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' ' cnsnn uf THE nennhm e 0r ox- HIS, the forty-third volume of-' The Corollgzv is dedicated to Clarence EQ Gasoni because he has promoted and encouraged the study of journalism, beccmuse he is' nationally known as a writer and author, because of his fine work in the editorial field, and because of lhe ' respect and Jciclihircmtion the fejjiiiimei student-body for him. ox 10990 Sl "i ,, l a 1 EMORIES of the past are reflected in the dreams of the future, forming a chain of associations throughout life. The University has influenced the 'life of each of us who has come under the spell of her historic campus. As a link between the past and the future, we, the Editors of The Corolla, present . . . A Year at Alabama Nin een Thirty-five. Fl 'JEFIR HT FILFIBRITIFI Book I. The Capstone and Administrators Boolk II. The Colleges ofthe University Book III. The Athletic Year in Review Book IV. Campus Beauties and Features Book V. Greek Life at the University Book VI. Honorary and Social Attainments Book VII. Others Whose Loyalty We Appreciate A WORD OF THANKS THERE are many people who have helped to produce the 1935 Corolla other than the members of the staff. Their contribu- tions and suggestions have been invaluable. The editors feel greatly indebted to Mr. Harry Mitchell for his Hnancial sugges- tions, Dr. Graves for his assistance in securing pictures of the faculty and individual medical students, Foots Newman for allowing the management to occupy an extra room for needed spaceg Professor L. B. Shackelford for his helpful suggestionsg Dean Lancaster for his undivided cooperationg Brown Printing Company and Alabama Engraving Company for their patience and support at all times, and many other contributors, among them Dean Harris, Dr. Sandidge, Dr. Moore, Mr. Jeff Coleman, Jimmy Coleman, and the entire athletic department. To all of these we wish to express our gratitude. ,Z-3 x -fy fi A Sym W 'X ef ...f w CSX' VJ JN fm IM UK . BUDK I KT K wxmsrnnruns- 9 ,gigs-Y 1 A, 25 A' Sgt 5: v cn X 2482, sv ' , i L? -JI ' witzezi l 1 h xj U1 'X 'X l if P THE CFI I l l 0 DR. JOHN Y. GRAHAM To the oldest man "n years of service at the Uni- versity, one of the f try and a faithful rn emost Biologists of the coun- mber of his profession, Book 1 of ihe Corolla is dediiated. in 57 Xl! e 1 l DI2. GECDRGE I-I. DIENINIY Q. 'Ir' fx 0' I' I I I 1 II, Wil I X PRESIDENT ,X UNIVERSITY or 'xg ALABAMA -ff ,-x- T It "'fn.. 'X' mhuku by i is 51,5311 I am sure Ihaf I voice 'I'he sen'rimenI' of Ihe facuI+y as weII as I'haI' of Ihe adminisrrafion when I express graI'i'I'ude and appreciafion in view of 'rhe singularly fine and fruihful year now drawing I'o a close. I'I' does seem +0 me +ha'I' we have Iived 'rogerher in an' armosphere charged wifh high resolve, wiI'h unusual devofion 'Io duI'y, and wiI'h a spirif of mufual courfesy and good wiII. I am asking every member of I'he s'IudenI'-body fo preserve as a rich herifage and 'Io promore 'rhe 'Irue Alabama spirif as we have sough'I' Io bequeafh iI' +o you day by day. TI1a+spiri'r is fhe unquench- able spirif of inI'egri'Iy, of honor, of hard work, and of solid achieve- ment Those of you who are graduaring wiII carry away from fhe cam- pus inI'o I'he work of 'Ihe world our confidence and our benedicrion. Those who remain, incIuding 'Ihe adminisI'ra+ion and I'he faculry as weII as Ihe undergradua+e sIudenI'-body, will be looking forward 'Io 'I'he nexI' college year as a gracious opporfuniry for 'Ihe conI'inuaI'ion of deIigh'IfuI associafions and for fhe widening and deepening of I'he sound and worrhwhile ideals which we cherish as a viral parf of our campus experience. Qeozge Jenny, Presideni' PAGE 15 ALABAMA UNION HSS' A are 33 w ,1 , ,- 512 if Q A ,. i",..,- .M '10 93. ww V 31 :rx .sw ,EERE efgsx 1 ' ' v "- J' .r 4 I or '4 1 ,fy 1 ., .I fl, ,- rl . , Q vfxf.5TL I3 x',Eg,. . fri ' f A 2-Him' -' I x L. I, ,Q lm Y" g Y 1 ., . .v -v ,-mr.. a ! I rv' . A I Q4 V i Jff, lf'-1 I. - ., ,A1 ww V31 !L...' l x , " " 14 ' ' . ' I 1' V 'P' . ,rw 1 J f.-, V IJ, I' "Q, . L7 1, .fm L' U! ' . . 4' g'a Y" fr J Q4 I vs' 'ft " I 'f ', ,I ,LJ ' ' I 4 ' 1 f L," . 71' - -. " ff Ja' ' -. .IU ,nn fi JI, ff' f. - 9? ' E g 5 1 "ful A fgj . A ' 3 ' H... 1 V IQ:-if w vm 137, iwvj f Iii: -3 1 My if, v 5f,?4ib 'J fd! ff-5" :li fs u X :Qig- I 4 1 ,......,'-v. "rf" gi 1 .p'P-' W ' MORGAN HALL ,534 THE COMMERCE BUILDING COMER HALL GIRLS' DORMITORY K 1 I' I N I ' I + BUYS' DORMITORY DR. GEORGE H. DENNY Prmirlefzt of Uzzizfersily of Alabama ? O t a TI-IE ADMINISTRATICDN ff"-'f11aawfLTS?:f'2t N iii " AGAIN +he people of +he grea+ s1'a1'e of Alabama have en+rus'l'ed lhe highesl' office wiihin +l1eir power +o a son of fhe Univer- si+y. The Honorable Bibb Graves is lhe 'Firsl' man fo be elecfed governor for 'lwo +erms since 'rhe adoplion of 'lhe Slaie Cons+i+u+ion in I90I. This remarkable feal' was made possible by his ouisfanding lea- dership as a governor, and lhe esfeem which +he people of Alabama hold for him. The 'firsi' four monlhs of Governor Graves' second l'erm have been noied 'for prompl' acfion and unparalleled sfalesmanship on lhe pari' of 'lhe chief execu+ive of lhe s+a1'e. We feel lhal' Alabama is again on lhe road 'lo progress. ,--uv llxj ,, eee, l l l li HONCSRABLE BIBB GRAV rl l eoveimoa or ALAQBAMA Class of IS93 , . .,, A 25-TE? ' if ,,, y F.. Q ES PAGE 24 l I STATE CAPITOL Monlgomery Alabama BOARD OF TRUSTEES His EXCELLENCY BIBB GRAVES, Governor of Alabama EX OFFICIO QI. A. KELLER, State Superintendent of Education EX oFFIc1o Congressional Dislrirf: Term expirex Ifirsl District-GESSNER T. MCCORVEY, Mobile .... 1943 Scmnzl Di.Yll'fFf'ROBEl!T E. STEINER, JR., Montgomery 1935 Third DiSlfiL'fT-'CHARLES S. MCDOWELL, JR., Eufaula . 1939 Fourfb Dislricf-J. Kl3l,1-Y DIXON, Talladega . . 1943 Fifth DiSf1'iCl-DANIEL PRATT, Prattville . 1935 Sixth Dislricl-JOHN A. ROGERS, Gainesville . 1943 Sixlb DiXf1'fL'f-HENllY B. FOSTER, Tuscaloosa . 1939 Se-uc-nfl: Dixlric!-Louis L. I-IERZBERG, Gadsden . . . 1935 Eigbllr Disfricl-ARCHIBALD H. CARMICHAEL, Tuscumbia . 1939 Ninllr Dixlricl-HILI. FERGUSON, Birmingham . . 1935 Tcnlb Dislricf-JOHN H. BANKHEAD, jasper .... 1941 ROBISON BROWN, Sz'crf'far3.' and Commixxiorzrr of University Lands SHALISR C. I-IOUSER, Treasurer EXC'L'Ilfilf'6' Commiflvr of the Board: MEssRs. FOSTER, PRATT AND FERGUSON QI PAGE 25 Back Row, left to right: Foster, Ferguson Carmichael, McCorvey, Brown Bottom Row, left to right: McDowell Herzberg, Dr. Denny, Pratt, Dixon TI-I DEAN OF MEN " DABNEY S. LANcAsTEn. In the remarkably short time of seven years, Dean Lancaster has become an in- stitution on the campus. He is the friend and coun- sellor of every man student in the University. He is ad- mired and respected for his sincerity, his frankness, and his fine upright manhood. In addition to his service as Dean of Men to the students, he has rendered invaluable assistance to Dr. Denny in performing administrative functions at the University. E ADMINIST MR. SHALER C. HOUSER. The position of treasurer of the University of Alabama is most adequately filled by Prof. Shaler C. Houser. It is he who has so competently and efficiently helped to administer the University's finances during its recent financial difficulties. Besides handling this job so well, he has served as a member of the faculty and as a member of the committee on athletics. ' Mn. ROBISON Buowrv. Another man indispensable to the financial administration is Mr. Brown, who as Land Commissioner, is in charge of all the Universityls real estate property. Mr. Brown also serves as Secretary to ' DR. JOHN MCCLURE. Ample evidence of Dr. John McClure's fine work as Director of the Summer School was afforded last summer when the enrollment for the first session soared to a record height of almost two thousand, nearly half the regular session enrollment. Dr. McLure's untiring efforts are responsible for this splen- did development of this part of the University in :1 short thirty-two years. ' DR. R. E. TIDWELL. The importance of the Exten- sion Division of the University is a tribute to Dr. Tidwell's excellent managership as director of it during the few years it has been established here. Extension is one of the most modern ideas in education. Through it the University has been enabled to offer classes to many people all over the state who are unable to come to attend RA the Board of Trustees. MR. SHALER C. HOUSER Treasurer the regular sessions. MR. ROBISON BROWN DR. JOHN MCCLURE Land Commissioxzer Director of Summer School PAGE 26 DR. R. E. TIDWELL Direclor of Exfvnriorz A r DEAN OF WOMEN " DR. AoNEs ELLEN HARRIS. While she has been mak- ing a definite place for women at the University, and has been endearing herself to all of the coeducational students on the campus, Dean Harris has still had time to distinguish herself as one of the foremost women lead- ers in America. Her offices and honors in outstanding national women's groups are numerous. She is nationally known as one of the most progressive deans of women, having served this year as national president of the Na- tional Association of Deans of Women. IVE FFI ERS ' MR. JAMES H. NEXVMAN. By his ability in handling several positions at one time, including Assistant Dean of Men, Director of the Union Building, and Chairman of the Social Committee, "Foots" has distinguished him- self in a few years as an outstanding man and one with a brilliant future in college administration. ' Miss MARY ROBERTSON. Students who have been at the University for more than a year know what a great service Miss Robertson has rendered in doing away with the "registration line". This is but one example of the expert manner in which she handles the job of register- ing and keeping the records of almost five thousand stu- dents. MR jAMEs H. NEXVIs4AN Miss lh'lARY ROBERTSON ASSlSfd7ll Dean of Men Regisfrur PAGE 27 ' Miss ALICE WYMAN. Few students at the University do not sooner or later come into contact with Miss Wyman, head librarian. The have come to know her for her kindness in giving assistance and for her compe- tence in administering the main and departmental libra- ries. ' MR. RALPH E. ADAMS. Considered one of the most able men in the Administration, Mr. Adams has repeat- edly demonstrated his competence in the key position of Executive Secretary. He is an active member of a num- ber of important standing committees, and is very popu- lar among the students. Miss A LICE WYMAN Librarian MR. RALPH E. ADAMS .Executive Secretary DR. A. B. MOORE Dean Grazlualr' College DR. A. J. FARRAH Dean College of Law DR. STUART GIKAVES Dafa-n College of Mrclieinc' ' DR. A. B. MOORE. Under the guidance of Dr. Moore, the Graduate College has made a vital place for itself on the campus in the -ten years of its existence. He is also one of the faculty members most interested in University athletics. He has made the history department one of the most efficient in the country. ' DR. A. J. FARRAH. The Law College, cradle of Ala- bama statesmen, has grown steadily under the guidance of Dean Farrah. He is the friend of all under-graduate lawyers, and is honored and respected by the entire Uni- versity for his service to the State. Indeed appropriate is it that the law building is named Farrah Hall. ' DR. STUART GRAVE5. With limited facilities, Dr. Stuart Graves has achieved much in our two-year Medical College. Largely through his efforts an enviably high standard has been maintained in the college. The small selected group who come out of it have reflected credit on Dr. Graves and the University by their outstanding work at other institutions during their last two years. ' DR. C. I-I. BARNNVELI.. Dean of the largest college on the campus, Dr. Barnwell needs no introduction to those who know Alabama. For many years he has guided the destinies of the College of Arts and Sciences ably and effi- ciently. His great personality and his unfailing loyalty to his students have endeared him to the entire University. ' DR. LEE Bmcoon. One of the youngest deans at the head of one of the youngest colleges on the campus, Dr. Bidgood established and has maintained the Commerce College as one of the highest in the country. He has dis- tinguished himself as a leading thinker in the field of economics today. DR. C. H. BARNWELL Dean of College of Arts and Scieffccs PAGE 28 DR. LEE Bxocooo Dean College of Commerce mul Business Arlminixlrafiwi ' DR. J. J. DOS'TER. The history of public education in Alabama, is inextricably bound up with the life of Dr. Doster. His devotion to the great movement of educa- tion has been an inspiration to the future teachers who have known him here. We honor him for this and for his interest in athletics and campus activities. ' DR. GEORGl'I J. DAVIS. The ability of Dr. Davis as a man and an individual engineer was demonstrated by the recent task ol' engineer on the Advisory Board of the State P. NW. A. entrusted him by the Federal Gov- ernment. A short time ago he was appointed to the Alabama Bridge Commission. His ability as an admin- istrator is shown by the excellent standing which the College of Engineering has attained under his leadership. ' DEAN AoNEs ELLEN HARRxs. The only person on the campus holding two Deanships, Dean Harris is as competent in her directfon of the College of Home Eco- nomics as she is in her capacity as Den of Women. Un- der the influence of Dean Harris, Alabama women stu- dents graduate as modern young women, able to cope with the practical, every-day problems of life. Her fine work has placed the College of Home Economics on an enviable plane. ' DR. STEWART J. LLOYD. Dr. Lloyd has wisely di- rected the growth of the young College of Chemistry, Metallurgy, and Ceramics to its present status among the schools and colleges of the University. While do- ing this, he has also had t'me for study and experiment, and is known as one of the leading research and advisory scientists in this section of the country. ' MAJOR EDQAR H. UNDERWOOD. Major Edgar H. Underwood can rightly be called Dean of a college, the Military Collegeg since 1931 he has efficiently served the University in the capacity of Professor of Military Science and Tactics. Major Underwood has been very effective in stimulating interest among those enrolled in military training, and has been instrumental in devel- oping the military department so that it occupies an en- viable place among the similar units of the colleges of the country. All who know Major Underwood respect and admire him. He has been a most efficient Com- mandant. MAJOR EDGAR H UNDERXE OOD DR. STEWART J. LLOYD Pro :nor 0 Mlllfdlj SCIHIICC mul Dean College of Cbemisfry, Tactics Metallurgy, and Ceramics PAGE 29 DR. J. J. Dos'rER Dean College of Erlucation DR. GEORGE J. DAv1s Dean College of Engineering DR. AGNES ELLEN HARRIS College of Home Economics HE faculty of any college constitutes the most integral part of the education of the students. We believe that the faculty of the University of Alabama is no exception. Work- ing even under handicaps, the members have unselfishly and unhesitatingly sacrificed to the utmost in order that the standard of instruc- tion may not be lowered. Through their un- divided loyalty to our great president, Dr. 1 H ,M -3,-.. 1, - -, Hauser, Bauder Dahlene, Howe, Ott Cowart, McCoy Sandidge, Blasingame Keller, Morley Denny, and their deep interest in furthering the progress of education, the members of the faculty have given the students instruction that ranks with any in the country. Believing that a yearbook is incomplete with- out a section for the faculty, the staff of the 1935 Corolla has endeavored to show on these pages its appreciation to the faculty for its ser- vice to the University. PAGE 30 'T as A . 1 .5 r.'1-'QL f' ' -43" . 'J"+ ' Efflifl J. Q-'13 1 ,er -lf i 14-7.5,1' 'Q .44 mfs.-4.0 . fifvllig., Ahr'1sn'. MEMBERS Fifth Row: McVay. Yeuell, Top Row: Graham, Saffold, Foster Second Row : Lang, Montgomery, J. Third Row : Strode, McBurney, Terry Fourth Row: I-Iolloday, Wooten, Cason Dawson C Y This is the beginning on the part of the Corolla management to have pho- tographs of the faculty other than the Deans of the Colleges and the exec- utives. We Were unable to use pictures other than those of professor, asso- ciate professor, or assistant professor in our first at- tempt. These two pages in- clude some fifty photo- graphs of the ones who co- operated with us in our effort. We hope that the future editors of the Co- rolla will not find it diffi- cult to secure photos of the more elusive members of the faculty. MEMBERS Top Row: Carmichael, T h o m p s 0 n, Whitehurst, DuBois, Jones Second Row: Whitman, Smith, Schmitz Gregory, Harris Third Row: Pannell, Rippere, Sanders Foley, Hunt Fourth Row: Kistler, Shackelford, Wright Moschette, Hunt Fifth Row: Nunn, Williams, Kassner Dyrud, Ferguson v PAGE 31 ROSTER OF FACULTY UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA ARRANGED ACCORDING TO THEIR YEARS OF SERVICE AT UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA John Y. Graham, Ph.D. fMunichI William B. Saffold, Ph.D. IJohns Hopkinsl Charles I-I. Barnwell, Ph.D. lHarvardj Edwin H. Foster, A.M. IAlabamaI James J. Doster. LL.D. IAlabamal Stewart J. Lloyd, Ph.D. tChicagol Albert J. Farrah, LL.D. fAlabamaI George J. Davis, Jr., D.Sc. lAlabamaI Shaler C. Houser, C.E. tAlabamal John M. Gallalee, M.E. IVirginiaI Lee Bidgood, LL.D. lAla.bamal Vergil P. McKinley, M.A. fColumbiaJ Arthur R. Bauder, E.E. fCaseJ George Lang, LL.D. IAlabamal Jack P. Montgomery, Ph.D. fVirginial Oscar Dahlene, M.S. tKansasJ Edmund Grant Howe, M.A. fHarvardj Albert B. Moore, Ph.D. fChicagoI J. V. Masters, S.J.D. fHarvardI James S. McLester, M.D. fVirginial John R. McLure, LL.D. IAlabamaJ YVilIiam P. Ott, Ph.D. fChicagoI E. Hudson Strode, M.A. fColumbiaI Ralph McBurney, M.P.H. fHarvardJ Herman H. Chapman, A.B. fMichiganJ Agnes Ellen Harris, M.A. CColumbiaJ Paul W. Terry, Ph.D. fChicagoI Ralph W. Cowart, M.A. fColumbial Whitley P. McCoy, LL.B. CGeorge Washingtonl James Holladay. Ph.D. llowal Benjamin A. Wooten, Ph.D. tColumbiaI C'arence E. Cason, M.A. lWisconsinI William Lee Sandidge, Ph.D. lPrincetonb Stuart Graves, M.D. fSyracusel Robert Irving Little, Ph.D. CHarvardI W. C. Blasingame, M.A. tChicagoI Samuel J. Hocking, M.A. fChicagoI Berwinrl P. Kaufman, Ph.D. tPennsylvaniaI Thomas N. McVay, M.S. tlllinoisl Ethel J. Saxman, Ph.D. IColumbiaJ Gladstone Yeuell, Ph.D. tCincinnatiI Danylu Belser, Ph.D. fColumbiaI Robert E. 'l'idwell, LL.D. tAlabamal John C. Dawson, LL.D. 1'Georgetown, Howard! Frank W. Thomas, LL.B. lNotre Dame! James R. Cudworth, M.S. lAIabamaI William M. Hepburn. LL.M. IH:-xrvardi Allen D. Keller, Ph.D. fCo1'nellI Burton R. Morley, Ph.D. tPennsylvanial Edgar H. Underwood, Major, C.A.C. U. S. Army Emmett B. Carmichael, Ph.D. lCincinnatiJ Jacob Geffs. J.D. QChicagoI Henrietta M. Thompson, M.A. fColumbial Alto L. Whitehurst, Ph.D. tChicagol Harold D. Drew. B. P. E., ISpringfieldJ Franklin S. DuBois, M.D. fRushI Walter B. Jones. Ph.D. fJohns Hopkinsl Fred R. Maxwell, Jr., E.E. iAlahamaI Fred A. Lewis, M.A. tAlabamal Harry D. Bonham, M.A. fChicagol Marcus Whitman, Ph.D. tWisconsinI Septima C. Smith, D.Sc. lJohns Hopkinsj V. M. Sims, Ph.D. lYaleI R. R. Schmitz, B.S. tAIabamal Edward VV. Gregory, Jr., Ph.D. tVirginiaI Ray L. Farabee, B.S. CAlabamal Ben E. Harris, M.E. QA. P. LI Geo. D. Palmer, Ph.D. IJohns Hopkinsl H. Clifton Pannell, Ph.D. fColumbiaJ Geo. E. Wallace, M.A. tAlabamaI Brooks Forehand, M.A. lHarvardI John Brockway Rippere, L.H.D. tSt. Johnl Jennimrs Bryan Sanders, Ph.D. lChicagoJ Norman P. Goff. Major, Infantry, U. S. Army Ernest R. Barrows. Captain, C.A.C., U. S. Army Beverly C. Snow, First Lieutenant, C.E., U. S. Army W. Vernon Holloway. Ph.D. tWashingtonI James O. Foley, Ph.D. fWisconsinI Thomas E. Hunt, Ph.D. tChicagoI Allen W. Blair, C.M. fMcGilII Gene H. Kistler, M.D. tRushJ J. Edwin Livingston, LL.B. fAlabamal Chester Howard Knight. C.P.A. lAlabamal L. I. Cothern, M.S. tAlabamaI Brent G. Clark, M.A. tAlabamal LeRoy J. National, M.A. tColumbial L. B. Shackelford, M.A. lKentuckyJ Elizabeth Coleman, M.A. lSwarthmorej E. Baskin Wright, M.A. twisconsinl James Manning Faircloth, B.S. iN. C. Statej Donald A. Du Plantier, C.E. tTulanel John F. Farnsworth, Captain, Infantry. U. S. Army Joseph S. Gelders, M.A. tAlabamaI Howard Ker, First Lieutenant, Engr., U. S. Army Dorothy Scott Moschette, M.A. tColumbial G. N. Carmichael. M.A. tlllinoisl Wade Hampton Coleman, Jr., M.A. fAlabamal Evans R. Crowell, Captain, C.A.C., U. S. Army Eleanor A. Hunt, Ph.D. tChicagoj Marshall E. Nunn, M.A. IStanfordI H. S. Thurston, M.S. IBrownl J. Henry Walker, Jr., M.S. Qlllinoisj E. Earle Johnson, M.A. tWisconsin3 Clanton W. Williams, M.A. fAlabamal Joseph H. Rousseau, Jr., First Lieutenant, C.A.C., U. S. Army James L. Kassner, Ph.D. fMichiganJ John M. Forney, M.D. tRushl Julian D. Mancill, M.A. lAIabamaj C. E. Williams, M.A. IAlabamaj Marie C. D'Amour, Ph.D. tChicagoJ Anna E. Church, Ph.D. twashington U.J Ruth Dyrud, M.S. fWisconsinl John Howard Ferguson, M.D. fl-Iowardl David M. N. Ross, Captain, Infantry, U. S. Army John S. Henn, First Lieutenant, C.A.C., U. S. Army T. G. Andrews. Ph.D. tMinnesotaI Mrs. Harry Neal Eddins iDenison Conservatory of Musicl Thomas H. Garner, LL.B. IAlabamab Elizabeth D. Roberts, B.M. tLouisville Conserva- tory? Lee Glover, M.A. tChicagol Mrs. Paul Burnum, tPupil of Walter Spry, Percy Granger and Ernest Hutchison! William F. Adams, M.A. tAlabamal Dennard Engram, M.A. IAlabamaJ Donald McCuaig, B.S. CAIabamaj Harry V. Mitchell, M.A. fAlabamaJ Leslie Walker, B.S. tAlabamal Emmett Lewis, lJ. Willard School of Music, N. Y. CJ Ina Barbee. B.S. tFla. State Collegej Maruaret M. Davis, M.A. lA1abamaI William P. Fidler, M.A. tHarvardJ Harold L. Geisert, M.A. tlllinoisb Jose Hernandez, M.A. IPeabodyI Wendell M. Adamson, A.B. flndianal Carlyle G. Breckenridge, M.A. tAlabamal Miriam Locke, M.A. tAlabamaJ James B. McMillan, M.A. fNorth Carolinal Howard H. Meigs. B.S. tAlabamaI Walker Moore. B.S. lAlabamaI Mrs. Avis Marshall Dawson, B.S. tColumbial Carl L. Barker, B.S. fAlabamaJ Virginia Cooper, M.A. IAlabamal John H. Davis, A.B., D.D. tHampden-Sydneyl Charles Baker Gamble, B.S. fAlabamal Mrs. Esther F. Gelders. M.A. fAlabamaI Eric Rodgers, M.A. IAlabamal Jerome Schweitzer, M.A. iAlabamaJ Harold Francis Branch, D.D. lBuena Vista College I Otto H. Boesser, M.A. INew York U.j Robert Lake, B.S. fAlabamaI J. 0. Smith, M.A. fAlabamal . Powhatan Wright James, 'Ph.D. lLouisvillel Horace Greeley Williams. M.A. CCincinnatil Mrs. Bertha L. Miller, Certificate. tGrand Central Art Schooll PAGE 32 " 'S "1 li j. is THE MIXED COMMITTEE This committee is composed of four boys and four girls from the Men's Student Gov- ernment Association and the Womcn's Slu- dent Government Association respectively. It tries cases in which boys and girls are co- defendants. Top to bottom Merrill, Morrow, Davidson ,Qin Top Row: Coley, Stephens. Feld, Saxon Second Row: Halliwell, Walker, Grant ME OFFICERS NS HUGH D. MEIKRILL, JR. . . President Bon En MORROW . . . Vice-President FRANK DAVIDSON . Secretary-Treasurer The officers of the Men's Student Government are elected by popular vote of the entire student body. They, with the Appeals Committee- men and the Honor Committeemen, make up the Student Government As- sociation. Through these leaders, the entire student body is pledged to up- hold the Honor System by the observance of all laws made by the Associa- tion. Under the sponsorship of the Student Government Officers, three Amendments which will materially strengthen the Honor System were re- cently adopted by the student body. APPEALS COMMITTEE JOHN COLEY , . ELTON STEPHENS . BERNIE FELD . JOHN SAXON . EDWIN HALLIXVELL . JAMES E. WALKER . CARL GRANT . . Arts . Graduate . Law and Sciences Commerce Engineering Education Chemistry PAGE 34 Top Row: Coley, Hodnette Brunch, Crosland, Gewin Head, Kelly, McFarland Second Ilowz Meyer, Chenoweth. Hawley, Innis Onion, Osborn, P a r k e r, Williams Third Row: C o n W a y, Hornsby, Mese, S k i p p e I' Steiner. Zu Hone, Harris Bauman. J. Fourth Row: Benz, Cooke, Evans, Hockensmith, Mac Kay, Sturdevant, Gully, Freeman Fifth Row: Petruska Rohrdanz, Rogers, Stapp Frings, Gilbert, Williams v STUDENT GOVERNMENT GRADUATE John Colcy Cbairmim LAW Bob Hodnette C bali'-nmu Arthur Boardman Bill Branch Ed Crosland Walter Gcwin Beverly Head Par Kelly Ward McFarland David Meyers HONOR COMMITTEEMEN ARTS AND SCIENCES Beach Chenoweth Chair-mm: Bill Hawley John lnnis Bernard Lipmann Bill Onion Francis Osborn John Parker Peyton Williams COMMERCE William Wade Clvaimzan Claud Hornsby Robert McGinnis PAGE 35 Jack Mese Henry Skipper Ray Steiner Alfred Zul-lone ENGINEERING Ed Harris Chairman J. A. Bauman Bob Benz Paul Cooke J. J. Evans Harold Hockensmith Jack MacKay Bob Sturdevant EDUCATION Oscar Cully Clmirmalz Harold Barber Jacob Freeman Charles Oliver Thaddeus Perruska Clarence Rohrdanz Victor Rogers Charles Stapp CHEMISTRY Raymond Frings Claairmzm Walter Brogin John Gilbert David Williams Top to Bottom: Allen, Render, Jolly ff. gl', Top Row: Blow, Boozer, Drolet, Gordon Second Row: H o 1 m a n, Holloway, Merritt, Waites WOMENS OFFICERS ELIZABETH ALLEN . . . . . . President MARY CHEATI-IAM RENDER . . Vice-President ELIZABETH JoLLY . . Secretary Women students at the University of Alabama manage their own af- fairs through the XVomen's Student Government Association, which is composed of the entire co-ed student body. The officers are elected each year by popular vote. The Board of Directors, The House of Representatives, The Honor Council, and the Appeals Committee make up the governing bodies. Four representatives from the Women's Student Government Of- ficers with four from the Menls Student Government Officers make up the Executive Committee which tries cases in which boys and girls are co- defendants. The rules and regulations are made by the governing bodies, and each woman student is pledged to uphold them. The Board of Directors meets once each week and imposes penalties for the infringement of student government rules. It is composed of the President, Vice-President, and Secretary-Treasurer of the Womcn's Student Government, and one representative from the Graduate, Junior, Sophomore, and Freshmen classes, and two representatives at large elected, one each from the upper class "Transfer Students" and the women students residing in town. THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS KATE NOBLE HOLLOWAY MARY HOLMAN ELIZABETH JOLLY MARJORIE MERRl'fT MARY CHEATHAM RENDER SARA WAITES ELIZABETH ALLEN LOUISE BLoxv REBECCA BoozER MARIE DROLET JANET GORDAN PAGE 36 STUDE GO NT VERN E Top Row: Anderson, Boswell, Fulmer, Gilmore, Green, Griffin, Jackson, Kohler Second Row: Lane, Morrissett, Moxley, Newman, Nix, Richards, Sears, Sharpe T h i r d Row: Shepherd, Simpson, Smith, Tankersley, Tannenhaus, T o w n s e n d, White THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES The House of Representatives is composed of one member from each sorority, one from each hall of the girls, dormitories, and a representative from each of the cooperative houses. lr meets weekly and proposes regulations pertaining to the government of women studen ts. CHRISTINE Aococx ANNIE ANDERSON ELLALEE BOSWELI, ALTA BROWN FLEDA FULMER JOHN EFFIE GILLTORE ALYCE GREEN ELLA Ross GRIFFIN KIANELLA JACKSON CHARLOTTE KOHLER WINNELL LANE VIRGINIA MORRISSETT GWEN MOXLEY CHRISTINE NEWMAN MARGARET Nlx JEFF RICHARDS SALLY ScoTT MARIE SEARS ANN SHARPE RUTH SHEPHERD EMMA Lou SIMPSON PAGE 37 BETTY SMITH ET!-IEL TANKERSLEY CECILE TANNENHAUS RUTH TOWNSEND MARY ELIZABETH WHATLEY ALMA Lois WHITE NT X PAGE as I N - M XV I fx K ,,, ,L,,, 7 'V f X 1 f 9 W X l D xx Jx I ,f7' A Y . W I 1 ! m s 1 w' x x X X,f Fiji H l :X X XA W C LLE CU TH QKUUEFISITV We 4' in lu 1' lr w 1 r 0 DR WILLIAM B. SAFFOLD l Who is a deep student of every phase of history, who is loved and admired by everyone with whom he has come in contztlst, who is an ideal gentleman in every respect, to hiln Book II of the 1935 Corolla is dedicated. l, 'R v-4-, . .g- .H W Tj "A ' ' i 1. ij,-'f,,--1' I , - ' 'ii X. 5 -5.-..-. T.-in-:, Y . ,Y A. , OFFICERS President . . . . . jolfuv COLEY Vice-Presirfmi .... BETTY I'IU'I'Cl-IENS Secretary . . . FRANCES TURNER Trmmrfr . . JIZANNE BROACH .ju GRADUATE CO! I PGI: 1 if ,. 1------nv. ' - T -- . .ll ,TAT - - Y----g-. . .J-, A . ,,... ""'.,,"i1. - --. - .T 'WR' Eli 'iw - if' E7 -L, ,,m,,,. . . M... BEECH, GOULD M., QD I' A . . .... MoNTcoMERY, ALABAMA Jasons, O. D. K.: Scabbard and Blade: Quadrangle: Editor, C1'im50n- White '33, '34 BRYP-NEFRANCES J., A A A . . . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Alpha Epsilon Delta: Biology Assistant COLEY, JOHN SMARTT, X fb . . . . ALEXANDER CITY, ALABALIA A. B. '331 Phi Beta Kappa '32: Pres. Graduate School '33-'34, '34-'35: Ap- peals Committee '34-'35: Honor Roll '30-'31, '31-'32: Quadrangle: Grader- ship, '33-'34: Fellowship, '34-'35: Phi Eta Sigma: Excelsior: Rho Alpha Tau: Rammer-Jammer, '32-253: Erosophic CONNER,EMERSON HARRY . . . . FRANKLIN, PENNSYLVANIA Theta Kappa Psi: Gorgas Medical Society: Pre-medical Club: Chemistry Club: A. B., M. S. Degrees DEAS, BLANCHE, A I' A . .... . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Graduate of Gulf Park College: Crimson-White Staff '31-'32: Pi: Delta Club: Y. W. C. A.: W. A. A.: A. B. Degree U. of A. HALL, ROBERT K,, II K A . . THREE RIVERS, MICHIGAN HOIKNE, JOHN ELMER, l'I K A . ..... CLAYTON, ALABAMA Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Delta Kappa: Kappa Delta Pi: Omicrcn Delta Kappa: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet '33, '34, '35: International Relations Club '33 ,'34: Junior Faculty '32, '33, '34: Honor Roll '31, '32, '33, '34: Assistant Editor 1934 Corolla: Editor-in-Chief 1935 Corolla: A. B. U. of A.: Student Board of Publication: Associate Editor Crimson-White: Cotillion Club Committee: Intramural Publicity Committee E . 1 5 . v PAGE 44 l il C T r . r 4 ...JSA c J f' A1 x E 0 L. l X ,F ,.,.Xx,' II' 'UI lv 153 IRI! ll E F Fl I' F! 5-I Fl HUTCHINGS, ELIZABETH C. . .... BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Vice-Pres. Graduate School: Newman Club A1 LATHAM, CHARLES S. ......... LEWISTON, LIAINE Fellowship Student in Chemistry It I . Monnow, Bon ED. ........ . . . SELMA, ALABAMA - '- Vice-Pres. Student Ass'n.: "A" Club: Jasons: Freshman Football and Base- 'Ml , ball: Varsity Football '32, '33, '34 ' "l A I 1 Al I 1 'N I wlx, H Y . SMITH, CLYDE M. . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA SMITH, WAL'rER T., 9 E' . . , . . NEW' HAVEN, CONNECTICUT I Chairman St. Pat's Committee '33, '34: Theta Tau: Chi Beta Phi: Vice-Pres. Chi Beta Phi '33, '34: Junior Prom Committee '32, '33: Rammer-Jammer Staff '33, '34: Newman Club: A. I. Ch. E. WHITEIJEAD, RALPH C., A X A . . PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA Teaching Fellow: Alpha Delta Sigma WILSON, CHRISTINE V., E K ....... ATI-IENs, ALABAMA Alpha Omicron: Caroline Hunt Club . . . A . J. . V. ,. . -., .. 4. .. - -vw., -i.-,as "xiii, ttf' '1' :JY .I- ,' -'NL I' . " "-"'7' - 5 PAGE 45 .,..-ll!,l!4!,-U.-Inrfg a ll VI' .1 f' 'Fl 5 9 A., 5: 5 x I THE LAW COLLEGE By David Haigler HE University of Alabama Law School is recognized today as being among the best in the United States. Its standing is now unchallenged, but this position was reached only through years of devoted and unselfish service by many state leaders. The first attempt to provide for legal training at the Univer- sity Was made in 1845, when the Board of Trustees established a professorship of law. Judge Benjamin F. Porter, the profes- sor, received little assistance, and a year later the plan was aban- doned. The movement for a law school was revived in 1872, under the leadership of Judge Henderson M. Somerville, who is con- sidered the real founder of the Law School. During the next forty years its growth was assured by the presence of many emi- nent jurists on the faculty. The third and most successful period began in 1912, when Dr. A. Farrah came to the University as Dean of the Law School. Under his guidance there have been developed the high standards that are maintained today. A modern law building has been erected, and the School has gained national prestige as a member of the Association of American Law Schools. The high degree of training is evidenced by the large number of alumni who are leaders in local and national life. Many of the men most influential in the moulding of our state and na- tional policies have degrees from the Alabama Law School. Their success is the best acknowledgment of appreciation to the builders Who developed this admirable system for the training of the legal profession in Alabama. PAGE 46 O F F I C E R S SENIOR CLASS Prrsirlmzt ..... PEYTON NORVILLE Vic?-Presirlmzt . . KENNETH ROBERTS Secretary . . . . HOWARD SCOTT Treasurer . . . . JIM SMITI-I Prophet . . HENRI ALDRIDLEE Oruior . . . NICPIOLAS HAIKE Historian ..... MARXVIN ROSENBERO JUNIOR CLASS Prvxiclwzzf . . . . . LUTHER HEAIKN Virc'-Prcsidenl . . . E. C. WATSON, JR. Secretary . . . . . . LEE BAIN5 TI'msurer ....... JIMLIIY IQING FRESI-IMAN CLASS Prffxidenf ..... WILLIAM T. LEWIS Vice-President . . . LOUIE BUCR Sevretary . . . BOB KILOORII 4 CCDIII- I- QI- A his IL.. ' :I Im-Q III l II my I II., II' J. A I I H' 5 II N V III'III If III JL IIIYEIII SE Imvsc ,L WEII 52, II 2 S 's fx Alxxjpf. ir? . K'-' '-. . ff 5 i2I:if:g,:Q...2-FG.-14'ii.1a,.-JLALL-'3::I.'225 ei"-12: f" N'-., I 2-. -m d R. we If -.-1 f F." -f1frI1..+ -- . 'Wg f l ff A - D "W-" I1 M P P - I I NT' .mf'fJP' ' 7T"v 3 . fag' ig-ai -- 4-' All ,ANAL . , , ' L Q ALDRIDGE, GARET V., E A E . . . . . . . MOBILE, ALABAMA Delta Sigma Pi: Phi Delta Phi: Arch Club: Sec'y. Freshman Law Class '32: Rammer Jammer: Crimson White: Intra Mural Sports Staff ALDRIDGE, HENRI M., E A E . . . . . . . MOBILE, ALABAMA Delta Sigma Pi: Phi Delta Phi: Rammer Jammer: Corolla BEAR, CARL W., CP A 6 . . . .... MONTGOMERY, ALABANIA A. B. Washington 8: Lee University: O. D. K.: Phi Deita Phi: Delta Club: Arch Club BEAR, JOE F., 4' A 9 . .... . . . MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA A. B. Washington 8: Lee University: Phi Beta Kappa: 0. D. K.: Phi Delta Phi BIEDENHARN, OSWALD K., K A . . . . . VICKSBURG, MISSISSIPPI Phi Alpha Delta BRANCH, WILLIAM, T., 'IP A 9 . . . . MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Phi Delta Phi: Arch Club: Quadrangle: Varsity Tennis Team: Druids: Honor Committee '32, '33, '34: Appeals Committee '33, '34 BROXVN, BARTO L., JR. . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA BROWN, JAMES D., K A . . . ...... OZARK, ALABAMA President Phi Alpha Delta '34: Honor Council Law School '33, '34 CAMERON, ALLAN R., JR., A K E . . . . . MOBILE, ALABAMA Phi Delta Phi: A. B. '32: Spring Hill College: Arch Club: Treas. Junior Law Class CASKIE, MARION M. JR., K A ..... MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Pres. of Phi Delta Phi: Knaves CHANIBERLAIN, BART B. JR., A K E . . - MOBILE, ALABAMA CROSLANB, EDWARD B., K E ..... MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA O. D. K., Interfraternity Council Vice-Pres. '35: Areh Cluh Pres. '45 Parasites: Delta. Club: Honor Committee: Philomathxc: Phi Delta Phi: Blue Key: Sewanee '32 DAvIs, LAWRENCE B, . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA DAVIS, WILLIAM E., H K A . . . . . . HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA Ph' D lt Ph': Rho Alpha Mu: Treas. Freshman Law Class: Quadrangle? Philon?atzlIic:1Pres. Freshman 1fE50M:3?.,:g. Cabinet: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet I V E Fl S i T '75 PAGE 48 fv' ." I ,,,- . , .- " P -1 Q -:T'7'T 'f-ff: Z-V' A W, G: is lift BLATT, DAVID JULIUS, ll' E A .... PERTH AMBOY, NEW JERSEY Crimson-White '30-'31: Chess '30-'31: Rho Alpha Mu '31: Fra:ernity Rep- resentative to Hillel '34: Corolla '30: Rutgers University '33: Samuel John- son Literary Society '31 BOLES, WILLIANI EUGENE . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA BOMAR, ETHELYN WANUA, Z T A . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA BOOZISR, REBECCA HALL, X Q ...... DOTHAN, ALABAMA Pres. Pi Phi Chi: House of Representatives '33-'34: Representative at Larfre: Spirit Committee: W. A. A. BOWERS, CHARLES H .,.. . . . . . GADSDEN, ALABAMA Quadrangle: Excelsior: Y. M. C. A.: Blue Ridge De'egate: Ass't. Editor Crimson-White '33-'34: Sec. Student Y. M. C. A. Council BROWNSTEIN, SYDNEY, E A M ..... LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY Interfraternity Council: Spirit Committee: Matrix: Hillel Sports Com- mittee: Freshman Football '31: Varsity Football '32-'33 BRONVN, XVILLIAM ALBERT, H K A . . . HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA Phi Chi: Spirit Committee BROWNE, ZONA, 9 T ..... . . GLEN RIDGE, NEW JERSEY Phi Beta Kappa: Alpha Lambda Delta: Pi Phi Chi: Chi Delta Phi: Ala- bama Forum: Corolla '33: Crimson-White '31-'32-'33: W. A. A. '31: Y. W. C. A.: Spirit Committee '3-4: Quill Club: Honor Roll '32-'33-'34 BULLARD, NORMAN R. ......... CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Eta Sigma: Chi Beta Phi: Pi Mu Epsilon: Rifle Team BURNS, ANNA POXVELL, li A ...... . SELMA, ALABAMA Transfer Sophie Newcomb: Council: Newtonian Math Society: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: W. A. A.: Pi BURT, BARBARA, A I' A . . ..... LEAVENWORTH, KANSAS Blackfriars: Omega, Pres. '3-1335: Delta Club CAFFEY, MARY HELEN, A I' A . . . . CHOCCOLOCCO, ALABAMA Alpha. Lambda Delta: Pi Phi Chi: Student Government '33: Blaclcfriars: Zeta Phi Eta: Debating Team '32-'33 CALDWELL, Joi-IN SPENCER, fl, l' A . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Art Club: Glee Club Business Mgr. CARMICHAEL, ERNESTINH, A Z .... BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Alpha Lambda Delta: Pan-Hellenic Council: Freshman Commission: Spirit Committee: Kappa De'ta Pi F Fl Fl E- H PAGE 65 iii fQlff'N V x Atyw M! .I W3 TT ie 'ji 'fi W" III Jn' Ii '1 1 by f .,, - . . , , .-- .... -. - - ,., In -Lg - r ' I ' WP r - f Wi' SWE N Ii VIR fs . CARMICHAEL, WILLIAM MONROE, JR., A E CP , FAIRFIELD, ALABAMA CATON, CURTIS EUGENE, K E ..... TUSCALOOSA, ALABANIA Scabbard and Blade: lst Lt. R. O. T. C. CHANDLER, MARGARET, A I' A .... . BESSEMER, ALABAMA Omega: Delta Club: Y. W. C. A. CHENOWETH, BEACH MEAD, JR., E A E . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA O. D. K.: Jasons: Quadranazle: Druids: Knaves: Parasites: Delta Club: Jr. Mgr. Baseball, Sr. Mgr.: "A" Club: Philomathic: Interfraternity Coun- cil '33-'34: Alpha Epsilon Delta, Sec.-Treas.: Crimson-White: Phi Chi: Chairman A. 8: S. Honor Committee CHESTER, BENJAMIN CHARLES . . CENTRAL FALLS, RHODE ISLAND Phi Eta Sigma: Newtonian Math Society CHRISTIAN, WILLIAM GRANVILLE, A X . . STURGIS, KENTUCKY COCHRANE, ELVIRA MINGE, K A . . . . TUscALoosA, ALABAMA Pi: Delta Club: Blackfriars COYTE, MARGARET DUNHAM, A A H . . LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY Corolla: Society Editor Crimson-White: Rammer-Jammer: Blackfriars CRADDOCK, FRENCH Hoon, JR., K E . . . SYLACAUGA, ALABAMA Glee Club '32-'33-'34-'35: Quartette '34-'35: Phi Mu Sigma: Corolla '33-'34: Rammer-Jammer '32-'33-'34-'35 CRIBES, HENRY BROWN, 6 E ..... TUscALoosA, ALABAMA Theta Kappa Psi: Pre-Med Club CRIMI, FRED . . BROOKLYN, NEW YORK CRUMII, BANKHEAD LEE, 9 K N . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA CUMMINS, SAMUEL D. . . REFORM, ALABAMA DANKS, GEORGE GILLMORE . . EDGEWOOD, ILLINOIS -f I -- 3- ,- I ' PAGE 66 fA 'NI ill' DAVIS, CHARLES D., ju., A K E . . . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Alpha Epsilon Delta: Crimson-White '32 DAVIS, XVILLIAM D., H K 411 ...,.. PRATTVILLE, ALABAMA Scabhard and Blade: Rho Alpha Mu: Friedman Scholarship '32-'33-'34: Readership in English DELI-IAGEN, K1fNN1aTII NOllh'iAN, 9 E . ASBURY PARK, NEW JERSEY Theta Kappa Psi: Pre-Med Club DEXTEIK, LEXVIS FANT, X 'P ...... TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Pershing Rifles: Scalwhard and Blade: Excelsior: Philomathic: Corolla Bus. Staff '31-'32-'33-'34-'35: Crimson-White Bus. Staff: Rammer-Jammer Art Staff: Blackfriars Advertising Staff '31-'32: Officers Club: Glee Club: Art Club: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet Dlx, ALEXANDER BEACI-I, A X A .... . MOBILE, ALABAMA Rho Alpha Tau DOUGLASS, JOSEDHINIL, A A A ..... BIRMINGHAM, ALABALIA Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: W. A. A. DRYBURGH, MAIKTHIX AIIEAN, K K 1' , , MONROE, LOUISIANA DUNSMOIRE, CATI-IEIIINE V., A Alf . . BARNESBORO, PENNSYLVANIA EDXVARDS, VIOLET E., Z 'I' A . . YOLANDE, ALABAMA ECIQLES, JUANITA ABBEY, K A . . . BILOXI, MISSISSIPPI Pi IiIILEIi'r, VIRGINIA MAY, K K I' .... TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Chi Delta Phi. Pres. '34-'35 ELGIN, BOBBY, A A A . .... . . SHIIIEVEPORT, LOUISIANA Crimson-White: Y. W. C. A.: W. A. A. EIVIERSON, RICI-IARD BAII.Iax' . . ANNXSTON, ALABAMA ENGLISH, MABEI.. HlLLEX', A E A . SIGNAL MOUNTAIN, TENNESSEE Education Club '31-'32: Corolla '32-'33: Crimson-W'hite '31-'32: Rammer- Jammer. Co-Ed Eslilur '32-'33-'34: N. A. A. '31-'32 A 'UI I. PAGE 67 ..-1f f-...,-,. 7- ll4 A-1 - .aj 'U' -V . 'I ,, 1.4 'rg' 'I ' "Q-1141 "' .ip ':.K.3x3" LITE' L'- 1 rw:Qf1"i" e?',Ef'B A . A Q fa, T111 W-4 El -rf. hi T-'C .fl hir ' .N 55. In ..r . : Ai'L,'-Avia. : -I, - gms 4... ..fG.,,., ..f, W H 5. . Ji . . .,--V - ,J . ,-...N .,., uf'EI,1 .I-'Ili " "'M'.g'.-. ' ..."'g4rA1 - , .-:rule 3 . I -ij., -A 1' I 1 x tl 15' 'S Psi f L, ff:-il I -4- g 'If' cd, -, FARRAR, CHARLES O., 'I' 1' A . . GAINES, MABEI. L. . GAINES, PEARL RHEUDELLE, 9 T GOLDSTEIN, AARON ARNOLD . GREASER, GEORGE LEWIS . GRICE, WILSON ARCHIBALD . HALL, ALBA WAYNE, A T A . . HALL, ELIZABETH ..... Delta Phi Mu: GOLDI-IABER, MEYER SAM, E Q YI' . . 'D .I . fy ,-.,. -. - .Q fs? - 1' ,.::.,.fif .. ' ' ga- '.-1.4 . HARRISBURG, ILLINOIS FELD, BERNARD DAVID, JR., Z B T . . . BIRMINGHANI, ALABAMA Omicron Delta Kappa: Jasons: Secretary Phi Eta Sigma: Druids: Pres. Excelsior '3l4: Vice-Pres. Erosophic '32: Appeals Honor Committee: Execu- tIve Committee: Interfraternity Council '34-'35: Blackfriars Business Mgr. '33-'34, Publicity Mgr. '32-'33: Crimson-White News Editor, '33-'34: Ram- mer-Jammer '32-'33-'34: Y. M. C. A., Freshman Senior Cabinets '32-'33, '33-'34, '34-'35: Intramural Publicity Chairman '34-'35: Freshman Football '31-'32: International Relations Club: Psi Chi: Pi Mu Epsilon: Grader in Psychology '33-'34, '34-'35: Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Delta Kappa: Associate Editor Corolla, '35 FENNELL, ANNE LUCILLE, A 1' A . . . LEIGI-ITON, ALABAMA Blackfriars FOGELSON, JESSIE JEAN, A fb E .... . NEWTON, NEW JERSEY Y. W. C. A.: Freshman Commission FULLERTON, HELEN RUTI-I, 9 T . . WILKINSBUIKG, PENNSYLVANIA Pan-Hellenic: Y. W. C. A.: W. A. A. . CROSSVILLE, ALABAMA . . CROSSVILLE, ALABAMA Y. W. C. A. . BROOKLYN, NEW YORK . . BROOKLYN, NEW YORK Pre-Med Society GORDON, JANET, A CI' .......... HOUSTON, TEXAS Mortar Board: Pi Mu Epsilon: Board ot' Directors: Honor Committee: Ex- ecutive Board: Court of Appeals: Pan-Hellenic: Pres. of Alpha Lambda Delta '31-'32: Pi Phi Chi: Fellowship in Physics . ALTOONA, PENNSYLVANIA . EPPS, LOUISIANA . CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA Blacktriars: Photographic Editor of Corolla: Officers Club . . . CUTHBERT, GEORGIA Transfer from Andrew College: Readership in History .A - - - J ' ll - - lI', . -ld I itll' ' C' 1 Y H , L ,.5 F511 qt.-. '-,Ili-'75-had .4-gig I' ,g ".- .-: , ' ':'fi--5-f-3-grief.rye-.Q,-f 52 fff.,-.3Iy..g .1 PAGE as Y ..,. Lf ia 4' r 'f A A li? ll IA Ii Ia. Lf . II li IRI E5 ' O If Fl I. Q B H '..l. . ,'.I , L IP.: , -. 'z L Q-J I I , . H '-.,,, ,T Q. HARPER, MARY, A A A ....... MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Board of Directors on Woman's Council '33-'34: Pan-Hellenic '34-'35 HAssON, JULIA, X 9 . . . MERIDIAN, MISSISSIPPI Pi HAWVLEY, XVILLIAM LANVRENCIZ, Il li A . . . BESSEMER, ALABAMA Phi Eta Sigma. Debating Team '33-'34-'35: Y. M. C. A.: Pres. Alpha Epsi- lon Delta: Pres. B. S. U.: Phi Bs-ta Pi: Gamma Sigma Epsilon: Phi Beta Kappa: Omicron Delta Kappa HENDER, GEORGIZ P., JR. . . JERSEY CITY, NEW JERSEY HODGES, ALINE, A 47 E . ....... FAYETTE, ALABAIYIA Pan-Hellenic Council: W. A. A.: Corolla Staff HOUsER,JoI-IN F.,AX . . . . . PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA Officers Club: Varsity Baseball '33-'34-'35. HOWELL, CHRISTINE ......... FAIRFAX, ALABAMA Alpha Lambda Delta, Honor Roll: Phi Beta Kappa HOWINGTON, LUMAN EARL . . LENOX, ALABAMA I HYNDMAN, JAMES B. . . MOBILE, ALABAMA JOACHIM, CHARLES WILLIAL4, E 4' E . . SPRINGFIELD, NEW JERSEY Crimson-White Staff: Corolla Staff: Blackfriars: Freshman Baseball: Ca- det Officer R. O. T. C.: Officers Club: Matrix Club JOHNSTON, MARY ELLA ........ XVESSON, MISSISSIPPI Treasurer B. S. U.: Y. W. G. A. JORGENSEN, ROBERT P. . . GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN JULIAN, GABRIEL JOSEPH . . EAST ORANGE, NEXV JERSEY KELLY, JOHN HAROLD, E A E . . ROXBURY, NEW YORK -- - -- --. .-- -If1--sw.,-n.'.c,,..+4.1' .5 'nf' .1-'WL' T ". 4 k it. vi., - JM , ,A ply' PAGE 69 IM . . .W .-1. 'var I.. I P.. fwfgifzv if K R R4-tl ll 1. I1'.' V fr ,weq f A W ,Y llffl9E1?F? ' ""' 1' o I -f 1.4 B TT' 'I C. :lla lim 'Roi 'rl .I- I'n lpn . .l.. gr? . 4 fi - . ' '. l gl ' - -. 1 ' , 1 4 T ' ' ff. 'FI wr ,, ..w,, ,. , .. M, , . f . -. ,I ,." ff.-1 ..-Wu . . xx R fr'-3, 5 !711,:iI1'J" A - L- rj 11, -I 1-f ,El If ,...-: ,.5-.-fv.lfg- f 753. f. .Lau -QQ-.:I,f, . ,J-i,.,-L V . 4. ff -- ,gi Ei'JSllWif'ETf5 '17llSl!3 'I E' I I KILPATRICK, CARROLL, 'IP A 9 .... MONTGOMERY, ALABANIA Quadrangle, International Relations Club: Editor of Crimson-White: Omicron Delta Kappa KI.EINMAN, RUTH, K K 1' .... . . SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA Pres. of Woman's Pen-Hellenic Council: Mortar Board: Blackfriars: Pi Phi Chi: Alpha Lambda Delta: Phi Beta Kappa: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet '33- '34: Corolla '34-'35: Women's Council '33-'34 KLICR, E. LoUIs,9E. . . . . . . . . ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI Spirit Committee: Ass't. in Geology KNOWLES, ROBERTA MIMS, K A . Koss, WALTER EDDIE . Phi Eta Sigma: Pi Mu Epsilon: Honor Ro KUHN, GERALD ERNST, A E KP . IQUPINSE, WILLIAM JOHN . BIRMINGHAINI, ALABAIKIA . MOOSUP, CONNECTICUT ll '32-'33-'34: Phi Beta Kappa aT. f0SEPI-I, MICHIGAN NENV HAVEN, CONNECTICUT Crimson-White: Rammer-Jammer: Art Club: Commerce C'uh: Pre-Med Society: Honor Council: Y. M. C. A.: Art Editor Corolla '33: Intramural LANDMAN, ALLAN . . . . ..... NEW YORK, NEXV YORK Phi Eta Sigma: Spanish Club, Pres. '30-'31 LANE, WINNELL, A X Q . ....... DOT!-IAN, ALABALIA Chi Delta Phi: Y. W. C. A. LAVENDER, MARGARET, A I' A . . Pi LERNER, EUGENE GERARD, K N . LETT, EDMOND RUSIIIN, H K fb . LEWIS, EMMETT, 9 'P . LORZING, ROBERT . . CENTERVILLE, ALABANIA . BROOKLYN, NEW' YORK . TALLASSEE, ALABAIVIA . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA . ELMSFOIKD, NEW YORK 115 I R I will I' --1 .- 3 PAGE 70 I - .M I Q . . l i: Ii ' l K LUPO, MARIE ELEANOR ..... . . BROOKLYN, NEW YORK University Symphony Orchcslra: Y. W. C. A.: W. A. A. LYON, MARIA MINGE, K A . MCCONNELI., FRED GIKEY, E N . McCowN, ROSEbIARY, A A A , . . . MOBILE, ALABAMA . GATE CITY, VIRGINIA . . . . MOBILE, ALABANIA Varsity Show Club: Blackfria1's: Newman Club MCCULLOCH, JOI-IN RYAN, flf K E . MCDON1AI.D, BEVERLY JANE, li A . Blackfriamsy Zeta MCKEE, GRACE, K A . MCNAULL, ROBERT DANIEL, fi' ll E POINT PLEASANT, WEST VA. . . ALEXANDRIA, LOUISIANA Phi Eta . FAUNSDALE, ALABAISIA . . . . .TOLEDO, OHIO Blackfriars: Arch Club: Glee Club: Erosophics MARTIN, FLORENCE GRACE, E K . . . . . CULLMAN, ALABAMA Pres. Y. W. C. A. '34-'35: Mortar Board: Glee Club: Pan-Hellenic Repre- sentative: Kappa Delta Pi: Spirit Committee '34-'35 MELRA, ROBERI' HENRY, 41 K E . . . . DES PLAINES, ILLINOIS Scnlmbard :Ind Blade '34-'35: Blackl'rizII's '33-'34-3355 Blackfriar Key Club '34-'35: Officers Club '3-4335: Stage Mgr. Blackfriars '34 MINERVA, FRANK DOMINICA . MORGAN, MARION ESTELLE, X YZ . . . BROOKLYN, NEW YORK . . . COFFEVILLE, KANSAS Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: W. A. A.: Pi MOllRISSE'l'T, VIIIGINIA, A A A . . . . . . . .DAYTON, OHIO Mortar Board: Pi Phi Chi: Omega: Blackfriars: Pan-Hellenic '33-'34C Womens Council: Appeal Committee: Rammer-Jammer '32-'33: Crimson- White '32-'33: Corolla '32-723: Y. W. C. A.: W. A. A.: Honor Roll: Fel- lowship: Delta Club Moss, GEORGE XVEST, K 22 . . SELMA, ALABAMA PAGE 71 5:-'S' " ' . - I A IX., F .X .4 -A ,L. 4,J Q . A I-wp. J 1- . r V-A S- 5 I I ll 5-Ff'?2f'1i'E:?f ..4 'lffzfq' if I l Tig' if J - IP' , Ill ..-l 'fx ,if I f KWH . f T V , .1 . fy .. , , F7 .. 2 " ' 4, K, ' - 1 V Sl if lIfJ. ll FS' J ii 'afg NEUMULLER, ROBERT, 9 E ...... NEXV YORK, NEW YORK Pershing Rifles: Rho Alpha Mu: Rifle Team '32-'33-'34-'35 NEWMAN, IRVING GEORGE . . NEW YORK, NEW YORK NICROSI, JANE LOUISE, K K 1' . . . . MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Vice-Pres. Chi Delta Phi: Art Club and Newtonian Math Society OLDACRE, JUNE, fb M , . ..... . CULLMAN, ALABAMA Y. W. C. A. '32-'33-'34-'35: Girls Glee Club '32-'33-'34-'35: Delta Phi Mu '32- '35: Pres. Delta Phi Mu '33-'34: Treas. Delta Phi Mu '34-'35 OXVENS, ARTHUR HAZLETON, JR., E X . . ASHLAND, ALABAMA PARKER, JOHN CURRY MILBURN, 21 A E . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Honor Committee: Philomathic: Quadrangle: Newman Club: Assistant Li- brarian: Assistant to the Executive Secretary: Secretary to the Dean of Men: Editor the "A" Book: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet PATTERSON, JOHN CAREY ...... TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Quadrangle: Alpha Epsilon Delta PEARSON, ELLSWORTH NELSON . . WILKES-BARRE, PENNSYLVANIA Intramural Sports: Basketball: Baseball PERSONS, CLARENCE PARKER, CP 1' A . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Bus.-Mgr. Rammer-Jammer '33-'34-'35 PETERSON, EDWARD JAIWES . . .... BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Newman Club: Phi Mu Sigma: Phi Chi PIRKLE, THOMAS LAFAYETTE, 9 K XII . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA R. O. T. C. Band: Million Dollar Band PLUMMER, CHARLES, E A E . . ANDALUSIA, ALABAMA POLLARA, RALPH ANTONIO ..... CALDWELL, NEW JERSEY Crimson-White: Corolla: Hcnor Committee: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Phi Mu Sigma: Sec'y-Trees. Senior Class RAINS, HOBDY G., H K A ....... GADSDEN, ALABAMA Crimson-White Staff: Rho Alpha Mu: Philomathic I V E Fl 5 I T S PAGE 72 Ah J I f'..,3 it ll' 521 ,fW1-,lf4.Lll?...is3.Sff4.Tz.l . Rmzsn, CAROL LYNN, 'K A , . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA RBNDBR, MARY CI-IBATHAM, fb M . . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Vice-Pres. Wome'n's Student Government Association '35: Mortar Board, 'l'rcz1s. '3li: Spirit Committee '34-'35: Honor Committee '34-'35: Executive Committee '3B: Appeals Committee '35: Representative-at-Laryze '34: Pi Phi Chi: Crimson-White '32-'33-'34: Alpha Lambda Delta, Treas. '33: Freshman Commissioner '33: W. A. A.: House of Representatives '32-'33 ROBBINS, KATI-IRINE FURNISS . . . . . . BEATRICE, ALABAMA Alpha Lambda Delta: Pi Phi Chi: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: Freshman Advisor ROBERTS, EDNVARD PIUGER . . . . . CHOCCOLOCCO, ALABAMA Glue Club '31-'32-'33-'34 RODGIERS, TI-IOMAs ARNOLD . . . . . . . GOSI-IEN, ALABAMA Pi Mu Epsilon: Assistant in Physics: Phi Delta Kappa ROGERs,L1a12O'rIs,llKA . . . . . . . . HOLT, ALABAMA Jasons: Quadrnnizle: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: "A" Club: Varsity Football '32-'?l3: Varsity Baselmll '32-'33-'34: Omicron Delta Kappa ROGERS, ROGER PONVIZLL ....... DOVER, NEW JERSEY Phi Beta Pi ROOD,JOHN F.,jR.. . . . . . .h1ALDl:1N, MASSACHUSETTS Phi Eta Sigma ROSENBLOUM, RIIRIAM, 9 K . . . . . coLLINsvILLI5, ALABAMA Women'x-I Editor Crimson-White '33-'34: Ass't. News Editor '32-'33: Ram- mer Jammer: Corolla: Alabama Forum: Chi Delta Phi: Recordiwr Sec. Interhational Relations Club '33-'34: J. S. A.: Executive Council Hillel: Pres. and Publicity Director Quill Club '32-'33: Blackfriars: Freshman Advisor '34-'35: Spirit Committee '34-'35 ROXBURY, Tl:lEl-MA GRACE . . YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO RUTI-IBRFORIJ, IBA, Z T A . . FRANKLIN, ALABAMA RU'ri..enGB, lisTH12R ELIZABETH, A F A . . . DEMOPOLIS, ALABAMA Omegru: W. A. A.: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: Blackfriars: Crimson-White SALMON, MAIZION HOLLAND, E A E . . BESSEMER, ALABAMA SAWYER, CHARLES RANKIN, E N . . . . ANNISTON, ALABAMA Parasites: Knaves: Rho Alpha Tau: Delta Club: Scabbard and Blade: Of- ficers Club: Rzimmer-Jammrr: Vice-Pres. Freshman Class '31-'32: Ass't. Subscription Mgr. Crimson-Whig '34: Xic5Pres. Junior Arts and Sciences ass '3 -' D F H L Fl B Fl i PAGE '13 .rv-I ki. I ' 3'-x giii' lil . 1 I. I' lgfff, N--2 l l A .I,', r A A '-12 , - 1 r any l ,. . . . , - -.T . v..,.,-,.- ...r ,,-- 1,1-'I -Aqj.,-,.4,z',5,I.-, ., I-. ...a-.e..I 1?- -,GPN fi-Q.-I,.3.1g,.'fI12f:' 1 ,-A133 1... A- I - . Y I 5-A. I , ' ' I ln I I - .Agfa-1... ' 'iv '.- 9' Wifllgvw. . ivjxr ' -1 . ' ' 3,-F ' .-'I-H Il . A I H ' . ,J F -Ilm. . lj.' RTI.: ' WM' Ts - - -. Y Y. ,. , tiff ,, B - -. SCHILKE, HAROLD WlI.I.IAM . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABANIA SCI-IWINGER, AARON . ScoNzo, JOSEPH JAMES . . .... . Phi Mu Sigma: Newtonian Matl SELLS, LEONARD L., E N . . . . . Knaves . BROOKLYN, NEW YORK BROOKLYN, NEW' YORK I Society INDEPENDENCE, IOWA SHIMER, ELLwooD DOUGLAS, 4' K E . BIzTI1I.EHI3M, 1'IzNNsYI.vANIA SIVON, IOLA A. ......... . . . RAVENNA, OHIO Transfer from Hiram Collcyzc: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet '32-'33: Honor Roll '33-'34 SMITI-I, JANETTE, A A A . SMITH, LOUISE C., A E A ...... . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAIUA . BIESSEMER, ALABAMA Pres. Zeta Phi Em: Sec. Blackfriars: Key Club: Women'a Council SMITH, MELVAR, A I' A . ..... . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Pi: Spirit Committee: W. A, A.: Y. W. C. A. SPEAKE, BILLIE, K A ........ Y. W. G. A.: W. A. A. HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA STEELE, ELIZABETH ALLEN, KA . . . . . EUTANV, ALABAMA Omega: Blackfriars STEPCHUCK, WALTIiR HILARY . . NEXVARK, NEW JERSEY ST. JOHN, CONRAD H. . . GUNTERSVILLE, ALABAMA SUTTON, JAMES ALVA, A Z 4, . . . . AVONMORE, PENNSYLVANIA Phi Mu Sigma: Pershing! Rifles: Transfer Westminster College 'A ' jr C. " - II . I V L. I. J I I A PAGE 'I4 of' , ' f ,ff V. ,.. M Y ,lr 1'--A. II' A-A: .4 - A., W . L?Ll fR lf' JE A. TALLY, FRANCES LOUISE., A E A .... MONTGOMERY, ALABANIA Pi Phi Chi: Chairman Freshman Commission Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: Glee Club: International Relations Club: Women's Council: Delta Phi Mu TAYLOR, MARGARET LANGIJON, K K 1' . . . MOBILE ALABAMA I Y. W. C. A.: W. A. A.: Corolla 'fits-'34-'35: Erosophics: Blackfriars: Crim- son-White: Rammer-Jammer: Freshman Cabinet Y. W. C. A.: Freshman Advisor: Honor Roll TEAS, CPIARLES F., E X . . CANADIAN, TEXAS TIPTON, RAY A. .... . . . . . .ANNIsTON, ALABAMA Phi Eta Sirfma: Pi Mu Epsilon: Scabbard and Blade: Wesley Foundation '32, Treas. '33, Pres. '34-'35: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Honor Roll '32-'33-'34- '35: Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Delta Kappa: Pres. Alabama Methodist Stu- dents Conference: Cadet Capt. R. 0. T. C. TRACER, LEO . . YONKERS, NEW' YORK TRAVIS, MARY EDNA, K K 1' .,.. . BIRlx1INGHAM, ALABATVIA Transfer from University of Michigan TRULLINGER, SARA JEAN, E K . . HARRISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA TURNER, DOI!O'I'HY LANGI-IAM . . MACON, GEORGIA WALDSTEIN, MILTON HAIKOLD .... JERSEY CITY, NEW JERSEY Phi Mu Sllllllkli Officers Club WAY, BARBARA ....... . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABATAA Alpha Lambda Delta: Mortar Board WEST, OTUS TI-IERON, 9 X ..... . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Sec. A. E. D. '34-'35: Treas. Phi Eta Sirrmu '33-'34: Pres. Psi Chi '34-'35: Treas. A. E. D. '33-'34 WI-I1TE1-IEAIJ, S. LESLIE, fl' K I . ..... CHATHAM, VIRGINIA Track Mgr.: Crimson-White WILLIAMS, FRANCES TALBO1', A A A . . . HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA Mortar Board: Chairman Girl's Point System: Alpha Lambda Delta: Pi Phi Chi: Honor Roll '32-'33-'34: Freshman Scholarship Cup '31-'32: Y. W. C. A. Commission '32-'33: Grallership in Journalism '33-'34-'35 Women's Honor Council '33-'34: Erosophicg Vice-Pres. Senior Girls UR ELE, L A A HER1 E. 3 1 . . BIRMINGHAM ALABAMA W T Lo L C T N f T A , Pan-Hellenic '31-'34: Y. W. C. A. Council: Varsity Show Club: W. A. A. YOUNG, FRANCES WEBB, A A A ..... ANNISTON, ALABALIA Omega: Chairman Girls' Spirit Committee '33-'34, Pres. '34-'35 T Fl PAGE 75 fx. fy-I-. Ak .f. 1 J' v -S A. -- Tl..4.,l L74 U X I 'J NJN bfifu i .3 X, ' V A -A SL, . I-,,,,.,,. . J I I 1 L i I I ARTS AND SCIENCES First Row, Left fo Right ABBEY, RICHARD SARGENT, H K A FRESHMAN . . . IMONTGOLIERY, ALABAMA Pershing Rifles ABOVVITZ, HERBER1' M., E A M SOPPIOMORE . . ARKANSAS CITY, ARKANSAS Freshman Football Mgr., Sophomore Mgr.: J. S. A.: IntI'amuI'al Staff: Crimson-White: Intramu- ral Football, Baseball, Basketball, Track, Boxing ADAIR, WINSTON LEE, SP I' A SOPHOMORE . . . UNIONTOXVN, ALABAMA Phi Eta Sigma: Glee Club: Newtonian Math So- ciety: Excelsior: Blackfriars ADAIVIS, ARTHUR EDWARD FRESHNIAN . . . GUILFORD, CONNECTICUT ADAMS, BEN AVIS, A A II JUNIOR . . . . . RED LEVEL, ALABAMA Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: W. A. A. ADAMS, JANIES S. FRESHMAN . . . . ASHLAND, ALABAMA Second Row, Left fo Right ADELLIAN, YALE DONALD, E A M SOPHOMORE . . . . MARS HILL, MAINE Y. M. C. A.: Interfraternity Council: Baseball ADLUNG, GEORGE EDWARD, 9 X SOPHOMORE . . . . XYIASHINGTON, D. c. ALBRITTON, JAMES MARVIN, K 2 FRESI-IMAN .... ANDALUSIA, ALABAMA ALEXANDER, ELLEN ERESHMAN . . . GARROLLTON, ALABAMA ALLAN, MARION NELSON, 9 T SOPHOMORE . . PORT CHESTER, NEW YORK Glee Club '33-'34: Y. W. C. A. '34: W. A. A. '34 ALLEN, CECILE LILLIAN, 9 K SOPHOJXIORE . . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Crimson-White: Rammer-Jammer: Y. W. C. A.: J. S. A.: Hillel Third Row, Left to Rigbl ALLEN, HAIKIIIET TALIAITERRO, A SP JUNIOR ..... DANVILLE, KENTUCKY Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: W. A. A. ALLEYN, JOLIN W., II K A JUNIOR . .... SHEEIPIELD, ALABAMA ALLISON, MARY AMANDA, K K 1' JUNIOR . . . . IVIAXWELL FIELD, ALABAMA Corolla '33-'34: International Relations Club ALPER, HELENE, 9 K ERESHMAN . . PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND W. A. A.: Y. W. C. A. ALSTON, LEILA, A A A SOPHOMORE ..... MOBILE, ALABAIVIA Omega ANDERSON, ANNIE PAULINE JUNIOR ..... . SELLERS, ALABAMA Delta: Women'B Honor Roll: A'pha Lambda Council '33-'34-'35 I-1: -- -L, A -, .wi f ' A-.' - I. - -' 'III .L 3 'f 2'-'CJML , 'I ' ' . - Q .I-,H I IRI' :hx ,PISA -' - fill, L .i'1'Hf'-f+1 2I ,.i+.g',5gfL,-.f9'g'5':'3F'x'.i1gi3F'-'if ,. fi'fhf+. -51' Mn 4-461.522-'ii:.'?.-Q.',-if 2. 5 ..,, , , ga , f, PAGE 76 F.,- I F P L-iw? ARTS AND SCIENCES First Row, Left fu Right ANDERSON, BENJAMIN F., JR. SOP!-IOIVIORE ..... SELLERS, ALABANIA Y. M. C. A. Senior Cabinet: Pershing Rifles: Crimson-W'lIil.c: Phi Bela Pi IKNDERSON, DAVID SALIUIZL FRESHIMAN . .... SELLERS, ALABANIA IXNDRENVS, MAIRN' IJRANCES, A Z FRIZSHBIAN ..... SANFORD, FLORIDA Bl11L'klll'iZll'S ANSLEY, ,IOIIN P., E A E JUNIOR .... BIRZXIINGI-IAlw1, ALABANIA Druids: ASs't. Mizr. Debating Team ARANT, MAIIN' LUCILLIZ, A Z SOP!-IONIORE . . . BAY 1vllNlZ'I"l'IE, ALABAMA W. A. A. ARLiBRES1'EIi, DAVID lVlICI'IAEL FRESHMAN ..... RENFROE, ALABAMA Second Row, Left to Right AVANT, MAIQH' CJLlVE, K A SOPHOINIORE .... ANIJALUSIA, ALABAMA Pi: Pres. Freshman Class '33-'34 BAIRD, Llfl: AUDREY JUNIOR ...... OXFORD, IVIISSISSIPPI BAIRD, MAIKX' .I ULIA BALCH, FRANCES KAT1-IRYN, A X Q FRESPIMAN . . . . . LIADISON, ALABAMA BANRHEAD, MARTHA SUSAN IFRESHMAN . . BANKS, . . SULLIGENT, ALABAISIA JOSEPH H., A 23 SIA SO1'HOMORE . WVILKTSS-BARRE, PENNSYLVANIA Third Row, Left lo Right BATES, HOXYVARD SANFORD II, 9 E1 SOPHOMORE . Glcc Club '34-'35: . . UNIONTOXVN, ALABABIA Crimson-White: Rho Alpha Mu: Corolla: Blackfriar Technician Staff BATSELL, DORIS PAGE, KP M JUNIOR. . . . . . .SI-IERMAN, TEXAS BEASLEY, BILLY, X LP SOPPIOIMORE . . . CARROLLTON, ALABAMA Rho Alpha Tau '33 BEDSOLE, MARTFIA LORRAINE, A A A FRESHMAN .... JACKSON, ALABAMA W. A. A.: Glee Club: Blackfriars: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet BEGIZNAU, VERNON GILBERT JUNIOR . . . . . PEEKSKILL, NEXV YORK Pershing Rifles '32-'33-'34 BELL, ELIZABETH ACI-ILEN, A A A SOPHOMORE . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABANIA FRESHAITAN .... HUNTSVII.LE, ALABAMA F Mil' JIM ILLI lf: Q, JA aiu 5 Ml IE: Qill' ,j .. .. , E, .. ff- ,I f -. J 5. ... f1.In',,1' -,, ,-ff: qi. - -, I.. 1 .- fin-a .,, . ,V 1.-:,Cf'i .l. ' . .s v., 4.7I? -.'-ii if f'j+ -rwi,?'5- A.. fo . A ' PAGE 77 I. ARTS AND SCIENCES First Row, Left fo Right BELL, GLADXVYN HAMPTON, K A FRESHMAN . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA BELL, JOHN LEWIS, K E SOPHOMORE . .... QUINCY, FLORIDA BELL, MARGUERITE, K A FRESHMAN . . . . . SELMA, ALABAMA Pi BELL, T. REUBEN, JR. FRESHBIAN .... LINEVILLE, ALABAMA BEMIS, JAMES ELLIOTT, A E fi, JUNIOR .... KEENE, NEW HAMPSHIRE Million Dollar Band '31-'32-'33: Alabama Crim- sons '32, Cavaliers '33 BENEDICT, WILLIS MILNER, K A SOPHOMORE . . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Glee Club: Alabama Art Society: Rammer-Jam- mer: Magic Club, Vice-Pres. Second Row, Left to Right BIBB, ROBERT C., 'If A 9 SOPHOMORE . . . HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA Quadrangle: Rho Alpha Tau '33-'34: Rammer- Jammer '33-'34: Excelsior, Blackfriars BINGHAM, MARY HAIRSTON, K A JUNIOR . . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Girls' Glee Club: Pres. '34-'35: Blackfriars BLACK, SHERLEY NORMAN ERESHMAN . . GARDNER, MASSACHUSETTS Y. M. C. A. Freshman Cabinet: Pershing Rifles: S. A. M. E., Freshman Debating Team BLASINGAME, ALICE, A A A JUNIOR . . . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Pi: Crimson-White: Corolla '33-'3'1: Blackfriars Make-Up Staff: Caroline Hunt Club BLOOM, SAMUEL HENRY IPRESHMAN . . . BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS Million Dollar Band: Crimson-White BLooM, SIGMUND ERNEST, 2 A M FRESHMAN . .... EUFAULA, ALABAINIA Crimson-White Third Row, Left to Right BLONV, LOUISE ELIZABETH, A A A JUNIOR . . . . . . CORDOVA, ALABAMA Junior Representative Women's Council: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet BLUDWORTI-I, JOHN FRANKLIN SOPHOMORE .... . ARGYLE, FLORIDA BOGART, XVALTER RUSSELL, II K A FRESHMAN . . . . STEVENSON, ALABAMA Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Crimson-White Sports Staff: Corolla BOSWELL, ELLELEE CHAPMAN, A A A SOPHOIVIORE . . . HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA Alpha Lambda Delta: Pan-Hellenic: W. A. A.: Won'1en's Council BOSWELL, FRED P., 'If A 9 sopHoMoRE . . . MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA BOYKIN, AVIS LINDSEY, A li' FRESHMAN . . . MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA ' A.: 1 -,K ,jg-1-A 'ij 5,-A-T, A ' Y .E A T T f T ,Ig ' .Kf- . Gil .W ,lil .. 45? , , . Lf' ,..E3. L . . - "f'7'- ' T M ' a ft 5-If 'f"7:H Q?:"51 1 VL1T'."'l.' . - "', '- PAGE 'IS ARTS AND SCIENCES First Row, Left fo Right BOYKIN, FRANCIH, QILLLO, A A A JUNIOR ...... MOBILE, ALABAIWA Omuira BRADFORD, l.iLOISli, E K JUNIOR ...... A'l'lvlOIiE, ALABAMA BRANCH, MARY XIIRGINIA, A X Q JUNIOR ..... wINNIfIIzLD, LOUISIANA BRANNON, HAZET, IVIARGARET, A Z JUNIOR ...... GADSDEN, ALABAINIA Chi Delta Phi: Pi Phi Chi: WOmen's Editor Crimson-While '34-'3B: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet? Corolla: W. A. A.: Girls' Glce Club BRESLIN. BETTY, A A A SOPHOMORB ..... SEI,MA, ALABALIA BRICKEN, LLEXVELLYN POWELL, fb I' A FRESI-IMAN ..... LUVBRNE, ALABAMA Rho Alpha 'Pau Second Row, Left In Riglnl BRIGGS, DONALD REYNOLDS, A X A JUNIOR .... XWARREN, PENNSYLVANIA BRIGHT, JOHN CLINTON JUNIOR . ..... CULLNIAN, ALABANIA BROOKS, ROSA, K A BROORS, WILLIAM FRANCIS, A X soPIIOMoRB . . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA BROUGIHITON, ELLIOTT POU, X 41 SOPHOIIJORE ..... MOBILE, ALABAMA Phi Eta Sigma '33-'34: Quadrangle: Rho Alpha Tau '33-'34: Philomathic: Newtonian Math Soc. BROUGHTON, ROLLIN CARTER, X 47 JUNIOR ...... MOBILE, ALABAMA Quazlmngleg Knaves 3 Philomathic 3 Rho Alpha Tau Tbirzl Row, Lcff lo Rigbl BROWN, ELEANOR MARTIN, X SZ FRESHMAN . . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAIVIA Pi: Y. W. C. A. Freshman Cabinet, Pres. BRONVN, ELEANOR PHYLLIS, A Z SOPHOINIORE . . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA BROXVNELL, BLAINE, JR., A K E JUNIOR .... BIRMINGHAM, ALABANIA Knaves: Parasites: Quadrangle: Philomathic: Al- pha Epsilon Delta: Iniierfraternity Council: Omicron Delta Kappa BROWNELL, EDXVARD WEST, JR., 4' F A JUNIOR . . . , BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA BRYAN, FRANK OSCAR FRESHMAN. . . . . .TRoY, ALABAMA BURNETT, MARY, Z T A 17liESI'IMAN ..... CAMILLA, GEORGIA JUNIOR ..... TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Pi: RammeI".l:1I'nIheI' Pi Phi Chi: Blaclcfriars: W. A. A.: Y. W. C. A. 'UNH I9 ' iw.. Cf . :'E-A 4-21 IM-I PAGE ARTS AND SCIENCES First Row, Left to Riglvi BURNS, WILLIAM HUEERT, E X SOPI-IOMORE ..... GADSDEN, ALABAMIA Quadrangle CHARLES MATTOON . . . ARENA, NEXV YORK BUSSY, SOPHOMORE . BUTLER, GEORGE STUART, fl' A 9 SOPHOMORE . . . 1-IUNTSVlLI.1'i, ALABAMA CALDXVELL, SAM WIELCH SOPI-IOMORE . . . . . XVYLAM, ALABANIA Waiters' Union: Senior Y. M. C. A.: Gamma Sigma Epsilon CALHOUN, ANNE GIPSON SOPI-IOMORE . . . . EUFAULA, ALABAMA Alpha Lambda Delta: Sec'y. of Y. W. C. A. Cabi- net: Glee Club: Newtonian Club CALLAWAY, JOE, A K E SOPHOMORE . . . . . SELMA, ALABAMA Rho Alpha Tau: Quadrangle: Arch Club Svcoml Row, Left I0 Right CAMERON, TURNER CHRISTIAN, JR., fl' I' A JUNIOR ..... FAUNSDALE, ALABAMA Phi Eta Sigma: Blackfriars, Blackfriar Key Club: International Relations Club: Ass't Main Library: Excelsior CANIPANA, CASPER ANTHONY SOPHONIORE . . . BROOKLYN, NEXV YORK Senior Y. M. C. A. Cabinet CAMPBELL, DONALD DAVIS, A Tl? A ERESIIMAN . . CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, OHIO CARLSON, OLIVE IVIARIE FRESI-IINIAN . . . DOWNERS GROVE, ILLINOIS CARPENTER, IRMA LEE FRESHIVIAN .... ITIAIXIILTON, ALABAMA CEASE, CECIL CAMDEN, A X SOPHOMORE .... RICPINIOND, VIRGINIA Rho Alpha Tau: Rho Alpha Mu: Pershing Rifles: Excelsior Tbirzl Row, Left lo Riglaf CERRATO, CERRATI, A 4' A SOPHOMORE .... LITTLE NECK, N. Y. CHANIBLESS, ROSALYN, A A A SOPHOINIORE . . . MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA CHAMBLISS, ALFRED PARKER, JR., A T Q JUNIOR . . . PEE DEE, SOUTH CAROLINA Soc'y. and Treas. of Freshman Class: Sec'y. of Freshman Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Honor Commit- tee: Alembic Club: Freshman Basketball Mana- ger '32: Junior Basketball Manager '34 CHAMPION, THOMAS FLETCHER, A T Q PRESHMAN . . . . . MILLRY, ALABAMA CHAPMAN, KATHLEEN, A 49 ERESHMAN . . . PORT ROYAL, KENTUCKY CHANDLER, FAIRLY, II K A JUNIOR . . . . . BESSENIER, ALABAINIA ' 1 23? F i qw S 55 ll 'TJWf'3x ' Offs il I -A IRT A' I , A , W ... . . H I 1 w . E , A , -, 1 , L, I Il ,sp , le ,I , . , A , afiv. .. A I V " gr: - , V i ,434 y T. ' I . A -fn. -' I uaf sg .".p-Jkgav I- ' 'I W wgglyp - -a vr 'I n it 'Mfg 517 1-f. 'ffzfbgz .2 , 5, ,f- A E, ALI!" -'.-fr. ' .--. ff if- , PAGE S0 I ..-.,-4 ARTS AND SCIENCES Firxi Row, Lffl I0 Rfgfuf CIIASES, ALER NIILLER, K N FRESI-IMAN . . . MONIGOMILRY, ALABAMA Band: Frvshmain Chaser Lozxder CI-II3S'I'ER'A1AN, ROBT-'.li'I' STANLEY, 0 X SOPHOIMORE . . XVIQST SPRINGFIELD, IVIASS. Massachusetts Club: CO1-nllu: Crimson-Wl1ite Cl.AlKIi, MARCSARE'l' RANDOLPI--I, A X 52 SOP!-IOMORE . . . ISIRMINGHAIVI, ALABAMA Y. W. C. A.: W. A. A. CLELiEN'TS, VIIUVINIA EVELYN ITRESHMAN . . . . AVON PARK, FLORIDA Y. W. C. A.: W. A. A.: Pre-Mc.l Club CLEAIIMEIK, RLITIYI HliI.EN FRESI-IIN-IAN . ..... nAvTON, OI-IIO CLOUD, LOUIS DESIVREZ FRESHIK-IAN . . . BIIRMINGHANI, ALABAMA SUFOIIII Row, Lvff I0 Riglwf COFFIN, HIiI,IfN LOUISE FRESHINIAN ..... MOBILE, ALABAMA COI-IEN, IQVIQLYN SOPHONIORI2 . . . GRITIENVILLIZ, KENTUCKY Newtonian Math Society: Jewish Student Ass.: COLLIGAN, JOHN VINCENT, E Ab E JUNIOR . . . . . 'NEW' YORK, NEXV YORK Samuel Johnson Litcrzlry Club: Newman Club: Newtonian Math Society: Y. M. C. A. COLLINS, JULIA, A X S2 SOPHOMORE . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA COLLINS, STUART V. JUNIOR ..... ALLEGANY, NEW YORK Pres. of Newman Club: Phi Mu Sigma: Pre-Med Club Third Row, Left to Right CONNER, XV. MEILEDITI-I, E X FRESHMAN . . PRAIRIE nu ROCHER, ILLINOIS COOPER, CARY W., H If II' FRESHNIAN ..... GADSDEN, ALABAMA Crimson-White: Rho Alpha Tau COYYAN, NIARTHA, K K I' JUNIOR . . . FAYETTEVILLE, TENNEssEE CRABTREE, JAMES CURTIS, JR., 9 X SOPHOMORE . . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Pershing Rifles CRAXY'FORD, BETTY, K A W- A- A- JUNIOR . . . . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA COLE, WII.LIAA-I LONG, A 'If S2 E Y FRESHMAN . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABANIA CROCKERQ PERCY, JRE 1 Rho Alpha Tau: Glee Club: Pershing Rifles FRESHMAN - - - THOM-ASTON, -'U-ABP-MA r T ,, L-L-. " , , , . , S 5 , Y A- ,IL N -L-,L ,..A.-L L ,L L-ILI ., L ' 'E' -. 'f "I "IE '4 . I if I I " -Iv F5 I I "I A -I I IDI R! ILA . I L. , IPF RA I lg ' PAGE S1 ARTS AND SCIENCES First Row, Left to Right CROSBY, HORTENSE LAURA, A EZ A JUNIOR . . . WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS Alpha Lambda Delta '33: Glee Club: Blackfriars: Crimson-White: Women's Council: Freshman Commissioner: International Relations Club: W. A. A. CROSSLEY, HELEN, A A A FIKESHMAN -... WALI.IiILI., NEW YORK Omega: W. A. A.: Y. W. C. A. CRUIVILY, EDWARD EARL, 9 X FIIESHNIAN .... BIRMINGI-IATVI, ALABAMA Band CULBERTSON, ROBERT WILLIAM, 'il E K FRESI-IIWIAN . . PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA CUMMINS, JOHN HAROLD, A X A SOPHOINIORE .... XIINCENNES, INDIANA Crimson-White CUNNINGHAM, STEPHEN GOLDING, JR., E X SOPI-IOMORE . . . . . PUEBLO, COLORADO Svcoml Row, Left to Right CUTLER, RAY GLEN, JR., A E fb ERESHMAN . . CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE DANIEL, JOHN H., X 4' FRESHMAN . . . CARROLLTON, ALABAIVIA DARDEN, LISABETH, A Z JUNIOR . . . . GREENVILLE, ALABAMA Transfer from University of Cincinnati DARDEN, WILLIAM BYRON SOPHOMORE . . . GOODWATER, ALABAMA Philomathic: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Freshman Basketball: Y. M. C. A. Delegate to Blue Ridge: Excelsior DASEY, WARD WALTER, 6 X JUNIOR ..... FRANKFORD, DELAWARE Newtonian Math, Society Third Row, Left to Right DAVIDSON, SOL SOPHOMORE ..... UTICA, NEXV YORK Newtonian Math. Soc. DAVIS, BARBARA, K K I' JUNIOR .... TUSGALOOSA, ALABAMA DAVIS, FRANCES E., A A A SOPHOMORE . . . HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA Glee Club: Newtonian Soc.: W. A. A. DAVIS, JOSEPH ADDISON, 'IP K E JUNIOR . . . . WESTFIELD, NEW JERSEY Phi Eta Sigma: Pershing Rifles: Crimson-White DAVIS, MAURICE EUGENE, E fb E SOPHOMORE . . . CHAMBERSBURG, PENN. DAVIS, MAXIBEL, A Z SOPI-IOMORE . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Glee Club DANIEL PEGGY A A A ' ' DAVIS, NAOMI FRESHMAN . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAIVIA Omega FRESHMAN . . . . LA JUNTA, COLORADO M- -.-7-"'j-jjg' ". .L V T ET w 4 ' ,. F2 f' -"Tl9'T'-Cf' I' 'UJI lgzll. , Dill M - W . us? E Dill . V5-. . .53-I.. -- . . V A -... ' ..,. , V ,- A , ,-,594 . 5 .-- a" -- ' - -,-,4. , , -, 'V Q . . PAGE S2 ARTS AND SCIENCES First Row, Left to Riglvl DAVIS, RODNEI' E., A T A SOPHOIWORE . . . MUl.l.l'2NS, XVEST VIRGINIA DAVIS, THOMAs HAROLD, 9 X FRIZSHMAN . ..., WASHINGTON, O. c. DAVIS, WIILLIAM A., E A E SOPHONIORE . . . . ANNISTON, ALABAMA DAWSON, DCJl.LY, A 1' A JUNIOR .... BIIKMINGHALI, ALABAMA Pi: Hammer-JammeI': Corolla: Y. W. C. A.: W. A. A. DAY, CARL'l'ON MYERS SOPHOMORE . . TvIAllGAlUi'l'VILLIZ, NEXY' YORK Newtonian Soc. DAY, XVILLIAM SIBLEY, E N JUNIOR .... . . DECATUR, ALABAMA Secoml Row, Left fo Right DEAL, MARGAllET E., A A A FRESI-IMAN .... TUSCALCOSA, ALABAINIA BlackfI'ia1's : W. A. A. : Rammer-Jammer : Corolla Staff DEAL, Wll.1.lAh1 W., K E JUNIOR . . . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA DEAS, NIARIE, A 1' A JUNIOR ..... NIONIKOE, LOUISIANA Pi: Rammer-Jamnicrg Y. W. C. A. DEASON, DIANA PORTER, A I' A DENCKER, EMIL M., JR., E X SOPHOMORE . . . . . CLEVELAND, OHIO Erosophic: Blackfriars: Crimson-White: Million Dollar Band DENNY, MAIRGARET, K A JUNIOR . . . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Omega: Alpha Lambda Delta: Pi Phi Chi Third Row, Left fo Right DILWORTI-I, EDWIN EARLE, fb A 9 JUNIOR .... . . JASPER, ALABANIA Druids: Knaves DIXON, J. KELI.Y, P3 A E ERESHMAN . . . . TALLADEGA, ALABAIVIA Rho Alpha Tau: Corolla Staff DOL1INICK, TOM B., K 23 JUNIOR . . . . . TUSCALOOSA, Druids: Alabama Quadrangle: Alpha Epsilon Del- ta: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Philomathic ALABAMA DONALD, JAMES GLENN, E X ALABAMA SOPHOMORE . . . PINE APPLE, Quadrangle '34: Newtonian Club '33-'34: Crimson- White '33-'34: Ass't. to the Treas.: Phi Eta Sigma DONIGAN, VVILLIAM FORREST FRESHMAN . . BROORLINE, MAs:AcHUsETTs DORMON, BENJAMIN S. SOPHOMORE . . . CHOCCOLOCCO, ALABAMA Pershing Rifles: Rifle Team DORNBERGER, MARIAN, 9 T ERESI-IMAN . .... HAMILTON, OHIO 3.7.2, JUNIOR ..... TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA W. A. A.: Y. W. C. A.: Newman Club ll "I If V? ' f 'I' 'fy GQ, V51 I y Y ", I Ui" Y- L9 ALI all .33 l l 5 . . . . . . ,7 - , , .- ,L J 5,7 .V .-. A f, . - -A - ' I-74,1 5 - ui. .Ln - -':- px- -g -.I-A sa-4 4.1, fx': ', Nr .. " W A i, -, - ' -M' ' iffi' A - -Ig' .N -V -'qj'-Aj'- T,-I . ?' of' +I., .f ,KAI ' A .-bf.--A4 lj:j'I. pyf32'1 -J' ,ru TU' ', PAGE S3 r E I I l ARTS AND SCIENCES First Row, Lvff to Right DOUGHTY, RUFUS O. . FRESHNIAN ..... REFORAI, ALABAMIA DOXVLING, JUDSON DAVIE, JR., E A E JUNIOR .... BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Arch Club DOZIER, WILLIAM ALEXANDER, JR. FRTESHMAN' . . . . I-IURTSBORO, ALABANIA DIKOLET, LOIS K., K K I' ITRESITIMAN .... TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Vice-Pres. Y. W. C. A. Freshman Cabinet, W. A. A., Crimson-White: Caroline Hunt Club: Corolla DROLET, MAIRIE ELAINE, K K I' SOPHOMORE . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Board of Directors Women's Student Government: Blaclcfriars: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: Blue Ridge Delegate '34: Rammer-Jammer: Sorority Editor Corolla '34-'35, Crimson-White: Newman Club: W. A. A.: Freshman Pan-Hellenic '33-'34 DUCAN, DONALD STEWART, fb I' A SOPI-IOMORE . .... CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Seca-nfl Row, Left to Right DUNHAM, MYRA LOUISE, K A SOPHOMORE . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Alpha Lambda Delta: Glee Club: Blackfriars: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet EATON, HARRY ERNEST FIRESHAIAN . . . . . TROY, NEW' YORK Y. M. C. A. Cabinet ELLIS, OSCAR GOODXVIN, E N JUNIOR . . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABANIA Knavcs: Officer's Clubs ENCEL, BENJAMIN, E A M SOPHOMORE . . . . . JASPER, ALABA'lv1A Sec.-Treas. Freshman Class '34-'35: Honor Com' mittee '34--'35: Y. M. C. A. Committee ENNIS, WOODSON LEE, A K E JUNIOR . . . . . LIVINGSTON, ALABAIMA ESKRIDGE, MARSHALL JUNIOR . . . . . DEMOPOLIS, ALABAMA Transfer University of New Mexico Tbira' Row, Left fo Right ESPY, MARION ELIZABETH, A I' A SOPI-IOMORE . . . . . DOTHAN, ALABAMA EVANS, FRANCIS EDWARD FREsHMAN . . . WEST SPRINGFIELD, MAss. FARBER, HELEN GAIL, 9 K JUNIOR .... BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Y. W. C. A.: Spanish Readership: Blaclcfriars: Hillel Foundation FARRAS, FLORENCE MARALYN SOPHOMORE . .... ATLANTA, GEORGIA FERRELL, ARCHIZR B. FRESHMAN ...... sEALE, ALABAMA FILIPPELLI, LOUIS RICHARD SOPHOMORE . . WEST HAVEN, CONNECTICUT FINNELL, JOHN WAGNER, K E FRESI-IMAN .... TUscALOosA, ALABAMA :1UlBf- A A AWE" Eu' . ,lb Qi 'iNT'1.l 'li Nl l -fl . -Q . H " A A. .. 71- ,- Ia- -I'- . .E ,J . 'I , . '.-- .V , .- 1 1 ., egg..: :f1 -1-FI .A -C+ . PAGE S4 ARTS AN D SCIENCES I I Firxl Row, Lvff lo Rigb! FORD, AIKLINE, A A A SOPHOMORE . . . MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA FISI-IER, KENNIETI-I A. 'l'I'arIsfu1' from Brenau: Pi JUNIOR . .... 'I'Usc:ALOOSA, ALABANIA Ass't. Bus. Mgr. Crimson-White: Ass't. Bus. Mgr. Bl. kf' Y. M, C, A. CzII'nct qc Haw M FORIWAN, JAMES ROSS, JR., 'IP A 0 FRESI-IMAN . . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Excelsior PITTS, FRANK jR.,'1, A 9 SOPI-IOMORE . . . 'I'UsCAI.OOsA, ALABAMA Glee Club: Bmckf"'m'S FORLINIZS, WII.I..IAM H. JR., K E JUNIOR . . . . . JACKSON, TENNESSEE Quadvzlngle: Phi Eta Sigma: Philomathic: Rho I - ' FLOURNOY, JOIIN DENSON Apha Mu' knaves SOPHOIIAORE .... IIURTSBORO, ALABAMA Thin! Row, Left fo Right 1 f f f - E Y FLOXD, SCI'1UXLI.R IIAKRIS, I FOSTER, HOUSTON LANIER, H K LI, SOPHOMORE ' ' ' ' ' CAMILLA' GEORGIA SOPHOMORE .... LUVERNE, ALABAMA FOERSTIIR, ROBIQRI' O., E N ERESI-IMAN . . . JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA FOUNTAIN, IZLINOR T-I A A A JUNIOR . . . . . . EASTON, MARYLAND FOLEY, FRANK ELIINVOOD, E fb E .. JUNIOR . . EAST I'IARTIfORD, CONNECTICUT FRANSONI PAUL O-I 9 '11 Y. M. C. A. Cabinegz Crimson-While: Rzimmer- SOPHOMORIZ . . . . . CHICAGO, ILLINOIS RUIIYIPI' FRANKE, BURNICE Sf'f'0l111R0'W, Lvfl fo Riglff FRESI-IMAN . . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA FOLMAR, ANN AUGUSTA, K A - som-IOMORE ..... TROY, ALABAMA 1 , Rammerqlmnmm. FREEDIMIAN, JEROME SSLVESTER SOPHOMORE . . SGRANTON, PENNSYLVANIA Phi Mu Sigma: C1'imson-White: Senior Advisor Freshman Y. M. C. A. Cabinet FOLMAR, FRANK P., IR., fb K E FRESHIVIAN ..... MOBILE, ALABAMA Rho Alpha Tau: Rammer-Jziminerz Pershing Ri- FRAZHQR, C1-Ay SHELTON, 412 K E fles: Freshman Debating Team JUNIOR . . . . . TUSGUMBIA, ALABAMA FONDE, MARY CRAXVFORD, A I' A 1 - V ' JUNIOR ...... NIOBILE, ALABAINIA FMNCW JAMES HENDRICHJ "' X Omega: Y. WV. C. A.: Iizlmmei'-Jammer SOPI-IOMORE .... BRUNDIDGE, ALABAMA I I Iii LI ffv I A ' Ili' S' 'K A ' ' L2 SSW-.'u"i I, Iii' I: zfixfx L31 QI E j .. . ,. . 'LA .- . ... A . . I .. .'- - I ., -.,,."fH , ' L -" -A 9 33--4 ,IL - .. 4, I Y L Y- - - Q5 , 3, , ff K 44,1 '1 J . fg -I'Ps g 41',.Z,,5!.?f'-+f7'.fJ'x if-!'e': , r f,- y.-I. 'yi n ,.,,, , f.".',-,l1' PAGE 85 1 I ARTS AND SCIENCES First Row, Left to Right FUCHS, MoRToN, 2 A M JUNIOR ..... NEW YORK, NEXV YORK Crimson-White: Rammex'-Jammer FULLER, DOROTHY LEA, A EI A SOPHOMORE .... CULLMAN, ALABAMA Y. W. C. A. Cabinet FULTON, JACK, A T Q FRESHMAN ..... OXFORD, ALABAMA GAINES, FRANK Moss, JR., K E JUNIOR . . . . . . DOTHAN, ALABALIA Rho Alpha Mu GALE, EDNA MAE, A A II FRESHMAN .... FAIRFIELD, ALABAMA GANNON, ROBERT XVILL, 6 X SOPHOMORE . . . MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Blackfriars Second Row, Lefi to Right GARBER, LYNN L. SOPHOMORE . . . . JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI GARDNER, FRANCES, X S2 FRESHMAN ...... BOAZ, ALABAMA Debating Club: Corolla: Pan-Hellenic GARNER, JAMES RYAN, JR., K A FRESHMAN ..... ATLANTA, GEORGIA GARRETT, BROOX GRAY, 2 X SOPHOMORE . . . GROVE HILL, ALABAMA Excelsior: Philomathicg Rho Alpha Tau: Quad- rangle: Phi Eta Sigma GARRETT, THEODORE WATROUS, E K JUNIOR ..... GROVE HILL, ALABAMA Quadrangle: Philomathic: Excelsior, Pres. Flesh man Class '32-'33: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet GARTH, JENNIE HOBBS, A A A JUNIOR ...... Pi Third Row, Left to Right ATHENS, ALABAMA GASTON, GRACE, A I' A SOPI-IOMORE . . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Pi: Pan-Hellenic: Y. W. C. A.: W. A. A Corolla: Rammer-Jammer-3 BlackfI'ia1's GEFFS, LEAH LORENB, fb M FRESHMAN ..... OBLONG, ILLINOIS Crimson-White, Y. W. C. A. GERALD, LAURENCE FRANCIS, JR., A X ERESHMAN . . . . . CLANTON, ALABAMA GERE, HELEN G.,A'iP JUNIOR ..... SYRACUSE, NEW YORK Y. W. C. A. Caloineti W. A. A. GIANNANDREA, LEONARD, A df A SOPHOMORE .... CORONA, NEW YORK Phi Sigma GILBERT, MARTHA JUNIOR . . .... Mu UNA, A A A . EPES, ALABAMA GLASS, LYLE DAVIDSON, K A JUNIOR . . . . UNIONTOWN, ALABAMA W. A. A.: Glee Club , ,M , , , , ..-, A , --. . . H 13-' fn . , W rl I ity- .4 ,Il --.V F -I-655. X Jn, is ,Ni W, . N I .Rl IA. IL bl 'fl . - f 5- I A '- - f - ---. -' ' 3. A A . "- '. 1. '19"' " '-" '7' '. i S' .,'-W' "' . 7 55 R' PAGE S6 ARTS AND SCIENCES First Row, Left fo Right GLESSNER, GIEORGE FRANCIS JUNIOR . . . LOCUST GAP, PENNSYLVANIA GOBIN, V. XV., 'P I' A SOPHOMORI2 . . . . IJUEBLO, COLORADO GOING, ALLEN JOHNSTON, E A E IHRESHMAN .... BIRMINOI-IAM, ALABAMA Glee Club GOING, VUILLIAM THORNBURY, E A E JUNIOR . . . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA GOLDSTEIN, BENJAMIN LOUIS, E A M SOPHOMORE . BRADLEY BEACH, NENV JERSEY GOODSON, JAMES DUDLEY, K A JUNIOR .... TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Crimson-White: Corolla 1 Rammer-Jammer 3 Excelsior Secoml Row, Lnfl I0 Rigbl GOODWYN, GARDNER FOSTER, A K E JUNIOR . . . . . BESSEMER, ALABAMA GORDON, HAIKIIIS MILTON, Z B T SOPHOMORE . . . COLUNIBIANA, ALABAMA Freshman Basketball Mgrr. '34: Blackfriars: Crim- son-White: Erosophicc Freshman Y. M. C. A. Cabinet '34: Y M. C. A. Cabinet '35 GOW'AN, XVILLIAM A., K E GRAHAM, JOSEPH J. FRESHNIAN . . . BUTLER, PENNSYLVANIA GRAVES, JEAN, K A FRESHMAN .... TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Omega: Blackfriars: Corolla GRAYSON, J. W., A K E SOPHOIAORE ..... MOBILE, ALABAMA Philomathic g Excelsior Third Row, Left to Right GREAGAN, BETTY, 111 M SOPHOMORE . . . ISIRMINGI-IAM, ALABAMA Crimson-White GREEN, ALICE MARIE, 'IP M JUNIOR . .... . MOBILE, ALABAINIA Newtonian Math Soc.: Newman Clubg Council: Delta Phi Mu GRIFFIN, ELLA ROSS, A I' A JUNIOR . . . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA GRIFFIN, J. ALLEN, K A SOPHONIORE . . . . ANNISTON, ALABAMA Blackfriars: Pershing Rifles GRIFFIN, RAY, A T 0 JUNIOR . . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA GRUBBS, ROY J., X 'I' SOPHOMORE .... . EUTAW, ALABAMA Newtonian Math Soc.: Rho Alpha Tau: Phi Eta Sigma GUTTERY, JOI-IN MCQUEEN, E N SOPHOIVIORE .... KOSCIUSKO, MISSISSIPPI JUNIOR ...... . JASPER, ALABAMA Phi Beta Pi Rho Alpha Tau: Knaves I . , -. L.- . .,.,.,,.,,.-., - -- - L--. ..,. .- -. J '- ' H. T 'fi-, IT 'iff Y ,iw IQ 12:1 'X Y" El S F . M Ili! lla- A :ii Ce. ll- Ev: U-ful I '- fx -,- 1 . ' im I in V. -, -, .!- g,,,,.,g .5 ,B f.,-Jfs, -, - , ,ig ,fp yu- : 44 142:13 N 'gi ,lui -i.Aus:- V-'ga ,, PAGE S7 ARTS AND SCIENCES First Row, Left I0 Right HART, GLADYS JANE, 41 M SOPI-IOMORE . . . JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA HALL, NVILLIAM GASQUE SOPHOMORE . . BAY LIINETTE, ALABAIVIA HAYDEN, IQATE WARREN, CIP M FRRSHMAN . . I . TALLADEGA, ALABAMA HALLET1', XVINTHROP MARSTON, AIR., KP I' A SOPHOMORE ..... LIOBILIZ, ALABAMA Erosophic PIAYIES, ALEX, II K A FRESHIIIAN . . . . . CLANTON, ALABANIA HAMILTON, AIJAIR, K K I' JUNIOR .... MONTGONIERY, ALABANIA Transfer from University of Illinois: Omega: Delta Club Tbirrl Row, Lvft I0 Right PIELBERG, ELLA MARJORIE, K K 1' JUNIOR . . . .... HOUSTON, TEXAS HABIILTON, NlVlLI.IAIvI B. FRESHIKIAN . . JENKINTOXVN, PENNSYLVANIA IIARDEGREE, MARY FRANCES SOPHOMORE . . . . ASHLAND, ALABANIA I-IARDING, JAMES BERNARD JUNIOR. . . . . . UT1cA, NEW YORK Delta Club: W. A. A.: Corolla: Omega, Treas.: Junior Class Tl'eas.g Spirit Committee, Vice-Pres. '3 -'35 PIENERLAU, NATHALIE G., Z T A JUNIOR ..... NEXVARK, NEW JERSEY Y. W. C. A., W. A. A. HENNESEY, JAMENETT, A X Q SOPI-IOMORE . . STAIVIFORD, CONNECTICUT Alpha Lambda Delta Second Row, Left lo Rigbt HEPNER, RAYMOND A., 4' K E SOPHOMORE . . . . . CHICAGO, ILLINOIS HARRIS, ELLEN A., A fb JUNIOR .... MONTGOIVIERY, ALABAMA Blackfriars HEIKRING, ELIZABETH, A I' A JUNIOR . . . . . . GADSDEN, ALABAMA W. A. A.: Y. W. C. A.: Rammer-Jammer HARRIS, JAIIIIES DOUGLAS, 2 X SOPHOMORE .... TALLASSEE, ALABAMA Rho Alpha Tau: Glee Club '34-'35, B. S. U. Coun- cil: Million Dollar Band '34-'35, R. O. T. C. HIGGINROTHAM, XVADIJELL, fi? K E Band '34-'35 SOPHOIVIORE . . . TuscALoosA, ALABAMA HART, GERALD ROSS, X 'D HILDRETH, BABY FRESHMAN - - - JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA SOPHOMORE . . 'rUscA'LoosA, ALABAMA - -- - -I---'H I ,'n,' M' "'- T ' ' , -" "T""?' A f"'A"' 'fi' "' " " ' .X , ' 5-.. 'Vw -"fi-1 I1 1. 13 "1 'N .. 'ITL MJ' 7 f ' . I 'I 1 . flyllb IQ! UE 'lik iff? ,IL . - ji-fall M lg, I Q--ll' ,,.-. '-- .L .' ' ..I " ' V, Y ,. --gg -'. J Y ' A--Hr 1 fran!!--4 ,H-"-2.'43:f'.y' riff-f-I"l ', ,- ly' -- 1., - 1 T' '37 A- - if-T- -1 -SEQ fl . .iff-.'eff ".1 .iff . . 2- ff : . PAGE SS ARTS AND CIENCES Firxt Raw, Left I0 Right HILL, HUGH WII.SON, JR., 9 X SOPHOMORE . . . CAIRROLLTON, ALABALIA HINES, WILLIAL4 CHRISTIAN, 'I' 1' A JUNIOR . . . . . I.A1fAYE'r'rE, ALABANIA Debating Team : Exe:-Isior: Erosophic: Rho Alpha Mu: Philomathic HINZ, ROBIiR'T H., K E JUNIOR . . . . I.ILAvENxvoRTI'I, KANSAS HODGES, BAKTLEY S. BRESHMAN ..... GADSDEN, ALABAIXIA HODO, I'lI5,NllY GUNTER, JR., E N JUNIOR . . . . . MILLPORT, ALABAINIA Alpha Epsilon Delta PIOLCOMBE, FLIJIAGHER, 'I' A 9 JUNIOR . ..... GADSDEN, ALABAIKIA Arch Club: Spirit Committee: Rammer-Jammer '33-'34: Parasites Second Raw, Left to Right HOLLOWAY, lCA'I'Ii NOBLE, A A A FRESHMAN . . . . TALLASSEE, ALABAMA Glee Club: Blackfriars: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: Board of Directors HOI.MAN, IVIARY, X SZ SOPPIOMORE . .... YORK, ALABAIVIA Transfer from Judson: BlackI'I'iaI's: Board of Directors ' HOI.MES, ANNIETTE, A I' A JUNIOR ...... JASPER, ALABAMA Omega: Y. W. C. A.: W. A. A. HOOKEIK, VEIJA JEANNE, A 'P ERESHMAN . . . JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA HOOTEN, MATT H., H K 'F SOPHOMORE .... ASHLAND, ALABAMA HOPICINS, GENE LOCKETT, K K 1' JUNIOR .... NIONTGONIERY, ALABAINIA Transfer from Huntingdon College: Y. W. C. A.: W. A. A. Tbird Row, Lvff io RigLl HORENSTEIN, PHILIP JUNIOR .... . NEXV YORK, NEXV YORK Newtonian Math Soc.: Phi Mu Sigma HORNE, XVINFIUED ROY, H K A FRESHIMAN . . . . CLAYTON, ALABAINIA Phi Eta Sigma PIORNSBY, MARY GRIIIFIN, A I' A SOP!-IOINIORE . . . CENTERVILLE, ALABALIA fi: Corolla: Glee Club '33-'34 HOUSER, PEGGY, K A FRESHMAN .... ANNISTON, ALABAMA W. A. A.: Y. W. C. A. Freshman Cabinet HOUSER, Sl-IALER CHARLES, JR., A '1' SZ JUNIOR .... . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Rho Alpha Tau HUGI1, EUGENE FRANCIS, JR., A X A FRESHMAN . . . SUNNY SIDE, NEW YORK HUGHES, AUVIN JAMES JUNIOR . . . . . COLUMBUS, MISSISSIPPI Rifle Team '32-'33-'34 1. ::2.'.ff':-iz. - -. ' ff? P I -:ETF Fi' ""FY S' 1 . I , L , , .,,. . , .. , . ILE NI IIN 13 IL Am. SI A .limi A fil PAGE S9 ARTS AND SCIENCES , ---. First Row, Left io Right JACKSON, THOINIAS STROUD, H K A FRESHMAN . . .... CLIO, ALABALIA I'IUIE, THOMAS BURKS SOPHOMORE .... DECATUR, ALABAIMA Bl ckf "a a U rs JAFFIZ, IRVING WILLIAM, K N JUNIOR ..... ONEONTA, ALABAMA Junior Track Mgr.: Rho Alpha Mu Treas. '33-'34: HUMPHREY, NEIDA, A A A Excelsior Vice-Pres. '34-'35: Alpha Delta Sigma: SOPHOMORE s . D HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA Blackfriarsz Crimson-White, Rammer-Jammer Pi: Alpha Lambda Delta: Glee Club: W. A. A. Council JOHANSEN, THEODORE LAWRENCE SODHOMORE . NISXV LONDON, CONNECTICUT HUNT, GERTRUDE ELAYNE, 9 T SOPHOIVIOIKE .... . . CLIO, ALABAMA Glee Club Third Row, Left to Right HUNTER, JAMES WILLIAM JOHNSON, JAMES WALLACE, A T 9 FRESHMAN - ---- PINSON, ALABAMA ERESI-IMAN .... FRANKLIN, ALABAMA HYTREN, ROBERT MILTON, K N JOHNSON, THOMAS l'lORRE, K A SOPHOMORE . . . CLEVELAND, MISSISSIPPI ITRESHMAN ,,,. ALICEVH-LE, ALABAMA Transfer from Mississippi Delta State Teachers' College JOHNSTONE, JAMES DOUGLAS, KP A 9 INNE5 JOHN F FRESHMAN ..... MOBILE, ALABAMA , . JUNIOR . . . . CORTLAND, NEW YORK Honor Committee JOHNSTON, GILBERT EGLOEI2, A K E PRESHMAN . . . BIRMINGHANI, ALABAMA Rho Alpha Tau: Excelsior: Pres. Freshman Class Secoml Row, Left to Right ISRAEL: ESTHER JEAN JOHNSTON, PIENRY PERRY, E X SOPHOMORE - - ' TQSCALOOSAA ALABAMA SOPHOMORE . . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Blackfrmrs Glee Club '33-'34: Corolla '34-'35 JACKSON, AI.BERT FRANVLEY, fb 1' A , T XVILLIAM E. A K E 'FRESHMAN .... . EUTAVV, ALABAMA JOHNS ON' ' JUNIOR . . . . . . MOBILE, ALABALIA JACKSON, MARY LOUISE, 9 T W JUNIOR . . . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA JONES,-AMANDA C" A A Y. W. C. A.: W. A. A. JUNIOR . . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA I-Yea.-A ' .. ., , """"' T?flx""" --'RTT' -- .T-l" 'A F," ' .1 IQ.,- ,v F, , Y., "I, , H ff 9,5 -, ,ri QI I- U ,lllfll I of A AI , ,". . .,,"f', 4 ,., ., - ,Y Av, 1, 3' I, sl- . 'jyvj , 44, gn'-4-.fliq-'f'Iayiv.l' ' ljlhx- fu .en -4,513 v.-' ,- lifby - . A ' ,, i f Q, 5- I A-nr : . 5,,,-L 1 4, 3 1 93' -af. , . 31 f f' Qlfff- - .tu f f" I Sf. A PAGE 90 .,......... L... ARTS AND SCIENCES Firsl Row, Lvfl io Right JONES, DOROTHY ERXVIN, K A SOPI-IOMORE . . . I-IUNTSVILLE, Omega ALABAMA JONES, JOHN ROBERT, dv A 9 FRESHMAN . . . . HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA Rho Alpha Tau: Rammex'-Jammer JONES, MARY CIKAXVFORD, A A A FRESI-IMAN .... TUSCALOOSA, Omega: Crimson-White: Vice-Pres. Girls: W. A. A.: Y. W. C. A.: Corolla Jammer JONES, ROBERT R., A X FRIESHMAN . . . BIRMINGHAM, JORDAN, BARRSDALE, II K JUNIOR. . . . . .VERNON, JORDAN, JAMES WILBIERT JUNIOR . . . . ROBERTSDALE, AL A B AIVIA Freshman C Rammer- ALABAMA 1.11 ALABAMA ALABAMA Qiiaclmnglez Vice-Pres. Y. M. C. A., Cabinet: Blue Rirlxro Delefrute: Philomathic: Excelsior Secoml Row, Left lo Right KANE, BARBARA CALHOUN, A XS! FRESHNIAN ..... NORFOLK, VIRGINIA W. A. A.: Y. W. C. A.: Crimson-White: Corolla KASSAL, BENTLEY SO1'l-IOLIORE . . MOUNT VERNON, NEW YORK Bnsclmll: Freshman Football, Baseball KEESLAR, HENRY C., dl K E SOPHOIVIORIE . . . . . DANVILLE, ILLINOIS Freshman. Varsity Football: Rho Alpha Tau KILPATRICK, ROBERT BRUCE JUNIOR .... . . ROXBURY, NEXV YORK Blackfriars KILVINGTON, JAMES B. FRESHMAN . . . WILMINGTON, DELAWARE KIMBEIKLY, AUS'l'lN SANFORD, 9 X JUNIOR ..... PIIEDLIONT, ALABAMA Corolla : Philomathic : International Relations Club Third Row, Left fo Right KNOWLES, ROY CANEDY SOPHOMORE . . LITTLE FALLS, NEW' YORK Newtonian Math Soc. KNOX, OLIVE LOUISE SOPHOMORE .... CLANTON, ALABAMA Y. W. C. A. '34: Newtonian Math Soc. KOGUT, LOUIE JOHN FRESHMAN ..,.. UTICA, NEW YORK Alabama Cavaliers: Million Dollar Band KORNFELD, LESLIE, 2 A M JUNIOR . . . . GREENNVOOD, MISSISSIPPI R. O. T. C. Band: Million Dollar Band KUGLER, BETTY JANE, K K I' FRESHIVIAN . . . XVOODBURY, NEW JERSEY KREBS, CAROLYN, 9 'I' FRESHMAN . . . . . HAMILTON, OHIO W. A. A.: Y. W. C. A.: Glee Club: Swimming Club LABER, HENRY, fb E A SOPHOMORE . . YORKTOWN HEIGHTS, N. Y. :Q V 4 i w ,, .f': j --ff-1 r el a x ., Q L -If , I .U h .,-. .f f fpV. Q-..f , 11 57 ,,. Q PAGE 91 -vr:. ARTS AND SCIENCES First Row, Left lo Right LAMBERTH, LENA LEE, A A A FRESHMAN . . ALEXANDER CITY, ALABAIWA Pi LANCASTER, MARY TABB, K K I' SOPHOIMORE . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABANIA Pres. Alpha Lambda Delta '34-'35: Omega: Pres. Freshman Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: W. A. A.: Crimson-White LANIER, MILTON, JR., 'I' A 9 JUNIOR . . . . I-IUNTSVILLE, ALABAINIA QII.'zdrangle: Druids: Knaves: Rho Alpha Tau: Philomathic LAPSLEY, JOHN W., 'P 1' A ERESI-IMAN .... . . SELNIA, ALABAINIA LASTRAPES, WILEY GEORGE, E A E SOPPIOIVIORE . . XVASPIINGTON, LOUISIANA Phi Eta Sigma: Freshman Basketlmll '33-'34 LAs'rRAPEs, HENRY, JR., E A E JUNIOR ..... OPELOUSAS, LOUISIANA Pres. Junior Class: Pres. Druids '33: Rho Alpha Tau: Arch Club: Band '32-'34: Freshman Base- ball '33: Varsity Baseball '34: Newman Club '32-'33 Scfconrl Row, Left lo Right LAUDISI, LUDXVIG SOPHOMORE . . . NEXV YORK, NEXV YORK LAURENT, FRANK XVILEORD, A T A JUNIOR . . . . . . EASTLAND, TEXAS LAWLOR, RAYMOND HENRY, A A T LEA, THOMAS R., JR., 22 N FRIESHMAN . . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA LEE, SAMUEL J., K E FRESI-IMAN . . . . OKOLONA, MISSISSIPPI Blackfrizlrsg Freshman Debating Team LEEPER, DOROTHEA MAY SOPI-IOINIORE . . UNION, sOU'rII CAROLINA Tlzirzl Row, Left fo Rigbf L.EsI-IER, ART!-IUR CARNIZY, JR. FRESI-IIXIAN . . . AMELER, PENNSYLVANIA LI2'r'r, J. RAYMOND, ll K fl' SOPHOMORIZ . . . .TAL1.AssEE, ALABAMA LISVEY, BURTON NORIIIS, K N ERESHMAN . . NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT LEVINE, YVETTE FRIESHIVIAN . . PERTH ANIBOY, NIZXV JERSEY LEWIS, CECILE ALYCE, A X S2 FRISSHIVIAN . . . BIIIMINGHAM, ALABAMA Glee Club LEWIS, CYRUS R., 22 N I"RliSHlVIAN ..... DOTHAN, ALABAMA LEWIS, FLORENCE, 9 K JUNIOR . . . NEW ROC!-IEI.I.E, NEW YORK SOPHOMORE . . G12RMAN'roWN, NEW YORK Y. w. G. A.. crimson-while: RAmmeI--Jammer f-f- 1.. H -eff'-55--f fi-1..., A . YV A . A ., ,- - T., A . A -."l .. r A ' . , ' A I J- A gv as V14 " 1' ""' 'M' ""' J . ' 4 f x ' A ., ' . ' , 'Y' . " -I "- 'V ',"9':" ' YS' ni A W" -' , " " - -gfg'ffI,f.:ge..' griiff. 1j, ,,.wjx Tj z1f.f.?f-'f'-51.5 7 9152 -,ww -.fI5.A3.'L3'f.'.I-?3j.-fi., .,-,Lf fc '.1i1r,i'9! 3 7121 lu PAGE 92 ARTS AND SCIENCES Firsf Row, Left fo Rigbf LIME, FRANCES M., A X S2 FRESHLIAN ..... MOBILE, ALABANIA LIND, S'rANI.I-ii' L. JUNIOR ...... Cl'-IICAGO, ILLINOIS Million Dollar Band: Wesley Foundation: Sym- pltony Orchestra: Y. M. C. A, Christmas Pazcant LINE, BRYANT W., II K A FRESHIMAN .... . GADSDEN, ALABARIA Ll'I"l'LlZ, BARBARA Klilill, A A H SOPHONIORE . . . TLISLALOOSA, ALABANIA Alpha Lambda Delta: EI-osopliic: Newtonian Math Soc.: Y. W. C. A. Freshman Cabinet '33-'34, Freshman Aclvism' '34-'35 LIVINGSTON, XVILLARII XWISE, 'P 'I' A SOEHOMORE . . . I'UscAI.OOsA, Druids: Pres. Freshman C'ass '33-'34I Baseball ALABAMA FI-eshrnan LONG, J. I-II-.YxvOOII, 0 X JUNIOR ....... DALLAS, TEXAS Phi Eta Sigma: Pershing: Rifles '32-'33-'3-4: New- lonian Math Soc.: Philomathic: International Re- lations Club: Scalilmrsl :mal Blade Srcoml Row, Left lo Rigfvl LOONEY, EVALYN FRANCIS, A A II som-IOMORE . . . BIRMINGHAIX-I, ALABANIA NICKENZIE, MARY JUNIOR . .... . . LIMA, OHIO MCCAFFERTY, JUNE, A K E JUNIOR ..... MT. VERNON, ALABAIWA Knaves: Phi Chi MCCLENATI-IEN, WILI.IAM RICHARD FRIiSH1N'IAN . . . CUYANOGA FALLS, OHIO Crimson-White Tliirn' Row, Left fo Right MCCLURE, SUE YOUNG, X Q SOPHOMORE . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Glce Club: Blackfriars: Crimson-White '33-'34: W. A, A. '33-'34: Erosophic: Sec. Delta Phi Mu: Rammer-Jammer: Y. W. C. A. Chorus MGCORMAGK, MADELAINE, K A FRILSHNIAN . . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAINIA Alpha Lambda Delta MGCOY, MARY ANN, Z T A FRESHIXIAN . . . BIRMINGI-IAM, ALABAMA W. A. A. MCCULLEY, IVIIIKIAINI ANTOlNET'TE, Z T A SOPI-IONIORE ..... SELMA, ALABAMA Crimson-White Adv. Stall? IVICCUl,.I.OUGH, HAL L., H EI JUNIOR ..... TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Blackfrinrs Freshman Track '33: Boxing Squad '33 LOVEJOY, HOXV'ARID ALVORD, O K N MCDAVID, ROBERT PATTON, A T S2 JUNIOR . . . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA ITRFSI-IMAN . . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Phi Beta Pi: Beta Beta Bela Vice-Pres. Freshman Class: Blaekfriars LYONS, EDXVARD Tl-IOMPSON IXICDONALD, XVILLIAL'I JOHN, QD E K FRESHIWAN . . . LINWOOIJ, PENNSYLVANIA FRESHMAN . FREEPORT, LONG ISLAND, N. Y. k?5'F"" ' fv""" A -I .--A '- ff- ' ' -1 " - . 1 I. 'I I 'B I . 'g I 'fl .F 1 IQ lX, A I E ' l llg llllfs 9. A ll! 551 ed ,' l 1 k ...f, I : L U Y 'lf-f'f jf ' r ' : j pg f,.. ' , x , . .l PAGE 93 ARTS AND SCIENCES First Row, Left to Right MCDUEE, A. L., E X SOPI-IOMORE . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA IVICGARITY, NIARY CAROLYN, A X Q JUNIOR . .... FORT PIERCE, FLORIDA Erosophic: Crimson-White: Y. W. C. A.: W. A. A. IVICGEI-IEE, HENRY THOMAS, JR., E N JUNIOR . . . . BIIIMINGHAM, ALABAMA Rho Alpha Tau: Knaves: Officers Club MCGEHEE, PAUL DUNCAN, A K E FRESHTMAN . . . . . IMOBILE, ALABAMA MCGOXY'EN, CHARLES WARD, A T Q SOPHOMORE . . . . . CUBA, ALABAMA NICGOXVIN, CARL B. FRESHMAN .... MCRENZIE, ALABAMA Second Row, Left to Rigbt NICLENDON, LEWIS ERESHMAN . . . .sYLAcAUcA, ALABAMA MCMILLAN, BE'rTY, A Z SOPHOMORE . . . BAY MINETTE, ALABAMA Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: W. A. A. MCMILLAN, JAMES D., A X ERESHMAN ..... BEATRICE, ALABAMA MALONE, WILLIAM WAIIREN, JR., E A E SOPHOINIORE . .... ATHENS, ALABAMA MANUEL, WILLIAM A., A T S2 JUNIOR . . . . . GULFPORT, MISSISSIPPI MARSHALL, ELIZABETH, A 1' A JUNIOR .... MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Pi: W. A. A.: Y. W. C. A.: Rammer-Jammer Third Row, Left to Right MARTIN, ERNEST CROSBY JUNIOR .... ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND Y. M. C. A. Cabinet '34-'35: B. S. U. Council '34- '35, Vice-Pres.: Pre-Med Club MARTIN, JOHN CLARK, E A E SOPPIOMORE . . . . SHEFFIELD, ALABAMA Rho Alpha Mu: Y. M. C. A. MASON, WILLIARI CORDELL IARESHMAN. . . . .FAIRI-IOPE, ALABAMA MATTHEWS, JANE MAYSEY, K K 1' FRESHMAN . . . MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA W. A. A.: Alpha Lambda Delta: Corolla: Honor Roll: Rammer-Jammer MATTHEWS, IVAN, 2 X ERESHMAN . . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Rho Alpha Tau MATTHEWS, LIARGARET WELLBORN, K A FRESHMAN .... ANNISTON, ALABALIA Pi: Crimson-White: Blackfriars Bus. Staff: Alpha Lambda Delta MAYNE, CARLTON ARTHUR, A Z fb FRESHINIAN . . . . .L1SBON, NEW YORK I .I-1' 'A A+- - ' .A -A -.-,I :Tu - f":'-'H'-VT T 1 H I H i A wp: ml wp' IN L ' . , .- L - 51 PAGE 94 ARTSWAND SCIENCES Firsf Row, Left to Right NIEIGHAN, JOHN l"llillBERT, Tl K A JUNIOR . ..... GADSDEN, ALABAMA MENT'ON, NVILMILR FRESHMAN ..... DETROIT, MICHIGAN MIERIKILL, ELIZABETI-I, K A JUNIOR .... . ANNIS'fON, ALABAMA Corolla: Y. W. C. A. MERRl'fTl2, NlAlljORIE, Z T A SOPHOMORII . . . Bllllx-TINGHAIVI, ALABAMA Pan-Hellenic: Sophomore Representative Board of Directors: Crimson'White: Y. W. C. A. MEYERS, AMY, 9 K SOPHONIORE . GOLDSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA W. A. A, NIILLER, GRIETCHLN E., A X Q FRESITIMAN .... . NIOBILH, ALABAMA Newman Club Second Row, Left lo Rigbl MILLER, TI-IOMAS R., E N FRESHNIAN ..... BIIEXVTON, ALABAMA Rho Alpha Tau MINGE, JACKSON Cll-IADXVICK, SIP A G SOPHOMORIZ . . . . DILNIOPOLIS, ALABAMA Rammer-Jammer: Corolla: Crimson-White: New- tonian Math Suu.: Blaclcfriars MINNIS, LAURA XVINKLER, A 1' A FRESHIVIAN . . . . GREENVILLE, ALABAMA Omc-5:11 I'-- ' 1- - -Uk ' . .. 31777-T I "H - xy! .TIM IE, V 5 NIIRKIN, XVILLIAA4 BARRY FRFSHNIAN . . . BOSTON, NIASSACI-IUSETTS Blackfria1's: Glee Club MITCPIELL, FERN WOOIJ, JR., A K E P'RI2SHlX1AN . . . BIIKMINGHAM, ALABAIIJA Excelsior MONTGOMEIIY, MAAIKJORIE JOY A A II JUNIOR .... BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Third Row, Left fo Right MOODY, FRANK MCCORKLE, 111 A 9 SOPYIOMORE . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Rho Alpha Tau: Vice-Pres. Druids: Quadrangle: Erosophic: Philomathicg Knaves MOODY, FRANK S., fl' A 9 SOPI-IOMORE . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA MOORE, JOE WATTS, IT K A ERESHMAN ..... CLANTON, ALABAMA Sec.-'l'reas. Freshman Class: Blackfriars: Glee Club: Freshman Y. M. C. A. Cabinet MOIIGAN, MARGAIXET, A l' A SOPHOMOIKE . . . . BESSEMER, A'LABAMA Crimson-White: W. A. A.: Y. W. C. A. lYlORGI2NTHAU, PIELEN SOPPIOMORE . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAIWA 'Fransfel' from Judson: Blzlckfriarsz Glee Club MORRIS, CAUTIIORN BROOKS JUNIOR . .... DERBY, CONNECTICUT Moss, HENRIETTA SUGG ERESI-IMAN .... HUNTSVILLE, ALABAIVIA f' -S gi- I Q is-Q-I - l' ll, 545 inf 'I'I 13: Ifl-v,I:2':i-fgfi'I1:'?v.2: 1436 PAGE 95 ARTS AND SCIENCES First Row, Left to Rigbt MOTLEY, JULIA GRAI-IAM, K A SOP!-IOINIORE ..... NIIAMI, FLORIDA W. A. A.: Sec.-Treas. Y. W. C. A. Freshman Cabinet '33-'34 : Blackfriars MOXLEY, GXVEN, A Z SOP!-IOMORE . . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Vice-Pres. Alpha Lambda Delta: Varsity Debat- ing Team: Women's Council: W. A. A.: Newton- ian Math Soc.: Blankfriars: Crimson-White MUNDS, MARY LANIER, A 4' SOIDHOMORE . . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA MURPHY, GREEK MARECHAL, fl' A 9 SOPHOMORE . . . . . MOBILE, ALABAMA Glee Club: Erosophic MURRAI-I, ROBERT FRESHMAN . . . BIRMINGI-IAM, ALABAMA NASH, THOMAS E. FRESI-IMAN . . . . . . IRONTON, OHIO Secoml Row, Lzfft to Right NASPI, VIRGINIA ELIZABETH, A 1' A SOPHOMORE . . . . BEssEMER, ALABAMA W. A. A.: Y. W. C. A.: Omega NEELY, JAMES T. JUNIOR . . . HUNTINGDON, TENNESSEE NETTI.ES, JAMES MARION, JR., K A SOPI-IOMORE . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA NEXV'NIAN, CHRISTINE JUNIOR . . . . . . . . AKRON, OHIO Y. W. C. A.: Women's Council: Alpha Lambda Delta: Second Vice-Pres. B. S. U. NICHOLLS, ANDRENV BARRYCROOKE, E A E JUNIOR ..... TUSCALOOSA, ALABANIA Crimson-Whi1.e '31-'32: Erosophic '31-'32g Ass't. Cheer Leader '34-'35 NISBET, BUBBER . BAINBRIDGE, GEORGIA SOPHOMOIRIE . . . Freshman Football, Baseball: Varsity Football Third Row, Lcfz' to Right NIX, MILDRED, X S2 ITRESIIMAN ...... OPP, ALABANIA Crimson-White: W. A. A.: Freshman Pan-Hellenic NOLEN, JULIA ANNE ERESHMAN . . . BIRIVIINGHAM, ALABAMA NOOJIN, LONNIE, A K E SOPHOIVIORE . . . . GADSDEN, ALABAMA Glee Club '33-'34-'35 NORRIS, HELEN LOUISE, A E' A FRESITIMAN . . . NIONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Blackfriars: Corolla: Alpha Lambda Delta NORTON, JANE, K A FRESI-IQMAN . . UNION SPRINGS, ALABAMA O,CONNOR, PATRICIA GNVENDOLYN ERESHMAN .... BUFFALO, NEW YORK ONION, WILLIALI FOREST . . . CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Sec.-Treas. Y. M. C. A. SOPH OMORE . . Honor Committee : Rho Alpha Tau Pershing Rifles Cabinet , -fll PAGE 96 o ARTS AND SCIENCES First Row, Left to Rigb! PAYNE, WILLIAM EDWARD OSBORN, PRIME FRANCIS, III, E A E JUNIOR .... GREIZNSBORO, ALABAMA Sec.-Trens. Druids: Sec. Rhu Alpha Mu: Sec'y. to the Registrar: Blackfrinrs: Arch Club: Philo- mathic: 2nd Lt. R. O. 'l'. C.: Honor Committee OT'TEN, FRIQDRIG B. SOPIDIOMOIKE . . . NVOODCLIFF, NEXV JERSEY Pershing Rifles: Phi Mu Sigma: Newman Club: Crimson-White: Vice-Pres, Pre-ML-Il. Club OZIER, Ol,IVIA FRESHIVIAN . . . BIRNIINGHANI, ALABAMA Blackfrizirs PALLIATARY, NWILLIANI ADAMS, A X SOPI-IOMORE . . . . RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Rho Alpha Mu: Sophomore Baseball Mgr. PARRIS, VANCE IIRESI-IMAN . . . GIQRALDINE, ALABAMA PA'r'roN, ABNER WILSON, AIR., K A PRESHMAN .... I'usGALoosA, ALABAMA SFCOIIII' Row, Left 1,0 Rigbl PATTON, IRENE lfosculz, A 1' A SOPHOINIORE ..... ATI-IENS, ALABANIA Pi: Rammer-Jammer: W. A. A.: Y. W. C. A. PATTON, THOMAS I'IERBER'l', K E SOPI-IOINIORE . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Rho Alpha Tau: Excelsior: Newtonian Math Soc. PAYNE, Row, IT K fb FRESHAIAN ..... . DORA, ALABAMA FRESI-INIAN . . . NORNVALK, CONNECTICUT PEAGOCR, DOROTHY ANNE, A X fl SOPHOMORE . . . . . ATLANTA, GEORGIA Crimson-White: Fencing Club: W. A. A.: Y. W. C. A. PEACOCK, MARGARET ANN, 'I' M JUNIOR ..... LIVINGSTON, ALABAMA Blackfriars: Glee Club: Spirit Committee Third Row, Left to Right PEAVY, LAURIE, A X S2 SOPI-IOMORE ..... ATMORE, ALABAMA Corolla: Crimson-White: Y. W. C. A.: W. A. A. PEEBLES, TI-IELMA LOUISE, 6 T PRESI-IMAN .... TUSCALOOSA, ALABAIVIA PFNRUDDOGRE, SHIRLEY BRAGG, A LP FRESHNIAN . . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAIVIA Blackfriars: Y. W. C. A. PERMUTT, MELVIN EDWARD, K N SOPHOINIORE . . . BIRMINGI-IAM, ALABAMA PHILLIPS, HELEN, A 4, JUNIOR ..... BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA PHILLIPS, LUCILLE JUNIOR . . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Crimson-White: Blackfriars: Glee Club: Corolla: Sec.-Treas. Summer School Office PIGRETT, CHARLES PRESTON, K A ERESI-IMAN . . . . . . EL PASO, TEXAS I. F .Mil E l 'Q fri - .- el ff' f Tf'lf',,4i Ili, .wig -A ' T L.::, ...,Y.J .f 1 ,7 . fl - ,'.,i,.rJf. PAGE ARTS AND SCIENCES I l F I I I J Y. Firxt Rauf, Left to Right PRATER, GEORGE HODO, E N JUNIOR ..... MILLPORT, ALABAMA 7 PIRRLE, CHARLES GASTON J, SOPHOIVIORE .... LINEVILLE, ALABAMA Crimson-White: Alpha Delta Sigma PRATT, DERRILL B., JR., A T S? , JUNIOR . ..... GALVESTON, TEXAS 1 1 PITTS, PHILIP HENRX', A K E J JUNIOR .... BIRMINGI-IAM, ALABAMA I PRATT, IQATHLEEN GAINES, fl' M , SOPHOIAORE . . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA , C" ' -Wh'tgC 'll PLANT, ANN COOPER, lx A nmwn le mo A j JUNIOR ...... SELNIA, ALABAl'vlA ll ll Third Row, Left to Right PLUMMHR, DON: E A E PRESTERA, MICHAEL RAYMOND, A E 'I' FRESHMAN "" ANDALUSIA' ALABAMA ERESHMAN BRADFORD PENNSYLVANIA Rho Alpha Tau: Corolla Staff Corona Staff' W l POGUE' PEARL SHANNON, A Z PRICE WILLIAM CHAP1'FLL , . FRESHINIAN . . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA JUNIOR . G I 1 i . ATHENS, ALABAMA POND, GALNEAU ROBERT, A X A PRICKETT, SAMUEL LEE, JR' JUNIOR - - - - - MALONE, NEW YORK JUNIOR .... . BESSEMER, ALABAMA , PRIEST, TRACY JAMES, A K E Second Row, Lfff fo RWM FRESHNIAN . . . I-IUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA I POOLEY, XVILLIAM STANLEY, E I-If E JUNIOR .... MERIDEN, CONNECTICUT I Samuel Johnson Club: Rammer-Jammer PRINT, MARTHA MURIEL: 'A Z . JUNIOR . . . . HAZELHURST, MISSISSIPPI I' PORTALE, ALFRED J. ... FRESHNIAN . . . . BUFFALO, NEW YORK PRINCE, ROBERT CASKINIJR-, 9 A FRESHMAN . . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABANIA Glee Club: Blackfriars POWERS, JULIA ELLEN, K A I SOPHOMORE . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAIVIA 1 A A A Blackfriars: Girls' Glee Club: W. A. A.: Fresh- PRITCHARD' MARY APPLETON' man Cabinet: CI'imson-White: Corolla: Y. W. SOPHOMORE . . . . . MOBILE, ALABAMA C. A. Cabihet Omega: Newman Club: Y. W. C. A.: W. A. A. "'4 ,- , -'v , T-FATE' X - T 'I - - - y i' 'gqa-P -Lf' "if," -FE3-P-'-'AIWI' A I I Af-II new i7RIIr'1- - I -' A A RIM E III I I . ' ' ,.11'I,:'Afl1:Qil!Q13in,::.II"ll3i::w'.J1'f'lR.'2,g"Of: 5r:25gT"5f?.-2313'igR1l:T5e:59 fi! A Q' 'A' "CEU: F" -" PA" ,JF Jiwjjgfi 2.1 ?,S!f,-st-L:,-E-iS- :fl-I1-5'-'fi-a' .i:.,..',. 1- - ,l-74.-II-:,',l,-P ,.'iJ.l:.:,,fEH 1, ff?-:Q.,i.h'3f..'.,,I ,Jxv--,A-L.1. 2,-., 5, 1-jf uLE":-i-.-,.. - Q , z"", PAGE 98 I ARTS AND SCIENCES First Row, Left to Riglu' PUREFOY, JUDGE THOMAS, JR., E N FRESHNIAN ..... I-'URMAN', ALABAMA RAMEY, CHARLES XXVILLIAIVI, A A T SOPHOIVIORE . . . . AKRON, ALABAMA RAMTVI, NVILLIARI K., A 'I' A SOP!-IOIWORIZ .... IIANVILLE, ILLINOIS RASZUS, EDWARD G. ERESHMAN . . . BAT'l'l.E CREEK, MICHIGAN REGAN, JAMES L., JR. FRESHMAN . . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAIVIA REYNOLDS, GRADE' JR., P3 A E FRESI-IMAN .... CLANTON, ALABAINIA Freshman Y. M. C. A. Culvinetg Crimson-White Second Row, Lvft fo Rigbf REYNOLDS, PHILIP ,l'l'IOMAS, A X FRESHMAN . PROSPECT PARK, PENNSYLVANIA RICHARDS, GUY E. FRESHMAN . . . . ONEIDA, NEXV YORK Cavaliers: Million Dollar Band RIEBACK, MIRIAAII, 9 K FRESHMAN . . . NITXV YORK, NEXV YORK Y. W. C. A. RISER, BANRSTON A., ll K A FRESHIVIAN . . . .LAI-AYETTE, ALABAMA ROBERTS, BILL FRESHNIAN ..... OXFORD, ALABAMA Freshman Debating Team, Corolla ROBERTS, CICERO L. SOPHOMORE . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAIYIA Third Row, Leff fo Right ROBERTSON, ALICE STREET, X S2 JUNIOR ...... CLAYTON, ALABAMA ROBERTSON, WALTER P., JR., II K A SOI-HOMORE . . CARUTHERSVILLE, MISSOURI ROBINSON, DAVID, 41 E K FRESPIMAN . . . BROOKLYN, NEW YORK Swimming ROBINSON, MILDRED, A A A FRESITYMAN . . . CARIIOLLTON, GEORGIA Omega: Blackfriars ROBISON, VAUGIiAN HILL, A T S2 SOPHOMORE . . . MONTGOR'IERY, ALABAMA BlackfI'iaI's: Excelsior: Newtonian Math Soc. ROGERS, ELIZABETH, A A A FRESHLIAN . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABANIA Pi! Glee Club: W. A. A. ROGERS, FRANCES ELIZABETH, A X Q ERESHMAN . . . . BOOALUSA, LOUISIANA I I ' f I J l -IAI PAGE ART AND SCIENCES First Row, Left to Right ROLEN, JESSIE MAE, A E A JUNIOR . . . . MONT'GOMERY, ALABAMA WVomen's Council: W. A. A.: Y. W. C. A. ROSENDORE, LOUISE, 9 K SOPHONIORE . . . . ATLANTA, GEORGIA Ross, PAUL ALLAN, JR., A E fb SOPHOMORE .... AUBURN, NEXV YORK Newtonian Math. Soc.: Crimson-White ROTHSCHILD, BEA, 9 K FRESHIVIAN ..... ATLANTA Crimson-White: Alpha Lambda Delta , GEORGIA M MISSISSIPPI RUBEL, JOSEPH LEO, 2 A ERESHMAN . . . COLUMBUS, RUSSELL, ALFRED, Z A E SOPHOMORE .... . JASPER, ALABAMA Rho Alpha Tau: Excelsior Scroml Row, Left to Right SAEEOLD, ROSE MARY, A 'P JUNIOR . . .... WASHINGTON, D. c. Y, W. C. A. Cabinet: Pi Phi Chi: Freshman Commission SANFILIPPO, PAUL JOSEPH, A KP A JUNIOR . . . . . NEW YORK, NEW YORK SAXE, ELIOT JUNIOR . . NEW BRITAIN, CONNECTICUT Crimson-White '32: Intermural Baseball SCANLAN, CHARLES T. SCI-IILLECI, VINCENT J., A dv A SOPHOLIORE . . . . BESSEMER, ALABAINIA Newtonian Math Soc.: Band '33-'34: Newman Club SCI-INVARTZ, HELEN CARLY FRESHNIAN . . PERTH AMBOY, NEW JERSEY Tbirzl Row, Left io Rigbt SCI-IY, SIGMUND, E A M . FRESHMAN . . . . . CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Blackfriars: Director "Helena's Husband": Hillel: Crimson-White SCOTT, LEGRANT EDWARD JUNIOR . . .... CLEVELAND, OHIO Pre-Med Club: Baseball '33-'34: Newman Club: "A" Club SEARS, EDITH MARIE, A E A JUNIOR . . . . . . LARELAND, FLORIDA Blackfriars, Sec'y. '34: Vice-Pres. '35: Key Club: Zeta Phi Eta: Glee Club: Pi Phi Chi: Y. W. C. A. SESSONIS, ELEANOR, X S2 JUNIOR .... ANDALUSIA, ALABAMA Pi Phi Chi: Newtonian Math Soc.: Y, W. C. A.: Corolla '32-'33: Chi Delta Phi SHARP, ANN HOLLYDAY SOPHOMORE . . . JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: Newman Club: Library Fellowship SI-IARPE, NATALIE WHITFIELD, K K F JUNIOR .... BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Y. NV. C. A. Cabinet: W. A. A. SHEATS, ELIZANOR MAE, A 1' A JUNIOR . . . . . CARROLLTON, GEORGIA JUNIOR . . . . . . OMAHA, NEBRASKA Blackfriars " -W in -gy A ' T .n.-iw--vi. -Y Y Y-yrgf -Mm T,-,-, - - -I. -- I-., YJ., ,- - , .., ..,- . rl tw, ' H ,.. K . . .. f- '.f -H, N ' I . I QINL!"LBff' E' . '- I lik A :L-A:.1'Mi i -15- - 5 I. IN 1 PAGE 100 ARTS AND SCIENCES Firxf Row, Left to Rigb! SHEPHERD, Lois, A A A SOPHONIORE . . . . coRoovA, ALABAMA Corolla: Y. W. C. A.: W. A. A.: Pi SHEPHERD, RUTH, K K I' JUNIOR ,..... CLANTON, ALABAIVIA Omega: Pi Phi Chi: Chi Delta Phi, Sec.-Treas. '34-'35s Honor Roll '33-'3Al: Women's Council: Corolla Sec. '34: Crimson-White '33-'34 SHERWIN, IVIARCiUERl'I'li, A SI: JUNIOR ..... IRADRONI, COLORADO Woma.n's Council, Spanish Club SHIRLEY, CARRII4. YYALRER, 9 T SOPHOMORE . . . 'rUScALooSA, ALABAMA W. A. A.: Y. W. C. A. Freshman Cabinet '33- '34: Crimson-Whiler: French Club SINIPSON, XVIl,.l,.l.-UVI M., A K E JUNIOR . . . . . . SUJMNER, NIISSISSIPPI Greeks, Varsity '.llk'llllISQ Tennis Mgr. SKINNER, DONA LOUISE, Z T A JUNIOR ..... BESSIZINIER, ALABANIA Blackfriars: Erosophic: Y. W. C. A.: W. A. A.: Girls' Varsity Debating 'Foam '33-'34: Girls' De- bating Mgr. '33-'34: Ass't. in Library: Zeta Phi Eta Treasurer '34-'35: I-'i Phi Chi: Freshman Commission Sccoml Row, Left to Right SMITH, ANIIREV M. SOPHOMORE .... DECATUR, ALABAMA Symphony Orchestra '33: Blackfriars SMITH, IQATHERINIE LIDDON, A I' A SOPPIOMORE ..... DO'I'I-IAN, ALABALIA Pi: Y. W. C. A.: Iiammer-Jammer SZVIITI-I, LANSING IVAN, E fb E JUNIOR . . . . ROCHESTER, NEW YORK Inlerfraternity Delegate SMITH, STANFORD YOUNG, Z2 A E Som-IOMORE . . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABANIA SINIITH, XVILLIAM CX-IIESTER, G E1 JUNIOR ..... BAKER HILL, ALABAIXIA Honor Committee: Newtonian SNIOYER, VERNA Low, K A SOPI-IOMORE . . . CLEARWATER, FLORIDA Tbinl Row, Lrft io Right SNORI, MCLESTER J., dv A 0 SOPHOIVIORE . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABANIA Quadrangle C'ub: Secy. Y. M. C. A.: Treas., Ex- celsior: Corolla Bus. Staff: R. O. T. C. Band: Knaves: Philomathic SOBEI., ELI L. SOPHOIVIORE . . PERTH AINIIIOY, NEXV JERSEY Crimson-While: Corolla '35 SPIRO, JONAS JOE, Z B T SOP!-IOIVIORE . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Phi Eta Sigma: Erosophic: Newtonian Math Soc.: Million Dollar Band SPRATT, LILLIS BARNETT, K A JUNIOR ..... LIVINGSTON, ALABAMA Omega: Delta Club SPURLOCR, JAMES MADISON, E N FRESHIVIAN . .... EUFAULA, ALABANIA STABLER, PEGGY ADAIR, X S2 JUNIOR .... BIRNIINGI-IAM, ALABAMA STEINER, BURGHARD II, Z B 'l' JUNIOR .... BIRIVIINGHAIKI, ALABAMA u Ln 4 ,. - 1, J . . 3 K . ,, W I ,, N rr L llll Af III-um I. . I ,I I-. HE. . fig ,-5: ,-.faffrg rf 'I 3,g.l -y.-'fag-fit '15 ,jr ARTS AND SC IENCES First Row, Left to Right SULLIVAN, DOROTHY MAIIGARET, A A II SOPHOMORE . .... ELGIN, ILLINOIS STEPI-IENSON, ROBERT HILTON, K A JUNIOR. . . . .IsRANTLEY, ALABAMA SNVAIM, ANNIE LAURIE, K A FRESHMAN STEVENS, ROBERT BUCEY, E 'IP E JUNIOR . . . OCEAN CITY, NEW JERSEY Intramural Football, Basketball: Varsity Tennis TACK, STEWARD, PAUL ELWYN, E 'P E SOPHOMORE . . HACKENSACK, NEXV JERSEY Corolla: Crimson-White: Rammer-Jammer: Glee Club . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Pi : Blackfriars FRANCES MARGUERITE, K A som-IOMORE. . . .CLEARXVATER, FLORIDA Third Row, Left io Right TAFF, OTTO GUY, II K fb STEXVART, JAMES I-I., A T A FRIESHMAN FRESHMAN . . PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA . . . . ONEONTA, ALABAMA TANKERSLEY, ETHEL MAY, A I' A STODDARD, WARREN JOEL FRESHMAN . IIIIARBLEI-IEAD, IYIASSACHUSETTS SOPHOIVIORE . . . MONTGONIERY, ALABAMA TATOM, MARY CAROLYN, X 9 STIIAWBRIDGE, ROSA LOUISE, E K JUNIOR . . . . . SULLICENT, ALABAMA SOPHOIKIORE . XVEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA Y. W. C. A. TAYLOR, ELIZABETH MCLEAN, A Z fR N Second Row, Left to Right r ESHMA STROTHER, BOB BLACKBURN, E A E SOPI-IOMORE. . . .GRAYSON, KENTUCKY EREsHMAN STRAUCHEN, GILBERT WILLIAM, fb A 9 JUNIOR . . .... CINCINNATI, OHIO ERESI-IMAN STURDEVANT, WlLI.IAM L., 4' I' A JUNIOR . . . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Druids: Erosophic: Rho Alpha Tau: Rho Alpha . . . . . VICTORIA, VIRGINIA Blackfriars TAYLOR, JULIAN WATTERS, fb A 6 . . . . NANAFALIA, ALABAMA TAYLOR, ROBERT MACEY, A K E . . . BIRIYIINGHAM, ALABAINIA Rho Alpha Tau TEPLIT, CLARE, A fb E Mu: Excelsior: Vice-Pres. Junior Class: Crimson- JUNIOR - - - - - I-AMBZRTI MISSISSIPPI White: Rammer-Jammer W. A. A. - I , A -I f , , is -1- R I an- id. V . ' wi , . I .. I Ml' I 1 ,HP MIT '--'V 1---f'-I-" 1?-"1?'5'-'W , 'Q' 'v If, , N Z' 'ff' -ff 1 'J II- T"f ,"'- ' f5,v'-117 ' ' ' rg . F I- --- .. I ' f Lffvrw Hi2r1I"'fi"Q'f?f3l'f4?- ki - O .I fx 2, PAGE 102 ARTS AND SCIENCES Firxi Row, Left fo Riglml TERRY, E51 ELLI2 SOPHOMORE . . . MOUNDVILLE, ALABAMA THETIYOIKD, ANNIE IJIMMICK, K A JUNIOR . . . . MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA THOINIAS, HENRY RANIIALL, fb A 9 JUNIOR .... Is4ON'l'GOIvIERY, ALABAMA Scabhard and Blade: Alpha Epsilnn Delta: Offi- cers' Club: Phi Chic Regimental Adjutant C. A. C. THOINIPSON, XIIRGINIA MABRY, K A JUNIOR ...... SELNIA, ALABAIVIA TILLIS, RALPH FLOYD, X 'P FRI2SI'UslAN . . . JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA Pres. Rho Alpha Tau: Crimson-White TIPLER, FRANII sl., H K A FRESHMAN . . . . sr-IIaIfIfIELD, ALABAIVIA Svcoml Row, Left io Right TONVNES, HARRY RHI3'I"r, A K E SOPHOMORE . . . HUN'I'SVILLE, ALABAMA Glee Club: Blackfriars: Newtonian Math Soc. TUCKER, BILL, A X A FRESHNIAN . .... BESSENIER, ALABAMA Rho Alpha Tau TURNER, GEORGE AVILLIAM, H K fb JUNIOR . ..... LUVERNE, ALABAMA TXVING, GARRISON STRUBLE, KP I' A JUNIOR . . . HOLYORE, MASSACHUSETTS TYI.ER, ROBERT EVERETTE JUNIOR . . . . EASTPORT, MARYLAND Glee Club Tbirrl Row, Left to Right TYSON, PATTY, K A JUNIOR . , . . MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Omega UNDERXYVOOD, EDGAR H., JR., 2 N SOPHONIORE . . . 'rUscALoOsA, ALABAMA Rho Alpha Tau: Rifle Team: Pershing Rifles, Phi Beta Pi XIANN, THOMAS H. JUNIOR . . . . . NEXV HOPE, ALABAINIIA VAN PELT, JANE HALL, K A ERESHMAN . . . MONTGOMERY, ALABANIA Omega EN VARDAMAN, JOHN WESLEY, JUNIOR . . . . IYIONTGOMERY, ALABAIVIA Arch Club VENTRESS, MARY NEIL SOPHOMORE . . . . CLAYTON, ALABAMA TURBEVILLE, FREII NIORTON H K A VIRGIN, AWILLIAM B., E A E 9 IFRESHAIAN . . . BIIUVIINGHAIA, ALABAMA SOPHOMORE . - . MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA fi" . f' . 'Y 'T "ff-I-'V ' ,, Q,':' ' " ' 'FE' "ij", I W' I+ ka -. . -, I-1153 j . ' I E' BI II ' I L b.::-. Ee' ,v --A-A , -Y Lzg ,,L .A, , ,,. '-'I' ,- M , ---A , xwfffifffLi1efxIvf'7fffu' A 'f ff-Q'ff.iA'I"r2i-WA' -f'f'e:f:vH1:f5ef+-,1 J-aff f PAGE 103 ARTS AND SCIENCES First Row, Left to Right WADE, JULIA COWAN, X S2 FRESI-IIVIAN .... TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Blackfriarsg Glee Club WALKER, JAMES ERNEST, II K A FRESHMAN . . . HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA WALKER, JOHN CI-IILDRESS, JR., fb A 0 FRESHMAN . . . . JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI Excelsior WALIIER, MARJORIE FAYE, Z T A FRESHMAN .... IvIEMPI'IIS, TENNESSEE Scc'y.-Treas., Freshman Classg Blackfriars: Glee Club: Art Staff, Rammel'-Jammer: Y. W. C. A., Freshman Cabinet WALL, FRED, K A ERESHMAN ..... ATHENS, ALABAMA WALLACE, DAVID XVOODSON, 9 X JUNIOR .... PHENIX CITY, ALABAMA Second Row, Left to Right XVALLACE, SALOIXIE M. FRESHMAN ..... MOBILE, ALABAMA VVALLACE, SAM H., JR. JUNIOR .... BIRMINGHANI, ALABAMA WALLACE, WIIILDEN FRESHMAN .... TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA I WAI.LS, VIRGINIA ELIZABETH, A I' A FRESHNIN . . . ALEXANDER CITY, ALABAMA Pan-Hellenic: Freshman Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: W. A. A. WARD, JESSE BEVERLY, 'P A 9 JUNIOR ...... MARION, ALABAINIA VVARD, THOMAS B., K E JUNIOR .... TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Excelsior Third Row, Left I0 Right WARREN, GEORGE RODNEY, JR., 9 X FRES1-IMAN . MERCHANTVILLI2, NEW JERSEY WARREN, THOMAS E., E X ERESHMAN . . . . JACKSON, ALABAMA WATSON, JERRE, A T SZ JUNIOR ..... ANNISTON, ALABAMA WA'TTS, WILMER FORD, IT K 'P FRES1-IMAN . . . . LUVERNE, ALABAINIA WIZBB, JOHN POWELL, JR., II K fb JUNIOR . . .... SELMA, ALABAIVIA WESTCOTT, FRANCES, K A JUNIOR . . . . MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA WHEELER, MARVIN DELBERT, A A T JUNIOR . .... CALUMET, ILLINOIS Excelsior: Varsity Track - I digg! 1 gfE1ffI1jQ. Q,,' . 15,35 3 I., -X -1.-, H x:.5-T., .i.,',3,,.1!-.,., A.- Q i Y .gn ,I l .,.' J .,-, , -.,. ,., ,,, , .:.' Ag - '- A .H I , f,V.: A Qflfwf-7Ff5i'.'Yl'Pi'ff"f' Z'!?Wvf3SiJ5?-:if-'A'f1?55if?'A- 1,'Ef?f?3'f'?3 '?s:'Fffsfw'A1f3f"ir. -.f. - J PAGE 104 ARTS AND SCIENCES Firsf Row, Lvft fo Riglfl WHELAN, EDNVARD LEE, A T A JUNIOR . . . XVALTI-IAINI, INIASSACHUSETTS WHIPPI.E, HELI-.N lVlARY, X 52 SOPHOMORE . . . .sUI1ERIoR, NVISCONSIN Blackfriarsz Spanish Club: W. A. A.: Transfer University of Wisconsin: Newman Club WHITE, BETTY IWORGAN, K A JUNIOR .... UNIONTONVN, ALABAMA Glee Club WI-IITE, GEORc.Ia P,, A X SOPFIOMORE . . . C1iN'l'ERVILLE, ALABAMA Rho Alpha Tau: Freshman Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Rho Alpha Mu: Crimson-White Bus. Staff '33- '34-'35: Druids: Qumlrangle WHITE, GORDON EUGENE, E 'I' E JUNIOR . . . . MT. VERNON, NIEXV YORK XVHITE, JO!-I N BLADEN JUNIOR ..... BROOKLYN, NEW YORK Glee Club '32-'33-'34: Druizls: Symphony Orches- tra: Pershing Rifies: Y, M. C. A. Cabinet: Philomzxfhfc Scconrl Row, Left io Rigbl WHITE, MARY IJILIZABETI-I FRESHNIAN . . . , IELKHART, INDIANA WI-IITE, RAY IVIAIRTIN, 9 'T Sl JUNIOR .... BROOKLYN, NEW YORK WHITE, ROGER ELTON . . . . BROOKLYN, NIZW YORK Symphony OI'I'I1estI'a '32-'33: Pershing JUNIOR . University WHITECAVAGE, JOSEPH PETER JUNIOR . . SUGAR NOTCH, PENNSYLVANIA WHITEHEAD, EDWARD T., 'ID K E SOPHOLIORE .... CHATHAM, VIRGINIA Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Crimson-White XIVHITFIELD, FRED STENVART, JR. JUNIOR . . . . MOUNDVILLE, ALABAMA Third Row, Left fo Right WIIEL, NANCY ' SOPHOMORE ..... CLEVELAND, OHIO Y. W. C. A.: W. A. A.: Riding Club WILKINSON, ELIZABETH WALLER, K A SOPHOIVIORE . . . . . SELMA, ALABAMA Alpha Lambda Delta: Corolla XVILLIAMS, CAROLINE JANE FRESHNIAN ...... CLIC, ALABAMA WILLIAMS, JAMES WRIGHT, A T Q FRESHIWAN .... . OXFORD, ALABAMA WILLIAMS, JOHN WILEY, K A SOP!-IONIORE . . . . ANNISTON, ALABAMA WILLIANIS, PEYTON WARD, JR. JUNIOR . ...... CLIO, ALABAMA Quadrangle: Blackfriars' Publicity Mgr.: Honor Committee: Philomathic: Crimson-White: Inter- national Relations Club: Pres. '34-'35: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet WILLIAMS, SPOTTSWOOD WM. I-I., JR., E A E Rifles FRESI-IMAN . . . . GREENSBORO, ALABAMA " ' FIT.: -" -'- -2 1- 'Pi I- Y -lf - "- fs- - f. T' g I V I wi - I ll 1 iff. - I. L A LAI A I -'IM .Ie A I II - " ., ,, ,. , ' . I- -. '-E ,Y .. 3.-, -- , I' ' 'V 1,J,:,Tl,,?I.,I---,- ,,I..'E-.3 I .2 3-5-V-LJ, i f PAGE 105 ARTS AND SCIENCES Firxt Row, Lcfl fo Right A M NEW WILLING, LEWIS M. M., E SOPIIOMORE . . MT. VERNON, Glee Club YORK WILLS, RICHARD A. SOPI-I.OIvIORE . . NIAGARA FALLS, NEW YORK Phi Beta Pi - TA WIMBERLEY, MARJORIE, Z JUNIOR . . . . . . REFORM, ALABAMA WINTER, ELEANOR IDA, Z T A ERESHMAN . . . LOUISVILLE, RENTUCRY WITT, PAUL, K N ERESHMAN . . . HENDERSON, KENTUCKY WOOD, DOROTHY, Z T A FRESHMAN .... . SELMA, ALABAMA Second Row, Lvft to Right WOODALL, BEN FRANK, E X SOPHOMORE . . . TALLAssEE, ALABAMA WOODALI., NED, E X SOPHOMORE. . . .TALLAssEE, ALABAMA WOOTEN, BEN A., A T 9 SOPHOMORE . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Pres. Phi Eta Sigma '34-'35: Vice-Pres. Newton- ian Math Soc. '34: Rho Alpha Tau I WIIIGHT, WIIAIBRETH CHRISTINE, 'if M JUNIOR . . . .... BERRY, ALABAMA Art Club: Tl'2l'lf591' from Huntingdon College WYAT1', EDWINA, K K 1' FRESHMAN . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA YNIESTRA, MARGARET, K K F SOPHOMORE .... PENSACOLA, FLORIDA Omega: Y. W. C. A.: W. A. A.: Swimming Team '33-'34 Third Row, Left to Right YOUNG, MARY ELEANOR, fi' M SOPHOIXIIORE ..... SELMA, ALABAMA Transfer from Brenau College YOUNG, THOMAS K. FRESHNIAN .... ENDICOTT, NEW YORR ZAKRAJSEK, WILLIAM SOPHONIORE .... BUEEALO, NEW YORK ZARRAJSEK, ANTHONY JOHN JUNIOR . . . . . . CLEVELAND, OHIO ZESIGER, CLAYTON W. FRESHMAN . . . CUYAHOGA FALLS, OHIO ZMIGVODSKI, THEODORE JUNIOR . . . PERTH AMBOY, NEW JERSEY ZUROXVSKI, THADDEUS J., E 'P E JUNIOR . . . SCRANTON, PENNSYLVANIA Blzxckfriars: Interfraternity Council: Crimson- White: Pres. Liberal Club ' "- ' - ' ' 5-O L- . Y- . ' -. " '- - rv 'Y , -3 ' .7 sn"T'.: ' -571 r 'i L I.. gf -L,-"2 ' yy:-2 .. 1:1 ,, 'K 'f' I , I 35: If-' H A. ,Ir Q . MJ. ff A V 1 iffy A "1EgL"-' 1,04 'I If i ' f-SI' will LMI: 3" 'i1: - , - va , A---rw. - -.-f 4-A -2- -W4-f'-' 2 : 'in .. 4 av-'JL L hge -'ff fl:-- e f- . Lfv'?5fR-11 ' 125 5. :E fr f- . ., . H z. - .-, f t PAGE 106 OFFICERS SENIOR CLASS Prr'side11f ..... RUSSELL BRANSCOM Vice-Prc'xia'z'11t ...... L. A. ATES Srfrrelary ....... Q. S. ADAMS JUNIOR CLASS Pmsirlent . . . . . YOUNG BOOZER Vice-President . . . . ALFRED Zu I-IONE Secretary . . . . . . BERNARD JUNG SOPHOMORE CLASS President . ...... HENRX' REID Vice-Pmsirlcnt .... WINONA SKINNER Secretary ...... HAROLD BRYDON FRESHMAN CLASS Presidenf . . . . . . DAVID TURNER Vive-Presidmt . . . . JOHN J. TEAGUE Secretary . . . JOHN RAYMOND RADNEY CGI I I-GI- QI- CQMMEQCE 'fy .157 '-- , .KLM 117.7 Egan , I 1 A r I I " E: " lei l i' '.- it 7 ff, 1 M L-- A 2' " --'V ' '..fvE .'.::1,f , 'fa 1 .51 ffl' A-, X"-E"?'f4 .L :rv-43. -I ' '--' w . ..-' A' A . ADAIVIS, DWIGI-IT EUGENE . . . .... . GUILFORD, MAINE Honor Roll '31-'32: 32-'33: '33-'34: Phi Eta Sigma ADAMS, QUINTUS S., JR., A X A ..... . MOBILE, ALABAMA Erosophic.Literary Society: Alpha Kappa Psi: Alpha Delta Sigma: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Rammer-Jammer: Sec'y. Treasurer Senior Class: Commerce School ANDERSON, CLARENCE E., A T A ..... JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI Phi Eta Sigma, Delta Sigma Pi: Pershing Rifles, Honor Roll: Interfraternity Council ATES, LOTEN ARTHUR, JR. . . . . . HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI Vice-President Senior Class: Alpha Kappa Psi: Vice-Pres. Alpha Kappa Psi: Honor Roll '33-'34: Reader in Economics: Vice-Pres. Sophomore Glass '32-'33: Million Dollar Band '31-'32-'33-'34 AUSTIN, C. GEORGE . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA BAER, HERBERT GORDON. . . . . .IMODENA, PENNSYLVANIA Intramural Baseball: Alpha Delta Sigma: Drexel Institute BEHRENS, GLEN EDWARD, fb I' A . . . . . STERLING, ILLINOIS University of Iowa BRAND, HERBERT E. ..... . NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK Crimson-White Staff BRANSGOM, RUSSELL IQEITH .... . . . HOUSTON, TEXAS Pres. Omicron Delta Kappa: Pres. Commerce Senior Class: Pres. Delta Sig- ma Pi: Jasons: Alabama Quadrangle: Phi Eta Sigma: Fellowship in Ac- countancy: Fellowship in Business Law: Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship Cup: Ward-Sterne Scholarship '32-'33-'34: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Honor Roll, '32- '33-'34: Chairman Commerce Honor Committee, '33-'34: Junior Prom Com- mittee, '33-'34: Alpha Kappa Psi Scholarship Medallion: Philomathic Literary Society BROWN, HOWARD A. .... . . . . BRANDON, MISSISSIPPI Delta Sigma Pi, Quadrangle Club, Fellowship in Statistics CAMPBELL, ROBERT G., 'If I' A . . MADISON, WISCONSIN CHRISTIAN, GEORGE XV., A K E . . . . NORTI-IPORT, ALABAMA Alpha Kappa Psi: Rho Alpha Tau: Delta Club: Knaves I V E Fl 5 l 'l' Ei PAGE 108 1' .1' , .1 .'f..- ' -I' . T. , . 'X ' , 1:35, . II:-123 Q 51 ,E if F im E , I f ' gF !'1 'Ef"-' :f.+ 1- wiser-+2 L1 N. . ,, V.,-A. i.,, A -, --1.1 . . -. - --..-...LI Q w U C ,- COHHN, THEODORE, K N - . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA COLELTAN, .IAN.lES KYNERD, A X .... LIVINGSTON, ALABAMA Delllil Sigma Pi: Blackfriars: V. Pres. Junior Class '33: Excelsior: Ex- change Editor Rammer-Jammer '31-'32-'33: Greeks: "A" Club: Officers Club: Adjulanl 2nzl Inf. Battalion R. 0. T. C.: Cotillion Club Committee '32-'33: Stuzlunv. Secretary Athletic Ass'n. '31-'32, '33-'34: Military Ball Committee: Tl'E'i1SUl'6'1' "A" Club COLLINS, CLARKE R-, K E .... . MONTGOMERY, ALABAIWA Arch Club: Trziiisfer from Auburn and Duke CORBERA, Jos. D., A T A . . NEW' ORLEANS, LOUISIANA CRAWFOIKD, 'TROY ..... .... M ILLPORT, ALABAMA Fellowship in Economics DILWORTPI, WILLIIAM DELANEY, H X . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Delta Sigma Pi, Greeks FRIEDMAN, SAIVI LONGSHORE, E N .... TUscALoOsA, ALABAMA Freshman Track and Golf: Boxing 132: Captain University Golf Team '33: Varsity 'Fl'ZlL'li '32-'34s "A" Club FULLER, BEN S., A E 47 . . ..... TUSCALOOSA, ALABAIVIA Spirit Committee: Il'li9l'fl'8i.Ql'l'lily Council: Freshman Football: Varsity Football : Cuiillion Club: Greeks GASSENI-IEIMER, ALLAN, Z I? 'I' . . . . MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Erosophic: Crimson-White: Football Band '30-'31: Fellowship Economics: Rainmer-Jammer GRANT, SHERZWAN BYRON, li N . . . NEXV HAVEN, CONNECTICUT cl'lIl'lSfl'll'lrVl'lit9 GIKIITFITH, XVILLIAM EDXVARD, JR., E X . . 'I'UscALoOsA, ALABAMA 1st Set. Pershing Rifles, '31-'1i:l: lst Lt. Pershing Rifles '32-'33: Capt Pershing Rifles '33-'34: Alpha Kappa Psi '33-TM: Greeks, '32-'33-'34-'35: Sczibbard and Blade '33-'3f1: Cui-ullu Stuff '33-'34: Captain, R. O. T. C. '33-'34: Editor Military Staff of Corolla '34-'35: Boxing Team '32-'33 GROVE, DANA EARLE, 9 X . . . . OLEAN, NEW YORK Greeks PAGE 109 Q.: 3 ..,,n .1?. -Qi ?,,555, fqf,g-5: .,,A, , .. , I H... . .,, - .,!.,,,,,,.v Q-,ii , . . . .I "" ' N77 gif... P 'fl Mil .4 25 .4 3' l. N fix.. gf' I 'arf' f llbll ll 55? FL I-IAIRSTON, DAVID LLOYD . . . . . . BIRMINGHANI, ALABAMA Delta Sigma Pi: Phi Eta Sigma: Glee Club '32-'33'-34: President Glee Club '34 I-IANSON, OLIVER . . . . . . . . FAIRFIELD, CONNECTICUT Intramurals '34: Crimson-White '33-'34: Phi Eta Sigma: Alpha Kappa Psi HEALY, JOHN D., 9 E . HILLER, GEORGE MILTON . HODGES, PAT XVAYLAND, 3 A E .... Transfer from Washington HORNSBY, C. E., ja., A X ..... . KANE, PENNSYLVANIA . ARLEY, ALABAMA IVIONTGOINIERY, ALABAMA and Lee . CENTERVILLE, ALABAMA Alabama Quadrangle: Scabbard and Blade: Greeks: Interfraternity Pi Council: Delta Sigma HUTsON, DON . ........ . PINE BLUFF, ARKANSAS Football '32-'33-'34: Baseball '33-'34Z "A" Club JACKSON, HOGAN, JR., B 9 H .... Delta Sigma Pi JEFFRIES, CHARLOTTE, A X Sl ..... . ALBERTVILLE, ALABANIA MULLENS, XVEST VIRGINIA Chi Theta: W. A. A.: Pan-Hellenic JESSUP, JOE LEE ......... . . DOTPIAN, ALABAMA Business Manager, Crimson-White, '34-'35g Ass't. Bus. Mgr. Crimson-White: '32-'33, '33-'34: Editor Y. M. C. A. Handbook '33: Business Manager Black- friars '84-'35: Scabbard and Blade: Y. M. C. A. Committee '32-'33-'34-'35: Advertising Staff Crimson-'White, '31-'32: Editor-Business Manager Sum- mer Crimson-White '33-'34: Erosophic Literary Society: Philomathic So- ciety: Honorary Cotillion Club Committee JOHNSON, ARTHUR B., fb K 2 . LARSON, MARSHALL ALGOT ..... Alpha Kappa Psi . SYRACUSE, NEW Yom: JAMESTOWN, NEW Yom: I V E Fl S I T 'J PAGE 110 fr j I U . LY 'A 1' 5.1! f1:- -1: I 1 E eil: ' sir. Y 15:5 lisp! ls. ll -95: gl, LAXVSON, EIWMIYI' BERNHARD ..... JA2v1l.ESTOXVN, NEW' YORK Alpha Kappa Psi LIPTON, LESTER I-I., JR., Z B 'l' .... . CLEVELAND, OI-IIO Alpha DI-lta Sigma MACKINNON, DONIXLD J., A X .X . . BANGOR, NXAINE MCLEAN, CHARLES W. ........ . MOBILE, ALABAMA Phi Eta Sigma: Rifle Team '33-'Chl-'35: Freshman Track Team '31-'32: Ward Sterne Scholarship '32-'33: '33-'34 MAIN, ALLEN D., A X ....... . . KARNAR, ILLINOIS Scahbard and Blade: Senior Mgr. Baseball '34-'35g Rho Alpha Tau MESE, JOHN FRANCIS ......... CLEVELAND, OHIO Phi Eta Sigma: Honor Committee: Fellowship in Economics MOOIKE, PIIELPS SPEAKING, E 'lf E . . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Alpha Delta Sixtmziz Officers Club MYKY'fKA, JOHN IVAN . . PORT JERVIS, NEXV YORK OECI-ISNER, THEODORE JOSEPII, KI' E K . FOREST HILLS, NEW YORK Alpha Delta Sigma: Newman Club PANCOE, STEPHEN, 9 K HI, . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA PATTERSON, JESSE ROBERT . . . . . HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA Blackfriars PERRY, MARGAIRIZT MINOR, K A . . . . . BESSIEMER, ALABANIA Blackfriars, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet ' PICANO, JOHN A., A 111 A .... . . . ERIE, PENNSYLVANIA Honor Committee '34-'35 lf F Fl L. Fl El PAGE 111 Q ., I J M , . I - , . g:',.3 -L "..,.'5,, -S .-Q, , , fo."".","".'- 7' "' " .Lin ..-1.. A-,. W.. 'A-vm'--gay, ff: 'SAA' ,""f': - li fltfftl 'II A I sl 'J p14 . si ng" wx., A Q- L- 4: L, ..,. 1. If X ,jf ra 4 'IA 9.1, 1 -L,'1 l i I - 1 , . I ,f I V E H S l .QT E fx " 711. 155, I I 1 . . I cl Elf N, ll 'Eli lx. el " -'-' . ' c H L -, ,-,. . , , V PLYLER, GEORGE XV., 41 K E . . . LANCASTER, SOUTH CAROLINA Scabbard and Blade: Interfraternity Council: Spirit Committee: Arch Club: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Cadet Major '34 PURCELL, PAUL V., A X A . . XVILLARD. OHIO RICH, JOSEPH LANXFRENCE . . BRIDGEPORT, CONNECTICUT RICHARD, FRED A., Z B T , . DEMOPOLIS, ALABANIA ROACH, G. FREDERICK . . NEW CUMBERLAND, WEST VIRGINIA ROBINSON, GEORGE NEWMAN, K 2 . . . HUNTSVILLI1, ALABAMA Pershing Rifles '31-'32: Alpha Kappa Psi: Alabama Quadrangle Vice- Pres. Junior Class: Scabbard and Blade: Officers Club: Treasurer Alpha Kappa Psi ROBINSON, HERBERT K., fb E K . . . . BROOKLYN, NEW YORK Alpha Delta Sigma: Commerce Honorary Advertising Fraternity ROGERS, HORACE J. . . ATHENS, ALABAMA RUBENSTEIN, ABIE MANUEL . . ANNISTON, ALABAMA SAUTEL, STEPHEN DALY . . PRATT CITY, ALABAMA SAXON, JOHN FRANK, A X A . . . . . . LINEVILLE, ALABAINIA Corolla '32: Greeks: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet '33-'34-'35-'36: Honor Committee '33-'34: Appeals Committee '35-'36: Scabbard and Blade: Officers Club '33-'34-'35-'36: Battalion Executive, lst Battalion C. A. C.: Ass't. Librarian '34-'35-'36: Rho Alpha Mu: Erosophic '31-'32 SCHALLER, HARRY FREDERICK, 9 X . GREENSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA Delta Sigma Pi: Scabbard and Blade SCI-1M1Tz, RICHARD Cox, A X . . . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Cap't. Scabbard and Blade: American Society of Mechanical Engineers: Corolla: Society of American Military Engineers: Crimson White: Seab- bard and Blade: Major 2nd Battalion Coast Artillery: Military Ball Com- mittee: Officers Club: Rammer-Jammer Staff PAGE 112 T J -.1 ,f-I 1 1-' f" I I .-' .ff -.. J, .. -' f Y gi' Lim- fx. Q, ' - f I-. I ' 'IT 'gin 'zu 22 'l ""'21 :li -: V W lqml ' A13 7 I Q57 SCI-IUMPERT, BUCHEL VINClHN'l' . . NETTLETON, MISSISSIPPI SENNA, CHARLES A. JR., A 'l' Sl . . NEW BEDFORD, NIASSACHUSETTS Transfer U. of Penn.: Key Ice: Crimson-White '32-'33: Corolla '31-'32 SHERMAN, ROGER, JR., A X A . . I-IAVERI-IILL, MASSACHUSETTS STEINER, RAYNIGND PIERRE, I X . . McREESvoR'r, PENNSYLVANIA Senior Honor Committee: Scabbarcl and Blade: Officers Club: R. O. T. C. STEINLIGHT, BENJAMIN . . . . . . . NEWARK, NEW JERSEY Alpha Delta Sigma STEPI-IENS, LEWIS, A X A ...... . LINEVILLE, ALABAMA Alpha Delta Sigma: Officers Club: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet STovER, BECKY, K A ..... .... B ESSEMER, ALABAMA Transfer Rice Institute: Y. W. C. A.: Blackfriars: House of Representa- tives '34: Spirit Committee '34 TI-IAMES, STEWART, X 'IP . ,...... MOBILE, ALABAMA Arch Club: lnterfraternity Council TOMPKINS, JAMES C., JR. . . .... HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI Phi Eta Sigma: Captain Rifle Team: Cadet Major, 1st Bat. Inf. TRAVIS, RICHARD GOULD, 9 X . . SAYVILLE, NEW YORK WALIQER, AUDRIN R., K E . . . . . Los ANGELES, CALIFORNIA Senior Basketball Mgr.: Phi Eta Sigma: Alpha Kappa Psi: Pres. '33: Druids: Arch Club: Scabbarcl and Blade: Constitutional Delegate '32: Class President '32-'33: Glee Club '31-'32: Rifle Team '32-'33: Captain Rifle Team '32-'33: Alabama Quadrangle: Fellowship in Commerce, '32-'33-'34: Excelsior WALLIS, ARTHUR RUSSELL, A X ..... STINESVILLE, INDIANA Basketball, '33-'34: Track: CI'imS0n-White '32-'33 WILKERSON, JOSEPH OWEN, H K KP . . ROANOKE, VIRGINIA - R ,, .T G V H I. H ls Fl PAGE 113 .".'. I17' E.. ." ,'lf'l!T',"x .' lff' x I I . . First Row, Left to Right ACI-IESON, WILLIAM, K E JUNIOR . . . PELHAM LIANOR, NEW YORK ADAMS, JOHN CALVIN, A T 9 FRESHMAN . . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA ADAMS, THOIXIAS JEFFERSON, X if JUNIOR . . . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA ADAMS, W. S. JR. FRESHIVIAN . . . . CHEROKEE, ALABAMA ALLEN, BERNICE WESLEY FRESHNIAN . . . . . HEFLIN, ALABAMA ALLEN, HARRY CARL, K N SOPHOMORE . . . . GADSDEN, ALABAMA Million Dollar Band: Freshman Baseball Manager Srcoml Row, Left to Right AMIDON, GEORGE ALBERT, E 'IP E SOPHOMORE .... ERIE, PENNSYLVANIA Freshman Football: 1'nterf1'aternity Football and Basketball AREMAN, LILIAN VIOLA JUNIOR . . . LAKE OSCAXVANA, NEW YORK Transfer ARRINGTON, WILLIAM PELZER, fi' A 9 SOPHOMORE . . . IKIIONTGOLIERY, ALABAMA ASHEY, GEORGE WILLIAM, X 'I' FRESHMAN .... MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE BAKER, FRANKLIN SHAY JUNIOR . . . . .BUFEALO, NEXV YORK Scabharcl and Blade BARKE, JOHN E., f-I1 K E FRESHMAN . . DETROIT LAKES, IMINNESOTA Rho Alpha Tau Third Row, Left to Right BARTON, HUGH E. FRESHMAN . ..... LYNN, ALABABIA BEALI., GWENDOLYN LEE FRESHLIAN . . . . . WESSON, MISSISSIPPI Y. W. C. A. BEALLE, JOHN THOMAS, A X A SOBHOMORE .... . HOLT, ALABAMA BEAR, DOROTHY, K A SOPHOMORE . . . MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA BECHBERGER, ROBERT EDWARD FRESHMAN . . CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, OHIO Delta Sigma Pi, Society for American Military Engineers: Freshman Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Fresh- man Cross Country Team: Crimson-White BEIRNE, HOWARD CHARLES JUNIOR. . . . . .cINcINNATI, OHIO BELL, ROBERT E., 'IP I' A SOPHOMORE . . . TUscALOosA, ALABAMA Rho Alpha Tau President Rho Alpha Tau '33-'34: Pershing Rifles .-L.--.--..-- .V 'E'-"f"'!K'W""' "- ' 7' "' " ' ' ,W E A ., -xl l ' - J V 'sig' g,. ,EN I fr ,wx ' .ii rg M IRI 49,1 Ca cg. If- I- Y. .Ag M1 IE MIR ea - ' ,. I.. -I I-f.I ' . ' - T' " f-I 5 ""' 1'-3 " ' '. - of-f fan, - if N - 'J,f.2i-3, , g ,g f' -f'PJflfl'P':jl5fi,'f JI?-.--A is 5f.'.--- . A fn' PAGE 114 I First Row, Left to Right BENNETT, ROBER'I' FRANCIS, A E fl? SOPHOINIORE . . . XVYANDOTTE, MICHIGAN BIDGOOD, MARX' EIXIIINIELINE, K K I' IRRESHMAN . . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Alpha Lambda Delta BLACK, SCOTT H. JUNIOR . . . . TUSCALCOSA, ALABAMA BLOXOM, FRANCES AUSTIN, 'IP M SOPHOMORE .... XVETUIYIPRA, ALABAMA Y. W. C. A. BLYTH 15, EDIT!-I SOIIHOMORE ..... REFORM, ALABAMA BOIXIAR, JOHN BEN, 'IP 1' A SOPHOMORE . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAIMA Second Row, Left lu Right BOMBERGER, WAYNE E., 5 X JUNIOR . . . I-IARRISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA Tennis Team BORN, FIIFRRY JULIAN som-IOMORE . . . MIDWEST, WYOMING BOYD, JOHN' 'TI-IOMAS, A X SOPI-IOMORE . . . LEXVISBURG, TENNESSEE Delta Sigma Pi: Pershing: Rifles: Excelsior Liter- ary Soc.: Greeks BOYKIN, BURTON HAXLDANE, II K A JUNIOR . . . CHATTAHOOCHEE, FLORIDA BRADLEY, FRANK, 23 CI' E SOPHOMORE . . LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK Varsity Track and Cross Country Teams Cum son-White 2 Sports BRADY, MAX G. FRESHIVIAN . REYNOLDSVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA Tbirfl Ro w, Left fo Right BRANDT, LUCIAN CLIFTON SOIIHOMORE . . FLORENCE, SOUTI-I CAROLINA Million Dollar Band BRANTLEY, O. W., A K E ERESI-IMAN . . . . . . TROY, ALABAMA BRICE, Alabama Cavaliers CLARENCE ALTO, JR., H K SP SOPHOMORE . . . . ONEONTA, ALABAMA Rho Alpha Tau '33-'34: Corolla '33 34 BROWN, LOUIS EDWARD FRESHINIAN . . . . BRANDON, MISSISSIPPI BROWNINC, CHARLES EATON SOPHOIVIORE . . NORWICH, CONNECTICUT BRYEN, JAMES JUNIOR . . . DUQUESNE, PENNSYLVANIA Phi B Eta Sigma: Alpha Delta Sigma URKHARD, BERTHA LOUISE FRESHMAN . . . . . ORLANDO, FLORIDA l , I -.uw - ' It- S, 4:5 ru X, V, X-I5 NW V, if I ' WU Nl ': YE U LL' 'lffif ILT Ulf- gil lyliil I l ,V .. 1, , rt. .. W , .A Q., f , .lf ,Ti W anpgf X- .'Z.,:3,-Y-.,.ln.d',L- 13. pu .ru yvgrlr PAGE 115 Rammer-Jammer g Intrafl atermty 1 First Row, Left to Right BUSH, ROBERT B., fI1 E K SOPHOMORE . . . BENNINGTON, VERMONT K BUTLER, HOXVARD T., Q E ERESHMAN ..... SKOIAHIGM, MAINE CADE, FRANK L., H K A JUNIOR .... CATHERINE, ALABAMA CAHN, CHARLES, Z B T FRESHMAN . . . MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA CALLAGHAN, JACK VVILLIAM, K fb ERESHMAN . . . BLOOMEIELD, NEW JERSEY Alabama Crimsons CAMPBELL, HUGH BUTLER SOPHOMORE . . . SCOTTSBORO, ALABAMA Second Row, Left to Right CAMPBELL, WILLIAM FOREST, JR., IT K A ERESHMAN . . . MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA CARLSON, ROBERT HENRY, 'IP I' A SOPHOMORE . . . BIRMINGHAIVI, ALABAMA Delta Sigma Pig Erosophic CARTER, XXIICKI-IAINI RECINALD, E A E SOPHOIXIORE . . . MYRTLEXVOOD, ALABAMA CHAPMAN, MARY RUE SOPHOMORE . . . . ECLECTIC, ALABAMA Alpha Lambda Delta CHILDS, CARVEL, A A II JUNIOR ..... VICKSBURG, MISSISSIPPI Chi Theta: Riding Club CHIZ, RAYNOLD, E A M FRESHMAN . . . . . SHAW, MISSISSIPPI Freshman Football Mgr., J. S. A., Intramural Football: Baseball Third Row, Left fo Right CLARK, BRUCK ALBERT, 2 X ERESHMAN . . . . . CHICAGO, ILLINOIS CLYATT, JOHN LEO, X LP JUNIOR ...... OPELIKA, ALABAMA Advertising Staff Blackfriars '33: Freshman Y. M. C. A. Cabinet '32: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet '34: Ass't. Bus. Mgr., Blackfriars '34g Crimson-White '33: Ass't. Bus. Mgr. Crimson-White Summer Edi- tion '33-'34g Ass't. Bus. Mgr. Crimson-White '84- '35g Philomathic COE, ELMER GREGORY, 'I' I' A SOPHOMORE . . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA COHEN, JACK LEON, Z B T ERESHMAN . . ALEXANDER CITY, ALABAMA COHEN, VERNON LESTER, K N FRESI-IMAN . . . BIRMINGHANI, ALABAMA COLE, JAMES MARINER, A T S2 . . . TUSGALOOSA, ALABAMA SOPHOINIORE . Treas. Phi Eta Sigma: Excelsior COLEMAN, LESTER EDVUIN, 'P E K FRESHMAN . . .... . CIRO, GEORGIA A . H' - A- - - .Af ' 'QQ iff E 2 BJ I I 1 ED lg L SJ' SJ ml 45 'Fil A Q - A ff -: ,,, 3 h - -. .- Aw -A ,Aw 4' f f - - - I a. . . -.l'1 , .. ,-J'- f l i . i f- : i i A -H. 4+-A If-. '. - A-'X PAG E 116 First Row, Loft to Right CONKLIN, CHARLES MORGAN, A K E JUNIOR .... OGDENSBURG, NEXV YORK Alpha Kappa Psi: Greeks CONNORS, JAMES M. SOPHOIviORl? . . . NVEST POINT, NEW YORK Phi Flux Sigma: Commerce Club CONSTANTINE, JAMES FRESHMAN . . . BROOKLYN, NEXV YORK CONWAY, TOM, A X SOPHOMORI' . . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAIWA Sophomorc Representative Hdnor Committee: Pershing Rifles: Rho Alpha Mu: Freshman Y. M. C. A. Cabinet COPIQLAND, DOROTHY, 9 K FRESI-IIN-1AN . . . . . JASPER, ALABAMA Blackfriars COPELAND, MILES, JR., X 'IJ SOP1-IOMORI2 . . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Football Band: Capstone Orchestra Second Rauf, Left to Right COX, BRADY C., A X FRESHNIAN . .... FLORALA, ALABAIVIA Rho Alpha Tau COY, CLIFFORD A. JUNIOR . . . BINGHAMTON, NEW YORK CRAIG, JAMES H. JR., 'IP I' A CRAIG, WILLIAM H., E X FRESHMAN . . . . NOBLESVILLE, INDIANA Rho Alpha Tau CRAWFORD, THOMAS RICHARD, K E SOPI-IOMORE . . . . DOTI-IAN, ALABAMA CREEL, E. O. JR., II K A ERESHMAN . . . GUNTERSVILLE, ALABAMA Third Row, Left fo Right CROOM, ALLEN VINCENT, A X A SOPHOMORE .... . WILMINGTON, N. G. Crimson-White CUMBAA, NOEL THOMAS, 9 E FRESPIIVIAN' ..... GIRARD, ALABAMA Pershing Rifles: Delta Sigma Pi DAMSKY, LEONARD ALLEN, K N JUNIOR . . . . BIRMINGI-IAM, ALABAMA Phi Eta Sigma., Rammer-Jammer: Honor Roll '33-'34 DASHER, JUANITA FRESHNIAN ..... ORLANDO. FLORIDA DAVIDSON, ELEANOR SOPHOMORE ..... WASHINGTON, D. G. DAVIDSON, TRACY P., 2 X FRESPIAIAN . . . . . GADSDEN, ALABAMA Glee Club DAVIES, ROBERT WRIGIIT, 0 X JUNIQIQ . v .." JASPER, ALABAMA FRESHISIAN . . .. BIRMIIXTGHAM, ALABAMA Delta Sigma Pi Crimson-White iq If? IW Ej IBI fx If xg. 'I 1 lEf I L:-ill Q1 Ir:-. IQ L. 4928 .il EV , Nl I5 Dil . , . . - M ' , Y . .Q V. - - .. .I - 1- ' -f, ,--- ,. . .,. .A . I . -J t , - - . .I I 1,-,gg .M .. I 1 ,, .,., ,,,,,.,.. 1 1 ,F . J is . L PAGE 117 :- Q . gl First Row, Lcfz' lo Rigbl DAXVIS, CHARLES, I-I. FRESHBIIAN . , . . TUSREGEE, ALABAMA Delta Sigma Pig Y. M. c. A. Cabinet DAVIS, GEORGE B., A TQ SOPIEIOMORI2 . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Rho Alpha Tau: Crimson-White DEGROODT, LENORE, A Z ERESHMAN . . ATLANTIC CITY, NEW JERSEY DELOACH, SIDNEY HEATPI FRESI-ILIAN . . . BAY IVIINETTE, ALABAMA DILLARD, MILLER A., TI K fl' SOPI-IOMORE . . . . ROANOKE, VIRGINIA DORSIEY, CLAUDE EUGENE, E A E SOPHOMORE ...... ELBA, ALABAMA Scroml Row, Left io Right S DORSEY, HENRY A., J A E FRESHIWAN .... . . ELBA, ALABAMA Rho Alpha Tau Doss, IVIIERRILL WILLMORE, K A SOEHOMORE .... IIARTSELLE, ALABAMA DOVETON, ALLEN BRYANT, A E 'P JUNIOR ...... SALIDA, COLORADO Alpha Kappa Psi DUNNE, GEORGE MICHAEL JUNIOR ..... NEWARK, NEW JERSEY Newman Clubg Commerce Club: Crimson-White: Rammer-Jammer: New Jersey Foundation: Trans- fer Catholic University DUIIYEA, BARBARA, CP M JUNIOR . . . . BIRMINGPIAM, ALABAMA Y. W. C. A.: Crimson-White EICHER, RUTH XVOODLAND, A X Q JUNIOR ..... ALEXANDRIA, LOUISIANA Tbirn' Row, Left io Right FAUCETT, JAMES, CID A 9 ERESHMAN . . . . . GADSDEN, ALABAMA FERRIS, NWILLIAM M., A X A JUNIOR. . . . . BELIVIAR, NEW JERSEY FERTIG, LEON SOPI-IOIWORE . . STAMEORD, CONNECTICUT FILIP, PATRICK GERALD Som-IOMORE . . UNION CITY, NEW JERSEY FISH, FREEMAN E., E X FRESHIVIAN . . . . EUEBLO, COLORADO FITE, ERNEST RANKIN, IT K A FIIESHMAN .... HAMILTON, ALABAMA Corolla Staff '34-'35: Freshman Track Manager, '34-'35 FLEISHER, MORRIS VERNE JUNIOR . . . . . OPELIKA, ALABANIA . L, . ,N -A Fi Y E, - ,Af I H N, E, XA., ., , fi, ,- I UJI Nl JDJ IE FL :aw mal IE :fi - A,,- " - ,Z " X, -I yy as I: I - WT: -Iv. Ir '1., 1 if sly'-v V , Lf! - ,Ia 3' - Q .,a"1- ' 'v.J.:'iy .-Q,-Q wtf, . 1----,ll QA3, J , , -:Lf YQTE J V uf-1-,'.si:. ff .6213 - ,551 A--11,-,I -wmv ':f11.-I A .. S4 ' , , V PAGE 118 V'-L L... l . . First Row, Left io Rigbf GILMORE, LIBBYE, A 4' E FRESHNIAN . . . . BLACKSPIEAR GEORGIA FLETCHER, lVlAURICE XV., A T A , ITRESHIVIAN . . . CLARKSDALE, IVIISSISSIPPI Freshman Football GLANT, DONALD S., E X JUNIOR . . PIARRISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA Phi Sigma: Rho Alpha Tau: Philomathic: , Q, X A H V.1il'SIlY Tennis Team: Manager oi' Varsity Ten- FOLMAR' MAIlC'lllET, I ms: Intramural Sports Staff: Spirit Committee: SOPHOMORE ..... MOBILE, ALABAMA Fellowship in English . V W Third Row Lf' t Io Ki bi FORD, IlAKI.E J., lx 2. ' f 3 SOPHOBIORE . . . HUNTSVILLE, ALABAIVIA l M 'sw Y Druids: Y. M. C. A. cabinet GLOVERP BEN NASH' SOPHOAIORE ..... LEROY, ALABAMA Rlvo Alpha Tau: Crimson White '33-'34: Corolla '33-'34 FRENCH, KIERONIE A., A T A JUNIOR .... OYSTER BAY NEXV YORK , . ' GOODFRIEND, MORRIS DAVID, A B T FIiESI'IlN'IAN .... A'1'H12NS, TENNESSEE FRIERSON, MACLIN HoBBs, fl' T A JUNIOR . ..... ATI'IENS, ALABAIVIA GREENBERG, EMANUEL, N SOPHOMORE . . . BIRMlNGI'IAM, ALABAMA Hai Et? Sigirmaa, Excelsior: Newtonian Math Club: , , - 10 A p a u: Freshman Track Manager: Mili- J O FRISBHA' ROBLRL D' tary Band: Million Do1la1' Band: Commerce Honor UNI R . . . RHINIELA DER, WISCONSIN R011 -33:34 Pershing Rifles: Alpha Kappa Psi: Blackfriars GREER, FRANK A. Sff0'1f!R01U, Lrft lo Right soPHoMoRE . . . POTTSCAMP, MISSISSIPPI GAFFOILD, FRANK H., A K E FRESHMAN . . . IIIRRIINCI-IAIII, ALABAMA GREGORY, GEORGE B., E A E Ex'f0lS'l'1' soPIIoMoRE . .... QUINCY, FLORIDA Excelsior: Philomathic GAINE5, LORRAINE, 9 T FRESHNIAN .... CROSSVILLE, ALABAMA GREGORY, RQBERT LEE, A If E JUNIOR .... BIIIMINGHAM, ALABAMA Arch Club: Vice-Pres. of Freshman Class: Rho GANDRUD, CHARLES Ll, Ip If E Alpha Tau: Sec'y. Rho Alpha Mu: Corolla '33: FRESHMAN BENSON MINNESOTA Rammei'-Jammer '33: Vice-Pres. Soph. Class . . . . ' I , ' H I, A HANINIOND, XVILLIAM WADSWORTH, E dv E GEORGEI UIVER SCM-E51 X JUNIOR . XVEST HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT JUNIOR . . , . . . MACON, MISSISSIPPI Rammer-Jammer: Corolla: Crimson-White: Delta Sigma Pi: Excelsior Alpha Delta Sigma: Commerce Club l . 4 ' L - ' ii-A "E rl M, ' ' I fi .--3 1 1 fy -' l llji 'I5:f.v' U1 A EEE lffffql ,. .- ,v, I Tx ., ,A ,, I .,: L, ,I ,.tf..r1.i x.. . -w.A,4h:y-3ag..,.fL- -..,. ,,'!,. qyaj, if - Q'--, ..-. ' I . -, EI'--FF! 1 f- - we .. - . , PAG E 119 First Row, Left I0 Right HAND, CHARLES C., A K E FRESHMAN . . . . . MOBILE, ALABAIWA HARDING, MALCOLM C., A X A SOPHOMORE . . . . RICHMOND, INDIANA Newtonian Mathematical Society: Commerce Club: Rammer-Jammer HARRINS, DORIS, X S2 SOPHOMORE . . . NORTHPORT, ALABAMA Alpha Lambda Delta: Chi Theta HAIKPER, PAUL ALEXANDEIK FRESHMAN . .... HEFLIN, ALABAIVIA I'IARPER, WILLIAM ARNOLD JUNIOIX ..... lNlEfNlPI'Il5, TENNESSEE Cheer Leader HARIKIS, JOSEPH R., G X JUNIOR ..... TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA Band: Football Second Row, Left to Right HART, FRED VAN ALLEN, E A E FRESHMAN . . BRoNxvILLE, NEW YORK HENRY, ALLEN D., A X FRESHAIIAN . . . . I-IOLLYXVOOD, FLORIDA HENRY, MARSHALL SOPHOMORE . . . GUNTERSVILLE, ALABAMA HEREFORD, CI-IARLES T. HIGBEE, LOUISE B., A A A FRESHMAN . . . JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA Rammer-Jammer: W. A. A.: Newman Club: Y. W. C. A. HILES, EDWARD XVEsI.EY, TI K A SOPHOMORE . . APALACHICOLA, FLORIDA Third Row, Left to Right HOGAN, EDGAR, 111 A 9 FRESI-IMAN . . . BIRMINGI-IAlxl, ALABAMA HOLCOMBE, FRANCES, A E A SOPHOMORE .... ONEONTA, ALABAMA Chi Theta: Blackfriar Business Staff: Crimson- White: International Relations Club: Freshman Commission HOLCOMBE, GEORGE W., H K A FRESHMAN ..... CALERA, ALABAMA HOOVER, HENRY OLIVER, A X A JUNIOR . ORANGEBURG, SOUTH CAROLINA HOPE, ALBERT JACK, 'I' I' A SOPHOLIORE . . . NOTASULGA, ALABAMA Wesley Foundation HOXVARD, CHARLES EDWARD, A E fb JUNIOR .... OGDENSBURG, NEW YORK Alpha Kappa Psi: Pershing Rifles HOWARD, ROBERT HADLEY, E A E FRESHMAN . . . . FLORENCE, ALABAMA SOPHOIMORE ..... GURLEY, ALABAMA Rammel--Jammer L -... 1 4 ,A 1 . - , L, ,, fv--- - .. - -. .I,,. ,cl . . . , ,. ----- . . . . . I, ,D . I. Q - -' f'1 A '- EJ, ' 'rg ffl ..f1- ,L f ' I-- .I ,TTI U93 will ,191 Q IR, Q ,, Eg A A sg, I ,ml .4 .. li hifi ,. 3 . . Y 1,5 sv .M Q' -. 7 . .. :ii A -V-. ' ' -' I -sci" 1 4v'is1f" .'.4 .8 "-' f.'v',a:"x' "N"-P' I. ' ' J' 'lf u'f' ,'lff'l" , ',. K - J .Lf 5- 1. ? '1 fL ,-,I-,. '.4.'. .. V- -'T i ." 'A -' "Z'f ' 'f PAGE 120 First Row, Left to Riglwl HOWARD, ROBERT ,I4AYI.OR, CP K E SOPHOMORE . . . . I'UscUMBIA, ALABAMA HOWLE, HENRX' W., A T S2 JUNIOR . . . . . FALKVILLE, ALABAMA I-IOWZE, LAURENCE PETTWAY, 47 A 9 JUNIOR . .... MARION, ALABAMA HUMBER, WILLIAM H., K E FRESHMAN . . . . FAYETTE, ALABAMA HYTKEN, FRANK, K N JUNIOR . . . . CLEVELAND, LIISSISSIPPI IRVIN, DICE KELLY SOPHOMORE . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Y. M. C. A. Cabinet '34-'35: Wesley Foundation Board '35: Sec'y. of Commerce Club: Students Volunteer Mission '35: Sergeant "E" Company, Infantry Srfmnrl Row, Left to Riglrf JACKSON, ALAN CLAUDE, A X SOPHOMORE ..... OLEAN, NEW YORK JAMES, ROBER'T A., X fi? EREsI-IMAN . . WEST ORANGE, NEW JERSEY JODOVICL, JOSEPH G., K N FRESHMAN .... YONKERS, NEW YORK JOY, WILLARD B., IT K 'P ERESHMAN .... COLUMBUS, GEORGIA JUNIOR . JOYNER, EMILY NELL . . . . TUscALOOsA, ALABAMA Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: Chi Theta JUNG, BERNARD WILLIAM, 9 X JUNIOR . Corolla : Bl . . . . BADEN, PENNSYLVANIA ackfriars: Crimson-White: Commerce Club: Rammer-Jammer: Sec'y.-Treas. Junior Classy Delta Sigma Pi Third Row, Left to Right JUSTICE, ED REVEI., E A E SOPHOMOR SOPHOMOR Chi Theta: E . . . MONTGOINIERY, ALABAMA KAHALLEY, MAMIE, 9 T E . . . BAY MINETTE, ALABAMA Vice-Pres. Blackfriai-sg Y. W. C. A. Advisor: W. A. A. KARGER, ROBERTA, A X Q JUNIOR . . . . . FAIRFIELD, ALABAMA Freshman Advisor: W. A. A.I Y. W. C. A. ' Cabinet: Corolla KATZ, ISRAEL, K N FRESHLIAN . . . MONROEVILLE, ALABAIYIA KENNX', EDWARD ALOYSIUS SOPHOMOR E . FAIRHAVEN, MASSACHUSETTS KIMBROUGH, EMORY, CI' A 9 SOPHOMORE . . . MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Rho Alpha Tau: Phi Eta Sigma: Excelsior KI NG, GEORGE LESLIE, E N Rho Alpha Tau: Delta Sigma Pi FRESHMAN . . ALEXANDER CITY, ALABAMA 'I ' , 11, i L11 M33 I- Ii .IQ I I -I tw' 'Qi H1 iff .ig Ar. WL tml E Mil .. .. V. . A, .. Y l.. . A-: .',,.. ,. , -,.,.. , ,,,P . . .r,.,,, .,..,..,...-.L- .,,.J,.,, ,,, . ,fn , .- Y-. PAGE 121 First Row, Left fo Right KINGSBERY, DOROTHY JANE, A fb FRESHMAN . . . . UNIONTOXVN, ALABAMA KLAUS, JULIUS JR., K A JUNIOR ...... NIACON, MISSISSIPPI Knaves: Intramural Athletic Committee KLICK, ROBERT FREDERICK, 9 5 SOPHOIWORE .... sr. Louis, MIssoURI KOHN, JULIAN H., Z B T SOPHOMORE . . . MONTGONIERY, ALABAMA Freshman Football, Mgr.: Blackfriars Business Staff: Erosophic LACY, PEYTON, II K A SOPIGIOMORH .... ANNISTON, ALABALIA Baud: Crimson-White LADIJ, JOHN MILTON, A K E JUNIOR .... . . MOBILE, ALABANIA Second Row, Left fo Right LAMAR, YOUGENE JONES, II K fl' FRESHMAN . . . MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA LAURIC, HENRY JOHN PRESHIVIAN. . . . .CLEVELAND, oHIo LAWRENCE, JOHN P. SOPHOMORE . . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA LEHMAN, MAURICE M., Z B T 1fREsHMAN ..... SELMA ALABAMA I LEONARD, FRANCES MARIE, A fb ERESHMAN . . . . CHICAGO, ILLINOIS LEVA, MARX SOPHOMORE ..... SELLIA, ALABAMA Phi Eta Sigma: Excelsior: Newtonians: Honor Roll '33-'34: Honorary Freshman of Infantry '33- '34: Delta Sigma Pi: Scholarship Cup: Crimson- White: Honor Roll '33-'34 Third Row, Left to Right LEVY, NATHAN MEYER, Z B T SOPHOMORE ..... LINDEN, ALABAMA Phi Eta Sigma: Newtonian Soc., Honor Roll '33- '34: Erosophic Literary Society LIPTON, ROBERT A., Z B T SOPHOMOIIE .... CLEVELAND, OHIO Blackfriars: C1'imson-White LOEBE, JOSEPH PAUL, X CII ERESHMAN . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA LOWREY, JOHN ROBBINS, TI K 'if FRESHMAN . . . CENTERVILLE, ALABAINIA MACQUEEN, GILES EDWARD, A K E I FRESHKIAN . . . BIRIVIINGPIAM, ALABAMA Glee Club: Excelsior MCBURNEY, GEORGE WILLIAM, 411 F A FRESHIKIAN .... TUSCALOOSA, ALABALIA Glee Club: Rammer-Jammer: Rho Alpha Tau MCCANN, ARTHUR LEo SOPHOMORE . . NVIiEELING, WEST VIRGINIA Blackfriarsi Crimson-White , ! I i Y 1 ' i F V - i If - , .. -J ' -' 95 ' ' I 7 T- Tw' Q fi II. ri 1123: W' Ea ir- 'I III . Tihl Ei IE lei. -L IL If A H 'T' A-A " T " . . . .. . -Q . . . L. . , .I 4 - 1 QJI 1- 2. V- -I. E- w - an ,, vu: ,V .5 ,' , v, . l, ,T.,-. X ,ltfhr I -,p .,-, is ua' g 1.1 Irs Avarf h 4 'AL , -, A g , 4,3 1,17?A ,aa -. . . 1 , 'fl-i A. we- .:"?-1 ..':- - I- -' - N f f PAGE 122 Firxt Row, Left to Riglrz' MCCANN, BIEECHLR liORIaS'r, A X FRESHMAN .... STUIKGIS, RBNTUCRY Rho Alpha 'l'zxu MCCAR'fY, LAMAR XXVI-IITING FRESI-IMAN ..... IJOTHAN, ALABAMA MOCUSRBY, Sc-O'I'I', K E ITRESHINIAN . . . S'l'U'l"l'GAlLT, ARKANSAS Rho Alpha 'I':Iu MCGAl1EY, PFHOINIAS ARTHUR, Z3 A E JUNIOR ..... COLUMBUS, IWISSISSIPPI "A" Club: Varsity Football MCGEE, M. CLINTON, A X FRESHMAN . . . BIRNIINGIIAIVI, ALABAMA MCGOWIEN, THONIAS DAVIS, A 'I' Q JUNIOR ..... . . c:UBA, ALABANIA Greeks: Excelsior: Crimson-White '34: Corolla '34: Blackfriar '34: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, Secoml Row, Lcff to Riglrl MCKIEAN, XVALTER IZDNYARD, A X A SOPHOMORE . . . . . AIOBILIS, ALABAMA MCLEOD, BROCK SOPI-IOMORE . . . TI-IOMASVILLIZ, ALABANIA MCMAHON, HISRMIONL' K., A A A SOPI-IOIWORE .... NIOBILE, ALABAMA MAGINNIS, PATRICK JUNIOR . . WATERTONVN, MASSACHUSETTS Honor Committee IVIAIN, DOROTI-IA JAN12, K K I' FRESHAIAN . . . IVIIETROPOLIS, ILLINOIS MAFILILY, TOM MORGAN, K E ITIIIESHNIAN . . . BIIKMINGHAM, ALABAMA Rho Alpha Tau Tbirrl Ron-', Lvfl lo Right MAllGOI.lES, JOSEPH B., E A M SOPHOMORE ..... CANTON, OHIO Crimson-White MARINO, HAIKIQY JR., Z B T SOPIPIOMORIE ..... SELIVIA, Druids ALABAMA llr'lARSl-IALL, JOHN I-IOWZE, 41 A 9 JUNIOR . . . . . NIARION, ALABAMA MATI-Ilixvs, LOUIS LEE SOPI-IOMORE . . . MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA MA1'HEXVS, MURRAY C. SOPHOTVIORE .... SYLACAUGA Blackfriars , ALABAMA MAUMENEE, JAMES RADCLIFF, A K E SOPHOIWORE . . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Excelsior: Philomatl-Iic: Druids: Quadrangle AIEIER, ROBERT ALBERT, 112 E K Omegil 1 Glen? Club SOPPIONIORE . . CHICAGO HEIGHTS, ILLINOIS --- . . - 2 :gf-W ,-- -., 'A - V --Y ff , ' -A ,L ' - I 'X 'TF - -fx A fl IT' F2 I F ' 'full UQ' llc- IL il , lm IC: lwll -' ' ' 'iv 4 ..-tl--j. -N. v.. ' 3 ,V r-'slvefi-'. ' "".'q.'v,'---1.a-g- -1,1-,pi vu -I-v..,,av g-A fl. .-,J i i .' '.. -1-.. ,'- j 7 ' ip , H4. rug, , ff 31 .5 ' "-'p1- i ,G- an 5-As, .n. 3 ,3 A,-L 41 V PAGE 123 '-'11 l I First Row, Left to Right RIELSON, T. G. JR., II K A JUNIOR . . . . I-IUNTsvILLE, ALABAMA MENDFL, WALTER FREDERICK JUNIOR . . . SAXONBURG, PENNSYLVANIA METZ, IRVINC ASHUR, JR., E A M FRESHMAN .... HELENA, ARKANSAS R. 0. T. C. Band: Crimson-White: Million Dol- lar Band: Corolla: Rammer-Jammer MEYIXICH, MORTIMER, K N JUNIOR . . . FAR ROCICAWAY, NEW YORK Rho Alpha Mu: Blackfriars MILLER, CHARLES, A 2 111 SOEHOMORE . . . sT. JOsE11I-I, MICHIGAN MILLER, JOHN KLEBER, CIP 2 K SOPI-IOMORE . . . FLAT CREEK, ALABAMA Newtonian Math Soc.: Pershing Rifles Second Row, Left to Right NIITCI-IELL, ALEX ARNETT, H K A SOPHOMORE . . . HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA QlIHCil'ZDglEI Druids: Blackfriars '31: Varsity Show Club '3l: Excelsior: Philomathic '31: Y. M. C. A.: Crimson-White: Eroscphic MITCHELL, TOM LYLE, K A SOIIHOMORE . . . NIERIDIAN, Mississippi MONTGOMERY, MILTON R., K A SOPHOMORE . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Erosophic: Pershing Rifles MOORE, CHARLES T., A X A SOPHOMORE . . BRADDOCK, PENNSYLXVANIA Blackfriars: Pershing Rifles: Corolla: Crimson- White MORESI, ANDREXV JR., E A E SOEHOMORE . . . OI1EI,.OUsAs, LOUISIANA Rho Alpha Tau: Druids: Arch Club: Freshman Track Mgr. '33-'34 MOSLEY, MCLAURINE FRESHNIAN . . . . . AKRON, ALABANIA Tbim' Row, Left io Right MURRAH', THOIXIAS O., H K A SOPHOMORE .... BESSEMER, ALABAMA NERHOOD, ALBERT CLARKE, fl' K E JUNIOR . . . ALTOONA, PENNSYLVANIA Glee Club NICHOLS, EARL BUREN JUNIOR . . . . 'I'HOMASVlLLE, ALABAMA NICHOLS, SELWYN CARLETON ERESHMAN . . . TI-IOMASVILLE, ALABAMA NELSON, ROBERT GEORGE, JR. ERESHMAN . . . . RACINE, NVISCONSIN Nix, MARGARET N. SOPHOMORE . . . MAPLESVILLE, ALABAMA Chi Theta: House of Representatives NOVICK, DAVID, P3 A M FRESHMAN . . . . . PORTLAND, NIAINE P , ---- . - TT' 'JF' if 1ff"- I ilw d I Gil 'AIU' TIE I IL M I ff-A-K I ri- Thr'-Rf!-is-'w'L-"4 "f-s ' z"'- --'wr--' RJ' "vc-"'v4 . "' --I' PAGE 124 Firsf Row, Left Nus FRIESHTVIAN . . OAKLEY, ROBERT IQDXVAIKD, FRESHIXIAN . io Riglvf s, CLOvIs JOHN . ANNISTON, ALABAIWA E X . . . CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Intramural Sports O,KE1EI?FE, NVILLIAM XVI-IARTON FRESHMAN . . BLUITFIELD, XVEST VIRGINIA PARI4, JAIMES XIIHRNER, E N FRESHIVIAN . . . . ALICIZVILLII, ALABAMA PARKER, JULIA PRES!-IMAN . . . CJXIKIKOLLTON, ALABAMA Chi Theta PARTRIDGE, CHARI.Ics STEELE, K A FRESHIVIAN . . . . DIIMOPOLIS, ALABAINIA Secomi Row, Left fo Riglzl PATTERSON, HEN RY THOMAS FRESI-IIVIAN . . . . CHEROKEE, ALABAMA PATTERSON, MAll'l'FlA, A 1' A JUNIOR . . . Pi:Y. . . GRACEVILLE, FLORIDA W. C. A.: W. A. A. PAYNE, VVILLIAM CLARKE, A K E PERRY, CHARLES DEBAIIDELEBEN, A K E FRESYINIAN . . . BIRMINGHAIXI, ALABAMA Excelsior PHIFER, JAMES REEsE, K E FKESHIVIAN .... TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Rho Alpha. Tau Thin! Row, Left io Right PI'lII.LIPS, XVILLIAM DENTON, A K E SOPHOMOIKIY .... EUPORA, MISSISSIPPI Rho Alpha Tau: Arch Club PILLER, ARTHUR JOHN, E fl? E JUNIOR . . EAST HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT Phi Eta. Sigma PIPES, SAM, Z A E SOPI-IOMORE . .... MOBILE, ALABAMA Quadrzzmzlez Corolla Staff '34: Freshman Basket- ball Manager PLANT, HENRY JR., A K E FRESI-IMAN .... . SELMA, ALABAMA PORCH, DONALD G., X CID JUNIOR ..... SYLACAUGA, ALABAIVIA Arch Club RADNEY, JOHN R., E N ERESI-IMAN . . . . COLUMBIA, ALABAMA SOPFIOMORE . . . PANAMA CITY, FLORIDA Philomathic. Excelsior: Druids: Knaves P.AINs, MAUIKICE E., U K A PEAGLER, G' M" E A E 2Q?IgSl'3:l:g?eR!EGi'eeI2s: 'PershihgFxIrll7flIi,g JUNIOR .... MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA spirit Committee ' .P 'M' LZ, ' 13- --L L-fi-4 -H A - ' C, j T A V- " TL, K Ull ,RW IFJ lie ii HEI EIL, Ax M ,lg M " .' A 7' 1' .' ..- 2.1 -- ' T' 'J' .' 'f""'?' '- ' ""J'-1fY'3"""'L" Tl' !"'i-' N" --"' - F' ' 1,57 ng , 1 ' ' U ..'T' fgf'r, -.',H .'6'x.f, ff 1, .rf,L+f 4.3 . Q, ,A1.,.. .,U V, , PAGE 125 First Row, Left lo Right RAMBO, ALBERT MURRAY, K ZS JUNIOR ...... BFNTON, ALABAIN-IA Alpha Kappa Psi: Excelsior IKAMEY, THONIAS GORDON, 9 X FRESI-INIAN . . . . .AKRON, ALABAMA RANGELEY, JOHN I'IlQiNRY, X ll, JUNIOR .... MONTGOISIIERY, ALABAINIA Arch Club IRASNIUSON, FRANK SMITH, A X A SOPHOMORE . . SYLVA, NORTH CAROLINA Rho Alpha Tau REDDE, JAKE M., fl' 1' A FRESI-IMAN ..... VERNON, ALABAMA Freshman Football REDDOCH, JOYCE, A A II FRESHMAN . . . . . LUVERNE, ALABAMA Second Row, Left io Right REGAN, LEWIS H. SOPI-IOMORE . . NVATERBURY, CONNECTICUT REID, HENIKY FRANCIS JR., A X A SOPI-IOMORE . . . . BESSEMER, ALABAMA Drum Major Million Dollar Band '33-'34: Ass't. Advertising Mgr. Crimson-White '33-'34: Black- friar Advertising Staff: Rho Alpha Tau: Greeks REYNOLDS, EVAN CLARK, K A FRESHMAN . . . . DENIOPOLIS, ALABAMA RICE, MARGARET LOUISE, A A A SOPI-IOMORE . . . NORTHPORT, ALABALIA W. A. A.: Chi Theta RODGER, GEORGE M., JR. FIKESHNIAN . . PLEASANTVILLE, NEW YORK F1'fShIYliU1 M1-Ir. Football: Commerce Club: Black- friar Business Staff ROOBIN, SAMUEL MITCHELL SOPI-IOIYIORR .... CORDELE, GEORGIA Ass't. Sports Editor Crimson-White: Blackfriars Business Staff: Symphony Orchestra: Corolla Thin! Row, Left I0 Right ROSENBEIKGER, MELVILLE FRANK, Z B T IIRESI-IMAN . . . BIRMINGI-IAINI, ALABAMA IRUIVILEY, NIARTIN CUIKIKY, A T S2 FRESHIXIIAN .... TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA SALMI, DONALD EDWARD, A E fb FRESIIMAN . . . . NEW YORK, NEW YORK Blackfriars: Crimson-White Sports Staff SAROSY, JOSEPH E. FRESHIXIAN ...... FAIRPORT, OHIO Blnckfriars: Newman Club SAUCIER, JOHN W., A T A JUNIOR .... BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA SCI-IAFER, FRED C., 0 3 JUNIOR ..... ELMHURST, ILLINOIS SCI-IAEFFER, CLAUDE ASHTON, E N FRESHINIAN . .... EUFAULA, ALABAMA -- - A - I.. I. H 5- - ' ' E "' 'T Ir-A -' i ' ,V I . ,H V, . .. .- , , ,I ... . ,,- .E I' IRI. , 5 D, R. 1574. , Y ,Lt NS 1 ,dr 1 'TAI IU' I-.ll lQ lg lm, L I ,AI I M, :E I1-1 , , W , . , , - . Q , ,L , 1. -, -, -J, .41 , A rp. Q..-. . -J. - A.,-1-5-I - 1y.v1.1- 1 - Q-3. A, ,,, any .dgrvff .5 T1-: A .- " 1 , 1I.I,I: f'.f, A ,U 1 - . . I - 1' . 5 , 1 , ., , , V -A ., , ,Q '-,LL A.::,- ya.,-.-H.-,-, :.,g,.. ,'..,'f'g, ..n , S.,-:,m .1 I .-,vm .- A : - -I :I V. . .- .V .4. '- - Y - - - - A- -: PAGE 126 First Row, Left fo Rigbf SCI-IIEAFFER, JOHN ELWOOD, fl? E K ERESI-IMAN . . . NEW' CUMBERLAND, DA. SCI-IINIEIELK, XVII.I.IAM I'II'iNRY FRESHNIAN . NORTH BERGEN, NEXV JERSEY SCHUG, I'IAllOI.D JOSEPH JUNIOR . . . . . .U'l'lCA, NEXV YORK Newman Club SCRUGGS, RICHARD 'TUliNER, A T 9 SOPHOLIORE . . . BIRRIINCQHAISI, ALABAMA SHANKS, CURTIS CTNEAL, K A JUNIOR ...... DOTHAN, ALABAMA SI-IINE, VVILLIAM ELI, ZZ A E SOPI-IOIVIORE . . . BIRNIINGHANI, ALABAMA Druids Svconrf Row, Left lo Right SIEGELLIAN, HAROI..l7 LEWIS, 'I' E A FRESHMAN . BRADLEY BEACH, NIZXV JERSEY Intramural Football, Bzlskclball. Baseballg Ass't. Basketball Mgr. SINGER, XVILERED SOPHOMORE .... BROOKLYN, NEW YORK SKINN ER, XVINONA SOPHOMOR13 . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Freshman Scholarship Award '33-'34: Alpha Lambda Della: Wesley Foundation Board: Chi Theta SIIIPPER, GEORGE WASI-IINGTON, JR., E X ERESHMAN .... JACKSON, ALABAMA SKIPPER, HENIKY JAMES, E N JUNIOR ..... COLUMBIA, ALABAMA SLAUGI-ITER, NV. ALVA, JR., 4' K E FRESHNIAN ..... NAUVO0, ALABAMA Third Row, Lvfl I0 Right SLAYTON, WILLIAM A. ERESHMAN ..... NIARION, ALABAMA SMALLMAN, ERNEST, JR., II K A JUNIOR . . . NICMINNVILLE, TENNESSEE SMITI-I, BETTY, A 'P SOPHOAIORE . . . . CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: W..A. A.: Pan-Hellenicg Pres. Chi Theta '34-'35 SMITH, F. JERRE, K A FRESHIIIAN . . . HENDERSON, KENTUCKY SMITH, GREGORY LITTLE, A K E ERESHMAN . .... MOBILE, ALABAMA SMITH, HOWARD ARTPIUR, A X A ERESHMAN . . LAWRIQNCEVILLE, ILLINOIS SLIITH, JOHN CHARLES, 9 X FRESHIVIAN ..... CINC1NNA'fI, OHIO Crimson-'Whitey Y. M. C. A. Y -iil Y,-l-.f .. ,I b -Y...-.. PAGE 127 First Row, Left to Rigbf SMITH, JOSEPH LLOYD, E 'IJ E FRESHMAN . . . . BUFFALO, NEXV YORK SIXIITH, RILEY, fl, K 2 JUNIOR ..... COLUMBUS, MISSISSIPPI "A" Club: Football '33-'34: Track '32-'33-'34 SMITH, SARAH KIMBRELL FRESHNIAN .... GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA SPIOI-IT, JOHN, A T Q SOPHOMORE .... DEIWOPOLIS, ALABAMA SPROULL, ANN COURTNEY, A A A SOPHOMOIXE .... ANNISTON, ALABANIA STARR, PHYLLIS MAY FRESHMAN . . . BRENVTON, ALABAIVIA Second Row, Left fo Right STEPHENS, ERNEST NORMAN SOPHONIORE ..... SANDUSKY, OHIO STEXVART, I-IARALD FRED JUNIOR . . . BOBTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA Alpha Kappa Psi STENVART, MALLORY, fb A 9 ERESHMAN . .... sELMA, ALABAIVIA STONE, JACK C., A K E FRESHMAN . . . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA STRUDWICK, JAs. W., fi' A 9 JUNIOR .... TuscAI,OOsA, ALABAMA STONV, XVILLIAM R., fl' K E JUNIOR . . NORTH EAST, PENNSYLVANIA Glee Club Tliirzl Row, Left 10 Right SULLIVAN, JOSEPH EDWARD, HIP E K FRESHMAN . PROSPECT PARK, PENNSYLVANIA SUTLIFF, JAIVIES T., 5 A E sOPI-IOMORE . . . DECATUR, ILLINOIS SNVIFT, MARGPIERITA LIOON, K K I' FRESHIVIAN ..... ATMORE, ALABAMA Omega: Freshman Pan-Hellenic: Corolla: W. A. A.: Y. W. C. A.: Alpha Lambda Delta TAYLOR, FRANK M., A K E JUNIOR .... BIRMINGHAM, ALABAIVIA Rho Alpha Tau: Druids: Delta Club Vice-Pres.: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Rammer-Jammer: ASs't. Editor Corolla, '35: Officers Club: Spirit Cum- mittee, Junior Prom Committee, '33: Alpha Kappa Psi TEAOUE, JOHN JULIAN, II K A FRESHMAN . . . APALACHICOLA, FLORIDA Vice-Pres., Freshman Class: Freshman Football: Baseball, Basketball TODD, JOE B., K E SOPHOMORE . . . HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA TOMPKINS, ANNIE PRIDE, K A JUNIOR . . . . . TUSCUINIBIA, ALABAMA Transfer Florence State Normal, W. A. A.: Omega Q-"' '- W-. M 1... - .J ""'-'- -' " -+7 I-5' T ,fgv '- -2- af - , IW ' my WET YE LQ. , Ml A Iii! . PAGE 128 First Row, Left lo Right TURNEIK, DAVID HOXVELL, JR., K A ERESHMAN . . . MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Pres. Freshman Class: Corolla VAIDEN, THOMAS CLIITFOIID, JR., X 'IP JUNIOR ..... RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Delta Sigma Pi VAN WIill'l', CHARLES, A X A FRESHNIAN . . . BESSEIAER, ALABAMA VANCE, ERNEST W., E N SOPHOMORE ..,. EUIPAULA, ALABAMA VININC, Ali'FI-IUR WEBSTER FRESHMAN . . . NEXVTOXVN, CONNECTICUT WALDEN, AIOI-IN FOY, A A T SOPHOMORE ..... DOT1-IAN, ALABAMA Ass't. Bus. Mar.. Crimson-White Srcoml Row, Lefl fo Right WALTER, PAUL M., fb E K SOPHOMORE . . PI'I"l'SBURGI-I, PENNSYLVANIA WARD, HENIKX' DURXVOOD, K E SOPHOMORE . . . . NVAVERLY, ALABAMA WARREN, DOIIOTI-IY, 22 K WATERS, DAVID E. JUNIOR ........ CISCO, TEXAS Alpha Kappa Psi, Treas.: Freshman Track '34 WIATKINS, WILLIS TANDY SODHOMORE . . . HARTSELLE, ALABAINIA WAXBEIIO, BEN, E A M SOPHOMORE . . STATEN ISLAND, NEW YORK Tbirzl Row, Left to Rigbl WEBBER, GORDON D., A E SI-I ERES1-IMAN . MANCHESTER, NEW' HAINIPSHIRE WELLS, RUTH, Z T A FRESHISIAN . . . . GADSDEN, ALABAMA WEINSTEIN, DORAN S., Z B T SOP!-IOMORE . . . MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Phi Eta Sigma. WHATLEY, ROSCOE DAVIS ERESHMAN . . . . ANDALUSIA, ALABAMA WHITE, ALMA LOIS som-IOMORE. . . .PENSACOLA, FLORIDA WEBB, JOHN Cox, 'P A 9 FRESHMAN . . . . DEMOPOLIS, ALABAMA WEATHDRFORD, KLINE JUNIOR . . IVIOIYITGOIVIERY, ALABAMA ITRESHMAN . . . . . DOZIER, ALABAMA T - I G1 I AI 111 rw A ff OT Bw I T I I Ll 5 ISS. K5 A IL, ,535 E7 - if URI , fl , L + vi' RI' - w i . i . , f JL? .?I .x ,f . e .,. I 4 .A JM FI PAGE 129 First Row, Left io Rigbt WHITESIDE, MARTHA MAE SOPHOMOIXE . . . OHATCI-IEE, ALABAMA WIEGAND, IXLBERT CHARLES FRESHINIAN . . . IAAPLENVOOIJ, NEW JERSEY WILBANIQS, OLIVER C., E A E FRESI-IMAN .... ANNISTON, ALABAMA XVILBOUIKN, PERRY ALVIN, K A JUNIOR . ..... MARION, ALABAMA WILCI-IER, NAONII FRESHIWAN . . . BRAIIDOCR, PENNSYLVANIA WILEY, RAY, E X FRESI-IIXIAN .... ANDERSON, INDIANA Scfoml Row, Left fo Right WILLIALIIS, AUGUSTUS GAINES, K A JUNIOR . . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA WILLIAMS, ERNEST G., K A FRESHMAN . . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAIMA Treas. Rho Alpha Tau: Excelsior: Freshman Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Ass't. to T1'easureI' WILLIAMS, EUGENE W., II K fb SOPI-IOMORIT . . . LUVIERNE, ALABAMA WILLIAMS, JESSE DOYLE SOPHOIVIORE . . . THOMASVILLE, ALABALAA Freshman Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Senior Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Honor Committee: Crimson-White: Commerce Cluh: Alabama Commons Club: XVILLIAMS, GURLEY H., II K A ERESHMAN .... TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA WILSON, FRANK L. SOPHOQMORE . . . ROc1-IESTER, NEW YORK Third Row, Lcff lo Right WILSON, JOHN MAYER, JR., A K E JUNIOR ...... MOBILE, ALABAMA WILSON, WILI.IAM-COLEMAN, E A E ERESHMAN. . . . .ANNISTON, ALABAMA WINDHAM, ALBERT C., IP E K som-IOMORE . .... VBRMILION, OHIO WOODCOCK, ALBEIKT M., A X A JUNIOR ..... FREDONIA, NEXV YORK WORRELL, JACK HENliY, E A E SOPHOIMORE . . . BIRMINGHAQM, ALABAMA ZABOWSRY, MICHAEL EDWARD JUNIOR .... BUTLER, PENNSYLVANIA ZU HONE, ALI-RED JOHN, A 2 if JUNIOR .... XVOOD-RIDGE, NEXV JERSEY Phi Eta Sigma: Pres., Alpha Kappa Psi: Rho Al- pha Mu: Pershing Rifles: Honor Committee: Vice- Pres., Junior Class: Ward-Sterne Scholarship '33: Delta Sigma Pi Freshman Scholarship Award '33: Philomathic Fellowship in Accounting , L . . . -- MSU-f,F.,,,..,.I5Q, if f Av JW"-"'- , .E 'Txqf T I Lf' T-1 if 'WI ff" 'J '-' f' : . 'A' '. fir V - A AI ' l I ,,,,lllJ,j:: Ml 192, - like A ,ral .LH,, ,, ., in . P36l,,., .. u fgi gga u r z i 1 7 :7 D I , . ,Aiwa-Qr ,, , ' 5..':Vf:,5.',zL'g ,Ig sl- - 5 1'-,L , , . . f- f PAGE 130 OFFICERS SENIOR CLASS Prexidmzf ....... ROBERT REED Vice-Prcsiflzwf . . . MlLDllIZl,J FAWCETT Secretary . . . . T11-IADDEUS Prz'ruusxcA JUNIOR CLASS Prfxiclwzt ....... PAUI. BRYANT Vice-Prccrizlmzf . . JANIES W1-IATLEY Sc'crefary ....... NIAIKX' ELLIOTT SOPHOMORE CLASS P!'l'Si!1l'7If . . . . Bli'l"l'Y ZARFOS Vice-Prf'siz1e'nI . .... Cmmn-1 BELL Secretary ..... EMMA GEORGE CARY FRESHMAN CLASS President . .... CLIFFORD JOHNSON V760-Pfl'KiIlK?1lf . . . POLLY ,THOMPSON Secretary . . . . SAMMII2 MILLS ,f CGI I PGI- QI- EDUCATICDN , TwAw '.-'M 4? fiifi E16-. 'J f 4 Iv K X.. lil! ICI IB -ff? ' ' " ' -I 1.9- ADAMS, MARGARET, A E A ..... BIRMINGHAM, ALABALIA Corolla Staff: Spirit Committee: Y. W. C. A.: Freshman Advisor: Varsity Show Club '31-'32-'33 ALLSUP, VIRGINIA, A E A . . . , . . . GADSDEN, ALABAIAA Y. W. C. A. Cabinet '34-'ssg W. A. A., Crimson-White ARBERY, VIRGINIA, K A . . ANNISTON, ALABAMA BAsxvELL, BENNIE SIMPSON . . .. . . FELL CITY, ALABAMA Freshman Football '31: Varsity Football, '32-'33-'34: Varsity Track '32- '33-'34: Freshman Track '32: "A" Club BEDSOLE, NELL, A A A . . . . GROVE HILL, ALABANIA D! BELL, ALCIE LCNORA, E K . . . . . . . PARRISH, ALABAMA Caroline Hunt Club: W. A. A.: Transfer from Judson: Honor Roll BELL, PAULINE . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA BELL, SARA JOY. . . . . . . . .TuscALOosA, ALABAMA Glee Club: Blackfriars BLAUVELT, JOHN DEWITT . cARsMERE, STATEN IELAND, NEXV YORK Gamma Sigma Epsilon BRADFORD, ELISABETH ANNIE, X Q . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Art Club: Girls' Glee Club '33-'34: Erosophic '32-'33: Y. W. C. A. BROTHER, SHIRLEY, A O H , . NEWCASTLE, ALABAMA BROWN, ILA GWENDOLYN, fb M . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA I V E R S I T 'al PAGE 132 , l f-Q, - , I ' 1 All Ry r3'g1"'Ai. '4 "h4 3--4:' l- .l.-- r-'nie-f':fF2sgF-' ' Gif . 'M 1 X. 1- 'I' 1' RF- I "' ' 1 -33.1--727 - J : L- vi' L '..' J .X i .' Tv 737'-'f ' fr ' , - ! we li- lm llll uf, U H EDD lrzll ZEJM: A-.Eh ...A -.1 -:Z - 1.4 --,. A i x- CAQMPBELL, MARY SEDGXVICIQ, A I' A . . . NKONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Pi: Rammer-Jammer Staff CANIPBELL, TILDEN ........ PINE BLUFF, ARKANSAS Football '31-'32-'33-'34: Baseball '32-'38-'34: Alt. Capt. Football '34, "A" Club CARLTON, EVELYN ....... . MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA Alpha Lambda Delta: Pi Phi Chi: Psi Chi: Kappa Delta Pi CGLLIER, ELIZABETH, A A A . . . BOAZ, ALABAMA CULLY, OSCAR DCVl'ITT ....... BALTIMORE, MARYLAND Jr. Mgr. Varsity Football Team: Pershing Rifles: S. A. M. E.: Chairman Honor Commltee: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet CUNIITF, MADALINE KAY . . . . . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Spirit Committee '34-'35: Vice-Pres. of Wornen's Junior Class: Treas. nf W. A. A. '33-'35: Blackfriars: Newman Club: Business Staff Corolla '33-'35 DUNN, KATHERINE LUClLl,li, A A Il' , , , SULLIGENT, ALABAMA Caroline Hunt Club EARLY, EVELYN FRANCES . . BLUEFIELD, WEST VIRGINIA EATMAN, LUCILLE ......... TuscALoosA, ALABAMA Caroline Hunt Club: Corolla Staff '32: W. A. A. '32 EDXVARDS, ROBERT LEE ...... . . . AKRON, ALABAMA Pres. Iota Lambda Sigma '34-'35: Board of Control Alabama I. E. S. EDWARDS, WESLEY BROOKS . . I-IASBROUCK HEIGHTS, NEW JERSEY Pershing Rifles: Blackfriars FAULKNER, CHRISTINE . . ENSLEY, ALABAMA f. 9 C If H If! lk? H PAGE 133 lil? iz' fx fi I 'R+ if l a' if Ir' - ,. . , .. . I I fr a.-I f:q.,,h.Li.1 5-X, -.LMT '.,,.,,:: . ... A 25.11 Iwvnamwaafefiaia f it ' X ff E: I2 Pall H If ,I I fi " -1 'T-' 1' I f L: 'I .IC , , Q1 . 2" ,,' r el FREEMAN, JACOB R. . . . . . . . . ERIE, PENNSYLVANIA Freshman Track and Football: Varsity Track: Pershing Rifles: Sec.-Treas. Sophomore Class: Pres. Junior Class: Blackfriars: Officers Club: Honor Council: Junior Prom Committee: Capt. Scabbard and Blade FULLERTON, LEROY ROBERT . . . . . . FORDS, NEW JERSEY Phi Delta Kappa: Vice-Pres. Kappa Delta Pi: Intramural Committee: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet GAY, AMY LOUISE, X Sl . ...... SCOTTSBORO, ALABAMA W. A. A.: Y. W. C. A. GAY, FRANCES LYLES, A Z . . . . . . sco-rTsEoRo, ALABAMA Sec. Mortar Board: Kappa Delta Pi: Psi Chi: Alpha Lambda Delta: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: Women's Student Government Council '32-'33 HELLE, ROLAND DEAN, E X .... . . . I-IINSDALE, ILLINOIS Director Alabama Cavaliers HODGES, MARY JANE, X Q . ' .... .LARKINsvII.LE, ALABAMA Delta Phi Mu: W. A. A.: Treas. of Pi HODULIK, GEORGE ROBERT . HOLMAN, ANNIE HURT, K K I' . W. A. A.: Y. W. HORTENSTINE, DOROTHY BERNICE HOWELL, MILLARD F., A A T . . . CLINTON, NEW JERSEY . BREWTON, ALABAMA abinet BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA . HARTFORD, ALABAMA Baseball, '33-'35: "A" Club: "A"-American Rating: All-Southern Halfback: Football '32-'33-'34 JAMES, WINIFRED C., A 1' A .... . cREENsEoRo, ALABAMA Kappa Delta Pi: Blackfriars: W. A. A.: Y. W- C- A-I Pi Phi Chi JONES, FRANCES . . HIGHLAND HOME, ALABAMA I V E Fl S I T H PAGS 134 -74- , . n. 'F V, ..f' A.-., ..-, , -,N . 1 -ff C"':,-f- ff ,S ,, 'fm' " 'f W" ,aw ,iv .. ' ,. - ' eq. Y X- A rg IEA lil lei? .fiom WT' U C525 ,bei KNIGHT, ALIANDA MAXINE, 9 'Y' . . BLUE SPRINGS, ALABAMA KOHLER, CHARLOTTE BERYL, A E A . . RED LION, PENNSYLVANIA Blackfriars '33-'34, '34-'35: Glee Club '32-'33-'34-'35: Y. W. C. A.: Women's Council: House nf Representatives '34-'35 LATHEM, NELLE ELIZABETH, A Z . . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Delta Phi Mu: Newman Club: W. A. A. IIEASE, VERNON O,, Q E I1 . . FRIEDENS, PENNSYLVANIA LEDEEN, THEODORE Joi-IN, A A T . . . ROBERTSDALE, ALABAMA Pres. Y. M. C. A.: Vice-Pres. Alabama Quadrangle: Sec.-Treas. Phi Delta Kappa: Blue Ridge Delegate '33-'34: Wesley Foundation Board, Kappa Delta Pi: 1st Lt. and Ass't. Bandmaster LEE, WILLIAM EARL ...... .... E UTAW, ALABAMA "A" Club: Capt. Football Team '34: Football '32-'33-'34 LOVETT, LOUISE, A A A ......... SIPSEY, ALABAMA Y. W. C. A.: W. A. A. MCNEES, MARGIE . . VERNON, ALABAIVIA MANDEVILLE, GRACE CZALLAXVAY, A A A . CARROLLTON, GEORGIA Omega: Y. W. C. A.: W. A. A.: Delta Club MARR, CHARLES ......... PINE BLUFF, ARKANSAS Football '32-'33-'34: Pres. uf "A" Club: Spirit, Committee MARSHALL, MILLICENT M., A E A . .... GADSDEN, ALABAMA Transfer from Bradley College: Freshman Pan-Hellenic: Pan-Hellenic '34: Compiling Editor, Corolla '33-'34: Collection Manager, Crimson-White '33- 34: Y. W. C. A.: Freshman Awisor: Blackfriar Business Staff '33-'34: . A. A. MARTIN, SARA ELLEN, X Q , , CLAYTON, ALABAMA D t Fl 'Fl B ll I PAGE 135 A UI' lil 'TP' fgi 1 xff,-I 14 IX 'I X' Ill IW? I 'I I 1' i ' x if l ' P fi ii JNL ll. fi' . if MENNE, ALLAN JOHN . . GARDNER, MASSACHUSETTS MILNE, ANGE VIOLA, A Z ........ MOBILE, ALABAMA Kappa Delta Pi: Coro la Staff '32-'33-'34: Y. W. C. A. '32-'33-'34: B. S. U. Council: Caroline Hunt Club: Sec. of Summer School PAWSON, ANNIE LILA . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA PEAVY, BARBARA ALICE, A X 9 . . . . . . ATMORE, ALABAMA Y. W. C. A. Cabinet '33-'34: W. A. A. '33-'31-1: Spirit Committee '33-'34: Woman'S Student. Government '33-'34: State Treas. Y. W. C. A.: Pres. Senior Class Women Students PENNINGTON, HAZEL. . . . . . . . .VERNON, ALABAMA Kappa Delta Pi: Psi Chi PETRUSKA, THAD PAUL . . . . . . BAYOU LA BATRE, ALABAMA Phi Eta Sigma: Honor Roll: Sec.-Treas. Senior Class: Kappa Delta Pi: Pi Mu Epsilon Newtonian Math. Soc. PRESCOTT, MELVA JOE . . . . . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Blackfriars: Glee Club: Education Club: French Club: Caroline Hunt Club REED, ROBERT H. .... . . . . . .DOvER, DELAWARE Pres. Senior Class: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Spirit Committee: Pres. Quad- rangle Union: Co-Chairman Charity Committee: Corolla Staff: Pres. Ala- bama Cornmon's Club: Intramural Sports: Waiters' Union ROBINSON, LAURA, E K . ..... . . REPTON, ALABAMA Caroline Hunt Club ROGERS, E1-TIE BEELAND, K K 1' . . . GREENVILLE, ALABAMA Omega ROGERS, MARTHA LOUISE, X Q . . .... SPEIGNER, ALABAMA W. A. A.: Y. W. C. A.: Delta Phi Mu: Pi: Pan-Hellenic Council ROI-IRDANZ, CLARENCE W., 9 E ...... HARVEY, ILLINOIS Football: Basketball '33-'34: Honor Committee '34 l V E R 5 I T '3 PAGE 136 if f- -Lf' ci. --N If ...ff C:bQ - "7 74 'Zz 5:1 I' ' - 5 ,.1w, N. If 'sf' li 41 ill Us 47- ll ral 'Qi lrfil SHAVEL, LILY ANNE ........ NEWBURGI-I, NEW YORK Blackfriars: Newman Club: Y. W. C. A. SHIELDS, CARIBEL . . LINDEN, ALABAMA SIGREST, KATHERYN -IEANET'l'E. . . . . .cADsnEN, ALABAMA Mortar Board: Kappa Delta Pig Glee Club: Pi Phi Chi: Alpha Lambda Delta: W. A. A.: Y. W. C. A. SINIPSON, EMMY Lou, Z T A . . . . IMONROE, NORTH CAROLINA Crimson White: W. A. A.: Y. W. C. A.: House of Representatives SISTRUNK, VIRGINIA . . TUSKEGEE, ALABAMA STANFORTH, ARNOLD W., fb M A , . EATON, OHIO STAPP, CHARLIE D., 0 X ...... . . ENSLEY, ALABAMA Freshman Track. Basketball, Football '31-'32: Varsity Football and Track '32-'33: Beta Omezru: Honor Committee: Sec. "A" Club TIPPET, ELEANOR EDITH . . ANSONIA, CONNECTICUT TRULLINGER, VIRGINIA, E K . . . I-IARRISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA WALKER, JAMES EDWIN, Il li A ....... HOLT, ALABAMA Varsity Football: Basketball: Mcmber of Appeals Committee: All-South- eastern Conference: Basketball Forward WALL, MARY SUE, Z T A . . .GUIN, ALABAMA WATTS, MARY EVANS . .... . . . GOODNVATER, Kappa Delta Pi ALABAMA WOLFE, DONALD S., A X A .... . . . cLARRsvILLE, OHIO Vice-Pres. Senior Class '33-'34: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Exchange Editor, Crimson-White '33-'34: Assistant Business Manager Rammer-Jammer, '33- '34: Corolla Staff '32-'33: CoI'I'espomli'ng Sec. Kappa Delta Pi: Chi Beta Phi: Alpha Delta Sigma: Iota Lambda Sigma: Transfer Ohio State UniVe1'sil.y D F Fl Ii B I l PAGE 137 I l I - First Row, Lef ADAMS, FRESHMAN . ARIN, JUNIOR . . ALSOP, Do sOPHOMORE . ANIJERS, FRESI-IMAN . Blackfriars : If fo Rigbi CAROLYN ELIZABETH . . TUscALOOsA, ALABAMA NEVA AIRD, A X S2 . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA ROTHY MARGARE1', A X Q . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA MARTHA LOUISE, A A II . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA W. A. A.: Freshman Cabinet BALGANOFE, GEORGE J. SOPHOMORE . . WORCESTER, NIASSACHUSETTS Freshman Baseball BARNES, ELIZABETH, A E A JUNIOR ..... NORTHPORT, ALABAMA Y. W. C. A.: W. A. A. Scfcoua' Row, Left to Right BAUMAN, AVON SOPHOMORE . . SUNBURY, PENNSYLVANIA B EAN, JANIE MAE SOPHOMORE . . . . YOLANDI2, ALABAMA BELEXV, LENA JUNIOR . . . LEXINGTON, ALABAMA BELL, CAOIJIE PAULINE SOPHOLIORE . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Vice-Pres. Sophomore Class BELL, CARRIE MAE JUNIOR ...,. TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA BENDER, AURELIA, CIP M SOPHOMORE . . . . . MOBILE, ALABAMA Pres. of Freshman Pan-Hellenic: W. A. A.: Sec. of Newman Club Third Row, Left to Right BETINIS, CHARLES JOHN ERESHMAN . . MARLBOR0, MAssAcHUsETTs BIBB, PHEBE MOSOROVE, K K 1' FRESHMAN . . . . ANNISTON, ALABAMA Alpha Lambda Delta: Pres. of Freshman Class: Freshman Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: Blackfriars: W. A. A. BICR, RUTH MAIXION, A fb JUNIOR ...... CHICAGO, ILLINOIS BONISRE, MARJORIE CLAIRE, G K SOPHOMORE .... SANFORD, FLORIDA International Relations Club: J. S. A.: Y, W. C. A.: Caroline Hunt Club BRONVDER, SARA RAMSAY, K A JUNIOR ..... LIVINGSTON, ALABAMA BROXVN, VIRGINIA EARLE JUNIOR . . . . CENTREVILLE, ALABAINIA Alpha Lambda Delta: Pi Phi Chi: Wesley Foun- dation Board: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: Kappa Delta Pi EN BRYANT, PAUL WILLIAM, JUNIOR . . . . . . FORDYCE, ARKANSAS "A" Club: Pres. Jr. Class '32: Pres. of Class, '34: Committee '33: Freshman Football '32: Varsity Football '33-'34 Honor A ,, .J -,.T. ...K T E.. -. f ---.V :-, .,:s" .... ' ,L ,,, 1 'Z' 'T I . ...rx 1:- , . , f I . 2 -. A ff -A I - FR' A +I -' 1 PAGE 138 Firxt Row, Left lo Rigfml BURNETT, SUSIE BELLE, X 9 SOPHOIWORE . . . . ORTzI2NvILI.E, ALABAMA Pi: Blackfriars: W. A. A. CALVIN, DORO'I'l'lY, 9 T JUNIOR ..... UNIvERsITY, ALABAMA W. A. A.: Y. W. C. A.: Swimming Club CHATFIELD, IMOOENE JUNIOR ..... TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Y. W. C. A. Cabinet '35-l: Corolla '32: Wesley Foundation CI-IENNAULT, Plzom' SUE, A E1 A FRESHMAN . . . INIONTGOMERY, ALABAMA W. A. A.: Caroline Hunt Club CLEMENTS, ANNIE LEE FRESI-IMAN ..... RED BAY, ALABAMA COOPEIK, RUBY'li MAIRIE FRESHMAN' . . . BIRNIINGHANI, ALABAMA Blackfriars: W. A. A. Srfoml Row, Left to Riglzf CZRAXVFORD, RI-.IIECCA FRESIYIMAN ..... LINCOLN, ALABAMA CRAXVLEY, WILLIARI DOUGLAS FIXESHMAN . .... BANKS, ALABAMA CROORS, RUTH ELIZABETH, Z T A CRUME, MARY ELIZABETH, K A SOPHOMORE . . . BARDSTOXVN, KENTUCKY Pi CULBERSON, MARGARET SILVEY JUNIOIK ...... GADSDEN, ALABAMA Alpha Lambda Delta: B. S. U. Council CZERMAR, CHARLES LOUIS, 'P 27 K JUNIOR. . . . . BROOKLYN NEW' YORK Third Row, Left lo Right CRIBBS, RILLA ELIZABETH, A A IT JUNIOR . . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Blackfriars: Caroline Hunt Club DAVIS, ELEANOR SOPHOMORE . . . MOUNDVILLE, ALABAIVIA Alpha Lambda Delta: Y. W. C. A.: W. A. A. DAVIS, MILDRED WYNETTE, E K JUNIOR .... HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: Blackfriars: W. A. A. DAXVKINS, MARTHA, K A SOPHOMORE . . . . ABBEVILLE, ALABAMA Pi DE CAMP, RUSSELL WILTON JUNIOR . . . . BRIDGETON, NEW' JERSEY Embassy Club: Football '32-'33-'34: Baseball '32: Basketball '32, Intramural DE MILLY, WILLIAM B., E X SOPHOIMORE . . . TALLAI-IAssEE, FLORIDA DOUGHTY, CLAYTON BERT, fb K E 1 4 JUNIOR ..... NAPANOCH, NEXV YORK JUNIOII . . . . BIRNIINGI-IAM, ALABAMA Glee club - - ..- AE.. - - - .-I ' 2 T' .. A - - - 'E I I VXI , I 1 'TJ FR? T A ff if 1' 'T' 'R ' I iw Rl IQ? IH IIE. IL IRR! FE IRI I- I a-A , 7 ff ' ' ' . . A " ' -, I 5 ' .5 'l ' " . ' PAGE 139 First Row, Left to Right DRISKELL, LORAINE JUNIOR . . . . MCCULLOUGH, ALABAMA Caroline Hunt Club EARLY, LOUISE ANN, 3 K JUNIOR . . . BLUEFIELD, XVEST VIRGINIA ELLIOTT, MARY WILLIE JUNIOR .... BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA FARMER, JAIME FRANKLIN soPHoMoRE . . . GREENKVOOD, MISSISSIPPI FOSI-IEE, JESSE FRANK FRESHMAN ..... CLANTON, ALABAMA GEWIN, ANNIE CORINNE JUNIOR .... . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Pres. Alpha Lambda Delta '33-'34: Pi Phi Chi: Newtonian Math Soc.3 Corolla '33 Second Row, Left to Right GIBSON, CHARLOTTE BARTON, K A JUNIOR .... TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA W. A. A.: Y. W. C. A.: Art Club '33-'34-'35: Blackfriars GILMORE, JOHN EFFIE. SOPHOMORE . . . . SULLIGIENT, ALABAIVIA Woman's Council '33-'34: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: Wesleyan Foundation Board GOODSON, MAEDELI., A I' A JUNIOR ..... TUSCALOOSA, ALABAIwIA GRIFFIN, IQATHERINE SOPHOMORE . . . . BESSEMER, ALABAMA Alpha Lambda Delta GRIFFIN, G. W. SOPHOMORE . . . . . TINIIJSON, TEXAS Freshman Football: Track '33: Varsity Football and Track GUNTER, SAM, E X ITRESHMAN . . . . JASPER, ALABAINIA Tbira' R0-uf, Left to Rigbt HAGAN, HELEN LADESAE, Z T A JUNIOR ..... SYLACAUGA, ALABAMA HALSTEAD, BUNCH ORIANNA, X S! JUNIOR ..... I-IEADLAND, ALABAIVIA Pig Blackfriars HANNAN, CHARLES JOSEPH JUNIOR . . . STATEN ISLAND, NEW' YORK Pershing Rifles: Band 'I-IARDIN, KATHRYN DEASON, A E' A JUNIOR ..... NORTHPORT, ALABALIA NV. A. A.: Y. W. C. A.: Blackfriars HARNEY, DOROTHY DEANE, A A H JUNIOR .... BIRMINGPIAM, ALABAMA Y. W. C. A.: W. A. A.: Caroline Hunt Club HAYES, CARRIE MAE SOPHOMORE . . . . . VANCE, ALABAMA Caroline Hunt. Club HAYES, LOLA MAYE, A X S2 SOPHOMORE . . . . . FYFFE, ALABAMA Omega Y. W. C. A.g W. A. A. X , V, -ru! - l .fi f h i f J - li-v . jvlrrgi- - -LT-if i t .Q 'jg I gs, E, lfgji Y ,ij I' "' wil 1 ."1',-. -,"- . A " A- --1 ' ' ' ? '-'--1517--,' 17--4 - surf . 4 -ref. 4 2 W If If E A . . FR A -f- A .- 5- -A --. f PAGE 140 Firxt Row, Left lo Rigbf HILI., RAAIIA JANE, E K SOPI-IOIWORE . . CHARLESTON, XVEST VIRGINIA I-IINTON, LOUISE FRESPINIAN . . . . COLUMBUS, GEORGIA Alpha Lambda Delta HOLLAOAY, NANCX', A Z JUNIOR ...... PANOLA, ALABAMA HUDDI,ES'TON, WILLIAM NEXY'MAN IFRESHINIAN . . . . STEVENSON, ALABAMA HUI.SIiN', GRACE B. SOPHOMORI2 .... . CORER, ALABAMA PIUNTEIK, CIAIARLES GORDON, TI K 'P JUNIOR ...... ROANOKE, VIRGINIA Secoml Row, Ruff lo Right JACKSON, ROYANNA SYBIL, IP M ERESHMAN . . . JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA JEFFERIES, DORIS E., A E1 A FRESHMAN . . . CITRONELLE, ALABAMA W. A. A.: Y. W. C. A.: Swimming Club: Basket- ball Team: Physical Ed. Major Club JOHNSON, CLIFFORD WALTER, K E FRESI-IIVIAN' . . . . . MONROE, LOUISIANA Pres. Freshman Class: Freshman Football: Baseball, Basketball JOHNSTON, MARY, K A JUNIOR ..... . IWOBILE, ALABAMA JOHNSTON, SARA, K A JUNIOR ...... MOBILE, ALABANIA JOLLEY, SARA ELIZABETH, X Q JUNIOR ...... DOWNS, ALABAMA Sec'y. Y. W. C. A. Freshman Cabinet: Y. W. C. A. Commissioner: House of Representatives: Ex- ecutive Committee: Honor Committee: Sec'y.- Treas. Women's Council: CoI'olla: Spirit Commit- tee: Blaclcfriars: Crimson-White Tbirzl Row, Left to Right KUMPUNEN, HENRY W. FRIESI-IIVIAN . MIDDLEBORO, MASSACHUSETTS LLOYD, KENNETH JACR, A T A JUNIOR . ..... GEIGER, ALABAMA Crimson-White LONVREY, MARTHA, Z T A sOPHOMORE . . . BURNT CORN, ALABAMA LYON, SAMUEL HAMILTON, E X JUNIOR . . . . . MERIDIAN, MISSISSIPPI Freshman Football '32: Varsity Football '33-'34: Varsity Track '33: "A" Club MACWHINNIE, RITA ILENE, A E A SOPI-IOMORE ..... EASTON, MAINE MAHAN, LUCYLE, X S2 JUNIOR . . . . RUSSELLVTLLE, ALABAMA MAX', DOROTHY FRANCES, A I' A ITRESHMAN ..... GADSDEN, ALABAMA W. A. A.: Y. W. C. A.: Freshman Cabinet ' , T' " -'TT . .. T-'T' M7 ? -""' ' V I " O. I G" E J? fa . A 'LQ .fa 'X 1 'vi I HW Il I"fl.I EDJ ls lui IL IA! ei U3 l ,D "" ,.'v, 1 5 -, I-il , e L rr. 1 . ,, 45' ', f-.rg-agp, -, - . 1 ,. v-.Y - n.'- ' g '. -1- I - . 4. .' . AL '::1?1:r -we-I "2"-fffreqff, v 1- 5 '- f- f-32'--25S ,I +A. ,,. f-if-y fI.g f7::f , PAG E 141 -I I I First Row, Left lo Right NIAY, GEORGIA CORNELIA FRESHMAN . . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA MILLEII, ISATHLEEN CARLA FRESHNIAN . PERTH AMBOY, NEW JERSEY MILLER, LORENE BERTHA, E K SOIWHOMORE .... HIGHLAND, ILLINOIS Y. W. C. A. MILLS, SATVIMIE A. ITRESI-INIAN . . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA MORGAN, RUTH ELLEN, Z T A SOPHOMORE . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Glee Club: Freshman Pan-Hellenic: Y. W. C. A. I-'rcshman Cabinet: Corolla: W. A. A.: Crimson- White MORIIOW, TOM ED SOPHOMORE . MARION JUNCTION, Second Row, Left to Right MOIKRIS, PAY som-IOMORE . . . . DIEDMONT, MORTON, ANNE LOUISE ALABAMA ALABAMA NORTON, MAIRGARET VENABLE, JUNIOR ..... HU RTSDORO, Z T A ALABAIVIA Transfer WOman's College of Alabama O,BANNON, BETTY JANE, K K 1' JUNIOR .... GREENVILLE, MISSISSIPPI Transfer Stephens College: W. A. A. : Y. W. C. A. ORDXVAY, FRANCES MURPIKEE, A A A JUNIOR . .... ANNISTON, ALABAMA Vice-Pres. Y. W. C. A.: Vice-Pres. Junior Wom- ens' Class: Zeta Phi Et'I: Spirit Committee: Blzlckfriars Third Row, Left to Right PATRICK, KAY E. JUNIOR . . . SAN DIEGO, CALIYORNIA PATTON, MARY LEE FRESI-IIYIAN. . . . .Oxx2ORD, PAUL, CHARLES PETER ALABAMIA JUNIOR . . LAWRENCE, MASSACHUSETTS PAXTON, ZELMA M., A A IT SOPHOMORE . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Blackfriar: Y. W. C. A.: Crimson-White PETERS, WILLIAM EDXVARD SOPHOMORE .... HAAIMOND, INDIANA Freshman Football: Varsity Football PIERSON, HAZEL PERRY JUNIOR . . . . . . MIDXVAY, ALABAMA JUMOR ,,,, , . , HQLT, ALABAMA W. A. A.: Sponsor for 2nd Battalion, 2nd Reg., Coast Artillery Corps NEAL, EVELYN, G T - A A IT JUNIOR . .... CULLMAN, ALABAMA PITTMAN, MAIKION ELIZABETH' Scribblex-'s Club: Y. W. C. A.: W. A. A. JUNIOR - ---- HELENA, ARKANSAS xx N !"'frrf-' 'TFTTT 5' ii-w t- ' f Q v ,A ,QQ Y x ,WS" 'YQ -V1 ' I wi llfil 'Pl IE , ' , if . ez Arial lil UA' A 1... . . ." ,,5 , : I , V- . ' - . 1:4 f sr-,Q-' 1.., ' -'Puri -- v-31--'f-'-z '. -'Eg' I-l'q' x"j'1"5.4' Q- -'- SJ" R.. " on - , A I' 3, fL'5j1, , . .-551731, 5 54 17, I iiq-,-, 'LA 3 4: ,Qj.Avg:,'3r..I. ,y:1.' i.:.: : .,..y1A'1-f.g Y PAGE 142 First Row, Lvfl In Rigbl PRBISS, FRANCES OWEN som-IOMORE . . . MONTGOLIERY, ALABATWA Y. W. C. A.: W, A. A.: Freshman Advisor: Caroline Hunt Club RAIIEORD, JAZYIES S. SOPHOIXIIORE .... HARTFORD, ALABAMA RAINEY, MARY JEANETTE, K K 1' JUNIOR ..... COLUTMBUS, GEORGIA Pres. W. A. A.: Omega RLIIUS, EVELYN SOPHOMORE ..... VERNON, ALAISAMA RIClflAllDS, JEEE, K A JUNIOR ..., . . FAYETTE, ALABAQMA IRICI-IARD5, KATHLEEN, K A JUNIOR ...... FAYETTE, ALABANIA Svroml Row, Lvfl fo Kigbf RICHARDSON, LUCY MAXXVELL, K A . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA SOPPIOMORE . Pi: Delta Phi Mu: Glue Club: Caroline Hunt Club: Y. W. C. A. RINIER, JEAN LOUISE, A 41 SOPHOIWORE . . SILVER SPRINGS, NEXV YORK l-lAzEL ELIZABETH, A Z . BAY INIINETTE, ALABAMA Sorority News Editor '34-'35: W. A. A.: Y. W. C, A.: Delta Phi Mu ROBERTSON, JUNIOR. . . ROBINSKDN, BETTY, Z 'I' A SOPHOMORE . . CLIFTON FORGE, VIRGINIA Y. VV. C. A. Cabinet ROGERS, ELEANOR C JUNIOR . . . XVEST HAMPTON, NLW YO KK Wesley Foundation Boazd ROGERS, VICTOR LAMAR, H lx A SOPHOMORE .... HOLT, ALABAMA Freshman Football, Baseball Honox Committee Tbirzl Row, Left fo Right ROGOW, THELMA T A 419 E ITIIESHMAN . . . BROOKLYN, NEW YORK W. A. A.: Basketball: Baseball Swimming 'len nis: Fencing: Hockey: Riding Dnmg Volley ball: Senior Life SHVCI RYBA, JAMES JOHN SOPHOMORE .... CICLRO, ILLINOIS Freshman Football '33: Vanity Football 34 Honor Committee 34 SCALZI, FRANK JOSEPH, A fb JUNIOR ...... YORKVILLE, 0I'IIO "A" Club: Varsity Baseball SCOTT, MARIE L A A II JUNIOR .... XVINNSBORO, LOUISIANA Caroline Hunt Club Pan Hellenic SEARCY, NINA Ross, A A II soPHoMoRE . . . TUsGALoOsA, ALABAMA W.C SHEPPARD, HELEN IRENE, S' lx JUNIOR ..... sAL1:M, NEW JERSEY Blackfriars: Y. W C A SHULTIS, HARIIY VACTOR, A JUNIOR ..... BOGOTA, NIIXV JIIRSIIY Pershing Rifles: Fellowship In Sociology - e - -3 :ul ' I -. fi. ' Rf' T. rl , llll llfl' .11 IE IFS- lb ll ff-SI SJ E5 lml lil lfll .. ,. A ., . .-.- . Ig "',,.,. , ,-'4, ..' '. .1 1 ' . . ' +"f.ww-.efn. - . 2. l- . fmf - A+.. 'P ' PAGE 143 1 Y' First Row, Left to Right SMITH, CATHERINE ELIZABETH, A Z JUNIOR ..... MARIANNA, FLORIDA SMITH, ELEANOR PAYE FRESHIKIAN . .... REFORM, ALABAIVIA SMITH, HELENE A., X Q SOPHOMORIZ . . . HOLLY OAR, DELAXVARE SNEED, RAPHAEL JUNIOR. . . . . .TROY, ALABAMA STUCKEY, ELIZABETH, A X Q JUNIOR . . .... PAHOIQEE, FLORIDA THOMAS, PRENTICE W. JUNIOR . .... TALLADEGA, ALABAMA Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: International Relations Club : Philomathic THOMPSON, CECILE WINNIFRED, A Z SOPHOMOIKE . . . BAY MINETTE, ALABAMA Second Row, Left fo Rigbf THOIWPSON, POLLY, A E A FRESHMAN . .... MOBILE, ALABAMA Y. W. C. A. Freshman Representative: W. A. A.: Caroline Hunt Club: Crimson-White '34: Vice- Pres. Education School: Blackfriars TOULMIN, HELEN AMANTE, A A A JUNIOR . . .... MOBILE, ALABAMA TOUT, HERNLEY R., 6 X JUNIOR ...... LIBERTY, INDIANA. Blackfriars VAN DETTA, DANIEL ANTFIONY, A 4' A JUNIOR . . . . . BATAVIA, NEXV YORK VAN TASSEL, JUARINE BERREY, A Z JUNIOR .... TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Y. W. C. A.: Glee Club: Varsity Show Club VICK, AVIS AILIZEN SOPHOLIORE . . . . LINDEN, ALABAMA WALKER, TILLIE, Z T A JUNIOR .... TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Tbinl Row, Lvff fo Rigbf XVASHBURN, ELXVOOD CONRAD SOPPIOMORE . . GREENXVICI-I, CONNECTICUT Freshman Baseball, Basketball WPIATLEY, JAMES W. JUNIOR . . . ALEXANDER CITY, ALABAMA Football '33: Basketball '33-'34: Baseball '33: Football '3fl: Vice-Pres. Junior Class: "A" Club WHITE, GRETHEL MAE, 9 'I' JUNIOR . . . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA W. A. A.: Glee Club: Y. W. C. A. WHORTON, LORENE ANNE, A EI A FRESHMAN . . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Symphony Orchestra WILES, ALJO, A 1' A JUNIOR ..... BESSEMER, ALABAMA Y. W. C. A.: W. A. A.: Crimson-White YEUELL, LEON GLADSTONE SOPHOMORE . . WAKEFIELD, INIASSACHUSETTS Glee Club: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet ZABER, JOHN JOSEPH, A T A JUNIOR .... ADAMS, MASSACHUSETTS ZARFOS, BETTY O. SOPHOIVIORE Y . RED LION, PENNSYLVANIA Blackfriars '34-'35: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: Pres. Sophomore Class: Crimson-White '34-'35 5 MI' I lil 1 I ,, . Ml E. Hill l W'-"Ni -J" - .92-, '-. .I Y Avg. . 1:55 "Ita 4,-lf". ' , "' i N -I-gf'-E-I vii" I- ur -asc. 1. I" I- 1.1 ,'-1.52, .,'. ' --' 1:-1, 'Q -,4.-'. fi-nfs"-s gf . . vo.: .:,,',. 'Z' ,ir -'--":'F.' PAGE 144 O F F I C E R S SENIOR CLASS Pmsirlrfzzi .... . . .JOE XYIEAVER Vice-Prcnvidrnf . . . JACK MAQRAY Sf'rrz'fm'y ..... CHARLI2S WIa1SNER JUNIOR CLASS Prclsialmt . . . . . . J. J. IZvANs View-Pr:-sinlenf . . . ROBERT JACKSON' Sf'cr:'fary ...... R0l3ERT SNYIJI-IR SOPHOMORE CLASS Prexifienf ..... JOHN XIVITI-IERSPOON Viet'-Prexirfvnl . . . MAYNARD EASTDURN Sfmrinry ...... EDWARD YOUNG FRESHMAN CLASS President . . . . HERMAN Hummau Vice-Prvxizlwff . . . . WALLACE HILL Svcrrfary . . . CARL ADAh'IS I I Z I I COIII- GI- UI- ENGIINI EERING I I I LXL Y , ,, ix QQ. ll? QI Y, KAN-. 1 I,,.K I ll I I Lil lv f--.. X Lion' f- 'i,,.AL T X,-5 ff. 'A-I',.5,'.,,,. . ,AQ f- L. ,i,:-1,.',,g-l'..- ,I lx .:. I I 'I I 1' 'se ff' I - l - 45. T, f .. 1 - I 7 -1- -f-:----iv-.-+..-f--- - - v-1-f gf: 'Q ,ni 1 - CP ,fc ,PNN ' A fig Gif- 'IEA qw. li . M Eli- Ill,,., :Q lm., .. el. , , , ATTAWAY, ALFRED WALTER, 111 E K ..... ROME, GEORGIA Freshman Track: Varsity Track '32-'33-'34: Interfraternity Relay Team: A. I. E. E. BAKST, MYRON ...... . . . . BROOKLYN, NEW YORK Gamma Sigma Epsilon: Chi Beta Phi: Chemistry Fellowship '31-'32-'33- 'B-4: Teaching Fellowship German '34-'35: Fencing Coach, '34-'35: South- ern Intercollegiate Foil and Saber Team Champion: A. I. C. E.: Crimson- White: Alembic Club BALLOGH, GEORGE, E 'IP E . . PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA BAUMAN, H. EARL ....... NEW' CASTLE, PENNSYLVANIA "A" Club: Basketball, Baseball: O. D. K.: Jasons: Spirit Committee BAUMAN, JACOB ARTHUR. . . . . . .LIBERTY, NEW YORK Honor Committee: A. S. M. E.: Cadet 0ffIce1"s Club: Corolla: Battalion Executive R. O. T. C. BECK, MELVIN WALTER, fi' E K .... NORRIDGEWOCK, MAINE "A" Club: Varsity Track '33-'34 BERNPIART, EDWIN L., A P3 'IJ . . . . OCEAN GROVE, NEW JERSEY Theta Tau: A. S. M. E. . . . . SALEM, NEW YORK BEVERIDGE, WILLIAM LEROY . A. I. E. E. BLACK, HAROLD COLEMAN, A T Q . . . WASI-IINGTON, D. c. BLANCHARD, BYRON MOORE . . PLYNIOUTH, VERMONT BONIEAGE, EDMUND ARTHUR . . A. S. M. E. '34-'35: Sec'y. A. S. M. E. '34: Pres. '35: Tau Beta Pi '34-'35r Sec'y. '35: Pres. Theta Tau '35: St. Pat's Assoc. Pres. '34: Fencing Squad '34-'35: Fellowship in Aeronautics . MORRISTOWN, NEW JERSEY BRAGUNIER, CARL EDWIN . ..... CAZENOVIA, NEW YORK Phi Eta Sigma: Theta Tau: Chi Beta Phi: Pi Mu Epsilon BUTTERFIELD, ALAN GARDNER .... SPRINGFIELD, VERMONT Tau Beta Pi: A. S. M. E. l CAMPBELL, NORMAN JAY ..... STATEN ISLAND, NEW YORK Pershing Rifles: Scabbard and Blade: Theta Tau: Capt. in Cadet Corps.: S. A. M. E.: A. S. M. E.: Officers' Club: Freshman Honor Roll PAGE 146 I v E I1 5 I 'I as 11 - ,..L. I 1'---. C'-"sq-I .1133 'L f' . ,.. . "Qi" A J 2 W - .-' ' ' ' 'ff . la' l' , i':f.1 lf" .L - ' J X, IE R115 isa ll lei . IE: LE: li. U. Lv-All LQ CAPOROSSI, ANGELO VINCENT ...... LODI, NEW JERSEY Chi Bela Phi: A. S. M. E.: Newman Club: Pershing Rifles: Tau Beta Pi CHAI-NIEllS, ALBERT I'IOI.DIZN, fl! I' A . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA CHURCHILL, GLENN E. . . . . . . s'I'AMIfORD, NEW YORK A. S. M. E. COLTON, JOHN PIENRY, JR., I fl-' E .... CORTLAND, NEXV YORK Phi Eta Sigma: Theta '1au: Ci-inimn-VVhite: Rammer-Jammer: Black- iriars: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Corolla: A. S. C. E. CORSON, DAVID C., 6 E . . LINXVOOD, PENNSYLVANIA CRAXVFORD, ROBEll'T .... PHILADELFYIIA, PENNSYLVANIA Officers Club: Cadet Captain: Sualnliard and Blade: Pershing Rifles: S. A. M. E. DASHEII, JOHN O., A A T ........ CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Freshman Track '34: Transfer Crane Jr. Collsfre. Chicago. Illinois: Chi Beta Phi: Gamma Sigma Epsilon: Vice-President Student Chapter A. I. Ch. E.: Tau Beta Pi DES!-IAZO, ROBERT VEIKNON . .... . . LEEDS, ALABAINIA President S. A. M. E.: Offic-ers Club: A. S. C. E.: Scabbard and Blade: St. Pat's Association: Cadet Lieul. Col. R. O. T. C.: Com. Third Regiment DICKINSON, ROBERT O., K E . .... P"A'r1'vILLE, ALABAINIA Scabbard and Blallc: Erosophic: Excelsior DRUAR, JOHN STEPHEN, JR. ...... IIUEEALO, NEW YORK St. Pa1.'s Assnvizition: A. I. E, E. FARRO, PAUL PIZTER . . . . . . CEDAR GROVE, NEW JERSEY A. S. C. E. PINNEY, MAUl!lCE NEXVNIAN . .... OGDENSBURG, NEW YORK Phi Eta Sipcma: 'l'lIct:I Tau: 'Pau Bela Pi FLANDERS, VVILIXIONT B., A X . . . MIDDLEBORO, MASSACHUSETTS Tun Bow. Pi FoUs'r, D. T., JR., 9 E . . BESSEMER, ALABANIA D ll Fi ri.: ii! PAGE 147 4. 'Y -:iff -lv 3, . Jr- ffl' V 1 X ' '- A . ,S -an . S... . . ,. - , - iF ,ff . A an un .v" a . , , :Y P 2' ........- to T I 3 . Lf., - , NL "L L ' "rm " ' " 'lT"""-fj3""' '- fr. -, "Hai L A ti? '15 Wil 'H ff' li S GOLDFARB, MAX NATHANIEL, E A M . CHARLESTON, XVEST VIRGINIA A. I. E. E.: Newtonian Math Society GORDON, HYMAN ELLIS, K N ..... BIRMINGHAlNi, ALABAMA Chi Beta Phi: Pi Mu Epsilon: President Gamma Sigma Epsilon '34-'35: Rho Alpha Mu: A. I. C. E.: Chemistry Fellow '34: Theta Chi Delta: Newtonian: Tau Beta Pi: Omicron Delta Kappa GREENLEAF, VVILLIAIVI CARLTON . . . BEDFORD, PENNSYLVANIA Varsity Cross Country Team: Varsity Boxing: Varsity Track: A. I. M. E. GUINEY, DANIEL JOSEPH ...... LITTLE FALLS, NEW YORK Newman Club: Vice-President of Newman Club '34: Treasurer of South Province of F. of C. C. C.: A. S. M. E. HAHL, CHARLES WENTWORTH .... PASADENA, CALIFORNIA A. S. C. E. HALLIXVELL, EDWIN I-I. ...... XVATER VALLEY, MISSISSIPPI A. I. E. E.: Member Executive Committee: A. S. M. E. HARRIS, ARTHUR BUCRNER, JR., A K E . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Pershing Rilies: Theta Tau: Greeks: Scalghard and Blade: Major First Battalion Engineers HARRIS, EDVVARD, A T A ....... TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA A. I. E. E. : Freshman Engineering Council: Honor Committee: Rifle Team: Pershing Rifles: Officers Club: lst Lt., R. O. T. C.: Captain and Battal- ion Executive: Military Staff, Corolla: S. A. M. E.: Theta Tau: Varsity Fencing Team: Chairman Engineering Honor Committee: Scabbard and Blade: Librarian Engineering School: Manager, Varsity Fencing Team HOLLOXVAY, JOSEPH FREDERICK, E N . . TALLASSEE, ALABAMA HUBBARD, JOHN TRYON, E N . . . . TROY, ALABAMA Theta Tau I-IUBER, JOHN JR. ..... . . . NVEST NYACR, NEW YORK Tau Beta Pi: Officers Club: Chi Beta Phi: S. A. M. E.: Gamma Simna Epsilon, Treasurrr: Chi Beta Phi: A. I. C. E.: Student Fellowship In Chemistry: Captain Co. "D", Enirineers IRWIN, JOSEPH PARKER K E . .... TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Tau Beta Pi: Gamma Sigma Epsilon: Honor Committee, R. 0. T. C. KERR, WILLIARI ALEXANDER ..... CLAYTON, NEW JERSEY A. I. Ch. E.: Independent Intramural Soccor and Football LEVY, NATHANIEL ROBERT . . . WEST ROXBURY, MASSACHUSETTS Pershing Rifles: First Place R. O. T. C. Competition '32 l V E Fl. 5 l T ':l PAGE 148 ,I ' fx ll RT T -1 LINEBERRY, CLAUDE S. .... . .... GORGAS, ALABAMA Theta Tau: A. I. E. E.: Assistant in Mechanical Engineering: Major Second Batallion Engineers, '34-'35 LLOYD, FRANK W., 9 E . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA LUBINA, EDXVARD JOSEPH, E 4, E . . sAYvILLE, NEW YORK LUDLAN1, TPIOMAS EDNXVARIJ ..... BALTIMORE, MARYLAND A. I. E. E.: Intramural Basketball. Football, Baseball, St. Pat's Association MACICEY, JACK WI-IITINC .... . DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA Vice-President Senior Class: Tau Beta Pi: Theta Tau: Chi Beta Phi: Honor Committee A. S. M. E. MCMAHON, JAMES FRANK ..... JERSEY CITY, NEXV JERSEY Kappa Gamma Delta: President A. S. M. E.: Vice-Chairman St. Pat's Association: Newman Club: Glider Club IVIERlI.LA'I', DON D., 9 E ....... FORT WAYNE, INDIANA Chi Beta Phi: Gamma Sigma Epsilon: Theta Tau: Pershing Rifles: A. I. Ch. E.: Tau Beta Pi MITCPIELL, RICHARD XYXAYNIZ .... FRANKLIN, PENNSYLVANIA Gamma Sigma Epsilon: Chi Bela Phi: Tau Beta Pi MITCHEI.I., :ROBERT IXLEXANDER . . . FRANKLIN, PENNSYLVANIA Phi Eta Sigma: Chi Beta Phi: Gamma Sigma. Epsilon: Tau Beta Pi NIOIKRISON, LESTER EDDIE .... COATESVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA Chi Beta Phi: Chairman, A. S. M. E. MURPHY, THOMAS EDXVARD, X 'P .... BIRIVIINGHAIKI, ALABAMA Scabhard and Blade, Cadet Major: R. 0. '1'. C.: Theta Tau: Philornathic: Rho Alpha Tau: S. A. M. E.: A. S. C. E. NEvERAs, PETER R., 4' A 9 . . WEST HAZLETON, PENNSYLVANIA Chi Beta Phi: Theta Tau: A. I. M. E.: Newtonian Math Society NORMAN, JANIES E., A A 'l' . . .... TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Tau Beta Pi: Theta Tau: Gamma Sixzma Epsilon: Chi Beta Phi: Phi Eta Sigma: Fellowship in Chemistry: Advance Officer R. 0. T. C.: Junior Prom Committee, '34: Sec.-Treas., A. l. C. E., '33-'34: President A. I. Ch. E. '34-'f-35: President Tau Beta Pi, '34-'35: Secretary of Chi Beta Phi '34-'35 PARKER, THOMAS HALL, 41 -X 0 . . . SARANAC LAKE, NEXV YORK A. I. E. E. f Ei! Fi "lil PAGE 149 T38 X. ' x l Or .xig in F M ll f 1 L3 ' .Q 'LE . .' L PAKRISH, EMMETT ALBRITTON, A A T . . MIDLAND CITY, ALABAMA Symphony Orchestra '31-'32: Theta Tau: S. A. M. E.: Treas. A. I. E. E.: Officers' Club PIKE, RODDY M. . . . . . . . . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Scabbard and Blade: A. I. E. E.: S. A. M. E.: Officers' Club PRIEST, GUY I-I. . . HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA PYKA, ANDREW JOHN ........ DERBY, CONNECTICUT Pi Mu Epsilon: Million Dollar Band RICHARDSON, O. JACKSON . . PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA RIEGEL, KERMIT RAYMOND, 41 I' A . ..... DAYTON, OHIO Tau Beta Pi: "A" Club: Track Team '32-'33-'34 SACKETT, EARL JAMES . . . . . . . MERIDEN, CONNECTICUT A. I. E. E.: Intramural Tennis SCHIELKE, WALTER . . ..... . . BUFFALO, NEW YORK Pi Beta Pi: Chi Beta Phi, Pres. '34-'35: Delegate to National Convention: A. S. C. E. '32-'33-'34-'35: Intramural Baseball '32-'33-'34-'35 SCHWABE, HERMAN CARL . . . . . . BROOKLYN, NEW YORK A. S. M. E.: Chi Beta Phi: Theta Tau SCOLASTICO, PAUL . . . .... . READING, PENNSYLVANIA Soccer Coach: Intramural Baseball, Basketball SMOLE, JOSEF . . ..... . IIICHLAND CENTER, WISCONSIN Sec'y. Aero Branch S. A. M. E. STURDEVANT, ROBERT NoYEs, fl' I' A . . KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE Jasons: Scabbard and Blafle: Spirit Committee: Honor Committee: Tau Beta Pi: Omicron Delta Kappa I V E if 2 5 I T 15 PAGE 150 1 .A J., J' I 1 'gi'-.+ .4 . , -K? - , -gl 413 - I3 , fi E51 151 ilf' l Q7 iw. so TAGCART, CLEOPHUS C. ....... TUSCALOOSA, ALABAIVLA A. B. Dcixrccg A. I. E. E. THOMPSON, ANSEL F. ......... EGYPT, MISSISSIPPI Tau Beta Pi: Pi Mu Epsilon: A. 1. E. E.: Newtonian Math. Society THOIAPSON, SHIRL ARTPIUIK . . SPRINGFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS TONDRA, FRANK E. . . YONRERS, NEW YORK TOOMEY, RICHARD EDXVIN, H T Q , . . ALTOONA, PENNSYLVANIA Phi Eta Sigma: Tau Beta Pi: A. I. E. E. Chairman '31-'35 TONER, KENNETH ANTHONY .... . BUFFALO, NEW! YORK St. Pat's Committee TRAMMELI., WILL HODGIiS, fl? 1' A . . . BIRZKIINGHAM, ALABAIWA Tau Beta Pi: Theta Tau: Chi Beta Phi: Phi Eta Sigma WALKER, WILBER D. . ..... WATERFORD, CONNECTICUT Phi Eta Sigma: Pres. A. I. M. E. WEAVER,JOE CLINE, JR. . . . . . . . COCHRANE, ALABAMA Tau Beta Pi: Phi Eta Sigma: Gamma Sigma Epsilon: A. I. C. E.: Engin- eering: Honor Committee '34: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. '34-'35: Junior Prom Committee '33-'34: Sec'y.-Trczxs. A. I. C. E. '34-'35: Pres. Tau Beta Pi: Delegate to National Convention N. Y. City '34-'35: Pres. Senior Class WEBLER, ANDREW STEXVART . . LARCHMONT, NEW YORK WEISNER, CHARLES A. ....... MERIDEN, CONNECTICUT Sec'y.-Treas. Senior Class: A. S. M. E. '32: A. S. C. E. '32-'34-'35: In- tramural Basketball: Hzisehallg Bowling: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet XVOLNSKI, ALFRED J., KID E K . . PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA YOUNG, FRANK W., 9 E' . . HYDE PARK, MASSACHUSETTS 1 . . . I- R H E5 H PAGE 151 wi it C," 'T I "x .L-I.,-I f o ' l 'sw' EN I EERIN First Row, Left to Rigbi ADAMS, CARL, A T 52 FRESHMAN . . . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABANIA Sec'y. Freshman Class: Corolla: St. Patfs Ass'n. ALDRIDGE, JOHN F., E A E JUNIOR ...... MOBILE, ALABAMA 'Theta Tau ALLEN, PAUL EDXVARD FRESHMAN . MIDDLEBORO, MASSACHUSETTS ALLEN, THOMAS R., JR., K E IJRESHMAN . . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA ANDERSON, EDGAR CHARLES SOPHOMORE . . . CRANFORD, NEW JERSEY Freshman Baseball Team: St. Pat'S AsS'n. AKE ANDEIISON, PELHAZYI HANSARD, JR., SOPHOIXIORE . . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Second Row, Left to Right ANCLOVAR, VICTOR JAMES JUNIOR .... . . CLEVELAND, OHIO M. S. M. E. BARLOW, CECIL ROBERT, E if E JUNIOR . . IELLXVOOD CITY, PENNSYLVANIA BARNES, LEONARD B., fi' Z K FRESI-IINIAN .... TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA BAUER, ANTHONY JOSEPH SOPHOMORE . . . BROOKLYN, NEW YORK Pershing Rifles BENZ, ROBERT PAUL, lil E K JUNIOR ...... CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Pershing Rifles '34: Honor Committee '34 Eng. Sch. BOCCESS, JOHN P. SOPHOMORE .... DEMOPOLI5, ALABAMA Pershing Rifles: A. I. E. E.: S. A. M. E. Third Row, Left to Right BOYD, JAMES KENNETH FRESHMAN . . . MONTGOIVIERY, ALABAMA BOZEISIAN, VINCENT NATHANIEL, JR. JUNIOR .... BIRIYIINGHAM, ALABAMA Phi Eta Sigma: R. 0. T. C. '34-'35 BROOKS, JOHN GAGE, A X A FRESHMAN . . . BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS BROXVN, GORDON KENNETH, A X A JUNIOR . . WATERTOWN, MASSACHUSETTS BROWNE, HOWARD CARL SOPHOMORE . . . NEW YORK, NEXV YORK Pershing Rifles: Newman Club: Newtonian Math Club: St. Pat's Committee -f"',l -+L-7 ' C 6 '-IA.-a . -I W. Qin.-are . I h wi, S- J ' WA- , 'E' ,.'.. Y , -E if a A R- A 5 I 'Kill ,rf I- L. .Im '1TJZQ54L"f7f?1'l 11'fE:, , 5?5iI'3':'ff"frf"""ilf ,,., . J. PAGE 152 E I EERI Firsl Row, Left fo Riglif BURXVELL, EDXVIN DUULEY, K A FRESHIMAN .... HUNTSVILLII, ALABAIVIA Business Staff, Corolla: Rho Alpha Tau: St. Patfs Ass'n. BUSI-I, HARVEY W., II K 'P JUNIOR . . DREXIEL HILL, PENNSYLVANIA CABEI.L, JOIIN li., A K E FRESHMAN .... 'I'USCAI.OOSA, ALABAMA CA'Ml3BELL, DAVIS WlKIfll"I'F, JR., I N SOPI-IOMORE .... coLUAIIsIA, ALABANIA CLANCY, TI-IoMAs IIIJWARD, TI K 'If soPHoMoRE ..... SELZNIA, ALABAMA COOKE, PAUL R. SOPHOLIORIE . . POUGI-llil,:liPSIlZ, NEXV YORK Honor Committee '34-'35: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet '34-'35: Sec'y.-Treas. Freshman Class '33-'34g Freshman Y. M. C. A. Cabinel Sec'y-'1"reas. '33-'34 Sccoml Row, Left fo Rigbl CROCIQER, XV. S. FRESHIVIAN ..... PALAS, ALABAIMA Freshman Y. M. C. A. Cabinet CUIXINIISKEY, EDXVARD LANE, 9 E DANIEL, jon ROWAN, A 'I' Q FRESHIVIAN . . . . 'I'UscALoosA, ALABAMA DANIEL, KENNETH RULE, E A E JUNIOR ..... IwIEMPl"IIS, TENNESSEE Theta Tau: Pres. Freshman Class DE FAZIO, PETER GEORGE SENIOR . . . LONG BRANCH, NEXV JERSEY A. S. C. E.: Chi Beta Phi: Theta. Tau DRAKE, DANIEL LEEROY SOPIHOMORE . . . BALTIINIORE, NIARYLAND Pershing Rifles Third Row, Lvft fo Right DRII2scI-I, CARL AUGUST, 0 X FIKESHMAN I . AMBRIDGE, PENNSYLVANIA Crimson-White EASTBURN, MAYNARD SOPHOINIORE . . XVILIVTIIVGTON, DELAXVARE Vice-Pres. Sophomore Class ELLINGSVVORTH, MERVIN G. JUNIOR . . . . . BALTIMORE, MARYLAND ELLIS, E. RAIFORD, 0 X JUNIOR .... BIRMINGHANI, ALABAMA Freshman Football: Varsity Football ENNIS, W'ILLIAM SERVICE FRESI-IIVIAN .... BUl"l"AI.,O, NENV YORK Freshman Y. M. C. A. Cabinet SOPHOMORE . . POTTSVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA -, 1 X., -1, ij...-a I. .L ' '-w.5-i. -" -Z..--,W- fqiaaa ' ' k.jry1iQw'.:,- . E I Ili, I f EI -- , . ST lf, R I -I' . -v ' ,'i-' W g 4 ' , I A , 1 ,i 1--I . 7f's,.', 1 if--aye? W4 - 1 in . in- yn---r - ff F..-,g'1f,'AA,-173 - .g+,.,,fY,'-'.'v ff-'rf'-.' Q, We , . 1,51 - f"1i, ., ,Q : - . W. ,yi-9'E. ,LTU-". .V , ,. ,f.1', f,V PAGE 153 E I EERI First Row, Left lo Right EVANS, JOHN JOSEPH JUNIOR . . . XVORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS Honor Committee: Pres. A. S. C. E.: Pres. Jun- ior Class: Chi Beta Phi FELTS, ANDREW PAUL FRESHMAN . . . MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA FINNELI., EDWARD JUDSON, K Z SOPHOMORE . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Rifle Team: Pershing Rifles FRAATZ, PAUL THOMAS JUNIOR . CLIFTON HEIGHTS, PENNSYLVANIA Newman Club: St. Pat's Committee FRINGS, RAY F., A A T JUNIOR . . MERCI-IANTVILLE, NEW JERSEY Philomathic: Excelsior: Alembic: Chairman Hon- or Committee: A. I. C. E.: Fellowship in Chemis- try: A. I. M. E.: Chi Beta Phi GORMAN, FRANK B. FRESHMAN . . WINTHROP, MASSACHUSETTS Second Row, Lvft to Right HARKINS, JOSEPH PETER, A A T FRESI-IMAN . . 1-IARLEIOH, PENNSYLVANIA HASBROUCK, ELBERON HILTON, E fi, E FRESHMAN . . . . KINGS'I'ON', NEXV YORK Million Dollar Band: R. O. T. C. Band: Fresh- HOCKENSMITH, HAROLD N., A T A JUNIOR . . PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA lst Lieut. Pershing Rifles: Rifle Team: Honor Committee: Blackfriars PIOFFMAN, CHARLES LOUIS FRESHMAN . . RICHMOND HILL, NEW' YORK HUBEELL, PORTER HUDSON JUNIOR . . SOUTH BRITAIN, CONNECTICUT Pershing Rifles: Varsity Club HUMBER, I-IERMAN W. JR. FRESHMAN . . , . RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Pres. Freshman Class Tbirrl' Row, Left to Right INGALLS, CHARLES EDGAR, JR., '11 A G FRESHMAN . . . MONTGOMERY, ALABAIWA JACKSON, ROBERT JAMES, JR. JUNIOR . . . XVEEHAWKEN, NEW JERSEY Vice-Pres. Junior Class: Sec'y.-Treas. A. M. E. C.: Engineers' Officers' Club: St. Pat's Ass'n.: A. S. C. E.: Newman Club: Track: Intramural Basketball JEWETT, LOUIS F. JUNIOR . , JEFFERSON CITY, MISSOURI JOHNSON, EDWARD, 'I' A 9 SOFHOMORE . . . MONTGOIVIERY, ALABAMA JOHNSON, XWILLIAM THOMAS, II K A man Y. M- C' A- Cabinet SOFHOMORE .... RICHMOND, VIRGINIA ' fe- -O Q :-- - ai- I "-ff LUJ ID. li. Iii ISE TL A lf? Wi. '.. , . .. -.., - ..I7 ..-, ."' -I .- T ' .,. I ,-- I- - .- , u.-.L Si., . 5, .' fi ,Q -'A A - . '-.'-fff i -'f?f7"7f . 95 -T! - i f -5, . pf f.-5 1 5 . A l' f- '.1' '-" 1-7 ' . .-I PAGE 154 E I EERIN First Row, Left lo Rjgbl JONES, JOHN ROSCOE, fb E K JUNIOR . . A'I'LAN'I'Ic: CITY, NEW JERSEY Pershing Rifles: S. A. M. E.: Officers' Club JORDON, J. ED., A T S2 sovHOMORE. . . .SYLACAUGA, ALABAMA JORDAN, RALPH l:RIiDliRlCli, A E if FRESHLIAN . . ASBURY PARK, NIEW JERSEY Freshman Track KENTALA, RVNO AUGUST JUNIOR . . . STATILN ISLAND, NEXV YORK Pershing Rifles KRENKEL, ANDREW FRESHMAN . . RICHMOND I-IILL, NEW YORK IQROTEE, WAI.,'I'I2Iz ROXVLAND JUNIOR . . PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA Phi Eta Sixzma: Pez-shim: Rifles: S. A. M. E. Second Row, Lcft to Riglai LAMANNA, STEPHEN ANTHONY, A fb A SOP!-IOIMORE . . . HIBRKIMER, NENV YORK LAMD, THOMAS -IOI-IN, A E fb JUNIOR ..... NEW YORK, NEW YORK LEE, LAWRENCE E., E X FRESI-IMAN . . . HAYNEVILLE, ALABAMA LEYDEN, I-IORACE A. FRIESHIVIAN . . . . ANNISTON, ALABAIWA A. I. C. E. LITTLE, RAY R. SOPHOMORE . .... LEEDS, ALABAMA LOSEY, LEONARD EUGENE JUNIOR ..... BROOKLYN, NEW YORK Tbirfl Row, Left 10 Right MCBIIIDE, F. GERARD, A E 'If FRESHNIAN . . . NEXV YORK, NEW YORK St. Pat's Association MCCARTHY, FRANK J., A E fIP JUNIOR ..... GLEN covE, NEW YORK Newman Club: Pershing Rifles: S. A. M. E.: A. S. M. E., 0iTiceI's Club MCKINNEY, CARL JR., A X A JUNIOR ..... GOOSE CREEK, TEXAS MCMILLAN, SHUBAL K., K A FRESHMAN ..... CONSUL, ALABAMA MEAD, JOSEPH CHARLES SOPHOMORE . . . CORNXVALL, NEW YORK Phi Eta Sigma N A .- ..--' L' fs. ' 7f-- " "-'Y""' I-s ' ' .fs R' 'I 'T L:-'. 'Q F T .' I A A. 1. A.. ,,. A L.. .. lril 19' ' Iii H22 Il :iii itll' WU DQ . .. Av . +1 I . 1 - ' PAGE 155 EN INEERIN Firxt Raw, Left to Right MEARS, EDINIUND JAIVIES JUNIOR ..... NEWARK, NEW JERSEY MEEK5, RUEUS L., K E ERESHMAN. . . . ALICEVILLE, ALABAMA MESSER, WILLIARI GREENE FRESHMAN .... LAFAYETTE, ALABAMA MIXSON, JAMES FRANKLIN, H K 112 JUNIOR . . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA MONACHAN, CLYDE M., 'P E K FRESHMAN .... RACINE, WISCONSIN MORRIS, GLENN L. JUNIOR . . . . . CAZENOVIA, NEW YORK Phi Eta Sigma: Wesley Foundation Board: Tau Beta Pi: Honor Roll MOYER, GEORGE A., A 23 '11 JUNIOR . . . . CRESSON, PENNSYLVANIA St. Patfs Committee NELSON, VICTOR C. JUNIOR ....... SIOUX CITY, IOXVA A. S. C. E.: S. A. M. E.: Officers' Club: St. Pat's I Second Row, Left fo Right I I NOVOTNY, MILTON JOHN JUNIOR . . . . ROBERTSDALE, ALABAMA A. S. M. E. W OGDEN, CLARENCE B., A T A JUNIOR . . . . ELIZABETH, NEW JERSEY Phi Eta Sigma: Officers' Club: A. I. E. E.: S. A. M. E.: Pershing Rifles: Freshman Engineering Council: Freshman Track: Varsity Track OLSEN, CLARENCE GERHARD SOI-I-IOMORE . NEXV LONDON, CONNECTICUT OSTERHOUIJT, DAVID CHARLES JUNIOR .... ELLENVILLE, NEXV YORK St. Pat's Committee I l PARISH, WILLIAM H. JR., E X JUNIOR . . GERMANTOXVN, PENNSYLVANIA PHILLIPS, MONROE, E A M JUNIOR . . . ASBURY PARR, NEXV JERSEY Newtonian Math Soc. I PROVOST, BION A., E N W JUNIOR . ..... BIOBILE, ALABAMA I I I I REYNOLDS, BILL ERESHMAN .... TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Committee of M-I ,. 5 A -E... 6,-fi ,Z V .j..It Q 1 ...K - IM .IE R +A Lil I .JEQHIEII WI?-ff5f??9AS.Tif?'?KiIf'-3'f'fE1f.i,.S -5315-5 21vj?:i'2'f-vi-Liffflf-.1ff'l11.'y-'-'-"F1?i5'Z1. '.Q'f :f1 .i'i?i'fv,1f'- PAGE 156 EN INEERI First Row, Leff lo Right REYNOLDS, IJRANK ELBERT, A 2 dv JUNIOR . . . HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT Pershing Rifles RHODIES. FRANK A., 'I' A 9 JUNIOR .... MONTGOINIERY, ALABAIYIA R IORDA N, WILLIAM J. JUNIOR ..... DERBY, CONNECTICUT Alabama Cavaliers RODGERS, COLEMAN DANIEL JUNIOR . . PIIILADELPI-IIA, PENNSYLVANIA ROGEIKS, GORDON SUMNER, A E fi' JUNIOR . . . . JAMESTOWN, NEW YORK Russ, HARLOW W. JUNIOR . . . IIEMUS POINT, NEXV YORK SHEELY, DANIEL BURTNETT, fb E K JUNIOR . . CAMP HILL, PENNSYLVANIA SI-IIPLEY, THONIAS NEXVTON SOPHOMORE . . GLEN BURNIIE, MARYLAND Srcoml Row, Left to Right SHUPP, ERWIN HENRY, fl, E K JUNIOR ...... XVASHINGTON, D. C. 2nIl Lieut. Coast Artillery Corps.: Transfer from University of Maryland SIDOR, LEON JUNIOR . . . . PORT CHESTER, NEW YORK S. A. M. E.: A. I. M. E.: St. Pat's Ass'n.g Theta Tau: Scabhard and Blade SKINNER, GREGORY JACKSON, K E ERESHMAN .... TusCALoOsA, ALABAMA SNYDER, RICPIARD GEORGE JUNIOR . WYOMISSING HILLS, PENNSYLVANIA Sec'y.-Trcas. Junior Class: Vice-Pres. S. A. M. E.: A. S. M. E.: St. Pat's Ass'n.g Pershing Rifles: Corolla: Officers' Club: Intramural Soccer SOROL, DAVE, K N JUNIOR . . . . BIRMINGI-IAM, ALABAMA STEGER, STEVEN ORMAND FRESHMAN .... HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA STRANG, TOM FRESHMAN . , . . RACINE, WISCONSIN SUNDA, ADOLPH GEORGE JUNIOR ...... LILLIAN, ALABAMA Phi Eta Sigma: Tau Beta Pi Award '34, Phi Eta Sigma Award '34, Honor Roll '32-'33-'34: Crim- son-White: Corolla Photographic Staff: A. S. C. E 5. Tau Beta Pi '-in- .- .L rw. MFL, f H, ,Qu L,x ,!,. . ,R 1 - - iw? '11-1',3v."-f"?' ' ' 'I 1Tf1JiP'3 '1'T'fa".-1ff.'I.'i'77?"5'f?L-,'11 M, -. . 4'L!'ff R 1' '. PAGE 157 EN INEERIN First Row, Left to Right TEAGUE, SIDNEY P., 9 X JUNIOR . . . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Phi Eta Sigma Pres. '33-'34: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: A. S. M. E.: Crimson-White '32, Tau Beta Pi TI-IETEORD, KENNON BREVARD, A T S2 FRESHMAN . . . MONTGOMERY, ALABAMIK Rho Alpha Tau: Corolla TIPTON, JAMES BAIRD, 2 X SOPHOMORE . . . BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS Varsity Football, Third Vice-Pres. B. S. U. TRUCKS, LOUIS B., 9 EI SOPHOMORE . . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Corolla Compiling Editor '35: St. Pat's ' Committee '35 TURNER, CLARENCE BRITTIN, E N FRESHMAN. . . .TUSCALOO5A, ALABAMA TURNER, ROBERT L. SOPHOMORE . . . MERIDEN, CONNECTICUT TUTTLE, LLOYD FRANKLIN, A 2 'P som-IOMORE . . . . SPEONK, NEW YORK VIRGIN, FRANK, E A E SOPHOMORE . . . MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Second Row, Lvft to Right WALKER, CLOYD MILLER, A E if sOPI-IOMORE . . JOHNSON CITY, TENNESSEE WARDEN, HAROLD HILBERN JUNIOR ...... ZANESVILLE, OHIO A. S. A. E. WEBB, ROBERT L., H K A JUNIOR .... UNIONTOWN, ALABAMA Brigade Adjutant, A. S. C. E.: S. A. M. E.: Mili- tary Ball Committee: Chairman St. Pat's Ass'n. Ass't. Surveying: Theta Tau WETZEL, HAROLD EMERSON JUNIOR . . BARNESBORO, PENNSYLVANIA Suabbard and Blade: S. A. M. E.: A. I. E. E. WILLINGHAM, THOMAS A. JR., H K A JUNIOR . . . . . PARRIsH, ALABAMA WIOODS, MARVIN KENNETH JUNIOR ..... BUFFALO, NEW YORK YODER, ROBERT L., Z A E SOPHOMORE .... TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Rifle Team ZUKOW, PETER JOHN, fb A N JUNIOR ...... BRONX, NEW YORK Newtonian Math Soc.: A. I. M. E. "f",' 'TT' "' 2" '-""Fif' ' fff ' - K."-,f "FY" I" " I ' - II! XX- .- ,I 3, ---v 7 ' ,W . .-VII .- V .EE MY R11 DL E h DQ. ' A.-I-,.L,l:g.3 I . -I -A . I . . .' V 1 , Y., . ., , .. -I A. -fem f ' -I f Tn.: '-:-3'- xg'-11. . . e.f,, - . In , . ' li' I f- 1 ,1 ' -.',,f 11- - ff- .Vi Fqiliflxl I ?E'+ '.K ' 'ff jf ', 'Ji PAGE 158 OFFICERS SENIOR CLASS President . . . . . RHETTA KASSNER Vice'-President . . . . MABE1. SIMS Secretary-Trenswfer . . . JAYNE KILLIAN JUNIOR CLASS Presirlent . . . . . . . SUE MARLAR Vice-President . . . MARGARET FONVILLE Secretary-Treasurer . . . FLEDA FULMER SOPHOMORE CLASS President . ..... VERA jo PURSER Vice-President . . . . ANTOINETTE Swuvr Secretary-Treasurer . MARY JANE JOHNSTON FRESHMAN CLASS President . . . . .... ANN' EVANS Vice-President . . . . WILELLA BURNS Secretary-Treasurer . . MARIE KELION CGI I I-GI- UI- I-ICDIVIE ECONOMICS W-, I u I - .- - . -ii, - ...-., -, ii BAIKROWS, MAIKJORIE ANNA, A Z . . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABA5iA Mortar Board: Mgr. Women's Golf Team: Alpha Omicron: Caroline Hunt Club: Pan-Hellenic: B. S. U. Council: Y. W. C. A. CODY, ESTHER JEAN, A Z .... SPIIINGPIELD, MASSACHUSETTS Mortar Board: Alpha Omicrong Pres. Caroline Hunt Club DOUGLAS, MARIE DAVIS, A 1' A . . . MOBILE, ALABAMA Omega GRlTfI?l'TP1, NINETTE ABEIINETI-IY, H B 'I' . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Omega HUCKSTEP, CLARA, E K .... . . CARBON HILL, ALABAMA Caroline Hunt Club: W. A. A.: Y. W. C. A. KASSNER, RHE'fTA JEANNE, A Ab . . . . . XVI-IEATON, ILLINOIS Caroline Hunt Club: W. A. A.: Y. W. C. A.: Girls' Spirit Com.: Pres. Senior Class -I r r' r' E ' - ,.. ... fx V -U PAG E 160 IH' EF M EE K9 :NI I ' Illia! KILLIAN, .IAYNE ELIZABIVIAIYI, A X S2 .... ALLEGAN, MICHIGAN W. A. A.: Y. W. C. A.: U:II-uliIIe Hunt Club: Pan-Hellenic MILLINGBR, EI.IiANo:: Loum-, A Z . . . EAST cI.IzvI1LAN1J, omo Debating 'Foam '33-'34: 'l'I'ez1s. Caroline Hunt Club: A'pha Omicrzm: W. A. A.: Y. W. G. A. MOORE, PIELIZN MAX'ES, A E A . . . . BIRIXHNGHAIVI, ALABANIA Pres. Mortar Board: Vice-Pros. Caroline Hunt Club: Sec'y. W. A. A.: Y. W. C. A. PARNELL, LUCIIE, A Z ...... . TvIAl', ALABAMA Cumlinu Hunt Club PEARSON, EMIiI.YN, A A A .,.... IIIRMINGI-IAM, ALABAMA Alphu Omicron: Caroline- Hunt Club: Y. W. C. A. SINIS, BONNII3 NIABLE . . BIRMINGHAII1, ALABAMA WAI.RER, FRANCES EVELYN, A Z . . . . IfIUNTsvII.I.E, ALABANIA Carolim- Hunt Club . 1 l PAGE 161 HOME ECONOMICS First Row, Left to Right BROXVN, LAVINIA, if M FRESHMAN . . BOWLING GREEN, KENTUCKY BROXVN, VIRGINIAX JANE, Z T A IfREsI-IMAN .... NIEIVIPHIS, 'TENNESSEE BUNTIN, DAISY ITIKESI-IMAN .... ALICEVILLII, ALABALIA Caroline Hunt Club: Y. W. C. A. BURNS, HELEN, K A JUNIOR ....... SELMA, ALABAMA Pi: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: W. A. A.: Caroline Hunt Club BURNS, MARY WILELI.A, A X S2 FRESI-IMAN ..... NORFOLK, VIRGINIA Y. W. C. A. Freshman Cabinet: W. A. A.: Caroline Hunt Club BUSH, FRANCES MARION, X S2 if I DEMSHOGR, MARY BETTY FRESHMAN . . HAZLETON, PENNSYLVANIA DOXVNING, NIATTIE ESTELLE, A E A ' JUNIOR ...... NORFOLK, VIRGINIA Caroline Hunt Club: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: I W. A. A.: Crimson-White Staff '34-'35 I Tbirrl Row, Left to Right EDXVARDS, MILDRED WOIKRELL, fi' M 1 I FRESHIVIAN . . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Glee Club: Caroline Hunt Club , ELMER, GRACE JEANNE ITIKHSHNIAN . . . . BROOKLYN, NEW YORK i Caroline Hunt Club: W. A. A. I I EVANS, MARY ANNE, A E A , FRESHMAN ..... MOBILE, ALABAMA Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: W. A. A.: Caroline Hunt ITRESHBIAN .... TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA 1 l I. -W . l P- Q I-.K h I Caroline Hunt club: Y- W. C- A' Cub, Climson hite, ies. 'ISS man Cass I I Secoml Row, Left io Right FINCH, OI-A BEATRICE, 4, M BY-ARS, I-JLLIE, E FRESPIINIAISI . .... LIBERTY, INDIANA C I' H t Cl IJ JUNIOR . . . . . LIOULTON, ALABANIA arc ine un u I I COLLINS, BEU1-AH LEE, Z T A FONVILLE, MARGARET HUFE, A AIP I FRESHMAN ..... GALLION, ALABAMA JUNIOR Y l I . BIIXMINGHAM, ALABAMA Pi Phi Chi: Sec'y. Caroline Hunt Club: Y. W. C. A.: W. A. A.: Alpha Omicron CIKUTE, MARTHA Lou, A A A FRESI'IMAN .... I-IUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA FULMER, FLEDA, 9 T DAVIDSON, MARGRET ETHELI 'I' M ' 221332 mi eIuIf7i2TTi2NC5OGIf'- RNXESTF FKESHMAN - - - NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE Pres. Sophomore Class '33: Freshman Advisor '34i Glee Club: Caroline Hunt Club Womens' Council '33-'34: Pan-Hellenic I I W .3 Q b , Y -A .1 L f -- - 1 f I -. I-I' Q- ., ..,, ',: I,-. TW- ' fvllp - . 1 ' TFE sf I I I 559.712,gg,,i'1Q1Q'4-IEE,j--55.93.-2 119.2-42. :Hl'Jf4viff5157:A.2w"i..,-la'-3.'s1jf?f4'1,. .U ' -1:6 ,'i:'f'I'-,f'f'I'rJSI PAGE 162 HOME ECONOMICS First Row, Left to Rig!!! GOUGI-I, NIARTI-IA GRACE, A 'EI A JUN'IOR ..... TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Y. W. C. A.: Caroline Hunt Club HARMON, ELIZABETH, A I' A SOPHOMORE ..... DOTHAN, ALABAMA Pi: Caroline Hunt Club: Y. W. C. A.: W. A. A. HOOD, CAROLYN BRAME, X Q FRESHLIAN . . . MONTGONIERY, ALABAIVIA Y. W. C. A.: VV. A. A.: Freshman Pan-Hellenic RU'lH ELLEN, A A A . . . LAKEXVOOD, OHIO HOSTETLER, SOPHOMORE . . INGRAM, ANNE LORRAINE, A Z . . .IvIOBILE, ALABAINIA SOPHOMORE . . Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: Freshman Pan-Hellenic: Caroline Hunt Club JOHNSTON, MARX' -IANE, A E A SOPHOMORE ..... PEORIA, ILLINOIS Y. W. C. A.: Caroline Hunt Club: Crimson- White: Sec'y.-Treas. Sophoxnore Class: Reporter, Caroline Hunt Club Second Row, Left fo Rigbl KEMON, RI-1E'1'TA IVIARIE, A E A FRESHMAN .... W'ASI-IINGTON, D. C. Crimson-White '35g Y. W. C. A. : W. A. A. : Corolla '35 : Sec'y.-TI'e:.If:. Freshman Class LAMOREAUX MARGARI-"IA ANNE, A X S2 SOPHONIORE . XVILKES-BARRE, PENNSYLVANIA Blackfriars: Caroline Hunt Club: Y. W. C. A.: W. A. A. MCLAURINE, SARA EUDOCIA FRESHIVIAN . . . . LINCOLN, ALABAMA MCQUEEN, ADELAIDE, KIRIQSEY, K A som-IOMORE . . . 'ruscALoosA, ALABAMA MARLAR, SUE, 9 T JUNIOR .... TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Caroline Hunt Club: Spirit Committee '33: Y. W. C. A. IVIASHBURN, BESSIE MAE, A Z SOPI-IOMORE .... FROSTPROOF, FLORIDA W. A. A.: Caroline Hunt Club Tbirfl Row, Left fo Right IVIILAN, MARGUERITE ELLIOTT ERESHMAN .... ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA MILLIRON, BONNIE MAE, A X Q JUNIOR . ..... MOBILE, ALABAMA Caroline Hunt Club: W. A. A.g Y. W. C. A.: Erosollhic MITCPIELL, ANNIE LAURIE, A A A JUNIOR .... HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA Pi: Y. W. C. A.: W. A. A.: Caroline Hunt Club NEXY'TON, GRETCHEN FRIZSI-IMAN . .... . LEEDS, ALABAINIA PAULOVICI-I, SIIIELA C. SOPI-IOLIORE . . . . MOBILE, ALABAMA PHILLIPOFF, IVIARGARET, K A FRESI-IIVIAN . . . .CLEARNVATER, FLORIDA 1 .. .f li!-LQ M N , H g Mer. infeif-1-we-1.11.-15.-: .:rA.s?. .rf.I. .,. ,'..c:... ,i.,::w f ff .. PAG E 163 HOME ECONOMICS First Row, Left to Right PLUMMER, Lois NIARIE SOPHOMORE. . . . . .ALBIoN, MAINE Y. W. C. A.: W. A. A. PUSH, FLOYD, K A ERESHMAN . . . UNION SPRINGS, ALABAMA PURSER, TVERA jo SOPHOMORE . . . . ANNISTON, ALABAINIA Pres. Sophomore Class SPOTTSWOOD, MARTHA, X S2 SOPHOMORE . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Pi: Crimson-White TANENHAUS, CECILE, A fb E JUNIOR . . . BINGHAMTON, NEW YORK Spirit Committee: Student Council: W. A. A.: Pan-Hellenic Third Row, Lef! to Rigbl TATUL1, ANNE MUIKRELL, K K I' l SOPHOIWORE. . . .LAIfAYETTE, ALABAMA l ROBINSON, LAURA A - .... HUNTSVILLE ALABAMA TRESHMAN ' TAYLOR, JANET L., A 'I' SOPHOMORE . . . MILXVAUKEE, WISCONSIN V W. A. A. ROGERS, DORIS ELIZABETH, lx A FRESI-IIVIAN . . . ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA TOMPKINS, MARY B., K A V Q JUNIOR ..... TUSCUMBIA, ALABAMA ROWUI EI-El'-NOR Omega: Delta Club Sec'y.: Y. W. C. A.: W. A. A.: SODHOMORE . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA CH1'01meHlmtClub Second Row, Left fo Right TOWNSENDA HAZEL RUTH, X 9 SOPHONXORE . . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA ROWE, PHYLLIS, A E A SOPHOIVZORE . WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS WALLACE, BERNICE ELIZABETH H JUNIOR ..... TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA SHELTON, REBA ALICE, A A LA Delta Phi Mu: Newtonian Math Soc.: Caroline ERESI-IMAN ..... ENSLEY, ALABAMA Hum Club: Symphony 0"ch'3St"a Y. W. C. A.: W. A. A.: Blackfriars WEBB, SARAH, K A SMITH, DOROTHY SOP!-IOMORE . . . . BEMOPOLIS, ALABAMA SOPHOMORE . . . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Omega SMITH, MAIKY ELIZABETH, A Z WHEAT, EDDIE LOU SOPHOLIORIE . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA SOPHOMORE . . . NORTHPORT, ALABAMA Caroline Hunt Club Glee Club: Caroline Hunt Club: W. A. A. ' ' ' nn- 'TQAEWTTT' --E J' A B' . ' 4, . W I 1 , A ...I y..-In 1, . A , -I-Z.. I L9lI.1"i'lE I R, ..AI1L.wIf' HSI . iff: Qjffii IL-1-?'.b,g If jzii-Ig A-T: 42,11 -:LII ,:.jf4k1,g C, I-ki-J! lx?-Y 4 aff? PAGE 164 O F F I C E R S SENIOR CLASS President . . . . DAVID WII.LIAMs Vice-Prcsirlmzt . . CHESTER POREMBSRI Secretary ....... JOHN MIRLOS JUNIOR CLASS Presirlent . . . . SAMUEL MACK RYBURN Vice-President ..... A. D. GORDON Sccrclary ..... . CHARLES INGRAM SOPHOMORE CLASS Presizlenl . . . . WALTER BRAGIN Vice-Prexirlf'11l . . . .IANIE STRICRLAND Sccrefury . .... CHARLES NIAXXVELL FRESHMAN CLASS President . . . . . . . EUGENE EISEN Vice-President . . XVILLIAM WoI.ARSRY Secretary . . . . CURTIS INCIRAM CGI I I-GI- Ql- Cl-IEIVISTRY N ri--. -,gin 'E ff' v . WE! .1..l+.+,Y, .1 .. S l:n'S!.2-1. A, Q -'Isl "1'1,'if, ' -A L. , ., ,J -H.. I . I 'Kink X. Pri. 1 1 A f bg, Ir l ,. ' 1 I- I I - C 7 .fi iff. . PTLGC Q 'S "5-TI, ef. " ' f'i"" -"1 13 : 53 - 1,-fjfgf ,. . MIDWAY, ALABAMA EY, MERTON HAIIRIS ..... HARRISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA Chi Beta Phi: Alembic Club: A. I. Ch. E. DOUGAN, CHAS. W. . . . VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA FRANCIS, WILLIAM KAVANAUGH, K A . . . . . TIMIISON, TEXAS Freshman Football: Freshman Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Varsity Football '33- '34: "A" Club GILBERT, 101-IN WILLIAM JR. .... BLUEFIELD, WEST VIRGINIA Gamma Sigma Epsilon: Honor Committee '34-'35: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Fellowship in Chemistry GIKANT, CARL EDWARD, 9 E . . . . . . BUFFALO, NEW YORK Scabbarfl and Blade: Phi Eta Sigma: Honor Committee '33-'34: Appeals Committee '35: Interfraternity Council: Officers' Club '34, Pres. '35: Bri- gade Commander, R. O. T. C. '35: Military Staff, Corolla '35: Chairman Military Ball Committee '35: Honor Roll: Fellowship in Chemistry ORLCVE, HAROLD A. ..... . , MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN Transfer from Milwaukee State Teachers' College: Alembic: Gamma Sigma Epsilon: Chi Beta Phi POREMBSKI, CHESTER JOSEPH . . .... YOUNGSTOWN, or-no Vice-Pres, Senior Class: Gamma Sigma Epsilon fit. iii- 1"i"i T ,' EI' A 'La' Eff-1.':"i'if"' .jk 3 A Q U , , ,F , " I -If' I- Pl' : 11? F U F., fi! 5: I I 1 I L. -I lr L 'T if. '-' I. 1' .. tv . A 4' F. .-.J .4 , -. ,. - .v . Y -.0 ., ,A .. I H- .,,, Ni..- F"'.F'2"?',7'fi5 ,-1,31 3 :V 2.11:-rf ' 5,fi12'a: A-"'M'f' ' "' V ' PAGE 166 vi.---,R-I j, I',I-- - A . 'P C a if iw """.Q "J so W 4- 'Ci if-, 1:1 ,xml U' 531111 43 PORTER, JAMES WILLIAM, KP A 9 .... BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Quadrangle: Pres. Sophomore Class: Honor Committee '33-'34-355: Alembic: Scahbarcl and Blade: Officers' Club: Crimson-White RUSHING, DAVID EDWARD ...... . . SELMA, ALABAMA Gamma Sigma Epsilon: Chi Beta Phi SCI-IIEFFERLE, JAMES . . . . . WESLEYVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA Alembic Club '32-533, Pres. '34-'35: Wesley Foundation '32-'33, '34-'35: Fellowship in Ceramics '34-'35 SCHLIENTZ, DONALD T. . ....... . MARION, OHIO Cadet Lieut. Colonel: Scabbard and Blade: Gamma Sigma Epsilon: Chi Beta Phi: Honor Committee, Alt. SHANNON, MARJORIE CARROLL '. . . . EVERGREEN, ALABAINIA Gamma Sigma Epsilon: Chi Delta 'hi: Chi Omega Award: Wesley Foun- dation Board: Alembic: Assistantship SOSTMANN, MORRIS J. ..... PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA Alemhic Club: Corolla '33-334: Junior Prom Committee '34: Fencing Team '35: Corolla, Photography '35: Intramural Soccer '32-'33 WARDE, Jol-IN M. . ........ BALTIMORE, MARYLAND Recorder, Gamma Sigma Epsilon: Honors '32-'33-'34: Fellowship in Mineralogy: Crimson-White: Lacrosse Team '32: S. A. M. E.: A. I. M. E. WILLIAMS, DAVID NVPIITFIELD ..... TUSCALOOSA, ALABAAIA Gamma Sigma Epsilon: Vice-Pres. Junior Class: Honor Committee: Fel- lowship in Organic Chemistry: Pres. Senior Class 1 9 ,i v, 'ji il 'Pl PAGE 167 .4 , 513-I X' 'I F17 13. A r ls E" ' A EVTAQ: H First Row, Left 10 Right APPLE, WILLIAM CI.ARli, A X JUNIOR .... . . . DAYTON, OHIO Vice-Pres. Freshman Class '32-'33 : Pres. Sopho- more Class '33-'34 5 Alembic Club BARRETT, CLARENCE M. JR. SOPHOMORE . . . . ATHENS, NEW YORK BENNETT, DOllO'TPlY JANE, T. .- H SOPHOMORE . COLORADO SIPIIINGS, COLORADO Blackfriars: Riding Club BROOKS, CLARA BEELAND, K K F SOPHOMORE .... BRIZXVTON, ALABAMA Omega: Y. W. C. A. Freshman Cabinet: Fresh- man Advisor: Pres. Freshman Class: W. Pan-Hellenic Council: Alembic A. A.: COINIPTON, SAMUEL W. JUNIOR ...... LINDEN, ALABAMA CROOR, WILLIAM RALPH SOEHOMORE . . NEW BROCRTON, ALABAMA EISEN, EUGENE LEE, fl' E A FRESHMAN .... OSSINING, NEW YORK Pres. Freshman Class: Alembic: Crimson-White Second Row, Lcfft to Right GOLL, FRED JOHN, A E fi' JUNIOR ..... BOGOTA, NEW JERSEY Vice-Pres. Sophomore Class: Alembic GORDON, ANDRE D., Z B T JUNIOR . . . . COLUMBIANA, ALABAMA Alembic Club GREEN, JOHN HENDERSON, JR. JUNIOR . ..,.. DECATUR, ALABAMA Alembic Club HILL, JOHN SHERMAN JUNIOR . . . Los ANGELES, CALIFORNIA INGRALI, CHARLES DAVID JUNIOR .... TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Sec.-Treas. Junior Class: Blackfriars: Alembic: Varsity Show Club: Honor Committee: Gamma Sig-ma Epsilon KALISZ, JOSEDI-I JOHN SOPQHOMORE . . . ADAMS, MASSACHUSETTS Freshman Track IQITTLE, PAUL EDWIN FRESHMAN .... KINGSTON, NEXV YORK KO!-IL, ROBERT CHARLES, E 111 E FRESHMAN . . . REDDING, PENNSYLVANIA Freshman Cabinet: Intramural Staff A -.3 -A -L., 5 -1, -fn, r '- 1" 1 J- . f-,X - '- T li" .414 i l I .I-lr ill J ill. "ffl Elf: - .".I' If if l AII PAGE 168 First Row, Left lo Right KOZEY, STEPHEN VINCENT JUNIOR . . , DUQUESNE, PENNSYLVANIA LATTA1-, ANTON, JR. FRIZSHNIAN . . PERIII AMBOY, NEW JERSEY NIANSFIELD, LEVERETT F. SOPHOMORE . . . PHILNIONT, NEW YORK Embassy Club MATTRAXYf, HAROLD C. FRESI-IMAN ..... ONEIDA, NEW YORK Million Dollar Band: Y. M. C. A. Freshman Cabl- net : Alabama Crimsnns MOULTON, F. IJOUGLAS, E 'P E JUNIOR .... BINOIIAMTON, NEW YORK PARTRIDGE, ,FI-IADDEUS, 'I' A 9 SOPHOMORE ..... MOBILE, ALABAMA T1'21HSfE1', A. P. I. fAuhurnl REDWOOD, RICHARD B. FRESHMAN ..... MOBILE, ALABAMA Sfccmzl Row, Left fo Right ROSE, FREDERICK S., 9 E JUNIOR .... CORNWALL, NEW YORK Pres. Freshman Class '32-'33: Freshman Basket- ball and Baseball '33: Alembicg Newman Club: Chi Beta Phi RYBURN, SAIMUEL MACK, 111 I' A JUNIOR . . . . MORRISTOWN, TENNESSEE Band: Pres. Junior Class: Alembic: Fencing Squadg Symphony Orchestra: Excelsior: Junior Prom Committee SPRINGFIELD, BERKELEY IRVING JUNIOR . . . . JERSEY CITY, NEW JERSEY STICKNEY, ROBERT NABORS, E A E JUNIOR . . . . LIVINGSTON, ALABAMA STRICKLAND, JANIE SOPHOYVIORE . . . TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Y. W. C. A.: Freshman Cabinet: Alembicg W. A. A.g Vice-Pres. Sophomore Class TURLEY, HOXVARD, M., A T A FRESHMAN . . . BONNE TERRE, MISSOURI VAPRIN, BERNARD BEN, E A M SOPHOMORE . . . . . CANTON, OHIO WELSH, RAYMOND ALBERT IIRESIIMAN. . . .- . . FOLEY, ALABAMA Eg . .--Q. p f -'If - 'Ju 'TTT 1ff:l"',-g"'-Qi' I---T3 E9 H Riu: I, 11 1134 5, ,I Eiingg 1, if g V, 3,51 ,lrif .1 I- .1.- '- --sa, . 'E-A, - Y. ,- A . ff.. v, . A v--R f ..,-ff.- A, + -Qflg'aI.-'i5',gf3,,g5lf :is.1,f:-a I- ' - '-'g17?7.,'j-44 Q'-ffgfft-?"w li' -.'?:l"i,Ff,1tlfl?'f,"Hj'+T' V. :'?I .- I, 'ff PAGE 169 A TRIBUTE Before turning from the enrollment of the schools and col- leges, We should like to call attention to those many students who have loyally supported the work we have undertaken in publishing a year book, but who have been unable because of fi- nancial difficulties to have their pictures in the Corolla. We wish to dedicate this page to those who have shown abili- ty, perseverance, and resourcefulness in paying their expenses while pursuing studies hereg to those who, mindful of the di- minishing resources of family pocket books, have shown cour- age and character in foregoing large allowances and in con- fining their expenditures to simple necessities. There are many of these students Whose faces do not appear on the preceding pages. But their contributions to the life of the University are of the highest type, and their support for worthwhile undertakings is always forthcoming. We do not feel that We can pass on without pausing to pay them this small tribute of recognition, a tribute which is far smaller than the one they deserve. PAGE 170 COMMANDING OFFICERS MAJOR EDGAR H. UNDERWOOD Professor of Military! Science and Tacfirx CADET COLONEL CARL E. GRANT ICA The MAJOR EDGAR H. UNDERWOOD MAJOIK NORNIAN P. GROFF Irrfrmtry CAPTAIN EARNEST R. BARROWS Const Artillery Corps CAPTAIN EVANS R. CROXVELL Coast Artillery Corps CAPTAIN HENRY O. SWINDLER Infantry CAPTAIN DAVID M. N. Ross Infantry Major Underwood NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS TECHNICAL SERGEANT CLINTON H. WOLFE Coast Artillery Corps TECHNICAL SERGEANT CYRUS C. LEMMOND Coast Artillery Corps SERGEANT BUCH CARTER Corps of Engineers SERGEANT LOYD P. JENKINS Infantry SERGEANT w'ILEY D. GREEN Infantry PRIVATE FIRST CLASS JESSIE O. GREGORY Coast Artillery Corpx QA1Iti-Aircrnftj Woodberry Groff E-22... Army COMMISSIONED OFFICERS Const Artillery Corpx P. M. S. 8: T. CAPTAIN BEVERLY C. SNOW Corps of Engineer.: CAPTAIN JOHN F. FARNSWORTI-I Infantry FIRST LIEUTENANT JOSEPH H. ROUSSEAU, JR. Coast Artillery Corps FIRST LIEUTENANT HENRY J. XVOODBERRY Corps of Engineers FIRST LIEUTENANT J. STEPHAN HENN Coast Artillery Corjji II III, . Noi PAGE 172 First Row Cfrontlz Capt. Ross, Lt. Henn, Capt. Snow, Major Underwood 3 L t. Second Row: Capt. Crowell, Capt. Swindler, Capt. Farns- worth, Capt. Barrows, Major f-QA, Bama' Band I934-'35 THEODORE j.l.IzD12EN . . . . FirslLieufeuar1t FRENCH Hoon CRADDOCK, JR ..... Adlunll, George E. Albers, Hamilton Monteith Atkins, Oliver Frazier Allen, Harry Carl Bell, Thomas Reuben Bloom, Samuel Henry Brantley, Oliver Wiley Brannon, William Tappan Brandt, Clifton Lucian Castanza, Joseph J. Chases, Alex Miller Chessin, Julius Clark, Harlan Dexter Cochran, William Alonza Cohen, Isaac Eli Coleman, Lester Edwin Copeland, Miles Craddock, French Hood Crumly, Edward Earl Cunningham, S. Golding Dannelly, Clarence Moore Denker, Emil Duncan, Elmer Herman Eekhoff, Scott Sidney Elisberg, Raymond Foley, James Burns Fox, Clarence Charles Grant, William Aaron Greenberg, Emanuel Harris, James Douglas Haines, Raymond Thomas Hasbrouck, E. Hilton Haskins. Lewis Ellsworth Heberling, Lyle Alan Hiles, Edward Leslie Hubbard, Hohn Tryon Jacobs, Lawrence J. Jones. Robert, Rosebeck Jinkins. Wayne C. Katz. Israel Katz, Nathan Kim'-6. Edgar ,P. Kirk, 'Thomas Joseph Kogut, Louie John Kornfvld. Leslie Lacy. Peyton Lariviere. Norman Henry Laverick. Mark Jonathan Ledeen, Theodore J. Lewis. John Renald Lind, Stanley Loiacono. F. Anthony Lovin. William Amos Mattraw. Harold Claude Metz, Irving Asher Mullins. Ross Bob Nunn. Georze Edwin 0'Leary, .lohn Joseph Overinir. Glendon Philip Palmer, Joseph Henry Perry, Stark B. um! Assishznzf Bl1IllI'!IZlI.YfL'f . . Second Lielztmmnl Plumlee. Pryor Harris Price, Eugene Harolclson Reid. Henry Francis Richards, Guy Elmer Robertson, Walter P, Rosenberger, M. Frank Ryburn, S. McChesney Schilleci, Vincent J. Schwimrer, Aaron Scott, John Paul Shelton, William Henry Shepherd, Emmett Hill Silver, Emanuel Mar Skipper, George Smith, Ernest HerheI'i, Smith, Wesley Reid Smith. Trammell Apzlesby Snow, McLester J. Spiro, Jonas Joe Trager, Leo Tucker, John Vaprun, Bernard Wayt, John Franklyn Weaver, James Edward Webster. Warren J. White, Richard Holly Willingham, Thomas Wolarsky, William Wooten, Benjamin Allen Warner, Albert William PAGE 173 'Fi' ' 'l yy, gg. CAPTAIN H. H. TURNER Baud11ms1fc'r l-AJq l.-J. 1. , l F r, " 'I Q, ll Cadet Lt. Col. Beverly P. Head, Jr., Sponsor, Miss Grace Mandeville Cadet Lt. Col. Donald T. Schlientz, Sponsor, Miss L Il W -tl CADET COLONEL CARL E GRANT HON. CADET COLONEL Miss MARY HARMON BLACK BRIGADE STAFF COL. CAIKL E. GRANT . . . . Brigade Comnmmlcr LT. COL. JOHN C. PATTERSON . . Brigade Executive MAJOR ROBERT L. WEEE .... Brigade Acljuhmt FIRST REGIMENT INFANTRY LT. COL. BEVERLY P. HEAD, JR. . . Reg. Commamler MA-IOR RICHARD ALLISON . . Rcgimmztal Iixecutim' CAPT. EDWARD H. ROBERTS . . Regimental Arljnfazzi First Battalion MAJOR JAMES C. THOMPKINS . . Commamling CAPT. DONALD I-IUTSON . . . . . Executive FIRST LT. C. E. HORNSBX' . . Adjutant Seroml Batlulion MAJOR CHARLES W. MCLEAN . . . Conzinmmling CAPT. JACOB R. FREEMAN . . . Exevufiw' FIRST LT. PAT W. HODGES . . Arljufnnt Conzjwany A Comlmny E Capt. Geo. W. Christian lst Lt. B. J. Wade lst Lt. Mort. H. Jordan Comfnmy B Capt. Wm. E. Boles lst Lt. Louis H. Magee lst Lt. Edwin S. Leland Company C Capt. N. R. Bullard Ist Lt. Robt. E. Lee lst Lt. James W. Porter Comjzauy D Capt. Lloyd Hairston o a ui e e Cadet Lt. Col. Robert V. DeShazo, Sponsor, lst Lt' Robert G' Hogan Miss Helen Burns PAGE 174 lst Lt. Sam H. Lyons Capt. Ray A. Tipton 1st Lt. Thos. H. Claunch lst Lt. Roger P. Rogers Comjmny F Capt. W. B. Edwards lst Lt. Jas. H. Cochran lst Lt. Milton J. Drain Comfmuy G Capt. Charles Marr lst Lt. Chas. W. Joachin lst Lt. Harvey W. Buck Conipzmgf H Capt. Frank E. Davidson lst Lt. Joe L. Jessup lst Lt. Robt. I... Edwards SECOND REGIMENT COAST ARTILLERY LT. COL. DONALD T. SCHLIENTZ . Reg. Conunander MAJOR I'IARRY F. SCHALLER . . Regimental Executive CAPTAIN CHARLES R. SAXVYER . . Regimental Arljutant First Battalion Second Battalion MAJOR GEORGE L. GREASlili . . . . Connnantling MAJOIK RICHARD C. SCHNIITZ . . . . Conznzanfling CAPTAIN JOHN F. SAXON . Executive CAPTAIN VVILLIAM A. STEIMLE . . . Executive FIRST LT. JACK E. DUDLEY . . Azljntant FIRST LT. CRENSON E. DAVIS ...,.. Adjutant Battery A Battery C Battery E Battery G Capt. Willaim D. Davis lst Lt. John E. Miklos lst Lt. Carl L. Rice lst Lt. Marcellus E. Jones Battery B Capt. Hill Ferguson, Jr. lst Lt. Ralph G. Duncan 1st Lt. Alba NV. Hall Ist Lt. John F. Houser Capt. Milton H. WaldsteiII lst Lt. Lewis F. Dexter lst Lt. Emmett A. Parrish lst Lt. Claude F. White Battery D Capt. Charles H. Felton lst Lt. James R. Garner, Jr. Ist Lt. Thomas Taylor Capt. Henry R. Thomas lst Lt. Thomas L. Evans Ist Lt. Robert H. Melke lst Lt. Phelps S. Moore Brltfery F Capt. Allen D. Main lst Lt. Curtis E. Caron lst Lt. Geo. N. Robinson, Jr. 1st Lt. Raymond P. Steiner THIRD REGIMENT ENGINEERS LT. COL. ROBERT V. DESYIAZCJ . Regimental Comrnaniler CAPT. ROBERT N. STURDEVANT . First Battalion MAJOR ARTHUR B. HARRIS . . CAPTAIN EDXVARD H. HAIIRIS . FIRST LT. JOE E. SARTINO Company A CAPT. ANSEI. F. 'IDI-IOMPSON FIRST LT. DON W. XVI-IITE FIRST LT. CAIKL C. SARTAIN FIRST LT. SINCLAIR Z. XVALDS'l'l'lN Company B CAPT. KERMIT R. RIEGEL FIRST LT. ARTHUR BAUMAN FIRST LT. EDXVIN H. HOLLIXVEl.I, FIRST LT. GLEN P. OSGOOD Company C CAPT. NORMAN J. CAMPBELL FIRST LT. PIERRO V. MEYEIK FIRST LT. RAI' S. MARSHALL FIRST LT. MCCLELLAN F. STUNRARII Com pany D CAPT. JOHN HUBEIK, JR. FIRST LT. JOSEPH IRXVIN FIRST LT. JAMES E. NORNIAN FIRST LT. COLEMAN D. IRODGERS Company E CAPT. JACK W. MACTCAY . . . .Commamling . . Execzctitue . Azljntant Capt. Henry O. Hoover lst Lt. Louis L. Buck lst Lt. Theodore J. Oechsner Battery H Capt. Harold F. Staffelbach lst Lt. Russel S. Campbell lst Lt. Lewis B. Stephens MAJOR PAUL J. XVALES .... Regimental Executive Regimental Adjutant Second Battalion MAJOR CLAUDE LINEBERRY . . . . Commanding CAPTAIN JOSEPH HALLOWAY, JR. . . . . Executive FIRST LT. ROBT. O. DICKINSON . . . . Adjutant FIRST LT. RICHARD A. GROENENDYRL FIRST LT. VINCENT N, BOZEMRXN FIRST LT. HAROLD N. I-IOCRENSMITH Company F CAPT. ROBT. H. CRAXVITORD FIRST LT. OLIVER J. RICHARDSON FIRST LT. HAliOI-D E. XVETZEL FIRST LT. RODDY M. PIKE PAGE 175 Capfains and Sponsors Infantry Coast Artillery Engineers new R.0.T.C. OFFICERS FIRST REGIMENT OFFICER SPONSOR OFFICER SPONSOR First Battalion Second Batiulion MAJOR J. C. THOMPKINS CHARLOTTE JEFFRIES MAJOR CHARLES W. MCLEAN VIRGINIA MILES COIIIIYHIIQI A Company E CAPT. GEO. W. CHRISTIAN ARLINE FORD CAPT- RAY E- TIPTON MARY CHAPMAN Company B Cvmlvfwy F CART. WILLIAM E. BOLES FRANCES WILLIAMS CAPT- WESLEY B- EDWARDS FRANCES LIME Company C CUWPKWJ' G CAPT. NORMAN R. BULLARD DOROTHY D. HARNEY CAPT- CHARLES MARR BARBARA BURT Comjmuy D Company H CAPT. D. L. I-IAIRSTON KATHLEEN COLLINS CAPT. FRANK E. DAVIDSON MARY G. HORNSBY SECOND REGIMENT First Batfalion Buttery B MAJOR GEORGE L. GREASER MAY LEEPER CAPT. HILL FERGUSON, JR. MARY B. TOINIPKINS Battery A Buttery C CAPT. WILLIAM D. DAVIS LAURA MINNIS CAPT. M. H. WALDSTEIN KATHLEEN MILLER First Row: Thompkins, Jeffries, Christian, Ford. Boles, Williams, Bullard, Harney Second Row: Tipton, Chapman, Edwards, Lime, Davidson, Hornsby, Greaser, Leepex' Q Third Row: Davis, Mfnnis, Ferguson, ToTpkins, Waldstein, M., Miller, Felton, Oldham, Sc mitz PAGE 176 AND SPONSCJRS OFFICER SPONSOR OFFICER SPONSOR lhillmj' D Bmffffy F CAPT. CHARLES H. FELTON INEZ OLDIiAM CAPT- ALLEN D- MAIN BETTY ROBINSON Sfcrnzff Balfalion BUUN3' G MAJOR R. C. SCHMITZ HAZEL PERRY PIERSON CAPT. HENRY O. HOOVER CHARLOTTE GIBSON Ilalivry E Baflcry H CAPT. ILIENRY THOMAS MILDRED ROBINSON CAPT. H. F. STAFFELBACH MARIE SEARS THIRD REGIMENT Firsi Bnltalion Second Battalion MAJOR A. B. HARRIS ELIZABETH HARMON MAJOR CLAUDE S. LINEBERRY ESTHER RUTLEDGE Cmnjmzzy A Comjmny D CAPT. A. F. THOMPSON ELIZABETH BOYKIN CAPT- JOHN HUBER, JR- MARGRET FONVU-I-E Cwnjmzly B C0mfm'W E CAPT. K. R. RIEGEL RUTH SHEPHERD CAPT, JACK W, MACKAY GWEN MQXLEY Comfmny C Company F CAPT. N. J. CZAIVIPBELI LENORE DEGROODT CAPT. R. H. CRAWFORD MARJORIE MONTGOMERY First Row: Thomas. Robinson M., Main, Robinson, B.. Hoover, Gibson, Staffelbach, Sears Second Row: Harris, Harmon, Thompson, Boykin, Riegel, Shepherd, Campbell, DeGroodt Third Row: Pierson. Linebcrry, Rutledge, Huber, Fonville, MacKay, Moxley, Crawford, Montgomery PAGE 177 i-1-A fc - ,A . . r , sf' 1. I N. ,-l,.:N.s..i X " 'fx .H 'l .V .U -Ivlvft L -.i.2,'1l I' .3 2' 'f' - F' ,.f+.h,Al!, . lla, .pg , .1 , ea ' -,l " " 'iii l."f-"I l' l Allison, Richard A. Davidson, Frank E. Miklos, John qi First Row: Schmitz, Ferguson, Sturdevant, Jordan, Allison, Boles, Buck Second Row: Campbell, M., Caton, Crawford, Davis, C., Davis, W., Davidson, DeShazo Third Row: Dexter, Dickinson. Freeman, Grant, Greaser, Harris. A. B., Harris. Ed. Fourth Row: Hornsby, Jessup, Leland, Lineberry, Main, Melka, Miltlos Fifth Row: Pike, Porter, Robin- son, Sawyer, Saxon, Schaller, Schlientz Sixth Row: Steiner, Taylor, Thomas, Tipton, Wetzel, White NATICDNAL SOCIETY OF SCABBARD AND BLADE Honorary Military Fraternity COMPANY K, FIFTH REGIMENT Founded at the University of Wisconsin in 1902 Company K, Founded in 1924 77 Active Chapters Colors: Red and Blue P1lb1.ACl7fi0lIZ "Scabbard and Blade journal" X OFFICERS RICHARD C. SCHINIITZ . HILL FERGUSON, JR. . . ROBERT N. STURDEVANT MORTIMER H. JORDAN . CAPT. E. R. CROWELL . Boles, William E. Buck, Louie L. Campbell, Norman J. Campbell, Russell S. Caton, Curtis E, Crawford, Robert H. Davis, Crenson E. Davis, William D. Dr. George H. DennY Major E. H. Underwood Major N. D. Groff Major M. T. Jemison DeShazo, Robert V. Dexter, Lewis F. Dickinson, Robert 0. Ferguson, Hill, Jr. Freeman, Jacob R. Grant, Carl E. Greaser, George L. Harris, Arthur B. Major R. L. Lollar Captain E. R. Crowell Captain E. R. Barrows ACTIVE MEMBERS Harris, Edward H. Hornsby. Claud E. Jessup, Joe L. Jones. Marcellus E. Jordan, Mortimer H. Leland, Edward S. Lineberry, Claude S. Main, Allen D. Melka, Robert H. Captain . First Lieutenant . Second Lieutenant . First . Faculty Pike, Roddy M. Porter, James W. Robinson. George N. , Sawyer, Charles R. Saxon. John F. Schaller, Harry F. Schlientz, Donald T. Schmitz, Richard, C. Sergeant Advisor Steiner, Raymond P. Sturdevant, Robert N. Taylor, Thomas J. Jr. Thomas, Henry R. Tipton, Ray A. Wales, Paul J. Wetzel, Harold E. White, Claude F. HONORARY Lieut. J. H. Rousseau, Jr. Captain J. F. Farnsworth Captain H. 0. Swindler Lieut. H. J. Woodbury Captain D. M. N. Ross Captain W. T. Barrett Lieut. J. S. Henn Captain B. C. Snow Captain W. A. Dominick Lieut. Clemson Duckworth PAGE 173 NATIONAL SOCIETY OF PERSHINO RIFLES Honorary Basic Miliiary Fraierniiy COMPANY C, FOURTH REGIMENT Founded at the University of Nebraska in 1898 17 Active Chapters Colors: Blue and White Publicaiionz "Pershing Rifleman" OFFICERS P. J. XVALES . . . . . . Captain I-I. N. HOCKENSMITI-I . . First Lieutenant M. F. STUNKARD . . Second Lieutenant W. R. KROTEE . . First Sergeant ACTIVE MEMBERS Au1sEY,R. S. BRIKIATUS, R. E. FLIPPIN, S. L. NETTLES, J. M. ANDERSON, B. F. CAMPBELL, WM. F., JR. FOLMAIK, F. P. OTTEN, F. B. ANDERSON, P. H. CALRINS, F. FRANKLIN, XV. C. RACLAND, R. F. BAUER, A. J. CARROLL, L. GUIGNON, C. M. RAINS, M. E. BELL, R. E. COLE, L. GRIFFIN, J. A. RIAL, B. W. BENEDICT, C. F. CRABTREE, J. C. LAWRENCE, J. P. SCRUCGS, R. T. BENTLEY, F. O. CUMBAA, N. T. LAVIER, R. R. SHERIDAN, W. P. BENZ, R. P. DENTON, T. J. LYNCH, W. J. TELLANDER, F. BLACK, S. N. DORMAN, B. S. MAUMENEE, J. R. UNDERWOOD, E. H. IZOCCESS, J. P. DORSEY, H. A. MCGIEE, C. M. VANGEI., P. C. BOYD. J. K. DRAIQPI, D. L. MONTGOMERY, M. R. WELLS, R. BOYD, J. T. EVANS, F. E. MILLER, J. K. WILLIAMS, C. H. B.OWNE, H. C. FINNELL, E. D. MOOIKE, C. T. YOUNG, E. J. HONORAIKY MAJOR GENERAL GEO. V. H. MOSELY BRIGADIER Gl'.Nl.iliAI, J. C. PERSONS CAPTAIN D. M. N. ROSS MAJOR E. H. UNDERWOOD LIEUTENANT I-I. KER Back Row: Williams, Guignon, Black, Vangel, Benedict. Nettles, Wells, Sheridan, Benz, Underwood, Calkins Middle Row: Boguess, Ottcns, Abbey, McGee, Anderson, Rial. Scruggs, Browne, Bauer, Drake, Cumbaa Bottom Row: Snyder, Stunkard, Wells, Krotee, Griffin PAGE 179 President . .... Cadet COLONEL CARL E. GRANT Allison, Richard A. Bauman, Arthur Boles, Wm. E. Bozeman, Vincent N. Buck, Louis L. Bush, Harvey W. Bullard, Norman R. Campbell, Norman J Campbell, Russell S. Caton, Curtis E. Christian, George W. Claunch, Thomas H. Crawford, Robert H. Davidson, Frank E. Davis, Crenson E. Davis, Wm. D. DeShazo, Robert V. Dexter, Lewis F. Dickinson, Robert O. Drain, Milton Dudley, Jack E. Duncan, Ralph G. Edwards, Robert L. Edwards, Wesley B. Evans, Thomas L. Felton, Charles H. SENIOR CLASS-193 4-'35 Ferguson, Hill, Jr. Freeman, Jacob R. Garner, James R., Jr. Grant, Carl E. Greaser, George L. Groenendyke, Richard A. Hairston, David L. Hall, Alba W. Halliwell, Edwin H. Harris, Arthur B. Harris, Edward H. Head, Beverly P., Jr. Hodges, Patrick W. Hogan, Robert, G. Holloway, Joseph F. Hoover, Henry O. Hornsby, Claud F., Jr. Houser, John F. Huber, John H. Hutson, Donald Irwin, Joseph P. Jessup, Joe L. Joachin, Charles W. Jones, Marcellus E. Jordan, Mortimer H. Lee, Robert E. Leland, Edwin S. Lineberry, Claude S. MacKay, Jack W. McLean, Charles W. Magee, Louis H. Main, Allen D. Marr, Charles Marshall, Roy S. Melka, Robert H. Meyer, Pierre V. Miklos, John E. Moore, Phelps S. Norman, James E. Oechsner, Theodore J. Osgood, Glenn P. Parrish, Emmett A. Patterson, John C. Pike, Roddy M. Porter, James W. Rice, Lofton C. Richardson, Oliver J. Riegel, Kermit R. Roberts, Edward H. Robinson, George N. Rodgers, Coleman Rogers, Roger F. PAGE 180 Sartain, Carl C. Sawyer, Charles R. Saxon, John F. Schaller, Harry F. Schlientz, Donald T. Schmitz, Richard C. Sortino, Joseph E. Staffelbach, Harold F Steimle, Wm. A. Steiner, Raymond P. Stephens, Lewis B. Sturdevant, Robert N Taylor, Thomas J. Thomas, Henry R. Thompson, Ansel F. Tipton, Ray A. Tompkins, James C., J Wade, Bernard Waite, Dan W. Waldstein, Milton H. Waldstein, Sinclair Z. Wales, Paul J. Webb, Robert L. Wetzel, Harold E. White, Claude F. D Aldridge John F Allen Lewis C Atkinson cliff Baker ames H Bomar, John Ben Boyce, NV. Craig Brooks, Harvey R. Brown, Cyrus B. Brownell, Edward Bucher, John C. Adamowicz, Marion . , J' . W Callahan, Luther C. Clark, Edward F. Clyatt, John L. Croker, George W. Cully, Oscar D. Cunningham, Jack Curren, Ralph L. Daniel, Kenneth R Deal, William YV. Dominick, Tom B. Ebersole, Charles E Egger, john G. Ellis, Ernest R. Ellis, Oscar G. Evans, john T. JUNIOR CLASS Ferris, William M. Frierson, Machin H. Fuchs, Morton Fullan, joseph W. Gant, Glenn C. Goderre, Cleo R. Good wyn, Gardner F. Gregory, Robert L. Gross, Ralph C. Hammond, William W. Flampton, Virgil H. Higgs, William R. Hill, Ralph O. Hodges, NVillard Hoc kensmith, Harold N. Hubbell, Porter H. Hughes. Auvin Hutki. joseph Jackson, Robert jewert, Louis F. jones, john R. jordan, james W. Kennedy, Raymond F. Lancaster, Belton R. Long, jules H. Lyon, Samuel H. ,I , . . L.. -4 . .. -1934-'35 Malkiewicz, Stanley C. McCarthy, Frank McConnell, Francis H. McCormick, William C. McGehee, Henry T. Mears, Edmund J. Neely, Richard F. Nelson, Victor C. Newman, William C. Neumuller, Robert Norris, Willialm T. Novorny, Milton J. Ogden, Clarence B. Olsen, Albert Osborne, Prime F. Paul, Charles P. Pearson, Walter W. Petro, john Phillips, Monroe Porch, Donald G. Prickett, Samuel L. Rambo, Albert M. Rappaport, David Rhodes, Frank A. Roberts, George E. Rogers, Gordon S. PAGE 181 up BY in Sheff, Bertram N. Sheely, Daniel B. Shupp, Erwin H. Sidor, Leon Simpson, Thomas B. Snyder, Richard G. Stunkard, McClellan F Sturdevant, XVilliam L Sunda, Frank M. Townsend, Kinch P. H Turner, Edward M. Vaiden, Thomas C. Wallace, David W. Walls, Martin L. Ward, Thomas B. Webb, john P. Westervelt, Wm. L. white, John B. Williamson, Temple C. Williams, Peyton W. Williams, Augustus G Woods, Marvin K. Zakrajsek, Anthony J Zakrajsek, Frank J. Zukow, Peter J. OU Q1 AINTAINING its "excellent" rating, the Uni- versity R. 0. T. C. unit this year has been con- tinuing its activities as one of the largest and best units in the country under the administration of Major Edgar H. Underwood, commandant. The unit numbered 1,950, of whom 240 students are classed as cadet officers in that they pursue ad- vanced studies. Those in this latter group are eligi- ble for the commission of a second lieutenant in the Organized Reserve Corps after two years in the ad- vanced course at the University, and one summer at camp. On November 10, General George Van Horn Moseley, commanding the Fourth Corps Area, paid a visit of inspection to the University. Following his review of the unit, he stated in a letter to Dr. Denny that he had been "well pleased with what he saw." Later on in the year the corps put on a spe- cial parade as part of the festivities at the Univer- sity in honor of Italian Ambassador Augusto Rosso, when he visited the campus on March 4. Tradi- tional drills on Homecoming and Armistice Days were performed with precision and orderliness. Rifles and the study of tactics were set aside on the night of December 14, and social activities held sway at the Military Ball. At this time the honor- ary officer sponsors of the brigade and regiments were presented. This year the honors went to Mary Harmon Black, honorary cadet colonel, Lolla Wur- tele, honorary lieutenant-colonel for the Coast Ar- tillery regiment, Grace Mandeville, honorary lieu- tenant-colonel for the Infantry regiment, and Helen Burns, honorary lieutenant-colonel for the Engi- neers regiment. Preceding the dance, Scabbard and Blade, na- tional military organization for advanced students, and Pershing Rifles for basic students, held initia- tions and annual banquets. These two organizations and the Officers' Club are outstanding in Military activities on the campus. The dance itself was a brilliant alfair, and fully upheld its traditional rep- utation of being one of the outstanding social events of the year. Shortly afterwards a special drill was held during which company and battalion sponsors, as well as regimental and brigade sponsors were presented. General Sibert ' General Moseley and Major Underwood ' Cadet Colonel Carl Grant and Honorary Cadet Colonel Mary Harmon Black I Italian Ambassador Rosso and Major Under- -.- wood ' General Moseley reviews the R. O. T. C. unit ' The Grand March, Military Ball. H51 PAGE 182 R MILITA 5.4- QI. ..-rd 2253 K J, iq' 3 , I mix ?'E- Q., I -wh ' 5, ,I I . ,M W 1 1 F' if Ill' -,I K- I .qs I5 Z, IQ IHS M Vi sf E ? ' 1 if -,V w , w fxfh I I""'? rf: I' -I li- f-i .Jeff ,... ,nf is GK? 1.4 JH, gil n ,. .,,,., .AJ Q -an .I ML Q 4? li! rv-f Ji.. -- ,Z 'sm I ' :.. '- .Vw F .. , nz .V-I , , .Ny .. If I .5 wax' an . Isl? ' ' I "M I urn?" Y, , .I ,X 1.1, xi W. I , .,.l at y 5 Q Mn. 3, . Y a - I 3 :- .-In r -T -mv . w Ii :Y Iffefgh I V932 3? Ea gp!! "' - I f- 1 I : 4+ 'e "K-"'?-,Q ' x - I . 'Y 3 -7'5"--.Elf 'nf , 1 ' ..-gg -' Htnllazzm X. Y w P1 I f 4: ,,,1. 4 v 9" ' T-'-I--.. La win ,. - "'-Qi: ,. ' W '. - ' nm, J 4 u I izv U ' I 52 1 gfgf Ig ., , K Ll? i X L. , . 1 kaxfu- M, . I, 1 f , :V ., H FU K- I I ll fr I ,, P , ff: JV! 9 1 '?Q i ' I f , L. I M44 23, 1 ' 35' - 'W A "M ' if w-I 1' 23 I X291 I Q 1 'N ' "'m-I-..f'-di l' - '-Q M5255 H , F-JI' I gl lv! 0 , :sg I .5 VSA .nh Q, 5 - 'gif A- , N., ' ' - i-3 M ' 'ad' lg I lilly I In I -I I I I I U54 lm I I f iv. in ., Ai., A b, ' an F-Ai limit fy ff I I 'AA I f-,.. iw. I A... . . I I In g I III , fl 'I '-V, 'I A I ' , fi ' .- '- . - w 1 ' I ig 'Ia' - Vs -4. 41, 4, . ' . I - ':- .4 'N I' ,- ' 1 1 , f' A-, . , , .,-- , f,,, ' 3 L""v '4' ' . xv Q 4' at Q xg ., - 4 . ' N' . 5. ", 3. , ,ab - . I . f I E 3 A fi .. I I 'm . -. N- , "'-' Y F N. 'I' - . 'li 2 'YQ75 X N . L IN H - ' I fy I 'fiifkfxik -Jil-. - I , 'I I ,, 5 I . I -4 Q4 ' f' M, U' 7' - ' W-N34 f i 'Y 4 3 4 LI, ge 'Hi KW 1 ' - I g, L. I , I , , I ,. lg, 1' r gg, :I l f ff :V .1 A- I I I I A.. 1 'QETII Qu. x PAGE 184 L rg F My C is qi TH eulew W Y' V Y s P l s i ff ,I w ,l I. , 0 MR. BQRDEN BURR The third Book of ithe forty-third volume of the Corolla is dedicated to Borden Burr because of his great interest in the px-romotion of athletics at the University. With three exceptions he has witnessed every Tide football game since his graduation. I T ..- s? -v w f 3 W -7--fx Y 2--i - - 4 --4-+74 - lV'A. 7 I - x Bottom Row. left to right: Gandy, Bryant, Campbell, Lee, H. Walker, Nisbet, Thomas Marr Second Row: Riley, Joe Dildy, Hutson, J. Walker, Frances, Lyons, Baswell, Dlew Third Row: Loeb, Moye, Angelich, Smith, A. White, Peters, Crisp Fourth Row: Rogers, Doughty, Young, Meyer, Boozer, McLeod, Stapp Fifth Row: Marx, Coleman, Jim Dildy. Burnum, Kirkland, Sheridan E RERS OFFICERS CHARLES MARK . . . Preszderzt BOB ED MORROW . . Vice-Prcszdcnt CHARLES STAPP . . Secretary JIMMY COLEMAN Treasurer ED MAUMENEE JAMES WADDELL IKALPH GANDY JIM DILDY JOE DILDY TILDEN CABIPBELL BEN BASVUELL DONALD HUTSON JAMES ANGELICH KERMIT RIEGEL KAVANAUGH FRANCIS PAUL BRYANT RILEY SMITH JAMES WALKER LEE ROGERS B'HO KIRKLAND BILL LEE DAVID COCHRANE MELVIN BECK MAX JACKSON PETE FLEMING MOSE SWAIM PAGE 159 JAMES WHATLEY BEN MCLEOD DAVE MEYER HILMAN WALKER SAM FRIEDMAN CHARLES BOUSKA JOHN HUNDERTb1ARK FRANK SCALZI PIAMP LYONS JOE RILEY LAMAR MOYE BUBBER NISBET WILLARD SHERIDAN RUSSELL FISCHER ARTHUR WHITE BILL PETERS BILL YOUNG HUCO MARX YOUNG BOOZER BILL DOUGHTY BILL LOEB MILLARD HOWELL I I COACH HANK CRISP Athletic Director By MELVIN ISRAEL Athletic Editor LABAMA,S outstanding achieve- ments on theg athletic field of battle are due to the presence of a brilliant group of coaches. They are tops in the coaching profession. Frank Thomas, one of the star pu- pils of the late Knute Rockne, has carried on at the Capstone in a man- ner strikingly similar to the greatest of all football mentors. During his four-year reign here the rotund head grid instructor has seen his teams lose only four games. His unceasing ef- forts were rewarded With conference championships in 1933 and 1934. On January 1, 1935 he realized an am- bition that every coach dreams about when his Crimson Tide defeated Stanford in the Rose Bowl to be ac- claimed national I champions. A keen student of lfootball, plus a disposition that endears him to every- one, stamps him as the ideal coach. One of the most sought after coaches in the country, Alabama was fortu- nate when he signed a contract to di- ALABAMAS COACH FRANK THOMAS Head Foofball Corzcb rect the grid destinies of the Crim- son Tide for five more years. Exceptional athletic directors are rarities, but again Alabama comes forward with a man who is widely acclaimed for his ability in handling the multitude of tasks connected with this position-Hank Crisp. His supervision of the various branches of athletics and the athletes as well has attracted nation-wide attention. As assistant football coach his strong lines have made gridiron history. Since assuming the position as head basketball mentor he has brought two conference titles to the campus. This year he is directing the fortunes of the baseball team, and at the pres- ent writing appears headed for an- other winner in this sport. Those whose privilege it has been to asso- ciate with Hank are instantly im- pressed with his business-like, yet so-human attitude that reaches to the heart. P PAGE 190 1 CCAC!-IING STAFF One of the most capable and likeable fellows ever to serve Alabama is Harold "Red', Drew assistant football coach and head track men- tor. Formerly assistant to Thomas at Chatta- nooga University this great partnership was re- sumed when the latter brought Drew to Ala- bama in 1931. Under his tutelage the Crimson Tide has enjoyed the presence of one of the St1'O11gCSt squads of ends in the country, topped off last fall by the selection of Don Hutson on numerous All-American teams. He has placed track on an unprecedented plane of success since casting his lot at the Capstone, and this year has developed a squad that is conceded more than a fair chance of dethroning L. S. U. His decision to accept a new five-year contract assures Alabama of fine teams for a few more years at least. Perhaps the most difficult task in the coach- ing profession is that of directing freshman ath- letics. In addition to requiring an unusual ex- ecutive ability, thorough knowledge of every sport is essential. These qualifications are used to fine advantage by Paul Burnum, whose handling of freshman sports has brought him 3 .N-. widespread fame. It is a result of his rare abili- ty to instill the fundamentals and fine points of athletics into the first year men that make them ready for varsity competition without a great deal of attention from the varsity mentors. Alabama admirers will be glad to learn that he, too, has agreed to remain for five more years. Producing a championship baseball team in his first year at the helm, and turning out three All-American guards within a two-year period on the football field, B. "Ears" Whit- worth stamped himself as one of the outstand- ing young coaches in the country. Quick to re- alize his ability, L. S. U. grabbed him off with a fine contract to take charge of freshman ath- letics. His loss is a regrettable one, but the greatest of success is wished him in his new po- sition. The polish and finesse displayed by the Crimson Tide are due in part to the capable in- dividual instruction given by John Cain, B'H0 Kirkland, and Jim Dildy, former Tide stars, who round out one of the smartest coaching staffs in the nation. Left to right: Drew, Whitworth, Burnum, Cain, Dilrly Kukland .1-T .fm V . +1 A g A IA, i 'ia ., -1 ii l T. I 'A' "Y0u'rc' Dixicfs Football Pride, CYil7ZS0l1' Tide!" Sweeping aside all opponents with remark- able ease Alabama added its sixth conference title within the last eleven years, and topped off this brilliant performance with a spectacu- lar aerial victory over Stanford in the Rose Bowl to be declared national champions. It was a foregone conclusion prior to the opening of the season that the Crimson eleven would again be a major factor in the confer- ence race, but it was not so certain that the title won in 1933 would be defended successfully. Howard College, who held a strong Missis- sippi State team to a one-touchdown victory a week before, provided more than the usual warm-up affair for the season opener, but the Thomasmen managed to push across a touch- down in each quarter for a comfortable victory. A night game with Sewanee was next on the card, but a heavy downpour caused the post- ponement of the contest to the following after- noon when the Purple Tiger was engulfed un- der a barrage of passes and long runs. RSI Anticipating a hard-fought battle with Mississippi State the Crimson Tide surprised the South with a devastating offensive attack that left the Maroons reeling at the end of the game. This win served admirably to put the Tide in a highly confident frame of mind for the all-important game with Tennessee the follow- ing week. Although failing to function as smoothly as was expected the Tennessee threat was overcome handily, and once more the name "Alabama,' loomed large at the top of the con- ference heap. Spurred on by the vanquishing of this greatly feared foe the Red Warriors reached peak form in easily vaulting its second strong opponent in a row-Georgia. With these two obstacles overthrown that stood out so boldly in the Tideis path to the throne Alabama began to realize its magnifi- cent power. Kentucky, Clemson, Georgia Tech, and Van- derbilt were slaughtered under the relentless of- fensive attack engineered by the Crimsons who piled up a total of 287 points during the sea- son to take first place in this department among the major colleges of the Country. Five or more PAGE 192 NATIONAL CI-IAMPICDNS A TILDEN CAMPBELL ALTERNATE CAPTAIN Tilden's leadership proved a valuable cog in the Tide's success. Carrying on when Lee was not in the line-up, Happy kept the team at its fighting peak. touchdowns were scored in each of the last four games. Then came Stanford's invitation to play in the Rose Bowl. Eighty-five thousand fans were stunned by the most sensational aerial attack ever witnessed in a Tournament of Roses con- test. And thus it was that the Tide enhanced an unmarred record on the Pacific Coast to com- plete the greatest season in Alabama football history. BILL LEE CAPTAIN An All-American tackle and an All-American cap- tain. The Crimson Tidc has never had a more inspired captain and a greater lcacl- er than Captain Lee. The first-string forward wall was one of the most powerful both offensively and defensive- ly that the South has ever seen. But perhaps the outstanding feature of the 1934 team was its deceptive and varied attack. When it be- came difficult to gain yardage by running the Crimsons resorted to an aerial attack that has already gone down in the sport annals as one of the greatest of all times. PAGE 193 JEFF COLEMAN JAMES COLEMAN A L A B A M A Busmcss Manager Secretary OTWITHSTANDING the loss through gradu- ation of such grid luminaries as Frank Moseley, Erskine Walker, Howard Chappell, and Buck Hughes in the backfieldg Jim Dildy, Tom Hupke, and B'Ho Kirkland in the line, all of Whom received sectional or national honors, Coach Thomas and his aides were blessed with the return of a veteran nucleus from which to mold another champion team. Millard Howell, climax runner, punter and passer par excellence, Bill Lee, a great tackle, Kay Francis and Joe Dildy, centers, Charlie Marr and Bob Ed Morrow, guardsg and Don Hutson, Ralph Gandy, Jimmy Walker, and Paul Bryant, flashy ends, composed the key men returning last fall. Supplementing this group were Joe Demyan- ovich, who developed into the peer of Southern fullbacksg Riley Smith, Tilden Campbell, Lee Rogers and Temple Williamson, quarterbacksg Ben McLeod, Young Boozer, Charlie Stapp, Roy White, and Ruby Rohrdanz, halfbacks. The sophomore backfield contenders were Bubber Nisbet, LeRoy Goldberg, and Joe Riley. jim Whatley, Ben Baswell, Arthur McGahey, Angelo Danelutti were returning linemen pushed for their positions by such first-year men as Bill Peters, Tarzan White, Bill Young, Hamp Lyons, Hunky Dahlcamp, Jim Ryba, and Joe Shepherd. Ellis, Moye, and Tipton rounded out the group of centers. The 1934 season marked the disappearance of the old Alabama-type of behemoth football team. Under the Notre Dame system a niftier, faster, and brisker athlete prevailed, albeit the men were still big, with the line averaging close to 200 pounds. Perhaps the outstanding feature of the squad was the zeal with which the boys mastered their assignments, resulting in keen competition. Discipline played an important role along with brilliant coaching to give the Tide its gridiron prestige. PAG E 194 First Row Back: Young, Radford, Coffman, Bryant Moye, Walker, McGahey, Whatley, Keller, Marr, Hutson Francis, Freedman Second Row: Dildy, Smith, Lyon, Morrow, Baswell Ellis, Dobbin, Sneed, White, Tipton, Rohrdanz, Nesbit Scott, Stacy Third Row: Ryba, Gandy. McDanal, Howell, Boozer utti, White, Peters, Grilfin Fourth Row: Rogers, Bludworth, Davidson, Granger Statt, Taylor, Mgr. Marx, McLeod, Williamson, Goldberg Thompson, Riley, Shepherd M. E. NUNN 1934 SQUAD A S E A Alabama .... Alabama .... Alabama .,.. Alabama .,.. Alabama .... Alabama .... Alabama .,., Alabama .... Alabama ALABAMA S Publicify Director RECORD Howard . ,,......... .......... Sewanee .....,.................... Mississippi State ............ Tennessee . .............,...... S. Georgia ..,... Kentucky .,,..... Clemson ....,.... ,..... Georgia Tech ......... Vanderbilt STANFORD 3, F , Q 1 I AN D 0 6 0 6 6 14 0 0 0 13 NICHOLS Caoolc GREENLEAF HEAD CHEERLEADER, Mizia HARPER THE CHEERLEADERS PAGE 195 v Cochrane, Capt. Lee, Campbell, Angelich, Walker, Danel: n L A -- .. it 15' Robrrlzmz goes for an eight yurd gain BY MELVIN ISRAEL ALABAMA- Mustering one scoring punch in each period the Crimson Tide opened its historic season with a 24-0 victory over HOWARD "Shorty,' Propst's Howard Bulldogs. The first score came four minutes after the game was underway when Howell took the ball across the last marker. Joe Rileey was responsible for the sec- ond touchdown, slipping over right tackle after a sustained drive. Again in the third quarter Riley carried the major portion of the drive, receiving assistance in this and the fourth quarter from Demyanovich, Bryant and Howell. As a whole the offense lacked precision and the blocking was below stan- dard. ALABAMA- Writing another paradox into gridiron annals, the Thomasmen routed State 41-0 despite the fact that MISSISSIPPI STALE the Maroons registered 14 first downs to Alabamzfs 10. The Tide attack was led by Young Boozer, a galloping halfback. He was ably aided by Jimmy Angelich, Riley Smith, joe Demyanavich, and Bear Bryant, each making a touchdown. f Qi' , 3, .,. F A tie JIMMY ANGELICH, HALFBACK Hammond, Ind.: Weight, 168: Age, 21: Junior: Height, 5 ft. 9 in. Boozer made two beautiful runs of 80 ggi, and 70 yards. The Wlllle Sl'l0Wi1'lg JOE DEMYANOQ'ICH, FULLBACK ii improvement over Howard game was de- Bayonne N J . Weirht 187, A e A gi Vel0PiHg Slowly- za: senibrfuiiigm, 5Lfti 10 iii. g ' K w T 'l 'l .., 'WYE ALABAMA, Unable to withstand the power of the Crimson SEWANEE Tide in their renewal of an ancient gridiron rivalry after a RILEY SMITH, QUARTERBACK Greenwood, Miss.: Weight, 197: Age, 22: Junior: Height, 6 ft. 1 in. PAGE 196 DIXIE HOWELL, HALFBACK Hartford, Ala.: Weight, 160: Age 2: Senior: Height, 5 ft. 11 m. '. 'X la be ,, . Q - .fiillll I' Y I I , Zzz k,W,,igg,ii,,: MM. 1 -3 my gi-fi BILL LEE, fCAPTAINJ TACKLE PAUL BRYANT, END Fordyce, Ark.: Weight, 191: Aire, 20: Junior: Height, G ft. IV, in. two-year lapse, a gallant band of Sewanee Tigers were smothered under an offensive display that netted a victory. Coach Thomas employed 29 men, not including the in- jured Campbell, Riley, and Stapp, in defeating Sewanee by a score of 35-6. Starting on Sewanee's' 33, Angelich picked up seven yards, Dernyanovich seven, and Howell passed to Angelich for 10 more to place the ball on the nine, from where Howell scored. The second marker came when Angelieh ran 23 yards with an intercepted pass. In the third quarter Howell broke away for 61 yards and a touchdown on the prettiest run of the day. Boozer, Demyanovich and Moye nego- tiated the last two scores. McLeod, Rohrdanz, White, Moye, and Smith turned in creditable performances along with Howell, Angelich, Lee, Hutson, and Bryant. The Tide running attack appeared somewhat smoother, but still far from peak form. Eutaw, A'a.: Weight, 222: Age, 22: Senior: Height, 6 ft, 2 in. BOB TED MORROW, GUARD Planlersville, Ala.: Weight, 1885 Age, 23: Senior: Height, 5 ft. 11 in. ALABAMA- Approximately 20,000 people at Legion TENNESSEE Field in Birmingham saw Alabama be- come the first team to beat a Neyland- coached Tennessee eleven twice in succession. The Crim- son play never gave the impression that they were at peak form in taking the 13-6 verdict. The end-around play had more to do with Alabama's offense upsetting the Vols than anything else, Hutson and Bryant running like veteran backs. It was late in the first quarter when the first touchdown march began. With the ball on the Vol 46, and third down, Howell faked a punt and passed to Hutson for a gain of 30 yards. Demyanovich plowed over for the score. Tennessee came back before the half was over to knot the count when Vaughan passed to Palmer, and Craig bucked it over from the two-yard line. In the third quarter Alabama picked up 23 yards and the ball on an exchange of punts. From the Tennessee 22 Hutson traveled six yards on the end-around, took a lg l' .-. v ,I . ' , . 4 iAu....u-.-nl Howell skirts the and for a jirst down PAG E 197 KAVANAUGH FRANCIS, CENTER Timpson, Tex.: Weight, 191: Age, 21: Junior: Height, 6 ft. '.if"Y ff sy, ii, - Qvri ii" ' shim rs' "ui 1 . ' 1. A w --'aa' CHARLIE MARR, GUARD JAMES WHATLEY, TACKLE Pine Bluff, Ark.: Weight, 2145 Age, Alexander City, Ala.: Weight, 2077 24: Senior: Height. 6 fc. Age, 20: Junior: Height, 6 fc. 4 in. pass from Joe Riley for 9 more, and fairly sizzled as he tore off the remain- ing distance on another end-around finishing up by a magnificent dive over the goal line. Smith converted and Alabama resorted to il defensive game. Riley Smith called a great game with some of the fmest quarterbacking seen in years. Howell was superb in punting, passing, and running. Bill Lee lived up to his reputation as a great tackle, Charlie Marr played like an All- American guard, and Joe Demyanovich blocked viciously and ran like a charging bull. ' ALABAMA- Georgia caught the full GEORGIA Alabama explosion of ter- rific tackling, line-cl1arg- ing, blocking, and the cunning of Millard Howell's touchdown maneuvers in losing to the Crimson Tide's greatest eleven, 26-6. The DON HUTSON, END Pine Bluff, Ark.: Weight, 189: Age, 23: Senior :Height, 6 ft. 5 W n Q' win , H , aw ' 5' i i We J. wg, ii. ii if it-is ce ' ii "WF gli - '11 1 ,V 1' J- el-f I -H 3 ,Mifj - re," M , jg gi ning' We i it 7.235 Qi, .Ernie ,limp I Qin, i gifs' ,--4 e -2: N 5-5,,':,,i.,.eQ.." If fu. it YOUNG BOOZER, HALFBACK Dothan, Ala.: Weight, 166: Age. 20: Sophomore: Height, 5 ft. 10 in. mt Morrow throws the Af ' enemy for a 2- yard loss PAGE 198 B1 H utson on Ibn' curl nrouml and for twelve yards score in no way reflected the fury of the Red Juggernaut, nor its fine cohesion and smart play. Howell dashed 41 yards for the hrst score and climaxed a 61yard drive with another touchdown dash in the second period. jimmy Angelich hung up the third score on a 38- yard sprint, and Demyanovich bucked the last touchdown across from the two-yard line after Gandy had recovered a punt that Whatley partially blocked. Ralph McGill, writing in the Atlanta Constitution, said of the Tide: "lt was a red terror which stalked . . . a red octopus which seemed to have arms everywhere the Georgians ran . . . a team with the greatest line play which the South has seen in years. This team from Tus- caloosa is as good a team as the South has ever seen." Zipp Newman, in the Birmingham News, wrote: "Few lines in the history of Southern football have played any greater game than the Alabama forward wall . . ," III! Alabama left much to be desired in beating Tennessee, but no coach could have asked a Hner drilled team in foot- ball fundamentals, grid finesse, and spirit, than that shown by the Red Regiment against Georgia. ALABAMA- Kentucky's Homecoming was ruined KENTUCKY by a powerful offensive display on the part of Alabama's Red Regiment as they rolled up a 34-14 win. The Wildcats looked for sheer power, but again a brilliant passing attack was responsible for much of the movement toward Kentucky's goal line. Howell and Riley electrified the crowd with long spirals which the ends gathered in on the dead fun. Six passes were completed out of eight attempted for a total gain of 188 yards. Howell played but ten minutes of the game, handling the ball seven times for an average gain of 8 yards a try. '1'II.DIiN CAMPBELL, QUAnT'BAcK Pine Bluff, Ark.: Weight, 185: Age, 24: Senior: Height, 5 ft. 9 in. PAGE 199 n 1 CLARENCE ROHRDANZ, FULLB,K Harvey, Ill.: Weight, 176: Age, 223 L Junior: Height, 6 ft. Bryant attempting to snag a pass He threw four passes and completed three of them. The end-around play accounted for the first score five minutes after the game started. Beginning on Kentucky's 42-yard line Howell tossed to Hutson for 22 yards, and a couple of plays later Hutson ran the last nine yards on the end-around. Jim Whatley partially blocked a punt to open the path to the second touchdown drive starting on the Wildcat 42. Howell passed to Angelich for 15, then ran 26 more to the three yard line from where Camp- bell scored on a quarterback sneak. Joe Riley set the stage for the third score when he re- turned a punt 23 yards to Kentucky's 43. Demyanovich alternated with Riley in carrying the ball to the 16, Riley dashing the remaining distance for the score. Charlie Stapp, Angelich, and Demy later took the ball and worked it to the 11 yard line, Bear Bryant scoring on the end- around. Late in the game Riley passed 25 yards to Boozcr who ran nine more for the final touchdown. Thomas removed his regulars from the gamee early in the second half and the Wildcats scored twice, one on a scintillating 69-yard run by Man-O-War Johnson. ALABAMA- Alabama continued its devastating CLEMSON march to national honors by trouncing Jess Neely's Clemson Tigers 40-0, bc- fore a large Home-coming Day crowd in Denny Stadium. Joe RILEY, HALFBACK JIM WALKER, END Dothan, Ala.: Weight, 156: Age, Holt, Ala-5, Weighjl. 1331 Age, 221 19: Sophomore: Height, 5 ft. 9 in. Junior: Height. 5 fl PAG E 200 l l 1. .i ' 1 i 'T -1 .,. , ' 1 . Vik ab K ,- -. L Y. Mi g ' 'I , ,2 Q W ,mfg ip.. .31 will Wit - 3' i snqfii w,' a i... . k .fu 1 HA M., .MP ugfsilf. ii xx gy WILLIAM YOUNG, TAClil.lfi Little Rock, Ark.: Weight, 205: BILL PETERS, GUARD Hammond, Ind.: Weight, 189: Age, JOE DIfLD?', CENTER Nashville, Ark.: Weight, 201: Age, Age. 19: Sophomore: Height, 6 ft. 21: Sophomore: Height, 5 ft. 11 in. 22: Senior: Height, 6 ft 2 in 1 in. i 1 l Clemson had a fine, battling eleven, but the smooth- working Thomas team seemed to gain momentum as the game progressed. Three full teams were employed in the massacre. Don Hutson strengthened his bid for All-American honors snaring six passes for n gain of 83 yards, two for touchdowns. "Dixie" Howell teamed with Hutson to put on a real show for the old grads. He punted for an average of 47 yards in addition to running and passing the Tigers groggy. The first score came when Howell dashed 32 yards, Angelich 20 more, and Hutson slipped over the goal line to take a bullet-like toss from "Dixie", After the kick- off Alabama plowed to the one-yard line from where Smith countered on a quarterback srreak. Howell com- pleted three passes to Hutson good for 58 yards and a touchdown in the next scoring drive, Boozer personally accounted for the fourth touchdown with a 27-yard sprint, and Howell slipped off tackle for an eight-yard touchdown jaunt a moment later. joe Riley scored the last marker after a great 70-yard return of a punt by dashing 18 yards around end. Riley Smith's blocking and extra point conversion con- tinued to be outstanding. . . :lac ' " if ' Hina' . l 4,,-v If TARZAN WHITE, GUARD Atmore. Ala.: Weight, 206: Age, 19: Sophomore: Height, 5 ft. 7 in. i W. l - I Angelicla on a left-cud run gets loose' for fourfem yards PAGE 201 ll I. BEN BASXVELL, TACKLE I X il - Pell City, Ala.: Weight, 212: Age, 23: Senior: Height, 6 ft. in ami' N iizil L , Ni , t " will Xia JAMES NISBET, FULLBACK Bainbridge, Ga.: Weight, 174: Age, Hutton 1m1kex I1 ioucbdown ALABAMA- Inspired by the presence of a great crowd who invaded GEORGIA TECH Grant Field to witness the antics of a much-heralded Crimson Tide, Alabama staged its greatest touchdown parade across a Georgia Tech goal line in 33 years by rolling up a 40-0 victory. It was the largest score in the history of the series. It was a smashing, brilliant performance featured by the amazing passing skill of "Dixie" Howell and the sparkling pass-snatching of the daring Don Hutson. With the additional aid of Joe Riley on the firing end and Bryant and Angelich on the receiving end, the Tide completed 12 out of 23 passes for a total of 183 yards. The Yellow Jackets employed an eight-man line which stopped the Crim- son running attack cold, but the versatility of the resourceful Thomas ma- chine completely routed the Atlanta outfit. An impenetrable line refused to allow the Jackets to rush the passers. Howell set the stage for the Hrst touchdown with a return of a punt to the Tech 35-yard line. Angelich stepped 12 yards, Howell tossed to Hutson for a first down, and Demyanovich rammed across the score. In the second quarter Howell returned a punt 35 yards to a touchdown on a beautiful weaving run. A few minutes later Demy intercepted a pass on Tech's 45. Boozer picked up five, and then Howell passed 25 yards to Hutson for the third marker. Riley Smith pulled a quarterback sneak for the fourth score in the third period after Howell had passed to Hutson 18 yards, had picked up 12 on a run, and Hutson and ryant had worked the end-around for a first down on the six-yard line. Bryant intercepted a pass to pave the way for the fifth touchdown, Howell passing to Hutson for 11 yards before dashing over left tackle for the score. The final touchdown came when Young recovered a Tech Tumble on the 17, and Riley passed to Gandy over the goal line. Alabama rolled up sixteen first downs in that slaughter. The end play of Hutson, Bryant, Walker, and Gandy was great. Francis, Marr, Morrow, Lee, Young, Peters, and Baswell were outstandng in the line, while Howell, Riley, Boozer, Angelich, Smith, and Demyanovich demonstrated how a backfield should function. It was the second successive 40-0 win for the Thomasmen. ALABAMA- Twenty-four thousand fans at Legion Field in Birmingham VANDERBILT and saw the most resourceful and the greatest of all Ala- bama teams sweep to a startling 34-0 victory over the last McGuin-coached Vanderbilt eleven. Millard Howell in his last gridiron performance in the South played the greatest game of his colorful career in lead- ing Alabama to its most decisive win over Vandy in 32 years. He punted for an everage of 40 yards, returned punts for 20, Sophomore: Height, 5 ffl- 9 in' HILMAN WALKER, END Hattiesburg, Miss.: Weight, 173: Age, 22: Junior: Height, 6 ft. PAGE 202 gm lri The cncnzy misses a pass PAGE 203 ga , m,,H . ,av 'lw' 1 . ,, ARTHUR MC GAHIEY, TACKLE RALPH GANDY, END Columbus, Miss.: Weight, 211: Age, Ensley, Ala.: Weight, 175: Age, 24: 22: Junior: Height, 6 ft. 2 in. Senior: Height, 6 ft. 'I a gain of 124 yards, netted 162 yards at the ends, and passed for a gain of 32 yards, being responsible alto- gether for the amazfng total of 318 yards. Only eleven plays were required to produce the first two touchdowns. Howell started the Tide rolling with a 20-yard sweeep around left end, touching olf a 65-yard drive. Angelich, on the Corkscrew play, skipped 40 yards to the five-yard line, and after Demyanovich picked up two on a plunge, jimmy slipped off left tackle for the score. Smith converted. A 63-yard march, filled with blinding deception, was started by Angelich on a 15-yard dash through the line. Demy and Howell made first dow nin two plays, Bryant added nine on the end-around, and Howell, with Smith leading the interference, sped 21 around right end for the touchdiwn. Dixie paved the way for the third marker in the second quarter with a 42-yard return of a punt. Demyanovich bucked it across. In the third quarter Angelich intercepted a pass and raced 70 yards for the fourth marker. The Crimson power was again put on in the iinal pe- riod with a 76-yard march, Howell reeling off runs of 24 and 9 before stepping the last 15 for the touchdown. Thomas took him out immediately and he left the field to the deafening roar of 24,000 people who stood en masse and gave him an ovation. He had given Legion field its greatest one-man show. ,-agv., tts- ., x,, I "'Q -r-,. 2 wg. LAMAR MOYE, CENTER Decatur, Ala.: Weight, 192: Age, 20: Sophomore: Height, 6 ft. 1 in. 5. H N . ,,,,- t t aww , .4 T-gaijffwi A "Mawr, : " im' M' 5 QE? Y'i'i 7 -53221 is li ' ""' fries T firm-315 - img W ' , L W' i 'LJ age ,ili 'Www j H 1 Illll fllll 1 i liiiii 1 Tl-IE HUGO MARX Senior Manager EFORE any team can be a champion, it must be strong in reserves. The day of Alabama's "Thin Red Line" is gone but not forgotten. Although the 1934 National Champions had All-American stars whose names were flashed across the sports pages of the dailies, they likely would not have experienced such glory without that one indispensable factor-reserve strength. The starting eleven was supported by reserves almost as strong offensively and defensively as the varsity. In reserve strength Alabama was probably bet- ter than ever before. To pause for just a moment, it might be well to repeat the statement made by the Stanford team preceding the Crimson Ticle's invasion of the West Coast. "Why have subs?" asked the so-called 'team without a weakness'. Alabama's Rose Bowl exhibition of stars and reserves was the answer. Although the Redshirts, the term applied to those men who fail to make the Varsity, were not scheduled for regulation games, they scrimmaged the varsity in daily practice sessions. Running enemy plays was the chief task of these tireless trojans who worked as a unit for the success of the Tide. It must always be borne in mind that the reserves of yesterday become the stars of tomorrow. So gloom should not fill the air around Denny Stadium next season when the 1935 team trots out to "carry on" for Alabama and Dixie. The reserve ends were capable performers. Keller, Scott, and Vic Rogers are highly regarded as future mainstays of the varsity at the end posts. Radford, Lyon, Ryba, and Coffman were itackles who looked unusually good, and are banked on for varsity duty in '35. The most promising guards uncovered were Dahlkamp, Danelutti, Shepherd, and Stacey. Ellis and Tipton were the outstanding centers. An abundance of excellent material was found in the reserve and Redshirt ranks: Williamson, Granger, and Goldberg, quarterbacksg Stapp, Taylor, White, McLeod, Griffin, W'ilkins, and Thompson, halfbacksg and Rohrdanz and Cochrane, fullbacks. These players will greatly contribute to the success of next seasonis varsity, and are being adjusted to the operations of the Crimson Tide and its successful Notre Dame system. The 1934 reserves were rewarded for their steady daily maneuvers by aid- ing their more heralded teammates to sweep over the Stanford Indians at Pasadena on New Year's Day. 1 PAGE 204 QESERVES 1 ' - ' , ,. - ' mix ' .' ' 1 "U . 'Y-M :,,', McL1:on LYON KELLER RADFORD COFFMAN BLUDWORTH WILLI XNISON WHITE STAPP GRIFFIN DAHLKAMP RYBA Cocx IRANI2 GRANGER GOLDBERG ELLIS KESSLER DANELUTTI .gf PAGE 205 ' as l ,n m,,,4l Nf l f f I, l CAPTAIN BILL LEE All-American Tackle ' 2 MILLARD HOWELL All-American Halfbaclc DON HUTSON All-American Encl ALIFORNIA,S famed Rose Bowl, in which every football team aspires to play, was jammed with 85,000 rabid football fans from all over the nation. The Stanford Indians, heralded as the strongest team ever developed on the coast -"A team Without a weakness"-were confi- dent of placing the first defeat on Alabama's spotless Pacific Coast record. The true strength of the Crimson Tide was still somewhat in doubt despite its great record compiled during the regular season. Stanford was staked to a seven-point lead in the first part of the game but it was short lived as the Red Juggernaut proceeded to put on the greatest passing attack ever seen in the Tourna- ment of Roses spectacle. Interspersed in this dazzling aerial circus was a brilliant 67-yard touchdown dash engineered behind perfect blocking by Millard Howell, the perfect back. Twenty-two points were tallied in such rapid- fire order that the breath of the spectators was taken away. Sports authorities hailed this scoring spree as the most scintillating performance in gridiron history. Each team counted another touch- down in the last half, but the damaging second quarter proved too much for the Indians, and the Crimson Tide flowed on to another nation- al title. Further proof of Alabama's superiority was the selection of three members of the team on the Various All-American picks-"Dixie" How- ell, Don Hutson, and Bill Lee. In addition Charlie Marr, Joe Demyanovich, Young Boozer, Paul Bryant, and Riley Smith were accorded honorable mention. Every member of the first team received sectional recognition. The squad as a Whole was acclaimed nationally as true champions. PAGE 206 CRIM ON Howard Jones congratu- lating Frank Thomas on his All-Americans ' The Riss- man trophy ' The Rose Bowl, New Year's Day, Ala- bama versus Stanford. and eighty-five thousand fans ' The two captains, C. C. Snule and Bill Lee ' The kick-off ' Running signals in California ' Moscrip throws Howell for a loss I Dixie Howell making Ala- bama's first touchdown. ,JL . . ,lf PAGE 207 TIDE ANNEXES THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP .1 I . !f ll V l ' N - ,il 'x - IQ, -H' il Avila' ai Je.. "tw .:,..M.l '.:.' 'Q' f' 2'-1-qw -- :'. . '..-ii 4 sex l J I 1 I x qi LQ x , 1 ' , x rx x N lvlvllrlfk-'ig tl X Kliqli x .J ,fr . . Q, .L ' .l "WM-i' ,CW 5'51Ql-:?lT3fF.5.3A' c' . :I , -4 . mfmiv. xg-N r l l Alabama boys at War- ners' studio party ' Gail Patrick gets a break I' Dr. Denny accepts the trophy ' Mr. Nunn, the publicity director ' Sliip Ahoy for the U. S. fS. New Mexico ' Winnie Shaw attracts the caip- tain ' The Homecoming ' The Crimson Tide rid- ing the waves ' Dick Powell and Bama's foot- ballers from Arkansas ' Captain Soule greets Dr. Moore ' On board the U. S. S. New Mexico. PAGE 203 REMINISCENCE TANFORD takes a 7-0 lead in the first quarter . . . The Red Juggernaut breaks ,loose in the second period to score 22 points in 13 minutes .... Howell passes to Hutson, Bryant, and Angelich to work the ball up to the five- yard line from where he spins and slashes his way across the goal line . . . Riley Smith kicks a field goal to put Alabama ahead . . . Howell dashes 67 yards to another touchdown . . . Hutson scores after a beautiful catch of Howell's long pass . . . Joe Riley passes S9 yards to Hutson for the last score in the fourth period. Pacific Coast sportswriters comment on the memorable battle: Braven Dyer, Los Angeles Times: "The Red Regiment eclipsed the sensa- tional performances of other Alabama teams . . . No better back ever stepped on the Rose Bowl turf than the fleet Dixie Howell, and the pass catching of Hutson equalled anything this annual game has ever proclucedf' Bill Henry, Times: "Twenty-two points . . . in that one amazing jam- boree . . . It was the most spectacular scoring spree in Rose Bowl history . . S HOWELL TO .......,..,....,.,.....,,..,...,.. .,..,.,,,..,.........,.,,.,,,..i..,. .,.,....,...,.i,.,,.,.........,......,.........,,..........,,........ . . . .Q QLOIIM 2, or Rose Bowl. Mark Kelley, the Examiner: "Open that page once more in the book of football revelations and add under these names: "Dorais to Rocknc, Wfyman to Bastian, Friedman to Oosterbaan, those of HOXVELL TO HUTSON, and let che last stay in capital letters because it should top the list." Maxwell Stiles, Examiner: " . . . second quarter the most amazing 15 minutes of stream-lined, mile-a-minute football in Rose Bowl history . . . Fd bet on 'em against Minnesota, the Chicago Bears, any Notre Dame or Southern California team or any other team I ever saw". Neil McDonald, Post-Record: "There have been great Alabama teams but none to touch that aggregation . . . Alabama is the national champion this year and this regardless of any awards made to either Minnesota or Stanford . . . Frank Thomas is the acc coach in the country . . . Alabama team was the greatest ever to play in the Rose Bowl". av mam? X .MHUTSON xg! . lGai1 Patrick and Ala- bagma's All Americans ' Jeff Coleman and Cap- tain C. C. Soule ' Mess- erb Anderson and Riss- man, trophy donors ' Mfr. and Mrs. Johnnie Mack Brown, Alahama's cheer leaders ' Frank Thomas, Joe E. Brown, and Howard Jones all smiles ' Bill almost de- cigles to become an ac- tor ' Joe, Frank, and Howard talking it over ' Francis sings at War- ner Brothers' studio par- ty ' Captain Lee and Coach Thomas mingle with movie celebrities ' Whatlfly and Gail Patrick ' Dr. Durret. Captain Soule, and Bill Lee. l li PA G E 209 BASKETBALL AT By WALTER BOGART LABAMA,S Southeastern Conference basketball title defenders, minus the services of three 1934 stars-Kim- brough, Connaster, and Bauman, expe- rienced an unusually successful season. Not only did the loss of these players cost the Crimsons their chance of re- peating, but the late start due to the Rose Bowl football game had much to do with the Tide's failure to function as the title-winners of last season. Walker, Whatley, McLeod, Angelich, Rohrdanz, and Keller were members of the squad who made the California trip and later rushed into the cage sea- son without much practice. Playing the first four games without a single prac- tice session handicapped the Crimsons considerably. But Coach Hank Crisp developed a fast and smootl1-function- ing quint which triumphed nine times and suffered defeat eight times. Olsen's Swedes, professional club, opened the season at the University Gym eking out a 35-32 win. Homeward bound from the West Coast after smashing the Stanford In- dians, the Crimson Tide stopped over in New Orleans to make its 1935 S. E. C. debut by sweeping over the Tulane Greenies, 24 to 12 and 31 to 26 in a duo of contests. Scoring a field goal in the closing minutes of their first tilt of the sea- son, the L. S. U. Tigers took a close de- cision from Alabama in the Crimson's third con- ference game 34-32, played at Baton Rouge. Jimmy Walker led the Tide's scoring attack. Although Whatley and Walker, All-Southeast- ern stars, counted 15 and 10 points respective- ly, the Crimson also dropped their second game to the Tigers by a two-point margin. Alabama's brilliant six-year home record in the Conference was kept intact when the Ole Miss team invaded and lost a twin bill to the Crimsons. Walker scored 29 points in the se- ries and led the Tide to its 48th consecutive vic- tory on the Capstoneis hardwood. But the next week-end saw the Vanderbilt Commodores write basketball history when they dealt the Tide its first collegiate setback on the home court in six years. Plasman, tally- '-B l rt 2 7 M 3 X p,,,, , HANK CRISP BASKETBALL COACH ing 12 points, fostered the 34-33 Commodore victory. . Alabama's annual struggle with the Ken- tucky Wildcats came next in Birmingham. Out to avenge themselves after dropping the title to Alabama last season, the Blue Grass team were pressed to win 33-26, with Leroy Edwards accounting for 21 points. With Big Jim Whatley and Jimmy Walker pacing the shooters, the Crispmen defeated the University of Tennessee, 45 to 29, on the home floor. This victory was followed by the defeat of the Florida Gators 27-25, as a result of a last minute rally. What1ey's 10 points accounted for the triumph. PAGE 210 'tvs Back Row: Bouska. Mcheucl. Whatley, Sneed, Keller, Walker F' t R : A l'ch. Refers Rohrdanz Novi Lastra es ion ow nge 1 1, , , 1, , p Manager Walker The Tide then took the road and invaded Tennessee and Kentucky. The Vols threw a scare into 'Bama although they were nipped 30- 28. Kentucky's five, featured by the superb ac- tion of Edwards, again turned back Alabama at Lexington by a score of 25-16. Returning to the campus, the Crisp team overwhelmed Howard College 47 to 23. Keller scored 14 points., A trip to Athens was too much for the Tides- men who were, at that time, without Whatley. Linked with excellent sharp-shooting, the Geor- gia Bulldogs won by their ball-hawking ability. SEASON'S RESULTS Alabama ...,.,.....,,....,.. , , ,,,..... 32 Olsen Swedes Alabama . ...... 24 Tulane ..................... . Alabama .,..... 31 Tulane .,.......................... Alabama .,.. . .,... 3 2 Louisiana State Alabama .... .,...,. 3 9 Louisiana State Alabama ..., 4,..... 3 8 Ole Miss .....,.,.... Alabama ...,... 42 Ole Miss .....,. Alabama .,.,.. 33 Vanderbilt ,... Alabama ...... 2 6 Kentucky .... Alabama ...... 45 Tennessee ...... .. Alabama ,,.. ....... 27 Florida .....,.... Alabama .... .. .... 30 Tennessee .,,........ .. Alabama Alabama 16 47 Kentucky ,. .,..,,,.,.... ,. Howard Colleg ll Ni in i 1 ALABAMA l Coach Crisp James Wl1a+ley, all S. E. C. Jimmy Walker, all S. E. C. Alabama took an early lead and maintained it throughout the Mississippi State game to win the home finale 30-22. Walker led the Crim- sons with 11 points. Mississippi State entertained the Crimsons royally at Starkville in the season's finale. Kel- ler and Whatley led the Alabama attack which fell short of a victory in the closing seconds of play. Score 45-41. Jimmy Walker, a member of the 1934 myth- ical All-Southeastern team, was again selected as a for- ward on the 335 All-star se- lection. Whatley received honorable mention. With Angelich and Walltcr being the only members lost by Coach Crisp, the Crimson Tide should make a strong bid for the title next year. 12 26 34 41 26 27 34 33 ,Q .lim Y 'r 6 6 ,R A 4 iif,Z'l.J',i -1 .01 wg -,--' Alabama .,.. ..,.... 2 1 Georgia ....,...,.......,............ ......... 2 6 Alabama ..,. ...,., 3 0 Mississippi State .,...... ......... 2 2 Alabama .,.. .. , ..,,... 41 Mississippi State ...... ......, . . 45 PAGE 211 VA RSITY By WALTER Boomir Alabama's twice-told All-Southeastern forward, Jimmy Walker, senior and captain-elect in football, had few equals in regard to smoothness and cleverness. The six- foot Tide ace drew praise in all games for his defensive ability and his knack for hitting the basket. Walk,er finished the year with a total of 127 points. One of the conference's most outstanding centers and an honorable mention on the ,SS All-Southeastern team is big jim Wliatley, Alabama's 6 feet, 4142 inches of tow- ering manhood. The only three-letterman at the Cap- stone pushed Wallcer for individual scoring honors, shoot- ing 107 points for the season. Ben McLeod, only a junior and an exceptionally speedy forward, proved to be one of the fastest-breaking play- ers on the Tide quint. He teamed well with Walker to give Alabama two of the Conference's best forwards. The only other senior member of the Tide team is Jimmy Angelich, a prince of a floor artist who is the smallest man on the squad. Angelieh, although hampered by a late start because of the Rose Bowl game, had an- other great year as a guard. Lanky "Red" Keller, sophomore, find, played the big- gest part of the season at forward. He was one of the six football players on the squad. The red-headed push- shot expert ended the season as one of the Tide's leading scorers. Very few teams possess guards as competent, brainy, and consistent as Alabama's Al Nogi, colorful dribbler whose all-around good playing stood out all season. Nogi was one of the shortest performers on the team, but he made up for his lack of height with speed and offensive ability. A player who can play each and every position credi- tably-that's "Chick" Bouska. Not once did Bouska fail to come through as an excellent replacement. He should have a big season in '36. John Lastrnpes, a forward, was one of the team's smallest membersg yet he found this no handicap to his commendable performances on the hardwood. P.- .H iz, X, H H ,.., 'tx K f 'W fir Top Row: Walker, Whatley Middle picture: McLeod Bottom Row: Angelich. Keller , PLA ERS Football is Clarence Rohrdanz's major sport, but he finds time to devote to the cage game which he plays re- markably Well as a guard. The left-handed slants of Lee Rogers were applied to basketball foes as well as diamond foes when the pride of Holt appeared in the Crimson lineup as a guard. His steady relief work enabled Alabama to be a threat with the regular guards on the bench. Although Wliatley covered the spot for the Crimson Tide, he Was, time and again, ably relieved by Raphael Sneed, another sophomore wonder. Snced, with lots to learn, will undoubtedly see plenty of service next year. Playing a fine brand of relief ball, Bill Rieth, lanky forward, established himself as a probable starter on the Crisp team of '36. AUDRIAN WALKER Senior Manager COACH J. B. WHITWORTH Hear! Baseball Couch Assuming the responsibility as Head Baseball Coach in 1933, Coach Whitworth has led his team through two highly successful seasons. ln 1934 under his leadership, Alabama became undisputed champions of the Southeastern Conference. --Y' By PETE WARD LABAMA,S baseball team added another Southeastern Conference championship in 1934, to those taken by the great football and basket- ball aggregations When, under the able guidance of Coach J. B. Whitworth, it compiled the im- posing record of 14 victories as against 2 de- feats. The Crimson Tide suffered the loss of three veterans from the fine team of '33 in Bill Reid, Riley Clements and Bob Sewell, but Coach Whitworth was blessed with the return of ten letter men as a nucleus from which to mold Ia pennant winner. Legrant Scott and Lee Rog- ers, Dixie's best collegiate southpaw pitchers, and Earl Bauman, dependable right hander, gave him an unbeatable mound crew. Behind the bat Tex Chandler, and Red Houser, sub, were back. Happy Campbell, heavy hitting third base- man, Dixie Howell, star second sacker, and Roy Connaster, clever infielder were on hand again. The outfield had Don Hutson and Chesty Mose- ly, demon hitters, for another campaign. From the new men, Whitworth had a dozen good looking prospects to bolster his veteran crew. Van Den Berghe, Brooks, and Brown on the mound, Czermak and Freeman, catchers, Rose, Whatley, Scalzi and Bauska, infielders, and H. Walker, Young Boozer, McLeod, and V. Rogers, outfielders, gave promise of fine work. Whatley handled first during the en- tire season, and Scalzi and Bauska stuck in the infield. H. Walker and McLeod were outfield regulars, and Van Den Berghe saw service in the box. PAGE 214 ?1T?'7T , if-f illgg- . " T E R N ' A 1 g Y 71- . . . -.....,- -.13....,.,,.,,5 ,. ,N Hard luck dogged the squad from the first, Happy Campbell and Dixie How- ell, being the first casualties. Campbell was out of action for six weeks with a broken foot bone, and Howell was lost for the season in order to let a foot- ball injury heal. The heaviest blow suf- fered was the loss of Legrant Scott, when he was operated on for appendici- tis, after a brilliant start of 6 victories and no defeats. Lefty Lee Rogers shouldered the pitching burden in fine fashion, though, and suffered defeat only once, while winning 8. Batting laurels were gathered by Hutson, Connaster, H. Wfalker and Lee Rogers. The whole club stood out on the defense, rendering able support to the pitchers at all times. The season's opener against the Birmingham Barons was lost, 7-3, on Denny Field. Alabama showed promise by out-hitting the Barons, and Scott and Rogers turned in good work. H. Walker hit the first home run of the season. At Baton Rouge, on the first road trip, Ala- bama won two overwhelming victories over L. S. U., 13-1 and 15-1. Rogers allowed only four hits in the first game, and whiffed seven. Whatley and Connaster headed the Tide collec- tion of 15 hits. Scott fanned eleven in the sec- l W ii i r 1 CONFERENCE CHAMPION ond tilt, and 15 more safe blows were driven out by 'Bama. L. S. U. used five pitchers in vain against the slugging Crimsons. The Boston Red Sox paid a visit to Denny Field and left with a 11-3 victory, although they were limited to only 4 hits by Scott and Rogers. Poor fielding hurt the Tide. Hitting their stride again, Alabama swamped 10-0. Happy Campbell Ole Miss, 7-3, and celebrated his return to action by hitting safe- ly 6 times in 8 trips to the plate in the two games and "AH day saw the Crimsons at full power the next day as Rogers held the Delta Staters scoreless, whiffing nine men. One of the campaign's two defeats was ad- ministered by Georgia Tech April 12 here be- fore the season's smallest crowd. Hampered by the cold winds, Lee Rogers was driven from the box, as Tech won, 9-S. Scott allowed the En- gineers only 7 hits the next day, and Alabama gained ample revenge, 1 l to 2, 18 hits falling to the Tide. Alabama trampled Ole Miss in the next se- ries at Oxford, 8-0, and 12-0. Scott shut them out with only 3 hits in the opener, and Rogers did even better the next day by allowing only 1 bingle. Another trip netted 'Bama two more wins, Georgia Tech going down 8-1 and 4-3. Six- teen hits made the first contesli easy for Ala- bama but two Tide errors helped Tech make a battle of the second game. L. S. U. drove Legrant Scot from the box for the first time April 23 hjre, but Rogers stopped the Tigers, and 10 L. iS. U. miscues gave Alabama the nod, 13-8. Slcalzi and Hut- son hit homers. Scott was seizcixd with appen- dicitis in the sixth frame the next day, and was lost to the team just prior to the titular series with Mississippi State. Rogers again essayed. the relief role, and the Tide won, 0-7. April 30 found Alabama starting the impor- tant series with Mississippi Stately in Starkesville. An even break there brought the teams to Tus- caloosa for the deciding tilts, after 'Bama won the first, S-3, and dropped the second, 4-3. Connaster, came through in the pinch here, doubling with the sacks loaded! in the 9th to pull the Tide ahead after being behind three runs. Lee Rogers pitched superbly to win, 7-6, and came back the next day rd essay the iron man role and win his own gamel S-4, by deliv- ering a hit to right for the winning run. Much talent is expected from the freshman squad by Coach Hank Crisp, who has taken over the coaching duties and with the returning veter- ans due back, another excellent team is antici- pated. vi" yy 1' N ' C 1 3 i :pp BEECH CHENOWETH Senior Manager First Row, Top: Scalzi, Rogers, Boozer, Van Den Berghe, Chandler, Hutsin, Houser Second Row: Coach Whitwo 'h, Camp- bell, Moseley, Belluci, Whatley, Walker Bouska l l PA GE 215 1 1 I SURVEYING C .. WE-a ' 1:71 -W : ff-v 9 ,y i H V 1 A H! I V' fl fl K, A' 1 7f7 a 'iff' ' A it Q 'S -was "wax ' V fy In -Zn! f , . 4 'V A f f . i Airy 'J A S! A ' fe , I 'fix y '-' 'ly is X IJ , . .. I - ,. 55 ' ' hi t ' 'i ' at '- 1 1 ' l X M gli V VW Wig ' if I 'l '- WY ' al lie- 'f f vi' W N . Left to right: Chandler, Whatley, Connaster, Scalzi, Campbell, Rogers, Scott An unusually capable group of diamond artists composed the 1934 championship squad. Behind the plate was the leading back- stop of the conference .... John "Tex" Chandler, whose fine throwing ability led opposing baserunners not to take chances, and as a result few stolen bases were reg- istered against him. He developed into a dangerous hitter last spring, and demon- strated real knowledge of handling pitch- ers. Chattanooga, of the southern league, signed him upon his graduation. V First base was left vacant by the depar- ture of Bill Reid, but this gap was filled in more than acceptable fashion by Jim Wliatley, a newcomer on the squad. The "Biggun" found difficulty at the plate, but he hit the ball hard and came through with timely bingles. His fielding was good. Another Tider to finish his collegiate career last year was Roy Connaster, sec- ond baseman. In his sophomore year Connie played first base, shifting over to shortstop the second season, and winding up by playing a whale of a season at sec- ond. His strong and dependable batting ability started the Tide off on many rallies, while his long distance clouting sent many runs scampering across the plate. One of the finest prospects seen on Denny Field in many moons was the Tide's peppery shortstop, Frank Scalzi. Although only a sophomore Frank was easily the class of the conference shortsmiths. He was fast and covered a large amount of territory both to his left and right, re- sulting in his ability to make hard chances appear easy. At the plate he was danger- ous, compiling better than a 300 average, including a number of distance blows. Tilden Campbell completed his baseball career in great style, although hampered at the beginning of the season by a twisted ankle. Ol' Hap was tough on opposing hurlers, and permitted very few balls to get by him on third base. Although of- PAGE 216 TI-IE 9 .-'A V: , L "' W f r.L'if .!lX" -'Zvi I if fl ul' . rr. rf gl ' i , I. . Law 1 - . N-- 'X -if ' ' R . I Q34 PLAYERS ' mi A .. at , I, hi . A HAMA , V S .. 1- x ,fx J V l , S 1 5 M' n ' W BQ MAE-1 wt lf A fiilza 1:Q , H ' J M ' Left to right: Moseley, Walker, Hutson, Houser, Boozer, Bouska, Belluci, Van Den Berghe fered many flattering contracts by pro- fessional clubs he preferred to return for his final season in football and to assist in coaching the 1935 baseball team. Experience is perhaps the only thing lacking in the ability of Lee Rogers, star southpaw hurler, to make a go of it in the big leagues right now. He was credited with only one loss throughout the season. The feature of his work last year was the pulling of the iron-man stunt in the cru- cial Mississippi State series after Scott was laid low With appendicitis. ' Legrant Scott teamed up with Rogersfto give Alabama perhaps the finest southpaw mound staff among collegiate teams in the nation. Scotty didn't lose a game last year, turning in six victories before going out with an appendectomy. He later signed with Birmingham, of the Southern League, despite many big league offers. Frank Moseley, Don Hutson, and Hill- mon Walker patrolled the outfield in highly gratifying fashion. They were un- , filer with the backstopping duties. He dem- surpassed as ballhawks. Hutson was the leading hitter on the team with the re- markable average of .407. He also stole 19 bases in 16 games. Moseley was a de- pendable hitter, and his loss was keenly felt this season. Walker and Hutson are back. Boozer was a utility man, and saw little service, but is holding down a regular as- signment this year. Alabama was fortunate in having a man of "Red', Houser's ability to assist Chand- ionfstrated a keen knowledge of handling pitchers, and was counted on strongly to take over the first string assignment this season. When the regular infielders were out with injuries "Chick" Bouska filled in without weakening the strength of the team. He, too, is a regular this year. Belluci and Van Den Berghe aided the team materially in their march to the title with capable relief pitching. PAGE 217 3 SPIKED SI-I Back Row: Huter, Lyon, Fidcher Chludinski, Sneed, Smith, Culberson Hutson R Middle Row: Stapp, K r Blll s s Doughty, Bradley, K i t c h e n Greenleaf, Edward N Front Row: Beck, Sheridan, Riegel Attaway. Nogi, Griffin f By NATHAN MARGOLIN I-IE loss of 13 letter men left a bare founda- tion for the '34 track squad. However Coach Harold Drew unearthed some good, though raw, material, and formulated a formid- able track team. The '34 Cinder-pathers emerged victorious in 3 out of 5 dual matches, losing only to Ole Miss, and finished fourth of 13 starters in the S. E. C. meet. 'Bama opened the season, April 7, by eking out a victory over Tulane. Anderson took the mile, Elder the 880, Plants the two mile event, Baswell the shot put, Kermit Riegel the pole vault, Beck the high jump, and Smith the dis- cus throw. The score was S6 to 56 when the Crimson Relay team, composed of Tierney, Raymond, Elder, and Stapp, broke the tape two yards ahead of their opponents. Middle distance and field event ability re- sulted in a victory over Georgia Tech the fol- lowing week. After losing both sprints, the Crimson track men Won all the other events but the mile relay. Plants, having won the mile and two mile events, and Fischer, having set a new school record of 15-6 for the low hurdles and also having taken the high hurdles, were the high scores of the Crimson clad team. Alabama had scored nine firsts in fifteen events. Tennessee proved an easy victim for a Crim- son team which was daily gaining in speed and ability. The meet started with the Drewmen again failing in the three short distances, but Raymond stemmed the opponent's winning stride and set a new record, 1 min. 58.4 sec. in the 880. Other new records that day were Lyon's 46 ft. 6 in. in the shot put, and Nogi's 190 ft. 6 in. in the javelin throw. Riegel and Sheridan again ex- celled in the pole vault. Beck a n d Friedman won the high jump and broad jump respect- ively. The mile re- lay team was also vic- torious. This was the high spot of the sea- son. In the two suc- ceeding weeks Ole Miss proved that it was still B a m a' s "jinx". The score of the first meet was S8 to 55 in favor of the Crimson team when Ole Miss took the mile re- lay and won the meet by the score 59 to S8 des- pite the fact that 'Bama had garnered first place in nine events as opposed to seven for the ene- my. The second week's results showed that the Delta Staters had improved over their showing PAGE 218 OE Left to Right Tieiney TISTS in the preceding meet. They copped 916 firsts to 516 for 'Bama. Alabama ended fourth in the S. E. C. meet, following L. S. U., Auburn, and Georgia. For the second straight year 'Bama had topped Ole Miss after losing to them in the scheduled matches. Baswell, Lyon, Fischer, Riegel, Sheri- dan, Beck, Nogi, and the mile relay team were the Crim- son point earners on that important occasion. Eight school records, six of which remain for future teams to shoot at, were left by 1934's thin clads. The discus throw record was broken twice, 132 ft. then 135 ft., by Riley Smith. Anderson left a faster time. 9 min. 59.4 sec. in the two mile race. Fischer's new high hurdle mark was 15.3 seconds. First Baswell then Lyon boosted the shot out record which the latter now holds by virtue of a 46 ft. 6 in. heave. Nogi, emulating Smith, broke the javelin throw distance twice leaving it at 190 ft. 6 in. As the 1935 track season opened, Coach Drew found that eleven men failed to answer the call of the cinder path. Assisted by Pooley Wyodlka, Coach Drew again began his constructive labor. New stars on the '35 hori- zon appear to be Hutson, Krauss, Godfrey, Kitchens, and Edwards. Doughty, one of the '33,s tracksters returned. These together with '34's repeaters show promise of an- other successful Alabama Track season. ' RELAY TEAM Gi ' 19 DAVID MEYER Senior Manager t to Right: Petro, Fischer PAGE 219 , 3 'A wi HAROLD KREDJ DREW HEAD COACH OF TRACK POOLEY WYODLKA Asst Track Coach ww ' bf H 1 1, s ,y gi, . W y 1 Q I 94, ', jugatwk , , f - fi ,.,,, -, L -JQ 1 55 l . F' n,' rg l JQ! i F? First Row Top: Riley, Tierney, Stapp Second Row: Raymond, Petro, Anderson Third Row: Plantz, Fischer, Beck PAGE 220 RAC JOE RILEY lived up to his nickname of "The Dothan Flash". He has shown his speed on both the gridiron and the Cinder-path, where many a tape was broken by him in the century. JOE lingers to strengthen '3S's dashmen ' Doc TIERNEY ran in the relays which were directly responsible for two Dual victories and a fine showing in the Con- ference meet ' Another football lumi- nary to enter the pastime of the thinly- clads, CHARLIE STAPP, became the key man on the relay team. His outstand- ing performance was when he ran an- chor for the baton-passing combination which won the Tulane meet. This year again found Stapp handling the bat- on ' In the competition for individual scoring, MBLACKEYN RAYMOND placed very high. As a middle distance man, "Blacky" set a new school record of 1:84.4 for the half mile ' When the 440 men got set in their starting holes, PETRO was usually among them. His favorite event, however, was the mile relay ' SID ANDERSON was a Crimson find. This unheralded runner rapidly developed into a star distance man. His record of 9:S9.4 in the two mile event still stands ' FLOYD "JAc1aRABB1T" PLANTZ lived up to the expectation of coaches and finished a high scorer of the season. His loss was a serious blow to the 1935 Crimson middle distance crew ' CARL FISCHER performed in both the high and low hurdles. Be- sides being a consistent point earner, he set a new time mark of 15.3 in the 120 high barriers. This season finds him running the 220, 440, and in the mile relay ' MELVIN BECK scored 28 points out of a possible 30 for the Crimsons. As a high jumper he has no peer in the conference. Beck recently added the broad jump to his duties ' KERMIT RIEGEL was confronted with the repu- tation of his famous brother. Emulat- ing his kinsman predecessor, he won first place in the Pole Vault at every - Y I a , ,. M ZS: H., S A R il ills 'daft lv I X v , ei' v rzr 51- ' - ,. f Dual meet ' Always a close second in - the high bar event was BILL SHERIDAN, who also won points in every meet. This year should find these two high- flyers setting new records ' Keenest E personal competition on both the track and the gridiron was that between BEN BASWELL and I-IAMP LYON, Bama's shot ' :':' it putters. Although Baswell copped one lr, more first place during the season in Q "-, 5" ' which he alternated with Lyon in win- 'A W ning all putting events, Lyon broke the school record previously held by Baswell. I-lamp expects to extend his mark of 46 ft. 6 in. in this year ' RILEY SMITI-I re- laxing from his football activities be- came the Crimson discus thrower. He broke the school record in this event, and then proceeded to further his own mark. His record of 135 ft. remains for he himself to beat ' SAM FREIDMAN filled in as 'Bama's running broad jump artist. In his first year of competition, he placed in four out of five meets ' AL NOGI was also a newcomer to the cinder path, yet he became one of the teams' consistent scorers. Twice he broke the school record for the Javelin throw, and he expects to do still bet- ter next year ' EMMETT ELDER was a threat in the 880, and he added much to the relay. This dependable man will be hard to replace ' JOHN SCHULTZ was another good man who finished in ,34. His place in the dashes is left to be filled by new sprinters ' No relay combination was complete without HoLsIc1-1. Now he is also among the missing. BOB GREENLEAF was a novice on the Crimson cinder path. Today he carries on the work of SID ANDERSON in the most gruelling event of all, the two mile run. Eleven of the above mentioned men did not return for the ,35 season. Their absence presents a serious threat in the fulfillment of Alabama's track ambi- tions. g Top Row: Riegel, Sheridan, Baswell, Lyon S dR :S'thF"d N'Eld econ, ow mi . 181 man, cgi, er Third Row: Shultz, Barber, Greenleaf PAG E 221 1 Yi 5 R I URPASSING all previous efforts the 1935 "A" Day reached a new high in the an nual celebration. Starting with the inter fraternity relay races at nine in the morn ing and concluding with the "A" Day dance at one the next morning it was a day of genuine fun and entertainment The program in Denny Stadium, was fea tured by the Wild West show, the Fashion show, the flour fight, and the Tug 0' War The Tide-Tech baseball game was the highlight of the afternoon, and the "A Club smoker and dance topped off the fes tivities in fine style. . 1 Y Dr. "Miken Denny ' Bauman, 1933-34 "A" Cluh prexy B Champion- ship wrestling match ' "Peanut" Starlin receives the Interfraternity Cup award ' Clowns Demyan- ovich and Rush ' Fash- ion show artist. .if PAGE 222 's is 44f,.. My my V ,--sfflf 'fl -. ' , W. 4" Q ' :.f:2" ' - ,...-14' 'L,'x,'C.j' f t' 5 Jar' - gi:- lf':? if-gxigw'-1 ,Iii rf' If A V: in Qt, .X i-.J ww. 54,9 i M w yu -- jpg! ' -- up Q, "AU Day spectators ' Fashion parade ' Pol- Lawyers win from Medies ' "Pugs', win from iticirms in the cake eating contest ' The girls Barracks ' Commerce-Engineer flour fight ' form letter "A" " One of tbefasbion sbow con- The entire clown comjmrzy ' Miss "An Day, testafzts ' Competing for best drilled private ' Estloer Rutledge. PAGE 223 Mm PAUL BURNUM Frexbmrm Coach All of the Capstone supporters were g l a d when Coach Burnum re- cently signed n five-year contract with the Uni- versity. There isn't a better freshman coach in the country. The suc- cess of the, varsity is to a large degree due to the fine coaching received by the freshmen. L BAMA' FRESHMAN BASKETBALL Left to Right: Davis, Holm, Smith, Schumacker, McLendon, Starnes, Moran Caldwell, Walker, Clements, Crip, Constantine, V. Cohen, Mgr. .-X FRESHMAN BASEBALL Top Row: Nesbit, Balconoff, Dawkins, Thompson, Saakn. Middle Row: Carter, Weistrand, Mormon, Washburn, Carlson, Anderson. Bottom Row: Allen, Mgr., Cohen, Sheehan, Bostick, White, Dombroski. PAGE 224 il- OTENTIAL STAR FRESHMAN FOOTBALL Top Row: Dildy, Coach, Nichols Keneger, Belcher, McDaniel, Holland, Teague, L. Rogers, Coach Second Row: C. Johnson, Kilgrow, Monskey, Kowasky, McToff, Hill, G. King, McLeod, Moore, Foshee. Third Row: Kirkland, Coach, E. Smith, Butler, McBride, Harkins, Bostick, White, Gunter, Pope, Martin, Shoemacher. Fourth Row: Chiz, Mgr., Marx, Mgr., Hinson, Norris, McNees, Magrove. Bottom Row: G. H. Rogers, Mgr., Burgess, Roberts, Fletcher, Broadman, D. King, Hughes, Caldwell, Redden, Warren, Adams. a FRESHMAN TRACK Back Row: Mitchell, Gibbons, Zbrcnark, McKay, Hodges, Hall, Kauffman Middle Row: Feagin, Romanelli, Pond, Murray, Wilson, Fredericks, Tonge Kneeling: Lesher, Ola, Roth, Settle, Jordan, Sullivan PAGE 225 RQ BOXING By ELI SOBEL OXING at Alabama enjoyed a fairly good season this year under the tutelage of Coach Hugh Whittaker. With only three veterans back, the Tide mittmen won two titles in the inaugural of the Southeastern Conference Boxing Tournament. Anthony di Carlo, in his first year of inter- collegiate competition, won the featherweight crown, and diminutive Mex Carideo, who was the S. E. C. bantamweight champ last year, fought gamely through the tourney with an injured right hand, and was runner-up for the bantam title. "Pal" Gilbert, junior middleweight, was the only slugger undefeated during the regularly GREENLEAF CARIDEO FARESE ox CARLO KALAMANOWITZ GORSKI ALEXANDER CHLUDINSKI GILBERT ,L scheduled matches, but he was elimi- nated in the tourna- ment. Veterans return- ing next year are Carideo, Farese, Kalmanowitz, and Chludinski. With these experienced leather pushers back, plus the new material discovered in the Intra- mural Boxing Tournament, the men who rep- resent the Capstone in the squared circle next year should carry the team through with an unblemished record. Mittmen who received letters this year were di Carlo, Carideo, Farese, Gilbert, Kalmanowitz, Chludinski, and Jones, manager. Boxing Inxtrurlw PAG E 226 I f 1 l HUGH WHITTAKER MYRON BAKST Conch of fbr Tizlf' fcn- Cers who lox! only our mfr! fbis year. SMOLE HAIKRI3 RYBURN TRANIMEL BAKST WEss1-u1a FELTON Sos'rMAN REINGOLD ROBERT LAKE Faczllly arfrixor, Alnbanm Slaff' Cbanzlwiwz, and uinib ruzzlaing in ibm' S. L. T. A. M. MARCUS GLAN'l' V' - L HAM1L'TCJN - RAMIS SIMPSON J. MARCUS ENCI TENNI PAGE 227 G. KEPLER MILLS Director of Intramural Sports INTRAMURAL SPORT MANAGERS cc II INTRAMURAL By BURT LEVEY NDER the capable direction of G. Kepler Mills, intramural sports enjoyed their widest success since Coach Crisp under- took to build up that department when he became director of athletics at the University in 1931. In his irst season at the helm Mills has carried on to a greater degree the Work accomp- lished by Wilmer S. Poyner last season. Harry Carroll in his capacity as assistant director has literally made the campus intramural-conscious, and Roger L. Jones proved an invaluable aide to the department as student manager. The number of students participating in intramural activi- ties has been steadily increasing since its inception on the cam- pus until at the present time the greatest part of the student body is taking advantage of a program that ranks favorably with schools all over the country. I934-35 RESULTS-INTERFRATERNITY Toueb Football . . . . JOSEPH WILKERSON Tennis . . . ..... DON GLANT Golf . . ...... ROYS LEWIS Soccer . . . P. SCULLY, BEN FULLER Speedball . . . . . LEROY FULLERTON Valley Ball . . ..... CLARKE COLLINS Basketball . . . ARTHUR W. FLESHMAN, JR. Foul Shooting . . . ROBERT ILEED Bowling . . . . T. K. JACKSON Boxing . . HUGH WHITTAKER Fencing ..... Playgrouml Ball . . Baseball aurl Baseball Field Meet . . Cake Race .... Track . . . Ham! Ball . Swi-mmiug . Ping Pong . Relay . . . Horseshoe: . . Cross Country . . . COMMITTEES Inferfrafernify BLAINE BROWNELL CLEVE ALLEN C. E. HORNSEY PubIici+y BERNIE FIELD QCbair-m-arzj GOULD BEEcH RICHAIKD FLESHMEN JOSEPH KLARPP THOMAS JOHNSTON, III JOHN I-IORNE . . MYRON BAKST . JAMES NARCISSO . . . FRED ROSE . THOMAS TAYLOR . . CLEO GODERRE WILLIAM FRANKLIN . . ALFRED NOGI . . GEORGE Moss . GEORGE SIMPSON WARREN HEMPHIL WILLIAM FRANKLIN OFFICIALS A. W. FLESHMEN, JR. JAMES WALEK HARRY E. SMITH CHARLES BAUSRA HENRY ANDREW'SKl GEORGE HOUGI-I GEORGE BALCONOFF JAMES NARCISSO LEROY FULLERTON WILLIAM FRANKLIN ALFRED NOGI JOSEPH RUMMEL . . . Art Director GAME Touch Football Tennis COpenJ Golf fOpenJ Cross Country Soccer Speedball Relays Boxing Volley Ball Bowling Basketball Horseshoes Playground Ball Baseball Golf Tennis Touch Football Tennis Golf Soccer Boxing Ping Pong Handball Playground Ball Foul Shooting Bowling Baseball Basketball Volley Ball PAGE 228 FIRST PLACE Kappa Sigma Marcus Thomas Pi Kappa Alpha Kappa Alpha Phi Sigma Kappa Kappa Sigma Phi Delta Theta Kappa Sigma Chi Phi Sigma Chi Pi Kappa Phi SECOND PLACE Alpha Tau Omega Ramis Lewis Lambda Chi Alpha Kappa Sigma Delta Kappa Epsilon Delta Kappa Epsilon Delta Tau Delta, AI- pha Phi Delta, Delta Chi Theta Xi Alpha Sigma Phi Phi Sigma Kappa Alpha Phi Delta Theta Xi Alpha Tau Omega Pi Kappa Phi Chi Phi Sigma Nu Sigma Alpha Epsilon Alpha Tau Alpha Sigma Phi INDEPENDENTS AND OPEN Tuscaloosa Athletics Easterners Marcus Ramis Thomas Lewis Smith House Faulks I Richardson, Zakrsjsek, I Abercrombie, Farese, I Long, Wade, Napavano, I Greenleaf, Eldrege, Eddy, II-Iornung, Caughlin. I Mears, Alexander. Collins Moss Schaffer McDaniel Beta Omega Easterners Dashew Polaro Cosmopolitans Bell Cafe Crimson Kings Easterners Easterners Bears Rinkydinks Faulks SPORTS Awarded to the fra- ternity that has won the most points in in- tramural sports. ln case of il tie, the fra- ternity with the high- est scholastic average receives the cup. HARRY CARROLL A.SSiSflllZf Dirvcfor Pi Kappa Phi baseball: Pi Kappa Alpha cross country ' Kappa Siu touch football: Theta Xi soft ball' Phi Sigma Kappa speed ball: Kappa Sig relay team ' Roger Jones. Stu- dent, dii'ectoi': Smith House soc- cer ' Boxers: Stradwick, Phi Delta Theta, BI'2l'l1Cl1, Phi Delta Theta,Sholli, Alpha Phi Della, Main, Delta Chi ' Kappa Sig: vol- ley ball ' Student officials: Hough. Balcanuff, Andrewslii, A. Fleshman, Fullerton. Narcisso. PAG E 229 DR. ETHEL J. SAXMAN FRANCES GREENWOOD Director Assistant l i VVOMEINVS SPCJRTS HROUGH the cooperative efforts of a soundly-orgam ized, rapidlylgrowing Department of Physical Education, and a keenly interested and wide-awake Women's Ath- letic Association, almost unbelievable progress has been made in thelrealm of Sports for Women. From the be- ginning, the laim has been to provide for every University of Alabama Pgirl some form of recreation which she will cnjoyg recreation which will bring associations, friend- ships, and the ability to do well whatever sport she may choose. Thns, not only will her college life be broader and happier, but the basis for an enriched after-college life will be lirmly laid. A broad program of Sports, including team and indi- vidual activities is offered, and emphasis is placed on the sound and happy participation of every girl and not on the making of champions. Last year ended with girls from twenty-four different organizations, a total of six hundred and eighty-five having taken part in the sports program. The service thus rendered to University of Alabama girls is extraordinarily outstanding, and too much praise STUDENT ASSISTANTS lVlARY JANE Houses WINIFRED JAMES Louise Lovisrr GRACE MANDEVILLE cannot be given to Dr. Ethel J. Saxman, and to Miss Frances A. Greenwood who have been largely responsible for the wonderful development of the program of arli- letics for women. Competition of any kind brings winners, and the ree- ords show the following results: College Champions for 1933-34: Kappa Kappa Gam- ma. Second Place for 1933-34: Delta Delta Delta. Third Place for 1933-34: Alpha Gamma Delta. Archery Cham- pion: Mary Rainey. Golf Champion: Ruth Jeffries. Out- ing Champion: Elinor Millinger. Saddle and Bridle Champion: Grace Mandeville. Swimming Champion: Marge Beery. Tennis Champion: Neva Akin. The present year has shown the following results: Fall Tennis Champions: The Kappa Delras and Inde- pendent Team No. 2, which was captained by Mavis Clark. The Runners-up were the Tri Deltas and Inde- pendent Team No. 4, which was captained by Lila Paw- son. The winter basketball tournament was won by the PAGE 230 l Girls' Gymllaxinm AT ALABAMA Chi Omegas, and close upon their flying heels were the Kappa Deltas and the Town Basketeers. In the swimming pool outstanding achievements have come as the natural result of well-guided participation. A Swan Club, signifying the height of swimming glory and achievement, was formed with a charter membership composed of jean Rimer, ,lean Adamson, Dorothy Calvin, Iaimie Farmer, Dorothy Hortenstine, Mary Tabb Lancas- ter, Frances Leonard, Evelyn Shenk, and Aljo Wiles. This club acted as hostesses for the first Southern Con- ference of Swimming Instructors which was held in March of this year. Teachers and students from the following colleges participated: Agnes Scott College, Alabama Col- lege, Athens College, Florida State College for Women, Brenau College, Florida State College for Womeim, Missis- sippi State College for Women, University of Georgia, University of Tennessee, and the University of Alabama. The Swan Club also presented a demonstration for the Southern Division of the American Physical Education Association at Atlanta, Georgia in April. Widespread praise followed its appearances. PAG E 231 W. A. A. OFFICERS NlARY RAINEY, Prrxidwzi GRACE MANDEVILLE, Vice-Prrfsidenf MADELINE CUNIFF, Tl'FllS1ll'l?l' HELEN MOORE, Secrrlnry i EJ " v .My .- H' 'fa' ff' .',- T :M 1 .X fi N- Asif' f is ,, Qf H- ff f f If gf Akin Barrows Lancaster 0'Bzmnon Rainey Wiles pw A s Club Leaders CLUB LEADERS NEVA AKIN .... MARJORIE BARROWS . MARY TABB LANCASTER ALJO WILES .... BETW JANE O,BANNON MARY RAINEY . . . EVELNN SHANKS . . ELEANOR MILLINGER . PAGE 232 1 . Ten nfs . . Golf Swimming S wi mm ing H 0 rsebuck . Arzrbfry . Outing . O11-ting 'NI ,.-, 'f ,J --vm: 1. 1 1 , 1 f Q , 'C M, Q 1 v-Q .., rf! 4 1 ,,.g,,,, .RM 2. I E , g W W ,, u p .,,.., ., " 'Q . 3'-I , ,sq 1, . N, W. ,4- .,n 1 'I '14 J , V' 1,1 1 fri' 'I , 21112 , 1' 1 iff ,L -. EQ 1. Wifiia-,Eli . 54, an f : 4 V 5 ' N ,. . X ,, , M if 1. ., 'n . :.,"'- " .,,f1,,,w1 9,51 'rv .. -nu , , Ill , A fn! ..., - HW' bN,A. ,h , , r " . H 5. 1' If fl ag. ,J , m ' 'WEBSH- .rg , nf- , K A 5 aS,... I .." ',,r - - - ::11s,v1L, I A ' ,,A' ' Vfiiz .,Ig3E5,,' A, P 'Si , I lllf -as E fx 'IVA rl. 5 A. 11-. --gr, X 1-yi f fag - ei - 1 H, iv JA 1146 'I il' ' Ii' , 'X 4, 4 Y, A Nxxr' V' ,l k b, Ex K, A 6 .D A h ,-, , N , ,, W. N 1 ykn A Q. ,Lv fi f4e214e1L,L,,,iiil?12'5 ,,,,, F r F 65 9 K5 gg, , .W ,iff Jie ,. 1 igy 54 Q, EH Q11 ' f"F by ,, ,,, lag, ,,,,h,, 2 YM 1 E: ag. Q, ,H . , ,Q --. -Y s V ,,.J-A . " '-sq-, M, , 'fi' -.-,A ,G 1 ,, ,, f - H, gf, H" " .12f" ivififffih, X3 X Nl Nfl 1 W' Q2 ' 1 if ME, ,, 2 I ,, ...mi ,J if .'- vi., NV N 4 A. -Q-I U 1 . - , Y V r ' i'f , ., ,,,, , 1 ,Q1 V 7 : W ily! A' 'im QI fwf lt " hm' H - , F r if 3? ,, ,I , .3 2 S is .'d"A , f' Q T 35 if . , Tmstwxf ni , .Y L :Q I- Ylilwr '1kv'."Il1llm :f1lvn11sfiiis1r1 imma PAGE 234 1 l W ,, , X Eff ' N fkflfim ' . X In H JN k j f ALJ ,xx-J 9 FEFITURES 90 l i l Q 1 v l A J n r 1 l l l w E. 4 0 MRS. Sl-Il-iFFlELD OWEN A past president ofl Mortar Board, and one of the outstanding student leaders during her college ca- reer, a charming Woinan, who has continued her leadership as an alumina of the University, and to Whom We are proudlto dedicate this Book of the 1935 Corolla. 1 Baron George cle Hoynigen-lluene ARTIST PHOTOGRAPHER A true cosmopolitan who cominutes betweeen London, Paris and New York, Baron Huene has made an international reputation as a photogra- pher. Still in his early thirties, his career is only :i decade old. Beginning as L1 fashion artist in Paris, Baron Huene soon deserted the brush for the camera, and his files now hold not only the likenesses of the smartest gowns produced by che grnmfex lII!IiNUI7S, but of most of the beautiful Women of the world, from the Fnubourg to Mayfair to Hollywood. Q' 'ii'. T 'iffibg . J'-1 f 1'-' ns, ' W 1 is " Y i.i, r A 't" ' , . dl i M 'V EVHTVS? -fr . n :, : V ' Y, ' ' "' I 5 ' . - A.', Y .A K -'Ii 65,3 0 LHQF Z Zi , -- 1225755 2w1-Ml, V f . W my.:-Q-M-NAAMA 4 N i if i fy, Mg ' WW f. .21 PM 0 it Welwk f eii lliss l , - - W i 521 , ' g"'aL,V7f,f -'.- F s' , lli ' . 4 . ,:.f ' Af "'W'fT'i . ' i 1fl1J4f1.Q"-"""" ' ' W. ZS - rrr, Q o in M Y i R i ,MMA- , . 1 iil ' 'v"'8r i, f3,3A-1-lTJ?w4'f,'. VJ .'!. ' K H 1 1 W V . , 5 4 - Q M- ' t 4 r M My , QI M t 41 "' srs -new s lll iir iis sos Ml l r i fi' if ,. AQff1.iweI.f.0NN CD'-A l ' ' . ,, , ,, ie, 1 I A D4- 1 . , M M 5 A ,N i ,Q!VW'J-All I W , WS .. .. e A iV"L" , ,- i ' :ii iiiii i ' ii- , I rii fn' I 5 - s to 5 i 2 r ' ' 1 ' in ' c,-7k a'??"0""'k M W -. A -s sss A- Mvilifrq cw- QWWM' . t ssois , 'so ss i s siagssuoiilqflabiilw, l ' ,A N eau- ,,, W :M-9 CLM.MM-'lf N X ' - 'Big .Milf e l --.- ,. -. , M 4. A 5 f QLal+-A -. A 1-ff-no 'gd ' . Gu.. Ui +Lo.,,g It is M-in H 'V--M..,..,,,L Wm Q o L ' Gigi, . SA-LL4flb+Ak,M'44-fL 251-flo dimly fb' l I .H JI xxx 1 X f L 1 mrij kJ'fK?,v'Qi'Irf'fJ I-N I, N ' Q-w'.'..--,1:, 1 , 1 f ' Q ' 'ffffv-if - , ' 1 Tf'-1 UMW' I 'S G1 1" -, -, i,,l,1,v,!l11J L 23 I: ,y ,U I L 'w JU gj 5 w If If X l fiffif, 1 . E Y x x x. ' f 'X ,f"' w 'I' 2 ,X W ui' .143 Q 1 15" wg. 'AFB' 54 lain: 5. .,Q, wg .ea 91. ,-Aw Im, ,'.L- :Y ,- L: 'HJIQ4 L '5 5 Ymffzf ,..z-Q Us fi' 1.1, -vw 1 W 'Sz 'I sf vgsffvf ' f M xy 1 fd? 1- 1? , ,.. ' W I w .f A ,A N 4 ,li lr E I J N ' iq' I i L J r 4 v A .1 4 1.' +1'-E I rn., 4 ,. 1 , rf ,J .Ai -.iv " .Qi ' 'as ,,' 41 ,,.....- im, ., s -- U. ,..L1f ' HRV CH THE I-IELM CARROLL KILPATRICK . . . Editor of the Crimson-White JIMMY PERMu'r'r . . Presirlcnt of Inferfralcrnity Council E1.IzA1sE1'I-I ALLEN . Pres. of Wfomz'n's Sfndrnt Govt. Association GRACE MAIRTIN ..... Presiflrnt of Y. W. C. A. Tuuuv LIZDEEN . . . . President of Y. M. C. A. MOR1'lMl2R JORDAN . . . Business Manager of the Corolla Jon LEE JIsssuP . Business Manager of tbl' Crimson-White RUTH KI.ElNMAN ..., President of Pan Hellenic Hlil.liN MOORE . . Prcsidrfit of Mortar Board JIMMY SMITH . . Prcsidcnt of tba Cotillion Club HUGH MEIKIKILI. . . Pl'l'SlIlC'71f of the Student Body . President of the "A" Club . . . Cadrt Colonel CI-IARLIIQMARR . CARI. GRANT . JOHN HoRNIs . .... Editor of the Corolla HARRY CARll0l.I. . . Sfudents' Intramural Sports Director MAIQY HARMON BLACK . . . Honorary Cadrt Colonrl RUSSELL BRANSCOM . . President of O. D. K. MARY RAINIEY . . President of W. A. A. slrisflffgfl fl. "I '6' 'l .XqLilf Carroll Kilpatrick Grace Marlin Joe Lee Jessup Jimmy Smith Carl Grant Mary Harmon Black PAGE 250 Jimmy Pex-mutt Teddy Ledeen Ruth Kleinman Hugh Merrill John Horne Russell Branscom Elizabeth Allen Mortimer Jordan Helen Moore Charlie Marr Harry Carroll Mary Rainey ,J-fy P fi' 2 "'f5J??1f?" ' M V .f- 'tl QiiPL9f5f35 , 9' 'Us I -:J J' -V-9' . nz eff Vg,-r-,, 4' Lv-,IL Jil- . v ,- -, ,r--1,,, 54:1-, '.v.f,M'f , , u UM- .Yx ' 'gigwgxz Q4 , ' " JL . Qi ' 4 J . FII' garlgfcfl ' V. -, V:-E 5-gun , . J . Y G. .. . , L .jl'5?TY'A 4453'- 's 1 "CW f" AQQ, . dr, w . , , I, x, ,, I A' lt , 4-1 r- . Q vm ,.. .I ,' .:,.A?,. an .V n' 1" A 4 Ir f J 1, 4, .. r. - .- ..- .Q - 1 f , 3 Q .z .Jw . ' - . '- 4. . V wg... nrg .,--slim., ,dfyif-,j'g,,w!:,'.q Jin xl 'P-AV. ,,,,.w, wr., . L .l. I . , -. ' .L -f' . , -'4.-gA-l',- ,4, . -'.-Q-. . . . L Q . . . Q I ,.-, 4- muh!! av' i deaf. ..,,,2, A+. -.5 -4 1 if-I , . V ,V Y QUT F' A salute to Ambassarlor Rosso ' A banquet for the graa'uales ' Bibb Graves parade ' Governor and Mrs. Graves and Honorary Cadet Colonel ' The grads awaiting their diplomas ' Dr. Denny welcomes tbe Italian Ambassador ' "Dixie" aeis as the Goverrzofs cbaujfeur ' The crowd looks on ' Graves, inaugura- tion ' The graduating girls ' Spectators of the grads PAGE 252 WE DGFF OUR I-IATS QafAa4e WHO HAVE CONTRIBUTED So LARGELY TO THE STUDENT LIFE AND ACTIVITIES OF THE UNIVERSITY Top Row: Fatso Lewis, Paul Thomas, Charles Hawkins, David Haigler, Robert Sturdevant, Bernie Feld Middle Row: Mary Cheatham Render, Silas Garrett, 3rd, Janet Gordon, Kenneth Roberts, Beech Chenuweth, Madeline Cuniff Front Row: Lee Rogers, Jean Cody, Frances Williams, Frank Davidson, James Caldwell, Joe Weaver PAGE 251 4-"""' ,, na, ww " Miss Alice Vfyman, Head Librarian ' R. K. Bell, Dep- uty, Southwestern Province O. D. K., Dr. Lang, Na- tional President O. D. K. ' Dr. Wbitebzirst, history professor ' Dennard Ingram of Eufaula fame ' Mrs. Gunter, Campus Chaperone ' Miss Cooper takes time off from French ' Dean Lancaster and Nancy ' Col- onel H ugloes ' Dr. Gallalee ' I. O. Smith of Baker Hill renown ' Mr. and Mrs. Forelzand ' Dr. Pannell, State Education Supervisor ' "Foots" N ewman, O. D. K. Secretary and "Czar of all Absences" ' Fannie Pickens Tartt, Registrar of College of Education Drolet Sisters ' Three meal tickets, The Grijfins, Woods, and Blmzds ' Student Body Prexes ' "Moon" and Lena Lamherth ' Studious Baswell and Snead ' Commercirzl Saxon and Melnnis ' The Dildy brothers ' Z. T. Afs Merritt mul Wurtele ' Chi Omega's Hooda1zdBoozer ' Annie Lois Whitaker and joe Burns PAGE 254 PAGE 255 Home Coming Decorations ima' Events including Sig- ma Nu House ' S. A. E. house ' Reception at the P1'6Si67767Zf,5 home ' K. A. house ' Pi K. A. house ' Phi Ganz house ' Sponsors ' Part of the crowd ' Delta Chi house ' "Miken at the ho1zfi1'e Peggy Ecbols, Secretary to Dr. Crosby ' Kappa Ella Helberg ' C. Gibson, a frienrl to everyone ' Mary Harmon Black at the Rboclorlendron Festival ' Carl Elliot ' Waiters Union " Gorgas Hall barns ' Dinner ai Girls' Dornzi ' Some Tri Delis ' Rose Bowl Bound ' Kay Kyser and his "Gentlemen from the South" ' Ed Crosland ' Captain Farnsworth misses but jordan a'oesn'i ' Meal time at Piping Hot L4 PAGE 256 PAGE 257 1 .,JR.x 3 Y :. Axim' ix? If , S 1,2 ' N v Law School Prexy Hoetrzette ' Capstone Apollos ' Med School Officers ' A Men' School faithful ' A V7ork Shop productiolz ' The Gorgas Brothers, high- est honor rr -man' stzzderzt can obtain ' The cast of "Three Cormfred Moon" ' Saint P:zt's Court ' Schielke, one of the Efzgilzeeers and a Piping Hot fa- 'Z-'0l'ifl' ' More Med ojjficers ' Operating 011 rr skcfletovz ' A "Taylor" and an Editor ' A surveying crew PAGE 258 m x """' pf K ... ii K ,f 1' f an Ll EEK GR QERSITV ov 0 DR. JACK P. MONTGOMERY No one merits the dedication of this Book of the Corolla as much as Dr. jack. He is interested in every phase of student activity, and never fails to respond, when called upon, with valuable contribu- tions. 4 .ii .15 Eff -I .,4 W. , yn RT Wk ,,1. ,14 "V Mg ik. ,EE Qi H 4 u Mm !'r lu! WU fix ill J Xml A V I , mf MV M N E 'J i Ai The fraternities spend the first of the fall session in rushing new men. A favorable impression is being re- corded on this freshman. L b N I ir 1 in PQATEQNITIES I e Q T on ,- INTER- FRATER MEMBERS ROBERT ADAMS . .A CLEVE ALLEN . . . . CLARENCE ANDERSON . SAM BEINI-IORN . . BLAINE BROWNELL . . . SIDNEY BROWNSTEIN . . WILLIAM M. CARMICHAEL ED CROSLAND .... FRANK DAVIDSON . . . XVJILLIAM D. DAVIS, JR. . BEN FULLER .... CARL GRANT ..... CHARLES E. HAWKINS, JR. WILLIAM L. I-IAWLEY . . JAMES PERMUTT ED CROSLAND . FRANK DAVIDSON . . . . Sigma Chi Sigma Alpha Epsilon . Delia Tau Delia . . Phi Sigma Delta Delta Kappa Epsilon . Sigma Alpha Mu . . . Delta Sigma Phi . . Kappa Sigma . . Kappa Alpha . . Pi Kappa Phi . . Alpha Sigma Phi . . . .Theta Xi . . Lambda Chi Alpha . Pi Kappa Alpha . . . . President . . Vice-President . Secretary-Treasure-r First Row: Permutt, Crosland, Davidson Second Row: Adams, Allen, Anderson Third Row: Beinhorn, Brownell, Brownst Fourth Row: Davis, Fuller, Grant, Hawk ITY CCD First Row: Hawley, Hornsby, Kelly d R M ' N 'll ler econ ow: armg, orvl e, Ply Third Row: Rangeley, Smith, Stone urth Row: Sturdevant, Tate, Zurowski UNCII. MEMBERS C. E. HORNSBY . . PAUL KELLY . HARRY MAKING . PEYTON NORVILLE . JAMES PERMUTT . GEORGE PLYLER . . LOUIS M. POLICHINO HENRY RANGELEY . BERNARD E. RUSH . JAMES E. SMITH . GEORGE STONE . BOB STURDEVANT . RALPH TATE . . . . . . . Delta Chi . Phi Sigma Kappa . Zeta Beta Tau . . Sigma Nu . . . Kappa Nu . Phi Kappa Sigma . Alpha Phi Delta . . . Chi Phi . Phi Beta Delta . . . Theta Chi . Phi Delta Theta . Phi Gamviza Delta . Alpha Tau Omega THADDEUS ZUROWSKI . . Sigma Phi Epsilon FRATERNITY ROW DELTA KAPPA EPSILON M E F!'Ilh'l'S in Faculfat: HUDSON STRODE DR. STUART GRAVES CLARENCE CASON G1'aa'zmtcs WAIOI-ITS M. TAYLOR Law ALLAN CANIERON BART CHAMBERLAIN PETTUS RANDALL RICHARD INGE THOMAS MCMILLAN JAMES L. CALDXVELL MORTINIER JORDAN Medicine ED MAUMENEE RAY NOOJIN Seniors ANDY ALLISON GEORGE CHRISTIAN CHAS. DAVIS BUCK HARRIS juniors BLAINE BROWNELL M CHARLES M. CONKLIN ROBERT L. GREGORY BERS WILLIAM JOHNSON JOHN L. LADD EMMETT L. MCCAFFERTY HENRY PITTS WILLIAM SIMPSON FRANK M. TAYLOR JOHN M. WILSON, JR. Sophomore: PELI-IAM ANDERSON JOE CALLOWAY XVOODSON ENNIS BILLY GRAYSON RADCLIFF MAUMENEE LONNIE NOOJIN BILLY PAYNE BILLY PHILLIPS Freshnmn O. W. BRANTLEY JOHN CABELL FRANK GAFFORD GARDNER GOODWYN CI1ARLIE HAND GILBERT JOHNSON PAUL MCGEHEE DINKS MACQUEEN FERNXVOOD MITCHELI. CHARLES PERRY HENRY PLANT TRACY PRIEST GREGORY SMITH JACK STONE MACEY TAYLOR HARRY TOWNES l I First Row: Christian, Allison, Anderson, Ilrantley. Brownell. Cahcll . Second Row: Caldwell, Calloway, Camn-ron, Ch1flh1ilEl'iiliI1, Conklin, Davis Third Row: Ennis, Gatl'uI'Il, Goodwyn, Grayson, Gregory. Hand Fourth Row: Harris, Inge, Johnson. Johnston, Jordan, Ladd Fifth Row: MacQueen, Maumcuee, EA, lvlaumenee, R-I Mitchell. MCC2lff61'tY. lVIcGchee Sixth Row: McMillan, Noojin, L., Noojin, R., Payne. Perry, Pitts Seventh Row: Phillips, Plant, Priest, Randall, Simpson. Smith Eighth Row: Stone, Taylor. F., Taylor, M., Townes, Wilson HlSTORY Founded :It Yale, 1844 Pfi Clmptcr 1847 P . gfi , Nnffozml Pziblicaliozz . . NDKE Quarterly" 5' .gf Cbrrplfr P11blimfio11 . . "SiglIs of Psi" ChaP+er PQ Aclivr Cbupferx ...... Forty-ciglit ,A Colors .... Crimson, Azurc, Old Gold Flozrrr . ....... Pansy PAGE 266 First Row: Sllll'flUVZllll. Chalmers, Sturdevant, W., Bains, A1:IiI' SI-I-unzl Row: Rom-II, Bt'l1I'lll1S, Hell, Ilumur. Brickcn 'l'hiI'Il linw: Bl'0NVl1l"l, Culflwull. Cuinorun, Campbell, Carlson I-'nurlh Row: Cm-, Urzxiyx, DII1::In. Dufmzii-. Exum Fifth Row: l":II'I:Ir, Full-III:III, l'll'll'!l'SUIl, Gnhin. Haarris, E. Sixth Row: Il2ll'l'iS, R., Hzlllull, Hines, Hope. Jackson Sevmnth Row: lmnslcy. liivimrstun, McAuley, McBIII'ney, Mcllrilluufgli, Moore Eiizlith Ruw: Persons, Rumlilun, Rin-gel, Rylxurn, Trzxmmell, White H l S T O R Y Founded nt NV:IslIiIIgtOII and Jefferson, 1848 Tlictn Clinptcr, 1855 Nuliomll 1'11l1lin1li0u . "The Phi Gamma Delta" Clurjilw' l'I1bliwIfiw1 K'TllCt1! Fiji-News" " Acliw' ClI!lI7fL'l'X ..... Seventy-tlircc All-Ii A Colors ..... Royal Purple and Wliitc qi' Flower . . . . Purple Clematis PAGE 267 PHI GAMMA DELTA MEM Frufrvs in Fnculfafe EDXVYN J. LIVINGSTON JO1-IN M. GALLALIZE JAMES H. NEWJVIAN FRED R. MAXWELL, JR. Grnr11mlz'x GOULD MEANS BEECH HEIRBERT VAN SCOY Ln zu LEE E. BAINS DAVID M. COCHRANE CHARLES CUNNINGHAM LLOYD L. DUGGAR FRANK EXUM ALEXANDER FORIFMAN MARSHALL A. MCAULEY SANI F. MCDONOUGI-I AIARLIN D. MOORE WILLIAM B. XVI-IITE M ed icim' EDWARD A. HAIKIKIS REUBEN R. HARIKIS Seniors GLEN EDXVARD BEHRENS JOHN S. CALDXVELL ROBERT G. CAMPBELL ALBERT CI-IALMERS CHARLES FARRAR CLARENCE PERSONS BERS KEPMIT RIEGEL ROBERT STURDEVANT WILL H. TRANIMELI. I 1LlliO rs EDWARD BROXVNELL TURNER CAMERON JAMES H. CRAIG MACLIN FRIERSON WILLIAM C. HINES SAMUEL RYBURN WILLIAM L. STURDEVANT Sopbomorvs WINSTON ADAIR ROBERT EARL BELL JOHN B. BOMAR ROBERT CARLSON ELMER G. COE DONALD STEWART DUGAN V. W. GOBIN WINTHROP HALLETT JOHN HODGES JACK HOPE WILLARD LIVINGSTON F resb nz B11 LLEXVELLYN BRICREN ALBERT JACRSON JOI-IN W. LAPSLEY GEORGE NICBURNEY JAKE REDDEN Tlweia Cha pier I l T s I Mu AIL,.PllFl 1 s I L O N M E M B E R S Frntrrs in Ffmulfnfe J. HENRY WALKER JOHN R. MCLURE R. IRVING LITTLE Law GARET ALDRIDGE HENRI ALDRIDGE CLEVE ALLEN TOM BOWIIES OLIVER W. FOLMAR, JR. JAMES GIDDENS BEVERLY HEAD WARREN KINNEY HUGH MERRILL R. S. RILEY WILI.IAM SADLER ELBERT SMITH J. T. SUDBURY BRYANT WHITMIRE M ml icim' HEXVELL SAMUELS Seniors BEACH CHENOWETH PAT HODGES JOHN KELLY JOHN PARKER CHARLES PLUMMER MARION SALMON luniors JOHN ALDRIDGE JOHN P. ANSLEY KENNETH DANIEL JUDSON DOWLING WILLIAM GOING ED HANAHAN HENRY LASTRAPES, JR. T. A. RTCGAHEY FRANCIS OSBORN MINER PEAGLER ROBERT STICKNEY Sophomore: W. REGINALD CARTER xVlLI.IAM A. DAVIS CLAUDE DORSEY GEORGE GREGORY ED JUSTICE WILLIAM W. MALONE JOHN MAIKTIN ANDIREW MORESI SAM PIPES ALFRED RUSSELL XVII.I.IAhI SHINE STANFORD SIWITH BOB STROTHER J. T. SUTLIFF FRANK VIRGIN XVILLIAIVI VIRGIN JACK WORRELL ROBERT YODER F rash m F71 KELLY DIXON HENRY DORSEY ALLEN GOING FRED S. HART HADLEY HOWARD MCDONALD PLUMMER GRADX' REYNOLDS, JR. OLIVER WILBANKS SPOTTSWOOD XVILLIAMS WILLIAM WILSON Alabama Mu Cha pier , ,W,,,.--'- First Row: Chenoweih, Merrill, Shine, Allen, Aldridge, G Aldridge, H. Second Row: Aldridge, J., Ansley, Carter, Daniel, Davis, Dixon Third Row: Dorsey, C., Dorsey, H., Dowling, Folmar, Going, A Going, W. Fourth Row: Gregory, Hart, Head, Hodges, Howard, Justice Fifth Row: Kelley, Lastrapes, McGahey, Malone, Martin, Moresi Sixth Row: Osborn. Parker, Peagler, Pipes, Plummer, C., Plummer MLD Seventh Row: Reynolds, Riley, Russell, Salmon, Smith, Sticknuy Eighth Row: Strother, Sudbury, Sutliif, Virgin, F., Virgin, W., Whitmue Ninth Row: Wilbanks, Williams, Wilson, Worrell, Yoder PAGE 268 HISTORY Founded at University of Alabama, 1856 National Publication . , . "The Record" Clmpier Publication .... . i'Al:IrrIul' Aclizfc' Chapters . . . One Hundred Eight Colors .... . . Purple and Gold Flower . . . . Violet First Row: Dominick, Dickinson, Furlines, Robinson, Albritton Second Row: Bell, CI-osland, Crarlilock, Caton, Crawford Third Row: Collins, Deal, Espy, Finnell, Ford Fourth Row: Finnell, W., Gaul. Gaines. Gowan, Hammond Fifth Row: Hinz, Johnson, Lee, Moss, Manly Sixth Row: McCuskey, Meeks, Phifer, Rambo, Shanks Seventh Row: Skinner, Todd, Ward, T., Ward, H., Walker HISTORY Founded at University of Virginia, 1867 Beta Chapter, 1869 Q fx T V' T772 2' 'T 'T-5 ,- vu' V fi. -.." --L. :Jill ?' gf' L'-ru: W -I . 4-AA ly SR ,VV 211' WL! H ff..J'f'.,5.' Zfjiflifsi' I ,QCU1 I -LL' If-TTA' I. .I,lu-rp f V, 'E 1 C ' 1 'L+ MEMBERS Fralres in Facultate DR. R. E. TIDWELL DR. W. P. OTT W. F. ADAMS L. A. NATIONS R. K. BELL DR. F. S. DUBOIS DR. G. H. KESTLER DR. ANDREWS LESLIE WALKER DR. J. M. FORNEY La zu ED CROSLAND WILLIAM ESPY AL GAUT PHILLIP SI-IANKS Medicine JAMES HAMMOND WILLIAM SELLERS Seniors TODD BELL CURTIS CATON CLARKE COLLINS FRENCH H. CRADDOCK ROBERT DICKINSON CLYDE MINNIS GEORGE Moss GEORGE ROBINSON AUDRIN WALKER juniors ROBERT BROWN GIL CAMPBELL WILLIAM DEAL TOM BOYD DOMINICK WILLIAM FORLINES FRANK M. GAINES ROBERT HINZ NIURRAY RAMBO TOM WARD Sopbomorcs LEWIS BELL RICHARD CRAWFORD E. J. FINNELL EARLE FORD WILLIAM GOWAN E. KINNEY ED MANNING ROBERT PATTON PRYOR PLUMLEE JOE TODD HENRY WARD Fresbnzerz MARVIN ALBRITTON WAGNER FINNELL CLIFFORD JOHNSTON SAM LEE TOM MANLY RUEUS MEEIQS SCOTT MCCUSKEY REESE PI-IIEER GREGORY SKINNER National Publication .... "Caduceus" . ,, U ' ' H x B + Cbaplvr Pulllicnfiolz .... "Beta Vits" ' "gf I Ch 2 a Acti-uc Cbafrfvrs . . . One Hundred Eight V' ap er Colors .... Scarlet, White and Green I if Flower . . . . Lily of the Valley I-4 X PAGE 269 GMA NU MEMBERS Frairf'x in Facullnll' DR. ED FOSTER DR. J. V. MClN'lIl.I..AN Law CI-IARLES M. COOPER VYILLIAIK1 J. FULLER ROBERT A. HALL ORION WALLS LAMBERTH ALTO VELO LEE PEYTON NORVILLE, AJR. ADNER R. POWELL JOI-IN 12. WILSON, JR. Seniors MAUIKICE WINSLOW BROWN SAM FRIEDMAN J. FRED HOLLOXVAY JOI-IN T. HUBBARD PIZYTON M. MAGIKUDER CHARLES R. SAXVYER LEONARD L. SELLS Iuniors YOUNG J. BOOZER PAUL XVILLIAM BRYANT WILLIAM DAY OSCAR ELLIS SCHUYLER FLOYD JOI-IN MGQUEEN GU'I"I'ERY HENRY G. HODO, JR. GILBERT J. IQEY FRIED GRAY MCCONNELI. TPIOMAS MCGEHEE ELBERT E. PONDER GEORGE H. PRATER BION A. PROVOST ROBEll'F Il. RAITNEL HIENRY SRIPPER JAMES THROW-'ER JOHN WESLEY VARDAMAN JOSEPH XVURTELE Sojrbomorvs DAVIS WRIGHT CAMPBELL GEORGE JOHNSON EDGAR UNDERYVOOD ERNEST W. VANCE Fl'L'Sb1I1L'lI WILLIARII .ATKINSON PERCY CROCILEIK ROBERT FOERSTER GEORGE LESLIE IQING WILLIAM IRAY KNIGHT TOM LEA ROY LEWIS JAMES lVlAPEL THOMAS MILLER JAMES MIEIXNER PARK J. T. PUREFOY, JR. JOI-IN RAYMOND RADNEY CLAUDE SGHAEIIEER JAMES SPURLOCK BRITT TURNER CLAUDIE PEYTON WIAIITE The'l'a Chapier First Row: Sawyer, Hodo, Norville, Bryant, Campbell Second Row: Crocker, Day, Ellis, Foerster, Floyd Third Row: Friedman, Guttery, Holloway, Hubbard, King Fourth Row: Lamberth, Lea, Lee, Lewis. McConnell Fifth Row: McGahee, Miller, Park, Powell, Prater Sixth Row: Provost, Purefoy, Radney, Schaeffer Seventh Roow: Sells, Skipper, Spurlock, Turner Eighth Row: Underwood, Vance, Vardaman, Wilson HISTORY Founded at Virginia Military Academy, 1869 Theta Chapter, 1874 National Pzlblivatiorz ..... "Delta" Aflivc Cbajnfers ...... Ninety-Six Colors .... Black, White, and Old Gold A, 'Fm . , rg' ff QQ ' Q6, S.. f i ir PAGE 270 Flo-ww' . ...... White Rose First Row: Adams, Hello, Johnston, Teas. Dennett Second Row: Bombergxer, Burns, Clark, Conner, Craig: Third Row: Cunningham. DeMiIIy, I,I:I'ri:IsoII, Denckvr, Donald Fourth Row: Fish, French, Gzirretl, II.. Gzirrctt, S., Gurrctl, W. Fifth Row: Glant, Glover, Grifl'iI.Ii, Gunlur. Harris Sixth Row: Knight, Leo, Lyon. McDul'f, Matthews Seventh Row: Oakley. Owens, Parish. Ruszus, Skipper Eighth Row: Steiner, Tipton, Warren, Wiley. Vxfooilull, B., Vlfooclall N. HISTORY Founded :It Miami Univ., Oxford, Qliio, 1855 Iota Iota Chapter, 1870 NHfi0IIHI S"'The Magazine of Sigma Chi" Publicrriioris l"Sigmn Chi Bulletin" Chapter Publicrzliozz . . "Ye AIIIb.IIn:I Sig" Active Cbnjifcmv . . . . Ninety-one Colors ..., . Blue Imcl Old Gold Flower . . . . White Rose SIGMA MEM Frafrvs in Frzculfalc' DR. GEORGE H. DENNY RALPH E. ADANIS JESSE WALIQEIK Law ROBERT ADAMS ROBERT BENNETT SILAS COMA GARRETT Ill VERNON D. KNIGHT WILLIAM M. MOLONEY GEORGE WAIIIIEN Merlicim' ROBERT REDFIELD HAIROLD R. BIIORRIS Swiiors WILLIAM E. GRIFFITI-I, JR. R. DEAN HE1.LE WILLIAM PARISH ARTIiUR OXVENS RAYMOND P. STEINER CHARLES TEAS Iimiorx WAYNE BOIWBERGER JOI-IN CRITYI T. XVATROUS GARRETT, JR. DONALD S. GLANT HAMILTON LYON JOSEPH O,IiEEFE ROBERT VICICERS I-IILMAN WALIIER Sofnbomorcx -IABEES BAKER I-IUEERT BURNS SCOTT CRULL BERS STEPHEN CUNNINGI-IAM VVILLIAIM DEMILLY EMIL DENCRER JAMES DONALD HIiNDIiICKS FRENCH BPOOX GARRETT BEN GLOVE!! DOUGLAS HARIIIS PERRY JOHNSTON A. L. iX'iCDUl7I4' JAMES TIPTON B. F. WOODALL NED WOODALL F resbnz FH CHARLES BURGESS BRUCE CLARK MEREDITH CONNOR XWILLIAIVI H. CRAIG WM. DOUGLAS CRAXVLEX' WM. BYRON DARDEN TIKACY DAVIDSON FREEMAN FISH SAMUEL GUNTER BERRYMEN I'IINSON JOSEPH KILGRONV LAXVRENCE LEE F. I. MATTHEWS ROBERT OAICLEY LAXVRENCI2 J. PARKER ED. G. RASZUS GEORGE SKIPPER HENRY G. STUDSTILL THOMAS WARREN RAY XVILEY 2 IoI'a IoI'a Cha pier PAGE 271 CHI P 'H I EAL M E Frrztres in Familial? DR. WILLIAM B. SAFFOLD Law CARL BEAR JOE BEAR WILLIAM BRANCH WILLIAM CALIEIK HILL FERGUSON ROBERT KILGORE, JR. D. K. MASON LELAND RANDALL GEORGE STONE HENRY WELCH Mezlicin e SAMUEL S. MURPHY, JR. JOHN SIMMONS ROBERT S. TEAGUE LAWRENCE WOODLEY Seniors CARROLL KILPATRICK JAMES PORTER I unio rs JOHN CATHEY EARL DILXVORTH FLETCHER HOLCOMIZ LAWRENCE P. HOWZE MILTON LANIER, JR. JOHN llflARSI-IALL FRANK RHODES GILBERT STRAUCHEN JAMES STRUDXVICK TH ET A MBERS HENRY THOMAS PETE WARD So pho mares WILLIAM ARRINGTON ROBERT BIBB FRED BOSWELL GEORGE BUTLER MACK DINSMORE FRANK FITTS, JR. MACK JACKSON EDWARD JOHNSON EMORY KIMBROUGH CHADNVICK MINGE FRANK M. MOODY FRANK SIMS MOODY GREER MURPHY THAD PARTRIDGE MCLESTER SNOW WILLIAM VANDER KLOOT F resbnzcffl JAMES FAUCET JAIviES FORMAN EDGAR HOGAN CHAS. INGALLS DOUGLAS JOHNSTONE ROBERT JONES MALLORY STEWART JULIAN TAYLOR JACK WALKER COX WEBB Alabama Alph Cha pier 1 a First Row: Stone, Lanier, Murphy, S., Arrington. Bear, C., Bear, J. Second Row: Bibb, Boswell, Branch, Butler, Dilworth, Faucett Third Row: Ferguson, Fitts, Forman, Hogan, Holcombe, Howze, Fourth Row: Ingalls, Johnson, Johnstone, Jones, Kilgore, Kilpatrick Fifth Row: Kimbrough, Marshall, Mason, Minge, Moody, F. M., Moody, F. S. Sixth Row: Murphy, G., Partridge, Porter, Randall, Rhodes, Simmons Seventh Row: Snow, Stewart, Strauchen, Strudwick, Taylor, Teague Eighth Row: Thomas, Walker, Ward, Webb, Welch HISTORY Founded at Miami Univ., Oxford, Ohio, 1848 Alabama Alpha Chapter, 1877 ' ' 9 National "The Palladium" Publications "Scroll of Phi Delta Theta" Chapter PulJliL'afio1z . . . "Alabama Phi" Active Chapters . . . One Hundred Six , Colors .... . Argent and Azure Flower . . Wliite Carnation - J., , I, ., CP., . s 1"-' .?fu I V. Q 1522 ,. I.: ,,, ,W ,, . 1 LAT! I 9 - P AGE 272 1 First Row: Tate, Hatch. Cole, Bluck, Adams, C. Second Row: Adams, J., Chambliss. Champion, Cole, Daniel Third Row: Davis, Fulton, GI'il'l'in, Harwell, Houser Fourth Row: Howle, Johnson, Jm'fl:m, Mandel, McDavid Fifth Row: McGowerI, C., McGoxven. T.. Patton, Pratt Sixth Row: Robison, Roberts. Rumley, Scruggs Seventh Row: Senna, Spight, SLephcns, Thetford, K. Eighth Row: Thetford, W., VValson, Williams, Wooten HISTORY Founded at Virginia Military Institute, 1865 Beta Delta Chapter, 1885 National P-Izblicnfiolz . "The Palm Of Alplm i Tau Omega" A Acfim' Cbapicrs ..... Ninety-rhrec Colors ..... Old Gold and Sky Blue Flower . . . White Ten Rose -Ellie Im- '..a.I 7 T., I' .-..,-L 1 Il. , JF. .IAP .l 52' 'I JH -IK l, ,-fu' ,fqxl "' I QT 'xi , .-' M F . PAGE 273 .ia-I-lxrjr' ': fi L '. . . -TQ-.'Y" WAR- N' f -' 'I-I.-1:'1I' T- .4 V ,', V- 1 F A--.I I. I ' ,.. .V -" A L .fMlL'!l 1 92 , -31:1 S Q1 I, - ,.,:' H , r I-,-yrivf-5 -. H. -. MEM Fratres in Facultate DR. GEORGE LANG SHALER C. HOUSER CLANTON W. WILLIAMS DR. C. N. DANNELLY Law RUFUS ELLIOTT HENRY HARWELL EDXVIN HATCH WILLIAM PATTON KENNETH ROBERTS THOMAS SEALE ELTON STEPHENS RALPH TATE WILLIAM THETFORD III Seniors PIAROLD BLACK ROGER GREENLEAP' CHARLES SENNA DIMMICK THETFORD Iuuiors ALFRED CHAMBLISS RAY GRIFFIN SHALER HOUSER HENRY HOWLE THOMAS MCGOXVEN WILLIAM MANDEL , I ERS DERRILL PRATT VAUGI-IN HILL ROBISON JERRE WATSON Sopbomorcs MARINER COLE GEORGE DAVIS EDWARD JORDAN CHARLES MGGOWEN RICHARD SCRUGGS JOHN SPIGI-IT WILLIAM WESTERVELT BEN WOOTEN Freshmen CARL ADAMS JOHN ADAMS PAUL BAKER TOM CHAMPION BILLY COLE JOE DANIEL JACK FULTON JAMES JOHNSON BOB MCDAVID FRANK PHILABERT CURRY RUMLEY KENNON THETFORD JIMMY WILLIAMS Bel'a Delia Cha pfer KAPPA ALPH A MEMBERS Frufrm in Facultalc DEAN C. H. BARNWELL PROF. L. B. SHACKLEFORD PROF. HENRY A. VAUGI-IN Law OSCAR K. BIEDENHARN JAMES DOUGLAS BROWN MAXXY'EI.I. MAIKION CASRIE NICHOLAS S. HARE NOBLE J. RUSSELL JOE B. BROWN DAVID M. HALL FRED HUNT ROBERT E. JONES FRANK E. DAVIDSON EDWIN S. LELAND THOMAS JONES TAYLOR Smiors ALVIN BARTLEY COXWELL WM. KAVANAUGH FRANCIS ROY BOLTON PATTON, JR. lmziorx CYRUS B. BROWN JAMES RYAN GARNEIK HUNTEIK SCALES GEORGE JAMES DUDLEY GOODSON JULIUS KLAUS O,NEAL SHANKS ROBERT STEPHENSON PERRY WILBOURNE A. GAINES WILLIAMS Sopbonzorrs MILNER BENEDICT NIERRILL Doss EMMETT FREEI. ALLEN GRIFFIN TOM LYI.E MITCHELL MILT'0N M. MONTGOMERY JAMES NETTLES MILES ROBISON FRIED WAI.L JOI-IN XWILLIAMS FT'l'Xl7flIf'il HAMPTON BELL EDWIN D. BURXVELL, JR. THOMAS H. -JOHNSON SHUBAL KING MCMILLAN STEELE PARTRIDGE NWILSON PATTON CHARLES PICKETT EVANS REYNOLDS JERRE SMITH DAVID HOWELL TURNER, J ERNEST WIILLIAMS Alpha Befa Cha pfer nl: iff? .I -. , Q I . ,,6 4. fg- PAG E 274 First Row: Taylor, Hall, Caskie, Bell, Benedict Second ROW: Biedenharn, Brown, J., Burwell, Davidson, DOSS Third Row: Firzlncis, Garner, George, Goodscm, Griffin Fourth Row: Hare, Hunt, Johnson, Klaus, Leland Fifth Row: McMillan, Mitchell, Montgomery. Nettles, Parti-idge Sixth Row: Patton, Pickett. Reynolds, Russell, Shanks Seventh Row: Smith. Stephcnsun. Turner, Wa'l Eighth Row: Wilbourne, Williams, G., Williams, E., Williams, J HISTORY Founded at Whsliington and Lee Univ., 1865 Alpha Beta Chapter, 1885 National Publication . "The Kappa Alpha Journal ChnjIIc'rP1IbliczIfi0r1 . . . "The Alphabet AL'fi'l-'C Cbnjlferx ...... Sixty-seven Colorx ..... Crimson and Old Gold Flowcrx . . Magnolia and Red Rose First Row: Mellm. Plylvr. Sluwv. Whitehead Second Row: Bakke. Davis. Doughty. Fulmm' Third ROW: Frazier. Hepn-lr. HurnhcI'. Hilzgcnbothani Fourth Row: Hcwursl. Jmlmson. Keeslzu' Fifth Row: Lyons, McCulloch. MCNHUII Sixth Row: Norhoud. Shinwr. Whitelwurl, E. HISTORY Founded at University Of Pennsylvania, 1850 Alpha Knppa.CImprur, 1903 Nafi0rm1P11bIicafio11 . . "Phi Kappa Sigma News Lettcru Active Cbrzjzlvrs . . Thirty-ciglltz Colors .... . Black and Gold Flower . . Cllwysantlieznum PAGE 275 PHI KAPPA SIGMA M E M Law JAMES HENRY TOMPKINS Sevviorx ARTHUR B. JO1-INsoN ROBERT HENIKY MELRA JOHN R. MCCULLOCH ROBEIKT D. MCNAULL GEORGE W. PLYLER ELLWOOD SI-IIMER SAMUEL L. XVHITEHEAD Izmiorx JOSEPI-I A. DAVIS CLAYTON BERT DOUGHTY CLAY SI-IELTON FRAZIER ALBERT CLARK NERHOOD NWILLIAM R. STOXV BERS Sopbomorrs JOHN I-IENNESSY RAYMOND A. HEPNER PETER I'IIGGENBOTI-IAM ROBERT T. HOXVARD HENRY C. IQEESLAR EDWARD T. WHITEHEAD WILLIAM M. WINIQLER F resbmelz JOHN E. BAKKE, JR. FRANK FOLMAR, JR. WILLIAM H. HUMBER EDXYARD LYONS Alpha Kappa Chapfer . ,H 4 , - .- . A . 4' 251122: UB? - M E M B E R S F ratrrs in Facultuie FRED A. LEWIS JOSEPH GELDERS Law JOE BURWASSER E. M. FRIEND BILL LOEB DAVID MEYER HERBERT RICE MARVIN ROSENBERG ROMAN WEIL Sffniors RAYMOND E. ABEL BERNIE D. FIELD ALLAN G'ASSENl-IEIIMER LEE :KLEIN LESTER LIPTON FRED RICHARD junio rs A. D. GORDON BURGHARD STEINER Sopbomores HARRIS M. GORDON JULIAN H. KOHN NATHAN LEVY ROBERT LIPTON HARRY MARING, JR. .IONAS SPIRO DORAN WEINSTEIN F rexbmen CHARLES CAHN LEON COHEN MORIKIS GOODFRIEND MAURICE LEHMAN LEROY MONSREY MELVILLE ROSENBERGER MAX LEON TEPPER .I - 1 First Row: Weinstein, Maring, Gordon, Levy Second Row: Abel, Cahn, Cohen. Feld Third Row: Friend, Gassenheimer, Goodfriend, Gordon Fourth Row: Lehman, Kohn, Lipton, L., Lipton, R. Fifth Row: Meyer, Rice, Richard, Rosenberg Sixth Row: Rosenberg, Spiro, Steiner, Weil H l S T O R Y Founded at City College Of New York, 1898 - 1 , Psi Chapter, 1916 P . 1' - -21.1 Nafional Publication . "Z. B. T. Quarterly" SL bil 1 Cbalvtel' Publicazfiozz ..... "PsiOni:m" C apler .i'W fu 1 Aciivc Clmjiters . . . . Thirty-six 'ljfl' ,. If Colors .... . Blue and Wliite 'Ll .. Flozuer . . . Wliite Rose PAGE 276 First Row: Hawkins. Pond. Hall, Adams, Bealle Second Row: Briggs, Brooks. Brown. Groom, Cummins Third Row: Dix, Ferris. Hoover, Hugh, Harding' Fourth Row: Martin, Moore, McKinney, MacKinnon, McKean Fifth Row: Purcell, Rasmuson, Rumpanos, Reid, Saxon Sixth Row: Sherman, Skinner, Smith, H. E., Smith, H. A.. Stephens Seventh Row: Tucker, Van Wert. Whitehead, Woodcoek, Wolfe HISTORY Founded at Boston University, 1909 Alpha Phi Zeta Chapter, 1917 ,l "Cross and Crescent" 1 "Delta Pi" Clmlzfcr Publication . , "Alpha Phi Bama" Acfiue Chapin.: ..... Eighty-four National Publications Colors ..... Purple, Green and Gold Flo-Iver . ...... Violet I' f .s 4 , if "I 1 5 IEJILZ li . ' ALI ,M -5, r T:-S5172 E' J PAGE 277 2.-.. .1 L A MP5B'D I-I LQEP-IH -I MEM Fratrex in Faculfate E. BASRIN WRIGHT DR. EDMUND G. HOWE BROOKS FOREHAND DR. BERNARD P. KAUEMAN HENDRIX YOUNG Gracluahfs RALPH E. WHITEHEAD Law LESLIE HALL ' CHARLIE E. HAXVKINS T. JULIAN SKINNER PIARRY E. SMITH Merlicim' .JAMES RISTO MARTIN SOCRATES RUMPANOS Seniors QUINTOS S. ADAMS, JR. BEACH DIx DONALD MCIQINNON PAUL VINCENT PURCELL FRANK SAXON ROGER SHERMAN LEWIS STEPHENS DONALD S. WOLFE BERS I 1Hll0 rs DONALD BRIGGS GORDON K. BROWN WILLIAM M. FERRIS OLIVER HOOVER CARL MGKINNEY GALNEAU ROBERT POND JACK VESTAL ALBERT M. WOODCOCK Sopbomorrs JOHN BEALLE ALLEN CROOM JOHN H. CUMMINS XVAL'FER MCKEAN, JR. CIiARLES T. MOOIKE FRANK S. RASMUSON HENRY FRANCIS REID, JR MALCOLM HARDING Fresh-mrzz JOHN G. BROOKS EUGENE HUGI1, JR. PIOXVARD SMITH WILLIAM TUOKER C21-IARLES VAN XVERT Alpha Phi Zeta Chapfer KAPPA PHI MEM Frrzfrvx in Ffwulirzte E. S. CAROTHERS M. K. SHULTZ CARSON GREEN HENRY MIZE Law HARRY L. CARROLL DAVID PIAIGLER JAMES A. KING A. J. MCDANAL HERMAN MADDOX HENRY H. MIzE ERNEST L. STROUD Mcrlicim' S. WILBURN XVINDI-IAM SC'lIi01'S WILLIAM D. DAVIS WARREN D. I'IEMPHIL.L EDMUND R. LETT WILBUXK MCKINLEY JOSEPH O. WILKERSON Juniors HAl1N'EY W. BUSH ARTHUR XV. FLESHMAN RICHARD R. FLES1-IMAN GORDON HUNTER BARRSDALE JORDAN BERS .TAAHZS L. MAY FRANK MIXSON GEORGE XV. TURNER JOI-IN POWELL WEBB EDWARD WHITE So 11110111 orrx GERALD W. ACKERSON CLARENCE O. BRICE THOIWAS CLANCY MILLER A. DILLARD LANIER FOSTER MATT HOOTEN THOMAS A. JOHNSTON RAYMOND LETT EUGENE WILLIAMS F rash nz cn CARY W. COOPER WAILIIEN COLLIER WILLARD B. JOY YOUGENE LAIMAR ,JOHN R. LOWERY MARION L. MELSON ROY PAYNE JOHN STARNES OTTO GUY TAITT WILMER F. XVATTS Omicron Cha p+er First Row: Brice, Bush. Clancy, Cooper, Dans Second Row: Dillard. Foster, Haig-xler, Hooten, Huntex Third Row: Lamar, E. Leti. R. Lett, Lowrey, Joxdan Fourth Row: Joy, MeDanal, Mixson, Payne Fifth Row: Stroud, Taft, Turner, Watts Sixth Row: Webb, Wilkerson, Williams, Windham HISTORY Founded LIC College of Charleston, 1904 Omicron Chapter, 1917 3. Nzliiolzrzf Pzlblicafiolz. . "The Star find the .4334 Clmplfr Publication . . 'lThe Omicromte 'rf ,-,TQ Ariiz-fc' Cbn1m'1's . . . Forty two A-5-if Colors .... . Gold and White Q ' Flower . . . . Red Rose PAGE 278 First Row: Jackson, Bromxghton, Thames, Porch Second Row: Adams, Ashby, Beasley, Broughton Third Row: Callaghan, Coley, Copeland, Clyatt Fourth Row: Daniels. Day, Dexter, Grubbs Fifth Row: Hart, James, Loebe, Marshall Sixth Row: Murphy, Rangeley, Tillis, Vaiden HISTORY Founded at Princeton, 1824 Tau Chapcer, 1919 l 4 ME Frafrex in Facultate DR. J. H. DAVIS Grarluates JOHN COLEY Law THEODORE JACKSON WILDER WATTS Medicine SAM DAY, JR. JAMES MARSHALL Seniors LEWIS DEXTER THOMAS MUIRPHY JAMES STROTHER STEVUART THAMES luniors THOMAS ADAMS ROLLIN BROUGHTON LEO CLYATT M CHI P BERS DONALD PORCH HENRY RANGELEY THOMAS VAIDEN Sopbomorcs WEBB BADHAM WILLIAM BEASLEY ELLIOTT BROUCI-ITON MILES COPELAND ROY GRUBBS F rexhm cn BILLY ASHBY AI. BLACKWELL LESLIE BROUXVER JACK CALLAGHAN JOHN DANIELS GERALD HART ROBERT JAMES JOE LOEBE HARRY OFFUTT Natiorml Pulzlicafion . . "Chi Phi Chakettl' Tau Cbzzpfrr Publicafiolz . . "Shots from Tuul' Chapler Acliifc' Cbrzpferx . . . Thirty-four Colors . . . . Scarlet and Blue PAGE 279 SIGMA ALPHA MU MEMBERS Law MILTON A. GORN Seniors MAX GOLDFARB luniors SIDNEY BROWNSTEIN MORTON FUcHs LESLIE IQORNFELD MONROE PHILLIPS Sopbomores HERBERT ABOXVITZ YALE D. ADELMAN BENNY ENGEL LEROY GOLDBERG BENJAMIN GOLDSTEIN JOE MARooLIEs BERNARD VAPRIN BENJAMIN WAXBERG LEXVIS M. WILLING F1'l'SlJ171C'll SIGMUND BLOOM RAYNOLD CHIZ GERALD KATZ CARL KAPLIK IRVING METZ DAVID Novlclc JOE RUBEL Tau Cha p'l'er PAGE 280 First Row: Gorn, Engel, Kornfeld, Abowitz Second Row: Adelman, Bloom, Brownstein, Chiz Third Row: Fuchs, Goldfarb, Goldstein, Margolies Fourth Row: Metz, Noviclc, Phillips, Rubel Fifth Row: Vaprin, Waxherg, Willing HISTORY Founded at the City College of N. Y., 1909 Tau Chapter, 1919 National Publication . . . uOCEOgOl'1l31'1,, Chapter Publication. . . . "Tau-Gram" Acfiurf Chapters . ..... Forty Colorx .... . Purple and Wliite Flower . ..... Lily PI KAPPA MEM Ifnrlrvs in Fnr11lfafr' DR. JAMES l'lOLLODAY DR. W. L. SANIIIDGE DR. JACR lVlON'I'GOMliRY G rmflml Inv ROBERT K. l'lAl.l. JOI-IN li. l'lORNli Jlillli KING LII II! JOHN F. BRI'r'I'ON WII..I,IAM DAvIs NVILIPORI1 GODILOLIQ l.U'l'llER l'llEARN ROIAER1' li. l'lODNET'I'Ii RALPH KENNAMER Gl3OliCili A. lVlURI'llY XVALTIEIK SMITI-I, JR. JOI--IN FRIED WOOD Mmliviln' ROBERT l'llNGSON, JR. vVll.l.lAM RISTER l'lERBlER'l' THOMAS Srniorx NVILLIAM A. BROXVN WILLIAM L. I-IAwfI.EY JAMES Mme Honor RAINS Llili O. ROGERS I nnio rx JOHN ALLIEYN l'lAI.DANl2 BOYKIN FRANK CADE, JR. FAIRLY CHANDLER l'll2RBl2R'I' MEIGHAN T. G. MIiI.SON ALPHA BERS XVILLIAM MlLI.AR WAI,'I'IiR ROBERTSON FRANK SLAUOI-ITER ERNEST SMALLMAN JAMES WALKIZR ROBERT L. WEBB TEMI'l.I2 WILLIAMSON THOMAS WlLl.lNGHAM Sojzbo-mares En HILES XVILLIAM JOHNSON PIZYTON LACEY ALEX MITCI-IIEI.L T. O. MURRAY MAUIKICE RAINS VIC'l'OR ROGERS Frffslz men RICI-IARn ABBEY WALTER BOGARD, JR. WII.I.IAM CAMPBELL IE. O. CREEL GLENN ELLIOTT ERNEST FITI2 SCOTTY GRANT ALEX HAYES GEORGE HOI.COLlBE YVINFRED HORNE STROUD JACKSON JOE KLARPP BRYANT LINE JOE MOORE BANKSTON RISER JOHN TEAGUE FRANK TIPI.Eli FRIED TUBERVILLE JAMES E. WALKER GUIKLIEY WILLIAMS Gamma Alpha Cha pier ln First Row: Horne, Meifzhan, Hawley, Britton, Thomas, Abbey Second Row: Alleyn, Bogart, Boykin, Brown, Cade, Campbell Third Row: Chandler, Creel, Davis, Fite, Godbold, Hall Fourth Row: Hayes, Hearn, Hiles, Hotlnette, Holcombe, Horne Fifth Row: Jackson, Johnson, Kennamer, Lacey, Line, Melson Sixth Row: Mitchell, Moore, Murphy, Murray, Rains, H., Rains, M Seventh Row: Riser, Robertson, Rogers. L., Rogers, V., Smallman Eighth Row: Smith, Teague, Tipler, Tuberville, Walker, J. Ninth Row: Walker, J. E., Webb, Williams, Willingham, Wood HISTORY Founded at U. of Va., 1868 Gamma Alpha Chapter, 1924 Q National S"Shield and Diamond" Publicafionx l"Dagger and Shieldn AQ, Cbrlplffr' Publicafion . "Gamma Alpha Gab" ' Active Cbapfrwx . . .... Eighty dialing' Colors . . . . . Garnet and Gold Flowrr . . . Lily of the Valley PAGE 282 First Row: Gordon, Jaffe, Greenberg, Allen Second Row: Chases, T. Cohen, V. Cohen, Damsky Third Row: Grant, F. Hytken, R. Hytken, Jodovich Fourth Row: Katz, Lerner, Levey, Meyrich Fifth Row: J. Permutt, M. Permutt, Sokol, Witt, HISTORY Founded at University of Rochester, 1911 Pi Chapter, 1921 National P1zblicatio11s . . "Kappa Nu" and "Reporter', Chapter Publication . . "Pi-Lot" Active Chapters . . .... Twenty Colors .... . Purple and White Flower . . White Carnation Law LEXVlS ODESS JAMES L. PERMUTT Medicine IRVING I. GOLDBERG HARIXY GOLDNER Seniors THEODORE COHEN HYMAN ELLIS GORDON SHERMAN BYRON GRANT MosEs KATZ EUGENE GERARD LERNER Iunio rs FRANK HYTREN IRVING WILLIAM JAIIFE il KAPPA NU MEMBERS MORTIMER MEYRICI-I DAVE SOROL Sopbomorcs HARRY ALLEN LEONARD DAMSKY EMANUEL GREENEERG ROBERT MlI,TON I'IYTKEN MELVIN PERMUTT Freshmen A1.Ex Cr-IAsEs VERNON LESTER COHEN JOSEPH jonovrcu ISRAEI. KA'rz BURTON NORRIS LEVEY PAUL WITT ,V . PI ,131 ,v 'Lx ,ig I, N J, K PAGE 281 Cha p+er First Row: Kelly, Jones, Bush, Howell, Attnway Second Row: Barnes, Buck, Benz, Butler, Coleman Third Row: Crittenden, Culbertson, Czermak, Fant, McDonald Fourth Row: McGrvw. Meier, Miller, Monaghan Fifth Row: Mosely, Oeschsncr, Robinson, D., Robinson, H. Sixth Row: Schaeffer, Scherf, Sheely, Shupp Seventh Row: Sullivan, Walter, Windham, Wolnski H I S T O R Y Founded ut Mass. State College, 1873 Omicron Deuteron Chapter, 1924 National Publicaiion . . "The Signet" Chapter Publication . . "The Rebel" Active Cbajnfmxv ....... Eighty Colorx . . . . Silver and Magenta Flower . . . . Red Rose A.. .9 o PHI SIGMA KAPPA MEM Fralrcs in Fam:-Ifufr' DR. ALBERT B. MOORE Law JAIVIES R. CRITTENDEN RICHARD OWEN FANT THOMAS O. HOWELL, JR. PAUL JOSEPH KELLY SEABORN HAXVES MOSELY PAUL WILLIAM SCHERF Medicine DONALD MCGREW Smziorx ALFRED XVALTER ATTAWAY MELVIN WALTER BECK TED JOSEPH OECHSNER HERBERT K. ROBINSON ALFRED J. XVOLNSRI Juniors ROBERT PAUL BENZ CHARLES LOUIS CZERLIAK ELLIOTT Y. FRANKLYN JOHN ROSCOE JONES BERS DAVID BURNETT SHEELY ERXVIN HENRY SHUPP HAIXOLD FRED STEWART Sopbomorzfx ROBERT BURNI-IAM BUSH ROBERT FRANK LEAHY ROBERT ALBERT MEIER JOHN KLEBER MILLEIK PAUL M. WAL'fER ALBERT C. WINDHAM F resbm FII LEONARD BARNES HOXY'ARD T. BUTLER LESTER E. COLEMAN ROBERT CULBERTSON WILLIAM J. MCDONALD AL. EDWARD MACHTOLFF CLYDE M. MONAGI-IAN DAVE ROBINSON JO1-IN E. SCHAEFFER JOSEPH E. SULLIVAN Omlcron Deuferon Chapier PAGE 283 DELTA TAU DELTA MEM F rat-rcs in Fzzcultate DEAN D. S. LANCASTER DR. T. H. EVANS W. P. MCCOY Law JOHN IRVINE RUSSELL MILLER Seniors CLARENCE ANDERSON JOSEPH D. CORBERA ALBA WAYNE HALL EDWARD HARRIS CHARLES LINRER Iuniors JEROME A. FRENCH HAROLD HOCKENSMITH FRANK LAURENT . .. .- lgfilx r BERS KENNETH JACK LLOYD CLARENCE OGDEN JOHN W. SAUCER EDWARD LEE WHELAN JOHN ZABEK Solbbomorcs WILLIAM CANTY RODNEY E. DAVIS WILLIAM K. RAMM F resb m en DONALD CAMPBELL MILTON DRAIN GERALD DUMSER MAURICE FLETCHER WAYNE GERARD TRAMMELL SMITH JAMES STEWART HOWARD TURLEY First Row: Anderson, Miller, Saucier, Campbell Second Row: Corbera, Davis, Fletcher, Fxench 'Third Row: Hall, Harris, Hockensmith, Lament Fourth Row: Lloyd, Ogden, Ramm Fifth Row: Stewart, Turley, Zabek HISTORY Founded at Bethany College, 1859 Delta Era Chapter, 1925 , l t t E A National Publication .... 'tR3lHbOW Della Ella T - :X ' lj Chapter Publication . . "Bama Delt Chapler 2 Active Chapters ...... Seventy sxx Colors ..... Purple, White and Gold PAGE 284 Flower' . ..... Pansy Iurst Row: Gewin, GI-uve, Schaller, Travis Second Row: Adlung. Carter. Chr-sterman, Crabtree 'lhird Row: Crumly. Dnsey, Davies, Davis Foulth Row: Dilwol-th. Driesch, Ellis, Gannon I"1fth Row: H71l'1'iS, Hill. Jung, Kimberly, Long Sixth Row Orme, Ramcy, Smith. James, Smith, John, Stapp Seventh Row: Teague, Tout.. Wallace, Warren, West HISTORY Founded at Norwich U., 1856 Alpha PhiClT:1ptcI', 1926 THETA CH MEM Frafrex in Facultatc DR. STEXVART J. LLOYD DR. JOHN Y. GRAHAM HENRY G. CRISP HARIIY D. BONHAM Law E. R. CARTER WALTER GEWIN HAIKRY ORME JAMES E. SMITH Seniors DELANEY DXLXVORTH DANA GROVE HARRY SCHALLER CHARLES STAPP RICHARD TRAVIS TI-IERON WEST 1' nuiors WARD DASEY GEORGE DAVIDSON RAIIIORD ELLIS BERS RICHARD HARIKIS BERNARD JUNG A. SANFORD KIMBERLY I'IEYWOOD LONG BILL SHERIDAN HAROLD STAUNTON SIDNEY TEAGUE HERNLEY TOUT DAVID WALLACE Sopbomorcs GEORGE ADLUNG ROBERT CHESTERMAN J. C. CRADTREE R. WILL GANNON HUGH HILL F resbmen EARL CHUMLY ROBERT DAVIES THOMAS DAVIS CARL DRIESCH THOMAS RAMEY JOHN C. SMITH GEORGE WARREN National P7lbliL'llff0l1 .... "The Rattle" 'X 'IK ff. AI ha Phi Chapin Publizfafiwz . "The Warrior" 1.5.4.-"f7 gh + Active Cbatlifvrs ........ Fifty ap er COIOPA' .... Military Red and White . ' Howcr . .... Red Carnation PAGE 255 LTA CHI MEMBERS F ralres in Faculfute JAMES F. DOSTER DONALD H. MCCUAIG JEFF J. COLEMAN WADE H. COLEMAN, JR. DR. J. V. MASTERS DR. J. J. DOSTER Law EWELL CLARK ROBERT MAIN WARD MCFARLAND THOMAS STARLIN PAUL THOMAS Seniors WILLIARI G. CHRISTIAN JAIMES K. COLEMAN WILMONT B. FLANDERS C. E. HORNSBY JOHN HOUSER ALLEN iVlAIN HAIKIKY SCHMITZ ARTHUR RUSSELL WALLIS RICHARD SCI-IMITZ Juniors XVILLIAM C. APPLE JOHN TUCKER Sopbomorcs JOHN BOYD CECIL C. CEASE THOMAS CONWAY MIMS DE JARNETTE WII.LIAM FIELDS ALAN JACKSON ROBERT JONES WILLIAM PALMATARY JAIVIES PARK JIMMIE RUSSELL JOE SHEPHERD GEORGE XVHITE F fFSl717Il'71 FRANCIS BROOKS B. C. Cox, JR. RICHARD DAVIDSON BEN HILL FREEMAN LAXVRENCE GERALD ALAN HENRY JOHN LAWRENCE BEECHER F. MCCANN CLINTON MCGEE JAMES MCMILLAN PHILIP REYNOLDS GEORGE SLAYTON First Row: Hornsby, Flanders, Apple, Main, Boyd Second Row: Brooks, Cease, Christian, Clark, Coleman Third Row: Conway, Cox, Gerald, Henry, Hauser Fourth Row: Jackson, Jones, McMilla'n, McCann, .MacFarIand Fifth Row: McGee, Palmatary, Reynolds, Schmitz Sixth Row: Starlin, Thomas, Wallis, White HISTORY Founded at Cornell University, 1890 Alabama Chapter, 1927 National Publication . . . "The Delta Chi Quarterly Alabama Chapter Publication . "The Capstone Delt' Chaplier Active Chapters . . . . Thirty-seven Colors .... . Red and Buff Flower . . NVhite Carnation PAGE 286 ALPHA PHI DELTA MEMBERS Svuiors JAMES ANGELICII GAI3lKllil, JAcouI Joi-IN PICANO Lows PoI.IcI-I1No llIlli0I'X MAIl'fY Bosso Joi-IN MI2IIc:AI.IA CIfIAIxI..Es PINzINI PAUI. SANI-'II.II'I1o FRANK ScAI,.zI DANIIZI. VAN Dli'I'1'A BIQNIZDICT DI Jol-IN S I1 pbo mo rvs CI2IlllA'l'l CERIKATO AIKTHUR C0111 NO ANTHQNY DI GUISE1'l'1 LEONARD GIANNANIJREA ANTHONY IMPELLIIQTEIII S'I'EPI'IEN LAMANNA PETEIQ MAIKIANNI VINCENT SCHILLECI I"rvsb m vu Louis CAVALLAKO GENAII Cocco VITO CUSUIAANO ARTIIUII D,ELlA MlL'I'ON LAGATTUTO SILVIO LUPONE AI-1zEIx'I' OCONE DOMINICK PLAzzo SABIN RUSSONIELLO JOHN ScIALI.I Phi Cha pier Y :.:f ki - , v . - 2. s A 0. 1 n - n I 1 I' -Bin Y PAGE 238 First Row: Van Detta, Cerrato Second Rnw: Lamanna, Giannandrea Third Row: Picano, Sanfilippo Fourth Row: Scalzi, Schilleci HISTORY Founded at Syracuse University, 1912 Phi Chapter, 1929 National Publication . "Kleos and Ticker" Acfi-ue Cbaj1tc'rs . ..... Thirty Colors .... . Purple and White Flower . . White Carnation First Row: Joachim, Stevens, Hammond, Amidon. Ballceh Second Row: Baker, Barlow, Bradley, Calligan, Colihan Third Row: Colton, Davis, Foley, Hasbrouck, Kilpatrick Fourth Row: Kohl, Lubina, Moore, Moulton, Piller Fifth Row. Pooley, Sievers, Smith, J., Smith, L. Sixth Row: Stewart, Tierney, White, Zurowslci HISTORY Founded :It Richmond College, 1901 Alabama Beta Chapter, 1927 Nrltiomzl Publication . . "Sig Ep Journal ' Chapter Publicrzfiou . . "Crimson Tidings Active ClJapft'1's ...... Sixty-eight Colors . . . . Red and Royal Purple Flowvrx . . . . Rose and Violet x MW 4 1 X4- n . .If . , .. ., 5"IvfIfl7Ii' - .., ,ug 11 In 1- w Q ,nf 061. PAGE 287 SIGMA PHI EPSILON MEM Fra1'rc's in Facullatr' DR. E. B. CARMICHAEI. JAMES M. FAIRCLOTH WENDELL ADANISON Law THOMAS COLIPIAN ARNOLD S. SIEVERS EDWARD -I. TlIillNEY Seniorx HORACE BAKER GEORGE BALLOCH CHARLES W. JOACI-IIM PHELPS MOOIRE JOHN H. COLTON, JR. I Imiors CECIL R. BAIKLOW MAURlCli E. DAVIS JOHN V. COLLICAN FRANK E. FOLEY WILLIAM W. HAMMOND -- L BERS ROBERT B. KII.PA'rRIc:R EDXVARD J. LUBINA F. DOUGLAS MOULTON ARTHUR J. PILLER WILLIAM S. POOLEY LANSING SMITH ROIIIzR'I' B. STEVENS HAROLD E. WI5'rzI2L TPIADDEUS ZURoxvsRI GORDON WI-II'l'E Sophomore.: ALBERT AMIDON FRANCES X. BRADLEY WILLIAM MCNEELEY PAUL STEWARD F mvlmz eu ELBEIITON PIASBRAUCK ROBERT C. KOHL NORMAN LA RIEVER JOHN IVICINTOSH .IOSEPH L. SMITH . -Z Alabama Beia Chapter FIrst Row: Kuhn. Lamb, Walker, Bernhart Second Row: Banks, Bemis, Berinett, Cutler Thud Row: Fuller, Jordan, McBride, McCarthy Foulth Row: Miller, Moyer, Reynolds, Rogers, Salmi HISTORY Founded at Yale, 1845 Alpha Iota Chapter, 1930 National Publication . . . "Tomahawk" Acfwe Chapters . . . . Thirty-four Colors . . . . Stone and Cardinal Flower ..... Rose '-V . , . ., xx ' r-Iv af' H' JI 'slvzkfili l ' ' J XXII PAGE 289 ALPHA SIGMA PHI M E Frafres in Fucultafc' MARCUS WHITMAN JAMES HOLLADAY Seniors EDXVIN L. BERNHART BEN S. FULLER GERALD E. KUHN Iuniors JAMES E. BEMIS THOMAS LAMB FRANK J. MCCARTHY GEORGE A. MOYER FRANK REYNOLDS M BERS GORDON S. ROGERS WAIID R. Wll.LIANISON Sopbomorrs JOSEP1-I H. BANKS, JR. ROBERT F. BENNETT BRYANT CULBERSON CHARLES MILLER CLOYD WALKER F rvsb m en RAY GLEN CUTLER RALPH JORDAN GERARD MCBRIDE DONALD SALMI Alpha lola Cha pler ALPHA LAMBDA TAU M E M B E R S Fraires in Fnculfatcf JAMES FYE HARRY V. NIITCI-IELL J- E- GRAMT-ING, JR- THURSTON B. GIKAMLING Law JAMES WHATLEY JOE BURNS MARVIN WHEELER WILLIAM COBLE S01,,50,,,0,,.5 RAYIMOND MIMNIS CLIFFQRD REEVE5 HENRY COCHRANE RAYMOND LAVVLOR Merlicim' DICK JONES LESLIE HOWELL HUBBAIID CHARLES RAMEY JOSEPH RILEY Seniors JOHN PAY WALDEN JOHN DASI-IER F lx A VPXJIIIEIY RALPH GANDY MILLAIKD HOWELL JANIE5 ANTON ROGER JONES ROBERT BECKBERGER THEODORE LEDEEN AIQCHIE DIEL JAMES NORMAN HUNTLEY HAMMOND EMMHIT A- PARRISH JOSEPH PETER HARKINS PERRY HUGHES f1U'f0"Y WILLIAM HUGHES JOHN BROADLAND ERIS PAUL RAYMOND FRINGS COUSTIE STEVENS I "YI II I I " II" I'll'II'W:I'IIIII First Row: Frings, Parrish, Wheeler, Burns Second Row: Goble, Dasher, Harkins, Howell Third Row: Hubbard, Ledeen, Lawlor, Norman Fourth Row: Paul, Ramey, Reeves, Walden, Whatley H I S T O R Y Founded at Oglethorpe University, 1916 . F1111 Pi Chapter, 1931 P' jgii Vqh' L51 National Publication . . "The Roseleaf' Chapiher 553 Kiwi J Active Chzzplwrs . . . . . Twenty ,il Colorx ........ Black and Gold Flower . . . The American Beauty Rose PAGE 290 First Row: Grant, Smith, Fuust, Bates, Corson Second Row: Cribbs, Cumbaa, Cummiskey, Delhagen, Franson Third Row: Healy, Klick, L., Klick. R., Lloyd Fourth Row: McCullough, Merillzxt, Neumuller, Prince Fifth Row: Rohrdanz, Rnsc. Schafer, Senn Sixth Row: Smith, Trucks, Young, Zcigler HISTORY Founded at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, N. Y., 1864 Alpha Lambda Chapter, 1932 National Publicafiorz . "The Unicorn of Theta Xi" Active Chfli7fl'l'A' . . . Thirty-six Colors . . . . . Bluu and Wfhite Flowcr . . W'lIiLc Carnation P win MEM Frntrcs in Facultafc CHESTER H. KNICI-IT JAMES O. SMITH WINSTON M. SCOTT Grafhmte WALTER SMI'l'H Law FRED E. ZEICLER Mczlicim' JACQUES L. SENN Seniors WILLIAM C. CHADWICK DAVID C. CORSON BROWN CRIBBS KENNETH DELI-IAGEN D. T. FOUST CARL E. GRANT JOHN D. HEALY E. LEXVIS J. KLICK FRANR W. LLOYD DONALD D. MERILLAT RICHARD NOLDE CLARENCE W. ROPIRDANZ FRANK W. YOUNG THETA BERS Iurziors PAUL A. GRAFSTROM I'IAL MCCULLOUGH ROBER'F NEUMULLER FREDERICK S. ROSE FREDERICK C. SCHAFER W. CHESTER SMITH RUSSELL TI-IATCHER Sofvbomores I'IOXVARD S. BATES II PAUL O. FRANSON GEORGE BECKXVITI-I MAURICE KAUFFMAN ROBERT F. KLICK LOUIS B. TRUCKS F rcsb mer: XVILLIE COCHRANE EDXVARD L. CUMMISREY NOEL T. CUMBAA ROBERT C. PRINCE CLAUDE SHELL LEE D. SMITH AI ha Lambda , P qw, I Chapfer Id X ,Fi K. ,Rv IQ' .. I V... v. ,H .gk ll 1' fy wu- R-..-nf .- S.--, .I PAGE 291 . v-"rf--,A ... +1 ' 5-I! I ' " lf, .mv I 4 --. . , '. .iIL.:A..1T-'Iv - ' JD EIIL 'FSA vw I I -.i.f.f.,,g-,. M '-L 'A if .Y- ' " il I I I I l P gr I 1- ,r A- - 1. fiiikii J M E I:7'!lfl'L'5 in Faculfafc' JAMES CUDNVORTH EDWARD W. GREGORY BEN E. HAIKRIS La w WILLIAM C. BELL, JR. JOSEPH A. ROMANO Seniors M , JR- VVILLIAIVI M. CARMICHAEL WILLIAM F. ZKNEBEL ROBERT J. LENHARDT FRANK X. MCMAHON BARNUM OLMSTEAD JOHN M. WARDE Iunio rs JOHN L. CONLEY ALLEN B. DOVETON FRED J. GOLL RAYMOND GONTER BERS JOHN HARRIGAN CHARLES E. HOXVARD RALPH T. MCMAHON HARIRY V. SHULTIS, JR. JAMES A. SUTTON ALFRED J. Zu HONE Sopbomorex DANIEL L. DRAKE WALTER KROTEE PAUL A. ROSS, JR. LLOYD F. TUTTLE JOHN TAYLOR JOHN H. XVESTCOTT LEON YEUELL F rexbvnen BERNARD C. ARMS JAMES CAST-IMAN CARL MAYNE M. PRESTERA GORDON D. WEBBER Bela Kappa Chapier -T I" 'uw wk!! J .qi I A I I, 'I' 'I I ll J iii. :dir lr '- J- ' 5 " 2:-F .TA-H -,v':'i?.C :fl- PAGE 292 First Row: Romano, Zu Hone, Shultis, Howard Second Row: Bell, Carmichael, Doveton, Goll Third Row: Krotee, Mayne, Prestera, Ross Fourth Row: Sutton, Tuttle, Webber HISTORY Founded at City College, New York, 1899 Beta Kappa Chapter, 1935 National Publications . "Carnation" and "Sphinx" Chapter PubIic'afi011 . . "Beta Kappa Chronicle" Active Chapter: ...... Forty-eight Colors ..... Nile Green and White Flower . . . Wliite Carnation Dances form a large part of the social life on the campus. This is a typical sorority scene after a dance. 4 w 1 V SCDRORITIES r i rl A PA N I-IELLEN MEMBERS MARJORIE BARROWS . REBECCA BOOZER . ELLA LEE BOSWELL . CLARA BEELAND BROOKS ELIZABETH DARDEN . MILDRED DAVIS . JESSIE FOGELSON . HELEN FULLERTCN . FLEDA FULMER . GRACE GASTON . JANET GORDON . . SARA MAE HAMMOND . ALINE HODCES . MARY HARPER . MARY HOLMAN . . Delta Zeta . . Chi Omega . Delta Delta Delta Kappa Kappa Gamma . . Delta Zeta . . Sigma Kappa . Delta Phi Epsilon . Theta Upsilofz . . Theta Upsilon Alpha Gamma Delta . Alpha Phi . . . Phi Mu . Delta Phi Epsilon . Delta Delta Delta . . Chi Omega RUTH KLEINMAN . . . . President ALINE HODGES .... Vice President JANELLA JACKSON .... Secretary SARA MAE HAMLIOND . . Treasurer in -Q.. T ee wi-Jw . Y - ,W 12- A 1'-L,-u:L':.,: CCD UN First Row: Holman. James. Jeffries, Killian Second Row: Marshall, Martin, Merritt. Rainey Third Row: Robinson, Scott, Smith. Speaks Fuurth Row: Spratt, Tally, Wurt,crle I I. MEMBERS JANELLA JACKSON . WINIFRED JAMES . . CHARLOTTE JEFFRIES JANE KILLIAN . . RUTH IQLEINMAN . . . MILLICENT MARSHALL GRACE MARTIN . . MARJORIE MERRITT . MARY RAINEY . . CLARA ROBINSON . MARIE SCOTT . BETTY SMITH . BILLIE SPEAKE . LILLIS SPRATT . FRANCES TALLY . LOLLA WURTELE . L ,I J' , . . . Alpha Delta Pi . Alpha Gamma Delta . Alpha Chi Omega . . Alpha Chi Omega Kappa Kappa Gamma . Alpha Xi Delia . Sigma Kappa . . Zeta Tau Alpha Kappa Kappa Gamma . . . . . Phi Mu . Alpha Delia Pi . . Alpha Phi . Kappa Delia . Kappa Delta . Alpha Xi Delia . Zeta Tau Alpha SORORITY CIRCLE X ff, ,-Q1 " MEM Sorores in Fncultafe MIss ELIZABETH COLEMAN MISS FANNIE P. TARTT MISS SARAH ARNOLD Law IRENE FEAGIN Seniors VIRCQINIA ARBERY ANNA POWELL BURNS ELVIRA COCHRANE JUANITA ECRLES ROBERTA KNOXVLES BEVERLY J. MCDONALD GRACE MCKEE MARGARET PERRY CAROL LYNN REESE BILLIE SPEAKE ELIZABETH STEELE BECRY STOVER MARIA LYON Imziorx SARAH BROXVDER MARY BINGHAM HELEN BURNS BETTY CRAWFOIXD MARGAIRET DENNY CHARLOTTE GIBSON LYLE GLASS MARY JOHNSTON SARA JOHNSTON AMANDA JONES ADELAIDE MCQUEEN ELIZABETH MERRILL ANN PLANT JEFF RICHARDS BERS LILLIS SPRATT ANNIE PRIDE TOMPKINS MARY B. TOMPICINS VIRGINIA THONIPSON PATTY TYSON FRANCES WESTCOTT SARA WEBB BETTY WHITE ISATHLEEN RICHARDS ANNE THETFORD Sofzbomores MARY OLIVE AVANT DOROTHY BEAR MARTHA DAXVKINS MYRA DUNHAM DOROTHY JONES MARX' D. MAXWELL JULIA MOTLEY MARGARET PHILLIPOFF JULIA ELLEN POXVERS LUCY RICHARDSON ELIZABETH NVILRINSON FRANCES TACK VERNA LOU SMOYER ANN FOLMAR Freshmen MARGUERITE BELL ROSA BROOKS ELIZABETH CRUME JEAN GRAVES PEGGY HOUSER MADELINE MCCORMACR MARGARET MATTHEXVS JANE NORTON FLOYD PUGH ANNIE LAURIE SWAIM JANE PIALL VAN PELT DORIS ROGERS Zeia Cha pier First Row: Speake. Steele, Arbery, Stover, Avant, Bear, Bell Second Row: Bingham, Brooks, Browder, Burns, A., Burns, H., Cochrane, Crawford Third Row: Crumc, Dawkins, Denny, Dunham, Eckles, Feagin, Folmar Fourth Row: Gibson, Glass, Gravis, Houser, Johnston, M., Johnston, S., ones Fifth Row: Jones, D., Knowles, Lyon, McCormack, McDonald, McKee, McQueen Sixth Row: Matthews. Merrill, Motley, Norton, Perry, Phillipoff, Plant Seventh Row: Powers, Pugh, Reese, Richards, J., Richards, K., Richardson, Smoyex' Eighth Row: Spratt, Swaim. Tack, Thetford. Thompson, Tompkins, A. P., Tompkins, M. B. Ninth Row: Tyson, Webb. Vifestcott, White, Wilkinson, Van Pelt HISTORY Founded at Virginia State Normal, 1897 Zeta Chapter, 1904 National Publicaiion . . . l'The Angeles" Chapter Publication . . . "Zeta Ala" Acfive Chapters . . . . Seventy-four Colors .' . . . . Green and Wlmite Flower , . . White Rose PAGE 296 - First Row: Scott, Searcy, Sullivan, Jackson Second Row: Adams, Anders. L., Anders, W., Bennett Third Row: Childs, Coyle, Crilmlls, Dunn Fourth Row: Fulmnr, Gale, Harney Fifth Row: Little, LUDFICY. MOntEI0m9l'Y Sixth Row: Paxton, Pittman, Reddock HISTORY Founded at Wesleyan Female College, 1851 Eta Chapter, 1907 ALPHA DELTA PI MEM Sorores in Faculfale MRS. LOUIS MOUOHETTE DR. SEPTIMA SMITH MRS. Avis M. DAWSON MISS VIRGINIA COOPER Gl'lZfl'lltlfC'S MAUDE CLAY LITTLE La w HELEN FULLER JANELLA JACKSON Seniors w'lLDA ANDERS MARGARET COYTE LUCILLE DUNN Iuuiors BEN AVIS ADAMS LILLIE A1'KINSON CARVEL CHILDS BERS ELIZABETH CRIEBS DOROTHY DEANE HAKNEY MARIAN PITTMAN MARIE SCOTT Sopbomorzfs DOROTHY JANE BENNETT ALBERTA CATON MARGAIKET FOLMAR BARBARA LITTLE EVELYN LOONEY NIARJORIE MONTGOMERY ZELMA PAXTON NINA ROSS SEARCY DOROTHY SULLIVAN FRANCES WILLIAMS Frf'sh1m'11 LOUISE ANDEIKS EDNA MAE GALE JOYCE REDDOCK OLIN'E CARLSON National Publicrztion .... "Adelphe:m" H Lqjifg-QL: Cha Eg Acfi-ue Chapters ...... Fifty-eight A 1 '2" 'XYZ 1 l P Colors .... . Lighr Blue and White l Flower . . . . Purple Violet PAGE 297 ME Sorores in Faeultatc Miss DAVIS M MARGARET M. MGPI-IERSON Seniors ETHLYN BOMAR VIOLET EDXVARDS IDA RUTHERTORD EMMY LOU SIMPSON LOLLA WURTELE MARY SUE WALL Iuniors MARY BURNETT KATHLEEN COLLINS RUTH CROORS l'lELEN HAGAN NATHALIE HENERLAU BERS MARGARET NORTON DONA LOUISE SKINNER TILLIE WALKER MARJORIE WIMBERLY Sojzbomorcs MAIKTHA LOWREY MIRIAM MCCULLEY MARJORIE MERRITTE RUTH ELLEN MORGAN BETTY ROBINSON Freshmen VIRGINIA BROWN BEULAH LEE COLLINS MARY ANNE MCCOY MARJORIE WALKER RUTH WELLS ELEANOR WINTERS DOROTHY WOOD First Row: Wurtele, Wall, Henerlau, Simpson, Bomar Second Row: Brown, Burnett, Collins, Crooks, Edwards Third Row: Hagan, Lowrey, McCoy, McCulley Fourth Row: Merritte, Morgan, Norton, Robinson Fifth Row: Rutherford, Skinner, Walker, M., Walker, T. Sixth Row: Wells, Wimberly, Winters, Wood HISTORY , - A Founded at Virginia State Nor. School, 1898 ' Y Nu Chapter, 1910 Nu R l lil National Publication ..... "Themis" Chapler 21 549,51 I Active Chapterx ...... Sixty-three 1 " 'ff 1-If Colors . . . Torquoise Blue and Steel Gray " 7 'I Lili' , Flower . ...... White Violet PAGE 295 First Row: Harper, Mandeville, Lovett. Morrissett, Alston, Bedsole, M. Second Row: Bedsole, N., Bell, Tilusiiitrame, Blow, Boswell, Boykin Third Row: Breslin, Bryant, Clmmbliss, Collier, Crossley, Crute Fourth Row: Daniel, Davis, Deal, Douglas, Elgin, Ford Fifth Row: Fountain, Garth, Gillicrl, Hiizhee, Holloway, Hostetler Sixth Row: Humphrey, Jones, Lamlierth, McMahon, McCown, Mitchell Seventh Row: Ordway, Pearson, Pritchard, Rice, Robinson, Rogers Eighth Row: Shepherd, Sproull, Toulmin, Williams, Young HISTORY Founded at Boston University, 1888 Delta Mu, l9l-l- Nafional Publicnliofz . . . "The Trident" Active Chapters ...., Eighty-seven Colors ...... Silver, Gold, and Blue Flower . ...... Pansy PAGE 299 I DELTA DELTA DELTA MEMBERS Seniors NELL BEDSOLE ELIZABETH COLLIER JOSEPHINE DOUGLAS BOBBY ELGIN MARY HARPER LOUISE LOVETT ROSEMARY MCCOWN GRACE MANDERVILLE VIRGINIA MORRISSETT EMELYN PEARSON FRANCES WILLIAMS FRANCES YOUNG Iuniors ALICE BLASINGAME LOUISE BLOW FRANCES BOYKIN ELEANOR FOUNTAIN JENNIE HOBBS GARTH MARTHA GILBERT LAURIE MITCPIELL FRANCES ORDWAY HELEN TOULMIN Sojzbomores LEILA ALSTON ELLELEE BOSXVELL BETTY BRESLIN FRANCES DAVIS ARLINE FORD RUTH HOSTETTER NEITA HUMPHIKIEY HERMIONE MCMAHON MARY APPLETON PRITCHARD MARGARET RIGE Lois SHEPHERD ANN SPROULL Fresb1nen MARTHA BEDSOLE ELIZABETH BELL ROSALYN CHAMBLISS HELEN CROSSLEY MARTHA CRUTE PEGGY DANIEL MARGARET DEAL LOUISE HIGBEE KATE HOLLOWAY MARY CRAXVFORD JONES LENA LAMBERTH MILDRED ROBINSON ELIZABETH ROGERS Delia Mu Chapier ALPHA GAMMA DELTA M E Grad mates BLANCI-IE DEAs EIJDA THOMPSON Seniors MARY H. BLACK BARBARA BURT MARY CAMPBELL MARY HELEN CAFFEY MARGARET CHANDLER MARIE DOUGLAS LUCILLE FENNELL XVINIFRIED JAMES MARGAIIET LAVENDER MARY B. ROBINSON ESTHER RUTLEDGE MELVAR SMITH Iuniorx CATHERINE DAXVSON MARIE DEAS DIANA DEAsoN MARY FONDE lf... M BERS MAEDELL GOODSON ELLA Ross GRIFFIN ELIZABETH HERRING ANNETTE HOLMES ELIZABETH MARSHALL MAIKTHA PATTERSON ELEANOR SHEATS ALJO WILES So1Ibonz0rc's ELIZABETH ESPY GRACE GASTON ELIZABETH HARMON MARY HORNSBY MARGARET MOIKGAN VIRGINIA NASH IRENE PATTON KATHERINE SMITH ETHEL M. TANIQERSLEY F l'6'A'b1l1l'l7 DOROTHY MAY LAURA IWINNIS VIRGINIA WALLS First Row: James, Lavender, Chandler, Campbell, Black Second Row: Burt, Caffey, Dawson, Deas, B., Deas, M. Third Row: Deason, Douglas, Espy, Fennell, Fonde Fourth Row: Gaston, Goodson, Griffin, Harmon, Herring Fifth Row: Holmes, Hornsby, Marshall, May Sixth Row: Minnis, Morgan, Nash, Patterson Seventh Row: Patton, Rutledge, Sheats, Smith, K. Eighth Row: Smith, M., Tankersley, Walls, Wileu HISTORY L ,L Founded at Syracuse University, 1904 h ' ' ' Psi Chapter, 1921 Psi "CVM National Publication . "Alpha Gamma Dfilta .',' ' unrter " Chapter 'Ii-"Qif':F' Activa Chapters . .... Fgrty-seviin "N" 'S Calorx .... . Red, Buff, and Green 'J Flowrw . . Red and Buff Rose PAGE 300 FII'-It ROW: Boozer, 'l'uwIIsIIIIl, Gay, Morgran, Bl'i1LlfOl'Ll Second Row: Brown, Burmtt, Bush, G1ll'Cll191', Halstead Thuml Row: Harkins, Hassan, Hodges, Holman. Hood Fouxth Row: Jolly, n'll'Cl1ll'6, Mahan, Martin, Nix FIfth Row Robertson, Rogers. Sessoms, Smith, Spottswocd Slkth Row: Stabler, Tatum, Wade, Whipple H I S T Q R Y Founded at Fayetteville, Arkansas, 1895 Nu Beta Chapter, 1921 Nnflonal Publicaliolz ..... "Elcusis" ' Acfnfz' Clmpferx . . . . Eighty-seven Colorv . . . Cardinal and Straw Flower . White Carnation PAGE 301 LCHI OMEGA MEMBERS Sora res in Faczzlhzfc' M155 ALICE WYMAN MRS. WANDA COLE ANNA SLIEDGE Grarluafrs MARIE LOUISE HAGLER ANNA SLEDGE Seniors REBECCA BOOZER ELIZABETH BRADFORD AMY LOUISE GAY MAIXY JANE HODGES JULIA HASSON SARA MAIKTIN MARION lVlORGAN LOUISE ROGERS IIHIi0l'.Y BUNCH HALSTEAD ELIZABETI--I JOLLEY LUCYLE MAHAN .ALICE STREET ROBER ELEANOR SEssOMs PEGGY STABLER Sopbomorrs SUE BURNETT DORIS I-IARRINS MAIRY HOLMAN SUE Y. MCCLURE I'lELEN SMITH MARTHA SPOTTSXVOOD CAROLYN TATUM I'IAZEL R. TOXYVNSEND ELIZABETH XVHATLEY HELEN XVIIIPPLE F1'L'Xb17Il'II ELIEANOR BROWN FRANCES BUsI-I FRANCES GARDNER CAROIIYN HOOD MILIIRED Nlx .IULIA XVAIJE SARA WRIGHT Nu Bela Cha pl-er TSON I I M E M Seniors MARJORIE BARROXVS ERNISTINE CARMICHAEL JEAN CODY FRANCES LYLE GAY NELLE LATI-IAM ELEANOR MILLINGER VIOLA NIILNE LUCIE PARNELL FRANCES WALKER I1mior's HAZEL BRANNON LISOBETH DARDEN NANCY HOLLODAY MURIEL PRIM HAZEI. ROBERTSON CATHERINE SMITH I BERS JUARINE B. VAN TASSEL Sopbomores MARY LUCILLE ARANT ELEANOR BROXVN MAXIBEL DAVIS LORRAINE INGRAM BETTY MCMILLAN BESSIE MASHBURN GWEN MOXLEY ELIZABETH SMITH CECILE THOMPSON F resb1m'n MARY FRANCES ANDREXVS LENORE DE GROODT PEARL POGUE BETH TAYLOR First Row: Barrows, Gay, Parnell, Ingram, Andrews Second Row: Arant, Brannon, Brown, Carmichael, Cody Third Row: Darden, Davis, DeGroodt, Holloday, Latham Fourth Row: McMillan, Mashburn, Millinger, Milne, Moxley Fifth Row: Pogue, Prim, Robertson, Smith, C., Smith, E. 'Qi ' " l'YF7'iI'fC1'fl3 Sixth Row: Taylor, Thompson, Van Tassel, Walker f,,,' 4 'Q ' f we YN -' ,rf Ill if I , A Alpha Gamma Cha pier H I S T O R Y Founded at Miami University, 1902 Q L FET", Alpha- Gamma Chapter, 1922 ,F , - 1 ' '51 i., Nafiomzl Pzlblicafiofz . "The Lamp of Delta ,A ,v'n A , , Zetan in E ' I Active Chapters ...... Fifty-nine V it , ' Colors ,... Old Rose and Vieux Green 'I I 3 . .A Flower . .... Killarney Rose PAGE 302 First Row: Jeffries, Aiken, Lane, Pcavy, A., Alsop Second Row: Balch, Branch. Burns, Clark, Collins Third ROw:Eiche1', Hayes, Hennessy, Kane Fourth Row: Kargar, Killian, Lameraux, Lewis Fifth Row: Lime, McGaI'ity, Miller, Milliron Sixth Row: Peacock, Peavy, Rogers, Stuckey HISTORY Founded at Depnuw University, 1885 Alpha Upsilon Chapter, 1924 National Publication ..,. "The Lyra" Active Chapters ...... Fifty-seven :I Colors ..... Scarlet and Olive Green '- J' xvfw fx .fe I-.V 1.-I ' A .T 'J 1 '.I I ' ' ' MEM Sororex in Facultafe Miss RUTH DRYUD Miss FRANCES GREENVUOOD MRS. WADE COLEMAN, JR. Seniors CHARLOTTE JEFFRIES -IAYNE KILLIAN XVINNELL LANE ALICE PEAVY Iuniorx NEVA AIKEN MARY VIRGINIA BRANCH RUTH EICHER ROBERTA KARGAR CAROLINE MCGARITY BONNIE MILLIRON ELIZABETH STUCREY BERS I Sopbomores DOROTHY ALSOP MARGARET CLARK JULIA COLLINS KATHERINE DAVIDSON LOLA MAY HAYES JAMENETT I'IIiNNESEY MARGARE'f A. LAMERAUX DOROTHY PEACOCK LAURIE PEAVY FRANCES ROGERS F resbmen FRANCES BALCH NWILELLA BURNS BARBARA KANE CECILE LEWIS FRANCES LIME GRETCPIEN lYlILLER VIRGINIA MYLES Alpha Upsllon Chapler Flower . . , . Red C:1rnation ' PAGE 303 Ill" ' IX, 525 E , KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA MEM Sororex in Fzlculfute MISS MIIKIAM LOCRE Seniors ELIZABETH ALLEN MARGAIKET BERRY JEAN DRYBURGH VIRGINIA MAY EHLERT VIRGINIA HARRIGAN ANNIE HURT HOLhIlAN RUTH KLEINMAN JANE LOUISE NICROSI MARGARET A. RADAM ACHER ETTIIE BEELAND ROGERS MARY ORPHA ROGERS MARGARET TAYLOR MARY EDNA TRAVIS Izmio rs MARY AMANDA ALLISON MARTHA COWAN BARBARA DAVIS ADAIR HANIILTON BERS ELLA PIELBERG GE'NE HOPKINS BETTY JANE O,BANNON NIARY RAINEY RUTH SHEPHERD Solzbomores CLARA BEELAND BROOKS MARIE DROLET MARY TABB LANCASTER NATALIE SHARPE ANNE TATUM MARGAliET YNIESTRA F rrsb-nuflz PHOEBE BIBB MARY BIDGOOD LOIS DROLET BETTY KUGLER DOROTHA MAIN -JANE MATTHEWS MARGPIERITA SNVIFT EDWINA WYATT First Row: Beery, Allison, Drolel, M., Helberf. Allen Second Row: Bibb, Bidgood, Brooks, Cowan, Dans Third Row: Drolel, L., Dryhurgh, Ehlert, Hamilton Holman Fourth Row: Hopkins, Kleinman, Kugler, LaneaS1.eI Main Fifth Row: Matthews, Nicvosi, O'Bannon, Rainey Rogexs Sixth Row: Sharpe, Shepherd, Swift, Tatum Seventh Row: Wyatt, Travis, Taylor, Yniestxa HISTORY 111- Founded at Monmouth College, 1870 A n Gamma Pi Chapter, 1927 Gamma P' National Publication V.... "T c Key' Chapler Active Chapters ..... Seventy three Colors .... Dark Blue and Light Blue Flower . ...... Fleur de hs PAGE 304 Fxrst Row: Hodges, Fogelson Second Row: Gilmore, Rogow Third Row: 'l'zxnenhaus, Teplit HISTORY Founded at New York University, 1917 Pi Chapter, 1928 DELTA PHIE EPSILON MEM Seniors jrsssns JEAN FOGELSON RUTH GROODZINSKY ALINE Hoocns I uniors CECILE TANENHAUS CLARE TEPLIT ETHEL WIENER BERS Sopbomorcs FLORENCE Honoxvwz YVETTE LEVINE. F rcsb-rn f'n GRACE BARRAQK LIBBYE GILLIORE FLORENCE GOODFRIEND THELMA Rocow ESTHEL SI'-IAYEVITZ Nulimml Pulzlicaliozz . "Delta Phi Epsilon Delia Phi Epsilon Quarterly" Cha pfer Aciive Cballfvrs ..,.. Twenty-three Colors ..... Royal Purple and Gold Flower . ..... Pansy PAGE 305 --.f-uf 4.1-Y,, I, A , -1-n 1 ,- u fn -S., 9 , 2' 4 ' if-' . L1I5'I-Tfgfflft-il Milli - HA: 'lfifffll J I A 1, Q I .. ab' . I A , . . H, M E Sorores in Facilitate MISS INA BARBEE Seniors MARGAIRET ADAMS VIIKGINIA ALLSUP MABLE ENGLISH JOSEPHINE HARPER POLLY HARPEIX CHARLOTTE KOHLIZR MILLICENT MARSHALL HELEN MOORE LOUISE SMITH FRANCES TALLY I 11-11 io rs ELIZABETH BARNES HORTENSE CROSBY MATTIE DOWNING MARTHA GOUGH -L ffv I: .I 5 ..5..., MBERS KATHRYN HARDIN BARBARA KIMISALL JESSE MAE ROLEN MAIIIE SEARS Sojrbomorcs FRANCES HOLCOMBE MARY JANE JOHNSTON RETA MACWHINNIE PHYLLIS ROXVE DOROTHY FULLER F rrsbm rn PEGGY CI-IENNAULT MARY ANNE EVANS DORIS -JEFFRIES MARIE KEMON HELEN NORRIS REBA SHELTON POLLY THOMPSON LORENE WHORTON Alpha Tau Chapfer First Row: Tally, Adams, Barnes, Moore, Allsup Second Row: Chennault, Crosby, English, Evans, Downing Third Row: Fuller, Gough, Holcombe, Hardin, Jeffries Fourth Row: Johnston, Kemon, Kohler, MacWhinnie Fifth Row: Marshall, Norris, Rolen, Rowe Sixth Row: Sears, Shelton, Smith, Thompson A HISTORY raid- - ' Sp Founacd at Lombard College, 1893 1 Jf i gl lk Alpha Tau Chapter, 1927 ' ' ' i""" ' '- National Publication . "The Alpha Xi Delta" . .lr J"'i . Il H, ' g' 'uf A. ' Active Chapters ........ Sixty . -' 'li' Y 1 ITG I '-V ,""1,'.f:' ' L, l' Colors . . Dark Blue, Light Blue and Gold -V' ,S JJ - ' Flower ........ Killarney Rose PAGE 306 First Row: Robison, Hammond. Young, Greagan Second Row: Batsell, Bender, Bluxom, Brown. G. Third Row: Brown, L., Davidson. Duryea, Edwards Fourth Row: Finch, Geffs, Hart, Hayden Fifth Row: Jackson, Oldacru. Peacock, Pratt Sixth Row: Render, Wzxites, Wright HISTORY Founded at Wesleyan College, 1852 Alpha Zeta Chapter, 1931 MEM Law SARA MAE HANIMOND CI.ARA ROBISON SARA WAITE5 Smiorx GXVENDOLYN BROWN JUNE OLDACRE MARY CHEATUM RENDER Izmiors DORIS BATSELL BARBARA DURYEA Soplvovzzoirs AURELIA BENDER FRAN cEs BLOOM PHI BERS JANE BRATTON BETTY GREAOAN GLADYS HART MARGARET PEACOCK KATHLEEN PRATT WIMBRETH WRIGHT MARY ELEANOR YOUNG F resb nz en LAVINIA BROXVN MARGARET DAVIDSON MILDIKED EDWARDS BEATRICE FINCH LEAH GEFFS IQATE WARREN HAYDEN SYBTL JACKSON National Publication ..... "Ag1aia" S A 5.1: A AI ha Zenlla Chapter Pzlblicalion . l'Pl1ilomathean" pcha fer Active Cbnptrrx .....,.. Sixty P Colors .... . . . Rose and Wlmite 'PSQ5'-A Flower . . Enchnntrcss Carnation PAGE 307 MU F., I . .L 12555 ' . - 353.01-'.': ,A . M Ii- I mari?-1',k.f'u'! .,. l ' 11'-Lg' grit- ffl li- lip If'-A 1 ' ' -f"Fl??ff:.r" ll ff 'A M . 552-llfifgl' M E M B E R S Seniors Sopbomorex JANE KRUG Bocas CATHERINE DUNSMORE JANET GORDON RHETTA KASSNER Iuniors HARRIET ALLEN RUTH BICK KATHLEEN CHAPNIAN MARGARET FONVILLE HELEN GERE ELLEN HARRIS FRANCES LLOYD HELEN PHILLIPS RosE MARY SAFEDLD MARGUERITE SHERXVIN Be+a Mu Cha pier FRANCES MARIE LEONARD RUTH MARGRETT MAIIY LANIER MUNDS JEAN RIAIEXI BETTY SMITH JANET TAYLOR F rash men Avis BOYKIN ELIZABETH DABNEY JEANNE HOOKER DOROTHY JANE KINGSBERY SHIRLEY PENRUDDOCKE CATHERINE PERONICK First Row: Gurdon, Gere, Dunsmore, Saffold Second Row: Allen, Bick, Boykin, Chapman Third Row: Fonville, Harris, Hooker, Kassner Fourth Row: Kingsbery, Leonard, Munds Fifth Row: Penruddocke, Phillips, Rimer Sixth Row: Sherwin, Smith, Taylor HISTORY Founded at Syracuse University, 1872 ' Beta Mu Chapter, 1932 I-5 Ai I National Publication "Alpha Phi Quarterly" all lf U ,I Active- Cbzzpters ...... Thirty-five 1 F' ' . 5 ,L V,--JL Colorx ...... Silver and Bordeaux .Y I Q K' Flowers . Lily of the Valley, Forget-me-not "'-1' -' PAGE 308 First Row: Fullerton, Fulmsfr. Browne, Allan Second Row: Calvin, DoI'nbeI'I:er, Gaines, L., Gaines, R. Third Row: Hunt, Jackson, Knhalley, Knight Fourth Row: Krebs, Lewis, M31'lH1', Niel Fifth Row: Peebles, Shirley, White A MEMBERS Sororvx in Fnmcllaic MRS. HARRY NEAL EDDINS M155 REBA TURNER Seniors ZONA BROWNE HELEN RUTH FULLERTON RI-IEUDELLE GAINES AMANDA KNIGHT EMMETT LEWIS Izmiors FLEDA FULMER LOUISE JACKSON LIOHNNIE SUE MARLAR EVELYN NIEL GRETI-IE1. WHITE Sojzbomorvs MARION ALLAN DOROTHY CALVIN ROSALIND CLINKSCALES DOROTHY HILDAGO MAMIE KAHALLEY CARRIE SHIRLEY F reIb1m'lz MAIKIAN DORNBERGER LORRAINE GAINES GERTRUDE HUNT CAROLYN KREus GAYNELLE MACRERETI-I THELMA PEEBLES 2if,M.,, l ' .H . I ,,,,,, " l i m H ' S T 0 R Y U-, IUUU EM, Founded at the U- of California, 1914 I ,,,,, ,IA Alpha Alpha Chapter, 1932 Nrzfiozml Publication . . . "The Dialv Aciive Cbnjntws . . . Thirty-one Colors . . . . . Rainbow Flower . . Fleur-dc-lis PAGE 309 Alpha Alpha Chapier I,M'II I. I -rIIIi:I'5"5'gfIi-.III' I - I , l"'i"""H L ' 1 i ' LL LL L Lf "L-'31 Z MEMBERS Sorores in Fzzcultafc DR. DANYLU BELSER DR. ETHEL SAXMAN JEAN TRULLINGER VIRGINIA TRULLINGER Izmio rs MISS HENRIETTE TPIOMPSON Grail 11111.65 CHRISTINE XVILSON Law MARY ELLEN HORNSBY Seniors ALICE BELL EVELYN EARLY CLARA I-IUCRSTEP GRACE MAR'TIN LAURA ROBINSON ELoIsE BRADFORD LILLIE BYARS MILDRED DAVIS LOUISE EARLY LORENE MILLER IRENE SHEPPARD LOUISE STRANVBRIDGE DOROTHY WARREN Sophomore JANE HILL Freshmen NoRvELL NORMAN II I'II 'I"'5F?'.f, I I IIJI' I ' isziefo-Iiv I A I First Row: Davis, Trullinger, J., Strawbridge, Bell Second Row: Bradford, Byars, Early, E., Early, L. Third Row: Hill, Hornsby, Huckstetp, Martin Fourth Row: Miller, Robinson, Sheppard Fifth Row: Trullinger, V., Warren, Wilson :CII II I iv Lis. :Sy vm- 4 'EI' uh ' I '.i-i"ffI1lyff"EiJ:3IL I I I " V w ie- I IW' ,I+ I 5,' IM f "'2 gg, i E-7 wx ff Earn, V.i.I.A- JI . E ,rx I lv I . I F T 'E In.. :ET 'Y' H I S T O R Y ,L-I ,-15-Q ,--- "'-I'I' rf- ' 1- 1 - If H , , ,ix,L:.g, . ' , Founded at COHW College' 1874 Alpha Omega Chapier 'casa ...',.. ' Alpha Omega Chapter, 1932 National Publication "Sigma Kappa Triangle" Active Chapters ...... Forty-six Colors . . I . . Lavender and Maroon Flower . ..... Violet - . Q '. r ...ver 4 .' wg. ' F , I ,I . , 0 10' I :III-A R.-.I -4.5 'I' 'E I II VL. K , "ILI 'i. 'a-' ' -:I-'J' if -- I 7.1- .,,Ei .,-- PAGE 310 First Row: Rosenblcum. Farher, Allen Second Row: Rosendorf, Alper, Buniske Third Row: Copeland. Lewis. Meyers Fourth Row: Ric-bzwla. Rothschild HISTORY Founded at the University of Alabama, 1932 Cbrzpler Publication . 'KTl1eta Kappa Bulletin" Flower ....... Yellow Tea Rose Colors . . . Blue :incl Gold PAGE 311 THETA KAP A MEMBERS Svlziors Mmmm ROSENBLOUIXI juniors HELEN FARBER BEATRICE ISRAEL FLORENCE LEXVXS Sojvbomorrfs CECILE ALLEN Mmxjoiuiz BONISKE Louis ROSIENDORF AMY NIEYERS If rz'sb111r'11 I-IELENE ALPER DOROTHX' COPELAND LUCY KORNMAN MIRIAM RIEBACK BEA ROTHSCHILD Tl1el'a Kappa Cha pier PAGE 312 cs f ., 4-jg Q , ,- Jyf 2,x KX IQQZXX r Q74 gif L Q F wp M f LI i ng--Z sf X 'K x 1 M nuns UI W K, ,Z Q l1URFlHy i ff.. is-W 1, lfiliv 09 Qqmnmenrs x. l 1 l I 1, Ii IN i I i 0 MR. THOMAS I-I. GARNER Another who is iiiterestzed in student activities, and around whom all alumni events center, is Uncle Tom. No better orie could be chosen than he to whom to dedicate this Book of the 1935 Corolla. W I 7' 4 6011 Bmurtzrm ANDREW WILLIAM CRAWFORD CI-IARLES SPURLIN CAPTAIN I-I. I-I. TURNER LAWRENCE DUNCAN STARK PAGET JUDGE WILLIAIVI BROOKS YOUNG JAMES G. I-I. BUCK JUDGE W. W. BRANDON G PHI BETA KAPPA ALABAMA ALPHA CHAPTER Hofzorrzry Scholastic Frnzfcwvzity Founded nt XVilli:Im and Mary College, December 5, 1776 Publication: "The American Scholar" Cbapivr Pzzlzlicafionz "The News Letter" Established in 1851. Twelfth in Order of Establishment RALPH E. ADAMS W. F. ADAMS XVENDALL ADAMSON DR. C. H. BARNXVELL DEAN LEE BIDGOOD PROP. C. E. CASON PROP. WADE H. COLEMAN PROP. R. W. COWART DEAN GEORGE J. DAVIS DR. JOHN C. JOHNSON DR. JOHN C. DAWSON DR. GEORGE H. DIENNY DR. J. J. DOSTER DEAN A. J. FARRAH DR. JOHN Y. GRAIKANI MR. TOM GARNER MR. LEE GLOVIER JOHN S. COLEY JOSEPH N. CUNNINGHAM MARGARET EDDINS E. M. FRIEND HELEN FULLER SILAS GARRETT MARGARET BEERY WILLIAM BLANK ZONA BROXWNE NORMAN BULLARD BENJAMIN C. CHESTER WILLIAM D. DAVIS, JR. BERNIE D. FELD FRATRES IN FACULTATE DEAN STUART GRAVES PROP. J. S. GELDERS MRS. E. F. GELDERS PROP. SHALER C. HOUSER DR. E. G. HOWE DR. R. S. HODGES PROP. CHESTER H. KNIGHT PPOP. B. P. KAUPMAN DEAN DABNEY S. LANCASTER DR. S. J. LLOYD DR. GEORGE LANG DR. R. I. LITTLE PROP. FRED A. LEWIS MISS MIRIAM LOCKE DR. JOHN R. MCCLURE MR. HARIKY MITCHELL DR. JACK P. MONTGOMERY DR. A. B. MOORE FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE SARA MAE HAMMOND JOHN HORNE TSABEL BIBB ISIIABROUGH HENRY H. MIZE WILLIAM M. MOLONEY JULIETTE HAMPTON MORGAN SAMUEL S. MUIKPHY MEMBERS IN COURSE 1934-'35 MRS. LOTTIE P. GAMBLE BONNIE CLYDE GRIFFIN XVILLIAM L. I'IAWLEY CHRISTINE HOWELL LEONARD KLEIN RUTH F. KLEINMAN WALTER EDDIE Koss PAGE 318 DR. BURTON R. MORLEY MR. JAMES H. NEXVMAN DR. W. P. OTT DR. H. C. PANNELL DR. JOHN B. RIPPERE MIIS. SARA H. RODGERS DR. W. B. SAFFOLD PROP. W. L. SANDIDGE, JI: MR. JEROME SCHXVEITZER MR. J. O. SMITH DR. PAUL TERRY DR. R. E. TIDXVELL PROP. E. BASRIN WVRIGI-IT PROP. C. E. WILLIAMS DR. A. L. WHITEI'-IURST DR. MARCUS WHITMAN PROP. B. A. WOOTEN HARRY DAVID RAYMON BESSIE TATE SCOTT WAIGHTS MCCAA TAYLOR ROBERT S. TEAGUE, JR. JANE WARD ANNIE RUTH ZEIGLER WILLIAM THOMAS LEWIS THERESA OSBURG JOHNSTONE PARR ALLEN E. RAMAY RAY ANDERSON TIPTON BAT BARA WAY FRANCES T. WILLIAMS -A - fgv .3 ja J ' Fr T- ' I I ,gt LI' E S L. TL I' l."1 'LJ L, ' L- BETA GAMMA SIGMA Q I -1- P ,I -..i X I ALPHA OF ALABAMA CHAPTER Founded: University of Wisconsin, School of Commerce, Madison, Vfisconsin, May 18, 1907 Established here: March 4, 1931 P11l1IiL'af.'0l1: Beta Gamma Sigma Exchange T1-IE PURPOSE of this association shall be to encourage and reward scholarship and accom- plishment in the lines of business activity among students and graduates of colleges or courses in commerce or in business administration in American colleges and universitiesg to promote the advancement and spread of education in the science of businessg to foster principles of honesty and integrity in business practice, and to encourage a more friendly attitude of the business pub- lic toward graduates of commercial courses. OFFICEIKS CHESTER H. KNIGHT . . . . . President HARRY V. MITCLIIi1,L . . Ser1'eta1'y-Trenswer FRATRES IN FACULTATE RALPH E. ADAMS DEAN LEE BIDGOOD HARRY BoNI-IAM DWIGHT ADAMS CLARENCE E. ANDERSON LOTEN A. ATEs, JR. LEE E. BAINs RUSSELL K. BRANSCOM PIERNIAN H. CHAPMAN LEE GLOVER LANGSTON T. HAXY'LEY CHESTER H. KNIGHT MEMBERS IN COURSE HOWARD A. BROWN LLOYD HAIRSTON GEORGE LAW CHARLES W. MCLEAN SAM O. NEYMAN PAGE 319 ILIARRY V. NIITCHELL LEROY J. NATIONS WILLIAM E. PICKENS JAMES L. PERMUTT PAUL SCHATZ W. PAUL THOMAS JAMES C. TOMPKINS HENIIY A. VAUGHAN I I I E vi .A A ,J ' A .. I .1 .I .-n. TAU BETA PI First Row: Weaver, Norman, Boniface. Toomey. Thompson. Butterfield, Caporossi, Dasher Second Row: Finney, Flanders, Gordon, Huber, Mackay, Merrillat, R. W. Mitchell, R. A. Mitchell Third Row: Morris, Riegel, Schielke, Sturdevant, Sunda, Teague, Trammel, Walker BETA OF ALABAMA CHAPTER National Hono1'a1'y E1zgi1zeeri1zg Fmternity Founded at Lehigh University, 1885 Established here, 1926 Colors: Seal Brown and White Publication: "The Bent" PURPOSE: To mark in a fitting manner those who have conferred honor upon their Alma Mater by distinguished scholarship and exemplary character IIS undergraduates, or by their at- tainments as alumni. Activities: Sent representative to National Convention at New York City tainm tnts as alumni. Basis of Selection: Members are selected from the upper fourth of the Senior Engineering Class and upper eighth of the Junior Class. Membership is based on scholarship, integrity, breadth of interest, and adaptability. Activities: Sent representative to National Convention at New York City. Selected members, assisted in various activities of School of Engineering, sponsored St. Pat's Dance. FRATRES IN FACULTATE DEAN GEOIKGE J. DAVIS, JR. PROF. HOWARD H. MEIGS PROP. JOHN M. GALLALEE PROF. ROBERT E. LAKE PROE. FRED R. MAXWELL, JR. PROP. B. A. WOOTEN PROE. DONALD MCCUAIG PROP. J. O. SMITH OFFICERS JOE C. WEAVER, JR. . . . . P1-esidem' RICHARD E. TOOMEY . Cor1'espo1m'i1zgSec,y. JAMES NORMAN . . . . Vice-President ANSEL F. THOMPSON . . . . Cataloguer EDMUND BONIFACE . . Reco1'a'i11g Secretary PROF. DONALD MCCUAIG . . T1'8dS1lVE1' MEMBERS CI-IARLES BAILEY EDMUND BONIFACE AI..LEN BUTTEREIELD ANGELO CAPOROSSI JOHN DASHER MAURICE FINNEY WILMONT FLANDERS HYMAN GORDON JOHN I-IUBER, JR. LEROY HUMBLE JOSEPH IRWIN JACK MACICAY VERGIL PARKS MCIQINLEY DON MERRILLAT RICHARD W. MITCHELL PAGE 320 ROBERT A. MITCHELL GLENN MOIIRIS JAMES NORMAN RICHARD NOLDE IQERMIT RIEGEL CARL SARTAIN WALTER SCHIELRE BOB STURDEVANT ADOLPH SUNDA SIDNEY TEAGUE ANSEL THOMPSON RICHARD TOOMEY WILL TRAMMEL WILBUR WALKER JOE WEAVER, JR. L V ,WY V 4 if I - - I Fl ,Tl-IETEBBSC PIDLL GAMMA SIGMA EPSILON First Row: llorilun. VVartle. Rushing, Bakst. Blauvelt, Caldwell, Dasher. Gilbert, Hawley Second Row: Huber, Ingram, Irwin, Jerome, Merrillat, R. W. Mitchell, R. A. Mitchell, Noojin, Norman Third Row: O1-love, Porembski, Schlientz, Shannon, Teague, Updegraff, Weaver, Williams National Honormfy Chemical F1'azfer1zity Founded, Davidson College, 1919 Colors: Blue and XVhite Flower: Blue Hyacinth Publimtion: t'The Ray" TO RECOGNIZIZ achievement and scholarship :Ind to promote interest and devotion in chem- istry nre the purposes of Gamma Sigma Epsilon. Among the achievements of this Delta Beta Chapter for the past year are: tendered award to freshman presenting best chemical essay . . . sponsored celebration of Dean LlOyd's twenty-fifth year at the University . . won "general ex- ccllcnce in chapter performariceu . . . helped sponsor other chemical organizations. FRATRES IN FACULTATE PROF. ARTHUIC B. BAUDER PROF. RAY L. FARABEE DR. E. CARMICHAEL DR. ANNA E. CHURCH PROP. LEl.rKND COTHERN MR WILLIS GORDEN PROP. JANIIES CUDXVOIRTH DR. ROBERT HODCES PROF. THOMAS N. MCXIAY DR. STEWART J. LLOYD DR. JACK lVlONTGOMEliY MR. A. M. KENNEDY DR. BEN XVOOTEN DR. G. D. PALMER DR. JAMES L. KASSNER OFFICERS HYMAN GORDON . . Gram! Alchemist DAVID RUSHING. . . JOHN W. WARDE . . . . Recorder T. COLLIER BANNISTER MEMBERS NIYRON BAKST T. COLLIEIR BANNISTER SARL S. BENDET JOHN D. BLAUVELT SAMUEL CALDWELL JOHN DASHER ROBERT B. DIETZ JOHN GILBERT -JOHN GREEN CHARLES P. GRANT WILLIAM HAWLEY JOHN HUBER CHARLES INGRAIVI -JOSEPH P. IRXVIN -Jl:.RRY JEROME XVILLIAM KITAY BERNARD L. LIPMAN WILLIAM MACCIREADY VICTOR MAEEUCCI, JR. MARY ELIZABETH MCKEE DON MERRILLAT RICHARD W. Ml'FCIiELL ROBERT A. MITCHELL RAY NOOJIN, JR. HYMAN GORDON l'll1RlViAN P. IQRAUSE JAIVIES E. NORMAN DAVID XV. WILLIAMS PAGE 321 .. . . .Visor . Sergeant-at-Ar11zs HAROLD A. ORLOVE CHESTER POREMBSKI DAVID RUSHING DONALD T. SCHLIENTZ MARJORIE SHANNON ROBERT TEAGUE HARRY UPDEGRAFF JOHN M. WAIIDE JOE C. WEAVER l...,. HE-FSEEEDEULJW 1-a Gr Es I PHI ETA SIGMA First Row: Wooten, Cole, Broughton, Teague, Adair, Connors Second Row: Damsky, Donald, Garrett, Greenberg, Grubbs, Kimbrough Third Row: Lastrapes. Leva, Levy, Moody, F. MeC., Moody, F. S., Spiro, Weinstein National Freshmen Scholastic Society for Men Founded at University of lllinois, 1923 Established here, 193-0 Colors: Black and Gold is restricted to men Students who have distinguished themselves in Publication, "The Lamp" , as outstanding students. Activities: Sponsored local publication . . . for Initiates . . . Talks by Advisors. DR. GEORGE H. DENNY DEAN D. S. LANCASTER DEAN C. H. BARNWELL DR. JAMES J. DOSTER BEN WOOTEN, JR. . LEWIS E. HASKINS . J. MARINER COLE WINSTON ADAIR ELLIOTT P. BROUCHTON FRANCIS R. BURNS J. MARINER COLE JAMES M. CONNORS LEONARD A. DAMSRY JAMES GLENN DONALD HERBERT R. DOWNS G. MILTON ELLIS IRVING FELDMAN BERTRAM FLEISCHER ANDREW FULLER HONORARY MEMBERS DEAN LEE BIDGOOD DEAN S. J. LLOYD DEAN GEORGE J. DAVIS MR. RALPH E. ADAMS MR. BEN A. WOOTEN PURPOSE: Established at the University in 1930, Phi Eta. Sigma has performed a worth- while purpose in the encouragement of scholarship among the Freshmen. lts membership the first or second semester Smokers . . . Banquet MR MR MR C. H. KNIGHT MR. . J. S. GELDERS . D. H. MCCUAIG . BASKIN WRIGHT OFFICERS . President ELLIOTT P. BROUGHTON . . Historian . Secretary SIGNEY P. TEAGUE . . . junior Advisor . Treasurer DEAN D. S. LANCASTER . . Faculty Advisor MEMBERS A BROOX GARRETT SAM AI.EXANDER GAY EMANUEL GREENBERG ROY GRUBBS LEWIS E. HASRINS FREDERICK S. HUBERT T. A. JOHNSTON, III EMORY KINIBROUGH JOHN J. KVIETRAS WILEY GEORGE LASTRAPES WILLIAM RODIMON FRANK SIMS MOODY GERARD E. MURRAY ALFRED E. NELSON FREDERICK I. PARKER RALPH PEIMER ROBERT RICHMOND JACK REINGOLD MARX LEVA ALVIN C. SAAKE NATHAN M. LEVY SAUL SCHEFF PAGE 322 FRANK MCCORKLE MOODY JOSEPH B. SCHNITZER JOSEPH W. SISCHKA NEIL RUSSELL SMART JONAS SPIRO HERBERT D. SIIIVACII DAVID WATERS ANDREW' WILLIAM RALSTON DORAN S. WEINSTEIN GERALD WESSLER HERBERT H. WHITE JAMES C. WILLIAMS BEN A. WOOTEN, JR. GEORGE L. ZORN 1:f'I'2-TENIW -1 V-- i .. :- I ,J .. .sa ,A .gf . I . I FIULLH ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA First Row: Lancaster. Moxley, Calhoun. Dunham, Gordon, Boswell Second Row: Chapman, David, Hennessy, Humphrey, Little, Skinne1', Wilkinson Nufiolml F1'USl7llZL'IZ Scholastic Society for Woilzelz Founded at the Unuvtrsity of Illinois, 1924 Established here: 1930 Colorx: Gold, XVlIite and Red ALPHA LAMIIIIA DELTA was established to encourage higher standards in learning in the freshman class among women students. It is the only scholastic society for freshmen Women, and membership is accorded only to those who have complied with high requirements. lts value on the campus is well recognized by those who are interested in stimulating learning and scholarly endeavor. Activities: Initiation of new members. . . Banquet . . . Discussion Groups. MARY TABB LANCASTER . GWEN MOXLEY . . ANNE GIPSON CALHOUN MYRA DUNHARI . . . SARAH H. RODGl'liS . JANET GCRDON . . AGNES ELLEN l"lAIlRlS ELLELEE BOSWELI. FRANCES HAL BOYRIN ANNE GIPSON CALIIOUN MARX' CHAPNIAN JEANETTE COOPEIK OFFICERS FRATRES IN FACULTATI3 ELIZABETH COLENIAN MEMBERS ELEANOR DAVIS MH'RA DUNHAL1 -IAMENETT I-II5NNr:SEv NEIDA HUNIIVHREX' MARY TABB LANCASTER BARBARA LITTLE PAGE 323 . . President . Vice-President . . Secretzwy . . . Treasurer . Faculty Advisor' . Senior Advisor SARAH H. RODGERS MARGARET MCKEE GWEN MOXLEY HELENE ODEN WINONA SRINNER ELIZABETH XVILRINSON PHI ALPHA DELTA First Row: Brown, Roberts, Handy, Stephens, Hawkins, Biedenharn, Burns, Busby Second Row: Elliott, Gewin, Hall, L., Hall, D., Haigler, Hodnette, Kelly, Lamberth l I I I Il l 'I I IA Third Row: Russell, Sievers, Skinner, Smith, J., Smith, W., Wade, Wood fl National Legal Fraternity , Founded: Yale University, 1898 Chapters: Fifty-two Publication: "The Phi Alpha Delta Quarterly" Colors: Old Gold and Purple Flower: Red Carnation I l JOHN TYLER MORGAN CHAPTER Established 1922 ' Tl-IIS PROFESSIONAL LEGAL FRATERNITY seeks to give law students contacts with practicing attorneys in an attempt to acquaint them with actual practice. This is accomplished by joint luncheons with alumni chapters. In addition Phi Alpha Delta seeks to encourage students in a deeper study of present day problems of the bar. Activities: Orientation of Freshman Law Class . . . Discussion groups conducted by Senior Law Students . . . Birthday Dinner Ban- I quet . . . Presentation of Faculty Members at Luncheons . . . Initiation of members . . Del- egate to National Convention. ' FRATRES IN FACULTATE l WHITNEY P. MCCOY JACOB GEFFS JOHN V. MASTERS FRATRES IN URBE CHARLES W. GROSS JOHN C. PEARSON GEORGE A. LEMAISTRE OFFICERS J. D. BROWN ...... Chief Justice KENNETH ROBERTS .... Vice Justice E. B. STEPHENS . . Treasurer E. K. HANBY . . . Clerk C. E. HAWKINS . . Marsloal 1 MEMBERS O. K. BIEDENHARN W. J. FULLER C. E. HAWVKINS R. J. MAIN T. JULIAN SKINNER J. D. BROWN W. P. GEWIN R. E. HODNETTE W. M. MOLONEY J. E. SMITH JOE BURNS LESLIE HALL P. J. KELLY R. E. MOORE W. S. SMITH H. T. BUSBY D. M. HALL O. W. LAMBERTH KENNETH ROBERTS E. B. STEPHENS X T. D. EASTERBURG E. DAVE HAIGLER W. P. MCGOUOH N. J. RUSSELL T. L. WADE l C. A. ELLIOTT E. K. HANBY HEIIMAN MADDOX A. S. SIEVERS C. W. WATTS J. FRED WOOD , PLEDGES 5 WYILLIANI ALLEN J. P. GODFREY WILLIAM LEWIS J. W. PATTON PAUL THOMAS R. K. BENNETT C. K. GOODSON HUGH D. MERRILL ABNER POWELL MERRILL WALL 1 E. R. CARTER M. H. JORDAN SAM NEYMAN LEON SADLER BUSTER STROUD ' FRANK E. DAVIDSON EDWIN LELAND HARRY ORME THOMAS J. TAYLOR THOMAS STARLIN PAGE 324 1 ,L S L E, L, - L, L---,L A - -1 ... EE 'T THE"l93.w'LURDLLH I l ,r . PHI DELTA PHI U I l 'i 1 I First Row: Caskie, Shanks, Mentz, Aldridge, Bear, C., Norville, Aldridge, Bear, J. Second Row: Branch, Cameron, Davis, Exum, Espy, Folmar, Godbold, Hare Third Row: Hatch, Inge, Jackson, Knight, McMillan, Tate, Whitmire I I1zter1m1fi01ml Legal F1'ate1'1zizfy Founded at the University of Michigan, 1869 Established hcrc, 1922 Chapters: 65 Colors: Claret' Red :Ind Pearl Blue Flower: The Jacqueminot Rose I FRATRES IN FACULTATE DEAN ALBERT J. FARRAI-I JAMES EDWIN LIVINGSTON WILLIAM M. HEI'BURN FRATRES IN URBE HON. BERNARD HAliXY'OOD WILLIAM J. FOSTER JAMES W. MUSTIN, JR. HON. HENRY BACON FOSTER ROBERT BERNARD HARXVOOD WILLIAM N. MCQUEEN J. D. MCQUEEN JAMES G. MADISON WILLIAM D. PARTLOW, JR. EDWARD DE GliAI'l4'ENllIIiD BRUCE MCEACHIN HENRY A. SNOW RICHARD C. FOSTER JOHN D. MCQUEILN, JR. WILLIAM C. WARREN OFFICEIKS MAXWELL CASKIE . . Magister HENRI ALDRIDGE Histovifm , PHILLIP SI-IANRS . . Exchequm' CARL BEAR . . . Tribune l GEORGE MENTZ . . . Clerk PEYTON NORVILLE . Gladiator ll GARET ALDIKIDGE MAXWELL CASKIE ED HATCH PEYTON NORVILLE ' HENIKI ALDRIDGE WILLIAM E. DAVIS RICHARD INGE BILL PRICE l CARL BEAR BILL ESPY THEODORE JACKSON PI-IILLIP SHANKS I JOE BEAR FRANK EXUM WARREN KINNEY GEORGE STONE ' TOM BOWLES OLIVER FOLMAR VERNON IQNIGHT RALPH TATE 9 BILL BRANCH VVILFORD GODBOLD THOMAS MCMILLAN WILLIAM THOMAS ALLEN CANIERON NICI4OLAS HARE GEORGE MENTZ BRYANT WPIITMIRE I ' PAGE 325 .... .. ,R 3 F HE':4.I:fJCURDL!.F3 PHI CHI MEDICAL FRATERNITY First Row: Teague, Hubbard. Hagan, Harris, Maumenee Second Row: Murphy, Simmons, Windham, Boozer, Day Third Row: Hammond, Harris, E., Noojin, Roberts, Rumpanos IOTA CHAPTER Founded: University of Louisville, 1894 ESfGIJIiSI'1ed hefe, 1904 Nnfional Publicaiion: 'The Phi Chi Quarterly" Chapters: Sixty-four Colorx: Wlxite and Green Flower: Lily of the Valley FRATRES IN FACULTATE DR. JAMES S. MCLESTER DR. EDWARD G. GIVHAN, JR. DR. ALSTON MAXXVELL ROBERT S. TEAGUE, JR. . LAWRENCE S. XVOODLEY . LESLIE H. HUBBARD THOMAS S. BOOZER SAMUEL H. DAY, JR. JAMES HAMMOND EDWARD HAIKRIS ALLEN W. HENDERSON LESLIE H. HUBBARD JOHN D. BIBB JOHN Dlx VEIINON LEE HACAN WILLIAM HAMILTON ARTHUR JOHNSON OFFICERS MEMBERS WALTER F. JENNINGS JAMES M. KENT THOMAS E. MERRITT RAY O. NOOJIN WILLIAM H. RISER PLEDGES DONALD MCENDAEEER ALFRED EDXVARD MAUMENEE CI-IAllLES MORRIS SAMUEL S. MURPHY, JR. PAGE 326 WALTER NV. SACKETT, JR. . P1'eside111f . Vice-P1'eside1zt . SCCl'6Iflll'jI-iF1'6'tlS'LL1'61' WILLIAM B. ROBERTS SOCRATES RUMPANOS ROBERT S. TEAGUE, JR. H. LAVEINE TOWNSEND JAMES EDKVARD WALMSLEY LANVRENCE S. WOODLEY CHARLES FRANKLIN RICH KENDRICK H. RICHMOND HENRY H. ROENICK JOHN T. SIMMONS SAMUEL WINDHAM I H. Qi I ic i.fIIRUI.I.I':'I PHI BETA PI First Row: Poyas. Witalis. Simarrl. Byrne, Jerome, Noble Second Row: Anderson, Bess, Blake, Burns, Elfott, Guin Third Row: McGI'ew. Prather, TI'i1:by, Turnipseed, Updegwaff SIGMA CHAPTER Founded: University of Pittsburg, 1891 Established here, 1906 Chapters: Forty-one Colors: Green and XVlIitc Flozvwz White Chrysanthemum Pzlblimfiolzz 'Thi Beta Pi QunrteI'ly', FRATRES IN FACULTATE DR. C. C. BELCHILR DR. EIVIMIZTT CARMICHAEL DR, T, HUNT DR. RALPH LXICBURNEY DR. J. M. FORNEY DR, J, H, FERGUSON OFFICERS JOHN L. POYAS ...... . Arcbozz THEODORE W. WITALIS . . Vice-Arcfoolz IQENNETH N. BYRNE . . T1'erzsu1e1 ERNEST E. SIMARD . . . SC'C'1't7fll1"l E. ERRY EROME . . . Edzfor J HENRY ANDERSON SAINIUEL H. BESS ROBERT BURNS KENNETH M. BYRNE WILLIARI F. DRUMMOND T. C. ELLIOTT RICHARD D. GLASGOW DALE E. BARBER ROBERT F. BLAKE ROBERT W. BOGG5 DALE D. BRUNGART THADD F. BUSH RAPHAEL R. DEMEO JOHN E. GRACE MORGAN S. GUICE WILLIARI A. GONY'AN E51 E52 ACTIVE MEMBERS JAMES C. GUIN DON C. HARRINGTON 1-1IiwEI-L C. SANIUEL JAINIES EASTON PHILIP E. CNOOIQS DONALD HUFFER XWILLIAIX-I CARTER FLOYD O. DUE CLAUDE D. GRIJNIES LAURENCE L. HESTON E. JERRY JEROME DONALD J. MCGRER' XVILLIAM NOBLE JOI-IN L. POYAS JOHN I. PRAT1-IER NO1!NiAN H. REIM PLEDGES ROBERT HINGSON HAROLD R. MORRIS VINCENT A. LYNCH WENDELIN G. LUCKNER PLEDGES IN PRE-MEDICAL SCHOOL H. ALFORD LOVEJOY, JR. EDWIN NIOODY ROLAND C. REDDEN JACK J. RENGER ROGER POXVELL ROGER CHARLES SCANLON JOHN S. TUCKETP, JR. DAVID C. XVEDDOXVSON PAG E 327 JAMES GUY SI-IELLMAN ERNEST E. SIMARD DERRICR TURNIIISEED WILLIAM W. TRIBBY HARRY B. UPDEGRAFF THEODORE W. WITALIS LEE PORTER ROBERT C. REDFIELD B. R. VINCENT W. V. WARNER LOUIS H. WHITE LESLIE WHITEHEAD RICHARD A. WILLS EDGAR H. UNDERWOOD JR HARRY UNDERWOOD 'E fyi I 1 5 ALPHA EPSILON D ELTA . Secretzzry . T7'EtIS1Lf61' l ,I I l I l l First Row: Hawley, Brownell, West, Chenoweth, Alonzo, Boozer, Bryant Second Row: Byrne, Davis, Dominick, Eddins, Hodu, Jerome, Kaplan, Maumenee Third Row: McGI'ew, Noble, Noojin, Patterson, Simmons, Thomas, Tribby. Turnipseed, Updegraff ALPHA CHAPTER l J National Pre-Medical Fraternity Founded at University of Alabama, 1926 Publication: "The Scalpe1" Colors: Red and Violet Flower: Red Rose THE OBJECT of this fraternity is to encourage excellence in pre-medical work and to bind together students who are entering the field of medicine. Activities' Award of 21 Scholarship Cup for highest ,racles in General Chemistry and General Zoolo . . . Presentation of s eak- 8 SY P ers . . . Smokers . . . Inspection tour of Government Hospital . . . Attendance at National Convention . . . Movies for student body in medical field. l FRATRES IN FACULTATE ' DR. E. B. CARMICHAEL DR. SEPTIMA SMITH DR. JOHN Y. GRAHAM I DR. J. P. MONTGOMERY DR. B. A. WOOTEN MR. J. H. WALICER DR. B. P. KAUFMAN DR. J. M. FORNEY MR. CARLYLE BREORENRIDGE DR. STUART GRAVES ' ASSOCIATE MEMBER I DR. HARVEY SEARCY OFFICERS WILLIAM L. I-IAWLEY President THERON WEST . . BLAINE BROWNELL, JR. . . Vice-President BEACH CHENOWETH . ' MEMBERS J GERARD ALONZO MAURICE SHINEEIELD HENRY ANDERSON TOM B. DOMINICK PHILIP HUST JOHN SIMMONS JOHN BIBD XVILLIAM DRUNIMOND RUDOLISH HUST HENRY THOMAS J THOMAS BOOZER WOODROW EDDINS JERRY JEROME LAVEINE TOWNSEND BLAINE BROWNELL, JR. CHARLES GRANT ED MAUMENEE, JR. WILLIAM TRIBBY FRANCES BRYANT CARSON GREEN DONALD MCGREW DERRICIC C. TURNIPSEED KENNETH BYRNE IRVING GOLDBERG WILLIAM NOBLE HARRY UPDEGRAFF BEACH CHENOWETH, JR. HARRY GOLDNER RAY NOOJIN, JR. THERON WEST I RALPH COKER WILLIAM HAWLEY CAREY PATTERSON WILLIAM WALKER l CHARLES DAVIS, JR. l'IENRY HODO THOMAS PAUL LANVRENCE WOODLEY I J PAGE 328 I l l gl... l l ll TP-lllffl E355'EUElJLLFl DELTA SIGMA PI First Row: Branscom, Hornsby, G. Aldridge, H. Aldridge, Anderson, Boyd, Brown Second Row: Carlson, Craig, Dilworth, George, Hairston, Jackson, Jung Third Row: McFarland, Paul, Schaller, Starlin, Thomas, Tully, Vaiden, Zeigler ALPHA SIGMA CHAPTER I lztcrmzfiomzl Coflzvrlzerce F1'llf6l'1ZiIfjl Founded at New York University, 1907 Alpha Sigma Chapter, 1926 Active Chapters: Fifty-one P11-blicnfioux "The Dcltasign Colors: Old Gold and Royal Purple Flower: Red Rose DELTA SIGMA PI is an international professional commerce society which bases membership on scholarship and merit. Activities: Award of a key to Senior with highest grades . . . En- graving of name of highest standing freshman in scholarship on silver cup in Commerce Libra- ry . . . Sponsored series of lectures by Dean Bidgood, members of the Faculty, and Mr. Palmer of the City National Bank of Tuscaloosa . . . Presented Miss Lucy R. Mason of the National Con- sumers' League . . . Fall Smoker . . . Dinner Dance . . . Alumni and Actives' Smoker . . Annual Picnic. FRATRES IN FACULTATE PROP- M. WHITMAN MR. H. V. MITCHELL PROP. L. J. NATIONS DR, J, HQLLADAY PROE. H. H. CHAPMAN MR. H. VAUOHAN PROP. B. R. MORLEY MR, R, CU1-RER OFFICERS ' RUSSELL K. BRANSCOM . . Head Master VIRGIL HAMPTON CLAUDE E. HORNSBY .... Chancellor WILLIAM E. WADE . DR. MARCUS WHITMAN . Faculty Advisor MEMBERS GARET ALDRIDGE HENRI ALDRIDGE CLARENCE ANDERSON PAUL BEAVIN JOHN BOYD RUSSELL K. BRANSCOM ROBERT CARLSON JAMES CRAIG GEORGE DIEEERT DELANEY DILWORTH HUNTER GEORGE D. LLOYD HAIRSTON VIRGIL HANIPTON CLAUD HORNSBY HOGAN JACKSON, JR. PAGE 329 DONALD JOHNSON JAMES JOHNSON XVILLIANI JONES BERNARD JUNG XVARD MCFARLAND ERIS PAUL ELMER PHILLIPS . Scribe . Tffeasurevf HARRY SCHALLER TOM STARLIN CHARLES STEPHAN PAUL THOMAS ALBERT J. TULLY TOM X7AIDEN, JR. WILLIAM E. WADE FRED E. ZEIGLER JJHE-l 55-EUEULLR CHI BETA PHI First Row: Schielke, Trammell, Norman, Miklos, Huber, Bakst, Braguiner Second Row: Bullard, Caporossi. Dasher, Davy, Eskridge, Evens, Fringe Third Row: Gordon, Merrillat, Mitchell, R. W., Mitchell, R. A., Morrison, Nelson, Neveras, Orlove Fourth Row: Rose, Rushing, Schiefferle, Sehlientz. Schwahe, Smith, Weaver, Wolfe IOTA CHAPTER National H oizomry Scientific F rateivzity Founded at Randolph-Macon, 1916 Iota Chapter, 1925 Motto: Seienta Omnia Vincit Colors: Colonial Blue and Crimson Flower: Cape Jasmine CHI BETA PHI is a national honorary society for the promotion of interest in science, and for the purpose of discussion of the latest achievements in science. Activities: Smokers . . . Discussion groups . . . Annual dance . . . Monthly meetings . . . Election of honorary Fac- ulty membcrs . . . Attainment of "A" rating in membership. HONORARY MEMBERS PROFESSOR THOMAS N. MCVAY DR. STEVFART J. LLOYD PROFESSOR J. G. ANDRENVS DR. BENJAIMIN A. WOOTEN PROFESSOR ARTHUR R. BAUDER PROFESSOR JAMES R. CUDXVORTH DR. JACK P. MONTGOMERY OFFICERS WALTER SCHIELKE . .... President WILLIAM TRAMMELL . . Vice-Presirlmt JOHN MIRLOS . . Corresponrliizg Secretary JAMES NORMAN . Recoifding Secretary JOHN I-IUBER JR. .... Treasurer JANIES D. ANGELICH MYRON BARST COLLIER BANNISTER E. B. BENSON EDWIN BRAGUINER N. R. BULLARD ANGELO V. CAPOROSSI A. J. CAVALIERI JOI-IN DASHER M. H. DAVEY PETER G. DEFAZIO M. ESRRIDGE MEMBERS J. J. EVENS RAY FRINGS D. E. GLENN HYMAN E. GORDON JOHN HUBER, JR. H. B. KRAUSE KENNETH W. LINDSEY J. S. MALER DONALD MERRILLAT ROBERT H. MEYERHANS R. E. MEYERS R. A. MITCHELL R. W. MITCHELL JOHN MIKLOS LESTER E. MORRISON V. C. NELSON PETER ROBERT NEVERAS RICHARD NOLDE JAMES NORMAN H. ORLOVE F. S. ROSE EDWARD RUSHING J. A. SCHIEFFERLE WALTER SCHIELKE PAGE 330 D. T. ScHLIENTz A. J. SCHGENBERGER HERMAN A. SCHAXVBE. THOMAS B. SIMPSON W. T. SMITH MCCLELLAN F. STUNKARD B. H. SUTPHIN WILL TRAMMELL A. E. VETTEL JOE C. WEAVER, JR. DONALD WOLFE FRANKLIN YOUNGS . .. ,A ,FJ - L - -I I t I. W. I5 .. 5. la ' ,l.- KAPPA DELTA PI l l Li... First Row: Carlton, Fullerton, Wolfe, Gay, Brown Second Row: Carmichael, Elliott, Horne, James, Ledeen Third Row: Martin, Milne, Pennington, Petruska, Sigrest, Watts X I C H A P T E R H onorary Ednczztionnl F1'llIf6'1"7ZiIfy Founded: University of llliIIois in 1911 Xi Chapter established, 1922 Publication: "The Kadelphian Review" Colors: Pale Blue and Crimson Chapters: 92 KAPPA DEl.'l'1X PI enjoys thc distinction of offering membership to both men and women who intend to enter the teaching profession. lr seeks to encourage its members in a higher de- votion to social service by fostering higher standards of intellectual endeavor. Activities: En- tertained National President . . . sent delegate to National Convention . . . approved two pc- titions from other colleges for chapters of Kappa Delta Pi . . . subscribed to Education Index for Library . . . initiated new members . . . sponsored Annual Banquet. FRATRES IN FACULTATE G, H, YEUEL1, G. H. DENNY H. C. PANNELL J, J, DOSTER R. W. COWART V. M. SIMS DANYLU BELSER V. P. MCKINLEH' P. W. TERRY ELIZABETH COLEBIAN J. R. MCLURE C. E. WILLIAMS MARY ROI3ER'l'SON WALKER MOORE J. O. SMITH OFFICERS EVELYN CARLTON . . . . . President LEROY FULLERTON . . . Vice President FRANCES LYLE GAY . . . . T1'easu1'e1f MRS. MARGARET FREAS . Rerording Secretary KATHERINE SIGREST . . . . . R6p0VfE1' DONALD S. WOLFE . . Corresponding Sec'y. DR. DANYLU BELSER . Faculty Counsellor MEMBERS PAUL BORUTA MRS. MAIKGARET FREAS TPIEODORE LEDEEN HAZEL PENNINGTON VIRGINIA BROWN LEROY FULLERTON GRACE MARTIN KATHERINE SIGREST CARL A. ELLIOTT FRANCES L. GAY VIOLA MILNE HATTIE GRAY TxvxLLY EVELYN CARLTON JOI-IN HCRNE THADDEUS PETRUSKA MARY E. WATTS WENESTINE CARMICI-IAEL WINIFRED JAMES DONALD WOLFE X ,I l PAGE 331 I .K H- F L. f T H E ' 1 .3 5 .I U E D Fi U l. L Fl OMICRON DELTA KAPPA First Row: Branscom, Jordan, Feld, Bauman, G. Bear, J. Bear, Beech Second Row: Chenoweth, Crosland, Friend, Garrett, Gewin, Haigler, Hall Third Row: Hatch, Horne, Kilgore, Maumenee, Permutt, Stephens, Thomas, Whitmire A National Honor Society A NATIONAL HONORAIIY SOCIETY founded at Washington and Lee University in 1914, bas- ing its membership on leadership in athletics, scholarship, publication, forensic and social activities. TI-IE PURPOSE of O. D. K. is three fold. It seeks to recognize by membership men who have attained a high standard of efficiency in collegiate activities, to associate the most representative men, thus creating 11 nucleus for moulding campus sentiment on matters of local and intercolle- giate interest, and to bring together members of the faculty and students on a basis of mutual understanding. Activities: Sponsored the dissolution of Blue Key . . . Held Southern Province Convention . . . Gave Dinner Dance following initiation . . . Aided Mortar . . . Aided the Athletic Association in staging the High School Board in staging their play. . . Placed Cross on Denny Chimes during Christmas holidays Basketball Tournament . DR MR MR. DR. Brought Dr. William GEORGE H. DENNY ROBERT K. BELL JEFF COLEMAN JAMES J. DOSTER DEAN A. J. FARRAI-I PROF. J. M. GALLALEE Beebe, noted scientist, to campus. IOTA CIRCLE FRATRES IN FACULTATE MR. SI-IALER C. HOUSER COACH H. G. CRISP DR. W. P. OTT DR. GEORGE LANG DR. S. J. LLOYD MR. DONALD MCCUAIG DR. JACK MONTGOMERY MR. JAMES H. NEXVMAN DR. W. B. SAFFOLD DEAN DABNEY S. LANCASTER MR. JAMES MCMILLAN DR. B. P. KAUFMAN MR. J. O. SMITH OFFICERS RUSSELL BRANSCOM . . . President J. H. NEWMAN MORTIMER JORDAN . . Vice-Presiclent BERNIE FELD . MEMBERS EARL BAUMAN ED CROSLAND LJAVID M. HALL CARL BEAR BERNIE FELD ED HATCH JOE BEAR GOULD BEECH RUSSELL BRANSCOM BEACH C1-IENOWETH E. M. FRIEND, JR. SILAS GARRETT, III WALTER GEWIN E. DAVID HAIGLER JOHN HORNE MORTIMER JORDAN ROBERT KILGORE PAGE 332 . Secretary . Treasurer ED MAUMENEE CLYDE MINNIs JAMES PERMUTT ELTON B. STEPHENS W. PAUL THOMAS BRYANT WI-IITMIRE THE"l935-EFEILULLH MORTAR BOARD First Row: Moore, Morrissett, Gay, Render, Williams, Allen Second Row: Barrows, Cody, Gordon, Kleinman, Martin, Sigrest, Way A N afiomzl Honor Sociefy for Worrzezz Founded: Syracuse, New York Established here, 1929 PURPOSE: To provide for the cooperation of the women students, to promote college loy- alty, to advance the spirit of service and fellowship among University women, to maintain :I high standard of scholarship, and to stimulate and develop a higher type of college woman. Election to Mortar Board is based on scholarship, leadership, and service. Activities: Initiated the Point System . . . Introduced the Fireside Hour which sponsored prominent speakers . . . Brought Louis Untermeycr to the campus . . . Awarded 3100.00 scholarship to the most prom- inent junior woman . . . Sponsored a mother and daughter banquet for senior women . . . Helped in freshmen Orientation Wceli. HONORARY MEMBERS AGNES liI.l.EN I-IARRIS IRA BRADFIELD MOODY DIXIE BIBB GRAN'ES DANYLU BELSER MAli'I'HA PARHAJN4 HOUSER ELIZABETH COLEMAN OFFICERS HELEN M. MOORE . . President VIRGINIA MORRISSETT . . Vice-President FRANCES LYLES GAY . . . Secretary MARY CHEATHAM RENDER . . . Treasurer FRANCES VUILLIAMS . . . . Keeper of Points JANET GORDON ELIZABETH ALLEN MARJORIE BARROXVS JEAN CODY FRANCES LYLES GAY JANET GORDON MEMBERS HELEN MOORE VIRGINIA MORRISSETT CORNELIA KERN RUTH KLEINMAN PAGE 333 Kee per of Caps and Gowns GRACE MARTIN MARY RENDER KATHERINE SIGREST BARBARA WAY FRANCES WILLIAMS THE'l3iJ35'CDl?ULLR JASGNS First Row: Jordan, Sturdevant, Bauman. Beech, Branscom, Chenoweth Second Row: Feld, Friend, Lewis, Maumenee, Merrill, Morrow Third Row: Permutt, Rogers, Simmons, Starlin, Thomas, Weil A Senior' Honor Society Founded: University of Alabama, 1914 Colors: Black and Gold Flower: Sweetpea JASONS is the only local Senior honor society. The meeting place is the Roundhousc which has been reconditioned for this purpose. For years Jasons has served as 21 medium for rewarding those students who have been outstanding in scholarship, forensics, publications, athletics, and Worth to the University. Activities: Plans for Gorgas Cornerstone . . . Lead Out at Mid-term Dances . . . Annual Tapping Day Exercises . . . Brought Dr. Will Durant to campus. FRATRES IN FACULTATE DEAN DABNEY S. LANCASTER PROP. JOHN GALLALEE PROF. BROOKS FOREHAND DEAN LEE BIDGOOD DR. W. B. SAFFOLD MR. R. K. BELL MR. J. H. NEWMAN MR. J. O. SMITH JEFF COLEMAN OFFICERS MORTIMER JORDAN . . President BOB STURDEVANT . . Secretary MEMBERS EARL BAUMAN RUSSELL BRANSCOM JOHN CAIN BEACH CHENOXY'ETH DAVID COCHRANE BERNIE FIELD E. M. FRIEND MORTIMER JORDAN WILLIAM T. LEWIS ANDREW MANNING HUGH MERRILL CLYDE MINNIS PAGE 334 BOB ED MORROW SAM NEYMAN JAMES PERMUTT LEE ROGERS WILLIAM SELLERS JOHN SIMMONS TOM STARLIN BOB STURDEVANT WAIGHTS TAYLOR PAUL THOMAS JAMES XVADDELL ROMAN WEIL J I T E'l955'CUHDLLFl ALABAMA QUADRANGLE A lj' , ni :ID , A ' ca - - ,Q af' ,Q if - , 'A ' Y I. - I f R Nr ' 3 2. A A I ' A ' rw, . f I J +A ,I , ' , if . fr A F . lil I 2 I . A , A . A C' s I ' T .1 ' Q- ' 1 :Il ' A f A W' ' . iff I ' A . - "SDI . V: I W-I ' ,A . 'af 'J I A -1 Yi, . N 1- V I 4 7 at AZAA I 1 First Row: Caldwell, Ferguson, Bibb, Branch, Branscom, H. Brown, Broughton, Broughton, Burns, Calloway Second Row: Chenoweth, Chandler, Davidson, Donald, Dominick, Forlines Head, Hornsby, M. Jordan, W. Jordan Third Row: Kilgore, Kilpatrick, Lanier, Ledeen, R. Maumenee, Merrill Patterson, Parker, Pipes, Porter Fourth Row: Rains, Rogers, Robinson, Simmons, Starlin, Snow, Taylor Williams, Wade, Walker Religious Honor Society Founded University of Alabama, 1919 W. Brown, Bowers, Brownell, , W. Garrett, B. Garrett, Haigler, , Mitchell, M. Moody, S. Moody, , H. Thomas, P. Thomas, White, QUADRANGLE Stands for the development of the four square men, for higher standards of Christian Character, and for the general betterment Of the student body. Activities: Formal banquet on Founder's Day . . . Scholarship Award to member of the Freshman Class of One Hundred Dollars . . . Initiation of new members. FRATRES IN FACULTATE JEFF COLEMAN DEAN DABNEY S. LANCASTER DR. H. C. PANNELL WADE COLEMAN DR. JACK MONTGOMERH' C, E, WILLIAMS DR. GEORGE DENNY J. H. NEXVMAN ALTO WHITEHURST OFFICERS JAMES CALDWELL . . . Presirlwzf HILL FERGUSON . . . Secretary TED LEDEEN . . . Vice-President CARROLL KILPATRICK . Treasurer R. F. ADAMS JOHN COLEY SILAS GARRETT LON ATKINS ROBERT BIBB WILLIAM BRANCH RUSSELL BRANSCOM HOWARD BROWN WILLIAM A. BROWN CHARLES BOWERS ELLIOTT BROUGHTON ROLLIN BROUGHTON HUBERT BURNS JAMES CALDNVELL JOE CALLOXVAY BEECI-I CHENOWETH FAIRLY CHANDLER ASSOCIATE MEMBERS WILLIAAII E. DAVIS EDXVARD AJAUMENEE JAMES H. NEWMAN MEMBERS FRANK DAVIDSON JAMES DONALD TOM BOYD DOMINICK HILL FERGUSON, JR. BILLY FORLINES BROOX GRAY GARRETT WATROUS GARRETT DAVID HAIGLER BEVERLY HEAD C. E. HORNSBY MORTIMER JORDAN ROBERT KILGORE CARROLL KILPATRICK PAGE 335 SAM MURPHY CHAS. E. HAWKINS .KENNETH ROBERTS WILBURT JORDAN MILTON LANIER THEODORE LEDEEN ANDREXV MANNING RADCLIFF MAUMENEE I'lUGH MERRILL ALEX MITCHELL FRANK M. MOODY FRANK S. MOODY CAREY PATTERSON JOHN PARKER SAM PIPES JAMES PORTER JULIAN SKINNER HERBERT THOMAS ALBERT TULLEY GEORGE WARREN MAURICE RAINS LEE ROGERS ' GEORGE ROBINSON NEIL SMART JOHN SIMMONS TOM STARLIN MCLESTER SNOW TOMMY TAYLOR PAUL THOMAS GEORGE WHITE PEYTON WILLIAMS JAMES WILLIAMS THEODORE WADE AUDRIAN WALKER T E' 513 'C R L ALPHA OMICRON First Row: Barrows, Millinger, Pearson, Burns Second Row: Cody, Fonville, Moore, Wallace, Wilson Honorary Home Economics Society for junior and Senior VVo11ze1z Founded at University of Alabama, 1934 ESTABLISHED to assist students in the Home Economics School in preparing for their life work, this organization has made a valuable contribution. Its members are selected on the basis of merit and promise of future greatness in the field. Alpha Omicron endeavors to promote greater interest in problems of home economics by presenting projects for solution. Activities: Discussion groups . . . Orientation of new students . . . Initiation . . . Presentation of vari- ous faculty members, OFFICERS MARJORIE BARROWS . . . . President ELEANOR MILLINGER . . . . . Vice-President EMELYN PEARSON . . . . . Sec1'eta1'ya1zd Treiisurer MIss HENRIETTA THOMPSON . . . . Faculty Advisor MEMBERS DIXIE BAKER MARGARET FONVILLE MARJORIE BARROWS FRANCES MCKEE HELEN BURNS ELEANOR MILLINCER JEAN CODY HELEN MOORE MATTIE SUE DAWSON EMELYN PEARSON Mus. H. G. DOWLING CHRISTINE WILSON BERNICE WALLACE PAGE 336 TI-It-Isasi-tonoLLn DRUIDS First Row: Moresi, F. S. Moody, Coe, Ford, Livingston Second Row: Mating. Maumenee, Mitchell, F. M., Moody, Shine, White A Sophomore Honor Society Founded: Pennsylvania State College, 1907 Established here: 1930 Active Chapters: Seven Symbol: The Oak Leaf DRUID,S purpose is to encourage those who have attained success in the freshman class and to inspire them to greater usefulness. lt is the only organization of its kind on the campus. Activities: Cooperation in staging the Annual High School Debates by placing and entertain- ing participants . . . lnitiation . . . Assistance in various projects for the betterment of the University. ANDREW MORESI . FRANK SIMS Mooov . PRYOR PLUMLEE .... DEAN DABNY S. LANCASTER ELMER COE EARL FORD WILLARD LIVINGSTON RADCLIITFE MAUMENEE HARRY lVlARING ALEX MI'l'CHELL OFFICERS MEMBERS PAGE 337 . . . President . . . Vice-President . Secretary-T1'easu-I'er . Faculty Advisor FRANK M. MooDY FRANK SIMS MoooY ANDREW MoREsI PRYOR PLUMLEE WILLIAM SHINE GEORGE WHITE i I li. I I WI i HETI EDRULLH . . C. A. CABINET First Row: Ledeen, Jordan, J., Snow, Adams, Anderson, Bechberger, Bell, Bowers, Branscom, Burns, Caldwell, J., Caldwell, S., Campana. Campbell Second Row: Chambliss, Clyatt, Colbon, Cook, Darden, Day, Dexter, Dominick, Doss, Elliott, Emerson, Engel, Fant, Feld Third Row: Ferguson, Fisher, Foley, Ford, Freedman, Garrett, George, Gilbert, Gordon, Hawkins, Hawley, Hodges, Horne, Irvin Fourth Row: Israel, Jessup, Jordan, M., Lee, Leland, Little, Lewis, McFarland, McGowen, Merrill, Miklos, Minerva, Mitchell, Onion Fifth Row: Osborn, Parker, Plyler, Pollara, Rains, H., Rains, M., Reed, Reid, Rogers, H., Rogers, L., Saxon, Shine, Sneed Sixth Row: Starlin, Stephens, Sturdevant, Taylorwigeague, gJ'Ic:i1?Ias, H., Thomas, P., Tipton, Weaver, White, Whitehead, iliams, o e The G0'UE1'l1i'lZg Board of Y. M. C. A. THE YOUNG MEN's CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION of the University of Alabama is a union of Stu- dents and faculty members for the following purposes: To develop a fellowship among students with the general purpose of qualifying them in living the ideals of Jesus as they understand them. To create and maintain :I finer spirit and attitude religiously, intellectually, and socially by living a full and creative life. Y. M. C. A. has sponsored freshmen week. With Y. W. C. A. gave Christmas party to poor children. Sponsored visit Of Jim Hardwick to campus, assisted with registration, and inter- religious Seminar. ADVISORY BOARD DR. GEORGE LANG, Chairman DR. GEORGE H. DENNY DR. JACK P. MONTGOMERY DEAN DABNEY S. LANCASTER J. H. NEWMAN OFFICERS TED LEDEEN ....... President J. W. JORDAN . . . Vice-President MCLESTER SNOW . . Secretary CABINET Q. S. ADAMS WILLIAM DAY HARRIS M. GORDON HUGH MERRILL, JR. JOHN SAxON BEN ANDERSON ROBERT BECHBERGER W1LLIAM C. BELL CHARLES BOWERS RUSSELL BRANSCOIW JOE G. BURNS JAMES CALDWELL SAM W. CALDWELL CASPER CAMPANA HUGH B. CAMPBELL A. P. CI-IAMBLISS JOHN LEO CLYATT JOHN COLTON PAUL COOK BYRON DARDEN LEWIS DEXTER TOM B. DONIINICK MERRILL DOSS CARL ELLIOTT RICHARD EMERSON BENNY ENGEL RICHARD FANT BERNIE FELD HILL FERGUSON KEN. A. FISHER FRANK E. FOLEY EARL FORD JEROME S. FREEDNIAN WATTROUS GARRETT HUNTER GEORGE CHARLES HAWKINS XV. L. HAXVLEY WILLARD HODGES JOHN HORNE DICK KELLY IRVIN MELVIN ISRAEL JOE LEE JESSUP MORTIMER JORDAN ALTO V. LEE ED. LELAND RAY LITTLE WILLIAM LEWIS WARD MCFARLAND TOM MCGOXVEN PAG E 338 JOHN MIKLOS FRANK MINERVA ALEX MITCHELL WILLIAM ONION FRANCIS OSBORN JOHN PARKER GEORGE PLYLER RALPH POLLARA MAURICE RAINS HOBDY RAINS ROBERT H. REED HENRY F. REID HORACE J. ROGERS LEE O. ROGERS BILL SHINE RAPI-IAEL SNEED TOM STARLIN LEWIS STEPHENS ROBERT STURDEVAN T FRANK TAYLOR SIDNEY TEAGUE HERBERT THOMAS PRENTICE THOMAS RAY TIPTON JOE WEAVER JOHN WHITE ED WHITEHEAD P. WILLIAMS, JR. DONALD S. WOLFE Eel- A L Y. W. C. A.CABINET First Row: Martin. Ordway, Adams, Allen, Allsup, Barrows, Bell, Blow, Brannon, Brown, Calhoun, Chapman Second Row: Culbertson, Davis, Douglas, Downing, Drolet, Dunham, Fuller, Gay, Gere, Gilmore, Green, Harn ey Third Row: Holman, Hood, Hornsby, Ingram, Kahalley, Lancaster, Little, Lovett, McMillan, Morgan, Peavy, Powers Fourth Row: Preiss, Rielmrclson, Robbins, Robertson, Safford, Sharp, A., Sharp, N., Smith, Talley, Tankersly, Wiles, Young The G0zJer1zi1zg Board of Y. W. C. A. PURPOSE: To livc n fuller and more creative life through the growing knowledge of God. Y. W. C. A. sponsors thc orientation of the freshmen girls the first week of school. It Serves in the same capacity for girls that Y. M. C. A. does for boys. GRACE MARTIN . FRANCES ORDXVAY . BEN AVIS ADAMS HARRIET ALLEN VIRGINIA ALLSUP MARJORIE BARROWS ALCIE BELL LOUISE BLOW I-IAZEL BRANNON VIRGINIA BROWN ANNIE GIPSON CALHOUN MARY CHAPMAN MARGARET CULBERTSON MILDRED DAVIS JOSEPHINE DOUGLAS MATTIE DOWNING MARIE DROLET MYRA DUNHAM DOROTHY FULLER FRANCES LYLES GAY OFFICERS . . Presirlemf FRANCES LLOYD . . . . Secretary . Vice-Presirlent MARY RANDOLPH PHELPS . . Trerzsurer MEMBERS HELEN GERE JOHN EFFIE GILMOIKE ALICE GREEN DOROTHY DEAN HARNEY ANNIE HURT HOLMAN CAROLYN HOOD MARY ELLEN HORNSBY LORRAINE INGRAM MAMIE IQAHALLEY MARY TABB LANCASTER BARBARA LITTLE LOUISE LOVETT FRANCES LLOYD GRACE MARTIN BETTY MCMILLAN MARION MORGAN HELENE ODEN PAG E 339 FRANCES ORDWAY ALICE PEAVY MARY RANDOLPH PHELPS JULIA ELLEN POWERS FRANCES PREISS LUCY RICHARDSON KATHERINE ROBBINS BETTY ROBERTSON ROSEMARY SAFFOLD ZELDA SEGO ANNE SHARP NATALIE SHARP BETTY SMITH FRANCES TALLEY ETHEL MAE TANKERSLY ALJO WILES CONNIE WRIGHT FRANCES YOUNG '19 'E vo I I l .Li - Y. M. C. A. FRESHMAN CABINET l I 4. l l First Row: Freedman, Barton, Black, Bogart, Crocker , Second Row: Cummisky, Davis, Eaton, Hayes, Hasbrouck l Third Row: Mason, Moore, 0'Keefe, Reynolds, Walker l Governing Board of Freslormm Y. M. C. A. THE Y. M. C. A. FRESHMAN CABINET was organized to create and maintain 21 finer spirit and attitude religiously, intellectually, and socially by living a full and creative life, and to W qualify freshman Students for the purpose of carrying on the work of the Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. 'I OFFICERS RONALD K.AM1vIE'RON . . President ROLAND ROCKETT . . Vice-President JIMMY HARRIS . . . Secretary-Treasurer . JEROME S. FREEDMAN . . Senior Advisor l MEMBERS HUGH BARTON EARL GARDNER JOE MOORE WENDELL BEORWITH WOODROW A. GEIER WILLIAM O,KEEFE SHIRLEY M. BLACK JIMMY HARRIS CLARK RAY WALTER BOGART ALEXANDER HAYES GRADY REYNOLDS RAY BONCARY ELBERON HASBROUCK ROLAND ROCKETT J. C. COLEMAN WILLIAM HOLMES CLEMENT SICLARE li W. S. CROCKER RONALD KAMMERON JOE SKILLING T EDWARD CUMMISKY PAUL KITTLE LEE SMITH I MURRAY DAY ROBERT E. KOHL SIDNEY THOMPSON , CI-IAS. DAVIS WALTER LINDSEY JAMES E. WALKER l HARRY E. EATON HAROLD MATTRAW ROBERT WGODALL WILLIAM C. MASON, JR PAGE 340 .I iwvm Y Y Y ... Y L Y L.. - -4 ai ' 'B ' E I 9 fr? :nf ' L U lil U L E. K?-l THE CAROLINE L. HUNT CLUB First Row: Cody, Moore, Millinger, Johnston, Barrows, Blasingame, Boniske, Brown, Chennault, Cribbs Second Row: Davidson, Downing, Driskell, Drolet, Dunn, Eatman, Edwards, Elmer, Evans, Finch Third Row: Gough, Fonville, Harney, Hayes, Huckstep, Ingram, Kassner, Kemon, Milne, Parnell Fourth Row: Prescott, Tatum, Thompson, Tippett, Robinson, Scott, Shelton, Walker, Wheat, Wilson Member of Americfm Home Economic Association Founded at University of Alnbania, 1927 STUDENTS ENTERING the School of Home Economcis realize the need for an organization to encourage research and to promote fellowship among home economic students. Activities: Sponsorship of the popular dime dances . . . Donation of a scholarship of 5100.00 annually . . . Donation to Doster Hall . . . Delegate to National Convention . . . Tea for Women stu- dents . . . Cooperation with Y. W. C. A. in conducting Christmas Party. OFFICERS JEAN CODY . . . PI'esidf'mf ELEANOR MILLINGER . . Trefzsurer HELEN MOOIKE . . . . Vice-President MARY JANE JOHNTON . . . . Reporter NIDA LOUISE SCHMITZ . . . Secretary MISS H. THOMPSON . Faculty Advisor MEMBERS MARJORIE BARROVUS ALICE BLASINGAME MARJORIE BONISRE LAVINIA BROWN PEGGY CHENNAULT JEAN CODY SARA COOPER ELIZABETH CRIISBS WAHNEITA DOWING MARGARET DAVIDSON MATTIE SUE DAXVSON MATTIE DOWNING LORINE DRISRELL Lois DROLET LUCILLE DUNN LUCILLE EATIVIAN ll'llLDRED EDWARDS GR.fXCE J. ELMER MARY ANNE EVANS BILATRICE FINCH PEOGY FONVILLE Fl.Iil.JA FUIQMER NlAR'l'HA GOUGH lVlARY ELIZABETH HARDIN lDORO'I'HY HAIKNEY CLARA MAY HAX'ES TERESA HENDERSON CLARA HUTCHINS CLARA HUCRSTEP LORRAINE INGRAM DOROTHY JAMES MARY JANE JOHNSTON RHETTA lfASSNER MARIE KIEMON FRANCES MCIQEE ELEANOR MILLINGER VIOLA MILNE LIELEN MOOIKE NORVELLIZ. NORMAN LUCY PARNELL MABEL PARSONS MYRTLE PARSONS CHRISTINE WILSON PAGE 341 GXVENDOLYN PATTERSON MELVA JO PRESCOTT LAURA ROBINSON NIDA LOUISE SCHBIITZ MARIE SCOTT RHEBA SI-IELTON CAROLYN SI-IEIIARD ANNIE LEE SULLIVAN MILDRED SWAIN ANN TATUM POLLY THOMPSON ELEANOR TIPPETT FRANCES WALKER EDDIE LOU WHEAT WHEJl"f:3'5LUlr"lDLl.Fl '74 F UNIVERSITY GLEE CLUB r,,--,- ,,-,. ,.. . .- TLTTLL ,L 1,7 l Y ,YYY W, ,Hi Lil, L ,LLL , l Back Row: Jones, James, Stow, La Riviera, Bates, McNaull, White, Lesko, Willing, Hanson, Johnston, Bascom, De Jarnelte Second Row: Fales. Agee, Adair, Fitts, Abel, Rafnel, Davidson, Yeuell, Doughty, Olshanksy, Robertson, Cole, McBurney, Townes Third Row: Hill, Butenschon, Nerhood, Harris, Sischka, Hairston, Garner, CDirector9, Caldwell, Canty, Prince, Shell, Johnson, Dexter Front Row: Holmes, Badham, Lemmon, Mitchell, Reynolds, MacQueen, Storer, Noojin, Moore, Arms, Rosenberger, Going THE GLIEE CLUB in completing its thirtieth year looks back upon the period with pride and pleasure, also with fl feeling of having been of use to the University in making contacts where other Organizations cannot appear. lt has Sung in practically every town in Alabama and has given concerts in New Orleans, Memphis, Atlanta, LaGrange and Athens, Ga., Helena, Ark., Clarksdale, Oxford, Greenwood and Columbus, Miss., Greenville, S. C., etc. XVith the coopera- tion of the Girls' Glec Club it has practically produced six Gilbert and Sullivan operas and is presenting "Patience" this spring. OFFICERS D. LLOYD HAIRSTON. . . . .President ROBERT E. TYLER . . . Technician FRENCH H. CRADDOCK, JR. . Vice-President JOHN S. CALDWELL Business Manager JOSEPH W. SISCHKA . . . . Secretizrgl TOM GARNER . . . . . Director MEMBERS First Tenor: Second Tenor: Firxl Bass Second Bass: RAYMOND ABEL ALEXANDER LESRO RALPH O. HILL J. V. J. KELLY Jos. W. SISCHKA WILLIAM COLE TRACY DAVIDSON WILLIAM LINGE ALBERT NERHOOD MILTON OLSHANSRY ROBEIKT PRINCE BILLY REYNOLDS NORNIAN LA RIVIERA CHARLES JONES WINSTON ADAIR WM. CANTY MIMS DE JARNETTE ROBERT MCNAULL BERNARD ARMS FRANKLIN BASCOM FRANK BUTENSCHON CLAYTON DOUOHTY GEORGE MCBURNEY ALEX MITCHEI.L JOE MOORE ROBERT RAENEL VIALTER ROBERTSON JOHN CALDWELL LLOYD HAIRSTON WEBB BADI-IAM HENRY JOHNSTON GREER MURPHY LONNIE NOOJIN LEWIS XVILLING HOWARD BATES ALLEN GOING J. HENRY HANSON LESLIE JOHNSON MELVILLE ROSENBERGER HARRY TOWNES PAGE 342 'ii E ' l 9 33 ifi ' li ll F FRENCH CRADDOCR JOHN WHITE FRANK FITTs DOUGLAS HARRIS LEON YEUELL ALLISON AGEE LEWIS DEXTER WILLARD FALES WILLIAM HOLMES ROBERT JAMES GEORGE LEMMON GILES MACQUEEN, JR. EDMUND STORER WILLIAM STOW fi l. L GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Top Row: Edwarrls, Walker, Bean, Dunham, Glass, Pugh, Moss, Bedsole, Berrey, Winter, Prescott Middle Row: Hilliisli, Holloway, Lewis, Osborne, Bngham, Garner QDi1'ectorJ Lloyd, Davidson, Collins, Allan. Peacock, Powers Bottom ROW: White, Fielder, Brooks, Davis, Hilbish, Hayes, Krebs, Oldacre, Smith, Davis, McClure THI2 GIRLS' GLEE CLUB has been in active existence since 1928 and has presented 21 series of fine concerts. The personnel of the Club is exceedingly attractive and it is one of the Outstand- ing organizations for women on the Campus. In cooperation with the men's club it has been happy in the presentation of a series of six Gilbert and Sullivan operas and will assist in present- ing 1'Patience,' this year. OFFICERS MARY BINGHAM . . . President FRANCES LLOYD . . . . Business Manager ALVA HILBISH and ELIZABETH ROGERS . . Accompanists TOM GARNIER . . Director MEMBERS First Sopranos: MARIAN ALLEN MARY BINGHAM FRANCES DAVIS MILDRED EDWARDS MARY ANNE EVANS LYLE DAVIDSON GLASS LOLA M. HAYES SUE YOUNG MCCLURIQ HELEN MORGEN'fHAU JUNE OLDACRE LESLIE OSBORNE LUCY RICHARDSON MILDRED ROBINSON CATHRYN STOVALL GRETHEL WHITE Strom! Soprrnzos: ELIZABETH COFIELD KATHLEEN COLLINS MAXIBEI. DAVIS MYRA DUN!-IAM JANET FIELDER KATE NOBLE HOLLOWAY CAROLYN KREBS CECILE LEWIS HERMIONE MCMAHON HENRIETTA MOSS PAGE 343 MARGARET PEACOCK JULIA ELLEN POWERS MELVA JO PRESCOTT ELIZABETH SMITH JULIA WADE First Alto: .IUARINE BERREY ALVA M. HILBISH ELIZABETH HILBISH RUTH JOYNER EUGENIA KIRK FRANCES LLOYD GRACE MARTIN LUCILLE PHILLIPS JEAN RIMER DOROTHY TIFFANY BETTY M. WHITE Second Alto: JANIE MAE BEAN MARTHA BEDSOLE ROSA BROOKS NEIDA HUMPHREY GRACE MAXXVELL FLOYD PUGH ELIZABETH ROGERS MARJORIE WALKER ELEANOR WINTER 'HE' ESE IULLQ THE BLACKFRIAR PLAYERS ' I I Alonzo, Sears, Smith, Jessup Founded: University of Alabama, 1907 Colors: Black and Gold THE PURPOSE of the Blackfriar organization is to promote dramatics for all students of abil- ity in this Held. During the yenr this organization has presented one major play, "Three Cor- nered Moon," and four workshop plays. The Workshop plays are directed by the students and serve as a Source of discovering students of dramatic talent. Another major play is to be pre- sented in the spring of 1935. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL T. EARLE JOHNSON BERNIE FIELD GERARD J. AI.ONzO JOE L. JESSUP ROBERT MELEA OFFICERS GERARD J. ALONZO ..... President MARIE SEARS . . Vice-President JOE L. JESSUP . . . Treasurer LOUISE SMITH . . Secretary T. EARLE JOHNSON . Director GERARD ALONZO VINCENT AMAR LOUISE ANDERS MEMBERS BERNIE FELD FRANK FITTS JACOB R. FREEIMAN MARY FRANCES ANDREWS DORIS FRENCH GEORGE A. BARNES ROBERT D. FRISBIE MARTHA LORRAINE BEDSOLE ROBERT GARDNER PI-IEBE BIBB MARY BIDGOOD MARY BINGI-IAM ALICE BLASINGAME CRAIG BOYCE RICHARD H. BOYD ROSA BROOKS MARY BURNETT TURNER CAMERON MARGARET CLARK RUBYE COOPER ELIZABETH CRIBBS MARGARET DEAL MYRA DUNHAM SCOTT FEKHOFF HOWELL J. FAGAN LESTER G. GAUBER LEAH GEEES JITAN GRAVES ELLA ROSS GRIFFIN ROY J. GRUBBS WAYNE HALL BUNCH HOLSTEAD MARY F. HARDEGREE GERALD HART BARTLEY HODGES KATE NOBLE HOLLOWAY MARY HOLMAN BURKS HUIE BEATRICE ISRAEL IVIELVIN ISRAEL IRVING JAFFE DORIS JEFFRIES JOE L. JESSUP ARTHUR KRUGER HENRY LANTNER SAM LEE CECILE LEWIS HILDA MARKS MADELEINE MCCORMACK MILLICENT MARSHALL BOB MCDAVID ROBERT MELKA BARRY MIRRIN CHARLES T. MOORE JOE W. MOORE HELEN MORGENTHAU VIRGINIA NASH HELEN NORRIS JANE NORTON FRANCES ORDWAY OLIVIA OZIER ZELMA PAXTON ROBERT RAGLAND TED. J. ZUROWSKI PAGE 344 HAYDEN RECTOR W. H. REDEIELD-LYON VAUGHAN H. ROBISON BERNARD ROTHSCI-IILD DONALD SALMI JOSEPH SAROSY DAVID I. SCHIEE SIGMUND SCHY MARIE SEARS DONA L. SKINNER ANDREW SMITH LOUISE SMITH ANNE TATUM BETH TAYLOR FRANK TIPLER HARRY R. TOXVNES FRED WATTS WILLIARI WELLACH MARGARET WHETSTONE HELEN WHIPPLE PEYTON WILLIAMS BETTY ZAREOS a 1.- l9S5'E5Fi ULL ALABAMA CAVALIERS I Back Row: Julian, Burwasser, Sudbury, Newkelk Vaughan Brantley Front Row: Hella, R. Mill'-r, S. Miller, Rzchmds Rxordan Kogut CAMPUS ORCHESTRA I DUKE SUDBURY, Drzmzs, Mamzgm DEAN HELLE, Violin, Dzrector I If I Saxopbonrzes H Sm NIILLER, BILL RIORDAN, GUY RICHARDS, LoUn: KOGUT L Brass L HENRY VAUGHAN, GILLY NEWKERK IE BRANTLEY Piano l GABE JULIAN Bass JOE BURWASSER Gzaiim' Russ MILLER N 1 L PAGE 345 T' H E - if K my PHILOMATHIC LITERARY SOCIETY First Row: Tully, Caldwell, Elliott, Brzinscom, Bricken, Clyatt, Darden, Dexter Second Row: Frings, Gaiford, B. Garrett, W. Garrett, Johnston, Jordon, Kimberly, Lanier Third Row: Long, Maumenee, Parker, Payne, Smith, Snow, Thomas, D. Williams, P. Williams Founded at University of Alabama, 1832 Incorporated by Act of Legislature in 1845 PI-IILOMATHIC offers an opportunity for students to develop ability in public speaking, de- bating and expression. It conducts a forum for discussion of public affairs by regular pro- grams, and seeks to develop the art Of self-expression in this manner. Activities: Banquet . . . Smokers . . . Presentation of speakers . . . Selection of new members, basing such purely on merit. A. J. TULLY . WILLIAM C. I-IINES JAMES CALDWELL . CARL ELLIOTT . JAMES P. BRADFORD RUSSELL BRANSCOM LLEWELLYN P. BRICREN JAMES CALDWELL J. LEO CLYATT BYRON DARDEN LEWIS DEXTER CARL ELLIOTT RAYMOND FRINGS OFFICERS MEMBERS FRANK GAFFORD BROOX GARRETT WATROUS GARRETT WOODROW GILMORE WILBERT JORDAN GILBERT JOHNSTON SAM KIMBERLY MILTON LANIER, JR. HEYXVOOD LONG PAGE 346 . P1'6'SidC1Zf . Vice-Pwsident . . Treasurev' . Sec1feta1'y RADCLIEE MAUMENEE WILLIAM PAYNE JOHN PARKER STANFORD SMITH MCLESTER SNOW PRENTICE W. THOMAS A. J. TULLY DOYLE WILLIAMS PEYTON WILLIAMS Tl-iE'l935'C RULFI EXCELSIOR LITERARY SOCIETY I I I I I K I I I I First Row: Jaffe, Snow, Garrett, Grayson, Bowers, Boyd, Browning, Caldwell, Cameron Second Row: Cease, Cole, Davis. Dexter, Feld, Forman. Frintts, Gafford, Garrett 'I'lIiI'd Row: George. Greenlierg, Hari, Hogan, Johnston, Jordan, Leva, Maumenee, MeGowen, McQueen Fourth Row: A. Mitchell. F, Mitchell. Payne, Perry, Rambo, Skinner, Walker, Ward, Wheeler, Williams Founded, University of Alabama, 1921 EXCELSIOR is one of the most active literary organizations on the campus. It strives to develop ability to speak in public through actual programs conducted in the regular meetings. Selec- tion for membership is based on actual ability as displayed nt tryouts held during the first and second semester. Activities: Joint debates with other societies . . . Tryouts . . . Initiation . . Discussion of current toplcs. I I IRVING JAFFE . . WOODROW GILMORE MCLESTER SNOXV . I I CHARLES BOXVERS JOHN BOYD I CHARLES E. BROWNING I JAMES L. CALDWELL I TURNER CAIVXERON I. CECIL CEASE I MARINER COLE II BILLY DAVIS I It LAMBERT DE NOOYER I I LEXVIS DEXTER BERNIE FELD OFFICERS LLOYD HART . . . . . Presidwzt . Vice-Pnfsiclcizt WATROUS GARRETT . .Secretary BILLY GRAYSON . . T1'8HS1L1'Pl' TOM JOHNSTON . MEMBERS JAMES FORMAN RAYIVIOND FRINGS FRANK GAFFORD BROOX GARIIETT WATROLTS GAIIRETT HUNTER GEORGE WOODROW GlLh40RE EXIANIJEL GREENBERG BILLY GRAYSON GERALD HART LLOYD HART ROBERT HOGAN IRVINC JAFFE TOM -JOHNSTON GILBERT JOHNSTON WILBERT JORDAN MAl!X LEVA RADCLIFFE MAUMENEE THOMAS MCGOWEN GILES MCQUEEN ALEX MITCHELL FERNWOOD MITCHELL PAGE 347 . P!lY'1illlllc?IIf6l1'illlZ . . . Rep01'1f'e1' Sergeafzt-at-A1'1ns IVIARSHALL NEILSON WILSON PARRIS BILL PAYNE CHARLES PERRY MUIKRAY RAMBO JULIAN SKINNER MCLESTER SNOW JACK WALKER TOM WARD MARVIN WHEELER EARNEST WILLIAMS I il U LIT? COROLLA EDITORIAL STAFF Top row, left to right: Adams. Bogart, Deal, Dixon, Drolet, Griffith, Hall Second Row: Kimberley, Marshall. Roberts, Shepherd, Taylor, Wallace, Trucks JOHN ELMER HORNE .... . . . Editor-in-Chief CARROLL KILPATRICK, TUNKER FOLMAR, PROF. CLARENCE CASON, MR, M. E. NUNN, DEAN D. S. LANCASTER, PROF. L. B. SHACKELFORD, DR. W. L. SANDIDGE, BERNIE D. FIELD, Associate Editors EDITORIAL STAFF Assistant Editors . . . FRANK TAYLOR, SAM KIMBERLY, KENNETH ROBERTS Womerfs Editor . . . ...... MILLICENT MARSHALL Assistant W011lFl1,S Editor . ,...... MARIE DROLET Typing Editor . . . RUTH SHEPHERD Assistant Typing Editor . . . .... . IRVING METZ General Stajjfz-Perry Johnson, John Crim, Elizabeth Merrill, Frances Rogers, Roberta Karger, Lois Drolet, Mary Crawford Jones, Fatso Lewis, Michael Brestera, Frank Bruce, Marie Kemon, Margherita Swift, Aline Hodges, Peggy Coyte, Gertrude Hunt, Carolyn Hood, Frances Gardner, Margeret Adams, Joe Banks, Cecile Barlow, Jack Bauman, Frances Brooks, Kelly Dixon, Clayton Doughty, Willie Hammond, Bob McDavid, Joe Moore, Ralph Pollard, Stanford Smith, Paul Steward, Rosalind Clinkscales, Margaret Folmar, Arline Ford, Jean Graves, Kathleen Pratt, Beatty Greagan, Dorothy May, Jean Hopkins, Jane Matthews, Betty Robinson, Tillie Walker, Betty Jane O'Bannon, Julia Ellen Powers, Mildred Robinson, Miriam Rosenbloum, Jane Hall Van Pelt, Douglas Johnston, Eleanor Millinger, Leo Clyatt, Ruth Margaret, Albert Nerhood, Dorothy Main, Albert Del Carmen, William Canty, Thomas Calihan, Trent J. Carcio, Ernest R. Fite. Military Staff BILL GRIFFITH, Editor CARL GRANT, Asst. Editor DICK SCHMITZ CHARLES FELTON Compiling Staff MARGARET DEAL LOUIS TRUCKS BILLY ROBERTS CARL ADAMS HENRY HANSON SAM WALLACE Photographic Staff WAYNE HALL GEORGE SUNDA RICHARD SNYDER M. J. SOSTMAN Art Staff RUTH KLEINMAN OSCAR CULLY PAGE 348 Publicity JERE WATSON JOHN KELLEY BOB KILPATRICK THOMAS MCCORMACR ROBERT LEE CLARENCE SORG KENNON THETFORD WALTER SMITH HENRY FRANCIS REID MADELINE CUNIFF ELIZABETH ALLEN Athletic Staf MELVIN ISRAEL WALTER BOGART ELI SOBEL SAM ROOBIN DONALD SALMI PETE WARD BURT LEVEY NATHAN MARGOLIN BUBBER GORDON 5ri'fsrlif.l':'l?'EURULlL .un di COROLLA BUSINESS STAFF Top row, left to right: Leland, Fuller, Cabell, Felmar, Johnson, Lewis, McCormack Bottom Row: Reed, Smith, Snow, Stewart, Turner, Williams. Watson NIORTIMER H. JORDAN, JR. Busimfss Manager JOE JESSUP, CLARENCE PERSONS, ROBERT E. JONES, Honorary Associates ArI'L'c'rfi.vi1Ig MHllr1gl'l'X Cfl'l'Il1l1ff07I Mtl1IHgFl'S Publivify Mdl7LlgFI'S Collfcfion Malmgffrs MCLESTER SNONV JOHN COBELL BEN FULLER General Staff FERN WOOD MITCHELL BOB RAFREL JULIA WADE JOHN ROBERT JONES BERNARD JUNG LEWIS DEXTER LEO CLYATT JOHN MARSHALL ED I-IAGAN DON PLUMMER ROY LITTLE MARGARET MORGAN RAYNIOND RODNEY MAMIE KAHALLEY ALBERT C. NERHOOD BILL DAY ELIZABETH MARSHALL HENRY REID ELIZABETH HERRING CHARLES INGALLS F. GEIKARD MCBIRIDE LESLIE KING ROBERT KILGORE GILBEIKT JOHNSTON ROBERT REED JOHN COLTON JERRY WATSON WILLIAM T. LEWIS MALLORX' STEXVART SPOTTSWOOD WlI.LlAh1S XVALTER S1MITl-I PAG E .349 DAVID TURNER FRANK FOLMAR TOM MOCORMACR KATHLEEN PRATT CHARLES T. MOORE SUE YOUNG MCCLURE BETTY GREAGAN THOMAS JOHNSON TOM LEA RODNEY DAVIS GRADY REYNOLDS TRENT J. CORCIA KATHERINE SMITH MYRA DLINHAM SARA BROWDER FRANK GAFFORD JACK STONE MARX' HORNSEY GILES MCQUEEN MARY CLIVE AVANT HILL FERGUSON HELEN BURNS JOHN WILL THOMPSON HUGH B. CAIWPBELL JOE DILDY JOHN WILSON CHARLES STAPP CRIMSON-WHITE EDITORIAL STAFF First Row: Sturdevant, Israel, Brannon, Feld, Bogart Second Row: Bowers, Drolet, Lancaster, Mathews, Williams CARROLL KILPATRICK . Honorary Associates . Managing Editor . Sports Editor . lV0'llZE11,S Editor . Fcature Editors MARIE DROLET ANNIE LAURIE SWAIM MARGARET MATHIEWS M1RIAM ROSENBLOUM Sports Stag SAM ROOBIN WALTER BOGART ELI SOBEL PETE WARD NATHAN MARGOLIN DONALD SALMI BURT LEVY W!lll1F1l,.Y Staff PEGGY COYTE HAZEL ROBERTSON ALICE BLASINGAME DOROTHY PEAGOGR RUTH ELLEN MORGAN MARJORIE MERRITT BETTY ZARFOS Lois DROLET ANN SHARP EDITORIAL STAFF . . . . . JOHN Faculty Advisors DEAN LANCASTER MR. CAsON Miss COLEMAN . Editor-in-Chief HORNE, TUNKER FOLMAR . . BILL STURDEVANT . MELVIN ISRAEL . HAZEL BRANNON Editorial XVritc'rs WAIGHTS TAYLOR BERNIE FIELD CHARLES BOXVERS MARX LEVA Ncws Sfllg HERBERT BRAND WEs FRANKLIN MAl1TIN GATELY HOXYVARD BATES GASTON PIRKLE WOODROW GEIER JOE SLABINSKI MYRON BARST WILLIAM MCCI.ENATHON PEYTON XVILLIAMS B. ROTHSCHILD ROBERT LOEB MARY TABB LANCASTER BOB STURDEVANT LEWIS LEADER 'TIEQE-'isis-LORDLLQH CRIMSON-WHITE BUSINESS STAFF First Row: Fisher, Clyatt, Walden, Rains Second Row: Marshell, Jung, Wiles, Jolley, Maring JOE LEE JESSUP . . . Business Mmuzger KENNETH FISHER, LEO CLYATT, JOHN FOY WALDEN . Asst. Business Mmzagers H0l10l'Hl'j? Associnlvs MORTIMER JORDAN BOB JONES CLARENCE PERSONS Arfvrrlixiug Sfaff NELSON WEIGI-lll-I. GEORGE WHITE ED LELAND LEON COHEN MORRIS GOODFRIEND MELVILLE ROSENBEIKGER BILLY ROBERTS Collection Stuff MARIE KEMON MARY JANE JOHNSTON MATTIE DOXYVNINCS RUTH KLEINMAN AflI'l'l'fiXillg Collrvliorlx . SIlbXl'l'fflfj0llX Cirrwlafioaz Aziz rrlixirlg Collvrlirnls . Collrrlimzx . S1zb.vI'I'iln'ioI1 Cil't'Il1llfi0lI Cirrufalifzll . BUSINESS STAFF Mmmgers . . . HOBDY RAIN5 MILLICENT MARSHALL . . . . DIOR JONES . BERNARD JUNO Assisialzf MlIIItlgC'1'S . . HARRY MARINO . . . ALJO WILES . MARY ANN EVANS . ELIZABETH JOLLEY . LYLI: l'lEBERLING . . BEN ANDERSON A5 PAGE 351 Circzllrrlion Slaff LEWIS ALLEN HANSEL BOOKER LEVERETT MANSFIELD RAYMOND M. WIIITE W. W. HAMMOND FRANK BRADLEY MELVIN N. RASRIN GEORGE SUNDA ROBERT DAVIES GRADY REYNOLDS SPOTTSWOOD WILLIAM JOHN C. SMITH MARTIN SKAPIK MEX CARIDEO SAM BLOOM MILDRED ROBINSON CARL ADAMS JOHN ADAMS MARY CRANVITORD JON PEGGY DANIELS ETHEL TANKERSLEY LEONARD AVANT WILLIAM WILSON, JR. RALPH WILBANKS CARL DRIESCH ART LEVY IRVING EPSTEIN JOE GRAHAM JOHN E. KOCH S ES '955-S KULL. THEN ,. LITERARY THE RAMMER-JAMMER Aldridge, Forman, Howard, Sturdevant, Whitmire, Drolet THE RAMMER JAMMER, Alabama's comic magazine, published seven times during the scho- lastic year, was established at the University of Alabama in 1924. Since that time it has gained national recognition and is now considered one of the best of its kind in the South. HENRI ALDRIDGE . JOHN HORNE . BILL STURDEVANT . CARROLL KILPATRICK . . Ass'f. Bus. Mgr. . Assoc. Bus. Mgr. . Assoc. Bu-s. Mgr. . Womanis Editor OLIVER W. FOLMAR . . . . Editor CLARENCE P. PERSON, JR. . . . . . Business Manager . AXS7. Eziitor ALEC FORIVLAN' , . Assoc. Editor MORTIMER JORDAN . . Assoc. Editor JOE L. JESSUP . . . Assoc. Editor MARIE DROLET . . Assoc. Editor MELVIN ISRAEL . DEAN D. S. LANCASTER PROP. L. B. SHACRELEORD DR. W. L. SANDIDGE . PROF. CLARENCE CASON CHARLES BEAUSANG . HADLEY HOXVAIXD . BILL HAMMOND . PAUL STUART . HENRY LASTRAPES . Faculty Advisor Faculty Ad-vixor Faculty Advisor BRYANT WHITMIRE . HADLEY HOWARD . THE CHIEF RAMS LEE KLEIN . . . . . . Exchange . Circulation Circulation . Circulation . . Slajr . . . . Art DOLLY DAWSON . ROBERT BIBB . . MARY HARINION BLACK ANNE FOLIMAR . ELIZABETH STEELE . RAMS Peggy Coyte Mrs. French Craddock French Craddock Gwendolyn Drolet Frances Young Margaret Folmar Dorothy Main BUSINESS RAMS Dick Fleschman Anne Plant Mac Harding Gwen Brown Marie Deas Peggy Daniel Bill Espy Margaret Deal Lois Drolet Elizabeth HC1'l'lHg Bernard Juni! Jane Matthews Irene Patton Erwin Shupp J. L. Wilson Mallory Stuart Robert Jones Frank Folmar Frank Taylor Henry Rangeley Pete Lanier Dan Plummer Elizabeth Marshall Jimmie Nix Sue Young McClure Bernie Feld Pie Brantley Sam Pipes Frances Davis Lillis Spratt Kirk Bell Doris Batsell Betty Crawford Elbert Smith Mary Crawford Jones Mildred Robinson Margaret Norton Margaret Perry Annie L. Swaim Sara WI'ight Tom Davis George Adlung Mary Frances Hartlegree Lena Lambeth A. H. Maben Madelene McCormack PAGE 352 . Sports Editor . Exchange Editor Circulation Manager . Staff . . Staff . Ad verifying . Advertising . Advertising Kate Holloway Elizabeth Bell Tom McCormick Bill Hamilton Louise Higbee Laura Minnis Eleanor Sessoms ART RAMS Milner Benedict Marjorie Walker Bill Churchill CIRCULATION RAMS Frank Bradley Jennie Hobbs Garth Douglas Molton Elizabeth Rodgers William Pooley John Colter Bob Campbell Hen1'y Dorsey PUBLICITY RAMS Elizabeth Harmon Margaret Perry Becky Stover Carl Elliot Elton Stephens Jos. G. Burns Dave Haigler Dorothy Bear Patty Tyson ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Top Row: Bonner, Tyson, Dodson, Garner, Houser, McCall, Blue, Liles Bottom Row: Palmer, Lusk, Burr, Lacy, Crawford, Pitts, Douglass, Smtih TI-IE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION is one which strives to promote the interest of the University and to encourage the entrance of the better students. The Association publishes the Alumni News, the subscription to which is included in the 52.00 annual alumni dues. Ii--- OFFICERS J. M. BONNER, '00 . . President A. P. TYSON, JR., '01 . . Vice-President OWEN G. GRESHAIVI, '10 . . Vice-President CHARLES E. RICE, JR., '34 . . Vice-President DR. J. H. DOBSON, '11 . . Vice-President MRS. IRBY B. MOODY, '05 . . Vice President TOM GARNER, '88 . . Secretary HILL FERGUSON, '96 . . . Treasurer SHALER C. HOUSEIK, '98 . . Assistant Treasurer COUNCIL DR. DANIEL T. MOCALL, '87 . . . Mobile ROBERT P. MCDAVID, '11 . Birmingham DR. JOHN H. BLUE, '96 . . Montgomery ALTO V. LEE, '97 . . . . Gadsden MIKE SOLLIE, '13 . . . . Ozark EDWARD D. SMITH, '96 . . . Atlanta LUTHER B. LILES, '14 . . . Anniston DAVID A. CRAWFORD, '98 . . Chicago THOS. S. FRAZER, '95 . . . Union Springs DAVANE K. JONES, '13 . Tuscaloosa GORDON D. PALMER, '20 . . . Tuscaloosa ARTHUR M. PITTS, '01 . . . . Selma JOHN A. LUSR, '13 . . . . Gadsden DR. GILBERT F. DOUGLAS, '10 Birmingham WILLIAM H. MITCHELL, '02 . . . Florence DR. RALPH MCBURNEY, '24 . . University BORDEN BURR, '96 .... Birmingham MRS. WM. D. JOHNSTON, '18 . . Boligee ERNEST R. LACY, '00 . . . Jasper THELMA CHENAULT, '25 . . Decatur PAGE 353 I-I il ' 5 If.. U Iii ID L II. IR NEWMAN CLUB I V I First Row: Collins, Guiney, Bender, Colihan. Cuniff, Demshock, Dornberger, Drolet, Dunning, Greagan l Second Row: Hxgbee, Hutchings, Jackson, Kelly, KI-ebs. Kupinse, Iamanna, McCarthy, McCOwn, McDonald Third Row: McMahon, J., Mclviahon, H., Mears, Miller, Miklos, Norville, O'Connor, Parker, Portale, Prestera Fourth Row: Pritchard, Rainey, Rose, Sarosy, Schi.leci, Schug, Sharp, Shavel, Tierney, Whipple, Woods University of Alabama Chapter Established, 1925 I I MONO: "Cor ad cor loquitor" Colors: Crimson and Gold Flower: Crimson Rose I THE NEXY'MAN CLUB is a member of the international organization "The Federation of I College Catholic Clubs" and of the Gulf States province of the American Federation of Col- lege Catholic Clubs. As a religious social organization Newman Club is performing a valuable service for the Catholic student. The purpose of the Newman Club is to supplement secular education, develop leadership, and to make the life of the Catholic student as happy and useful l as possible. Activities: Reception of new students and orientation program . . . Lectures pre- sented by outstanding speakers . . . Formation of discussion group . . . Tea Dance . . . For- ! mal Dance. j OFFICERS STUART V. COLLINS . . President DANIEL GUINEY . . Vice-Preside-mf AURELIA BENDER . , SKC1'Efgl1':v REV. A. J. HACKETT . . . . Chaplain MEMBERS MARGARE'f BALDWIN BERT DE NOOYER EDWARD KENNY JOHN J. MCCARTI-IY MARY RAINEY CI-IARLES BEAUSANG MARIAN DORNBERGER CAROLYN KREBS BERNARD MCCLOY VINCENT REYES ANTHONY BIIESLER MARIE DROLET VVILLIAM KUPINSE ROSEMARY MCCOWN FREDERICK ROSE AURELIA BENDER GEORGIZ DUNNING STEPHEN LAMANNA BILL MCDONALD JOSEPH SAROSY NICK BOSSERT LEONARD FORTI HENRY LANI-IENAU WILLIAM MCGOUGH JOSEPH SCI-IATEER STEPHEN BREZA WAYNE GLASSON MARY MACRENZIE JAMES MCMAHON VINCENT SCHILLECI HOWARD BROXVNE ELIZABETH GREAGAN EUGENE MARTINY HERMIONE MCMAI-ION HAROLD SCHUG ALDO CAVALIERE DANIEL J. GUINEY EDWARD MEARS FRANCIS MCNAL1ARA FRANKLIN SCHUPP MADELON COLBY LOUISE HIGBEE JOSEPH MICKIEWICA ALFRED NOGI LILLY SI-IAVIIL STUART COLLINS EDGAR HOWE GRETCHEN MILLER PEYTON NORVILLE ANN SI-IARI' ROBERT CARSON CHARLES HUDSON LEO MILLER PATRICIA O'CONNOR JOHN SINGLETON THOMAS COLII-IAN BETTY HUTCHINGS JOHN MIRLOS JOHN PARKER EDWARD ST GEORGE EDXVARD COSTELLO FRANCIS IVANS VVILLIAM MOLONEY SHEILA PAULAVICH EDWARD TIERNEY MADELINE CUNIEE ROBERT JACKSON EUGENE MOSCIA ALFRED PORTALE HELEN WHIPPLE MARY DEMSHOCR WITOLD :KARP EDWARD F. MURRAY MICHAEL PRESTERA MARIE Wooos PAUL KELLY FRANK MCCARTHY MARY APP PRITCHARD PAGE 354 , II I ne F V "I E: " LI iii " COTILLION CLUB 1 ,-,.-- First Row: Smith, Carroll, Fuller, Gewin, Jackson. Kelly, Lee Second Row: Leland, Moore, Bauman, Burns, Horne, Jessup, Jordan, Merrill The Student Social Organization in charge of the Mid-Term, Easter, and Final Dances. l LI JIM E. SMITH ED HAYES JOHN KELLY HARRY CARROLL BEN FULLER EARL BAUIMAN JOE BURNS l l i E YW Z . OFFICERS MEMBERS WALTER GEWIN TEDDY JACKSON HONORARY MEMBERS JOHN HORNE JOE JESSUI' MORT JORDAN PAGE 355 . Presirlent Business Mamzger BILL LEE ED LELAND MARLIN MOORE HUGH MERRILL Foors NEWMAN lT.HE'I':35'CDRDLl.F ARCH CLUB First Row: Stone, Hatch, Shanks, Aldridge, Bear, Branch, Cameron, Callaway, Collins Second Row: Crosland, Davis, Dorsey, Dowling, Espy, Folmar, Gregory, G., Gregory, R., Harwell Third Row: Holcombe, Inge, Jackson, Kilgore, Lastrapes, Lee, Maumenee, Mor-esi, McNaull Fourth Row: Osborn, Phillips, Plyler, Porch, Prater, Randall, Rangeley, Russell, Thames, Vardaman ARCH CLUB is an interfraternity organization for the purpose of promoting good fellow- ship and friendship among the fraternities. The membership is chosen from various fraternal groups, and seeks to aid other campus organizations in making the social affairs of the Univer- sity successful. Activities: Lead Out :It Mid-Term Dancees . . . Picnics . . . Smoker . . Stag Banquets. GEORGE STONE ED HATCH . PHILIP SHANKS GARET ALDRIDGE CARL BEAR TOM BELL BILL BRANCH ALAN CAMERON JOHN CATHEY JOE CALLAWAY CLARKE COLLINS ED CROSLAND TOM DAVIS HENRY DORSEY JUDSON DOWLING BILL EsI-Y TUNRER FOLMAR OFFICERS MEMBERS BOB GREGORY GEORGE GREGORY MAJOR HARWELL ED HATCH DOPEY HOLCOMBE BOB HOWARD DICK INGE TEDDY JACKSON GILLIE KEY BOB KILGORE HENRY LASTRAPES ALTO LEE ED MAUMENEE PAGE 356 . President Vice-P1'eside1zt . Secretary-Treasu1'er BOB MGNAULL ANDREW MOREsI FRANCIS OSBORN DON PORCH BILLY PHILLIPS GEORGE PLYLER GEORGE PRATER PETTUS RANDALL HENRY RANGELEY ALF RUSSELL JAMES STROTHER BILL VANDEKLOUT JOHN VARDAMAN WILDER WATTS E"l 35' RULLH PARASITES First Row: Hatch, Brownell, Chenoweth, Crosland, Ferguson, Gregory, Holcombe Second Row: Jackson, Kilgore, McGahey, McMillan, Randall, Sawyer, Shanks Founded 1914 Color: Deep Dark Red Flower: Mistletoe PAILASITES was established to promote good fellowship and cordial relations between various interfraternal organizations. lt draws its membership from such interfraternal clubs. It seeks to cooperate with lnterfraternity Council in the promotion of campus projects, and to coordi- nate the efforts of fraternity men in this respect. Activities: Initiation ceremony . . . Smoker Stag Banquets . . . Lead Outs at Mid-Term and Easter Dances. OFFICERS ED HATCH . . . . . . . Presirlent BLAINE BROWNELL . Sec1'ehzry-Treasurer MEMBERS ED HIKTCI1 SON MCGAHEY BLAINE BROXVNELL Petrus RANDALL HILL FERGUSON PI-IILLIP SHANKS BEACH CHIENOXVETH CLIARLE5 SAVUYER NIOHN CATHEY BOB IglLGORE ED CROSLAND BOB GREGORY TbIDDY JACKSON FLETCHER HOLCOMBE GILBERT KEY PAL COCHRANE TOM MCMILLAN PAGE 357 'El3l3'CDFlUL Fl a THE GREEKS If S if i I I I I I il Top Row: Exum, Grove, Coleman, Boyd, Carlson, Cease, Chesterman, Conklin. Crabtree . Second Row: Duggar, Foreman, Fuller, Griffith, Hawkins, Hornsby, Justice, Kelly, Ladd Third Row: Livingston, McGowen, McDonald, Miller, Mitchell, Moore, Peagler, Persons, Pond Fourth Row: Rains, Reid, Simpson, Smith, Starlin, Sudbury, Sutliff, Walker, Williams Founded at the University of Alabama, 1929 Colors: Purple and Gold Flower: White Carnation Tl-IE GREEKS is an interfraternity social organization founded to promote better feeling and more interest among the various fraternities. Parties and other social functions are given to ac- complish this aim. OFFICERS FRANK EXUM . President DANA GROVE . . Vice-Presidelzi AL SMITH . . . Secretary JIMMY COLEMAN . . Treasz-I1'e-r I MEMBERS X JOHN BOYD ROBERT CARLSON HARRY CARROLL CECIL CEASE ROBERT S. CHESTERMAN CHARLES CONKLIN J. C. CRABTREE LLOYD DUGGAR GLEN ELLIOTT ALEX FOREMAN BEN FULLER BILL GRIFFITH ROBERT HALL CHAIKLES HAWKINS C. E. HORNSEY ED JUSTICE PAT IQELLY JIMMY KELLY JIMMY KING JIMMY LADD WILLARD LIVINGSTON NVILLIAM J. MCDONALD THOMAS MCGOXVEN RUSSELL MILLEIK AI.Ex MITCHELL PAGE 358 CHARLES MOORE MINER PEAGLER CLARENCE PERSONS ROBERT POND MAURICE RAINS HENRY REID BILLY SIMPSON JIM SIVIITH TOM STARLIN DUKE SUDBURY JIMMY SUTLIIPF DICRIE WALKER EUGENE WILLIAMS E' 93 - PTD Fl ELLIOT BROUGHTON KNAVES First Row: Ferguson, Norville, Cafdwell, E. Broughton, R. Broughton, Brownell, Caskie, Chenoweth, Christian Second Row: Davis, Dilworth, Dominick, Doss, Ellis. Forlines, Grayson, Guttery, Head Third Row: Johnston, Jordan, Klaus, Lanier, Martin, McCaffe1'ty, McGehee, McMillan, Moody Fourth Row: Payne, Sawyer, Sells, Simmons, Snow, Struclwick, Taylor, Vance, Wilson Founded: at the University of Alabama 1933 KNAVES is an interfraternity social organization having for its purpose the creation of better understanding arnong fraternal groups. By bringing together members of various social groups it strives to make University functions as representative as possible. Activities: Smoker . . . Initiation . . . Lead Outs at Mid-Term and Easter Dances. HILL FERGUSON . PEYTON NORVILLE JAMES CALDVUELL ROLLIN BROUGHTON CY BROXVN BLAINE BROXVNELL JAMES CALDXY'ELl. MAx CASKIE BEECH CII-IENOXVETH GEORGE CHRISTIAN BILL DAVIS EARL DILXVORTH TOM BOYD DOMINIER MEIKRILL Doss OSCAR ELLIS HILL FERGUSON BILLY FORLINES OFFICERS MEMBERS BILL GRAYSON JOI-IN MCQUEEN GU BEVERLY HEAD HENRY HODO BILL JOHNSTON MORTIMER JORDAN JULIUS KLAUS PETE LANIER JOHN MARTIN JUNE MCCAFEERTY SONNY lX4CGAHEY TOM MCGEHIilE TOM MGMILLAN CLYDE MINNIS PAGE 359 TTERY . . Presidvlzf . Vice-P1'esicz'e1z1f Secretary-Trcasurei' FRANK MCCORRLE NIOODY PEYTON NORVILLE BILL PAYNE PRYOR PLUMLEE GEORGE PONDER CHARLIE SAXVYER BILL SELLERS LEONARD SELLS JOHN SIMMONS MAC SNOW' JAMES W. STRUDXVICK TOMMY TAYLOR ERNEST VANCE JAMES E. WILSON JOHN WILSON 'H ' Q3 Ul.lgH First Row: Cochrane, Blasingame, Dawson. Hodges, Avant, Bedsole, Bell. Brooks, Brown, Burnett Second Row: A. Burns, H. Burns, Campbell, Crume, Crute, Dawkins, Eckles, Ford, Garth, Gaston Third Row: Halstead, Harmon, Hassan, Hornsby, Humphry, Lamberth, Lavender, Marshall, Mathews. Mitchell, Morgan Fourth Row: Norton, Patterson, Richardson, Rogers, L. Rogers, Shepherd, C, Smith, H. Smith, M. Smith. Spottswood, Swaim Founded at Ranclolph'Macon, May 1, 1904 Established here, November 20, 1928 PI WAS established to bring together members of sororities. Its purpose is to create a mu- tual feeling of cooperation among Sororitfes, and to eliminate misunderstanding between these groups. It seeks to coordinate members of women'S social groups, and bind them together in a common purpose. Activities: Initiation of new members . . . Tea Dance . . . Lead-out at Cotillion Club Dances . . . Cooperation in Pan-Hellenic objectives. OFFICERS ELVIRA COCHRANE . . . . President ALICE BLASINGAMI2 . . Vice-Preside11tt DOLLY DAwsON . . . . Secretary MARY JANE HODGES . . Treasurw' MEMBERS SPEC AVANT NELL BEDSOLE MARGUERITE BELL ALICE BLASINGAME ROSA BROOKS ELEANOR BROWN SUSIE BELLE BURNETT ANNA BURNS HELEN BURNS MARY CAMPBELL ELVIRA COCHRANE LIB CRUME MARTHA CRUTE MARTHA DAVUKINS DOLLY DAWSON JUANITA ECKLIES ARLINE FORD JENNY HOBBS GARTH GRACE GASTON BUNCH HALSTEAD ELIZABETH HARMON JULIA HASSON MARY JANE HODGES IWARY HORNSBX' NEIDA HUMPHREY LENA LAMBERTH MARGARET LAVENDER ELIZABETH MARSHALL MARGARET MATI-IEWS LAURIE MITCHELL MARION MORGAN PAGE 360 JANE NORTON - MART!-IA PATTERSON LUCY RICHARDSON ELIZABETH ROGERS LOUISE ROGERS Lois SHEPHERD CATHERINE SMITH HELENE SMITH MELVAR SMITH MARTHA SPOTTSWOOD ANNIE LAURIE SWAIM l l 1 l in l 5 l l l I ., . . 0 OMEGA First Row: Burt. Helherg, Tyson, Allen, Alston, Black, Boykin, Brooks, Chandler, Crossley Second Row: Daniels, Denny, Douglas, Fonde, Goorlson, Graves, Hamilton, Holmes, Jones, D., Jones, M. C. Third Row: Lancaster, McKee, McMahon, Mandeville, Morrissett, Minnis, Nash, Pritchard, Rainey Robinson , Rogers Fourth Row: Rutleflue. Shepherd, Spratt. Steele, Swift, Tompkins, A. P., Tompkins, M. B., Van Pelt, Webb, Yniestra, Young Colors: Silver and Lavender Flower: Violet AN INTERSORORITY CLUB founded at Randolph-Macon Woman's College in 1893. Established at the University of Alabama in 1927. Omega holds Llfl annual initiation and gives two tea dances each year. BARBARA BURT ELLA HELBERG . PATTY TYSON . ELIZABETH ALLEN LIEILA ALSTON MARY HARMON BLACK FRANCES BOYICIN CLARA BEELAND BROOKS BARBARA BURT MARGARET CHANDl.ER HELEN CROSSLEY PEGGY DANIELS MARGARET DENNY MARIE DOUGLAS MARY FONDE MAEDELL GOODSON JEAN GRAVES ADAIR HAMILTON OFFICERS MEMBERS VIRGINIA HARRIGAN ELLA HELBERG ANNETTE HOLMES DOROTHY JONES MARY CRAWFORD JONES MARY TABB LANCASTER GRACE MCKEE HERMOINE MCMAI-ION GRACE MANDEVILLE VIRGINIA MORRISSETT LAURA MINNIS VIRGINIA NASH MARY APPLETON PRITCHARD MARY RAINEY PAGE 361 . . President Secretary-Treasurer . Keeber of the Scroll MARY BELLE ROBERTSON MILDRED ROBINSON ETTIE BEELAND ROGERS ESTHER RUTLEDGE RUTH SHEPHERD LILLIS SIIRATT ELIZABETH STEELE MARGI-IERITA SWIFT ANNIE PRIDE TOMPKINS MARY B. TOMPKINS PATTY TYSON JANE HALL VAN PELT SARAH WEBB MARGARET YNIESTRA FRANCES YOUNG fl-lil?-'l 35-E LL RHO ALPHA TAU ll l l I PH,-,I l 1 l i l l First Row: Tillis, Craig, Johnston, Williams, Adams, Ashby, Bakke, Bricken, Burwell, Campbell Second Row: Cole, Cooper, Cox, Creel, Dixon, Dorsey, Faucett, Folmar, Jones, Joy Third Row: King, Lamar, Loebe, Manly, Mathews, Miller, MeBurgey, McnCann, McCuskey, McGee, McGehee Fourth Row: Phifer, Plummer, Radney, Rasmuson, Reynolds, Stewart, Taylor, Thetford, Tucker, Van Wert, Warren l H07Z01'H1'jl Society for Freslairfien Colors: Orange and Black Flower: Lily of the Valley RHO ALPHA TAU was founded for the purpose of acquainting fraternity freshmen with life on the University campus, and to imbue them with proper ideals of achievement. lt is the only organization of this charzzcter and has accomplished many noteworthy objects. lt is properly conducted and guided by outstanding men in the freshman class, and these lenders are selected from each fraternity. Activities: Reception of new members . . . Smoker . . . At- tendance at annual intcrfraternity freshman banquet . . . Cooperation with lnterfraternity Council. OFFICERS RALPH TILLIS . . . . President GILBERT JOHNSTON . . Secretary BEECHER MCCANN . Vice-Prcsin'ent ERNEST WILLIAMS . Treasurer MEMBERS I JOHN ADAMS JOHN- RADNEY ' G. W. ASHBY HENRY DORSEY TOM lVlANLY FRANK RASMUSON JOHN BARRE GLENN ELLIOTT IYAN MATHEWS EVANS REYNOLDS LOU BRICKEN JAMES FAUGETT T. R. MIL1.ER MALLOIKY STEWART EDWIN BURXVELL FRANK FOLMAR GEORGE MCBURNEY MACEY TAYLOR l BILLY CAMPBELL GILBERT JOHNSTON BEEGHER MGCANN KENNON THETEORD BILLY COLE CARY COOPER , B. C. Cox ' E. U. CREEL I l l KELLY DIxON I lu ROBERT JONES WILLARD JOY GEORGE L. KING GENE LAMAR J. P. LOEBE SCOTT MCCUSKEY CLINTON MCGEE PAUL MCGEHEE REESE PHIFER DON PLUMMER PAG E 362 RALPH TILLIS BILLY TUCKER CHARLES VAN WERT TOM WARREN ERNEST WILLIAMS T E ' ' U 'X XXV! 'TQ N 2:5 fmq Ga! Mi ly LN A A vi -925' 'ly VM V fi X Xl L, , K1 if f 'X , DTHER5 ,.11g.,, ,VA- 5 ,... ,T we nvnneclnre ETHELRED 0 LU NDY SYKES Who, in company with Alumni Paoli Smith and Martin Smith has, s attentions to che Hel ly dedicate this sectio nce graduation, directed his of advertising, we respectful- of the Corolla. Aovmr an M NA V ff THE . UNIVERSITY SUPPLY STGRE P 1 I ' Serving The University of Alabama Students Since 1905 Maiil Orders From Alumni Solicited Q t "THE SUPPLY STORE IS YOUR STO 9- I3lJG,S I WISH TO EXPRESS TO THE STUDENTS MY SINCERE THANKS AND APPRECIATION FOR THEIR PATRONAGE DURING THIS SCHOOL YEAR. IT IS MY HOPE THAT YOU HAVE HAD A MOST SUCCESSFUL AND MOST PLEASANT YEAR . . . . SIIZCEVEIJV, !!CZ!6Z7t flfewfon. I P :::'? T :- I 1E " :E Q: CHRISTIAN 6. FAUCETT FOR fl 1' Ig +I Wholesale and Retail YOUNG 4, 5 I MEN ll 4' f 1 f :I Dealers In WIESEL COMPANY 1, GENERAL MERCHANDISE CLOTHING 1: E1 ff, HABERDASHERY 1 ii Home of II 3 Cotton Buyers HART-SCHAFFNER 81 MARX CLOTHES 25 . Country Produce Bought and Sold TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA E: I -ml :::.,:::.- PERRY'S GRADE "A" PASTEURIZED MILK Produred, Pasteurized and Bottled in Tuscaloosa County PURE 2 SAFE I SEAL-KAPPED PERRY'S PRIDE ICE CREAM PERRY'S PRIDE SWEET CREAM BUTTER Delirious, Wffyolesome, and Made in Our Sanitary Plant PERRY CREAMERY COM PANY Every Product of Perrjfs is Better Phone 13 S0 -:: : ,:::: UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA CAPSTONE OF THE PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM OF ALABAMA A Standard Institution of Learning Modern Buildings and Equipment Over TWO Hundred Instructors LETTERS, SCIENCE, ENGINEERING, CHEMISTRY, METALLURGY AND CERAMICS, COMMERCE AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, EDUCATION, HOME ECONOMICS, LAW, MEDICINE, AND MINES EXPENSES EXCEEDINGLY MODERATE For Catalog Address President GEORGE H. DENNY, M.A., Ph.D., LL.D., D.C.L. UNIVERSITY, ALABAMA .P if' gi-S - - - make tomorrow a brighter day! HERE,S happiness ahead for you at your favorite theatre! Today, the motion picture screen is pre- senting a more marvelous variety of enter- tainment than ever before in its history. For you there,s life, romance, adventure, excite- ment. Use it for enjoyment-and see how it Crowds out all thought of the trials and tribulations of home, Workshop and office. Bama 0 Ritz o Diamond COMPLIMENTS OF O L A N M I L L S PORTRAIT STUDIO Distinctive Photographs Porcelain Miniatures Paintings TUSCALOOSA, AL AB AMA ----,7 V I In I I 'I In 1 li 5, Bachelor Bundle Rates ji 1. on Pound Basis I I, Given To :I University Students .I I TusKALoosA STEAM LAUNDRY IE E' Quality Dry Cleaners EE I, Established 1898 Telephones 155 156 ' I A.AA...--A-A- M - -N- I :::4 ..,. . .,...... - - - .... - T OVER 52 YEARS OF SERVICE TO 'BAMA STUDENTS I BEFORE Fooiball aml Basketball were born BEFORE Baseball players wore gloves 1: BEFORE Golf got out of Scoilaml s 'I fl We were co-operating with the University of Alabama and I . - - I I its students, Who have known this store as Tuscaloosa's leading one for athletic equipment of every sort. Now, more and more they choose from its stocks-Fraternity I and Club House Furnishings, Chinaware, Glassware, Radios, in addition to sport equipment. ALLEN AND JEMISON COMPANY A Half Century of Service 1883 1935 f - COMPLETE FACILITIES . . CHECKING ACCOUNTS SAVINGS ACCOUNTS TRUST DEPARTMENT FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC EXCHANGE COMMERCIAL LOANS TRAVELERS' CHECKS THE CITY NATIONAL BANK OF TUSCALOOSA OLDEST BANK IN ALABAMA WILMER S. POYNOR, JR NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE CO.' Tuscaloosa, Alabama Phone I467-J O ORDINARY LIFE LIMITED PAY RETIREMENT ANNUITIES AND ENDOWMENTS EDUCATIONAL AND TRUST AGREEMENTS BUSINESS AND CORPORATION INSURANCE L A F OR THIRTY YEARS THE LEADING HOME FURNISHERS IN WEST ALABAMA During This Time We Have Sold the University Con Competitive Bidj Prac- tically the Entire Equipment Purchased by Them-A Distinction of Which Any Firm Should Well Be Proud In If Radios, too In If Ask Anyone Con- II nected with the Uni- II versity, Fraternity 1: H o u s e s Included, QI where T h e y Pur- :I chased Their Radio 'I -90? of Them will Tell You- za LEWIS' S 'I 'I 'I In 'I 'I I If -1-4-0-v I FRATERNITY HOUSE FURNISHINGS We doubt if there is a fraternity house on the cam- pus that we did not furnish. You should see these and their arrangements. There are but a few homes in Tuscaloosa that are more beautiful and com- fortable. C. W. LEWIS FURNITURE COMPANY TUscALoosA, ALABAMA What is this thing caIIed Glamour? A magic Quality-A12 Aura of Grace and Beauty that Bewitches-Charms, Enchants. Glamour! You see it in beautiful Co-Eds. The Girl that is always the light of che campus is wearing a PIZITZ Frock. PIZITZ--Through the Coopermfion of Our New York Office We Offer the Same M61'Cl7ll7ZllliS6 Here in Tuscaloosa as is Shown in New York You, too, can have the charm men find irresistible. Come to PIZITZ and complete your ensemble through gay Frocks, chic Hats, distinctive Footwear and accessories that har- monize. THE PIZITZ STORE "Downtown" TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Ir- J 4. ff THE PRE-ZIPPER AGE qbh -5 , . Q1 Q , 3 F 1 1 , Y Lp! J , 1 w v 1 1 ' IF, gentle reader, you fail to recognize these prominent U. of A. Men and Women-turn quickly four pages forward Y' 1 ENIOY BILLIARDS AND BOWLING I at the SI-IAMROCK 611 Greensboro Ave. ALABAMA,S LARGEST BILLIARD PARLOR , , , I WE GIVE FREE BILLIARD EESSONS E O. K. BARBER SHOP in connection for your convenience 1 r ----------v-- ----- - - GATES 81 COMPANY CLEANERS AND DYERS ' 2409-11 Broad Street PHONE 1 3 40 1 f ::::.-'1 1 J. M. BURCHFIELD 8: SON Wholesale Grocers Phones 364-341 Successors to BURCHFIELD Buos. I Leading Grocers for Tbir-fy Years 1 1 L, :::.-.-- :- -:::,-: -:- J L, DIAMONDS For nineteen years our Wide experi- ence and workmanship have sought to Build a business Worthy of your conidence. LARY 8: KENNEDY Jewelers and Opticians "Say It With Flowers" TUSCALOOSA FLOWER Sl-IOP Mas. J. M. ROGERS, Proprietor Flowers For All Occasions Day Phone 712 Night Phone 425 Tuscaloosa, Alabama ' CANTYS GARAGE 4 DRIVE-IT YOURSELF 2-CONVENIENTLY LOCATED STATIONS-2 UPTOWN AND AT REX'S h Wrecker Service-Trunks Hauled 'r Gas and Oil Storage I I DOWNTOWN STATION UNIVERSITY STATION 2404 BROAD STREET 1312 UNIVERSITY AVE. PHONE 1088 PHONE 861 J T '7 1 I 1' A. Duckworth Charles Morris I 1 .C TUSCALOOSAHS BEST DUCKWORTH-MORRIS EE 25 DEPARTMENT INSURANCE AGENCY STORE , General Insurance 1 ' Investment Securities 1 L O U I S W I E S E L INCORPORATED Rentals, Loans 1 Real Estate b WOMEN'S WEAR MILLINERY f r f ' ' TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA ' Dry Goods, Novelties, SIIOCS 4,1 , A : 4 'W f -1 ' ' TATUM I . ' ' -,::,: S ', DRUG COMPANY f ,5 55 5: RESOLVED fa K P E1 PHQNE 234 1 That Brown-Bilt Shoes I t r l Carft he heat I , For long wear, good looks 1 I Amt healthy feet. I NEXT DOOR TO I 1' ' BAMA THEATRE ly ' Eg BUSTER BROWN SHOE STORE 5: I ll Post Office Block Tuscaloosa, Alabama 3' I TUSCALOOSA, ALA. A ' E MCLESTER HOTEL ' CAFE AND COFFEE SHOP lr Improved and managed by an Alumnus in a manner that P meets the approval of alumni i and friends of the University ALDEN H. SNOW 1 Proprietor and Manager : 'r I :::::-?J:::: 1 4 - : :: :.- - ::::.-::::::::::::::::: ::::: .-- :fy I Sic ..F, . ll I ETEIU 5 I i ex I '51':xrsx it L.E if. 'P vu' 71 QQ A Second Phoenix orising from the ashes Burned to ashes, as was the fabled bird of Egypt, "Loveman's" is "arising young and vigorous and more beautiful" . . . a symbol of the unquenchable spirit of a ine organization . . . inspired by the faith and confidence of Alabam- ians! Lovemon, Joseph 6- Loeb FIELDS RADIO SHOP 2206 SIXTH STREET The Best Equipped Radio Shop in West Alabama Phone 612 TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA G. E. Refrigerators G. E. Radios AND HOT POT APPLIANCES Years of Personal Service and Ap- preciation to University Students. Special Attention Given Mail Or- ders After You Have Finished LUSTIGS BOOK STORE ESTABLISHED 1898 GIFT SI-IOP 517-19 23rd Avenue Tuscaloosa, - - Alabama f --""-- --AA----------- I ANSWERS TO YOUR QUEST OF PRE-ZIPPER AGE-TURN 4 PAGES BACK The long-dressed gentleman-Fred Wood. Frances Tach with the Shirley Temple smile. Bob Campbell dressed for a warm date. The mean-looking rascal with folded hands is Ben Fuller. The Stanford forward wall would never recognize Bill Lee and his dog. Ed Hatch looks for his picture in the Corolla. To his right, june Oldacre, the Phi Mu Prexy. The girl with ribbon is Mary Hornsby after her iirst permanent. B. Whitmire, in overalls, looks disgruntled over the farm situation. R. Inge did love his togs, now his ladies. P. Randall, in lower left, devising a money-making scheme. Next to him is Cocky Brown with a happy pace. Capt.-elect J. Walker takes a Holt bath. The lady with the chubby face is none other than the "Duchess" Ehlert. At age of 2 years Rosalyn Chambliss has an escort. Margaret Morgan-an Easter parade with Mae West clothes. SOUTHERN DAIRY FARM All Cream Ice Cream "The Taste Tellsv Phones 778-2329W Grade A Milk Raw or Pasteurized H. T. BURKS, Owner Tuscaloosa, Ala. ,Mangelzs Are style leaders in Campus Fashions. Always first to show the Newest and Smartest. MAN GEIJS prices are always the lowest for quality fashions. 2318 Broad St. Tuscaloosa, Ala. FRANK M. MOODY, President C. N. MAXWELL, JR., Vice-Pres. Sc Cashier ADOLPH C. CADE, View-President JOHN P. BAKER, Assistant Cashier GLENN FOSTER, Vice-Prrsizlmt EDGAR H. PI-IIFEII, Assistant Cashier A THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Y Y A DESIGNATED DEPOSITORY OF THE UNITED STATES AND THE STATE OF ALABAMA DEsIBEs TO BE REMEMBEBED BY TI-IE YOUNG MEN AND WOMEN OF THE UNIVERSITY ----:J 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 41 41 41 1 1 1 1 1 1 41 1 41 41 1 41 1 41 1 1 41 1 1 1 41 1 J WISE STUDENTS HAVE LEARNED THAT IT PAYS TO SHOP FOR HARDWARE AND SPORTING GOODS AT A MODERN HARDWARE STORE MOORE-HANDLEY HARDWARE CO. -1 if A 4 W' 1 , f is ff? N M 5.1 U 2218 BROAD STREET AX., PHONE 43 1 f .1811 -SL .-. . A . Lad il "ON YOUR WAY DOWNTOWN,' -A :,,,. :: :L 1 41 41 1 1 11 1 1 41 1 1 1 41 41 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 J E INVITE you to make the 21' HHILL STORE NEAR YOU" headquarters for your Food and Household necessities. You will 'T ' always find our stores Well supplied 'With the best the market affords. It will pay you to get the "Hill Store H abit" -- +V f . l EWLZUQZW S ii lllllllifii Il 'ilwlil E. ROCERV 1' j!Q" ""' in i FOLLOW THE CROWD TO il UH HOUR STORE NEAR YOU" K 37 PHONE1800 EEWEATI-IERPORD 5: PRINTING PURE PROCESS ' ICE MAKERS CO- Ifff Cream COMMERCIAL Refrigeration P R I N T E R S Quality Ice I PHONE 1800 1 Pl001ze101 P U R E P R O C E S S I C E M A K E R S , 2124 BROAD STREET Tuscaloosa, Ala' I TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA ---------v------v------- ---4 ff--f- --- --v-- ll lg it 1: REX PHARMACY Phone 732 4 Prescription E ,l DELIVERIES - I I Dfuggfsf , I ROBIN I-Ioon CABIN F 1 Phones :Q QIEATSD 1873 ' I 1872 l' C t St cl t Se vi e 9106 it it our eous u en r c QUICK DELIVERY 1, Private Parking Space 5 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF I935! Again a Molloy-Made Cover is used on the 1935 Corolla. Year after year Molloy-Made Covers embody that extra measure of quality that guaran- tees staffs all over the country the ultimate in appearance and durability. THE DAVID J. MOLLOY PLANT 2857 North Western Avenue Chicago, Illinois -::::,:::: DELVIEW DAIRIES PRODUCERS OF Phone 13 FINE GRADE JERSEY MILK 'Y GABRIEL JACOBY Y THE MARCH OF TRIUMPH Words and Music by GABRIEL Jaconv VERSE! Thy banner high shall ever fly So praise the name of Alabama, The Crimson Tide both far and wide Shall blaze the name of Alabama. The spacious sky, the hills around The battle-cry shall loudly sound "Go Crimson-Tide, roll them aside And win the game for Alabama." CHORUS! Fight, Alabama, never yield We've got to plunge right through that linc And run the ball on down the field To make a touchdown sure this tune. You fight your best we'll do the rest And show the whole world 'Bama's right Down-hearted never We fight forever So Alabama, fight! fight! fight! CODA! Old 'Bama must roll on And roll on eternally, Old 'Bama must roll on Roll onward to victory Each fellow must fight With all of his might l For 'Bama is right, and right she'll ever be- ....B .wg E ,fs ' - gr. rm? ,J ' L, L P1 ,. -: ' l 1 135. 1- f ff--f'5fffi3f. ,fQf ff,,fi?EffI:??i y ffl Lev 1, -f x? , L gawk? .L 1 ,ff i K , A'l:,+f,,, l JJ ivvL!,f5"1x 2pY1fIi4f5' ' kd 4, sf a ,SI V N1N1 X' 5' 3. X it Asif' ,fm , WF JAY, , N -.,7 , x 11 ' ff-L ir 3 -L Q " fam: I .L SI J -fr 4 rw UU " . 15: 5 ...Gs .rg-Lrg'-1 -L q- G' :fi , N .. ,,,.,1 , g .n,.,:,,5,,1:, . if , LW. .rv .Gan L , ,L LHS. M., ' ' wfexf: 3- 7,53Qgj1 ?g,Q ' , 1. f- D95 f M- ff ..g L ffkalgic,-.7-f:,::f:E':' .fi ,- -, S ' ' . .Q32jf,ff.1jiLfgf ... 0 1 3 Q -1 .. ew- .L - , -f' .I ' ' 5'l-"V Z'-Sf!'il54'fi4ff A A ,L-:Lf.-1aLff:-:ffflf.,L- A4 1 E1 V 1. - A E I M . s. ef- , 7111113 'Q :ft 253:13 4 gfit K- '-ii'2f- 2I""'L 'L zlimlzff-L.ief::,f,-Er3'a-,-. Efmfgsrgi T'?'JHfg E ' J Eilfiiir -fzilzafzf -'.:fE.f-Quin -A :A , :yn is " H.yif-11?.I',4:E felfgf- E3Qi'ifQ'fZ5.jy,-1 Eg 1fl3v'ff?i"' 4, 3:-f,3:'.I., - E ,rear-Z-'Vs . 'vas 8 LACK'S BLACK, FRIEDMAN 8: E WINSTON TUSCALOOSA, ALA. Sfyle Begins ai' Blaclc's Let this modern store be your guide to real clothes distinction. The pride and pleasure that comes only from Wearing the best, comes with every article you buy at Black's. The label of this store stands for quality, fine workmanship and smartness. The type of merchandise you are proud to wear as We are to sell. 'I 'I - - A A:::.-,:,5 4 'I I 1 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'l 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I :I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 1 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I - ::.-:,v:.-,,.,:::::: - - ---- A-'4-0 ::4-::: ICE Proviclcfs Bcfzfcr mul Safe Rcff-rfigerafiozz af Less Cost! DEPENDABLE 5fEfkRGJiCDLlPJID SEILVTCHE Correczf Weigh! Pro 111 pl? lDC'llZ!6'I'j! Telephone 6 8 8 TUSCALOOSA ECE gf COLD STORAGE CO. Incorporated 4 'I 'I Tx: 7 :f :E ff Vim if 1' TUSCALOOSA'S if 'I Complete If 1: SPORTING GOODS I: jg SHOP Q: If If It SEARS, ROEBUCK af co. If 1, TUSCALOOSA fi Ig 1, I, cf:-Av-G ---G.-:-- ---- -- -Us ':::':::"::::::::::::"":""::::::'::"'A':Q 1' 'I EI Tzlscaloosffs Biggest Luggage Shop i Trunks, Leather Novelties I, Overnight Bags, Fitted Cases ji " Gladstones-Zipper Envelopes If If Brief Cases-Also Complete I: Line of Elgin and 1: Wa'tl1am Watches ': Serzfin g you also with zz large line of I' 1: Smfable Gifts for all occasions jf if ALA. JEWELRY 8. LUGGAGE co. :E L:"::::::::::-A-'::::::::::::-'::::-'::::::l3 The printing craft has degenerated to resemble a mosaic of cut throat blacksmith inlaid with a few brilliant lunat- ics. Try Us. I HILDRETH PRINTING COMPANY WILLIAMS PLUMBING AND HEATING CO. Phone 1861 PLUMBING, HEATING, AND REPAIR WORK N0 Iobs Too Small or Too Big EAT WITH US Open Also During Summer School Good Food Well Prepared 20075 Discount Meal Ticket Plan UNIVERSITY CAFETERIA "On the Campus" AN ALABAMA LAND MARK Featuring high grade mer- chandise rightly priced at the same location for S8 years CAPITOL CLOTHING STORE MONTGOMERY, ALA. "H Compliments of UNIVERSITY PHOTO SERVICE 1217 University Ave. Developing and Eularging A Service for Students by Students MCKESSON-DOSTER- NORTHINGTON Birmingham, Ala. I-Ieaalquarters For Laboratory Apparatus and Chemicals Surgical I nstrumeuts and Hospital Supplies B E L L C A F E CDoWntownj Prompt Service Quality F00cl Appreciation B E L L C A E E Tuscaloosa, - - - Alabama ACME ROOFING COMPANY Roofing and Sheet Metal Colztractors Phone Cedar 3877 MONTGOMERY, ALA. North McDonough 81 C. of Ga. R. R. "Results N ot Excuses" P I PLUMBING AND HEATING j 3 if We Are Equipped to Give You the Best I Service in Western Alabama ', 1 S O K C L B R O S ROGERS PLUMBING 3. HEATING EE if 1 COMPANY 5' I I With 23 Years Exflcrience , IE PHONES 507-2337 I 1: 1, 2127 sth sf. TUsCALoosA, ALA. :g For the Home -:::::::::: -:-::::::::f:-:::::- I Fraternity I xv 4 4E and Club House Il The value of home tics can not be i Your Patyonage overestimated, a father's voice, a S -t ci i mother's Word, these retain their I 0 lc-Z 8 ancient power. Station-to-Station I: I calls to your home cost littleg ask II the operator for rates. 1 TUSCALOOSA - - ALABAMA SOUTHERN BELL TEL. a. TEL. co. l 1' ,mi L i PIONEER ANTIQUE SHOP 3 FDR ENE FLAVQR ' "Work Done by an Expert Crafts- it 3' D O N 0 V A N , S I' 1mm is Cheaper" ,I :E :E . U ', I RED DIAMOND COFFEE I We Cater to University Trade I, 'I ff ::--:----:-::v-:--::V-:::::::: 7 P Aa, KEEP TI-IE GAME SNAPPY I I' " AT HUME, . I GREENWOOD CAFE j AT WGRK, 4 1 i AT PLAY' I :i Birmingham, Ala. li CGCA-COLA 1 5' 'I In Bottles ' 1, , LET US BE KNOWN BY THE QUALITY OF MERCHANDISE WE SELL WHERE COLLEGE MEN MEET WHEN DOWNTOWN 1 i THE BENSON-RICH CO- Me1z's Wfear The College Shop of the South TUSCALOOSA LEADING CLOTHIERS FOR UNIVERSITY MEN "Two Stores To Serve Youv STETSON'S STORE just Ojf the Campus THE TOGGERY SHOP Uptown TUSCALOOSA, - - ALABAMA -5 A MILLER 8: MARTIN. ARCHITECTS. INCORPORATED J. A. LEWIS, E71gi776'6l' BIRMINGHAM, ALA. Designers of Denny Chimes, Alabama Union, Doster Hall, Amelia Gorgas Memorial Library, Commerce Building, Farrah Hall, Nott Hall, Old Post Office and Supply Store, Gorgas Hall, Julia Tutwiler Annex and Dining Hall, New Gymnasium and Locker Building, New Bureau of Mines Building. Also Furnishings and Interior Decoration Worli of Alabama Union and Tutwiler Hall Annex. Seventeen Fraternity and Sorority Houses and eight Professors' residences. 1-::f: ::::fv 1, 11 1, 'I I' T' :E COMPLIMENTS OF 1, 1, lj if WARD DRUG COMPANY I 1 'p I lp 1: Established 1905 ' 1, li It if II WARD BROS. DRUG COMPANY TI 11 :E jus! Off the Canzlbus T' II lem: .w--:-C :ml Y'A::: :::::::::"::" ::"":""::: ::::7 It B A I N ' S C A F E 1 'u 11 'I lr I 'P E: for it :E SIZZLING STEAKS AND GOOD FOOD gf 1 1 :E Private Booths 1, I 5: ARCHIE MARLOWE, Manager 1, 11 Ei 2 Doors from Ritz 1: 1' 1 :E :E 1.f:::- ::::s 'xx " ' I 1: '1 1' 31 1 YOU'LL ENJOY YoUR CUP . 1: l , 1 if DIXIE CLUB coFEE .E 1, :1 1, I1 1: DIXIE CGFFEE COMPANY I Ii Birmingham, Alabama If 1, l if Distributed by Tri-State Distributors, il 1: Mofzfgoilzw-y, Ala. QI lm- ,mm.w..m:- mi '1x:::::":""::: "-""::x::::N'A:iI fi Owen Meredith Frank M. Moody l 1, :n :I MEREDITH-MOODY 1 II INSURANCE AGENCY II l 1, 11 If INSURANCE 1 1, 1 1: In All Of Its Branches 1, 1, P ff We Know How " 1, :P EI 2212 Broad Street Telephone 931 ji JL- ::::::::.A.-.-:x.A: - -:.A::x::::.-:.A:l f---- COSTUME RINGS Always Desired by Smari Wfomen By all means u costume or dinner ring, if she has none now. And, if she has, a new one would bring that pleased smile of appreciation that in- spires men to give HER something personal. A wide choice of the latest styles, and very at- tractive prices, make it an easy task to buy here. FINCHER 85 OZMENT JEWELRY Co. Tuscaloosa, Ala. J. C. PENNY COMPANY INCORPORATED WbereSa'vi11gs Are Greatest Quality Meifehamlise Always J. C. PENNY COMPANY r -v-- -C '1 0 f K WHEPQ3 QUALITY DESIGNS SUPREME X f GZ? Cgczzaicl mvoagme pazgvow Lsapapyzszow O X N FPQZD NJDOLPHI J gl? , -:4L ------,1AE,.A,.AA-AAEL-,,.,-A-A ALL- DAILY FREIGHT SERVICE T E L E P H o N E S: Tuscaloosa 2 040 Birmingham 3 -1391 TUSCALOOSA-BIRMINGHAM Trunks Hawzdled to Any Point in United States BoII:on's Motor Von Lines Local and Long Distance Moving SPRING - SUMMER - FALL - WINTER YOU WILL FIND SEASONABLE ITEMS ' AT POPULAR PRICES IN ALL KRESS STORES BETSY ROSS BREAD THE PI-IOTOGRAPI-IIC WORK FOR THIS ANNUAL wasdoneby JONES' STUDIO Phone 1 S7 2414 Broad Street TUscALoosA, ALABAMA YOU CAN ALWAYS GET IT AT GOLDY SIGN SI-IOP Expert Craftsmen in Sign Pr0a'u.ctio1z Telephone 643 for Representative PERSON ALI TY 9 HAI RC UTS UNIVERSITY BARBER SHOP Located on the Campus IN THE UNION BUILDING FRATERNITY COLLEGE AND CLASS JEWELRY Comvnencemerzt Amzouncements Invitations and Diplomas Stationer to the Senior Class of U. of A. L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY Manufacturing jewelers and Stationers ATTLEBORO, MASS. REPRESENTED BY E. G. FITZGERALD Box 1072 Birmingham, Ala. ::::::.- : .- L-:v-::0 .A :::::- CAPTAIN KIDD DRY CLEANERS CORRECTLY CLEANED CORRECTLY PRESSED 1316 University Ave. Phone 669 ::::,..4-::::- REX SHOE SHOP URE PHONE AFE 619 ATISFACTORY FOR ERVICE call For and Deliver We Keep the Campus on Its Feet 4-, "' Since 188 Szfnclenfs of the University of Alabcziniz Howe Found BLACH'S fin Bl1'ITliIXgl12l'l'1D A Good Place io Buy Clothes We Have Une of the Most Modern Dry Cleaning Plants in Tuscaloosa 2076 Discounzf-Cash and Carry For Quality Laundry and Dry Cleaning CALL 2202 CRYSTAL LAUNDRY, Incorporated 423-27 University Ave. It's Your Lazizirlry-Use It More MORGENTHAU'S Quality Cleaners and Dyers Since 191 3 TUSCALOOSA, ALA. Cornplirnenzfs Of BAKER'S COFFEE POT T 1.1 - Q- - - - v :::.-:, - ::::.-::::,-::::::.+:::-- - - v - - - - - v - -- - - - - v -- 4-- - - BEHIND THE PRODUCT THAT BEARS THE IMPRINT I ,, T 2 mx 3 TE ill! v " 4' ' GUIISTBEEI. 2 iii"-'- 3 fi gl Is the G7Lfl1'll7TfC'6 of fbe S0ufb's Largest I lIlI6'P6'l7!i6'I1If Sfeel Plant GULF STATES STEEL COMPANY x BIRMINGHA M, ALABAMA l Sheets Wire Rods Barbed Wfire CGalv:mizcdj Welding Rod l gots Bars Manufacturers' XVire Plates, St pl B llets Angles Wire and Rods, Galvzmiz d N Sl bs Bright Wire Fencftlrgaiglltgmcd dCCut d Bale T tr --,,, -,,,: 7 A::::T:' """' "" '7 5 STUDENTS STORE 1 USED AND NEW TEXT BOOKS l SCHOOL SUPPLIES DRUGS SODA FOUNTAIN SANDXVICHES LUNCHES BOOTHS STUDENTS STORE 4, ----- J 1-.-,..f.fvs'.'4-.',,-.f.f.,,N,N,N,q-'Qf,'.-0.-Q-,.,.,4,,:::: :: '1 ,1 :I 11 1 li 1, 0 o 5: The University of Alabama Summer School ,I 1 .I ojfers 41 1 1, D 11 Opportunity to make up back Work 1 Oppor- E1 tunity to shorten the required time for com- P . ,, pletion of regular four-year college course 1 ,I Opportunity toenrich regular four-year cur- , riculum by doing supplementary Work f ll Many elective courses not offered :E in regular session l 11 ll For urfzzlog mul 'f7fl"fl7U1' il1f01'11HlIl'i0lI call by zfbe KZLIIIIIZUI' 'E sebool ojfiee in Bibb Graves Hall or write to '1 :E r , 11 JOHN R. MCLURE, Dzrector of Su-mmer Sebool, '1 EQ University, Alabama '1 II lLfN'N -"" :::: v- "-' 'xx - T"""""""""N""""""""""A7l Vx" : :I 1: 1 P 1 I li l1 C0111 plinzemfs of 1, CHAS. TEMERSON 8: SONS .1 :1 1, 11 I 1' 11 1' 1 ,I Q1 Hides Sc'1'1lpI1'07I .g 5 B O N A A L L E N 1: 1' fIlIC0l'lI0l'fl1f'6C1l J '1 1, 11 1 I TEMERSON BUILDING li lj . 1, 1, Tanners and Manufacturers Since 1873 at 1 TUSCALQOSA, ALABAMA , Buford, Ga., U, S. A. EE l 55 e::::,,:v-: -:eh v ---- "f" - -:- -:::J cA:::: - -:x-Av , ffm fffffmfmf-e""'mmNNmv mm:memeem-fmmmxmm li ll '1 3' TRAVEL BY BUS BETWEEN 11 ,, 1 41 1, '1 11 Mobile, Tzzsffzloosa 'I Ji FZL1'11iIfZL1'E Repairs I' r 1 , 1 2 1, l :V Q I gl? swing, Sf,6,f'1Qa ,g UPHoLsTERING, REFINISHING, ,1 olum us, Ass. , , CABINET WORK 4 COMFORTABLE iaussrgs HHi8bf'5f Quality Mzzferinls mm' W0l'kIIZllll- P ll 1 . 1 QONVENIENT sc1H mu Liis " jr 517117 GWl"f"1ff'i'ffv 4 1, 1 1 '1 1' 11 1: 2208 7th Street Phone 645 EI if I, Tuscaloosa, Alabama ' 1 41 ' '1 c if J --- ........ v--'v-"--.,- --- ,,,, 'iv' - --A-A ff ff ff JACK CD' HEARTS Your friend for35 years D D Hardin's Bakery has served the University of Alabama and University Students With quality bakery goods for a third of a century ..... HARDINIS HAIKDINIS HARDlN,S Butler Krusl Brearl Old-Fasbiozzefl Brearl Samlwicb Bread AT HAllD1N,S l'IARDIN,S HARDIN,S Buffer Krusl Pullman Whole Wheat Bread Rye Bread HAIlDIN,S HAliDIN,S HARDINiS Presb Rolls Delicious Pies Delicious Cakex HARDIN,S Baked Dainties HARDIN' BAKERY Established 19 0 0 2 2 2 K x S I S S S 2 K u 9 s s i K 1 i s Z S i S S S 5 5 i S s x n s s s 5 5 N S S 5 L :BN """"N"'N'NN'l Tx: Hx il EE if 5 5: :E z PIPING HCT 55 WHERE ECONQMY ii fi RU l-E5 l IN TUSCALOOSA E 1 Y ....:.1::: 2 -1-... . l Rfgfffe refs l riii 2 and Samlwiebes t E 1 1 i EE 3: , ..:1 z ::.:.. z New Addition for Co-Eds F 0 G D S T 0 R E S Phone 23 88 Tenth Street 25 03 6th Street ' l II 121 3 University Ave. I Opposite Girls' Gyms 'I 1802 G1'CC1'1SbOI'0 Ave. 70 Years of progress may be called The spiriT oT The producl'-a cerTain Tineness which Tlows inTo The whole of The Thing ThaT is being made and reveals iTselT everywhere even To The minuTesT deTaiI. V The achievemenT oT qualiTy is noT alone The resulT oT an eTIorT To produce someThing beTTer. IT is raTher a combinaTion oT This desire plus The heriTage oT previous aTTempTs To reach This end. The hisTory oT Brown and iTs search Tor quaIiTy are linlced inseparably. ITs experience in The College An- nual field enables Brown To oTfer To yearbook sTaTTs a heIpTuI service and a Tiner prinTinq job. THE BROWN PRINTING CO. it IC Apznfliwew of :Ezine YJEIZZADDAA D DD MONTGOMERY + ALABAMA M I - K w ....,...... -f, , -5'--'-"f:"f-' if af-fr f v......--,4- ...,.,, ,...., ..,, -..,,.,. ,-,-Q .L ....,,. ,.,., ...,,,,W, ., ,.,, , , ,..,.,..... 1.. -, , ,. Q., .,.z.. ........,:.: . ..7., . .E,..:,..T:,. .,,W,, ,E f Q V V I 1 1 -.,..,,,, Q ,, ,. .... ?..,:Q'. -.,. , ...,,....,. ., , , ....,-... M. ...- W... -

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