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' im , y % % % I H M .• ' ' ' 1 4 The fortieth volume of the year book published by the students of the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa. Alabama DEDICATION Dr. Charles Heyward Barnwell Who for more than three decades has been an un- selfish source of stimula- tion to the University ' s growth in intellectual grace and scholarly dignity the Fortieth Volume of THE COROLLA is Dedicated Dr. Charles Heuward Barnwell To tell in picture and story the events of the present year, and yet in the telling to portray that indefinable tradition that is a heritage of the past .... To show the real university in all of its widespread activi- ties, and, yet to suggest in some small measure that profound influence which it ever exerts on the lives of all of its stu- dents — has been the pur- pose of this the fortieth volume of the Corolla. 3 JUST as the strugsling days of the early uni- versity gave not the shght- est indication of the great achievements and the consistent progress of the past one-hundred years, so in turn as we begin another century In the life of the univer- sity, who can foretell the splendid deeds or attempt to measure the ever-broadening field of usefulness that will be the heritage of the next one hundred years? ' ■op iecYofthefu ' .vsmmKfffrJ CONTENTS Introductori: fldministration The Classes 1 litary flthletics Features Men ' s Organizations Women ' s Organizations Advertisements IN step with the trend of the modern spirit, the picturesque of the old fades into the mas- nificence of the new — and, yet these buildings, splendid though they be, can serve only as a temple to house the living spirit of Alabama, which has nurtured so many deeds of achievements and has cherished the highest ideals of honor, duty and sacrifice. The Gumnasium le Libraru W Chemistru Building Commerce Buildinq Alabama Union Buildinq ■ ' !??:S 4 ' fri1r -..,. ■ !i S ft 3 ' a ;f v . ■5 -. ' ' " ' - iV, t i First ro u;, back: Rogers, Ferguson Second rcnu: McCorvev, Stein ' Er, Foster, Brown Third rovs: Herzberg, Dr. Denny, Pratt, Carmichael, Dixon His Excellency, B. M. Miller Governor of Alabama, President, ex-officio A. F. Harmon State Superintende nt of Education, ex-officio Congressional District— Time Expires First District — Gessxer T. McCorvey, Mobile 193 1 Second District— Robert E. Steiner, Jr., Montgomery 1935 Third District — Charles S. McDowell, Jr., Eufaula 1939 Fourth District — J. Kelly Dl ox, Talladega 193 1 Fifth District — Daniel Pratt, Prattville 1935 Sixth District — John A. Rogers, Ciainesville 1931 Henry B. Foster, Tuscaloosa 1932 Seventh District — Louis L. Herzberg, Gadsden 1935 Eighth District — Archibald H. Carmicael, Tuscumbia 1939 Ninth District — Hill Ferguson, Birmingham 1935 Tenth District — L. B. MusGROVE, (Deceased) 1929 Robinson Brown, Secretary and Commissioner of University Lands Shaler C. Houser, Treasurer Messrs. Foster, Pratt, Ferguson, Executive Committee of the Board PAGE twenty-five His Excellency, Benjamin Meek Miller Governor of Alabama, Class of 1888 Among the outstanding personages of the State of Alabama, Governor Miller is eminent. Through years of w ell performed public service he has won the confidence and pro- found respect of the people of the South, hie has already proved his competency by solving wisely and carefully the various problems of Alabama during trying and difficult times. The students of today can do well to emulate the example set by this famous alumnus. PAGE TWENTY-SIX t i- Dr. George H. Denny A.B., A.M., Ph.D., LL.D., D.C.L President of the University of Aldbama It Is under the guiding hand and the wise leadership of Dr. George H. Denny that the University has grown to its present enviable position. Beloved and admired by hosts of friends through- out the South, the president has devoted many years to the promotion and advancement of the University. With his admirable personality and his infallible wisdom, he has served this institu- tion, and spurred it on to even greater heights and fields of conquest. Only gratitude and appreciation can be felt in th e heart of each Alabama student. PAGE TWENTY-SEVEN SCHOOL OF LAW The School of Law is a division of which the university may be justly proud. It was organized in 1871. Since that time a great many changes have taken place in the method of study. Today a student must learn, not only the accumulating knowledge of technicalities, but the knowledge of seeing law in its true perspective. In 1927, Farrah Hall was erected. This impressive building is a dedication to Dean Albert J. Farrah. It is he, an outstanding figure in this school for the past eighteen years, who has so capably planned and guided the steps toward and advance- ment. At the present, this school, so comfortably housed, with its excellent equipment, faculty, and working library, and with its membership in the Association of American Law Schools, is rapidly becoming one of the outstanding law schools in the south. COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES The College of Arts and Sciences may be considered the foundation of the university. It was this division to which the university was confined exclusively for about three-fourths of its history. From this department gradually evolved the other pro- fessional schools. Since the organization of this division in 1831, its chief purpose and objective has been to further the study of the humanistic arts and sciences. This school is now placed at the head of all the other Alabama institutions, and has been given a nationally high rating. Dr. Charles H. Barnwell, the dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, has devoted many years and a great deal of effort toward raising this department to its present high standing. To him is due a great deal of credit for its wide expansion and growth. Dean Barnwell SCHOOL OF MEDICINE The School of Medicine is the only historic profession for which complete education is not now offered at Alabama. At present this school offers only two years of training in the medical field. The enrollment is limited, and the matriculants are care- fully selected in respect to their character, general fitness, and scholarship. Dr. Stuart Graves, dean, is largely responsible for the proposed plan of a four-year school. However, until such a plan is completed, all efforts are being exerted toward perfecting the present school to conform with the highest standards. PAGE TWENTY-EIGHT The Graduate School, comparatively new on this campus, was created with the expansion of the university. In 1925 the first students were enrolled. This division was established to enable students to do advanced study in special fields of interest. The principal objective is to encourage the spirit of investigation and the development of the power of independent research. It has, at present, an excellent staff of instructors, a library, and adequate class room, and laboratory equipment. Dean A. B. Moore is to be congratulated on so capably guiding the organization and growth of this division. SUMMER SCHOOL The Summer School of the University of Alabama was first established in 1903. Its original purpose was only concerned with offering teachers further instruction in public school studies and other work to increase the efficiency of the educators of the state. It has gradually expanded, however, until at the present time it affords instruction in the majority of the schools and colleges of the university during the summer months. The various courses offered present an opportunity to students to obtain Bachelors ' and Masters ' degrees. The Summer School is an integral part of the regular session — the same atmosphere and spirit are predominant. COLLEGE OF EDUCATION The present College of Education is the response of the university to the ever growing demand for professionally trained teachers in the schools of Alabama. This college, comparatively new on the university campus, took the place of the School of Education in 1928. The beautiful building. Graves Hall, repre- sents the culmination of years of persistent effort and steadfast- ness, in the policy of the university. Since elementary education is basic to all further training and development, it is obvious that teachers should be thoroughly and adequately prepared for so important a phase of educational service. This college offers degrees of Bachelor of Artj in Edu- cation, Bachelor of Science in Education, and Master of Arts. One cannot mention this school without paying just tribute to Dean James J. Doster. It is he, who has unselfishly and wisely conducted the steps toward steadily increasing and improving this school in its every phase. SCHOOL OF COMMERCE The School of Commerce, although one of the youngest schools in its field, on this campus, has rapidly risen to an outstanding position among the professional schools, in enrollment. In the past decade this school has acquired a place of recognition, through the growth of its physical equipment, the expansion of its faculty, and its attainment to membership in the American Association of Collegiate Schools of Bu iness. In an amazingly short time it has prepared itself to offer the advantages of the nationally recognized schools of greater age. After ten years of constant striving to broaden the scope of training which it could offer its students, it is today able to extend a four-year course in business and cultural subjects, leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Commerce. This school now stands in a position which enables it to offer its students adequate instruction in preparation for the business world. Dean Bidgood COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING The College of Engineering, with its home in Comer Hall was one of the first colleges to become established at the university, and one of the earliest engineering schools in the country. It has shown rapid growth in recent years until now it holds a major position on the campus, both in enrollment and equipment. It is well prepared for instruction, having a corps of well-trained and experienced teachers, a large body of enthusiastic students, and a fine scholastic reputation. Dr. George J. Davis, the dean of this department, is a man very capable of his high position. His vast experience, both prac- tical and applied, makes him very interesting to his many students. KS- SCHOOL OF Dean Davis CHEMISTRY The School of Chemistry is one of the very youngest of the schools and colleges on this campus. This school was originally intended for the exclusive study of chemistry, and it was not until the mineral wealth of the state became apparent that metal- lurgy was developed. Today, ceramics is also a department in this division, with facilities for granting a specialized degree. Dr. Stewart J. Lloyd became the head of this school in 1911. Its present influential position is the result of his untiring efforts to advance the cause of chemistry. This advancement has not only been felt by the university but by the entire state as well. Dean Lloyd UNIVERSITY EXTENSION DIVISION The University Extension Service has, through more than a decade, gradually developed from a very modest beginning to a most important agency of education in the state. Among its services the extension division offers assistance in lectures and special courses, programs for women ' s clubs and parent-teacher ' s associations, special aid to high schools through the organization of a state debating league and the stimulation of better high school journalistic endeavors. In addition to these, an important service has been rendered through the development of a cor- respondence school. At the present. Dr. R. E. Tidwell is the head of this division. Dr. R. E. Tidwell Director PAGE THIRTY OFFICE OF THE TREASURER One of the major offices of the administrative staff of the University of Alabama is that of the treasurer. This position is adequately filled by Professor Shaler C. Houser. It is he, who competently and efficiently administers the finances. To him also is given the credit for the receiving and competently disbursing all monies. Great tribute should be paid Professor Houser for assisting so capably in the growth and progress of the university. EXECUTIVE SECRETARY The position of executive secretary of the university is one to which a great deal of responsibility is attached. Mr. Ralph E. Adams holds this important office. Primary in his duties is the registration of students. In addition to this is the service rendered the various committees. He is a member of the Athletic Com- mittee, the Social Committee, and many others. Due to his excellent ability and unusual efficiency, Mr. Adams has become an outstanding figure on the university campus. DEAN OF WOMEN The co-educational department of the University of Alabama is one which has experienced unusual growth and advancement. Until thirty-eight years ago, Alabama was a university exclusively for men. Since that time, women have not only bee n admitted, but progressed tremendously in scholarship and leadership. This fact is due, to a great extent, to the work of Dean Agnes Ellen Harris. Since the beginning of her affiliation with the university some four years ago, the enrollment of women students has increased and the organizations for women students have become varied and more prominent. Mortar Board, Alpha Lambda Delta, Delta Pi, and Zeta Phi Eta have all keenly felt her influence. PAGE THIRTY-ONE DEAN OF MEN It was not until 1928 that the long-felt need for a Dean of Men was satisfied. At that time Dean Dabney S. Lancaster ac- cepted the position. It is he who is the advisor of all the men students of the university. He carefully and wisely looks after the interests of the men, as well as being in charge of the enforce- ment of university regulations. Dean Lancaster, in addition to these duties, is Chairman of the Committee on Student Organ- izations and Social Acti vities, and of the Committee on Student Publications. ALMA MATER Alabama, listen Mother, To our vows of love; To thyself and to each other Faithful friends we ' ll prove. CHORUS Faithful, loyal, firm and true. Heart bound to heart will beat. Year by year the ages through. Until in heaven we meet. College days are swiftly fleeting. Soon we ' ll leave thy halls. Ne ' er to join another meeting ' Neath thy hallowed walls. ft So farewell, dear Alma Mater; May thy name, we pray. Be reverenced ever pure and stainless. As it is today. HELEN VICKERS, Class 1908 THE SPIRIT of ALABAMA BflMfl S CENTENNmL l T the conclusion of the centennial pageant celebrat- I y i ing the history of the University of Alabama, I President George H. Denny spoke as foll ows: " To all who love the University of Alabama and are striv- ing to keep its commandments, this is a day of memories. It is a day of prophecy. It is a day of renewing our vows. " The scene was Denny Stadium. Hushed with an attention which had approached reverence as the magnificent pageant had delineated, scene by scene, the long path of the university, great crowds of people strained forward in awareness of the climax. From the uppermost rim of the stadium, above the highest tier of seats, great telescopes of light shot from the darkened expanses of the audience and spent their full glory upon the stage. The blazing concentration of light fell upon colors of every hue. Hundreds of students, in symbolical costumes, decked the stage as a setting for the speaker. So intensely silent, so expectant was the audience that it seemed as if the merest whisper from the stage would have carried throughout the stadium, almost without the aid of a loudspeaker. But the voice of the central figure was no whisper. Clear, resonant, and strong, his words sprang through the air from that brilliant aura of light. BflMfl ' S HISTORIC " During the last quarter of a century a new university has been developed from the old. While clinging to the ancient ideals, it has cherished a new hope. ... It has taken its place as a university of the people, by the people and for the people, which is the proper role of a university in a democratic society. " Miss Janine Miller, as " the Spirit of Alabama, " played the leading feminine part with marked distinction of voice and posture. Mr. Ray Westcott played the principal male role. Among the massed scenes which proved most effective were After Governor B. M. Miller, with President Denny and the Hon- orary Cadet Colonel beside him, had addressed the R. O. T. C. unit, barbecue was served ;ENTENNmL « « « the burial ceremony of the mound builders and the spirited English folk dances. Lighting, costuming, and rhythmic effects of these two performances were memorable. Under the general direction of Mr. Theodore Viehman, the centennial pageant successfully presented the history of the university. Since the university ' s career has had numerous points of contact with the general development of the state, the scope and artistic brilliance of the pageant were of con- siderable significance and permanent importance. Costumers took advantage of the opportunities for striking colors and designs in the representation of Spanish adventurers, early Indians, colonial scenes, and the many symbolical figures. Among the most interesting of the symbolical char- acters were those representing The Corolla, The Crimson- White, the Summer School, and student dramatics. Humor was introduced into the pageant when early students were shown arriving in ox-drawn covered wagons or paying their tuition fees with livestock instead of money. One of the most dramatic episodes was the fight between the Spaniards and the Indians. During the afternoon before the pageant, Claude G. Bowers delivered the centennial address before a huge and enthusiastic audience in the stadium. With the tone and man- ner which has struck the keynote at national gatherings of the Democratic Party, Mr. Bowers spoke of the heritage and obligations of the South. After reviewing the successive administrations of the uni- versity, Mr. Bowers declared: " I wonder if the people of Alabama have a proper appreciation of the significance of this university. The institutions of no country in the world are as dependent upon education as our own. . . . Not only the culture, but the civilization of a people can be measured by the «?-. It tiA iMtimMUUti Eloquent Claude G. Bowers delivered the Centennial address W f An important central character among the picturesque Indian figures was Chief Tuskaloosa in war paint When the first students came to the University, they sometimes paid tuition in livestock Remarkable for costuming and rhythm, the English folk dances were a striking feature of the pageant position they assign to the teacher in their scheme of organized so- ciety. " The Rev. Dr. George W. Truett, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Dallas, delivered the baccalaure- ate sermon in the stadium on Sun- day evening. His subject was " The Making of a Life. " Governor B. M. Miller reviewed the R. O. T. C. units and also de- livered the commencement address. A greatly enjoyed feature of the celebration was an enormous barbe- cue spread under the campus oaks at the conclusion of the military re- view. The unveiling of a bronze bust of President Denny in the Union Building, as a tribute of the stu- Corered wagons drawn by oxen brought many early searchers for knowledge to the University of Ala- bama Dean Dabney S. Lancaster directed the Centennial Celebration To the beating of a tom-tom, hundreds of dusky savage aborigines danced their burial ceremony at the break of dawn dents, and the presentation of a handsome portrait of Miss JuUa Tutwiler were other important cere- monies. Fraternity and sorority homes were decorated in such a way as to suggest various episodes in the university ' s history. Dean Dabney S. Lancaster was general chairman of the committee in charge of the centennial celebra- tion. He was assisted by a large group of faculty members and stu- dents. Weather for the occasion was ideal. At the open-air reception at the home of President Denny, it was said the roses in Mr. Denny ' s garden had never been as beautiful as in the university ' s hundredth year. After a fierce battle, Spaniards in armor made a treaty with native In- dian warriors in war regalia This smiling Indian maid was born a century too early to be a co-ed ' ' mm ' •ma K. k- ' ' • w q — 1 1- •■«y I KB B K3k ' " ' - S wx pVI 1 Si ill.. k ...11 ,. ' ;»«, " A fv IT IL O ' i SH Hh. Safciiiair] ' ' M " risS! ci ' m -mM H mmEijr £ RHH B- §S k ' B . Lawns of fraternity and sorority houses were gaily decorated with scenes representing historical episodes of the Old South Bleachers at football games would have looked this way if early Spanish invaders had attended the Capstone Among numerous prominent visitors attending the Centen- nial Celebration was Senator John H. Bankhead A bronze bust of President George H. Denny was placed in the Alabama Union lobby by appreciative students This quartet of husky Indian chief- tains may have been the original backfield of the mighty Crimson Tide Summer School and the Blcckfriars were repre- sented in the final tableau These are only three of the colorful Indian girls who appeared in the opening scenes of the pageant Frills and furbelows decorated graceful belles and beaux of the glamorous days of chivalry before the War Between the States The Crimson-White and The Corolla, student publications, were represented in the final tab- leau by these symbolical figures OFFICERS Graduate School Class President William Davis Vice-President Phillip Mason Secretary-Treasurer Elizabeth Rose Senior Class College of Arts and Sciences President Tommie Cook Vice-President Charles Cunningham Secretary-Treasurer Jack Scheuer School of Commerce President Mack Jolly Vice-President Emory Smith Secretary-Treasurer Ewell Owens Historian Paul Caldwell Prophet Harry Hewitt Permanent Secretary Langston Hawley College of Education President Hugh Mooney Vice-President Charlie Kendig Secretary William Moulder Treasurer Frances Greenwood College of Engineering President G. W. Taylor Vice-President E. B. Bynum Secretary-Treasurer Robert Bass School of Law President Bonneau Murray Vice-President C. B. Powell Secretary Ralph Holberg Treasurer A. P. Drummond Historian June Pickens Orator MoSE Teks Prophet James Lynch School of Home Economics President Mary Mitchell SENIORS Aru and Science , PW Alpha BP l.on.iSSc coun- LiZETTE Carter GREENVILLE EDNA JANB C0.IB.° ENSLEV j athemattcs Fellowship in Math. Pi MU EpBllon; Fell WaUAM CO.UMBUS JASPER DAVIS. JR AB Ala- s.»a - " „r%|?S ' fi; HELEN DUCKWORTH A TUSCALOOSA X,,. Phi Beta Kappa. Kappa Delta PL HENRV Zac Carter TROY MA.. Mathematics 11. Fellow- Forensic council, tei Phi MU Epsilon . °„ th. lOE S. CAt;sEY BOUGLAS, ARIZONA „ .on- Football. 2». l» Virginia E. Cooper A A n DEMOPOLIS j J., French Mabel EOITH DOL ' GHERTV BIRMINGHAM Home Economics . Doris Ewers LANDER, WYOMING Commerce Chl Theta. OYCE Garrett URIAH Margaret Gorrie MONTGOMERY -— " " 1; " " " " " " ' » ' - FaSi?;. " ' ' ' College ,J„„. « « Thomas Harris BANKS Rv Haves THOMASVILLE Jl NE HOFFSON W- RTFORD, CONN. W«s. Luca.E Thomp; W. A. ASA ONTGOMERy ■■- Fellowsh p in ■SON Hunt French. LWDSEV M. HOBBS BENNETTSVILLE, s. c. • - The Citadel. Clarence C. Hovva new market Chemistry « «WHtz. Hearo Jones TUSCALOOSA ' 30, ' 31 " William Chemistry , . Phi T e tB. •Di. Quadrangle, f ciass; Kappa DeUa J„V senior .ff-p Tdent PU JStlnf Education C.uV,.J l , „, BP Delta Kappa. 3 " . n„„. PHILIP Minor MASON A X A MARION Arts and Science „ . vice-president ot Gradu- Phi Alpha Delta j g j „„i. LuciLE Noble MusTiN K A TUSCALOOSA jirts and Science volla " Sia " ' - ' Board. 1 Adra Pickens MOBILE MJ; English Phi Beta Kappa. L.)CILLE RHODES UN DEN English E,„.0. PBA.SON S.»-» M BIRMINGHAM ' Sigma Kappa-. Beta r ita PW. Sigma Sign ,.ji. Chi DeltapjJ-j ' ' jjeta; A.B.. " TT ..irFS WlLLlNGHAM Sara FR j, florence o .a- Delta PM M-., ' =A " si-rCo " medy omega, „ Tornroer f ' ? " Rammer- J ami " Stella Thelma Rbntz SWEET WATER Irts and Science Kappa Delta Pi- T,.vrP StURUIVANT Katherine Joyce s jennings, la. English women ' s Council. T LOIS Templeton FAYETTEVILLE, TENN. MJ; English JERSEV C;7T, N j WONTGOMERy ' " • ' •EV HEAD Soabbarrt ' " ' " merce ' " " a De,?a S. ' C,; ■■bof ' „i,fSPta,n " ' " • R Waso . ,,, MARSHVII,,.R, p PreaM- .«. V ' S «- " -a He,,,,. p,„ Psi Chi- Lo PmSBORCH, PA. • Education au,t a ' ' - CIul,; ' " WCMI.OOSA ■---a. rr ' ' " ' ' ' ' ' ackfr,ar«. Tr» ' ■ • ' " . Transfer pi , ' " ' I- ' oH,ia state CoM SENIOR CLASS " ; Ed " ' ' " ' on Club ■■ Spanish cms Stewart L 4, P " ' Chl. ' ' " " " a Doita P,- f ' ' " ' " ' " ' " « ' .?» ' Chi- 01 " on Cub ' " " Club; Educa. Al-tiE Af_ ■ ' V Rj;y CARDENAS, CUBA PH Arms SPRU ' GFIELD, Education Education ciub- =. ' Spanish ciub Mo. Ro ' c I Omeg DO.0.HV LVN,X.» A«.- BIRMINGHAM Education ■ Y. W. C. A. Caroline Hunt Club- ■ i SAM H. CATKINS MONTVALE. N. J- Kappa aanin.aBena-,N.- BIRMINGHAM • - ■£ ••B» l i Vomen•B Pa -«fie„t P pV;-P?fe„enlc RUTH AtUNE BA-D TUSCALOOSA CaroUne Hunt Clu». CA.L LBON BAKKBK BIRMINGHAM .auBetaP -,rrc r ' ' SOUTH MANCHESTER, Ci-vil Engineering A .S. C. E. William Austin nKA KIRKWOOD, MO. A.B. Hdlt Baird COLUMBUS, GA. A.B. Key Ice. William Alton Barn ETT ROGERSVILLE LaiD ,jj. A.TON JAMBS BARNHILL STELLA, N. -• A.B. Caralisa Barrv K A BILOXl. MISS. Coun A.B. m; Won en ' .p- " -aK Counsellor c. A.; SAMUEL S. BARTON GARV, IND. Lambda Eps " J.M.S Au«» " " •■ LIVINGSTON Commerce „u,- " Corolla " Start, Druids; GreeUs, • , iS A Q TUSCALOOSA B ' ackfrfars. u«i- Kenneth Rpx TUSCALOOSA Druids- p - " " Wfrff friars ' ■oo . ' ■ ' ' dent Dn,,- - Cabinet, ' 30 -si. °°- mAN Berrv A 4 II BIRMINGHAIH Dell " Phi Mu; Tra " ' " " •■ " ° ar , Cone ematics. Virginia Bostick 2 K BIRMINGHAM Margaret Boutwell greenville Chi Delta P, ' ' " " " ' ' ' ' ur„„ ; " ' ' e; Girls, c F »nmittee- " ' ' ' etary Garland Ewarh Rb Co. " itnerce " ' ■ Assistant Pln;.„J " o " a- reau. " aconient Bu- Charles C. Bender BROOKLYN, N. y. Commerce ' ■ ' = ' 1 Club. WZLL -- J-ouEs Ben. MOBILE ' ' «- ' V. Engineering - I- E. E. ETT Rex: Commerce „ Guy L. Bond =ELL,NCHAM, WASH. E iucation MERIDIAN, MISS. • ' - Commerce Howard K. Brakee eld CARBON HILL " ..ior pacuit.; j:: " Wa " ER Bronstejn i ' ONKERS, N. y. .5. Olnev Broun MISS. BROOKSVIU.E, Chemical tny EUNICE BRU ° A A ' MOBILE Education Education „ . c. ,.rt- pvesiflent -V ' orary Counc , 29 ' , 31., Freshman cab net, 29. ,y. Counc.l, SO.g, Y. W. C-cabin ' rS 30. 31. , in« ' ' .frv Y. W. " . .letary Educa " , . •30, S " ' CHARLES tLME NEWARK, N- J- cicma; i ' . , MERRILL BUSBV. • O- M OO CROSS ROAOS Theta Kappa P= ' - E. BRUCE BVNUM 2 $ E CAMP H " - Electrical tny . i. B. »-•; .auBetaPU-llSS SBca ?heta Tau Seco committoe % ' fecers ' lES Calabrese " Edward St. 1 BAVosus, N- 3- spirit committee. ,T.T VI Card TUSCALOOSA Arts and Science K VPO- DOROTHY BROWN CHATIAKOOGA.TENN- cniOeitaPJ -.,3-rTnPorFacuUV. Victor 3«« ;:;;;;coMERv BUFFINGTON BetaPhi. S ' S ' " - Delta Kappa. LaRetta burns Education Kappa , : . - ' V Her- fiS linTvhUe ; ;f ., |ecretarj P-,. i Bomance l-anBer-Jammer . JOE G.ADS-N ' . BURNS A A PEACHLAND, N. ■ Arts and Science _ Alpha Mu; P- i?;e " .Ulnt7p« t;a« SS r ident Excel .jignt unu pcbating ,31. •29-. T, ; " ' rntev-CoUeg-ate j, ' " mit- ■29. " iv Jammer. • ' ' ;• Education .j . ••Bammer-Jai commons., j£ zs. tee-. H " " ••C? ' " ' " ' V,V. ' 29. ' 30. ■:9, " . ..Corona. Kryson Byrne David i -lUSCALOOSA • „l Fducation Vocational tai icma; Education iota l-amvxia S,.m. ADAMSVILLE Commerce _ „ iiViard and B ' a ' n,ercc ,2»., ■•corolla. " 30 ' „„ege of Bd = q. T. C. cers t " " ' IVEY CaRR RAWER A.n- n K SLOCOMB Greeks. ■ ° Alpha Mu S. Cavsev " O CLAS, ARIZONA TUSCALOOSA ' " 1 Beta Phi, •si ' " ' " ' ' 29: ELIZABETH DoKOHO r ««.-.a.Z3„a,.,i.7 ' " ' ' ' • O ela ' ta Pi; p,, ,. - RK Betty Cl A j ' ' AVSlO.v, ILL Co ntnerce ' acicfriars Fr " ■ " KSDALH, M,SS. Education E ■■t- ' ' ims„n.vvj,(,g... .. itamni,.,-.ja • " ' ■oila-. », V ' -N-HOOO CO.UER ' ■CJSCALOOSA SENIOR CLASS - -- «---0. C.RV SAVANNAH ' ' y ' ical Educan„„ • ' " ' " " ■■ Pa.ulty. JOHN Kenttom r-, W ' .UMn,A, Miss. rau K.,, ' ' ' ' ' -Medical au Ka„, a Alpha- T,. ' " a, iran.sfe»- r,. ' " fom Vanrierhi,,. MON. nFA " tr Phi Eu ., ' ' ' ' ' " " ' ' ■ ' ' " e •31: •r ' ;.f ' fn a; ■.r,„„ , felio; ' = i»|on7 Vh ' i?eT ' ;S-Ja ' " mer,.. ■ --.a,? ' ;?i-;:„ ll . ' m.e..c .■29. ' 30, ■32.- Cap, " a,« ' ' " oeyr ' 7... " KOOKLYN, N. V CoNvvAv A. Cobb ASHVII.i.E " " iinerce I ' a " " B ' RMJNCllAM Com mere,- A ' pha Delta «,• «v Comer ANNISTON Onie,.a. p,. . " " ' ' " ' " l a M.TT.E LANE CONDON opeuka A.B. Y. W. A- . T n7lFR CONIWN Minnie Lozh OPEUKA A.B. ■w. c. A-; y. W. A. ROBERT C. CONE CHICAGO, ILL. ..oshman Tennl. Team. - • ,,,IVEV CO..ON COLUMBUS, GA. „ ,31. •■CrimBon-Wh ' ,- =»• W.EUAM T R. COX A X A ELIZABETH, N. J- Muua BpsUon Delta. PVn B as U Sub-: BlacKf-a.B ,, Team. Vness Man- ager University S m} I.- " -- ' ' K -iH " ' ' " ° " ' MOBILE rts and Science A. v W. C. A. Moi-ar Board, Y. FANNIE BESS CROW A i O DECATUR A.B. , ,. Howard College. Transfer, How . tr Prume, Ji - BARDSTOWN, KY. A.B. GveeUs; Pre-Med ' .cal. W. C. THOMAS LANNO CoOK A K- K MOBILE ' ' .. Phi- J " " ' " ' Tau- Kappa Beta P ' ager tarV-Treasur«;i?!4-; Sf r At Second Bat- fr f s-. ' caP-ln Ad --. FF COWMEADOW AUSTIN LEE O NEW CASTLt, Phi Sigma Delta. 3„„„ F.- K C..CO IRVINGT0J4, N. J. A.B. „,. ..nammer-Jammer. i .Corolla. ' D, JR- DAVir, W. Crosean MONTGOMERY harm „ „ Frances Crow Margaret IRAN DECATUR A.B. Transfer, Howard college. GORDON A.OE- C.MBAA GIRARD J ,U and science T ' =an ' Team, }- f.?±- •■Crimson-wn Boxing %,,.icer3 ' C ' " " ,; ...i. ?°lt ' . ' .l[.Vmmer-Jammer, ■Cr, Charles Albert Crvx, MOBILE • B. School. Jewel Map n PANAMA CITV, FLA. Pi- ..p ' ' ' ' " " " i Science Frank Bertwe D ,,. " • PAUL, Mmv. ' ' ■ and Science vnv S. Davidson il K TUSCALOOSA ' ' ' 8 Club • " o ,„ ' " t L ' eutl a„. .. S ' i; bba.d an, bh. crlmson-Whito, " .j e Harold A D,.,.. --cT-clul : " " " - ' - Co„. Albert F. DpF,, B ' RMLVGHAM Soahh .. (Commerce ■3o ' " ' L ' ' " nd Blade- -o,., Offlc Council ' ' ' ■ ' Pan u ' , ' ' 29. Hellenic Mic HAEL Rocco Del C JERSEV CTV, . j ' - ' ' O ■■Crimson-vvhite ■ ' ' e-Medical ModlcVi c ' PuT " ' ' - " ■ " •• Pi-o- SENIOR CLASS James G r,, GROVE HILL Conttnerce Delta Sigma PL -«-«- TVLER Daffron Holt B.S. V ' LLIAM RusSFir J- Prp,iH Commerce " " " ' " ' ™ ' - Alpha P3,. • " mn ' ercc Club. " - vceHenrvDavis JASPER Commerce OLA Inez Deal SAMAjfTHA Education Kappa Delta P,-, " " " " " ' - r ° " - WONTCLAIR, N. J Pi,iEtas-.!f ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' " ' » ' ' -- ' V ' ' ■ema; Tau Beta P. A- S. a ' E ' ■■ ' = ' " Beta Phl- Edg « deMontllz, 4 T 4 ' J ' ' «« ' ORLEANS, LA. MlNNlE Edgar Cleveland Dobb Education (lent » Footliall. ' ■ ' ■ %7-.rsltV ' " " „ .oft mittee, ■!»■ niiseball. 2», Biiseb; T. KCES MlUm™ DOLLAR Frances .vi MONROE, 1 A. .LUAM FRANKLIN ,, DRL ' MMOND BONIFA ' AM- M, ha EpBilo:. Del. a ., Ann Edgkll LOVELYN ANN TUSCALOOSA. Education „ r VnW ' ARDS Kermit C. luw BIRMINGHAM Wilkinson Dewberrv James ViLKi BIRMINGHAM „ K ■ Alpl a- Kappa l " ! ;,homore • ' - ' ' " onnS- T im; J ' ' ; ?. " ' Associate Busi- •30, -SI; ' commmee, .» .•,„„, ■29, ' 30. " ■ Executive Com officers CluD . _ council, 31 . geabtoard ana d JAMES JOSEPH DIPIAX-A J A NEWARK, N. J- IrU and Science CuEFORD Earl Dodge AS TUSCALOOSA " " " " ' " " cu.b- •Cri-o- Bana. -,-le: : b,=c --- PrMRS DRLMMOND Addison Peairs i BONIFAY, VLA. " ■ . Hono.- . AA Ebersole William IVi- ' - " TUSCALOOSA C,.,„ic. " ' Xlical Bn.i- Metal.ursicaL and . MiniPB necrs „ V FdWARDS, JR- Crawford E. L xv BIRMIN ' G " ' ' Meyer Ehruch BROOKLYN, N. Y. A.B. " WinKed Me , Business Manase,- NVt " ji ssistant Busu ganger. EVERGREEN Commerce BIRMINGHAM Alpha K»„ ' " « ' « ' -f s. Jr. " ■ " •-■-«- »X ' ,r .ie Tt SCALOOSA Education P=l Chl. Davju H 4Rnr „ t 2 4 ' « BROOKLYN, N. y. " ' " - Jlt , -- see.,. Stiff ' - ' llF " ' " " . 3 ' o ' ' ' ?rV, Executive o re-Law Club ••■ " ' ' • BIRMINGHAM Ma « ' CH Charles v.. £■«, ' 9 ' neering Omar Truett Faucbtt NORlHPORi- Commerce S ' abl.a.d and Blade Salv. ATORE Char I PC p ' " ' ■ -Medical Pre-Medical Club. " ' " ■■ " B ' neWHar. vTl - -i-OTH CLINTON, N. emical En. ' atneering . -Jnior A- s. M. e; " " " j-; a. s. ' " ' Blade •• T , Robert r r- . ORIHPORT Commerce ' " " ' ard and Blade. Irene Feagw K UNION SPRINGS A.B. " ■ • nub Phi Alpha Den|;.J- BlaeKmar., P n scabbard and B} council, 29- HARTFORD, CONN- Mining. Metallurgical, an ROBB.T HAK0.0 F.HM.NG pENSACOLA, TLA. , B E ■. Executive and Hon_ Theta Tau- A l fesident Th Jc Council; r ? " JSrit committee- Fo re. 00 - ' Sorl ' Wc; ;a v;ir ' ?s-..Vresnman 1_ M _ rCa W.UAMGEO.CKFOKSV.H BIRMINGHAM ORANGE, N. J. ■ - ; Arts and Science Pre-Medlcal Club. Lillian MAPLESVll-LE Tacob Frederick Thomas Jacob i COVINGTON, LA. EUZABETH FRANCEZ AAA CROWLEY, LA. Education Commerce »,„,wman C1U " ._Y. -T. Scabba Club ■■a = 1 -itr, captain Co ' n e. ■infantry. Trans, er, Tul B„,B.T GOO...O F.B.CK FLUSHING, MICH. A.B. ■1 ' 11 ' 32- Pan-Hellenic Council, H ' -GH CHALMERS CACHET ,v LAWRENCE FRYE Anthonv Law SHARPSVILLE, PA- A.B. -Corolla " Staff- LODl, N. J- C- ' " f : " " „cers. .Club-, a r E-. S. A. M,„ ' Engineers. 31. - c ap?ain ' ' company E , CLIO Delta, ; «r ' 2e, -2V.-«- ROBERT GARNER WEST POINT, MISS. Commerce t.As Coma r „ GROVE HILL Treasurer V ' nn ' o}r; il ' ' -Pn- i iZi E , - " « P - shm Decla " , ' " ? Team. ? ' - ' n«lc VORK Phi Chi. B RNEy Gere „ Ben SYRACUSE, K. y .B. ' Juta;;? " .5;? Blade; Offlee . " ■ " ••e!S?erSe ' =e-ar5-,- " « H.MaroK Goow. StLMA Commerce Nath ' JEL r r ' ,,„ r j Rammer- r»i ' ' ' ' 29 ' n . Commlu5 " ; r.- ■29, " !30 ' • " " a f« CEs A. Green wooo TUSCALOOSA P« ' Chi- V. ' ' " " " ion M SytX: ' Boa., ,3,, . • Girls ' H„ ' easurpr C ' STE Gresh M K 4 ' ANDALUSIA SENIOH CLASS CULLMAN NORTHPORT A.B. ,30 ,32- Zcta PhViS ' AlP LYUA Mae Ha i BERRV A.B. RlJBYE Hall BERRV Robert Cole REFORM Hanson Electrical Enpneenng Varl Harper ROBERT EARL EW ORLEANS, LA. Arts and Science " " . Key CIUD, " - BARTON LVONS HARR. BIRMINGHAM Chemical £ ' ' ' " ' ' 21. G,ee.«-. %! ' sl " cond ' Weutena.U.O- Jessie Evelyn Gum GUIN ' ' " " T P. Education 0,ee Oub; KaPPa eUa Pu MARGARET HUOSON MERIDIAN, MISS. Hall Education MiNA Hall e T TUSCALOOSA ' ' " il Bona pv.. •!-. - ■■. rrimson-White-; AsB,stan Elizabeth LomsE Hansforu Z T A ALTHA, FLA. Uo ne Economics luNE Haralson -• Z T A FORT PAYNE A.B. women ' s CouncU. VV.u», W_..J» H»« ' GADSDEN Mining. ' »li. ' necrs ' Liuo. DAN BLAKE HARRIS A A " MUNFORD , f,,ub- ••Corolla, •29; Phi Cl l;.P;:- ' -.wh-lte, I il L NGSTON T U B ' RMmCHAM J hl Eta Si, " " " nerce Rob ERT Ear I u y t- Hereford Phi ' a Sigma Quad " ■angle vvxTT Hester BELCREEN ' - -™ ' r ' " - ' - Edu. ■ " a on Clul,. 2 K P ' nsBURCH, PA Commerce -- " 1.f- -e„i. „, „, Majo, Club; Honor Ro,j • - " ophet Officers ' ' ' ■I Eta «, " ' " merce Mobile " -l -e ' -,C, t 4 e " ' ■ ' •EV STREAM, N. V. ' ' ' ' e-Medical Varsity ciub. f Pho-Lre -; Sta 4= P ' ; Gamma si --ra- . 3ffs ; |St " E ' - Quadrangie.® ' ' = ' -«- ' ' i ' NE, 0KL4 Football; ■■A,, „, Club. ATHENS W ' NDBER, PA " ■- " ' ea, cluV ' PPa Pal; Pre- EVERGREEN (Commerce ■30. " P ' " .b.- Bask COLLINSVILLE Education SS ' , 11 -IS, •!«• „ " •(,. president Law, 1 ' Z T A PANAMA CITY, TLA. II . Education wnmen ' s Council. nenic Blaci mar . T Counseiior; Pan Earl Hummer HUNTINGTON, WD- „ » Phi; Alpha K Ta-lbVu; Var man I|Jty Basketball. i» ELIZABETH ROMMELL ICKES " VAZOO CITY, MISS. Arts and Science Glee Club. CHARLES ELLIOTT iRVmE MERIDIAN, MISS. Katherine Ivy birmingham , „,„ . women ' s Council. Y, omega; Delta Club, _ MARTIN EI3GAR HOUSTON OXFORD Chemistry founty Club; junior Alembic Club; Calhou , y_ , VvFRETT Howe Edwin EVERtu EVANSVIbLE, IND. AM. r Varl Hleer FREOERICK EARL U WILUAMSVILLE, N. Y. B.S., £« ' " " " " J ,,,., A. s. „. Kappa Gamma Delta . Phi Eta Siama. K-ai j jg„t . a. C «■• ,f-n« P. Bident S P Tcabbard and " o- t° " pa ' t ' s «°r Jes " ' ' i„S rcomm!t- SnSSi»- «- ' " • FRANK HOWARD H- B-- ARKPORT, N. Y. Eiucaiion T»si Upsllon- Reta; Kappa Psi Sigma Beta. Robert Luther Ingalls J A MONTGOMERY Commerce ..crimson-White. 28 ' Erosopbic; Exce,s,ov,, Or MELViN Israel K N TUSCALOOSA UUO Alpba Mu; BUt-ri g O " ! ■l!;.;. " denr % V -,S BeVv|tar.J V.o l ; 4 ' " 3 v " " spons Bf to rarT ' CW ' ' ' ?- ' „ ' " ' Ba- " 3ifkcSt-rlaV ' sTeXbnlca. Sta«. JAMES THE OOOREJ-- ASHFORD Laiu president ' ' iS SB Howard Col ege. , --. g Keprese..- Howard Col egt. .J tion " ( .30 " " " ' 1, ?,V BaptSt St dlfe ' ii. ' vkrVlty,!; P- ' e ' ; ' ' l " ?4cuU? ■• H° " °,!;„?S angle. C 5?SVm " S ' %ofof I V. f - ilV Debat- omathic ,Ij ' fary S " = ' e " , ' ,, - pf keant Cast; .« • ' AUBURN PliysUal Edu ' ootball, •2s. „ " ' •eshnian i. ' education man Jootban, •ag. „_ . BIKMINCHAM fchanual Fn„: Foot Char " ntnerce ' ee ciub; ci ef Club. K 2 - " " ' " SON I-VNCHBUKC, VA. Charles Roderick Jk kim. P ' -e-Medkal Phi Beta Pi. " ' " " n;k«.m j,.„„„„ worchestek, mass. Commerce Fr h Commerce Wh.. „9 ' " b.- Clrnn1L, ' an?ffer ••?.„i ' ' ;,:3. • ' SS- " A " rli Business «; ' " ■ ' . ' 29 ■•in " ri " . ' " " ' " ' " ite ' " - C rrura„ ' !f« " K ' •«« ' •!• . ' I ' Edith Am J-IA JOHNSTOIV Mobile Ome £ a ' ' «n -h Ciubtw. ' i " ' ? ' ' ' ' " Club- --RvGoo,,,, Cf MBERLANo, MD. Education roll .HV ' ' ,- Snan -s i ' ' ? !: " ) iii ' ciji ss ATLANTA, GA. Theta Kappa Psi. B ' RMLVCHAM ' ' " " ica Engi„,„in ' " ' ' Cook Jo„ sto . tuskbgee « " Kappa ,p . _ 5£i?y: ?i " ?. -..a T fix TAI-LASSEE Commerce n I — " " te7ce Staff. • ■- " Corolla ' - Alpha- Delta Officers ' Ciuu, Cy Can by Klass ROCHESTER, N- ■ " Corolla . ,„,„nt Com- ..CrimBon.-WWW- ' e,.ee Club; ' ' " " Jammer ' ' ; Comm Librarian. Clyde Kennedy 1 MOBILE A3. Y. W. C. A. Charles Clarence Kind.g K RUSSELl-VILl-E Edwin Kimbroi gh A T fl OPEUKA Arts and Science .„v- Jasons; 3i ' 32; ro°T. ' 9.f ' =f,? " tTu.?To ' ?tba.l, ' SI. Marie Koerner Z T A OAK GROVE, LA. A.B. BROOKLYN, N. Y. ing ' tneering Phi Eta Sigma, A. MARIE LO LANGAN MOBILE Education „.i. Freshman Fof .14 ' . Gamma ' ' liaseball. ' 21; Ba " " . J t nt Vi . Freshman B ' , . Class. ■».• Assist- . i ' e-preaiflent = ; Coach, 29;„, r pellow In Srs=»?yB " s ' ks3™ " ' BAY SHORE, L. L Commerce Honor Koll, " ■ Phi Eta Sigma; Honor ISADORE KUNKOWSTEIN TUSCALOOSA Commerce Fellow n ?- ' y ?i,irSii ™-eC.ul,. Sterne Prize, AlICLA. K.ULL CHICAGO. ILL. Education Pi. Psi Chi; Alpha omicron, Kappa I ;» ,Tpa Delta PLji V jf CaroUne V-?- " LWurET«catil n Cluh. JOHN MA ECOLM LaNEY BIRMINGHAM ,,,.„. £ ' ' " -;- „,„ Foot- -• ci-,j?s;; 5s ' Fri.s- , M Ren Larkins HAUGHfON BEN ELBA Masonic Club. Physical Education Wau. - I- E. " - " I Engineering -■■ " - ' ty Track; ... Albert Joseph W ' RTFORO L AVERy CON.v O- K PARK, lu.. ' ' " ' " Economics Cor ' iR ' s Lew 4 K ouilcil, ' 29. ' 30; Wome " " Council, -SI ' V. c. Dot Lewis e T JASPER Education ' ' " -Hellenic; , laokfriars. -il. iSl! ' i RUOO.PH L,PE " ' ■ Education Club- ...., " - " C„m„ ' „jA Ciub; Exccu ' ' l GUSTA, CA. Alplia l • ' • Kappa Pal. , , • " ••al Go f Ph ' " f ' " b: Winn " C hampionshi ' ' ' - Intra ss Donald I j ., BROOKLYN, N. .j. Electrical Enni ' ■ " owman ciub; a r „ ■ - I. E. E. - " ■ ' ' y Football. " ' ' encmnoLes PHILIPPINES c Jr. SE E. Lew 4 E BIRMINGHAM ' " ' • ' ar Boa V ' ' fi ' ' ' « », ,„A Club- rV, ' ? " nittee- Ulty. " . Junior Fac- DoR MOBILE c-ir,, ' ' " cation ' ' ' " ' " e Hunt Cub- Ert " " . iducati on Club. Z J E NEW OXFORD, PA. Electrical •„ • " ' E " ff " leering BREWTON, ALA. ? " ! Delta Phi- p ' " ' - " -He,le„,e ' ' {;oP ' --;.dent SKulls; Glee c, k AMELIA LYONS Af A MOBll-E omega; e " VIRGINIA MacLeod AAA MOBILE Education MOBILE " " ,,... Assocl Member i- TUSCALOOSA Margie Eleanor Mahoke luverne Home Economics Alpha Omicron. .. PI. women ' s CounmL eta „ Delta P ' ' ., . in- Pan- " ,,„ Vvil Mul Phi ta-. " " " cS o ' Jine H ur, . c ' ampu Com. Club; Se.ere president LOUIS W. MANY BAYONNE, N. J- Ckemical En.ineenns Phi Eta Sigma; A. .- JAMES MOORE MARSHA.. MARION Pre-Medical att en Maxwell Mary tuscaloosa Arts and Science „ Phi Mu; Seeretary Delt , Pi; ,Del», ' 3j? ' ' Glee Club, 28. , VI cC ARTY, JR -IX7.T Churchill IVicv. Wm. - " A T n BIRMINGHAM Commerce Arch Club. TT, , loTT Marsh VlLLlAM LLLIOl MONTVALE, N. J- Electrical Engtne Phi Eta Sigma; ering 1. E. r, FNN Marshall, JR- Kenneth Glenn birmingham Commerce Mary Joseph SALEM E McCarthy %V. A. A.. I- cation Education A . sranlBh Club; Edu Club. JOHN BRAXTON McClURKIN J NEENAH 4r(j and Science ' ' ' , Assistant; „ Tones; Library Ass. Transfer, Bob Jo " ,. ,,„ . " - ' ri ' W " ' ' .« ' -. James E. McCoy A A T CAYLESVILLE Chemical En. gtneering Thomas F. McDowEz.t ENSLEV ' CH SravH Mh«cbh SAV JOSE, CALIF. Education Z O J, BROOKLVN, N. y. •32; k1 c ' ;, ' ; " ' " . ' 32: -spades Club? ' hammer pHV , 6««- Lucille Mixojv W- CKLEBURC Education ' «««E F. MoHR CHICAGO, ILL. (■ ' lemical En, ff ' neeri ng ■ " ° " - r rr«- Edx " Cation y Mitchell A r A ' MONTGOMERY •■ ' and Sciences R V Chi Delta Ph- dent Om ga Ut - ' a Phi Eta- o ■• " USCALOOSA Mu. ' « ' Kho Alpha ' NNISTO - Omega; Delta Club -«-H. COR.HLM M00 . LIVINGSTON G ' eeciubp ' ' ' ' " ' " ' ' ' " ' ' - --t ? , l?.S ;!V ,.3.:Y " - , ry Treasurer Sum. er r,rBiecua-ve frr, " ' ' . ' ■32; Quad MVRA LEE MOORE clanton Education Education C .ulr. V Wii-Li ' ' PALMER MOULDER MINTER Clarke Harrison Moore S E TUSCALOOSA C " " " " ' ' " „, .,2- Presl- T ruids- BlacKfriarB ' S. •V U-Pve Wen ' ' 31, JAMES LO IS MOULDER J vilvTER ER, JR- MINTER Commerce Ainha Kappa nomics-, Jj J ' Jer-Jammer, Ruth PAt L FRANK MUNKASY PATRICIA MlRPHV e T PHENIX A.Ii. EOVVARD A. MARSH ALSTON, C ' -- " ' " f M ' a " !a Cne. e. Gamrua S. -a EP n o-J ' CHARLES F. NILES WILLARD, OHIO r J and Science Phi Beta Kappa. McLean Mullen TUPELO, MISS. Education Blacktriars. ZOLTAN A. MVNKASV BRIDGEPORT, CONN. i m s£Bh ' V BONNEAU Mv;rRay MONTGOMERV „ . Phi Tlelta Phi. Toam, if ' ' .28- Jun ' " " J „t Freshman l aw Llenre Class, ■2, " •• ' president ' ■ " f ' ent Gov- students, " ' (,iass, ' 31. 3 ' i. TULSA, OKLA. Delta PW « " ■• «• " " " RUTH E. NISKERN ST. CLOUD, MINN. Education William Noble GADSDEN hi Beta Pi- r„ . • • ' " ' " " ■ Faculty. Ewe Ba l:,1, «i " !- P: i- Haston Owen DOTH AN Co " mmerce 31, ' 32. ' senior ciasl; TEANECK, N. J. Goofs. ' ' ' NCSTON =PPa Delta P,,. y , C. A. H Ik - " ' : W. " ' " MINCHAM ' ' ■ ' a» Science J ' MEs Leon Pfd,,, " ' " MINCHAM " • Presldenl " ' " ' ■ Secretar ' y P ' -e-Medical John Albert P. •91 , • 29, ' vn , ' 30: ■.n„i5 " " Pa sf ' " ' ' ' ' 30, " ■« cmb ' " ' :? ' - ' ' John F Pp FAIRVIEW, PA. I ' c-Mcdical Kappa p„i. „ .■3,tHm.,„„,, Baaebal,,- Charue J. pg j, MOBILE Junior p " " imerce ■ ' ' ' •e•■. " ' ' sp " i• i, -r ' ■ - " b- •■ MOBILE Assistant n ' ' " CWn,so„.,vif te, ' ' « ' ?iant Tu.sin ' ; " ?.- ' 28; Band, ■i!- .2 P ' !»oma1h " " « « .- °« , - .0WOEN HOUSTON Delta friar f ' y. ' " .- " Cation aT " " ;. Council. B, , A- Kappa Delta p ' f " ' ' - 55 SENIOR CLASS F, KK ELUOT POPE 4 e A NEW YORK CITY, N. V Arts and Science president " n Europa. " CABSA.BUKKSPOXV.X. A A 1 BIRMINGHAM Taylor Powelson William 1 ' JOHNSTOWN, PA- Arts and Science .„„. i-v,emU-al. M«a -.»-■;:.«..?■«.«=• ' ' ° " " Ac„H» NO.M.. P-co« BREWTON Education c .,« .30 •31; Ertucat.on « " ,;;: THOMAS G..Fr.N P..« t a TUSCALOOSA Pre-Medicai Theta Kappa PsL GUISTl Pucci HENNEPIN, ILL. Commerce KlRB " f Senior Collins PvRON COLLINSVILLE Commerce BasKetball Manager „ Praig Porter birmingham Law Phi Alpha Delta. Addine REiD Powell HOLT Education QmitH POVNER, JR- WlLMER SmH-H FLORENCE, S. C. Commerce fXs ' - ' ' o; Director int- Sara P ce z TUSCALOOSA Education „ p. sentative in Yv v. W. -• junior Faculty, ,. ppa. e T n ATMORE , V M. C. A. commerce Clui,, Y- M , Q Pullen Milton b- f " n K A BOAZ Commerce Alpha Delta Sign-; " ' , ■ Rlue Key. a ' p ' bS- O. D. K-ia3 oni;Vue %i,. " Associate Bus - --«re; I« -is sVa ' nV ' Ip- ' ■■,Va •it forensic 9. ' " ■ , ' Rusiness ■ ■; . Assistant tiuisi ■2», -r, ' ,29 " M- . " •■■.i- Scal bard ana Council, ■ ' r. orolla, ' ,,n ' ' SI; Major Kei, rnt%m " - ' HV ' a ' P?. ' Frank Paflo z H T WYTHEVII-LE. VA. Lai " «« ' u Rose R h,,, CHICAGO, ILL. ' ts and Science How. FLORE. vcE - rch Club. MOBILE Education Elwood R. r, „ MERIO.V DSON PA. 32; Ag TIJSCAI.OOSA Clut " Musical cimeljy ' John Brockwav R,. tuscaloosa ' ' gineering Lo ABBEVILLE Education John Dakifl H twcumbia Laiv Phi Delta Ph,. S. DowELL Reck A Af T B- LTIMORE, MD J-aCrosse. nieri- -- Anier- l ' " " ' - " ; La- Sc-abbard CECfL P. RjcE " TUSCALOOSA ■S. in ji - E.; lM „ =■•■ cay mT ' " ' ••- s A MERION PA. Commerce ' " ha Delta sig„«. TUSCALOOSA •■ts and Science Wl LLiAM Byron R T r n VERNo f fi-e-Medical OBERTs KOV ROBINTON 2 4 MOBILE Engineering F,- pf,;„ ;„M. E.. Captain c Offleers ' ciub " " " ' " Engineers- ss SARAH CABOT ROBXSON Arts and Science L,MBKm H. KOCBKS FOREST HOME Sigma Delta KaPPa. Irving Rosenblatt BROOKLVtJ, N. Y. LEONAKU DAVID ROSIN t S A CHICAGO A. S. M. B. BESSIE TATE SCOTT CUBA A.B. .32; BlacWriars, Glee CI oh. •31, T cT qcHECTSlAN Sidney PE t i ' f BROOKLYN, N. Y. A.B. varsity TvacK. ' 30. ' . 1 presi- Wh ' t«.j „i ' d ' er o£ School Kec WESLEY G. SCHNEIDER BUFFALO, N. Y. industrial Education DANIEL Roche, Jr- X LOUISIANA, MO. Mechanical n ineeri Transfer, University of Elmer Dean Roscoe VOUNCSTOWN, OHIO Chenical Engineenng , ,. RnsENBUSH, J - Bernard koslim " TUSCALOOSA Arts and S " « ,, .,., .-co- „ ... .■Crlmson- VhUe • . Martha Sanders TROY Education Solomon Schapiro BROOKLYN, K. Y. Arts and Science JACK F. SCHEUR MONTGOMERY Blue Key VU.;P--rVS , f; ' ■ " e?slo? " E ' ' -S H ' = ■••CrTr) ' s " » " - rT!-asu?e; iSS ' ' ' ? ' fe - - " - -- ' " " ' Senior Class; A j _ ,30. Ill Ernest Scerbo JERSEY CITY, N. J- Pre-Medical pre-Meaical Club. loxlby Edi " cation Wax, LIS A A X A selma Sevmolr Blu Basebl?, ' .L ' -« " 5n an RiJi Rio a] Cpuncii ' -il ' -? ' Ex ent ' ■ Officer , cub, ?|o, . j -Uy Arch Joseph H :ur- I ' WCALOOSA Commerce o, " - " Club- run Blade- fa " ; Officers ' pi„K Coast ' -OISE SIGREST CADSDEAf ' ■ ' and Science Da C , v D Leo.v Simpson IWCALOOSA iiemical « - " «■ Me.allurj,i, " 1 Chemical Club. " ' RMIKCHAM Ir Bo,a pf f " ' W %J ' S, !?l:.«ee WGHAM Smith B ' RMINGHAM ' ' ' ' e-Laiu ' • Brosophie, ■28 ' ' ° Alpha J ' lAlE; ES Os i- 4 ■ JR. f-LIVERNE D. -aiiibdi ' " J ' eH.EESH.,„«„ MOBILE " La uj Epsiion Chi- B. Literary sJe,°e,y ' ' ' " ' »™la; JASPEU " " « Kappa p. f " " " - ' - - HelienJc. ' a ites; pa„_ W Chi ■31; ■ 6 r u " ' s SEARlGH-r ' ■ ' -Medical -- ' ' e-Co m- ' fe ' . •.., -°nnnittee. ■31 -11: • o. George A Si-,. ' • " VCEUS. CAur Commerce Do £■», ' S. C. E. 5S Emilv Mapes Smith vvetumpka Arts and Science Chi Delta Phi. Class; Don Smith sen EW YORK CITY, N. Y. pre- felii( ' j.«s E«.v S» ™ SHEFFIELD Commerce PI- OreeUB-. „|;;fo rc " ommorc« -.„ Council e Club. Delta ir ice-i-resident Se„ or ., ••Corolla ' ?!?„r. Secretary. Fo-STerc -- Staff; Sarah Frances Smith northport Education LOU. HA.0.0 SPECTO. ROCHESTER, N. Y. Arts and science MINNIE IKENE SpIVEV MONTGOMERY jirts and science T.i- AB. Degree, V. o Kappa Delta P.. -B Victoria Steele A V A MONROE, LA. Arts and Science Pi; Delta CluD: Y. BROWNLEE SMITH, Jl - Artstnllcience JAMES BERT SMITH. ■ • ' DlNGTON, MICH. lue Education JOSEPH R. SMiT« J A T fi BIRMINGHAM Skulls; Rho AlpV " ! •27. - UnSS SNOW KNIE KOSb o K A TUSCALOOSA Arts and Science BlacWriars. omega ; Mary Speier aSA NASHVILLE, TENN. Home Economics , oelta . i ' f : i ■31; Caroline ucatlon C uu. u ' , •30. ' SI. Eg chestra, 29- x,p RRITT STANDIFER Anne »R1 ' ;l . a " eufaula Education council. 2». ' y. W. ' - ■ • James DONALD StEEN PINEAPPLE Commerce Ma ' Charles A. Ster TIJSCALOOSA (Commerce Phi Eta s gma. B ' RMINCHAM ' ■ ' «« Science JioBERT Francis St,-o POCOMOKE, N. y ' ' ■ts and Science «; y. W. C. A.; TUSCALOOSA ■ " " ' ■ne Hu„t Cub. « »- Wau,„ T,, „„ -- Be.a ' r; " ' ' ' ' ■ " ' --. « ' ««»• ' iva,2.t«j ' ' « " . Senior E„, Skulls. ' ' -Oandll .neeHng I. Thomas Fra c s T.. EUPORA, MISS. Commerce 0 « ' " r„ ' -,J ' £ ' vt;;,, ,-PPa A,p,a; I. J, ' • esh„„„ „ " ' " " d Sciences «-eba,r l„---n and ,.,,,,, . R ' ' -H Brv . CUBA • ' 31; A ,i;, " " " drangie -i. ONiGOMERv Dona. K 2 TALLADEGA ' CTOR Tepper or Roll, ASnURY PARK P ' -e-Medicat ••e-Medicai Club. - L. Terrv PI-A.VTERSVILLE Scabbard Aero-En. ' gtneering ■wrS!Ss.:!,. ;v ,. Club, ■ . M. 13 . ' ' " man • " " fleers ' Education president " ...j amme J ' Sub. cation Cluu, ,j . fencing BIRMINGHAM ! ' «« ' ,30. Treas urer, ■ ' J K«SSEi..V.i..H A.- . .. ci ma Epsilon. or BO " - ' ' Oan.. aS;. a,fX- " :Ho-- " - ' ' piesiaent a ANNISTON ., ,29- Presiden ' . woman ' s Couno.l; „et, ru ' vic esid ent D Comn Ht AlmaVai;ghan BIRMINGHAM jrts and Sciences EUNICE VANCE CONEHATTA, MISS. Home Economics EODA THOMPSON -w. c. Corolla Staft; Mrs. R- J ' o TUSCALOOSA jlrts and Sciences . . Brolethean. ;; „j „{ BasKetbaH. goutnern Co| Club; -j jje- commei ce, club , . j oeUey " uo „ i ' -SPfi f s Musi- CW a college ,S,V, cotn- vlng C ' »b 3 ;-Scbool t Com Kjfle SJe«t. ' A t ' o fesl rr-oSne Hunt ?, ' „ " ueBe; Columbia tlu- . METROPOUS, ILL. jlrts and Sciences JOHN PAKKS TVSON ■ ' THOMASVILLE Arts and Sciences physical Education ATLANIIC ClIK, ra c nd science Military. Fresuman Bas Advanced » " . Cyril Wakefield George CYRIL ST PETERSBURG, TLA. Cnemical Engineering 1 i pni; St- Annie Frank Ward tuscaloosa Education •■ Commerce ciub OMAN L. Weil Z B T ONTCOMERy Blue Key. " " " " ' ' " ces ■_ Corolla " . .■?„ ' ' y L-lub- fiV—. ' " " ' ' ' ; Sammer-jam Se;.. s ' ; ' „T° " - ' ihJ ' ' ' " 1?, ' Eros, Th OW S GILBERT We K 2 DOTHAW (Commerce ST, JR o. D K «mmerce • ' " -Presidenr n ' " " " " " ' So jf ' " " " ' ' eas„r e? ' Q ' 4 ;j, ' .d «: ,V.1S: ' ' ' a " ' r! ' Har v- Daa iel Wh ORTHPORT Commerce tTSON Claiborne Wiirr , BRIDGEPORT Lx Wilson » HARrroRo,cov„. Blackf.i ' i ' ication Club, . " ife ; Vic Jiub- •■r " .i ' ' ce-Prem,i K ' " ' " ' st«i;e ' " r? " - ' ' ' F,t ' ' ? ' ' . " 2 ' B ' ackfriars Kev " --„.. .Sor „omm,a ,„ %4J-3«: .f.- (F1 [llU mer;-- " « ' " n ' ner.ya ' ' i : Key ViR, -- WITHEROW " W ' Economics GREENVILLE Commerce Delta «, C-owOT rff ' Club. D ' sma PI. „ :-«C :? .au5-a . _ SENIOK CLASS Jr. niv A ' 0N7C0MERy Arpha D , Commerce • ' •y hoelcty. ■28, Hard, CULLMAN TORT GAINES, GA. P ' -esiden, y Education ' ' ' c ubt Y % ' ' co1i4,f. ' - ' g ' o,u Alpha D.,. ■ - . C. A.. T,-. ' " « Club, pr " " " • ' ansfer, U. of y " " h -CAR,,, Cecili, Wio.ev MOBILE LIS " ' JOS EPH Wil LAKELAND, fla. " " ' " a Deua Kapp.,. V ' LLIAAf K W,, HALEYVILLE ' " Histology I ' g ' Biology, Haroawav Young Tr ' RMINGHAM ' «»-Si..naP,.5 " " " " ' ' - ' i ZuMKELLER =LGIN, ILL. PI. IN the past volumes of the Corolla, the Freshmen and Junior Lawyers, and the Freshmen and Sophomore Medical students have been placed in the book along with those respective classes of the Academic Schools. A majority of these students have finished their four years academic work, and it is more or less a challenge to their dignity to be repeated in these classes. For that reason, the Editor has given a separate section to Undergraduate Law and Medical Students. i OFFICERS Junior Class School of Law President L. K. Andrews Vice-President Curtis Moody Secretary Frank White Treasurer Henry Snow Freshman Class School of Law President Ed Creel Vice-President Peter Pride Secretary Thomas Cook Treasurer Lary Long Sophomore Class School of Medicine President James Shelton Vice-President LuciEN HiRSCH Secretary-Treasurer JoE KoPCHA Freshman Class School of Medicine President John Lary Vice-President Wade Lambert Secretary-Treasurer Ernest Askin UNDERGRADUATE = DEPARTMENTS OF LAW = AND MEDICINE EMGMADUATES Allen, James Browning, A2 Gadsden Law, ' 33 Allen, William Jackson, AS Gadsden Law, ' 34. Pre-Law Club; Commerce Club. Atkins, George P., A X Mobile Law, ' 34 President Phi Eta Sigma; Alabama Quadrangle; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. ' 31, ' 32; Freshman Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, ' 29, ' 30; Vice-President Forensic Council, ' 31. ■32; Executive Committee. ' 31, ' 32; Honor Roll, ' 29, ' 30. ' 31; Blackfriars; •Co- rolla " ; Philomathic; Gate Club; President Sophomore Commerce. ' 31; " Ram- mer-Jammer " ; Pan-Hollenic; Alpha Chi. ' 31. ' 32; " Crimson-White " ; Junior Prom Committee; Blue Key; Vice-President Excelsior; Manager Debating Team; Delta Sigma PI. Branch, Edward Gachet, $Ae Montgomery Law, ' 33 Phi Delta Phi; Alpha Kappa Psl; Vice-President Student Government; Quad- rangle; Druids; Boxing Team. Caddell, John Andrew, IIKA Decatur Law, ' 33 Phi Delta Phi; President Omlcron Delta Kappa. ' 30, ' 31; Jasons; Blue Key; " A " Club; President Delta Club, ' 30. ' 31; Track Manager. ' 30; Tennis Man- ager. ' 30; Honor Committee, ' 29- ' 31; Executive Committee. ' 29- ' 31; Forensic Council. ' 28- ' 31; Pan-Hellenic Council. ' 30 ' 31; Cotillion Club Committee. ' 31. •32; Junior Prom Committee. ' 29, ' 30; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet ' 29, ' 30; ' •Crim.son- White " Staff. ' 28, ' 29; " Corolla " Staff. ' 28, ' 29; Vice-President Sophomore A.B. Class. ' 28. ' 29. Catanzano, Joseph Cosmo, A A Bir mingham Law, ' 33 Cook, Thomas Haywood, Jr., 2AE Biloxi, Miss. Law, ' 34 Arch Club; Parasites; Kappa Beta Phi. Craig, William Benjamin, ATA Selma Law, ' 33 Phi Delta Phi; Arch Club. Creel, Joe, IIKA Tuscaloosa Law, ' 34 Phi Beta Kappa; Vice-President Tau Kappa Alpha. 31. ' 32; President Oml- cron Delta Kappa. " 31, ' 32; Secretary Blue Jay, ' 31, ' 32; Jasons; Druids; Presi- dent Rho Alpha Mu, ' 29; Vice-President Quadrangle, ' 31, ' 32; Honor Roll, ' 28, ' 29; Honorary Cabinet Y. M. C. A,. ' 31. ' 32; Fellowship in English, ' 31, ' 32; Assistant to Union Director. ' 30. ' 31; Varsity Debating Team, ' 29- ' 31; Spirit Committee; B. S. U. Council; Executive Committee. ' 30. ' 32; Phi Eta Sigma; Senior Advisor; Philomathic. Creel, L. E., Jr., HKA Sheffield Lain, ' 34 Kappa Beta Phi; Rho Alpha Mu; President Freshman Law Class; Blackfriars; Pan-Hellenic Council; Vice-President Druids; Y. M C. A. Cabinet; Secretary- Treasurer Sophomore Arts and Science Class; " Corolla " ; " Crimson-White " ; Debating Team; Forensic Council. Curtis, John Christopher, 2 N Mobile Law, ' 34 Skulls; Parasites; A.B. Davis, James Edward, AAT Birmingham Law, ' 34 Eagle, Adolph Joseph, 2AM Montgomery Law, ' 34 Gahagan, Robert H., A T iJ Dallas, Texas Law, ' 34 Glasgow, Robert Samuel, Jr Adamsville Law, ' 33 Beta Kappa; Kappa Beta Sigma; Sigma Upsllon; Phi Alpha Delta. Garrett, George T., 2 A E Montgomery Law, ' 34 " Corolla " Staff. ' 32; Phi Delta Phi; A.B., ' 24. ' IWi ' - " " " ' Vs-i—-— . UNDEKC Grubb, Archie, A6 Birmingham Law, ' S4 Hardwick, Guy, IIKA Hartford Law, ' S3 Harrison, George Mortimer, 2 N Eufauia Law, ' 34 Skulls; Parasites. Hart, John Walter, IIK Ripley, Tenn. Law, ' S3 Rho Alpha Tau; Director " Alabama Crimson " Orchestra; Million-Dollar Band, ' 2S- ' 30; Rho Alpha Mu. Herbert, Jule Rembert, ATii Demopolis Law, ' S3 President Arch Club. ' 31. Herren, Reuben Miller, 2 N Harlingen, Texas Law, ' ss Phi Delta Phi; Jasons; President Skulls. ' 30; Delta Club; President Parasites. •31; Cotillion Club Committee, ' 29; Junior Prom Committee, ' 29; Secretary- Treasurer Class. ' 29; President Blackfriars. ' 30; Key Club; Rho Alpha Tau. ' 27; Assistant Editor " Rammer-Jammer, " ' 30; " Crimson-White, " ' 28; A.B., ' 30. HiNSON, Evans, K A Montgomery Law, ' 34. Hudson, John Graham Pulaski, Va. Law, ' ss Phi Rho PI; Phi Alpha Delta; A.B.. ' 31. HuEY, Thomas E., Jr., 2 N Birmingham Law, ' ss Phi Delta Phi; Honor Roll. ' 30. ' 31 ; Callaghan Award. ' 31 ; Lambda Epsllon Chi Award, ' 31; A.B. Johnson, John L., II K A Birmingham Law, ' ss Phi Alha Delta; Honor Committee. ' 32; Junior Faculty; Debating Team; Ex- celsior; Assistant Coach Debating Team; " Crimson-White " Staff; Law School Editor; A.B., Howard College. Jones John Edward, 2 E Mobile Law, ' S4 LeMaistre, George A., K B 2 Tuscaloosa Law, ' ss Phi Alpha Delta. LiDDELL, Charles Bond Butler Law, ' S4 A.B.. ' 30. LiFSiTZ, Louis Birmingham Law, ' s4 Blackfriars. Lightfoot, Ben Henry, K A Luverne Law, ' ss Key Ice; Phi Alpha Delta. Long, Larry A., A T fi Savannah, Ga. Law, ' S4 Glee Club, ' 28, ' 29; Blackfriars, ' 29, ' 30; " Corolla, " ' 28- ' 31; " Crimson-White, " ' 28- ' 30; " Rammer- Jammer, " ' 28, ' 29; Treasurer Freshman Law Class; Rho Alpha Mu. ■ PAGE SEVENTY-NINE E LoMAx, John T., 2 A E Silas Laiv, ' 34. McCall, Daniel Thompson, Jr., 2 N Mobile Law. ' 33 Omicron Delta Kappa; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Chi Beta Phi; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Phi Delta Phi; President Pan-Hellonic Council; President Cotillion Club; President Freshman Law Class, ' 31; President Junior Law Class. ' 30; President Jasons. ' 31; Chairman Junior Prom Committee, ' 30; Secretary- Treasurer Freshman Arts and Science Class;. Glee Club; Blue Key; Y. M. C. A.; A.B., U. of A.; Executive and Honor Committees, ' 31; Fraternity Editor " Corolla, " ' 32; " Rammer-Jammer, " ' 30. ' 32; " Crimson-White, " ' 29- ' 31; Para- sites; Skulls; Delta Club; Druids. McCai.l, Winston Bush, A K E Mobile Laiu, ' 34. Phi Eta Sigma; Druids; Rho Alpha Mu; Forensic Council; Y. M. C. A. Cabi- net; Alternate Executive Committee; C ' aptain Adjutant First Battalion; OfTi- cers ' Club; Scabbard and Blade; Pre-Law Club: " Corolla " StalT, ' 28 ' 29; " Rammer- Jammer " Staff, ' 30; " Crimson-White " Staff. ' 30; Honor Roll, ' 28- ' 31; S. A. M. E. ; University Nominee Rhodes Scholarship; I hi Beta Kappa; O. D. K. ; Phi Delta Phi. McEachin, Archibald Bruce, K A Tuscaloosa Lain, ' 33 Phi Delta Phi; Glee Club. ' 28- ' 30; Glee Club Quartet ' 30; Blacltfriars, ' 2S- ' 30; Erosophic, ' 28; Honor Committee, ' 30, ' 31; Executive Committee, ' 30, ' 31; " Crimson-White " Staff, ' 28; Military Editor " Corolla, " ' 31; Sea Dogs; Omi- cron Delta Kappa; Jasons; Alabama Quadrangle; Blue Key; Major Artillery Battalion, ' 31; Scabbard and Blade, President, ' 31; Secretary Jasons, ' 31; Sec- retary Freshman Law Class, ' 31; Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 32; Vice-President Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 32. Mayfield, James J., A K E Tuscaloosa La w, ' 34. Scabbard and Blade; Biacltfriai-s; " Corolla " Staff; " Rammer-Jammer " Staff; Erosophic; Captain Battery " B " ; S. A. M. E. Markstein, D. Harry, Jr., ZBT Birmingham Laiu, ' 34. Blackfriars; Honor Roll, ' 29- ' 30; Fellow in History. Miller, James Pressly, IIKA Camden Law, ' 34 MiMS, Raymond P., . A T Clanton Law, ' 34 Moody, Curtis L Chunchula Law, ' 33 Sigma Kappa Delta; Varsity Debating Team; Assistant Law Librarian. Morris, Joe Marvin, " tPA.... Birmingham Law, ' 34 NicOL, Fred Walter, ! r A Tuscaloosa Law, ' 34 Orchard, Martha Belle Castleberry Law, ' 34 Pitts, William McLean, K 2 Selma Law, ' 34 PoELLNiTZ, Charles Augustus, 2AE Greensboro Law, ' 33 Phi Delta Phi; Blue Key; Cotillion Club Committee; Arch Club; Parasites; Delta Club; Fraternity Basketball. Price, Charlie Samuel, IIK Evansville, Ind. Law, ' 33 Alpha Phi Epsilon; Rho Alpha Mu; Varsity Debating Team. ' 28 ' 29; Presi- dent Pre-Law Club. ' 28; Vice-President Erosophic, ' 27; Assistant Business Manager " Crimson-White, " ' 28; Club Ghibilllne; Euphians; Excelsior; Second Place Univei-sity Oratorical Contest, ' 28; Blackstone President, ' 30; Philo- mathlc; " Corolla " Staff, ' 27- ' 31; Assistant Editor " Corolla, " ' 32. Pride, Richard Fletcher, K A Huntsville Law, ' 34 Vice-President Freshman Law Class; Junior Prom Committee, ' 31; " Corolla " Staff; Key Ice; Secretary-Treasurer. Pruitt, Ira Drayton Thomasville La-w, ' 34. Reed, Hugh, T K A Center Laiu, ' S4 , Kappa Gamma Delta; " Corolla " Staff. •29- ' 32; Forensic Council; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. Robertson, Dave, K 2 Birmingham Law, ' 33 Phi Alpha Delta; Alpha Kappa Psl ; " A " Club; Assistant Business Manager " Corolla " ; Blue Key Treasurer; Assistant Editor " Rammer- Jammer " ; Jasons; Rat Cap Committee; Junior Prom Committee; Key Ice President; Alpha Kappa Psl Treasurer, ' 30: Manager Track Team. ' 31; Blue Key Secretary. ' 31; Captain Infantry Company " B, " ' 31; Assistant Business Manager " Ram- mer-Jammer. " ' 30: Manager Rifle Team, ' 30; Circulation Manager " Coroi ' a, " ' 30; Blackfriars; Officers Club: Alpha Phi Epsilon: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Com- merce Club; Rho Alpha Tau, ' 27; Excelsior; Erosophic; Officers ' Reserve Corps. Second Lieutenant. Secrest, Ralph W Notasulga Law, ' 34 Smith, Al J., A X A Meridian, Miss. Law, ' 34 Rho Alpha Tau, ' 29; " Corolla " Staff. ' 30; " Rammer-Jammer, " ' 31. Snow, Henry Adams, Ae Tuscaloosa Law, ' 33 Phi Delta Phi; Parasites; Scabbard and Blade; Treasurer Junior Law Class. SoKoi., Morris, K N Birmingham Law, ' 34 Alpha Delta Sigma; Pan-Hellenic Council; Intra-Mural Committee: Rho Alpha Mu; Centennial " Corolla. " Stewart, Charles Edward, Jr., AX Washington, D. C. Law, ' 34 Excelsior; " Crimson-White. " Thomas, J. Render, Jr., A© Montgomery Law, ' 34 Thomas, Norman Warner, S X Millville, N. J. Law, ' 34 Van Ness, Robert C, X Fort Wayne, Ind. Law, ' 34 White, Frank Shelley, HI, ATfi Birmingham Law, ' 33 Phi Alpha Delta; Greeks; Varsity Track, •2S- ' 30; Freshman Track, ' 28; Cross Country Team; " Corolla " Staff " Crim.son-White " Staff ' 28. ' 29; " Rammer- Jammer " Staff, ' 28, ' 29; Vice-President Freshman Law Class; Secretary Junior Law Class. White, William Culver, AKE Mobile Law, ' 33 Wilhite, Roy Cornace Cullman Law, ' 33 Phi Beta Kappa; Tau Kappa Alpha; Chi Beta Phi; President Sophomore Arts and Science Class, ' 27. ' 28; Historian Senior Arts and Science, ' 28. ' 29; Honor Roll: Phi Beta Kappa; Euphian Literary Society: Excelsior; Philomathic; Debating Team; Associate Editor " Corolla, " ' 32: Literary Editor " Rammer- Jammer, " ' 32; Rhodes Scholar, ' 32. Wilkinson, Sydenham Moore, SAE Selma Law Greeks. Yancey, George William, AKE Birmingham Law, ' 33 Phi Delta Phi; Skulls; Parasites; Cotillion Club Committee, ' 31; Delta Club; Freshman Track; Blackfriars. Alfenito, Felix Saluatore, Jr Bronx, N. Y. Medicine, ' 32 Phi Beta Pi; Alternate Executive Committee; Gorgas Medical Society; New- man Club. AsKiN, Henry Ernest, ITK Alexander City Medicine, ' 32 Alpha Epsilon Delta; Phi Chi; Secretary-Treasurer Freshman Medical Class, ' 31, ' 32; Treasurer Alpha Epsilon Delta, ' 30, ' 31; Band, ' 29. ' 30, ' 31. AuERBACH, Stewart Hart, AKE Augusta, Ga. Medicine, ' 32 A.B., ' 31. Bess, Samuel Hulme Keyser, W. Va. Medicine, ' 32 Phi Beta Pi; A. B., Carthage College, ' 31. Campbell, Joseph L., K i Ulster, Pa. Medicine, ' j Alpha Epsilon Delta; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Theta Kappa Psi. Castator, Floyd Wilson South Whitney, Ind. Medicine, ' 33 Phi Beta Pi. Creel, Gurley A., T fi X Crossville Medicine, ' 33 Theta Kappa Psi. Farrikgton, J. D., n K a Chicago, III. Medicine, ' 32 Phi Chi. Floyd, Thomas Johncey, Jr., ii rA Abbeville Medicine, ' 32 Phi Beta Pi; Band. •28- ' 30; Forensic Council; A.B, Degree. Griffin, Irvin Hilary, n K A Moundville Medicine, ' j2 Alpha Epsilon Delta; Alpha Phi Epsilon; Phi Chi; A.B.; U. of A.; President Euphian Literary Society. ' 2S; President Freshman Medical Class. ' 31; Junior Prom Committee, ' 29, Griffith, Robert Leland, Z-fE Sheffield Medicine, ' 33 Alpha Epsilon Delta; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Beta Pi; Erosophic; Pre-Medical Club; Fellow in Zoology; " Corolla " Staff, ' 30; Secretary Phi Eta Sigma; Honor Roll; Spirit Committee. Hargis, Albert Sidney, Jr., B K Birmingham Medicine, ' 32 Pi Sigma Chi; Plii Chi. HiRSCH, LuciEN Rahway, N. J. Medicine, ' 32 Alpha Epsilon L elta; Phi Beta Pi; President Gorgas Medical Society; Vice- President Sophomore Medical Class. Hutto, Herman Ariton Medicine, ' 33 Theta Kappa F ' si. Jordan-, Henry Claudius Robertsdale Medicine, ' 32 Alpha Mu Hho; Phi Beta Pi; A.B.. Alabama. ' 29; M.A., Alabama, ' 31. Kendrick, Marvin Hayne, K A Luverne Medicine, ' 33 Alpha Epsilon Delta; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Beta Pi; Honor Roll ' 30. ' 31. KoPCHA, Joseph Edwards, B K . Whiting, Ind. Medicine, ' 32 Blue Key; Phi Beta PI. Larimore, Granville W. . • • .• Tampa, Fla. Medicine, ' 33 Blue Key; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Phi Beta Pi. Lary, John Howard, IIKA Huntsville Medicine, ' 33 Alpha Epsilon Delta; Phi Beta Pi; President Alpha Epsilon Delta; President Freshman Medical Class; Junior Faculty, ' 29, ' 30- ' 30. ' 31. McCuLi.oucH, George Cates Birmingham Medicine, ' 32 Phi Chi; Teaching Fellow In Anatomy. ' 30, ' 31- ' 31, ' 32; Fellow Gorgas Medical Society; Executive Committee, ' 30, ' 31. f.fwm T ' .- . UNDEMGMAE Malee, F. Harold Anaconda, Mont. Medicine, ' ss Phi Beta Pi. MiTSCHELE, Robert C Holston, Kans. Medicine, ' 2 Phi Beta Pi. Moore, Charles R., n K A Clanton Medicine, ' 3 Phi Chi; B.S., Auburn. Newtov, George E Fayette Medicine, ' 33 Phi Beta Pi. Owen, Roland Forrest, TQX Bessemer Medicine, ' 32 Theta Kappa Psi. Papp, Sandor D Youngstown, Ohio Medicine, ' 32 Phi Beta Pi; B.S.. University of Pittsburgh, ' 29. Parker, Martle F Boaz Medicine, ' ss Phi Beta Pi. Rogers, Harold Lawton, A X A Tuscaloosa Medicine, ' 33 Alpha Epsilon Delta; Kappa Gamma Psi; Phi Beta Pi; Glee Club; President Glee Club, ' 30, ' 31; Glee Club Quartette; Fellow in Zoology. ' 29- ' 31; Clef Club; Pre-Medlcal Club; " Corolla, " ' 30. ' 31. Robertson, Banks John, eTD Vernon Medicine, ' 32 Phi Chi; A.B. Degree. Sacks, Herman, SAM Troy Medicine, ' 33 ScALiSE, Sai.vatore Birmingham Medicine, ' 33 Sheetz, Jacob George, IIKA Bucyrus, Ohio Medicine, ' 32 Phi Chi. Shelton, James Brown, II K A Birmingham Medicine, ' 32 Phi Chi; President Sophomore Medical Class. SiLSBY, Harry Z New Smyrna, Fla. Medicine, ' 33 Alpha Epsilon Delta; Phi Beta PI. Speer, Marvin Ernest, Jr Birmingham Medicine, ' 32 Phi Beta Pi. Stabler, Almon Clarke, IIKA Greenville Medicine, ' 33 Alpha Epsilon Delta; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Delta Sigma Pi; Phi Chi; Scab- bard and Blade; Pan-Hellenir, ' 30 ' 31; Quadrangle; University Accountant; B.S.. University of Alabama, ' 27. Tancredi, Chester Birmingham Medicine, ' 32 Beta Beta Beta; Phi Beta Pi. Whitehurst, William Laney, A 2 4 Sheffield Medicine, ' 32 Phi Kappa Psi; " CrimHOn-White " Staff, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30; DeMolay Club ' 28 ' 29- Pre-Medlcal Club, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30; Secretary Pre-Medlcal Club, ' 29, ' 30. ' WiLKERSON, Arthur F., Jr., Ae Marion Medicine, ' 32 Phi Chi; A.B., ' 30. E PAGE EIGHTY-THREE OFFICERS Junior Class College of Arts and Sciences President Frank Allen Vice-President Robert Jones Secretary-Treasurer Thorne Hills School of Commerce President Daniel Haughton Vice-President James Powell Secretary-Treasurer Harvel Deas College of Education President Horace Thompson Vice-President Arthur Price Secretary-Treasurer Jackie Keener College of Engineering President Bert Simmons Vice-President John Gilmartin Secretary-Treasurer John Baker School of Home Economics President Gladys Helberc. JUNIORS JUNIOM CLASS . Abshire, Bill John, ATA Goshen, Ind. Commerce Adams, Dot Blair, K A Mobile Home Economics Adams, Dorothy Wimberly, A A II Columbus, Ga. Arts and Science Transfer, Brenau College; Y. W. C. A. Agee, George Bentley, AKE Birmingham Arts and Science Skulls. Albright, Carl Wayne, 2 E Tuscaloosa Engineering Officers ' Club; Scabbard and Blade. Allen, Jean Oliver, AAA Indianola, Miss. Delta Phi Mu; Y. W. C. A.; Caroline Hunt Club; B. A. Allen, Robert Daniel, A2 Anniston Commerce Allen, William Frank, rA New York, N. Y. Arts and Science Forensic Council; Executive Committee; President Junior Class; Business Manager " Rammer-Jammer, " ' 31, ' 32; Matrix Club; Freshman Track; Ero- sophic Club; Blue Key; Spades Club, Allington, Thomas Taylor, K Florence B, B. Anderson, William O., K I Glencoe Pre-Medical Theta Kappa Psl, Applebaum, Floe, A E Ensley Arts and Science Alpha Lambda Delta. Appoloni, Ernest Leon Charleroi, Pa. Phi Theta Chi; E, E,; A, I, B, B, Arledge, Grace Vossburg, Miss. Advertising Bailey, Wilbur Marvin, Jr., K A Decatur Commerce Barker, Troy Alton , , , . _ Lineville Physical Education Beta Omega; Waiters ' Union; Freshman Football, ' 29; Varsity Football, ' 30, ' 31. Barnard, Ray Guntersville Physical Education Basketball; Track; Baseball. Barnes, Earcy King Plantersville Commerce and B.A, Barnett, William George . Floral Park, L. I. Pre-Medical Theta Kappa Psi. Barrow, Mildred Lanett Arts and Science ■ PAGE EIGHTY-SIX ■ JUNIOM CLASS Baxley, Hazel Ward Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Secretary to Dean of School of Commerce. Baxter, Lois Chestertown, Md. A, B. in Education. Beard, Edna Earle Molino, Fla. Physical Education Woman ' s Athletic Association. , V m Beattie, Henry Holland, K 2 Richmond, Va. J P| - ' mw Arts and Science St r f BSk Becker, William Charles, AX Bedford, Ind. . K ' 4 K tl Bell, Frances Marion, K A Selma V IBB C fli B 9 fl B Beidenharn, Oswald Kenneth, K A Vicksburg, Miss. KV I flBfeX ' Blake, Robert F., e T fl Double Springs ■ hHh Pre-Medical K J R k. Theta Kappa Pre-Medical . H P BQfl Bloodworth, Sarah Minor Decatur m- t KBm k w V A Alpha Lambda Delta; Honor Council (Women ' s), ' 31. . 9 P H J M Bocard, Burt Jefferson, A2 Fayette B lu ' Arts and Science Jl J r k. Spanish Club Booker, Edmund Webster Alabama City Mining Engineering Boozer, Thomas Stewart, eTfi Anniston Pre-Medical Alpha Epsilon Delta. Born, Bleecker Finlay, 4 r A Pensacola, Fla. Arts and Science Bowers, William Frederick, K2 Pittsburgh, Pa. Engineering Boyd, Daisy Miller, K A Brewton B l Arts and Science ■•■ Omega. Boyett, Mary, X n Slidell, La. Arts and Science PI; Blackfriars. Branch, Earl Benjamin, K 2 Little Rock, Ark. !PiP tf H fli Arts L m lQ P Capstone Orchestra. ClM K Bremner, Virginia Mercedes, X il Cleveland, Ohio K ' -wm ' St liO - 1 Arts and Science E P tBm m Blackfrian;; Zeta Phi Eta; Key Club; Pi Delta Sigma; Honor Council. Worn- ■ SHKflB ( HT m an ' s Council; Pan-He. lenic; Y. W. C. A. Counsellor. HI I B .. Kl iSIHr Broaous, Mary Daniel, ZTA Decatur P ' " ' " " M Arts and Science , M m Pan-Hellenlc Council; Y. W. C. A. Council; Keystone. r ■ PAGE EIGHTY-SEVEN ■ I BuRCHFiELD, ELEANOR Tuscaloosa Education Bush, William Broughton, r A Mobile Arts and Science Brook, Clarence Loe, ATA Smithville, Miss. Pre-Medical Phi Beta Pi; Fellow in Zoology, Brown, Joe B. E., K A Montgomery Arts and Science " Corolla " Staff, ' 32; Kxecutive Committee; Spirit Committee; Manager Fencing Team; Intra-Mural Athletic Staff; Officers ' Clul), Byrne, Jack, ATA Huntsville Commerce Delta Sigma PI. Cain, John L., 2 K Montgomery Physical Education " A " Club; Freshman Football, ' 29; Varsity Football, ' 30, ' 31. Campbell, Jane Oren, AXn Rock Island, III. Arts and Science Cannon, Woodrow W., AX Athens Engineering Chi Beta Phi; Theta Tau; Forensic Council, ' 31, ' 32; Vice-President Sopho- more Engineering Class; S. A. M. E., ' 30. ' 31, ' 32; Mining Metallurgical and Chemical Society, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31, ' 32. Cantrell, Wilson T., Jr., IIKA Alabama Citv A.B.; Phi Chi. Caproff, Lee Jack, PAP Bloomfield, N. J. Commerce Secretary Samuel Johnson Literary Club; " Rammer-Jammer, " ' 29, ' 30, ' 31, ' 32; Literary Editor, ' 30, ' 31; " Lampoon " Editor, " Corolla, " ' 32; Author, " University a Hundred Years from Now " ; Editor-in-Chief " Psi-Phun " ; " Crim- son-White, " ' 29, ' 30; Rho Dammit Rho. Carle, Howard Holt, ATf2 Birmingham Chemistry Carpenter, Hilda, AXfl Decatur Arts and Science Alpha Lambda Delta; Chi Delta Phi; Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 30. ' 31; Vice- President, ' 31, ' 32; Secretary Chi Delta Phi. ' 31. ' 32; President Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, ' 29, ' 30; Y. W. C. A. Counsellor, ' 31, ' 32. Casey, Daniel Henry Worcester, Mass. Arts and Science Rho Alpha Mu; Newman Club; Excelsior. Campion, Horace Thomas, n, X Philadelphia, Pa. Civil Engineering Skulls. Cathey, Margaret Willis, A Z Livingston Arts and Science Chapman, Frank Elijah, 2 X Grove Hill Pre-Medical; Phi Chi. Chapvian, Janie Felice Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Blackfriars. Chappell, Howard, eXfi Sylacauga Education Freshman Track; Freshmaij Football; Varsity Football. Chenault, Eugene J Decatur Pre-Medical; Theta Kappa Psl. . JUNIOM CLi« Chenault, Margaret Decatur Arts and Science Chenoweth, Arthur Illges, 2AE Birmingham Arts and Science Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Pre-Medical Cluli; Skulls; Parasites; Quadrangle; Erosophic, ' 29, ' 30; " Rammer- Jammer " Staff, ' 30, ' 31; " Corolla " Staff; Junior Prom Committee; Honor Roll; Fellowship; Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil; Spirit Committee; Executive Committee. Church, Lawrence Colborne, n K A Wilmette, 111. Mechanical Engineering Clarke. David Wright, SK Jamestown, R. I. A. B. Clarkson, Winkie, K a Tuscaloosa A. B.; PI; Blackfrlars; Y. W. C. A. Council. Claybrooke, Charlotte, 6 T Albertville B. S.; W. A. A.; Y. W. C. A. Cleverdon, Paul Leland Summerdale Chemical Engineering Coakley, John Minton, AXA Campbellsville, Ky. Pre-Medical Cochrane, David Minge, 4 rA Tuscaloosa a. B. ; Freshman Football, ' 29; Varsity Football, ' 31; " Rammer- Jammer " Staff, ' 30. CoKER, Ralph C Tuscaloosa Pre-Medical Alpha Epsilon Delta; Theta Kappa Psi; Pre-Medical Club, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31. Cole, Frances Walker, M Birmingham Education Transfer, Whitworth College. Coleman, James Kynerd, AX Livingston Commerce Delta Sigma Pi; Blackfrlars; Excelsior Literary Society; Exchange Editor " Rammer-Jammer, " ' 30, ' 31; " Corolla " Staff, ' 29, ' 30; Second Lieutenant Com- pany " B " ; R. O. T. C; Officers ' Club. Collier, Eleanor Pedrick, ATA Tuscaloosa A. B.; Pi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Psi Chi; Blackfrlars. Combs, Kathleen, A3A West Point, Ga. Education Transfer, Shorter College, Rome, Ga.; Y. W. C. A.; Pan-Hellenic, ' 31, ' 32. Caskie, Marion Maxwell, Jr., K A Montgomery Arts and Science CoNAWAY, Charles D., A A X Kaulton Mechanical Engineeri ng Football Band. Converse, Thomas Gilmore, T K a Brooklyn, N. Y. Arts and Science Pi Delta Sigma. Costa, Frank G., 6 X Brooklyn, N. Y. Pre-Medical Pre-Medical Club. Cotten, Robert Davenport, 2AE Birmingham Mechanical Engineering PAGE EIGHTY-NINE JS. i JUNIOR CLASS . Crocker, Mary Agnes Palas Education Treasurer Y. W. C. A., ' 31; President Sophomore Class; Education, ' 30, " 31; W. A. A.; Educatloen Club; " Corolla " Stalf. ' 30, ' 31. Crook, Saidee Elise, ATA Selma A. B. Crouch, Paul Flinn Montgomery Pre-Medical Glee Club; Blackfriars; Pre-Medical Club; Secretary to Honor Council; Secre- tary to Executive Committee; Clef Club. CuMMiNCS, OswiLL McGee, Jr Stewart Electrical Engineering Dale, Anne Louise, AAA Camden Arts and Science Daniel, Dorothy Nell, AAA Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Delta Phi Mu. Davidson, Davida, AXfi Ocean Springs, Miss. Arts and Science Davis, William Edgar, IIKA Huntsville Arts and Science Rho Alpha Tau; Quadrangle Club; President Freshman Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, ■29; Member Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, ' 30, ' 31; Hi-Y Club Advisor, ' 30; Philo- mathic Literary Society. Dawkins, Lucy, K A Abbeville Education PI. Dean, Lillie Mae, AXfl Birmingham Arts and Science Honor Council; Y. W. C. A. Counsellor; Carolyn Hunt Club. Deas, Harvel Goodon, TKA Coffeeville Commerce " Crimson-White " Staff, ' 30, ' 31; Freshman Track Team; Excelsior Literary Society; Secretary and Treasurer Junior Class; Commerce Club; Reporter and Forensic Representative of Excelsior Literary Society. de la Croix, Janice, KKT Mobile Arts and Science Chi Delta Phi; Omega; Glee Club; Blackfriars; Art Club; Musical Comedy Club. Denike, John Edward, ATO San Antonio, Texas Pre-Laiv Dimick, Catheryne, M Birmingham Doster, James Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Phi Beta Kappa. Douglass, Susan Birmingham Arts and Science Alpha Omlcron Pi; Omega; Co-ed Editor " Rammer-Jammer. " Drolet, Gwendolyn Margaret, K K r Tuscaloosa Arts and Science " Crimson-White " Staff. DuBiEL, Roger Edward, TKA East Hartford, Conn. Arts and Science Y. M. C, A. Committee; Newman Club, Dudley, Daisy Christina, X Q . . . Scale Arts and Science Blackfriars; " Crimson-White " Staff. PAGE NINETY . JUNI Dunham, Gladys Nelle, A Z Slidell, La. Arts and Science Eddins, Margaret, KKT Tuscaloosa Arts and Science President Chi Delta Phi; President Alpha Lambda Delta; Treasurer Delta Phi Mu; Erosophic; Fellowship in French; Honor Roll. ' 29. ' 30, ' 31. Edwards, Violet Esther, Z T A Yolande Pre-Medical Emma, Angelo John, A A New York City, N. Y. Arts and Science England, Charles E., n K A Huntsville Arts and Science Freshman Football. 28; Freshman Baseball. ' 29. English, Mabel Hilley, ASA Chattanooga, Tenn. Arts and Science Education Club; " Rammer- Jammer " Staff. Farrell, Andrew Arthur, AS Paterson, N. J. Civil Engineering Theta Tau; A. S. C. E. ; Honor Roll. ' 28. ' 29. ' 30; Varsity Fencing Team; Var- sity Lacrosse Team; Phi Eta Sigma; Chi Beta Phi. Farwell, Mary Edna Birmingham Arts and Science Feld, Phillips H., Z B T Birmingham Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Delta Sigma; Commerce Club; Honor Roll. ' 29. ' 30; " Rammer-Jammer " ' 30; " Corolla, " ' 31; " Crimson-White. " ' 31; Manager Foot- ball, ' 32; Spanish Club, ' 30; Commerce; Business Staff; Blackfrlars. Fink, Ben Woodcliff, N. J. Pre-Medical Freshman Football; Pre-Medical Club. Finn, Harold Michael Hartford, Conn. Pre-Medical Newman Club. Finnell, Lizzie Lee Buhl Arts and Science Floyd, Sarah Eleanor, K A Abbeville Arts and Science Blackfrlars. FONVILLE, Harriotte, A 4 Montgomery Arts and Science Junior Representative to Honor Council. Forbes, H. French, K S Birmingham Commerce Skulls. Foshee, Georgia Mae, AAIl Red Level Education Education Club; Y. W. C. A.; B. S. In Education. Foshee, Samuel Stuart, S N Brewton Commerce Druids; Alpha Kappa Psl; Skulls; Rho Alpha Tau; Baseball Manager. Fowler, Margaret Mary-, AXn Mobile Arts and Science Biology Fellowship; Erosophic. ' 29; Girls ' Glee Club. Franke, Mary Loucenia, A2A Birmingham Arts and Science Glee Club. ' 30. ' 31; Secretary Caroline Hunt Club. ' 31. ' 32; Member Freshman Y. W. C. A. Commission. . «-=.wg ir " I Wj I ' ' ' % m lil UNIOK CLASS . Frankfurt, Alvin, K N New Rochelle, N. Y. Arts and Science Freeman, Lester Wilfred, SAM Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Freshman Football, ' 29; Varsity Football, ' 30, ' 31; " Corolla " Staff. Friend, Edward Malcolm, ZBT Birmingham Pre-Law Honor Roll; Secretary Freshman A. B. School; Blacktriars; Vice-President Erosophic; Executive Committee; Captain Company " E. " R. O. T. C; " Co- rolla " ; " Crimson-White ' ; Blue Key; Spirit Committee., Margaret W., K A Grove Hill Arts and Science Gautsch, Robert E LaCrosse, Wis. Pre-Medical Gebhard, Edward Leonard, T K A Elmhurst, N. Y. Arts and Science " Crimson-White " ; Newman Club; Matrix; Freshman Baseball. Gerber, Maurice Sarge, Sfi- Kingston, N. Y Arts and Science " Crimson-White, " ' 31; " Corolla, " ' 31; " Rammer-Jammer. " ' 31. Gilbert, Ashley Homer, A T £2 LaGrange, 111. Commerce Gilliland, Josephine Elizabeth Attalla Arts and Science Golden, Bertie Mae Adger Education Goodman, Kathleen Phillips Birmingham Arts and Science Honor Council. Goodwin, Jack Barclay, 2 A E Hollywood, Calif. Commerce Goodwin, William Carroll, A T n Lynchbu»g, Va. Pre-Medical Pre-Medlcal; Arch Club. Goodwyn, Albert T., S A E Montgomery Civil Engineering Theta Tau; Skulls; Secretary-Treasurer Sophomore Engineering Class; St. Patrick ' s Day Committee; Erosophic. Gormly, Robert Meredith, 2 A E Ocean Springs, Miss. Commerce Captain Golf Team, ' 30, ' 31. Greene, Charles H., 2 A E . . . Hollywood, Calif. Arts and Science Gross, Samuel J., A A Middletown, N. Y. Electrical Engineering " Rammer- Jammer. " GuiTERY, Walter Kennedy, K Parrish Pre-Medical Theta Kappa Psi. Hagan, Vernon Lee, TTfi Sylacaiiga Pre-Medical • PAGE NINETY-TWO JUNIOM CLASS Hairston, William Ward Birmingham Metallurgical Engineering Halvorsen, Helen Marie Chicago, 111. Education w. a. a. Hamel, Henry G., T K A Pittsburgh, Pa. Commerce Phi Eta Sigma; Fellowsiiip in Accounting. Hamilton, Clarkson M., AKE Spring Hill Electrical Engineering Theta Tau. Hammond, James Paul, K 2 Tuscaloosa Pre-Medical Phi Chl. Haney, William Robert . Camden, N. J. Arts and Science Handy, Cabell Preston, A X A Staten Island, N. Y. A eronautical Engineering Rho Alpha Tau; Theta Tau; N. A. A.; A. S. M. E. Harkins, William G., 2 K Macon, Miss. Arts and Science Harris, Edward A., r A Bessemer Pre-Medical President Erosophic. ' 29, ' 30; Forensic Council, ' 29. ' 30; Freshman Y. M. C A. Cabinet, ' 29, ' 30; " Rammer-Jammer " Stalt. ' 30, ' 31; " Corolla " Staff, ' 31, ' 32. Harris, Mary Enola, X i) Birmingham Arts and Science Harrison, Harriett Helen, A E Bridgeport, Conn. Education Blacltfrlars. Haston, Marthalene, AAA Jasper Education Omega; President Junior Girls, ' 31, ' 32; President Freshman Education Class, ' 29, ' 30; Woman ' s Council. ' 30. ' 31; Pan-Hellenic, ' 31, ' 32; Y. W. C. A., ' 30, ' 31; W. A. A., ' 29, ' 30, ' 31; Education Club; Seorttary, ' 31; B. S., Education. Hauchton, Daniel Jeremiah, TJiX Quinton Commerce Phi Eta Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi; President Junior Commerce Class; Fellow in Accounting. Hawkins, Charles Edwin, Jr., AXA Bessemer Pre-Lav Rho Alpha Tau; Greeks; Honor Committee; Executive Committee; Blackfriars; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Samuel Johnson Literary Society; Chairman Hl-Y; " Corolla " Staff, ' 31; Spirits Committee. Helberg, Gladys, KKT Houston, Texas Home Economics Delta; Omega; Zeta Phi Eta; Y. VV. C. A.: Caroline Hunt Club; Junior Class Home Economics President. Henry, George Alister, AT Mobile Matrix Club; Blackfrlai ' s; Musical Comedy Club; " Rammer-Jammer " Literary Staff, ' 30. ' 31, ' 32; " Crimson-White " Editorial Staff; " Corolla " Business Staff; Varsity Cross Country; Fencing; A.B. Hereford, Laura Mae Gurley Arts and Science Herdman, Camilla, ATA Bowling Green, Ky. Arts and Science Chi Delta Phi; Omega; " Crlmaon-Whlte " Staff; " Corolla " Staff; " Rammer- Jammer " Staff; " Woman ' s Council; Blackfrlars Staff. Herndon, Sara Elizabeth, A Z Savannah, Ga. Pre-Laiu PI. PAGE NINETY-THREE JUNIOK CLASS . Hills, Thorne Charles, TKA Denver, Colo. Arts and Science Rho Alpha Mu; Spades; " Crimson-White, " ' 29. ' 30; " Rammer-Jammer, " ' 29. ' 30. ' 31; " Corolla, " ' 31; Forensic Council, ' 29; Secretary-Treasurer Junior Class. Holly, Hilman D., 2 X Tuscaloosa Arts and Science President Freshman Arts and Science Class; Freshman Football. ' 29; Varsity Football, ' 30, ' 31; " A " Club; Blue Key. Holman, Winston Churchill, K Montgomery Pre-Medical Theta Kappa Psi; Blackfrlars. Holmes, Sara Caswell, K A Tuscaloosa Pi; Blackfriars; Key Club; " Crimson-White " Staff; A. B. Horne, John Elmer, IIKA Clayton Education Education Club. Houston, Ellis, Jr., 2K Bessemer Physical Education " A " Club; Freshman Football; Varsity Football. ' 29. ' 30. ' 31; B. O. House. HucK, William Robert, 2 E New Orleans, La. Engineering HuDDLESTON, ROBERTA, X fi Deatsville Arts and Science HuDGENS, Dorothy Joyce Grand Bay Perklnston Junior College; A. B. HuGGiNS, Mary Elizabeth, A A n Columbus Ga A. B. ' Hughes, Joseph D Freeport, N. Y. Arts and Science Boxing Team, ' 31; Newman Club. HuLSART, Geraldine, ASA Tuscaloosa Y. W. C. A. Counsellor; A. B. HuRST, Kathryn Ann Hightower Home Economics Pi Delta Sigma. Hutchison, WiCKLiFFE C Westunion, S. C. Arts and Science Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. Hyde, Edd Howell, KS Fayette Commerce Alpha Kappa Psi; Junior Manager Track; Druids; Secretary and Treasurer Druids; Gieeks; Assistant Business Manager " Corolla. " ' 32; Pan-Hellenle Council; Secretary and Treasurer Pan-Hellenic. Hyndman, Martha, ASA Mobile Education y. W. C. A. Cabinet; " Hammer- Jammer " Staff. Ingram, Camille Tuscaloosa A. B. Irvin, Elizabeth Anne, X fi Miami, Fla. Pi; Glee Club; A. B. Israel, Frank S West Blocton Samuel Johnson Literary Society; A.B. ■ PAGE NINETY-FOUR ;M " ' " ■. ' T -■ ; . JUNIOR CL Jackson, Bill Pine Hill Education Jackson, Lane Pickett Independence Mo. C iemkal Engineering " rrimson-White " Staff, ' 30. ' 31; Transfer. Missouri University; Mining, Metal- lurgical and Chemical Engineering Society; Alabama Academy of Science. Jackson, Theodore King, X Mobile Pre-Laiv Alpha Kappa Psi ; Vice-President Arch Club; Secretary Rho Alpha Tau, ' 29. ' 30; " Rammer-Jammer " Staff, ' 30, ' 31; " Corolla " Staff, ' 30, ' 31. James, Eloise Northport Home Economics Jameson, James David, AT£2 Roanoke, Va. Commerce Arch Club. Jester, Margaret Elizabeth, X 1) Pittsburgh, Pa. Education Johnson, Myra, AAII Clanton Pre-Medical Pre-Medical Club, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31; Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 30. ' 31. Jones, John Henry, A6 Decatur Pre-Medical Key Ice. Jones, Mary Elizabeth, X n Martin ' s Ferry, Ohio Pi; a. b. [ones, Mary Olive 9 Gadsden Arts and Science Alpha Lambda Delta. Jones, Robert E., K . Scottsboro a. B.; Vice-President Junior Class; " Corolla " Staff. Joyce, William Vernon, Jr., 2AE Biloxi, Miss. A. B.; " A " Club; Varsity Traclt. Kaeffer, Charles Douglas, A2 Clifton, N. J. Civil Engineering Phi Eta Sigma; Chi Beta Phi; Theta Tau; A. S. C. E. ; Honor Holl, ' 29, ' 30. Kattener, Frederick Perdido Beach Engineering Phi Eta Sigma; Kappa Gamma Delta. Keener, Eloise Jackie Collinsville Education Delta Phi Mu; Woman ' s Council; Honor C ' ouncil. ' 29; Erosophic. ' 29; " Crim- son-White. " ' 30, ' 31; Glee Club, ' 30, ' 31, ' 32; Recording Secretary Education Club, ' 30, ' 31; Secretary Women ' s Athletic Association, ' 30, ' 31; Vice-President Sophomore Education Class, ' 30, ' 31; Secretary Junior Education Class, ' 31, ' 32; Sponsor Company " H, " R, O. T. C, ' 29; Y. W. C. A.; Honor Roll, ' 30, ' 31. Kelley, Gladys Shreveport, La. Physical Education Kerst, John Cornell Reading, Pa. Pre-Medical Theta Kappa Psi. Knox, William Glenn Plant City, Fla. A. B. Ladd, Ernest F., Jr., AKE Mobile Commerce Freshman Baseball; Greeks. PAGE NINETY-FIVE » Lamkin, Griffin, Jr Birmingham Arts and Science Lanf,, Winnell, AXn Dothan Arts and Science Chi Delta Phi. Lantrip, Paul A., A 9 Jasper Pre-Medical Phi Chi; " Corolla " Staff. LaritoNj Vincent Charles, A A Retsof, N. Y. Electrical Engineering Laslie, Carney Graham, 2 N Charlotte, N. C. Physical Education " A " Club; Skulls; Freshman Football, ' 29; Var.slty Football, ' 30, ' SI. Latimer, Ruth, AAII Geneva A. B. ; Glee Club; W. A. A.; T. W. C. A. Leach, Howard Byron, A6 Dadeville Commerce Druids; Alpha Sigma Pi; " Corolla " ; Spirit Committee; " Rammer-Jammor " ; Pre-Law Club; Commerce Club; " Crimson-White " ; Assistant Editor " Centen- nial Corolla " ; Junior Manager Bas! etball, ' 31, ' 32 Lester, Clarice Birmingham Arts and Science Chi Delta Phi; Junior Faculty. Levin, Frances, A E Chattanooga, Tenn. A. B. Levin, Isadore Irving, BA Pawtucket, R. L Pre-Denlal Track. Levine, Louis, IiA Newark, N. J. Arts and Science Lewis, Oleta Citroneile Commerce Chi Theta; Treasurer, ' 30; Vice-President, ' 31; Secretary of Woman ' s Student Government Association, ' 31, ' 32; Executive Committee. ' 31, ' 32; Y. W. C. A. Counsellor, ' 30, ' 31; Honor Roll, ' 29, ' 30. ' 31; Honor Council, ' 31; Commerce Club. ' 30; Fellowship In Economics; American Bankers ' Association Scho ' ar- shlp; Alpha Lambda Delta; Vice-President, ' 30, ' 31; Chi Omega Award, ' 31. Livingston, Eleanor Stewart, AXfi Prattville Arts and Science Erosophic, ' 29; Honor Council. ' 29; Y. W. C. A.. ' 29, ' 30, ' 31; Education Club; Representative of Woman ' s Council. Lloyd, James Adams, AX Birmingham Commerce LoEB, William Harry, ZBT Montgomery Arts and Science Blackfriars; Erosophic; Excelsior; " Corolla " Staff, ' 30. Long, Margaret, A Z Sanford, Fla. Education Long, Mary Frances, M Birmingham Arts and Science Transfer. Howard; " Crimson-White " Staff; Chi Delta Phi; Beta Pi Theta- Editor " Bull Pup " ; " Entre Nouse " Staff; Sophomore Class Marshal; Honor HoU. LooPER, Helen, ZTA Plainview, Texas Education Pi. Lovelace, Helen Marie, K A Brewton Arts and Science . JUNIOM C Lyman, Elbert Johnston, Jr., r A Fort Denning, Ga. Arts and Science Lyman, William Ayers, rA Fort Benning, Ga. Arts and Science Mackle, Robert Francis, ATfl Birmingham Commerce Maney, John Pickard, K A University Arts and Science Rho Alpha Tau, ' 29. Mann, Mary Josephine Tuscaloosa Education Caroline Hunt Club. Marshall, Alexander Joseph, Jr., A9 Marion Arts and Science Glpe Club: University of Alabama Symphony Orchestra; Business Staff " Co- rolla. " " Crimson-White. " and " Rammer-Jammer " ; Blaekfrlars; Excelsior Lit- erary S ociety; Musical Comedy Club. Marshall, John L., X Marion Engineering S. A. M. E.; Omcers ' Club; A, I. E. E. Mason, D. K., X Marion Arts and Science Skulls; " Rammer-Jammer. " Mason, Sara Elizabeth Gadsden Arts and Science May, Charlie R., K 2 Bennettsville, S. C. Arts and Science Arch Club; Parasites; Pan-Hellenic Council; Intra-Mural Committee, McBrayer, Evelyn B., A A n Anderson, S. C. Arts and Science Transfer, Brenau College; Caroline Hunt Club; Y. W. C. A. McCeney, George Dudley Upper Marlboro, Md. Civil Engineering Transfer. Duke University. McConaughy, John B LaGrange, 111. Arts and Science Samuel Johnson Literary Society. McCuLLoucH, Alfred John Strathmere, N. J. Engineering Newman Club. McDonough, Sam F., 1 r A Birmingham Pre-Lavi Rho Alpha Mu; Freshman Tennis Team. ' 29; Rho Alpha Tau, ' 29; Erosophlc; " Rammer- Jammer. " McGowiN, Nick, AKE Chapman Arts and Science Arch Club. MacLennan, James Robert, A A New Brunswick, N. J. Commerce Glee Club. ' 29. ' 30; New Jersey Club; Erosophic. McKivley, Fritz, IIK Atmore Pre-Medical Phi Chi; " Corolla " Staff, ' 31, ' 32; Greeks; Y. M. C. A., ' 30; Junior Faculty. Meadow, Grace Mount Vernon, N. Y. Arts and Science . JUNIOR CLASS . Merritt, Mary Greenfield, K A Montgomery Arts and Science Pi. Meyer, Hudson F., e X Rockville Center, N. Y. Irts and Science Alpha Delta Sigma. Middlebrook, Nell, ATA Enterprise Education Y. W. C. A.; Caroline Hunt Club; " Corolla " Staff. ' 32. Miller, Marion Beatrice Milwaukee, Wis. Arts and Science MiREE, Dick, 2 A E Birmingham Arts and Science Alpha Kappa P. ii; Rho Alpha Tau: Blackfriars; Erosophic; Excelsior; Druids; Fre.shman Cheer Leader, ' 29; President Freshman Commerce Class; President Druids; Second Lieutenant; " Corolla " Staff. ' 29. ' 30; " Rammer-Jammer, " ' 29 ' 30, ' 31; Commerce Club. MissBACH, George E., K Bloomfield, N. J. Chemistry President Alembic Club, ' 31, ' 32; Fellow in Chemistry. Mitchell, Daphna, 9 Norfield, Miss. Arts and Science Mitchell, Lloyd Ishmael, K Florence Engineering Publicity Agent; Mining, Metallurgical, and Engineering Club. Moloney, William Michael, 2 X Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Excelsior; President Newman Club, ' 31, ' 32; Phllomathic; Honor Roll, ' 30, ' 31. Moritz, Gordon Durrie, T f) X Bound Brook, N. J. Engineering 8. A. M. E.; A. A. E.; Secretary-Treasurer A. S. C. E. ; Officers ' Club. Moseley, Frank O Montgomery Education Freshman Football. ' 30; Varsity Football. ' 31. MoSELY, Seaborn Hawes, 2K Tuscaloosa Pre-La w Glee Club, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31, ' 32; Clef Club, ' 31, ' 32; " Corolla, " ' 30, ' 31; Rifle Team, ' 29, ' 30; Officers ' Club, ' 31, ' 32. Moss, Katheryn Leota, AXt) Charleston, III. Arts and Science Blackfriars; Y. W. C. A. Mover, Roy M., 2 A M . Glendora Pre-La ' ui Murphy, Mary Wood Abbeville Arts and Science MusTARi, Frank James, A ' I ' A Retsof, N. Y. Electrical Engineering Nareff, Arthur Aaron New York City, N Y. Pre-Medical Varsity Basketball Squad Neighbors, Mary Matilda, A3A Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Nichols, Fred William, K N Birmingham Commerce Phi Eta Sigma; Rho Alpha Mu; Samuel Johnson; Honor Roll, ' 31, ' 32- Ward Sterne Prize Winner, ' 31; Accounting Fellowship; " CorroUa. " JUNIOK CLASS . Nobles, Franklin J Fort Wayne, Ind. Commerce V ' Freshman Basketball; Freshman Track; Varsity Basketball; " A " Club. m K NoRRis, James Edward, nK I Columbus, Ga. H Norris, Mary Maude Northport _ ilHk B a BaM f B Glee Club, ' 31, ' 32; Caroline Hunt Club, ' 31, ' 32. kS H 9 4M B Norrk, Mildred Eloise Northport ylwiTtf Education i t iHf BB | | Caroline Hunt Club, ' 31, 32; W. A. A. ' Oakley, Earl Karl, 2 N Columbia cu m Commerce mU KM M Alpha Kappa PsI. M W V Oden, Clarence Tuscaloosa HHPP B ' H — l Engineering V P _ W 5 Junior p ' aeulty; T. M. C. A. Cabinet; M. M. and C. E. Club. I B JI V H m O ' Hara, Bryan H., T K A Elmhurst, N. Y. - a m Journalism " Crimson-White, " " Corolla " : Blackfriars; Newman Club; Freshman Football and Basketball; Matrix. Pazeian, Isabel Worcester, Mass. Pre-Medicat Papulski, Alex. Joseph, ATA Three Rivers, Mich. Engineering K Sigma Delta PsI; Rifle Team. yi h Parker, Leslie Lehn, ITKA Andalusia Pre-Medical H P -i Phi Bi H " X mX ' B I Penton, Sarah Elizabeth Goodwater B HtSf9 mm m - B Arts and Science B " f H P l Y. W. C. A.; W. A. A.; Y. W. C. A. Counsellor. K ' B B H Persons, John P Tuscaloosa BkA H I I F Special; Scabbard and Blade; Omicron Omega Mu: Society of American Mill- ' J B BS k l 4 mKr tary Engineers; Rifle Team, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31; Fencing Team, ' 31; " Crimson-White, " BB B ' ■? ' 29; Managing Editor " Crimson-White, " ' 31; Military Editor " Corolla, " ' 32; Offlcer.s ' Club; Matrix Club; Military Ball Committee, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31; Director Intra-Mural Athletics, ' 30; Scabbard and Blade Banquet Committee, ' 30, ' 31; Cadet Captain, R. O. T. C. Phillips, Leon Roanoke L- « Mm Commerce PRvI IBh AvJBii ' i Assistant in Accounting; Honor Roll, ' 31; Delta Sigma Pi. BL B B Planck, Ernest Hopkins, X 4 Mobile K I tffli k5lilB Pre-Medical BJP PSP HSV ' " Corolla, " ' 29, ' 30; Arch Club; Pre-Medical Club; " Rammer-Jammer, " ' 31, ' 32. M K K Plokstb, William Matthew Bridgeport, Conn, Engineering PoE, John Edgar, K I Parrish M " " t B . i, ' Commerce Alpha Delta Sigma. Pollock, Sam Birmingham | . ' Commerce I , ' Jf,. PoMPoxio, Arthur Rocco, e X South Bloomfield, N. J. Engineering PovAS, John Louis Los Angeles, Calif. Pre-Medical Powell, James Blackmon, 2 N Union Springs Commerce Alpha Kappa Psi; Key Ice: Vice-President Junior Commerce Class: Vice- President Alpha Kappa Psi. Price, Norman H., A 9 Southbridge, Mass. Engineering Pratt, Eugene H., A K E Hartford, Conn. Arts and Science Golf Team. Price, W. K Tuscaloosa Engineering Provost, Annie Katharine, AAA Mobile Arts and Science Omega; Honor Council, ' 30. ' 31; Zeta Phi Eta; Y. W. C. A.; Pan-Hellenic Rep- resentative, ' 31, ' 32; Secretary Omega, ' 30, ' 31; Journalism Fellowship, ' 31, ' 32. Purcell, Wood Rowe, IIK Jasper Engineering A. I. E. E. ; S. A. M. E. ; Theta Tau; Alabama Quadrangle; Officers ' Club; As- sistantship Physics Department: Honor Roll, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31. QuACKENBUSH, ARTHUR D., Jr., AX Mobile Engineering Rolls, Lola, ATA Gadsden Arts and Science Randall, Peitus Henry, AKE Marion Junction Pre-La u} " Crimson-White " ; " Rammer-Jammer, " ' 30; Excelsior: Erosophic. ' 30; Forensic Council, ' 31; Vice-President Sophomore Class; Arch Club. Randall, William Spears, n K A Marion Junction Pre-Medicat Alpha Epsilon Delta; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Chi Beta Phi; Phi Chi; Execu- tive Committee, ' 31, ' 32; Blue Key: Treasurer Alpha Epsilon Delta, ' 31, ' 32; Greel s: Secretary-Treasurer Spirit Committee, ' 31, ' 32; " Corolla " Board, ' 30, ' 31; Circulation Manager " Corolla, " ' 31, ' 32, Rau, Mary Reneau, K A Tuscaloosa Education • Omega; Blackfriars; Y, W. C. A. Rauschenberc, Helen, A " t " Decatur Arts and Science Chi Delta Phi; Blaclifrlars: Y. W. C. A.: Freshman Cabinet, ' 30; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. ' 31; Honor Council; " Crimson-White " Staff, ' 31; Woman ' s Editor " Crimson-White, " ' 31, ' 32; " Corolla " Staff, ' 30, ' 31; Y, W. C. A., ' 31, ' 32. Redd, Moody, 2AE Florence Arts and Science Rho Alpha Tau. ' 29; Rho Alpha Mu; Phi Eta Sigma; Quadrangle; Skulls; " Rammer-Jammer, " ' 30, ' 31; " Corolla " Staff, ' 30, ' 31; Glee Club, ' 30, ' 31. Reeves, Clifford Roland, AAT Birmingham Arts and Science Ofhcers ' Club; Excelsior; Cardinal Club. Reid, Mary McLester, A Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Rhodes, W. Cortlyn, Jr., K 2 Freeport, N. Y. Engineering Theta Tau. Rice, Joseph Shelton, Jr Northport A.-is and Science Riegel, Merle, V A Dayton, Ohio Commerce Alpha Delta Sigma; Blackfriars; Key Club; Varsity Track; " A " Club; Spades Club; Key Ice. Rittenberry, Baxter Bernard, 4 KS Homewood Pre-Laiu " Corolla " staff, ' 31, ' 32; " Rammer- Jammer. " . JUNIOM CLI RiTTENHOUSE, Marjorie, A Z St. Pontiac, III. Arts and Science Roberts, Kenneth Allison Piedmont Arts and Science Blue Key; Alabama Quadrangle; Philomathic; Spirit Committee: Matrix Vice- Presiident Y. M. C. A.; Editor, ' 31, ' 32; Student Directory; Assistant Editor " A " Book; Blue Ridge Delegate. ' 31; Centennial " Corolla " Board; Publli-ity Manager " Corolla, " 32; " Crimson-White, " ' 30- ' 31. ' 31- ' 32; Calhoun County Club; Million Dollar Band. Roberts, Rollo H., K 2 Chicago, 111. Journalism Robinson, Laurel Haleyville Arts and Science Rosenberg, Leon, ZBT Troy Commerce Blackfriars; University Band; Glee Club; " Crimson-White " ; " Corolla " ; " Rammer- Jammer. " Rosenstein, Dorothy Chicago, 111. Education Transfer, University of Illinois. Rountree, McIver, 2 X Birmingham Engineering Fencing Team, ' 29. ' 30; As.sistant Coach Girls ' Fencing Team, ' 29, ' 30: Gen- eral Staff " Corolla, " ' 30, ' 31; Art Staff " Rammer-Jammer. " ' 30. - ' 31. ' 31- ' 32; Art Start " Corrolla, " ' 31, ' 32; Art Club; S. A. M. E. ; A. S. C. E. Sacks, Bessie, A E Gainesville, Ga. Education Salmon. Eugene Horces, IIK Bessemer Arts and Science Rho Alpha Mu; Blackfriars: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Blue Ridge Delegate. ' 31; Samuel Johnson Literary Society; " Rammer-Jammer " Exchange Editor, ' 31. ' 32; Philomathic; Alabama Quadrangle; Officers ' Club. Sander, Daniel, TKA Bayonne, N. J. Engineering Newman Club; A. S. M. E. Sanders, Louise Aliceville Education Sawtell, Sidney Blan, IIKA Troy Education Scales, Corabel, ASA Mobile Arts and Science Woman ' s Honor Council. Schweitzer, Harold Spiro, ZBT Tuscaloosa Phi Eta Sigma; Treasurer Phi Eta Sigma; Honor Roll; Officers ' Club; Spanish Club; " Crimson-White. " Sears, Mary Frank, AAII Shellman, Ga. Arts and Science Pan-Hellenic Council; Women ' s Council. Shaffer, William Gilbert, 2 A E Memphis, Tenn. Arts and Science Shanley, Kenneth William, A A. . Cohocton, N. Y. Commerce Shannon, Harry Gerald, 9 X Birmingham Commerce Sheffield, Blinn Davis Pine Hill Arts and Science Transfer, Bob Jones College. PAGE ONE HUNDRED ONE Sherwin, Carl L., 2 X Sterling, Colo. Arts and Science Sherwin, GuSj 2 X Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Shirley, Elizabeth, A !7 Tuscaloosa Education Alpha Lambda Delta; Winner of Delta Phi Epsilon Freshman Cup. ' 30: Honor Roll, ' 30. ' 31; " Crimson-White " ; French Club; Secretary Education Club, ' 32; Y. W. C. A. Freshman Cabinet and Counsellor; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet ' 32; Car- oline Hunt Club, ' 32; " Corolla " ; Junior Faculty; Class Tennis Team, ' 31; Letter in Athletics; W. A. A. Keeper of Points. Shortt, James M Fond Du Lac, Wis. Arti and Science Freshman Basketbal l. Simmons, Albert Russell, iAB Jasper Engineering President Junior; Junior Prom Committee; Alabama Quadrangle; Skulls; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Theta Tau; Fellow in Chemistry; officers ' Club. SiMONTON, Robert Leslie, ATfi Selma Pre-Medical Phi Chi. Simpson, James Alden, K 2 Birmingham Engineering President Theta Tau, ' 30; O. D. K. ; Jason ' s Secretary, ' 31, ' 32; Blue Key; General Chairman Cotillion Club Committee, ' 30, ' 31; Varsity Tennis Team, ' 30- ' 31, ' 31- ' 32; Captain, ' 31: President Skulls. ' 30, ' 31; Alabama Quadrangle; Intra-Mural Board, ' 30; " Corolla " Staff, ' 29; Delta Club, Skinner, Thomas Julian, Jr., AXA Bessemer Pre-Latv Rho Alpha Mu; Excelsior Literary Society; Alabama Million-Dollar Band; R, O. T. C. Band. Smith, Charles Dudley, SNE Elgin, 111. Commerce Smith, Elizabeth, AXn Huntsville Arts and Sci.nce Glee Club; Y. W. C. A.; Tennis Club; Golf Club. Smith, Emmitt D., K 2 Gulfport, Miss. Arts and Science Arch Club. Smith, James Harvey, ATA Indianapolis, Ind. Commerce Smith, Thomas Hunter, K Mobile Engineering Phi Eta Sigma. Smith, WyAtt F., A 2 Montgomery Arts and Science Beta Omega Delta: Pre-Law Club, ' 28. ' 29, ' 31; Euphiana, ' 28, ' 29; DeMolay Club, ' 29; Ghibelliens; " Crimson-White, " ' 28, ' 29; " Corolla " Staff, ' 28, ' 29; " Rammer-Jammer " ; Forensic Council. Spann, Jeanneite, K a Dothan Arts and Science Spaulding, Charles Wilson Cohocton, N. Y. Pre-Medical Member Varsity Rifle Team, ' 31; Manager Varsity Rifle Team, ' 31. Staehle, Herman V., Jr., T K A South Orange, N. J. Commerce Band; Commerce Club, Stallincs, Jesse Ferguson, 2 N Birmingham Commerce Key Ice. Stander, Leonard H., 2 A M Opelousas, La. Pre-Medical . JUNIOR CLAS Starlin, Thomas Winston Columbus, Ga. Commerce Headmaster Scribe: Delta Sigma PI; President Phi Eta Sigma; Secretary Y. M. C. A.; Devotional Secretary Alabama Quadrangle; Historian Erosophlc; Honor Roll. ' 31, ' 32; Phiiomathic; Advisory Council on Student Life; Blue Ridge Delegate. ' 31; Business Manager " A " Book, ' 31, ' 32; Assistant Editor Student Directory. ' 31. ' 32; " Corolla " Staff; " Crimson-White " Staff; Secretary to Executive Secretary; Spirit Committee. Steele, John Dayton, ATQ Gadsden Pre-Laia Rho Alpha Tau. ' 29; Freshman Track Squad. ' 29; Spirit Committee, ' 31. Stephens, B. A., A X Lineville Pre-M edical " Crimson- white. ", John Hannaford Long Beach, Calif. Commerce Delta Sigma Pi; Blackfriars; English Fellowship; Honor Roll, ' 30, ' 31. Stewart, Robert George, T K A South Orange, N. J. Commerce " Corolla " staff; Tennis Team. Stone, George E., Jr., Ae Mobile Arts and Science Sudbury, J. T., 2 A E Blytheville, Ark. Commerce Capstone Orchestra; Greeks. SwAiM, MosE M., rA Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Varsity Football. SwARTCHiLD, ROBERT K., Z B T Chicago, 111. Arts and Science Tacgart, Cleophus Chester Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Taylor, Mary Furman, ATA Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Teague, Robert Sterling, Jr., I Ae Montgomery Arts and Science Phi Eta Sigma. Teele, Helen, ASA Columbus, Ohio Arts and Science Thames, Gus, X Mobile Engineerintf Arch Club; " Rammer- Jammer " Staff. Thames, Susan, ATA Mobile Arts and Science Omega; Y. W. C. A.; " Corolla " Staff; Blackfriars; Secretary Junior Class of Women Students; Spirit Committee; " Rammer-Jammer, " ' 31, ' 32; W. A. A. Thetford, William Fletcher, ATO Montgomery Arts and Science Thomas, Evelyn Robertson, ZTA Birmingham Arts and Science Thomas, Richard Erle, 2 X Eufaula Pre-Medical Druids; Kappa Gamma Delta; Rho Alpha Tau; Blackfriars; Treasurer Black- friars; Treasurer Kappa Gamma Delta, ' 31; " Crimson-White " Staff, " 30, ' 31; Spades Club. Thompson, Horace Walnut Grove Education Alabama Quadrangle; President Junior Education; Member Executive Committee; Excelsior Literary Society; Education Club. ■ PAGE ONE HUNDRED THREE Thompson, Katherine, ASA Mobile Arts and Science Woman ' s Council. Tipton, Lawrence Buell, rA Selma Pre-La u} Rho Alpha Mu; Pi Delta Sigma; Erosopliic; Freshman Tennis Team; Pre-Law Club; Forensic Council; Art Staff " Rammer-Jammer, " ' 29. ' 30, ' 31; Art Editor ••Corolla. " ' 29; Editorial Staff " Crimson-White, " ' 29, ' 30 ' 31; Assistant Busi- ness Manager ' •Rammer-Jammer. " ' 31. ' 32; Matrix Club. ' 30. ' 31, ' 32; Honor Roll, ' 29, ' 30; Officers ' Club. ' 30, ' 31, ' 32; Blackfriars, ' 30, ' 31. ' 32; Excelsior; Greeks; Assistant Manager Rifle Team, ' 31, ' 32; First Lieutenant Battery " G " ; S. A. M. E.; Glee Club, ' 31, ' 32; Junior Prom Committee, ' 31, ' 32; Accountant. ' 31, ' 32; ••Corrolla. " Tompkins, James Henry, K2 Tuscumbia Arts and Science Greeks; Excelsior, ' 29; Bho Alpha Tau. ' 29. TowNES, Milton Halsey, K A Huntsville Arts and Science Rho Alpha Mu; Rho Alpha Tau; Glee Ciub, ' 29- ' 31; Treasurer Glee Club, ' 30, ' 31; President Glee Club, ■31- ' 32; President Freshman Arts and Science Class, ' 29; Excelsior, ' 29- ' 30- ' 31; Alabama Quadrangle, ' 30- ' 31- ' 32; Phllomathic; Pre- Law Club, ' 29- ' 30; Spirit Committee, ' 31- ' 32; Executive Committee, ' 31, ' 32; Honor Committee, ' 31. ' 32; Forensic Council, ' 31- ' 32; Freshman Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, ' 29; Musical Comedy Club; Vice-President Musical Comedy Ciub, ' 31; Blue Key; Ofllcers ' Club; Vice-President Clef Ciub. TowNSEND, Hastel Laveine, 6 X Birmingham Pre-Medical Phi Chi; Greeks; Spirit Committee. Tryon, Horace Edward, TKA Syracuse, N. Y. Commerce Newman Club. Turner, Mary Park Northport Arts and Science Fellow in French. Vaughan, Henry Albert, K A Selma Commerce Phi Eta Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi; Honor Roll, ' 29 ' 30, ' 31; Alabama Quad- rangle; Million-Dollar Band. Ventress, Edward Cecil, 2 X Clayton Arts and Science Transfer, Davidson College. Waddell, James Marion, K 2 Tuscaloosa Commerce Alpha Kappa Psi; Rho Alpha Tau; Skulls; OfUcers ' Ciub; Spirit Committee; Home-Coming Celebration Committee; Assistant Cheer Leader; Commerce Club, ' 29, ' 30; Junior Manager Rifle Team. ' 30. ' 31; Collection Manager " Co- rolla, " ' 32; Blue Key; Druids; President Alpha Kappa Psi, ' 32. Wade, Theodore Lee Minter Commerce Waite, Wilber S., 2 a E Loup City, Neb. Arts and Science Walker, Nannie Katherine, A Z Huntsville Education Wallin, Reginald E., A 2 ! Earle, Ark. Arts and Science Commerce Club, ' 29- ' 30; Tau Phi, ' 30- ' 31; Vice-President Alpha Sigma Phi; President Alpha Siema Phi, ' 31-32; Member Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 31- ' 32. Ward, Jane Center Arts and Science President Alpha Lambda Delta; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet; Blue Ridge Delegate, ' 29; Education Club; Honor Committee. ' 29; Birmingham " News " Scholarship, ' 29- ' 33. Ward, William LaFayette, Jr., K 2 Tuscaloosa Pre-Law Rho Alpha Mu. Warren, George Gordon, Jr., S X Jackson Commerce Treasurer Delta Sigma Pi; Philomathic Literary Society; Assistant in Treas- urer ' s Office; Alabama Quadrangle. Warren, Hermione, K A Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Zeta Phi Eta; Pi; Blackfriars; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. JUNIOR CLAS Webb, Margaret M., KKT Bloomington, 111. Home Economics Weed, James K., T $2 X . . . . Quinton Engineering Weil, Bert C, Jr., ZBT Montgomery Commerce Wellhofer, Ernest Spencer, A 2 Belleville, N. J. Engineering Weston, Riley Newton Birmingham Engineering White, Florence Uhlmann, ASA Lawrence, L. I., N. Y. Foreign Service Alpha Lambda Delta; Chi Delta Phi; Chi Thcta; W. A. A.; Newman Club; Commerce Club; Honor Roll, ' 30. ' 31; Class Soccer; Basketball; Hockey; Track Teams. Whiteside, Alice Katherine Oxford Pre-Lata Chl Delta Phi; Rho Alpha Mu; President Woman ' s Honor Council; Sophomore Representative Woman ' s Council; Secretary Woman ' s Student Government, ' 30, ' 31; Executive Committee; " Crimson-White " Staff, ' 30- ' 31: Secretary, Editor " Crimson-White, " ' 31- ' 32; " Corolla " Staff, ' 30- ' 31; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, ' 30- ' 31, ' 32; Secretary Dean of Women, ' 29- ' 30: Student Assistant, ' 31- ' 32; Fresh- man Counsellor. White, Lois Sulligent Education White, Maurice Robert, 2 N Denver, Colo. Arts and Science WiESEL, Bert Hirsh, ZBT Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Phi Eta Sigma; Blackfriars; Honor Roll; Erosophic; Pre-Medical Club; " Rammer- Jammer. " WiLBOuRNE, John Rankin, AXA Marion Commerce Alpha Kappa Psl. Wilson, Howard William, Jr., K 2 Stubenville, Ohio Alembic Club, Wood, John Fred, IIKA West Blocton Education Transfer, Auburn. Wood, Neil L., K Columbus, Miss. Commerce Alpha Delta Sigma; Commerce Club. Woodall, Leora, AXn Tallassee Worrell, Helen, K K r _ Birmingham Education Omega; Delta; Woman ' s Council. ' 31, ' 32; Woman ' s Pan-Hellenic, 30 ' 31- ' 31, ' 32; Treasurer Erosophic; Secretary-Treasurer Omega; Caroline Hunt Club. Wyker, John William, Jr., K A Decatur Arts and Science Zeigler, Annie Ruth Talladega Arts and Science Alpha Lambda Delta; Education Club. ' 30, ' 31; French Club; Y. W. C. A.; W. A. A.; Fellowship in English; Hall C ' hairman; " Rammer-Jammer " Staff- Honor Boll, ' 30, ' 31. PAGE ONE HUNDRED FIVE r OFFICERS Sophomore Class College of Arts and Sciences President Aubrey Boyles Vke-Presidctit Perrymak Page Secretary-Treasurer William Sellers School of Commerce President Paul Haygood Vice-President David Peebles Secretary-Treasurer BlLL Branch College of Education President Zeke Kimbrough Vice-President John Baker Secretary-Treasurer Ollie Buckelen College of Engineering President John Morgan Vice-President Harry Weber Secretary-Treasurer William Calder School of Home Economics President Margaret Crossley SOPHOMORES SOPHOMOME CLASS . Abbot, Helen, KKT Mobile Education Omega, Aldridge, Caret, SAE Mobile Commerce Delta Sigma PI. Aldridge, Henri McMillan, 2 A E Mobile Commerce Delta Sigma Pi; " Rammer-Jammer. " Allison, Edward Stevenson Education Allison, Ruth Kathryn, AAII Gulfport, Miss. Arts and Science Blackfriar Players; Musical Coinedy Club. Alexander, Clifton Jack Hollywood, Calif. Arts and Science Pre-Medical .Club; Boxing Squad. Alfano, Edward M., i ex New York City, N. Y. Arts and Science Spanisli Club; Treasurer " II Europe. " ' 30, ' 31. Allen, Thomas Pierce Port Jefferson, N. Y. Commerce Anderson, William Samuel, AXA Birmingham Com merce Rho Alpha Tau; ■•Corolla " Staff, ' 30- ' 31. Bailey, Harle G., n K A Boaz Commerce Delta Sigma Pi; Commerce Club; Alabama Quadrangle; Vice-President Rho Alpha Mu, ' 31; Charter Member Samuel Johnson Literary Club; Druids; " Crimson-White " ; " Corolla " ; Junior Manager Varsity Football. Bains, Lee E., r A Bessemer Commerce Baker, John L., A T fi Albertville Education Vice-President Sophomore Clas.s, School of Education; " Crimson-White. " ' 30, ' 31. Baldwin, Marie Antoinette Mobile Arts and Science Ballard, Ruby Mildred Steppville Commerce Barnes, Katherine Scears, ATA Eutaw Arts and Science Barrett, Ralph Carter, A T fi Birmingham Commerce Batferson, William I West Hartford, Conn. Engineering Bell, Bonnie Lora Tuscaloosa Education Bell, Flora Louethel . Tuscaloosa Home Economics Bendau, Harold Mills, IIK Rocky River, Ohio Aeronautical Engineering Benham, Donald Burnett Birmingham Pre-Dental Bennett, Lowell Herbert, AX Vineland, N. J. Chemical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma; Band; Glee Club; " Corolla " ; Samuel Johnson Literary Club. . SOPHOMOME Bennett, Robert Harris, 2 X Louisville Pre-Laiu Berger, Jerome James Peekskill, N. Y. Commerce Sports Editor " Crimson-White " ; " Rammer-Jammer " ; Samuel Johnson Literary Society; " Corolla " : Biacltfriar Players; Publicity, ' 32; Matrix Club; Spirit Committee. Berry, John Heflin, AXA Selm» Arts and Science Glee Club. Bertkau, William Edward Bronxville, N. Y. Commerce Commerce Club. Black, William Rufus Tuscaloosa Commerce Blackwell, Cartlege W., K a Selma Chemistry, Metallurgy, Ceramics Blatt, David Julius, I 2A Perth Amboy, N. J. Pre-La w " Crimson-White " Staff, ' 31, ' 32; Hillel Society; Chess Club, ' 31; " Corolla " Staff, ' 31; Rho Alpha Mu. Bliesener, Carl, AX Rock Island, III. Engineering Phi Eta Sigma. BoBowiK, Louis Benjamin Bridgeport, Conn. Education BoRNSTEiN, Leo Arthur, T r r Jersey City, N. J. Arts and Science Bovles, Aubrey Moody, Ae Mobile Arts and Science Rho Alpha Tau; Glee Club; Arch Club; Druids; Blackfriars; President Sopho- more Cia. ' s, College of Arts and Science; Excelsior; Advertising Manager " Corolla, " ' 31; ' Crimson-White " ; Phi Eta Sigma. BozEMAN, Elinor Sue Birmingham Arts and Science Alpha Lambda Delta; Honor Roll, ' 30, ' 31. BRACEVk-ELL, FRANKIE MlLDRED Dothan Chemistry Bradburd, Saul, K N Philadelphia, Pa. Engineering Phi Eta Sigma. Branch, William T., A 9 Montgomery Commerce Alabama Quadrangle; Druids; " Corolla " Staff; Secretary and Treasurer Sopho- more Commerce. Brazelton, Jack, ATfi Birmingham Pre-Lavi Key Ice. Brister, Rosamond, Z T A Greenwood, Miss. Arts and Science Brooks, Douglas Alton Corning N. Y. Arts and Science Glee Club; Rho Alpha Chi. Bronson, William Howard, II K A Dadeville Pre-Law Brown, Mamie Lark, A r A . . . Birmingham Arts and Science Bruno, Ralph Oliver Bridgeport, Conn. Commerce Busby, Hubbard Taylor Moody ' s Cross Roads Pre-Lav ORE CLASS . Caffee, Fred Moore, IIKA Vance Commerce Calder, William Edward, III West Medford, Mass. A eronautical Engineering Secretary-Treasurer Sophomore Class; Freshman Track; Freshman Tennis; Freshman Boxing. Calhoun, A. W., X Atlanta, Ga. Pre-Medical Arch Club; Pre-Medical Club. Calmes, Catherine, ATA Baton Rouge, La. Home Economics Y. w. c. A. Camp, George Lewis, BTO Munford Arls and Science Cathey, John Holcombe, Ae Gadsden Pre-La ia Caverno, Dorothy Alice Birmingham Arts and Science Alpha Lambda Delta. Cetrulo, Guido L Newark, N. J. Engineering Chalmers, Albert Holden, Jr., r A Birmingham Mechanical Engineering Chamberlain, Bart Beardslee, AKE Mobile Pre-La o Chambless, Jean, K A Montgomery Arts and Science Chapman, Rebecca Dawn, X fi Columbia, Miss. Arts and Science Charamella, Lelio Wilmington, Del. Commerce Chester, Thomas Joseph, TKA Carteret, N. J. Education Newman Club. Church, Dorothy Dean, X n Birmingham Commerce Pi. CiFELLi, Thomas Michael Newark, N. J. Arts and Science Phi Eta Sigma. Clark, Devere, GTfi Mobile Commerce Coffey, Edmond Norman Bridgeport, Conn. Arts and Science CoFiELD, Nona I Ensley Education Cohen, Estelle Wheeling, W. Va. Commerce Coles, Walter, Jr., K 2 Chatham, Va. Arts and Science Arch Club. Coley, John Smartt, X Alexander City Arts and Science Secretary Phi Eta Sigma; Rho Alpha Tau ; Excelsior; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; " Rammer-Jammer " Staff; Honor Roll. ' 30, ' 31. SOPHOMORE CLASS COLVIN, RoLAXD H., A T A Memphis, Tenn. tl M Commerce Br- % CoNN ' ASTERj RoY S Clanton k tO mlKb w V Engineering " - K Freshman Basketball; Baseball. i , m . ' CoNSERVA, Peter Vernon Clifton, N. J. 9 ' - ' ' F Pre-Medical ,JJ ' " . t ' CoNTi, Bart John Fairview, N. J. VV Bi k Commerce L B ft_ B M B Cooper, Maxine Birmingham -flff L -SV K Arts and Science B -S kfi V V H K ' j Cowan, Thomas Moody, 6 X Piedmont ' ' y y r j ani Science 0 tl % CoxwELL, Alvin Bartley, Jr., K A Monroeville V V Ih h " Pre-Medical V Hi| v Million-Dollar Band, ' 30, ' 31, ' 32. R ' ■ Crossley, Leslie Earle, 2K Providence, R. I. k ' l - r Arts and Science " Crossley, Margaret, AAA Wallkill, N. Y. Home Economics Delta Phi Mu: AV. A. A.; President Sophomore Class, School of Home Eco- nomics; Erosophic; Y. W. C. A.; Caroline Hunt Club. Cutler, Harry C Leonia, N. J. Pre-Laiu Dabney, Jack, ATi2 Florence N mP Arts and Science t K k Arch Club; Rho Alpha Tau, ■ift tf A R fl B Danforth, William Paul, ATQ Houston, Texas e m IL ' B Rho Alpha Tau; Druids; ' Corolla, " ' 29. ' 30- ' 31; " Rammer- Jammer. " ' 29. ' 30- rr 1 JTW n A r ' 31; " Crimson-White. " ' 29, ' 30- ' 31; Centennial Celebration Committee. kS A T Daveis, John Lawrence, AX Mobile X j Arts and Science M HBV Pnl Davis, Barbara Ann, AAII Decatur K . PIH " ' I Arts and Science ' Kl k ■ " Corolla " Staff; " Rammer-Jammer " Staff; Musical Comedy Club. K H W R ■ Davis, Elizabeth Gray, $ M Jasper Sfi VB Arts and Science . • H Y. W. C. a. Cabinet; Secretary Delta Phi Mu; French Club; W. A. A.; Glee . 0 Davis, Lawrence Brinoley, ATA Birmingham f W B V ' V A Commerce 1 ' H K..: | Delta Sigma Pi; Excelsior. ' U K B£! K K Day, Hudson Smith Selma m k J F Pi r Engineering . f ir . ' . Phi Eta Sigma; Honor Roll, " - Day, Samuel Mason, X 4 Alexander City K_ m K m Pre-Medical F ' M-K M ' Rho Alpha Tau ' 30; Excelsior; " Rammer-Jammer. " K ! H B ' «. H 1 Deal, Evelyn, A AA Tuscaloosa V KVR Arts and Science Bs r «y Dempsey, John Milan Bridgeport, Conn. 1 M . Commerce B Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Delta Sigma. B K h Derzis, Pete N Birmingham H V - ' C l Commerce ' tl L. t M Des Rocheres, Mobray, AKE Chapman B F 1 Ti m Commerce S E CLASS . Dexter, Parkman Blake, X Columbus, Ga. DiDRENCE, Joseph Jay Trenton, N. J. Chemical Engineering DiLWORTH, William Delaney, 6 X Empire Pre-Medical Pro-Medical Club. DoLECA, Michael Frank Bridgeport, Conn. Commerce DuBics, Lou, ATA Cleveland, Ohio Commerce Douglas, Katherine, ATA Mobile Home Economics Omega. Dunham, Jones Joseph, K 2 Tuscaloosa Commerce Dunnninc, Ruth Iness, 9 T Thomasville Physical Education y. W. C. A. Counsellor, ' 31, ' 32; W. A, A.; Honor Council. ' 30, ' 31; Sponsor Company " G " ; Education Club. DuRANT, Pelham, Jr., AKE Mobile Commerce Phi Eta Sigma: Alpha Kappa Psi. Elder, George Emmett Guntersville Education Ellis, Gabie, A a A Columbus, Miss. Pre-Medical " Rammer- Jammer " StalT. Erbe, John Raymond Donora, Pa. Electrical Engineering Ettlinger, Richard Chicago, 111. Arts and Science Evans, C. George Clifton, N. J. Pre-Medical Ewing, Edmund, AX Birmingham Pre-Laiu ExuM, Frank Kinney, " tTA Birmingham Pre-Law Rho Alpha Tau; Erosophic; " Rammer- Jammer " ; Blackfriars. Feldstein, Pearl Birmingham Physical Education Finnell, Harriet, X fi Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Pi; Erosophic, ' 30, ' 31; W. A. A.; Y. ' W. C. A. Fogg, George Justin, ATA.... Bethlehem, Pa. Arts and Science Foreman, Sarah, AAII Mobile Commerce Fort, Quinney, AAA Bainbridge, Ga. Arts and Science Freeman, Carl W DuBois, Pa. Electrical Engineering . SOPHOMORE C Fuller, Helen, A A n Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Alpha T ambda Delta: W. A. A.; Freshman Scholarship Award. ' 31; Captain Class Basketball, ' 30; Freshman Tennis Champion, ' 30; Hockey, ' 30; Track, ' 31; Baseball, ' 31. Gaines, Elizabeth Henshaw, A X fi Mobile Arts and Science Erosophic. Callaway, Henry G Bentleyville, Pa. Engineering Gai.lion, MacDonald, ATI) Birmingham Arts and Science Skulls; " Crlmson-Whlte " Staff. Garvey, Therese Annette Tucson, Ariz. Commerce Gatlin, Martha Courtney, X J) Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Delta Phi Mu; Zeta Phi Eta; Blackfriars; Erosophic. Gibson, Erwin O., 6 T fi Youngstown, Ohio Commerce Gill, Harriett, ATA Mobile Arts and Science Omega; Y. W. C. A. Counsellor; " Rammer-Jammer " Staff. Gilmore, Harold LeBruce, 9Tn Yemassee, S. C. Commerce Goldman, Albert Ezra, PAX Rochester, N. Y. Pre-Lavi " Crimson-White " Staff; " Corolla " Staff; President Rochester-Alabama Club. Goi.dner, Harry, K N Birmingham Pre-Medical GoMiLA, TORREY, Ae New Orleans, La. Alabama Boxing Club. Gordon, Hyman Ellis, K N Birmingham Engineering Rho Alpha Mu. Gordon, Mary Marfha, A " i " . . . Shreveport, La. Arts and Science Blackfriars; W. A. A.; Woman ' s Council; Alpha Lambda Delta. GowAN, Mattie Teresa Kosciusko, Miss. Arts and Science Newman Club; W. A. A. Grace, Harold S., ■! A 9 New Orleans, La. Arts and Science Gramtstein, Harry Gary, P . X . Rochester, N. Y. Pre-Medical Graves, Mary, A A II Bangor Physical Education W. A. A.; Class Tennis. ' 30; Class Hockey Team. " 30; Freshman Basketball Team. ' 31; Captain Freshman Track Team, ' 31: Letter In Athletics, ' 31; Y. W. C. A.; Sophomore Tennis; Briar Pushers. Gray, Sina Lee, X n Princeton, Ind. Education Gredell, Mary Louise, KKP Poplarville, Miss. Physical Education Green, Ann, AAA Montgomery Arts and Science Omega; Y. W. C. A.; W. A. A. Greenburc, Herman Theodore, K N Birmingham Commerce PAGE ONE HUNDRED THIRTEEN E CLAI Greewai.d, Edwin Donald Elizabeth, N. J. Pre-Medical Pre-Medical Club. Gre er, Mary Louise Potts Camp, Miss. Arts and Science GuLLO, Francis Ben, A A Niagara Falls, N. Y. Pre-Dental Haoer, George, n K Flat Creek Arts and Science Haigler, Edward David, IIK Birmingham Pre-La w Phi Eta Sigma; Rho Alpha Mu; Philomathic ; Bxcel. ' ilor: Blacktriars; Y. M, C. A. Cabinet; " Corolla " : " Crimson-White " ; " Rammer- Jammer " ; Honor Roll, ' 31; Quadrangle; Debating Team. Hale, Willie Hammond, AXO Birmingham Arts and Science W. A. A.; Y. W. C. A. Hall, Leslie, AXA Bay Minette Pre-Law Rho Alpha Mu: Erosophir; Centennial Pageant; Samuel Johnson T iterary So- ciety; " Corolla " Staff; Platoon Sergeant Company " D " ; Debating Team. Hamilton, Dorothy Louise Birmingham Arts and Science Blackfriars. Hankins, William Maxwell, A K E Daytona Beach, Fla. Cominercc Hansen, Robert Harry Bridgeport, Conn. Pre-Medical Harper, George Rlissell Pierson, Fla. Pre-Dental Hargrove, Marjorie Mae, AXn Birmingham Arts and Science Y ' . W. C. A.; W. A. A. Harper, Nannie Lou, 9 T Gadsden Arts and Science Harris, Egerton S., A K E Mobile Engineering Skulls. Harris, TeWyatt, X f) Dothan Commerce Erosophic; Y. W. C. A. Counsellor; W. A. A. Harrison, David Leigh, Jr., 2 A E Florence Commerce Y. M. C. A.; Rho Alpha Tau. Harris, Grover C Clanton Commerce Hart, Verna Kathryn, K A Dothan Education Pi; Blackfriars; Y. W. C. A. Council. Harry, David Garfield, AXA Pylesville, Md. Commerce Rho Alpha Tau, ' 31. Haskell, William Henry Lynn Field City, Mass. Arts and Science Hayden, Helon Gadsden Arts and Science Haygood, Paul Ehlbert, IIKA Greenville Commerce Delta Sigma Pi; Alabama Quadrangle; President Sophomore Commerce; Fresh- man Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Philomathic; " Crimson-White " Staff. . SOPHOMOME CLASS Hearn, William Gordok Grove Hill Hemphill, Warren Douglas, nK4 Mobile H J m WL PV Commerce KV PV k X Rho Alpha Tau, K M||V B ' - Jj Herbertson, Betty, A Ocala, Fla. . S k. . Home tfH , tf Hereford, Janie New Market H HV- ' • iF d H Arts and Science ft ll - ' k " f5 Herzog, Elias, 2AM Spring V ' alley, N. Y. K MiSSm ir lHi . U Pre-Medical Ul Fm. fT Pre-Medlcal Club; Circulation Start " Crimson-Whito " ; Business Start " Corolla. " B %fe. - r Hoadley, Edward, ATA Bloomington, Ind. Commerce K ' Blackfriarg. Hobauch, Edwin- B Chester, Pa. Arts and Science . _ ' w: i Phi Eta Sigma. B ■ ' Hodges, Mary Philippa, A Tuscaloosa Arts and Science m- .. m m - m-f, my Hoffman, Cecil Verne, B T n Los Angeles, Calif. Education HoRGAN, John Joseph, A 2 Hawthorne, N. J. _ Chemical Engineering K President Sophomore Engineering Clas.«; Intra-Mural Track; A. S M E ■ K H HoRTONA, Arturo Browning, AKE Tuscaloosa Blv ' B ' ij i Pre-La lE V HoRTON, Rosa Evergreen J ' ■ Education Hosler, Omar H Willard, Ohio Arts and Science HoTCHKiss, Ruth, AXfi.. Birmingham HS HSI ' Physical Education HS P ' X i B ' .ackfriars. SHr ' I " _ Howard, Arthur, K 2 Tuscumbia Arts and Science Hoyt, Stanley J., A Elgin, 111. Commerce Hughes, George Riley Tuscaloosa Electrical Engineering . S ji " a Hughes, Ruth Tuscaloosa F mtM Hunt, Frederick S., K A Decatur S H ' I B A al B Hutchinson, Gertrude Estelle, e Mobile , . Alpha Lambda Inv K, Huttoa, John Cecil Marion, Va. HL B ■K ' .l B Engineering ■ ' V V " S|W Huxford, C. C, a K E Mobile -1 PAGE ONE HUNDRED FIFTEEN ■ E CL. Illenberger, Theodora Middletown, N. Y. Arts and Science Indelicato, Frank William Rahway, N. J. Arts and Science Inge, Richard H., A K E Mobile Arts and Science Arch Club. Jackson, Ethel Standish, A I Biloxi, Miss. Arts and Science " Crimson-White " : Blackfriars; Musical Comedy Club. Jackson, Janella, AAII Livingston P re-Law Blackfriars; Y. W. C. A. Jackson, J. Mollis, GTfi Vernon Pre-Medical Jackson, Rosalind, A Z Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Delta Phi Mu: Glee Club. Jeffries, Margie Citronelle Commerce Jentschert, Francis Ferdinand, AS East Orange, N. J. Engineering Track: Varsity, ' 32; Intra-Mural Football: Intra-Mural Basketball. Jerome, Eli Jerry Plainfield, N. J. Pre-Medical Million-Dollar Band; Crooning Criinsons; Pre-Medical Club. Jezierny, Michael Joseph Bridgeport, Conn. Enffinecring Johnson, Elizabeth, AAII Clanton Arts and Science Y. W. C. A.; •■Corolla " Staff; W. A. A.; Swimming Club. Johnson, Joel Thomas Rochester, N. Y. Electrical Engineering Johnson, Terrell Elmo Miami, Fla. Commerce Johnston, Neita Tutwiler, K A Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Pi; Y. W. C. A.; W. A. A.; University Shows Club. Joyce, Thomas V., A X Buffalo, N. Y. Civil Engineering Katz, Moses, K N Monroeville Commerce R. O. T. C. Band; Million-Dollar Band; Symphony Crchestra; Spirits Com- mittee; " Corolla " Staff. Kelley, William Benjiman, Jr., 1 ' A Tulsa, Okla. Kelly, Edward LeRoy Latrobe, Pa. Engineering Kellner, Tim William Woodcliff-on-Hudson, N. J. Pre-Laiv Kendrick, Charles Waverly, n K Luverne Pre-Medical Rho Alpha Tau; Phi Chi; Y. M. C. A., ' 31. Kent, Ruth, A X iJ Wedowee Education . SOPHOMOME CLAS Kicker, Mary Tate Tuscaloosa Commerce KiDD, Thomas J., A 9 Birmingham Arts and Science Arch Club; Intra-Murai Golf Driving Winner. Kii.GORE, Neil, AXA Jasper Arts and Science KiMBROUGH, Horace William, ATQ Opelika f . Freshman Football; Freshman Basketball: Varsity Basketball: Vice-President r B L J M M 1 Freshman Education Cass. ' 30- ' . l: President Sonhoniore Education Class; Ba i l K - ■ " jfll l Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Forensic Council. B ' HH B ' " H " B KiMBROUGH, Isabel Bibb, KKF Montgomerv B 4 Kj H m Arts and Science A Jg § UF Alpha Lambda Delta; Womaen ' s Council; Erosophic; Blackfriars. H . King, Edgar Earl Opp ■•• ■1 m L Commerce ■ j B H ' B Phi Eta Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi; Secretary to Teacher Placement Bureau. " H al l Koehnlein, Charlotte A., A Martins Ferry, Ohio B P I B Commerce M t W K Chi Theta; Honor Council. . m . Krapf, Nicholas, ATA Freeport, N. Y. Bm V V Chemical Engineering BH R E B H B Laffay, Richard Stewart Hastings-on-Hudson, N. Y. K H B H A ' l Commerce Ml - ii M " l lP l iWI ' - Band. X. wMb P ' - " -1 Lane, Mary Evelyn Chattanooga, Tenn. ' ji KB r BB BF Arts and Science 2 . Langdon, Walter Crosby, 2 4 E Plattsburgh, N. Y. t m bVI B Commerce H ' M l Kf! H Landgrebe, Edith, K A Birmingham B ' P V Hl V Arts and Science U J W T r Larkin, Franklin J., A X A Bethlehem, Pa. V Chemical Engineering £ B Lawson, Clayton Elgin, 111. J Pre-Laiv i », « Lawson, Katherine Jean, I M Montgomery B B Arts and Science ik r Alpha Lambda Delta: Chi Delta Phi; Vice President Spanish Club; Black- ■• friars; Y. W. C. A. Freshman Committee; Secretary Sophomore Girls. Leach, Randall, K 2 Tuscaloosa Commerce Vice-President Rho Alpha Tau; Skulls. Lehman, William M., Z B T Selma Commerce Club; Erosophic; Honor Roll. Levine, Herbert, 4 2A... South Fallsburg, N. Y. tl tK kk A Electrical Engineering Bi BM Leyden, Frank Collins, ATH Anniston K I H. ' iJKlB Arts and Science Bt B H B ShI Blackfriars; ••Crim.son-White. " j R F V J F LiNKEV, Charles Philip East Orange, N. J. ' ™ - Arts and Science Little, Gerald Hays, 2AE Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Phi Eta Sigma; Erosophic; Blackfriars; Honor Roll. Lloyd, Frank Wallace Palos " 1 M y Engineering lA ? SOPHOMORE CLASS Logan, Leon R., K 2 Moundville Commerce Arch Club; Alpha Kappa Psi. Lord, Elinor Orange, N. J. Arts and Science X I B Blackfriars. 1 f LovELAss, Theodore J Dunmore, Pa. Commerce LowMAN, J. Byron, 2 N Miami, Fla. Pre-Medical Assistant Cheer Leader. LuBASH, Myron Clement, BA Hoboken, N. J. Arts and Science Freshman BasketbaU. Lucas, Zeb Vance Ashland Commerce Lundahl, Robert Charles, ATA Rockford, 111. Commerce MacDonough, Joseph A., 2 4 E . . . " Pittsfield, Mass. Pre-Dental MacLeod, Walter C, ■! A Newark, N. J. Arts and Science Freshman Baseball; Phi Eta Sigma. Mahmenee, Alfred Edward, Jr., A K E Birmingham Pre-Medical Freshman Track; Alpha Epsilon Delta. Main, Robert James, AX Metropolis, III. Pre-Laia Malone, Sam Hosmer, Jr., K A Decatur Commerce Mangum, Ralph A Birmingham Chemical Engineering Mann, Harry S., Z B T Louisville, Ky. Commerce Marks, Charles Lewis, Jr., ATfi Montgomery Arts and Science Gr«eks. Martin, Eunice Louise Cullman Arts and Science Chi Delta Phi; Secretary of Student Government; Transfer of Hamilton Col- lege. Martin, Vista Elizabeth Selms ■ Music H Glee Club, ' 30, ' 31; Business Staff " Rammer- Jammer, " ' 30, ' 31; Musical Com- £ f r, edy Club; Co-ed Editor " Rammer- Jammer. " Mashuta, Peter, 2K Schenectady, N. Y. Chemical Engineering VB F May, Eugene Willett, ATi) Birmingham Commerce McCormick, Floyd, Jr., 2 N Waynesboro, Miss. Commerce McDuFF, Kathryn, a Z Tuscaloosa Arts and Science PI. McGowiN, Edwin W., AKE Chapman ■ PAGE ONE HUNDRED EIGHTEEN ■ PHOMOHE McGriff, Waylon E Dutton Commerce McKnight, Robert S., A 6 Memphis, Tenn. Arts and Science McNamara, Ray Lima, Ohio Aeronautical Engineering McMillan, Thomas Edward, AKE Brewton Pre-Laiu President Freshman Arts and Science Class; Rho Alpha Tau; Freshman Foot- ball; Varsity Football; Druids; Skulls. McNell, Robert Antony Brooklyn, N. Y. Meyer, David Sommer, ZBT Birmingham Pre-Laiu Excelsior; Erosophic; Blackfriars. Merkin, Charlotte, A E Brooklyn, N. Y. Arts and Science Miller, Edward Frank Bethlehem, Pa. Engineering Million-Dollar Band; Symphony Orchestra. Miller, Elmon Hackleburg Education Varsity Football. Millo, Anne Rita, ASA Garfield, N. J. Home Economics W. A. A.; Blackfriars; Newman Club. Monroe, Joseph Raymond, K 2 Birmingham Pre-Medical Montgomery, Emily, K A Anniston Arts and Science Moody, Sarah Sims, K A Tuscaloosa Arts and Science PI; Y. w. C. A. MoRAVEC, Edward Silverhill Commerce Commerce Club; Symphony Orchestra. Morrow, Bob Ed, 9 T Si Plantersville Commerce Freshman Football; Freshman Baseball; Varsity Football. Morton, William Harry, AAT Alabama City Commerce MuLLER, Karl •. • .• Scranton, Pa. Engineering Murphy, Edward Francis Lima, Ohio Journalism Murphy, Samuel S., A 8 Mobile Pre-Medical Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Chi; ■•Crimaon-White " ; Glee Club; Key Ice. Nix, James Whitfield, ATA Miami, Fla. Arts and Science Greeks; Pan-Hellenic; Drum-Major. Noble, B. Frank, Jr., S A E . . . Montgomery Engineering Rho Alpha Tau; " Crimson-White. " NoLEN, Roy Lemuel, 2AE Montgomery Commerce Erosophic. ;f:,SiW.- - ■ ■■ - ' ■ ' E CLASS . NoojiN, Mildred Marjorie, ZTA Birmingham Arts and Science NoRVic, Allan E Hartsdale, N. Y. Commerce O ' Brien, William Edward Newark, N. J. Commerce O ' Connor, Mary Belle Birmingham Arts and Science O ' Harrow, Tom John, KS Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Blackfriars. Oliver, Ernest Bingham, AKE Birmingham Pre-Medical Alpha Epsilon Delta; Freshman Track. Olson, Allison P Mayville, N. Y. Pre-Lww Phi Epsilon Sigma. Orr, Nettie Catherine, AAII Birmingham Arts and Science Palmer, Barbara Farrar, AAA Dora Arts and Science Honor Council; Erosophic; Y. W. C. A. Park, Myrtie Estelle, A Tuscaloosa Arts and Science W. A. A.; Y. W. C. A.; Caroline Hunt Club. Parnell, Johnie Munford Cliemical Engineering Honor Roll. ' 30, ' 31. Partridge, Edward R., A T A i . . . Troy Commerce Partridge, Sue Hallie Mobile Commerce Paterson, David Wilson Irvington, N. J. Pre-Dental Pattillo, Flora, K A Selma Arts and Science Paulson, Clayton Winnetka, III. Physical Education Freshman Basketball; Freshman Baseball: Varsity Baseball ' 31- Varsity Basketball, ' 31. Pearson, Wilma Leah, ASA Laurel, Miss. Arts and Science Alpha Lambda J3elta; " Rammer- Jammer " ; Varsity Show Club. Peebles, David Coleman, 2AE Athens Commerce Druids; Skulls; Alpha Kappa Psi; Vice-President Sophomore Class; Assistant Business Manager " Crimson-White " ; Assistant Advertising Manager " Corolla " : " Rammer-Jammer " StafT; Erosophic. Pelham, Joel Douglas, ATA Anniston Chemical Engineering Permutt, Gerald D., K N Birmingham Commerce Erosophic. Persons, Clarence Parker, Jr., ■i ' TA Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Phillips, James R., Jr., AKE Eupora, Miss. SOPHOMORE CLASS PiPSAiRE, OuiDA, e T Henderson, Texas Home Economics PoDHAjsKi, Edward Joseph West Hartford, Conn. Commerce Newman Club. Pollock, Emanuel M North Tarrytown, N. Y. Commerce " S . " Crimson-White " Staff. ' . H 91 PONTIERE, Fred Taylor, TKA Ocean City, N. J. B P Vfl »• flJ A Chemistry ■ 4 , WK - 1 Alembic A ' Ul . A i V Pope, William, X Marlon % w " W " ' j Commerce ( r ' Vn m Posses, Frederick Brooklyn, N. Y. 11 P trts and Science L Eta ■■ B B I B Post, George W., A T A Chicago, w9 V - H V Arts H V VB r Poyas, Howard Los Angeles, Calif. 9 r tt A eronautical Engineering " " Caterpillar Club Pratt, Pierce Pratt Goshen, Ind. __ _,,, _| _„ Commerce - .MJH B _{ f Campus Serenaders Dance Orchestra, K - K ' m. Price, Mabel Jewette Tuscaloosa !- H t ' r Pruitt, Pinckney, K 2 Tuscaloosa Commerce Arch Club. Purser, Catherine J., A X n Anniston Commerce Chl beta; Alpha Lambda Delta; Erosophic; Secretary-Treasurer Commerce Club; President W ' oman ' s Sophomore Class. PusKARCZYK, Henry John Rochester, N. Y. Arts and Science QuiGG, Louise, A X n Eldorado, Ark. Blackfriars. Rademacher, Margaret Anne, K K r Mobile Home Economics Rains, Hobdy G., n K A Gadsden Pre-Laia Ramsay, E. Milton Northport Electrical Engineering Rappole, Albertus Whitney Jamestown, N. Y. T ' " " 8 Raymon, Harry David Tuscaloosa ■f ' V M ' 9 tfHB H B Pre-Law b J HK £7B ' 7 Phi Eta Sigma; Glee Club; Honor Roll. ' 31; Orchestra. iV IH k L V Raymond, James Edward, ■} 2 K Providence, R. L % i r r JC r Commerce ' " " ' . ■ k.- " Crimson- White. " Redfield, Robert S., 2 X Chicago, 111. Pre-Medical Regar, Jean, ASA Anniston Education Corresponding Secretary Alpha Xi Delta. SOPHOMORE CLASS ® fl k Reighard, Robert Henry Quincy, III. L_ Rich, Leo, Jr., ZBT Birmingham Kr KM Commerce HL- VlB Erosopliic; " Crimson-White " ; First Sergeant Battery " K. " Ju r Rich, Sadye, A4 E Atlanta, Ga. - dk Physical Education Rivers, Dorothy, X n Alden Bridge, La. Commerce I ' i. Roberts, Lucile Hester, ZTA Tuscaloosa Arts and Science ®- i " gj ' Robertson, Elizabeth, A X n Anniston fl||[ k Commerce r k Chl Ttipta; Alpha Lambda Delta: Honor Council; Commerce Club; B. S. U. f _J Council; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. ■jLjfl H Romano, Joseph Albert Bridgeport, Conn. f m M Commerce V-. g y RooBiN, Meyer Robert, K N Birmingham j Engineering mJ L Rosenberg, Marvin, ZBT Troy Km mSg ' SMmf ' m commerce K 0F P ' K -i l ' ' ' Sigma; Honor Roll; Commerce Club; Band. ■ 9 l ' W m Royal, Albert B., A X Arcadia, Fla. m I - 1 Arts and Science Sachs, Frank S Bessemer r Blackfriars; Samuel Johnson. B! fl 9 r ' " J ' 1 Salas, Anthony V Chicago, 111. H xAH B Engineering Hl m H jr m Sanders, William Edward, K2 Fayette j . Commerce k Beta Omega; Freshman Football, ' 30; Varsity Football, ' 31; " Corolla " Staff, 1 ' ' ' ' ' t ' ' ' ' Union. j H F ' B Schloskey, Warren Cecil, A K E Milwaukee, Wis. ■ " ■ Hr- H Engineering H J ' r Schneider, Harvey William Buffalo, N. Y. J_ » Engineering Schnizer, Harry F Central Islip, N. Y. Pre-Dental Schwarzenbach, Ronald, AXA Stelton, N. J. Education Freshman Baseball; Freshman Football. " Sellers, William D., K 2 Birmingham F p ' M Skulls; Druids; Manager Varsity Tennis Team, ' 31; Freshman Track Team; ' , „ V B " Crimson-White, " ' 31- ' 32: Secretary-Treasurer Sophomore Arts and Science ■■ ' ' ' ' ' ' ' — . K B Class, ' 32; " Rammer-Jammer, " ' 32; Inti ' amural, ' 32. , Sessions, Elizabeth, K A Ozark r ' H Bk. ' ' ' m r j and Science i J W f W Omega. k tt Sheehan, Milton Raymond, PAX Rochester, N. Y. ■ J , B SiMPKiNS, Harry Leland, K S Elhvood, 111. Hl H H - J I Pre-Medical ( B ' ■ V " Crimson-White " ; Key K W m m ' Simpson, John K Kokorao, Ind. 3 Commerce . SOPHOMORE CLASS SiSK, J. Kelly, rA Livingston Commerce " Crimson-White ' : " Rammer- Jammer " ; Delta Sigma Pi, Skebo, Henry Andrew East Chicago, Ind. Chemical Engineering Slater, Elizabeth Margaret, ■! M Birmingham Home Economics Smart, Donald Vincent Silverhill Education Alabama Quadrangle; Excelsior. Smith, Clyde M Reform „ Arts and Science ■ »j ' Smith, Edythe Mildred Gadsden Arts and Science Smith, Evelyn Melvar, ATA Birmingham Arts and Science Smith, Frances Gerald Tuscaloosa Commerce T. W. C. A.; Blaekfriars. Smith, Harry E., A X A West Newton, Pa. Commerce Alpha Kappa Psi; " Crimson-White, " ' 30- ' 31; Samuel Johnson Literary Club; Greeks, Smith, Louise Colvin, ASA Bessemer Education Blaekfriars; Y, W, C, A, Smith, Martha Annette, X J) Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Delta Phi Mu; Blaekfriars; Erosophic; " Corolla, " Smith, Theo Reform Home Economics Erosophic; Caroline Hunt Club; W, A, A, Smith, Walter Thomas New Haven, Conn. Chemical Engineering Smith, Carroll Huburt, Ae Jackson, Miss. Pre-La u} Speed, Sydney Lyall, 2 E Cleveland Heights, Ohio Commerce Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Delta Sigma. Stalcup, Clarissa, A Winfield Arts and Science Starling, James Holt, 2AE Troy Pre-Medical Secretary-rTeasurer Freshman Class; Arts and Science; Erosophic, Stevens, Albert Kenneth, K2 Chicago, 111. Commerce Stevens, Robert Bucey, TKA Ocean City, N. J. Chemistry, Metallurgy, Ceramics " Crimson-White " ; Alembic Club; Freshman Tennis, Steward, James Robert, 24 ' E Hackensack, N. J. Chemistry, Metallurgy, Ceramics Stickney, Fred Grist, Jr., 2AE Livingston Commerce Stone, Buster, K 2 , . ... Birmingham Arts and Science ■ PAGE ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-THREE ■ SOPHOMOME CLASS Strickland, Frank John, K2 Tuscaloosa Commerce Rho Alpha Tau. , ' ' Ji Strother, James Bethea, X Gastonburg Cliemlcal Engineering Strudwick, James Webb, " tAe Tuscaloosa iW f r i g fT ' - • ' V k. Co mm erce r Sturney, Pat Gardelle, 2 X Montgomery U- Jm ; giA K-9 Pre-Medical H Jj ' P K 1 Erosophic; Blackfriars; Phi Beta Pi. ' j|| - ' J ' KK SuTTLE, Marie, ATA Felix K ' t l L » . fc B Tabs, Marie Louise, ZTA Tuscaloosa MKl L rts and Science W m Alpha Lambda Delta. B " Bflr ' ' ' 9 B Taylor, Adrian Stevenson, Jr., A X A Birmingham B -ll BH ' ilH Pre-Lai i HK m H H| - 9|| H Boxing Team. M H JB iTwf Taylor, Waichts McCaa, AKE Birmingham QIQflfen . 1 ' ' ' " " ' Science ■f l Phi Eta Sigma; Glee Club. ' 31, ' 32; Blackfriars; " Corolla " ; Matrix Club. B iN H B B Teague, Robert Leslie, 9 X Birmingham H JS ' B . H Mechanical Engineering Lj m Ji w Tippet, Eleanor Edith Ansonia, Conn. l afl MMSB ' " ' " Economics ' ■ ■ Blackfriars. Thomas, Catherine DuVal, AAA Lynchburg, Va. Arts and Science , Thomas, Jeannetta R., A X fi Ragland Physical Education t J Thomas, William Paul, AX Birmingham f Km Commerce H H H B l B P i Sigma; Hho Alpha Tau; DruitLs; Alabama Quadrangle; Delta Sigma m ' m M JrC f " ' " 1 ' ' Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship Cup; Ward-Sterne Prize. Freshman Class, ' 31. H .I H i ' ■■ ' 1 Tillery, Emily Ann, AFA Decatur B J E3 " l Towns, Frances Lloyd, K A . . . Selma 9, . Arts and Science Pi; Y-. w. C. A. Trimble, Underwood, ATA Haleyville Pre-Laii) Tully, Albert J., T fi X Mobile Commerce i W KA - W Quadrangle; Delta Sigma Pi; Blackfriars; Commerce Club. . 1 . Ulrich, Otho E., a T A Three Rivers, Mich. Commerce Van Pelt, Mary Hall, K A . . . Montgomery f M X. M . H Education Omega; ' ■Corolla. " . Vestal, Jack Moore, A X A ... Tuscaloosa Jl Arts and Science Walder, George Bartlett, X . . Evanston, 111. Arts and Science Walker, Alfred, Ae Birmingham Arts and Science ,_. _ Skulls. r 2 Wall, Merrill Crawford Wetumpka k Commerce _ Wallace, Erin Johnson, A A II Birmingham Pre-Medical Woman ' s Council: Freshman Tennis; Basketball; Baseball; Track Teaiu. _ - „— Y. W. C. A., ' 30, ' 31; W. A. A., ' 30, ' 31; Goof ' s. iH T 7w •Br Wallis, Arthur Russell, AX . Stinesville, Ind. l r Bki r Commerce SOPHOMOME Walsh, Hilda Lucile, ASA Fostoria, Ohio Arts and Science Alpha Lambda Delta; Blackfriars; " Crimson- White " ; Y. W. C. A.; Musical Comedy Club. Ward, Jettie Vaiden, ZTA Tuscaloosa Commerce Ward, Robert Wiley, 24 E Huntsville Commerce Alpha Delta Sigma; Spirit Committee; Blackfriars; Winner Individual Compe- tition Military. ' 31. Watson, Donald David Canton, Ohio Arts and Science Excelsior. Watson, Lucy Jane, AXfi Anniston Education " Crimson-White " ; Secretary Calhoun County Club; Erosophic. Weber, Harry Gassert, 2 E Rosedale, N. Y. Aeronautical Engineering Vice-President Sophomore Engineering :lass: Football; " Corolla " : Flying Club; S. A. M. E. Weeks, Elizabeth Morgan Scottsboro Arts and Science Art Editor " Corolla, " ' 32. Wellebil, George Howard, 6 T f) Lynbrook, N. Y. Commerce West, Donald L., P A X Rochester, N. Y. Commerce Westcott, C. Raymond, 2K Providence, R. I. Arts and Science Historian in Centennial Pageant; Blackfriars. White, Mary Frances, M Montgomery Arts and Science Alpha Lambda Delta; Zeta Phi Eta; Y. W. .C. A.; Blackfriars; Secretary Women ' s Debating Team; Honor Roll; Treasurer Freshman and Sophomort Girls. White, Mary Jean Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Blackfriars; " Crimson-White " ; " Corolla " ; Y. W. C. A. Counsellor; Y. W. C. A Social Committee; Treasurer Prosprine. Willis, William Arthur, Jr., TfiX Clanton Commerce Million-Dollar Band; K. O. T. C. Band. Wilson, Hilah, AAA Gadsden Education Omega. Winter, William Roesch Kingfield, Maine Commerce WiTHiNGTON, Dorothy Louise, A A n New York City, N. Y. Arts and Science Honor Council; " Corolla, " ' 31; Education Club, ' 31; Y. W. C. A.; Pan-Hellenic Council. Wolff, Henry Eugene, ZBT Birmingham Commerce Erosophic; Commerce Club. WooDLEY, Laurence Stephenson, Ae Camden Pre-Medical Wtulich, Eugene S Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Civil Engineering Wyman, Vivian Virginia, AXfi Herrin, III. Education Girls ' Glee Club; W. A. A.; Y. W. C. A. Yancey, Martha Louise Mulberry, Fla. Pliysical Education YoLLES, Samuel, SAM Winona, Miss. Chemistry " Crimson-White " ; Samuel Johnson Society; " Corolla " ; Alembic Club. Young, Frank W . . . . . . . . Hyde Park, Mass. Electrical Engineering Young, Willard R., Jr., S E Lebanon, N. C. Commerce ZiEN, Herbert David Milwaukee, Wis. Pre-Law ZWEICBAUM, Sidney, K N New Haven, Conn. Pre-Dental PAGE ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-FIVE OFFICERS • Freshman Class College of Arts and Sciences President Mortimer Jordan Vice-President Charlie Sawyer Secretary-Treasurer Jimmie Mize School of Commerce President Richard Silver Vice-President Buddy Hyman Secretary-Treasurer Davis Henderson College of Education President Emmett Carter Vice-President JoE Hardy Secretary-Treasurer DiCK DoBBlNS College of Engineering President John Van Arkel V tee-President Emil Smith Secretary-Treasurer J. C. Weaver FRESHMEN FRESHMAN CLASS ■ Abel, Raymond Edwin, BA Chicago, 111. Arts and Science Art Club; Glee Club. Abdo, Francis Joseph Salem, Mass. Pre-Med ' tcal Adams, Margaret, ASA Birmingham Arts and Science Y. W. C. A.; " Rammer-Jammer. " Adams, Quintus Sertorious, Jr., AXA Mobile Commerce Erosophic; " Rammer- Jammer. " Adamson, Paul Burgess, 2 E Birmingham Commerce " Crimson-White " ; " Corolla. " Adams, Bennis Avis, AAII Red Level Arts and Science Y. w. c. a.; w. a. a. Agnew, Frank Allison, 2K ;... Trion, Ga. Pre-Medicat Allen, Cleve W., SAE Talladega Commerce Glee Club; Symphony Orchestra; " Corolla. " Allen, Elizabeth Akans, KKr Birmingham Arts and Science Omega. Allen, Kathryn Paris, AAA Indianola, Miss. Arts and Science Delta Phi Mu ; Y. W. C. A. Committee. Allen, William Wirt, erj) Birmingham Engineering Allison, Richard Andrew, AKE Livingston Arts and Science Alston, Robert Nabors, AKE Tuscaloosa Arts and Science " Rammer- Jammer " ; " Corolla. " Anderson, Joe Matthews, AXA Birmingham Commerce Anglin, Tom, 2 A E Birmingham Arts and Science Armstrong, Houston Churchwell, Jr., A 9 Selma Arnold, Herman Frank, A Q Birmingham Commerce Rho Alpha Tau. Badham, Kleva Aleene, AAA Los Angeles, Calif. Arts and Science Y. W. C. a.; Pi; Glee Club. Bailey, Luther Pierce, Jr., K 2 Pinckard Arts and Science Bailey, Oswald Seigel Slocomb Commerce Baltar, Juanita, ATA Biloxi, Miss. Arts and Science PI; Y. W. C. A. Balloch, George, 2 E Wilmington, Del. Civil Engineering Baltzly, Maxine Ayres, AAA Massillon, Ohio Education Baltzly, Stanley M., Jr., ATA Massillon, Ohio Arts and Science . , fresh: Barham, Thomas Edwards, ATfi Birmingham Arts and Science Rho Alpha Tau; " Crimson-White. " Barnes, Mae Belle Holt Arts and Science Barnes, Marie Van Lieu Sarasota, Fla. Commerce Borrows, Marjorie Anna, A Z Tuscaloosa Home Economics Caroline Hunt Club. Barringer, Edna Mae Tuscaloosa Physical Education Baum, Herbert J., Jr Birmingham Commerce Advertising Manager " Crinison-White " ; Blackfrlars; Business Staff; Erosophic. Bedsole, James Goodman, 2 X Jackson Commerce Assistant In Treasurer ' s Office. Beinhorn, Sam, j 2d Williamson, W. Va. Journalism Freshman Basketball. Bell, John Albert, 2 A E Lake Charles, La. Arts and Science Rho Alpha Tau; Blackfrlars. Benson, Isaac Dortch, Jr., 2 N Anguilla, Miss. Commerce Berry, Lester Worthen Ayer, Miss. Arts and Science Bibb, John Dandridce Anniston Pre-Medical " CrImson-WhIte " Staff; " Corolla " Staff; Glee Club; Orchestra. Bishop, Marjorie Mae, KKT Jacksonville, Fla. Commerce Black, Harold Coleman, A T fi Clarksville, Texas Electrical Engineering A. I. E. E. Blackburn, John Dupree, 2 X Bowling Green, Ky. Pre-Medtcal Rho Alpha Tau. Bland, Gwynn Los Angeles, Calif. Arts and Science Bloom, Norman Edwin, K N Rochester, N. Y. Pre-Medical BoCQUiN, BiRNiE Chatom Physical Education W. A. A ; Freshman Y. W. C. A Cabinet. BOLLING, Ellen, ATA Greenville Omega. Bolton, Edgar Bryant, 2i} ' E Cleveland, Ohio Pre-Medical Bond, Alice Louise, A Z Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Art Club. BoNDURANT, JOHN FuRNiss Massillon, Ohio Engineering BouTWELL, Lottie Birmingham Arts and Science Honor Council; Y. W. C. A. Bowen, Harry G., K 2 Duquesne, Pa. Commerce Erosophic. ■ PAGE ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE .is-J- 1 FRESHMAN CLASS Bowers, Charles Hammond . Gadsden Arts and Science " Crimson-White " Staff. BoYETT, Richard A. J., A X A Morris, Ga. Commerce Rho Alpiia Tau; Erosophic. BoYKiN, Burton Haldane Chattahoochee, Fla. Commerce BoYKiN, Frances Emily, K A Montgomery Home Economics Omega. Bradford, Elizabeth, AXfi Tuscaloosa Education Erosopliic; Y. W. C. A. Brady, Robert M Wollaston, Mass. Commerce Bragunier, Edwin Cazenovia, N. Y. Electrical Engineering Bratton, Jane Webb, M Birmingham Arts and Science Braun, Russell Jones, ATA Biloxi, Miss. Commerce Brown, Howard A Brandon, Miss. Commerce Brooks, Sara Olga, ZTA ' , Tampa, Fla. Home Economics Broward, Napoleon B., A T fi Jacksonville, Fla. Pre-Law Brown, Sol, SAM Anniston Commerce Brown, William Albert, IIKA Huntsville Pre-Medical Erosophic. Browne, Zona, ST Arkwright Arts and Science Y. W. C. A.; " Crimson-White " Staff; Y. W. C. A. Chorus. Brownell, Blaine, Jr., AKE Birmingham Pre-Medical Rho Alpha Tau. Bryen, James Duquesne, Pa. Commerce Burr, Clarence Orrin Westfield, N. J. Commerce Byford, Beatrice, ATA Chicago, 111 Arts and Science Caffey, Mary Helen, ATA Choccolocco Arts and Science Blackfriars. Calverley, Robert James Mt. Carmel, III. Commerce Carwile, Frank Landers Memphis, Tenn. Commerce Cary, Elizabeth Opelika Home Economics Caroline Hunt Club; Y. W. C. A. Chewning, John Clivious, KS Orange, Va. Commerce Rho Alpha Tau. . FRESHMAN CI Child, Thomas Milton Avon-by-the-Sea, N. J. Engineering Christian, George William, Jr., A K E Northport Commerce Rho Alpha Tail. Christian, William G., A X Sturgis, Ky. Arts and Science " Crimson-White " Staff; Rho Alpha Tau. Cobb, Evelyn Ashville Home Economics CoFiELD, Mary Ensley CoFiELD, Willie Mae Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Cohen, Bernard David, 2 .-V M Wheeling, W. Va. Commerce " Crimson-White " Staff. Cohen, Sanford Allen Brooklyn, N. Y. Arts and Science COHN, Bernard Zancwell, ZBT Chicago, III. Arts and Science Conklin, Byron, A e Birmingham Arts and Science Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. Connelly, John Chester West Hartford, Conn. Commerce Erosophic. CoRBERA, Joseph D., Jr., ATA New Orleans, La. Com merce Couchlin, Joseph J Lawrence, Mass. Pre-Medical Crandall, Robert Wendell Hartford, Conn. Pre-Laix} Crook, Samuel F., K A Atmore Pre-Medical Dabbs, John S., a e Quitman, Miss. Commerce Davidson, Frank Edward, K A Meridian, Miss. Arts and Science Rho Alpha Tau. Davis, James Raymond, AKE Birmingham Arts and Science Davk, Richard Weston, X I Springfield, Mass. Arts and Science Dawson, Samuel Lee, ATn Biloxi, Miss. A eronautical Engineering Rho Alpha Tau. De Fazio, Peter George Long Branch, N. J. Engineering Dexter, Lewis Fant, X port Valley Ga. Arts and Science " Rammer- Jammer " ; Excelsior; Blackfrlars. Diamond, Harry, SAM Greenwood, Miss. Arts and Science " Crimson -White. " Di Carlo, Anthony J., A A Batavia N. Y. Pre-Medical PAGE ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-ONE HMAN CL. Dickinson, Robert, K 2 Prattville Engineering Erosophic; Kxcelsior. DiLwoRTH, Wayne Mai.lory, 6 X Empire Commerce DoDD, Ernest William, Jr Norwood, Pa. Mechanical Engineering DoDD, Geraldine Double Springs Commerce " Corolla. " DoDSON, Naomi, AXfi Fayette Arti and Science Douglas, Marie Davis, ATA Mobile Arts and Science , Omega. Driver, Myrtle Virginia Humboldt, Tenn. Commerce Fre.shman Y. W, C. A. Cabinet; Commerca Club. Dryburgh, Martha Jean, K K r Chicago, 111. Arls and Science Dunham, William King, K 2 Tuscaloosa Commerce Rho Alpha Tau; Freshman Footeball Manager. Eckles, Juanita Abbey, K A Biloxi, Miss. Arts and Science Pi. Edgar, Ruth Lorraine, A Sarasota, Fla. Commerce Edwards, Fred Rodgers Willard, Ohio Pre-Medical Fairall, John Adams, S E Milwaukee, Wis. Pre-Latu Glee Club. Feagin, Susie- K A Union Springs Arts and Science Feld, Bernard David, Jr., ZBT Birmingham Arts and Science Freshman Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Freshman Football; " Crimson-White " ; Krosophic. Fenster, Herbert, BA Hoboken, N. J. Fre-Medical Ferguson, Hill, Jr., J Ae Birmingham Pre-La w Rho Alpha Tau; Blackfriars; Glee Club; " Corolla " Staff: " Rammer-Jammer " Staff; " Crimson-White " ; Varsity Show Club. Fetterhoff, Charles Eckerd New Bloomfield, Pa. Engineering Fincher, Jack Mathis, II K A . Tuscaloosa Engineering Finney, Maurice Newman Ogdensburg, N. Y. Electrical Engineering Foote, Lucyle Sheldon, Z T ........ . Larchmont, N. Y. Commerce Glee Club; Musical Comedy Club; " Mcrry-Go-Round. " Foster, Elton Ray Louin, Mis s. Pre-Medical Theta Kappa Psl. Foster, Lyra, K A Montgomery Arts and Science Pi. FouST, DeWitt Talmage , Bessemer Engineering Kappa Phi. . FMESHMAN CI Frank, Amy-Jean Akron, Ohio Arts and Science Freeman, Jacob R Erie, Pa. Education Freshman Football. Freeman, Millard B Phenix Arts and Science Friedman, Max Maurice, ZBT Chicago, 111. Arts and Science " Crimson -White. " Friedman, Sam Longshore, 2 N Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Fry, Martha Agnes, M Union City, Tenn. Arts and Science Fuller, Harriet, X O Centerville Arts and Science " Corolla " : Y. W. C. A.; Erosophle; " Crimson-White. " Fullerton, Helen Ruth Wilkinsburg, Pa. Arts and Science w. A. A. Furnias, Ethel Margaret Shelton, Conn. Home Economics Gardner, Joseph P Detroit, Mich. Civil Engineering Garratt, Charles Warren, 2 X Concord, Mass. Commerce Garrison, Ralph James, K 2 Pike Road Pre-Laia Gassenheimer, Allan, ZBT Montg omery Commerce Erosophic; " Crim.son-White. " Gauntt, Harry Elwell Munford Arts and Science Gay, Frances Lyles, A Z Scottsboro Education Gibbs, Christine, M Heflin Arts and Science Giles, Bertha Lee, AAA Clifton Forge, Va. Arts and Science Omega; Y. W. C. A. GiTHENS, Jay Woodrow Poplar Bluff Commerce GiTLiN, Florence Bluffton, Ind. Educaticn Gordon, Andre D., Z B T Columbiana Chemistry Gordon, Harold Bernard, ZBT Los Angeles, Calif. Pre-Medicat " Crimson-White " ; Erosophic; Pre-Medicai Club; Blackfriars. Gordon, Janet, A Shreveport, La. Arts and Science Honor Council; Y. W. C. A. Freshman Cabinet; " Crimson- White " ; W. A. A. Gordon, Willard Freemont, HI Florence, Miss. Engineering GoTi.iEB, Hannah, A E Birmingham Arts and Science s 4 ' ■ - =: ' AH ' PAGE ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-THREE ■ HMAN CLAS Graftstrom, Paul Axel Jamestown, N. Y. Engineering Grant, Carl Edward Buffalo, N. Y. Chemistry, Metallurgy, Ceramics Grant, Sherman B New Haven, Conn. Commerce " Crimson- White. " ' Green, Joseph Hugh, Jr Philadelphia, Pa. Commerce Nfwman Club. Gregg, Thomas Archibald, X Glen Ellyn, 111. Arts and Science Freshman Football. Griggs, Garrett, 2AE Montgomery Commerce Griggs, Mary Jane, ZTA Humboldt, Tenn. Education Education Club. Groh, Lester H Belleville, 111. Arts and Science Hackel, Hershel, K N Savannah, Ga. Pre-Mcdical Hagood, Ruth, K A Hoito Lu Lu, Hawaii Arts and Science Omega. Hahl, Charles W Pasadena, Calif. Civil Engineering Hahn, Fred E., A 2 Long Island, N. Y. Comtnerce Haides, Raymond Thomas Commerce Band. Hamblet, Donald Lee Asbury Park, N. J. Pre-Medical Theta Kappa Psi. Hamilton, Gordon Porcher, AKE Mobile Pre-Medical Hammond, Josephine Dennis West Palm Beach, Fla. Arts and Science Hammond, Sara Mae, M Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Blacktrlars; Captain University Girls ' Debating Team; Y. W. C. A.; W. A. A.; " Crimson-White. " Hanahnan, Ingraham, K 2 Dothan Commerce Freshman Football; Freshman Baseball. Hardiman, Mary Lucille, K K r Hyattsville, Md, Arts and Science Hardy, Joe . . Sharon, Pa. Education Freshman Football; Vice-President Education. Harris, Katherine, ATA Memphis, Tenn. Harper, Josephine M., A S A Jamestown, Ohio Arts and Science Art Club; " Corolla " Art Staff; " Rammer-Jammer " Art Staff; Musical Comedy Club; W. A. A. Harper, Pauline M., A 2 A Jamestown, Ohio Arts and Science Art Club; " Corolla " Art Staff; " Rammer-Jammer " Art Staff; Musical Comedy Club; W. A. A. Harris, Arthur Buckner, Jr., AKE Birmingham Engineering ' !« ' «S5P5STK " . FMESHMAN C: Harris, Lucy Bowen, K A Mobile Arts and Science Omega. Harris, Reuben Rhys, rA Bessemer Arts and Science President Rho Alpha Tau; Blackfriars; Erosophic; " Rammer- Jammer " Staff. Hauber, Bernard Charles, iSK Chicago, 111. Arts and Science Haulsee, Russell Boykin, 6X0 Selma Commerce Hauschildt, Henry Gordon, A 9 Hayward, Calif. Pre-Medical Freshman Cheer Leader: Blackfriars; " Corolla " ; " Rammer-Jammer. " Hawkins, William Nathaniel, 2 X Birmingham Pre-Lasio Erosophic; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. Hawley, William Stephen, S X New Albany, Ind. Engineering Erosophic. Hayes, Edward Scottsboro Commerce Head, Beverly Pierce, 2AE Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Rho Alpha Tau. Heard, Mary, AAII Clanton Arts and Science Helle, Roland Dean, 2 X Hinsdale, III. Commerce Alpha Kappa Psi ; Capstone Orchestra; Glee Club. Henderson, Davis, II K A Huntsville Commerce Secretary-Treasurer Freshman Commerce; Erosophic; Delta Sigma Pi. Henderson, Hiliary H., Jr Greenville Pre-Medical Hendley, Seay Smith, Jr., AX Birmingham Commerce Henderson, Ruth, K A Alexander City Arts and Science Omega; Y. W. C. A.; W. A. A.; " Rammer- Jammer " Staff. Herren, Grover Kirkwood Tuscaloosa Pre-La w HiCHTOwER, John Peach, 2 N Montgomery Rho Alpha Tau. HiLLwiG, John Arthur, TKA Lockport, N. Y. Pre-Medical HiMES, Betty, AAA Dayton, Ohio Arts and Science PL HiNGSON, Robert A., Jr., IIKA Oxford Pre-Medical Hodges, Aline, A E Fayette Arts and Science Hoefeld, Julia, Z T A New Orleans, La. Arts and Science Glee Club; Y. W. C. A. HoLCOMBE, Fletcher, Ae Gadsden Engineering Hollis, Murray Cobb, Jr., BTfi Winfield Pre-La io PAGE ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-FIVE FKESHMAN CLASS ■ HoLLOWAY, J. Fred Tallassee Engineering HOPPE, Fred, ATA Alton, III. Arts and Science HopsON, Frank C, K 2 Opelika A eronautical Engineering Rho Alpha Tau: Y. M. C. A. Freshman Cabinet; Erosophlc. HoRNSBY, C. E., Jr., AX Centerville Commerce Rho Alpha Taou. Hough, Lydell M., 2 X Falconer, N. Y. Education Howell, Christine Fairfax Arts and Science Hubbard, John T., 2 N . . Troy Engineering ' ' -1 Hudgens, Grace Adams Abbeville ' " " Arts and Science jk W. A. A. JBl J -iJ Hunter, John W., Jr., 2 N Birmingham Tf ■im m Pre-Medical Hyman, Henry Herbert, SAE Memphis, Tenn. Commerce Rho Alpha Tau. Iliffe, William Wallace, 2 E Chicago, 111. Arts and Science Imes, Venton Birney, 2 X Columbus, Miss. Arts and Science Rho Alpha Tau. Ingle, James M., A2 .... Chattanooga, Tenn. Engineering Jackson, A. Curtis, 2 X Burnt Hills, N. Y. C temistry Alembic Club. j A. A J M I V Jacobs, Jacob, K2 Mobile flk m W mAW Pre-Medical Jaffe, Leo Arthur, BA Birmingham Commerce Jefferson, Howard Nicholas, T fi X Columbus, Ga. Pre-La w Freshman Y, M. C. A. Cabinet. Jessup, Joe Lee Dothan Com merce Joachim, Charles William, 2 E South Orange, N. J. Arts and Science " Crimson-White " Staff. iWl B JoBSON, Joseph David, T n X . . . Oxford Engineering Freshman Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Circulation Staff " Crimson-White. " Johnson, Arthur, Jr., IIKA Clanton Pre-Medical Johnson, Kathleen Water Valley, Miss. Pre-Medical Jones, Burritt New Britain, Conn. Commerce Jones, Henry Jowett . Citronelle Engineering R. O. T. C. Band. . FKESHMAN CI Jones, Herbert Lins, r Q Shenandoah, Pa. Iris and Science Jones, Louise, A Z Montgomery Arts and Science y. w. c. A. Jordan, Mortimer Harvie, AKE Birmingham Pre-Laiu President Freshman Arts and Science Class. Kaplan, George Irwin Fitchburg, Mass. Arts and Science Karle, Josephine C Indianapolis, Ind. Home Economics Caroline Hunt Club. Katz, Nathan Hartford, Conn. Engineering Kellogg, William Lester, X Glen Ellyn, 111. Arts and Science Kennedy, William O., II K Ocala, Fla. Pre-Medical Rho Alpha Tau; Y. W, C. A. Cabinet: " Rammer- Jammer " ; Erosophic; Pre- Medical Club. Kern, Cornelia Laura, ATA St. Louis, Mo. Arts and Science Kilgore, Robert Grady, Jr., -tAG Jasper Pre-Law Glee Club; " Crimson-Whitee " : Erosophic: Musical Comedy Club: " Rammer- Jammer " ; " Corolla " : Business Staff Biackfriars. Key, J. Crawford, X Columbus, Ga. Engineering KiLPATRiCK, Carroll, 4 Ae Montgomery Arts and Science Biackfriars. KiMMEL, Arthur, 2AM Buffalo, N. Y. Commerce Kinney, Ellis Milner, K 2 Birmingham Commerce KiRKPATRiCK, David Conrad Richard City, Tenn. Pre-Medical Kirschman, Jennie, A E New Orleans, La. Arts and Science Kleinman, Ruth, K K r Shreveport, La. Arts and Science Biackfriars: " Crimson-White " ; " Rammer- Jammer " ; Y. w. C. A. Council. Knudsen, Olaf S., a X Mobile Arts and Science Biackfriars. Krummel, Jane Josephine, AAA Dayton, Ohio Arts and Science PI. Lacourt, Luis Lopetegui Mayoguez, Porto Rico Pre-Medical Symphony Orchestra; Spanish Club. Lally, Marion Georgia, A Vineland, N. J. Journalism Lavender, Margaret, ATA Centerville Arts and Science Pi; Staff; Y. W. C. A.; " Crimson-White. " Lawley, Lucille Pell City Home Economics Lawson, Ruth, Z T A Cedartown, Ga. Arts and Science Biackfriars; Glee Club; Y. W. C. A. PAGE ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-SEVEN HMAN CL. Laxson, Billy, Ae Huntsville Pre-Lavj Advertising Manager Glee Club, Lee, Alto Velo, S N Columbia Arts and Science Glee Club. Leland, Edwin Sterling, K A Meridian, Miss. Pre-La w Rho Alpha Tau. Lett, Edmond Rushin, IIK Tallassee Pre-Medical Pre-Medieael Club. LiFSEY, Charlotte Ellenda, ASA Montgomery Arts and Science Y. W. C. A.; W. A. A. Linton, Ulle C, K 2 Washington, D. C. Chemistry rtho Alpha Tau; Erosophic, Little, Maude Clay, AAII Tuscaloosa Arts and Science " Crimson-White " ; Varsity Show Club; Y. W. C. A. LOEB, Leo, Jr, Z B T Birmingham Commerce Main, Allen David, AX Karnak, 111. Arts and Science Mandel, Lester Allan Chicago, 111. Physical Education Manning, Andrew Barr Birmingham Commerce Freshman Y. M. C, A. Cabinet. Marcato, Roy Costanzo Montgomery Arts and Science Blackfriars; " Crimson-White " ; Glee Club; Assistant Business Manager. Martin, Florence Grace Cullman Arts and Science Marx, Hugo, ZBT Birmingham Commerce Freshman Football Manager. Mason, Gene, Z T A ........ Atlanta, Ga. Physical Education Blackfriars; Y. W. C. A.; Y. W. A. Mattern, Edward Francis Wilkes Barre, Pa. Arts and Science La Cross Team. Maxwell, Madeline Alston, X S2 Tampa, Fla. Education McCarthy, James Dennis, A X A Allenhurst, N. J. Arts and Science Rho Alpha Tau; Assistant Manager Symphony Orchestra: Freshman Track. McConnaughey, Martha Louise, AAA Dayton, Ohio Arts and Science Omega; W. A. A.; Y. W. C. A.; Erosophic. McCoNNELL, Gertrude Tuscaloosa Education McDanal, A. J., Jr ; Sipsey Education Freshman Football. McDaniel, Joseph Morris, K S York Pre-Laio McGahey, Thomas Arthur, S A E Columbus, Miss. Commerce McGrew, Donald, SK Mobile Pre-Medical . FMESH McGouGH, William Patrick, 6 X Birmingham Pre-La-w ErOEophic. MacLeod, Louise, AAA Mobile Arts and Science Blacktriars; Pi. McManus, Catherine Louise, KKT Montgomery Arts and Science Erosophic; Blacktriars; Y. W. C. A. McNamara, Joseph Scully, A A X Hartford, Conn. Arts and Science McRae, Tade Sims Tuscaloosa Arts and Science McSherry, F. Allen Rochester, N. Y. Education McWilliams, Oscar Hawkins, 2AE Rome, Ga. Commerce Means, Katherine, AAII Tuscumbia Commerce Erosopliic. Melka, Robert Henry, KS Chicago, III. Arts and Science Merrill, Hugh Davis, Jr., 2AE Anniston Arts and Science " Corrolla " ; " Rammer-Jamnier " ; Erosophic. Merillat, Don D Fort Wayne, Ind. Engineering Meyers, John Stanley, TfiX Mt. V ' ernon, N. Y. Commerce Miklos, John Edward Sharon, Pa. Chemistry Newman Club; Freshman Footliall, Assistant Manager. Miller, John Garard, AKE Eustus Commerce Miller, Mary Athens Physical Education Miller, Paul, Jr Butler Arts and Science Miller, Russell David . Scranton, Pa. Chemical Engineering Miller, Ruth Maxine, AXn Memphis, Tenn. Home Economics Miller, Thomas Glasner, K 2 Marianna, Ark. Electrical Engineering Minus, Edward Nicholson, 2 A E Spartanburg, S. C. Chemical Engineering Mitchell, John Roy, TKA Latrobe, Pa. Pre-Lavi MiZE, JiMMiE, nKA Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Glee Club; Erosophic; Secretary-Treasurer Freshman Arts and Science Class. Money, Joe John Scottsboro Pre-Lav} Moody, Virginia Scottsboro Education Freshman Y. W. C. A. Cabinet; W. A. A. PAGE ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-NINE jjt ' FKESHMAN CLASS Moore, Irene Lenora, ASA Gadsden Arts and Science Moore, Phelps Spearing Auburn, N. Y. Commerce MoRRissETT, Virginia Lee, AAA Dayton, Ohio Arts and Science Y. W. C. A.; W. a. a.; Brosophic. Morse, Dorothy Mary, 8 Birmingham Arts and Science Freshman Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. Moss, George West, K 2 Selma Pre-Medical 11 ,Jr «- r Mullenhoff, William Edward Naugatuck, Conn. A ' M Pre-La-w Samuel Johnson Literax ' y Society. Murphy, George A., n K A Gadsden Pre-Laiu Freshman Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Samuel Johnson Literary Society. . , Murphy, Thomas E., X Birmingham ' -gAk. , s ' k " drk Engineering Nelken, Lester S., 2 A M Greenville, Miss. ffll J 0 i k " Rammer- Jammer " ; " Crimson-White. " B I Kp K Nelson, William Edward Talladega }j»t0eiW ■• ' ifl Bn B Education NiCHOLLS, Barry, 2 A E Tuscaloosa B •V W T ' V V r .! and Science f K iK K " Crimson-White " ; Erosophlc. « ' ■ m NicHOLLS, William Warrior, 2AE Tuscaloosa Pre-Medical Noble, John Tyson, 2AE Montgomery 1. iiiMMiM Pre-Medical Ogden, Clarence B Elizabeth, N. J. Engineering Freshman Track; Freshman Engineering Council. ■r i O ' Neal, Albert, K 2 . Andalusia Commerce Kho Alpha Tau. Osburg, Therese Schenectady, N. Y. IjK, " 4VH[ S I ' ' ' ' " " ' ' Science Kk - " " t B Parker, Theodore G., e T i) Birmingham 1 W. W PW Pre-Medical Patton, Aubrey, 24 E Poplar Bluff, Mo. Commerce Paul, Eris Freeman, AAT Elba Commerce Paul, Philip Franklin, 2K Chicago, 111. Commerce Pearce, Peggy Eloise Birmingham Arts and Science Peebles, Robert E.mory, 2 X Birmingham . _.,__ r-. Pre-Medical W£f Bf J ' ' ' " ■i I ' ho Alpha Tau. E 4K|f i pHfH 9 [| l Pendleton, Robert Gordon Tallahassee, Fla. Ik " C H H -A H Commerce UHl ISUk f m Perkins, James A., A X A Birmingham v H m 9k m Commerce ' ' r ' A Blackfriars. . fkesh: Perry, Everett Karl, K N New Haven, Conn. Commerce Phillips, Benie, AAII Florala Education Blackfriars; Erosophic; T. W. C. A.; Education Club; Varsity Show Club. PiETROwicz, Ambrose L., r A Evanston, III. Arts and Science Erosophic; " Rammer- Jammer. " Pritchard, Edith Anne, AAA Mobile Commerce Y. W. C. A.; Corolla " : Newman Club. Prosch, Louis A., 2 N Birmingham Arts and Science Glee Club. Pruitt, Mary Gwathmey, K A Tuscaloosa Arts and Science PI; Y. W. C. A. Rains, Emma Wilhemina, ZTA Atmore Physical Education Rafferty, Charles Crowley, 2AE Robinson, III. Commerce Glee Club. Ray, Mary A Birmingham Arts and Science Reeves, Fontaine, AXA Eufaula Commerce Rho Alpha Tau. Render, Mary Cheatham, M Birmingham Arts and Science Repp, James Louis, 2K Chicago, III. Commerce Richard, Fred A., Z B T Demopolis Commerce Richardson, John Edwin, K S Martinsville, Va. Pre-Medical Richerson, LaVelle James Bay Minette Pre-La w Richmond, Thelma, A3A Laurel, Miss. Arts and Science Blackfriars; Glee Club; " Crimson-White " ; Musical Comedy Club; Caroline Hunt Club. RiCKER, Ernest Marquis, Jr., ATA Jacksonville, Fla. Pre-Lato Riddle, Janet Anthony, AAII Birmingham Arts and Science Musical Comedy Club; Y. W. C. A.; Education Club; " Corolla. " RiECEL, Edward Raymond White Plains, N. Y. Pre-Law RiECEL, Kermit Raymond, TA Dayton, Ohio Ritter, Elizabeth, AAII Birmingham Home Economics Varsity Show Club. Roach, Arthur Emerson, 2 K New Cumberland, W. Va. Journalism Roberts, William Charles Atlanta, Ga. Arts and Science Robinson, Clara, M Wetumpka Arts and Science Blackfriars; Delta Phi Mu; Erosophic. PAGE ONE HUNDRED FORTY-ONE ■ FKESHMAN CLASS . Roberts, Howard Giles, I K2 Ottawa, III. Pre-Laiu Rho Alpha Tau. Robinson, George Newman Huntsville Commerce RoDENBERG, Thomas Alfred P Buffalo, N. Y. Pre-Medical " Crimson-White " Business Staft; DeMolay Club; Freshman Track; Blackfrlars; Freshman Manager Boxing; Pre-Medical Club. Rogers, Edward Calvin, r A Mobile Arts and Science " Rammer- Jammer " Staff, Rogers, Gordon Sumner Jamestown, N. Y. Engineering Rogers, Lee O., n K A Holt Arts and Science Erosophic; Freshman Football. Rosenbloum, Miriam CoUinsville Arts and Science " Crimson-White " StalT; Fencing Team; Y. W. C. A. RoSENBLUM, Rose, A E Nasfiville, Tenn. Arts and Science RuBENSTEiN, Abie M Anniston Commerce RuFFiN, Bronson L Clanton Electrical Engineering Rust, Henry Bedincer, AX Birmingham Pre-Medical Rutherford, Richard C, ! 2 K Webster Springs, W. Va. Arts and Science Rutherford, Richard Peek, ! K 2 Indianapolis, Ind. Commerce Erosophic. Sadler, Leon Y., 8 T fi Camden Pre-Laio Sample, Ruby, AAII Hartselle Arts and Science Sanford, Carl Frederick Jamestown, N. Y. Commerce Saxon, John Frank, AXA Lineville Commerce Sawyer, Charles Rankin, 2 N Anniston Arts and Science Rho Alpha Tau; Vice-President Freshman Class. ScANLAN, Marye Agnes, . T A Rochester, N. Y. Education Schaller, Harry Frederick, 6 X Greenburg, Pa. Commerce Schmidt, John Harvey Valley Stream, N. Y. Engineering ScoNzo, Lawrence Joseph, i ex Brooklyn, N. Y. Pre-Medical Pre-Medical Club; Chairman Italo-Americano Club; " II Europa. " Segaloff, Sidney New Haven, Conn. Commerce " Crim.son-White. " Sells, Leonard L., 2 N Independence, Iowa Commerce . FMESHMAN CI Sessions, Lewe Frank, K 2 Ozark Commerce Sharpe, Everett Louisville, Miss. Commerce Sheffield, Edgar, GTO Selma Sherwin, Marguerite Sterling, Colo. Arts and Science Shropshire, George E Rome, Ga. Pre-Medical Theta Kappa Psi; Pre-Medical Club; ' Crimson-White " Staff. " Shugerman, Albert Abraham, B A Birmingham Arts and Science Shuttleworth, Louise Allane, A X fi Indianola, Miss. Arts and Science Silver, Richard J., K 2 Birmingham Commerce President Freshman Commerce Class; Commerce Club. Simmons, John Terry, Ae Jasper Pre-Medical Rho Alpha Tau; Erosophic; " Corolla " Staff. Sims, Bonnie Mable Birmingham Education Sinclair, Helen, M Mackinaw, III. Arts and Science W. A. A.; Y. W. C. A. Sinclair, Guv R., A T A Chicago, 111. Pre-Dental Skinner, Arthur L., 2 A E Biloxi, Miss. Arts and Science Smith, Emil James Bridgeport, Conn. A eronautical Engineering President Freshman Engineers. Smith, F. Don, 2AE Blytheville, Ark. Arts and Science Smith, J. D., A T f! Huntsville Arts and Science Smith, Janette, AAA Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Smothers, Mary Evelyn Coffeeville Physical Education SosTMAN, Morris Julius, 2AM Philadelphia, Pa. Chemistry Alembic Club. Stacey, Frank Art, 9 X Birmingham Arts and Science Stander, Alvin, 2AM Opelousas, La. Staff, Charles, IIKA Ensley P ivsicat Education Freshman Football; Waiters ' Union. Stein, Joseph, 2 . M Greenville, Miss. Commerce Stephens, Lewis Lineville Commerce Stovall, Bess Hunter, K A Birmingham Arts and Science Blackfriars; W. A. A. Stowe, Tom P., II K Wetumpka Commerce Rho Alpha Tau; " Rammer- Jammer " ; Alpha Kappa Psi. Stratton, Margaret Elizabeth, A Memphis, Tenn. Physical Education Blackfriars; " Crimson-White " ; Secretary Freshman Class for Women, PAGE ONE HUNDRED FORTY-THREE FMESHMAN CLASS Straus, Libby, A E Richmond, Va. Commerce Stroud, Ernest Louis, IIK SaflFord Engineering " Rammer-Jammer " Staff, Stuart, Hugh M., A9 Montgomery Commerce Sturdevant, Robert Noyes, rA Birmingham Engineering Rho Alpha Tau; Erosophic; Blackfriars; " Rammer-Jammer. " Summerford, Joe Johnson, ITK Gordon Arts and Science Tally, Frances Louise, ASA Montgomery Arts and Science Delta Phi Mu; Y. W. C. A. Tappan, Billie Ann, AAA Dayton, Ohio Arts and Science Tatom, Marion Barbara, X fl West Palm Beach, Fla. Arts and Science Taylor, Margaret Langdon, KKT Mobile Arts and Science Y. W. C. A.; W. A. A.; Erosophic. Taylor, Norman Edgar DuBois, Pa. Mechanical Engineering Taylor, Thomas Jones, K A Huntsville Arts and Science Freshman Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. Thames, Stewart, X Mobile Commerce Rho Alpha Tau. Thomas, Herbert H., II K A Huntsville Pre-Medical Thompson, Ansel Frederick Egypt, Miss. Civil Engineering TiDWELL, Robert Ellie, UK Blountsville Commerce Delta Sigma Pi. Tisdale, Ben Brantley Pre-La w Tompkins, James C, Jr . Hattiesburg, Miss. Commerce ToRREY, Agnes English, K K r Spring Hill Physical Education Omega; Blackfriars; W. A. A.; Y. W. C. A. TouART, Harry Mitchell Mobile Pre-La-w Newman Club. Trammell, Will Hodges, TA Birmingham Engineering Erosophic. Turner, Edward M., 2 N Memphis, Tenn. Arts and Science " Rammer-Jammer " Staff. TwiNG, Garry, i rA Van Epps, Clarence Francis Rochester, N. Y. Chemical Engineering Veitch, James, Jr., AKE Montclair, N. J. Commerce Walker, Audrin R., K 2 Tuscaloosa Commerce Glee Club; Alpha Kappa Psl; Excelsior: " Corolla " ; Erosophic. Walker, Frances Evelyn, A Z Huntsville Education Walker, James W., A 2 Johnson City, Tenn. Electrical Engineering " Crimson-White " Staff. . FRESHMAN C: Waldrep, Harold, AS Tuscaloosa .4rls and Science Waldron, William L Coatesville, Pa. Pre-Dental Walls, Martin L Guntersville Commerce Warren, Dorothy Elizabeth Montgomery Commerce W. A. A.; Y. W. C. A,; Commerce Club. Weaver, Charles A Gulfport, Miss. Pre-Dental Webler, Andrew Stewart Larchmont, N. Y. Civil Engineering Weighill, Nelson John Rochester, N. Y. Commerce Commerce Club, Wahtley, Edward Pasteur, 2 . E Moundville Commerce Whatley, Mary Elizabeth, X n Moundville Arts and Science Wheeler, Leonard G Bellmore, L. I., N. Y. Aeronautical Engineering White, Murray Collins, A T (J . . . Birmingham Commerce White, Don Bogalusa, La. Commerce White, Samuel Broadus, IIKA Decatur Pre-Medical Wild, Walter Taliaferro, 2 N Evergreen Commerce Williams, Cecelia, ZTA Natchez, Miss. Aril and Science Caroline Hunt Club. Williams, Frances Talbot, AAA Huntsville Arts and Science Y. W. C. A.; ■•Corolla " Staff; Erosophlc. Wilson, Edward Meredith, ern Tuscaloosa Commerce Wilson, Franklin Benjamin, 9T0 Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Winslow, William Delano, r A Vineland, N. J. Pre-Medical Erosophlc; Rho Alpha Tau, WoLPER, Max Springfield, Mass. Engineering Engineering Freshman Committee. Woods, Gratia Lou, AXn Lakeland, Fla. Arts and Science W. a. a.; Y. W. C. a.; Blackfrlars. WuRTELE, Lalla CATHERINE, ZTA Ensley Arts and Science Varsity Show Club; Y. W. C. A. Yeatman, Bonnie Adelaide Birmingham Home Economics Zabawsky, Michael Edward Butler, Pa. Commerce Zavitosky, Louis A., 2 E Tuscaloosa Pre-Law ZucKERMAN, RuTH New York, N. Y. Commerce Zyskind, Irvin Rubin Montgomery Commerce PAGE ONE HUNDRED FORTY-FIVE MILITARY COLONEL WILLIAM E. PERSONS Professor oF Military Science and Tactics m f- •1 r,;:L_-|n . f fmmm: REGIMENTAL PARADE University of Alabama Cadet Corps Regimental Staff Officers Cadet Colonel J. F. ShArpe, Infantry Cadet Lieut.-Col. E. J. Lyman, C. A. C. Cadet Major Bruce Bynum, C. E. Cadet Major Edwin Kimbrough. Infantry Cadet Major Frank Kendall, Infantry Cadet Major J. A. Paterson, Infantry Cadet Major R. E. Lowrey, Infantry Cadet Major H. H. Mize, C. A. C. Cadet Captain A. R. Simmons, Cadet Major Harry Hewitt, C. A. C. Cadet Major G. W. Taylor, C. E. Cadet Major A. L. Terry, C. E. Cadet Captain W. B. McCall, Infantry Cadet Captain T. L. Cook, Infantry Cadet Captain J. K. Kennedy, C. A. C. Cadet Captain Edmund Burke, C. A. C. Cadet Captain R. D. Cotton, C. E. C. E. Infantry Company " A " A. B. CmsHOLM, Captain J. P. Persons, First Lieutenant M. H. Jolly, First Lieutenant W. A. Lyman, First Lieutenant J. B. Brown, Second Lieutenant R. O. Bagwell, Second Lieutenant C. C. Frey, Second Lieutenant R. S. Barnes, Second Lieutenant Company " D " Ellis Houston, Captain W. L. Faucett, First Lieutenant G. A. CuMBAA, First Lieutenant P. B. Moore, Second Lieutenant G. L. McKee, Second Lieutenant B. F. Born, Second Lieutenant W. T. Legg, Second Lieutenant S. P. Rainer, Second Lieutenant Company " B " W. R. Cox, Captain P. B. Caldwell, First Lieutenant W. B. Finlay, First Lieutenant R. R. MiREE, Second Lieutenant R. W. Anderson, Second Lieutenant J. W. Oakley, Second Lieutenant D. Northington, Second Lieutenant J. K. Coleman, Second Lieutenant Company " E " E. M. Friend, Captain A. S. Davidson, First Lieutenant O. T. Faucett, First Lieutenant W. J. E. Walker, Second Lieutenant R. E. Thomas, Second Lieutenant J. H. Walls, Second Lieutenant H. L. Wilson, Second Lieutenant W. N. GoDFREE, Second Lieutenant Company " C " D. W. Clarke, Captain C. A. Pitts, First L ieutenant W. A. Seymour, First Lieutenant E. K. Barnes, Second Lieutenant G. T. HuTHNAcE, Second Lieutenant E. H. Plank, Second Lieutenant D. M. Cochrane, Second Lieutenant M. H. SwAiM, Second Lieutenant H. D. Holley, Second Lieutenant Company " F " T. J. Frederick, Captain W. E. Persons, Jr , Fir.t Lieutenant David Alexander, First Lieutenant G. M. Leatherwood, First Lieutenant S. H. MosELEY, Second Lieutenant W. E. Crume, Second Lieutenant M. B. Schab, Second Lieutenant PAGE ONE HUNDRED FIFTY N Battery " G " G. S. Brown, Captain L. B. Tipton, First Lieutenant F. M. Reigel, Second Lieutenant J. J. Faulk, Second Lieutenant C. T. Duke, Second Lieutenant E. H. Hyde, Second Lieutenant Battery " H " J. J. Mayfield. Captain J. D. Steen, First Lieutenant H. Y. CoNNELL, Second Lieutenant S. B. GoRCHOv, Second Lieutenant J. T. Shepard, Second Lieutenant W. H. TowNES, Second Lieutenant Battery " I " E. M. KiDD, Captain Bernard Rosenbush, First Lieutenant C. R. Reeves, Second Lieutenant E. H. Salmon, Second Lieutenant J. G. Englebert, Second Lieutenant S. T. Van Zanft, Second Lieutenant Battery " K " C. R. EsTES, Jr., Captain H. G. Kreiger, First Lieutenant C. W. Pyron, Second Lieutenant H. S. Sweitzer, Second Lieutenant C. W. Jones, Second Lieutenant A. J. Sherwin, Second Lieutenant Battery " L " J. W. Dewberry, Captain G. F. Parr, First Lieutenant T. A. Barker, Second Lieutenant J. M. Waddell, Second Lieutenant W. J. Byrne, Second Lieutenant P. D. DoRZiz, Second Lieutenant Battery " M " J. H. Shepard, Captain W. M. Blakey, Second Lieutenant N. R. Moehrl, Second Lieutenant F. S. Hunt, Second Lieutenant W. M. Lask, Second Lieutenant R. A. Greenleaf, Second Lieutenant of Engineers Company " C " C. W. Faircloth, Captain C. W. Allbright, First Lieutenant R. E. Hereford, First Lieutenant R. B. Bishop, Second Lieutenant Company " D " C. p. Rice, Captain L. A. Hale, First Lieutenant W. G. BiRDSONG, First Lieutenant J. O. Gregory, Second Lieutenant Company " E " p. J. Gai.anti, Captain J. E. McCoy, First Lieutenant R. O. Parry, First Lieutenant A. T. GooDWYN, Second Lieutenant Company " F " R. Robinton, Captain J. N. Chatfield, First Lieutenant F. B. Garrett, First Lieutenant McIver Rountree, Second Lieutenant Company " G " F. E. Huber, Captain R. B. HOHN, First Lieutenant B. J., First Lieutenant F. Ketterell, Second Lieutenant Company " H " E. V. RoscoE, Captain J. B. Rippiere, First Lieutenant W. K. Vmce, Fir:t Lieutenant S. A. Whitt, Second Lieutenant -mis J SCABBARD AND BLADE TAl ' DAY PAGE ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-ONE iL» Captain Herbert Martin, Winner, Company Competitive Drill, 1931, and his sponsor. Miss Mary Mitchell. v - aiBis • i ' - .■i . fr n : .1 Officers John Tucker President Edgar Dobbs Vice-President Billy McQueen Secretary The " A " Club is the organization composed of men who have won their letters in the various branches of athletics at the University. Each year this organization stages a most looked-forward to celebration, called " A " Day, which attracts numerous alumni as well as many interested spectators from ail over. Various athletic stunts, feats, and other attractions, including a varsity baseball game, an " A " Club smoker for the old " A " Club men, and an " A " Club dance, con- stitute the program. Honorary memberships are awarded annually, the award being given last year to Dr. Joe Hirsch, of Montgomery. As the Corolla goes to press, plans are under way for the greatest " A " Day in the history of Alabama. One of the outstanding features of this celebration will be the presentation by the " A " Club of a plaque, bearing the image of Coach Wallace Wade, to be placed in the Stadium, in memory of the Wade Rose Bowl elevens. It is imderstood that Wade will be here for the presentation. Members Malcolm Laney Max Jackson Joe Sharpe Sherman Beale George Fleming . Everett Sanford Monk DeBardelaben Franklin Nobles J. B. Whitworth John Cain William Sullivan John Tucker Johnny Caddell Carney Laslie Albert West Herbert Crowley Horace Dill Hillman Holley Dave Robertson Jack Dunn Jack Scheuer Stewart Aiken Watt Johnson Russell Life Sidney Shectman John Joyce Hugh Barr Miller Tommy Cook Brownlee Smith Bill Joyce Billy McQueen Jim Dildy Howell Jones Milton Pullen Leon Long Calvin Frey William Laubenheimer Edward Kimbrough Joe Causey Merle Riegle Newton Godfrey Roy Bradshaw " Lindy " Hood B ' Ho Kirki.and Ellis Houston Walter Hovater Jack McGuire Frank Mosley AuTREY Dotherow Ben Smith Edgar Dobbs Comer Sims FOY Leach PAGE ONE HUNDRED SIXTY •= ■ Si ,,i,,LtM ' iiMi Ju y.: : v« ON THE GRIDIRON FRANK THOMAS Head Coach Frank Thomas is one of the best liked and most admired mentors ever to coach a Crimson Tide. Possessed of a most pleasing personality and a kind disposition, he has a winning way with the players, who, as a result, enjoy giving their all for this smart young coach. Coach Thomas, a former pupil and star of the immortal Knute Rockne, is a keen student of football. He is well versed in the intricacies of the Notre Dame system, and is ably qualified to train his proteges in its use. Here ' s more power to you. Coach, for 1932! :i in m] K A " I M »« [•i t " ' ' Left to right: Harold Drew, Hank Crisp, Frank Thomas, Dick Donaghue The reason for Alabama ' s national fame in athletics lies in her exceptional coaching staff, which is one of the foremost in the country. Heading the football staff is Frank Thomas, a most worthy successor to Wallace Wade. Assisting him are Athletic Director Hank Crisp, one of the finest line coaches obtainable; Harold Drew, former head coach at Chattanooga, which fact speaks for it- self; Dick Donaghue, former Notre Dame star, who proved very valuable in introducing the Notre Dame system; Shorty Propst, former star center from Alabama; and Paul Bur- num and Walter Hovater, who are responsible for developing the frosh into varsity ma- terial. Coach Crisp is the varsity basketball mentor. It was under his guidance that Alabama won her first championship in this sport. Drew is in charge of trackmen, being ably assisted by " Pea " Green, for- mer Auburn luminary, while Sam Hinton takes care baseball. All freshman sports are handled by Coaches Burnum and Hovater, with able help from John Kendig. Too much praise and credit cannot be bestowed upon these men for their continuous hard work in maintaining the high plane of athletics for which Sharpe ° 1 Captain igsi Team Alabama is noted. PAGE ONE HUNDRED SDCTY-TWO THE 1 93 I VARSITY FOOTBALL SQUAD Faced with apparently unsurmountable obstacles, the outlook for the 1931 Crimson Tide was very bleak indeed. In addition to the installation of a new coach and a new system, ten of the eleven men who composed the national championship team of 1930 were lost through graduation. As a result, Alabama was predicted to have a lean year fol- lowing their phe nomenal success of last season. But the Tidesmen once again gave the old dope-bucket the well known boot, and came through a ten-game schedule in a most convincing manner, winning nine contests and dropping only one, that to Tennessee early in the season when the Crimsons were just learning the fundamentals of their new style of play. The credit for this wonderful season is due Coach Frank Thomas and his excellent coaching staff, as well as the splendid co- operation and hard work on the part of the players, and they are to be congratulated on their outstanding achievement. The season was pried open with the Howard Bulldogs, who fell in defeat by a score of 42-6. The Thomasmen displayed potent offensive strength in this contest, but a lack of polish was evident, and the results created no great enthusiasm. Ed Walker ' s Ole Miss crew provided the next opposition, and they, too, were beaten decisively by a 55-6 count. When the Tide journeyed to Meridian the next week and buried Mississippi A. M. under a 53-0 score, the Alabama horizon brightened con- siderably, even to the extent of hopes for a victory over Tennessee. But the Crimsons were still comparatively young in the execution of their new system of play, and, as a result, received their first and only set-back of the year. Backfield Ace ALABAMA S3 SEWANEE, O The Mevie H of the Season Undismayed, this reversal at the hands of the Vols seemed to serve as an incentive to spur the Crimson Tide onward in an effort to obliterate this stain on their record. The following week ' Bama engaged her traditional foe, the Sewanee Tigers, in Birming- ham on a muddy field, emerging from the fray on the long end of a 33-0 score. On October 31, one of the largest Homecoming crowds in years visited the Capstone to witness the annual contest with Kentucky. Coach Thomas had his men primed for th is hard tilt, and the Wildcats went down to defeat, 9-7, after a thrilling nip-and-tuck battle. Once more things took on a more roseate atmosphere. Legion Field in Birmingham was the scene of the next fray, with Florida producing the opposition. The ' Gators were predicted to give Alabama a hard fight, but the Tide rose steadily and finally engulfed the Floridians 41-0, handing Southern grid circles a great surprise. _ The next contest afforded the Crimsons an opportunity to jtK L- f st in preparation for their difficult tussle with Vanderbilt. Coach Jess Neely ' s Clemson Tigers were drowned in an enor- ■ mous Tidal wave of touchdowns, Alabama departing from Crampton Bowl in Montgomery with a 74-7 win under their belts. Then came a week of intensive labor for the Turkey Day battle in Nashville against Vandy. Resembling the Red Ele- ' phants of yore, Coach Thomas ' cohorts ripped into the Com- modores with renewed vigor and fight, pushing over two tou ch- downs on a muddy gridiron in quick succession. The final Alternate Captain, 1Q31 Tide scott was 14-6. As a result, Alabama established herself not PAGE ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-FOUR Jifc_ -« nt- ' t , • ■- 1 ALABAMA 42 ; HOWARD 6 The Mevieiv of the Season only as one of the South ' s leading combines, but also as one of the foremost elevens in the nation. A post-season charity game was played with the S. I. A. A. and Dixie Conference champions in Chattanooga, and the Thomasmen further established their supremacy by slaughtering the Chattanooga Moccasins 39-0. The total points gained in this contest made Alabama the nation ' s leading scorer. The Alabama coaches were indeed fortunate in uncovering some good material from the ranks of the first-year men, whose performance next year will determine to a great extent the success of the team. The outstanding sophomore find was Tom Huppke, who was rated as one of the best linesmen in the South by well-known sports scribes. A great deal is expected from him next fall. Another gridder expected to " strut " next season is " Streak " Chappelle, a fast and elusive back, who did some fine work last fall. Frank Moseley, Buck Hughes, Willis Hewes, B ' ho Kirkland were also outstanding among the soph performers. The most outstanding individual on the squad was Johnny Cain, whose tireless efforts on the gridiron were rewarded by his selection on the official AU-American team. Hillman Hol- ley. Newt Godfree, Ellis Houston, Max Jackson, Carney Las- lie, Joe Sharpe, Leon Long, J. B. Whitworth, and Ben Smith among the older men were very prominent. With this brilliant climax to a most successful season, Coach Thomas was rewarded for his tireless efforts in ac- complishing in one year what ordinarily takes several years. Once more, we congratulate the coaching staff and the play- .„ „ ooiRhL ' 1 f t t • Alternate Captain, ig 2 Team ers on their wonderful achievement. PAGE ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-FIVE ft4? I lb I ' J ' .A V - -sA . i V ' : T " — Tn -! " Hurri " Cain doing ' Bama proud in the Sewanee game. Alabama sponsors Home-Coming Day. Swaim receiving pass. Kentucky hits a stone wall in ' Bama ' s line, ' Bama ' s machine mows U. of Miss, to ground to leave Long in wide open spaces. " Sing, you sinners, sing " — Capt. Turner and his little daughter — Tide followers PAGE ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-SK ■ ! t ' . w |i y " " W ' ' g« " " gl » :jg » ' .w " - " ' y " : - - 7 -- " ■- ■-. ' • • ' ■ismmfw.WM ■■ y - " ' fy ' j- f »--T ; Hotne-Coming Day attendance. " Shipwrect " couldn ' t get around, under or through, so he tries to come over; but " Hurri " and " Whit " said No! We will still remember in 1932 what fate the above abbreviation spelled for ' Bama in 1931. ' Bama ' s band in action. Cheer leaders get together. Hughes makes nice gain before being stopped. -T ' ' v.- l r i r ••: ■rvt.. ' .V .; j c-y i-aiw fA John " Hurri " Cain All-American, All-Southern Fullback. MOXTGOMERY, ALABAMA Age 21 ; weight 187; height 5 ft., 10 in. This sensational backfield ace more than lived up to his title of " Hurri " Cain during the past season. Playing an outstanding game in each contest since he donned a varsity uniform, the 1931 eleven was formed with Cain as the nucleus, and Johnny surpassed the fondest desires in filling that all-important role. His uncanny punting with his left foot earned for him recognition as the South ' s leading punter. This outstanding achievement, plus his accurate passing, his exceptional ball-carrying, and his flawless defensive play, made Cain an indis- pensable factor in the successful functioning of the Tide machine. As a climax to this season of brilliant performance, Cain was selected to the fullback post on the official All-American eleven by the All-American Board of Football. To quote the board : " Cain is probably the most forceful fullback in the country today. " A fine tribute to a fine player, who is well deserving of the honor of captaincy of the 1932 team. Congratulations, Johnny! ■i PAGE ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-EIGHT mmm Sharps Smith Whitworth Joe F. Sharpe Center All-Southern " One of the greatest captains ever to lead a Crimson Tide " was the title justly earned by Joe Sharpe, leader of the 1932 eleven. A product of Mobile High, Joe made an enviable record for himself in his first two years on the squad, and during the past season he sur- passed his previous attainments, making many All- Southern picks and receiving honorable mention on a number of Ail-American teams. A star in the 1931 Rose Bowl game, Joe taught Mel Hein, All-American, a few lessons on how the center position ought to be played. His fighting spirit and wonderful play will be greatly missed next fall. Ben Smith End All-Smithtrn Following in the steps of his brother, Earl, a former Tide star and captain, Ben enjoyed his greatest season as a Tider in 1931, earning the di tinction of All- American and All-Southern honors. He filled his ca- pacity of alternate captain admirably. Smith was orig- inally a fullback, but the Tide coaches transformed him into a brilliant end. Always one of the main- stays on the s iuad, his services were indispensable dur- ing the past season. His unforgettable play in the 1931 Rose Bowl game will always remain a fond memory to Alabama supporters. Joe F. Sharpe, Center MOBILE, ALABAMA Age 22; weight 184; height 6 ft. J. B. Whitworth Guard All-Southern Honorable Mention Another of " those Arkansas boys " who have at- tained outstanding success on Alabama football teams is " Ears " Whitworth. He is the lad blessed with the " educated toe, " and can be relied on to convert that extra point after touchdown. His memorable field goal in the 1931 Rose Bowl game still lingers in the minds of Alabama followers. " Whit " turned in an excellent performance at the guard position, earning All-South- ern honors. The feature of his play was his outstand- ing blocking, and much of the Tide ' s success may be credited to his all-around good play. Ben Smith, End HALEVVILLE, ALABAM: " Age 20; weight 194; height 6 ft., 4 in. J. B. Whitworth, Guard BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS Age 22; weight 190; height 5 ft., 11 in. ' M ' ,i-i) ' ' PAGE ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-NINE ■ GODFREE HOLLEY Long Newton Godfree Tackle All-Southern Better known as " Bad Man " to the enemy, Godfree had to be good to fill the boots of Fred Sington and Foots Clements, and he did a swell job of it. Pre- dicted to be the South ' s leading tackle in 1931, Newt started out to fulfill these predictions in grand style, but injuries sustained early in the season retarded his progress. He never fully recovered from his ill for- tune, but what games he did participate in he proved that he was a masterful tackle. Great things are ex- pected of him next fall when he acts in the capacity of alternate captain. HiLMON HoLLEY Back All-Southern Honorable Mention A native Tuscaloosan, Holley made his home town proud of him by his fast-stepping on the gridiron. He was hard to stop when he carried the oval, being fast and elusive. An indispensable cog in the Tide ma- chine, Holley was one of the leading scorers of the Southern Conference. Hillman also called signals for the team, showing an admirable choice of plays. With one more year to go, Holley should be one of the South ' s outstanding backs. Leon Long Back Leon filled the shoes of Ralph McWright as a blocking back in a most pleasing manner. Much of the credit for the long runs of Tide backs is due to his fine interference. When an opposing gridder got in the way of this Tider, he soon found himself sprawl- ing and wondering what hit him. Long also achieved unusual success in smashing the line with the oval, being one of the team ' s leading scorers. His absence next season will be keenly felt, as he was very influ- ential in the team ' s success. Newton Godfree, Tackle ALEXANDER CITY, ALABAMA Age 21; weight 193; height 6 ft., 11 in. HiLMON Holley, Back TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Age 20; weight 156; height 5 ft., Leon Long, Back HALEYVILLE, ALABAMA Age 23; weight 181; height 5 ft., 8 In. ?=|A v ' .l aKV " PAGE ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY ik. - ' N i r - DOTHEROW Ticker Jackson AUTREY DoTHEROW End A fast and well-built end, Dotherow was relied upon to hold down a regular end position, but he too was prevented from getting started by Old Man Hard Luck. Shinsplints kept him out of the line-up almost the entire season, but in the games he did participate in he played well. Autrey has the knack of getting down under punts quickly, and his tackling is deadly and accurate. He will be back next fall. John E, Tucker Back Also an Arkansas star, Tucker proved invaluable to the team ' s success. Injuries proved detrimental to Tucker, depriving him of a first-string position. When in the game, John established himself as a capable field general, being one of the cleverest performers on the squad. Much use was made of his talent for ac- curate passing. Tucker also enjoyed the distinction of having participated in the 1931 Rose Bowl contest— and of being the only married man on the team. Max Jackson Tackle Max is another Senior who will be missed when the 1932 season rolls around. His consistent work at the tackle position was one of the main factors in the team ' s performance. Always a hard plugger and pos- sessed with plenty of fighting spirit, Jackson packed a mean wallop in his 195 pounds of heft. The forward wall was considerably bolstered by his presence in the line-up. Autrey Dotherow, End BROOKSVILLE, MISSISSIPPI Age 21; weight 184; height 6 ft. John E. Tucker, Back RUSSELLVILLE, ARKANSAS Age 24; weight 181; height 5 ft., 10 In. Max Jackson, Tackle NOTASUUJA, ALABAMA Age 22; weight 195; height 6 ft. «s PAGE ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY-ONE ,WK Tiv ■ j?r - ir-t r f . ' - i Laslie Leach Huston Carney Laslie Tackle An all-around, consistent performer is Laslie. This Tar Heel, being very efficient at bowling over enemy tackles and opening up holes for the backs to gain yardage, dealt plenty of misery and woe to opposing linesmen. In addition to that, he was adept at kick- ing-off and in converting the extra point after touch- down. Rated as one of the best linesmen in the South, next year should find Laslie receiving All-Southern honors. FoY Leach End Playing his first year on the varsity eleven. Leach impressed onlookers with his fine all-around play. When injuries dealt a blow to Dotherow, Leach stepped in and carried on without weakening the team, his deadly tackling and fighting spirit pleasing the coaches no little. Foy should be one of the mainstays of the team next fall. Ellis Houston Center Understudy to Sharpe, Houston filled in at center in a most creditable fashion. Tall and rangy, with plenty of fight. Red fitted the middle of the line very well, although lack of weight handicapped him some- what. His height enabled him to achieve exceptional success in breaking up passing attacks, and he was used no little in that capacity. Houson will be in line for the starting position at center next fall. Carney Laslie, Tackle CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA Age 20; woight 194; height 5 ft., 11 in. FoY Leach, End SILOAM SPRINGS, ARKANSAS Age 23; weight 178; height 5 ft.. Ellis Houston, Center BESSEMER, ALABAMA Age 21; weight 179; height G ft., 1 ■ •Jffl di. ' .y- ' ' ' PAGE ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY-TWO ■ s « t KiRKLAND MOSELEY Sims B ' Ho KiRKLAND Guard Although playing his first season on the varsity squad, Kirkland often broke into the starting line-up. He gave an excellent account of himself in every game, aiding the team no little in crushing the opponents. His defensive performance was a feature of his all- around good play. Kirkland has a bright future ahead of him, and should more than make up for losses sus- tained through graduation. Frank O. Moseley Back A strong back in his Freshman year, Moseley was a hard worker and earned himself a starting position in his initial season on the varsity. Frank ' s steady per- formance throughout the year aided the Tide ma- terially. Moseley Is a hard running back, and dis- played marked ability at punting, passing, and block- ing. He will play a large part in the Crimson Tide ' s quest for supremacy in 1932. Comer Sims Guard One of the mainstays of the reserve squad hereto- fore, Sims saw plenty of action on the varsity squad last fall. A hard worker, he went about learning foot- ball in a quiet manner. When sent into a game, he always gave a creditable account of himself. Sims has another year to go, and he can be counted on to strengthen the team considerably. B ' Ho Kirkland, Guard COLUMBIA, ALABAMA Age 20; weight 195; height 6 ft., 1 in. Frank O. Moseley, Back. MONTCOMERV, ALABAMA Age 19; weight 175; height 5 ft., 10 In. Comer Sims, Guard SEARIGirr, ALABAMA Age 22; weight 195; height 6 ft.. 1 . " ' PAGE ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY-THREE • fm -€% HUPPKE Chappell Cochrane Thomas Huppke Guard All-Southern One of the sophomore finds of the 1931 season, Huppke received All-Southern honors on a number of selections. Developing rapidly as the season wore on, Huppke finally landed a starting post. Although not built as big as guards ordinarily are, he possessed abundant strength, stamina, and fight, dealing out plenty of misery to opposing guards. Barring injuries, Huppke should make All-Southern next year without a great deal of trouble. Howard Chappell Back This " Sylacauga Flash " also played his initial season on the varsity eleven. Chappell ' s fleetness of foot earned for him the nickname of " Streak, " and it was just too bad for the opponents when he broke away into the open. Howard was one of the leading ground- gainers on the team, as well as a consistent scorer. His play was marked by his excellent broken field run- ning and punt returning. Next season should find him one of the South ' s leading backs. David M. Cochrane Back A reserve during the 1930 season. Pal displayed a reversal of form last year and finally came into his own, playing the brand of football of which he is ca- pable, earning a place on the varsity squad. A fine, hard running back, and a good tackier, Cochran spe- cialized in smashing the line, developing into a con- sistent ground-gainer. He should blossom forth in all his glory next season. Thomas Huppke, Guard EAST CHICAGO, INDIANA Age 19; weight 181; height 5 ft., 8 Howard Chappell, Back. SYLACAUGA, ALABAMA Age 19; weight 165; height 5 ft., 10 in. David M. Cochrane, Back TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Age 19; weight 175; height 5 ft., 9 In. i PAGE ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY-FOUR Hewes Hughes DiLDY Willis D. Hewes Center Beginning the season as an unknown player, Hewes soon made the fans sit up and take notice of his fine playing. As a result he saw frequent action during the greater part of the year. Starting off as a center, Hewes displayed such marked ability at line play that he was shifted over to a tackle position where he might better and more often make use of his talents. The 1932 forward wall will be greatly strengthened by his presence. Larry G. Hughes Back Buck is another sophomore who blossomed forth into varsity material. Gifted with plenty of brawn and driving power, he made an excellent fullback, display- ing a hard-driving running form which made him dif- ficult to stop. When Cain was absent from the line- up, the task of punting fell to Hughes, and he took care of his job nicely. Much is expected from him next fall. James Dildy Tackle One of the outstanding performers on the Fresh- man squad of 1930, Dildy continued his good work as a member of the varsity. Weighing over the 200- pound mark, he made an excellent tackle, having little difficulty in opening up holes in opposing lines. Dildy should be an outstanding tackle in 1932. Willis D. Hewes, Center RUSSELLVILLE, ARKANSAS Age 20; weight 200: height 5 ft., 10 in. Larry G. Hughes, Back TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Age 19; weight 177; height 5 ft., 10 in. James Dildy, Tackle NASHVILLE, ARKANSAS Age 20; weight 203; height 6 ft.. 2 in. mm PAGE ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY-FIVE ' • ' ■■ ' 1 %. Turner Walker SWAIM Robert V. Turner End " The man who came back " — that ' s Bob Turner. After a successful year on the Frosh eleven in 1930, Turner suffered a relapse the following season and had to be content with a place on the reserve squad. In 1931, Bob displayed a reversal of form, gaining a post on the varsity squad and playing a good game all year. He should be an outstanding wingman next fall. Erskine R. Walker Back Walker ' s return to school last fall strengthened the team considerably. Fast and shifty, a smooth running back, he specialized in skirting the terminals, and he was a hard man to stop. " Bub ' s " general performance abetted the Tide greatly, and 1932 should find him at tcp speed. Robert M. Swaim End After serving as a reserve in his sophomore year, Swaim also displayed a reversal of form, and soon after the season began, he developed into a leading contender for one of the wing positions. Tall and rangy, Swaim ' s build enabled him to achieve success in snagging passes, and in breaking up opposing air attacks. Next year should find him still better. Robert V. Turner, End MONTGOMERY; ALABAMA Age 20; weight 189; height 6 ft., 1 in. Erskine R. Walker, Back ENSLEY, ALABAMA Age 20; weight 101; height 5 ft., 8 in. Robert M. Swaim, End TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Age 20; weight 177; height G ft. mmmmmmmmmmmmmammmmi ■ -■- ■- PAGE ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY-SIX Barker Causey Frey Troy Barker Tackle Barker is another reserve whose determination and diligent labor won for him a varsity position. He de- veloped gradually as the season wore on, and as a re- sult he participated in many games. A dependable lineman, a fine blocker, and a good tackier, Barker should play an important part in the success of the 1932 eleven. Joe S. Causey Back Always a hard plugger. Causey finished out his ca- reer as a member of the Crimson Tide in fine style. Gifted with fleetness of foot, Joe was efficient at skirt- ing the ends and in returning punts, and as a result he saw considerable service throughout the year. He will be missed next season. Calvin Frey Guard This chubby gridder was one of the hardest work- ing men on the squad, and his efforts were rewarded by his participation in almost every game. Because of his short stature, Frey was a hard man to bowl over, and yet he was big enough to prove a menace to opposing ball-carriers. Shorty should enjoy a great year next fall. Troy Barker, Tackle GABBETTVILLE, GEORGIA Ago 22; weight 195; height ft., 1 in. Joe S. Causey, Back DOUGLAS, ARIZONA Age 22; weight 157: height 5 ft., 8 Age Calvin Frey, Guard ARKADELPHIA, ARKANSAS 20; weight 202; height 5 ft., PAGE ONE HUNDREDTSEVENTY-SEVEN ' Brown Den., Ji. vi ' ch Turner ' R-Hurvdtrtmark lli$on ander on Wall i M w% m X mufM Ir ' Wf ' t.: eriy ' " i vm ff . ' 9Jw ' .w - v " ■-■ ■ i; ,. ■ 1 J- ■; " : ' . ' ■«». " ; ' . :. FRESHMAN SQUAD Review of the Season The Crimson Tidelette enjoyed one of its most successful seasons last fall. Under the able guidance of Coach Paul Burnum the Frosh gridders placed five games in the win column, only one contest being recorded on the wrong side of the ledger. Over 200 enthusiastic football aspirants answered Coach Burnum ' s call for practice the first day. This enormous squad soon dwindled down, however, to the century mark, making things much easier for the frosh mentors to mould a good team. The season was opened with the Howard Bullpups in Denny Stadium. The Burnum men had an easy time, winning 25-0. The score would have undoubtedly been much larger were it not for the fact that Coach Burnum desired to get a line on as many men in action as was possible, which of course resulted in frequent substitutions. Florida ' s yearlings, the only team to give the Baby Crimsons a setback in the 1930 season, paid the Capstone a visit. They came rather close to making it two straight victories, but the locals rallied and came through with a 7-6 win, thereby obtaining some much desired revenge. The Tidelette made its initial trip of the season to New Orleans to do battle with Tu- lane ' s Green Wavelette, who were favored over the locals. But in true Alabama fashion, Coach Burnum ' s hirelings turned the tables and returned home with an 18-0 win tucked safely away under their belts. In the final two games of the year the Ole Miss and the Mississippi A. M. freshmen were met and conquered with comparative ease. An abundance of fine material was uncovered from the frosh ranks. The most promising backs discovered were R. Smith, McDaniel, Rogers, Walker, Pate, Littrell, Crittenden, Rhor- danz, Gregg, Howell, Hall, Hardy, Anglelich, and Patton. Kaufman, Walker, McGahey, and Hudson were the outstanding wingmen. Three line tackles were unearthed in Baswell, a 200-pounder, Smith, and Davenport, while the best of the guards were Dobbins, Carter, and King. At center, Dildy, a brother to the varsity tackle, was the outstanding man, weighing over the 200-pound mark, and play- ing heads-up football. These men will greatly contribute to the success of the 1932 varsity, and are being groomed to fit right in to the workings of the Tide machine. PAGE ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY I- ON THE DIAMOND I SAM HINTON Stepping into a new job amid strange surroundings, Hinton attained great success as coach of the Crimson nine. Although working with a green pitching staFf, he lost no time in mold- ng a fine team. Coach Hinton was a star southpaw twirler for Alabama several years ago. .i- JP . L % h- West, Manager Sam Hinton, Coach BuRN ' UM, Fresliman Coach Review of the Season Although Alabama failed to duplicate her 1930 feat of winning the Southern Conference champion- ship, she nevertheless had a very successful season, copping twelve contests out of a twenty-one game schedule. Only five of these games were placed in the lost column, two tussels ending in tie scores and two others being rained out. Sam Hinton, former star southpaw twirler for Alabama, was secured to replace Jess Neely, who ac- cepted a post at Clemson. Stepping into a strange job the new coach came through in fine style, building up a formidable nine in an abbreviated training period. The opening contest of the year, scheduled with the Birmingham Barons of the Southern League, was interfered with by Jupiter Pluvius, by whose powers Denny Field was transformed into a quagmire. Illinois visited the Capstone on their southern trip for a duo of games, the locals copping the initial con- test 6-2, the last fray ending in a 6-6 tie. The Howard Bulldogs, next on the schedule, were twice re- pulsed by the respective scores of 6-5 and 21-0, the Tide bats speaking loud and long in the latter game. The House of David Bearded Beauties displayed their wares on the campus, the Crimsons emerging victorious after an uphill battle, 12-10. Alabama continued to pound opposing moundsmen on the initial road trip of the season, although the trip as a whole proved to be rather disastrous. L. S. U. was met and conquered 7-1 in the first game of the series, the second game being stopped by darkness with the score tied at 18-18. Then Spring Hill caught the Tide in a slump, defeating the locals twice by the scores of 5-2 and 8-2. Alabama displayed a reversal of form on their return home, administering three consecutive lacings to Ole Miss in a four-game series, the last contest being rained out. L. S. U. stopped over long enough to take a 12-2 trimming back home. The Kentucky Wildcats came out of their mountain lair to split a two- game setto with the Crimsons, being slaughtered 18-3 in the opening contest and winning the final by a 7-3 count. The year was brought to a successful close in a four-game series with Mississippi A. M. The first two games were played in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, being returned the victors in both contests by large margins, 7-3 and 9-1. The last two games were played on the A. M. diamond, the Mississippians win- ning both games by one-run margins, 6-5 and 5-4. PAGE ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY-TWO J -ALABAMi A i »L B M, M - tStMl s.» " (Ul « »- 1 kLlWUM 1- ' 9AMt,l il kUB«KA Top row: Albert West, Edgar Dobbs, Stewart Aiken, Howard Brunei-, Jessie Lee De Bardaiaber, Franlt Howard, Biily Suliivan and Coach Hinton. Second row: Joiin Fleming, Autrey Dotherow, George Fleming, Leo Penziner, Riley Clements, and James Faulk, Front row; Malcolm Laney, .T. B. Whitworth, Ho!senback, Ralph McRight, Fred Wambsganss, George Black and Ernest Ladd. Taking into consideration the disadvantages and liandicaps with which the Crimsons started the season, a new coach and a practically green hurling stafF, Alabama indeed enjoyed one of her most suc- cessful seasons of diamond competition. )I1 Alabama Rain Alabama 6 Alabama 6 Alabama 6 Alabama 21 Alabama 12 Alabama 7; Alabama 18 Alabama 2 Alabama 2 Alabama 3 Alabama 9 Alabama 3 Alabama Rain Alabama 12 Alabama 18 Alabama 3 Alabama 7 Alabama 9: Alabama 5 Alabama 4; Birmingham Barons Rain Illinois 2 Illinois 6 Howard College 5 Howard College House of David 10 L. S. U 1 L. S. U 18 Spring Hill 5 Spring Hill 8 Ole Miss 1 Ole Miss 7 Ole Miss 2 Ole Miss Rain L. S. U 2 Kentucky 3 Kentucky 7 Mississippi A. and M 3 Mississippi A. and M 1 Mississippi A. and M 6 Mississippi A. and M 5 PAGE ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY-THREE f AL BAMi rr»4l DeBardeleban IJl.ACK JESSE l.EE DEBARDELEBAN, Pitcflier — One of the twirling lu minaries of last year, " Monk " is one of the main assets to th s year ' s squad. Starting off rather slowly last season, he finished up in fine style. This lad exhibited a nice change of pace and a varied assortment of curves. He has two more seasons to play. GEORGE BI-ACK, Catcher — George was crowded out of the catcher ' s job during the early part of the season, but later, when placed in the game, he showed himself very capable to the task. Heavy hitting caused Coach Hinton to keep Black on regular duty later in the season. WILLIAM SULLIVAN, Pitcher— " Bill " was one of the most dependable hurlers on the team. Although failing to start any games, his excellent relief work was one of the season ' s features. Possessing plenty of smoke and a nice collection of hooks, " Sully " is one of the mainstays of the squad, and is seeing regular service this year. FRANK HOWARD, Cntchei Frank closed out his baseball career at the Capstone with an excellent season behind the plate. Displaying steady stick work at the plate, he was a dangerous man in the pinches, breaking up many a ball game with his Umely batting. A most dependable man at the receiving position, Howard was a hard man to replace this year. EDGAR DOBBS, Pitchei Always In tip-top shape. Dobbs, with his diligent laboring, turned in an excellent pitching per- formance for the 1931 season, establishing himself as the ace of the Crimson hurling staff. " Buddy " also won several of his own games with his timely hitting. STEWART AIKEN, First Base — Although " Stew " got off to a slow start, he developed into one of the classiest and most de- pendable first-sackers seen on the campus in a long time. His batting improved immensely over his first year ' s performance, and he came to be regarded as a difficult man to pitch to oc- cupying the position of lead-off man in the batting order. Aiken is playing his last year this season. FRED WAMBSGANSS, Shortstop— " Wamby " was one of the most skillful infi elders ever to represent the university. He covered the shortstop position in big-league fashion, digging the horsohide out of the dirt with facility. At the bat, Fred gave a highly pleasing performance, and his loss to the team left a big gap for Coach Hinton to fill. Sullivan ■ . ALBERT WEST, Manager — Albert filled the shoes of manager in a very pleasiiiy manner. He was a hard worker, an l saw the Crimson baseball team throuf?h all its difllculties. It will take a " gooci " man to replace Albert. HOWARD BRI ' NKK, Pitcher — This elongated lad did well for his first year on the varsity. He possesses world of speed, and in addition has a nice change of pace. Howard performed ca- pably as a relief pitcher last year, but is holding: down a regular position this season. Howard 1 KV.K,B| Aiken Dobbs Wambscanss PAGE ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY-FOUR JOHN FLEMING. Third Biise — " Sandy " enjoyed a great year at llie hot corner, as well as a fine season at the plate. Never seeming to exert himself, Fleming maile hard chances look easy, and his peg to Hrst was hard to equal. One of the main factors in the Crimson attack, his absence was a great loss to this season ' s team. RAI-PH McWRIGHT, Catcher — Mac also flninshed his three years of baseball at the university, and his ab.sence was felt rather keenly when the season opened. The speediest receiver on the team as well as a timely hitter and a menace to base stealers. Ralph was a main asset to the Tide nine. GEORGE FI EMING, Centerflelil — The most consistent and most dependable slugger on the team. George was slowed up last year due to a broken ankle, but he managed to play a few games before the end of the season. His long distance smacks broke up several games and his fly-shagging was one of the features of the Tide defense. Hi.s presence in the outfield this year has abetted the Crimsons no little. J. Fleming RILEY CLEMENTS, Pitcher — Another sophomore star. Riley turned in a good performance for the season. Wildness cost him a good deal of his effectiveness In the early part of the spring, but he calmed down with more work, and soon developed into an important cog in the Tide machine. He is back again this year. FRED SIXGTON, LeftHeld — Shifted to the outfleld due to a shoulder injury received in football which hampered his pitching, " Freddie " proved to be one of the mainstays of the team. De- veloping into a good ball-hawk he held down the leftfield position in a highly creditable manner. His outstanding slugging was a feature of the team ' s play, and, incidentally, it earned him a contract with the Atlanta Crackers of the Southern League. ACTKEY nOTHEROW, Outfleld — Dotherow alternated with Pete Fleming in centerfleld, and when Pete was on the bench with injuries, he performed in fine style. He is back for another season, and is proving very valuable to Coach Hinton in building the Tide nine. J. B. WHITWOBTH, Rightfleld — Whitworth, playing his second year on the Alabama nine, came in for his share of honors as a result of liis fine defen.sive play and his hitting In the pinches. One of the hardest working men on the squad, " Ears " was a valuable asset to the successful functioning of the Crimson machine. MALCOL.M LANEY, Second Ba»e — I aney reported for baseball with several candidates ahead of him for the keystone position, but determination and hard work finally won him the Job. Play- ing heads-up baseball throughout the year, Malcolm developed into a very important cog in the Tide innerworks. His presence in the lineup has bolstered this year ' s team a great deal. McWricht G. Fleming Whitworth Dotherow u Clements Laney v .y E« SiNCTON PAGE ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY-FIVE r r AOI tX ♦ " " » ' u liM ' l X ' ' . i ' FRESHMAN BASEBALL SQUAD Top row left to right: Campbell. Derashey, Morrow, Williamson, Schwarzenbach, Hundertmark, A. Connatser. Middle row left to right: Merton, Greenburg, Powers, Busby, Bauman. Williams Bottom row left to right: Maynor, Paulson, Chandler, Sewell, Brown, R. Connatser. Freshman Baselball Review of the Season Approximately 200 candidates responded to the call for frosh diamond practice last year, providing an enormous field from which to choose a representative team. This large number of aspirants made it rather difficult for the coaches to pay a great deal of attention to individual men, activities being confined mainly to the general fundamentals, such as hitting, running, and fielding. The squad dwindled greatly in time, however, giving Coaches Burnum and Kendig an oppor- tunity to accomplish their objectives much faster. After a short time the squad was divided into two teams, " A " and " B " , the former under Coach Burnum ' s guidance and the latter headed by Assistant Coach Kendig. This combination was maintained for a period of three weeks, after which time the first cut in the squad was made, leaving a total of thirty men, who composed the team for the rest of the year. The season as a whole was very successful, the locals copping six contests while dropping only one, that to Marion Institute by a very close score, 2-1. The victories were gained over S. M. A., Marion Institute, and Mississippi A. M. Thrje contests were won from S. M. A., two from A. M., and one from Marion Institute. The outstanding feature of the season was in one of the games with Marion, in which Earl Bauman, frosh twirler, struck out 23 men. A good bit of promising material was developed by Coaches Burnum and Kendig. Chandler was the best of the lot in the receiving department, while Bauman, Brown, Scwarzenbach, and Greenberg were the mainstays of the pitching staff. Connatser performed in fine style at first base, and bids fair to follow in the footsteps of his brother, who is a star first-sacker in the Southern League. Hale and Hundertmark alternated at the keystone, Lockwood held down short, and Campbell, the keyman of the infield, was outstanding at third. The most promising of the outfielders were A. Connatser, Seawell, Williamson, and Morrow. These men will certainly make fine varsity material this year. PAGE ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY-SIX ON THE COURT HANK CRISP Director oF Athletics and Basketball Coach , im ' f :iMAf. Aiken, Bauman, Gotten, Freeman, Munkasey, Laney Stewart Aiken, Forward " Stew, " the boy %vho can loop them from all corners, was one of the mainstays on this year ' s squad, aiding greatly toward the moulding of another fine team. Aiken battles all the way, and when he gets a shot from the side . . . two points! Earl Bauman, Center One of this season ' s sophomore luminaries, Bauman was groomed to fill the shoes of ' Bama ' s Ail-American center, Lindy Hood. Rather green at first. Earl rapidly developed into a splendid " spot " man, as well as a good shot. He should go good his next two years at the Capstone. Bob Gotten, Forward A fine reserve in 1931, Gotten proved to be invaluable to this year ' s quintet. A fine shot, a ready worker, and a nice floor man, he saw plenty of action, contributing considerably to the team ' s success. John Freeman, Guard A Frosh ace last year. Freeman continued his fine work on the varsity this season. A good eye and a splendid defensive man, he participated in many games. He has two more years to go. Paul Munkasey, Forward A capable substitute last year, Paul was a big asset to the moulding of this year ' s quintet. He is fast, has a good eye, and is a diligent worker. He should be a star next year. Malcolm Laney, Guard Following in the footsteps of his brother, Walton, Malcolm established himself as one of the South ' s leading guards. Last year he worked with Walton like a sweet sonata to form the finest duo of guardsmen in the South. He too will be lost to the team next year. PAGE ONE hundred EIGHTY-EIGHT il»M ' i fl Pyron, E. Kimbrough,, Z. Kimbrough, Connatser Edward Kimbrough, Guard An outstanding performer on last year ' s squad, Ed came through with some fine worli this season to close out his career at the University. He contributed valuable assistance in practically every game, being a brilliant defensive man. He will be keenly missed next season. " Orlie " Nobles, Guard Nobles captured his letter last season by his good performance, and was one of the most prom- ising members of this year ' s team. A steady worker, his play was featured by his all-around consistent playing. He should have a fine year in 1933. Zeke Kimbrough, Forward Zeke did some fine bits as a reserve last year, gaining a great deal of experience which enabled him to strengthen this year ' s squad materially. He is a good " crip " shot and a fine " spot " man. He should be great next year. Roy Connatser, Forward An outstanding member of the 1931 Freshman team, Roy abetted the varsity five no little this year with his usual amount of good work in building up the ' Bama five by giving the best of relief assistance. He can run the floor well and loop the hoop with regularity. Pyron, Manager Pyron fulfilled his duties as manager in fine style. A hard worker, he was always ready to make things comfortable for the Tide baskcteers. He certainly deserved his letter. Two men who have aided the Tide quintet materially this season are Ben Smith and Harry Katz. Ben was a star performer in high school, but confined his activities to football in college. He was a capable center. Katz was one of the outstanding Frosh cagesters last season. Zolton Munkasey was also a valuable member cf this year ' s team. PAGE ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY-NINE -» - Back row: Freeman, Z. Kimborouy:h, Gotten, Munkasey, Pyron (Manager). Front row: Laney, Baunian, Aiken, Nobles, Connatser, E. Kimbrough. At the beginning of the 1931 season, prospects indicated an even brighter year for Alabama than the preceding one, when the powerful Crimson cage machine smashed through all opposition to win the Southern Conference title with comparative ease. However, a series of disheartening tough breaks cost the Tide basketeers their great chance of repeating their championship, though the record for the season was far from a poor one. The Crimsons managed to reach the Southern Conference Tournament, but without the services of the inimitable Lindy Hood, they were eliminated in the first round. From out of the ruins of this heart- breaking season, there was one saving feature that changed the season to one of success: The selection of Hood as All-American center. The prospects for this season ' s quintet were very doubtful before the season opened, due to the loss of six men, three of whom, Lindy Hood, Walton Laney, and Fred Wambgans, were first-stringers, and who received All-Southern honors. However, several promising recruits were sent up from the Frosh ranks in Bauman, Katz, and Freeman to partly replace these losses. Then, too, five lettermen were returned in Aiken, Malcolm Laney, Ed Kimbrough, P. Munkasey, and Nobles. These men formed the nucleus around which Coach Crisp built his 1932 machine. A number of capable reserves in Zeke Kimbrough, Cotten, Z. Munkasey, came back, and Ben Smith, star football player, donned a basketball uniform, which strengthened the team considerably. The Crimsons played their first game with the Boys ' Club before Christmas, almost doubling the score of the visitors. The season was officially pried open with Howard College, Alabama emerging victorious by a 39-22 score. Tulane provided the initial conference opposition for the Crispmen, visiting the campus for a duo of games, and being turned back by the Tide in both contests by the respective scores of 15-10 and 38-16. The marvelous defensive play of Alabama featured these tussels. The following week-end Florida ' s Alligators paid us a visit to the Capstone, and they, too, were twice repulsed. The score of the first game was 32-19, the second contest ending 28-11, Alabama continuing her splendid defensive performance. The Crispmen ran their string of victories to six by defeating L. S. U. in a duo of games by the scores of 34-25 and 36-25. So far, Alabama has not lost a home game in the last three years, during that time having run up a string of 36 victories. At the time the Corolla goes to press, Alabama has established herself as one of the leading con- tenders for the Southern Conference championship, at the present time leading the league with six wins against no defeats. With the team improving as the season wears on, and with a plethora of splendid reserve strength being developed, Coach Crisps hirelings bid fair to cause a lot of disturbance around the Conference. PAGE ONE HUNDRED NINETY l CINDER PATH HAROLD DREW Track Coach Joe Causey: No greater tribute can be paid to Joe Causey than to say that he served two years as captain of the squad. He was a con- sistent performer in the pole-vault and the lOO- yard dash. Dave Robertson, Manager: Although Dave was handicapped by being in the law school and by having many other campus duties to perform, he made the team an excellent manager and a real friend. Coach Harold Drew: To Coach Drew be- longs ths credit of raising a former mediocre track team to the great heights which the 1930 squad attained. Coach Drew is a splendid and hard worker and by his inspiring ei?orts is able to get the utmost from his men. ' Bama is ex- tremely fortunate in having such a man at the head of her track teams. Ronald Krasky: For three years, Ronald Krasky ' s blond head could be seen romping home among the leaders in the half-mile, and his loss this year is one that cannot be easily replaced. Jack Scheuer: While Jack was not among the great 440 men in the conference, he could always be depended upon to win his share of points. Jack ran a beautiful race when the mile- relay team dashed to a new record in the South- ern Conference meet. Causey Brownlee Smith: Brownlee needs no intro- duction to ' Bama ' s track followers; for his great performances in the u)0 and 220-yard dashes stamp him as one of the fastest men in the en- tire South. Watch him in the conference meet this year. ROBERISON Drew Krasky Scheuer Smith PAGE ONE HUNDRED NINETY-TWO The Track Season of Henry Kantor: Kantor was one of the best two-milers in the conference in his sophomore and junior years. He was handicapped his en- tire senior year by poor condition, but even then he obtained enough points to make his letter. Russel Lipe: Great things are expected of Lipe this year. He was recognized as one of the best low hurdlers in the South last year. It was his first year of varsity competition. Sid Schectman: Schectman was a most con- sistent performer in the weights. He made ex- cellent use of his powerful physique in tossing the shot well over forty-five feet. He returns for another year of competition. Robert " Speed " Bradley: Bradley was one of the best all-around athletes on the squad, spe- cializing in the lOO and 220-yard dashes. For three years he defeated the best sprinters in the South. The loss of " Speed " was felt most severely in 1932. Raymond Crowley: " Doc " was really an expert when it came to keeping the men in con- dition and the spirit of the team at a high pitch. He followed the team faithfully and is in a large measure responsible for the successful year. Bob Turner: This husky sophomore tossed the discus far and wide to win his letter his first year with the Drewmen. He will develop into an outstanding weight man before his three years of competition are over. Kantor Crowley Schectman Bradley Lipe Turner 4 PAGE ONE HUNDRED NINETY-THREE . iS»-- The Track Merle Reigel: Merle is another sensational soph. He and Tulane ' s Zimmerman were the out- standing sophomore vaulters in the conference last year, and he will return this year to continue his duel with the Greenie flash. Bill Joyce: Sophomore Bill Joyce was the out- standing individual performer in the Southern Con- ference last year. This past season in Birmingham he broke the long-standing Southern Conference 440 record, running this gruelling test in 49 seconds flat. Here is real Olympic material, and an athlete who is a credit to the University of the South. McLean Pitts: Pitts ' three years of hard work in the half-mile were unrewarded with a letter, but he was one of the most liked track men on the squad, and he will certainly be missed. week before the big test at the conference meet, he injured his leg and could not compete. Jimmie Gates: Jimmie showed great promise in the two-mile run the early part of the year, but he was held back by injuries during the entire regular season. He is only a soph and will no doubt win his letter next year. D. M. Jones: D. M. plugged hard at the mile for three years, and although he failed to make a letter, he was a track man of first rank. John Baker: Baker won a letter his very first year by turning in sensational performances in the high-jump. He cleared the bar at six feet, two and three-fourths inches at the end of the season, and he is expected to do even better this year. Ed Griggs: Ed was the original hard-luck man of the squad. After taking a long time to round in shape, he finally developed into the outstanding broad-jumper in the conference. Unfortunately, a Dick Laubenheimer: Dick did his best work in the half-mile, although he ran the mile also. He was a consistent point-winner for three years and his graduation leaves a big gap to be filled. Reigel Pitts Jones Gates Joyce Griggs Baker Laubenheimer PAGE ONE HUNDRED NINETY-FOUR N OTHER SPORTS DR. SAXMAN Director of Woman ' s Athletics 11, TOUCH FOOTIJALL Intra Mural Sports Intra-mural athletics saw its inception as a major attraction at Alabama in 1931, when Coach Hank Crisp became Athletic Director of the university. He has interested himself greatly in intra-murals, and has lent every aid to its enlargement. This splendid assistance, combined with the consistent hard work by Wilmer Poyner, director of intra- mural activities, and his staff, have placed intra-mural sports at the university on a par with the leading colleges of the country. So rapidly has the program of activities grown during its almost two years of existence, that practically every male student on the campus is given an opportunity to take part in athletics. With a sports curriculum that includes eleven events, intra-mural athletics have made a most impressive development in the past few months. Over one thousand students took part in the football leagues held last Fall, and many more par- ticipated in the menu of Spring sports. The A. T. O. eleven copped the Pan-Hellenic football tournament, defeating the S. A. E. ' s after a hard-fought tournament in which 25 teams participated. In the In- dependent League, Jimmy Faulk ' s team defeated " Stew " Aiken ' s eleven after a hard- fought battle. Over 500 men took part in this league ' s activities. TOUCH FOOTBALL PAGE ONE HUNDRED NINETY-SIX 1» " ' )? ' ' ' ifrm ' .- T y?y.. v f ' « -c A. T. O. ' S, 12; S. A. E.S, 6 The Spring events, which attract the greatest number of participants, are taking place with excellent results. Basketball leagues were held in February and March, in addition to handball and volley ball tournaments. A big program of events are to be launched in April with events to include baseball, tennis, golf, playground ball, bowling, ping-pong, and track meets. Swimming activities will take place later in the semester. Interest in the intra-mural games has been widespread among the students. A large attendance is on hand at practically all events, mainly because of the sensational struggles staged in almost every branch of the sports program, in which many athletes of out- standing talent take part. A great deal of credit is due Poyner and his staff for promoting the intra-murals in such fine style. In addition to Director Poyner, the staff includes the following men: Pan-Hellenic Committee: Charlie May, Munny Sokol, and Rocky Seymour; General Staff: Mutt Ranier, football; Joe Brown, tennis; Clarke Moore, volley ball; Kaiser Shaffer, handball; Rocky Seymour, baseball; Charlie Crenshaw, Buddy Hyman, Bitsy Sessions, Beverely Head, basketball; Paul Duncan, publicity. With the enormous interest being shown in the intra-mural events, and the indications which point to an increasing interest, Alabama intra-murals should enjoy its greatest season next year. W ' ■ . ■•i ■ mir. KAPPA SIGS 6; SIGMA NU O PAGE ONE HUNDRED NINETY-SEVEN Branch, Carter, Cumbaa This year marked the advent of Donald Tubb a3 director of Alabama fisticuffs, and the new coach has filled his position in excellent style. He has received some very able assistance in his work from Frank Muscal, the hustling boxing manager. Two local tournaments were held this year in order to select men for positions on the varsity squad. The first matches were staged early in December under the auspices of the Alabama ath- letic association and the American Legion. As a result of these bouts, the squad was reduced con- siderably, the following men emerging victorious: Eddie Branch, Hubert Sudduth, Charlie Thoma- sello. Bill Stricklen, Eddie De Luca, Joe Hughes, Gordon Cumbaa, Al McCullough, Joe Mastovic, Eddie Friend, Bobby Burns, Tom McMillan and Dave Pazniewski. The second and final tournament was held in January, which resulted in the choice of the var- sity team. The men making places were: Eddie Branch, bantamweight; Charles Thomasello, featherweight; Gordon Cumbaa, middleweight; Bobby Burns, light heavyweight; Robert Scribner, lightweight; and Woodrow Carter, heavyweight. These men all show promise of giving opposing battlers a tough time in the ring. As the Corolla goes to press, no intercollegi- ate matches have been fought, but an impressive schedule has been arranged, including L. S. U. and Mississippi A. and M. Other bouts are in the making. With the selection of this fine material, the Alabama mittmen should go far in Southern in- tercollegiate circles this year. Dn _„ » jj; l « BOXING SQUAD PAGE ONE HUNDRED NINETY-EIGHT Smith. Keith, Ljiiiaii, Fiiilaj-. St-llurs (.Mgr.J, Simpson. Rippere. Cone. Shaffer. The Alabama racqueteers again came through a most difficult schedule in splendid fashion, dropping only two matches throughout the 1931 season, one to Georgia and the other to Tulane, both by very small margins. Sixteen difficult Southern Conference foes were encountered, the best of these being Tulane, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Vanderbilt, and L. S. U. The team this Spring was built around ex-Captain Simpson, Captain-elect Schaeffer, and Cone, the only lettermen returning to the fold. During last year the first two mentioned men lost only one match each, winning their others in fine style. Many fine prospects were uncovered this year to fill the vacancies on the 1932 team, the most prom- ising being Poyner, Keith, Lyman, Smith, and Rice. Lyman and Smith are the best of this lot, the for- mer winning the local open championship last year. The team is under the capable leadership of George Schaeffer, who replaced Simpson as captain of the Tide netmen. Bill Sellers is serving his second season as manager. Another impressive lineup of teams has been arranged, and the ' Bama court stars are expected to sur- vive the matches in their usual successful manner. The 1931 Tennis Season Alabama 5; Alabama 6; Alabama 5; Alabama 3; Alabama 4; Alabama 3; Alabama 5; Alabama 5; Alabama 4; Alabama 6; Alabama 5; Alabama 7; Alabama 6; Alabama 6; Alabama 5: Birmingham Southern ... 2 Howard 1 Georgia Tech 2 Georgia 4 Emory 2 Tulane 4 Vanderbilt 2 Kentucky 2 Sewanee 2 Maryville 1 Mississippi College .... 2 Mississippi College .... Mississippi A. M 1 Mississippi A. M 1 L. S. U 2 ' " iS Capt. Schai-fer PAGE ONE HUNDRED NINETY-NINE i E. M, W. FOR YOUR APPROVAL ¥Hf COROLL l Jrresenls- Miss Janice de la Croix Miss Ellen Bollen Miss Montaomeru W • Miss Sarah Broo tcs These pages of The 1932 Corolla • are most • affectionately dedicated to Mr. Joel McCrea the selector of the Beauties and one of the foremost screen celebrities of todau. C — ' B A M A ' S I i Miss Mary Imoqene Mason FAVORITES r to Greenwood Jackson HALL OF FAME Student LIFE J AT ALflBflMfl R. O. T. C. honorees • S. A. E. annual ball • Wilson sisters and mother — freshman, sophomore, junior, senior • Phi Gam house party • Julia Tut- wiler portrait presented to University during Cen- tennial • Interior scenes from women ' s Gymna- sium Cheer leaders and " Tom Heflin " — Tom is the one between the second and third (explanation be- lieved advisable) • The band spells it out — Bama • The bonfire burns one night too soon • Cap- tain Joe and the gift to the Crimson Tide • One of the first students • Bama ' s Band in action Building the bonfire • How! I hate these eights • Uncle Tom ' s Baritones should reach the low ones following this exhibition • Campus scene • Bama ' s centers test their ability — Bauman has the edge, it seems • " Foots " in a moment of leisure Ye Grads on parade to receive diplomas • 1,000 women students, en masse for celebration • Color- bearers • iR. O. T. C. officers • Military band Coach Thomas and Cap- tain Joe talk it over • Vols represented by ' Bama ' s band • Sponsors • Jack and Tom Heflin — Jack is the one with trousers on — head cheer leader • Captain Tur- ner ' s little daughter — " Sing, You Sinner, Sing " • Home coming decora- tions The million-dollar band poses • Dr. Julius Klein, Assistant Secretary of Commerce, visits campus • Lindbergs of tomor- row, receiving instruc- tions in Comer • The Dean and her D - e - a • r girls on parade • Bill Taylor and the boys building the " bird " Centennial Celebration — Miss Miller, is seen on the right column, represent- ing the " Spirit of Ala- bama " and Mr. Wescott, to the left, takes the lead- ing male role • Uncle Sam ' s boys celebrating Professor Cason. Mr. Cason has contributed much to this volume of the Corolla. The cen- tennial manuscript was written by him • Stu- dents receive the 1930-31 Corolla • R. O. T. C. parades downtown • On the track • Bama ' s Glee Club in the mud • Dixie Darkies prepare the bar- becue for the Centennial visitors • Lindy Hood, an All- American on the court, chooses a Ford Fraternity houses decor- ated for home-coming • A great treat for the old grads • Fraternity houses decor- ated for home-coming FRATERNITIES That ' s where my money goes— to buy my brother clothes. " ' I M sr« :: 5 -r ' ' - ' Sift ' B? - NORTH SIDE OF FRATERNITY ROW Men ' s Pan Hellenic ' I First row, lop to bottom Archibald B. McEachin Kappa llpha Joe Catanzano Alpha Phi Delta Charlie May . Kappa Sigma J. W. Nix Delta Tau Delta Second row, top to bottom Joe Simmons Phi Delta Theta Clarke Moore Sigma Phi Epsilon Dan T. McCall, Jr Sigma Nu Arthur Chenovveth Sigma Alpha Epsilon Third row, top to bottom J. O. Sentell Jr Phi Gamma Delta Mason Goodloe Delta Kappa Epsilon Edwin Kimbrough Alpha Tau Omega Ed Creel Pi Kappa Alpha Donald McComb P ii Sigma Kappa PAGE TWO HUNDRED THIRTY-EIGHT • 1. W J SOUTH SIDE OF FRATERNITY ROW Men ' s Pan Hellenic Council First ronu, top to bottom Henry Anderson TItcta Upsilon Omega Albert DeFuniack, III Theta Chi Henry Meyer Sigma Alpha Mu George P. Atkins Delta Chi Second rotu, top to bottom Morris Sokol Kappa Nu Fritz McKinley Pi Kappa Phi Edd H. Hyde Phi Kappa Sigma Robert French Sigma Chi Third roiu, top to bottom Reginald Wallin Alpha Sigma Phi Rocky Seymour Lambda Chi Alpha Earl Hummer Chi Phi Ralph Holberc Zeta Beta Tau if. PAGE TWO HUNDRED THIRTY-NINE ■ _,j - - Fratres in Facultate Tom Garner Prof. Clarence E. Cason Dean Stuart Graves Members First Row, left: Mowbray Des Rochers, ' 3+ T. L. Cook, ' 32 Thomas Ozment, ' 32 G. W. Taylor, ' 32 F. B. Daugherty, ' 32 James Phillips, ' 33 George Agee, ' 33 Ernest M. Ladd, Jr., ' 33 Nicholas S. McGowin, ' 33 Second Roiv: Barton L. Harris, ' 32 Gene Pratt, ' 33 Waights Taylor, ' 34 Warren Schloskey, ' 34 Edward McGowin, ' 34 Gordon P. Hamilton, ' 35 James Veitch, ' 35 James Davis, ' 35 G. W. Yancey, Law, ' 33 T iird Roiv: T. F. Taylor, ' 32 Pettus Randall, ' 33 Ed Maumenee, ' 34 Arthur Horton, ' 34 Thomas McMillan, ' 34 mm Members Third Row, continued M. H. JoRDON, Jr., ' 35 A. B. Harris, Jr., ' 35 Walter Flowers, Law, ' 32 Winston McCall, Law, ' 34 Stewart Auerbach, Med., ' 32 Fourl i Ro w: James F. Austin, Jr., ' 32 Richard Inge, ' 34 Ernest Oliver, ' 34 Edgerton Harris, ' 34 Bart B. Chamberlain, Jr., ' 34 Blaine Brownell, ' 35 Robert T. Alston, ' 35 W. F. McDonnell, Law, ' 32 J. J. Mayfiei.d, Law, ' 34 Fift i Row: Alexander B. Chisholm, ' 32 c. c. huxford, ' 34 Pelham Durant, ' 34 William Hankins, ' 34 G. W. Christian, Jr., ' 35 Andy Allison, ' 35 John Miller, ' 35 M. F. Goodloe, Law, ' 32 Culver White, Law, ' 34 Clarkson Hamilton, ' 33 Marion M. Megathlin, ' 33 Luther Davis, Jr., Med., ' 32 Joe Sharpe, ' 33 Colors: Crimson, Azure and Old Gold National Publication: " Delta Kappa Epsilon Quarterly " Chapter Publication: " Sighs of Psi " Flower: Pansy Founded at Yale University in 1844 Forty-six Active Chapters Psi Chapter Established in 1847 PAGE TWO HUNDRED FORTY Fratres in Facultate Edwin J. Livingston John M. Gallalee Fred R. Maxwell, Jr. James H. Newman Members First Row, top to bottom: Joe M. Morris, ' 32 Bleeker F. Born, ' 33 Ed Harris, ' 33 Merle F. Riegel, ' 33 Clarence P. Persons, Jr., ' 34 John K. Sisk, ' 35 Second Row, top to bottom: Fred W. Nicol, ' 32 William B. Bush, ' 33 William A. Lyman, ' 33 J. O. Sentell, Jr., Law, ' 32 Reuben R. Harris, ' 35 Edward C. Rogers, Jr., ' 35 Third Row, top to bottom: Lawrence B. Tipton, ' 32 David M. Cochrane, ' 33 Elbert J. Lyman, Jr., ' 33 Albert H. Chalmers, Jr., ' 3.;. Ambrose L. Pietrowicz, ' 35 William D. Winslow, ' 35 ©eg WW™ PHI GAMMA DELTA Colors: Royal Purple and White Flower: Purple Clematis National Publication: " The Phi Gamma Delta " Chapter Publication: " Theta Fiji-News " Members Fourth Row, top to bottom: Frank Allen, ' 33 Richard M. Coe, ' 32 Sam F. McDonough, ' 33 Frank K. Exum, ' 34 Kermit Riegel, ' 35 Gary S. Twing, ' 35 Bottom Row, left to right: Will Trammell, ' 35 Charles Cunningham, ' 32 Robert N. Sturdevant, ' 35 Henry B. Smith, ' 32 Paul Duncan, ' 32 John C. Bush, ' 32 Lester R. Benner, ' 33 William S. Barnes, ' 34 Marion A. Prowell, ' 34 JuDSON W. Stover, ' 34 L. E. Bains, ' 35 Robert E. Driscoll Donald H. Lawley, ' 35 Rankin Daugette, Law, F. L. Blackmon, Law, ' 33 33 Founded at Washington and Jefferson in 1848 Seventy Active Chapters Theta Chapter Established in 1855 PAGE TWO HUNDRED FORTY-ONE Fratres in Facultate J. Henry Walker, Jr. R. Irving Little C. H. Barnwell, Jr. John R. McLure Orville M. Hewitt Members First Rota, top to bottom: Arthur McGahey, ' 35 John Noble, ' 35 Albert Bell, ' 35 John T. Lomax, Law, ' 3+ Frederick Stickxey, Jr., ' 34 Garet Aldridge, ' 34 Jack Goodwin, ' 33 Dick Miree, ' 33 W. Baylis Hightower, ' 32 Second Row, top to bottom: Tom Anglin, ' 35 Hugh Merrill, ' 35 Henry Hyman, ' 35 George T. Garrett, Law, ' 34 James H. Starling, ' 34 David Peebles, ' 34 W. V. Joyce, Jr., ' 33 Frank Garrett, ' 32 WiLMER POYNER, JR., ' 32 Third Row, top to bottom: Barry Nicholls, ' 35 Cleve Allen, ' 35 Tom McDowell, Law, ' 32 Ed Minus, ' 35 Robert Gotten, ' 33 Charles Greene, ' 33 William G. Shaffer, ' 33 Colors: Old Gold and Royal Purple Flower: Violet National Publication: " The Record " Chapter Publication: " Alamu " rm IPm 9 £m F7m iiiii Members Third Row, continued Albert Goodwyn, ' 33 Bob Gokmi.y, ' 33 Syd Wilkinson, Law, ' 34 Fourth Row, top to bottom: William Nicholls, ' 35 Garrett Griggs, ' 35 T. H. Cook, Jr., Law, ' 33 Ed Whatley, ' 35 Frank Noble, ' 34 Wilber S. Waite, Jr., ' 33 J. T. Sudbury, ' 33 Dave Harrison, Jr., ' 34 Beverly Head, ' 35 Fifth Row, top to bottom: Arthur Skinner, ' 35 Charles Rafferty, ' 35 C. A. POELLNITZ, Law, ' 33 Gerald Little, ' 34 Henri Aldridge, ' 34 Roy L. Nolen, Jr., ' 34 Moody Redd, ' 33 Arthur Chenoweth, ' 33 Don Smith, ' 35 Mitchell Blackshear, ' 32 Forest Hunter, ' 32 Warren Kenny, ' 33 John H. Wallace HI, ' 33 J. Maben Shannon, ' 34 J. W. Comer, ' 34 Oscar McWilliams, ' 35 Logan Dismukes, Law, ' 34 Charles Rice, Law, ' 34 Robert Clingman, Law, ' 34 Founded at the University of Alabama in 1856 One Hundred and Six Active Chapters Alabama Mu Chapter Established in 1856 I PAGE TWO HUNDRED FORTY-TWO Fratres in Facultate Dr. W. p. Ott L. J. Nations W. F. Adams Dr. R. E. TiDWELL Leslie Walker Dr. F. C. Dubois Dr. E. B. Kissler R. K. Bell Members First Ro w, top to bottom: L. F. Sessions, ' 35 Edwin Richardson, ' 35 Billy Dunham, ' 35 George Moss, ' 35 James Hammond, ' 33 A. Walker, ' 35 Emmett Smith, ' 33 Walter Coles, Jr., ' 34 Kenneth Griffith, ' 32 Second Roiv, top to bottom: Leland Simpkins, ' 34 Ingram Hanahav, ' 35 Randall Leach, ' 34 Thomas Miller, ' 35 Ralph Garrison, ' 35 PiKNEY Pruitt, ' 34 Joseph McDaniel, ' 35 Albert O ' Neal, ' 35 Third Roiv, top to bottom: Bill Ward, ' 33 Alden Simpson, ' 33 9 1999 Members Third Roiv, continued Dave Crosland, Law, ' 32 Leon Logan, ' 34 McLean Pitts, Law, ' 33 Emmet Smith, ' 33 Jesse Adams, Jr., ' 32 Raymond Munroe, ' 34 Fourth Roiv, top to bottom: Dave Robertson, Law, ' 33 Frank Hopson, ' 35 Peirce Bailey, ' 35 Henry Beattie, ' 33 Charlie May, ' 33 Ellis Kinney, ' 35 Joe Causey, ' 32 Bill Sellars, ' 34 Fifth Roiv, top to bottom: Albert West, ' 32 Robert H. Fleming, ' 32 Bingham Smith, ' 32 Earl Branch, ' 34 French Forbes, ' 33 Robert Dickerson, ' 35 Dick Silver, ' 35 Jones Dunham, ' 34 Jimmie Waddell. ' 33 Carlos Maxwell, ' 33 Roger Prestwood, ' 33 Dan Jernigan, Law, ' 32 James Prestwood, ' 34 Colors: Scarlet, White and Green Founded at University of Bologna in 1400 University of Virginia in 1867 Floixjer: Lily-of-the- Valley Beta Chapter Established in 1869 One Hundred and Eight Active Chapters PAGE TWO HUNDRED FORTY-THREE Fratres in Facultate Dr. Ed Foster Wyatt Blasingain J. V. McMlLLIAN Members First Row, top to bottom: D. T. McCall, Jr., Law, ' 33 Flournoy Lovelace, Law, ' 32 Lewis Prcsch, ' 35 Charlie Sawyer, ' 35 Floyd McCormick, ' 33 Jesse Stallincs, ' 32 Second Roiu, top io bottom: John C. Curtis, Law, ' 34 Edward Turner, ' 35 Alto Lee, ' 35 Sam Friedman, ' 35 Peach Hightower, ' 35 Earl Oakley, ' 33 Third Row, top to bottom: RuEBEN Herren, Law, ' 33 Watkins, Johnson, Law, ' 32 John Hunter, ' 35 L D. Benson, ' 35 Mortimer Harrison, Law, ' 33 James Powell, ' 33 Fourth Row, top to bottom: Tom Huey, Law, ' 33 Jack Wild, ' 35 Members Fourth Row, continued John Hubbard, ' 35 Leonard Sells, ' 35 Sam Foshee, ' 33 Carney Laslie, ' 33 Bottom Row, left to ri ht: Fred Holloway, ' 35 Paul Causey, ' 32 C. M. Franklin, ' 32 Sterling Rainer, ' 32 Joe Crockett, ' 33 John Guilmartin, ' 33 Rese Mullins, ' 33 B. W. Cooper, ' 33 Earl Schwab, ' 33 Ernest Tillery, ' 33 Dee Nesbitt, ' 33 Hooper Hearon, ' 34 Ferryman Page, ' 34 BvRON Lowman, ' 34 Tilden Campbell, ' 34 Paul Bryant, ' 34 Charles Crenshaw, ' 35 Hebert Davies, ' 35 Luke Pittman, ' 35 KiRVEN Solomon, Law, ' 32 Lawrence Andrews, Law, ' 33 RuEBEN MiLLSAp III, Law, ' 34 SIGMA NU Colors: Old Gold, Black and White Founded at Virginia Military Institute in 1869 Ninety-six Active Chapters Publication: " The Delta " Theta Chapter Estab ished in 1874 PACE TWO HUNDRED FORTY-FOUR Fratres in Facultate Dr. George H. Denny Ralph E. Adams Members First Row, top to bottom: Robert E. Peebles, ' 35 Talbot Ellis, Law, ' 32 Jack Patterson, ' 32 Carl Sherwin, ' 33 John Blackburn, ' 35 Roland Dean Helle, ' 35 Second Ro w, lop to bottom: Charles W. Garratt, ' 35 Silas Coma Garrett III, ' 3: Frank Chapman, ' 33 Robert G. French, ' 33 Edward C. Ventress, ' 33 William S. Hawlev, ' 35 Third Row, top to bottom: James Bedsole, Jr., ' 35 Venton Bernie Imes, ' 35 Richard Thomas, ' 33 George Warren, Jr., ' 33 Robert H. Bennett, ' 3+ HlLMON HOLLEY, ' 33 Members Fourth Row, top to bottom: A. Curtis Jackson, ' 35 Pat G. Sturney, ' 35 Edwin Everett Howe, ' 32 McIvER Rountree, ' 33 Gus Sherwin, ' 33 Robert S. Redfield, ' 34 Bottom, left to r ' iglit: Robert Garner, ' 33 William N. Hawkins, ' 35 J. B. Whitworth, ' 32 Charles Pinkston, Law, ' 33 Frank R. Broadway, Law, ' 33 Frank Parsons, Law, ' 33 George S. Brown, ' 32 Gilbert Sanfcrd, ' 32 William M. Maloney, ' 32 William W. Hazlett, ' 32 Lawrence Teeter, ' 33 Jesse Walker, ' 33 Marvin S. Knight, ' 33 Herbert Anderson, ' 3.1. Ryburn Merriam, ' 34 Norman W. Thomas, Law, ' 3;. Robert E. Sedgwick Joe Shirley, ' 35 Hilmon Walker, ' 35 Colors: Blue and Old Gold Flower: White Rose National Publications: " Magazine of Sigma Chi " ; " Sigma Chi Bulletin " Chapter Publication: " Ye Alabama Sig " ■ ' A f } Founded at Miami University in 1855 Ninety-two Active Chapters Iota Iota Chapter Established in 1876 PAGE TWO HUNDRED FORTY- Fratres in Facultate Dr. William Berney Saffolr W. S. Fitzgerald L. L. Barrett Fratres in Universitate Members Pint Roiv: Charles C. Bender, ' 32 torrey gomila, ' 34 BoNNEAu Murray, Law, ' 32 Joe Marshall, ' 33 Norman Price, ' 33 Albert Simmovds, ' 33 George Stone, ' 33 Howard B. Leach, ' 33 Second Roiv: William Branch, ' 34 Irvine Porter, Law, ' 32 Paul Lantrip, ' 33 Archie Grubbs, Law, ' 34 Harold Grace, ' 35 Houston Armstrong, ' 35 Sam Murphy, ' 34 Carroll Smith, ' 34 Third Row: Henry Snow, Law, ' 33 Herbert C. Lorick, ' 32 Tommy Kidd, ' 34 Byron Conklin, ' 35 Carroll Kilpatrick, ' 35 Hill Ferguson , ' 35 John Simmons, ' 35 Fletcher Holcombe, ' 35 M Qd 9 3 Members Fourth Roiv: John Cathey, ' 34 J. H. Jones, ' 33 Joe R. Simmons, ' 32 Herman Arnold, ' 35 Luther Lngalls, Law, ' 34 Hugh Stuart, ' 35 Billy Laxoson, ' 35 Robert S. Teague, ' 34 Fifth Ro w: Edward Branch, Law, ' 33 Arthur Wilkerson, Med., ' 32 Render Thomas, Jr., Law, ' 34 Laurence Woodley, ' 35 John Dabbs, ' 35 Gordon Hauschildt, ' 35 Robert G. Kilgore, Jr., ' 35 James Strudwick, ' 34 Bottom Roiv, left to rit ht: Robert McKnicht, ' 34 Aubrey Boyles, ' 34 Alfred Walker, ' 34 J. D. Flowers, ' 32 Pelham Anderson, ' 32 Thomas B. Scott, ' 32 George W. Randall, Jr., ' 32 Edgar Stewart, Law, ' 32 William McQueen, Law, ' 33 Albert Craig, ' 34 C. Johnstone, Jr., Law, ' 34 William Walker, Law, ' 34 PHI DELTA THETA Colors: Argent and Azure Floiaer: White Carnation National Publications: •Scroll of Phi Delta Theta " ; " The Palladium " Chapter Publication: " Alabama Phi " Founded at Miami University in 184S One Hundred and Two Active Chapters Alpha Chapter Established in 1877 PAGE TWO HUNDRED FORTY-i Fratres in Facultate Clanton Williams Dr. George Lang Shaler C. Houser Members First Roiv, top to bottom: Napoleon Broward, ' 35 William P. Danforth, ' 34 Murray White, ' 35 Harold Black, ' 35 Robert Gahagan, ' 33 Eugene May, ' 34 Horace Kimbrouch, ' 34 W. G. Forsyth, ' 32 John Baker, ' 34 Second Ro w, top to bottom: John D. Steele, ' 33 Jack Brazelton, ' 33 Ralph Barreit, ' 34 Teb Barham, ' 35 Jules R. Herbert, ' 33 Jack Denike, ' 33 Leslie Simonton, ' 33 Charles Marks, ' 34 Third Rovi, top to bottom: J. D. Smith, ' 35 Jack Dabney, ' 34 dddd mm Members Third R01U, continued Frank White, ' 33 William Goodwin, ' 33 J. D. Jameson, ' 33 James Dewberry, ' 32 Howard H. Carle, ' 32 McDonald Gallion, ' 34 Fourth Ro ' w, top to bottom: Sam Dawson, ' 35 Collins Leyden, ' 34 Joe Shepherd, ' 32 Bill Thetford, ' 34 Howard Reeder, ' 32 Ed Kimbrough, ' 32 Joseph R. Smith, ' 32 Robert Mackle, ' 33 Robert F. Sturgis, ' 32 Bottom Roiv, left to right: Lindsey Hobes, ' 32 W. C. McCarty, ' 32 D. M. Jones, ' 32 Cad Jones, ' 32 Tom Ellis, ' 33 Albert Tait, ' 34 Colors: Old Gold and Sky Blue Flower: White Tea Rose Publication: " Alpha Tau Omega Palm " Founded at Virginia Military Institute in 1865 Ninety-six Active Chapters Beta Delta Chapter Established in 1885 PAGE two hundred FORTY-SEVEN Fratres IX Faclltate Dr. C. H. Barnwell Prof. I_ B. Shackelfoxo Prof. J. G. Chapmax Me.mbers First Rov:, lop le bo ' .lom: Kentos Chapman, ' 32 Robert E. Jones, ' 33 Emmett H. Baird, ' j2 A. B. McEachin, Law, " 33 Ben H. Lichtfoot, ' 33 John W. Wvker, ' 33 Sfcond Rov:, top to bottom: Henry . Vauchav, ' 33 Oswald K. Biedenhark Cecil L. Gaston, Jr., ' 32 Ed Leland, ' 35 Wilbur M. Bailey, ' 33 Alvin B. Coxwell, ' 34 Third Rov:, top to bottom: John D. Rather IV, Law. ' 32 Cartledce Blackwell, ' 34 John P. Maney, ' 33 Maxwell Caskie, Jr., ' 33 Members Third Row, continued Frank Davidson, ' 35 Samuel F. Crook, ' 35 Fourth Rov:, top to bottom: Frederick S. Hunt, ' 34 M. H. Kendricks, Med., Joe Brown, ' 33 Hasley Towns, ' 33 Sam Malone, Jr., ' 34 Peter Pride, Law, ' 34 Bottom Rov:, left to right: Evans Hinson, Law, ' 34 Thomas Taylor, ' 35 33 James K. Youngblood, ' 32 Clyde Taylor, ' 33 Vagie Rivers, ' 33 .■ rthlr Woods, ' 33 Gsorce Hampton, ' 34 Robert D. Lanford, ' 34 Edmund Youngblood, ' 34 Marc Ray Clement, Law, ' 34 Ed Hammill, Law, ' 34 Mark Taliaferro, Law, ' 34 Dobbs Minot, Med., ' 33 KAPPA ALPHA Colon: Crimson and O ' d Gold Flov:ers: Magnolia and Red Rose National Publication: " The Kappa Alpha Journal " Founded at Washington and Lee in 1S65 Alpha Beta Chapter Established in 1885 Sixtj ' -six .Active Chapters TWO HUNDRED FORTY-EIGHT Second Rove: Richard P. Rutherford, ' 35 James H. Tompkixs, ' 33 TiLLMAX P. Stose, ' 34 Paul O. Stose, ' 32 Third Ro w: Jobs C. Chewsikc, ' 35 Baxter B. Rittesberry, Edd H. Hvde, ' 33 Clixtos ' M. Tebo, ' 32 A. Kexseth Stevexs, ' 34 Bottom, center: ArrauK H. Howaro, ' 34 Wiixis B. McGowix-, ' 32 Robert A. Flxtox, ' 32 JOHx P. Godfrey, ' 34 Robert Hartz, ' 34 Xeal R. Moehrl, ' 33 Rn.EY Smith, ' 35 PHI KAPPA SIGMA Colon: Gold aod Black Flaiv:er: Chiysanthemum National Publication: ' News Letter " Chapter Publication: " Phikaptone " Founded at the Unirersiy of PeniKylrania in 1850 Thirty-eight Active Chapters Alpha Kappa Chapter Established in 1903 TWO HUNDKEO FORTY-NINE Frater in Facultate JOSFPH Gelders Members First Rov;, top to bottom: Harry Markestein, Law, ' 34 Frank Raflo, Law, ' 32 Max Friedman, ' 35 Harry Mann, ' 34 Leo Rich, Jr., ' 34 Leon Touro, Law, ' 32 Robert Swartchild, ' 33 Second Roiii, top to bottom: E. M. Friend, ' 33 Andre D. Gordon, ' 35 Fred Richards, ' 35 Henry Wolfe, ' 34 David Meyer, Jr., ' 34 ' ■-I ' M- Colors: Blue and White Flower: White Rose Publication: " Zeta Beta Tau Quarterly " ills Members Second Row, continued Bert Wiesel, ' 33 Harold Schweitzer, ' 33 Third Row, top to bottom: Harold Gordon, ' 35 Bernie Feld, ' 35 Allan Gassenheimer, ' 35 William Lehman, Jr., ' 34 Philip Feld, ' 33 Roman Weil, ' 32 Ralph Holberg, Law, ' 32 Fourth Row, top to bottom: William Loeb, ' 33 Bernard Cohn, ' 35 Leo Loeb, ' 35 Marvin Rosenberg, ' 34 Bert Weil, ' 33 Leon Rosenberg, ' 33 Jack Scheuer, ' 32 Psi Chapter Established in 1916 Founded at the College of the City of New York in 1898 Thirty-five Active Chapters PAGE TWO HUNDRED FIFTY Fratres in Facultate E. G. Howe E. Baskin Wright C. B. Kaufman Members First Row, top to bottom: William T. R. Cox, ' 32 James MacLennan, ' 33 Leslie Hall, ' 34 Julian Skinner, ' 33 Frank Larkin, ' 34 Neil Kilcore, ' 34 Fontaine Reeves, ' 35 Second Row, top to bottom: Sherman Hoover, ' 32 Harold Rogers, Graduate John R. Wilbourne, ' 33 Harry Smith, ' 34 Joseph C. Handy, ' 33 John Saxon, ' 35 Richard Boyeit, ' 35 Members Third Row, lop to bottom: Charles Hawkins, ' 33 Rocky Seymour, ' 32 Billy Anderson, ' 34 Adrian Taylor, ' 33 Joe Anderson, ' 34 John Berry, ' 34 James McCarthy, ' 35 Fourth Row, top to bottom: Philip M. Mason, Graduate Ronald Schwarzenbach, ' 34 David Harry, ' 34 John Coakley, ' 34 Jack Vestal, ' 35 James Perkins, ' 35 B. A. Stevens, ' 33 Bottom, center: Quintonious Adamas, ' 35 Colors: Purple, Green and Gold Flower: Violet National Publications: " Purple, Green and Gold " ; " Cross and Crescent " Chapter Publication: " Alpha Phi Bama " Founded at Boston University in 1909 Eighty-three Active Chapters Alpha Phi Zeta Chapter Established in 1917 PAGE TWO HUNDRED FIFTY-ONE Fratres in Facultate Edward S. Carothers M. T. Shultz Walter Hovater Members First Ro ui, top to bottom: John W. Hart, Law, ' 34 Harold Bendeau, ' 34 Alvin Davidson, ' 32 Edward Norris, ' 33 Warren Hemphill, ' 34 Robert Tidwell, ' 35 Tom Stowe, ' 35 Second Row, top to bottom: James Allen, ' 32 Theodore Jackson, Law, ' 32 C. C. Cunninghame, Jr., ' 32 Charles S. Price, Law, ' 32 Charles Kendrick, ' 34 Ernest Stroud, ' 35 Edmond Lett, ' 35 T iird Row, top to bottom: W. C. Davis, Jr., Graduate Mell F. Jackson, ' 32 Ernest Askin, Med., ' 33 Colors: Gold and White Flower: Red Rose National Publication: " Star and Lamp " Chapter Publication: " The Omicronite " dgc add,. Members Third Row, continued Woodrowe Purcell, ' 33 George Hager, ' 34 Joe Summerford, ' 35 Harry L. Carroll, ' 32 Fourth Row, top to bottom: Henry H. Mize, ' 32 Jack Bennett, ' 32 Wilbur McKinley, ' 33 Eugene Salmon, ' 33 David Hagler, ' 34 Owen Kennedy, ' 35 James P. Lynch, Law, ' 32 Bottom, center: Lawrence Bouligny, ' 32 Edward C. Kinney, Jr., ' 33 Webster Maxderson, ' 33 Monk DeBardelaben, ' 33 Frank Williamson, ' 34 Larry G. Hughes, ' 34 James King, ' 34 Ernest Collins, ' 35 Lewis Gay, ' 35 Whitney Echols, ' 35 Carson C. Green, Graduate Jack McGuire, Law, ' 32 Luther D. Bynum, Law, ' 33 Founded at the College of Charleston in 1904 Forty-two Active Chapters Omicron Chapter Established in 1917 PAGE TWO HUNDRED FIFTY-TWO Members First Ro w, top to bottom: R. C. Van Ness, Law, ' 34 Stewart Thames, ' 35 P. B. Dexter, ' 34 John Coley, ' 34 GusTAVE B. Thames, ' 33 James Marshall, ' 32 Second Row, top to bottom: George Walder, ' 34 Thomas Murphy, ' 35 James Strother, ' 34 John L. Marshall, ' 33 Horace Campion Third Row, top to bottom: William Kellogg, ' 35 Richard Davis, ' 35 Members Third Row, continued William Pope, ' 34 Dewitt Mason, ' 33 Ernest Planck, ' 33 Fourth Row, top to bottom: Thomas Gregg, ' 35 Lewis Dexter, ' 35 Samuel Day, ' 34 Theodore K. Jackson, Jr., ' 33 Daniel Roche, ' 32 Earl Hummer, ' 32 Bottom, center: Charles Estes, Jr., ' 32 William K. Hare, Med., ' 34 Richard Key, ' 35 cei PHI Colors: Scarlet and Blue National Publication: " Chi Phi Chakett ' Chapter Publication: " Shots From Tau " PAGE TWO HUNDRED FIFTY-THREE Founded at Princeton University in 1824 Thirty-two Active Chapters Tau Chapter Established in 1919 Members First Ro w, top to bottom: Bernard Cohen, ' 35 Lester Nelken, ' 35 Eli Herzog, ' 34 Joe Stein, ' 35 Sam Yolles, ' 34 Second Row, top to bottom: Sol Brown, ' 35 Leonard Stander, ' 33 Lester W. Freeman, ' 33 Arthur Kimmel, ' 35 Herman Sacks, Jr., Med., ' 33 Colors: Purple and White Flower: Lily National Publication: " Tlie Octagonian " Chapter Publication: " Tau Gram " Members T iird Row, top to bottom: Harry Diamond, ' 35 Alvin Stander, ' 35 Morris Sostmann, ' 35 Roy Mover, ' 33 Pau l Wilson, ' 32 Bottom Row, left to right: Adolph J. Eagle, Law, ' 34 Henry Meyer, ' 32 Milton A. Gorn, ' 35 R. R. Rubenstene, ' 34 PAGE TWO HUNDRED FIFTY-FOUR Members First Roiti, top to bottom: Melvin Israel, ' 32 Alvin Frankfurt, ' 33 Moses Katz, ' 34. Hyman E. Gordon, ' 34 Norman E. Bloom, ' 35 Second Row, top to bottom: Morris Sokol, Law, ' 34 Fred W. Nichols, ' 33 Harry Goldner, ' 34 Gerald Permutt, ' 34 Members Third R01V, top to bottom: James Permutt, ' 32 Myer R. Roobin, ' 34 Herman T. Greenberc, ' 34 Saul Bradburd, ' 34 Herschel H. Hackel, ' 35 Sam Applebaum, ' 33 KAPPA NU Colors: Purple and White Founded at the University of Rochester in 191 1 Nineteen Active Chapters Flower: White Carnation Pi Chapter Established in 1921 PAGE TWO H UNDRED FIFTY-FIVE Fratres in Facultate Dr. J. P. Montgomery Dr. William L. Sandidce Members First Row, top to bottom: L. E. Creel, Law, ' 34. George Murphy, ' 35 Milton Pullen, ' 32 A. H. Warner, Jr., ' 32 William E. Davis, ' 33 John A. Caddell, Law, ' 33 A. C. Stabler, Med., ' 33 James Miller, Law, ' 34 Second Row, top to bottom: William Brown, ' 35 Lee Rogers, ' 35 William C. Richardson, ' 32 Joe Creel, Law, ' 34 Sidney Sawtell, ' 33 John L. Johnson, Law, ' 33 James Shelton, Med., ' 32 Harle G. Bailey, ' 34 Third R01U, top to bottom: Arthur Johnson, ' 34 Samuel B. White, ' 35 Charles Stapp, ' 35 Herbert H. Thomas, ' 35 Davis Henderson, ' 35 Fred Coffee, ' 34 Fred Wood, ' 34 J. K. Kennedy, ' 32 Fourth Row, top to bottom: Jack Fincher, ' 35 Robert Hingson, ' 35 W9w FI KAPPA ALPHA Members Fourth Row, continued Elwood Richardson, ' 32 William E. Crume, ' 32 John Elmer Horn, ' 33 John Lary, Med., ' 33 Irvin Griffin, Med., ' 32 William Bronson, ' 34 Fifth Row, top to bottom: James Mize, ' 35 Lawrence Church, ' 34 William Austin, ' 32 Spears Randall, ' 33 Lehn Parker, ' 33 Guy Hardwick, Law, ' 33 G. J. Sheetz, Med., ' 32 Paul Haygood, ' 34 Bottom of Page, left to right: Hobdy Raines, ' 34 Wilson T. Cantrell, 33 Charles E. England, ' 34 John Maxwell Smith, ' 32 Rob Hildreth, ' 33 Julian Davis, ' 33 William Kenton, Law, ' 33 Thomas Layne, Law, ' 34 Wilbur Smith, ' 34 John Golson, ' 35 J. D. Farrington, Med., ' 32 Charles Moore, Med., ' 33 Aubrey Stabler, Med., ' 33 Carey Stabler, Graduate Colors: Garnet and Gold Eighty Active Chapters Publication: " Gamma Alpha Gab " Founded at Univ ginia in ;rsity of Vir- 1868 Flower: Lily of the Valley National Publications: " Shield and Diamond " (Quar- terly) ; " Dagger and Shield " (Annually) Gamma Alpha Chapter Established in 1924 TWO HUNDRED FIFTY i Fratres in Facultate Dr. Albert Burton Moore Hon. G. Wallace Members First Row, top to bottom: Richard C. Rutherford, ' 35 Omit John Lewis Cain, ' 33 Donald McGrew, ' 35 Peter Mashuta, ' 34 Second Rov , top to bottom: Frank Agnew, ' 35 James Raymond, ' 34 John R. E. Houston, Jr., ' 32 Ray Westcott, ' 34 William G. Harkins, ' 32 Third Ro w, top to bottom: Bernard C. Hauber, ' 35 Philip F. Paul, ' 35 Jl iSi iu» d@0 Wow m ' PV m| W IP Members Third Ro w, continued Arthur E. Roach, ' 35 Seaborn H. Mosely, ' 33 Leslie Crossly, ' 34 Bottom Row, left to right: Crawford E. Edwards, ' 32 James L. Repp, ' 35 David Clark, ' 33 Arthur N. Johnson, ' 32 Louis N. Smythe, ' 34 William M. Barganier, ' 32 E. Bruce Rowan, Jr., ' 32 Henry C. Christopher, ' 32 James T. Shepherd, ' 32 Richard M. Cooley, ' 33 G. R. McCoMB, Jr., ' 33 Charles F. Westerman, ' 33 Newman J. Peterson, ' 32 William T. Christopher, ' 34 William R. Kimbrough, ' 33 Edward Phelps, ' 34 A. W. Deason, Jr., ' 34 Sydney W. Wilkes, ' 35 PHI SIGMA KAPPA Colors: Silver and Magenta Flower: Red Rose National Publication: " The Signet " Founded at Massachusetts Agri- cultural College in 1873 Fifty Active Chapters Omicron Deuteron Chapter Established in 1924 PAGE TWO HUNDRED FIFTY-SEVEN Fratres in Facultate Dabney S. Lancaster Whitney P. McCoy Dr. Evans Frater in Urbe " Buddy " Ayres Members First Row, top to bott om: Sidney Pfleger, Law, ' 32 Russell Braun, ' 35 Ernest Ricker, ' 35 Roland Colvin, ' 34 Otho Ulric, ' 34 Jack Byrne, ' 33 Second Ro w, top io bottom: William Craig, Law, ' 33 Underwood Trimble, ' 35 Lawrence Davis, ' 34 Members Second Row, continued Douglas Pelham, ' 34 Glenn Marshall, ' 33 Third Row, top to bottom: Stanley Baltzley, ' 35 Guy Sinclair, ' 35 JiMMiE Nix, ' 34 En Partridge, ' 34 Alex Papulski, ' 32 Fourth Row, top to bottom: Joe Corbera, ' 35 Fred Hoppe, ' 35 Robert Lundahl, ' 34 Justin Fogg, ' 34 James Smith, ' 33 Bill Abshire, ' 33 Burdette Chevallier, ' 34 J. R. Brannon, Law, ' 32 Colors: Purple, White and Gold Flower: Pansy Founded at Bethany College in 1859 Seventy-six Active Chapters National Publication: " Rainbow " Delta Eta Chapter Established in 1925 TWO HUNDRED FIFTY-EIGHT Fratres in Facultate Harry Dwight Bonham Dr. Stewart J. Lloyd Henry G. Crisp Dr. John Y. Graham Members First Ro w, top to bottom: J. Emory Smith, ' 32 James Allen Beebe, ' 33 Hastel L. Townsend, ' 33 William D. Dilworth, ' 34 Harry F. Schaller, ' 35 Second Rovi, top to bottom: Albert F. de Funiak H, ' 32 Caswell J. Willis, Law, ' 32 Robert L. Teague, ' 33 Thomas Moody Cowan, ' 34 Wayne M. Dilworth, ' 35 Members Third Row, top to bottom: Hudson F. Meyer, ' 32 W. A. Barnett, Law, ' 32 Harry G. Shannon, ' 33 Frank A. Stacey, ' 35 Omit F. Neel Bullock, ' 32 James W. Boyd, ' 32 James A. Smith, Jr., Law, ' 32 Eldred B. Teague, Med., ' 32 William E. Persons, Jr., ' 33 Harry Y. Connell, ' 33 Noel J. Cochener, ' 33 Julian W. Davis, ' 34 Gordon S. Donnan, ' 35 Jack W. McKay, ' 35 WiLLiARD F. Bailey, ' 35 Edward H. Roberts, ' 35 Marvin " Foots " Roberts, ' 35 Sidney Teague, ' 35 Ben Smith THETA Cei Colors: Military Red and White Founded at Norwich University in 1856 Forty-eight Active Chapters Floiver: Red Carnation Alpha Phi Chapter Established in 1926 PAGE TWO HUNDRED FIFTY-NINE Fratres in Facultate Joseph Claude Hayes Prof. Oscar Dahlene Prof. C. H. Knight Prof. B. Clarke Prof. Gordon Prof. McVay Ray L. Farabee Members First Roiv, top to bottom: David Alexander, ' 32 George Wakefield, ' 32 Daniel Haughton, ' 33 William A. Willis, ' 34 Gurley a. Creel, Med., ' 33 W. K. G UTTER y, ' 33 William O. Anderson, ' 33 John N. Chatfield, ' 32 Second Roiv, top to bottom: Mack H. Jolly, ' 32 Allen Terry, ' 32 Gordon D. Moritz, ' 33 Jack Meyers, ' 35 Henry M. McLeod, Jr., ' 32 William W. Harper, ' 32 Neil Wood, ' 33 Charles C. Kindig, Jr., ' 32 9dd A K 1 » Members T iird Row, lop to bottom: Fred Zeicler, ' 32 Gordon Cumbaa, ' 32 James Weed, ' 33 Joe Jobson, ' 35 J. L. Campbell, Med., ' 33 Lloyd I. Mitchell, ' 33 Thomas H. Smith, ' 33 Dewitt Foust, ' 35 Fourth Row, top to bottom: Fred Huber, ' 32 John A. Foshee, Law, ' 32 Albert J. Tully, ' 34. Howard Jefferson, ' 35 John Edgar Poe, ' 33 George Missbach, ' 33 Thomas T. Allington, ' 33 Garland Brenneman, ' 35 Bottom, center: Winston Holm an, ' 33 J. O. Smith, ' 32 k. c. cobern, ' 32 Arnold Haisten, ' 33 Frank Beeson, ' 34 E. B. McCrakin, ' 34 Grady McDaniel, ' 34 R. F. Owens, ' 34 R. M. Pike, ' 35 Colon: Green and Gold Established in 1926 Flower: Daisy TWO HUNDRED SIXTY Fratres in Facultate Dr. E. B. Carmichael T. M. McKnight J. M. Faircloth Ottis O. Stucky Members First Roiu, top to bottom: Edgar Bolton, ' 35 Ro bert L. Griffith, Med., ' 33 Sydney L. Speed, ' 34. Willard Young, ' 34 Wallace Iliffe, ' 35 Bruce Bynum, ' 32 Second Roiu, top to bottom: Clarke Moore, ' 32 Robert W. Ward, ' 34 Harry Weber, ' 34 Paul Adamson, ' 35 Members Second Row, continued Charles Joachim, ' 35 Robert E. Harper, ' 33 Third Ro w, top to bottom: Carl W. Albright, ' 32 Edward Jones, Law, ' 34 George Balloch, ' 35 James Stewart, ' 35 Burl Bennett, ' 32 Harold O. Weeks, Law, ' 32 Dan F. Church, ' 32 Clayton Ellis, ' 33 T. James Hall, ' 34 Richard S. Smith, ' 34 Donald L. Bice, ' 34 Charles D. Speed, ' 34 SIGMA PHI EPSILON Colors: Royal Purple and Red Floiiiers: Violets and Roses National Publication: " Sig Ep Journal " Founded at Richmond College in 1 901 Seventy-two Active Chapters Alabama Beta Chapter Established in 1927 TWO HUNDRED SIXTY-ONE Fratres in Facultate Dr. James J. Doster Donald H. McCuaig Wade H. Coleman, Jr. Lawrence C. McIntyre Dr. John V. Masters Members First Rotv, top to bottom: Harvey Snyder, ' 34 Billy Christian, ' 35 Harry B. Rust, ' 35 W. Paul Thomas, ' 34 Ralph W. E. Tucker, ' 32 Allen Main, ' 35 Second Ro w, top to bottom: Robert Main, ' 34 James Lloyd, ' 33 J. K. Coleman, ' 33 Lowell Bennett, ' 34 Paul Caldwell, ' 32 John McRee, Law, ' 33 Third Row, lop to bottom: Thomas Joyce, ' 34 William Becker, ' 33 Colors: Red and Buff Publication: " The Delta Chi Quarterly " Flower: White Carnation DELTA CHI Members Tliird Row, continued John Davies, ' 34 James Doster, ' 33 George P. Atkins, Law, ' 34 Olaf Knudsen, ' 35 Fourth Row, top to bottom: Edmund Ewing, ' 34 Arthur D. Quackenbush, ' 33 Burt Royal, ' 34 WooDROw Cannon, ' 33 Charles Stewart, Law, ' 34 C. E. HORNSBY, Jr., ' 35 Bottom, center: Seay Smith Hendley, Jr., ' 35 Edward Murphy, ' 33 Jesse Gregory, ' 33 C. D. Cottingham, ' 33 George McKeegan, ' 33 Jack Dunn, ' 34 Russell Wallace, ' 34 Ronald Coffman, ' 35 Joe Hagler, ' 35 Horace Dill, Law, ' 34 Edgar M. Scott, Med., ' 33 Founded at Cornell University in 1890 Thirty-six Active Chapters Alabama Chapter Established in 1927 PAGE TWO HUNDRED SCaY-TWO m: I ■J -1 Members First Row, top to bottom: Frank Mustari, ' 33 V. Lariton, ' 33 S. J. Gross, ' 33 A. Emma, ' 33 Second Row, top to bottom: J. Catanzano, Jr., Law, ' 33 Anthony DeCarlo, ' 35 Joseph Craco, ' 32 Third Row, top to bottom: James DiPiazza, ' 32 E. Calabresse, ' 32 Anthony Frye, ' 32 Frank Gullo, ' 34 i I Members E. H. Giannone, ' 32 Jos eph Bellini, ' 32 J. Cannizzaro, ' 33 Anthony Scafati, ' 33 Benedict Biondi, ' 34 L. Galante, ' 34 E. Tamar, ' 34 W. ZiMA, ' 35 Anthony Ariana, Med., ' 33 D. T. Russo, Med., ' 33 M. Trippi, Law, ' 33 ALPHA PHI DELTA Colors: Purple and White Flower: White Carnation Founded at Syracuse University in 1912 Twenty-seven Active Chapters PAGE TWO HUNDRED SIXTY-THREE Pub ' .ication: " Kleos and Ticker " Phi Chapter Established in 1928 Frater in Facultate Jerome Schweitzer Members First Ro w: Roy Robinton, ' 32 Sam Beinhorn, ' 35 Center: D. H. Faber, ' 32 Second Rotu: Leonard Rosin, ' 33 Sidney Schectman, ' 32 Members Phil Greenberg, ' 34 Len Rosin, ' 33 S. D. Morgan, ' 33 Sidney Pels, ' 32 Joe Levin, ' 32 Bert Speizer, ' 32 Ei.i Mei.tzer, ' 35 David Bi.att, ' 34 Bernard Lipman, ' 35 Bernard Cohen, ' 35 Leonard Reubenfei.d, ' 35 Raymond Revit, ' 35 Bert Schoekaman, ' 35 Nathan Katz, ' 35 PHI SIGMA DELTA Founded in 1909 National Publication: " Deltan " C iapler Publication: " Psi-Fun " Flower: The Palm Colors: Purple and White Psi Chapter Established in 1929 PAGE TWO HUNDRED SIXTY-FOUR i! • Fratres in Facultate Alto L. Whitehurst John W. McIntosh Members First Roiu, top to bottom: Edgar Sheffield, ' 35 Benjamin Wilson, ' 35 THEODOrE Parker, ' 35 Vernon Hagan, ' 33 William Allen, ' 35 HoLLis Jackson, ' 34 Devere Clark, ' 32 Second Rov:, top to bottom: Herbert L. Jones, ' 35 Russel B. Hauslee, ' 35 Max Jackson, ' 32 W. K. Wilson, Med., ' 34 George L. Camp, ' 34 Joe John Money, ' 35 Third Row, top to bottom: Leon Saddler, ' 35 Comer Sims, ' 32 Clayton O. Pruitt, ' 32 H. A. Anderson, Graduate Bob Morrow, ' 34 Erwin O. Gibson, ' 34 www Members Fourth Roisj, top to bottom: Murray C. Mollis, ' 35 George Wellebill, ' 34 Howard Chappell, ' 34 J. B. Robinson, Med., ' 32 Edward Wilson, ' 35 H. L. GiLMORE, ' 34 Thomas Boozer, ' 33 Bottom, center: Robert Blake, ' 33 W. Foster Jordan, ' 32 Ovid T. Synnott, ' 32 Byron Roberts, ' 32 Bill Gunter, ' 32 EuEL Burch, ' 32 Harold Robinson, ' 33 Newton Godfrey, ' 33 Autrey Dotherow, ' 33 Frank Stocker, ' 34 Carl Brown, ' 34 Edward D. Hansen, ' 35 Henry Howard, ' 35 Walter Mims, Law, ' 34 Curtis McPherson, Law, 34 THETA UFSILON OMEGA Colors: Midnight Blue and Gold Floteer: Red Rose National Publication: " The Omegan " Chapter Publication: " Rose Leaves " Founded at Inter-Fraternity Conference, New York City, 1923 Epsilon Beta Chapter Established in 1929 PAGE TWO HUNDRED SIXTY-FIVE Fratres in Facultate Dr. James Holladay Marcus Whitman Dr. Carrol R. Daugherty Members First Ro w, top to bottom: Fred Hahn, ' 34 MiLFORD KiRKUP, ' 32 Robert D. Allen, ' 33 Andrew A. Farrell, ' 33 Reginald E. Wallin, ' 33 Second Ro w, top to bottom: James Walker, ' 35 Ernest Wellhofer, ' 33 William J. Allen, Law, ' 34 Burt J. Bogard, Jr., ' 33 Wyatt F. Smith, ' 33 Members Third Ro w, top to bottom: Harold Waldrop, ' 35 John Horgan, ' 34 Charles D. Kaeffer, ' 33 Edward D. DeLuca, ' 32 Clifton E. Dodge, ' 32 Robert C. Swanson, ' 32 Kenneth A. Murray, ' 33 Robert M. Meyers, ' 33 Edwin Bacon, ' 33 Edward Roamer, ' 33 Walter Riley, ' 33 Fred Hawk, ' 33 David H. Lewis, ' 33 Charles H. Layton, ' 33 William Reed, ' 34 Earl Amberson, ' 34 Fred Tencher, ' 34 Ben Fuller, ' 35 James Gregg, ' 35 ALPHA SIGMA PHI Colors: Cardinal and Stone Founded at Yale University in 1845 Thirty-three Active Chapters Floiver: Cardinal Rose Alpha Iota Chapter Established in .1930 TWO HUNDRED SIXTY ' James Harper, ' 32 James Young, ' 35 William Long, ' 35 Leo Cowling, ' 33 Donald Sanford Howard Bruner Dennis Ward Founded at the University of Alabama in 1929 Floiver: Rose PAGE TWO HUNDRED SIXTY-SEVEN ■ Members First Roiu, top to bottom: Raymond P. Mims, Law, ' 34 Harry Morton, ' 34 Clifford Reeves, ' 33 H. B. Larkin, ' 33 Second Row, top to bottom: James E. Davis, Law, ' 34 Elbert Kidd, Graduate R. L. Farris, ' 32 Tony Jannett, ' 32 Third Row, top to bottom: IsiRA Paul, ' 35 Alton Barnhill, ' 32 James McCoy, ' 32 Dan B. Harris, ' 32 Members Bottom Row, left to right: Joe G. Burns, Graduate Fisher Allen, ' 32 Prentiss Tullos, ' 32 Emmet R. Owens, ' 32 James L Ellison, ' 33 Fred Kennedy, ' 33 Clarence Chamblee, ' 33 WiLMER Manor, ' 33 D. F. Parker, ' 33 Herbert Crowe, ' 34 Olin Hanley, ' 35 John Ackridge, ' 35 Maxwell Ernest, ' 35 Pete Gwin, ' 35 James Kennedy, ' 35 Gilbert Curtis, ' 35 E. L. Roberts, Law, ' 33 Colors: Gold and Black Flower: American Beauty Rose Founded at Og ' ethorpe Univer- sity in 1916 Twenty Active Chapters PAGE TWO HUNDRED SIXTY-EIGHT National Publication: " The Rose Leaf " Pi Chapter Establi:hed in 1931 PHI BETA DELTA Class of 1932: Harry Kirschbloom Victor Tepper Class of IQ33: Harold H. Feldman Sidney Gorchov Arthur Sonnenberg Bernard A. Cowan Isadore Levin First Rov), left to right: Rush Feldman Kirschbloom Gorchov Members Second Ro w, and Middle Roiv: Fenster Simon Levine Lubash Swidersky Mitchell Third and Back Ro w: Jafie Tepper Shugerman guitenbe rg Endler Class of 1934: Bernard E. Rush Louis Levine Myron C. Lubash Aaron Endler JORDON Mitchell Class of 193$: Albert Shugerman Leo a. Jaffe Herbert Fenster Jonas Guttenberg Sidney Simon Raymond Abel Colors: Blue and Gold Flovjer: Hyacinth Publications: " Tripod " ; " News Letter " PAGE TWO HUNDRED SIXTY-NINE Founded at Columbia University in 1912 Thirty-four Active Chapters Alpha Eta Chapter Established in 1928 Members First Rov!, left to right: Peter McCann, ' 34 Edward Butler, ' 32 Bert Kling, ' 35 Charles Varner, ' 33 Walter T. Horne, ' 35 Walter McLeod, ' 34 Second R01U, left to right: Russell Daucherty, ' 32 Edward Fetz, ' 33 Stanley Hoyt, ' 34 Sidney King, ' 34 Third Row, left to right: Charles Mason, ' 34 Frank C. Merritt, ' 35 Joe Tuigley, ' 35 Robert S. Houghton, ' 35 Frank Scott, ' 35 Jack Macras, ' 35 Victor Schraner, ' 34 Members Rudolph F. Krasse, ' 32 William Laubenheimer, ' 32 John B. Rippere, ' 32 Evan Shepherd, ' 33 Harry Hunter, ' 33 John Arfman, ' 33 Caleb H. O ' Connor, ' 34 Edwin Martin, ' 34 Samuel W. Mitchell, ' 35 Donald S. Lawerence, ' 35 Ralph Tuscany, ' 35 Parker Start, ' 35 Martin Callahan, ' 35 David Griffis, ' 35 Warren G. Payne, Graduate PHI ALPHA PSI Colors: Black and Gold Flovier: Sweet Pea Founded at the University of Alabama in 1928 Frater in Facultate James R. Cudworth PAGE TWO HUNDRED SEVENTY Honorary Organizations To enter in, you must begin By the purchase of a key. This you wear, while others stare. And you are filled with glee. •« Mt ' Dowell (Seen tary-Treasurer), Jafkson (President . Branch (Vice-Prosidcnt) set Students govern their own affairs at the University of Alabama through the Student Government Association which is composed of the entire student body. Its officers are elected annually by popular vote. The honor system is the most important integral of the association. Under this system students are placed on their honor to give strict observance to all of the association ' s laws and to aid in carrying out these laws by reprimanding violators. James Theodore Jackson President Edward G. Branch Vice-President Thomas McDowell Secretary-Treasurer PAGE TWO HUNDRED SEVENTY-TWO •.ik ' « (H First row: Wakefield. West, Hawkins, McCall, Randall, Eu banks. Johnson, Whit worth, Lewis Si ' cond row: Sims, Mooney. Bout well. Brown, Lipe. Thompson, Seymour, Kimbrough. Poyner. Third row: Bynum, Dewberry, Creel, Atkins, A If en i to, C ' hrnowcth, Skelton, Turner, Flcniin; Fourth row: Causey, Townes, Levy, Schectnian, Allen, Friend, Huber, Jolly Executive Committee Arts and Science Joe Creel E. M. Friend Ben Smith Frank Allen Ed Kimbrough Halsey Townes Charles Hawkins Arthur Joe Brown Commerce Walter Merrill Spears Randall Sid Shectman Winston McCall (alt.) Charles Johnstone (alt.) James Dewberry Albert West Red Atkins Wilmer Poyner Mack Jolly Educational " Rocky " Seymour (alt.) Matt Bargainer Hugh Mooney Joe Causey Horace Thompson Comer Sims Law School J. B. Whitworth (alt) Russell Lipe (alt) J- L. JOH NSON John Euba nks (alt.) Engineering Medical Newton Skelton Fred Huber Robert Fleming George Wakefield Edgar Scott, Jr. F. S. Alfenito Bruce Bynum (all) WoMEN J. O. Smith (all) Qleta Lewis Louise Levy Margaret Boutwell Mildred Turner Honor Committee Joe Creel Halsey Townes Walter Merrill Wilmer Poyner Mack Jolly J. L. Johnson Robert Fleming Charles Hawkins (alt.) Hugh Mooney (alt.) PAGE TWO HUNDRED SEVENTY-THREE PM Beta Kappa Honorary Scholastic Fraternity Founded at William and Mary College, December 5, 1776 Publication: " The American Scholar " Chapter Publication: " The News Letter " a " i liapiter Established in 1851, Twelfth in Order of Establishment Faculty Members Mr. Lee Glover Dean Stuart Graves Joseph S. Gelders Mrs. E. F. Gelders Professor S. C. Houser Dr. E. G. Howe Dr. R. S. Hodges Miss Sara Ella Haughton Mr. C. H. Knight Proefssor B. p. Kaufman Dr. S. J. Lloyd Dr. George Lang Dr. R. L Little Miss Miriam Locke Dr. Jack P. Montgomery Dr. John R. McLure Dr. a. B. Moore Mr. Harry B. Mitchell Mr. James Heflin Newman Dr. W. p. Ott Mr. H. C. Pannell Mr. John B. Rippere Dr. W. B. Saffold Mr. Jerome Schweitzer Mr. J. O. Smith Professor W. L. Sandidgk, Jr. Dr. Paul Terry Dr. R. E. Tidwell Mr. E. Baskin Wright Mr. C. E. Williams Mr. a. L. Whitehurst Dr. Marcus Whitman Prof. B. A. Wootkn Members IN Course, 1930-1931 Mr. Walter Merrill Miss Adra Pickens Miss Caroline Pickens Members Elected, 1931-32 Charles A. L. Johnstone Marvin Hayne Kendrick Winston B. McCall Henry H. Mize Daniel H. Markstein Miss Elizabeth Rose Mr. Joseph Rekant Mr. Edgar M. Scott Mr. Charles E. Watkins Charles F. Niles Sarah Gertrude Price Mrs. Bessie Tate Scott Levy S. Vanderford Claiborne Williams - g» » First row: Cropl. Sentt ll. Caddell, Kimbrough. Simpson, Permutt Second row: Pullen, Murray, Dewberry, McCall, West, McEachin Omicron Delta Kappa A National Honorary Society founded at IVashington and Lee University in IQ14, basing its membership on leadership in athletics, scholarship, publication, forensic and social activities. Iota Circle Established in IQ24. Fratres in Facultate George H. Denny A. J. Farrah George A. Lang Stewart J. Lloyd W. B. Saffold Shaler Houser James J. Doster James H. Newman C. H. Barnwell Ralph E. Adams J. P. Montgomery Fratres in Universitate Officers JoR Cruitl President Joe Sharp Vice-President Albert West Secretary Edwin Kimbrough Treasurer Joe Creel Joe Sharpe J. O. Sentell, Jr. John A. Caddell Alden Simpson Bruce McEachin James W. Dewberry Bonneau Murray Dan T. McCall Robert E. Kimbrough J. O. Smith Milton Pullen James Leon Permutt Albert West PAGE TWO HUNDRED SEVENTY-FIVE ' M y [ IS? h Whitworth, Kimbroush, Creel, West, Pullen, Sentcll Robertson, Permutt, Murray, Herren, McCall, Dewlierry Cook, Caddell, Simpson. Sharpe Jasons, Senior Honor Society, ivas founded at the University of Alnbarna in 1914 and bases its metnbership on leadership in some branch of college activitieSj scholarship, general value to the college and promise of future usefulness. Officers Joe Sharpe President Edwin Kimbrough Vice-President Alden Simpson Secretary-Treasurer Members Robert K. Bell Johnny Caddell Jeff Coleman Joe Creel Tommy Cook James Dewberry Reuben Herren Edwin Kimbrough Dan McCall Bonneau Murray James H. Newman James L. Permutt Milton S. Pullen Dave Robertson J. O. Sentell Joe Sharpe Alden Simpson Albert West J. B. Whitworth PAGE TWO HUNDRED SEVENTY-SIX i msasfm First row: Pullen, Waddell, FlemiiiK. Roberts Townes. McCall, Poyncr. Allen Second row: Creel, Randall, Atkins, P ' riend, Holley, Caddell, Seymour Third row: Weil, Sliarpe, Johnson Poellnitz. Scheuer, Sentell, McEachin Fourth row: Robertson, Cook, West, Simpson, Kimbrough, J. Creel, Jolly, Hyde National Honorary Fraternity Founded at the University of Florida in 1923 Established at University of Alabama in IQ26 The object of the fraternity is to promote any service for the betterment of the school. Election to membershifi is based on outstanding leadership in college activities. Officers Albkrt West President Jack Scheuer Vice-President Joe Creel Secretary David Robertson Treasurer Fratres in Facultate Dr. George H. Denny Dabney S. Lancaster Dean A. J. Farrah Bascom Wright Fratres in Universitate Ed Kimbrough Roman Weil Halsey Townes Alden Simpson Horace Dill Dan McCall Albert West Wallis Seymour Joe Sharpe David Robertson John Caddell Wilmer Foyner Robert K. Bell Milton Pullen Frank Allen Bruce McEachin Joe Creel George P. Atkins J. O. Sentell Spears Randall E. M. Friend Sonny Poellnitz Ed Creel Hilmon Holley Watson Johnson James Waddell Mack Jolly Thomas Cook Robert Fleming Edd Hyde Jack Scheuer Kenneth Roberts Charles Johnstone i ' l f T f " ft- , First row: Zeigler, West, Warren, Vaughn, Townes, Haygood, Thomas. Creel Second row: Starlin. Tate. Hereford, Robert Hereford, Smart. Garrett, Dewberry, Davis Third row: Tulley, Jolly, Bran ' h, Bailey, Atkins, Caldwell, Davis, Chenoweth Fourth row: Thompson, Kimbrough, McDowell, Roljerts, W. Branch, Redd, Simpson The Alahaina Quadrangle, religious honor soeiety, ivas founded at the University of Alabama in iQig. The Quadrangle stands for the development of the four-square man, for higher standards of Christian character on the campus, and for the general betterment of the university. Faculty Members Dr. George H. Denxy Dr. Jack P. Montgomery Dean Dabney S. Lancaster Mr. H. C. Pannell Officers Henry Shaffer Boone President Joe Creel Vice-President Silas Coma Garrett III Secretary George P. Atkins Treasurer Members George P. Atkins William E. Davis Ed Kimbrough Paul Thomas Harle Bailey William C. Davis Thomas McDowell Horace Thompson Eddie Branch James Dewberry Curtis McPherson M. Halsey Townes H. S. Boone Silas Coma Garrett III Moody Redd Albert Tully William Branch Paul Haygood Kenneth Roberts Hexry A. Vaughan Paul Caldwell Robert E. Hereford James Alden Simpson George G. Warren, Jr. Arthur Chenoweth Thomas A. Hereford Donald Smart T. Albert West Joe Creel Charles A. L. Johnstone Thomas W. Starlin Fred Zeigler Lester Crenshaw Mack Jolly Ralph Tate Associate Members Joe Causey William P. McLure Lawrence C. McIntyre J. O. Smith Theodore J. Jackson Walter J. Merrill James Heflin Newman Almon C. Stabler A. Bruce McEachin V. Bonneau Murray J. O. Sentell Aubrey A. Stabler PAGE two hundred SEVENTY-EIGHT First row: Cuniliaa. V. L. Faucett, McCoy. Taylor, CaldweP. De v prry, Jolly, Mize Second row: Garrett. Hewitt, Per. 5on.s. PatterFO " i. Mayfleld. Frederick. McCall. Kennedy, Alexander Third row; Terry. Shepherd. Huber. Kidd, Faircloth. Bynuni. Rice. O. T. Faucett. An Honorary Military Organization Founded at the University of Wisconsin in 1904 Colors: Red, White and Blue Publication: " The Scabbard and Blade " Seventy-seven Active Companies Company K Fifth Kegimeet Established in IQ2S Mack Jolly Captain Alvin S. Davidson First Lieutenant Bruce Bynum Second Lieutenant Harry Hewitt First Sergeant Honorary and Associate Members Dr. George H. Denny Colonel W. E. Persons Major Underwood Captain Charles H. Barnwell, Jr. Captain L. P. Hodnette Captain Barrows Captain Farnsworth Lieutenant O. M. Hewitt Lieutenant A. W. Pence Dave Alexander Carl Allbright E. B. Bynum G. S. Brown Ed Burke Paul Caldwell Gordon Cumbaa A. S. Davidson Members in the University J. W. Dewberry O. T. Faucett W. L. Faucett C. M. Faircloth T. J. Frederick F. B. Garrett Harry Hewett Fred Huber Mack Jolly J. K. Kennedy E. T. Kidd E. J. Lyman W. A. Lyman Robert Lowery J. J. Mayfield, Jr. Winston B. McCall Lieutenant Kerr Captain Taliaferro Major M. T. Jemison Captain W. T. Barrett Captain C. M. Fitts J. E. McCoy H. H. MiZE J. A. Patterson C. A. Pitts J. P. Persons C. P. Rice Joe Shepherd S. W. Taylor Allen Terry PAGE TWO HUNDRED SEVENTY-NINE •-- - " £ i l • l ! " Johnson, White, Weeks, McCree, LeMaistre. Johnson. J. L. Hudson, Glasgow, Flowers, Light foot, McDowell, Robertson, Porter FM Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity Colors: Old Gold and Purple Floisirr: Red Carnation Publication: " The Phi Alpha Delta Quarterly " Founded at Yale University in 1898 Fifty-two Active Chapters Joiini ler Morgan Establislied in ig22 ter Fratres in Urbe Charles W. Gross John C. Pearson Fratres in Facultate Whitney P. McCoy J. V. Masters WATKINS C. JOHNSlt)N Walter Flowers Horton H. Little John Hudson Charles Aldridce Robert Glasgow John McCree Fratres in Universitate George Rogers John Schor Harold Weeks Frank White George LeMaister John L. Johnston L. E. Rogers Tom McDowell Irvin Porter Ben Lightfoot Lawrence K. Andrews David Robertson Henry Jordan Bill Kenton PAGE TWO HUNDRED EIGHTY Sentell, Lovelace, McDonald Poollnitz Craig, Branch McCall, Huey, Murray. Gooclloe Snow. Cro.sland, Rather. Caddell, McEachln, Herren International Legal Fraternity founded at the University of Michigan in 1869 Fifty-five Active Inns Colors: Wine Color and Light Blue Fifteen Thousand Members DeGraf fenreid lee Founded as a local fraternity Scplember p, ig2o, under the name of Phi Alpha I ' i. Chartered as an Inn of Phi Delta Phi on May 6, ig22. Dean A. J. Farrah BoNNEAU Murray Edgar Stewart Lynn Trawick J. O. Sentell Dan Jernican Flournoy Lovelace Will McDonnell Fratres in Facultate William Hepburn Fratres in Universitate Mason Goodloe Charles Poellnitz William Craig William McQueen Edward Branch Henry Snow Horace Flurry David Crosland John D. Rather IV William Armbrecht J. E. Livingston William Lott John Caddell Bruce McEachin Reuben Herrin Dan T. McCall, Jr. Tom Huey Rankin Daucett PAGE TWO HUNDRED EIGHTY-ONE Rogers, Larymore, Parker, Griffith, Lary. Malee, F!oyd Newton, Altlneto, Hirsch, Tancredi, SpiUer, Castator, Kendrick Silsby, Kopcha, MItschele, Jordan, Papp, Bass Founded at University of Pittsburgh in 1891 Colors: Green and White Floioer: White Chrysanthemum Forty-one Active Chapters Publication: " Phi Beta Pi Quarterly " Sigma Chapter Established in igo6 Officers H. C. Jordan President Felix Alfenito Secretary Floyd Castator Treasurer Fratres in Universitate Felix S. Alfenito, Jr. Henry C. Jordan George W. Newton LuciAN Hirsch Otis L. Jordan Harold F. Malee Marvin E. Speer, Jr. Thomas J. Floyd, Jr. Robert L. Griffith Chester Tancredi Hayne Kendrick John J. Lary Floyd W. Castator Montague Adams M. F. Parker, Jr. Joseph E. Kopcha Louis C. Posey Granville W. Larimore Charles Lafferty Sandor D. Papp Harry Z. Silsby Robert W. Mitschele Samuel Bess Harold Rogers PAGE TWO HUNDRED EIGHTY-TWO ' -, ' ' ?« « . I . » 0 ' €w Top row; Stabler, Shelton, Wilkerson, Sheets, Farrington Bottom: Robertson. McCuUough, Askin, Griffin Founded at Louisville Medical College in 1894 Colors: White and Green . Floiver: Lily-of-the-Valley Sixty-six Active Chapters Publication: " The Phi Chi Quarterly " Established in IQOS Officers J. O. CoLLEY, Jr President J. G. Sheetz Secretary James B. Shelton Treasurer Fratres in Universitate Ernest Askin J. O. Johnson Jacob G. Sheetz L. E. Barbs W. C. Lambeth James B. Shelton James O. Colley, Jr. Dobbs Minot A. C. Stabler W. S. Frances, Jr. Lloyd McBride A. L. Stabler . J. D. Farrington George C. McCullough Edgar Scott Joe Foster Charles Moore Eldred B. Teague Ervin H. Griffin B. D. Palmer Arthur Wilkinson Albert S. Hargis Banks Robertson C. H. Wilson Kendrick Hare Shivers Woodruff PAGE TWO HUNDRED EIGHTY-FOUR ,S»- ' I. Beta Gamma Sigma is an honorary Commerce Fraternity ivhich has as its aim the promotion of an interest in higher scholarship and college activities among the students in the School of Commerce and Business Admin- istration. Membership in Beta Gamma Sigma is elected from the upper one-tenth of the Junior Class Dean Lee Bidgood Chester Howard Knight Herman Hollis Chapman Lee Glover Beta Gamma Sigma Fratres in Facultate Harry Dwight Bonham I EROY J. Nations Harry Victor Mitchell Ralph E. Adams Fratres in Universitate James W. Going Alumni Charles A. Kohn, Floyd Edward Turner John R. Thomas Ehney a. Camp, Jr. Victor Ewing Johnson Perry Smith John D. Hereford Jr. Joe Fadool John M. Shaver, Jr. James Money Cephas Smith Henry Almon Davis Jr. First row: Carroll, PuUen, Starlin, Hay good, TuUey, Atkins, McDowell, Stabler Second row: Cunningham. Druniniond, Davis, G. Aldridge, H. Aldridge, Thomas, Bailey Third row: Haughton, Leach. Vaughn, Byrne, Coleman, Sterling Fourth row: Warren, Young, Jolly, Zeigler, Owen, Smith, Caldwell, Gachet V gma Jri International Commerce Fraternity Founded at School of Commerce, Accounts and Finance, University of New York, November 7, 1907. Colors: Old Gold and Royal Purple Flower: Red Rose Fifty-one Active Chapters Publication: " The Deltasig " Alpha Sigma Chapter Established in IQ26 Fratres in Facultate Dr. James Holladay Prof. Harry V. Mitchell Prof. Marcus Whitman Prof. H. H. Chapman Prof. Leroy Nations Fratres in Universitate J. Kynerd Coleman Henry A. Vaughan Howard B. Leach Ralph S. Moseley Daniel J. Haughton Thomas Starlin JAMES P. Benton Harle G. Bailey Paul E. Haygood William P. Thomas Albert Tully Garet Aldridge Henri M. Aldridge Lawrence B. Davis A. P. Drummond G. P. Atkins Shaffer Boone James J. Cunningham W. E. Pickens Almon Stabler Tom McDowell I ' m .0 A First row: Jolly, Permutt, Richardson. Warner, Meyer, Sokol Second row: Coe, Reigel. Feld. Kennedy, Alexander Third row: Pee, Dempsy, Wood, Brennenian la Uelta igntia National Advertising Fraternity Founded at the University of Missouri, School of Journalism, 1913 Purpose: The upbuilding of advertising as a profession for the purpose of serving the business world. Colors: Crimson and White Flower: Crimson Rambler Twenty-one Active Chapters Publication: " Town Crier " Paoli A. Smith Chapter Established in IQ2J Dean Lee Bid good, Honorary Professor Leroy J. Nations, Faculty Advisor James L. Permutt President Mack Jolly Vice-President Richard M. Coe Secretary Clyde Richardson Treasurer Members Shaffer Boone A. H. Warner G. E. Brenneman Milton Pullen ■ J. K. Kennedy Neil Wood Morris Sokol David Alexander John E. Poe Hudson Meyer Phillips Feld John Dempsey Merle Riegel PAGE TWO HUNDRED EIGHTY-SEVEN ms Peebles, Stone. Wllbourne. Miree, Smith, Waddell, Lorlck, Arnold Kinney, White. Oakley, Logan, Helle, Hyman, West Robertson, Estes, Simmons. S. White. Hanklns, Durant S. Thames, Jessup, Powell, McWiUiams, Moulder, Silver, Walker, Poyner Alpka Kappa Psi Founded at the School of Commerce, Accounts and Finance, New York University in 1904. Fifty-five Active Chapters Colors: Gold and Sapphire Blue Flower: Chrysanthemum Publication: " The Diary of Alpha Kappa Psi " Fratres in Facultate Dean Lee Bidcood Ralph E. Adams Professor Harry Bonham Professor Chester Knight Professor E. V. Krueger Officers Albert West President Jim Powell Vice-President Herbert Lorrick Treasurer James Moulder Secretary Fratres in Universitate Albert West James Waddell Pelham Durant Dave Robertson James Powell Joe Simmons Walter Dumar S. E. Smith James Moulder Dick Miree Aubrey Tvey Charles Estes Herbert Lorick Dave Peebles Wilbur Povner Pledges Joe Lee Jessup Stewart Thames Ellis Kenney Harry C. Smith Tom Stowe Adrian Walker John Wilbourne Oscar McWilliams Lear Logan James Perkins Dick Silver E. K. Oakley Edgar W. Reed Herman Arnold Dean Helle William Hankins Murray White Buddy Hyman ' 9 Seever, Griffin, Burnes, Kull, Price, Patton, MacLeod Levy, M. Sanders, Harris, McLure, Hall, Guin Collier, Brown, Christian, Allnian, Deal, Duclcworth, Greenwood Honorary Educational Fraternity Founded at the University of Illinois in 1911 Colors: Pale Blue and Crimson Publication: " The ' Kadelpian Review " Eighty-seven Active Chapters Xi Chapter Established in IQ22 Officers Wilbur Harris President Sara Price Corresponding Secretary Louise Collier Vice-President H. C. Pannell A lu?nni Secretary Dorothy Brown ..... Recording Secretary Alicia Kull Treasurer C. E. Williams Faculty Counselor Fratres in Facultate W. F. Adams Agnes Ellen Harris V. P. McKinley Fannie Pickens Tartt Danylu Belser Ben E. Harris John R. McLure Paul W. Terry Elizabeth Coleman Sara Ella Hauchton J. H. Newman R. E. Tidwell W. H. Coleman J. C. Hayes H. C. Pannell George Wallace R. W. CowART . Miriam Locke C. M. Pruitt A. L. Whitehurst W. C. Crosby J. D. Mancill Marie F. Pruitt C. E. Williams Margaret M. Davis A. B. Moore Mary Robertson Emma Louise Wills G. H. Denny Willie Tabb Moore Ethel Saxman G. H. Yeuell J. J. DOSTER E. L. MORPHET V. M. SiMS Fratres in Universitate Bernice Alman Margaret Fleming Louise Levy Martha Sanders Barbara Andrew C. B. Gamble Minni e E. Monk Ocie Pearl Seever Laretta Burns Frances Greenwood H. W. Moore Lummie Siniard Elizabeth Christian Clara Griffin Virginia MacLeod J. O. Smith Mrs. H. G. Crisp Jessie Guin W. P. McLure Mrs. Annie L. Tabs Inez Deal ' Nina Hall Alta Patton Maggie F. Washington Helen Duckworth Lillian Leonard Elizabeth Rose PAGE TWO HUNDRED EIGHTY-NINE „ .- ' First row: Bowers, Bynum, F. Garrett. Farrell, Teague, Cannon Second row: Munkasey. Skelton, Fleming, Terry. Rhodes, Goodwyn, Taylor Third row: Hamilton, Kaeffer, Purcell, Mitchell, Simmons Tlieta Tail Professional Engineering Fraternity Founded at University of Minnesota in 1904 Colors: Garnet and Old Gold Floiver: Jacqueminot Rose Mu Chapter Established January s, ' 923 F. D. DeVaney B. W. Gandrud Fratres in Facultate Donald McCuaig F. R. Maxwell, Jr. J. M. Faircloth Barton L. Harris A. L. Terry Robert H. Fleming Frank B. Garrett Neel Bullock G. William Taylor E. Bruce Bynum Zolton Munkasy I. Newton Skelton Fratres in Universitate Clarkson M. Hamilton W. Corti YN Rhodes, Jr. Andrew A. Farrell Albert T. Goodwin j. f. guilmartin C. D. Kaeffer Edwin Bacon William F. Bowers George G. Roulston Albert R. Simmons Woodrow W. Cannon Vincent J. Bellis Arthur B. Horton Wood Rowe Purcell Lloyd I. Mitchell Cabell P. Handy Robert L. Teacue PAGE TWO HUNDRED NINETY ■ mm First row: Z. Munkasey, Kaeffer, By num. Barker, Many, P. Munkasey Second row: Chatfleld- Garret, Purcell, Farrell. Allen, Taylor Third row; Hereford, Burfield. DcLucca, Rippere, Skelton. R. Hereford Tan Beta Pi The National Honorary Engineering Fraternity Founded at Lehigh University in 1885 Colors: Seal Brown and White Fifty-nine Active Chapters Publication: " The Bent " The object of the fraternity is to honor in a fitting manner those who have distinguished themselves by scholarship and exemplary character as undergraduates. Beta Chapter Eslablislied November 20, J926 Dean George J. Davis, Jr. Prof. Frederick R. Maxwell Fratres in Facultate Prof. John M. Prof. Donald H. McCuaig Prof. Donald A. duPlantier Artemus p. Maness Curt S. Benefield Warren G. Payne Paul Clark Edward Bruce Bynum Thomas A. Hereford Newton Skelton Robert E. Hereford Fratres in Universitate Carl L. Barker John M. Chatfield zolton a. munkasy Paul F. Munkasy George L. Taylor John B. Rippere Edward D. DeLuca Ferdinand H. Mitchell Robert E. Lake Dr. Benjamin A. Wooten Mr. Howard M, Meigs Charles E. Burfield Fisher W. Allen Louis W. Many Frank B. Garrett James O. Smith Charles D. Kaeffer M ' ood Rowe Purcell Andrew A. Farrell PAGE TWO HUNDRED NINETY-ONE First row: Smith, Quackenbush, DeLuca, Munkasey, Burfield, Bynum Second row: Chatfli ' Id, Mitchel, Hereford. Ripperre, Skellton. Wakefield,, Munkasey Third row: Sliibata. Reclc. Kaefter, McL eod, Farrell, Randall An Honorary, Professional Scientific Fraternity founded at Randolph-Macon College in igi6. The object of the fraternity is to promote interest in science. Colors: Colonial Blue and Crimson Publication: Floiver: Cape Jasmine " The Chi Beta Phi Record " Iota Chapter Established in IQ2$ Dr. B. a. Wooten Dr. a. M. Kennedy Albert C. Richardson Donald H. McCuaig Fratres in Facultate J. R. CUDWORTH Dr. George I. Adams Dr. Jack P. Montgomery Dr. S. J. Lloyd Dr. a. R. Bauder Fred R. Maxwell Dr. John Y. Graham J. J. Herzog ZOLTON MuNKASY Thomas A. Hereford John B. Rippere Newton Shelton George C. Wakefield Robert E. Lake Charles Burfield Paul Munkasy H. M. McLeod, Jr. Curt Benefield Fratres in Universitate Glen Dale Coe Warren C. Payne Roy a. Bradshaw P. E. De Luc a S. D. Peck J. M. Chatfield B. T. Lamborn A. A. Stabler Henry Cofek Paul Clark Charles Kaeffer E. Bruce Bynum Andrew Farrell WoODROw Cannon John A. Caldwell Lloyd I. Mitchell Arthur D. Quackenbush William S. Randall, Jr. NisAKU Shilata Thomas Hunter Smith Charles H. Pointer PAGE TWO HUNDRED NINETY-TWO ()(ld@ 1 (%- f !i, First row: MacLeod, Chat field. Hereford, Munkasy, Wakefield, Tucker. Wilson Second row: Skolton, Stabler, McClure, Smith. Randall, Cleverdon. Campbell Third row: Misshbach. Shibala, Mitchell, Naudain Simmons. Quackenbush 3igma ILpsilon Honorary Chemical Fraternity Founded at Davidson College in 1919 Object: The object of this fraternity is to increase interest and scholarship in chemistry; to promote friendship and general welfare of the chemist. Colors: Blue and White Publication: " The Ray " Ray L. Farabee Dr. Emmet B. Carmichael H. M. McLeod J. N. Chatfield T. A. Hereford George Wakefield Warrev Payne ZOLTON MUNKASy Howard Wilson John Tucker Fratres in Facultate Dr. S. J. Lloyd T. N. McVay Dr. Jack Mo.vTcoMERy Fratres in Universitate Newton Skelton Almon Stabler Spears Randall Bert Simmons Kenneth Lindsey B. T. Lamborn Nisaku Shibata Robert Fuller Paul Clevendon Floiuer: Blue Hyacinth Nine Active Chapters Dr. G. D. Palmer W. O. Gordon Edward Naudain Arthur Quackenbush C. S. Benefield George Missbach Lloyd Mitchell Thomas Smith W. P. McLure G. D. Coe Joseph Campbell PAGE TWO HUNDRED NINETY-THREE First row: Haigler, Durant, Dempsey, Day, Creel Coley, Cifelli, Boyles SeconcI row: Bliesener, Bennett, Braclburd, Raymon. Speed, Starlin, R. S. Teague, Taylor, Peases Third row: Thomas, R, L. Teague, Rosenberg, Hamel, Hobaugh, King. Little, Olson, MacLeod. PM Eta Sigma National Freshina?i Honor Society Colors: Black and Gold Publication: " The Lamp " Founded at the University of Illinois, May 22, 1923 Purpose: The object of the fraternity is to encourage scholarship among the freshmen. Election to membership is based on outstanding scholarship during the fresh- man year. Officers Tom Starlin President John Dempsey Treasurer Waights Taylor Vice-President Dean Dabney S. Lancaster . Faculty Adviser John Smartt Coley Secretary JoE Creel Senior Adviser Fratres in Facultate Dr. George H. Denny Dean Lee Bidgood Dean George J. Davis, Jr. Dean Dabney S. Lancaster Dr. James J. Doster Dr. Charles H. Barnwell C. H. Knight J. S. Gelders D. H. McCuaig Fratres in Universitate G. P. Atkins John Dempsey John Kroth John B. Rippere, Jr. Gould M. Beech Tames F. Doster Emil Kummer Irving Rosenblatt Clifford Benham Walter DuMar John Leity Marvin Rosenberg Louis Berecz Pelham Durant Charles E. Lewis Robert W. Roth Lowell H. Bennett Clifford J. Ellison CIerald H. Little Morris Sakewsky Carl Bliesener Andrew A. Farrell George K. Litile A. M. Schatz Aubrey M. Boyles Phillip H. Feld Irving Lomhoff Harold S. Schweitzer Saul Bradburd Silas Garreit William Lynch James S. Sharkey Curtis D. Bruce J. S. Gelders Walter C. MacLeod Newton Skelton Charles E. Burchfield Robert L. Griffith Louis W. Many Louis H. Spector Richard E. Burn David Haigler William E. Marsh Sydney Speed John A. Caldwell Henry G. Hamel Winston B. McCall Joseph Stamm John N. Chatfield Daniel J. Haughton Jordan Mitchell Tom Starlin Arthur I. Chenoweth Langston T. Hawley Paul F. Munkasy Charles Sterman A. B. Chisholm Robert E. Hereford Zolton Munkasy Waights M. Taylor Thomas M. Cifelli Thomas A. Hereford E. E. Murphy Robert L. Teague Henry Cofek Sigmund Hirsch S. S. Murphy Robert S. Teague Angelo Colangelo Edwin B. Hobaugh Herman Newburger Paul Thomas John S. Coley Fred E. Huber Fred W. Nichols Richard E. Toomey Leonard S. Cook Edward H. Johnson Charles F. Niles William VanKirk Joe Creel Jack Henry Johnson Allison P. Olson Henry A. Vaughn John H. Daniel Charles A. Johnstone Frederick Posses Preston Watts Hudson S. Day Charles D. Kaeffer William Price Sidney A. Whitt Edward DeLuca Seiberth S. Keity Wood-Rowe Purcell Bert H. Wiesel Frederick Ketterer Henry J. Rahn Vernon F. Wood Edgar E. King Harry Raymond J. Milford Kirkup Joseph Rekant 0 0 First row: Holman, Jenkins. Griffith, Williams. Anderson, Drummond, Randall Second row : Coker, Causey. Hoffman. Wilson. Kendrick Weizol. Cox, Third row: Lary, Boozer, Campbell, Stone, Stabler. Oliver, Chenoweth Alpha Epsilon Delta Founded at the University of Alabama, May i6, 1926 Alpha Epsilon Delta is an honorary pre-medical fraternity, the purpose of which is to foster the interests of the Pre-Medical School and to bridge the gap between the School of Medicine and that of the Pre-Medical School. Membership is based on excellence in pre-medical work. Alpha Chapter Fratres in Facultate Dr. J. p. Montgomery Dr. E. B. Carmichael Dr. B. P. Kaufman Dr. J. Y. Graham Dr. B. A. Wooten Mr. J. H. Walker Dr. Clyde Brooks Dr. Septima C. Smith Mrs. J. H. Walker Dr. Stuart Graves Mr. C. B. Beckinripce Members in Medical School John Lary Ernest Askin W. K. Wilson Almon Stabler Joe Campbell Lillian Ingram Aubrey Stabler Dobbs Minot Officers John Lary President William Drummond Vice-President Arthur Chenoweth Secretary Spears Randall Treasurer Members in Pre-Medical School Marvin H. Kendrick Spears Randall Chauncey Hoffman Stuart Thomason Henry Anderson Arthur Chenoweth Claiborne Williams William Cox Robert Griffith Ralph Coker Roderick Jenkins Winston Holman William Drummond Paul Causey Bert Wiesel Ernest Oliver Thomas Boozer Ed. Maumenee PAGE two hundred NINETY-FIVE First row: Moore. Wilson. Bennett. Meyer, Bremner Second row; Mitchell, M ' j.stin, Weil Riegel, Harper Founded at the University of Alabama, November 20, 1927 Colors: Black, Gold and Purple Purpose: Honorary dramatic organization to encourage and stimulate the participation in Blackfriar productions. Its membership is drawn exclusively from the Blackfriar Players and includes those whose ability and diligence have proved them worthy. Officers Roman Weil President Paul Wilson Vice-President Virginia Bremner Secretary M EMBERS Pete McCann Burl Bennett Clarke Moore Jessie Mai Miller Paul Wilson Sara Holmes Bob Harper Lucille Mustin Henry Meyer Mary Mitchell Merle Riegel Virginia Bremner Roman Weil T. Earle Johnson PAGE TWO HUNDRED NINETY-SIX s K THE CLUBS United we stand, divided we fall. " ?r H .-: 3 ,0. iH " p rt fftfi»tl ' sr i 1 ¥ t ' ! ' « ' X Twenty-seventh Season, 1931-33 Tom Garner, ' 88, Director M. Halsey Townes President Herbert M. Bell . Vice-President Wm. T. R. Cox Secretary Jas. S. Richmond Business Manager Sidney Gorchov Director of Publicity First Tenor Herbert M. Bell Jas. M. Gillean Thomas J. Griffin Roland D. Helle E. KiRVEN Solomon Raymond E. Abel Robert L. Grosse Alexander Lesko Paul F. Crouch Delmar H. Couper Cleatus L. Heath Charles C. Raffertv Joseph B. Theobold Second Tenor M. Halsey Townes Waights M. Taylor A. W. Deason, Jr. James S. Mize Paul S. Causey J. Joseph Thompson Robert B. Hohn William E. Persons, Jr. Wm. T. R. Cox Martin J. Callahan Alto V. Lee Louis A. Prosch Herbert D. Kreisberg George W. Christian, Jr. A. Joe Marshall Laurence B. Tipton Guy T. Huthnance Seaborn H. Mosely Douglas A. Brooks Leon R. Huthnance F. Sheldon Buckingham Lowell H. Bennett Aubrey M. Boyles First Bass Harry Raymon Cleve Allen, Jr. John D. Bibb John A. Fairall Hill Ferguson, Jr. J. Henry Hanson Second Bass Caleb H. O ' Connor Harry L. Tompkins Stanley H. Baltzley John H. Berry Vic F. Bodner Ralph Z. Chaney Robert G. Kilgore Jas. S. Richmond Ralph E. Tuscany John L. Van Arkel Edward H. Roberts AuDRiN R. Walker PAGE TWO HUNDRED NINETY-EIGHT Clarke H. Moore; Richard Thomas, Mary Frances White; Henry Meyer fv The Blackf riar Players T. Earle Johnson, Director Promote Dramatic Activities Founded at University of Alabama, 1907 Colors: Black and Gold Executive Council Henry Meyer Burl Bennett Bert Wiesel Roman Weil T. Earle Johnson Officers Henry Meyer President Clark Moore Vice-President Mary Frances White Secretary Richard Thomas Treasurer Members Ruth Allison Myldred Geddie William Loeb Agatha Prescott Vincent Amar Harold Gordon Katherixe Lawson Louise Quigc Mabel Armes James M. Gillea.v William M. Lytle James Richmond HuRBERT Anderson Robert Hincson, Jr. Ruth Lawson Thelma Richmond Herbert J. Baum, Jr. Sara Mae Hammond Collins Leyden Fred Richard Mary Boyett Harriet Harrison Gerald Little Mary Rau Virginia Bremner Helen Hayden David Meyer, Jr. Sara Cabot Robinson Frances Cocke Dorothy Hamilton Henry Markstein, Jr. Clara Robinson Eleanor Collier Gordon Hauschildt Juliette Morgan Louise Smith Jane Campbell David Hagler Minnie Eunice Monk Frances Smith Rebecca Criss Reuben Harris William Moore Parker Stuart William T. R. Cox Edward Harris Anne Millo Frank Sachs Paul Crouch Ruth Hotchkiss Kathryn Moss Jeanette Spann Janie Chapman Marie Louise Hagler Henry Meyer Martha Smith Helen Caffey Robert S. Haughton Peter F. McCann Bess Stovall Richard Davis Dan B. Harris Louise McManus Eleanor Tippet William C. Davis, Jr. Melvin Israel Joe Marshall A. J. Tulley, Jr. Daisy Dudley Janella Jackson Gene Mason Richard Thomas W. Berney Evans Ethel Jackson Mary Wood Murphy Margaret Taylor E. M. Friend, Jr. Carol Kilpatrick Sol Nosovitsky Mary Frances White Hill Ferguson, Jr. Ruth Kilpatrick Louise Nichols Mary Jean White Martin Fass Sidney King, Jr. Thomas O ' Harrow Burt Wiesel Mildred Feiler Cornelia Kern Benie Phillips Hilda Walsh Mary Martha Gordon Olaf S. Knudsen Isabel Pazeian Bob Ward Robert G. Kilgore William E. Persons Paul Wilson PAGE TWO HUNDRED NINETY-NINE I M i " 5 fi T} I 1 -. J«? U fs i First row: Salmon, Haygood, Starlln, Roberts, Hagler, Atkins Second row: Price, Weelts, Burns, Jacl son, Sentell. Allen. Creel Third row: Fleming, Davis, W. E. Davis, Townes, Warren, Moloney This is the oldest organization on the campus, being organized at the University of Alabama in 1832 a few months after the university was founded in i8ji. Incorporated in 1843, thus being one of the oldest corporations in the state. Officers Shaffer Boone President Joe Burns Vice-President Kenneth Roberts Secretary Silas Coma Garrett III Treasurer Charles Duke Sergcant-at-Amis Members Harold Weeks Shaffer Boose Kenneth Roberts Joe Burns Joseph Creel Halsey Townes J. T. Jackson Charles Duke Thomas Starlin J. O. Sentell W. C. Davis Paul Haycood Charlie Price Robert Fleming George Warren Fisher Allen David Hagler William Moloney George P. Atkins W. E. Davis Eugene Salmon PAGE THREE HUNDRED .a? " - First row: Conklin, Morrissett, McConnaughey, Jessup. S. White, Lavender, Adams Second row: Crossley, Smith. Williams. Dickinson. Fuller, KilRore Shuttleworth Third row: Henderson, Simmons, Palmer, Exum, Rich Fourth row: McGough, Allen, Bowen, Rutheriord Erosopliic Literary Society The second oldest organization on the University Campus Officers David Meyer President Frank Exum Vice-President Margaret Crossley Secretary Byron Conklin Treasurer QuiNTUS Adams Katherine Allen Herbert Anderson WiLDA Anders Sears Barnes Norman Bloom Albert Bell Pauline Bell William Brown Harry Bowen Richard Boyett Betty Bradford Margaret Crossley J. D. Corbera Martha McConauchey Gertrude McConnell Billy Christian Byron Conklin Howard Graves Naomi Dodsov Robert Dickinson Frank Exum Harriet Finnell Members Bernie Feld Martha Courtney Gatlin Bill Gordon Harold Gordon Allen Gassenheimer Ralph Garrison Te Wyait Harris Buddy Hymen Lucille Hardiman Roland Helle Billy Hawkins William Hawley Dorris Henderson Mary Heard Frank Hopson Sara Mae Hammond Joe Lee Jessup Robert Kilgore Owen Kennedy Herman Maddox David Meyer Virginia Morrisett Maxine Miller Billy McGouch Hugh Merrill Louise McManus Robert Melka Jimmy Mize Katherine Means A. B. Nichols Nettie Catherine Orr Gerald Little Maud Clay Little Margaret Lavendar Alle Linton Barbara Palmer David Peebles Gerald Permutt Marion Prowell Catherine Purser A. Pietrowicz Bernie Phillips Leo Rich Clara Robinson R. P. Rutherford Howard Robinson Lee Rogers Frank Sachs Martha Smith Theo Smith Thomas Starlin J. H. Starling Elinor Stewart Willie Strickland Pat Sterney Floyd Sahead Louise Shuttleworth Robert Sturdevant Dick Silver John Simmons John Saxon Will Trammell Herbert H. Thomas Margaret Taylor Bill Winslow Sam B. White Audrin Walker Lucy Jane Watson Frances Williams Harriet Fuller PAGE THREE HUNDRED ONE jg| m»| gi: ' ., ,. Coley, Marshall, Atkins, Main, Dickinson, ] ' Xtrr, E. Da is, Davis, Boyles Walker, Garrison, Young. Haigler, Day. Doster, Tulioy, Cumbaa Hornsby. Teks, Thompson, Townes, Skinner, Smartt, Shapiro, Stewart Watson, Reeves, Meyer, Garrett, Deas, Casey, Caldwell, Coleman, Burns Tn promote the. literary interest of its members. Founded at the University of Alabama in 1921 Colors: Nile Green and White Talmadge Newsome President Silas C. Garrett III Vice-President Newton Powell Secretary Horace Thompson Treasurer Members G. P. Atkins David Haicler Donald Watson Joe Burns William Moloney William Young Shaffer Boone David Meyers Richard Price James K. Coleman Talmadge Newsome Richard Bercer James Caldwell Marshall Neilson C. E. Hornsby Paul Caldwell Newton Powell A. J. Tulley Dan Casey C. R. Reeves Thomas Greeg Gordon Cumbaa Charles Stewart Lawrence Davis James Conrad David Shapiro Ralph Garrison John Coley Willie Stricklan A. R. Walker James Doster Donald Smart Joe Marshall Harvel Deas Julian Skinner Allan Maine John Day Horace Thompson Robert Dickinson Sam Day Milton Townes Aubrey Boyles Charles Duke Lawrence Teeter Lewis Dexter Silas Garrett HI M. L. Teks David Liebman Lloyd Hart Ed Davis PAGE THREE HUNDRED TWO ■ ir First row: Wtscott. F. Israol ; Caproff, Smith, Yolles, M. Israel, Hawkins Second row: MuUenhoff. Hall. McCoughney, Hingson. Salmon. Bailey Third row: Aloe, Nichols, Berger, Sacks, Rosenbush, Bains Sammuel Jolmson Literary Society Officers Gordon Hughes President Harle Bailey Vice-President Lee Caproff Secretary Melvin Israel Treasurer Members , Charles Hawkins Frank Sachs Eugene Salmon Jack Dunv Harry Smith Fred Nichols Clifford Morris Sam Yolles Lee Bains Leslie Hall Robert Hincson Gene Aloe Theodore Jackson John Piester Jordan Mitchell Ray Wescoit Bernard Rosenbush Bill Muli.enhoff Frank Israel Jerome Berger George Alexander Peter F. McCann Dr. George Lang Wyatt Bi.asingame ' PAGE THREE HUNDRED THREE Isarel, TeU-s, Johnson, Smith, Garrett, Moloney Skinner, Friend. Bains, Hall, Creel Hauler. Randall Atkins, J. Creel Purpose: To promote, direct an d control the debating activities of the University. VVatkixs Johnson ' President G. P. Atkins Vice-President J. Emory Smith Secretary-Treasurer Forensic Debating Team David Haigler Ed Creel Joe Creel Pettus Randall Silas Garrett III Leslie Hall Julian Skinner John Piester Wm. Moloney Lee Baines E. M. Friend, Jr. Louis Teks Joe Levin Melvin Isarel Members of Forensic Council John Cain Curtis Bruce Red Atkins Malcolm Laney Henry Meyer James Dewberry Henry Carter Pettus Randall Emory Smith William Kimbrough Joe Levin James Permutt E. J. Hodges Walter Merrill Mack Jolly Bill Barnett Hugh Reed Bob Fleming Watkins Johnson Frank Allen Bruce Bynum Melvin Isarel Halsey Townes Charles Burchfield Gordon Hughes Daniel Church Alternates Thomas Floyd Henry Kantor Kirk Kirkorian Harry Weiner Woodrow Cannon PAGE THREE HUNDRED FOUR mm First row: Burns, Salmon. Mize. McGowin, McCall, Kimbrough, Hawkins Second row: Haigler, Garrett, Fleming, Creel Davis. Coley Atkins Third row: Allen, Starlin, Roberts, Lynch. Dubiel, Oden. Boozer The Young Men ' s Christian Association of the University of Alabama is a union of students and faculty mem- bers for the following purpose: To develop a fellowship among students with the general purpose of qualifying them in living the ideals of Jesus as they understand them ; To create and maintain a finer spirit and attitude, religiously, intellectually and socially by living a full and creative life; To promote clean morals and replace the vices of the campus with clean living, wholesome thinking and service to others ; To provide a well-rounded program and to meet the present and actual needs of the campus. Officers Joe Burns President Kenneth Roberts Vice-President Tom Starlin Secretary Honorary Cabinet Shaffer Boone James Lynch J. O. Sentell Harold Weeks Joe Creel Elwood Richardson J. O. Smith Albert West Cabinet Fisher Allev John Coi.ey Paul Duncax Dave Haigler Nick McGowin Hugh Reed G. P. Atkins Ed Creel Bob Fleming Charles Hawkins Walter Merrill Eugene Salmon R. B. Bishop Wm. E. Davis Pete Fleming Zeke Kimbrough Henry Mize Joe Sharpe Thomas Boozer Roger Dubiel Silas Garrett III Dan McCall Clarence Oden Willie Stricklin Hoke Trammell Advisory Board Dr. George H. Denny Dr. Jack Montgomery Dr. Lang Dean Lancaster J. H. Newman Freshman Cabinet Officers Howard Robinson President Owen Kennedy Vice-President Pete Guin Secretary-Treasurer fpf i ' y cM ® First row: Moloney, Drolet, Dubiel, Calabresf, Gross. Frederick Second row: O ' Connor Podliajski. Peebles, McCullough. Pipsaire Third row: Tyron, Murphy. Touart, Hughes. Williams, Perez Fourth row: Scanian, White, Millo, Miklos, B owler, Edwards Bill Moloney President Roger Dubiel Vice-President Gwendolyn Drolet Secretary Tom Griffin Treasurer Florence White Historian Members Edward Calabrese A. J. McCullough William Long Peter Dandrea A. Kaiser Edward Murphy John Dowe Dick Lawlor J. HOBAUGH Sam Gorss OuiDA Pipsaire Harry Touart Rita Beneville David J. Guiney D. Petty Jack Cummiens Pat Hocan Walter Samicki J. Fredericks Margaret Fowler R. Ward Ray McNamara Charlie J. Perez Joseph Hughes Bob O ' Leary George Stoddard B. Perry Mary O ' Connor HoDDY Tyron Cecelia Williams James Palmer Edward Tamar Mary Scanlan Edward Podhijski Roy Calvin J. Miklos Dave Peebles Anne Millo PAGE THREE HUNDRED SIX Qmm First row: McCarty, Inyc, I uflinitz, Cook, McGowin. Huxfortl, Crosland, Reeder Serond row: Cook. Boyles Herbert, May. Smith. Randall. Pruitt Third row: Calhoun. Smith, Thames. Hummer, Jamison, Planck Fourth row: Lorrick, Kidd, Bender. l abney. Coles, Craig. Goodwin, Flowers Officers Edgar Stewart President T. K. Jackson Vice-President Nick McGowin Secretary-Treasurer Members William Craig Howard Reeder David Crosl. ' Vnd Jules Herbert D. M. Jones E. D. Smith Charlie May Pelham Anderson Ernest Pi.anck Bingham Smith J. D. Flowers Will McDonald Oscar Turner Forrest Hunter Bob Crockett Willis McGowin W. C. McCarty Walter Flowers Tommy Cook Sonny Poellnitz Dizzy Dismuke Herbert Lorrick Goats Earl Hummer Bill Goodwin Tommy Kidd Gus Thames J. D. Jameson Aubrey Boyles Abe Calhoun Jack Dabney Charles Bender PiNCKNEY Pruitt C. C. Huxford Ferryman Pace Walter Coles Pettus Randall Horace Watkins Jimmy Logan Dick Inge He -ward Cook Alp.ert Craig 099i399ii f ?■ f « First row: Forbes, Harris. Peebles, Yancey, McGowin. Fitzgerald, Marshall. I ach, Goodwyn, Caskle Second row: Causey. Mason, Noble B. Simmons. Walker, Strudwick. Gall ' on, McMillan Laslie, Harrison Third row: J. Simmons. Waddell, Simpson. Forsyth. Herrsn, McCall. Curtis.s, Foshee, Estos Fourth row, bottom: Taylor, Murray, Lovelace. Nolen. Sellers, Chenoweth, Campion, Smith, Agee Inter-Fraternity Social Organization Founded at the University of Alabama in 1909 Officers Flournoy Lovelace President Charlie Estes Vice-President Cad. Jones Secretary-Treasurer Members S.AM Foshee Joe Smith Joe Simmons John C. Curtis Alden Simpson Billy McQueen Dan McCall, Jr. Jimmy Waddell Albert Goodwyn Reuben Herren Horace Campion Moody Redd Sterling Rainer George Agee Arthur Chenoweth Clyde Taylor Bill Yancy Joe Causey Beanie Smith Bill Taylor Bernard Cooper George Forsyth Bonneau Murray Jim Marshall Goats Mortimer Harrison Randall Leach Soupy Strudwick Carney Laslie Edgerton Harris Bud Walker Fred Hunt Ed McGowan Frank Noble Maxwell Caskie Thomas McMillan Roy Nolan NooKiE Gallion Bill Pope French Forbes Bill Sellers Dewitt Mason David Peebles Bert Simmons PAGE THREE HUNDRED EIGHT ■ K 4-r- -r« - 7m U ' it P i First row; Murray. Crosland. Poellnitz. May, Cook, Simmons Second row: Yancey, Chenowoth, Hcrren, Snow, Harrison, Curt-s, McC ' all The Parasite Club is an inter-interfraternity social club, drawitig its membership from the various interfraternity organizations. Officers V. BoxxEAU Murray President Dave Crosland Secretary-Treasurer Members Edgar Stewart " Cad " Jones Billy McQueen Reuben Herrin Charles Poellnitz Joe Simmons Arthur Chenoweth Dan McCall Hayward " Fats " Cook Sterling Rainer Billy Yancey John Curtis Charlie May Henry Snow Dan Jernigan Abie Harrison PAGE THREE HUNDRED NINE First row: Grubl), Monroe. Sinii)kins. Rt ' igel, Jones Second row: Baird. Stallinfr. Powell, (Cochrane Third row: Brazelton, Johnson, Lightfoot Officers Gave Robertson President Ben Lightfoot Vice-President Peter Pride Secretary-Treasurer Members Dan Jernican Peter Pride Jim Powell Dave Robertson Watkins Johnson Vagie H. Rivers Jack Brazelton Pinkie Blackshear Jesse Stallings Ben Lightfoot Goats Emmett Baird Lee SiMPKINS Sam M urphy Raymond Monroe George Randall Rankin Daugette Archie Grubb Pal Cochrane John G UILMARTIN Merle Riegels John Loman Sonny Jones Horace Watkins PAGE THREE HUNDRED TEN 3 in ' i 0:1 9 First row: Morris Pullfn, Smith Hairis. Howard Carroll Wilkinson, Cre«- ' I Second row : Nix, Tompkins. Marx, Townsen, Atkins, H. Smith, Hawkins. Ladcl, Seymour Third row: McKlnlcy, Harris, E. Smith, Hydu, Randall, White, Tipton, Sudbury. Beebu The Greeks Inter-Fraternity Social Club Founded at the University of Alabama, 1929 Colors: Purple and Gold Floiwer: White Carnation Officers Joe Morris President Rocky Seymour Vice-President Wilbur " Fritz " McKinley Secretary-Treasurer Members Neel Bullock Ed Hyde Lawrence Tipton Burton Harris Milton " Squib " Pullen J. T. Sudbury Emory Smith Spears Randall Monk DeBardellaben Joe Morris James Smith Ernest Ladd Rocky Seymour Frank White James Beebe Wilbur McKinley Pledges Blinky Rowe Charles Hawkins Charles Marks Harry Carroll Ed Harris H. L. Townsend Syd Wilkerson Harry E. Smith James Thompkins James Nix George P. Atkins Arthur Howard Ed Creel PAGE THREE HUNDRED ELEVEN First row: Linton, Chewing, Holison, Sawyer, Hightower, Leland, Davidson, Blackl urn, Hornsby Second row: B. Christian, Murphy. Jordon, G. Christian, Browneli. Stowe, Kennedy, Reeves, Boyett Third row; Winslow, Sturdivant, Blacit, Braman, Bell, Simmons, Ferguson, Harris, Hyman Fourth row: O ' Neil, Peebles, Davis, Thames, Dawson, Head, Arnold, Imes To Promote Good Felloivship Among the Freshmen Colors: Orange and Black Floivcr: Lily-of-the-Valley Officers Reuben Harris President Phi Gamma Delta C. E. Hornsby Vice-President Delta Chi Ernest Collins Secretary Pi Kappa Phi Charles Crenshaw Treasurer Sigma Nu Members Herman F. Arnold Phi Delia Thela Hill Ferguson, Jr Phi Delta Theta John Simmons Phi Delta Theta Albert Bell Sigma Alpha Epsilon Beverly Head Sigma Alpha Epsilon Henry Hyman Sigma Alpha Epsilon Ted Barham Alpha Tau Omega Harold Black Alp ia Tau Omega Sam Dawson Alpha Tau Omega Robert N. Sturdevant Phi Gamma Delta William Winslow Phi Gamma Delta Richard Boyett Lambda Chi Fontaine Reeves Lambda Chi Owen Kennedy Pi Kappa Phi Tom Stowe Pi Kappa Phi Blaine Brownell Delta Kappa Epsilon George W. Christian .... Delta Kappa Epsilon Mortimer H. Jordan Delta Kappa Epsilon Tom Murphy Chi Phi Richard Davis Chi Phi Stewart Thames Clii Phi Billy Christian Delta Chi Robert Peebles Sigma Chi Berney Imes Sigma Chi John Blackburn Sigma Chi Frank Davidson Kappa Alpha Edmun Leland Kappa Alpha Peter Hightower Sigma Nu Charles Sawyer Sigma Nu Frank Hopson Kappa Sigma Albert O ' Neal Kappa Sigma Billy Dunham Kappa Sigma John Chewing Phi Kappa Sigma Ulle Linton Phi Kappa Sigma PAGE THREE HUNDRED TWELVE First row: Ballard. Purser, Lehman. Rosenberg. Bertkau. Klass Second row: Sti art, Klinkowstein. Z -Igler Partridse Silver. Griggs Third row: Norvig. Haygood, Robertson, Caldwell The Commerce Club was organized at the University of Alabama during the scholastic year of 1922-1923. Its purpose is the closer affiliation of students in the Commerce School and the creation of a spirit of good fellowship among them which may result in the advancement of the purpose of the Commerce School. Officers Elizabeth Day President Fred Zeigler Vice-President Catherine Purser Secretary-Treasurer Members Fred Zeigler Catherine Purser William Lehman Marvin Rosenberg William Bertkau Richard Silver Ben Rapport Cy Klass Isadore Klinkowstein Hallie Partridge Myrtle Driver Elizabeth Day Dorothy Warren J. O. Stewart Allan Norvig Paul Haygood Elizabeth Robertson Paul Caldwell Ruby Ballard page three hundred thirteen I r-js First row: Helberg, Phillijjs, Morris, Tappan, Yancey, Greddell. McCall, Mitchell Second row: Poyner, Steele, Comer, Hasten, Boyd, Montgomer y, Murray Third row: Lyons, PuUen, Snow, Ivy, Abliot. Green Fourth row: Poellnitz, Simpson, CaddoU, Herren, MacLeod, Turner, Worrell, Smith An Inter-Fraternity, Inter-Sorority Social Club Colors: Blue and White Jack Chapman, Faculty Adviser Rill Yancey President Mary Mitchell Vice-President Dan McCall Secretary-Treasurer Members John A. Caddell Alden Simpson Bonneau Murray Reuben Herren Squib Pullen Mary Montgomery Edgar Stewart MiMi Lyons Daisy Miller Boyd Virginia MacLeod Helen Abbott Mary Comer Mildred Turner Ann Green Marthalene Hastings Helen Worrell Kathrine Ivey BiLLiE Tappan Jimmy Phillips Don Smith Louise Gredel Gladys Helberg Skeeter Snow Vicky Steele Joe Morris Dan Jernigan WiLMER Poyner Sonny Poellnitz Cad Jones ■ PAGE THREE HUNDRED FOURTEEN ■ l Mia .-; t Davis Rertd. Tipton Sokol. Tate, Niohnls, McDonough Long, Isarel, Gordon, Davit., Bailey, Creel Burns, Salmon, Hills, Mims, Strother, Turner, Whiteside la JYlu National Pre-Lmu Fraternity Founded at the University of Alabama, 1929 To foster a thorough preparation for the practice of law, a just application of that knowledge, and a degree of merit on the part of the individual lawyer that will warrant the name " Good Citizen " . The members are selected on the basis of showing the most promise as future lawyers. Officers Melvin Isarel President Moody Redd Harle Bailey F ice-President Henry Mize Baskin Wright Faculty Adviser . Secretary Treasurer W. C. Davis, Jr. National Board of Directors Joe Burns Harle Bailey William E. Davis Jack Dunn Ralph Fulmer HvMAN Gordon Harold Grainger Marie Louise Hagler Thorne Hill Billy Holland Fratres in Universitate Benjamin Holley Melvin Isarel Larry Long Raymond Mims Herbert Maultiz Sam McDonough Fred Nichols Whellinc Palmer Roy Pfaffman Joe Creel Moody Redd Edwin Stevenson Gene Salmon Jack Strother Morris Sokol Lawrence Tipton Ralph Tate Edward Turner Alice Whiteside page three hundred fifteen PI ■ JOHN HART Left to right; CrapulM. Shomell, Jankowski. Miller, Linker, Cubello, Repp, Julian, Miller, Jerome. Hart (Director). The Alabantia Crimsons John Hart Director the name Saxophones Sidney Miller Jerry Jerome ...rd Alto Jimmy Repp Trumpets First Trumpet Leonard Shomell Second Trumpet Jankowski Trombone Pete Crapulli Bass Fiddle Russ Miller Piano Gabe Julian Banjo and Guitar Charlie Linker Drums James Cubello ■ PAGE three hundred SEVENTEEN ■ :- ! i- 0n. «( r f r ' 1 I ■■ w J i«ia ,y x. ? First row: " Weeks. McCall. Poyner, Murray. Waddcll, W. McCall. Creel. Bennett Second row: McDowell. Leach. Branch, Peebles, Creel, Carroll. McKinley. Beebe Third row: Thomas, Boyles, Randall, Danforth, Hyde, Baileyl McMillan, Miree Fourth row: Sellers, DeFuniak, Moore. West, Branch, Johnson Sophomore Honor Society Founded at Pennsylvania State College in 1907 Symbol: The Oak Leaf Seven Active Cliapters Theta Chapter Established in ig o B. K. Bennett Harry Carroll Clarke Moore James Beebe James Newman Harold Weeks Ken Pedigo Albert West WiLMER Poyner Charter Members Ed Branch Watson Johnson V. B. Murray Winston McCall Joseph Creel Dan McCall Thomas McDowell Willis McGowin James Waddell Howard Leach Albert de Funiak Fritz McKinley Geo. Atkins Richard Thomas Richard Miree Edward Creel Jack Dunn Pettus Randall Edward Hyde Bill Danforth David Peebles William Bra ' vch Bill Sellers Active Members Paul Thomas Herbert Anderson Tom McMillan Larry Hughes Aubrey Ivey Harle Bailey Aubrey Boyles PAGE THREE HUNDRED EIGHTEEN First row; Hammond. Gill. Wiiitside Second row; White, Condon Purpose: To promote an interest in the art of debating among the women students of the University of Alabama. The team is the representative group in all competitive debates between Alabama and other Colleges and Universities. Officers Sara Mae Hammond Captain MiTTiE Layne Condon Alternate Captain Alice Whiteside Business Manager Members Sara Mae Hammond Alice Whiteside Mittie Layne Condon Harriett Gill Mary Frances White Janette Madelyn Goldstein page three hundred twenty %J.i m. j [m ' IwaiJuJ t 1S G lik JVi ' ' ■ty - ' - Douglas. Lee, liiehmond, Helle, Kilgore, Kern. Ferguson. Hart James Stanley Richmond, Director Mildred Turner. Assistant Director This musical comedy club was organized in the fall of 1931 to promote the original works of stu- dents in song composition, dialogue writing, and scenery design, and to give a larger number of stu- dents an opportunity for stage experience in acting, singing, and dancing. The various committees have been active throughout the year, staging fortnightly musical revues. Officers HiLMON Holley President Paul Causey Vice-President Halsey Townes Vice-President Amella Lyons Secretary Hilda Walsh Business Manager Mrs. Bertha Miller Ruth Allison Kelva Badham Sara Joy Bell Carl Bruder Beatrice Byford Francis Buckingham Vic Bodner Douglas Brooks Frances Boykin Sarah Brooks Paul Causey Jerome Berger Wm. T. R. Cox Paul Crouch w. e. coulbourn Margaret Adams Tom Allan Marie Douglas Davida Davidson Pauline Dyer Gwendolyn Drolet Margaret Eddins Members in the Faculty Miss Emmett Lewis Mr. Tom Garner Mr. Brooks Forehand Members Hill Ferguson, Jr. Sarah Foreman Jane Griggs Mildred Geddie James Gillean Hillman Holley Nancy Lou Harper Ruth Haygood Martha Hyndman Verna Hart Allister Henry Robert Hohn Lucille T. Hunt Guy Huthnance Leon Huthnance Dean Helle Wilbur Holz Richard Hrabe Julia Hoefeld Netta Johnson Janella Jackson Cornelia Kern Herbert Kriesberg Robert Kilgore, Jr. Amelia Lyons Alto V. Lee Gerald Little Mary Lane Emmett Lewis Elinor Lord Eleanor Hoy Elizabeth Martin Roy C. Marcato Anne Millo Martha Moon Joe Marshall Mary Merriit Hayes McCauley Bennie Phillips Agatha Prescott Peggy Pearce William Persons Janet Riddle Thelma Richmond James Richmond Elwood Richardson Louise Roberts Charles Rafferty Kerven Soloman Annie Ross Snow Joe Sharpe Melvar Smith Marie Suttle Frances Talley Lawrence Tipton Mildred Turner Halsey Townes Edoa Thompson J. Joe Thompson Mary Hall Van Pelt John Van Arkel Hilda Walsh Sarah Willingham Susan Wyatt Harold Weeks Lolt.a Wientele page three hundred twenty-one , i»J " EDITORIAL STAFF Harold O. Weeks Editor-in-Chief Charlie Price Assistant Editor Barbara Davis Secretary and Compiling Editor Prof. L. B. Shackelford Honorary Editor Dr. Edward Gregory Honorary Editor Prof. Clarence E. Cason Honorary Editor Prof. Marshall E. Nunn Honorary Editor Mrs. Sue Gunter Honorary Editor Honorary Associates Elwood Richardson Jerome Schweitzer James P. Lynch Harold O ' Dell Weeks, Editor Photographic Staff Archibald B. Ellsworth Seaborn Moseley Sam Ellis Joe Daniels Art Staff Elizabeth Morgan Weeks, Editor Josephine Harper Pauline Harper James A. Perkins Sports Staff Melvin Isarel, Editor Paul Duncan Fraternity Staff Dan T. McCall, Editor Clarke Moore W. P. Danforth Ed Creel Jim Beebe Pete McCann G. Hauschildt Athletic Staff J. B. Whitworth, Editor David Haigler Harry Weber Compiling Staff George Garrett, Editor Howard Leach Frances Williams Britt Standifer Hill Ferguson Organization Staff Joe Brown, Editor Burl Bennett Moses Katz B. Rittenberry Cleve Allen Price Brown - ' ' i i Miss Barbara Davis, Miss Elizabeth Morgan Weeks, Garrett, Isarel ■ page three hundred twenty-two ■ EDITORIAL STAFF (Continued) Business Staff Leslie Hall, Editor Harriet Gill Eliz. Johnson Sorority Staff Sue Thames, Editor Harriet Fuller Leora Woodall Janet Riddle Lampooning Staff Lee Jack Caproff, Editor George Alexander Blinky Rowe Eugene Gibson Literary Staff Camille Herdman, Editor Robert Kilgore K. Walker Military Staff Jack Persons, Editor Bruce Bynum Mack Jolly Circulation Staff Jane Campbell, Editor Ed Partridge Fred Richards Hugh Merrill Ida Lapedies BUSINESS STAFF Milton Pullen •. • • Business Manager Edd Hyde Assistant Business Manager David Robertson .... Assistant Business Manager L. J. Nations Faculty Associate Marshall Nunn Faculty Associate James Dewberry Honorary Associate Frank Allen Honorary Associate Milton S. 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Persons Managing Editor HoN ' OR.ARY Associate Editors Harold Weeks Jerome Schweitzer James P. Lynch Department Staffs Ai.isTER Henry News Editor Tom Griffin Assistant News Editor Ethel Jackson John L. Johnson Ray Bagwell Carey Patterson Roy Marcato Sam Yolles Gwendolyn Drolet Zona Brown A. J. Kaiser Harle Bailey Byron Conklin Bob Kilcore Robert Hingson, Jr. Ruth Hagood C. H. Bowers Clayton Ellis Feature Editor Jane Campbell Assistant Feature Editor George Hinton Kelly Sisk George Miller Sylvia Scheinbaum Helen Rauschenberc JVoman ' s Editor Philippa Hodges Harriet Fuller Harriet Gill Janet Gordon Miriam Rosenbloom Blondell Simpson Maud Clay Little Marjorie Rittenhouse Society Editor Camilla Herdman Society Editor Melvin Israel Sport Editor Bryan O ' Hara Aaron Endler E. M. Friend Business Department James W. Dewberry Business Manager Honororay Associates Milton Pullen, Edwin Kimbrough, James P. Lynch David Peebles Assistant Business Manager Whiteside Secretarial Editor Advertising Staff Circulation Staff Saul Gordon Zeik Kimbrough Hooky Jones Alvin Stander Collins Leyden Paul Adamson George Ballock William Christian Ralph Barrett NooKY Gallion Joe Jessup Dr. Clarence E. Cason, Faculty Advisor Herbert Baum Advertising Manager William P. Danforth . . Assistant Advertising Mgr. Albert L. Tait Circulation Manager Guy Hardwick . . . Assistant Circulation Manager The Mamimer Jammer " The Rammcr-Jainmcr " , Alabama ' s comic magazine, published seven times during the scholastic vear, was established at the University of Alabama in 1924. Since that time it has gained national recognition and is no v considered one of the best of its kind in the south. Editorial Staff James P. Lynch Editor-in-Chirf Bob Harper Assistant Editor David Robertson Assistant Editor Eugene Salmon Assistant Editor Aubrey Ivy Managing Editor Elwood Richardson Associate Editor Harold O. Weeks Associate Editor Dan McCall Associate Editor Faculty Advisors Prof. Clarence E. Cason Dean Lancaster The Chief Rams Paul Duncan Art Nat Gorodetsky Humor Jimmy Coleman Exchange Bert Wiesei Advertising Don Lawley Circulation Co- Ed Editors Camilla Herdman The Literary Rams James Richmond Dave Haigler Allister Henry The Art Rams Polly Harper Lewis Dexter Sara Willingham Business Staff Wm. Frank Allen Business Manager Lawrence Tipton Assistant Business Manager Charles Cunningham Assistant Business Manager Monk Dewberry Associate Business Manager Milton Pullen Associate Business Manager The Business Rams Joe Burns Corresponding Secretary Buster Stroud Freshman Assistant QuiNCY Adams Monroe Meadows Sam Foshee Thorne Hill Sue Thames VViLMA Pearson Paul Wilson LaRetta Burns Owen Kennedy J no. Coley Joe Marshall S. Mutt Rainer Helen Worrell Ernest Planck Ruth Henderson Bud Harris M. Trippi Joe Craco Lou Goldblatt Kelly Sisk The Circulation Rams Stewart Thames Ed Lett Joe Summerford Lewis Gay i I iv SORORITIES SISTERLY GENEROSITY 9 Here is my mal e-up, ' m glad to concede it. Take it all, darling— You certainly need it. Members First Ro w, top to bottom: Mildred Turner, ' 32 Verna Hart, ' 34. Netta Johnson, ' 3+ Mary Merritt, ' 33 Lucy Dawkins, ' 33 Dorothy Adams, ' 33 Margery Jones, ' 32 Lyra Foster, ' 35 Second Rov , fop to bottom: JuANiTA Echols, ' 35 Frances Townes, ' 34 Jean Chambliss, ' 34 Jeanette Spann, ' 33 Hermoine Warren, ' 33 Ruth Hagood, ' 35 Elizabeth Christian, ' 32 Lucy Harris, ' 35 Third RoiiJ, top to bottom: Frances Boykin, ' 35 Emily Montgomery, ' 34 Edith Landgrebe, ' 34 Helen Lovelace, ' 33 Daisy Miller Boyd, ' 33 Edith Johnson, ' 32 Eugenia Thomas, ' 32 Celeste Gresham, ' 32 Bess Hunter Stovall, ' 35 Members Fourtli Row, top to bottom: Sue Feagin, ' 35 Flora Pattillo, ' 34 Elizabeth Sessions, ' 34 Margaret Garretf, ' 33 Frances Bell, ' 33 Mary Comer, ' 32 Louise Collier, ' 32 Ruth Henderson, ' 35 Fifth Row, top to bottom: Irene Feagin, Law, ' 34 Sara Sims Moody, ' 34 Mary Hall Van Pelt, ' 34 Eleanor Floyd, ' 33 Mary Rau, ' 33 Caralisa Barry, ' 32 Annie Ross Snow, ' 32 Mary Gwathney Pruitt, ' 35 Natalie Coleman, ' 32 Ruby Welch, ' 33 Adrieme Wilson, ' 34 Betty Wilson, ' 35 Billie Bond, ' 35 Colors: Green and White Flower: White Rose Sixty-nine Active Chapters Founded at Virginia State Nor- mal in 1897 Zeta Chapter Estab ' ished in 1904 Sorores in Facultate Elizabeth Coleman Fannie Pickens Tartt THREE hundred THIRTY Mildred Dollar, ' 32 Lucille Roberts, ' 34 Margaret Miller, Graduate Marie Koerner, ' 32 Martha Coleman, ' 33 Emma Rains, ' 35 Ethelyn Bomar, ' 35 Christine Shirley, ' 35 Martha Yancey, ' 34 Colors: Steel Grey and Tur- quoise Blue Flower: White Violet Founded at Virginia State Nor- mal in 1898 Sixty-four Active Chapters Nu Chapter Established in 1910 PAGE THREE HUNDRED THIRTY-ONE Members First Row, top to bottom: Janet Smith, ' 35 Louise MacLeod, ' 35 Frances Williams, ' 35 Katherine Thomas, ' 34 Hilah Wilson, ' 34 Emily Smith, ' 32 Helen Zumkeller, ' 32 Adra Pickens, Graduate Second R01V, top to bottom: BiLLIE Tappan, ' 35 Virginia Morrissett, ' 35 Bertha Lee Giles, ' 35 Maxine Baltzley, ' 35 Evelyn Deal, ' 34 Nell Daniels, ' 33 Ann Katharine Provost, ' 33 QQ (k Members Third Row, top to bottom: Katherine Allen, ' 35 Kleva Badham, ' 35 Edith Pritchard, ' 35 Ann Green, ' 34 Margret Crossley, ' 34 Marthalene Haston, ' 33 Leonora Pi.owden, ' 32 Fourth Row, top to bottom: Jane Krummel, ' 35 Martha McConnaughey, ' 35 Betty Himes, ' 35 Barbara Palmer, ' 34 Anne Louise Dale, ' 33 Virginia MacLeod, ' 32 Helen Duckworth, Graduate Lillian Francez, ' 32 Elizabeth Rose, Graduate Jean Allen, ' 35 Hyta Plowden, ' 33 Ann Spencer, ' 33 Elizabeth Collier, ' 34 Colors: Silver, Gold, and Blue Flower: Pansy Founded at Boston, Mass., in 1888 Eighty-two Active Chapters Delta Mu Chapter Established in 1913 THREE HUNDRED THIRTY-TWO Members First Ro w, top to bottom: Melva Smith, ' 35 Marie Douglas, ' 35 Katherine Douglas, ' 34 Marie Suttle, ' 34 Sadye Crook, ' 33 Edda Thompsom, ' 32 Katherine Barnes, ' 34 Amelia Lyons, ' 32 Second Ro w, top to bottom: Marye Scanlan, ' 35 Beatrice Byford, ' 35 Ellen Bollen Anne Tillery, ' 35 Susan Thames, ' 33 Eleanor Collier, ' 33 Carrie Derby, ' 32 Members T iird Row, top to bottom: Mary Helen Caffey, ' 35 Margret Lavender, ' 35 Mamie Lark Brown, ' 34 Catherine Calmes, ' 34 Mary Taylor, ' 33 DoRTHY Atkins, ' 33 Victoria Steele, ' 32 Fourth Ro va, top to bottom: Katherine Harris, ' 35 Cornelia Kern, ' 35 Harriet Gill, ' 34 Nell Middlebrook, ' 33 Camilla Herdman, ' 33 JuNiTA Balter, ' 35 Mary Mitchell, ' 32 Katherine Ivy, ' 32 Mable Hinton, ' 33 ALPHA Colors: Red, Buff and Green Floiuer: Red and Buff Rose Founded at University of Syra- cuse in 1904 Psi Chapter Established in 1921 Forty-five Active Chapters PAGE THREE HUNDRED THIRTY-THREE Members first Ro ' W, top to bottom: Mary Elizabeth Whatiey, ' 35 Dorothy Church, ' 34 Martha Courtney Gatlin, ' 34 Te-Wyatt Harris ' 34 Daisy Dudley. ' 33 Marie CotteNj ' 32 Marie Louise, ' 32 Janet Rife, ' 32 Second Roia, top to bottom: Madeline Maxwell, ' 35 Dorothy Rivers, ' 34. Martha Smith, ' 34 Betty Irvin, ' 33 Virginia Bremner, ' 33 Mary Morrison Gillis, ' 32 Ruth Mullen gal Members Tliird Roip, lop to bottom: Marian Tatom, ' 35 Bktty Bradford, ' 34 SiNA Lee Gray, ' 34 Mary Alice Boyett, ' 33 Mary Jones, ' 33 AiLEEN Maxwell, ' 32 Frances Bell, ' 32 Fourth Ro w, top to bottom: IL RRiET Fuller, ' 35 Harriet Finnell, ' 34 Rebecca Chapman, ' 34 Roberta Huddleston, ' 33 Margaret Jester, ' 33 Mary Harris, ' 33 Jewel Daffin, ' 32 Louise Alston, ' 32 Bottom Row, center picture: Frances Cocke, ' 32 Margaret Herl, ' 33 Mary Catherine Pacetti, ' 35 Mary Grey Morton, Graduate Colors: Cardinal and Straw Flower: White Carnation Founded at Fayetteville, Ark., in 1895 Eighty-seven Active Chapters Nu Beta Chapter Established in 1921 SOROR IN FaCULTATE Miss Alice Wyman THREE HUNDRED THIRTY-FOUR Members First Row, top to bottom: Gladys Dunham, ' 33 Rosalind Jackson, ' 34 Sara Price, ' 32 Janet Lusk, ' 32 Marjorie Rittenhouse, 33 Mary Baine, ' 32 Second Ro w, top to bottom: Louise Jones, ' 35 Frances Lyle Gay, ' 35 Clara Griffin, ' 32 Margaret Cathey, ' 33 Marjorie Barrows, ' 35 Katherine Walker, ' 33 Members Third Row, lop to bottom: Alma Vaughan, ' 32 Margaret Long, ' 33 Katherine McDuff, ' 34 Sara Herndon, ' 33 Alice Louise Bond, ' 35 Frances Walker, ' 35 Mary Ann Hester, ' 32 Clara Kroner, ' 32 Mary Silver, ' 33 Ernestine Carmichael, ' 35 Helen Haluorsen, ' 33 DELTA ZETA Colors: Rose and Green Flower: Killarney Rose Founded at Mianni University in 1902 Fifty-eight Active Chapters Alpha Gamma Chapter Established in 1932 PAGE THREE HUNDRED THIRTY-FIVE Members First Row, top to bottom: Martha Vaught, Graduate Leora Woodall, ' 33 Hilda Carpenter, 33 Willie Hammovd Hale, ' 34 Lucy Jane Watson, ' 3+ Elizabeth Gaines, ' 34 Gratia Lou Wood, ' 35 Second Row, top to bottom: Mary Perdue, ' 32 LiLLiE Mae Dean, ' 33 Eleanor Livingston, ' 33 Marjorie Hargrove, ' 34 Catherine Purser, ' 34 Jeanette Thomas, ' 35 Third Row, top to bottom: Dorthy Leymaster, ' 32 Margret Fowler, ' 33 Jane Campbell, ' 33 Ruth Hotchkiss, ' 34 Elizabeth Robertson, ' 34 Louise Quigc, ' 34 Pw ' 3r 1 1 9 S ■pjjj. l V y M W Members Fourth Row, top to bottom: Katherine Moss, ' 33 Davida Davidson, ' 33 WiNNELL Lane, ' 33 Vivian Wyman, ' 34 Ruth Kent, ' 34 Maxine Miller, ' 35 Naomi Dodson, ' 35 Bottom Lady in center panel: Allane Shuttleworth Jessie Mae Miller, Graduate Marjorie Cross, ' 32 Pauline Dyer, ' 34 Dorthy Grout, ' 34 Emma Roby, ' 34 Elizabeth Smith Colors: Scarlet and Olive Green Flower: Red Carnation Founded at DePaw University in 1885 Fifty-eight Active Chapters Alpha Upsilon Chapter Established in 1924 • PAGE THREE HUNDRED THIRTY-! I First Ro w, top to bottom: Sarah Willingham, Graduate Jessie Reynalds, ' 32 Helen Worrell, ' 33 ISABELL KiMBROUCH, ' 34 Lucille Hardiman, ' 35 Second Row, top to bottom: Jessie Cary, ' 32 Janice de la Croix, ' 33 Helen Abbot, ' 34 Margaret Rademacher, ' 34 Ruth Kleinman, ' 35 Tli ' trd Row, top to bottom: Lucille Crosby, ' 32 Margaret Eddins, ' 33 Gwendolyn Drolet, ' 33 Elizabeth Allen, ' 35 Jean Dryburgh, ' 35 S 09 Fourth Row, top to bottom: Gladys Helberg, ' 33 Margret Webb, ' 33 Louise Gredell, ' 34 Marjorie Mae Bishop, Agnes Torrey, ' 35 Bcttom Row, left to right: Louise McManus, ' 35 Margaret Taylor, ' 35 35 mm Katheryne Byars, Graduate Marian Johnson, ' 32 Phoebe Huxford, ' 32 Mary Kate Price, ' 32 Juliette Morgan, ' 34 Elanor Stewart, ' 34 Colors: Light Blue and Dark Blue Flower: Fleur-de-lis Founded at Monmouth College in i87o Sixty-eight Active Chapters Gamma Chapter Established in 1927 SOROR IN FaCLLTATE Miriam A. Locke THREE HUNDRED THIRTY-SEVEN Members First Row, top to bottom: June Hoffson, Graduate Flo Applebaum, ' 33 Harriet Harrison, ' 33 Alene Hodges, ' 35 Second Rovi, top to bottom: CoRRiNE Levy, ' 32 Bessie Sacks, ' 33 Sadye Rich, ' 34 LiBBY Straus, ' 35 Members Third Row, top to bottom: Louise Levy, ' 32 Frances Levin, ' 33 Charlotte Merkin, ' 34 Bottom Row, left to riff il: Hannah Gottlieb, ' 35 Rose Rosenblum Ann Snugerman, ' 34 Helen Beldner, ' 35 Lillian Wucher, ' 35 Frances Goldberg, ' 35 Colors: Purple and Gold Flower: Pansy Founded at New York Univer- sity in 191 3 Twenty-three Active Chapters Pi Chapter Established in 1927 THREE HUNDRED THIRTY-EIGHT 1 Members Firsl Row, top to bottom: Charlotte Lifsev, ' 35 Jean Regar, ' 34 Louise Smith, ' 34 Mable English, ' 33 Corabel Scales, ' 33 Ann I ' ritt Standifer, ' 32 Mary Nabors, ' 32 Second Row, top to bottom: Frances Talley, ' 35 Thelma Richmond, ' 35 Hilda Walsh, ' 34 Martha IIyndman, ' 33 Helen Teele, ' 33 Eunice Brunson, ' 32 Third Row, top to bottom: Irene Moore, ' 35 Mary Franke, ' 33 Anne Millo, ' 34 Kathleen Combs, ' 33 Katherine Thompson, ' 33 Agatha Prescott, ' 32 Members Fourth Row, top to bottom: Margaret Adams, ' 35 Gabie Ellis, ' 34 WiLMA Pearson, ' 34 Florence White, ' 33 Mary Spier, ' 32 LaRetta Burns, ' 32 Peggy Pearce, ' 35 Bottom, center panel: Geraldine Hulsart, ' 33 Florence Hulsart, ' 32 Louise Engbarth, ' 32 Sadie D ' Olive, ' 32 Patricia Martin, ' 35 Pauline Harper, ' 35 Josephine Harper, ' 35 Helen Haydon, ' 34 Helen Moore, ' 35 Oleta Lewis, ' 33 Sarah Joy Bell, ' 35 Colors: Light Blue, Dark Blue and Gold Flower: Killarney Rose Founded at Lombard College in 1893 Fifty-three Active Chapters Alpha Tau Chapter Established in 1927 SORORES IN FaCULTATE Louis Clark Ina Barbee Mrs. LuciLE Thompson Hunt THREE HUNDRED THIRTY-NINE Members First Row, top to bottom: Evelyn McBrayer, ' 33 Georgia Mae Foshee, ' 33 Frank Sears, ' 33 Ruby Sample, ' 35 Janet Riddle, ' 35 Erin Wallace, ' 34 Second Ro w, top to bottom: DoRTHY Adams, ' 33 Louise Roberts, ' 32 Bennie Phillips, ' 35 Elizabeth Ritter, ' 35 Mary Graves, ' 34. DORTHY WiTHINGTON, ' 34 No picture for these names: Carolyn Latimer, ' 32 Nell Cade, ' 35 Wilda Anders, ' 35 Virginia Cooper, Graduate W v M f « || Members Third Row, lop to bottom: Mary Huggins, ' 33 Betty Newcomer, ' 32 Katherine Means, ' 35 Ben Avis Adams, ' 35 Helen Fuller, ' 34 Janella Jackson, ' 34 Fourth Row, top to bottom: Myra Johnson, ' 33 Ruth Latimer, ' 33 Maud Clay Little, ' 35 Mary Heard, ' 35 Elizabeth Johnson, ' 34 Nettie Catherine Orr, ' 34 Bottom Row, left to right: Mary B. Gough, ' 32 Barbara Davis, ' 34 Colors: Pale Blue and White Flower: Purple Violet Founded at Wesleyan Female College, May 15, 1851, at Macon, Ga. Fifty-six Active Chapters Eta Chapter Established, March 21, 1907 Sorores in Facultate Miss Dorthy Scott Doctor Smith Mrs. Evelyn Dawson PAGE THREE HUNDRED FORTY Members First Row, top to bottom: Mary Gibbs, Graduate Helen Sinclair, ' 35 Catherine Dimick, ' 33 Clara Robison, ' 35 Elizabeth Slater, ' 34 Second Ro w, top to bottom: Alta Patton, Law, ' 34 Frances Cole, ' 33 Martha Fry, ' 35 Katherine Lawson, ' 34 Mary Frances Long, ' 33 Christine Gibbs, ' 35 Members Third Row, top to bottom: Sara Mae Hammond, ' 35 Mary Cheatem Render, ' 35 Mary Frances White, ' 34 Elizabeth Davis, ' 34 Sarah Cabot Robinson, ' 32 Jane Bratton, ' 34 Annie Gage Powers, ' 33 Virginia Mathews, ' 34 Elizabeth Fletcher, ' 35 Lillian Crosby, Graduate PHI MU Colors: Rose and White Flower: Enchantress Carnation Founded at Wesleyan College, Macon, Ga., in 1852 Fifty-nine Active Chapters THREE HUNDRED FORTY-ONE Alpha Zeta Chapter Established in 1931 SOROR IN FaCLLTATE Ruth Parsons ( .N Members First Roiv, lop to bottom: Mary Reid, ' 33 Marion Lally, ' 35 Philippa Hodges, ' 34 Betty Herbertson, ' 34 Helen Rauschenberg, ' 33 Second Row, top to bottom: Margaret Stratton, ' 35 Janet Gordon, ' 35 Clarissa Stalcup, ' 34 Mary Martha Gordon, ' 34 Harriotte Fonville, ' 33 Colors: Silver and Bordeaux Flowers: Lily-of-the-Valley, Forget-Me-Not Founded at Syracuse University, October 10, 1872 PAGE THREE HUNDRED FORTY-TWO Members Third Row, top to bottom: Ruth Edgar, ' 35 Ethel Jackson, ' 34 Charlotte Koehlein, ' 34 Myrtie Park, ' 34 Margaret Boutwell, ' 32 Bottom Row, left to right: Alice Mercer, ' 32 Betty Clark, ' 32 Doris Kindt, ' 35 Emily Carlile, Graduate Thirty-five Active Chapters Beta Mu Established in 1931 r Members First Row, top to bottom: Omit Nina Hall, ' 32 Zona Browne, ' 35 Patricia Murphy Dodd, ' 32 Second Row, top to bottom: Ruth Dunning, ' 34 Martha Moon, ' 32 Maude Norris, ' 33 Mildred Norris, ' 33 Elizabeth Shirley, ' 33 Members Third Rotv, top to bottom: OuIDA PlPSAIRE, ' 34 Sarah Penton, ' 33 Dorothy Lewis, ' 32 Charlotte Claybrooke, ' 33 Merita Dunn, ' 34 Nancy Harper, ' 33 Jewette Price, ' 34 Katherine Lewis, ' 34 Hazel Baxley, ' 33 Mary Ray, ' 35 Helen Fullerton, ' 35 THETA UPSILON Colors: Rainbow Flower: Fleur-de-lis Founded at University of Cali- fornia, January i, 1914 Twent y-three Active Cfiapters National Publication: " The Dial " Alpha Alpha Chapter Established in 1932 SOROR IN FaCULTATE Miss Emmett Lewis PAGE THREE HUNDRED FORTY-THREE w 1 9 ■ - i » | 9» w ■PI i ' mEswS . " !■:» «?«a :U First row: Comer. Jonps. Sacks, Vaughn. Johnson, Broadus, Howell Second row: Mitchell, Combs Gill, Provcst, Haston, Bremner, Finnel! Third row; Lusk, Fowler, Carpenter, Burns, Reynalds, Worrell, Sears JAKET LuSK President Hilda Carpenter Vice-President La Retta Burns Secretary Jessie Reynalds Treasurer Marv Comer Kappa Delta Marjorie Jones Kappa Delta Bessie Sacks Delta Plii Epsilon Alma Vaughan Delta Zeta Myra Johnson Alpha Delta Pi Mary Broadus Zeta Tau Alpha Floie Howell . Zeta Tau Alpha Mary Mitchell Alpha Gamma Delta Kathleen Combs Alpha Xi Delta Harriett Gill Alpha Gamma Delta Annie Katharine Provost Delta Delta Delta Marthalene Haston Delta Delta Delta Virginia Bremner Chi Omega Harrieit Finneli Chi Omega Janet Lust Delta Zeta Margaret Fowler Alpha Chi Omega Hilda Carpenter Alpha Chi Omega LaRetta Burns Upha Xi Delta Jesse Reynolds Kappa Kappa Gamma Helen Worrell Kappa Kappa Gamma Mary Frank Sears Alpha Delta Pi Charlotte Muskin Delta Phi Epsilon PAGE THREE HUNDRED FORTY-FOUR n WOMEN ' S Activities PURPOSE: A Recognize leadership,- Advance spirit of fel- lowship,- Develop a Higher Type of Col- lege Woman. affT v p i M ' mhm .y ]mt Wh First row: Price. Brunson, MacLeod. Levy, Christian. Rife Second row: Greenwood, Thomas, Hagler, Collier, Crosley. Mustin Purpose: To promote college loyalty, to advance the spirit of fellowship among college women, to recognize and encourage leadership and to main- tain a high standard of scholarship and to stimulate and develop a higher type of college women. Virginia MacLeod President Janet Rife Treasurer Frances Greenwood .... Vice-President Louise Collier Historian Marie Louise Hagler Secretary Jean Thomas Keeper of Points Elizabeth Christian Keeper of Robes Honorary Members Dean Agnes Ellen Harris Mrs. Washington Moody Mrs. Bibb Graves Mrs. Shaler C. Houser Fannie Pickens Tartt SORORES IN FaCULTATE Sarah Ella Haughton Miriam Locke Mary Robertson SoRORES IN UnIVERSITATE Eunice Brunson Jean Thomas Janet Rife Virginia MacLeod Cora Carr Briskey Lucille Mustin Sarah Price Marie Louise Hagler Louise Collier Frances Greenwood Louise Levy Elizabeth Christian Lucille Crosby Lillian Ingram PAGE three hundred FORTY-SIX Kimbrough, Priue. iv, -. I.i inyston. Turner, Barry Boutwell, Lewis, Harris, Gordon, Wallace, Levy Worrell, C. Levy, Thompson, Plowden, Keener Purpose: To promote loyalty to all college activities and uphold standards of student government. Officers Margaret Boutwell President Louise Levy Vice-President Oleta Lewis Secretary M EMBERS OF CoUNCIL Eloise Keener Leonora Plowden Mary Ann Hester Mildred Turner Eleanor Livingston Katherine Thompson Isabel Kimbrough Sara Price Erin Wallace Carolisa Barry Helen Worrell Mary Martha Gordon Katherine Ivy June Harrison Mary Harris CoRiNNE Levy PAGE THREE HUNDRED FORTY-SEVEN .. - -■ First row: Greenwood, Levy Second row: Shirley, Keener, White Women ' s Atliletic Association Motto: To thine own self be true, and it must follow as the day the night, thou canst not then be false to any man. Colors: Blue and White Officers Frances Greenwood President Louise E. Levy Vice-President Eloise Keener Secretary Florence White Treasurer Elizabeth Shirley Keeper of the Points Members Etta Deakle Hazel Turner Florence Holland Sarah Pennington Mary Purdue Lucy Jane Watson Dot Hamilton Ruth Dunning Hallie Partridge Margaret Strickland Jo Knight Mildred Norris Mary Watts Harriet Howard Myrtie Park Helen Sinclair Madelene Maxwell Betty Herbertson Bill Jackson Therese Osburg Elizabeth Slater Mary Cheatham Render Frances McDaniel Betty Hines Jane Krummel Virginia Morrisette Blondell Simpson Helen Fuller Eloise Keener Elizabeth Shirley Marthalene Haston Mary Agnes Crocker Mae Belle Barnes Sarah Mae Hammond Bernie Bocquin Dorothy Warren Mary Graves Martha McConnouchey Julia Hauser Netta Johnston Mary Pruitt Virginia Main Joline Leon Weber Helen Grayber Rhetta Kassner Frances Greenwood LOUELYN EdGELL Ruth Haygood Phoebe Huxford Sue Wyatt Ruth Hughes Mortimore Wilson Lucille Hunt Margaret Taylor Edna Beard Ruth Latimer Ben Avis Adams Vivian Wyman OUIDA PlPSAlRE Mamie Lou Brown Marjorie Barrows Louise E. Levy Anne Millo Gabie Ellis Florence White Mary Martha Gordon Lucille Coley Kathleen Goodman Mary McCarthy Pearl Feldstein Helen Halvorsen Helen Ruth Fullerton Marie Oberg Janet Gordon Lucille Hardiman Peggy Crossley Martha Vaught Jeannetta Thames PAGE THREE HUNDRED FORTY-EIGHT First row; Shirley, Whiteside, Ward. Clarkson, Davis, Robertson Second row: Moon, Boutwell, Crocker, Brunson, Collier. Crosby I s To live a more full and creative life through the growing knowledge of God. Eunice Brunson President Louise Collier Vice-President Lucille Crosby Secretary Mary Agnes Crocker Treasurer Honorary Member Margaret Boutwell Cabinet Martha Moov Winkie Clarkson Elizabeth Robertson Jane Ward Bertha Munks Martha Hindman Elizabeth Grey Davis Alice Whiteside Elizabeth Shirley PAGE THREE HUNDRED FORTY-NINE y First row; Jones. Miteholl. Whiteside. White. Boutwell, De La Croix Middie: Carpenter, Eddins, Hall, Lane, Herdman Bottom: Lawson, Gester, Middlebrook, Pickens, Raushenberg, Turner National Honorary Literary Society Active Chapters: Thirty-four Colors: Gold and Blue Founded at the University of Tennessee in 1919 DELTA CHAPTER Established in lg2l SORORES IN FaCULTATE Miss Elizabeth Coleman Miss Agnes Ellen Harris Mrs. Sue Gunter Officers Margaret Eddins President Katherine Byars Vice-President Hilda Carpenter Secretary Nina Hall Treasurer Katherine Byars Margaret Boutwell Hilda Carpenter Natalie Coleman Charlotte Crowley Janice de la Croix Margaret Eddins Ni na Hall Members Camilla Herdman Marjorie Jones Winnelle Lane Katherine Lawson Clarice Lester Kathleen Lokey Mary Mitchell Nell Middlebrook Lucile Mustin Adra Pickens June Pickens Mary Kate Price Helen Rauschenberg Mary Silver Mildred Turner Alice Whiteside Florence White PAGE THREE HUNDRED FIFTY First row: GiHis, Koehnlein. Robertson, Lewis Second row: White, Purser, Partridge, Wallowitz Professional Commerce Sorority whose purpose it is to foster the spirit of co-operation among the girls in the career of commerce. Founded at the University of Alabama in May, 1929 Colors: Navy Blue and Grey Faculty Advisers Mrs. C. M. Pruitt Miss Miriam Locke SORORES IN UnIVERSITATE Elizabeth Day President Oleta Lewis Vice-President Doris Ewers Secretary Florence White Treasurer Lillian Walawitz Historian Elizabeth Day Catherine Purser Doris Ewers Hallie Partridge Mary Morrison Gii.lis Elizabeth Robertson Margie Jeffries Adele Miller Charlotte Koehnlein Florence White Oleta Lewis Lillian Walawitz PAGE THREE HUNDRED FIFTY-ONE 4 1 I i» .rwt IV ► i t ' i« f i i , Lm i - Maxwell, MacLeod, Wilson, Turner, Eddlna, Keener, Daniels Davis, Robison, Smith, Allen, Gatlln, Collier, Jackson Cole, Spier, C. Robison, Berry, Plowden, Willlngham, Talley Delta Phi Mm Musical Sorority Purpose: To serve the university by furthering music. Officers Eloise Keener President Nell Daniel Vice-President Elizabeth Davis Secretary Margaret Eddins Treasurer Sarah Cabot Robinson Reporter Martha Smith Historian Mrs. Harry Neal Eddins Faculty Adviser Mrs. Paul Burnum Faculty Adviser Miss Emmett Lewis Faculty Adviser Members Jean Allen Margaret Eddins Clara Robinson Louise Bachtel Martha Gatlin Martha Smith Vivian Berry Rosiland Jackson Mary Spier Frances Cole Jackie Keener Frances Talley Louise Collier Ailen Maxwell Mildred Turner Elizabeth Davis Virginia MacLeod Sara Willingham Nell Daniel Lenora Plowden Margaret Crosby Sara Cabot Robinson PAGE THREE HUNDRED FIFTY-TWO " it » ff ff ?. ■ First row: Derby. Douglas, Nabors. James Iv -, Withernw. Thomas. Hansford, Cole Smith Second row: Williams Norris. McBrayer. Walker, Ncrris Vancf. Ward, Worrell, Reynalds Third row: Hardiman. Franke, Allen, Walker. Boutwell Barrows, Cary, Crosley, Kuhl. Lyons Fourth row : Slater, Helberg, Karle. Park, Spier, Comer. Standifer, Mahon, MacLeod, Atkins k The Caroliee L. Hunt Clmb The purpose of this club is to further interest of Home Economics on the campus and to promote better fellowship among the Home Economics students. Officers Jesse Reynalds President Jean Thomas J ' ice-President Mary Franke Secretary-Treasurer Miss Henrietta Thompson .... Faculty Adviser Members Jean Allen Katherine Dolglas Margaret Radenmacher Maude Norris Dorothy Atkins Peggy ' Downey Mrs. R. E. Tidwell Mary Neighbors Margaret Boutwell Eloise Gaston Bula Williams Myrtie Park Ruth Baird Lucille Hardiman Cecelia Williams Elizabeth Slater Mary Lou Bradley Elizabeth Handsford Merle Windle Mary Spier Marjorie Barrows Alicia Kuhl Frances Walker Sybil Speer Elizabeth Cary Amelia Lyons Mary Comer Theo Smith June Chadwick Lucille Lawley Gladys Helberg Joline Weber Jean Cody Marjorie Mahone Ethelyn Howell Katherine Walker Frances Cole Dorothy Matson Katherine Ivy Helen Worrell Margaret Crossley Virginia MacLeod Eloise James Jane Ward Mary Coe Evelyn McBrayer Josephine Karle Virginia Witherow Carrie Derby Mildred Norris Edith Kuperman Eunice Vance Associate Members Miss Acnes Ellen Harris Miss Dorothy Scott Miss Henrietta Thompson Miss Ruth Faust page three hundred fifty-three m f! f m » 1 .1-1 low: Hammond, Daugherty, Suttle, Hoefeld, Dunning, Badham, Geddi--, Kraiimi, i:, smit h, Latmier. Jean Knox Second row; Irwin. Fort, Jackson, Moon, Garner (Director) Robinson, Richmond, Bradford, Davis, Keener Thii ' d row: Monlt, Martin, Guin, Widney, Adams, Alman, Bell. Norris, Wyman, L. Knox, Officers Martha Moon President Sarah Cabot Robinson Business Manager Tom Garner Director Martha Louise Adams Kleva Badham Carolyn Brunson Bass Sara Joy Bell Julia Hoefiei.d Elizabeth Ickes Jessie Mai Miller Minnie Eunice Monk Martha Moon Ronnie Yeatman Bernice Alman Members Elizabeth Bradford Jane Bratton Quinney Fort Mildred Geddie Rosalind Jackson Lena Belle Knox Mary Maude Norris Thelma Richmond Cecilia Widney Sarah Cabot Robison Elizabeth Smith Ruth Dunning Jessie Guin Eloise Keener Ruth Latimer Elizabeth Martin Marie Suttle Mabel Daugherty Elizabeth Gray Davis Josephine Hammond Jean Knox Dorothy Levy Besse Tate Scott Bet Smith Clarissa Stalcup Vivian Wyman page three hundred fifty-four First row: Francez. K. Harris, Tatum, Lavender, Moody, Steele, Rife. Gritfln, F. H. Bell, Holnus Socond row: Crook, Badham, Barry, Rivers, Crumble, L. MacLeod, Baltar, Hart, V. MacLeod, Looper Third row: Ecols, Boyett, Zumkellar, Irvin, Johnston, Merritt, Foster, Thompson, Dawltins, Maxwell Fourth row: Swain. McDuff, Daffin. Herndon, Warren, Clarkson. Himea Fifth row: Church, Townes, Collier, Jones, Lusk, FinncU All inter-sorority club founded at Randolph-Macon, May i, 1904. Established at the University of Alabama, November 20, 1928. Frances M. Bell Janet Rife . Caralisa Barry Frances Bell WiNKiE Clarkson Natalie Coleman Dorothy Church Eleanor Collier Jewel Daffin Harriet Finnell Clara Griffin Sara Herndon Sara Holmes Aileen Maxwell Mary Grey Morton Virginia MacLeod Katharine McDuff Janet Lusk Officers Members Ella Northington Janet Rife Victoria Steele Mary Silver Vivian Swain Hermoine Warren Lucy Dawkins Verna Hart Edda Thompson Mary Boyette Mary Merritt Lyra Foster Frances Towns Helen Zumkellar Netta Johnston President Secretary- Treasurer Sara Sims Moody Beity Irvin Louise MacLeod Beity Hines JuANiTA Echols Kathryn Harris Mary Jones Marion Tatum Dorothy Rivers Margaret Lavender Helen Looper Sadye Crook JUANITA BaLTUR Jane Krummel Kleva Badham Lillian Francez PAGE THREE HUNDRED FIFTY-FIVE ff-rf mmm 1 ■h lirst row: Ivy, Gredell. M.Douglas. Gill. Abbot, Worrell, Christian, Torrey, WlUingham. McConnaughey Second row: Thames, Beyford, Kern. Tappen, Green. Provost. Mustin. Atkins, Turner, Rau Third row: Henderson, Mitchell, Lyons, Ue la Croix, Haston, Snow, Wilson. Comer. Montgomery, Sessions Fourth row: Helberg, Harris. B. Giles, Haygood, S. Douglas, K. Douglas. Boykln, Van Pelt, Herdman, Boiling An inter-sorority club founded at Randolph-Macon Woman ' s College in 1893. Established at the University of Alabama in 1927. Officers Mary Mitchell President Elizabeth Christian Vice-President Helen Worrell Secretary-Treasurer Mildred Turner Lucille Mustin Dorothy Atkins Mary Rau Annie K. Provost Mimi Lyons Katherine Ivy Janice de la Croix Marthalene Haston Annie Ross Snow Hilah Wilson Mary Comer Members Mary Montgomery Helen ABBOTr Elizabeth Sessions Harriett Gill Gladys Helberg Camilla Herdman Daisy Miller Boyd Mary Hall Van Pelt Ellen Bolling Frances Boykin Beatrice Byford Marie Douglas Katherine Douglas Susan Douglas Ruth Haygood Bertha Lee Giles Louise Gredell Lucy Harris Ruth Henderson Cornelia Kern Billie Tappan Martha McConnaughey Sarah Wii.lingham Agnes Torrey Anne Green page three hundred fifty-six WEATHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT THE MOROLLA ALL THE DIRT THAT ' S UNFIT TO PRINT MAY, 1932 42 CENTS PAGE THREE HUNDRED FIFTY-SEVEN THE GOOD YEAR 1931-32-IN REVUE The past year, in the eyes of a " kibitizer, " has been a very unsuccessful affair; either our roues are being much more careful with their affairs des cour, the de- pression has cut down on the whoopie, or your corre- spondent is just getting old. Such as it is, however, here goes: From a political point of view. Student Government has, by the time this is read, just finished its most suc- cessful year under the GUIDING hand of the faculty, board of trustees, deans, assistant deans, heads of de- partments, profs, fellowships, and office boys. And then, too, we might liken the man who published the " love life " of the University in Scripps-Howard and other papers for lucre to the original man of thirty pieces of silver. Well, now, to be more specific, we will have to see what our 400 have been doing during the past year (with the K. D. ' s this is 800) — Speaking of the K. D. ' s, it always brings to mind Little Jo Wilson, Mr. Wrigley ' s right-hand man. Jo has been doing great work on the campus, cheering the boys and girls up with her clowning in the soup store and various other places; but we shudder to think of the potential glee in the en- tire ensemble of Wilsons — that famous Notre Dame combination. It may be professional jealousy that has kept Jo from giving the sisters a chance. While we are on Jo, might we suggest that the K. D. ' s use the picture of the loving Wilson sisters which gained such state-wide recognition last fall. From all indications, Thompson gets Whitworth, Byford gets Mosley, and Scanlan gets the bird. Well, the early bird, you know — And I ' ll bet we really are there next year for the Sponsors, if we don ' t go out for the team — The Ohio Club, wintering in third barn, first circle, this year, is making competition lively, with Ohio boys, for girls across the street. Aiken for Douglas, Ivy, etc., etc., fame, when last seen was headed in that direction. Our wrecking crew is of the best and ably led by Mobile flash, sister to Big McLeod of Mortar Board fame comes through at the dances in ' a big way, and of course no social news is news at the University A 0- NOT V TH S DEPRt-SS ON ' ' unless names as Tappen, Green, Haston and some more we can ' t seem to remember, are prevalent. Down at the Kappa house Rush-Captain Price reports a very suc- cessful year; but we are just going to have to bring down our scholastic requirements or, with the seniors leaving and this bunch of four-year pledges, there will be no one who knows the grip next year. You can lay to one thing: so long as Palova Wor- rell is here, we will be represented at all the dances, and be well liked by the Pi Kappa Phis and Frank Allen, who is also a frat man and of Pan-Hellenic fame with the women. Then, too, it has been through our in- fluence that the campus has awakened to the fact thaf there is a Delta Chi chapter here. Didn ' t we get Flea McCrea over and show him off? Other powers, Hel- berg, Greddell, Byers, etc., etc. Politicians, Kimbrough and Willingham; athletes, Abbott. (Also in famous Raynor Tri-angle.) Alpha Chis announce pledging of Sweeny, big furniture gal from Wis. (Sofas, Chester- fields, etc., etc.) Goody-goody! Now Hale and Har- grove won ' t be so lonesome at the dances, and we ' re get- ting athletic, too! We pledged Greenwood and she will see to that. If we can just keep Jimmy Coleman in school, some day we are going to hold a mortgage on the Union Building, providing the politicians don ' t steal that too. Well, we are a nice bunch of girls; why doesn ' t Columbus, or somebody, discover us? Chi Omega has, in its own language, enjoyed " a lousy year. " First, the seism in the good ship Johnson — Rife. Francis Cocke held for no gain in supply store due to Alpha Gam and Kappa interference (fifteen yard penalty for illegal use of automobiles) . And the crown- ing blow of all: just when Jester is getting social-minded and losing her INFERIORITY COMPLEX, along comes a viper by the name of Rowe and bashes half her teeth out and now Monte will never be the same. Wilson left school. Lantrip is after Peroxide Harris, and the other men have " dispersed as the morning dew. " Well, just wait till our rush dance next year. We ' ll show them a thing or two or three, we will, we will. II Duce Broadus — her only diversion is lopping up dopes, yet she has Supply Store seat. Well, anyway, she ' s the guiding light of dear old Zeta; and if we can just keep her through next year, we will probably go national. If not, we are going to organize a lodge of our own with Broadus our guiding light. And we have several little reflectors, too — Coleman, Howell, Brooks., i.e., of beauty section and etc., etc., fame. Delta Zeta, another of our better lodges, institutions or business houses, is also suffering a bad year, with the depression and loss of Roberts, Crimson- White Typhoon. Why, we haven ' t had anyone in College Humor ' s Who ' s Who since J. B. left, although it is rumored that Mary Silver is still up and about. All is not lost, however. Isn ' t Sister Lusk president of Women ' s Pan-Hellenic (Continued on Page 368) J PAGE THREE HUNDRED FIFTY-EIGHT • • THE MORALLA • • Published once in a hundred years by the peepers of the student body of Bricetski In- stitutionalogy. Entered as no-class mailing matter at Tuskylousy, Alabama. STAFF Leering J. Caproffski Editor-in-Something Geo. B. Alexanderofski Accomplice-in-Something Hardtimes Hooveroski Four-Year Threat Mahatma Ghandiski Printer ' s Devil REPORTERS Blaba Daviski, Walter Winchelloski ' ' " Bad Eye " Roweski, Floyd Gibonski RUSS CoLOMBOSKIj BaNG CrISBYSKI Note: We are indebted to the Ranch for some rare material. So rare indeed that we had to send most of it back to the kitchen. IN THIS ISSUE COVER DESIGN E. M. W. CUPID ' S FATE, Design E. M. W. NIGHT SCHOOL CLUB Editor and Manager WE KNEW THEM WHEN Belles and Beaux Committee Twenty-five Years Ago Today A CLEAN PROBLEM Dirty Stude NO PARKING G.B.A. LOVE NEST FOUND J.L.C. THE GOOD YEAR 1931-32 — In Revue E. G. and Committee HOT WATER FOUND 1917 Corolla WHY NOT WhosisNotsis BAMA ' S COLLEGIATE WORLD Ye Editor Proof Read and Censored by Faculty Committee P. GE TREE HUNDRED FIFTY-NINE NO PARKING It seems to me that it is about time something was done about the parking situation on this campus. Al- most every place one tries to park, he finds a no-park- ing sign; and if there are no signs there, someone in a uniform comes along and tells you there is supposed to be one there. So there you are. Perhaps you are some- where else. Let ' s hope so. This is all beside the point. (If it were any closer it would stick.) At the present time there is only one place left where we can take the femmes and really learn tricks un- molested. Strange to say, that one place is the cem- etery over on Tenth. Nightly, one can see ghosts pop- ping in and around headstones and footstones and dis- appearing to reappear somewhere else. This is a lot of hooey about ghosts, because those little ghost-like things doing all the popping-off are likely to be some little Tri-Delt ' s, or maybe some Alpha ZZZ ' s who do not like for people to play in their front yard. Yes, I quite agree with you, that any little Try-Delt who has been chased all this past year might look like a ghost. Again, I am getting away from the point. We must have plenty of convenient places to park or the Sig Nus will get mad and build one back of their house. Now this would be a pretty bad situation for the chap- ter as a whole: to have a big parking lot back of their house, because that has been set aside for the use of all the country boys they might pledge. And if there was no big field for the pledges to plow up occasionally, they would all get home-sick and go back to the farm. This might be a good thing, however. Then all of the un- employed Sig Nus could go to the farm and take a rest cure, after completing a few weeks of their course at the University. Catherine Atkins and Jayne Rudisill have solved the parking problem but you will have to see them for par- ticulars. One could go jump in the river, but at this time of the year Dr. Ken Eddy advises the use of as- pirin and orange juice instead. This is a serious prob- lem, indeed, and one that requires more thought than I have time to give it. I wish that some K. D. would step up and help us out. Her own solution might aid thousands of us who have no pretty house to hide behind. One little Kappa Sig suggests that some worthy Alumnus donate the wherewithal necessary to turn the field within the stadium into a miniature graveyard. This plan was suggested because so many Chi O. ' s get their biggest thrill over on Tenth. This K. S. even had plans drawn up with specifications of each stone and bench. His plan included the paying of a price of ad- mission by the stags and girls minus escorts. He ex- plained to me that it was embarrassing to have an au- dience at such places and that if the total proceeds were given as a prize to the couple doing the most original things during the evening, this factor might be elim- inated. I still feel as if the real solution has not been found. This is a problem which must be worked out before next September. There is no hurry in order to have things ready for the Summer School students. I have been told that any ole place is good enough for them. SOOT-HeiR N C-HIV tR y A CLEAN PROBLEM The problem of a clean bath has perplexed the minds of students on this campus since the arrival of the first ones during the eighteen hundreds. The first student arrived hot and weary from his long journey on top of a Missouri product and the thought of a cleansing spurred him on. Imagine his chagrin when he found no facilities for erasing the marks of his long trip. What a shame! Even now, in this year of 1932, we must content ourselves with a hasty brush of a damp rag. And let me tell you, the rag is not always damp, damp it. Must we go on day in and day out with no clean faces? Surely not! The time has come when action must be taken by those most capable of doing so. We must be pro- vided with bigger and better baths. Is it possible that a great University like our own is going to let one like the University of Moscow get ahead of us? Why, the birds and the bees have a place to bathe when nature deems it necessary. One could go to the river occasionally, but now, with the paper mill so close, it is impossible. What are we going to do? We shall go off to China and fight, if necessary. That is what we will do. So if you still think it would be nice to have a student body remain on this campus, we suggest that you construct a bigger and better public bath im- mediately. . . . Dirty Stude. PAGE THREE HUNDRED SIXTY WHY NOTIII By Whosis Notsis I Again I begin . . . with the stinging rebuke of Pro- fessor Wyatt Blasingame still ringing in my ears . . . and the stark realism of the fact that Lampoons are censored . . . staring me in the profile. . .. " What cour- age, " says you . . . says you. . . . But I ask you, " Why not! " . . . Toots Dale still deserves honorary place . . . on rewrite . . . Nearly married Sonny Franklin . . . Week-end of the Tennessee game ... in Knoxville. . . . But they both soon (Censored) ... It has been ru- mored that two Phi Gam pledges . . . happy as two fleas who were bosom pals on the milky way . . . got tight and started to New York City . . . Why not!! . . . Too bad they were stopped in Chattanooga. . . . Our boy Sandy Hewitt has behaved himself remarkably well this year . . . Why not! . . . You should have known him last year ... or perhaps it was the weather we had this time last year . . . Perhaps . . . His per ennial roomie . . . Lank Hawley has had the D. T. ' s (Do Things) over a little girl at Montevallo . . . since last summer . . . Looks like the Ball and Chain . . . The Griffiths . . . Mart and Bill are new additions (or subtractions) to our campus this year . . . They arrived in H. M. F. (Hesperus Minus Fenders) . . . Bill says " Hespy " can- not do a knot on a straightaway . . . But you should see her tie up traffic . . . Poor little A. C. Provost is having troubles of her own this year . . . She asked Santa Claus for a hot water bottle . . . and (Censored dammit) Jerome Berger takes the role of the disgusted millionaire . . . but just can ' t get away with it for some reason . . . Try orange juice or apple butter once every three hours, Jerry . . . Why not!! . . . Crawford E. Edwards, Junior, making a bold bid for graduation honors this year . . . And for heaven ' s sake . . . WHY NOT ! ! . . . Dave Alexander . . . one of the several great figures on the campus . . . will also leave . . . Sad!! . . . Matt Bar- gainer leaving, too . . . We will miss you, too . . . Billy Tappan . . . from Dayton . . . registered as a " Special " . . . But we just cannot see it ... If she returns in Sep- tember, I ' ll wager a clean straw that she will ride in " T " models . . . and like it . . . George Miller, alias " Oscar " . . . has been in one eternal heat over the qual- ity of the Crimson- White during the past year . . . and rightly so . . . Methinks Elwood could have published our stuff and thereby strengthened his Bi- Weakly con- siderably . . . Bill Clary should have followed up his impulse to enter politics ... I am sure he would have polled enough votes . . . Jack Paterson gives up his job of presiding over the destinies of the Aeronautical Frat . . . Kappa Gamma Delta . . . Four years at the helm is an honor . . . John Roy Lohman was back with us the second semester . . . good ole times . . . We hear from a reliable source . . . that Mary Silver and her friend, alias Dick Smith taught little sister Ruth some good tricks . . . while little sis was visiting last semes- ter .. . Who not!! . . . Tough on Georgie!! . . . Prof. Cason, alias Dock Chico (authoritatively from 1917 Corolla) is wasting his talents and time . . . teaching journalism . . . according to Barbara Davis . . . He should devote his energies to a few classes in expression and elocution . . . Why not!! . . . Alpha Phis must have a drag with the board of censors . . . everything we wrote about them was censored in the first issue of WHY NOT!! . . . Why not!! . . . This Abbott ' oman sho do like huh swim . . . Football games are not ex- citing enough for her . . . Curtiss Bush got in a little practice . . . while sojourning at the Thomas Jeff . . . Pitched some water out of the window . . . But that was some time before the new courthouse was finished . . . Too bad . . . Etta Thompson has progressed quite a bit with the boys of the " A " . . . Why not!! . . . That warm California atmosphere . . . and everything . . . Edith Kuperman strolling along Riverside Drive . . . with her sweet smile drawing ' em like (Censored) . . . Edmund Gravett . . . friendly gentleman from Ohio . . . Some of us might resent his cleverness with the women . . . taking them where he finds them . . . and leaving them in the same place . . . Charlie Alldredge was back in the A.B. school the second semester . . . Just taking a vacation . . . Law is so strenuous at times . . . Jimmie Mayfield has taken up fencing in a serious way . . . He told me that it was embarrassing (Cen- sored) ... It should be . . . Chuck Bell says all of the honor rolls are not prepared by the Dean . . . Even the Sply Store has one . . . Jackie Keener received some attention at the Mid-terms . . . Telegrams and such . . . Why not!! . . . Doris Kendt ... of Chicago and Sara- sota . . . splitting honors with Betty Clark . . . Popu- larity must be . . . Fall where it may . . . O. Watt Johnson still with us ... O Watt, when will thou fin- isheth . . . Demure Mary Bain ... so attractive at dances . . . never a worry of getting stuck . . . LaRetta (Continued on Page 368) A CAR FOR EVERY CHASED WOMAN [ L PAGE THREE HUNDRED SIXTY-ONE " PAGE THREE HUNDRED SIXTY-TWO ■ WE KNEW THEM WHEN- Belles and Beaux 25 Years Ago Today A. and L. — Respectively, Margaret Taylor and Wil- liam Archer Price. These two have been seen together so often that it would be a shame to separate them even here. With Price so fair, with Taylor so red, we are betting on the alb . B. — During freshman year (namely, when this pic- ture was taken) Britt assumed this pose many times, reaching for various frat pins, i. e., K. A. C. — And here we have Gladys Helberg; notice the ring on the engagement finger. Famed Kappa lass in basket — probably that ' s how she got that way — what? — happy bottom. D. — And guess who this dinty little miss is! None other than the Kappa Delta flash, — chewing gum Joe Wilson. Joe has just made her debut as a climax of the brilliant social season in Russellville, Alabama. E. — This charming young man is none other than our own Ed Creel. Photo made just before Ed sailed for Europe for the safety and welfare of Sweethearts in Sheffield, Alabama— Heh! Some boy, Ed!! F. — And here we see Talbot Ellis on his Devonshire Estate. He will ride to the hounds tomorrow (pro- vided he doesn ' t hear from Kitty) . G. — Decatur ' s pride — little Eugene. On the fence then, but little Atkins, shown on opposite page, Mem- phis blue-ribbon winner, has pushed him to her side — it seems never to cross again. H. — Chief Justice Caddell immediately following his rendering a famous decision, Harris for Hart. I.— And here we have " Wild Willy " Earl Benjamin Branch, III. Here we see him playing in the Little Rock Orphanage Band. J. — Little Ed Branch attended the Damocratic pri- mary 1924, voted 24 votes Underwood-Branch. Hey! Hey! They cut out the girl. K. — The little lady in the perambulator — looking into the future but not for the fate that she met when she met this editor. Thanks for the buggy ride. M. — This little " Monk " -ey has grown up to be none other than our own " Monk " Debardlaben, of baseball fame. Here he is just before signing contract with Opp Athletic Club. N. — Dan McCall looking for more worlds to con- quer; no doubt " writing love letters in the sand " to little Mary. O. — Dorothy Lyndon Atkins, no doubt in a pensive mood thinking about what a big girl she will be some day; Alpha Gam pride and joy and all that. P. — We wonder what snake in what garden enticed " Fats " Cook to eat so many apples and various and other sundries as to cause him to lose the present sylph- like figure. Q. — This little Arkansas lad, our own " Shorty Frey " of football fame, being taught his first lesson in football; " heads-up " by his greatest teacher. R. — Young Reuben Herrin, shown with the motor for which the Sigma Nu ' s pledged him. B. D. (before depression) . S. — Snag, the Sultan Andrews, in one of his more roguish moments. No doubt smiling because some of the girls have told him what pretty teeth he has. T. — Charlie Price in his first big game of life — Cir- cus. Charlie seems to be the lion. LJ. — Little Mary Mitchell in a very ambiguous pose. Anyone who looks at this picture with the buggy-strap across the middle section would think that there wasn ' t any waist line, but we all know that it ' s different now. HOT WATER FOUND IN GARTLAND HALL (We are indebted to the 1917 Corolla for this.) " As we go to press, it is rumored that hot water has been found in small quantities in Garland Hall. One Rat Starlin has stated that he will make oath to the effect that while he was loitering around the face- washery, commonly called the sink (certainly to get a drink of water, as he never uses it for washing pur- poses) , that a small stream of water suddenly began flowing from the spigot, which had never been turned on before, and that it ran for about ten minutes before stopping. There may be something to this, but it doesn ' t sound straight to us. We can ' t help but doubt the dry- cleaning Starlin ' s word, but we have always wondered what that set of spigots in the bathroom were for. " PAGE THREE HUNDRED SIXTY-THREE LOVE NEST FOUND The Campus Love Nest, peculiarly called the " Goat ' s Nest, " was found recently nestling quietly enough down in Capstone Court. This does not seem especially unusual to those of us who have been " around " for the past four or five years; but to the uninitiated, the un- earthing of this most recent hide-away is likened unto the publicizing of a holy place. Would it not be great if one could have his nest undisturbed at least for one semester? That question was put to Messrs. McZillcsky and McZilchski the day of the orgy and a simultaneous, great big " it can ' t be did. " Now, I believe that it can be done; because it has been done. In this particular case, the proprietors were too anxious to get started in a big way. Some kind-hearted, well-meaning advertising bug told them that they should advertise, and advertise they did. A swell house-warming party with fifty couples present was the answer. Every detail was checked and double-checked. The boys prided themselves on their house-warming party. They even went into a huddle and patted themselves on the back. But. . . . They reckoned without taking into consideration that ever-present element, the unin- vited guest. The uninvites arrived after the party was in full sway — they always do — driving up in the alley in their black, truck-like limousine. The party was not at all to their liking, and so they proceeded to suggest that everyone go down to their house in town and play " Adam and Eve. " They explained this game to the guests, and it seems as if they even had caves with bars and everything. The bars for privacy only. The guests could leave if they got tired . . . and had a few pennies to give the master of ceremonies, commonly called the " Judge, " ' way down here in Alabam ' . Everyone was having a good time; some did not understand this new game which the uninvited guests wanted to play and others were not so sure of the brand of soft drinks served elsewhere; so they all picked up their toys and bottles and dates and scrammed. Now this was not nice — to run out on the uninvited guests, even if they were not invited. Mc and Mc went with them, too, and while they were out trying to get organized, someone took a liking for the new radio and when one likes a thing around here he takes it. Thus ends the beginning of another Campus Love Nest, Too sad! Too sad, indeed! Moral: Don ' t go into the whole- sale business; just retail now and then. i Have you a Little Corolla in your home? One Free with ever? cop}) of The Morolla Purchased GET TOURS TODAY THEY ALSO MAKE GOOD PAPER-WEIGHTS PAGE THREE HUNDRED SIXTY-FOUR STOCK MARKET REPORTS I Norfleet Harris reports that his business has been falling off during the past week, mostly on the new bridle path. He also points out that at the same time he expects business to pick up as soon as prices of riding habits are cut. Disher-Rainer, Ltd., dropped one pint over night. This should not alarm the Alpha Chis because of their large holdings. Long time holding is advised for best results. Officials of the company are worried because there has been no appreciation of value of their stuff. Gravel Pit, Inc., is due for a rise in the next several weeks. A reorganization was rumored at the first of the year, but the President of the company and chief stock-holder, Hank Warner, issued a bulletin yester- day in which he stated that no such move was con- templated by the company. He also pointed out that an extensive expansion program was being fostered and he hopes that the pleasure-seeking public will reward the company with their increased patronage. The two well-known companies of Burgin and Mc- Guire have announced their intention of consolidating. This consolidation has been looked forward to by the Market for some time. No doubt the common stock to be issued by the consolidation will be taken in a block by Beale-Hendley, Ltd. Hale and Hargrove, Inc., have announced that their company will be dissolved on or about June first. We believe that the new independent company to be formed by Hale will prosper. All developments during the past year have pointed to the fact that a reorganiza- tion was inevitable. Sell short and cover with old blankets. General market conditions show that notwithstand- ing adverse criticism. The Soop Store will continue to prosper and one who invests in the common stock will undoubtedly realize on his holdings. We advise against buying books of that corporation with any hopes of sell- ing long. Short selling is a sure thing. Don ' t Put Tour Girl on Probation We FurnisK Our Clients v?itn Infallible Excuses FORCE AND GRIFFITH INCORPORATED L PAGE THREE HUNDRED SIXTY-FIVE ir • PAGE THREE HUNDRED SIXTY-SIX Night Colors: Any but Red Founded: September, 1831 Motto: " If you don ' t succeed at first, try, try again. " Floiuer: Daisies Publication: Arabian Nights Theme Song: " Take All of Me " Classes Offered Chapel Exercises held once each week in Morrison Apartments Science: Meets on banks of the Warrior. Music: Moon Winx Wrestling: Golf Course Domestic Relations: Gravel Pit Theory of Rhythm: Club Bagdad Comparative and Functional Anatomy: Oakwood Beach Structural Designs and Inspections Trips: Open Houses Pleading I. Sply Store Pleading II. Spencer ' s Mill Pleading III. Fraternity Row, Thomas Jefferson, River- view, and Jack ' s Camp (Exclusive of Football Season) Elective for Beginners Experimental and Analytical Astronomy: Anywhere? The Lie Theory of One-Parameter Groups: Campus Play Production: Tenth Avenue Park Applied Art: Apartments All Classes begin promptly at 8 p. m. and end promptly at 10:4 1 with the exception of Pleading III Four holidays are allowed each month, as time demands. For a detailed historic account of the Club, I refer you to the March issue of College Humor. — " Smooth or Shaggy " " Blinkey " Rowe Dean " Snag " Andrews Chancellor Members in University " AP " Drummond " Flee " McCree " Racehorse " Price " Jimmy " Lynch Talbot Ellis " Hurry " Cain Frank Allen " Blinky " Rowe " Al " DeFunaick Jesse Adams Frank Raflo " Ed " Creel " Fritz " McKinley Guy Hardick " Penny " Waite " Ken " Griffith Fred Wood " Dan " McCall Paul Lantrip " Squib " Pullen " Little-Boy " Robinson " Rocky " Seymore " Dog " Waddell Spears Randall Eugene " Hoot " Gibson PAGE THREE HUNDRED SIXTY-SEVEN MISCELLANEOUS Frank Allen and Si Garrett expect to room together next year — Wonder how Garrett felt when his plans for President of Junior Class were not drug-in-the-dirt — Well, we know some people who won ' t bend so low as others — even for revenge - — Aubrey Ivy Keyholing for the Ram, maybe he ' ll use my name now and then we ' ll both have some publicity — Guess who? I con- trol 500 votes; so you had better be nice to me; give me a good job and I will have them all for you — Wild Willie, Little Rock ' s pride, forms Rho Dammit Chap- ter — Harris, K. D. pride, as Boyken fails to register — What happened to the Gilly Goats? — Jessie Adams discovers Alco-rub drinkable, creating big run on Soop store — Horses celebrate lost interest in riding by Cir- cle heavyweights — Morrison Mu Morrison not the lodge of last year; too much faculty interference, I sup- pose — We hope by next year there will be enough eligibles to hold all the student offices — Fred Hunt calls Francis Cocke br oad-minded — the kettle and the pot — Dan McCall does right by K. D. ' s; mid-term dances a success — Men may come and men may go but Mitchell goes on forever — Mitchell, Heardman and McLeod are going to put the f rat dining rooms out THE GOOD YEAR 1931-32 (Continued from Page 358) and a big activity woman to boot? We are certainly going to vote right this year and break into print next year. (Apply Corolla office for space in this column — Canary Column, Rates: Cheep, Cheep.) SPECIAL NEWS FLASH— Kappa Delts bump Dekes for car large enough for half chapter (not a fleet of Greyhound Busses either) and, from all accounts, there are more where it came from, too. Well, the Al- pha Gam ' s don ' t care; they pledged a dancer and she can get men with lots of cars. Kitty, kitty (not Kalmes or Ivy, you know, a real Kitty like the Dean of Women needs) . Well, things may be tough for Mary Taylor now. Well, back to the job of making the circles. We have to laugh when we hear Boss Roe telling that in- terest in Pattie Martin (yes, it ' s the Alpha Xi Delta house, and we are tickled pink to be in this at all) is all platonic, and anyway he is too good a friend of Clay- ton Ellis to snap him in the back. Yeah, friend, and Dean of the Night School? Well, anyway, Loretta Burns grades French papers; so you had better come over to our teas and be nice to us if you know what ' s good for you. Recognition Wanted — A. D. Pi House. We have a darn good national, de luxe date parlor, nice bara Davis and " who can ask for anything more " ? Oh, yes, we have some other girls, too, and if you would just come over and know us a little better, I am sure you would be so agreeably surprised that you would be one of our loyal supporters forever afterwards. Blinkey and Snag come sometimes. Why not you? After get- of whack if they don ' t get them out of the Cafeteria — If Tappan can get that V-12 down for rush next year, much joy would be spread in Tri-Delt camp — A. T. O. ' s have a cook in their house and are getting to be regular little gents with acquisition of house mother — Helberg copying Mitchell ' s jaded look, and only here two years, too — Johnson picking on six encore Helle, such a pity; he was such a nice young man — Britt Standifer — back this year, bigger and better than ever — Women don ' t get over her like in the good old days, with this new-fangled transportation, paved roads and increased registration, the supply is just about to catch up with the demand — May I live to see the day — Alpha Gam and K. D. start adding to houses as rats take charge of old — Alpha Gam ' s are afraid they will lose Ivy in rat holes — K. D. ' s wish they could lose a few — Crosby, coy as ever — finally ensnared Mc- Dowell, but other men shy off — Johnny Cadell goes K. D. — Van Pelt not leading beauty section, but she has her good points — Poppa McEachin has had quite a bit to say about his daughter, Johnny, being dated by Billy McQueen — Note: " Cupid ' s Fate " page. Well, so long — see you in the bread lines ting a Drive-It and riding for hours through the muddy streets, the unimproved country roads way over the Wid- cut, we are finally contronted by the beautiful ante-bel- lum view of the Alpha Phi house on the paper mill — we mean the Warrior. We do have Betty Clark; and, with the cooperation of the whole chapter, we dressed her up so you couldn ' t have helped liking her. Now, if we could just have a flood, fire, or tornado, we believe everyone would come down and see us; or maybe we would get to stay with them until we arrange for new quarters. Well, we have a big dog for protection — whether we need him or not. WHY NOT!!! (Continued from Page 361) Burns riding horses to keep in training for her duties at Alpha Zee domain . . . Frank Allen still has us in the dark ... as to what goes on in the Ram ramifica- tions . . . Ruby Sample delivering them everywhere . . . Wonder what the real thing is like? . . . Mary Mitchel deservedly was chosen Honorary Cadet Col- onel . . . This is not news, because we knew she would . . . To Horace Dilworth . . . goes our sincere apprecia- tion of the little favors he did for us ... at football games . . . Stick by him Catherine . . . We like you, too . . . Louise Colyer with her smile has won lots of friends on the campus . . . but there are some who think she is politicking . . . Really, folks ... I could go on and on . . . far into something . . . mostly trouble with the censors ... If I cared to continue this colyum (as Harold O. would say) . . . but don ' t you think it is time to stop? ... As the blushing bride would say . . . I do!! . . . So, WHY NOT!!! m PAGE THREE HUNDRED SIXTY-EIGHT DR. WOWE ADDS NEW COURSE TO CURRICULUM The student body is pleased to learn that Dr. Wowe has added a new course to the school curriculum. This new course does not require any text books; however, it is advisable to wear hip-boots and bring shovels, as these are the symbols of this new professional course. Dr. Wowe has proved very proficient in teaching similar subjects in the past and his pupils feel certain that he will be well able to uphold his reputation in the forth- coming course. yOUR HEART AND MINE By Dorothy Mix Dearest Miss Mix: Last night I dated one of those nice fraternity boys down on the row. We went out to the " Dadblamed " Club. There was quite a party of Tappa Kegs there, too, and some fraternity men who do anything. No one cared for anything to drink, al- though we did drink some ginger ale. An awful thing happened though. When the lights came on, it was 7 A.M. I am worried. I know not what to do. Oh, Miss Mix! Did I do anything wrong? Partial Rader. Dear Partial Rader: Don ' t you remember? Dorothy Mix. Dear Miss Mix: I am just a poor student working in a filling station, trying to get through college. I have been having quite a time doing it, too. Because every time me and my girl get settled down for some high- powered spooning, along comes some rich guy and takes her away. The last one had a swell auto, a Cord. He had his way around here for a while and left. After he left, there were no rich guys interested in my gal; so, now she wants to come back to me. I would like to see her some more, but I hate to risk being interrupted again. What shall I do? Oh, Miss Mix! Please do not leave me in my hour of need. Joe Dog. Dearest Doggie: Your case is, indeed, a very sad one; and I hesitate to tell you what to do. Although you have changed your name slightly, I know thee well. I would advise you to buy a new set of tires for that " A " model and make an extended tour. Dorothy Mix. SOCIETY Backgammon Party Given By Sorority Thursday night, last centennial, the Felta This gave a backgammon party in honor of the boys who had more than three dates with any of the members of the soror- ity. The president. Miss Wanda Lust, felt that the boys deserved some sort of reward for their charity. The sum total of three men were present. In order to give each of the sisters a chance with the boys, the time was distributed in such manner that each girl had a man for twenty-seven and one-half minutes each. The president was absent due to the fact that she had to wash the dishes, which still remained unclean from last week ' s bridge party. Taking everything into consideration, the aflFair was a social triumph for the Felta Thi sorority. It was a horrible afternoon. Punch was served by Miss Sleila Sloakem, who, you ' ll remem- ber, is the present heavy-weight champion of sorority- row. In the receiving line were Miss Sonia Funner, in a cunning frock of mauve Kentucky Grass with raw Cull- man County cotton accessories; Miss Rebba Zolnowow- howdy, in a gown especially prepared for the occasion by the statistics department; and Miss Mousy Rodensky, in a bridal dress. After the guests had tired of backgammon, they entertained themselves playing Whiffle-Board and Strip- Poker. The girls said they weren ' t really gambling be- cause their clothes were returned to them. LOST AND FOUND LOST — AU of my virtues at the B. O. house. LOST — Prosperity, by Hoover. Finder will please re- turn to White House and pay no attention to the sign " bad dog, " as it is merely to keep bill collectors away. LOST — Ninety-six students, through graduation. Thank the Lord, and may we, too, some day be lost. LOST — By chance, a small county known as Man- churia. He who returns it to China will receive the unofficial thanks of the League of Nations. LOST — One pint bottle half full of corn. Finder may have bottle after returning contents. FOUND— One pair of silk hose, back of Smith Hall. Owner may have same by leaving phone number and address. page three hundred sixty-nine I ; CUPID ' S FATE ■J PAGE THREE HUNDRED SEVENTY • VERSE OR WORSE, By Bob Harper Before they put me in the ground, Please tell me, how does Puget sound? She dropped her hankie; " I ' ll get it, " I said. And now I am wearing A bump on my head. (She picked it up, too.) Excuses Men. F — elt too tired to study. Tues. L — ost my lesson on the way. Wed. U — sed up ail my paper. Thur. N — o, I really couldn ' t see. Fri. K — new it once, but have forgotten now. A Foolish Fly Once a fly with graceful flutter, Stopped to rest upon some butter; It was soft As ' tis oft. Thereupon he floundered madly. Wanted to escape so badly; But was stuck — Horrid luck. Cook reached over, threw the butter In the frying pan to splutter; Fly was fried Till he died. Underneath the steak he rested. And by someone was digested; How unkind — Never mind. Said the chamber-maid to the sleeping guest: " Get up, you lazy sinner; For we need the sheet for the table-cloth And it ' s almost time for dinner. " : Lullaby I ' m tired of eating ginger-snaps, I ' m tired of drinking ink — I want to raise a moustache, And sit alone and think. I ' ll bathe in a leather bath tub. In mucilage and dew. And pull myself in a deep, dark hole, Then pull the hole in too. There will I sit as donkeys bray. And eat of bread and cheese. And write with pen and purple ink Sweet melodies like these. I like my pie with mustard, I like my beans with cream; But then, I don ' t eat either, for They always make me dream. Tell me not in mournful numbers, Life is but an empty dream; I have eaten raw cucumbers. And life I find ' s a scream. Our next number, a lullaby in Asia Minor, " If I were a little boulder, I ' d knock ' em all dead. " No Opposition " Ah wins. " " Whut yuh got? " " Three aces. " " No yuh don ' t. Ah wins. " " Whut yuh got? " " Two nines an ' a razor. " " Yuh sho do. How come yuhall so lucky? " At The Concert " Why are you tying a knot in your handkerchief? " " So that I ' ll remember this tune when I get home. " " How didja hurt your eye? " " Aw, a lid fell on it. " Of all the sad surprises. There ' s none that can compare, With stepping, in the darkness. On a step that isn ' t there. Lives of football men remind us, How they write their names in blood. And departing, lea ve behind them, Half their faces in the mud. Headline: " Man With Five Wives Gives Up. " PAGE THREE HUNDRED SEVENTY-ONE Bama s Collegiate World Alpha Phi — Miss Margaret Boutwell, Pres- ident of Woman ' s Student Government, is also given recognition as a campus leader, being a member of Executive Committee, and treasurer of Y. W. C. A. Delta Delta Delta — Mor- tar Board recognizes her as its president and the members of Pi, Woman ' s Council, Pan - Hellenic, Delta Phi Mu and the Honor Council know Miss Virginia McLeod to be one of their most valued members and a leader. Alpha Gamma Delta — Bama ' s Poet — this title perhaps be- longs to Miss Camilla Herd- man who has contributed most to the University publications. She is a leader in literary works and is a member of Omega. PAGE THREE HUNDRED SEVENTY-TWO Bama s Collegiate World Pi Kappa Phi — The Ram has spoken. Its excellence is due to none other than its ed- itor, James P. Lynch, who has given his best efforts to its success. Recognized as a campus leader in many of the activities, James is also outstanding in the Law School, being Prophet of the Senior Class. Alpha Tau Omega — Prominent in extra cur- riculum activities, " Hank " Crisp and his fellow students know him better as Ed Kimbrough, of Basketball fame. He has won the admiration of the students through his outstanding play on the court for the past two years. Sigma Nu — A leader in most every phase of campus life, Dan McCall did himself proud as President of the Cotillion Club. It is the concensus of opinion that he and his staff furnished the dance-lovers with the most outstanding set of dances ever to be staged on the Univer- sity campus. PAGE THREE HUNDRED SEVENTY-THREE S these pages go to press, we realize that a pleasant task is finished. We have erred — being only human, we must. To those whom they relate, we invoke your kindest consid- eration. It has been our foremost aim to incorporate into this volume the most representative univer- sity life. Just as the corolla, for which your year- book is named, enfolds the most vital parts of the flower, so in turn we have, through the splendid cooperation of the students and faculty, tried to represent the University Interesting. To those who have not been given recognition in the Corolla pages proper, and who, therefore, have contributed their efforts in silence, we express our sincere appreciation and gratitude. Into the pages of the Fortieth Volume of the Corolla are written our best efforts. We sin- cerely hope that it will meet with your approval. The Editor il ADVERTISEMENTS C. W. LEWIS FURNITURE CO. Tuscaloosa, Ala. For 27 Years the Leading Home Furnishers in West Alabama During this time we have sold the University (on competitive bid) practically the entire equipment purchased by them — a distinction that any firm should well be proud of. FRATERNITY HOUSE FURNISHINGS We doubt if there is a fraternity house on th e campus that we did not furnish. You should see these and their arrangements. There are but a few homes in Tuscaloosa that are more beautiful and comfortable. RADIOS, TOO Ask anyone connected with the University, fraternity houses included, where they pur- chased their radio — 90% of them will tell you LEWIS ' S Over 48 Years of Service to Bama Students BEFORE Football and Basketball were born BEFORE Baseball players wore gloves BEFORE Golf got out of Scotland We toere co-o erating with, the University of Alahama and its students, who have known this store as Tuscaloosa s leading one for athletic equi ' ment of every sort. Now, more and more they choose from its stocks — Fraternity and Club House Furnishings, Chinaware, Glassware, Radios, in addition to needed things for sports. ALLEN AND JEMISON COMPANY A Friendly Institution PAGE THREE HUNDRED SEVENTY-SIX - - UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA SUMMER SCHOOL — e KS- The University of Alahama Summer School Offers: 1. Splendid programs of work leading to degrees in practically all schools and colleges of the Univer- sity. 2. Splendid offerings in many special fields such as physical education, school library work, art, and music. 3. Many splendid elective courses not offered in reg- ular session. 4. Opportunity to shorten the time required for com- pletion of regular four-year college course. 5. Opportunity to make up back work. 6. Splendid program of recreation and entertain- ment. Fees amount to 17.00 for one term, or 29.00 for the entire sum- mer session. Room and board may be secured in the dormitories at 34.00 for the first term and 26.50 or 28.50 for the second term. For Catalogue and Further Information, Call By the Summer School Office in Bibb Graves Hall, or Write to JOHN R. McLURE Director of Summer School, University, Alabama PAGE THREE HUNDRED SEVENTY-SEVEN MILLER MARTIN, Architects] J. A. LEWIS, Engineer Birmingham, Alabama Inc. Designers of Denny Chimes, Alabama Union, Doster rlall, Amelia Gorgas Memorial Library, Commerce Building, FarraK Hall, Nott Hall, Postoffice and Supply Store, Senior Hall, Julia Tutwiler Annex. Also Fourteen Fraternity and Sorority Chapter Houses and Six Professors ' Residences. Furnishings and Interior Decoration Work o f Alabama Union Building and Julia Tutwiler Annex. PIZITZ MERCANTILE COMPANY THE STORE FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA FOREmost in Fashion FARmost in Value BLACHS OF BIRMINGHAM SMART APPAREL FOR MEN, WOMEN, AND BOYS HALE-STRUTHERS AGENCY, Inc. REAL ESTATE INSURANCE OF ALL KINDS Fire — A ulomob ' tle 518 GREENSBORO AVENUE PHONE 641 ■ PAGE THREE HUNDRED SEVENTY-EIGHT RoBb Hooi Cahix) STUDEKT ' S HANGOUT 2 4 HOUR DELIVERIES EVERYWHERE AMPLE PARKING- ., MORE THAN THIRTY YEARS OF STRIVING TO GIVE THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA CUSTOMERS THE BEST VALUE IN BAKERY PRODUCTS THAT SKILL COULD EVOLVE HARDIN ' S BAKERY Wholesale Bakers of BUTTER-KRUST BREAD ORDER BY NAME AT YOUR GROCERS ■ PAGE THREE HUNDRED SEVENTY-NINE • QUALITY FOODS AND HOUSEHOLD NECESSITIES At Any of the Stores of ALABAMA ' S LARGEST FOOD DISTRIBUTORS HILL GROCERY COMPANY It Pays to Trade Where Quality Counts WEATHERFORD PRINTING CO. COMMERCIAL PRINTERS Phone 101 2124 Broad Street TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA ANSCO CAMERAS AND FILMS TOILET ARTICLES Whitman s Candies WARD DRUG CO. (3 Stores to Serve You) MOTOR DELIVERY Carter ' s and Waterman ' s Fountain Pens and Inks LOOSE LEAF NOTE BOOKS SCHOOL SUPPLIES PAGE THREE HUNDRED EIGHTY ■ ii PLUS " SERVICE • Air lines run similar planes through like ether; all ice factories furnish products made of H2O; and all motion picture thea- tres use the same kind of film. • Yet there are differences in the serv- ices rendered — even in identical lines of business. One, however, stands out above all others . . . one not easily described but quickly recognized when experienced . . . and that is " plus " service. • To our University friends, the ' Bama, Ritz, and Diamond Theatres of Tuscaloosa promise a continuation of the " plus " serv- ice they have endeavored to render in the past, and ask your co-operation in making it more effective in the years to come. . . . PAGE THREE HUNDRED EIGHTY-ONE ICE Tuscaloosa Ice Cold Storage Co, Quality Plus Service PHONE 688 J. A. Duckworth Charles Morris DUCKWORTH-MORRIS INSURANCE AGENCY General Insurance Investment Securities REAL ESTATE RENTALS, LOANS TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Tuscaloosa s Best Department Store LOUIS WEISEL INCORPORATED WOMEN ' S WEAR MILLINERY DRY GOODS NOVELTIES SHOES YEARS OF PERSONAL SERVICE AND APPRECIATION TO UNIVERSITY STUDENTS Special Attention Given Mail Orders After You Have Finished LUSTIG S BOOK STORE Established 1898 GIFT SHOP 517-19 23rd Avenue Tuscaloosa, Ala. The Pause Tkat Refreskes Bottled Around the Corner from Anywhere COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA ■ PAGE THREE HUNDRED EIGHTY-TWO " In every business there is a leader — and leadership demands a constant setting of the pace. University men and alumni look to Black ' s for smart wearing apparel. True to this confidence, throughout the years, the service rendered is Style, in the real University manner. ■ — c o — Chds. Black Co. The University Shop of the South TUSCALOOSA ALABAMA Frank M. Moody, President A. C. Cade . . . . . Vice-President C. 0. Hayslett . . Assistant Cashier C. N. Maxwell, Jr., V.-Pres. and Cashier John P. Baker . . . Assistant Cashier Glewn Foster . . . Vice-President E. H. Phifer , . . Assistant Cashier IHE FIRST NATIONAL BANK TUSKALOOSA, ALABAMA Depository of the United States and the A Designated State of Alabama Desires to be Remembered by the Young Men and Women of the University. PAGE THREE HUNDRED EIGHTY-THREE This Year We Expect Proposals LEAP YEAR is the year for proposals. So please don ' t be shy about proposing to us that we should be your devoted grocer all through 1932 and for years to come. We ' re dying for the chance. We ' ve just been waiting for you to propose it. As your grocer you can depend on us to bring to you at any one of our conveniently located stores the very best foods — in fact, the pick of the food crops of the world. All we ask is the chance. So we ' re sitting back this Leap Year, all dressed up, ready and waiting for pro- posals. Please don ' t keep us waiting. The Great ATLANTIC PACIFIC Tea Co. iiiiRiinrGEiL ' s,.. 2318 Broad Street Tuscaloosa, Alabama ' I ' HE essentials of the wardrobe of the smartly-clad College Miss are: good fabrics, simple lines, meticulous workman- ship, and an air of distinction. In accordance with these fundamentals, we have prepared Frocks, Lingerie, and Fan- Tan Hosiery to meet every need of the school and social term. Daily shipments from our New York head- quarters assure you of the smartest models at the same time they are being worn in the American Fashion Centers. Accept This as a Cordial Invitation to Visit Our New Store Phone 2199 WOCO-PEP Compliments of WOCO PEP COMPANY OF TUSCALOOSA OWEN MEREDITH FRANK H. MOODY MEREDITH-MOODY INSURANCE AGENCY General Insurance and Loans 2212 Broad Street Phone 981 Tuskaloosa, Alabama " Say It With Flowers " Tuscaloosa Flower Shop MRS. J. M. ROGERS, Proprietor FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Day Phone 712 Night Phone 425 TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA REX PHARMACY " The Reliable Drug Store " PRESCRIPTIONS A SPECIALTY Phone Orders Delivered Promptly 1873 CALL 1972 DRUGS— TOILET GOODS— FINE STATIONERY PAGE THREE HUNDRED EIGHTY-FOUR BB ffl UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA Capstone of tke Public Sckool System of Alabama Letters, Science, Engineering Cnemistry, Metallurgy and Ceramics, Education, Law Medicine, Home Economics, Commerce and Business Administration, and Mines SUMMER SCHOOL STANDARD INSTITUTION OF LEARNING MODERN BUILDINGS AND EQUIPMENT OVER TWO HUNDRED INSTRUCTORS Expenses Exceedinj ly Moderate For Catalogue, Address President George H. Denny, M.A., Ph.D., LL.D., D.C.L. UNIVERSITY, ALABAMA ffl s PAGE THREE HUNDRED EIGHTY-FIVE MALLETT-AVERY STORES A Home Institution FAMOUS FOR GOOD FOODS 3 Stores to Serve You Special Attention to Fraternities Store No. 1 523 Twenty-third Avenue, Phone 1736 Store No. 2 2614 Sixth Street, Phone 1737 Store No. 3 Alberta City, Phone 2011 CITY NATIONAL BANK TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA OLDEST BANK IN ALABAMA SPECIAL SERVICE TO UNIVERSITY STUDENTS AND ORGANIZATIONS Gordon D. Palmer James F. Alston . Frank S. Daniel . OFFICERS R. H. Cochrane, President Vice-President John M. Donohoo . . Asst. Cashier Vice-President H. E. Hamner . . . Asst. Cashier . . Cashier R. H. Albright . . . Asst. Cashier PAGE THREE HUNDRED EIGHTY-SIX Dixie Drive It Yourself NEW DE SOTOS, FORDS, CHEVROLETS We Deliver Cars Successor to SAUNDERS SYSTEM Phone 1295 509 Thirteenth Avenue REX SHOE SHOP Phone 619 for S URE AFE ATISFACTORY HOE ERVICE Call For and Deliver m v Kitytown UNIVERSirV STYLED CLOTHES Compliments of WIESEL CO. Young Mens Clothing Furnishings Accessories PIPING HOT SANDWICH SHOPPE Tenth Street, Opposite Girls ' Gym Phone 2388 Try Our Toasted Sanawicnes We Deliver Day or Night We have appreciated your patronage in the past and welcome it in the future. All kinds of fancy fruit. We ship mixed boxes to any part of U. S. Let us ship one for you. UNIVERSITY FRUIT STORE 1019 UNIVERSITY AVE. PHONE 1032 HARDWARE AND SPORTING GOODS HEADQUARTERS IN TUSCALOOSA Students Always Welcome PARK ROBERTSON HARDWARE CO. 2320 Sixth Street TUSCALOOSA D. E. Robertson Co. TRANSFER CRATING, STORING, AND BAGGAGE HAULING Office and Warehouse: 523 25th Avenue Telephone 722 TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA PAGE THREE HUNDRED EIGHTY-SEVEN Sure-li-Pure Dairy Products is Your Guarantee of Perfection " BE SURE OF YOUR MILK SUPPLY " Sure-li-Pure Grade " A " Pasteurized Milk in the convenient cream top bottle Is an im- portant item for your consideration in your 1933 matriculation. Visit the home of this wonderful health-giving commodity and see for yourself the process of handling before distribution. Sure-li-Pure Ice Cream is made and distributed in the same modern and sanitary plant, which is the newest and most modern in West Alabama. FOSTER CREAMERY CO. Incorporated Phone 423 Just West of Hardin ' s Bakery COMPLIMENTS OF CHRISTIAN AND FAUCETT Since 1881 Dealers in General Merchandise NORTHPORT, ALABAMA ■ PAGE THREE HUNDRED EIGHTY-EIGHT THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK of BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Capital and Surplus, $10,000,000 Students, When in Birmingham Come To See Us ALWAYS WELCOME Tasty Todsty Sandwich Shop 24-Hour Service A. G. DILLARD, Prop. COMPLETE LINE OF Surgical Instruments, Office Equipment or Hospital Supplies McKesson-Doster- Northington Incorporated Department of Surgical Instruments and Hospital Supplies 1706-8-10-12 First Ave. BIRMINGHAM, ALA. DRESS BETTER FOR LESS Buy Your Clotnes Upstairs KLOTHES SHOPPE 207 ' 4 Nineteenth Street BIRMINGHAM, ALA. CANTY S GARAGE operating 60 Cars DRIVE-IT-YOURSELF 2 STATIONS— UP TOWN AND AT REX ' S Let Us Haul Your Trunk PAGE IHREE HUNDRED EIGHTY-NINE •• VT ' OUR COLLEGE CAREER depends upon your physical ability to withstand the ac- tivities of a college life. One of the standard courses at Alabama is the consumption of plenty of Pride Ice Cream and Grade " A " Pasteurized Milk. To make no cuts in this class you will be physically fit to withstand all other college activities. When you enter ' Bama, look us up, as we are Dean of the Milk and Ice Cream Course at the University of Alabama. Enter right, and we will dispense your health ' s safest insurance. Pride Ice Cream , Buttermilk , Butter Grade A Pasteurized Milk PERRY CREAMERY COMPANY, Inc, Phones 1350-1351 To Be Spic and Span and Well Groomed You Should Let tne Launary Do It TRY OUR SPECIAL BACHELOR ' S BUNDLE BY THE POUND WE DARN YOUR SOCKS SEW ON YOUR BUTTONS MEND YOUR CLOTHES FREE And We Also Appreciate the Opportunity of Rendering to You THIS SERVICE CRYSTAL LAUNDRY Incorporated Cleaners and Dyers 423-25-27 University Ave. Phones 2202, 2203 It Pays to Sho at Penney s J. C. PENNEY CO. Incorporated TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Outfitters to College Students MAJOR HOOPLE FOR ' THE CABINS " AND HOT PIT BARBECUE AND SANDWICHES PAGE THREE HUNDRED NINETY ■ COLD ICE for WARM FRIENDS MADE FROM PURE SPRING WATER PURE PROCESS ICE MAKERS Incorporaled TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA WATCH FOR THE GREEN TRUCK Phone 1800 ' ' COLLEGE STYLE SHOP " If you want to see the newest and smartest of clothing — styled and tailored exclusively for College men — just peek in our windows or step in and see fot yourself. Nationally Known Justly Famous " Tailors to College Men From Coast to Coast " SPORTSMEN W iahmJheSp_orh) i find ding Equipment 74 Broad Street, N. W. Atlanta, Georgia VISIT You ' ll Like It THE GRASSELLI CHEMICAL COMPANY Incorporated BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA C. p. ACIDS AND AMMONIA INDUSTRIAL CHEMICALS INSECTICIDES 553 24-Hour Service PHONES 2312 Meaney ' s Flowers Flowers Telegraphed Anywhere CARROLL MEANEY PAGE THREE HUNDRED NINETY-ONE BEHIND THE PRODUCT THAT BEARS THE IMPRINT Is the GUARANTEE of the South ' s Largest Independent Steel Plant GULF STATES STEEL COMPANY BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Sheets Wire Rods Barbed Wire (Galvanized) Annealed Wire Fence Posts Cement Coated Nails liigots Bars Manufacturers ' Wire Galvanized Wire Welding Rods Staples Billets Angles Wire and Rods, Straightened Woven Wire Fence Plates Bale Ties Slabs Bright Wire and Cut Nails Galvanized Nails Compliments of Tuscaloosa Steam Laundry S K) Tuscaloosa, Alabama Spanish Inn Barber Shop We appreciate the patronage given us from the University in the past and hope to be favored by it in the future. We Are Behind You, ' Bama J. F. ESPEY, Manager Compliments of Bamas Eat Shop 6 K ' Wk Appreciate Your Patronage " Compliments of SCOTT STORES TUSCALOOSA, ALA. CfJ THE GREENWOOD CAFE BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA PAGE THREE HUNDRED NINETY-TWO ■ A MESSAGE To Future Alumni and Students of Former Years The University Supply Store mciintains x mail order service for Alumni. Call on us for Class Rings, College and Fraternity Jewelry, Pennants, Souve- nirs, Text Books, Novels, Non-Fiction, Rare Books. We shall be glad to furnish information about College items and events. Call on us rvhen you visit the Campus. The University Supply ALABAMA Union building An Institution of Service ' • PAGE THREE HUNDRED NINETY-THREE CITY FURNITURE COMPANY Broad Street Opposite Postoffice COMPLETE HOME FURNISHERS U-DRIVE-IT ALL NEW CARS Phone 177— We Will Deliver Tuscaloosa, Alabama GATES CO. Cleaners, Dyers and Hatters Rug Renovators Phone 1340 2409-11 BROAD STREET ■? ff We Clean Clothes Clean WE WISH TO CONGRATULATE THE FACULTY AND STUDENT BODY ON THE WONDERFUL WORK ACCOMPLISHED THIS PAST TERM ALABAMA UTILITIES SERVICE CO. TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA " YOUR GAS COMPANY " PAGE THREE HUNDRED NINETY-FOUR AFTER GRADUATION A Home — New Responsibilities — The Time When the Real Business of An Education Begins You II Need Life Insurance to Complete the Picture HOYT WINSLETT REPRESENTING PROTECTIVE LIFE INSURANCE CO. 601 FIRST NATIONAL BANK TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA " PAGE THREE HUNDRED NINETY-FIVE ■ BARBECUE TOBACCOS THE BUCK HORN WE ARE HERE TO SERVE YOU! SOKOL BROS. Furnishings for the Home, Fraternity and Club House Your Patronage Solicited TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA CoTTi ' hments of SPANISH INN DRUG COMPANY We Deliver WARD BROS., Proprietors Prescriptions, Drugs, Drinks and Sundries - r H. ' W. Drug Co. Alston Building Phone 84 HARRIS-HAMNER COMPANY Tuscaloosa ' s Foremost Reaay-to-Wear Skop For College Men and Women of Refined Taste WHERE THE MODE OF TOMOR- ROW IS FIRST REVEALED The Photographic Work, for This Annual Was Done By JONES STUDIO Phone 157 2314 Broad St. Tuscaloosa, Ala. ■ PAGE THREE HUNDRED NINETY-SIX ■ Molla; The cover on this book is the product of an organization of specialists whose sole work is the creation of unusual covers for School Annuals, Set Books, Histories, Catalogues, Sales Manuals and other Commercial Publications THE DAVID J. MOLLOY CO. «8)7 North ' Q estem Aveniw CHICAGO HERFF-JONES COMPANY Manufacturing jewelers and Stationers 1411-1419 North Capitol Avenue INDIANAPOLIS The Her -J ones Company of Indianapolis, jewelers for the Senior Class of the University of Alabama, wishes to congratulate the Student Body for your re- sponse to the new class ring. Southern District Manager H. S. CANFIELD Mortgage Guarantee Building Atlanta PAGE THREE HUNDRED NINETY-SEVEN THIS BOOK PRINTED BV. The world ' s LARGEST PUBLISHERS OF COLLEGE ANNUALS COLLEGE ANNUAL HEAOai ARTERS }iLa ie i aalL Wox ?manmcpy upeA.iQ v x{anALOM.--JM is)yiccy ■ PAGE THREE HUNDRED NINETY-EIGHT brighi pages f . 1 1 U jsthat reflect those happy, carefree days has been our [ oal ± A ± A C0LLE:CE: ANNUAL DIVISION ♦ •♦♦♦♦•« ♦ ♦♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ I N THE ♦■♦♦♦♦♦■♦ ■4. -S ' AL-7Aw6AMyV LNCRAv ' INC GOM PAMV DiRMlNiCHAM HEART OF Ti-iE SOUTH ' I i ■

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