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we M EDITICNNT OF 9...EEARBQ,91i ' 'lv PUBL1 t ,.1 411- v- 1. .1 ,J 1 P Y I ' IAA 4.31 ,Q - 1 X 141 'fi T-LP.. 47' -Slflflulk 5 'GTA "l"lf1. ,R'l.tlm91. 'QMSIL' IJ-"U'!4AlK'5l'Bll' VLil'L'IUFl1L'Ul4 T'i'.1Z'TlL'lv'l0 'Fill-iL'L!'K4J1V'f."1':l'J"ll Z'n'K'lH'QiU4s'L"K'!l.Il't1MY"1f4'U7Y9lwTA'sl3t'VUE1l1i595Fl-'I1,1' ' V "' ' " I H. "' U ' P ' ' A 4, 4- ,AW-,','i1" WY lf 'Y My' 1' ' :"?J'.' JV'-121-"7 U?-'G' LY' l'n2n'3'LYH'Yllf"r"""7' ', "'1' VT'71'Y"IP'7El"L"V ''UA'2"2'L"l'fTkVd"'5l1Y'4'lTF"5'l' JK ' Y x 1 I A I t ' C. 'wwf H'41'.l,' H'-.Vw '1"4..i b r.. 1 . L 'Y wx I A A. 'A - ' vNl0A!.'.VJi'!L. lah-N A1 Lx I P VUL. " vnu MN' ll.1l+'."UuiI.'!4LlAD IJ!!! '.l1Un0'r1-Jw J HH ih6lv1.5l 'I-AAYL4e1QI4N -Yr'lk'laf bi!i'-Illwhllldunilvfnl '53 N07-W'VW3Ni'll'm'NUUHW'il4SlliW7lWU 1 f , fl Q -, . 1 ., ,- 3 -2 'Ai if 'I Ns, .5 If W- ' , ,nf .3 . 5.4 5 . , 2.4 px.. L 1 , 1, Q - , , , a Q .. - I j F 1 'Q ... .x. J, If -1.1 5. in K, w 1 VF' 1, i 1 Ri OLD Mm. STREAM xr MOUNTAIN Bnoox Es'rA'rss CCDRCDLL P R EA Secure in the iznowledge of its scenic heauty, time- honored traditions, and agricultural advantages, Ala- hamians have always cherished a deep love tor their State. Perhaps no hetter evidence of their pride in the University can he found than in the nicizname which they have given it---The Capstone, hey of the archway to higher learning through which all native sons and daughters may pass to a tuner, richer lite. In this, the 445th edition ot The Corofia, the editors have endeavored to record, hy word and picture, a year of student lite at the University of Aiaharna. The statt, inspired hy the conviction that nowhere else in the Union can one find a more attractive or .more heautitul countryside, has chosen 'Peauiiful Alahaman as the theme. It is impossihie to portray all the heauty ot the State in these pages, hut if we have revealed even a small part of it, then the purpose of the 1Q37 Corona has heen achieved. CA:-lAaA Rwnn NEAR 1-Hn SWANN ESTATE FOUNTAIN IN BELLINGRATH GARDENS Enanwoon LAKE, NEAR BIRMINGHAM DnSo'ro FALLS, NEAR MlzN'roNn Qc lt is with a sincere laeliiln Eben: honesty of puri 15100 W5PQ...f51?YE1En12ni13'?QQEEPIQiP?999SSli130fjZ2S,E1?QfS?fE? ifEiifjl2M0i1i5.t13W,Y0lE0233?n 0110, eQ0C0770n,e00 fh0e205thQf e ee F1300 heildeen,f10ti003Q20e0f11fH1 5035530100001 e04nAQr1001t0f0 Xeuftlie younger generehqn, must feee the challenge f120feF12i0BE000e0f002 00000 005200 0001 20002100 00001230 ?3f1i?11l351101f10 0i000fi'02?100 1000000501102 000030111 0000 ?3032510?i0: 100e 000010 10 100f0f0n200ff10 ??n?9P317?Fa11C1?V??T2' 93?11i?,fiFifF1?,t11??en2e9PH?'?i1193102itz Fliite will e005 F1e0f0E013f,1:H00f1e ?0en0FF12102fe,00ee200f01U0fei0e300100 200 1200- n1711ESEz 20B10Ql,nn,100ei00Peife0fl 1252 all 01300 ei0l2520?if0L 13i0l0f 000 00000200301 010019190 20.00 00150000 '00 , ..-xv ,Y .., Y. .....-uwluznhh, - .W Y W V Y --- ., N ,W 3122000151510 0005 e , 000 1i?0?50r11000,0flY?00- YQLITI-I QF MA ' i ,A Y 1 I CQ Looxmc oFP SHADES MOUNTAIN ABOVE SHANNoN, ALABAMA NTENTSH THE CAPSTCNE ,.....::::1:::-S ,---W ,Yv.Y:- 1 ' 'M'-Y V --W V -- V -'----1-v-1--ar---a----- , ,,.::'.:, Yen --1--ev:-vs.-fare-r-af A' W--:nw:L:::::::f7-f..g4,.m-M.,ur,f:. C L A S M 1 L 1 T A 12 Y 'A ' 475 --' 'H "H" "" ' 5f""""::::1t' H!-'::1:TLa-SLf3":--? Y., .4...,-.:'g..i 14: -A-:zen-.2--..::rnhn. ez- Y: znzgig-g.. W .-Q:,- - 7 1,,--.uL... - A T EL E G R, E A U IE 913GANIZATI QN S ADVERTISEMENTS IN MEMGRIAM MRS. HERBERT SMELSER HERBERT SMELSER NICK L. VICKERS DAVID HOWELL TURNER JOHN A. ROGERS N11 - R - nf ifsw,Q'i"E . 'f 4Ij, - i W? f f . Xxx 2.452 ' , :lf . 1. xv 1- ' RX m-1-fe Ia-'u -'Sim - al. ' W'1"?,"j'. 1" " 4 -'fc Fgifl "K .Nt .1-A '.. ,.1:,,gyl A , . ...mug f-t :w.- 1- '1 ,ijfl .551 'zu f:.x.M, - ..,'Q'iQ' " :wg H. -I' -3-"Q Jlxsqfix 1-I wtf., 'HF iq".-., ' Q J ' fW59g2f'Ei'E'f' '31 4171" 'W 93 -.N . ' ' 'E+ i 4f'?1Zf3' ' lm .- V 1 1 ff Y2TZ?51.'f'Q'b.' 'f3"'5 , . Tv, :'v..'-,jfsywg M X v C-1:51, 31551, 56.5325 b?Ew, eg?5i ,Q LW ' f?gf -,pw .P 4. P. f . '-Lf Q -' 5111 1 ' 'O ' rg 1' 31- '31- 'Q c gf, ,ny .i?,Ai'E f,-- 1-" V .fm yy wif" ,xemw jff 9 ' . M . Q.. r?.I?Zif ?:" 'fu -.12 ,,'::!:::?.' F J ff, 153 fl j5"f1h"ix ,ff 'Egg' gf: Ph! Q' 'M FT' Q' '.-am! ai: '49 w g' Sr wjwgtf 5.4. iw' Ig., 'w41f'f'- " gf W .' Lf' 1' fm gee es' 'iz' 13? fl? 1 'f " fix' -W' 2, .5'2 ,IEW .g.1,'.:'f3,. '31 Qi- . Fai' -1f7'f2fl-T' 'Q' we .sf wi - is 1' "1 i2ix'?1 .Qk.x.?f? ig A 'J K- ' -'ii " M"'9fq?.+- W ' 1ii'5s'W' i f 'rl ' ' Jf' W-'Qtr' 'ber is-P44320 5 -Wg! 113. -3, Y-:Jef ,- Vfrsn- 1 V in f . mYFgf1 - 49-Q V- 1 :-ua' rr ' ' .rm ' ' ' ' P-ra ."' . .w...4... ,x 1. ya ff l . . 7-4g,.I.g,..-.. - MDL, ,'-,,. -. Y 31 ' 1-+C. ' S 4--fm ff' r' -gf? 1 1 ' X ., X . me f gr X . W" '7"771fi111711- .15 -::1:1a.:: 1:1 fi ":.::1.t.......... w w . 1-1.4 6 V .Ju b-4-xn..-..... - xffwi ff? H fgisf'....,,-..., vfi' van- " ,' ,wif 'r 2-Ki 5121 F-'fi ' " .1 , 5. f'.i'1'i?iii" 22 Exilim 3' .-5 'W- ,:g hw y, -1. 1 ,Agra I. - .. .I l , vp Q., .1 ,' ' ,ii V . '4 . ,. ju .T N K f . . mn.. . " 41'-'RM M I' ' .1 4... N I 'L X, -' .ug ' V, N ' . 1. .J . "L-L Z:." .. ltd, X, 1' 1 mi-" R,. L-'Q .4 -. ,5r.. ..,..L- 4' I 4 ...... ' ' .lfJ,g,v,,iiW ........, .... Q V- . ....xxv.. -' X iff' ,J F .. ,........-... ......g,:,..,,,-,I I J A, .-ur,g5v , Axial. . . . 4.Qgf,. ...-.:..-rr"-' ' :.1.wa:as:.:.z.-xaauawwzszcawa1z:::a.r..a.1.-.....a " CCH I 43. A r , . ,P .fy ,JL X, L.znin.2'!1'z- a,-,xmt12,.,5g1 1- V X 1 5 I -'av-.-1 f ,..1,1,-f YPICAL of AiaiJama's spienciici river system is this scene of tile Warrior River near tile University of Aiainama. The iaeauty of the Stateis rivers is ioveci and appreciated by everyone who has ever iiveci near them, the charm is ever new, fresh, ami inspiring. A A 'p 1 Lf 'ff v ....Q.:...fg..e....f ,, - , H1-4. 4 I -L i THE CAPSTGN E 'f If W3 g 1,2 3 W " f 5 I . f N' i g cr' fwvg? ' ' , 1 , 'Ag M--.,1,-..Q. -.,,,., .M V I . ,..,, 5 , -f-- ,fy -,511 I ,f-, -, 'T1.u.. "L21'fF.fg4m.x . 'Qnux .. 1:::.v1n .bm EW51':'f.?lf,fL'4 1""3 'Spf'1-:f-'1'f,'gL':'I,'i., ...' ,I L1g1,:,E,.'x,'1.A.,j,:.4 :WML limixi :irzjli 35:21 f:'NT'.T14I3f veg 559-111.15Lff1'..-i5tf5':E?5'l A iii,-i+i4l4EP?1? 5 if.: Ti g gji5.5.,..k' -:xu,?uf.:nrggj1g1', gig: cl '.1h"-1-Z'?1fL'f-2-.'5f. .ff:H+i:Lg2z1gL 1.13 A,L1,YT' I .I E121-:fu --ry Fri V-'nr-'E73' ' 41-zuxxz .rx ,am 5Qf3:g5,,u,7'fmig 'SEM ?"' ff-A ' x ?:.5zf5"""" 1,-r't1,.:..:x1l'rx 5 'N ' ' frirz-41-IJXQ gr -. .-x I .wr 1. .. . . . . L...?i,1hf-Ig,.z:m-:II-li '-1 Xalfxgl ff 5:1-uh ., , ,- .,,.-., . :r:nr:iw:,.x,'m:m 3-,gp?,TI, . -. . , 1 .. , H .,1:r:1:z'r7x5:.f.tx:x,5,- xi! :ff-14 iii.-4313... L-r"::" lg Z ' +L, .-X-.fn ...-. 3kg h f:.'if!gx':fzIi'1,1 xp.: ff' ,Milf 5 . -'k1'!!'G.:fvm-nv-,nnvxn-'U mfmqxfu 1...- S ..., WW' .fa ww ' 4' 4' --- a v J P 4 x "Vw X , h ,4f. 1, ,I , , yn ', , if -5: A-rJ"w,.. 4g'y, 1 r, ,f , 1' ?"z"7.f-'-QQ 7, ff :V " 1' , . ' " - - 1. ' ' ,.,4,,325,, X ,vw ,V I - - 4 fx A .1.. 1 w School of Chemistry Aa7m1'n1's1fraf1'on Buifaling SCLIOO! of COl7Z777GTCO Graves 5,5 Jw , ,bv , " "' rx f R, 'xXx 'z -e fy' rn W XJ.. .Q I :A ' " ' A54 .XL x Scfwof of MGt1l7.Cl.71G y4I,lf'NV7.!Q1' Hczff -. - I g r ., 4 - ' ! 4 X Ltr f! f." 'Q ' W 7, N, . , 4,'-p, . ,r ' I 4 X N 1 . 1 x '- .g . Morgan Ffa Gorgas Oak 1' .f . .. J' QQ ., . M gpskxk H . fl - . s. K v qw rvwxyt Q 'ws :T ' x ff ' e vi K' Q- MESA V .f., ,- v s gx 1 I x 13' nu ,xl 1' h wi 1, va 'lf dy' . , ,, Q i . P , X'5iw"" 2 T11 e Gym n asia m Dosi'e1' Pla Q C1 The second term of the Honorable Bibb Graves, the hrst man to be elected Governor of Alabama twice since the adoption of the State Constitution in 1901, has been one of the most heated and controversial adminis- trations in the history of the State. Honorable BIBB GRAVES CVER CDR JALABA The Governor's chair in Alabama is fraught particularly with the ever-present problem of keeping the various agencies of government on a par with those of states having a very much higher per capita wealth. To do this requires a constant fight against retrogression and a continuous effort on be- half of such necessary functions of the State as Public Health, Education, Highways, and Transportation, Welfare, and the many new problems that a State must assume today. The second term of Governor Graves has been noted for prompt action and unparal- leled leadership on the part of the chief ex- ecutive of the State, and we at the Univer- sity wish him health and strength to continue his progress. NlcDowcll, Brown, Denny, Pratt, Ferguson, Herzberg Gmves NlcCorvey, Czwmiclmel, Foster, Steiner, Keller Dixon Alalmnza Legislature in Session ang! TETS if wir His Excellency, BIBB GRAVES Governor of Alabama, President, ex-officio J. A. KELLER, State Superintendent Of Education, ex-officio Congressional District pint Diftrjgg , , . . , GESSNER T. MCCORVEY, Mobile Second Dimiff , . ROBERT STEINER, JR., Montgomery Third District . . CHARLES S. MCDOWELL, JR., Eufaula Fourth Dmriff , .... KELLY DIXON, Talladega Fifth District I . LOUIS L. HERZBERG, Gadsden Sixth District V . :FJOHN A. ROGERS, Gainesville Sixth District 4 . , HENRY B. FOSTER, Tuscaloosa Seventh District . - - - .l0HN H- BANKHEAD1 Jasper Fightl, Dismff , .,.., ARCHIBALD I-I. CARMICHAEL, Tuscumbia Ninth Distric, uvhl ,A.,,, I-I ILL FERGUSON, Birmingham Executive Committee of the BOdTd-MESSRS. FOSTER, FERGUSON AND HERZBERG ROBISON BROWN, Secretary and Commissioner of University Lands YDeceased. SHALER C. HOUSER, Treasurer Page Twenty-three DR. GECDRGE H. DENNY, Ctancelfof After a long and distinguished career as President of the University of Ala- bama, Dr. George H. Denny can at last have his way and retire from active service. The Board of Trustees has bestowed upon him the title of Chancellor and put another man in his place as President and active administrator. Hereafter "Mike,' will have nothing to do except what pleases him. Whenever anybody on the campus wants advice he will be glad to give it. But mostly he will be preoccupied with the athletic interests of the University. He is especially in- terested in football and will now be able to give all his time during the appointed season to following that game. At other times he can live in his summer home. At all times he can smoke his pipe and be at peace, knowing that the burdens of the University will rest upon younger and stouter shoulders. "Mike" can rest on his laurels. He has brought the University from a lowly place to a place of eminence. That is honor enough. It is all that he asks. What he does not ask is the good will of all the friends of the University everywhere, This it is not necessary for him to ask. It will be given freely. "Mike" goes into old age honorably and beautifully. Page Twenty-four I11Ati1l1El'l1C Glimpses Relaxing . . . In graduation procesvion . . . fmt plain, beloved "Mikc,, . . . In his offre . . . Wat4'f7ing his fa- vorite game-football-ana' smoking luis favorite pipe. -r M '7"V1l5YV'B""'!l"f. M, Q 'MQ' ' 'WE"x"1 li' F Www M i g wr . 4 .A ' f ze v 1 'TWD' m1lll""1 vi -A DR. RICHARD President From President of the Freshman Class in the fall of 1911 to President of the University of Alabama in the fall of 1936, is the story of the life and progress of Richard Foster during the last twenty-five years. This progress and development on his part, on the one hand, and the recogni- tion of it by the Board of Trustees, on the other hand, are logical results of his character, intellect, industry, disposition, and personality, and of the training and experience enjoyed by him in college, in the army, and in the practice of his profession, and of the way in which he has conducted himself in his daily life. The committee considered carefully the advice of Honorable Newton D. Baker, former Secretary of War, trustee of several important American universities, and himself a distinguished lawyer. Mr. Baker placed character first and then lcnowl- Page Twenty-six Cn the lob Dr Foster greets the High School "Yu Presidents . "Mike', and "Dick" . . . Dr Foster inspects the Air Corps Will? Major Underwood. edge of and identification with Alabama, its people and its problems, and other es- sential personal qualities ahead of technical training and experience. Dr. Foster was born in Demopolis, Alabama, on July 12, 1895, spent his boy- hood in Tuscaloosa and Montgomery, and has resided in Tuscaloosa for many years. He is a member of the Episcopal Church. The University recently conferred upon him the honorary degree of Doctor of Laws. In the practice of his profession and in his daily professional association with people in all walks of life,--and in his own personal conduct,-his character, abil- ity, disposition, and personality marked him as worthy of every trust and equal to the highest responsibility, and culminated in his election to the post of highest honor and greatest opportunity for service in the State of Alabama. Dr. Denny enthusiastically recommended Dr. Foster as his successorg the deans of the University unanimously pledged their confidence and supportg the state edi- torial comments have been universally favorable and highly enthusiasticg and the faculty, students, alumni, and the citizens of the state are prepared and pledged to assist President Foster and Chancellor Denny in realizing the greatest hopes for the University's continued progress and service. Us M,,,..-ni 1,,,..... ...iii grill' 1' it 1 an ,ti l SH" and i DFAN JAMES H. NEWMAN 5 Q.. K :fi-W, .,. xx xl Nw? DEAN AGNES ELLEN HARRIS RALPH E. ADAMS I Considered one of the most able men in the Admin- istration, Mr. Adams has repeatedly demonstrated his competence in che key position of Executive Secretary. He 15 an active member of a number of important Ztanding committees, and is very popular with the stu- ents. Miss MARY RonERTsoN Students who have been at the University for two or three years lcnow what a great service Miss Robertson has rendered in doing away with the "registration linen. This is but one example of the expert manner in which she handles the job of registering and keeping the records of almost five thousand students. DEAN DABNEY S. LANCASTER ADMI TRA FFICER It is with sincere regrets that the student body of the Uni- versity bids farewell to Dean Lancaster, even if it might be just for a short time. In his eight years on the campus the Dean has become the friend and counsellor of every man student in the University, they have learned to admire and respect him for his sincerity, his franlcness, and his fine up- right manhood. In addition to his service as Dean of Men to the students, he has rendered invaluable assistance to Dr. Denny in performing administrative functions at the Uni- versity. MR. JAMES H. NEWMAN By his ability in handling several positions at one time, including Assistant Dean of Men, Di- rector of the Union Building, and Chairman of the Social Committee, "Foots" has distinguished himself in a few years as an outstanding man and one well qualified in every way to be named Associate Dean of Men during the absence of Dean Lancaster. The students welcome his pro- motion, and are confident that he will justify their faith in him. Miss AGNEs ELLEN HARRIS Wlmile she has been malcing a definite place for women at the University, and has been en- dearing herself to all of the co-educational stu- dents on the campus, Dean Harris has still had time to distinguish herself as one of the foremost women leaders in America. Her offices and hon- ors in outstanding national women's groups are numerous. She is nationally known as one of the lTlOSt progressive deans of women. RALPH E. ADAMS MISS MARY ROBERTSON TI H if ir SHALER C. Housrsa The position of treasurer of the University of Alabama is most adequately filled by Prof. Shaler C. Houser. It is he who S0 competently and efficiently helps to administer the Univer- sityis finances. Besides hand- ling this job so well, he serves as a member of the fac- ulty and as a member of the Committee on Athletics. ROBISON BROWN Another man indispensable to the financial adminis- tration is Mr. Brown, who as Land Commissioner, is in charge of all the Universi.ty's real estate property. Mr. Brown also serves as Secretary to the Board of Trustees. Da. JOHN MCCLURE Ample evidence of Dr. John McClure's fine work as Director of the Summer School is afforded by the in- Crease in enrollment over past years. Dr. McClure's untiring efforts are responsible for the splendid devel- Opment of this part of the University in a short thirty- f0ur years. DR. R. E. TIDWELL The importance of the Extension Division of the University is a tribute to Dr. Tidwell's excellent man- Hgership as director of it during the few years it l1HS been established here. Extension is one of the most mod- ern ideas in education. Through it the University has been enabled to offer classes to many people all OVEF the State who are unable to come to attend the regular sessions. . ROBERT K. BELL RICHARD E. EMERSUN SHALER c. Housea ROBISON BROWN X DR. rz. E. TIDWELL DR. JOHN M,CLURE Miss ALICE WYMAN Miss ALICE WYMAN Few students at the University do not sgoncr or law! come into contact with Miss Wyinan, head librarian, They have come to know her for her kindness in giving assistance and for her competence in administering the main and departmental libraries. Rooisar K. BELL Mr. Bell is an assistant Dean of Men and Supervisor of Dormitories, having in his charge the Barracks and Gorgas Hall. His efhciency in the management of the dormitories is appreciated by all who live there. His work in other activities has gained him a host of friends. Ric:-:Ano E. EMERSON Although his length of service has been short. "Dick,' has shown himself well fitted to take over the duties of Assistant Dean of Men. The students welcome his ad- vancement to the administrative ranks, and wish him great success in the new undertaking. Mortimer Jordan Ben Anderson Howard Bates IME 'S TUDE It is with deep appreciation for your wonderful cooperation with the Student Government Association this year that I take this op- portunity to thank each and every one of you for your interest. I sincerely hope that this interest in your governing body will grow, and that each succeeding year will bring you a better and more ef- ficient Student Government Association. MORTIMER -IORDAN, President Student Government Association OFFICERS MORTIMER H. JORDAN , .i President BEN ANDERSON , . . Vice-President I-IQWARD BATES , . Secretary-Treasurer ' APPEALS COURT GIRARD PI-IIsLPs MARX LEVA ' MITCHELL BEST BILL HERMAN Tom CHAMPION BILLY PATTON PEYTON WILLIAMS T. Champion, M. Levu, B. Herman, J. W. Patton, P. Williams Page Thirty MEMBERS OF HONOR COMMITTEES Chemistry CARLETON PINNEY RALPH CROOK JAMES BUTLER ROBERT H. MADDEN CURTIS ARD NORMAN LEMAISTRE EUGENE LEE EISEN CHARLES MAXWEl.L XVALTER KINDSEY GIRARD PHELPS HORACE LEYDEN WALTER BROGIN Edurntion CHARLES O,NEIL EDWIN HAYWARD JOHN HETZ BILL PETERS JOHN TOMAJCZK GEORGE BALCANOEE MITCHELI. BEST H. W. COCHRANE RAYMOND FAUGHT BERT KELLER HERNLEY R. TOUT Art: and Sciences Wll.l.lAM WORTHINGTON RUSSELL LANIER TOM CHAMPION KENNETH COOPER HARRY EATON ROBERT LOEB WILLIAM A. BLACK BRUCE GRAHAM ALBERT JACKSON FRANK M. NIOODY WILLARD LIVINGSTON ELI SOBEL Commerce DOUGLAS MUIR ROBERT DAVIES REx WHEELER MARX LEVA WILLIAM A. CONWAY ROBERT A. LIPTON G. M. RODGER, JR. MILTON W. ROBINSON OLIVER WILBANKS ROBERT LYNGBY REGINALD CARTER Engineering GEORGE BRYANT HAROLD GILLMORE SAMUEL GINSBERG F. G. NICBRIDE CHARLES POHLE ELBERT THOMAS EUGENE R. DAWSON THOMAS A. RODGERS .JOHN S. DAY HORACE S. CARTER Graduate JAMES M. CUMMINGS DANIEL DRAKE WILLIAM GRUBER J. RUSSELL HERITAGE WILLIAM R. HERMAN EDWARD PELOCHINO JOHN C. BRIGHT DALLAS E. L. LITTLE H. CARL HERZOG PEYTON WILLIAMS EMERSON BLAKNEY Fil'Si. Row-C. Pinney. J. Butler, E. L. Eisen, Rf Crook. SQQOTIKI Row-AC. Maxwell. W. Broprin, E. Hayward, B. Peters 'I:h1rrl Row--J. Tomajcvk, G. Balcunoff, H. Cochrane, B. Keller Fourth Row-W. Worthington, R. Lanier, H. Eaton, R. Loeb Fifth R0 -- am F. Moody, W Livingston. , W W. Black, B. Grah , - Sixth Row-E. Sobel D. Muir. R. Wheeler, W. Conway Sf?Vl3TllLll Row--G. M. l'iOrlIzer, O. Wilbanks, R. Carter. R. Davies. Eljrhth Raw-R. Lipton, M. Robinson, A. Lynfzby. G. McBride. lhth Row-J. Cumming, L. Drake, W. Gruber, J. R. Heritage. Page Thirty-one Betty Breslin John Effie Gilmore Lynn Garber OME 'S TUDE I am very grateful for this opportunity to express my apprecia- tion to you women students for your splendid cooperation with the Women's Student Government Association this year. This inter- est has helped the officers make the Women's Student Govern- ment your government. May you always show the same fine spirit that you have shown this year. BETTY BRESLIN . . JOHN EEEIE GILMORE . LYNN GAREER , . . Sincerely, BETTY BRESLIN, President Women,5 Student Government OFFICERS . Prexident , Vice-President . Secretary BOARD OF DIRECTORS BETTY BRES!.!N JOHN EFEIE GILMORE LYNN GARBER MARIE DROLET WILELLA BURNS JANE ISBELL RUTH MCDOWELL MARY VAIL . EDNA MAE GALE MARJORIE GWYNNE JULIA LEE GRADEN '9 W 'D Marie Drolet, Wilella Burns, Jane Isbell, Ruth McDowell, Mary Vail Edna Mae Page Thirty-two Gale, Marjorie Gwynne, Julia Lee Graden GCDVER ME HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES FM' MORRIS ELIZABETH CRUME ESTHER LEE COOPER ALTA ELY RUBY I-IELEN STOKES CLAIRE ZUMKELLER SARA GILMORE MARY HARDIN ESTELLE TERRY FLORENCE GOGGANS RUEYE COOPER BERNICE ARANT RUTH WlLI.lAMS BEA LEIBERMAN KAY BisHoP NORMA ROGERS MARY F. HARDIGREE ELEANOR WINTER GWEN MOXLEY MARGHERITA SWIFT EILEEN SISLEY MAY PATE MARX' MUNDS LORRAINE GAINES MARJORIE MONTGOMERY HELEN NORRIS ANNE IRWIN BEA Ro'rHscHu.D ANNE CALHOUN SARA Cooprsrz MARY G. HARDENBERGH MARJORIE xVAI,KER F1135 Ifow--Fay Morris. Alto Ely, Ruby Helen Stokes, Culzure Lumkeller. Second Row-Sara Gilmore, Mary Har- dm',E5l-elle T0l'1'y, Florence Gomxans. Third Row-Ruby Marie COODQT- Ruth Williams, Kny Bishop, Norma Roy.:- EY.-. Fourth Row-Mnry Gordon Hardunberflh. Elizabeth Ffifune' Mary Frances Hnrdiizrec, Eleanor Winter, S! fb Row-Gwen Moxley, Marxrheritn Swift, Eileen Glsley- May 'Pnte. Sixth Row-Mary Munds, Lorraine ames- M3TJ0l'lB Montgomery, Helen Norris. Seventh Row-Anne Irwin, Bee Rothschild, Anne Calhoun, Sara Elizabeth Cooper, Marjorie Walker. Page Thirty-three A. SANFORD KIMBERLY Editor GENERAL STAFF Josephine Applewhitc Howard Bedell Jean Bluford Bettie Boren jack Coker Joe Crook Fred Deitz Lois Drolet Mary Morgan Duggar Jane Evans Henry Featherston Marion Grooms Ethel Hayes Frances Hayes Scotty Hayes Jane Isbell Sue Isbell George Roberts Slffnffing, Lefz ro Ri hz g - Ewing, Roberts, Huddleston, Merritte. Sealed-Kimberly Reeder, Blanks, Carothers McDaniel, Isbell. Boo Jackson Emilee Jones Canny Lancaster Irving Metz Belle Montgomery Kay Perovich Irene Patton Ogden Reeves Bee Rothchild Mildred Rcddoch Paul Stewart Elizabeth Starbuck Ruby Helen Stokes Ann Turner Helen Vaughn ,lulia XVade Lois NX'alker Margret Wright EDITORIAL STAFF A. SANFORD ICIMBERLY ..... ..... E ditor BILLY Ronsnrs. BILL HUDDLESTON . . Assistant Editor: Marmonm MERRITTE ..,...., Women': Editor HONORARY ASSOCIATE EDITORS Frank Davidson Hadley Howard A. P. Beedon Katherine Ewing Mary Gray Hicky Edyth Blanks E. J. Finnell Louis Trucks Neil Carothers Marie Drolet Jack Dunning Walter Bogart Bob Collins Elmo Israel Bernie Feld FACULTY ADVISORS Hudson Strode Randolph Fort COMPILING STAFF Daphne Scoville TYPING STAFF Agnes johnson julia Prentice Mary Ingle McDaniel Mary Elizabeth Seagle MILITARY STAFF Harold Lawson ORGANIZATION STAFF Ralph Ford Richard Reeder Bob McDavid Fatso Lewis ATHLETIC STAFF Dick Day jack Harper Gay Stafford Nathan Margolin KMC Sf0k95 Q 1 Page Thirty-four if 'A' BUSINESS STAFF BEN S. FULLER ....,,... Business Manager Gll.BERT Jol-INsI'oN, LANSING SMITH . Assistant Business Manager: HONORARY ASSOCIATE BUSINESS MANAGERS Hobcly Rains Oliver W. Brantley Bill Tippin FACULTY ADVISERS Mr. Harry V. Mitchell Miss Miriam Locke Dr. Whitman CIRCULATION MANAGER Clarence Holman ' COLLECTION STAFF Bill Dozier john Buck BEN S. FULLER Business Manager GENERAL STAFF ADVERTISING ASSISTANTS Ed Turner Robert Pipes Elizabeth Marshall Mary Gray Hiclcy Mary Halbert Lucy Etheridge Louise Etheridge Helen Romero-Navarro Lily Bell Capley Mary Hornsby Gary Jordan Bartley Hodges Sara Evans Rose Labinowitz Eula Moore Sarah Miller Grccic Barneslcy Fatso Lewis Catherine Allison Boots Arnold Martha Bankhead Bernard Ivey, Jr. jane Norton Walter Klicl: - Ruth McDowell Richard Savage Mildred Tyson john Fuller Ruth Roe Florence Murray Edna SIGYFOI1 Rosemary Pritchard Sally Webb Wilmer Boozer STENOGRAPHERS Eclyth Blanks Julia Nolen Nlary Ingle McDaniel Sybil Jackson 2 Page Thirty-five Elizabeth Lett Bfffk Row-Fuller, McDan icl, Holman, Johnston, No len. Front Row-Halverson Blanks, Ledyard. EDITORIAL STAFF FRANK E. DAvIIJsoN WAI.'r BOGAR1' . . Managing KA'FE' STOKES . . . , . Women? Bois lVIcDAvIn ,......,.., Sports HOMEI! BRYANT, BII.I. GRA!-IAM . . . . Assistant ROBERT CoI.,I.INs, ROBERT Louis. W. T. LEWIS, LESLIE GREEN .... ,,... F enture Dean D. S. Lancaster BEA Ro'I'HscHII.ns . ..... Society FACULTY ADVISERS Randolph Fort I-IONORARY ASSOCIATE Sam Kimberly Jean Bluford Bill Gittens Ollie Atkins Ernest Bailey Helen Stelzenmuller Maxine Goodman Eleanor Heningcr Leonard Gentil jack Harper Dick Day Elmo Israel lVlill'Vll'l Warner O. Smith Arnold Drennen Bernie Feld REPORTERS Wfoodrow Geier NVOMEN'S STAF Bessie Aldridge SPORTS STAFF A. P. Beeclon EDITORS Hadley Howard Dozier Cade Editor Editor Editor Editor Editors Editors Editor Martlia W. Burleson Orsen Spivey James Webb F Helen Coffin Elizabeth Nix Esther Lee Cooper Irvin Rubel Ned Noonan Robert Lee Eugene Thomley Burr Lcvey Nathan Margolin Gerald Burke CRIM FRANK E. DAVIDSON Editor GENERAL STAFF Annie Laurie Swaim George Hansell james Livingston Charles Batters john jones Henry Ivey Jack Wfilliams Virginia Walls Mike Flannagan Laurens Pierce Page Thirty-six John Waller George Macauley Harry Eaton john Gaines John Harper Chet Dudley john Finnell Gaston Pirkle Julia Wade Bluford, Stokes, Collins, Davidson, Rothschild, Bo- gart, Graham. Davies Rains Houser, Jef- feries Doss Banks, Levy. W ITE if HOBDY G. RAIN3 Buxinex: Manager OFFICE STAFF Ruth Jane Becker Ann Turner Harold Shine Belle Montgomery Henry Hiles BUSINESS STAF I-loam' G. RAINS ......... Business Mana ASSOCIATE BUSINESS MANAGERS Ben Fuller Bill Tippin Pi Brantley .ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGERS joe Jeffries Merrill Doss Ralph Aland Bob Leiberger Bert Banks J. Howard McEniry Edward Dyer Grady Cleveland Ruben Moskowitz john Cimikoski Ray Saul john Yeuell joe Hull Rufus Bealle Mark Beal Bobby Davies Art Levy ADVERTISING STAFF COLLECTION STAFF Cora Jean Thetford CIRCULATION STAFF Bill Crawford joe Conwcll Joe McPherson Hampton Bush Frank Caffey Marion Grooms Gordon Herbert Walter Krotee Gerald Gibbs john Blanton Art Ciabattoni Robert Leiberger Robert Gerhart Maricn Wfakefield F ger Page Thirly-:even Martin, Drolet, Hodges, Steward, Howard, Williams, Gafford. Michael J. Flanagan Edgar O. Stephenson Edward J. Gibbons Kate Hayden James Anton Lucile Phillips Jean Smith Ethel Woodall jane Mandeville Eula Moore ,lean Bluford Walter Bogart Clarke Emmonds George Nlcliurney Caroline Petrie Mary Bidgoocl Elmo Israel Margarite Morgan Paul Shadow Laurens Pierce Norman Black joe Cudd S! RAMMER EDITORIAL STAFF R. HADLEY I-Iowano PEYTON XVn.uAMs Mack SNOW . . Louise COHEN , JOHN MARTIN . FRANK GAFFQRD . BARTLEY Houses . Lois DRQLET , . Roaanr McDAvm . PAUL STEWARD . . . . . . Editor . Literary Editor , Collegiate Editor . Staff Manager . Feature Editor . Humor Editor . Art Editoi . Women? Editor Assistant Editor Circulation Manager ASSOCIATE EDITORS Frank Davidson Sam Kimberly Bernie Feld FACULTY ADVISERS Dean Dabney S. Lancaster Prof. A. Phillips Beedon Associate Dean James H. Newman Prof. Burke Johnston Prof. L. J Nations HONORARY FACULTY ADVISERS Miss Elizabeth Coleman Prof. Randolph Fort Prof. Harry Mitchell Dr. Richmond Beatty CIRCULATION STAFF Dwight Blair Alfred McFarland Dick Savage Frank Harvey Miller Page Thirty-eight Jack Dykes Russell Meyers Frank Carmon Pate Nevins Frank Richter IAMMER BUSINESS STAFF OLIVER W. BRANTLEY . - 3145511955 Mdfldgff ASSOCIATE BUSINESS MANAGERS Ben Fuller Stanley Sutton Wirt Laun Craig Bacle Harold Long Laurie Pcavy Bill Tippen BUSINESS STAFF Bill Rolnertson 'lr 'A' Holady Rains Freddie Ferguson Harold Hughston Rcx Wheeler joe Norton Tom Johnston Page Thirty-nine Back Row-Robertson, Fer- guson, Johnston, Hughston. Front Row-Wheeler, Pea- vy, Beelrmcl, Brantley. OLIVER W. IJRANTLEY Buxinesx llflanager TYPING STAFF ,IGQH B90lfll10l Martha Pollard Mildred TYSPH Lois Halverson Myra .lo Games Virginia Walls I Mary Seagle , Q BLACKFRIAR The rise of the interest in and support of the Blackfriar productions by the students this year is nothing short of phenomenal. Dr. Raines and his assistants have not only produced five times as many plays as in former years, and macle their first Southern tour in ten years, but also have gainecl national recognition for their expert performances. The high spot of the S011- son was the presentation of Shalcespeare's "Ro- meo ancl Juliet", which was the most brilliant and most colorful ever given at the University of Alabama. XVith the continued support of the student bocly and the faculty, and the directing ability of Dr. Raines, the activities of the Blaclcfriar players promise to be, in the near future, one of the greatest attractions for the followers of clrainatic art throughout the State of Alabama and the South. R s ix wiht K F figs avi hi s .i' Q ,lf-5 'X Qs '.r' 1 iii.. '1,'e L '5 l f t'f.-i r 1 "lt f- 'W P lg ' I " Ml W ' .1 "U-AB'M4" PURPOSE! Promotion of Drarnalic Activities upon the Universify campur lfrancusi Atlams Mary lC. Adams Gt-orxre Anderson Ralph Alantl Louise Anilcrs Nina Jo Anthony Sara Aakins James llaltlonc lllair llani:-itvr lieth llarllour l'h1-he llililx John lllanlon Raymond lllalcu Clifton Iirantlt liivhartl llrooks Harry llrownintr Mary l'ilizaln-th llort-n William Coffey, Jr. John lluek Frank Galley Donaltl Camplwll lit-tty Campbell lit-rnartl Carmiehael, Ji Carolyn Chappelle Lam-ilu Cla-nanlt Ht-li-na Clarily Sue Clarkson Sara Alive Clayton Rllsau-ll Colt-man Christine Conn:-ll Ruhy Coopt-r Allen V. Groom .Iossie Curry Elane Davis ll:-n Donald Davis Malcolm Daily Samuel ljisrhton, Jr. John N. lliuhlon William Creauli Duzil-r William All-xanmlt-r Dom Mary Morgan Dntrlrar Myra Dunham Mary Lillie liehols Chivw-1 Evans ltltlitli Foster Arthur Fowler Ulil'l'orcl l"ull'ortl Myra Jo Gaines J. C. Gallales- J. llonirlas Gaston WV. ll. Gitlvns Jann-ei Glass Jim S. Griffin Joseph Hall Howard Hamill Robert Hamilton M E .M I3 E Taylor Ilarmly Charles Haizootl Ellen Harris Mary li. Harris Charlotte HL-all llelt-n lliixla-e liartluy Hotluus Ruth Holbrook Mary Holman Katt- Noble Holloway Matlalyn Hooper Marcus llowze Pllizalwlli Howaril Joi- Hull Grave l'Iutt'ln-:non ltlloise llyatt l'l:ther Joan Israel Elmo Israel Jane Isla-ll Martha Jarkson Katherine Jana-S Clark ll.. Jortlan ltimilve Jones Stanley Kahn Marian Diane Ki-kic Robert Kl'lllll'll'lC llilly Klint-E Harold A. liofl' Jane Krt-hs llernivt- Kronl Mary Inez Laylioltl Wirt Laun J. ll. l.oanartl, Jr. Lillie Ls-vine Mary Lnla Lloytl Hola-rt ll. Lot-lm June l.ol'irr--n Marshal Louithran Malvina MeCollum lflllll lVlt'lloWt'll 'l'allys- Mt'Gniru Cliarlus Main Jann' Mandeville Marjorie Mason Martha Mioliat-lea Nt-ll Milner James Montironn-ry lit-lle Montgomery l'lula Caroline Moort liit'l1artl Morgan l"ram't-as Morrow Ann Key Marplm-v Ralph Nash Murjol'iu Nt-el Joi' Neely l"rt-tl N0l'l'lH lit-lun Norris PQ Goonre O'liriun Eleanor 0'l-lara Louis C. l'arlu-r C. W. Plowclen, Jr. .lulia Ann l'riee Rota-mary l'ritt-haril .lohn liatliff. Jr. William C. Ray Haytlt-n Rm-tor llolm llvivll William Rt-ynoltls l'hil lieynoltls Morpfan Reynolilri l'Irns-stinv ltoln-rtson llc-len Rona-ro-Novarro Louise Roper lrvinir Rahul Dorothy Saxon Rim-hartl Savage llill Svotl. Nina Ross Searcy 0. Jay Smith Mai-mart-1 Spt-net-r Anil.a Sta-inherir Charles Sternt- ltlvolwlti' Slevin' l'aul Stewartl Dorothy Stiller 'l'honia-1 Stratford lloth 'l':lylor lra Wt-Ich 'l'hompson Sidney Thonilison .lane 'Fwilty Miltlrt-fl 'l'y:4on Clart-nrv Vl'nt'lits-r .lulia Walh- William NValieliultl John l"oy Walden Marjorie NValkt-r l"rant'1-ra Walker Sara Nell Wallace Marirarct Ward l'aul Walter Ill-rt Wartlvll Marvin Warns-r l'l1lm-in- Wt-avi-r Rath Wt-llerstein Lorena- Wharton Donalul While Maxine Williams Louise Williams Martin Williams, Jr. John ll. Wilton Jimmy Wootlall Norman .l. Wright John Yt-at-ll 1 . Curtarnf Left Hand Page--Stage hands at worlc . . . Dr. Raines clireeyting Romeo and Juliet . . . Yellow jack . . . The Night of jnnnnry 16th . . . Squnring the Circle" . . . "Squaring the Circle" . . . "Romeo and Juliet" . . . "An Engagement lncognicd. Right Hand Page-"Yellow Jack" . . . "The Wi11d and the Rain" . . . More Stage Hands . . . "The Bishop Mislnclmvesn . . . "TheYNtghelof january l6th" . . . "The Wixid and the Rain" . . . "East Lynne . . . East Lynne Again". OFFICERS I-Iousi. 1. FEAGIN . MARY Bmcoou . . , Vice I rtndon HELEN lVlORGliN'l'HAU .,.,, WAI.DEN F. Nwoonwfxan . , . 'IlI't.'slKlH't'f-Blt,fllIt.',fI MARTHA Bunsous. -JAMES S. XVi2nn, ll Ifxcturivv tforoiril DR. Lics1'lsR RAINES . , , . V . . In mia ll! 1 l 7 . O71 PCZTCJCZQ Bama's Band . . . The Band in Lexington, Ky. . . . The "Big A" and the Alma Mater . . . Stepping high "Vancly" . . . Leaving the field. 9 BAN Brasses blaring, drums rolling, knees lifting in the measured rhythm of the goosestep, sun flashing on twirling lzatons ancl gleaming on crimson and white uniforms-eighty-five strong, Alabama's Millicn Dollar Band comes marching along. Tlmt's a familiar sight arounfl the campus, For the band plays an important part in nearly every student activity. Lecl by high-stepping Henry Reid and spon- sgrgd by Alpha Phi's charming Molly Mercer, it im- pressed football crowds at Tuscaloosa, Birmingham, Lexington, and Atlanta. Then after some unnecessary practice on "California, Here We Comeu, the boys pulled 11 quiclc "about face" and went in for the se- rious things Of lifc- And 50 as we look forwarci to a new year and greater achievements, we say, "Heres continued success to our Million Dollar Band!" ,,,.,,, .,.i ,ag TWIRLYNG DRUM MAJORS Irving IS. Kahn, Sergeant Bush Mumpowcr, Sergeant TRUMPETS Ray Ellis. Cadet Captain Robert Lieberger John Lewis. Technical Sergeant Ralph Allen Glenn Overring. Bugle Sergeant Elmo Israel Leroy Holt, Bugle Sergeant 'l'aylor Hardy Alex Chases, Sergeant Robert Harris Norman Childs Jesse Havarrl Harry Fuller Richard Strout Edward Hibbard John Gibbs HORNS Robert Harrell. Corporal George Page Joseph Hull, Corporal Freeman Orr 'FROMBONES Thomas Kirk. Master Sergeant Melvin Eddelman Lyle Heberling. Staff Sergeant James Hardy Warren Webster, Staff' Sergeant Massey Bedsole Emil Mosebaul-th Charles Smith llARl'l'ONl'IS Ronald Lahtonen. Sergeant Harlan Clark. Sergeant William Waldman, Sergeant Eugene Price, Corporal Keenar Blackmarr BASSE? Lloyd Ferguson, Sergeant Frederick Lawson Trammell Smith, Corporal Wilford Waller John Shepard Ira Thompson Lamar Jackson CLARINETS Javk Olvera, Technical Sergeant Tom Holland James Swindle, Sergeant George Nunn Clifton Brandt. Sergeant Ernest Field Julius Chessin, Sergeant Dwight Fuller Casper Knight, Sergeant Neil Kr-rico Lawrence Schuman, Corporal Eli Malkin Harrison Friend. Corporal Jack NViley Ray Smith, Corporal Abe Sugarman .Joe Kelly Norman Bradley Robert Fulford PICCOLO Lamoine Guilfoos Victor Shapiro OBOE John Fehlcr ALTO SAXOPHONE Edward W. Hiles, Master Sergeant Howard Fleck Douglas Harris, Sergeant Wynn Dixon Robert Mehr, Corporal Arthur Nelson Norman Crump TENOR SAXOPHONE Clarence Fox, Corporal Sie Buster BARITONE SAXOPHONE Fred Jung GLOCKENSPIEL Richard Albanese PERCUSSION William Cochran. Staff Sergeant Bill Dow Jack Sehiffour, Corporal Harry Shier Charles Ralston Donald White BASS DRUM John Holleran CYMIIALS Elmer Sehlelral What makes the noise in the band? . . . The "AU again . . . A tribute to "Mike" . . . Homecoming maneuvers . . . Slip-horn artists . . . Miss Alabama . . . Ditto . . . "Tide" if MILLION DCDLLAR BAND LEADERS Director . . . CARLETON K. BUTLER Asxixtanl Director . .,.. RAY ELLIS Sponsor .... . Miss MOLl,Y MERCER Business Manager . . . ED HILES Head Drum Major . . . HENRY REID Field Technician , . ALBERT WARNER Under the able leadership of Carlton Butler, they began practicing for their concert, meanwhile keeping on with their military activities. The concert was held March 30 in Morgan Hall. There, before an overflow crowd, they proved their versatility by their masterful rendition of several classical numbers. There also they announced the re-election of Miss Mercer as sponsor and named Mary Harris, member of Delta Delta Delta, as co-sponsor. K-Q v' 'IW I wtf I. ,4 I , II I rmzea3I- - ' - FU, H- A- .H , n , w-'-fag. . -- El NY, at-kg 'ft'-fungi -I I.'-.-,yi '14, 1 'jlijv-. .I.,:I,,:II' II r I, L 1 ' ?f " " i T3,Hr- Jag'7fifgfffft'?fQ?7,-.QAIr-55 III, 'il .lIgI'f!ffff2'I5p,g+.n.'.tgtx1:s'21gjfI. 13 jggrf Ir'-iI g3'1-'gf .r, . .11,.nv: I' 'fnhv -'u I . , .,....,,,,.. I +1 .,l . I .JS , II ,XIwlnpI, I . , sl., I it L., i a I L" .Ii f"'?'?'1'W'-R. 9'5" --" I il fl I' 1, F .I LI I II.I I lf. I I I II -, ,I x II I U .fw- I II nv. ,921 1'.7Sk,s,,?:I,Q:ImI,s.IIIj I J Q9-9' NI. it 'Q -i... L FW t 1 E " -ls ir se' K rw Ii FL, I I -JT 'r ,J v .II 5 -. I ,' ' -4 L4 , " '. ' - fu If 4 . A . Y , - , 3, -.Mei -+wl:f,-ff,-:'.4 ,. , . L, . . - . ' ig 'H'-J.":W f ,nf - , -' .' A ' .-'fu .- ., X ,rr-Y 'rw 4,.q ., V- c Q--eg-. w e -7 - f- 'fr' ' L yr-- I: , Q IF IIBIIMI , . . CII , r i n.: ., eII'IIIIIIII x:. I' . Us T ' , - , ' -- ' v i ,'! ..-"-,4 '- ' 2 ' 'Av-... 1-,i '- - R . ' ,K 1 Ivy, yn, .I ,I I I,I. .rt :. fm,-W ., A -.I , ,i t iam, 11, . L- -- rt- ,EQ IAQ! .-Q.. ...en ALLEN GOING, Presidenz NUNCLE ToM" GARNER, Director First Row-Casseta, Blanchard, Nei-ly, Proctor, Hllll. Hill. Dickinson, Nuff. Brandt, Gallnlee Second RUWAJ. D. Harris. Warden, Robinson, Hayes. Sischka, Garner, Wjllinmsun, J. D Dierhtnn, Rodger, Jackman, Fulforrl. Thiril Row--Ih'use:lc1', Bene-field, Byrd. Grunaile, Wil- Hams, J. Hardy, Dzelenski. Landers, R. R. Harris.. Sisak, Shipley. Fourth Row Bnyott Linsze, Bassett, Chapman, Sli:-km-y, Womack, Herxtzuzv, Koff, Dnhlene, S. R. Diuhton Campbell, W. T. Hardy. ' GLEE CLUB ME ALLEN J. GOING . . . President ROBERT C. PRINCE , . Vice-President JESSE R. CHAPMAN . . . . Secrelary Joggpi-1 XV, SISCHKA , . Business Manager TOM GARNER . . . . . . . . Director First Tenor: joseph W. Sischka William F. Linge Robert C. Prince Ralph O. Hill Warren Williams Charles F. Banfe Wlilliam M. Benefield F. Dean Bressler Robert R. Harris Second Tenors Norman H. Bassett Kenneth D. Byrd Vincent Cassetta james N. Granade joseph F. Hull Rex Wfheller, jr. Charles Bateman Theodore E. Brandon john N. Dighton Julian Hardy Taylor Hardy Roy E. Landera Hem'y F. Wfilliamson First Basses Allen J. Going John C. Gallalee Raymond Robinson Thomas Shipley Harold Warden Richard Blanchard Woodrow Boyett Lucian C. Brandt Richard E. Campbell Robert Fullford Brooks Hayes William Neely Russell L. Proctor john G. Sisak ' Second Basses ,lesse P. Chapman, J Harold L. Dickinson J. Russell Heritage Frank Sticlcney R. DeVore Carter Oscar Dahlene, jr. Samuel R. Dighton Lucien K. Dzilenski George L. Jackman Harold A. Kuff Mora Dale Womack "Halleluia, Halleluialn Almost any afternoon, this chorus may be heard echo- ing through the third floor of the Union Building, a far from mute witness that the Glce Club is at work. Arid that their work is not in vain is well proved by its great success. The Men's Glee Club has made two tours and several "one night standsv, and has been greeted with acclaim everywhere. Led by such talented soloists as joe Sischka, Harold Dickinson, William Benefield, Allen Going, john Dighton, and Dean Bresslcr, and under the capable direction of "Uncle Tom" Garner, the University may justly pride itself on its Glce Club. Page Forty-four First Row--Stewart, Fielder, Clark, Eehols, M. Sloss, P. Sloss, Gimroltl, A. Hilbish. Neixth hors, E. Hilhish, Krebs. Second Row--Hays, Muntls. Ewing, Parsons. Parsons, Garner, Osborne, Roper, Wright, Applewhite. Third Row-Dobbs. Reynolds. Anthony, Newsome, Abraham. Seurey. Hutcheson. Montgomery. Walker. Fourtuh Row-Weekly Becker, Omit-n heim, Little, Bolen, Yancey, Sclmrfschwewlt, Hoeflich, Swan. M-. Swim. R- GIRL ' GLEE CLUB LESLIE OSBORNE . MARTHA BEnsoLE JULIA WADE . Tom GARNER . Firxl Sopranos Rae Abraham Nlary Lillie Echols Eizaberh Flinn Bernice Gingold Dorothy Hays Joyce Moody Mary Lanier Munds Leslie Osborne Helen Phillips Inez Reynolds Lucy Richardson Louise Roper Dorothy Stitzer Second Sopranos Betty Curtis Maxibel Davis Myra Dunham Janet Fielder Marion Hoeflich Kate Noble Holloway Carolyn Krebs Barbara Little Belle Montgomery Iva Louise Neighbors Virginia Newsome Mabel Parsons Myrtle Parsons Elsa Scharfschwcrdt julia Wade First Alto: Dorothy Nolen Mary Dixon Clark Dorothy Dobbs Frances Doyle Katharine Ewing Alba Hilbish Elizabeth Hilbish Cl1I'istine Pritchard . Presia'ent . . . Secretary . Business Manager ...D Nina Ross Searcy Marguerite Sloss Patricia Sloss Miriam Swan Ruth Swan Phala Stewart Bernice Wfeekly Second Ailo Nina jo Anthony ,losephine Applewhite Marian Becker Martha Bedsole Eleanor Bonner Grace Hutcheson Bernice Krout Fay Oppenheim Ann Turner Marjorie Walker Margaret Wright Martha Louise Yance irector Y Not to be left behind by the Men's Glee Club, the Girls' Glee Club, or Ma- drigal Club, has also been in the public eye consistently. Ac their concert, Louise Roper, Ann Key Murphrec, Mary Lanier Munds, Leslie Osborn, Fay Oppenheim, and Dorothy Hayes soloed, and with the chorus were lauded in a manner that left no doubt as to the approval of the audience. Page Forty-five LESLIE Osaorm, President CCDTILLI The Student Social Organization in charge of the Mid-term, Easter, ancl Final Dances Plus PAUL . ,... President Gene Williains Billy Roberts Bill Hines Doyle Williams Alex Hayes Ward McFarland Bennie Engel Joe Riley MEMBERS Bob Hearin john Boles Ernest Williains Gilbert Johnston l-IONORARY MEMBERS Mike Prestera joe Kilgrow Alto Lce I-Ienry Reicl Eris Paul. Gene Willinms, Blllv Roberts Bill Hines Doyle Williams, Bob Henrin, Ernest Will ams G lbert John bon Ale Hayes, Benny Encrel, Joe Ril y Mi hnel Prest ra Alto Lee Henry R ld Page Forty-six LUB+ff Music-slow music, fast music, swing music, sweet music: all of it good' music-characterized the Mid-term and Spring stomps in the year nine- teen hundred and thirty-seven. Eris Paul is to he congratulated in getting two of the country's leading dance bands to appear here: no one can deny that Kay Kyser and George Olsen are members of Dancedom's nobility. Another great attraction at the dances, as everyone knows, was that Boo-ful fwhich means ten degrees prettier than beautifull Alice Street Robertson, who led the dances with Eris. Some- how we just can't help thinking that maybe her presence there was responsible for a lot of the ticket sales. Anyway, whatever the attraction, this ycar's crop of dances was the best yet, and will be re- membered as such for a long, long time. Now don't be modest, Eris--you'll have to admit we're telling the truth. "'I'hinkin1: of you" . . . IM-nn Lnnenster, Hill Cittm - nml Chnrln-s Mnmlili-n . . . Oniicron Dm-Hu Kumi 1 pins: . . . Hillman Wllllivl' und Kay Prim "l'Ivcnin' folks, how's y'nll?" . . . Siirmll Nu nnxlv . . . Iimrfnl just plnin liuoful . . . A llltli chu lu-Iwi-en nunihvrs . . . "Any liuL:s'I" , Aftunoon rlnnri' in full swing Those students who are lxsted in Wl7o,s Who in Amerzcan Colleges and Universities MORTIMER JORDAN BETTY BRESLIN ERIS PAUL - YOUNG BOOZER FRANK DAVIDSON NEIDA HUMPHREY FRANCIS OSBORN JAMES CALDWELL BILL HAWLEY DOROTHY JANE BENNETT PETE LANIER DOYLE WILLIAMS MARGARET Nlx PAUL THOMAS Bon ADAMS CZVZ Others whom we have enjoyczl knowing at the University. HENRY REID HARRY CARROLL MOLLY MERCER WILBERT JORDAN BILL TIIJPIN BEN ANDERSON BUBBER NISBET ED HAYES MARIE DROLET HOBDY RAINS BILL HINES LORRAINE INGRAM HADLEY HOWARD BEN FULLER ERNEST WILLIAMS iw., .. V -.ww Aiw- Y ' V+ S, A N W I L. ., BI-AW' an' I4 '..-If CAMPU E NALITIE augbzf BY THE CAMERA Left band page- Sigma Nzfs Homecoming decorations . . . S. A. Efs greet tbe old grads . . . We Won't mention any names . . . A group of celebrities watcb tbe girls' convocation pa- rade . . . One of tlne sororities puts out an extra . . . Tbe Tri Deltas win tlve girls, prize . . . Cbi Omega decorations . . . Sig- ma Cl7i's take tbe men's cup. Rigbl band page- Spanislz Inn-mates . . . Gorgas Hall boys . . . Art Club . . . Tbe Trcasurefs ofjqce force . . . Boys' Spirit Committee . . . Pbi Mu Epsilon members . . . Manly Hall boys . . . Garland Hall roomers. QU N. Q Ah "N, 57? ,Q MW E? 5 'G 9' 2'-WW? Q N, H ff, 16, .LH l, '5' 75 ugyk v W A M NL., E Un the CAMPU Left hand page- Dr. lack Montgomery . . . The Isbell sisters, Jane and Sue . . . Governofs Day exercises . . . Dr. Beedon and Mr. Fort take a stroll . . . Davies and Driesch of Theta Chi fame . . . jim Hardwick and his brother watch football practice . . . The ole Swimming hole . . . The campus in the rain . . . Mort Jordan addresses the student body . . . Alabama merchants pro- test against the sales tax . . . Bernie Feld at worlq . . . Denny Stadium is packed by 'Bama supporters . . . Bill Huddleston and Billy Roberts, at work on the Corolla. Right hand page- Corolla Beauty Review . . . Waiting for the sheepskin . . . Ruth Cooper at worle . . . . Our girls take to the air . . . St. Pat's Court . . . The Glider Club . . . Three wise girls--Commerce all A stu- dents . . . A smile from 'Bama's Beauty No. 1 . . . The Rifle Team in action . . . Four State religious organization presi- dents . . . Major Underwood . . . The jury for "Night of Ianuary 16th,' . . . Two B. S. O. C.'s . . . James and Sneed -extremes . . . Mac-a familiar sight . . . Student rally for Dr. Denny. , I --,. J fy, x YRS., 'I' f f vvnrrxwZ""""""+""4'4 " . U 5 '. "- 7 'N llllfg f K -.M ' A "' ' ' ' .,', ., r , ,, - .-' " 'X . . - - Pi! .512 'rt .. . . -" i -57' -ff B rs. -.-yu 1, :1 al' A. .lfmgufg ,w .. . , F .ed , 1" ' ' N. 4- -,gg-M" .",,, -. .1 4, 2 .. vi-. . .3 "-.,.-wg.-..:q,,'.:f4G. -' ,' 3 .., .,. -1. 1' QT? ' , S 4 ff wfrf- , 'v n JHW 1 . "f?,'.-4, 0 f , Q M, 1:3 -2 Q- 1 5--....,' , I-. .,. -, 4., '- . M -, .A r ' , 1,' A. '-.,,'1 5 ' 2 Ll, i W. ,I Y. 'K I -few, A, ,. v 1 11 A AV L A." , , ' , . " "-'. -.A ' 1 ' .. . ,vt N . '7 'A V . .-M, -V K 1' , H' fx " ' S ' ' I I1-dsx: - .. -5 .r U N ' ., 1 Q- " ,. " ' - '13, s 3. fi ,M VIQTIXBILL . ' , -X95 - I un rr. -' ij W' . . 1,5 "Ni g llqq -an ai BAMAe W it Left hand page- The State "YU delegation to Blue Ridge . . . Pals from the zoo . . . Parson Jones . . . Fatso-politics inseparable . . . Worm's eye-view of Denny Chimes . . . The "YU Christmas Party . . . Bluford and Har- grove, prides of Alpha Chi . . . Home- coming fireworks, believe it or not . . . Football sponsors . . . Parade to convoca- tion . . . What a gal! so thatls how Eloise keeps that athletic hgure . . . Coach Brick- ates gives his boys a Workout. Right hand page Wm. Hersch dresses for a date . . . The lawyers raise cain at Homecoming . . . Walt Bogart at Work . . . Round-man Ful- ler puts over a big business deal . . . Pilny and Harris, lovers galore . . . "Redn Tay- lor of Kappa fame . . . The three Ritz brothers . . . It wouldrft be hard to choose from this set-up of Chi Omega's . . . Glenn Elliott, junior Prom Chairman . . . Dick Reeder looks interested in something- rnust be a woman . . . Smiles from Swift and Boozer . . . Ain't love grand? just ask jean and joe . . . Ugli! I donlt know who you are, but please go 'wayl . . . Bobby Hart studies . . . Dinny and Molly seem to be having a hard time keeping Bartley out of that ice cream . . . john Ulrich sleeps. C Q Hi w., L.,,..,.J- W, f Y' H lg wgvl 1 4. Q 3 . 5 1. V il r ,QR , W . A ...A 1 .vwfk fi' KA 1377 HY M- P5 .B .QV v, I ll l 'V 3 1 'An -1 A--4 4 'xw,M-n1f::C1y1u-L111- 3. 111 A .m'1fw.'1,1,gf-,,glfYq-- - N, 4121111 14.11.-1-vm' L W w 11"v"1p,A nf'-v1m'f'fZf' "' 1 1-'1N7w-:- H W A 1 - 1 4 1 4, .1 ,1 ,1 1 -un.-nv .1 fr -r-9" 1.1 . 1 1f3:"15x L: " '. f. .-1 f - 1: ,,'1"1, w A-'miw 114-'fm Hg... , ,,, ,1Q,.1 I f'..j1'r1 TJ. b -119 1 Q.. A ,...f-,.f..,1-.sf 1 1 ,1-kjff .L-'f'Lff11f"' 1 h . 1- ,,',-.. J, ..., ka' 111 fluid- '-W 1 --"LT3ffn-'f'EAC:gff-:,Tl' - .11 ,531-V211-1: ',f ' "'fJ. 5.2. ,Q '- .egg-1qg31r .. 5- 11 X -' .:1 ,. . .,1 ' l ' r. - "'-'f-Y? Hr . . , .1 . 5-MQ. '41 img. ,, X Y N' Jfk- .. ' . -' -1 Q , 1- -J1-"'7. 'X "HQ 42,19 1 Q 75f'TxCAfQQ,UQ. '-wil 2 ' 1 - ' ,f f-1: 2. 5 :- ' ag 5.1, ,..--'- - rj ' 11x . -4 1194- 1, 1.1- V M4 ' "H '1:z" '- 'W 'vi --ft Q-N' M. "fu 1 1 -U J.. 5- . :Awww 1 , 1 1 gm -11. 1 ' gm - '57:3f1f.1 .wa fl, 1- " rfEe??!' 4 :'. 3'-.,',-13 ,fx 1 ' 1,- .", '1 1. , 1 .. H1 . .11 1 11' 1- 1 -. .HK-'41 1"'-'.vf 31 -"1 , - . 1 2 .w,',:fj ,' wb -A ,Q j' . fig.-5.1q :g.:'1 ii'1fjf'.' e. 1 -t1 . 11' :iw .. ' 9 ,Zqn5'i13,-jf, 4 X 7"4-M3 5 ,-m..1.2,w '-'fm 1-.41 .111-.111-1115.-1, '. 11 1.-.1 . 1 .1-. -.y , :12,1. -Q . .734 1 Y' 1'2" if - 1. 1-in .1111 . fi' 1:2-T 1 . zz-111' 1-1? ,Af 1.',rfbQ'1'Q5,l .Q '11-,AA I" .1 . ' " 315"G'1L:i12 1.1 ,p.fv?gi1:'-f '- VWQ' .1 ,'y'.-.:5'fS5l'I31--1. '.rY.M 1' 5.-I ,1 2,-. 151253,-+-v . Q,-Q11 y.1 in 1Z'fj,x.y."e'f' '. im , -1 1' ,. 1" -1 1. .,-sf .1-Eg' wg . 1 ,-1- 1 .-23. u 1 1-1-1."':s'g. . '-Iwi 1 ri? - 1....2gif.if?'TY '1'.3g:-- 'll 635421 ff? ."1f9:1." me " 2 -J .gr .4 ,lv ln, xv.. 1 -41 ' 1117- .11--.ln 1l,?A? 1.f-,:,.,n1--1 1 ,V J .N 3:7 fx? 1 -- ' -1. 1 531 A1- 111. .v gi ' . "1 ' n '11- f1 .4 ,rr fy' j ' 1' 1:- 1 -ij 'Q aff-' 11: 5 k I 416 3' 'ff ' if 4 nb.. ' 'X '. 1 jf .-.I , ff' . "N, .4 1 1- ,.1 ,, 1 ' 2 . .- . Ax 1' , 1,7-pw - 'E ' , -' - .' M ---..-Nia-H -f -w--1- -.1---,1-.-....,..............- ........--.-. """" . 1--,W-,.l1 3 1 a n 1 2,3 - ,I 3: :1-.,r,q,' :ei iiw-ZH' .11 W. -"M" FM -111 ' ' A ' 11. I M P.. V ri IE",-1,v4, -1v5.?::7:1 V -..-. M1 ' ' 5-,U '11 ' - -1 1 , .gi .' 1' . . . 1. .,. ':"1D.1'.'j.'f 1 1 '11 1. " - ' '- I-nw 1' 3 fm:1f1s1.1nv:1.-1 1 .2'13.5:.,:1:1,.34-.Qak' 1-75: 511' , 5111? .,. i' ' 1. "'1'1..,:-Lf.f::'S1iy' Wa' 534' 'I - 1 .1 1 ,2?.'Cj'-I ' , .N J " ..r..t.':15..a::..'r,:x1..f141:x:1f:1.g::1':::.-:1:::aaa:,?n7s::::::1:::::4:saux: 1 ' W Y.: W. - 1 .1.. .gf ww,-,. . 1 W -Q .ssvfrme gyyypq :mmf 1111. f .- ivy. , " ' --- ' -- . -1---1-fum ":.-ru-.rvvvff '10 1 '. 1 :11:..:x.'1'-.': -""f!f --- . ' w yn. 4 -'.-. .'f" ""-" 1-- ' V39-1.4.9 .g5,,,5.:1"1' ' ' GSK II I . a i.' , .s,. nxt' 1 ' 1 . . Q- V- 5 ' '11 ,- ,, , . 111415 1 X' lg.,-11 1. .1 1 1 1. .,,..1.,1,,, . .. Q.. aw ...r , A A av M, ..,'1- . 1 11. 1.1 1- 1 Q' ,"s.f'-,i l -'N 1. .- - A ."1:.119f 1' Q . 1 1 1.1-1 . 1, ,, 4.1, 7.3, 1 V 'a'-' 1- .yvf 7 .-'-194 -'.-H' 5 2 - 'gag n -,..f ff -5 ,' 1w.1751v'. 1. 7' 'kiwi mv-::7L5.SX5?0S5yf, " ex-'-'1,s..L. I L11135.2f.:':-fra' 1 .1sx.4..1u1.'1.1'1 1-gfwlm-..:1 ...LN ' LTHOUGH snow is comparatively rare in Alahama, this scene was caught hy the cameraman during one of the recent snowfaus in the Northern part of the State. It should he explained here that this picture can represent only North Alahama, as snow is so rare in South Alahama that to ohtain a photograph of it would he impossihle. 1,7 A Wmran Ere!-uNc IN NORTHERN ALABAMA CLASS S Dean ALBERT B. MOCRE cz, FACULTY Graduate work, in the modern sense, was be- gun at the University of Alabama in 1897, though the Master's degree had been conferred almost from the outset. The requirements for the Mas- ter's degree have been made more exacting from time to time, in harmony with the progress of graduate work throughout the country. In 1925 the Graduate School was organized for the purpose of actively promoting graduate work as a major Held of endeavor. At that time only a few graduate students were enrolled in the Uni- versity. In the year 1931-32 more than 850 grad- uate students were enrolled in the regular session, the summer school, and extension classes. Gradu- ates of the leading colleges and universities of the country are coming to the University of Alabama to pursue Masterls work. Commensurate with the increase in graduate enrollment has been an improvement in the facilities for graduate study. 'First Row: Grnhnm Burnwcll Mmrc Hnrn-1 Cxuvt-i Dnvi-4 Second Row McClure Ott Dostu lloyd GRADUATE ADAIR, XVINSTGN LEE, ill 1' A . . uNIoNTowN, ARCHIBALD, ELXVYN NEXVBERRY . ., ALABAMA LOUISIANA BLAUVELT,-IOHN D. . . . . . . GRASMERE, s. I., NEW Yomc Gamma Sigma Epsilon. BoozER, YOUNG, E N ....,.. DOTHAN, "A" Club: Football, '31-'36: 0. D. K.: Jasons: llnsebzil Presiclenit JIIIIioI' Class-I, '3-1-'35 : l'I'v:-Iiclcnt Cotillion ClIIb, CAMPBELL, GEORGE Wll.IlUR . Phi Delta Knnna: Pi MII Epsilon: T1'5l4!l1lllLZ' I"ollowslIiII in Mnthon . . , . DADEVILLE, Gmclcrshin in Mnthemnticq Iatiu-4, '36-'37: Honor Roll, Cook, ERMA, K A ,,.., . . oPEI.IIcA, A. li., Hollins-I Collcxze. CoPPI,E, GEORGE EI.I.Is, K A . , ALBEMARLE, NGRTI-I GI'IulIIato Fellowship in Emxlish. CUNNINGHAM, RUSSELL N., X ill . . . BIRMINGI-IAM, A. B.. V. M. l. DAY, JOHN SuMMERvII.I,E . . TUSCALOOSA, I-lxcelsior. FANT, RICHARD OWEN, JR., fl! E K . . TUSCALOOSA, A. B., Alabama: Fcllmvship in History, '35-'3G: Exc FELD, BERNIE D., JR., Z B T . . , BIRMINGI-IAM, Algernon Sydney SlllllV!l"l Awurcl, 19745: A. B., Alabama: Kappa: O. D. K.: Jnsonw: Student Government, Executive ALABAMA l, '35-'36 I '35-'3G. ALABAMA , '35-'36 S '33-'3G. ALABAMA CAROLINA ALABAMA ALABAMA ALABAMA clsior. ALABAMA Phi Beta and Ap- pcnls Committees, '34-'37: Cla-Isificutions Committco. '35-'37C Who's Who Amonu American CUllCIlL'!-l, '35-'36 : Aqsnciutc Editor Crimson- Whitc, '35-'37: Awsaociute Editor Corolla, '34-'37 : Associate Editor Rammcr-Jammer, '37 : Phi Eta Sigma, Secretary, '32-'33s Excelsior, President, '33-'34: Council of Clubs: Snirit Committee: Gradur in PI-zycholrmy, '33-'35g Frcehman Football. '31: Phi Delta Knpp En:-Iilon: Blackfrinr Key Club. n: Pi Mu FORMAN, MARY ELIZABETH ,,.,, BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Fellowwhip in Mathematics: A. B., Annes Scott. OFFICERS GRADUATE SCHOOL President . . , .,... , BERNIE Fam A A A Page Sixty-two G R FULLER, BEN S., A E ID ..... TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Business Manayzer Corolla: Who's Who in American Collet-'r0S,.'if5i Greeks: Spirit Committee: President Spirit Committee, '35: C0Ull1.0Tl Club, '34: Freshman Football: Varsity Foetballt Illtcrfmtcrnlty Council, '33-'36. GAMBLE, MELBA, X Q . . RANGER, TEXAS GUIN, RUTH KATE .,.... MO0RE,S BRIDGE, ALABAMA Transfer from Alabama Collette. GWl'NNE, MARJORIE PEIRCE, A KD , . ROCHESTER, NEW Yom: HOUSTON, BERNICE .,....... , CONROEv TEXAS Fellowship in Mathematics: A. B., North Texas S. T. C.: Pi Mu Epsilon: Chi Beta 1'hi Silrmll- KIMBERLY, AUSTIN SANBQRD, 9 X . . . PIEDMONTQ ALABAMA Editor '37 Corolla: Assistant Editor '36 Corolla: Philomathici Intel'- nationnl Relations Club: Interfraternity Council. '36-'3'7: Council of Clubs: Cotillion Club Committee. '3G: A. li. Dexrrvvi B0l1Nl of Pllbll- cations, '36-'37: Associate Editor Crimson-White: Associate Editor Rammer-Jammer. LITTLE, DALLAS EUGENE LIVINGSTON, K X , SEATTLE, WASHINGTON V1 '1 -i Moss, GEORGE W., K E ...., . sELIvIA, ALABAMA A. B. Degree. NEUMULLER, ROBERT, 9 E ..... TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Rifle Team, '32-'36: Pershimr Rifles: Seabbard and Blade: Interna- tional Fraternity Council, '35-'36: Rho Alpha Mu: Secretary-'1'rc-asurer Graduate School, '36-'37: Student Court, '36-'37: Captain Rifle Team, '35-'36. SHAPIRO, LoUIs B., ID B A ....., cLEvELANB, OHIO B. S., Ohio State. WAIER, MARIE ELSIE, 9 Y ...,.. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Newman Club: Province Treasurer. Newman Club: Y. W. C, A. Cabinet: W. A. A, W,xLKBR, TIl.LIE, Z T A . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA WHITF, ARTHUR P .......,. ATMORE, ALABAMA Phi Delta Kappa: Varsity Football, '34-'36: "A" ClIIb. WIl.LIAMS, PITYTON WARD, JR .,.,,, , Quo, ALABAMA A. B. Degree: Literary Editor Rammer-Jammer: President Senior Class, '35-'3G: Crimson-White, '33-'36: Assistant Editor. '35-'36: Phi Delta Kappa: Alabama Quaulrnmrle: lilnckfriars, l'ublicity Manager, '34-'36: Philomathic: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Preshlent International Relations Club, '34-'35: Seabbard and Blade: Honor Roll, '33-'31l: Appeals Committee, '34-'36. 'A' 'A' 'lr 'A' if Page Sixty-three Dm ALBERT J. PARRAH and FACULTY The University of Alabama Law School is rec- ognized today as being among the best in the United States. Its standing is now unchallenged, but this position was reached only through years of devoted and unselflsh service by many state lead- ers. The first attempt to provide for legal training at the University was made in 1845, when the Board of Trustees established a professorship of law. judge Benjamin F. Porter, the professor, received little assistance, and a year later the plan was abandoned. The movement for a law school was revived in 1872, under the leadership of Judge Henderson M. Somerville, who is considered the real founder of the Law School. During the next forty years its growth was assured by the presence of many eminent jurists on the faculty. The third and most successful period began in 1912, when Dr. A. Farrah came to the Univer- sity as Dean of the Law School. Under his guid- ance there have been developed the high standards that are maintained today. A modern law build- ing has been erected, and the School has gained national prestige as a member of the Association of American Law Schools. The high degree of training is evidenced by the large number of alumni who are leaders in the local and national life. Many of the men most influential in the moulding of our state and na- tional policies have degrees from the Alabama Law School. Their success is the best acknowl- edgment of the appreciation to the builders who developed this admirable system for the training of the legal profession. First Row: McCoy, Farrah, Livingston. Masters. Second Row: Jeffs, Hepburn, Harwood. 1 E Vi .. ' -Lg, V V .guufv 1 , .,. ,Mk 1 ,f--'-g::2W"""""'sv x 1 .1 1 ' N A N- X L. x . V f-3-,ggsa--g., D ' 4 , ,X GV I I EL Ea . ' ' ' V7 .V 'lf V. I ', K - ' ' ' N. V V . E -fVf f'ffzv:rY"f'1+ VVV V - I "ffl 'R ' ,M 4,1 ' , ' .'34fR'f'f'w-.Html 3q15,,,J.,c"'..:.... F, 1-,I ' N p ' V .1 , I- . 1 x I . ' . . g It t .'qgLyl,g.-168011: Swv- A - X - Z ' Y XV ' X 'Z' .- FQ WU". I , ' F ' '-P . .QL ,HU X V gf. - L U X .. ' , V ' S . '-f" - X y ' ' Y -. s ix " ,fu ' ik ,f .' - .- , . ' , xxf 4 M VX - V 1 r ,il - ,ff X -- 1 . -s ' ""' ' ,.,-W' . ,ua K ,xg -X ' 4 ' 'rx , A ' . . uh Q - ' :fl , V ' I A - J .4 . ' .Qwx r V, v VH! -Hz SX. ,J-rg, L L., . - Q - V V ,f- .. .V A -in V ' fi V ,. .- Sak 1 . by V N, .f ,f . VV 'Y -- ., . S Q I MV Va-, . M , Vw X ' K L A j 1'l ' . ' Liv ' I ., . -7: l ,,. n I- .- , 4-"'Q I! fi . vw- S, V b ,ff H ,.--- -J,-lg, -4, V N.- x , V- l 'ff V N . :Ant - -fx -l,x-'ff -yi ,rw - .Ju ,A d,,,.3-' ML, f- V Y V ' Y -53, - V ,A ,V , Q . , x V f,f':VgVfffiifiLfErf'5w+ V., f V A ,,,fj.' --A ff- ' ' 5 3. A V' ,fajiisgfvjj Q--,Sf H,iL-V51 Vl,.VxR1HVQx,x . A-,af .QAf!l-'-1,.-- 4-rlttljj JA.,1f' .T'.'-,Yi Ji, X :,NN ZX gf," ,-TLC-"'--'1 l '. 12" ff V5 W1 -H.. ' 3, X.: J X.. ,,.A -,M f x4Vf4g,f1,f1 Vx - . 'U'-1 b 5 N " I,-'Qi -4 P 'F' H' X: 45 ' A ' ,3 - xX,- ,J , ' V , -.. Q W A, If fi V X 3 I 4 f f la Qi V Q x if MX "'-" ' L'-N4-Qs .XA fi L31--'A' 73' ....-ff' 'Nm N fx s ,Q xx- A ,."""" V VQVV , X, , 1' ' 5,2 ex, W' , NX - V . I N ,nn VXYNI, "Q -- rlgjxy 95 ,Z f V If XM! I-,dj 4, I ,ibn 'X Xywzf' A J V - V f 'X-1291 X. ,. ff J ,, V 1 V f,vf,fjQ yf , ,v .. yx jf -Z , ,f I f' May jj! ff 5,4 ,J m ,, if 'ff J fjjy ff! ' 1 'J Z pf' J 'jfjl 7 'lf .1 ff 1 f 'Q - ' V VfiW5f2'1" V J '25-4' i . 1 f ' v' 4 1- ADAMS, ROBERT FRANKLIN, 2 X . . . - JACKSON, ALABAMA Assistant to Treasurer: Alabama Quadramzle: Interfraternity Coun- cil: Arch Club: Honor Roll: Delta ChIb. ALLEN, CLEVE W., JR., E A E ,.,, TALLADEGA, O. D. K.: President Interfraternity Council, '35: Delta Club ALABAMA : Phi Eta Sigma: Honor Roll, '83-'34: Fellowship in Commerce, '32-'33-'34C Philomuthic. BAILEY, EUGENE V. . . TUSCALOOSA, BENNETT, ROBERT H., Z X ..,.. LOUISVILLE, Phi Alpha Delta: InterfruteI'nity Council. BRITTON, ,IOIIN F. II K A . ..,. MONTGOMERY, Phi Delta Phi: R. A. 'l'.: Rho Alpha Mu. BRUCE, FRANK W. . TUSCALOOSA, BURKE, OZMUS SIGLER . ..,..., AKRON, Glue Club, '32-'33-'34, CALDWELL, JAMES LEE, A K E .... HUNTSVILLE, Druids: Philomathic: President Jasons: President Quudrunurle: Debate Team: Tau Kappa Alpha: Secretary Knavcs: Para Delta Phi: Council of Clubs Committee: Y. M. C. A. Cnbi Ridge Delegate: President O. D. K. ALABAMA ALABAMA ALABAMA ALABAMA ALABAMA ALABAMA Varsity sites: Phi net : Blue CARROLL, HARRY L., ll K ill ...,. SLOCOMB, ALABAMA Student Director lntramural Athletics: Delta Sixxma Pi: Druids: R. A. M.: Greeks: Spirit Committee, Vice-Pre.sident '33-'34: Delegate Constitutional Convention: lnterfratcrnity Council: Forensic Council: Freshman Basketball and Baseball: B. S. in Commerce: Cotillion Club: Crimson-White: 1935 Who's Who in American Universities and Colleges, CARTER, EDWARD R., 9 X . , FLORENCE, ALABAMA CLARK, MAVIS MARIAN . , Los ANGELES, CALIFORNIA COOK, ALLEN ......... ANDALUSIA, ALABAMA Freshman Y. M. C. A. Advisor: Philomathic: Excelaior. OFFICERS LAW SCHOOL SENIORS President . . , , ALT0 LEE Vice-President . , WILLIAM B155 Secretary-Treasurer . , RICHARD Rmgy A' ir 'k Page S ixty-:ix CUTRER, RALEIGH T. . OSYKA, MISSISSIPPI DAVIDSON, FRANK EDWARD, K A .... MERIDIAN, MISSISSIPPI Editor Crimson-White: Secretary-Treasurer Student Body, '34-'35: Scabbard and Blade: Quudranxrle: Cotillion Club, '33-'3'15: S0Cf'0t2t1'y- Treasurer Interfruternity Council, '34-'36: Honor Committee, 33- 34. FOREMAN, ALExANDER, JR., 'Il F A .... MOBILE, ALABAMA Excelsior: Erosophic, R. A.. T.: Rho Alpha Mu: Interfraternity Coun- cil: Business Manager Rummer-Jammer, '35-336: Phi Delta Phi. GIDDENS, JAMES F., 2 A E ..... . - TROY, ALABAMA Phi Delta Phi: Knaves. GORN, MlL1'0N A.,l2l A M . . NEW YORK, NEW YORK HALL, ROBERT A., E N ....,. BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Vice-President Greeks. HAYES, ROBERT J. . . RIRMINGI-IAM, ALABAMA HOnGEs, WILLARD J. ....... ODENVILLE, ALABAMA Seabbarzl and Blade: Pershinir Rifles: S, A. M. E.: Rifle Team: Lieutenant-Culonel R. 0. T. C. l-IORNSBY, MARY ELLEN, 2 K ..., TALLASSEE, ALABAMA Spirit Committee. HOWELL TPIOMAS ORR. JR., KI' E K . . . MOBILE ALABAMA 9 D Interfruternity Council: Rammer-Jammer, '32-'34: Corolla '32-'34: Crimson-White, '32-'34: Alpha Delta Sigma. JACKSON, ALTO'LOFTlN ........ CLIO, ALABAMA ll. S. in Commerce: Glee Club: Alpha Kappa Psi. JORDAN, MORTIMER, A K E ..... BIRMINGI-IAM, ALABAMA President Student Body: Business Manueer 1935 Corolla: President Arts and Science Class '31-'32: President Sophomore Class, Arts and Science, '32-'33: President Junior Arts and Science Class, '33-'34: Chair- man Junior P1-Om, '31-1: President Jasons. '34-'35: Vicmllregidcnt O. D. K., '34-'35: Cotillion Club: Druids: Quadrangle: Knuves: R. A. T.: R. A. M.: Board of l'ublicu.Lions, '34-'35: Wh0's Who' in American Universities and Colleges. KAPLAN, GEORGE IRWIN, 22 Q Al' . , TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA KILGORE, ROBERT G-, .JR-, 'D A 9 . . , . JASPER, ALABAMA A. B. Degree: O. D. K.: President Parasites: Alabama Quadrangle: Phi Delta Phi: Arch Club: Interfraternity Council, '35: Druids: Delta Club: Secretary-Treasurer Freslzman Law Class: Cotillion Club Com. mittee, '35. ir ir 'A' 'A' ir Page S ixty-seven LEE, ALTO VELO, E N .,..... COLUMBIA, ALABAMA A. B. Deprree: President Senior Law Clnss: Interfrnternity Council: Spirit Committee: Parasites: President Arch Club: President Phi Delta Phi: Honor Committee: Glee Club. LENVIS, WILLIAM T ........, , COLUMBUS, OHIO Phi Beta Kappa: O. D. K.: Jasons: Druids: Phi Eta Sixzma: Spirit Committee: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: State President Y. M. C. A.: Who's Who in American Colleges, '35-'36: President Freshman Law Class: Corolla: Crimson-White. MCCARTI-nf, Joi-IN JOSEPH , , WATERBURY, CONNECTICUT MAsoN, DEWITT K., Jn., fll A 9 .... MARION, ALABAMA Phi Delta Phi: B. S.: A. P. I. MILNER, RDBERT SAYRE .,.. . , WETUMPKA, ALABAMA Phi Alpha Delta. MOSELY, SEABORN H., CD 2 K .,,. TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Rifle Team: Glee Club: Corolla: Crimson-White: Officers' Club: Pershing Rifles. MURPIiY, GEORGE AMBROSE, II K A . . GADSDEN, ALABAMA ORME, HARRY CLAY, JR., 9 X , . SAMSON, ALABAMA PATTDN, JAMES WILLIAM, JR., A T Q . MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Rho Alpha Tau: Philomathie: Greeks: Appeals Committee. PAUL, ERIS FREEMAN, A A T ..,... ELBA, ALABAMA Delta Sigma Pi: President Junior Law Class, '35-'36: President Co- tillion Club, '36-'37: Crimson-White: O. D. K.: Who's Who in Ameri- can Universities and Colleges. POWELL, ABNER RILEY, E N . ..,, ANDALUSIA, ALABAMA Greeks: Golf Team: Phi Alpha Delta. PRowELL, M. A., KD I' A . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA RANDALL, LELAND, ID A 9 .... WEST BLOCTON, ALABAMA A. B. Degree: Phi Delta Phi. RICE, HERBERT S., Z B T . - MONTGDMERY, ALABAMA 'A' i' ir 'A' 'k Page Sixty-eight -1 RILEY, RICHARD SPAIN, E A E .... BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Phi Delta Phi: Greeks: Secretary-Treasurer Senior Class. SABLER, LEON Y., 9 Y Q ...... CAMDEN, ALABAMA Phi Alpha Delta. SGI-IUPP, FRANKLIN JOSEPH . . BUFFALO, NEW YORK SEALE, THOMAS F., A T Q . . LIVINGSTON, ALABAMA SMITI-I, JOHN JOSEPH, A 2 CID ..,. BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA A. B., Birmingham-Southern: M. A., University of Virginia: Instruc- tor in Economics, University of Virginia, '31-'34: Instructor in Com- merce and Business Administration, '34-'37: American Economic As- sociation: Pi Gamma Mu: Tau Kappa Alpha: President Senior Class in Law. STARLIN, TOM, A X ...... . . COLUMBUS, GEORGIA President Student Body. '33-'34: Distinguished Service Award Four Year Outstandinlz Student: WlIo's Who Among Students in American Colleges, '35-336: Southern President of National Student's Federation of America: Vice-President Southern Federation of Collexre Students: O. D. K.: Blue Key: Jasons: Brigade Adjutant R. O. T. C.: President Alabama Quadrangle: President Delta Sixzma Pi: President Phi Eta Sigma: Secretary Y. M. C. A.: B. S. in Commerce: Secretary 'Lo Executive Secretary. STROUB, ERNEST Louis, JR., II K fl, .... SAFFORD, ALABAMA Phi Alpha Delta. TAYl.0R, THOMAS J., K A .... . HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA Scabbard and Blade: Alabama Qunzlrumrle: Junior Prom Committee, '35: Honor Committee Law School, '36. THOMAS, W. PAUL, A X ..... BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA O. D. K., President, '35-'36: Jasons: Beta Gamma Sigma: Alabgmgl Quarlranxrle: Delta Sigma Pi: Phi Eta Sigma: Honor Rgll, '30-'35: President Senior Class in Commerce, '34: Austin Cup, '36g Wm-d.Sterne Scholarship Award, '31-'33: Callahan Law Prize: Regimental Com- mander Infantry, '33-'34: VVho's Who in American Colleges, '35-'36- B. S. in Commerce and Business Administration: Graduate Fellowshiyi in Commerce, '34-'37, TODD, EDWARD - A . LANCASTER, SOUTH CAROLINA VAN TASSEL, GEORGE M- - . MILLERTON, NEW YORK WAIEL, MERRILL C- - - . .... WETUMPKA, ALABAMA Phi Alpha Dena: B. s., Aimmu. WEl.CH, HENRY BURT, KD A 9 ..... SELMA, ALABAMAA Boxing Team, '35-'3G: Phi Eta Sigma: Phi Delta Phi. WOOTEN, GEORGE F. .,..,. REFORM, ALABAMA Phi Eta Siirmaz Honor Roll: Honor Committee, '35-'36, 'A' 'A' if Page Txxty-nine 'A' AGEE, ALLWIN T. Z X MOBILE, ALABAMA junior Philomathic: Excelsior: Glee Club. ANSLEY, JOHN P. 2 A E BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA junior Manager Debating Team: Druids: Spirit Committee: lnterfraternlty Council: 0. D. K.: Tau Kappa Alpha. BANK, BERT TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA lircshmari President of Junior Class, '35-'36: Chairman Junior Prom Committee, '35-'36: Vice-President Sophomore Class: Scabbard and Blade: Jasons: Spirit Committee: Freshman aIId Varsity 'l'I'IIck: Football Program Committee. BARNES, GEORGE ALBERT AXA BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Frerhman Blackfriars: Crimson-White. BEASLEY, BILLY X 41, CARROLLTON, ALABAINIA Freshman Class President. '34-'35: R. A. T.: Kappa Beta Phi: Arch Club: Black- friars. BRANTLEY, O. W. A K E TROY, ALABAMA Freshman BREWTON, CHARLES 2 A E SCOTTSBORO, ALABAMA junior BURNS, WILLIAM HUBERT 2 X GADSDEN, ALABAMA junior Alabama Quadramrle: Spirit Com- mittee: Rho Alpha Mu: Vice-Presi- dent Junior Class: Intramural Sports Staff: Varsity Tennis Team. CARNLEY, JEFFERSON A., JR. Z KD E ELBA, ALABAMA junior B. S., A. P. l.: M. S.. A. P. I. COHEN, ISAAC E. MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Sophomore ir if S C H Page Seventy 'k CONERLY, BETTY JACKSON, ALABAMA Freshman CONWELL, JOSEPH T. JASPER, ALABAMA F rcshm an Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Transfer from Transylvania. CRABTREE, PEGGY ARDEN BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Freshman Secretary Freshman Law Class. DELONY, EDWIN 2 X SPRINGVILLE, ALABAMA junior EMERSON, RICHARD B. ANNISTON, ALABAMA junior O. D. K.: Jasons: Alabama Quad- rangle: Philomathic: A. B. Degree. ENGEL, BENNY E A M JASPER, ALABAMA junior Secretary-Treasurer Freshman Class, '33-'34: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Inter- lraternity Council, '34-'35: Honor Council on Intramural Athletics. '35-'36: Vice-President lnterfratern- ity Council, '36-'37: Spirit Com- mittee. EWING, EDMUND P. T. A X BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Freshman FORRESTER, WILLIAM THOMAS II K A BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Freshman A. B. Howard. GARRETT, BROOX GRAY 2 X GROVE HILL, ALABAMA Freshman Alabama Quadrangle: Phi Eta Sigma: Philomathic: Excelsior: R. A. T.: Assistant to the Treas- urer. GARRET1', WATROUS THEADORE E X GROVE I-IILL, ALABAMA Freshman Alabama Quadrangle: Philomathicg Excelsior: A. B. Degree: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, '33-'34. O O L 'A' GARRISON, JAMES R. K E EUEAULA, ALABAMA junior Phi-Delta. Phi : Interfraternity Council: Honor Committee: Arch Club: Parasite, Druids: Delta Club. GHOLSTON, CLAUDE A. 9 K N BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Freshman Transfer Birmingham-Southern College. GILMORE, JEFFERSON WOODROW COFFEEVILLE, ALABAMA junior Excelsior: Philomathic: Varsity Debating Team: Director Wesley Deboters: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: A. B. Degree: Council of Clubs: President Re-elect Roosevelt Col- lege Club. GODBOLD, JOHN LAWRENCE II K A CAMDEN, ALABAMA junior Phi Delta Phi. GORDON, HARRIS MILTON ZBT COLUMDIANA, ALABAMA junior Jasons: "A" Club: Basketball Man- ager, '3G: ltammer-Jammer: Corol- la: Crimson-White: lilaekfriarsg Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Vice-l'resirlent Spirit Committee, '36-'3i: Inter- fraternity Council, '35-'3G: Excel- sior: Erosophie: Freshman Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. GRANOE fi' B A MILXVAUKEE, WISCONSIN lircshnlan GREENBERG, EMANUEL K N BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA lfrcxlmxan Interl'ratern2lty Council, '35-'37 : Senior Track Manager, '36: Phi Eta Sigma: Excelsior: Newtonian Math Club: Million Dollar Band. '33-'36: Commerce Honor Roll. HAGOOD, TRAVIS L. E A E BREWTON, ALABAMA Frerlvmfm I-IEPNER, RAYMOND A. ill K Z CHICAGO, ILLINOIS junior Phi Alpha Delta: Secretary-Treaw urer Interfraternity Council. O F Page Sevenly-one ir I-IINES, WILl.lAM CHRISTIAN KID I' A LAFAYETTE, ALABAMA junior 0. D. K. I-IUGHSTON, HAROLD V. K A FLORENCE, ALABAMA Frcrlmmn JAFFE, IRVING WILLIAM K N ONEONTA, ALABAMA junior Senior Track lvlanager, '35: "A" Club: Rho Alpha Mu: Treasurer '33-'34: Excelsior, Vice-President. '34-'3li: Alpha Delta Sigma: Black- friars: Rammer-Jammer: Crimson- White: A. B. Degree: Editor Hil- lel News, '35, JOHNSON, JAMES B. AKE junior BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA JOHNSTON, THOMAS A., III II K ill MOBILE, ALABAMA Junior President Excelsior: Honor Roll, '33-'35: Remlership in Speech: Varsity Debating Team: Philo- mathic: Vice-President Phi Eta Sigma: R. A. T.: Crimson-White. JOHNSTON, WILI.IAM H. ill A I9 I-IUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA Frcxlmimx Arch Club. JORDAN, EDITH MAE TLISCALOOSA, ALABAMA lireslmian A. li. Degree. KEITH, CHAMBLISS ill A I9 SELMA, ALABAMA Freshman KILPATRICK, ROBERT BRUCE ROXBURY, NEW YORK junior Spirit Committee: Honor Commit- tee: Cotillion Club: Blaekfriars: Corolla. LANIER, MILTON I-I., JR. fl' A GJ HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA Junior O. D. K., Vice-President, '36-'3T: Alabama. Quadrangle, President, '35-'3G: Jasons: Druids: R. A. T.: Philomathic: Phi Delta Phi. LEE, SAMUEL JAMES K E OKOLONA, MISSISSIPPI I"rexl7nIan Excelsior: Philomathic: Rnmmgr. Jammer: President Law Class: Y, M. C. A. Cabinet, Chairman Depu- tation Committee: Alabama Quad- rangle: Spirit Committee: Varsity Debating Team: Blackfriars: Dru- ids: Vice-Chairman State-Wide Peace Committee. uk if ' 'k MCNEIL, ROBERT ATS! BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Frexhmfm A. li., Birmimzham-SoIIthern: 0. D. K. MALONE, WILLIAM WARREN, JR EAE ATHENS, ALABAMA Frc.fhnIafI MARTIN, JOHN CLARK E A E SHEEEIELD, ALABAMA junior MAT1'HEWS, IVAN F. .E X BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Frcxlmmn MAUMENEE, JAMES RADCLIFF A K E BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Frenchman MEIGHAN, Joi-IN HERBERT II K A GADSDEN, ALABAMA Frcrbman MILLER, GEORGE O. 2 N LIVINGSTON, ALABAMA Frcfbman Arch Club. MILLER, THOMAS R. 2 N BREWTDN, ALABAMA Freshman R. A. T.: Arch Club. MONTGOMERY, MILTON R. K A TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Freshman MURPHY, GREEK MARECI-IAL II' A 9 MOBILE, ALABAMA F rcxhman Arch Club. 'A' 'A' 'lr OSDDRN, PRIME FRANCIS, III 2 A E GREENSBORO, ALABAMA junior Ju:-aun:-I: Druids: Rho Alpha Mu: Seubbard :Ind Blade: Tau Kappa Alpha: Varsity Debating' Team: Philomuthicz Honor Committee: Secretary to the Registrar: Arch Club: Second Lieutenant O. R. C. PARKS, PAUL WOODROW BLUEFIELD, WEST VIRGINIA junior Transfer Bluefield College und Con- cord College: Phi Rho Pi. PIPES, SAM W. X A E MOBILE, ALABAMA junior Secretary-Treasurer Jasons: Quad- rangle: Secretary-Treasurer Arch Club: Council of Clubs: Phi Delta Phi: President Parasites. PORTER, LEE FLORENCE, ALABAMA Frcxlmlan Po'r'rs, FRANK V. FLORENCE, ALABAMA Frvxhman PROCTOR, RICHARD E. MOULTON, ALABAMA junior RAINS, I-IDBDY G. II K A GADSDEN, ALABAMA junior Business Manager Crimson-White: Philomathic. RAINS, MAURICE E. II K A FYFFE, ALABAMA junior Phi Delta Phi: Spirit Committee: QuIIdrzImzle: Greeks. RICE, CHARLES BELL II K KD PRATTVILLE, ALABAMA Freshman ROBISON, VAUGHAN HILL MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA junior Bluckfrinrs: International Rela- tions Club: Excelsior: R. A. T.: Secretary-Treasurer Freshman Law Class, '35. S C H L Page Seventy-two 'A' RDBMER, ALBERT LEWIS MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA junior President Junior Law Class. ROGERS, P. MIMS 4I1 1' A FLORENCE, ALABAMA junior O. D. K.: Scabbard and Blade: Phi Delta Phi. SHIMER, ELLWooD DOUGLAS KI? K E BETHLEHEM, PENNSYLVANIA junior SMITH, ANDREW M. DECATUR, ALBAMA Freshman Symphony Orchestra, '33-'34: Black- friars:, '33-'35: Wesley Foundation Board and Orchestra: Library Fel- lowship: Vice-President Freshman Law Class. SMITH, LANSING I. E fID E ROCHESTER, NEW YORK junior Corolla: Phi Alpha Delta: Inter- fratcrnity Council. SMITH-MAYES, L. E. 2 A E SULLIGENT, ALABAMA FYCKIIIIIGYI Scabbard and Blade: A. B. Degree. SPIRD, JONAS JOE Z B T TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Frcxbman Phi Eta Sigma: Newtonian Math Society: Million Dollar Band, '33- '35: Freshman Chemistry Award: Phi Eta Sirzmu Scholarship Plaque: Fellowship in Political Science: Honor Roll, '33-'36. STEINER, BURGI-IARD Z B T BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA junior STONE, JACK C, A K E BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Frcrhman SULLIVAN, CATHERINE ALICE FAIRHOPE, ALABAMA F rcxhman O F A W Page Seventy-three vt' TITORNTON, J. B. QD A 9 MOBILE, ALABAMA Frcxlmmn Arch Club. TIPLER, FRANK J. H K A SHEFFIELD, ALABAMA Frrslmmn Interfraternity Council: Freshman Debating Team: Blnckfriars. TRUCKS, JOSEPH CLEWIs II K 'Il FAIRFIELD, ALABAMA junior VARDAMAN, JOHN WESLEY 2 N MCNTGDMERY, ALABAMA junior Arch Club: Parasites: Phi Delta Phi: Interfruternity Council. WAITES, SARA FRANCES ID M BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA junior A. B., Randolph-Macon, Woman'B College: M. A., Clark University: Vice-President Women's Student Government, '35-'36 : Executive Committee, '35-'36: Board of Di- rectors, '34-'35: Spirit Committee: Phi Gnmmn Mu: Fellowship in Commerce. WARD, TED HEADLAND, ALABAMA Frcxhman WARD, THOMAS B. K 2 TUsCAI.oosA, ALABAMA Frcxbman WESTCOTT, JOHN HOWARD A 2 1D osWEoo, NEW YORK Frcflmmn WHITE, EDXVARD ROBERT II K KIT URIAH, ALABAMA junior Secretary-Treasurer Junior Law Class: Phi Alpha Delta. WHITE, GEORGE PHILLIPS A X CENTERVILLE, ALABAMA Freshman R- A- T-I Druids: Rho Alpha Mu: Alabama Qundrumrle: Freshman Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Interfratcrn- iffy Council. '35: Crimson-White. i' A' ' Dean TUART GRAVE and FACULTY This school at present offers only the first: two years of medicine, but it maintains such standards of admission and promotion as insure ready trans- fer for its students to the best four year schools for the completion of their medical education. The thoroughness of their training at Alabama has been proven by the uniform success elsewhere. Matriculants are carefully selected for character and general fitness as well as scholarship. En- rollment is limited. The net result is that a small, high-grade congenial student body which receives close individual attention from the faculty. Medicine is the only historic profession for which complete education is not offered at Ala- bama. To the connection of this situation as soon as possible the trustees, the medical alumni asso- ciation, and the state medical association are com- mitted. As a basis for the development the Uni- versity is endeavoring to perfect its two-year school in conformance with the high standards. First Row: Foley, DuBois, Mcl3urney, Graves, Carmichsicl, Hunt. Second Row: Szlckt-tt, Fiddler. Haptxrcrty, Samuel, Fcriruson, Noble, Hull, Anderson, Roy, Paul, Cnson. 5 ff' f ' ', if ff ,, , ,,. VL H M, . Q 43. W- fs ' fjixg' .T ,gf ill' M J Es?" 'b :rl w",.k .1 V ld: Kffff, W EQ, ,7 31,6 fig' ' inf! ,fm , L ,FS 29.5 L' ,av X fa 4 4, .1 ' , A 1, ' uf H rf L- ' ey w x' f Q X ,g': 2, fr pl-xl' 1 ilf.f,'15"gw-:gkyhgfzllifga i: F-9 iw 4 A "WJ ' 'SPE-"e H?fZ9'i:--123 iff "' Y' v if T9 H ' A "W ,g , Jr' 145 Zn' 4 1 X M . 1 jg 1 gzvg gffgk X x - - N M 'F-V35 me ' s ' ' ' ' 'Gr' ., :QW - X 5 1 R: ' xx 1 X. X ' A mm' I , , .. - , ,X E I 4. 1 M - , A . ' f'f - l 'v-- - Q q' " . v ' A',-.- -.N -. 1 y , X- ,x x I .... y. K- 've .L 4 NN 'X - ' 'P 4 x x """""' f---M rw-. 'V , ' . K N f N , N .-qv 5, -,, x X 'f' x,,x -M' "1'F ms ' 1 ' Lx, -K 'N i W' -H1 XX... . X L , -h-,....-A X xx , . X, X- , "Y .f "' I - 5' fff.. Lf. """'--L. '..x -ww , kfmzw-I y1..:,,-,v. M x , X . xx 'N , 1 - ,iv X x l ' ' A " A " Hr f 'Q ' . NN gx' .-., l W -, -is - X f A, . W 1. " my--x..,,,,N-.x... -,,, In k .ix -ix I . -Am-M 4 XX X 'f L 5 , A , - ,V . , K R fvvlhqlw t ' X 15 mf x. X ,LH . -. :W V , 1 ' 432 S - . 9, ' i , ' V ws. K 1 . fb- ' A g 1 +115-3,' I . u X V W. N is ,,.A, .. X,-am A A A , s - M 1 V 'M xl A I 1 1 S , , Q ' sv x ' B V5 , Q Lffam, Mx X Ns 'A ' 392'-X H-4. -. ,NM N K , . ' ' . ' . H 7. '.,, ,N I ' 1 fir-. V ' . 1 MQU . ' l ' H-, .Vw 'T -K ,. ,,, ' ' . " hu ,Aw ' X f' h""'H ml x ' ,I X .gh 5 I " -4, 5 1 in Ji QI' mfg 4 If g f ' 1 , 5, Q I 5 .. X-. t ..,5 V . WW if-W ' N-vw. Y Ni BAGLEY, RICHARD . .... , RENO, NEVADA Sophomore President Sophomore Class: B. S., University ol' Ncvuda: Pi Beta Phi. BURKE, GEORGE W. ..... , . RENO, NEVADA Sophomore Pi Beta Phi: B. S., Nevada. CALDWELL, SAM WELCH, JR., K E ..,. WYLAM, ALABAMA Freshman Gamma Siizmu Epsilon, Y. M. C. A. Cnbinct: Phi Chi. CRENsI-IAW, JAMES F., A T Q .... BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Frcxhman Phi Chi DOMINIGK, TOM B., K E ..... . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Freshman 0. D. K.: Alpha Epsilon Delta: Druids: Alabama Qixadrnmzleg Knaves. FONDE, WILLIAM GoRGAs, A K E . . MOBILE, ALABAMA Frrrhman HAGGARD, CURTIS ANDREXV, ll K A . . MIAMI, FLORIDA Frcxhman Phi Chi. HERROD, HENRY GRADY, JR. . . . PLANTERSVILLE, ALABAMA Freshman Alpha Epsilon Deltn: Phi Chi. Hone, HENRY GUNTER, JR., E N .... MILLPORT, ALABAMA Freshman Alpha Epsilon Delta: Phi Chi: Intcrfrnternitv Council, '35, Knaves: Cotillion Cluh, '36: A. B. Degree. I KIRK, EUGENIA ELIZABETH, X Q ,.., TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Sophomore A. B. and B. S., Alabama: M. A.. Columbia: Psi Chi: Kappa Delta Pi: Alpha Epsilon Delta. MCCDY, WALTER CLAYTON, A T Q . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Frcxhman MCGRAW, FELIX J .....,.,. MARVEL, ALABAMA Sophomore Phi Beta Pi: B. S., A. P. I. OFFICERS MEDICAL SCHOOL Pfffidfnl . . ...... RICHARD BAGLEY Vice-President . , SAM WALLACE Secretary-Treasurer , . WILLIAM SHUMAKER i' -A' -A' Page Seventy-.fix A '1 -4 Moomf, FRANK SIMS, fl' A G7 . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Frvxlmmn 0. D. K.: Jasons: l"hi Beta Sigma: Alphn Epsilon Delta: Druids. SCHYLLECI, VINCENT J. .... . BESSEMER, ALABAMA lfrcslmian Phi Beta Pi: Gummn Siprmu Epsilon: Newtonian Math Society: Ilond, '33-'3fl: Newmnn Club: Svc1'etIII'y-Treixsurer Freshman Class. Moomf, WILLIAM EDWIN .... . MOULTON, ALABAMA SVQRE, CLEMENT R, ,,,,., , WARLAND, MONTANA S,,pl,0,,,mC Frcrlmian Phi llgm Pi, President Freshman Class: l'hi Chi. THOMAS, I-IENRY RANDALL, fl! A C-5 . . MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Mo'rLEY, HARRY ERNEST ..... SANTA ANA, CALIFORNIA I soplmmmc Frvslmlan A. ll., Stnnforzl: M. A.. Stanford. A. B. Degree: Phi Chi: VlC0-lw'l'0SlKlLllll. Freshmxui Clue-Is, '35-'36: Alpha Epsilon Delta: Scubbard and lilurle: Officers' Club: Second Lieutenant O. R. C.: Honor Roll. '33, . A V ' .ND ALABAMA . OWEN5' ARFHUR HB JR" "' bg, IQOHIQM ' ASHM ' UNDERWOOD, EDGAR I-IARRIsoN, JR., Z N . TuscALoosA, ALABAMA I I . PIL Chi. l'YL'Il7Hldl'l PARK, OAKy,Ey Ku'-IR, ,,,, . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA l"rcrhlmm A. Ii. Degree: Alpha Epsilon Delta: Phi Chi. SAMUEL, HEWELL C., E A E .... TALLADEGA, ALABAMA Supflonlon' Phi Beta Pi: Alphn Epsilon Delta: li. S., 13ifmilllllulm-S0llil'10l'HC M. S., Alnbuma. Phi Beta Pii Lieutenant 0. R. C.: Il'lSi.l'll0f.0l' Zoology, '35-'3G: First Lieutenant Pershmlr Rlllcs, '3G: Alpha Epsilon Delta: A. li. Degree. WAl.L.ACE, SAM, JR. ..., . . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Sophomore Phi Chi: Alpha Epsilon Delta: A. li. Dl'L!!'00. WHITFIELD, FRED S., JR- A . . . MOUNDVILLE, ALABAMA Snplmnmrc Phi Iiotn Pi: Presiclvnt Gorxzns Medical Society: A. R, 174-gr:-0, i, i, wk i' 'A' Page Seventy-Seven Dean CHARLE H. BARNWELL and FACULTY The College of Arts and Sciences of the Uni- versity is as old as the University itself. For the first forty years of the University's life, this college was the University. It is the original cen- tral organization, around which has been grouped during the past fifty years the other schools and colleges that help to make up the University as it exists today. The aim and purpose of this college is, as it has always been, to prepare young men and young women for life in its broadest sense, to give them such fundamental training of mind and heart and spirit as will enable them to become centers of in- fluence for good throughout the state and nation. The other schools and colleges of the Univer- sity have as their primary purpose the making of lawyers, doctors, teachers, engineers, business men. The College of Arts and Sciences strives to give its students a broad general culture, to make them intelligent, liberal-minded, public-spirited citizens. This college of late years has been limiting the range of a student's electives. The result is that an A. B. graduate of today has not only acquired familiarity with half a dozen of the different branches of knowledge, but has also attained a considerable mastery over one of these branches. He has by this means made some advance to- wards that long' since unattainable ideal of educa- tion to know something about everything, and everything about something. First Row: Williams, Ramsay, Whitchurst, Barnwell, Holloway, Summersell, Howe, S:1l'l'oltl, Shirley, Mancil, Code, Pogues, Johnston. Second Row: Curothcrs, Wright. Humcl, Van Seoy, Montgomery, Wooten, Walker, Ott, Graham, Kaufman, Routers, Rimmcre. Beatty. A Third Row: LeClair, Moore, Andrews, lircckenridgxc, Mason, Quarles. Crawley, Becrlon, Fort, Miller, S 'th C -' H ll' "h- l R' hz l.. mi , oopcn, o ings cur, ic iris Fourth Row: Carmichael, Gcisert, Nunn, Metcalf, Foster, Lewis, Shannon, Coleman, Adams. Fifth Row: Little, Ingram, Barber, Gregory, Russell, Mitchell, Lake. Johnson, W. Coleman, Thurston, - Wicks, Shearer. A ' " " "' w A ' ' 1 -' -rw, S.. I if w 'x lx fl!l!m LL R 1-AA k 2 ,, ' , 5 -A ' ' 1 V, H- Mx -f".'Q'l' 'i' "'. '- v . -I ' 'L,n: .1 , Y! ':, Hi 'M . 'V ' A y , 1 1 ' . K ' h K' K" ' I I .I F f' N I I K ggi, A . . 1, 4 1 V' ' ' 4 ' L-L 'k ! 'A x K X1 K ' I 4 ff fssf,my l x . A , 3 7i1LLQQ1i'ff1f N 4 'wQ,xa fwf N f M " U' Xl' xx' Q ' " ' . r 'I I , QU T91 ALSTON, LEILA, A A A . . . . , MOBILE, ALABAMA Omega. ANDI:RsoN, BEN F. . ........ SELLERS, ALABAMA Vice-President Student Body: Jasons: Scabbnrd and Blade: Y, M. C. A. Cabinet: Pershing: Rifles: Officers' Club. ANG.Al.O, EERAIN GARCIA, G N E . . , SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO Pan-Ameriezsn Student Association. ARANT, MARY LUcILE ...... BAY MINETTE, ALABAMA Y. W. C. A.. '34-'35, '36-'37Z W. A. A.. '34-'35. ARCHER, ELIZABETH PENDLETON, ll B fl' . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA AVANT, MARY OLIVE, K A ..,,. ANDALUSIA, ALABAMA Guiclon, Pi: Delta Club: Rammer-Jammer: W. A. A. BAIRD, MARY JULIA . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA BALDONE, JAMES C. , , ,.... BIRM:NGI-IAM, ALABAMA Freshman Debating Team: Varsity Debating: Team: Tau Kappa Alpha: International Relntiens Club: Newman Club: Blnekfriars. BARFIELD, TPIOMAS H.ARWELL, 111 1' A . LINEVILLE, ALABAMA BATES, HOWARD SANFBRD, 9 E . . . , TUscALoosA, ALABAMA Secretary-'1'I'easuI'er Student liedy: President Senior Class: Spirit Committee: Glue Club, '34-'3G: Crimson-White. BERG, FRED Tl-IEODORE . . NEWARK, NEW JERSEY BERLAND, STEPI-I:N R., CD B A .... SEA GATE, NEW YORK lloxinlr Team. OFFICERS ARTS AND SCIENCE SENIORS Pffffdfnf . . , HOWARD BATES Vice-Presidenl . , ELLELEE BosWELL if 'A' 'Ir Page Eighty R -1 -I EVINS LOYD DWARD ,... . . . GRUNDY VIRGXNIA ALHOUN NNE IPSON ...... EUFAULA ALABANIA B , L E , C , A G , Rm-:ull-rshiir in Ellulish. l,l'L!Hld0I11. Y. W. C. A., '35-'36: Dclegutv to llhw Ridm-, '3l3: Y, W, C. A. Cabinet, '33-'3fI: l'rc.1hmzIII Advisor. '34-'35: Honor Roll, '33-'3G: Girls' Glue Club, '33-'34: Newtonian Math Society: Psi Chi: Alphn Lixmbdax Dultu:.Wce-Iluyun Drumzitic Club.: Mortar llourrl: Jnmcx-I Hun-is Fltts Scliulurship.: Who's .Who IIIVAm1-I'II:un Colleges and Univvrsitics, BOLTON, JUANITA LOUISE . TuscAI.OosA, ALABAMA '35-'36: Smrlt Commltlvvi HUUS0 ul' RvIII'ese-Imtnmives. '33-':i7. BOW E X A A W LE ALABAMA CAMPANA, CASPER ANTHONY .... BROOKLYN, NEW YORK S ELL' LLELEE' X' ' ""' HEJNTF ' . ' Spirit Committee: Y. M. C. A, Cilbinut: NI-wmgm Club, Alpha Lambda Delta: Mortar llourcl: Pun-Hellenic, 35-SG: Psi Chl: Womvn's Council, '34-'35, CHANDLER, FAIRLY, Il K A ..... BESSEMER, ALABAMA Alubumn QllZI.lll'llIl!ll0. BROAIJHEAD. HAI. DE JANN, II K A , MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA CHANDLER, JOHN LIDELLE, JR., X ll' .... ROME, GEORGIA 'frnnsfvr I'lnIoI'y UIIivur.'ily, BROCK, MlI.I.ARD LEON . BOAZ, ALABAMA S ' CHAPMAN, JOHN ROBERT A . . . . . GOODWATEII, ALABAMA ' 1 " 'nl Y. . '. ' ' . - ,'- . ., BROUGHTON, ELLIOTT POU, X KD . . LETOHATCHIE, ALABAMA Ph' Bm' Pl' Fwmlm M L' A' 0'1b1"'l- W' 55' VH-M011 Clllb- Phi Eta Sixzmn: Alulmnul Qlllllll'!lY1f!'l01 Scaibburd and lilzulc: Knavus: R. A. 'l'.,: Philomnthic. CHESSIH, JULIUS A - - - - . . . BROOKLYN, NEXV YORK Million Dolhu' Band: Symphony Orclwstm' BRYANT, BETSY DUKE, ll B 4D . . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Alpha Lnmbdn Dvltu. CLARKE, VERNON . I 1-USCALOOSA, ALABAMA Page Eighty-one CoDE, RALPH J., Jn., 9 X . . . BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS Perslxinxr Rifles: Greeks: Officers' Club. COOPER, SARA ELIZABETH , CRABTREE, JAMES C., JR., 9 X . . GI'eekH: Pershiniei Rifles: CURTIS, ELIZABETH DUNGAN . CURTIS, WILLIAM W .,.... . ECHOLA, ALABAMA . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Phi Chi. . CHICAGO, ILLINOIS . MONTICELLO, FLORIDA President Pre-Med Club: Vice-President Alpha Epsilon Delta. DAVIS, MAXIBEL, A Z ...,. Glee Club, '34-'37. DEHOFF, LEON BRIAN . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA FLUSHING, NEW YORK R DENCKER, EMII. M., E X . . CLEVELAND, OHIO DIAMQND, WRIGIIT WILEY . MAGEE, MISSISSIPPI DIGIANDoMENIco, AI.BERT T .... MDDLET-owN, CONNECTICUT Newtonian Math Society. . DOWDELL, VIRGINIA, A 1' A . . TALLADEGA, ALABAMA DRENNEN, JESSE LAFAYETTE, Jn., A T Q . BIIIMINGI-IAM, ALABAMA Greeks, Perahimz Rifles: Glee Club. DUNHAM, MYIIA LOUISE, K A . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Vice-President Mortar Board: GIGC Cllllll Blackfrillrs: Blnckfriars Key Club: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, '33-'35: Alpha. Lambda Delta. DUGAN, DON S., ID I' A . EVANSTON, ILLINOIS N N N N N Page Eighty-two T R EGGERS, G0DITREX', C9 K E . HAMMOND, INDIANA ELLIS, MARGERY EDNA . , .... SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA Y. W. C. A. C:Il:iIIct: W. A. A., '35-'3G. FELDMAN, IRVING . ..... BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS Phi Ein Sigma. FELDMAN, JEROME W., 11' E A . . WHITE PLAINS, NEW YORK FLOURNOY, JOHN . HURTSBORO, ALABAMA FRANSON, PAUL O., JR., K E ...... CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Scsxlmbnrd and Blade: Knnvcs. FRENCH, JAMES I-IENDRICK, E X . . BRUNDIDGE, ALABAMA FULLER, DOROTliY LEA, A E A . CULLMAN, ALABAMA GAINES, JOHN B., E X . . BOWLING GREEN, KENTUCKY GANNON, ROBERT WILL, H X .... MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Blnckfrinrsg Inturnmional Relations Club: Luborntory Assistant in Chemistry. GARBNER, FRANCES, X Q .... ,.., B OAZ, ALABAMA Pig Spirit Committee: Y. W. C. VA. Cn1,im.L, GERE, HELEN G-I A ll' --.. . . SYRACUSE, NEW YORK Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: W. A. A, GOLDSTEIN, BEN LOUIS, If A M . BRADLEY BEACH, NEW JERSEY GOODSON, JAMES DUDI-EY, K A . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA GORNSTEIN, HERBERT ..... ATLANTIC CITY, NEW Jggggy German Club. 'A' 'A' Ik Page Eighty-Ihre: 5 l R GRAHAM, JOHN W., X fl' ,,,.., REFoRM, ALABAMA Crimson-NVhite: Philomathic. GRAN.ADE, JAMES N., Jn., K E .... CHATOM, ALABAMA Glee Club: Scabbarrl and Blade: Officers' Club: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. GREENLEAF, ROGER A., A T Q . .'ruscALoosA, ALABAMA GRIFFIN, ALLEN, K A ,,,... ANNISTON, ALABAMA Pnrshimr Rifles: liIac'lcfr'ars: Scabbarzl and lllade: Officers' Club. Philomathic: Rifle Team. GRUBBS, RoY JAMES X KD .,.... EUTAW, ALABAMA Phi Eta Sixzma: R. A. 'l'.: Newtonian Math Society: Alabama Quad- runrrle: Jasons: Alpha Pip'-silon Delta, President, '36-'37: Correspond- ing Secretary Radio Club: Spirit Committee: Zooloxry Fellowship, '36-'3'7: Honor Roll. '34-'35, HACKER, MARGARET FRANCES .... BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Alpha Lambda Delta: Chi llc-tu Phi Sigma: Alpha Epsilon Delta. HAl.l,ETT, XXIINTHROP MARS'FON, JR., ID 1' A . MOBILE, ALABAMA SI'alIbnrcl and Blade. HARDEGIQEE, MAIIY FRANCES, X Q .... ASHLAND, ALABAMA Hou:-Ie of RepI'esen1.ativeB: Court of Appeals: Pan-Hellenic Council: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: Pi: Iilaclcfriars: Zeta Phi Eta: W. A. A. HARRIS, CORRA JEAN, A A A . , DOTHAN, ALABAMA l HARRIS, ELLEN A., A fl! ..... MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA lllaclcf1'im's: Crimson-White. HARRIS, JAMES DOUGLAS, E X . . TALLASSEE, ALABAMA HENINGER, ELEANOR, Z A T ..... MoNRoE, Lou:sIANA Crimson-White. HICKY, NIARY GRAY, K K l' . . . MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Glee Club: Guidon: President Omega: Delta Club: Manuxzinxz Editor '36 Corolla: Corolla, '37. HILL, HUGH WXLSON, 69 X , CARROLLTON, ALABAMA , HILL, RALPH ORR ...... . ANNISTON, ALABAMA Glec Club. il' i' 'A' Page Eighty-four L . L' l'lORNSBY, MARX' GRIFFIN, A I' A . , CENTERVILLE, ALABAMA Pi: Guirlon: I'nrI-Hullmiiu, '35--'36: NVonnen's Council, '35-'3f3: CUFOUHZ Hcmornry Czulot Colunvl. '35, l'l'USlIl9l1l. Junior Class, '35-'3G: W. A. A.Z Glcc Club. l"IOROXVlTZ, FLORENCE DORO'FHY . . BINGHAMTON, NEW YORK HUMPHREY, NElD.A, A A A ..... HUNTVILLE, ALABAMA Pi: Guidon: l'I'osirlunt Mortur Board: Vice-President. P:-Ii Qlhis Alllhil L:InIhrl:I Della: Girls' Glee Club. '33-'35: Pan-Hellenic '3f1- -55: House of Rcpu-sc'ntutivus. l'lYTKEN, ROBERT M., K N . . CLEVELAND, MISSISSIPPI ISRAEL, ESTHER JEAN ...,.,. TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Alnhu Lambda Delta: Vicxu-Pwsirlunt Zeta Phi Etn: Kvy Club: Black- ' frislrs. JACKSON, OLIVER ROBERT , . BROOKLYN, NEW YORK JACKSON, THOMAS STROUD, ll K A . Druids: Phi Chi. , CLIO, ALABAMA JOI-IANSEN, THEODORE L. . . NEW' LONDON, cONNEc'rIcuT JOHNSON, LESLIE MACON ...,. , MCKENZIE, ALABAMA Univvrsity Symphony, '33: Alzxlminu QlIIlill'IlH5.Z'lL'I G11-u Club: Wuslvy Foundaition cll'C'l1L'Hl1TII, '36-'37, Y. M. C. A. Council, '3'T. JOHNSTON, HENRY PERRY, E X . . IiIRMINGHxM, ALABAMA Glen Club, '83-'35, JORDAN, WILBERT, A E il? . . . . ROBER'rsnAI.E, ALABAMA President Y. M. C. A., '36-'37: llluu Rimluo Ilvlvgntu: l'r0SirlvIIt Stnto Y. M. C. A., '36-'37: Spirit C0h'1l'lllll.l'l'C Alzxlmmu QllllIll'lll'lL!'l0Q Ex- colsiorg Philumxxtliiv: lflrlilm' 'A' llouk, '37, Mcmbm- lhwimml Council Y. Nl. C. A.. '36-'37, KXRK, TIIOMAS J. . . . . HAMBURG, NEW YORK Phi Mu Sigma: R. O. 'l'. C. llllfl Footbzxll llllllfl. KNOX, O'-'IVE LC'-U55 - - - . . CLANTON, ALABAMA Newtonimi Math Sfwivlyi Sf'C'l'9Ull'y Wusloy Foumlntion, '34-'35: Psi Chi. '36: VlCl'-l',l'L'9llli'Tll Y. W. CQGA.. '36-'37: DI'lL'1.rIILc liluu Riflxrv. KORNFELD, LESLIE, E A M . GREENWOOD, MISSISSIPPI 'A' if 'A' Y 'A' Page Eighty-Jive KRULL, HARRY J. ..,. . WARREN, OHIO Crimson-White. KURITSKY, GEORGE B ...... . MIAMI BEACH, ,FLORIDA Kappa Delta Pi: Phi Delta Kappa: Fellowship in History: Social Committee: Hillel: Phi Beta Kappa. LABER, HENRY H., fl! X A . . YORKTOWN HEIGHTS, NEW YORK lnterl'I'aterIIity Council: Spirit Committee. LAVIGNE, HARVEY JEROME .... . NEWARK, NEW JERSEY Captain Hillel Debatimr Team, 34: Member Executive Board Hillel. LEFKOWITZ, SIDNEY . BROOKLYN, NEW YORK LETT, JOSEPH RAYMOND, II K Ill . , TALLASSEE, ALABAMA LEVINE, IRVING XV., 1ll B A ..... NEW YORK, NEW YORK Track: Assistant lfoximz Coach. LEVINE, YETTA .,.. . . . PORT CHESTER, NEW YORK Hillel: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. LEWIS, RAY, A E ll' . SYLACAUGA, ALABAMA LIVINGSTON, WII.LARB W., KD 1' A . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA President Freshmmi Class. '32-'33: Druids: Greeks: Scabbard und Blade: Rifle TI-am, '35-'37: Major C. A. C. LUCK, MARY RUTH, A 1" A .... COLUMBIANA, ALABAMA Omega: Spirit Committee: Glee Club: W. A. A. MCKENZIE, ROBERT DOWNING, K 21 . . . EUEAULA, ALABAMA Suabbard and Blade: Knuves. IVICLEQD, BEN ,,,, ,... L EAKESVILLE, MISSISSIPPI O. D. K.: Varsity Football, '34-'35-'861 Bfliiulmll. '351 Bazkctbzxll, '33-'34-'35: "A" Club. MABEN, ADEN HORACE , .... NEW BRITAIN, CONNECTICUT Honor Committee, '35-'3G: R2lm5Y50fg:1Illmm0T, '33-'34: Crimzton-White, if ir if if 'lr Page Eighty-six MACKENZIE, DAVID LIVINGSTON, E A A . . BUFFALO, NEW YGRK MANDEL, WILLIAM A., A T Q .... GULFPORT, MISSISSIPPI Scabbard and Blade: Transfer from Norihwestern. MARSPIALL, ELIZABETH A 1' A . . . MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Rnmmer-Jammer: Corolla: Pi. Secretary-Treasurer Senior Class: W. A. A. MEDDAUGH, LEONARD SANFORD . ACRE, NEW YORK MERRITT, MfXRJORlE, Z T A ..,. BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Pan-Hellenic Council: Guidon: Corolln: Honorary Cadet Colonel, Infantry. MEYERS, AMY: E A T .... GOLDSBOR0, NORTH CAROLINA Spirit Committee, '35-'87: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: Hillel: W. A. A. MILLER, JOHNNIE ROSE, A Z BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA MILLER, JULIA CRAIG, K A . . SELMA, ALABAMA MINGE, JACKSON CHADWICIC, JR., KD A 9 . . DEMOPOLIS, ALABAMA B11-Ickfrinrs: Corolla: Rnmmcr-Jammer: Crimson-White: Newtonian Math Society. Mooov, FRANK MCCORKLE, 411 A 9 . , , TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Druids: Quadrnngrle: Jasons: Phi Eta Sigma: Chziirmnn Arts and Sciences Honor Court: Spirit Committee: R. A. 'l'.: Parasites: Knnvggg ' Philomathie: Scnbbnrd and Blade. MOORE, JOSEPH WATTS, Il K A .... CLANTON, ALABAMA Fellowship in C0mD1U'I1llV0 AYHUCOIYIYI Glec Club, '35-'37: Secretary- 'Treasurer I"I'cshmnn Cluss: Phi Chi, MORG.AN, MARGARET, A I' A . . BESSEMER, ALABAMA MORGAN, MILTON JAMES A , GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN MORGENTI-IAU, HELEN ...... TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA President: Zeta Phi Eli!!! ROMl0l'Sl1lP in Speech: Secretary Bluckfrinrs: Secretary Younyr Musicians Group: Bluekfrinrs: Key Club: Glcc Club, I ak if if Page Eighty-:even A P X MORRIS, GENEVIEVE, II B fl' .... ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA 'I'l'5l.l1SI'L'l' Florida Stutu College. MoxLEY, GWEN, A Z . . , . , . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA House ol' Ilepresoiitatives: Iloarcl of Directors: XYICU-I,l'L'rlIlIl'III. Alpha L-Ilmbilll DL'IlI1Q Dvlmtinsr Team: liluckfriurs: Vice'-Pwsirlunt Senior Class: Senior Advisor, Alpha Lnnibdu Dvltu, MUNDS, IVIARY LANIER, A 1D . . Glcc Club, '35-'37: Spanish Club. IVIURPHY, JEAN GQRMAN, A E A 1 NASH, VIRGINIA EI.IzAIsE'I'H, A I' NEEI., THOMAS J., CD E K , NICHOLS, FI,oRA LEONEIL . , Honor Roll, '34-'35 Nix, GLADYS, A X Q . OCCHIPINTI, AUGUST JOSEPH, 'IP 9 From-h A . , BESSEMER, ALABAMA . . , BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA . ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA , WILMINGTON, DELAWARE . . SELMA, ALABAMA Phi Mu Epsilon. . CLAYTON, ALABAIVIA X . . NEW YORK, NEW! YORK Club. l OSIJORNE, ROBERT EDWARD . PALIK, SILAS FRANK PATE, MAY, 'Il M ..., Spirit Commiltg-0. PA'r'roN, IRENE FOSCUE, A I' A . Pi: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: W. A. . JASPER, ALABAMA . MoNTIcEI.I.o, FLORIDA . . WINTER HAVEN, FLORIDA Crimson-White. . . , . ATHENS, ALABAMA A.: Rnmmcr-Jammer: Corolla: Crimson-White. PATTON, TIIDMAS, I-IEREERT, JR., K E . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Alubanm Quzulrnmxlc: R. A. T.: Alpha Epsilon Delta: Honor Com- mitico, '35-'36, 'k ir ir Page Eighty-eight -4 PAYNE, FRANKLIN EDWARIJ . . WAXPIAW, NORTH CAROLINA PEACOCK, IDOROTHY ANN, A X Q . ATLANTA, GEORGIA PERMUTT, MELVIN E., K N . ,.,. BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Honor Roll, '34-'35: Sven-lIIl'y to the l'I'vsidI-nt, PIRKLE, CHARLES GASTON, E X ,..,. LINEVILLE, ALABAMA Iflxcvlsiorq Philomnlhic: Alpha D1-Ita Sixrmu: Assistzunt Editor CI'imRuII- Whito, '35-WHS: CI'iI'nscIn-White, '33-'lilig 0I'ficcrs' Club. PORTER, HERBERT AIJDXSLWN, X N . POCOI-IONTAS, VIRGINIA G rocks. RAMEY, CHARl,ES NWILLIAM . . AKRON, ALABAMA RUICHI JUAN EQLEN, A V A - I .... GADSDEN, ALABAMA Rnmmcr-J:1mmvI', '35-'3G: Curullu, '35-T165 Y, W, C. A. I3,-3.47. W. A. A., ':In-':s7: Rirlimx Club, ' ' ' RENAULT, LEON FREDERIC , BROOKI YN NFXV YORK . , , PHIIIIPS HELEN A KID A BIRMINGHAM ALABAMA ' ' 9 s -'-4-- x . ' RICHARDSON RUTH Ix D . Spanish Club: Gln-e Club. ' ' ' ABBEVu4"Ev ALABAMA POND, GAIINEAU ROBERT, A X A , , MALONE, NEW YORK RIIILEY, JAMES BUCHANAN . . , . I NEW YORK NEW YORK 2 Grggkg, French lh-:IrleI'ship, '35-'37, Page Eighty-nine ROBERTSON, ALICE STREET, X Q ROE, RUTH, KD M ROGERS, NORI-IA WEBSTER, A A A . CLAYTON, ALABAMA . MOBILE, ALABAMA , SELMA, ALABAMA SCHAIIJ, MARY , SCHNEEEL, RICHARD JOSEPH ..... SHAMAN, OLIVER RUSSEL Newman Club. INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA NEW YORK, NEW YORK Pi. SHAW, CAROLYN, X Q BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA ROSENBERG, MARVIN PAUL . . . PASSAIC, NEW JERSEY Chi Beta SISLEY, EILEEN, A X Q .... . ATHENS, GEORGIA W. A. A. ROSENDORF, LOUISE, E A T . ATLANTA, GEORGIA Roxsumr, THELMA C. . YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO SLABE, RONALD CHARLES . . LONDON, ENGLAND Page Ninety SMITH, DOROTHX' CHAPLAIN, ill M , . sAvANNAH, GEORGIA SMITH, KATHARINE LIDDON, A 1' A .... DOTHAN, ALABAMA Pan-Hellenic Council. '36-'37: Corolla, '35: Bluekfriurs, '34: Crimson- White: Y. W. C. A.: W. A. A.: Women's Council, '3G: Rummer- Jnmmer, '35: T!'!l.IlSl'0l' Shorter College: Pi. SMITH, STANFORD YOUNG, E A E . . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Greeks: Rammel'-Jammer: Philomnthie. SNDW, MCLESTER J., ill A C9 , . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Colleizinte Editor Rummer-Jzxmmer, '35-'3T: Assisturit, Business Mun- lll!'l'l' '36 Corolla: Philomnthic: Excelsior: Knuves: Alubumu Quad- rumzle: Secretary Y. M. C. A.. '34-'35: Y. M. C. A. SOBEL, ELI . . . .... PERTH AMBoY, NEW JERSEY Reudinxr Fellowship in German, '36-'37: Senior Honor Committee and Honor Court: Vursity lioximz Mmuurer, '35-'36: Crimson-White, '34-'3G: Assistant Sports lllrlitor, '35-'3G: Corolln, '34-'3G: l'resiIlenL Hillel Players. '3G: Cultural Chairman Hillel, 'Illi-'37: Goa-the Gesselschuft, '35-'3li. SI-IITZ, BERNARD L. ..,..... NEW YORK, NEW YORK Chi Beta Phi: Secretary Chi lietn Phi: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, '35-'3G: Freshman lioxine: Team: Vursity lioximr Team: German Club: Chulr- man Boximx Club, '35-'36, STEELE, JOY, A l' A . . MONROE, LOUISIANA STEINBERG, ANITA JANE .... . COURTLAND, ALABAMA Black l'l'l!ll'S. STEINBERG,IRvINGl-IAROLD . . . NORTHAMPTON, MASSACHUSETTS Newtonian Math Society. STEWARD, PALIL E., E KD E ..., HAcIcENsAcK, NEW JERSEY Circulation M:muI.rer Rnmnxer-Jzunmer: Glee Club, '33-'34: Crimson, White, '33-'36: Corolla, '33-'3'7: llluelfl'I'iurs: Alembie Club, ,- -I STIEFLEMEYER, BETTY, A ... A . , 4 , , CULLMAN, ALABAMA Psi Chi: Crimson-White: Y. W. C. A.: W. A. A.: Kappa Delta Pi. STOKES, KATE W-I Z T A - . . . . LAFAYETTE, LOUISIANA Women's Editor Crimson-White. STRANG, ANDREW MARSHALL, JR. . . PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA STUBBS, ALINE, A Z ..... WALNUT GRCVE, MISSISSIPPI Pun-Hellenic Representative. SUTHERLAND, JOSHUA PRICE . HAYSI, VIRGINIA -k 'if A' Page Ninety-one SYKES, ROBERT joRIuAN . . Crimson-White, '34-'35 R . , . , BELLMORE, NEW 'YORK : I'IXl!0IHIUl'C Hummer-.Iamm2I'. TANKERSLEY, ETHEL MAY, A I' A , , MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Mortar Iiomwl: Knppn Dvlln Pi: Chi DL-Ita I'hi. TERIIY, ESTELLE TILLER, IVIARTHA CLAUDE, K THORNTON, TIIOMAS PATRICK TURBEVILLE, FRED MoRToN ULRICII, JOHN LANTON, E X Allahu PIDSIIUII Delta: I'I'vsicIcnL MOUNDVILLE, ALABAMA KI' . LAFAYETTE, ALABAMA , . XVILKES-BARRE, PENNSYLVANIA . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY Chi livin Phi: Alzibnmu Qlxzulrnmrlug Excclfsiorg Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, '35-'36. VANN, JULIA, A I' A Pi: D VENTRESS, MARY NEIL, E K VICK, Avis AILEEN . , . . . . . XVAYCROSS, GEORGIA cltzl: Guialczn. , CLAYTON, ALABAMA , , . , TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA IVIK?I'i.iI.l' Iiczlnlg Y. W. C. A. Czmblm-tg House of RQpx'u,IuIILIIi.2ve.I. VIRGIN, WILLIAM B., E A E , , , MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Scubhzxrml um! Blndu. XWALLACE, MARGARET JEAN, A WALTER, LOUISE, A A A , WA'FERS, I-IINTON WI!IGH1', JR. if X Q . , ISABELLA, TENNESSEE MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA . OPP, ALABAMA 'A' ir Page Ninety-two i WEBSTER, I'lARRY N. . . EVERGREEN, ALABAMA WESSl.ER, GERALD ....... NEW YORK, NEW YORK l'hi Eta Silzmu: Chi lietu Phi: Gamma Sigma Epsilon: Southern ln- LUI'-Crrllvxzinte Fails Ulmmpion, '35-'36: Czmtnin and Coach Vurslty l'lL1llCllll-2' Teum: Assistant in Enprlish: Phi Beta Kappa. WI-IELAN, EDWARD LEE , . WALTI-IAM, MASSACHUSETTS WHITE, Joi-IN BLADEN ...... BROOKLYN, NEW YORK Scublmrcl Ilnrl Illuzle: l'eI'shiIII: Rifles: Glec Club, '32-'34C Druids: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Philomuthic. WHOLAVEl!, F. EUGENE ..... CRESSON, PENNSYLVANIA Phi MII Sigma. WILK, MILTON H. . ,... . STAMFORD, CONNECTICUT Crimsun-White. WILKINS, WES1'A WlNON.k, A l' A . DEEUNIAK SPRINGS, I-'LORIDA WILKINSON, ELIZABETH, K A .... . SELMA, ALABAMA Mortar liuurcl. WO0DAl.L, ALEXANDER I-IALL ...... OXFORD ALABAMA - -. . I. - , , , l Y. M. C. A. CIlb1I11't.Pl:3L::wF3d. ali:-Elm-Xmlimaigiiclzltlun Council '34-'31ig . v WOODALLI NED: H X ' . TALLASSEE, ALABAMA WOOTEN, BEN A., JR., A T Q . . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA R. A. T.: Newtonian Muth Society: President Phi Em Sigma '34, Pi Mu Epsilon. ' ' v YODER, ROBERT L., ... A E . l TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA i' i 'A' 'K' i, Page N i nely-three 'A' AERAHAM, E. RAE E A T MAPLETON, IOWA Sophomore ABSHER, RICHARD ALFRED C9 X WASHINGTON, D. c. Frcrhrmm AcIcERsoN, LAURENCE 2 X GADSDEN, ALABAMA Frerhman ADAMS, JAMES S. II K KD ASHLAND, ALABAMA Junior ADAMS, MARY ELIZABETH K A GJ INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA junior Iilnckfriurs: Secretary Zeta 1-'hi Eta. ADLUNG, GEORGE EDWARD 9 X WASHINGTON, D. C. junior Rnmmer-Jammer. ALERITTON, JAMES MARVIN K 2 ANDALUSIA, ALABAMA Sophomore ALDRIDGE, BESSIE JANE BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Sophomore Chi Delta Phi. ALLEN, JoE ABE K N GADSDEN, ALABAMA Freshman ALLEN, LLOYD L. STERLING, ILLINOIS Junior Transfer Manchester College. ALLIsoN, CATHERINE SHIRLEY Z T A TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Freshman Corolla: Y. W. C. A. ir ul' SCHOOL OF Page Ninety-four ir AMBROSE, MILDRED E. 2 A T PUEBLO, COLORADO Freshman ANTHONY, NINA JoE PHENIX CITY, ALABAMA S o phomorc Honor Roll, '35-'36 : President Wnsloy Players: Y. W. C. A. Cabi- net: Bluckfriars: Zeta Phi Eta: Wesley Foundation Council. APPLEW'HITE, JOSEPHINE A A II MACON, GEORGIA Sophomore Glue Club: W. A. A. French Club: Wesley Foundation: Corolla: Trans- fer from Randolph-Macon. ARMDRESTER, DAVID MICHAEL RENFROE, ALABAMA Sophomore ARMFIELD, JANE BERRY BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Sophomore ARNOLD, Boo'rs ID M BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Frerhman ARONOVITZ, ARLINE SYLVIA 2 A T MIAMI, FLORIDA Frcfhmrm ASKINS, SARA 'IJ M FERNANDINA, FLORIDA .Sophomore BADE, CRAIG PERKINS fl' A 9 BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Freshman BAILEY, ERNEST M, K A TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Sophomore Crimson-White. A R T S 'k BANISTER, BLAIR A YD MONROE, MICHIGAN Frcxhman BARNETT, LOUISA G. A X Q DECATUR, ALABAMA junior BATCHELOR, MUIIPHY MURRAY A A T HALEYVILLE, ALABAMA Sophomore BEALLE, JOHN RUEUS II K A TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Frrrhmnrl BEASLEY, MARGARET ELISE 111 M BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Frrshmun BEASLEY, ROBERT DISMUKE A X GENEVA, ALABAMA Freshman BEDIENT, HUGH PALMER A T A JAMESTOWN, NEW YORK junior Varsity Baseball. BEDsoLE, MARTHA LoRRAINE A A A JACKSON, ALABAMA junior BI1zckf1'iurs, '34-'36: Blackfriars Executive Council, '36-'37: Zeta Phi Eta: Secretary Alpha Lambda Delta: President Key Club, '36-'37: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: Vice-Presi- dent Womnn's Junior Class: Honor Roll, '34-'36. BEDSOLE, MASSEY 2 X GROVE HILL, ALABAMA Sophomore Excelsior: Quadrangle: Phi Eta Sigma: Druids: Band. BEELAND, JEAN SHERLING K A GREENVILLE, ALABAMA junior Pi: W. A. A.: Rammer-Jammer: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. if BELEW, ROBERT H. LEXINGTON, ALABAMA Frr:hn1a11 BELL, ELIZABETH ACKLIN A A A HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA Junior Spirit Committee: Bluekfriurs. BELI., FRANCES E K PARRISH, ALABAMA Frcrhman BELL, GLADWYN HAMPTON K A BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA junior BELL, MARGUERITE K A SELMA, ALABAMA junior Pi BELL, MARY HELEN A 1D DES MOINES, IOWA Sophomore Gull' Club: Riding: Club: Corolla BELL, THoMAs REUBEN, JR. 'I' I' A LINEVILLE, ALABAMA junior BENTLEY, CARL CD K E MILLPORT, ALABAMA Frrshmrm BIBB, PHEBE M. K K 1' ANNISTON, ALABAMA Junior President Freshman Class: Presi dent Alpha Lambda Delta: Reader- ship In English: Secretary-Treaeb urer Junior Class: Bluckfriars. BIDGOOD, MARY EMMELINE . K K I TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA junior President Chi Deltn. Phi, '35-336: Vice-President Bluckfriars: Alpha Lambda Delta: Manaxrer Women's Debatinxr Team: W. A. A., '36-'36g Honor Roll: Freshman Scholarship up. BIsHoP, KATHRYN ELIZABETH X Q BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Junior AND SCIENCES" Page Ninely-five ir BLACK, WILLIAM A. NEW YORK, NEW YORK junior Honor Court. BLACKMARR, KEENER TIPPINS HKA GU L FPORT, MISSISSIPPI S o phomorc Crimson-White: Band. BLANKS, EDYTH EVELYN X Q MERIDIAN, MISSISSIPPI Sophomore Pi: Corolla, BLOUNT, JEAN K K 1' NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS Freshman Art Club: Tennis Club. BLUFORD, JEAN ELLIS A X Q NORFOLK, VIRGINIA Soplwmon: CI'Il'IlSOI1-IVIZILUQ Rammur-Jammer: Corolla. BLUM, DINA JEAN NEW ROCHELLE, NEW YORK junior BOEEAL, MARK LEE ID X K PEORIA, ILLINOIS lfruslmmrz Crimson-White. BOGART, WALTER RUSSELL, JR. IIKA STEVENSON, ALABAMA junior Nlumurinix Editor Crimson-White: Iiurnincr-.IIxnIn1oI': Corolla: Spirit Committee: Junior lI'lnna1,rcI' Busc- lmll Tcum: Y. M. C. A. CzIbinuL: DI-lm-Lzzmto to Blue Ridxrv CUllI'CI'L!lICO. BONNER, ELEANOR JEAN NUTLEY, NEW JERSEY Sophomore Glcc Club. BOOZER, MELVIN II K KD ALIIERTVILLE, ALABAMA junior BOULIGNY, BETH fl, M MERIIJIAN, Mississippi junior if 1k H L F Page Ninety-:ix BOYD, GEORGE TI-IOMAs A T Q BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Junior BRADEN, BETTY MAE A E A BEAVER, PENNSYLVANIA l'vfL',flJlIl!l1l BRADLEY, BEVERLY K K T BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Sophomorr: Alpha Lumbcla Delta, 'I'rvusurur. BRADLEY, NORMAN R PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA Sophomore l'hi Elu Siuma: Million Dullur Band: Alabama Crimsons: Boxing Squad. BRADY, CAREY, JR. A X A LANETT, ALABAMA Frcxhmrm BRESLIN, NELL SI-IEAREN A A A SELMA, ALABAMA l"rc1lmImI liluckl'ri:Irs: Omuyru. BRICKEN, LLEWELLYN POWELL 1 ID I A LUVERNE, ALABAMA Junior R. A. T.: Druids: Glue' Club: Crim- son-Whito: Greeks: Philomulhic. BROOK, ROSCOE I-IERMAN II K A MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Junior BROOKS, ELIZABETH BOLLING . K K I BREXVTON, ALABAMA Sopbomorv Omuiru: Freshman Y. W. C, A. Cabinet: W- A. A.: Crimson-White: Pan-Hellenic Council. BROOKS, HOWAIID SEALS KD 1' A MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Sophomore I3II1ckfI'iurrI. RTS if BROOKS, ROBERT TISDALE 2 N ANDALUSIA, ALABAMA Sophomore BROOKS, ROSA K A CAMILLA, GEORGIA junior Alpha Lambda Delta: Pi. BROOKS, VIRGINIA BURDIN OKOLONA, MISSISSIPPI Junior BROWN, ELEANOR MARTIN X Q BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA junior l'i: President Junior Class: Wom- en':I Student Government: Presi- dent Fl'CSl1l'YH'Ill Y. W. C. A. Cubi- net, '34-'35g Delegate to Southern Student Conference, '35. BROWN, I-IARIETT LAKELAND, FLORIDA Sophomore BROXVN, JAMES MACK fl' I' A GADSDEN, AI.AIiAMA Fravlmznn BROWN, MARY BILLINGSLEA A I' A MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Frcrlmmn Omcxm. BROWNELL, NATHAN C. ATA MOOIDUS, CONNECTICUT Snplmmarc BUGRELAW. BERNADINE A X Q LANCASTER, SOUTPI CAROLINA Svplwmorc BURGESS, WILLIAM DIGHTON A T A MONTICELLO, ILLINOIS Soplmmon' BURLSON, MARTHA WITT I-IARTSELLE, ALABAMA Soplwnmrc Cheerlvndm-, '35-737: Alphu Lambda Delta: Crimson-White: W. A. A- D ir BURSON, JAMES B. A T Q BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Frcxlmmn BURTON, LEONARD PATTILLO 1Il A 9 JASPER, ALABAMA Svplmmon' l'hi Etn Sixrmn. BUTLER, GEORGT STUART 'I' A G7 IIUNTSVILLE, AIIABANIA junior BYRD, LADY JANE A A H BIRMINGHAM. AIABANIA Soplmnmrr CAFFEY, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN K A CIIOCCOLOCCO, AI.ABANIA FrI'xlmlm1 CAFFEY, Wll.LIAM G., JR. A K E MOBlI,E, AINXBANIA FrI'xlmm11 CAIN, BETTIE MUSGROVE A I' A JASPER, ALABAMA junior CALDXVELI., FAUNTLEROY K K I' PENSACOLA, FLORIDA Frcslmmn CAMERON. ,IOI-IN MINGE KD I' A EAUNSBALE, ALABAMA Soplmmorc Excelsior: lilac-k I'I'I!H'S. CAMPBELL, DONALD DAVIS A T A CLEVELANO HEIGHTS, OHIO Suplranlorc BllI.f'ICfI'!lIl'SI Mnmurr-r Fpncimr Tenm: Rnmmer-Jnmmor. I E A A ir CAMPBELL, DORIS SHARITT ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA Sophomore CZANNON, ROBERT BARRETT FLUSHING, NEW YORK Sophomore CARLE, CONNIE A I' A FOSTORIA, OHIO Sophomore CARLSON. OLIVE MARIE A A H DOWNERS GROVE, ILLINOIS junior Secretary-Treasurer Spirit Commit- tee: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: W. A. A. CARLSON, ROBERT CHARLES GADSDEN, ALABAMA Sophomore Pershing Rifles: Excelsior. CARMICHAEL, BERNARD YOUNG, JR 417 I' A MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Freshman CARNLEY, SAMUEL FLEETWOOD II K fb ELBA, ALABAMA Sophomore CARRUBA, PAUL SAM A KIT A BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Sophomore Excelsior: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. CARTER, CHUCK ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS Freshman CARTER, WILLIAM D. X KD JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA Frerhman Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: R. A. T.: Spanish Club. CAVALLARO, LoUIs EDWARD JAMAICA, NEW YORK Junior 'lr 'k H L F Page Ninety-eight CHAMPENOIS, ALICE THORNE Z T A MERIDIAN, MISSISSIPPI Junior CHAMPIDN, THOMAS FLETCHER A T Q HAYNEVILLE, ALABAMA junior Appeals Court, '36-'37: Student Court: Knuves. CHAPMAN, DEWITT D. 2 N ANDALUSIA, ALABAMA Sophomore CHAPMAN, HARRIET ELIZABETH KD M MACON, GEORGIA Frexfmnm CHAPMAN, JESSE PUGH K 2 SELMA, ALABAMA Sophomore Glee Club, Secretary: Quaclrunnle: Druids, Phi Eta Sigma: Secretary Excelsior. CHENAULT, LUCILE LEIGH DECATUR, ALABAMA Sophomore Blackfriars: Zeta Phi Eta, Corre- sponding Sccretury: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. CLEVELAND, GRADY G., JR. A X . CENTERVILLE, ALABAMA Freshman CLARK, MARY DIXON A fl? TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Frerhman CLARKSON, FAITH SUE K A TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA F rexhman Blnckfrinrs: Pi: Swan Club: W. A. A. CLAYTON, SARAH ALICE Z T A LEEDS, ALABAMA Sophomore Blackfriars: W. A. A.: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. ART ir COFFIN, HELEN LOUISE MOBILE, ALABAMA junior Chi Delta Phi: Crimson-White: B. S. U. Council. COHEN, RUTH GREENVILLE, KENTU CKY Freshman COLE, NORMAN WILLIAM LEONIA, NEW JERSEY Fre.Ihman COLE, WILLIAM LONG A T Q UNION, MISSISSIPPI Junior Glee Club: R. A. T.: Pershing: Ri- fles: Arch Club: Alabama Quad rnngle. COLLINS, CHARLES MONROE A T Q CARROLLTON, ALABAMA Junior COLLINS, GWYNDOLYN Z T A GALLION, ALABAMA Frexhman COMERFORD, PAT X Q BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Sophomore CONCKLIN, ROGER CHARLES v X Ll OAK PARK, ILLINOIS Sophomore CONNELL, CHRISTINE A A IT TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Sophomore BlackfriI1rs:AZet:1 Phi Eta. CONNER, FRANCES A I' A BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Frexhman CONNER, JOHN P. X CID SYRACUSE, NEW YORK Frexhman I E Page Ninety-nine ir COPLON, HILDA ORLANDO, FLORIDA Sophonmrc COPPEDGE, JOHN HENRY, JR. A X A PORTSINIOUTH, VIRGINIA Frexhmrm CORBITT. ,lAcIc II K A HAXRTFORD, ALABAMA Freshman COTTER, WILLIAM R. K E OzARx, ALABAMA junior CRAWFORD, VIRGINIA LEE K K I' PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA Sophomore CRAWLEY, WlI.l.IAM DOUGLAS 2 X BANKS, ALABAMA junior Excelsior. CRENSHAW, RANDOLPH UPTON 9 X GREENVILLE, ALABAMA Junior CROOK, JOE LEE G X ELBA, ALABAMA Frerhman Corolla. CUMBIE, WILLIAM GARY TROY, ALABAMA Junior Alabama Qundrnnxrlcg Bnnd, CURRIE, .l. FLOYD TI K A ATMORE, ALABAMA Frcxhman 'A' CURRY, CLYDE L. GADSDEN, ALABAMA Freshman CUTI,ER, RAY GLEN, Jn. A 2 I CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE Junior DAMM, VINCENT WILLIAM WOODIIAVEN, L. I., NEW YORK junior DANIEL, DORIS Z T A BADIN, NORTH CAROLINA Sofrlmmzm' Spirit CcImmiI.l.I-II. DANIEL, PEGGY A A A TUSCALOOSA, ALABAINIA junior OmcI:'II: Alpha Lamhmlu Delta: Al- pha Epsilon Delta: Chi llvta Phi Sixxmn. IJAVENPORT, LAURAEELLE CENTRE, ALABAMA Freshman Wcsloy l'l:IyI-rs. DAVENPORT, STEWART GRIFFIN CIY A 9 EUTAXV, ALABAMA Frcshmnn DAVIS, HARVEY REIII 9 X BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Svplmmurv DAVIS, JACK X CIP GORDO, ALABAMA Soplmmurc R. A. T.: Arch Club: IIl51L!liI.l'lZll'S1 Corolla. DAVIS, IVIARJORIE ELIZABETH Z T A SHAXVMUT, ALABAMA Frvslmlan DAVIS, THoMAs I-I. GJ X WASHINGTON, IJ. C. junior f-Il'00ICH: Varsity lin:skcLbzIll, 'k DECKER, SARA A ID ANDERSON, INDIANA lfrcshnmn DEssI.ER, I-IARMGND JASPER, ALABAMA Soplmmorc DICKINSON, GEORGE SPIGENER K E PRATTVILLE, ALABAMA Frcrhmml DIGH'roN, JOHN N. A K E SANFORD, FLORIDA Freshman l?lIIclcl'ri:II's: Gleo Club. DIGHTON, SAM A K E SANFORD, FLORIDA .S'oplmmorc 'I'I'm1sl'cI' SLI-tsnn: Glen Club: Black frinrs. DOBBINS, BETTI KAI' Z T A NVHEFILING, WEST VIRGINIA Frcrlmmn Domss, DoRo'rHY ELAINE PHENIX CITY, ALABAMA Frcxhmnn DO0I,EY, EMMA JANE ALGONIA, WEST VIRGINIA Sophomore Honor Roll, '35, DORRELL, VIRGINIA LAMEERTVILLE, NEW JERSEY Sophomore , Honor Roll, 35-'36: Y, W, C, A, Cabinot. DOWLING, BIRT K 2 OZARK, ALABAMA Sophomore S H OL F RT Page One Hundred 'lr DOZIER, WILLIAM A. HURTSEORO, ALABAMA junior Phi Eta. Sigma: Honor Roll: Black- friars. DRENNEN, FRANCIS ARNOLD A T Q BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Freshman DRESNER, MARION E A T NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE Sophomore University Symphony : TI'nnsl'eI' Vanderbilt. DROLET, LOIS K. K K I' TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA junior Secretary Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: Alpha Lambda Delta: Corolla: Crimson-White: Rummer-Jammer! Blue Ridge Delegate. DUDLEY, CHESTER L. E T E ALIQUIPPA, PENNSYLVANIA Sophomore DUGGAR, MARY MORGAN K A MOBILE, ALABAMA Freshman DUNNING, EVERETTE JACKSON K A LINDEN, ALABAMA Freshman Excelsior: Corolla: Excelsior De- bating Team. DUNNING, GUY J. K A LINDEN, ALABAMA Sophomore DYER, ROBERT T. PORTLAND, MAINE Sophomore DYKES, JOHN A. E A E SI-IREVEPORT, LOUISIANA Freshman DZILENSKI, LUCIEN K. TERRYVILIIE, CONNECTICUT Freshman A D S C I E N C Page One Hundred 0116 'Ir EATON, HARRY E. HIGHLAND PARK, ILLINOIS J unior Phi Eta Sigma: Student Court: Rammer-Jammer: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. ECHOLS, MARY LILLIE A A II TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Freshman EDMISTER, FRANCES A CIP PAINTED POST, NEW YORK Freshman EDWARDS, FRANK J. KI! K E MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN junior Arch Club. EGALKA, MORRIS B. NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT Freshman ELEBASH, MARGARET LEGRAND K A SELMA, ALABAMA Sophomore ELLIOTT, GLEN P. II K A MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA junior President Junior Class: Vice-Presi dent Sophomore Class: Greeks R. A. T.: Officers' Club. ELMAN, ANNETTE RUTH 2 A T DES MOINES, IOWA Sophomore EMERY, RUTH MADALYN A E A ELUSI-IING, NEW YORK Sophomore Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. ESSIG, LOUISE PAULA BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Freshman ir 'k' EVANS, CI-IIvEs WOODRUFF A T Q ANNISTON, ALABAMA Freshman EVERETT, GooDMAN CASSIUS NORRIDGEWOCK, MAINE Frexhman FARMER, WILLIAM M. A T Q SAMSON, ALABAMA Freshman FARISH, ELEANOR A X Q ATMORE, AL ABAMA F rerhman Illuckfrinrs. FAULI-IABER, EDWARD JOHN CIIICAGQ, ILLINOIS Freshman Freshman Football and Baseball. FEAGIN, Foy, JR. II K A NIONROEVILLE, ALABAMA Frerhnmn FEAGIN, Lucy K A MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Sophomore FERGUSON, JOHN V. K A PALM BEACH, FLORIDA junior FINNELL, JOHN WAGNER K 2 TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA junior Rifle Tenm. FISHER, JOHNEL A A II BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Sophomore FLINN, ELIZABETH ANN A A A TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Junior Glee Club. SCHOOL OF Page One Hundred Two FLINT, THoMAs MCCALL CI' A 9 ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA Sophomore Blnckfriars. FGRMAN, JAMES R., JR. ID A GJ BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA junior Alabama Quadrangle: Philomathic: President Phi Eta Sixlmu. '35-'36: Intcrfraternity Council, '36-'37: Knavcs: Vice-President Junior Class, '36-'37: Officers' Club. Foy, JAMES EDGAR TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Sophomore Phi Eta Sixzmn: Excelsior: Wesley Foundation. FRANKLIN,' ELOISE ATLANTA, GEORGIA F rexhmrm FRIEDHOE, LOUISE NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Sophomore FRIEND, HARRISON K N MUSKEGON, NIICPIIGAN Sophomore Bank: Alabama Cavaliers. FULFORD, ROBERT CLIFFORD E A E MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA Frexhman FULLER, DWIGHT E N CULLMAN, ALABAMA Frexhman FULLER, HARRY, JR. 2 N CULLMAN, ALABAMA Sophomore GAGE, VIRGINIA MARIE QUEENS VILLAGE, NEW YORK Sophomore ARTS 'k GAINES, MYRA JO X Q BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Junior GALLALEE, JOHN C. A K E TIJSCAI..00SA, ALABAMA Sophomore Honor Roll: Glee Club: Excelsior: Blackfriars: Phi Eta Sigma. GANDY, SARA HELEN A X Q BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Sophomore GARBER, LYNN JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI junior Junior Representative to Board of Directors, '35-'36: Executive Com- mittee, '85-'3'7: Crimson-White, '35- '36: Corolla, '35-'36: Spirit Com- mittee: Council of Clubs: Secre- tary W. S. G. A. GEHRIG, DOROTHY COIMIUCTON, NEW YORK Sophomore Newman Club: W. A. A. GEIR, WOODROW A. ANNISTON, ALAIIAMA Junior Crimson-White, '4-'3'l: Excelsior: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Wesley Foun- dation Editor Wesley Pioneer: Chairman Editorial Staff Alabama Methodist Student's Conference: Wesley Players. GENTIL, LEONARD A E 111 WILMINGTON, DELAWARE Sophomore Crimson-White. GERALD, CELIA A Z CLANTON, ALABAMA Freshman Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. ' GINGOLD, BERNICE GLADYS E A T BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Frcshmnn GITTENS, WILLIAM BOWLES A T A GERMANTDWN, PENNSYLVANIA Sophomore Crimson-VVhite: Blackfriars: Greeks. GLASS, EMMA WEAVER K A UNIONTOWN, ALABAMA junior A N D SClENCE'S Page One Hundred Thfff 'Ir GLASS, JAMES A., JR. 115 E K ANNISTON, ALABAMA S ophomort Pm-shim! Rifles: Y. M. C. A. Cabi- net: Greeks: Blnckfrinrs. GOGGANS, FLORENCE ROCKFORD, ALABAMA S ophomorc Alpha Lambda Delta: W. A. A.' Honor Roll: House of Representa- tives. GOLDSMITH, GEORGE I-IALE E N ATMORE, ALABAMA Sophomore GORDON, MAXWELL NORMAN KD B A BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS Sophomore Secretary-Treasurer Sophomore Clnss: Varsity Boxing Team. GRAHAM, BRUCE DOUGLAS 0 X ROBERTS, WISCONSIN I uniur Honor Court: Assistant in Zoology Alpha Epsilon Delta. GRAHAM, MAIIY EARLE A Z MOBILE, ALABAMA junior GRAHAM, SARAH II B KD FERNANDINA, FLORIDA junior GRAVES, JEAN C. K A TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA junior Omega: Alpha Lambda Delta. GREEN, MILDRED E K HU GI'-KES, ARKANSAS Frcxhman GRESKY, MILDRED HEATH SAGINAW, ALABAMA F rcrhman A A 'A' GRooMs, MARION 111 M BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Freshman GULLEY, BLANCI-IE TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA junior GWIAZDOWSKI, LEo MARION .NORWICH, CONNECTICUT Freshman HALL, JACK I-I. JAsPER, ALABAMA Freshman HALL, JOSEPH A. KI? 2 K CORNING, NEW YORK Sophomore HALL, RIDGLEY TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Sophomore HALVERSON, Lois ENID X Q MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Sophomore P1 Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: Rammer- Jammer : Corolla. HAMILL, HOWARD CDKE BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA F rerhman Blackfriars: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. HANSARD, ADONICE 'rUscALoosA, ALABAMA Sophomore HARDY, JAMES DANIEL II K A A NEWALA, ALABAMA Sophomore Druids: Band. HARDY, JULIAN 2 A E MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA Sophomore HARDY, WILLIAM TAYLOR E A E NEWALA, ALABAMA Freshman President Freshman Class: Band Glee Club: Blackfriara. HARGETT, HERBERT P. K 2 MAYsv1LLE, KENTUCKY Freshman I HARPER, JACK A T Q BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Junior HARRIS, KATI-IARINE HUDSON A I' A BESSEMER, ALABAMA Sophomore Blackfriars. HARRIS, MARY READ A A A wILMINGToN, NORTH CAROLINA Junior Bluukfriurs: Transfer Marjory Webster. HARRIS, ROBERT LEIGH BAY MINETTE, ALABAMA Freshman HARRISON, WILLIAM E. 2 QIJ E cAsTILE, NEW YORK Freshman HASKEW, LEONA GROVE HILL, ALABAMA Freshman HAXVKINS, HARRY OSBORNE E X BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Freshman HAYDEN, KATE WARREN fl! M TALLADEGA, ALABAMA junior President Chi Delta Phi: Rammer- Jammer. H OL F RT Page One Hundred Four if HAYDEN, STAN SAMUEL CIP K E HIGHLAND, INDIANA Sophomore Arch Club. HAYES, ALEX II K A CLANTON, ALABAMA junior Cotillion Club, HAYES, FRANCES A A 11 TUSCALOOSA, Al.ABAMA Freshman VV. A. A.: French Club. HEAD, CHARLOTTE K A TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA junior Blackfriurs: Omega: Deltn Club: Honorary Brigade Colonel. HEARIN, ROBERT M. 2 A E MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA junior Cotillion Club: Junior Prom Com- mittee: Delta Club. HEARNE, JEssE CLEVELAND A 2 KD CUBA, ALABAMA Varsity Debating Team: Alabama Political Science Club: Wesley Foundation Debating Team: Inter- national Relations Club: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. HEATH, LOIS HAROLDINE A E A sT. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA Freshman HENIG, BENJAMIN ELMORE fb I' A DETROIT, MIcI-IIGAN Freshman HERRICK, VIVIAN W. BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Sophomore HERRINGTON, JAY XVILLIAM ASHFORD, ALABAMA F rexhman HEUCK, JULIA FRANCES VICKSBURG, MISSISSIPPI ,I uniar A N D 'A' HILL, JOE DOY II K A LAFAYETTE, ALABAMA Freshman HILL, WILLIAM E. 9 X CARROLLTON, ALABAMA Freshman I-IODGES, BARTLEY, JR. GADSDEN, ALABAMA junior I-Iend Cheer Leader, '36: Assistant Cheer Leader, '35: Spirit Commit- tee: Corolla: Crimson-White: Art Editor Rummer-Jammer: Intramu- ral Sports Staff: Officers' Club. HOUNETT, FRANK BROOKS H K A ATNIORE, ALABAMA Sophomore HOLBERT, MARX' HAMMOND K K 1' FAIRMONT, WEST VIRGINIA junior Delta Club: Corolla. HOLCOMBE, FLETCHER 111 A 9 GADSDEN, ALABAMA junior HOLLAND, TOM EDWIN 11' E K BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Freshman Freshman Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Crimson-White: Band. HOLLOWAY, JEAN A A A TALLASSEE, ALABAMA Sophomore I'IOLLOWAY, KATE NOBLE A A A TALLASSEE, ALABAMA junior Glee Club: Blnckfriars: Freshman Representative Board of Directors: Zeta Phi Eta: Honor Roll, '34-'35. I-IOLMAN, CLARENCE MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Sophomore Druids: R. A. T.: Corolla: Secre- tary-Trensurer Freshman Class in C0mm'2l'CES Excelsior. SCIENCES "' 4' Page One Hundred Firf i' I-IoNEYcUTT, FRANCIS EULALA A X Q BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Fre.flmIan Blackfrinrs. HOOPER, MADELYN RUTH CI? M SELMA, ALABAMA Freshman Blackfriars. HOUSER, PEGGY K A ANNISTON, ALABAMA junior Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. HOWARD, ELIZABETH BRITTAIN A A A HARLAN, KENTUCKY junior Blackfriars. HOWARD, R. HADLEY E A E FLORENCE, ALABAMA junior Editor Rammenlammerz Philoma- thin: Excelsior: Greeks : Associate Editor, Corolla. HUDSON, MARY EMMA ANDALUSIA, ALABAMA junior HULL, JOSEPH FURNIss, JR. KI? X K SELMA, ALABAMA Sophomore Bluckfriars: Crimson-White: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: Glee Club: Band. HURLBUIIT, WALTER FORBES A T A CIREENFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS Freshman IRWIN, ANNIE MARGARET E K MoULToN, ALABAMA junior Pan-Hellenic. ISEELL, JANE E. Z T A ' GUNTERsvILI.E, ALABAMA Sophomore Corolla: Board of Directors: Y. W. C. A. Advisor: Blackfrinrs: Freshman Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: Crimson-White, '35-'36. IsRAEL, ELMo VUEST BLOCTON, ALABAMA Frerhman Bluckfriars: Band. 'A' 'A' IVEY HENRY BERNARD 7 A 2 II? NORFOLK, VIRGINIA Sophomore Pershing Rifles: Blnckfriars. IVEY, JAMES FREDERICK A T Q ORLANDO, FLORIDA Sophomore Pershinlz Rifles: R. A. T. JACKSON, ELIZABETH A A II LIVINGSTON, ALABAMA Sophomore Corolla. JACKSON, RICHARD LR: IIKA BIRMINGHAM, ALAPAMA Sophomore JOHNS, LEE RoY 4D K 2 NIILLPOIIT, ALABAMA Flflllllldfl JOHNSON, THOMAS H. K A LANGSDALE, ALABAMA junior Delta Mu. JOHNSTON, GILBERT E. A K E RIRNIINGHAM, ALABAMA funior Alnlmmu Quadrangle: Spirit Com- mittee: Knaves: Phi Eta Sigma: Interfraternity Council: Assistant Business Manager Corolla: Cotil- lion Club Committee: 0. D. K. JOHNSTON, VIRGINIA A KD KENNEINVORTH, ILLINOIS Sophomore JONES, BETTY 9 Y CORDOVA, ALABAMA junior JoNEs, EMILEE VAN HOOSE K K 1' TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA S opbom are Corolla: Rammer-Jammer: Crim- son-White: Blackfriars. SCHOOL OF ARTS Page One Hundred Six 'k JONES, JOHN RICE BANGOR, PENNSYLVANIA junior Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Boxing Club: Manager Boxing Team. JONES, MARY CRAWFORD A A A TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA junior Omega: Alpha Lambda Delta: Pun- Hellenic Council: Crimson-White. '3-1: Corolla, '34: Rnmmer-Jammer, '34: Vice-President Freshman Girls' Class. JONES, PAULINE BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA 1"rcJhmarI JONES, SARA MARGARET A II A TROY, ALABAMA Freshman Omega. JORDAN, CHARLES F. MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE Sophomore JORDAN, DOROTHY ARLEAN E K MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE Sophomore Crimson-White. JORDAN, JIMMIE ,II K A HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA Sophomore JOSEPH, FRANKLIN ARTHUR RE!-IOBOTH BEACH, DELAWARE Sophomore Transfer from University of Delaware. KAIILMUS, FREDERICK WILLIAM K A MERIDIAN, MISSISSIPPI junior KAHN, STANLEY SAMUEL Z B T GADSDEN, ALABAMA Sophomore Phi Etn. Sifzma: Blackfriars: Ex- celsior: Freshman Honor Roll. KANE, BARBARA CALHOUN A X Q NORFOLK, VIRGINIA junior Crimson-White: Corolla: Pan-Hel- lenic. D I E Page One Huna'rea' SEVEN 'k KATZ I-IERMAN ZACK Y TIF 2 A ROCHESTER, NEW YORK Frcxhmun KAUPINIS, WILLIAM BOLIS LAWRENCE, MASSACHUSETTS Freshman KEKIC, MARIAN DIANE CLEVELAND, OHIO Freshman Blackfrinrs: Gold and Archery Clubs. KELLY, MARY KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI Frv.vhnIan KENDRICK, JAMES EVANS ll K ID LUVERNE, ALABAMA Sophomore KERN, FRED, JR. Z B T NIONTGONIERY, ALABAMA Sophomore Crimson-White. KING, GORDON IIKA BESSEMER, ALABAMA Sophomore KLEIN, LOUIS HENRY CD B A NEW' KENSINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA Sophomore Crimson-White: Blnckfrin rs. KRAMER JANE A A A MCCOMB , MISSISSIPPI Frcxhman KRATZ, CHARLES IRVING, JR BALTIMORE, MARYLAND Frrxhman 'A' -gf ul' KREBS, JANE MARIE IHIAMILTON, OHIO Sophomore Blackfriursg Glee Club, LAMAR, JOHN WOODWARD HKCD MONTGOME RY, ALABAMA Sophomore LAMERETI-I, LENA LEE A A A ALEXANDER CITY, ALABAMA junior Pi. LANCASTER, CARRINGTON K K 1' TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA F rexhman Omega: Secretary Freshman Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. LANDHAM, EDWARD CARLIN 2 A E ANNISTON, ALABAMA Freshman LANIER, RUSSELL D. A T S2 BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Sophomore R. A. T.: Honor Court. LARGE, JOAN ELEANOR A X Q BUFFALO, NEW YORK Sophomore Freshman Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. LASCARI, THEODORE BERNARD LODI, NEW JERSEY Sophomore Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Spirit Com- mittee. LATIMER, JACK H K A GENEVA, ALABAMA Sophomore LAUDONE, VINCENT ANGELO NORWICH, CONNECTICUT Freshman LAVARGE, CHARLES BERNARD ID 2 K NORWICI-I, CONNECTICUT Frexhman LAWSON, HAROLD BENJAMIN FINLEYVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA Sophomore Pershing Rifles. if 'A' S H O L F Page Cnc Hunzfrccl Eight 'A' LEA, THOMAS R., JR. Z N BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA junior Greeks. LEAPARD, JOHN DAVID KA TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Frcxhman Blaclcfriars. LEE, OPAL MILDRED CULLMAN, ALABAMA Junior LEE, ROBERT E. A X FAIRMOUNT, INDIANA junior Transfer Denau University. LE GAULT, JOHN ARTHUR ID 1' A MARINETTE, WISCONSIN Frcxhmfin Bluekfriars. LETT, SARA ELIZABETH A A A TALLASSEE, ALABAMA Freshman President Freshman Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: Omega: Corolla: W. A. A. LEVEY, BURTON NORRIS K N NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT junior Spirit Committeeg Blaclcfriurs: Climson-Whitey Corolla. LEVINE, LILLIE TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Frexhman LEVINE, SAMUEL CID E A NEWARK, NEW JERSEY Frerlmmn LEVISEE, WES1'0N GEORGE 111 E K OSHKOSPI, WISCONSIN Freshman LEVY, ARTHUR L. CD B A WCHIICESTER, MASSACHUSETTS junior Crimson-White: Assistant Business lvlannger Crimson-White, '36-'37: Interfraternity Council: Intramu- rul Committee: Spirit Committee. LEWIS, CECILE ALYCE BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA junior Blnckfriarsg Glee Club. ARTS LIPCI-IITZ, THEODORE RONALD K N NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT Frcxlmzan LISKA, ALICE DUQUESNE, PENNSYLVANIA Frcrlmmn LITTLE, BARBARA TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA junior Alpha Lambda Delta: Glee Club: Wesley Foundation: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, '33-'35. LIVINGSTON, JAMES EDWARD X KI! AUTAUGAVILLE, ALABAMA Sophomore Chi Phi. LLoYD, MARY LULA MARIANNA, FLORIDA junior LQEB, ROBERT H. Z B T BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA junior Crimson-White, '34-'3'7: Rammer- Jammer, '34-'36: Phi Eta Sigma! Sophomore Basketball Manager: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Varsity Debut- ing Team, '35-'36: Tau Kappa Al- pha: Blaekfriars: Honor Court: Druirls: Excelsior: Assistant Debut- ing Manager, '36-'3'7. LQGAN, MARY ELIZABETH BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Frcrlmmn Newman Club. LONG, Joi-IN MYRLE HORNELL, NEW YORK lircrlmmn Pershing Rifles. MCALISTER, ROBERT EWING f-D 1' A BEAUMONT, TEXAS junior Greeks: Spirit Committee: New- man Club: Crimson-White. McBRooM, MARGARET A ill KANKAKEE, ILLINOIS Frcrbman MCBURNEY, GEORGE W. KID 1' A TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA junior Druids: R. A. T.: Philomnthic: Freshman Tennis Team: Crimson- White: Rammer-Jammer, Glee Club. MCCLURKIN, ALMA DONALD PIKE ROAD, ALABAMA junior Y- W. C. A. Cabinet: Crimson- White: W. A. A. D SCIENCES Page One Hundrezf Nine 'A' MCCOLLUM, MALVINA HOWELLS 'll M BESSEMER, ALABAMA Frcslmlan MCCORMACK, MADELEINE K A BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA junior MCCORVEY, EMILY GRAY K K 1' NIOBILE, ALABAMA Frcxbman MCDANIEL, SUE ToWNsEND NORTHPORT, ALABAMA Sophomore MCDAVID, ROBERT PATTON, III ' A T Q BIRNIINGHAM, ALABAMA junior Alabama Quudrumzle: Sports Edi- tor Crimson-White: Assistant Edi- tor Rammer-Jammer: Excelsior: Interfruternity Council: Officers' Club: Vice-President Freshman Class. '34. MCDOWELL, RUTH A A A MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Fftifllllldil Omega: Blnekl'riaI's: W. A. A.: Board of Directors: Vice-President Freshman Class. MCENIRY, Joi-IN HOWARD, JR. K A BESSEMER, ALABAMA Sophomore Phi Eta Sixrma: Excelsior: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Alabama Quad- ranizle. MCENIRY, I-IYMAN LOUISE A I' A DOLOMITE, ALABAMA I"n':l7nIan MCFADDIN, LOUISE K A SELMA, ALABAMA MCFALL, ANDREW MARION II K A MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Sophomore MCGOWEN, MAIQGARET CUBA, ALABAMA lfrcxhnlan MCGOWEN, WILLIAM HENRY E A E BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA junior Knuves. 'A' i 'k MCGREW, JOHN LENOIR II K A MIDLAND, TEXAS Sophomore MCGUIRE, TALLYE DUNSTON TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Freshman Blackfriars. MCKNIGHT, MADOLYN CRAE DECATUR, ALABAMA Sophomore MCMILLAN, JAMES D. A X BEATRIGE, ALABAMA junior MCPHERSON, GEORGE A X TARRANT, ALABAMA Freshman MCQUEEN, MARGARET K A BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Sophomore MABRY, FRANCES X Q IVIOUILE, ALABAMA 1"ra.'Jhman MACAULAY, GEORGE BABINGTON Z A E DENVER, COLORADO jumur Crimson-White. MACFARLAND, ALFRED TOWSON X A E LEBANON, TENNESSEE Sophomore Rummer-Jammer. MAHAFFEY, ELINOR ADELE A E A ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA junior MARLAND, WILLIAM C. A X A GLEN ROGERS, WEST VIRGINIA Sophomore MARSLAND, RICHARD H. NORTHVILLE, NEW YORK Sophomore Wesley Foundation : Excelsior Omiernn Chapter Wesley Players Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Wesley De haters. ir 'A' SCH L F Page One Huno'ref1' Ten 'A' MARTIN, ROSE LORENA BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Freshman MARTINEZ, Eumco CAGUA, PUERTO RICO junior MASON, MARGARET 9 Y STOCKTON, ALABAMA Junior MASON, MARJORIE CLAIRE 9 Y LUMBERTON, MISSISSIPPI junior Blackfriurs. MASSIEON, JOHN S. A 2 fl! PERU, ILLINOIS Sophomore MATTHEWS, JANE MAYSEY' K K I1 MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA junior Alpha Lambda Delta: Alpha Epsi- lon Delta: Corolla, '35-'36: Fellow- ship in Biology. MATTHEWS, MARGARET WELLBORN K A ANNISTON, ALABAMA junior Alpha Lambda Delta: Spirit Com- mittee: Pi, Treasurer, '35: Crim- son-White: Guidon. MAUNEY, PAULINE LOIS PENNSGROVE, NEW JERSEY junior MELVIN, CLAUDE MALLORY K A SELMA, ALABAMA Freshman IVIESSINA, SALVATORE JOSEPH BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS F rcxhman Freshman Boxing Squad. MESTEL, MORTON fl? 2 A BROOKLYN, NEW YORK Sophomore MILLER, CHARLES ST. JOSEPH, MISSOURI A E '-I9 Junior ARTS 'A' MILLER, CLARA LUCILLE DRIFTXVOOD, PENNSYLVANIA Frcshnzavl MILLER, RAYMOND Cox E N MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Sophomore MILLSAP, ROBERT, MARBURY A X A EVERGREEN, ALABAMA I"rcJlm1afI Secretary-Treasurer Freshman CII-Iss: Freshman Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: R. A. '1'.g Blackfriars. MILNER, NELL 1-D M WETUMPKA, ALABAMA junior MINNIS, LAURA A I' A GREENVILLE, ALABAMA junior Omoxxn, Secretary-Treasurer: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: W. A. A.: Black- friars. MITCHELL, FERN WOOD, JR. A K E BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Junior Phi Eta Sigma: Freshman Track, '34-'35: Knavesg Parasites. MONEY, CLYDE FLETCHER SCOTTSBORO, ALABAMA junior 'Football Program Committee. MONTGOMERY, BELLE R. K A TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Frcxlnmm Blackfriars. MONTGOMERY, MARJORIE JOY A A II BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Junior MOORE, JOSEPH H. X KD ALIQUIPPA, PENNSYLVANIA Junior MORROW, FRANCES A Z BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Sophomore Zeta Phi Eta: Blackfriarsi Blue Ridge Delegate: Y. W. C. A. Cabi- net: W. A. A. MOSELEY, VIRGINIA A 119 EAST AURORA, NEW YORK Freshman MOSES, TIBOR CD B A NEW YORK, NEW YORK junior Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. S l E N E , Page One Hundred Elf-'vfff 'lr MOULTHROP, RAY S. LAWRENCE , MASSACHUSETTS Sophomore MUMPOWER, BUSH BESSEMER, ALABAMA junior Million Dollar Band: Y. M. C. A.: Wesley Foundation. MURRAY, GEORGE MURRAY K A BESSEMER, ALABAMA F rcxhman MURRAY, FLORENCE A A A DADEVILLE, ALABAMA Sophomore Pi. NAFF, JOHN DAVIS E X ATLANTA, GEORGIA NEELY, WILLIAM JOSEPH K E SELMA, ALABAMA Frcslmmn NETTER, ABE Z B T M ERIDIAN, M lSSlSSlPPl F ruslmlan NETTLES, JAMES MARION K A LINDEN, ALABAMA Junior NAVINS, PETER JOHN . 2. ill E RIVERDALE, NEW YORK Frcxhnlan Rammer-Jammer. NEW1'0N, DOROTHY ODENVILLE, ALABAMA Freshman -Nix, ELIZABETH X Q OPP, ALABAMA Alllhil Lambda Delta: Omicrgn Forum of Political Science: Y. W' C. A. Advisor. Sophomore Nix, HELEN E1-HA ID M MARLESVILLE, ALABAMA Frcxhman 'A' fl 'A' NIX, MILDRED X Q opp, ALABAMA junior NOLEN, JULIA ANN A 'Il BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA junior Women's Student Government: Co- rolla: Y. W. C. A., Freshman Ad- visor. NoRRIs, HELEN LOUISE A E A MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Junior Alphu Lambda Delta: Chi Delta Phi: Zeta Phi Eta: Blackfriurs: Key Club: Pan-Hellenic Council. NORTON, BENNIE LOUISE LOUISVILLE, ALABAMA junior NORTON, JANE K A UNION SPRINGS, ALABAMA junior Pi: Pan-Hellenic: Blaekfriars: W. A. A.: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: Vice- President Sophomore Girls. O,BRIEN, GEORGE WESLEY 2 A E ' BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Freshman Y. M. C. A. Freshman Cabinet: Blackfriars. OPPENHEIM, FAY 2 A T JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI junior Glee Club: Hillel. ORMoNo, WILL SUMTERVILLE, 'ALABAMA Freshman OVERI-IoLT, JoHN FRANCIS G X BADEN, PENNSYLVANIA junior PARNELL, CHIXRLES N. A X MAPLESVILLE, ALABAMA Junior PATTERSON, PATRICIA K K I' ATMORE, ALABAMA Sophomore 0m0tZa: Blackfriars: W. A. A. PATTILLO, BELLE K. SELMA, ALABAMA Sophomore 'A' PATTON, CHRISTINE A Z TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Freshman Bluckfriars. PATTON, ELEANOR ZTA TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA F reshmun PEAVY, LAURIE A X Q ATMORE, ALABAMA junior Rammer-Jammer. PERRIN, RUTH LOUISE Z T A POTSDAM, NEW YORK Freshman PILLANS, MARY ELIZABETH K K I' MOBILE, ALABAMA Freshman PILNY, MARTA ARLENE 9 Y SIINIPSON, PENNSYLVANIA Sophomore Newman Club: Y. W. C. A. Cabi- net. PLOXYIDEN, CHARLES W., JR. w Z A E HOUSTON, TEXAS Freshman R. A. T. PLUMMER, JoHN 2 A E ANDALUSIA, ALABAMA Sophomore R. A. T.: Druidsg. Treasurer Druids. POLLARD, MARTHA A X Q EVANSVILLE, INDIANA Freshman POLLARD, SADLER 2 A E NEWBERN, ALABAMA junior Secretary-Treasurer Junior Class. POLSON, SUE A Z TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Freshman Glee Club: Y. W. C. A. Freshman Cabinet. PoPP, MARJORIE RQSALYN A X Q ELMHURST, ILLINOIS Sophomore W. A. A. " "f SCHOOL OF ARTS 'k POWELL, FRANK L., JR. II K A l'fUNTSVll.LE, ALABAMA Sophomore PRATT, SARA N. CARROLLTON, ALABAMA Sophomore PRAYTOR, JULIA FRANK X Q ATLANTA, GEORGIA Freshman PRI:NTIcE, JULIA ELIZABETH K K 1' ANNISTON, ALABAMA Sophomore President Alpha Lambda Dcltn: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: Corolln: Glee Club. PRESTERA, MICHAEL R. A E fl' BRADFORD, PENNSYLVANIA Sophomore Cotillion Club: Corolla, '35. PETRY, CAROLYN A A A EUFAULA, ALABAMA Sophomore Omega. PRICE, JULIA ANN A I1 A SILURIA, ALABAMA junior PRIEST, TRACY JAMES A K E HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA junior Varsity Dubutimz Team: Grndorship in Psychology. PRITCHARD, ROSEMARY ANNE A A A MOBILE, ALABAMA Frerhman Omr-un Club: Y. W. C. A. Fresh- mnn Cabinet: Newman Club: Black- frinrs. PRUET, DAVID R. K E SYLACAUGA, ALABAMA Frexhman PUREFOY, JUDGE THOMAS V N ... FURMAN, ALABAMA junior Pre-Mud Club. PURNER, THOMAS F., JR. CANOJOHARIE, NEW YORK Freshman D C I E N E . Page One Hundred Tlviflffn RABINOWITZ, CARL FREEMAN 115 E A HARRISON, NEW JERSEY Flfiblllrlfl RADECKE, LEONARD V. SOUTH BEND, INDIANA Sophomore RANDOLPH, ROBERT CARTER X qi BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Frexhmnn RANKIN, ALLEN C., JR. ill A 9 INIONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Junior Phi Eta Sixzmnz Alnbnmn Qumlrnnxrle. RAY, .JAMES CLARK H K I-ll SULLIGENT, ALABAMA junior RAY, WILI.IAM CARL E A E BIRMINGHAM. ALABAMA Sophomore Transfer, Birmimrham-Southern. REIIACK, DAN MARTIMER QD E A STANFORD, CONNECTICUT Sophomore Crimson-White: Frcshmnn Y. M. C A. Cabinet. REDDOCH, MYLDRED A A H LUVERNE, ALABAMA Frexlmmrr W. A. A.: French Club: Wesley Fou ndulion. REEKSTIN, WlLl,lAM F. ASTORIA, L. I., NEW YORK junior REGAN, JOHN F. WATERBURY, CONNECTICUT Freshman REYNOLDS, GRADY, JR. 2 A E CLANTON, ALABAMA junior Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Druids: KMWPHI Cflfvlllli Crimson- wvhlLC. REYNOLDS, PHILIP THOMAS A X PROSPECT PARK, PENNSYLVANIA Junior Blackfriurs. -k -4- ' Vico-Prcelirlont Sophomore Class' 'A' RICCIARDELLI, CHARLES A. ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS, NEW JERSEY Frcxhman RICHEY, CARL B., JR. GERALDINE, ALABAMA junior ROBERTS, BILL EDMON A E 1D ANNISTON, ALABAMA junior Cotillion Club Committee: Assist- ant Editor '37 Corolla: Intcrfra- ternity Council: Excelsior: Philo- nuthic: Chairman Intramural Sports Committee: Spirit Committee. ROBERTSON, ERNESTINE :K K I1 ANNISTON, ALABAMA Sophomore Omega: Blackfrinrsz Y. W. C. A.: Alpha Lambda. Delta. ROBERTSON, WILLIAM H., JR. A K E CLAYTON, ALABAMA junior Knaves: Rammer-Jammer. ROBINSON, CLAUDIA X Q JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA Sophomore Pi. ROBINSON, MILDRED A A A CARROLLTON, GEORGIA Sophomore Omega. ROCKER, RUTH HARRIET COHOCTON, NEW YORK Sophomore ROMERA-NAVARRO, HELEN TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA junior Blackfriars: Spanish Club: W. A. A.: Corolla. ROSE, SYDNEY A. KD E II I-IACKENSACK, NEW JERSEY Sophomore ROSENBERG, TI-IELMA 2 A T MIAMI, FLORIDA Sophomore ROSENBLUM, LESTER LAZARUS BROOKLYN, NEW YORK junior Blackfriars. 'A' it' SCH L F Page One Hundred Fourteen 'k Rossi, BARNEY JAMES BROOKLYN, NEW YORK Sophomore RossMAN, MICHAEL BROOKLYN, NEW YORK Sophomore Hillel Players. ROTI-ICI-IILD, BEE ATLANTA, GEORGIA junior Aloha Lambda Delta: Crimson- Whic: Chi Delta Phi: Blackfriars. RUBEL, JOE L. E A M COLUMBUS, MISSISSIPPI junior Freshman Tennis Team: Varsity Tennis , Team. RUTLEDGE, FELIX N. ANNISTON, ALABAMA Sophomore SACKLER, FRANCES E A T HATTIESB U RG, IWISSISSIPPI Freshman SADLER, DOROTHY NADAWAH, ALABAMA junior SARTAIN, KELLY KI' A 9 JASPER, ALABAMA Frefhman SAVAGE, BERNARD LEWIS 2 A M NORWICI-I, CONNECTICUT Sophomore SCHACK, JOHN ALEXANDER SOUTH RIVER, NEW JERSEY junior SCHUESSLER, REA LAFAYETTE, ALABAMA Freshman SCI-IwARTz, SI-IERWOOD Ross CIP B A BRIDGEPORT, CONNECTICUT Sophomore Fencing Squad. RTS 'k SCHVVEITZER, RUTH 2 A T 'rUScALoosA, ALABAMA Sophomore SCOVILL, DAPHNE X Q BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA junior Blackfriars. SCOVILL, GLORIA HILSMAN X Q BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA Soplvonmrr SEALS, EVELYN BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Frcxhman SEARGY, ANNE FITTS K A TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA junior President Chi Beta Phi Sixzmu: Honor Roll: Omeirn. SEARCY, HARRIET PERSINGER K A TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA junior Pi: Spirit Committee. SEARS, H. FOSTER K E TABLE GROVE, ILLINOIS Junior SEARSoN, W. BAGOT KD K E MEGGET, SOUTH CAROLINA Sofzlwmorc Transfer University of South Curo- linn: Corolla: French Club: Y. M. C. A. Cnbinet: Erosonhic: Pre-Law Club: Alnbnmn Political Science Club: Varsity Boxing Team: Win- ner of Tennunt Lomux Award: Winner oi' Bryant Awurzl of Sci- entific Government. SEIGEL, HARRIET PRATTVILLE, ALABAMA Frcxbman SHELTON, VIRGINIA BRUCE K A TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Sophomore Pi. SI-IEPARD, JOHN JAMES DARLINGTON, SOUTH CAROLINA Suplwmorc Rand: Wesley Foundation Orches- tru. SIMON, JAMES E N MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Freshman D I E E Page One Hundred Fiflffn 'A' SKINNER, LOUISE v K .. JUNEAU, ALASKA Frvslmmn Crimson-White: Corolln: Outing Club. SLOANE, MAURICE J. K N EVERETT. MASSACHUSETTS Frcrbman SMALL, FRANCES ROSE X A T coI.UMBIA, TENNESSEE Frcslmmn SMITH, ELIZABETH ARLINE A E A JACKSON HEIGHTS, NEW YORK Soplronlarr SMITH. JEAN A A A BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Sophomore BlIIckfI'iI1I's: Pi. SMITH. JOSEPH W. E A E PENSACOLA, FLORIDA Frcxlmmn SMITH, ZOLA GAY K A NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Sophomore SNEAD, NANNIE BELLE TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Frvxlmran SNEAD, .IOHN A, CIF K E PETERSBURG, VIRGINIA Sophomore SNYBER, RUTH HARRISON, NEXV YORK Frcxlmmn SOKOL, YANKEE BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Frcrbnran SOLOMON, FRANCES A X Q NORFOLK, VIRGINIA Frcxbman 'A' -4- ' 'k SONTAG, PI-IYLLIS E A T MIAMI, FLORIDA Frcxhman SPENCER, MARGARET WOODWARD K K I' BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Sophomore SPRADLIN, FRED HERBERT E X CORINTH, MISSISSIPPI Frcxhman Excelsior: R. A. T. STAFFORD, GAY ELISE A A IT EUFAULA, ALABAMA junior W. A. A.: Transfer from Bre- nau. '35: Crimson-White: Corolla STAKELY, DAVIS F. 2 A E MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Sophomore Greeks. STALCUP, SARAH A CI? WINFIELD, ALABAMA Sophomore STERNE, CHARLES Z B T ANNISTON, ALABAMA Sophomore STEXVART, JANE BREWSTER A I' A BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Frerhman STODDARD, JOHN CHILTON II K KD LUVERNE, ALABAMA junior STOKES, RUBY HELEN MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Sophomore Alpha Lambda Delta: Corolla Staff. STONE, WILLIAM BLACKBURN, JR. A 2 KI? PIIILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA Sophomore STRAIN, BEN K. E N BREWTON, ALABAMA Sophomore 'lr STRONG, HARRIETT MOBILE, ALABAMA Frerhman STURGES, JEAN A ID CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Frvxlrman SULLIVAN, CLAUDE CLARENCE III 2 K TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Sophomore SULLIVAN, DOROTHY A A II ELGIN, ILLINOIS junior Pan-Hellenic, '34-'36. SWAIM, ANNIE LAURIE K A TUSCA LOOSA, ALABAMA junior Pi: Guidon: Delta Club: W. A. A.: Hammer-Jammer :' Crimson-White: Corolla: Honorary Cadet Colonel for Artillery. SYX, RUBY X Q BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA junior Pi: Pan-Hellenic. TAl.MADGE, LVALTER RAYMOND K E PETERSBURG, VIRGINIA junior Transfer, William and Mary. TAYLOR, ELIZABETH MCLEAN A Z VICTORIA, VIRGINIA junior Blnckfriars. TAYLOR, MARY ELIZABETH A Z TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Frexhman TAYLOR, ROBERT M. A K E BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA junior TEAS, DOROTHY HALE Z T A BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Sophomore TERRY, BEN MCDONALD 111 K 2 HENDERSON, TENNESSEE Sophomore S H L F R T Page One Hundred Sixteen ir TERRY, GENE A A A FERNWOOD, NIISSISSIPPI Sophanmrc 'I'I'ansi'er, Whitworth Colluxre: Pi. THETFORD, CORAJEAN BOLIGEE, ALABAMA FrI:,fhnmII THETFORD, KENNAN BRAVARD A T Q MONTGQMERY, ALABAMA junior R. A. 'l'.: Arch Club: IntrIImu1'ul Swimming Munmzer. THOMAS, MAEEL K A IVIONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Sophomore I'resiclcnt Sophomore Class: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: Crimson-White: Rirlimz Club. THOMAS, RUTH ALDEN K A BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Sophomore 'Tl-IOMLEY, EUGENE C. STOCKTON, ALAEAMA junior Excelsior: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Crimson-White. TIPPIN, WILLIAM A. K A TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA junior Director Footlmll Proxzrnm: Spirit Committee: Corolla: Associate Bus- iness Mnmnrer Crimson-White: AH- sociute Business Munmxer Rummer- Jammer. TIPPINS, IDA WILLIAMS X Q GEORGIANA, ALABAMA junior TREADAWAY, ALFRED ALANSON, JR. A T A ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Frcxlmmn I,Ol'Sl'IIllR' Rifles. TRII.CK, MARY ELIZABETH K K I' BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Sophomore Crimson-White: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. TRzAsKA, HENRY C. SOUTH OZONE PARK, NEW YORK Sophomore German Club. TUCKER, GEWIN A X CENTERVILLE, ALABAMA Frvxhnmn i' TUCKER, WILLIAM C. A X CENTERVILLE, ALABAMA Sophomore TUFFIASH, RALPH NEWARK, NEW JERSEY Sophonmn' Freshman Truck. TURNER, ELIZABETH ANN K A TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA lfrcxhnzan TURNER, MARGENE A Z TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Frvxlmmn Blnckfrinrs. TWITTY, JANE 'Il M VALDOSTA, GEORGIA junior 'l'rnnsi'eI', Georlrin State Womon's Colle-Ire. TYsoN, MILDRED KELLER K A MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA l"rcrhnIa1I VAIL, MARY ADELAIDE A I' A BAY MINETTE, ALABAMA Sophonmn: Women's Studc-ext ACouncil: Y. W. VAN PELT, JANE HALL K A MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA junior Omcnn: W. A. A.: Y. W. C. A. VAUGHN, HELEN HOPE A II? JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA Sophomore AlI1l'Iu. Phi. VEND, RALPH B. CIW B A NEW! YORK, NEW YORK Sophomore Fencinlt Squurl. VINZANT, SAMUEL BENTON A X DEATSVILLE, ALABAMA Sophomore Wesley Foundation: Y. M. C, A, Cabinet. WADE, JULIA CowAN X Q TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Junior Blnckfrinrs: Glee Club: Bnsinesg Mnnuger Glee Club, '36-'37, I E E if ff Page One Hundred Seventeen 'k VVAGNER, JAYNE HELEN X Q CADILLAC, MICHIGAN Freshman 'WALKER, FRANCES A I' A SILURIA, ALABAMA junior Transfer, Randolph-Macon Wom- an's College: Corolla: Omega: W. A. A.: Blaekfriars. WALKER, GEORGE C. E N NEMOURS, WEST VIRGINIA Iircshnmn WALKER, JAMES ERNEST H K A IIUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA junior Freshman Y. M. C. A. Cabinet Druids: Greeks: Philomnthie. WALKER, JOHN CHILDRESS, JR. fl' A 9 JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI junior Knaves: lllackfrinrsi Rammer- Jammer: Parasites. WALKER, Loxs ALCIA A Z I"IUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA Frcrhman WALKER, MARIE 'rUscALOosA, ALABAMA Sophomore WALLER, WILFORD STARKY A T Q HAYNESVILLE, LOUISIANA Sophomore Million- Dollnr Band. WALLS, VIRGINIA A 1' A ALEXANDER CITY, ALABAMA junior Crimson-White: W. A. A.: Ram- mer-Jammer. WARD, JAMES KEENE K A TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Sophomore R. A. T. WARD, MARGARET K A TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Freshman WARNICK, RICHARD WILLIAM III K E BUTLER, PENNSYLVANIA Junior ir 'k H L F Page One Hundred Eighteen 1' WARREN, ERWIN THOMAS INIONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Sophomore Varsity Football, '36, WARREN, PATRICIA A Z XVALNUT GROVE, MISSISSIPPI junior Y. W. C. A.: Corolla: Women's Council. WEAR, THOMAS RALPH HALEYVILLE, ALABAMA junior Alpha Epsilon Dcltu. WEATHERLY, ALMA JEAN HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA junior Transfer, University of North Cur- olina Woman's Cullegze, WEEE, KATHERINE A I' A MARION, ALABAMA junior Pi. WEEE, JAMES SMALL WOOD, JR. A 2 'ill HAGERSTOWN, MARYLAND Sophomore Pershinlr Rifles : Black friars: Crimson-White. WEBB, SALLY CREAGH CD M DEMOPOLIS, ALABAMA Sophomore WEISS, DOLORIS MAY X Q DETROIT LAKES, MINNESOTA Sophomore WEISMAN, WILLIAM CI' B A OZONE PARK, NEW YORK Sophomore WELLI:Rs'I'EIN, RUTH GERTRUDE PORT CPIESTER, NEW YORK Sophomore' Blackfrinrs. WHATLEY, ROSCOE DAVIS RED LEVEL, ALABAMA junior WHITING, MARY VIRGINIA I A I' A MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Sophomore WILLIAMS, CAROLINE JANE RAMER, ALABAMA junior Chi Beta Phi Sigma: Delta Mu. 'A' WILLIAMS, JAMES WAIGHT A T Q OXFORD, ALABAMA junior Arch Club: Alubnmn QllHfll'3lI'lI-EIO. WIl.LIAMS, MERRII. KENNEDY CIP K E RUSSELLVILLE, ALABAMA FTL'Il7flIdYl WILLIAMS, SPDTTSWDDD WILLIAM HOLLAND E A E GREENSBORO, ALABAMA junior Alnlsnnui QnIulrrIImlv: Honor CDUYII- '35-'36, WILSON, BEN PURNELI. OCALA, FLORIDA junior Wll..SON, JEANNE DANVILLE, VIRGINIA Soplrornorv Wll.SON, MAIIGERY MAGNOLIA SPRINGS, ALABAMA Snplronmrr: WINTER, ELEANOR IDA 'Z T A LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY junior Womm-n'B Student Government: Pun-Hellenic Council. WISE, SARA Z T A BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Soplraiimrc WISE, SAxoN LEE A X CLAYTON, ALABAMA junior Excelsior: Philnmnthic. Wooo, GEOFITREY C. KI' 1' A BETHLEHEMQ PENNSYLVANIA Soplrorrlorc WOODALL, ETI-IEL CLYDE K A COLUNIBUS, GEORGIA Frcxlnnan Y. W. C. A. Cnbinet: Rnmmvr- tlummvr: Archery Club: Secretory- Ill'l'!ISlll'l'l' Women'I-I Freshmen: C0- rolln. WOODALL, JIMMY KD K E BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Frcxlrnmn Bluckfrinrs. l E Page One Hundred Nineteen 'A' WO0DAl.L, WILLIAM ROBERT MOUNT HOPE, ALABAMA junior I'I'f-sirlent Wesley Foundation! Pres- ident Alabama Methodist Student's Conference: Y. M. C. A. Fresh- men Cubinet. W00l.VERTON, WILLIAM HAND, JR. E A E BIRMINGI-IAM, ALABAMA junior XVRIGI-IT, MARGARET A A II PIEFLIN, ALABAMA Snplmnzorc WRIGHT, SARA VELMA X Q TuscALoosA, ALABAMA junior Alpha Lnmhdn Delta: Assistant in Embryoloxty. WYATT, EDXVINA K K 1' TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA jumor VILEC'-I1l'CSIKI0III. Art Club. WYMAN, HENRY RDYDAN Wll.SON A E fl! EAST ORANGE, NEW JERSEY Frrxlrrrrau Pc-rshimr Rifles. YEUELL, JoI-IN A X TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Freshman YOUNG BERI HARRISON A A A BURRVILLE, ALABAMA Saplmnrore YOUNG, OLIVER E., JR. 4D K E VERNON, ALABAMA Frcxlrnrrrrl YOUNG, WILLIAM B. E KI' E ELKHORN, WEST VIRGINIA junior TI'zInsf'er, Davidson Collexzo nnd XVest Virginia University. ZUKERMAN, NATHAN ill E A KEANSBURG, NEW JERSEY Sophomore ZUMKELLER, CLAIRE A A A ORLANDO, FLORIDA Sophoruarc -A A Dean EE BIDGQC and FA ULTY The School of' Commerce, although one of the youngest schools in the field, on this campus, has rapidly risen to an outstanding position among the professional schools in enrollment. In the past decade this school has acquired a place of recog- nition, through the growth of its physical equip- ment, the expansion of its faculty and its attain- ment to membership in the American Association of Collegiate Schools of Business. In an amaz- ingly short time it has prepared itself to offer the advantages of the nationally known schools of greater age. After ten years of constant striving to broaden the scope of training which it could offer its stu- dents, it is today able to extend a four-year course in business and cultural subjects, leading-to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Commerce. This school now stands in a position which enables it to offer its students adequate instruction in prep- aration for the business world. First Row: Ramos, Itlernandvz, Adamson, Nations, Whitman, Holliday. Second Row: Mortrnn, Smart, Wallace, Biclixourl, Morley, Alyc-ix, Bonham, Wuites. Third Row: Locke, Davis, Scott, Curtis, Hawley, Gill, McDougall, Ward. Fourth Row: Mitchell, Uutrcr, Glovvr, Smith. n.. , n.. I- L F . ,.,. HY, A - 1, 1- L, I ' I -I:-v- , , V, I a.. gi I I LF' - N I by . . . l- M N 2 .1 rztxwsinimxkn A ls If k 'if I Ll I h., 3 . Nj A Q21 . '. if 'I .xx '- T. . I . . , -Q ,'7-4' g'f,fx'j'1.ff7TYIM.fb L ' If x wi. , Q J if ur 'fy ,. 1 fn-LX ' -. I , -g ' ' ,fa F - - , I ' 7 ' ' 4 N 1' 3? I , ,....:Q,,.sf.x, I I , I .I - ff' . ' .K ,Y . ' 115'-I W, 'N2-:ft is 13 f fx X f X IJ' Y fl I? V "Tn IAQ? 'I IPI f' X ,. fx N7. f Nw 'ff 4 4' - .I 2'-Qzgy-,' I' I A , If 'f if ' 1 -5 X Xi'-"1 w.-fit-'V-3'I'7Q9QfxQif1+ -'ul' 4' , J.: IM z'-I I I 4 x ' 'n -4. , , N dp! , b . R IA -JM , ,ff 2 V NI, X F I X - I Ir A..---, I I I I I I I 11 I I l , 3 .., lx! In 7, I 1' I . K ,, X I I N If!! . - - 4 ff..............." 1 I Ig" 7 I ' I 5 '- i I I F km.. ml- 1 I .l' L. Q A -...- 1 - I x . Q Y w I 4 I Q R S ABOWITZ, HERBERT M., 21 A M . . ARKANSAS CITY, ARKANSAS Intramural Staff: Crimson-White: Intex-fraternity Council: Y. M. C. A. Cubinet: Spirit Committee. AMIDON, GEORGE ALBERT, PI KD E .... ERIE PENNSYLVANIA Alpha Kappa Psi. ANDREWS, EDMUND ...... FAIRHAVEN, MASSACHUSETTS Varsity Tennis: Manager Tennis Teum. ARRINGTON, WILLIAM PELZER, fl' A 0 . MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA ATKINS, AALONZO, A X .,.,.. BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Alabama Quarlrunglez Inte1'l'I'uternity Council: Junior Prom Committee. BEALLE, Joi-IN THOMAS, A X A . . . . . I-IoLT, ALABAMA W Fellowship in Business Law. BERMAN SAM E A M . , AKRON oi-no ! ! 7 BICKNELL, ELMER ELWOOD . . . . PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY Phi Eta Sigma: Newtonian Math Society: Sfianish Club. BLYTHE, EDITH . . REFORM, ALABAMA BOMAR, JOHN BEN, ID 1' A . ..,. TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Scabbarrl and Blade: Regimental Commander Artillery, '34-'35. BORN, TERRY J. . OVERTON, TEXAS BoYD, ,IoI-IN THONIAS, A X ..... LEWISBURG, TENNESSEE Greeks: Scnbbard and Blade: Delta Sigma Pi: Pershing Rifles: Excelsior. OFFICERS CCMMERCE SENIORS Presidenl . . . HAROLD BRYDON Vice-President . . . FLOYD RILEY Secretary-Treasurer , . MILTON ROBINSON if ir 'k Page One Hundved Twenty-two A BRADLEY, FRANCIS, E fl' E . . . SOUTH OZONE PARK, NEW YORK Cross-Country, '34-'36: Truck, '35-'36: Officers' Club: Crimson-White: RHTIIHIUI'-JIlYliYl1El'. BRYAN, CHARLES E., JR. . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA BRYDON, HAR0l.D ALFRED ...... SUMMIT, NEW JERSEY PY'flHlllt'lll3 Senior Class: Secretary-'Treasurer Sophomore Clnss: Ath- ll3tlC Munnxrer Junior Class: Spanish Club: Wesley Foundation: Com- merce Club: Commerce Association: Chuirmnn Commerce Dance Committee: Officers' Club. CADE, FRANK L., ll K A . , CATHERINE, ALABAMA CAMPBELL, HUGH BUTLER . . SCOTTSBORO, ALABAMA CARLL, RUSSELL ROBIERT ...., OIL CITY, PENNSYLVANIA Alpha Kappa Psi: Pershimz Rifles: Officers' Club: Wesley Founda- tion: Assistant in Aeeountimr. CARLSON, ROBERT HENRY, KD 1' A . . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Delta Signm Pi: Greeks. CARTER, W. REGINALD, E A E . . . MYRTLEWOOD, ALABAMA Jasonsi Greeks: Chairman Commerce Honor Committee: Scubburd and Blade: Freshman Baseball: Excelsior. R CHANDLER, CECIL JOHN . , CULLMAN, ALABAMA CI-IAPMAN, MARY ...,.. , , , ECLECTIC, ALABAMA Alplm Lambda. Delta: Chi Theta: Y. NV. C. A. C l' L- . Demi of Commerce School, anne ' Secretary to COLE, JAMES MARINER, JR., A T Q .... UNION, MISSISSIPPI Alnbamu Quaulrnmrle: Phi Eta Sigma: yqxcvlsim. CONWAY, TI-IOMASCE-l., A X .... BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA President Junior ass: Junior Prom Comm'Lt.I. 1, - . Rho Alpha Mu: Crimson-White: Sophomorg i'lgoIiollCrrli1nliit3bfl0S: CooPER, BARBARA RUTH . I ECHOLAA ALABAMA CROOM, Al.LEN VINCENT, A X A . WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA Greeks: liluckfriars: Crimson-White, DAMM, EDWARD A. . A ALBANY, NEW YORK if A A A A Page One Hundred Twcnly-three DAVIDSON, ELEANOR . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA GRANT!-IAM, HIRANI, K A . . . RED SPRINGS, NORTH CAROLINA Greeks. DAVIS, REMBERT H. .....,. SPRING PLACE, GEORGIA Captain Infantry' .31 HAPDEN, VIIIGIL ADKINS , ..... NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE 1'hi Idtn Sigma: Honor Roll, '32-'33: Militnry Honor, '32-'33, '34-'35: Fellowship in Accounting: Officers' Club. DAvIDsoN, GEORGE I-IAMILTQN . . SOMERVILLE, MASSACHUSETTS I-IARUING, MALCOLM C .,...... RICHMOND, INDIANA Alpha Kappa Psi: R. A. T.: Officers' Club: Spirit Committee: Ram- DEAL' WILLIAM W" K L ' ' ' ' TUSCALOOSA' ALABAMA mer-Jammer: Newtonian Math Society: Commerce Club. Arch Club. I-IARKINS, Doxus, X Q ...... TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Doss' MEIIRILI' WILMORE' K A ' ' ' ' HARTSELLE, ALABAMA Alpha. Lambda Deltu: Viec--President Chi Theta: Secretary Mortar Cotillion Club, '35-'36: Scnhburri and Blade: Kmives: Senior Y. M. Board. C. A. Cabinet: President Freshman Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Cadet, Lieutenant-Colonel. HASKINS, LEWIS ELLSWORTH . ..,. BUFFALO, NEW YORK FERTIG, LEQN U V STAMFORD, CONNECTICUT I'l'lI EKU. Slilmill Fellowship in ACC0llIltIhL!', '35-'37. Form, EARLE RAYMOND . .,,.. I-IUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA HAS5, LOUIS ' - MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Druids: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. HEREFORD,"CHARLES T ........ GURLEY, ALABAMA FREEDMAN, RUTH . LENOIR CITY, TENNESSEE Fellowship in Accounting: Honor Roll, '34-'35. A A A A A Page One Hundred Twenty-four A R I-IILES, EDWARD WESLEY, II K A , . APALACHICOLA, FLORIDA 'l'l-nnsfer Oglethorpe: Business Manalzer Million Dollar Band. HOWEl..L, HOLLIS WEBSTER . . . GENEVA, ALABAMA HOWZE, LAURENCE PETTAWAY, JR., 1-If A 9 . MARION, ALABAMA I-IURST, B. WILLIAM . . PALISADES PARK, NEW YoRK JACKSON, ALAN CLAUDE, A X . . OLEAN, NEW YORK KAHALLEY, MAMIE, 0 Y . BAY MINETTE, ALABAMA KIMBROUGI-I, EMORY, LIP A 9 .... MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Phi Eta Siirmzli R. A. T. KLICK, RoBER'r FREDERICK, 9 E ..., ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI Delta Sigma Pi: Spirit Committee, Secretary-Treasurer: Interfrn- ternity Council. Koi-IN, JULIAN H., Z B T ..... MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Senior Football Manager: "A" Club: Crimson-White: Rammer- Jammer: Blackfriurs. LEE, A. ROBERT . ....., BELMONT, MASSACHUSETTS Freshman Basketball: Intramural Sports. LEVA, MARX ........... SELMA, ALABAMA Treasurer O. D. K.: Jasons: Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship Cup: Alpha Kappa Psi Scholarship Medallion: Phi Eta. Sigma: Honor Roll '33-'35- Crimson-White: Commerce Honor Committee: Appeals Committee: Fellowship in Accountimz: Debating' Club: Chairman, Clagsificutioj Committee's Council of Clubs. LEVINE, DCRA LEE ...... PORT CHESTER, NEW YORK Y. W. C. A. Treasurer: Secretary Ch' Th ,t, '35..'373 " , mittee: Hillel: Y. W. ci. Afcilbint-t. Smm Com LEVY, NATHAN NIEYER, Z B T ..... LINDEN, ALABAMA Phi ET-11 Sillmlli HOHUY' Roll: Economic Gradership. UPTON, ROBERT A-, Z B T .,,,. SHAKER HEIGHTS, OHIO Student Government: Erosophic: Crimson-White, '33-'34: Blaekfriars' Rnmmer-Jammer, '33-'34, - ' LYNGBY, ALFRED ROBERT, A X A . . . , MOBILE ALABAMA Y Spirit Committee: Representative Commerce Student Court: Reader in Economics: Transfer, University of Puerto Rico, -k 'k if Page One Hundred TwenlJ"flW-' MEYER, JAMES N, , , HAMBURG, NEW rome MILLER, JOHN Kl.EBER ...... FLAT CREEK, ALABAMA Newtonian Math Society: Pershing Rifles: Spirit Committee. NIX, MARGARET N. ..,.. . . MAPLESVILLE, ALABAMA President Y. W. C. A.: Spirit Committee: Student Government: Chi Theta. PHILLIPS, WILLIAM ELMER ..,... ROANOKE, ALABAMA Secretary Delta Sigma Pi: Philomathic. PLUMLEE, PRYOR I-I., K E . . BxRMINGHAM, ALABAMA REID, HENRY FRANCIS, JR., A X A . . . BESSEMER, ALABAMA Drum Major Million Dollar Band, '33-'37: President Intex-fraternity Council: Greeks: Crimson-White: Corolla: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: R. A. T.: Blackfriars: Scabburd and Blade: President Greeks: Presi- dent Sophomore Clnss: President Jasons. RIALL, BENJAMIN WILLIAM, A X A . . . FAIRHOPE, ALABAMA Pershing Rifles. Rrcco, Rocco A ..,...... PEAPAGK, NEW JERSEY Spirit Committee: Commerce Danec Committee. RICE, MARGARET LOUISE, A A A . . , NoRTHPoRT, ALABAMA Chi Theta: W. A. A.: Y. W. C. A. RILEY, WILLIAM FLOYD ....... LINEVILLE, ALABAMA Vice-President Senior Class: Officers' Club. ROBERTSON, WALTER P., H K A , . CARUTHERSVILLE, MISSOURI ROBINSON, MILTON WARNER ..,. YoNKERs, NEW YORK Secretary-Treasurer Senior Class: Student Court: Delta Sixzmn Pi. SAHLMANN, CARSTEN B. ....,. BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Statistical Assistant Bureau of Business Research. SHINE, WILLIAM ELI, Z A E ..,. BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Druids: Philomathic: Honor Court: Quadramzlc. SINGER, WILFRED . . BROOKLYN, NEW YORK Page One Hundred Twenty-six SMART, NEIL RUSSELL ...... SILVER HILL, ALABAMA Phi Eta Sitzmu: Alubumu Quiulrumrle: Psychology Fellowship: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. SMITH, BETTY, A KD ........ CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, '33-'36: President Chi Theta, '34Z W41m!1Il'S Council, '35: Pun-Hellenic, '34-'35, SMITI-I, TRAMMELL OGLESOY, A T A . . . ANNISTONJ ALABAMA MillioII Dollar Band. SPROULL, ANN COURTNEY, A A A . . ANNlSTONx ALABAMA THOMAS, PAUL G ........ cI.OvER, SOUTH CAROLINA Deltu Siyrmu Pi. THOMASON, CHARLES BETTY . . CULLMAN, ALABAMA WALDEN, JOHN FOY, A A T . , .... DOTHANA ALABAMA Assistant Business Munnger Crimson-White. '34-'35: Bluekfriurs. WALLS, MARY EMILY .,..,.. TUSOALOOSA, ALABAMA Chi Theta: DU!1H'B List. R WALTER, PAUL M., ID ll K . , . PIT'I'SIsURGH, PENNSYLVANIA Glue ClIIb: Officers' Club. WEINSTEIN, DOIIAN SAMUEL, Z B T , MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Phi Eta Sigma. WHITE, ALMA LOIS . ....... PENSACOLA, FLORIDA Y. NV. C. A. Freshman Cabinet, '34: House of Rt-prosentutives, '34-'36: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. WILLIAMS, DOYLE ....... THOMASVILLE, ALABAMA WVlIo's Who in American Colleges: Cotillion Club: Council of Clubq Representative : Alnbumu Qll8IiTHl1HlU : President Spirit Committeei' Philomathic, President, '36-'37 : Commerce Honor Council, '35-'36 I Crimson-White, '33-'35 : Freshman Advisory Board : Comllu: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Excelsior : Student Director University Dining: Hull I Alubnmn Commons Club: G. D. I. r WILLIAMS, EUGENE W., II K 111 ..,. LUVERNE, ALABAMA Seubbnrd and Blade: GI'6l'kS: Secretary-'1'rvIIsIIrer Junior Cla:-Ia. WILSON, FRANK L- . ROCHESTER, NEW YORK WINIJHAM, ALBERT CHARLES, G5 E K . . . MOULTON, ALABAMA Greeks: Intramural Representative. uk 'A' ir 'A' 'A' ' Page One Hundred Twenty-seven ir ADAMS, JOHN CALVIN A T Q BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA junior Pershing: Rifles: Excelsior: R. A T.: Glee Club. ADAMS, W. S., JR. A X CHEROKEE, ALABAMA Junior ALAND, RALPH Z B T BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Freshman Excelsior: Blaekfriars: Crimson- White. ALEANESE, RICHARD JOSEPH COLUMBUS, OHIO junior Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Million Dol- lar Band: Newnfag Club: Spanish C u . ALBRITTON, JESSE K E ANDALUSIA, ALABAMA Freshman ANDERSON, KENNETH A 2 CIF CRANFORD, NEW JERSEY Freshman ANDERSON, MALCOLM Ross A E KD NEW YORK, NEW YORK Frcrhman ANDERTON, NORMAN TI K CIP RUSSELLVILLE, ALABAMA Junior Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. ARMS, BERNARD CHARLES A 2 ID OGDENSBURG, NEW YORK Jxmiur ARONOV, HILLIARD K N MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Sophomore ARRINGTON, HARRY BOLTON E A E MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Sophomore Greeks. ir BALLENGER, EDWIN M. 2 CID E HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT Freshman BANK, HAROLD LOCKWOOD E A M TUSCALODSA, ALABAMA Sophomore BARKER, ROBERT ACHILLES A T A LOGAN, WEST VIRGINIA Sophomore BARNETT, JOHN B. MONROEVILLE, ALABAMA Freshman BATEMAN, CHARLES BISCOE 9 ':' ... BALTIMORE, MARYLAND Junior Pershimr Rifles: Second Lieutenant Pershing Rifles: Fencing Team: Glee Club: Alpha Kappa Psi: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. BATKIN, ELIAS ID 2 A NEW YORK, NEW YORK Freshman BECHBERGER, ROBERT E. CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, OHIO Junior BEDELL, HOWARD E. A 2 117 HUNTINGTON, NEW YORK Frexhman BEELAND, JEFF P., JR. 2 A E GREENVILLE, ALABAMA Sophomore BELL, KIRK X Q TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA junior Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: Golf Club: Glee Club. if if C H L F Page One Hundred Twenty-eight i' BENNETT, HARRY NEWELL MANCPIESTER, NEXV HAMPSHIRE Frcxhrnan BLACK, S. NORMAN A X A GARDNER, MASSACHUSETTS junior Pershinxr Rifles: Y. M. C. A. Cabi- net: Greeks: Deltn Siszma Pi: Rum- mer-Jummer: Y. M. C. A. State Delexzute. BLAIR, ALFRED DWIGHT 2 A E LEEDS, ALABAMA Sophomore BLANTON, JOHN H. K E SELMA, ALABAMA Frcxhman Corolla: Crimson-White: Blackfri- nts: Excelsior. BL UMENPELD, LEONARD MCSE Z B T MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA .Sophomore BOMHARD, ARMIN O. A 2 CID HASTINGS-ON'THE'HUDSON, NEW YORK Frarhman BOSWELL, CHARLES E X ENSLEY, ALABAMA Frcxlrman Freshman Football nnd Track. BOWERS, ARTHUR HOWELL GADSDEN. ALABAMA Sophomore BRADY, MAX GORDON REYNOLDSVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA Sophomore BRANTMAN, WILLIAM TURKUS KIT 2 A MT. VERNON, NEW YORK junior Phi Eta Sigma: Freshman Foot- ball. BRENNER, J. LEONARD 2 A M BALTIMORE, MARYLAND Freshman E R E Page One Hundred Twenty-nifle BRISTOL, THOMAS FARRAR A X A LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA junior Delta Sigma Pi: Greeks: Y. M. A. Cabinet. BROOK, ROBERT E A M WASHINGTON, NEW JERSEY Frcxhman BROWDER, JAMES D. ill A 9 LIVINGSTON, ALABAMA Sophomore BROWN, LOUIS EDWARD K 2 BRANDON, MISSISSIPPI Junior BROWN, THOMAS BLANCHARD K E SYLACAUGA. ALABAMA Frcxlarrran BROWNING, HARRY A T A LOGAN, WEST VIRGINIA Frcxhman Blnckfriurs. BRUCE, GEORGE VIVIAN, JR. A T A PRINCETON, WEST VIRGINIA Frcslmmn BRYANT, XVILLIAM HOMER, JR. KD 1' A ANNISTON, ALABAMA Svplmmorc Crimson-White: Excelsior. BURDETTE, WILLIAM LYLE, JR. ATA LOGAN, WEST VIRGINIA Junior Pershintr Rifles. BURKES, DALLAS LANGSDALE, ALABAMA Freshman if ir BURNETT, LUCILLE Z T A TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Sophomore Corolla: Newman Club: W. A. A.: Honorary Member "A" Club: Miss "A" Day, '35, BUSH, LoUIs HAMPTON K A TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA lfrcxlmlan BUSTER, SIG, JR. K 2 SELMN, ALABAMA ' Sophomore Bnnd. CAIN, DOROTHY JUDKINS WETUMPKA, ALABAMA Frcslmmn CALLAGI-IAN. JACK WILLIAM X III BLOOMFIELD, NEW JERSEY junior Alubumn Crimsons, '34-'35: Dirfvt- tor Alzlbunm Cnvuliers. '35-'37. CALVERT, KATHLEEN CULLMAN, ALABAMA Frcflmmn CANNON, JOI-IN M. A X ATIIFTNS, ALABAMA Snplxonmrc R. A. T.: Greeks. CANzoNERI, CYRUS A 'IV A MARLBORO, NEXV YORK Soplmnmrc Boxing Team: Spanish Club. CAROTHERS, NEIL JAMES K A BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA SUf7l70l7l0YC R. A. T.: Alabama Quarlrzlmrle: Co- rolla: Vice-President Sophomore Class: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Inter- frnternity Council: Greeks. CARSTENS, GEORGE I-I. A T A MOBILE, ALABAMA JYHIXIOY' CHAMBERIN, MURIEL HAMMOND A E A BLOOMFIELD, NEW JERSEY Freshman ir 'A' 'k CHIFFITZ, MURRAX' 111 E A BROOKLYN, NEW YORK JIHIIUY CHILDS, NORMAN A K E MARIANNA, FLORIDA Frcslmmn CIIISOLM, HALSTEAD I-IAvNEs A X BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA jlmiur CI-IURCI-I, CONRAD F. ANDOVER, NEW YORK junior CLARK, EDWARD WILSON ALEXANDRIA, ALABAMA Snplmnlorc Varsity Football. CLINE, ELENOR MARIE SAMANTHA, ALABAMA Frcxbrmln Freshman Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. CLYATT, JOI-IN LEO X KIT OPELIKA, ALABAMA junior Crimson-White, '32: Assistant Bus- iness Manuiter Crimson-White Sum- mer Edition, '33-'34: Assistant Bus- iness Mnmuzer Crimson-White, '34- '35I Blackfrinrs. COI-IEN, JACK LEON Z B T ALEXANDER CITY, ALABAMA junior Druids. COHEN, MELVIN A. E A M NEXV ROCHELLE, NEW YORK Frcrhmnn Rifle Team. COHEN, VERNON LESTER K N BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA junior Phi Eta Sisrmui Crimson-White: Junior Basketball Manager: Honor Roll, '35-'36, H L F Page One Hundred Thirty 'A' COI-IN, SOPHIE RAY COLUMBUS, GEORGIA Sophomore Transfer. University of Georxriu. COLEMAN, CLAYTON NOYES AX LIVINGSTON, ALABAMA Frcxlmmn CONWAY, EDWARD B. A X BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Sofrlromnrc Druids. CONWAY, WILLIAM E 1D E HOLLIS, I... I., NEW YORK Junior Honor Court. COOPER, ROBERT LEE 9 X ELISA, ALABAMA COPELAND, MILES A., JR. X qi BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA junior Varsity Boxinu Squad: Million Dollar Bnml: Alabama Cavaliers. COUCH, E. A., NBUDDYI, NAUV00, ALABAMA Sophomore Cox, BRADY CARL A X FLORALA, ALABAMA junior R. A. T.: Druids. CIQAWFORD, J. WILLIAM CIP E K ALTOONA, PENNSYLVANIA Frcfbman CRIGLER, FRED DAVIS X 111 MOBILE, ALABAMA Soplzonmrc CROCKER, JAMES REXFORD E N THOMASTON, ALABAMA Frcxlmmn R. A. T. E R Ei Page One Hundred Thirty-0116 'lr CUCIA, LOUIS F. M IDDLETOWN, CONNE CTICUT F 7CSb71h1rl Million Dollar Band. CUMBAA, NOEL THOMAS COLUMBUS, GEORGIA Junior Pershing Rifles: Treasurer Delta SiI:mn. Pi: Color Guard, '35-'36. DAMSKY, ZAC JEROME K N BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA junior Junior Baseball Manager. DANIEL, FLOYD FOSTER PASCAGOULA, MISSISSIPPI . Frcslmmn DASHER, JUANITA ORLANDO, FLORIDA junior DAVIES, ROBERT WRIGHT 9 X BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA junior Aswistant Business Manager Crim- son-White: lnterfraternity Council: Delta Sirrmn Pi : Greeks : Spirit Com- mittee: Student Court: Scabbnrd and Blade: Officers' Club. DAVIS, BEN DONALD KIP 1' A SI-IAWMUT, ALABAMA Frrxlmimx DAVIS, CHARLES HOWARD CHEHAW, ALABAMA junior President .Delta Sisrma Pi: Quml- rnnrcle: Excelsior: Philomathic: Rammer-Jammer: Y, M, C, A- Cabinet: Honor Roll, '35-'36g Phi Eta Silxma. DEARMAN, EVA RUTH TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Frcxbnian DEARMAN, LESLIE A K E BOLIGEE, ALABAMA Frcrlzman 'A' -k 'A' DEEB, DANIEL V. GLEN EALLS, NEW YORK Ffexbman DENNISTON, ROBERT P. A K E MOBILE, ALABAMA Freshman DENTON, T. J. 2 X ATLANTA, GEORGIA junior Pershing Rifles: Officers' Club. DEVOE, HAROLD V. WATERVLIET, NEW YORK Frerbman DICKERT, WILLIAM BUNYAN TI K ffl ARITON, ALABAMA Frcxbnmn DICKINSON, HAROLD L. GLEN FALLS, NEW YORK Soplmmcre Glec Club. DICKSON, JOE LOVVNDESBORO, ALABAMA Sophomore DODGE, DANIEL E A E BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Fferhman DOHERTY, JOHN P. 2 1D E ARLINGTON, NEW JERSEY Sophomore DOLBEAR, JOSEPH BROWDER MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Frexhman DOW, H. MOSS H K A GADSDEN, ALABAMA F rerbman ir 'A' Page One Hundred 'Thirty-two 'A' DOzIER, WlLl.lAM C. fl! A G TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Frerlmran DRAKE, MARY MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Freshman DYER, EDWARD J. K A BALTIMORE, MARYLAND Freshman EDWARD, FLORETTA A Z BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Frexhmnn ENGLISH, BILL I-I K fIY ELBA, ALABAMA FYCIl7l7ld7I Corolla: Freshman Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Crimson-White: Commons Club: Assistant to Treasurer: Phi- lnmnthic. ERB, CHARLES HARRY 2 IIT E NEW YORK, NEW YORK junior EWING, KATHERINE F. A 11' BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Frerbnian Glec Club: Corolla. FERGUSON, CHARLES DONALD F X Ll PORTSMOUTH, OHIO Sophomore FERGUSON, FREDRICK CID A 9 BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Frcslrman FINE, JOSEPH CD B A STAMFORD, CONNECTICUT Freshman F i' FITE, ARTHUR, JR. KD A 9 JASIIER, ALABAMA Freshman - FITZGERALD, THOMAS E., JR. E A E BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Sophomore Phi Eta Sigma: Philomathic: Sec- retary to Dean of Men. FLETCHER, MAURICE WILLIAM A T A CLARKSDALE, MISSISSIPPI junior Varsity Football. FORD, RALPH HUNTER H K A HUNTSVILLE, ALBAMA Sophomore R. A. T.: Corolla: Assistant Cheer- leader: Alnbnma Quadrangle: Phi- lomathic: Varsity Debating Team. FOSHEE, CALVIN MCKLEROY, JR. A X MAPLESVILLE, ALABAMA Sophomore FOWLER, ARTHUR B. A X ATTALLA, ALABAMA Sophomore Boxing' Team: Blackfrinrs. FRANCIS, LESLIE PAUL K A TIMPSON, TEXAS Sophomore Alabama Quadrumzle: Excelsior: R. A. T.: Philomuthic: Freshman Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. FUGHS, HARRY W. A 2 KID NEW CUMBERLAND, PENNSYLVANIA Sophomore Alpha. Kappa Psi: Freshman Box- inn. FULLER, HAMILTON, III K A ATLANTA, GEORGIA junior FULLER, JOHN A E CD TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Sophomore GAEEORD, FRANK I-I. A K E BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA junior President Sophomore Class: Rum- mer-Jnmmer: Corolla: Officers' Club: Excelsior: Philomathic: Knnves. GAINES, LORRAINE 9 Y CROSSVILLE, ALABAMA junior Chi Theta: Women's Council: Wom- en's Pan-Hellenic. C O E R C E I Page One Hundred Thirt1V'fl7fe'-' 'A' GARRISON, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN K E EUFAULA, ALABAMA Freshman GARRY, EMILY RUTH 2 A T PELL CITY, ALABAMA Sophomore GEORGE, ELIZABETH L. K K F ATMORE, ALABAMA Sophomore Omelw: Blnckfrinrs: Corolla: Ram- mc-I'-Jammer: Y. W. C. A.: Vice- President Sophomore Class. GLASGOW, RAYMOND WALLACE E X HEFLIN, ALABAMA S ophomorc GLASS, GARNETT C. GEORGIANA, ALABAMA Frcxhmnn Freshman Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Wesley Foundation. GLASCOCK, WALTER F. UNADILLA, GEORGIA Sophomore GODEREY, ROBERT S. ROCHESTER, NEW YORK Frcxhman GOLD, CARL A. 111 E A NEWARK, NEW JERSEY Frrxhm-m GOLDBERG, ALVIN MAURICE 2 A M BELZONI, MISSISSIPPI Frcxhnmn GOODFRIEND, MORRIS D. Z B T ATHENS, TENNESSEE junior Phi Eta Simms: Druids : Honor Roll, '34-'36: Interfruternity Coun. eil? Crimson-White: Vice-President Sophomore Class, '36 : Officers' Club I Reader in Economics. GRAY, LILLIAN ELISE X Q PRINCETON, INDIANA Frexhman GREEN, LESLIE MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Sophomore Crimson-Whitg, 'A' 'lr 'A' GREENE, HELEN MAY A Z CLAYTON, ALABAMA Frerhman GREFE, ALBERT H. A E YI? HAWTHORNE, NEW JERSEY Frerhmun GRIFFIN, JIM SNOW A T Q OXFORD, ALABAMA Sophomore Pershing: Rifles: Y. M. C. A. Cabi- net: Corolla Staff. HAMMOND, TOM 2 X ANDERSON, INDIANA Frexhman HANCOCK, EVELYN PEYTON BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Frefhman Ridinxt Club. HAND, CHARLES CONNOR, JR. A K E MOBILE, ALABAMA junior HANNAH, TED MILTON A T A PRINCETON, WEST VIRGINIA Frexhman HANNON, ROBERT LEE, jR. X CIF EAST CLEVELAND, OHIO Sophomore President Gorgas Hall, '35-'36. HARDIN, MARY ASHBY WALNUT GROVE, ALABAMA junior Treasurer B. S. U.: Chi Theta: House of Representatives: Fellow- ship in Main Library. I"IARRlS, JASE CLEMONS ill A O PANAMA CITY, FLORIDA Freshman HARRIS, JOHN FRANCIS O X BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS Sophomore Newman Club: Commerce Club: Spanish Club. HART, CHARLES M. E A E MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Sophomore 'A' 'A' HARVlI.L, MYATT WILLIAM IP A 9 BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Freshman HAUSER, EDGAR j. 9 E MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA junior Spirit Committee: Council of Clubs: Delta Siizmu Pi: Philomnthic: Ex- celsior: Alabama Commons Club: Assistant to Treasurer: Junior Prom Committee. HAYES, BROOKS A K E BLOUNTSTOVIN, FLORIDA Frcxhman HAYS, DOROTHY JEANE 2 K CELINA, OHIO junior Rnmmer-Jammer: Glee Club: Crim- son-White: Pan-Hellenic. HEBERLING, ALAN LYLE 9 X AMBRIDGE, PENNSYLVANIA junior HERBERT, GORDON BENNER A E f-Il MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE Frexhman HEYN, LEONARD CARL ST, JOSEPH, MICHIGAN Sophomore HIGBEE, LOUISE BELLE A A A. JACKSONILLE, FLORIDA junior Chi Theta: Newman Club. HILES, HENRY CONSTANT H K A APALACHICOLA, FLORIDA Frexhman HINSON, DOROTHY ANN THOMASVILLE, ALABAMA Freshman HOBACK, HAROLD GEORGE A X A BLUEFIELD, WEST VIRGINIA junior HOEFLICH, MARION A X Q FORT PIERCE, FLORIDA Frexhman H L F Page One Hundred' Thirty-four 'Ir HOLLIS, TRAMMELL, JR. E X IVIARTINBURG, WEST VIRGINIA Frvxlmmn HORTON, HUGI-I CLIFF X CD ALICEVILLE, ALABAMA Ffl'IlJlllt11'l HOUSTON. COOPER A T Q PHILADELPHIA, MISSISSIPPI Frrxlmmn HOWARD, RAY A E 411 ENDICOTT, NEW YORK Frvxlnmm I-IOWZE, MARCUS AUGUSTUS A T Q ANNISTON, ALABAMA SrIphoI11orc HUEY, HIRAM BESSEMER, ALABAMA Frcxlmmn HUG!-IEs, HALBERT EDWIN PINE BLUFF, ARKANSAS junior HUGI-IEs, LAWRENCE E. CIP A G STOCKTON, KANSAS lfrcslmmn Bluckfriursg Knnves. HUGHES, WILLIAM E. AMITY, PENNSYLVANIA ,luninr HUTTO, JACK H. H K CI' AIRTON, ALABAMA Sophomorf INGE, MONTGOMERY A K E MOBILE, ALABAMA l"rc.flmIan IsAAC, FREDERICK N. GLENs FALLS, NEW YORK junior Page One Hundrca' Tl1irlJ"fi"'f i' JOHNSON, AGNES X Q PIICKNIAN, KENTUCKY Frcrhman Crimson-White: Rammer-Jammer: Tennis Club: Corolla. JOI-INsoN, DEssA A Z BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Fn::l7Inan JOHNSON, PRISCILLA CLANTON, ALABAMA Sophomore JONES, FRED H. A T A FRIsCO CITY, ALABAMA Junior JORDAN, EVELYN A I' A TAMPA, FLORIDA Frrxlmran JORDAN, CARY A K E GADSDEN, ALABAKIA Sophomore JOYNER, RUTH JUDSON TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Junior Girls' Glee Club. JUNG, FREDERICK WILLIAM MAPLEWOOD, NEW JERSEY Frcxlmlan JUNKIN, RAY NEW YORK, NEW YORK Frvxlmlan KAHN, IRVING BERLIN KD E A NEVUARK, NEW JERSEY Sophomore Million Dollar Band: Movie Editor Crimson-White: Hillel: Y. M. C. A. Cnbinet: Drum Major R. 0. T. C. Band. KATZ, ISRAEL K N MONROEVILLE, ALABAMA junior KAUF, HARRY L. TARRYTOWN, NEW YORK junior 'A' ir A' KEENY, ROBERT C. A E ID FAIRHOPE, ALABAMA Freshman Spirit Committee: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. KEESEE, WILLIAM RILEY A X A BLUEFIELD, WEST VIRGINIA junior Transfer, Bluefield College. KIDD, JAMES MALLORY fb A 9 RIRMINGI-IAM, ALABAMA Freshman KING, CHARLES EDWIN A T Q BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Sophomore Arch Club: Delta Sigma Pi: Per- shing Rifles. KING, GEORGE LESLIE 2 N ALEXANDER CITY, ALABAMA junior Arch Club: Spirit Committee: Phi lomuthic: R. A. T.: Officers: Club. KLIcIc, WALTFR HENRY 0 E ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI Sophomore Philomathic: Delta Sigma Pi. KLING, WILLIAM Z B T NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Sophomore Sophomore Football Manager: Dru- Ids: Blackfriarsz Excelsior: Vico- Prcsident Druids, 36. KOEF, HAROLD A. wII.IcEs-RARRE, PENNSYLVANIA Freshman KWESKIN, BERNARD ll? B A STAMEORD, CONNECTICUT Freshman LAMAR, YOUGENE J. H K 'IJ MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA junior LANGE, JULIA sr. Louis, MISSOURI junior LATHRAM, JAMES FRANCIS A X MONROEVILLE, ALABAMA Sophomore Wesley Foundation. 'A' LAUN, WIRT LAUN CID I' A MOBILE, ALABAMA Freshman LAURIC, HENRY JOHN CLANTON, OHIO I unior "A" Club: Baseball, '35, LEDYARD, MOLLY INIONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Freshman Corolla. LEI-IMAN, MAURICE M. Z B T SELMA, ALABAMA Junior Phi Eta Sigma: Honor Roll, '34-'85 LEONARD, FRANCES MARIE A' KD CHICAGO, ILLINOIS junior Swan Club: W. A. A.: Golf Club LEONARD, MELEA DEAN JACKSON, ALABAMA Freshman LEVANDAUSKAS, EDMUND JOSEPH NAUGATUCK, CONNECTICUT junior Fellowship in Emzlish: Alpha Kappa Psi. LEVIN, DAVID WILLIAM K N BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Freshman LEXVIS, MARGI-IERITA JOAN EOLEY, ALABAMA junior LEwIs, PARNELL SAGE 2 N DOTHAN, ALABAMA Freshman LIEBERMAN, BEATRICE OR LANDO, FLORIDA Sophomore Women's Council. LIPSON, HARRY A., JR. 2 A M BIRNIINGHAM, ALABAMA Freshman A' 'A' S C H O L O F Page One Hundred Thirty-six uk LOETIN, ROBERT L. E X LINDEN, ALABAMA Sophomore LONG, HAROLD A., JR. III P A MOBILE, ALABAMA Sophomore Rammer-Jammer: Druids: Vice- Prnsident Freshman Class, '36. LOUOHRAN, MARSHALL ELMORE K K I' MOBILE, ALABAMA Freshman LUBANOW, NATHAN AARON E A M NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE Freshman LUCKEY, LUCILE A Z PAINTED POST, NEW YORK Freshman LYONS, EDXVARD THOMPSON CID K 2 RIDLEY PARK, PENNSYLVANIA Sophomore MCCARGO, DEWITT, JR. E A E ANNISTON, ALABAMA Freshman MCCLARE, KENNETH, JR. A T A MAPLEWOOD, NEW JERSEY Sophomore MCDANIEL, DARWIN X KD JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA Frcrhman Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Spanish Club: R. A. T. MCDANIEL, MARY INGLE CII M SOUTH PITTSBURGH, TENNESSEE Freshman Corolla: Spanish Club: Tennis MCDANIEL, PHILIP ALFRED EDTA CLAYTON, ALABAMA Sophomore Philomathic: Glee Club, '36. MCDUFFIE, HAZEL BELLE MOBILE, ALABAMA Freshman C E R Page One Hundred Tl:irtJ"5f""' 'A' MCEACHERN, RICHARD 2 X LOUISVILLE, ALABAMA Freshman MCGEE, CLINTON A X BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA junior Alabama Quadrangle: Phi Eta Sig ma: Druids: Honor Roll, '34-'36 It. A. T.: Library Assistant: Per- shing Rifles. MCMILLAN, BEN F. WD A 9 MOBILE, ALABAMA Sophomore R. A. T. MCRAE, LOUISE 9 Y BRANDEN, MISSISSIPPI junior MACQUEEN, GILES EDWARDS A K E BIRMIN GHAM, AIAABAMA junior MAHR, IRWIN GEORGE NEWARK, NEW JERSEY Sophomore MAILMAN, STANLEY 2 A M BALTIMORE, MARYLAND Freshman MAIN, CHARLES E. A X CARNAK, ILLINOIS F reshman MAIN REBECCA I K K 1' METROPOLIS, ILLINOIS Freshman MARBURY, BILL BREVARD KD A O BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Freshman MARGOLIS, EDWARD MAX . 2. A M BALTIMORE, MARYLAND Freshman IVIARSHALL, BEN F. A K E MOBILE, ALABAMA Freshman if MARSHALL, JDHN F. ID A Q EUFAULA, ALABAMA Sophomore President Phi Eta Sigma: Druids Glce Club. MARX, NATHAN BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA junior Junior Football Mnnmrcr. MAXWELL, WILLIAM RANDOLPH E X ATMORE, ALABAMA Sophomore MERRILL, JAMES W. E A E ANNISTON, ALABAMA junior R. A. T. METz, IRVING A., JR. 2 A M JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI junior Honor Roll, '34-'35: Phi Eta Sig' ma: Corolla 5 Rammer-Jammer Scc1'ctzII'y-Treasurer Junior Class. MEYER, MATTIMORE Z B T MERIDIAN, MISSISSIPPI Frvshmfm IVIEYER, RUSSELL C. Z fl? E TOMAHAWK, WISCONSIN Sophomore Rummer-Jammer: Blnclcfriars. MILLER, FRANK HARVEY, III 2 A E MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Sophomore NIILLER, MILDRED A A A GIJNTERSVILLE, ALABAMA Frcrhnxan MIMMS, HAROLD E. A 2 CIP NEWARK, NEW YORK Sophomorc MITCHELL, BILLIE DoN HARTSELLE, ALABAMA FrL'.rhrrIan MOELLER, JoHN ERNEST E ill E BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Sophomore Corolla: Alpha Kappa Psi. 'A' 'A' MoNTGoMERY, JAMES NELSON A A T GLEN RIDGE, NEW JERSEY Sophomorr MOORE, LILLIE MAE X Q INIERIDIAN, INIISSISSIPPI l'vTt'5,7lIId7l Pi. MOSES, CHARLES HOWARD, JR. A K E BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Sophomore INIUIR, DOUGLAS H. A K E BlRlN'IINGHAM, ALABAMA Sophomore NIURCH, ROBERT EDWARD ill K E GARDEN CITY, NEW YORK fxmior Newman Club. MYTELKA, DAVID ELAGToWN, NEW JERSEY Sophomore NAFF, HOLDEN STAFFORD, JR. BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Frcslznlari NASH, RALPH GLASS A ll ill NASI'IUA, NEW HAMPSHIRE Sophomore NELSON, JAMES T. ll K ill DAYTONA BEACPI, FLORIDA Sophomore' Newman Club: R. A. T. NESBITT, STERLING ROBERT GLENS FALLS, NEW YORK junior Phi Eta Sigma: Commerce Honor Roll. NOBLE, HENRY KD A 6 BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA lfrcrhman NORRIS, FRED CARETTA, WEST VIRGINIA Frcxhman Blackfrinrs. H L F Page One Hundred Thirty-cighl 'Ir NORTON, JOE S., JR. A K E MOBILE, ALABAMA Sophomore OPPENHEIM, VICTOR SOUTH AMBOY, NEW JERSEY Frexhman OVERSTREET, CHARLES SYLVEETER 2 N BREWTON, ALABAMA Sophomore President Freshman Class: Presi- dent Sophomore Class: R. A. T.: Druids: Arch Club. OXFORD, CARL BRYANT II K ill ORRVILLE, ALABAMA Sophomore PALMER, LINN, JR. fl! A 9 DORA, ALABAMA Sophomore Glee Club' R. A. T.: Philomuthic: Druids: Corolla, 'ss-'36, PARK, JAMES VERNER 2 N ALICEVILLE, ALABAMA Junior Blackfriars: Delta Sigma Pi: Offi- cers' Club : Greeks. PARKER, JOSEPH LAWRENCE, JR. 2 X NEW YORK, NEW YORK Sophomore PARRIS, VANCE GERALDINE, ALABAMA Junior PARRISH, EVELYN A Z SAMSON, ALABAMA Junior PARTRIDGE, GEORGE BERNARD CD 1' A LUVERNE, ALABAMA Freshman PATTERSON, FRED H., JR. A X A ROCHESTER, NEW YORK Freshman PATTON, WILLIAM WAYNE K A .LIVlNGSTON, ALABAMA junior E R E Page One Hundred Thirty-nine ir PERILMAN, JOSEPH L. K N WHEELING, WEST VIRGINIA Sophomore PERRY, CHARLES DEBARDELEBEN A K E Junior BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Honor Roll, '34-'35: Excelsior: Druids. . PETERSON, MARSHALL CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Sophomore PETRIE, ROBERT JOHN DOLCIEVILLE, NEW YORK Sophomore PIPES, ROBERT FORD E A E MOBILE, ALABAMA Frexhman Bluckfrinrs: Corolla: Freshman Boxing Manager. PITTMAN, THOMAS VIRGIL H K A ENTER PRISE, ALABAMA junior PLAMBECK, PAUL WANDLING DES MOINES, IOWA Sophomore Alpha Kappa Psi. PORTER, RALPH ALBERT Qi A 9 BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Freshman PRESCOTT, DAN FRED H K KD ELBA, ALABAMA Sophomore PRUET, BENNET W. 2 A E ANNISTON, ALABAMA Sophomore QUACKENBUSH, HENRY CD A 9 MOBILE, ALABAMA Sophomore RALSTON, CHARLES FRANCIS SENECA FALLS, NEW YORK Frerhman Million Dollar Band: Newman Club Alabama Crimsons. 'lr 'k ul' RAMBO, LOUIS G. K E BENTON, ALABAMA Freshman RAMSAY, LAMAR ENOCHS 2 X EERNWOOD, MISSISSIPPI Freshman R. A. T. RANDO, LEWIS VICTOR NIANTIC, CONNECTICUT Sophomore RATLIFF, JOHN, JR. PHENIX CITY, ALABAMA S ophornarc Blnckfriars: Newman Club: Y. C. A. Cabinet. RAYBURN, GEORGE BINFORD A X DAYTON, ALABAMA Sophomore REDDOCH, JOYCE A A II LUVERNE, ALABAMA Junior REICH, ROBERT D. A T Q GADSDEN, ALABAMA Frexhman REYNOLDS, MORGAN E A E CLANTON, ALABAMA Freshman Blackfriars' Crimson-White. RHOADES, ROBERT WILLIAM K E HOBART, INDIANA Sophomore RIBYAT, MORRIS UTICA, NEW YORK junior Crimson-White. RICHARDS, DONALD KENNY EUFAULA, ALABAMA S ophomorc RIPPEN, RALPH ROBERT KEYPORT, NEW JERSEY Freshman M. uk RITTER, DAVID P. 'Il I' A MOBILE, ALABAMA Sophomore Rammer-Jammer. ROBBINS, SEYMOUR AI.BERT CI? 2 A STANFORD, CONNECTICUT Sophomore Freshman Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, '36, ROBERTS, HUGH WADDELL 2 N TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Freshman RODGER, G. MENZIES, JR. NEXV YORK, NEW YORK junior Honor Roll, '85-'36: Freshman Football Manager, '34: Glee Club: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Phi Eta Six!- mn: Delta Sigma. Pi: Honor Court: Commerce Club. ROSEMARY, ARNOLD LEONARD BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA junior RUBEL, IRVING LOEB Z B T ABERDEEN, MISSISSIPPI Frcrhmun Excelsior: Bluckfriars: Crimson- White: Rammer-Jammer. RUPERT, EVERETT MERLE PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND Sophomore Delta Epsilon Pi. SAcI-Is, ARTHUR ELMER 'Il E A BALTIMORE, MARYLAND Sophomore Freshman Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, '36. SADLER, RAY FARRELL 2 A E ATHENS, ALABAMA Sophomore Phi Eta Sigma: Honor Roll, '36: Rammer-Jammer. SAUL, RAY4SNELL KID E K ERIE, PENNSYLVANIA Frcxhman SAVAGE, JOSEPH RICHARD E A E MOBILE, ALABAMA SAxoN, DoRoTHY KEETON Z T A TLISCALOOSA, ALABAMA Sophomore Alpha Lambda Delta: Bluckfriars: Spanish Club Treasurer: Crimson- White. ff if S C H O L F Page One Hundred Forly SCHAFFER, NATHAN K N OZARK, ALABAMA Svpbanmrr: SCHARFSCHWERDT, ELSA A X S2 FORT PIERCE, FLORIDA l"rI:rhnIan SCI-IUESSLER, JOHN STRAITQN LAFAYETTE ALABAMA Saphomurc SEAGLE, MARY E. FOREMAN TLISCALOOSA, ALABAMA Sophomore Corolla: Y. NV. C. A.: Rammer- Jammer. SEWARD, BRYAN A. V A E -I LOUISE, MISSISSIPPI Suplmnmn' SHELTON, JOSEPH OGLESBY E N LIVINGSTON, ALABAMA Frcrhman SucrctaI'y-'1'I'cusuror Freshman Class. SHINE, HAROLD J. 21 A E BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA lfrvslmmn SIEvERs, ARTHUR OSWARD E ID E WHITE HEATH, ILLINOIS Junior Alphu Kuppu Psi. SLAYTON, GEORGE ARTHUR 22 X TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Sophomore SMITH, GREGORY LITTLE MOBILE, ALABAMA ,luniur SMITH, HOWARD A. A X A LAWRENCEVILLE, INDIANA junior SMITH, JOHN CHARLES 9 X INDIANAPoLIs, INDIANA junior E R E Page One HmIa'rea' Fort9"0"f 'A' SMITH, THOMAS CHARI.ToN, JR BANKSTON, ALABAMA junior SNEAD, CHARLES JUDSON Tusr:ALoosA, ALABAMA l"n':lmI.III STARKEY, EDWARD NEWELL Yomc, MAINE I"rI':lmIan STARNES, ,IOHN WALKER, JR. II K 111 GuNTERsvII,LE, ALABAMA junior STEPI1, RICHARD D. WOOBSIDE, L. I., NEW YORK Supbomurc Rifle Squad. STRATEDRD, THOMAS A. A T A BUFFALO, NEW YORK Sophomore STRDNG, W. E., JR. TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Suplmzzlurc STUBBS, LUCILE A Z WALNUT GROVE, MISSISSIPPI l"rc:hImm STURKIE, EDWIN II K A GADSDEN, ALABAMA Frcrlmlan SUAREZ, PAULINE A 1' A TAMPA, FLORIDA l"rI:.flmImI SULLIVAN, THOMAS E, BADEN, .PENNSYLVANIA P ruxbzzlmx SULLY, LESLIE BROOKLYN, NEXV YORK junior 'k ic SUTLIFF, ELEANOR X Q TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Sophomore SUTLIFF, JAMES T. 2 A E TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA junior Greeks. SUTTON, STANLEY B. ID I' A GEORGE SCHOOL, PENNSYLVANIA Freshman SWIFT, MARGHERITA LIGON K K I' ATMoRE, ALABAMA junior Omc-Lia: Alpha Lambda: Pun-Hel lenic, '34-'37: House DI' Representa- tives: Corolla. TERMESON, HOWARD S. 2 A Nl CARBON HILL, ALABAMA Frexhman TI-IoMAS, JOSEPH WILLIAM ALIQUIPPA, PENNSYLVANIA Sophomore Transfer, Bethany College. THOMAS, LUTHER J., JR. DOTHAN, ALABAMA Sophomore Phi Eta Sigma: Delta Sixzma Pi. 'I-IHOMPSON, IRA WELCH E N DEMOPOLIS, ALABAMA Freshman Band: Blaekfriars: R. A. T. TRICE, TROUPE LEONARD 2 A E BOLIGEE, ALABAMA Sophomore TURNER, EDWARD LAMAR, JR. II K KD LUVERNE, ALABAMA Sophomore R. A. T.: Crimson-White: Greeks: Corolla. IIIURNER, GEORGE EUGENE fl? I' A LUVERNE, ALABAMA Sophomore Excelsior: Druids: Pershing Ri- fles: Philomathic. TYSON EVANS 7 A 2 ID MERIDIAN, MISSISSIPPI Freshman ir UHLICH, WILBERT JOHN RIVERSIDE, ILLINOIS Frvxhnlan UIIM, IYIARGARET TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Frcxhrilan VANN, LYMAND GILBERT 2 N NORFOLK, VIRGINIA Sophomore VAN WERT, CHARLES R. A X A BESSEMER, ALABAMA junior VICKERS, NICK L. H K fl! MDBILE, ALABAMA Freshman VINING, ARTHUR WEBSTER NEW'I'0N, CONNECTICUT junior VUGOSEVICH, CHRISTY RONNIE RUTHFIRFORD, NEW JERSEY Sophomore Truck: Winner 75 und 100 Yurd Dash, Independent. WAITE, JACK CULP GENEVA, oIIIo lrmiar WAKEFIELD, WILLIAM JAMES A T Q ANNIsToN, ALABAMA Freshman WALDEN, LEMUEL MARVIN DOTHAN, ALABAMA Freshman WALDMAN, WILLIAM R. FORT DEPOSIT, ALABAMA Junior Phi Eta Sigma: Sergeant Million Dollur Band: Honor Roll, '36, WALTER, WILLIAM GUY '-I' 1' A HoLLYWooD, CALIFORNIA Sophomore H L F Page One Hundred Forly-two if WARD, MARY VIRGINIA A Z CUBA, ALABAMA l"rI'rlmmrI WARNER, DXVIGHT K. ill E K DIXON, ILLINOIS Soplmnlou' WARNER, IRVIN BERNARD Z I3 T BIRNIINGHANI, ALABAMA l"n'.flmlmI NVARNER, MARVIN LEON K N BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA l"rvrlInmn WARREN, RICHARD CHARLES K A BALTIMORE, MARYLAND Frurlmmn WIARREN, THOMAS E. v X L. JACKSON, ALABAMA junior WATSON, EVERETT PINE APPLE, ALAIJAMA lllllfuf WATTS, RAYMOND WILLARD A T A XVEST PORT, CONNECTICUT lfrcxlnmrn WELCH, STEWART H. A K E BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Frcxlmlan XVEINBERC, I-IENRY Z B T QUINCY, FLORIDA Soplmnmrc WEINSTEIN, YALE K N UTICA, NEW YORK l"7l,'A'lHIldY'l WHEELER, REXFORD LEON, JR. . 4IY I A MOBILE, ALABAIWA Soplmnmn' Honor Court: Vice-President lt. A. Glee Club: Greeks: Philomnth Assistant Business Mmlmrer Rummel'-.Iammur. 'A' WHITFIELD, JAMES B., JR. A T Q DEMOPOLIS, ALABAMA Frvshnlan WIEGAND, ALBERT CHARLES NEW YORK, NEW YORK junior Alpha Kappa Psi: Freshman Base ball. WILBANKS, OLIVER C. 2 A E ANNISTON, ALABAMA junior State President Alabama B. S. U. President University B. S. U. Honor Court. WILBANKS, ROBERT SMITH II K A ALEXANDER CITY, ALABAMA 5oplwnIo1f: WILLIAMS, ERNEST G. K A TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Junior President Junior Class: Secretary Alabama Quadrangle: Treasurer R. A. T.. '35: Philumathic: Honor Court: Freshman Y. M. C. A. Cab- inet, '35: Senior Y. M. C. A. Cabi- net, '36: Assistant to Treasurer. WILLIAMS, FRED LEON A T A BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA junior Honor Military Student. '35: Vice- Presirlent Junior Class: Pershing Rifles. WILLIAMS, LEO HAROLD TI K 411 LUVERNE, ALABAMA Frerlmlan WILLIAMS, PRUETT, JR. lIP A 9 PANAMA CITY, FLORIDA Frcrhman WILLIAMS, RUTH THOAIASVILLE, ALABAMA Sophomore Spirit Committee. WOOTEN, C. D, II K 11' CRESCENT CITY, FLORIDA funiur Greeks: M. C. A. Cabinet: As- sIstant Cheerleader. YALOVITZ, MARVIN SIGMOND Z B T ANNISTON, ALABAMA Frcxlmmn YARBROUGH, D, L, K Z PRATTVILLE, ALABAMA Sophomore Milllilfy Bfmlll Million Dollar Sophomore Band and Orchestra. E R E 'f ff Page One Hundred F0ffJ"'l7""f Dean JAME J. no TER an FACULTY The College of Education is a young but fast growing division of the University, having been established in 1929 by action of the State Board of Education. Organized in 1909 as an outgrowth of the Department of Philosophy and Education which had been established by the trustees in 1899. It has already taken rank among the larger divi- sions of the University from the standpoint of enrollment and is exerting a wide-felt influence upon the school system of the state. The College of Education, with its magnificent building and equipment, is a monument to the leadership of Dr. Doster,Nwho was appointed Dean of the School of Education in 1911, and has served continuously since that time. By his ambition, vision, foresight, and untiring zeal he has developed the teacher training function of the University to a full four-year college, and has made a lasting impression upon the entire edu- cational system of our state. First Row: Sims, Payne, Bc-lscr, lil. Coleman, Dostcr, Tartt, Thompson, Dawson, Terry, Williams, Ycnell, Dnnnelly, Muncill. Second Row: Whitehurst, Calhoun, Chase, Tidwcll, McClure, Pannell, McKinley, Cowart, Mills, W. Coleman. ,X . QL. --.... - X ,, ,..-di, ,y . 4-in Q . 1 'S --nv --V 1 X X N T ...QL A.-..-1------t --------rv ,X . , H 1 X ' 1 M Art ' 1 I 'N X", ' J --i f K' lr A I ' 'QL ,K L fm ' 'e X - 1 ' ' H X L X I -- x m f f nw' 'fl '-1 I 1 1 N112 -1 Q':':..1s.L-si Q- . , W s A Niig- . ""ou.,,,,,,.,, Az N. Q.. K. X - R ALVERSON, JOSEPHINE ELEANOR, , , . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Chi Theta: Spirit Committee: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. ANDERSON, GEORGE MCPHERSON . . , . NEW YORK, NEW YORK Blackfriars. BALCANOEE, GEORGE JACOB ...., WORCESTER, NEW YORK Freshman Baseball, '34: Honor Court: Spirit Committee: IntI'amuI'al Official. BALDWIN, MARGARET D. . . . . ROBERTSDALE, ALABAMA Newman Club: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, '36: House of Representatives: W. A. A. BASILE, WILLIAM STEPHEN .... LITTLE FALLS, NEW JERSEY Kappa Delta Pi. BAUMAN, AVON E. . . SUNBURY, PENNSYLVANIA BICK, RUTH MARION, A CIP . . CHICAGO, ILLINOIS BLUDWORTI-I, JOHN F. . . ....., ARGYLE, FLORIDA Secretary-Treasurer Freshman Class: Secretary-TreasuI'cr Sophomore Class: Football. '35-'36, BRESLIN, BETTY, A A A ....,.. SELMA, ALABAMA President Women's Student Government: Vice-President Spirit Com- mittee: Executive Committee: Appeals Committee. BROWN, MARY IRENE . . JASPER, ALABAMA BRYANT, HOWARD , . GERALDINE, ALABAMA CAPLEY, LILLIE BELL ....... KELLERMAN, ALABAMA W. A. A.: Spirit Committee. OFFICERS A :HA KAPPA DELTA PI President . . . ELEANOR DAVIS Vice-President . ....,..., I-lAzEL REID Secretaries . . JULIA ELLEN POWERS, ETI-IEL TANKERSLEY Trcaxurer . ..,,,... HORACE CARTER 'A' ir -k Page One Hundred Forly-six -4 CLINKSCALES, EMMA F. . MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA COCHRAN, HENRY VULLIJAM, A A T . . . PADUCAI-I, KENTUCKY "A" Club: Footlmull, '35-'3G. COOK, RUBY . COLUMBUS, MISSISSIPPI COOPER, RUBY ...,..... BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA lll!l.ClCl'l'll'l.l'SI Spunirah Club: WI-sloy l'l:Iyor:-I: W. A. A.: Csmnncil Mvmbur. COPELAND, JUSTIN STANLEY .,... TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA lotn Lnmbdu Sllflflflf lnrluzatrinl Arts ClIIb. CRUME, MARY ELIzAnETII, K A . . BARDSTOWN, KENTUCKY Guidong Pi. CURRY, IDA MAE 4 . DALEsvILI.E, ALABAMA CURRY, Jessie AGNES, A E A ..... CLAYTON, LOUISIANA Alpha Omicron: lilzlukfriurs: Caroline Hunt Club: 'l'I'IIIIsl'v.-I' North- NVl'HlC'l'H Slate '1'c-:Iuln-r's Collvfrv. 'A' 'A' 'A' N R DADASOVICI-I, MICHAEL M. . PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA DAVIS, ELEANOR ..... . . . MOUNDVILLE, ALABAMA Alpbn Lumbclu DI-ltu: Kupyul Dvltn I'i:MortIII' Board: Womcn'B Cmm- nil '35-'litig Prosizlcnt Junior Class, '35. DAVIS, YVLETTE ....,..., KENNEDY, ALABAMA 'l'l'2lllSl'Cl' Alubnmn Collvxxn. DEL CARMEN, ALBERT . JINOTEPE, NICARAGUA IDIXON, ETHEI. . . JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA DOMBROSKI, ZYGMUND IGN.-XTIUS . . , PORTLAND, CONNECTICUT Newman Clllll1.ASlilSlllllL in llIl.I'!lY11lll'2ll Sports: l'. R. C. U. of Amuri- ca ScliolnI'shin. DROLET, MARIE ELAINE, K K 1' .... TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Mm' lioarcl: Council ol' Clubs: Knmm D1-ltn l'i: Who's Whqi in Al'1l0l'li'Illl UIIivI-I'sitivs unrl Collom-sn: lilzlckfriaxrsg Y. W. C. A. Cubi- nut: li01ll'tl ol' l,ll'l'Ct0l'SI lixcuutive Committvu: Appuuls Committvc: Joint. Committee: l"I'cBl1nmII Y. W. C. A. Advisor: Iiluo Rirliru D1-lp- Ixntv, '35: Rumnwr-Jzlmmc-r: Sorority Editor of Corolla, '33-'353 WI'nII'II's l'1cIitor ol' Crimsuvi-Wbitv. '35-'36: Newman Club, EUERSOLE, CHARLES E-Y JR- - . TUscAI.OOsA, ALABAMA Page One Hundred Forty-seven -I FORTI, LEONARD JOSEPH, A fl! A . . EUTAW, ALABAMA GII.MORE, JOHN EFFIE Vice-President Women's . . . . . . . SULLIGENT, ALABAMA Student Government: Vice-President Spirit Committee: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: Executive Committee. HALL, WILLENE . DOTHAN, ALABAMA HAYES, CARRIE MAE . . VANCE, FLORIDA HENDERSON, TERESA . .... Alpha. Omierong Weasley 1"0unIlIItion: W. A. A.: Y. W. C. A.: Treas- urer Cnrnline Hunt Club: Phi Upsilon. . DIXONYS MILLS, ALABAMA HOLMAN, MARY, X Q ......., YORK, ALABAMA BlnckfI'iuI':I: Zeta Phi Etn. HOLTON, FRANCES , Swan Club: Spirit Committee. . . . . . , PENNSGROVE, NEW JERSEY HYATT, ELOISE, A E A ....... CULLMAN, ALABAMA W. A. A.: Swimming: Teum: Swan Club: Blxlekfriursg Y. W. C. A. 'ff if 'A' HYDE, KATHRYN, A X Q . . JAMES, ALICE KATHERINE, X Q . . KALMANOWITZ, EMANUEL ..,. , Varsity Iloxinlri Intramural Field KARP, MARVIN I. . KELLER, BURTON "RED" ,... . . TUSCUMBIA, ALABAMA ACKERMAN, MISSISSIPPI BROOKLYN, NEW YORK Munzzger. NEW YORK, NEW YORK CULLMAN, ALABAMA "A" Club: Football, '34-'3G: Honor C0,llI'l... KILGORE, MARY WINIFRED, K A Blzu:lcfI'izII'5: Omefrn: Y. W. LANTRIP, MARJORIE GAIL, A 1' A . . . Omega: I+!l:u:kl'I'iuI's: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: W. . JASPER, ALABAMA C. A. . JASPER, ALABAMA A. A.: I-Ionnrury Cadet Culonel Regiment of Enyrineers. IJEWIS, FELMA . . STAPLETON, ALABAMA ir is Page One Hundred Forty-eiglvl A R LIVINGSTON, M.ARY KATHLEEN . , . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Wesley Dramatic ClIIb. LYON, HAMILTON, E X ...,.. MERIDIAN, MISSISSIPPI "A" Club: Varsity Fuutbnll '34-'36: 'l'I'auk, '34-'36. MCCRORY, ,IULIET . ...., . GUIN, ALABAMA 1 Zeta Phi Eta. MCKEE, MARGARET ....... NORTHPORT, ALABAMA Alpha Lambda Delta: Kappa Delta Pi: President Kappa Delta Pi. MANSFIELD, LEVERETT F., A X A . . PI-IILMONT, NEW YORK MICHAELS, MARTHA ERMA . , BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA MORRIs, FAY . . PIEOMONT, ALABAMA MOYE, LAMAR .......... DECATUR, ALABAMA Football, '34-'35-'3G: "A" Club. MULLINS, FLORENCE ........ ATMORE, ALABAMA Caroline Hunt Club: Honor Roll, '35-'36: Phi Upsilon. NISBET, BUBBER ......... BAINBRIDGE, GEORGIA Football, '34-'35-'36: Captain Football Team: "A" Club. O,DAY, JOHN J. . . WOONSOCKET, RHODE ISLAND PATTILLO, LUCILLE, K A . . BILLINGSLEY, ALABAMA PETERS, Wll.l,,lAM EDWARD, X fl? E . . . HAMMOND, INDIANA Varsity Football, '31-'35-'36: President "A" Club, '3G: Alternate Captain Football Team. PORTER, .ALVA L. . . YOUNGSTOXVN, OI-IIO POXVERS, JULIA ELLEN, K A .... TuscALOOsA, ALABAMA 1 l?lackfI'aiI's, '34: Glee Club: Corolla, '35: Rammr-I'-Jammer '83-'3f1: Kappa Delta Pi: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: I..ibrm'y Fellowship: Reader- ship in History: Honor Roll. '35-'3G. PREISS, FRANCES OWEN ..,... MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA W. A. A.: Y. W. C. A. 'Ir Y i' Page One Hundred For!J"'15"'f' R RADFORD, JAMES S ..,...... I-IARTFQRD, ALABAMA Footbnll. '35-'36: "A" Club: Spirit Committee. REDUS, EVELYN . . VERNON, ALABAMA Q l REID, HAZEI. EVELYN .,...... RED BAY, ALABAMA Kappa Delta l'i RICHARDSON, LUCY MAXWELL, K A . , . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Pi: Alpha Omicron. RILEY, JOSEPH RICHMAN ..,.... DOTI-IAN, ALABAMA Football, '34-'35-'36: "A" Club: Truck, '35-'36-'3'7: Catillion Club: Vice-President "A" Club. RoBINsoN, BETTY GORDON, Z T A . , CLIFTON FALLS, VIRGINIA ROGERS, VICTOR LAMAR, Il K A ...., IIoLT, ALABAMA Freshman Football and Baseball: Seubburd :Ind BluIle: Suphornore and Junior Committee: Colonel Infantry Regiment: Officers' Club. RYBA, JAMES JOHN, A fl' A ...... cIcERo, ILLINOTS Honor Committee, '35: Varsity Football, '35-'B6: "A" Club. SCALES, WARNER LoUIsE .....,. FAIRFAX, ALABAMA Caroline Hunt Club: Wesley Playerf-I. ScAI.zI, FRANK JOSEPH , ,.... YORKVILLE, NEW YORK "A" Club: Baseball '34-'35-'3G: Spirit Committee. SCHMITZ, BEATRICE BAMERT ..... TuscALoosA, ALABAMA Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: Caroline Hunt Club. SEARCY, NINA Ross, A A ll .... TUscAI.,oosA, ALABAMA Art Club: Hammer-Jammer: Glee Club: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: Illnclcfrinrs. SI-IARPE. NATALIE WHITFIELD K K I' . BIRMINGHAM ALABAMA . ! Y SI-IAVEL, LILY ANNE , , , . , . . NEW YORK, NEXV YORK Blaekfrinrs: Glee Club: Y. W. C. A. SHIRLEY, CARRIE VVALKER, 6-D Y . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: French Club: Crimson-White: W. A. A. SLATTERY, DONALD P. . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Page One Hundred Fifty SMITH, CATHARINE ELIZABETH , . . NV. A. A. MARIANNA, FLORIDA SMITH, I-IELENE A. .,..... HOLLY OAK, DELAWARE Pi: Blackfriars. SNEED, RARHAEL ...,...... TROY, ALABAMA "A" Club: Track: lla:-Ikctball: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. SNUGGS, ROBERT MARVIN, JR. . . HARTFORD, ALABAMA STEELE, ,IEANNETTE . . . . . . BRENT, ALABAMA Psi Chi. ST. GEORGE, R. EDWARD ..., SPRINGFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS Iota Lambda Siyxma: Blnckfrizws: Newman Club. S101-T, RENA , GREENWOOD, MISSISSIPPI TODD, SARAH BBNITA 4,,, , . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA W. A. A.: Y. W. c. A. Cabinet: Archcrylclllb: outing Club: Freshman Y. VV. C. A. Cabinet. R TOMAJCZYIC, JOHN CHARLES . . . GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN Assistant iII Intramurals and Physical Education: Frcshman Base- llall: Varsity Football: Honor Committee: Varsity Baseball. VUNOVICH, MIKE DAN . . MIDLAND, PENNSYLVANIA WAGNER, ELIZABETH E ...., WARRENTON, NORTH CAROLINA East North Carolina S. T. C. TI'aI1sI'cI'. WEBB, JANE, A 1' A A . UNIONTOWJN, ALABAMA WEST, MIl.DRED GAYNELL ...... DOTHAN, ALABAMA 'lll'H.lISl-Ol' Trny State Tuachors Collazo: B. S. U. Cnungil, WINKLER, WIl.l.lAM MAx, Ill K E . , BETHLEHEM, PENNSYLVANIA YIEUELL, LEON GLADSTONE, A E ill , WAKEFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS ZORN, GEORGE LUEY ..,..... CLAYTON, ALABAMA Vll50-lil'CSlIl0ht Phi Delta Kappa: Kappa Dulta Pi: Pi Mu Epsilon: Alabama Quudramrlu: Phi Eta Sigma: Cadet Colonel R. 0. 'l', C.: Sculiharcl and Blade: Honor Roll, '33-'3G: VV1-slvy Foundation Minis- terial Assistant: Wesley Players: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, '36: Ministerial Association. if A -A if if Page One Hundred Fifty-one if ADAMS, FRANCES A A II RED LEVEL, ALABAMA Freshnmn ADDERHOLD, PANSY VERA BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Sophomore ADDISON, ,ERNESTINE A ID JASPER, ALABAMA Alnhn Lambda Delta: Secretary Pun-Hellenic. ANDERS, MARTHA LOUISE A A H TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA junior Blnckfrinrs: Zctn Phi Eta: W. A. A. ANDERSON, MARY SUE A Z SAMSON, ALABAMA junior ASTON, FERRIS M. E 'D E OMAK, XVASHlNGTON Sophomore Transfer, University of Washing- ton. BARTON, HUGH S. LYLL, ALABAMA Junior Spirit Committee: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. BEAL, ALICE A A A CASPER, WYOMING junior BEARD, BUDDY II K A GUNTERSVILLE, ALABAMA Sophomore Varsity Football, '36. BELL, ANNIE LAURIE SLOCOMB, ALABAMA junior Alpha Lambrln Delta: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: French Club. BISHOP, MARJORIE ELIZABETH PATERSON, NEW JERSEY Sophomore BOOZER, FRANCES X Q DOTHAN, ALABAMA Sophomore Pi BRANCH, DOROTHY VIRGINIA A A A ORLANDO, FLORIDA Sophomore A If H Page One Hundred Fifty-Iwo ir BRANDON, MARY ELLA K A MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA junior Pi. BURGIN, IRENE CARROLLTON, ALABAMA Sophomore BUSH, JUNE VIRGINIA CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Freshman CAMPBELL, BETTY MlMS A F A COLUMBUS, ALABAMA junior Pi. CARMON, FRANK WILLIAM E fb E WINSOR, CONNECTICUT Sophomore Pershing Rifles: Spirit Committee: Rnmmer-Jammer: Crimson-White. CARTER, RICHARD DEVORE PISGAH, ALABAMA Sophomore Prize Winner Trustce's Oratorical Contest. CHENNAULT, PEGGY SUE A E A MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA junior VV. A. A.: Secretary-Treasurer Sophomore Clnss, '36. CHILCOAT, JEANNE MT. UNION, PENNSYLVANIA Frexhman CIMIKOSKI, JOHN A 2 fb NORWICH, CONNECTICUT Sophomore Crimson-White. CLAUS, TOM E. A E CIP VALDOSTA, GEORGIA Sophomore CLEVELAND, PAULINE Z T CENTERVILLE, ALABAMA junior Transfer, Montevallo. COHEN, RAYMOND K N GLENS FALLS, NEW YORK Sophomore COLEMAN, POLLY A A H EUTAW, ALABAMA Junior Corolla: Blackfriars: Zeta Phi Eta. COOPER, EMMA IVIARGARET AAH ELBA, ALABAMA Frexhmfm W. A. A.: French Club: Wesley Foundation. L F -A' CRAIG, MARY VIRGINIA BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Sophomore CRossLEY, HELEN A A A WALLKII.L, NEXV YORK junior Omcxra: W. A. A.: Y. W. C Czxbinut. CURTIS, BETTY RUTH FT. WORTH, TEXAS Sophomore '1'rnnsfer, T. C. U.: W. A. Spanish Club: Gloe Club. DOW, W.LLI,xM G. A E fl! XVASIIINGTON, D. C. Frcxhman DGWNER, LAURA ELLIS ALICEVILLE, ALABAMA Sophomore DUDLEY, ELEANGR X S2 YORK, ALABAMA ,IIHHIOT DUNN, M.4RY ETOXVAI-I, TENNESSEE Frurhnmn EDMONDSON, EDITH MARIE REFORM, ALABAMA Frcxlmzan ELLIOTT, NELL A E A BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Frcxhman ELY, ALTA PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA Sophomore ENGELMANN, 101-IN AUGUST NEW YORK, NENV YORK Frcshnmn Freshman Football. ERTZINGER, ELOISE ARLENE BAY MINETTE, ALABAMA junior EVANS, ALBA JANE UNION SPRINGS, ALABAMA junior EZELL, MARIE KATHERINE G Y BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Frcxlrman -Ir FALKNER, ALBERT VIVIENNE GERMANIA, MISSISSIPPI junior FALLS, BERTHA DOUBLE SPRINGS, ALABAMA junior FARMER, FRANCES A 1' A noTHAN, ALABAMA Sophomore Pi! Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: W. A. A. FAULK, ARTHUR LUCILLE MONROEVIIILE, ALABAMA Juniur FENNEL, IDA LEGKY A X S2 LEIGHTON, ALABAMA junior FETZ, RUTH ELIZABETH ANNISTON, ALABAMA Sophamuru GALE, EDNA MAE A A II FAIRFIELD, ALABAMA junior CIl00l'I0lldCl'Q Women's Council W. A. A. GII.LoTT, HERBERT JOSEPH A I 1D WHITE PLAINS, NEW YORK jl47ll'UT GOLDBERG, SID RICHARD ID B A NEW YORK, NEW YORK Sophomore GOLDFARB, IVIILDRED PEARL PORT CHESTER, NEW YORK Sophmnurr: GOODMAN, MAXINE DEMOPOLIS, ALABAMA Sophumorc GRABEN, JULIA LEE Z T A JOE WHEELER DAM, ALABAMA Sophomurc GRAHAM, KATHLEEN BLANCHE DIXON, MISSISSIPPI Sophomore E D T I if if Page One Hundred Fifty-fhfff 'A' GRIFFIN, TI-IERESA DALE FAYETTE, ALABAMA Sophomore GROSS, GEORGIA A E A CULLMAN, ALABAMA Frcxhman GUNN, NATI-IALIE YORK, ALABAMA Sophomon: Transfer, M. S. C. W. HANNON, FRANCES LEEDS, ALABAMA Sophomore I-IARDENBERGIAI, MARY GORDON A 1' A GREENSBORO, ALABAMA junior Pi. HARPER, CATHERINE A A A MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Sopbomou' Pi I Blnckfrinrs. HARRIS, SARAH ELISE Z T A MAR ION, ALABAMA S o phomorc Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. HART, ROBERT NORTON GX WASHINGTON, D. C. HAVARD, JESSE BOYD DAPHNE, ALABAMA junior HAYES, ED K A ScoT'rsBoRo, ALABAMA junior Corolla, '31 : Assistant Business Manmzer '32 Corolla: Cotillion Club, '35. HAYS, ETHEL SMITH Z T A LEEDS, ALABAMA Sophomore Caroline Hunt Club: Corolla: Crim- Son-White. HAYWARD, EDWIN J. WINCHE NDON, MASSACHUSETTS Sophomorc Student Court: Senior Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Wesley Foundation Board oi' Stewards. I-IIGBEE, I-IARRIET HELEN A A A JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA y Frcrhman Blackfrinrs. HIGI-IAM, HENRY E. TRENTON, NEW JERSEY junior AV- -V- H .Pagc One Hunclrea' Fifty-four 'A' I-IIMES, Roy L. A X A TuScALoosA, ALABAMA HoLLADAY, CAMMA GABRIALLE DUNNAVANT, ALABAMA junior Caroline Hunt Club. HOLM, CHARLEY 9 X BIRMINGHAINI, ALABAMA Sophomore Varsity Track, '3G: Varsity Foot- ball, '36: "A" Club. HOULTON, JIMMIE R. RAMER, ALABAMA Freshman I-IUCKABY, VIRGINIA JUANITA A 1' A GUNTERSVILLE, ALABAMA Frcxlmmn HUDDLES'FON, WILLIAM NEWMAN STEVENSON, ALABAMA junior Assistant Editor '37 Corolla: Spirit Committee: Football Proxrram Com- mittee: French Club. JACKSON, SYBIL ROYANNA KD M JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA Junior Women's Student Government: Pan- Hellenic: Corolla. -IEFFERIES, DORIS E. A E A CITRONELLE, ALIABAMA junior Chi Delta Phi: Freshman Advisor: Women's Council: lilackfriars: W. A.'A.: Physical Education Club: Vice-President Sophomore Class. JODSON, ALBERT EDWARD I-J E XVILMINGTON, DELAWARE Ffffllllldfl JOHNSON, EVA RHETTE A E A KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE 1'llL'J'lJ!7l21YI JONES, CAROLYN R. A Z MOBILE, ALABAMA junior JONES, GRACE QUILLIN ENTERPRISE, ALABAMA Sophomore Alpha Lambda Delta. JONES, PAULINE KATHRYN E K NEWPORT, RHODE ISLAND lfrrxlmlan Y. IW. C. A. Cabinet: Crimoon- White: Rammer-Jammer: Glee Club: Archery Club: Tennis Club: Golf Club. L F 'k JOSEY, FRANCES A A II opp, ALABAMA lircxhman KENNAMER, MARY VIRGINIA K A MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA junior Omexra. KERSEY, GII. WILLIAM A K E TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Sophomore Baseball. KING, GEORGE TOWNLEY, ALABAMA junior Varsity Football, '36. KOCH, ROSA AMELIA GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA ,luniur TI'nnsfcr, Marshall Cullvrre. KREBS, CAROLYN ROSE HAMILTON, OHIO junior Newman Club: Glue Club. KROUT, BERNICE BRENT, ALABAMA Freshman KUMPUNEN, HENRY WALDEMAN MIDDLEBORO, MASSACHUSETTS Junior LAINO, RITA RQSEMARY NEW YORK, NEW YORK junior I Senior Y. W. C. A. Cabinet.: lrcs- ident Gorman Club: Newman Club. LAMAR, KITTY LEE K A SELMA, ALABAMA Svphumurc '1'runBl'cI', RuIId0lph-Mucon Womcn's Collcpro. LOVETT, JEAN AAA SIPSEY, ALABAMA Junior Pi. MCADAMS, EMILY MILLPORT, ALABAMA junior MCADAMS, MARY EVELYN MILLPORT, ALABAMA Sophomore MCGowEN, LOUISE CUBA, ALABAMA Junior E D Page One Hundred Fiff9"lJ'Vf' MCLENDON, LoUIS E X SYLACAUGA, ALABAMA junior Varsity liusobull. MCMURPHY, ELEANOR K K 1' ATIVIORE, ALABAMA Suplzomorc Bluckfriars: Omuxrnz W. A. A. MALOGRIDES, DINO ANDREW NORXVICH, CONNECTICUT Frvxlmmn MARCUS, JACK BROOKLYN, NEW YORK SUMJUIIIUII' lA'I'oshmun lluxim: TL-nm: I"rushmun Fuotlsnll: Varsity Football: Varsity Buxim: Squad. MARTIN, JOHN HENRY PATTERSON, NEW JERSEY Suplmnmn: MASON, SERENA Q-J Y STOCKTON, ALABAMA ,IIIYIIOY MERCER, MOLLY A qv EVANSTON, ILLINOIS junior Sponsor Million Dollar BIIIIII. MERRIWETIIER, FRANCES CYNTHIA ATMORE, ALABAMA junior IVIILLER, GRETCHEN A X Q MoIsILE, ALABAMA ,Iuniar NIILLER, MARIE BELLEVILLE, ILLINOIS Frcslmmn MILLER, SUSAN K A GREENSBORO, ALABAMA ,lnmiur MIXON, SARA I-IACIQLERURG, ALABAMA junior MOORE, JUNE EDITH A E A ALTOONA, ALABAMA Frcrlmlan NV. A. A. if -A' 'A' MORRIS, MARY ADA MCCULLOUGH, ALABAMA Sophomore MULLINS, MARGARET ANNE K A JASPER, ALABAMA junior '1'rz1nsfer. Alabama College. MURPHREE, ANN KEY K A TROY, ALABAMA junior Omega: Glue Club: Blackfriars. MURPHY, EVA ROBERTA A E A BIRMTNGHAM, ALABAMA Freshman NEER, ARCHIE FRANK TIF B A WOODMERE, NEW YORK Frcxhmnn NELSON, MARGARET JEAN A I' A GADSDEN, ALABAMA Sophomore Omega. NEWSOME, VIRGINIA LOUISE PHENIX CITY, ALABAMA Sophomore B. S. U. Council. O,I'IARA, ELEANOR A E A BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Sophomore OYNEAL, HELEN LOU:sE K A ANDALUSIA, ALABAMA Sophomore Pi! W. A. A. PAKULSKY, NORMAN SEYMORE NEWARK, NEW JERSEY junior Hillel. PATTON, MARY LEE A 11 A OXFORD, ALABAMA junior PAYNE, FREDERICK S. XVAXHAW, NORTH CAROLINA Sophomore PEEBLES, THELMA LOUISE TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA junior Caroline Hunt Club. PODESTA, MAE O Y TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA junior if POWELL, Lois 2 K GADSDEN, ALABAMA Sophomore PRINCE, ARTHUR SOMERVILLE, ALAIJAINIA junior PRITCHETT, RUBY GENEVA, ALABAMA junior REASONER, FRANCES AUOLEY CASPER, WYOMING Sophomore ROBERTS, HELEN X Q CLANTON, ALABAMA Sophomore ROBERTS, JOHN QUTNCY O X BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA junior Varsity Football, '36-'3'7: Varsity Basel-ull, '35-'Slip "A" Club. ROBERTSON, MARGARET GREEN A Z CLAYTON, ALABAMA Sophomarn ROPER, LOUISE A A Il FORT WORTH, TEXAS junior SALISBURY, RUTH WAYNESVILLE , OHIO F rcxhman SCHLIYLER, MARY FLORENTINE X S2 TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA junivr SHELL, REBA FRANCES ABBEVILLE, ALABAMA junior SHELTON, ERNEST EUGENE IWONTGOMERY, ALABAINIA Freshman SHEPARD, ALICE TOM ETOWAH, TENNESSEE Freshman if if H L F Page One Hundred Fifty-.fix 'A' SHERARB, HELEN WHITESIDE ETOWAH, TENNESSEE Sophomore SMART, MILDRED ALICE X Q CLAYTON, ALABAMA Sophomore Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: Corolla SMITH, ELEANOR FAYE A E A CULLMAN, ALABAMA junior Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. STEBBINS, EDWIN HUMPHREY A X A COLCI'IESTER, CONNECTICUT Sophomore STEWART, PHALA ANDALUSIA, ALABAMA Sophomore Glee Club. STOKES, ELIZABETH LAWI-ION SULLIGENT, ALABAMA junior Caroline Hunt Club. STRICKLEN, PAULINE EVANS REFORM, ALABAMA junior STROUT, LLOYD VERNE L EOMINSTER, MASSACHUSETTS Sophomore SULLIVAN, FRANCES MARIAN HOPE HULL, ALABAMA Freshman TARALLO, FRANK 1. MIDDLETOWN, CONNECTICUT juonior TARPLEY, REBECCA GADSDEN, ALABAMA Sophomore Alpha Lambda Delta. TAYLOR, MAMILU AZ EVERGREEN, ALABAMA junior W. A. A. TPIOMAS, GWENDOLYN POOLE MARION, ALABAMA junior TILLER, LAURIE CAROLINE K K I' LAFAYETTE, ALABAMA Sophomore Blnckfriurs: Glee Club. TOOMEY, MARY ELIZABETH A ll? MOBILE, ALABAMA Sophomore' TOWLE, PAUL EATON IVIELROSE, MASSACI'IUSI2'I'TS Sophomore TURNER, MYRTLE MARGUERIE MOBILE, ALABAMA Sophomore VARIN, MARIERANCES 9 Y BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA junior Spirit Committee. WALl.ACE, WHILDEN TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA junior Alpha Lambda Delta. WEI.sH, MARJORY FLO PENSACOLA, FLORIDA Sophomore WETZEL, WAUNITA DOW TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMX junior WHITESIDE, ADELE COOPER OXFORD, ALABAMA Sophomore WHORTON, LORENE ANNE A E A BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA junior President Sophomore Class, '36 Symphony Orchestra: Bluckfriars Corolla. WILLIAMS, SARA LEE MOBILE, ALABAMA Sophomore YANCEY, MARTHA LOUISE MULBERRY, FLORIDA junior ZESIGER, CLAYTON WESLEY CUYAHOOA FALLS, OHIO junior Freshman Baseball: Varsity Base ball. ZIVICH, GEORGE 9 E EAST CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Sophomore Newman Club: Varsity Football, '36 E D T I ' 'f DW, GEQRGE J. D2-W1 and FACULTY In the polytechnic field, the College of Engi- neering has few superiors. Since its establishment in 1881, this institution has steadily developed un- til it now embraces chemical, civil, electrical, me- chanical engineering, ancl a school of mines. A remarkably complete engineering station in a lo- cation which renders readily accessible a greater variety of mining operatives than any school in the country, produces an excellent fusion of the practical and theoretical in engineering. The type of work carried on at the University is demon- strated by the Secretary of War's including of the college in the list of "approved schools", and the establishment of the only branch of the Uni- ted States Bureau of Mines in the South. Ex- cellent instruction, the best equipment, and an ideal geographic location are distinctive charac- teristics of the College of Engineering. First Row: Moore, McCuaiL!, Farabee, Maxwell, Kolb, Schmitz, Gallalec, Luistur. du Pluntiur, Meigs. McKay. Second Row: Hovey, Lloyd, Dahlenc, Coons, Walker, Cudwurth, Davis, Housur, Thomas, Smith, Taylor, Boyd, Cothern. 1 "f 2 f 'I H I' x-Y fx fx , , K., Q., z ,V , u mx 1' , 1 K, 1 1 1 5 .F . W v Q, x f 4 A R :ki I HQ! Lv f f, .M 5 'S K x K id . ff 1 v ' L 5 if ' W Ai 3 1 X ,. WX b HH I xv ' hm uf , , 'i ' 1 3 ' 'R 1 E Y 4' H Q g 2 s m y . . ' 1 r . 'F Q 1 ' ' ' . -1 . I 4 mm -we . L+., 4? ., ' I , ' Y Q 1 W , ,n ,- 1 5 Y . 2' 1 5 I f , 3 l W I X 5 ' r ,351 s K' 'U' ll ' . 1 1 ' 1 ' fx B. , ' EF-LT"""' X f NN I . yr . x. Q V lx Xl i 5 X. X . N .... xx ., , .xl H5 X- ' , 1-sr"?': . Tw 1 Wifi K, .,. , , if . .' 'Q X 2 ' XX , I X . R x W gy' R x .U A P1 4 www -K5 Al.BERS, l'lAMlLTON MONTEITH . . . . EATRHOPE, ALABAMA Delta Sigma Pi: liunml, '33-'35: Free-ihmun linaketbull and Football: Varsity Basketball. ANDERSON, CHARLES EDGAR, A E ID . . CTIANFORD, NEW JERSEY Freshman Baseball, '34: Varsity Baseball: "A" Club: A. S. C. E. St. Put's Association. BELL, JACK ALBERT, K E ..... TUSCALOOS.-X, ALABAMA Suabbard and Blade: Crimson-White, '34: Officers' Club: St. Put's Association: A. I. E. E. ALABAMA Boccisss, JOHN P ......,.. DCMOPOLIS, Persliimr Itifle:-1: S. A. M. H.: A. I. E. E.: Seubburll and Hlucls. BROWNE, HOWARD CARL , ..,,. NEW YORK, NEW YORK A. S. C. E.: Pershing Rifles: Senior Committee St lf'ut'1s Association: Newman Club: A. S. C. M. E. BURNETT, JAMES DUANE . .... JEFFERSON, NEW YORK A. I. E. E. CAMPBELL, DAVIS WllIGHT, JR., E N . . . COLUMBIA, ALABAMA Greeks: Scabburrl and Blade: A. S, M. E.: S. A. M. E. CARSON, RICHARD, E N ...... LOUTSVILLE, KENTUCKY Seubburcl and Blucle: Nnwmun Club: A. S. C. E.: S. A. M. E. COLE, JUDSON CHARLES .,... BLNGHAMTON, NENV 'QORK A. I. M. IC.: St. Pat's Association COO:c:, PAUL R., E X . .... POUGHKEEPSIZI, NEW YORK Honor Court: Secretary-Trcusurer Freshman Cla.s: Vice-President Junior Class: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: President Theta Tuu. CUMMING JAMES lVlACl..EAN ..,.. TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Tau Beta Pi: Gamma Sipfrna Epsilon: Honor Court: Honor Roll: A. I. Ch. E. DEGROODT, CHARLES KENNETH . . ATLANTIC CITY, NEW JERSEY OFFICERS ENGINEERING SENIORS Pfffidfflf . . . . JOHN WITHERSPOON Viff-Pffffdfnl . . RUDOLPH KAMMERER Serretary-Treasurer , CHARLES MQHR 'N 'A' ir Page One Hundred Sixty I DILLON, JOHN A ........ WESTFIELD, NEW JERSEY Chairninn A. I. E. E.: Chi Iietu Phi: S. A. M. E. DOWNS, I-IEREERT RUSSELL, A X . . . WI-IITESDORO, NEW YORK President Tau Beta Pi: O. D. K : Phi Eta Sigma: A. S. M- E. DRAKE, LEROY DANIEL, A E 'll ..,. BALTIMORE, MARYLAND Captain Pershing Rifles: St. PIIt'S Association: Chuirmnn A. S. M. E.: Student Court, Chairman Emrincerinir School. ELLERBUSCH, JOHN H ...,. WOODI-IAvI:N, L. I., NEW YORK A. S. C. E.: Chi Beta Phi. ELLIS, Gll.ES Mll.TON, JR ....,. TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Phi Eta Sigma: Theta Tuu: Excelsior: St. Puts Association: A. I. C. H. E.: Newtonian Math Society: Ofllcelxs' Club: Treznsurer Wesley Foundation. A FARRUGGIO, SALVATORE ...... NEW YORK, NEW YORK A. S. C. E. FELHEIIWER, CY ..,,4, , . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA S. A. M. lil.: A. S. M. E.: St. PzIt's Association: Officers' Club. FERRARIS, STEVE I . BROOKLYN, NEW YORK R FINNELL, EDWARD J., JR., K E .... TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Curlct Colonel: Captain Scnbbnrd and Blzulc: Prosxirlent Officers' Club: Cnptuin Rifle Team. GRUBER, Wll.LlAM EMII. . . . GREYSTONE PARK, NEW JERSEY President A. S. C. E.: Honor Court. HANSON, H- B-, JR-, X X ,,,,,. COCHRANE, ALABAMA Scnblmrd and lilflflf'I Treasurer A. I. E. E.: S. A, M, E, HERITAGE, J. RUSSELL . . . . MULLICA HILL, NEW JERSEY Glec Club: Y M. C. A. Cabinet: Honor Court.. HERMAN, WILLIAM R ...... MOORESTOWN, NEW JERSEY AIYIDCSIIS Court :. Secretary Y. M. C. A.: Honor Roll, 2315: SL PM-H Association: 'I'r:1nSfer University of Pennzaylvnniax: A1-Inigqmni in N Hydraulic 1. HFRR, EUGENE CHARLES - A - . . . . CHICAGO, ILLINOIS A- S- C- E-5 St- PM-'S A5S'fCiUtl0nC Sllirit Committee: Senior Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. JACKSON, ROBERT JAMES, JR ..,, WESHAWKEN, NEW JERSEY A. S. C. E.: S. A. M. E.: Newman Club: Vicu-l'rc-:sirlcnt Junior Clusu Track, '34. " 'A' if 'A' if 'A' Page One Hundred SixtY'0'lf -4 -4 KAMMERER, RUDOLPH M. , , . . WESTHAMPToN BEACH, L. I. A. S. C. E.: Vice-President Senior Class. KICHLINE, ROGER MARSHALL , LEBANON, PENNSYLVANIA KII.PATRICK, Lrfwls ..,.,, . GADSDEN, ALABAMA Tau Bela Pi. KLIAIAS, CI.AUDE P. T .... LAWRENCE, MASSACHUSETTS A. S. M. E. LAMANNA, STEPHEN AN'rHoNY, A KD A . . HERKIMER, NEW YORK LECOMPTE, FRANK M., A E fl' .... RAHWAY, NEW JERSEY A. S. M. E. LEMAY, CARL F ...,... HAVERHILL, MASSACHUSETTS S. A. E.: A. S. M. E. MCCARTHY, FRANK JOSEPH, A E CIP , GLEN coua, L. I., NEW YORK Newman Club: Pershing Rifles: S. A. E. MCKINLEY, RICHARD .... , . . SHARON, PENNSYLVANIA Chi Beta Phi: St. Pat's Association. MARTINY, EUGENE F ..... . , ALLEGHANY, NEW YORK Newman Club President: Honor Court, '36: St. Pat's Association. MEAD, JOSEPH CHARLES .,..., CORNWALL, NEW YORK Spirit Committee: Honor Roll, '36: Phi Eta Sixzma: Fellowship in Mineralogy: Treasurer A. I. M. E.: O. D. K.: Tau Betu Pi. MOHR, CHARLES MILTON .....,. CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Deun's List, '34-'35: Secretary-Treasurer A. S. C. E.: Secretary- Treusurer Senior Class. MULI.INS, FRANK G., JR ...... TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Scabbard and Blade: Vice-Chairman A. I. E. E.: Vice-President Radio Club. NEIGHBORS, JOHN K. , , TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA PATTON, A. P ....... . . . . OXFORD, ALABAMA Fellgyvship in Chemistry: Vice-President A. I. Ch. E. PFEIEEER, HARRY H., KD 2: K , . . OCEAN CITY, NEW JERSEY Greeks: Spirit Committee: St. Puffs Association: Officers' Club: A. S. M. E.: Pershimr Rifles. 'A' 'lr ir 'lr if Page One Hundred Sixty-two 3 R RlORDAN,Wll.l.lAM JOSEPH . . . . DERBY, CONNECTICUT A. S. M. lfi. SCHELLENIIERGER, ERIC JOHN ...,. KINGSTON, NEW YORK Junior Prom Committev: Siuimu Alplm D1-lun: A. l. M. E.: Scubburri ' ' und lilnflo: S. A. M. E.: Chi lim-tn l'hi: Offiiews' Club: St. 1'uL's Association. SCHRODER, JosE FRDERICO . . CAROLINA, PUERTO RICO SHEAFF, PAUL P ...,.... NORWALK, CONNECTICUT Tau BULII Pi Sl. I':1t's Association: Mnuhinc Shop Instructor: Scarf-- tnry A. S. M. E.: S. A. M. IC. SHIPLEY, THOMAS NEWTON .... GLEN BURNIE, MARYLAND Honor Roll, '35: Chi lim-tn Phi: Gamma: Sixrmn EI:siloII: St. l'nt's Association. Glue Club: Alvmbic Club. THOMPSON, JOHN WILL, K A .... SCOTTSBORO, ALABAMA Spirit. Committee: Corolla, '34: A. S. Cb. E.: Y. M. C. A. Cnbinct. TURNER, ROBERT L ......,. MERIDEN, CONNECTICUT A. S. M. Pi.: S. A. E. UTLEY, CI-IARLEs ODOM, A A T ..... OAKMAN, ALABAMA Y. M. C. A. Cnbinvt: Scnbbnrml :Incl lilmlo: A. l. IC. E.: 0I'licvrs' Club: St. l':iL's Committvc. XVARREN, HAROLD I'ilLBERN ...... ZANESVILLE, OHIO President Glirlm' Club: A. S. M. E.: S. A. M. Fl.: Glue Club. WILSON, L. DONAl.D . . LITTLE FALLS, NEW YORK WITHERSPOON, JOHN FRANCIS ....... AKRON, omg 'l':1u Ilutn Pi: Jusons: S-:zxbbnrrl and lllmlc: Junior Prom CommiLLo4-g l"rc-ziilvnt Sophomore, Junior, Sn-nior Class: A. S. C. E.: S. A. M. E.: Newman Club: Nm-wtoniun Math Souix-ly: Spirit Commitlul-5 W,,iu.,.'5 Union: ASSiSi.2lllL in Survey-init. WOOIJRUFF, RICHARD S .,.... BINGHAMTON, NEW YORK A. S. C. E. 'l'I'r.'u.-mI'vI'. 'Il6:.St. l':1t,'s Committi-4.5 Chu:,.m,m SL pm-S Executive COmmIttcc': Prusirlcnt St. Pnfs Association: Council of Cillb:-Z. YOUNGS, FRANKLIN LESLIE . ,,... STANLEY, NEW YORK Chi llctfl Phi: St. PI1L's Association. YUSHKEVICH, JUSTIN R ..... GLASTONBURY, CONNECTICUT A. S. M. E.: S. A. M. E.: Officvrs' Club, ZACHAR, FRANK R ...,.., PITTSBURGH, I1ENNsLYvANIA Varsity lioxim! 'l'1'flm, '35-'3G: Sixrmu Alphu Delux: llrcsidont A. I. M. E. nk' if uk Page One Hundred Sixl3"fl7"fL' ADAMS, CARI., JR. A T Q BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA junior Phi Eta Sigma: Chi Beta Phi: Trcnsurer Theta Tau: A. I. E. E.: Honor Roll, '36: Corolla, '35-'36: Crimson-White, '35 : Secretary Freshman Class: Vice-President Sophomore Class: St. Patls Com- mitfee: Junior Prom Committee: Tau Beta Pi: Arch Club. AKINS, JAMES PAUL BlRMINGHAhf, ALABAMA junior A. I. E. E.: St. Pat's Association. ALLMAN, WILLIAM LEE WATERBURY, CONNECTICUT Freshnnm ANDERSON, MARVIN EDWARD CURWENSVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA Freshman ARNSTEN, THOMAS O. ID E K MT. VERNON, NEW YORK junior Glider Club: Pershing Rifles: Oi'- ficers' Club: S. A. M. E.: A. S. M. E.: Freshman Basketball: St. Pat's Association. BALAVITCH, JOHN MICHAEL ISAWRENCE, MASSACHUSETTS Freshman BARTLETT, WALTER A., JR. A E KD MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE Sophomore Crimson-White: St. Pat's Associa- tion. BEAN, OTIS CHARLES E fl' E HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT Frerhman BEIL, RICHARD L. CP A 9 ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA Freshman BERRY, STEWART 9 E CINCINNATI, OHIO Sophomore Pershing Rifles. BICKLEY, WILLIAM B. A K E TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Freshman BOWEN, ROBERT A. A E '-IP ROCHESTER, NEW YORK Sophomore 'A' 'lr Page Ona Hundred Sixty-four nl' BOWRON, EDGAR, JR. ID A 9 BlRMlNGHAM, ALABAMA Freshman BUCK, JOHN TI' 11 A TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Freshman BURKHALTER, SAMUEL C. 9 E XVHEELING, WEsT VIRGINIA Freshman Secrctnry-TI'cn.surer Freshman Class. BURXVELL, EDWIN D. K A HUNTSVPLLE, ALABAMA Junior BUTLER, JAMES CANADA 412 A 9 I-IUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA Sophomore Pershing Rifles. BYRD, KENNETH DAVIS TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Sophomore Glee Club : Secretary-Treasurer Sohhomorc Class: A. S. C. E.: St. Pat'II Association. CANNADY, PRESTON BALDWIN H K A JACKSON, ALABAMA Freshman CHAFFIN, ANDREW ARROL 9 E GADSDEN, ALABAMA Sophomore Pershing Rifles: S. A. M. E. CHARLES, FRANCIS ALIQUIPPA, PENNSYLVANIA Sophomore CHARLES, Wll.LIAM LEE A X A ROCHESTER, NEW YORK Freshman CHASE, HAROLD A E KD MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE Freshman CHATTERTON, RICHARD WEDEL A E ill ROCHESTER, NEW YORK Freshman L F 'A' CODE, FRANK A K E MEAIPHIS, TENNESSEE SUfY1!Ulll0Yl' IV'l'CH'IlIx'l1I' Frushmnn Class: Secre- tury Druid:-I: Phi Etu Sixrmu. COLEMAN, CHARLES HAMILTON AKE EUTAW, ALAIIAIVIA Soplmumrc SucI'utnI'y-'l'I'oIwIIrcr Fl'PShYYl!lll Clnss: Thutu Tau. COLLINS, GERALD AVERY A X BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Suplmnlarc COOK, HOWARD R. X X11 WESTWOOD, NEW JERSEY junior CRUMP, S. NORMAN MONTGOMERY, ALABAIVIA F7CI17llIfl71 Cunn, JOSEPH OTIS II K fl? PLAINVIEXV, TEXAS lfrcxlnmln 'Vice-Pm-sirlvrmt I'Il'C'SIl!1'H1Yl Class. CUMMISKEY EDWARD V 3 9 E BIJFEALO. NEW YORK junior A. I. E. E. DAl1l..ENE, QSCAR, JR. A X TUSCAIIOOSA, ALABAMA Frcxlmmn DE I'IOFl?, LEE RONALD FLUSHING, NEW YORK Junior DEPKE, ROBERT WIl,l.lAM EAST AURORA, NEW YORK FYCJIJHIIIYI DRIESCH, CARL O X AMBRIDGE, PENNSYLVANIA Soplzumorc Gruoksi Crimson-Whi1.c, '34. DRUMM, CHARl.ES FREDERICK KIT K E NEW YORK, NEW YORK Soplmman: Newman Club: Illuclcfrim's. 'A' EDE, CHARl.ES ITATTIESBIJRG, MISSISSIPPI Frvxlmlan ESATOW, THEODORE ROBERT KEARNY, NEW JERSEY Frcxlnuan Sl.. Pnt's Association. FEATHERSTON, HENRY HURTSHORO, ALABAMA S0fll70l7l07L' FITT, FRANK, JR. KD A 69 TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Soplmnmrc FRITTON, WILLIAM JOHN, JR. XVILSON, NEW YORK FYCSIHIIGII GEEHRING, DONALD RICHARD A E KI' RICFIMOND HILL, NEW YORK Soplmmorc Phi Eta Sixrmn. GEITH, WALTER CHRISTIAN ROCHESTER, NEW YORK Frcxlmlan GEORGE, ERNEST T. K A MACON, MISSISSIPPI Sophomore GORMAN, FRANK B. III K WINTIIROP, MASSACHUSETTS Soplmmorc Corolla. GREESON, EDWARD OWEN MONTGOMEIQY, ALABAMA Sophomore HAGOOD, CHARLES ll' I' A BIRINIINGHAM, ALABAMA Frcxlmnm Bluckfriurs: Excelsior, I-IAGOOD, RUEUS I-lANsOME, III fl' II A BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Sophomore E R I if Y i' HALE, RALPH E A E LEEDS, ALABAMA Sophomore Greeks: Freshmzxn Bnzselmll. HALI., JAMES M. 22 A E JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI Frcrlmmn Rifle Team. HANKINS, JAMES A. ill K Z VERNON, ALABAMA Sophomore HARKINS, JOE A A T HARLEIGH, PENNSYLVANIA junior Int.orfI'ateI'nity Council: St. Put's Association: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Officers' Club: S. A. M. E.: A. S. M. E. HARRELL, ROBERT L. A E fl' ATPIENS, ALABAMA Sophomore Band. HASDROUCK, ELBERON E 'll E KINGSTON, NEW YORK junior Band: A. I. E. E.: St. l"at's Asso- cintion. I-IAYS, J. BENHAM E N TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Soplmnmrc HOFFMAN, CHARLES Louis A E ID RICHMOND HILL, NEW YORK Junior St. Pat's Association: A. S. M. E.: S. A. M. E.: Pc-rshimz Rifles: Ol'- fieers' Club: Glider Club: Gamma Deltu Lutheran Society: Rifle Team. HUGHES, JOSEPH R. GADSDEN, ALABAMA Sophomore JACKMAN, GEORGE LOUIS TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Freshman Glue Club. JENSEN, JOHN WARING A E 'IP PITTSFORD, NEW YORK Frc,rlmnm KARP, WILLIAM B. CD 2 A STAIVIFORD, CONNECTICUT Frcxhman A. S. C. E.: Hillel: Boxing Club: St. PzIt's Association. KARWAN, STEPHEN ROSELLE, NEW YORK Junior if if Page Onc Hundred Sixty-six 'k KAYSER, JAMES R. 9 E BUFFALO, NEW YORK Freshman KEMP, RICHARD H. A E 'IT ROCHESTER, NEW YORK Sophomore KLUMB, ELROY ROBERT K E ROCHESTER, NEW YORK Saplwman: KRENKEL, ANDREW RICHMOND HILL, NEW YORK junior KRUPP, FRANK JOSEPH TRENTON, NEW JERSEY Junior LACEFIELD, WILI.IAM RANDOLPH FLORENCE, ALABAMA Sophomore LIGHT, JOHN HIRAM SUMMIT POINT, WEST VIRGINIA Junior Phi Eta Sixzmn.: Chi Betn. Phi Porshinlr Rifles: St. Pat's Associa tion. LIPSEY, ROBERT D. A 2 ll! PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA Sophomore LOGSDON, FRED ATTALLA, ALABAMA Sophomore LUCE, A. WARREN MORRISTOXVN, NEW JERSEY Frrslmmn MCBRIDE, F. GERARD A E KD NEXV YORK, NEW YORK junior Freshman Football: Varsity Foot- hail: Honor Court: St. Pat's As- sociation: Corolla: Officers' Club IVICCLURE, LELAND BRUCE WEST DECATUR, PENNSYLVANIA Freshman L F 'A' MCCORMACK, CARR, JR. X KD CASTLE, ALABAMA Frvxlvmrn Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: SL. 1'u1.'s Association. MCGEE, ERIC A X IIARTEoRD, ALABAMA junior l MCKEE, JOHN M. OGDENSBURG, NEW YORK Soplmmorc IVICKNIGI-IT, J. I. X fl' MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE Sophomore R. A. T.: St. Paifs Association. MACLEOD, JAMES MALLBORO, MASSACHUSETTS junior IVlAnnEN, CHARLES CURTIS GREAT NOTCH, NEW JERSEY Suplmmorc Rifle Team. '36: I4'I'eShmI1n 'I'I'aI:k Vice-President Sonhomorv Class Druids: A. I. IG. IC.: S. A. M. IC' MADDOCK, K. JOHN HENRIETTA, NEW YORK I'v7C,ffJIIId11 IVIERRILI., WILI.IAkI CLARK, JR. A K E NIAGARA FALLS, NEW YORK Sofrlmmnn' MILLER, DONALD CARSON II K A GAIISIFEN, ALABAMA 1"rc.vl1man SI. I'at'R Association: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. MIscHENKo, WALTER NEW YORK, NEW YORK I:7CJ'lJl!Id1l FI'cSIII'n:1n Footlmll. IVIOSEBAUGI-I, EMII. ATA DONORA, PENNSYLVANIA Sophomore Band. MOSKOWITZ KIIAB A BROOKLYN, NEW YORK lfrcrlmmn Crimson-White. IVIURR, CHARLES I-I. A E fIY PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA Sophomore E I E R I Page One Hundred Sixty-.vcven MIISTIN, WILLIAM NOBLE 'll I' A TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Sophomore R. A. T. NEI.soN, WILLIAM R. If X GADSUEN. ALABAMA Soplmmorr Excelsior. NOLEN, JAKE THOMAS TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA JIHIIOY l'hi Eta Siirmn: SccI'c-I1Iry-'I'1'0IIs- III't'I' Junior Class: Phi Eta Sixrma Award: St. I'at's Association: Hon- or Roll, '34-'3G: Officers' Club: Theta Tnu. NOXVLIN, DAVID M. GADSDEN, ALABAMA Frvxlmmn O'I-IEHIR, JoI-IN PATRICK BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS junior OWENS, CARL LEWIS v X LEEDS, ALABAMA junior OXVENS, ROBERT V. A E KD IVIERIDIAN, MISSISSIPPI Sophomore Greeks. PERRY, DONALD O. A E IIT YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO Soplmnmrc PHILABERT, FRANK A T Q BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA junior PHILLIPS, COOPER LANETT, ALABAMA lfrcxhman PHILLIPS, GEORGE B. III E K YONKERS, NEW YORK Junior Pershing Rifles: Officm-S' Club: St, I'IIL's Association: S. A. M. E.: A. S. M. E. POPLE, JACK ROCHESTER, NEXV YORK Fra-.vlmian 'A' 'A' 'A' PORTER, WILLIAM STUART QT I.I WIIEELING, WEST VIRGINIA Frcxlmmn Pcrshinxz Riflos. PRINSEN, RICHARD ROCHESTER, NEW! YORK Frcslnmm PUMPI-IREY, RAYMOND P. CANTON, OHIO Frcrhrrmn 4 .Li RABINOWITZ, ROSE PI"IILADELPI'IIA, PENNSYLVANIA SUf7l70IHOYC St. l'at's Association: Tennis. REASONER, BUD H K KD CASPER, WYOMING Frcrlvman REYNOLDS, WILLIAM GORDON TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA junior Glec Club, '34: 'Vice-President, '35 St. PzIt's Association, '34-'36: Sym: phony Orchestra. RI-IEUDE, ANDREW, JR. CORNWALI.-ON-TI-IE-HUDSON, N. Y. Saplwmore RICI-ITER, FRANCIS JOI-IN E flf E JERSEY CITY, NEW JERSEY Frrshrnan Rnmmer-Jammer. RILE, BRADFORD CIP X K ALDEN, PENNSYLVANIA Frcrlmmn Blackfriars: St. PzIt's Association. ROBERTS, CARLTON NORMAN BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS Soplwmorr ROCKETT, ROLLIN BESSEMER, ALABAMA JIIYIIUT ROTT, EDWARD NEW KENSINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA Frcrlmnm RUTI-IEREORD, JOI-IN ELLIOTT A X A BLUEFIELD, WEST VIRGINIA Frc.Il1m-In 'lf 'A' 'lr SCANTLEBURY, FRANK M., JR. MOUNTAINVILLE, NEW YORK FVL'Il7771t1Y1 SELLERS, WILLIAM WALTER SELLERS, ALABAMA Sophomore SIMMERMAN, JAMES S. E X VVYTHEVILLE, VIRGINIA junior SKINNER, GREGORY JACKSON K E TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA junior President Junior Class: St. Put'S Association. SMITH, JOE FRANK BROOKWOOD, ALABAMA junior Alpha Epsilon Delta: Capt. R. O. T. C. SPENCER, WILLIAM FRANCIS APOLLO, PENNSYLVANIA junior SPRINOER, WILLIAM S. ALTOONA, PENNSYLVANIA junior STALEY, MILO JAMES A T A SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA ,IImI'or A. I. M. E. STANDLEY, BRYAN HAL PENSACOLA, FLORIDA JIUIIDY STICKNEY, FRANK BECK E A E HAVANA, CUBA Sophomore Gloc Club. ST. LOUIS, ALBERT LAWRENCE, MASSACHUSETTS Sophomore STONE, FRANCIS G. MARATHON, NEW YORK Sophomore H L F Page One Humfred Sixly-eight STORER, EDMUND A T A TRENTON, NEW JERSEY junior Theta Tau: Officers' Club: Glee Club: Pershing: Rifles. STRANG, TOM 2 A A RACINE, WISCONSIN junior TAYLOR, JULIAN W., JR. NANAFALIA, ALABAMA junior Alabama QURfIl'lIHKIBi Druids 3 Arch Club g Philomathic: St. Pul's Association: Officers' Club. TEAGUE, BEAL MADISON ASHVILLE, ALABAMA Sophomore THRASIIER, TOM GOODMAN BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Sophomore President Sophomore Class: Spirit Committee: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Fellowship in Mechanical Engineer- imr: S. A. M. E.: St. Puts' Asso- ciation. TIIPTON, JAMES BAIRD 22 X BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS Junior Tonus, JOHN L. AURORA, ILLINOIS junior TONGE, WILLIAM RICHARD CLEVELAND, OHIO Sophomore Chi Beta Phi: A. I. E. E.: Varsity Track: Freshman Track: St. PIILIH Association. TRACY, RICHARD L. BAYONNE, NEW JERSEY junior A. I. Ch. E.: Vice-President Junior Class. TROTTER, WILLIAM THOMAS A T Q LAKE WALES, FLORIDA Sophomore Blackfriars: St. Pat's Association. TRUCKS, LOUIS B. O E BIRMINGHANI. ALABAMA junior Corolla: St. Patfs Association. VEASEY, JAMES M. A T Q MONROEVILLE, ALABAMA Freslmlun VERNON, DAN A K E BROOKHAVEN, MISSISSIPPI Sophomore E R I Page One Hunrlrcd Sixty-nmc il' WAKEFIELD, MARION WILLIAM CD Z K ANNISTON, ALABAMA lfrvrlmlan Pershinx! Rifles: Crimson-White. WALGER, PHILIP PARK RIDGE, ILLINOIS lfrcsbnlan WANAMAKER, ALTON J., JR. ALLIANCE, OHIO Freshman NVILEY, JACK E. E X ANDERSON, INDIANA Freshman Football Band. WILLIAMS, JACK TRAMMELL E N ASPIVILLE, NORTII CAROLINA Sophomore 'l'I'aIIsfer. University of Florida. WVILLIAMSON, REGINALD MILLER A X KD JAMAICA, L. I., NEW YORK 1"rvIhnIan WOOD, WILLIAM DAVID, JR. ID K E ATLANTA, GEORGIA Frcsfmmn lilackfriars: Freshman Y. M. C A. Cabinet. WORTSMANN, JOSEPH M., JR. Z B T BIRINIINGHAM, ALABAMA sllfililllllllfl' St. I"nt's Association: Miliglry Hon 01' Student: A. s. M. II.: s. A' M. E. YANCHUK, MAURICE GEORGE WESTBURY, NEW YORK junior YATES, WILLIAM SWISSVAIIE, PENNSYLVANIA S o phomorc STOUNG, CHARLES HENRY SPRINGFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS FTL'fl7Y?Itl7l ZITTEL, CHARLES FREDERIC EAST AURORA, NEW YORK 1:YCI,Jl7ldY1 if -k Dean AGNES ELLE HARRI and FACULTY The School of Home Economics was organized in 1931. Its first service on the University cam- pus is training young women in home makingiedu- cation. Majors are offered in institution manage- ment, in clothing and textiles, in nutrition and chemistry, in textiles and chemistry, and in a gen- eral course for home makers. Those who wish to teach home economics enroll in the College of Education. Each year has shown an increas- ing number of students. A study of the graduates shows them teaching, engaged in social service work, serving as dietitians, cafeteria directors, nu- trition specialists, in department stores, and, of course, as home makers. First Row: Crane, Springer, Jenkins, Briggs, Harris. Second Row: Thompson, Crossley, Pntrich, Church. i l -u. N m .gf -5 A K 4 ij., Mn 2 1' Q - - 'vi X , -J . 2, ,..f- nan, 1-ny' 6 -rw., in Na- ' ...ff J? ,,,, , ,A fx N-Nm' A""' , N.-.7 W , . V s.. WL. - 1 M- f ,vn- 'MMM " A. ,L A N-,,p,x V , 4 ,Q-v"""N,w. 0 -w.,...., S ., W ls.. 4 ,I I, ,, NW. s....---...-.fu """' .ffl , ., Qfr- ' ,MQ Y' .-or . far" ,f x .4 N.. A N ' 5' A'fT3f"""h4' fvwv. Mx 'N V ' 4 ,f A -V V ff! A xx., , .f'-Q "" - 1 '. f , -W ,,: x '- 'v X r I . XR ,' 4? 'xx s 14 ' ' , X 15 A X -'x"'1f. rf 'ff .j,x.,ygrTm"h.-NK . wr K' ,kgx V., ' 'x "' x ' 'T-tv-- xx 4 " "-...4i:'TK'g.m,:. . 1 ' x N, 4? r ff ""'5-nf K .' R BABRACK, GRACE EDITH ...,,. MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA Caroline Hunt Club. BoNIsIcE, MARJORIE CLAIRE, I A T , . . . sANPoRD, FLORIDA ' Pan-Hellenic: Woman's Student Government Representative: Inter- national Relations Club: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: Curulinc Hunt Club. BOYKZN, FRANCES I-IAL ....... REFORM, ALABAMA Alpha Lambda Deltug Alnhu Omicrnn: Vice-l'rm-sirlcnt CzII'uliIIc Hunt ClIIb. CAMPBELL, ELIZABETH .,,.... PIKE ROAD, ALABAMA President Phi Upsilun Omicronp Alpha Omicron: Vice-l'rcrIidvII1, Senior Cluss: Caroline Hunt Club. CLEMENTS, RUBY KATE , . DURANT, MISSISSIPPI DALY, CHARLOTTE, ll B KD . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA I-IEIIJE, LoU:sE HUDSON, A X Q . . , BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Psi Chip 'I'ruIIsl'uI' lJirmiIIIzhum-Smnthcrn. HOSTETLER, RUTH ELLEN, A A A . . . LAKEXVOOD, OHIO Mortar liuarnl. OFFICERS HOME ECONOMICS SENIORS Pfffident . . . FRANCES BOYKIN Vice-President . . ELIZABETH CAMPBELL Secrelary-Treasurer . . IDA STRICKLAND if -A' -A' Page One Hundred Scverzly-two INGRAM, ANN:B LORRAINE, A Z . . . NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA l'rc.1i4lc-nt Spirit Cummittuc: Y. M. C. A. Cubinvt: Carolina- Hunt Club. SHILLER, FAYE NEAL, MARJORIE, IIT M .....,, BESSEMER, ALABAMA Curulinv Hunt Club: llln::kl'rim's. v-1 RUWF, PHYLUS, A -5 A . . . . wonclssran, MASSACHUSETTS Cnrulinc Hunt Club. Svdrrswoon, MARTHA, X Q . NORMAN, NORVELLE VIRGINIA, E K . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA S'1'RlCKLAND,IDA RANKLIN . , , , Alpha Olmicron: Curulinu Hunt Club: Y, PATTERSON, GWENIBOLYN LILA ,... TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Freshman Y. W. C. A. Commission: Caroline Hunt Club: 'l'rvus1u'u1', '36: l'l'L'HlllC'1ll. Caroline Hunt Club: li. S. U.: S0cl'Ct1ll'y lf- S- U.. '351 , . WATSON o ANN Alpha Omivron: Grzulvrshin in Hume l'.uunum1c.a. ' ,J Rowrz, ELEANOR S'r1'rH, A Ill . , . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Art Club. 'A' A' Page One I'lundrcfl Seventy-tlvrvf Caroline Hunt Club, . MARION, ALABAMA TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA W. C. A. Cuhinut. TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA WEBB, SARAH CREAGH, K A ..,.. DEMOPOLIS, ALABAMA Captain Guialon: Honorary Cadet Culonul, '36g Om:-gn 'A' 'A' if ir ANDERSON, KAY O Y CENTERBROOK, CONNECTICUT Sophomore BANKHEAD, MARTHA SUSAN A LD SULLIGENT, ALABAMA Sophomore Corollu. BARBOUR, BETH K K 1' MOBILE, ALABAMA Freshman BEAL, EVELYN A A A CASPER, WYOMING junior BOREN, MARY ELIZABETH A KD MARINETTE, WISCONSIN l"rerhnIan Corolla: President Freshman Class Bluckfriurs: Caroline Hunt Club W. A. A.: Freshman Y. W. C. A Cabinet. BRIDGERS, JUSTA LOUISE A A II TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Sophomore BROWN, LAVINIA 111 M BOWLING GREEN, KENTUCKY junior BULL, MARIAN A A H DUNEDIN, FLORIDA Sophomore BURGESS, DOROTHY MOZELLE A X S2 HOLT, ALABAMA Sophomore BURNS, MARY WILELLA A X Q NORFOLK, VIRGINIA junior President Junior Class. COLLINS, KA1'HLEEN PETONE, ILLINOIS Freslmmn CRUTE, MARTHA A A A HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA junior Pi. DAVIDSON, MARGARET E. ill M NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE junior DAVIS, ELANE A A A MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA junior Pi. DEMSIIOCK, MARY B. I9 Y HAZELTON, PENNSYLVANIA junior Y. W. C. A. Advisor: Newman Club: Caroline Hunt Club. 'A' 'lr Page One Hundred Seventy-four 'A' DICKINSON, SARA A X Q BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Sophomore Saddle and Bridle Club: Caroline Hunt Club. DUNLAP, MARGUERITE A A A WASHINGTON, D. C. Freshman ELDREDGE, ANNE FRANCES Z T A NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Sophomore EVANS, MARY ANN A E A MOBILE, ALABAMA junior President Junior Class, '36: Crim- son-White: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. EVANS, SARAH LEEDS, ALABAMA Sophomore Hillel. FRIEDMAN, VIIIGINIA A III TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Frcxlmmn Srvcretary-Treasurer Freshman Class: Cnroline Hunt Club: Rnmmer-Jammer: W. A. A.: Swim Club. GIBSON, LIIILIAN GREY LOWER PEACH TREE, ALABAMA Sophomore Caroline Hunt Club. GILMORE, SARA SULLIGENT, ALABAMA Sophomore House ol' Reprezeentntives: Y. W. C. A. Cnbinet: Caroline Hunt Club. HAGOOD, MAXINE A Z IIIXIANA, ALABAMA junior I'IAIMOWITZ, GFTRTRUDE B. E A T ORLANDO, FLORIDA Frexhman I-IANNA, CLAIR RUTH LEEDS, ALABAMA Frexlmmn I-IARGROVE, MARTHA FRANCES A X Q BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA junior Corolla: Caroline Hunt Club: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: W. A. A.: Sud- dle and Bridle Club: St. Pat's Court, '36 : Tennis Club. HEATH, SARA MARGARET X Q BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Frcxhman I-IOLDEN, FRANCES GERALDINE TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Sophomore L 'A' HUNTER, I-IELEN MAY NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Sophomore ISBELL, SUE M. Z T A GUNTERSVILLE, ALABAMA Sophomore Corolla: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: Caroline Hunt Club: Crimson- White, '3G: Spanish Club. LAYEIELD, MARY INEZ CD M LEEDS, ALABAMA junior Kappa Delta Pi: Bluclcfriars: Spun- ish Club: Transfer, Alabama Col- lege: Caroline Hunt. Club: Glee Club: Debate Team. LITTLE, THELMA FAIRFIELD, ALABAMA Sophomore Y. VV. C. A. Cabinet: Caroline Hunt Club. LOEGREN, JUNE K K 1' BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Frerhman MCDERMOTT, JANE A A II GUNTERSVILLE, ALABAMA Sophomore MANDEVILLE, JANE A A A CARROLLTON, GEORGIA Sophomore Ommta: Y. W. C. A.: Rnmmer- Jammer: Corolla: Assistant Busi- ness Manager IIIll.CICIlI'II1I'S. MARTIN, RUTH F. PALMERTON, PENNSYLVANIA Sophomore MILLER, SARAH LINEVILLE, AIAAISAMA Sophomore Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. MOBLEY, I"IELEN A X Q MOBILE, ALABAMA Sophomore MooRE, EULA CAROLINE A A A CLAYTON, ALABAMA Sophomore lilclekfriars: Caroline Hunt Club: Fennis Club: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: Wesley I"oun4la1.ion. IVIOORE, FRANCES A CIP FAYETTE, ALABAMA Frcrhnmn IVIORERE, NOLA RITA WAVELAND, MISSISSIPPI l"rcxhm.m MoRRIs, MARY BEN A E A ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA Ifrexlynmn NICHOI.S, SHELBY CARSON Z T A TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Frexhnnm Y. VV. C. A. Freshman Cabinet: Caroline Hunt Club: W. A. A. HOME ECONOMICS Page One Hundred Seventy-five ir ORKIN, ELIZABETH J. E A T JACKSON, MIssIssII1PI Sophomore Y. VV. C. A. Cabinet: W. A. A. Blackfriurs: Hillel. PERovIcH, KAY A qu SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA Sophomore Caroline Hunt Club: Corolla, '35-'36 l"sIII.I..IPs. JANE Z T A FAIRFIELD, ALABAMA Freslmmn RoBrsoN, VIRGINIA E. cARRoI.LToN, ALABAMA junior ROGERS, DORIS K A ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA junior RUDIN, THELMA MARGUERITE NEW YORK, NEW YORK l"reshnmn SHAVER, MARY HERBERT, ALABAMA Sophomore SI-IELTON, REBA ALICE A E A BIRMINGHAM, ALAB.-KMA junior SMITH, SARAH K. GAINEsvILI.E, FLORIDA junior STALLWORTI-I, CLAUDIA TIJSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Sophomore Caroline Hunt Club: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: Wesley Foundation. WALKER, MARJORIE FAYE ZTA MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE junior Blzickfriizrs: Glee Club: Secretary- '1're1Isurer Freshman Class, '35. WHEAT, EDDIE L:oN NORTHPORT, ALABAMA junior WARD, FAITH A E A NEWPORT, RHODE ISLAND lfrexhmfm W. A. A.: Caroline Hunt Club: Glee Club. WINDHALI, VIRGINIA ID M BIRINIINGPIAIVI, ALABAMA junior Dean TEWART 1. LLQYD and FACULTY The School of Chemistry is one of the very youngest of the schools and colleges on this cam- pus. This school was originally intended for the exclusive study of chemistry, and it was not until mineral wealth of the state became appar- ent that metallurgy was developed. Today, cera- mics is also a department in this division, with faculties for granting a specialized degree. Dr. Stewart Lloyd became the head of this school in 1911. Its present influential position is the result of his untiring efforts to advance the cause of chemistry. This advancement has not only been felt hy the University hut hy the entire state as well. ' First Row: Mi:V:1y, Fnrziburs, lvlontixomc-ry, Lloyd. Second Row: Kennedy, Coons, Church, Gran, Knssner, Palmer. -.9-1... 1 1 S , I . . -W.-, .7- fw , M .ww -.n, M ,,, . , A I 4 1 . ns 4 -A 3 J f f., 4' , 'N NJWQQ "', ' ' f 'JM 1 " ff fr"-fy., V 1 J Q, m P -1 mf, 'ef 4 fy -K 4,gM"7N . Y, K1 val, D ' Y .- ' , , i i ff fffg? 5 ai, E +P 5 ' ff' " 1 ly . A' -' , h . ,X , .1 I 5 a 5 I1 4 t A NE Q Ifyxygfv 4' l X My I1 fl-Prim' , A' 'wry : A 1' - +m1.fQff' 1 wh WJ X 3, K, ,Q 1 V 'W 1 :A , V Vi, Q' I 1,11 5' If n-, ' f fl 4 If . RK 4 "M . ,V Q ' ' , .n 1 My ' W u V Ls 'l"u""' 6' ' 5-.w....,. 5- 2'1f'M f , ' 1' ,N I '. " ,mm H' 4 W f fl ""'T' VW' f I- h? If 3 ,x x wr ,Ll 'IL 'jf ' Nw' v ., , I a V 1, . ! ., ,M I f ., H f 1, J T v 1 I . E .A L 5 f , Q 1 ' :it 1 ' f' y ,z 4 0 Q " t N tr v' Y 0 E L , 5 W f 3, I' nf i . 1: ' 5, 1 Il Y f 1 A M ? A 5 J, , . .-W ' --Q' fl r 'J r 'Q Y 1' 1 lgiw. ,M w, f V -W. BARRETT, CLARENCE M., JR., A X A . . . ATHENS, NEW YORK Alcmbic Club: Vice-President Junior Class: President Senior Class. BENNETT, DOROTHY JANE, A A II , COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO T' President W0men's Pan-Hellenic Council: Bluckfrinrs. BROGIN, WALTER, 41 B A . , . PI-IILADELPI-IIA, PENNSYLVANIA Interfratcrnity Council. '34-'36: Honor Committee '34-'35: President Sophomore Class: Honor Court, '36-'37: Alembic Club President, '36, CROOK, XVILLIAM RALPH ,.,.. NEW BROCKTON, ALABAMA Scabbard and Blade: Honor Court, '37: Wesley Foundation. HAFNER, HARRY J., A A T . , BESSEMER, ALABAMA JONES, FRANKLIN L. . . WEST DLor:ToN, ALABAMA KALISZ, joSEPI-I JOHN , .,,.. ADAMS, MASSACHUSETTS Newman Club: Rammer-Jammer: Freshman Track. LEWIS, JOHN R., 9 X ...,. NIAGARA FALLS, NEW Yomc Football Band: Cavaliers. OFFICERS CHEMISTRY SCHOOL SEN IORS President .... , ,.... . CLARENCE BARRETT Vice-President . . BERNARD APKIN Sfffflafy - . EDMUND SCHWANKE Tffdfufff . . TI-IAD PARTRIDGE 'ff 'lr 'A' Page One Hundred Seventy-eight -4 MAXWELL, CHARLES R. . .... NoR'rHPoR'r, ALABAMA Gamma Sixrmu Epsilon, Recorder, '3'I': Honor Court, '36-'37: Chnirmlm Honor Committee: Socrctary Sophomore Class. RING, ALLEN GREELEY , CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE SCHXVANKE, EDMUND l-I .......,. ALMA, KANSAS Gamma Sixzmn Epsilon: Alombic Club: Fellowship in' Chcmi:-It.I'y: Sucrvtary Senior Cl!!!-18: A. I. M. IC.: A. S. I. M.: Chi Beta Phi. STRATTON, RICHARD C., A X A . . . MERIDEN, CONNECTICUT Symphony 0I'uhI-atm, '3G: Honor Court, '36, R STRICKLAND, JANIE ....... TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA ,lll'C'1lSlll'Cl' Gamma Sisrmn Epsilon: Freshman Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: VlC0-Pl'l'SlllPl1l. Sophomore Class: Secretary Junior Class. XJAPRIN, BERNARD BEN, E A M ...... CANTON, emo Million Dollm' and R. 0. T. C. Band: All-mbiq Club, WAIQING, XVILLIAM S ..... , . . , MIAMI, FLORIDA Phi Eta Silrmni A. S. C.: Fellowship in Chvmistry. ZAMSKY, BERNARD NORTON ill E A . . . NEW YORK, NEW YORK Gamma Sigma Epsilon. A af A if A Page One Hundred SL'1'C11fy-711710 'A' ALBUS, CHARLES PETER EASTON, PENNSYLVANIA Freshman l'1'c-sident Freshman Class. ANDERSON, NINA A A A LALIREL, MISSISSIPPI Freshman BRADIZN, ORRIN SCOTT GJ X BEAVER, PENNSYLVANIA junior Greeks. CHENAULT, JOHN M. ll K A DECATUR, ALABANIA junior CIIENEY, ISAAC PORTER 9 E GADSDEN, ALABAMA Frcrhnmn EISEN, EUGENE LEE CD E A OSSYNING. NEW YORK junior FRANKE, BURNICE A Z BIRMINfiIIAPfl, ALABANIA junior Alpha Lumlnln Delta: Chi Bum Phi Silrmn. FROST, ROY ALLEN A E fl' LATROBE, PENNSYLVANIA Freshman 'k GOLDENISERG, JEAN HENRI GRANTWOOD, NEW JERSEY Sophomore I-'reshman Track: Cross Country. l-IARRIS, ROBERT RUSHIN E X 'l'Al.l.ASSEE, ALABAMA Frcxlmmn JAMESON, HARRY K. 9 E' BUFFALO, NEXV YORK Frcslmmn KlT'Tl.E, PAUL EDWIN KINGSTON. NEW YORK junior Seeretswy Alembic Club, '3li: Fresh- man Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Senior Y. M. C. A. Cuhinvt. LANDERS, ROY ESLYN GADSDEN, ALABAMA junior Vice-President Junior Class. MARKMAN, RONALD E A M HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA Frcslmmn MATTRAW. HAROLD ONEIDA, NEW' WORK junior President Junior Class: Fellowship in Chemistry: Million Dollar Band: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. H L F Page One Hundred Eighty 'A' MONCHAK, SAMUEL JOSEPH CLIFTON, NEW JERSEY Sophomore Y. M. C. A. Cnbinet. OCHSTEIN, MARY FORT WAYNE, INDIANA junior 'I'rRnsI'er from PGIWIIIC. PEACOCK, ALTON NEW BROCTON, ALABAMA junior Wesley Foundation : Glee Club : Secretary Sophomore Class 3 Honor Roll, '36. PINNEY, CARLTON E. NORWICH, NEW YORK Saplmnmrc Honor Committee: 'l'reIII-IIIr'eI' Soph- omore Class. RAHLFS, JOHN Wll.LlAM A T A OAKLEY, CALIFORNIA Junior REEDER, RICHARD S. GJ X BEAVER FALLS, PENNSYLVANIA l"rc.rlmmn Corolla. STARBUCK, ELIZABETH BENNETT A ITP BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA junior Alphn Lumlxdu Dcltn: Chi lim-tn Phi Sixrmu: Gamma Sipzmn Epsilon. TARVER, MAE-GOODWIN SELMA, ALABAMA S0fJ,70l11D1L' Chi Betu Phi. I T R Y Page One I-luizdffff EiSl7l9"0"e 'k TIJURNER, EARLE PAUI. 9 E EASTON, PENNSYLVAINIA Frcxlmmn WARNER, XVAYNE K. E N BRISTOL, PENNSYLVANIA junior WEINBERG, JEROME BLUEEIELD, WEST VIRGINIA junior Wll.LlAMS, MARTIN BARBOUR, JR. A X CENTERVILLE, ALABANIA Soplvomorr Corolla, '3G: Honor Roll, '36: Bluckfrinrs. WING, WILLARD CLARK LINCOLN, ALABAMA Frcxlmmn XVOODWARD, WALDEN FRANCIS E A E GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA junior Offlceva-I' Club: llluckfrinrsc Treas- urer ond BIISIYIOBS Mumurer Blnck friurs: Assistant in Chemistry. WORTHINGTON, WII.LIAM J., JR, II K 1D MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Soplmmon: Honor Court: Glee ClIIb '36: Ph Eta Sixrmn: Honor Roll, '36. Frcslyman ir 'lr i 311 Q 5115? : VV VL 2 YN 1 , 55 .. . 15 'W' ' 4 ,121-V, ' 11511 1 in . .1 .355 . my .1-wmr,gmpgwf1Wmvv ww 1'r'fmQv-115 fnpurmvl-Wm 1 WV nf f. 5- 5 V'?1,.,VH1 V 1--.1..., 3. , .1 "1-Q kk"-11 1 ..'.11 1, 1'4',.1:"'1 1"1'11f '71 1 1'1113'l'f 77.1 ,117 , ,VL . WV. VT V , 2. 75? 1' 1' '1'5 . '11 12517 ,V V "W: 1-97' 1-11 1-1 " rn" , 1 1 .,.. -1 .5 -vw .1 1'-"MM F 1 1 ' 1-1.-111"111'1 "1 1"E 1 1a -in W Z? 1M.11151 .-114:1-."1- '11-'U 11 'Y 111111.-111m 391 " 'Ms 151' 'ii- 5" V., QV? 1, -by .1 1 ,a ,111 igk .. my ,P -, -1. . '-1 f 1 . 4, 11 1. ,,'-.11 4V1.,1g11..V:V1111- 1 .5 11" y1L2f.,, ,-1. 1 :V - -1 V1., VI- .NL ,j , , V . , ,1 VVV. MV My , V. V . , 1 VV , 1 V . . A VV V.. V. V VVV.-WMS, VVW VVVV1 VV V :QW A if 1 3 1 Pg V.--i2ij5lQ'?wd.?' '15z1',1.,V1."'41' 1 7 T.fV.1Vf 12 fifisff 11' .1VV1f F 1 , A 1 .' 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M 1 1 1-:..15v1 +5 'T'QWJ1111141111151111 M i .-52,,1. -' 1- " " 13,5 HE numerous creeles ancl iarooizs throughout the State afforci some of the most beautiful spots in Alabama, as one can see ing this picturesque scene in the East central portion of the State. The nat- ural, entrancing beauty of these small streams is surpassed nowhere in the Union. Q ff -.K .A L- 1 rl rl q , ONE or 'rms S'rA'ra's MANY Plc-runssqun smALL s'rmzAMs ILITARY Q CCLGR GUARD it R2 PARADE The Reserve Officers Training Corps of the University of Alabama is proud to present a unit which again enjoys the distinction of an excellent rating. Composed of 1751 Basic students and 239 cadet officers, the military unit gave special drills on Armistice Day, Homecoming, Governor's Day, and Federal Inspection. Among the notables re- viewing the troops during the year were Governor Graves and a representative from the War De- partment in Washington. One of the biggest social events on the campus during the year was the annual Military Ball, led by Cadet Colonel E. Finnell, Jr., and Honor- ary Cadet Colonel Charlotte Head. MAJOR NORMAN P. GROFF Infantry MAJOR D. LEE HOOIJER Corps of Engineers MAJOR BERNARD B. MCMAI-ION Infantry MAJOR PERCY MCC. VERNON Infantry MAJOR EDGAR H. UNDERWOOD Pro esso Militar S ' aria' T et' s f Y of y mme H 'C MAJOR WILIAM W. WERTZ Coast A rtillery Corps ITED MAJOR EDGAR H. UNDERWOOD Coast Artillery Corps, P.M.S. 66 T. CAPTAIN WILLIAM R. CARLSON Coast Artillery Corps CAPTAIN DAVID M. N. Ross Infantry CAPTAIN HENRY WOODIIURY Corps of Engineers CAPTAIN RALPH W. RUSSELL Coast Artillery Corps CAPTAIN STEPHEN HENN Coast Artillery Corps CCMMISSIGNED CFFICERS "1 ...ladbz ,- r ,, ,,.n.n. ...,.... .....-- -..qv- - ' "' I t .-,, "Q , ?',Q9 1 N In . ,r ,L .WAI Front Iiowf-Rmmcll. I-Ioom-r, Hvnn, UnIlvI'WOorl, Wnonlhury. Vurnun Huck Row--ROSS, McMahon, Curl:-arm, Groff, Wcrtz. Page One Hundred Eighty-eight T Yeti Afahama NGN-CCDMMISSIGNED OFFICERS 0 TECHNICAL SERGEANT CLINTON WOLFE - Coast Artillery Corps SIERGEANT BUCK CARTER SIQRGIZANT CLARENCE A. WALL Corps of Engineerx Infantry SERGEANI' WILEY D. GICEIEN SERGEANT O'rIs XV. MAY Infantry Coast Artillery Corps It is due to the untiring efforts of Major Underwood and his staff of officers at Alabama that the R. O. T. C. Unit here has received and maintained its excellent rating. To them goes the distinction of having one of the finest and best military units in the United States. Page One Hundred Eighty-nine Colonel Finnell Honorary Colonel Hand ik wir SPONSORS lVllSS CI-IARLQTTE HEAD Honorary Cadet Colonel Mlss ANNIE LAURIE SWAIM MISS MARJORIE MERRITTE Mlss MARJORIE LANTIIIP T J' Page One Hundred Ninety BRIGADE STAFF CADET COL. EDWARD J, FINNELL . . Brigade Commander CADET LT.-COL. MERRILL W. Doss . . Brigade Executive CADET LT.-Col.. l'lOLMES F. TRQUTMAN . Brigade Adjutant FIRST REGIMENT INFANTRY CADET COL. VICTOR L. RoGERs . . Regimental Commander CADET LT.-COL. WILLARD P. S1-IERIDAN . Regimental Executive CADET CAPTAIN EUGENE Wi. WILLIAMS Regimental Adjutant SECOND REGIMENT COAST ARTILLERY CADET COL. GEORGE L. ZORN . . Regimental Commander CADET LT.-COL. AARON A. ABSTON . Regimental Executive CADET CAPTAIN WILLIAM B. VIRGIN . Regimental Adjutant THIRD REGIMENT ENGINEERS CADET COL. JAMES R. O,GRADY . Regimental Commander CADET LT.-COL. ,lol-IN F. WITHERSPOON , Regimental Executive CADET CAPTAIN GILES M. ELLIS . . Regimental Adjutant Luntrip O'Grady Zorn Swuim Rogers Merrittu Head Finnell 11fsfREC1lME l F A TRY Fisher. Granada, Smart, Shepherd, Yeuell, Harden, Davis, u , Jordan, Hurdeszrcv, Saxon, Marshall. Jones. Cooper. Chapman, llalclwin, Reid, Isbell. FIRST BATTALION Montgomery .... MaJor Milton R. lst It James A. Meyer . . COMPANY A Captain Charles T. Hereford lst Lt. William F. Riley lst Lt. James S. Simmerman COMPANY B alcolm C. Harding: lst Lt. Richard K. Irvin lst Lt. Avon Bauman Captain M COMPANY C Captain Rembert H. D 1 t. Lt. Carsten B. Sahlman s lst Lt. Simon A. Stricklen nvis COMPANY D Captain Virgil A. Harden lst Lt. William lst Lt. Wickham Carter A. Wilkins Roxzers Colonel Victor ' M rritte Honorary Colonel Marjorie 0 Captain Eugene Williams ik' 'iff ' H rrlimr H1-roI'm'cl. Montgomery, SECOND BATTALION . Commanding: Major Leon G. Yeuoll .... . . . Commanding - Aflillwnl lst Lt. Paul M. Walter . . . . Adjutant COMPANY E Captain Joe R. Sllepherrl 1:-1tLt. John T. lloyd lst Lt. Theodore Johansen COMPANY F Captain Neil R. Smart lst Lt. liflison l". Colio lat Lt. Harold A. lirymlon COMPANY G Captain James N. Gramule. 1s1.Lt. Paul G. Thomas lat Lt. Henry F. llcirl, Jr. COMPANY H Captain 'Fhumzln F. Fisher lst Lt. William A. Cnnly lst Lt. Benjamin W. Riall Jr. Page One Hun r rl ed Ninety-one Colonel George Zorn Honorary Colonel Annie Laurie Swaim Captain William Virxrin Lieutenant-Colonel Aaron Abston SQCOW REGIME T CGA ARTILLERY FIRST BATTALION Maior Willard W. Livinxzston .... Captain David O. McKoy . . 1-at Lt Robert W. Kinnear . BATTERY A Captain W. Ralph Crook lst Lt. Winthrop M. Hallett lst Lt. Juston Yushkovieh lst Lt. Charles G. Pirkle 2nd Lt. James M. Davenport 2nd Lt. John Klepac BATTERY B Captain Robert A. Yoder lst Lt. Ben F. Anderson lst Lt. Ralph O. Hill lst Lt. Richard O. Fant lt Lt. Joe O. Jenninxzs BATTERY C Captain Frank M. Moody lst Lt. Arsen L. Yakoubian lst Lt. Jerre Campbell lst Lt. Joe W, Lee lst Lt. Chambliss Keith BATTERY D Captain Alfred Chambliss lst Lt. William W. Beasley lst Lt. Olin B. Adams lst Lt. Francis Bradley 2nd Lt. Joseph J. Kalisz . Commandin SECOND BATTALION H Major Henry C. Herzog ...... . Executive Captain James B. Ridley . . Adjutant lst Lt. Donald P. Slattery . BATTERY E Captain Elliott P. Broughton lst Lt. Thomas H. Barlicld lst Lt. David L. MacKenzie lst Lt. Samuel M. Hill lst Lt. Wiley F. Shaver BATTERY F Captain Joe F. Smith lst Lt. Irvinxr W. Levine lst: Lt. Russell R. Carll lst Lt. William A. Mandel lst Lt. Stazy J. Sukiennik BATTERY G Captain Paul O. Franson lst Lt. Alvie L. McDuf'lf lst Lt. Charles O. Utley lst Lt. Stephen I. Berland 2nd Lt. Edward L. Whelan BATTERY H Captain Irwin D. Kuntz lst Lt. Lybrand E Smith Ma es - - y lat Lt. John P. Clune lst Lt. Bertram Bank 2nd Lt. Daniel L. Drake Commanding . Executive . Adjutant Livingston, Crook, Yoder, Chamblias, Drake, Herzog, Brouahton, Smith, Franson, Kuntz. Searcy, H., Applewhite, Searcy, A., Lancaster, Swan, Herzog, Mabry, Crgmbie, Calling, Ambrose. Page One Hundred Ninety-two Tkiral REGIME l GI EER lu K-mam: H son. llell, Thuler, Clancy, Ferruris. Mead. Mullins. an Pratt, Norman, Drake. Iireslin, Magee, Libcris, Hurpriove. FIRST BATTALION Major Frank G. Mullins ...... Contain Richard C. Carson . lst Lt. Howard C. Browne . COMPANY A Captain James B. Tipton lst Lt. Virpxil B. Culberson lst Lt. Vuuxrhn C. Shaw lst Lt. Eric Schellenvertter Captain Horace li. Hun:-:on lst Lt. Edward E. Vcttel lst Lt. John P. llogyress COMPANY C Captain .luck A. Bell lst Lt. Louis B. Trucks lst Lt. Hurry II. Pfeiffer lst Lt. Davis W. Campbell Colonel Jumes O'Grady ' Honorary Colonel Marjorie Lantrlp Captain Milton Ellis Lieutenant-Colonel John Witherspoon 'ik SECOND BATTALION Commandlmr Major Herbert A. Thnlcr . . .... . Commandinlr . Executive Captain Paul P. Shenff . . . Executive . Adjutant lst Lt. Cy Felheimer . . . . Adjutant COMPANY D Cuptain Thos. E. Clancy lst Lt. Chas. W. Carr lst Lt. Lewis S. Johnson lst Lt. John A. Dillon COMPANY E Captain Silvio Ferruris lst Lt. John Neighbors lst Lt. Clurencc G. Olsen COMPANY F Captain Robert E. Mead lst Lt. Ralph S. Frnlick lst Lt. Uno A. Zumpieri lst Lt. Robert C. Moore Page One Hundred Ninet?"ll7'ff afiozfzcz Society f CABBARD AND BLADE HONORARY MILITARY FRATERNITY COMPANY K, FIFTH REGIMENT Founded at the University of Wfisconsin in 1902 Publication-Scablmrd ann' Blade journal Colors-Rea' ana' Blue Dr. Georize H. Denny Maj. C. H. Underwood Maj. N. l'. Grofl' Maj. M. 'I'. Jemison Maj. R. L. Lollar Maj. P. M. Vernon Wertz 32 Maj W. Capt. R. H. Russell E. J. FINNELT. . RUSSELL LANCASTER . W. W. LIVINGSTON . R. L. Yomaa . . Olin Adams Ren Anderson liert Bank Thomas llarlield Avon Bauman liilly Beasley Jack llell John P. Botztress John T. Boyd Elliot P. Broughton Davis W. Campbell William Canty Russel Carll Al Chambliss Richard Carson Resrinald Carter Thomas E. Clancy Ralph Crook The purpose of this organization is to promote interest in military activities and to closer relation among the cadet officers. I-IONORARY MEMBERS Lieut. Clemson Duekwor OFFICERS MEMBERS Bryant Culberson Richard Davidson Merrill Doss Bob Davies Milton Ellis Thomas F. Fisher Paul Franson James Granatle Allen Griffin Winthrop Hallet Hornee B. Hanson Lewis S. Johnson Robert Kinnear Bill Mantlell A. ll. MeDul'l' Milton Montgomery Frank M. Moody Capt. Capt. Capt. Capt. Capt. Capt. Majo J. S. Hemi D. M. N. Ross H. 1. Woodbury VV. T. Barrett W. A. Dominick B. C. Snow 1' D. Lee Hooper Capt. G. E. Galloway th bring about at Captain . First Lieutenant . Second Lieutenanl . . First Sergeant Frank Mullins J. R. O'Grady Henry Reid Victor Rmrers Joe Sheperd Eric J. Sehellenberger Joe Smith L. E. Smith-Mayes Simon Strieklen Herbert Thaler C. Odom Utley Edward Vettel William li. Virgin NVilliam A. Wilkins Eulxene Williams John I". Witherspoon Uno Zampeiri George ll. Zorn First Row: Finnell, liarlield, lie-asley. Rell, llogtzess, Boyd. Broughton, Campbell Carson Second Row: Crook, Davies, Ellis. Hallett, Hanson, Hill, Livinxrston, Montsromery Moody Third RUW1 Mlllliflfl. Refill. ROLFCPH. Shvllenberizer. Smith-Mayes, Virsrin, Witherspoon Yodel Lorn Page One Hundred Ninety-four First Row Lawson, Berry, Ivey. Greeson, Drennen. Striuklanrl, Hnska Reeves, Cheney. Second Row-Atkins. Goilfrey. Chaftin. Drennen. Carlson, Carpenter l"eathel'ston, Cranee, llmrtress, Osman. Third Row--Kratz. Treaclway, Carman, Butler, liurdett, 'l'nrner. Luna' Jamessun. VVakefiel1l, Johnston. Sk' Sir ik' Drake, Bateman, Swan, Hoffman OFFICERS DANIEL L. DRAKE . . . . . . . Captain CHARLES HOFFMAN . . First Lieutenant CHARLES BATENIAN . Second Licutemmt .IANIES S. WEBB . . . First Sergeant Miss MIRIAM SWAN . . . Sponsor The purpose of this organization is to foster Ii spirit of fricncl- ship ancl cooperation among men in thc military department, and to maintain an highly efficient drill company. czfiona ociefy jf PER HI RIFLE CONIPANY K, FlFTl-l REGIlVlENT Foztntied at the University of Nebraska, 1861 Colors--Biuc una' llflvite Flower-Wlvite Rose I-IONORARY MEMBERS Governor ltibb Graves Major E. I-I. Unclerwuoil Major-General George V. H. Moseley Captain D. M. N. lions liripxarlier-General J. C. Persons Cflllllllll I-Iowarcl Kerr Captain Ralph W. Russell MEMBERS James Alwyn Atkins Charles ll. Bateman Stewart llerry Thomas Carter lloxrvress Willis Lyle Burdette James C. liutler Robert C. Carlson Frank William Carmon lfranlclin E. Carpenter Andrew Arrol Chaflin Isaac Porter Cheney Elmer Lewis Cranee Morton A. Davis Francis Arnold Drennen Jesse Lafayette Dren ll. H. Featherstone Joseph ll. Gaines James Glass H011 Robert Samuel Godfrey .lack Cordon Greeson James S. Griffin Robert Hardin Charlrs Hoffman John Huska Henry Ivey James l". Ivey Harry Jameson l'lulwarml Johnston John R. Kitchens Page One Himalred Ninety-five Charles lrvinxr Kratz Harold li. Lawson John Myrl Long: Leonard Lawson Osman William S. Porter Osnlen Reeves Zebulon L. Strickland Alfred A. Tremlwny Constantine J. Trimres Earle Turner Marion William Wakefield Henry Wyman Daniel L. Drake James Webb ,- SENICDRS P F I E J EDWARD J. FINNELL, JR. . . . . . Captain CAPT. H. B. Wooneumr . , Faculty Adviser Merrill W. Doss Holmes F. Troutman Victor Rogers Willard Sheridan Eugene Williams Milton R. Montgomery James A. Meyer Leong G. Yeuell Paul M. Walter Charles T. Hereford William F. Riley James S. Simmerman Malcolm C. Harding Richard K. Irvin Avon Bauman Rembert H. Davis Carsten B. Sahlman Simon Stricklen Virgil A. Harden William A. Wilkins Wickham Carter Joe R. Shepherd John T. Boyd Theodore Johnson Neil R. Smart Edison P. Colin Harold Brydon James Granade, Jr. Paul G. Thomas Henry F, Reid, Jr. Thomas F. Fisher William Canty Benjamin Riall George L. Zorn Aaron A. Abston William B. Virgin Willard W. Livingston David O. McKoy Robert W. Kinner Henry C. Herzog James B. Ridley Donald P. Slattery Ralph Crook Winthrop Hallett Joston Yushkovich Charles G. Pirkle James Davenport John Klopac Robert A. Yoder Ben Anderson Ralph O. Hill Richard O. Fant Joe O. Jennings Frank M. Moody Arsen Yakoubian Jerre Campbell Joe W. Leo Chambliss Keith Alfred Chambliss YVilliam W. Beasley Olin B. Adams Francis Bradley Joseph Kalisz Elliott P. Broughton Thomas H. Barfield David MacKenzie Samuel M. Hill Wiley F. Shaver Joe F. Smith Irving W. Levine Russell R. Carll William Mandel Stazy J. Sukicnnik Paul O. Franson Alvie L, McDuff Charles Utlcy Stephen I. Bei-land Edward L. Whelan Irwin D. Kuntz Lybrand Smith-Mayes John P. Cluno Bertram Bank Daniel Drako James Russell O'Grady John Witherspoon Page One Hundred Ninety-:ix Giles M. Ellis Frank G. Mullins Richard Carson Howard Browne Herbert A. Thaler Paul P. Sheaff Cy Felheimer i James B. Tipton Virgil Culberson Vaughn C. Shaw Eric Schellenbergcr Thomas Clancy Charles W. Carr Lewis S. Johnson John A. Dillon Horace B. Hanson Edward Vettel John P. Boggess Silvio Ferraris John Neighbors Clarence G. Olsen Jack A. Bell Louis B. Trucks Harry Pfeiffer Davis W. Campbell Robert E. Mead Ralph S. Fralick Ugo Zampieri Robert C. Moore John Adams Charles Bateman Conward Berry Sherley Black Lucian Brant Richard Cole Neel Cumbaa Robert W. Davies Charles H. Davis Thomas J. Denton William Duffey Houol Fagan Maurice Fletcher Morris Gooclfriend John W. Graham Joe I-Iamner Roger Handberg Harold Helms John Hewitt Henry Higham Lawrence Hill William Holmes Robert Howard Halbert Hughes Fred Jones George King Yougene Lamar Massey Lambard Henry Lauric John T. Masna Sterling Nesbitt LUB Thomas Pittman Charles Rigano Menzies Rodger, Jr John Starnes, Jr. Frank Tarallo John Teague Claude Walker Carl Watson Fred Williams Henry Williamson Ralph Code, Jr. William Cole Alfred Cooper Randolph Crenshaw Harry E. Eaton Glen Elliott John Finnell James Forman Franklin Gafford Bohdon Hallas Bartley Hodges Albert F. Jackson Thomas A. Johnson Gilbert E. Johnston Roy E. Landers William C. Lassiter Anton Lartal, Jr. Robert G. Lavell Thomas P. Lea Walter Lindsey Sir 'ik ik JUNIQRS George B. Macaulay Charles Maxwell James D. Maxwell Robert McDavid Fernwood Mitchell, Jr. Francis Muccio Edward F. Murray Carl L. Owen Melvin E. Permutt Allen C. Rankin William Reekstin James, Regan, Jr. Fred M. Ruck Columbus Savage Bryan Standley Daniel L. Stewart, Jr. Julian XV. Taylor, Jr. Alfred Tunstall John Ulrich Fred Unger James Williams Walter Woods Thomas B. Yeager Clayton W. Zesiger Thomas Arntsen Joe Bartnick Edward Bedford James Benedict Edwin Burwell John K. Cabell Edwin Coleman Albert Cook Howard Cook Charles Croker Joe Daniel Frederick Dover Bonnie W. Embry Samuel Ginsberg Joe Harkins Charles Hoffman Glover Jackson Frank Krupp Henry Lankenau Nils Larson John Light Gerard McBride Robert Mann Joc Newman Jake Nolen Olivia E. Oikarinen George Phillips Jack Poffenberger William G. Reynolds Rollin Rockett Raymond Schneller Gregory Skinner Dave Stockman Edmun Storer Tom Strang Richard L. Tracy Page Om: Hundred Ninety-:even Dar ILITARYM TIVIT There's something about a soldier-women love a uniform-patriotism--anyway, something happened to make the Military Ball a huge success. Maybe it was the co-ecl influence, or maybe Alabama's bone dry prohibition laws fwe were dry thenl . We'll bet E. and Charlotte had something to do with it, 'cause there they are, arm in arm, cheek to cheelc, jogging away. Page One Hrmrfrcwl Nizzcfjv-eight 1 The hand in actiong Pershing Rifles Captain and spon- sorg Miriam Swan, all toggecl upg Pershing Rifles on paracleg The Rifle Teamg Col. Finnell and his staffg Four pretty Colonelsg A smile from Annie Lauricg Charlotte Heacl, Colonel No. 1. Jl. EX' ' .-Af, 74 'S .v,.,-,A ,g mv" , 'v 1'-, 5 1--N '12 ,J I -Nu-.,vr,.f: :v-g,,.rmb!jy,gw 'L v v -5,n -11-rr , Q ,ww awq57,Vg1,15w?fw54 r-w,rQ-Nkxxwr nyawr A wqwwf:-,pn ' A nl v. w 4 'V+ " 9 9 1 v , . , y , v y .3 .aiu V. ., ,N ,, , ,X ' .,,w, W . A, ,, 1.V,.,' H 4 'P M , -,rr ' ' il' . vtglmg K , N , , 4- f w ' T . S ' 'Qi 'ua 1 W A + , 1 . c-Nw mpn. 1',,f'r""" . . - N-.w M I, w ,umm , 4 f , ."f,f4' . . 4 gfqiqwqi fu , 2 .L X. ..-.- ' L ' 'V u ig' 'fx -,mf ffl M255 m2fMg'w f- 'f rgimflswyf, - . 'iff' 45TQ11'f' -?'5'351'r'5:vFf?f5 Z . Fifa 1' g41gAjfTf'?.'-"1 EMS. 'gm- - 4' ,CM '2'r,f'f'.'24:2'.vf?: yjhs.-.1 A 1- -. , . , gg' .w ,ff 1':-9535-,qr1:.f'.fm-M. - , , W n ,, vwwigf-QM-i.-dA,,,:"":Q,l.'n.w,:.igj4i . , ' -'-, . ,vfy-'f,q3i?3"efjE 13113,'-,g?R:Q'Q:i5'w'Y.'f 'f' ' ' - 151. -' xi i?-'fi ' ,7i"S'!, f , 1 H? , .,,.-: . lt 'f 'f' ff WP' LY M5 v?f1'i-!Kl53lffw' . f - :am . P- ' M-wb, , F' avQ '., v ,Q ' .1 . . . '-,434 . - , , ,YQ 'hs' .ff-. 1-:pw - -I 3 Ulu-milf, - .vp-me Km .,-.-.,1. ,I 1 Huw' -N 4 1 wif' Wi " w "ws" . MWYW 'V A K - .rgh i ..Al,,, !w, ? I I ' J ,' 11, ' 'mum-41, 1.r,Q:.f51.x,-,LVM-: . V YF .u ' A W 3' , . .1,i.,'1h-p ',,gA--Wy '1li"- f ' EM, , .7 .: : Sf ,::'. ,3z251- V , . H 1- "F f 'Y L' 1Mi-'14-.L ? +P' if-:asa A l-X' - " J,-rl .fMrJi1'Zi ,f4 - ,:,V.g 1fip?Qf'3fg'g Wf,, ,,1 4 if , ,xL, M .4,,4 , , ,. ,. fr- . , - . , y' ,w gfm 1W'.,'fI"'?4: f1' K Hr - . gi'-I V "'15ff5SQ1?h'f1-11ff3535f5g5Wf'-- lim. fzfffs- ,MM A I . Ui, '-:',H.l9.' hh ,E ,.,,E. . H, .Q A., " -' P' ,.gf37::.'1--1" 4- 5:-'..Qf:,ge,.'x"a.-, ,x ' J ':Z'f'1' M 4 4 r ex '. ' ff , . ' '.:'g " "-.'i'i'7"+. JQYAF1 W , '57 L-F '22 Ng ' wql' f Mi," IZ . v . - Q.. pf -4' " .1 "V '?' n' '- f, sf, , , I., M.-, . qv, FM, 1 X., 2 '..2w,1v"-4 H" F- :H-327' -,fz?rw,j: N' r- W' lx. -.11 -gm, fr if 1,f I -g1. - -4 gm' 'f' ' ,Q 5' , " 'm ..:.3f'5, WMI' 52515 P! if ,, , 3Vf'f1?5g7 -' , , rf, fm N WV ,.4h,,:fg3,-Q.-.V :fg '55 5,12 z my "ff2w1gi'2Sf Wf A- ' 'if f - 2557511915 " X"Vfi',55?fff5?Q.Q., ' W'-U -'in Q f . 'ig' f ' 'Main fx My. tw 1 .11 J., ,Z , 'AKA y r 1 E21 X xv wr kv -'Z -' "" -'i,-mb W? v ffw W 'M , Y .f'-...y - H 522: 1, ug if .fm ' wi, - mv. 'A 5-" - . l 'v F20 '. wa - m f 4" li .' 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"1 '3T5+ 'Y 4.v ' ff3324432-'-TAewliz-W' ' " 1 ,H ' wrfa-'+'yjfi f W ,:Qi-,fevy-.ffs.1f",1' A V W 5 vw- -9-'F qv A h . Vx... . N ,K V, -W . - 11.0 -1 .. -'X y .-qggw-., -'gf ' ,L,j,4,1,g1xse1w , " A -:swf V Q , ,1,f,:.--" ,, . g'4-Www -' Vx . X ' gh., , V.-,,,gm7,.,-.' .-"' ' 'TZ-1 '-Efii, ' ' " ' 'MIP ,M-if , YH 'I xX'1fj,'.'4,1"i" - ,, 'cal' ' A ,, ,x'iE'1iw5F:i"Qf.' ' .. . . 4 M -f Q ,Ag Jwxrtfqfxygg. M , , - .. 2 15 -fmvffq. A , r' x..- - vs K . X 'L s ,- IWC 1- h 4 ' f -. , , X ,Q?y.JI:i-'Ah-1 ,- :sg155x"..Q. l . Wm:'E.F' ., -y , ., , A , Jw-.M P D+ , V 1 :lf-.X-Raw' . sm.: -fy!-,f'.Aiw:v1, v om. S ,fs L 1 .rating 1,,gQf , - X . . ,A h , .XU.v,f..1 , . A., . ,,,,1s.,zW,., l,Kxf.1, C 'aU ":f55 ,N ,- f V Q A' X 'V 1 - , , ' W 'L . ' H+,-1 EV-N -'9-sb i3u'2ng,.tfwwGA'f'cfmm:'i?:'izlw1:m6ls.f:2s,u.L,4-J'!r -1fl:.:g V, ,...f'wL31w,.e4 fwzm , .DQ 2: 'N Y .lw3ig2A HE city of Mobile in the laacizgrounci enhances the beauty of tl-iis scene of a looat race in Mobile Bay. Boat racing is a popu- lar sport for South Alaiuamians, anci time Lay at Mobile offers splenciici opportunities for various water sports tiiere. f- at 'tx BBGlNNlNa OF Bon RACE IN Momma BAY-MOBILE IN BACKGROUND ATHLETIC HEAD C QACHE By Walt Bogart, Managing Edztor, The Crimson-White 1 HENRY GORI-IAM CRISP-better known as FRANK W. THOMAS came to Alabama to replace 'Hanky puts words into action on the athletic held. Wfallacc Wade as head football coach, and it was Alabarnfs tcarn ,may look good down on paper, but Lhoughg that gg change in the administration of athletics Elf Hjlljllc 'Ci'll5P45 fo Sei that lf l5fSf-E03-l Alrffl, thi would bring grave apprehensions and misgivings just ....'1n:'i.z3g rs 'tgsf 'f' 'S t'n2'Em, tr' a Shift fr Not only does Coach Hank handle the athletes on :Fon 0 t RBC Hgh ovemmem would be unwise and the field but he is also an joint-leader with Coach Frank 'sastmusf ut' oinas brought to the CHPSFOUC Thomas in directing the "Brain Trust." His skill in Whf1f.PfeS'fl'mf Fmnklm D' Roosevelt brought YO the :lcvcloping new plays is far above the average as is Amcrlcm People'-li New Deal- X evidenced by Alabamzfs success on the gridiron. I-Ie is As head of the Crimson Tide "Brain Trust", Thomas thc man responsible For the great Crimson Tide lines completely immersed himself in the game which the that have been so highly praised over the nation. He immgl-gal Knufg Rock,-lg had taught him as a quar' floef lift Sfifff the Czecllt dale lllmfFal'id i11fflLHf Eegpeci terback at Notre Dame. Thomas studied and drafted goxiirnhlic-ni sittliiit rlcziii-is tsgllilniie igrtlhle cl'lVl1ii Bihihil new Plays, gave lnstmctlmi on the Held and held con' lhe Teang, at thgcapstgnc' ' ' ference after conference with his colleagues. The new As director of athletics, Coach Hank is kept busy Systemfaiid thi New D?f'l smrtcd to iiunmoiii it proved the year 'L-ound, I-Ie constructs and rebuilds Alabama successlfil an is .attalml-l,g new llelglus 'll lille grid Forwards and formulates new plays for the football Worlcl-'ln fact' lt ls acclalmed one of the greatest of campaign, he takes over the head coaching duties of all tlmcs' The record of Thomas and l'l'lS Hides to the cage outfit when the basketball campaign rolls date ls 48 WU15: 6 l0SS9S and 3 Iles, including rw around, and the baseball season keeps him on the job Cflsfefll Conference rifles and until school closes in May. victory. o South- one sweeping Rose Bowl FRANK W. THOMAS Head Football Coach HENRY GORI-IAM CRISP Director of Athletics DREW Col.sMAN ,mn NUNN JEFF COLEMAN handles one of the biggest jobs connected with athletics, that of business manager. He is ronceded to be one of the best executives connected with the game. In line with all other departments at the Capstone, Jeff has developed and enlarged the Uni- versity Athletfc Association. MARSHALL E. NUNN, alumnus of Stanford University, is due much credit for the excellent handling of Crimson Tide publicity. He has spread dope on Alabama teams throughout the country-and it is the type of publicity that is an asset to an athletic organi- zation. BURNUM CAMPBELL Dum Q CCACHI By Elmo Israel, Undoubtedly the greatest single factor responsible for the rise of Alabama's football teams to national supremacy has been the expert coaching staff. To Coach Frank Thomas fell the duty of rebuilding a mighty team in order to make his football debut at the Cap- stone. The Crimson Tide had just captured its third tri- umph in California's Tournament of Roses when Coach Thomas arrived to talce over the football reins, and it was his taslc to lceep the University of Alabama in the limelight insofar as football was concerned. The record of the teams since Thomas has appeared at the helm of the Capstone grid forces proves his outstanding success as a leader of men and as a producer of worthy grid machines. , One of the chief reasons for the Crimson Tide's being the only undefeated team in the nation in the past season is due to the ability and slcill of Coach Hank Crisp. It is he who constructs the mighty forwards of the team. It is he to whom the duty of whipping the tackles and guards into shape is given, and the oustanding men that he has produced is ample proof of his slcill and ability. He has given professional football some of its finest men. He not only gives the sport- ing world many of its outstanding men, but he also gives the business world several of its most capable executives. Page Two Hundred Six Bnwmr Sports authorities have ceased to speculate on the probable ability of men playing the terminal positions on Alabama football teams. Amiable Harold "Red', Drew has always managed to present a pair of first string ends to compare with the best in the nation. Such former great players as Don Hut- son, Ralph Gandy, Paul Bryant, and Jimmie Walker furnish ample proof of his ability to impart the knowledge of offensive and defensive end play to his proteges. One of the most difficult coaching jobs at the Capstone is that of freshman mentor Paul Burnum. It is his duty to train inexperienced first-year men for varsity competition the following season. Many sophomores have garnered first team places on the football squad with a consistent show of their former training under his watchful eye. Not as well known to the public, but due much praise for their untiring efforts are assistant line coaches Paul Bryant, Joe Dildy, and Hillman Walker, and backfleld assistant Happy Campbell. It is the duty of these men to carry out the orders of the head coaches, and to see that all of their men are well drilled in the particular phase in which they excel. STAFF at ALABAM CHEERLEADERS The cheerleaders for the 1936 football season were considered the best in the history of the University. They never failed to get a loud response to every yell that they led. The assistants were Edna Mae Gale, Martha Witt Burleson, Ann Walker, Ralph Ford, Na- than Lubnnow, and C. D. "Cheers" Wooten. HEAD CHEERLEADER Head Cheerleader Bartley Hodges was the dynamic sparkplug of the cheering team. It was only by his constant efforts that the student body was filled with enthusiasm at every game. . ,, . ........ii..... . 145.49 it 4 A f ' 1 WOOTEN. WALKER Fono GALE, Honciss Bunussorw First Row-Shepherd, Harkin, Roberts, liludworth, Wieki, Sumter, Clark. Second Row-Bostick, Best, Sumrs, Jackson, Ni-ibut, Cochrane, Fletcher, White, Kohn. Third Row--Huxzhes, F. Kimr, G. Kinfr, Reddcn, Zivich, Boozer, Warren, McLeod. Fourth Row-Kilfvrow, Cox, Shamblee, Foshee, Corvy, Lyon, Peters. Fifth Row- Riley, Tipton, Radford. Caldwell, Alex, Davis, Estis. Sixth Row---Holm, Maguire, Shoemaker, Ryba, Keller, Moye, Young. Seventh Row-Granger, Machtolf, Beard, ' 193 Prospects for a successful season were none too bright when the Crimson Tide football hopefuls reported for their initial drill last September. Facing Coach Thomas and his aides was the Her-culean task of reconstructing a formidable eleven from a squad riddled by grad- uation. Belcher, McGehcc, Bradford. By Elmo Israel In the line, both of the ends, a tackle and the center were gone. The backheld num- bered no survivor from the original first string quartet of the previous season. Among the notable graduates were Captain Jimmie Walker, Paul Bryant, jim What- ley, Jimmy Angelich, Rudy Rhordanz, and All-American Riley Smith. Other dependable men who failed to return for duty included Hillman Walker, Temple Williamson, Leroy Goldberg, and Buster Adams. Available for another year of duty were McLeod and Keller at the flanksg Lyon, Young, Ryba, Radford and Reddcn at tackles, White, Peters, Monsky, and Bostick at guardsg Moye and Machtolf at center, Riley, Boozer, Kilgrow, Roberts, and Captain- elect Nisbet in the backheld. Supplementing this small group of varsity performers were several first year men who almost stole the show from their more experienced teammates as the season passed. Among the more prominent sophomores were Tipton, Warren, Shamblee, Jackson, Davis, and Shoemaker, ends, Bradford and Hughes, quarterbacks, Caldwell, Zivich, Best, and Beard, halfbacks, and Bludworth and Holm, fullbacks. Two of the greatest stars on the squad were Tarzan White, picked at a guard posi- tion on many All-American selections, and the dynamic sparkplug of the outfit, All-South- eastern quarterback, joe Riley, who was also placed on several All-American selections. Page Two Hundred Eight 6 The 1936 Crimson Tide football team played its season as the most under-rated eleven in the nation. Long before the opening gun of her initial battle with Howard College, the team had been relegated to sec- ond division ranking by pre-season dopesters. The virtual loss of its complete gridiron authorities just a bit dubious about Alabama's ability to cope with supposedly stronger conference aggregations. Both wingmen had graduated, a tackle and center position was vacated, and only joe Riley remained of a starting foursome in the backfield. Led by Captain Bubber Nisbet and Alternate Captain Bill Peters, the en set to work and began to showlpossibilities of development with f'-IFS! 1288111 fI'Ol11 Clic YCZIT PYCVTOLIS Illadi' Tidesm two impressive early season victories. Sophomores played a major part in producing the undefeated eleven of the past season. Shoemaker and Warreim at ends, Hughes at quarter- b k Caldwell and Beard at halfbacks, and Holm at fullback served like ac , veterans in every battle and gained favorable recognition throughout the nation. Throughout the entire victorious schedule, Captain Nisbet and Alter- nate Captain Peters stood out as shining examples of leadership for their teammates. In every game they fought and urged their men to victory. One famous sport scribe called Captain Nisbet, "The perfect example of a college football captaing sincere, dogged. and well-likedf, Other Tidesmen received recognition for their spectacular playing dut- as an All-American guard on many se- g lections, Joe Riley received a backfleld berth on the All-Southeastern se- lection, and Tex Shoemaker, Hamp Lyon, joe Kilgrow, and Leroy Monsky, all received mention on several all-star picks. in the year. Wlmite was selected CAPTAIN BUBBER Nlsurar ALT. CAPTAIN Bun, PETERS TIDE The Qnly Unclefcalted Major E even in merica Huekfiulil --liouzur, Nisbm-L, Ih'mlI'ul'll. Clllrlwvll- ' ' l'1l. -rs, Lyon, McLeod. Line--Shot-maker. Youmz, White, Moyi. 1 1 N 'W Nlsuisr PETERS RILEY WHITE ,.'..'A ' v. f ' Q LETTERME 1936 By Waller Bogart, llflanaging Edilor, The Crimson-lfVl1ile ALABAMA-I-IOXWARD i On the spot as usual, the Crimson Tide eleven made its 1936 debut at Denny Stadium in a style vastly different from that of a year ago. A devas- tating second half attack brought sweet revenge to Alabama in the form of a 34 to O triumph over Coach Billy Bancroft's Howard College Bulldogs, who surprised the football world by holding the Crimsons to a 7 to 7 deadlock last season. ' It was during this game that the spectators recognized that Alabama was far better than the rating accorded them in the pre-season rating. ALABAMA-CLEMSON Alabama continued its superb brand of football the next week-end by smash- ing the Clemson Tigers from South Carolina by a 32 to 0 score in Denny Stadium. Page Two Hundred Ten . ,W-nu.. ' 11 Rr im ..... B l , .lf FQCDTBALL The Tidesmen clicked from the opening kick- off to the end of the game on mere straight football. No tricks or new plays were used For the benefit of the Mississippi State scouts who came over for a peep at the Crimsons. There was a pickup in nearly every depart- ment, with the all-around smoothness of the team particularly improved since the encounter with Howard. The passing attack, however, was not up to standard. The Crimson Tide rolled up twelve first downs to one for Clemson. Alabama, with Riley and Kilgrow doing the majority of the printing, aver- aged 42 yards on ten kicks and the Tigers aver- aged 38 yards on fifteen kicks, A parade of Alabamais "Million Dollar Bandn-decked out in new uniforms-featured the activities between halves. ALABAMA-MISSISSIPPI STATE Joe Kilgrow stepped, with blinding speed, 83 yards for the much coveted winning touchdown in Denny Stadium to give Alabama's Crimson Wave a 7 to 0 victory over a fighting Mississippi State machine which upset Tide hopes here last season. The Capstone eleven played like Rose Bowl champs in trimming the favored charges of Major Ralph Sasse. It was the well-known Statue of Liberty play that! did the trickg however, it did not ap- A ,,.r,...., More pear to be so well-known to the State players. Kilgrow shot to his left and gave the Tide forward time to get down-field to cut out the Maroons. He blazed 3 trail down the sidelines in front of the Alabama cheering section. Kilgrow started cutting back into the open with tackle Hamp Lyon leading the way by taking out State's right defensive back. Once beyond the last Mississippian the Crimson halfbaclc put on steam. He sped over the goal line amidst lguqi cheering from the Alabama stands. Tarzan Wliite, Alabama guard, played the finest game of his career. Tlwi-0 was no ground-gaining over him and he was the player responsible for the Stau- punt hawkers staying within the bounds of their own territory, ALABANIA-TENNESSEE "Unbeaten and untied Tide tied by Vols in 'Battle of Lines' "-that, in brief, is the story of the Alabama-Tennessee skirmish waged before 15,000 fgmg on Birmingham's Legion Field. It was a shut-out game. I . ' ff , .--.,., ..,... . .. . MCLEOD LYON RADFORD E. it Q Boozen 1 , -Q' ' f 35,6 A -+- Continued , The Crimson Tide made eight first downs to seven for the Volunteers. This indicates Alabama's superiority in plays di- rected toward the line. In yardage, the Tidemen rolled up 140 on running plays from scrimmage compared with 63 for the Tennesseans. Alabama had a 67-yard assault halted on Tennessee's one- yard line as the first half ended. It was the only real threat of the game which was one of the finest of all Tide-Vol tilts from a defensive standpoint. The scoreless tie--the first ever played between the two teams-was the eighteenth chapter in the Tide-Vol gridiron rivalry. u 2 i YOUNG J fb-L1 '+ 1' 61" ALA BAMA-LOYOLA Surprised and perplexed by a stubborn Loyola line, the Tidal Wave failed to surge and had to talce to an aerial attack in downing the Wolfpack 13 to 6 before 7,000 people in New Orleans. Alabama jumped into the thiclc of the battle only after Loy- ola had scored the initial touchdown of the game, Kilgrow passed to Tut Warren, sophomore encl, who ran fifty yards for the Title to malce its Hrst marlfer. Kilgrow failed to con- vert for the extra point. After having been continuously staved off by the Fighting Wolves, Alabama managed to score again in the second quarter when Riley tosed a pass to Cap- tain Nisbet. Kilgrow was more successful, and kicked the extra point. Loyola,s hard fighting line made numerous brilliant stands in halting the Tide backs after they had sprinted within pay- off territory. The Tide made 13 first downs to Loyola's five and gained 288 yards in running and passing plays to 100 for Coach Eddie Reed's gridders. Fi li' I I l 9 E 1 'f i 1 . l ..- l f 4 MONSKY KILGROW f jk 1936 f 9 4 I i l E 1 7 v x v r-,.. . CCDTBALL iii V Y ETTERME 44 'N ALABAMA-KENTUCKY A packed and jammed home-coming crowd of 18,000 saw the Alabama Crim- son Tide soar to its fourteenth straight triumph over the University of Kentucky Wildcats on Stoll Field in Lexington. The final count was: Tide 14, 'Cats 0. The Kentuckians threatened only once, in the third period. A remarkable 27-yard sprint hy joe Riley culrninatecl a 64-yard drive on the part of the Crim- sons to give them their Hrst score. Kilgrowls extra point made the score 7 to 0. Alabama's eleven repeated with its second tally Hve or six minutes later. After Moye had intercepted a Kentucky pass on his own 31-yard line, Riley ran over his own right taclclc from that point for the sevond touchdown and Kilgrow again converted with a placement. M R COCHRANE REDDEN HUGHES TIPTON Page Two Humlred Thirleen HU H Bi W t I Bosricx SHOZMAKHR CAr.nwEl.l, Himmfonn MAc:H1'oi.if fl KING WARREN Rouarvrs CCDTBALL GW ALABAMA-VANDE RBILT Little joe Riley chunlced touchdown passes to B and joe Kilgrow in the thi d a fi h ' cn McLeod r and fourth periods to turn back g ting Vanderbilt Commodore eleve Birmingham 14 n on Legion Field , to 6, as 'Bama . d nual Th. lc ' ' in 'ln Vandy waged their an- 'ln sgiving Day battle before Z5 000 N , spectators. ewspapers over the nation carried streamers saying Al bama was again California bound with another Ros bid certain to come. Some of h hales R 3. e Bowl t e banners read 'H 1 ose Bowl Aroma I cl . : Bam-i I . n Be1ting Vand 1 an Wasliington P b . 1- . 1 y, 4-6',-"Alabamt . ro able Rose Bo l Wl'iters Hav S w Opponents"-"Sport e mell of Roses for 'Bamaf' The game was a hard contest to the very finish in bitter cold weather. Every play was a thrill to the entire attendance. lt was not until the fourth period when Kilgrow scored from a pass by Riley and converted for the extra point that the Crimson Tide had cinched the victory. While the fans were filing out of the stadium Alabama's Million Dollar Band strutted and played "California, Here We Come", and so the Crimson Tide lin' h greatest seasons durit is ed one of its ig a year of reconstruction. 'l S J Uh-. 4' vw R .f lla the J i. . W Ji Q JZ, 1936 ETTERME ALABAMAMTULANE Tulane's once-surging Green Wave was engulfed in a sea of touchdowns on Legion Field in Birmingham as 18,000 foot- ball fans saw Alabama's Crimson Tide roll and toss with old- time fury by winning 3-4 to 7. Tulane's marker came in the opening minutes of the game. But, Alabama's undaunted eleven came back to score thirty- seven points. Once the Alabama eleven began to click, Tulane was never again to threaten their goal. Touchdowns were scored by Riley, Shoemaker, Wari'ex1, Nisbct, and Monsky, with Kilgrow converting five times for the extra point. After the game was well in the hands of the Crimsons, the reserves were allowed to finish the tilt, and were threatening the Greenie's goal as the final whistle blew. it 'Ir it it ul' ALABAMA-GEORGIA TECH Georgia Tech's Ramblin' Wlreck came close to demolishing the Alabama hopes for an undefeated season in the closing minutes of their annual engagement on Grant Field in Atlanta. 'Bama struck with both force and precision in the first half to roll up all of its points in a thrilling Z0 to 16 win over the Engineers. After the Tide had settled down to enjoy a seemingly com- fortable margin of 20 points in the second half, the Tech forces came bark to ring up two touchdowns with extra points and a safety. The game was a fierce battle from the begin- ning to the end, but the Tide was able to maintain a rather slim edge over the Tech gridders. We wish to thank the members of the Staffs of the Alabama papers for use of the action photos in this section. A FEW REMARKS ak' ir about C U R ,, , ,W 7 IE 15 I Ulf llll I f ' f M5 RE ER DUNNE Koi-IN In Dunne Kohn the Crimson Tide had a hard working senior manager who was very popular among the players and coaches. He handled his managerial staff wisely and proved a great help to the entire Athletic Department. Not enough can be said in praise of these re- serves who must bear the brunt of many hard days of practice without winning the reward of the big red UA". Reserve strength is nearly al- ways the reason behind undefeated football teams, and, much credit for Alabama's being the only major undefeated college eleven during the 1936 football campaign should go to this excellent squad of reserves. Because of the many injuries that hampered the first-stringers, many of the reserves saw serv- ice in the varsity games. In every instance these men conducted themselves well. Time after time the reserves had to be called on to fill important key positions on the highly vaunted Crimson Tide. In no instance did any of these men fail. In the backfield, a quartet, good enough for most college starting lineups, was always ready to see action. Buddy Beard, the diminutive halfback, thrilled the thousands of spectators as he skirted the ends of Tulane's Green Wave in the closing moments of that game. He showed his ruggedness by continually carrying the ball. In every trial he managed to gain a few precious yards. Charley Holm opened the season at fullback in the absence of the crippled Captain Nisbet. Charley did well by himself, and proved himself one of the most promising of the redshirts. Another promising young fullback is Blud- worth. Bludworth always gave the varsity men plenty of worry in holding their positions in every practice. George Zivich is as well known by the Ala- bama fans as most of the regulars. In the line, Harkins, Foshee, Cox, Ox Davis, and Red Keller were the mainstays of the reserve forces. At ends both Keller and Davis proved their ability and showed very promising futures, I-Iarkins, Foshee, and Cox did not see much serv- ice in the regular g1mes, but they were omnipres- ent at the daily drills. They always made their presence felt by giving the hrst-stringers plenty of competition for their berths. Page Two Hundred Seventeen as ls: KETBALL CoAcH HANK Cmsv On the shoulders of Hank Crisp rests the task of giving Alabama a well-rounded cage team. The Crimson Tide five is a threat every season despite the fact that many ace players are lost each year. Coach Crisp has led several 'Bama floor teams to conference titles-the last being in 1934. By jack Harper As in previous years Alabama's Crimson Tide basket- ball five opened its season with the Birmingham Y. M. H. A.. winning by a 43 to 23 score. Vic Brad- ford, football quarterback, saw service in his first varsity game and was high scorer for the night. The Tide began its Southeastern conference campaign by splitting a two-game series with Tulane in New Or- leans. Tulane won the opener lmandily, 33 to 22, with 'Bama taking the second 28 to 27 as a result of Tex Shoemaker's free throw during the closing minutes of the Greenie tilt. Leaving New Orleans for Baton Rouge, Alabama met L. S. U. in another two game set, dropping both by scores of 43 to 23 and 47 to 27. Arnold Bryan, of the conference's top-notch scorers, proved too much for the Tide defense and 'Bama returned to Tuscaloosa with three conference defeats and one victory. ' Invading the Capstone, Tennessee's 1936 S. E. C. champs had trouble in beating the Tidesmen-their opponent in last year's nnals-by a score of 33 to 31 in an overtime thriller. Alabama's towering giants proved no match for the Vols' smaller but faster combination in the extra five minutes after Red Keller knotted the count at 26-all as the regulation period ended. In a return engagement, the Crimsons again lost to the speedy Volunteer quint in Knoxville, this time 26 to 23 as Captain Biggy Marshall,s performance made the home-town fans forget the loss of Harry Anderson, '36, All-American who was outstanding with a fast semi- pro club this season. Continuing their invasion of Tennessee territory, the Alabamians met Vanderbilt University in Nashville only to lose again 23 to 19. The Tide later evened the series at Tuscaloosa by swamping the Vandy Commo- dores 29 to 19 in a game which placed premium on height as the invaders presented an array of players almost as tall as the lanky Tidesmen. Kayo Overly, another conference sure-shot, led the Vanderbilt five in offensive play. The University of Georgia Bulldogs were encoun- tered at Athens in a dull contest resulting in Alabama's seventh conference loss. Score, 29 to 19. There were no outstanding performers in this tilt with scoring hon- ors being evenly divided. A breathing spell from conference play was given the battle-weary Tide by games with Howard College of Birmingham and Loyola of New Orleans. Ala- bama copped both, defeating Howard's Bulldogs 26 to 23 and turning on the heat to take Loyola 51 to 28. Dave Telford led the Howard outfit while Red Peter- son piloted Loyola's attack. Bradford turned in some of his best work for the Tide in these two tilts. While on the road, Coach Hank Crisp's Crimsons met their favorite rivals-the University of Kentucky Wildcats-in Lexington of the famous Blue Grass state. Sweet revenge was in order for the Capstoners as they broke an age-old jinx to come through with a 34- to 31 victory. The 'Cats had previously triumphed 38 to 37 at the Municipal Auditorium in Birmingham. Close guarding by Shoemaker and sophomore star jim Tabor proved too much for Red Hagan and his mates. The University of Chattanooga Moccasins invaded the Capstone and gave the Alabamians a surprise 32 to 29 licking with Forward Billy McMahan leading the attack as top scorer. Page Two Hundred Eighteen af 193 Coach Crisp's aggregation returned to conference competition and administered four straight defeats to S. E. C. members of Mississippi. Ole Miss was the hrst of the two Delta State teams to be engaged in the Uni- V0rSity gymnasium. In the initial tilt, Alabama's 24 to I5 lead at the half-time was good enough to stave off the Mississippians, last period rush which was short lived. The final count was 38 to 34 for the Tidesmen. On the following night Ole Miss was unable to keep its first half margin, drop- Pihg a close contest to the rising Tidal W'ave, 32 to 3l. Boch of these games were well played and showed why Country Graham has the highest average score per game of any player in the S. E. C. Tabor and Shoemaker guarded Graham like llavvks but to no avail as the Mississippi athlete paced the sharp-shooters during the series. Invitation to the animal conference tourney in Knoxville was virtually cinched for the Crispmen when Mississippi Stateis Maroons were topped by scores of 32 to 20 and 38 to 25. These two victories gave Alabama seven triumphs and nine losses within che conference. The Crimson Tide floormen entered the meet labeled a dark horse. Ole Miss was drawn in the opening roundg and the Rebels were barely nosed out 35 to 34 in a thrilling match. Paul Estes, 'Bama center, made good a free toss a half minute before the final whistle was sounded and provided the margin. Bradford-with 12 tallies-led Alabama's onslaught while Graham's I6 set the pace for the Delta outfit. Coach Blair Gullion,s Tennessee Vols turned the tables in the semi-final round hy winning their third consecutive game from the 'Bama five, 42 to 25. This tilt was a repetition of the two regular season games with Captain Marshall leading his team- mates to victory with 15 tosses. Tabor paced Alabama's offensive drive by shooting I1 points. He also played a remarkable floor game, and was picked as one of the most colorful stars to compete in the tourney. The outlook for a winning combination next season is very bright as only two members of the '37 team will be missing. Keller and Tabor are regulars who leaveg but the other varsity players will be more experienced and thereis a strong frosh team which can contribute first-string material. Unlwn, Shurnhlee. Gnlelvvvll. Meth-In-in lirndt'm':i, Kelli-l'.,'l':iluw g,,l...41' Slwfinmlwlxi pjglis. Wglrrun, Albers, i5iIl!'lll'N, llumlev. VAR ITY I-IAMu.ToN ALBERS-Center Serving his second year on the varsity squad, Albers showed leimself to be a fine prospect for Alabama's basketball future. He was frequently used at the center spot where he not only showed his ability at getting the jump but showed himself to be an excellent floorman. Vic BRADFORD-Forward Bradford was not satisfied with making a name for himself in football circles as one of the South's best sophomore backs, but undertook to make the same name for himself in Southern basketball circles. A perfect showman, Bradford entertained the crowd with his good basketball and amusing antics. -vu ir BLACKIE CAr.DWELL-Guard Another football star to join the ranks of the bas- keteers is Blackie Caldwell. Caldwell is the other half of the Bradford-Caldwell comedy team. Caldwell is fast and rugged on the hardwood and he did his part by keeping many of the opponents away from the goal. PAUL Esris-C enter Added to the list of promising young players is Paul Estis. Estis is also among the sophomore stars of the basketball court. Football injuries from the past sea- son slowed him down at the beginning of the season. I-le has one of the most promising futures of Alabama athletes. ' i' RED KELLER-FOTWd7d Red has been one of the mainstays of the hardwood quint for three seasons, and in his last season has been one of the most dependable of the 'Bama five. Red has always displayed his expert floormanship in every contest, and has never failed to be one of the reasons for Alabama's victories. Rurfus MCGEHEE-FO7Wd7d McGehee also joined the varsity basketball ranks for the Hrst time during the present season. McGehee saw service in a greater part of the season's games, and his speed and shooting ability proved a valuable asset to the squad. LAYER .IEP SHAMBLEE-Guam' Shamblee, an end during the football season, donned his basketball togs to do a classy job of guarding. The opposition could not get very far when Jep was on their heels. Shamblee is also one of the sophomores of whom a brilliant future is expected. PERRON SHOEMAKER-Glldfd Shoemaker was responsible for no small part of Ala- bama's cage successes during the present season. He has held his opponents to low scores in almost every instance, and managed to count for some of the Crim- son basketeers. ir RAPHAEL SNEED-Center Succeeding Wlmatley as first string center, Sneed made a complete success of filling Big jim's shoes. Sneed with his height and ability not only got the tip- off from most of his opponents, but weaved under the basket to count for many of Alabama's points. JOHN S'rARNEs-Forward In his second year on the varsity squad, Starnes proved the excellent prospect that he is. He filled in well whenever called upon. In game after game, his performance was impressive. ir JIM TABORkGItd7d Playing like a veteran, Tabor added his dynamic power to the Crimson five to make Alabama a real conference threat. Tabor was a very effective guard, and his many accurate shots proved in many cases to be the counters that put 'Bama in the win column. TUT WARREN-Glldfd Another newcomer to the hardwood ranks is Tut Warren. Tut is an adept floorman, and with another year's varsity experience behind him, he should develop into one of the Capstone's most promising floormen. CoAcH HAPPY CAMPBELL Happy Campbell is the champion of successful baseball coaches and player-managers. After pacing the Crimson Tiders for three seasons as the Southeastern Conference's most third baseman, Coach "Hap" took over the head coaching post of the diamonders and led them to two S. E. C. titles, in '35 and '36, 'A' BA EB LL By Robert Collins, Sports Wriler, The Crimson-White Sweeping through a 14 game schedule with 10 wins against only 3 losses and one deadlock, the mighty 1936 Crimson nine soared to the heights of its two immediate predecessors in clinching the Southeastern conference championship for the third successive season. The Crimsons entered the season against a stubborn nine from Birming- ham-Southern, and it was not until the ninth inning that Alabama was able to put across the winning run. This game saw the introduction of six Alabama sophomores to the varsity nine. They were Tex Shoemaker, McLendon, Caldwell, Roberts, Teague and Zesiger. Alabama plunged into conference competition in a two game set with the L. S. U. Tigers at Baton Rouge. In the first game, the offerings of Fatheree were too much for 'Bama and L. S. U. came out on top of a 6 to 3 count. In the second game, Teague and Anderson proved to be too effective for the Louisianians, and the Crimsons turned in a 11 to 5 victory. Roberts paced the 'Bama batters with a circuit clout with two men on. Boozer and Roberts led the attack against the Rebels from the Uni- versity of Mississippi in an 8 to 4 triumph for the Alabamians. Ander- son stood the Rebels on their heads for the entire nine innings, yielding only four one-base taps. The brilliant fielding by Chick Bouska and Frank Scalzi robbed the Rebels of many blows that would have otherwise accounted for base hits. In the second game of the stand, the Alabama clan turned on its batting power to blast out a 13 to 2 win, to sweep the series. Teague worked well on the mound, while his teammates shelled Baumsten from the mound in the sixth and continued to pound the re- lief hurler, Holmes. Coach Campbell's proteges forged into hrst place in the S. E. C. by annexing a dual win from Louisiana State in the second brace of the sea- son with that team. A slugging duel was staged in the first game with both teams displaying great hitting power. The final score was 11 to 10 for the Crimsons. In the second game, Teague worked well until the ninth when the Tigers niped him for a circuit swat, a triple and a double. Anderson came to the hill in the role of relief pitcher and checked the Tigers to give the Crimsons a 10 to 8 win. Shoemaker, Walker, Scalzi, and Bouska were the heavy swatters for the day. ' At this point of the season, Boozer led the Tide batsmen with a .643 batting average, Teague was credited with four wins, and Anderson, aft- er having won on two consecutive days, was credited with two. In the Battle of Home Runs, Ole Miss shaded Alabama, 2 to 1. Bill Neely slammed two of Anderson's deliveries completely out of the park for Mississippi's two rallies, and Alabama avoided a shutout with Scalzi's circuit blast. The second game was cancelled because of cold weather and rain. Stepping out of conference competition for two games, Alabama jour- neyed to Birmingham to edge out Howard College by a 9 to 8 margin and to Gadsden where they easily won from the Goodyear Rubber Com- pany by an 8 to 1 score. Teague was credited with the win over Howard, Page Two Hundred Twenty-two at AM lQ36t" MELN'lN ISRAEL-Manager The Tide nine had one of the busiest stu- dent managers known in Israel. He directed his department with strategy. Aside from being business-like in his work, Israel was A-1 pop- ular with the team personnel. while Hillman Walker took the hitting honors with three hits out of five times at bat. In the game ag1inst the Goodyears, Bedient :scattered eight blows, while his teammates blasted three pitchers from the mound. Witl1 the S. E. C. championship hinging on the outcome of their final series, the Tiders s uared ff . .' 5 M set on Denny Field. The Tidemen wa q o against ississippi State in a two-game lloped Armstrong from every angle and turned in a 15 to 5 victor ' l S . . A the Maroons ting spree to game of the Bouska lined in lifting the two safe hits Armstrong first game of y over tie taters. nderson limited to eight hits. Boozer, Wliatley, and Walk:r put on a bat- run up a big margin over the Mississippians. In the second series, Shoemaker led a I3 to 3 assault for the Crimsons. out three singles and Walker got a three-baser and a single number of 'Bama hits to 14. Teague held the Maroons to for seven innings. pounded around Denny Field to the tune of 18 hits in the the series, turned on the Crimsons in the third meeting and let them down forcibl with I l'. . l y ony two Nts as mis teammates touched Anderson for eight blows and a 2 t 1 0 COI'lqLlCSf OVCF Alabdllla. Boozer got both of the Tide hits. In the final game of the season, darkness d l Tcl -M ' 1 e tie 1 e aroon affair at a 5 to 5 deadlock. Alabama had a two run advantage going into the ninth frame, but State rallied and tied the score. Wirlm 14 hits to Al.l. i f Campbell to use four After having taken and one ending in a Conference baseball he consecutive season in ball crown. 'inmas J, the Maroons forced Coach hurlers in an attempt to stop their splurge. two games from Mississippi, losing one to them, draw, Alabama stood on top of the Southeastern ap at the encl of the 1936 season. lt was the third which the Alabama nine was winner of the base- THE SQUAD First Row- Mnelilulf, liuusltu, LlllIl'iQ', Srnlv' H "- RUIWV 1 all-ll Ani 1 ISDH . , . 00All. WllllCl'l' Si-cond RoxvffCom-h Cnnmlwll, Nirlmlsun. Ci H . lL'H5IlIl'. lieilwnl. lsruul UU' L ll1lW1'll. S101 multi! Mi I imlon VAR ITY By Robert Collins, Sports Staff, The Crimson-White FRANK SCALZI-Slvortslop Considered one of the best baseball players ever to don a Tide baseball uniform, the versatile little infielder was the toast of Alabama baseball fandom for three years. After three seasons of outstanding play, Scalzi topped off a spark- ling collegiate career by pacing his l936 teammates in the number of extra base hits, runs scored and in the home run department. In the summer prior to his Hnal season at Ala- bama, the chunky shortstop was chosen to play on an All- American team composed of college players which toured japan, playing chosen teams of that country with marked success. The shortstop position was the invincible position on the Tide diamond for three years as the flashy Scalzi pa- trolled the keystone vicinity with deadly fielding accuracy, time after time converting seemingly perfect hits into beauti- ful put outs. His throw to any base was ever quick as a flash, extremely swift and seldom deviating more than inches from his intended target. For him to strike out or be called out at the plate was a rarity, as he was almost always good for a hit, usually an extra base tap and frequently a circuit blow. His final batting average was a neat .365 percentage. YOUNG Boozan--Outfielder With a remarkable .484 hitting pace, Boozer led the entire Tide batting clan with his unusual ability at the plate. The "galloper" adjusted his sight to the offerings of opposing pitchers in the early stages of the season, soon jumping into the lead of the offensively great Tide nine. From the time he first took over the batting lead until the final game of the i936 season, Boozer scattered deliveries all over every park in which he performed. He also hlled his outfield berth with notable skill. HILLMAN WALKER-Outfelder Guarding his centerfield post in flawless fashion while ringing up a .365 swatting average, Walker distinguished him- self as one of the most dependable and consistent players on the Crimson nine. His cool and smooth manner of sack- ing flies made his position one of indeflnable strength. As number three hitter in the upper division, he almost habitually provided the scoring punch that usually sent the Tide nine surging ahead. JOHNNY ROBERTS-Outfelder An excellent base stealer, the red headed one was the out- standing basc runner among the Tiders. Running the sack paths with great speed and slipping under basemen with un- usual dexterity in many times demonstrating his smart slid- ing style, he scored almost without fail once he crossed home- plate safely. Afield, at his left garden position, he was a fly hawk with his speed again providing the necessary factor to make his berth a literal "tar bucket." Dubbed "the gamcst guy among Crimson Tide athletes," Roberts even excelled his gameness with his good sportsmanship. PERRON SHoEMAKEn-Catcher A keen batting eye and a mighty throwing arm were the factors that landed "Tex,' the regular backstop job as a sophomore. His work behind the platter was marked by a hery and forceful brand of ball. His throw to any base packed a speed comparable to that of a bullet. Base run- ners seldom strayed from the sack-so great was their ap- preciation of his arm. In the batting department, he ranked second with the extremely high average of .4'5l. ANDERSON Boozsn BOUSKA LAURIC . Roaams of PLAYER JAMES WHATLEY-First Baseman Big jim played his curtain season for Alabama as the most improved man on the squad. A rangy baseman with the ability to take in high or wide throws without breaking con- tact with thc bag, he also developed in his last year as a Tidesman the high art of delivering in the pinches. He pulled several games from the fire with his timely hits in his final collegiate season. Wl1atley's play around the initial sack was extraordinary in that his every movement on the diamond was one of gracefulness. CHARLES BOUSKA-S6C0l'ld Bateman TE there was an errorless man on the 1936 edition of the Tide nine, he was "Chick" who held down the keystone po- sition in a perfectly smooth and non-erring style. From his leadoff position in the offensive lineup, he usually managed to get on base to start things rolling for the Tide. He was the other half of one of the best college keystone combinations in the country. Going to bat more than any of his 1936 teammates, Bouska chalked up a remarkable hitting mark that was well over 300. 1'IENRY LAURIC-Third Bateman Combining a steady hitting pace with glittering infield work, "1-leinien Lauric broke into varsity activities just before mid season and cinched the third base post for the remain- ing part of the 1936 slate. The little baseman ranked with the best base runners on the Alabama diamond crew. BUDDY TEAGUE-Pitcher Witlm five victories and no losses to his credit, the sopho- more moundsman was invariably air tight for at least six innings. His speedy deliveries were too much for opposing batters as he sent them down again and again in challcing up five wins for the Tide cause. CHARLES ANDERSON-Piffllff Although a starting pitcher, in the role of relief hurler "Sweden was at his greatest. Frequently he went to the mound to stave off a batting spree, and usually he was successful in his mission. He turned in an "iron man" performance in working two days in succession against L. S. U. outlzeosfern Conference W7.WWGTS for 3 Consecutive Seasons SCALZI SHQEMAKER TEAGUE WALKER WHATLEY li. 5. w CoAcH RED DREW Since the addition of Coach Red Drew to the Alabama coaching staff, track has come into its own at the Capstone. I-Ie has produced such stars as Riley Smith, Don I-Iutson, I-lamp Lyon, Al Nogi and joe Riley. Coach Drew scouts football players and makes track performers out of the swiftest he can find, and also the big men for the weight positions. By Nathan Margolin, Sports Staff, The Crimson-White Starting with a strong array of veteran track and field per- formers, the Crimson thin-clad aggregation, though hampered by many injuries, forged ahead to another season of supre- macy on the cinder path and grass plot. The Drewmen went through four dual meets and came out on top in all. The season ended weakly, however, with a poor showing in the S. E. C. meet which came on the same day as the South- eastern A. A. U meet and forestalled Alabama's defending its title garnered last year in the Memphis S. E. A. A. U. show. It took a well-balanced Crimson-clad squad to score an 81 to 50 victory over Georgia Tech's one-man team. Perrin Walker put on a startling performance for the Techs, and emerged with 18 points for himself. Alabama managed to take 10 out of 14 firsts. Winning scorers for Alabama were Bob Gibbons, who scored 12l4 points, the relay team which in- cluded Fischer, Raymond, Godfrey and Gibbons,, Godfrey, Fischer, Kitchens, Mitchell Best, Sheridan, Whatley, Kauf- mann, and Edwards. Whatlcy was trying for his fourth let- ter of the season. In the meet against Tennessee, Krause scored first in both hurdle events. The Crimson victory was very narrow, the final score being 61 to 51. Anderson, the Vol captain, put on a breath-taking performance by scoring 28 points, winning both dashes, the high and broad jumps, the discus throw, and scor- ing second after Hamp Lyon in the shot put. Kitchens, emu- lating Edwards, also copped a twin victory in the mile and two mile events. With the exception of those competing with An- derson, the Tidemen scored as they did in the previous meet. The Alabama harriers were able to put down their old jinx, Mississippi State, by a score of 82 to 35. 'Bama took every first place but the mile run. Bob Raymond tied his conference half-mile record of 1:58.4, and Lyon again broke the shot put record with his shot of 49 feet 5M inches. The remainder of the meet went according to the yearls established fashion. Tulane, in New Orleans, was the next opponent on the Tide schedule. The Greenies were easily overcome by the stronger Crimson aggregation by the score of 72 to 45. Kitchens was the star of the meet, registering wins in both the' mile and two-mile runs. Lyons bettered the conference shot record again by a margin of eight inches. Al Nogi won the javelin throw, Chapman won the high jump, but Sheridan was tied for the pole vault event. At this point of the season, the Drewmen looked line one of the strongest contenders in the approaching S. E. C. meet. However, the Crimson clads underwent a complete reversal of form in the go, and finished with a poor Fifth. Three point gainers, Riley, Godfrey, and Kitchens were kept out of the meet. Riley, because of a pulled muscle in the qualifying event, was unable to perform, Kitchens had to replace Raymond in the mile relay, and Lyon, after having beaten the confer- ence record consistently all season, placed third in the meet. Point winners in the meet were Lyon, Godfrey, Krause, Sheri- dan, Edwards, Chapman, Raymond, and Nogi. Ten of the varsity men had played their last meet, leaving only a few varsity men for the nucleus of another season. Freshmen and sophomores will have to be largely depended upon in the coming season. A team will have to be built around the Gibbons brothers, Goldenberg, Downey, Estis, McGehee, and Stadley. Page Two Hundred Twenty-six K 1 3 i 1 El 5 i . 1 i -1 1 e TAR if By Naflmn Margolirz HAMP LYON broke the conference record in four dual meets, pushing the unofficial mark from 47 feet 3 inches to 49 feet 5M inches. He had an off day in the conference meet, and was only able to place third. JOHN EDWAXRDS holds the Capstone record for the 120 hurdles, having run it in 14.8 seconds last season. He took part in the high and low hurdles, in which hc placed in the conference meet, and also in the mile relay. BIG JIM WHATLEY doubled in baseball and track, so he was unable to compete in all meets. Despite his dual participation. he garnered enough points to make him one of the few four-letter men in the history of University athletics. QVER THE BAR 5 1 ne. . g I TRACKME MITCHELL BEST was a slow starter because of a football injury suffered during the previous football season. Despite his misfortune he was good for eight points for the season. I-Ie took part in the running broad jump event. BOB GIBBONS rang the bell 12K times in his first meet, but he suf- fered an injury in doing so. It was not until two weeks later that he was able to compete in his favorite event, the low hurdles. I-Ie tapered off with 212 markers to his credit for the season. HOWARD GODFREY was the top point gainer of the Crimson ag- gregation. His 352 points were garnered in the 220, 440 and mile relay events. A third place in the conference meet ended his collegiate track career. GLYNN KITCHENS intended to specialize in the two mile run this year, but necessity decreed that he must also enter the mile run in every meet. He responded nobly, winning each race three times and copping a second in the mile. Raymond's injury kept him from the two miler in the conference meet. HERMAN KRAUSE looked like a champion until he was injured early in the season. Unable to compete most of the season, he came back to third place in the conference century. BEST GumoNs GODFRE1' KITCHENS Knfxusrf Nom RAYMoNn RILEY SHERIDAN SNEED AL NOGI was lcept from the javelin throw by a long basketball sea- son, and when he did start he could not get into top-notch form. He did, however, take second place in the event in the Birmingham meet. BLACKY RAYMOND remained the outstanding half-miler in the conference, tying his record once during the season. He entered the conference meet with an inflamed appendix and finished second in a slow race, but could not run later in the mile relay. He scored ZSLQ points during the season. JOE "MICKEY,' RILEY forsoolc his heavy football togs for the light garb of the sprinter. Fourteen points fell to him in four meets while he ran as though being pursued by taclclers. An unfortunate leg injury in the qualifying event lcept him from further participation in the con- ference tournament. "WILD BILL" SHERIDAN came through in tip-top fashion to win every pole vault event except the one following his hard fall when his favorite pole broke under him. He tied for third in the S. E. C. en- gngement. SHORTY SNEED was also lcept late by his hardwood duties. He got in long enough to score eight points. NEWCOMERS were CHAPMAN and. KAUFMAN, the former doubling in the high and broad jumps and tallied 20 points throughout the season and tied for second in the conference high jump testsg the latter performed ably in the discus throw events. MANUEL GREENBERG proved to be an efficient and hard worlcing manager for Alab:1ma's track team. BILL. PETERS JOE RILEY , BEN lVlcLr:on YOUNG Anderson, Cllarlie Best, Mitcliell Bosticlc, Lewis Bradford, Victor Caldwell, Herman Cochran, Henry Culbertson, Bryant Gibbons, Bob Gordon, Harris Greenberg, Henry I-Iughcs, Halbert Boozmz OFFICERS MEMBERS Jaffe, Irving Keller, Burton Kilgrow, Joe Lauric, Heinie Lyon, I-lamp Macbtolf, Albert Nlonslcy, LeRoy Moye, Lamar lVlclVlillan, Toni! Nisbet, James ny ,LL Inst, How Sn:-ml, liiulfmvl, Nislmet. IVl1'l.i-ml, VVhiLe, liormvi', Amls-l's4m, -Jilffl-0, Moya-, Keller. Si-4-mul Row Kuhn, Coehrzin, linlwrtri. W:u'r'vn. Cnlclwc-ll, liylm, l5l'IlfllUl'll, llerlilvn, l'1 urs 'l'hir1I Row !lI'c-4-:ilu-r'1:', lvlzu-hl,ull', Nlimfaky, I'Iui':hv's, 'l'illUPH. Glllllllllfiv l5l'y1lHl-- l"u11rth Row Lynn, Dilcly, liusliek, lnulriv, 'I'lmn1:u, 'l'1'mCilf-. lflIl'lllUT1, Drew. Presia'cnt , Vife-Prericlenl Sefretary Treasurer Radford, James Raymond, Bob Redden, Jake Roberts, Jolinny Ryba, james Sneed, Raplmel Slmoemalcer, Perron Teague, Jolin Tipton, James Wai'rei1, Erwin Wlmite, Arthur 3 K. an u- Ull- me A Club I7fZ1'f1.l1fGS The "A" Club puts on its annual show . . . The victim is smiling now-but just wait--I . . . Some of the entertainers . . . Nlachtolf and his duck . . . Vic Bradford poses . . . The troupe of actors stop for a picture . . . A big smile from little! man Tarzan . . . Blackie and Tut show the au- dience some tricks . . . Buddy Beard and Bill Young . . . Wlmat at fight!-don't men- tion it! . Shumaker barks up a storm . . . Two big "Av men-Peters and Lyon . "johnny had a little goat--". We Celebrate "A" Day at the University gives the student body the only breathing spell of the second semester. On this holiday are held various games and contests, interfraternity and independ- ent. The highlights of the day are the selection of Miss "A" Day and the presentation of the Service Cup, presented to that male senior who has contributed most to the school during his four' years here. Left lmnd page Parading before the crowd . . . one of these is a luclcy girl . . . Everyone in suspense-who will win? . . . The cup is presented to Lucille Burnett-Miss "A" Day for 1936 . . . Look out below-that pole is greased . . . Funny things, aren't they? Right hand page Young Boozer, winner of the Service Cup for 1935-36 . . . Watcll that guy at the top! . . . Trying for Miss "A" Day . . . Political pie-eaters . . . Floor fighters. COACH PAUL BURNUM Coach Paul Burnum gives the f 5 uture Crimson Tidesmen the first once-over and the first instructiong and both have much to do with the success attained hy Alabama teams. Bur- num is one of the leading freshman coaches in the nation. He can't he over-rated! Fooifra TSMG The Freshmen By Walt Bogart The freshmen athletes of today can well be penned the "Crim son Tidemen of Tomorrow." On developing future Alabama varsity ma- l teria is the freshmen coaching of these hopefuls. Frosh Coach Paul Burnum, ld mo er of tomorrow's headliners is the , first individual to contact the first year men. He and his aides get their initial squint of the boys on the high school athletic fields. e of the major fundamentals in Players who enter Alabama are well scouted and have bright careers in store for them if they follow through as instructed. The Alabama freshmen coaching staff works with the Tidelets as hard or harder than the varsity mentors worlc with the Tide eleven. Simple and sound, the theory is that the basic education of athletes is much more important than the advanced instruction given them. Freshmen members of the Crimson Tide set-up are lcey men and are due much praise for their work. 1 1 I ' -., .rf , i'- l By Dick my RICHARD BRICKATES The past season witnessed the rise of a traditionally weak Alabama boxing unit to a commanding position in Southeastern conference fistic ranks. Interest in the sport reached a high plane. Each home appearance of greeted by an enthusiastic following that packed the University overflowing. Coach Richard Brickates, serving his second year at the Tide untiring effort to develop a winning outht. He originated and methodical system in collegiate boxing. Its principle is: hit first The 'Bama mittmen who saw service during the campaign the team Was gymnasium to helm, devoted introduced the and get away' were: Gerald Burke and Max Gordon, bantamweightsg Art Fowler, featherweight, who Punch' ed his way to the conference championshipg Richard Day, lightweight: .Jack Marcus and Tommy Griffin. welterweightsg Canzoneri, iunior middlewelghti Paul Cusumano, senior micldleweightg and, Harlan Willey and Kayv manowitz, light-heavyweights. The only varsity man lost by graduation Wa? Kalmanowitz. The ever dependable light-heavy completed his third year 0 action to mark up a record for continuous service. The Crimson fisticuffers opened their season by winning over the fflVQfed Mississippi State squad by a score of 6 to 2. The next encounter was Ggamst Ole Miss, and the Rebels won by the slim margin of 4M to 3 ld. The Crim50n5 came back against Tulane, the conference champions, whom they defeated bf the lopsided score of 6 to 2. A Tide team composed almost completely' ff Kal- substitutes met a reversal when they were defeated by Mississippi State in their second meeting of the season. The Staters won by 6 to 2. The regular sez son ended by a 6 to 2 victory for 'Bama over a skeleton team from Tenncisc The season was climaxed by the entrance of a seven man team ence tournament. The victims of several unexpected reversals, in the C011 cf' the Alabalflf' sophomores came out in fourth place, tallying eight points. Fowler, in Wm' ning the championship, gave Alabama five of the eight points, and Dick DRY' by advancing to the finals, added the other three. John Rice Jones and Vic Oppenheim gave the squad one of its best lnmfa' gerial staffs, and Seraphirnos Pope and Frank Cartral composed a worthy ffmn ing unit. Steve Ferraris acted as assistant to Coach Brickates. CANZONERI FOWI ER GORDON KALMANUWITZ LoGsoeN 'Mxmcus F v f 1 3526159 ot. .,, E MUN ANI' :WS M First Row---lim-iile, Geutrh. Sl.iuIlnmili'. Lewis. Burns, Guorles q D D HL l andgtr Sveonrl Row-s-llmvvrs, Ruhel, lVlel!i1i'u1'y, Zujur, Sinndly, Slrulut. b Q l'uLti-rson Hy Elmo Israel Student Manager Eddie Andrews entered the 1937 ten- point to a very promising campaign-although Waiylie nis season with a team composed largely of men of un- University of Detroit defeated the Tide netmen 4 to 2 in tested ability. Only two veterans returned to afd him in their initial match. building a formidable club, Joe Ruble and Roys Lewis. Last year's club ended its long round of contests with Wfith these two players as a nucleus and with the addi- the best record made by an Alabama outfit in over a cler- tion of several promising reserves, Andrews has worked ade. Paced by Andrews, who concluded his three years intently to strengthen his inexperienced forces. The squad of active court competition in '36, the 'Bama racqueteers of hopefuls has worlaed rapidly and at present, indications won ll matl x l ' ' ir:-it Row' Wesslcr ll f '. :ilemnn Cinlmttoni Seeoncl Ro if w-fflolrlstein. Prie:-il,, Porter Inset--G1-rulcl Wesmlvr. Sunil- ' i X Lui, Arlvinvr ,-i-.. -nF'f' 4... . i. ',m"Ei2l, , 'iifvimbiihi cies, ost three, and tied once. F LI 1 B y Katt' Stvkvs ual prowess of Coach Gerald Wess- ler was the highlight of Alabama's fencing sea- son. Wesslei', who captained last year's team, is the international foils champion. He was awarded a plaque by the French government for his victory in the International Open Tourna- ment held in New Orleans in the spring. The personnel of the team includes Wess- ler, Charles Bateman, Don Carnplag-ll, B1-mm Ciabattoni, Tracy Priest, and Leonard Bern- stein. Wfilliam Porter was the new manager of the team this season. were held with Ge The individ Matches orgia Teach. Van- derbilt, and Castle Heights Nlilitary Academy. Thrre were two tilts with each, one on the up- ponent's territory and a return bout here. ' GERALD Wussi.uiz .--""" Sfudenl Coach lf ,.-"' ,pad AF .X if1-'tf3?'S3!- G. KEPLER Mu.i.s . TR SUPERVISORS OF SPORTS Zygmund Dombroski Marvin Karp INTRAMURAI..-INTERFRATERNITY COMMITTEE Billy Roberts, Chairman Frank Tipler PUBLICITY COMMITTEE Prof. Marshall Nunn Frank Davidson Bob McDavid Walt Bogart Jay Thornton ART DIRECTOR Bartley Hodges GAME OFFICIALS Al Naudain Bob Strang Sam Strang Stewart Mendelsohn Randolph Mendelsolmn George Balcanoff John Tomajczyk ,lim Kester C. D. Wooten James Parmlee jim Ryba Harry Carroll Emanuel Kalmanowitz john Cassidy George Moss William Wakefield William Griffin Edward Frederick Jack Shayvith Charles Wood William Flewellen Bernard Dilson Ed Murray Frank Tarrallo The Intramural Department at the University of Alabama is that divi- sion of the Physical Education and Athletic Department which promotes, furnishes equipment for, and supervises competition in sports. All student and faculty members are encouraged to take part in the Intramural Sports program which has become an important part of extra-curricular activity of the University. Intramural teams are composed of fraternity, independent, class, and fac- ulty groups. By far the largest group is composed of fraternities with in- dependents ranking seconcl. Approximately 3500 male students participated in sports offered by the Intramural Department, with every fraternity taking part in numerous sports. The Intramural Department derives its revenue from inter-collegiate ath- letic proceeds and its sports program is closely related with the program of the inter-collegiate as well as the ' Physical Education Depart- G. KEPLER Mu.i.s ment. 4 The Physical Education De- partment, in its class work, lays the foundation for intra- mural sports through develop- ing the interest and skill in a diversified sports program. The Intramural Department affords an opportunity for the student to compete in these sports and others in which they have developed an inter- est. All of the members of the Department of Physical Edu- cation and Varsity Athletics contribute to the success of the Intramural Sports pro- gram and the larqe number of students participating in the intramural activities is the result of this splendid cooper- ation. MUR Left Hnnml l'u1zcA Pi K A touch footbnll fraternity champions . . . W00ds Hull inrlcpcnrlcnt ti-7UCh footbnll champs - - - Woods Hull softball ffhllmlls . . . Spanish Inn Independent bus- ketbnll champs . . . Kup- Dll Sipz fraternity basket- bull champions. Riirht Hund l"1u.:c 'Close-up of softball pitch- '01' - . . Volleyball uction - - . Pi K. A. Intramural Band . . . Pi K. AH-1 play 'AUburn's K A.'s in touch football . . . lntrumurul Volleyball . . . A hit. RT f 4 I, ...,.:,.,,, . . 5 -until. 7 f u 1 .H f FRANCES GREENWOOD Assistanl DR. ETHEL SAXMAN Director WCM ' ATI-ILETI The Department of Physical Education for women's intramural sports program for 1937 was planned so that every girl could develop her abil- ity in every sport, and have the facilities and time in which to enjoy herself in healthful recreation. Dr. Ethel Saxman and her assistants, Misses Frances Greenwood, Doris Poole, and Louise Levy, are responsible for this wonderful service rendered to the University of Alabama. They have organized the women's activities into clubs, thus enabling a definite point system to be kept. Each girl was allowed to join any of the eight clubs and earn points toward winning the intra- mural cup. This cup was to be given on "A" Day at the end of the year to the organization which had the most points won by individuals in the clubs and by the teams of the organizations in the tournaments. Dr. Ethel Saxman, head of the Physical Edu- cation Department, was one of the lirst three women in the United States to receive a Ph.D. degree in Physical Education at Columbia Uni- versity, N. Y. C. When Dr. Saxman came to the University campus in 1928, the program in Physical Education consisted of three classes a week. These three periods were held in the, Men's Gymnasium. The equipment consisted of a set of Indian clubs and dumbbells. In the follow- ing years, the athletic field widened for womeng Barnwell Hall, the modern physical education building for women, and a modern inside swim- ming pool have been important developments. The enrollment in the physical educational de- partment has tripled, the equipment is up-to-date, and interest has greatly increased in the intramu- ral program. Dr. Saxman has been directly and Page Two Hundred Forty indirectly responsible for these developments. Girls are required to talce the physical education course, for which they receive credit in their freshman and sophomore years. Dr. Saxman has been Vice--President and is now President of the Alabama Physical Educa- tion Association. She is also a member of the legislative board of the American Physical Edu- cation Association. Miss Frances Greenwood, head of Intramural Sports for Woiiieii, has developed, in the past few years, an unusually successful program. This sport program includes archery, golf, fencing, outing, swimming, riflery, tennis, horseback rid- ding, basketball, baseball volley ball. Miss Green- wood organized and sponsored the First aquatic f ALABA Chappell M ichuels A mls-rs Gnle Stott Hyutt lit-ul Ely conference of the South in 1935. The Third Aquatic Conference was held at the University of Alabama in February of 1937, and was an out- standing success. Over l25 swimming instruc- tors and students from Southern states attended. Miss Greenwood recently became National Chair- man of Aquatics for the American Physical Edu- cation Association. She is responsible for the publicaion of the Aquatic Guide, issued annually by the VVomen's Athletic Section of the American Physical Education Association. Miss Greenwood will soon publish an Aquatic Source Book, which will contain what is probably the most extensive bibliography in the world on swimming, diving, and aquatics. She is very pop- ular among all members of VV. A. A. ir if 'A' 'lr ,I ,L i l.. Cl Lili l..CC1LlC1'S ir 'A' The eight clubs this year were Swim- ming, Golf, Horseback Riding, Archery, Outing, Tennis, Riflery, and Fencing. The Riflery and Fencing Clubs were introduced into the intramural program this year. A chart on which was written the names of the members wa .d f s ma e or each club, their points were recorded on these charts, made in the form of laclders. Accurate records were kept to show the points won b . . y each organization and to prove which one was entitled to the cup. Teams from various sororities, dormito- ries, and town girls participated in the bas- ketball, baseball, volley ball, soccer, tennis, and golf tournaments. Champions of each club were presented with sport link brace- lets, and their closest opponents with pins denoting their skill in the particular sport in which they excelled The A. D. P Delta's were the leading sororities at the d en of che first semester. i's, K. D.'s, and Alpha Xi 'Ir Intramural basketball . . . The Basketball Club . . Um-m-m-beautiful swans . . . Cupid could not do better . . . Fencing-a new sport for our girls . . . Tl ' ie tennis team prepares to win. .A.A. L UB ACTICD Girls excelling in the Archery Club were Martha Michaels, Bonita Todd, and Nata- lie Gunn. Leading in Tennis were Edna Mae Gale, Eleanor Jones, and Frances Bell. The girls leading in swimming were Ruth Hostctler, Tanlcie Holton, and Mary Schuyler. Expert golfers were Olive Carl- son, Virginia Friedman, and Martha Jack- son. In riflery the outstanding girls were Eloise Hyatt, Martha Michaels, and Flor- ence Mullins. Leading horsebaclc riders were Jan Beckwith, June Bush, and Mary Ben Morris. In the Outing Club, Eleanor Jones, Bonita Todd, and Martha Jackson were outstanding. Enthusiasm and interest have been shown by all members of the W. A. A. and by the entire student body in the intramural con- tests. 'lr Swimmers swim . . . Golfers golf . . . Rlders ride . . . Diggers dig . . . and the Rifle Team gets shot! .4 . ,,- pt-w..4 . 1 1 -. 4 , .g. . W, , N 2 4 -Q,ugfw" -4 w 'Un ' M57 1, , - 1 K . I fu., ,, ,,1, ,e, s .V J F Q :1,'Y1lI-:rRY.y,.. 'E 1iQ,'1QQ1'r W. . n,. ,. fivf-' 'F iv "'W4a'.- ' g ,- .h 'A ,AQ'-fs, 'Q ,' 7- '- '- gig 5' .659".?g359y,i- :-im A A . 1- :1--.9 5121, -4 ' :fag 'ww 1- -:iv-fm kprfh -.-Gif' 1111? 5'qibwYf- ' 'M-5-:i- 14. V251 1+ Qin , i:I-:x4w'- H1 ' vis, wr ff?05i'l5P'5" f, ?bf - i-5Fii'?i5f51 , . I - ' ' 2.-NIJ. 'H' ,,':3w,'.:Qf' 751427 ': vi r, ' 1.1 ., 11' Y 1fE1fS1mX?fg.' fafe??l:6E1'tk1 '51 V .- ',,. .. ' .Y 'Q-fu,-Ax?-iw f'xEI.:w3.f-1:,,g:', HB- -S., , ,, - v " xv :' , ggwwff -. A . v 'mg-f,5:-4 r-35 1 '. Q JL. . .f,1.a.r' -1 ',,p5'Qu 3. .. J.LgJz5Q.-,T , -..-.I xi w' .1,g,-.vv f.-1, 1' :-.r ,:,,, ', ..' ,A ., .".- - N .J.'.i.fkf5s6' -1 . fqlifffi' ff x - "X 1: .---...l r -t U- - .1 42:1-2 . l'. 5. 9- ',-yzvvajl.. gh- ,733-g:: 'z fhf Avmufxy. f Lx - .. x WA: 4. x . ,.-fa'.1r'v. -1-4.-nf. 4 fd- Jw- , -,,yi.,Ayf,p' r.,- , V-:sh ' , .Mega-A V. ays,4'fw Q., ,- gli.. rf-79 Aix- 1' mr- 'WJ-'QETQ .aw 12'-'21, xi' ggi' gf V2-113555150 ,ifsfll 'ff f - 1 -- Ir- m-.mfs , X -4 X ,.t5,: J "L5.-s:,,ig,.- gpimu ,Q Hg., ' .-15 '1 .-hm: .cfjfl cpl' , ,1 ,M - , I 'hz-hiv, ' .H als? . z' X 1 ' .QL ,I 1, -gy: WW' N n.':!'!b .E ,J 1 ' .fum -::'::f'. I--up N Y in -XM' fig? H25 f " A-.Lv -- N 54 .-f.:-,u1?fei'-rffrmr, ,. -M - ..1. ,.1a,.,-- J: . , If ,. . .nmrffIwi:--s'a'5f'1 -fm. R ',xy:.fa.1:J4gg5fgvw:f-2a'f'-+A-'fi n"5-"- ' ."-Irs.'Sm-'.'p.:.:. -' wb fi, 1JgQ,jtF .5 ,fW :1 L.,. ,a,. f'- ii. 1 5,1 'K . .nam fy,-W' 1- 'g ' ' '117"- :LQ 'WW :m'r4!'Wr' ' K ' T, " Mg :iii ' - ff " -' . A-.' . 1,'aE'.'z" N15 1" . 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'l"f HKV L- l ' 'ifylw 153531 ,ff4Q22i?myY9z. 1' ' fi ' rP 1' .f' ' ,525 ul' :vh --1 nav-eu ,z . .-f-mu,x'1? -........, -vw Q-',?,lf'1Tx ,Lawn 'Q :L ' 'fw:'.1.,g' " QV '-5, -"-"' " 1-W'-' 211-:f He " 2 ::t::f? 'N ff. -wifdfivgk f ff-a w..-.A , 'P .m.m,, ..w.nm-W " 5-. 1 -- M- wm----- . -"" """"'-:r:::::.:: -"A ::...... ..cif, "rl:-:::::::: WM- "::..... ' -2 U. vi' ' ' 'fl H ff 'fgfifg ........ -1 ..,..c...W.....:.k,..-. l ri, ,, 5 fr? 32 '5-5 A -, Lf. , nz' 'gy gg: .n:3g, +fg! nz-' I-qv, , Amity femrv- -.g,fn1g,gs:5f- -, A V .', . -, JJ- nu.. -vw: 4,-1.-,1..:..f pm , nf:-v:-.vw wwf- -V V. 9-, .- 4 . : 1, . ,f.- vw X,2,,.,,f,.--'IA 4- 14 'lfkuhf-9.41, ,fuk, 1.-H f,4. ' , , 'far -N H ...... ..........., L, Y- ' 1" ---, ' 0" .1 ,J-' -' 'ME"RNFE,a?1"!1l4?I'-1P":l',4', -1 X :.arisQ23,w4aher,zMl-gm,ms A Q. 'ir fl?-, w54ff3f1'?f?' srbmz ekgafimz .QWSQYR-??:N1'n':" f'g " 4' j i I .v ' L f L"F?1. 5550, "Li'QIf1. 'A fm- 'ff' .f,g'5W ' frxb ' 4 w-,N 3 V, V' ,, 1 1- Viz' X ', J'J'. :V 'w X M 3 A 'I 'fffj R rx HE iiome ot George B. Ward on Siiacies Mountain, near Birmingham, is not typical ot Southern architecture, but it is a famous siiovo place of Alabama. This unusual res- iclence, tittingiy caiiecl Rvestavian, is a replica ot time iiome of the Vestal Virgins in Ancient Rome. The extent of the tame ot ti-iis iaeau- iauiiciing is shown 192 tiie fact that Ita11g's Fascist government has officially recognizeci anal praiseei it in time ieacling newspapers of Rome. 'A '12 iz if 1 -W Home OF G:-:ogoe B. WARD-"Vss'rAvxA"-on S1-:Anas Moixmun GREEK X in IN", y Xi f L x y 'XE f' ' xl . 'N .,.f. ,,,f,f,.yK 4. 3 f--w , f .. ' 'W' x 'mf'--1-AMX---vxq ' . V - fwf+r:1f?'f"5' ' X ,. f H 1 NLR R Q, l -f+- N ' vin! A , -h f ,ge - - - 1 M M.. ,.,. ...MC v I I: Q, 'NK -c 9' lv: nrxfnr--.Y,, Li E , 43-Y-1' R fy Q, fat -Ulf' '74 f ,U L if gxfk al , Q, ,K ,ls Nw, 1-. 5.1 :Miglia . N , x Q ' T3 '. ' QW C' v L, q-K ' . -T H NM., A,,. -i Q wi --1.-"' u 'V---yy' 1 ' 4 iv M""" 5 -ag 1 - if-w 1 ' ' 4' l. gl Q, 'W' " X' f s x. 3 W "W M' I ' A W A xx ,xx A M-k y X Ls tx! A t . WU , .L , ,- ., ' . ' r- rw.. , L ., I K. X a . ,X . M 1. .1 1, , Q K I N 18 ' - X 'fi Z.: Q. , .A X X , W , , X t N4 , xx, --, VL.. +V. x I NS ' .A ,s I y x' X f Q 1 . K ! . X , X . Y QC- KAI, Xml f .- x-..,.,,-,, f Q.-, N H' ln x s 1 4' X ., My if..?A.s,"-mwlh mmf v -Ji.. , fM.:,,7"-'ffytr Q - Y M ' 'M "-f -' A WL,-,,,,,,-A Wan. ww. ,,,.. ,w,,,,,,m A .:1..A ......-...-.-...... ...., L. ... .,, ,... ......,...., v............,....-..-ff L- ff., - a--., ......--....,.....- , .- ,..,,..-,, ,..,-.,,, ,N A --an-........,.-.v "-' 11,2 1 '-hu:-vnu " .... N... . .M-W...W.-,....,,,,,..,,,.. U .,..-w,..,k wmfa., .ll.l'il'il"l THE sax my The purpose of the Inter-Fraternity Council is to promote friendship and CO' operation among the various fraternities on the campus. Its membership is com- posed of one member from each of the fraternities represented, and each fraternity elects its members from year to year. The activities of the council are varied and deal with almost every phase of fraternity life. The council has been active in intra-mural athletics, having this year secured minimum fees and better supervision through its cooperation with the Department of Physical Education. Each year it awards a Service Cup. The Service CLIP Page Two Hundrea' Fifty I TER-FR TER Committee is not limited to a consideration of only those who have been actually nominated by letter, but any man who is spending his fourth year on the campus of the University is eligible. The council shall. award each year, beginning with the 1936-37 session, to that fraternity having the highest Scholastic standing, for the entire school year, a trophy to be the permanent possession of that fraternity, the award to be based on the statistics issued through the Offices of the Registrar and the Dean of Men. The council sponsored leadouts in both the Mid- Tefm and the Spring Formals. It entertained the Pledges of each fraternity at a banquet, Dr. Foster be- 5 ITY CC IL ing the principal speaker. The council has provided a system of filing by which all the fraternity members and pledges may be registered. A forward step has been the studying of "Hell Week", favoring its abolition. A key has been established for the members of the council. The council sent a delegate to New York City to the National Inter-Fraternity Conference last November. It provided housing for the Flying Cadets from Kelly Field, Texas, for the State High School teams entering the basketball tournament, and for the members of Phi Eta Sigma Convention in March. The council has co- operated with the Spirit Committee in the Homecom- ing activities. OFFICERS HENRY REID ........ President BUNNY ENGLE . . . Vice-President RAYIvIoNn I-IEPNER . . Secretary-Trcasun-r MEMBERS l"lENRY REID . . BENNY ENGLE . . RAYMOND HEPNER . . GILITERT JoHNs'I'oN WINSTON ADAIR . JOHN ANsLIf:Y . . joIIN VARDAMAN . ROBERT BENNETT . JAMES FOREMAN . Bon MCDAVID . NEIL CAROTHERS . MIKE GOODFRIEND YOUGENE LAMAR . E. P. BRoLi4:TIIoN . MANUEL GREENBERG FRANK TIPLER . . BOBBY DAVIES . LoN ATKINS . T. O. HOXVE!.I, . LANSING SMITH . CARI. GAI.NARl HARRY LABOR . BILLY ROBERTS . ART LEVY . . ROBERT KLICK . JOE HARKINS . . MIKE PRESTERA . GEORGE WASHBURNE . Lambda Chi Alpha . Sigma Alpha Mu . Phi Kappa Sigma Delta Kappa Epsilon Phi Gamma Delta Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . Sigma Nu . . . Sigma Chi . Phi Delta Theta Alpha Tau Omega . Kappa Alpha . Zcla Beta Tau . Pi Kappa Phi . . . Chi Phi . . Kappa Nu . Pi Kappa Alpha . . Theta Chi . . . Delta Chi . Phi Sigma Kappa Sigma Phi Epsilon . Alpha Phi Della . Phi Sigma Delta . Alpha Sigma Phi . Phi Bela Delta . . . Theta Xi Alpha Lambda Tau . Della Sigma Phi . Delta Tau Delta RALPH GARRISON . . . . Kappa Sigma First Row ---Reid, Engle-, Hepnor, Johnston, Adair, Svc-ond Row---Ansley. V!lI'ClllTTIIll1. Bennett, Foreman, McDnvid. Third Row C!ll'0i.l10l'S. Goomlfricnrl. Ilroughton, Gl'00ll l 'I" l r l0l'l-Y. ID 0 . Fourth Rl1W"DllVil'S, Atkins, Howell. Smith. Lnlinr. Fifth Row-Roberts, Levy, Klick, Hnrkins, Prc-stern Garrison. Page Two Hundred Fifty-cnc Frexlvmen First Row: Caldwell, Jordan, Stone. Mnumenee, Brantley, Johnson, J, B.: Fonde, Guffortl, Hand, Johnston, G. E. Second Row: MncQueen, Mitchell, Perry, Priest, Smith, Taylor, Vernon, Robertson, Cobb. Third Row: Coleman, Gallulee. Jordan, Kereey, Merrill Moses Muir, Norton, Diprhton, S. Fourth Row: Coffey, Denniston, Marshall, Deurmzm, Welch, Biekley, Hayes, Dighton, J.: Inge. Fa DELTA KAPPA EP ILCN F DR. MR. mtres in Facultate STUART GRAVES ROBERT HARWOOD MR. THOMAS GARNER MR. HUDSON STRODE MR. BURKE JOHNSTON Law JAMES L. CALDWELL BILLY GRAYSON MORTIMER JORDAN EDWARD MCGOWIN HENRY PITTS JACK C. STONE THOMAS MCMlLL.AN J. R. NIAUMENEE O. W. BRANTLEY J. M. LADD W. E. JOHNSTON JAMES JOHNSON Medicine GORDON HAMILTON SAM STUBBINS WILI.IAM FONDE JUNE MCCAFFERTY Senior ROBERT GREGORY funiors JOHN CAIJELL FRANK GAEFORD CHARLES HAND GILBERT JOHNSTON GIl.ES E. MACQUEE N FERN WOOD MITCHELL ir CHARLES PERRY TRACY PRIEST GREGORY L. SMITH MACEY TAYLOR DAN VERNON XVILLIAM ROBERTSON WOODSON ENNIS Sophomore: WILKES BANKS FRANK COBB CHARLES COLEMAN HARRIS CORNELL JACK GAl.l,ALEE GARY JORDAN GIL KERSEY WILLIAM MERRILL BUDDY MOSES DOUGLAS MUIR PSI CHAPTER JOE NORTON KENNETH NOOJIN SAM DIGHTON JOHN DIGHTON WILL CAFFEY ROBERT DENNISTON BEN MARSHAIJL LESLIE DEARMAN STEWART WEIICH WILLIAM BICKLEY BROOKS HAYES ZEB INGE FRED ANDERSON CALVIN ALLEN ROBERT ENNIS BILLY WILLIAMS The Shining stars of D. K. E. were Mortimer Jordan and Jimmie Caldwell, Jordan being elected president of the student body and Caldwell being elected to the presidency of O. D. K. a Gala house party c during the Spring dances the South as visitors-an and a HallOwc'en dance Delce's took second place limaxed a busy Deke social Session with out-of-town girls from all over annual reception, a Christmas patty added to an busy Social season-the in the speecl-ball tourney. 'k 'A' Page Two Huna'rI:a' Fifty-two I I I I l I . I I I uk nl' 'A' THETA CHAPTER The highlight of the Phi Gam's season was the famous an- nual Pig Dinner on the fraternity lawn-the chapter presented a Christmas party for the orphans of Tuscaloosa during the week preceding the Yuletide holidays-presented Spring for- mal, a pledge dance, and six house dances--a MOther's Day entertainment to celebrate the day was also included in their activities-Bill Hines represented the house as student director Of the Union building-copped second place in the cross- country relays. Fralrex in Facultate EDWIN J. LIVINGSTON JOHN M. GALLALEE -JAMES H. NEWMAN FRED R. MAXWELL MURRAY CHRISTIAN HOWARD HARLAN Law AIIEXANDER FOREMAN MARION A. PROWELL WILLIAM C. I-IINES PFRCY M. ROGERS LEE PORTER PHI GAMMA DELT Graduate WINSTON ADAIR Senior: JOHN B. BOMAR WILLIAM BENSON THOMAS BARFIELD ROBERT CARLSON, JR. DONALD DUGAN WINTHROP HALLETT, JR. W1l.LARD LIVINGSTON junior: LLEWELLYN BRICKEN ROBERT E. MCALI.lSTER GEORGE MCBURNEY REUBEN BELL Sophomore: WILl,lAM H. BRYANT RICHARD S. BROOKS JOHN M. CAMERON LESLIE A. GREEN HAROLD A. LONG, JR. NOHI.E MUSTIN PHILLIP MCDANIEL, JR. DAVID P. RITTER GEORGE E. TURNER, JR. REXEORD L. WHEELER, JR. GEOF'FRY WOOD WILLIAM J. HENITERSON, JR. A Fresh men JAMES M. BROWN JOIIN P. BUCK BERNARD Y. CARMICHAEL, JR BEN D. DAVIS CPIAIILES P. HAGOOD RUEUS H. I'IAGOOD BENJAMIN E. HENIG JOHN A. LEGAULT GEORGE B. PATRIDGE STANLEY B. SUTTON, JR. WIRT LAUN STMTIYORD NAFE GUY XVALTER TILl.MAN MARTIN HENRY RICE First Row: FOIIOQYHIYL Prowell, HHICS, ROHGFS, Adair, Bomur, Bnrfielcl, Carlson, ZDIIIIHD, Hallett. SecOIId Row: Lxvmlrston, BI'lClICH, McAllIsterMMeBurney, Bryant, Brooks. Cameron, Green, Long . ustin. Third Row: McDaniel, Ritter, Turner, VVheeler, Wood, Brown, Buck, Carmichael. Davis. Fourth Row: Hugoud, C.: Hagood, R. H.: Heniir, Legault, Partridge, Sutton, Laun, Nuff, Walter. Page Two Hundred Fifty-three First Row: Allen, Riley, Gidtlens, Pipes. Martin, Osborn, Browton, Ansley, Malone, Hagood, Smith-Mayes, Samuels. SCCUYNI Row: Cflrfvr, Virgin, Smith, Yodvr. Woodward, Shine, Williams, Hearin, Reynolds, McGowen, Wolverton, Pollard. Third Row: Howard, Wilbanks, Sutliff, Beeland, Hart, Arrington, Stickney, Seward, Merrill, Pruet. Stukely, Plummer. Fourth Row: Holman, Fitzgerald, Hardy, Sadler, Hale, Trice, Blair, Ray. O'Bricn, Lamlhzlm, Pipes. Fifth Row: Dodge, Suvaize, Dykes, McCaI'J:io,1Iieynulcls, Miller, Hardy, Shine, Plowden, Hall, fu ford. IGMA ALPHA EP ILCDN Fralre: in Facultate DR. R. I. LITTLE JOHN R. MCCLURE XVILLIAM HAMILTON A. M. KENNEDY Law CLEVE ALLEN HUGH D. MERRIl.l. WILL SADLER RICHARD RILEY JAMES F. GIDDENS SAM PIPES JOHN C. MARTIN PRIME F. OSBORN CHARLES BREWTON JOHN P. ANSLEY BILLY MALONE FRANK W. GAINES TRAVIS HAGOOD L. E. SMITH-MAYES Medicine , JUDSON DOXVLNG HEWELL SAMUELS Seniors REGINALD CARTER WILLIAM VIRGIN STANFORD SMITH ROBERT YODER WALDEN WOODWARD WILLIAM E. SHINE WILLIAM DAVIS juniors SPOTTSWOOD WILLIAMS ROBERT HEARIN GRADY REYNOLDS ALLEN GOING WILLIAM MCGOWAN WILLIAM WOOLVERTON SADLER POLLARD HADl..EY HOWARD OLIVER WILBANKS JAMES SUTLIFF GEORGE MCCAUl,EY Sophomore: JEFF BEELAND CHARLES HART H. B. ARRINGTON ARTlIUR AKERS FRANK STIGKNEY BYRON SEWARD JAMES MERRILL BENNETT PRUET DAVIS STAKELY JOHN PLUMMER JOHN ALLERITTON CLARENCE I-IOLMAN THOMAS FITZGERALD JULIAN HARDY RAYMOND SADLER RALPH HALE TROUPE TRICE ALFRED MCFARLAND DWIGHT BLAIR WILLIAM RAY Freshmen GEORGE O,BRlEN EDWARD LANDHAM ROBERT FORD PIPES DAN DODGE RICHARD SAVAGE JOHN A. DYKES DEWITT MGCARGO MORGAN REYNOLDS FRANK H. MIl.LER TAYLOR HARDY HAROLD SHINE CHARLES PLOWDEN JAMES HALL CLIFFORD FULFORD ALABAMA MU The famous S. A. E. Black and White Ball headed El list of outstanding social events which included seven other house dances-a HallOwe'en patty and a spring picnic also aided the hoys in finding diversion from the usual grind-John Ansley led the varsity debating team-Bob I-Iearin put the boys in the spotlight being on the Cotillion Club Committee and the Junior Prom Committee-Hadley Howard took over the reins of management of the editorial policy of the Rammer-Jammer for the current year 'A' 'A' i' Page Two Huna'rea' Fifty-four 'A' ik 'lr BETA CHAPTER E. J. Finnell took off the honors for the Kappa Sigs being chosen Cadet-Colonel for the Alabama Unit of the Reserve Officers Training Corps-Six house dances were featured with a Formal in March to which were invited several hundred guests-celebrated founders' day with a banquet attended lay many alumni-exchanged pledges with eight sororities. Fralrex in Facullate DR DR DR DR DR W. L. . R. E. TIDWELL . W. P. OTT . ANDREWS . F. S. DUBOIS . G. H. KESTl.ER F. ADAMS A. NATIONS R. K. BELL LESLIE ANDREWS PAUL SCHATZ Law RALPH GARRISON Wll,l,lAM ESPY IC if: 'f.' if ' KAPPA IGMA SAM LEE TOM WARD Medicine SAM CALDWELL TOM B. DOMINIOK G raduates DALLAS LITTLE GEORGE Moss Seniors JAMES GRANADE PAUL F RANSON THOMAS H. PATTON, JR. ROBERT MCKENZIE E. J. FINNELL PRYOR PLUMLEE WILLIAM DEAL Juniors GREGORY SKINNER REESE PHIFER WAGNER FINNELL BILL CUTTER LOUIS BROWN GENE TALMADGE Sophomore: BIRT DOWLING MARVIN ALBRITTO SIG BUSTER N JESSE CHAPMAN BOB RHODES ELROY KLUMD W'AL1'ER SLOANE Frexlwnen FRANK GARRISON JESSE ALDRITTON JOSEPH NEELY JOHN BLANTON BLANCHARD BROWN HEllliERT HAROETT L. G. RAMBO GEORGE DICKENSON DAVID PRUITT First Row: Garrison, Loo, Ward, Caldwell, Dominick. Little. Moss, Grnnmlc. Second Row: Fransun, Patton, McKenzie, Finm-ll, Plumlcc, Deal, Skinner, Finnell. Third Row: Cotter, Brown, Tulmndge, Dowlimr, Albritton, Buster, Chapman, Rhoudes, Klumb. Fourth Row: Garrison, Albritton, Neoley, Blanton, Brown, Hurgett, Rambo, Dickenson, Pruitt. Page Two Huna'rea' Fifty-five First Row: Lee, Powell, Hall. Vurdnnmn, Miller, G.: Miller, T.: Underwood. Hodo. Second Row: Boozcr, Carson, King, Park, Purefoy, Campbell. Porter, Leu. Third Row: Willimns, Warner, Miller, Goldsmith, Strain, Ovex-street, Brooks, Chapman. Fourth Row: Vann, Crocker, Lewis. Walker, Roberts, Simon, Thompson, Shelton, Hays. Fratres in Facultate DR. ED FOSTER DR. J. B. MCMILLAN BRUCE THOMAS Law ALTO LEE AENER POWELIJ ROBERT HALL LEONARD SELLS JIMMIE THROWER JOHN VARDAMAN JIM DARDEN GEORGE MILLER TOM MILLER ROYS IDEWIS PERCY CROCKER IGMA Medicine ED UNDERWOOD HENRY HODO Graduates YOUNG BGOZER GDRON MASSINGAI.E Seniors GEORGE PRATER TOM MCGEIIEE HENRY SKIPPER DICK CARSON D. O. MCKOY CJAMPBELL KIDD JOE WORTELE juniors LESLIE KING JAMES V. PARK JUDGE PUREFOY D. W. CAMPBELL HERBERT PORTER TOM LEA JACK WILLIAMS WAYNE WARNER BILL ATKISON Sophomores RAMON MILLER GEORGE GOLDSMITH BEN STRAIN THETA CHAPTER qjsff I, KL' Gr- "li 4 'I CHARLES OVERTSTREET TISDALE BROOKS DEWITT CHAPMAN LYMAN VANN C. P. WHITE Freshmen REX CROCKER PARNELL LEWIS GEORGE WALKER HUGH RoBER'rs JAMES SIMON IRA THOMPSON JOE SHELTON JIM HOLLEY BEN HAYS Climaxing a year of social events, Sigma Nu's gave one of their customarily eventful house parties during the Spring Dances with pretty personalities from all the surrounding points as guests-presented two house dances, three dinner dances and a tea dance honoring its pleclges-a Merry Christ- mas Party and equally merry picnic in the spring were on thc calendar of activities-Alto Lee tool: the personality spotlight being elcctccl to the presidency of both Phi Delta Phi, the Arch Club, and was El member of the Cotillion Club. Page Two Hundred Fifty-six IOTA IOTA CHAPTER National Officers visited the local chapter when the fratern- ity celebrated its 60th anniversary-the group presented Z1 model initiation, motion pictures, and a banquet, honoring the distinguished guests-presented formal, the Blue and Gold Ball, in the middle of a series of seven house dances-took first place in homecoming decorations for second consecutive year-boasts of outstanding personalities in John Ulrich, president of Chi Beta Phi, Paul Cook president-elect of Theta Tau, Massey Bedsole who heads the Druids, and Joe Kilgrow, chosen as alternate captain for the 1937 football team. IGMA CHI Fralres in Facultatc DR. GEORGE H. DENNY MR. RALPH E. ADAMS Law ROBERT F. ADAMS ROBERT BENNETT HUBERT BURNS T. WATROUS GARRETT BROOX G. GARRETT IVAN MATTHEWS EDWIN DELONY ALLWIN AGEE Medicine ARTHUR H. OWENS, JR ROBERT S. REDEIELD JAMES G. DONALD YE, Q 1 First Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row: Fifth Row Senior: PAUL COOKE JIM SIMMERM.-KN NED WOODALL HENRY P. JOHNSTON J. DOUGLAS HARRIS JOHN ULRICH HAMILTON L.'ON JAMES B. TIPTON ROLAND D. HELLE HENDRICK FRENCH HORACE HANSON WILLIAM HERMAN RUSSELL I-lER.TAGE Juniors NOEL CUMBAA CARI. OWEN LOUIS MGLENDON DOUGLAS CRAWLEY JOHN GAINES T. J. DENTON DONALD FERGUSON JOHN NAFF THOMAS E. WARREN JOSEPH F. KILGROW SAA-I GIINTER GASTON PIRKLE Sophomore: GEORGE SLAYTON MASSEY BEDSOLE ROBERT MARSH ROBERT LOFTIN CHARLES WILSON WILLIAM NELSON RAYMOND GLASGOW JACK GILLENTINE ROGER CONCKLIN GROVER HARKINS RANDOLPH MAXWELL Freslnnen TOM FIAMMOND HARRY HAXVKlNS JACK WILEY ROBERT HARRIS HERBERT SPRADLIN LAMAR E. RAMSAY LAXVRENCE ACIQERSON ROBERT THOMAS EUGENE BLAGKWELI. HERSHEI. MOSEl.EY CHARLES BOSWELL CARL JONES TRAMMELL HOLLIS RICHARD MCEACHERN SAM CAFFEY CARL VVOODALI. Adams, Bennett, Burns, Garrett, W. T.: Garrett, B. G.: Matthews, Delony, Agree. Owens, COOIKC. Simmerman. Wooflnll, Johnston, HaI'1'is, J. D.: Ulrich. Lyon, French. Hanson, Owen, McLenIlOn, Crawley, Gaines, Denton. Ferixuson, Nuff, Warren. Pirkle, Slayton, Bedsolc. Loftin, Nelson, Glasgow, Concklin, Maxwell, Hammond. : Hawkins, Wiley, Harris, R. R.: Sprudlin, Ramsay, Aekeri-Ion, Boswell, Hollis, McEuchern. Page Two Hundred Fifly-If-'VFW First Row: Kilgore, Randall, Mnsun, Welch, Lnnicr, Tliornton, Johnson, Murphy, Keith, 'l'hOmuII Second Row: Moody, F. S., Arrington, Huwze, Kimbrouixh, Moody, F. M.: Snow, Mimze, Forman Runkin, Taylor, Third Row: Walker, Fitts, Butler, Holcombe, Murshnll, lirowder llutler, McMillan, Palmer, Noble Fourth Row: Kidd, Hughes, liurtnn, Flint, Ferullson, llowron, Porter, Marbury, liude. Fifth Row: Hnrvill, Fite, Surtuin, Qlmclcenbush, Davenport., William:-I, Harris, Dozier, lleil. .D ,. . Lvl? ss, A3 261451: W-EJPM' ly lil 1 I,- Y PHI ELTA THETA Fmter in Facultate DR. Wll,LlAM B. SAEEOLD CAPT. STEPHEN HENN MR. ROLAND MUSHAT Law ROBERT G. KILGORE, JR. LELANIJ RANDALL D. K. MASON HENRY WELCH MILTON LANIER, JR. J. B. THORNTON BILL JOHNSON GREER MURl9f'lY CHAMBLISS KEITPI I"lENRY THOMAS FRANK S. MOODY Seniors Wll.l.l.AM ARRINGTON LAWRENCE I-lOWzE EMORY KIMIJROUGH FRANK M, MOODY MCLESTER SNOW CHADWICK MINGE Juniors JAMES FORMAN, JR. ALLEN RANKIN JULIAN TAYLOR JACK W.Al,KER FLETCHER I-IOLCOMIJE Sophomore: JOHN MARSHAl.I. JAMES BROWOER JAMES BUTLER BEN MCMlLl.AN LINN PALMER CARY Cox I'lENRY NOBl.IE JAMES KIDO LARRY HUGHES PAT BURTON TOM FLINT EDGAR BOWRON RALPH PORTER BILL MARBURY CRAIG BAIJE HOP CHICHESTER MYAT1' HARVll.l. ARTHUR FITE KELLY SARTAIN HENRY I-I. QUACKENBUSH STEWART DAVENPORT PRUITT Wll,LlAMS JASE I'lARlllS BILL DOZIER DICK BEIL JOE SOUTH Medicine FRANK FITTS Freshmen BILLY SLEMONS REUIJIN MAXWEl.l. GEORGE BUTLER FREDERICK FERGUSON l-IUMPHRY FOY ALABAMA ALPHA CHAPTER I The annual Phi Dclt house party, held il ten dance-presented live house dance during the house party-lwusc mnnngei' G on the campus :Is a poctnster. Page Two Hundred Fifty-eight during the mid-tcrm dnnccs, was u to customar erfcction with about thirt r l I I P . Y P A Y girls VlSlfll'lg the house during the time-honored plcclgcs with s during the year- John Marshall displayed his versatility by being elected presi- dent Of Phi Eta Sigma and by being thc lifc of the party rccr Murphy is noted 'A' uk ALPHA BETA CHAPTE t W R Frank Davidson, editor of Alabamals Crimson-White was the outstanding member of K. A. in the ligh public eye this year-the entire brotherhood and pledges jour- neyed with their dates up to Birmingham the night of Nov- ember 6 to dance and play at the Tutwiler ballroom-the house had already given three chapter dances and later pre- sented its annual picnic-very successful in tool: first place in soccer and was second in to end the year, a goodbye to the seniors was given with a Farewell Senior Party. Fratres in Facultale DR. C. H. BARNWELL DR. JAMES RANDOLPH FORT ROBERT M. WALLACE Law FRANK E. DAVIDSON THOMAS J. TAYLOR ROBERT M. MCLAURIN MILTON R. MONTGOMERY HAROLD V. HUGHSTON ROBERT E. JONES, JR. JAMES MCCOY CARLTON SMITH L QA" ff 'Y' I f 'X .. :I 1 A. .sl j' 'U qi! t of the campus- athletics, K. A. touch football- KAPPA ALPHA SAMUEL HEIDE Medicine ROBERT H. STEIII-IENSON WILSON SCANLON Seniors JAMES M. NETTLES ALLEN GRIFFIN ALVIN B. COXWELL, JR. MERRILL NV. Doss. J. D. GOODSON TOM L. MITCHELL JOHN V. FERGUSON JOHN W. THOMPSON ED HAYES Juniors EDWIN D. BURWELL ERNEST WILLIAMS JACK SMITH P. HAMILTON FULLER WILLIAM KAHLMUS HAMPTON BELL ' Sophomore: JAMES K. WARD GUY J. DUNNING ERNEST GEORGE ERNEST BAILEY NEIL CAROTHERS PAUL FRANCIS WAYNE PATTON WILSON HAMILTON J. I'lOWARD MCENIRY Freshmen EDXVARD J. DYER GEORGE MURRAY FRANK CAFFEY DAVID PATTON l'lAMPTON BUSH RICHARD WARREN WILLIAM LEARARD E. JACKSON DUNNING First Row: Davidson, Taylor, Montgomery, Hutrhston, Nettles, Griffin, Doss Cood-,on Second Row: Ferguson, Thompson, Hayes, Burwell, Williams, Fuller, Kuhlmus Third Row: WVurd, Dunning, George. Bailey, Carothers, Francis, Patton Fourth Row: McEniry, Dyer, Murray, Caffey, Bush, Warren, Dunning Page Two Hundred Fifty-nine' First Row: Scale, Patton, Robison, McNeil, McCoy, Mandel, Greenleaf. Cole, Boyd. Second Row: Drennen, Wooten, Williams, Cole, Champion. Harper, Adams, C.: Adams, J. C.: Y. ,-R, Collins. -, Third Row: McDavid,, Thetford, Waller, Trotter, King, Lanier, Griffin, Ivey, Philabert. 'g4.'4ffx Fourth Row: Howze, Whitfield, Evans, Drvnnen, Burson, Houston, Reich, Farmer, Wakefield. f-of ,X 'Y ALPHA TAU CMELTA Fmtrcx in Facultate Medicine BILLY COLE JAMES IVEY SHALER C. I-IOUSER WALTER MCCOY TOM CHAMPION FRANK PHILABERT GEORGE LANG JACK HARPER MARCUS I-lOwzE CLARENCE M. DANNELLY Seniors CARL ADAMS BENJAMIN WOOTEN GEORGE P. SHANNON DR. RICHARD C. FOSTER Law MACDONALD GALLION THOMAS F. SEALE, JR. J. WILl,lAM PATTON, JR. V. l-I. ROBISON CHARLES MCGOWEN ROBERT MCNEII, ALFRED Cl-IAMBLISS BILL MANDEL ROGER GREENLEAF NJARINER COLE GEORGE BOYD JESSE DRENNEN RICHARD SGRUGGS BEN WOOTEN junior: JIMMY WIl,I.IAMS JOHN C. ADAMS CHARLES COLLINS BOE MGDAVID KENNON TI-IETFORD Sophomore: WILFORD WALLER BILLY TROTTER ED KING RUSSELL LANIER JIM S. GRIFFIN Freshmen JIM WHITFIELD CHIVES EVANS ARNOLD DRENNEN J. B. BURSON COOPER HOUSTON GEORGE ROBERTS BOB REICH BILLY M, FARMER BILL XVAKEFIELD BETA DELTA CHAPTER As President, MacDonald Gallion lcd the A. T. O.s through a successful year On all scores-the fraternity was especially proud of its alumnus, Dr. Richard C. Foster, who took over the office of president Of the University of Ala- bama on January 1-shining in the social light, A. T. O. presented its annual banquet and formal dance On February 19 with some 600 guests invited-this followed a tea dance which was given to honor the pledges in October at the house- members had returned to the campus after vacation last Sep- tember tO Find a practically new house awaiting them follow- ing exteI1sive alterations made during the summer. ak ir it Page Two Hundred Sixty 'A' al' 'A' ALPHA KAPPA CHAPTER The Interfraternity Council elected as its secretary for the past year Phi Kappa Sig's Ray I-lepncr who also acted as president of the chapter---the fraternity's social life was gay in nature, ancl iztclucled two house dances before mid-term and three ilfCCl'Will'ClSiCl'lC swapping of pledges, a picnic, and the annual Founclc:"s Day banquet were also on the house's outline of events. Law JAMES I-I. TOMPKINS RAYMOND A. PIEPNER ELLWOOD SI-IIMER Senior WlLl,lAM M. WINKLER junior: RICHARD H. WARNICK FRANK J. EDXVARDS PHI KAPPA Sophomore: STANLEY S. HAYDEN EDWARD T. LYONS FRANK G. GoRMAN CHARLES F. DRUMM JOHN A. SNEED IGMA Freshmen BENJAMIN M. TERRY Wll.LIAM D. Woon, JR JAMES WOODAIJL HOXVARD I'IAMII.L OLIVER YOUNG KENNEDY Wll.l.lAMS JAMES I-lANIcINs CARL BENTLEY BURLEIGH CARPENTER LEROY JOHNS ROBERT MURCH First Row: Hcpncr, Shimer. Winkler. Wnrnick, Edwards, Hayden, Lyons Sveonil Row: Gorman, Drumm, Snecrl, Terry, Wood, Wourlnll, Hamill Third Ruw: Younpr, Nllilliums, Murch, Johns, Bentley, Hnnkin:-I Page Two Hundred Sixty-one First Row: Rice, Steiner, Gordon, Spiro, Feld, Levy, Lipton. Second Row: Weinstein, Kohn, Goorlfricntl, Cohen, Lehman, Loeb, Kern. 'l'hirfl Row: Wortsmunn, Blumenfclcl, Weinberxr, Knhn, Sterne, Klimz. Fourth Row: Moyer, Ruhel, Wurnur, Netter, Aland, Ynlovitz. Francs in Facullale DR. FRED LEWIS DR. NWALLACE MARSHAl.L Law HERISERT RICE JOE BURWASSER BURGHARD STEINER HARRIS M. GORDON JONAS SPIRO In sd my g I r . LQ, ' lI"' .U 1 -9 , Ion ZETA ETA TAU Graduate BERNARD D. FELD Senior: NATHAN M. LEvY, JR ROBERT LIPTON DoRAN WEINSTEIN JULIAN KOHN junior: MORRIS GooDIfRIEND JACK L. COHEN MAURICE LEHMAN ROBERT H. LOEB LEROY MONSKY Sophomore: FRED KERN, JR. Joe WORTSMANN, JR. LEONARD BLUMENFELD HENRY WEINBERG STANLEY KAHN PSI CHAPTER . CHARLES STERNE BILLY KLING Freshmen MfXTTlMORE MEYER IRVIN RUBEL IRVIN WARNER ABE NETTER, JR. RALPH ALAND MARVIN YALOVITZ J. M. LEVINE Winning the campus scholarship for 1936, Z. B. T. led the fraternities of the university as a chapter of outstanding scholars--awarded trophy for best cooperation with national or- ganization-outstanding in the group of Z. B. T. personalities were Bernie Feld, chief-man of the News Bureau, and Leroy Monsky, Captain-elect of the 1937 football team-a formal dance in March, six house dances, and a group of buffet suppers constitute the list of fraternity activities. Page Two Hundred Sixty-two ALPHA PHI ZETA CHAPTER The limelight of Lambda Chi was thrown on Henry Reicl, who, with Alpha Phi's pretty Molly Mercer, led Alabama's Million Dollar Band-Reid was also president of the Inter- fraternity Council and was a member of the Cotillion Club Committee--Lambda Chi's have been active in social circles and in inter-fraternity athletics during the past year. LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Fratres in liacultatc E. BASKIN WRIGHT DR. EDMUND G. HOWE BROOKS FOREHAND DR. BERNARD P. KAUFMAN HENIJRIX YOUNG CARL JAMISON MAJOR P. M. VERNON Seniors JOHN BEALLE ALLEN V. CROOM I'IENRY F. REID, JR. CLARENQE M. BARRETT RICHARD O. STRATTON ALFRED R. LYNGBY GALNEAU R. POND LEVERETT MANSEIELD HOWARID A. SMITH CHARl.ES VAN WERT HAROLD HODACK WILLIAM KEESEE ALVIN GILBERT EDWIN STEBBINS CHARL.ES BUSSY I'lAI. HUGHES ROBERT AUSTIN Frexlmzcn JOHN RUTHERIIORD MARl3URY MILLSAP JACK COPPEDGE CHARLES LEE FRED PATTERSON CAREY BRADY FRED HOARE Medicine BEN RIALL B. H. JOHNSON, JR. Sophomore: ALBERT SCHLEGEL Juniors DALLAS WICIQE GEO- BROSOFSKY Law THOMAS F. BRISTOL WILLIAM MARLAND JOHN SUI-LWAN GEORGE A. BARNES S. NORMAN BLAQIQ TRACY DOIJEINS WM. BITTNER .Q- 6-'qw I Jn A gf 7 gif'-'l, l"iI's1L Row: BIIVIIOS. Bcnlle. Cruum. Rviil, l32ll'Y'l'tl,, Stratton, Lynfrby, Pond. Rug? Sm-cond Row: Mansfield, Rinll, Iiristol. lilnck, Smith, VnnWerI., Hobnek, Kecsee lhird Row: Stebbins, Mmlunrl, Rlltl1l'l'l'0l'tl, Millsnp, Coppeaige, Patterson, Brxuly Page Two Hundred Sixty-llvree First Row: Carroll, Stroud, Johnston, White, Trucks, Rico, Williams. Lott. Scconrl Row: Lamar, Adams, Ray, Anderton, Starnes, Wooten. Boozcr, Williams. Thirfl Row: Nelson, Dickert. Cudcl, Rensoner, Dolbcar, English, Vickers, Hutto. Fourth Row: Turner, Kcnrlriclc, Stoclflurd, Prescott, Lamar, Worthington, Curnley, Oxford. Pl KAPPA PHI Law HARRY L. CARROLL ERNEST L. STROUD THOMAS A. JOHNSTON EDWARD R. WHITE JAMES L. MAY J. CLEXVIS TRUCKS ARTHUR M. ESPY CHARLES B. RICE Senior: EUGENE W. WILLIAMS J. RAYMOND LETT I THOMAS E. CLANCY ARTHUR W. FLESHMAN, juniors YOUGENE J. LAMAR JAMES A. ADAMS CLARK RAY DALTON KING NORMAN ANDERTON JOHN STARNES CLARENCE D. WOOTEN MELVIN BOOZER J Sophomore: JACK I-I. HUTTO EDWARD L. TURNER JAMES KENDRICK JOHN C. STODDARD DAN F. PRESCOTT JOHN W. LAMAR WII.LIAM WORTHINGTON FLEETWOOD CARNLEY ALWYN ATKINS CARL OXFORD .1 -v Q , e FN' A, Lit. ,CI 'LA' 3 - pdf F. 'O ' ,1 'Q-'O' ' P S Freshmen - LEO I-I. WILLIAMS JAMES NELSON XV. BUNYAN DICKERT JOSEPH CUDD RAYMOND REASONER BROWDER DOLBEAR JOHN H. DODSON THOMAS HOLMAN WILLIAM ENGLISH NICK L. VICKERS, JR. OMICRON CHAPTER Pi Kappa Phi celebrated its year of social activity with a formal dance thc night before "A" Day-six house dances and a pledge dance featured the social activities-a founderls clay banquet was given-Thomas Johnston, one of the out- standing Pi Kappa Phi scholars, was awarded a prize Offered by the national Office for scholarship-other events celebrated by the house were several buffet suppers, a steak fry, and the swapping of pledges. 'A' 'A' 'A' Page Two Hundred Sixty-four l l A l A l TAU CHAPTER Chi Phi danced away a year of social activity with seven house dances and the regular Homecoming tea dance, an cvent which follows the Homecoming football game each year- honored the freshmen with a picnic with all the trimmings- also in the spring came thc foundcr's day banquet-managed to take first place honors in the fall rc-lays ancl capture the cup denoting that honor. Fraler in Facullatc DR. J. H. DAVIS C HI PH JOHN W. GRAHAB1 Rox' J. Gnunus I Cl.rM Ducxxvonn-1 I Junior: Wii.i.1AMd1VW BFASI EY JR MILES COPELAND ' ' ' A ' JACK W. CALLAGHAN Graduate RUSSELL M. CUNNINGHAM Sophomofcf FRED D. CRIGLER Senior: JACK DAVIS ELLIOTT P. BROUGHTON JouN LmEr.i.E CHANDl.ER JR. ROBERT L. I-IANNoN JAMES E. LIVINGSTON JoE MOORE JAMES I. MCKNIGHT Frexlmz cn XVILLIAM D. CARTEIQ JACK CONNER Joi-IN E. DEE CARR MCCORMICK, JR. DARXVIN MCDANIEI. CARTER RANnor.P1-i MATT OBER Emma Loimnss tv, sg... '55 Q. l"irfat Row: livnslm-y, Cllllllllllfhilfll. liromrlmton, Clmnillur. Grnhxun. Gruhlm, Coin-lam! Sr-uuml Row: C!lllll!!l1Xlll. Cl'iL'fll'I', Davis. Hannon. l4iVlllX.1'Sl0ll, Moore-, McKniVhl. Third Row: Cnrtur, Connor. Horton. McCurmzu:k, Mr-Dunivl. Runmlol,1h. Page Two Himdred Sixly-five First Row: Engel, Corn, Abowitz, Kornfeld, Vaprin, Goldstein, Berman. Second Row: Metz, Rubel, Weinberg, Savage, Bank, Goldberg, Lubanow. Third Row: Mailman, Brook, Margolis. Cohen, Lipson, Temerson, Brenner. Law BENNY ENGEL MILTON A. GORN Seniors HERBERT ABOWITZ LESLIE KORNFELD BERNARD VAPRIN BENJAMIN GOLDSTEIN SAM BERMAN IGMA ALPHA MU Juniors Freshmen YALE ADELMAN ALVIN GOLDEERG NATHAN LUBANOW STANLEY MAYLMAN ROBERT BROOK EDWARD MARGoLIs MEI.VlN Col-IEN IRVING A. METZ, JR. JOSEPH RUBEL SIGMUND BLooM, JR. RAYNOLD CI-IIz JEROME WEINBERG Sophomore, HARRY LIPSON, JR. BERNARD SAVAGE HOXVARD TEMERSON HAROLD BANK LEONARD BRENNER TAU CHAPTER S. A. M. presented Eve house clanccs, a formal in February, and a buffet supper-Benny Engel held the limelight, being vice-president of the Interfraternity Council ancl being a mem- ber of the Cotillion Club Committee-Joe Rubel leads the tennis team, ancl Leslie Kornfelcl is El member of the Execu- tive Committee of Hillel. 'A' ir 'lr Page Two Hundred Sixly-six JOSEPH L. PERILMAN PI CHAPTER Presented formal dance on Valcntine's Day-five house dances during the year-honored Freshmen with a smoker to which were invited selected guests from the pledge chapters of the various fraternities-Coach Thomas was the speaker for the occasion-spring picnic, Founder's Day banquet and a Parent's Day banquet completed the social menu-won intra- mural contcsts including first place in speedball and second position in the soccer competition. K A P P A Law J 1411 ivff LEWIS ODESS IRVING W. JAFFE EMANUEI. GREENBERG Seniors ROBERT M. HYTKEN MEl.VIN E, PERMUTT DAVE SoIcoI. f L K XX ff' ,-'.x wif, Q ALEX M. CHAsEs VERNON L. COHEN ZAC j. DAMSKY ISRAEI. KATZ BuR'roN N. LEVEY Sophomore: HII.LIARn ARONOV RAYMOND COHEN HARRISON FRIEND NATHAN SCHAFFER Freshmen JOE A. ALLEN DAVID W. LEvIN THEODORE R. LIPCHITZ lVlARVlN L. WARNER YALE WEINSTEIN MAURICE SI.oANE Fir:-It Row: Jzrffe, Gl'CCnll13l'I.E', liytkcn, l'l'l'mlIll, Cohen, V.: Dnmsky. Katz. Second Row: Levvy. Aronov, Cohen. R.: l"I'icnd. Perilmnn, Schaffer. Third Row: Allen, Levin, Lipchitz, W!lYlll'l', Weinstein, Sloane. Page Two Hundred Sixty-:even First Row: Tipler, Britton, Ruins, M.: Murphy, Rains, H.: Meixrhnn, Gorlbolfl, Forrester, Moore. Second Row: Grantham, Cade. Hiles, Rogers, Robertson, Chandler, Elliott, Hayes, Jackson. Third Row: Walker, Boprnrt, Pittman, Brook. Chennult, Jackson, McGrew. Powell, Mclifnll. Q. Fourth Row: Hodneite, Hnrfly, Jordan. Wilbnnks, lilnckmzirr, Ford. Latimer, Kiniz, Beard. QI Fifth Row: Sturkie, Miller, Hill, Fl'llLl'iYl, Cnnnzuly, Corbett, llenlle, Hilcs, Currie. -g'1" JW P . . PI KAPPA ALPHA Law ERNEST R. FITE FRANK J. TlPl,ER JOHN F. BRITTON MAURICE RAINS GEORGE A. MURPHY HOBIJY G. RAINS HERBERT MEIGHAN JOHN GODBOl.D JOHN COXWELI. TOM FORRESTER INIXRAM LUMPKIN JOHN DRlNKARD Medicine WILLIAM HAWLEY Senior: JOE MOORE ARTHUR BREWER HIRAM GRANTHAM T. O. MURRAY FRANK CADE EDWARD HILES VICTOR ROGERS ERNEST SMALLMAN WAI,TER P. ROBERTSON HAL BROADHEAD FAIRLY CHANDLER Junior: BRYANT LINE GLENN ELLIOTT ALEX HAYES STROUD JACKSON BANKSTON RISER JAMES E. WALKER WALTER R. BOGART, JOHN TEAGUE GURLEY WILLIAMS VIRGIL PITTMAN ROSCOE BROOK JOHN CHENAULT JOHN BOLES Sophomore: RICHARD L. JACKSON JOHN L. MCGREW FRANK J. POWELL ANDREW MCFALL FRANK HODNETTE JAMES JORDAN JAMES HARDY ROBERT WILBANKS KEENER BLACKMARR RALPH FORD VELPO MAERY JACK LATIMER GORDON KING BUDDY BEARD Freshmen ARTHUR RISER EDWIN STURKIE DONALD MILLER JOE HILL FOY FEAGIN' PRESTON CANNAD7 JACK CORBITT RUI'Us BEALLE HENRY HILES FLOYD CURRIE RICHARD BRADFORD DOW Moss GAMMA ALPHA CHAPTER Glenn Elliot brought honors to Pi K. A. at the beginning of thc year by his election to the presidency of the junior class of the College of Arts :Incl Sciences and the consequent chairmanship of the Junior Prom Committee-equally signifi- cant was Hobcly Rains' position as business manager of the Crimsori-White-Pi K. A. waltzed away with sport honors by capturing the blue-ribbon cup in touch football and cle- fenting the champion Kappa Alpha team of Auburn in il "Touch Bowl" post Season game-gave a Formal, eight house dances, two picnics, a Christmas party, and the Founder's Day banquet in Birmingham. ir 'Ir if Page Two Hundred Sixty-eigl-It if 'A' 'A' OMICRON DEUTERON CHAPTER Two buffet suppers the first semester and two the last se- mester featured the social year of the Phi Sigma Kappas- after several house dances, a picnic ended their social activi- ties for the second semester. Witlm a high rank in points in interfraternity athletics, the Phi Sigma Kappas took first place in the Cross Country race, and second place in boxing. PHI IGMA Fralcr in Facullate DR. A. B. MOORE Law THoMAs O. HOWELI., Seniors THoMAS J. NEEL H.NRRY I-I. PFEIFFER PAUL M. WAL1'ER ALBERT C. WINDHAM juniors THOMAS ARNSTEN LLOYD ALLEN J ROBERT BUSH LEONARD BARNES GEORGE B. PHILLIPS, JR. JEAN RENAULT Sophomore: JOSEPH F. HULL JOSEPH A. HALL WESTON G. LEVISSEE OTIS K. MUSHRUSH ALBERT E. MAcHToLFF CLAUDE C. SULLIVAN JAMES GLASS, JR. DWIGHT WARNER KAPPA Freslvmen MARK L. BEAL CHARLES CARTER XWILLIAM CRAWFORD PETER CROW THOMAS E. HOLLAND BRADFORD RILE RAY SAUL MARION WAKEFIELD CHARLES LAVARGE RICHARD GREENE GERAISD SNYDER THOMAS SULLIVAN TOMMY TIERNAN First Row: Howell, Neel, Pl'uif'l'vI', Wultvr, VViIIdhun1, Arnsten, Phillips. Second Row: Hull. Hall, Levisee, Sullivan, Glass, Warner, Rile. Third Row: Holland, Saul, Wakefield, LaVurgc, Sullivan, Carter, Crawforil. Page Two Hundred Sixty-nine First Row: Smith, Jones, Carstens, Storer, Burdette, Rahlfs. Williams, Bedient. Second Row: Fletcher, Staley, Stratford, Campbell, Mosebauxzh, McClave, Burgess, Gittens. Third Row: Hurlburt, Brownell, Barker, Browning, Hannah, Bruce, Watts. .1 -II ELTA 'TAU DELTA Fralres in Facullnte DEAN DABNEY S. LANCASTER WHITNEY P. MCCOY Seniors PORTER I-I. HUBBELI. OLIN ADAMS TRANIMELL O. SMITH JOHN ZABECK juniors FREDERICK JONES GEORGE CARSTENS EDMUND STORER HUBERT WASHBURN WILLIS BURDETTE WILLIAM CANTY JOHN RAHLFS FREDERICK WILLIAMS HUGH BEDIENT MAURICE FLETCHER MILO STALEY JOHN DOUDS Soplvomorer THOMAS STRATEORD DONALD CAMPBELL EMIL MOSEBAUGH KENNETH MCCLAVE LONNIE JACKSON R. E. CROUCH WII.LIAM BURGESS GERAI..D GIBBS WILLIAM GITTENS WALTER I-IURLBURT NATHAN BROWNELI. ROBERT BARKER WILLIAM I-IOBAN Freshmen HARRY BROWNINC TED I'IANNAH GEORGE BRUCE RAYMOND WATTS WILLIAM WATSON TED FARR ' TED TREADWAY WII.l.lAM MILLER WIl,LIAM DOW GORDON BOSWELL GORDON HARPER DELTA ETA CHAPTER Delta Tau Delta presented its formal dance in April after a series Of four house dances-Hubert Washburn, Delt head- man, reports a successful Fountlerls Day banquet which was held March 5 with several prominent alumni attending-a Christmas party also brightened the social season of the fra- ternity. ir 'lr ir Page Two Hundred Seventy i' 'k ALPHA PHI CHAPTER Sam Kimberly took the honors for Theta Chi being Editor of the 1937 Corolla-several house dances were given through- out the year-the annual Musicale which the Theta Chi's pre- sent in the Spring has gained National as well as State-Wide recognition-Bobby Davies, Theta Chi's prexy, is an assistant Business Manager of The Crimson-White. Fralres in Facuflate DR. STEWART J. LLOYD DR. JOHN Y. GRAHAM HENRY G. CRISP HARRY D. BoNHAM Law E. R. CARTER HARRY C. ORME Medicine O. S. MCCARNE nv THETA CHI Graduate A. SANFORD KIMBERLY Seniors J. C. CRAIITREE, JR. R. WILL GANNON HUGH W. I"IlLL, JR. JOHN R. LEWIS juniors FRANK ALLEN GEORGE E. AIJLUNG O. SCoT'I' BRAIJEN RALPH J. CODE, JR. RANDOLPH CRENSHAW ROBERT W. DAVIES BRUCE GRAHAM LYLE HEBERLING JOHNNY ROBERTS JOHN C. SMITH JOHN OVERI-IoL'r Sophomore: ROBERT COOPER THOMAS H. DAVIS CARL DRIESCH FRANCIS HARRIS CHARLES SMITH HARVEY DAX'lS LEON DESMOND ROBERT N. HART CHARLES HoLM JACK SCHIFFOUR Freslnmen RICHARD AIISHER WILLIAM HILL RICHARD REEDER JoSEPI-I CROOK CYRIL BREZA JACK COKER First. Row: Carter, Orme, Kimberly, Crabtree, Gannon, Hill, Lewis. Second Row: Adlung, Braden, Code, Crenshaw, Davies, Graham, Heberli Third Row: Roberts, Smith, Overholt, Cooper, Davis. Drieseh, Harris. Fourth Row: Davis, Hart, Holm, Absher, Hill, Reeder, Crook. HZ. Page Two Hundred Sevcnly-one First Row: Smith, Cnrnley, McGraw, Amidun, Steward, Younxz, Bradley, Second Row: Peters, HllSbl'OllCii, Erb, Ctxrmun, Conway. Dudley, Doherty. Third Row: Moeller, Sievers, Nevins, Richter, Benn, Bullenger, Harrison. IGMA PHI EP ILC Fratre: in Facultate DR. EMMET B. CARMICHAEL DR. MOREPXEAD WENDLE ADAMSON Law LANSING I. SMITH WALTER RODIGUEZ JEFFERSON A. CARNLEY, JR Medicine FELIX MCGRAW Senior: ALBERT AMIDON WILLIAM W. HAMMOND EARNEST RALSTON PAUL STEWARD ROBERT STEVENS WILLIAM YOUNG FRANK BRADLEY WILLIAM PETERS Junior: ELBERON I-IASDROUCK HARRY ERB EDWARD GIBBONS Sophomore: FRANK CARMON WILLIAM CONWAY RUSSELL MYERS CHESTER DUDLEY JOHN DOHERTY JOHN MOELLER ARTHUR SIEVERS ROBERT WOODS WILLIAM SMITH ROBERT GIBBONS Freshmen WILLIAM NEWMAN PHILLIP GERMAINE THEODORE CRAIG PETER NEVINS FRANK RICHTER OTIS C. BEAN' EDXVIN BALLENGER WILLIAM E. HARRISON RICHARD STROUT EARL BAKER ALABAMA BETA CHAPTER S. P. E. presented six house dances which included a pro- gram and a novelty dance--a Founder's Day banquet and Dance headed the social activities of the social Season-in February a Pledge banquet and dance was given-to give the Seniors a big send-Off, a farewell picnic was given in the early Spring. A A A Page Two Hundrea' Seventy-two 'A' 'A' i' ALABAMA CHAPTER During the mid-winter season, the Delta Chi's held their Tenth Anniversary Celebration and an Initiation-two For- mals were presented, one in the Fall and one in the Spring- a FOunder's Day Banquet and Dance, and a Homecoming Banquet were also given-Herbert Downs holds the presidency of Tau Beta Pi, and Tom Starlin and Paul Thomas have been active in all the campus activities. Fralres in Facuftatc JAMES F. DOSTER DONALD H. MCCUAIG JEFF J. COLEMAN WYADE H. COLEMAN, JR. DR. J. V. MASTERS DR. J. J. DOSTER O. H. LUNDE Law TOM STARLIN PAUL THOMAS GEORGE WHITE WARD MCFARLAND ED EWING ELTA CHI Senior! JOHN T. BOYD ALONZO ATKINS THOMAS CONWAY AI.AN JACKSON JOE SHEPHERD HERBERT DOWNS junior: B. C. Cox LAWRENCE GERAl.D JAMES MCMILLAN HALSTEAD CHISOLM CLINTON MCGEE ROBERT E. LEE CHARLES PARNELL SAXON WISE WILEY ADAMS Sophomores J. M. CANNON EDWARD CONXVAY MARTIN WILLIAMS WILLIAM TIJCKER GERALD COLLINS ERIC MCGEE FRANK LATHRAM CALVIN FOSHEE BINEORD RAYIIURN JACK WILLIAMS Frexlvmcn GRADY CLEVELAND CHARLES MAIN GEWIN TUCKER GEORGE MCPHERSON ROBERT BEASLEY JOHN YEUELL OSCAR DAHLENE ARTHUR F. FOWLER CLAYTON COLEMAN First Row: Stzxrlin, Thomas, White, Ewimr. Boyd, Atkins, Conway, Jackson, Downs Second Row: Cox, McMillan, Chisolm, McGee, Luc, Purnell, Wise, Adams, Cannon Third Row: Conway, Williams, Tucker, Collins, MrG0e, Lanthrum, Foshee, Rayburn, WIllIamsI Fourth Row: Cleveland, Main. Tucker, McPherson, Beasley, Yeuell Dahlene, Fowler, Coleman Page Two Hundred Severxty-three First Row: Fuller, Jordan, LeCompte, Lewis, McCarthy, Hoffman, McBride, Miller. Second Row: Roberts, Bowen, Geehriniz. Fuller, Ivey, Kemp, Lipsey, Mimms. Third Row: Murr, Owens, Perry, Webb, Anderson, Bedell, Tyson, Wyman. Fmlres in Facullate JAMES I'IOLLADAY MARCUS WHITMAN Graduate BEN S. FULLER Law CSI--IARLES DEASON Seniors BRYANT CULBERTSON Q1 ALPHA IGMA PHI J. WILHERT JORDAN FRANK LECOMPTE RAY LEWIS FRANK MCCARTHY Junior: JESSE HEARNE CHARLES HOFFMAN GERARD MCBRIDE CII-IARLES MILI.ER JERRY RAY WILLIAM ROBERTS Soplvomorex ROBERT BOWEN TOM CLAUS DONALD GEEHRING JOHN FULLER BERNARD IVEY RICHARD KEMP ROBERT LIPSEY EDWIN LOGGINS HAROLD MIMMS CHARLES MURR ROBERT OWENS LOUIS PARKER DONALD PERRY JAMES WEBB Frexl-:men MALCOLM ANDERSON HOWARD BEDELL ED HIBBARD ROBERT KENDRICK EDWARD PHARR EVANS TYSON ' HENRY WYMAN ALPHA IOTA CHAPTER Ben Fuller and Wilbert Jordan took the spotlight of per- sonalities in the Alpha Sigma Phi Chapter for the year just ending as thc former presided as Business Manager of the 1937 Corolla, and the latter was voted to the presidency of the Y. M. C. A.-to add color to the various holidays represented, the fraternity gave a Hallowelen celebration with all the trim- mings-these are annual occurrences at the Alpha Sig house --four house dances and two picnics also helped to enliven a season of pleasure. ak 'A' i' Page Two Hundred Seventy-four 'Ir ul' 'A' PI CHAPTER The famous orchestras that graced the campus during mid- term ancl spring dances were hired by that president of the Cotillion Club, Eris Paul, one of the outstanding personalities of A. L. T.-a program of varied events was carried out by the boys in the chapter-these included six hause dances, an alumni banquet, two picnics, and two cabin parties at the riverside. ALPHA LAMBDA TAU Frater in Facultate HARRY V. IVIITCHELL Law ERIS PAUL WILLIAM COBLE Graduate RAY FRINGS Seniors HARRY HAFFNER JOHN WALDEN , . ri ...f I, A ' JOE RILEY HOWARD DEEVER JAMES ANTON EMMET PARRISH Junior: EDWARD MURRAX' C. ODOM UTLEY JOSEPH HARKINS RICHARD MANSFIELD-JONES JAMES FYE HENRY COCHRANE PERRY HUGHES Sopfwmorcs PAUL AIJIDEN JAMES MONTGOMERY BLACKIE CALDWEl,l. MURPHY BACHELOR JOHN M1DDl.ElZRO0K Freshmen WALT QUACKENEUSI WEIIB WELI.S First Row: Puul, Haffner, VValden, Riley. Second Row: Utley, Hnrkins, Cochran, Montgomery. l Page Two Hundrea' Seventy-five' First Row: Neumullvr, Klick, lflllllfhl, Housvr, Cummiskey, llutvmun. Second Row: 'l'rneks, Berry, Kliek, Chnffin, Zivich, Hurkhnlter. 'I'hir1l Row: Jameson, Kayser, Porter, Turner, Jobson. Fralres in Fueuflntc J. O. SMITH CIHESTER H. KNIGHT WINSTON M. Sco'r'r Graduate RouER1' NEUMULLER Senior: ROBERT KLICK l"l0WlARD BATES GEoRGE P. BECKXVITH THETA XI juniors EDGAR II. HOUSER EDWARD L. CUMMISKEY CHARLES BATEMAN SAMUEL BUR'ris Louis B. TRUCKS sophomores STEXVARD BERRY XWALTER H. KLICK JOSEPH A. Ro'rHE X' 1. 'f -ffl' GEORGE Zivici-1 I'IUGH KIRKl,AND Freshmen SAMUEL BURKHALTER HARRY JAMESSON JAMES KAYSER WILl.lAM PoR1'ER I. P. CHENEY EARL TURNER ALBERT -IOBSON THoMAS H. CREW ANDREW CHAFFIN ALPHA LAMBDA CHAPTER A formal dance in May ancl seven house dances during the year were ample proof that the boys of the Theta Xi were in a dancing mood during 1936-37-furthering their program of social activity, the fraternity presented a Christmas party ancl a Founder's Day banquet, the latter also in the month of May GEORGE SCHNECKENBURGER Page Two Hundred Seventy-:ix -personally prominent was Howard Bates who distinguished l ' ' K himself with two honors, secretaiytreasurer of the student body and president of the Senior Class of Arts and Sciences, 'A' 'A' 'A' 'lr 'lr 'A' BETA KAPPA CHAPTER Bouncing about the state, Sports representatives from the Alabama chapter competed with their brothers from Birming- ham-Southern and Auburn in softball, football, and basket- ball-immediately following each of these events, the boys danced a bit with a frolic celebrating the event-in the spring I Deira Sigma Phi presented El spring carnival and a picnic- Michacl Prestera, claimed by this fraternity, was a member of the Cotillion Club Committee-a Founder's Day cele- bration capped the social climax for the chapter. "-I-AI N x DELTA IGMA PHI Fralres in Facultale CAPT. D. M. N. Ross DR. GLADSTONE YEUELL DR. JAMES CUDWORTH DR. E. W. GREGORY, JR. DR. KENNETH W. COONS PROFESSOR BEN E. HARRIS Law JOHN H. WESTCOTT Medicine PAUL A. Ross Senior: DANIEL L. DRAKE WALTER R. KROTEE LEON G. YEUELL CHARLES E. ANDERSON RAY HAFSTEN Junior RAY G. CUTl.ER GODFREY EGGERS Sophomore: MICHAEL R. PRESTERA HARRY W. FUCHS JOHN CIMIKOSKI HERBERT J. GILLOTT ROBERT L. HARRELL WIIILIALI B. STONE, JR. WILLIAM L. DANIELS WESLEY J. HOWARD BERNARD C. ARMS WALTER A. BARTLETT EVERETT C. HUNTER LEONARD GENTIL Frexbmen ARMIN O. BOMHARD KENNETH W. ANDERSON ALBERT H. GREYJE JOHN S. MASSXEON RAY HOXY'ARD GORDON HERBERT WAYNE LEROY RICHARD CHATTERTON JOHN JENSEN ROBERT GODFREY MICHAEIJ CURTIN EDWARD KELLEY HEIQBERT BAKER THoMAs SIMS ROBERT MCWlI,I.lAMS First Row: Westcott. Drake, Yeucll, Anderson. Cutler, Pl'0Sl.0l'tl, Fuchs. Second Row: Cimikuski, Gillott, Harrell. Stone, Arms. Bartlett. Third Row: Bcnxhnrd, Anderson, Grufe, Mnssicon, Howard, Herbert. Page Two Hundred Seventy-seven ,jx , hs? 'R 4 .Fd A . 4 . A.. I N, wwe .. Gmduale JEROME FELDMAN SEYMOUR A. ROBBINS First Row: Laber, Zumsky, Feldman, Brantman, Eisen. Chifiitz. Second Row: Sachs, Zukcrman, Robbins. Reback, Kahn, Mcstel. Third Row: Katz, Rabinowitz, Gold, Levine, Ripncn. PHI IGMA DELTA HERBERT E. LEVINE Law HENRY LASER Medicine BERNARD LIPMAN Seniors BERNARD N. ZAMSKY RAYMOND EI.LIs MEI.VIN GETZOFE junior: WILI.IAM BRANTMAN EUGENE EIsEN H. ALFRED STERN MURRAY CHIFFITZ MURRAY KIRSCHMAN DANIEL REB.-ACK IRVING B. KAI-IN JEROME PEISTER MoR'roN MESTEL Freshmen HERMAN KATZ CARL RABINOWITZ ELI BATKIN Sophomore: CARL GOLD ARTHUR SACI-Is SAMUEL LEVINE' NATHAN ZUCKERMAN RALPH R. RIPPTZN PSI CHAPTER Branching into the ficlcl of sports at Alabama, Phi Sigma Delta boxers donned the mitts and whipped all oncomers to run home with the boxing cup for the 1936-37 seasOn-so- cially, the fraternity presented its famous Orchid Ball, the chapter formal, an regular house dance ancl a house formal. uk 'A' if Page Two Hundred Seventy-eight L i l I -.4...... I : I v 3 i 9 1 4 . ri 5 i I .J 1.2 Ki r .li 15 3 .hz I ' . . I La .V b-., F- . ,....-.-.v.- ., I I S! P! 1 . I 1 V 4 s f A , H N . , ' Y wk 1 'EL .ggi H: --n..x:1-E Y , ., XXXAXK, K W , 1 x -- . NX., 1 mm Lvl N X.. , - ' E7 I ' ., I 7 , I a ,Q N' All w"Miff1.Qg,""""""""'X w , V M Q M i -, R .N-vw x QF I 1 I . W 5 I Q f"f"'+, nm., ' 'Na . Q E E I 'H mn Nb' Wm. W- Q. W A-1,-1" -' W, .win K:-5 I ,, 3 1 .. Q A' ' EK -w. .. """'A-1. .,"",.,--www THE :TH the promotion of good feeling among the fifteen sororities on the versity campus as its purpose, the Pan-He enic ounci s p Uni- ll ' C 1 fill a lace not oc- l us. The council governs rushing, cupied by any other organization on tue camp Page Two Hundred Eighty PAN-IIELLE IC CC having this year organized a new system of sorority pledging which improved greatly over the old system. President Of the Council in fum- One of the most notable changes was the reduction of the rush fee from one dollar to twenty-five cents. ir ,IL position is a rotating office, each sorority furnishing the Among the activities of the Council this year were the presentation of a gift to Doster I-iallg a banquet in March at which members of the faculty were presentg The Pan-Hellenic Council is composed of two mem- bers from each of the fifteen sororities. The President's Dances. DOROTHY JANE BENNETT M.NllJORIE MLWNTGOLIERY . DOROTHY SULLIVAN . . ERNESTINE ADDISON , MARY LANIER MUNDS . LORRAINE GAINES . . . KATHERINE ANDERSGN . MARGHERITA SWIFT . . ELIZABETH BROOKS . MARGARET IRWIN . . . DOROTHY I-IAYS . . . MARY FRANCES HARDEGREE RUBY SYX ..... VIRGINIA NASH . . KATHERINE SMITH . . NoRMA ROGERS . . . MARY CRAWFORD JONES , EILEEN SISLEY BARBARA KANE I HELEN NORRIS . 1 ARLINE SMITH . GWEN MOXLEY DORIS RITCHE ELIZABETH WILKINSON . JANE NORTON . . . MAY PATE . . , MARGARET BEASLEY . ELEANOR WINTER . . l MARJORIE MERRITTE . l MARJoRIE BONISKE . . BEATRICE ROTHSCHILD . Page Two Hundred Eighty-one and leadouts at both the Mid-Term and Spring OFFICERS DOROTHY JANE BENNETT . . . President ERNESTINE ADDISON . . . Secretary LORRAINE GAINES . . Treasurer MEMBERS . Alpha Delta Pi . Alpha Delta Pi . Alpha Delta Pi . , Alpha Phi , Alpha Phi Theta Upsilon . Theta Upxilon Kappa Kappa Gamma Kappa Kappa Gamma . . Sigma Kappa . . Sigma Kappa . . . Chi Omega . . Chi Omega Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Gamma Delta . Delta Delta Delta . Delta Delta Delta . Alpha Chi Omega . Alpha Chi Omega . Alpha Xi Delta . Alpha Xi Delta . . Delta Zeta . Delta Zeta . Kappa Delta . Kappa Delta . . . Phi Mu . . . Phi Mu . Zeta Tau Alpha . Zeta Tau Alpha . Sigma Delta Tau . Sigma Delta Tau First Row--Bennett, Montpromcry, Sullivan, Addison, M l. um S. Second Row-sGuines, Anderson, Swift, Brooks, Irwin. Third Row--Hays, Iilnrdegrrcc, Syx, Nash, Smith, K. Fourth Row-Rogers, Jones, Sisley, Kane, Norris. Fifth Row--Smith, A.: Moxlcy, Wilkinson, Norton, Pate. Sixth Row-Beasley, Winter, Merrittc, Boniskc, Rothschild. First Row: Crume, Dunham, Kilgore. Miller. Puttillo, Powers, Richardson, L.,: Richardson, R.: Webb, Wilkinson, Avant. Second Row: Bell, Brooks, Glass, Graves, Head, Hauser, Matthews, McCormack, Norton, ,nl Rogers, Searcy. ,711 Third Row: Searcy. Swnim, VaI1Pe1t. Brunrion, Murnhree, Mullins, Kennamer, Beeland, Miller, f4lffAxN.I 'eagin. -.' -5- Fourth Row: Lamar, McQueen, O'Ncal, Pnttillo, Shelton, Thomas, R.: Thomas, M.: Harris, 'OJ Smith, Elcbush. 7' Fifth Row: Turner, McFaIlIlin, Womlnll, Ward, Dumrur, Melvin, Montgomery, Tyson, fore: in Facultate JENNIE M. HOWARD ELIZABETH COLEMAN FANNIE P. TARTT WASHINGTON MOODY So MRS. MISS Miss MRS. Graduate ERMA COOK Seniors ELIZABETH CRUME MARTHA DAWKINS MYRA DUNHAM WINI FRED KILGORE JULIA C. MILI.ER LUCILLE PATTILLO JULIA E. POWERS LUCY RICHARDSON Clarkson, Cook. KAPPA RUTH RICHARDSON SARAH WEBB ELIZABETH WILKINSON Junior: MARY O. 'AVANT MARGUERITE BELL ROSA BROOKS EMMA GLASS JEAN GRAVES CHARLOTTE HEAD PEGGY I-IOUSER MARY D. MAXWELL MARGARET MATTHEWS MADELEINE MCCORMACK JANE NORTON DORIS ROGERS ANN SEARCY DELTA HARRIET SEARCY ANNIE L. SWAIM JANE H. VANPELT MARY E. BRANDON ANN K. MURPHREE ANN MULLINS MARY V. KENNAMER JEAN BEELAND SUSAN MILLER CAROL STICKNEY Sophomore: LUCY FEAGIN KITTY LAMAR MARGARET MCQUEEN HEl,EN O,NEAL BELLE PATTILLO ELLA RICHARDSON ZETA CHAPTER VIRGINIA SHELTON FRANCES SMITH RUTH A. THOMAS MABEL THOMAS SARAH HARRIS ZOLA GAY SMITH MARGARET ELEEASH Freshmen ANN TURNER' LOUISE MCFADDEN ETHYL WOODALL MARGARET WARD MARY M. DUGGAR CLAUDE MELVIN BELLE MONTGOMERY MILDRED TYSON SUE CLARKSON Leads the list of sororities in number with 48 actives and 19 pledges-has two cadet colonels, Charlotte Head and Annie Lauric Swaim-two Phi Beta Kapps, Myra Dunham ancl Eliza- beth Wilkinson-annual dance at nite-Lila Crume, Annie Laurie Swaim and Jean Beeland beauties-Rosa Brooks in the Cotillion Club Leaclout--Doris Rogers, vice-president of the new national Home Economics sorority, Psi Upsilon-holds clown the first circle in age. 'k 'A' 'A' Page Two Hundred Eighty-Iwo ETA CHAPTER W. A. A. leaders-winner of the W. A. A. cup On "A" Day-entcrrainccl faculty members every Monday night Hrst semester--claim Eclna Mac Gale as checrleacler and also wom- en's Pan-Hellenic cwo years-home of "Short-Su'ide', Fleshman and Lady jane Byrd fbcauty winnerl--has 12 pledges and 18 activcs-program clancc once a monthk-pledge dance in fall and spring. A L P H A D E .ld T A P I Soror in lfufullnlu VIRGINA COOIYER Senior! D0llO1'HY j. BENNET1' ROSS SEARCY juniors MAIQJOIIIE MON1'GOMEI!Y JOYCE REDDOCH DOI!OTliY SULLIVAN OLIVE CARLSON EDNA M. GALE LOUISE ANIJEIQS LOUISE ROPER GAY STAFFORD Sopfwnzorcx JOHNEL Fxsx-nsR ELxzAmzT1-1 JACKSON LADY j. BYRD POLLY COLEMAN NIARTON BULL JANE MCDEIQMOT1' NIARGRIET WRlGr11' JOSEPHINE AI'Pl.EWl1lTPI CIHRISTINE CONNHL JUSTA HRIOGERS C:AR0l.YN CHAPPEI, MAIIX' LULA LLOYO I"H'flJH1l'H lVlARGARlZT COKTIAER FRANCES AIDAMS MIl.llRlilJ Rxcnnocu FRANCES josm' MARY L. ECHOLS FRANCES I"lAY!iS ALINIQ CURTIS ' ,pkg First Row: Bvnnott, Svurvy. Montmmmory, Rvrldnuh. Snllivnn, Curlsnn, Galle. ' a"lfff1AXVj ,I Second Row: Anders, Roper. Stnfforel, lf'iShvr. .lm-kann. Byrd, Cnlumnn. Vi I ' 'Fhird Row: llnll. 1ylf"Dl'l'flIIlll, Wright., Applvxvhitc, Conn:-ll, liriwhrcrs. l'ml.h Ruw. Lcmpvv. Arlums, lledrlnvh, Juscy. lun-hols. Hnya-S. I. l.I Page Two Hurufrcd Eighty-tlvrcr First Row: Walker, T.: Merritte, Robinson, Stokes, Ghampcnois, Cleveland, Walker, M. Second Row: Winter, Burnett, Clayton, Daniel, Eldredge, Graden, Harris. Third Row: Hays, Isbell, J.: Isbell, S.: Saxon, Teas, Wise, Allison. Fourth Row: Collins, Davis, Dobbins, Nichols, Patton, Perrin, Phillips. ZETA TAU ALPHA Soror in Facultate MARGARET DAVIS Graduate: CHRISTINE FRANCIS TILLIE WALKER MARY B. PARR Seniors RUTH CROOKS NATFIALIE HENERLAU MARJORXE MERRITTE JOYCE MOODY BETTY ROBINSON KATE STOKES juniors ALICE CHAMPENOIS PAULINE CLEVELAND MARJORIE WALKER ELEANOR WINTER Sophomore: LUCILE BURNETT SARAH A. CLAYTON DORIS DANIEL ANNE ELDREDGE JULIA L. GRADEN ELISE I-IARRIS ETHEL HAYS JANE ISBELL SUE ISBELL NU CHAPTER DOROTHY SAXON DOROTHY TEAS SARA WISE Freshmen CATHERINE ALLISON GWEN COLLINS MARJORIE DAVIS BETTIKAY DOBBINS SHELBY NICHOLS ELEANOR PATTON RUTI-I PERRIN JANE PHILLIPS CAROLYN MASINGIL GAIl.E FORREST Seniors Marjorie Merritte, president of Women's Senior Class and also Sorority Editor of Corolla and Kate Stokes, WOmen's Eclitor Crimson-White-13 pledges, 25 actives- visited by Mrs. Martha Belle Sulzlay, national province presi- dent-Jane Isbell and Julia Grayclen, Board of Directors mem- bers-entertainecl with a traditional Christmas Banquet, Val- entine Party and a Program Dance--Jane Isbell is the holder of a Carnegie Medal and Scholarship for valor. Page Two Hundred Eighty-fguy i' i' if 'k 'A' DELTA MU CHAPTER Betty Breslin, president of Wo1nen's Student Government -Ruth McDowell, claimed by Tri Delt, beauty winner- Ncida Humphrey, president of Mortar Board-annual tea dance and valentine dance-banquet first semester--Martha Crute, Mary G. Jones, Peggy Daniel and Carolyn Petry fea- tured in Cotillion leadout-15 pledges--has many little sisters ---Neicla Humphrey and Ellelee Boswell, Phi Beta Kappas- 36 actives. DELTA ELTA DELTA Sororex in Farultate HELEN OSBAND FRANCES ORDWAY FRANCES BRYANT Seniors LEILA ALSTON ELLELLEE BOSWELL BETTY BRESLIN CORRA J. HARRIS RUTH HOSTETLER NEIDA HUMPHREY MARGARET RICE NoRMA ROGERS ANN SPROULL LOUISE WALTER Junior: ALICE BEAL EVELIYN BEAL MARTHA BEosoLE MARGARET DANIEL LOUISE HIGBEE KATE N. HOLLOWAY MARY C. JONES LENA LAMIJERTH HELEN CROSSLEY ELIZABETH BELL MARTHA CRU'rE ELAINE DAVIS JEAN LOVETT ELIZABETH HOWARD MARY HARRIS Soplzomores ELIZABETH A. FLYNN CATHERINE HARPER JEAN HOLLOWAY JANE MANDEVll.LE FLORENCE MURRAY CNROLYN PETRY MILDRED ROBINSON BERI YOUNG CLAIRE ZUMKELLER JEAN SMITH GENE TERRY Freshmen NINA ANDERSON JANE KRAMER ELIZABETH LETT EULA MOORE RUTH MCDOWEl,l. HELEN HIGBEE NELL S. BRESLIN ROSEMARY PRITCHARD MIl,DRED MlLI.ER MARGUERITE DUNLAP MINNIE J. WILSON Firth Row: Alston, Boswell, Breslin, Harris, Hostetler, Humphrey, Rice, Rogers, Sproull, Walter SOCOHKI Row: 13981, A-2 Beal. E-i Bedsole. Daniel, I-Iigbee, Holloway, Jones, Lnmbreth, Crossly Third Row: Bell, Crute, Davis, Lovett, Howard, Harris, Flynn, Harper, Holloway. Fourth Row: Mandeville, Murray, Petry, Robinson, Young, Zumlceller Smith, Terry, Anderson Fifth Row: Kramer, Lett, Moore, McDowell, Higbee, Breslin, Pritchard, Miller, Dunlap. Page Two Hundred Eighty-five Second Row: Steele Tankersley, Vann, Webb, Wilkins Hardenbex-gh Minnis Patton Walls, Webb Third Row W alker Cam Campbell Price Carle Farmer Nelqon Vail Harris V Fourth Row MCEIIIFY Sttwart Jones: Suarez Jordan Hucltaby Whxtmix Conner Brown ,I wr," UV' 'V 1- 'f I First Row: Dowdell, Hornsby, Lantrip, Luck, Marshall, Morgan, Nash, Patton, Reich, Smith. . I ' V - . ' ' ' . ' . ' fill, i . . . U , . V , . , . . . - .Wx - i i fi 1, I n 1 i - Yu-9 -Q , all 1 , M' ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Law SI1URGEoN FULFORD Senior: VIRGINIA DOWDELI. MARY HORNSBY MARJORIE LANTRIP RUTH LUCK EI.IzABETH MARSHALL MARGARET MORGAN VIRGINIA NASH IRENE PATTON JEAN REICH KATHERINE SMITH JOY STEELE ETHEL M. TANKERSLEY JULIA VANN JANE WEBB WESTA WILKINS Junior: MARY G. HARDENBERGH LAURA MINNIS MARY L. PATTON VIRGINIA WALl.S KATHERINE WEBB FRANCES WALKER BETTY CAIN BETTY CAMPBELL JULIA ANN PRICE Sophomore: CONSTANCE CARLE FRANCES FARMER MARGARET J. NEI.SON MARY VAIL PSI CHAPTER KATHERINE I"IARRlS Freshmen LoUISE MCENIRY JANE STEWART SARA M. JoNEs PAULINE SUAREZ EVELYN JORDAN VIRGfNlA HUCKABY MARY V. WI-IIT1NG FRANCES CONNER MARY BROWN Noted for their beautiful girls--Jane Stewart, leader of Sewanee Dances and also Alabama Christmas Ball-Marjorie Lantrip, a cadet colonel and beauty winner-Frances Farmer led the Pi K. A. Homecoming dance-Mary Gordon Harden- bergh, president of Pi and with Laura Minnis, featured in Co- tillion Club leadout-Mary Vail, W. S. G. A. official-annual tea dance-Christmas party--15 pledges-20 actives. i' 'k 'A' Page Two Hundrea' Eighty-:ix 1 ir 'Ir 'A' NU BETA CHAPTER Chi Omega honored for the third year by having Alice Street Robertson lead the Mid-Term Dances-chapter visited by Mary Love Collins, national president-"Papa" Blair of Tuscaloosa gave his annual banquet for pledges-Ruby Syx led S. A. E. Blaclc and White Ball--Mary Frances Harde- gree and Helen Roberts featured in Cotillion Club leadout- Lois Halverson selected most popular girl by Rammer-Jammer. -Jane Evans lecl Commerce Ball-Hardegree in St. Pat's Court-Eleanor Sutliff led Barrister'S Ball. Sororcs in Facullute MRS. WANDA CADE MISS ALICE WYMAN Graduate MELBA GAMBLE CLAIRE RQEDEL lJMILY PAGE Seniors DORIS HARKINS FRANCES GARDNER MARY F. HARDEGREE MARY HOI.MAN ALICE K. JAMES ALICE S. ROBERTSON A 715.7 S . ., ' vw ,-'L' 1-. .' A ,V ,H 0 CHI CDMEGA CAROLYN SI-IAW HELENE SMITH IVIARTHA SPOTTSWOOD Junior: KIRK BELL JULIA WADE RUBY SYx IDA W. 'IJIPPINS SARA WRIGHT ELEANOR BROWN MILDRED Nix KAY BISHOP MARY SCHULER MYRA Jo GAINES DAPIINE SCOVILL JANE EVANS ELEANOR DUDLEY Sophomorex NIILDRED SMART PAT COMERFORD DOLORES WEISS CLAUDIA ROBINSON LOIS HALVERSON ELIZABETH Nix TRICE DRYER FRANCES BOOZER HELEN ROBERTS FRANCES MARRY ELEANOR SUTLIFF NIARJORIE WELCH GLORIA SCOVILL EDYTI-I BLANKS NANCY ORR Freshmen LILLIAN GREY SARA M. HEATH JULIA F. PRAYTOR AGNES -JOHNSON JANE WAGNER LYLLIE M. MOORE HELEN NORMAN CELESTE BENNETT First Row: Grimble, Harkins. Gardner, Hnrdegree, Holman, James, Robertson, Smith. Second Row: Spottswood, Bell, Wade, Syx, Tippins, Wright, Brown, Nix. Third Row: Bishop. Schuler, Gaines, Scovill, Evans, Dudley. Smart, Comerford. Fourth Row: Weiss. Robinson, Halverson, Nix, Boozer, Roberts, Mabry, Sutliff. Fifth Row: Scoville, Blanks, Gray, Heath, Praytor, Johnson, Wagner, Moore. Page Two Hundred Eighty-If-WCI1 First Row: Davis, Inxzram, Miller, Moxlcy, Stubbs, Jones, Taylor. Second Row: Franke, Anderson, Huzood, Graham, Taylor, Parrish, Morrow. Third Row: Robertson, Thomson, Johnson, Edwards, Greene, Polson, Stubbs. Fourth Row: Taylor, Walker, Turner, Luckey, Patton, Ward, Gerald. Seniors MAXIBEL DAVIS LORRAINE INGRAM JOHNNIE R. MILLER GWEN MOXLEY ALINE STUBBS juniors CAROLYN JONES BETH TAYLOR BERNICE FRANRE MARY S. ANDERSON DELTA ZETA MAXINE HAGOOD MARY E. GRAHAM MAMILU TAYLOR EVELYN PARRISH FLORETTA EDWARDS I-IELEN GREENE CLARA S. POLSON LUCILLE STUEBS ELIZABETH TAYLOR Sophomoref Lois WALKER MARGENE TURNER LUCILLE LUCKEY CHRiST1NE PATTON F,e,1,mE,, MARY V. WARD DESSA JOHNSON FRANCES MORROW MARGARET ROBERTSON MARY E. THOMPSON CELIA GERALD ALPHA GAMMA CHAPTER Girls' Spirit Committee president, Lorraine Ingram, re- sides here--Gwen Moxley, active in wOmen's activities, pre- sides over the Delta Zetas for the second year-Frances Mor- row and Margene Turner winners in beauty review-Founder'S Day banquet and dance-Christmas party-tea honoring Na- tion Field Secretary-Program Dance--Reception honoring Province Director-13 actives, 16 pledges. 'A' 'A' 'lr Page Two Hundred Eighty-eight uk 'A' 'lr ALPHA UPSILON CHAPTER Home of Frances Honeycutt and Frances Solomnn, beauty winners-Jean Bluforcl, All-American Joe Rilcy,s girl, lives here--she danced the Cotillion Club dances with lmim-chapter foocbally inclinodh-progrnrn dance first seinester-clmpter ed- ited the "Ram" in April-Wilelln Burns tool: off clmptei' honors by being elected President of XV. S. G. A. for 1937-'38. Sarores in Facilitate RUTH DYRUD FRANCES GRIEENWOOIJ Law Loi.A M. HAYES Senior: LoulsE I-IEIDE KATHERINE HYDE GLADYS Nix DOROTIJY PEACOCK ull' o,, ai . ' .rf I' eflllllw .' 1 3-'IQL 11 li ll -. Sv' 4. ui ALPHA CH LAURIE PEAVY EILEEN SISLEY CJORNELIA TONIE JEAN WAY,l.ACE funiorx LOUISA BARNETT WII.El.LA BURNs SARA DICKINSON IDA L. FENNELL MAl!1'HA HAIIGIIOVIE BARBARA KANE IOME GIQIQTCHEN lVllLl.FR Sopfnomorcx JEAN Bl.UFoRn BERNADINE BUCKALEW Doms BURGESS SARA H. GANUY JOAN LARGE MARTHA Mll.l.Al! HEI.lEN MOIlI.EY JANE NEVll.l.l5 MARY Jo NORTON MARJ oRiE Pow COI.l.fiFIN SHANNON I'v?'L'1'l7Hlt'11 Er.EANoR FARISH MARlAN l-Ioieifmcn FRANCES I"IGNHYCU'l'T lVlAR'I'HA Po1.l.ARn E1.sA SCHARl4'SCHXVl?RDT FRANCES Sol.oMoN ANNIS Si-EIR Pl-:GGY C:0l.l.lNS First Row: Iivimlv, Hyde, Nix, I's'm-nuk, Sisley. WXlllIll'l'. Som-ond Row: Ilnrnvtt, liurns. Dielaiiieaon, Fvnnf.-I, l'i-nvy, I'Im'ixruve. Kaine, Milli-r. Third Row: lilufnrml, Rui-lmlvxv, llumress, Gnmly, Lnrize, Molwlvy, l'npp, Fourth Row: Furish, Hom-flis-h, Hum-yvutt, Pullnril, Sehurfscliwermlt, Solomon. Page Two Hlllltllfffl' Eiglvly-nine First Row: Drolet, M.: Hieky, Sharp, Tiller, Bibb, Bidirourl, Drolet, L.: Holbert. Second Row: Matthews, Spenser, Swift, Wyatt, Bradley, Brooks, Crawford, George. Third Row: Jones, Prentice, Robertson, Tiller, Trilck, Lancaster, Pilluns, Lofzren. , Fourth Row: Blount, Main, Barbour, McCorvey, Caldwell, McMurphy, Patterson, Loughrnn. KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Soror in Facultate MIRIAM LOCKE Graduate MARGARET TAYLOR Seniors MARIE DROLET MARY G. HICKY NATALIE SHARP MARTHA C. TILLER Junior: PI-IEBE BIRR MARY BIDGOOD LOIS DROLET MARY E. TRILCK MARY HOLBERT ,IANE MATTHEWS MARGARET SPENCER MARGI-IERITA SWIFT EIJWINA WYA'fT Sophomore: BEVERLY BRADLEY ELIZABETH BROOKS VIRGINIA CRAWFORD ELIZABETH GEORGE EMILEE JONES JULIA PRENTICE ERNESTINE ROBERTSON CAROLINE TILLER Frcslvmen CARRINGTON LANCASTER MARY PILLANS JUNE LOFGREN JEAN BLOUNT REBECCA MAIN BETH BARBOLIR EMILY MCCORVEY FAUNTLEROY CALDWELL ELEANoIz MCMURPI-TY PATRICIA PATTERSON MARSHALL LOUGHRAN CATHERINE CLAYPOOLE NELl.lE GRAY GAMMA PI CHAPTER Holder of Pan-Hellenic scholarship cup for last twelve years -julia Prentice president of Alpha Lambda Delta-beauties Swift and I-Iicky live here-22 actives and 14 pledges-Mary Gray Hiclcy president of Omega-had annual Foundcris Day banquet-tea dance for pledges-visited by Mrs. Rheva Shry- ock, national president in December-Julia Prentice, Hiclcy, Swift and Marie Drolct in Cotillion Club leadout. ir i' i' Page Two Hundred Ninety ALPHA TAU CHAPTER Helen Norris wields the gavel--chapter had the marriage bug with two members walking down the aisle-13 actives and 15 pleclgcs-tea dance in December for pledges-celebrated Founder's Day April 17 with a dance-Arlene Smich is Il beauty winner. Soror in Facultale MRS. INA B. CRANE Graduate EIJITI-I STAI.I.INGs Seniors DOROTHY FuI.I.ER JEAN MURPI-IY BETTY STIEIfEI.MEYER PHYI.I.Is ROWE ELOISE HYATT MARTHA MICPIAELS ALPHA XI ELTA juniors HEI.EN NORRIS MARY A. EVANS PEGGY CHENNAULT DORIS JEFFERIES REIIA SHELTON DONNA MOORE ELINOR MAHAFFEY LORENE WHORTON ELEANOR SMITH Sopl-Iomorex ARLINE SMITH RUTH EMERY ELEANOR O,HARA GEORGIA GROSS Frexl-Irnen EVA R. JOHNSON ROIIERTA MURPHY BETTIE M. BRADEN MURIEII CHAMBERLAIN NELI. ELLIOTT LOIS HEATH MARY B. MORRIS JUNE MOORE FAITH WARD ,I .M I-I---..,,,. First ROW: 1"1I1l0l'. Murphy, Stiefelmeyer, Rowe, Hyatt, Michaela, Norris. ' QL ,X Second Row: Evans, Chennault, Jefferies, Shelton, Muhaffey, Whorton, Smith "" " Third Row: Smith, A.: Emery, O'Hura, Gross, Johnson, Murphy, Braden. Fourth Row: Chamberlin, Elliott, Heath, Morris, Moore, Ward. Page Two Hundred' Ninety-one Seniors First Row: Wnitee, Neal, Roe, Brown, Bouliizny, Davidson, Hayden. Second Row: Jackson, Layficlrl, Milner, Pate, Smith. Twitty. al' Third Row: Windham, Askins, Arnold, Beasley, Chapman. Grooms. sfff Fourth Row: Hooper, McCollum, McDaniel, Nix, Thetford, Webb. Soror in Facultale SARAH C. PIERCE Graduate MARTHA F. MILES Law SARAH WAITES MARJORIE NEAL JENE OsIaoRNE RUTH RoE PHI MU Juniors LAVINIA BROWN ELIZABETH BOULIGNY MARGARET DAVIDSON KATE W. HAYDEN SYBIL JACKSON MARY I, LAYEIELI: NELI. NIILNER MAY PATE 4 idlfv 5 3 - si il' if iff 4' tgsg-'Pali Sophomore: SARA ASKINS FRANCES CADMAN Freshmen Boors ARNOLD MARGARET BEASLEY I-IARRIETT CHAPMAN MARION GRooIvIs MAIJELYN HOADPER MAl.VINA MCCOLLUM MARY I. MCDANIEL HELEN NIX CORAJEAN THETFQRD Vll!GINIA WINDHAM SARAH WEBB DORO1'liY SMITH JANE TWITTY ALPHA ZETA CHAPTER Mrs. Leslie of West Point, Mississippi, new housemother -chapter inspected by Mrs. Dorothy Lewter of Orlando, Flor- idn, in December-14 pledges and 10 actives-program dance in November-Sybil jackson beauty winner-Kit Hayden, president of Chi Delta Phi---held initiation after six weeks- home of May Pate, famous socialite. i' if ir Page Two Hundred Ninety-Iwo 'lr 'lr i' Led by Molly Mercer, "Miss Alabama" of the Million Dol- lar Band--Kay Peroviclm, assistant football coach to Hillman Walker-Frances Leonard, president of Swan Club and holder of national records in swimming-annual tea dance for pledges -tea for houscmothers, Mrs. Montgomery, and District Gov- BETA MU ernor, Mrs. Graves, in December-12 pledges and 15 actives. Graduates MARJORIE GWYNNE FRANCES LLOYD Senior.: HELEN PHILLIPS MARY L. MUNDS BETTY SMITH HELEN GERE RUTH BICK ELEANoR ROWE ELLEN HARRIS ALPHA PHI juniors MOI.LY MERCER ELIZABETH STAREUCK VIRGINIA JOHNSTON JULIA NOLEN FRANCES LEONARD Soplvomorex ERNESTINE ADDISON HELEN VAUGI-IN SARAH STALCUP MARY H. BELL MARY E. TOOMEY MARTHA BANKHEAD First Row: Gwynne, Phillips. Mundg, Smith, Gere, CATHERINE PEROVICH Frcxlvmen BI.AIR BANISTER BETTIE BOREN MARY D. CLARK SARAH DECKER FRANCES EDMISTER KA'Fl'lERlNE EWING VIRGINIA FRIEDMAN MARGARET MCBROOM VIRGINIA MoSELEY JEAN STURGES VIRGINIA HITT Bick, Rowe, Harris. Second Row: Mercer, Sturbuck. Johnston, Nolen, Leonard, Addison, Vnuprhn, Stnleup Third Row: Bell, Toomey, Bunkhend, Perovich, Bunister, Buren, Clark. Fourth Row: Decker, Eflmistur, Ewinpr, Friedman, McBroom, Moseley, Sturlxes. Page Two Hundred Ninety-three First Row: Waier, Kahallcy, Shirley, Gaines. Second Row: Jones, Mason, Margaret: Mason, Marjorie: Mason, Serena. Third Row: Varin, McRae, Anderson, Pilny, Ezcll. THETA UP ILO Sorores in Facultate MRS. HARRY N. EDDINS MISS EMMETT LEWIS MISS ELIZABETH SHIRLEY MISS REBA TURNER Graduates LOUISE JACKSON ELSIE XVAIER Seniors MAMIE KAHALLEY DOROTHY CALVIN CARRIE SHIRLEY CHARLOTTE CLAYBROOKE junior: LORRAINE GAINES GRACE HUTCHESSON BETTY JONES MARGARET MASON SERENA MASON MARJORIE MASON IRMA L. CARPENTER MARY A. SUDDUTH MARIFRANCES VARIN 'fv- K i '43 LOUISE MCRAE MARGARET DALTON Sophomore: KATHERINE ANDERSON MARTA PILNY Frexlvmen HEI.EN DUBOSE KATHERINE EZELL LOREICE KAHALLEY MARTHA SIDES MARTHA JACKSON ALPHA ALPHA CHAPTER Entertained at their annual tea dance in February--has 14 actives and 10 pledges-had program dance the first semester and also held a Christmas dance-home of Lorraine Gaines, campus favorite. 'A' ir if Page Two Hundred Ninety-four ALPHA OMEGA CHAPTER Mildred Davis lived here until she married-Scottie Hayes, Tuscaloosa radio singer, claimed by clmper--home of Mary Ellen Hornsby, one of Dean FaI'r:Il1's Shysters-annual tea dance for pledges. Sororex in Faculzazc DR. DANYLU BELSER DR. ETHEL SAXMAN Miss I-IENRIETTA THOMPSON Law MARY ELLEN HORNSBY Senior: MILIDRED DAVIS NORVELLE NORMAN I ill .r N A of fu Jw' 314 wg. A O Q A 0 9 old 'lr 'A' SIGMA KAPPA NELSON I'IElM MAIIY N. VENTRESS junior: MARGAIQET IRWIN DOROTHY J. I-IAYs MARTHA MARTIN Sophomore: LOIS POWELL First Row: Hornsby, Norman, Ventrcss, Irv Scennd Row: Powell, Bell, Skinner, Jones JEAN MCKINLEI' BETTY HABEL l"re.vl7men CHELLA CGBURN FRANCES BELL LOUISE SKINNER PAULA JONES MILIIRED GREEN SUE PRITCHARD in. Hnys. , Green. Page Two Hundred Ninet9"fl'Vf juniors First Row: Boniskc. Hcnimrcr, Meyers, Ro'-iemlorf, Oppcnhcim. Rothschild. Abraham. Second Row: Dresner, Elmnn, Garry, Orkin, Rosenberg, Schweitzer, Ambrose. Thirrl Row: Aronovitz, Gingolil, Haimowitz, Smnll, Sackler. Sontnz. Seniors MARJORIE BONISKE. ELEANOR HENINGER AMY MEYERS Louisn ROSENDORF PAY OPPENHEIM BEE ROTHSCHILD IGMA ELTA TAU Lucy KORNMAN Sophomore: RAE ABRAHAM NIARION DRESNER ANNETTE ELMAN EMILY RUTH GARRY ELIZABETH ORKIN MAXINE GOODMAN Freshmen Mll.DRED AMunosE AIRLINE ARONOVITZ BERNICE GINGOLD GERTRUDE HAIMOXVITZ FRANCES R. SMALL '-M.. TFIELNXA ROSENBERG FRANCES SACKLER RUTH SCPIWEITZER PHYLLIS SONTAG RHO CHAPTER Banquet on National Founder's Day featured the second semester social activities-two program dances first semester- , dance in February-12 pledges and 8 actives-Bee Rothschild active on publication work-Ruth Schweitzer, beauty winner. Page Two Hundred Ninety-six i' 'k 'A' ,ew ,, 1 1. , ,gffygi M, ,,,,,,, V, nag, ,., ,y A:g,, g L., W an lf' W , I ' u ' 1' M fy ' r wxfvlaxwy wi wx A 15 w1m'yKwy wVaa mzwbwrvqww I,g-1,-ww -ugqgmwgw swam, If , nf-wi-"gggy,,1 awww WWW wr- VW- A 1' X "?r.,,,h,. , f X . Y., z . 4, A , t Wing. 'Nu 1. 'XF , W"'f"w, A 1 fi .Mg ' AL , rg kifgag' '. , af ' ,Ji U ,m .g -.AWWA , Q ,.ff'.- fw. E, ,. 1 mf, -A ' 1, , jF,'r' 'M "Hu, , ' 1.-I 'a- ,E Q , .., 3 .' .i3Vv!v2:Q.VH:i'.f, '-gr E K ' ' "yi ,fy ' 5.9.5 ,',w:,. . 4. 1 VA H 'iw 952' ':ZgSf-Q-535' 'f-Lf. Q' 95 xl' HM ,PTM-I"fA" , " a' " Q 4? ,Ah .M-' 1. -ZF. k gp 'ix ' ig mf- ' A Us Wx - "CM, 'fbi' . . ,rsh ,,- f-.1-,:, 4. I A 'ifafe 3-J' X YQ -1, W1 ., .- 1 uf- . Tiff-' 15 ' f 'w'g1?gl,'fm.3i" W.. Ez, Q Slavs" Q, ffzgrfg,-gf .,,,A, at -. Vg., .g,f',,5"'.1'f QQ- H .m,-V.L,u -I: F ,Its X 2" '. 'buffs ,. - I sw .1 4,1 fy: F--1QffF:,Q",'f--Sv,,u",'.Z?j-,",-'1' -.Lg 'gk Qi, g:?ma2.':3,-t- .n,E,,U'.-,1,Q.,1, 'VE' . ' V: 1- f-, 1 'f' Na' -g-"ff JC", ' " ' fx 125:21 51,-1'-,f',1, f" ..3wffsc"'f" -af' Q, .-,,. -: ,1 Y ,' zrftwm, 'fu' 5 -Sn' ,r W- Xszkrvxp-, 5, V, ,, 114 1.' F. iLQ',G": ,,.,,,f H Inv " n-pf., f1:.p ' C if 1'-Q-x., 'Q' V . ' 13 My -. f ,,'.', ' 'Aga , .. , G-'wk 1' ', f ,Qu uf. 5- , ,f':L-'A . f- 5 tv: 'A -. 'W' If 5 Z , 31,1 V Q .,gm:.,g, i AX. , . 4,3 if A ,w - ' Nl ff--as :fn '- H " " -4' 1. 3 11. , if. g-gh 'f ,. " fr'-Hit'-, vf' 29's .W -, .f ,.., 3.4. Q E V I '-, V . Q- , L . m,x..,. , , -V ,G 'VI wr .31-Qjl' ff MQ ' 'X' F 13. - -1'f7- Y . . , 1 ' ffwif' -,Jffrf , uf -kg -, TPi'A.Q7?!fJ" , if pm 5 gn ,WE 9,1 lu. 1 1' .I ,L 4,-. ,z-df , -1 .1 4, , .-, nw- 1, 5,4 I - if Nj- li-,, h w 3, QA' ,-,1 , Q 'lf 15-f f, -Q -T -W R" -'E .f:f16 93,- 525 1? Q' fig J' :M x4.fxx f'4 'FW '1 , K' 'if' .ww gags? Ax , -w " L 5 :vc U -'pix'-Z 1? 5. !- - A ,. W , if x .gf WY, .. , I P ,' 'R ' ,,g.Q.:. L. - ,H 5. ,ww,', I 'fr ' " 'fx' gag, , 5 nm' V52 'vs' e' me' ' ,- AT5' .' 'E " Ma, ' ', f ' - ' '1- ,. ..,, ........, ....... ,.......,. , , H .H H ,, . l 262: ' F' f wg, ' SQ.. .-... ., Nw' . . --------0 ., A fc --,....4-..-zm if S, , . -fue,-,-..,,,,L - - """"' "4"""""'5'Il" 155252tvg.'.-----l22vCJ.l..L--.--Q ..- f RTI' , ff-5 N 1 1 , 4-,r 1 11, ' 1 ,Q am , , 'H lv H ' 4.1 , f. ,Q ,xi , 1 1 0 ,ff ,Lila-A . T-.Int 'gs ' , v ,L . , 'fs 'fa 5555- KOH if?" - ' ff" ,, - mm' HWIWM -WW'-'Y-'53 31 ' , ff, 2-1 F.. A J ,.,4,, ., :sm W -,J fl 1 4" ' n, 'J' , . 'if ms 1, , ma, P' M R 51,- ii , Q,."dAYf'1 " L ' J'-'31 .2 gg, , "H WRX' 1 WL ,Cr y My T 5- "W , I Wk. ,mi ,Q 12"17.y'C ' :vm . 'A 1 . ., rx, I Y J A' ' HH L1 A345111-:am4,:,1L if u .nut 1-w.::f':f1 ., , .save-n , . HE Beiiingrath Gardens in Mobile' wicieiy ienown tor the famous 'Azalea Traiin, is truly the most beautiful place in all South- lanci. Every Spring timousancls ot people from all over Alabama anci. aeijoining states tiociz to view time gardens in all their spiemiorp ami every year the crowcl grows---more and more people are realizing what a wealth ot beauty is tiiere. Aialaamians are incieeei proucl of time Beliingratii Gardens, anci in them have a beauty they will forever love anci appreciate. 'S' '91 'if BEAUTIES RAY MILLA Cm Ray Milland and Shirley Ross, caught in the act. of se- lecting this year's Corolla beauties, seem'to be enjoying the outlook very much. And why not, When there 15 Such an arraylof beauty to select from? The editor, however, found so much feminine pulchritude confusing, and was glad to have two promising young celebrities take that toughest of tough jobs off his hands. We thinlc that every Alabama student fthe ten beauties especially, owes Ray and.Shirley ,1 rousing Cheer of thanks and appreciation for their interest, V-r HIRLE RUSS and most of all for their judgment. After all, they did select ten real "good-loolcersn. You will have to admit that when you turn through the next ten pages. And another thing, ye editor and ye business manager and ye staff want all of you to take a good loolc at the picture at the top of this page-there is conclusive proof that Ray and Shirley, not we, made the selections. If you are not satisfied, then it's just too bad, for, believe it or not, we had absolutely nothing to do with it. ,fx .'f1' viszya, K, 1 - , N5 2- f., , , 3.1 M A 1 , N ,Q QL V4 A Y . v 4, A 9 O ' . 1,40 "'--A. me young Women Whose pictures appear on these two pages were setectect toy ttme Coroffa Staff as campus fdVCHjtCS,'H1C SCtCCtiOT1lJC- PU Firsl ROW-ELIZABETH CRUME ir JEAN BEELAND f FRANCES Momzow 'A' Synn. JACKSON if Second ROW' EDYTH BLANKS ir MARIE DROLET 'A' JANE ISBELL 'A' Third Row-RUTH COOPER 'k MARJORIE MONTGOM' ERY i' BETTY BRESLIN 'A' DORIS JEFFERIES ir LORRAINE GAINES ing taasect not on tneauty alone, taut atso on personal- ity, charm, anct popularity. We present to you ...' ttle tayorities ot tt1e Capstone. -"Q, PAVC I Fi'-ff R01V-MOLLY MERCER if MARGENE TURNER i' ARLENE SMITH 'Ir FRANCES IMIONEYCUTT 'K Second R07V'MARY KELLY 'k MARY HOIRNSIBY 'A' RUTH MCDOWEI.L 'A' NIARJORIFI LANTRIP i Third Row- MARTHA CRUTE i' DOROTHY HAYES i' JUANITA DASHER 'lr I"IELEN Nlx i' MAY PATE ,MAH :W ,V , V P' Vg ,VV ,,m3,VS:, V L " Q,i,,VgeV-VV V V we Vf .MV 3, 'QM V V Ffh V aww 'Vw V .. , 1 "img 'YJ VI L 1.4 5 ...M 1 'v g BA? Q, V ., 5VVV g.vP5 V , fL?,V V.V,3-1-I1 .V , M323 . IVV V 'vw H5 1. I. i W .5 Vs, ,VV VQQQV J Q4J.wkrg.llQ- , 'I ::,.V1' V V F232 QN X 1 V V-141. ' V fm. V1 . ffif idr 552 V. W'-4 'WV hu' 'VM LVQ V . 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'ff 'A 'th QRGANIZATIQNS PHI BETA KAPPA Honorary Scholaxtic Fraternity Founded at William and Mary College, 1776 Pul9lIcatIon . The American Scholar Chapter Publlcatlon . . The News Letter ALABAMA ALPHA CHAPTER, l85l Twelfth in Order of Establislmment RALPH E. ADAMS W. F. ADAMS WENDELI. M. ADAMSON DR. C. H. BARNWELL DEAN LEE BIDGOOD DR. J. GORDON CARLSON PROP. WADE H. COLEMAN MISS ELIZABETH COLEMAN DR. WKLTON P. CHASE DR. CLYDE B. CRAWLEY PROF. R. W. COWART PROP. WILLIAM R. CURTIS DEAN GEORGE J. DAVIS DR. JOHN C. DAWSON DR. GEORGE H. DENNY JAMES F. DOSTER DR. J. J. DOSTER DR. WM. K. DOYLE DEAN A. J. FARRAH PROP. BROOKS FOREHAND PROP. E. H. FOSTER DR. RICHARD C. FOSTER DR. JOHN Y. GRAHAM TOM GARNER AARON A. ABSTON JAMES P. BRADFORD FRANCIS R. BURNS ISABELLA W. CUMMING JAMES G. DONALD BERNIE D. FELD LOTTIE P. GAMBLE WILLIAM L. I-IAWLEY WILLIAM T. LEWIS FRATRES IN FACULTATE PROP. LEE GLOVER lDEAN STUART GRAVES DR. SNOWDEN C. HALL, JR. PROP. W. M. HEPBURN PROP. SHALER HOUSER DR. E. G. HOWE DR. R. S. I-IODGES PROP. GEORGE B. JOHNSTON PROP. CHESTER I-I. KNIGHT PROP. B. P. KAUPMAN DEAN DABNEY S. LANCASTER DR. S. J. LLOYD DR. GEORGE LANG DR. R. I. LITTLE PROP. FRED A. LEWIS MISS MIRIAM LOCKE PROP. J. D. MANCII. DR. GEORGE J. METCALF MRS. IRA B. MOODY DR. JACK MONTGOMERY DR. JOHN R. MCLURE DR. A. B. MOORE DR. BURTON R. MORLEY PROP. HARRY MITCHELL FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE JAMES NIFOROPULOS THERESA OSBURG RALPH PEIMER JACK J. REINGOLD JACOB A. TEKS DAVID J. BARTON ELLALEE BOSWELL MYRA L. DUNHAM Page Three Hundred Twenty MISS JULIETTE MORGAN JAMES H. NEWMAN DR. W. P. OTT DR. H. C. PANNELL WILLIAM E. PICKENS PROP. J. F. RAMSEY DR. EDWARD F. RICHARDS DR. JOHN B. RIPPERE MISS MARY ROBERTSON MRS. SARAH H. RODGERS DR. W. B. SAPPOLD DR. GEORGE P. SHANNON MISS ELIZABETH SHIRLEY PROP. J. O. SMITH PROP. E. HUDSON STRODE CHARLES R. SUMMERALL DR. PAUL TERRY DR. R. E. TIDWELL CHARLES B. WICKS PROP. E. BASKIN WRIGHT PROP. C. E. WILLIAMS DR. A. L. WHITEHURST DR. MARCUS WHITMAN PROP. B. A. WOOTEN BROOK G. GARRETT JAMENETT HENNESEY NEIDA HUMPHREY GEORGE B. KURITSKY C. ROYS LEWIS JOSEPH S. MARCUS GERALD WESSLER ELIZABETH W. WILKINSON BENJAMIN A. WOOTEN, JR RALPH E. ADAMS DEAN LEE Bmoooo HARRY D. BONHAM DR. H. H. CHAPMAN SAMUEL MARX LEVA NATHAN LEVY DEXTER DELONY FRATRES LEE GLovER LANGSTON T. CHESTER H. BETA GAMMA IGMA School of Commerce Founded at University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin, May 18, 1907. Established here March 4, 1931 ALPHA OF ALABAMA CHAPTER Publication ......... Beta Gamma Sigma Exchange The purpose of this association shall be to encourage and reward scholarship and accomplishment in the lines of business activity among students and graduates of colleges or courses in commerce or in business administration in American Colleges and Universities, to promote the advancement and spread of education in the science of businessg to foster principles of honesty and integrity in business practice, and to encourage a more friendly attitude of the business public toward graduates of commercial courses. OFFICERS CHESTER H. KNIGHT . .... , , , Pregidt-nf HARRY V. MITCHELIS . . Secretary-Treaxurer IN FACULTATE HARRY V. MITCHELL HAWLEY LEROY J. NATIONS KNIGHT WILLIAM E. PICKENS W. PAUL THOMAS HONORARY MEMBER F. CLABAUGH, President Protective Life Insurance Company MEMBERS IN COURSE DORIS HARKINS DURAN WEINSTEIN LEWIS E. HASKINS JOSEPH CARAzo WHEELOCK MARINER COLE, JR. CHARLES T. HEREFORD Page Three Hundred Twenty-one if if R TAU BETA PI' if R if Beta of Alabama Chapter Founded at Lehigh University, 1885. Established here, 1926 Purpose: To marlc in a fitting manner those who have conferred honor upon their Alma Mater by distinguished scholarship and exemplary character as undergraduates, or by those attainments as alumni, in the field of engineering, and to foster a spirit of liberal culture in the engineering colleges of America. Basis of Selection: Members are selected from the upper fourth of the Senior Engineering Class and upper eighth of the Junior Class. Membership is based on scholarship, integrity, breadth of interest, and adaptability. First Row: H. ll. Downs, P. Shonff, J. M. Cumming. Second Row: L. Kilpatrick, J. F. Witherspoon, J. C. Mosul. Third Row: C. Mohr, C. Adams. J. T. Nolcn. Foiirth Row: S. FerI'm'is, R, McKinlry, G. M. Ellis. 4, ir ir 'A' FRATRES IN JoHN M. GALLALEE FRED R. MAXWELL DONALD DUPLANTIER DONALD H. MCCUAIG HOWARD I-I. MEIGS JALIES O. SMITH HERBERT R. DoWNS PAUL SHEAFF JAMES CUMMING LEWIS KILPATRICK ALEX PITKINS JoHN WITHERSPOON RAY SPENCE HO!.MES F. TROUTMAN G. MILTON Page Three Hundred Twenty-two PRESIDENT DOWNS FACULTATE DEAN GEORGE J. DAVIS BENJAMIN A. WOOTEN BERTRAM H. HovEy FERDINAND H. MITCHELL GILBERT C. QUARLES KENNETH W. CooNs B. W. GRANDRUD MEMBERS JAMES R. O7GRADY JOSEPH C. MEAD CHARLES M. MoHR CARL ADAMS JAKE NOLDN ROBERT G. ODIORNE SILOIO FERRARIS RICHARD MCKINLEY ELLIS, JR. Publication . . . . The Bent Colors , . Seal Brown and White ir A' GAMMA IGMA EP ILCN ir National Han orar y Chemical Fmremizy Purpose: To increase interest and scholarship in Chemistry, and to promote general welfare of thc chemist. Colors , Flower .... National Publication . FRATRES DR. STEWART J. LLOYD DR. J. P. MONTGOMERY DR. T. N. MCVAY DR. J. L. KASSNER DR. G. D. PALMER DR. ANNA E. CHURCH PROP. L. I. COTHERN Blue ana' White . Blue Hyacinlh . The Ray IN FACULTATE DR. J. E. GRAN DR. K. W. CooNs MR. A. M. KENNEDY PROP. RAY L FARABEE DR. E. B. CARMICHAEL DR. BEN A. WOOTEN PROF. J. R. CUDWORTH MEMBERS GIRARD W. PHELPS JANIE STRICKLAND MCKEE FRANCES 'IVHOMAS SHIPLEY EDMUND SCI-IWANKI2 MCL. LEMAISTRE NORMAN SAMUEL W. CALDWELL ELIZABETH STAREUCK SAUL LUsT:o JOHN LIGHT MARGARET HACKER CHARLES R. MAXWELL JAMES CUMMING EVA CUNNINGHALI FRANK F. VYTLACIL VINCENT SCHILLECI BERNARD N. ZAMSKY JAKE T. NOLEN CATHERINE CUNNINOI-IAM LEXVIS KILPATRICK WALTER LINDsEY AI.TON PEACOCK ak ir ir ,H ...- I Aw. . ., . W- First Row: J. Strichlund, T. N. Shipley, C. R. Muxwc-ll, J. M. Cumming. Second Row: E. Schwxlnkc, S. W. Caldwell, E. I3 Sl,fll'b1lI!k, J. H. Light. Third Row: M. I". Hnckvr. V. Schilluci. B. N. Znmsky. Fourth Row: J. T. Nolen. L. Kilpatrick, A. Peacock. OFFICERS GIRARD W. PHELPS . . . . Grand Alchemist CHARLES R. MAXWELL . . Recorder JANIE STRICKLAND . . . . Visor JAMES CUMMING . Sergeant-at-Arms GRAND ALCHEMIST PHELPs Page Three Hundred Twenty-tfhree 'A' 'A' JOHN F. MARSHALL COLLINS ALMON JESSE P. CHAPMAN LoUIS J. CHERUBIN DEAN LANCASTER A P H I E T A I G M A A A A Founded at University of Illinois, 1923 Established at Alabama in 1930 Purpose: To encourage scholarship among freshmen. OFFICERS . , President . Vice-President . . Secretary . . . Treasurer . Faculty Adviser First Row: M. Bedsole, N. A. Bradley, W. Brantman, J. Chapman. Second Row: F. Cobb, C. H. Davis, W. A. Dozier. T. E. Fitzgerald. Third Row: J. E. Foy, D. R. Gcehrinir, S. S. Kuhn, M. M. Lehman. Fourth Row: R. H. Loeb, J. F. Marshall, W. C. Morrill, Al C. Rankin. Fifth Row: L. Thomas, W. Waldman, W. J. Worthington. 'A' 'A' ir DR. JACK MONTGOMERY DR. GEORGE H. DENNY DR. JAMES J. DoSTER DEAN D. S. LANCASTER DEAN C. H. BARNWELL DEAN LEE BIDGOOD DEAN S. J. LLOYD COLLINS ALMON WILKES C. BANKS MASSEY BEDSOLE PETER BIONDO ALFRED BOCCHINO NORMAN BRADLEY WILLIAM BRANTMAN DOZIER CADE JESSE CHAPMAN LoUIS CHERUDIN ATEO B. CIABATTONI FRANK Cosa ALBERT W. CooK EDWARD CROSTA CHARLES DAVIS ALBERT DEKOWSKI WILLIAM A. DozIER HOUEL FAGAN IGNATZ FELD THOMAS FITZGERALD JAMES E. Foy Publication . Colors . Page Three Hundred Twenty-four PRESIDENT MARSHALL HONORARY MEMBERS DEAN.GEORGE DAVIS MR. RALPH E. ADAMS DR. BEN WOOTEN MR. C. H. KNIGHT MR. D. H. MCCUAIG MR. BASKIN WRIGHT MR. J. S. GELDERS MEMBERS DONALD GEEHRING GLENN V. GIBSON ALEX GROSSMAN FREDERIC HAGAN STANLEY KAI-IN NIAURICE LEHMAN FREDERIC LISARELLI HERSCHEL LIVINGSTONE ROBERT H. LOEB JOHN MARSHALL ROBERT I. MEHR WILLIAM. MERRILL JOHN MuRANo EARL OWENS ALLEN RANKIN PAUL SANDERS EDMUND SLIZ CYRIL SoLoMoNS LUTHER THoMAS WILLIAM WALDMAN WILLIAM WORTHINGTON Election to membership is based on outstanding Scholarship during the freshman year. . The Forum . Blue and Gold ak if ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA i uk National Freshman Scholarship Society for Women Founded at the University of Illinois, 1924 Established at the University of Alabama in 1930 Purpose: To promote a higher standard of learning and to encourage high scholastic attainment among freshmen women. Colors . . Gold, White and Red SORORES IN FACULTATE DEAN AGNES ELLEN HARRIS Mxss ELIZABETH COLEMAN SORORES ERNESTINE ADDISON IN MARTHA WITT BURLESON MARJORIE DEAKIN JULIA DOLEINI JANE DOOLEY FLORENCE GOGGANS MARGARET GRAY MARY JAMES GRACE JONES MARY PRESIDENT PRENTICE EDNA THOMPSON MRS. SARAH H. RODGERS MRS. JENNIE M. HOWARD UNIVERSITATE HEI.-EN KAURAKos DOROTHY LIBERIS ELIZABETH NIX ELLA RICHARDSON ERNESTINE ROBERTSON DOROTHY SAXON ELIZABETH STARBUCK RUBY HELEN STOKES REBECCA TARPLEY if if if First Row: J. Prentice, B. Patillo, U. Brmlloy, E. Addison, Second Row: M. W. liurlesun, E. J. Dooley, I". Gusrxznns, G. Jonug, Third Row: E. Nix. E. R0lJL'I'l.S0lI, D. Saxon, IC. Stawlmck. Fourth Row: R. H. Stoke:-1, R. Talrplcy, M. E. Thompson. OFFICERS JULIA PRENTICE , BELLE PATILLO . ""' JULIA I-IALLMAN If -,, BEVERLY BRADLEY . ELIZABETH COLEMAN . GWEN MOXLEY . Page Three Hundred Twenty-five . . President Vice-President . . Secretary . Treasurer Faculty Adviser Senior Adviser at PHI DELTA PHI LEGAL FRATERNITY -Af International Legal Fraternity Founded at the University of Michigan in 1869 Established here in 1922 OFFICERS ALTO LEE . . . . . - . V Mdgifff' D, K, MASON , . First Benelver W DICK Rlugy , , Exchequer MAURICE RAINS . . Hirtvfidn First Row: A. V. Lee, J. W. Vnrdunian, A. Foreman, D. K. Mason. Second Row: J. F. Britton, M. Rains, L. Randall, S. Pipes. Third Row: R. S. Riley, M. Routers, T. Scale, R. Garrison. Fourth Row: R. Kilxzurc, M. Lanier, J. L. Cnlrlwcll. Fifth Row: J. Giddcns, J. L. Godbold, H. B. Welch. uk ir 'lr WILLIAM ESP? AI.Ec FORMAN TOMMIE MCMIl.LAN PROP. ROBERT HARWOOD PROP. PROP. W. M. HEPBURN DEAN MEMBERS ALTO V. LEE WILL JOHN VARDAMAN R. G. MAGISTER LEE FRATRES IN FA:uLTATE DR. RICHARD C. FOSTER EDWARD LIVINGSTON A. J. FARRAH SADLER KILGORE PETE LANIER JIMMIE CALDWELL JIMMIE GIDDENS D. K. MASON JIMMIE ToMPK:Ns JOHN BRITTON MAlJRlCE RAINS LELAND RXNDALI. SAM PIPES DICK RILEY MACDONALD GALLION MIMS ROGERS TOM SEALE RALPH GARRISON Active Chapters Colors . Flower . W Publication , Page Three Huna'red Twenty-six JOI-IN GODBOLD HENRY WELCH JAMES FITE OLIVER BRANTLEY GREER M'URPHX' BILLY MALONE JOI-IN COXWELL FRANK TIPLER FRANK GAINES T. B. WARD I-IENRY WELCH Sixty-five Claret Red and Pearl Blue . . The Iacqueminot Rose The Brief 'Ir uk PHI ALPHA DELTA National Legal Fraternity Founded at Yale University, 1898 uk 'A' Active Chapters . ....... Fifty-two National Publication . . The Phi Alpha Della Quarterly Colors ..,, , , . Old Gold and Purple Flower . . . . . . . Red Carnation john Tyler Morgan Chapler Established 1922 This professional Legal Fraternity seeks to give law students contacts with practicing attorneys in an attempt to acquaint them with actual practice. This is accomplished by joint lunch- eons with alumni chapters. In addition Phi Alpha Delta seeks to encourage students in a deeper study of present day prob- lems of the bar. FRATRES IN FACULTATE Wl'IlTLEY P. MCCOY JACOB GEFFS JOHN V. MASTERS FRATRES IN URBE GEORGE A. LEMAISTRE jo!-IN C. PEARSON MARC R. CLEMENT LEON Y. SADLER ROBERT BENNETT EARNEST STROUD ROBERT S. IVIILNER JIM DARDEN WATROUS GARRETT BILLY GRAYSON EDWARD WHITE I-IUDERT BURNS CHARLES W. GROss RAIEORD OLIVER MEMBERS RICHARD HUNT MAUIQICE BISHOP A. R. POWELL MERRll.l. C. WALL MORTIMEII JORDAN RAYMOND HEPNER SMITH PLEDGES lvAN MATTHEWS ED DELONEY RALEIGH CUTRER ir ir First Row: L. Y. Sadler, R. H. Bennett. E. L. Stroud. Second Row: A. R. Powell. M. C. Wall, M. Jordan. Third Row: L. I. Smith, R. A. Hepncr. Fourth Row: E. R. White, R. T. Cutrur. LEON Y. SADLER . ROBERT BENNETT . EARNEST STROUD . A. R. POWELL . CHIEF JUSTICE SADLER Page Three Hundred T1vent9"ff'Vf" OFFICERS 'A' Chief justice Vice-Justice . Clerk , Marshall A A ALPHA EP ILO ELTA A Publication Colors . Flower , M Otto . Alabama Alpha Chapter Established in 1926 . . The Scalpel Red and Violet . . Red Rose "Truth I Pursue" First Row: M. Dfmiel, T. Dominick, 13. Gruhnm, J. Graves. Second Row: R. Grubbs, M. Hacker, H. Hodo, J. Matthews. Third Row: F. S. Moody, O, Park, T. Patton, H. Searcy. Fourth Row: J. Ulrich, E. Underwood, T. Wcnr, C. J. Williams. ir 'k 'lr DR. K. CooNs DR. J. M. FORNEY DR. HARVEY SEARCY XVILLIAM T. BRANNON FRANCIS R. BURNS ALVIN CAMP WILLIAM W. CURTIS MARGARET D. DANIEL TOM B. DOMINICK BRUCE GRAHAM JEAN GRAVES ROY J. GRUBBS MARGARET F. HACKER HENRY G. HERROD HENRY Hooo Page Three Hundred Twenty-eight PRESIDENT GRUBBS FRATRES IN FACULTATE MR. C. G. BRECKENRIDGE DR. JOHN Y. GRAHAM MR. HENRY ANDERSON DR. STUART GRAvEs DR. EMMETT B. CARMICHAEL DR. B. P. KAUFMAN DR. J, P. MONTGOMERY DR. SEPTIMA SMITH DR. B. A. WOOTEN FRATRES IN URBE DR. T. H. PATTON MEMBERS CAMPBELI. KIDD JANE MATTHEWS FRANK SIMS Moony OAKLEY K. PARK 'THOMAS H. PATTON, JR. HARRIET SEARCY JOHN L. ULRICH EDGAR UNDERWOOD HUBERT WASHBURN THOMAS RALPH WEAR CAROLINE WILLIAMS WII.LIAM G. WOOD Purpose: To encourage excellence in prcmeclical work and to bind together students who are entering the field of medicine i' 'A' i' C H I E T A P H I Founded at Randolph-Macon College in 1916 Purpose: To promote a general interest in science among the student body of all schools. ir ir 'lr Colors , , Colonial Blue and Crimson Flower , . . Cape Jasmine Motto . "Scientia Omnia Vinci!" FRATRES IN FACULTATE DR. JACK MONTGOMERY DR. LLOYD DR. B. A. WOOTEN PROF. CUDWORTH PROP. MAXWELL PROP. BANDER PROP. ANDREWS MR. MCKAY MR. WALKER MEMBERS JOHN L. ULRICH IRVING FELDMAN STEVE FERRARIS STANLY ZUMBA HERBERT THALER STARK PERRY JOHN DILLON A. BRUCE COOPER BERNARD SPITZ PATRICK MORGAN EDWARD VETTEL HOWARD COOK JOHN ELLERBUSH WILLIAM SPRINGER R. I. SPRINGFIELD WII.I.lAM SPENCER RICHARD MCKINLEY ERIC J. SCHELLENBERGER H. B. HANSON GERALD WESSLER M. ESKRIDGE CARL ADAMS ED. J. PELOCHINO XVILLIAM TONGE JOI-IN LIGHT MILTON DAVIDSON MARVIN ROSENBERG WESLEY COOK THOMAS SHIPLY SIDNEY WILKER JOHN M. OJDONOVAN 'A' 'A' First Row: J. L. Ulrich, S. Forruris, J. A. Dillon, B. Spitz. Second Row: J. Ellcrbush, R. McKinley, H. B. Hanson, G. Wcsuler. Third Row: C. Adams., W. R. '1'OnIz4-, E. Folclmun. H, Cook, Fourth Row: W. S. Sprimzer, W. F. Spcrlcvr, E. J. SUl'I0llL'lllll'l'1.ZCY' Fifth Row: J. H. Liirhl. M. P. Rust-nbumx, T. N. Shipley. PRESIDENT ULRICH Page Three Hundred Twenty-nine Ik OFFICERS JOHN L. ULRICH . , President STEVE FERRARIS . . . Vice-President BERNARD SPITZ . ..... Secretary HERBERT THALER . . Correxpanding Secretary JOHN4 DILLON . .... Treayurer EDWARD VETTEL . . Historian ak R -RDELTA IGMA PIR Alpina Sigma Chapter International Commerce Society Founded at New York University in 1907 Alpha Sigma Chapter in 1926 OFFICERS CHARLIE DAVIS . vl.. I Hfddmd-'lf' NOEL CUMBAA - Tffafwff ELMER PHILLIPS . A A Sffibf First Row: T. F. Bristol, R. H. Carlson, H. Carroll, N. T. Cumbaa. o R W Dnvics C Dnvi-I E Houier R Klick Second Rw: . . '. . -. - - I - - Third Row: VV. E. Phillips, J. V. Purlt, E. P. Paul, G. M. Rodger. Fourth Row: E. M. Rupert, T. Sturlin, P. G. Thomas, W. P. Thomas. Fifth Row: J. C. Adams, S. N. Black, H. L. Kaup, W. Klick. Sixth Row: S. R. Nesbitt, M. W. Robinson, C. B. Suhlman, L. J. Thomas. i' 'Ir if HEADMASTER DAVIS FRATRES IN FACULTATE DR. MARCUS WHITMAN MR. WARD MCFARLAND DR. L. J. NATIONS MR. H. V. MITCHELL DR. BURTON R. MORLEY MR. RALEIGH CUTRER MR. W. M. ADAMSON DR. JAMES H0l.LADAY TOM BRISTOL ROBERT CARLSON HARRY CARROLL NOEL CUMISAA ROBERT DAVIES CHARLES DAVIS DR. H. I-I. CHAPMAN MR. WINSTON SCOTT MEMBERS TOM STARLIN PAUL THOMAS W. PAUL THOMAS JOHN C. ADAMS SI-IERLEY BLACK WILLIAM DUFFEY ir if ERNEST FXTE H.1POLD HELMS EDGAR HOUSER HAROLD KAUP HERNDON HODGES WALTER KLICK ROBERT KLICK STERLIN NESBIT ELMER PHILLIPS MILTON ROIIINSON JAMES PARK CARSTEN, SAHLMAN ERIS PAUL MENZIES RODGER EVERETT RUPERT ELMER SCHLEGAL JOHN STEFFINS L. J. THOMAS FRANK S. WELLS Purpose: TO foster the study of business in universities, 011' courage scholarship, and promote closer affiliation between the commercial world and students of commerce. Active Chapters . . . Fifty-one Publication . ..... The Deltasig Colors . Old Gold and Royal Purple Flower . . I , Red RON Page Three Hundred Thirty ir 'lr 'lr .Senior Honorary Sociely If IASQNS r Founded at the University of Alabama, 1914 Purpose: To promote interest in college activities and scholar- ship, and as il Senior Honor Society, to recognize leadership, ability, and character in every school and college in the University. merit and Colors . . Black and Gold Flower . . Sweet Pea FRATRES IN FACULTATE DR. WILLIAM B. SAFFOLD DEAN LEE Bmoooo JoHN M. GALLAL.EE DEAN D.AliNEY S. LANCASTER BEN ANDIERSON BERT BANK YOUNG BoozER JIMMY CALDWELL REGINAL CAIQTER RICHARD EMERSON HARRIS GORDON BROOK GAIIRETT Roy GRLIIIBS PETE LANIER MARX LEVA MORTIMER JORDAN JAMES H. NEWMAN BROOKS FOREHAND ROBERT K. BELL J. O. SMITH MEMBERS BERNIE FELD FRANK M. Moooy FRANK S. Mooov HUGH MERRILL WILI,IAM T. LEWIS FRANCIS OSBoRN SAM PIPES JAMES NISBET HENRY REID ToM STARLIN PAUL THOMAS JOHN WITHERSPOON 'A' 'Ir 'lr uk Ik if l First Row: B. AIIrIorSon. ll. Bunk, Y. Iloozvr, J. L. Cnldwull, W. R. Cnrtvr. Second Row: R. B. Emerson, H. Gordon, B. G. Gm'I'vtt. R. J. Grubbs, M. H. Lnnicr. Third Row: M. Levn. M. Jordon, B. Fclrl, F. M. Moody, F. S. Moody. Fourth Row: W. T. Lewis, P. F. Osborn, S. Pillus. B. Nishct.. Fifth Row: H. F. Rn-id. T. Stnrlin, W. P. 'I'homI1S, J. F. Witht-rgmumh OFFICERS HENRY F. REID, JR. .... . President JAMES NEDET , . . Vice-Presidenl SAM W- PIPES I . Sewelary-Treaxurer PRESIDENT REID Page Three Hundred Thirty-one 'Ir A Nalional Honor Fraternity A National College honorary activities fraternity for men, founded in 1914 at Washington and Lee University, basing its membership on distinction in scholarship, athletics, social leadership, publications, and forensic activities. IOTA CIRCLE Publication . ..... , The Ciyflg First Row: C. W. Allen, J. P. Ansley, Y. Boozcr, J. L. Caldwell. Second Row: 'I'. H. Dominick, H. R. Downs. R. B. Emerson, 13. D. Feld. Third Row: W. C. Hinos, M. Jordan, R. Kilizore, M. H. Lanier. Fourth Row: M. Lcva. W. T. Lewis, B. McLeod, F. S. Moody. Fifth Row: P. M. Razors, T. Stnrlin, W. P. Thomas. 'lr ir ir MR. RALPH E. ADAMS RICHMOND C. BEATTY DR. MR. R. K. BELL MR. JEFF COLEMAN COACH H. G. CRISP DR. GEORGE H. DENNY DEAN J. J. DOSTER COACH HAR0l.D D. DREW DR. VV. G. ECHOLS DEAN A. J. FARRAH PROP. BROOKS FOREHAND PROP. JOHN M. GALLALEE MR. JAMES T. HARDWICK MR. H. B. WALKER CLEVE W. ALLEN, JR. JOHN P. ANSLEY MAURICE F. BISHOP YOUNG BOOZER JAMES LEE CALDWELL TOM BOYD DOMINICK HERBERT R. DOWNS RICHARD B. EMERSON A OMICRCDN DELTA KAPPA A ir PRESIDENT CALDWELL FRATRES IN FACULTATE PROF: WILLIAM M. HEPBURN PRoF. SHALER C. HOUSER DR. BERWIND P. KAUFMAN DEAN DAENEY S. LANCASTER DEAN S. J. LLOYD DR. GEORGE LANG PROF. D. H. MCCUAIG MR. JAMES MCMILLAN DR. J. P. MONTGOMERY MR. J. H. NEWMAN DR. W. P. OTT DR. W. B. SAEFoLD MR. J. O. SMITH MEMBERS W. C. HINES MORTIMER H. JORDAN ROBERT G. KILGORE, JR. MILTON, H. LANIER, JR. MARX LEvA WILLIAM T. LEWIS BEN W'. MCLEOD FRANK SIMS MOODY MIMS ROGERS TOM STARLIN BERNIE FELD, JR. WILLIAM L. HAWLEY W. PAUL THOMAS OFFICERS JAMES LEE CALDWELL . . , . President MILTON H. LANIER, JR. . . Vice-President JAMES H. NEWMAN . . Secretary MARX LEVA . . . Treasurer Page Three Hundred Tl-fifty-two 'A' 'Ir A National Society for Senior Women SoRoREs IN FACULTATE AND HONORARY MEMBERS MARY ROBERTSON MIRIAM LocIcE FRANCES GREENwooD ELIZABETH SHIRLEY FANNIE PICKENS TARTT AGNES ELLEN HARRIS DIXIE BIBB GRAVES Neicla HUMPHREY . MYRA DUNHAM . DORIS I-IARKINS . . ETHEL TANKERSLEY MARIE DROLET . . ELEANOR DAVIS . . ELIZABETH WILKINSON ELLELEE BosWEI.L RUTH HOSTET1,ER if MCRTAR BCDARD R MARTHA P. HOUSER IRA B. Moouy DANYLU BELSER ELIZABETH COLEMAN HENRIETTA THOMPSON JENNIE MORRIS HOWARD ETHEL J. SAXMAN MEMBERS . . . . . . Prexident . Vice-President . . Secretary . . Treasurer . .... Editor . . . . Keeper of Points . . Keeper of Cap: and Gowns ANN CALHOUN AIISEEN VICK PRESIDENT HUMPHREY First Row: N. Humphrey, M. Dunham, D. Hiirkins. Second Row: Tnnkerslcy, M. Drolut. E. Dnvis. Third Row: E. Wilkinson, E. Boswell, R. Hostetlcr. Fourth Row: A. Calhoun, A. Vick. Purpose: To provide for the cooperation of the women students, to promote college loyalty, to advance the spirit of service and fellowship Rmong University women, to lhililildln and recognize a high 'standard of scholarship, and to stimulate :Incl develop a higher type of college women. Election to Mortar Board is based on scholarship, leadership, and service. Page Tl-:ree Hundred Thirty-three 'lr 'lr 'A' ak if -A' -A' A -A' DRUID Theta Chapter Founded at Pennsylvania State College in 1907 OFFICERS lvl.-XSSEY BEDSOLE . . . . . . President BILLY KLING . . Vice-Presidenl FRANK COBB . . . Secretary JOHN PLUMMER . Treasurer First Row: I". Cobb, Wm. Klimr. R. Loeb, M. Budsolc. Second Row: C. C. Marlrlvn. L. Palmer. J. F. Marshall, J. Plummer. Thirrl Row: C. Holman, C. Ovc-rstroet, H. A. Lonxz. Fourth Row: J. Churman, J. D. Hardy, E. Cunwuy. ir 'A' 'A' FRANK COBB BILLY KLING ROBERT LOEB MASSEY BEDSOLE CHARLES MADDEN LYN PALMER JOIIN MARSHALL Page Three Hundred Thirty-four i' 'lr 'Ir uk PRESIDENT BEDSOLE MEMBERS JOHN PLUMMER CLARENCE HOLMAN CHARLIE OVERSTREET GEORGE TURNER HAROLD LONG JESSE CHAPMAN JAMES HARDY ED CONWAY Purpose: To recognize male freshmen who have been out standing in scholarship, character, leadership, and Service Symbol . , . . The Oak Lea Active Chapters . . . . Seven ul' ul' 'kRHO ALPHA TAU-A' if ir Purpose: To acquaint fraternity freshmen with life on the University campus, and to imbue them with the proper ideals of achievement. It is properly conducted by the outstanding men in the freshman class, and these leaders are selected from each fraternity. Colors . . Orange and Black Fl0W9l' . , Lily of the Valley I'lENRY HILES JACK CORBITT PRESTON CANNADY BROOKS HAYES STEWART WEI.CH BEN MARSHALL WlLl.IAM FARMER JAMES BURSON ARNOLD DRENNEN JOHN BUCK JAMES BROWN GEORGE PARTRIDGE Wll.LlAM CARTER CARR MCCORMACK DARWIN MCDANIEI. CHARLES MAIN OSCAR DAPiLENE GRADY CLEVELAND DICK WARNER DAVID PATTON FRANK CAFFEY ROBERT PIPES MEMBERS DAVID EDWARD LANDHAM C. W. PLOWDEN LAMAR RAMSEY ROBERT HARRIS I'lERBER'I' SPALDEN JAMES SIMONS REX CROCKER IRA Tl-IOMPSON JAIVIES NELSON NICK VICKERS LEO WILLIAMS CAREY BRADY MARIIURY MILLSAPS JACK COPPEDGE TED HANAH TED TREADWAY HARRY BROWNING CARL BENTLY OLIVER YOUNG XVILLIAM WOOD MARVIN Al.BRlTTON JOHN BLANTON PRUETT HENRY C. HILES BEN MARSHALL . JAMES BROWN . OSCAR DAHLENE l PRESIDENT I-IILES Page Three 'Ir 'lr wk First Row: H. Hilcs, J. Corbitt. P. li. Cilllllllfly, B- HHYCS, S. Welch, VV. F!ll'l'YlCl'. Second Row: J. Burson, A. Drcnncn, J. Huck, J. Brown, G. Ihirtrirlirv, W. D, Carter, Third Row: C. McCormack, D. McDaniel, C. Main, 0. Duhluno, G. Clcvvlunrl, ll. F. Cnffav. Fourth Row: R. F. Pipes, E. Lnnflhum. C. W. Plowdvn, L. Ramsay, R. R, Hm-1-is, F. H. Sp,.Q,,mn Fifth Row: J. Simmons, R. Crocker, I. Thompson, J. Nolsun. N. Vickers, L. Williams. Sixth Row: C. Brady, M. Millsaps, J. Comwzlyxu. T. Humih, T. Trcudwzxy. H. Brownimr. Seventh Row: C. Bentley, 0. Yuunxr, W. D. Wood, M. Albritton, J. Blanton. D. I'I-III-LL. Hundred Thirty-five OFFICERS - - . Prcsidenl Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer 'lr ir J. WILBERT JORDAN R. MANSFIELD JONES BILL HERMAN . JAMES T. HARDWICK Y.M.C.A. NICR CABINE OFFICERS . . President Vice-President . Secretary . General Secretary First Row: W. Jordan, W. Herman, A. Cook, R. Albonezso, R. Keeney, J. Jones. Second Row: J. Rutliff, P. Kittlc, C. Utlcy, J. Conwvll, T. Lnscari, J, Griffin. Third Row: J. Hull, G. Herr, J. HcI'itII.1.r0. S. N. liluck, T. Thrasher, T. Taylor. Fourth Row: VV. lioiznrt, R. Loch, T. Bristol, S. Lee, 'l'. Johnston, R. Ford. Fifth Row: C. Ramcy, T. Wear, J. Hull, L. Johnson, J. Cannon, N. Smart. Sixth Row: J. Glass, W. Lewis, C. Butonmn, N. Anderton, J. Grnnade, J. McEniry. 'Ir ir 'Ir RICHARD BRICKATES WILLIAM A. DOZIER WOODROW GEIER RED OGDEN ALLAN COOK DICK ALBANESE BOE KEENEY JOHN R. JONES JOHN RATLIFF PAUL KITTLE ODUM UTLEY BILL BERK JOE CONWELL TED LASCARI JIM SNOW GRIFFIN BILL PINEzzA JOE HALL GENE HERR Russ I-IERETAGE NORMAN BLACK TOM THRASHER JACK TAYLOR WALT BOGART ROBERT LOEI3 CY STRICKLAND PRESIDENT JORDAN MEMBERS ELIIERT THOMAS HALL WVOODALL JESSE HEARN ART HABER TOM BRISTOL SAM LEE TOM JOHNSTON RALPH FORD ED HEYWARD CHARLES RAMEY JAMES BRADFORD TOM WEAR JOE HULL LESLIE JOHNSTON WARREN WEBSTER JIM CANNON NEIL SMART JEROME REA JAMES CASEY JAMES GLASS WILLIAM LEWIS CHARLES BATEMAN NORMAN ANDERTON JAMES GRENADE BILL NOLAN J. HOWARD MCENIRY DR. GEO. H. DENNY DR. RICHARD FOSTER BEN H. GREEN M. TORREY JEMISON HON. D. K. JONES I-JR. GEORGE LANG OWEN MEREDITH ADVISORY BOARD DR. RALPH MACBURNEY HON. A. BRUCE MCEACHIN DEAN J. H. NEWMAN DR. JACK MONTGOMERY H. H. YODER RICHARD EMERSON HARGROVE VAN DE GRAFF i' ir l L. H. WOODLEY The Young lVlen's Christian Association of the University of Alabama is El union of Student and faculty members for the following purposes: To develop a fellowship among students with the general purpose of qualifying them in living the ideals of Jesus as they unclerstancl them. To create and maintain El finer spirit and attitude religiously, intellectually, and socially, by living a full and creative life. Page Three Hundred Tlvirly-six 'A' The Y. M. C. A. Freshman Cabinet was organized to create and maintain a finer spirit and attitude religiously, intellec- tually, and socially by living a full and creative life and to qualify freshman students for the purpose of carrying on the work of the Y. M. C. A. Senior Cabinet. BROOKS HAYES PETE PRATER GEORGE BREEN OSCAR DAHLENE W. D. WOOD AL WANNAMAKER RAY PUMPHREY RICHARD FRANKS MIKE DIscO Y. M. C. A. R HMAN CAI-31 E 'A' MEMBERS VAL LAZAR A. W. LUCE GOODMAN EVERETTE ROBERT SHUTTLEWORTH JOHN YUELL EDWARD KUSHNER CHARLES WOOD WILL ORMAND JOHN ENGLISH , GRADY CLEVELAND . FRED LARCEN . . L. C. COUCI-I . . MARBURY MILLSAPS . GEORGE MURRAY . ALLEN COOK . . PRESIDENT CLEVELAND Page Three Humfrra' Thirty-xcven 'A' ul' First Ruw: G. Cleveland, M. Millsaps, G. Murray. Second Row: ll. Hnyos, O. Dnhlcno. W. D. Wood. Third Row: A. Wzxnzlmnkcr. R. Pumphrey, A. W. Luce. Fourth Row: G. Everett, J. Ycucll, W. Ormond. OFFICERS 'A' . . President Vice-President , Secretary . Reporter . Treasurer Senior A dviser ul' 'A' 'Ir Y. W. C. A Purpose: To live a fuller and more creative life through the growing knowledge Of God. First Row: M. Nix, O. Knox, L. Drolut. D. Levine, A. Calhoun. Second Row: M. Drolet, F. Morrow, D. Iloclwolo, J. Prentice, N. Anthony. Third Row: J. Mandeville, S, Isbell, Y. Levine, F. lioozcr, M. Arant. Fourth Row: E. Robertson, A. Meyers, P. Housur, J. McDermott, I. Patton. Fifth Row: M. Evans, A. McClurkin, E. Dixon. S. Evans, A. White. Sixth Row: L. Ingram, C. Hayes, S. Gilmore. G. Thomas, M. E, Suaszlu. Seventh Row: S. Miller, V. Dorrc-ll, M. 'l'homa:4, E. Orkin, H. Searcy, N. Searcy. 'tr 'A' 'A' JANE MANDEVILLE SUE ISBELL ALBERTA FAULKNER YETTA LEVINE FRANCES BOOZER MARY LUCILE ARANT GRACE HUTCHINSON ERNESTINE ROBERTSON AMY MEYERS PEGGY I-IOUSER JANE IXIICDERMOTT JANE NEVILLE IRENE PATTON MARY ANNE EVANS ALMA MCCLLIRKIN ETHEL DIXON SARA EVANS MARGARET Nrx . LOUISE KNOX . LOIS DROLET . DORA LEVINE ANNE CALHOUN . . MARIE DROLET FRANCES MORROW , . JULIA PRENTICE . . JULIA DOLFINI . . . NINA Jo ANTHONY . . MARY ELIZABETH WILBURN BETTY NORTON . . . Page Three Hundred Thirty-eight ir 'A' 'lr PRESIDENT NIX MEMBERS ALMA LOIS WWI-IITE LORRAINE INGRAM CARRIE MAE I-IYES SARA GILMORE GWEN THOMAS HELEN MOSES ANNE WALKER MARY ELIZABETH SEAGLE Q SARA MILLER JAIME LEE WAID VIRGINIA DORRELL JAMANETTE I"iENNESSEY MABEL THOMAS ELIZABETH ORKIN I-IARRIET SEARCY NINA ROSS SEARCY FRANCES RUSHTON OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Chairman Freshman Orientation Chairman Freshman Commission . Chairman Social DOLLY BEDSOLE . . Chairman Social Welfare . Chairman Publicity . Chairman Library . Chairman Vespers Chairman Vespers . Chairman Program Committee Committee Committee Committee Committee Committee Committee MRS. JENNIE MORRIS HOWARD .... Faculty Aa'-viser A A A E WIA, CLUB A f A Publication . . Newman News Colors . , . . Purple and Gold Motto . . "Heart Sperlketh to Heart" OFFICERS EUGENE IVIARTINY .... . . President LEO MILLER . . . Vice-President ELSIE WAIER .,...... Secretary-Treasurer FRATRES IN FACULTATE REVEREND FATHER HATCHETTE DR. HAGGERTY EUGENE MARTINY LEO MILLER ELSIE WAIER MARGUERITE BREEDEN ROSITA JIMINEY CLARENCE HORN ROSEMARY PRITCHARD CYRIL BREZA MARTIN ANDERSON WILLIAM ALLMAN DOROTHY A. PARNELL MARGARET M. POWERS EDWARD J. BUKOWSKY MICHAEL CICATELLO LYDA CAMPBELL ANTHONY CHIEFFO LUCIEN DZILENSKI WILLIAM J. FRITTON DOROTHY E. GEHRIG HERBERT GILLOTT FRANK GORMAN MARY DEMSHOCK EDWARD COSTELLO RICHARD CARSON CASPER CAMPANA FRANKLIN SWEET MAIIGARET BALDWIN HOWARD BROWNE ZYGMUND DOLIBROSKI MARGARET M. MCGOLDRICH CAROLYN KREBS JANE KREBS CHARLES DRUMM ROBERT MURICH JULIA HEUCH JOHN FRANCIS HARRIS HELEN HIGBEE FRANK KRUPP MEMBERS GEORGE ZIVICH JOSEPH WILLIAMS ROBERT TYO MARY E. TOOMEY FRED SISCHKA ALBERT ST. LOUIS JOHN REGAN RUTH ROCKER LOUIS RAMBO JOIIN RATLIFF CHARLES RALSTON WILLIAM J. lVIEANS NOLA RITA MORERE MARY MEANEY ROBERT MCALISTER FRANCES MARTELL RITA R. LAINO MARY E. LOGAN ALICE LISKA EDWARD KOMANDO EDWARD PELOCHINO JOHN MASSA FRANKLIN SCHUPP EDWARD ST. GEORGE RICHARD SCHNEFEL lVlICl-iAEL PRESTERA MARTA PILNY LOUIS PARKER JAMES T. NELSON JOHN J. MCCARTHY FRANK MCCARTHY JOSEPH WITHERSPOON RUTH WITHERSPOON JOHN WITHERSPOON EIXWARD LEE WHELAN GRETCHEN MILLER TOSKA KLEMENS ROBERT JACKSON LOUISE HIGBEE PRESIDENT MARTINY First Row: E. Murtiny, M. E. Wuier, R. A. l7l'ill!lHll'll, W. L. Allman, L. Dzilenski, W. J. Fr-itton. Second Row: D. Gchripr, H. Gillutt, F. Gorman, M. Demshi-ck. R. Carson. C. Cumpnnn. Third Row: M. Baldwin, H. C. liruwnc. Z. Domhroski. C. R. Krebs, J. M. Krebs, C. F. Drumm. Fourth Row: J. F. Henek, J. F. Harris, H. Hiubue, F. J. Krnpp, G. Zivich, M. E. Toomey. Fifth Row: A. St. Louis, J. F. Rm-zxnn, R. H. Rvehur, L. Rnnilo, J. Rntliff, C. F. Ralston. Sixth Row: N. R. Morere, R. E. Nh-Alistvr, M. E. Lwrnn. A. Liskn, F. J. Sehumm, R. Schnefel. Seventh Row: M. R. l'I'est,erII, M. Pilny, J. Nelson. J. J. MeCnrLhy, I". J. MeCnrthy. Eighth Row: J. NViLhr-rsgmun. E. L. Whelan, G. Miller. R. J. Jackson, L. li. Hiirbee. The Newman Club is Catholic Clubs" and of Cubs. As a religious rhe, Catholic student. clzvelop leadership, and Z1 member Of the international organization 'iThc Federation of College the Gulf States province of the American Federation of College Catholic social organization, Newman Club is performing an valuable service for The purpose of the Newman ClLIb is to Supplement secular education, to make the life of the Catholic student ns happy and useful as possible. Page Three Hundred Thirty-nina A A ALABAMA UADRANCILE A A Religious Honor Society Founded at the University of Alabama, 1919 OFFICERS JAMES BRADFORD . . . , President WATROUS GARRET1' , Treasurer ERNEST G. WILLIAMS . . Secretary NEIL SMART . . . . Devolional Secretary NEIL CAROTHERS . . Sergeant-at-Arm: CHARLIE DAVIS . , . . . . . . . .... Historian First Row: A. Atkins, M. lledsole, E. P. Brouxzhton, W. H. Burns, J. L. Caldwell, N. J. Carothers. Second Row: J. Chapman, W. H. Cumbic, F. Chandler, J. M. Cole, W. L. Cole, C. Davis. Third Row: T. B. Dominick, R. B. Emerson, J. Foreman, L. P. Francis, B. G. Garrett, W. T. Garrett. Fourth Row: R. J. Grubbs, L. M. Johnson, G. Johnston. M. Jordan, J. W. Jordan. R. Maumenee. Fifth Row: R. P. McDavid, F. M. Moody, F. S. Moody, C. McGee, T. H. Patton, S. Pipes. Sixth Row: A, C. Rankin, M. E. Rnins, N. R. Smart, M. Snow, J. Taylor, T. Warren. Seventh Row: E. Williams, D. Williams, P. W. Williams, S. W. Williams, G. L. Zorn, G. P. White. ir 'lr 'lr PRESIDENT BRADFORD FRATRES IN FACULTATE DR. GEORGE H. DENNY JEFF COLEMAN WADE COLEMAN DEAN LANCASTER DR. JACK MONTGOMERX' DR. H. C. PANNELL C. E. XVILLIAMS ALTO' WHITEHURST ASSOCIATE MEMBERS ROBERT F. ADAMS TOM STARLIN LCN ATKINS MASSEY BEDSOLE ROBERT BIBB ELLIOT BROUGHTON JAMES P. BRADFORD l"lUBERT BURNS JIMMY CALDWELL NEIL CAROTHERS JESSE CHAPMAN GARY CLIMBIE FAIRLY CHANDLER MARINER COLE BILLY COLE CHARLIE DAVIS JAMES CONALD TOM BOYD DOMINICK RICHARD EMERSON JAMES FOREMAN PAUL FRANCIS BROOX GARRETT WVATROUS GARRETT ROY GRUBBS LESI. IE JOHNSON PAUL THOMAS PETE THOMAS MEMBERS GILBERT JOHNSTON MORTIMER JORDAN J. WVILBERT JORDAN RAIICLIFFE MAUMENEE BOB MCDAVID HERBERT MlTCHEl.L FRANK M. MOODY FRANK S. MOODY CLINTON MCGEE T. HERBERT PATTON SAM PIPES ALLEN RANKIN MAURICE RAINS NEIL SMART MAC SNOW JULIAN TAYLOR TOM WARREN RAYMOND WELCH ERNEST G. WILLIAMS DOYLE WILLIAMS PEYTON WILLIAMS SPOTTSWOOD WILLIAMS GEORGE ZORN GEORGE WHITE Quadrangle stands for the development of the four square man, for higher Standards of Christian character, and for general betterment of the student body. Page Three Hundrea' Forty kWfQMEN7S ATHLETIC SSCCIATIONH SPORT MANAGERS MARTHA MlCHAEl.S . LOUISE ANIJERS . ALICE BEAL . ELOISE HYATT . SARAH Toon ALTA ELY . . EDNA MAE GALE . HELENE SMITH . ELSIE XVAIER . RENA STOTT . MARY HOLMAN . CHAIRMAN ANDERS . Archery . . . . Golf . Horseback Riding . . . Riflery . Outing . Swimming . Tennix . . . Baxlzelball Baseball and Volleyball Tennis Tournamenls . Recreational Sports uk 'A' ir First Row: L. Andi-rs, M. MiCl121l'lS, A. Beal. Second Row: E. Hyatt. S. Todd, A. Ely. Third Row: E. M. Gale, H. Smith. E. Wnior. Fourth Row: R. Stott, M. Hulmun. LOUISE ANDERS . , Chairman of tbe Board Page Three Hundred Forty-one -APHILGMATHIC LITERARY QCIETYH Founded at Universily of Alabama in 1832 Incorporated by Act of Legislature in 1845 Philomathic offers an opportunity for students to develop ability in public speaking, debating, and expression. It conducts a forum for discussion of public affairs by regular programs, and Seeks to develop the art of self-expression in this manner. Activities: Banquet . . . Smokers . . , Presentation of speakers . . , Selection of new members, basing such purely on merit . . . Radio Programs. First Row: D. Williams, W. Jordan, W. Garrett, A. Agree, L. Bricken, H. Bush. Second Row: R. Carlson, N. Carothers. C. Davis, J. Day, R. Emerson, J. Forman. Third Row: T. Fitzgerald, R. Ford, ll. Garrett, J. Gilmore, E. Hauser, H. Howard. Fourth Row: T. Johnston, W. Klick, S. Lee, R. Marslanal, G. Mcliurney. P. McDaniel. Fifth Row: F. M. Moody, L. Palmer, W. Phillips, G. Pirkle, C. Ramey, A. Smith. Sixth Row: Mc. Snow, J. Taylor, G. Turner, R. Wilbanks, E. Williams, S. Wise. 'lr 'A' 'lr ALLWIN AGEE JAMES BRADFORD LLEWELLYN BRICKEN HAMP BUSH ROBERT C. CARLSON NEIL CARoTI-IERS FRED CLAY KENNETH COOPER CHARLES DAVIS JOHN DAY RICHARD EMERsoN ARCHIE FERRELL JAMES FOREMAN ToM FITZGERALD RALPH FORD BROOK GARRETT WATROUS GARRETT EDISON GILMORE Woomzow GILMORE EDGAR I-IAUSER I-IADLEY HOWARD LAMAR JACKSON PRESIDENT VVILLIAMS MEMBERS ToM JOHNSTON J. WILBERT ,ICRDAN WALTER KLICK SAM LEE MILLARD LYNCH RICHARD MARSLAND GEORGE MCBURNEY PHILLIP MCDANIEL FRANK M. Moopv LINN PALMER DAVID PATTON ELMER PHILLIPS GASTON PIRKLE CHARLES RAMEY LOFTIN RICE A. M. SMITH MCLESTER SNOW JULIAN TAYLOR GEORGE -TURNER ROBERT S. WILBANKS, JR DOYLE WILLIAMS ERNEST WILLIAMS SAXON WISE CFFICERS 1 DOYLE WILLIAMS ..... . . President J. WILBERT JORDAN . . Vice President WATROUS GARRETT . . Secretary KENNETH COOPER . . Treasurer Page Three Hundred Forty-two -Ir EXCE SI HONORARY MEMBERS DR. BIDGOOD DR. LANG DR. DENNY DR. DOSTER DR. BLASINGAME DR. HOWE DEAN LANCASTER MR. BASKIN WRIGHT MR. WADE COLEMAN ASSOCIATE MEMBERS MARINER COLE LEE CRUMI1 CHARLES DAVIS JOHN DAY BERNIE FELD BROOX GARRETT WATROUS GARRETT Al.LWIN AGEE MASSEY BEDSOLE HOMER BRYANT JESSE CHAPMAN PAUL FRANCIS EDISON GILMORE STANLEY KAHN BILLY KLING SAM LEE ROBERT C. CARLSON BOD NJCDAVID SAxON WISE WILl.lAM NELSON LOETIN RICE JACK TAYLOR CHARLES STERNE EUGENE THOMLY CHARLES RAMEY EDGAR HOUSER, JR. DOYLE Wll.l.lAMS JOE HULL KENNETH COOPER ERNEST ACTIVE WOODROW GILMORE BILLY GRAYSON IRVING JAFFE WILBERT JORDAN TOM JOHNSTON WILSON PARRIS MCLESTER SNOW WILLIAMS MEMBERS RICHARD MARSLAND GASTON PIRKLE RALPH ALAND FRANK CAEEEY JEROME REA NICK VICKERS IRVING RUEEL RANDOLPH MAXWELL IRVING WARNER BROWDER DOl.BE.AR HURERT SPRADLING RAY JOHNSON ARNOLD DRENNEN JACK GALLALEE ROBERT HARRIS JACK DUNNING GEORGE MURRAY ROBERT LOEB GEORGE TURNER JOHN ULRICH J. l"IOWARD MCENIRY CHARLES HAYGOOD CDR LITERAR DCIETY RUEUS HAYGOOD l ir i' i' Firiit Row: J. M. Cole, C. Dnvie-I, J. Day, B. Feld, B. G. Giirrett. W. 'l'. Garrett. Second Row: J. W. Gilmuro, I. W. Jnffc, W. JurIiIIII, 'l'. A. Johnston, M. Snow. E. G. Williams. Third Row: A. Amie, M. Bc-Ilsolc, W. H. Bryant, J. P. Chammun, L. P. lfruncis, S. S. Kahn. Fourth Row: W. Klimr. S. Luv, R. C. CIII'lSoII, R. P. McDIIvid, S. L. Wise. W. R. Nelson. Fifth Row: J. TIlyl0l', C. Sternc. E. Themlvy. C. W. Rumi-y, E. Hzuiscr, D. Williams. Sixth Row: J. F. Hull, R. H. lVlm'shlIInml, G. l'iI'klc, R. Aland. F. Cnffcy, N. Vickers. Seventh Row: E. L. Rubol, R. Maxwell, I. Wlll'llllY, B. Dullwur, l". H. SpI'IIIilinIr, A. Drunnon. J. Gnllnlco. Eiirhlh Row: R. HnI'I'is, J. Diinninu, G. Murray, R. H. Luvb, G. 'lllIl'llL'l', J. L. Ulrich, J. H. Mclflniry. Founded in 1921 Purpose: To improve thought, enlarge reasoning facilities, cultivate Oratory, practices Of the fundamentals of parliamentary procedure, and afford literary culture of il high Order. PRESIDENT JOHNSTON Page Three Hundred Forty-lhrcc ir ul' GWENDOLYN PATTERSON FRANCES HAL BOYKIN LUCILE MAXWELL . TERESA HENDERSON . CARCLI HUN CLUB ak ak OFFICERS . President Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer First Row: G. S. Patterson, F. Boykin, T. Henderson, B, Bnrbour, M. Bzinkhoad. Second Row: M. E. Boron, M. W. Burns, L. Brown, E. Campbell, E. Clinksculcs, Third Row: K. Collins, J. A. Curry, E. M. Edmondson, E. Hays, C. M. Huy:-I. Fourth Row: L. G. Gibson, M. Hxurood, C. Hulladuy, M. Kruut, F. Mullins. Fifth Row: E. Moore, M. Nual, S, Nichols, T. Peebles, J. Phillips. Sixth Row: E. Rowe, E. Stokes, B. Schmitz, I. R. Kirkland, M. E. Thompson, J. A. Watson. 'A' 'A' 'A' RUTH BAMEARGER BETH BARBOUR MARTHA BANKHEAD MARILYN BELCHER FRANCES HAL BOYKIN MARY ELIZABETH BOREN WILELLA BURNS LAVINIA BROWN ELIZABETH CAMPBELL EMMA CLINKSCALES KAY COLLINS JESSIE CURRY RUTH DUREN NEl.LIE GRAY ELLIS CATHERINE ELLIS EDITH EDMONDSON 'rl-IOMASINE FAUGI-IT ETHEL HAYS CARRIE MAE HAYES LILLIAN GREY GIBSON MAXINE HAYGOOD TERESA I-IENBERSON PRESIDENT PATTERSON MEMBERS MAUDE KRAUT DOROTHY JAMES AMELIA MAGEE FRANCES MCKEE LUCILE MAXWELL FLORENCE MULLINS EULA MOORE MARJORIE NEAL SHELBY NICHOLS DOROTHY MCLAURINE GIXVENDOLYN PATTERSON JOYCE PATTERSON DOROTHY PINION THEl.MA PEEBLES JANE PHILLIPS ELEANOR ROWE ELIZABETH STOKES BEATRICE SCHMITZ ANTOINETTE SWIM IDA STRICKLANIJ EDNA SLAYTON MARY EDNA THOMPSON A... CAlK1MA I-IOLLADAY JO ANN WATSON MARY JANE WEAVER Founded at University of Alabama, 1927 Students entering the school of Home Economics realize the need for an Organization to encourage research and to promote fellowship among Home Economic students. Our purpose is to make our life ancl that of others worth living. Colors . . Yellow and Green Flower . . . . Daffodil Page Three Hundred Forty-four K i' uk ak A KNAVE Founded at the University of Alabama in 1933 Knaves is an interfraternity social organization having for its purpose the creation of better understanding among fra- ternal groups. By bringing together members of various social groups it strives to make University functions as representative ELLIOT BROUGI-IToN JAMES CALDWELL CY BROWN BILLY DAVIS BILL GRAYSON BILL JOHNSTON HENRY I-Iooo MORTIMER JORDAN PETE LANIER JUNE MCCAFFERTY FRANK M. Mooov as possible. MEMBERS PRYOR PLUMLEE CHARLIE SAWYER FLOTO SELLS MAC SNOW TOMMY TAYLOR GILBERT JOHNSTON FRANK GAEEoRD JACK WALKER GRADY REYNOLDS FERNWOOD Ml'FCHELL PETE WHITE GOATS PI BRANTLEY PAUL FRANSON RADCLIEE MAUMENEE BILL MALONE Bon MCKENZIE BILLY MCGQWIN Toivl CHAMPION PRESIDENT MOODY nk 'A' First Row: E. Bruuyrhton, J. Cnlmlwoll. W. Johnston, H. Hodo, M. Jordan. Second Row: M. Lnnicr, F. M. Moody, P. Plumlco, Mc. Snow. T. Taylor. Third Row: G. Johnston. F. Gnl'I'm'd. J. Wnlkn-T. G. Reynolda. Fourth Row: F. Mitchell, P. Iiruntlvy. R. Mnumunvu, R. McKenzie. Fifth Row: l'. Frunson. li. Malone. W. McGowan, 'l'. Champion. OFFICERS FRANK MCCORKLE Moom' . . . Prcxidenl MACDONALD GALLION . . Secretary-Treasurer Page Three Himdrcd Forty-five uk 'Ir i' i' A A A ARCH CLUB Founded at the University of Alabama in 1916 The Arch Club is an interfraternity organization to promote mutual fellowship and welfare, OFFICERS ALTO LEE . .... . . Presidenl TOM SEALE , , . Vice-President SAM PIPES . . Secretary-Treasurer First liow: A. Len, J. Vnrduman, L. Kinxr. G. Miller, R.. Miller. Second Row: T. Miller. li. Strain, C. Ovcrstrcet, G. Goldsmith, K. Thetford. Third Row: J. Williams, J. Adams, C. Adams, E. Kinpr, M. Hause. Fourth Row: W. Cole, R. McDzIvid. T. Scale, R. Garrison, W. Deal. Filth Row: B. Beasley, J. Davis, J, Livinxrston, R. Kilxrorc, F. Holcombe. Sixth Row: B. Johnston, G. Murphy, J. Taylor, S. Pipes, J. Bc-eland. 'ir 1' i' Page Three Hundred Fo ir 'lr 'A' PRESIDENT LEE FRATRES IN FACULTATE R. K. BELL ALTO LEE JOHN VARDAMAN LESLIE KING PERCY CROCKER GOERGE MILLER RAYMOND MILLER ToM MILLER BEN STRAIN GEORGE PRATER CHARLES OvERs'rREE'r GEORGE GOLDSMITH KENNON THETFORD JIMMIE WILLIAMS JOHN C. ADAMS CARL ADAMS Eu KING MARCUS I-loUsE BILLY COLE ROBERT HARwooD MEMBERS Bon MCDAVID ToM SEALE RALPH GARRISGN XVIIJLIAM DEAL WILLIAM ESPY BILLY BEASLEY JACK DAVIS JIMMIE LIVINGSTON Bon GREGoRY ED MAUMENEE Bos KILGQRE FLETCHER HOLCOMBE BILLY JOHNSON GREER MURPHY JULIAN TAYLOR WILL SADLER SAM PIPES ,IEEE BEELAND Colors . . Gold and While Flower . . Goldenrod rty-.fix ir Ik Ik Founded at the University of Alabama in 1929 The Greeks is an interfraternity social organization founded THE CIREEKS to promote better feeling and more interest among the various ' fraternities. Parties and other social functions are given to accomplish this aim. HENRY REID . ROBERT HALL . JIMMY LADD . ROBERT DAVIES RoBER'I' HALL DAvIs CAMPBELL ABNER POWELL JAMES PARK DICK RILEY HADLEY HOWARD STANFORD SMITH REGINALD CARTER ALE'XANDER FoREMAN LLEWELLEN BRICKEN BoB CARLSON Boa MCALISTER WlI.LARD LIVINGSTON JIMMY LADD GLEN ELLIOT MAUIIICE RAINS ALEX HAYES DICKEY WALKER BEN FULLER BILLY PATTON JACK HARPER HARRY CARROLL GENE WILLIAMS LEo CLYATT J. C. CRABTREE ROBERT DAVIES HENRY REID Bon LYNGBY ALLEN CROOM DUCKY POND JOHN T. BOYD MILTON MONTGOMERY TOM LEA PRESIDENT REID OFFICERS . President . Vice-President . Secretary . Treaxurer MEMBERS JESSE L. DRENNEN, JR. TDM BRISTOL RALPI-I J. CODE, JR. O. SCOTT BRADEN, JR. JACK C. MOORE, JR. HARRX' H. PFIEFFER FRANK L. CADE HIRAM GRANTHAM JIMMY SUTLIFF Douo HARRIS JACK HUTTO ED TURNER ROBERT HART GILES MACQUEEN GRADY CLEVELAND, JR. HALSTEAD CIIISoLM JIMMY GLASS ALBERT WINDI-IAM R. V. OWENS, JR. NEIL CARGTHERS HAROLD A. LONG, JR. J. M. CANNON GEORGE MCBURNEY RALPH HALE DAVIS STAKELY DEWIT1' CHAPMAN TISDALE Bnooks HERBERT A. PORTER, JR. CARL DREISCI-I W. B. GITTENS MAURICE FLETCHER SI-IIRLEY BLACK REX WHEELER i' 'tr ik First Row: R. Hall, D. Campbell. A. R. Powell, J. Purk, R. S. Riley, R. H. Howard, S. Y. Smith, Second Row: W. R. Carter, A. Foreman, L. P. Bricken, R. Carlson, R. E, McA1iStQr W. Livinxrston, G. Elliot. ' Third Row: M. Ruins, A. Hayes, B. Fuller, J. Patton, J. Harper, H. Carroll, E. Williams. Fourth Row: L. Clyatt, J. C. Crabtree, Ri-,Wiz Darvics, H. F. Reid, A. Lynsxby, A. V. Groom. . ont. Fifth Row: J. T. Boyd, M. Montgomery, T. R. Lea, J. Drenncn, T. F. Bristol, R. J. Code, O. S. Braden. Sixth Row: H. H. Pfeiffer, F. L. Cade. H. Grantham, J. Sutliff, D. Harris, J. Hntto, E. Turner. Seventh Row: li. Hart, G. McQueen. G. Cleveland, H. Chisolm, J. Glass, A. C. Windham, R. V. Owens. Eixzhth Row: N. J. Carothers, H. A. Lonxr. J. M. Cannon, G. Mcliurney. R. Hale. D. Stakely. D. Chapman. Ninth Row: T. Brooks, H. A. Porter, C. Dreisch. W. li. Gittens, M. Fletcher, S. N. Black, R. L. Wheeler. Colors . . Purple ana' Gola' Flower . . White Carnation Page Three Hundred Forty-seven 'A' Ik ir A if ak if CDMEGA A uk ak if OFFICERS MARY GRAY HICKY , . . . President LAURA MINNIS . . Secretary-Treasurer SARA WEBB . , Keeper of the Scroll l"iI'a-It Row: M. Swift, E. George. IG. limulcs, E. Rulmertsfrxx. M. G. Hiuky. Sccnml Row: C. Imnicustur, E. McMuI'phy, P, Pzlltorsimn, J. Vunl'clL, S. Vllcbb. Thirrl Row: J. C. Graves, M. W. Kiluorv, C. l'ctry. L. Minnis. V. Nash. Fourth Row: P. Daniel, H. Crowley, M. C. Jones. M. Robinson, J. Munclevillc. Fifth Row: M. G. Lantrin, M. J. Nvl:-Ion, S. Harris, A. F. Searcy, M. R. Luck. Sixth Row: C. Howl, M. McQuvvn, R. McDowell, J. Stcwnri., S. M. Jones. M. V. Knnnamer. Seventh Row: N. S. Breslin, M. ll. llrown, M. El12lIII::lI, A. K. Murphrec, E. Lett, F. Walker. MARGHERITA SWIFT ELIZABETH GEORGE ELIZABETH BROOKS ERNESTINE ROBERTSON MARY GRAY HICKY CARRINGTON LANCASTER ELEANOR MACMURPHY PATRICIA PATTERSON JANE HALL VANPELT SARA WEBB JEAN GRAVES WINIFRED KILGORE CAROLYN PETRY LAURA MINNIS VIRGINIA NASH DOROTHY JONES PEGGY DANIEI, HELEN CROSSLEY MARY CRAWFORD JONES PRESIDENT HICKY MEMBERS MILDRED ROBINSON JANE MANDEVILLE MARJORIE LANTRIP MARGARET JEAN NEl.SON SARAH HARRIS ANNE SEARCY RUTH LUCK CHARLOTTE HEAD lVlARGARET MCQUEN RUTH MCDOWELL JANE STEWART SARA MARGARET JONES MARY V. KENNAMER NELL BRESLIN MARY BROWN MARGARET ELEBASH ANNE KEY MURPPIREE ELIZABETH LETT FRANCEAS WAl.KER An intersororily club founded at Randolph-Macon Woman'x College in 1893 Beta Chapter established at the University of Alabama in 1927 Colors . . Silver and Lavender Flower , .... Violet Jewel . . A metlryxt Page Three Hundred Forty-eight M .l A A A A PI A A A -A An inlcrsororily club founder! at Randolph-Macon College in 1894 Established al the University of Alabama in 1926 MEMBERS MARGARET MATTHEWS SI-'EC AVANT MARTHA DAWKINS ROSA BROOKS ELIZABETH CRUME ANNIE LAURIE SWAIM HELEN OJNEAL MARGUERITE BELL JANE NORTON HARRIET SEARCY VIRGINIA SHELToN SUE CLARKSON JEAN BEELAND BETTY CAMPBELL KATHERINE WEBB MARY VIRGINIA WHITING CONSTANCE CARLE VIRGINIA DownEI..L JOY STEELE FRANCES FARMER MARY I-IORNSBY ELIZABETH MARSHALL KATHERINE SMITH IRENE PATTON PAULINE SUAREZ HELENE SMITH MARY G. I-IARDENBERGH NORBIA RoGERS NEIDA HUMPHREY LENA LAMBERT FLORENCE MURRAY ALICE BEAL JEAN SMITH JEAN LOVETT ELAINE DAVIS JEAN TERRY Mll.DRED MILLER CATHERINE IJARPER MAR1'HA CRUTE RUBY SYx FRANCES BoozER MARY FRANCES HARIJEGREE FRANCES MABREY HELEN ROBERTS FRANCES GARDNER EDITH BLANRS lVlARTHA SPOTTSWOOD AGNES JOHNSON PAT COMERFORD JULIA PRAYTOR DELORES WEISS LOIS I'lALVERSON uk 'A' if First Row: M. W. Matthews, M. 0. Avxmt. R. Brooks, M. E. Crumv, A. L. Swnin, H. L. 0'N0g11 l Second Row: M. Boll, J. Norton, H. P. Search. V. B. Shelton, I". S. Clarkson, J. S. Bevlnnd. Third Row: B. M. Campbell, K. Wvbh, M. V. Whiting, C. Cm-lu, V. Dowdi-11' J. SLM15. ' Fourth Row: F. Furmvr, M. G. Hornslcy, E. Murshnll, L. Smith, I. Patton, P. Sum-ez. Fifth ROW! M. G. HHYQIOYIDOYI-Th. N. VV. RUL!L'l'S, N- HllmDh1'y. L. M. Lnmbruth, F. Murray, A. BL-al. Sixth Row: J. Smith. J. Lovett, E. Davis, J. Tvrry, M. Miller, C. Hu,-pm.. Scvcnth Row: M. Crutv. R. Syx, F. Iioozvr, M. lf. H:IIulvlrI've. F. Mnlarvy, H. Roberts. F. Gardner. Eighth Row: E. E. Blanks, M. Spott:-Iwood. A. Johnson, P. Comurforcl, J. Pruytur, D. Weiss, H. Smith. OFFICERS MARY GORDON HARDENBERGH , .... , Q p,c,j,1c,,, LENA LAMBERT .... . Vifc-Pmidem ROSA BROOKS . . l Sfcfemfy LOIS HALVERSON . , T,e,,m,e', PRESIDENT HARDENBERGH Page Three Hundred Forty-nine uk ir ALABAMA CAVALIERS A' ir JACK CALLAGHAN , . Manager and Director RHYTHM Piano . . . . , OLIN ADAMS Drums , JACK SCHIFFOUR Bass . JOE BURWASSER Guitar . . , JACK I-IDLLEIIAN BRASS First Trumpel , . GILLIE NEWKIRK Second Trumpet MILES CDPELAND Third Trumpet JOHNNY LEWIS Trombone . . . . AL ST. LoUIs SAXOPHONE5 First Saxophone . ..,.. . I BILL RIORDAN Second Saxophone . , FRANK LECOMPTE Third Saxophone . . . BUDDY FRIEND Tenor Saxophone . . . MAURICE SCHUMAN MANAGER AND DIRECTOR CALLAGHAN ir ir 'k Page Three Hundred Fifty AXA- AA JAA ' .awf1gsw,f,'A-..A..m4'' 1 - 'fy,.g,ffw:i'fi'11 ,f-T.w-'1- H M W' Am AA. 1. w Alt... A 'G' .Aw ,.+. . ,. . , 4 Ag.. . 5 " 1 . fm 3. PF! pu . fd- my. 3. . H . 1 . fi. 1 R 51 " . Sa-' f ii 5 3 'P fi Q" JI, :eff :W 'Fi .., N .4 ,W :if . 2 . . . , A1 , J Y' 1, .1 A. , AAA Va V 1 ff, 5'1" zz K Fd N . 6, - .A . 'F 4... .s,a.k l Na? ws, 1. Q. wv- V A 14 A .A V., .AHA Q. iii ilu' rip 1 gin' A 5233 A, '-T152 41. .,AAA ,A 1, I :Pm fir! A. ,,,. ' AFA. fy. 5 M- - Q .A , A., . QSM' .? 9 : iw i 3' r ...iw bi-f fffli... -4 :gjgsifhf-,r.. X. wr-.. - - .A .,af.?.:k,QfnE.+,-Ykzffwifw w93'l2'Sv5h M'liHzee5f- "" wi' JIU. L . Aggie- 531:35 A. 11-:TM . .A,.. .W nw, Q-.-A A ,.,Q...15 zA.5AEAA,:f.,AfiA Afwi JA. 3 WWWH MMQ he - '+f'i'Sif52' ' Av -VI" . '.E ..., 4-Y H 1- 5. 155 iii' I" "HJ ,P Y. -331-.' AA..1A5'A.,A.A ' 14.53. 1 V 4.1-:Surf -In-'31-,:L A: I-A .. '-'I' AAA' ,MAA AA AAAA , ng YV' ' " . '1 " .' .. U 'fr Ti?-' A, A A, A . . , . A, -x, ,, .1 , . . . .A.AAA , A . ,A 1 A . pn. - 9, X ,,AA- . ...A f., Ax. . .u ,AW ' ' mr, 2 x,..m' - Han , ,AA , . " " ' " ' . f 51 U 1 ig, .- ,-A M , I IA Q x U I VA t,.- A. .,g.4,f ,. lf" ' ' I U if sgf.. : 'I .. Pr' U WE- 3 1 fi-A4 1 -.9 5 . 'Q iff, 151 'K . 19 Q-1.2 bfi' wwfrsqwn- V :Q3.',? Awww-R" f-.511 M..f:w.-- .- ' ' ww 4 , "W ' 3 1. I ,A Q . - A ' 'lx A 4 -I f ,A rx' .11 A A ,eg . iv. .Ag 'A. , A , fy A H sg 3 J 1 I M, 3' 1 Ik ' A 'x g..3A 3, .'Lq'g .A ... ...AIAA ... ,W-,,.,.,.., . A,. Al i, N.. ' ,A"' . ,AA A AAA -.. 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AA' ',AA 'AiAA .i W , - A.. 4. ' ,1Az.AAm.- , .--, , . .. . if , . ' vm f -5, , . ' if Luv? ,qw A f ' Qf".mk ' 7-5 L --sf., ' it P: 111A , . W- Q V I" '7 . . ' I ,AA,AAAAA,A,., ,v A A . AAA.7,,.AAAA,AAA.AA A. .A A AAAA5 A WP7Yf'.. , Q 4 ' ' ' A " . Of. , 1. -A - - .fm .-':3..f..:4. . . , 'JCC' ,V A v mf' ' .1 v ' w v.. " fl- 3531-..'Y:fH4--54,-,5-.'i . . ',' .. - . ,W.A,, AW,-. M LH rf LW ,M.M-wWw ,A..A M. g.. A -.A ,vw ,J . 1. rv. . A -Lv 1 1 AA .. , M ' 1 wr! '- ' 4.- 4 , ,QA f.. at-.fc vm AM' , Aw . wg.. X1 ' .- A A. - 2--, -Www fir +5 . y Q ' H f 4 1 1 . 4 5' 'Y ' , 25' N 13 ,K N' df' 'if " 14 r ' ' v ,Ay-w1y 3A Ay.-K , Ap , J, 'N Q A1 A ,Av 'HH Q N A .v , , K AAA, v ,mr .P '91 4 , fy. 4 .Ax W- A f 4 , fr 'F AFV' fQfjQ3At"'f Hi Ex '3"fi' W' KN M 'W W5 "' 59' I . " A' f ':. .1 H- 95' '1 VL 'U QW. . -.L -u-ww. . KH R. f f U -' f L 'k ui M r 4 YM 1 Ht .. nf ' .um A - A k . ' .A I' x uizf.+:s1aLEf:am,fL. " L7 "rl .1'v'1MP21.' 1ffr"? f vw- -. ' -V -ff'F5"'r'5-H ?f'fFTff'fi'?4?1Q ' 'R ,. iff . - f5xsWiBL'n: -uf: 'Im -qw: HROUGHQUT the State of Alaiaama one can such scenes as tiiis. The quaint olci mills are oiajects of acimiration from Nortim to Soutlip although belonging to an era almost gone, the sigiit of an olci mill always toucim the hearts of Aiaiaamians. Time Gini pictureci ixere is iocateci on the Mountain Brook estate in Birmingham, and is proiaaimly the Lest known ami most picturesque of them all. -A -iw wh 1?- ADVERTISEMENTS THANK Y The Corolla management well knows that without the counsel and assistance of a great many other people the 1937 Corolla could never have been planned and published. We wish to express our deepest appreciation to the following, who have contributed so much to the publication of this volume: Mr. A. C. Keily, Birming- ham, for his base relief photographs used on the sub-di- vision pagesg Mr. Robert B. Faerber, Mr. E. G. Fitz- gerald, and' Mr. Roy D. Hickman of the Alabama En- graving Companyg Mr. Edwin Wise, Mr. T. G. Flinn, and Mr. William N. Barnett of the Paragon Pressg Mr. V. Jones, Mrs. Henry Mayfield, and Mrs. Ruby Thompson of the Jones Studiog Dr. Walter B. Jones of the State Geological Department, Mr. Harry V. Mitchell, Miss Miriam Locke, Associate Dean H. Newman, Mr. Hudson Strode, Mrs. Ruth Featherston, Mr. A. P. Beedon, Mr. Randolph Fort, Mr. Marc Ray Clement, and Mr. Charles Preston. The N IVERSITY Supply Store Serving TI-IE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA STUDENTS Since IQO5 MAIL ORDERS FROM ALUMNI SOLICITED. HTHE SUPPLY STORE IS YOUR STORE" BEFORE , Football anol Basketball were born, BE FORE, Baseball players wore gloves, - BE FCRE, Golfgot- out ofScotlanci-- F is llla ,rs alaa s n,usii , was co-operating With the University of Ala- bama, and its students have sought "A. 8a J. Co." for Athletic Equipment of every sort. Q THE HOME OF QUALITY ,HARDWARE Allen 6' Jemison Company Over a Half Century of Service to - 'Bama Students 1883 1937 -04.44-.0-av a 4-'aaa' TRAVEL BY BUS BETWEEN Mobile, Tuscaloosa, Florence, Selma, Columbus, Miss. COMFORTABLE BUSES CONVENIENT SCHEDULES DIXIE COACHES FOR FINE FLAVOR D O N 0 VA N' S RED DIAMOND COFFEE Compliments of THE BROWN INSTRUMENT COMPANY Philadelphia, Pa. A Division of MIN N EAPOLIS-HON EYWELL REGULATOR COMPANY Pyrometers Potentiometers Flowmeters CO2 Meters Resistance Thermometers Recording Thermometers Recording Pressure Gauges Tachometers and Automatic Temperature Control Systems BRANCH OFFICE 101 Marietta Street, Atlanta, Ga. J. M. BURCHFIELD 8z SON WHOLESALE GROCER Phones 364-341 Su cressors to Burclvfeld Bros. Leading Grocers for Thirty Years So Appetizing with a SANDWICH LUNCH ' In Bottles COCA- COLA BOTTLING CO. Coca-Cola Building Phone 416 ::::::::::0:::::::: ----- - A:::::::: . . . . . Style begins at BLACK'S Let this modern store he your guide to real clothes distinction. The pride and pleasure that comes only from wearing the best, comes with every article at Blaclc's. The label of this Hrm stands for Quality, Fine Work- manship and Smartness. The type of mer- chandise you are as proud to wear as we are to sell. BLACK, FRIEDMAN 6- WINSTON TUscALoosA, ALABAMA 1919-1937 and for all the years to come. KEEPING THE FAITH If through all his days a man in business tells the truth as he sees it, keeps his Word as he gives it, Works for the betterment of his community and its institutions for their own sake as Well as his, he gets what is known as a good reputation. ' It is like that, too, With business institutions. Theatres that mat- ter, for instance, have many of the attributes of personality. The Theatres of Tuscaloosa are happy in the consciousness of, and responsibility to, a good name. A::,,,,--,:,,,----, ,--,, ,JY ' V 3-' -. . Q . 'Y 'I 'n r v r r r 1 4 lr P P r r 4 LU STI GS BOOK STORE GIFT SHOP Established 1898 , I The Same Policy The Same Quality 1: We know that a Farmer The Same Welcome :P Must work for her gains , But nothing can harm her With sunshine and Rains The Real College Store Il ' 1+ 1 3 'A' -::::0,4"::Q0::0::.'::: ::::0::QQQ."'::::::Q0:::: v v - 00' - - v i 'V 1 cuzcfuz 1 'K QUALITY BAKERY PRODUCTS. O O 0 occupy the Star Place on thousands of tables! MILLIONS of meals each year are centered around Hardin's Quality Bakery Products. Our delicious bread, cakes, AT and baked clainties are the star attractions on thousands of ALL tables daily. That's because the quality is paramount . . . never GROCERS varying . . . with a deliciousness that's all that could be asked! I-IARDIN"S BAKERY Christian 61 Son Dealers in GENERAL MERCHANDISE .,.:.ftffEti:i'1111ii11i ii I I l IW -11-L. COTTON BUYERS COUNTRY PRODUCE BOUGHT AND SOLD Two Phone Numbers +:::o:::: - - -::: A - COSTUME RINGS Always Desired by Smart Women By all means a costume or dinner ring, if she has none now. And, if she has, a new one would bring that pleased smile of apprecia- tion that inspires men to give HER some- thing personal. A wide choice of the latest styles, and very attractive prices, make it an easy task to buy here. FINCHER 66 OZMENT JEWELRY CO. Tuscaloosa, Alabama Suits Cleaned and Pressed, 35 cents. Dresses Cleaned and Pressed, 40 cents up CASH AND CARRY JAX CLEANERS S. R. Jackson, Proprietor' "Alteration Repairs a Specialty" 1304 University Ave. Tuscaloosa, Ala. CLEANING AND .ING Call 2161 UYERS ' A CLEANERS "If It Can Be Cleaned, We Can Clean.It" 2219 8th STREET RHEALEE EXCLUSIVE MILLINERY Wlmeil Newer Styles and Better Values are Shown, you will Hnd them at RHEALEE'S . The Co-Ed's Own Store 2306 Broad St. Tuscaloosa I r 1 1 r 4+ lr li li ll 'r 'r 'r 1 r r r 1 1 r r 1 1 1 n tr r lr 1 'r lr 'T 'r r 1 1 'r lr 'r 'r ll lr 'r r 'r r 'i 'n 'n 1 1 J :::::::::::::::::: :::::::.,-,:::- ALL CO-EDS HAVE LEARNED THAT A SHORT CUT TO CHIC Is a Visit To MANGEIJS "Women,s Apparelv 2318 Broad St. Tuscaloosa, Ala. 1 lr n r r 1 n 1 P P 1+ I ln 'n lr 'I J Compliments of Cgiouffisfzn STEEL WORKS Co. Birmingham, Alabama "Structural Steel for Buildings and Bridges" SOUTHERN DAIRY FARM i' ALL CREAM ICE CREAM "The Taste Tells" , Phones 778-2329-VV Grade A Milk Raw or Pasteurized Tuscaloosa, Alabama -::::::oo::::::::::::::.'::::v ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 4, SKIN NER-BIEDERMANN COMPANY GENERAL CONTRACTORS 910-11 First National Bank Building Telephone 219 Tuscaloosa, Alabama -v ,,.v, oo vvvvv. ovvvvv SOKOL BROS. FURNISHINGS FOR THE HOME FRATERNITY AND CLUB HOUSE Your Patronage Solicited Tuscaloosa, Alabama ATTENTION STUDENTS OUR COMPLETE LINE OF SPORTING GOODS Golf Balls Golf Clubs Baseball Equipment Fishing Tackle .22 Rifles Tennis Raclcets Tennis Balls Softball Equipment Peters' Ammunition "The Store on your way down town" SEWELL HARDWARE C0 Phone 406-407 JOE SEWELL, Manager, '20 GOOD THINGS TO EAT', Another year has passed and again The University Students have been kind to us, for again We were able to expand. So We express our sin- cere thanks to them. ft g - "GOOD THINGS TO EAT ,-x W v ,:' vi N ,M,,A ,,,l..,, k,Am.w,w ,,,M....m .H-.M W .Y--.v -..- - -, . . ..,- -.- . , . 4 4 4 4 HM .LV TIIIXX at 55? ai: 60? -YOUR INCOME BE . . at WILMER S. POYNQR Jr. I Special Agent NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE CO. Tuscaloosa, Alabama Phone 1467-J ORDINARY LIFE EDUCATIONAL AND LIMITED PAY TRUST AGREEMENTS RETIREMENT ANNUITIES BUSINESS AND AND ENDOWMENTS CORPORATION INSURANCE 5WcLe5ter Hotel CAFE AND COFFEE SHOP IMPROVED AND MANAGED BY AN ALUMN US IN A MANN ER THAT MEETS THE APPROVAL OF ALUMNI AND FRIENDS OF THE UNIVERSITY ALDEN H. SNOW Proprietor and Manager OLL 'ZS Cordially invited to visit and inspect our newly equipped and remodeled plant-one of the most modern in the South. U65 ZENITI-I our cianfi ic 375635 vpn FINEST DAIRY PRODUCTS O THE NATURAL GOODNESS of fresh milk and other dairy products PLUS the zenith scientific skill with Postive Laboratory Control that protects and improves on nature's way- that's why Perry's Dairy Products have won such wide favor. AND NOW with our plant completely remodeled and re-equipped with bright new Stainless Steel equipment, Perry's Dairy Products are finer than ever! 0 PERRY'S GRADE A PASTEURIZED MILK ' PRIDE ICE CREAM . . made the Instant Frozen way for velv t h. Egofligtizitlgg ifilfaps to keep the Pouring hp ness and delicacy of flavor obtainailnlle srihooim ' other manner. O SWEET CREAM BUTTER O STILLICIOUS CHOCOLATE MILK C O PERRY'S BUTTERMILK C VALENCIA ORANGE DRINK ' OTTAGE CHEESE PERRY CREAMERY COMPANY, Inc. "Pioneers in High Quality Pasteurized Dairy Productsv PHONE 1350 V TUSCALOOSA ---O .... f----',--,- ---vv--1 -::::::::.r::::::::::::: --- -A-- ---- ---- +---- -- r ' r u 1 1 , 3 HILDRETH ' " FD ' f' I-loess DRUG COMPANY 3: 1, J 'ZLIZ L12 Spanish Inn Corner 3 v Tuscaloosa, Alabama ' , DRUGS AND SUNDRIES , I: C O M P A N Y WE DELIVER 4' 1' Phone 404 ., 'g ' PRINTING -::::"::::::Hf::"::":::: -H35 1, ' PUBLISHING 5 ' RULING :::::: A::::::::::::-7 I of-Rgi GEAR W : E S 5 PHONE ass 5 2 I: 5 EQ' ALN5 Qs' 4:1115 4' , HOUSES GARAGE I, I A COMPLETE AUTO SERVICE 1. I PI-IoNE 15 AXLE, FRAME AND BRAKE 5 , SPECIALISTS 1, 1 2323 seventh street WASHING AND GREASING I ' T la Al , LISC3 0058, 3. 404 Greensboro Avenue 1, , :::::::::::::::::: ---- QA - - --AAAA - - lr ,, ,..... v- :::ee::::- J. I-I. ANDERS, SR., President H. ANDERS, JR., Vice-President 88 UADRHVEAJIT CO., Ima 9 Tuscaloosa, Alabama 509-11 13th Avenue Phone 88 35 CARS FOR YOUR SERVICE CALL 88 AND DRIVE A V-8 -,---,,---A ...A --- ..... ---- - vvv -vvv ----'---- ----.pvv-- cgsfmcz - flfzofzfs figs - CA PSTON E cuz ii cz ways gsgirmi 1555 cnlMsoN 'noe MEYER SHOE CO. ROBINSON 66 BLANTON FLORAL CO Footwear Specialists Say it with Flowersg Member F. T. D. BLANTON 66 SMITH STEWART DRY CLEANING CO. Cleaners, Dyers Cleaning, Pressing, Dyeing V. B. KATKINS GROCERY 66 COM- LILIENTI-IAL'S MISSION CO. Dictator Flour Selma's Best Clothiers SELMA NATIONAL BANK, Member of PATTILLO 66 RUSSELL Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Azile Flour ' Compliments of DALLAS COMPRESS BEWIG LAWHON JEWELERY 66 COMPANY OPTICAL CO. WISE DRY CLEANING CO. M- HOHENBERG 66 CO. Phone 220 Cotton Merchants Compliments of RILEY CHEVROLET CO. ra - .... 1 4 i Hai A I y if l 'E Craftsmen Build Our Master Briefs f-in-f mericcm aw eports Editors with years of specialized training examine all source books for cases in point and then slowly, carefully and accurately create step by step a pres- entation of "the law and the reason thereof" which unfolds the whole law on the point involved. AMERICAN LAW REPORTS contain over 10,000 of these master briefs. Let us tell you how you may own them on terms far easier than you imagine. The Lawyers Co-operative Publishing Company ROCHESTER, N. Y. -:- -:- 225 Broadway, New York City g , Especially Catering to the CAMPUS TRADE POULTRY 6' EGG CO. For POULTRY PRODUCTS 2408 Fourth St. Back of Burchfield Hotel Owen Meredith Frank M. Moody MEREDITH-MOODY INSURANCE AGENCY INSURANCE IN ALL OF ITS BRANCHES We Know How 2212 Broad Street Telephone 981 A::::::::::::::-0-:::::::::::::::::- - J. C. PEN NEY COMPANY Incorporated Where Savings Are Greatest Quality Merclrandise Always J. C. PENNEY CO. Incorporated Operating over 1480 Stores afum onus co. PHONE 234 Tuscaloosa, Alabama Next Door to Bama Theatre Powe's Brown 22: Shoe Store Broad Street Formerly BUSTER BROWN SHOE STORE POST OFFICE BLOCK Tuscaloosa, Alabama :::."0:::::::::::::- -::::':::::::::::::::::::::::: PA LAI S Jaya! Beauty .Aaron Achieving "The Smart Finessev in HAIRDRESSING Call 327 for Appointment Next Door to Pizitz ::::::::v-:::::::::::::::::::::::::Q ALWAYS GOOD-ALL WAYS GOLDEN FLAKE PRODUCTS POTATO CHIPS PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICHES SALTED PEANUTS MAGIC CITY ' FOOD PRODUCTS CO. BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA -:v-:::::::::::::::::::::::0':: IF IT'S SOMETHING UNUSUAL We Have It First Designs, Corsages, Cut Flowers, Exclusive not expensive MEANEY'S FLOWERS ON THE CAMPUS We Telegraph Flowers round the World ,00:::::::::::::: -:::::::::v 9.,,,,.,.,,,,.,..,,4-00'.,o',,,,,-,,,-, ,,,,a,,-,,, ,,' "' , ,,,,, ' . 0 0 ff- ,',,,,-,,'-.0 Q,-.04-'s.,Qv'.,,.'.,-.,..,-.fq 'r 4, f W fren In Weed of l i HOME FURNISHINGS I 5 Visit West Alaloama's Largest Furniture Store-our 32 E , years of experience in furnishing Homes throughout 5 . this section With Dependable Furniture, places us in a ' 'i position to render you most valuable service. , . C. W. LEWIS Furniture COMPANY 1 ' Nationally Advertised Furniture , . Tuscaloosa, Alabama I i "'N'M,NNN,N ",',', Nu, """, N ",,,,,' N "",,',"' N,NN'N, "" N, 1+ F:::::::::::: ::::::"'::::::::::::: 1 F '::::':::: :::::'7 l l fl PLUMBING and HEATING It . " i We are Equipped to Give You the Best ii I 1, Service in Western Alahama ti The Cfjbol-Og-rdply Work 'l 1 Wztlv 23 Years Experzence 'I 4' ', 5 ROGERS lg :f for this cefnnual was 5 PLUMBING G- HEATING CO- :I . 1 I PHONES 507-2337 I dgne by , 'g 1: 2127 8th St. Tuscaloosa, Ala. 1' I Z.- NNNN Nm .,,,..,,,,, ,,,,..,,N,3 ' if 'fe' Qeea eoeaefe 1 1 1' I: YOUR HEADQUARTERS FOR l lg tl + SPORTING GOODS AND 1, I . 1 ' AUTO 'l ' Ones, Studio 1' f :E ,, S AV E AT ' l PHONE 157 E , 'I ', 2414 Broad Street i i 1, I, Tuscaloosa - - Alabama 1, irmm- ,,i::. H ,,,,,,, :,,-,mH,,,i LH ,:::, O ma-,:, 3 iz cz Sfauna Ooifsz offgs ana! fgs Czzimiolz .... U-wfy' C1115 Qaww do ,fy .,..,. .,,,,,. . .,.. ...,. ..... ,J ,, , M Q LILY ICE CREAM COMPANY, Inc. Manufacturer of Lily Pure Ice Cream. GEORGE D. KING 66 CO. AGRICOLA FURNACE CO. Makers of High Grade Stoves and Furnaces SAKS CLOTHING CO. Gadsden's Best Store for Men, Womexm and Boys ' GADSDEN TIMES GADSDEN ICE 66 FUEL CO. X mmunitff "Y I I Irs W ' Wiki THE MERCHANTS LISTED BELOW ARE ' INTERESTED IN THEIR HOME TOWN STUDENTS AT THE UNIVERSITY. E. C. MILLER MOTOR CO. GOODRICI-I SILVERT OWN STORES I-IOTELS REICI-I AND PRINTUP WEATHERLY MOTORS, Inc. Watch the Fords go by NOOJIN SUPPLY CO. "Everything to Build Anything" ED NUNNALLY, Gadsden's Leading Insuror I-'IAGEDOM 86 CO. V "Gadsden's Outstanding Store". Among us is a Squeechy Hall That should he slated for a fall Though quite inclined to ramble Seems as if it goes to Gambol 'A' """""" ""A :"::1T ll Tlfle l in of '+ WARD'S If l When Needing Anything from a Drug or 'E Book Store l EASTMAN'S KODAKS l WHITMAN'S CANDIES ,, WATERMEN'S PENS It SHEAFFER PENS SCHOOL SUPPLIES ll The Most Modern and Sanitary SODA FOUNTAIN 5: in Tuscaloosa l WARD DRUG Co. :E Established 1905 At the Flag Pole ::::e:::- fwfr Giant you . . Q The Piping Hal: 7 801 10th St. ' Phone 2388 C1411 ALABAMA LA ND MARK Featuring high grade mer- chandise rightly priced at the same location for 58 years CAPITOL CLOTHING STORE Montgomery, Alabama l'::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::v L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY Attleboro, Massachusetts Manufacturers of Fraternity and Sorority Insignia, Class Rings and Pins, Commencement Announcements, Diplomas, Cups Medals, Trophies Known Wherever there are Schools and Colleges T 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 '1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I if UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA Capstone of the Public School System of Alabama A Standard Institution of Learning Modern Buildings and Equipment Over Two Hundred Instructors LETTERS, SCIENCE, ENGINEERING, CHEMISTRY, METALLURGY AND CERAMICS, COMMERCE AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRA- TION, EDUCATION, HOME ECONOMICS, LAW, MEDICINE, AND MINES EXPENSES EXCEEDINGLY MODERATE For Catalog Address President RICHARD C. FOSTER, A.B., LL.B., LL.D. University, Alabama Y' 1 P 1 '1 l1 '1 41 41 '1 1,.:::::: A OR three score and eighteen years AGP has had a single purpose--to sell the best food that can be found anywhere at the narrowest margin of profit possible. AGP rroon sToREs ---',A-- Miller, Martin 6' Lewis ARCHITECTS AND ENGINEERS Birmingham, Alabama DESIGNERS OF DENNY CHIMES ALABAMA UNION DOSTER HALL AMELIA GORGAS LIBRARY COMMERCE BUILDING NOTT HALL GORGAS HALL NEW GIRLS' DORMITORY Also Furnishings and Interior Decoration Work of Alabama Union ancl Tutwiler Hall Annex Seventeen Fraternity and Sorority Houses Eight Professors' Houses ------v------v-----4-------- McKESSON-DOSTER- NORTHINGTON Birmingham, Alabama Headquarters for V LABORATORY APPARATUS AND CHEMICALS SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS and HOSPITAL SUPPLIES - -::::::::::::Q::::::::re:::::: Our latch string is always on the out- sicle to the Students and Friends of our University. A visit from you will be appreciated by us, and we will endeavor to make your stay a pleasant one. if ODUM, BOWERS ss WHITE Birmingham, Alabama 7 P P P 1 P P P P 1 1 1 P P P E P BUREAU OF MINES 11 NEW GYM AND LOCKER BLDG. 1' OLD P. O. AND SUPPLY STORE 41 JULIA TUTWILER ANNEX :P JULIA TUTWILER DINING HALL FARRAH HALL t NEW ENG. SHOP BLDG. 1: NEW HALL 1: EE PI 'P P P P :::::v:::: J f- '7 1 :P I' . PI gf Have your Magazines bound 13 4, :P 2' and books rebound P :E by the , P . 1, P P SOUTHERN LIBRARY I' 4 'P I' BINDERY CO. QP P jf 429 Commerce Street 4' E' 1 1 I Nashville, Tennessee 1, :P 4 . . P "Intelligent Service" Q' P 1 1, Write for prices 1 1 3 A ..AA 3 -::::4-o0:::: -:::Q:::- The University ol Alabama Summer School OFFERS Opportunity to make up back work-Oppor- tunity to shorten the required time for com- pletion of regular four-year college course- Opportunity to enrich regular four-year cur- riculum by doing supplementary work- Many elective courses not offered in regular session For catalog and furtber information call by the summer scbool offce in Bibb Graves Hall or Write to JOHN R. MCLURE, Director of Summer Scbool University, Alabama :::'1 f rf:::-'::::::::::::::::- lr 5: 4, KLEIN sr SON CLAUDE H1NToN, Sole owner j 1 pl y JEWELERS P ,I Y-Yv :gm In ,J , I, SERVING PEOPLE W . . zu, gl will-lf FROM ALL SEC- DE LVI E ,, + lil llljillliiilwf rrows or 4' IlllLll,,lll.l -:-" 'liji-QT?l3'El1L:"lfJr3slllg D ' l' Dexter Avenue l 3 ' Tilff f A .t f ' "" at Court Square FARM FRESH 1+ 3 SUPERIOR MILK Q , l Bomber Ruff Beauty Pasteurized fOr Your Protection P lr if 3 Gives Special Attention to Co-ed's If Permanent Waves Styled to give you tbe Phone 13 'I 4' Most Flattering Effect ii? Specialist in Face and Scalp Treatments 1 Al b l 1 Sixth Floor, First National Bank Bldg. l Tusca oosa' a ama . l: Phone 1013 Lurline Coflelcl, Mgri l l l J 9 ::: fifiv :ff J:::::::::: +::.::4-4-o:::: XXIE INVITE you to make the I "HILL STORE N E A R YOU" headquarters for your Food and Household necessities. You will G E always find our stores well supplied QQ Q! with the best the market affords. It will pay you to get the "Hill Store Habit" 1 mi . 5E'3iEoE1?EgQE. fl A tttrtlflll that A La I H I FOLLOW T1-IE CROWD TO i ' l "OUR STORE NEAR YOU" FRANK M. MOODY, President GORDON D. PALMER, Executive Vice-President C. N. MAXWELL, JR., Vice-Pres. and Cashier ADOLPH C. CADE, Vice-President JOHN P. BAKER, Assistant Cashier GLENN FOSTER, Vice-President EDGAR H. P1-HFER, Assistant Cashier THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK F TUSKALOOSA, ALABAMA N f Member FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION A DESIGNATED DEPOSITORY OF THE UNITED STATES AND TI-IE STATE OF ALABAMA DESIRES TO BE REMEMBERED BY YOUNG MEN AND WOMEN OF THE UNIVERSITY 9 -:: ---- -'N ----v 'V Jacob Reeds Sons 1424-1426 Chestnut Street Philadelphia, Pa. Makers of QUALITY UNIFORMS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Since 1824 BEHIND THE PRODUCT THAT BEARS THE IMPRINT ggi A A tiki A A- i Wi fl QEZ Is the Guarantee of the Soutlfs Largest Independent Steel Plant GULF STATES STEEL COMPANY Sheets Wire Rods A Barbed Wire fGalvanizedj Welding Rods, Nails Ingots Bars Manufacturers' Wire Plates, Staples Billets Angles Wire and Rods, Galvanized Nails Slabs Bright Wire Straightened and Cut: Bale Ties Fence Posts, Cement Coated Y' F I D- ::::0Q:::0:::::::::::::::: -::::o::0Q:::: CLOTHING ' SPORTSWEAR ACCESSORIES Wiesel Co. Nationally Advertised MEN'S WEAR Tuscaloosa, Alabama :::::v:::: "Say It With Flowersv TUSCALOOSA FLOWER SHOP Mrs. M. Rogers, Proprietor FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Day Phone 712 Night Phone 425 Tuscaloosa, Alabama e::::: :::::::::::: :::::::: :::::::::::::::o::::::::::: Bachelor Bundle Rates ON POUND BASIS Given To University Students Tuslcaloosa Steam Laundry Qualify Dry Cleaners Established 1898 Telephones 155-156 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Daily Freight Service TELEPI-IONES: A Tuscaloosa 167 86 168 Birmingham 7-2525 TUSCALOOSA-BIRMINGHAM Trunks Handled to Any Point in United States and all Local Stations BOLTON'S MOTOR VAN LINES Local and Long Distance Hauling I L ----0----- The Best Dressed Men Wear COLLEGE CLOTHES FOR COLLEGE MEN ' i' THE SCHWOB COMPANY 1229 University Avenue Tuscaloosa, Alabama Complete Plzcilities . . . CHECKING ACCOUNTS SAVINGS ACCOUNTS TRUST DEPARTMENT FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC EXCHANGE COMMERCIAL LOANS TRAVELERS' CHECKS THE CITY NATIONAL BANK of Tuscaloosa 4+ 'T x"9'7P4a,, Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation hw.... s4 A 35,000 llflaximum Insurance for Each Deposilor STUDENTS COMPLIMENTS OF if AND FACULTY If We Thank You. I Though we are no longer located if Tuscaloosa, we are grateful for P I2 if patronage, co-operation and fri - 1+ +I . , k .I I: shlp. We w1sh for each of you, A bounded success and happiness. 'A' STUDENTS STORE BENSON-RICH Co. "The College Shop of the South V L- What now Buddy XVas that we just hearecl Is little jane Isbel Trying n Beard if v --v-- ---- 4 -------------------------- 1 J , Q i l Q-3? ,fa-"-K. is 5 W n " its . J-. V 159 I a I 4 Z 4 W + my rf' ' ' a 2 of "G, 1, 4, ::::::::::::: ::::::::: : :::: : :: :::::: ---A-A------0,000-:::," CAMPUS SERVICE STATION Coach Frank Thomas, Proprietor GASOLINE, TIRES ' WASHING, GREASING AUTO ACCESSORIES 519 University Ave. Phone 75 Tuscaloosa, Alabama r. .. 4,..,., ...,.... 54 . ...,.......,.,. ,.,..,......,.. , .. , eiaisisif ,.1 E za A ,5 '1 35 lrr' , I , in A M jg .,.. is ,....1 . ...-.. nslnasl,lnnsnn i.lsn.4 ,,r, a t s as nnan,4 ls..l. .,.. 5555.,5315Sg5355g5E5E,,2:EEE2::Q15SSE:iii1553353555355E5SfEiE55E335155EE55EEE5E5E3EgE5E5E5?5E5E3E5E5QEf5EfEE5E5.55Efd's:a2'.f's -ESE -Qifif EEE? 2: ' f f l 'rigiiifiggrs:5:5E5E555S55,15:5:55gffiiiifgigigigigi555E553E535E5E5E5EgE5S55E52Y5:::j 4,.,, 5315, 5E35a31Er?r515r:9E5151?f51' - Its Time You Graduated To Loveman, Joseph St Loeb Birmingham -0Q,---- vv ,,vv....... --- :::: ::::o::::- YOU'LL EN JoY YoUR CUP DIXIE COFFEE COMPANY Birmingham, Alabama Distributed by Tri-State Distributors, Montgomery, Alabama ::::- -::::0:::o::::Q:::- GREEN WOOD cl 6 BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA EXTENSION DIVISION UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA FOLLOW YOUR EDUCATIONAL INTERESTS DURING VACATIONS AND AFTER COLLEGE YEARS ARE OVER The University through the Extension Division offers opportunity for correspondence home study, for class instruction within reasonable distance of the campus, and for meeting the cultural and professional reading needs of individuals and organizations For Information ' CALL AT THE EXTENSION OFFICE OR WRITE EXTENSION DIVISION 109 Graves Hall University, Alabama TUSCALOOSA'S A-We - BEST I 5 I DEPARTMENT 4- -M STORE grj ' 11- - I I E, ' . . I I Louls Wiesel 1 I , I 1 I ef-ILOLJIS WlESELYlNC.'3f l'g.j..4 nEvAn1'Ml.N'r 5109: ,.3,Q., Incorporated 4 MILLINERY DRY GOODS, NOVELTIES, SHOES I WOMEN'S WEAR IIIIMII! A I If-T' '!I"II I gllofloy-gwclcfc COTJGTS--produced in a plant devoted exclusively to embossed and decorated products by an organization of specialists---represent the highest standard in yearbook worlc. Specify "Molloy" it's your assurance of the best. The David Molloy Co. 2857 North Wfestern Avenue ' Chicago :-: :-: :-: ii :-: Illinois '7 We Have One of the Most r b h r r r lr MODERN DRY CLEANING PLANTS if In Tuscaloosa 20 71 Discount-Cash and Carry ll Call 2202 : FOR QUALITY LAUNDRY IZ AND DRY CLEANING 8 CRYSTAL LAUNDRY I Incorporated , 423-27 University Ave. 1' Itis Your Laundry-Use It More ,, The Lady jane Bird, 'tis strange Though she had a nice wide range Witli ample space to Wfas qu run and hicle iclcly caught by one Short-Stride al' : : : :00000 ::: 0000000000000 J. A. Duckworth Charles Morris DUCKXVORTH- MORRIS Insurance AGENCY GENERAL INSURANCE INVESTMENT SECURITIES RENTALS, LOANS REAL ESTATE Tuscaloosa, Alabama A:::0000::::00:::: ::::0::: -::::00::::::::0:::: Canty's Garage DRIVE-IT YOURSELF 2-Conveniently Located Stations-2 Uptown and at Rex's W'recker Service-Trunks Hauled GAS AND GIL STORAGE Downtown Station University Station 2404 Broad St. 1312 University Ave. Phone 1088 Phone 861 v 1 v 11 'P 1 1 1 l - l , l If 7MW1M.BN1TAY,.,t 1? VV,A 173 ' . ' Weatherford l X 1 1 4 Rx Y ff O O 1 I l Prlntlng l 1 I l 5' Co 1 I 1 1 1 ORDER OFFICIAL l 5 1 , U- OF A' ,' 4' COMMERCIAL 1 SENIOR RING I il 1 11 For Any Graduating Year ' P R I N T E R S 1 1 Designed and Manufactured 1l 1' l BY E I Phone 101 1 l l 1 HERFF-J ON ES CO. l I . , , , I ' 2114-16-18 BROAD STREET 4 Indianapolis, Indiana ,' I 1 1, 3 EARL HAYES E :E TUscALoosA, ,ALABAMA Representative l 11 1, xx' ex s L 1' l l 1 1 o o o 5 What IS this thing called Glamour? 1 . ,E A magic Quality-An Aura of Grace and Beauty that Bewitches- I Charms, Enchants. Glamour! You see it in beautiful Co-Eds. The Girl that is always the light of the campus is wearing a PIZITZ 4: Froclc. PIZITZ-Through the Cooperation of Our New York Office We , Offer tfve Same Merchandise Here in Tuscaloosa as is Shown in New Il York. l 1 You, too, can have the charm men find irresistible. Come to PIZITZ 1 and complete your ensemble through gay Froclcs, chic Hats, distinct- ive Footwear and accessories that harmonize. lr 1 1 ' THE PIZITZ STORE 'E "DowntoWn', 1 . ' TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA l 11 11 1 P L- ---0 .,.. vvvvovvvv - vf"N if JQWWQQ WM , ,. COME WHAT JVIAYH CONFIDENCE is the heritage of youth .... it is also a fundamental requirement of business. .... attained by long study, training and experience i' We have enjoyed the confidence of yearbook Staffs throughout the country for over thirty years . . . . an accomplishment for which we are truly grateful and justly proud .... I at uk. if ar uk COLLEGE ANNUAL DIVISICDN ALABAMA E N GRAVI N G C OMPANY B 1 RM 1 N G HAM ,-'-qc. .'. ., rf - N .FN idp 5 I I Q -"-- E:-Li .-"'-'y5l"'EL!'.'h,"gr":"i: "" T- ll I Ill H 1 12 I 'LL nrmm:1........ u, . ., . A I-L J? ,a U .. - '- .3 ii'a'1'i '7- -:VT ,ah :Jvr fill gi 5: gif! ,pf T wr - 1 J ' .1. ft' 115-' ' , v - W , N ' 1,n ,lg gr-ii , r 'i. fwfr: , M, , jg YM . ' A r g ii' llllhili l lla . A 'lui I lf 'lull' lip I' .Phil ' ll ' V 11 ppt. H YL, . .mimi l .. J, ' .11 I-5, , r I- 'fl L, ' lvrlpg S I ...:1ffJ. .1 'if' ' as l'l'l'l'l'l' --- -.TFT 2"':""ur-. -:.: .rf Way W e Congratulczte THE coRoLLA STAFF UPON THEIR CHOICE OF DEDICATING THE 1937 voLUME - To the Youth of Alabama "You, the younger generation, must face the chal- lenge that this present day brings . . . you must accept with humble sincerity the responsibility that will soon be yours. The world is before you--it is yours, and everyone has faith that you will enjoy it, that you will understand it, and in striving, as you will, to make it a better place, you will be inspired by all that is beautiful, noble, and courageous, moulding your ambitions to that unselfish end: The Brotherhood of Man." c-And say ' That The Paragon Press is an organization of young men who have faith in the youth of Alabama and in the future development of the resources of our State. So we ada' That we are proud to have been chosen as the printer of this represen- tative Yearbook of the University. Ghz aragnn res,-:4 -S Founa'ed19o3 MONTGOMERY:-::ALABAMA

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