Phi Chi Theto; A ' pho Lambdo Dello; Blockfriors; Crimson-While; Y.W.C.A. . . , FHIFER. MARY ELLEN; Tuscolooso; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; Blockfriors; Sponish Club; Y.W.C.A.; Tou Cetto Tou; Camera Club . . . PHILLIPS, GRACE L,; Horvey. III.; Junior in Arts and Sciences, Blockfriors . . . PHILLIPS. NELLE; Delta Zelo; Nicholsville; freshman in Commerce. PRATT. DAN; Phi Dello ThcIo; Birminghom; Freshman in Arts and Sciences; A.B. Associotion; Corollo; Y.M.C.A,; French Club; Rommer- Jommer . . . PRATT, JOSEPHINE; Centerville; Freshmon in Home Eco- nomics; Blockfriors; Crimson-White , . . PRAYTOR, MARTHA; Phi Mu; Birmingham; Junior in Homo Economics; Blockfriors; Corollo; Crimson- Whilo; Coroline Hunt Club . . . PRICE, ANNE WARD; Koppo Delto; York; Junior in Arts ond Sciences . . . PRICE, 8ETTYLU; Delta Delta Oello; Gadsden; Freshmon in Arts and Scie.ices; Y,W,C.A.; Omego . . . PRICE. JEANNE LOUISE; Holland. Michigan; Sophomore in Arts ond Sciences. ARAH A.; Kappa Delia; Birmingham; Sophomore in Arts Spirii Committee, Pan-Hellenic Council . . . PIERSON. ) ' Pa. I Frethman in Engineering . . . PIGFORD, PRICE, LOIS ELIZABETH; Dodeville; Sophomore m Education . . . PRICE, SARAH NELL; Newville; Freshman in Home Economics . . . PRICKETT, DOROTHY; Alpho Dello Pi; Oneonlo; Freshman in Com- merce; Blockfriors; Wesley Foundation; W.A.A. . . . PRIDDY. STRAT. TON; SulligenI; Freshmon in Commerce . . . PROCTOR. ALICE EUGENE, Reform; Junior in Home Economics . . . PROPPER, SIDNEY S.; Miomi Booch, Flo.; Sophomore in Commerce. N I N E T N O R T Y O N 136 PATTERSON. H. PATTERSON, M. PATTON PATTERSON, WM. PATTON, M. PAVELLE PAXTON PEARCE PEEBLES PCITON PENNEY PENNINGTON PEPPER PERDUE PETERS, D. PETERS, N. PETERSON PETREE PETRUCELLl PFEIFER PFLEGER PHIFER PHILLIPS, G. PHILLIPS, N. PHILLIPS, S, PIERSON PIGFORO PINK PIPER, H. PIPER, L. PIPES PITTS POPE, H. rOPE, P, PORTER POWE POWELL. G. POWELL, M, FOWELL, T. POWELL, WM. POYNER PRATER PRATT, D PRATT, J, PRAYTOR PRICE, A. W, PRICE, B. PRICE, J, PRICE, L. PRICE, S. PRICKETT FRIDDY PROCTOR PROFFER 137 PRUnON PRYOR PUCKEn PUGH PUILUM PUUEy PURSLEY QUINLAN RAOWIN RAGSDALE RAINAUIT RAINER RAILS RAM BO RANDALL RANOIEMAN RANOMAN RAY. C. RAY. R. G. RAYMOND REDDEN REDDICK REDMOND REEVES. H. REEVES, L. REYNOLDS. J. REYNOLDS. WM. RHODES RICE. RICHARDS, A. RICHARDS, L. RICHARDSON RICHEY RICORDS RIDDLE. E. RIDDLE. V. RIDOLPHI RILEY RIVES ROBERTS, M. ROBERTS, MARY ROBERTS, R, ROBERTS. S, ROBETSON, C ROBERTSON. £ ROBINSON. M. ROBINSON. R. ROBSON RODGERS. H, ROGERS. E. ROGERS. M. ROlfC ROPER ROSEN i ALABAlVIA S undergraduates PRUTTON. JOHN R.. Delia Tou OeltO; Cleveland Heights, Ohio, Freshman in Engineering; Newmon Club . . . PRYOR, LUKE; Kappa Alpha; Decatur; Junior in Arts and Sciences; President of Freshman Class; Philomothic . . . PUCKETT, FLOYD EMMET; Sigma Nu; Enter- prise; Sophomore in Commerce . . . PUGH, WILLIAM C; Sigmo Chi; Birminghom; Junior in Commerce; Blockfriars; Commerce Association . . . PULLUM, CARL ESPY; Sigma Chi; Birmingham; Freshman in Com- merce . . . PULLEY, BYRON; Sigma Nu; Ft. Worth, Texos; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; University Press Club; Crimson-White; A.B. Association. Delta Chi; Tuscolooso; Sophomore in Engineering; Y.M,C.A.; Wesley Foundotion; Choirmon, Building Committee, Wesley Foundation; St. Pot ' s Associotion , . , RICE, FRANK OXFORD; Phi Gommo Delta; Northport; Freshman in Engineering . . . RICHARDS, ARTHUR HAY- WOOD; Vondegrift, Pa.; Sophomore in Engineering; St. Pot ' s; A.I.C-E. PURSLEY, DOROTHEA LOUISE; Koppo Kappa Gamma; Birmingham; Freshman in Arts and Sciences; Y.W.C.A.; Corolla; Omega . . . QUINLAN, JOHN PERRY; Phi Koppo Sigma; Chicago, III.; Freshman in Commerce . . . RADWIN, MYRON; Koppo Nu; Birmingham; Soph- omore in Arts and Sciences; Track Manager; Hillel Foundation . . . RAGSDALE, MILTON CLAY; Phi Gamma Delta; Bessemer; Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . RAINAULT, ROGER; Holyoke, Mass.; Freshmon in Arts and Sciences . . . RAINER, ISABEL; Koppo Koppo Gommo; Montgomery; Junior in Arts and Sciences; Corolla; Y.W.C.A.; Dancing Club; Blockfriors; A.B. Association; Sports Club. RICHARDS, LILLIAN CHASE; Alpha Phi; Doytono Beach, Flo.; Sopho- more in Commerce; Commerce Association; Golf Club; Tennis Club . . . RICHARDSON, NOBLE; Josper; Junior in Arts and Sciences; Blockfriors; Crimson-White; Y.M.C.A.; Freshman Debote Squad . . . RICHEY, HAROLD; Sigma Chi; Birmingham; Sophomore in Engineering; A.I.M.E.; Philomothic . . . RICORDS, FRANK CLARKE; Merchontville, N. J.; Freshman in Commerce; Commerce Associotion . . . RIDDLE, ERNEST JOE; Ashlond; Junior in Educotion . . . RIDDLE, VIRGINIA; Birminghom; Junior in Arts and Sciences; Blockfriors, RALLS, WILLIAM E.; Celto Sigma Phi; Evergreen; Sophomore in Arts ond Sciences; Crimson-White; Y.M.C.A. . . . RAMBO, ELLA BOYD; Alpha Gommo Delta; Benton; Junior in Arts and Sciences; Girls ' Spirit Com- mittee; Y.W.C.A.; Corolla . . . RANDALL, HENRY CLAY; Phi Delta Theto; West Blocton; Freshman in Arts and Sciences; Band; Crimson- White . . . RANDLEMAN, WILLIAM D.; Lombdo Chi Alpha; Tusca- loosa; Junior in Commerce . . . RANDMAN, DAVID L.; Koppo Nu; Birminghom; Junior in Commerce; Spirit Committee; Vorsity Football Monoger; Glee Club; Freshmon Y.M.C.A. Cabinet . . . RAY, CAROLINE; Alpha Delta Pi; Montgomery; Junior in Education; Golf Club. RAY, ROBERT GREGORY; Phi Koppo Sigmo; Aspen, Colorado; Fresh- mon in Engineering . . . RAYMOND, JOHN; Johnstown, N. Y.; Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . REDDEN, LAWRENCE DREW; Alpha Tou Omego; Tollossee; Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . REDDICK, HARRY HAYNESWORTH; Koppo Alpha; DemopoliS; Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . REDMOND, ELIZABETH; Chi Omego; Birminghom; Junior in Arts ond Sciences; Archery Club; Crimson-White; Corolla . . . REEVES, HANNAH LEE; Decotur, Go.; Freshman in Home Eco- nomics. REEVES, LERONZC THOMPSON, JR.; Birminghom; Junior in Com- merce; Blockfriors . . . REYNOLDS, JEAN; Selmo; Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . REYNOLDS, WILLIAM GORDON; Pi Koppo Phi; Enter- prise; Freshmon in Engineering . . . RHODES, GILBERT ALFRED, JR.; RIDOLPHI, E. PIERRE; Sigmo Nu; Montgomery; Freshman in Arts and Sciences; Y.M.C.A. . . . RILEY, ELIZABETH D ' AUTREY; Lofoyelte; Freshman in Home Economics . . . RIVES, JAMES V.; Sigmo Chi; Bir- mingham; Sophomore in Engineering; Philomothic . . . ROBERTS, MAR- THA ELIZABETH; Alpha Gamma Delto; Florence; Junior in Arts ond Sciences; Crimson-White; Corolla; Pi . . . ROBERTS, MARY CRAIG; Alpho Gomma Delta; Florence; Sophomore in Education; Pi; Y.W.C.A.; French Club . . . ROBERTS, ROSCOE OWEN; Phi Delta Thelo; Hunts- ville; Freshman in Commerce; Crimson-White; Y.M.C.A. ROBERTS, SYBIL; Alpho Gamma Delta; Dolhon; Freshmon in Educa- tion; Caroline Hunt Club; Tennis Club; Golf Club; Y.W.C.A. . . . ROBERTSON, CALLOWAY MIDDLETON; Sigmo Nu; Brewlon; Sopho- more in Commerce . . . ROBERTSON, ELEANOR JEANNE; Phi Mu; Florolo; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . ROBINSON, MARY JANICE; Repton; Junior in Education . . . ROBINSON, RAYMOND EARL; Foil River, Mass.; Freshman in Arts and Sciences; Blockfriors . . . ROSSON, SHIRELY ELIZABETH; Alpha Delto Pi; Birminghom; Freshman in Commerce. RODGERS, HENRY HERBERT; Sigma Chi; Atmore; Freshman in Arts ond Sciences . . . ROGERS, ELLISE ELLWOOD; Delta Delta Delta; Selmo; Junior in Arts and Sciences; Pi . . . ROGERS, MARY EASON; Alpha Gommo Delto; Nev ton; Junior in Arts ond Sciences; Pi; Block- friors; Crimson-White . . . ROLFE, FRANK OLIVER; Pi Kappa Alpho; Huntsville; Freshman in Engineering; Crimson-While . , . ROPER, CHARLES AURELIUS; Koppo Sigma; Hozelhurst, Miss.; Junior in Com- merce; Commerce Association . . , ROSEN, SIDNEY FREDERICK; Sigma Alpha Mu; Chicago, III.; Junior in Commerce; Commerce Association; Sponish Club; Crimson-White. NINETEEN FORTY O N 139 ALAdAMA S UNDERGRADUATES ROSENBERG. GERALD PAUL, Sigmo Alpho Mu; Anderson, S. C; Freihmon in Engineering . . . ROSENZWEIG, BERNARD; Sigma Alpho Mu; Lake Providence, Lo..- Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . ROSS. ELMER ALBERT. Unionlown, Pa.. Freshman in Engineering . . . ROSS, EMMA BUCK. Kappa Delto: Mobile. Freshmon in Arts ond Sciences; Rommer-Jommer . . . ROSS, OLIVER S.; Kappa Alpha; Gontersville; Sophomore in Engineering; Greeks . . . ROSTHAUSER, ELAINE; Alpha Chi Omego; Erie, Pa.; Freshman in Home Economics; Blockfriors; Y.W.C.A. ROTH, JAMES WATSON; Thelo Xi; Fori Wayne. Indiono, Junior in Commerce; " A " Club; Vorsily Boskelboll . . . ROTHENBERG, SIDNEY; New York, N. Y.; Freshman in Chemistry . . . ROWAN, HOKE A.; Koppo Sigma; Jacksonville; Junior in Chemistry; Alchemist Club; Americon Ceromics Club . . . ROWE. CARL; Theto Chi; Marlboro, Mass.; Freshman in Arts ond Sciences; Footboll . . . ROYAL, WILLIAM HAR- OLD; Lombdo Chi Alpha; Birmingham; Freshmon in Commerce; Coro- llo; Freshmon Y.M.C.A. . . .ROYCE, GERHARD A.; Theto Chi; Orange, Moss.; Junior in Arts and Sciences. ROYCE MARY ELIZABETH; Koppo Delta; Moplewood. N. J.; Junior in Arts ond Sciences, A.B. Associotion . . . RUBIN, MILTON; Kappa Nu; Ft. Poyne; Freshmon in Arts and Sciences; Glee Club; Hillel Foun- dotion . . . RUCKER. REBECCA JANE; Russellville; Sophomore in Education . . . RUSSELL, LESTER EARL; Phi Sigmo Kappo; Detroit, Michigon; Sophomore in Commerce; Greeks . . . RUSSELL, RICHARD SCOTT; Phi Sigma Kappo; Momoroneck, N. Y.; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; Blockfriors; Greeks . . . RYAN, JEROME; Cleveland, Ohio; Junior in Chemistry; Newman Club; A.I.M.E. SABEL, JIMMIE LEE; Zeto Beta Tou; Montgomery; Freshman in Commerce . . . SABEL MARK; Zota Belo Tou; Montgomery; Junior in Commerce; Excelsior; Interfroternity Council . . . SALE. LOLA ANN; Koppa Kappo Gcmmo; Victoria. Texas; Junior in Arts ond Sciences; Blockfriors . . . SALE. MAIZIE CAROLINE; Koppo Kappa Gommo; Victorio. Toxos; Freshmon in Arts ond Sciences; Blockfriors; President, Freshman Clou . . . SALEMME. VINCENT J.; New York, N. Y.; Sophomore in Engineering; Pershing Rifles; St. Pol ' s . . . SALMON, M. LOUIS; Koppo Alpho; Mobile; Freshman in Commerce. SALTER, PAUL. JR.; Phi Gumma Detto; Eufoulo; Freshmon in Arts ond Sciences, Y.M.C.A.; CnmsonWhilo . . . SANCES. FRANK VICTOR; Pi Koppo Phi; Bogoluio. la., Junior in Arts ond Sciences . . . SAND- ERS. ROY NEEl. Chi Phi; Fort Worth, Texas; Sophomore in Engineering; Million Dollor Bond . . . SANDERS, WIILADEAN; Reform; Freshman in Educoiion . . . SANDERS, WILLIAM MARION, Chi Phi, Forth Worth, Texas, Freshmon in Engineering, Million Dollor Bond . . . SARDONIA. MILTON J.; Kouneongo Lake, N. Y.; Sophomore in Educoiion; Trock. SARE. JAMES ROBERT; Chi Phi; Sheridon, Wyoming; Sophomore in Chemistry; A.I.M.E. . . . SARTAIN. ALFRED NEWTON; Phi Delta Thcto; Josper; Sophomore in Commerce; Y.M.C.A. . . . SAVAGE, WILMER; Alpha Delta Pi; Montgomery; Freshman in Arts and Sciences . , . SAWYER, SARA ELIZABETH; Delta Zeto; Ft. Payne; Junior in Educoiion; Romnier-Jommer; Y.W.C.A.; W.A.A. . . . SCHAPP. MARION CATHERINE; Sigma Koppo; Bloomfield, N. J.; Freshman in Arts and Sciences; Fencing Club; Bicycle Club, Y.W.C.A. . . .SCHARFSCHWERDT, HETTY; Alpha Chi Omego; Tuscolooso; Junior in Commerce; A Copello Choir; Sports Representative. SCHMIDT SARAH ELLEN; Delta Zeto; TuscumbiO; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; Blockfriors; Y.W.C.A.; Crimson-White; Rommer- Jommer; Wesley Choir . . . SCHUESSLER, WILLIAM P.; Pi Koppo Alpho; Lofoyette; Sophomore in Commerce; Spirit Committee; Presi- dent, Sophomore Class in Commerce; Commerce Association; Corollo Stoff . . . SCHUTZE, ANN; St. Louis, Mo .; Junior in Home Economics; Sponish Club; Caroline Hunt Club; International Relations Club . . . SCHWARZ, WILLIAM X.; Theto Chi; Williomstown. Mass.; Freshman in Engineering . . . SCHWINDEMAN, JAMES; Thelo Xi; Buffalo. N. Y.; Sophomore in Commerce; Newmon Club . . . SCOGGINS. LUELLA McWH:RTER; Alpha Phi; Noshville. Tenn.; Freshman in Arts and Sciences; Corolla; Rommer-Jommer; Spanish Club. SCOTT, BERT A.; Thelo Chi; Son Francisco, Col.; Sophomore in Arts ond Sciences; Crimson-White; Press Club; Y.M.C.A.; Freshman Baseboll; Rho Alpha Tou; Blockfriors; BoptisI Student Union . . . SCOTT. BETTY; Birminghom; Sophomore in Educoiion; Blockfriors. Coroline Hunt Club . . . SCRUGGS; EDWARD NEAl; Koppo Alpho Guntcrsville; Freshmon in Commerce . . . SEACARD, HERBERT B. Alpha Sigma Phi; Jamestown, N. Y.; Sophomore in Commerce . . SEARCY, MARY EMILY; Koppo Dello; Tuscolooso; Junior in Arts ond Sciences; Omega; Orchestro; Crimson-White; Episcopal Student Union . . . SEILER, BETTY; Delta Delta Dello; Kansas City, Mo., Junior in Commerce. SELF, DAVID; Sprlngville; Junior in Educoiion; Wesley Foundation; President, Junior Closs; Junior Prom Committee . . . SELLERS. BILLY BRANDON; Pi Koppo Alpha; Dodeville; Freshman in Engineering; St. Pot ' s . . . SELZER. JOHN CLEMENTS. Delto Tou Delta. Ook Pork; III,; Sophomore in Commerce, Commerce Association; Greeks . . . SEWEIL. JOSEPH WHEELER. JR.; Ph. Cello ThelO; Tuscolooso; Freshman in Arts ond Sciences; Glee Club . . . SEWELL, TOXEY H.; Pi Koppo Alpho; Tarronl; Junior in Commerce; Vice-President. Tou Koppa Alpha, Vice President, Druids. Blockfriors. Notionol Collegiate Ployers. Debate Squad; Spirit Committee; Interfrotcrnity Council; Reoder in Economics . . . SHARMAN, JACK R.. JR.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; TukoIooso, Junior in Commerce, Million Dollor Bond; Glee Club; Druids; Quad- rangle. N NET N O R T Y O N 140 ROSENBERG ROSENZWEIG ROSS, E. ROSS, EMMA ROSS, O. ROSTHAUSER ROTH ROTHENBERG ROWAN ROWE ROYAL ROYCE, G. ROYCE, M. RUBIN RUC ER RUSSELL, L. RUSSELL, R. RYAN SABEL, J. SABEL, M. SALE, L. A. SALE, M. SALEMME SALMON SALTER SANCES SANDERS, R. SANDERS. W. SANDERS, WM. SARDONIA SAKE SARTAIN SAVAGE SAWYER SCHAPP SCHARfSCHWERDT SCHMIDT SCHUESSLER SCHUTZE SCHWARZ SCHWINDEMAN SCOGGINS scon, 8. scon, BEHY SCRUGGS SEAGARD SEARCY SEILER SELF SELLERS SELZER SEWELL, J. SEWELL, T. SHARMAN, J. SHARMAN, L. SHARP SHAW SHEUEM SHELTON, C. SHEITON, T. SHEPHARD SHER SHERRIU, A. SHERRILL, J. SHERRILL. R, SHERROD SHILAND SHIREY SHOE SHUGERMAN SHUMAKER SHUTTS SHWARTZ SIBLEY. J. SIBLEY, L. SIDES SILVERflELD SIMON, N. SIMON, H. SIMPSON, E. SIMPSON. H. SIMPSON. S. SIMS SIZEMORE SKELDING SKINNER. M. 6. SKINNER. R. SLAY SLEEPER SLOMAN SLOSAR SMITH, ALAN SMITH, ARTHUR SMITH, B. SMITH, C. SMITH, E. SMITH, G. C, SMITH. H. SMITH, L. SMITH, M. SMITH, S. SMITH, T. SMIIH, WALTER SMITH, WM. SMITHER SMORACK SMOYER SNEDDEN 142 ALABAIVIA S undergraduates SHARMAN, LEWIS; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Tuscaloosa; Sophomore Arts and Sciences; Million Dollar Bond: Phi Eta Sigma; A.E.D.; Druids . . . SHARP, SAM H.; Birminghom; Junior in Educotion; " A " Club; Baseboll; Bosketbali; Football . . . SHAW, CAROLYN; Aliceville; Freshman in Home Economics . . . SHELLEM, FRANCIS XAVIER; Delta Sigma Phi; Townsends Inlet, N. J.; Junior in Commerce; Rommer- Jommer; Biockfriors; Newmon Club . . . SHELTON, CATHERINE YEEND; Mobile; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; Y.W.C.A. . . . SHELTON, TILDA ALICE; Koppo Delta; Tuscaloosa; Junior in Home Economics; Pi; Caroline Hunt Club. SHEPHARD, JANE; Koppo Koppa Gommo; Ocolo, Fla.; Freshmon Commerce; Rammer-Jammer; Corolla Greenville, S. C; Junior in Commerce; Team . . . SHERRILL, ANNE; Koppo Sophomore in Home Economics; Omego; Club . . . SHERRILL, JOHN FRANKLIN, N. C; Freshman in Arts and Sciences; Delta Koppo Epsilon; Birmingham; Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . SHERROD, BETTY; Koppo Delta; Birmingham; Freshman in Arts and Sciences. . . SHER, JOHN MORTON; Excelsior; Manager, Basketball Koppo Gommo; Birmingham; Caroline Hunt Club; Newman JR.; Kappo Alpha, Charlotte, . . . SHERRILL, RICHARD B.; SHILAND, MEYER; Koppo Nu; Birminghom; Sophomore in Commerce; Biockfriors; Hillel; Symphony Orchestro; Y.M.C.A. . . . SHIREY, FLORA; Albertv ille; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; B.S.U. . . . SHOE, ANNE ETHRELDA; Chi Omego; Fort Benning, Go.; Junior in Commerce; Corolla . . . SHUGERMAN, ALWYN A.; Zeta Beta Tou; Birmingham; Freshman in Arts and Sciences; Excelsior; Corolla . . . SHUMAKER, THOMAS P.; New Brunswick, N. J.; Junior in Chemistry; Officers ' Club; Phi Eta Sigmo; Gommo Sigma Epsilon; Honor Court; Honor Court Panel; President of Sophomore Class; Alchemist Club; American Ceramic Society; Fellowship in Chemistry; Delto Mu Gammo; Ameri- con Chemical Society . . . SHUTTS, KENNETH ROBERTSON; Alpha Sigma Phi; Horrisburg, Po.; Freshman in Commerce. SHWARTS, KALMAN; Zeta Beta Tou; Montgomery; Sophomore in Commerce; Million Dollar Bond; Spanish Club; Y.M.C.A.; Biockfriors; Commerce Association . . . SIELEY, JEAN; Chi Omego; Mobile; Fresh- man in Home Economics; Corolla; Rommer-Jommer; Y.M.C.A. . . . SIBLEY, LOUISE; Koppo Delta; Tuscaloosa; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; Pi . . . SIDES, MARY ELIZABETH; Delta Zeto; Foirfield; Freshman in Commerce . . . SILVERFIELD, JEROME; Kappo Nu; Bir- minghom; Sophomore in Commerce . . . SIMON, NICHOLAS ALLEN; Richeyville, Po.; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. SIMON, HARRY, JR.; Sigma Nu; Montgomery; Sophomore in Com- merce . . . SIMPSON, ELLIOT HOWARD; Phi Sigma Delta; New York, N. Y.; Junior in Arts ond Sciences; Vorsity Baseboll . . . SIMPSON, HARRY M.; Koppo Alpho; Florence; Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . SIMPSON, SAM T.; Pi Koppa Alpha; Stevenson; Junior in Arts ond Sce-ces; Blackfricrs; Camera Club; Corollo Staff . . . SIMS, IMOGENE; Montgomery; Freshman in Home Economics . . . SIZEMORE, HAL MOSLEY; Koppo Sigmo; Birmingham; Junior in Commerce. SKELDING, JACK; Koppo Alpha; Ensley; Sophomore in Engineering . . . SKINNER, MARY BYRD; Speigner; Sophomore in Arts ond Sciences . . . SKINNER, RUTH LAKE; Montgomery; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; Sports Club; S pirit Committee . . . SLAY, CAROLYN VIR- GINIA; Silos; Freshmon in Commerce . . . SLEEPER, HERBERT RAY- MOND; Hartford, Conn.; Freshman in Arts and Sciences; University Chorus; A.B. Club . . . SLOMAN, NANCY JANE; Delta Zeto; Tusco- looso; Freshmon in Arts ond Sciences; Biockfriors; Y.W.C.A. SLOSAR, JOHN MICHAEL; Garfield Heights, Ohio; Sophomore in Engineering; Spirit Committee; St. Pot ' s . . . SMITH ALAN JAMES; Alpha Sigmo Fhi; West Springfield, Mass.; Freshman in Engineering . . . SMITH, ARTHUR A.; Foughkeepsie, N. Y.; Junior in Arts and Sciences; Mens ' Glee Club; Barracks Donee Committee; Ridgecrest Council; Monitor . . . SMITH, BETTE RAE; Phi Mu; Washington, D. C; Sophomore in Arts and Scie.ices; Alpha Lambda Delta; A.B. Associa- tion . . . SMITH, CARL DAVIS; Opeliko; Junior in Arts and Sciences; Glee Club; Biockfriors . . . SMITH, EDWARD DAWLEY; Groton, Conn.; Sophomore in Commerce; Million Dollar Bond. SMITH, GLEN C; Delto Tou Delta; Masseno, N. Y.; Freshman in Arts and Scie.-.ces; Glee Club; Rommer-Jommer; Greeks; Biockfriors . . . SMITH, HAMPTON; Koppo Sigmo; Birmingham; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; Y.M.C.A.; Crimson-White . . . SMITH, LOUISE WOODSON; Alpha Chi Omego; Birmingham; Junior in Arts ond Sciences; Art Club; International Relotions Club; Sponish Club . . . SMITH, MiLDRED; Alpha Chi Omega; Birminghom; Junior in Arts ond Sciences; Glee Club; House of Representatives; Caroline Hunt Club; Vice-President, Sophomore Class . . . SMITH, SARABETH; Koppo Kappo Gommo; Wetumpko; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; Biock- friors . . . SMITH, lOM GEORGE; Theto Chi; Perth Amboy; N. J.; Sophomore in Arts ond Sciences; Pershing Rifles; Crimson-While. SMITH, WALTER E.. JR.; Delta Chi; Vinelond, N. J.; Junior in Com- merce . . . SMITH, WILLIAM FREDERICK; Frenchtown, N. J,; Sopho- more in Engineering . . . SMITHER, JOHN F.; Koppo Alpha; Decatur; Junior in Commerce . . . SMORACK, IRVING; Phi Sigma Delta; Long Beach, N. Y.; Junior in Commerce; Rho Alpha Tou; Spirit Committee; Interfroternity Council; Y.M.C.A.; Hillel; Artist ond Lecture Series Com- mittee . . . SMOYER, GERALDINE LOUISE; Tompa, Flo.; Freshmon in Commerce; Biockfriors; Newmon Club; Chi Delta Phi; Spanish Club . . . SNEDDtN, JEAN WATSON; Drovosburg, Po.; Sophomore in Com- merce. NINETEEN O R T Y O N 143 ALABAlVlA S undergraduates SNOW. ELIZABETH ANN. Alpha Delta Pt; Montgomery; Sopho- more in Artj ond Sciences; Girls Glee Club; Y.W.C.A.; Rammer- Jommer; P.S.A. Council; Vice-President. Sophomore Closs . . SNOW, WILLIAM CLARKE; Phi Delta Theto; Los Cruces. N. M.; Junior in Arts ond Sciences; InterlroTernity Council; Quadrangle; Rommer-Jommer, flight Troining; Greeks . . . SNYDER. C. ARTHUR. JR.; Delto Sigma Phi, Woodbury. N. J.; Junior in Engineering . . . SOKOL. ETHEL; Bessemer; Freshman in Commerce; Hillel . . . SORUM, WILLIAM ROBERT; Chi Phi; Moxwell Field; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; Blockfriars . . . SPARKS, VIRGINIA LOUISE; Zeta Tau Alpha; De- mopolis; Junior in Education; Alpha Lambda Delta; Corolla; Spanish Club. SPEED, KATHERINE; Corrollton; Junior in Education; Tronsfer from Livingston State Teachers College; Reporter for Elementary School Council . . . SPRADLEY, WALTER; Kappa Alpho; Birminghom; Sopho- more in Commerce; Transfer from Birmingham-Southern . . . SPRAG- GINS, THOMAS J.; Pi Koppo Alpha; Alexonder City; Freshman in Commerce . . . SPRINGER, DONALD A.; Zeto Beto Tau; Anniston; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; Rho Alpha Tau; Druids; Excelsior; Rammer-Jammer . . . SPRUIELL, ELAINE; Leeds; Junior in Home Eco- nomics; Transfer from Montevoilo . . . STABLER. ALINE ANSON; Kappa Kappa GGmmo; Birmingham; Freshman in Home Economics; Caroline Hunt Club; Corolla; Newmon Club. STALLARD. WILLIAM A.; Pi Koppo Phi; Grove Hill; Sophomore in Arts ond Sciences; Crimson-White . . . STALLWORTH, NANCY; Phi Mu; Tuscotooso; Freshmon in Home Economics; Biackfriors; Wesley Foundolion . . . STANLEY, JAMES FRANKLIN; Pi Koppo Phi; Enter- prise; Junior in Arts and Sciences; Million Dollar Bond . . . STANLEY, VIRGINIA WEBB; Delta Delto Delto; Greenville; Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . STARCHER, WILLIAM L.; Prattville; Freshman in En- gineering . . . STARNES, JOE; Pi Kappa Phi; Guntersville; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. STARNES, MILDRED ELIZABETH; Zeto Tau Alpha; Fort Benning, Go.; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Corolla; Caroline Hunt Club; Biack- friors . . . STEEL, ROBERT McDONALD, Stiatford, Conn.; Junior in Ant and Sciences; Tennis Team; International Relations Club; Y.M.C.A.; P.S.A. Council; Chevron ' s Club . . . STEFFEE, BARBARA JANE; Theto Upsilon; Honolulu, Hawaii; Freshman in Arts and Sciences; Oratorio . . . STEIN. LENORA, TuKolooso; Freshman in Educolion . . . STEIN, LOLITA C.; Sigma De!ta Tau; Jackson Miss.; Freshman in Arts and Sciences; I.R.C.; Blackfriars; Corolla . . . STEIN, MELVIN; Koppo Nu; Mobile; Junior m Commerce; Pershing Rifles. Junior in Commerce . . - STEINER, LOUiS K.; Birmingham; Sophomore in Chemistry; Alchemist Club . . . STERGIADES. THEODORE; Mil- waukee, Wis.; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; Pershing Rifles . . . STEURER, C. DAVID; Phi Sigma Koppo, New York, N. Y.; Sophomore in Education . . . STEVENS, ROBERT EDWARD; Muncie, Ind.; Sopho- more in Education; Trock. STEWART, JOHN CALVIN; Sigmo Chi; Jackson; Junior in Com- merce; Excelsior; Greeks . . . STEWART, RALPH C; Theto Chi; Tusca- loosa; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; Glee Club; Pershing Rifles . . . STILWELL, STEfHEN N.; Glen Falls, N. Y,; Sophomore in Chemistry . . . STOCHTON, FREDERICK DOUGLAS; Birmingham; Junior in En- gineering; Trock . . . STOUGH, SELLERS, JR.; Koppo Alpho; Birming- ham; Freshman in Commerce . . . STOWERS, HARRIET G.; Alpha Gamma Delta; Gadsden; Sophomore in Commerce; Internotionol Re- lotions Club; Y.W.C.A. STREICHER, RALPH; Phi Koppo Sigma; New York, N. Y.; Freshman in Engineering; Biockfriors; Y.M.C.A. . . STRINGFELLOW, BOBBIE; Alpha Gammo Delto; Birmingham; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; Fencing Club; A.B. Association; International Relations Club; Block- friars; Omega . . . STROMINGER, LEONORA; Flushing. O.; Freshmon in Home Economics . . . STRONG, EULA HERMIONE; Tuscolooso; Junior in Commerce . . . SUBER, JEANNE; Birmingham; Freshman in Arts and Sciences; Y.W.C.A, . . . SULLIVAN, JOSEPH MICHAFL; Delto Sigma Phi; Holyoke, Mass.; Junior in Engineering; Newman Club; A.S.C.E.; St. Pot ' s. SUSONG, LESLIE NICK; Sigma Chi; Mornsiown, Tenn.; Freshmon in Commerce . . . SUTTON, CAMILLA CORT; Delta Delto Delta; An- niston; Freshman in Home Economics; Pi; Crimson-White; Corollo . , . SWINDLE, CECIL, JR.; Birminghom; Sophomore in Engineering . , . SWINDLING, KENNETH JEROME; Delta Sigma Phi; Elyrio. O.; Sopho- more in Commerce; Blackfriors; Newman Club . . . SYRACUSE. JOSEPH D.; Botavio, N. Y.; Sophomore in Commerce; Spirit Comm.ttee; Boxing Squod . . . TALBOT. CHARLES; Pi Koppo Phi; Troy; Junior in Com- merce; VicePres. Commerce Association; Quadrangle; Spirit Com- mittee. STEINER, JOHN ELSBERRY; Phi Delto Theto; Montgomery; Junior ... Arl rinH .nr r..t LTIINIP IFWI ' ..ifn ., tj,, I ' ....i.tiv ' Mr- TALIAFERRO, EDWARD HENRY; Tuscaloosa; Junior in Arts ond Sciences; Biockfriors . . . TATE, JAMES MILTON. JR.; Huntsville; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; Debate Squad; Y.M.C.A. . . . TATLER. ANN; Talladega; Junior in Arts ond Sciences; Blackfriors . . . TAUL, GEORGIA LOVE; Alpho Xi Delto; Fort Louderdole, Flo.; Sophomore in Education; Y W.C.A. . . . TAYLOR, AllEENE BATES; Theto Upsilon. Como. Miss.; Freshman In Arts and Sciences . . . TAYLOR, JOHN (riNviiii i),.,,,,,,. !,. i„. ,o, .n Arts ond Sciences. NINETEEN O R Y O N 144 SNOW. E. SNOW. W. SNYDER SOKOL SORUM SPARKS SPEED SPRADLEY SPRAGGINS SPRINGER SPRUIELL STABLER STAUARD STAILWORTH STANLEY, J. STANLEY. V. STARCHER STARNES. J. STARNES. M, STEEL STEfFEE STEIN. LENORA STEIN. LOLITA STEIN. M. STEINER, J. STEINER. LEWIS STEINER. LOUIS STERGIADES STEURER STEVENS STEWART. J. STEWART. R, STILWELL STOCHTON STOUGH STOWERS STREICHER STRINGFELLOW STROMINGER STRONG SU8ER SULLIVAN SUSONG SUTTON SWINDLE SWINDLING SYRACUSE TALBOT TALIAFERRO TATE TATLER TAUL TAYLOR. A. TAYLOR. J. TAYLOR TfRHUNE TERRY TESCH THETfORD THOMAS. B THOMAS. E. THOMAS. S. THOMAS, SUMNER THOMAS, W, THOMASON THOMPSON, B. THOMPSON, F. THOMPSON, JAS. THOMPSON, J. THORNTON, C. THORNTON. L. THORNTON. LOIS THORNTON. R. THROCKMORTON TICHENOR TIDMORE TIERNEY TILLERY TINDEL TINKLE TINNEY TIPPINS TODD TOMPKINS TOOMEY TOUART TOULMIN TRAGGIS TREADWAY TREU TRICE TRIGG TROYNAR TURNER. F, TURNER, J. TURNER, N. lUTWILER TYLER UNDERWOOD. M. UNDERWOOD, R. UNGER UPDIKE URAN URICH VAN HORN VINZANT VOSE vovfe 146 ALABAIVIAS undergraduates TAYLOR. SHELBY P.; Sigmo No,- HunlsviCe; Sophomore in Arts ar.d Sciences . . . TERHUNE. BARBARA; Alpho Fhi; Arlinglon. Vo.; Sopho- more in Arts and Sciences, Pon-Hellenic, French Club, Internotionol Relotions Club . . . TERRY, GLORIA ANN, Chi Omego; Bessemer, Sophomore in Arts ond Sciences; Rommer-Jommer; Blockfriors; The ' o Phi Eto; Y.W.C.A. . . . TESCH, KATHRYN; Tuscoloosa; Sophomore in Arts ond Sciences . . . THETFORD, DELPHINE; Eoligee; Sophomore in Home Economics; Blockfriors; Y.W.C.A,; Coroline Hunt Club . . . THOMAS, BEATRICE ELOISE; Dolhon; Junior in Educolion; Y.W.C.A.; B.S.U. ing; Pershing Rifles . . . TOMPKINS. FRANK GOODLOE; Tuscumbio; Sophomore in Engineering; St. Pots. THOMAS, EDWARD F.; Sigma Chi; Foirfield; Sophomore in En- gineering; Million Dollor Bond , . . THOMAS. SAMUEL; Celto Chi; Godsden; Junior in Commerce; Officers Club . . . THOMAS, SUMNER EVANS; Phi Delta Theto; Birmingham; Freshmon in Engineering . . . THOMAS, W. RHODES; Delta Tau Delto; Columbia, Vo.; Sophomore in Commerce . . . THOMASON. JAMES WILEY; Alpha Tau Omego; Midway; Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . THOMPSON. BLACKSTONE; Alpha Tau Omega; Tuscaloosa; Junior in Commerce. THOMPSON, FREDERICK JOYCE; Lombdo Chi Alpha; Elizabeth, N. J.; Junior in Commerce . . . THOMPSON. JAMES V.; Kappa Sigmo; Sylocaugo; Sophomore in Commerce; Fhi Eto Sigma; Druids; Quad- rangle; Y.M.C.A. . . . THOMPSON. JOHN LONG, JR.; Montgomery; Sophomore in Engineering; A.B. Association . . . THORNTON, CA- MILLE; Delta Delta Delto; Dothon; Junior in Arfs and Sciences; Crim- son-While; Newman Club . . . THORNTON. LAURA HAILS; Kappa Delta; Montgomery; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; Y.W.C.A.; Sports Club; Watson Club . . . THORNTON. LOIS ELAINE; Tuscaloosa; Fresh- man in Commerce; Blockfriors. THORNTON, RUSSELL; Montgomery; Freshman in Commerce . . . THROCKMORTON, MARGARET; Delta Delto Delta; Guntersville; Junior in Commerce; Y.W.C.A.; Omega . . . TICHENOR, WALTER LEWIS; Theto Chi; Charleston, S. C; Sophomore in Arts ond Sciences . . . TIDMORE, MINNIE LEE; Tuscaloosa; Junior in Commerce; Blockfriors; Spanish Club , . . TIERNEY. WILL IAM RICHARD; Phi Sigma Koppo; Garden City. N. Y.; Sophomore in Commerce . . . TILLERY. BERT; Lambda Chi Alpha; York; Junior in Arts and Sciences; Press Club. TOOMEY, WILLIAM LENHART; Alpha Sigmo Phi; New Kensington. Po.; Sophomore in Engineering; St. Pot ' s; A.I.N.E . . . TOUART. MARILYN; Alpha Chi Omego; Pensccolo, Flo.; Freshman in Com- merce; Blockfriors; Newman Club; Crimson-White . . . TOULMIN. HARRY AUBREY, JR.; Delta Koppo Epsilon; Mobile; Junior in En- gineering . . . TRAGGIS. DEMETRIOS JOHN; Westerly, R. I,; Sopho- more in Engineering; Track; Rifle Team; Alabama Cavaliers . . . TREADWAY, FELIX HANNON. JR.; Pi Kaopa Alpha; Nashville, Tenn.; Sophomore in Commerce . . . TREU, DON; Phi Sigma Koppo; Villo Fork, III.; Junior in Commerce; Pershing Rifles. TRICE. PETER ALBA; Phi Gommo Delta; Thomosville; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; Million Collar Bond; Y.M.C.A. . . . TRIGG. OHMER SCOTT; Greensboro, N. C; Freshman in Engineering; Million Dollor Bond . . . TROYNAR. ALICE EILEEN; Syrocause, N, Y.; Junior in Chemistry; Alchemist; Spirit Committee . . . TURNER, FRANCES GAY- NOR; Alpha Delta Pi; Montgomery; Freshman in Arts and Sciences; Crimson-White; Y.W.C.A. . . . TURNER, JOHN W.; Pi Koppo Phi; Luverne; Sophomore in Ar!s and Sciences . . . TURNER. NANCY CONNER; Delta Delta Celto; Montgomery; Junior in Arts ond Sciences; Chi Delta Phi. TUTWILER. WILLIAM JORDAN; Delta Chi; Powhatan; Junior in Arts and Sciences; Blockfriors; Y.M.C.A.; Phi Eeto Pi . . . TYLER. J. SCOTT; Sigma Nu; St. Louis. III.; Freshman in Commerce; Pershing Rifles; Crimson-While . . , UNDERWOOD, MARY LILYAN; Tulso. Oklo.; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . UNDERWOOD, ROBERT M.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Fort Sherman, Canal Zone; Sophomore in Com- merce , . . UNGER, ELEANOR BURGETT; Koppo Delta; Mobile; Junior in Arts ond Sciences; Omego; Corollo; Y.W.C.A. . . . UPDIKE, ANN; Alpha Gommo Delta; Birmingham; Freshman in Home Economics; Coroline Hunt; Newman Club; French Club; International Relations Club. TINDEL. WILLIAM CAVIS; Sigma Nu; Graceville. Flo.; Sophomore in Engineering . . . TINKLE. JEANNE; Alpho Chi Omego; Marlon, Ind.; Sophomore in Educolion . . . TINNEY. HOWARD C; Elmiro, N. Y.; Junior in Engineerlrg . . . TiPPINS, KEENER; Pi Koppo Alpha; Geneva; Junior in Arts ond Sciences; Philomothic Literary Society; Y.M.C.A. . TOLD. JAMES; Fairf.eld, Conn.; Sophomore in Engineer- URAN, SUSAN; Koppo Koppo Gommo; Motoon, III.; Sophomore in Arts ond Sciences; Omego; Swon Club . . . URICH, ARTHUR EU- GENE; Delta Chi; Lancaster. Po.; Freshman in Commerce; Concert Bond; Blockfriors . . . VAN HORN. RICHARD DAVID; Hope, N. J.; Sophomore in Commerce; Blockfriors . . . VINZANT, PAT CRUISE; Deotsville; Sophomore in Arts ond Sciences . . . VOSE, ROGER M.; Delta Tau Dello; Evonston, 111.; Freshmon in Arts ond Sciences; Block- friors . . . VOYER, JOHN P.; Delto Tou Delta; Clevelond Heights, O,; Freshman in Commerce; Blockfriors; Newman Club. N N E T E E N FORTY O N 147 ALABAMA ' S u n p ERGRADUATES WAHL, CLARKE F.; Goihe. N. Y.; Sophomore in Engineering; St. Pol ' j. Woiley Foundation . . . WAINER. SHIRLEY. Sigmo Dolto Tou, Lancaster, Pa.; Freshman in Arts and Sciences; Corolla; Fencing Club; International Relations Club . . . WAKEFIELD. MERLE; Zeta Tau Alpho; Albertvillo; Junior in Education; Sponish Club; Y.W.C.A. . . . WAKE- FIELD. SAMMY; Albertville; Sophomore in Education . . . WAITE. WIL- LIAM IHAAUtAOND; Delta Tou Delta; Genevo, O.; Freshman in En- gineering; St. Pot ' s . . . WALKER. ALLAN PALMER; Delta Sigmo Phi; Newark, N. J.; Junior in Commerce; Interlroternity Council; Y.M.C.A.; Blackfriors; Commerce Association; Spanish Club. Institute of Student Opinion . . . WATKINS. EMILY; Delta Zeto; Bir minghom; Junior in Commerce . . . WATSON. MARY FRANCES; Mus codine; Junior in Education; Secretory. Alpha Lambda Delta. Sopho- more Representolive. W.S.G.A.; Y.W.C.A.. Caroline Hunt Club; Ph Upsilon Omicron; Vice-President, Woman ' s Student Body . . . WEATH ERBEE. GILBERT PHILLIPS; Phi Sigmo Koppo; Providence, R. I.; Fresh mon in Arts and Sciences; Blackfriors. WALKER, LEE ANNE; Brooklyn, N. Y.; Freshman in Education; New- man Club . . . WALKER. SARAH CATHERINE; Delto Deito Delto; Jas- per; Junior in Arts and Sciences; Y.W.C.A. . . . WALKER, WINSTON E.; Pi Koppo Alpho; Albertville; Sophomore in Commerce . . . WALL, WILLIAM L.; Lambda Chi Alpha; Birmingham; Junior in Engineering; Rho Alpha Tou . . . WALL, HARRIEHE JOSEPHINE; Phi Mu; Cocoa. Flo.; Sophomore in Arts ond Sciences . . . WALLER. PARKER; Pi Koppo Alpha; Greenville; Freshman in Commerce; Million Dollar Bond. WEAVER, ROBERT E.; Koppo Sigmo; Goshen, Ind.; Sophomore in Commerce; Spirit Committee; Blackfriors; Rammer-Jammer; Corolla . . . WEAVER, ROSE; Zeta Tou Alpha; Selmo; Sophomore in Arts ond Sciences; Blackfriors; Y.M.C.A.; A.I.S.O. . . . WEBB. BETSY STUART; Alpha Chi Omego; Hogertown, Md.; Junior in Arts and Sciences; eiockfriars; Crimson-White . . . WEBB. CAROL; Alpha Chi Omego; f ' cnsocola, Flo.; Freshman in Arts and Sciences; Wesley FounJation; Ccrollo . . . WEBB. FRANK EUGENE; Phi Sigmo Koppo; Providence, R. I.; Fteshmon in Chemistry; Biockfriors . . . WEBB. GEORGE WAL- TON; Phil Delta Thelo; Uniontown; Freshman in Engineering; St. Pot ' s Associotion; Rommer-Jommer. WALLER, WILLIAM LOUIE; Delta Chi; Centerville; Sophomore in Commerce . . . WALLEY, BILL; Phi Gamma Delta; Hunlsville; Fresh- man in Engineering . . . WALMSLEY, ALBERT EDWARD; Fall River, Moss.: Sophomore in Engineering; Newman Club . . . WAMSLEY, MARJORIE, Zeta Tou Alpha; Birmingham; Junior in Arts and Sciences; Cfimson-White; Y.W.C.A.; Wesley Foundation; President, Junior Closs; President, Psychology Club; Secretary, Pon-Hellenic Council; Spirit Committee . . . WARD, JAMES A., JR.; Sigma Nu; Dolhon; Sopho more in Commerce; Vice-President, Sophomore Class . . . WARD. JAMES MONROE; Koppo Sigmo; Tuscolooso; Sophomore in Com- merce; Y.M.C.A.; Vice-President, Freshman Class. WEBBER, JACK CLIFTON; Thela Chi; LaGrange, III.; Freshmon in Commerce . . . WEiLER, MIRIAM; Birmingham; Freshman in Arts and Sciences; Y.W.C.A.; Wesley Foundation . . . WEINGARTEN. BABS; Sigma Delta Tou; Flushing, Long Island. N. Y.; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; Biockfriors . . . WEIS. JOE GEORGE; Alpho Sigmo Phi; Syrocuse. N. Y.; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . WEITZ, DANIEL A.; Eggertsville. N. Y.; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . WELLS. DAVID DAY; Sigma Nu; Birmingham; Junior in Arts ond Sciences. WARD, ROBERT GEORGE; Rochester, N. Y.; Freshmon in Engineer- ing .. . WARE. PAUL B.. Sigmo Phi Epsilon; New York, N. Y.; Fresh- man in Engineering . . . WARTMANN, ALICE; Delta Delta Delta; Ocalo. Flo.; Sophomore in Home Economics; Blackfriors . . . WART- MANN, MARY LOU, Cetto Delta Delta; Ocolo, Flo.; Junior in Arts and Sciences; An Club . . . WARREN, ELEANOR FLEMING; Koppo Koppo Gommo; Enterprise; Sophomore in Educotion; Y.W.C.A.. Outing Club; Blackfriors; President, Omego . . . WASHBURN, MARJORIE; Alpha Gommu Delta; Montgomery; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; Y.W.C.A.; House of Representotives; International Relations Club; Wes- ley Foundation; Crimson- White; President, Women ' s Student Debating; W.A.A. WELLS, ROBERT RIELEY; Booz; Freshmon in Arts ond Sciences . . . WERTZ, WILLIAM WARREN; Phi Gommo Delto; Miami. Flo.; Sophomore in Commerce; Druids; Phi Eta Sigmo; Quadrangle; Y.M.C.A. . . . WESLEY, NORMAN R.; Lombdo Chi Alpho; Tollodego; Junior in Com- merce . . . WEST, MARIE E.; Montgomery; Freshman in Home Eco- ncmics . . . WESTON. JANE GILMORE; Jockson; Sophomore m Engi- recring; St. Pot ' s Association; Y.W.C.A. . . . WHATLEY. JAMES BROUGHTON; Red Level; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. WASHINGTON, ALICE, Chi Omego; Memphis, Tenn.; Freshman in Arts and Sciences; Crimson-White; Corolla; Biockfriors; Y.W.C.A. . . . WASSON, JOAN LEE, Alpho Phi; Pittsburg, Pa,, Freshmon in Educo- tion; Y.W.C.A. " Donee Club; Golf Club . , . WATFORD, OTHO TRACY; Delta Chi. Largo, Flo.; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences, Aloboma WHEAT, MYRA; Thelo Upsilon; Northport; Freshman in Education; Biockfriors; French Club . . . WHITE, HARVEY IVESTON. Sigmo Chi; Birmingham; Junior in Commerce; Quadrangle; PhilomathiC; Sigma Delto Psi; Fish Club . . . WHITE, JAMES COURTNEY; Phi Gommo Cc!ta; Montgomery; Junior in Engineering; A.I.Ch.E.; S.A.E.; Black- friors, St. Pol ' s . . . WHITEHURST. MARY ELIZABETH; Sheffield; Junior In Arls and Sciences; Glee Club. Y.W.C.A., B.S.U. Council . . . WHITE- SIDE, HEUSTIS; Pi Koppo Alpha; Birmingham; Junior in Arts and Sci- ences; Druids, Rho Alpha Tuu . . . WHiTFIELD, CHARLES HARDEN; Alpha Triu Omegu; Middlesboro, Ky.; Freshmon in Arts and Sciences. NINETEEN O R Y O N us WAHL WAINER WAKEFIELD, M. WAKEFIELD, S. WAITE WALKER, A. WALKER. L. WALKER, S. WALKER, W. WALL, W, WALL, H. WALLER, P. WALLER, W. VVALLEY WALMSLEY WALMLEY WARD, J. A. WARD, J. M. WARD, R. WARE WARTMANN, A. WARTMANN, M. WARREN WASHBLRN WASHINGTON WASSON WATFORD WATKINS WATSON WEATHER8EE WEAVER, R. WEAVER, ROSE WEBB, B. WEBB, C. WEBB, F. WEBB, G. WEBBER WEILER WEINGARTEN WEIS WEITZ WELLS, D. WELLS, R, WERTZ WESLEY WEST WESTON WHATLEY WHEAT WHITE, H. WHITE, J. WHITEHURST WHITESIDE WHITFIELD WHITFIELD WHITNEY WHITON WIENER WIGGINS. C. WIGGINS. W. N. WIGGINS WIGINGTON WILDER WILDS WILEY. C. WILEY. H. WILKINS WILKINSON WILKOFF WILLIAMS. B. WILLIAMS. E. WILLIAMS. JAS. WILLIAMS. J. WILLIAMS. L. WILLIAMS. MARY WILLIAMS. M. WILLIAMS. R. WILLIAMS. W. WILLIAMSON. C. WILLIAMSON. R. WILLIFORD WILLIS WILSON. R. WILSON. W. WIMBERLEY WINDHAM WINTER WISE WIRTH WITHAM WITSELL WITT WCLFORD WOILANK WOLTZ WOOD WOODLEY WOODLIFF WOODWARD WORTHINGTON WORTSMAN WRIGHT. B. WRIGHT. D. WRIGHT. M. WRYE WYATT WYCHE WYKER YARBROUGH. C. YARBROUGH. H. YORK YOUNG. C. YOUNG. J. YOUNGER 150 ALABAIVIAS undergraduates WHITFIELD, GAIUS; Alpha Tau Omega: Middlesboro, Ky.; Junior in Arts ond Sciences,- Rho Alpho Tau. Spirit Committee,- A.B. Associa- tion,- Drum Mojor Bond . . . WHITNEY, DONALD CLARENCE; Delto Sigma Phi,- Rochester, N. Y.,- Freshman in Engineering,- Rommer-Jom- mer . . . WHITON, WILLIAM PRATT, Phi Kappa Sigmo; Erie, Pa. Sophomore in Chemistry . . . WIENER, RENA ESTER; Tulwiler, Miss. Freshman in Educotion; Hillel Foundotion . . . WIGGINS, CHARLES Phi Gommo Delta; Jasper; Freshman in Commerce . . . WIGGINS W. NEWTON; Phi Gamma Delta; Repton; Junior in Commerce. WIMBERLEY, VIRGINIA T.; Reform; Junior in Arts ond Sciences . . . WINDHAM, F. G.; Pi Kappo Phi; Block; Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . WINTER, JEANNE MILDRED; Miomi, Flo.; Junior in Education; Blockfriors . . . WISE, LLOYD H.; BIytheville, Ark.; Junior in Commerce . . . WIRTH, FRED C; Fredonio, N. Y.; Freshman in Commerce; R.O.T.C. Bond; Million Dollor Bond . . . WITHAM, PHILIP; Chi Phi; Sworthmore, Po.; Junior in Engineering. WIGGINS, EMILY RUTH; oppa Koppo Gommo; Arlington, Vo.; Junior in Home Economics; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Caroline Hunt Club; Y.W.C.A. . . . WIGINGTON. PEARL; Fyffe; Junior in Education . . . WILDER, MARJORIE MAE; Alpha Gommo Delto; Decatur; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; A.B. Associotion; Wesley Foundotion; Y.W.C.A.; Crimson-White; Pi . . . WILDS, LEONARD S.; Phi Sigmo Koppo; Great Neck, Long Island, N. Y.; Sophomore in Commerce . . . WILEY, CLAR- ENCE CICERO; Delto Koppo Epsilon; Birminghom; Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . WILEY, HOMER; Koppo Sigma; Morionno, Ark.; Fresh- man in Arts and Sciences. WITSELL, CLARA McMILLAN; Chi Omego; Memphis; Tenn.; Fresh- man in Chemistry; Y.W.C.A.; Rommer-Jommer; Crimson-White; Al- chemists . . . WITT, BENNIE; Koppo Nu; Sylocougo; Sophomore in Commerce; Million Dollar Band . . . WOLFORD, MARIAN; Zeto Alpho Tou; Worrior; junior in Education; Spirit Committee; Blackfriors; Co- rolla; Crimson-White; Rommer-Jommer; Elementary Council . . . WOL- LANK, GLORIA; Alpha Xi Delta; Shreveport, Lo.; Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . WOLTZ, CLAUDE CARLISLE; Chi Phi; Newport News, Vo.; Sophomore in Arts ond Sciences; Boseboll; Basketball; C.A.A. . . . WOOD, WILLIAM C; Phi Delta Theto; Birminghom; Junior in Com- merce; Greeks. WILKINS, GEORGE BARNUM; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Rockville Centre. N. Y.; Junior in Commerce; Vorsity Trock . . . WILKINSON, BEN; Brighton; Freshman in Engineering . . . WILKOFF, LEE; Sigmo Alpha Mu; Youngstown, O.; Freshman in Arts and Sciences . . . WILLIAMS, BETTY ROSS; Delta Zeto; Birmingham; Freshman in Commerce . . . WILLIAMS, EUGENIE ELMIRE; Kappa Koppo Gommo; Son Diego; Calif.; Freshmon in Arts and Sciences; Glee Club; Blockfriars; Omego . . . WILLIAMS, JAMES FRANK; Phi Koppo Sigma; Birmingham; Junior in Commerce; Blockfriars. WOODLEY, ROY HARTNESS; Alpha Tau Omega; Tuscaloosa; Sopho- more in Arts and Sciences . . . WOODLIFF, AUGUSTA; Koppo Kappa Gommo; Gadsden; Junior in Arts and Sciences; Crimson-White; Y.W.C.A. . . . WOODWARD, CHARLES MARVIN, JR.; Phi Sigma Kop- po; Birmingham; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences . . . WORTHING- TON, MARY AUGUSTA; Delto Zeto; Montgomery; Junior in Home Eco- nomics; Spirit Committee; Crimson-White; Corollo; Pon-Hellenic; Glee Club; Caroline Hunt Club; Y.W.C.A. . . . WORTSMAN, GENE; Zeto Beta Tou; Birminghom; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; Co-Choirmon, A.B. Association; Treasurer, Press Club; Corollo; Crimson-White; Excelsior; Chevrons Club; Assistont Editor, Rommer-Jommer . . . WRIGHT, BEN- JAMIN PEYTON; Newvilie, Pa.; Sophomore in Engineering. WILLIAMS, JAPHET EDWIN; Birmingham; Junior in Engineering . . . WILLIAMS, LUCILLE; Milton, Flo.; Junior in Arts and Sciences . . . WILLIAMS, MARY LYDE; Koppo Kappo Gommo; Son Diego, Colif.; Freshman in Arts and Sciences; Glee Club; Blockfriars; Omego . . . WILLIAMS, MIRIAM ELAINE; Alpha Gommo Delta; Tallodego; Sopho- more in Arts ond Sciences; Pi; Coroline Hunt Club; Y.W.C.A.; Crimson- White; Wesley Foundotion . . . WILLIAMS, ROBERT E.; Dunnellon, Flo.; Freshmon in Engineering . . . WILLIAMS, WILLIAM JOSEPH; Phi Koppo Stgmo; Tuscaloosa; Freshman in Commerce. WRIGHT, DOROTHY WILDER; Chi Omego; Bessemer; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; Blockfriars; Girls ' Spirit Committee . . . WRIGHT, MARY FRANCES; Guin; Junior in Education . . . WRYE, MARGARET ELAINE; Phi Mu; Birmingham; Sophomore in Arts and Sciences; Vice- President, Freshman Closs; Zeto Phi Eto; Vocolist with Alobomo Knights; Orotorio . . . WYATT, ERVIN BAILEY; Phi Koppo Sigmo; Miomi, Flo.; Junior in Home Economics; Phi Eta Sigmo; Rho Alpho Tou; Y.M.C.A.; Blockfriors; Wesley Foundation . . . WYCHE, JAMES LAWRENCE; Delto Koppo Epsilon; Modison, Flo.; Freshmon in Commerce; Commerce Association; Excelsior; Y.M.C.A.; Corollo; Debate Club . . . WYKER, JOHN DANIEL; Koppo Alpho; Decolur; Sophomore in Commerce; Quodrongle; Greeks. WILLIAMSON, CHARLES G.; Sigmo Alpha Epsilon; Montgomery; Sophomore in Commorce . . . WILLIAMSON, RICHARD ALEXANDER; Alpha Sigmo Phi; Rochester, N. Y.; Freshman in Engineering . . . WILLIFORD, ROBERT FRANCIS; Birmingham; Junior in Arts and Sci- ences . . . WILLIS, ALINE; Koppo Kopo Gommo; Mobile; Junior in Arts ond Sciences; Blockfriors; Crimson-White; Chi Delta Phi; Zeto Phi Etc . . . WILSON, RALPH W.; Pi Kappo Alpho; Ft. Payne; Fresh- mon in Arts and Sciences . . . WILSON, WALTER SCOTT; Koppo Alpha; Birmingham; Sophomore in Engineering; Greeks; Philomothic; Spirit Committee. YARBOROUGH, CHARLES PARKER; Delta Chi; Richmond, Vo.; Junior in Arts ond Sciences; Y.M.C.A.; Greeks . . . YARBROUGH, HELEN LEE Tuscumbio; Sophomore in Arts ond Sciences; Alpho Lombdo Delto House of Representatives; Spirit Committee; Y.W.C.A.; Student Director, Wesley Foundotion; Blockfriars . . . YORK, BARBARA; Zeto Too Alpho Ft. Benning, Ga.; Freshmon in Arts ond Sciences; Y.W.C.A. . . . YOUNG CARROLL ALLEN; Delta Delto Delto; Selmo; Sophomore in Education Pi; Y.W.C.A.; Corolla . . . YOUNG; JAMES ERNEST, JR.; Godsden Sophomore in Commerce . . . YOUNGER, JAMES R.; Lombdo Chi Alpha Birmingham; Junior in Commerce. N N E T E E N FORTY O N 151 " y wjC9 he l mij. uuiu ildAx -iMzk G ileae " . . . No single group of Alabama students com- mands more respect than those who con make the boast, " I ' m working my way through col- lege. " They, perhaps more than anyone else, really appreciate what a college education can and should mean to a person after school days ore over. Studying time and pleasu re time is hard for them to find, but they always wear that cheer- ful smile and hove that determination that ' ll carry them successfully through life. Many of them ore campus leaders, carrying their influ- ence on to the other students. These pictures represent only a very small portion of those who either partially or wholly pay their college expenses. If space permit- ted we ' djiave pictures of them all; NYA work- ers, " eat " boys, typists. News Bureau Workers, soda jerkers, monitors, night-watchmen, wait- ers, and many others. They deserve the admi- ration of all and to them we dedicate this page of the 1941 Corolla. Woilers in Men ' s Dining Holl . . . Woilresses in Girls ' Dining Holl . . . Baker ' s Boys . . . Pug ' s Woiters 15J o ? KV:-V. . y s -1:.i - . - v. Block triors P rforni BLACKFRIARS tkd i 34 SEASON JOHN E. SHORT GEORGE E. MERWIN LEE McEACHERN GEORGE EBERT DIXIE MASSINGILL LESTER RAINES Electrician House Manager House Manager Property Chairman Property Chairman Faculty Director MELVILLE A. SANDERSON, JR. MARION K. COLEY MARIAN K. STEWART HOWARD A. FOLTS KATHRYN F. HARRIS HARVEY POPE MAX GRABOVE LUCILE L. CHENAULT NINA JO ANTHONY MARION COLEY MARY HELEN BELL GEORGE A. MILLER, III JANET McMAHON MARY MORGAN DUGGAR JOHN REMBERT GEORGE SCHULTZ SALEM SHORY President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Business Manager Executive Council Executive Council Directing Staff Directing Staff Directing Staff Directing Staf f Directing Staff Directing Staff Directing Staff Make-up Staff Make-up Staff Moke-up Staff BLACKFRIARS tked i 34 SEASON JOHN E. SHORT GEORGE E. MERWIN LEE McEACHERN GEORGE EBERT DIXIE MASSINGILL LESTER RAINES Electrician House Manager House Manager Property Chairman Property Chairman Faculty Director MELVILLE A. SANDERSON, JR. MARION K. COLEY MARIAN K. STEWART HOWARD A. FOLTS KATHRYN F. HARRIS HARVEY POPE MAX GRABOVE LUCILE L. CHENAULT NINA JO ANTHONY MARION COLEY MARY HELEN BELL GEORGE A. MILLER, III JANET McMAHON MARY MORGAN DUGGAR JOHN REMBERT GEORGE SCHULTZ SALEM SHORY President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Business Manager Executive Council Executive Council Directing Staff Directing Staff Directing Staff Directing Staff Directing Staff Directing Staff Directing Staff Make-up Staff Make-up Staff Make-up Staff E CALLBOARD June 28, 1940. " WHAT A LIFE " with Henry Barnard and Morion Stew- art in the juvenile leods, opened the 34th season. July 3, 1940. Louise Hamil m o workshop ploy did her best work of the summer. July 26, 1940. " OLD LADY FATE " second revision of Morgoret Harton ' s ploy with Bill Dozier os the gun-toting porson and Virginia Mortin as his erront doughter. July 29, 1940. " NIGHT LIFE OF A TEACHER " by Morgoret Horton ond Leslie Davis feotured Myrna Reeves, Bill Workman and Sue Ackerson. August 2, 1940. " AN UNPRETENTIOUS COMEDY " the first of John Yeuell ' s ploys about Midwestern found Sarah Fleming, George Rush, Dixie Mossingill and Bill Horris is o mod force obout Homecoming. On the some bill were " GIFT FREELY GIVEN " by Yeuell and " HEIL " o propogondo bit by M. A. Sanderson, Jr. The lost was repeated OS the Blockfriar contribution to Freshman week in September. October 14, 1940. Booth Torkington ' s " CLARENCE " feotured Max Gro- bove, Jeanne Lucio and Henry Garrett. October 24. 1940. Lonnie Colemon ' s " HELL CAT HATTIE " featured the " Friors-A-Fryin ' " collection of vaudeville skits in which Carey Wil- liamson and Frank Shellem mode the audience delirious. October 31, 1940. " THE SKULL " , the annual Hallowe ' en thriller found Dovid Cowon, Shirley Coogon. and Solem Shory poking obout in a cobwebby ruined church with Arthur Moss ploying a silent but very evident role. November 18, 1940. Marion Coley as Father Molochy moved dance halls about and made trouble generolly at the instigation of Ed Taliaferro in " FATHER MALACHY ' S MIRACLE. The scenery whizzed about in this play as well os the large cost. December 9, 1940. " I HAVE FIVE DAUGHTERS " from " Pr ide and Preju- dice " deolt with Nino Jo Anthony ' s efforls to marry her daughters, ployed by Dorothy Broodhead and Ruth Ratliff to George Merwin and Lee McEachern. December 16, 1940. " THE HONOUR OF THE HOUSE OF MURRAY " by Mrs. Isabel Cumming with Mary Moulton and Pete Brownboch in the cost; " CIGARETTE " by Philip Reynolds w,th John Gorfield and George Ebert, ond " UNDERGROUND-LONDON, 1941 " by John Orr with Lee Boer, Allen Bales ond Myrtle Pitts. February 3. 1941. Margaret Harton ' s " AND SO THEY LAUGH " featured John Rembert as the misunderstood artist ond Frances Muse os the dumb little gal. March 3, 1941. " THE FLOWERS OF SPRING " John Yeuell ' s second play about Midwestern, this time concerning society politics. James Daw- son played the lovelorn swain whose troubles provided the cause for the plot but Bill Sorum " wowed ' em " and Elton Bonner con- trolled the Midwestern compus. March 12, 1941. " TRUNK CRIME " feotured Harvey Pope as the criminal with David Davis os the chop in the trunk ond Mozie Sale os the girl in the case. April 23. " COMEDY OF ERRORS " celebrated the 375th birthdoy anni- versory of Williom Shakespeare. Scenes from Blockfriar Ploys More Blockfriar Performances 1940-41 ■ I-. handi Out Mustc at t-roci.t.c ALABAMA ' S " The ' Million Dollar Bond ' of the University of Alobomo is one of the most colorful organizations in the nation. " Thus the Birmingham News in its issue of Nov. 23, 1940, ond fevy will dispute the correctness of this statement. The Capstone Bond really became famous at on earlier date than did the Alabama football teams. About 16 years ogo, when Alobomo wos playing in Atlanta, the Atlanta papers were merciless in their criticism of Ala- bama ' s football tactics, but they did praise the bond to sky-high limits, one paper saying " it looked like a Million Dollars. " Since that time it has been known all over the Southland as " Alobomo ' s Million Dollar Bond. " While the band struts its stuff on the gridiron, few fans realize that such perfection depends upon o million and one details that lie behind the scene. For before the band takes the field, Colonel Corleton Butler and the student leaders of the bond hove put in hours of work mapping out the various formations that the bond performs on the field. After they hove been planned to the slightest detail, the whole bond must practice and practice and Whirfield ond Eugenia Cnrlr Step Out ALABAMA ' S MILLION DOLLAR BAUU practice before they get the perfection that critical football fans demand of a bond performing at half time. Led by high stepping Drum Major Goius Whitfield and the sponsor Miss Eugenia Cade Butler the 1940 edition of the Million Dollar Bond wos again hailed as Dixie ' s finest bond. No other college bond which competed agoinst the Red Coats was in its class. Their tricky half-time maneuvers delighted oil, ond the quality of their music was excellent. CARLETON K. BUTLER Director STAN COOK Manager EUGENIA CADE BUTLER Sponsor GAIUS WHITFIELD Head Drum-Major Twirlers Bass Clarinet Trombone Lloyd Newcomer John Mefts James Broodus Horry lipson Bassoon Ralph Bolen James Cobb W.lbur Hinton Wilmer Parker Buddy Kovo Alto Saxophone Fred Duncan Flute Wade Brannon Ed Smith Ed DeMotte George Bishop Kennth Wmslow Oboes Kenneth Ackermon Porker Waller Preston Hughes Roscoe Willioms Howard Conner Robert Keith Tenor Saxophone Ed Thomas Bennie Witt Baritones E Flot Clarinet Baritone Saxophone Jack Lewis Paul Lehman Garold Kincannon Harold Ewin B Flat Clarinets Cornets Porter Grimes John Burnum Henry Leslie Bill Dodson Lewis Sharmon Harry Grevert Basses Davis Overton Gerald Welch Alan Cheney Victor Mooneyhom Leonord Bernstein Longston McEachern Pope Gordon Fronk Donnelly Fred Crane Kolmon Shwarts Robert Armstrong Ohmer Trigg William Crum Henry Randall John Echols Leon Copitouto Ellis Conner Elton Bonner Wellington Giltis Floyd Gilbert Roy Sanders Harry Andes Harold Cotley Snare Drum Herschel Byrd Pierce Harper Edwin Taylor Erwin Levine Arthur Urich Lee Jocobson Joe Kling Stan Cook Donald Tuson P. A. Trice Stanford Skinner George Armstrong Fred Wirth Julian Hytken Lee Boer William Sanders Jock Burns Parker Anderson Sidney Goldberg Hordy Conner Jock Asarch Solon Glover Horns Bass Drum George Moye Walter Clork Dixon Meyers Joe Eshelman Jock Brotton Symbols John Webster Jack Sharmon Roy Prolsdorfer Atto Clarinet Thurston Herrick Glockenspiel Daniel McNerney Joe Hull Joe Snyder Edgar Lambert lt tt (tt tt 4l 4l) 4l fl fl 4? OTHERWISE KNOWN AS THE RED COATS The Million $ Bond Performs For Birmingham ALMA MATER GLEE Top row; Weeks, Number, Broodheod, Harney, McMillon, Jorrord. Fulford . . . Third row: Ellis, Weeks, Borrington, Henson, Burdeshow, Oriskill, Fowler . . . Second row: Thornton, Borden, Leeper, File, J., Garner, Sharp, Williams, File, M., Parsons . . . FirsI row: Richardson, Boxley, O ' Reor, Smilh, McAdoms, Cloud, Goldman. The Madrigol Club, or girls glee club as it is better known, was directed again this year by Uncle Tom Garner. Forty-nine University coeds were members of this fine singing group. A concert wos given in Morgan Hall in the Spring which was well attended. Members of the Madrigal Club played the feminine leads in the presentation of the Gilbert and Sullivan Operetta " The Pirates of Penzonce " , and mony of them were also in the chorus of the operetta. OFFICERS WIILIARD SHARP President MARY ELIZABETH DAVIDSON Vice-President JULIA FLINN Business Monoger FirtI Sopronot Loii Thornton Soro Naff Mory E. Sides Dorothy Adomt Second Sopronot Mory Edna Weekly Mildred Smith Irot Borrington Sylvia Bfice Edylh Weeks Eliiobeth Snow Jane File Doris Brice First Allot Mollie While Aleese Campbell Corotyn Broodheod fay Boxley Mory E. Whilehursi Mildred Doyle Eloise Burdeshow Edith Frozer Gene Williams Anne Haven Ellen Driikill Alice N. Fuliord lyd.e Willioms Francilla Jorrord Grace Ellis Susan Harney Second Allot Mory Morns Mory File Doris Humber Mary E. Davidson Mary Moullon Sarah Cloud Helen Leeper Faye Keener Emmalu O ' Reor Peorlie Goldman Eleonor Ludwig Mary Ann McMillon Mory E. Porsoni Margaret Henson Cormelo Muggie Ann Merrill Roberta Richardson Nancy UcAdoms Wlllord Sharp Nino Swingle Loroine Fowler 163 CLUBS ai BAMA Serving as the University ' s main good will agency with high schools, towns and cities throughout the state, the Glee Club completed its thirty-sixth season this year. Towns in which the club performed were Sulligent, Fayette, Cen- terville, Athens, Decatur, Anniston, Thomasville, Chatom, Jackson, Demopolis, and Livingston. A concert was also given at the University. Uncle Tom Garner has served as director of the Glee Club for all its thirty-six years. Under his direction the club has won three cups in the past three years for having the best men ' s choral group in the state. " The Pirates of Penzance " , Gilbert and Sullivan operetta was presented by the two glee clubs this year. TOM GARNER DEAN BRESSLER JOSEPH KLING OFFICERS Director President Business Manager First Tenors Robert R. Harris F. Dean Bressler Joseph Kling Blond Leverette Arthur A. Smith John R. McConnell Corl D. Smith Rodney A. Wiggins Donald F. Cloquett Gus Elliot Ramon J. Kelly Stewort A. LeBlonc Joseph W. Sewell, Jr. Robert J. Stewart, Jr. Second Tenors F. Gordon Heoton Wm. E. Brooks, Jr. J. Patrick Hayes Clarence B. Rosser Fronk Shirtz Woody Rooso George Schultz Jackson R. Sharman Wm. Horoce Cade Paul E. Delk J. Clorke Kemper Philip B. Moss Harold Wagner First Boss Venigelos G. Pappas Wade H. Bronnon C. Hal Clevelond Caine O ' Rear Chos. B. Bernhord Hugo L. Black, Jr. Edward K. Chopmon Wm. A. Gunn Roberto. Horris John C. James Wilson Johnson, Jr. John B. Parker, Jr. Wm. Sokolowsky Second Boss Owen L. Cochran Wolker P. Croddock Thos. R. McEniry Ernest N. Edwards James W. Gunter John P. Oliver Lloyd C. Rarig Ralph Stewort Jesse P. Chopmon, Jr. Don E. Chapman James M. Morgan Hilton A. Piper Som S. Strobert Top row: Leverette, Smith, C, Chopmon, D., Forrell, James, Bernhord, Wiggin, Dohlene, Rosser, Gunter, Brooks, Bronnon . . . Third row: Shirtz, O ' Reor, Kelly, Gunn, Cochran, Sharman, Rarig, Smith, A., Oliver, Morgan, Moss, Hayes . . . Second row: Heoton, Kemper, Sokolowsky, Elliot, Stuart, Bressler, Corner, Kling, Edwards, Harris, R. O., Johnson, Schultz, McEniry . . . First row: Chapman, E., Pappas, Wagner, Delk, Code, Sewell, Black, Clevelond, Lokey, McConnell, Lloyd, LeBlonc. COTILLION " Bully " Fowler come through in great style os president of the Cotillion Club by having two well-known orchestras ploy for the mid-term donees. Will Bradley and his " Boogie-Wocgie " bond ployed for the first two doys of dancing with Charlie Bornet and his band featured on the last day. Storring himself en the trombone and a " Boogie-Woogie " trio of Ray McKinley on the drums, Freddie Slock on the piono, ond " Doc " Goldberg on the boss fiddle, Bradley mode a big hit with both jitterbugs and non-jitterbugs. His two vocalists, Lynn Gardner, beauteous blues singer, ond Terry Allen male vocolizer were also quite popular with the University dancing set. The Brad- ley renditi ons of " Beat me Daddy " ond " Celery Stalks at Midnight " were especiolly liked, and these tunes were campus favorites for weeks ofterwords. Charlie Bornet, ace saxophonist, brought with him an old Alabama favorite in the person of Ford Leery, who appeared here several years ago with Larry Clinton and his bond. Leary ' s specialty " Shod Rack " was imme- diately in demand, as was also the number made famous by Barnet, " I Hear a Rhapsody. " Leading the donees with Fowler was Miss Carolyn Forrior, popular Tri Delta from Lowndesboro. Dotes of the committee members were: Harriet Ayres, Gloria Marks, Elinor Brooks, Betty Nichols, Mildred Smith, Sue Uron, Dorothy Fry, Dorothy Land, Doris Jones, Camille Thornton, Mary Moulton, Mary Francis Conner, Alice Inzer, Anne Dickson, Anno Marie Allen, Julia Russum, Jane Harsh, and Morise Mauldin. Leadouts were held by the various campus organizations. This year the boys who helped promote the dances but were not members of the Cotillion Club, were featured in o " sub-committee " leodout. Large crowds attended oil the dances due to the fact that ticket prices were considerably less than the prices which had prevailed for several years. The Cotillion Club and the Junior Prcm Committee to- gether had Bob Chester and his popular bond here for the ipring dances. A Bradley and Gordner Duel . fast . . . Chorlie Bornett " Gives, ' McKinley at Pi.K.A. Break- A Mid-ierm Done Crowd Front row: Morgan, Howell, Land, Fowler, Redding, Limehouse, Fritlon . . . Second row: Cowing, Cohen, Hodges, Puryeor, Gish, Young, Rost . . . Top row: Payne, Mochen, Hines, Hutchinson, Snow, Hoirston, CONRAD FOWLER President Members B. L. Mochen Hamilton Hutchinson Cecil H. Young Oscar Cohen Joe L. Payne Jack Hines Curtis Redding Bill GIsh Som Hodges Ben Limehouse John Puryear Jack Cowing Holt Rost Luther Howell Bill Fritton Ernest Land Bill Snow James Hoirston Poul Morgon COTILLION CLUB— Dotes— Alice Inzer, Camilla Thornton, and Elinor Brooks . . . More Dates— Ann Dickson, Mary Moulton, Dot Fry . . . And Still More Dates— Mary Fronces Connor, Harriet Ayres, Ann Sher- rill, J one Harsh, Marise Mauldin. Dotes— Mildred Smith ond Doris Jones. WHO ' S WHO... A m : na ama Selected to hove their names and biographies appear in the 1941 edition of " Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges " these students hove excelled not only in scholarship but also in extra-curricular work. They ore leaders in every phase of collegiate life, and truly deserve the recognition that has been given them here. Williain G. Allen Conrad Fowler Noah langdale Ha Rost Noncy Ballon CI «ord Fulford Parnell Lewis Joe Smith MoHcy Bedsoir Jock Gollalee John Key McKinley Hoynes Thompson Dorothy Buzbee Kalherine Glasgow Fred Merrill Marvin Worner Grody Clevelond Brooks Hayes Virginia Montgomery John Yeuell Ralph Ford Edith Jones Mike Prestero Top row: Allen, William G., Balson, Noncy, Bedsole, Massey, Buzbee, Dorothy,- Clevelond, Buddy; Ford, Ralph . . . Second row: Fowler, Bully; Fullord, Clifford; Gollalee, Jock; Glasgow, Colherine; Hayes, Brooks; Jones, Edilh . . . Third row: Longdate. Noah; Lewis, Pornell; McKinley, John Key; Merrill, Fred; Montgomery, Virginio; Prestero, Mike . . . Fourth row: Rost, Holt; Smith, Joe; Thompson, Hoynes; Wor- rer MorviO; Yeuell, John. 166 COMMISSIONED OFFICERS: From row: Lt. Colonel Allen, Ll. Colonel Lester, Colonel Carpenter, Mojor Whybork, Mojor Fenngo . . . Back row: Second Ll. Code, First Lt. Finnell. First Lt. Livinqsion First ll. Hughes, Coplain Mills. First Ll. Shepherd. COMMISSIONED OFFICERS COLONEL CARPENTER LIEUTENANT COlONEL LESTER LIEUTENANT COLONEL ALLEN MAJOR WHYBARK MAJOR FERINGA CAPTAIN MILLS FIRST LIEUTENANT THOMAS FIRST LIEUTENANT LIVINGSTON FIRST LIEUTENANT SHEPHERD FIRST LIEUTENANT FINNELL Coast Artillery Corp Infantry Infantry Coast Artillery Corp Engineers Corp Coast Artillery Corps Infontry Coast Artillery Corps Infantry Engineering Corps FIRST LIEUTENANT HUGHES SECOND LIEUTENANT CADE NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS: t ront row- Green. Wolfe, Woll • . . . Bock row: Evans, Moy. ARMY Infantry Coast Artillery Corps NGN COMMISSIONED OFFICERS SERGEANT WOLFE SERGEANT CARTER SERGEANT GREEN SERGEANT WALL SERGEANT EVANS SERGEANT MAY Coast Artillery Corps Engineers Corps Infantry Infantry Engineers Corps Coast Artillery Corps BRIGADE COMMANDER AND STAFF: Honorary Codet Colonel While, Cadet Colonel John Key McKinley, Cadet Lieutenoni Colonel Joe L. Payne, Cadet Mojor Somuel P. Parsons, Cadet First Lieutenant George M. Pharr, Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Floyd H. Moson. ARTILLERY STAFF— Frank Rogon King, Bur- ENGINEERING STAFF-Evelyn Marks, Jesse INFANTRY STAFF-Morise Mauldin, William ton Curry, E. C. Whitley, Cecil H. Baldwin. Cheathom, Daniel Wishnevsky, James Beeson, G. Allen, Chester Smith, Alva Grimsley, Rob- Theron Baker. ert Brown. ai ALABAMA BRIGADE COMMANDER AND STAFF CADET COLONEL JOHN K. McKINLEV CADET LT. COLONEL FLOYD H. MASON CADET LT. COLONEL JOE L, PAYNE CADET MAJOR SAMUEL P. PARSONS CADET FIRST LT. GEORGE M. PHARR Brigade Commander Brigade Executive Brigade Adjutant Asst. Brigade Adjutant Aide to Brig. Comdr. FIRST REGIMENT (Infantry) CADET COLONEL WILLIAM G. ALLEN Commanding CADET LT. COLONEL ROBERT M. BROWN Executive CADET MAJOR CHESTER R. SMITH Adjutant CADET FIRST LT. ALVA M. GRIMSLEY, JR. Asst. Adjutant SECOND REGIMENT (Coast Artillery) CADET COLONEL BURTON CURRY CADET LT. COLONEL ELTON C. WHITLEY, JR. CADET MAJOR SAM H. BURR CADET FIRST LT. CECIL H. BALDWIN THIRD REGIMENT (Engineers) CADET COLONEL JESSE R. CHEATHAM . CADET LT. COLONEL THERON J. BAKER CADET MAJOR JAMES M. BEESON . CADET FIRST LT. DANIEL T. WISHNEVSKY Commonding Executive Adjutant Asst. Adjutant Commonding Executive Adjutant Asst. Adjutant BAHALION LEADERS: First rcw: Moorey, Skelley . Third row: Phillips, Pipes, Vick, Fitts, Doughiy. Second row: Adams, Ray, Hamil, Adams M. 4 V-% lijs i SCABBARD AND BLADE SCABBARD a BLADE An annual event which entertains the campus every year is the Scabbard and Blade initiation. Immediately following their topping at a Wednesday parade in early March, the initiates are put through three doys of real initio- tion. Marching from early morning to late night, by the time they have finished they really deserve the honor of being a Scobbord and Blade member. Members of Scabbard and Blade are selected from among the leading students in advanced military. The mili- tary instructors recommend those cadet officers whom the think meet the qualifications of the organization. The members serve as guides during registration and also act as ushers during various university functions. At the Militory Ball the organization had o very colorful leadout, presenting their dotes with miniature sobres OS fovors. A banquet for members and dates preceded the dance. During the spring the annual Scabbard and Blade picnic was held. STEPHEN FITTS Captain JOHN MOONEY First Lieutenant JAMES HAIRSTON Second LieutenonI SAM HODGES Sergeant Mcmbart Hugh F. Culverhousa Raymond L. lent Marvin Warner C. W. Adams Burton Curry Floyd H. Mojon Elon Ellis Robarl Conron Thomos Dodion lee M. Mitchell B. L. Mochen WI ' mar H. Boonr Carl A. Finkbelnor John J. Mooney Edgar Bowron Sam H. Burr Siophan Nobia Fitti Som P. Parsons Horry Council HoyneiC. Byrnai Jomes A. Hairtton Joe I. Payne George Pharr Georg R. Cody Som H. Hodget Edgar H. Rogers John Key McKinley Marton K. Co!ey Gotlon I. Holl.mon Alfred O. Spencer Roy Kntght Som f . Crobtra Wilbur B. Jotinton Gaorga H Jorai Joe R. Wolloca W. J. Raasa Leo Horris 170 Phalanx is a notional honorary organization for advanced military students. The local chapter was begun in the spring of 1940, and although the chapter is only a little over a year old, it numbers among its members some of the most outstanding cadet officers of the University. Two of the Regimental Colonels were Phalanx members, as were other high ranking cadet officers. Major Feringo served as faculty adviser during the year. Phalanx held its second tapping in March, when another group of outstanding junior R.O.T.C. officers were elected to membership. Initiation of new members was held immediately after the tapping, and the new members were really put through the paces before they were formally inducted into the organization. JEROME BURWELL THERON BAKER JOHN HAMIL DAN McDonald Commandont Secretary Treosurer Historian Wembers Bill Allen T. J. Baker Lester Blumberg R. M. Brown Jerome Burwell W. E. Cannon Jesse Cheatham Harvey Colemon George Cumming John Hamil George Heuer Stanley Jackson John Kurek D. A. McDonald Walter Scheible Chester Smith N. B. Slote Kirby Vick Joseph Wytonick James Beeson Floyd Truno James Brown W. Eubelhoer T. G. Greenspun Julian McKinnon Stanley Banyro Joe Dick Albert Applegote R. Bye David Rondman J. Bryant Claude Wallace C. Mortynowlc P. Michoiko Luis Orti George Hower E. Lemieux PHALANX PHALANX O F F I C COMPOSED OF ALL CADET OFFICERS Cooif ArfilUry Clinton W. Adomi Cecil H. Baldwin Charles B- Bernhord Lee Bidgood Arllr gton H. Bobo James Edgor Ekswron. Jr. Byron D. Boyett Mordecai Bressler Samuel H. Burr Jerome E. Burwell HaynesC. Byrne Robert H. Cannon Marion K. Coley Som F. Crobtrec Williom J. Crovatts Daniel Curtey Burton Curry Michoel J. OtSalvo Robert L. Harris Wilbur B. Johnson Robert R. Knight Arthur Komorowski Albert G. Lewis Wilbur C. Lowery Sigmon A. Lunceford John K. McKinley L. Durword McLaughlin Jacob K. Molkin David L. Marshall Gayle H.Miller Olof G.Miller B. Thomos Miro Horry L. Pennington George M. Phorr James H. Phillips Thomos F. Porter William G. Reese Bernard Richmond Walter C. Scheible Archie Silimperi Cornelius A. Skurko Normon B. Slote Robert B. Strokes Eernord Sykes Erodford L. Troutmon Floyd F. Trunzo Jock D. Walker Joseph R. Wallace Leiwin M. Weeks Elton C. Whitley William C. Williams William H.Wright Chester M. Wrono Infantry Norman P. Adelson William G.Allen Sumpter Blockmon Lester D. Blumberg Wilmer H. Boozer James J. Brown Robert M. Brown William E. Connon Jomes Chreitsberg George R. Cody Robert H. Council Hugh F. Culverhouse Thomos F. Dodson Eton E. Ellis William H. Finnegon Stephen N. Fitts Arthur B. Fowler Michoel Gnatowski Alvo M. Grimsley James M. Hoirston Sam H. Hodges Stanley B. Jackson John A. Keiper Oscor A. Kirchoff Chester J. Koztowski Ecward S. Kubisek William J. MocWillioms Ben F. Marshall EorlC.Merkl Billy D.Mitchell Robert B. Morson William H. Nelson Dick Owen Somuel P. Parsons Joe L. Payne N.G. Psoki Leiond F, Rhode Wendell J. Root Morvin H. Singley Chester R. Smith Wilbur L. Uebelhoer K.rby B. Vick Philip C. Willioms Engineers Theron John Baker James M. Beeson Alec Bogden Jesse R. Cheoihom Eugene V. Conte Robert B. Croig George W. Cumming Daniel P. Downing Carl A. Finkbeiner Thomas G- Flynn John C. Homil George Heuer Goston L. Hollimon George H. Jones James E. Kizzmire John Kurek, Jr. Raymond L. Lent Robert B. Liddell Daniel A. MocDonold Floyd H. Mason Louis O. Mathews Lee L. Mitchell John J. Mooney James K. Morris Edgar H. Rogers Martin Sovitsko Alfred O. Spencer Stanley D. Woinwrighf Robert E. Wolther Daniel T. Wishnevsky Joseph T. Woytunick SENIOR OFFICCRS CLUB E R S CLUB OF THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA Coast Artillery Winston P. Anderson Nesibe T. Bohakel Stanley Banyra Hermon Bernstein Charles W. Bethany, Jr. John Gingham Jock Brock James L. Chancy Warren N. Coleman Joseph R. Dick towrence Ditoro Louis Drezek Lester A. Farmer, Jr. Peyton Finch, Jr. Howard D. Goodson Maxwell Grobove Leonord Greenspun Robert J. Greiner William H. Horbough Alfred Holston Martin A. Israel Robert F. James Francis P. Keenan George A. Kellum Henry E. Linsky Eowin B. Livingston James C. Lloyd Robert H. Moson Leroy McEntire Julion T. McKinnon Joseph D. Mcpherson Edward A. Millor John Milner Harold B. Noppon B. Lonnie Noojin, Jr. Henry M. O ' Connor John J. L ' Leory Williom S. Orman James Owen Albert J. Pardue William L. Patterson John M. Puryear Willtom C. Snow Thomas P. Shumaker Kenneth P. Spreeman Samuel P. Sumner Donald L. Treu Marvin L. Warner Heustis P. Whiteside Gaius Whitfield Louis Wiseman James G. Wood George F. Wurzbucher James R. Younger Infantry Charles R. Adair Thomas C. Alexander Reid J. Anderson Albert W. Applegate William T. Bishop Benjamin J. Bloom John G. Bohorfoush Charles F. Brown Ralph W. Bye William A.Callis Joe P. Chandler Oscor Cohen Victor Covington Jomes L. Coley Walter S. Davis lewis F. Duckworth Robert C. Duke Newell W. Embley Milton Foncher Wilbert D. Gailey Charles R. Green Samuel A. Hannah Henry H. Hutchinson Robert E. Irvin l Vitliam E. James Archie Ro. Jordan Alfred J. Karnmiewic? Morton W. Kimball Harry E. Lane Edmund E. Lemieux Bevie L. Machen John J. Markowil; John B. Mayo Jumes B. McPeters Hunter M, Montgomery Carl A. Mornng, Jr. Robert K. Morrow John T. Murroy, Jr. Venizelos G. Poppas Thomas E. Powell David I. Randman Donald J. Sails Charles H. Talbot Samauel P. Thomas James L. Tindell Cloud D. Wallace George E. Weeks Henry C. Wood Engineers W. M. Boardmon Pete Borodoy William G. Bryant, Jr. Bill Burns Joe V. Chapmon Joseph L. Cobb William J. Collins Angelo A. Contl Joseph M. Giangregorio Albert C. Gurney Russell V. Hoffman, Jr. Frederick C. Hower Guy L. Hubbs Harold A. Johnson Williom D. Jordon Joseph E. Kiskis H. M. Kleyensteuber Milton W. Kriznonsky Andrew Kuzmik Austin W. Lee, Jr. George J. Keskowilz Robert C. Lightfool William J. Long Wnfred F. McCartney Chester S. Martynowicz William O. Metsinger Paul Michaiko Nestor Ortiz Archibald D. Owen William M. Pate Cecil R. Pickens Holt Rast John A. Redmond Elven H. Short George A. Solt, Jr. William L. Woll JUNIOR OFFICERS CLUB ms WBmR Serving as Brigade Heodquarfers Company ond crock drill unit is the Pershing Rifle Company of the University. Membership is based on excellency of drill ond on outstanding knowledge of military sub- jects, and condidotes for membership ore put through a rigid test before they ore finally accepted Initiations are held twice each year, and for two or three days at the beginning of each semester, the Pershing Rifle boys con be seen marching around the campus with a big " slot " on their shoulders. This yeor Pershing Rifles put on exhibition drills at Home-coming, and on " A " Day, and acted as on hcnor guard for Governor Dixon when he visited the campus on " Governor ' s Day. " Miss Elinor Brocks was elected to serve for the second year as sponsor. PERSHING RIFIE STAFF-Chester Kozlowski, Elinor Brooks. Leiond f. Rhodes, Donald I. Treu, Nesibe T. Bahokel, Andrew Higgins. PERSHING RIFLES CHESTER J. KOZLOWSKI Coptoin LELAND RHODES First Lieutenant NESIBE BAHAKEL Second Lieutenant PONALD TREU Second Lieutenont MISS ELINOR BROOKS Honoro ry Coptoin Members Waldron Ehrllch Privates Joe Kinch Andrew Higgins, Alfred Loos Mauser David Richord Miller First Sergeant Julian Batlan Warren Bailey Ralph Nopolitono Vincent Solemme Sam Boll Eugene Perlman Stoff Sergeants Robert Porrish Jcck Bancroft Frank Peters Lewis Burdette Robert Cody Richard Blomquist Norman Ponder Cwens Alexander Robert Armstrong Hcword Brundoge Alvin Riches Edwin Senger Corporals Irvin Davis Morgan Sco:t Frank Cfumly George Heiber Jed Denmark Herbert Smith Theodore Stergiades Rex. Conn Don Dowe Witliom Sproyberr Peter Brownbock John Driscoll Ralph Streicher wergeonts Jock Griffen John Doboveck Reginald Teed Rowdon Barnes Roger Groves John Tyler Jomes Todd Ralph Stewart Steven Hudick Dovid Watkins Sigmund Selowentchich Williom Hoppers Borl ' ette Jennings Martin Wiman Robert Ehrllch Robert Alexander William Kennedy PERSHING RIFLES a A Probobly the most consistently successful of all Alabama teams is the Rifle Team. It has come to be recognized as one of the straightest shooting rifle teams in the country. This year the team won the Southeastern Intercollegiate Association rifle meet. In winning this meet, Alabama competed against all schools in the Southeastern region. The team was also rated second in the 4th Corp Area. Mississippi State was met twice, and in both matches the Alabama boys came through with victories. dtlie RIFLE TEAM LIEUTENANT E. J. FINNELL Coach SERGEANT C. B. EVANS Coach ROBERT B. CARROLL Manager STANLEY B. JACKSON Captain Members Bernard T. Gallagher Ralph Murphy Robert B. Carroll George P. Holoukos Poul Stossi William L. Chew, Jr. Dolton Jackson George W. Spronkle Angelo A. Conti Stanley B. Jackson Robert J. Stuart Peter Do Proto Ernest Joseph Robert P. Wilson Stephen N. Fitts Jomes E. Kizzire Robert E. Wolther Arthur B. Fowler, Jr. Andrew Kuzmik Ernest E. Miller J. Gorlond Wood, Jr. Firs row: Finnell, Kuzmik. Wood, Joseoh, Conti, Prate, Evans . . . Second row: Chew, Jackson, Kizzire, Stassi, Keenon. Corroll . . . Third row: Wilson, Holoukos, Fitts, Main. X£TIV Toumey Holl— R.O.T.C. Headquarters OUR FUTURE MILITARY SCENES AT CAMP AND CAMPUS-On your left: Scene ot the military ball. Officers congregate ot the band stand. Getting ready for work ot Fort Mc- Clellon. Hail to the sponsor! Eyes right! for Dr. Foster. ITIES at CAMP cmd cm CAMPUS SOLDIERS WORK HARD AND PLAY HARD And this is hew a machine gun works. Passing in review. Candidly speaking, our R.O.T.C. soldiers. And this is how the darned qun works . . . On your right: Hold on to your gun, soldier. Applying the wood at initiation. Ap- paratus at Fort McClellan. Surveying the target field. Watch your shooting position, pardner. Whew! These guns aren ' t light. Eyes straight ahead, Men! Off the record. cy Vf l ' i OF LIFE AT BAMA left. lop deck, left to right The Corolla Camera covers the compusl Four sets of twins has ' Bama. Or. Morley, economics prof, seeks out a Capstone subject for o candid camera shot. A famitior scene here — oil of us hove hod to line up in the Treosurer ' s office to poy fees. Second deck: Nelson and Rost take o few moments out from skull prac- tice to laugh over one of the lotest. It might be a Philosophy doss here, but the gtrls ore more interested in a tit-tat-toe game. Here ' s o fellow behind the grid lines whom you seldom see, but who sees that the fooi- bollers keep their epuipment straight, his nome, " Mr, Mac. " Third deck: You ' d never guess, but this is one of those " street dances " !o popular lost fall. Hal Newman, football coptoin, gives the freshmen ' o heorf-to-heort talk on how to gel places at ' Soma; the occasion is " All-Bama Night " held lost fall for the first-year students. " Hog " Borders, Hickerson, Hecht, footballers, go " social " at a reception held in Doster Hotl. And here we have a scene from the first " A " Club dance. On your right, top deck, left to right: Copsloners get a first glimpse of the Million Dollor Band. Greetings, sister! You ore now a member of Alpha Chi Omega. And, Brother, you ore now a Kappa Sig, and may the Great God Bacchus have mercy on your soul. Second deck: Quite nolurolly ' Chi Omegos have lovelies, loving cup, and lots of other things olong the some line. The boys in the press box kill time while wolching the Mercer Mossocre. Hilde Reggioni, metropolitan opera stor, watches os Crimson-White hacks disploy her campus publicity build-up . . . Third deck: The Capstone de- bate squad looks primed for o major forensic fight. You may hove guessed what this is, if you were one of those who woited " o few minutes " to reg- ister. You figure this one out, but Coloniol Hall is hoving on open house in an open court back of the dormitories. Fourth deck, left to right: Jock Boswell hod his picture token to send home to the folks, but it ' s pure propogondo. ' No, the punch isn ' t spiked, " might be the comment of this young lady at one of the first sorority open houses. Rushees here might hove their minds on music, but Kappa Deltas have their mind on pledges. Bottom deck: " Whot ' ll you hove, chum. " is the query on the lips of these Pug ' s workers. Elinor Brooks and Jack Dempsey hogg ' e over the price of a Corolla, looks like o scene after the battle, but it ' s just o snapshot token during football practice. AT B A M A On your left, top deck, left to right: Dr. Foster, Mrs. iGov.) Dixon, Dr. Denny, Sen- .jtor Bonkhead takes time out during home- coming octivities to tolk over old limes ol the banquet for guests ond alumni. " You ling beautifully, Mr. Martini. " is the com- ment on the young lady ' s lips os she helped entertoin the famous singer ot Mortar Boord tea . . . Second deck: Eugenia takes time out from bond sponsoring to pose with her de- murest smile. The Y.M.C.A. talks over the world situotion . . . Third deck: You might coll this favorite pastime, if you know what we mean. " You count three and pull the string; it ' s very simple, " the CAA flight in- structor tells the worried lads. Fourth deck: University women pass in review before the board of trustees, and we ' ll pass to the next picture where we ' : ee Dean Horris helping entertain at a Tut- iler reception. Bottom deck: " Hm, a very interesting speci- men, eh, Mr. Ginn? " Everything was up in the air, including the bolloons, for the Theta Xi donee. On your right, top deck: " Very glad to give you my outogroph. Mr. Bohokel, " soys singing star Nino Martini. " We Wont Will- kie, " said ten or twelve, but o few others hod different ideos. J. Howord McEniry and Jeane:te Lipsey leove eorly to ovoid a crowd —we think. Second deck: Bill Crow ' s Alabama Insti- tute of Public Opinion Is shown polling at full blost. The Sigma Chis ore perplexed when so many cuties show up to claim the title, " Sweet heort of Sigmo Chi. " Here o bond from Mississippi State invades the cam- pus to display its musical wares. Third deck: The Million Dollar Bond is up to another one of its trick formations. Fledgling forensic men try out for the var- sity debate squad. " Sorry, but I ' ve got a dote. How about three weeks from Wed- nesday? " Fourth deck: Toke a look ot those hots and you might guess; right, it ' s Pi K A ' s Hal- lowe ' en party. At lost, Sigma Chi reaches a decision and enthrones Frances Deon as sweetheort. " Chi Delto Phi. literary sorority, retires to the woods for inspiration and other things. Bottom deck: " Well, they ' ve got us, boys, " • s the comment of the fellow in the white hirt, who ' s registering for conscription. Paul Spencer leems to be wondering about some- thing, probably how lorge a score the Tide w.ll roll up in the next tilt. Phi Delta Theta holds a party— and some of the refreshments ot be visible. ALABAMA ' «hV( ■ Mii - - -Xl r y f, .AlabamJ I INSTITUT£ i ; y f r¥ ;, ■ ■ ■ . ' ' . ' ■ ■■■• -alT .-« _— A. _■.. ' i-.i ' N. . iiJLk ' ik -a " ? »«iw AT BAM A On your left, top deck, left ' .o right: There ' s nothing like three pretty sponsors and three pretty smiles to liven up a football gome. We kindo wish you had chosen bath- ing suits for costumes in Josons Jamboree, Miss Chi Omegas. Just another one of those peppy football porodes in Birmingham. Second row: The ATO place looks right festive from the outside, and from the in- :ide we know it was festive. How did you get in thot picture of Phi Delta Theta homecoming visitors, Rostus. And Tou Beto Pi inducted six lost fall. Third row: Springer springs a Sonta Claus act in the Sigma Nus. Loueila Scoggins, Alpho Phi, may get a little work done in the Corolla office, but we don ' t while she ' s here. " And my boy friend soys he ' s giving me G diomond bracelet, " might be the Lhrist- mos remork of or e of these sorority girls. Fourth row: The author of " Things io Come " comes to ' Bama,- H. G. Wells pouses before his lecture to d iscuss the world sit- uation. The Dekes receive guests the day before homecoming and o bill from 2992 the doy after homecoming. Sigma Nus go rustic with a born dance. Bottom rcw: Another one of those " lovely evenings " at the Phi Sigma Kappa house. If we can ' t get a real footboll hero, we ' ll make one, is the determined comment of these coeds. Intermission for a house dance at the Phi Kappa Sigma house. On your r.ght, top deck, left to right: Beau- lies for Corolla Beauty Revue prepare to be beautiful. A takeoff on Tommy— a partici- pant in the Revue skits does an imitation of .he famous trombonist. Second row: Miss Barnes, we wonder whether the men on this Press Club broad- cost ore looking at the script very attentively. " Sure was o big one, " remarks Groundkeeper Hughes the morning after the homecoming bonfire. Third row: " Say, this isn ' t fair, when two of you gang up on a fellow. How am I going to know you two apart? " Ed Del- vin winds up for his marathon filibuster for Roosevelt— and for nation-wide publicity. Fourth row: Pick out a hot one. Miss Lucy Botes. This bonfire wasn ' t the only thing thot was lit the night before homecoming. Bottom row: Athletes freshen up for an after-practice dote. Messrs. Ginn and Baer, Journalists extraordinary, graciously poise for our photographer. AT B A M A On your left, lop deck, left to right: Cop- stoners crowd the first Cotillion Club copers. " Our militory boys ore shoping up fine, " says Colonel Corpenter to Dr. Foster. Second row: Terry Allen, Will Bradley crooner, " boo-boos " for the benefit of the coeds. We don ' t know what this picture is oil about ourself. Third row: Sausoges, coffee and memories are on the menu of this ofter-Cotillion break- fost at the Pi K A house. This must ' ve been taken on one of those cold mornings when everybody was anxious to get into class. Fourth row: Even here, the chemists ore plotting their annual perpetual motion ma- chine. Bob Harris, why don ' t you give us on introduction to these two young ladies. . . . Bottom row: Edgar Russell is demonslrot- ing thot the K A house must still have all its silver. Another intermission. On your right, top deck: Mr. Bully Fow- ler is in a generous mood os he dispenses favors at a Cotillion Club leadout— ond why shouldn ' t he be with Miss Carolyn Forrior ot his side? The Sig Eps exchange telephone numbers. This time we ' ve got Johny Faber, photographer plus perfect, on the receiving end of the lens. Second deck: Billy Don Mitchell received a much-deserved commission at mid-term com- mencement. Say fellow, we think you ' re pretty lucky to be sitting next to Miss Lynne Gardner of the Will Bradley ossembly. Mr. Corlile personolly supervises activities at the Copstone ' s community choral programs. Third deck: These four, snapped at one of the formols ore. Dot Pursley, " Hog " Bor- ders, Ann Sherrill and Holt Rost. Mr. and Mrs. Friendliness display their best smiles as Hal Cleveland awards them a box of condy. ' Nice day. eh. Miss Binion. " remarks Bruce Morson. Fourth raw: Max Mathews watches as Sarah Brooks admires his flowers. Ford Leary and Charley Bornet " toke off " at a Cotillion dance. Mr. Corlile and Will Bradley ore old pals. Bottom row: " Nice weather, isn ' t it? " Noah Langdale does his part by introducing two during Friendliness week. Lanette and Leon swing out. AT B A M A On your left, top row, left to right: And, gentlemen, here ' s a new technique in pledge- swottir g. A light ond bright evening at the SAM house. Corolyn Roy and Morguerite Newton pose prettily. Second row: " You have beoutiful brown eyes, " ore the words of the smiling gentleman on the left. That con looks right fomilior to us. Miss Barry, ond we ' re wondering if it could hove anything to do with your pord- ner ' s playing. The Hiltys get " hot. " Third row; Maybe we ' ve hod one too many, but this picture of Dr. Foster review- ing o R.O.T.C. review doesn ' t look straight to us. Louella, it looks as though you ' re two-timing us Corolla Cosanovos. Two chick- ens has Sandy Sanderson— or you might say three. Fourth row: The Alabama Editorial Review goes into rehearsal. Here ore the military sponsors— te ' ephone numbers moy be hod at the Corollo office upon poyment of a small fee. And here ore some footballers lining up in the moil line— maybe, they ' ll get a little money from some other source thon ihe U., eh? Bottom row: The " hot foot " is an old one, but quite effective. Here they ' re roasting marshmollows— among other things. " Boy, you shoulda seen Margie, " is the comment here. On your right, top deck, left to right: The Chi Omegas get in the groove. And the Alpho Chi 5 are holding a reception up ihe street. Second row: " I got it sister, " soys (his womon volleyballer during o contest over in the girls ' gym. We never could figure out what they ' re goirg to do with those paddles. Third deck: They break fast and c!ean during a basketball tilt with LSU. We weren ' t busy that afternoon girts, and we always enjoy talking with ZTAs. Fourth row: One gentleman is pondering the internotionol situation,- the others are just pondering. Delta Sigs like their cords ony- where, ony time. Bottom row: Looks like a basket. The Medicos fool oround with a fibula bone. AT B A M A On your left, top row, left to right: The R.O.T.C. color guords await orders to poss in review. Yeo, we know how much they ' re going to study. Second row: Getting fixed up for the best boy friend. " Somebody soy somethingl " Third row: The bureou of business re- search lob over in Commerce is busily grind- ing out statistics. And the Y.W.C.A. discusses the world situation. Fourth row: Non-coms in the Chevrons Club smite nicely as Mr. Jones blinks his comero. Five bosketbollers, no more, no less. Fifth row: Delto Sigs shine their trophies. Not so much cheesecake, girls. On your right: Top row. left to right: Kop- pos chorus " Hod o lovely time, come ogoin. " " They sure look handsome, " these coeds wist- fully sigh OS the R.O.T.S. passes m review. The girls discuss the world situation ond men — primarily men. Second row: Not many of these ZTAs hod dotes for this meal, for o change. Motrix, newly-organized women ' s journalism group, holds an executive session, SPEs chorus on " The Face on the Borroom Floor. " Third row: Sue Uron and Jock Cowling pouse on the fender of their diamond-studded Buick. Strictly informal is this porty. " Domn this collar button, " is the comment here. Mory Fhillips is shown here as spry and spontone- O ' js as ever. Fourth row; Poul Morgan ond friend are plotting something — couldn ' t be politics, though? Practicing for the chorus, girls? " My dear, you should ' ve seen him. six feet and . . . " " Hello is thot you Bill— the Mc- Lesterl You betl " Bottom row: These young ladies ore ob- viously discussing life ' s, problems, and how -o gel through six weeks ' exams safely. Gen- tlemen of the militory, this scene is faintly reminiscent of those days last fall when you were putting the new men through their paces. A week-end at home, of course. AT BAM A On your left, top row, left to right: The Commerce committee seems highly pleosed over the results of their donee which feotur- ed the music of " Red " Nichols. Just a pleos- ont stroll, eh? The Koppo Alphas try some- thing new— a bullsession. Second row: Here we hove " A " doy pie- eaters in action. Scobbord and Blade initiat- ed, ond how! John Wyhonic, alternate cap- toin elect of the footboll squad, gets ready for a hard tackle during spring training. Third row: And the St. Pat ' s committee didn ' t do so bod on their donee either be- couse Whiteman drew one of the biggest crowds of the season. Governor Dixon Is caught by our candid camera ot Governor ' s Day ceremonies. Dorothy Baxter, new Ram- mer- Jommer editor, and some of her A D Pi flock, pause for the pause that refreshes. Fourth row: The dessert must be some- thing extra special. Delta Sigma Pi com- merce fraternity, pulled on unusual stunt at their formal, when they dressed Rostus, the miniature, up in o poge ' s outfit and hod him help dispense favors. " Go easy on the soda, " is the order of these two bon vivonts in the " A " day porade. Bottom row: He ' s not double-crossing you. Marguerite, so help usi— Put down thot blunt instrument. Here we hove the Capstone ' s chief coke-eaters in the " A " day festivities. John S. Carlile ond Gorman Jones in action during one of the " Alabama Sings " broadcasts. On your right, top row, left to right: The Greeks prepare for interfroternity relay races on " A " day. " Hi, Randy, looks like you ' re reody to give those reporting classes of yours the devil. " Second row: " You see it was like this— " is the wail of this temporarily disabled student as he watches his brothers put on a few records to cheer him up. Here we hove Paul Whiteman and his versatile aggregation in oction. Third Row: And here ' s another one of those Deke parties. Too bod they hod to get thot rough lost night boys, but you should ' ve Keld the affair some ploce where there were ro windows. Fourth row: Mary Morris and Paul Foster absorb o bit of spring sunshine. Here ore a few of those 1,800 high sch ool musicians who crowded the campus for their annual music festivol. Bottom row: Scabbard and Blade puts its inductees through the paces. Off to Birmlng- hom these gols go. cA w C do And so if oil comes to o close! It was sw troin, we will recall with a gulp that this time w not OS students, at least. Remember all those dances, and house p some of us now. We hod some great bonds du that the kids coming to school for the first time n But it wasn ' t oil ploy. Sometimes, it wa had to drink pots of block coffee and cram for e ploy we found out o great many things— prima Now, some cf those who are boarding t in o way, because somehow we ' d like to have t think mostly of the future and leave these fello ready now for that University of Hard Knocks th So to you who will be back next year, w ing, maybe, " and " ' Boma will be ever in our th ell while it lasted. As some of us board the e can not look for a return to ' Bomo in the fall— orfies and movie dotes. They ' re oil behind for ring the post four years, and we con only hope exf year get as much out of it as we hove. s darned tough, especiolly those nights when we xams. We learned as we played, and even in rily how to get along with others. his train will be bock next year. We envy them he whole four years over again. But we must ws to take core of things at the Capstone. We ' re at Dad is always harping about. e ' ll just soy " We ' ll be seeing you-ot Hotneconi- oughts. " 192 ( 0J Aj v6, K V _ M ' WWtlWK. ' - % i m FRANK W. THOMAS Head Football Coach and Athletic Director 7 COACHING 76 wins, 13 losses, 5 ties. That is Coach Frank W. Thomas ' 10-year record at Alabama. One could write pages, using adjectives at will, in describing Coach Thomas ' accomplishments at the Capstone, but no finer, more emphatic tribute con be paid the rotund Tide mentor than to simply recite his impressive victory record. One of the immortal Knute Rockne ' s best pu- pils at Notre Dome, Thomas has produced two Rose Bowl teams and three Southeastern C on- ference champions since taking over at the Cap- stone in January, 1931. Alabama ' s 1940 rec- ord of seven wins against two defeats was com- piled by a team that had but four seniors in the starting lineup and only five seniors on the en- tire squad. Using sophomores at every back- field position except at left half. Coach Thomas and his capable staff performed one of the best coaching jobs seen at Alabama in many years. THEY GUIDE THE TIDE Shoring this phenomenal lO-yeor record with Coach Thomas ore Coaches Henry G. " fHonk " Crisp, Paul Burnum and Harold " Red " Drew. Coach Crisp is serving in his twen- tieth year at the Capstone, during which time he has been head coach of every sport except football. At present, foot- ball line coach and head basketball mentor, Coach Honk is the dean of the Tide athletic staff. Burnum is winding up his eleventh year as head freshman coach in all sports. The frosh tutor is also an invaluable football scout during the grid season. Drew, end and track cooch, is starting his eleventh year at ' Bamo, having come to the Capstone with Coach Thomas from Chattanooga in 1931. Bockfield and head baseball coach Tilden " Happy " Campbell has been on the Tide staff since winding up his quorterbocking career on the championship 1934 team. A comparative newcomer at Alabama is ossistont line coach Ray Davis. Coach Davis, who coaches the guards and cen- ters, come to the Capstone in January, 1940. So, Thomas, a graduate of Notre Dame,- Crisp, of V. P. I , Drew, of Botes,- Davis, of Howard; and Burnum and Camp- bell, of Alabama, pool their wide and varied talents and learnings to cnnuolly produce a football teom that is feared and respected from coast to coast— THE ALABAMA CRIM- SON TIDE. JEFF COLEMAN, Business Monoger Athletics MRS. TILDEN CAMPBELL. Secretary STAFF at BAMA Two of the busiest aides in the Alabama athletic organization are Jeff Coleman, business manager of athletics, and Bill Roney, trainer and assistont track coach. Although youthful in appearance, the cap- able Coleman is a veteran at the Capstone. Jeff has handled the business end of the Tide athletic doings since his student days in the mid-twenties. Coleman ' s task is no easy one for it is he who makes contracts, handles ticket soles, looks after hotel and travel accommodations. Raney, who is winding up his first full year at Alabama, has proved a capable and popular addition to the Alabama brain trust. Busy day and night condition- ing the Tide athletes, the amiable Raney has won many friends. " Doc " Raney tapes Tiders ' " tootsies " TO VICTORY THE BRAIN TRUST-Drew, Campbell, Crisp, Thomas and Davis Senior Manager David Randmon 4 eei AlthoJj Alabomo ' s 1940 football teom lost Iwo games at eceived no post-season bowl bids, many competent critics considered the latest edition of the Crimson Tide fheW|rf5t ' Bomo eleven since the great 1934 champioil l outfit. The starting team of Capt. Hal Newman and Holt Rast, ot ends; Alt. Capt. Fred Davis and Noah Lan oje, ot tackles; Ed Hickerson and John Wyhonic, a BK rds; Warren Averitte, at center; Charley DeShone, at quarter- back; Jimmy Nelson, at left holf; Dave Brown ot right half; and Paul Spencer, ot fullback; preseMB ihe best-balanced Tide eleven thot Coach Thomfs and company hod fielded in several seasons. Rost, Davis and Nelson were unanimous choices on the all-Southeastern Conference teom and all three re- ceived numerous mention on various Ail-Americon picks. Fred Davis was invited to play on the Eastern oil star team in the annual Eost-West game in San Francisco, and Hal Newman played on the Southern learn in Montgomery ' s annual Blue-Gray classic. All four seniors in the starting lineup— Davis, Newman, Hickerson and Averitte— were drafted by top-rank- ing professional teams. With a talented array of promising and ex- perienced reserves returning for duty, prospects for the 1941 season are brightest in yeors. Linemen who sow action lost year and will be bock for ser- vice next season include: Joe Domnanovich and Norman Wesley, centers; George Hecht, Tony Leon, John " Red " Pcpe and Irby Woodoll, guards; Wal- lace Richeson, Jack McKewen and Lloyd Wise, tackles; and Babs Roberts, George Weeks, Sam Sharpe, Mort Kimball and Wheeler Leeth, ends. Coploin Hoi Newmon. End; Aller- noIe-Coptoin Fred Davis, All-South- ecstern Tackle . . . Captain-elect John Honson, Fullback; Ailernote- Coplain-elec: JoSn Wyhonic, Guard . . . Jimmy Nelson, All-Southoost- crn Halfback; Holt Rest, All-South- easfern End ... Ed Hickerion, Guard; Warren Averitte, Center . . . Tom " Hoj " Borders, Tockle STARS Experienced backs will be plentiful next fall, al- though Charley DeShone, regular quarterback, dropped out of school at mid-term. Al Sobo and Sumpter Blackmon both saw plenty of action at the signal calling berth lost season and George Gam- mon, junior, has been shifted from left half to quar- terback. Billy Harrell, Julius Papais and Russ Mos- ley make up a talented triple-threat trio to aid Nelson at left half. Russ Croft and Vaughan Tol- lett will be available to relieve Brown at right half and John Hanson and Don Sails will be battling Paul Spencer for the first string fullback berth. Dave Brown, Halfback Cliff " Swede " Hansen, Tackle . . . Noah " Phi Charlie DeShane, Quorterback . . Beta Kappa " Langdale, Tackle . Paul Spencer, Fullback Eoltom Row: Spencer, Lane, Kilgrow, Blackmon, Croft, Sails, Mosley, Harrell. Morlin, Leon, Kim- ball, Woodall . . . Second Row: Sharp, Nelson, Stewart, Sobo, Brown, Dove; Hanson, Yelvington, Luck, Brown, Bob; Avery, Popais, Hickerson, Scales . . . Third Row: Fichmon, Gammon, Hudson, Averitte, DeShone, Tolletl, Lindsey, Koser, Leeth, V yhonic, Roberts, Pope, Kroulwald, Schmidt. H. . . . Fourth Row: Rondmon, Manager; Wesley, Holsopfel, Hansen, Domnonovich, Schmidt, L., Riche- son. Weeks, Wise, Newman, Maxwell, McKewen, Rast, Borders. Hecht, Longdole, Davis 4 M RE STARS and ike Q EERLEADERS The Crimson Tide went in (or lerM y touchdown runs in a big way during the post season, oflks 26 six-pointers mode, 1 I were scored on runs cr posses of more than 10 yords. Nel- son accounted for five of the long distonce runs and was on the tossing end of oil the Tide ' s three scoring j s. Dove Brown tallied on two runs of more than 10 yards oFd Don Soils on one. Although making no lengthy scoring jaunts, Paul Spen- cer led the Tide scorers for the second straight year, with 48 points. " Bobs " Roberts, End; Joe Comnanovich, Center . . . Al Sabo, Quarterback; Sam Sharp, End . . . Russ Craft, Ho (back; BiKy Horrell, HoK- back . . . George Hecht, Guord; George Weeks, End . . . Russ Mosey, Halfback . . . Cfieerleders Mary Phil- lips and Lester Morgon, coolin ' off Con Sails, Quarterback; Irby Woodall, Guard; Juilius Pq. pais, Holfbock; Norman " Bull " Wesley, Center . . . Bob Luck, Guard; Sumpter Blackmon, Quorlerbock; Tom Moxwell. End; Jock McKew. sn. Tackle . . , Wallace Riche- son, Tockle, George Gom. mon. Halfback; Voughon Tol- letl, Holfbock; John " Red " Pope, Tockle . . . Bobby Brown. End; LIcyd " Toor " Wise, Tackle; Morion Kim- boll, Guord; Tony Leon, Guord 1-, N.. ALABAMA SPRING HILL 26 Playing the first night game in the history of o Crimson Tide foot- ball team, Alabama handed the Spring Hill Badgers a 26—0 defeat in the season ' s opener in Mobile. After getting off to a slow stort the Tide marched to a second quarter touchdown with Paul Spencer go- ing over for the score from the one yard line. Spencer scored another touchdown in the second half and Julius Papais, ploying at left half for the injured Jimmy Nelson, and Russ Mosley added the other two six-pointers. Ncah Langdale kicked the only two extra points after touchdown. Gaining a total of 307 yards to Spring Hill ' s 61 and marking up 18 first downs to the Badgers ' three, the Tide had an cosy time of it in the initial game of the 1940 season. Cheerleaders Art Fowler on d Kotherine Lewis . . " This is OS for os you go. bo " ; Dove Brown holts Tulone ' s Thundering Thiboult STATISTICS k Alabama SpringHitI i 288 Yardoge gcined, scrimmoge 14 ' a 22 Yords lost, scrimmoge 92 m. Forword posses ottempted 21 m Forword passes complet ed 5 A Forward posses intercepted Ml Totol gained on passes 47 HA 307 Coined posses, scrimmoge 61 » - Net goin passes, scrimmage 31 First downs, scrimmage 1 ' First downs, passes 3 First downs, penalties 18 Total first downs 3 4 Number of punts 1 1 34 Average length of punts 35 ..A " Averoge length punt returns 4 ' flk Touchdowns scored Points after touchdown I Yords lost on penolties Boll lost on downs 5 1 3 Boll lost on fumbles Everybody ond their brother, dressed in their room-mates ' best duds, were there ot the seoson ' s home operu-r ' .r ' " rk ' i ' • iiTL ' Jkl t Slf rdbCiQT :i ' ..i ALABAMA - 20 MERCER - The Tide made its home debut with an unimpressive, 20—0, win over Mercer before 5,000 sweltering fans in Denny Stadium. Playing in 90-degree weather, Alabama pushed across two quick touchdowns in the first quarter and another in the third to subdue the Bears with little difficulty. Paul Spencer again led the Tide offen- sive attack, scoring two touch- downs and averaging six yards per try in the 1 3 times he carried the ball. Dove Brown scored the third ' Boma marker and Noah Langdale converted two out of three attempts for extra points. Mercer ' s offense was completely bottled up by the 37 Crimsons that saw action in the game. The Bears were able to mark up but one first down and had a net loss of 17 yards in scrimmage plays. STATISTICS Alabama Mercer 214 Yordoge gained, scrimmage 50 4 Yards lost, scrimmage 67 7 Forward passes attempted 4 I Forward passes completed 1 Forward passes intercepted 2 6 Total gained from passes 220 Gained passes, scrimmoge 50 2J6 Net gain passes, scrimmoge— 17 1 I First downs, scrimmage 1 First downs, passes 1 First downs, p ' o ' ' s 12 Totol first downs 1 7 Number of punts 1 2 36 Average length of punts 38 9 Average length punt returns 8 3 Touchdowns scored 2 Points after touchdown 60 Yards lost on penalties 10 I Ball lost on downs Ball lost on fumbles •iKj itl iL v y i Press Box View of Tide ' s Home Opener against Mercer . . . Million Dollar Band says " Hello " • ' - r A«. -- - -Sw -n. . . -- 5 V?{C , % . so w ' ■ ; T " ' ■ ' • " - - , -V :c5 ALABAMA - 31 HOWARD - Making by for its most Impressive showing of the seo- son, the Crimson Tide handed a fighting Howard Bulldog eleven a 31—0 defect in ' Bama ' s third gome of the 1940 compaign. Making his first appearance of the season, Jimmy Nelson gave the fans a thrill when he intercepted a Howard pass in the third period and raced 88 yards for a touchdown, Paul Spencer scored Alabama ' s first touch- down in the opening quarter on a short plunge and Julius Papais went off tackle for six yards and the Tide ' s sec- ond score just before the end of the first half. Poundin ' Paul tallied again in the third quarter, following Nelson ' s brilliant run, on a seven-yard plunge to put the Tide in front, 25—0. Donnie Sails scored the final Alabama touchdown in the fourth period on a 10-yard run off tackle after Noah Longdale had blocked a Howard punt on the Bulldog ' s 16 yard line. Dove Brown was the Tide ' s top ground-gainer with a 76 yard total in nine tries. Sponsors for V.ercer Gome ond their Escorts . . . Worm ' 5-Eye-View of Tide Bench . . . Paul Spencer heads for Poy-Dirl ogoinst Mercer STATISTICS Alobomo Howord 252 Yords gamed, scrimmoge 86 Yards lost, scrimmage Forword posses attempted Forward passes completed Forward passes intercepted Total gained from posses Goined posses, scrimmoge 37 Net gain passes, scrimmage 117 First downs, scrimmoge Number of punts Average length of punts Average length punt returns Touchdowns scored Points after touchdown TENNESSEE ALABAMA Hoi OS H— , " Ain ' t " it. Coach? Wiih Birmingham ' s Legion Field packed fo its 25,000 capacity the Crimson Tide suffered its first defeat of the season to a Tennessee team that took advantage of two great runs by Johnny Butler to gain a 27—12 win. Jimmy Nel son ' s 14 yard sprint gave Alabama a short-lived six- point lead in the second quarter and Dave Brcwn ' s 58 yard punt return for a touchdown put the Tide back in the ball gome in ihe second half, but Tennessee ' s superior reserve strength was too much for ' Bomo ' s sophomores. Pre-Gome Pep Rally Night Before Tide-Tennessee Tussle . . . Students Line up for Tickels Hour Before Game STATISTICS Alaboma Tennessee 238 8 4 1 9 247 23? 12 10 42 12 2 Yardcge gained, scr.mmage 178 Yords lost, scrimmage 24 Forward passes attempted 1 4 Forward passes completed 6 Forward passes intercepted 1 Total gained from posses 61 Goired passes, scrimmage 239 Net gain passes, scrimmage 215 F;rst downs, scrimmage 6 Number of punts I 1 Average length of punts 44 Average lengt h punt returns 20 Touchdowns scored 4 Points after touchdown 3 Jimmy Nelson scoring ' Bomo ' s first Touchdown against 207 ALABAMA - 25 KENTUCKY - Bounding bock from the defeat by Tennessee, Alabomo ' s Crimson Tide rolled over Kentucky, 25-0, in the Blue Gross boys ' Homecoming Day encounter at Lexington. Dave Brown tallied Alobama ' s first touchdown in the second quarter after Joe Domnonovich hod recovered a Ken- tucky fumble on the Wildcot 10 yard stripe. In the some period Jimmy Nelson broke loose for o 63 yard touchdown jaunt and followed suit with 34 yard scoring gallop in the third quarter. Donnie Sails tallied the final Tide marker in the fourth quarter when he intercepted a Ken- tucky pass and streaked 40 yards for the score. Nelson was the stond- out of the gome, carrying the boll 16 times ond goining 151 yards fcr on average of 9.4 yards per try. Tiders Going Through Pre-Gome Worm-up Drills Cheerleoders Line up to Sing Almo Mater STATISTICS Alobomo Kentucky 250 Yordoge goined, scrimmoge 86 Yards lost, scrimmage 41 Forward passes attempted 22 Forward passes completed 6 Forward passes intercepted Total gained from passes 43 Gained passes, scrimmage 1 29 275 Net goin passes, scrimmage 88 4 First downs, Krimmage 4 First downs, posses 2 First downs, penalties 1 Total first downs 7 Number of punts 13 Average length of punts 41 Averoge length punt returns 3 Touchdowns scored Points after touchdown Yards lost on penalties 15 Ball lost on downs 3 Boll lost on fumbles I 3 6 2 I 28 278 I 5 12 38 3 4 I 39 I Poul Spencer Taking Off Around Tulone ' s End ALABAMA - Jimmy Nelson ' s remarkable punting was largely responsible for Alabama ' s 13—6 win over Tulane before a crowd of over 20,000 in Birmingham ' s Le- gion Field. Nelson punted out of bounds inside Tulane ' s 10 yard line five different times and got off boots of more tfion 50 yards on four occasions. In tfie second quarter one of Nelson ' s punts got away from a Tulone safety man and Holt Rost re- covered on the Greenie three. Paul Spencer plunged over for the first Tide score. Alabama marched 26 yards for the second score in the third quarter after a Tulane punt bounded backward and dropped dead deep in Greenie territory. Dave Brown went around left end on a reverse for the tally. Tulone scored on a six yard pass from Horry Hays to Bill Brinkmon, late on the final quarter. Tide Reserves Ready for Action . . . Pre-Gome Drills Before Tulane Game STATISTICS 13 TU L AN E - 6 Alabama Tulane 122 Yordage gained, scnmmoge 141 9 Yords lost, scrimmage 19 7 Forward passes at!emp(ed 16 3 Forward passes completed 4 4 Forward passes intercepted 1 19 Total gained from passes 36 Ml Gained passes, scrimmage 177 132 Net gain passes, scrimmage 156 6 First downs, scrimmage 10 First downs, passes 2 1 First downs, penalties 7 Total first downs 12 14 Number of punts 13 43 Averoge lengtfi of punts 41 14 Average length punt returns 10 2 Toucfidowns scored I 1 Points otter toucSdcwns 35 Yards lost on penalties 15 1 Boll lost on dowr.s 2 Boll lost on fumbles 2 ALABAMA - 14 G A . TECH - 13 Vcdei ied % % p Veck With on underdog Georgia Tech team playing inspired ball, Alabama was barely oble to eke out a 14—13 win over the Jackets before a copacity crowd en Atlanta ' s Grant Field. George Hecht ' s and Charley DeShone ' s points after touchdown proved the winning morgin for the Tide. Jimmy Nelson ' s 93 yard kick-off return for a touchdown, after Tech had jumped into a six-point lead, was the offensive highlight of the game. Paul Spencer scored Alabama ' s second touchdown in the third period on a short plunge. " Skeels " Stringing Up Hickerson Crowd View in Denny Stadium . . . Hjl Newman Grabs One of Nelson ' s Passes in Vandy Game STATISTICS Alaboma Gcorg ia Tech 143 Yords gained, scrim. 195 13 Yards lost, scrim. 25 1 Passes attempted 25 1 Posses completed 12 2 Passes intercepted 13 Gain, forward pass 160 155 Goin posses, scrim. 355 142 Net passes, scrim. 330 4 First downs, scrim. 7 1 F rst downs, passes 8 First downs, F» " o ' ' » 1 5 Totol (rst downs 16 11 Number of punts 6 39 Average lengtfi punts 35 3 Av. length punt ret. 7 2 Toucfidowns scored 2 2 Points, toucfidowns 1 30 Yards lost, penalties Balls lost, downs 2 Bolls lost, fumbles v, ALABAMA- 25 VANDY-21 MeA UwieiL mUii cUli VanJu and fl u ni In one of the those games that you read about but seldom ever see, Alabama staged a brilliant second half rally to defeat Vanderbilt, 25—21, in the Tides ' final game of the year in Birmingham. Scoring a touchdown and extra point in each of the first two periods, Vanderbilt was seemingly on its way to one cf the biggest upsets of the year when Alabama uncorked a passing attack in the second half that swept the Commodores into submission. Trailing 0—14 at the half, the Tide came back in the third quarter to trim the score to 13—14 only to see Vandy pull away to a 21 — 13 lead in the same period. Jimmy Nelson and Billy Harrell began hit- ting the bulls-eye with their passes and in the fourth quarter Holt Rost took a 24 yard heave from Nel- son to put Alabama back in the ball game. Trail- ing, 19—21, with but two minutes to play, Jimmy passed 20 yards to Russ Craft, who raced 20 mere yards to score ' Bama ' s winning touchdown. STATISTICS Alobcma Vanderbilt 185 Yordage gained, scrimmage 98 Yards lost, scrimmoge 32 Forward passes attempted 19 Forward passes completed 6 Forward passes intercepted 2 Total gained from passes 123 Gained passes, scrimmage 221 Net gain passes, scrimmage 189 First down, scrimmage 4 First downs, passes 2 First downs, penalties Totol first downs 6 Number of ponts 9 Average length, punts 34 Average lengtfi punt returns 10 Toucfidowns scored 3 Points after touchdowrs 3 Yords lost on penalties 20 Boll lost on downs . Boll lost on fumbles , . I V oiting for Their Turn . . . Gettin ' Ready for Some Knockin ' 18 17 9 4 140 325 307 7 4 I 12 9 31 19 4 I 90 1 Dove Brown Intercepts Foss Against Tulane H O M E C O After spoiling Kentucky ' s and Georgio Tech ' s Homecoming Days, Alo- bomo hod its own spoiled by a scrapping band of Mississippi State Marcons. Tfie boys from Storkville handed the Tide a 13—0 defeat be- fore the largest crowd ever to witness a footboll game in Tuscaloosa. Over 20,000 fans were in Denny Stadium to see Alobama and Mississippi State battle for the right to ploy in Miomi ' s Orange Bowl on New Year ' s Day. The winner wos assured of a bid to the post-season classic. State got the bid. Although Alabama outgoined the Maroons 247 yards to 181 and morked up 10 first downs to their eight, the Tide could never penetrate State ' s defense once inside her 10 yard line. Homecoming Decorations . . . Nelson Goins Agoinst Mississippi State ALABAMA - MISS. STATE - 13 STATISTICS Alobama Mi»» Stole MO Yordags gained, tcrimmogc 150 35 Yordi lost, Krimmoge 10 34 Forward posses attempted 1 1 12 Forward passes completed 5 Forward posses intercepted 3 107 Total gamed from passes 31 247 Gained passes, scrlmmoge 181 3t2 Not gain, passes, scnmmoge 171 4 First down, scrimmage 10 Number of punts 43 Average lenglli of punts 4 12 33 3 Average lengtti punt returns 10 Touchdowns scored Points after touctidown View cl ttie Crowd M I N G Harvey Johnson, State ' s brilliant left half- back, tallied the visitors ' first touchdown on a seven-yard dash off tackle after racing 47 yards around end, mid-way in the first quarter. Charley Yancey, substitute fullback, scored State ' s final marker late in the fourth period on a 23 yard run through the middle of the Tide line. Alabama muffed a great chance to tie the score soon after State ' s first touchdown when Jchn Wyhonic recovered Johnson ' s fum ble on the Maroon five yard line. After two run- ning plays had lost 16 yards, a pair of aerials were broken up and State took over on its 20. Late in the game Nelson began connecting with Rast, Newman and Croft on the receiv- ing end and the Tide marched 54 yards be- fore State finally held for downs on its six yard line. Nelson turned in another great punting ex- hibition, averaging over 44 yards per boot. Jimmy completed 1 1 out of 23 attempted passes for a total gain of 93 yards. Johnson of State was the top ground-gainer, marking up 85 yards in the 10 times he carried the Lall. The win gave the Maroons their first un- defeated season in modern football history at the Starkville school. Vore Homecomong Decorations State Stops Jimmy For No Gain FRESHMAN Alobomo ' s 1940 freshmon squad was blessed with more prom- ising talent than any Boby Tide team in many years. Among the stondoufs who ore being counted on for service next season are: backs, Howord Hughes, Mackey McCoy, the Hutscn twins. Bob ond Ray, Bobby Bowen, Carl Mims, Iggy Polizzi, Roy Johnson, Happy Beard, Jack Strange ond linemen. Bill Baughman, Jce Chorba, Ted McKosky, Tom Hargrove, Jake MtAllister, Don Whit- mire, Don Avery, Hubert Grantham, Ted Cock, Andy Bires and Sherman Jorgensen. Hughes, McCoy and Rob Hutson ore left halfbacks who will be in the thick of the battle for o varsity berth while Carl Mims and Ray Hutson will be battling for a first string right half position. Bowen, although only 17 yeors old, is considered a top candidate for the storting quorterback assignment. Whitmire, o 220 pounder, will probably pair with Longdole at the first string tackle posts. „JRNUM Freshmon Coach The Mutson Twins- Bob and Roy Vke RESERVES At Alabama, as at every other school In the country, there are members of the football squad who procfice doily, work faithfully and give their all for four years, and sometimes five, yet never start a varsity gome nor see their names on the headlines of the sports pages. These men— the RESERVES— deserve just as much credit in the making or the breaking of a football team as do the widely heralded " stars " . With a squad mode up largely of sophomores, the Tide coaches called on reserves mere last season than at any time in recent years. Thirty and 35 performers sow action in several Alobamo games. It was on Alabama team mode up largely of second and third stringers that put the Tide bock in the boll game against Vanderbilt after the Commodores hod scored a third touchdown and were leading, 21 — 13, late in the second half. Billy Horrell, reserve left half, ran and poss- ed the Crimsons to a third six-pointer and Russ Craft, re- serve right half, scored the winning touchdown after tak- ing a pass from Nelson. To the RESERVES and RED SHIRTS, this paragraph is dedicated. Frejhmtin Sotnid y k Coach Henry Crisp in the past campaign completed a cycle. Seventeen years ago his first Alabama basketball team whipped Auburn in the old Southern Conference tournament and during this past Southeastern Conference tourney, in the only gome since that ancient get-together of the two ancient rivals, " Hank ' s " boys once more put the wood to the Auburn Tiger. With only three lettermen and a lone regular returning from the great squad of the previous winter, the popular mentor put together a driving team that picked up more steam with every gome and at the season ' s finale was red-hot. By finishing fourth in the regular conference race, and going to the semi-finals in the loop playoffs, the cagers far exceeded the fondest dreams of their most optimistic rooters. Rounding out his second decade as a member of the Crimson Tide coach- ing corps, congenial Honk has held almost every portfolio In the Capstone sport realm; head baseball pilot, head basketball mentor, head track coach, foot- ball line coach and athletic director. One of the best loved athletic figures on the campus. Coach Crisp is adored by the athletes he guides. Two years ago the " A " Club dedicated its annual day of celebration to him— their teacher. HENRY G. ■HANK " CRISP Heod Boskelboll Coach BASKETBALL cd BAMA Gaamyi [lea m Me44U- maAA m . . G. VcpMAncune ni In a campaign that saw a hustling, feared throughout the circuit Tide quintet rapidly emerge from a collection of novices and unpolished material, Alabama ' s basketball team finished its regular season in satisfactory style with 12 wins in 19 games and two out of three in the playoffs. Enroute to the semi-finals of the Southeastern Conference tourney, where they dropped a tear provoking 2 point verdict to Kentucky, the court aggregation climaxed their triumphs by running roughshod over arch foe Auburn 38—16. The green 1940- ' 41 edition of the Crimson cage team had a rough road to travel and in spite of the injury bugaboo that cropped up to further plague it, the hoopsters turned out to be a capable outfit that played together with no one performer standing out to the exclusion of his team mates. With the exception of Kentucky, no team beat the Capstoners more than once. The boys from the Blue Gross possessed a charmed existence and won out in three encounters, two of them by the narrow margin of a single field goal. Tennessee, the eventful winner of conference first place honors was soundly trounced early in the schedule by the Tide. VARSITY SQUAD— Front Row: Hatley, Story, Thompson, LaPolio . . . Middle Row: Thomas, Finnegan, O ' Con- nor, Low Seals, Avery . . . Back Row: Brantner, Nines, Adair, Manager Sher, Leeth, Shorp, Roth f WY - " - f m STARS joffre ( K The bright ieowr of the club was the all orounrl play that the boys flashed. Jack Brantner with h court " savvy " guicJed his young team mates and was the constant j4p(Jer and ploy maker on attack. Jim Roth ' s defensive ability in br ol|ng up on enemy attack plus his fight and drive spurred the rest of the team on. Veo Story with 124 tallies led the cagers in scoring and was a constqnjAthreat with a set shot from anywhere on the court. F Louis Adair was a leaping giant under the basket and his forte was in scoring from up close. Wheeler Leeth potroled the pivot grabbing all loose bolls in sight. He had no superior in snatching the sphere off the backbcard. Blaine Thomas spelled the injured Brontner and gave the team the excellent passing it was accustomed to receiving, " Toby " Seals put his giraffe-like reach to advantage at either center or forward. Sam Sharp was a foul shooting whiz. Johnny Hines proved to be a finished floor man as did reserve Bob LaPolla. Bill Finnegan on at least two occasions sunk important baskets to tie the game. In spite of in- juries James Hotley flashed exceptional scoring ability. Horry Law, Henry O ' Connor and Blackstone Thompson all saw action and broke into the scoring column. JOHN ShER Senior Manager Jock Brantner Jim Rolh Wheeler Leelh Jotin Hines Veo Story Blaine Ttiomos Louis Adoir 1oby Seals Som Sharp J. B. Hotley SEASON RECORD Alobama 35. Y. M. H. A. 26; Alabomo 34, Florido 33 Alabama 28, Florida 22 Alabomo 28, L. S. U. 37, Alabama 25, Tulane 24 Alobomo 28, Tulane 32 Alobama 27, Tennessee 22 Alabomo 36, L. S. U. 32 Alobama 48; Vonderbilt 24 Alabama 40. Vonderbilt 28 Alabama 30. Mississippi Stote 31; Alobomo 36, Kentucky 38; Alabomo 38, Kentucky 46; Alobomo 23, Tennessee 34; Alobama 46, Georgia Tech 32; Alabomo 44, Olc Miss 40; Alabama 42; Geor- gia 37; Alobomo 32, Missis sippi Slate 28; Alobomo 46, Ole Miss 21. RECORD IN TOURNAMENT PI AY Alabomo 39, Georgia Tech 33; Alobomo 38, Auburn 16; Alobomo 37, Kentucky 39. Bob Lopoilo Bort Avery Blacks ' one Thompson Henry O ' Connor Bill Finnegon Horry Low AU a 7 5 FRESHMAN SQUAD Freshmon Basketball Squod T R A C K HAROLD " RED " DREW Heod Track Cooch Billy West Truet! Bullock Alobama ' s 1940 track team enjoyed the most success- ful season of any Crimson Tide cinder squad in olmost a decade. Following the Florida Relays in Gainesville, where Kelly Horn set a new record in the high jump, the Tide tracksters lost the opening meet of the season to Georgia Tech then marked up four stroight dual wins. Although winning seven first places against the Yellow Jackets, Alabama was too weak in second and third place points to finish out in front. Tech won, 70 2 ' 3 to 55 l 3. I he meet wos held in Atlanta. Tennessee invaded the Capstone for the Tide ' s first home meet of the season and Alabama swept 10 first places to trim the Vols, 74 ' 2 to 57y2. Jack Boswell, ace sprinter, won the 100, 200 and 440 yard dashes against Tennessee. Other Tide winners were: Arthur Komorowski in the two mile; Wes itaton in the mile; King Ganner in the high hurdles; Kelly Horn in the high jump; Vaughon Tollett in the pole vault; and Hal Johnson in the discus and shot put. Performing in a steady roin, Alabama ' s harriers won easily over Ole Miss, 86 to 40. The Tide copped 1 1 first places against the Rebels with Boswell again winning both the 220 and 440 and Johnson winning the discus and shot put. Ihis meet was held at the Capstone on a Wednesday, the Tide squad having had but three days rest since the win over Tennessee on the preceding Sat- urday. Kelly Horn, Southeostern Conference High Jump Chompion Buck Moson An Komorowski Hoi Johnson Jock Boswell Wes Staton Bill Bickley w-dk ike TRACKMEN Following o decisive victory over Tuione at New Orleans, the ' Bomo harriers returned to wind up the dual meet season by swamping Mississippi State, 75 to 36. Alabama took part in the Cotton Carnival, in Memphis, and Southeastern Con- ference meet, in Birmingham. The Tide mile relay team. Jack Bos well, Truett Bullock, Bob James and Dwight Warner, was winner in the conference meet and Kelly Horn winner cf high jump in both the Cotton carnival and the SEC meet. Soma ' s freshman trocksters were undefeated in their only two starts. Tide frosh won from Ole Miss, 9 ' 2 to 3 ' 2, with first places only being counted. Against the Miss. King Conner and Tom Porker . . . Kelly Horn State freshmen,, Alabamo won all 1 1 events. Bob Stev- ens set a new frosh record in the mile, in 4 minutes, 39.8 seconds against State. Stev- ens is the most promising miler ever to enter the Cap- stone. Paul Deschamps, po!e voulter, was another stand- out on the Tide freshman team. I r — ' i-j STARS and ike -K ¥ FRESHMAN SQUAD Froshman Squad BASEBALL It ' s getting to be a habit with Coach " Happy " and his boys! Holders of a nifty thirteen game winning string, Alobama ' s baseball team won the 1940 Southeastern Conference crown to make it four pennants and one runner-up berth in the six seasons that the rotund Tide mentor, Tilden Campbell has handled the reigns. Playing a tough schedule of sixteen games, the Crimson stockinged outfit came through on the long end of fourteen while only losing two tilts. At the season ' s stcrf there wasn ' t a fan in sight who ' d hove given a busted rocket for the Copslone ' i hireling ' s chances of breaking even in their campaign ' s bill of fare. The rcster had been shot by the loss of Bradford, Kilgrow, Trocolor, McMillan, Pate and Hiles. These missing names were among the mainstays of the ' 39 team that finished the previous year with only 10 wins In twenty gam es. Adding to the poor hopes held out for it, the team suffered anew when second baseman Gene Bcrdenet broke his leg in an early practice session and " Lefty " Thomason, ace pitcher, left school during the first week of the schedule. TIDEN " HAFFY " CAMPBELL Head Baseball Co3ch " Happy ' s " gone and done it again! Tilden Campbell who ever since he took over the coaching duties of the Tide nine in 1935 to come up with a top notch boll club, has again produced a winner and we ' re just awaiting the cry of " Break up the Tide— it ain ' t fair. " Seeker of lost balls, zealous guardian of equipment, water bucket filler- upper and bat lugger extrocrdinary, we present tcbacco chewin ' Wayne Knight, keeper of the score bock. WAYNE KNICHT Manager Baseball Team ALABAMA ' S SOUTHEASTERN CONFERENCE CHAMFS-Front Row: Zivich, Thompson, Dickens, Grefe, Rog- ers, Blockmon, Sciurba, Beck . . . Back Row: Coach Tilden Campbell, Harbaugh, Lee, Story, Wyhonic, Sharp, Newman, Bird, Monager Knight Al Grefe THE SEASON ' S RECORD Alabama 5, Northwestern 8, Alabama M, Northwestern 2; Alabama 6. L. S. U. 4; Alabama 7, L. S. U. 4, Alobomo 8, Ole Miss 7; Alabama 6, Ole Miss t; Alabama 7, L. S. U. 4; Alabomo 5, Howard 4; Alabama 8. Ole Miss S; Alabama 10, Ole Miss 8; Alabama 6, Florida 2; Alabama 8, Flondo 6; Alobomo 12, Miss. Stote 8, Alabama II, Miss. State 5; Alabomo 3, Miss. Stote 7; Alobomo 6, Miss. State 3. 7 I A M O A sedative to Ccach Hop ' s heodoches come in the order of Veo Story, a junior college transfer, wfio took over Ifie vacated third ba:e spot and proceeded to lea the regular hitters with a healthy .426 overage. The mechanical S tcry hit safely 26 times and was only stymied in but two games throughout the season. Abetted by a powerful throwing arm, his ploy in the inner line of de- fense was near perfect. He was the belwether of a chom- pionship team, The Tide tossing troupe produced the biggest surprise. Although four hurlers were absent from the previous year ' s corps, the 1940 pitching was the strongest feature of the campaign. Francis " Red " Lee with 7 victories in as many attempts was the standout, while lefthander Walter Beck with 4—0 and Johnny Wyhonic with 2—0 were not for behind. Southpaw Al Dickens hod a 1 — 1 record. The big redhead numbered among his victims. North- western, the Big Ten champions, Louisiana State, defend- ing S. E. C. winners, and Ole Miss twice each, Florida and Mississippi State once each. Lee in addition to his pitch- ing prowess swung a potent bat and finished with 13 blows for a .433 mark. Waiter " The Angel " Beck tossed wins over L. S. U., Ole Miss and Mississippi State twice. The zony lefthander was the fastest chucker on the team and was o constant de- light to the bleacherifes with his good hurling ond comedy antics. If Froncis " Red " Lee Walter Beck Sam Sharp N D STARS G -pA- f3 iAcUcjJ Johnny Wyhonic although used mostly In relief roles started a few and beat Ole Miss ond Florida. While working fireman duty against State, " Hungry John " whiffed six Staters in the three frame5 he tossed. For the third consecutive year A! Grefe did the backstopping chores and to him goes the credit of expertly directing the green pitching staff which fully bloomed under his handling. Performing in the infield with Story was the veteran shortstop Joe Sc iurba and rookies Joe Bird ot first and Zach Rogers of second. The inexperienced newcomers were held together by the dependable field- ing Sciurb jrho proved a stop-gap on numerous occasions, Joe hit a lusty .303iflU homered against Northwestern. For an outfield, the Capstoners hod an entire football make-up of Sam Sharp, George ZivicK and Hal Newman. Newman ' s fielding antics were more than made jBpr, with his run producing bat. The big pos- turer hit .328 and pacec the RBI column. Sharp also hit in the charmed circle of three hundred hitters with .306. The defensive star of the trio was Zivich who roamed far and wi snore the long ones. As the season progressed and tii Peam continued to knock off all opposition, any thoughts about the club being a bunch of humpty dumpties disappeared and the enemy ranks feared the chant of " The Campbells Are Coming. " THE BATTING AVERAGES Lee, .463; Wyhonic, .429, Slory, .426; Beck, ,333; Newmon, .328; Shorp, ,306; Sciurba, .302; Grefe, .272; Zivich, ,269; Rogers, .250; Bird, ,164: Dickens, .000; Sabo, .000; Blockmon, .000; Wesley, .000. ai Alakama Joe Sciufbo i Slrliiiiikel George Zivich Gives His Teammates o Few Pointers - M(ne STARS Utility man Sumpter Blackmon who relieved Sciurba and Rogers upon occasion proved to be a steady infield performer with plenty of pep ' n ginger, Blockstone Thomp- son, the perennial man of all work was used as batting practice pitcher and in the words of the other hurlers had " more stuff on the bail than anybody else " . Al £abo, who could catch creditably behind the plate when Grefe needed relief, was used mainly in the role of pinch hitter and at times appeared in the outfield. Norman " Bull " Wesley also was sent up to pinch hit and how he could ride that ball! " Big Pefe " Colobro was the dorkhorse of the team and he and reserve backstop Bill Horbaugh caught batting practice and warmed up the pitchers. Southpaw Al Dickens started one game against How- ard and was credited with the win. He lost to State when he went in as relief in the Tide ' s next to lost game of the season. Hfil Newfnjn Zaclc Rogers Joe Bird JK«i - LJM V ' Veo Story John VVyhonic FRESHMAN TEAM Coach Paul Burnum had a frosh team thot was star studded. Un- beaten in four gomes they gave the varsity plenty of competition in the practice get togethers of the two squads. The mound staff of Nasabe Hobshey, Eddie Owcor, Mars Lewis and Larkin Thornhill was outstanding with all of them slated to go on up to the varsity after they finished their pledge duties. Shelly Oglesby han- dled the twirlers capably behind the bat. The infield of Bass Clifton, Claude Woltz, Frank Martin and Russ Croft performed in workmanlike manner. Bob Sohigian, " Red " Heath and Jce Hyman made up the outfield for the Baby Tidelings. The frosh numbered among their four victims, Mississippi State twice and Livingston State Teachers and the Paper Mill once each. Al Dickens Sumpter Blockmon Freshmon Boseball Squad tt A CLUB Continuing their time hollowed proctice of promoting good fellow- ship in Alabama athletics, The " A " Club celebrated its 29th year of existence by sponsoring on " A Day " that honored the athletic mono- gram winners of the classes 1893-1903. With a membership of 46, the organization added to its honorary ranks, trainer ond ossisfont trock coach Bill Raney, who was owarded the " A " certificate of honor between the halves of the annual Red- White intra-squad gome. Other honorary members ore: Frank Thomas, Kepler Mills, Henry Crisp, Horold Drew, Ralph Adams, Paul Burnum, Dr. Richard Foster Dr, Alton Maxwell. OFFICERS -ifA ? ' ' ' HOLT RAST President HAL NEWMAN Vice-President TOM BORDERS Secretory EDGAR HUDSON MEMBERS Treasurer Holt Rast Jack Brontner Jock Boswell HqI Newman Art KomorowskI Nolon Tolletl Tom Borders Myron Roos George Weeks Ed Hudson Som Sharp Bobs Roberts Warren Averitle Joe Sciurba Noah Longdole Ed Hickerson Jimmy Ne!son George Hecht John Hanson Rolph Ford Joe Domnonovich Paul Spencer Joe Bird Al Sobo John Wyhonjc Veo Story Russell Croft Vaughn Tol ' etl Walter Beck Elwood Gerber Billy Harrell King Gonner Dovid Rondmon Bert Miro Hal Johnson Cwight Worner Whee ' er Leelh Wes Staton Lester Morgan Jonles Rolh Zock Rogers Dave Brown An Fowler Truelt Bullock Robert James HONORARY MEMBERS William Bickley Dr. Richord C. Foster Coach Henry G. Crtsp Mr. Kepler Mills Dr. George H. Denny Coach Harold Drew Dr. Alston Moxwell Cooch Frank Thomas Coach Poul Burnum Mr. Ralph Adorns Bill Raney d. u .u J " A " CLUB— First Row: Longdate, Nelson, Averitte, Borders, Hickerson, Rosl, Wyhonic, Honson, Harrell . . . Second Row: Story, James, Roth. Tolletl, Sloton, Miro, Komorowski. Raos . . . Third Row; Hecht, Roberts, Brontner, Weeks. Domnonovich, Gerber, Shorp, Croft, Sobo . . . Fourth Row; Fowler. Rogers, Leeth, Gnnnpr Johnson, Beck Sriurbn F ' - ' fH " A " CLUB INITIATION SCENES - Cupid Sobo the Hoorlbeot of Sorority Row . . . baV.erino Noot Longdole — unbecoming for o Pht 8«to Kappa, don ' t you think? . . Quin lupl«tt Croft, Staton, Tol- tc t. Rogart, and Rond men . . . Thift iin ' t a Cir- cus Sidothow-lt ' i " A " Club Initinlinn With but two veleron racket wielders returning (rem the previous year ' s aggregation of courtmen, Captain- Coach Leighton Wood was hord pressed to put out a team ihot could compete in Southeastern Conference play. Only Wood himself and little Eddie Toylor were ex- perienced. Faced with a schedule that included the best tennis teoms in the south, the boys went to work and developed on outfit thot showed considerable promise but could not overcome the handicap of inexperience. To odd to their woes, miserable weother conditions prevented prolonged practices and on occosions they went into their matches, stole. For the first time in mony years the site of the old tennis courts were replaced by new fields in back of the Engineering buildings. Coptoin Wood was the ' Bomo number one mon while Taylor served in the second slot. Newcomers to the squad were Bob Janes, Winston Anderson, and Sam Gay. Ar- nold Drenncn saw service In the first set of matches while Hal Bowers played in the opening tilt. The Tide netmen defected Mississippi State twice, Sewanee twice and tied Emory and the University of Geor- gia ' s extension Center once each. Defeats were received at the rackets of Vonderbilt, L. S. U., Tulone, Georgia Center and Presbyterion Col- lege. Georgio Tech and the Rebels of Ole Miss plastered two losses each on the record of the Crimson ' s. The campaign ' s mark was four wins, nine losses and two ties. TENNIS First Row: Steve Brodie, Eddie Toylor, Poul Roberts . . . Second Row: Leighton Wood, Travis Comer, Bob James, Winston Anderson, Bob Steele 338 % Top: Bill Walker Tommy Nicol Bottom: Walker, Nicols and Hudson Captain-Coach Hudson GOLF With an even-Steven season ' s record of five vs ins and o similar number of losses in their ten match schedule, Ala- bama ' s golfers, led by Coach-Captain Billy Burke finished up the campaign by emerging fourth in the annual South- eastern Conference meet and seventh in the Southern In- tercollegiate tourney. The team ' s personnel included in addition to Coach Burke, Edgar " Pete " Hudson, Ellis Taylor and Tom Nicol. Over the span of the season Hudson won the most points for the Crimsons and in both the Southeastern and South- ern tourneys he shot the lowest scores among his own team-mates. ■ The linksmen defeated Georgia Tech, Vanderbilt, Sewanee, Spring Hill and Mississippi State while losses were received by the clubs of Louisiana State, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Montgomery Country Club and the Bir- mingham Country Club. 229 Donold Springer ond Bill Kayser, ZBT ' S Runners-up (or Interfrolernily Golf Chompionship . . . Action (rom Vol- leyball Gome . . . " Boogie-Woogie " Softball Team- Independent Champions . . . " Hip— Let ' s Go New " INTRA " IntercenI ThnI PossI " v " Well rounded " is the most appropriate phrase to use in describing the men ' s intramural activities during the 1940- ' 41 year. The scope of the program was extended to include a competitive step singing contest, a bridge tournament and a physical training schedule for army draftees. The faculty shared in the entertainment facilities as basketball, volleyball and bridge leagues were formed with the various teachers competing. Ridgecrest had its own basketboll and volleyboll tourna- ment in which eleven dorms participated. Dorm L ad- vanced to the finals of the independent league before be- ing eliminated by Garland Hall. A new field at Hackberry Lone and Tenth Street was given over to the carrying out of the intramural program. South Field, as it was named, had five touchfootball fields, eight volleyball courts, athletic swings and bars and outdoor basketball layouts. ki i,K PiKA ' s Parade Before Meeting ATO ' s in Touch Football . . . Kappo Sigmas ond PiKA ' s Ploy for Interfroternity Football Championship . . . Hillel Foundatio.-i football Team . . . PiKA Cheering Squod in Act, on MURAL SPORTS Alpha Sigma Phi Soccer Chomps U:j.!-- und DuPre SAE Golf Champs ' one INTRAMURALS The intromural department did its part for charity for the second straight year, by sponsoring the ticket sales for the fra- ternity touch football finals held in Denny Stodium. The sum of $131 raised by this game was given to the Christmas party for the Tuscaloosa underprivileged children. 1,306 men students were engaged in intramural sports dur- ing the first semester, WINNERS OF INTRAMURAL CHAMPIONSHIPS rrolernily Touch Football — Pi Koppo Alpha, Kappa Sigma. (Co-championsl; Independent Touch Football— Garlond Holl; Froternity GoU— Sigma Alpha Ep- silon; Fraternity Soccer — Alpha Sigma Phi; Fraternity BosketboM- Koppa Alpha Independent Basketball— Garland Hall; Fraternity Foul Throw — Kappo Alpha Fraternity Volley Ball — Alpha Tou Omego; Ridgecrest Volley Boll- Dormitory L. Troternity Softball — Fhi Sigma Koppo; Independent Softball— Heim ' s Villoge, Fraternity Baseball— Pi Kapa Alpha; Independent Baseball— Griffin House Fraternity Swimming— Phi Sigma Koppo; Fraternity Relay— Kappa Sigmo; Fra- ternity Track— Theta Xi; Fraternity Table Tennis— Phi Sigmo Delta. Fraternity Tennis— Pi Kappa Alpha; Froternity Bowling — Alpha Tou Omego; Fraternity Horseshoes- Delta Tou Delta. Delta Sigmo Fhi Soccer Teom . . . Action in Frat Finals . . . Beginning KA —Phi Sigma Koppo Championship Gome . . . Time Out . . . Koppo Sigma Spcctolor a1 FooTbatl FlnoU i»« t - _ V h% •I ' WOM EN S ' Bamo cceds shewed their versatility and athletic prowess in intra- mural sports this year. Under the direction of Dr. Ethel J. Saxman, head of the depart- ment of physicol education for women, and her assistant. Miss Frances Greenwood, many women students participated in sports events and club. Also helping with different phases of sports was a corps of efficient instructors. Miss Louise Levy, Miss Lucile Wyman, Miss Elizabeth Graves and Miss Barbara Johnston. Opening the sports calendar In September, Nancy Benhom and Cot Stennis defeated Betty Long and Martha Lou Jones in the bad- minton finals to cop the doubles championship over ten entering teams. n rr - •«- ' V U i. A Class in Dancing . . . Pop- ular Recreation in Barnwell Hall . . . Eleanor Dudley Shews Them How ... An Outdoor Checker Game . . . Maybe She Hosn ' t Learned Yei . y si« " ■V.;; . i v. SPORTS... Tennis held the spotlight in October when Jean Gray stroked her way to the singles victory over Eleanor Jones, 6—3, 4—6, 6—4. Thirty girls took port in the tourney. November, Florence Hymcwitz capably wielded her table tennis paddle to reach top position over Eleanor Dudley. Doubles winners were Eleanor Jones and Dot Stennis, who defeated Betty Riley and Jane Underwood in the final match. Through the intricate maze and the bicycle relays the Alpha Chi Omegas pedaled their winning way to a second successive champion- ship. The Alpha Gams placed second in the meet while the Delta Zetos rode in third place. In December New hall marched through three straight victories to ccp the volleyball cup. Girls L.mbering Up . ing the Finer Poinis . Demonstrat- . . . A Shuf- . Practice at . Shooting at in Calisthenics Checking on Women ' s Sports Records 6 WOMEN Basketball held sway during February. Colonial tossed the winning gool to defeat Tutwiler 18 to 17 in the close, exciting finol game. Participating in the Regional Telegraphic swimming meet, University entronts were Anne Rorke, free stylist, Lynn McGaw, backstroke ace, and the free style relay team composed of McGaw, Rorke, Betty Nichols and Ann Wasson. The coeds completed the sports year with meets in soft- ball, tennis and archery. Ready for Swimming . . . Juit Before he Splash . . . Fre-Game Injtroctions . . . " This One Will Gel Her ' Jump Boll N(N( aro " S o vS lli bcmv i V ' axo A. ' - jt lutm ,!E ' ' Nf -ft ' " ' . ! ■ ' ( THE INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL JOE WALLACE CHARLES FAGG JACK BINGHAM OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS Robert Connon Joe Wallace Lemuel Coley John Yeuell Jimmy Alvarez Al Walker Charles Adair Hamilton Hutchinson Ben Blum James Phillips John Bailey Bill Snow Llewellyn Bricken Alpha Sigma Fhi Alpha Tau Omega , . Chi Phi Delta Chi Delta Kappa Epsilon Delta Sigma Fhi Delta Tau Delta Kappa Alpha Kappa Nu Kappa Sigma Lambda Chi Alpha Phi Delta Theta Phi Gamma Delta James Horton Irving Smorack Jack Cowing Toxey Sewell B. L. Machen Jack Bingham Bob Engel Taylor Hardi n Joe Horrell Charles Fogg Neil Dunlap Carl Finkbeiner Mark Sabel Phi Kappa Sigma Fhi Sigma Delta Phi Sigma Kappa Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Phi Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Mu Sigma Chi Sigma Nu Sigma Phi Epsilon Theta Chi Theta Xi Zeto Beta Tau Left to Right: Machin, Finkbeiner, Sabel, Smorok, Phillips, Snow, Hardin, Hines, Adair, Alvarez, Hutch- inson, Fagg, Wallace, Bingham, Horton, Sewell, Coley, Walker, Brown, Engel, Bailey, Dunlap, Cowin, Thomas. Franco. i. •■ . " t.TI, 1 ' 1 THE INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL JOE WALLACE CHARLES FAGG JACK BINGHAM OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS Robert Cannon Joe Wallace Lemuel Coley John Yeuell Jimmy Alvarez Al Walker Charles Adair Homilton Hutchinson Ben Blum James Phillips John Bailey Bill Snow Llewellyn Bricken Alpha Sigma Fhi Alpha Tau Omega Chi Phi Delta Chi Delta Kappa Epsilon Delta Sigma Phi Delta Tau Delta Kappa Alpha Kappa Nu Kappa Sigma Lambda Chi Alpha Phi Delta Theta Phi Gamma Delta James Horton Irving Smorack Jack Cowing Toxey Sewell B. L. Machen Jack Bingham Bob Engel Taylor Hardin Joe Harrell Charles Fagg Neil Dunlap Carl Finkbeiner Mark Sabel Phi Kappa Sigma Fhi Sigma De ' ta Phi Sigma Kappa Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Phi Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Mu Sigma Chi Sigma Nu Sigma Phi Epsilon Theta Chi Theta Xi Zeta Beta Tau Left to Right: Mochin, Finkbeiner, Sabel, Smorak, Phillips, Snow, Hardin, Mines, Adoir, Alvarez, Hutch- inson, Fogg, Wolloce, Bingham, Horton, Sewell, Coley, Walker, Brown, Engel, Boiley, Dunlap, Cowin, Thomas, Frorco. THESE n-liju(s-luu, HOUSES ADD GRACE Extensive, pcleni ond deep-rooted, the fraternities en the campus at the University ore one of the first features cf life at this college that strikes most forcibly those who visit or oftend the school. At once evident, they ore a symbol of the many activities in which the overage University student participates during his college coreer. Al- though their primory purposes ore social ones, the fraternal orders serve in numerous fields— social, scholastic and athletic being the outstanding ones. Making his first tour down University Avenue, the visitor is ot once impressed by the imposing fraternity houses lining either side of the street on the approach from Tuscaloosa. Set for back from the side-walks en spacious lowns, these houses ore one cf the most picturesque and beautiful sights en the campus. " Fraternity Row " is probably longer remembered than any other single feature of the campus, with ihe possible exception of the Quadrangle. The majority of these homes ore built along lines of onfe-bellum mansions, lending a touch of truly Southern atmosphere to the campus. Shaded by giant oaks and pines, fronted by wide lawns, " Fraternity Row " is certainly a distinctive port of the University and is almost a vital feature of campus life. Some twenty-six notionolly known social fraternities have chapters located at the University. These range from the most widely recognized organizations to the lesser groups, offering students from any section an opportunity to affiliate with an order representative of their particular location. Southerner and Yankee alike can find groups on the University campus with which he would be congenial. Due to their touch- ing every section of the country, the fraternities of the Capstone have become firmly estoblished during the development of the school. The Interfrotemify Council, a group composed of representatives from each fra- ternity on the campus, governs to a large extent the more formal relations of fra- ternities, both among themselves and with the University. This group regulates " rush- ing " , handles all matters which affect all the fraternities as a whole and generally helps to foster cooperation between the different orders. It has proved useful on numerous occasions and is todoy o very powerful body. " The SAE Block and White Ball " — the Phi Gam " Pig Dlnner " -the Deke Home- coming reception— the Sigmo Nu Barn Dance— the Kappa Sig house-dances— the Phi picnic, all these ore familiar phrases on the University campus. They ore annual social functions which the froternifies give each year. While many of these affairs are for members only, each fraternity usually stages at least one big dance each year when members of other fraternities and non-fraternity students ore invited. The majority of these ore held in the University Field House. Nearly always brilliantly staged, these donees ore one of the main features of campus society life. Serving eoch member individually, the fraternities offer a place where he may receive his friends and enjoy his froternity brothers ' acquaintances. Who has not hod o dote stuffed by five or six good brothers who are only too willing to help entertain somebody else ' s girl? In other woys, the fraternity house also provides a means of making contacts which are valuable to the overage college man. Campus politics, collective study, the cutest freshmen In Coloniol Hall, and subjects of equal weight are all threshed out In the Froternity house. Then, what would the overage Homecoming celebration be without the fraterni ties? What would the olumni use for o base of operations? Eoch year the fraternities compete for a big prize given to the house displaying the most effective lawn decora- tions for the day. Much of the color and life of Homecoming Is due to the port which the fraternities ploy, both In bringing bock alumni fcr the occasion and in the work they do In preparing for the day. In another phase of University life, we find thot the fraternities each year help to foster higher sfanHorH of scholarship among Its members. Beside setting certain mini- mum marks for : • ' e fraternities annually compete for the top position in the scholastic rating ; each year through the Interfroternily Council. Fraternities ALPHA SIGMA PHI DELTA KAPPA EPSILON K rT n LI PHI GAMMA DELTA 242 TO THE CAMPUS BEAUTIFUL ALPHA TAU OMEGA DELTA SIGMA FHI KAPPA SIGMA CHI PHI DELTA TAU DELTA EDA -,HI ALPHA DELTA CHI KAPPA ALPHA kHI DELTA THETA PHI KAPPA SIGMA PHI SIGMA KAPPA PI KAPPA ALPHA 243 Jien e the Hall elUan REPLACES THE CLASSROOM olso aid freshmen members in adapting themselves to the dif- ferent methods used in college instruction by giving the new members valuable counsel and allowing them to benefit from the experience of upper-classmen. Athleticolly, the fraternities ore the basis of the present intra- mural sports program which is now in operation at the Cap- stone. Competing each year for the Intramural Sports Cup, the froternities toke part in nearly every sport known in this country, both the indoor ond outdoor types. Football, basketball, base- ball and Softball ore noturolly the major events on each year ' s sport progrom but the lesser contests are oft en very important in the race for the cup. Every man is given an opportunity to participate in some kind of sport, and rivalry between the fraternities is exceptionally shorp. Fraternities made their first appearance at the University OS early as 1847 when o Deke chapter was established here. Aiabomo also has the distinction of being the founding place cf Sigma Alpha Epsilon, which has grown to be one of the largest notional fraternities and includes many thousand mem- bers. Sigma Alpha Epsilon ' s Memorial Hall is located on Uni- versity Avenue just off the campus. It would be impossible to prepare a balance sheet on the fro- ternities or to moke o complete presentation of the broad field which they cover. Fundamentally, they fulfill the purpose for which they were first created but in so doing, they hove oc- quired some attendant evils. None-the-less, the fraternity system as established on this campus has a definitely important place to fill in the life of the students. 1 BQ p 1 M-j Uil lii BR m I 1 ' J wj B K i ■ ■■L 4 rVffl Vii ' ■H Mfc- u JEi_ ViB . ■«ia«_ _ - Bi _ BfljHoitf PI KAPPA PHI SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON S.G.V.. LPi - MU SIGMA CHI SIGMA N ' J SIGMA FHi (ijl yy M % THETA CHI THETA XI ZETA BETA TAU ALPHA IOTA CHAPTER This yeor the Alpha Sigs took the interfraterndy soccer champion- ship after eight consecutive wins. They were not scored upon. Lost spring they won the swimming cup for the second stroight year. " One house donee a month " is the Alpha Sig policy, and their annual Founders ' Doy banquet was held in December. The Alpha Sigma Fhi national froternily was founded in 1 845 at Yale, and now lists 32 chapters, ond boasts alumni like ex-Governor Albert B. White of West Virginia; Gordner Rhea, famous cartoonist; and mony distin- guished jurists, clergymen, diplomats, and editors. Locally, Alpha Sig mode its appearance in 1930, and the pin may be seen on the campus worn by Bill Gish, Cotillion club member; Bill Finnegon, var- sity basketball star; Bob Cannon, Bill Boyle, and Bill Stanton, house president. " See the birdie! " ALPHA SIGMA PHI Faculty Members Dr. James Holtoday Dr. Morcus Whitman Mr, Poul Vinton Fronk Finnerty ' 41 James Clark ' 42 William Heslop ' 43 Richard A. Williamson . ' 44 Jock Keiper ' 41 Don Stevenson ' 42 Frank Crowford ' 43 Alan J. ' 4 1 Curlh Seogord ' 41 James Steele ' 42 Robert Jackson ' 43 Robert F. Lo Founloin . . ' -M Bill Finnigon ' 41 William Gish ' 42 Herbert Seagord .... ' 43 Jock Fink ' 44 Carl De Furio ' 41 William J. Boyle ' 43 Robert M. Lee, Jr. . . . ' 43 Russell Poige ' -M Student Members Harold Mimms ' 41 Louis De Furia ' 43 Joseph Weis ' 43 Kenneth Shutts ' 44 Victor F. Schneider ... ' 41 Robert Cannon ' 41 William Toomey ' 43 Joseph Stueland ' 43 Frank Bryan ' 44 Donald Harris ' 41 John Amann ' 41 Edward Nunn ' 43 Charles Monost ' 43 Thomas A. Gray ' 44 Robert D. Lipsey ' 41 Warren Triner ' 41 Wilson R. Haig ' 43 Andrew Doiley ' 43 Bob Bloir ' 44 William Stonton ' 41 Ted Willmore ' 42 Kenneth Covey ' 43 Jock W. Norton ' 43 Eugene Day ' 44 First Row: Schneider, Stanton, Keiper, Seagord, C, DeFurio, C, Cannon, Amann, Triner, Willmore, Clark . . . Second Row: Gish, Boyle, DeFurio, L., Toomey, Nunn. Hoig. Covey, Crawford, Jackson, R., Seagord, H. . . - Third Row: Lee, Weis, Norton, Williamson, Smith, LaFountoin, Pink, Shutts Gray. Bloir. Dav. ' 1 First Row: Porter, Dinning, Dclrympie, Drennen, Wolloce, Hoirston, riugnes, v ' vaaiworrn, Knignt, jones. Rive, Oliver, Taylor . . . Second Row: Douglas, Gumming, Rosberry, Lear, Edmonds, Woodley, Thompson, Ellison, Davis, J., Davis, A. Israel, Wakefield, Thomason . . . Third Row: Whitfield, G., Penney, Donnelly, King, Jenkins, Bronnon, Klein, Woodley, Lawson, Dormon, Bishop, Guy, Marks, Noble . . . Fourth Row: Redden, Crum, DeMotte, Eshelman, Piper, Albright, Dalrymple, Whitfield, C, Church, Horns. Glover, Cooley, Mitchell, Noonan. ALPHA TAU OMEGA Faculty Mcmberi Dr. Richord C. Foster Dr. George long Dr. George P. Shannon Or. Clonton W. Willioms Dr. Benjamin Woolen Dr. Worner I. Holl Mr. Cliiton Penick Dr. Clarence M. Dannelly Student Mambert William M. Farmer . Medicine Marion H. Dodton . Medicine James W. Porter . . . Low Woodford W. Dinning . Low Wm. C. Dolrymple . . Low Francis A. Drennen . . Low Joseph R. Wallace . . law James M. Hoirston . , Law Claude B. Hughes . . Law Edward Wadsworth . , Low Robert R. Knight . . ■41 George F. Jones . . ■41 Ross Ribe ■41 William S. Oliver . . •41 Edwin V. Taylor . . ■41 William D. Douglos, Jr . 41 George W. Cumming . . •41 Joseph T. Rosberry . . . ' 41 William E. Leor .... ' 41 Jock B. Edmonds .... ' 41 Robert Reich ' 41 Robert Woodley .... 41 D. Blackslone Thompson ' 41 Malcolm W. Ellison, Jr. ' 42 Jell W. Davis ' 42 Albert B. Davis 42 John R. Israel ' 42 John R. Wokefield . . . 42 James W. Thomoson . . . 42 Goius Whitfield .... ' 42 Edgar G. Penney ... ' 42 Spottswood Harris . . . ' 42 Frank P. Donnelly . . . ' 43 Edward L. DeMotte . ' 44 Gerald L. King . . . . ■43 Joe W. Eshelmon . . . •44 Hermon H. Jenkins . . . ' 43 Hilton A. Piper .... ' 44 Wade H. Bronnon . . . -43 Thomas C. Albright . . ' 44 Wallace C. Klein . . . ' 43 Dorronce F. Dalrymple ' 44 Leroy H. Woodley . . . ' 43 Charles H. Whitfield . ' 44 Venable A. Lawson . . ' 43 Lourence M. Church . . . -44 George Dormon . . . . ' 43 Aoron D. Harris . . . ' 44 George M. Bishop . . . -43 Solon Glover ' 44 John B. Guy .... . ' 43 Bloke Godfrey .... •44 H. Churchill Marks . . . ' 44 Mock Cooley •44 Jock A. Noble, Jr. . . ' 44 William Mitchell . . . ' 44 Drew L. Redden . . . . ' 44 George Noonan .... ' 44 Williom B. Crum . . . . ' 44 George M, Bishop . . 44 " A. T. O. ' s on the books. ' BE 5m S i 4 1 nfl H 1i VJ BETA DELTA CHAPTER The A.T.O ' S boast mony distinguished olumnt, among whom may be found the names of Dr. Richard C. Foster, president of the Uni- versity; Norman H. Dovis, U.S. Ambassador-at-large; Irving Bacheller. (he author; the Comptons-Karl, T., president of M.I.T. and Arthur H. winner of the Nobel prize In physics. Local luminaries include Joe Wallace, interfroternity council prexy; Gaius Whitfield. Million Dollar Band drum ma|or; Jimmy Hoirston, member of the Cotillion club; Frank Dunnolly, president of Excelsior, and Ed Lear, honor student in en- gineering and house president. Alpha Tau Omegu was founded ot V.M.I, back in S65, and Beta Delta chapter at Alabamo is one of 96. It was orgonized in 1885. Chronologically listing the major social events for the A.T.O. house, first would be the pledge dance in November, next the Chrislmot porty, and finnllv thf formal m Morch, with Mverol houte doncei in between. 46 TAU CHAPTER Highlight of the Chi Phi social season was their onnuol campus- wide house donee on Homecoming afternoon, embellished with sev- eral other offoirs, including o pledge dance in October. Active par- ticipants in interfraternity athletics, they won the runner-up title in soccer this year. Founded ot Princeton in 1824 ond now numbering 35 chapters, Chi Phi appeored on the Alabama compus in 1920 Deon Pound of the Harvord Law school. Sen. Hiram Johnson, New ccmb Carlton, president of Western Union, and Franklin K. Lane, former Secretory of the Interior are prominent Chi Phi alumni. Out stonding students weoring the Chi Phi insignia include Luther Howell secretory of the Spirit Committee and Cotillion club member,- Lem Coley, Druids, etc., Bob Honnon, Aubrey Hornsby, John Chilton and George Phorr. £ " The Chi Phi ' s have one iludtnt anyway. ' CHI PHI Student Members Luther Howell, Jr. , . . ' 41 William Potlerson .... ' 42 Ernest Edwards ' 43 Williom Sorum . Gilliord Robinson . . . Low George M. Phorr, III. . ' 41 Phillip Withom ' 42 Roy Sanders ' 43 Burke Dupuy . . Elliot P. Broughton . . . Low Robert Kouch ' 42 Travis Comer ' 42 Vern Hunnell ' 43 William Sonders Robert L. Honnon, Jr. . ' 41 William Harbough .... ' 42 Aubrey Hornsby ' 43 Claude Woltz ' 43 Jock Pierson . . Lemuel Coley ' 42 John M. Chilton .... ' 43 Jomes Soyre ' 43 ' 13 ■44 ' 44 First Row: Broughton, Honnon, Howell, Phorr, Kouch, Harbough, Coley . . . Second Row: Potterson, Withom, Comer, Hornsby, Chilton, Edwards, Sanders, R. . . . Third Row: Hunnell, Woltz, Sorum, Dupuy, Sonders. W,, Pierson. f-ifsl Kow: Yeueil, Dahlene, Morns, Cleveland, G., Gross, CrondoH, Curnn, f-owier, Longaafe. Mam, kow . . . Second Row: Bartow, Clevelond, S., Crow, Horrell, Lee, Smith, Thomos, Tutwiler, Yorborough, Bilbro, Abroms . . . Third Row: Corley, Cowen, Dowson, Jefferies, Koeppel, Moin, Rhodes, Waller, Burns, Hogood, Urich, Wilkinson. DELTA CHI Focully Memb«rs Roberl L. Harris Graduate Brodley P. Bartow ' 41 Jim Corley •43 Ellis Connor 44 Deon Jomet H. Dosler G. G Clevelond, Jr. Low Somuel Clevelond ■42 Dove Cowen ■43 Jomes Copelond 44 Mr. James F. Dosler Melvyn E. Grass Low Williom Crow ■42 James A. Dawson ' 43 Knox Hogood 44 Mr. Jeff J. Coleman William McElroy Low William Horrell ' 42 Doniel B. Ellis ■43 Douglos Hendri •14 Mr. Wade H. Coleman Emory Connon ■41 Austin Lee ■42 Donald Jelferies ' 43 Joe Hendrix 44 Mr. Donold H. McCuoig Clayton C. Coleman ■41 Woller Smith •42 Bill Koeppel ■43 Porker Mockey •44 Mr. Olio Lunde Harden Crondall ■41 Samuel Thomas ' 42 Bob Keith ■43 Jack McLoin 4.; Dr. J. V. Moslers L. W. Currin •41 Williom Tutwiler •42 Warren Main ' 43 Woyne Miller 44 li. Joe Shepherd Arthur Fowler •41 Jimmy Willioms •42 Bill Pless ■43 Max Morton •44 li W Poul Thomoi Nooh langdoli 41 Pa er Yorborough ■42 Gilbert Rhodes ' 43 Arthur Urich Student Members Charles Main 41 Chorles Bilbro ■42 Sloney Vintson ' 43 Winston Way John C. Yeuell Graduate Charles N. Mooney ■41 Jock Abroms ■42 Bill Waller ■43 Een Wilkinson ' 44 O. Dahlene. Jr. Graduate Alexander S. Pow ■41 Burleigh Carpenter ■43 Feogin Burns ■44 Jimmy Wright 44 " What hove they got to sing about? " ■n KTV m ■■mIi teC mt . - 1 ALABAMA CHAPTER Established locally in 1927, Delta Chi hod its origin at Cornell in 1890, growing to embrace 36 chapters today. William Jennings Bryan, Senator J. W. Bricker, of Ohio,- Fronk E. Mason, noted war correspondent and vice-president of R.C.A.; and Harold M. Stephens, former U S. Attorney General are Delta Chi alumni of note. At present Delto Chi " points with pride " to Buddy Cleveland, student body proMy, Noah Longdate. Phi Beta Kappo and singing vorsity tacklo; John Yeuell. another Phi Bete, playwright of no meon obility. editor of thts year ' s " A " book and post president of the Y.M.C.A., Jimmy Dawson and Art " Mr. Friendliness " Fowler, cheerleaders. In December the Delta Chis had their farmal. followed by a Christmas porty at which pledget honored actives. They gove a Hallowe ' en porty and in February, o formal dinner-dance. In the sporty ' • " «• they reoched the semi-finoli in Interfroternlty fcxstboll. 248 PSI CHAPTER Two presidents of the United Stotes ore listed on the roll of Deke alumni— Teddy Roosevelt and Rutherford B. Hayes. Other notables include the lote Nicholos Longworth, speaker of the House,- J. P. Morgan, financier,- and William Randolph Hearst, publisher. The Dekes entertained with a formal in Morch, o pledge donee in the foil, their annual Homecoming reception and monthly house dances. Among the campus luminaries wearing the badge of Delto Kappa Epiison ore Cy Young, Cotillion club member, et ol.,- Jock Gallolee, O.D.K. prexy; Robert Denniston, president of Forroh Order of Jurisprudence; Will G. Coffey, ex-codet colonel ond member of O.D.K. and Josons, and Brooks Hoyes. editor of the Corolla. Founded ot Yale in 1844, the national now includes 48 chapters. The Aloboma chapter is one of the oldest, first appearing on the campus in 1847. m " Typicoll " DELTA KAPPA EPSILON Faculty Members M. Brooks Hayes . . . . Law T. C. Donald . ' 41 Richard B. Sherrill . . . . ' 42 Herndon Inge, Jr. . . . ' 43 Dr. Wm. C. Frierson Charles H. Moses . . . Law Joseph P. Goode . . . ■41 Jomes J. Alvorez . . . , . ' 42 Ernest Knapp .... . . ' 44 Dr. Stuart Graves Douglas H. Muir . . . Law Fronk E. Lankford . . . ■41 John R. McConnell . . , . ' 42 Henry Bodhom . . . . . 44 Mr. Robert Horwood M. E. McConnell, Jr. . Low Cecil H. Young .... . 41 Clarence Wiley . . . , , . 42 William Hunt .... . . ' 44 Mr. Thomas Garner B. Lonnie Noojin . . . Low Sam M. Johnston, Jr. . •41 John R, Miller, Jr. . . . 43 Porter King . . ' 44 Mr. Hudson Strode E. Brevard Walker . . Low Boskin Butler . ■41 James S. Rodcliff . . . . 43 James Brown .... . . ' 44 Mr. Burke Johnston Hugh F. Culverhouse . Low Thomos R. Jones . . . . -41 Robert P. Lelond . . . . ' 43 William Houston . . . . . ' 44 Bruce V. Hain .... . Low Walter Brower .... . ' 42 John Colemon . . . . . 43 Milton Tote . . ' 44 Williom G. Coffey, Jr. . Low John T. Murray, Jr. . . -42 James Bonks . 43 Jomes Wyche, Jr. . . . . ' 44 Student Members Ben Morsholl .... . ' 41 LeRoy McEntire, Jr. . . . 42 Pat Hoyes . . ' 43 Jomes McMurphy . . . . ' 44 Robert P. Denniston . . Low William Bickley . . . . . ' 41 David Portlow .... . 42 Jock Monoghon . . . . . ' 43 Randall Hollinger . . . . 44 Jack C. Gallolee . . . . Law Hugh Nobers .... . -41 H. Aubrey Toulmin, Jr. . 42 Bill Lloyd , . 43 Ulmer Bradley . . . . . -44 First Row: Denniston, Gallolee, Hayes, Moses, McConnell, M., Walker, Culverhouse, Coffey, Marshall, Nobers, Donold . . . Second Row: Goode, Lonkford, Young, Johnston, Botes, Butler, Brower, Murray, Mc- Entire, Portlow, Toulmin . . . Third Row: Sherrill, Alvarez, McConnell, J., Wiley, Miller, Lelond. Colemon, Banks, Hoyes, Monoghon, Lloyd . . . Fourth Row: Inge, Knapp, Bodhom, Hunt, King, Brown, Houston, Tote, Wyche, McMurphy, Hollinger, Bradley. Si S, «. 9 % % First Row; Sonderson, Nelson, Ryon, Wolker, Tuson, Porke r, ,., Pelion, Shellam . . . Second Row; Dohen . Osborne, Snyder, Allers, Sullivon, Bronch, Chapmen, Horris . . . Third Row: Swindling, Cloughton, Heffermon, Booth, Fitzsimmons, Whitney, Parker, R., Hilton. DELTA SIGMA PHI Foculty Members Or. £, W Gregory, Jr. Dr. Gladstone H. Yeuell Prof. J. R. Cudwonh Prof. Ben E. Horns Student Members Jumes i. AUi?n . . Gruduote M. A. Sonderson, Jr. . ' 41 Williom E. Huges .... ' 41 Joseph M. Sullivan . Williom H. Nelson ... ' 41 Michael Prestera .... ' 41 Robert E. Branch . . Harold Sweet ' 41 Oouglos H. Pelton ... ' 42 Jomes R. Chapman . ' 42 Som W. Booth ' 44 ' 43 Jomes C. Fitzsimmons . . 44 ' 43 Wm. I. Sproyberry, Jr. ' 44 ■43 Conoid C. Whitney ... ' 44 ' 43 Horry C. Greven .... ' 44 Thomas N. Ryon 41 Francis X. Shellom ... ' 42 Frederick L. Harris . Allan P. Wolker .... ' 41 Francis A. Doheny, Jr. . ' 42 Kenneth J. Sv indling Oonold B. Tuscon ... ' 41 William H. Osborne, Jr. ' 42 Wm. P. Cloughton, Jr. ' 43 Richord Porker ' 44 Jomes H. Parker .... ' 41 C. Arthur Snyder, Jr. . ' 42 John A. Heffernon ... ' 43 Robert Hilton ' 44 Arthur W Allers .... ' 42 " It looks like money from home, " BETA KAPPA CHAPTER The Alabama Choptor being founded in 1932. Delta Sigma Phi boostt 42 notional chapters. It was founded at C.C.N.Y. in 1699, and has spread out rapidly in the 42 years of its existence. Bright spot of the Delta Sig social calendor was the annual Founders ' Doy bon- quet in December of the McLester. House dances were held fre quently, honoring pledges and actives alternately. Key man in the local chapter is Melville " Sandy " Sanderson. Blockfrior prexy and militory man. Bill Osborn is treosurer of the A.B. Association. Mike Prestera. ex-president of the Interfroternity Council. Newman Club. and B.M.O.C. de luxe, is an alumnus. Distinguished wearers of the Delta Sig pin include orchestra leaders Jon Gorber, Ted Weems. Skinnoy Ennii, ond the late Hal Kemp; Sen. Jomes J. Dovis; Fritz Crliler. University of Michigon footboll mentor. 350 DELTA ETA CHAPTER DelTo Eto of Delto Tou Delto was founded on the Alobamo campus in 1925, sixty-six years after the founding of the notional fraternity ot Bethany College, West Vo., ond is one of 74 chopters. The Delts ore active in interfraternity sports, and their Roinbow Boll each spring is one of the highlights of the sociol seoson. Members of the fraternity prominent in compus affairs include Charles Adair, president of Greeks and member of most other organizations,- Ed Ginn, editor of the Rommer-Jommer; Morion Coley, vice-president of Blockfriors, budding playwright and Phi Bete material; Bill Walker. president of the chapter, member of Theto Tou and the golf team, Ed Snipes, outstanding in engineering school; and Jock " Bromo " Sel- zer, everybody ' s friend and geniol one-man reception committee for visiting celebrities. Distinguished alumni include Vice-President, Henry A. Wallace,- James Melton, Metropolitan opera tenor. Sen. Alben Borkley; novelist Ben Ames Williams; and the late Glenn Frank, former president of the University of Wisconsin. " Ain ' t collilch grand! DELTA TAU DELTA Faculty Members Prof. WhiTley P. McCoy Student Members Ceroid E. Gibb .... ' 41 Chorles R. Adoir, Jr. . ' 42 Jock Selzer ' 43 William Thompson Edward Ginn ' 41 Howard A. Bitter .... ' 42 John Terrien ' 43 Glenn Smith . . . . Frank Lineberry .... ' 41 James Gouck ' 42 Rhodes Thomos ' 43 Roger Vose . . . . John K. Ayres . . . Graduate Paul Vining ' 41 Charles Knop ' 42 Irwin W. Ehlmann ... ' 44 John Voyer . . . Edword A. Millor . Medicine William R. Walker ... ' 41 Edward Snipes ' 42 Banks E. Eudy ' 44 Williom Woite . . Orrin K. Ames Low Robert Brown ' 41 John Dean ' 42 Williom Howe ' 44 Gerry Goode . . Marion K. Coley .... ' 41 Phillip C. Willioms ... ' 41 Byron P. Harper .... ' 43 Nicholas Peters .... ' 44 John R Prutlon . Thomos Mosely ' 43 ' 44 ' 44 ' 44 ' 44 ' 44 ' 44 ■44 First Row: Coley, Ginn, Vining. Wolker, Willioms, Adair, Gouck . . . Second Row: Knop, Dean, Selzer, Thomos, Eudv Howe Peters . . . Third Row; Smith, Vose Vover, Woite, Goode, Prutton, om r.rsT Row: Francis, McEniry, J., Reed, Moore, Tiller, Newell, CoHey, tysier, kusseii. Carpenter, Lipsey . . . Second Row: Bibb, Green, Bloodworlh, G., Hutchinson, James, Long, McDonald, McEnit , T., Pryor, Skelding, Adorns . . . Third Row: Bloodworlh, J., Cobb, George, McConnell, Melton, Ross, Smilher. Wilson, Wyker, Sprodley, Adier . . , Fourth Row: Burnum, Foulk, Hutchinson, Kohlmus, Long. Nelson, Riddick, Salmon, Scruggs, Stough. KAPPA ALPHA Foculty Membert 0«an C. H. Bornwell Dr. Powholan Jomes Mr. Randolph Fori Mr. Ernett Williams Studtnt M«mb«ri Witiiom Good« . . Graduate Jok Neihus . . . Graduate James Ward . . . Medicine Paul Francis Law Herbert Lewii Low J. Howord McEniry . . Low Jock Reed Low John Moore Low Charlie Jackson .... Low Bill Tiller Low N. C. Newell Low Frank Coffey ' 41 Charles Eysler ' 41 Bill Kohlmus ' 41 Edgar Russell ' 41 Noel Carpenter . . . , ' 41 Bill Lipsey ' 41 Julian Bibb ' 42 Chortes Green ' 42 George Bloodworth , . . ' 42 Hamilton Hutchinson . . ' 42 Billy Jomes ' 42 Sam LeMoistre ' 42 Robert Lenahon ' 42 Bill Long ' 42 Charlie McDonald ... ' 42 Tom McEniry ' 42 Luke Pryor ' 42 Jock Skelding ' 42 J. W. Adams ' 43 Jimmy Bloodworth . . . ' 43 Bobby Cobb ' 43 Fred George ' 43 Johnny McConnell . • . . ' 43 Gene Melton ' 43 Oliver Ross ' 43 Johnny Smither .... ' 43 Woher Wilson ' 43 John Wyker ' 43 Walter Sprodley .... ' 43 Jimmy AdIer ' 44 Denson Burnum ' 44 Ed foulk ' 44 John Hutchinson .... ' 44 Raymond Hutson .... ' 44 Robert Hutson ' 44 Buddy Kohlmus ' 44 Eorle long ' 44 John Nelson ' 44 Horry Riddick ' 44 Louis Solmon ' 44 Herbert Schuptrine . . . ' 44 Ed Scruggs ' 44 Sellers Stough ' 44 " All is not gold that glitters. " ALPHA BETA CHAPTER Kappa Alphu. t-fif 0 ' aQ " " pd ut Wuih.n ton College, now Wojh- ington and Lee, in 1665, and now boosts 66 chopters. Twenty y rs later, m 1865, Kopo Alpha apj: eared on the campus. This year, ' fhp house is proud to claim Bill Lipsoy, busire:iS monoger of the Crimson- White, Luke Pryor, president of the (unior doss in the A.B. Khool and hood of the Junior Prom committee. Bill Long, president of Theto Tou, Homilton Hutchinson, enpreiy of Philomothic and Cotillion club mem- ber; and J. W. Adorns, president of Phi Eto Sigma. K.A ' s boast of many disttnguished frolerntty brothers, including Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd, J. fdgar Hoover, heod Gmon.- Gen. George C. Marshall. Army Chief of Stoff; Gov. DiHon, en-Govs. Miller ond Groves of Ala- bomo. making fifteen consecutive years of Koppo Alpha governors. Social octivities include a formal donee in Birmingham before the Tulone gome, seven house donees, and a buffet supper for the Will Brodley orchestra during the mid-term formats. 253 PI CHAPTER Pi chopter of tCappo No wai orgamjed at the University in 1920, nine years alter the founding of the notional at the University of Rocfiesler, and is now outstonding omong tfie 15 cfiopters establisfied nolionally. Last year Koppa Nu took top scholorship honors omong oil national Iroternities. Pi chapter this year was aworded the pres- ident ' s cup by the notional for hoving in it Marvin Warner the most outstonding Koppo Nu in the United States. Warner is Secretory- Treosurer of the student body, choirmon of the classification of clubs committee, member of Forroh Order of Jurisprudence, Scobbord and Blode and ex-president of Excelsior. He shores the limelight with Hal Newmon, captain of the Crimson Tide, vice-prexy of the " A " Club and outfielder on the baseball team. Among She social events presented by the Kappa Nus ore o Founders ' Doy banquet in October, their onnuol Valentine formol in February, parents ' day banquet in April and o picnic in March. They were well represented in all in- tramural sports. " Two ' bigwigs ' talk thinks over. " KAPPA NU Student Members Melvin E. Permutt . . Morvin L. Worner . . Lester Blumberg . . , Harold Newman . . Irvin Allen ' 41 Ben Bloom ' 42 Jerome Silverfield ... ' 43 Bernord Lichter . Law Moxwell Grobove ... ' 42 Myron Radwin ' 42 Maurice Mondelcorn . . ' 43 Julian Hytken . . Low David Rondmon .... ' 42 John Sher ' 42 Leonard Miller ' 43 Al Copouono . . ' 41 Melvin Stein ' 42 Rolph Franco ' 43 Marshall Gordon .... ' 43 Milton Rubin . . . ' 41 Laurens Isroel ' 42 Meyer Shiland ' 43 Bennie Witt ' 43 Harold Roymon ' 43 ' 43 ' 43 ■43 ' 43 First Row; Worner, Blumberg, Newman. Allen, Grobove, Rondmon, Stein . . . Second Row: Israel, Bloom, Radwin, Sher, Franco, Meyer, Silverfield . . . Third Row: Mondelcorn, Miller, Gordon, Witt, Lichter, Hytken, Copcuono. ' €1f tr Hit Firs! Row: McKin!ey, Robinion, Cody, Wikle, Stewart, Averitte, Baker, Blanlon, HoMirnon, Mason, Phillips . . . Second Row: Rodgers, Croddock, Leverelte, McLollen, Morgan, Roper, Rowon, Sizemore, Horn. CorroH, Foote . . . Third Row: Lamar, McDonald. McLeMon Mothson, Moss, Parker, Pate, Smith, Word, Weover, Blachmon . . . Fourth Row: Byrd Cawthon, Chapmon, Collier, Gault. HoM, Avont, Thompson. Cox, Conner, Hardy, Conner, Howard. KAPPA SIGMA Faculty Mvmbors Or. R. E Tidwell Dr. W. P. Oti Dr. Andrewi Dr. F. G. DuBois Dr. G. H. Ke»:er Mr. W. F. Adams Mr. L. A. Notions Mr. Leslie Andrews It. E. J. F.nnell Sludvnl M«mberft Joe Neely .... Graduate JoSn McKtnley . . Groduate Jesse Chapman Medicine Jotn Blanton Low Harold Boumgardner , Low John Speight Low Bill Robinson ' 41 Som West ' 41 George Cody ' 41 Oliie Wik!e ' 41 William Stewart .... ' 41 Worren Averitte . . . , ' 41 Walter Baker ' 41 Claiborne Blanton ... ' 41 Gaston Hollimon .... ' 41 Floyd H. Mason . . . . ' 41 James Phillips ..... ' 41 Ed. Rogers ' 41 Walter Croddock .... ' 42 Bland Leverette Clyde McLollen Richord Morgan Chorles Roper . Hoke Rowan . . Hoi Sizemore . Ge::e Lore . . . Kelly Horn . . . Sam Carroll . . Williom Foote . Low Lamar . . . Lorry McDonald John McClellan Curtis Mattson . Phillip Moss . . Davis Overton . ' 42 Wilmer Parker ' 43 . ' 42 Paul Pote ' 43 . ' 42 Billy Roper ' 43 . ' 42 Hampton Smith ' 43 . ' 42 Mike Sollie. Ill ' 43 . ' 42 James Spencer ' 43 . ' 4-. James Word ' 43 . ' 42 Bill West ' 43 . ' 43 Shellon Whitoker .... ' 43 . ' 43 Robert Howard ' 43 . ' 43 Milton Weil ' 43 . ' 43 Robert E. Weaver ... ' 43 ' 43 Alvin Blachmon .... ' 44 . ' 43 Hershol Byrd ' 44 ' 43 Roy Cowthon ' 44 Don Chapman ' 44 Milton Collier ' 44 Duncan Goult ' 44 Kent Holl ' 44 Paul Wiley ' 44 Billy Cox ' 44 Billy Avont ' 44 Jomes Thompson . . . ' 44 Wilson Johnson .... ' 44 Joseph Thompson . . . ' 44 Don Brown ' 44 Wolton Hagen " 44 Joe Cox ' 44 Hardy Connor ' 44 Howard Conner ' 44 ' 43 " Suckers! " Tr . ' 5J. ' C BETA CHAPTER National figuroi of noto lislod by Kappa Sigmo Alumni include the lute Sen. Williom Gibbt McAdoo. Lowell Thomot. George Jeon Nathan, dramatic critic, H. V. Kaltenborn. On the campus, weorers of the badge include Kelly Horn, track stof; Warroi Averitte. vars.ty fool- ball man; John McKinley. cadet colonel in R.O.T.C..- Jimmy Thompson. Druid and regimentol leroeonlmojor in basic R.O.T.C, Buck Mason. James Phillips, Bill Robinson, and John Blanton, Y.M.C.A. prexy. This yeor the Kappa Sigs were co hampions in intro-mural football. Social activities included a formal in December, pledge donee m September. ore house dance a month, and three smokers for pledges and actives. The Alobomo Chapter this year was host to a district conclove m April of oil chapters in Georgia, Florido ond Alobomo. The mother chapter is at the University of Virg inia, founded in 1669. The locol chapter, orgonixed in 1699, is one of 113. 264 ALPHA PHI ZETA CHAPTER Holt Rost heods the list of prominent Lambda Chis. Rest is a mem- ber of O.D.K., Josons. Cotillion Club, and the vorsity football team. Shoring the spotlight at the house ore Bruce Morson, ossistanf editor of the Corolla, John Bailey. Rho Alpho Tau, Interfraternity council ond publicotions man,- ond Jimmy Younger, house prexy and member of the basketball team. The Lambda Chis troce their national his- tory bock to their founding at Boston University in 1909, ond claim 109 chapters. The fraternity was organized ot the University in I9I9. Finishing last yeor with the cup for intramural golf and the runner-up title in horse-shoes, they have been active in interfraternity competi- tion this yeor. High spot of their social calendar was the formal in February, in addition to several house dances, o pledge banquet and a boot trip In the spring. Nationally-known alumni ore ex-Governor Horry Leslie of Indiana, and Chester Gould, creator of Dick Tracy. " Are they really listening to Morson? " LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Foculty Members Paul C. Morgan, Jr. . ■41 John T. Mockereth . ' 42 Lynwood Jomes .... ' 43 Sam Mills ' 43 Mr. Boskin Wnght John H. Green, Jr. . •41 Otis B. Tillery .... ' 42 Lee Duvoll ' 43 William Donaldson . . . ■43 Dr. K. P. Koufmon Howord A. Smith . . ' 41 Jesse C. Howton . . . ■42 Clarence W. Crawford ' 43 Ray White ' 43 Mr. Carl Jamison Bruce Morson .... •41 Richard E. Hodges . . ■42 William F. Nolon, III. ■43 William H. Royol . . . Prof. Brooks Forehor.d Williom Thompson . . ■41 James R. Younger . . ■42 Howord M. Smelley . . ■43 James O. Golden . . . . Mr. Hendrix Young William A. Bittner . . ■41 Robert R. Currie . . . ■42 Thomas £. Butler . . . ' 43 John E. Gomill Mr. Alfred Robert Lyngby Thomcs J. F. Hager . ■41 Dovid B. Gross .... ■42 Robert Calhoun Duke , ' 43 George W. Arnstrong . Holt Rost, Jr •41 Frederick J. Thompson ■42 Edword V. Horton . . ■43 Velpeou H. Rogsdole, Jr. Student Members Jimmie Whalen . . . ■41 Norman Wes ' ey . . . ■42 Jock Gidion Poden . . ' 43 Michoel J. P. Gavin . . W. H. Willioms .... Law William L. Wall, Jr. . ■42 John D. Bailey .... ' 43 Fronk M. Oden, Jr. . . ' 43 Steve M. Chlckos . . . . Thomas F. Parker . . •41 Williom D. Rendlemen ' 42 Earl R. Crem .... ' 43 Frederick A. Christmon ' 43 Frank Little First Row; Parker, Morgon, Green, Morson, Hager, Rost, Wholen, Wall, Rendlemen, Mockereth . . . Second Row: Tillery, Younger, Currie, Gross, Thompson, Wesley, Bailey, Crem, James. Duvoll . . . Third Row: Crawford. Nolon, Butler, Duke, Oden, Royal, Golden, Gomill, Armstrong, Chickos. wm f f h Ki a L kai f-irst Row: Mudd, Sykes, Kidd, Mogue, Stewart, Walktns, Beville, Lurry, htrt, Dowiing, Moody, Mooney, Snow, E., Housed . . . Second Row: Long, Edmundson, Bray, Butter, Holsey, Lackey, McClellond, Snow. W., Webb, Wood, Steiner, Jacobs, Brooks, Dozier . . . Third Row: Embry, Hasly, Jomes, Lory, McGiffert, Mudd, Sortoin, Agricolo, Browder, Dunn. Dixon, Roberts, Sewell, Harrington . , . Fourth Row: Portt, Bowron, Coin, Webb, Crute, LeBlanc, Randall, Thomos, Hayes, McMurphy, Morrisette, Kidd, O ' Connor, Burman. PHI DELTA THETA Foculty M»mb«r] William Hogue . . . . L ow Dr. Sodold Lewis Stewart L □w John Wotkins L ow Student Members Peter Beville 41 Billy Mofiat ... Groduote Burton Curry • ' .I Truetl JomeJ . . . Medicine Stephen Flits 41 Powholon Jomei . Medicine William Dowiing .... 41 JoMph BurleiOn . Medicine Maxwell Moody 41 Williom S. Mudd . ... Low Burgett Mooney .... 41 Jome Sirodwick . . . . Low tdword Snow 41 Bernord Sykei . Low Karl Elebosh 41 Jamei Kidd Law Cdgor Bowron 11 John Douglcj- I 1W Williom HouscD 41 Ralston Long 11 •Whot ' i Lou doing here! " 1 1 P H r I r -V J D. V. Edmundson .... ' 41 Bud Broy ' 41 Charles Butler ' 42 William Halsey ' 42 Julian Lackey ' 42 Homer McClelland .... ' 42 Williom Snow ' 42 Charles Webb ' 42 Williom Wood ' 42 John Steiner ' 42 Paul Jocobs ' 42 William Brooks .... ' 43 Albert Dozier ' 43 Eric Embry ....... ' 43 John Hosty ' 43 John James ' 43 William Lory ' 43 Dovid McGif ert .... ' 43 Doak Mudd ' 43 Alfred Sortoin ' 43 Hugh Agricolo ' 43 Tom Browder ' 43 Christopher Dunn .... ' 43 Som Dixon ' 44 Bob Roberts ' 14 Joe Sewell ' 44 James Horrington .... ' 44 Don Prott ' 44 Richard Bowron ' 44 Ed Com ' 44 George Webb ' 44 Charles Crute ' 44 Stewort LeBlanc .... ' 44 Henry RondoH ' 44 Sumner Thomos .... ' 44 Morsholl Hoynes .... 44 Earl McMurphy ' 44 Bob Morrissette .... ' 44 Bradford Kidd ' 44 William O ' Connor ... 44 John Burnom . 14 ALABAMA ALPHA CHAPTER The Phi Dells onlcrtatnod Ihis yojr wfih ihc r format m Birmingham in November, a pledge dance in October and novel house doners throughout the year. Athletic high spot was the " grudge " football game with the S.A.E. ' ft. Founded at Miami Univeriity in 1B46 and today booiting 107 chopten, Phi Delto Theto come to the Alabama compui In 1877. President Benjomin Horriion; Former Supreme Court Justice Jomot Clark McReynoldi; fomed editor William Allen White, Will Hayes, exPostmaster-Generol and now movie cenwr, end Elmer Davis, news commentator, ore luted os Phi Delt alumni. At the Unt- verttty the pm may be seen on Jimmy Kidd, O.D.K.. Burton Curry. Tou Beta Pi, Joions ond Cadet-Colonel. 266 THETA CHAPTER Hoynes Thompson, editor of the Cnmson-While, heads the list of campus luminaries under the Phi Gom stor. Shoring the spotlight with Hoynes ore Jock Mines, Cotillion club member and assistant busi- ness monoger of the Corolla, Hoynes Byrnes, member of Scobbord and Blade ond Quodrongle,- ond Lew Bricken, house prexy and presi- dent of Phi Delto Phi. Estoblished on the campus in 1855, the local chapter of Phi Gom is one of 75. Since its founding as on inter- notionol fraternity ot Washington University inow Washington ond Jefferson! in 1848, Phi Gam has produced such distinguished men os President Coolidge,- Newton D. Baker, Secretory of War in Wilson ' s war cobinet; former Republican Presidentiol nominee Alf London; Rock- well Kent, the ortist, and Lew Wollace, author of Ben Hur. A formal in April, pledge donee in October, o Christmas porty for under- privileged children, o banquet in the spring and several house dances made up the Phi Gom social colendor. This year they coptured the intro-murol debate championship. w " They seem right at home. ' PH I GAMMA DELTA Faculty Members Dean J. H. Newmon Dr. John M. Gollolee Mr. Fred R. Maxwell Dr. R. Murroy Christion Mr. Morlin Moore Mr. Howard H. Harlan Mr. Olin T. Brown Lt. Willord W. Livingston Student Members C. H. Thompson . Graduate Harold Gamble . Medicine Robert T. Ashurst Medicine R. P. McBurney . . Medicine Albert Tolum . . . Med icine Reginald Patterson . . . ' 41 M. L. Folio .... Med icine Henry B. Rice . ' 41 Llewellyn P. Bricken . . Law Ernest Lee, Jr . ' 41 Richord S. Brooks . . . Low Edwin B. Livingston . . ' 41 Wilfred Golbroith . . . Low Harlan C. Meredith . . ' 41 Nesbit Elmore Low Thomas H. Nicol . . . . ' 41 Williom H. Mitchell . . Low Marvin T. Ormond . . . ' 41 Chorles M. Smith . . . Low Leighton C. Wood . . . ' 41 Edword H. Reynolds . . Low Jomes F. Rikard . . . . ' 41 Alfred E. Hawkins . . . Law Ashley Richordson, Jr. . ' 41 Ben D. Davis . ' 41 Hoynes C. Byrne . . . . ' 41 Richord H. Arringlon . ■41 Tolliver L. Austin . . . . ' 42 Lee Bidgood, Jr. . . . . -41 James C. Brice . . . . ' 42 Newton Wiggins . . . . . ' 41 Jock Hines . ' 42 Cloude A. Hinlon . . . . ' 42 Gilbert Hollingsworth . ' 42 Rex Kennomer ' 42 Milton Rogsdoie .... ' 42 Jomes C. White ' 42 Norvin Hunnicutt .... ' 43 Roy Acton ' 43 Billy Perdue ' 43 James Cobb ' 43 Billy Wertz ' 43 Alex Locey ' 43 Whitfield Moncrief ... ' 43 Charles Wiggins .... ' 44 Willis Bidgood ' 44 Tyler Moffett ' 44 Billy Jomison ' 44 Paul Salter ' 44 Bill ' Wolly ' 44 Furmon Baker ' 44 Pot Trice ' 44 Jomes Morgon ' 44 Wilson Durham .... ' 44 Northom Johnston . . . ' 44 Arthur Eostmon ' 44 Lee Otts ' 44 Thomas Meors ' 44 Frank Rice ' 44 William H. Boykin ... ' 44 Jomes Hinton ' 44 First Row: Thompson, Ashurst, Bricken, Brooks, Mitchell, Smith, Reynolds, Dovis. Arrington, Bidgood, Wiggins . . . Second Row: Patterson, Meredith, Ormond, Wood, Rikard, Richardson, Byrne, Austin, Hines, Hinton, Hollingsworth . . . Third Row: Kennomer, Rogsdoie, White, Hunnicutt, Acton, Perdue, Cobb, Wertz, Locey, Moncrief, Wiggins . . . Fourth Row: Bidgood, Moffett, Salter, Wolley, Baker, Trice, Vorgon, Johnston, Eostmon, Otts, Meors, Rice. first Row; Young, Horlon, Willioms, M., DeVore, Williams, J., McKone, Brenno. Hondwerk . . . Second Row; Leonord, Bender, Cheolhom, Miller, Porker. Whiton, WyotI, Box . . . Third Row; Benson, Bruder, Cornelius, Moore, Murch, Neveiing, Quinlon, Roy, Sireicher. PHI KAPPA SIGMA Foculty Members Robert W. DeVorc ... ' 42 John Fober ' 42 Julius Papios ' 43 Donald G. Murch .... 44 Wllliom T. D. Roy J. Frank Willioms ... ' 42 Richard Bender ' 43 Joseph L. Box ' 44 John Neveiing 44 Mortin Harrison John McKone ' 42 Harold N. Cheatham . . ' 43 John Benson ' 44 John P. Quinlon . ' 44 Student Members John Dovid Brennan . . ' 42 Robert Luck ' 43 Gerord M. Bruder .... ' 44 Robert G. Ray 44 Oliver E. Young, Jr. . Low Joseph Hondwerk ... ' 42 William B. Miller .... ' 43 Ernest E. Cornelius ... ' 44 Ralph V. Streicher . . U Jomet O. Morton, Jr. . ' 41 Russell Leonard ' 42 RoJph Parker ' 43 John Davis ' 44 Williom J. Willioms . . 44 M. Kennedy Williams . . ' 41 Robert Kirsche ' 42 William B. Whilon ... ' 43 Casper Moore ' 44 Donold Whilmire ... ' 44 Ervin B. Wyott, Jr. . . . ' 43 " Annfht f bowP " ALPHA KAPPA CHAPTER The late Claude A. Swanson. Secretory of the Navy; AAoxfield Por- nsh, the artist; the DuPonts; and Sen. O ' Mohoney of Wyoming are pointed to by the Phi Kapi as froternity brothers. Phi Kappa Sigma was founded as an international fraternity in 1 853 at the University of Pennsylvonio. und has expanded to Include 40 chapters. Alpha Kappa chopter at Alabama came into existence in 1903, and claims such well ' known Capslonions as Ervin Wyatt, honor student in home ec. Khool; John Faber, phologropher extroordinory; Bob Kirshke. editor of the Spectotor. notional publication of Gamma Delta. Lutheron organizot.on, Horold Cheatham. Crimson- White staff member, James O. Horton and Carl Bentley. The Phi Kops entertained this year with six house formats, including the novel " Havana Nights " parly, o Christmas donee, and a pledge dance in Februory. They participated in oil interfroternity sports. 258 OMICRON DEUTERON CHAPTER Unusuot and clever sociol events hove always charocterized the Fhi Sigma Kappa chopter at Alabama. This year, in addition to o Thanksgiving bonquet, o Christmas darce and several house donees ond buffet suppers, the Phi Sigs come forth with a novel Monte Carlo porty in March, with outhentic paraphernalia. Campus luminaries within the Phi Sig fold include Jock Cowing, house prexy, vice-presi- dent of the Spirit Committee and Cotillion Club member; Les Morgan, cheerleader; George Miller, teaching fellowship in the speech deport- ment ond Blackfrior big-wig. Byord Sooy, Bill Wesson and Les Mor- gan hold three of the five memberships on the campus in Sigma Delta Psi, notional physicol educationol honorary. Prominent alumni include Daniel C. Willord, president of the B. O. railroad; Sen. Robert Wagner; and Horry Steenbock, eminent scientist. The notional fra- ternity was founded at Mossachusetts Agricultural mow State i College in 1873, and hod expanded until it now lists 56 chapters. The local chopter was established in 1925. T HJlg HSxTM iff " Lovey Dovey. " PHI SIGMA KAPPA Faculty Members Lester Morgan .... . ' 41 Robert P. La Polla . . . ' 42 John B. Browning . . . ' 43 Albert Crock . ' 44 George A. Miiler II Byard F. Sooy . . . . . ' 41 Donald J. Sails . . . . ' 42 Peter E. Brownbock . . ' 43 Robert Dennehy . . ' 44 Dean Albert B. Moore William H. Wesson . . ' 41 Don E. Treu . ' 42 John R. Horning . . . . ' 43 Rodger Graves .... ' 44 Mr. Williom Harkins Leo W. Misuk .... . -41 Robert K. Armstrong . . ' 43 Hugh Downey .... . ' 43 John M. Harris .... . ' 44 Student Members James Brantner . . . . ' 42 John W. Drew .... . ' 43 Vincent J. Rogers . . . ' 43 Lawrence K. Kelly, Jr. . ' 44 Joseph F. Hull . . Grad jote John D. Cowing . . . . -42 Charles DeShane . . . ' 43 William R. Tierney . . . ' 43 John B. Loke . ' 44 Howard E. Bedell . . . ' 41 Aus ' in J. Gerber . . . . -42 George L. Ebert . . . . ' 43 Carlos Bosch . ' 43 Richord S. Russell, II. ' 44 Benny W. Kopocz . . . ' 41 Alfred J. Golo, 11. . . . ' 42 Kenneth R. Outram . . ' 43 Robert Alexander . . . ' 43 Frank Webb . ' 44 John A. O ' Deo ■4I George A. Hecht . . . . ■ ' (2 Lester E. Russell . . . . ' 43 Francis A. Sherlock . . . ' 43 Gilbert Weotherby . . . ' 44 Robert Morgon . . . . •41 George Homich . . . . ' 42 Chorles D. Steurer . Leonard S. Wilds . . . . ' 43 . ' 43 Kenneth G. Ackerman . . ' 44 Morvin Woodward . . . ' 44 First Row: Bedell, Kopocz, O ' Deo, Morgan, Sooy, Wesson, Misuk, Brantner, Cowing, Golo . . . Second Rcw: LoPollo, Treu, Armstrong, Drew, Ebert, Russell, Steurer, Wrids. Browning, Downer . . . Third Row: Tierney, Bosch, Alexonder, Ackerman, Horris, Kelly, Russell, Webb. Weotherby, WoodwDrd. hrst kow: King. Corison, ford, Beolle, Tmdell, Fow ' er, Po ne, McKay, Walbce, Burreii, Beeson. Berry, Cheotham , . . Second Row: Nunrelly, Robon, Randall. Wclford, Bloke, Brcwn. Cobb, File, Leoch, Whileside, Morring, Sewell, Simpson . . . Third Row: Treadwoy, Lister, Hardegree, Booth Burgess, Dovis, J., Dovis, B., Dowkins, Echols. Etheredge, Green, Grimes, Hubbard . . . Fourth Row: Hudson, Schuessler, Tippins, McEachern. Miller, Walker, Echols, Gibson, Wilson, Rolfe, Sellers, Sproggins, Woller. PI KAPPA ALPHA Faculty Members Col. Williom T. Corpenter Or. Jock P. Montgomery Dr. Herbert H. Thomos Or. Chorles M. Pegues Student Members Jomes T. Grimes . Medicine Hirom G. King . . Medicine Keener Blockmarr . . . Low Robert Corison .... low J. E. Clork low Rolph H. Ford low Joe Smith Low Wiley Sharp , Low Rufus Beolle Low James Tindell low Conrad Fowler Low Joe L. Poyne Low Jock Tipler Low Chorles W McKoy ... Low Woles W. Wolloce . . . Low Joseph G. Burnett . . . Low James Beeson ' 41 James Berry ' 41 Jesse Cheathom .... ' 41 Croylon Fargoson .... ' 41 Henry Feotherston ... ' 41 Daniel Nunnelley ... ' 41 Richord D. Robon .... ' 41 Foy M. Rondoll ' 41 Hansford Watford .... ' 41 Thomas M, Bloke .... ' 42 James B. Brown .... ' 42 Joseph Cobb ' 42 Jock Corler ' 42 Kelley V. Fite ' 42 Williom H. Hoyes .... ' 42 Roy Leach ' 42 Heusiis Whileside .... ' 42 Robert Waters ' 42 Carl Morring ' 42 Jock Sellers ' 42 Toxey Sewell ' 42 Sam Simpson ' 42 Felix Treodwoy .... ' 42 Jimmy Nelson ' 42 Poul Spencer ' 42 Jack McKewon ' 42 Truetl Bullock ' 42 Robert H. Lister .... ' 42 Arthur L. Hardegree . . ' 42 J. B. Booth ' 43 Charles Burgess .... ' 43 J. D. Copies ' 43 Jomes Dovis ' 43 Ben R. Dovis ' 43 Robert D. Dowkins ... ' 43 William G. Echols ... ' 43 Foster Etheredge .... ' 43 Henry Garrett ' 43 Roy Green ' 43 Porter Grimes ' 43 Perry Hubbard ' 43 Mox Hudson ' 43 Buddy Williams .... ' 43 William Schuessler ... ' 13 Keener Tippins ' 13 Dove Brown ' 13 Longston McEochern . . ' 43 Joe Miller -43 Winston Wolker, Jr. . . ' 43 Gene Burroughs ' 44 Jomes Duncon ' 44 John Echols ' 44 Chorles Gibson ' 44 Earl Hunley ' 44 Tom Lewis ' 44 Joe P. Wolker ' .14 Rolph Wilson -44 Frank Rolfe ' 44 Billy Sellers ' 44 Thomos J. Sproggins . . ' 14 Parker Waller !4 Hoppy Beord )4 Jock Avery . . ,44 " Hot foot- It ' s going to be o Poyne. " GAMMA ALPHA CHAPTER Pi K A looms lorgo a) one of tho most othlotic conscious fraternities on the campus. Not only ore they co-champions m intramural football, but list on their rotter Jimmy Nelson, Paul Spencer Dave Brown and " Happy " Beard, all footballers of note. Appropr.otely enough social activities include a bonquel honoring these foo boll me.i, ihe onnual pre-Homecoming formal, three house dances ond a Chr.stmos party. First prize for Homecoming decorations went to the Pi K. A. ' s thii year also. Founded at Alabamo in 1924, the local chapter is one of 80 chapters. The nationol was organized of the University of Vtr- ginra in 1866, and pomti to tuch illuitr.ous alumni os Sen. Albert " Hoppy " Chandler, en Governor of Kentucky, Joseph Benlonelti, Metropoliton Opera star, and eiiCongreisman L. B. Romey from Ala- bama. " Bully " Fowler, Cotillion club prexy,- Carl Morrtng. president of Philomothic; Je»e Cheatham, St. Pat ' s big-wig, ond Joe Poyne ore locol luminaries. 360 OMICRON CHAPTER Hon. Jo« Starnes, Congressman from Alobomo ond member of the committee, is a noted Pi Koppo Phi alumni. Estoblished at Ala- bama in 1917, Pi Koppo Phi troces its notional history back to 1904, when it was organized ot the College of Charleston iS.C. ' . Basketball :eems to be the forte of the Pi Kops athletically. Winners of the inlro-murol basketball cup lost year, they list os chapter members Veo Storey and J. B. Hotley, both members of the varsity basketball team. B. L. Mochen is another Pi Kop of note. He is president of the seniors in the Commerce School, and member of the Cotillion club. Lister Brunson is assistant editor of the Corolla, ond Charles Tolbot is campus sheriff. Socially, the Pi Koppo Phis hove entertained with a formal in October, o Monte Carlo party ond several house donees. " Is this the first cup? " PI KAPPA PHI Faculty Members G. C. Houston .... ■41 Gene M. Gordon . . ' 42 William Alley .... . 42 Roy Pinkord ■43 Edward S Carothers Durword English . . . ■41 Fronk V. Sances . . . . ' 42 Jomes P. Driver .... . ' 42 George Gommon . . . ' 43 Student Members Thomos Butcher .... . ■41 Leon F. Kelly .... . . ' 42 Russell Henley .... . ' 42 Bill Landers ' 43 Somuel F. Cornley . . Low Henry J. Kiftrell . . . ■41 Roy W. Willioms . . ' 42 John W. Turner . . . . . ' 43 William G. Reynolds, Jr. ■44 Leonord Lowrey . . . . Low Little D. Owen .... ■41 Charles Talbot . , . . . ' 42 Frederick M. Fleming . . ' 43 Edward Boswell . . . . ' 44 Jerome E. Burwell . . . ' 41 Dovid W. Self .... ■41 Bill Carroll .... . ' 42 James H. Moddox . . . ' 43 George Block ' 44 B. L. Mochen . . . . . -41 James F. Stanley . . . -42 Joe H. Greene . . . . . ' 42 Joe Stornes. Jr. . . . . ' 43 Robert C. Bedsole . . . ' 44 Fred J. Couthen . . . . ' 41 Forus G. Windham, Jr. . ■A2 Williom Stollard . . . . ' 42 Bill Eoson . ' 43 Bancroft Cooper . . . . ' 44 D. A. R. Nelson . . . . ' 41 William L. Brunson . ■42 Joseph E. Heorn . . . . ' 42 Williom R. Powell . . . . ' 43 Robert Block ■44 Cloude White . . . . . ' 41 Normon Bertolotti, Jr. ■42 Jock Brock . . 42 Glenn Morton . ' 43 C. Dudley Deaton, Jr. . ' 44 First Row: Lowrey, Burwell, Mochen, White, Couthen, Houston, Kettrell, Owen, Stanley, Windham, Brunson . . . Second Row: Bertolotti, Jordon, Sances, Kelly, Williams, Tolbot, Stollard, Alley, Driver, Henley, Turner . Third Row: Fleming, Moddox, Stornes, Eoson, Powell, Morion, Landers, Reynolds, Boswell, Block, Deaton first Row: Vaughn, Reynolds, McGowan, Coleman, fuKord. Flowers, Smiley, Arnngion. Hams. Jones, Miller. Mullens, Prince, Cowden . . . Second Row: Crobtree, Grimsley, Hodges, Jobson, Jones, Mitchell, Reynolds, Sovoge, Corrowoy, Anderson, Binghom, Corr, Christian, DuPre . . . Third Row: Johnson, Lighlfoot, Shor- man, J., Underwood, Beckwith, Bronnon, Clevelond, Elmore, Jones, Jordon, Lokey, Monetie, Morrisette, Powe . . . Fourth Row: Shormon, L., Williamson, McLean, Block, Brown, Edison, Goff, Haygood, Motlhews, Harris, Montgomery, Orr, Crosby. SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Foculty Members Ray Sadler Irving Little Paul S. Garner Dr. John R. McClure Dr. Jockson S. Sharmon Dr. J. Henry Wolker A. M. Kennedy Williom Going Student Members Robert Vaughon . Medicine Grady Reynolds .... Low Tom Coleman Law Billy McGowon .... Law Clifford Fulford .... Low Richmond Flowers . . . Low Tom Smiley Low Toylor Hardy Low Bobby Arrington .... Low Leo Harris Low Gormon Jones Law Goyle Miller Low Norton Mullens .... Law John Prince Low Bob Cowden ' 41 Som Crobtree ' 41 Bobby Groves ' 41 Alva Grimsley ' 41 Ralph Hole ' 41 Som Hodges ' 41 Eugene Jobson ' 41 Herbert Jones ' 41 Lee Mitchell ' 41 Morgan Reynolds ... ' 41 Richard Savage ' 41 Charles Corrowoy ... ' 41 Winston Anderson . . . ' 42 Jack Bingham ' 42 Robert Carr ' 42 Jack Christion ' 42 Victor Covington .... ' 42 Charles DuPre ' 42 William Farmer .... ' 42 John W. Johnson .... ' 42 Robert Lightfool .... ' 42 Jock Sharmon ' 42 Robert Llnderwood . . . ' 42 Williom Beckwith .... ' 43 Troy Bronnon ' 43 Cwing Corter ' 43 Hoi Cleveland ' 43 John D. Elmore ' 43 Julien Jones ' 43 Edger Jorden ' 43 Robert Monette ' 43 Welch Morrisette ... ' 43 Houston Powe ' 43 Lewis Sharmon ' 43 Chorles Williamson . . ' 43 James McLean .... ' 43 Hugo Block ' 44 Hugh Brown ' 44 Robert Edison ' 44 Leon Goff ' 44 Bill Haygood 44 Robert Harris 44 Max Matthews ' 44 John May ' 44 John Montgomery .... ' 44 John Orr ' 44 Trom Sessions ' 44 George Crosby " 44 " Eating now, steeping later. ' ALABAMA MU CHAPTER S.A.E. was foundpci here oi Aiobama, and is one of ihe largest national froternilies, numbering 114 chapters. Organized in 1856. S.A.E. boasts such notab ' e alumni as President McKlnley. U. S. Sen- otors Pat Horr.son of Mississippi. Key Pittmon of Nevodo, ond John Bonkhead of Alobomo; Daniel C. Roper, ex-Secretory of Commerce: Bobby Jones, golfer extraordinary, and Jack Holt and Conrod Nogel of the movies. Big event of the S.A.E. ' s athletic season was Ihe " grudge " footboll match with the Phi Delts. Their social events in- cluded the onnual block and white formal in November, o pledge dance and several house dances. Brightest lights among the S.A.E. ' s ore Som Crobtree. house president and business monoger of the RammerOommer, Som Hodges, Jason and Cotillion club member. Clifford Fulford. Jason, O.D.K. and Phi Beta Koppo. Welch Mor- risette, Rho Alpha Tou prexy ond John Durr Elmore, Alpha Epsilon Delta. 262 TAU CHAPTER A lea dance for pledges in December, a Hollcween porty and a week-end house party in April head the lis? of social affairs for the .S.A.M. ' s this year. They gave severe! novel house dances in addi- tion. First organized as a notionol fraternity at C.C.N.Y. in 1909, Sigma Alpha Mu now totals 38 chopters. Local history dotes bock to 1919. Among their distinguished alumni ore the names of Sam Bolter, radio sports commenrolor, Marty Glickmon, member of the Olympic track team; and Benjomin Schwortz, lawyer for the Ameri- con Iron and Steel Institute. Bob Engel, Wilbur Silberman, Jock Orenstein, Floyd Melmon ore prominent wearers of the octagonal badge on ihe compus. " Hail! Hail! The Gang ' s oil here! ' SIGMA ALPHA MU Student Members Jerome Newmork ... ' 41 Bernard Levin ' 43 Robert Cngel ' 43 Lee Wilkoff ' 44 Jocque Orenstein . . . ' 42 Williom Oronburg ... ' 43 Sidney Goldberg .... ' 43 Bernord Rosenweig ... ' 44 Irving Ponken . . Groduote Morton Rosen ' 42 Bert Jacobs ' 43 Ellis Poletz ' 43 Marvin Reuben ' 44 B. Steinberg . . . Medicine Sidney Rosen ' 42 Royal Jonas ' 43 Sam Jospin 44 Joe Sirs ' 44 Wilbur G. Silbermon . law Seymour Kohn ' 43 Floyd Melmon ' 43 Gerald Rosenberg ... ' 44 Donald Frost ' 44 First Row: Ponken, Steinberg, Silberman, Newmork, Rosen, Kohn . . . Second Row; Levin, Oronburg, Jacobs, Jonas, Melmon, Engel . . . Third Row: Goldberg, Poletz, Jospin, Rosenberg, Cohen, Rosensweig, Frost. 5 S.frf.Trlf « first Row: Howard, Harris, Eedscle, T., Hardin, Penning ton, J., Pennington, H., Zucker, Bennett, Horrts, Norris, Guy, Gaines . . . Second Row: Nelson, Root, Wilson, Jenkins. Stewort, Norton, Milner, While, Hoffmon, Hubbs, Coggin, Moyes . . . Third Row: Allen, Pugh, Rives, Thomas, Corr, Kimbrough, Gorcio, Bedsole, J., Moxwell, Cunninghom, Ollinger, Brown . . . Fourth Row: Newell, Richey, Montiel, Botes, Susong, Rogers, Pullum, Loftin, Hollowoy, Bush, Allen. SIGMA CHI Faculty Member! Or George H. Denny Rolph E. Adamt Student Member! George P. Howard . . Low James D. Horrii . . . Low Trovi M. Bedsole . . Low Jomei T. Hordin . . . Low Jeue M. Pennington . Low Joseph D. McPherson . Low Lowrence W. Coruthers Low Horry Lucas Pennington . ' 41 Howard Zacker .... ' 41 Charles E. Brannon ... ' 41 Robert R, Horris ' 41 Jomes J. Bennett .... ' 41 William E. Norris ... ' 41 Louis E. Guy ' 41 Joseph R. Gaines .... ' 41 William R. Nelson ... ' 41 Wendell J. Root .... ' 41 Jomes N. Wilson . . . ' 41 Eric C. Allen, Jr •42 Quitman U. Newell . . Sam E. Beole ■41 Williom C. Pugh . . . . ' 42 Horold P. Richey . . . . Carl L. Owen, Jr. . . ' 41 James Veil Rives . . . . ■43 Winsley W. Boles . . . Jean M. Jenkins . , . ' 42 Edward F. Thomas . . . ' 43 Leslie Burger, Jr. . . . John C. Stewart . . . . ' 42 Jack Durword Corr . . . ■43 Leslie Susong Robert O. Norton, Jr. ' 42 James E. Kimbrough . . ■43 Henry Rogers John Milner ■42 WiUredo S. Garcia . . ' 43 Carl E. Pullum, Jr. . . Horvey 1. While, Jr. . . ' 42 Joseph L. Bedsole, Jr. . ■43 Williom V. McMullen . . Russell V. Hoffman. Jr. . 42 Joseph W. Moxwell . . ' 43 John B. Loftin Guy La Mar Hubbs . ' 42 William D. Cunningham •43 Julion L. Hollowoy. Jr. George W. Coggin . . . ' 42 Horry Leo Ollinger, Jr. •43 Fred N. Bush Williom B. Mayes, Jr. ' 42 William E. Brown . . . . ■43 Glenn L. Allen ' Is Harris that woy ogoin? " ¥ IOTA IOTA CHAPTER The Sigma Chi Derby, inaugurated ihts yeur as on annual affair by the local chapter, proved to be a highly popular entertainment feature for the whole campus and wos porticipoted In by every Mrority. October sow the Sigma Chi pledge dance and the formal was in December. Winners lost year of the cup for interfroternity sports, the Sigma Chis arc leading ogoin this year. founded ot Miami University in 1855, the notionol fraternity has produced such well-known figures as President Cleveland, George Ade, Booth Tark- ington, Roy Chapman Andrews, Fielding H. Yost of Michigon, the father of modern football; Supreme Court Justice Fronk Murphy. Her- vey Allen, noted author, and many otheri. The local chapter founded In 1876, Is one of 98 chapters, ond boosts of such outstanding men at Mossey Bedsole, Phi Beta Kappo; Wendell Root, who hits the upper brockets in the commerce KhooL Toylor Hardin, chapter prexy, Hor- vey White. Bill Moyes ond others. 264 THETA CHAPTER Since 1874 Sigmo Nu has been produclrg big men on the Alo- boma compus. Holding up the tradition this year ore Pornell Lewis, business monoger of the Corolla; Jock Williamson, Phi Beto Koppo; Sam Burr, member of Scobbord and Blade and Quad rang te, and Ernest Land, Cotillion club member. The Sigmo Nus presented a formal dance in Morch, o pledge dance in October and house donees every month, including o novel " barn " dance. Sigma Nu joined ihe roster of notionol froternities in 1868 ot Virginia Militory Institute. Notoble olumni include orchestro leodcrs Koy Kyser and Glenn Miller,- author Zone Groy,- tennis champ Ellsworth Vines,- and the late home- spun philosopher. Chick Sole. " Place: Sigma Nu House. Time: Anytime. " SIGMA NU Faculty Members James 6. McMillan Dr. Edwin R. Foster Mr. F. C. Blood Or. Alfred B. Thomas Jomes Foy Student Members W. S. Reynolds, Jr. Medicine John Ed Campbell . . . Law Parnell Lewis Low Alvin Vogtie Low Jock Williamson .... Low Joe H. Wolker Law Sam Burr ' 41 George Walker .... ' 41 Bevily Hundley ' 41 Joseph H. Smith .... ' 41 Harry Council ' 41 Henry Webb ' 41 Edword Hickerson .... ' 41 Ernest Lond ' 41 Morvin Thomas ' 41 Claude Lynn ' 41 Arthur E. Gamble ... ' 42 Paul S. Foster ' 42 Pete Sterner ' 42 Joseph H. Horrell ... ' 42 John Wiley Springer . ' 42 Fronds Park ' 42 Floyd McClesky .... ' 42 Shelby Toyler ' 42 David Wells ' 42 J. C. Calloway .... ' 42 Robert Borders ' 43 Williom Bernard .... ' 43 Horry Simon ' 43 Dougloss Hallmon .... ' 43 Floyd Puckett ' 43 Buford Davis ' 43 J. A. Word ' 43 Calloway Robertson . ' 43 Coine O ' Reor ' 43 George Owens ' 43 Wynton Blount ' 43 Jock Norton ' 43 Harry Y. Dempsey, Jr. . ' 43 Byron Pulley ' 43 Houston Blount ' 44 Williom Boswell .... ' 44 Bart Jennings ' 44 Joe B. Nix ' 44 John Land ' 44 Voder Pennington . . . ' 44 Thorpe Forrester .... ' 44 Scott Forrester ' 44 Scott Tyler ' 44 Pierre Ridolphi ' 44 Louis Greene ' 44 Lewis Lomberth .... ' 44 Davis Tindel ' 44 William Wodsworth . . ' 44 R. A. Dowling .... ' 44 First Row; Compbell, Lewis, Williomson, Walker, Jr., Burr, Wolker, G., Hundley, Smith, Council, Webb, Land, Gomble . . . Second Row: Foster, Sleiner, Horrell, Pork, McClesky, Taylor, Wells, Calloway, Borders, Bernard, Simon, Hallmon . . . Third Row: Puckett, Word, Robertson. O ' Reor, Owens, Blount, W., Norton, Dempsey, Pulley, Blount, H., Boswell, Jennings . . . Fourth Row: Nix, Land, Pennington, Forrester, T., For- rester, S-, Tyler, Ridolphi. Greene, Lomberth, Tindel. Dowling. First Row: Mallory, Cash, Horvey, Fogg, Lewis, Wilkens . . . Second Row: Gremer, Mitchell, Godley, Kmch, Kobon, Aisled . . . Third Row: Brumoge. Wore, Muncill, McCormock, Holmes, LeVaughn. SIGMA PHI EPSILON Faculty Members Student Members Howard Lewis ' 41 William Aisled ' 43 Fred Muncill ' 44 Dr. Emmel B. Cormichael George Wilkens .... ' 42 Kennelh Brumoge ... . ' 43 John McCormock .... ' 44 Prof. Wendell M. Adomion Merle S. Mollory ... ' 41 Edward E. Greiner ... ' 43 Robert Forlney ' 43 Judson Holmes ' 44 Prof. Jomei M. Foirclolh Edmund Cosh ' 41 Molcom Mitchell .... ' 43 Keith Mayer 44 Roland LeVaughn ' 44 Dr. August M. Mason Paul Horvey . ' 41 William Godley .... ' 43 Poul Wore 44 Everette Peterson .... 44 Mr. John M. Cory Chorles Fogg ' 41 Joseph Kinch ' 43 Williom Kennedy ... . ' 44 Bob Williams ' 44 Doniel McNerney .... ' 41 George Kobon ' 43 Benjomen Foose .... 44 " The subject couldn ' t be wom«n ALABAMA BETA CHAPTER Nirereen-oro saw ihe founding of Sigma Phi Epsilon at Richmond Colloge I now Ihe Universify of Richmond ' . Comporotivoly new omong fraternities at Alobomo, the local chapter come into being in 1927, one of 73 chapters. This year the S.P.E. ' s entertained with a Hallo ween costume dance, which incidon tally, comes annually on Founders ' Day. Several pledge dances further filled out the social season. Weil-known com us figures who ore members of Sigma Phi Epitlon include Buster Fogg, vice-president of the Inierfraiermty Council; How ard Lewis, managing editor of the Crimson-White and Press club head. Ed Gretner. boxer and member of the Alabama Covoliers, and Bill Kennedy, Rho Alpho Tou. Noted alumni are Sen. Harry Flood Byrd of Virginia. Or. Walter A. Jessup, president of the Carnegie Foun- dation; and Ted Shown, leader of the ballet .irt.tu who appeared on the compui lost yeor. 266 ALPHA PHI CHAPTER Founded at Norwich University in Vermont in 1856, Theto Chi now lays claim to 53 chapters throughout the United States and Canada. The chapter ot Alabama was founded in 1926, and lists on its roster such campus luminaries as Stanley Cook, Manager of the Million Dollar Bond; Harold Johnson, captain of the track team,- Russ Croft, football star; Niel Dunlop and Bert Scott. The Thela Chis have os fraternity brothers men like Congressmen Byron Harlan, Sammy Kaye, Coach H. R. McQuillan of Texas A. M., and Kenneth L. Smith, Pres- ident of the Chicago Stock Exchange. Novel house dances were pre- sented every month by the Theto Chis ond the chapter was host to the " Rebel Reunion " , composed of all southern Theto Chi chapters. " A very formal affair. THETA CHI Faculty Members Niel B. Dunlop . . Graduate Francis P. Keenon ... ' 42 Ralph Stewart ' 43 CD Sherwood . . Charles Smith . . Graduate Reid J. Anderson .... ' 42 Thomas Smith ' 43 Edward Owcor . . . Bruce Graham . . Medicine Gerhord A. Royce ... ' 42 Urban Bergbouer .... ' 43 Robert Ellison . . . Robert Denton . . Medicine Somuel Dunlop ' 42 John Molinori ' 43 Corl Rowe William Hill . . . Medicine Horold Johnson .... ' 42 Frederick W. Droms . . ' 43 William X. Schworz Hugh Hill Low William Callis ' 42 Robert Nesbitt ' 43 Marvin Crittenden . Stanley A. Cook .... ' 41 Thomas Haley ' 42 Edward Bohot ' 43 Thurston Herrick . . W.J. MacWillioms Graduate James Broadus ' 41 Fred Petrocelli ' 42 Bert Scott ' 43 Gregory Miles . . . Dean Stewart Joseph Lloyd Dr. John Graham Horry Dwight Bonhom Henry G. Crisp Student Members ' 43 ' 43 ' 44 ■44 ' 44 ' 44 ■44 ' 44 First Row: MacWillioms, Dunlop, N., Smith, Cook, Broadus, Anderson, Royce . . . Second Row: Dunlop, S., Johnson, Callis, Holey, Petrocelli, Stewart, Smith . . . Third Row: Bergbouer, Droms, Bohot, Scott, Owcor, Rowe, Schworz, Crittendon. first Row: Dolan, Koyser, Finkbeiner, Lent, Block, Gowing, Roth , . . Second Row: Porter, Meledy, Gowing, R., Newcomer, Anderson, Schwindemon, Cleory . . . Third Row: Mor.tgomery, Hart, Cunninghom, Fink- beiner, Webber, Kuekes, Miller. THETA XI Foculty Members Chester H. Knight Winston M. Scoll Captain Henry P. Mills Student Members Chester R. Dolun . . James R. Koyser . . Carl A. Finkbeiner . Raymond L. Lent . Thomos J. Black . . Maurice F. Gowing John H. Hines . . . . ' 41 Jomes W. Roth . . Clyde C. Porter . . ' 41 Wesley M. Stolon ... ' 42 James L. Schwindemon . ' 43 Jockol C. Webber , . ' 41 Thomas A. Meledy, Jr., ' 42 Neil McLean ' 43 John H. Kuekes, jr, . ' 41 Robert E. Gowing ... ' 43 John W. Cleary .... ' 43 Word Wight . . . ' 42 Lloyd H. Newcomer, Jr. ' 43 Chorles L. Montgomery . ' 43 George Miller . . ' 42 Charles L. Anderson, Jr. ' 43 Raymond B. Horl ... ' 43 William Sonnensche . ' 42 J. Norman Aylesworth . ' 43 John C. Cunningham . ' 43 Poul J. McEwon . . ' 42 furl C. Smith ' 43 Richord M. Schnell . . 43 Walther W. Neilon ■42 Gordon V. Feeley ... ' 43 George A. Finkbeiner . ' 43 •44 ' 44 ' 44 •44 •44 ' 44 ' 44 " Well, at least one ' , trying lo •luHy m ALPHA LAMBDA CHAPTER Inaugurating the ioc ul icuu)n iha your wJh tSo first formol ware the Thelo Xit. The formal woi followed by four house dances, in- cluding ore at Chrtitmos. In 1854 Thelo Xi was estoblished as o notional fraternity at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Troy. N. Y., ond now includes 36 chapters. Alpho Lambda chapter first appeared on Stadium Drive m 1932. Glancing over a list of prominent T. X. olumni. the nomes of John J. Raskob. capitalist; Sen. A. B. Adams of Colorado; and Rear-Admiral Norman M. Smith stand out. Locally the Thelo Xis point out Jim Roih, varsity basketball man; Lloyd New- comer, assistant drum-major of the Million Dollar Band; Norman Aylei- worth Carl Kinkbeiner. Tommy Block ond Roy Lent. 266 PSI CHAPTER Founded at C.C.N.Y. in 1898. Zeto Beta Tau lists as alumni the lote Justice Benjomin Cardoza ond JusSce Felix Fronkfurler of (he Unired Stotes Supreme Court; the lote Gov. Henry Horner of Illinois,- Prof. Richard J. H. Gotthiel, and other distinguished men. The Alo- bomo chopter was founded in I9I6. This yeor the Z.B.T. ' s were active in interfroternity athletics, winning the runner-up title in golf. House dances were frequent, in addition to a Christmos porty, a Thanks- giving porty ond the formal and pledge dances. Outstanding mem- bers of the chapter ore Stanley Kohn, Phi Beta Kappo ond honor student in medical Khool; Oscor Cohen, member of Druids, house prexy, and ex-president of Phi Eto Sigmo; Gene Wortsmon, assistant editor of the Rammer-Jommer, Press Club officer ond competent journalist; Som Lefkovitz, Donald Sprirvger and others. " Must be Sunday or why the coats? ZETA BETA TAU Dr. Fred Lewis Student Members Foculty Members Gus W. Herrman .... ' 41 Eugene Wortsmonn . . ' 43 J. Louis Koyser . ' .... ' 43 Jim Grossmon ' 44 Sommy Lefkovits ... ' 41 Donold Adier ' 43 Lee Jocobson 43 Herbert Cohen ' 44 Lawrence Kohn .... ' 41 Donald Springer .... ' 43 Kolmon Schwarls .... ' 43 Horry Lipson ' 44 Oscor Cohen ' 42 Leonord Held ' 43 E. J. Meyer ' 44 Alwyn Shugermon ... ' 44 Fred Kern .... Medicine Mark Sobel ' 42 Bernord Cohn ' 43 John Chapman ' 44 Donald S. Krous .... ' 44 Stanley Kahn . . . Medicine Arthur Beringer .... ' 42 Ivan Blach ' 43 Jimmy Sobel ' 44 Jock Aland ' 44 First Row: Herrmon, Lefkovits, Kohn, Cohen. Sobel, Beringer, Wortsmon, AdIer . . . Second Row: Springer, Held. Cohn, Blach, Koyser, Jocobson, Schworts, Meyer . . . Third Row: Chopmon, Sobel, Grossmon, Cohen, Lipson, Shugermon, Krous. . H ' 1 t - ! ' •, " ; ' W THE PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL OFFICERS JEANNE RUTH LEVY President DORA WILKINSON Vice-President MARJORIE WALMSLEY Secretary MEMBERS Marise Mauldin Alpha Chi Omega Mary Worthington Delta Zeta Billie Jewell Alpha Chi Omega Louise Christian Kappa Delta Dcrothy-Wallace Baxter Alpha Delta Pi Dora Wilkinson Kappa Delta Mary Cowles Alpha Delta Pi Emily Wiggins Kappa Kappa Gamma Peggy Pope Alpha Gamma Delta Anne Daniel Kappa Kappa Gamma Lois Wiley Alpha Gamma Delta Mae Bruner Lewis Phi Mu Exine Addison Alpha Phi Margaret Wrye Phi Mu Mary E. Folmar Alpha Phi Jeanne Ruth Levy Sigma Delta Tau Carmeio Muggie Alpha Xi Delta Anne Hertzman Sigma Delta Tau Helen Wcikus Alpha Xi Delta Mary Alice Moses Sigma Kappa Mary Catherine Hay Chi Omega Mary Lucas Sigma Kappa Marion Doughty Chi Omega Jeanne Thomassin Theta Upsilon Mary Ha Poyner Delta Delta Delta Kay Bennett Theta Upsilon Drudy Berrie Delta Delta Delta Virginia Sparks Zeta Tau Alpha Lois Walker Delta Zeta Marjorie Walmsley Zeta Tau Alpha First Row iRight to left-: Lois Walker, Peggy Pope, Lois Wiley, Dorothy-Wallace Baxter, Mary Cowles, Mory Corter . . . Second Row Right fo left: Emily Wiggins, Mary Mo Poyner, Jeanne Ruth Levy, Morjorie Walmsley, Morcello Coin, Louise Christian, Carmelio Muggie, Barbara Terhune . . . Third Row iRight o left): Anne Doniel, Mary Catherine Hoy, Marion Doughty, Anne Hertzman, Bunny Ellington, Billie Jewell, Key Bennett, Mortha E. Folmor, Mory Alice Moses, Jeanne Thomassin, Dora Wilkinson. an. d McHoal Relied. $ » THESE HOUSES ARE TRULY Locoted neor the heart cf the University, the sororities at the Capstone campus are complements to ond sister organiza- tions of the many froternities found here. These Greek letter social sororities serve the women of the University in much the same capacity thot the fraternities render services for the men students. The sororities vi hich have established chapters on the campus ore national in scope. Being of o diverse and v ide-spread nature the sororities give women students omple opportunity to associate themselves with groups which would be representa- tive of any section. For this reason, many of the sororities in- clude members from o number of stofes. Under the present system, the sororities are closely associated with and governed through the offices of the Dean of Women. " Rushing " practices, by which sororities gain new members, are directed through the rules laid down by the Dean of Women and ore strictly regulated. This is one of the most unique fea- tures of the University sorority system, as it is not found in many of the colleges throughout the nation. Operating on o quota basis, each sorority at the beginning the fall semester is allowed to take in only fifteen members,- the sorority membership is thirty or more. However, sororities having a membership of less than thirty members can take in a number equal to forty-five less the actual number in the sorority. After eoch group has found hew many members it may oc- cept during " rush week " , freshmen women may be invited to the houses for entertainment of various sorts during the week. At the end of the week, the prospective pledges accept dinner dotes for Soturday night with the sorority which wished to accept them ond which they wish to join. Perhaps the pledging of new members of Sunday morning at the close of rush week is the most exciting and enjoyable port of the whole procedure. At noon, the freshmen women leave the dormitories in small groups and walk as inconspicuously as possible to the scrcrify houses in which they will become members. Standing in the front door of the houses, the members wait for the pledges and when each new member turns up the walk to the houses bedlam breaks loose. Eoch girl fries to be the first to kiss the new pledge. Shrieking, screaming, laughing, crying— the older members greet the pledges. These proceedings are always viewed with a great deal of interest by the men students who gather in front of the sorority houses to watch the show. " Amazing " is the general comment of the moles on this per- formance. The sororities take part to a great extent in the social life of the campus, since they exchonge courtesies with the fraternities and among themselves. Teas, tea dances, receptions, dinners and parties are given by the sororities during the year. Mony of the groups also entertain for faculty members. Scholasticolly the sororities require much higher standards than is the generol rule among fraternities and each year they compete for the scholarship cup. This is a much-coveted prize and the standings in the scholastic ratings ore checked closely each year. While the sororities do not have on intramural sports league on a scale similar to the men ' s orgonizations, they compete each year with each other ond with groups from the vorious dormi- tories for prizes in o number of sports. Another unusual feature about the sororities is the manner in which they ore situated on the University campus. Locoted along Colonial drive which runs east and west through the center of the campus, the different houses are on " circles " which branch off the drive. These circles have only one entrance and exit which three houses face each other across the circle. The different sororities ore classified according to their lo- cations, " First Circle " , " Second Circle " , " Along the Drive " ond " Tenth Street " . Not only the sororities, but the members them- selves are often referred to in this manner by the University students who don ' t wish to name the particular sorority of which a girl is a member. Having learned through painful experience that discretion is the better part of valor, we consider it unwise to make any statements about the sororities. Perhaps the only truth which might be safely stated is that carried in the well-known toast— " To the ladies, we can ' t get along with them, we can ' t get along without them. " ALPHA CHI OMEGA ALPHA DELTA PI ALPHA GAMMA DELTA THE " HEARTS " OF THE CAMPUS ALPHA PHI ALPHA XI DELTA CHI OMEGA DELTA DELTA DELTA DELTA ZETA KAPPA DELTA liM lM KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA FHI ML) S:GMA DELTA TAU SIGMA KAPPA THETA UPSILON ZETA TAU ALPHA 273 Pir f kow; Mould in, Gilhs, Nichols, Jones, Burdeshaw, S., Wolsirom, Wo I ton, Mo nson, Justice . . . Second Row: Smith, Ellington, Harris, Webb, Beall, Schorfschwerdt, Jewell, Brown, Burdeshow . . . Third Row: Collins, Lamb, Tinkle, McLure, Scott, Smith, Dorden, Ooy!e, DuBois, Henson . . . Fourth Row: Hilliord, Holsinger, Hosmer, Ingram, Mitchell, Murdick, Newcomb, Rosthauser, Touort, Webb. ALPHA CHI OMEGA Foculty Memberi M(is Greenwood M)U Nino Jo Anthony Student Members MoriM Mouldm ' 41 Jeon Gdlii ' II Mory E. Nichols ' 41 Florence P. Horris Edith Jone:. . ' 41 Betsy Webb . . . Sybil Burdeshaw . . . Jean Wolstrom . . , . Katharine Wollon . . . Mary E. Morrison . . Margaret N. Justice . Mildred Smith .... Morgoret E ' lingto . . ' 41 Kathleen Beall ' 42 Eetty Scot! ' 43 Fay E. Hosmer .... 44 ' II Hetty Schorfschwerdt . . ' 42 Louise Smith ' 43 Mortho Ingram 44 ' II Billie Jewell ' 43 Betty Dorden ' 44 Jane E. McDonald . ' 14 •41 Mary L. Brown ' 43 Mildred Doyle ' 44 Mary J. Mitchell . ' 44 ' 42 Bloise Burdeshaw .... ' 43 Charlotte DuBois .... ' 44 Joyce Murdtck 44 ' 42 Dorothy Collins 13 Dorothea Ellis ' 44 Lois Newcomb 14 ' 42 Gene Lomb ' 43 Morgoret Hcrson .... ' 44 E ' o.rc Rosthauser .14 ' 42 Jeanne Tinkle ' 43 Patricio Hilliord .... ' 44 Morityn Touort 14 ' 42 Virginia McClure .... ' 43 Dixie Ho!singer .... ' 14 Corol Webb . 14 " A ' ' v.r- hoyS could bf hrf ' ALPHA UPSILON CHAPTER Alpha Chi Omogo was foundeci in 1866 at Depouw Univertlly In Indiana and now boosts a total of 63 choptors. Alpha Upsilon, the loco! wos founded m 1924. The Alpho Chis hove o number of prom- inent alumnae, with Dorothy Thompson, promireit newspaper col- umnist being probably the moil oulstonding. Outstanding for the local chapter orei Manse Mouldm, chapter proxy. Mortar Board, Beauty section, honorary cade) colonel for the infantry regiment; Edith Jones, Mortar Board, presicfent of Phi Upsilon Omicron, hon- orary homo economics sorority, and listed in Who ' s Who m Ameri- con Univeriittes and Colteget, and Fay Ellen Hosmer, Alabama cheer leader. Their many social activities included two tea dances, a Founders ' Day Banquet, several house dances, on open house ond the annual Christmas porty. For the second consecutive year, the Alpha Chis copped the bicycle cup in intramuroli. 274 ETA CHAPTER In I85I the first sorority in the world. Alpha Delta Pi. was founded at Wesleyan College, in Macon, Georgia. Todoy A D Pi is on international orgonizotion with 63 chapters, the one at Alabama, Eta, being estoblished in 1907. The members were quite active so- cially this year. They entertoined at a faculty tec, a Founders ' Day Banquet, two tea dances, and three open houses, the last being unique in that it wos the first campus entertoinment for all active sorority women. Prominent in campus activities also, Alpha Delto Pi was represented by Mory Elizabeth Davidson and Mary Elizabeth Fite, as town and freshman representatives in W.S.G.A. Elizabeth Ann Snow and Mary Evelyn Campbell were vice-presidents of the Sophomore and Junior classes respectively. Eto ' s president, Dorothy- Wolloce Baxter, was ossistant editor of the Rammer-Jammer, the first Alabomo womon to ochieve thot position. In the Corolla beauty section, Virginia Carlson ond Elizabeth Ann Snow ploced for A D Pi. " Caught in the act. ' ALPHA DELTA PI Faculty Members Dr. Septimo Smith Student Members H. Donnelly . . . Graduate Fronces Adams . . . . ' 41 Aline Burt ' 41 June Brice ' 41 Virginia Carlson . . . . ' 41 Elizobeth Cormichoel . . ' 41 Mcry E. Dovidson ... ' 41 Noncy Fleming ' 41 Evalyne Hiller ' 41 Jean Hodges ' 41 Audrey Holmon .... ' 41 Dorothy Kelly ' 41 Robert Lightfoot .... ' 41 Margaret Little .... ' 41 Eva Richardson .... ' 41 Ruth Russell ' 41 Frances Simmons ... ' 41 Virginia Thompson . . ' 41 Ruth Airheort ' 42 Mary F. Allgood . . . ' 42 Dorothy-Wolloce Baxter . ' 42 Doris Brice ' 42 Dorothy Broadhead . . ' 42 Mory E. Campbell . . . ' 42 Mory Cowles ' 42 Kathryn Hill ' 42 Eugenia Holmon .... ' 42 Marguerite Newton . . ' 42 Doris Odom ' 42 Dorothy Osborne .... ' 42 Louise Osborne . . . . ' Margoret Lovelody . . . ■43 Elizobeth Polrick . . . . ' 42 Ann Merritt ■43 Caroline Roy .... . ' 42 Elizabeth Nettles . . . ■43 Lorraine McWillioms . . -42 Isobelle Nunnelly . . . Beth Melvin . il Elizabeth Ann Snow . . Pauline Mtms .... . ' 42 Imogene Broodheod . . Margaret Bitz .... . 43 Mory Elizabeth Fite . . Barbara Carlson . . . ' 43 Dorothy Priclcetl .... Emalyn Henderson . . . ' 43 Goynor Turner Louise Hiller .... . ' 43 Wilmo Savage .... Doris Jordan .... . ' 43 Shirley Elizabeth Robson First Row; Adorns, Burl, Carlson, Fleming, Hiller, Hodges, Holmon, Kelly, Lightfoot, Little, Richordson . . . Simpson, Thompson, Airheort. Allgood, Baxter, Brice, Campbell, Cowles, Hill, Holmon, Newton . . . Third Row: Odom, Osborne, D., Osborne, L., Patrick, Ray, McWillioms, Melvin, Mims, Bitz, Carlson, Henderson . . . Fourth Row: Hiller, Jordan, Lovelady, Merritt, Nettles, Nunnelly, Snow, Fite. Prickett, Turner, Savage, Robson. fw % % f First Row: Wiley, Allen, Botson. Binion, Bloum, Fry, Gay. Gray, Harvey, McVoy, Pmckord, Richardson . . . Second Row: Smithson, Speer, Webb. Wilbonks, Brock, Compbell, A., Campbell, M., Darning, H oll, Honno, Hammond. LeMoisIre . . . Third Row: McEniry, Pope, Rambo, Roberts, Rogers, Botes, Blount, Gallimore, John- son, Jones, tide, H., tide, R. . . . Fourth Row: Liddell, McVay, Moullon, Murray, Roberts, Stowers, String- fellow. Washburn, Wilder, Williams, Coogon . . . Fifth Row: Cobb, Dovis, Harlan, Keller, Lucio, Long, Matthews, Moorer, Neiger, Roberts, Updike. ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Student Members Lou Wiley Low Eloise Allen ' 41 Noncy E. Botson ... ' 41 Martha Binion . ' 41 Ann Bloum ' 41 Dorothy Fry ' 41 Kothryn Goy ' 41 Jeon C. Gray ' 41 Jane Harvey ' 41 Mory J. McVoy ... ' 4! Franco Pinckord . - . 4I Ellie W. Richardson . . ' 41 Netle Smithson ' 41 Elinor Speer ' 41 Mary Webb ' 41 Alice Wilbonks ' 41 Belty Brock ' 42 Aleese Compbell .... ' 42 Morion Compbell .... ' 42 Beth Doming ' 42 Mory Hall ' 42 Dorothy Honno .... ' 42 Victoria Hammond . . . ' 42 Edith LeMaistre .... ' 42 Mary McEniry ' 42 Peggy Pope ' 42 Elio B. Rambo ' 42 Mortho Roberts ' 42 Mory Rogers ' 42 Carolyn Bates ' 43 Sidney Blount ' 43 Pauline Gollimore . . . ' 43 Jean Johnson ' 43 Mortho Lou Jones . . . ' 13 Horriett Lide ' 43 Rebecca Lide ' 43 Mary Liddell ' 43 June McVoy ' 43 Mary Moulton ' 43 Mildred Murray .... ' 43 Mary C. Roberts . . . ' 43 Harriet Stowers .... ' 43 Bobbie Stringfellow . . ' 13 Nan Tanner ' 43 Morjorie Woshburn . . . ' 43 Morjorie Wilder .... ' 43 Miriom Williams .... ' 43 Shirley Coogon .... 14 Betty Cobb . 44 Mortho Dovis . . 44 Jone Harlan 44 Mory Keller ' 44 Jeanne Lucia ' 44 Betty Long 44 Genie Blue Matthews . . 44 Ruth Moorer ' 44 Gertrude Neiger .... ' 44 Lucille Rowell 14 Sybil Roberts U Ann Updike , 14 " Are they plucking or putting " PSI CHAPTER The (ifil chaplet o( Alpha Gamma Dello wa» founded ol Syrocow Univerjily in 1904. lost yeor the torority stloblishad Iwo more chop- tors, moking o totol of 51 groups throughout the United Stotei and Canada. Well known olumnae ore Mignon Eberhart. outhoreu. and Saroh Henderion. Aloboma poetett. On Nov. 18. the locol chapter celebrated Founderi ' Day with o dinner ot the houte. An open houte was held in the fall ond in the spring, and the onnuol houseparty and second tea dance were given in the spring, os wos the Rose banquet oiler initiation. The Alpha Gams distinguished themselves this year by the Sigma Chi Derby trophy and the tennis cup. Nancy Botion woi president of Woman ' s Student Government, Mor- jorie Washburn wos president of the Sophomore clou, and Belly Long wos secretary of the Freihmon clost. Fronces Pinckord woi tnppoH for Chi rjritij Phi, 2 6 BETA MU CHAPTER On October 1 0, 1 872, ten coeds ot Syracuse University founded Alpho Phi. Since then thirty-six more chapters have been added in various ports of the United States and Canada. Beta Mu chopter was founded February 13, 1932, at the University of Alabamo. The sociol activities of Beta Mu consisted this yeor of several house dances, two tea dances, two open houses, ond o reception for the District Governor. Ouistonding on the campus was Emmolu O ' Reor, who achieved the honor of being made o member of Phi Beta Kappo, and for the third consecutive year was chosen to hove the lead in the University ' s operetta. Mory Gaines was treasurer of the Coroline Hunt Club, and Virginia Richardson was chosen among the firsf twenty-four for the beauty section of the Corolla. Several of the girls were on the stoffs of the Crimson-White, the CoroHo, ond the Rammer- Jammer. " Demi laise. ' ALPHA PHI Student Members Emmolu O ' Reor . . Eleanor Dudley ' 41 Virginia Richardson . Martha E. Folmar .... ' 41 Exine Addison . . . Mary C. Gaines .... ' 41 Harriet Forr .... Virginia Lloyd ' 41 Morgoret D. Glazier ' 41 Chloe Griffith .... ' 42 Beverly Matthews . ' 41 Jerrie Harrison .... ' 42 Lillian Richards . . ' 42 Elizobeth Page .... ' 42 Barbara Terhune , ' 42 Helen Wilson ' 42 Marion Williamson ' 42 Mary Horton ' 43 Joan Anderson . . Elizobeth Houston . . . ' 43 . ' 43 Ruby Durette . . . . . ' 44 . 43 Rosemary Groves . . . ' 44 . ' 43 Luelio Scoggins . . , . ' 44 . 43 Joon Wesson . . . . . ' 44 44 Betty Follin . . . . . ' 44 First Row: Dudley, Folmor, Goines, Lloyd, O ' Reor, Richordson . . . Second Row: Addison, Griffith, Harrison, Page, Horton, Houston . . Third Row: Richards, Terhune, Anderson, Durette, Scoggins, Wesson, Fallin Firsi Row; Cum, Hardin, Hydmon, NorlhcutI, Wollank, Curne, Church . . . Second Row: Kerlin, Miller, Muggie, Newport, Tool, Moore, Fitzgerald, Peebles. ALPHA XI DELTA focolty Members Miu Helen Bosord Mrs. Edith Stallirtgs Mrs. Jock Crane Student Members Gloria Wollank Miirv M Coin ..... ' 42 Mary E. Currie . iora rlordm . ' 42 Margie Brienback Elsa Hydmon ' 42 Eleanor Church . Loyce NorthcL " 42 Rosalon J. Kerlin 42 Evelyn V. Miller . . . . ' 43 Morlho Powe . . . . . 43 42 Cormelo Muggie . . . 43 Shirely Moore •43 43 Morgot R. Newport . . -43 Ruth J. Fitzgerold . . 44 43 Jewel Jones . 43 Dourice Peeble:. ■H 43 Georgio Love Toul . . . ' 43 Virginio Pridmoro . . ' 44 " Dc ' ' , fa, lo.- ALPHA TAU CHAPTER Totaling 56 chopters throughout the United States Alpha Xi Delto was founded at Lombord College tn Gotesburg, Illinois, in 1693, and sometime later, tn 1927. the local chapter was admitted. During the 48 year period since its founding, many famous alumnae have seated the heights, foremost of those beingi Lois Montross. authoress. Moxine Davts, authoress, Sue Hastings, of marionette fame, ond Pat Friday, radio tongtlress, Lena Townsley, child photographer. Judge Edith Merserve Atkinson. Juvenile Court Judge. From the local chapter, Mrs. Helen Norns Bell has recently achieved tame through her novel " Sofnelhing More Than Earth. " Several open houses were given through the year, as were other functions, nametyt tea donees, a Founders ' Day banquet, several teos for olumnoe, ond program dances, faculty banquets, a formal reception tn honor of Mrs, Bell, and an onnuol Christmas dinner and party. The chapter was well represented at the biennial Province Convention held n Atlanta. Georgia, the past summer. 278 NU BETA CHAPTER Chi Omega was founded in 1895 ot the University of Arkansas. Nationolly outstanding Chi Omega ' s are Morjone Nicholson, first woman president of Phi Beta Koppo, and Dean of Smith College; Josephine Antoine, etropolitan Opera Singer. Ellen Woodward, mem- ber of the United States Social Security Board, and Lauro Krey, ou- thor of " And Tell of Time " . Prominent on the Alabama compus ore Marion Doughty. Honorary Batt alion Sponsor, 1939 ond 1940 Beauty Section, and Guidon, Virginia Giles, 1940 and 1941 Beauty Section Adeloide White, Honorary Cadet Colonel and Guidon, Frances Dean, Sweetheart of Sigma Chi and Beouty Section; Mory Elsie Deal. Phi Beta Kappo; Virginia Kersh, Beauty Section; ond Mary Cotherine Hay. Guidon. Bama ' s three Homecoming Queens have been Chi Omega ' s— Marion Doughty, 1938. Glorio Anne Terry, 1939, and Julia Perkins, 1940. Nu Belo entertained with o reception honoring Miss Alice Wymon, outstanding chapter alumna, at the dedication of the library last May. wfm " Yesterlhoughts. " CHI OMEGA Foculty Members Miss Alice Wyman Student Members Alberta Burke ' 41 Mary E. Deal ' 41 Dorothy Dean ' 41 Marion Doughty .... ' 41 Margaret E. Finnell . . ' 41 Virginia Giles ' 41 Cotherine Jones .... ' 41 Virginia Kersh .... ' 41 Morie Loos ' 41 Madeline Lotterhos ... ' 41 Jane McKenzie .... ' 41 Mary A. White .... ' 41 Alleto Billups ' 42 Patsy Carney ' 42 Betty Carr ' 42 Doris Corter ' 42 Eleonor Chapmen . . . ' 42 Dorothy Gilster .... ' 42 Mary C. Hay ' 42 Morjorie Himes .... ' 42 Hopkins .... ' 42 Judy Jones ' 42 Rebecca Jones ' 42 Lynn McGow ' 42 Hellon Owens ' 42 Doris Poxton ' 42 Julia Perkins ' 42 Elizabeth Prater .... ' 42 Betty Redmond .... ' 42 Ann Shoe ...... ' 42 Jane Berry 43 Louise Hatcher .... ' 43 Elizabeth Howell .... ' 43 Edith Lloyd ' 43 Mory N. Mors ' 43 Mary M. Miles .... ' 43 Gloria A. Terry .... ' 43 Dorothy Wright .... ' 43 Ora G. Brown ' 44 Wallace Bruner ' 44 Fronces Dean ' 44 Salty M. Evans .... ' 44 Caroline Huthnonce . . ' 44 Helen Leeper ' 44 Judy Long ' 44 Mildred McCorstin ... ' 44 Moxine Mobry ' 44 Corherine Main . . . . ' 44 Jean Sibley ' 44 Alice Washington .... ' 44 Claro Witsell ' 44 First Row: Burke, Deal, Dean, Doughty, Finnell, Giles, Jones, Kersh, Loos, McKenzie, White, Billups . . . Second Row: Carney, Carr, Carter, Chapmen, Gilster, Hoy, Himes. Hopkins, Jones, J., Jones, R., McGaw, Owens . . . Third Row: Poxton, Perkins, Prater, Redmond, Shoe, Berry, Hatcher, Howell, Lloyd, Mars, Miles, Terry, Wright , . - Fourth Row: Brown, Bruner, Dean, Evans, Huthnonce Leeper, Long, McCorstin, Mobry, Mam, Sibley, Washington, Witsell mm f.rsl Rowr Berry, Jones, Burks, McMurlray, Petry, Alslon, Woodruff, Kmy, Sesnons, jcnwoo, vVaiKer. low erence, Flinn . . . Second Row: Wolker, Simmons, Reedoll, Turner, Morks Butler, Fowlkes. Goldsmith, Rogers, Fleetwood, Dickson, McConn, Hilty . . . Third Row; Wortmonn, Throckmorton, Adorns. Horsh, Forr ior, Poyner, Stonley, Thornton, Ayres, Bond, Young, Patton, Wortmonn, A. . . . Fourth Row: Fitts, Carroll, McMillion, M., Pigford, Collen, Sutton, Hilty, Heidt, McMillion, A., Hunter, Horreli Price Number. DELTA DELTA DELTA Faculty Membtn Fronk R. King . . . . -41 Hattie Fowlkes . . . . ' 42 Miss Helen Osbond Mary Pot Sessions . . -41 Audrey Fishburne . . . ■42 Mrs. Clorence Coson Marie Schwob . . . . ' 41 Hazel Goldsmith . . . ■42 Student Member Corolee Walker . . . ' 41 Ellise E. Rogers . . . . •42 Mory D. Berrey . . Grod jote Stocio Lawrence . . . ' 41 Robbie Fleetwood . . ■42 Alice M. Jones .... Julio Flinn . ' 41 Ann Dickson ' 42 Frances Brown . . . Soroh C. Walker . . ' 41 Meno Hilty ' 42 Soroh Burks Mory K. Simmons . . ' 41 Mory L. Wortmonn . . ■42 Helen McMurtroy . . . Vero Reedoll . .. . . ' 41 Martha Glover . . . . ■42 Louise Retry Nancy Turner 41 Margaret Throckmorton ■42 Nelogene Alston . . . Evelyn Marks . . . . 42 Joy McCann ■42 Frances Woodruff . ■Do Eugenia C. Butler . n ' t rush me. " . ' 42 Dorothy M. Adams . •42 !W t rvf . Bi! . V i S Jane Horsh ' 42 Carolyn Forrior .... ' 42 Mary I. Poyner .... ' 42 Virginio W. Stanley . . ' 42 Camille Thornton . . . ' 42 Horriet Ayres ' 42 Non Bond ' 42 Coroll Young ' 43 Martha Patton .... ' 43 Alice Wortmonn ... ' 43 Annolee Fitts 43 Jane Carroll 43 Mary A. McMillon ... ' 43 Hazel Pigford .... 43 Anno L. Collen .... 44 Comillo Sutton .... 44 Madeline Hilty ' 44 Lillian Heidt 44 Alice McMillan .... 44 Lucille Hunter ' 44 Jane Horreli 44 Mory J. Ross 44 Betty L. Price .... 44 Doris Ann Humber . . . ' 44 DELTA MU CHAPTER Delta Delta Delia, founded in 1888 and con»is1ing of 88 chapters, established its Alaboma chapter in 1914. Catherine Coleman, notionol president of Morfor Board, and lilo Wolloce, who is co-editor of Reader ' s Digest, are both alumnae of Tri Delta. This year Alice Mc Leon Jones was a member of Mortar Board and president of ihe Caroline Hunt Club; Anne Dickson was A. 6. Queen, and Eugenia Cade Butter served as president of Guidon and wos re-elecled os Miu Alabama. In the beauty section, Camille Thornton, Evelyn Marks, and Frank-Regan King represented Tri Delto. Fronk-Regon was also Honorary Cadet Colonel of the Coast Artillery, and Evelyn Marks was Honorory Cadet Colonel of Ihe Infantry. During the year, Tri Delta social activities included a fall ond spring open house, o breakfast tor the Seniors, and a Founders Doy banquet, A Christmas banquet was also given, ond at Valentines the onnuol tea dance. 380 ALPHA GAMMA CHAPTER Delto Zeto has been on the Alobomo campus eighteen years. The chapter boosts having hod the some housemother, Mrs. Myrtle Lelond, for fourteen of those years. Only lost yeor Mrs. Lelond was initiated into Delto Zeto— the only housemother on the campus to be a true member of the sorority she choperones. Delta Zeto claims both movie actress Gail Potrick end Princess Irene of Sweden os her own. This year Mory Worthington represented the chopler in the annual Corollo beouty review, while Evelyn Gloss upheld the scholastic roting by belonging to Alpha Lombda Delta ond Mortar Boord. Lois Wolker wos president of the Senior Class in the Home Economics school, where Kay Jone Igler wos secretory ond treasurer of the Freshman Closs ond Suson Caldwell wos secretory ond treosurer of the Sopho- more Clo s. Severol program dances were given this year, and one tea donee, the onnuol Rose banquet, ond the Founders ' Day banquet. It must be f ijf " .. ' DELTA ZETA Student Members Irma Cox ' 42 Mory A. Worthington . ' 42 Caroline Thornton . . . ' 43 Kay J. Igler ' 44 Mary E. Gloss .... ' 41 Tracy J. Cook ' 42 Dixie Massingill .... ' 42 Virginio Cossidy . . . ' 43 Margorile O ' Brien . . . ' 44 Susie F. Moon ' 41 Madeleine Jacob . . . ' 42 Soroh E. Sawyer .... ' 42 Lois Darby ' 44 Imojeon Schuyler ... ' 44 Donna Schuyler .... ' 41 Frances J. Muse . . . ' 42 Ardoth Crumpton . . . ' 43 Louise Gloss ' 44 Mary E. Sides ' 44 Lois Walker ' 41 Frances E. Wolkins ... ' 42 Suson Coldwell .... ' 43 Eugenia Henderson . . ' 44 Nancy Slomon .... ' 44 Mory A. Mousman . . ' 41 Mory F. Landers .... ' 42 Myrlice Godwin .... ' 43 Wildo Huie ' 44 Vivian Ward ' 44 Dorothy E. Brown ... ' 42 Betty Willioms ' 44 First Row: Gloss, Moon, Schuyler, Walker, Brown, Cox, Jocob, Muse . . . Second Row: Watkins, Landers, Worthington, Sawyer, Crumpton, Caldwell, Godwin, Cossidy . . . Third Row: Darby, Gloss, Henderson, Huie, Igler, Sides, Sloman, Williams. 11 If? iwrns hrst Row: Frazer, Horlon, Jemison, Matthews, McCormaci., McGee, Penick, R.chatdson, Rutlond. Wilkmion, Beelond, Christion, Bowman, Duffee . . . Second Row: Glover, Graves. Merriweolher, Price, Royce. Smyth, Jones, Peiree, Unger, Lilsey, Brooks, Bibb, Davis, Duggor . . . Third Row: Dumas, Hails, Heod, Floyd, Polmer, Peters, McGee, Morris, J., Morris, M., Phillips, Pipes, Searcy, Shelton , . . Fourth Row: Sibley, Thorn- ton, Bartlett, Childress, Drew, Fite, Fulford, Greer, Knight, McClelland, Montgomery, Ross, Sherrod. KAPPA DELTA Foculty M«mber» Mils Mory E. Coleman Mrs. Washington Moody Mrs. Jennie Howard Mrs. Hoyden Student Members Mary M. Duggar . Graduate Jane Christian . . Graduate Dorothy Fontaine . . . ' 4t Anne frazer ' 41 Josephine Harlan ... ' 41 Mcry K. Jem.son .... ' 41 Mory Matthews . . . . ' 41 Margaret McCormocIc . ' 41 Frances McGee .... ' 41 Forley Moody ' 41 Averette Penick .... ' 41 Jennie Richardson ... ' 41 Willo Rutland ' 41 Dora Wilkinson ... ' 4 1 Rebecca Beeland ... ' 42 Louise Christian .... ' 42 Martha Bowmon . . . ' 42 Lillian Duffee ' 43 Cmily Alice Glover . . . ' 42 Morion Groves ' 42 " Some old tricky K. D. ' s. " Soro Merriweother . . ' 42 Annie W. Price .... ' 42 Mory E. Royce .... ' 42 Beo Smyth ' 42 Doris Jones ' 42 Chorloite Petree .... ' 42 Eleanor Unger ' 42 Jeanette Lifsey .... ' 42 Soro Brooks ' 43 Lucy Bibb ' 43 Anita Dovis ' 43 Helen Duggar ' 43 Joy Dumas ' 43 Jeanne Hoils ' 43 Virginia Heod .... ' 43 Mourice Floyd ' 43 Mory Polmer ' 43 Dorothe Peters .... ' 43 Ann McGee ' 43 Julio Morris ' 43 Mory Morris ' 43 Sarah A. Phillips ... ' 43 Mildred Pipes 43 Mary G. Porler . . . . 43 Emily Searcy ' 43 Tildo A. Shelton .... ' 43 Louise Sibley ' 43 Laura Thornton .... ' 43 Roberta Richardson . . ' 43 Caroline Borttett . . . ' 44 Louillin Childress ... ' 44 Polly A. Drew ' 44 Jane Fite ' 44 Alice N. Fulford .... ' 44 Sibley Greer ' 44 Leiia Knight ' 44 Louise McCleltond . . ' 44 Mory Montgomery . . . ' 44 Mory Roy ' 44 Ross Buck ' 44 Bcttie Sherrod .... ' 44 Eelty Turner ' 44 ZETA CHAPTER Zeta of Koppa Delta wus ostubltshcd on the Alabama campus In 1904. This year the Kopp Delta ' s were represented in Mortar Board by Mary Matthews. Morgorot McCormock wos elected a member of Gommo Sigma Epsilon. Avert tte Penick was Woman ' s Editor of the Crimson-White, and Mildred Pipes was batollion sponsor. Social func tions included o Founders ' Day banquet, a tea dance honoring pledges. o faculty tea, and a Christmas parly. In the Spring a banquet was given to the Seniors by their Junior sisters. The Koppa Deltas hod three girls in the beauty review, ond five in Guidon. Two K.D. ' s were Alabama delegates, Moriha Bowman to the Rose Festival in Tyler, Torus, ond Louise Christion as Panhellemc Representative to Boton Rouge. At the topping of Tau Delta Tou, honorory stagecraft fro- ternily, Mary Morgan Duggar was one of t he eleven chosen. 782 GAMMA PI CHAPTER Gomma Pi chapter of Kappa Kappa Gomma started the yeor by winning the scholarship cup for the fifteenth consecutive year. Mozie Sole was elected president of the Freshman Class. Jean Clabaugh was vice-president of Mortar Board and was in Phi Beta Kappa. Emily McCorvey was also in Phi Beta Kappa. Lee Stabler was sorority representative to Women ' s Student Government, and Aline Stabler was runner-up for Homecoming Queen. Jane Underwood was rated second in the south in womens oratory at the Dixie Tournament. Elinor Brooks served as Pershing Rifles sponsor for the second year. Eleanor Warren wos president of Omega. As to notional Kappas, in the field of writing there is Dorothy Confield Fisher ond Nora Wain, in opera Morgaret Speaks, in sports, Helen Wills Moody, tennis star. During the yeor Koppo members entertoined at various social func- tions. Among these were a faculty tea, a Founders ' Day banquet and a tea dance for pledges. =— -R " Just a bunch of dolls. ' KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Faculty Members Dr. Miriom Locke Mrs. D. A. Ramsdell Mrs. Wm. Fidler Miss Marie Drolet Student Members Emily McCorvey . Graduate Jean Clabaugh ... ' 41 Catherine Cloypoole . . ' 41 Sara V. Craig .... ' 41 Carolyn DuPre .... ' 41 Florence Gaskin .... ' 41 Nellie Gray ' 41 Shirley Levis ' 41 Shellye Jackson .... ' 41 Janet McMohon . . . ' 41 Wynn Meogher .... ' 41 Ruth Ratliff ' 41 Betty Reily ' 41 Lee Stabler ' 41 Beverly Walker .... ' 41 Mallie White ' 41 Elinor Brooks ' 42 Mary P. Connor . . . ' 42 Ann Daniel ' 42 Havard Ewin ' 42 Borbaro Flanagan . . ' 42 Alice Inzer ' 42 Isabel Rainer ' 42 Lola A. Sole ' 42 Jane Underwood . . . ' 42 Emily Wiggins .... ' 42 Aileen Willis ' 42 Augusta Woodliff ... ' 42 Beverly Candler . . . . ' 43 Angela Cross ' 43 Ann Groham ' 43 Marion R. Holman . . ' 43 Betty Kramer ' 43 Sara Leyden ' 43 PoTsy McMurphy . . . ' 43 Lillian A. McPherson . . ' 43 Ann Sherrill ' 43 Sarabeth Smith .... ' 43 Sue Uran ' 43 Eleanor Warren .... ' 43 Alice Brummel .... ' 44 Moriha L, Clark .... ' 44 Elizabeth Horsh .... ' 44 Lucia Jones ' 44 Myra Koenig ' 44 Lucille McPherson . . . ' 44 Jean Moore ' 44 Dorothea Pursley . . . ' 44 Jone Shepard ' 44 Maizie Sale ' 44 Aileen Stobler .... ' 44 Gene Williams .... ' 44 Lydio WiHtams ' 44 First Row: McCorvey, Clabaugh, Cloypoole, Craig, Gaskin, Gray, Jackson, Levis, McMohon, Meagher, Rat- liff, Reily . . . Second Row: Walker, White, Brooks, Connor, Daniel, Ewin, Flanagan, Inzer, Rainer, Sole, Underwood, Wiggins . . . Third Row: Willis, Woodliff, Candler, Cross, Graham, Holman, Kramer, Leyden, McMurphy, Sherrill, Smith, Uran, Warren . . , Fourth Row: Brummel, Clark, Harsh, Jones, Koenig, McPherson, Moore, Pursley, Shepard, Sale, Stabler, Williams, G., Williams, L. First Row; Clinkscales, Glenn, Corlisle, Hariis, J., Milner, Snow, Skewes, Venoble, Hotfis, R. . . . Second Row Proytor, Amundson, Ferguson, Felix, Wall, Wrye, Smith, Robertson, Conner . . . Third Row: Lewis, Freeman. Jentzen, Holley, Minio, Bruns, Butler, Brunsell, Stollworth. PHI MU Foculty Members Johnnie Milner . . . Miss Kothryn Smullen Winifred Snow . . . Student Members Margaret Skewes . . Ria Clinkscales . Groduote Mary R. Venable . . Edith Glenn . . . Graduate Ruby N. hiarris . . . Virginia Carlisle .... ' 41 Martha Praytor . . . Jane Morris ' 41 Janet Amundson . . . ' 41 Morgaret King .... ' 42 Eleonor Robertson ... ' 43 Mercedito Minto ... ' 44 ' 41 Irene Ferguson .... ' 42 Mory Conner ' 43 Anne Bruns ' 44 . ' 41 Belte J. Felix ' 42 Moy B. lewis ' 43 Mourlne Butler 44 . ' 41 Edna E. Clements . . , ' 42 Jean Freeman 43 Joan Brunsell 44 . ' 41 Horriet Wall ' 43 Christine Jentzen ... 43 Noncy Stollworth ... ' 44 . ' 42 Margaret Wrye .... ' 43 Marlon Stewart .... ' 43 Margaret B. Dorden . . ' 44 . ' 42 Cetle R. Smith ' 43 Jeanr.e Holley 44 Elizobeth Clinkscoles . . ' 44 " Formol dress for bridge? " ALPHA ZETA CHAPTER Phi Mu. iho second oldest iccrot orgomzaiion for women, wo) founded January 4, 1852. at Wosloyan College. Macon, Georgia. The national organization now has 75 octive chapters. The local chapter wos installed in 1930. This year the Phi Mu ' s entertained with a teo dance and several house dances. The annual Christmos porty for th underprivileged children of TukoIooso was held followed by the an- nuel Christmas bonquet and party for the pledges. The local chapter won the cup for the second successive yeor for having the best Mome- coming decorations of any sorority on the campus. Bette Roe Smith mode Alpha Lombdo Delta. Manon Stewart is secretary of both Zeto Phi Eto and Blaclfriors. Another feature of the program of the year has been a series of lectures by members of the faculty and other outstanding personalities from Tuicalooso and nearby cities. 264 r RHO CHAPTER Sigma Delta Tau was founded at Cornell University in ?9I7 and now has 17 active chapters in the United Stotes and Canada. One of its ootstonding alumni is Alene Wetstein, scenario writer in Holly- wood. Rho chapter has been on the University of Aloboma campus since 1935, and this yeor tiolds the presidency of the Woman ' s Pan- hellenic council. Jeonne Ruth Levy. PonheHenic and chapter prexy, is also a member of Phi Upsilon Omicron, honorary professional home economics froternity. Elaine Berke is o member of Chi Delta Phi, honorary literary sorority, and Jeanette Evens is o member of Th- ong le. women ' s service orgonizotion. Following o series of unusual rush porties in the fall, the S.D.T. ' s entertoined at several open houses honoring pledges ond initiates, a number of house donees, a Chinese dinner and dance, ond a garden party in the Spring. Outstanding social event of the yeor was the Founders ' Day banquet in March. " Pretty Floor, Pretty Girls. ' SIGMA DELTA TAU StudenI Members Elaine Berke ' 42 Anne Hertzman .... ' 43 Elaine Hort E. A. Monn . . . Groduole Sylvia Slotin ' 42 Rosalie Krisch ' 43 Shirley Waincr . . . Jeanette Evens ' 41 Miriom Dreyfuss .... ' 42 Natalie Epian ' 43 Peorlie Goldman . . Jeanne R. Levy .... ' 42 Beverly Levy ' 42 Eleanor Goodmon ... ' 43 Jean R. Flexner . Bobs Weingarten ... ' 43 Doris Bermon ' 43 Shirley D. London . . ' 43 Ethel M. Lever . . . ' 44 Mary L. Hortman . ' 44 Evelyn Friedlander ' 44 Lolito Stein . . . . . ' 44 . ' 44 , . ' 44 . ' 44 . ' 44 First Row: Levy, J., Berke, Dreyfuss, Levy. B.. Weingorten, Hertmon. Eptan, Goodman . Bermon, Wotner, Goldman, London, Lever, Hortman, Friedlander, Stein. Second Row; hrsi Row; Brown, Cabaniss, Moses, Schuize, Reedy, Wilson, Bolt . . . Second Row: Bornhpll, tggens, Lucos. Beck, Brown, Grisbom, Schopp. SIGMA KAPPA Foculty Memberi Dr. Belter Dr. Saxman Miji Thompion Student Members 2e!mQ Brown .... Corolineo Cobonisi . Morjorie Kohic . Mary A. Moses , . . Lucille Schuize .... ' 41 Bctly Bornhill ' 43 Pauline Brown . . . ' 41 Sarah J. Reedy ' 41 Jane Eggens 43 Morylyn Grisbom . . ' 41 Ada Wilson ' 41 Mory Lucas ' 43 fronces Seay . ■41 Mory Boll ' 42 Jean Wise ' 43 Marion C. Schopp . ' 41 Rochoel Caboniss ... ' 42 Ruth Beck ' 44 ' 44 ' 44 " Six leMoni from Madam — . ' ALPHA OMEGA CHAPTER Sigma Kappa sorority was founded ot Colby Colloge, Woterville. Maine, tn 1874. Today !he orgonizolion hai grown to 48 octive chapters, tho local chapter having been founded in 1932. Noted alumni cf Sigma Kappa throughout the country arc Ruth Lyons, prom- irent vocoliit on C B S; and Anno McCune Harper, tennis star ot national renown. Several house donees, o Founders ' Day banquet, an open house, ond tea dances were high points of the yeor ' s social calendar. Widely known on the campus are Ruth Breen, member of Zeta Phi Eta, and Rachael Cabaniss. president and stor swimmer of the Swan Club — both members of Sigma Koppo. 286 ALPHA ALPHA CHAPTER Theto Upsilon was founded at Berkeley, Colifornia, in 1914, at the University of Californio. Since thot time thirty-one other chapters hove been odded besides the local Alpha Alpho which was founded in 1 93 1. A very active association wos begun last year, under the chairmanship of Mrs. James Doster. If includes such well-known women on the compus os Mrs. Ponnell, Mrs. Eddins, Miss Emmett Lewis, Mrs. Carlson, and Miss Turner. The city association end the chopter members held o joint Founders ' Doy banquet ol the chopler house. Theta Upsilon has the honor of having in this chapter two girls who have traveled the forthest distance in coming to the Uni- versity: Barbara Steffee, from Honolulu, Howoii, and Vera Sokolski, from Manitoba, Canada. Other girls who hove achieved recognition ore Soroh Griffen, Triangle member, Mildred Fries, Phi Chi Theto; June Krauth, Psychology Club, and Froncelle Jerrord, the youngest graduate student. After oinner gob lest. ' THETA UPSILON Foculty Members Mrs. Harry Eddins Miss Emmett Lewis Mrs. Carlson Miss Reba Turner Student Members Koy Bennett ' 42 Trudie Mullenix . . Vera Sokolski . . Graduate Ruth Eyres ' 42 Laurene Larsen . . Foye Adorns ' 41 Mildred Fries ' 42 Barbara J. Steffee . Soro F. Griffen ... ' 41 May C. Johnson .... ' 43 Aileene Taylor . . June Krauth ' 41 Ethel Chompogne . . . ' 43 Gloria Meyers . . Jeanne E. Thomossin ' 41 June Cox ' 43 Barbara A. Jenkins . ' 43 Betty Englebert .... ' 44 , ' 44 Jean A. O ' Gwynne . . ' 44 , . ' 44 My ra Maude Wheat . . ' 44 ' 44 Kathleen Burkholter . . ' 44 . ' 44 Margot Kniehl .... ' 44 . ' 44 First Row: Griffen, Krauth, Thomossin, Bennet, Eyres. Fries, Johnson . . . Second Row: Champagne, Cox, Mullenix, Lorsen, Steffe, Taylor, Meyers . . . Third Row: Jenkins, Englebert, O ' Gwynne, Wheat. Burk- holter, Kniehl. Plifc i First Row: Deover, Corter, Ingram, S her rod, Walmiiey, forttrit. Giuiyuw, Boles, Goy, McGowen . . . Second Row: Harris, Jones, Johnson, Potton, Sporks, Wokefield, Wolford. Gaston. Booles, Beggs . . . Third Row: Bishop, Corpenter, Compton, Currie, Eldredge, Peorce, Pitts, Stornes, Weaver, Davis . . . Fourth Row: Browne, Compton, Cloud, Dansby, Englemon, Goode, Long, Patterson, York, Johnson, ZETA TAU ALPHA Faculty Members Miu Margorel Davis Student Members Dorothy Deover . Groduate Eileen Mason . . Groduole Mary Corter . ' 41 Morion Chompcou .. ' 41 Trice Dryer ' 41 kobel Ingram ' 41 Esto!e« Sherrod ' 41 Morjorie Walfnj ' cy . . ' 41 Goil Forrest 11 Catherine Glasgow . . ' 41 E ' eonor Potton A) Lucy Botes 42 Mory Fraser ' 42 Nathalie Gay -12 Ann Godfrey 42 Nell McGowen .... ' 42 Kotherine Harris , . . ' 42 Elizabeth Jones .... ' 42 BoMy Johnson .... ' 42 Minnie F. Owen .... ' 42 Mory E. Potton .... ' 42 Virginia Sporks .... ' 42 Merle Wakefield .... ' 42 Morion Wolford .... ' 42 Patsy Severs ' 42 Nelle Gaston .... ' 42 Sara Booles ' 42 Lexie Beggs ' 43 Margaret Bishop . . . ' 43 Ann Carpenter .... ' 43 Caroline Carpenter . . ' 43 Merle Compton .... ' 43 Lollie Currie ' 43 Sarah Eldredge . . . ' 43 Dorothy Pearce .... ' 43 Myrtle Pitts ' 43 Betty Tyler ' 43 Mildred Stornes ... ' 43 Rcse Weaver 43 Dorothy Davis 43 Lynette Browne .... ' 4 4 Virginia Compton . . . 44 Soroh F. Cloud .... ' 44 Cleo Dansby ' 44 Phoebe Englemon . . . ' 44 Betty Goode 44 Velmo Long ' 44 Doris Moore ' 44 Modelyn Patterson . . , ' 44 Barbara York .... ' 44 Janice Johnson .... ' 44 Dorothy McLone .... ' 44 Don ' l fiqht. There ' s enough for everybody. ' NU CHAPTER Zeta Tau Alpha was ftrst eiioblisHcd gI Formville. Virginia. October 15. 1896. and since then hai expended to include 79 chapters. The ujrority was installed on this campus on Aoril 10, 1910. Zeto ' s social calendar for this year included a reception tec honoring their new housemother, and open house. Founders ' Day bonquel. formol pledge bonquet for presidenti of the sorority pledges, house dance, Christ- mas party, and Senior banquet. Outstondmg m the local chapter are. Cat her ma Glosgow, President of Triorgle ond o member of " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities " , Dorothy Deover. Student f .,..„, nment; Marjorie Wolmsley, President of Junior Womens class; Patterson ond Dotty Davie, President and Vice-President of in Y.W.C A cabinet, and Lucy Botes, Lexie Beggs. and Lump Pitts, beauty review. As for alumnae. Faith Boldwin, novelist, Beatrice Ctephone. attorney and former President of the Womons Bar Associo- tion; and Dorothy Shaver, Vice-President of Lord and Taylor, ore among the best known. 288 (WA ' BAMA CAMPUS There ' s an old saying that beauty ' s only skin deep. But the ' Bama girls we present here, while quite obviously " lovely to look at " , are much more profound. Included in this group of beauties are girls who are scholastic leaders in their schools, the Woman ' s Editor of the Crimson-White, class officers, military sponsors, and others prominent in activities about school. Character, personality, leadership, and attraction are the components of these Capstone Belles. And as beauteous as these damsels are, 23 others just as beau- teous could have been selected. There ' s just not enough space to show the full pulchritude of the women students at the Capstone. Here are the 23 girls that were selected by the students to be their 1941 Corolla beauties. We think you ' ll agree with us that they are the " Queens of the ' Bama Campus. " BAMA CAMPUS There ' s an old saying that beauty ' s only skin deep. But the ' Bama girls we present here, while quite obviously " lovely to look at " , are much more profound. Included in this group of beauties are girls who are scholastic leaders in their schools, the Woman ' s Editor of the Crimson-White, class officers, military sponsors, and others prominent in activities about school. Character, personality, leadership, and attraction are the components of these Capstone Belles. And OS beauteous as these damsels are, 23 others just as beau- teous could have been selected. There ' s just not enough space to show the full pulchritude of the women students at the Capstone. Here are the 23 girls that were selected by the students to be their 1941 Corolla beauties. We think you ' ll agree with us that they are the " Queens of the ' Bomo Campus. " MUi ZudtfK ManJitd, Mm lau Ue Jlou ioH .♦ ' %!!! - X : f r-:- ' ' ' K ' M B 1 Hi H 1 B H 1h m 1 1 bMI R MiU tmdte Penlck M ' : . • ; ' ' - :: ,. .,, i( feS ? .4Sfe fS»:8§Sfe «f ra! .. . w»p ' rHfe$f i Midd ' ioHced J)ecm «pf " V MiU na4ice6, (lokniOK Mm VUufima Qilei Mm na4iA kafm Kutf ' ' BKR ' I! - ■ ' % Wrif, Mm Mama Bimm Jt.: vAt A Ud Afa4f AdoMA Mi6 Ii4C4f iaiei MUd ' lieiecca Heeland MlU I xde. Ile f fi MiU Vi u UUa GaAldj(m Mm Vi Ufinia KeuU Mu4, liiMfi PitU MiU MoAUe ModMOt MiM PecfCfif. Pope wt :£■ MiU j( iefiliuie Pnatt ' , ; i- i AfUd, Maifie Sale From nearly 70 girls who appeared in the Corolla Beauty re- view, University students selected 23 to appear in the beauty sec- tion of the 1941 Corolla. Out of this 23, the first eight beauties were selected. The selection of the first eight to appear in the Corolla Beauty Section was made by Brooks Hayes and Parnell Lewis, Editor and Business Manager of the 1941 Corolla. The remaining 15 girls whose pictures are in the Beauty Section were placed in alphabetical order. «amii , ' -VV • . ft r lO A- .■j-f - it " xa- - - - - i.- ,t -- i:o:X ' v ' r -V 1f» E 11 ji i -f r n 1. " 1 ' C- ' ' -iKir iAfitt:: !)nde x.... Scholastic Alpha Lamba Delta Beta Gamma Sigma Gamma Sigmo Epsilon Phi Beta Kappa Phi Eto Sigma Tau Beta Pi Profes 3l Kappa Caroline Hunt Club Chi Delta Phi Debate Squad Delta Sigma Pi Kappa Delta Pi Phi Chi Theta Phi Delta Kappa Phi Delta Phi Phi Upsilon Omicron Press Club Tau Kappa Alpha Theta Tau Honorary Druids Guidon Jasons Mortar Board Omicron Delta Quadrangle Rho Alpha Tau Service Boys ' Spirit Committee Freshman Y.M.C.A. Girls ' Spirit Committee Triangle Y.M.C.A. Y.W.C.A. Literary Excelsior Fhilcmathic Religious Hillel Foundation Newman Club Social Alabama Cavaliers Greeks Omega Pi St. Pat ' s Association Page No. 319 3)5 317 314 320 316 333 334 336 335 318 338 318 339 340 351 337 341 330 348 326 328 327 329 352 321 350 322 323 324 325 342 343 331 332 349 345 346 347 344 jW .,, Scholastic Page No. Alpha Lamba Delta 319 Beta Gamma Sigma 3)5 Gamma Sigma Epsiion 317 Phi Beta Koppa 314 Phi Eta Sigma 320 Tau Beta Pi 316 Professional Caroline Hunt Club 333 Chi Delta Phi 334 Debate Squad 336 Delta Sigma Pi 335 Kappa Delta Pi 318 Phi Chi Theta 338 Phi Delta Kappa 318 Phi Delta Phi 339 Phi Upsilon Omicron 340 Press Club 351 Tau Kappa Alpha 337 Theta Tau 341 Honorary Druids 330 Guidon 348 Josons 326 Mortar Board 328 Omicron Delta Kappa 327 Quadrangle 329 Rho Alpha Tau 352 Service Boys ' Spirit Committee 321 Freshman Y.M.C.A. 350 Girls ' Spirit Committee 322 Triangle 323 Y.M.C.A. 324 Y.W.C.A. 325 Literary Excelsior 342 Philcmothic 343 Religious Hillel Foundation 331 Newman Club 332 Social Alabama Cavaliers 349 Greeks 345 Omega 346 Pi 347 St. Pat ' s Association 344 PHI BETA KAPPA Phi Beto Kappa is the oldest Notionol Honorary Fraternity, having been founded at Williom and Mary in 1776. Alaborra Alpho chapter w os esfoblished in )85), only eleven other chapters preceding it. The orgonlzofion has as its purpose the recognition of high attainment In scholarship and excellence of character among students in the School of Arts and Sciences. Dean Stuart Graves, President of Alpha of Alabama, was toostmoster at the onnuol fall initia- tion dinner held in the McLester Hotel. Eighteen seniors were added to the chopter roll at that time. DEAN STUART GRAVES MR. RALPH ADAMS OFFICERS President Secretary ond Treasurer Faculty Members Mr. Ralph E. Adorns Mr. William F. Adams Dean Charles H. Barnwell Dean Lee Bidgood Mf. Edward S. Corothers Dr. Brent G. Clark Prof. Houston Cole Prot. Elizabeth Coleman Prof. Rolph W. Cowart Dr. Clyde B. Crawley Mrs. Isabel W. Cummir 9 Dean George J. Davis Dr. John C. Dowson Dr. George H. Denny Mr. Jomes F. Doster Dean James J. Doster Dr. William K. Doyle Dean Albert J. Farroh Prof. Brooks Forehand Prof. Edwin H. Foster Dr. Richard C. Foster Mr. James E. Foy Mr. William T. Going Dr. John Y. Graham Dr. S. Paul Gorner Mr. Tom Garner Mr. Lee Glover Dean Stuart Graves Dr. Edward W. Gregory Prof. M. Leigh Harrison Dr. Sholer C. Houser Miss Mary Lucille James Prof. Lindsay R. Jeanblanc Mr. Ruuall E. Johnson Mr. George B. Johnston Dr. Robert E. Jones Prof. Chester H. Knight Dr. Edgar Lacy Dr. George Long Dr. Fred A. Lewis Dr. R. Irving Little Dr. Stewart J. Lloyd Miss Miriam Locke Dr. Julian D. Mancill Dr. Roscoe C. Martin Dr. Jack P. Montgomery Deon John R. McClure Mrs. Iro B. Moody Dean Albert B. Moore Dr. Burton R. Morley Dean James H. Newman Dr. Williom P. Ott Dr. H. Clifton Pannell Dr. John F. Ramsey Mrs. Frances Romsdell Mr. William E. Pickens. Jr. Dr. Edword F. Richards Dr. John B. Rippere Miss Mary Robertson Dr. Williom B. Saffold Dr. Jerome Schweitzer Dr. George P. Shannon Prof. E. Hudson Strode Dr. Charles G. Summersell Dr. Paul W. Terry Dean Robert E. Tidwell Dr. C. Beoumont Wicks Prof. C. E. Williams Dr. Alto L. Whitehurst Dr. Marcus Whitmon Dr. Benjamin Wooten Student Members Wade Alford Collins D. Almon Mossey Bedsole Jesse P. Chapman Jack L. Dozier Clifford Fulford John C. Gollolee Robert L. Horris. Jr. Stanley Kohn Louise McClanohan Emily McCorvey Cyril D. Solomons Warren J. Williomson John C. Yeuell Joseph Adiestein Leon C. Agee Morjorie E. Alonzo Jean L. Clobough Williom J. Cravolls Mory E. Deal John H. Greene, Jr. Leon E. Harris Noah N. Longdate. Jr. Rolond A. Morioni Vtrginio S. Montgomery Paul F. Myers Hermon T. Nicho ' s Fmmo Lucrctio O ' Reor Horry B. O ' Reor Robert S. B. Penton Robert H. Voughon Thomos H. Willloms. Jr. o N BETA GAMMA SIGMA Founded at the University of Wisconsin in 1907, Beta Gamma Sigma established the local chapter on Morch 4, 1931. The purpose of this association shall be to encourage and reword scholarship and accomplishment along the lines of business activity among students and graduates of colleges or courses in Commerce or in Business Ad- ministrotion in American colleges and universities; to promote the advancement and spread of education in the science of business, to foster the principles of honesty and integrity in business practice, and to encourage a more friendly attitude of the business public toward graduates of commercial courses. This year the annual tapping exercises were held on Commerce Day when 12 Seniors and 3 Juniors of high scholastic standing were elected to membership. PROF. PAUL GARNER MR, HARRY V. MITCHELL OFFICERS President Secretary and Treasurer Faculty Members Dean Lee Bidgood Dr. H. H. Chopmon Prof. Chester H. Knight Mr. Lee Glover Trof. Horry Bonhom Prof, Leroy Nations Mr. Horry V. Mitchell Mr. Ralph E. Adams Mr. Williom E. Pickens Lt. Williom Poul Thomos Mr. Russell E. Johnson Mr. Bruce Futhey Mr. Morris Burkett Mr. Poul Garner Mr. E. H. Anderson Dr. James Hollodoy Dr. Burton Morley Dr. Marcus Whitman Honorary Members Mr. Sam F. Clabaugh Mr. Donald Comer Student Members William G. Allen George Bloodworth Ernest V. Bunn, Jr. Luther C. Easterwood Thomas R. Foster Mitton M. Grubmon Morise Mauldin Wilson H. Phillips V. Gregory Poppas Alexander S. Pow George E. Ruth Chester R. Smith Frances A. Smith Elinor C. Speer Cecil H. Young. Jr. O N 3 ' i TAU BETA PI Since its establishment on the University campus in 1926, Alabama Beta of Tou Beta Fi has been one of the out- standing scholastic societies at the Capstone. Numbering among its membership mony members of the faculty of the School of Engineering, Tau Beta Fi has done much to foster scholastic achievement by a number of undergraduates who hove since become leaders in other phases of campus life. Heading the list of faculty members of this organi- zation is Dean George J. Dovis, of the Engineering School. Founded in 1885 ot Lehigh University, Tau Beta Pi, is nationally recognized as the leading honorary society for engineers. Its purpose— " To mark in o fitting manner those w ho hove conferred honor on their Alma Mater by dis- tinguished scholarship and exemplary character as undergraduates in engineering or by their otfoinments as Alumni in the field of engineering and to foster a spirit of liberal culture in the colleges of America. " DU BOW OWENS E. C. WHITLEY, JR. OFFICERS President Secretary-Treasurer Foculty Members George J. Davis. Jr. Oonold A. du Plantrer Kenneth W. Coons John M. Goltolee Donald McCuoig Fred R. Maxwell, Jr. Howord H. Meigs Chnlon S. Walker Corl Sortain Benjamin A. Wooten Gilford G. Queries Bennie W. Gandreud Student Members John K. McKinley Jcmes N. Smith James M. Beeson Burton Curry John H. Greene Albert C. Grottle Glenn McDuffie William E. Noris Archibold DeBow Owen Hubert I. Porton Jock H. Pigoll Ellon C. Whitley. Jr. o N First Rowi Jordan, Long, Bunce, leor, Phillips, Cheatham . . . Second Row ' Greene, Whitley, PortO " Curry, Grottle . . . Third Rowi Norrit, Beeton, Smith, McKinley, Owen, Pigott, GAMMA SIGMA EPSILON National honor society for recognition of exceptional scholastic work by chemistry students. Gamma Sigma Epsiion is the " Phi Beto Kappa " of the Chemistry School. Founded in 1919 at Davidson College, the society new numbers fifteen chapters on its roll of active groups. Created with the aim " to increase interest and scholarship in chemistry, to promote friendship and the general welfare of the chemists " Gamma Sigma Epsiion has done much toward the realization of this purpose. Delta Beta, the chapter here at the University, has been outstanding in its recognition of those students who fulfilled the high require- ments of the society. Nearly the entire faculty of the chemistry school of the University, several graduate and medical students and a number of undergraduates are listed among the active members of the local chapter. OFFICERS JOHN KEY McKINLEY JACK DAWSON WALKER LEE BIDGOOD, JR. Honorary Members Dr. E. B. Carmichoel Dr. Kenneth Coons Prof. J. R. Cudworth Dr. John E. Gran Dr. Jomes L. Kassner Prof. A. M. Kennedy Dr. S. J. Lloyd Dr. J. P. Montgomery Dr. T. N. McVoy Dr. G. D. Polmer Dr. B. A. Wooten Prof. Roy L. Forobee Dr. Mildred A. Englebrecht Student Members John K. McKinley Oscor Dohlene, Jr. Howard Paul Crammer Robert H. Vaughon Jesse P. Chapman Felix Rudledge Lee Bidgood, Jr. Burton Curry E. C. Whitley James H. Phillips John H. Greene Margaret McCormick Fred Fitch William E. Norris President Secretary Treasurer Dorothy G. Finley W. E. Thompson Maty E. Johnston Jock D. Walker Malcolm Ellison Albert Morkhort Rebecco Deems Gorlond V ood Williom Brock Horry O ' Leory Edward Millor John E. Foster Hershel Emison Thomos Shumoker o N First Row: Foster, Ellison, Thompson, McKinley, Emison, OXeory . . . Second Row: Curry, i ■ Johnson, McCormock, Whitley, Greene , . . Third Row: Crammer, Shumoker, Norris, Brock. Dohlene, Bidgood, Phillips, Wolker. PHI DELTA KAPPA Phi Delta Kappo is a notionol professional fraternity in education. Tfie oldest cfiopter in tfie fraternity was founded of tfie University of Indiono in 1906. Tfiere ore now forty-six campus cfiapters and tfiirfy-eigfif field cfiapters. Here at the University, Alpha XI Chapter was established in 1930. The organization strives to unite outstanding students in the field of educotion in order that they may be of more service to humanity. Membership is composed entirely of men students, selected on the basis of scholarship, personolity, and chorocter, and the promise of future usefulness in the field of education. Focuity M«mb«r» Frederick Archer W. H. Burton Houston Cole Wode H. Colemon. Roiph W. Cowart Jomes F. Dosier ROBERT T. STRANG H. C. PANNELL C. E. WILLIAMS Jomes J. Poster Williom T. Going E. W. Gregory, Jr. Ben E. Harris Jr. Jesse B. Havord J. Armour Lindsoy OFFICERS V. p. McKinley John R. McLure J. Kepler Mills H. C, Ponnell E. R. Plowden Ernest A. Propes President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer tester Raines Williom T. 0. Roy Eric Rogers Ellwood W. Senderling Jackson R. Sharmon Roy H. Simpson V. M. Sims Poul W. Terry R. E. Tidwell Kimball Wiles C. E. Willioms Gladstone H. Yeuell Student Memb«n Herbert B. Crowley Bernard Rosen Robert T. Strong Rupert H. Yorbrough John C. Yeuell KAPPA DELTA PI Every year Koppo Delta Pi offers a graduate and on u ndergraduate scholarships. This yeor the undergraduate schoiorship was awarded to Miss Janice Arthur. The new initiates were entertained at Christmas and in the spring with a banquet a ' the McLester. Kappa Delta Pi, an honorary organization in education, has as its purpose the encour- agement of high intellectual end scholastic standards, and the recognition of outstanding contributions to education omong both men and women. The general theme of study for the yeor for Xi chapter was Educotion Over The World. Various lectures were given by professors who had studied in foreign lands and who were familiar with the education situation in different countries. OFFICERS HERMIONE DANNELLY JANICE ARTHUR EMMA LOU O ' REAR MARY E HERMAN FcKully Memben Mr. Byron Arnold Dr. Donyiu Belter Miu Helen Boiard Miti ElKobeth Coleman Mr. R. N. Cowart Mr. Houiton Colo Miu Morgaret Oavit Dr. J. J. Dotter Mrs. Paulino Foster Mitt Frances Greenwood Dean Agnet Ellon Harr.t Dr. Jamot Lindtoy Milt Lena Mills Dr. V. P. McKinloy Dr. John McCluro Dr. Tully Bordon Oldt Dr H. C. Ponnell Dr. Letter Rainot Mitt Mary Robortton Dr. Ethel Soxmon Mr. R. R. Schmiti Dr. E. W. Senderling Dr. Jackton R. Shurmon Dr. Paul Terry Or. R. E. Tidwell Mr. C. E. Wliliomi Mitt Emma L. Willi Mitt Eva Wilton Dr. Gladstone Yeuell Student Mombori Hormiono Donnelly Louiie Dovit Tcroito Prodol Bernard Roien John Yeuell President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary Janice Arthur Julio A. Astroth Francet Bailey Lillian Clayton Olene Clower Mary Fotter Mrs. Annie E. Havens Mary E. Mormon Rose Jennings Virginia Montgomery Emma L. O ' Reor Yetta Rippi Mory F. Wotion Francet Woekley Mary Adami Ruth Airheart Emma K. Radford O R N O N ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA Founded in 1924 at the University of Illinois, Alpha Lambda Delta is a society instituted " to promote intelligent living and o higher stondord of learning ond to encourage superior scholastic attainment among the freshman women. " The chapter here at the University is one of 39 located throughout the nation in co-educational and women ' s colleges. A number of outstanding women here at the University have been members of this society and each year prom- ising freshmen women ore accepted into the group. High scholastic standards as well os ability in other fields of women ' s activity on the Capstone campus ore necessary for membership. OFFICERS THELMA PETERSON WYLENE CLARK FRANCES NORTON Thelmo Peterson Wylene Clork Fronces Norton Helen I. Yorbrough Frances Greenleof Barbara Griffin Tommie S. Kendrick President Vice-President Secretary Gertrude Powell Beotrice Pfleger Morgaret Proctor ORGANIZATIONS First Row: Yorbrough, Griffin, Powell . . . Second Row: Peterson, Norton, Shepherd, Clark. 319 PHI ETA SIGMA Boasting of many fac ulty members and former studen ciefy for the recognition of scfiolostic work by freshmen m George H. Denny, Chancellor of the University, President R Dean Lee Bidgocd, Deon S. J. Lloyd, Dean C. J. Davis, on The locol chapter was founded in 1930 after the orig Having 46 chopters on its roll, Fhi Eta Sigma has as its aim ccuroge the high scholosfic attainment among the freshm Eoch year, prior to the initiation of new members, P bers and then holds a formal banquet near the end of the s ts OS members. Phi Eta Sigma is the notional honorary se- en. High en this list of University faculty members is Dr. ichard C. Foster, Dean C. H. Barnwell, Dean J. J. Dosfer, d Dean J. H. Newman. inol group was formed in 1923 ot the University of Illinois. — " To promote a higher standard of learning and to en- en men in our institutions of higher leorning. " hi Eta Sigma is host at several smokers fcr prospective mem- econd semester at which time new members ore token in. OFFICERS J. w. ADAMS President JAMES J. DWYER Secretary J. W. Adorns John Foshee Joseph Maxwell Kenneth Ruff Horry Bolzon Rolph Franco George Merwin Louis Sharmon James E. Bonks Warren Gordon Henry Mims Alwyn Shugermon Marvin Bourn Floyd Hamilton Burrien W. Moncriel Soul Siegendorf Samuel Bourn Boyce Honks Elbert Moore James E. Snipes Douglos Corretti Aubrey Hornsby Omer Moses Ira Spear James Currie R. A. Igou Guy Motto Thomos Sweeney James Davis John Jofko John W. McConnell James V. Thompson Francis DiLeo John Jones Albert Mclnnis Ceroid Welch James Dv yer Fred E. Lowrence R. D. Nesbit Williom Wertz John D. Elmore Victor Leobu R. O. Norton Robert Whitehurst Williom Earner Lee B. Lloyd Jomes Robertson Ervin Wyotl Roy Fose N .:fii Row. Bunk: I ' oufO, Shugtrmonn. Lawrence, Shorman . Ml In mi, [.our , . . Soco- ' J Row. WerU, Franco, Adam), Wyutt. . Thirci Rowi Foihee, Moncriof, Cwyor, Thompson, Bolzon, Norton. 320 BOYS ' SPIRIT COMMITTEE This year the Boys Spirit committee, Bomo ' s wide-awake, up-ond-at- ' em pep squad, injected into the student body a liberal shot of school spirit, producing results seldom if ever achieved before. In addition to sponsoring pep rallies before every football game, the committee blossomed out on two occasions with new and different features for the furfher stimulation of the student body. First, on the occasion of the Tennessee game, the committee sponsored " Foot- ball Night " in conjunction with the Boma Theatre, and on the day of the gome, the biggest Birmingham parade in school history. On Homecoming, the annual bonfire and pep rally in the stadium was attended by over 6000 people. A parade through dcwn-town Tuscaloosa and a novel ballet during the half of the game were featured by the com- mittee on Homecoming day. This year ' s committee consisted of some 75 members. BENNY LIMEHOUSE JACK COWING LUTHER HOWELL OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Student Members Len Coleman Bob Cannon Goius Whitfield Lem Coley Arthur Fowler Frank Doheny Bill Walker Welter Wilson Hal Newmon Buck Mason Bruce Morson Bill Snow Hoynes Thompson Jack Mines Toxie Sewell Gene Jordan Bubber Johnson Billy Cunningham Joe Smith Ed Cash Stanley Cook Oscar Cohen Holt Rost Herndon Inge Bill Gish Charles Adair Dove Cowan Curtis Reding Hill Matthews Lelond Rhodes John Foster Wilmer Brown Irving Smorack B. L. Mochen Robert Cully Bill Schuessler George Homich Dave Lewis Howard Bedell Lee Baer Ed Ginn Corl Morring Billy Allen Gene Cocco Buddy Cleveland Jock Cowing Billy D. Mitchell Sam Hodges Ralph Ford Bill Fritten Conrad Fowler Bill Heiler Eob Houston Ed Kubisek Morvin Warner Parnell Lewis Sam Lefkovitz Sam Messina Fred Merrill Dick Murtough George Rivers John Puryear Joe Syrocuse Morty Sovitsko Joe Smith Charles Talbot George Wallace Charles Wood Cy. Young O. E. Young Floyd Melvin Chorles Bernard Parker Anderson John Prybylski Mike Di Salvo Joe Kiskis Bill Di Sero Lester Morgan Bob Walsh Al Grusha Spencer Bruce Warren Coleman John Hommill Eugene Bronnon Ed Boswell Leon James Hunter Montgomery Sam Collier Glenn Curlee Julian McKinnon Rea Schuessler Chester Kowslowski Cy Bohokel Jimmie Mills George Merwin Marvin Bourn Joe Baker Maurice Nelson Al Shannon Roy Allen Bill Hughes Bcb Lomb Artie Cromorty Frank Spoda John Slosar George Cotter Bob Weaver Jimmy Dawson Frank Shirtz Jim Costleberry Reginald Jones o N First Row: Culley, Walker, Puryear, Redding, Messina, Cowing, Limehouse, Howell, Gmn, Boer, Fr itlon, Sovitsko, Pryblski . . . Second Rowi Morson, Adair, Morring, Coley, Spado, Cosh, Hardin, Bernard, Young, Burr, Fowler, Kiskis, Homil, Kubisek, Wood, Cromorty . . . Third Row: Mochen, Boswell, Jordan, Merwin, Gish, Rhodes, Carter, Merrill, Worner, Cowden, Dawson, Inge, Bronnon. 321 GIRLS ' SPIRIT COMMITTEE One of the leoding service orgonizotions for women on the University campus, the Girls ' Spirit Committee has a long-standing record of ossistonce to the Women ' s Student Government, Y.W.C.A. and other similar organizations. Its purpose is " to promote and increase the interest of women students of the University cf Alabama in all the activi- ties on their compus. " Each year, new members are elected from all classes of wcmen students by the older members cf the committee. It is the work of this group to encourage attendance at pep rallies, and to otherwise take interest in activities at the Copstone. JEAN GILLIS ALICE McLEAN JONES OFFICERS President Secretary Peggy Pope Morlho Roberts Elinor Brooks Barbara Flonigon Mary K. Semison Evelyn Marks Alice McLean Jones Caroline Ray Margoret Lovelady Morgoret E. Finnell Louise Hatcher Ado Wilson Sora Reddey Jean Gillis Kilty Walton Margaret Ellington Johnny Milner Marion Stewart Mortho Former Eleonor Dudley Jeanne R. Levy Miriam Dreyfuss Mary Worthington Emily Wotkins Catherine Glasgow Marion Wolford Marjorie Wolmsley Loyce Northcott Caroline Muggie Jeanne Thomassin June Krout Helen L. Yorborough Juonita Lassiter Jeannette Monk Octovie B. Barnes Adele Berman Mory Cherry Evelyn Martin Mary J. Haslitt Joan McMullen Mory F. Orr Mary Adams Regina Bressler Horriet Seagal Marie L. Cootes Lillie J. Simmons Alice Traynar Sara F. McCarty Louise Young Soro Murdock Noncy Botson Dorothy Buzbee Virginia Montgomery o N Second Row Henderson, Featherton. Mortm, Berman, Barnes. Pope, Krouth, Monk, Harris, Smith, Wolford Wotkins . . . Third Rowi Rotlly, Patton, Worthington, Marks. Dreyfuss, Jones, land, Wolmsley, Hazletl, Simmoni, Wrighl. Hatcher. Buibee. Radford, Parker. TRIANGLE In its two years of existence, Triangle has grown to be one of tfie most outstanding organizations for women on the campus. Alabama has the only chapter of Triangle, it being founded here in 1939. Its purpose is to recognize the 50 outstanding women students, to serve as a nucleus to inspire and direct the undergraduate women students in their orientation work, and to serve throughout the year as a group of advisers for freshmen women students. Triangle was called on by University officials at many times, and always did an excellent job at whatever was attempted. Much of the success of the organization was due to the work of the officers. CATHERINE GLASGOW DOROTHY KELLY JENNIE RICHARDSON OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Foculty Members Mrs. Jennie M. Howard Dean Agnes Ellen Horris Mrs. Sue Gunfer Student Members Cofherme Glasgow Dorothy Kelly Jennie Richardson Adele Berman Averette Penick Nancy Batson Dorothy Buzbee Virginia Montgomery Emma L. O ' Rear Lillie J. Simmons Mary Evelyn Glass Mory Matthews Jean Clabaugh Alice McLean Jones Edith Jones Mory F. Orr Morise Mauldin Jonice Arthur Lee Stabler Jean Gillis Mory E. Davidson Emma K. Radford Kennon Thetford Gail Forrest Dorothy Stennis Mar(orie Alonzo Zelmo Brown Beth Barnes Florence Snipes Louise Young Pat Tweed Vernon Townsley Evelyn Martin Sara McClurkin Iras M. Borrington Betty Bennett Sarah Griffin Sybil Burdeshaw Jane Horris Mory L. Hixon Frances Weekly Evelyn Yielding Mory K. Jemison Marie Schwab Jeanette Evans Betty Venn Margaret Bell Ruby P. Blount Ella J. Gann Margaret E. Finnell N Tirst Row: Berman, Penick, Glosgow, Kel!y, Richardson . . . Se:ond Row: Thetford, Forrest, Schwab, Orr, Martin, Brown, Gillis . . . Third Row: Young, Jones, Burdeshaw, Fonersly, Benne t, McClurkin . Fourth Row: Barnes, Weekly, Montgomery, Radford, Bell, Gam, Blount. 323 Y. M. C. A. One of the largest organizations on the campus, the Young Men ' s Christian Association, is a fellowship of Chris- tian students whose purpose is the development of Christian ideals for the individual and for society,- a growing under- standing of God and His purposes for the individual and for the world; and on increasing knowledge cf Jesus Christ and o determination to follow Him, as friend, guide, example, and Lord. The Y.M.C.A. is very active, having jointly sponsored a Christmas party for the underprivileged children of Tuscaloosa with the Y.W.C.A. A Sunrise Service was held at Easter, ond weekly meetings ore held, seme jointly with the women ' s group. Coaching schools were also thrown open before final examinoficns for those who needed assistance. JOHN BLANTON JAMES PHILLIPS PAUL FOSTER JAMES BERRY OFFICERS President First Vice-President Second Vice-President Secretary John Blonton James Berry Jomes Phillips Paul Foster Joe P. Chondler Charles Norton Jock Oempsey Low Lamar Jock Corr Jomes Thompson Leo Harris Billy Jomes George Bloodworlh Jock Boyd Donald S. Jefferes Henry Mtms Kenyon Meeks Francis G. Pork George Owens Johnny McConnell Ernest Land Bill Bernord Ewing Corter Hal Cleveland Hordy Conner Howord Conner Ervin Wyott Pot Hayes John R. McConnell Ernest Edwards John D. Elmore Bob Borders Floyd McClusky Jimmy Bloodworlh George T. Colter Barney Jomik Herndon Inge Douglos Corretti James A. Davis Peter Brownback Henry Day Robert Irwing Arthur Hordegree Max Hudson Chorles Lowrence Clyde McLollen Hampton Smith Foster Etheredge J. B. Booth Felix Treadway Oscar Jackson Ed Coin George Webb Bill Cryer Clarence Wi!ey Jerome Klingbol Robert Steele Bill Frilton Robert Horlon Jock J. Queli Will G. Coffey Thomos Orr Bill Fofley A. Bernheim Mori Bressler Joe Ed Hern Rolph Nopolitono Henry Yocirbion Mocon Roberts R. A. Igou Woodford Clayton N Ul ko hijiibf. KItnybvil, Sallort, CuHey, Cryer. Blunlwii, iJwurcii, Ber ' y. McCunnelt, j., Muyvk, bunkiiin. Bi«» !try, Cuflvf, vn. .uiM vii, K.. JockMiti, Cloyton, Httorn . . . 2nd Row. Horrn. Jenr ings Lamborth, Booth, Rolfo, Con, Dorio, Lamar, Thompson, CIsveland. Bronnon, Smith, Heorn, Clayton, Jockfton . . . 3rd Row ' Buhukol, Dompwy. Boyd, Dory, Trice, Rhodes, Sproyberry, Nopolitono. Brownback, Irvvm, Cotter. Eolzon. Fritter, Elmore, Orr, Igou . . . 4th Rowr Foitpr, Luwrence, Pennington, Park. Land, Conner, Foole. Hordegrpe, Mims, Inge, Bloodworlh, Steele. Chandler, Horton. Y. W. C. A. The Younq Women ' s Christian Association has been one of the most active women organizations en the campus. Founded to encourage the young women of the University of Alabama to live a fuller and more creative life through the growing kncwiedqe of God, it ho continued to go forward each year. As is their custcm at Christmas, they once again hod a party in collaboration with the Y.M.C.A. for the underprivileged children of Tuscaloosa. A Sunrise Ser- vice was also presented at Easter, as well as Vesper services held during the year. Another affair was the joint meet- ing between the Y.W. and the Y.M.C.A. Regular cabinet meetings were held, and faculty members gave talks. DOROTHY BUZBEE . MARY FAITH ORR EMMA KATE RADFORD OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Sybil Burdeshaw Dorothy Buzbee Mary E. Compbell Gale Forrest Jean Gillis Cotherine Glasgow Mary E. Glass Jone Harris Mary L. Hixon Mary K. Jemison Edith Jones Dorothy Kelly Mary F. Orr Emma K. Rodford Jennie Richardson Marie Schwob Mary Strait Kennon Thetford Evelyn Yielding Frances Weekley Mary Bolt Dorothy Brodbeck Elinor Brooks Mary E. Campbell Linda Cromer Anne Dixon Hottie Foulkes Anna D. Horris Gerald Harrison Elsa Hynman Marvel Jordan Bessie Merriwether Sora Naff Molly Powell Audrey Taylor Beatrice Thomas Jane Underwood Merle Wakefield Emily Wotkins Mory F. Watson Mary E. Whitehurst Corey Williamson Mory Worthing ton Carolyn Botes Eloise Burdeshaw Ann Carpenter Morgaret Faulkner Barbara Griffin Josephine Ham rick Emoline Henderson Martha McCorquodole Dorothy Meadows Julio Morris Mary F. Norton Wyona Nicholson Dorothy Pierce Marie Riley Soroh E. Schmidt Catherine Shelton Flora Shirey Elizobeth A. Snow Delphi ne Thetford Eleanor Warren Moriorie Washburn Jone Weston Helen Yorborough Carol Young N First Row; Yielding, Warren, Botes, feotherston, Gillis, Wolmsley . . . Second Row: Wakefield, Orr, Burde- show, C. Burdeshaw, E., Buzbee. Wotkins, Glasgow, Horris, Brooks . . . Third Row: Taylor, Thomos, Merriwether, Cromer, Woshington, Rodford, Younn, Washburn, Thetford, K. . . Fourth Row: Forrest, Jordan, Brodbeck, McCorquodole, Weston, Hongston, Horton, Thetford, D. 325 JASONS To promote the interest of the students in college octivities and scholarship,- and, as a Senior Honor Society, to recognize merit in leadership, ability and character, in every school and college in the University, Josons v os organ- ized at the University in 1914. Each year the fifteen most outstanding Juniors in the University ore elected into the organization. Men elected their junior year remain as octives the next year. Three of the returning seniors ore elected OS odvisors and the rest become associate members. Meetings are held in the University roundhouse vi hich hos been set aside as the Jason Shrine. WILLIAM G. ALLEN BURTON CURRY SAM HODGES OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Faculty Memb«ri Dean Lee Bidgood Mr. Jeff Coleman Prof. Brooks Forehand Dr. Richard C. Foster Mr. James Foy Dr. John GoUolee Dean J. H. Newman Dr. William Soffold Mr. Clemson Duckworth Mr. Ernest Willioms Mr. Herbert Holl Mitchell It. Dozer Code Lt. Paul Thomas Associate Members Mossey Bedsole Will G. Coffey Ralph Ford Clifford Fulford Jock Gollolee Brooks Hayes J. Howard McEniry Hoynes Thompson Senior Advisors Fornell Lewis Grody Cleveland John Yeuell Active Members Williom G. Allen Jesse Cheothom Burton Curry Conrad Fowler Jomes T. Grimes Som Hodges Noah W. longdole Frank Lonkford William Lipsey Joe L. Poyne John Puryeor Holl Rost Bill Stewart Robert Voughon Jcck D. Wolker o N . ' It Rooi Poyne, Siowari, Hodges, Allen, Curry, Cheothu.. acond Row. Longdole, Roil, Fow Llpxy, Cleveland, lawlt, Yeuell. 32A OMICRON DELTA KAPPA Nationally recognized as an outstanding service organization, Omicron Delta Kappa is composed of students who hove attained a high standard of efficiency in collegiate activities. Organized in 1914 at Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Vo., this society has come to be one of the most respected in college circles today. Since its estoblishmenf in 1924, the University group has maintained the highest standards in the selection of its members. Included in the local chapter are members of several of the University faculties as well as President Richard C. Foster and Chancellor George H. Denny. The Capstone organization has done much " to b ring together members of the faculty and student body of the institution on a basis of mutual interest and understanding. " JACK GALLALEE WILLIAM G. ALLEN ERNEST G. WILLIAMS OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Faculty Members Mr. Ralph E. Adams Ll. Dozier Code Mr. Jetf Coleman Coach Henry G. Crisp Dr. George H. Denny Dr. W. G. Echols Deon A. J. Forroh Prcf. Brooks Forehand Dr. Richard C. Foster Mr. Jomes E. Foy Dr. John M. Gollolee Mr. S. P. Corner Pro ' . Robert Norwood Mr. Wilson Heflin Prof. Williom M. Hepburn Dr. Sholer C. Houser Dr. Robert E. Jones Dr. George Long Dean Stewart J. Lloyd Prof. Donald McCuoig Mr. John C. McGill Mr. James McMillan Dr. Jack P. Montgomery Deon James H. Newmon Dr. W. P. Ott Lt, Paul Thomas Student Members William G. Allen Mossey Bedsole William G. Coffey, Jr. Jesse P. Chopmon Rolph Ford Conrad Fowler Clifford Fulford Jock Gollolee Jimmy Kidd William M. Lipsey J. Howard McEniry John K. McKinley Joe L. Payne Holt Rost, Jr. Chorles H. Thompson Jock D. Walker N First Row! Lipsey, Foy, Poyne, Allen, Gollolee, Willioms, Long, Montgomery, Echols, McCuoig . . . Second Row! Bedsole, Thompson, Fowler, Fulford. Chopmon, McEniry, Ford, Kidd, McKinley, Coffey. 32 MORTAR BOARD The outstanding honor that can come to a woman student is to be elected to Mortar Board, senior honorory or- gonizatron for women. Mortor Board signifies not only scholastic ability, but picks its members from the pace-setters and leaders. This yeor the activity point system was revised to better fit the needs and qualifications of the condidoles. Throughout the year, numerous fireside chats were held, at which faculty members and others led ihe discussions. When Nino Martini and Eve Curie mode perscnal appeoronces on the compus, they were invited to a tea given in their honor by the Mortar Board. OFFICERS VIRGINIA MONTGOMERY President JEAN CLABAUGH Vice-President JANICE ARTHUR Secretary Student Members Jonke Arthur Jean Clobaugh Mory E. Glass Alice McLean Jones Edith Jones Mary Matthews Marise Mouldin Virginio Montgomery Emmalu O ' Rear Mory F. Orr Lillie J. Simmons O N Ci , rvTi ■r Fifit Rowi Orr. Clobough, Morlgo ' " «fy, Arfhuf. Jr.- o:o.- ' d Row Jon t, Simmoni, O Rtor. Mouldin Gloit. M. 328 QUADRANGLE Alaboma Quadrangle is a religious organization which otfempts to recognize men well-rounded in the four phases of college life, mental, moral, social and religious. Although it is a local group, Alabama Quadrangle has come to be regarded as one of the best service organizations at the Capstone. Through the efforts of this group during the past year. University students now enjoy a " Twilight Hour " of musi- cal selections played each afternoon through recordings and heard throughout the entire campus. This is one of the more outstanding services rendered by this organization. OFFICERS WiLMER BOOZER President M. T. ORMOND Vice-President NOAH LANGDALE Treasurer TOM McEN:RY Secretary William Allen James Grimes Fay Randall John Puryear Massey Bedsole Tav ' or Hardin Jack Reed Tom Potrick Julion Bibb Brooks Hayes Jock Sellers Charles Talbot Lee Bidgood George Howard Marvin Singley Joe Walker Cloibourne Blonton Guy Huthnonce Joe Smith Cecil Young John Blonton Hamilton Hutchinson Bill Stewart Brad Bartow Wilmer Boozer Gorman Jones Haynes Thompson James Bloodworth Will G. Coffey James Kidd Wales Wallace Hoi Clevelond Emory Connon Noah Langdale James Whitfield Niel Dunlap Robert Connon William Long John Yeuell Stephens Fitts Robert Corlson William Lipsey James Bradford Bob Leiond Jesse Cheotfiom J. Howard McEniry Ernest Williams John McConnell Grady Cleveland Tom McEniry Harold Helms Bill Jordon Ralph Ford John McKinloy Billy Mitchell Bill Snow Conrod Fowler Joe McPherson C. W. Adams Bernard Sykes Paul Froncis M. T. Ormond Billy Cunninghom Jomes Thompson Jomes Foy Joe Payne Paul Foster John Wyker Jack Gallalee James Phillips Alex Pow Bob Hutson John Murray Fronk Lonkford N A JL J eJLiLe JL£. iL t t t»f ttf Mftf I t f - f t f f 7 m First Row; Foster, Stewart, Foy, Burr, Lond, Coffey, Ormond, Boozer, McEniry, Langdale, Thompson, H. . . . Second Row: Boker, Dunlap, Puryear, Allen, James, Bortow, Murroy, Bloodworth, Phillips, McConnell. . . . Third Row: Thompson, J., Parker, Shormon, Lewis, Walker, Adoir, Young . . . Fourth Row: Yeuell, Cleveland, Carlson, Payne, Hutchinson, Hayes, Bidd, Reid, Wyker, Cheatham. 329 DRUIDS Outstanding organization on this campus for the recogniticn of freshmon fcr oll-oround abilities, Druids wos es- toblished ot the University in 1930. Each yeor it selects the freshman men from all schools and colleges located here who hove been outstanding both scholasticolly and in extro-curricular activities. " The purpose of this fraternity is to oct as a service group to the adminisfroficn, the focuify, the students and the different organizations and clubs of the University of Alabomo, " Druids has been recognized as the foremost fresh- man crgonizotion ot the Capstone. It is one of the goals toward which aspiring freshmen strive. OFFICERS HAL CLEVELAND JOHNNY McCONNELL President Secretary Ha Cleveland Donald Springer Jotinny McConrell Jcck Bean Bill Crowe Jomej Dovis Foster Elheredge Som Hayes Aubrey Hornsby Bob letand Whil Moncriel Welch Morrisetle Dook Mudd Wilmer Porker Lewis Shorman James Thompson Bill Weriz Firit Rowi MorrlMtta, Thompion, McConnall, Cleveland. Springer, WerIz, Parker, Elheredge Rowi Crow. Horniby, Sharmon. Hoys. Beon. Mudd. Second HILLEL FOUNDATION Serving the religious, cultural, and social needs of Jewish students is the purpose of Hlllel Foundotion. To carry out its purpose the year ' s activities included a formal dance, and several house dances. Teams were also entered in the various intramural sports. Having its own house just off the University campus, the Alabama organization is a chapter of the national B ' Noi B ' Rith Foundations, established at many of the leading colleges of the country. Under the direction of Rabbi Klausner, who established himself as one of the campus ' most interesting speakers, the Foundation adequately fulfilled its pur- pose in every way. LEONARD MANDELL IRVIN ALLEN ADELE BERMAN HELEN KORMAN OFFICERS President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary Leonord Mondell Irvin Allen Adele Bermon Helen Korman Edward Shermon Melvin Goldman Harold Noppan Fonnye Friedmon Gertrude Is ermon Esther Moskovitz Mackey Dorskey Motildo Capouya Marjorie Loeb Babs Weingorten Jock Orenstein Royal Jonas Kolmon Schwartz Ivan Block Harold Newman Bernard Lichter Harold Safris Jock Molkin George Neustadt Rube Simon Sid Gilbert Hy Bernstein Jesse Weingorten Sid Kotz Bob Frank Andy Brcdsky Titlie Steinberg Martin Israel N First Row: Loeb, Friedmon, Mondell, Bermon, Clousner, Allen . . . Second Row: Steinberg. Issermon, Donsky, Bernstein, Kotz . . . Third Row: Brodsky, Frank, Gilbert . . . Fourth Row: Adier, Newmon, Nappon, Goldman, Israel, Ropport . . . Fifth Row: Shworlz, Shermon, Lichter. 331 J.;r, NEWMAN CLUB For neorly half o century the Newman Club has been active among Catholic students at secular colleges and universities throughout the nation. Since its founding at the University of Pennsylonio, this organization has spread from the United States to Canada, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico, embroci ng a total of two hundred and ten clubs. The local club, established in 1928, corries out the organization ' s purpose of fostering religious, intellectual, and sociol activities among University Catholic students. JAMES MILLS ELEANOR LUDWIG OFFICERS President Secretatry Alfred Alois Joan Anderson Dorothy Averill Corl Anthony John Barnes Ado Btffor Philip Coscio Alphonso Costogno Alfred Cotolfo George Chombers Soro Cloud Lowrence Clements Edmund Cullen Nicholos Dordono Robert Dennehy Edward Devlin John Dowling John Driscoll John Duboveck George Fitzgerald James Fitzsimmons Ernestine Funk Bernard Gallagher Joseph Giongregorio Marilyn Grisboum Jock Gueti William Higgins Bob Hilton William Kennedy Mickey Kilfoyte William King Peggy Kn ehl Ernest Albert Lanzoro Hugh Lovery Cyril Lenahan Vito Leo Roland Marioni Sephen Moroda Joseph Morion Fronki ' in Markland Doris Moore Colleen Morgan Patr.ciol Morgan Clifford Mossey John McQuillan Gertrude Neiger Ryan Nethary John Nick Richord Porker Modelyn Patterson Tony Santomareno Tony Pichnarcik Roger Roinoult Wilhom Rogers Coifford Ross Agnes Schauer Albert Shannon Edward Shumski Geroldine Smoyer Vincent Sullivan Lionel Tordif Joseph Tomosi Marilyn Touart Bernice Von Dusen Lee Walker Robert White Robert Willioms Froncis Wozniak Nick Terlizzi John Newton Joon Brunsell Marguerite O ' Brien Virginia Cossidy Joseph Cernuto Ethel Champagne James Chapman Leo Collier William Costello Kenneth Covey Edwin Czarnecki Austin Gerber John Heffernon May Johnson Ernest Joseph Mitchell Joseph Joseph Kinch George Kobon Frank Kroucumos Mory Lineberger Leonord Ludorico Horold Mahnken Robert Moschorko Charles Meszaros Michael Mlynor Guy Motto Carl Rano Arthur Sontinelli Shirley Seole Sigmund Selowentchich Catherine Shelton Frank Shirtz Jon Stefanides Kenneth Swindling Albert Walmsley Jock Abroham Charles Bailey John BohorfousS Bob Boise Williom Collins John Dehn Frank Doheny Cormeto Forinello Carolyn Feeley Som Finocchio George Goodwin Tom Holey Mory J. Hoslitt Peggy Harris John Horning Catherine Huff Joe Kiskis Rita Kooker Eleanor Ludvvig Howord Wolloy Nick Mozzocono Winifred Morrison Fred Petruccelli Jure Rimmer Jerry Ryan Don Soils Eugene Shanohan Fronk Shellem Joe Sullivon Mildred Trahon Angela Abbadessa Edmond Cash Eugene Conte John Coyle Robert Cully Philip DiSolvo Don Downing Frances Durick Loraine Fowler Mike Gnotowski Nellie Groy Ted Hobrot Myrtle Hall Arthur Komorokski John Kurek John Mooney Dick Murtough Tony Sontamoreno Doris Skelly Richard Wigent Jim Whalen Frank Spoda George Bator Solvotore Denorr Vera Sokalski Jomes Mills Jerry Mosetowski Wilfred Golbroiih Mitchell Sabagh o N F .rit Row: Murtough, Averetl, Coyle. Morgon, Sovttiko, Mulvoy, Millk. Bohorfouih, Moonsy, Gu«di - end Rowi Molloy, Saolt, Morgon, Wolih, Thornton, Couody, Hobrot. Skelly, Denahy. Donoro . . . Third Row: Ludorico. Boton. Funk, Wolmiley, Shirtz, Nelherly, JOMph, Miyner. F «l«y, 0»hn , . . Fourth Row, Tortoglio, Chompo. Amoto, Coitogno, Bailey, Morodo, McKenzie, Sontaniorena, Dormon, Donovan. 332 CAROLINE HUNT CLUB " The object of the Caroline Hunt Club is to further the interests of home economics on the compus, end to pro- mote better friendship among the home economics students. " So saith the constitution of this organization for those who learn to cock and sew and be domestic. Established as a local crgonization in 1927, the Caroline Hunt club has been affiliated with the National Home Economics Association continuously since its founding. Activities included spon- soring the Tuesday night dime dances and cooperating in the sponsoring of Home Economics day. ALICE McLEAN JONES OFFICERS President Rulh Beck Wanda Bolton Mary Bolt Martho Bradfield Lanette Brown Sytvio Brice Pauline Brown Eloise Bryson Wallace Bruner Dorothy BroodbeCK Threih Cobb Sara Cloud Dorothy Collins Eugenia Carson Sarah Cooke Selita B. Cook Mary F. Connor Ardoth Crumpton Susan Caldwell Ruby Durette Anr.e Carpenter Joy Dumas Helen Duggor Frances Dewell Edna E. Clements Mary E. Currie Louise Dequlne Dorothy M. Davis Phoebe Englemon Dorothy Ellis Ecrrest Fehler Errestir.e Funk Maurire Floyd Betty Follin Horiette Farr Mary Gaines Cotherir.e Glosgow Nell R. Hotcomb Eugenia Henderson Wilda Huie Nell Gardoge Key J. Igter Isabelle Ingram Lee Iteczok Betty Jones Lillian Jones Alice McLean Jones Edith Jones Elizabeth Jones Jean Johnson Jonice Johnson Margaret N. Justice Beity Turner Delphine Thetford Anne Updike Mary Worthington Miriam Willioms Lois Walker Annie Ruth Whitley Margaret Bitz Lillion Anderson Morgaret Fancher Alice R. Feotherston Gayle Forrest Carolyn Huthnonce Mary F. Watson Clotiel Ellis Zelma Brown Mary Herman Emily Wigging Jonn Ganri Louise Goode Janice Arthur Margaret Bell Frances Wilson Marjorie Loeb Mary Jane McVoy Miriam Dreyfus Evelyn Friedlonder Netogene Alston Gertrude Neiger Morion Clendinum Anr.e Hartzmon Natalie Eplon Vernon Townsley Corolee Wolker Jeonne R. Levy Willie L. Dawson Nan Lindsay Reidith Llttlejohn Mory F. Landers Mittie Lewis June Land Mildred McCoritin Virginia McClure Lillian A. McPherson Lucille McPherson Joyce Murdick Lorraine McWillioms Evelyn Marks June Jellinger Dorothy McLean Roberto Moorer Genie Blue Mathews Martha McCorquodale Florence Molton Lynn McGow Mary F. McLeod Nell McLeod Mildred Murray Lois Newcomb Isabelle Orr Edith Outlaw Mortha Potton Elizabeth Page Sara N. Price Virginia Pridmore Eudora Rosser Louise Rhodes Sybil Roberts Elizabeth Riley Milli Stornes Jonelte Snyder Ruby N. Spencer Lee Stobler Aline Stabler Betty Scott Imogene Sims Camilla Sutton N 1st Row; Igler, Thompson, Parsons, Bruner, Long, Goode, Hardoge, Riley, Jones, Bryson, Jones, Bolton, Bitz, Hil!er, -oyd. Cook, Watson. 2nd Row: Huthnonce, Townsley, Anderson, Ellis. McGow, McCorstin, Johnson, Neiger, Cooke, Glosgow, Johnson, Forrest, Morks, Collins, Floyd, De- quine, Alston. 3rd Row: Sherrill, Corson, Powell, Johnson, Connor, Feotherston, Wiggins, Woit, Keith, McLeod, McLeod, Morton, Holcomb, Cobb. Cor- penter Spencer, Snyder, Bolton, Orr, Corrie. 4th Row: Caldwell, Crumpton, Dreyfuss, Friedlonder, Loeb, Brodfield, Eplon, Price, McCoquerdole, Bolt, Outlaw. Herman, Shropshire, Corpenter, Bell, Hordwick, Thelford. 333 CHI DELTA PHI Established locally in 1931, Chi Delta Phi, a literary sorcrity, was founded at the University of Tennessee in 1919. The blue and gold of Chi Delta Phi now waves over 23 chapters throughout the nation. Chi Delta Phi provides a means for groups of women of literary inclination to meet for informal student entertainment. It purports to roise the stand- ards of the literary work produced by college women. Election to membership is on the bosis of meritorious work. New members ore selected twice a yeor ond each new group of pledges is honored with a sunrise breakfast. This year ,he organization aided in the writing of vespers ond other writing projects. June Kelton had several of her poems accepted by notional mogozines, and Emma Kate Radford won honorable mention In the Chi Delta Phi notional prose and poetry contest. OFFICERS LILLIE JEAN SIMMONS EMMA KATE RADFORD MARGARET ELLINGTON EETTY MORRISON President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Members Hermoine Donnelly Emmo K. Radford Betty Morrison Wotkins Octovio B. Barnes Eilolee Sherrod Ltltie J. Sinrtmons Morgoret I. Elliott Mory Strait Frances E. Pinckard Elizabeth O ' Bannon Morgoret Ellington Mory Cherry Noncy B. Turner Eloine Berke Mary E. Campbell Shirley T. Seale June Kelton Marie L. Cootes Ermo G. Hogue Jewel E. Hudgins Geralding Snoyer Eleanor B. Whitlesey Morjorie F. Worth Potricio Ftilliord Bernice Mintz o N Un flooi. Mm! . Duii ' iL-lt: , Willn, Pinckafd. [Iliot. Suoiydt. Shcrrud , . i.j.jicd- Bu ' " C!. Huyyn Campbell, Buibee. Coot, Radford, Morrison . . . Standing- Wotkins. Smoyer, Simmons, Ellington. 114 DELTA SIGMA PI Organized in 1908 of the New School of Accounts and Finance, " to foster the study of business in universities; and to further a higher standard of commercial ethics and culture and the civic and commercial welfare of the com- munity, " Delta Sigma Pi has grown to be one of the largest professional societies in the field of commerce. The chap- ter here at the University, Alpha Sigma, is one of the 52 located throughout the nation. Selected each year from scpfiomore students who excelled in scholarship during their freshman year, new mem- bers are chosen because of work that has distinguished them from other students in the commerce school. A number of well-known students as well as several members of the faculty in the School of Commerce ore members of the local chapter. RICHARD T. WRIGHT JAMES J. BROWN OFFICERS President Secretary Faculty Members Mr. Harry Mitchell Dr. Marcus Whitman Dr. James Holladoy Professor L J. Notions Mr. Wendell M. Adomson Dr. H. H. Chapman Dr. Burton Morley Mr. Winston M. Scott Student Members James M. Kidd Robert Huston George Howard Julius Alford Walter Boker James J. Brown Fred A. Copelond Robert H. Council Chorles Cronmer Thomas R. Foster Bevily Hundley Oscar A. Kirchoff Thomas Parker Hoywcod Phillips Harold Sweet Kirby Vick Leon James Reginald Jones Robert Morrow Henry Wood Newell W. Embley Donald Mills Bradley Barlow Wilson R. Halg Pool Vining Richard Wigent Arlington Bobo Robert G. Werner Alexonder Pow Henry A. Leslie Lee B. Lloyd O N First Rcw: Mills, Barlow, Worrcw C jn; uiid, Wtcjent, Brcwn, Ha.g, Vick Molsos . . . Second Row: Alford. Sweet, Porker, Hundley, Baker, Lloyd, Phillips, Werner, Wood . . . Third Row: Jomes, Jones, Bolzon, Vining, Foster . . . Fourth Row K rc oH tCeiper, Leslie. 335 DEBATE SQUAD Officiol forensic organization on the University campus, the Debate Squod annuolly carries on contests with other colleges over the entire South. Each yeor this group hos added to its prestige through the participotion both on this compus and others in these inter-collegiate debates. New members for the squad are selected at the first of eoch school year by a group of veteran speakers ond ihe director of debate. This boord ploys a large port in fulfilling the aims of the Debate Squad which ore " to encourage ond improve inter-collegiate forensics; to stimulate all forms of public speaking; and to foster scholarly research, aca- demic growth, and infelkctuol ottoinment. " JACK BINGHAM HUNTER MONTGOMERY TOXEY SEWELL OFFICERS Monoger Assistant Manager Assistant Manager Thomas Adair Nesibe Bohakei Helen Batchelor Jamej Berry Charles Bethany Jack Btr 9ham Hugo Block Roger Chopmon Mory Cherry Wylene Clork Bernard Cohn Douglas Corretti Glen Curlee Robert Denniston Edward Oevlm Wtlion Durham Foster Elheredge Betty Jean Felix Clarence Fisher Clifford Fulford Duncon Goult Roy Greene Bob Horris Lee Head Perry Hubbard William Hunt Frank M. Johnson, . Mory E. Johnson Gorman Jones Genie B. Mothews Max Matthews James McLean Hunter Montgomery Ed Morgon Carl Morring Welch Morrisetle Lonnie Noojin M. T. Ormond Gregory Poppas Clorence Rheo Jose Saol Toxey Sewell Alwyn Shugermon Morion Stewart Jane Underwood Marvin Warber Corey Williamson Jimmy Wyche Arthur Zbinden N ;..: t-,., Liurk, Curloo, Underwood, Li un f . . . Second Rowi Shugormunn, Hurrii, Black. Mutlhii ' Johnton, Manaker . . . Third Rowi Flihsr, Zbindan, Bohokcl, Cohn, Wyche, Correiti . . . Fourth Rowi Devlin. Montgomory, Sewell, Hubbard, Chopmon , , . Stondingi Felix. Roy, Head, Bingham, Bethany, Warner. Adoir, Rheo. Fullord, Mclean. Bolchelor. Morgan. Jonci. Ormond Dennlilon. 336 TAU KAPPA ALPHA Requiring two intercollegiate debates as o pre-requisite fcr membership, Tau Kappa Alpha is a national honorary de- bating society for both men and women. The group on Alabama ' s campus has been very active this year. In addition to helping entertain the visiting high school debaters and judge their debates, Tou Kappa Alpha and the Debate Squad had charge of interfraternity and intramurols debating. It also conducted oratorical contests to determine prize-v inning freshman and sophomore speakers. Dr. Lester Raines and Mr. William Ray, varsity debate coach, were faculty ad- visers. NESIBE BAHAKEL TOXEY SEWELL CARL MORRING, JR. OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Faculty Members Dr. Lester Raines Mr. Wiliiom Roy Student Members Jimmy Kidd Massie Bedsole Robert Denniston Hunter Montgomery Toxey Sewell Gorman Jones Earl L. Williams Jack Bir gham Nesibe Bohakel Clifford Fulford Welch Morrisetle Glen Curlee Jone Underwood Mary Cherry Carl Morring, Jr. Perry tiubbord N hirst Row: Andrews, Adair, Morrmg, Bohakel, Sewell, Bingham . . . Second Row: Curlee, Worner, Stew- art, Denniston, Cherry, Ray . . . Third Row: Hubbard, Montgomery, Fulford, Jones, Ormond. 337 PHI CHI THETA Phi Chi Theta was founded ot the University of Chicago in 1924, with the local chapter obtaining its charter in 1936. The purpose of the organization is: " To foster high ideals fcr women in business careers, to encourage fro- ternity and cooperation among women preparing fcr suc!i careers, ond to stimulate the spirit of sacrifice and un:el- fish devotion to the attainment of such ends. " Confining its member:hip to women students in the School cf Commerce, Fhi Chi Theta has taken an active part in the offoirs of that school. New members were tapped on Commerce Day. OFFICERS BETTY BENNETT President ELINOR SFEER Vice-President MARGARET ADAMS Secretary Studsnt Members Belly Benneii Mory Carter Moble D. Mills Winifred Snow Elinor Speer Alice Wilbonks Kennon Ttietford Morgoret Adams Morlho L. Jones o N f iftl Ki wi Spv«i, Wilbufikk, b«(H «M, Ilivllwiii, Crumvr . . . wcunj Kuwi Fiulvi . f ti y«f , A Jam . 138 PHI DELTA PHI Phi Delta Fhi International Legal Fraternity has as its purpose the promotion of higher standards of professional ethics and culture both in law schools and the profession at large. Members are elected each year by unanimous de- cision of the fraternity from those law students who have the required number of hours and scholastic average. A fcrmol initiation was held at its annual banquet the night before Homecoming. Meetings were held throughout the year with prominent local lawyers speaking. The local chapter was founded in 1922, and is headed this year by Llewellyn Bricken os Magister. OFFICERS LLEWELLYN BRICKEN ROBERT C. CARLSON PAUL FRANCIS NESBIT ELMORE Magister Clerk Exchequer Historian Llewellyn Bricken Robert C. Carlson Nesbit Elmore Poul Froncis WiKred Goibroith Jomes Kidd William McGowan Grady Reynolds Douglas Stonord Bernard Sykes Fleetwood Cornley Edward Clark Tom Coleman Herbert Lewis J. Howard McEniry Chorles Moses Jack Reid James Strudwick N first Row: Golbrailh. Moses, Bricken, Carlson, Standard . . . iecond Rowi McEniry, Coleman, Reynolds. McGowen, Francis. 339 PHI UPSILON OMICRON National professionol organization for students in the School o( Home Economics, Fhi Upsilon Omicron established a chapter on the University campus in 1936. The locol group is now one of 33 organizations scattered throughout the nation in colleges and universities. Much like Fhi Beta Kappo, Phi Epsilon Omicrcn recognizes outstanding achievement by students in the home eco- nomics deparlment. Ihe Iccol chapter hos done much to carry out the purposes of Fhi Upsilon Omicrcn which are " to establish ond strengthen bonds of friendship, to promote the moral and intellectual development of its members, and to advance and promote Home Economics. " EDITH JONES JANICE ARTHUR MARY HERMAN OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretory Honorary Members Dean Agnes Ellen Horris Prof. Henriello Thompson Miss Glodys E. Knight Student Members Edith A. Jones Janice Arthur Mory Hermon Emily Wiggins Alice R. Feaiherston Lillian Anderson Mary F. Watson Evelyn Murks Louise Goode Alice McLean Jones Carolee Walker Jeonne R. Levy Mary E. Parsons Mury R. Bayles o N On 11 :, . .,, U ic !hur, Wtggint, Pofn ;.;, bj..-i;i, Walker Watson, Jonei. Seated. 340 THETA TAU As usual with organizations in the engineering school, Thefo Tau is most active. It plays a large part in making St. Pat ' s Day, annual holiday for the " slip stick boys " , a big affair. On St. Pat ' s Doy, Iheta Tau has various displays in Comer Hall, a lead-out at the St. Pat ' s Boll, and present a trophy to the outstanding engineer. The purpose of The ' a Tau is to develop and maintain a high standard of professional interest among its m- mbers, to unite them in a strong bond of fraternal fellcv ship, to further a feeling of brotherhood among engineers, to furnish an incentive for better scholarship, to broaden its members by encouraging them to participate in outside activities, to provide a means of social contact, and to render service to the College of Engineering. BILL LONG JESSE CHEATHAM BILL JORDAN OFFICERS President Vice-President Treasurer Cli.iton Adams Enrique Aguilera Tollivcr L. Austin James M. Beescn Frank E. Bunce Je:se R. Cheatham Franl. S. Chudy Jce L. Cobb Burton Curry Thomas G. Flynn John H. Greene, Jr. Albert Grottle John C. Hamil Russell V. Hoffman, Jr. Horold A. Johnson John J. Mooney John J. O ' Leary Jack H. Pigott Holt Rost Edgor H. Rogers James E. Snipes, Jr. Alfred O. Spencer William R. Walker William D. Jordan Joseph E. Kiskis Andrew Kuzmik Williom J. Long Floyd H. Moson Elton C. Whitley, Jr. Lee L. Mitchell, Jr. N First Row: Spencer, Jordon, Long, Grottle, Flynn, Homil . . . Second Row: Rost, Pigott, Curry, Rodgers, Moody, Cobb . . . Third Row: Kiskis, O ' Leary, Johnson, Greene, Chudy, Aguilera, Austin . . . Fourth Row; Beeson, Kusnoik, Snipes, Whitley, Bunce, Cheatham, Mason, McCuoig. 3-51 EXCELSIOR Excelsior was founded on the Alobamo compus in 1921, and now boasts of 56 members. During the last two or three years. Excelsior has become one of the most wide awoke orgonizotions at the University. The annual talent con- test sponsored by Excelsior is he ' d each fall and has become one of the most popular events of the year. Other ac- tivities ore on annual debate with Fhilomothic, o debate with Tau Tou Tou of Birmingham-Southern, ond weekly radio progroms ever WJRD. During his concert at ihe University, James Me!ton, famous tenor was mode on honorary mem- ber of Excelsior. The society this year also selected Prof. Wm. Roy, varsity debate coach, as faculty odviscr. HUNTER MONTGOMERY ED GINN JAMES CASTLEBERRY OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretory Faculty Members Dean Lee Bidgood Dr. George Long Dr. George H. Denny Dean J. H. Newman Mr. Wm. T. D. Roy Mr. John S. Carli!e Dr. W. C. Blosingome Student Members Robert Vaughn Morvin Worrer Lee Morris Clorence Atkinson Williom Combs Ed Ginn id Lear Williom Wosson Mike Prestero Eddie Taylor Chorles Adoir Lem Coley Molcolm Ellison Som Hayes William James Howard Lewis Hunter Montgomery Edword Morgan Richord J. Mum ford James Porker Mork Sobel John C. Steworf Cy Bohakel Ben Bloom Melville Sonderson Fred Adorns Lee Boer Wode Brannon Doriotd Colquett Rex Conn Fronk Donnelley Ernest Edwards Ralph Franco Jomes Goskell Pope Gordon Jack Green Marshall Gordon John Guy Richord Hose Bob Koy Gerald King Lee McEachern James Moddox Nel Metcolf Malcolm Mitchell John Molinari Clifford Mossey Clarence Rheo Howard Silber Samuel Strobert Gene Wortsmon Leonard Milter Wolloce Klein Clyde McLollen Jomes Costleberry Alfred Cotolfo, Jr. Dan Chapman Duncan Goult Judson Holmes John Loke Jerry Miller Marvin Reuben Millon Rubin Charles Whitf.eld Douglos Corretti Bill Crow N % mh W fl| f „V t fk tf rt f. ' r . ' r? , .. ; Reubtn, Jamoi, Grfl«no, Fronco. Pofk, Toylo ' . . " . ' uwu- - o.umu kuv» Cotolfo, L«W ' k. Silbar, Warner, Ginn, Montgomary. Donnelly, Boar, Woiion, Adair, Bloom . . . Third Rowi Morgan, Horper Klin», Elliion, l»or, Brannon, Sirobarl, Miller, Hoi . Gordon, Polk . . . fourth Rowi Sugerman, McEachern, Kline, Mitchell, Edwordi, Miller. Molenorri, Coley, Ray, lake. PHILOMATHIC The Philcmothic Literary Society has made history not only on the University campus, but throughout the state as well. It is one of the oldest organizations on the campus being founded in 1832 only one year after the Univer- sity opened. It is also one of the oldest corporations in the state. This local literary society offers the development of ability in public speaking and debate. Besides ihe discussions and debates held in meetings, faculty members were often guest speakers. One of the outstanding events of the year was the onnual banquet held by Fhilomathic. Other activities were the annual debate with the Excelsior Literary Society and the radio quiz program held semi- monthly over WJRD, as well as helping in campus radio work. HAMILTON HUTCHINSON GEORGE BLOODWORTH JAMES BLOODWORTH OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Members Massey BedsoJe Robert Carlson James Kidd Herbert Lewis Joe Poyne Jock Reed Conrad Fowler J. L. Bedsole Ralph Courtney Glynn Cur!ee Bernard Sykes Albert Lewis Peter Bloke Wilmer Boozer Jesse Cheatham Charles Eyster Louis Guy Ceorge Howard Noah Longdole William Lipsey Chortes VcKoy Fred Merrill Joe McPherson Bill Norris Edgar Russell Jack Walker Errest Land Julian Bibb George B ' oodworth James N. Bloodworth Victor Covington Billy Cunningham Charles Green Will Holsey Hamilton Hutchinson William Long Tom McEniry John Milner Carl Morring Luke Pryor John Steiner Felix Treodwoy Horvey White Jack Corter Huestis Whiteside J. W. Adams Bill Brooks Jock Corr Warren Colemon James Davis Albert Dozier Arthur Hordegree John McConnell Whit Moncrief Doak Mudd Bob Piper J. V. Reeves Harold Richie Keener Tippin Wolter Wilson N I i» Front Row: Mudd Land, Boozer, Bloodworth, J., Bloodworth, G., Bibb, Corlson . . . Second Rowj Rives. Guy, Cunninghom, Morring, McKay, Bloke, Merrill, Coleman . . . Third Row: Green, Hutchinson, Pryor, Tindell, Glasgow, Piper, Payne, Hordegree, Adams. 343 ST. PAT ' S COMMITTEE In charge of the celebration of St. Pot ' s Day Is the St. Pat ' s Committee. They come through in great style this year by signing Paul Whiteman and his orchestra to ploy for the St. Pot ' s Ball. In addition to the dance, there was o program put on by the committee, and exhibits sponsored by the various orgonizotions in the Engineering School. The Committee entertains twice each year at smokers for members of the St. Pot ' s Association. A faculty committee composed of Professors McCuaig, Dahlene, and Dunsten aided the student committee members in their work. JESSE CHEATHAM JAMES PHILIPS OFFICERS Presidepit Secretary Faculty Members Prof. Donald McCooig Pro). Oscor Dohlene Prol. G. H. Dunston Student Members James Beeson John Moorey Jomes Philips Joe Cobb John Homil E. C. Whitley Milan Kriznonsky Joe Giongregorio Jock Bean J. V. Rives Billy Sellers J. Russell Hoftmon Frank Chudy N rat Rowl Hamll. Phillipi, Whill«y, Cheothom, Mooney. Bvefton. Cobb . . . Socond Rowi Sollcri, McCuotg, Dowlin, Duniton, Krixnaniky. B«an . . . Third Rowi Gaingrtgoria, Hoffman. Riv«i. Chudy. GREEKS Greeks is an inferfraternity frofernity, organized on the compus in 1925, whose purpose is to promote better feel- ing and better understanding among the various fraternities. Alabomo can boost of having the only chapter of this crgonizoticn. Highlights of the Greek year were the annual ice race, leadouts of the mid-winter and spring formols, o picnic in the spring, and a morning dance in Birmingham before the Tulane-Alobamo gome, at which the Greeks played hosts to members of the other Greek letter organizoticns on the campus. CHARLES ADAIR, JULIAN LACKEY WALTER WILSON WILL HALSEY JR. OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Bill Walker Jay Gibb Frank Lineberry Orren Ames Charles Adair Lew Bricken David Partlcw V illiatn Bittner Bruce Morson Jimmy Kidd Bill Arrington Julion lackey D. V. Edmundson Howard Beddell Benjamin Kopacz Buddy Cleveland Parker Yabro Kelly Fite Chorles Williomson Bill V ood Oliver Young Byord Sooy Tommy Parker Clayton Coleman Ralston Long Will Holsey Ernest Lee John Ayers James Williams Bobby Cobb Wolter Wilson Fred George Buddy Ross John Wyker John Terrien John Stewart Ed Kimbrough John Mockereth Ken Willioms Bill Wood Bill Snow John James Charles Knop N first Row: Thompson, Terrien, Wolker, Wilson, Adoir, Wesson, Russell, Seller, Yarborough, Williams . . . Second Row: Morson, James, Schneider, Lee, Kinton, James, Cornelius, Hull, Clark, Jockson . . . Third Row: Gilib, Stewart, Kidd, Parker, Long, Kohlmus, McKone, Bender, Wright, Main, Mason. OMEGA One of the fwo intersorority groups on the compus. Omega is composed of the three sororities in the first circle— Alpho Gommo Delto, Koppo Delta, and Delta Delta Delta— ond one scrority on the row— Koppo Koppo Gommo. Omega is o social organization which hod its foundation at Randolph Macon College in Virginia, ond has for its purposes: promoting better friendship among the girls in these sororities and assisting various worthwhile organizations. Since it is o sociol organization, two teo dances were given during the year, the first coming in the Fall after the opening of school, ond the latter being held this Spring. Club colors ore purple and white. ELEANOR WARREN WILLA RUTLAND FEGGY POPE OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretory-Treasurer Los Wiley Shirley Coogon Peggy Pope Monon Campbell Kothryn Gay Betty Cobb Jane Harvey Ellie W. Richardson Ruth Moorer Mortho Binion Mildred Murray Bobbie Stringfellow Dorothy Honno Cotherine Claypoole Jean Clabough Shellye Jackson Sara Leyden Polsy McMurphy Eleanor Worren Beyerley Walker Elinor Brooks Beverly Condler Susan Uron Ann Sherrill Dorothea Pursley Elizabeth Harsh Gene Willioms Lydie Williams Jean Moore Lucio Jones Martha Clark Lucille Mcpherson Willo Rutland Emily A. Glover Ann Froser Dora Wilkinson Eleanor Unger Louise Christion Morion Graves Buck Ross Sibley Greer Betty Sherrod Emily Searcy Virginia Head Lucy Bibb Louro Thornton Louise McClelland Louise Petry Nito Gene Austin Annalee Fitts Frances Woodruff Alice McLoin Jones Morgoret Throckmorton Frank Regan King Jone Harsh Bobbie Fleetwood Martha Potton Martha Glover Bettylu Price Shirley Ross Anna L. Catlen Nan Bond Jane Horrell Hazel Goldsmith Lucille Hunter Alice McMillion N Gtovor, Jonei, Worrof), Pope. Rutland, Harvey, Unger, Throckmorton . . . Third Rowt Thornton. McClelland. Horrell, Hood. Clork, Mcpherson, A., Brookt, McPherion, L., Greer, Rosi. Wilkinson . . . Fourth Rowi Binion. Williomi, Pursley. Peters. Chris- lion, Wiley, Moorer, Richardson, King, Petry, Woodruff. PI For many years on the University campus. Pi, an inter-scrority organization has been recognized as a social leader omong the sororities which have members in it. The membership of Pi is composed of fourteen girls from each of the follov ing sororities. Kappa Delta, Alpha Gamma Delta, Chi Omega, and Delta Delta Delta. The purpose of this organization is to bring together the members in such a way as to form a closer bond of friend- ship among the sororities they represent. In carrying out this purpose, the society presents socials and dances through- out the year. MARTHA ROBERTS FRANCES BROWN JO HARLAN MARY CATHERINE HAY OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Nancy Batson Mary Webb Anne Bloum Martha Roberts Mary Moulton Eloise Alien Mary C. Roberts Bett Long Beth Demlng Mary Rogers Aleese Compbell Marjorie Wilder Miriam Williams Frances Brown Evelyn Morks Elise Rogers Mary I. Poyner Carolyn Farrier Drudy Berrey Sara Burkes Dot Adams Eugenia C. Butler Carol Young Mcdelaine Hilty Camilla Sutton Camille Thornton Sarah Brooks Jo Harlan Lillian Duffee Jeonette Lifsey Mildred Pipes Averitte Penick Margaret McCormack Farley Moody Louise Sibley Mary K. Jemison Becky Beeland Leiia Knight Martha Bowman Caroline Bartlett Julia Perkins Mary E. Deal Pete Miles Margaret E. Finnell Marion Doughty Mary C. Hay Virginia Giles Virginia Kersh Jane McKenzle Marie Loos Elizabeth Proeter Frances Dean Jane Berry Eleonor Chopman o N First Row: Piuicr, biuuk». Hurluii, (_uiM|_)bell, Rogers, M., Dickson, Jemison. Pipes. Butler. McKenzie, Loos . . . Second Row: Moody, Bartlett. Hilty. Adorns, Allen. LcMoistre, Bloum. Roberts, long, Moulton, Hoy . . . Third Row; Young, Brown, Marks, Rogers, E., Roberts, C, Deming, Forrior Giles, Williams, Wilder, Mc- Cormock, Chapman, 347 GUIDON Guidon is on honorory women ' s military organization, established at Aloboma by Scabbard and Blade. This yeor the 24 members of Guidon heard talks by members of the University militory staff on world affairs and military organi- zation at Alabama. In the Fall they gave a tea for Army " brats " and Navy " juniors " — students whose fathers are officers in some branch of Uncle Sam ' s fighting forces. During the annual high school music festival the members of Guidon helped place the delegates in dormitories and conducted ihem on tours of the campus. They acted as ushers ot University functions, and not only planned the decorations for the Military Ball, but aided Scabbard and Blade financially in decorating. EUGENIA CADE BUTLER MARGARET McCOMACK JO HARLAN OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Eugenia C. Buller Morgaret McCormack Jo Horlon Pot Tweed Shellye Jackson Louise Pelry Elinor Brooks Averitte Penick Dorothy Findley Mory Corter Morion Chompenois Evelyn Morks Fronk-Regon King Mary A. While Corolyn Roy Mary Adams Doris Skelley Marion Doughty Mildred Pipes Corolyn Forrior Morlho Roberts Mory K. Hoy Jerry Horoison Farley Moody o N hnr k ' jw, Wtiic. Muff. ;■_.-•!, Hy,. F.nlc . . . SctunJ Row. AJ.jitn. Liogyhiy. I».r.-d. Br JlJ . buH.-f, Polry. M Cormack, Champenoii . . . Third Rowi Carter, Morkt, Moody. Skelly, King, Forrior, Hay, Roberts. 148 ALABAMA CAVALIERS Playing for most of the campus dances given by fraternities and sororities, the Alabama Cavaliers are recognized as having one of the best college bands in the South. The Cavaliers are rated highly by the student body who sway to their sweet rhythm and swing to their jive. Starring thirteen men and sometimes a girl, they again stuck to the pop- ular style of Glenn Miller, although other name bands were at times imitated on specialty numbers. One of the fea- ture attractions of the year for the Cavaliers was the " Battle of Bonds " held against the Auburn Knights at the dance given by the A.B. Association. Leading the bond for his third year was Taylor Hardy. TAYLOR HARDY Leader and Manager Soxes Warren Koontz Carl Hallberg Neil MacLain Claude Hughes Gregory Miles Brass Cecil Fields, Trumpet Harry Fishman, Trumpet Alfred Shackeroff, Trumpet James Broadus, Trombone Rhythm Charley Rolston, Drums Richord Sperber, Boss Edward Winiker, Piano o N First Row: Winiker, Hallberg, Hughes, Koonli, McCloin, Miles, Hordy . . . Second Row. Sperber, Ralston, Broadus, Fields, Fishmon, Shackeroff. 349 FRESHMAN Y.M.CA. CABINET The Freshmon Y.M.CA. is composed entirely of students from tfie freshmon class. Tfie requirements for admission is the desire for a more complete Christian life on the campus. The purpose of the Freshman Cabinet is to prepare the first year men for service in the Senior Cabinet. Begin- ning the year with the election of officers, the members of the Freshmon Cobinef moved into a series of meetings in which prominent campus leaders spoke to them encouraging and instructing them in the better side of University life. Mony joint meetings were held with the Senior Cabinet. During the yeor, advisors for the Freshman Cobinet were Fronk Lankford and Hal Cleveland. OFFICERS HUGO BLACK, JR. President BOBBY ROBERTS Vice -President JAMES McMURPHY Secretory ■Treasurer Slrwart LeBlonc Bay Hollinger J. E. Gammill Charles Wiggens lee Oil Milton Collier Don Protl Freeman Baker Roy Cowthon Jimmie Brown Paul Sailer Joe Fikes Porter King Billy Hum Wilson Johnson Jimmie Wyctie Oscar Jackson Lee Jones Ulmer Bradley Sam Cleveland Bill Wolley MoK Matthews Fred Wirlh Nor Johnstein Bob Edison John Kuekes Tylor Moffett John Moy Bill LIchler Thomas Meors Eugene Mims Selmour Bronslein John Hutchinson Poul Leyden Marvin Kuritysky Hugh Black Robert Clifton Buck Royal Bobby Roberts John Loke James McMurphy N rir-,l how Voftoll, Oil " . .-r- If. n i» r-i D " ' i vviitiny MdMirwv J ifwiMun :. Kt Wu|i) " i ' . Morgan, Soller, Johnson. Kuoket. Hutchinson. Gammill, Rucker. Smith . . . Third Rowi King. McMurphy, Brown, Wyche, Bradley. Hunt, Jones, Chopmon, Mims. 350 UNIVERSITY PRESS CLUB Although it is only a little more than a year old— being organized in February, 1940— the University Press Club has gone for in reaching its goal of building a unified group of professionally active journalists. During this time the club has conducted o series of radio broodcasts, brought professional journalists to the campus, published a weekly journal, and sponsored an annual " Journolism Day. " Already mere thon ten of its graduates have ente red the pro- fessional field and an alumni group is being planned. The club has petitioned for a charter of Sigma Delta Chi, notional professional journolism fraternity. Membership in the club is restricted to men journalists of high scholastic and pro- fessional ability. OFFICERS HOWARD LEWIS JOHN COLEMAN GENE WORTSMAN Honorory Members Harold Cheatham A. Phillips Beedon Bill Brooks Rondolph Fori John Kearney John Luskin Bill Moyes J. Cameron Sims Lee W. Boer Doyle L. Buckles Bill Hunt J. Russell Boner Tom Smith John McCormack Members Byron Pulley Henry Randall Howord Silber James G. McCormick Pete Colebro Frank Anderson Sammy Messina Art Eostmon Bob Sponn Noble Richardson Ed Ginn President Secretary Treasurer Philip Sokol Ralph Bugg Ed DeMotle Bill Siewort Reo Schuessler Jim McDonald Howard Lewis John Coleman Gene Wcrtsman Hole Scorbrough Jack McKeon John Fober Robert Kirschke Phil Frost O N First Row: McCormack, Coleman, McCormick, Lewis, Anderson, Cheatham, Sims . . . Second Rcw: Sponn, Scorbrough, McDonald, Richardson, Boer, Ginn, Wortsmon, Sokol . . . Third Row: Slewort, Kearney, Mayes, O ' Connor, Luskin, Colebro. 351 RHO ALPHA TAU Being founded ot the University in 1925, Rho Alpha Tau selects its members from outstonding " Rots. " Each fra- ternity is allowed one member and one non-froternify man is elected each year. The purpose of this orgonizofion, which hos been undergoing changes for the better in the past few years, is to try in every woy to acguoint its members with university life and to imbue them with honorable ideals of worthy achievement. During the yeor, Rho Alpha Tau had smokers for prospective members, hod leodouts at the Cotillion Club Dances, and assisted in showing visitors around the campus. Assistant Dean of Men Jomes Foy served as faculty advisor dur- ing the year. TENNESSEE HARRIS BILL SCHWARZ WILLIAM SELLERS OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary-Ti easurer Buddy Moss Williom R. Kennedy Herbert Cohen Buddy Kohlmus Banks Eudy James McMurphy Ftrmon Boler Gilbert Weolherbee Jock Pink Glen Allen John Kuckes Bill Schwarz Bud Ouinlon R. A. Dowling Willicm Sanders Buck Royol Ben Wilkinson Z. Aaron Harris Hugo Black Al Capouand William Sellers Stewort LeBlonc Ed Boswell A N O N fifi! Rov»; Mcu. Konnody, Conan, tCahlfnui, Euay, McWu ' pHy. Bot e . . Secc d Ko VVeo ' hefboe. Pink. Allen, Jucket, Schwort, Quinlon, Dowling . . . Third Rowi Foy, Sanders, Royal. Wilkinson. Harris, Black. Copouono. Sellers. 35? otft uA i4t a V J J ' n ;.; m THE UNIVERSITY SUPPLY STORE Seruing THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA STUDENTS FACULTY and ALUMNI Since 190J " THE SUPPLY STORE IS YOUR STORE " B£fOR£, Football and Basketball were born,- BEFORE, Sase ?a p ayers wore gloves,- BEFORE, Go " got out of Scot land,— UEf CO iMMssii M» RF ■ " tm.or 3{JIM.-I was co-operating with the University of Alabama; and its students have sought " A. J. Co. " for Athletic Equip- ment, Hardware and Household Supplies of every sort. • THE HOME OF QUALITY HARDWARE SINCE ' 83 •- Allen § Jemison Company Fifty-eight Years of Service to ' Bama Students 1883 1941 DELVIEW PRODUCTS REPRESENT THE HIGHEST STANDARDS OF QUALITY! TKot why Delview Formfreth Doiry Products ore preferred by mony University institutions ond by firms who serve meals lo University students. For richness, quolity, freshness, you con rely on o product beoring the DEIVIEW nome. Producers of that fomous form-fresh Grade A Milk. Comes from scientifically fed herds and source controlled. Perfectly pas- teurized and double sealed with the welded wire cop. Ask for this milk by nome at your regular eoting place. DELVIEW DAIRY FROM THE ENTIRE STAFF OTHER FAMOUS DELVIEW PRODUCTS: Cotloge Cheese, Whipping Creorti, Farm Fresh Butler, Chocolote Milk, BuHermlk, Bierley ' s Orange Ade. PHONE 3213 FOR REGULAR DELIVERY SERVICE CLAUDE HINTON, Owner Morie Loot tolces on intermission from her studies ond enjoys the good orders promptly delivered from ALABAMA GRILL If you want: -SANDWICHES -DRINKS -DELICATESSENS -MISCELLANEOUS -Call- ALABAMA GRILL University Avenue Phone 3720 Phone 9193 FRATERNITY JEWELRY Place your order NOW for the Famous Balfour Official Fraternity Jewelry " THE OLD RELIABLE " Rings— Badges— Novelties • ENOCH BENSON, Manager L.G.BALFOUR CO. 2104 Fifth Avetiue, North Birmingham, Ala. Keep Your House UpJo-Date with ISlew Furniture WE DOUBT IF THERE IS A FRATERNITY OR SORORITY ON THE CAMPUS THAT WE HAVE NOT FURNISHED, YOU SHOULD SEE THESE AND THEIR ARRANGEMENTS. THERE ARE BUT FEW HOMES IN TUSCALOOSA THAT ARE MORE BEAUTIFUL AND COMFORTABLE. The Tri Delts found thai to keep their house up-to-date they hod to use C. W. LEWIS ' Furniture exclusively. C W. Lewis Furniture Co. TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA NATIONALLY ADVERTISED FURNITURE SMARTLY DRESSED COLLEGE MEN PREFER GLOBE " NEEDLE MOLDED " CLOTHES, TAILORED TO INDIVIDUAL MEASUREMENTS EXCLUSIVE AGENCY The University Supply Store CiT — fr «_ ;; _e; _ The PHOTOGRAPHIC work for this ANNUAL was done by 2A A Broad Street Tuscaloosa Alabama ' Woman ' s Ukn... I {LLLindrU . . . rm noEi . . . Vo(jdLHdi . . . 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TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Miller, Martin 6 Lewis An :li{tccls ana hngiucers BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Des igncrs of NEW LIBRARY BUILDING DENNY CHIMES NEW AUDITORIUM DOSTER HALL ALABAMA UNION COLONIAL PLACE GIRLS ' DORMITORY COMMERCE BUILDING and ADDITION EAST and WEST ANNEX DORMITORIES ADMINISTRATION BUILDING NEW HALL DORMITORY GROUP FARRAH HALL JULIA TUTWILER DINING HALLS NOTT HALL NURSERY SCHOOL NEW ENGINEERING BUILDING SIX MEN ' S DORMITORIES NEW SHOP BUILDING MEN ' S DINING HALL BUREAU OF MINES NEW GYMNASIUM and LOCKER BUILDING ALSO EIGHTEEN FRATERNITY AND SORORITY HOUSES AND TEN PROFESSOR ' S HOUSES ( oivJiL td " jaciLitidi--- CHECKING ACCOUNTS SAVINGS ACCOUNTS TRUST DEPARTMENT FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC EXCHANGE COMMERCIAL LOANS TRAVELERS ' CHECKS The City National Bank of Tuscaloosa Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation $5,000 Maximum Insurance for Each Depositor Your Sweater, Skirt or Suit — all will have that well groomed appearance by letting CRYSTAL LAUN- DRY do your cleaning and laundering. DIAL 4476 Special Rates to Students CRYSTAL LAUNDRY Incorporated 423 University Ave. " It ' s Your Laundry - Use It More ' OWEN MEREDITH SONS INSURANCE Property Management— Mortgage Loans REAL ESTATE 2212 Broad Street Tuskaloosa, Alabama IT ' S TOPS WARDS TIP-TOP BREAD Ward Baking Company MAKERS OF WARD ' S FINE CAKES Frank M. Moody, Chairman of Board Cfias. N. Moody, Jr., Vice-President Gordon D. Palmer, President John P. Baker, Cashier Adolph C. Cade, Vice-President Chas. Ingram, Assistant Cashier Frank McCorkle Moody, Cashier )t jFirst i ational Panfe of Tuskaloosa, Alabama Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation A Designated Depository of the United States and the State of Alabama de- sires to be remembered by the young men and women of the University ALABAMA GAS COMPANY USE NATURAL GAS -for- COOKING - HOT WATER REFRIGERATION - HEATING S. H. KRESS CO. 5-10-25C STORE " WATCH KRESS WINDOWS " Tuscaloosa, Alabama MuJtiline Olid I tie OrchiJ Which ti Pretlter— TWENTY YEARS OF SERVICE AS UNIVERSITY FLORIST TUSCALOOSA FLOWER SHOP Call 3065 Night 3792 Jacob Reed ' s Sons 1424-1426 Chestnut Street Philadelphia, Pa. Makers of QUALITY UNIFORMS IjO- All OccoAM i-nd Since 1824 L€ARN TO FLY TODAY ' S WORLD IS A WORLD OF EVERYONE -THE BUTCHER THE BAKER, THE BANK PRES- IDENT - FLIES. YOU ' LL BE SURPRISED HOW LITTLE IT COSTS COURSES IN BOTH 1 AND 2S SHIPS The Myers Warner Powered Biplane Fairchild Low Wing Monoplanes 50 and 65 H. P. Piper Cubs For further Information Call 4743 or 2841 Alabama Institute of Aeronautics Especially Catering to the CAMPUS TRADE POULTRY EGGS CO. -For- POULTRY PRODUCTS 2408 Fourth St. Back of Burchfield Hotel TANNER BROS. WHOLESALE FRUIT - VEGETABLES Tuscaloosa, Alabama 2312 4th Street SOKOL BROS. FURNISHINGS FOR THE HOME FRATERNITY AND CLUB HOUSE Your Patronage Solicited Tuscaloosa, Ala. J. M. 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Rice RICE BROTHERS GINNERS - WAREHOUSEMEN FARMERS COTTON and COTTON SEED BUYERS Fertilizer Dealers Northport, Alabama ROGERS PLUMBING HEATING CO. PHONE 4596 With Up-to-Date Plumbing and Heating Fixtures With 25 years ' experience we are equip- ped to give you the best service in West- ern Alabama WE INSTALLED THE PLUMBING IN Colonial Hall New Hall Engineering Shop Bureau of Mines New Auditorium Girls ' Gymnasium and Many of the Sororities and Fraternities ' l I 11 sy :4 ASK YOUR GRCXTER FOR OTHER HARDIN ' S FA- MOUS PRODUCTS IN- CLUDING: De I ic lous Cokes, Doughnuts, Park- er House Rolls, Whole Wheat Bread olso forti- f.ed with the Wheat Heort ond other supe- rior bokery goodies. ATURE bestowed her richest blessings In the heart of the wheat, known scientifi- col ' y OS the embryo. Into this tiny WHEAT HEART, formerly lost in the milling process, ■ s found on abundance of vitamins B-l , B-2 ' Gi ond E os well as precious mineral salts. Not only that, but the WHEAT HEART is ultra flavorful — the " wheoty " flovor of the wheat groin. Ths WHEAT HEART is truly the " sweet- heart " of the grain. It ' s the best port, according to Science. By adding the WHEAT HEART to other premium quality ingredients, this breod is firer-flavored, vitomin-rich and contains all the vital elements of the wheat grain. You get more goodness, more health, more VALUE when you soy " Hordin ' s " when you buy. HARDIN ' S Butter-Krust BREAD Contains The Vital, Flavorsome wheatMheart ihe Wheot Heart, Science says, is me reproauctive or " growth " element of the wheat. Restored in moking white bread, you now get precious e ' ements heretofore impossible lo import. -A- ■i? HARDIN ' S BAKERY SERVING WEST ALABAMA AND THE UNIVERSITY SINCE 1900 Two Phi Goms prepared for their dotes LAUNDRY CLEANERS DYERS CRITERION J. F. Newton, Owner and Proprietor 2201 7 St. Diol 2731 1011 University Ave. BAKER TOW BOAT CO. InccrpOfi-j ' - : Washed ond Screened SAND and GRAVEL Towing, Dredging, ond Derrick Bool Focilities Telephone 5469 Office: Foot River Hall Tuscaloosa, Ala. You ' ll Earn that Key for Good Looks and Cleverness in Choosing Clothes vX I kappa ' ' Vb FROM MANGEL ' S 2318 BROAD STREET THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA Off. Summer School ers: Opportunity to shorten the required time for completion of regular four-year college course— Opportunity to enrich regular four-year curriculum by doing supplementary work— Opportunity to make up bock work— Many elective courses not offered in regular session. For catalog and further information call by the Summer School Office in Bibb Graves Hall or write to JOHN R. McLURE, Dean of Summer School University, Alabama HOTEL BURCHFIELD EUROPEAN PLAN We Appreciate Your Patronage W. J. Skelton, Manager A REPUTATION OF QUALITY AND WORKMANSHIP GERTRUDE ' S FLOWER SHOP FOR A COMPLETE FLORAL SERVICE DIAL 4665 SHOP AT SEARS AND SAVE SPORTING GOODS - LUGGAGE - SHOES - RADIOS - TIRES - BAT- TERIES - AND AUTO ACCESSORIES SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO. DIAL 4721 Tuscaloosa, Alabama BRANSCOMB U-DRIVE-IT COMPANY GULF SERVICE STATION Phone 331 1 University Avenue Pwg ' s ooa lliinai to at n The Kappa ' s get their midnight snack from their ice box kept COOL by TUSCALOOSA ICE CO. U UL CALL 471 1 DAY or NIGHT SERVICE u illUL 325 22nd AVENUE U Established 1892 WEATHERFORD PRINTING COMPANY COMMERCIAL PRINTERS Phone 5738 21 14-16-18 Broad Street Tuscaloosa Alabama BLACK FRIEDMAN WINSTON " MEN ' S CLOTHIERS " STYLE HEADQUARTERS FOR WELL- DRESSED UNIVERSITY MEN Tuscaloosa, Alabama THE VERY BEST IF IT COMES FROM n D Where the natural goodness of Fresh Milk and other Dairy Products is retained by scientific skill that protects and improves on nature ' s way PERRY CREAMERY CO., INC. PHONE 5516 TUSCALOOSA For Good, Clear and Clean Originals and Carbon Copies, Durable and Uniform Results OLD TOWN TYPEWRITER RIBBONS OLD TOWN CARBON PAPERS Distributed on the Campus by The University Supply Store !■ ■ :■ i;t the boulheasterri lerntory by THE GULF STATES SALES CORPORATION 22 So. 20fh Street Birmingham, Ala. For YOLJR Enjoyment GOLDEN FLAKE PRODUCTS " Always Good — All Ways " POTATO CHIPS - SALTED PEANUTS PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICHES Mode Fresh Doily by Mq gic City Food Products Co. Birmingham, Alabama BROMBERG COMPANY JEWELERS and SILVERSMITHS 218 N. 20fh Sf. Birmingham, Ala. Over One Hundred Years in Alabama BROMBERG GALLERIES China, Glassware, Gift Art Ware, Furniture, Drapery and Rugs -USE- DIXI€ CLUB COFFEE AND TEA Roasted and Packed by DIXIE COFFEE COMPANY Birmingham, Ala There s no wonder these two look so happy. They ' re eating good food in a good atmosphere at the McLester Coffee Shop EAT WITH YOUR FRIENDS AT- Corr£. -z .c noji ONE-HALF CENTURY OF SERVICE IMPROVED AND MANAGED BY AN ALUMNUS FOR THE ALUMNI AND FRIENDS OF THE UNIVERSITY Headquarters for . . . PHYSICIANS ' AND LABORATORY SUPPLIES McKESSON ROBBINS, Inc. Birmingham, Alabama DIAMONDS WATCHES SILVERWARE KLEIN SON JEWELERS Montgomery, Alabama Your guide to quality merchandise Cameras and Supplies Complete Optical Service ot Reasonable Prices MAIL ORDERS FILLED City Furniture Company TWO DOORS WEST OF POST OFFICE TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA . We Specialize in nateAymiu ami a jyw HOUSE FURNISHINGS RADIOS STUDY LAMPS STUDY TABLES PILLOWS CHAIRS DESKS CLOTHING, SPORTSWEAR ACCESSORIES COM PA N Y • Nationally Advertised MEN ' S WEAR • Tuscaloosa, Alabama SOUTH SIDE DRUG STORE DRUGS - SODAS - CIGARS CANDIES — and— SICK ROOM SUPPLIES 2204 Greensboro Avenue Telephone 4741 Tuscaloosa, Alabama PHONE 2274 HOUSE ' S GARAGE A COMPLETE AUTO SERVICE AXLE, FRAME and BRAKE SPECIALISTS BABBITING CRANK SHAFT GRINDING Authorized United Motors Service 720 Grt ' tTn ibofo Avenue C oimc 3078 ano oni — CjbifIs • These Pretty Co-eds Keep That Waist Line Trim • Let ' s go and Bowl on the South ' s Finest Bowling A leys It ' s Fun — and good f or you too BAMA BOWLING CENTER 1307 University Ave. Phone 9251 SOUTHERN DAIRY FARM ALL CREAM ICE CREAM " The Taste That Tells " PHONE 5363 GRADE " A " MILK -- RAW OR PASTEURIZED Tuscaloosa, Alabama " You Must Be Satisfied at Jax " Suits Cleaned and Pressed 35 Cents Dresses Cleaned and Pressed 40 Cents Up CASH AND CARRY JAX CLEANERS S. R. Jackson, Proprietor " Alteration Repairs a Specialty " 1304 University Ave. Tuscaloosa, Ala. These football players relax and enjoy themselves PLAY FOR . . . SKILL HEALTH RELAXATION PLEASURE WITH THE MOST MODERN EQUIPMENT AT ROY ' S PLACE 2414 6th St Phone 4498 UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA A. tanJtirJ lustilution oj Lcaruinq Sioacrt} nmlJings ana hquipmeut LETTERS, SCIENCE, ENGINEERING, CHEMISTRY, METALLURGY AND CERAMICS, COM- MERCE AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, EDUCATION, HOME ECONOMICS LAW, MEDICINE AND MINES Expenses Exceedingly Moderate For Catalog Address President RICHARD C. FOSTER, A.B., LL.B., LL.D., D.C.L. University, Alabama " Tell Us Your Radio Trou ble " DeSCHOT Rod o Service and So und Co. CALL ADDRESS 5462 2105 Broad J ii±ticj 1 BOOK STORE GIFT SHOP Established 1898 The Some Policy The Same Quality The Same Welcome THE REAL COLLEGE STORE OWL PRINTING CO. GOOD PRINTING COSTS NOTHING- IT PAYS FOR ITSELF DIAL 2417 525— 25th Ave. Tuscaloosa, Ala. PATRONIZE COROLLA ADVERTISERS ENGINEERING SHOP BUILDING ADDITION TO GRAVES HALL LEWIS HALL CLAYTON HALL THE NEW UNIVERSITY LIBRARY, One of the Most Modern and Beoutiful in the South Was Built by " BATSON-COOK COMPANY " • We also constructed the following buildings on the University Campus: LUPTON HALL POWERS HALL JONES HALL WYMAN HALL Batson-Cook C o m p a n - GENERAL CONTRACTORS WEST POINT, GEORGIA EXTENSION DIVISION UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA FOLLOW YOUR EDUCATIONAL INTEREST DURING VACATIONS AND AFTER COLLEGE YEARS ARE OVER DEPARTMENT OF INSTRUCTION CORRESPONDENCE STUDY COURSES UNIVERSITY CENTERS EXTENSION CLASSES DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SERVICE HIGH SCHOOL DEBATE HIGH SCHOOL DRAMATICS HIGH SCHOOL PUBLICATIONS RADIO FORUMS AND LECTURES CLUB STUDY SERVICE LIBRARY EXTENSION NEWS BUREAU EXTENSION DIVISION For Information Call at the EXTENSION OFFICE or write ADMINISTRATION BUILDING, University, Alabama Uoni 1 The Tide Rolls on in a TOM ' S U-DRIVE-IT Dial 2816 1101 University Ave. J A Duckworth Charles Morris DUCKWORTH- MORRIS GENERAL INSURANCE RENTALS, LOANS REAL ESTATE Tuscaloosa Alabama Chr ' isi ' iau Sou Dealers in GENERAL MERCHANDISE COTTON BUYERS COUNTRY PRODUCE BOUGHT AND SOLD Two Phone Numbers 4041 4016 WOOD- FRUITTICHER GROCERY COMPANY WHOLESALE GROCERS Birmingham, Alabama Faithfully Yours DONOVAN ' S RED DIAMOND COFFEE m m VISIT US OFTEN- WE APPRECIATE YOUR PATRONAGE DUGIN ' S SHOE STORE MORGENTHAU ' S CLEANERS Byron McNeill, Manager " Sooner or Later Your Favorite Cleaner " ALL GARMENTS INSURED AGAINST FIRE OR THEFT PHONE 3780 2112 Broad St, Tuscaloosa, Ala. Phone 2836 Tuscaloosa, Alabama • Next Door to Druid Theatre ORDER OFFICIAL U. OF A. J ' e ucH (Imcf. For Any Graduating Year Designed and Manufactured By HERFF-JONESCO. Indianapolis, Indiana EARLE M. HAYS Representative P. O. Box 1428 Birmingham, Ala. CERTIFIED COLD STORAGE VAULTS FURS - WOOLEN GARMENTS STORE YOUR WARDROBE FOR THE SUMMER WITH US CjoniLj Places? YOU BET THEY ARE, AND THEY ' LL FEEL THEIR BEST TOO, FOR THE CLOTHES THEY ARE WEARING HAVE JUST COME FROM 1 usikaloosa Steam Lainulrv • • • IF YOU WANT- SERVICE NEATNESS ECONOMY QUALITY DRY CLEANING DEPENDABILITY DIAL 471 I Tuskaloosa Steam Laundry CONVENIENT and ECONOMICAL Enjoy Your Meals at . . . The University of Alabama d DINING HALL Claude Stalworth, Manager o : ;-. Shoes For Men AIR STEP Shoes for Women POW€ ' S Post Office Block Tuscaloosa Baker ' s Restaurants WE EMPLOY ALL STUDENT WAITERS 1015 University Ave. 2217 Brood Street Marion keeps things looking trim with point ond brush Cole Supply Co. PAINTS, WALL PAPER AND PLUMBING SUPPLIES Tuscaloosa, Alabama 520-22nd Ave. Phone 5561 ? W( 0 AffAecicdloH The production of on annual is no a one or a two man job. Mony persons contribute to its make-up, ond many of them receive little or no credit lor the work thot they do. hkr. Bob Foerber of the Alabomo Er graving Compony and Mr. Ed Wise of The Poragon Press hove been untiring in their efforts on the book. Their advice kept us from going wrong more thon once. A faithful and loyal stoff put in many hours work in the Corollo office, on the compus, and all over town, gathering materiol, writing, filing pictures, reoding proof, taking pictures, selling advertising, and doing the thousond and one things that go toward completing such o book as this. The Blockfriors also contributed much of their time by posing for the pictures that appeor on the division pages, ond by getting the ideos for these pictures. Dr. Lester Raines, Director of Blockfriors, wos porticulorly helpful in this connection. Without the help and advice of oil these persons and others whom we may hove forgotten, this book would never hove even gone to press. So it is to these " unsung heroes " of the 1941 Corolla that we wish to express our deepest appreciation. PARNEIL LEWIS, Business Monoger. BROOKS HAYES. Editor, The Seventeenth Edition of the COROLLA to be cosed in a MOLLOY-MADE cover— that ' s the record piled up by the David J. Molloy organization and representing a sotisfoctory service of which we are justly proud. No COROLLA STAFF has ever had to apologize for its MOLLOY-MADE cover and never will. TK, le Davic 2857 North Western Avenue. 1 J. Mollo Plant Chicago, Illinois Good Service Groceries •Meats Fresh Vegetables Economy Then go to— STORE NO. 1 Downtown 23l4-6th Street STORE NO. 2 [ " ' Neor the Compus 1 V UnivPr ity Avr» rjnri f?n »H St H H K % m , - K l W Jock Sellers Dishing It Out Again AVERY ' S DOD SI ORES e UvvL todti • • act COMB WHAT MAY CONFIDENCE is the heritage of youth .... it is also a fundamental requirement of business .... attained by long study, training and experience • We have enjoyed the confidence of yearbook Staffs throughout the country for over thirty years .... an accomplishment for which we are truly grateful and justly proud .... COLLEGE ANNUAL DIVISION ALABAMA ENQRAVING COA PANY B I RM.1 N Q H A 1 l f , . ' -■» »«Wi " - ' » 7 I ri B Jill niiii mill iim, h a if h m ii . » r - Gbt Qaragon Qrrss PRINTERS, PUBLISHERS, AND L I T H O S RAPH ERS : i l ' Adams Av nu« Monkgomery, Alabama I ■ ., I

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