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■ ' ) ' ■ i s i 1 i I I H ■ ■ ■ ■ i 1 j i i i f ■ i 1 • 1 1 ( 1 i 1 i - ' •;_ ' ■j j I I i:! n ;AL-... ii. ' .-- ■;:-- ' r ' - ' i;«ltjii1ii ' ii?tfi( ' r ' ' . THE UniVE ■ Ht v ■ . xs g obV- , e o . o t s ' Bo Av o tVA© N ba Vo f of o sa tv ,■ 0 B JS HtSS VV - GVVB ' iW ' uo VAe 5 oo© e ess o oo avv 09 Wo Ovi vo vuve v ov ( ca esO ° ' ' ;lvoov ° ' ' av9ef covi oV:e ' kX ' i ovJ ' f o :voe o ao Vvas os W e c t eo tv urt 9 iVas. iVAe :T a )ves etve m aoV o soc etV VNoe ( ea s. tvue VAe, vi rtecte ( , ' cever V v Aao . :t e, bvi o ea9 evo ess ao c e t viS . as ov tVe tove ao cv HtB ' V • - V V ' ' ■ ' • • rt ' j- r ' - : ,i .4 - t:. •. • - I K ' ' y Jt- % ' . • •■ ' 4 ' , ' ■ ' " ■■. ; V -t ' ■ . A ■ »! • ■■ f s«» i |A !2«c,,,j„«it-J V e bN c _ v® o® ., V o 9° v Vw " ce ' X " ... ' , 9 ' X ' " . ■ " ' p. " ' A ' ' O ' X ' ' - oe ' ' ISISMSSiRliSSSKftS ' fi IPELLED WITH CAPITAL D ED I CAT (9 RICHARD CLARKE FOSTER.. Who, though he has guided the destinies of the Cap- stone for little more than a year as its president, has completely won the respect and affections of the Student Body and the Faculty through his convincing display of those qualities that mark a man as both a wise and far-seeing leader, and a sincere and friendly counselor, this forty-sixth volume of the Corolla is dedicated in deep appreciation of what he has accom- plished and in happy anticipation of what he will ac- complish in the future. " i . ' Nn Mac ' BR o h MEMDRIAM In all the vast University communitY, only one death, fewer than in many years, was recorded during the fiscal year. But the pleasure that should be ours in recording this unusual and cheering note is drastically lessened by the fact that the lone death was that of Rosure Stephens, 15, of Dixon Mills, Alabama, the youngest stu- dent in school. Between the time of his enroll- ment in the Freshman Class in September and his death of infantile paralysis in March. Rosure had become a symbol of the best there is in col- lege life. Only fourteen when he registered and the smallest boy physically on the campus, he attracted widespread attention and editorial comment not only because of his youth but be- cause he entered the University with only fifteen dollars for expenses. First, in order to make his way, he sold apples and candy in dormitories and boarding houses. Then he was taken into a professor ' s home. An excellent student, he had entered the University with an all " A " record; his college grades also were excellent. To the memory of brave, lovable Rosure Stephens, this page of The Corolla is affectionately dedicated. ' p l Jf lumztm ' m BAMA ' S BIG BEN J_ dllllLj ( liinis.! nL BEAUTIFUL CAPSTONE Any visitor to the University of Alabama campus is at once im- pressed by Its beauty. Beauty here is not confined to either buildings or grounds. There is rather a combination type of beauty achieved by architectural and natural structure. Each edifice around the quadrangle is primarily characterized by columnar construction of elegant simplicity. Such a style of archi- tecture actually catches the spirit of the true South, radiating genuine southern hospitality. These buildings are spacious and commodious, possessing qualities which give them distinction as well as practicality. When one thinks of Alabama, he inevitably associates his thoughts with such identifying landmarks as the historic Gorgas Oak, Denny Chimes, the Jason Shrine, and the President ' s mansion. Certainly there is no person who, after seeing the University, has not exclaimed: " Yours is one of the most beautiful campuses I have f 7t r cf»pn ' : F w A jff- i, ; ' • .!■ - W%rr OT££i itif ' 1 ' ' chooL of Ct ' DL Xi xux clzooL of ■ ' --■r ■y o ■ ' H v ' f " - ' ' imm i ■i ' ' . . m i¥ ., l ' ' " lfc • ni ' ' —l£.i.t uvsi. una J2 xunion Jl uxnsn -1-xs.i.LcUnt i c::: {ani.ion and J2 dnnu C-liLnisi. j- r ' ; V • • ► lA-f. . vr= 60VERN0R HIS EXCELLENCY BIBB GRAVES GOVERNOR OF ALABAMA As the Honorable Bibb Graves, alumnus of the University of Alabama and twice-elected Governor of the state, nears the completion of his final year in office, we at the University see his departure with mingled satisfaction and regret. Sat- isfaction because his four years in office have seen great strides being made at the University which he so generously sponsored, and regret that he will no longer be in a position to continue his benevolence. We feel sure, however, that his entrance in private life will mean no lessening of his interest in the University nor any discontinuing of his former advice and intelligent understanding. Sure, we are, too, that if his career is as successful in private service as it was in public service, his will be a high and prosperous place among the nation ' s great. Whether his success be a major or a minor one, though, we wish him the best of everything that he desires in the future — and we hope his future will be a long and outstandingly pleasant one. Page Twenty-six am BOARD of TRUSTEES His Excellency Bibb Graves Governor of the State of Alabama, President, ex-officio A. H. Collins, State Superintendent of Education, ex-officio Congressional District First District Gessner T. McCorvey, Mobile Second District Robert Steiner, Jr., Montgomery Third District Charles S. McDowell, Jr., Eufaula Fourth District J. Kelly Dixon, Talladega Fifth District Louis L. Herzberg, Gadsden Sixth District John A. Rogers, Gainesville Sixth District Henry B. Foster, Tuscaloosa Seventh District John H. Bankhead, Jasper Eighth District Archibald H. Carmichael, Tuscumbia Ninth District Hill Ferguson, Birmingham Executive Committee — Messrs, Foster, Ferguson and Herzberg Robison Brown, Secretary and Commissioner of University Lands Shaler C, Houser, Treasurer Deceased )n. Denny, Houser. McDowell. Carmichael. Ferguson, H. B.. Herzberg. Steiner. McCorvey. Foster. R. C. PRESIDENT A MESSAGE TO THE STUDENTS: I take the liberty of giving a personal note to a part of this message. The year, my first as President of the University, has been a signally happy one for me, made so by the good will and the fine spirit of cooperation shown by the students of our University, the members of the faculty, and its administrative staff. To all of them I shall be forever grateful. The growth of the University has been more than material in the year that is closing. Interest in scholar- ship and achievement has widened and deepened; the spirit of learning and the spirit of the University which abound are significant. Our student body is the largest in our history, with nearly every state in the land repre- sented. The physical plant has been enlarged. Courses of study have been strengthened, and the new and impor- tant ones added. Standards have been raised. The faculty has been increased. The developments in spirit, in scholarship and in the material give great promise. We look to the future with hope and faith. To the graduating classes we bid God speed. Our interest and affection go with them. While we part with these students reluctantly, we send them forth with a sense of pride in them as representatives of our contribu- tion to the world of today, confident that they will furnish strength and leadership in their day and age. We rejoice in those thousands of fine young men and young women who will return to our campus for the coming year. Let us join in the worthy task of making that year one of the finest and most fruitful in the life of our beloved Alma Mater. r, r- r, • KiCHARD Clarke toster, l- ' resiaent. Page TnoUy-eighl 2N,. DENNY, CLincd[ox, and SPEAKER BANKHEAD Two of the Tide ' s most ardent supporters. University Chancellor George H. Denny and Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, William B. Bankhead, watch the Crimson Tide begin a touchdown march. Speaker Bank- head earned his ' A ' on the gridiron and the diamond at ' Bama. Beloved ' Mike ' Denny, respected, trusted, and admired, is easy to find after four any afternoon while pigskins are in the air. With his pipe going full blast, the Chancellor watches from the backfield while the Tide scrimmages. AGNES ELLEN HARRIS DEAN OF WOMEN DEANS To the Students: College days are always among the happiest and most enjoyable of a person ' s life. At the University of Alabama young men and young women may find unequalled opportunities for fine training and rich personal experiences. There is pleasant association with able and in- spiring teachers. Congenial and lasting friend- ships are formed within its student body of five thousand youths of similar ages, ideals, and ambitions. Numerous athletic and other extracurricular activities enable one to enjoy a more complete university experience as a part of the more wholesome life. All of us will find pleasure m recalling the incidents and happenings of the past year as recorded in this, the forty-sixth edition of the Corolla. For the past year and a half I have had the responsibility of the office of the Dean of Men. Close association with the students through individual and group contacts has been a heart- ening experience for me. In my relationships with the students, I have found them to be fair and reasonable; my faith in their spirit has been strengthened. For their confidence, their cooperation, and their friendship, I am deeply grateful. Sincerely yours, J. H. Newman, Dean of Men. A Message to the Students: The work of the Dean of Women at the University consists in rendering any needed service to the individual woman student, in ad- vising and cooperating with leaders of women student organizations, and in coordinating all activities of the woman ' s campus. The year 1937-38 has been one of great achievement in the history of the women at the University. The enrollment of women has made a marked increase over any pervious year. A new level has been attained in the scholastic standing of women. Because Uni- versity women are alert and thoughtful and have an ever-widening vision of their respon- sibilities in life, new courses have been added to meet their growing demands, and it has been necessary to add to the physical plant a new and beautifully equipped West Annex, Graduate Hall, Nursery School, and a Home Management House. From the woman ' s campus we .send greet- ings to the students of the University and to their friends who read this yearbook. Sincerely yours, Agnes Ellen Harris, Dedti of Women. Page Thirty and OFFICERS of . . ADMINISTRATION MARY ROBERTSON The efficiency and skill with which the regis- tration at the University has been organized is a criterion of Miss Robertson ' s ability as Registrar. Her work in keeping straight the records of more than five thousand students is also deserving of recognition. RICHARD E. EMERSON While " Dick " Emerson ' s fairness and freedom from the traditional respect for unnecessary red tape have won him the admiration of the students at large, his efficiency and ability at administer- ing his office have also won him the respect of his fellow workers. One of the youngest of the administrative officers he is well on his way to- wards becoming one of the most valuable also. RALPH E. ADAMS Undoubtedly one of the busiest men in the administration, Mr. Adams is also among the ablest. Despite the amount of important work which he, as Executive Secretary, has to do, he also finds time to handle the numerous requests of the students who have business with him in a manner the promptness and courtesy of which has made his name a campus by-word. Mary Robertson Richard E. Emerson Ralph E. Adams OFFICERS SHALER C. HOUSER While not so well known to the general student body as some of the other administrative offi- cers, Mr. Houser is an important part of the ad- ministrative set-up. It is he who acts as treasurer of the University and who controls the finances. In addition he serves as a member of the faculty and as a member of the Committee on Athletics. ShaUr C. Houser Robison Brown .Tohn R. McLu ROBISON BROWN Like Mr, Houser, Mr. Brown occupies more than one position at the University of Alabama. He is Land Commissioner, in charge of all the University ' s real estate property and also occupies the office of Secretarv to the Board of Trustees. JOHN R. MCLURE To state simply that Dr. McLure is Director of the Summer School is enough to indicate his value to the University. For the Summer School, with Its constant increase in the number of stu- dents attending and its steady enlargement in the number of courses being offered, has grown in importance both to regular students at the Uni- versity and to graduates of other schools. o " ADMINISTRATION ROBERT E. TIDWELL Presenting those who are unable to attend classes at the University the opportunity to secure an education is the duty of the Extension Divi- sion. This department, under Dr. Tidwells di- rection, has increased its scope until it may now be classed as one of the most important sections of the school. That so young a department should have so widespread influence is a direct tribute to Dr. Tidwell ' s skill in managing it. ALICE S. WYMAN One of the first persons a Freshman entering the University comes in contact with is Miss Wy- man — she is also the first, or among the first, to impress him with a quality of sincere friendliness and a desire to help him. The fact that this willingness to be of assistance is combined with a thorough knowledge of how to assist makes Miss Wyman one of the best liked members of the administrative staff. ROBERT K. BELL Mr. Bell, the man who has charge of the dor- mitories, also carries on other duties as an assist- ant Dean of Men and as a member of the fac- ulty. In dealmg with the many students who his offices bring him in contact with he has won the distmction of attaining a nickname — the truest index of popularity with the student body. r 0i(€ 044 2: off our ALABAMA ' S Here they are! Alabama ' s graduates who arc known throughout the nation, because of their unselfish devo- tion to the interests which they represent. They were once students on our own campus, and we think the University will always graduate outstanding men of this caliber. nati to lonis. o, PROMINENT ALUMNI 1. Hugo L. Black, Justice, United States Supreme Court; 2. William B. Bankhead, Speaker, United States House of Representatives; 3. O. C. Carmichael, Chan- cellor, Vanderbilt University; 4. David A. Crawford, President, Pullman Company; 5. John H. Bankhead, U. S. Senator, Alabama; 6. Lister Hill, U. S. Senator, Alabama; 7. Claude Pepper. U. S. Senator, Florida; 8. Kenneth McKellar, U. S. Senator, Tennessee; 9. Theodore H. Jack. President, Randolph-Macon Woman ' s College; 10. Sam Hobbs, U. S. Congressman; 11. Joe Starnes, U. S. Congressman; 12. Luther Patrick, U. S. Congressman; 13. O. H. Cross, Former-Congressman, Texas; 14. Henry B. Steagall, U. S. Congressman, Ala- bama; 15. Pete Jarman, U. S. Congressman, Alabama; 16. John Sparkman, U. S. Congressman, Alabama; 17. B. M. Miller, Former-Governor, Alabama. Albert B. Moore, M.S., M.A., Ph.D M G R A D U AT E riiev are the best customers the librarv has. Th;y seldom miss a class and thrill the pro- fessors with their rapt concentration upon his lightest word. Their every thought is tied up in that mystic word. " THESIS " . They are, in short, the graduate students. Thev are no innovation on the University ot Alabama campus, for the Master ' s degree has been conferred almost from the start of the University, and modern graduate work was begun in 1897. In 1925 the present Graduate School was organized in order to place gradu- ate work on an equal basis with other schools of the University as a major f ield of endeavor. The Graduate School, open to any student holding a bachelor ' s degree from the Univer- sity of Alabama or any other approved school, aims to promote the spirit of research and more intensified specialization than is possible in an undergraduate school, and Dean Albert B. Moore and the faculty of .Alabama ' s grad- uate School are more than capable of achiev- ing this result. cliooL of LAW The law .students are seldom with us. Wc see them in a group twice a year — once at the Homecoming game, when they deck them- selves out with great formality, gather in the stands, and regale the crowd with " That Old- Time Religion " , and other Law School ballads. But where are they the rest of the tune? Just stroll into the library of the Law build- ing some day, and you will find them. They are studying — and study they must, for they have a tradition to uphold. Since its start in 1827 under the leadership of Judge Henderson M. Somerville, Alabama ' s Law School has developed into one of the best in the country. This progress was continued in 1912 when Dean Albert J. Farrah took over the reins. He is still holding them firmly, and his influence is felt by every law student. The high standards he has maintained guar- Ai.|(e:rtX Farrah. A.M., LL.B., LL.D. IsEi irJ ' . F, anrce real knowledge and ability in those who yl W degree. r Wfi ' 3hK5JJifl ' i ' .Mpf t f fbf pudding is in the eating " , . ' ; ' ai|fl " sfitiiUrrv. the proof of any school is in the achievements of its students. By this stand- ard, Alabama ' s Law School cannot be rated less than tops, for many of its alumni are prominent in both state and national life, where they help to mold the ideas and poli- cies of the nation. It seems that for those with intelligence and ability, developed and increased by an in- stitution such as the LJniversity of Alabama Law School and its able faculty, boundless opportunities in leadership are open. So study on lawyers, and, as Dean Farrah says, " That ' ll do! " : Joffes, Harwoot!, Hep- ront Kow: McCoy. Far- rah, Masters. ,- X ' ' Stuart Graves. A.B., M.D. Dean c ' Iedicine is the only historic profession for which a complete education is not vet available in Alabama for Alabama students. Public interest in the development of a small, high-grade, complete school of medi- cine is constantly growing. The number of doctors in Alabama has been steadily de- creasing, creating a desire for a four-year medical school on the campus. It is with this end in view that the present school was created. Scfioo[ of MEDICINE High standards of admission, high standards of teaching and research, close supervision of student work and sympathetic interest in the personal welfare of a strictly limited student body ciiaracterize the administration of the School of Medicine at the University of Ala- bama. Over a period of ten years these principles have resulted in the transfer to junior standing in thirty-three of the leading American four-year medical schools of lOO ' r of the students who have passed their examinations at Alabama and in the subsequent graduation in medicine of every transfer except one. This remarkable record, coupled with the moderate expense of the medical education at Alabama, is attracting an increasing proportion of the highest ranking pre-medical students from the colleges of Alabama and surrounding South- ern States. Hunt. Fiddl ? JI ' n our every day life we need the essen- tials which are stressed and taught in this college. Time and again the value of the degree of Bachelor of Arts and Sciences has been proved, and Dean C. H. Barnwell is here to see that its value will mean even more in the future. Charles H. Barnwell, A.M., Ph.D., LL.D., Litt.D. Dean ColLcjz of ART S and SCIENCES " What good is an A. B. degree, anyway? " was a question often asked of Arts and Sciences students in the past. But today a clearer view of the influence of the A. B. school has banished that question altogether, for students have come to the realization that the College of Arts and Sciences is the basic school of learning. ' oung people who plan to enter schools of law or medicine are told that they must have from two to three years of Arts and Sciences training before they can begin to specialize. Here is the background nec- essary for such technical knowledge. This college gives the fundamental training and knowl- edge which is not only useful but practically essential to the cultured and well-rounded member of modern society. Rare indeed is the person who feels at ease in general conver- sation without a knowledge of such subjects as English, history, and at least the fundamen- tals of Political Science. First Re Lang, S; Shannon Royall, Harlan, v: Davis. Cumraings. Guthrily. Echols, Fidler, Dean Barnwell, Christ lith, Coleman, E. i:: Second Row : Ramsdell, Montgomery, Lewis, Car Beedon, Foster, Rogers. Williams, Peguee. " Third Row: Cai-other; thicks. Rippere. Frierson. Palmer, Martinez, Me laines, Dillcy, Mitchell, Mate, Osburne, Osband 1. Ramsay, Howe, Doyle, )n, Carlson, Rogers, Ott, Gregory, Forehand, Ray, kley. ,V Fourth Row: Wright, LeClair. Valk, Strode, Hell, Foster, Mason, Daw- Richards, Hayes, Cole W., Johnston, Whitehurst, Thurston, Adams, Wright. c o H ere voung men anc Distinctively differcrt ' r ' ' fs ' ' .t?ffi .irinosrhere ,i tiie Commerce building from that of the other schools on the campus. Her,- is totiTiJ, r.ut studious silence, hut much efficient noise and bustle pervading the halls. .A busy pl of:,Ta]:j£B , Commerce building, and one increasing in popularity with the students. - ' Here is found the practical training so much in demand todav women may gain a sound foundation in secre- tarial studies, accounting, business law, eco- nomics, advertising, and the manv other helds of present day commerce. Although one of the youngest schools in t.he field, Alabama ' s Commerce School has risen rapidly to an outstanding position. Large- ly through the efforts of Dean Lee Bidgood and his competent faculty, the Commeree School now offers a four-year course leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Com- merce and Business Administration, and points with pride to its membership in the American Association of Collegiate Schools of Business. Its standards are high, its equipment is new and modern, and its courses are practical and comprehensive. E R C E Lee Bidgood. A.M.. Dean X.D. ner. Collins, day. Whitma LynKby. Fidler, Davis. Bo- damson. Nations, Holla- Speers. ir Second Row : Mann. Jones, Hummell, McMillan. Bid- irood. Glover, Foster. Chapman, Knight. Johnston, ' i Back Row: Alyea. Heflin, Scott. Mitchell. Gill. Cutrea. McDougall. r!..r.h:im. CoLLdLjd o CATION James J. Doster, A.M., LL.D. Dciin , hmiri- ' : ' Just step inside Graves Hall, one of the newest build- ings oil the c.iirijnL ' . ,.ixiu,.r.ri 4Kiine ol the College of Education. See all those young people ;;trolhng through thch ' vSj ' cll, they Are future school teachers. Yes, they look rather frivolous and gay now, but tfiey have a serious side, for Dean James J. Doster and his as- sistants are busy instilling in them the knowledge and ideals that they in turn will pass on to the youth of the nation. Training teachers is a great responsibility, and it is discharged with real interest and un- derstanding by Dean Doster. Since his ap- pointment as Dean of the College of Edu- cation in 1911, Dr. Doster has developed the school into a full four-year college whose en- rollment is increasing steadily and which has already placed many of its graduates in teach- ing positions throughout Alabama and many other states. We are justly proud of our College of Edu- cation and of the man whose untiring ambi- tion and zeal have done so much for it. We think it fitting to close with Dean Doster ' s favorite quotation, which is carved on the por- tal of Graves Hall: " Religion, morality, and knowledge being necessary to good government and the hap- piness of mankind, schools and a means of education shall forever be encouraged. " Williams, Cowart, Belsur. r. WiLson. Coleman. Bosard. Thomp- Sreiiell. Payne. -; Second Row: Har- ris. Whitehurst. Ernst. Wills. Doster. Plowden. Back Row: Mills. Hulsey, Dow- ling, Schmitz, McKinley, McChire, Terry. L Ol EN SRING Since Its establLsliiin ' n.rnll ' n IS.S!. the College of En- gineering has stcadiK dev ' idped until it now includes aeronautical, clieniical, civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering and a school ot mines. Fortunately situated in a location rich in mineral resources, the college is able to otter both theoretical and practical instruction to its students. It has been mcludcd by the Secretary of War on the list of approved schools, and the only branch ot the United States Bureau of Mines in the South has been established here. But the engineers don ' t spend all then time pursuing these subjects with the complicated names. One of the festive occasions of the college year is their " St. Pat ' s Day " , and When St. Pat and his court of lovely co-eds IS presented with due ceremony, and when a tea dance, banquet, and formal dance all go to make the day a memorable one. After all, the adage about " All work and no play " is still true, and whether or not it applies to the fine engineers that Dean George J. Davis turns out vearly. it is a good motto to apply to any school. Also active are the many professional organizations of the College of Engineering. Every local chapter of the professional organizations maintains a high record in its national standing. Tau Beta Pi and Theta Tau George J. Davis, Jr., C.E.. D.Sc. Dean recognize outstanding scholarship and ability in lead- ership as e.vemplified by the .seniors and juniors of the college. The College of Engineering of the Lhiiversity holds an enviable reputation, and has sought always to maintain its high standards. Front: Meet ' . ' ' . Dabbs. Maxwell. Walker. - Standing: Houser. Ada Abernathy. Cudworth, Horvey. Cuthern. Bander. Taylor. Dahler Miller. Faircloth. Schmitz, duPlantier. Miss Agnes Ellen Harris, A.M. Dean In olden times the young bride liad only to wear a pretty smile and the fact that her biscuits broke her husband ' s teeth didn ' t seem to matter much. But, " them days are gone forever " , and the 1938 model wife must be able to cook well, run her home efficiently, £: cllOOL of HOME ECONOMICS and often hold a job in her -.part motije ' iluib It is the girl who finds her place in the School ot Home Eco- nomics. But home-making is not the only thing taught in Alabama ' s Home Economics School — in fact, it is only one of the many varied courses open to students. Such majors as institution management, clothing and textiles, nutrition and chemistry, and textiles and chemistry pro- vide specialized training. At Alabama, Home Economics students do not re- ceive only theoretical training. Doster Hall is thorough- ly and modernly equipped to provide practical experi- ence, and the new Home Managemment house offers seniors the perfect training — that of running a home themselves. Dean Agnes Ellen Harris is deeply inter- ested in the Home Economics school, and she points with pride to the large number of her graduates who are now engaged in social service, dietetics, nutrition specialization and many other profitable and useful pro- fessions. Active also are the Home Economics organizations — Phi Upsilon Omicron and Caroline Hunt Club. In these two groups, the girls pursuing the professions dealing in home economy are given an opportunity to keep abreast with the progress of their profession. Left to Ripht: Spriniier, Knight. Crane. Church. Jenkins. Ha Crossley. Thompson. Bosard. - ' " icTijRE a young person wearing a frown of deep concentration and completely surrounded by test tubes, beakers, and Bunsen burners, and you may imagine yourself in the Chemistry school. Although one of the Stewart J. 1-ioyd, M.Sc, P Dean .D. cliooL or , , . CHEMISTRY youngest of the schools and colleges of the Univer- sitv, the Chemistry school has steadily broadened its scope. It has actively cooperated with the College of Engineering and the Federal Bureau of Mines in their chemical work. The great mineral wealth of the state soon called for the study of metallurgy, and today ceramics is also a department of this division, with faculties for grant- ing a specialized degree. Smce 1911, Dr. Stewart J. Lloyd has been Dean of the School of Chemistry, and his untiring interest in the ad- vancement of this subject has been largely responsible for the growth of the school. The Chemistry department has gained wide-spread fame and recognition because of the high degree of e. cellence that its graduates have maintained in the professional world. Throughout every year of the existence of the School of Chemistry its growth has been both progressive and continuous. The world of science is constantly calling for the scientih- callv trained men that his school has produced. Faiabee. Church, Walter Hocart. Rex Wheeler. Merrill Doss. Billy Waldmaii, PegKy Crabtree. Henry Reid. Wilella Burns. Harris Gordon. Gilbert Johnston. Hartley Hodges, Billy Roberts. STUDENT ADMINISTRATION Believing that the supreme purpose of this institution is to train young men and young women in the higher principles of citizenship, the officers of the student administration have made every possible effort to maintain a student government harmonious to these principles. The present administration has worked with the officers of the administration of the University in the most cooperative manner possible. The student administration has sought to deal fairly and justly in every case which the students have brought to it, and the officers have more than fulfilled the demands which their respective offices require. The student adminstration has won the respect and the confidence of the student body which elevated its members to their high positions. Page Forly-fir S T U 1 . , N T OFFICERS i S;;- ■ Henry F. Reid ' - ' i ' S ' idetit -l: -•;(rty(]fA ' ;t; ' ' V..• William Waldman Harris M. Gordon VM iPptHdeni Sccrclary-Trea ' .urcr As I turn over tlie reins of tlie student admmistration to new hands, I am impressed with the great change that has come over the entire University in the past year. The Execu- tive Committee has endeavored to cooperate with the admin- istration tor the most henehcial results for the students. There has been an increased enthusiasm which is noted everywhere on the campus — the facuky, the administration, and the student body. However, what part of the success of the year now ending has been due to the Executive Committee, shght though it mav be, gives us a satisfaction which more than rewards our efforts. Sincerely yours, Henry Reid, President. APPEALS COURT Ris- ' ht: Loeb. Williams, Gafford. Reid. Burns, Gale, btree, Tyson. -A w A S S O C I A T I O N Henry F. Reid, Jr. William Waldman Harris M Gordon Frank Gafford Peyton VViJ![ams Robert H. Loeb Merrill Tyson James Strickland Carl Adams Wilella Burns Edna Mae Gale Esther Lee Cooper Peggy Crabtree C E. Mays Arli and iV, Clifford Fulford Carl H. Garshelis Jesse Chapman Jack Gallalee Alfred MacFarland Norton Mestel Lewellyn Bricken Bill Clayton James Forman Ray Sadler Allen Going J. M. Cannon Robert Loeb S. Norman Black John Schack William Conway Don Mortimer Rebacke Frank Gafford Morris Goodfriend Chemistry Menzies Rodger Harold Kemp Willard Wing J. C. Parket t ' Jiicnlivn Alston Branscomb Herbert Schaefer Gober Elliot Merrill H. Tyson Gordon Mclnnis William Worthmgton William E. Folmar William H. Atkinson Edwin J. Hayward Theodore Houston Walter Lindsey Alton Peacock Irving J. Staid Waldcn F. Woodward Charles E. Murphy Joseph Paul Witherspoon James E. Dean Bernard D. Dilson Norman L. Russell Comtnerce James Strickland Henry Kumpunen Marvin Warner Irving L. Rubel (iraJnate Tom Fitzgerald Ralph Ford Peyton Williams HONOR COURT Back Row: Ard, Chapman, Branscomb, Gafford. -ir Second Row: Worthineton. Woodward, Forman. MacFarland. Fitzserald, Ford, -a Front Row: Fulford. Adam?. Bricken. Ty on, Gallalee. Madden. Going. OFF WiLELLA BllRNS Edna Mae Gale Peggv Crabtree It IS with a feeling of great personal sati:.faction that I thank vou women students for your splendid cooperation with the officers of the VC ' oman ' s Student Government Association during this year. Your kindnesses have mad: our duties ones of pleasure. You have shown your confidence in me and your other officers. This confidence has made u;. eager to conduct a government of which you could he proud. For your faith in us we are ever grateful. It IS my w ' lsh that vou as members of the Women ' s Student Government Association continue to show constant interest and to give thoughtful cooperation, for student government can be only as successful as you make it. Sincerely yours. WiLELLA Burns, President. BOARD OF DIRECTORS to Risht : Jones. Gla5Blo , Crabtree, Graden, Cooper STUDENT GOVERNMENT Bcvd of Dtreclors VVilella Burns Esther Lee Cooper Peggy Crabtree Louise Davis Edna Mae Gale Catlierine Glasgow Sarah Gilmore Julia Lee Graden Dixie Ann Jones Belle Montgomery Helen Nix House of Representathes Nina Jo Anthony Lucille C:henault Alta Ely Albert Faulkner Elizabeth Foreman Eloise Franklin Mary Hardin Camma Holladny Jean Hollouay Priscilla Johnson Frances Reasoner Luzelle Riley Marjorie Walker Mary Louise Watson Ruth Witherspoon Irene Burgin Margaret Gray Madeline McKnight Mary G. Hardenburg Martha Hargrove Marjorie Montgomery Elizabeth Starbuck Margherita Swift Mary N. Ventress Jane Isbell Margaret McQueen Mary C. Jones Grace Hutcheson Sara Wright Fay Oppenheim Doris Ritchie Marjorie Neal Helen Norris Helen Moses Mary Demshock HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES First Row. Demshock, McQueen. Hargrove. Ritchie. Moses, Burns. Faulkner, Witherspon. Anthony. HoUatlay. Holloway. -r - Second Row: Starbuck, Hardenburgh. Neal. Wright. Riley. Franklin, Hardin. John- son. Chenault. McKnight. -r Back Row : Swift. Oppenheim. Mont- gomery. Jones. Watson. Walker. Forman. Eur.;in. Cray. Rea-oner. Ely. M M Rilly Roberts Efiit n-in-Chicf General Staff Irene Batchelder Ethel Carter Robert Coleman Corrie Conlclmg Emilee Jones Elveia Lee Mary Louise His Frances Brown Mary McDaniel Marjone Neal Elizabeth Nix Mary Holberc Jane Isbell Bruce Morson Dora Wilkinson Jane Norton Julia Prentice Jennie Richardson Ernestine Robertson Bfll Graham Frances Tully Jane Van Pelt Frances Wmter Sarah Bickley Elmor Speer Emily McCorvey Zimmie Shirley Virginia Thompson Sara Craig Louise Retry R BiLLv Roberts Bill Huddleston Nfw ( -,roihe-rs Mildred Johnson Honorary Asiocinle Editors Walt Bogart Bartley Hodges F .ulty Advisers A P. Beedon Dean T A F F t d tor-m-Chtef A I I ml Editors Women ' s Editor Bill T.ppi. J. H. Ne Edyth Blanks Gene Lewis Virginia Fuller Bill Atkinson Jean Bluford Marbury Milsap Jack Tipler Randoph Fort Secretarial Staff Helen Norman J.. Regan Johnel Fishe Organization Staff Catherine Claypoole Haynes Thompson Mary Elsie Deal Irving Metz Jim Webb Compiling Staff Jim Snow Griffin Bobby Rickels Dixie Ann Jones Bill Landers Mike Flanagan Jimmy Hall Charles Madden Bob Collins, Editor John Yeuell Dozier Cade Ed Gibbons June Lofgren Brooks Hayes Charles Murr Charles Goodsi George Roberts Photography Jack Gaston Ollie Atkins Sports Staff Haynes Thomp: Elmo Israel Taylor Hardin Bob Lee Sta eri: ' I I.ICT Cl£ yp.xil Rl» iks. K( blTt s. .1 .hn oT Lew is. :• StaiK iliK : I ' -ish.- Car others Bll ford. Hi., dk 5toii. Ri C ' kl-I , Atk in.sijii O L L A BUSINESS STAFF ' Mb.- ' Giibei-t Johnston Business Manager The Corolla staff has endeavored to portray the living campus of the University of Alabama in pre- senting its theme of " Student Life " . In recording the activities throughout the year, the staff has tried to give a balanced representation of the campus and to compile for your approval this volume of the Corolla. We have added more pages of campus views, snap- shots, student administration and activities, including the board of publications, University officers, promi- nent alumni, and photographs on the division pages which are true and representative of the sections which they precede, The change in the presentation of the class section was made in order to simplify the arrangement of student ' s names and photographs. Informality has prevailed as the keynote of the 1938 Corolla. If this idea has received the approval of the student body, then we feel that this yearbook has been a success. The business staff of the Corolla appreciates very much the cooperation and support received from those friends of the University who are represented in the advertising section of this book. We thank the stu- dents, the faculty, and all the friends of the Univer- sity for their cooperation in helping us publish this Gilbert Johnston Buiinas Manage Assistant Business Managers Clarence Holman Edward Turner Honoxary Associate Business Manaiien Merrill Doss Rex Wheeler Faculty Advisers Mr. Harry Mitchell Dean J. H. Newmai Prof. E. Hudson Strode C TcuUtion Manager John Buck AJreristing A distant i Miry Wood June Lofgren John Cecl John Blanton Collecuon Staff Yeuell Young Brooks Hayes Parm Secretarial Staff 11 Lewis Lois Drolet Virg nia Fuller Irene Knight Clapp Celeste Bennett General Staff William Clark Sam Crabtree Dorothy Dominick Maryhelle Gallmeyer Margaret Lee Bradley Elizabeth George Eleanor Green Robert Graves Leighton Wood Frank Smith Fr.-.nk Whitaker Mary Helen Johnson Betty Jones Mary Frances Landc Joe Leiand Hugh Nabers Joe Payne John Poe Eva Richardson Frances Sayer Harry Solnick Francis Charles Elizabeth Seagic volume of the Corolla. Billy Roberts Gilbert Johnston Back Row: Bennett. Mllsap, Hayes Johnston. Buck, Lewis, Turner Holman. Yeuell. T-r Front Row; Bradley, Gallmeyer, Drolet, Lof- gren. EDITORIAL STAFF nL C R I M s Walt Bogari Bii.i. Graham Annie Laurie Swaim Bob Collins Jim Webb. Ollie Atkins Jean Bluford Irving B. Kahn Haynes Thompson Martha Witt Burleson Editor Managing Editor Women ' s Editor Sports Editor Assistant Editors Society Editor Movie Editor Cluh Editor en ' i Sports Editor AiMr, H.Ida Mabe V Holm Berman Th IviaBel 1 nomas iv ' lary iv Mary Elsie Deal Marion Mary Morgan Duggar Stafj Ethel Woodall Mildred Tyson Mary Matthews Marion Becker Reporters Edilorialisli Woodrow Ge Fjclty Adris Dean J. H. Ne B.lly Roberts Bartley Hodges George Macaulay A. P. Beedon R. F. Robertson Leonard Wcrthei Fred Moore Louise Cohen Lois Drolet Ehzabeth Nix Red Spivey M. J. Bryan Wilmer Foremai Bryant Line Newman Cryer Myron Roberts Kahn Randolph Fort Associate Editors Bill Tippm O N -W H I T E BUSINESS STAFF Sim-e The Crimson- White was estabhshed in 18 4. it appeared with streamhned malce-up for the first time at the beginning of school in September. All of the headline type faces, overhnes, cuthnes, column heads and other typographical devices are the latest and most modern known to the journahstic field. The Crimson- White of 1 ' 537-38 also carried a new flag on the front page and also a revised masthead and set-up on the editorial page. Pictures, principally halt -column cuts, and appro- priate column-heads were used extensively throughout the paper. A student forum was conducted for the first time in years. Other unique features, inaugurated the past year, include a column of complete club news, human-inter- est quibs, the contrast of white space with bold type and the use of bold face type instead of subheads in Merrill Doss . . Bmincss Manuger Associjte liuunei, Ma Hilfji-rs Gilbert Johnston Rex Wheeler Bill Tippin Bert Banks , . . . - Aclrcrtiuni Alunager Bob Liebergeb ... Assistaii AJverlnittii XUviitger Art Levy .... (Adulation Manager A. Bruno Ciabattoni A ssislar I C.uculatwn Manager Joe Hull Collection Manager AJrerliuufi As Islan ! Bill Lipsey Harold Shine Ralph Aland Dick Seyel Hall Billv Mudd Ri.fus Bealle Harlan Merideth Balch Kenneth Byrd Estclle Eplan Sam Messina Bobbie Catherine Ricke John C.miko ski Bcrtran Stern Charles DeForest Bob Meyer Rubin Mosk nvitz Martin Skapik Norman Adelson Carlyle Flemin Sam Hod e Bill Atkinson Bernie Abra nis lohn Morale Ha sey Dod Coll eclion Assistants Joe Pavne Bully Fowler Ma ion Wakefield Merrill Doss Business Manager P ■» ' j W Left to Right: Ricktl.s. Levy, Doss. Hull. Shine. B Td, Fowler. Lipsey. Jt ' -J, - RAMMER- EDITORIAL STAFF The 1937-38 Rammcr-Jammcr entered its fifteenth year by abolishing a number of precedents giving the students a new style of Ram — new in make-up and progressive in policy — more pictures and cartoons ap- peared than of the past years, along with new de- partments and features. Different from the Rams of years past, this year ' s Ram has combined fiction, es- says, reviews, and articles with the customary humor to produce a more balanced magazine. Bartlev Hodges, Jr. Editor Pevton Wii.inMs. Jr. ... PMnhe, Frank H, Mili er Assistant Editor A focijte Editors BiLTv Roberts Walt Bogart F. culty Advisers Dean J, H. Newman A. Phillips Beedon L. J. Nations Chief Rams George McBurnev A tsistant to Editor Ethel Woodall Staff Manage Arthlir Kruger Feature Edito Jim Webb Collegiate Edito Evv Alexander Art Edito Jack Cassidv Humor Edito Mn DRED Tys?n Exchange Edito Literary Rams Mary Bidgood Harriet Hassell Phebe Bibb Helen Norris John H. Martin Joseph Flanagan Harriet Lyon Staff Rams Havnes Thompso n Lvne Shackelford Ruth Brooks Baldy Baltimore Judy Saul George Roberts Elizabeth Ralls Bob Collins Nancy Orr Charles Madden Elvela Lee Jack Gaston Dixie Ann Williams Thomas Nicol Martha Witt Bu rleson Boh McBurney Ann Chadwick Art Levy Kav Phillips Reba Lyons Lois Drolet Laurie Kahn Helen Johnson I.efl U) RiKht: Miller, M.. McHurr,ey. Alexander. Cas- sicly, Kriieer. Tyson. Miller. K.. Woodall. Levy. Hodees, Webb. • ♦J. -JAMMER USINESS STAFF Rtx, Jr. . . Butinc i Manager Harclu Holighston Asiislant Bminesi Mjnjgir This year marked the first year m the history of the publication that the subscription price was reduced. Single copies were reduced from twenty-five cents to fifteen cents. This new price in connection with the magazine resulted in some increase of the sale of ad- ditional copies. Regular subscriptions, however, showed no decided change. Alpha Gamma Delta sorority won the annual advertising contest to edit the April issue. Aiiociate Buiinci Gilbert Johnston Facuhy Adv Managers Merrii Mr. Burke Johnston Dr. August H. Mason Mr. E. Hudson Strode Florence Mlirr Harold Long Frank Carmon Alice McClean Francis Lary John Darby W. A. Wilcox Harold Gamble Leroy Dickson Mary M. Mil Cora Jean Thedfo June Moore Martha Reeves Celeste Bennett Frances Connor Vivian Lawson Frank Ritcher Chief Rams Assistiint to Buiiness Manager SaUi Manager Cn dilation Manajier Ra Jones Fred Ferguson Holfred Williams Harold Rogers Leighton Wood Glenn Crawford Rene Knight Clapp Peter Nevins Myron Roberts Joe Witherspoon Fred Williams June Lofgren Gus He Frank Rega John Poe Pete Ross tise Petrey BOARD Dean J. H. Newman Dean Agnes E. Harris D.i. August H. Mason Mr. a. p. Beedon Henry F. Reid Billy Roberts Gilbert Johnston Walter Bogart Merrill Doss LIGATIONS Dean of Men. Chairman Dean of Women Aisistant Professor of English Head of Department of Journalism President, Student Body Editor, 1938 Corolla Business Manager, 1938 Corolla Editor, The Crimson- White business Manager, The Crimson-White ' rH " Associate Members WiLELLA Burns Bartley Hodges Rex Wheeler President, Women ' s Student Goyernmcnt Editor, The Rammer-Jammer Business Manager. The Rammer-Jammer The Board of Publications was created by the Student Constitution of the University. It consists of the editor and business manager of the official publications, the president of the student body, the head of the Department of Journalism, the Dean of Men, the Dean of Women, and a member of the English Department chosen by the head of the Depart- ment of English. The president of the Woman ' s Student Government Association and the editor and business manager of the Rammer-Jammer are non-voting members, the latter voting only on matters pertaining to their publication. The Dean of Men is Chairman of the Board. The Board of Publications qualifies those seeking election to the position of editor and business manager of the official publications, and it chooses the assistants to these publica- tions. It is the purpose of the board to qualify those whose qualifications are most suitable for the position which they seek, and it bases its choice upon scholastic standing and past service. The board aids the various publications throughout the .scholastic year in an ad- visory capacity. Pjgf Fifty-six CALL BOARD The Blackfriars are completing their thirtytirst dramatic season on the campus. Their program has included tragedy, comedy, world premiers, thrillers, farces, and burlesques. Over 132 dif- ferent students have trod the boards on Morgan Hall and over 127 have served the production hack- stage and in front of the house. Both greater opportunity for members, as well as greater value for the season ticket holders have thus been af- forded by the dramatic activity. The program for the year follows: October 6, 7, 8. Bulwer Lytton ' s " Richlieu " was done in the traditional old school manner with Jack Gaston as the Cardinal. October 29, November 1. Sara Mayficld ' s " Earth Takes Its Toll " entertanied Homecommg crowds and proved that the alumni enjoyed a play at that season. November 8. Deane and Balderston ' s " Dracula " given at midnight for the Y. W.-Y. M. C A. Christmas Party fund thrilled the audience when Frances Bonner flew batlike through the window and May Morgan Duggar screamed. A play enjoyed to the uttermost. November 22-3. St. John Hankin ' s " The Cas- sillis Engagement " gave relief from the preceding horror in a pleasant f nglish comedy. December 8. The Blackfriars sponsored the Grease painters of Tuscaloosa High School in " Twelfth Night. " December 13. Donald Campbell and Rita Dilley concocted a lurid melodrama entitled " More Sinned Agin Than Usual " with Jane Isbell eluding clutches of Paul Tunkis and saved by Tom Leon- ard and Roy Dickson. Marybelle Gallmeyer ruined her reputation in this production. February 7, 8, 9. Norman Josef Wright ' s " In a Little Spanish Town " gave the campus its sec- ond premier of the year. Sarah Bickley and Kath- erine James made cunning little girls while Cia- battoni and Tondreau took turns diving down a flight of stairs. February 15. A workshop play with Madelyn Hooper, Arthur Cook, Ralf Nash and Sara Alice Clayton loving about the place. February 25. A traveling company presented " Macbeth " and " Hamlet. " March 3. Casella ' s " Death Takes a Holiday " was presented as another benefit performance with Jim Webb in the title role. March 12, 14. George Brannon ' s " Tea for Nine " was the third premier of the year. April 5. Another workshop play with Mary Bid- good, Myrna Reeves, Al Schlieder, and Kathleen Heintz in important roles. April 12. A trip to the south of Alabama with " The Canterville Ghost " in which Al Tondreau and Gretchen Miller brought down the house. April 24. Bayard Veillet ' s " The Trial of Mary Dugan ' ended the season with a melodrama of New York courtroom procedure. ■A DL BAND During the hectic weeks that preceded the Rose Bo l game, there was a great deal of discussion as to whether the band would accompany the team to Cahfornia or not. After the disappointment which followed the announcement that they would not go had in some degree abated, people began to ask why they had not been taken. In response to this question one of the generally well informed men about the campus replied, with every evidence of smcerity, that the band had not gone because " our band would beat theirs so badly between halves that should the team beat theirs m the game too. they ' ll probably be so discouraged that we never will get another invitation. " It is now a matter of history that the football team used up all their luck playing their regular schedule and had none left for the California game, but those of us who saw the band m action throughout the regular season would have no qualms about their ability to beat the best that could oppose them, luck or no luck. For when the crimson-and-white-clad bandsmen mass in formation under the goal posts and, with a flourish of trumpets, begin their march across the field, every person in the grand- stand is pulled to his feet in a spontaneous gesture of admiration. And this admira- tion is of no more than their due. for. under the supervision of Band Director Carleton K. Butler, thev have achieved a degree of snap and precision which makes their nick- name of " Million Dollar " band seem like a gross under-valuation. MILLION DOLLAR BAND LEADERS Director Carleton K. Butler Assistant Director John Olvera Sponsor Miss Molly Mercer Co-Sponsor MiSj Mary Harris Business Manager Douglas Harris Head Drum Major Henry Reid Fu-lJ Technician Albert Warner Assistant Drum Major Sergeant Irving B, Kahn Bruce Morrison Trumpets Robert Lieberger. Corporal Charles Brannan ■ ' " " ' MacDougal Norman ChiMs, Sergeant David Mason Carson Cluley i ' " : Polayes Walker Collins Richard Strout, Bugle Setgt. Niel Dunlap. Bugle Sergeant Quincey Tucker Harry Fuller. Corporal William Wilson James Grimes Horns Taylor Hardy Robert Bowling Robert Harris, Sergeant Robert Harrell. Sergeant Elmo Israel, Corporal Joseph Hull, Corporal Cheslev Johnson Eduard Moore ector Butler im Major Reid Band in Formation Trombones Howard Crammer Newman Cryer, Corporal Lyie Heberling, Master Scrgt. Emil Mosebaugh Charles Smith, Corporal Earle Thompson Warren Webster, Master Sergt. Cecil Young Barilonc! James Broadus Stanley Cook Eugene Price, Sergeant W.lliam Waldman, Staff Sergt. Lloyd Ferguson, Tech. Sergt Lamar Jackson Frederick Lawson John Shepard Clarinets Stewart Block Norman Bradley, Sergeant Clifton Brandt Paul Brooks Corporal , Corporal Louis Cucia. Uwight Fulk Emil Griffm Robert Hall Leroy Hoit Erwin Levme Bernard Lotstein Eli Malkin, Corporal James Neilan John Olvera, Technic Sergt. Clifford Fulford, Corpocal Lawrence Schuman Ray Smith, Staff Sergeant Jack Wiley, Sergeant Piccolo Victor Shapiro Bass Clarmet John Metts Alto Saxophone Norman Crump Howard Fleck, Staff Sergeant Frederick Jung Robert Mehr. Corporal William Miller Arthur Nelson Abe Shugerman Tenor Saxophone S.g Buster Conrad Fowler Carl Hallberg Morris Shapiro Baritone Saxophone Charles Snead Glockenspiel Richard Albanese Percitsiion Rus el Barry Charles Carter, Sergeant Bill Dow. Sergeant Thomas Hurd Charles Ralston, Sergeant Elmer Schlegal, Corporal Donald Tuson Donald White - ' HE male songsters u.tli their npe choral harmony, in cooperation with the Girls ' Glee Cliih, presented the tenth annual Gilbert and Sullivan opera, " Riidjij orc ' . Last year the group won a prize when they appeared before the Alabama Federation of Music Clubs. Ap- peared on the Pontiac Varsity Show, and look four trips. MEN ' S GLEE CLUB Ihnxto, ' uc-P es Secrelan Mana t Joseph W. Sischka Ralph O. Hill Warren V iihams F. Dean Bressler Robert R. Harris J. Vincent Cassetta Charles B. Batcmai Allen J. Going VC. Taylor Hardy Roy E. Landers Herbert Arbitblit Mr. To.m G. rner Harold Dickinson Jesse P. Ch. pman ' ,;, Oscar Dahlene, Jr. ' %f ! _- Warren Williams First Tenor David H. Miller Curtis L. Row Daniel J. Wishnevsky ludson McCrary Don A. Yost Tracy P. Davidson Second Tenor Howard L. Barton 1 Francis F. Hinckley William E. Luddy, Jr. Frank Powell, Jr. Woody Rosa John C. ' euell Joseph L. Baker Harold L. Dickinson Richard E. Campbell M. Brooks Hayes William Joseph Neely Russell L. Proctor Francis W. Bonner Ha Jesse P. Chapman, Jr Oscar Dahlene, Jr. Samuel R. Dighton Lucien K. Dzelenski George L. Jackmen Thomas R. Chantler Alvin E. Limpert Edwin B. Livingston Leonard M. Lowrey, Jr Alfred L. McFarland Thomas C. Sawyer William Sokolowsky W. K. Gamble James M. Hairston S. R. Mapes, Jr. J. Horace Massengill Francis X. OLeary Marvin T. Ormond George W. Cumming Top : Turn Garner. Director, r: Center, Left to Riuht : Harris, Mc- Creary. liressler. Roosa. Dickinson. Campbell. Chantler. Dahlene. ix Bottom— Top Row: Row. Barton, Davidson. Dahlene. Chapman. Lim- pert. Chantler, Gamble, H., Massengill, Dichton. v Third Row: Bon- ner, Praetor, Powell, Harris. Hayes. Campbell. Dzelenski. Hinekley. Sokolowsky. Baker, Sawyer. : Second Row. Going, McCrary, Miller, Williams, Garner, Dickinson, Herlong, Jackman, Luddy, Neely. 7- First Row: Arbitbilt. Casetta. Bateman, Hill. Yeuell, McFarland. dimming. Ormond. Hairston. Gamble. W. K. •jp g . eiRLS ' GLEE CLUB I ' tcsiJcni Fav Oppenheim Buiiness Manager Elizabeth Hilbish SecrcUry Marjorie Walker Lihrariiin IvA Louise Neighbers Iris Mae Barrington M.iry J. Mcintosh Marian Becker Evelyn Martin Martha Bedsole Carolyn Masengyl Beverly Bradley Anne Key Murphree Dorothy Branch Eninialec O ' Rcar Peggy Bruckner Nancy Orr Louise Roper Caldwell Virginia Newsome Annie Ruth Chadwick Mabel Parsons Mary Dixon Clark Margaret Parsons Dorothy Dobbs Myrtle Parsons Mary Lillie Echols Dorothy Perkins Johnel Fisher Julia Prentice Elizabeth Flinn Virginia Richardson Julia Flinn Ernestine Robertson Geraldme Gardner Laura Hill Robiscn Mary Evelyn Gavin Elsa Scharfschwerdt Bernic e Gingold Elizabeth Shoaf Marjorie Given Jane Smith Alva Hilbish Phyllis Sontag Marion Hoeflich Dorothy Stitzer Grace Hutcheson Caroline Tiller Katherine James Frances Tully Alice Johnston Julia Wade Nell Curtis Jones Alberta Whiteside Willie V. Kernachan Louise Wiggins Bernice Krout Bernice Weekley Virginia Lloyd Frances Wright Gene Lewis Margaret Wright Top. Left to Right : Marjorie Walker. Hilbish. A.. Oppenheimer. Neigh- bors. Hilbish. E. - Bottom— Top Row: Dobbs. Wade. Lloyd. Whiteside. Tiller, Robinson. Gardner. Krout. Flinn. ■ Third Row: Reynolds. New- some, Barrington, Shauff, Branch. Wright, Brucknar. Johnston. Chad- wick. Prentice. Richards. - Second Row: Given. Walker, Oppenheim, Garner, Hilbish. E.. Neighbors. Johnston. Chadwick. •. First Row: James. Martin, Orr. Fisher. Parson. M.. Parsons. M., Lewis. Wig- gins. Gingold, Hilbish, A.. O ' Rear. a 8 - ADY-LARKS of the University are the Women ' s Glee Club, composed of mixed solos, duets, quartets and double quartets offering a variety of musical moods. They joined the men to present Ruddigorc in the spring. The double quartet and the entire chorus took to the air on the Varsity Show. Telegrams from all over the nation testified to the audience appeal of the fair sex. even when the audience rouldn ' t see them. the GIrs ' eii of die Three Trombones " Petite J.inicc ToJd swingin ' , " Tear It Former Drummer Will Osborne croonin ' , " Moonlight on the Campus " Lovely Mary Heann. at the Mid- % ' intcrs, in the Cotillion Club leadout Palm black and white turning gym into fairyland, splashed over vvalU Ho Scotland, and Osborne singing " Loch Lomond " . H-e-y-y-y Skinny-y-y-y! Hot buddies in Skinny Club leadout couraging gate crashers with gleam in eye Flashlight bulbs popping S. R. O. sign hung outside refreshment room door during intermission at dance lull Balcony-sitters holding hands bags and miscellaneous corsages, looking calm and Easter Formals Wonderful weather thought " My Buddy " , coed hearts flutter as zling prom-trotters with hum-able tunes. faves. millions of " em, Mon. shades of Old Big Jim Radford dis- dance-goers ' faces Stags rushing for door tra leader ' s antics Lovable Mrs thoroughly enjoying " In the Spring " — Many young men have same Rogers shines Delightful Diane Denisc daz- Little Jack Little playing a sweet arrangement of " i tillion Clubbers looking swank in white coats beautiful than evet Two bands — one sweet, one swing " Screwy ' Jack ' s magical fingers tripping merrily over the ivories Fond Memories of " My Buddy " and " Little By Little O T I for Co le Laun " Sugar Co- more Douglas, one " Shanty In Old Shanty To« ON CLUB Joe Meade ,, Virgil Pittman Niel Carothers Roys Lewis Harry Pfeiffer Frank Gafford Bob McAlister Tom Johnston Honorary Me Sam Lee Henry Cochrane Jerry McBride Hal Hughes Jack Walker Bert Bank Frank Tipler Prime Osborn Top Row: Hoarin. Meade. Pittmiin. Carci ' i r. Lewis. Pfeiffer. Gaf- ford. McAlister. .;• Second Row: :i,,!.i,.i n. !.,■.■. Cnehranc. McBride. Huehes, Walker. Bank. (,).,boiii. Craham. !N AMERICAN G STUDENTS UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES This one and one-half percent of the student body were selected to represent the University with their biographies in the official publication. (1) Harris Gordon. Secretary-Treasurer Student Association: 121 Charles Davis. Secretary Jasons ; (3i Martha Bedsole. President Y. W. C. A.; I4l Joe Meade, Tau Beta Pi: (oi Wilella Burns, President W. S. G. . .. Frank Sims Moody. O. D. K. : (61 Francis Osborn. President Council of Clubs: (7) Bill Hines. O. D. K. : 18) Edna Mae Gale. Vice-President W. S. G. A.: {91 Marfrherita Swift. Honorary Cadet Colonel. Gilbert Johnston. Business Manager Corolla: (lOl Mei-- rill Doss. Business Manager Crimson-White: (111 Jake Nolen, President Jasons: (12 1 Henry Reid. Pres- ident Student Association, Billy Roberts. Editor. Corolla: il3i Kate Noble Holloway. President Mortar Board: (14) James Bradford. President O. D. K.. Walt BoKart. Editor Crimson-White. . iiM This group of stu.lents whose personalities have made sUident life l etler on I whose actions have been the means of greater things are admired and respceted by Roys Lewis: l2i Mike Prestera : (31 Ted Lascari. Frank Gafford : (41 Bill Tippin John Fuller: (61 Sandy Sanford : (71 James Foreman. Bob Kilpatrick, Yougene I ham: |9| Bartley Hodges, Maurice Fletcher. Bob Hearin, Edgar Hauser : (10) Lois (111 Martha Witt Burleson. Tom Bristol : a 2t CAMPUS PERSONALITIES Page Sixty-seven ' " wwmmmm wMmmm « • ' - ' J I u yf ■ tf ; . F?»? V k3 , %? ! fc- ' j ' ' - JSiM- " fO ■iSik .mil vy ' v ■»»-. % ri ,. :i J . JASON SHRINE Carrying out the traditions of the past and continually seeking progressive ideas and methods, the administration of the University is forever planning to make the future brighter for the young men and women of its campus. It is due to a competent administration that the Capstone has made such rapid strides of progress. The student administration has sought to make college life fuller for its fellow students. The student publications have tried to create a greater in- trest on the part of the students in the institution. The dramatic societies, glee clubs, and the bands have tried to portray college life at its very best. During the past year, a greater interest has been taken in student activities for which the University is grateful. Page Seretity-fouT EXPLANATION The Staff of the 1958 Corolla has seen ht to make certain changes from former years in the presentation of the class section. The Law School and the Medical School sections remain as in past editions of the Corolla. The seniors of all schools, together with the graduate students, have been arranged together preceding the underclassmen. Likewise, the underclassmen of all schools have been arranged together. Each student is listed alphabetically, with the name of the class and school in which he is enrolled appearing with his name. We believe that this arrangement will facilitate the reader in lo- cating the students, and, at the same time, add to the heautv of the book. Page Seventy-nine SCHOOL OF Herewith arc presented typical pictures of " Nature in tlie Law " . Since its inception the School of Law has prociuced men of eminence in the legal field. Under the guidance of Dean Albert J. Farrah. the School of Law has consistently progressed to presently occupy a niche of dignity, honor, and respect throughout the nation. 1. Speaker Bankhead, one of our " A-lumni " , greets old friends of stu- .lent da.vs. 2. Baldone settles in studious session to sift subtle facts. 3. ■■Come on. everybody. S-I-N-G. : It Was Good Enough For Old Dean Farrah. . . . ' ■ i. Librarian Bill Pienezza in a pensive study! 5. Pro- fessor Harwood minutely examines material for his next class. 6. Those forensic fellows, Osborn and Ansley. hurry for their morning .Java. 7. The deeply respected and admired Professor Hepburn tarries after Torts! 8. Shyster or Gangster? 9. This noted group seems ■■mighty happy about the whole thing " . . . 10. Jimmy, did Raleigh and Bill forget to rrmirKi you to button your coat? 11. Ben Dormon is found backing up the law! 12. The library . . . where silence is Top Rmv: Am ' .-. Aii liv, Ash. Iii; Kuiiis. Cainlcy. C.ilun. S. .-..n.l R,.w: I):n |.n. Davis, Diason, n.l.)li.v. ' ula. Knu. ' l. Kspy Third How: Cilmmc. Coclluil.l, C.irilim. Havi ' s. Hnysrood. Hints. W. Mines. J.. Ilnie Page Kighty-two OF LABAA A - I- ( ) a. LU z ui I h AgEE, AlLVCIN. i; X MOBILE, ALABAMA nl.-i- Club: Exc-elsior: rhiloniathic. Anslev, John P., i) A E Birmingham, Alabama Ash, Joe, Tuscaloosa, Alabama Vi.-e-Presiilent Spirit Committee; Intramural Ccuneil ; " Out of ihe tads ihe Uni Blackfriars. ■ arises. . . . Bradford, James Philip Tuscaloosa, Alabama Piii Beta Kappa ; President. O. D. K. : Phi Eta Sigma ; Presiilent. Quadrangle. ' 37 : Secretary, Pliilomathic : Council of Cuib.i : Y. M. C. A. Cabinet ; Ulue Ridue Delegate. ' 36 ; EsPY, W. G.. K S , , , DOTHAN, ALABAMA Who s Who Among Students in American Un.versities and ' ,,,,, p, . p .„ ,,,,, Colleges. n ,v, L, V V GiLMORE, JeFFERSON WoODROW COFFEEVILLE, ALABAMA Burns, William Hubert, 2. X gadsden, Alabama ■ ' .,„,., ,,„.._ . , , ■ , r,u Phi Alpha Delta: President. Excelsior. ' 35: President. Phllo- Quadrangle: Spirit Committee: Interfraternity Council: Rho mathic ' 36: Varsity Debating Team; Director. Wesley De- Alpha Mu: Phi Alpha Delta; Tennis Team. baters : State Y. M. C. A. Executive Committee; Council of Clubs; Freshman Track. ' 3 7: Roosevelt Electors Committee: A. B. Degree. Carnley, Jefferson A., Jr., 4 E elba, Alabama B. S.. A. P. I.; M. S.. A. P. I. : Farrah Order of Jurispruilence. Godbold, John L., II K A camden, Alabama Phi Delta Phi. Cohen, Isaac E. Montgomery, Alabama Gordon, Harris Milton, Z B T colu.mbiana, Alabama ■■A " Club; Jasons; Spirit Committee; Secretary-Treasurer, Darden, James G.. ::i N Lafayette, Alabama Student Association; Interfraternity Council; Advertising - ' Manager, Crimson-White. ' 37: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Excelsior. Phi Alpha Delta. O. D. K. Davis, Watts Earle Birmingham, Alabama Hayes, Lola Mave, A X V. fyffe, Alabama Deason, Charles S., A 2 clanton, Alabama Haygood, M. Howard greenville, Alabama A B.. University of Colorado; Phi Alpha Delta; Honor Committee. Hines, Villi.«m Christian, I V Lafayette. Alabama Pi t- -v V O. D. K. ; Varsity Debating Te am. •34- ' 36 : Tau Kappa Alpha: Deloney, Edwin, i. X springville, Alabama Philomathic; Excelsior; President, Freshman Law Class, •36; Cotillion Club, ' 37; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges. Drogula, Ralph L. barrvtown, new york Track Team, ' 37. Hines. James A., II K A . - Lafayette, Alabama B. S. Degree. A. P. I. Engel, Benny, i; A M jasper, Alabama Secretary-Treasurer. Freshman Class ' 34 : Y. M. C. A. Cabinet ; _ „ .:■: ' ; ' .., „„„..,.,„ ., .„.w. Interfraternity Council. •33--37 ; Honor Council on Intramural ' " ' ' Thomas bu«t ■,.. Y:. .,_„::,,_ ■.-.. . . DECATUR, ALABAMA Athletics; Vice-President, Interfraternity Council. ' 37; Spirit Farrah Order. of jwriyv ' lW fe ' -y?f ' - ' =l ' ;.v Foundnlion : Vnr ity Committee; Cotillion Club. ' SB; President, Senior Law Class. Debating Team ; . i , ' J55 jl i jj1rtg?;l|1ti; , I ' hi .MiVui i ' .-lta, . C v: A Page E.ghly three ' ' ■ " ii ' : ! ! : l.ip How: .l:illc. .I.ilins.ii,, .1, ,1,11, 1,,, I. .I..„,s, Killi.ii-M. Kilpatri.-k. La- niM-. ,, Si ' c ' ond Kow: Martin. May. Maye, Osborii, Pipes. Proctor. Roemer. Thin! Row: Sells. Solman. Sljimer. Stciner. Thrower. Upchurch. Vardaman. Waites. Pui .e L ' ighly-jour 2 OF LABAAAA_ ' , Jaffe, Irving William, K. N oneonta, Alabama - Johnson, Jamls Benjamin, A K E Birmingham. Alabama I Johnston, Thomas Alexander, III, II K ! ' mobile, Alabama Phi Eta Sitrma : Vice-President. Rho Alpha Tau : President, j l I, E. celsior: Philomathic : Honor Roll. ■.■)3- ' 3. ' i : Y. M. C. A. Cabi- " ■ ' ■ no ' a ' ' " " V ' ' ' " net ; Speech Readership. ' SS- ' ST ; D. A. R. Scholarship ; iwoon. cry, or hccome eX- Crimson-White: Rammer-Jammer: Varsity DebatinK Team. uberant! Jones, Alexander Willia.mson birm.ngham, Alabama J Proctor. Richard Earle moc lton, alab.ama KiLBORN, Vincent F. mobile, Alabama ffRoEMER, Albert Lewis Montgomery. Alabama President. Junior Law Class. ' 37 : Honor Committee. Kilpatrick, Robert Bruce roxbury, new vork President. Spirit Committee; Honor Committee: C.tillion CUih Committee: Council of Clubs: HIackfriars. Sells, Leonard L., i: N Tuscaloosa, Alabama Uj Lanier, Milton H., Jr.. A t) huntsville, Alabama O. D. K., Vice-President: Jasons : Alabama Quadrangle: Inter- fraternity Council: Druids: Parasites: Rho Alpha Tau: Phil..- SelmaN. Tom Kern . . . . . . GOODWATER, ALABAMA mathic : Phi Delta Phi. Martin, John Clark, i; A E Sheffield, Alabama Shimer, Ellwood Douglas, 4- K il blthlehem. Pennsylvania Rammer-Jammer: Excelsior: Knaves. Steines, Burghard, Z B T Birmingham, Alabama May, James L., II K I mobile, Alabama - - Decree. Z Vice-President. Freshman Law Class : Honor Committee : Secretary-Treasurer, Law School: Crimson-White: R. A. T. : Spirit Committe e: Varsity Debating Team. Thrower, James T., N enterprise, Alabama President. Law School: Rammer-Jammer: Clee Club: R. A. T. ; Honor Committee: Crimson-White: B. S. in Commerce. DMaye, Carl Edward salem, Alabama Honor Committee : Court of Appeals. Upchurch, Robert Perry eutaw, Alabama Osborn, Prime Franos, III, i! A E greensboro, Alabama O. D. K. : Jasons; Druids: Interfraternity Council: President. .. i w7 v x, Council of Clubs; President. Episcopal Students of Alabama: VaRDAMAN, John Wesley, i. N MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Manager. Varsity Debate Team; T. K. A.: Who ' s Who in Phi Delta Phi. MaL ' ister; Parasites; Arch Clul : Inlerfrateriiily American ColleBes and Universities; Arch Club; Philomathic; Council, ' 37. Cotillion Club Committee. LU n c wj V Waites, Sara Francf " :. ' I M Birmingham, Alabama Pipes, Sam W., i. A E mobile, Alabama A. H.. Randolph-. I,M.,n : ,M. . . Clark University ; Vice-Presi- Farrah Orde r of Jurisprudence: Jasons. Secretary-Treasurer; dent. Women ' s .Slo.l.-:.l. (I ' ijrt ' OIiunH; • ' 47 : Hoard of Directors. mm Quadrangle: Phi Delta Phi; Arch Club: Parasites; President, ' 35: Spirit - ' ' num y ' ' ,,-:i ' ih jSi itAu i Assktt,t ' nr in c..m- CD LL o QC LU z iti.w: Adams, Androski. Ualdojie. Uank. Bell. Chiz. :V Si ' cond Row: Clark, Coc- c-o. Connell. Conwell, Crab- tree, CumminKs. t- Third Row: Davis, Dormon, Doss, EKKers, EwinK, FerKuson. Fourth Row: Ferrell, Ful- ford. Garner, Garrett, B., Garrett, T., Gerald. ■- Fifth Row: Gholston, C, Ghols- ton, R.. GlasKow, Godbold, Goodwyn, ; Sixth Row: Ha- Rood. Hallas. Harris. Hays. Hill. : Seventh Row: Hoi- laday. HuKhston. Johnston, Jordan. E.. Jordan. J. T H Page Eighty-si Adams, Rai ph W. andalusia, alabama iee-President. Freshman L a Clais : Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. Androski, John Francis Baldone, James Charles birmingham, alabama frffAman K. A. ; Freshman Debating m ; Varsity Debating: Team : ewman Club: A. B. Degree. Bank, Bert tuscaloosa, alabama Vice-President. Sophomore Class : President. Junior Class. College of Arts and Sciences : Jasons ; Varsity Track Squad : Spirit Committee : Advertising Manager. Crimson- White ; Scahbard and Blade : Cotil- lion Club Committee. Bell, Thomas Reuben, Jr. i r A LINEVILLE, ALABAMA T. K. A. : Varsity Crabtree, Peggy Arden Class : Secretary. Women ' s Student Government ; Executive Committee ; Spirit Committee : Board of Direc- tors. CuMMiNGS, Lewis Womack, Z N TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Davis, Charles H. TALLASSEE, ALABAMA ma Quadrangle : Phi Eta Sig- President. Delta Sigma Pi. lonor Roll. ' 34- ' 37 : Secretary- arer. Jasons : President. Ex- ■. " 37 : Philomathic : Spirit ittee: Who ' s Who in Ameri- Colleges and Universities. DoRMON. Benjamin Screven Doss, Merrill W , K A HARTSELLE, ALABAMA FULFORD, SpURGEON, A 1 ' TAMPA, FLORIDA Imuo, Garner, Tom C, FT K A BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Ficshm ,l B. .S.. Howard College Garrett, Broox Gray, i X grove hill, ALABAMA l,m,o, hi Beta Kappa: O. D. K. : Jasons hi Eta Sigma : Philomathic : Ei r-lsior : Rhodes Scholar. Represent! ve: R. A. T. : Phi Alpha Delta .sssistant to Treasurer : A. B. D. ree: Honor Roll. •34- ' 37 : Quai rangle. Garrett, Theodore Watrous i; X grove hill, ALABAMA jmuo, A. li. Degree : President Quadrangle. •37: Philomathic: Phi Alpha Del- ta : Spirit Committee : Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. ' 3. " ). Gerald, L wjcrence Francis, Jr. A X Hagood, Travis Lampkin, i) A E Hallas, Bohdan B. Harris, James, A A T Hays, J. Benham, i) N JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI Hhu-kfriars : Excelsior. Hill, Hugh Wilson, H X CARROLLTON, ALABAMA Y. W. C. A. Ch:z, Raynold, i; A M Clark, Ja Edward, 11 K A Cocco, Genar Anthony BATAVIA, NEW YORK Connell, Christine Reynolds A A II TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA F,eihman Zeta Phi Eta : Blackfriars. CoNWELL, Joseph Thomas JASPER, ALABAMA Freihmcr, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet : Advertisi Staff. Crimson-White. ' 37: A. Degree. Business Manager. Crimson-White Spirit Committee: O. D. K. : Who ' Who. Eggers, Godfrey, A i] iI " EwiNG, Edmund, P. T., Jr. A X Ferguson, John V., K A PALM BEACH, FLORIDA jumo, FcRRELL, Archer SEALE, ALABAMA lumor Phili.m athic. Vice-President Honor Roll. •3. ' - ' 37: Honor mittee. Gholston, Claude A., (- K N BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA lunwr Transfer. Birmingham-Southern. Gholston, Richard, O K N birmingham, alabama Transfer. Birminghani-.S,,ulhern. Glasgow, Raymond Wallace :£ X GoDBOLD, Stanley David ri K A GooDWYN, Marvin Williams A K E Hughston Harold Vaughan K A TUSCUMBIA, ALABAMA lumu, rrcsidiit, .Tunior Law Class: Quad- Johnston. William Hooper I W HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA ;„,„,„ Arch Club. Jordan, Edith Mae tuscaloosa, alabama j,mH„ A. B. Degree. Alabama. Jordan, J. Wilbert, A 5 " l ' ROBEHTSDALE, ALABAMA Frclhmm . B. Degree: Quadrangle: Exc ior • Philomathic : Editor " - ' ook. ' 37: President. Y. M. C. A IT: President. State Y. M. C. ' ■37. o R O Pag.€ Eighty -seven LL O - I- CC LU Z D Top Row: Keilli, Lea. Lee. Levey. Lewis. Mrliuriiey. ■ : Second Row: Macon. Ma- lone. Matthew.s. Maumenee. Miklos. Miller. ;. Third How: Murphy. Nettles. Obcr. Permutt. Petruzzell. Pic- nezza. :: Fourth Row: Pitt- man. Pollard. Porter. Rob- erts. Sanford. Savage. -i-V Fifth Row: Smith. A. C. Smith. A. M.. Smith. S. Y.. Spiro. Stewart. Sixth Row: Stone. Tippin. Truck.s. Ward. Watson. .. Seventh Row: White. Whitehead. Williams. Wittmeier. Wool- verton. Page Eighty-eight Keith, Chambliss, " I " A SELMA. ALABAMA J,„„o, I ' hi Delta Phi : Vice-President. Junior Class. Lea, Thomas Reade, Jr., I) N BIRMINGH. ' M, ALABAMA Freihnwn Seabbard and Blade : Greeks. Lee, Samuel James, K 2 okalona, mississippi O. D. K. : Varsity Debating Team ; QuadranKle: Philomathic ; Excel- Levev, Burton Norris, K N NEW haven, CONNECTICUT Freshman Spirit Committee: Crimson-Wliite Blackfriars : Track Manager. MiKLos, John Edward ROBERTSDALE, ALABAMA Sc,„o, it Committee ; Secretary-Treas- . Senior Class ; Scabbard and Blade: Honor Committee. MiLLFR. George O., Jr., i N LIVINGSTON, ALABAMA J,.n,or Arch Club. MuRPHv, Greer Marechai A MOBILE, ALABAMA },.mo, Phi Delta Phi: Arch Club: Pa sites. Nettles, Jamcs M., Jr., K A Porter, Lee, 1 T A Roberts, Billy, A f ANNISTON, ALAB.4MA Fr, h,nan Editor. !!i3s Corolla: Jason.s : Cotil- lion Club Committee. ' 37 : Spirit Commit ee : Interfraternity Council : Chairman Intramural Sports. ' 37 ; Associate Editor. Crimson-White, Rammer-Jammer: Council of Clubs: Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Col- leges : Board of Publications. Sanford, Edwin Savage, Bernard Lewis, Z A M Stone, Jack C, A K E Tippin, William A., K A SPRINGDALE, ARKANSAS Frchman Director Football Program : Spirit Committee : AsLOciate Business Man- ager, Corolla, Crimson-White, and Rammer-Jammer. Trucks, J. Clewis, n K FAIRFIELD. ALABAMA Ward, Thomas B., K i) TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA J .r Phi Delta Phi. Lewis. Cyrus Roys, i) N DOTHAN, ALABAMA J,mior Phi Eta Sigma ; Honor Roll. ' 34- ' 36 : Intramural Sports Staff : Jasons : O. D. K. : Spirit Committee : His- tory Fellowship. ' 37 : Tennis Team ; Phi Beta Kappa : Cotillion Club Con litte McBuRNEY, George William r A TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA President, Freshman Class : Tenni; Team : Greeks : Druids : R. A. T. Glee Club. Ober, Matt Schwaner, X " I " Permutt, Melvin Edward, K N birmingham, alabama Freshman Honor Roll. •33- ' 3.5 : A. B. Degree; Interfraternity Council : Cadet Cap- tain. C. A. C. : Secretary to the President and Chancellor. Petruzzell, Caesar Anthony westfield, new jersey Freshman Boxing Team : Band : Spanish Club. Smith, Adrian Charles, 2 N BELLEVILLE, ILLINOIS Freshman Alpha Sigma Nu. Watson, Everett pine apple, alabama Frchman President. B. S. U. Council. White, George Phillips, A .X CENTERVILLE, ALABAMA Jun.or ons; Quadrangle: Druids: R Ja Smith, Andrew M. A. T. : Spirit Committee : R. A DECATUR, ALABAMA M. : Crimson-White. ' 35 : Interfra Junior tel nity Council: Y. M. C. A. Cabi Blackfriar. : Philomathic : Vice- net. ' 36. President. Wesley Foundation Coun- cil : Vice-President, Freshma n Law Class, ' 36. Whitehead, Edward T., I ' K 2i Macon. Joe. X Malone, William Warren, Jr. i: A E ATHENS, ALABAMA Sunwr Phi Delta Phi: Knaves: Delta Club. Matthews, Ivan F., il X BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA jumo. Phi Alpha Delta. Maumenee, J. Radcliff, a K E BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Pienezza, Willard TALLASSEE, ALABAMA Freshman Spirit Committee. Pittman, Thomas Virgil II K A enterprise, ALABAMA Freshman S p ir i t Committee : Quadrangle Philomathic: Excelsior: Cotillio Club. Poi LARD. William Sadler i; A E NEWBEHN, ALABAMA Freshman Secretary-Treasurer. Junior Class ArLs and Sciences : Delta Club : Ex Smith, Stanford Young, }C A E BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Spiro, Jonas J, Z B T TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Jumor Phi Eta Sigma : Fellowship in Po litical Science: Honor Roll, •33- ' 37 Stewart, Robert Browder r A MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Freshman A. B.. Davidson : Sigma Upsilon : Eta Sigma Phi : International Re- lations Club: Alpha Phi Epsilon : Manager Debating Team : Forensic Council. Williams. Spottswood. W. H., Jr i; A E Greensboro, alabama Fr,,hm.m Wittmeier, Bill ' Stodghill i; A E ONEONTA, ALABAMA Freshman Corolla : Blackfriars : Varsity De- bating Team. WOOLVERTON, WiLLIAM HaND, Jr. i: A E O R O Pagf Eighty-nine SCHOOL OF For rliosc who have chosen to become servants of hu- manitv, tlie Lhiiversity of Alabama School of Medicine occupies a most important place. Dean Stuart Graves is their guide and mentor; Nott Hall is their " Citadel " . Impressive, indeed, are the records of the men who have done their initial work here. These records form the basic of statements which proclaim the Medical School as one of the foremost ever established at a state uni versity. MEDICINE 2. The formin; michael preparing: a treatise toric home of Alabama ' s ow c bark-iround for the (JorKa; delicatv experiment a. this, hours, even days, of preparat of medical divinins for many years. 6. abcut by the instruc sUv ' :. ?. ' ., ( - ' M:M Top Rinv: A, H ii,l, i ,,,i K llailon. Lk-ckett. His- toso. Blai-kliurn. :, Seciind Riiw • Unliiin. linllmi. Hooth E.. Rnotli. T.. Brannon. Browno, Burns. Third Row: Caldwell. Camp. Chapman. Clay, Cnpcland, Crenshaw, Dominick. , P ' ourth Row: Donald. Dun- can. Dwinncll, Eller, Flashman, I ' -leischer. P,!jie Ninely-Ino i OF LABA WA - I- Anderson, Benjamin F. sellers. Alabama Frohman Phi Beta I ' i: A. li. l)ej. ' ref : Vii-t-I ' rcfidenl. Stiirtont li.icly. ' 37: Jasons: Spirit Ciimniitlec. Anderson, Katherine union springs, Alabama Sophotnorc A. H.. CarnfKie Toch. ARRON. J MES F. ARTON, D VID J. EVERGREEN, ALABAMA EVERETT, MASSACHUSETTS Freih}nan I ' hi I! ta Kapiia : A. K. Degrt-f. The doctors knock off .md give the germs a chance! to a. m z ui X h Beckett, J. Alfred rocky mount, Virginia Freshman Phi Beta Pi ; B. S. Di ' tree. Chapman, John R. GOODWATER, ALABAMA Freshman Phi Beta Pi . A. K. De Bestoso, Robert L. Sophomore A. B. Decree JAMESTOWN, new JERSEY ,_ ChaRLES STAFFORD FAIRMONT, WEST VIRGINIA Blackburn, Cecil, H K N fairfield, Alabama Freshman Phi Chi: A. B., Birmingham-Southern: B. S.. Howard ColieEe. BoLiNO, Armando V. glen cove, new york Freshman A. B.. Alahama. Bolton, Juanita TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Booth, Edmond J. newcomerstown, ohio Freshman Phi Beta Pi: A. P.. Otterhin, ' 36. Booth, Thomas E. Montgomery, Alabama Sophomore Phi Beta Pi : B. S.. A. P. I. Brannon, William Tappen Montgomery, Alabama Sophomore Phi Chi: A. B.. M. A.. Alabama. BROOKLYN, NEW YORK Browne, William Francis, Jr. Sophomore Phi Chi : Assistant in ZooIoKy. ' Sfi. Burns, Francis Ramsey montevallo, Alabama Sophomore Phi Beta Pi : Phi Eta Sicma : Phi Beta Kappa : A. K. D. : Cortas Medical Seciety. Caldwell, Sam Welch. K — wyland, Alabama Sophomore Phi Chi: Y. M. C. A. Cal inet : Camma Sigma Kpsilcin. Camp, Wii.lum Ai vin cullm n, ai.abam Freshman Alpha l ' ;psilon Delta: Phi Chi. Freshman Phi Chi. CopELAND, Donovan H. hardaway, Alabama Freshman Phi Beta Pi ; B. S.. A. P. I. Crenshaw, James Faulkner, A T U Birmingham, Freshman Dominick, Tom B., K 1 tuscaloosa, Alabama Sophomore O. D. K.: Phi Chi: Druids; Quadrangle: Vice-President. Gor- gas Medical Society; A. E. D. Donald, James G, 1 X pine apple, Alabama Sophomore A. B. Degree : Phi Beta Kappa. Duncan, Wallace, Jr. aliceville, Alabama Freshman Phi B.ta Pi ; B. S.. Mississippi State College. DwiNNELL, Leonard A. brownton, Minnesota Sophomore Phi Beta Pi. Eller, Joseph J WARRENSVILI.E. north CAROLINA Sophomore Phi Beta I ' i: A. B.. and Henry. Fl., Forrest Llewellyn Freshman A. B., Montana Stat.- Uii REDI ODGE, MONTANA Phi Chi. Fi EiscH! R, Bertram new york, new york , . freshman , ;;-U.,, Alahama. Page ! inety-thrce ....-■••. ' •- ' •■.v.- ' ' -■ ■.. - ; ,r7i; C O ,a0f ),.,, Ku.i. l.Mi.l,. Fr.iiih. (;la.-,t:iiw. (uiMstein. Grahiim. Giubbj, Ilai- rib. . Sucoiul Kuw: Hc-invich. Hendricks. Hc-irod. Hixlo. Holloway, Jackson, Johnson. H. Third Uow: Johnson. G.. Jordan. Lavender. Lowry, McCafferty. McCarn. McCoy. Fourth Row: Matthews, Milli- ken. Moody. Moore, Myers. Newburn. PjsIc Nim-ty-lo 1 OF ALABAMA - I- FoNDF, William G., A K E Sopho MOBILE, ALABAMA French, Hlndrick, X brlinuidgl, al; Fn ih,iuw Phi lirta I ' i: A. li. Doltw.. Glasgow, Richard Douglas Fairfield, alab Sophomore Phi Beta Pi: O. D. K. : A. E. D. : Beta, Beta. Bfta : Theta Chi Delta. Hippocrates ' hencljinen an eyeful of the latest tions of " Betty Baclli, Goldstein, Ben, A M TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA t ) 111 z MX X h Graham, Bruce Douglas, H X Roberts, Wisconsin Freshman A. K. D.. Vice-President: Intevfraternitv Cniineil : Assistant in Znnlocv : Hnmir Court. Grubbs, Roy J., X ! ' eutaw, Alabama Freshman Jasnns : Phi Chi ; A. E. D. Jordan, Martha BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Marris, Leon Edward Heinrich, Weston H. banks. ALABAMA Freshman A. E. D. MIAMI FLORIDA Freshman Phi Chi. Hendricks, Robert T. Jacksonville, Florida Freshman Phi Chi: A. E. D. : B. S.. University of Florida. Herrod, Henrv G., Jr. plantersville, Alabama Sophomore Phi Chi : A. E. D. HoDo, Henry Gunter, Jr., i; N millport, Alabama Sophomore Phi Chi : A. E. D. : Gcrcas Medical Society. HoLLowA-i, Hosah Sellers tallassee, Alabama Freshman Jackson, Thomas Stroud, II K A Freshman A. B. Degree: Chi Phi. CLIO, ALABAMA JoH.NSON, Benjamin Hardv, Jr., . X A Bessemer, Alabama Sophomore Johnson, George Edwin brundidge, Alabama Sophomore Pre idem. Phi Beta Pi: Secretary, Gorcas Medical Society; A. B. Det-ree. Freshman B. S.. How Lavender, Claude Wilson fairfield, alabama Freshman B. S.. Howard ; Phi Chi. LoWRY, TELFORD, B K PEMBROUK, NORTH CAROLINA Sophomore B. S., University .f Chattanooea : Gamma Sicma Epsilon : Secritary. Phi Beta Pi. McCxFFERTY, JuNE, A K E MOUNT VERNON, ALABAMA Sophomore A. B. Decree : Phi Chi. McCarn. O. C, ' I X WARRIOR, ALABAMA Sophomor, McCov, Walter Clayton, A T Q Birmingham, alabama Sophomore I ' hi Chi: H. S.. M. A.. P. ' rminpham-Southern. [vUttkews, Jane Maysev, K K I ' Freshman A. E. D. Mil LIKEN, Howard Heruert Sophomore Phi Bvta Pi. : H. S.. MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA TLAND, MAINE MooDv, Frank S-ms, I . (-) tuscaloosa, Alabama Sophomore Phi Eta Sicma; Drtiids : Ja.sons : Eveldor; O. 1). K. : A. E. D.. Scholarship Trophy; Who ' s Who in Am-rlcan Uni- versities and Colleees ; Vice-President. Soph-more Class. Moore, Joseph Watts. II K A Freshman A. B. Det-re.-; Phi Chi. Meyers, Wade Cooper, Jr., I E Freshman Newburn, George Wtsi.Kyi ' jKj ii, 1 ' . CI.ANTON, ALABAMA TAMPA, FLORIDA I ' HI(:II- RD, ALABAMA Page Ninety-five T,.p Ki.w: I ' .-irU. I ',,,,. I ' a,t„n. IV-mu-r. ( " evrv. Fvo, Ramst-y. Sroonil Kow: Rejnaold. K :lKTt.s, Rois. Sc-hilieci. Self. Skeat-. Steinberg. Third Row: Stepchia-h. Slraitliff. Strauchen. Svore. Thames. Un- derwood. Vomacka. Knurlh Row: Wear. Weite. Weldon. Wilker, Williams. C. Williams. ,1.. Wood. Pa c Stneiy-slx i OF fllLABAAAA - I- a. lU Park, Oaklev K tusc loosa, Alabama Sophomore A. E. D. ; Assistant in Zooloey. His(i ' l ii. ' y. :uiil N. ' in-ol,,(:y : Phi Chi : Second Lieutenant. C. A. K- serve. Patterson, John Carey Tuscaloosa, Alabama Sophomore Phi Beta Pi : A. Li. Desrce ; I ' hi Beta Kappa. Patton, Thomas Herbert, Jr., K i] tuscaloosa, Alabama Freshman A. B. Decree: Vio?-Presiri?nt, p oshma-i Cla-,-. : A. K. D. : Gamma Siema E:-iilnn : Phi Chi: Qua lran.i:li.. Peimer. Ralph Patterson, new jersey Sophomore A. B. Degree: Gamma Siirma Epsilon : Phi Eta Siema: Phi Beta Kappa : Fcllow.ihip in Phy.iic.i. Perry, George T. Pie, Alice Hill Freihman Phi Bcf.T Pi Sophsmor, KINSTON, AL.ABAMA MONTGOMIRI , ALABAMA RAMSEY, Joseph H. carbon hill, Alabama Freshman A. E. D. ; Phi Beta Pi. R-_ingold, Jack J. bridgeton, new jersey Sophomore Phi Beta Kappa : A. B. Decree. A group o embyro media as caught by our " cando- seop.c " camera. Strauchen, Gilbert V., 1 ' A (-1 Sophomore Phi Chi: A. B.. Alaba TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA SvoRE, Clement R. warland, Montana Sophomore Phi Chi: President. SoLhimore Cla.w. Thames, William Henry lake city, south Carolina Freshmjri B. S.. Furman. Underwood, Edgar Hsrrison, Jr., i N tuscaloosa, Alabama Sophomore Phi Chi: A. E. D. : Zoolo ' , ' y Instructor: GorBa5 Medical So- ciety : Lieutenant. O. R. C. Roberts, Edward Hugir Sophomore A. B.. Alabam ANN:ST0N, ALABAMA VoMACKA, HeNRY NEW YORK, NEW YORK Sophomore Phi Beta Pi: A. B.. Alabama. Ross. Paul A., Jr., A I auburn, new york Wear, Thomas Ralf Sophomore Phi Beta Pi: A. B.. Alabama. HALEYVILLE, ALABAMA Freshman A. K. D. : Phi Chi. z D 111 I h ScHiLLEci, Vincent J,, A .. Bessemer. Alabama Sophomore A. B. Degree : Band : Newtonian Math Society : Gamma Sigma Epsilon : Newman Club : Secretary-Treasurer, Freshman Class ; Vice-President, Phi Beta Pi : Treasurer. A. E. D. Self, William Grady BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Sopho A. B.. Berta: Phi Chi: Gorca Medical Society. Skeats, John M. orange, new jersey Steinbirg, Irving H. Stepchuch, Walter H lary Freshman NORTHAMPTON, MASSACHUSETTS Freshman NEWARK, NEW JERSEY Sophomore A. !!., Alabama: Camma Sigma Epsilon; Phi Mu Sigma; Gorgas Medical Society. Straitiff, Max Charles punxsutawney, Pennsylvania Sophomore Phi Beta Pi; Sigma Tau Camma: A. B.. Alabama. Weitz, Henry Albert eggertsville, new york Freshman A. E. D. Weldon, Howard S. notasulga, Alabama Sophomore Phi Chi : A. B . Alabama. Wilker. Sydney Richard boston, Massachusetts Sophomore Phi Eta Sigma: Phi Beta Pi: Delta Mu. Williams, Caroline Jane ramer, alab.ama Freshman A. E. D. : Chi Beta Phi Sigma : Delta Mu ; A. B.. Alabama. WlLLLAMS, JaMFS CaRTER TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Freshrrtan Phi Chi ; Phi Eta Sigma ; Quadrangle : Phi Beta Kappa ; A. E. D. : Gamma Sigma Epsilon : Fcllow.ihip in Phyjioliigy. ' ST. Wood, Wii i iam Gross, ....,,- • il ' ' i ' y: reshman c m C. MP HII.L, AI-ABAMA Vii e Nine ' y-scven 7 S E N I O The poor seniors — an unfortunate lot is theirs. To those who are about to forever turn their backs on the cameraderie and glory of college life, we re- spectfully dedicate this siction. Idolized by the freshmen, respected by the sophomores, envied by the juniors, the Class of ' 38 turns toward the ma- terial world and somewhat sorrowfully takes its place in the alumni group of Alabama. This Mas partv was snapped while snac-kinit at the S-leep nrl E-at house durine the Mid-term dances. 2. The Homecom- i Day Football sponsors with chrysanthemums and colleEians. A i roup of Krads that look happy enotiph to swins into the c Apple ! 4. Journalism head Beedon show.? that the sun not his eyes. 5. A close-up of engineering woodpecking — Tau ta Pi tapping. ... 6. Dr. Ramsey and colleaptue Christian tering the supe store for their " eighty-two " . 7. " Waiting for y " after convocation ! S. Whooping and learning how to rectly break up housekeeping. 9. There ' s no belligerent atti- e in this picture taken at the Scabbard and Blade banquet. K new slant on the fortunate second-story man. He must e had a WAY with the Kaydecs. 11. The initiate learns to " roll his own " ! it KiAv: Alij-lun. A.lanis. ( ' .. A.liinis. .1.. Ailani,. J. C. A.l:iriis. M.. Adams. W.. Adier. — Second Row: All)aiH-sc Alexander, Anders. Ann- sauskas. Ard. Arntsen. Arrinirlon. Third Row: Athey. Atkins, At- kin.son. Austin. Avant. Baker. H.. Baker. M. .; Kourth Row: Barfield, Bannick, Bateman. Beal, A.. Beal, K.. Bedsole. Beeland. Pjgc Om- UunJ,,-J O F L A B A A A - I- Abston, Frances Gaston COKER, ALABAMA Adams, Carl, Jr., A T Q Birmingham, Alabama Engineering O. K. D. : President. Tau Beta Pi; President. Theta Tau : Chi Beta l hi ; Phi Eta Sigma ; St. Pafs Committee ; Executive Committee : Council of Clubs : Secretary. A. I. E. E. : Vice-Presi- dent. Sophomore Class. ' 36 ; Secretary. Freshman Class, ' 3.1 ; Corolla. ' 35 : Crimson-White. ' 35 : Appeals Court. Adams, James S., II K ' A rts and Sciences ASHLAND, ALABAMA AnJ ., n,M, m bhuk shu ' l lead them. GC UJ Z D LU I h .Adams, John Calvin. A T U . birm.ngham, Alabama Commerce Captain Pershing Rifles; Delta Sigma Pi; Scabbard and Blade; Arch Club ; R. A. T. ; Ey.celsior. .Adams, Mary Elizabeth, K A indhnapolis, Indiana Arts and Sciences Transfer. Butler University; Recordini; Si-cretary. Zeta Phi Eta; Blackfriar.i. Adams, Wiley S., A X Adler, Richard Scrugham CHEROKEE, ALABAMA iAM, ALABAMA Albancse, Richard J. columbus, Ohio Commerce Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. ' 37; Newman Club; Million Dollar Banil. Alexander, Evy, A X t2 Tuscaloosa, Alabama A rts and Sciences Art Editor. Rammer-Jammer; An Club; Rifle Club. Anders, Martha Louise, A A II Education Blackfriars ; Zeta Phi Kta ; W. A. A TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Anusauskas, Adam A. Worcester, Massachusetts Commerce Alpha Kapi a Psi. Ard, Curtis Dewey robertsdale, Alabama Engineering Honor Committee. ArNTSEN, ThOM.4S O., P K mount VERNON, NEW YORK Engineering Pershing Rifles: Scabbard and Blade; Cliiler Club; A. S. M. K. ; Officers ' Club; President. Camma D.-lta. ' 311. Arhington, William Pelzer, ' I ' A (-) Montgomery, Alabama Graduate Athey, Laura Lasamye RAMER, ALABAMA Commerce Atkins, Oliver Frazer wei. Lesley, Massachusetts Arts and Sciences Million Dollar Band. ' 35, ' 36: Crimson-White, ' SS- ' SS ; News Bureau: Camera Club: Corolla. Atkinson, William H., }i N tuscaloosa, ai.aban Chemistry .Juriii r Pri.m Committee; Greeks; Secretary-Treasu;-, ' r. So;jho- more Class. Senior Class. Austin, Robert R , Jr., A . A AvANT, Mary Olive, K A Arts and Sciei Candun; Pi. BLUEFIELD, WEST VIRGINIA ANDALUSIA, ALABAMA 3aker, Herbert A. Commerce Transfer. Ohio Stats Baker, Mar.iorie Belie Arts and Scene Herman Club. 4RFIELD, Thomas H., 1 ' 1 ' A Craduale CiNTON, OHIO CLEARW.ATER, FLORIDA LINEVILLE, ALABAMA ET, RHODE ISLAND Bartnick, Josl ph Engineering Ulider Club; Assi.dant in Aeronautical Engineering: St. Pat ' s Committee. BaTEMAN, ChaRI.LS B., (-) H BALTIMORE, MARYLAND Commerce First Lieutenant Pershing Kifle.i : Coach. Fencing Team: Alpla Kappa Psi; Clee Club; Y. M. C. A. Cabin.l. 3eal, Alice Muriel, A A A Education Beal, Evelyn A., A . . H.I CASPER, WYOMING CASPER, WYOMING JACKSON, ALABAMA Bedsole, Martha Lorraine, . A A A rts and Sciences President. Y. W. C. A.: Mortar Board: Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Beta Kappa; Zeta Phi Kta; Clee Club; Spirit Committee; Blackfriars: President. National Collegiate Players: Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Univer.iities. BeEI AM Jl AN Sill RI INC K GHLI-NVIIir ALABAMA 1 I r! t:A i W Page One HunJ ed On,. yi i VoM— ■|..|, U.,w:, H. ' ll. I ' ' ... H,.ll. K,, li.ll, M., I!,ik. H.i iiiaiu.. Iti.l- k ' ciod. Sm-oMil Kiiw: lila.-k, lilakf. But ' iut. Uostrom. Boutwell. H.. Houtwoll. J., Boyd, v, Third Row: Uiandon, Urandl, Uranlman. Bra- zeal. Brickpn. BriKKS. Bristol. : • Fourth Row: Brooks, Brown. L. H.. Brown. Leland. Brown. L. E.. Burdette. Burns. Burwell. Pjgc Om- llunJrcJ Tuo O F L A B A M A - I- w a. UJ z m I h Belcher, Olon CENTtR ILl-K, ALABAMA Enginet-rnig ai-sily Koi lliall. ELL, Elizabeth Acklen, AAA huntsville, Alabama Arts and Scienca Blackfriars : Spirit Committfi-. Bell, Kirk, X U Beli,. Marguerite, K A I i: Siirit Co TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Arts Jud Sacmes tef : Y. W. C. A. Cabi SELMA. ALABAMA W. A. A. Bzrk, Bill. A A Chicago, Illinois Arts and Sciences Newman Club : Y. M. C. A. Cabinet ; Fencing and Swimming Teams. Pearl Hope MIAMI, FLORIDA Education BiDGOOD, MaRV. K K r TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Arts and Sciences President. Chi Delta Phi ; I ' lesident, International Relations Club : Vice-President. Blackfriars ; Mortar Board ; National Collegiate Players: Alpha Lambda Delta; W. A. A.: Manager, Dcbatintr Team; T. K. A.; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet; Phi Beta Black, Norman Shirley, A X A Montgomery, Alabama Comttierce Greeks ; Delta Sigma Pi : Pershin- Rifles : Officers ' Club ; Y. M. C. A. Cabine.. Blake, Raymond Snyder plainfield, new jersey Engineering Blackfriars : St. Pats Committee ; A. I. Ch. E. BoGART, Walter Russell, Jr., 11 K A Stevenson, Alabama Arts and Sciences Editor. The Crimson-White; O. U. K. ; Jasons ; Spirit Com- mittee ; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet ; Senior Manager Baseball Team. ' o7 : ' 37 Corolla Sports Stalf; Greeks; Blue Ridge Delegate: Rammer-Jarnmer. ' 37 ; " A " Club ; Associate E:ditor. ' 38 Corolla. Board of Publications. BosTROM, LiLA Evelyn Birmingham, Alabama Education Caroline Hunt Club ; Treasurer. ' .,7. President. ' 3S Phi Up- silon Omicron. BouTWELL, Beatrice Lewis BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Education Y. W. C. A. Boutwell, John Amos Birmingham. Alabama A rts and Sciences Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. Boyd, George Thomas. A T U birming.4 m, Alabama Arts and Sciences Brandon, Mary Ella. K Montgomery, Alabama Education i ' i. Brandt, L. Clifton, }l N Florence, south Carolina Commerce Million Dollar Band; University .Symphony : Glee Club: Black- friars ; Officers ' Club ; Corolla. ' ' ' I |[ J Miss Brittain and the Mor- tar Board ivould never per- mit us to say. " Dese. dem. and pose! " Brantman, William Turkus. I i A mount vernon. New york Commerce 3razeal. Pyhon university, ALABAMA Education Phi Upsil.m Omi 3ricken, Llewellin Powell. I ' 1 " A luverne. ai . ' Arts and Sciences Druids ; Greeks ; Philoniathic : President. Seni.u- Class. Briggs. Wayne G. north rose, new york Engineering Secretary. A. I. M. E. ; St. Pat ' s Committee. Bristol. Thom,as Farrar. . . A long beach, California Commerce Headmaster. Delta Sigma Pi; Vice-President, Y. M. C. A.; Blue Ridge Delegate; Greeks; Officers ' Ciub. Brooks, Rosa, K A Camilla, Georgia Arts and Sciences Alpha Lambda Delta ; Pi ; Corolla. Brown, Lavinia Hopkins. ' I ' M bowling green, Kentucky Home Economics red bay, ALABAMA A rts and Sciences 5rown, Louis Edward, K Burdette, Willis Lyle. Jr.. T A logan, west Virginia Spirit Committi-.-; Pershing Rifles. Burns, Mary Wilella, A X U Atlanta, Georgia Home Economics President. Women ' s Student Government As.ociatiou ; Mcniar Board; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Executive Committe.-; Spirit Committee; Council of Clubs: Who ' s Who in American Uni- versities and Colleges. Burwell, Edwin Oudi-e-v, K A huntsville, Alabama Thi-la Tan; A.:L: ' » Oiiifj ' Sii[:, .,M, V. . Kb.. Alpha Tail. c ... i Page One Hundred Three L A o L. r..M H " W : l;ii-h, l!iilhr, l ' ;ill.-ivh;iTi, C;ini.T..ii. ( ' Mniiilii ' ll. ( ' ;u-|l. Carl- son. Sofuiici Ki.w; Carll.iM. rrupi ' iilfr. Cartel-. Ciuallaro. Champion. Chapman. Chenault. Thiril Row: Chiffitz. Clark. Clayhrooke. Cleve- land. Coffin, Cohen, .1.. Cohen. L. .:,■ Fourth Kow : Cohen, V., Cole. Coleman, Cook, Cooper, Corbett. Costello. Past ' One HunJtcJ Four i OF LABAA A - I- d ui Bush, Robert, il ' 2; K BENNINGTON, VERMONT JuTLER, George Stuart, 4 " A H huntsvm.i.e, Alabama Art Mid Scencci Callaghan, Jack Wii liam, .X BLOOMFIELD, NEW JERSEY Cameron, John Minge, tl I ' A A rts and Sciencei A. E. n.. President. Campbell. Betti M.m , A F A Edm-Jtum FAUNSDALE, ALABAMA COLUMBIA, ALABAMA Carll, Russell Robert oil city, Pennsylvania Commerce Pershing Rifles : Scabbard and Blade ; Wesley Foundation : President. Alpha Kappa Psi : President. Demola,v Club : As- .sistant in Accounting. ' rici- ' SS. Carlson, Olive Marie, A A II downers grove, Illinois Aiti mid Sctencei Y. V. C. A. : W. A. A. : Spirit Conimiltec. Carlton, Marguerite northport, Alabama A rts and Scieuct ' i Carpenter, Irma Lee, (-) V Editcation Carter, Edward F., Jr.. K A A rts and Sciences Tran.sfer. Tampa Univer TAMPA, FLORIDA A parade jar the Chrernu, — as a " token " of our es teem! Cleveland, Pauline, Z T A centerville, Alabama Fdiuation Coffin, Helen Louise mobile, Alabama Arts and Sciences Chi Delta I ' hi ; Spirit C: mmittie : Crim on-White. Cohen, Jack Lion, Z B T Alexander city, Alabama llnii.JH. Cohen, Louise H. Birmingham, Alabama A rts and Sciences Y. W. C. A.; Slaff Manager. Kammsr-Jammer ; Crimson- Whil.-: (. ' Ill lliUa Phi: Internat.o.ial kelatious Clul). Cohen, Vernon Lester, K N BiRM.NG.i M, Alabama Commerce Phi Eta Sigma: CrIm on- V hite ; Senior 11a ike. hall Manager: Honor Roll. ■.;(■. z Cavallaro, Louis Edward new iork, new ' ork A rts and Sciences Champion, Thomas Fletcher, A T Q Education Appeals Court. ' :! " : Honor Court : Knave, , YNE ' ILLE, ALABAMA Chapman, Charles Edward, Jr. Commerce Chenaui.t, John, II K A Chemistry Chiffitz, Murray, ' I ' . lOBILE, ALABAMA DECATUR, Al ABAMA BROOKLYN, NEW YORK Cole, William Long, A T U llmion, Arts and Sciences yuacirangle: Arch Club: Delta Club. Coleman, Roberta tuscumbia, Alabama A rts and Sciences Transfer. Florence S. T. C. : Alabama College. Cook, Albert Wesley Springfield, Massachusetts Engineering Clider Club: Ofliciu-s ' Club: Phi Eta . ' ' .ignia : Chi liela Phi: Secretary-Treasurer. Senior Claw: Caiitain. R. (). T. C. Cooper, Alfred Bruce h rr:s3urg, Pennsylvania Chemistiy 11] I h Clark, Nellie Evelyn Claybrooke, Chariot IE, (-) ' Home Economics Car.dine Hunt Club. HEADLAND, ALABAMA ALBERTVILLE. Al ABAMA Cairbett, William T. shelton, Connecticut Arts and Sciences Costello, L. Edward Page One H buffalo, new YORK ■|.i|i K..w: Ciix. CriuvfDni. rr.-nslmw, Cu.nibie. Cruni].. Cu- kinbaum. .. Sei-ond Kow : Cumbaa. Cumbie, Cunningham. Cully. Dallon, Damsky. Daniel, J. u Third Uow : Daniel. P.. Davidson. M.. David- son. S.. Davies. Davis. E., Davis. L.. Davis. R. : Fourth Row: DpI Cimpo, Dcmshock. Denton. De Hoff. DiGiacomo. Dismukes. Dixon. ' .I.!!.- One Hundred .Si: O F L A B A M - I- Cox. Bradv Carl, A X florala, Alabama Commerce R. A. T. : Uruiils. Crawford, Joseph Ciav BESSEMER, ALAB Crenshaw, Randolph Upton, (-) X greenville, Alabama Arts and Scicjices CALIFORNIA, PENNSYLVANIA Crombie, Martha Elizabeth Commerce Presiiient. Phi Chi Theta. -Jl : Y. W. C. A. Cahii under I he haiy CC HI z m I h Croom, Allen ' ., .V X A wil.mington, north Carolina Commerce Greeks: Blai-kfriars; Criniion-White. Crump, Mari Jane, A F _ MONTGOMERV, ALABAMA Cukerbaum, Sara new castle, Pennsylvania Arts and Sciences Spirit Committee: Y. W. C. A.: Transfer. Pennsylvania State: W. A. A. . .Jiiniiir He. nor K.ill. Cumbaa, Noel Thomas, i . Commerce Delta Sigma Pi : Pershing Rifles. Officers ' Club, COLU.MEUS, GEORGIA CuMBiE, William Gray tro ' , Alabama Arts and Sccnces Quadrangle : Philomathic : Band : Y. M. C. A. ; Pre-Med Club : Library Assistant. Cunningham, Eva Chapman Tuscaloosa, Alabama Chemistry Gamma Sigma Epsilon : Honor Roll: Alpha Lambda Delta: Fel- lowship in Chemistry. Curr , Robert Dave, i! N Birmingham, Alabama Arts and Sciences Dalton. Margaret BESSE.MER, ALABAMA Home Econon Damsky, Zac Jerome, K N Birmingham, al.4bama Commerce Senior Ba.seball Manager: " A " Club. Daniel, Joe Rowan Tuscaloosa, Alabama Engineering Seabbard and Blade; St. Pat ' s Committee. Daniel, Peggy, AAA Tuscaloosa, Alabama Arts and Sciences Alpha Lambda Delta : Omega : A. E. U. : Phi Beta Kappa : Guidon. Davidson, Milton new rochelle, new york Engineering Theta Tau: Chi Beta Phi: Fellowship in Aeronaulieal Engi- neering: Tau Beta I ' i. Davidson. Sol Charles utica, new york A ris and Sciences Phi Mu Sigma: Newtonian Math Society: Spanish Club; Of- ti.ers ' Club : Fencing. Davies, Robert Wright, (-) X Birmingham, Alabama Commerce Interfraternity Council: Assistant Business Manager. Crim- son-White. ' .37 ; Delta Sigma Pi ; Scabbard and Blade : Honor Court; Spirit Committee: Greeks: Officers ' Club. Davis, Earl Malcome BILLINGSLEY, ALABAMA Education D«,vis, Ladve Louise demopolis, alabama Graduate B. S.. Livingston. S. T. C. ; Women ' s Student Council: Kappa Delta Pi ; Chi Delta Phi. Davis, Robert Lio Del Campo, John BRONX, NEW YORK Alts and Sciences NEW YORK. NEW YORK A rts and Sciences mittee: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. D mshock, Marv Betty, H V h ' .zelton, Pennsylvania Home Economics Newman Club : Caroline Hunt Club : Y. W. C. A. : Secretary- Treasurer. Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior Class: F.ditor, Sorority News, ' 34. De.nton, T. J., i X De Hoff, RoNAi D Lee Theta Tau : Treasur ATLANTA, GEORGIA Commerce flemington, new jersey Engineering er, A. L Ch. K.. ' 37; Dean ' s List. ' 3« : St. Pat ' s Committee. DiGiAcoMO, Jack A. Elizabeth, new jersey Alts and Sciences Dismukes, Dorothy Aeolin .mobile, Alabama Graduate Kappa Delta Pi; A. li.. Ahdiama Graduate Fellowship in History. D:xoN, Ethel Catherine , ' . ' j vdtHon y;:W, ' s. j:;„:c:ai-vi :-: .; ' ;; ;r;f ' ,l. ' ; t !j Page One Hundred Seven JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA i§? A W ' t fyiyO i L I ' up K.iw : UuilKu. Dolfmi. IJovir. Duwlinj;. IJnwntr. Do .ii-r. S.. D.i- KicT, W. ; Second How: Drake. Drolet. Duckworlh. Dudley. Duffey, Duncan, Eaton. V: Third Row: Edwards, EllioU, Ennis. Erli. Espy, Evans, A.. Evans. M. Fourth Row: Evarts, Fagan, Faulk, Feagin. Flinii. Fine. Finnell. I ' a c One Hundred lii) O F - L A B A A A a. UJ z D 111 I I- Dodge, Khnntth H. melrose, M ' ss chusetts Am and Science Doi-IINI. JliLIA RUTHFREORU, new JERSEY HjH,.U,on Y. W. C. A. Caliinet: Alplia Laml.iki Di-lla ; Aii Cluli : W. A. A. Dover, Fred VC. midland, Pennsylvania Eiifiineernin St. Pafs C nimiUic; A. I. M. E. Dowl iNG, Mary hartford. Alabama EJiualion Caroline Hunt Club: V, W. C. A. Downer, Ida Mae aliceville, Alabama A its and Sciences DoziER. Slater Mathev CHANCE, ALABAMA Arts and Scene DoziER, William Alexander, Jr., li K A hlirtsboro, Alabama Arts and Sciences I ' hi Eta SiKma : Honor Roll; National Colleiriatc- I ' lavers : Hlackfriars; Pmilcmathic : Excelsior: Y. M. C. A.: Phi Heta Kappa. Drake, Erin Elizabeth eth ' jlville, Alabama Education Drolet, Lois, K K 1 ' tl ' sc ioos , ai abama Arts and Sciences Mortar Board : Alpha Lambda Delta ; Srcretarv, V. W. C. A. : Corolla : Rammer-Jammer : Crimson-While : Blue RirlKe D?le- Duckvx ' orth, Annie Lee kennedv, Alabama Education Caroline Hunt Club. Dudley, Eleanor R.. X Q ORK, ALABAMA DuFFEY, William Wilson dadeville, Alabama Commerce Delta SiKma Pi: Vice-President. Senior Class: Captiin. R. (). T. C. ; Fellowship in AcconnthiK : S.-al.bard and Blade. DU.NC N, El:ZABETH, X Q JACKSON, TENNESSEE Education Transfer. University of Tennessee. Exton, Harry Ern:;st highland park, Illinois A rts and Sciences Phi Eta Sicma : Hlackfriars: Officers ' Club: Crim cm-While ; Student Court, ' Xl : Rifle Team. Edv ards, Frank J., 1 K — Milwaukee, Wisconsin Arts and Sciencct Blackfriar.s; N;nvman Club. Elliott, Glenn Pierce, II K A montevallo, Alabama Arts and Sciences R. A. T. : Greeks: Vice-Prcsidont. Sophomore Class: President. .Iun;i r Class: Chairman. Junior Prom Commillee: Officcrj ' Club: Si-abbar.l and Blad. ' . Sam ScaUi ;o ■ doipcttu to mix up a hatch of home :un : (UV hope) Enn:s, Woodson Lee, A K E Livingston, alabama A rts and Sciences Officers ' Club : D. ' lfa Cb:b. Erb, Harri C, i " I ' E Espi , Jamie Gibson JAMAICA, NEW 1 ORK EUFAULA, ALABAMA Evans, Alda Iane, X il union springs, Alabama Education Evans, Mary Annie, A E! A Home Economics EvARTS, Jean Education Bla.-kfriars : Olee Club. Faghn, Houel J. Education Phi Eta SiKma : Scabbard and Blade Colleciate Players : President, Blackfr mittee: Delta Sik-ma Pi: Scholai Falilk, Lucille MOBILE, ALABAMA ROYAL OAK. MICHIGAN NEWBERN, ALABAMA Key Club : National ,rs, ' 37: Honor Com- hip Award, ' 34. MONROEVILLE, ALABAMA FeaGIN, LliCI, K MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Alts and Sciences Hlackfriars. Flinn, Elizabeth Ann, A tujCaloosa, ai abama Arts and Sciences Clec Club. Fine. Dorothy port chaster, new york Arts and Sciences Chi Beta Phi Sirnia : Hilkl. FlNNUl I DW R1 JllS N |h K, 1 11 C M OOS I ABAMA allVvii ( " lot iTU - C P c osM Pane One Hundred h n L A 1 r w Jiik. Ti.| Kiiw: Kiiin. ' ll. .1., FlomiiiK. K ' .r .liniiiii. I ' L-U-lier. Fcik-v. Korniaii. K.. Forman. J. -. Second Kow : Frnnkf. Friwimaii. CJafford. Gainos, L.. Gaines. M.. Gale, Gamliroll. Third Kow : Garbel-. Gcior. Gilbert. Gillotl. Ginsherc. Glass. Glaze. Fimrlh Kow: Goini;. Gontarsky Goodes. Goodfriend. Goodman. Ciaiiani. .1., liialiani. M. PjKe One Hu,ul,cJ T. O F L A B A M A - I- d UJ Z D UJ I h FiNNELL. John Wagner, K i v4 rts and Sciences Rifle Team; Srabbaril and Blaci.- ; Ct Fi EMiNG, Sarah Grace Fellowship in Matlieni Graduate s ; Blackfr Fleshman, Arthur, II K t Commerce Cnrolln. Fletcher, Maurice William, ATA Commerce President. Senior Class : Spirit Comi Football. ' 34- ' 37 Foley, James B. TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA iiion-While. ' ST. morr:stown, Tennessee A. B., Carson-New- ROANOKE, VIRGINIA CLARKSDALE, MISSISSIPPI eks ; Varsity LEEDS, ALABAMA Education Wesley Foumlation. FoRMAN, Elizabeth Birmingham. Alabama Graduate . B.. Agnes Sc-ott ; Phi Mii Epsilon. Forman. James Ross, Jr., O A (■ ' Birmingham, Alabama A rts and Sciences Ja!ons: Phi Beta Kappa: President. Phi Eta Siirma. Franke, Burnice, a Z Chemistry Alpha Lambda Delta: Chi Beta Phi Sitrn- Epsilon : Mortar Board. BIRMINGHAM, AL. BAMA Friedman, Ben Pi Mu Epsilo MERIDEN, CONNECTICUT Education Kappa Delta Pi ; Readership in Mathematics. BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Gafford, Frank H., A K E Commerce Cotillion Club : President, Sophomore Class : Scabbard an Blade: Excelsior; Junior Prom Committee; Honor Court Knaves : Philomathic ; Officers ' Club : Executive Committee Regimental Adjutant, C. A. C. : Coroll mer, ' 35- ' 3S ; Interfraternity Co Gaines. Lorraine, (-) Y Commerce Phi Chi Theta. Gaines, Myra Jo., X Q A rts and Sciences Blackfriars : Y. W. C. A. Cabinet : Ran Committee. Gale, Edna Mae, A A II cil Delegate. CROSSVILLE, ALABAMA BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA ner-Janimer : Spirit FAIRFIELD, ALABAMA Education Representative at Large, ' 36 : Vice-President. Women ' s Student Government Association : Cheerleader ; Mortar Board : Fellow- ship, ' 36- ' 38 : Tennis Champion, ' 3. ' ;- ' 3« : Swan Club : Spirit Ccmmittee; Executive Committee; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: W. A. A. Gambrell, Joe RENFERN, ALABAMA Comn Garber, Lynn jackson, Mississippi A rts and Sciences Crimson-White: Corolla: W. A. A.; Board of Directors. ' 36; Executive Committee: Appeals Court. ' SS- ' ST : Spirit Commit- tee; Secretary, W. S. G. A., ' 36, ' 37. Gale looses man-made hum cane on campus conflagra GeIER, WoODROW a. ANNISTON, ALABAMA Arts and Sciences Weslev Foundation. President: Editorial Chairman. ' 34- ' 3S ; Editor. Alabama Methodist Student ' s Conference: Wesley Play- ers; FootliKht Reporter: Crimson-White: Excelsior: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet : Journalism Readership. Gilbert, Alvin BLUEFIELD, west VIRGINIA Gillott. Herbert, A i: I white plains, new york Education French Club: Newman Club. Ginsberg, Samuel Spirit Committee: Ho Glass, Emma, K A Glaze, Frank Kollis Engineering Arts and Sc PARKSVILLE, new YORK -President. A. S. C. UNIONTOWN, ALABAMA GUIN, ALABAMA Education Going, Allen Johnston, i: A E Birmingham, Alabama Arts and Sciences Glee Club ; Phi Eta Sigma : Honor Court, ' 37 : Jasons ; Quad- rangle : Phi Beta Kappa. Gontarskv, Morris new Britain. Connecticut Er gineering Goodes, Eugene Leonard buri.ington, north Carolina Arts and Sciences Tennis Team : Secretary-Treasurer. Senior Class. Goodfriend, Morris D.. Z B T athens, Tennessee Commerce Jasons ; Phi Eta Sigma ; Economics Readership : Druids : Honor Roll ■ Vice-President. Sophomore Cla s ; Interfraternity Coun- cil : Officers ' Club: Crimson-White. ' 36. Goodman, Morris M. Newark, new jersey Chemistry Chi Beta Phi : Amateur Radio Club. Graham, John William, X reform, Alabama Graduate Managing Editor Crimson W hltc S| iril Committee: Philo- mathic: Interfraternity Council A B Alabama: Cotillion Club Committee CoiolU MOBM P. ALABAMA Graham, Mar Eari f 7 o Page One Hundred Elevtn •| ' (ip i;..w: (;iah;tni, Craiit. (iranlliani, Cimi,. . Ci,.!!. Cril ' fiii. H.. Ciriffiii. S. ;; Scoond Row: Grossmiin. Hnu,K«l. Hall. Halst. ' iiil, Hnm- niT. Hanson, Harclenben. ' h. , Third Row: Hardin. Hardy, .1.. Hardy. ,1. P., HarKrove, Harris, M., Harris. S., Harrison. Fourth Row: Hasbroucl;, Hansor. Hayes, Head. H.-arin. HebcrlinK, Heitcr. I ' j ' JC One )IunJ,eJ Tneh i O F L A B A M A - Gr. ha-m. S- rah, II B JACKSONVILLE. FLORIDA Am .md Sucmc Grant, Alberta Lucile jasper, Alabama Graduate A. B.. BirminKham-Southern : Pi Gamma Mu ; Dilla Kapiia Grantham, Hira II K A Commerc Greeks. RtCD SPRINGS, NORTH CAROI IN Graves, Jean C, K A tuscaloosa, alaba Arts jnd Sciences Phi Beta Kappa: Omesra ; Alpha Lamlida Delta; A. E. D. ' Hon ' to Wn, F„ends and Influence People " ! Green, William Allen, II K A new Orleans, Louisiana Commerce Hargrove, Martha F, A X Q Birmingham, alabam if) Griffin, Robert H rrell tupelo, Mississippi A rts and Sciences Associate Member. Alabama Aeadtmy of Sciences; A. I. M. E. Home Economics St. Pafs Court, -.i- : Vice-President. Junior : Secretary- Trea. urer. Senior Class ; Pan-Hellenic Council ; of Rep- resentatives : Caroline Hunt Club. rr Griffin, Stephen F., Jr. highlands, new jersey H RR]s, Mary Read, A A A Wilmington, north carolin Arts and Sciences IX Arts and Sciences Newman Club; Crimson-White, Pi; Han.l Sponsor ; Rammer-Jammer ; Rifle Team. UJ Grossman, Alex Newark, new jersey Arts and Sciences Harris, Sarah Elise. Z T A marion, alabam Education Y. W. C A. mmm Hagood, Maxine Dorothy, A Z dixiana, Alabama Harrison. Thomas Jay Birmingham, alabam . Home Economics Caroline Hunt Club; Y. W. C. A. Engineering Tau Beta Pi. Hall, Robert Stiles meriden, Connecticut DeMolay Club. Hasbrouck. Elberon H.. !£ I E Kingston, new yori Engineering Band ; A. I. E. E. : St. Pafs. Halstead, John Rogers, I V A lakewood, ohio Arts and Sciences Hauser, Edgar J. Montgomery, alabam Hamner. Joe Henry oakman, Alabama Education Philomathic: Excelsior; Spirit Committee: Quadrangle: Delti Siirma Pi ; Junior Prom Committee : Commerce Dane? Com- mittee. z D m I h Hanson, H. B., Jr., X , . Cochrane, Alabama Engineering President, Senior Class : President, A. I. E. E. ; Scribe. Theta Tau ; Jasons : Scabbard and Blade : President. Chi Beta Phi : Secretary. Tau Beta Pi : S. A. M. E. Hardenbergh. Mar ' ' Gordon. A V A greens oro. Alabama Education Mortar Board; Kappa Delta Pi; Pi; Spirit Committee. Hardin, Mary A. B. S. U. Council : He walnut g ' ;ove. Commerce use of Representatives : Phi Chi Theta ; Spirit Committee. NEWALA. ALABAMA Hardy. James Daniel, II K A A rts and Sciences President. Freshman : Quadranale : Band : Druids : Honor Roll. ' 37 ; Fellowship in BioloKy. ' ST. Haves. Alex, II K A , clanton, ai.abvma .4 rts and Sciences Varsity Baseball; Creeks; Cotillion Club Committee. ' 37. Head, Charlotte Barton, K A Tuscaloosa, Arts and Sciences President. OmeKa : Guidon: Blackfriars : Delta Club; Y. W. C. A. Hearin, Robert M., A E Montgomery. al b ma Arts and Sciences President. Cotillion Club : President. Southern Collece Book- ing Association : Junior Prom Committee. ' 37 : Spirit Com- mittee : Delta Club: Crimson-White. Heberling, Alan Li if. H X ambridge. Pennsylvania Million Dollar Ban.l . Ci imson-Wbit " iS . Symphony Orches- tra; Alabama Cnm,.Mis Alabama Knighti. Hardy. Julian Patterson, A E A rts and Scien NEWALA, ALABAMA Heiter, Lois, K MC-Ifl r I VBAMA Page One Hundred Thirteen ;|f ll ■ ' " •Siii ; ' V ; ' Top Row: Hi-lni«. Hiii.k. Hi -I... ' . HiKhman. Hill. H.. Hill. I. . Hill. K. S«-on(l Rinv: Hcil.iuk. Hndcos. Huffman. Holladay. Holland. Hol- loway. ■:- Thiril Row: Hcilmos. Hciuser. Houston. Howard. Hulldle 5ton, Huehes. H.. HukIhs. M. Fomth Row: Hnchcs. I ' .. Hughes. W., Hoti-heson. Hyman, Ingram. A., Inirram. E.. Irwin. Pase One Hundred Fourteen O F L A B A A A - I- Helms, Harold Augustus Cojnir.erce Di ' lUi Sisnia I ' i : QuailranKle ; Officer sistant. Hiircail of Ri- KLOHAI,A, ALABAMA Club ; Chemical As- Hluck, Julia Frances Am .md Saem HiGBEE, Louise Belle, A A A Commerc HlGHMAN, HenRV E. Ediicjlicn luta Lambda Sisima ; Indus VICKSBURG, MISSISSIPPI JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA TRENTON, NEW JERSEY al Arts Club. The Ing. iludcnl iliulu ■ ' Inu-r h Pro foor Pitly! GC lU z UJ I h Hill, Beverly, K A A. B., Sweetbr MARION, ALABAMA Graduate : Hlaikfriars; Kreruh Club. Hill, Lawrence THOMASVILLE, ALABAMA Commerce Scabbard and Bla Hill, Raymond D., II K 1 Commerce Phi Eta Sisrma : Honor Kidl : Dean ' s Li,;t HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA HoBACK, George Harold, A X A highlands, VIRGINIA GADSDEN, ALABAMA Hodges, Bartley S., Jr. Arts and Sciences Editor, Rammer-Jammer ; " A " Club : Head Cheerleader. ' 36 ; Cheerleader. ' 36. ' 38 : Vice-President. Senior Clas.s : Associate Editor. Crimson-White, Corolla: Blackfriars : Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Intramural Staff, ' 37: Board of Publications. ' 37. Hoffman, Charles L., A $ Richmond hill, new york Engineering St. Pat ' s: A. S. M. E. : S. A. M. E. : Perching Rifles: Officers ' Club : President. Glider Club : Gamma Delta Lutheran Suciet.v. Hoit, James Hamilton, Jr. Livingston, Alabama Education Million Dollar Banil : Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. HoLLADAY, CaMMA G. DUNNAVANT, ALABAMA Education Y. W. C. A. : Caroline Hunt Club : House of Representatives. Holland, William Ralph anniston, Alabama Commerce Wesley Dramatic Club. Holloway, Kate Noble, A A A tallassee, Alabama Arts and Sciences President. Mortar Board : President. Zeta Phi Eta : Freshman Representative, Beard of Directors : Blackfriars ; Executive Council : National College Players : Kappa Delta Pi : Glee Club: Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges. Holmes, William B. Housed, Peggy, K A Arts and Scie Glee Club. Arts and Sciences BIR.MINGHAM, ALABAMA anniston, ALABAMA Houston, Theodore Tho.mas spring hll, alabama Chemistry Hiuior Court; Assistant in Chemistry. Howard, Elizabeth Brittain, AAA harlan, kzntucky Arts and Sciences Blackfriars. Hliddleston, William stevenson, Alabama Education .Assistant Editcu- l i:is Corclla : Spirit Committee: Fontball Program Ccupmitlee ; Fr.-nch Club: Crimson-Wbil, ' . Hughes, Halbert Edwin, A X A pine bluff, Arkansas Commerce " A " Club: Scabbard and Blade; Officfrs ' Club: Cadet Colonel. Infantry; Varsity Football, •3. ' i- ' 37 : Cotillion Club Committee. Hughes. Martha Jane Educalwn Hughes, Perr B., Jr., A A T Commerce Hughes, W.i.i.iam E. BL ' HL, ALABAMA TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA amity, PENNSYLVANIA Commerce Delta Sitcnia Pi. HuTCHEEON, Grace, (-) Y geiger, Alabama Home Economics Madrinal Society; Blackfriars: House of Representallv, s : Caroline Hunt Club: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. Hyman, Samuel .Atlantic city, new jersey Chemistry Alembic Club; I. A. M. A.; Hill. ' l. Ingram, Alexander Marion Tuscaloosa, Alabama Commerce Ingram, Elbert Lee, Jr. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Scabbard and Blade Irwin, Annie MARGABBTy VS ' K , - , ■ ' .i:!mmi ' prncc l ' an-H.elt,;u|,; ' , ' :VV,.C. V. A. MOULTON, ALABAMA Page One Hundred Fifteen HS HE HS: Top Umv: ls;iin-. Ivey. JaiU- on. A.. .I;i.lis,,n. S.. .J:n-ow:iy. .I;imi-s. Jefferics. w Second Row: Johnson. Johnston. G.. Johnston. T.. Jones. B.. Jones, C. Jones. F., Jones. M. U. : : Third How: Jones. M.. Jordan. Karwan, Katz. Kaufman. Kaup. Keelv. Fourlh Kow : Keesee. Kenna- mer. Kernachcn. Ketz, Kilvintrtoii. Kinn. Kinnenr. P,ilie One Hundred Sixteen OF ALABAMA Isaac, Frederick Nicholas gi.ens falls, new york Commerce IvEv, James Frederick. A T U Arts and Scienc, PershinK Rifk.s : Circi ' ks; R. A. ORLANDO, FLORID T. - Jackson, Albert Fra x Hon lev, Jr. Arts and Science or Court : Offict-rs Club. EUTAW, ALABAM Jackson, Sam X ' . Commerce . lpha Kappa Ps CLIO, ALABAM Do you ;„t.n Hon ' n ,y Coach Hank feeds his boys Mexican jumping beans! a. UJ z m I h Jacow.av, Jenny Lind Birmingham, Alabama A rts and Sciences James, Dorothy Lillian .... northport, Alabama Education Phi Upsilon Omic-ron ; Car., line Hunt Club. Jefferies, Doris E., A H A citronelle, Alabama Education Chi Delta Phi: Blackfriars : Vice-President, Sophomore and Junior Class: Spirit Committee: W. A. A. Johnson, Thomas H., Jr. languale, Alabama Arts and Scences Johnston, Gilbert E., A K E Birmingham, Alabama Arts and Sciences Business Manager. 193S Corona: Jasono: O. D. K. : Cadet Col- onel, R. O. T. C. : Phi Beta Kappa : Scabbard and Blade : Officers ' Club ; Spirit Committee : CoLillion Club Committee, ■37 : Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities: Quadrangle; Interfraternity Council. ' 37: Asso- ciate Business Manater, Crimion-White. kammer-Jammer : Board of Publications. Johnston, Thomas A Livingston, Alabama Chemistry Alembic Club. Jones, Betty, fc) V RDOVA, ALA A rts and Sciences MOBILE, ALABA Jones, Carolyn Rutledge, A Z Education Jones, Fred H., T . frisco city, al Commerce Rifle Team : Officers ' Club : Scabbard anil Blade. Jones, Mary Crawford, AAA Tuscaloosa, al Arts and Sciences Mortar Board ; Woman ' s Council : Alpha IJelti Omega: Pan-Hellenic Council. Jones, Mildred Tuscaloosa, Alabama A rts and Sciences Jordan, William I. cottondale, Alabama Arts and Sciences y. M. C. A. Karwan, Stephen Monick Engineering Katz, Israel, K N ROSELLE, NEW YORK MOUNDEVILLE, ALABAMA Kaufman, Herman Theodore Brooklyn, new york A rts and Sciences Kaup, Harry L. tarrvtown-on-hudson, new york Commerce Delta Sigma Pi: Beta Gamma Sigma: Fellowship in Econo- mics : Honor Court : Honor Roll : Transfer, L. S. ll.. and U- C. L. A.: Chairman. Commerce; Day Program Committee; Memb.-r Y. M. C. A. Deputation Trip. Keely. Arthur STATEN island, new YORK Keesee, William Riley, . X .A bluefield, west Virginia Klnnamer, Mary Virginu, K Montgomery, Alabama Education Kernachen, Mrs. Willie Ventress Sheffield, Alabama Education Gl.e Club: f:iementary Council Club. Ketz. John Henr WATERVLEIT, new YORK KlLVlNGTON, James BeaTSON MINgUADALE, DELAWARE chemistry Assistant in Chemistry. King, George Leslie, i N . alexand:;r citv, Alabama Commerce Arch Club : R. A. T. ; Vice-President. Interfraternity Council ; Officers ' Club. KiNNEAR, RllllRI WllllAM AT U RISHMMI INDIXNA I M 1 ' ' „j-v Miw =U I 1-1 1 W £ A Page One Hundred Seyenteen ' S PZ UrtA T.iii l. f: Kittle. Ki.ial,. knil.l. K.i.ii. I„. Kn b. I;. K..i i,i,,;ii,. Ki.l... Secund Kow : Krupp. Kiunpuncn. Lamar. Lamberlh, LamK-i " . . D.. Landers. R.. Lankenau. ;■ Third Row: Larsiin. Lassiter. Lattal. Lavcll, Layfield. Lazersoii. Lee, C. ,. Fourth Row: Lee. O.. Lee R.. Lehamn, Leonard. Lesher. Levy, A.. Levy, R., Lewis. ' !» • One Eighleen O F L A B A A A - I- KiTTi-E. Paul Kingston, ne Chemiilry Y. M. C. A. : Alcnibii- UliiLi. Kneale, Mary Elizabeth, A X U A. 1!., Al ' II. ' s Si ' utt. ATLANTA, GEORGIA Knight, Casper Joseph, Jr., 4 ' K 1 ' Philadelphia, Pennsylvania A rts and Sciences Transfer, Duke University : Symphony Orchestra : Alabama Knitrhts : Kappa Kappa Psi. Koch, Elizabeth Davis INESViLLE, FLORIDA Educjlioti Art Club. ' T 7„- M 1. ,. Ihey Jo hack home. Joh ' l. Koch, Rosa Ameli G- INESVILLE, FLORIDA m Z D I h Kornman, Lucy, A T spring hill, Tennessee A rts and Sciences Pan-Hellenic Cuuncil : Spirit CnmmittL-p. Krebs, Carolyn Rose Hamilton, ohio Ediualnm Glee Club: Newman Club; V. W. C. A. Krupp, Frank J. trenton, new jersey Engineering Officers ' Club: Newman Club: St. Pat ' o. KuMPUNEN, Henry Waldeman middleboro, Massachusetts Education Spirit Committee: Honor Court: History Club. Lamar, Yougene J., II K I montgo.mery, Alabama Commerce Pre.iiflent. Interfraternity Cuuncil. Lamblrth, Lena L ' he, AAA Alexander c ty, Alabama A rts and Sciences Honorary Cadet Colonel : Pi. Landers, Doris Rebecc Education HOLT, ALABAMA Landers, Roy Eslyn gadsden, Alabama Chemistry Glee Club: Gamma Si(cma Epsilon : Vice-President, Junior Class: Fellowship in Ceramics: Vice-President, Senior Clas.s. Lankenau, Henry George altoona, Pennsylvania Engineering Theta Tau : Scabbard and Blade : President and RcKional Sec- retary, A. I. Ch. E. : Officers ' Club: St. Paf.s. Larson, N:les Rodney providence, rhod:: island Engineering S. . . K. : S. . M. E. : Officers ' Club : R. O. A. Lassiter, William Clarence hop hull. Alabama Arti and Sciences Lattal. A.nton, Jr. plrth ambo ' , new jersey Chemistry Alembic Club : A. I. M. E. : Officers ' Club : Newman Club. Lavell, Robert Gr.ant Art, and Sc. CHICAGO, ILLINOIS LaYFIELD, MaRINEZ, ] ' M LEEDS, ALABAMA Home Economics President, Senior Class: Spirit Ccmmittee : Phi Upsilon OmeKa : Zeta Phi Eta : Pi Kappa Delta : W. A. A. : Caroline Hunt Club : Blackfriars. Lazerson, Aaron NEW YORK, new YORK Alts and Sciences Chi Beta Phi. Lee, Clinton White, I K A cu.mberland, Maryland Arts and Sciences Transfer, Tri-State CoUefe : Phi Mu E.jsilon : Theta Chi Delta : Alpha Chi SiKma : Alpha Mu Omega: Sigma Z.. ta ; Rho Alpha Chi. Lee, Opal, AHA cullman, Alabama Art and Sciences Transfer. Judson College : Fren.-h Club : Y. W. C. A. Cabinel. L E, Robert E., A X , fiarmount, Indiana A rts and Sciences Crimson-White. Lehamn, Maurice M., Z B T Miami beach, Florida Freshman Honor K,.ll : Phi Eta Sit-nia : International Rela- tions Club. Leonard, Frances Mari- , A I Con Spirit Commi Lesher, Arthur C, Jr. Arts and Scie CHICAGO, ILLINOIS e W. A. A. AMULER, PENNSYLVANIA nces L ' VY, ArIHUR L., I ' B . NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE Arts and Sciences Assistant Business Manager. Crimson-White: Spirit Committe,. : In terfraternity Council, ' 37. Levy, Roland newburg.i, nlw york Arts and Sciences Spirit Committee: German Club: Hillel Foundation. Lew:s, Cecile Alice : ■.•, ' ; ' ' ' i,:„; ' . HlMuC ' Criji ' " ' - ' ' - ' ' BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Page One Hundred Nineteen f. rsr -ir-ir-ii ' y. ' .; ■■ ■I ' .ip K.iw: ' hl. l.inr. I.isar. ' lli. I..,. khnr(. I.culi. LdvcU. I.uwc. .S. ' cunil Udw: Lu.-k. MiAlisler. Mcliriilc, ML-Carthy. M.-L ' altv MtCliirkin, MiCoy. ., ThinI Row: McDanifl. McGuwon. MoLcixl. K. Mi-I.i-iiil. .1.. Mi ' Millan. McRaf. Macaulav. , Fiiurth Row: Mai ' Muet-n MaHaffiy. Malum ' . Mann. Man-us, Mariani. Marshall. Marx. Page One Hundred Tnenty O F L A B A AA Light . John HlB :am ;u MMI IT POrNT, WEST VIRGir lA V Tail Hi-ta Pi : filgl ; Tliet ■A Tai; IK Chi li.-ta I ' hi. L.NE, B; Wli ind : N CHESTER A . H rti ar. Whitt K A xd Sci ■: Y. M % . A. GADSDEN, Cabinet. ALABAI VIA 1 LiSARELLi, Fred Edx IICJ IOI „ NEV 1 ' VORK, NEW YORK Phi Eta SiKnia; Phi Mu Kpsili.a : Spanish Cliih. LOCKHART, HuGHBERr M.. ' I ' K KRANKFORT, MICHXA A Tti and Scietues z m I h LotB. Robert H., Z B T Birmingham, al.a Arts and Sciencei O. D. K. : Jasons: T. K. A.: Assistant bating Team. ' ST : Crimson-White : Ram. Political Science Club : Vice-President. Club ; Blackf riars : Student Court : Honor Roll. ' SS- ' ST : Council v.! Chib Excel-.ior. M; Int. anatter. Varsity De- -Jammer. President, ernational Relations fcutive Committee; Phi Beta Kappa ; McLeod, Ethel. K A mobile, at abama Arts and Scn-mes ()mei;a; Y. W. C. A. McLeod, James Henry m li;orough. Massachusetts Engineering (L LovETT, Jean, AAA Edm,,twn Pi. SIPSEY, ALABAMA McMillan, James D., A X Beatrice, Alabama Arts and Sciences UJ Lowe, Woodrow W. Education Y. M. C. A. GORDO, AL, BAMA McRae, Louise W V brandon, Mississippi Commerce Spirit Committee: Pan-Hellenic Council: Council „f Clnhs; Treasurer. Phi Chi Theta : Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. Luck, Mary Ruth. A 1 ' A Arti and Science Omesa. ' COLUMBIANA, ALABAMA Macaulay. George Babington, 2l A E Denver. Colorado Arts and Sciences Scabbard and Blade; CuLmuI. C. A. C. : Officers- CInb ; Crini- .-.,n- White. McAlister. Robert E., 1 ' 1 " A beaumont, texas Arts and Sciences Newman Club: Vice-President, Greeks; Crimson-White; Spirit Committee: Cotillion Club Committee. MacQueen, Giles Edwards, . K E birm;ng;h».m. Alabama McBride, F. Gerard, A 2 TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA MaHaffey, Elinor Adele, A S . st. Petersburg, Florida Atls and Sciences Engineering Freshman Football : Varsity Football : Scabbard and Blade : St. Pat ' s Committee: S. A. M. E. ; A. S. M. E. ; Officers ' Club : Cotillion Club Committee. McCarthy, Frank J., A — I ' glen cove, long island, new york Engineering Pershini; Rifles: Newman Club; A. S. M. E. McCarty, Lama r Whiting DOTHAN, ALABAMA McClurkin, Alma Donald pike A rts and Sciences Y. V. C. A. Cabinet ; Crimson-White Malone, Jimmy Lee, ' I ' M fort lauderdale, Florida Education Transfer. Tallahassee: Elementary Council Club. Mann, Robert Lee Tuscaloosa, Alabama Engineering a. A. E. : St. Pat ' s Committee ; Oflicers ' Club ; S. A. M. E. : A. S. M. E. : Military Honor Student; Vice-President. Senior Class : Brigade Executive Officer. U. O. T. C. Marcus, Milton Brooklyn, new york Engineering A. S. M. E. : S. A. E. McCoy, Mary An Arts and Scienc BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA NORTHPORT, ALABAMA McDaniel, Laura Rogers Home Econ McGowtN, William Henry, Jr., A E Birmingham, Alabama Arts and Sciences Mariani. Peter Paul. A ! ' - Graduate A. B.. Alabama: Pi Mu Epsilon : Neul Instructor in Malhemal Marshall. James Teastcr Con Marx. Nathan GROTON. CONNECTICUT lian Math Society: TUSCALOOSA. ALABAMA BIRMINGH ' NM. ALABAMA A ' ; riui. . ,, • . . Page One Hundred Twenty-o ' ' ' ii ' j}y. ' ' {[ Tup Kciw: Miitoti. .M. C M:i ..ii. :;.. Ma lor.,. f.hUr. Malllu w„. Mat- li-aw. Mauiiey. , St-i-ui.d Kow : M.-ail. iMi-hr. Mei-iiw.-lh. ' i-. Mut .. Milan. Miller. G.. Miller, L. ;., Third Row: Miller. S.. Milner. Minnis. Mobni- jiam. Montitomory. Moore. Moran. ,; Kourth Row: Muceio. Mullins, Murphree. Myers. Naiulain. Neal. Nesbitt. Nieovva. Fuse 0»e HiiiiJrtJ Tveiity-Ino O F L A B A A A - I- a. m z LU I h Mason, Margaret Crosbv. (-) V Art ' . ,mj Scicmei STOCKTON, Mason, Mar.jorie (-) lumberton, Mississippi Arls and Sciencci Blackfrial-s : Y. W. C. A. Masters, Robert Wayne, A X tuscaloosa, Alabama Engineering Vicp-Prcsitlent, A. I. K. K. : Tail U.-ta I ' i. Mate, Hubert E., II K ! ' Birmingham. Alabama Graduitte A. H.. Howard; Tiea iiri-r, French Clulj ; Bi-ta I ' i Th.-la ; Kappa Phi Kappa: Pi Kappa Tan; I ' i Kappa Phi S -holarship. Matthews, Margaret Willborn, K A anniston, Alabama A rts and Sciences Vice-President. Mortar Board: President. Gnidon ; Pi; Alpha Lambda Delta : Spirit Committee. Mattrsw, Harold C. Alembic Club; Alab; Maunev, Lois Chemiitry ONEIDA. NEW YORK Fellowship in Chemistry. PEN.NS GROVE, NEW JERSEY Arts and Sciences Pi Mu Kpsilon. Mead, Joseph Charles Cornwall, new york Engineering Tan Beta Pi : Spirit Committee : O. D. K. ; Phi F:ta Sinma ; F ' ellowship in Mineralogy: Honor P.oll. ' liJ- ' SH ; President, A. I. M. E. : Jasons: Cotillion Cluh Committ. ' e. Mehr, Robert I. Birmingham, Alabama Commerce Phi Eta Sigma: Readership in Economi.-s ; Milli.m Dollar Band; Dean ' s Honor Roll. Merrivvether, Frances Cynth ' a Eduialion Transfer, Montevallo. ' .Sfi ; Vice-President. Senior Junior Member Liljrarv . ' ss.ciation . B. S. U ATMORE, ALABAMA JACKSON, MISSISSIP Metz, Irving Ashur, Jr., i A M Commerce Pi Eta Sigma : Honor Roll. ' 35 : Spirit Committee : Interf ra- ternity Council: Readership in Economics: Corolla: Rammer- Jammer ; Secretary-Treasurer. Junior Class, ' l!?. Mil AN, Marguerite Elliott B ' Rmingham, Alabama A rts and Sciences Miller, Gretchitn, A X t2 mobile, Alabama E.dncatwn Blackfriars : Y. W. C. A. Miller. Leo F. boliver, new york Comrncrce President, Newman Cluh; Spirit Cimimillce, Miller, Susan, K . greens.ioro, Alabama Education Transfer. Ju.lson College. MiLNER, Naom: Nell, ' I M wetu.mpka, Alabama Arts and Sciences Glee Cluh ; Blackfriars. In Han an Us a lei . . . In Ennmeerinz il ' a rihhon for Tan Beta Pi. MiNNis. Laura, . ' I ' . Greenville, Alabama Arts and Sciences Omega : Guidon. Mobmjiam. Vasken John NEW HAVEN. CONNECTICUT Montgomery , Marjorie Joy. A A II Arts and Scicnc BIRMINGHAM. ALABAMA Moore, Robert Case lagrange, Illinois Engineering Glider Club; A. S. M. E. ; A. S. C. E. Moran, Carmen, A Z tampa. Florida A rts and Sciences Transfer. University of Tampa; Blackfriars; Newman Cluh; W. A. A. Mucc:o. Frank Josep ' i GLASTONBURY. CONNECTICUT MuLLiNs. Margaret Anne, K A Education JASPER, Al ABAMA MuRPHREE, Ann Key, K A Madrigal So.-iclv; Omi ' ga ; Blackfriars; Rammer-. Corolla ; Y. W. C. A. ; W. A. A. ; Riding Cluli TROY. ALABA Myers, John E, ALTOONA, PENNSYLVANIA Arti and Sciences Naudain, Albert Gagh palenville. nevx iork Commerce Neal. Marjorie, I ' M Bessemer, Alabama Home Economies Student Goi-ernment Council; Pan-Hellenic: Corolla; Black- friars; Caroline Hunt Club; Y. W. C. A.: Vice-President. Sen- iiu- Class. Nesbitt. Sterling Robert glens falls, new york Commerce Phi Eta Sigma: Honor Roll: Delta Sigma Pi: Officers ' Cluh; Cradership in Accounting: Beta Gamma Sigma. NicoRVA, Edwin Joseph sol ' th AMnoY, new jersey . r and Sciences Officers ' Club: Ne« in;,.,; t ' [;,l. ,• r,4iii,,,l Srience Club I T. N. K. ; Debaling I . lun .Ofij; " ' " V ' !A• ' ;iT: l. .■. .:.-l.■-WJ™ci, Tv■, .,. ■;■,,. ' -.., ri ill.ry Association. c 0,- M , a Page One Hundred Tnenly-lhree ' W- ' Vt VCri L- l.ii. kow: i i , Ncifi. i,,U-M, Nc.tns. Niirtdn. H.. Norton. J.. Norton, M. ir Second Kow : OpponluMm. Orenstein. Osterhoiiilt. Overholt, Owen, A.. Owen, C. Pakett. ; Thiril Kow: Patillo. Park. Paris, Patton. Peacock, Peavy. P.ebles. Fourth Row; Perry. C. Perry, S., Pfciffer, PhilalMrl, I ' ii-r.e. Pink:ir.l. Plant, Poftcnbercer. ' agf One Hundred I ' n cnty-four O F - I- L A B A AA A a. Ill z UJ I h Nix, Mil drei), X il OPP, Al ABAMA ■■!• .in J Scienc Noel, Lester, A A T Portsmouth, new Hampshire l:Juc,U,o„ NoLEN, Jake Thomas Tuscaloosa, Alabama Etigiiiceriu President. Jasons : O. V. K. : Vice-I ' resident. Tau Beta EM; Gamma SJEma Epsilon : Vice-President, Theta Tau : Chair- man, St. Pafs Committee : Vice-President, A. I. Ch. E. ; Resimental Ccmmander. Corps of Engineers : Assistant in Chemical EnRineerinK: Honor Roll. •34- ' 37 : Honor Court: Sec- retary. Junior Class : Phi Eta Sigma Award : Tau Beta Pi Prize : Scabbard and Blade ; Presidjnt. S. A. M. E. : Who ' s Who in American ColleKes and Universities. NoRRis, Helen Louise, A Z Montgomery, Alabama Aiti and Sciences Mortar Board ; Chi Delta Phi : Aliha Lambda Delta ; Key Club: Blackfriars: National ColIeKiate Player ' s: Women ' s Council : Pan-Hellenic Council ; Rammer-Jammer : Phi Beta Kai,:a. Norton, Bennie Lou sl lousville, Alabama A rti nd Sciences Pi Mu Epsilon: Chi Beta Phi Sipma : Reader hip in Mathe- matics: Kapp:i Delta Pi: Wesley Foundat on. Norton, Jane, K A l ' nion springs, aiabama Am and Scemei Pi: Blackfriar., : W. A. A.: Pi Mu Epsilon; Y. W. C. A.; Pan- Hellenic Cruncil : Corolla. Norton, MAR ' i Elizablt ' t buffalo, new vork A rts and Sciences Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. OpPENHriM, FaV, a T JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI A rti and Sciences President. Madriral Society: H..use cf Representatives; Pan- Hellenic Ccnmcil. Orenstetn, Frederick, •! A NEW YORK, NEW YORK Graduate OSTERHOUDT, DavID Ch RLES ELLENSVILLE, NEW YORK Commerce Alpha Kapia Psi. Overholt, John Francis, H X Arts and Sc. BADEN, PENNSYLVANIA Owen, Alfred Pa ne Tuscaloosa, Alabama Arts and Scences Phi Beta Pi. Owen, Carl Lewis, i; X . . Leeds, Alabama Engineering Pakett, Norman Newark, new jersey Education Hillel: German Clul. ; Rammer-Jammtr ; International Relations Club; Vice-President, Senior Class. Patillo, Lucille, K . billingsley, Alabama Education Park, James Vernlr, Jr., N Commerce Blackfriars: Greeks: Officers ' Club. LICEVILLE, ALABAMA lust a couple of diamond aces nho look like the deuce! Paris, Bernice GERALDINE, ALABAMA Arts and Sciences OXFORD, ALABAMA Patton, Mary Lee, ATA Arts and Sciences Pi Mu Epsilon; Cradership in Mathematics; Kappa Delta Pi. Peacock, Alton new brocton, Alabama Chemistry Gamma Sicma Epsilon; Pi Mu Epsilon; Alembic Club ; Glee Club ; Wesley Foundation : Chairman, Honor, Court ; Honor Roll. ' 37 : Secretary. Sophomore Class. Peavy, Laurie, A X U atmore, Alabama Arts and Sciences F ' resident. Girls ' Spirit Committee: Council of Clubs: Rammer- Jammer : Editor. Co-Ed Issue. Rammer-Jammer. ' 37. Peebles, Thelma Louise Tuscaloosa. Alabama Education Caroline Hunt Club. Perry, Charles DeBardeleben, A K E Commerce Honor Roll, ' 3.5 : Druids : Excelsioi Senior Class. Perry, Stark B. Montgomery, Alabama Engineering Chi Beta Phi. President ; A. S. C. E. ; Band. ' 3.S. BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Secretary-Treasurer, ocean city, new jersey Pfeiffer, Harry Hohl, " I 2i K Engineering Greeks : Persbinc Rifles : Officers ' Club ; Secretary-Treasurer, Spirit Committee: St. Pat ' s: S. A. M. E. : Cotillion Club Committee. Phil bert, Frank, Jr., A T Q Birmingham, Alabama Engineering Chairman. Honor Court: A. 1. Ch. E. ; SI. Pat ' s. Pierce, Iberis Louise carrollton. Alabama Pinkard, Collins, Denny milltown, Alabama Arts and Sciences Transfer. Southern Union: President of Debatini; Club. ' . ' Hi. Plant, William Hfnr ' , Jr., K E A rts and Sciences Poffenberger, Jack T. SELMA, ALABAMA , MISSISSIPPI . A ■ ' ii Pa e One hixtndred Tucnty-five ' ' ' ' • ' ' ' lV ' 111,, Kcw: I ' lilil, ' . I ' i.|» ' . ri.ii.i. I ' liidiit. I ' liic. !•;.. I ' ri.T. .1.. I ' rilih. ' lt. ; Second K.iw: Rahlfs, Rankin. Riiy. Raymond, K™. Reed. J.. Reed, S. A Third Row: Reeves, Reiih, Reid, Kessetar, Reynolds. G., Rey- nods. J.. Reynolds. W. .v Fourth Row: Richards. Rit-ano. Roberts. Robertson. Robinson, li,. Robinson. C. Robins.. n. M.. Robison. I ,:gf One IhiiuhrJ Tircnly O F L A B A AA A - I- PoHLE. Charles Vincent Hamburg, new york Engineering rhi Hetii Phi: A. 1. K. E. : Honor Cniirt. Pope, Seraphim President, Sisma Alpha Delia: BoxiiiK : Swinu BUCVRUS, OHIO Porter, Herbert Addison, Jr., N Am and Scene Greeks. B ISSERAIN, VIRGINIA Prsdat, Teresa Pearce Birmingham, Alabama Education Kapv.a Delta Pi: Pi Mu Epsilon : Assistant to ReEistrar. Three muskv sleen of Poker Flat ' . Price, Eugene H. ALEXANDER CITY. ALABAMA a. UJ z Price. Julia Ann, A 1 ' Arti and Science Pritchett, Ruby SILURIA, ALABAMA GENEVA, ALABAMA A rts and Sciences Rahles, John William, A T oakley, California Chenmtry Rankin, Allen C, Jr., J ' : W Montgomery, Alabama A rts and Sciences Phi Eta SiKiiia : Quadransle. Ray, Claude C. Raymond, Helen Rose ALEXANDER CITY, ALABAMA Commerce S. U. Coimeil. BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Arts and Scienc Rea, Jerome, A Z ! russellville, aiabama Commerce Spirit Committee: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Excelsior: Philo- mathic : Library Assistant. Reed, Jack Carter, K A Arts and Scienc Reed, Sherman K. TUSCUMBIA, ALABAMA HAMILTON, new YORK Commerce Reeves, Myrna .... vinemont, Alabama Education Blackfriars : French Club : Chi Delta Phi : Rammer-.Iammer : B. S. U. Ressetar, Michael J. clifton. new jersey Arts and Sc.ences Phi Eta Sitrma : Alpha Epsilon Delta. Reynolds, Grady, Jr., i) A E clanton, Alabama A rts and Sctences Corolla: Crimson-White: Knaves: Druids: Y. M. C. A. Reynolds, Josie Inez wesson, MISSISSIPPI Education Clee Club. TLISCALOOSA, ALABAMA Reynolds, William Gordon Engineering Glee Club : Symphony Orchestra : Executive Committee : Pat ' s. ■3(1 : Theta Tau : A. I. Oh. E. : Blackfriars : Cadet Li( tenant-Colonel : Radio Club. Richards, Frances McKenneth Education Transfer, Alabama College. KENNEDY. ALABAMA RiGANo, Charles Joseph manderoneck, new york Commerce Roberts, John Quincy, (-) X Birmingham, al Education Varsity Football. •35- ' . ' )7 : Varsity Baseball, ' 36- ' Robertson, William, A K E Arts and Sciences Presi.lent. Parasites: Knaves: Kammer-.Jan White : Excelsior : Philomathic A " Club. CLAYTON, ALABAMA Robinson, Betty Slick, Z T A Education CLIFTON FORGE, VIRGINIA UJ I I- Reich, Jean Ellen, A V A Arts and Sciences Omcsra : W. A. A. GADSDEN, ALABAMA RoBINSON, ChaRLES E. BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA BESSEMER, ALABAMA Reid, Henry Francis, Jr., A X A Commerce Drum Major, Million Dollar Band, SS- ' il : Crimson-White Corolla: Blackfriars: Scabbard and Blade: Spirit Committee R. A. T. : Greeks; President, Interfraternity Council: Jasons President. Sophomore Class : Cotillion Club Committee. ' 37 Who ' s Who Amonc Students in American Colleces and Uni- versities: President, Student Body. Robinson, Mildred Cobb, AAA carrollton, Georgia Arts and Sciences OmeKa : Honorary Cadet Colonel. RoBISON, ' lRGiNI, ElIZABE.TH; . ' Page One Hundred Trventy-seven ARROi I ion i mj ma If? ' -t e to f f f Mi Tup Row: RodKL-r, R..Kiihi. Rui, ' i ' i„. K.-.. u...,., lio ,. la.luiu, Ivi.lii- schiltl. B.. Rothschild. U. W. , Sfcond Row; Ryba. SavUKe. Schack, Si-haffiT, Schiff. Schme. ' lk. Schneller. •. r Third Row: Scialli, Searcy. A.. Searcy. H.. Sadler. Shaffer. Sharp. Shaver. -: Fourth Row: Shelton, Shine. ShiiK ' erman. Sievers. Sierest. Simmerman. Sims. Skinner. Pa e One Hmultcd Tncnly-a hl O F i L A B A A A - I- Rodger, G. Menzies, Jr. MEW ORK, NEW YORK Phi Eta Sisma : Delta Sigma Pi : Officers ' Club : Freshman Football Manaser. ' 34 ; Glee Club ; Honor Roll : Scabbard and Blade : Commerce Club : Student Court ; Beta Gamma Sigma. RoG L. , Edward Joseph new Britain, Connecticut EtJttcation Pre.iident, Senior : Spirit Committee. Rogers, Doris, K A st. Petersburg, Florida Home Economics Phi Ursilon Omicron ; W. A. A. «4 Mc Bride dcmoiislrales the sitting sons-, title! Rosem n, Arnold Leonard BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA V) III RosENBi.u.M, Lester Lazarus Brooklyn, new york Arts and Sciences Bo.xins: Blackfriars: Killel. Rothschild, Bee, Z A T Atlanta, Georgia Arts and Sciences Mortar Board: Alpha Lambda Delta: Chi Delta Phi: Society Editor. Crimson-White. ' 37 : House of Representatives : Pan- Hellenic Council : Blackfriars ; Corolla : Y. W. C. A. : Reader- ship in English. Rothschild, Bernard W. new york, new york Arts and Sciences Blackfriars: Hillel : Vice-President. German Club. Ryba, J ames Iohn, A 4 A cicero, Illinois Varsity F« tball, •35--37 : Kappa Delta Pi : Honor Court : Presi- dent. " A " Club. Savage, Colli.mbus KENNEDY, ALABAMA Education Officers ' Club. Searcy, Harriet, K A tuscaloosa, alabama A rts and Sciences Pi: .■ . E. n. : V. W. C. A.: Spirit Committee: Phi Beta Kappa. Sadler, Dorothy NADAWAH, ALABAMA Arts and Sc Shaffer, John Scott, N wytheville, Virginia A Its and Sciences Triinsf.-r. William and Mary. Sharp, Willia.m Edgar. K A Georgetown. Kentucky A rts and Sciences Shaver. Mary Elizabeth . . Home Economics Shelton. Reba Alice, A H A Home Econo HERBERT, ALABAMA BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA z UJ I h Schack, John Alexander south river, new jersey Arts and Sciences Honor Committee: Newman Club: Political Science Forum. ' . ' H. Schaffer, Walter B. YORK. NEW YORK Commerce Varsity Boxing Team. Schiff. Irving Paul new york. new york Arts and Sciences R. O. T. C. : Hillel : . . E. D. : Chi Beta Phi : Pre-Med Club. Schmeelk, William Henry north bergkn, new jersey Commerce Schneli er, Raymond J. elmshurst, new york Engineering Scabbard and Blade: Officers ' Club: S. A. M. E. : A. S. M. K. : S. A. E. SciALLi, John Louis, A " I ' A jersey city, new jersey Education Searcy, Anne Fitts, K A tuscaloosa. Alabama Arts and Sciences Mortar Board i Omega : Chi Beta Phi Sicma : Blackfriars : Honor Koll. Shine. William Eli. Jr., !£ A E Commerc Shugerman, Abe Louis SiEvERs, Arthur O., i 1 ' E BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA BIRMINGHAM, AI ABAMA C ' HITE HEATH, ILLINOIS Alpha Kappa Psi ; Interfraternity Council. S ' GREST. Charlotte Ernestine Education Slmmer.vian. James S.. X Sims. Bremon Kre ' Engineering Commerce n. S. U. GADSDEN, ALABAMA YTHEVILLE. VIRGINIA ASHLAND. ALABA. Skinner. Gregory J.. K il ., ' : ' B.ntJneerin)i President. Junior rinaA ' ' i-Ti CU ' ' ' " ' " - TUSCALOOS.A, ALABAMA Page One Huudred Twenty-nine c ...Oiii Tup R.iw: Sm.irl, Smith. I).. Smith. G.. Sniitli. H. A.. .Smith. S.. Spencer. M.. Spencer. W. : Seconil Row: Sprin.cer. Stacey. Stafford. Stahly. StHid. StamHtis. Starbiick. Third Row: Starnes. Steele. Stef- fcns. Stern. Storer. StranK. Sullv. Fourth Row: Swaim. Swift. Sy. . Talmaite. Tappans. Tarallo. Tavlor. K.. Tavlor. M. I ' gc One Hundred Thnly O F L A B A M A Smart, Neil R. SlLVERHll L. AL, - d UJ Z D UJ I h I ' hi Ela Siuma; Honur Kuli. ■;! 1- ac, ; Ahilninia yiia.irHriKlt- Ofti -ers ' Club; Infantry Captain Award, ' ■il : Y, M. C. A. Brigade Lientcnant Culcjni.l. Smith, Dot, I M Arls and Scu-met Transfer. l!r.-nau. Smith, Gregory Little, A K E Smith, Howard Arthur, A X A Commerce Greeks. Smith, Sarah K. Home Ecommucs savannah, GEORGIA MOBILE, ALABAMA LAWRENCEVII.LE, ILLINOIS GAINESVILLE, ELORIDA Spencer, Margaret Woodward, K K 1 ' Birmingham, Alabama Arls and Scencei President. Chi Beta IMii Siunia ; lilai-l friars : Swan Club. Spencer, William Francis apollo, Pennsylvania Engineering Chi Beta I ' hi. Springer, William Swope altoona, Pennsylvania Engnieering C hi Beta Phi; President. A. I. M. 10.: .Si. Pat ' s. Stacey, Ruth . evergreen, Alabama Edi4calion Transfer. Troy. S. T. C. : Blackfriars : Elementary Edu.-atiun Club : Caridine Hunt Club ; Kifle ' ream : Y. W. C. A. Stafford, Gay Elise, A A II eufaula, Alabama Arts and Silences W. A. A.: Transfer. Brenau, ' 3.5; Crimson-White: Corulla. Stahly, Fred Staid, Irving Joseph college point, new YORK A rts and Sciences medford, massachlisetts Chemistry President, Senior Class: Honor Court: Alembic Club: Camma Sigma Epsilon: Chi Beta I ' hi. Stamatis, Michael George Brooklyn, new york Arls and Sciences Starbuck, Elizabeth Bennett, A ! ' Birmingham, Alabama Chemistry Aliiha Lambda Delta: Chi Beta Phi Sigma: Camma Sigma Epsilon. Starnes, John Walker, Jr., II K gu. tersville, Alabama Commerce Varsity Basketball. ' 37 : Varsity Baseball. ' SG. ' ST. ' S ; Scab- bard and Blade. Steele, Kitty Jacksonville, Alabama Graduate Transfer. Alabama Colle Steffens, John F., Jr. chunchula, Alabama Commerce Delta Sigma Pi. Well bet there ' s not jo jcet hetneen them! Stern, Henry Alfred, l i) A perth amboy. new jersey Alts and Sciences Storer, Edmund M., Jr., , T trenton, new jersey Engineering (llee Club: Pershing Rifles: Theta Tau : Blackfriars: Siab- bard and Blade: S. A. M. E. ; S. A. E. : Officers ' Club: .lunior R. (). T. C. Club. Strang Tom racine, Wisconsin Engineering Caiilain. Corniiany " A " . Engineers. Sully, Wii liam Leslie BROOKLYN, NEW YORK SwAiM, Annie Laurie, K A tuscaloosa, Alabama A rts and Sciences Women ' s Editor, Crimson-White : Honorary Colonel. C. A. C. ■:{7 ■ Honorary Colonel. C. O. E., ' SS : Pi : W. A. A. : Y. W. C. A. Sw ' IFT, Margherita, K K T ATMORE, ALABAMA Con Honorary Brigade Cadet Colonel : Mortar Board ; Pan-Hellenic Council ; Omega : Chi Omega Economics Award. ' 36 : Vice- President. Alpha Lambda Delta: Glee Club; Y. W. C. A.; Phi Chi Theta Award. ' 37. Svx, Ruby J., X U Arts and Scienc I ' i : Guidon. Talmadge, Walter Raymond, K Arls and Sciences BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA PETERSBURG, VIRGINIA Tappans, Nora Lee andalusia, Alabama Education Transfer. Troy S. T. C. Tarallo, Frank Joseph middletown. Connecticut Education Taylor, Elizabeth McLean, . Z victorior, Virginia Arts and Sciences Blackfriars: Y. W. C. A.; Girls ' Rifle Team. Taylor, mamilu, . 7, ■ ■. '; ' :. ■ . evergreen. Alabama Y. W.. (. ' ... ,t,. ayS ag 1?j ' iJ?iyvH- , v, A . c M Page One Hundred Thirty-one m- ' 5 ' ? ' ■ .■v ' V ' ' 7 - ? r5ire,V;i Top It.iw: ' I ' avl.ii. K.. ' IVas. Ti-ii.-lilum. ' l-honKi , K... Th.ii„:i ,, G.. Th.imk ' y- w S«-uiul Kow : Thumpson. 1).. Thompson. J.. Tilli-r, Tip- pina, Tobia. TrachU-nbt-rK, Trai-y. ;;■ Third Row: Trammell. Trucks. Tui-ki-r. Tutllp. Twitty. Twohin. Valat-huvic. • Fourth Row: Van felt. Ventruss, Wade. W;il«-li,.|il, Wal.inian. Walker. V.. Walkrr. J.. VValU.r. M. I ' j,;c One Hundrt-J Thnly-two O F L A B A A A - I- Taylor. Robert Macey, A K E Birmingham, afabama A rti and Scieticei Teas, John G. RUSSELLVILLE, ALABAMA Ettgnieenng A. S. C. K. Teneblum, Walter Solomon Chemistry A. K. M. A.: Akmbii ' t ' hili. ERIE, PENNSYLVANIA Thetford, Kennon Brevard, A T 12 Montgomery, Alabama Arts and Sciences R. A. T. ; Arch Club. Th,s camera study sbon- hm as he ,s NOT on th. ,r,d,ron: CL LU Z D LU I h Thomas, Ervin L pleasantville, new jersey Engineering I ' hi Eta SiKnia : Tau lieta Pi: A. S. C. E. Thomas, Gwendolyn Poole MARION, ALABAMA Thomley, Eugene C. Stockton, Alabama Arts and Sciences Y. M. C. A.; Exiflsiur; Crimson-Whiu ' . Thompson. Bruce Ermine CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Engineering St. Pafs. Thompson, John Will, K A scottsboro, Alabama Engineering Corolla: Spirit Ccimniitt..-f : A. I. Cn. K. : Y. M. C. A. Caliinet. Tiller, Laurie Caroline, K K T Education HIa.-kfriars : Madrigal Club. l ippiNS, Ida Williams, X ii A rts and Sciences BERRY, AL. BAMA geneva, ALABAMA ToBiA, John J. SOUTHBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS Engineering Trachlenberg. Charles newark. new jersey Education Handball Chamijion : Intramural Assistant. Tracy, Richard L. bayonne. new jersey Engineering Scabhanl anil Hla le : Theta I ' au : St. Pafs Commilt.-f ; S. A. M. K.: A. I. Ch. E. : Officers ' Club. Trammell, Marie Elizabeth .... Birmingham, Alabama Arts and Sciences Transfer, Howard College. Trucks, Louis B., W H Birmingham. Alabama Engineering Tucker, William Cox, AX Arts and Sa Greeks. DIXIANA, ALABAMA TuTTLE, Lloyd F. SPEONK, long ISLAND. NEW YORK Engineering TwiTTY, Jane, I ' M valdosta. Georgia A rts and Sciences Blackfriars. TwoHiG, Benjamin George perry, new vork Commerce Honor Roll: Gradership in Economics. Valachovic, Edward Joseph Co,, JOHNSTON, NEW YORK Van Pelt, Jane Hall, K A Montgomery, Alabama A rts and Sciences Omega : Y. W. C. A. Cabinet : W. A. A. CLAYTON, ALABAMA Ventress, Mary Neil, i! K . A rts and Sciences Pan-Hellenic: Women ' s Council: French Club: Y. W. C. A. Wade, Julia Cowan, X L2 , , Tuscaloosa, Alabama A rts and Sciences Wakefield, Doris BOSTON, Massachusetts Waldman, William R Montgomery, Alabama Commerce Vice-Presi lent. Student Body: Phi Eta Siuma : Honor Roll. ' . ' tT : Million Dollar Band. Walker, Frances siluria, Alabama A rts and Sciences Blackfriars ; Omega : Transfer, Uandolph-Macon. Walker, John Childress, J A t) Arts and Sciences Knaves ; Parasites. JACKSON, MISSLSSIPPl Walker, Marjorie Favf ::V r " ; ' , " ;, me Secretary-Trea.-ur ti , ! ' ' i ' i-iir tit ' lt - ' l. ' iss ; Sp.-mi-li ( ' .■■5? ' i 5;l»R5D»©M3MS?S®SiiB5aB!Si©Sw Page One Hundred Thirty-three £ ' ! .VvfS Top Kow; Wallace. Walls. V Weinberg. , Scconil Row: We; liams. E., Williams. F.. Willii Jr.. Williams. J. W.. William.s Winter. Wood. .:: Fourth How uisea. Warner. Webb. Weiermillir, i, Whatley. Wborton. Wilbaiika. Wil- ns. J. :. Third Row: Williams. .1. J. E.. Williams. R. E.. Williamson. Woodall. Woo.lward. Wright. Wyatt, Yanchuk. Yeager. Zamsky. Zesige ftjgf One Hundred Th„ty- o O F L A B A M A h H LU z ui I h Wallace, Whilden Tuscaloosa, Alabama A rti and Sciences l hi Ik-til Kaiipa : Kappa Delta I ' i ; Alpha Lamhiia Delta; B. S. II. Walls, Virginu Elizabeth, A 1 ' A Alexander city. Alabama W. A. A.; Y. W. C. A.: Crimson-Whit.-; Rammer-Jammei-. Wansea, Michael Robert Elizabeth, new jersey Eductttion l..ta [.amhiia Siitma : Spirit Committee; New Jersey Fouiula- tiim ; I. K. S. War.ner, Wayne Kennard, N Bristol, Pennsylvania A Its jnd Sciences Areh Chlb. Webb, Katherine C, A 1 " A Arts and Scene MARION, ALABAMA Weiermiller, Homer C. Atlanta, new vork Commerce Fr.-shmari Fcuib.ill ; Ilaseljall. Weinberg, Jerome G-. i! A M Chenustr BLU£F1ELD, west VIRGINIA Weiss, Jess Bernard mount vernon, new -iork Arts and Sciences Whatley, Roscoe Davis red level, alabam.i A rts and Sciences BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Whorton, Lorene Ann. AHA Education President. Sophiinmre Class : Corolla : Blackfriars ; Svmphonv Orchestra ; Y. W. C. A. WiLBANKS, Oliver Cleveland, 2 A E anniston, Alabama Commerce State President. B. S. U ; President. B. S. U. Williams, Ernest G.. K A tuscaloosa, Alabama Commerce Treasurer. O. D. K. : Jasons : Vice-President, Quadrangle ; Spirit Committee: Junior Prom Committee: Cotillion Club Committee. ' 37 : Philomathic : Excelsior. R. A. T. : Assistant to Treasurer. Williams, Fred Leon, ATA B.R.viiNCHAM, Alabama Commerce Vice-President. Junior Cla.« : Officers ' Club; Pershinc Rifles; Williams, Jack Trammell. 2 N canton, north Carolina Arts and Sciences Arch Club. Williams, Ja.mes, Jr.. 2 N Arts and Sci. JACKSONVILLE, ALABAMA WiLi lAMS, James W., A T U oxford, alabam.a A rts and Sciences Quadrangle: Vice-Prc-sid.-nt, Arch Club: Vice-President. Delta Club. Williams. John Edward BIR.MINGHAM. ALABAMA These modern Bo-l ' eeps h. gotten then sheep (skins) Williams. Roblrt Edward Graduate Williamson. Henry F. (;l.-e Club, •■.il ; Trea ,i TUSCALOOSA. ALABAMA HURTSBORO, ALABAMA Commerce . ii. S. LI. ; Fell. Winter, Eleanor Ida, Z T A A rts and Sciences Y. W. C. A. ; House of Representat LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY Wood, Austin Paul bu. falo, new yoek Engineering Treasurer, Cli.ler flub. WooDALL, William Robert mou.nt hope, Alabama Arts and Sciences President. Methodist Conference, ' 7 : President. Wesley Foun- dation. ' 37 : Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. GREENVILLE. S. C. Vv ' oodward. Walden Francis, i) A E Chemistry Blackfriars; Treasurer and Business Manager, lilackfriars ; E.xecutive Council. Blackfriars; Alembic Club; Honor Court; Assistant Chem.stry., Sarah Velma, X Q tuscaloosa, Alabama Arts and Sciences Ahdia Lambda Delta; Chi Beta Phi Siunia ; Mortar Board; Secretary. Pan-Hellenic; FelU.wship in Zoolo y. WyaTT, EdWINA, K K r tuscaloosa, ALABAMA A rts and Sciences President. Art Club; Corolla, ' 37. Yanchuk, Maurice George x ' i;stbry, long island, new york Engineering Ylager, Thomas B., Jr. marion, Alabama Education Officers ' Club; Var.dy Has. ball. Zamsky, Bernard Norton, ' 1 il . Graduate Camma Sigma Kpsilon : I.aboiatory A new OKK, new YORK CUYAHOGA falls, OHIO Zlsigjh, Clayton WesIM- ' i • Fr.-shman Ba.5H7i «-: ' ' ,;t«-JjtMi -l..;l.l :. . ' .■iG,,- ■jj:;-i-.. ' ; y.V..,Club, . mi fi ' i ' ' .. Page One fUindred Thirty-fire ..UNDERCLAS Wright. Carothe he ship Rtegistral •s its ugly head. " Into the Store tread the 400 ! 5. Ruth G. Huckaby subs for Shoemaker into the limpid water " " " supreme rs " — 10. P. S. : This pict iv. Fort " booked " for class Valley of notable inual Ogre of reg- o-ed surrounded by three he Shadow " of the Supe in a verbal photo-finish ! right end. 7. A " crowd " gazes " company " ! 8. In the Speech Depart- In the foreground— a pair of " draw- posed by profes: 12. Campu ' 4 cowboys and cowgirls steel steeds ! S E S Forming the life-blood of the Universit - are the underclass- men. From all sections and states they come, seeking education and companionship. At the Univer- sity are formed life-long associa- tions and friends. Over a period of a few, short years the under- classmen progress from " green " specimens to seasoned timber, tak- ing collegiate life in their stride. Verily, they are a vital cog in the dynamic scheme of higher educa- tion. CO O - I- vn QC HI z Top Row: Adair. Adams. F.. Adams. F. O.. Adams. G. J., Adams. P.. Adderhold, Ad- dison. ;;. Sei:otul Row: Agee. Asrifw, Aland, Albritton, Albro, Albus. Alden. •:: Third Row: Allen, Allison. Anderson. L. R.. Anderson. M. R.. Anthony, Appleby. Arant. Fourth Row: . rmfield. Armstrong. J. M.. .Ir.. Armstrong. R. G.. Ar- i nivitz. Aronov, Arrington. Ashurst. Fifth Row: Ath- ey. Atkins. Atkinson, A. li.. Atkinson. W. J.. Bade. Bailes. Bailey. K. M. Sixth Row: Bailey. H. G.. Baker. J. I... Baker. R. E.. .Jr.. Balch. Baldwin. H. L.. Baldwin. I... Baltimore. ' Seventh Row: Bank. Banks. Banyon. Barbour. Barham. Barker. Barnes. G. A. F.ighlh Row: Barnes. O. E.. Barnes. R. W.. Barnes. T. W.. Barnette. Barnwell. Bar- olel. Barry. H Page Om- HtaJreJ Thnly-anht AoAiR, Thomas Scarbrough X TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Junior . An, and Sciences Tennant Lomax Prize for Oratory; Varsity Debating Squad : Excelsior : T. K. A. ; Assistant Debate Manager. Adams, Faye, Y KEY WEST, FLORIDA Adams. Frances Ophelia A A ri RED LEVEL, ALABAMA Sorhomore - Education W. A. A.: Blackfriars: Wesley Players. Adams, Gaynor J. Adams, Paul, II K 4 Adderhold, Pansy Vera birmingham. alabama Jimio, . Education Phi Upsilon Omicron. Addison, Ernestine, A I JASPER, ALABAMA juniot . Education President. Pan-Hellenic ; Alpha Lambda Delta : W. A. A. Agee, Leon Chappell AoNEw. Sarah. A X il Aland, Ralph, Z B T birmingham, alabama Sophomore . Commerce ison-White; Druids: Blackfri- Excelsior: Freshman Debating Team. Albritton, James Marvin, K i ANDALUSIA, ALABAMA Junior . Art, and Science, Ai.bro, Eleanor May springfield, massachusetts Freshman . Home Economic, Caroline Hunt Club. Albus, Charles Peter, i) X EASTON, PENNSYLVANIA Sophomore - Chemistry Blackfriars; President. Sophomor Allen, Joe Abe. K N gadsden, alabam .Allison, Cath ' " rine Shirley Z T A TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Sophionore . Commerce Anderson, Leon Roland Anderson, Malcolm Ross A i: Anthony, Nina Jo. A X 12 PHENIX city, ALABAMA Junior - Art, and Sciences Vice-President, Y. W. C. A. ; House of Representatives : Zeta Phi Eta : President, Weslev Players : Glee Club: Wesley Foundation Counsel- lor: Secretary. S. M. Student Move- ment : President. Junior Girls : Na- tional Collegiate Players : State Plihlicitv Chairman. Y. W. C. A. : Alpha Lambda Delta; Blackfriars. Appleby, Betty Lois Arant. Mary Bernice Armfield, Bess Greenwood Armstrong. Iamfs Madison. Jr. A X A TUSCALOOSA. ALABAMA Delta Sigma Pi. Armstrong, Ralph Glenn, W X Aronivitz. Arline S " iLVIA i; A T Aronov, Aaron Morris, K N Arrington H. Bolton, i. ' A E Athey, Marie Atkins, Margarli lASPER, ALABAMA y,..i. ' ..r - Arts and Sciences Transfer, Judson College. Atkinson, Annie Belle, A A II W. A. A. Atkinson, Wm. J., A T A BELLEFONTAINE, OHIO Sophomore - Commerce rsitv Debating Team : Crimsoi White : Corolla. Bade, Craig Perkins, I ' A W BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Sophomore . Arts and Sciences Druids : Rammer-Jammer. Bailes. George Lewis, Jr. 2 A E Bailey, Ernest M., K A TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Junior - Arts and Sciences Excelsior : Crimson-White ; Officers ' Club; Greeks: Vice-President, Soph- Bailey, Herbert Gerald matoaka, west virginia Baker, Josef Lafayette, X I CLEARWATFR. FLORIDA I ' rchman . Art, and Science, Glee Club : Blackfriars. Baker, Robert Ernest, Jr. tuscaloosa, alabama Junior - Engineering St. Pat ' s Executive Committee Secretary-Treasurer. A. S. C. E. Balch. Samuel E son, K i M DISON, ALABAMA Sophomore - Commerce :rimson-White: Corolla: Y. M. C. A Baldwin, H. Lewis, — X YORKLYN, DELAWARE Sophomore - Arts and Sciences Blackfriars: German Club. Baldwin, Lee, X Q HATTIESBURG, M ' SS ' SSIPPI Junior . Art, and Science, Corolla. Bank, Harold Lockwood, i) A M Banks, Wilk s Coleman A K E EUTAW, ALABAMA Phi Eta Sigma Banyon, Belzora. a Z benton harbor, michigan Freshman . Arts and Sciences Barbour, Beth Jean, K K T mobile, alabama Sophomore - Education W. A. A. : Art Club : Blackfriars Caroline Hunt Club. BaRHAM, AlVA ViVlENNE ARKER. Robert A., ATA LOGAN. WEST VIRGINIA Greeks. Barnes, George A., A X A BELLEVILLE, NEW JERSEY Junior - Art, and Science, Blackfriars : Crim-on-White. Barnes, Octavia Elizabeth Barnes, Reginald Wilfred I A (-) EUTAW, ALABAMA Freshman - Commerce Blackfriars. Barnes, Thomas William Barnette, Fortesque, A .:: Barnwell, Clare. K A BIRMINGHAM. ALABAMA Freshman - Art, and Sciences Blackfriars. Barolet, John Alfred WICKFORD, RHODE ISLAND Junior . Enfineering Newman Club. Alden, Eugene Russell AsHURST, Robert T., Q I " A Baltimore, Lawrence James REVERE, Massachusetts Sophomore . Arts and Sciences Spirit Committee. Barry, Russell John st. albans, new york o R O gf One Hundred Thirty-nine LL O K if) cc LU Z D Top Row: BMrllitl. A.. liHrl lett. W. A., Barton. H. Barton. R. G.. Barwald. Ba- .spnberg. Batcheld.T. ,r Sec- ond Row: Batson. Batten- sohlae, Bauman. Bealle Beasley. Beck. Beddl. ' Third Row: Ki-di-ol.-. Beech- em. Beeland. Bill. K.. Bell M. E.. Bell. M. H.. Bell R. H. Fourth Row: Bell W. O.. Benedict. Bennett C. Bennett, J. .1.. Bennett M. E.. Bennett. W. D.. Ben ton. Fifth Row: Berman H. .M.. Berman. H. F.. Ber rey. Berry. K.. Berry. S. Beven. Beville. Sixth Row Bickley. BidKood. Byrd. Bir kins. Bittner. Black. Black marr. Seventh Row Blackwell. Blake. Blank. Blanton. lilaum. B I o c h Bloom. Kiirhlh Row Bloniit. .1.. Blount. R. P. Bluford. BlumherK. Boettlter Bonihard. Boone. H E Pose One Hundred Forty Bartlett, Allison, K A Bedell, Howard Ellsworth Benton, Dorothy Carmen, X U Blackwell, Mary Annette Bartlett. Walter Alonzo, Jr. A :i ■! MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE Jun.o, . Enfimcmi; A. S. M. E. : S. A. M. E. : Demo- lay : Officers ' Club ; St. Pafs. Barton, Hugh lynn. alabama junWT . Ed,ual,,m Y. W. C. A. Cabinet : Spirit Con Barton, Roy Gerard, . i) $ BINGHAMTON, new YORK fr«A...„,2 . £„f,„r,„„y Crimion-White. Barwald, Mont William i r A JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA Frahman . Arts and Sctemci Rammer-Jammer: Blackfriars Bedsole. Tra is MASSI-n, . GROVE HILL, ALAB M . iin.or - A,t! md Sacucs .Assistant to Treasurer: Quadran- gle: Philomathic: Excelsior: Phi 3eechem, Edward Leonard Beeland, Maude, K A Bell, Frances Bell, Margaret Elizabeth slocomb. alabama Berman. Harold Mortimei Berman, Hilda Fave andalusia, alabama Frclhman . Art! and Irimson-White: Spanish Club: W 1. A.: Chi Delta Phi: Presiden p ' reshman Girls. Berrey, M « Drue, AAA SELMA, ALABAMA Sophomore - Arts and Selcma Transfer, nrenau ColleKe : Pi : Blackfriars. Berry, Edith Berry, Stewart, H 3i AKE, Elizabeth J., (-) Y ANKS, Edyth Evelyn, X Q Blanton, John H., K — selma, alabama Sophomore - Commeree Phi Eta Sijtma : Corolla : Treasurer, Druids : R. A. T. : Crimson-White : Blackfriars: Vice-President. Excel- uadransrle: Y. M. Cabinet. LAUM, Clara Agnes, ATA Bloch. Eleanor Klein Basenberg, Margaret Lucile K A BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Jnnror . Edrualron Transfer, Birmingham-Southeri Collejre. Batchelder. Irene Julia, Z T A ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA Junior . Aril and Sciences Blackfriars; Glee Club. Corolla: 3atson. Nancy, A I ' A Sattenschlag, Nelson Robert II K ! ' Bauman, Richard George Bealle, Robert Foster, II K A TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Beasley, Margaret, t M BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Sophomore - Arts and Science, Pan-Hellenic Council. Beck, John C, A K E BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA ' reihman - An, and Science Bell, Mary Helen dozier, alabama Frchman . Art, and Sciences Bell, Ralph, H., 2: A HACKENSACK, NEW JERSEY Scrphomorc . Commerce Hillel Foundation. Bell, William Olin, Jr , K 2 CHATTAHOOCHEE, FLORIDA Freshman - Art, and Sciences Y. M. C. A. Cabinet : Crimson- White. Benedict, James E. silver spring, maryland Junior - Engineering A. M. E. : St. Pat ' s: Office Club. Bennett, Celeste, X Q JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA Sophomore - An, and Sciences Blackfriars: Corolla Jammer. Bennett, James J., i X FAIRHOPE, ALABAMA Bennett, Margaret Elizabeth york, alabama Bennett, Warren Davis tuscaloosa, alabama Junior - Engineering 3even. John L, H A E CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Beville, Peter Francis, I A BicKLEY, Sarah Warren, K K F TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Freshman . Comm-rce Blackfriars : Corolla : Crim.son- White. BiDGOoD, Lee, Jr., f I ' A BvRD, Jane DeLacy, A X fi SANDY SPRING, MARYLAND Sophomore . Arts and Science, BiRKiNs, Marjorie Louise, i; K Bittner, William A . . X A CONNELLSVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA Sophomore - Commerce Greeks. Black, Irene Elizabeth, A A H 3lackmarr, Keener T. II K A TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Junior - Arts and Science, Wesley Foundation. Bloom. Lester Jack, i) A M HASTINGS-ON-HUDSON, new YORK Frchman - Commerce Pholoiiraphy Club : FenciuK Club. Blount, Jean, K K T Caroline Hunt Club. 3lount. Rubye Pearl mii.lry. alabama Bluford, Jean Ellis, A X iJ NORFOLK, VIRGINIA Junior . An, and Sciences Crimson-White; Corolla: Rammer- Jammer: News Bureau: Blackfri- ars : Pan-Hellenic ; Journalism Reader. Bll ' Mberg, Lester David, K N BoETTGER, Alfred O., A X A NEW HAVEN, CONECTICUT Sophomore . Arts and Science, Bomhard, Armin Otto, A i) $ HASTINGS-ON-HUDSON, new YORK Sophomore - Art, and Sciences Blackfriars. BooNE, Dorothy Sue, A Z . o R O Page One Hundred Forty-one CO LL o I- n QC UJ Z D Top Row: Boozer, Borgman. Boswell, Bowen. Bowers, A. H., Bowers, S. W., BowlinK. Seconil Row: Bowron, Braden, Bradley, B., Brad- lev, M. L., Brady. Brani-h, Branscomb. ; Third Row: Brewer, Breza, Brice, Brilt, Brittain, Broadus, Brooks. E, B. --■■ Fourth Row: Brook s, R. S.. Brooks. R. T,. Brooko. Ruth, Browder, Brown, F., Brown. J. M., Brown. M, Fifth Row: Brown, M. B.. BrowninE, H. H.. Browning. ,1. W., Bruee, Bruckner. Bru- ner, Brvan. Sixth Row; Brvant, Buhis, Buck. Bull. I ' .unec, Bunnin. S.. Bunnin, W, H. Seventh Row: Burchiield. Burdeshaw. Biir- Ecss, Burkott, Burkhalter, Burks, Burleson, E. B. EiKhth Row: Burleson. M. W.. Burleson. R. J., Bur- nett, Burns, Burr, Bursoii, Burton. H Paee One Hundred I nly-lno Boozer, Frances Moore, X Q DOTHAN, ALABAMA Junior - Edmal:u„ Secretary. Pi : Y.- W. C. A. BoRGMAN, George J, A T A BoswELL, Gordon, Jr., A T BowEN, Robert A . A il Bowers, Arthur Howell gadsden, alabama Tennis Squad. Bowers, Sarah W., A X Q BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA fr.-.Aman - Covmnrcc W. A. A. BoNSLiNG. Robert H., A X A MARION, ALAB.AMA Bowron, James Edgar, $ A Braden, Betty Mae, A Bradley, Beverly, K K F birmingham, alabama jumor . Arl ,nd Sncncc! Blackfriars : Y. W. C. A. Cabinet : President. Spanish Club : Treasurer, Alpha Lambda Delta : Madriyjal So- ciety : Girls ' Spirit Committee. Bradley, Margaret Lee, A X Q PEORIA, ILLIN0 " S jimioT - An, and Sciences Blackfriars: Newman Club: Corol- la : Art Club. Brady, Max Gordon heynoldsville, pennsylvania Vice-President. Alpha Kappa Psi. Branch, Dorothy, AAA ORLANDO, FLORIDA J„n,o, . Educal.on Madrieal Society. Branscomb, James Alston midway, alabama Junior . Chcmislry Vice-President, We.sley Foundation : Honor Committee: Blue Ridfre Del- egate; Secretary. Y. M. C. A.; Vice-President, Sophomore Class. Brewer, Arthur M., II K A CARTERSVILLE, GEORGIA Junior . An, and Scicmc, Breza, Cyril James, (-) X MONESSEN, PENNSYLVANIA Sophomore . EnainccnnK Newman Club: A. 1. Ch. E. Brice, June oneonta, alabama Sophomore . Commerce Britt, Eunice Maye tuscaloosa, alabama Junior . Education Transfer. Troy State Teache College. Brittain, Mattie Frances Broadus, James M. BAY MINETTE, ALABAMA ■reshman - All, and Seen Band. Brooks, Elizabeth Boiling K K r BREWTON, ALABAMA Junior - An, and Science, Pan-Hellenic Council: Omeca : Y. W. C. A. : W. A. A. Brooks, Richard S., ! ' T A MONTGOMERY. ALABAMA Junior - An, and Science, Blackfriars : Officers ' Club : Varsity Debatini Team : Y. M. C. A. Cab- Brooks, Robert Tisdale, 2 N ANDALUSIA, ALABAMA Junior . An, and Sciences Greeks : Philomathic. 5rooks, Ruth, K A Browder, James Daniel, I A (-• Brown, Franc ' s, AAA SELMA, ALABAMA l-reihman . An, and Science, ammer-Jamnu-r : W. A. A.: Ci r.illM. Brown, James Mack, l I ' A GADSDEN, ALABAMA Sophomore - Art, and Sciences Blackfriars: Uho Alpha Tau : Grc ' ks. Brown, Margaret. K A Brown, Mary Billingslea ATA MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Sophomore - Art, and Sciences Vice-President. Omesia. Browning, Harry H., ATA Browning, J. Wilmont, Jr. i; K haddonfield, new jersey Junior - An, and Science, Blackfriars. Bruce, George Vivian, Jr. ATA Bruckner, Peggy, i A T NORWICH, CONNECTICUT Freshman . Education Freshman Y. W. C. A. Cabinet Bruner, Pettus, 1 ' a (-) Bryan, M. J., H K A Bryant. William Homer. Jr. i r ANNISTON, ALABAMA Quadrangle : Excelsior. BuBis, Reynold, 2AM NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE Buck, Johnny. I T A TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Sophomore . Arts and Science . A. T. : Blackfriars : Core 3uLL, Marian Hazel. A ,A FI BuNCE, Frank Edgar Bunnin, Stanley, SAM BuNNiN, William Herbert SAM BURCHFIELD, GrOVER, Jh. TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Freshman . Arts and Sciences Wesley Foundation. BuRDESHAW, Sybil Vyvian Burgess. William D., A T A BuRKETT, Morris A. DOTHAN, ALABAMA Delta Sigma Pi : Secretary. BURKHALTER, Sa.MUEL CaRL, 2 WHEELING, WEST VIRGINIA Sophomore . Engineerlns Druids : Rifle Team : Secretary and Treasurer. Freshman Class. Burks, Sarah Frances, AAA TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Freshman - Home Economies Pi: Blackfriars: Rammer-Jammer: Burleson, Elizabeth Burd Burleson, Martha Witt HARTSELLE, ALABAMA Junior . Arts and Sciences Cheerleader. ' .-J.S- ' a.S : Crimson- White; Alpha Lambda Delta. Burleson, Robert Joe, A (-) DECATUR, ALABAMA Junior . An, and Sciences Burnett, Lyliane Lucile Z T A TUSCALOOSA. ALABAMA Women ' s Rifle Team : Phi Chi The- ta : W. A. A. : Honorary Member " A " Club. Burns. Haynfs Crawford i r A Burr, Samuel Hughson, S N birmingham, alabama Freshman . Arts and Science, Vice-President. Freshman Class. Burson, James B.. A T 12 BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Sophomore - Arts and Science! R. A. T. : Arch Club. Burton, Leonard Pattillo I A (-) jasper, ALABAMA Junior . Ans and Science, Phi Eta Sigma; Officers ' Club. o R O Page One Hundred Forly-thr. GO O y I- n QC LU Z D Top Row: Burwell. Bush. Bussy. Buster, Butler, By- ars. Byrd. • Second Row: Caffey. Cain. Caldwell, Cam- eron, Campbell, Cannady. Cannon. E. -V Third Row: Cannon, J. M., Cannon, R. H., Capps, Carlson. R. C, Carlson, V. L., Carmichael, Carmon. :■• Fourth Row: Carnley, Carothers, Carpen- ter, Carran, Carroll. J., Car- roll. J. J., Carson, v; Fifth Row: Carter, C. A., Carter, E. T., Carter, M. K., Cas- ner, Cato, Cauthen, Cham- bers. VJ Sixth Row: Cham- herlin, Champenois, Chancy, Chapman, D.. Chapman. J. ] ' .. Charles. Cheatham. :. Seventh Row: Chcnault. K., Chenault, L., Chernow, Che- rubin, Chichester, Chilcoat, Childs. Eit ' hth Row: Chism, Chisolm, Chorjien- ninit. Christian. Cimikoski. Clapp. Clark. M. D. H P.,gc One Hundred Forty-tour r k ' .: BuRWELL, Jerome Ellif, IT K 4 Cannon, Emory, A X ATHENS, ALABAMA Carroll, Jesse James, K i) OZARK, ALABAMA Cheatham, Jesse R., II K A GREENVILLE, ALABAMA 3usH, Loins Hampton, K A TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Sophowort: . Co ' ttnicrce Philomathic. BussY, Charles Mattoon, A X A Buster, Sig, Jr., K il SELMA, ALABAMA ],.mor . C„m,m„c Band. Butler, Lawrence Lee, A Z MAXWELL FIELD, ALABAMA FTCshn,j„ - Am md Sncuf, Blackfriars: W. A. A. Byars, Merle Spence, 2 K MOULTON, ALABAMA Junior . A, I! mJ Sacnccs Spirit Committee ; W. A. A. : Y. W. C. A. Byrd. Kenneth Davis, II K A TUSCALOOSA. ALABAMA Junun - £ns,m-.Mng Theta Tau : Officers ' Club : Glee Club ; Secretary and Treasurer. Sophomore Class ; Y. M. C. A. Cab- inet : St. Pafs Committee; A. S. C. E. : S. A. M. E. : Crimson- White. Caffey, William Garrett A K E mobile, ALABAMA Sophomore - An, ,inj Sncmc, Honor Roll. ' 37 : Blackfriars : Y. M. C. A. Senior Cabinet ; Rifle Team. Cain, Dorothy, K K 1 " wetumpka, alabama Sophomon- . Commer.e Alpha Lambda Delta. Caldwell, Fauntleroy, K K F pensacola, florida Sophomore . Arts nd Seiemes Cameron, Lonny Glyn, X A E Campbell, Donald Davis, ATA CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, OHIO ]i,nror . An, and Silences Rammer-Jammer: Blackfriars; Na- tional Collegiate Players ; Varsity Fencing Team ; Interfraternity Council. Cannady, Preston Baldwin II K A JACKSON, ALABAMA Sophomore • Engineering Cannon, John M., A X ATHENS, ALABAMA ;. A. T. ; Greeks : Quadrangle V. M. C. A. Cabinet; Debating Team. Cannon, Robert Henry, A — " t Capps. Georgia Ellen stockton, california liimor . Educalum Transfer. Modesto Junior College. Carlson, Robert C H K A GADSDEN, ALABAMA junior - Aril and Saemes Pershing Rifles: Excelsior; Philo- mathic: Quadrangle; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Oflicers ' Club. Carlson. Virginia L., A A IT Carmichael. Bernard Y., 1 F A Carmon, Frank William, Z 4 " E windsor, connecticut Junior . Education Spirit Committee ; Crimson-White : Rammer-Jammer : Pershing Rifles : Intramural Official. Carnley, Samuel Fleetwood II K f junior . An and Science, Carothers, Neil J., K A BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Assistant Editor. Corolla ; Spirit Committee; Y. M. C. A.: Greeks; R. A. T.. ; Quadrangle; Cotillion Club; Interfraternity Council; Vice- President. Sophomore Class : Philo- mathic : Commerce Dan-e Commit- tee ; Officers ' Club. Carpenter, Virginia Louisa A Z Carran, Edward Franklin A X A Carroll, Jean Carson, Warren Rea COATFSVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA junior . Eii.vncering Theta Tau. Carter, Charles, A., II, 4 ' K ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS Sophomore - An, and Science, Track Team. Carter, Ethel Thomas, A V A BESSEMER, ALABAMA 5i.pfcomc.7t. . An, and Science, Pi : Blackfriars. Carter, Mary E, Z T A ATMORE. ALABAMA Freihman . Cmim-rce W. A. A. Casner, Robert J. CHEELING, WEST VIRGINIA C ' TO, Sara Jane BLACK OAK, ARKANSAS Caljthen, Frederick Jennings II K I Chambers, Martha birmingham, alabama ;,.;..... - An, and Science, Transfer. Pasadena Junior C.illcge. Chamberlin, Muriel Hammond ASA Champenois, Alice Thorn Z T A Chancy, James L., i! N Chapman, DeWitt, il N Chapman, Jesse Pugh, K i SELMA, ALABAMA Junior . An, and Science! Glee Club; Phi Eta Sigma; Druids; Ali.ha Epsilon Delta; Quadrangle; Excelsior. Charles, Francis, X ! ' ALIQUIPPA, PENNSYLVANIA junior . Engineering Spirit Committee. Chenault, Kathryn Chenault, Lucile Leigh decatur, alabama junior . An, and Science, Spirit Committee; House of Repre- sentatives : Blackfriars ; Secretary. Zeta Phi Eta ; Secretary. National Collegiate Players. Chernow, David Daniel, I ' A Cherubin, Louis UTICA, new YORK junior - Erisineermg Pafs ; Phi Eta Sigma A. I. Ch. E. Chichester, Charles H , ' I ' BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Sophomore • Commerce Chilcoat, Jeanne mount union, pennsylvania Sophomore . Education Childs, Jess Chism, Grady W., Jr. fayette, alabama Sophomore - Commerce Alpha Kappa Psi ; Wesley Player: y. M. C. A. Cabii Chisolm, Halstead Haynes, Jr, A X Chorpenning, Thomas E. Christian. Jane Atleberry, K A NORTHPORT, ALABAMA Sophomore - Am and Science, Cimikoski, John, A 2 NORWICH, CONNECTICUT junior . Education Crimson-White. Clapp, Irene Knight, ATA MONROEVILLE, ALABAMA Clark, Mary Dixon, A TUSCALOO.SA, ALABAMA Sophomore - Art, and Science, Madrigal Society ; Corolla ; Wes Foundation ; French Club. o R O Page One Hundred Forty- fir CQ -J LL o - CC LU Z D Top Row: Clark. W. H., CUrkson, Clans, Claypoole. Clayton. J. B., Clayton. S. A.. CIcary. t. Second Row: Clemi-nt. Clements. Cleve- land. Cobb. J. L., Cobb, W. F.. Cody. Cohen. :, Third Row: Coker, Cole. Coleman, C. H., Coleman. C, Cole- man, H. J.. Collins. G.. Col- lins. W. v Fourth Row: Condon. Conklinp. Connor. Conway, Cook. A. P.. Cixik. O. U., Cooper, E. M. .j Fifth Row: Cooper, E. L., Cooper, Nan, Cooper, K. L.. Coplon, Cotter, Couch, Council. ■;; Sixth Row: Cox. Craig. G.. Craiit. S. v.. Craiii. T. H.. Crabtree. Crandall. Craw- ford. G. a- Seventh Row: Crawford. R. K.. Crawford. W. O., Creel. Crews. C. A.. Crews, P. H.. Crocker. Crouch, vf EiKhth Row : Crow, Crump. Cryer. Cul- len, Cullinan. Cully. Culver- H Pdf e Uitc HundicJ Forty-six Clark, William Burton, A K E Clarkson, Sue Faith, K A TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Sorhiiwon- . Am and Sciences Hershintr Rifle Sponsor ; Pi : Swa Club ; Guidon. Claus, Tom E, A i I COHLN, MeLVIN a., — a M NEW ROCHELLE, new YORK Sc phuniore - Commeree Kifie Team. CoKER, Jack, H X Cole, Norwood Cooper. Emma Margaret A A II ELBA, ALABAMA Sofhumore - Ediicjiion Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. Cooper, Esther Lee Crawford, Robert Kenyon Crawford, William O. Creel, E. O., Jr., II K A Claypoole. Catherine Ann K K r GADSDEN, ALABAMA Fn-!hnian . Commerce tilackfriars : Omega : Spanish Club : Corolla. Clayton, Jack B., A K E BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Freihnian . Chcnuslry Clayton, Sarah Alice, Z T A LEEDS, ALABAMA Junic, - A, I! ind Sciences W. A. A. ; Y. W. C. A. : Blaek- WiLLiAM James Clement, Arnold George 1 A M Clements, Manen Osco, Jr. i: X NOHTHPORT, ALABAMA Sophomore . Chemiitry Transfer, Marion Military Institute. Cleveland, Grady G., Jr., A X CENTERVILLE, ALABAMA Sophomore - Arts and Sctences Quadrangle: President. Fresbman Y. M. C. A. : R. A. T. ; Crimson- White. Cobb, Joe Leonard, 11 K A BESSEMER, ALABAMA Cobb, William Frank, A K E MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE Junior . Engineering Phi Eta Sigma : President. Fresh- man Engineering Class : Secretary, Druids ; Treasurer. Theta Tau : St. Cody, George Reese, K CoLE.MAN. Charles H., A K E EUTAW, ALABAMA Theta Tau : Glider Club. Coleman, Clayton, A X LIVINGSTON, ALABAMA Sophomore - Commerce Coleman, Harvey, Jr., X l SHEFFIELD, ALABAMA Sophomore . Engineering St. Pat ' s. Collins. Gwyndoi.yn, Z T A GALLION, ALABAMA Sophomore . An, and Suences Pan-Hellenic Council. Collins, Walker Curry, A T Q ALABAMA and Sciences anniston. Freshman - ,4 Han.l. Condon, Paul P., A X A OAK PARK, ILLINOIS Sophomore - Commerce wnuin Club: Art Club: Ramm Conkling, Corrie, K K r St. Joseph, Missouri Junior - Arts and Sciences Transfer. Stephens College: Chi Delta Phi : Omega : Blackfriars. Co SR, Francfs Carolyn A r A BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Sophomore . Arts and S.iemes mmer-Jammer : W. A. A. HUack- CoNWAY, Edward B.. A X BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Druids : Blackfriars. Cook, Arthur Phillip, i X Cook, O. U., (-) X Cooper. Nan, A Z Y. W. C. A. Cooper, Robert L., H X Coplon, Hii.d Cotter, James E., K ozark, alabama Junior - Arts and Sciences Excelsior: Crimson-White. Couch, E. A. Cou.xciL, Robert Harry, i) N Cox. William Cary. A B Craig, Gay, il M BESSEMER, ALABAMA Freshman . Edmalion W. A. A. ; French Club. Craig, Sara Virginia, K K T Craig, Theodore Hart Crabtree, Samuel p., i A E Crandm.l , Harden William A X DORA, ALABAMA Freshman . Arts and Sciences Y. M. C. A. Crawford. Glenn, ATA Crews. Cleo Ann. AHA OAK PARK, ILLINOIS Freshman . Commerce Spanish Club. Crews, Paul Hubert, A X A OAK PARK, ILLINOIS Sophomore - Commerce Crocker, Lewis S. portland, new york Freshman - Arts and Sciences Pershing Rifles : Crimson-White. Crouch, R. E., A T A BLOOMFIELD, KENTUCKY Sophomore ■ Arts and Sciences Greeks. Cbow, Mary Austin, A Z Crump, S. Norman montgomery, al.abama Sophomore - Engineer ing Phi Eta Sigma ; Band : A. S. C. E. : St. Pat ' s : Vice-President. Sopho- more Class. Cryer, Newman S., Jr. anniston, alabama Sophomore - Arts and Sciences Band : Orchestra : Wesley Founda- tion. CuLLEN, Arthur James WILKINSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA Jiimor . Education Transfer. Slippery Rock, S. T. C. CuLLiNAN, Edward J. MECHANICSVILLE, NEW YORK Sophomore - Education Freshman Track Team : Y. M. C. . . Cabinet ; Newman Club : French Club: Per.shing Rifles: Camera Club. CuLLY, Robert Charles BUFFALO, NEW YORK Freshman . Engineering Culverhouse, Hugh, A K E o R O Page Onv Hundred Forty-seven LL O - if) CC LU z T„|, K,.w: Cummini;. Cum- miskcy. Currii-. Curry, Cur- tis, A. A., Curti.s, R. M., Cutts, Second Row: Czar- ntcki. Dahlene, Dalrymple. Harby. Dardt-n. Davenport, L.. Davenport, S. G. Third Row: Daviiison, M. K.. Da- vid.son. M. E., Davidson. W. E., Davidson, T. 1 ' ., Davies. Davis. A. O., Davis. A. L. ' ; Fourth Row: Davis, Ken D., Davis, H . G.. Davis H Davis. .1., Davis. J. R.. Da- J. S., Dav M. K. Fifth Row: Davis, W. O., Day. L.. Day. R. D.. Deakin. Deal. Dean. D. N.. Dean, D. . Sixth Row : Deaver, Dee, Dees, Denniston. Deubler, Dial, Diamon.l. , ,• Seventh Row: Dick, Dickinson. H. I... Dickinson, S.. Dickinson, .1. S.. Dickson, h.. Dickson I.. G.. Dicus. f EiKhth Kuw: DJKhton. J. N.. Dighton. S. R.. Dobbs. Dod. Dodson. Doheny. Dolbear. ■ii l-: Gumming, George W., A T fi TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA (V-ee Club : Lilackfriars. CuMMisKEY, Edward Lane e E CuRHiE, J. Flovd, II K a ATMORE, ALABAMA Sophi„m ,t . Arts jnd Snences CuRHV, Burton. 4 A fi TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA e,c,hmj„ . E„£im;r,nj St. Pat ' s Curtis, Amy Aileen, A A II CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Fu- hwm . Commfue Y. W . C. A. : W. A. A. Curtis, Robert M., X I ' CuTTS, Marie Jeanette Davenport, Stewart Griffin I A (-) Davidson, Margret Ethel. J ' M Davidson, Marv Elizabeth A A II TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Frclhma,, - Aril ond Saemei Blackfriars : Wesley Players. Davidson, William Elman, X Davidson, Tracy Ph:llips, i X BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Glee Club : Blat-kf riars ; Delta SiKma Pi. Davies, Annette, A H CORNING, NEW YORK F,cihm ,i . Hum, £,« Corolla : Y. W. C. A. Davis, Arthur G., ! — K Davis. Marjorie Elizabeth Z T A SHAWMUT, ALABAMA .S,.fA..murf - Am jnd i ' ,;.il.,i Clee Club: W. A. A. Davis. William Orville, A E Day, Lucretia baltimore, maryland Jiuiwr . Arts and Siicmc! Madriiral Society: Tran.sfer. West- ern Maryland. Day. Richard Dayton, , T A RENO, OHIO Jmiwr - Aril and Scumel Phi Eta Siema : Crimson-White ; Corolla : Varsity Boxing Team. Deakin, MAR,roRiE Neola BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Alpha Lambda Delta : Spanish Club: Phi Chi Theta : University Symphony Orchestra. Deal, Mary Ei sie, X Q TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Frcihrnan . An, and Siu-nai Blackfriars: Pi: Crimson- White : Corolla. Diamond, W. D. Dick, Perry J. PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA Vrithman . Enmncrinx Dickinson, Harold Lewis GLENS falls, NEW YORK President. Clee Club. Dickinson, Sara, A X U Dickinson, Joseph S. LOWNDESBORO, ALABAMA Jumm - Cownuri, Dickson, Leila, z A A LOWNDESBORO, ALABAMA Jumm . Aril and Dickson, LeRoy Goss, 1i I ' ORLANDO, FLORIDA Sophomore - Arli and Sanuei Pershing Rifles. Dicus, Anna Ruth CZARNECKl, KaZI.MIERZ R. NEW BEDFORD, MASSACHUSETTS J„n,or . Ensrmer.ns Phi Eta SiKma : Glider Club : St. Pafs : Freshman Track. Dahlene, Oscar, Jr., A X TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Junior - Aril and Sncn.i-i Y. M. C. A. : Treasurer. R. A. T. : Druids : Secretary. Glee Club : Phi Eta SiK ' nia : St. Pafs : Greeks. Dalrymple, William C, Jr. A T i2 B.RMINGHAM, ALABAMA iinior . Aril and Saemei Transfer. Birmingham-Southern. Darby, John All.x nder, t 1 ' . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Frc-.hman - Ensimirrns Davis, Arthur Leo, il A E CUSHING, OKLAHOMA Sophomore . Aril and Silences Davis. Ben Donald, 1 T A SHAWMUT, ALABAMA Sophomore ■ Commer.e Blackfriars. Davis, Harwell, G., II, II K A BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Sophomore - Commerce Blackfriars. Davis, Hiram, A T tJ Davis, Jack, X ' I GORDO, ALABAMA Junior . Aril and Siiencei Blackfriars: U. A. T. : Arch Club: Spirit Committee: 1 nlerfraternity David N., -X Dean, Dorothy, X il Deaver. Dorothy Marie birmingham, alabama Freshman - Aril and S.lcicel French Club. Dee, John, X ! ' BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Frcihman . Arli and Siicn.e R. A. T. Dees, Ruth S. Denniston, Robert P., A K E Dighton, John Netherton A K E SANFORD, FLORIDA Junior - Am and Sctencei Blackfriars : Glee Club. Dighton, Sam Reed, A K E SANFORD, FLORIDA Junior . Am and Sciences Glee Club: Blackfriars: Alabama Cavaliers. Dobbs, Dorothy Elaine phenix city, alabama Sophomore - Arli and Sciences Symphony Orchestra: Glee Club. Dod, Halsey Herbert, Jr. 5: E MOSS POINT, MISSISSIPPI Freihman . Education Crimson-White : Rammer-Jammer. Dodson, O. Howard, II K A Davenport, Laurabelle centre, alabama Sophomore - Aril and Sciences Wesley Foundation : Wesley Play- ers : Glee Club. Davis, James Robert, (-) X HEADLAND, ALABAMA Freihman . Engineering St. Pafs. Davis, Joseph S.. X ' I ' Dfubler, Philip Robert Dial, Louise DoHENY, Frank A., Jr.. A 4 DoLBEAR, J. Browder, 11 K ' ! MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Sophomore - Commerce o R O Page OiK- Hundred Forly-nii -I u. o in QC m z D To|) Row: Dominick, Doo- lev, Dormon. Durroh. Douds, Dorrcll. DoUEhty. Second Uow: DouKlas. S.. Douglass. W., Dow. DowIinK. Dozier, Dreisbach. D.-ennen. ; Third How: Drumm. Dryburg, Dudley. C. Dudley, E., Du- Ran. Dugjiar. Dunlap. t: Koiirth Row: Dunn. Dun- ning. E. J.. Dunning. G. J.. Durham. Dusek. Dyer. E. J., D er. R. T. Fifth Row: Dykes. Eberiole, Echols. Ede. Edmister. Edmonds, Ed- wards. .: Sixth Row: Ehms, Elebash, K. S.. Elebash. M. I... Elgin. Elia.ssen. Ellis. B. I... Ellis. L. C. : Seventh Row: Ely. Engdahl. Engel, Engelmann. English. D.. English. J. W.. Eplan, .- Eighth Row: Esatow, Ess- linger. Evans. C. VV.. Ev- ans. S.. Ewing. Ezell. J. B.. Ezcll. K, M. I-I Page One Hundred Fijty •• ' ' ii ' ' ; ' T! ' ' V ' , : DoMJNICK, DOROTHV, X U BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA F„;h,„an . Home E.onu....,, Corolla : Kencing Club. DooLEY, Jane ALGOMA, WEST VIRGINIA Jtmw, . A,li nd 5 «u j Alpha Lambda Delta. DoRMON, George, A T U DoHROH, Charles Hill DouDs, John, ATA DoRRELL, Virginia Wilkinson lambertville, new je rsey Jtmwr - Am and Science! Honor Roll. ' So- ' SC : Y. W. C. A. : Readership in Enj li-sh. Doughty, Marion Frances, X Q TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Freshman - Arts and Sc.cncet Pi: Crimson-White. Douglas, Sue Bradley Douglass, William D., Jr. A T Q Dow, William Griggs, ATA NEWPORT, RHODE ISLAND Sophomore - Commerce Dowling, William McKenzie A e Dozier, William Creagh, I A (-) TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Sophomore . Commerce Phi Eta Sigma : Druids : Crimson- White ; Blackfriars. Dreisbach, Lois Olivia, A I MOBILE, ALABAMA Junior . Education Transfer. Huntingdon College. Dre.nnen, Francis Arnold A T n BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Sophomore . Am and Science! Excelsior : Pershing Rifles ; Druids ; Freshman Debating Team., Ch rles Frederick. Jr. ! K Dryburg, Patsy, K K T Dudley, Chester, i " l ' E ALIQUiPPA, PENNSYLVANIA Jumor . Am and Scuma Crim. on-White. Dudley, Eleanor, A 4 Dl ' gan, Richard Lee, A I ' CAMBRIDGE, OHIO Junior . Am and Sciences DuGGAR, Mary Morgan, K A mobile, ALABAMA Sophomore - Arls and Sciences Blackfriars : Y. W. C. A. : Crim.;on- White. DuNLAP, Marguerite C, A . A W.ASHINGTON, DISTRICT COLUMBIA Sophomore - Home Economics Corolla : Rammer-Jammer : Crimson- White: W. A. A. Dunn, Mary Ellen buffalo, new YORK Freshman . Arls and Sciences Newman Club. Dunning, Everette Jackson K A linden, ALABAMA Junior - Arls and Sciences Quadrangle ; Phi Eta Sigma : Excel- sior : Philomathic: Honor Roll, ' 36- •37: Corolla. Alpha Epsilon Delta. Dunning, Guy J. K A Durham. Kathehin: Elizabeth birmingham, alabama 5upAo.iii.rc - Home Economics Transfer. Birmingham-Southern. DusFK, Jerome T., . . A CICERO, ILLINOIS Transfer, Northwestern University. Dyer. Edward J., K A BALTIMORE, MARYLAND Sophomore - Commerce Crimson-White. Dyer, Robert Tibbetts portland, maine Junior - Arls and Sciences Blackfriars. Dykes. John Atkins, il A E • HREVEPORT, LOUISIANA Sophomore - Arls and Sciences Ebersole, Louis F., Jr., X I Echols, Mary Lillie, A A II TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Sophomore - Am and S ' ciences Blackfriars: Madrigal Society: Wesley Players : Wesley Foun- dation : W. A. A. Ede, Charles Edmister, Francine, a $ painted post, new york Sophomore . Commerce Ed.monds. Carter Morse. A X falls church, VIRGINIA Fichman . Arls and Sciences Blackfriars. Edwards, Floretta, A Z EIR.VIINGHAM, ALABAMA Junior . Commerce Y. W. C. A. Ehms, Alvin Elebash. Karl Savary. Jr. Elebash, Margaret Le Grand K A SELMA, ALABAMA 7u.n..r - Am and Sciences Omega. Elgin, Thomas McGahhy 0) A e Eliassen, Grace Marjorie, A I Ellis, Bessie Louise TUSCAL00S , ALABAMA Sophomore - Arls and Sciences Wesley Foundation. Ellis, L. Culver, K A Ely, Alta Engdahl, Will T. Engel, Lillie, i A T Engelmann, John August new YORK, new YORK Sophomore - Ediualion Boxing Team : Football Team ; Cap- tain, Freshman Boxing Team. English. Durward, II K ' I English, John William, II K ! ELBA, ALABAMA Sophomore . Commerce Philomathic : Commons Club : Y. M. C. A. : Assistant to Treasurer. Eplan, Estelle, sat rome, georgia Sophomaie - Arls and Sciences EsATOw, Theodore F. KEARNY, NEW JERSEY Sophomore - Eni,ineering foxing Team: St. Pat ' s; A. I. Essi.iNGER. Marjorie Wea Evans, Chives W., A T U ANNISTON, ALABAMA Sophomore - Arls and Sciences Blackfriars. Evans, Sarah leeds, alabama Junior . Home Economic! Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. ' Se- ' ST : Caro- line Hunt Club : Secretary. Hillel. •36- ' 3S. Ewing, Katherine Fowler, A ! TUSCALOOSA. ALABAMA Sophomore - Commerce Corolla : Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. EzELL, Jane Blackmore, (-) Y EzELL, Katherine Marie, Y BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Sophomore - Education Blackfriars. o R O Page One Hundred Fifly-one 1 CO LL O - I- QC LU z Top Row: Kalkner, Fallet- ta. Fantasia, Fargason, Far- ley. P armer, Feagin. ]- Sec- ond Row : Featherston. Fen- ne!l. Fereuson, F.. Fergu- son. J. L.. Fichter. Fink- beincr. Finnell. v Third Row: Fisher. File. Fitts. F.. Fitts. S. N.. Fitzpatrick. F ' lanagan, Fleck. .. Fourth Row: Fleming. Flemming. Fletcher. Flinn. Flury. Fol- io.. Folmar. Fifth Row: Ford. Foreman. Forrest. Fo- shee. Foster. Fowler. A. B.. Fowler. C. M. : Sixth Row: Foy. Francis. Franklin. Friedman. Fritton. Frost. Fulford. Seventh Row: Fuller. Callalee, Gallmeyer. Gamble. Gardner. Garrison. Garry. ; Eighth Row: Gas- ton. Gavin. E., Gavin. J. E.. Geehring. Geidt. Gentil. George. E. L. f . ' Tf - I Pane On,- Uundrt-J Fijly-two Falkner, Albert Vivienne germania, mississippi Junior . Art, nd Siumcs . W. C. A. Cabinet: House c Reiiresentatives. Falletta, Charlie Fantasia, Philip Dominick Fargason, Crayton C, II K A Farley, Dorothy, Z T A HOSSVILLE, TENNESSEE Freshman - Am and Silences Blackfriars. Farmer. William M., A T Q Feagin, Foy, Jr., II K A MONROEVILLE, ALABAMA Sophomore . An, and Scencei Featherston, Richard Henry hurtsboro, alabama jumo, . Eny.neer.ns Spirit Committee; Per.jhintc Rif lej : St. Pafs. Fenncll, Ida Lecky, A X Q Ferguson, Frederick, $ A BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Sophomore - Commerce Spirit Committee: Vice-President. Freshman Class; Rammi R. A. T. Ferguson, James Lloyd COLUMBUS, Mississippi Band ; Symphony Orchestra FicHTER, Martha, ( M FiNKBEINER, CaRL, E BUFFALO, NEW YORK FiNNELL, Margaret Ella, X il TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Freshman . Arts and Sciemel Pi: Blackfriars; Crimson-White. Fisher, Johnel, A A II BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Junior . Home Eeonomu, Blackfriars: Cheerleader: Glee Club: W. A. A. : Caroline Hunt Club : Corolla. Fite, Arthur, Jr., i z W JASPER, ALABAMA Sophomore . (ommer.c Fitts, Frank, Jr., ! A (-) TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Junior . Ens,„ce,i„ ; Fitts, Stephen N., l A (-) TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Freshman . Commerce Fitzpatrick, William E., A X Flanagan, Miranda Virginia Fleck, Howard Steiln, Jr. dayton, ohio Million Dollar Band: Alabama Fleming, Nancy Adele, A A II MONROEVILLE, ALABAMA Freshman - Arts and Sciences Blackfriars : W. A. A. : Wesley Players. Flemming, Carlyle, 2l I E collierville, tennessee Freshman - Arts and Sciences Crimson-White. Fletcher, Donald F., Jr., T A HORSEY, VIRGINIA Sophomore - Commerce Spanish Club. Flinn, Julia Barnett, AAA TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Freshman . Commerce Blackfriars : Glee Club. Flury, Fritz Leon tracy city, tennessee Sophomore . Arts and Sciences Transfer, Western Kentucky FoLLo. Marshall L., $ V A FoLMAR, Martha E., A I OXFORD, ALABAMA Ford, Ralph H., II K A HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA Head Cheerleader : Assistant to Treasurer: President. Philomathio ; Chairman. Commerce Honor Com- mittee: Junior Prom Committee: Varsity Dehatinc Team: O. I). K. Foreman, Wilmer Louis, . X A ANNISTON, ALABAMA Freshman . Arts and S,ieme, Crimson-White. Forrest, Gail, Z T A BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Freshman . Commcne Y. W. C. A.: French Club; W. A. A. Foshee, Calhoun, A X MAPLESVILLE, ALABAMA Blackfriars. Foster, Thomas Raymond Fowler, Arthur B., A X ATTALLA, ALABAMA Varsity Boxing Team : Blackfriars : Assistant Cheerleader ; " A " Club. Fowler, Conrad Murphee n K A COLUMBIANA, ALABAMA Freshman . Commerce President, Freshman Class ; Crim- son-White ; Blackfriars: Ban.L Foy, James E. atlanta, georgia Junior . Alls and Sciences Phi Eta Sigma : Quadrangle : Hon- or Roll ; Million Dollar Band : Phil- omathi. ' : Wesley Foundation Coun- cil : O. D. K. Francis, Leslie Paul, K A TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA uadrangle: Philomathi.- Franklin, Margaret Bell, i) K Friedman, Virginia, A •! TU.SCALOOSA, ALABAMA Sophomore - Home Economic, Blackfriars ; Swan Club : Secre- tary-Treasurer. Freshman Class : Rammer-Jammer; Caroline Hunt Club. Fritton, Wii-i.iAM John Jr. Sopho ■ILSON, NEW YORK Frost, Roy A. Fulford, Robert Clifford i: A E MONTEVALl.O, ALABAMA Sophomore . An, and Sciene, Honor Court: Million Dollar Band; Glee Club; Blackfriars: Phi Kta Sigma: President. Druids. Fuller, Virginia Dare tuscaloosa, alabama Freshman . Commerce Blackfriars ; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet : Gallalee, John C, A K E UNIVERSITY, ALABAMA Junior .An, and Sciences Glee Club: Blackfriars; Varsity De- hating Team: Excelsior: Chairman Arts and Sciences Honor Court: University Orchestra: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet : Phi Eta Sigma : O. D. K. : Honor Roll ' 3. ' ), ' Sli. ' ST. Gallmeyer, Mary B., A X U fort WAYNE, INDIANA Sophomore - An, and Silences Transfer. Valparaiso ; Corolla ; Blackfriars; W. A. A.: Ma- drigal Society. Gamble, Harold, I I ' A MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Sophomore . An, and Science, lilackfriars; Glee Club: Corolla. Gardner, Harry, Jr. rutherford, new jersey Sophomore - Alls and Scicn.c, Garrison, Frank E., K 2l Garrv, Emily Ruth, i) A T G st Jack Douglas Acteon new YORK, new YORK Jumor - An, and Sciences Blackfriars: Pershing Rifles: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Corolla; Rammer- Jammer ; Camera Club : Excelsior : Blackfriars: Radio Players; Nation- al Collegiate Players. Gavin, Evelyn, A V A STAFFORD SPRINGS, MISSISSIPPI Sophomore . Home Economics Caroline Hunt Club: Madrigal So- ciety : W. A. A. Gavin, Janie Elizabeth, A I " A STAFFORD SPR:NGS, MISSISSIPPI Freihman . Home Economics Spanish Club : W. A. A. Geehring, Donald R.. A — ! ' RICHMOND hill, NEW YORK Junior . Enfiineerins I ' hi Eta Sigma. Geidt, John Donald, l 2 K ATLANTIC city, new JERSEY Sophomore . Eni;ineering Gentil, Leonard, A i) l WILMINGTON, DELAWARE Junior . Arts and Sciences Crimson-While. George, Elizabeth L. K K 1 " atmore, alabama Omega : Blackfriars : Rammer- Jammer: Corolla; Phi Chi Theta ; Secn tary. Soph Class: Y. W. C. A.; W. o R O Page One Hundred Fijly-lhr. OQ LL O - QC LU Z D Top Row: George. E.. Gibb. Gibbins. Gilbert, Gilmore, Gingold. Given. ; : Second Row : Glascock. Glasgow. Glass. K.. Glass. G.. Glass. M. E.. Godard. Godfrey. U Third Row: Godwin. Goldberg. Goldenherg. Gold- man. Goldsmith. Goldstein. Gonzales. ,. Kourth Row: (ioodman. Goodstein. Good- win. Garden. Grantham. Grass. Gravis. Fifth Row: Gray. L. E.. Gray. N. M.. Green. E. F.. Green. E., Green. Elizabeth. Green. L. A.. Green. M. V. .; Sixth Row: Gre« ' nficld. Greenwald. Gree.son. Gresky. A. T.. Gres- ky. M. H.. Griffin. Grimsley. r Seventh Row: Groff. Guice. Gunn. Guy. Gwaltney. Gwiazdowski. 7: Eighth Row : Hagood, Haines. Hairston. Hale. B. F.. Hale. li. VV.. Hale. C. Hale. R. .S. H Puge Oil.- HiniJuJ Fifty-four George, Ernest, K A MACON, MISSISSIPPI junior - Enslnfcring St. Pat ' s : A. S. M. E. ; Exce GiBB, Gerald E., A T A GROVE CITY, PENNSYLVANIA Sophomore - Commerce Crimson-White. GiBBiNs, Aline Gilbert, Olin Edward, 2! A E COLLINSVILLE, ILLINOIS Jumor . Am end Si,e„ee! Transfer. WashinKtim University. GiLMORE, Sara SULLIGENT, ALABAMA Junior - Education Director. W. S. G. A. : Ci Hunt Club ; Wesley Players ; C. A. Cabinet. GiNGOLD, BeRNICE GlaD S BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Sofhomorc - An, ar,d Sciences Glee CInh: W. A. A. Freshm Y. W. C. A. Cabinet : Young Mu Given, Marjorie Elaine Z T A GURLEY, ALABAMA Sophomore . EducMon Blackfriars : Y, W. C. A. : Gle Club. Glascock, Walter F. unadilla, georgia B. S. U. Council ; Spanish Club. Glasgow, Catherine HEFLIN, ALABAMA Freshman . Education Vice-President. Freshman Y. W. C. A. Cabinet : W. S. G. A. ; Caroline Hunt Club. Glass. Edwin, 1 A (-) UNIONTOWN, ALABAMA Godfrey, Robert S , 1 rochester, new york Sophmwre . Cmimcrce IVrshiuK Rifles. Godwin, Joe, A 51 $ NORFOLK, VIRGINIA Goldberg. Alvin Maurice A M BELZONI, MISSISSIPPI Sophomore - Commerce Corolla. GOLDENBERG, JeAN HeNRI GRANTWOOD, NEW JERSEY Junior . Alls and Sciences ■■ Club; Alembic Club: Varsity Track Team. Glass, Garnett Glass, Mary Evelyn J. B., Jr., ATA Goldsmith, George Hale, i) N ATMORE, ALABAMA Junior . Arts and Sciences R. A. T. : Arch Club. Goldstein, Herman. K N Gonzales, Dick, $ F A mobile, ALABAMA Goodman, Maxine, T GooDSTEiN, Charles Gordon i; A M LAKE PROVIDENCE, INDIANA Sophomore . Arts and Sci-nces Transfer. Illinois : Rifle Team : Freshman Track. Goodwin, Margaret Evelyn Graden, Julia Lee, Z T A GUNTERSVILLP, ALABAMA Junior - Education Board of Directors : Y. W. C. Cabinet. Grantham, Jovel Graves, Robert S.. A E Gray, Lillian Elise, X U Gray, Nellie M., K K F Francis. A Z FAIRFIELD, ALABAMA Sophomore . Home Econumu, Green, Elinor, ATA Green, Elizabeth, A A 11 Green, Leslie Arthur, 1 ' I ' A MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Junior . Commerce Crimson-White. Green, Mirhm Virgin ' a. T Greenfield, Carl O. highlands, new tfrsey Junior - Arts and Sciences M. C. A. Cabinet : CrimM White. Greenwald, Irving A., K N BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Sophomore - Commerce Track Manacer: Rifle Team. Greeson, Edward Owen montgomery, alabama Junior . Enf ineerinK Gresky, Alan Tolstoy montevallo, alabama Junior - Arts and Sciences A. E. D. Gresky, Mildred Heath Griffin, Jim Snow, i) A E OXFORD, ALABAMA Groff, Richard, A K H Gross, Charlotte Guice, Mary Frances GuNN, Nathalia meridian, MISSISSIPPI Junior . Education W. A. A. : Transfer. M. S. C. W. Gliy, Louise E., 2;) X Gwaltney, Marion Lewis, N GwiAZDOwsKi. Leo Marion Hagood, Charles P., ' I ' F A HONOLULU, TERRITORY OF HAWAII Sophomore - Arts and Sciences Blackfriars, Druids : Excelsior. Haines, Peggy Houston, A F A WASHINGTON, DISTRICT COLUMBIA Sophomore . An, and S.icn.e, Hairston, James Monroe A T t2 Hale, Ben F. pineapple, alabama Junior . Education Transfer. North Carolina Slate. Hale, Beth Wade, (] M TAMPA, FLORIDA Sophomore - Home Economic, i ' ackfr-ars: Caroline Hunt Club: Hale, Chann!ng birmingham. alabama Freshman - Engineerins Photography Club, Godard, Flora Mae, A Z FAIR hope, ALABAMA Grass, Melvin Encell, A X Grimsley, Aiva McGrff S A E LEEDS, ALABAMA Junior - Engineering Greeks: St. Pafs. o R O Page One Hundred Fijly-fiy LL O ■ if) cc LiJ z Tnp Row: HaJI, C, H;ill. .1 M., Hambrick. Hamiltnn, R K.. Hamilton, W.. Hammon.l I... Hammond. T. A. S,. - on,l Row : Hamner. Hankins. Hannah. Hanm.n. Hansard. Hai-.lin. Hardwi,k. : Third Row, Hardy. HardsoK. Hare, Harkins. Harmon. Harris, . . A.. Harris. .1. C. : p-ourlh Row. Harris. K. H., Harris. K. I.ea. Harris. R. Leich. Harris. R. R.. Harris. V. S.. Hartman. Hassfcdd. Fifth Row. Havard. Hayes. F.. Hayes. M. li.. Hayes. Hearne Heitz. Henii, ' . Sixth Row: Henry. li. G.. Henry, R.. Herbert. HerlonK. Herrman. Herrmann. HeydinRer. , Seventh Row: Hieks. M.. Hieks. M. A.. HiKbee. Hiles, Hill. H. M.. Hill. .1. I).. Hill. W. E. .:; EiKhth Row: Hitl. Hixoti. M. H.. Hixon, M., Hoar. H o b a (• k. Hodes, HodKes, C. H. kmfM mtM ■- i k ■■?• F - ' %i« ■J ' m d T H E IWe Om Hund,cJ l-,fiy.ux Hall, Charles, V A Hah , Jami.s M., :;: A E Jackson, Mississippi SophL»}iort: . EnginecTitu; Rifle Team. Hambrick, Grace, A A A BROOKSVILLE, MISSISSIPPI Jii,„„r . Home E.o„u,„hs Transfer from Brenau. Hamilton, Robert E. elkhart, indiana JimioT . Am d.. SiicM lilackfriars. Hamilton, Wood , K A TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA ]„mor . An, and S.icuc, Knaves. Hammond, Lourena Hammond, Tom A., i) X Hamner, Blanche Christian NOSTHPORT, ALABAMA hrcshm n . Edutation W. A. A. Hankins, J. Noble Hannah, Ted Milton, ATA PRINCETON, WEST VIRGINIA Sophomore . Commcee Deka SiBma Pi ; lilackfriars : Sec-- retary-Treasurer, Sophomore Class. Hannon, Mary Frances Hansard, Adonice, 1 M tuscaloosa, alabama yrinior - Art, and Scume! Blackfriars. Hard:n, James Taylor, i! X LIVINGSTON, ALABAMA JumOT . An, and Saema Crimson-White; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. Hardwick, Clarznce Anel Hardy, William Taylor, i A E NEWALA, ALABAMA S .phomore - A Tti and Scicn I ' resident. Fri r ' shr nan Class ; Cli ,ib: Million Do liar Band : fri ars : Secret! iry, Dr uids; Dii Alabama Ca .•aliers. Hardzog, Walter A , K i Hare, J. W.. :i N SCOOBA, MISSISSIPPI ansfer. East Mississippi .Ju Colletre. Harkins. Grover L., i; X GADSDEN, ALABAMA Junior - Am and Sciences " A " Club : Varsity Football. Harmon, Annie. ATA Harris, James Adrian, 1 i A white plains, new YORK Sophomore . An, and Sclcncei Hillel Foundation. Harris, Jane Caroline, I ' A Harris, Katherine Hudson A r A BESSEMER, ALABAMA ;„riior - Arl, and S,ie,ue! Blackfriars. HARRIS, R. Lea, i: a E MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Freshman - An, and Science, Corolla ; Rammer-Jammer. Hahr:s, Robert Leigh, A X BAY MINETTE, ALABAMA Sophomore . Arl, and Science, Roll. Harris, Robert Rushing, i X TALLASSEE, ALABAMA Sophomore . Chemistry Clee Club: Rho Alpha Tau : Million Dollar Hand. Harris, Virginia S., AAA THOMA.SVILLE, ALABAMA Frchinan . Edmatum . W. C. A. Freshman Cabinet Hartman, Jane Belle, i) .N T Hassfeld, Charles T. h ' li.side, new jersey Sophomore - Corrimeree Alpha Kappa I si. H vARD, Celeste Leonora A X MOBILE, ALABAMA Irchman . Education Blackfriars; W. A. A. Hayes, Francls, A II TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Sophomore . Arl, and S,ic,u,, W. A. A. ; French Club. Hayes, Millard Brooks, A K E BLOUNTSTOWN, FLORIDA Soph, irwre . Commerce Kho Alpha Tau ; Glee Club : Knaves ; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. Hayes, Ethel Smith, Z T A Hearne, Jesse Cleveland cuba, alabama Junior - Arts and Sciences I ' resident, State Y. M. C. A. : Presi- dent, University Y. M. C. A. ; Sec- retar.v-Treasurer. Tau Kappa Al- pha ; Varsity UebatinK Team ; E. - celsior: Blue Ridge DeleRate ; Spirit Committee; University Christian Council: Eilitor. Collecian : Alaba- ma Quadrantrle. Heintz, Kathleen A. FLORENCE, SOUTH DAKOTA Freshman . Commeue Blackfriars. Henig. Benjamin Elmore, t 1 " A Henry, Barbara Genevieve X n Henry, Richard, U K ' I ' Herbert, Gordon B., A i) ' 1 MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE Sophomore . Commerce Crim: on-White. Hehlong, Jule, a X A FORT DEPOSIT, ALABAMA Sophonioie . Commr,e Spirit Committee ; Glee Club ; R Herrman, Glis Waterm Z B T Hermann, Albert August, -) E Hevdinger, Dave K., A T A BELLEFONTAINE, OHIO Freshman . Art, and Sciences Blackfriars. HicKS, Mary, A A A Soph,i Transfer fr HiCKS, Mary A Higbee, Harriet Helen, AAA TACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA Sophcmiore . Ediicatum Blackfriars: Newman Club. HiLEs, Henry Constant, 11 K A TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA Sophomore - Commerce Rho Alpha Tau : Druids ; Phi Eta Sipma : Quadrancle: Freshman Baseball : Freshman Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. Hill. Harr ' i Marshal!. A T L ' TULLAHONA, TENNESSEE Sophomore - Commerce Arch Club. Hill, Joe Doy, II K A LAFAYETTE, ALABAMA Sophcnnore - Arts and Science, Greeks. Hill. William Ernest, (-) X HiTT, Virginia Bentley, A I HixoN. Margaret Horn, K K I ' mobile, ALABAMA Blackfriars : W. A. A. Hixon, Mary mt. hebron. alabama Frchman . An, and Scicrues Hlai-kfriars: Freshman Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. Hoar, Frederick Joseph, A X A HoBACK, Frances Ellen HoDES. Stanley Frank, Z B T Hodges, Chahlfs Harden A T Q ODENVILLE, ALABAMA Junior . An, and Science, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: R: o R O Page One Hundred hijly-scven LL O in QC Lll z T.) . Row: HoclKeb. G. W. Hu.i ' „ ' i-s. S. H.. Hodnettp. HocrMch. Hoener. Holland. J. C... Holland. R. N. Sec- ond Row: Holley. F. M.. Holley. J. T.. Hollis. Hol- man. A. P.. Holman. C, Holman. S. H.. Holt. J. . Third Row: Holycro.w. Hoop- er. Horn. Horton. Horvey, Hotzo. Houston. Fourth Row: Howard. Howell. How- cr. Howjf. Hubbs. Hucka- by, Hucy. ; Fifth Row: Hiiehes, C. B.. Hiik ' hes. J. A.. HiiKhes. J.. Hull. Hume. Hummell. P. C. Hummell. R. P. Sixth Row: Hunter. P. H.. Hunter. T. W., Hurl- hurt. In e. Isbell. Israel. Ivans. . Seventh Row: Ivey. .Tackson. H. C!.. Jackson. M. A.. Jaeobson. James. (5. T.. James. K. E.. James. P. W. rr KiKhth Row: Jamoison, .lenkins. M.. Jenkins. W. R.. Johnson. A.. Johnson. D.. Johnson. H. S.. John- son. .1. U. H E Page U,u llunJicd lijty-cighi Hodges, George W., Jr., A i; ASHVILLE, ALABAMA iiMiur . Arts and Sciences Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. Hodges, Sam Henry, S A E ECOTTSBORO, ALABAMA HoDNETTE, Frank Brooks II K A ATMORE, ALABAMA Junior . A,l, and Sciences Alpha Epsilon Delta. HotFLicH, Marion, A X Q FORT PIERCE, FLORIDA Sor.honiore . Commerce Y. W. C. A. ; Madrigal Society. HoENER. Richard Frederick MINEOLA, NEW YORK Junwr . Engmecns Chi Beta Phi. Holland, James Grover, Jr. birmingham, alabama Sophomore - Commerce Pershing Rifles: Spanish Club; Delta Sigma Pi : Rifle Team. Holland, Ruth Naomi birmingham, alabama Jufuor - Home Economic, Vice-President, C iline Hunt Club. HoLLEY, Frances Morgan Holley, Jim T., 2 N Holvcross, Richard Lee, K A Hooper, Madelvn Ruth, t M SELMA, ALABAMA Sophomore . An, end Sceme, Secretary, Blackfriars : Freshman Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. Horn, X ILL1AM A. Horton, Hugh Cliff, X " I ALICEVILLE. ALABAMA Sophomore - Commerce Horvey, Paul Hotze, Charles Wayne wilmette, illinois Houston, G. C. Howard, Raymond C. 2i I ' ENDICOTT, NEW YORK Sophomore - Commerce Howell, Luther, Jr., X I HowER, Lee H. Hughes, Jimmi Alexander A T !,2 Hughes, Joseph Hull, Joseph Furniss, " I ' K SELMA, ALABAMA 7i.n or . Art, end Science, French Club : Assistant Business Manager. Crimson-White: Y. M. C. A.: Band: Glee Club: Blackfriars: Excelsior. Hume, Gwendolyn Louise, Y Hummell, Paul Charles, (-) E Hummell, Raymond Philip (-) E Hunter, Phillip Henry, II K I Hunter, Thomas W. latrobe, Pennsylvania Freshman - Chemistry Hurlburt, Walter Forbes ATA IvEY, H. Bernard, A }£ NORFOLK, VIRGINIA Junior . Art. and Science, Pershing Rifles : Crimson-White Jackson, Haynes G., K A Jackson, Martha Allean, t) Y TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Sophomore . Education Blackfriars: W. A. A. Jacobson, Richard K, Z B T birmingham, alabama Frchman . Commerce R. A. T. : Pershing Rifles: Excel- sior: Freshman Debating Team; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet : Spanish Club. James, George Truett, $ A James, Katherine Eudora oxford, ALABAMA Sophomore - Arts and Sciences Blackfriars : Zeta Phi Eta : Secre- tary. Baptist Student Union. James, Powhatan W., I A Jamesson, Harry Keyes, S buffalo, new YORK Sophomore - Chemistry Secretary-Treasurer. Freshman Class : Alembic Club. Jenkins, Martha, K A Hollis, Virginia Marie, A 1 ' A PELHAM, GEORGIA Pi: Glee Club; W. A. A.; Trans- fer, Gulf Park College. Holman, Audrey Penn, A A II MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Freshman . Art, and Science, W. A. , . : Crims..n-White : Wesley Players. HoLMAN, Clarence, }£ A E MO.NTGOMERY, ALABAMA Jxn.or . Art, and Sciences R. A. T. : Druids : Spirit Commit- tee : Secretary-Treasurer. Freshman Commerce; Officers ' Club: Assist- ant Business Manager. Corolla; O. D. K. HoLMAN, Sara Bradley, K K T Holt, June HowzE, Marcus A., A T ti ANNISTON, ALABAMA Interfraternity Council : Blackfri- ars : Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Arch Club. HuBBS, Robert C. Huckaby, Virginia Juanita ATA GUNTERSVILLE, ALABAMA Sophomore . Education ice-President, Sophomore Class HuEY, C. Sam, n K I ROANOKE, ALABAMA Freshman - Commerce Hughes, Claude Bentley A T i2 Inge, Z. M. P., A K E MOBILE, ALABAMA Junior . Commerce IsBELL, Jane, Z T A GUNTERSVILLE, ALABAMA Junior . Arts and Sciences Pan-Helenic Council ; Blackfriars : Y. W. C. A. Cabinet : Vice-Presi- dent. Junior Class ; Crimson-White : Spanish Club : Corolla : Zeta Phi Eta : Guidon. Israel, Elmo WEST BLOCTON, ALABAMA Sophom ore . A rt, and Sc Ifrm- Kai id ; Phi i Eta Sigma ; Dn lids ; Bla ck friars ; Core )lla; Var sity Dc- bati ing T e a m : Crimso: n-White; Rar nmer-Jf immer ; Executi ' fe Com- mittee, Hillel. Ivans , JULI. Lauretta BROOKLYN, NEW YORK Freshm, " . - A, Newma ■t, and Sc n Club. lence. Jenkins, William Russell bessemer, alabama Freshman . EnKineerini; St. Pafs. Johnson, Agnes, X Q HICKMAN, KENTUCKY Sophomore - Commerce i: Pan-Hellenic Council: W. A. : Corolla : Rammer-Jammer : Y. W. C. A. Johnson, Deesa, A Z BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Junior - Commerce W. A. A. : Spirit Committee. Johnson, Helen Shaw, X il Johnson, J. Russel TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Sophomore . Ensineertng Y. M. C. A. o R O Page One Hundred Fifly-nme OQ 1. o y H — in QC LU — Z D Top Row : Johr ison. M.. Johnson, P., Johns on. R. C. Johnston. Jones. A. M., Jones. C. P.. Jon es. D. A. •; ' r Second Row : Jones, E. A., Jones. E. V.. Jones, G. F.. Jones. G. H.. Jones. N. C. Jones, P. K.. Jones. P. ; Third Row; J ordan. C. Jordan. G.. Jordan, J., Josey, Juhler. Jung. Ji unkin. v; Fourth Row: Kahalley. Kahlmus. Kahn, I. H., Kahn, I.. I„ Kahn, L., Ki ihn, S. S.. Kanner. • Fifth R ow: Karp. Kase, Kashishiai n, Katz, Kayser. Kayuha, Kelley, -rV Sixth Row: Kellj ■, C. C, KoUy, D.. Kelly, E ;. M., Kel- ly. K. J.. Kelly, M . E.. Kep- ler, Kern, t,- Sevc nth Row : Kidd, Kidder. Kit •ley, Kim- brouch. Kimerlin K, Kinc, C. E.. King. G. ■;■; EiKhth Row: KinK, F., KinK, M. W., Kirschke. Kitchens, Kleyenateubcr. KM ck, KliiiK. H Page One Hunjrcd Sixly Johnson, Mildred, X Q LINCOLN. ALABAMA Jlmlo, . Edluatio,, Women ' s Editor, Corolla ; Transfer, Alabama College: Elementary Coun- cil Club. Johnson, Prisolla clanton, alabama Johnson, Robert G. Johnston, Alice Katherine K A Jones, Alice McLean, AAA Tuscaloosa, Alabama Freshman - Home Economics Blackf riars : Rammer-Jammer : Omega. Jones, Carey Pauline, A X Q Jones, Dixie Ann, K K F PELL city, ALABAMA Jitmo, . An, and Sciences Transfer. Shorter College : Omega ; Blackfriars: Chi Delta Phi: Inter- national Relations Club: Rammer- Jammer: Corolla: Freshman Y. W. C. A. Cabinet : Transfer, Represen- tative Women ' s Student Govern- JoNEs. Edith Augl ' sta ROANOKE, ALABAMA Freshman . Home Economies W. A. A. ; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet ; Blackfriars; Carolyn Hunt Club. Jones, Emilee Van Hoose K K r TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA ;i n,or - A,:, and Sciences Blackfriars: Rammer-Jammer: Crimson-White: Corolla. Iones, George Franklin, Jr. A T Q mobile, ALABAMA Freshman - Contmerce Blackfriars. Jones, George Hervert, S A E TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Freshman - Ensinccrmg Jones, Nell Curtis, A X il BREWTON, ALABAMA Junior . Arts and Sciences Glee Club: Blackfriars. Jones, Paula Kathryn, 2 K NEWPORT, RHODE ISLAND Sophcmore . Education W. A. A.: French Club: Newman Club. Jones, Pauline Jordan, Charles F., A 2 t Jordan, Gary, A K E GADSDEN, ALABAMA Junior - Commerce Jordan, Jimmie, II K A JosEY, Frances, A A IT OPP, -ALABAMA JuHLER, Eleanor, ! M XINTER haven, FLORIDA Freshman - Commerce Blackfriars: Y. W. C. A. Jung, Fredrich William, Jr. • K maplewood, new jersey Sophomore - Commerce Band. JuNKiN, Ray flushing, L. I., new YORK Sophomore . Commc.e Kahalley, Loreice Kahlmus, Fredrick William K A meridian, MISSISSIPPI Sophomore - Commerce Transfer, University of Mississippi. Kahn, Irving Berlin, $ Z A NEWARK, NEW JERSEY Junior . Commerce Secretar.v-Treasurer. Interfratern- ity Council : Executive Council H i 1 1 e I Foundation : Crimson- White : Drum Major of Band ; Spirit Committee. Kahn, Lawrence I., Z B T GADSDEN, ALABAMA Freshman . Alls and Sciences E.vcelsior: Fencing Squad: Crim- son-White. Kahn, Lorraine, i: A T DANVILLE, VIRGINIA Junior . Arts and Sciences Crimson-White: Rammer-Jammer. Kahn, Stanley S., Z B T gadsden, alabama Junior . Art, and Sciences Honor Roll. ■:i. ' -,- ' 37 : Blackfriars : Excelsior: Secretary-Treasurer. In- ternational Relations Club. Kanner, Ted brooklyn, new york Sophomore . Arts and Sciences Karp, William Bubbles stanford, connecticut Sophomore - Ensineerins St. Pat ' s : A. S. C. E. : Spirit Co mittee : Hillel Foundation. Kase, Roger David Kashishian, John Katz, Sidney Bernard winsted, connecticut Freshman . Enf inccini: Hillel Foundation. Kayser, James R., (-) H BUFFALO, NEW YORK Sophomore . En incerinK Kayuha, Charles, X TRIADELPHIA, WEST VIRGINIA Freshman - Engineering Kellev. Luther Felix, II K ' I ' Kelly, Carl C, A X A BIG STONE GAP, VIRGINIA Sophomore - Commerce Kelly, Dorothy, A A IT Kelly, Edith Madge Kelly, Edmund J., A 2! I NEW BRUNSWICK, NEW JERSEY Sophomore • Commerce Newman Club. Kelly, Mary Eva Kansas city, Missouri Sophomore - Arts and Sciences Kepler. Margaret Arlene, i K DELTA, COLORADO Transfer, University of Denver. Kern, Fred, Jr., Z B T KiDD, James Mallory, I ' . (-) BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Sophomore . Commerce Delta Sigma Pi : Y. M. C. A. Cab- inet : Philomathic : Varsity Debat- ing Team ; Quadrangle. Kidder, Helen Mary, A l Kieley, Harold George, 1 2 K PEI.HAM, new YORK Kimbrough, William Edward :;: A E meridian, MISSISSIPPI Sophomore . Arts and Sciences Crimson-White. Kimerling, Gaston, K N King, Charles Edwin. A T U BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Arch Club. King, Gordon, II K A King, Frank-Ragan, AAA King, Marion W., A A A NATCHEZ, MISSISSIPPI Freshman . Home Economic, Blackfriars: Newman Club. Kirschke, Robert Phillip, 1 K i; JOLIETTE, ILLINOIS Freshman - EnginccTins Camera Club. Kitchens, James Francis n K i meridian, MISSISSIPPI Junior . Education ■•A " Club : Varsity Track Tea Crass Country Track. ' :i.i--:f7. Kleyensteuber, Harry M. S. 2 A E LEBANON, TENNESSEE Freshman - Engineerins St. Pal ' s. Klick. Walter H., (-) E ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI Spirit Committee: Delta Sigma Pi: I ' hilomathic. Kling, William, Z B T new orleans, louisiana .Junior Football Manager: Druids: Excelsior: Blackfriars: Interfrator- nity Council : Junior Prom Com- mittee. o R O Page One Hundred Sixty-on CD LL O - 1- — f) cc LU — z D Top Row ; Klineel, Klu imb. Kninhl. K iihn. Kopa c7.. Kra- henbuhl. Kramer, H. B Second Row : Kra mer. J.. Kratz, Kraus, Kra ' ntz. Krebs. D. ,, Krebs. J. M.. Krout. -A Third Ro ' w: Kru- kiel, Kubi isek. Kuch ins, La- cey. Lami ir, .1. W., Lir nar. K.. Lamki n. Four th R ow ; Lancaster , Land. Lander.s, I-andham, Lanier. J. G.. La- nior. R. D.. Lankford. lifth Ro« ' : Lary, Lassetter. Lathram, LavarKe, La ' ven- (ler. Lawrence, Lawson, F. D. A- Six th Row: Law son . G. E. H. Lawson H. n.; Lawson. V. S., Lazai -, Le ach. I,cach. Lti ■apard. v: Sev ' nth Row; Lci iry. Leder er. Lee, C. W., I. ,ee, E., Lefko. i-ils. LeibtTKcr, Leicreli er. Kisrhth R ow : Lela nd. Le- Maistre. L enby. Letai rjn, I ,ett, Levin, Levine. .1 . M. H E Punc 0 H- Hundred Sniy-twu Klingel, John B., Z »I ' buffalo, new york ]„„„„ . E„sim;;i„i; A. I. Ch. E. Klumb, Robert Elrov, K i] Krukiel, Alfred Joseph kearny, new jersey Sofhuniarc . Com„u„e Newman Cliil). KuBisEK, Edward S. Lassetter, Anita Emily, X Q Lathraw, James F., A X Leary, William Walter, Jr. i K i: meridian, MISSISSIPPI SuphumoTf - Arti ajid Siitiiiei Philomathic Art Club. Lederer, Leonard, Z B T Knight, Roy R., A T Q ANNISTON, ALABAMA Frethmarl . Engtnt eitns Blackfriars. KoHN, Abraham Walter, 2AM KoPACz, Benny Walter, I ' il K Krahenbuhl, Sophie, Z T A BESSEMER, ALABAMA Sophom,.,e - Home E.unom,.! W. A. A. ; Newman Cliilj. Kramer, Harvey Benjamin SAM GREENFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS Freshman - Commerce Fencing Clul) : Secretary-Treasur Freshman Class. Kramer, Jane, AAA MCOMB, MISSISSIPPI Sorhomon - An, jnd S.iemes Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. Kratz, Charles Irving, Jr. Kraus, Oscar Fred flushing, new YORK J,m,or . £„s,„«„„s Kravitz, Morton, K N Krebs, David KucHiNS, Margaret, AAA L CEY, Sara Frances i K BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Ji.nior . Edmatio,, W. A. A. ; French Club: Y. W. C. A Lamar, John Woodward. II K 1 Lamar, Kitty, K A SELMA, ALABAMA J„„lo, . EdiuJIU,,, Lamkin, William H. Lancaster, Dorothy, A l ' Land, Ernest H. Landers, Bill Farrell, A 2 I ANNISTON, ALABAMA Landham, Edward Carlin, i! A E ANNISTON, ALABAMA Sophomore . Arls and Seience! R. A. T. : Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. Lanier, James Gibson, A T Q BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA freshman . Enstneerin} Lanier, Russell D ' Lyon, Jr. A T Q Lavarge, Charles Bernard 1 K Lavender, Orville L. tuscaloosa, alabama J„mo, - Commerce Lawrence, S ra, X ii CLA Sopho ALABAMA ■ - Ed,ual,o Corolla. Lawson, Frederick Day talladega. alabama , Gifford Edmund Hurd Lawson. Harold Benjamin A T A FINLEYVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA Junior . Aril and Science, Glider Club: Pershing Rifles: M. C. A. Cabinet : Spirit Comni tee ; DeMolay Club. Lawson, Vivian Strudwick AAA TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Frchman . Art, and Science, Blackfriars : W. A. A. : Omeua. Lazah, Val John hutchinson, pennsylvania Sophomore . Ensineerin, eshnian Y. M. C. A. Cabinet : inat ' er Freshman Baseball Team : St. Pat ' s. BIRMINGHAM. ALABAM, Junior . C. ommer e I. T. : Honor Court. • Leach, Helen Lee, Charles William, A X A Lee, Elvela, A I ' A GADSDEN, ALABAMA Junior - Arls and Science, ' ransfer, Alabama Collet;. Lefkovits, Sammy, Z B T bessemer, alabama Leiberger, Robert Mentzell, Jr. connellsville pennsylvania Sophomore . Commerce Crimson-White: Band. Leigeber, Helene Marie Leland, Joseph, Jr., A K E LeMaistre, Edith, ATA TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Freshman . Chemi,try : Blackfriars: Crimson-White; Y. V . C. A. : German Club. Lenby, Ruth Link Letson, Hollis B. Lett. Sarah Elizabeth, AAA TALLASSEE, ALABAMA Sophomore . Arts and Science, Omega: Corolla: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. Krebs, Jane Marie, Z HAMILTON, OHIO Junior . Arls and Science, Blackfriars: W. A. A. Lankford, Frank Edward A K E Leach, Robert Albert Levin. David William, K N birmingham, alabama Sophomore - Commerce Krout, Bernice, a Z brent, ALABAMA Sophomore . Educalion Blackfriars : Glee Club : Y. W. i Lary, Frances Lucile, K A TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Freshman . Arl, and Science! Blackfriars : Rammer-.Iammer. Leapard, John David, K A TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Sophomore . Arl, and Scierue, Blackfriars. Levine, Jake Maurice. Jr. Z B T o R O Page One Hundred Sixty-three CQ O - h- {f) QC LU Z D Top Row: Levine. L. P.. Lewis, Lieberman. Lindsay, Link, Lipchitz, Lipsey. R. D. ■; ■ StTond Row: Lipsey, W., Lipsoii, Little, M. T.. Little, T. M., Livingston, E. 11., Livingston. H. N.. Lloyd. ., Third Row: Lock- lin, Lofgren, Loftin, Logan, LonK, H. A., Long, J. M., Loos. ■;;.■ Fourth Row: Lot- stcin. Lowe, Lowrey. Luck- ey, Luobanow, Lynch, Ly- ons, E. T. .:. Fifth Row: Lyons, R. N.. McAdam-i. McHurney, MeCabe, Mi-Call, MeClave, McClure. Sixth Row: McCollum. MeConnell. McCormmk, C, MuCor- mack, M.. McCorvey, Mc- Coy, McCurry. Seventh Row: McDaniel, McDavid, MtDermott, McDonald, Mc- Dowell, R. M.. McDowell, W.. McKachern. Eighth Row: McEniry, H. L., Mc- Eniry, J. H., McFaddin, Mc- Garity, McGee. E., McGee, F. (J.. McGough. H Pa e One Hundred Sixly-fo Levine, Lillie Pelman tuscaloosa, alabama SophoinuTf . Arti and S tcmes Alpha Laml.iia Di ' lta. Blackfriars Fr. ' .,hmaTi Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. Lewis, Gene, K K 1 " montevallo, alabama jumo, . Edu.alu,,, Glee Club ; Corolla : Rammer-Jam LlEBERMAN, DaNIEL, K N ATLANTIC CITY, NEW JERSEY Lindsay, Nathaniel Harrell Link, Robert O. 6 X LipcHiTZ, Theodore Ronald K N NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT Sopho,„o,e -Arts and Scumcs Crimson-White. LiPSEY, Robert Doling, A 2 $ LiPSEY, William, K A TUSCALOOSA, .ALABAMA Freihman - Arls and Sclcn.cs Crimson-White: Blaclifriars ; A Club : Excelsior. Lipson, Harry Aaron, Jr. SAM BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA SopbonioTe - Commerce Sophomore Basketball Manager Little, Margaret T. Little, Thelma Marie, , Z BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA yuniur - Hume Eeonumu! Corolla : Y. W. C. A. ; Caroline Hunt Club. Livingston, Edwin Burks r A TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Frethman - Artf and Sciences Glee Club. Livingston, Hehschel Neil KELLYTON, ALABAMA Phi Eta SiKma: A. ' l. E. E. ; Theta Tau; Chi Beta Phi. Lloyd, Virginia Edith, A $ TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Freshman . Arts and Sciences Blackfriars ; Madrigal Society., Charles William, — N Lofgren, June, K K F birmingham, alabama Sophmnore . Home Economics Blackfriars ; Corolla : Rammer-Jan mer; President. Sophomore Class LoFTiN. Robert L e, S X Logan, Frances huntington, west virginia Junior . Home Economics Transfer. Marshall College. Long, Harold A., Jr , I F A Long, John Mvrle HORNELL, new YORK Sophomore - Arts and Sciences rshing Rifles : Newman Club ; M. C. A. Cabinet: Blaokfriar;: Spanish Club. Loos, Leta Marie, X Q Lotstein, Bernard, • — A paulsboro, new jersey Freshman - Education Hand : Freshman Y ' . M. C. A. Cab- inet: Hillel Foundation: Alabama Crimsons Orchestra. Lowe. Evelyn T., K K F LovcREY, Leonard Moscoe LUCKEY, LUCILE E., A Z PAINTED POST, NEW YORK Sophomoie . Commerce W. A. A. : Pan-Hellenic Council. LuoBANOW, Nathan Aaron ; A m NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE Sophomore . Commerce Assistant Cheer Leader. Lynch, Marion Millard jackson, alabama Spirit Committee : Philomathic. Lyons, Edward Thompson i) K i: RIDLEY PARK, PENNSYLVANIA Jimio, . Udiualion K. A. T. : Blackfriars. Lyons, Reba Neville A F A MOBILE, ALABAMA Sophomore . Arls and Sciences Omega. McAdams, Mary Evelyn McBurney, Robert Powers 1 F A McCabe, Margie Mary McCall, Blanche, K A LAGRANGE, GEORGIA Junior . Arls and Sciences Blackfriars. McClave, Kenneth, Jr., ATA McClure, Genevieve, A F A McCollum, Malvina Howells M BESSEMER, ALABAMA Sophomore - Arts and Sciences Blackfriars : Fencing Club. McConnell, Marcus E., Jr. A K E LIVINGSTON, ALABAMA Junior - Arls and Sciences Transfer. Davidson College. McCoRMACK, CaRR, Jr., . " I ' NEW CASTLE, ALABAMA Sophomore . Arls and S, icuc McCormack, Margaret, K A McCoRVEY, Emily Gray, K K F MOBILE, ALABAMA Sophomore - Art, and Science! Vice-1 ' resident. Freshman Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. McCoy, Glen, Jr., J 2 K McCuRRY, Claude Berry McDanui , Mary Ingle SOUTH PITTSIJURGH. TENNESSEE Sophomore - Commerce McDavid, Robert Patton, III A T U BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Junior . Arls and Sciences Quadrangle: Interfraternity Coun- cil ; Sports Editor. Crimson-White ; Arch Club : E.tcelsior : Assistant Editor. Rammer-Jammer. McDermott, Jane Clarke A A II GUNTERSVILLE, ALABAMA 7ii,uor - Home Economics W. A. A. : Y. W. C. A. McDonald. William John, Jr. I 2 K FRtEPORT, L. I., NEW YORK Junior . Arts and Sciences Spirit Committee; Creeks: Inter- fraternity Council; Newman Club. McDowell, Ruth M., A A A MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Sophomore . Arts and Sciemes Y. W. C. A. Cabinet : Omega ; Co- rolla ; Blackfriars : Board of Di- rectors. Alpha Lambda Delta; W. A. A. McDowell, Walter, Jr., n K A BESSEMER, ALABAMA Sophomore . Arts and S.ierues McEachern, Richard, 2 X McEniry, Hyman Louise, A F A dolomite, ALABAMA Sophomore . Arls and Sciences McEniry, J. Howard, Jr., K A BESSEMER, ALABAMA Junior . Arls and Science, tfuadrangle: Phi Eta Sigma; Y. M. C. A. ; Crimson-White. McFaddin, Louise, K A SELMA, ALABAMA Sophomore - Education McGarity, Martha, A A FI McGee, Eric, A X HARTFORD, ALABAMA Junior . Engineering McGee, Frances Gary, K A TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Freshman . Home Economic, Blackfriars; Rammer-Jammer. McGough, Frank E., 2 N o R O A Pu$e Otic Hundred Sixty-five CO -I LL o - (n lU Top Row: McGrath. Mc- Griff. MfKenzie. McKnieht. J. I., McKniuht. M. C, Mc- I.aurine. McLeod. - Second Row: McMillan. B. F., Mc- Millan, R., McMurtray. Mc- Phcrson. McQueen. McWil- liams. A. B.. McWilliams. R. ; Third Row: Mabry. MacDouKall. MacFarland. Mack. Mahr. Main. C. E., Main, R. Fourth Row: Maniiell. Maiidcville, Mann, Mapes, Marnolis. Marbury, Marino. Fifth Row: Ma- ris, Marsh, Marshall, B. F.. Marshall. F. W.. Marshall, J. F.. Marshall. M.. Mars- land. -: Sixth Row: Mar- tell. Martin. E.. Martin. F. W.. Martin. H. C, Martin. J.. Martin. M. M.. Martin, R. K. Seventh Row: Martin, R. L., Martin, S.. Masinsil. Mason. D. P.. Ma- son. S.. Massey. Massieon. Eit ' hth Row: Mathis, Matlack. Matthews. Maul- din. Maxwell. May. G., May. K. N PjSi- One IluudrcJ Sixly-iix iVIcGrath, Phiscilla Ann McGriff, J. Selley ' DUTTON, ALABAMA Fr.ihm ri . An, and Scumn Freshman Football and Basketball. Mabry, Frances Eugenia, X Q MOBILE, ALABAMA Sophoinon- . Commcu, MacDougall, Arthur Thomas Maris, Charlotte Louise newman, illinois Sofhuworc . Connmnc W. ( ' . A. Ciihint-l : W. A. A. Marsh, Elizabeth G. Martin, Richard Kirby Martin, Rose Lorena, A , I [ BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Sof ' hoinuTC - Aiti and Siu-nvcf W. A. A. ; Y. W. C. A. McKenzie, Helen Teresa AHA McKnight, James Isham, Jr. X MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE R. A. T. : St. Paf ' s. McKnight, Madolvn Crae McLaurine, Dorothy Morton lincoln, alabama Sophomore - Home Econoiniti Blackfriars: Caroline Hunt Club: French Club. McLeod, William, I A (-) McMillan, Benjamin Franklin A e MOBILE, ALABAMA Sophomore - Commerie R. A. T. McMillan, Ruth McMurtrav, Helen Myrtle AAA McPherson, George, i X McQueen, Margaret, K A BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Jum.n . Arts and Sden.e, Omega. McWiLI lAMS, ASBURY BoULDIN i: A E MacFarland, Alfred Towson i: A E LEBANON, TENNESSEE Jimior . Am and Scieme, Secretary-Treasurer. Junior Class : Honor Court: Glee Club: Debate Squad: Spirit Committee: Ramnu-r- .(ainmer: Knaves. Mack, Maricathrvn tallahassee, florida Frchman . Arts and S.un.a Blackfrairs: Newman Club: W. A. A. : Zeta Phi Eta. Mahk, Irwin George, i) il E NEWARK, NEW JERSEY Alpha Kappa Psi. Main, Charles Egbert, A X Main, Rebecca, K K T Mandell, Leonard, 1 2 A Mandeville, Jane Cary, AAA CARHOLLTON, GEORGIA Junior . Home Econom,., Y. W. C. A. Cabinet : Secretary- Treasurer. Omega : Blackfriars : W. A. A. : Rammer-Jammer. Mann, Betty Ellen, A Mapes, S. R., Jr., $ K i) TUSCUMBIA, ALABAMA ■■re,hman . Ensim-enng r.lee Club. Margolis, Edward Max, i) A M Marburv, Billy B., l A t) Marshall, Ben F., A K E MOBILE, ALABAMA Sophumure . Commcrte Marshall, Frank Wade, I A (-) Marshall, John Frederick 1 A H EUFAULA, ALABAMA ]„nwr . Commerce Glee Club: President. Phi Eta Sig ma. ' 37 ; Druids : Quadrangle Knaves: Interfraternity C( uncil. Marshall, Margaret birmingham, alabama y.,.uc.r - Cunnner.e Phi Chi Theta. Marsland, Richard H. NORTHVILLE, new YORK Jiimor - Arts and Saencel Philcmathic : Excelsior: Y. M. C. A. : Wesley Players. Martell, Frances pennsgrove, new jersey Sophomore . Edmalion Rifle Team : Newman Club. Martin, Evelyn, A X Q Martin, Frances Woodruff Z T A MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE Freshman - Home Eeonomies Secretary. Freshman Class: Martin. Harold Ci ifton new market, alabama Ji.mor . Ediuahor, President. Junior Class. Martin, Juanita, Z T A Martin, Sue, Z T A Masingil, Lois Carolyn, Z T A BESSEMER, ALABAMA Freshman . Commene Y. W. C. A. ; Glee Club : Black- Mason, David P., A T Q Mason, Serena, (-) Y Massey, David Lawson, A K E Massieon, John Samuel, A i! I PERU, ILLINOIS jmuor . Arts and Sciences Blackfriars: Freshman Basketball and Track. Mathis, Ben Borom, II K ' l ' ELBA, ALABAMA Sophomore - Commerce Spirit Committee. Matlack, Harold Ellis Mathews, Mary Graves, K A ANNISTON, ALABAMA Freshman - An, and Scieniel Pi: W. A. A.: French Club: Crim- son-White. Mauldin, Marise, a X 12 BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Freshman . Commer.e Corolla. Maxwell, William Randolph i: X McWiLLiAMs, Robert, A i: ! GIBBSTOWN, new JERSEY Sophomore - Engineering o R Marino, Evelyn Elizabeth o Martin, Martha Marie, i; K May, Roy Page One Hundred Sixty- CO LL O - I- QC LU Z D M.. Meredith. Mf Second K.i Messina. 1 Meyer. It. Miller. F. Miller. G. Miller. J. Miller. M Miller. R. Miller. R. H. Herrill. W. C. A. Meyer. R.. Metts. J. G.. ■ Third Row : H.. Mi H. I.. .. Miller. L. C. M.. Miller. M.. Fourth Row : . Miller. S.. Mill- sap. Mimms. Minge. Mins- ky. Mitchell. K. D. :: Fifth Row: Mitchell. H. H.. Mizell. Mobley. Moeller. MontKom- ery. Moody. C. R.. Moody. M. Sixth Row: MooK. Mo ey. H. H.. Moo E. E.. Mo Mo E.. Mot land ey. J. M Pdjjf Otif HunJn-J Sixly-eight l Mm Mellinger, June, A X Q CORAL GABLES, FLORIDA Frahmm - Home E.omnmc, lilackfriars : W. A. A. ; Caroline Hunt Club. Melton, Eugene, K A ATMORE, ALABAMA Melvin, Claude Mal lory, K A Mercer, Kay, AAA DELANO, FLORIDA ;..niur . Arts end Sciences Blackfriars. Mercer, Molly, A I EVANSTON, ILLINOIS lu,.,o, . Ed,u.,„.„ SiJonsor. Million Dollar Band. Meredith, Harlan C, I F A TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Freshman - Cummeree Pershint: Rifles: Crimson-White. Merrill, Desmond Lovvorn Merrill, William Clark, A K E BRONXVILLE, NEW YORK jumoT . Engmeer.ns Phi Eta Sigma : Tau Beta Pi. Messina, Sam Joseph boston, massachusetts Sophomojc . Arts and Sciences President, Sophomore Class : Spirit Committee : Y. M. C. A. Cabinet ; Crimsnn-White: Bo.xing S(|U Mestel, Morton, $ 2 A BROOKLYN, NEW YORK Junia, . Arts and Sciences Hillel. President: Honor Court. Meyer, Robert, i; . GLEN COVE, LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK Freshman . Commerce Crimson-White: Freshman, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Hillel Players. Meyer, Russell C, i) I E Metts, John Gardner birmingham, alabama Freshman . Commerce Band. MrLLER, Frank Harvey, i! A E MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA yi.-iiur - Arts and Science, Assistant Editor, Rammer-Jam- mer : Crimson-White. Miller, Gayle Harvey, 2i A E Miller. Harold Irving, K N Miller, John Cleveland, A T Q MOBILE, ALABAMA Frchman . Commerce Klaikfriars. Miller. Leroy Chester, II K I ELBA, ALABAMA Freshman - Commerce Spirit Committee. Miller. Mary Muckle, K A Miller, Mildred, AAA GUNTERSVILLE, ALABAMA Sophomore - Commerce Secretary Assistant to Dean of Men. Miller. Raymond Cox, 2 N MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Jtimor . Arts and Sciences President. Arch Club. Miller, Ruth Alice Miller, Sarah lineville, alabama lumor - Home Economics Corolla : Blackfriars : Y. W. C. A. Hillel, Vice-President. Caroline Hunt Club. MiLLSAP, Robert Marbury A X A ATLANTA, GEORGIA Sophomore - Arts and Suences Interfraternity Council: Greeks: Spirit Committee : Druids : Secre- tary-Treasurer. Freshman Class : Secretary-Treasurer. Sophomore Class : Y. M. C. A. : Corolla : R. A. T. MiMMS, Harold Edward, A i ' ! NEWARK, NEW YORK Jun.or - Commerce Corolla. MiNGE, Robert TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Freshman - Engineering MiNSKY, Arthur BROOKLYN, NEW YORK lumor - Arts and Sciences German Club : Hillel : Pre-Med Club ; Freshman Tennis Team : T. N. K. Mitchell, Billy Don hartselle, alabama Mitchell, Herbert Hall new market, alabama Quadrangle: Delta Sigma Pi. MizELL, Charles Malcom, A X Mobley, Helen E, A X Q Moel! er, John Ernest, }C ! ' E birmingham, alabama lumor . Commerce Alpha Kappa Psi : Council of Clubs. Montgomery, Belle R., K A TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Sophomore - Arts and Sciences President, Alpha Lambda Delta Board of Directors : Blackfriars Glee Club: Crimson-White: Corolla W. C. Zeta Ph Moody, Clarence Rorex cherokee, alabama Freshman - Commerce Moody, Maxwell, ' A O MooG, Robert, X SUMMIT, NEW JERSEY Sophomore . Commerce MOONEY, BURGETT. HaMIL I ' A H MooNEY, John J., Jr. HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT Freshman . EnKineerinx St. Pafs: Rifle Team. MooRE, Edward Eugene, A X A MARION, ALABAMA Junior . Arts and Sciences Million Dollar Band. Moore, Eula Caroline, AAA CLAYTON, ALABAMA Junior . Home Economics Blackfriars : Wesley Foundation ; Caroline Hunt Club. Moore, Frances, A Z FAYETTE, ALABAMA Sophomore . Home Economics Treasurer. Alpha I-ambda Deltji : German Ciub : Caroline Hunt Club. Moore, June Edith, AHA MooRER, Margaret E Moose, Zada Rose, A 1 SARASOTA, FLORIDA Freshman . Art, and Sciences Fencing Club. Morale, John Joseph, A 2 4 BARRE, VERMONT Sophomore . Arts and Sciences Morgan, Patrick lackawanna, new york Junior - Ensmeering Chi Beta Phi: St. Pafs; A. I. E. E. : Vice-President. Junior Class: Tau Beta Pi : Theta Tau. Morgan, Robert Milton, il ' il K gibbstown, new jersey Sophomore . Englnccna Morgan, Virginia Elizabeth AAA MoRLAND, Mary Colder Morrow, Frances, A Z Cabinet: Blue Ridge Delegate: Sec- retary. Zeta Phi Eta ; Blackfriars : Rifle Team : W. A. A. Morris, Mary Ada, Z T A m ' cULLOUGH, ALABAMA Junior . Education W. A. A.: Y. W. C. A. MoRsoN, Robert Bruce, A X A BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Freshman . Commerce Blackfriars: Drum Major: Corolla. MosEBAUGH, Emil L., A T A DONOHA, PENNSYLVANIA Junior . Engineerins Million Dollar Band: Blackfriars: A. I. Ch. E. MosES, Charles Howard, Jr. A K E Moses, Helen CULLMAN, ALABAMA Phi Chi Theta : Y. W. C. A. Cab net: Spirit Committee: House t Representatives; Spanish Club. MOSL Edythe o R o L Page One Hundred Sixty- CD LL o n UJ Tci. H.iw: Muss. Mu.ld. Miiir. MulliniU ' X. Murch. Murff. Munihy, E. R. ,. Sfounil Row: Murphy. H. D.. Murphy. M.. Murr. Murray. Myers. Naburs. Naff. Third Row; Nash. Nason. Neely. Neish. Nplson. J. T.. Nelson. M. .J.. Nelson. W. R. .; Fourth Row: Nettcr. Neville. Ncwmark. New- some. Newton. Nicol. Nich- ols. •::.• Fifth Row: Niehul- son, Nix, E.. Nix. H. E.. Noble. Norman. H. J.. Nor- man. J. M.. North. ,,• Sixth Row : Norton. Nunnelley. Oar. O ' lirien. Oliver. O ' Neal. Oppenheim. Seventh Row: O ' Roar. O ' Reilly. Ormond. .1. W.. Ormond. M. T.. Orr. Overstreet. Owen. A. M. Eitjhth Row: Owen. V. S.. Owen. I).. Owen. G. W.. Owen. M. F.. Owens. R. V.. Oxford. Oxiey. T l-l Puge One Hundred Serenly Moss, Dow Henrson, II K A GAUSDEN, ALABAMA MuDD, William S., A H MuiR, Douglas H., A K E BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA jnmor - Commcu, Honor Court. MuLLiNNix, Betty MuRCH, Robert Edward, " I " K i) MuRFF, Mary Mercer, X Q Murphy, Eva Roberta, A E A Murphy, Howard Dana, A X A maplewood, new jersey SophonWTc - Commerce Murphy, Margaret, K A JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI yioiic.r - Edue„l,on French Club. MuRR, Charles Howard, A i) !• Murray, George Mosley, K A BESSEMER, ALABAMA Sophomore - Aril and Siicnici Phi Eta SJEina ; Druids : Excelsior : Philomathic : Y. M. C. A. : Assist- ant Manaper, Debate Team. Myers, John A. Nabers, Hugh Comer, A K E Naff, Holden Stafford, Jr. i ' r A BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Sophomore - Comt„crce Greeks. Nash, Roy Paden, K 5) corinth, mississippi Nason, Fred W., Jr. NtELY, William Joseph, K 2l SELMA, ALABAMA Jmuor . Aril ,md Sncue, Glee Club : Blackfriars ; R. A. T. Nelson, James T., 11 K I DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA lumo, . Comm-ree R. A. T. : Newman Club: Philo- mathic : Greeks. Nelson, Margaret Jean, A T A GADSDE N. ALABAMA Sophawo-e - Arl! and S,ien,e, Omefta : W. A. A. ,■ Y. W. C. A. Nelson, Wii mam Rvlander Netter, Abe, Jr., Z B T Neville, Sara, A X ti trinity, ALABAMA Freshman - Commerce Y. W. C. A. : Tennis Club. Newmark. Jerome Phillip i: A M Newsome, Virginia Louise phenix city, alabama J,;„or . Educalwn V. .S. U. Councillor ; Y. W. C. A. Madriual Club. Newton. DoROTh NicoL, Thomas Hillard. ' J ' 1 " A TUSC LOOSA, ALABAMA Freihm,m - Er,f;inee,m-; St. Pat ' s Committee. Nichoi s, Mary Elizabeth A X t2 FORT WAYNE. INDIANA Freshman . Edueahon Hlackfriars: Freshman Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. Nicholson, William H.. II K A Nix, Elizabeth, X Q OPP, ALABAMA Jmno, - An, and Scctues Alpha Lambda Delta: International Relations Club: Readership in Journalism. Nix, Helen Etha. I M MAPLESVILLE, ALABAMA Sophomore - Home Eeonomre, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet ; President. Freshman Class: Caroline Hunt Club : Representative. Board of Di- rectors : Spirit Committee. Noble. Henry Jeffers, 1 ' A H BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Junior . Enf .neenni; Norman. Hei fn Johnstone X U ATLANTA, GEORGIA Sophomore - Ar s and Sci-nees Blackfriars: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: C.n.lla. NoRMAN, James Marshall, — N ATLANTA, GEORGIA Freshman - Arts and Sciences Blackfriars. North, Anne, X Q Norton, Joe S., A K E Nunnelley. Dan ' H ' hbert 11 K A Oar, Mary Faith O ' Brien, George Wesley, i) A E BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Sophomore - Arts and Sciences Oliver, William S., A T £2 PANALAP, ALABAMA Freshman . Arts and Sciences Blackfriars. O ' Neal. Helen Louisl. K Oppenheim. William Edwards l 1 ' O ' Rear, Emmalu O ' Reilly, Mary M. Ormond, John William SUMPTERVILLE, ALABAMA Sophcsmorc . Art, and Sciences Ormond, Marvin Thomas ! ' r A TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Freshman . Arts and Sciences Blackfriars: Glee Club. Orr, Nancy, X U BESSEMER, ALABAMA Junior . Arts and Science, Y. W. C. A.: T. K. A.: Chi Delta Phi: Glee Club: Rammer-Jammer. OvERSTREET, ChaRLES S., Jr. i: n BREWTON, ALABAMA Druids : Arch Club : R. A. T. : Prt ident. Freshman. Sophomore Classi Annie Mary Owen. Charles Sicler birmingham, alabama Owen, Dick ay minette, alabama Owen, George W., A X Owen, Minnie Frances, Z T A BESSEMER. ALABAMA Freshman - Home EconoinU, W. A. A. Owens, Robert V.. A " I MERIDIAN, MISSISSIPPI junior - Ensincerinfi Greeks. Oxford, Carl, II K OxLEY. Sophie Cathfrinl. I ' M o R O Pdgf One Hundred Serenly-one CD LL o I- (n QC LU Z D Tup Row: Palmer, Paris. I ' arker, H.. Parker. J. C. Parker. J. H.. Parker. L. C. Parker, N. H. : Second Row: Partlow. Pate. Pat- ten. Patterson. Patteson. Pattillo. Patton. C. H. ,. Third Row: Patton. D. B.. Patton. E.. Patton, M. E., Paulson, Payne. Peniek. PenninKton. M. R. Fourth Row: Pennincton. W. Y.. Peplanus. Pcrovieh. Perry. Petry. C. T., Petry, L., Pharr. Fifth Row: Phi- fer. Phillips. J.. Phillips. K.. Phillips. W. C. Pier- srionek. Pillans. Pilny. Sixth Row: Pipes. Pitlman, p„. L- ' yes. Pols Row: Pope Poulson. Po Praytor. Pr Price, li., Price M. C. I Seventh Popp. Poret, Powell. C. F.. Eighth Row: Prestera, M.. Pi T l-i E ' .:«e One Hund,ed Scvcnly-lno Palmer. Linn. Jr., i A B DORA, ALABAMA niids : Philomathic : R. A. T. lee Club : Corolla ; Officers ' Clul Paris, Carolyn Reid, X Q BRUNSWICK, GEORGIA Saphonwn- - Howe Economni Alpha Lambda Delta. Parker, Helen, Z T A BONITA, MISSISSIPPI yi n. .r - Ediualum nlee Club, Parker, James Coleman WEST BLOCTON. ALABAMA . Chemuliy Honor Court : Wesley Foundation ; Parker, James Howard, A i (t " LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA lu„,o, - Ensmeenng Transfer. University of Nevada : A. 1. M. E. : St. Pafs. Parker, Louis C, A I TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA J,.n,or . Cawmcic Blackfriars : Newman Club ; Corolla. Parker, Nondie Helen Partlow, Kathleen Nixon, K A Pate, Ralph, II K Patten, Nettie Clyde Patterson, Patricia M., K K F ATMORE, ALABAMA Junior . Arts and Saencci Patteson, John William Pattillo, Belle, K A Ju Patton, Chester Hillis BRONXVILLE, new YORK Fre,hm ,n . Art, and Sdcmc, Blackfriars. Patton, David Boykin, K A TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Sophomore . Art and S.rcue, R. . T. : Football. Patton, Eleanor, Z T A Patton, Marv Elizabeth, Z T A TLISCALOOSA, ALABAMA Frtihman . Ediualion W. A. A. ; Y. W. C. A. : French Club. Paulson, Jane Marmaduke englewood, new jersey Sophomore . Art! ar,d Sti.ntel Transfer, Southern Seminary P YNE, Joe Leslie, II K A HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA Crim.son-White : Y. M. C. A. Penick, Ladie Averette, K a tuscaloosa, alabama Freshman - Arts and Sciences Blackfriars : Rammer-Jammer : Pi. Pennington, Martha Ruth BLOUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA Sophomore - Arts and Sciences Transfer. Huntingdon College. Pennington, William Y., A T L ' WETUMPKA, ALABAMA Sophomore . Arts and Sciences Blackfriars : Vice-President. Phi Eta Sigma ; Wesley Foundation. Peplanus, Charlotte Jean winchester, tennessee Sophomore . Arts and Sciences Perovich, Kay, A I SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA Junior . Home Economics Caroline Hunt Club : Corolla. -.36. ' 37 : Secretary-Treasurer. Junior Class. Perry, Donald Oliver, A i) ■! YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO Junior - Enf:ineerine St. Pat ' s Committee. Petry, Carolyn Treutlen AAA EUFAULA, ALABAMA Junior - Arts and Science, Omega : Vice-President. Freshman Girls: Rammer-Jammer; W. A. A.: Pan-Hellenic : Spirit Committee. Petry, Louise, AAA Pharh, George M., X ! ' FAIRFIELD, ALABAMA Freshman . Engineering Phifer, Robert Lewis TUSCALOOS , ALABAMA Freshman . Arte and Sciences Y. M. C. A. Cabinet ; Hand. Phillips, Jane, Z T A FAIRFIELD, ALABAMA Sophomore . Home Economics nish Club: Caroline Hunt Club: Y. W. C. W. A. A. Phillips, Kay, K A EUROPA, MISSISSIPPI Junior - Home Economic, Blackfriars : Rammer-Jammei Phillips, Walter Cooper Pierscionek, Albert Joseph i: ! E PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA Freshman - Chemistry PiLi.ANs, Mary Elizabeth k K r PiLNY, MaRTA ArLENE, W Y SIMPSON, PENNSYLVANIA Junior . Arts and Sciences Pan-Hellenic: Secretary. Y. W. A. Cabinet : Newman Club. Pipes, Robert Ford, — A E MOBILE, ALABAMA Sophomore ■ Commerce rch Club : Manager Bo xing Tean PiTTMAN, W. Andrew PiZER, JoCELYN BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Sophomore . Arts and Sciences insfer. University of Georgii Plaza, John perry, new york Sophomore - Commerce Plummer, John, Z A E ANDALUSIA, ALABAMA Junior . Arts and Sciences PoLAYES, Jack NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT Freshman . Arts and Sciences Million Dollar Hand ; Concert Band : German Club. PoLSON, Sue, A Z TUSCALOOSA, ALAB " MA Sophomore - Arts and Sciences Y. W. 0. A. : Glee Club. Pope, Clinton, l 2 K ANNISTON, ALABAMA Freshman . Commerce Pershing Kiflcs. Popp, Marjorie, a X U ELMHURST, ILLINOIS Junior . An, and Sciences Women ' s Spirit Committee. PoRET, Murray BROOKLYN, NEW YORK PouLsoN, Ernest L. Pow, Alexander Simpson, A X Powell, Charles Frank, 2 A E MOBILE, ALABAMA Freshman - Commerce Glee Club. Powell, Lois, 2 K GADSDEN, ALABAMA Jiimor . Home Economic, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. Praytor, Julietta, a Z trl ' ssville, alabama Junior - Home Economic, W. A. A.: Caroline Hunt Club: Transfer. Howard College. Prentice, Julia Elizabeth K K r ANNISTON, ALABAMA Junior . Arts and Sciences Y. W. C. A. Cabinet : Secretary. Council of Clubs. ' .37 : International Relations Club: Blackfriars; Glee Club ; Corolla : Alpha Lambda Delta. Prestera, Michael R., A 2 BRADFORD, PENNSYLVANIA Junior . Arts and Sciences Newman Club : Crimson-White : Spirit Committee : Corolla : Black- friars : Cotillion Club Committee. •37: Interfraternity Council: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. Price, Blanche, A Z GARDEN city, ALABAMA Junior . Arts and Sciences Blackfriars: Transfer. Huntingdon College. Price, Marguerite huntsville, alabama Junior . Home Economic, Price, Mary Claire evergreen, ALABAMA Junior - Education Prince, Marguerite Gertrude birmingham. alabama Sophomore . Art, and Sciences Blackfriars. o R O Page One Seieiily-thr CD LL O QC LU Top Row Pritcharil. Pruel. B. W.. F ' ruel. D. R.. Purvi- ance. Quinn. Rabon. Rad- ford. , Second Row: Raik- en. Raines, Rains. B. L.. Rains. E. M.. Ralls. Ralph. C. n.. Ralph. C. B. Third Row: Rambo, Ram ;ay, Ran- kin. Ratliffe. Ray. B. R.. Ray. W. C, Reasoner. F. A. Kourlh Row: Reasoner. R. r... Reddoeh, Reeder. Reich, Reid. Reynolds. Rheude. Fifth Row: Rhoadei. Rhode. Rhodes. A. M.. Rhodes, E. R., Rib, Rice. Richardi. Sixth Row: Richard. Richard- son. K. T.. Richardson. ,1. M.. Richardson, V. R., Rich- Icr. Rickels. RiKL ' ins. Sev- enth Row: Riley. Ritchie. D. H.. Ritchie. D., Rivers Roberts. G. A.. Roberts. H., Roberts. H. W. :; Einhth Row: Roberts, R. M., Rob- ertson. E., Robertson. M., W., Robertson, M. G., Rob- inson. D. R.. Robinson. .1. W., Robinson. J. K. H E P se One Hundred 5cyfnly-foi„ Pritchahd, Rosem4rv. AAA MOBILE, ALABAMA S.ifhomore . Arts and Sacnces Omeua; Blai-kfl-iars ; Coroila : Y. W. C. A. : Rammer-Jammer • Honor Roll: Newman Club. Pruet, Bennett Wilbourne Jr i: A E Pruet, David R.. K I£ PuRviANCE, Marion Louise I M Quinn, Francis S. J. Rabon, Richard D., II K A Radford, Emma Kate hartford, alabama Freshman . Education Corolla. Raiken, Sidni James newark, new jersey F,.!h,„an . Co,nmc, c mmer-Jammer: niackfrial Hillel. Raines, Mary Ella albertville, alabama Rains, Beatrice L , Z T A ATMORE, ALABAMA Freshman . An, and Sciemcs Blackfriars. Rmns, Ella Mae penn ' s grove, new jersey Freshman . Home Economiis Caroline Hunt Club; German Club. Ralls, Elizabeth Towns. ATA GADSDEN, ALABAMA Freshman . Arts and Sciences Rammer-Jammer: Crimson-White- W. A. A. Ralph, Charles D.. K A OWENSBORO, KENTUCKY Transfer. Bowling Green Busines.s University. R LPH, Chester Buerck PORT MONMOUTH, NEW JERSEY Sophomore . Arts and Setenees Rambo, Llkis G., Jr., K 1 benton, alabama Sofhomure . Commerce Ramsay, Lamar E., 5: X FERNWOOD, MISSISSIPPI Soi,h,„, . Commerce Rankin, Marian, A A 11 Ratliffe, Lorraine gate city, virginia Junmr . Arts and Sciences Transfer. Sullins Culleue. Rav, Ben Roland, i! A E BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Sorhamorc . Art, and Science, Ray, William Carl, :£ A E BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Sorhoniore . Art, and Sciences Reasoneh, Frances A , K CASPER, WYOMING Junior - Education House of Representatives : Board of Directors : W. A. A. Reasoned, Raymond G., II K CASPER, WYOMING S. ' fhomore . Arts and Science, Reiidoch, Mildred, A A 11 LUVERNE, ALABAMA Sophomore - Education Reeder, Richard S., f) X BEAVER FALLS, PENNSYLVANIA Sophomore - Chemi,t,y Reich, Robert D, A T U GADSDEN, ALABAMA Sophomore . Comnice Arch Club: Blackfriars. Reid, Robert Stiles, I A (j ANDALUSIA, ALABAMA Reynolds, Morgan, i: A E CLANTON, ALABAMA Sophomore - Commerce Rheude, Andrew, Jr. cornwall-on-the-hudson n y Junior . Engineering Rhoades, Robert W., K i; HOBART, INDIANA Rhode, Leland Francis hartford, connecticut Freshman . Education I ' ershinc Rifles. Rhodes, Alyce M., ATA BLAKELY, GEORGIA Junior . Fdiuation Blackfriars : Glr-c Club : i ' i. Rhodes, Ethel Randall montgomery, alabama Freshman - Art, and Sciences RiBE, Ross, A T Q Rice, Henry Burks, $ T A NORTHPORT, ALABAMA Sophomore - Commerce Greeks: Philomathic. Richahdi, Tony A. EAST v;alpole, Massachusetts Freshman . Enr.ineerin Richard. Virginia Carolina K K r ROANOKE, VRGINIA Sophomore - Alts and Sciences Richardson, Eva Theroux A A ri Richardson, Jennie Maxwell K A Tuscaloosa, Alabama Freshman . An. and Suence. Richardson, Virginia Rosalyn A I ELROD, ALABAMA Freshman . Home Economic RicHTER, Frank John, 5] il E jersey city, new JERSEY Sophomore . Commerce R ' CKELS, Bobbie Kathryn Z T A WARRIOR, ALABAMA Junior . Education Blackfriars: Corolla: Crimson- White. R ' ggins, John S , l ' 1 " K haddenfield, new jersey Freshman . A,t, and Science, RlLEY, LuZELLE LINEVILLE, ALABAMA Junior . E-lucation Y. W. C. A. Cabinet ; Hous.. of Representatives : Wesley Founila- tion : W. A. A. o Ritchie, Darwin H., i: N BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Sophomore . An, and Pershine Rifle. . Ritchie, Doris, A Z BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Junior . Arts and Sciemes Pan-Hellenic: Y. W. C. A. Rivers, Jeff, K A SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA Freshman - Commerce Manacer. Freshman Football Tearr Roberts, George Allison A T U PIEDMONT, ALABAMA Sophomore - Arts and Sciences Spirit Committee : Y. M C A Cabinet: Rammer-Jammer: Corolla Roberts, Helen, X Q Roberts, Hugh Waddell, 1 " N TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Sophomore . Art, and Scicme, Roberts, Rall Myron WATERBURY, CONNECTICUT Sophomore . An, and Science, Pershing Rifles: Rammer-Jammer: Crimson-White. Robertson, Ernestine, K K F anniston, alabama Junior . Home Economies Omega: Glee Club: Vice-President Spirit Committee: A. E. D ■ Presi- dent. Junior Class : Blackfriars ■ In- ternational Relations Club: Caro- line Hunt Club : Y. W. C A ■ Alpha Lambda Delta : Corolla. Robertson, Marcus W., K i CORINTH, MISSISSIPPI Junio, . Arts and Sciences Robertson, Margaret Green A Z Robinson, Dora Ruth, A A II LOWNDESBORO, ALABAMA Freshman - Home Economics Robinson, John William, K 2 selma, alabama Freshman - Commerce Blackfriars: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. Robinson, Joseph E. birmingham, alabama Fr Chilian . An, and Science, R O Page One Hundred Seyenty-j CD -I LL O - I- cc LU z Top Row: Robinson. T. I... Robison. RoKers, Root. Rose, Ror,=, Rubel. . Second Row: Rubin. Rudin. Rushton. Rus- sell. E. P.. Russell. J. P.. Rust. Rutledge. Third Row: Ryon. Sackler. Salis- bury, Sandahl. Sanders, Sanford. Sartain. Fourth Row: Satterfield. Saul. Sav- at-e. J. R., SavaKe. M. K.. x aviu- ka. Sawyer. Sayer. : ' . Fifth Row : Sc-antlebury, Sehaefer, Scharfschwerdt. Scheiblc. Scheid, Schleuel. Schlemmer. • Sixth Row: Schlieger, Schmid. Sehneek. Sfhriver, Sehultz. Sehuyler. Sehreilzer. . Sevi nth Row: Scott. R. L.. Scott. W. E., Seacle. Soaly. SeiKel. Sel- lers, Seno. v: EiKhth Row: Sevel. Seward. Shapiro. Sharman. Shelton. T. N.. Shellon, V. H.. She|.ard. .1. H E Piiac Otic Hundred Scvcnly-ux Robinson, Tommy Lou RoBisoN, Laura Frances Hili MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Sophomore . Aril md Scunca Transfer, HuntiriKdon College; Madrigal Club. Rogers, Harold Alonzo, K A Root, Wendell J. Rose, Marjorie. $ M Ross, Wright H, K A GUNTERSVILLE, ALABAMA Freshman Football Manager : V President. Freshman Class ; Ex RuBEL, Irving Loeb, Z B T ABERDEEN, MISSISSIPPI Sophorrrort- - Co,r„r,cr e Druids : Secretary, Phi Eta Sigma : Excelsior ; Crimson-White : Black- frii Rubin, Anna Leah, i) A T RuDiN, Thelma Marguerite ST. ALBANS, LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK Sophomore . Home EeonomU, Caroline Hunt Club : Gamma Delta. RusHTON, Frances Russell, Edgar P., K SELMA, ALABAMA Freshman . Commerce Blaekfriars; Y. M. C. A. Russell, John Portis. K A HAYNEVILLE, ALABAMA FreshrrrMi . Art! „nd Science, Rust, William Walter, A 1 Rutledge, Felix N. ANNISTON, ALABAMA lunior . An, „nd Seierrec, Chi Beta Phi. Ryon. Thomas Nelson, A !i WILMINGTON, DELAWARE Freshman . An, md Sae.ue, lila.kfriars. Sackler, Frances, i) A T HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI Sophomore - Arts and Sciences Salisbury. Ruth Evelyn. A E .A WAYNESVILLE, OHIO Sophomore - Home Ecoriorrncs Vice-President. Sophomore Class : Blaekfriars : Rammer-Jammer : Y. W. C. A. Sandahl. Jack Frank san jose, california Freshman - An, and Science, Sanders, William Frederick, Jr. BLUEFIELD, west VIRGINIA J,„uor . Commerce S NFORD. James F-, ' J K — BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Frchman - Commcce Sartain, Kelly, $ A JASPER, ALABAMA Sophomore - Arts and Sciences Satterfield, Isabell Virginia ATA CLEAR WATER, FLORIDA Transfer. Florida S. T. C. ; Wesley Foundation. Saul, Judith, Z A T COLUMBUS, GEORGIA Sophomore - Arts and Science, Savage, Joseph Richard, 2l A E MOBILE, ALABAMA Sophomore - Commerce Savage, Maurice F., A 2i: MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE Freshman - Commerce Crimson-White. Savitska, Martin, Jr. methuen, massachusetts Frchman . Ensmeenn,; Sawyer, Thomas Campbell A K E FORT SHERIDAN, ILLINOIS Frchman ■ Enaincennt: Sayer, Frances, X Q BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Freshman . Home Econorruc, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. Corolla. SCANTLEBURY, FraNK MARSHALL MOUNTAINVILLE, NEW YORK Sophomore - Engineerms Spirit Committee ; President, Soph- omore Class. ScHAEFER, Herbert Francis II K A NORWALK, CONNECTICUT Jtmior . Chemistry lembic Club: Honor Court; Vic. President, Junior Class SCHARFSCHWERDT, ElSA, A X U FORT PIERCE, FLORIDA Sophomore . Commerce Madrigal Society, Y. W. C. A. ScHEiBLE, Walter C. ScHEiD, George Theodore lima, OHIO Sophomore - Enstneering Schlegel. Elmer NEW haven, CONNECTICUT Schlemmer, Muriel Jane Schlieger, Albert Foster KENMORE, new YORK Freshman . Engineerins !-esident. Freshman Class : Blaek- friars : St. Pat ' s. Schmid, William L., K A BLOUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA Freshman -Art, and S.uruc, Schneck, Virginia Mae lakeland, florida Sophomore . Commerce ScHRivER, William A. GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN Freshman - Commerce Blaekfriars. Schultz, Paul foley, alabama resident. Gamma Delta : Readei ship; Y. M. C. A.. ' 37. Schuyler, Donna, A E A TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Freshman . An, and Science, Schweitzer, Ruth, 2 A T TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Junior . Art, and Science, ScoTT, Richard Lucas ScoTT, William E., (-) X BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Sophomore - Ensmeerin Seagle, Mary Elizabeth Forman tuscaloosa, alabama Phi Chi Theta; Corolla; Rammer- .lammer : Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. Sealy, Ella Pierce ralph, alabama Jumor . Education Seigel, Harriet PRATTVILLE. ALABAMA Sophomore - Art, and Sciences Hillel. Sellers, William Walter Seno. Myb TLE MaRI BURLINGTON, Freshman - WISCONSIN Sevei , Richard L., S A M EAST STARNES. NEW JERSEY Frchman - An, and Sciences Crimson-White. Seward, Byron Alford, !i A E LOUISE. MISSISSIPPI Junior . Commerce Shapiro, Morris Aaron newark, new jersey Sophomore - Art, and Sciences Band. Sharman, Ernest Mac camp hill, alabama Sophomore - Enf ineerin,: Shelton, Thomas N., II K STATESVILLE, north CAROLINA Freshman . Commerce Shelton, Virginia Bruce, K A TUSCALOOSA. ALABAMA Junior - Art, and Science, Pi : Crimson-White. Shepard, John James darlington, south carolina Junior - An, and Sciences Wesley Foundation ; Million Dollar Band ; Readership in French. o R O Page One Hundred Seventy-: QQ U. O y a: LU z To].. Ri)w: Shei.arel. SheitT. Shevinsky. Shilcpsky. Shine. Shirley. Shoaf. Second Row: Shore-s. Shotts. Shrop- shire. Shuhert. Shure. Siek- enberger. Simmons. .- Third Row: Simon. Simpson. Sip- pie. E. C. Sipple. H.. Ska- pik. Skewes. Slote. • : Fourth Row: Small. Smart. H. ().. Smart. M.. Smirnow. Smith. C. C. Smith. F. M.. Smith. F. R. Fifth Row: Smith. H. C, Smith. .1. W., Smith. L. C. Smith. M. K.. Smith. S N.. Smith. W. C. Smith. Z. G. Sixth Row: Smythe, Id. SnellKr M.. Snelhrrove. M.. Snively, Snow. K.. Snow. W. - Sev- enth Row: Snyder. Solnick. Solomon. SontSE. Sooy. Speer. Spore. Eighth Row: Spradlin. Sprincer. Slakely. Stalcup. Stallworth. St. Lnui.s. Standley. . Ninth rtow: Stapleton. Starin. Starkcy. Stehhins. Steele, Steindorff. Stewart. T l-l Page One Hundred Scveuty-etght Shepard, Hakrv, Jr., X I ' Sherer, Jack Horton, A X A SELMA, ALABAMA Freshman - Comm.ur Blac ' kfriars. Shevinsky, J. Harold K N BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA SophomcTf . Commerce Shilepsky, Morris J., " t " Z K WESTPORT, CONNECTICUT Freshman - Arts jrid Silences French Club; Freshman Boxing; Hillel ; Y. M. C. A. Shine, Harold, i: A E BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Sopboinore - Commerce Crimson- White. Shirley, Zimmie, Z T A A. ; Y. W. C. A. ; Carolii Hunt Club; Corolla. Shoaf, Elizabeth new ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Freshman . Home Economics Madrieal Club : Caroline Hunt Club ; Y. W. C. A. ; President. Freshman Cabinet. Shores, Maxcine Shotts, Wylodine tuscaloosa, alabama Freshman - Arts and Sciences Shropshire, Charlie Nell tuscaloosa, alabama Freshman . Home Economics Shubert, Fred W. Shure, Leonard, SAM MILES CENTER, ILLINOIS Freshman . Ensmeenna SiCKENBERGER, SaM FlEMING Simpson, Charles C, Jr. tuscaloosa, alabama Sophomore . En ineering St. Pafs. SippLE, Eileen Creech SiPPLE, Harrv, K a WINCHESTER, KENTUCKY Skapik, Martin, S. J. AMBRIDE, PENNSYLVANIA Hlackfriars ; Ufrtcers ' Club : O. R. C. : Crimson-Whit,-. Skewes, Margaret Phillip, J ' M bessemer, alabama Freshman . Arts and Sciences Blai ' kfriars. Slote, Norman, K N Small, Frances Rose, i; A T COLUMBIA, TENNESSEE Sophomore . Arts and Sciences Y. W. 0. A. Cabinet ; Hillel. Smart, Harry O. Smart, Mildred, X Q CLAYTON, ALABAMA Junior - Education Y. W. C. A. : Rammer-Jammei Corolla. Smirnow, Virgil, il A M Smith, Charles Crowe chatom, alabama Junior . Education Million Dollar Band. Smith. Frances McGouirk. K Smith, Frank R., A K E Smith, Henry Graay, 2 K Smith, M. Evllyn, R. N. ELBA, Freshman . Arts and Sciences Universit.v Nurse. Smith, Shelby Nichols, Z T A TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Sophomore . Home Economics Caroline Hunt Club ; W. A. A. ; Y. W. C. A. Smith, William C, i: I E HOLLIS, NEW YORK . Uiha Kapija Psi. Smith, Zola Gay, K new ORLEANS, LOU:SIANA Junior . Arts and Sciences Gulf Club. Smythe, Florrie Garrett Snead. John A., ' 1 ' K i Snellgrove, Clara Mae, (- Y ALBERTVILLE, ALABAMA Sophomore - Commerce Transfer, Snead College. Snellgrove, Margaret, W Y Sn; ELY, Evaiyn Jewett, I ' M winter haven, FLORIDA Frcihman - Home Eionomics Blackfriavs. Snow, Edward C, t A fc) TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Freshman . Engineerini; Snow, Winifred evansville, indiana Snider, Gerald William. ' I ' 2 K SoLNiCK, Harry, Z B T MARION, ALABAMA Excelsior : Corolla. Speer, Elinor Carolyn, A 1 " A BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Spore, Janette, A X ii WHITE pigeon, MICHIGAN Spradlin, Fred H., i) X CORINTH, MISSISSIPPI and Sc Solomon, Frances A X U Springer, John W., i: N Stakely, Davis F., il A E Stalcup, Sarah Gray, A ■! Stallworth, Claudia tuscaloosa, alabama Junior . Home Economic, line Hunt Club : Wesley Foun St. Louis, Albert John, ATA LAWRENCE, MASSACHUSETTS Junior - Ensineering Standley, Bryan Hal, i! X PENSACOLA, FLORIDA Junior . Ensineering ■A " Club: Offieers ' Club: Track Team : Scabbard and Blade. Stapleton, John M. foley, alabama Sophomore . Chemistry Alembic Club. Starin, Leonard, K N new YORK, NEW YORK Freshman - Arts and Sciences Crimson-White. Starkey, Robert M. Stebbins, Edwin H. A X A Steele, Virginia Dorothy, A I Simmons, Lillie Jean Simon, James, ii N MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Sophomore - Arts and Scienct Arch Club; R. A. T. Smith, Joe W. Smith, Louis Carroll SoNTAG, Phyllis Ethyle, i) A T .VIIAMI, FLORIDA Sophomore .An, and Sciences Hillel : Girls ' Glee Club : Blackfriars. SooY, Byard E., Jr., 2 K Steindorff, Herbert Edgar cullman, alabama Sophomore . Education Stewart, William M., K 2 PRATTVILLE, ALABAMA Freshman . Art, and Sciences Crimson-White: Y. M. C. A. o R O Page One Hundred Sercniy-ninc QQ -I LL o - in LU Top Row: Stein. Ster Stickney. C. M.. Stickney. F. K., Stitzer, Stone. E Stone. R. R. :.; Second Row Strain. Strange, Stratford. Strong. Stuart. Stubbs. Stur- Bes. ,..• Third Row: Sulli ' C. C. Sullivan, F. M.. Sulli- T. E.. Su Sur Sute. Sutliff. VV Fourth Row: Suttle. Sutton. Swift Swist. Tait, Tanner. Tatum A. A- Fifth Row: Tatum. C D.. Temerson. Terry. G. Terry. M. M.. Thermann Thetford. Thomas, L. J. ■, Sixth Row: Thomas. M. Thomas. R. J., Thompson B.. Thompson. H.. Thomp- son. M. L., Thompson. M. N.. Thompson. R. Seventh Row: Thompson. V.. Tho son. M.. Thornton. Thras Tiller. Timmerman. Tindell. Eighth Row: Tiple Tonne, Torbert. Townsem Townsley. Town-son. Traf- ford. -I ' T Ninth Row: Trice. Trilck. Triner. Trost. True dale. Trunzo. Trzaska. T l-l E Page Om- IlunJ,cd Eighty Stern, Bertram, il ' A PERTH AMBOV, NEW JERSEY Freihntiin - Cummfm Debating Team : Hillel : Crim; White; Y. M. C. A. Sterne, Charles, Z B T anniston, alabama ]umo, . A,ts ,ind Semes President. Junior Class: Chairma Junior Prom Committee : Spii Committee : Blackfriars : Excelsio Interfraternity Council: Y. M. A. Cabinet. Stickney, Carol M., K A Stickney, Frank B, i] A E HAVANA, CUBA ;,„■.„, - £„s. " c.r,„f Glee Club : Theta Tau : Excelsior : Officers ' Club. Stitzcr. Dorothy S, A E A SHEFFIELD, ALABAMA Y. W. C. A.; Glee Club: Spirit Committee ; Blackfriars. Stii.LiVAN. Thomas Edwahij ii ' :i K BADEN, PENNSYLVANIA Sophomore . Commerce .Newman Club : Blackfriars. SuAREz, Pauline E., ATA SuRANo, Louis William NEWARK, NEW JERSEY Sophomore . An, ar,d Seunces Spirit Committee. Sute, William A, S. C. E. SuTLiFF, Eleanor, X Q TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Jumor . Commerce Y. W. C. A. Suttle, Percy, A A 11 Thehmann, August William ch nforu, new jersey Sophomore . Commerce Vice-I ' resiilcnt. Demolay Club. Thetford, Kennon boligee, alabama Freshman . Arl, and Sciences Y. W. C. A. Thomas, Luther Josiah, Jr. DOTHAN, ALABAMA Phi Eta Siitma : Delta Sigma Pi. Thomas, Mabel, K A MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Junior . Arts end Science, Corolla: Crimson-White: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: W. A. A.: President. Sophomore Class. Thomas, Robert Johnson, . Tho.mpson, Blackstone, a T U Timmlhman, tivLi N Adams l ' M MACON, GEORGIA Junior . Art, and Silences Corolla : W. A. A. : Rifle Team : French Club : Tiansf.T. Wfsleyan. TiNDELl.. Jamls L., 11 K A TiPLER, William J., II K A SHEFFIELD, ALABAMA ToNGE, William Richard CLEVELAND, OHIO ■■ Club : St. Pat ' s : A. L E. E. : i-. ity Track . Secretary. Chi Beta Torbert Doris TowNSEND, Sara Allen, X Q Stone, Elizabeth, I M jackson. mississippi Freshman . Home E.onomus Blackfriais : Caroline Hunt C Stone, Robert Rodney Strain, Ben K., 2 N Strange, Frances Marian, (-) Y Stratford, Thom s A., ATA buffalo, new YORK Blackfriars : Officers ' Club. Strong, Hermoine Stuart, Lucille Sutton, Stanley Bigsby, Jr. r A Stubbs, Lucile, a Z walnut grove, MISSISSIPPI Sophomore - Commerie Sturges, Jean, A f CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Sophomore . Home Economics President. Freshman Class. Sullivan, Claude C, $ S K Sullivan, Frances Marian hope hull, alabama Sophomore . Education Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. •:)?. Swift, Susan R., K K T atmore, alab-ama Freshman - Arts and Sciences I. A. A. : Blackfriars : Omega SwisT, Daniel J., Z 4 ' E T.AiT, Emmitt, p., ATA PENSACOLA, FLORIDA Junior . Chemistry Tanner, William B., 2 , vicksburg, mississippi Junior . Ensineerlng Theta Tau : A. S. C. E. Tatum, Albert, Jr. T.atum, C. D., Jr., a T Q MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA Temerson, Howard S., 2 A M CARBON HILL, ALABAMA Sophomore . Commerce Crimson-White. Terry, Gene, AAA FERNWOOD, MISSISSIPPI Junior . Art, and Science, Blackfriars: President. Pi. Terry, Mary Madeline. Z T A HENDERSON, TENNESSEE Sophomore . Arts and Science, Blackfriars: Y. W. C. A.: W. A. A. Tho.v ipson, Haynes, I r A .MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Sophomore . Arts and Science! Crimson-White: Spanish Club: Y. M. C. A. : Camera Club : Corolla. Thompson, Mary Louise NORTHPORT, ALABAMA Thompson, Mary Nell birmingham, alabama Sophomore - Commerce Thompson, Richard albany, new york Junior - Commerce Blackfriars. Thompson, Virginia Corolla. Thompson, Mary Edna, A Z TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Junior . Home Economics Alpha Lambda Delta: Phi Upsilon Omicron: Caroline Hunt Club: Wesley Foundation. Thornton, Nina Lynette, 1 ' M Thrasher, Tom Goodman birmingham, alabama Spirit Committee: Scabbard and Blade: S. A. M. E. : St. Pat ' s President. Sophomore Class : Y. M. C. A. : Fellowship in Mechanical Engineering. TiLLLK, William Thomas, K A TowNSLEY, Vernon Odele FLORENCE, ALABAMA TOWNSON, QUENTIN, l K il MURPHY, NORTH CAROLINA Sophomore - Art, and Sciences Trafford, Jean, K A MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Freshman - Art, and Scierues f. A. A.: Blackfriars: Rammei Trice, Martha Bouchelle, K A Trilck, Mary Elizabeth, K K F Triner, Warren W., A S I CALDWELL, NEW JERSEY Trost, Virginia, Z T A MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Freshman . Art, and Sciences Blackfriars: W. A. A.; Span Club: Rammer-Jammer: Y. Trulsdale, Albert Edward A i; !• Trunzo, Floyd Frank Trzaska, Henry G. south ozone park, new YORK Junior . Arts and Sciences Phi Eta Sigma. o R O Page One Hundred Eighty-one LL O - h- QC LU Z D T ni Ri w: TiH-ker. (L. Tui-kiT. Q W.. Tiilly. Turtier. D. K.. Turner K. L.. TurntT, E. A.. Turner. C. E V: SeeontI Row: Turner. M. N.. Tur ner, M.. Tuson. Tyksinski. Tyson Uber. Uebelhuer. ■;■: Third Row Uhlich. Ulni. Underwood, Up.soii Utiey. F. R., Utley. O. R.. VauKtian Fourth How: Venahle. Vernon Wahah. Wehlen. Waid. WainwriKht Wakefield, M. W. , Fiflh Row Wakefield. W. .1.. Walden. Wal- drop. Walker, H. A.. Walke Walker. I,. A.. Walker. W Sixth Row: Walker. W. U.. Wal- lace. G. C. Wallaee. .1. R.. Walle Walthall. Waiianiaker. Ward, .1. I . Seventh Row: Ward. M. K V arner, I. It.. Warren. Watsor . • KiKhth R ) Welch. Werthei Wa M. h.. Watts. Webb. H. Webb. J. T. West. West- Wetzel. WeyKand. Ninth Wheeler. Wheelock. V Whit.-. Whitener. WbiKi.l.l. Whiliui;. T H E Pjgf Oiif Hundred Eighty-lno Tucker, Gewinn, A X DIXIANA, ALABAMA Sorhonwrc . Art! jnj S ,emc, Tucker, Quincv W., Jr., — X TuLLv, Frances, K K F CUERO, TEXAS Junior . Edut lwn Blarkfriars : Glee Club. Turner, Doris Katherine cullman, alabama y„n.or - EJuc lum Transfer. Huntingdon CnlleRe : Gamma Delta: German Club. Turner. Edward Lamar, Jr. UK ALABAMA LUVERN hmio, - Co, slant Corolla : G Manager, 193S Underwood, Kvelvn phil campbell. alabama ;,„„„r - Ed,u.,lu,n Upson, Miles Henry waterburv, connecticut Sophomore - Arts crj Sat-nits L ' tley, Frances Reese, Z T A PORTSMOUTH, OHIO Junior . All! and Uti Ev, George Reese, i X PORTSMOUTH, OHIO Vaughan, Robert He ::; A E Venable, Mary Ross M BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Turner, Elizabeth Anne, K A Vernon, Daniel Cooper, A K E Turner, George Eugene, Jr. «! ' r A LUVERNE, ALABAMA Druids : Philomathic ; E. celsiiir. Turner, Margaret Nell A A II MACON, GEORGIA Junior - Edmalion Blackfriars. Turner, Margene tuscaloosa, alabama Sophomore . Arts and Siienies Y. W. C. A. ; Blackfriars. Tuson, Donald Bartlett, A — I MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE Freshman - Commerce Band: Cavaliers. Tyksinski, Mavfred Raymond Tyson, Mildred, K A MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Sophomore . Arts and Sciences Uber, Bettie R. new castle, pennsylvania Freshman . Arts and Sciences Blackfriars. Uebelhoer, Wilber Leonar Uhlich, Wilbert John riverside, ILLINOIS Sophomore . Commerce Ulm, Nola Margaret BROOKHAVEN, MISSISSIPPI W.4HAB, Robert Stanley, Jr. II K A NORFOLK, VIRGINIA Junior . Arts and Sciences Wahlen, Henry Edwin, 1 K il MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN Freshman . Arts and Sciences Rho Alpha Tau : German Club : Club. Waid, Jamie Lou boaz. alabama Junior . Education Y. W. C. A. : Spirit Committee. Wainwright. Stanley D. NEW YORK, new YORK Freshman - Engineering Wakefield. Marion W, i: K ANNISTON, ALABAMA Sophomore . Engineerinf: Pershing Rifles ; Track : St. I ' afs : Crimson-White. Wakefield, William J., A T U ANNISTON, ALABAMA Sophomore . Commerce Blackfriars. Walden, Lemuel Marvin dothan, alabama Sophomore - Commerce Waldrop, Isabelle Beech murray, kentucky Junior . Education Walker, Beverly Am, en, K K I " long BEACH, CALIFORNIA Freshman . Arts and Science, Omega : W. A. A. : Blackfriars. Walker, George C, i N NEMOURS, WEST VIRGINA Sophomore . Arts and Sciemes Walker, Lois Alcis, A Z HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA Sophomore - Edmation V. W. C. A. Cabinet: W. A. A. Walker, William Allen m ' lEOD, TEXAS Sophomore . Engineering Phi Eta Sigma: S. A. M. E. Walker, William B., A T A WEST MIDDLESEX, PENNSYLVANIA Junior . Engineering Wallace, George C. CLIO, albama Freshman . Arts and Sciences Wallace, Joseph Robert A T 12 Waller. Wilford Stanley A T n Walthall, Anne Wanamaker, James E., K HOBART, INDIAN Sci ' retary-Treasurer, .Junior Class Ward, James Keene, K A R. A. T. Ward, Margaret Eleanor, K A TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Sophomore . Arts and Sciences Omega: Blackfriars: W. A. A.: Alpha Lambda Delta. Warner, Irvin B., Z B T birmingham, alabama Sophomore - Commerce Soiihomore Football Manager : Ex- celsior : Rammer-Jammer. Warner, Marvin L., K N birmingham, alabama Sophomore . Commerce President, Phi Eta Sigma : Hon.u- Court : Debate Squad : Winner Delta Sigma Pi Freshman Award : Black- friars: Crimson-White. Warren, Richard Charles, K A CH.ARLOTTE, north CAROLINA Sophomore . Commerce R. A. T. Watson, Ann Elizabeth Watts, Ruth, AAA BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Junior . Arts and Sciences Webb, Henry W., i) N Webb, James S., Jr., A i; I HAGGERSTOWN, MARYLAND Junior - Arts and Sciences Crimson-White ; Blackfriars : Per- shing Rifles: Rammer-Jammer. Welch, Stewart H., K E BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Sophomore - Commerce President, Freshman Class : R. A. T. : Knaves. Wertheimer, Leonard, Z B T birmingham, alabama Freshman . Comnicuc Spanish Club : Crimson-White ; Y. M. C. A. West, Sam Carroll, K }l Wlstcott, John Howard, A 2C ! ' OSWEGO, new YORK Junior . Alls and S.icrices Wetzel. Waunita. Dow Weygand, Louis H. woodbrdge, new jersey ;„„„., - Engineeiing Wheeler, Rexford Leon, Jr. i r A MOBILE, ALABAMA Student Court: Glee Club: Greeks: Philomathic : Vice-President : R. A. T. ; Business Manager. Rammer- Wheelock, Bob, K 2 corsicana, texas Freshman - Chemistry Arch Club. Whitaker, Frank B., II K 1 ASHVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA White, Claude A., 11 K 1 TALLASSEE, ALABAMA Whitener, Joe Whitfield, James B., Jr. A T U DEMOPOLIS, ALABAMA Sophomore . Commerce Phi Eta Sigma: Arch Club. Whiting, Emily Joyce, A I ' A MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Junior . Arts and Sciences Transfer, University of Miami. o R O Page One Hundred Eighly-threc LL O I- {f) QC LJJ Z D Top Row: Whitini:, M. V.. Whit- oy. E. C. Whitman, Wicent. Wig- Kins. WiKinton, Wikli ' . A. M. Set-- ond Row: Wikle. J.. Wiibanl s. Wi- l-nsky. Wiley. Wilkes. G. J.. Wilkes. W.. Wilkinson. Third Row: Wil- liam.. I). S.. Williams. K. L.. Wil- liams. .1.. Williams. K.. Willi:ims. M. H.. .Ir.. Williams. P.. William.. H. J. Fourth Row: Williams. I,. H.. Williams, T, I).. William „n, Wilson. K. J.. Wilson. I. C. Wil- son, J. N.. Wilson, M. Kiftl, Row: Wilson, M. J,. Wilson. T. H., Wilson. W. li.. Winter. With.r- siiMn. Wood. G. C... Wood, G. W. Sixth Row: Wood. I,. C, Wood, M.. Wood, W, D., Woodall, E., Wondall. H. W.. Wooten. WorthinKton. Seventh Row: Wortsman, Wray, WriKht, F. J., WriKht. F.. Wright, M. C, Wriifht, N. .1.. Wyman. ■ , Eiuhth Row: Yarlirouuh. Yerhy, Youtdl. Yost, YouiiK, C. H., Youni;. !• " . O.. YounK. J. R. Ninth Row: YounK. O. E.. Zipser. Zivich. Zuek- erman. Zumkcller. Zwillinuer. H P.igc One Hundred liifihiy-lou, Vhitin(;. Mar ' [rgin!a A r A Whitley, Elton Clyde, Jr. douglas, alabama Edwin Nicholson VViGENT, Richard Lowell FORT WAYNE, INDIANA Wiggins, Louise Whitney, X Q WINCHESTER, KENTUCKY Freshman . Aril and Scicmei Glee Club ; Blackfriars. WiGINTON, DOLLIN WiKLE, Arthur Melvin, Jr. HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA ;«nK.r - A, I! „d Scu-nco Freshman Track : Freshman V. M. C. A. WiKLE, Jesse Ollie, Jr., K 2l WiLBANKS, Alice, A T A WiLENSKY, Irving Robert, K N Wiley, Jack E., 2 X ANDERSON, INDIANA Sophomore - Ermincertng Band. Wilkes, George Jackson, fi X Wilkes, Winifred E. Y DREXEL H:LL, PENNSYLVANIA Frchm r, . Edmalion Blarkfriars : MaHrical Society ; 1 W. C. A. Fre.shman Cabinet. Wilkinson, Dora, K A SELMA, ALABAMA Williams, D. S. Williams, Earl Lennon ROS ' -BORO, north CAORLINA yrmior . An, „r,d Sncrua rransfer. Wake Forest Collet ' e. Williams, Jack mii.ltown, alabama Jumor . An, „rrd Science, :rim«on-White : Spanish Cluh. WiLIlA.MS. Kc Williams, Martin Barbour, Jr. A X CENTERVILLE, ALABAMA Jtirrior . Chemi,lry Alembic Club: Blackfriars: E. cel- sior: Debate Squad: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet : Crimson-White. Williams, Phillip C. A T A NORWALK, CONNECTICUT Williams, Hallfred J., T A ATLANTA, GEORGIA Williams, Leo H. II K ! LUVERNE, ALABAMA Sophomore . Commerie R. A. T. : Greek.-; : I ' hilomathic Williams, Tommie Dorris Williamson, Lillian, A A II HARTFORD, ALABAMA Imnor . Edm„l,o„ W. A. A. : French Club. Wilson, Frederick James, A X A MAPLEWOOD, NEW JERSEY Wilson, Isabel Curry. ATA BESSEMER, ALABAMA ],„„or - Ed.uct,..,, Omeira : Bla-kfriars. Wilson, James Nash, 2 X Che Wilson, Margery Wilson, Minnie J., . . BESSEMER, ALABAMA Wilson, Tom Heflin jasper. alabama Jumor . Arl, arrd Scierrees Varsity Dehatinc Team. Wilson, William Bethel, K A TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Erahmar, . Arl, irid S.,eiHc Winter, Frances, K K T WiTHERSPOON, Joseph Paul AKRON, OHIO Sophomore - Edtii tliori Spirit Committee: Newman Cluh Honor Committee. Wood, Geoflhli Clement ! ' r Wood. George William, Jr. VX ' ooD, Leighton Christopher ! ' r A BETHLEHEM, PENNSYLVANIA Fre,hm„r, - Arl, ar,d Science, Blackfriars : German Club : Ram- WooD, Mary, ATA TROY, ALABAMA l„n,or . Edliclum leira: Blackfriars: Corolla Wood, Wii i iam David. Jr. ! ' K :l ATLANTA, GEORGIA F,e,h„an . Arl, nd Science, Freshman Y. M. C. A. C.ibinet : Blackfriars. Woodall, Ethel, K A COLUMBUS, GEORGIA Sophomore . Art, and Science, Secretary-Treasurer, Freshman. Sophomore Class : Omera : Ram- mer-Jamnior, Crimson-While. Woodall, Henry W., I K 1 WooTEN, C D., ri K Worthington, William J., Jr. n K MONTGOMERY. ALABAMA Junior . Chcmi,lry rhi Kta SiKma: Band: Glee Cluh Student Court. WORTSMANN, JoE Jr., Z B T BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Junior - Eriflneerins A. S. M. E. : S. A. M. E. : St. Pat ' s Theta Tau : Officers ' Club : Militan Honor Student. Wray. Charles W, i: A E Wright, Andr-w J., A T U TAMPA, FLORIDA Fre,hm„n - Commerce Vershine Rifles. Wright, Frances, A X Q MONTGOM ' RV, ALABAMA Frchman . Horn- Economla MadriL ' al Society: W. A. A.: Ram- mer-Jammer: Carolin, Hunt C luh. Wright, Margar-t C, A A II HEFLIN, ALABAMA Jumor - Home Economu, Y. W. C. A.: Glee Club: Girls ' Spirit Committee: Corolla: W. A. A. Wright. Norman Josef, A T NEWPORT. PENNSYLVANIA Sophomore - Arl, mJ Science, Blackfriars. Wyman, Wendell William :l I ' e WILTON MAINE Frchman - EnglneerInK St. Pat ' s. Yarbrough, Winona, A A A HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA Freshman - Arl, and Science, Blackfriars: W. A. A.: Rammer- Yerby, John Steven, A X TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Yeuell, John C, A X TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Sophomore - Arl, and Science, Phi Eta Sigma : Blackfriars : Glee Club : Crimson-White : Greeks. Yo. ' iT, Don a , , T A EL1RIA, OHIO Young. Cecil Hugh. Jr. A K E ANNISTON. ALABAMA Ere,hman - Commerce Band : Rho Alpha Tau. Young, Frank O. B R.MINGHAM, ALABAMA Young, Jennie Russell, ATA SELMA, ALABAMA Sophomore . Educalion Transfer. Brenavi Colleiie. Young, Oliver E.. Jr.. I K vernon. alabama Junior . Arl, and S,icn,c, ZipsER, Bernard S., ' 1 ' 2 A ROCK AWAY PARK, NEW YORK Freshman - Arl, and Science, Hillel : Freshman Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. ZivicH, George J., (-) Z EAST CHICAGO, INDIANA Junior - Edu.alion Newman Club; Var.sity Football. Zuckerman. Nathan, fl ' i: A ZUMKELLER, ClaIRE, A A A ORLANDO, FLORIDA Junior . Arl, and Sciences House of Representatives : Secre- tary-Treasurer. Spirit Committee. ZviiLLiNGHR, Richard Harold o R O Page One Hinidrcd Eighty-five TO CLASSES The serious side of college life, that of attending classes, creates the hustle and bustle of the campus. From the eight o ' clock classes with the ftudents sleepily trodding their way to the classroom until t ' lc dismissal of the two o ' clock labs when the weary students make their way to their rooms. Alabama ' s fifty-two hundred students are continuously coming and going. Some carry the thick black books of law, while others are weighted down with the heavy cases of microscope. Prospective teachers, the engineers with slide-rules protruding from their pockets, the future young mL-n and women of business with their bundles of yellow accounting paper, the journalism .students bundled down with newspapers, and those who are seeking degrees in the many subjects make up this great body of the continuous stream of student life. Page One }iund,cd Eighly-iix BODKTHBEE Ki ' -; " ! ' " COLOR GUARD " There ' s something about a soldier " — so says the old song, and Univer- sity of Alabama students would be the last to contradict it, for military is an ever-present and vital part of campus life. The Reserve Officers Training Corps, consisting as it does of 1689 basic students and 212 cadet officers, sees to it that there are plenty of brass buttons around. Among the special occasions when the boys performed their " Squads right " and " Right shoulder arms " were the Homecoming review for Governor Bibb Graves, Armistice Day and Federal Inspection. Again the unit enjoys the distinction of maintaining their excellent honor rating. .,4itr ' M H. Underwniid. P. M. S. and T.. C.irpR Commander MILITARY COMMISSIONED OFFICERS Major Edgar H. Underwood Coci t Artillery ( " orf . P. M. S. und T. Maior Norman P. GROF-r Major D. Liti Hooper Major Harold Haney Major Bernard B. Mc Mahon Major Percv McC. Vernon Major W ' illiam W. Wertz , Captain William R. Carlson Captain Henry J. Woodbury Captain Ralph W. Russell Captain William A. Weddfll Infiiiilry Corps of Eiig:iiccri InJLintry Infantry Infantry Coast Artillery Corps Coast Artillery Corps Corps of Engineers Coast Artillery Corps Coast Artillery Corps Top Row; Weddell. Russell. McMahon, Carlson, Vernon. Wnodhury. Front Row : Wertz. Haney. Umlerwood. Crciff. Hooper. a t ALABAMA NON COMMISSIONED OFFICERS Technical Sergeant Clinton Wolfe Coast Artillery Corps Staff Sergeant Buck Carter Corps of Engineers Sergeant Wiley D. Green Infantry Sergeant Clarence A. Wall Infantry Sergeant Clarence B. Evans Corps of Engineers Sergeant Otis W. May Coast Artillery Corps Left to Richt : Wolfe. Carter Green, Evans. Wall. May CoLONtL Gilbert E. Johnston Brif jdc Cotmnandcr LitUTHNANT-CoLONEL RoRTRT L. MaNN Brtf jdc HxCClltlVC Lieutenant-Colonel John W. Starni s Brigade Ad;uliint FIRST REGIMFNT INFANTRY ' Colonel Halbert E. Hlt.hes Comm,inding Lieljtenant-Colonel Maurice W. Fletcher Excciilne Captain George W. Rodgers Adjut nl SECOND REGIMENT COAST ARTILLERY Colonel George B. Macauley Captain Wai ter M. Lindsev First Lieutenant James L. Regan Cotiiiiianding Exciuttre Adjutant THIRD REGIMENT ENGINEERS Colonel Jake T. Nolen Commanding Lieutenant-Colonel William G. Riynolds Executive Captain Joseph P. Harkins Adjutant BRIGADE STAFF SPONSORS Miss Margheriia Swift Honorary Cadet Colonel Miss Lena Lamberth Miss Mildred Robinson Miss Annie Laurie Swaim NdliTi. Swaim, Macauley, Robin.son Hiicrhes, Lanih.Tth. .Inhn.ston, Swift Mann, ■MM ront Row : Clarks 311, PritL ' hett. Dulil,.,. r. Popp. Haiviin Laniborth. fr Back Fagan, Zivioh. Hewitt. Duffey. B FIRST REGIMENT INFANTRY FIRST BATT - LION OFMCERS Major William V. Duffev First Ltcutenant Claude R. Walker SECOND BATTALION OFFICERS Major Conward R, Belrv First Lieutenant Arnold L. Roseman Comtnaiijing Adiutant FIRST BATTALION COMPANY ' " A " Ciipldui Fred FI. Jones I ' ust l.iculcnani Frank J. Tarallo hir t Luutuuinl Talmadge J. Denton l- ' iiil Lieuteiumt Robert H. Howard COMPANY ' " B- ( J pi am John H. Hewitt. Jr. Fml lAciitciunl George L. King I ' m! Lieultitant Fred L. Williams ti:il Lieulenjiu Lucian C. Brandt COMPANY " C " ' Jpt n Henrv J. Lauric f Mf LuuleiunI Carle E. Watson hml Luiilenaiit Noel T. Cumbaa t-iiit Lifulctiuru Harold A. Helm. COMPANY ' -D " HouEL J. Fagan Cupun, Fuil heulenum I ' nsl Lieutenant Flat LieulenanI Frank H. Miller Richard H. Cole Hhnry W. Kumpunen SECOND BATTALION COMPANY •■£•■ Captain Lawrence Hill t-ifit Lieutenant Sterling R. Nesbitt First Lieutenant William B. Holmes Fint Lieutenant Henrv E. Higmman COMPANY " F- Captain Henrv F. Williamson FiTit Lieutenant Shirley N. Black ).( Lieutenant JoE H. Hammer Fust Lieutenant George C. Brown COMPANY " G " Charles H. Davis Charles J. Rigano Burnham T. Taylor Captain lii t Lieutenant I int lieutenant Captain Fint Lie •», Lu Fii t Li, COMPANY " H " YOUGENE J. I.AMAR ■It John J. Teaglie " ' John W. Graham " ' Thomas V. Pittman Zi ' ' M 1 1 ile Kuliinson. Gafford. SECOND REGIMENT COAST ARTILLARY FIRST BATTALION OFFICERS Major Jamls R. Forman. Jr. Captain Walter M, Lindse ' First Lieutenant James L. Regan Ru-iUl,vc AJ,utjnt SECOND BATTALION OFFICERS Major Thomas R. Lea Captain Carl L. Owen First Lieutenant Robert M. Taih Co)innjnJiug EyecHlive . AJlUlMU ( ,pL„n ( ,r u,:„ l-n.l lu-l,U hr.l liciilc h,,l hcute FIRST BATTALION BATTFRV -A " Melvin E. Permutt Randolph U. Crenshaw II Bartlev S. Hodges ii Francis J. Mussio 1 Michael G Stamatis RATTERS • B " pimn ptam SI U. l ii t I ,. Walter G. Woods Robert G. Lavell James V. Park. Jr. 1-R£D L. Unger Edwin J. NicoRso BATTER Y " C " Edward F. Murray Thomas H. Johnson, Jr. WcoDsoN L. Ennis William F. Reekstin Thomas B. Yeacer. Jr. BATTERS- " D " Caftjn, James S. Maxwell •■„, inutcumi l-„.l 1 u„lc,uml Alfred B. Cooper Sol C. Davidson BOHDAN HaLLAS •„, LuuU;,,,,, Clayton W. Zesiger SECOND BATTALION BATTERS -E- Capl.u,i Harry E. Eaton CcptMH Glenn P. Elliott Fns! Ueuunani Fred M. Ruck Second L,cuu„.n, Wilkes C. Banks BATTERY ..p.. Captain Columbus Savage Captain Ralph J. Code First Lieutenant RiDGLEi L. Hall First Lieutenant Anton Lattal. Jr. First Lieutenant Allen C Rankin BATTERY " G " Capl ni Alfred M. Tlinstali Captain James M. Williams First Lieutenant William L. Cole First Lieutenant Thomas F. Bristol Second Lieulenai James S. Webb BATTERY " H " Captain Fern W. Mitchell Captain Albert F. Jackson. Jr. First Lieutenant Elbert L. Ingram, Jr. First Lieutenant Murray Chiffitz Second Lieiilenan William C. Merrill Front Row: Harris. Tavlor. Patton. Ward, Kintr. Little. Crow. Fiicinun McRa Robinson. Back Row: Lea. Eaton. Maxwell, Carll. Woods. I u ei Sa a Permutt, iMiirray, Macaiiley. FIRST BATTALION COMPAWl ' " A " Captain Nil s Larson Capt fir-t tin John K James E. . Cabell l.u Htciumt Benedict Seco, J 1 . . . . COMPANY Samuel " B " Yarchin Capl. in HONRV C. Lankenau Captc in Gl.OVER L. Jackson First Lu uleuarit COMPANY Edmund W " C " . Storer Captc m Thomas O. Arnsten Capt in Frederick W . Dover First Lieutenant Robert V. Vail First Lie i tenant Frank J. Krupp SECOND BATTALION COMPANY " D " Captam Gregory J Skinner Captain Ravmond Schneller First Lie utenant Joseph J. Bartnick First Lieutenant Dave V. Stockman COMPANY -E " Capt ,in Charles L. Hoffman Capt tin Newman First Lieutenant Edwin A. Coleman First Lieutenant Bonnie W. Embry COMPANY ,.p.. Capt Jin OHN T. POFF ENBERGER Capl iin Albert W. Cook First Lie utenant Francis H. McBride Fint Li utenant Tom S. Thrasher Front Row: Smith. Doughty, Heighes. C]arkron, D Jones. Logan. - Back Row: Poffenberger. Skinner, i ; - THIRD REGIMENT ENGINEERS FIRST BATTALION OFFICERS Major Richard L. Tracv Commanding. Captain Samuel Ginsberg Executive First Lieutenant Thomas J. Sammon. Jr, Adjutant SECOND BATTALION OFFICERS Major Joe R. Daniei s .... Commanding Captain John H. Light .... Executive First Lieutenant Edwin D. Bur well Adjutant -n ' K W:4 ■m- mm 3? mmm t I I Row (.ii ' i. i Hughes Stalliis Filirull .1 ini lnstcT. lluinl (a ' »ol.l Hill Juhnton Second K« J. .ins Muiule Standle Henitt MtHii.k H mscn Li.keiidu Pof tLnl.ersTf I RodKei Schiielki Thud V.UV, Stockman Tihlx Walkei Ihiashti (aril Nultn Re nolds btorer Duffc Lta ationaL oaiEhi of SCABBARD AND BLADE COMPANY FIFTH REGIMENT An Honorary Military Fraternity whose purpose is to promote interest in military activities and to bring about a closer relation among the cadet oHicers OFFICERS Gregory J. Skinnek explain Halbert E HUGHFS Fun Ucutenanl John Starn ES ,s ' ionj Lieulenant J. Wagner FiNNELL . . . . First St-rgednt Major B. B McMahon Faculty Advisor HONORARY MEMBERS Dr. Ricli rd C. Foster Dr, George H ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Denny Major C. H. Underwooa Major W. W, Wertz Captam Henry J. Woodbury Major M. T. Jemison Major D. Lee Hooper Captain W. T. Barrett Major R. L. Loller Major Harold Haney Captain W. A. Dommick Major P. N. Vernon Captam W.lliam A. Weddell Captain G, E, Galloway MEMBERS Lieutenant Clemson DuckwortI John C. Adanvs Bryan Hal Standley Raymond Schneller Thomas Arnsten John Dave Stockman Joe R. Daniel James L. Regan R. L. Tracy Glenn Elliott Jerry McBnde Claude Walker Houcl J. Pagan John Cabell Tom Thrasher James R. Forman H. B. Hanson, Jr. Russell Carll Franklin Gafford Fernwood Mitchell Jake Nolen Lawrence Hill H. G. Lackenaw Billy Reynolds Gilbert Johnston Jack Poffenberger Edd.e Storer Fred Jones Meni .es Rodger, Jr. William W. Duffey George Macauley Thomas U Lea ' .ijie Om- IlimJieJ Niucly-ci ht An Honoraiy Military I-r.ilertiilv whose purpose is to foster a spirit of friendship and cooperation anuina men in the Nhlitary Department, and to maintain a highly efhnent drill unit. yVationuL i PERSHING RIFLES COMPANY FOURTH REGIMENT Isaac P. Cheny Michael Disko Arnold Drenilen John Gaston Robert S. Godfrey [anies Holland John Huska Harry Jamesson Charles I. Kratz John M. Long William E. Maloney William S. Porter Robert M. Roberts Lawrence Scruggs Earle Turner Marion W. Wakefield Henry Wyman Darwin Ritchie Robert T. Ashurst Ector L. Bagwell L. Robert S. Berney Robert A. Buhbe Robert J. Ca: Wendelin Coen Leonard Coehn Lewis S Crock Edward J. Cul Robert C. Cully David N. Dean Raymond C. D( Philip A. DiSal Arthur E. Ehk Robert E. Farri Robley J. Fletcher MEMBERS Donald E. Gray l-iicien J. Grenier James R. Harmon J. S. Harris William A. Hartwig Zeil G. Herman Richard L. Holycross Paul Horvey Richard K. Jacobson Edsar S. James Edmund J. Jewasinski Edward S. Kubisek Hollis B. Letson James G. Lanier William J. MacWilliam Albin Malynoski Joe R. Mandalhno Francis McGwier Arthur S. McCool Harvey H. McCollester Harlan C. Meredith Eugene A. Murphy Edward J. Murphy Clarence R. Moody David M. Nowlin James C. Pope Leiand F. Rhode Horace L. Roberts Maurice F. Savage Fred W. Shubert Sam T. Simpson Samuel E. Sinclair Harry B. Sipple Louis Wiseman Mason L. Wood OFFICERS John C. Adams CHARI-t-:s Bateman EuwARD L Johnston Jack G. Greeson Franklin E. Carpenter Miss Sue Clarkson Cip uin h ' lnl Lieutenanl Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant First Sery eant Sponsor HONORARY MEMBERS Governor Bibb Graves Major-General V. H. Moseley Brigadier-General J. C. Persons Captain Ralph Major E. H. Under Captain D. M. Ros Captain Howard Ke W. Russell SENIORS Cadet Colonel Gilbert E. Johnston Captain H. B. Woodbury P,eude,U Thomas O. Arnsten Bohdam Hallas Carl L. Owen Joseph J. Bartnick Joe H. Hammer James V. Park Edwara M Bedford Joseph P. Harkins Melvin E. Permutt James E. Benedict Harold A. Helms Thomas V. Pittman Conward R. Beery lohn W. Hewitt, Jr. John T. Poffenberge Shirley N, Black Henry E. Highman Allen C. Rankin Liician C. Brandt Lawrence Hill William G. Reynolds Thomas F. Bristol Bartley S. Hodges Charles J. Rigano George C, Brown Charles L. Hotfman George M. Rodger Edwm D. Burwell W.lham B. Holmes Arnold Roseman lohn K. Cahell Robert H Howard Fred M. Ruck Ralph J. Code Halbert E. Hughes Thomas J. Sammon Edwin Coleman Albert F. Jackson, Jr. Columbus Savage Richard H. Cole Glover L. Jackson Raymond Schneller William L. Cole Thomas H. Johnson W.ley F. Shaver Albert W. Cook Fred H. Jones Gregory J. Skinner Howard R. Cook George L. King Neil R. Smart A. Bruce Cooper Frank L. Krupp Bryan H. Standley Randolph U. Crenshaw Yougene J, Lamar John W. Starnes Noel T. Cumbaa Henry G. Lankenau Daniel L. Stewart Joe R. Daniels Nils Larson Dave V. Stockman Sol C. Davidson William C Lassiter Edmond M. Storer Robert W. Davics Anton Lattal, Jr. Tom B. Strange Charles H. Davis Henry Laurie Frank J. Tarallo Talmadge J. Denton Robert G. Lavell Burnham T. Taylor Frederick W. Dover Thomas R. Lea Robert M. Taylor William W. Duffey John H. Light John J. Teague Harry E. Eaton Walter M. Lindsey Tom G. Thrasher Glenn P. Elliott Francis G. McBride Richard L. Tracy Woodson L, Ennis Robert P. McDavid Alfred M. Tunstall Bonnie W. Embry George B. Macauley Fred L. Unger Houel J. Pagan Robert L. Mann Robert V. Vail John W. Finnell Charles R. Ma.Mwell Claude R. Walker Maurice W. Fletcher James S. Maxwell Carl E. Watson James R. Forman. Jr. Frank H. Miller Fred L. Williams Franklin H. Gafford Fern W. Mitchell James W. Williams Samuel Ginsberg Edward W. Murray Henry F. Williamson Morris D. Goodfriend Francis J. Mussio Walter G. Woods John W. Graham Sterling R. Nesbitt Thomas B. Yeager. Jr. Ridgley L. Hall Jake T Nolen Clayton W. Zesiger DL Page Tno Hundred Ernest M. Bailey James Grazier Charles S. Overstreet W.lkcs C. Banks Edward O. Grecson Linn Palmer, Jr. Donald T. Bartlett Jack G. Greeson Norman C. Pardue Donald T. Bennick Thomas C Griffin Russell N. Parks Eliot J. Bocchino T. Dale Griffin James T. Parmalee Carter T. Boggess George Gutterman Fred M. Hagan William E. Patterson Standley K. Bond John Brancitorte Willys H. Pearson Donald O. Perry Richard S. Brooks George F. Hamner Francis Quinn Eugene P. Bryan Roger B. Handberg Kenneth O. Reed Arthur Buckley Harold S. Hanson Andrew Rheiide, Jr. Pattilo Burton Arthur L. Hecht Donald O, Richards Reginald E. Bushnell Raymond D. Hill Everett M. Rupert Kenneth D. Byrd Clarence Holman, Jr. Adolph Sarafinowic Dosier C. Cade James R. Howton Edward Sarkissian John M, Cannon Marcus A. Howze Paul W. Schultz Robert C. Carlson Henry B. Key Jay M. Shields Neil J. Carothers Floyd L. Jipson Marion S. Skapik Francis Charles Edward I. Johnston Edmund P. Shz A. Bruno Ciabottoni Fred T. Johnston Michael G. Stamatis Edward W. Clark Clarence Jones David Sternsher Robert H. Collins Henry W. Kumpunen Frank B. Stickney Robert Cooper James F. Lathram, Jr. Thomas A. Stradford William C. Cox Louie O. Lavender James M. Strickland Jewel M. Dauphin Clifton S. Lindsey Zebulon Strickland Anthony DiSalvo Lester L. Love Joseph C. Sugg Robert S. Dokton Milton A. Love Leonard C. Turner Jesse F. Foshee Charles C. Madden Merrill Tyson Murray Fox Richard Marsland James S. Webb John C. Galalee William C. Merrill Louis H. Weygand Bernard T. Geehan Roslo J. Molella Joseph J. Wortsman Leonard Gentil Charles H. Moses, Jr. Walter Wrightson, Jr Jonathan Gilmore Edwin J. Nicorvo Samuel Yarchin Joseph H. Glezen James W. Oliver George Zivich OFFICERS ' CLUB K UKL U M . ACTIVITIES I L I T A R Y C I R Wednesday is military day at the University, morning classes are slowed down by the efforts of cadet officers to dispose of their caps on nearby desks, and passage through halls between classes is a merry struggle to avoid pain- ful contact with the sabers that swing so jauntily from their Sam Brown belts. At noon all activity centers at the Quadrangle, where weekly drill is held. A large feminine contingent gathers to gaze admiringly at their soldier lads who stand so straight and march so well (once in a while) . At one o ' clock a steady stream of uniforms pour into the Supply Store, where they may look for mail, meet their dates, or just bull around over the daily dope. Once a year, however, the soldiers really take over the campus. Flags wave, buttons and puttees shine with new luster, and the annual Military Ball is here. This year. Cadet Colonel Gilbert E. Johnston and Honorary Cadet Colonel Margherita Swift led the affair, while regimental sponsors Lena Lamberth, Annie Laurie Swaim and Mildred Robinson were presented at the Scabbard and Blade banquet which preceded the dance. Sue Clarkson, Per- shing Rifles ' sponsor, was presented at their banquet. in c L E S 1. It must be an in- teresting c o n V e !•- sation. it ' s sure an in- teresting pose. 2. The " At Rest " in Scah- bard and Blade Ini- tiation. 3. Jimmy Re- gan and Cohort Kuard the feminine pulchri- tude. 4. Tart ' et prac- tice at an R. O. T. C. encampment. 5. " Of- ficer ' s front and cen- ter. " 6. The sure death of a bull ' s eye. 7. The Military Band. 8. The Honorary Ca- det Colonels. 9. A fa- miliar sight on Wed- nesdays and special occasions. 10. Mari;. herita Swifl. 1-; % " . TOUMEY HALL Under the capable leadership of Major Underwood and his staff of offi- cers, Le Militaire of the University has this year attained a degree of perfec- tion hitherto unexcelled. The military unit as a whole is to be congratulated for the achievements which it has accomplished. But more particularly, the closer guidance e.xercised by the advanced officers has been reflected in the increased interest and higher morale shown by the basic students themselves. Likewise, the work of the military societies of Scabbard and Blade and Per- shing Rifles in developing their respective organizations has raised them to a higher rank than ever before. At the Military Ball, presented by the Officers ' Club, the boys dispensed with their guns and swords to prove again that they were as well drilled in the finer arts as in the more strenuous. l i !.c luo Hundn-J Fo BODS-FMff Jj LrEcto% o • • • • ATHLETICS HENRY GORHAM CRISP By Elmo Israel Henry Gorhani " Hank " Crisp symbolizes the phenomenal rise to prominence of Alabama ' s ath- letic teams, for in his many years as athletic di- rector he has been an integral force in the tutoring combines that have molded from the " Thin Red Lme " . a new and greater " Crimson-Tide. " Not only does Coach Hank have responsibility for every athlete on the campus, striving always to solve their problems and difficulties, but he is also a joint-worker with Coach Frank Thomas in directing the ' Bama gridiron forces. In his official capacity of line coach. Hank has consistently put out Tide lines that have won cross-country praise, and AU-American rating for many individual players. The close of football season does not by any means end Coach Hank ' s work, for he then as- sumes the role of head basketball coach. For years Alabama ' s cage teams — not always plenti- fully supplied with good material — have ranked at the top among southern hoop squads. This alone is a great tribute to the ability of Coach Crisp. Spring weather finds the genial athletic director on the baseball field working with the diamond hopefuls until the close of school in May. Such bee-like activities give him only rare oppor- tunities to slip away and enjoy a brief, but well- earned, fishing or hunting trip. FRANK W. THOMAS . HEAD Alabama ' s present football prowess and its rapid climb to the top peak among gridiron teams is due in a great measure to an expert coaching staff, composed of men who have played th; game and have studied its most minute details. On the shoulders of Frank Thomas has been placed the responsibility of turning out crack Tide elevens each season for the past seven years. The records of his teams since he first appeared at the helm of the Capstone ' s pigskin forces proves his outstanding success as a leader of men and a producer of worthy grid machines. Quiet and unassuming in his manner, he goes at his work with unmeasured determination. When the game is gloomiest for Alabama, Thomas can b? banked on to spring forth a play that will clinch victory. Although few words are uttered by the head mentor when be is on the practice field, the players understand him, and he thoroughly un- derstands every one of them. To this close co- operation is due much of Alabama ' s success on the playing held. One of the chief reasons for the Crimson Tide ' s winning a Southeastern Conference title last year is skillful Coach Hank Crisp. Off the field, it is he who looks after the health and welfare of all the athletes in such an efficient manner that he is known as " father of the boys. " On the field, he constructs the mightv Tide forward walls. It is By Elmo Israel Famed Frank Thomas turned in another season of spectacular coaching last fall with a team of fighting griddcrs who bowled over all of their opponents in winning the Southeastern Conference championship and a trip to Pasadena ' s Rose Bowl. In his tenure at the Capstone, Coach Thomas has established one of the most brilliant records of any mentor in the country. His teams have piled up " y? victories against seven losses and three ties, including three Southeastern Conference titles and one sweep- ing Rose Bowl victory. Coming to the University to replace Wallace Wade, Coach Thomas was first faced with the task of building up the confi- dence of his players and of all Alabama followers. He did this, and more; he gave to the University, grid teams of excellent calibre. Thomas has always employed the methods of football taught him at Notre Dame by his immortal coach, the late Knutc Rockne. He has experimented wirh and perfected this system until it is today recognized as one of the greatest of all times. Recognition was quick to follow his conscientious efforts at Alabama, and to- day Coach Frank Thomas is a member of the official Ail-American Board of Football — an accepted authority on football and its players. -• ' ;;■•■■•; ' « ' ■■ ■ ■; COACH unJ STAFF he to whom tlic task of whipping the tnckles and guards into shape is given, and the host of all-star and all- American players that he has produced is ample proof of his capability as a tutor. He has given to the sport- ing world many of its leaders; to business, many of its noted executives. In fact, his " boys " are making giod all over the nation. Each new football season finds a pair of first string ends, comparable to the best in any conference, holding down the terminal positions for Alabama. This seem- ingly ever-present supply of great flankmen is furnished by amiable Harold " Red " Drew. Such fotmer great players as Don Hutson, Paul Bryant, Jimmie Walker, and the past season ' s duo of Perron Shoemaker and Ervin " Tut " Warren all exemplify Drew ' s consistency in imparting the knowledge of good offensive and de- fensive end play to his proteges. One of the most difficult coaching jobs at the Cap- stone is that of freshman mentor Paul Burnuni. It is his duty to train inexperienced first-year men for var- sity competition the following season. Under his tute- e, the baby Tiders have always been among the conference top-notchers in their tussels with freshman squads of other schools, and many promising prospects have been uncovered by Coach Burnum during such games. The economic task of running Alabama ' s athletic teams is left in the capable hands of Jeff Coleman, bus- iness manager of athletics, well known on the campus as the football " Ticket man. " " Bama ' s Athletic Associa- tion has enjoyed a splendid growth under his leadership. Marshall Nunn, sports publicity director is respon- sible for the reams of good copy about Crimson Tide teams that continually fill the nation ' s newspapers. Un- doubtedly, many of Alabama ' s nationally ranked stars owe their prestige to the recognition given them by dope- ster Nunn. Due much credit for their untiring efforts are assist- ant line coaches Paul Bryant, Bill Peters and Hillman Walker, and backfield aide Tilden Campbell. They have proved of invaluable service in helping to mold a troop of thoroughly trained athletes. LaLJcvna i ALL-AMERICAN CAPTAIN By Bob Collins Considered only a mediocre contender for Southeastern Con- ference honors in pre-season ratings, and with tradition weighing heavily upon it, the 1937 Crimson Tide, in a submissive but re- sentful manner, stirred slightly before the opening game at the cynical talk directed toward it, and then, becoming infuriated at being sold so cheaply by critics, roared into a mammoth wave that swept over and completely inundated all scheduled compe- tition with the force of an entire ocean gone wild. Rising gradually to its crest, the Tide swept aside Howard, 41 to 0, drowned Sewanee by a lopsided margin of 65 to 0, washed South Carolina ashore by a 20 to score, sprayed Tennessee, 14 to 7, gave George Washington University a thorough cleaning, 19 to 0, surged powerfully to its peak in submerging Kentucky, 41 to 0, and then stayed in the thick of the storm to sprinkle Tulane, 9 to 6, Georgia Tech, 7 to 0, and Vanderbilt, 9 to 7. The fury of the Tidal Wave was spent when it received the invitation to play the Golden Bears of California in the Rose Bowl, January 1. 1938. With the weight of Alabama ' s record of having never been beaten in the Rose Bowl drooping their shoulders, the Tidesmen were beset with a super determination to win. That determi- nation caused the nervousness, anxiety, and wild anticipation that sent the courageous Tiders down before the onslaujht of the Golden Bears by a score of 13 to 0. MONSKY CW NA ' ALABAMA an d SOUTHEASTERN CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS Unlike most of its great predecessors, the 1937 Crim- son Tide was not an aggregation of one, two or just a few stars. It was, quite on the contrary, from stem to stern a machine made up entirely of stars. Although a few players received more praise and credit than others, there was very little difference in the caliber of the first 18 or 20 performers on the squad. Probably never before had Coach Frank Thomas had such an abundant supply of capable reserves. When he sent replacements into the game, there was no notable difference in the general performance of the Tide as a unit, and many times the so-called second team was even more effective than the starting outfit. Captain Leroy Monsky If special praise is due any one of the Tidesmen, it may be said that Captain Leroy Monsky was the lead- ing performer on the squad. His selection as All- American guard was a recognition to which he was rightfully due. He excelled as a bone-wracking block- er, a stalwart defensive player, and his consistent spirit and ability of leadership kept the Tide fighting at all times. Joe Kilgrow Kilgrow ' s never-say-die spirit was the factor that gave him the edge over the other backs, if there was an edge. He was always good for a gain at just the right time. Many times he pulled the Crimsons from behind with his consistent pounding at opposing lines. Sandy Sanford It is an accepted fact that there was a unique player among the Crmisons during the 1937 campaign. The player was Sandy Sanford, and he was unique by vir- tue of his great kicking ability. Sanford saved Ala- bama from certain defeat twice during the season and kept the Crimson Tide in the championship running with two thrilling and amazing field goals. j JOE KILGROW ' All-Southeastern Conference Halfback " SCREAMAESTROES " Always stirring the spirit of the crowd, Ala- bama ' s efficient cheerleading squad was always on hand to lead when the Tide was on a victory march and to cheer the boys when they had their backs to the wall. The largest squad in the school ' s history was composed of four girls and four boys. Ralph Ford was elected to the head cheerleader position. His assistants were Martha Witt Burleson, Johnel Fisher, Ann Walker, and Francine Edmister; Art Fowler, C. D. Wooten, and Bartley Hodges who served in the cheerlead- er capacity the year before. Bama ' s cheering squad won the affection and applause of every student body before which they appeared. Dfi. By Bob Collins ALABAMA 41, HOWARD Presenting an array of slithery hipped backs and a pow- erful forewall, the Crimson Legion made its 1937 gridiron dehiit by trouncing Howard College, 41 to 0, before a crowd of 8,000 m Denny Stadium. With a demonstration of perfect coolness and well chosen power plays, the Tiders marched down the field early in the first quarter to tally and strike moments later with the sec- end counter of the game. Halted momentarily by a deter- mined Howard line, and forced to rehnquish the ball, the fast and hard-charging Alabama Imesmen sifted through and struck twice with great rapidity to cover fumbles and set the stage for the first two counters. A 21-yard aerial bomb from Joe Kilgrow to George Zivich accounted for the ice- breaking tally. The game was clearly Alabama ' s in a breeze from that point to the final whistle. Second, third, and fourth string players finished the game for Alabama, scoring almost at will. n : Sho€-m.iki-i -. Ryba. lios- lachtolff. Mo nsky. Tipton. . -- Backfield : Zivich. Holm, Cochrane, Ki Itrrnw. ALABAMA 6% SEWANEE, The Red Elephant Herd stampeded onto Legion Field ot Birmingham in the second encounter of the season and ran wild to trounce the Sewanee Tigers, 6 to 0. Accounting for 10 touchdowns, five extra points, and 2j first downs, while holding their opponents to only 27 yards from scrimmage, the Tidesmen rolled up 600 yards from the line of play in routing the Tennessee invaders. High-geared reserves scored six touchdowns in the second and fourth quarters. Herky Moseley streaked 5 yards through the entire Tiger outfit in the most dazzling jaunt of the game. Later he passed 42 yards to Billy Slemmons for another score. The first team ' s counters all came on long drives. A bulwark against running plays, Tut Warren, end, held down his terminal post in one of the best defensive shows of the game. Showing well among the brilliant reserves were Buddy Beard, Alvin Davis, Herky Moseley, Billy Slemmons, and Charley Boswell, all backs. Fullback Charley Holm in the first string outfit, along with Halfback Joe Kilgrow, led the offensive thrur.ts, each punching out 11 " yards. ALABAMA 20, SOUTH CAROLINA A stubborn South Carolina defense kept Alabama battling all the way to win, 20 to 0, in the Tide ' s third game of the season, played on a rain-soaked sod in Denny Stadium at Tuscaloosa. After South Carolina had taken the opening kick-off and punted, Alabama forged ahead, using a coordinated power drive to push the ball down the field for 40 yards and a score. Joe Kilgrow faded back in the second quarter and heaved a 33-yard pass to fleet Buddy Beard for the second trip across the twin stripes. From his flank position. Perron Shoemaker, covered Dick Little ' s fumble on the Gamecock 14-yard stripe early in the third quarter to put Alabama in scoring position. Charley Holm circled left end for 13 yards, and Hal Hughes scored on the next play. South Carolina ' s Dick Little proved to be one of the most dangerous backs that played against Alabama all season. His unusual elusiveness made him a constant threat to the ' Bama outfit. Holm led the Alabama attack with 79 yards in 12 tries, and Kilgrow was second with 62 yards in 14 tries. CRIMSON TIDE • s es to the Tide fK- VARSITY IN ALABAMA 14, TENNESSEE 7 An overflow crowd of 2 ' 5,000 in Shields-Watkins Field at Knoxville saw ' Bama flash a smooth pass attack and a machinc-like ground offense to brush aside Tennessee in steady fashion by a margin of 14 to 7. Having swept 60 yards to Tennessee ' s goal post shadow, the Alabama rush fal- tered with only two ininutes remaining before the half. Coach Frank Thomas hurried his fast-moving reserves into the drive, and Herky Moseley passed H yards to Alvin Davis. Moseley sliced through for three more yards, and Vic Bradford scored bv means of a quarterback sneak on the ne.vt play. Joe Kilgrow led another 60-yard march early in the third quarter which resulted in seven points more for the Alabama aggregation. Tricky end-around plavs by Perro n Shoemaker and Tut Warren were fundamental in advancing the hall in the last major drive of the game bv the Tide. The strong Alabama forewall yielded to but one Volunteer back during the course of the game. George Cafego ran and passed the Tennesseeans from mid-field to the goal line in the last two minutes of play. Then he shot a 4-yard pass to Cheek Duncan for the Vol ' s touchdown. Spearheading the Alabama ground-gaining department were Charley Holm and Joe Kilgrow, while Captain Leroy Monskv turned in a brilliant game from his guard post. Jim Rvba proved to be a granite block to the penetrations concentrated toward him. HOSTICK MOSELEY • _ HUGHES " SWINGTIME " ALABAMA 19, GEORGE WASHINGTON Hindered by a mud-covered field, Alabama had difficulty in downing a liitlierto undefeated George Washington University team, 19 to 0, before 35,000 fans in Grif- fith Stadium, Washington, D. C. Churning along with steam-roller power, Charley Holm smashed off tackle and galloped 37 yards, with Jim Ryba mowing down the opposition, to pave the way for Alabama ' s first score. Joe Kilgrow slipped back and fired a 37-yard heave to Perron Shoemaker who took it on the 7-yard stripe and idled over for a touchdown. After a faulty kick hv the Colonial ' s Halfback Sampson from his 10-yard line, the Tide took the hall on the 30-yard marker, and, with Kilgrow and Holm alternating in carrymg the pigskin, rammed down to the 6-yard stripe, and Kilgrow went over in one powerful smash. Holm gathered in a Colonial pass in the third quarter and raced for the final Alabama tally. Outstanding fcrewall performances were turned in by Captain Leroy Monsky, Lewis Bostick, and Perron Shoemaker. Mf- J ' - £L •. " P R AC ALABAMA 41, KENTUCKY In the most one-sided game ot their 36-years history of gridiron re- lations with Kentucky, the Tidcsmen routed the Wildcats, 41 to 0, before a capacity home-coming crowd in Denny Stadium at Tuscaloosa. Although the Blue Grass team of- fered stern resistance in the first pe- riod, allowing the Alabamas but one touchdown, the Tidesmen came back strongly m the second quarter to push over two scores, as the regular team put on a duo of concentrated drives. After having run up a comfort- able margin in the first half, the Ala- bama first stringers retired to the sidelines and left the game in the hands of the reserves, some of them third, and fourth team players, who played steady ball during the entire last half, adding several touchdown:, to the ' Bama score. TICE MAKES PERFECT Much of Alabama ' s ground gaining was done by long end sweeps, with Leroy Monsky, Vic Bradtord, Henry Cochrane, and Lewis Bostick clearing the way. jun Ryba and Carey Cox were credited also with stellar defensive play in the Tide line. Tricky, powerful running on the part of Joe Kilgrow, George Zivich and Charley Holm served to weaken the Wild- cats ' defense. Slippery Bob Davis, ' Tucky halfback, provided the biggest thrill of the game when he dashed off 50 yards on a punt returned, being stopped finally by " Bama ' s Herky Moseley in the safety position. ALABAMA 9, TULANE 6 A young silver-toed giant, Hayward Sanford, hardly heard of before Alabama ' s journey to New Orleans, was rushed from Tide reserve quarters to save the day for ' Bama in the Tulane encounter. With the score knotted six-all, and with only one minute to play, Sanford stepped back to Alabama ' s 52-yard line, sank his toe into the ball and sent it sailing ever the cross bar for a perfect field goal that gave Alabama a 9-6 win over the Greenies. Showing late-season staleness, the Tiders were strong in running plays for only 10 minutes during the game. That short period, however, saw them put on the most powerful drive they staged all season as they swept down the held in the third quarter for 87 yards and their lone touchdown of the fracas. Tulane scored in the first quarter by blocking a punt and recovering the ball on Alabama ' s 18-yard stripe. Straight line plays carried the Greenies to the 2-yard marker, and Full- back John Andrews went over. Neither brute force nor deceptive plays stopped the Red Elephants from carrying out their appointed actions. -■■ Bottom Row: Tipton, Foshee, Blackwell. if i ' sktW A Lona [ Joe Kilgrow, George Zivich, and Charley Holm divided honors in Alabama ' s scoring punch, while Jim Ryba, Lewis Bostick, Leroy Monslcy, although injured, and Tut Warren were chief fortifications in the Tide ' s defense. ALABAMA 7, GEORGIA TECH Outplayed in the first three quar- ters, Alabama came back with a ter- rific surge in the last period to turn back the Georgia Tech Yellow Jack- ets, 7 to 0, before a capacity crowd irmingham ' s Legion Field. The Engineer outfit was the only one on the Tider ' s regular slate to outclass them during the course of the season. Opening with an obvious power push, the Tidesmen drove to the Tech 17-yard stripe early in the first quarter but were turned back by a determined Jacket defense. Tech reached the Alabama 1-foot line just one minute before the half but was sent back up the field as the result of a penalty. ROBERTS DAVIS HARKINS HOLM BRADFORD MERRILL Sa ndy bei ng shov .-n the " kicV; I T» ' DOPE horn GRIDIRON NOTEBOOK Long range booting by Hcrky Moseley in die waning mo- ments of tlie fourth quarter put Alabama in scoring posi- tion. With approximately five minutes of the game remain- ing, Joe Kilgrow returned a punt to Tech ' s 42-yard hne. He then passed to George Zivich for four yards, and on the next play made five yards through the center of the line. Henry Cochrane punched out a first down. The longest run of the day was reeled off on the next thrust when Galloping Joe shot over right tackle, cut to his left and sped 28 yards, be- fore being knocked out of bounds on the 3-yard stripe by Dutch Konemann. Alabama scored on a short pass, Kilgrow to Tut Warren, over the goal line. ALABAMA 9, VANDERBILT 6 The last game of the season saw Alabama again come from behind by the aid of Sandy Sanford ' s great toe. Trailing Vanderbilt, 6 to 7, and with the final minutes of the game ticking off, the kicking-end went into the game and booted a miracle goal from a sharp angle on the 22-yard line to give Alabama a 9-7 triumph over the Commodores, the South- eastern Conference championship, and eventually the invita- tion to play California in the Rose Bow Joe Kilgrow had passed to Tut Warren for Alabama ' s touchdown in the second quarter, and Vandy had taken a 1 -point lead in the third period when elusive little Bert Mar- shall had sparked a 47-yard drive that end.. " d in a I-yard lunge across the goal line by Hardy Housman. oz TIME Jim Tipton, Jim Ryba, Lewis Bostick and Leroy Monsky present- ed a solid front to the Commodore ball carriers, and George Zivich, from his halfback post, turned in his game of the season. Kilgrow, Herky Moseley, and Charley Holm were the Tide ' s other chief ground gain- ers. ALABAMA 0, CALIFORNIA 1? A great desire to uphold Ala- bama ' s Rose Bowl record, caused the nervousness that in turn resulted in the Tide ' s costly fumbling as it lost to the California Golden Bears be- fore 90,000 enthusiastic fans in the Rose Bowl, January 1, 1938. Superior weight and running force by the great Golden Bear aggrega- tion played their part in snapping Alabama ' s Rose Bowl victory streak. WAKKKN W(H)l) ZIVICH KKDDEN TW •-; tT rrii l!:- :- k7 ' Mm. -A - .■ -.» %. ■ ' fj»r ' ' i7l ■ ' i m WITH THE TIDE Alabama ' s usually smooth-functioning overhead attack was stifled by an alert California secondary, and it was b ' land that the Tidesmen did their ef- fective offensive work. Power drives of 63 and 48 yards by California in the second and third quarters, respectively, followed Tide fumbles that also halted Tide drives. Vic Bottari, California ' s great back, scored both touchdowns on deceptive end runs from within the 5-yard line. Showing great power in the first quarter Alabama drove to the Bears ' 26- yard stripe, after it had marched from deep in its own territory. The threat was ended on the 6-yard line as a pass was juggled into the hands of Cali- fornia ' s Bob Herwig, After a drive in the fourth quarter had placed the ball on California ' s 3-yard marker, making it first down and goal to go for a score, a fumble on the first play deprived the Tide of its final scoring chance. Statistics showed 11 first down for California, 10 for Alabama! 187 yards from scrimmage for California; 139 for Alabama. CZTji DIE . . ROSE BOWL Pasadena — scene of rhe publicized Tournament of Roses G ' of every collegiate football eleven Locale of the nation ' s top- ranking intersectional gridiron ti.t And five-time host to the Crimson Tide of Ala ' jama! Pasadena — resplendent in its regal dress of varicolored roses Picturesque floats adorned by charming maidens . - . Everywhere the manifestations of gay, holiday spirit WSf Everywhere a warm-hearted populace welcoming the Boys from Bama And the Tidesmen showing wholesome appreciation for the reception Days before the game, crowded with action Over to the studios of the Brothers Warner Watching the filming of " Robin Hood " , Hob-nobbing with the stars of celluloid Gay dinners, parties, dances Seeking and being sought for autographs Alumnus Johnny Mack Brown serves as informal guide. Then — goodbye to California, hello good old Capstone It was nice to go West — But Ala- bama ' s still the best. DL UNSUNG By Bob Lee In modern football, a team which wms consistently must have capable reserves. During the past gridiron season Alabama was fortunate in having able replacements for every position. This stock of reserve material proved the deciding factor in at least two games which the Crimson Tide placed in the victory column last Fall. During the last three weeks of the regular season injuries cut a wide swath through the Crimson ranks. In the Georgia Tech game, especially, ' Bama ' s front line was generously sprinkled with substitutes who battled gallantly in face of a determined attack by the more experienced Yellow Jacket forces. It takes nerve to go through gruelling practice sessions day after day without winning the award of the big letter " A " which all Tidesmen strive for. It is the reserves who serve as shock troops in many a long tiresome scrimmage. They are largely re- sponsible for keeping the first stringers in condition. Reserves who failed to make letters this year must loo ' c to the future for their just rewards. They will form an important part of the Crimson Tide gridiron machine of tomorrow. This strenu- ous training which they have just passed through has prepared them for the key positions they will be called upon to fill during the coming campaigns. These reserves have proved their courage and ability beyond a shadow of a doubt. Come what may — they will be ready and waiting. MARX. Manaeer STUAKT, Trainer Looking in at Denny Field on Tide beinp put throuRh a bit of HEROES Nat Marx, senior football man- ager during the past season, fol- lowed in the footsteps of his brother, Hugo, who served in the same capacity for Alabama ' s Rose Bowl Squad of 1934. Nat has performed efficiently in his managerial duties since his fresh- man year, and has now earned his big " A " . Jack Stuart, trainer for the squad, came to Alabama this year. He proved his valuability by keeping his entire squad fit and ready for action throughout the entire season. He is intrusted with the care of the physical fit- ness of the athletes participating in all varsity sports. SUGGS WICKE SKIRGE KING ;. . " «» ' ' ■ li[ i-JJ BACKBOARD COACH HANK CRISr Basketball at the Capstone this year reached its low- est ebb in many years. Getting off to a belated start because of the Rose Bowl game, the Tide cagers were able to win only four out of 16 games played. All of Alabama ' s opposition this year was furnished by the Southeastern conference. Handicapped by lack of practice, the Crimson hoop- sters opened their schedule against Tulane who had already played three games. Playing raggedly, the Tidesmen dropped the first of the two-game series by a score of 24-19, after having been on the short end of a 16-6 at halftime. Both teams were hindered by the slippery gym floor, Herman Roberson, sophomore guard, led the Tide scoring with seven points while Harmon was best for the invaders with eight counters. The next night, the Green Waves offensive really clicked and the ' Bama men were buried under a 45-21 score. Shoemaker broke into the lineup and swished the nets for six counters. Tulane led at the half, 26-12. Jumonville of Tulane was the high scorer for the even- ing ' s performance. Tennessee ' s smooth-working Vols came to the Cap- stone to hand the Tide cagers their third straight loss, 27-17. Grabbing an early lead, the Vols coasted to By Bob Lee victory behind the sterling play of Putnam, Shoemaker and Estes scoring five each for the locals. Alabama made its first real victory bid of the season against the invading Vanderbilt squad. With two min- utes to go, the score was knotted at 36 all; but, the Commodores managed to score three points to win 39-36. The Tidesmen ' s inability to stop Hanna, visit- ing center who scored 20 points, was the deciding fac- tor. Sophomore Edgar Hudson led the Crimsons with five fielders and two free throws. The Crispmen took to the road for the first time, traveling to Atlanta to lose to Georgia Tech. 36-24. Hudson, Estes, and Shoemaker dominated the Tide ' s scoring while Johnston scored 12 for the Engineers. The annual Kentucky-Alabama tussle in Birmingham found the Wildcat ' s attack functioning in hi h gear. The final count, Kentucky 57, Alabama 31. The high- light of the contest was the proficiency of both fives from the foul line. Kentucky scored 21 out of 26 at- tempts, while Alabama was cashing in on 15 out of 19 tries. Next, the Crimson Tide traveled to Nashville to take another beating; from the Vanderbilt Commodores. The Tennesseeans led all the way, winning by the lop-sided score of 46-26. The Tide cagers returned to the Capstone, and finally crashed the victory column at the expense of Louisiana State by a score of 41-33. Some brilliant ball-hawking by Shoemaker proved a material aid in ' Bama ' s first win. The Tide guard registered ten counters. The next night the Crispmen had to stave off a last minute rally by the desperate Bayou Tigers to take their second successive triumph, 33-32. Hudson ' s 12 points were individual high for the evening. After these two victories, the Crimson cagers headed northward, stopping off first at Knoxville to take a shellacking from the Tennessee Vols again, 36-22. The Tidesmen made a real battle of it the first half but were unable to offset the Vol ' s closing rush. Shoemaker was outstanding for Alabama while Logan, opposing forward, was high scorer with six field goals. Page Tno HnndrcJ Tacnty-cighl cU id BASKET 19 3 8 The following night the Alabama charges moved on to Lexington to lose a thriller to the conference-leading Wildcats, 28-21. Alabama scored its third victory of the season in the University gym by dropping the Georgia Bulldogs, 39-26. The Tiders flashed their best form of the season in turning back the invaders. Hudson and Shoe- maker paced the winners with 12 points each. Kelly scored the same number of points for the visitors. The Tidesmen traveled to Oxford, Mississippi, where they had their first experience with high-scoring " Country " Graham. The Old Miss ace lived up to advance notices by scoring 18 points in his team ' s 43-36 triumph. Hudson led his mates with 13 counters. On the following night the Crimsons managed to hold Graham to 1 2 points, but his running mate, Ward, scored 2 — for the Rebels. Hudson again led the ' Bama men by scoring three fielders and four three throws. The Tiders lost again by a score of 30-38. The local cagers closed their home schedule on February 22 by shading Mississippi State in a bitterly-fought struggle, 37-35. Alabama held the lead at halftime, 20-16, and managed to keep the lead by the deadly sharp-shooting of Starnes, senior forward, who scored nine points. Alabama closed the schedule with the Mississippi State Maroons in Starkville, losing the game 44-37. Hudson was the high individual scorer of the game with 14 points. In the Conference Tournament at Baton Rou ;e, Alabama drew the X ' anderbilt Commodores in their first round. The Crimson attack was ineffective, and they fell before the Commodores 50-26 in their season ' s finale. Conscientious and capable manager. Ver- non L. Cohen characteristically keeps an eye out for the squad. " Bottom. Left : Shoemaker " all up in the air " over thi. one during an engaEement with Vandy. OL SHOOTING STARS tV 1 John Starnes. Forward After three years as a Tide eager, Starnes came into his own during the L. S. U. series and cHnched a starting berth for himself for the remainder of the season. Besides being a clever net swisher from the held, his southpaw style proved a continuous threat for the oppostion. Bud Waitks, Guard The only Tuscaloosa boy on the squad, Waites was a speedy and aggressive defensive man. He was seeing his first year on the varsity squad, and saw quite a little action. Paul Estes, Center Towering six feet, five inches above the floor. Slim was always a serious threat under the basket. His tip-in shots and his ability to get the jump on the opposition proved a decided asset to Alabama. He missed the last four games on the schedule because of illness. Herman Roberson, Guard In his first year as a Crimson, Roberson showed promise of be- coming one of the greatest guards in Alabama ' s history. A clever hall handler and an excellent floor man, Roberson was the defensive backbone of the Tide cagers. Tut Warren. Guard Like Shoemaker and Estes, Warren is another gridiron warrior who turns to the hardwood during the winter months. A good de- fensive player. Tut proved himself to be a capable reserve. Perron Shoemaker, Guard " Shoey " has been a consistent per former on the hardwood for three seasons. A brilliant ball hawk and an accurate long range artist, he reached his peak during the Louisiana State series when he was a big factor in aiding the Tide to break its seven-game losing streak. Harry Suggs, Forward Although not breaking into the lineup much this season, Suggs gained enough experience to become a likely prospect for the future. He is big and fast, and is a fair shot. Edgar Hudson. Forward Coming from the state of Indiana, Hudson proved to be the sparkplug in the majority of the Tide ' s games. He finished sixth in the Conference scoring with 128 points for the season. He is only a sophomore, and will be heavily counted on in the future. Page Two Hundred Thirty -one ATHLETIC JEWEL M Pi jr:-- ' ' ' " ' ' _,ACH TILDE LDEN CAMPBELL Finishing their Southeastern Conference slate with ten vic- tories against two setbacks, the 1937 Crimson Tide baseball- ers again proved to be tops in college baseball. Although not officially winning the title, which they had done previously for three straight years. Coach Happy Camp- bell ' s proteges led the loop in games won, and was second only to Auburn in percentages. Early pro-season woes beset the ' Bama team. Lost by grad- uation from the previous championship season were nearly a whole infield, including Jim Whatley, Frank Scalzi and Chick Bosuka, and Hillman Walker in the outfield. Perron Shoemaker, junior catcher, was ineligible. Then Jim Tabor, brilliant recruit shortstop, signed a pro contract with the Boston Red So. . By DoziER Cade But with the entire 1 36 pitching staff returning, and the shitting of Heinie Laurie from third to short, Johnny Rob- erts and Ben McLeod from outfield to third and first re- spectively, and the placing of utility mfielder Blackie Zesiger on second, the Tiders went through 1 games (including seven non-conference affairs) with only five losses. Biriniiighjni Barons 12. Alabama 4 After having been rained out for three consecutive seasons, Alabama and the Birmingham Barons finally got together on March 27 on D.;nny Field to open the season for the form,;r. Even then, cold weather stopped the game in the seventh inning. LeGrant Scott, former Tide pitcher and now Baron outfielder, blasted a homer with three mates on deck. Mc- Leod homered tor " Bama. Alabama 10, Honard 1 Hugh Kirkland, sophomore pitcher, turned in a four-hit game here against Howard, striking out 12 men. Laurie led the charge with three hits for four trips to the plate, in- cluding two doubles. Blackie Caldwell singled twice, and Bradford and Rob three anc got home runs. Alabama 7-12, Misussippi College 4-4. Buddy Teague and Andy Anderson pitched seven-hit ball, respectively, in a duo of games played here with Mississippi College. Vic Bradford, Tide outficld. ' r, led the hitters both days, getting a double and a single in the first game, and a homer and two singles on the second day. Heinie Laurie pilfered five bases in the second game. Alabama 9-8, Northn ' estcrn Lhtncrsity 3-9 The Crimsons divided two contests with their Big Ten foe on Denny Field. Hugh Bedient struck out nine m the first game, and McLeod with three hits led the swatsmen. In the second setto, Alabama outhit the winners, but couldn ' t hunch their bingles. Teague was credited with the loss, and was lost to the team for the rest of the season when he wrenched his ankle. •dient. Teague. Anderson. Kirkland. ERS-THE DIAMOND EXPERTS Alabama H-H, .. 5. U. 2-3 The Tide opened its conference schedule in Baton Rouge and twice swept over the Bayou Tigers, usually a tough foe. Five home runs hy Alabama players (Boozer, Caldwell, Bradford, McLeod, and Machtolff) featured the opener. The ne. t day all hut Machtolff hit for Bama, with pitcher Bedient leading with tour singles. AUburnu V-n, L. S. U. 1-0. L. S. U. could get only one run and eleven hits in two games off the offerings of Anderson and Kirkland on Denny Field, as Alabama romped to four straight over the Tigers. A pinch-hit homer in the ninth robbed Andy of a shutout the first day, with Laurie leading in the win with two safeties. Kirkland set down eight on strikes the next day, as L. S. U. blew up, making nine errors. Roberts hit a triple and two singles for Alabama. Alabama 6, Unirersity of Mississippi 7. Ole Miss handed Alabama her first S. E. C. setback at O.xford, Mississippi, ral- lying in the ninth to score the deciding run on a squeeze play. Bradford got a homer and a single, McLeod three singles, and Boozer also hit for the circuit. The game next day was rained out in the third with ' Bama leading 6-0. Alabama l ' ' -7, Umrersity of Mississippi 2-3. As usual, Alabama ' s " A " Day game was rained out, necessitating a double header with Ole Miss the following day. But, the Tiders celebrated May Day with a double win, playing errorless ball in both games. Bedient and McLendon were the winning pitchers. Massengale, Rebel centerfielder, led the batsmen with five hits for seven trips up in the two contests. Bradford paced the winners with four hits, including a double and a homer. Alabama 2, Mississippi State 6. For the fourth straight season, the Crimson Tide went into its annual four-game series against State with the Southeastern championship at stake. The Tide had won the series-sets each time. At the beginning of this crucial series, Alabama was tied for second place, having won eight games and lost one. State annexed the first game, played in Starkville. to chalk up its seventh loop victory without a defeat. Kirkland suffered his first and only defeat of the season. The game scheduled the next day was rained out. Alabama 9-11, Mississippi State 7-5. The Tide turned in Tuscaloosa, and the Maroons left the city in third place. The first game was close and exciting, the score being tied three tunes. Alabama got 13 hits, and the losers eight. Boozer came out of his slump and led the hitters with four for five at the bat. Fred Walters of State got two triples and a double. In the second game, Hugh Bedient set the Staters down with four safeties. Walters got two of the Staters ' hits including a home run. Bradford got two home runs and a double, drove in five runs and made eight put-outs in centerfield. Machtolff also got three of Alabama ' s fourteen hits. MANAGF:R WALT HOGAKT The liCi? S.iuad WILLOW Young Boozer, Right Field Playing his hrst sear for ' Bama, the bespectacled Boozer didn ' t quite live up to his previous record hut came out of an earK ' season hatting slump finally to pull his mark to .262. He was the onK ' 1937 regular to hat left handed, hut threw right handed, as did the rest of his mates. Heinie Lauric, Shortstop Leadoff man, leading hitter and leading base-swiper for the season. His batting aver- age for the year was .422, and he also headed the team in two-base hits. Having played third and second bases for the Tide, Lauric stepped in at short and outclassed every oppo- nent. Hugh Bedient, Pitcher Son of a former major league player, who hurled for Cleveland in a World Series, Bedient chalked up four wins against a single setback. In the last game of the season he held the strong pennant-hound Mississippi State sluggers to four safeties and blasted their hopes. He also batted .i ' 0 for the s ' ear. Ben McLeod, First Base McLeod was also playing a new regular position, although he had held down practi- cally every position on the diamond at one time or another. A steady, dependable plaver, Mac enjoyed his best season for Alabama in his last effort. He was second in batting with the high mark of .393. Johnny Roberts, Third Base Fiery, red-headed, always trying and hustling, Johnny took over the strange duties of a third baseman and held down the post all season. He was one of ' Bama ' s most dangerous hitters in a pinch and was good on He was placed on the AU-Star team at the National Amateur Tournament last summer. Andy Anderson, Pitcher Flinging his last year for Alabama, quiet and modest, Andy turned in three victories without a defeat. The righthander was consistent throughout the season, many times re- lieving tired mates and saving the game. This was his best season under the Crimson banner. Blackie Zesiger, Second Base Steady, not spectacular, jack-of-all positions, Blackie was graduated from utility in- fielder to second base in the general team shifting. Zesiger, small and wiry with a smooth throw to first, batted .270 and rarely made an error. ' ;. . ' ' ' 3BHBP ■ ' ' j ' i ' • " " ! ' ■ lii " J2Lr. Center: Lauric. - Bot- ' ■ " j, ' n S ' ?r ' ?. ' ' --f ' ' ' jm: Bedient. McLeod. Roberts. Anderson, ... . , . 5- - p5rV.-r •• »: ' V ' V ' Zesiger. W I E L D E R S Vic B. Auronu, Center F.eld Although only a sophomore, Bradford broke into the lineup and was put ui the clean- up slot because of his heavy slugging. He led his mates in homj; runs, drivmg out seven for the season. Big, powerful, and a classy fielder, Vic also is a letter-man in football and basketball, holding down regular positions in each sport. His batting average is .344. Hugh Kirkland, Pitcher Sophomore sensation, strikeout star and probably the best-looking pitching prospect at Alabama, Kirkland won more games than any other Tide chunker. He chalked up five wins against one loss, and allowed only 27 base hits in five full games. His only setback was against Mississippi State, but he wont in as a relief pitcher against the Maroons the ne. t game and won the contest. Blackie Caldwell, Left Field Another heavy hitt;r, with a final mark of .349, Blackie played his last season for the Tide, having signed a professional contract with the New York Yankees. Triples were his specialty, and occasionally he slammed one far out of the reach of the fielders for four bases. Jack Machtolff. Catcher One of Bama ' s finest " mittme,i " ' , Mac worked h ' hind the plate with deft precision. No matter how rough the going, his yells of encouragement served to bolster the entire team. In the pinches, he usually managed to come through in fine style, breaking several ties in favor of the Tide. Slim McLendon, Pitcher Junior hurler, and right-handed like his other four pitching mates, McLendon was credited with one victory and no defeats for the season, times in relief roles. Alvin Davis. Catcher Davis played the part of relief catcher during his first season on the varsity baseball squad. Davis saw little service in games, but was counted on chiefly to warm up the pitchers. Alex Hayes, Utility Hayes was utility man for both the outfield and the infield. He was ' Bama ' s number one pinch-hitter, and will be counted on heavily in the future. CINDER BURNERS COACH HAROLD DREW tmt0 BottL.n : I)r w. Ma menei-. (.; i b b o r H.ani. Hro l ■ht ,Il. Faced with the task of replacing 14 of his 16 lettermen of the previous season, Coach Harold Drew was able to assemble a squad which came out on top in four of the five dual meets in which it participated. The 1937 squad was an outfit without a star, but in- stead it was a well-rounded aggregation that scored well in every event. The Tide trackmen suffered their only loss of the season in their initial contest when they were nosed out by Georgia Tech, 66-65. Following this defeat the ' Bama boys marked up four consecu- tive victories before the Southeastern conference meet, in which they finished a disappointing seventh. In chalking up these four triumphs the Alabama harriers scored wins over Tennessee 76-41, Ole Miss 78-35, Tulane 56-51, and Mississippi State 63-34. Despite this imposing record for the season, the Drewmen fared badly in the Conference meet. Only one man, Standley in the javelin throw, was able to score a first place. Kitchens placed third in the two mile run as did Wayne Downey in the pole vault event. THE SEASON: Alabama 65, Georgia Tech 66 Tech took every first place in the track events with the e. cep- tion of the one-mile run which Ramond managed to garner. Jones of Tech was the outstanding individual of the day, having won o DENNY FIELD the 10(1 sard dash and the 110 vard dash. Aldridge of Tech placed next to him in individual scoring. In the total events, Tech won eight firsts, six seconds, and five thirds while Alabama took seven firsts, seconds, and thirds. Tech took the relays. Alabama 76, Tennessee 41 With Beard and Gibbons starring for Alabama, Alabama took eleven first places and seven seconds while Tennessee took two firsts and six seconds to top the Tennessee harriers. Holm of Ala- bama and Stickncy of Tennessee tied for the broad jump. Alabama 77, University of Mississippi 35 Alabama took ten first places and nine seconds, to swamp the cindermen from Ole Miss. Dovith of the Rebels starred in the contest, breaking the campus record in the 220. Holm starred for Alabama, taking a first place in the high jump, and second place in both the broad jump and the javelin throw. It was Alabama ' s second victory in three contests. Alabama 66, Tiilane 51 Alabama staged a garrison finish to overcome Tulane ' s lead. Alabama took eight first places and five seconds in the total event. Beard took the show by turning in the 100-yard dash in his best time of 9.7 seconds. Kohl of the Greenies gave a fine perform- ance in doing the high hurdles in 15.3 seconds. Tulane took the relay. Alabama 63. Mississippi State 54. Alabama scored seven first places and seven seconds to six firsts and six seconds for the State harriers. Beard, Standley, Ramond, and Holm turned in fine performances for ' Bama. Mauldin of Mississippi State carried off individual honors in tieing two of his school ' s track records. Alabama ' s relay combination of Dean, Ra- mond, Bennick, and E. Gibbons took their first victory of the season to close out the conference schedule. MANAGER ERNEST KITE I..ft: In the Kroove at the South- (H tern Conference meet. ; RiEht ; Wayne a inoment before he came ••Downey " . FLASHES Oi 1938 Haywood Sanford. A gridiron giant who has proved decidedly helpful to the track squad as a shot putter. In five meets Sandy never finished lower than second. His record of scoring 19 points his first varsity season speaks well of his ability. Wayne Downey. Another outstanding sophomore star, he doubled in the pole vault and broad jump events. He was an excellent per- former in both, winning both events in the Tu- lane meet. He placed third in pole vault at the Conference meet. Shorty Snfed. Hampered by a late start due to his basketball activities, Alabama ' s lanky pivot man proved to be one of the Tide ' s most dependable point gainers. Doubling in the shot put and discus throw. Shorty produced a total of 34 ' 1 points. Hal Standley. Hal holds the distinc- tion of being the only ' Bama man to win a first place in the Conference meet. His javelin toss of 193 feet, 6 ' : inches was tops for the diy. H.- also placed first in all five of Alabama ' s dual meets. Bob Ramond. One of the outstanding half- milers of the Southeastern Conference, Blacky scored four firsts and one second place in the fiv meets in which he competed. In compiling this record, Ramond totaled 25 ' points for his final season of competition. Francis Kitchens. Following his brother Glynn, Francis shows promise of developing into one of Alabama ' s best two-milers. In his first varsity year, he came home first three times, and placed second in his other two efforts. He also scored a third in the Conference meet. Elliott Broughton. He was the other half of ' Bama ' s sprint team of Beard and Broughton. This speedy dash-man placed in three of Alabama ' s five meets. Broughton com- pleted his track career at Alabama by collecting 12 points in the five dual meets. Buddy ' Beard. Turning from the g-idiron to the cinder track, ' Bama ' s diminutive halfback continued to display his dazzling speed. Run- ning the hundred yard dash in Alabama ' s five dual meets, he garnered three first places and one second, amassing 18 points for the season. Radcliff Maumenee. Maunienee par- ticipated in both high and low hurdles for the Crimson harriers. He was only able to partici- pate in the home meets, and did not garner suf- ficient points for a letter. Jimmy Dean. Dean was number one man on the relay team. Dean also participated m the hundred yard dash. He led the relay team in their only victory of the season against the Mississippi State harriers. Charlie Holm. A gridiron star who shines equally as bright as a track man. Forsaking his duties as Alabama ' s plunging fullback. Holm, in tallying 41 points, lead all his teammates in the scoring department. Charlie competed in both the high and broad jump. Jean Henri Goldenberg. Engaging in both the one and two mile events, Goldenberg hung up an enviable record during the 1937 sea- son. With two more years of competition, he should develop into one of Alabama ' s best dis- tance runners. He scored 28 paints during the campaign. W. R. ToNGE. A pole vaulter who scored 13 points for the Tide cause during the 1937 season, and who placed first in the Ole Miss and Mississippi State meets. He finished second to his teammate Downey in the Tech encounter, and he has another of varsity service ahead. ! i- HL Front Row: Fletcher, Tipton, Cochrane. Roberts, Monsky. Kilgrow, Ryba. Beriient, Hodges, Hocart. Jaffe. Second Row: Hufhes, Holm. Beard, Zivich. Moseley, Harkins. Bostick. Klackwell, Ford, Bradford, Estes. Third Row: Cox. Kirkland, Coach Thrmas, Fowler, Warren. Sanford. Cojdenbersr, Tonge, Woods, Merrill. Hack Row; Coach Bryant, Coach Campbell, Coach Drew, Sho.mak.-r. Jim Ryba President James Tipton Viee-Prendent Bob Gibbons Secretary Henry Cochrane -. Treasurer Harris Gordon William Tonge Carv Cox Irving Jaffee Jean Goldenbcrg George Zivich Nat Marx Paul Estes Victor Bradford Maurice Fletcher Bill Peters Herchel Moseley Walt Bogart Lew Bostick Joe Kilgrow Ralph Ford Erwin Warren Bobby Woods Ernest Fite ■! Walter Merrill Jess Foshee John J. Teague Buddv Beard Grover Harkins Hugh Kirkland Charlie Holm Gene Blackwell Hugh Bedient Halbert Hughes Heywood Sanford Ed Gibbons Perron Shoemaker Billy Slcmons Francis Kitchens Johnny Roberts Hal Standley Jake Redden Lcroy Monsky Art Fowler Alvin Davis Wayne Downey Bartley Hodges Clayton Zesiger Heinie Laurie Charles Anderson Page Tno Hundred Forty iPuttuic iL " A " in INITI AtION An annual feature of athletic ribaldry is the A-Club initiation. Unique costumes accompanieci by " pixi- lated " pranks are the order of the day. Center of most of the activity is the Supe Store, where crowds of students congregate to listen to the speeches, songs and tomfoolery of the novices. Charming in- deed are the farmer-boys and milkmaids blood- curdling are the Indian braves and squaws amused are the members of the A-Cluh and the student body. But through it all the somewhat mollified initiates valiantly tread to ultimately take their places among the Wearers of the A! THE TIDELINGS of TODAY- By Taylor Hardin The Freshmen athletes might be termed the corner- stone on which the success of Alabama ' s teams is laid. These boys are the foundation upon which Bama ' s tre- mendous athletic structure is erected. The master mason behind the developing of this raw material into the finished product, which we see dis- played as a varsity star, is Freshman Coach Paul Bur- num. He is the man who scouts, contacts and enrolls Alabama ' s future stars at the Capstone. Coach Burnum and his aides are the men who spend long hours daily introducing these boys to the Alabama system of athletics. This basic education is considered fully as important as the advanced instructions later given the men by the varsity coaching staff. The Alabama mentor is considered one of the out- standing frosh coaches of the entire nation. His value to the institution can hardly be over-estimated. The past year was no e.xc eption. ' Bama again boast- ed outstanding frosh outfits in her four major sports; football, baseball, basketball, and track. Each of these Back Row: Wallace. Lansdale, Rushine lett. Rast. Spencer. - Front Row: ray. Harrell. Davi ' COACH PAUL EURNUM " m : -. jMktMM —THE TIDE Oi TOMORROW aggregations produced stars who seem destined to siiine as brightly as any of their varsity predecessors. Each of the freshmen teams participate in a schedule which is limited in contests by the rules of the confer- ence. And, always important in the lives of the fresh- men are their contests against the varsity; often, too, the frosh come out the victors. It is in these contests that the varsity gets adequate practice and experience with which to meet their intcr-collegiatc competition. At the same time, the freshmen gain greatly needed experience which will make them into the varsity stars of tomorrow. FRESHMAN BASEBALL Back Row: Murphy. Grefe, Davi Hiles. Jackson. ? Front Row Walker, Soffreti, Taylor. Towi send. Shelton. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL Front Row: Musil. Tropolar. Brant- ner. Thompson. FinneKan. Neff. Sharpe. Thompson. L. Back Row: Honses. Barley. McGrill. Tepper, McMillin, RushinE. Slat.. COACH RICHARD HRICKATES OfiE LEATHER By Bob Collins Although the Alabama boxers began their season slowly by dropping a match to Mississippi State, 2-6, they came back with a complete reversal of form to punch out wins over the University of Mississippi, 5-3, and Mississippi State, in a return match, 7-1, to enter the conference tournament at New Orleans as one of the combinations favored to win. While several teams rested in early tourney bouts, the Tide scrappers were matched for strenuous fights and threw their punches without reaching the semi-finals. Questionable and unpopular decisions were the ones in which Paul ( " usamano and Gerald Burke were declared the losers in the tournament fighting. Mitt Mentor Richard Brickates opened practice sessions with 418 candidates reporting for dutv. Working his proteges with his famous methodical and scien- tific methods, the Alabama boxing coach assembled from the large group of varsity boxing aspirants a team of 14 leather throwers that completed a successful 1938 campaign and will return intact for the 1939 season, probably giving Alabama one of the top-ranking boxing aggregations in the Southeastern Conference. Leaders in the Tide boxing ranks for the season were: Gerald Burke, bantam- weight; Arthur Fowler, featherweight; Cy Canzoneri, senior welterweight; Paul Cusamano, welterweight. Those fighters were rated among the best boxers in the conference, although none was able to clinch a championship in the tournament. Others who saw serx ' ice were: Archie Neer and Andy Lathram, lightweights; Jack Cassidy, welterweight; Johnny Roberts, light heavyweight; Chuck Lavarge, light heavyweight; John Engelmann, heavyweight; Francis O ' Leary, heavyweight; Teddy Esatow, heavyweight. Boxing became known as the fi ' th major sport on the Capstone campus in 1938. Capacity crowds witnessed the home showings of the Alabama boxers, with many fans failing to gain entrance to the University gym. PUSHERS Front Row: Brickates. Miro. Ab erle. Wallace. DeBaridino, Green wood. - ' Back Row; Roberts. Mur ray. Turner. Herschkowitz. Stel pin. Manager. Director Prof. G. Kepler Mills Intcrfrjtcrnity Committee Frank Tipler, Marbury MiLLSAPs, Arthur Sievers Publicity Committee Prof. Marshall Nunn, Walt Bogart, John Yeu- ELL, Andrew Tobin, R. J. Thornton, Bob Collins jJnh a M U SPORTS During the past year the Department of Intramural Sports has given to more than 3800 men students and faculty members an opportunity to par- ticipate in athletic contests and games. The department has provided equipment, officials, and general supervision for play in football, base- ball, tennis, golf, and more than twentv other sports. The work of the intramural department is carried on in three divisions; fraternity, independent, and faculty. All fraternities recognized by the interfraternity council may enter a team in each sport. Records are kept and points awarded on the basis of each team ' s record. The fraternity having the most points at the end of the year is awarded the University of Alabama Rotating trophy, which is held by that fraternity during the following year. Trophies are also awarded to the winners and runner- ups in each sport. Medals are presented to members of winning and in- dependent teams. 1. Ready for the retu •.i i:£f£ j2 S -5 AL . . Tumbling teams. that ts ! 9. Director directs. 10. " 1-2-3-4, Hep! " 11. Champion Sigma Chi ' s set for the signal. In addition to keeping records and awarding trophies, tlit- department picks all-fraternity and all-independent teams and keeps all-time records in track, swimming, and field events. During Summer School the Intra- mural Department sponsers a program of games that is noted throughout the country. The official publication of the department is The Handbook of Intramural Sports. This volume contains certain rules, organization and records of the department. In April the department installed on the campus a chapter of Sigma Delta Psi, national athletic fraternitv. This organization is open to a men students who successfully perform fifteen athletic tests in the pres ence of the Director of Intramural Sports. Left Pate: I. Volley ball. 2. Touch fuolball tac- tics. 3. Getting a run for their money. 4. Another angle on tumbling. 5. Taking off on the running broad jump. 6. Boys at badminton. 7. A phys. ed. clas.s whoops it up. S. Down but not quite out. 9 This ball was put in its place. 10. A t;ame of skill— Darts. 11. " Sticking " it out to the last! Right Page: 1. " Aquabatics " . 2. Soccer ball sus- pended. 3. No need to " form " him out! 4. Cross- country contestants collapse. 5. A tycoon of table tennis. 6. Three points may sotm become five. Unha I fata CUP-SEEKERS Number of Entries in each Intramural sport: FALL, 1937 Football, Touch Speedball Soccer Tennis 1096 565 784 124 Cross Country Boxing Golf 222 362 132 WINTER, 1937-38 Basketball Fowl Throw Volley Ball 742 345 486 Handball Table Tennis 119 92 SPRING 1937 Tennis Baseball, Soft Golf Horseshoes 194 922 121 86 Baseball, Hard Track Baseball Field Swimming 792 227 78 179 WINNERS IN INTERFRATERNITY COMPETITION Touch Football — Sigma Chi, Winner; Zeta Beta Tau, Runner-up Speedball — Kappa Alpha, Winner; Kappa Nu, Run- ner-up Cross Country — D. K. E., Winner; Phi Sigma Kappa, Runner-up Boxing — Phi Sigma Delta, Winner; Sigma Chi, Run- ner-up Soccer — Kappa Alpha, Winner; Phi Sigma Delta, Run- ner-up Handball — Phi Delta Theta. Winner; Phi Sigma De ta, Runner-up Volley Ball— Phi Delta Theta, Winner; D. K. E., Runner-up Basketball — Kappa Alpha, Winner; Sigma Phi Epsi- lon, Runner-up Left to RiKht: Russo. Gentsch. Bowers. Mc- B ti r n e y, Twarog. Gammons, Goodess. Rubel. Woods. RACQUETEERS ♦ COLLEGIATE CYRANOS By John Yeuell The beginning of the 1938 tennis season saw the team faced by an unusually hard schedule with only two lettermen returning. Student Coach Ed Twarog worked diligently, build- ing the squad around Eugene Goodess, Joe Rubel, and himself. By mid-season he had a well balanced, if not brilliant outfit. Other squad members included Carl Gentsch, Frank Williams, Arnold Drennen, and Fred Gammons. Frank Russo was the assistant manager. Last year ' s club had a rather successful season, win- ning eight matches and losing seven. This year the ' Bama racquet wielders played matches with Mississippi, Tulane, Georgia Tech, Sewanee, Geor- gia, Emory, Louisiana State, Vanderbilt, Wayne, Mis- issippi State, Spring Hill, and Mississippi College. The team also entered the Southeastern Conference Tour- nament in New Orleans. The 1938 fencing team featured the ability of Stu- dent Coach Charles Bateman and Captain Bruno Cia- battoni. Jack Reingold, a veteran of the 1935 southern championship outfit, Leonard Bernstein, Morton Bar- tan, and Bill Porter were other members of the squad. The " Bama swordsmen won their first two matches, defeating Georgia Tech and Vanderbilt. Return match- es with these two teams and a bout with Castle Heights Military Academy filled out the schedule. Last year ' s team had a successful season, winning three matches and losing only one. Coach Gerald Wess- ler of the 1937 team won the international foils cham- pionship in the tournament at New Orleans. The 1938 squad ended their season by attending the Southeastern Conference Meet in Atlanta. Left to RiBht: Mar- tin. ReinKold. Bern- stein, Sartan, Bate- man. Ciabatonni. Por- ter. The Department of Physical Education for Women sponsers an extensive program for intra- mural athletics among women. Dr. Ethel Saxman is head of the Department and is aided by Misses Greenwood, Levy and Poole in carrying out the program for women. The Intramural Sports Board is composed of sport managers, faculty advisers, and a represen- tative for each group. Miss Alice Beal is chair- man of the Board with Miss Louise Anders acting as advisory chairman. Honorary members have been chosen from those men who have aided in carrying out the program to its full extent. Cap- tain R. W. Russell is supervisor of horseback rid- ing, Major B. B. McMahon has charge of the rifle team, and Mr. Charles Bateman, fencing coach, is supervisor of fencing. Both Captain Russell and Major McMamon are members of the United States Army and are R. O. T. C. instructors at the LJniversity. m OtllEU 1 DR. ETHEL SAXMAN ATHLETICS at tL . . UNIVERSITY - ; The Intramural Sport Activity is divided into three groups: Sports Clubs for individual sports which are on a semester basis, tournaments for team sports, and informal competition throughout the year in recreational sports. Competition takes place between sororities, clubs, and independent teams. To be eligible for participation in any tournament, meet or show, each girl must have attended a minimum of four practices of not less than four practices of not less than one-half hour each. This does not apply to informal meets and shows held weekly in sports clubs. To be eligible for an individual award in team sports, a girl must have played the equivalent of two full games. First and second place trophies are given the end of the year to teams having accumulated the highest total number of points in all intramural activities. Bracelets have been designed for in- dividual awards. JW f P .JtMik ' - ' ' ■t • rBh ' " ilf»ith -I •■iiiLie It is interesting to note the number of participants in Women ' s Intramural ac- tivities. There were almost 800 partici- pants during the first semester. At the close of the first semester in cup competi- tion, the Alpha Delta Pi ' s were leading with 340 points and the Tri Delt ' s were a close second with 310 points to their credit. Winners during the first semester for individual competition were: In Archery, Alice Beal, with Evelyn Beal second and Nanette Johnston third; in Golf, Laurie Peavy, first, with Bernice Krout second and Anna Lee Rubin third; in horseback competition, Virginia Brooks led, with Norvelle Norman second and Frances Reasoncr third; the Outing Club was led by Eleanor Jones, with Marguerite Tur- ner second, and Martha Jackson third; Recreational activities, including Shuffle- board, Table Tennis, Clock Golf, Horse- shoes, and other such sports, were led by Cleo Crews and Margaret Latimer; results of the Riflery Club are unavailable. 1. Soccer. 2. Daily doubles. 3. Badminton instruction. 4 A strikeout " queen " and " court " at play. 5. Clubs replatt cars in driving lesson. 6. Co-ed cyclers. 7. Dianas of thf modern school. ALABAMA ' S ATA LA N TAS Swimming, including the Swan Club, was led by ilie team from Kappa Delta, with the Alpha Phi ' s sec- ond and the Tri Delt ' s third, individual winners being Alta Ely, first, Edna Mae Gale, second, and Ruth Dun- ning, third; Eleanor Jones was leading in Tennis Club points, with Louise Anders, Martha Jackson, and Frank King in a tie for second place. There were 19 teams, including 14 sorority teams, four independent teams, and one town team, entered for basketball competition. The Alabama Stars won and the Theta U ' s were sec- ond. In the Tennis finals, Edna Mae Gale, Jean Graves, Elizabeth Koch, Nora Koch, Mary Matthews, Margie McAdams, Ethel McLeod, June Richards, Anna Rubin, and Mable Thomas were undefeated. DENNY STADIUM Interest and enthusiasm in athletics at the Capstone are manifested from the initial signal-barking of the Tide quarterback to the last " o-u-t " bellowed by the baseball " ump " . Although the Red Elephants were successful in their conquest of the Southern Conference title, something of an anti-climax occurred when on New Year ' s Day the Golden Bears administered the first defeat of an Alabama Rose Bowl team. Championship basketball eluded Bama this year. But the steady improvement shown by the squad might well herald brighter prospects for the next season. An excellent baseball team cavorted around the diamond under the Crimson and White of Alabama. However, the final tabulation of the season ranked the ball club in runner-up position. During the track season a number of good men were developed and their per- centage of successes was splendid. A high grade group of prospects remained to carry on for the university. Intramural as well as varsity athletics hold their share of the student ' s atten- tion. If this present trend continues, intra-murnls will become a factor of major consequence in collegiate life. P gc Tno HumlreJ l-ifly-lou, L nfi I N T E R - F R A M The purpose of the Inter-Fraternity Council is to coordinate the activities of the various fraternities on the campus. It sponsors friendship and cooper- ation, being active in all phases of fraternity life. The membership of the council is composed of one member from each fraternitv. and the members are elected from year to year. The council is active in intramural athletics, and cooperates to the fullest extent with the Department of Physical Education. Each year the council awards a Service Cup for which all seniors are eligible. It is presented to the one who has been most outstanding in his service to his school. The council sent a delegate to the National Convention in New York. It sponsors Icadouts in both the Mid-winter and the Spring dances. It has sought at all times to cooperate with the Spirit Committee in all of its activities, and more especially in making a successful homecoming. The council has suc- ceeded in briuijint; about a closer unity with all the fraternities. . Sterne. Gafford, OsIk ? : Tipler, Prestera, H. ■vers. Truck. . rERNITY COUNCIL Kahn. Gaffor.l. imil Row: liar- Osborn, Lee. TV Third Row : ■shall. Howze, Ca- roth Kou sap. Hill ; Pen Fifth Row bell, Grahai White. MacDonald. Sixth Row: Sieve Roberts, Trucks tera. MEMBERS Delu Epsdo: g " OFFICERS YoUGENE Lamar President George L. King V, ce-President Frvin B Kamn Secreliir y-Treamrer Delu, Ph, Gjmm. Sigma Atpl- Sigma N« Kappa Sigma Sigma Chi Ph, Delta Thet. Alpha Tau On Kappa Alpha Phi Kappa Sigma Zeta Beta Tau Pi Kappa Ph, Lambda Ch, Alph Sigma Alpha Mu Ch, Ph, Kappa Nil Pi Kappa Alpha Delta Tau Delta Theta Chi Delta Ch, Phi Sig,na Kappa Sigma Phi Epulon Alpha Sig,na Ph, Phi S,gma Delta Thela Xi Delia Sigma Phi Frank Gafford Thomas Barfield Prime Osborn George King Sam Lee Hubert Burns John Marshall Marcus Howze Neil Carothers Mack Terry Charles Sterne YouGENE Lamar Marburv Millsap Irving Metz Bill Graham Melvin Permutt Frank Tipler Donald Campbell Bruce Graham George White Billy MacDonald Arthur Sievers Billy Roberts Irving Kahn Louis Trucks Mike Prestera Page Two Hundred S,xty-one MEMBERS Dr. Stuart Graves Mr. Robert Harwood Mr. Thomas Garner Mr. Hudson Strode Mr. Burke, Johnston Fi i!rcs ill Universitate James Johnson LAW W. E. Johnston LAW J. R. Maumenee LAW Tracy Priest LAW J. C. Stone LAW Henrv Pitts LAW William Grayson LAW O. W. Brantley LAW Marvin Goodwyn LAW William Fonde medicine June McCaffertv medicine Woodson Ennis ■.?8 Frank Gafford ■38 Gilbert Johnston •38 Giles E. MacQueen ■38 Charles Perry ■38 Gregory L. Smith •38 Fern Wood Mitchell •38 Henry Plant " 38 John Cabell ■38 WiLLiAM Robertson ■38 Frank Cobb " 30 Wilkes Banks •3Q Chirles Coleman •30 John Dighton ■30 Sam Dighton ■30 Jack Gallalee ■30 Gary Jordan •30 William Merrill ■30 Charles H. Moses ■30 Douglas Mum ■30 Joe S. Norton ■30 Macey Taylor •30 Kenneth Noojin ■30 Dan Vernon •30 Marcus McConnell ■39 Fred Anderson ■30 Wll ham Bickley •40 Win G. Caffey ■40 Robert P. Denniston ■40 Brooks Hayes •40 Z. M. P. Inge ■40 Ben Marshall •40 Stuart Welch ' 40 Hugh Culverhouse •40 Joe Leland " 41 Jack Clayton " 41 David Massey " 41 Jack Beck " 41 Tom Sawyer " 41 William B. Clark " 41 Hugh Nabers " 41 Fr nk Lankford ' 41 Frank Smith . , ' 41 Cecil Young ' 41 Dick Groff . , ' 41 DELTA K - ' il ilrliJi Top Row: Johnston. Johnson, Maumenee. Stone. Goodwyn. Fonde. McCafferty. -h Second Row: Ennis. Gafford, MacQueen. Perrv. Smith, Plant. Robertson, rr Third Row: Cobb, Banks. Coleman. Dichton, J.. Dishton. S.. Gallalee. Jordan. v Fourth Row: Merrill. Muir, Norton. Taylor. Vernon. McCon- nell. V Fifth Row: Caffey, Denniston, Hayes. Iukc. Marshall, Welch. V Sixth Row: Culverhouse. Leland. Cl.iyton, Massey, Beck. Sawyer. Seventh Row: Clark. Nabers. Lankford, Smith, Young. Groff. PSI CHAPTER Outstanding for the Dekcs this year was Gilbert Johnston, Business Man- ager of the Corolla and Phi Beta Kappa, he was also the Cadet Colonel of the R. O. T. C— Bill Mcrnll made Tau Beta Pi, and Frank Gafford was a member of the Cotillion Club Committee — the chapter celebrated Hal- lowe ' en with a dinner dance, entertained alumni and guests with a tea Homecoming, and followed with a Christmas party — climaxed its social season with its annual Spring house party during the dances — placed first in the Cross Country race. APPA EPSILON I ' njicTiio Hundred Sixly-Ino P H I G A MEMBERS Fratrea m Factiltat Edwin J. Livingston John M. Gallalee James H. Newman Fred R. Maxwell R. M. Christian Howard Harlan Winston L. Adair Fratres in Vniversitate Thomas H. Barfield graduate WiLLLAM C. HiNES law p. M. Rogers . . . LAW Lee Porter LAW Reuben Bell, Jr. . . LAW Robert B. Stewart LAW George McBurney LAW George Graham medicine Llewellyn Bricken ' 38 Robert E. McAllister ' 38 William H. Bryant ' 39 Richard S. Brooks •39 John M. Cameron ' 39 William Daugherty •39 Leslie A. Green •39 Harold A. Long •39 David P. Ritter ' 39 George E. Turner •39 John Halstead •39 Rexford L. Wheeler ' 39 William J. Henderson •39 Geoffhy C. Wood ' 39 Henry B. Rice •39 James M. Brown ••10 John P. Buck, Jr. •40 B. Y. Carmichael, Jr •40 Ben D. Davis •40 Elmore Henig •40 Charles Hagood •40 Stanley B. Sutton, Jr. ' 40 Stafford Naff ' 40 Marshall Follo •40 Don Fletcher •40 Billy Livingston ' 41 Harlan Meredith ' 41 Thomas Nicol ' 41 Bob McBurney ■41 M. T. Ormond ' 41 Lee Bidgood, Jr. •41 Hallford Williams ' 41 H YNEs Thompson ' 41 Leighton Wood •41 Billy Blrwald •41 Charles Hall •41 Bill Oppenheim •41 Harold Gamble ■41 Haynes Byrne ' 41 John A. Darby ' 41 Robert Ashurst ' 41 Leroy Dickson ' 41 M M A DELTA Honort ' d akinini early ui tlic vcnr with a reception and buffet supper — entertained with a pledge dance in December and a Christmas party for Tuscaloosa orphan.s — followed in March with their famous Pig Dinner at the Mountainbrook Country Club in Birmingham, and later in the year a Spring formal — also entertained with six house dances during the year — Rex Wheeler was Business Manager of the Rammer-Jammer, and Bob McAllister was named on the Cotillion Club Committee — Bob Stuart made Phi Beta Kappa. THETA CHAPTER Top Row: Barfield. Hines. Porter. Bell. Stewart. McBurney. G. tl Second Row: Bricken. McAllister. Bryant. Brook.s. Cameron Green. : ; Third Row: Long. Turner. Halstead, Wheeler, Wood Rice. : Fourth Row: Brown, Buck. Carmichael, Davis, Ha Eood. Henig. -. v Fifth Row: Sutton. Naff, Follo, Fletcher, Liv ingston, Meredith. ' : Sixth Row: Nicol, McBurney, B,. Ormond Bidgood. Williams. Thompson, Wood. : Seventh Row: Barwald Hall. Oppenheim. Gamble, Darby, Ashurst, Dickson. Pa$e Two Hundred Sixty-three MEMBERS ■•j,-,Wl, Dr. R. I, I.iTTL Dr. John R. McCl Dr, a. M. Kennc Dr, J. HfNRV Wal Dr. .I,%ck Mb Ci: R. Sh P,VR KER SCHOFIEL BVB ON Seward Da .s Stakely Fra NK St.CKNEV Wa RREN Marshal J,M Snow Griffin Leo Dams . Jac K DVKES Cli fford Fulford Jim MY Hall Ta LOR Hardy Ed KiMBROUGH Ed Landham Gec RCE O ' Brien R. Ford Pipes Mo RGAN Reynold R.c HARD Savage Ha ROLD Shine Ge RGE Bulls J.«K Beven SA Crabtree BOE BY Graves Bu TER GrIMSLEY Lee H,.RRIS . SA I Hodges He RBERT Jones SIGMA A IPP T T. p Row: Martin. . nsl,.y. Osburn, Pipes. S.. MaKiiu ' , Haysrood. Smith. Poliard. :; Second Row: Williams. Woolverton. Wittmei- er. Woodward. Davis. Hearin. McGoM ' en. Reynolds. G. ' f Third Row: Coins;, Shine. B.. Wilbanks. Macauley. Hardy. J., Gilbert. Arrint ' ton. Griffin, -i, Fourth Row: Hale. Holman. Mac Farland. Miller. F.. Plummer. Pruet. Ray, C. Ray. B., - Fifth Row: Seward, Stakely, Stickney, Davis, Dykes, Fulford, Hall, Hardy. T. V Sixth Row: Kimbrough. Landham, O ' Brien, Pipes, R.. Reynolds. M., Savage. Shine. H,, Bailes. f- Seventh Row: Be- ven. J.. Crabtree, Graves, Grinsley. Harris, Hodges. Jones. T Eife ' hth Row: Kleyensteuber, McWilliams. Miller, G.. Powell. Vaughn, Wray, Cameron. ALABAMA MU CHAPTER Highlight of thfir socKil season of the vear uas the S. A. E. ' s annual Black and White ball given in early December — the chapter also enter- tained with a Hallowe ' en party and several program dances — was well represented on the campus this year, having Bob Hearin as president of the Cotillion Club, Allen Going a Phi Beta Kappa, Prime Osborne leader of the Debating Team and Clarence Holman one of the assistant Busi- ness Managers of the l iS Corolla. LPHA EPSILON Pji;.-. T»o Hundred 5 .v v- o»r K MEMBERS Fratrt-i in Fjcultale Dr. R. E. TiDWELL Dr. W. p. Ott Dr. Andrews Dr. F. G. Dubois Dr. G. H. Kessler W. F. Adams L. A. Nations R. K. Bell Leslie Andrews Fratres in Umvers:tate Uall.« E. L. Little Ralph Garrison William Espy Sam Lee Tom Ward Reese Phifer Sam Caldwell Tom Bovd Dominick Herbert Patton E. J. Finnell Gregory Skinner Wagner Finnell Louis Brown Charles Webb Gene Talmadge Marvin Albritton SiG Buster Jesse P. Chapman Bob Rhodes Elroy Klu.mb Jim Wanamaker Jim Ed Cotter William Robertson Walter Hardzog Joe Neely Ripley Waite Perron Shoemaker Burnham Taylor Frank Garrison David Pruet John Blanton L. G. Rambo George Dickinson Warren Averitte Bobby Woods Eason Balch Edgar Russell William Robinson Jesse Carroll Sam West . . William Bell Robert Wheelock Paul Brooks George Cody Oi.i.iE Wikle John McKinley Paden Nash H. D. Webb WiLLUM Stewart gr.aduate LAW LAW LAW LAW LAW medicine medicine medicine 38 ' 38 " 38 ' 38 ' 39 ' 39 ' 39 ' 39 ' 39 ' 39 ' 39 " 39 " 39 ' 39 ' 39 ' 39 " S " ' 40 ' 40 ' 40 ' 40 ' 40 •40 ' 40 ' 40 ' 41 ' 41 ' 41 ' 41 ' 41 ' 41 ' 41 ' 41 ' 41 SIGMA Entertained tlioir plcdgi ' with a picnic in the early Fall and followed with several house dance.s during the year — their Founder ' s Day banquet and annual Black and White Ball in December, the outstanding events of their social season — Sam Lee was named on the Cotillion Club Committee. BETA CHAPTER Till, itovv: Kspy. Lee. W;ird. Caldwell. Dominick. I ' alton. t ' i Finnell. E. J., Skinner. Finnell. W.. Urown Talmaue. Albritton Third Ruw ; Uuster. Chapman, Rhodeis, Klumb. Wanamaker Cotter. " Fmirth Row: Robertson. HardzOK. Neely. Garrison Pruet. nianton. v Fifth Row: Rambo. Balch. Russell. Robinson, Carroll. West. ., Sixth Row: Bell, Wheelock. Cody, Wikle, Nash Webb, Stewart. Page Two Hundred Sixty-five M E M E R S Fralrci m I ' jailljU- Dr. James B. M zM LLA N Dr. Ed Foster Fratres in I ' ntvertttdle Jame.s G. Darden law Roys Lewis . . ■ George Miller law James T. Thrower law John W. Vardaman law Thom. s R. Lea , . la« Leonard L. Sells law Kelly Smith law J. Benham Hays law Henry Gunter Hodo, Jr. MEDiCiNE Leslie King ' 38 Bill Atkinson 38 J. V. Park, Jr. . . ' 38 Clifton Brandt ' 38 Herbert Porter ' 38 Wayne Warner , ' 38 Warren Williams . ' 38 Lewis Crew . ' 38 TisDALE Brooks . ' 39 DeWitt Chapman . ' 39 George H. Goldsmith . ' 39 Ramon Miller ' 39 Charles Overstreet ' 39 Ben K. Strain , ' 39 Pete Cummings , ' 39 Jack T. Williams ' 39 James Boothe . ' 40 fiLMER Boozer . ' 40 Vv ' iLLis Davis , . ' 40 Jim Holly ' 40 Parnell Lewis ' 40 Hugh Roberts , ' 40 Darwin R.tchie ' 40 James Simon ' 40 Ira W. Thompson ' 40 George Walker ' 40 Willie Wilcox . . . ' 40 Charles Locklin . ' 40 Sam Burr . ' 41 James Ch.ancy . ' 41 Harry Council , ' 41 George Gatling ' 41 J. W. Hare . . ' 41 Louis Gwaltney ' 41 Frank McGough ' 41 James Norman ' 41 William Northington ' 41 James Park . ' 41 John W. Springer ' 41 Henry Webb . ' 41 Til]) Row: n.-ii-.l.n, Lewis. R.. Miller, C. Thruwer, Vardaman. Lea. -:- Second Row: Sells, Hays. Hodo. King, Atkinson, Park. ■? Third Row : Brandt. Porter, Warner. Brooks, Chapman. Gold- smith. . Fourth Row: Miller. R.. Overstreet. Strain, Cummings. Williams, Holly. : • Fifth Row: Roberts. Ritchie. Simon. Walker. Locklin, Burr. Chancey. tt Sixth Row: Council, Hare, Gwalt- ney, McGough, Norman, Springer, Webb. THETA CHAPTER Roys Lewis made Phi Beta Kappa and O. D. K., and was also named on the Cotillion Club Committee — Jiminv Thrower was president of the Law School student body — the chapter entertained with a Christmas party and followed in March with a formal — also gave three house dances during the year and in the Spring held their annual house party during the Spring Dances. M N U PjgeTao HiiiiJieJ Sixly-i M M E M B E ICE H. De E. Adam; B. Walk Jame Jame Cu Noel Tho T. J. Denton Horace Barber Hanson James Douglas Harris Robert Lloyd Marsh . John Davis Naff Carl Louis Owen. Jr. James Baird Tipton . Travis Masset Bedsole Tracy Phillips Davidsc James Taylor Hardin Grover Lee Harkins AL StANDLEY Chester Acker; Albert Boswell Jack Eugene Wi EY . ROBL jAMf RT J. T s Jeffe HOMA Benne tt Men EN OSCO Clements, J Davi D NeaL Dea M WiL lAM DOSSETT Diamond Lewis E. Gu Geob OE Hyatt Ki MBRELt Ben A. Kilo ROVC Hen V Grad Sm th . QUIN CY Woo DALE Tuck :r Geor CE Rees Utley Jame 5 Nash WiLS ON . iRWIh G K. Clisbv A l-l Outstanding for the Sigma Clii ' .s this year were Joe Kilgrow, alternste captain of the Crimson Tide; Horace Hanson, president of the Senior class of the Engineering school; Broo.v Garrett, Phi Beta Kappa, and O. D. K.; Charles Albus, president of the Sophomore class in the School of Chemistry — climaxed their social season with their annual Blue and Gold ball in November and continued with a house dance each month — in sports, the boys won the interfraternitv touch football championship. IOTA IOTA CHAPTER Top Row: Auee. Uurns. Dt-loney, Dormon. Oarrett. W., Gar- rett, B. .: Second Row: Glasgow. Macon. Matthews. French, Donald. Cumbaa. Third Row: Denton. Hanson. Owen. Uedsole. Davidson. Hardin. Fourth Row: Harkins. Loftin. Maxwell. Simmerman. Standley. Tanner, rr Fifth Row: Albus, Baldwin. Cook. Hammond. Harris. McEachern. :: Sixth Row: Nelson. Ramsay. Spradlin. Wiley. Thomas. Bennett. Clements. - Sev- cnlh H..w: llcan. Diamond. Guy. Smith. Tucker. Utley. Wilson. mma Page Tno Hundred Sixly-seven MEMBERS Dh. X ' lLLi .M B. Safiold Mr. Roi-and G. Mush t ■■,., i,- L ' nn Wll 1 l M P. ARRINfiTON Mil TON H. l.AtMlhR. Jr. Grhir Murphv Chambi iss Keith William Johnston Frank Sims Moody John C. Walker James R, Forman, Jr. Ai 1 en C. Rankin George S. Butler Linn Palmer John Marshall Pat Burton James Browder Frank Fitts Carev Cox Edgar Bowron Frederick Ferguson Craig Bade Charles H. Chichester Kelly Sartain Arthur Fite, Jr. Wll.LIA.M Marbury William Dozier William Slemons William McLeod Thomas Elgin Stuart Davenport Henry Noble James Kuid Benja.min MlMii.L William Dowling Truit James Powhatan James C ARL Elabash Maxwell Moody Stephen Fitts Burton Currv Robert Reid Pettus Bruner Peter Beville Frank Marshall Edwin Glass William Mudd Burgett Mooney Reginald Barnes Edward Snow GI) DUAT Jr. ' 38 " 38 ' 38 ' 39 ' 39 ' 39 ' 39 ' 39 ' 39 ' 40 ' 40 ' 40 ' 40 ' 40 ' 40 ' 40 ' 40 ' 40 ' 40 ' 40 ' 41 ' 41 ' 41 ' 41 ' 41 ' 41 ' 41 ' 41 ' 41 ' 41 ' 41 ' 41 ' 41 ' 41 ' 41 P H I D E ■Jimm ■ ♦ " 3l ' « T ' f- Tun Uuw: . rriMi.toii Lanai Muipln kcith. J,,liii.,tun, Moody. r; Second Row: Walkn Foimaii Rankin Butler, Palmer, Mar- shall, tt Third Row Burton Brovvdei Fitts, F., Cox. Bow- ron. Fertruson. Fiiuith Row Bade Chichester. Sartain. Fite. Marbury. Doziel Fifth Row Elgin Davenport. Noble. Kidd. McMillan. DowlinK Si th Row DcwlmK. James. G.. James. P., Elebash. Moody Fitts Cuiiv Reid Bruner. i : Seventh Row: Beville, Maishall, Glass, Mudd, Mooney. Barnes, Snow. ALABAMA ALPHA CHAPTER Entertained alumni and pledges with a banquet and dance early in tlie year, entertaining with a Christmas party and followed in the early Spring with another party — also had eight house dances during the year — high- light of its social season was its annual house party during mid-term dances — Jack Walker was a meniher of the Cotillion Cliih fiommittee. L T A T H E T A Page Two Hundred Sixlyaghl K A MEMBERS Fratres m h ' jadt ale Dean Barnwell Dr. James Mr, Randolph F OR! F,at,es m Lhmer itjie Bill Tippin LAW John Ferguson LAW Harold Hughston LAW Robert McLaurin LAW Jimmy Nettles LAW Jack Smith LAW Carlton Smith LAW Sam Hide LAW Merrill Doss LAW Ed Burwell •30 Allan Scarbrough ' 38 Ernest Williams 38 John Will Thompson ■38 Bill Sharp ' 38 Jack Reed ' 38 Ed Carter •38 Neil Carothers ■39 Guy Dunning ' 30 Jack Dunning ' 39 Bill Kahlmus •30 Charles Ralph ' 39 Paul Francis ■39 Wilson Hamilton ' 39 Ernest George ■39 Haines Jackson ' 39 J. Howard McEniry ' 39 Jimmy Ward ■30 Bill Runge •39 Ernest Bailey ' 40 Frank Caffey ■40 Ed Dyer ' 40 George Murray ' 40 Dick Warren ' 40 Hampton Bush ' 40 Bill Leapard ' 40 Bruce Teas ' 40 Dave Patton ' 40 Harold Rogers ' 41 Culver Ellis ' 41 Robert Hamilton ' 41 Dick Holycross ■41 Bill Lipsey ' 41 Eugene Melton ' 41 Bill Smith ' 41 Jeff Rivers ' 41 Pete Ross ' 41 John Portis Russell ' 41 Billy Schmid ' 41 Harry Sipple ' 41 Albert Shirley ' 41 Bill Tiller ... ' 41 Bill Wilson ' 41 Frank Pride •41 Snow Hinton ' 4; John Griffin ' 41 ALPHA Tile K. A. " s were represented hv Merrill Doss as ikisiness Manager of The Crimson-White, Harold Hughston as assistant Business Manager of the Rammer-Jammer, and Neil Carothers as assistant Editor of the Co- rolla and also a member of the Cotillion Club Committee — the chapter also won the speed ball cup — celebrated its ' 5 3rd anniversary with its an- nual banquet and dance in Birmingham in November — entertained with a Christmas party and followed with several formal house dances through- out the remainder of the ALPHA BETA CHAPTER Top Row: Tippin, Fercnson. Hu(;lisl, .i. Nellies. Duss. Burwell. ■ft- Second Row: Williams, Thompson. Sharp. Reed, Carter, Carother.s. ii Third Row: Dunninu, E., Diinnins. G., Kahlmus. Ralph, Francis, Hamilton. ;, Fourlh Row: George. Jackson, McEniry, Ward, Bailey, Dyer, vv Fifth Row: Murray, Warren. Bush, Leapard, Patton. Rogrers. Vf Hi.xth Row: Ellis. Holycross. Lipsey. Melton, Ri rs, Ross. P Seventh Row: Russell. Schmid. Sipple. Tiller. Wilson. Page Two Hundted Sixty-nine MEMBERS Fralres m FmuIuxIc Dr Richard C. Foster Dr. George Lang Dr. Benjamin A. Wooten Dr. George P. Shannon Clarence M. Dannelly Shaler C. Holiser Fratie in Umyersilale George Bovd •.?8 BiLLV Cole . . . ■38 Jimmy Williams ■38 Tom Champion •38 Carl Auams ■38 Kennon Thetford " 38 John C. Adams , . . " 38 James Ivey •38 V ' fiLFORD Waller •39 Ed King ' 39 Russell Lanier •39 Marcus Howze •39 Bob McDavid ' 39 Frank Philabert •3 ' Jim Whitfield ' 40 Chives Evans ■-4U Harry Hill ' ■411 Arnold Drennen ■40 J. B. BURSON ■40 Bob Reich . . ' 40 BiM V M- Farmer ' 40 Bn I. Wakefield . . ' 40 HiH M Davis . . . ' 40 George Dorman ' 4ti Roy Knight . . ' 41 Claude Hughes ' 41 Jimmy Hughes ' 41 Walker Collins ' 41 JiM.MY Hairston ' 41 Gibson Lanier ' 41 C. D. Tatum ' 41 Blackstone Thompson ' 41 Franklin Jones ' 41 Pierce Mason ' 41 Jack Miller . . ' 41 Joe Wallace . . ' 41 Bob Woodley . . ' 41 ' t mi ALPHA Top Row: lioyii. Cole. Williams. Champion. Adams. Thetford. : . Second Row : Adams, I -ey. J., Waller. Kinf . Lanier. R., Howze. TT Third Row: McDavid. Philabert. Whitfiel.l. Evans. Hill. Dren- nen. 7i Fourth Row: Burson. Reich. Farmer. Wakefield. Davis. Dormon. 7; Fifth Row: Knight. Hughes. C. Hughes, J.. Collins. Hairston, Lanier, G. 7-V Sixth Row: Tatum, C. Thompson. Jones. Mason, Miller. Wallace. ll BETA DELTA CHAPTER Highlight of its activities was a banquet given in November iionor- mg President Foster, an alumntis — this followed a Tea Dance given in October for its pledges — celebrated the ' uletide with a Christmas party and in February entertained with their anriual formal dance — Carl Ad- ams was president of Tau Beta Pi, and John Adams was Captain of Pershing Rifles, TAU OMEGA Page Tno Hundred Seventy P H I K A MEMBERS Fratres in Unhersitate Raymond Hepner LAW Ellwood Shimer LAW Edward Vh;tehead LAW Robert Murch ■39 Charles Drumm •39 John Snlad ■39 Frank Gorman •39 Edward Lyons ■39 Frank Edwards •39 Oliver Young, Jr. •39 McDonald Terry ■39 Kenneth Williams ' 40 Howard Hamill " 40 Carl Bently ■40 James Holland ' 40 William Leary " 40 QUINTIN TOWNSON " 40 Walker Woodali. ■41 Richard Kirschke . . . ■41 S. R. Mapes ■41 William Wood " 41 Henry Wahlen " 41 James Sandeord ' 41 Edward Geda " 41 Belmont MacNoldv " 41 P P A SIGMA Tlic chapter went tlirinigli a very successful year uith Ed Lyons as its prexy — kept husv entertaining with a formal dinner dance each month throughout the entire ear. ALPHA KAPPA CHAPTER Top Row: Shimer, Whitehe.nd. Mnvch, Drumm. -- Second Row: Snead. Lyons. Edwards, Youne. ' Third Row : Williams, Hol- land, Learv, Townson. ,- Fourth Row: Woodali. Kirschke. Mains. Fifth R. w: Wood, Wahlen. Sanford. Page Two Hundred Serenly-onc MEMBERS h ' rotcr m l-acullaU- Dr. Fred Lewis Fitllres m I ' nirenildle Joe Burwasser .... law Ha rris M. Gordon law Jonas Spiro law Burghard Steiner law Jack Leon Cohen ' 3S Morris Goodfriend ' 38 Mal ' Ricl Lehman ' 38 Robert H. Loeb ' 38 Lerov Monskv ' 38 Fred Kern, Jr. ' 39 Joe W ' ortsmann. Jr. ' S " ) Stanley Kahn ' 30 BiLLv Kling ... ' 39 Charles Sterne ... ' 39 Harry Solnick ' 39 Irving Rubel ' 40 Irvtn Warner ' 40 Ralph Aland ' 40 Abe Netter. Jr ' 40 Leonard Wertheimer ' 41 Leonard Lederer ' 41 Sammy Lefkovitz ' 41 Gus Herman ' 41 Maurice Levine ' 41 Stanley Hodes ' 41 Lawrence Kahn ' 41 Richard Jacobson ' 41 s7viaiaat ' ,w_ T Top Row: Cordon, .Spiro, Stfinor, Cohi-n. Goodfriend. , Second Row: Lehman. Loeh, Kern. Wortsman. Kahn. rV Third Row: Kling. Sterne, Solnick. Rubel, Warner, r Fourth Row: Aland. Netter, Wertheimer. Lederer, Lefkovits. . Fifth Row: Herman, Levine, Hodes, Kahn, Jacobson. PSI CHAPTER Leroy Monsky, captain of rlie Crimson Tide, gained national recognition by making All-American — Bob Loeb and Jones Spiro both trade Phi Beta Kappa — Charles Sterne, as president of the Junior Class in Arts and ' Sci- ences, was chairman of the Junior Prom — Bubber Gordon, secretary-treas- urer of the Student Government Association, is mentioned in " Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges " — Billy Kling was junior football manager — the chapter entertained with two buffet suppers each month, five house dances, and a formal in February, BETA T A U Page Two HimJrcJ Scvenly-tno LAMBDA MEM E R S Fralres in Facilitate E. Baskin Wright Dr. Bernard P. Kaufman Brooks Forehand Dr. Edmund G. Hovce Hendrix Young Carl Jamison Major P. M. Vernon Ar.FBED Robert Lyngby Albert Robert Lvngbv I aw B. H. Johnson, Jr. medicine Robert R. Austin •38 S. Norman Black ' 38 Thomas F. Bristol . . ' 38 Allen V. Croom ' 38 William R. Keesee ■38 Henry F. Reid, Jr. " 38 Halbert Hughes •38 Charle.s Van Wert •38 George Harold Hoback ' 38 Howard A. Smith ' 38 James Armstrong . . ' 39 George A. Barnes . . . ' 39 Charles M. Bussy . . . . ' 39 Jerome T. Dusek . . ' 39 Edwin H. Stebbins ' 39 Dallas Wickie •39 Edward Moore ' 39 Robert Bowling ■30 William Bittner ■4(1 Edward Carran •40 Paul W. Crews ' 40 Charle.s William Lee ■40 JuLUN Herlong ■40 Frederick Hoar ■40 Robert Marbury Mili sap •40 Howard D. Murphy •40 John Sullivan ■40 Wilmer L. Foreman ■41 R. Bruce Morson •41 John H. Sherer •41 Norman Westley ■41 C H I ALPHA The Lambda Clii ' .s won the Homecoming decorations cup lor fraterni- ties — Henry Reid was president of the Student Body and also Drum Major of ' Bama ' s Million Dollar Band — the chapter honored their pledges with a tea dance early in the year, and continued through the year with monthly dances and buffet suppers. ALPHA PHi ZETA CHAPTER Top Row: Johnson. Austin. Black. Dristol. Croom. " Second Row: Keesee. Reid. Hughes. Hoback. Smith. Third Row: Armstrong. Barnes. Bussy. Dusek. Stebbins. . Fourth Row; Moore. Bowling. Bittner. Garran. Crews, v, Fifth Row: Lee. Herlong. Hoar, Millsap. ,v Sixth Row: Murphy. Foreman, M..i ,.n. Shrrrcr. ge Two Hundred Sevcnly-three MEMBERS Fr t,( m t K ,lt.,lc E. S. Carothlrs Dr. B. Mil ER Fxalrci 1,1 L:,n er iiljle Fred Clardv graduate J. Clewis Trucks LAW- Thom s Alexander Johnston, III law James L. Mav. Jr. LAW Charles B. Rice LAW Yoi ' GENE J. Lamar ■38 John Starnes •38 James Adams ■3S Arthlr Fleshman ' 38 Thomas Clancy ' 38 Clark Ray ■38 James Kendrick •30 Edward L. Turner ■30 Carl Oxford ■30 Fleetwood Carnley •30 Fred Cauthen •30 John W. Lamar, Jr. ■30 James T. Nelson ■30 William J. Worthinoton, Jr. ' i C. D. Wooten ■39 Raymond Hill •30 Francis Kitchen •39 Browder Dolbear ■40 Leo H Williams ■40 William English ■40 WooDRow Howell •40 Ben M ' iTHis ■40 RAYMOND Reasoned •40 Dick Henry ■40 Bob Dykes ■40 Ralph Pate •41 Felix Kelley •41 Philips Hunter . . ' 41 Claude White . , ' 41 Sam Huev . , 41 Frank Whitaker ■41 Thomas Shelton ' 41 Leonard Lowery ■41 Durwood English ■41 Paul Adams ' 41 Homer Gentry ' 41 Leroy Miller ' 41 Burwell ■41 Robert Battenschlag ' 41 Willia.m Engdahl ■41 p I K A « Af] Top Row: Trucks, Johnston, May, L;im,Tr, Starnes, Adams. - Second Row: Fleshman, Turner. O.xfcinl, Carnle,v, Cauthen, Lamar, J. 77 Third R w : Nelson, Worthincton. ' Wooten, Kitch- ens. Dolbear, Williams. -: Fourth Row: EnKlish, Mathis, Rea- soner. Henry, Pate, Kelley, 7: Fifth Row, Hunter. White, Huey. Whitaker, Whelton, Lowery. ' Sixth Row: Enulish, Adams, Miller, Burwell, BattenschlaE. Engdahl. OMICRON CHAPTER Yougene Lamar was president of tlie Intcrfraternity Council and Tom Johnston was a member of tlie Cotillion Club Committee — Lamar was also presented with one of the seven Pi Kappa Phi scholarship cups given to seniors — Ed Turner was one of the assistant ' business managers of the 1958 Corolla — C. D. Wooten was a member of the cheerleading squad — present- ed four house dTnces and a Founder ' s Day banquet and dance in December, P A H I Pctgc Two Hundred Scrcnty-jom H MEMBERS f;.r cr in Fucultate Dr. J. H. Davis Fratres in Universitate Bill Graham .... graduate Matt Ober LAW ROV GrUBBS MEDICINE George Nswburn medicine Jack Callaghan ' 38 Jav Shields . . ' 39 Jack Davis ' 39 Jim McKnight ' 39 Francis Charles ' 39 Ji.MMv Livingston ' 39 Carr McCormack ' 40 Luther Howell ' 40 Harry Shepherd ' 40 Cliff Horton ' 40 Robert Curtis ' 40 Harvey Coleman ' 40 Joe Davis ' 41 Joe Baker ' 41 Bob Moog ' 41 Bubber Pharr ' 41 Johnny Dee ' 41 Louis Ebersole ' 41 l-l Bill Graham was Managing Editor ot The Crimson-White and a member of the Cotillion Club Committee — entertained with seven house dances during the year — celebrated Christmas with a Yuletide party and gave a Founder ' s Day banquet in April — also entertained their Freshmen with a picnic in the Spring. TAU CHAPTER Top Row: Graham. Ober. Grubbs, Newburn. ■ Second Row; Callaghan. Davis. McKniuht. Charles. Third Row: McCor- mack. Howell. Shepherd, Horton. Fourth Row: Curtis. Cole- man. Davis. Baker. Fifth Row: Moog. Pharr. Dee. Ebersole. Page Two Hundred Seventy -five Top Row: Eneel. Savase. Chiz. Goldstein. Metz. r Second Row: Weinberg. Smirnow. Bank, Bunnin. S.. Bunnin. W. Third Row: Cohen. Goldberp. Lipson. Luobanow. Margolis. ■.; Fourth Row: Temerson, Bloom. Biihis. Goodstein. Kohn. - Fifth Row: Kramer. Newmark. Sevel. Shure. Clemenl. TAU CHAPTER =:_ " " - n ' Bcnnv Engle i.s president of tlie Senior Class in L.iw School and Joe Ruhel was captain of Alabama ' s tennis team this year — the chapter entertained with five house dances during the year, their Purple and White Formal in March, and a buffet supper in the Spring. S I 6 M A ALPHA M U Page Tno llnnJ,cd Scvcnly-s. K MEMBERS Fratres in Univershate Irving Jaffe ... LAW Melvin Permutt LAW Burton Levey . . LAW Vernon Cohen - . . . ' 38 Israel Katz ■38 Zac Jerome Damskv " 38 Theodore Lipchitz ' 40 Marvin Warner ' 40 David Levin ' 40 Harold Shevinskv ' 40 Gaston Kimerling ' 40 Joe Allen ' 40 Harold Newman ■40 Irving Greenwald ' 41 Herman Goldstein ' 41 Daniel Lieberman ' 41 Leonard Starin ' 41 Harold Miller ' 41 Lester Bi umberg ' 41 Norman Slote •41 Aaron Aronov ■41 Abraham Levy . . . . ' 41 Morton Kravitz ■41 Irving Wilensky ■41 N U The Kappa Nu ' s celehrated Founder ' s Day with a banquet in Novem- ber, and the following month went to Birmingham to be joint hosts with the Kappa Nu Graduate Club at their national convention — followed with their annual Valentine Day dance and a picnic in the Spring for alumni — also presented four dances and buffet suppers during the year, and their annual Parents ' Day banquet and dance. PI CHAPTER Top Row: Jaffe. Permutt. Levey. Cohen, i Second Row: Katz. Damsky. Lipchitz. Warner, vr Third Row: Levin, Shevinsky. KinierlinE, Allen. - Fourth Row: Greenwald. Goldstein, Lie- berman, Starin. Miller. Fifth Row: Blumberg. Slote. Aro- nov. Kravitz. Wilenskv. Page Tuo Hundred Seyenty-seven MEMBERS John CoXWhLL Mani EV Davis Rank N FiTE Tom Garner John GODBOLD Stan LEV GODBO Richard L. Jack H.ra ., Lumpkin Herb ERT MeIOH Mau ICE Rains Fran K TiPLER Robe !T WlLBANK Stro JD Jackson Joe Moore Joh N TeACUE Joh N ChENAL Bin Green Bud DV Beard Kee NER BlaC Ken neth Byr Ralph Ford Fra NK HODN Jam E5 Jordan Jac CORB.TT Flo VD CURRIE Ha WELL Dav FoY Feagin . HE JRV HiLES Joe HlLL Ern EST Hyatt Walter McDc Do 1- Moss . Ed» IN Sturki Robert Beall M. J. Bryant Jac K Carcile Jess E Cheeth Joe Cobb Joe Cunninch K A Top Row: Gainer. Godhold. J.. Oorllmld, S.. JaikM.n. Miior... BoEart, Brewer. Second Row: Creel. Dozier, Elliott. Hardy. Hayes. Line. Chenault. Third Row: Green. Blackmarr. Byrd. Ford. Hodnette. Jordan. KinK- Fourth Row: Nicholson. Wa- hab. Schaefer, Carlson. Cannady. Currie. Davis. vV Fifth Row: Feacin, Hiles. Hill. McDowell. Moss. Bealle. R. v: Sixth Row: Brvan. Cheatham. Cobb. Dodson. FarKason. Fowler. V Seventh Row: Minjrea. Nnnnellev. I ' ayne. Rabon. Tipler. Tindell. GAMMA ALPHA CHAPTER VX ' ' alt Bogart, as Editor of The Crimson-White, was outstanding for the Pi K. A. ' s thi.s year — Bill Doiier mad; Phi Beta Kappa; Alex Havs was elected president of Greeks; Henry Hiles, president of R. A. T. — and Bully Fowler, president of the Freshman class in the Commerce School — began their social activities with their Homecoming Formal — entertained just before the holidays with a Christmas party and celebrated Founder ' s Day with a dance and banquet in March — gave nine house dances throughout the year. P P A ALPHA Page Tno HumlicJ Scvctlty-ci$.ht P H I S I MEMBERS Fruter in Facultate Dr. a. B. Moore Llovd L. Allen " 38 Thomas O. Arntsen ' 38 Robert B. Bush ' 38 Harry H. Pfeiffer ■38 Joseph E. Hull ' 39 J. WiLMoNT Browning ' 39 Claude C. Sullivan ' 39 John D. Geidt ... ' 39 William J. McDonald ' 39 Hubert M. Lockhart ' 39 Clark Blair ' 40 Charles A. Carter ■-10 Frederick V. Jung ' 40 Charles B. LaVarge ' 40 Robert M. Morgan ' 40 C. Glen McCoy, Jr. ' 40 Charles F. Ralston ' 40 Gerald W. Snyder ' 40 Thomas E. Sullivan ' 40 Marion W. Wakefield ' 40 Arthur Davis ' 41 Alexander M. Fletcher ' 41 Harold G. Kieley ' 41 Ben Kopacz ' 41 Clinton Pope ■41 George Ruddy ■41 Byard E. Sooy, Jr. ■41 e M A KAPPA Harry Pfeiffer was a memher of the Cotillion Club Committee and was also secretary of the Spirit Committee — gave a house dance and buffet sup- per each month and celebrated with their annual Thanksgiving Day dinner — then in March they entertained with a Founder ' s Day banquet and fol- knved with their annual Spring picnic — also placed second in the inter- fraternity cross country race. OMICRON DEUTERON CHAPTER Top Row: Arnsten. Bush, Pfeiffer. Hull, ' r Second Row: Bruwninir. Sullivan. Geidt. McDonald. :; Third Row: Lockhart. Carter, Juns. LaVarue. :r Fourth Row: MorKan, McCoy. Sny- der, Sullivan. Wakefield, ' r Fifth Row: Davis, Kieley, Kopacz. Pope, Sooy. Page Tno Hundred Seyentv-nme MEMBERS F,uter „l Fac I ' .ljte Whitie p. McCov Fralres m U nn eiiiljlf Oi IN B. Adams graduatf Wll LIS L. BURDETTE, Jb ' 38 Edmund M. Storer, Jr ' 38 John Rahlfs 38 Fred Williams " 38 John D. Dobbins . ' 38 Maurice Fletcher •38 Fred H. Jones •38 John O. Douds ■39 Robert Barker •3 " Donald Campbell . •39 Emil Moseeaugh . •30 R. E. Crouch •3 ' J E. P. Tait •39 Kenneth McClave •3g George V. Bruce •39 Robert Gerhaht •39 Thomas Stratford ■30 Richard D. Day •30 Hugh Bedient •39 William Burgess •39 Albert St. Louis . ' 39 Harold Lawson •39 Ted M. Hannah •40 Raymond Watts ■40 Harry Browning ■4U Gerald Gibb ' 40 Gordon Boswell •40 William Dow, Jr. ' 40 Walter Hurlburt ■40 Norman Wright ' 40 William Atkinson ■40 William Walker •40 Judson McCrary ' 41 Phillip C. Williams •41 David Heydinger •41 William Miller •41 Marion Coley ■41 George Borgman ■41 Briscoe Goldman ' 41 Donald Yost ' 41 Fred Davis ' 41 DELTA Top Row Buidette Sti rei Rahlfs Williams. FletLher - ' .: Second Row Jonev. Douds Bail-ti Tampbell, Mosebaugh -Iv Third RovN Ciouth. Tait McCla e Bruce Day ■- Fourth Row: DurBess. St Louis. Lawson Hannah, BrowninK Fifth Row: Gibb Boswell Dow. Hurlbuit, Wright Atkinson Sixth Row : Walkei. Williams, Ilejdinger. Borgman. Goldman. Yost. DELTA ETA CHAPTER Maurice Fletcher was president of the Commerce Senior Class and also a member of the " A " Cltib — entertained with six house dances during the school year and just before the " ' I ' uletide hohdavs entertained with a Christmas party — had its annual formal m May. T A U DELTA ' d(.i- no Hundted Eighty H MEMBERS Fratrei nl F Kultate Dr. Ste sart J. Lloyd Dr. JoiiN " ! ' . Graham Henrv G. Crisp Harrv D. Bonham F, aires m V, ivenilnte Hugh W. Hill. Jr. LAW- Bruce D. Graham MEDICINE O. S. McCarne medicine Robert W. Davees 38 Randolph U. Crensh w " 38 John F. Overholt ■38 Ralph J. Code, Jr. ' 38 John Q. Roberts ' 38 Harvev R. Davis . ... ' 30 Charles Holm ... ' 39 Jack L. Schiffour . . . . ' 39 Robert L. Cooper . . . ' 39 Charles C. Smith ... ' 39 A. LvLE Heberling ' 39 William E. Hill ' 40 Richard S. Reeder ' 40 Cyril J. Breeza . . . ' 40 William E. Scott ' 40 John R. Troth ' 40 George Wilkes ' 40 Oscar U. Cook ' 41 James R. Davis ' 41 Charles Kavuha ' 41 Robert O. Link ' 41 William E. Davidson ' 41 Ralph G. Armstrong ' 41 Jesse J. Cokeb " 41 T H I The Theta Chi ' s entertained with eight house dances during the year, celebrated Founder ' s Day with a formal dance in April, and presented their annual Thcta Chi Musical in May — Charlie Holm and Johnnie Rob- erts were outstanding in athletics, both being members of the " A " Club. ALPHA PHI CHAPTER Top Kiiw: Hill. t:n.hani. McCarne, Davics. : " , Sec-ond Row: Crenshaw, Overholt. Roberts. Cooper. ■:.■ Third Row: Smith, Heberling, Hill, W., Reeder. :: Fourth Row: Breza, Scott, Wilkes, Cook. Davis. : Fifth Row: Kayuha, Link, Davidson. Armstrong-. C,,U,r. Page Two HuudrcJ Eighty one MEMBERS F, aires ui Faadlale Dr. Emmet B. Carmichai:i. Wenule Adamson James Fairci-Oth Fiatrei ni Vniv€Jiitate Arthur Sievers ... ' 38 C. Harry Erb ... ' 38 Elberon Hasbrouck ' 38 Clifford Benham ' 38 Frank Carmon ' 39 Chester Dudley ' 39 Joe Moeller ' 39 Irwtn Mahr ' 39 Walter Kari ' 39 Robert Gibbons .... ' 39 Edward Gibbons ' 39 Peter Nevtns ' 40 Frank Richter ... " 40 Russell Myers . . ' 40 William Smith ... ' 40 Halsev Dod .... ' 41 Wendel Wym.w ' 41 Victor Schneider ' 41 Albert Piersionic ' 41 Floyd McCluskey ' 41 Cari Ysi.E Fleming ' 41 John Breen ' 41 Daniel Swist ' 41 Allan Walker " 41 Charles Fagg ' 41 Phillip Brown " 41 SIGMA T.i,i Ruw: SU-vcrs. Erb. Hasbrout-k. Caim. ' ii. SwunJ Kuw : Duillt-y. Moeller. Mahr. Rithter. ;. Thirii Ruw: Smith. Myers, Dori. Wvmen. Fourth Row: Piersionic. FlemiriE. Swist. Walker. ALABAMA BETA CHAPTER In December the S. P. E. ' s entertained with a gala Founder ' s Day dance and got off to a good start the following New Year with a prograin dance and pledge banquet in February — the boys also presented a house dance each month throughout the entire year. P H I E P S I L O N P ge.Tno HundieJ Fighlyhvc D MEMBERS Fratres in Fjddtate Dr. James J. Doster Dr. J. V. Masters Jefferson J. Coleman Wade H. Coleman, Jr. David L. DeJarnette James T. DeJarnette James F. Doster O. H. LuNDE Fratres in Vniveriitate George White John Tucker Edmund Ewing Lawrence Gerald Clinton McGee B. C. Cox Bill Tucker Halstead Chisholm Robert E. Lee Wiley Adams Wayne Masters Leo Forkey Frank Lathram J. M. Cannon Martin Williams Edward Conway Eric McGee Willis Pearson Arthur Fowler James D. McMillan Cal Foshee Thomas Adair Benton V ' inzant John Yeuell Grady Cleveland Oscar Dahlene Clayton Coleman Charles Main George McPherson Melvin Grass Joe Turner Bill Wright Robert Harris Gewin Tucker Emory Cannon Hardin Crandall Carter Edmonds William Fitzpatrick Charles Mizei.l Alec Pow Noah Langdale Kenneth Sears John Yerby law LAW 38 38 38 38 39 39 39 39 39 39 39 39 39 ' 40 " 40 ' 40 ' 40 H Doha Clii was second in .scholarship among fraternities for 1937 — Art Fdwler won the featherweight boxing championship of the Southeastern Conference — Emory Cannon was president of the Freshman Y. M. C. A. Cabinet — the chapter presented two formals, one in the Fall and one in the Spring — a Founder ' s Day h.inquct. Homecoming banquet, and Thanks- giving party were also given — concluded their social artivities with their Annual Spring rush picnic. ALABAMA CHAPTER Top Row: White. Ewing, Gerald, Cox. Tucker, Chisolm. -ft Sec- ond Row: Lee, Adams, Master. Lathram, Cannon, Williams, t: Third Row: Conway, McGee, Fowler. McMillan. Foshee, Adair. ■; Fourth Row: Yeuell, Cleveland, Dahlene, Coleman, Main, McPherson. tj Fifth Row : Grass, Harris, Tucker. Cannon, H., Crandall. t Sixth Row: Edmonds, Fitzpatrick, Mizell. Pow, Yerby. Page Two Hundred Eighly-lhree MEMBERS Fralrei in L ' liirfniljle BERNARD ZaMSK ' GRADUATE HrFD OrNSTEIN GRADUATE Melvin Getzoff .... " 38 H. Alfred Stern ... ' 38 William T. Brantman ' 38 Mltrrav Chiffitz .... ' 38 Morton Mestel ' 3 ' Nathan Zuckerman ' 3 Irving B. Kahn ' 39 Ralph H. Bell .... ' 40 Ted Kanner .... ' 40 James Harris .... ' 40 Daniel D. Chernow ' 41 Bernard Zipser ... ' 41 Bernard Lotstien ... ' 41 Fred Lees ... ' 41 David Milstien ... ' 41 Morris Shilepsky ... ' 41 EDVfARD BORAK ... ' 41 Melvin Klauber ... ' 41 Robert Meyer ... ' 41 Bertram Stern ' 41 Leonard Cohen ' 41 Leonard Mandell ' 41 P H I S I Top Kciw: Ziimsky., Stirii, H. A., Hranlmaii. Second Row: Chiffitz. Mestel. Zuckerman. Kahn. : Third Row: Bell, Kanner. Harris. Cheenow. ■;- Fourth Row: Zipser. Lotstein, Shilepsky. -? Fifth Row: Meyer, Stern. B., Mandell. PSI CHAPTER For the third successive year, the Phi Sigs won the interfraternity boxing championship — Irving Kahn was the sabre-twirUng drum-major for ' Bama ' s Milhon Dollar Band — gave two formal buffet suppers and dances during the early Fall and followed with their Founder ' s Day banquet in Novem- ber — went on to climax their social season with their annual Orchid for- mal held in the Union building in February — entertained with a house dance every other Thursday and concluded with a stag banquet for the Seniors late in May. e M A DELTA l igf Two Hundred Eighlyjoi,, ALPHA M E KA B E R S Fialra m Fdniltjte Dr. James Holladav Dr. Marcus Whitman Fratres in Lhiiversitale Charles Deason law WiLBERT Jordan law Billy Roberts law James Garrett law Charles Hoffman " 38 Jerry McBride " 38 Frank McCarthy " 38 Jerry Rea ' 38 Robert Bo wen ' 39 Tom Claus ' 39 Richard Dugan ' 39 Donald Geehring ' 39 Bernard Ivey ' 39 Robert James ' 39 Robert Lipsev ' 39 Harold Mimms ' 39 Charles Murr ' 39 Robert Owens ' 39 Louis Parker ' 39 Donald Perry ' 39 Walter Rust ' 39 James Webb ' 39 Malcolm Anderson ' 40 Robert Cannon ' 41 Joseph Godwin ' 41 Bill Landers ' 41 George Owen ' 41 Don Harris ' 41 Jack Kiper ' 41 Warren Triner ' 41 Oscar Kirchoff ' 41 Bill Stanton ' 41 S I 6 M A P H I Billy Roberts, Editor of the 1958 Corolla and also mentioned in " Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities " — Jerry McBride was a member of the Cotillion Club Committee — Jim Webb led the Blackfriars — entertained with a house dance each month, a Christmas party and a Spring picnic — climaxed their social activities with their annual Boat Ride — also entertained their national secretary — Tom Claus repre- sented the chapter at the national convention in Chicago in September. ALPHA IOTA CHAPTER Top Row: Deason. .Toidan. Roberts. Hoffman. McBride. t: Second Row: McCarthy, Rea. Bowen. Claus, Duuan. -Ir Third Row: Geehring. Tvey. Lipsey. Mimms. Murr. , Fourth Row: Owens. Parker, Perry, Rust. Webb, .r Fifth Row: Anderson, Cannon. Godwin, Landers, Owen. Page Tno Hundred Eighty-fire MEMBERS Fr trcs in Facultjte Winston M, Scott Chester M. Knight Ftjtifi in ( ' ii vtv.j j f Robert Neumui lfk graduate Kenneth Delhagen graduate Louis B. Trucks " 38 Charles B. Bateman ■38 Edward L. Cummiskev ' 38 Walter H. Klick . •39 Stewart Berrv •38 Hans Howald . , " 39 George Zivtch •39 Sam Burkhalter ■40 Harrv Jamesson •40 Harrv Marx •40 Earl Turner ' 40 WiLLLAM Porter •40 Robert Rauch ' 40 George Schneckenburger •40 Isaac P. Cheney . . . •40 John Smith •40 Ed Hudson ' 40 Albert Jobson ... •40 Hugh Kirkland •40 James Kavser ' 40 James Argo •40 Albert Herrmxnn ' 41 Paul Hummell ' 41 Rav Hummell . . . ' 41 Cari Finkbeiner . . . ' 41 William Taylor ' 41 H Tup Row: Trucks. Eiatenidn Cummiskj Sccuiul Row: Klick. Berry. Zivich. Third Run Burkhaltei. Jamessun. Kayser. ■ Fnurth Row: Herrman. Hummell. P.. Hummell. R.. Finkbeiner. ALPHA LAMBDA CHAPTER Began their social season with a formal dinner dance in October, and con- tinued with their Fifth Anniversary banqujt in November, a Christmas party, and a boat ride in the Spring — swapped pledges seven times and entertained with six house dances during the year — placed fourth in the interfraternity cross country race — George Zivich was a member of the Varsitv Football Team. X rn„ Hundred Eighty DELTA M E M B E Fifties III Fuiiilljte Dr. Gladstone Yeuell Dr. James Cudworth Dh. E. W. Gregory. Jr. Dr. Kenneth W. Coons Prof. Ben E. Harris Godfrey L. Eggers law Paul A. Moss medicine Charles E. Anderson •38 Herbert L. Gillott •38 Bernard Arms •38 Michael R. Prestera •39 Walter A. Bartlett •39 George W. Hodges •39 John Cimkoski ' 39 John S. Massieon •30 John H. Westcott •30 James H. Parker •30 Leonard Gentil ■39 Charles F. Jordan •30 Armin O. Bobhard •40 Gordon B. Herbert •40 Raymond Howard ■40 Robert S. Godfrey •40 Edmund J. Kelly •40 Robert H. McWilliams •40 John J. Morale •40 Walter W. Schack ■40 R. Gerart Barton ■41 Roderick K. Donahue ■41 Francis A. Doheny ■41 R. Sheridan Pancoast ■41 Thomas N. Ryon ' 41 Maurice F. Savage •41 Willia.m a. Schriver ■41 Albert E. Truesdale •41 Donald B. Tuson •41 Hugh M. Wendle •41 SIGMA P H I Entertained in Birminghani uitli their annual Fall dance and breakfast at the Highland Park Country Club with their brother Delta Sigs from Auburn — later gave a dance honoring their pledges and followed in De- cember with a Founder ' s Day banquet and stag Christmas party — started the new year with a Valentine danci ' and continued in the Spring with a house formal in honor of the newly initiated men — also held their an- nual Spring picnic — .sent Mike Prestera and Bernard Arms as delegates to their national convention at New Orleans. BETA KAPPA CHAPTER Top Row: EgEers, Ross, Gillott, Prestera. ' Second Row: Bart- lett, Hodges, Cimkoski. Massieon. i- Third Row: Westcott, Parker. Gei til. Jordan. V Fourth Row: Bomhard. Herbert, Howard, Godfrey. : Fifth Row: Kelly. M,-Williams, Morale, Barton, Doheny. . ' : Sixth Row: Ryon. Savai;e. Sc-hriver, Trues- dale. Tuson. : cry . ipv r Page Tno Hundred Eighly-sereii DL PAN HE M -k The Pan-Hellenic Council has sought to promote good feelings and co- operation among the fifteen sororities on the University Campus. The Pan- Hellenic Council fills one of the most important needs on the campus by bringing all of the sororities together in a cooperative manner. The council go ' erns rushing, and has devised an excellent system of pledg- ing. It is composed of two members from each sorority which are elected from year to year by each chapter. The presidency of the council rotates from vear to year, each sorority furnishing the president in its turn. The council sponsored its annual banquet and gave leadouts in both the Mid-winter and Spring dances. The council has cooperated with other service organizations on the campus for the betterment of school life. Clockwise from lower le ' t corner: Jones. Mercer. Starhuck, Evans. McQueen. Norton. Addison, Swift Ishell, Lnckey. HardenbciKh. Keplar. Ventre«s, Collin,. Bhiford. Hargrove, Hutcheson. r ' iln . Hrooks. LENIC COUNCIL Top Row ; Addison, Pilny. Ventres s, Montpromery, Cooper, v Sei-ond Row: Star- buck, Mercer. Hutch- ison, Swift. Brooks. • ' ' : Third Row: Kep- lar. Wright. John- son. Hardenburgh. Minnis. -.V Fourth Row: Jones, Petry, Hargrove. Bluford. Norris. ' r Fifth Row: Evans. Ritchie, Luck- ey. McQueen. Nor- ton. Tc Sixth Row: Neal. Beasley. Isbeli. Collins. Oppenh OFFICERS Ernestine Addison Marta Pilny Mary N. Ventress President Secretary MEMBERS Alpha Delta Pi Marjorie Montgomery Alpha Delta P, Emma Margaret Cooper Alpha Ph, . . . Elizabeth Starbuck Alpha Ph, . . . Molly Mercer Alpha Ph, . Ernestine Addison Theta Upsdon Marta Pilny Theta Up ,lo„ Grace Hutcheson Kappa Kappa Gamma Margherita Swift Kappa Kappa Gamma Elizabeth Brooks Sigma Kappa Mary N. Ventress Sigma Kappa Margaret Kepler Chi Omega Sara Wright Chi Omega Agnes Johnson Alpha Gamma Delta Mary G. Hardenbergh Alpha Gamma De ' ta Laura Minnis Delta Delta Delta Mary Crawford Jones Delta Delta Delta Carolyn Petry Alpha Ph, Omega Martha Hargrove Alpha Ph, Omega Jean Bluford Alpha Xi Delta . Helen Norris Alpha Xi Delia Mary Annie Evans De ' ta Zeta Doris Ritchie Delta 7.eta . . Llicile Luckey Kappa Delta . Margaret McQueen Kappa Delta Jane Norton Phi Mu Marjorie Neal Phi Mu Margaret Beasley Zeta Tau Alpha Jane Isbeli. Zeta Tau Alpha . . GwYN Collins Sigma Delta Tau . . . Fay Oppenheim Sigma Delta Tau Lucy Kornman Page Two Hundred Eighty MEM E R S Virginia Kinn Anne Harri Carol McCall I McQuE Ma rgarit McC Fra NCES McGeE Ma »v Ma rTHEW Ave Ian e Pron Penic I EN N.E Rt( HABDS Jea N TrA -FORD K t)n£m iMi t ' t ii% Ti.]. Row: Hill. li.. AvaiU, Rosa. Glii s. Second Row: namcT. MarKarct, McLeod. Muriihree. Norton, Pattillo. Ur ■eland. J.. Hell. Brandon raves. Head. Heiter, Houser. Ken- Third Row: Miller. S.. MuUins, J., Rogers. Searcy. A. .: Fourth Searcy. H.. Stickney. Swaim, Van Pelt. BasenburK. Brown. Elebash. ; Fifth Row: Feaizin. Lamar. McCall, McQueen, Mil- ler, M,. Murphy. Pattillo. B. :. Sixth Row: Phillips. Shelton. Smith. Thomis. Bartlett. Beeland, M. Clarkson. ;, Seventh Row: DuKKar. McFaddin. Melvin, MontKomery. Partlow. O ' Neal, Smith. Trice, li Eiphth Row: Ty son. Ward, Woodall, Chris- tian. Barnwell. Brooks, Ruth. Jenkins. Johnston. ,V Ninth Row: Larv, McCormack. McGce. Matthews. Mary. Penick, Richardson. Trafford, Wilkins Mi. ZETA CHAPTER Annie Laurie Swaim was society editor of The Cnmson-Wliite and Hon- orary Cadet Colonel of the Engineers — Jean Graves and Harriet Searcy are Phi Beta Kappas and Margaret Matthews and Anne Searcy are Mortar Board members — Sue Clarkson was the Pershing Rifle Sponsor — Ethel Woodall led the Junior Prom — entertained with a tea dance Homecoming and a Chri.stmas party before the holidays — also honored their Field Inspector with a tea in November — won first place in the wo- men ' s swimming meet — place three in the twenty Beauty Revue winners — leads the other sororities with fortv-si. actives and twentv-two pledges. D Page- Tuo Hundred Nmcty ALPHA MEMBERS So,orei n, Faadtate IvIrs. Avis Dawson Dr. Septimer Smith Sororei in Untrcriitate Christine Connell law Marjorie Montgomery ' 38 Olive Carlson ' 38 Edna tvUn Gale ' 38 Gay Stafford ' 38 Louise Anders ' 38 Johnel Fisher ' 39 Lillian Williamson ' 39 Margaret Wright ' 39 Jane McDermott ' 39 Marion Bull ' 39 Mary Lily Echols ' 40 Martha Florence ' 40 Frances Hayes ' 40 Mildred Reddoch ' 40 Emma NL Cooper ' 40 Frances Iosey ' 40 Frances Adams 40 Rose L. Martin ' 40 Elizabeth Green ' 40 Nell Turner ' 40 AiLEEN Curtis ' 41 Virginia Carlson ' 41 Mary E. Davidson ' 41 Anna Bell Atkinson ' 41 Eva Richardson ' 41 Anne Hicks ' 41 Percy Suttle ' m Nancy Fleming ' 41 Martha McGarity ' 41 Dora Ruth Robinson ' 41 Elizabeth Black ' 4 1 Dorothy Kelly ' 41 Audrey ' 41 Margaret Morgan ' 41 DELTA P I Entertained with a reception for the faculty in honor ot their National Secretary in November — gave six program dances throughout the year and climaxed their activities with a tea dance held in May — Johnel Fisher was one of ' Bama ' s cheerleaders — Edna Mac Gale was vice-president of the Women ' s Student Government — placed one among the twenty Beauty Revue winners — exchanged pledges eight times — has fifteen actives and twenty pledges. ETA CHAPTER Top Row: (■.mn..|l. Muntp-iimery, Carlson. M.. Gale. Stafford. .Aniiers. Siciirid Row: Fisher. Williamson. Wrinht. McDermott. Bull. Echols. ' Ihinl Row: Hayes. Reddoch. Cooper, iaaey, Adams. Martin. Fourth Row: Green. Turner, Curtis, Carlson, v.. Davidson. . Fifth Row: Atkinson. Richardson. Hicks. Sut- tl.-. Fl.nniiirr,:. . ' ixth Row: McGarity. Rohinson, Black. Kel- lev. Hulman. Page Two Hundred Ninety-one MEMBERS Soror in F iuluite Miss Marga RET Davis So ou- m L ' iinasiljti- TiLLIE WM-KER graduate Alice Champenois ' 38 Pauline Cleveland ' 38 Ulise Harris . . 38 LJETTV Robinson . , . ' 38 Eleanor Winter ' 38 Irene Batchelder : ' 39 LuciLE Burnett ' 39 Sarah Alice Clayton ' 3 ' ' Julia Lee Graden ' 39 Ethel Ha es ' 39 Jane Isbell . . . ' 39 JuANiTA Martin . . ' 39 Sue Martin . . ' 39 Bobbie K. Rickels ' 39 Helen Parker ' 39 Frances Utley ' 39 Catherine Allison ' 40 Gwendolyn Collins ' 40 Marjorie Davis ' 40 Marjorie Given ' 40 Sophie Krahenbuhl ' 40 Eleanor Patton ' 40 Jane Phillips . . ' 40 Shelby Smith . . ' 40 Madeline Terry ' 40 iVKrv Louise Nichol s ' 40 Mary Carter " 41 DoROTi-ii Farley . . ' 41 Gail Forrest . . . ' 41 Frances Martin . . ' 41 Carolyn Masingil . . ' 41 Minnie Frances Owe N ' 41 Mary H. Patton ' 41 Clementine Petree ' 41 Beatrice Rains ' 41 Elizabeth Reynolds ' 41 ZiMMiE Shirley ' 41 Virginia Trost . . ' 41 Z E T A ftf fl Tup Riiw: fhanipinuis. Cleveland. Harris. R..biiis(,ii. Winter. Set-ond Row: Batchelder. Burnett, Clayton. Grayden. Hays, ir Third Row: Isbell. Martin. J., Martin, S. : Morris, Rickels. « Fourth Row: Pai-ker, Utley. Allison. Collins, Davis. 7: Fifth Row: Given. Krahenbuhl, Patton, E.. Phillips. Smith. S. ti Sixth Row: Terry, M., Carter, Farley, Forrest, Martin. F. i Seventh Row: Masingil, Owen, Patton, M., Rains, Shirley, Trost. NU CHAPTER Celebrated Founder ' s Day with a banquet in October, and followed in December with their annual Christmas reception for alumnae and facult ' members — entertained with a dance in February — the chapter was visited by its national secretary and its national province president in the Spring — was represented by placing one among the twenty beauties — ex- changed pledges eight tiine.s — has twentv-one actives and seventeen pledges. T A U ALPHA Tno llumhcd Nine!y-!wo DELTA MEMBERS Soror i„ FMultJte Miss Helen Osband Sororet in V tnyersitale Margaret Rice graduate Alice Beai, ' 38 Evelyn Beal ' 38 Martha Bedsole ' 38 Bessie Bell ' 38 Helen Crosslev ' 38 Peggy Daniri ' 38 Elane Davis " 38 Elizabeth Fiinn ' 38 Mary Harris ' 38 Louise Higbee " 38 Elizabeth Howard ' 38 Mary Crawford Jones ' 38 Lena Lamberth ' 38 Jean Lovett " 38 M ' LDRED Robinson ' 38 Leila Dickson ' 3 " Vista Fitts " i ' ) Jane Mandeville ' 39 Grace Hambrick ' 3 ' ' Kathleen Mercer " 3 " EuLA Moore " 39 Carolyn Petry ' 39 Gene Terry " 39 Ruth Watts ' 39 Beri " VOUNG ' 39 Claire Zumkeller ' 30 Berynice Armes ' 40 Mary Drue Berhey ' 40 Marguerite Duni ap ' 40 Mary Hicks ' 40 Helen Higbee ' 40 Jane Kramer ' 40 Vivian Lawson ' 40 Elizabeth Lett " 40 Ruth McDowell ' 4 ' 1 Mildred Miller ' 4 ' ) Virginta Morgan ' 40 Rosemary Pr!tch«.ri) ' 40 Frances Brown ' 4 1 Sarah Burks ' 41 Rosa D n ' el " 41 Julia Flinn ' 41 Virginia Hahrs ' 41 Alice M. Jonfs ' 41 Frank-Regan King ' 41 MaRIO!) K ' ng ' 4 1 Louise Petry ' 41 Margaret Kuchens ' 41 Helen McMurtray ' 41 Minnie J. Wilson ' 41 Winoma Yarbrough ' 41 DELTA DELTA Beside Dolly Bedsole, president of ' ' . W. C. A. and also meiuu)ned in " Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities, " the Tri Delts have two Phi Beta Kappas, two Mortar Board members, and two Alpha Lambda Deltas — Kate Noble Holloway was president of Mortar Board — honored pledges with a tea dance in October and en- tertained faculty members with a reception in November — also gave a Christmas party and a Valentine Dance — Lena Lamberth and Mildred Robinson were Honorary Lieutenant Colonels — Gene Terry was president of Pi — has seventeen pledges and thirty-five actives. DELTA MU CHAPTER Ti.p Row: P.eal, A., Heal. E.. Bedsole. Bell. Daniel. Flinn, E. -, Second Row: Harris. M.. Higbee, L., Howard. Jones, Lam- berth. Lovett. ;-i Third Row: Robinson. Dickson. Hambrick, Man- deville, Mercer, Moore. •■ : Fourth Row: Petry, C. Terry, Watts, Kumkeller, Berrey, Dunlap. :? Fifth Row: Hicks. HiKbee, H., Kramer, Lawson. Lett. McDowell. Sixth Row: Miller. Morgan. Pritchard, Brown, Burke. - Seventh Row: Flinn, J., Harris, V,. Jones, A., King, M.. Kinir. F. . Eichth Row: Petry, L., Kuchius. McMurtrav. Wil.M.n. Varlu-ouyh. Page Two Hundred Stnety-three MEMBERS Spurc.eon FuLioin law Marv Jane Crump -.raduate Rlith Luck " 38 Blim C;.i. . ' 38 Jlhin Ann Price . . ' 38 Laura Minnis . . •38 Webb ' 38 M RV Lee Patton ' 38 Virginia Wails . . ' 38 Jean Reich ' 38 Marv Gordon Hvruenburgh ' 38 Mar Wood ■39 Virginia Whiting ' 39 Emu V Whiting . ' 39 Agnes Bi aum , , . ' 39 AiiCE Rhodes . ' 39 Isabel Wilson ' 39 ViRGiNU Hollis ' 39 Katherine Harris ' 39 Elvela Lee . . ' 39 Glvnn Crawford ' 39 Annie Harmon ' 39 Ethel C rter ■40 Margaret Jean Nelson ' 40 Peggv Haines ' 40 Jennie Yoling ' 40 Reba Lvons . . ' 40 Loi ' ISE McENIRi ' 40 Frances Connor . ' 40 Virginia Huckaby ' 40 Pauline Su rez . ' 40 Eveivn Gavin . . . . ' 40 Genevieve McClure ■41 Edith LlMaistre ' 41 Irene Knight Clapp ■41 Nancy Batson ' 41 Elinor Speer ... . . ' 41 Elizabeth Ralls ' 41 Marv Brown . . . ' 41 Alice Wilbanks . ' 41 Janie Gavin . . ' 41 ■ Fy ' f W M ■ ' ALPHA T..p R.iw: Cinmii. Fuir.n.l. Liu-k. CamplH-ll, I ' rin-. Minnis. Secund Row: Wili ' ). Paltun. Walls. Reich, HardtMibi-rKh, Wiini: Third Row: WhitinB. V., Whitinir. E.. Blaum. Rhoiies Wilson. Hnllis. P nurth Row: Harris. Lee. Crawford. Har mon. Carter. Nelson. : Fifth Row: Raines, Younis. Lyons McEniry. Conner, Huckaby. Sixth Row: Suarez. Gavin, E. MeClure, LeMaistre, Clapp, Batson. ,:,- Seventh Row: Speer Ralls, Brown. Wilbanks, Gavin, J. PSI CHAPTER Entertained with two tea dances, a Christmas partv and dinner, and a Valentine banquet — also gave a Rose banquet following tht-ir initiation — honored their national inspectors with a faculty reception m January, and then in the Spring held their annual House party — Katherine Webb led the opening dances at M. M. I. — Diana Deason led the K, A. Formal in Birmingham — Mary Gordon Hardcnbergh was president of the Senior Class and Virginia Huckaby Vice-President of the Sophomore Class — placed one in the winners of the Corolla Beauty Revue — has two Kappa Delta i ' l ' s and one Mortar Board member — twenty actives and twent -one pledges. GAMMA DELTA I ' a c Tv ' Hundred Nmely-lour c H MEMBERS Sororc, m Fmultjte Mrs, Wanda Cade Miss Ai ice Wvman Sorores in Univenitate Eleanor Dudley ' 38 Elizabeth Duncan ■38 Sara Wright ■38 Ida Williams Tippin •38 MvRA Jo G.mnes ■38 RuEV Svx ■38 Jane Evans ' 38 Mildred N:x " 38 Julia Wade ■38 Kirk Bell ■38 Ann North •30 Edyth Blanks ■3 5 Frances Mabrv •30 Helen Roberts ■30 Mildred Smart ■30 Frances Boozer •30 Lee Baldwin •30 Nancy Orr ■30 Elizabeth Nix ■39 Eleanor Sutliff ' 30 Mildred Johnson ■30 Mary Murff ■40 Anita Lasseter ■40 Celeste Bennett ■40 Agnes Johnson ■40 Lillian Gray .... ' 40 Carolyn Paris •40 Dorothy Benton .... ■40 Helen Norman ■40 Sara Lawrence ■40 Helen Johnson ■41 Louise Wiggins ■41 Marie Loos ■41 Allan To xnsend ■41 Barbara Henry ■41 Margaret Ella Finnei.l ■41 Marion Doughty •41 Mary Elsie Deal ' 41 Dorothy Dean ■41 Dorothy Dominick ' 41 Frances Sayer , ' 41 o M Began the year .socially l-i ' entertaining non-sorority girls with a tea in September — held open house for their pledges and gave a tea dance in October and again in February — had girls featured in the Cotillion Club Leadout and three of the twenty beauties in the Corolla Beauty Revue — Frances Boozer was tapped for Guidon — swapped pledges twelve time.s — has twenty-six actives and sixteen pledges. NU BETA CHAPTER Top Row: Bell. Dudley. Duncan. WriEht, Tippins, Gaines, f? Second Row: Syx. Evans. Nix. M.. Wade. North. Blanks, -fy Third Row: Mabry, Roberts, Smart. Boozer. Baldwin. Orr. if Fourth Row: Nix, E.. Sutliff, Johnson, M., Murff, Lasseter, Bennett. Fifth Row: Johnson. A.. Gray. Paris. Norman, Benton, Lawrence. ■ Sixth Row: Johnson, H.. Wiggins, Loos. Townsend, Henry, Finnell. r Seventh Row: Doughty, Deal, Dian. IlMmiiiirk. Sayer. Page Two Hundred Ninety- jiye MEMBERS So,o,c m U,mc, ,Ulc BtTH Taiior .... ' 38 M- Mii-U Taylor . . . , ' 38 BtRNICE I-RANKt ' 38 Carolyn Jonls , , ' 38 Ma.mnl Hacooii ... ' 38 Carmln Moran ' 38 Mary Earle Graham ' 38 Frances Morrow ' 39 Margaret Robertson " 39 Blanche Price ' 39 Mary Crow ' 39 Doris R:tchie . . ' 39 Dessa Johnson ' 39 Floretta Edwaros ' 39 Jane Krebs ' 39 Juliette Pr. ytor ' 39 M ry Edna Thomson ' 39 Thelma Little ' 39 Eleanor Green ' 40 Virginia Carpenter ' 40 Bernice Krolit ' 40 Lucille Luckey ' 40 Luc:lle Stubbs ' 40 Lois Walker ' 40 Clara Sue Polson ' 40 Frances Moore ' 40 Belzora Banyon ' 41 Lawrece Butler ... ' 41 Nan Cooper ' 41 Flora May Godard 41 Mary Frances Landers ' 41 D iciw: Tayliir. H., Taylor M.. Fianki.. Ji.nes. Hacnod. •. - 1 Row: Moran. Graham. Morrow. Robertson. Price. ■ ' Row: Crow. Johnson. Ritchie. Edwards. Krebs. ;- Fourth Praytor. Thomson. Little. Green. Carpenter. V ' Fifth Krout. Liicl ey. Stubb.i. Walker. Poison. :, Sixth Row: Moore. Banyon, Hutler. Cooper. Godard. ALPHA GAMMA CHAPTER Entertained in Rinningliam uith a tea dance in Noveinher — tollmved later in the year witii a faculty dinner dance — also gave a Christmas party and in the Spring entertained with several program dances — Mary Earle Graham led the " 37 St. Pat ' s dance — has three pledges to Phi Chi Theta — e. clianged pledges .seven times — has seventeen actives and twelve pledges. P.igc 7 110 Hundred Nincly-s,x ALPHA MEMBERS Soror i,, FaadlMc Frances Greenwood Sorores in Vtnrersitate Loi,A Mae H.ves LAW Rita Dillev graduate Mary Kneale gr ,DU.ATE WiLELLA Burns ' 38 Martha Hargrove •38 Gretchen Miller .... ' 38 Laurie Peavv ' 38 Evelyn Alexander ' 3fl Nina Jo Anthony .... •30 Jean Bluford •30 Doris Burgess ■30 Margaret Bradley •30 Sara Dickinson .... •39 Ida Leckv Finnell •39 Nell Curtis Jones •39 Helen Mobley •39 Marjorie Popp •39 Sara Agne X ' ■-10 Jane Bird •■40 Mary Belle Gallmeyer •40 Marion Hoeflich •40 Elsa Scharf.schwerdt ' 40 Frances Solomon •40 Sara Bowers •41 Celeste Havard •41 Pauline Jones ■41 Sara Neville •41 Betty Nichols ■41 Evelyn Martin •41 M.UIISE Mauldin ■41 June Mellinger •4! Janette Spore ■41 Frances Wright •41 C H I OMEGA Willclla Burn.s, presidL-iit ot tlie Women ' s Student Government and Lau- rie Peavy, president of tlie Women ' s Spirit Committee are both Alpha Chi ' s — entertained with two tea dances and gave a dinner in the Spring for the presidents of the sororities and women ' s organisations — Elsa Scharfschwerdt was president of the women ' s Sophomore Class — placed three among the twenty Beauty Revue winners, and featured three in the Cotillion Club leadouts — has fourteen pledges and seventeen actives. ALPHA UPSILON CHAPTER Top Row: Kneale, Hayes. Burns. Hargrove. Miller. .V Second Row: Heavy, Alexander, Bluford, Bradley. Dickinson. ,-, Third Row: Finnell. Jones. N.. Mobley, Popii. Ai new. ii Fourth Row: Bird. Gallmeyer. Hoeflich. Scharfschwerdt. Solomon, ti Fifth Row: Bowers, Havard. Jones. P., Neville, Nichols, ii Sixth Row: Martin. Mellinger, Spore, Wright. gf Two Hundred Nmety-ieven MEM E R S iioroi 111 FMultate Mrs. Alice Fiddler Soimes III L ' nireiutaU Jane Matthews Phebe Bibb MaRV BlDGOOD Lois Drolet Polly Spencer Margherita Swift Caroline Tiller Edwina Wvatt Mary Holbert Elizabeth Brooks Elizabeth George Beverly Bradley Emilee Jones Ernestine Robertson Jliija Prentice medicine . . ' 38 ' 38 ' 38 ' 38 ' 38 " 38 . . ' 38 . . ' 38 . . ' 39 . . ' 39 ' 39 ' 39 , " 39 . . ' 39 Dixie Ann Jones ' 39 Corrie Conkling Maiy Elizabeth Trilck Sarah Bradley Holman pAiRiciA Patterson Frances Tully Frances Winter Gene Lewis Fauntleroy Caldwell Ruth Barbour Jean Blount Mary Pillans Virginia Richards Emily McCorvey June Lofgren Catherine Claypoole Nellie Gray Sarah Bickley Margaret FIixon Beverly Walker Rebecca Main Alberta Whiteside Susan Swift Patsy Dryburgh Sara V. Craig Evelyn Lowe Betty Miller M •30 ■3 ■39 •39 ' 39 ' 39 ' 39 ■40 ■40 ' 40 ' 40 ' 40 ' 4J •40 ' 41 ' 41 ' 41 ' 41 KAPPA ■ln|, Ruw Ma ' tniw-. Bi.l- ' cod. Drolet Second Row Tillel W att Brooks. G Row: Jones. E Robeitson Prentice. Fourth Row Tnlck Holman, Patte Fifth Row Lewis Caldwell Barbour. Row Seve n,-er. Swift. IM. , Bra.lle.v. : Third s. D., Conkling. ;;; Tully. Winter. ■ It. Pillans. : Sixth ««»-R GAMMA PI CHAPTER Margherita Swift led lier sister Kappas for honors this year, being .se- lected Honorary Brigade Cadet Colonel and Alabama ' s representative in the Sugar Bowl activities New Year ' s Day — she also led the annual Mili- tary ball — have three Phi Beta Kappas and four Mortar Board members — entertained with a tea dance in the Fall honoring pledges and held their annual house party .niid te.i dance in the Spring — honored Tri Delts and Alpha Phis with p.irties — has twenty-eight actives and fifteen pledges. KAPPA GAMMA Pay.e Two Hundred Ninely-aghl ALPHA MEMBERS Sororci ,„ Facidtatc Ina B. Crane Helen J. Bosard Sorores m ihiirersitaU Edith Stallings graduate Helen NORRIS ' 38 Reba Shei.ton ■38 Donna Moore •38 Marv Annie Evans ' 38 El[nor Mahaffey .... •38 Doris Jefferizs ... ' 38 LoRENE VVhorton ■38 Opal Lee ' 38 Dorothy Stitzer ' 39 Gecrgla Gross ' 39 Betty Mae Braden " 40 Roberta Murphy ' 40 Ji ' NE Moore ' 40 Muriel Chamberlin ■40 Ruth Salisbury ■40 Dorothy Boone " 41 Cleo Cre x ' s ' 41 Annette Davies ■41 WiLLE NE HaYGOOD ■41 Martha Nell Dardin ■41 Donna Schuyler ' 41 HELE McKenzie ■41 Mary Frances Guise . ' 41 X I DELTA Helen Morris, president of Alplin Xi, made Pin Beta Kappa and was also a member of Mortar Board — placed one among the twenty winners in the Corolla Beauty Revue — the chapter entertained with a tea dance in December and e.vchanged pledges nine times — has eleven actives and eleven pledges. ALPHA TAU CHAPTER Tup Row: Nonis, Shelton. Evans. Mahaffey. ;. Seconil Row: Jefferies. Whorton. Lee, StiUei . Third Row : Braden. Mur- phy. Moore, Chamberlin - Fourth Row: Boone. Crews. Davies. il Fifth Row: Darden. Schuyler, McKenzie. Page Two Hundred Nmetymne MEMBERS Soror in I ' actdtjlt ' Sarah C;abot Pierce Svrou-t III Uinreiiiljle SaR4H Waites law Mar 1 HA I-Ai MiiEs GRADUATE Lasinia Bro ' .xn •;8 Kate Warren Hayden ■38 iMarinez Layfield ■38 Malone . . " 38 NeII MllNER . . ' 38 Marjorie Neai ' 38 DoROTin Smith ' 3S Jane T«itty . . . . ' 38 Frances-Beryl Cadman ■3 " Evelyn Timmerman ' 30 Lorraine Ratliefe . . ■3 ' ' Marian Purviance ■3 " Margaret Beasley ' W Beth Hale .... . . ' W Maiielyn Hooper ■4(1 Mai VINA McCoLLUM ' 40 Helen Nix . . . . . ' 40 Elizabeth Stone . , ' 40 Nina Thornton . . ' 40 Janf Harris .... . . . ' 41 Eleanor Juhler . . . . . ' 41 Marjorie Rose . . . ' 41 Margaret Skewes . . . . ' 41 Evelyn Snively . ' 41 Mary Ross Venable ' 41 Sophie Oxley . . . ' 41 Martha Fighter . . . ' 41 H a - ' ■r.ip H..U : V ' ,:nl ' . Hr..un. I.avliilil,, Miln.T. Si ' i-. Row: Neul. Smith. Twitty. Timmerman. Ratliff. ;, Third Row: Purvianoe. Davidson, Beasley. Hale. Hooper, ii Fourth Row: McCollum. Ni . Stone. Thornton, v Fifth Row: Harris. Juhler. Rose. Skewes. t! Sixth Row: Snively. Venable. Oxley. Fichter. ALPHA ZETA CHAPTER Won second place tor Homecoming decorations — honored pledges and their housemother with a ten in November, and entertained in December with a formal tea dance — Madelyn Hooper and Evelyn Snively were fea- tured in Blackfriar production ' s — placed one among the twenty Beauty Revue winners. M U PafiC Three Hundred " agyyyOO I MEMBERS Sororcs in Unircrutate Julia Nolen •38 Frances Leonard •38 Elizabeth Starbltck ' 38 Doris Wakefield ' 38 S R Stalcup •38 Ernestine Addison ■3P Kav Perovich •39 Betty Mann •39 H len Kidder •39 Maysell Latham •39 Lois Driesback •39 Molly Mercer •39 Katherine Ewing •40 Francine Edmister •40 JRGINIA Friedman " 40 Mary D:xon Clark ' 40 Dot Lancaster •41 Virginia Hitt •41 Eleanor Dudley ' 41 Grace Elliassen •41 Virginia Steele •41 Zada Rose Moose •41 Virginia Richardson ' 41 M RY E. FOLMAR ' 41 Jean Sturges •41 Virginia Lloyd ' 41 M l-l Entertained with a tea dance in early October and lollowed witli a re- ception for tlicir District Governor during Hoinecoiiiing — gave a faculty dinner in December and celebrated iilctidc with a Christmas party, fol- lowed with another tea dance in the Spring — ..wapped pledges ten times — Molly Mercer was sponsor for the Million Dollar Band and Francine Ed- mister was one of " Bama ' s cheerleaders — has twelve actives and thirteen pledges. —H: BETA MU CHAPTER Top Row: Leonard. Starhuck. Wakefield, Staloip. Addison. -A- Second Row: Perovich, Mann, Kidder. Drennen, Mercer, i; Third Row: Ewing. Edmister. Friedman. Clark, Lancaster. - ' V Fourth Row: Hitt. Dudley. Elissen. Steele. Moore. Fifth Row: Richardson, Folmar Lloyd. Stiirees. Page Three Hundred One MEMBERS Soro,e m FmiJiuU- Mrs. Hirrv Eddins Mrs- Eiiz beth Cari son Miss Reba Turner Miss Emmette Lewis Sororcs in L ' nncnitalc Carrie Shirley graduate Grace Hltcheson ' 38 KoLiisE McRae ' 38 BbTiv Jones ' 38 Margaret Mason ' 38 Serena Mason ' 38 Irma Lee Carpenter " 38 Charlotte Claybrooke ' 38 Marjorie Mason ' 38 Lorraine Gaines ' 38 Marta Pilny ' 39 Ruth Dunning ' 39 Katherine Ezell ' 40 Martha Jackson " 40 Clara M. Snellgrove ' 40 Faye Adams ' 40 GviEN Humes ' 40 Emma Ree Childs ' 40 Edna Slayton ' 40 Winifred Wilkes ' 41 Margaret Snellgrove ' 41 Jane Ezell ' 41 Marjorie Esslinger ' 41 Marion Strange ' 41 £1 ■! ■•IliilUI Inl JU iff E9ttLx . yljj gll lii T H E T A •j-.i|. K,.w: Hutilii-son, McRae, Jones, Mason. M. S.i-.,n.l Rom Mason. S.. Carpenter, Claybrooke, Mason, Marj, „ Thirel Rov Gaines. Pilnv, Ezell. K.. Jackson. Fourth Row: SnellRiov C, Adams. Humes. Wilkes, i-x Fifth Row: Snellgrove. M Ezell. J.. Esslinger. Strange. ALPHA ALPHA CHAPTER Started the year off by winning the Hcuneconiing Spirit Ctip — entertained faculty with a dinner in Octohcr and honored their national president with a tea dance in Novemhcr — also staged their annual Bowery Party the same month, and followed with a Christinas party and dance — started tJie New Year with a Founder ' s Day banquet in January and continued with a tea dance in February, concluding with a program dance in May — exchanged pledges ten times — has twelve actives and eleven pledges. U P S I L O N Pa e. Three Hmuhed Tn o M MEMBERS Sorores in Facultate Dr. Danvlu Belser Dr. Ethel J. Saxman Miss Henrietta Thompson Sorores in Universitate Mary Ellen Hornsbv LAW NoRVE LLE Norman GRADUATE Annie Margaret Irwtn •38 Marv Neil Ventress •38 Margaret Kepler ' 39 Merle Bvars •39 Lois Powell ' 39 Marjorie Birkins •39 Sarah Frances Lacey •39 Martha Martin ' 39 Frances Reasoner ' 39 Mary Janet White •39 Paula K. Jones ' 40 Claire F ANNA ' 40 Margaret Belle Franklin ' 40 KAPPA Began the year by entertaining with a banquet tiir their Advisor ' Board in October — followed in November with a Founder ' s Day banquet and a tea dance — also gave a Christmas party and banquet, tea dance, dinner dance, and a house dance — concluded their social activities with a re- ception hir their national officers in the Spring. ALPHA OMEGA CHAPTER Top Ruw: Irwin. Ventress. Kepler. Bvars. v Second R. Powell. Hirkins. Lai-ey. Martin. Third R.,w: R Jones. Franklin. Page Three Hundred Three MEMBERS SIGMA Top Row: Kiiinman. Knthachilcl, Oiipi-nheim, Carry. Sfi-ond Row: Kahn. Goodman. Schweitzer. Aroiiovitz. . Third Row: Small. Sontau. SackWr. Saul. P ' oiirth Row: Eplan. Bruckner. Ensol. - Fifth Row: Green, Hartman, Rubin. J 33 RHO CHAPTER Thi.s was tlie first year on Sorority Row for the Sigma D:lta Talis — the chapter celebrated its Founder ' s Day with a tea dance — C ' ltcrtaincd with a banquet and six house dances throughout the year — Faye Oppenhcim was president of the Madrigal Club — placed one in the winners of the Corolla Beauty Revue — Bea Rothschild was a member of Mortar Board — has eight actives and ten pledges. DELTA T A U P« - Three Hundred hour OOK IX " " X 1bt4 e PICKS tfiz BEAUTIES The selection of the seven beauties was made by Mr. Tyrone Power in the order of their appearance. The favorites accompanying the beauties were chosen by the Corolla Staff. Both tasks were rendered extremely dif- ficult because of the abundance of beauty and charm represented at the Capstone. Maro -t geel " ; qtplts ' , t z , for t ; Uj 3o;X- ,oVnt- too Ba» Si.0 EDITH LEMAESTRE ♦ LENA LAMBERTH • PEGGY CRABTREE AT ALAB A V A CHARLOTTE HEAD FRANCES BOOZER JANE ISBELL AT ALAB A VtA FAYE ADAMS CORRIECONKLING FRANCES SACKLER AT ALAB AAAA ' ot JANE HARRIS JOHNEL EISHER AVERETTE PENICK AT ALAB A VIA V ' M MARGARET KEPLAR JANE DOOLEY ELEANOR GREEN AT ALAB AAAA JEAN BLUFORD - MARION DOUGHTY ■ ■ OPAL LEE AT ALAB A VtA • j,(MAk i ( m HELEN NIX • MARY ELIZABETH LOGAN MILDRED REDDOCK AT ALAB AA A eORGAS HOME Charm and beauty play an important part at the Capstone. We point with pride to our beautiful and charming young women who have become an integral part of the University. It is quite hard to choose only seven out of the many hundreds of girls on the campus to adorn the beauty section, so we have left the choice to more competent judges than we. Out of the sixty-six girls sponsored by the sororities and the dormitories, twenty were chosen by popular vote at the Corolla Beauty Revue to be sent to Hollywood for the final choice of seven. Mr. Tyrone Power consented to perform this service, and for it we are truthfully grateful. We think that you will all agree that they are beautiful and charming. Page Thicc Hundred Twcniy-jour m T ' lf., i ' ..z2s ' ' ' ' y " i} ' y- ' jim r0i m!a»t!im) m9 i mm m 9 ' WMHHiii P H I KAPPA A Nitionil Hoiior,ii f-i uernity ' ve ' ej K recognizes high attainment in .Lhohrship md exteTfence ot iha r,Mu- n, F.uulU!le Mr Ralph E. Adams Mr, V. F. Adams Mr. Wendell M. Adamson Dr. Ch. H. Barnwell Dean Lee Bidgood Dr, J. G. Carlson Mrs. Elizabeth Shirley Carl Miss Elizabeth Coleman Prof. Wade H. Coleman Prof, R. W. Cowart Dr, Clide B, Crawlev Mr. William R. Curtis Dean George J. Davis Dr. John C. Dawson Dr. George H. Dennv Mr. James F. Doster Dr. William K. Dovle Dean A. J. Farrah Prof. Brooks Forehand Prof. E. H. Foster Dr. Richard C. Foster Dr, John ' 1 ' , Graham Mr, Tom Garner Mr, Lee Glover Dean Stljart Graves Prof, W, M, Hepburn Prof. Shaler C. h{oL ' SER Dr. E, G, Howe Dr, R. S. Hodges Prof, Burke Johnston Prof. Chester H. Knight Dr. S. J. Llovd Dr. George Lang Dr. R. L Little Prof. Fred A. Lewis Proi, J, D, Mancil Mr, Harrv Mitchell Dr, Jac:k P. Montgomery Dr John R. McCi.lire Mrs, Iral B, Moody Dr, a, B, Moorf Mr, James H, Newman Dr, William P. Ott Dr. H. C. Pannell Mr, William E, Pickens Prof, Edward F, Richards Prof, J, F, Ramsey Dr, John B, Rippere Miss Mari Robertson Mrs. Sarah Haughton Rodgers Dr. W. B. Saffold Dr George Pope Shannon Prof. E. Hudson Strode Mr. Charles G. Summersell Dr. Pal ' i Terr Dr. R. E. Tidwell Dr. C. Beaumont Wicks Prof. E. Baskin Wright Prof. C. E. Williams Dr. a. L. Whitehurst Dr. Marcus Whitman Prof, B, A, Wooten Memhers-m-iounc Mrs, Isabel W. Cumming James G. Donald Myra Louise Dunham Broox Grey Garrett Mrs. Theresa Osburg Glasgow Cyrus Roys Lewis Joseph S. Marcus Robert Stewart Jacob A. Teks Martha Lorraine Bedsole Phebe Mosgrovf Bibb Mary Emmeline Bidgood William Alvin Camp Margaret Dlihrett Daniei Will iam Alexander Dozier, Jr. James Ross Forman, Jr. Allen Johnston Going Jean Cathcart Graves Gilbert Egi off Clement Albert Lightcap Robert Hirsch Loeb Jane Maysey Mathews Helen Loluse Norris Margery Purd Harriet Per,singer Searcy Jonas Spiro, Jr, Glorge Bowers Toulmin Whilden Wallace Ai MA Jean Wfatherly o R N Huml,eJ Thirly BET MMA SIGMA ALPHA OF ALABAMA CHAPTER This association shall encourage and reward scholarship and accom- plishment in the lines of business activity among students and gradu- ates of colleges or courses in commerce or in busmess admmistration in American Colleges and Universiti es; to promote the advancement and spread of education in the science of business; to foster principles of honesty and integrity in business practice; and to encourage a more friendly attitude of the public toward graduates of commercial courses. Honorary Membe hAembers-in-coune OjfiC Chester H Knight President Harrv V Mitchell Secretary-Treasurer Samuel F. Clabaugh President, Protective Life Insurance Company Fratre! in Facilitate Ralph E. Adams Dean Lee Bidgood Harrv D. Bonham Dr H H Chapman Lee Glover Chester Knight Harrv V. Mitchell Lerov J. Nations William E. Pickens Harold L. Kaup Morris D, Goodfriend Charles E. Robinson Joe L. Gambrell Robert . Mehr Charles H. Davis G. Menzies Rodger Glenn V. Gibson Earle N. Owens Sterling R. Nesbitt Morris C. McGee Yougene J. Lamar Margherita L. Swift o N Page Three Hundred Thirty-one KAPPA DELTA PI Robert Osborne Alma Jean Weatherlv Annie Laurie Bell DoROTHl DiSM likes Teresa Pradat Dr. H, C. Pannell Mcwhas-in-coune Phebe Bibb Louise Davis Julia Dolfini Mrs. Laura Ernst Ben Friedm n Elizabeth Guillard Edna Mae Gale Herbert Gillott Florence Goggans Frances Hall F,alr. in l-Mullate Frederick Archer George V. Campbli l Wade H. Camlman. Jr. Ralph W. Cowart PrciiJenI Vuc-PrcsiJcnt Coirciponding Sccrcturv RamJuia ScacUry T,casmcr . . Counsellor Charles Hanamch Mar Gordon Hardenburgh Kate Noble h oi lowav Julia Hollman Elizabeth Koch Rosa Koch Pauline Mauney Louise Norton Arnold Nicholson Janf Nor I on M-iir Pat ion 3en E. Harris J. C. Haies ' . P. McKlNLEV John R. McClure Kepler Mills H. Clifton Pannell Grattan Pa ne E R. Plowden Lester Raines VlLT.L M Rav Eric Rodgi rs Jackson R. Sharman Verner FvL Sims Paul W. Terry R, E. Tidwell James Ryba Charlotte Sigrest James Strickland Nora Tappan JiMMiE Lee Waid Whilden Wallace Eva Wilson LTA KAPPA C. E. Williams Gladstone H. Yeuell Memhers-in-cotirse John R. Armstrong George J. Balcanoff James E. Dean, Jr. J. Paul Do ■NE ■ Jamie G. Espy Henry Carl Herzog Arthur Kruger John H. KLvrtin Arnoi d G. Niihoi .son Win LAM L POWIRS James M. S. Stricki and Peyton W. Wn i lams, Jr. o R N P K ' - Three Hundred Thirty-lnc NATI01TClCOLLEeiATE PLAYERS ' An hlott v (i i H v Society devoted to the raising of dramatic standards pi «V)riia ' ' , ' Vtnorial collegiate dramatic movements, and recognizing ■ fr ' miatic ability on tins campus. OFFICERS Sidney Thompson President Philip Reynolds Trejsurer LuciLE Chenault Secrelaty George Anderson Vue-Pieudent Fijtres III Facullilte Dr. Lester Raines Members Miss Helen Osb.and Marth. Lorraine Bedsole Miss Rita Dillev Houel James Fagan Mr. William R Helen Norris Miss Mvra Dunham Marv E. Bidgood Dr. Charles Summersell William A. Dozier, III Dr. Edmund G. Hovce Kate Noble Holloway Marjorie Mason Donald Campbell Nina Jo Anthony Madelyn Ruth Hooper O. Jay Smith Jack Douglas Gaston Norman Josef Wright TAU KAPPA ALPHA An Organization for recognition of ability and achievement m forens OFFICERS John P. Ansley .... President J. C. Heahne Secretary Members Prime Francis Osborn, III Mary E. Bidgood George Murray Nancy Orr James Baldone Robert Loeb Thomas Adair ZETA PHI ETA Kate Noble Holloway Mary Adams Belle Montgomery Lucille Chenault Frances Morrow President Vice-President Treasurer Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Members Nina Jo Anthony Christine Connell Louise Anders Kathehine James Madelyn Hooper Mary Morgan Duggar Frances M. Smith Helen Norman Marjorie Walker Ruth Jane Becker Sara Alice Clayton Jane Isbell Maricatherine Mack Virginia Lloyd o N Page Three Hundred Thirty-thr Top Riiw : A. lams. Nol Hansc I tl 1 M 111 as. . S t i R C B T A Nacicnal Honorary Sdiol.istic Fraternity whose purpose is to mark in a fitting manner th;se who have conferred honor upon their Alma Mater by distinguished scholarship and exemplary character as under- graduates, or by those attainments as alumni, in the field of engi- neering, and to foster a spirit of liberal culture m the Engineering Colleges of America. Selection is based upon excelle.u scholarship, personal character, capacity for leadership, and social activities. OFFICERS Carl Adams. Jr. Preudent Jake Thomas Nolen ' icc-I ' reuJcnt Horace B. Hanson. Jr Saihe Howard H. Meigs Coiresponjmg ifvcrctj}y Fred R, Maxwell Tieamrer John Light . Catdoget Fraltes m Facilitate John M. Gallalee Fred R. Maxwell Donald DliPlantier Howard H. Meigs Dean George J. Davis William J. Miller Benjamin A. Wootln Bertram H. Hovey Ferdinand H. Mitchell G:lbert C. Quarles Kenneth W. Coons B. W. Grandrud Steward J Lio d Joseph C. Mead Erwin Thomas Theodore Steinhxber Wesley Cook T. J. Harrison Robert Wai ne Masters Milton Davidson Christian Jensen George Hol.mes Patrick Morgan Wll I lAM C, MlRRILl . 1h- o R N d.Mf 77,rc,- HundicJ Thnty-fmn T H An Honorary Professional Engineering Fraternity wliose purpose is to develop and maintain a high standard of professional interest among its members, to unite them in a strong bond of fraternal fellowship. to further a feeling of brotherhood among engineers, to furnish an incentive for better scholarship, to broaden its members by encour- aging them to participate in outside activities to provide a means of social contact, and to render service to the college of Engineering. TAU FRATERNITY OiFlCERS Carl Adams, Jr Regent Jake Nolen Vice-Regenl H, B. Hanson Scribe Btll Reynolds Treasurer Charles Coleman .... Correspondnig Secretary Gregory Skinner ... Marshal Milton Davidson Inner Gnatd Hershel Livingstone Outer Guard Fiat re in Facilitate Prof. F. R. Maxwell, Jr. Members Edmund Storer John Light Frank Cobb Warren Carson Ronald DeHoff HeNRi L nkenali Kenneth B ' iRd Donald Bennick Patrick Morgan D. H. McCoNDICHlF Earl Maurer James Argo S. NoRMON Crump Joe Wortsmann Ernest George Richard Tracy Frank Stickney Cliff Benham Top Row: Adams. NoJpn. Hanson, Keynolds. Coleman. Skinner, Davidson. ' .: Sec- ond Row: Livineston, Sto- rer. r.iEht. Cobb, Carson. DiHoff. Lankenau. -r Third Row: Byrd. MorKan, Crump, Wort.-imann. Georce, Traey, .Stiekney. T O N Page Three Hundied Thirtv-fiy ubel Du lel Adini ti Crumi ' Sm t CzarneLki Dahlen Dav DiinninB Fii allalw Third Ruw McFn.iv Muna a Walkti Whitfitli fk., CI 1 A Vft . An Honorary Scholastic Fraternity for treshn IS to encourage scholarsliip among freshmen ' S J ' P ' based on outstanding scholarship recor OFFICERS Dr Benjamin A Wooten FmiiIii AJruer NUhmn Warner Preudent William Pennington I ' ue-Presijetit Irving Rubel Secretary William C. Dozier Treanirer Election during Frjtres in Fjciillale Chancelior G. H. Denny Dean C. H. Barnwell Dean J. J. Doster Dean Lee Bidgood Dean J. H. Newman Dean S. J. Llovd Dean C. J. Davis Mr. Ralph Adams Mr. C. H. Knight Mr. D. H. McCuaig Mr. Baskin Wright Dh. Jack Montgomery Members Gainor J, Aiiams, Jr. JvMis P. Argo John Blanton Willum Borland Chesley Brawner Meyer Chetrick Norman Crump Kazmierz Czahnecki Oscar Dahlene, Jr Robert Davis Richard Day William G. DeForest Everette J. Dunning William C. Flewellen, Jb Cluford R. Fulford John Gallalee August V. G fford Carl H. Garshelis Joseph P. Gonet Raymond Hill George Holmes Robert K. Huston Elmo Israel Marion Johnson Dunklin H. McCondichie J. Howard McEniry George M. Murray Joseph E. Oslin, Jr. Clyde A. Parton David S. Rakosky Bernard Rosen Raimond Sadler Francis Stone Henry C. Thzaska Stephen W. Turbell Wii 1 iam a. Walker .A I ton J, Wanamakfr. Jr. Wi. I lAM D, Wersen J AMIS H. Whitfield. Jr. John C. Yeuell Floyd Daniel o R N ' .i.t, ' .- Thee UimJred TImly-: A L P A National Scholanhip Society for wonu-n wliose purpoM- IS to promote a hi jicr standard of learning and to encourage higK scholastic attainment among freshman wonien. LAMBDA DELTA OFFICERS Belle Montgomery PreiiJent Frances Sego Vice-President Dorothy Cain Secretary Frances Moore .... Treasurer Frdtres in Fjciiltjie Dean Agnes Ellen Harris Miss Elizabeth Coleman Mrs. Sarah H. Roligers Mrs. Jennie M. Howard Memhers Nina Jo Anthony NUri Donnave Brennan Dorothy C. ' .i.n Edith Edmondson Eloise Franklin Leona Haviland LiLLiE Levine Margaret Little Ruth McDowell Belle Montgomery Frances Moore Anne Mosely Carolyn Paris Frances Sego Ruth Thomas Margaret Ward Ruth Witherspoon Top Kow : Montgomery, Cuin. MiKivc. Anthony, -f Si-i-o.ul Row: Levine. Little. MiDowell. I ' sris. WanL o N Page Three Hundred Thirty-teven - 7 Tup HB li . HV B « . B A » H See- H m Km H m H i 1 E «y,, Lanier. Ma- B HHrTJl B iS H tt H P H- .. DELTA P H An Honorary Legal Fraternity founded to promote a higher standard tfe f ?, , ot professional ethics and culture in law schools and in the profession " IP? • ■ " ■ ' ' OFFICERS John W, Vardaman Ahgitler John Godbold Cleik Sam W. Pipes Exchequer i Tom War;; ... HiHouu,, Wii.LUM G. EbPV ... Eiquiie Meniben Pledget John Vardaman Tom Lea Wn.r.iAM Espv James Nettles Sam Pipes George McBurney I ■ ' ' ' " ' ' " ' ■ ' ' " Robert Stewart Pt-7E LxNIER , . « tvf I L. M. Whitmire •■,; ,,■. ,, •■;,„ ; ,• J " " GoDBOI.D ' ' ' " " ' ' " ' ' ' i " i ' i " t . Tracy Priest Tom Ward Dr. Richard C Foster Marvin Goodwin loHN COXWELL i Dean Albert Farhah . . . Reuben Bell I5:i i.v Malone Mr. Ed Livingston q , Brantley ' ' " ' " " " ' Mr. Robert Harwood Greer Murphy Robert Wilbanks Mr. William M. Hepburn Chambi iss Keith Stanlfi Gudbold i O R G A N I i P.ii e Three Umidrcd ThntyeiKhl L A National Legal Fraternity whoic purpose is to give law students contacts with pract icing attorneys in an attempt to acquaint them with actual practice and to give them practical contacts after gradu- ation. Phi Alpha Delta seeks to encaurage students in a deeper and study of present Jay problems of the bar. appri L P H A DELTA OFFICERS Jamrs G. Dahden . , Chief Justice Raymond Hepner . Vue-Juitice Maurice Bishop Cierk Watrous Garrett Manhall Fralrei ni Fjcidljle Memhe Pledges Whitley P. McCov Jacob Jeffs John V. Masters James G. Darden Richard C. Hunt Maurice Bishop Watrous Garrett Raleigh Cutrer Woodrow Gilmer Raymond Hepner Hubert Burns Ivan Matthews Ed Deloney Bii-i " i Grayson RobhRT M, McLaurh Charles Deason Broox G. Garrett Tup Row: Dardeii. Garrett. T. W.. Gilmnre. Burns. ,i Second Row: Matthews. De- lonev. Deason. Oairett. U. 0. o N Pcge Thee Hundred TInrlynme Pea Cuii Top Row ninehrtm I anders Sta Fraiike Gros man S .iirftr N 1 Pattt n Sf j t- i iJl G A SIGMA An Honorary Professional Fr,uernity whose members are chosen for liigh scholarship and qualities of leadership as are exemplified by their life on the campus. The purpose of Gamma Sigma Epsilon Ls to promote the advancement of Chemistry and fellowship among chemists. OFFICERS Alton Peacock Gran J AUhe HI. -7 Eva Cunningham . . Rcco Je, Ro Landers . . 1 Irving Sta N ... Sergeanl-at-A F aires in Fjciilljte Proe. JR. CuDWORTf John Light Dr, S. J. Leovu Dr. T. N. McVav (j.EMENT LiGHTCAP Dr Dr Ann E. Church John E. Gran Dr. J. L. K.assner Memhen Walter Lindsav Charles M x ■ELL Jake Noi en Dr Jack Montgomeri Catherine Clinningham T. H. Patton. Jr. Dr, Kenneth Coons Eva Cunningham Alton Peacock Dr G D. Pa. mer BuRNicE Franke Irving Staid Mr R v Farabee Rav Frings Elizabeth Starbuck Mr A. M. Kennedy Ai-EX Grossman Merrill Tyson Dr. E. B. CARMrCHAEE Ci VDE Hoeeman James C. Williams Dr. B. A. Wooten Rov I.ANDERS Bernard Zamsky o R N Page Three Hundred Fm A L w ' .. ■; •. An Honorary Pre-Mcdical Fraternity which was founded on the University of Alabama campus. The purpose of this fraternity is to encourage excellence m pre-medical work and to bind together students who are entermg the field of medicine. E P S I L O N DELTA OFFICERS John Mingi; Cameron , . Picudeut Bruce Grah. m Vice-President Peggy Daniel Secretary Herbert Patton Treasurer hratres in Facilitate Dr. C. B. Breckenridge Dr. Henry Walker Dr. Emmet Carmichael Dr. Kenneth Coons Dr. H. M. Forney Dh. John Y. Dr. Stuart Graves Dr. J. P. Montgomery Dr. Septima Smith Dr. B. a. Wooten Fralr Vrhe Dr. Harvey Searcy Dr. T. H. Patton Members Joseph Butler Al tn Camp Jesse Chapman Jack Dunning George S. Graham, Jr. Jean Graves Alan Gresky Ro ' Grubbs Frld N. Hagan. Jr. Frank Hodnette LoR E Hackw ' orth Leon Harris Clement Lightcap Jane Matthews Robert Hendricks Edward Murray Robert P e Ernestine Robertson Joseph Ramsey Michael J. Ressetar Harriet Searcy Thom. s Ralph Wear W ' lLLiAM Wood Henry Weitz Jimmy Williams CAROL ' iN Williams Top Row: Cameron. Gra- ham. Daniel. Patton, Camp. Chapman. Dunning, Graves. Second Row: Gresky. Gnihbs. Hodnette. Harris. Matthews, Hendricks. Ram- sey. Pessetar. Third Row: Uohurlson. Searcy. Wear. Wnnii. Weitz. Williams. J.. Williams. C. o N HimdrcJ Forty Top Rmi stroni. ' . Adams. Black kett. Cumbaa. Daviei vis. Duffey Hannah. Helms. Hollan.i. Hauser. HuRhes. Kamp. Klick. Kidd. Nesbit. Third Row: Park, Rodser. Schle- Kel. Steffens. Thomas. Da- vidson, lyjitchell. Whitfield, ■, oba-f%r. ; :m D Bristol rASm P I TcM Bristol Herndon Hodges L. I Thomas Head,, Tre. Fratr, ill FacuUalc Dr. Marcus Whitman L. J. Nations Dr. Burton R. Morle W. M Adamson Ward McFarland H. V. Mitchell Raleigh Cutrer Dr. James Hollauav Dr. H. H Chapman Winston Scott James Arm.strong John C Adams Black Morris Burkett Noel Cumbaa Robert Dames Charles D. ' Wis William Duffev Ernest Fite Ted Hannah Harold Helms James Holland Edgar Hauser William Hughes William Hudson Harold Kaup Walter Klick James Kidd Sterlin Nesbit James Park Willys Pearson Menzies Rodger Everett Rupert Elmer Schlegal John Steffens Frank S Wells L. O. Brown Tracy Davidson Clifford C. Leslie Herbert Mitchell T. J. Laney William E. Strong James Whitfield Walter Schaffer o R N Pd e Three Hundred Forty-tno An Honorary f ' rofess:onal Sorortty tor women whose purpose is to promote the cause of higher busmefs education anci training for all women, to foster high ideals for women in business careers, and to encourage fraternity and cooperation among women preparing for such careers, and to stimulate the spirit of sacrifice and unselfish devotion to the attainim-iu of such ends, CHI THE OFFICERS Mary Hi izabfth Seagi.e Vrcsidcnl Margari t Marsham Vtce-Piesiiieut HellN Mo5I£s KccorJiilfi Sfcrclary Marjopii Deakin .... Trcuiurer Mari Louise Watson Corresponding Secretary Lucille Burnett Proeram Chainium T A .Miriam Locke Lily Lee Atkinson Honorary Member Mrs. H. D. Warner Members Martha Crumbie Lorraine Gaines Louise McRae Mary Hardin Mary Emily Walls K ' ATftLEEN Calvert Dorothy Benton Katherine EwiNG Helen Hasty FlORETTA EnWARDS Dessa Johnson Lucille Stubbs Louise Simpson Sarah Walls Francfs Edminster Charlotte Maris ■i. MoRae. Hardin. Ben- Third Row: Ewing. irds, Johnson. Stubbs. Edmister. Maris. I o Page Three Hundred h ' orly-three N Top R..w; HaiiMjM. Adams. LiKht. Tonse. Davidson. Cook, Cooper. .r Second Row: Goodman. Hoener. Kil- vinKton, Lazerson, Livin?- pton, Morgan Neel Third H w Perrv P hi RutledEe Si tn er b| rmter Staid Tahnage T Y A N.itiondl Professional Scientific Honorary f rateinity whose purpose IS to promote a general interest in science among the student bodies of all schools by keeping up with current scientific investigation, by means of lectures by prominent scientists, research, general discu and by the establishment of chapters to further these ends ' Y;. OFFICERS Horace B. Hanson, Jr President Carl Adams, Jr. Vice-President John H. Light .... Corresponding Secretary Wli LIAM R. ToNGE Recording Secretary Milton Davidson Treasurer Members Mil TON A. Love William Lucas Ai ULRT W. Cook Patrick Morgan Ho vapd R. Cook . Wiliiam j. Neely Fratres in Facilitate Ai FRED B. Cooper Stark B. Perrv John H. Ellerbu.sch Charles V. Pohle Dr. Jack Montgomery Ignatz L. Feed Weldon a. Ray Dr. B. a. Wooten Morris Goodman Felix N. Rlitledge, Jr Prol. F. H, Mmweli , Jr. FREDi;Ric N. Hagan, Jr. Lawrence F. Shuman Pro! T. G. Andrews Ruhard F. Hoener Wli LIAM F. Spencer ' v S. J. Lloyd James B. Kilvington Wii I lAM S. Springer Prof. J. R. Cudworth Leonard Lakin Irving J. Staid Prol. A. R. Baudhh Aaron Lazebson Walter R. Talmage Prof. Leslie Walker Clifton S. Lindsey Edward E. Vettel Dr. Kenneth Coons Herschel N. Livincston Stanley Ziemba o R N 77;rcc Hundred Forty-four O M A National Honor Fraternity uliose purpose is to recognize men who have attained a high standard ot efficiency m collegiate activities, and to inspire others to strive lor conspicuous attainments along simi- lar lines, CO bring together the most representative men in all phases of collegiate life and thus to mould the sentiment of the institution on questions of local and intercollegiate interest, to bring together members of the faculty and student body of the institution on a basis O N DELTA KAPPA OFFICERS James P. Bradford President Primi; Francis Csborne. Ill Vice-President Ernest G. Williams Treasurer Richard B. Emerson Secretary Fratres in Facultale Mr. Ralph E. Adams Mr. R. K. Bell Mr, Jeff Coleman Coach H. G. Crisp Dr. George H. Denny Dean J. J. Doster CoiiCH Harold D. Drew Dr. W. G. Echols Mr. Richard B. Emerson Dean A. J. Farrah Prof. Brooks Forehand Dr. Richard C. Foster Prof. John M. Gallalee Mr. James T. Hardwick Prof. Robert B. Harwood Prof. William M. Hepburn Prof. Shaler C. Houser Dean Dabnfy S. Lancaster Dean S. J. Lloyd Dr. George A. Lang Mr. James McMillan Dr. Jack Montgomery Dean J. H. Newman Dr. W. p. Ott Dr. W. B. Saffold Members Carl Adams, Jr. John P. Ansley Walter R. Bogart, Jr. Tom Boyd Dominick Broox G. Garrett W. C. HiNES Gilbert E. Johnston Milton H. Lanier, Jr. Samuel James Lee Cyrus Roys Le v:s Robert H. Loeb Joseph Charles Mead Frank Sims Moody Jake T. Nolen MiMs Rogers luij Ruw: Uradfoni. O.-iborn. Williani.v. Adams. Ansley, Hoffart. .-: Second Row : Dominick. Garrett. Mines, .Inhnston, Lanier. Lee. -is Third Row: Lewis. Loeb, .Mead. Mcxidy. Nolen. I o Page Three Hundred Forty-five N Ti.p H tt Ni Ilm H Davis ndel on Hi Foreman Garrett Goiiik Second Row C ondfru Gordon Grubb H in- Johnston Lamer I e ' Lcb. Thud R(« M, Moods Oiborn Fipis R Roberta. ' S Jf Will o N A Senior Honor Society whose purpose is to promote interest in col- lege activities and scholarship, and as a Senior Honor Society, to rec- ognize merit and leadership, ability, and character in every school and college in the University. Jasons again sponsored their annual Amateur Show, the proceeds of which are to build a Shrine on the Mound. OFFICERS Jake Nolen Preudent Walter Bogart V ue-Preudent Charles Davis Secretary-Treasurer F ratrei in Vacultate Membeii Pete Lanier Dr. Wll-LI.iiM B. S.AFFOLD Ben Anderson Rovs Lewis Dr. John M. G i.i.alee Bert B.ank Robert Lozb Dr, Lef Bidgood James Forman Joe Mead Mr Brooks Forehanii Broo, Garrett Frank Sims Moodi Mr Jeff Coleman Allen Going Francis Osborn Mr Robert K. Bell Morris Goodfriend Sam Pipes Mr Clemson Duckworth Harris Gordon Henry Reid Mr James H. Newman Ron Grubbs Billy Roberts Mr Richard Emerson Horace Hanson George White Dr Ricmki) C. Foster Gil BERT JOHNSION Ernest Wii i iams o R N Hur.dred Forly-s. M ' -.? ' A Hnmir Society for Senior Women whose purpose is to provide for the cooperation of women students, to promote college loy.ilty. to advance the spirit of fellowship among University Women, to maintain and recognize a high standard of scholarship, and to st.mtilate and develop a higher type of college woman. Election to membership is based upon scholarship, leadership, and service. A R BOARD OFFICERS Kate Noble Holloway Prcujent Margaret Matthews V ice-I ' rcsident Sara Wright Secretury Margherita Swift Treaiurcr Mar GoRnoN Hard:znburgh hditor Sorores iu FacttUate Mari Robertson Miriam Locke Frances Greenwood Elizabeth Shirley Agnes Ellen Harris Danvlu Belser Elizabeth Coleman Henrietta Thompson Jennie Morris Howard Ethel Saxman Fannie Pickens Tartt Members Phebe Bibb Martha L. Bedsole WiLELLA Burns Mary Bidgood Lois Drolet Bernice Franke Edna M e G ' le Mary Gordon Hardenburgh Kate Noble Holloway Mary Crawford Jones Margaret Matthews Helen Norris Bee Rothschild Margherita Swift Ann Searcy Sara Wright Top Row : Holloway, Mat- thewo. Wrisht. Swift. Har- ilenberKh. • ' ; Second Row : Hedsule. Burns. BidKiiod. Drolet. Franke. •:: Third Row: Oale. Jones, Norris. Koth.- chiUi. Searcy. o N Pjge Thee Hundred Foity-seren Top Row: Kulford. Mur Hardy. Blanton. Aland. Second Row: Bade. B halter. Dahlene Dennis Do7.ier Third Row D nen. HaBoori Hili Isi MiUsap Rubel D U D A Sophomore Service Fraternity for the purpose of rendering any service to the University as is necessary and worthwhile. It serves as a recognition group for outstanding freshman men and to inspire them to greater usefulness. OFFICERS Clifford Fulford Pwsuieiit Georgf Murray I ' ue-PrcsiJcnt Tavfor Harliv Secrcldiy John Blanton Treasurer li,,ler m r.uuhdle Dean I. H. Nfwman Members Ralph .Aland Ci ' AiG Bade Sam BLtRKHALTFR Oscar Dahi lnl RoBFRT DfNNISTON BlI L DOZIER .Arnold Drennen Charles Hagood Henri Hiles Elmo Isr.xel Parnell Lewis Marburg Millsap Irving Rltbel o R N Fjge Three HtnrdreJ Fo,ly-e,f:hl R ■{ . ' ' •■ An Honorary Intcr-fraternity Organization for freshman men whose purpose is to acquaint fraternity freshmen with life on the University campus, and to imbue them with proper ideals of achievement. ALPHA T A U James Hairston John Dee Emorv Cannon Cv Young Dave Hevdinger Pete Ross Aaron Aronov Edgar Russell Bruce Morson BlLLV MuDn Bill Oppenheim Henry Wahlen Joe Paine Jerome Burwell Robert Lea Harris H RR Kramer George Utlev Sam Burr Td]) .Rtnv; Hairston. Doe. (Janiuin. Youn r. Heydinger. Ross. Second Row: Aro- nov. Russell. Morson. Miidd. Oppenheim. Wnhlen. Third Row: Payne. HiirweM. Har- ris. Kramer, lltley. Burr. I o Page Three Hundred Forty-nine N Top Row: Hearne. Hrist..! Branscomb. Bradford. Bu- uart. Jordan. Fulford. Blaii- ton. Murray. Lee. - Secon.i Row: Loeb. Johnston. Lin.- Garrett. McConnell. Denni-. Ion. Woodall. Wilbank, Hardin. Ford. : Third Row Kidd. Millsap. Adair. Huil Hayes. Hodf es. Chapman Gallalee, Landham. Cleve- land. -V Fourth Row: Hull Re n i I t r In son. L. nt, Carl Row: Balli, 1 MeEnirv ' i II M Pittma (. ff II Y. SENIOR CABINET A Union of Student and Faculty Members which seeks to develop a fellowship among students with the general purpose of qualifying them in living the ideals of God; to create and maintain a finer spirit and attitude religiously, intellectually, and socially by living a full and creative life. Y. M. C. A. sponsored freshman week. OFFICERS J. C. Hearne Pi. siJcut Thomas Bristol 1 l.c-Pr. s,dau Alston Branscomb James T. Hardwick Sec al Se, retary Ge„r, retary Advisory Board WiLBERT Jordan Jack Gallalee Cliffor D FULKORD Edward Landham Dr George H. Denny John B lanton Grady Cleveland Dr Richard Foster George Murray Joe Hull BE H. Green Sam Le E Jerome Rea James H. Newman Robert Loeb Martin Williams Dr George Lang Thomas A. Johnston Grady Chism M. Torrey Jemison Bryant Line Thomas H. Johnston Hon. D. K. Jones Watrous Garrett Charles Sterne Owen Meredith Marcus McConnell WOODROW GiLMORE Dr Ralph McBlirnev Robert Denniston Haynes Thompson Hon. a. Bruce McEachin Robert Woodall John Long Dr Jack Montgomery Oliver WlLHANKS Robert Carlson H. H. YODER Taylor Hardin Willys Pearson Richard Emerson Ralph ORD Lolus Baldwin Ha rgrove Van De Grafe James Kidd Mike Prestera L. H. WOODLEY MARBUf Y Millsap J. Howard McEniry Thomas Adair John Yeuell Members James Hon Richard Marsland Brooks Hayes Virgil Pittman Jamfs Bradiord Bahtlei Hodges William Caffey Wa ITER BoGART Jesse C hapman Richard Brooks James May Zane Hoit Frank Hulsey A. J. Reid Edmund Sliz Cleveland Dehter Hardy Chatfield Evan Barker T. C. Couch Stephen Turrell Jack Waite Charles Lawrence Standley Bond Ciabattoni Mike Disco Ridgely Hall Carl Greenfield Fred Larson Harold Lawson RussEi.i- Johnson o R N Pane Three Hundred Fifty F RE The Freshman Y. M. C. A. Cabinet is made up of those freshmen who strive for a better Christian hfc, and who express a willingness to cooperate with the Senior Cabinet in its undertakings. Y. M. C. A. CABINET OFFICEKS Emorv Cannon Prtudent Claude B. McCurrv Vice-President Aaron Aronov Secretary-Treasurer Members Hardin Crandall Lester Blumberg Normon Slote FiAROLD Miller Daniel Lieberman Irving Greenwald Richard Jacobson Leonard Wortheimer Stan Hodes Carter Edmonds Alex Pow Harrv Council Jimmy Tindall Joe Payne Dan Nunnelly Gene Robinson William Bell John Robinson Irving Wilenskv Sammy Lefkovitz Jack Tipler Sam FIodges Hermon Goldstein Conrad Fowler Bernard Shaube Roland Glullet FIale Scarbrough Dick Scott Gerald Leibhardt Alfred Spencer M. J. Bryan Dewey Johnson Fred Merrill FIoWARD DODSON Dan Cox Walter Baker JcE Yancy George Bailes Sam Crabtree Dick Weigent Ector Bagwell William Musinger C. R. Johnson Ed Rogers Bernard Schrubb Ed Derr Bobby Brown Joe Barnett Edwyn Bangel John McKinley Masterson Smith Top Row: Craiuliill. Blum- herK, Aronov, Slot.-. Miller. Lieberman. Greenwaiil. Ja- cobson. -4 Second Row : Wertheimer, Hodes. Ed- monds. Pow, Council. Tin- dall. Payne. Nunnelly. -i:; Third Row: McCurry. Bell. Robinson. Wilensky, Lefko- vitz, Tipler. Hodtres, Can- non, Goldstein. o N Page Three Hundred Fijty-one Top Row: Bedsole. Anth- ony. Drolet. Evans. Dixon. Dolfini. Mon-ow. Waid. Mo- Dermott. ■;.:- Second Row: Ri- ley. Moses. Bradley. Cooper. DuKPar. Edwards. Ewinti. Graden. Haygood. - Third Row: Hoeflich. Holloday. Hutcheson. Josey. Kramer, Lett. Mehaffey. Miller. Mei- cer. -r Fourth Row: M.- Dowell. Norman. Mandt- viUe. Nix. Newsome. Pow- ell. Prentice. Robertson. Fifth Row : Searcy. Small. Scharfschwerdt. Sullivan. Pritchard. ■.TJicma . PeltV YOUN DMEN ' S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION [jjSSii ' Founded to encourage the young women of tlic University of Alabama i y j-t. - to live a fuller and more creative life ifirougli the growing knowledge i S t ' . • God. Y. W. C. A. sponsors the orientation of the freshman girls rfe VW K- .,. . the first week of school, and gives a Christmas party for the children ■-■ ' : ' . ' J; wJVitf ' ? ' of the surrounding neighborhoods. OFFICERS Mrs. Jennie M. Howard Faculty AJviser Martha L. Bedsole President Nina Jo Anthony I ice-President Mary Annie Evans Treasurer Lois Drolet Secretary COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Ethel Dixon Social Welfare Chanman Julia Dolfini Publicity Chairman Frances Morrow Chan mart Freshman Commission Jamie Lou Waid .... Library Chairman Jane McDermott .... Social Chairman Luzelle Riley Vespers Chairman Helen Moses Vespers Chairman Cabinet Cameron Holliday Virginia Newsome Edna Lee Holliday Lois Powell Ruth Becker Gr.ace Hutchinson Julia Prentice Marian Becker Frances Josey Ernestine Robertson Beverly Bradley Jane Kramer Harriet Searcy .. n I Alice Tom Shepherd Margaret Cooper hLiZABEXH Lett r, c ., „ T i» Frances Rose Small Nell Crocker Jane- Mandeville r- c ., ., i, ,, Elsa Scharfschwerdt Mary Morgan Duggar Eleanor Mehaffey Frances Sullivan Edith Edmondson Gretchen Miller Rosemary Pritchard Floretta Edwards Molly Mercer Cora Jean Thetford Katherine EwiNG Helen Moses Mable Thomas Julia Lee Grayden Ruth McDowell Jane Hall Van Pelt Maxine Haygood Helen Norman Lois Walker Elizabeth Hilbish Jane Mandeville Adele Whiteside . Marian Hoeflich Helen Nix Isabel Cummings o R N Page Three Hundied Fifty-tao WOM The Women ' s Athletic Association was foundeci for the purpose of promoting intramural sports among the women students. The As- sociation is divided into several groups which participate in the various intramural sports. ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION FACULTY BOARD Dr. Ethel Saxman Miss Doris Poole Miss Frances Greenwood Miss Lkvv STUDENT BOARD Alice Beal Chairman Louise Anders Advhory Chairman Natalia Gunn Archery Mary Pillans Fencing Frances Reasoner Honehack Riding. Martha Jackson. Frances Bell Outing Gladys Knight. Mary Evelyn McAdams. Dodie Wakefield Recreational Sports Lucille Burnett Riflery Frances Leonard Swimming Mae Gale. Eleanor Jones Tennis Helen O ' Neal ' Basketball Rosa Koch Baseball LuzELLE Riley Soccer Helen Pancerz ' Volleyball Team Captains Martha Witt Burleson Mary Kneale Louise Anders Nancy ' Batson Frances Leonard DoRRis Jeffries Eleanor Sutliff Rosa Koch Elizabeth Koch Jane Mandeville Mamilu Taylor Mary Evelyn McAdams Lucille Pattillo Ernestine Robertson Helen Nix Eleanor Jones Lucy Kornman Merle Byar Mariorie Mason Jane Phillips •r. p Row ; Bea , Anders, t; Mil.. Pillans. R asoner. .la ckson. BelL Second R w : McAdams. w kelield. n niL-tU-. Leona r l. Gale, o Neal. Koch. R. A. • Third n )w: Riley, H irleson. K i.-alc. Batson. ■lefferies. Si tliff. Koch. K. D . Man- .! villc. -■,- Kourlh Row: Tay- Ill . I ' alillo. Robe ■tso n. Nix, I o Page Three Hundred Fijly-lhree N Top Row: Ford. Bedsole. Lvnch, Apee. Bradford, Bricken. Carlson, Dozier, Dunning. — Second Row: Enelish. Foy, Ferrell. Fore- man. Garrett. B.. Garrett. T.. Gilmore. Glass. Hauser. ■r Third Row: Johnston, Jordan. Lee. Leary. Mars- land. McBurney, Murray, Kelson, Pittman. -V Fourth Row: Palmer Pattun, Rice, Smith, A,, Smith, J., Tur- ner. William.s. E.. Williams. L.. Adams, - r Fifth Row: Dolbear. Geome. Hiles. Kidd. McEniry. JP yne. Shepard. " AfMrdm-M. O M T H I An Honorary Literary Org.iniz.ition v portiinity tor students to develop abilii .ind expression. During the year Philo forum discussions, smokers, and a bai is based upon OFFICERS Ralph H. Ford ... Preudent Edison Gilmore Vice-President Massey Bedsole Secretary Millard Lynch Treasurer liose object is to offer an op- y in public speaking, debating, mathic sponsored debates, open iquet. Election to membership Members Allwin Acee James Bradford Llewellyn Bricken Frank Cafkey Kenneth Cooper Bob Carlson Ralph Courtney x ' illiam a. dozier Jack Dunning Richard Emerson Bill English James Foy Archie Ferrell James Forman Watrous Garrett WooDROw Gilmore Gahnett Glass Ridgley Hall Edgar Hauser Hadley Howard Tom Johnston W II BERT Jordan Lumar Jackson Sam Lee William Leary Richard Marsland George McBurney George Murray Jimmy Nelson Selwyn Nichols Virgil Pittman Lynn Palmer David Patton Charles Ramey George Rayburn Henry Rice A. M. Smith Joseph W. Smith George Turner Ernest Wii i.iams Robert S. Wubanks, Jr. Leo Williams Paul Adams Collins Almon L. P. Burton Browder Dolbear Ernest George Henry Hiles J. H. McEnhy Joel L. Payne J. J. Shepard W. J. Worthington o R N Page Three Humhcd Prjty-jcrrtr A Literary Organization large reasoning facilities. tals of parliamentary proc whose iiltivat. pdure. ind affo rder. ■ove thouglu, en- of tlie fundamen- culture of a high o R OFFICERS Charlie Davis President George Murray Treasurer Bob Carlson Secretary Members Ralph Aland Ernest Bailey Massey Bedsole Homer Bryant Bob Carlson Arthur Cook James Cotter Bill Dozier Arnold Drennen Jack Dunning CH.ARLIE Davis Watrous Garrett Ernest George Edison Gilmore Stanley Hodes Stanley Kahn Sammy Lefkovitz Bill Lipsey Richard Marsi.and George Murray Irvin Rubel Joe Smith FIarry Solnick Charles Sterne Eugene Thomley Jack Tipler Martin Williams Ollie Wykel, Jr. Ray Johnson WooDRow Gilmore Joe Hull George Utiey Harold Shevinsky Lee Crump John Blanton Tcjp R. w : Davis. Murray. Ciirlsmi. Aland. Bailey. Bed- soic. Bryant. Cook. : ; Sec- iinil Row: Cotter. Dozier. Drennen. Dunninj?, Garrett, fjeorge. Hodes. Kahn. -rlr Third Row: LefViOvits. Lip- sey. Marsland. Rubel. Smith. Solniflt. Sterne. Thomley. -u Fourth Row: Tipler. Wil- liiims. Gilmore. Hull. Utley, Shevinsky, Blanton. o N P jgf Three Hundred Fifty-jire Top Row: Holland. Peeblt-s Blount. J.. Blount. R.. DkI ton. Dial. Dickson. EztU (iavin. r Sei-ond Row : Gil more, Glasgow. Hargrove Holladay. Jones. Kidder Logan. McLaurine. Moore Third Row: Mosley. Nix Perovifh. Price. Richard son. Rudin. Stallworth Thomson. James. . FourtI How : Praytor. Hagood. Shi ley. Dominiok. Watso Richards. ■ iWe!Uyl ' M u rt ra ' % C A N E HUNT CLUB A Professional Sorority organized by members of the School of Home Economics. The Home Economics stucients reahzed the need for an organization to encourage research and to promote fellowship among themselves. The purpose of the Caroline Hunt Club is to make the lives of Its members and the lives of others worth living. Of-FICERS Lillian Gray Gibson President Ruth Holland Vice-President Thelma Peebles Secretary Thomasine Faucjht Treasurer Soro, in fjeultate Misn Henriitta Thompson Members Jean Blount RUBVE PeaRLE Bi OLINT Elizabeth W. Brown Margaret Dalton LouisF Dial Leila Dickscn Jane Ezell Thomasine Faught evelvn i ' oi mar Grace Folmar Evalyn Gavin Lillian Ghei Gjison Sara Gilmore Catherine Glasgow Vera Ellen Grim in Martha Hargrove Camma Holladay Ruth Holland Edith Jones Helen Kidder Maude Krout Frances Logan Dora Belle Low Jeanne MacDonald Amelia Magee Lucille Maxwell Dorothy McLaurine Frances Moore Edvthe Mosely Helen Nix Thelma Peebles Kay Perovich Marguerite Price Virgi.nia Richardson Thfi ma Rlidin Cl ADDIA SiaLLWORTH Mar Edna Thompson Ruth Witherspoon Elizabeth Woods Dorothy James Lucy Etheridge Juliette Praytor M xiNE Hagood Mary Elizabeth Cox Zimmie Shirley Dorothy Northington Dorothy Dominick Joyce Patterson NoLA Morere .Ann Watson Frances Richards June Mellinger Edith Edmundson Ruth Bambarger Helen McMurtray Ernestine Robertson Dorothy ' Smart o R N Three Hundred Frfty P H I A National Honorary Home Economics Organization whose purpose is to establish and strengthen bonds of friendship, to promote moral and intellectual development of its members, and to advance and promote Home Heononucs. SILON OMICRON Virginia Robinson EvEl VN BOSTHOM Pmjon Brazeal Marv Edna Thompson TOMASINE FaUGHT OFFICERS ... Pn-uJ,n, . . . Vice-Preudcnl . , Trww.fcr Coireifionjiuf!. Secretary Recording Secretary Dean Agnes Eli, en Harris Miss Henrietta Thompson Members Pansy AooERHOin Evelyn Bostrom Pyron Brazeal WiLELLA Burns ToMASINE FaUGHT Dorothy James Marinez Layfield Ruth Martin Jeanne McDonald Virginia Robison Doris Rogers Mary Edna Thomson Toil How : Robinson. Bos- tr.,m. Brazeal. Thomson. vV Sie.inil Row: Atlderhold, Ilurns. James. Lay. ' ield. Ro- gers. o N Page Three Hundred Fifty-seven Kii Top Williams. E.. Bedsule, Elliry. Bryant. Burns. Cr non. Tarlson. Carothe Chapman. ' Second Ro Cleveland. Cole. Cumbie. I Dn Fort Hardy. H.. P rd. Foy. ■{:s Third Ro ser. Holms. Jordan. Johnston. Lc.-. M: mcnee. Marshall, M. lJ;,x ' ' r Fourth Row: Mittlji Hipes. Hittman. Rank Smart. Williams. S.. Whi Williams. J-,,. Br dfurd. G: A L litiyLi iiihkA M A QUADRANGLE An Honorary Religious Organization which stands for the develop- ment of the four square man, for higher standards of Christian char- acter, and for general betterment of the student body. Quadrangle offers a Scholarship Award of one hundred dollars to a member of the freshman class. T. Watrous Garrett Ernest Williams Travis Massev Bedsole J. Howard McEniri Willys Pearson Homer Brvant I ' latres in Fjculljtc Dr. George H. Denny Dr. Richard C. Foster Jeff Coleman Wade Coleman Dr. Jack Montgomery " Dean J. H. Newman Dr. H. C. Pannei.l C. E. Williams Alto Whitehurst Burke Johnston Richard Emerson A f,H ;cr John Ai-brition HljBERt Burns J, M. Cannon RorjERi Carlson Pr, uJenI I ' let ■P,e sideni Set retary T:e usurer Devotional Sec retary Re porter Neil Carothers Gilbert Johnston Jesse Chapman Sam Lee Grady Clevela ND Radcliffe Maumenee Billy Cole John Marshall Gary Cumbie Bob McDavid Charlie Davis Clinton McGee Jack Dunning Herbert Mitchell James Foreman Sam Pipes Ralph Ford T. Virgil Pittman James Foy Allen Rankin Paul Francis Maurice Rains Allen Going Neil Smart James Hardy Spottswood Williams Edgar Hauser George White Harold Helms Jimmy Williams Henry Hiles A ssociate Member i Harold Hughston James P. Bradford L mar Jackson Broox G. Garrett , J. WiLBEHT Jordan Milton Lanier o R N Page Three HnnJreJ Frfly-erfihl A Religious Social Organization for Catholic students whose purpose is to supplement the work of secular instruction with spiritual and religious instruction, to give the Catholic students a chance to come together and know one another. Holds a reception for new students and an orientation program. Held their annual dance in February. N MAN C U B PM P( OFFICERS A ' vp K f Leo Miller Pres denl i f S » f Ruth Witherspoon Vice-Prei dent Robert Bestoso N ' Iarguerite Breeden SecT etdry Otto Tintye . . . . Tea Fruicr in faciiltate Thomas Winterbottom Rita Morere Virginia Steele John Massa James Ross Marguerite Meaney Virginia Crawford Rev. a. j. Hackett Leo Gwiazdowski Edward Komando Robert Tyo Mary O ' Reilly John Schack Barney Rossi Cyril Breza Helen McKenzie John Bardlet William Wagener George Zivich Carmen Moran XUmben Albert St. Louis Stanley Sawicki Henry Wahlen Toska Klemens Thomas Hukd Renato Lombardi John Long Ierome Ryan Joseph Witherspoon Tony Richardi Henry DeBenedictis Richard Brannagan Frances Martell Edwin Nicorvo Edmond Cash Edward Kinney Frank Krupp Marjorie Tweed Leonard Costanza Michael Prestera Stephen Griffin Mario Sacco Julia Ivans James Whaley Walter Schack W ' li LiAM Fritton Dorothy Saunders Carolyn Walters William Tl ' rner LuciEN Grenier William Stanton Thomas Sullivan Mary E. Logan Harold Shine Mary Ellen Dunn Howard Schweitzer William Allan Jack Bevens Ruth Moeblys John Coughlan Frank Harris Rosemary PRITCH RD Alfred Krukiel Lucille Schulze Harold Kieley Jean Valentine RoSITA JiMINEZ George Balcanoff Alfred Stulpin AiE.xANDER Such Marta Pilney Mary Demshock Edward Costello John Fallon Joseph Belbruno Helen Pancerz Lucille Burnette LoLiis Parker Stanley Kopopsak Anton Lattal Harriet Higbee RiCH-.RD AlBANCSE Charles Ralston Theodore Pavloni Benjamin Kopcaz Marion King Francis Melograno Edmund Kelly Frank McCarthy William McDonald Margaret Bradley Jerry Stache LuciEN Dzilenski Hugh Dunn Walter Burns Pat Tweed Patsy Maccron Francis Hinckley Eugene Hugh Maricathryn Mack Gretchen Miller Richard Groff William Luddy Edward Thompson Anita L. ssetter Lyda Campbell Marjorie Alanzo Russell Barry Edward Cullinan Josephine Latona Paula Jones Sophie Krahenbuhl MSM Mt Top Row: Miller. L., With- erspoon, Nicorvo, Fritton, Costello, Parl(er. Kelley, Barry. Bestoso. Second Row : Gwiazdowski, Schaek, Barolet, St. Louis, Richardi, Prestera, Dunn. McCarthy. Cullinan. Third Row: Griffin, Kieley, McDonald, Mack, I,assetter, Breza, Zi- vich. Wahlen. Lonfr. :? Fourth Row: Krupp. Sulli- ' an. Pilny. HiKbee, King, Bradley, Miller, G.. Jones, Steele, O ' Reilly. , Fifth Row: Martell. Ivans. Krah- enbuhl. Shine. Bevens. Prit- chard, Demshock. Burnett, Albanese, Groff. o Page Three Hundred Fijly-nu N Row: Miller. R.. Wil- J., King, C. Vaid) King, L.. Miller (. 1, Over.street Golil ith. Second Ko ion Wa n. Loi I ford. J McDavid C Adam J Th Hill Third R Burson Whitfiel I D rn Reich. Col E | y Ho»z Rhode F rth R Wheel k I ipe R., Harlv Dyke M 11 1 hv Jchn toi Pi,. C H C An Interfraternity Social Organization organ: of mutual fellowship and welfare among the n, ., , cluh held several dances and Ic.idouts in the OFFICERS zed for the fraternities. Cotillion C promotion The Arch lub dances. Ramon Milier PrcuJcl JiMMIE Wll LIAMS .... [ue-Pn-uJcnl Ed King Secretary-Ticisliier fr., ,c ,n RuullMc James Simon Bill Deal R. K. Bell Waine Warner Marcl ' s Howze Robert Harwood Jack Williams Rai ph Garrison Rob McDavid Bob Rhodes Carl Adams Ben Turner Memben John Adams Bob Wheelock John Vardaman Kennon Theteord Sam Pipes Leslie Kin(, Harrv Hill Hank Pipes George Miller Jamfs Blirson Tavi or Hardy Tom Miller James Whiteield Jack Dvkes Ben Strain George Dormon Jimmy Livingston Charlie Overstreet Bob Reich Jack Davis Gi or(;l Goldsmith BiLi.iE Cole Greer Miirphy C harles Locklin Bill Espv Billy Johnson u B O R A N Piiiic Three Ilundicd Sixty w An Inteifr.ileiiiily Soti.ii O g,llllZJlH n fonnad in promote h rtcr feel ng and more interest am ong tlie various fraiernilies Panics and other functiors are given to a.tomnlisl. tins aim. W ' " ' - E 1 " K te ' ' OFFICERS 1 Alex Hayes Bob McAlister P,e,,de,U Vice-President ' ' ' ' ■ ' ■•i ' T ' Herb Porter Secretary Al LEN CrOOM Treasurer Members H. Chisolm Neil Carothers Ted Hannah Stafford Naff Don Campbell Harold Long T. J. Denton J. Park Hahlev Howard Glenn Eli eott Lew Bricken J. C. Crabtree Bobby Davies Davis St4kely Ralph Hale DeWitt Chapman TisDALE Brooks Maurice Fletcher George McBurney DlUIG H%RRIS Gerald S, W. Snyder Howard Smith Stan Smith Dow Moss Henry Reid J. M. Cannon Leo Williams T. F. Bristol Grady Cleveland James Nelson Ducky Pond Norman Black Billy MacDonald Tom Lea Ed Turner Charles Carter Ralph Code Edward Carran James Brown Harry Pfeiffer William Bitner Rex Wheeler Frank Cade Marbury Millsap Oscar Dahlene Hiram Grantham Ernest George Henry Rice Dinks McQueen Walt Bogart R. V. 0«en Wm4 TFWm R Port.. ' Hayes, McAlister, Cr Ov Campbell. Park, Elliott, Uricken. Second Row; Davies. Reid, Bristol, Lea, I ' heiffer, Grantham, Mc- Queen, Chisolm, Carothers. Third Row : Lonjr. Stake- l.v. Hale. Chapman. Brooks, Fletcher, McBurney, Can- non, Ccveland. Fourth Rov Black. Tur er. Car- Millsap. ran. Bitlner. (Jeorcre. BoKart. Hannah. Naff. Denton. rV Fifth Row: Snyder. Smith H.. Smith. .S.. Moss. Williams. McDon- ald, Carter, Wheeler, Dah- lene, Rice. o Page Three Hundred Sixly-on N Top Row: Head. Bri Mandeville. Brooks. (Jra Swift. M., Van Pelt. Ro Sec Mil ond Row: Daniel, Nel- son. Searcy. A.. Petry. C. George. Luck. Harris. R..I1- ertson, McQueen. Pritchanl. :- Third Row: McDowell. bash. Murphree. Watts, Claypoole. McClure. Yar- brough, Part low. r.r Fourth Row: Jones. A.. Wood Ward W I on K ng W 1 4 ( y I lAnniirn Kfi , M w A Soci college il Sorority whose purpose girls. Omega holds .111 d.inces IS to promote better friendship .imong OFFICERS Charlotte Head , , . P,c ,J 11 Mary Bronvn . . . , l-,cc-Prc ,J tit Jane Mandeville Secretary Treasii cr Elizabeth Brooks . Keeper of the Sci oil Members Ernestine Robertson Margaret McQueen IsABEi IE Wilson Frank Ragan King Jean Graves Rosemary Pritchard Ethel Woodall Margherita Swift Ruth McDowell Susan Swift Jane Hall Van Pelt Patricia Patterson Glen Crawford Mildred Robinson Mary Virginia Kenna MER Beverly Walker Helen Crosslev Margaret Elebash Martha Jenkins Laura Minnis .Anne Key Murphrfe Lou:sE Petry Mary Crawford Jonls Ruth Watts Dixie Ann Jones Peggy Daniel Catherine Claypoole Reba Lyons Margaret Jean Nelson Genevieve McClure Mary Muckle Miller Anne Fitts Searcy Winona Yarbrough CORRIE CoNKl ING Vista Fitts Kathleen Partlow Vivian Lawson Carolyn Petry Betty Miller Rena Knight Clapp Elizabeth George A I ICE McLean Jones Ethel McLfod Ruth Luck Mary Wood Frances Walker Sara Harris Margaret Ward Elizabeth Lett o R PafX Three Hundred S,xty-l,i N y n . Pi is a Club whose members are chosen from sorority girls, and whose purpose is to bring the members of the different sororities together socially in order to form a closer bond of friendship. Pi gave a tea OFFICERS Gene Terhi .... PreudenI Jean Beeland Vice-Presidenl Frances Boozer Secretary Marv Virginia Whiting Treasurer Members Lena Lamberth Gene Terrv Jean Lovett Elaine Davis Alice Beal Mildred Miller Rosa Daniel Minnie J. Wilson Marv Harris Sara Burkes Frances Brown Marv Drue Behrey Marv Hicks Marv Virginia Whiting Em:i V Whitng Agnes Blaum Ethitl Carter Peggv Haines Alice Rhodes Edith LeMaistre Katherine Webb Marv Gordon Hardenburgh Pai.iline Suarez Bettv Campbell Nanc ' Batson Margaret Matthews Annie Laurie Swaim Marguerite Bell Helen O ' Neil Spec Avant Jean Beeland Rosa Brooks Jane Norton Averltte Penick Margaret McCormack Mary Matthews Ruth Brooks Virginia Shelton Harriet Searcy Sue Clarkson Frances Boozer Sara Wright Helen Roberts Frances Maery Ruby Syx Edvth Blanks Agnes Johnson S RA Lawrence Marv Elsie Deal Marion Doughty Margaret E. Finnel Barbara Hfnrv Marie Loos f ' trC Top Row: Terry, Beeland. H.iozfr. WhitiiiK. M.. Lam- lierlh, Lovett. Beal. Miller. Wil.«in. HarrLs. •;. Second Row: Burkes. Brown. Ber- rey. Hicks. Whitinu. E.. Mliim. Carter. Haines. Rhodes. LeMaistre. ;. Third Row : Webb. Hardenberg, ■Saurez. Campbell. Batson. Matthews. Swain. Bell. O ' Ni-il. Avant. ■. ; Kourth Row : Brooks. Rosa : Norton, I ' enick. McCormack. Mat- thews. M. O.. Brooks. Ruth; .Shelton. Searcy. Clark.son, WriKht. ■. Fifth Row: Ro- berts, Mabry, Syx, Blanks, .Tdhnson. Lawrence, Deal, Douchly, Finnell. Henry. Lcjos. o N Page Three H„„JreJ Sixly-thr. Left to Right: Adams. Eii- (■:i?l. Sperher. Holleran.l. Schiffour, Weaver. Hiebir- linsr. Koontz. Fields. Silui- man. Diinlaj, ' , . Mattiavv. Knieht. ■ ' S fijf, ' ' A L lAMA CAVALIERS ' ■ ' ' ' ' ilS ?S Si ' 3SS ' ' SSy t ' - . . . . Dnecto ' Saxophones ' ' ■ " ' ' frifif,: ' . Olin .Adams ... " Arranger Warren Koontz Lawrence Shuman JiMMiE Weaver Bud Knight Rhythm Charles Engle, Piano 7 Jack Schiffour. Drums Richard Sperber. Bass Jack Hollerand, Guitar Brass Cecil Fields NriL Dunlap Haroi n Matteau LyLE HlEBLRI.lNC ORGANIZATIONS P gc Thrtt Hundred S.xn-iour THE UNIVERSITY SUPPLY STORE Serving THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA STUDENTS Smce igo MAIL ORDERS FROM ALUMNI SOLICITED. THE SUPPLY STORE IS YOUR STORE ' B£fOR£, Football and Basketball were bom,- BEFORE, Baseball players wore gloves,- BEFORE, Golf got out of Scotland,-- LE was co-operating- with the University of Ala- bama; and its students have sought " A. J. Co. " for Athletic Equipment and Household Supplies of every sort. THE HOME OF QUALITY HARDWARE Allen 6p J emlson Company Fifty-five Years of Service to ' Bama Students 1883 1938 What is this thing- called Glamour? A magic Quality — An Aura of Grace and and Beauty that Bewitches — Charms, En- chants. Glamour! You see it in beautiful Co-Eds. The Girl that is always the light of the campus is wearing a PIZITZ Frock. P Z TZ — Through the Cooperation of Our New York. Office We Offer the Same Merchandise Here in Tuscaloosa as is Shown in New York- You, too, can have the charm men find ir- resistible. Come to PIZITZ and complete your ensemble through gay Frocks, chic Hats, distinctive Footwear and accesso- ries that harmonize. THE PIZITZ STORE " Downtown " Tuscaloosa, Alabama u Don ' t Worry . . .Eat Three Square Meals A Day... " I HIS admonition of the great American, Abraham Lincoln, was his universal success rule. It applies today to every one of us, both young and old. What he meant was " eat nourishing food three times a day " . Today that would mean " eat GOOD BREAD or other quality baked goods at every meal for nourishment and energy. " Think of Lincoln ' s words if you would safeguard your health and vitality . . . think of quality baked goods when you think of nourish- ment . . . and think of Hardin ' s when you think of quality! Fl. I IVCQ L nT I Hardin ' s Bakery Prod- ucts are as fine as mod- ern skill and scientific re- search can produce . . . and are backed by 33 years ' experience in mak- ing nothing but the best. HARDIN ' S BAKERY Serving Tuscaloosa and the University Fc r 38 Years c Milk . . . goes into Hardin ' s Butter Krust Bread for e . t r a goodness and extra value! speaking of Theatres! The NEW Bama . . . stands: a monument of Beauty in Architecture; devoted to Civic and Community Interests; pledged to a pol- icy of the Best in Entertainment. The NEW Bama . . . another Unit in an Institution that — under the same management during the past 19 years — is sincerely dedi- cated to the pleasant task of making life more cheerful. The NEW Bama . . . our Faith in the Futurel And if we succeed in bringing happiness to you and yours in the months and years to come, we shall deem our reward suffi- cient and our vision well justified. The T ' w Bama Theatre 7 . «$• llcUlk: huUnii Christian Son Dealers in GENERAL MERCHANDISE COTTON BUYERS COUNTRY PRODUCE BOUGHT AND SOLD Two Phone Numbers 185 1855 Wly Th, (jirls " registering " at Doster Hall. Suits Cleaned and Pressed, 35 cents. Dresses Cleaned and Pressed, 40 cents up CASH AND CARRY JAX CLEANERS S. R. Jackson, Proprietor Alteration Repairs a Specialty " 1304 University Ave. Tuscaloosa, Ala. FLOWERS A complete worldwide service MEANEY ' S FLOWERS ON THE CAMPUS DUGIN ' S SHOE STORE $4 to $10 Home of NATIONALLY ADVERTISED FOOTWEAR Tuscaloosa, Alabama LUSTIG ' S BOOK STORE GIFT SHOP ! Established 1898 S The Same Policy The Same Quality I The Same Welcome j The Real Colleg-e Store Style begins at BLACK ' S Let this modern store be your guide to real clothes distinction. The pride and pleasure that comes only from wearing the best, comes with every article at Black ' s. The label of this firm stands for Quality, Fine Work- manship and Smartness. The type of mer- chandise you are as proud to wear as wc are to sell. BLACK, FRIEDMAN 6- WINSTON Tuscaloosa, Alabama Arrow Shirts Society Brand Clothes WARD ' S Now in Their New Home at McLESTER CORNER Sodas Magazines Smoke Cosmetics, Stationery WARD DRUG CO. Established 1905 rornSeaA IT ' S IN THE SELLING.. I NOT IN THE 4 MAKING THAT SEARl AVES ) YOU MONEY miElXLU- SEARS, ROEBUCK AND €0. We Thank You . . . The Piping Hot Home of Famous Foods 801 10th Street Phone 2388 Chancellor " Mike " caught In a p.. " It ' s Alivays Good at Piping Hot. " Cordially invited to vi st and inspect out nevvlv equipped and remodeled plant — one of the most modern in the South. ' 32£ ZENITH OF ScUntific SldlT !B ' iuicii Jou FINEST DAIRY PRODUCTS % THE NATURAL GOODNESS of fresh milk and other dairy products PLUS the zenith scientific skill with Positive Laboratory Control that protects and improves on nature ' s way— that ' s why Perry ' s Dairy Products have won such wide favor. AND NOW with our plant completely remodeled and re-equipped with bright new Stainless Steel equipment, Perry ' s Dairy Products are finer than ever! PERRY ' S GRADE A PASTEURIZED MILK Protected by Seal-Kips to keep the pouring lip of the bottle clean. % PRIDE ICE CREAM made the Instant Frozen way for velvety smooth- ness and delicacy of flavor obtainable in no other 9 SWEET CREAM BUTTER 9 FLAVORITE BUTTERMILK % PRIDE CHOCOLATE MILK « PRIDE ORANGE DRINK % COTTAGE CHEESE PERRY CREAMERY COMPANY, Inc. ' ' I ' umccri 171 High ()uuhty Pasteurised Dairy Products " PHONE 1350 TUSCALOOSA romberg Galleries Birmingham, Alabama FURNITURE and INTERIOR DECORATORS UNUSUAL GIFTS FROM EVERYWHERE McLester Hotel CAFE AND COFFEE SHOP IMPROVED AND MANAGED BY AN ALUMNUS IN A MANNER THAT MEETS THE APPROVAL OF ALUMNI AND FRIENDS OF THE UNIVERSITY ALDEN H. SNOW Proprietor and Manager SIEBLER CLOTHES Custom Tailored to Your Individual Measure Fashion ' s Featured Favorites at the Universiti] Supplq Store Color — Character — Smart Style — Quality Hundreds of Patterns — Guaranteed Fit Low Prices The Siebler Tailoring Co. at 7 t fi aJiA... Cincinnati We Have One o; the Most MODERN DRY CLEANING PLANTS In Tuscaloosa 20 ' ' Discount — Cash and Carry Call 2202 FOR QUALITY LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING CRYSTAL LAUNDRY Incorporated 423-27 University Avenue Its Your Laundry — Use It More Hunk I ' ipis. oni. of fhi Ray bins (rucss which ont). ( harlie Ho5 ».ll. and Charlii- Hnlm talkinK over the nixl Saturday ' s game We lan ' t flgure out who the fellow is with his bark turned. Daily Freight Service TELEPHONES: Tuscaloosa 167 168 Birmingham 3-3131 TUSCALOOSA— BIRMINGHAM Trunks Handled to Any Point in United Slates and all Local Stations BOLTON ' S MOTOR VAN LINES Local and Lon ' j Distance Haulma Preparing for the Ponlij. J. H. Anders, Sr.. President J. H. AndiiRS. Jr., Vics-President U-DRIVE-IT CO.. Inc. 509-11 13th Avenue Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35 CARS FOR YOUR SERVICE CALL 88 AND DRIVE A V-8 Phone 88 UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA Capstone of I he Public School System of Alubatnu A Standard Institution of Learning Modern Bmldings and Equipment Over Two Hundred Instructors LETTERS, SCIENCE, ENGINEERING. CHEMISTRY, METALLURGY AND CERAMICS, COMMERCE AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRA- TION, EDUCATION, HOME ECONOMICS, LAW, MEDICINE, AND MINES EXPENSES EXCEEDINGLY MODERATE For Catalog Address President RICHARD C. FOSTER, A.B., LL.B., LL.D. University, Alabama U-- Qomplete Facilities . . . CHECKING ACCOUNTS SAVINGS ACCOUNTS TRUST DEPARTMENT FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC EXCHANGE COMMERCIAL LOANS TRAVELERS ' CHECKS THE CITY NATIONAL BANK of Tuscaloosa Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 0,000 Maximum Insurance for FJach Depositor Part of the rliytliiii of action the pause that refreshes Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Tuscaloosa, Ala. Birmingham, Ala. ACME ROOFING CO. Montgomery. Alabama -¥■ " RESULTS. NOT EXCUSES " ROSEMONT GARDENS ALABAMA ' S LEADING FLORIST Montgomery, Alabama i r — - ' Since 1878 " On the Sqiidre " CAPITOL CLOTHING STORE Montgomery. Alabama I CITY FURNITURE CO. 2 Doors West of Post Ofhce Complete Home Furnishers We Specialize in RUGS and FURNISHINGS for FRATERNITY and SORORITY Houses Established 1892 Weatherford Printing Co. COMMERCIAL PRINTERS Plxmc 101 2114-16-18 BROAD STREET TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Hank i;ui . Hull " " id. VV7E INVITE you to make the " HILL STORE NEAR YOU " headquarters for your Food and Household necessities. You will always find our stores well supplied with the best the market affords. It will pay you to get the " H.ll Store Habit " Wii mMm-m FOLLOW THE CROWD TO " OUR STORE NEAR ' OU ' TRAVEL BY BUS FROM Muscle Shoals To The Gnlf COMFORTABLE BLJSES CONVENIENT SCHEDULES DIXIE COACHES Compliments of BAKER ' S No. 1 and 2 HILDRETH COMPANY • PRINTING • PUBLISHING • RULING PHONE 15 2323 Seventh Street Tuscaloosa, Ala. Canty ' s Garaj e DRIVE IT YOURSELF 2 — Convenientls ' Located Stations — 2 Uptown and at Rex ' s Wrecker Service — Trunks Hauled GAS AND OIL STORAGE Downtown Station University Station 2404 Broad St. 1312 University Ave. Phone 1088 Phone 861 vk The Three Mu kc(eer of Ihe Spanish Inn— HoKarl. I.inse and r — MRS. PRUETT ' S BEAUTY I SALON I Specializing in I THE CARE OF THE HAIR, SKIN and NAILS Phone 6 ' 58 1 2314 ' , Broad St. Tuscaloosa, Ala. , i Powe ' s Brown li Shoe Store BUSTER BROWN SHOES For Boys and Girls BROWN BILT SHOES For Men and Women Post Office Block Tuscaloosa, Alabama Especially Catering to the CAMPUS TRADE POULTRY £k egg CO. For POULTRY PRODUCTS 2408 Fourth St. Back of Burchheld Hotel OWEN MEREDITH ! SONS I INSURANCE Property Management — Mortgage Loans — Real Estate i 2212 Broad Street Tuskaloosa, Alabama Miller, Martin € Lewis ARCHITECTS AND ENGINEERS Birmingham, Alabama Designers of DENNY CHIMES ALABAMA UNION DOSTER HALL AMELIA GORGAS LIBRARY COMMERCE BUILDING JULIA TLJTWILER DINING HALL JULIA TUTWILER ANNEX NO. 1 JULIA TUTWILER ANNEX NO. 2 NEW HALL BUREAU OF MINES NEW ENGINEERING BLDG. NEW GYM AND LOCKER BLDG. FARRAH HALL NOTT HALL NEW MEN ' S DINING HALL GORGAS HALL NLJRSERY SCHOOL DEMONSTRATION HOME EIGHTEEN FRATERNITY AND SORORITY HOUSES TEN professor ' s HOUSES J. A. Duckworth Charles Morris DUCKWORTH -MORRIS Insurance AGENCY GENERAL INSURANCE INVESTMENT SECURITIES | RENTALS, LOANS | REAL ESTATE | Tuscaloosa, Alabama Out on the f.irm— Ilu zic ' s the horse. Tippin. the ride The University of Alabama Summer School OFFERS Opportunity to shorten the time required for com- pletion of regular four-year college course — Op- portunity to enrich regular four-year curriculum by doing supplementary work — Opportunity to make up back work — Many elective courses not offered in regular session An unusually strong and varied program of gradu- ate study leading to the master ' s degree offers an excellent opportunity to students wishing to do advanced work For catalog and further information, call hy the s ' tiiimer school office in Graves Hall or nritc to John R. McLure, Director of Siiinincr School University, Alabama Frank M. Moody, President Glenn Foster. Vice-President Gordon D. Palmer, Executive Vice-President C. N. Maxwell, Jr.. Vice-Pres. and Trust Officei John P. Baker. Assistant Cashier Adolph C. Cade. Vice-President THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF TUSKALOOSA, ALABAMA mmi Member FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION A DESIGNATED DEPOSITORY OF THE UNITED STATES AND THE STATE OF ALABAMA DESIRES TO BE REMEMBERED BY DOLING MEN AND WOMEN OF THE UNIVERSITY ' - " -- " " " " „ 7 SINC€ 1883 USE Siandard Fertilizers FIELD TEST MADE BY Standard Chemical Co. Inc. TROY, ALABAMA Good As the Best and Better Than the Rest McKESSON ROBBINS Incorporated DOSTER-NORTHINGTON DIVISION Birmingham, Alabama Headquarters for LABORATORY APPARATUS AND CHEMICALS SURGICAL INSTRLJMENTS and HOSPITAL SUPPLIES Our latclistring is always on the out- side to the Students and Friends of our Universtiy. A visit from you will be appreciated by us, and we will endeavor to make your stay a pleasant one. ODUxM, BOWERS WHITE Birmingham, Alabama r . GREENWOOD Cafe BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA For CLEAN Typewritten Originals " OM Tonn " TYPEWRITER RIBBONS For CLEAR Typewritten Copies — Use— ' -Old Town " CARBON PAPERS Distributed on the Campus by The University Supply Store and throughout the State by The Gulf States Sales Corporation Steiner Building Birmingham, Alabama ♦ FOR ♦ FINE FLAVOR D RED DIAMOND COFFEE o n ova n s Publiritv Dir.-iliir Miir ' hail Nuiu, l;i s :, luind on Don Hulson. for- inpr Alabama and All- A meri, an lOnd. « h.i now stars with the (;r.en llav Parkers. SOKOL BROS. FURNISHINGS FOR THE HOME FRATERNITY AND CLUB HOUSE Your Patronage Solicited Tuscaloosa, Alabama Bowl bid Revie ' night of COROLLA Beauty —USE— DIXIE CLUB COFFEE AND TEA ROASTED AND PACKED By DIXIE COFFEE COMPANY Birmingham, Alabama ALWAYS GOOD— ALL WAYS GOLDEN FLAKE PRODUCTS POTATO CHIPS P.BANUT BUTTER SANDW ICHES SALTED PEANUTS MAGIC CITY FOOD PRODUCTS CO. Birmingham, Alabama J. C. PENNEY COMPANY Incorporated Where Savings Are Greatest Quality Merchandise Always J. C. PENNEY CO. Incorporated Operating Over 1525 Stores EXTENSION DIVISION UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA FOLLOW YOUR EDUCATIONAL INTERESTS DURING VACATIONS AND AFTER COLLEGE YEARS ARE OVER The University tlirougli the Extension Division offers opportunity for correspondence home study, lor class instruction within reasonable distance of the campus, and for meeting the cultural and professional reading needs of mdividuals and organizations J For Information CALL AT THE EXTENSION OFFICE OR WRITE EXTENSION DIVISION 109 Graves Hall University, Alabama Tlie ReJ HeaJeJ Empress Had a Good Ictea, loo J_)o you know Way Dack in tlie say days Ot the iSeconil Empire, wlien tLe Ivea-liairea tugenie was Setting styles in leatiiereci liats And lacy crinolines, that A ci P Was busy setting a style too: Yes, in tlie very liey-aay ot the lovely Lmpress A P was loiinding a tashion — Anil that tasliion was nigh quality looil at low price. Empress Eugenie s lashions come anil go But A P ' s tooil tashion Is permanent. Quality was, is, anil will lontinue The mode at A cS( P. A. P. PX)OD STORES r Bachelor Bundle Rates ON POUND BASIS Given Td Uni ersit ' Stiidcnrs Tuskaloosa Steam Laundry Quality Dry Clccincrs EstaWishcd 1898 Telephones H ' S-l d L. (i. BALFOUR COMPANY Attleboro, Massachusetts FRATERNITY JEWELERS AND JEWELERS AND STATIONERS TO SCHOOLS and COLLEGES Senior Commencement Iiivitcitiom Made by BALFOUR Representative: E. G. Fitzgerald 108 ' , No. 22nd St. Birmingham, ALa. , i CAMPUS SERVICE STATION Coach Frank Thomas, Proprietor GASOLINE, TIRES WASHING, GREASING AUTO ACCESSORIES Phone 75 ■719 University Avenue Tuscaloosa, Alabama HORNE ' S BEAUTY SHOP ALL LINES OF BE. UTY CULTURE A SPECIALTY 2122 PHONE BROAD 2258 , J ntics at Ihi- Barraiks Ball FAFvM-FRESH MILK ATITS VEFvYBEST! FARM FRESHNESS is only ONE charac- terisitic of Delview Milk. Although it is delivered only a short time after milking which is the reason that many prefer it — you ' ll also find this milk richer because it comes exclusively from scientifically-fed, tested herds. Modern pasteurization by the Spray Pas- teurizing Method, ideal refrigeration facili- ties and the Sealright Coverite Cap make uhis milk have everything you want or could desire in the milk you serve your family. DELVIEW DAIRY Claude Hinton, Owner When In Need of HOME FURNISHINGS Visit West Alabama ' s Larg est Furniture Store — our 33 years of experience in furnishing Homes throughout this section with Dependable Furniture, places us in a position to render you most valuable service. C. W. Lewis Furniture Co. Nationally Advertised Funriture Tuscaloosa, Alabama TANNER BROS. WHOLESALE FRLJIT and VEGETABLES Phone 548 Tuscaloosa, Alabama r - . -, SKiNNEU-BIEI)p]RMANN COMPANY GENERAL CONTRACTORS 2412 Greensboro Avenue Telephone 219 Tuscaloosa, Alabama r CLOTHING, SPORTSWEAR ACCESSORIES Wiesel Co. Nationally Advertised MEN ' S WEAR Tuscaloosa, Alabama i ATTENTION STUDENTS OLIR COMPLETE LINE OF SPORTING GOODS Golf Bcilh, Golf Clnbf, Bdichull Kquipmcnt , Tciinif lUills and Rackets " The Store on your way down town " } SEWELL HARDWARE CO. j Phone 406-407 | JoH Si;wi:ll, Manager, " 20 | ' . -y Your 1938 Corolla is the fourteenth edition since 1924 to be bound in a MoUoy Made cover. The distinctive desig-n and rich appearance of the cover places the Corolla on a level with the finest University yearbooks. Because of the durability of its binding it will continue for years to remind you of the happy hours spent at Alabama. l„-.. The David J. Molloy Plant 2857 N. Western Avenue Chicago, Illinois ORDER OFFICIAL U. OF A. SENIOR RING for Any Graduating Year Designed and Manufactured By HERFF-JONES CO. Indianapolis, Indiana EARL HAYES Representative SOUTHERN DAIRY FARM ALL CREAM ICE CREAM " The Taste Tells " Phone 778 Grade A Raw Milk or Pasteurized Tuscaloosa, Alabama FREEMAN ' S TAILORED CLOTHES University Avenue L ' ■ ' ou " ll Fiid Southern Football Supremacy At BAMA — and — Quality Cleaning and Pressing Supremacy CAPTAIN KIDD CLEANERS Don Hiitson sear orvant WOMEN ' S WEAR, MILLINERY, SHOES, DRY GOODS, NOVELTIES, BEAUTY SALON, BUDGET DRESS SHOP Louis Wieselj Inc. Tuscaloosa ' s Best Department Store — --,,, _T CONVENIENT and ECONOMICAL Enjoy Your Meals At The University of Alabama BOYS ' DINING HALL Claud Stallworth, Manager PHONE 3V- HOUSE ' S GARAGE A COMPLETE AUTO SERVICE AXLE, FRAME AND BRAKE SPECIALISTS Washing and Greasing 404 Greensboro Avenue " ' Say It With Flowers " TUSCALOOSA FLOWER SHOP Mrs. J. M. Rogers, Proprietor FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Day Phone 712 Night Phone 425 Tuscaloosa, Alabama MAUDE ' S BEAUTY SHOP All Phases of Beauty Culture 1420 8th St. Phone 561 If Y oil Wear MANGEL ' S CLOTHES You Will Always " UMPH " MANGEL ' S Have i ' - ' ' 18 B -oad St. Tuscaloosa Ala. " " " " PLUMBING and HEATING We are Equipped to Give You the Best Service in Western Alabama With 24 Yean Experience ROGERS PLUMBING 6- HEATING CO. Phones 507-2337 2127 8th St. Tuscaloosa, Ala. I.-- LET US HELP YOU LOOK YOUR BEST —PHONE 470 We Call For and Deliver EAST END CLEANING CO. Cleaning. Pressing and Repairing ' ou have tried the Rest, now try the Best " When Better Cleaning is Done We Will Do It " If It Can be Cleaned, We Will Clean It 10th St. and Oak Ave. Tuscaloosa, Ala. When in need of Rush Work— Call for " Ed " BAKER TOW BOAT CO. Incorporated Washed and Screened SAND and GRAVEL Towing, Dredging and Derrick Boat Facilities PHONE 676 Office: Foot River Hill Tuscaloosa, Ala. J. M. BURCHFIELD SON WHOLESALE GROCER Phones 364 — 341 Successors to Burchfield Bros. Leading Grocers for 30 Years R. H. THOMSON. A ent SINCLAIR REFINING CO. Tuscaloosa, Alabama Phone 184 Tuscaloosa ' s Newest and Only Exxlusive ' S MILLINERY PLACE | RHEALEE HAT SHOP The Co-Ed ' s Own Store I 2306 Broad St. Tuscaloosa, Alabama j Jacob Reed ' s Sons 1424-1426 Chestnut Street Philadelphia, Pa. Makers of QUALITY UNIFORMS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Since 1824 Frank Rice Joseph S. Rice RICE BROTHERS GINNERS— WAREHOUSEMEN- FARMERS Cotton and Cotton Seed Buyers Fertilizer Dealers Northport, Ala. TUSCALOOSA ROOFING FURNACE CO. HEATING AND VENTILATION Phone 83 Tuscaloosa, Alabama R. H. Watford, Manager HOTEL BURCHFIELI) EUROPEAN Sprinkler System Cafe in Connection Tuscaloosa, Alabama FOR THE BEST IN OPTICAL SERVICE Bring us your Prescription. We are prepared to fill them properly OPTICAL SERVICE CO. McLester Hotel Building H. L. Swain Tuscaloosa, Alabama . J PHONE 2 PHONE 54 ' -? We Never Close YOUNCx ' S 15c TAXI SERVICE 1 SILVER TOP CABS Stands: 2428 Sixth Street— 2415 Broad St. -i Compliments of ANNIE LAURIE ' S FLOWER SHOP 2116 Broad Tuscaloosa, Ala. } r ■ FIELD ' S RADIO SHOP Broad Street Established in 1926 QUALITY REPAIRS i Phone 127 W. C. Fields 1 DEAL LUMBER CO. LUMBER AND BUILDING MATERIALS Wood-working Shop Flinkote Roofing DuPont Paints ISth Street and M. O. R. R. Phones: 1416—1417—1109 1 atwn DRUG CO. PHONE 234 Tuscaloosa, Alabama Next Dour to Barna Thf.itic r — - - PATRONIZE OUR SUPPORTERS [ f The ' Photograph work for this oAnnudl was done by ... . Jones ' Studio PHONE 157 2414 Broad Street Tuscaloosa Alabama , -„, C- ' - iy %r U }i I i " 1 r JK GUARANT EE F ' OF THE EUT URE f A there were not a difference in quality... an extra JL value... in Paragon-Printed Annuals... would so J many customers have stayed with us for periods of ten . . . twelve . . . fifteen consecutive years? ©fje Qaragon Qregg ' ' Pioiurr ' -Pinilcr ' : of School ciiiJ College oAnmuil ' i 14 Adams Avenue Montgomery, Alabama DESIGNERS AND ENGRAVERS OF 1938 COROLLA • • COMB WHAT MAY. CONFIDENCE is the heritage of youth .... it is also a fundamental requirement of business .... attained by long study, training and experience • We have enjoyed the confidence of yearbook Staffs throughout the country for over thirty years .... an accompHshment for which we are truly grateful and justly proud .... if • •• •■■ COLLEGE ANNUAL DIVISION ALABAMA ENQRAVING COMPANY B I KM. I N Q H AM. 11 ii fi J IP

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