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, r. I . ♦ J- ' Bu lf W. (Enrhnn aropgrtgljtpb, 1931 i I i of tift Vaiixmt XXXIX mh ®l|trtg-®nr SII| QlDlkg? Annual 0f tiff Intu rsttg 0f Alabama QIuBralooea, Alabama ■JJUH-Ja - II ;i 1 1 I Ml i..lbTr.l ::r -i — y- i " . ' J ' S W- W7? t t f Z t t o furtl|pr tmbu tlye atubrnt bnftg mttlf tl|p lohg aima, t t BarrFb traiiitionB. and tl|p tnromparablF id ala of tl|p pFOftlr of tl;tB nabU olh tatp ; ttilyprp grom tl|p iaamtttF. mag- nolia, and mtBtprta ml|Frp ti;e otoert- rat of all BongaterB. tljF morking birb. poura fortii ita rrfnlgent notFB. Ifaa ban tl|p Bupreme motif tmx in llye mtnba of gonr pbitora. 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" - ♦ ♦ i:::::; ;;i:::;:i:::;i;g3.. nrrn ' . .% .— .- ' it -x E=5 rrv- tricrrr ' r 2Xm ) ' K-f- ' " ' WASMSMM kKu i ' ' ■ I II - ■ fit mixth tn flo jtortrag ♦ ♦ t }i Ims -«• ♦ anJi pupnta of ♦ ' 4 ' tl|ta nnf ■» ■ B att g? ar. tljai ► toljpn tijp " ru mng of am mstUmt ■ irauifi ntglj, ♦ uip mag 0tt iouin «ittl| our • r? mtmsrf nrpH «• anJi n«» morp " ■ m ntallg trip t t lljlit fanta0ttr -ft- - of otur goutI|ful ramaraif rtP0. - • i| ! i i " - ' ?-gfi ' H- ' i-ir ' " - ' ffr OttttttlK Btcnan (6nt ®l|f f ntttfra tljat Ir wttnn If out rrtton ¥mt AJiufrttBfmfntfl ;i;lbr; -,;;ctTJy eSS9k !• THE GORGAS HOME ■ B HE g », ' s»gaa ; c»aa» SMITH HALL - a . ;s= -j-f , aiB gr- :r, TUTWILER HALL GORGAS LIBRARY COMMERCE BUILDING ■R " S Ej H CHEMISTRY BUILDING DENNY CHIMES I Q 3 I OO F O L_l_ A ;m u His Excellency, Benjamin Meek Miller Governor of Alabama, President, Ex-Officio A. F. Harman, State Superintendent of Education, Ex-Officio Congressional District Term Expires First District — Gessner T. McCorvey, Mobile 1931 Second District — Robert E. Steiner, Jr., Montgomery 1935 Third District — Charles S. McDowell, Eufaula 1939 Fourth District — J. Kelly Dixon, Talladega 1931 Fifth District — Daniel Pratt, Prattville 1935 Sixth District — JoHN A. Rogers, Gainesville 193 1 Sixth District — Henry B. Foster, Tuscaloosa 1939 Seventh District — Louis L. Herzberg, Gadsden 1935 Eighth District — Archibald H. Carmichael, Tuscumbia i939 Ninth District — Hill Ferguson, Birmingham 1935 Tenth District — L. B. Musgrove, Jasper 1929 ROBISON Brown, Secretary and Commissioner of University Lands Shaler C. Houser, Treasurer Executive Committee of the Board: Messrs. Foster, Pratt, Ferguson 21 . ' E IS3I COI=;C3l— I— A I HIS eXCELLENCY, " BENJAMIN SMEEK SMILLER Governor of Alabama, Class of 1888 Governor Miller, noble defender of Democratic ideals and traditions, has launched into an administration that seems promising indeed. Through a long career of public service, well and faithfully performed, the people of Alabama can well rest assured that the intricate and soul-trying problems of the State will be competently, sincerely and honestly solved by this son of the University. We wish for him that which he so justly deserves, health, happiness and Godspeed. 22 I g) 3 I CO FR CD L_ L_ C- ii :sikS%iL ' .rAl W ' T R. QEORGE H. T ENNY A.B.. A.M., Ph.D., LL.D., D.C.L. . President of the University of Alabama Through whose guiding hand, spirit and heart, the University has grown to magnificent and enviable proportions. Loved, honored, and revered throughout the State and Southland by myriads of friends and faithful admirers, our beloved " Mike, " through his infallible wis- dom and sterling pers onality, continues to direct the Capstone to yet greater heights and fields of conquest. The University, the Commonwealth and the Nation owe to him a debt of grati- tude, that cannot be recompensed with human hands, but can only come from a bountiful Father. ■ E 1 g 3 I O O F= CD l_ l_ X College of oArts and Sciences The year 1831 witnessed the founding of the College of Arts and Sciences, which was for many years the only division of the University of Alabama. The growth of this centurian has been phenomenal. Beginning with a total enrollment of less than a hundred, it has gradually expanded until today the resultant Iniversity proudly exhibits more than four thousand students. A decade of superlative leadership and organization on the part of the present dean. Dr. Charles H. Barnwell, has placed the college at the head of all other Alabama institutions, and has given it nationally high rating, as well as more than trebling the number of students registered. The ideal training and background of the college can but produce not only men ■well worthy of the profession, but also intelligent, broad-minded citizens. Dean Barnwell Law School The School of Law was organized in 1871. It is centered at Farrah Hall, a beautiful three-story building, dedicated to Dean Albert J. Farrah, A.M., LL.B., LL.D., who has been the principal figure for eighteen years in the development of legal studv in Alabama. A member of the Association of American Law Schools and possessing the approved rating of the Amer- ican Bar Associaticn, the Law College is one of the leading instruments in the South for developing competent members of the bar. The Alabama Law School has as its aim not only theoretical and practical instruction of students in legal fields, but also the training of students in the ethics and principles of the legal profession. The best equipment and an excellent faculty have placed the Alabama Law School in the high posi- tion which it now maintains. Dean Farrah School of SMedicine This school at present offers only the first two years of medi- cine, but maintains such standards of admission and promotion as insure ready transfer for its students to the best four-year schools for the completion of their medical education. The thor- oughness of their training at Alabama has been proven by their uniform success elsewhere. Matriculants are carefully selected for character and general fitness as well as scholarship. En- rollment is limited. The net result is a small, high grade, con- genial student body which receives close individual attention from the faculty. Medicine is the only historic profession for which complete education is not now offered by Alabama. To the correction of this situation as soon as possible the University trustees, the Medical Alumni Association and the State Medical Association are formally committed. As a basis for this development the University is endeavoring to perfect its two-year school in con- formance with the highest standards. cSr Dean Graves 24 I g 3 I OO FR O L-.l_ School of Commerce The cardinal principle upon which this school is founded is the e |uipment of the student with such training that successfully fits him for the field of business endeavor. Thnugh started six years ago, it has in this brief span achieved an enviable record. It has grown until it is the second ta the largest in size of the schools of the University and is recognized as one of the lead- ing schools of the United States. Such growth and progress is not cnly phenomenal, but also serves as an inspiration to the students where not just the mechanics of business are learned, but also the ethics of business and civic responsibilities. Dean Bidgood College of Sngineering In the polytechnic field, the College of Engineering has few superiors. Since its establishment in 1881, this institution has steadily developed until it now embraces chemical, civil, elec- trical, and mechanical engineering, and a school of mines. A remarkably complete engineering station in a location which renders readily accessible a greater variety of mining operations than any other school in the country produces an excellent fusion of the practical and the theoretical in engineering. The type of work carried on at the University is demonstrated by the Secretary of War ' s including of the college in the list of " ap- proved schools, " and the establishment of the only branch of the V. S. Bureau of Mines in the South. Excellent instruction, the best equipment, and an ideal geographic location are dis- tinctive characteristics of the College of Engineering. Dean Davis College of Sducation The College of Education is a young but fast growing di- vision of the University, having been established two years ago by action of the State Board of Education and the trustees of the University. It replaces the School of Education organized in 1909 as an outgrowth of the Department of Philosophy and Education which had been established by the trustees in 1899. It has already taken rank among the larger divisions of the University from the standpoint of enrollment and is exerting a wide-felt influence upon the school system of the state. The College of Education, with its magnificent building and equipment, is a monument to the leadership of Dr. J. J. Doster, who was appointed Dean of the School of Education in 191 1 and has served continuously since that time. By his ambition, vision, foresight, and untiring zeal he has developed the teacher training function of the University to a full four-year college, and has made a lasting impression upon the entire euucational system of our State. Dean Doster 25 E I Q 3 I OO F=RO l_L_ W The Qraduate School This newly organized school has experienced remarkable growth under the guiding hand of Dean A. B. Moore. In 1925 a comparatively small number of students were enrolled, but by ably feeling a long-felt need it numbers its students by the hundreds. The chief aim of the Graduate School is the promotion of a spirit of research and the development of a power to do in- dependent work. It develops the habit of intensive study, re- sourcefulness and more mature judgment. It gives a more lib- eral culture than is acquired in undergraduate work. •4 Dean Moore ' Dean of SMen The position of Dean of Men at the University of Alabama was created in the fall of 1928. The first to hold this office was Dean Dabney S. Lancaster, who entered upon the per- formance of his duties in January, 1929. Dean Lancaster serves as the adviser of all men students, looks after their interests, and, at the same time, is charged with the responsibility of seeing that University regulations are enforced. Other obliga- tions of the Dean, alias the Students ' Friend, include the chair- manship of the Committee on Student Organizations and Social Activities, and of the Committee on Student Publications. All activities of student groups, as well as the supervision of social functions, are within the scope of his duties. Dean Lancaster €xeculire Secretary A University office of utmost importance is that of executive secretary. Of the many important duties involved, the registra- tion of all students stands first. In addition to acting as an assistant to the president, and authorizing all of the purchases of the numerous departments of the University, Mr. Ralph E. Adams, the gentleman who now occupies this position, holds the responsibility of serving on the Athletic Committee, the Social Committee, and a number of others. Mr. Adams is renowned for his miraculous faculty at unerringly remembering not only the faces, but also the names of all students with whom he comes in contact. His unusual efficiency in filling the capacity of executive secretary has made him an outstanding character on the Alabama campus. , J-- . Mr. Adams 26 I-H I Q 3 I OO F= 0 L-L- sr Summer School The Summer School was first established as a part of the University of Alabama in 1903 by a special enactment of the legislature of Alabama, and the first session was held in 1904. At the beginning the Summer School was attended by students and public school teachers who were planning to take the State examinations to secure teaching certificates. In the twenty-six years which have intervened, such progress has been made that the original purpose has been broadened. Various courses are offered now which lead to degrees in the College of Educa- tion, College of Arts and Sciences, School of Commerce, School of Chemistry, School of Engineering, and School of Law. The success and growth of the Summer School is responsible in a large measure to the unceasing efforts of Dr. John R. McLure and Mr. C. E. Williams, who have devoted their time to making this Summer School the best in the South. Dr. McLure The ' Dean of Women There is no possible higher tribute we can pay to Dean Agnes Ellen Harris than to mention the outstanding advancement made by the women students since she came to the University, for with her came the era of expansion and development for the women students on the campus. During the three years that Dean Harris has served in the capacity of Dean of Women and Head of the Home Economics Department the enrollment of the women students has climbed from four hundred seventy-six (1926-27) beyond the eight hun- dred mark. No single personality has played so great a part in bringing Mortar Board, Alpha Lambda Delta, American Association Uni- versity Women, Zeta Phi Eta, as has Dean Harris. While in outlining the progress made by the Home Economics Department, new national sororities, gym, Doster Hall, the beautiful arts building, we are only adding again to the name of Dean Harris, for each of these has known her influence. Dean Harris Treasurer of the University The office of treasurer is a very important one among the administrative offices of the University. It is a responsibility of no small proportion to receive, disburse and properly account for all the monies necessary to the maintenance of a great uni- versity. The treasurer also lets the contracts for all new build- ings and has the duty of supervising their construction. One of the reasons for the remarkable growth of the University is the thoroughly efficient and capable way in which its finances have been administered. Prof. Houser 27 ' i flK By Dr. Albb Juhw THE ROUND HOUSE HE University of Alabama is almost as old as the state of Alabama. Just three days after the state was ad- mitted to the Union the Legislature passed an act providing for the incorporation of a " seminary of learning " to be known as the University of Alabama. The state constitution made it a duty of the Legislature to establish a " State Uni- versity for the promotion of the arts, literature and sciences out of the proceeds derived from 46,080 acres of land donated to the state by the United States Government for the foundation of a " seminary of learning. " For ten years, while funds were being col- lected, the University existed only on paper. It was located at Tus- caloosa, and on April 2, 1831, Dr. Alva Woods and his little staff of three professors and one tutor opened its doors to the young men of the state. Fifty-two students enrolled the first day, and the enrollment for the two reached ninety-four. Under the presidency of Dr. Manly, who succeeded Woods in 1837, the University was firmly established. But in the early forties it fell upon evil days owing to the failure of the state bank. The state had unfortunately invested the funds derived from the sale of University lands in the state bank, and when this institution failed the youthful University was left in distress. With the meager means at hand Dr. Manly and his successor, Dr. Landon C. Garland, kept the University in operation down to 1860. Dr. Manly managed to surround himself with an able if small corps of instructors. Among them were Dr. Frederick A. P. Barnard, Dr. Landon C. Garland, and Professor Michael Tuomey were especially notable. Dr. Barnard was one of the foremost educators in America. The student body was small, usually numbering less than 100 and never more than 140 stu- dents. But scholastic standards were high. A splendid library was accumulated and the professional chairs were sufficiently at- tractive to draw reputable scholars from the North. sail 0 ■ K r " ' ' f W " ' - N m , • tl f rsi ' -- 1 rij m HH HPtt R M ilkr M Bi ' ' ' ' - :M ■ ' M CONFEDERATE MEMORIAL a0;« J It is a notable fact also that the second chapter in the South of Phi Beta Kappa Society, which, as Lord Balfour has recently said is " the world ' s leading scholastic society, " was founded at the University of Alabama in 1851. The institution made a great contribution to the enrichment of the lives of the people and made it without one penny of cost to the state. In 1864 the University was reduced to ashes by Federal troops and under the awful conditions of reconstruction it was impossible to rebuild and operate the University. Little was done to- ward rehabilitation. During the eighties a beautiful quadrangle of buildings and several laboratories were erected with funds derived from a grant of 46,080 acres of public lands by Congress as com- pensation for the destruction wrought by the Federal troops. The state had some years before loaned the University 70,000 to assist in the rebuilding of its plant. During the past twenty years the University has had a mar- velous growth. The scope of its work has been broadened so as to meet the multitudinous demands of modern society upon a state university; the teaching staff has been enlarged and the stu- dent body has increased from a few hundred persons to more than 4,000 in the regular session, 3,500 in the extension school and approximately 2,000 in the summer school. The physical plant has been greatly expanded and improved. The progress of the University has resulted largely from the fact that it has integrated itself with the life of the people of the state. At the turn of the century a new conception of the function of a university should not only give academic training, but should also help the people in the solution of the problems of a worka- day life and should train its young men and women to that end. The conviction grew that the University of Alabama must be an active agency in the upbuilding of the state and in the enrichment of the lives of the people; that is, it must be a university of the masses to which they could look for training and guidance. ■ = vS " THE IQ3I OOF?OLI_A 30 Wf ' f - ' ' i 0PSi ' i T ' - ' : ' rf db School of Law President John Foster Vice-President Mack Seidman Secretary Inge Hill Treasurer Cecil Strawbridge School of oArts and Science President WiLLis McGowiN l ice-President Monte Williams Secretary-Treasurer .... Charles Franklin School of Commerce President James J. Campbell, Jr. Vice-President Robert Porter Secretary-Treasurer W. B. Howard School of Education President William P. McLure Vice-President Josephine Jackson Secretary Weseley Cook School of Engineering President Harold B. Hendrix I ' ice-President Curt Benefield Secretary-Treasurer Francis J. Palme School of iMedicine President Donald Campbell Vice-President .... Treasurer John Harding Angelo Bologna 33 E I Q 3 I OO FR O l_ I— Griffith, Caldwell, Eubanks, Hereford, Johnson, Mooney Barnett, Cook, Owens, Burns, West, Terry, Skelton. School of Law President Watkins Johnston 1 ' ice-President John Eubanks Secretary HoRTON Little Treasurer William Barnett President School of oArts and Science . . . . Tommy Cook Vice-President Bud Brown Secretary-Treasurer Thad Meyer School of Commerce President Albert West lice-President Paul Caldwell Secretary Ewell Owens School of Sducation President Hugh Mooney lice-President .... Secretary Bryson ByrnE Bruce Bell School of Engineering President Thomas A. Hereford Vice-President Allen Terry Secretary-Treasurer Newton Skelton School of SMedicine President Robert Griffith Vice-President Lewis Posey 34 Atkins. Haughton, i. ' riK krr, (Jooil wyn. fan n on. Keener, Creel, Randall, Brown, Wadcleil. Haston President icers School of oArts and Science Joe Brown Fice-Presi ient .... Secretary-Treasurer L. E. Crekl Pettus Randall School of Commerce President President . . . . G. P. Atkins Vice-President . . . Secretary-Treasurer James Waddell School of Sngineering . . . . R. B. Bishop Vice-President . . . . Secretary-Treasurer A. T. GoODWYN School of Education President Mary Agnes Crocker Vice-President Eloise Keener Secretary Marthalene Haston Daniel Haughton . W. W. Cannon 3.5 I g 3 I OOF= OL-L-y tJrny. I.itth . Hir-dsoni; Milhouse, Mi-Queen, McCall, McEachin White, Hughes, Starling, Kimbrough, McMillan. Stevens School of Law President Dan McCall Secretary Bruce McEachin Vice-President Frank White Treasurer Billy McQueen President President School of oArts and Science , Thomas McMillan Vice-President . . . . Secretary-Treasurer James Starling School of Commerce . . . Albert Stevens Vice-President . . . . Secretary-Treasurer CLIFFORD Gray Ervin Little Atlas Milhous President School of £ducation . . . Larry Hughes Vice-President Zeke Kimbrough Secretary Fred Brown President School of £ngineering . . . Tom Birdsong Vice-President . . . . Secretary James Bilbrey William Wadd II i 36 Sequoiah Inventor of the Cherokee Indian alphabet; honored not only by his natal State, a flabama, but by his adopted States of CoHfornia and Oklahoma. 4 Graduate Class Fran ' Ces K. Barlow K A e GLASGOW, KV. Master of Arts JusTiNA Campbell YORK Master of Science Junior Faculty; Education Club; B.S.. Ala- bama, ' 30. Katharine Carkhuff TUSCALOOSA Master of Arts Chi Delta Phi; " Corolla " Staff, ' 31; Grad- uate Club, Secretary-Treasurer. Waymon Walter Cooper ETHELVILLE Master of Arts Pi Mu Epsllon; Junior Faculty; Graduate Club. Mary Roberta Burns A z KILBY Master of Arts Phi Beta Kappa; Kappa Delta Pi; Alpha Mu Rho; Mortar Board. Treasurer; Black- friars; Eroaophi -; Pan-Hellenic Council; Woman ' s Council; Honor Council; Fellow In English; Education Club. Hugh W. Cardon CENTRE Master of Arts Editor of the 1931 " Corolla " ; Omicron Delta Kappa; Alpha Phi Epsilon; Rho Theta Al- pha; Kappa Delta PI; Kappa Btta Phi; Beta Gamma; Blue Key; Theta Nu Epsilon; President Philomathic, ' 28; President Pre- Law Club, ' 27; President " Al " Smith Club, ' 28; President Ghibelline, ' 29; Junior Fac- ulty. ' 28, ' 29; Secretary-Treasurer Forensic Council, ' 28; Flat Can; Historian Senior Class; A.B.. Alabama. ' 29; Instructor in History, •29- ' 30; Honor and Executive Com- mittees. ' 29. ' 30, ■30- ' 31; Y. M. C. A. Cabi- net; Blue Ridge Delegate, ' 29, ' 30; Assist- ant Editor " Crimson-Wliite " . ' 30; Matrix Club; Associate Editor " Rammer-Jammer " and " Crim.son-White " , ' 30- ' 31; Centennial Historical Committee; Member, six years, House of Commons; Waiters ' Union. LoNA Lorene Cathey A Z LIVINGSTON Master of Arts Pi Mu Epsilon; A.B., Birmingham-Southern; Junior Faculty; Graduate Club; Keystone; Pan-Hellenic, ' S0- ' 31. Elba Eugenia DuBose ISNEY Master of Arts Kappa Delta Pi; A. A. U. W. Mary Jessie Finnell X n A.B., Alabama. ' 30; Town Representative, Woman ' s Council; W. A. A.; PI; A. A. U.; Y. W. C. A. CouncIL m Vm By JDI S,tti p.«l ! Gl, ' ' Class «Shotts K aati ' )•; tn Btti OH gimt Epai. " • ' »; Will ii Mm ■»; U 8. ». ' ll: HIiliiL •IMwifClib, Mer bilBwillg n, ■»•■»; K It n Sm™ " 1 kK ) Tavioi 01 im «uP SI(ai Wou lUl fjrt htllal Stl» 1 il Senior Class AXTHOXY ArIAXA A A MT. VERSO.V, S. V. Arts and Science Gladys M.argaret Arxold TL-SCALOOSA EdnctUian Jeax Baer BIRMINGHAM Arts and Science Chi Delta Phi: Pi: vroman ' s Council. ' !T. •IS: " Crimson-vniite " Staff. Co-Ed Activity Editor, ' iS; " Corolla " Staff. ' IS. ' IS: Club Ghibelllne Vice-President. ' 2S: League of Women Voters; Contemporary Debatios Club. Ira Clxxixgham Ballard aUISOEN ' Arts and Science Scabbard and Blade. " ST. ' Z8; Blue Key. Treasurer. ' IS. ' JO: Gate Club, ' J», ' SO; " Crimson- White " Staff. ' JS, ' 27. ' SS. •». ' SO: " Corolla " Staff. " St. ' JT. •!». •»§, ' SO; Fresh- man Footttall Team. 2S: Officers dub, 2C, ■17. ' SS, ' 29: F rensic Council. ' 28, •19. ' SO: Ajsslstant Manager Football Prorrama. SS. ' 29; Alabama Aurora Committee. 29; Major R. O. T. C. First Battalion. ' 29: Assistant Cheer Lender, ' iS: Blackfriars, ' 28, ' 29, -SO. ' 31; Rat Cap Committee; President of Keys. Carl Willl m B.arthelmes ♦ A ♦ NEW HAVEX, COS ' SI. Mining Engineering Minlns Club; A. A. K.; Vice-President Min- ing Club. Martha Goodwyx Be.asley ATA MOVTGOMEItT Arts and Science Mortar Board; Pi. Presidency: President of Chi Uelta Phi; Honor Council. ' 29, " S ; Woman ' s Pan- Hellenic. ' 29. ' J ; Delta; Blackfriars, ' 28, ' 29. ' S ; Key Club; Key- stone; " Crimson-White " Staff. ' 28. ' 29; " Corolla " Staff, •»•. Clrt Sxe. d Bexefield ATTALLA Chemical Engineering Tau Beta Pi: Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Chi Beta Phi; Vice-President Senior Engineer- ing Class; Secretary Tau Beta Pi. " Jl; Treasurer Gamma Sigma Epsilon. ' II: Touths ' Fkculty. ' Jl; Honor Roll. ' 28. ' 19. ■!•. Senior Class Bill Armstroxg A 2 ♦ HEADLAND Psi Psi Psi: Sigma Delta Kappa: Business Staff " Crimson- White " , ' 27: Business Staff " Corolla-. -I ; Pr.-Law club; Enuophic; Pan-Hellenic Council of Law Fratemitlea. S.AR.A ArXOLD K A ANXISTO.S Arts and Science Mortar Board. Secretary. ' Jl; Alpha Mu rtho. Secretary. ' JO; Omega. Vice-President. ■30. President. ' 31; Keystone. Secretary. ' 30. " 31; " Corolla " Staff. ' 30; Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil, ' 29, •3«; Honor Committer, ' 3«; Wom- an ' s Council. ' 29; Delta Club. Joseph Foster B.mley COFFEEVILLE, MISS. Commerce John Lee Ballard MOBILE Chemical Engineering Bex Smith B.ayha e X MILWAUKEE, WIS. Arts and Science Transfer. University of Wisconsin. Vergil Lee Bedsole DOTH AX Arts and Science . rt Stair " Rammer- Jammer " . ' 28, ' 29, ' 3 , ' 31; " Corolla " Staff. ' 3L VV1LLIA.M J.acques Bexxett UK MOBILE Electrical Engineering A. I. E. E. H ' eu Bq-j.o flE - lu: torn Joh: llwi " .1. lass ow ■- rf«t, ' It. B. iuy UlUD RlVHA ■ft 1 . (it 11 i Bexj.aaiix Bermax BROOKLYN, N. Y. Arts and Science William Edwix Bernstein KEW YORK, X. Y. Engineering Benjamin Stephen Black ROCHESTER, N. Y. Arts and Science Pre-Medical Club; Fellow in Physics: As- sistant Manager Boxing Team; Phi Beta Kappa. Fred L. Blackmon r A ANNISTON Arts and Science Golf Team; President Sophomore Class. Robert Mantell Blake e A X TUSCALOOSA Arts and Science John G. Blalock K 2 SELMA Commerce Martin V. Boarwman BROOKLYN, N. Y. Arts and Science " Crimson- White " . Senior Class J. H. Berman MONTGOMERY Lmo Gate Club, ' 27; " Corolla " , ' 26; Staff of " Crimson-White " , ' 26, ' 27; " Rammer- Jam- mer " , ' 26; Excelsior. ' 26; Erosophic. ' 25; Euphians; Honorary Member Pre-Law Club. Henry Julian Beyers DEPEW, N. Y. Physical Education George W. Black n K A MONTGOMERY Arts and Science " A " Club; Varsity Baseball; Erosophic. Ellen Simmons Blair X fi ATHENS, GA. Arts and Science Girls ' Glee Club, ' 29, ' 30. ' 31; Y. W. C. A. Counsellor; " Corolla " Staff. ' 29, ' 30; Black- friars; D. ' lta Phi Mu; Pi Delta Sigma; Busi- ness Manager Girls ' Glee Club; Senior Girls ' Tennis Team. Harry Kenneth Blakeslee e X NIAGARA FALLS, N. Y. Physical Education Matthew Nathan Blau NEW YORK, N. Y. Arts and Science Dorothy Anne Bocklett z T A XENIA, OHIO Arts and Science Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31; Honor Council, ' 27, ' 28; Woman ' s Council, ' 28, ' ' 1 Gim II James Lauler Carpenter NEW HOPE Arts and Science Theta Kappa PsI; Fellow In History, ' 30- ' 31 Katherine Louise Carver A z BIRMINGHAM Education Sigma Sigma Kappa; Women ' s GUe Club " Corolla " Staff. Joe S. Causey K 2 DOUGLAS, ARIZ. Education Skulls; Captain Track Team; Football Squad ■29- ' 30; Basketball, ' 29- ' 30; Track, •29- ' 30 ' 30- ' 31; " A " Club. Julius Eugene Chalfin BROOKLYN, N. Y. Arts and Science Fellow in German. Lucy Adele Chenault RUSSELLVILLE Arts and Science Lillian Chotine SOUTH FALLSBURG, N. Y. Pre-Med William L. Clark tuscaloosa Laiu Tau Kappa Alpha; Phi Alpha Delta; Phllo- mathic. President, ' 30; " Corolla " Staff, ' 30; Vice-President Tau Kappa Alpha, ' 30; Vice- President Forensic Council, ' 29; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, ' 28- ' 31; Blue Ridge Delegate, ' 28. ' 30; Vice-President State Student Council. ' 30; Excelsior; Erosophic; Club Ghibelllne; Secretary-Treasurer Jacobin Club. ' 29; First Medal Freshman Declamation. ' 27; Tennaiit Lomax Junior Oratory Medal, ' 30; Varsity Debating Team, ' 28, ' 29. Gew Ml Tl F.IVE Oscar Louis Cawood CAWOOD, KY. Arts and Science Alice Britnell Chenault DECATUR Arts and Science Club 400; Girls ' Contemporary Club; Span- ish Club; French Club; Hall Chairman; " Corolla " Staff, ' 29. Paul Cherin OAT FREEHOLD, N. J. Physical Education Basketball Squad, ' 28 ' 29, ' 30; Baseball, Physical Education Club. Paul Clark CASTLEBERRY Engineering Tau Beta Pi; A. I. E. E. Madge Bryce Clarkson K A TUSCALOOSA Arts and Science Pi; Secretary-Treasurer of Pi. WiiLu: OfflifTM Ml ■till Roll ' : Bijtu. } Hin iludruflf; I mu : l % ' »» Ml . Faye Florence Coate§ FORT PAYNE Education Education Club. William Minge Cochrane r A TUSCALOOSA Arts and Science Omicron Delia Kappa: Jasons; Blue Key Honor Roll, •27- ' 28, ' 29- ' 30; Stratford Club Business Manager of " Rammer- Jamnn-r " Quadrangle; Rifle Team; Excelsior; Fresh man Track; Blackfriars. Hazel Mae Coley TUSCALOOSA Arts and Science Wesley Harper Cook CAMP hill Vocational Education Iota Lambda Sigma; Vocational Club; cation Club. L. N. COTLIN MOBILE Commerce Edwin W. Couch WIMFIELD Education V Kappa Delta PI; Phi Delta Kappa. v i Senior Class Charles B. (Foots) Clement K A ROVER, ARK. Commerce Fr shman Football: Varsity F ootball, 28- •SO; Captain Foo ' ball. ' 30; Officers ' Club. President: Scabbard and Blade; Captain Company D: Second Prize Company Com- petitive Drill; Cadet Colonel. ' 30; Masonic- Club; Jasons; " A " Club: All-Southern. ' 30; Busin ss Manager 1930 " Corolla " . Rose Evelyn Coates FORT PAYNE Education Education Club. Norwood Coker A K E TUSCALOOSA Arts and Science Quadrangle: Cadet Lieutenant-Colonel; Exec- utive Committer. Edward Trippe Comer A e FUFAULA Arts and Science Ph ' Clii; Kappa Beta Phi. James Mason Coston A X A BIRMLSGHAM Arts and Science Scabbard and Blade; Phi Beta PL Erma Gayle Cottey AHA mobile Arts and Science Y W. C. A., ' 28- ' 29, ' 29- ' 30, ' 30- ' Sl. Ray William Cover K A P ST E ELTON, PA. Mechanical Engineering Dons 47 E W Senior Class GuRLEY A. Creel T n X CROSSVILLE Pre-Medical Theta Kappa Psi. LiLLiE Brooks Cross A A n EL ' TAW Education Charlotte Jane Crowley K A UNIVERSITY Arts and Science Chi Delta Phi; Education Club; " Crimson White " Society Editor. William Marvin Curry e r jj DALEVILLE Commerce Lee J. Damsky BIRMINGHAM Law Pi Gamma Mu; Howard Crimson. William C. Davis, Jr. n K JASPER Arts and Science Sigma Upsllon; Rho Alpha Mu ; Honor Roll •2S, ' 29. ' 30; Junior Faculty; Blackfriars; ■■Corolla " Staff; National President Rho Al- pha Mu; Transfer Howard CoIUge. Bernard Raymond Dick. 2AM RUTLAND, VT. Arts and Science Transfer Norwich University; Baseball. ' 29; " Crlmson-Whlte " Freshman ' 28, ' 29. Scabbard and Blade; American Institute of Electrical Engineers; Society of American Military Engineers; Captain Company H Engineers; ' Club; Chi Beta Phi; Newman Club. Marjorie Helen Cross a X 12 CROWLEY, LA. Arts and Science Joseph Newton Cunningham ATMORE Fellow in French. ' 28- ' 31; Cercle de Loffre; Kappa Delta Pi; Pi Sigma Pi; El Circuio Espanol; Phi Beta Kappa. Jesse Lee Daffron MILLPORT Phi Alpha Delta; Euphian. •28- ' 29; Phllo- mathic; Jacobin Club. Isiix)RE E. Davis BROOKLYN, N. Y. Arts and Science Pre-Med Club. Elizabeth Day MONTGOMERY Commerce Secretary-Treasurer Commerce Club. ' 30- 31; Secretary-Treasurer Class, ' 29- ' 30; Secretary Chi Theta, ■29- ' 30; President Chi Theta, ' 30- ' 31; " Corolla " Staff, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31; " Rammer- Jammer " Staff. ' 30, ' 31; Honor Council, ' 29, ■30; Keystone Sam H. Dilworth e X EMPIRE Arts and Science EnniE Marvix Discher 2 N MOBILE Irts and Siience JOHX A. DODD X BKSSEMER Alls and Science G. Reuben Dollar ADDISOM Commerce Delta Sigma Pi; Junior Faculty: Commerce Club. H. Trawick Donovan MARION ' Medicine Samuel Wolfe Doskof NEW YORK CITY Arts and Science Pro-Med Club: Freshman Track; Freshman Tennis: Varalty Tennis, ' 28, ' 29. ' 30. Helen Duckworth AAA TUSCALOOSA Arts and Science Honor Roll. •27- ' 28: Erosophic, ' 27- ' 2.S: French Club; Education Club; Pan-Helknic Council, •29- ' 30; Kappa Delta Pi, •29- ' 30: Sigma Pi Sigma, ' 29- ' 30; President Kappj Delta Pi, ' 30- ' 31; Fellowship in History ■30- ' 31. Mrs. Louise Hall Echols TUSCALOOSA Education Junior Faculty, EixiAR Cleveland Dorrs COLMXSVILLE Education Varsity Football: Varsity Baseball: Execu- tive Committee, ' 29; " A " Club. William Wesley Doke K 2 CLARKSDALE, MISS. Arts and Science Football Band, ' 28, ' 29; Baton Club. J. Wesley Donahoo CHILDERSBURG Commerce Sigma Eta, Delta Sigma Pi: Honor Roll, ' 27- ' 28. ' 28- ' 29: Commerce Club; Assistant in Accounting. John Henry Dorsey A K M ROCHESTER, N. V. Aeronautical Engineering The Dons; Kappa Gamma Delta; Rho Chi; Rochester Club; " Crimson-White " Staff; Uni- versity Aeronautical Society. Robert Gotten Douglass 2 A E BIRMINGHAM Arts and Science Key Ice; Scabbard and Blade. Jess S. Eberdt 2 X BURDETTE, ARK. Arts and Science Jasons; " A " Club; Freshman Football, ' 2fi; Freshman Track. ' 27; Varsity Football. ' 28, ■29 ' 30; Varsity Track, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30. Crawford Eulious Edwards, Jr. 2 K BIRMINGHAM Commerce 49 tt r Senior Class Claudia Mae Ellis REFORM Eduralion Junior Faculty; " Corolla " Staff, ' 30; S ere tary-Treasuri-r Junior Class of Education President Caroline Hunt Club, ' 30. ' 31. H. Hi BERT EmmON S MEMPHIS, TEW. Cliemical Enijinerring Maurice Kohx Erdreich z H T BIRMINGHAM Commerce Blue Key; Alpha Delta Sigma; " Criniaon White " . " Rammer-Jammer " and " Corolla Business Staffs: " A " Club Manager, ' 30 Football T am; Erosonhic; Cadet Cfflcer, ' 27 •28. James Bailey Estabrook ATA WARREM, OHIO Commercial Engineering Theta Tau; Foren.sic Ciiuncil; Vice-rresident Senior Robert Edward Evans MASSILLOX, OHIO Metallurgical Engineering Tau B ta Pi. President; Chi Beta Phi Cor- responding Secretary. ' 30, Treasurer, ' .tl ; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Honor Roll, ' L ' .S " i ' .i ' 30; Mininfe Metallurgical and ; ' hemic.-t! Engineers ' Club, President, ' 31; Junior Fac- ulty. Elizabeth Ferguson A r A SPARTA.VBURG, S. C. Arts and Science ri. Esther Finkelstein OLVPHAXT, PA. School of Chemistry Alembic Club; Hillel. William George Forsyth A T n BIRMINGHAM Civil Engineering Skulls. Joseph W. Foster SELMA Arts and Science Phi Chi. Johnie Franklix Freeman PHIL CAMPBELL Civil Engineering A. S. C. E., Secretary. Victor Attilio Fresca NEW VORK CITS ' Arts and Science Charles Eugene Fuller r A LAFAYETTE Arts and Science Junior Faculty. Robert Roblee Fuller TUSCALOOSA Chemical Engineering abbard and Blade; A. A. E. ; A. S. M. B. Charles Gervasi e X BROOKLYN, N. Y. Arts and Science Senior Class John Strickland Foster A K E BIRMINGHAM La W A.B.. Vandcrbllt; Phi D?lta Phi; Freshman Law Class, Vice-President: Senior Law Class President; Intercollegiate Debater, ' 29, ' 30; Forensic Council; Pan-Hellenic Council; Arch Club. Vice-President; Parasite Club; " Alabama Law Journal " , Chairman Editorial Board, " SO; University Nomin e Rhodes Scholarship Contest; Honor Roll. ' 29, ' 30. Ernest Dwight Frederick RED BAY Cliemical Engineering Mining. Metallurgical and Chemical Engi- neers ' Club. Robert Goddard French 2 X FLINT, MICH. Arts and Science Edna Ch. ' rney Friedman paterson, n. j. Pre-Medical Nelson Owen Fuller A X CENTREVILLE LaiJO DruUls; Phi Alpha Delta; Student Govern- ment Association. Secretary-Treasurer, ' 30- Executlve and Honor Committee. ' 30; Ex cutive Committee, ' 28, lenic, ■29- ' 30, ' 30- ' 31; " Rammer-Jammer " and ' 29, ' 30; Pan-Hel- " Crimson- White " , •Corolla " Staffs. Clyde S. Gay r E PHENIX CITY Pre-Medical Phi Chi; Pre-Med Club; Education Club. Angelo R. Gianni JERSEY CITY, N. Y. Arts and Science ■ 51 Marie Herbert Hager 2 K FLAT CREEK Arts and Science Paul Halesky, Jr. charleroi, pa. Commerce John A. Hampton LAWRE.VCE, L. I., N. Y. Civil Engineering Mary Peyton Harris K A SCOTTSVILLE, VA. Arts and Science Thomas Hugh Hartley WHISTLER Education Hubert C. Hayes SAND MOUNTAIN La w Tau Kappa Alpha, President, ' 30; Alpha Phi Epsilon; Phi Alpha Delta; Rho Theta Alpha; Transfer Kentucky and Cornell Uni- versities; Forensic Council, ' 28- ' 29, ' 30- ' 31, President, ' 29; Varsity Debating Team. ' 27- ' 28, ' 29- ' 30; Manager Inter-Soclety Debat- ing, ' 28; Manager Inter-Collegiate Debating. ' 29; Euphian. Vice-President, ' 30; Jacobin Club, Vice-President, ' 28; Club Ghlbelline, President, ' 28; Philomathic, President, ' 30 " Crimson- White " , ' 27- ' 30. News Editor, ' 30 Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Delegate to State " Y ' Convention, ' 29; Dixie Debating League, President, ' 28. Thomas Kermit Hearn ALBERTVILLE Arts and Science nior Class mklM Frank Thomas Hagood 2 N EVERGREEN Commerce Alpha Delta Sigma; Alpha Kappa PsI. William F. Hall DES MOINES, IOWA Arts and Science Alpha Kappa Kappa; Ph.G., Transfer North- western, Iowa State. Drake and Des Moines Universities. Barton Lyons Harris A K E BIRMINGHAM Engineering Theta Tau; Scabbard and Blade; Psl Psl PsI. William Griffin Harrison 2 X CROVE HILL Commerce Delta Sigma Pi. President; Quadrangle, Pres- ident; Alpha Phi Epsilon; Alpha Delta Sig- ma; Treasurer ' s Assistant; Philomathic, Vice-President; Junior Class, Secretary- Treasurer, ' 29- ' 30; Commerce Club; Y. M. C. A., Vice-President. Catherine Lewis Harwell X n BIRMINGHAM Arts and Science Pi, President, ' 30; Chi Delta Phi; Erosophlc. Vice-President. ' 28; Debate Club; Sophomore Class, Secretary-Treasurer, ' 29; Girls ' Glee Club, President, ' 30; Woman ' s Council, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30; Pan-Hellenic, •29- ' 30; Gate Club; Keystone; " Corolla " Staff. ' 30- ' 31; Y. W. C. A. Counsellor. Joe Taylor Heard DOTHAN Commerce Delta Sigma PI; Commerce Club, Vice-Presi- dent, ' 30; Secretary to Dean BIdgood. Margaret Georgiana Helser K K r MOBILE Arts and Science Chl Delta Phi. ,j W»t .. c S3 A .xf Senior Class Leslie Arthur Henderson CHARLEROI, PA. Commerce Harold Brindley Hendrix CULLMAN Electrical Engineering Tau Beta Pi; Scabbard and Blade; Senior Engineering Class, President; A. I. E. E.. Seer tarv; S. A. M. E., Treasurer; Honor Roll, ■27- ' 2S, ' 29- ' 30; Captain Engineering; Battalion Adjutant. Theodore Fischer Henning MF.NDOTA, ILL. Commerce James Randolph Hobbs, Jr. BIRMINGHAM Laiv Phi Alplia D Ita; A.B., Howard College. Mrs. Rubye Hill Hodges OWENS CROSS ROADS Education William Eatherley Hood r A BIRMINGHAM Engineering Omlcron Delta Kappa, Vice-President; Rho Alpha Tau; Theta Tau, Vice-President; Pal Psi Psi; Jason; Quadrangl ■; Regimental Ad- jutant, ' SO- ' Sl; Varsity Track, ■2S- ' M: A. A. E., President. ' 29; Sophomore Class, Pres- ident; Freshman Class Vice-President; Jun- ior Prom Committee, ' 29; S. A. M. E.; Offi- cers ' Club; Forensic Council, ' 29- ' 31; Black- friars, •27- ' 31; Key Club, ' 29; Delta Club. Harry Huger Houston SPRING HILL Chemical Engineering Tau Beta PI; Chi Beta Phi; Gamma Sigma Epsilon. ■ Elizabeth Hendley TUSCALOOSA Arts and Science Caroline Hunt Club. Charles Elvin Hendrickson, Jr. A X A RED BANK, N. J. Electrical Engineering A. I. E. E.; Freshman Football; Freshman Cla.sH, Vice-President; Sophomore Hop Com- mittee. William Inge Hill MONTGOMERY Laisi Phi Beta Kappa; Tau Kappa Alpha; Phi Alpha Delta, President; Forensic Council, President, ' 30- ' 31; Pre-Law Club, President, ' 28; Senior Law Class. Secretary; " Alabama Law Journal " . Circulation Manager, ' 29- ' 30; Executive Committee, ' 29; Honor Roll, ' 26- ' 30; Tennant Lomax Junior Oratory Award; Trustee Senior Oratory Award; Alpha Gam- ma Award; Callahan Co. Award; Var- sity Debating Team. ' 28, ' 29. ' 30; Gladstone Club. President; Stratford Club; Euphian; Erosophlc. Carolyn Hocker K A LAGRANGE, ILL. Arts and Science Transfer, University of Illinois. GoLDSBY King Holston A 2 SELMA I Pre-Medical ' Theta Kappa Psi; Pre-Med Club, Vice-Pres- i ident, ' 28- ' 29; Baton Club, Secretary-Treas- urer, ' 28- ' 29; University Bands. Joe Hoy Hopson CADIZ, KY. Pre-Medical Pre-Med Club. Frank James Howard mobile Coinmerce Omicron Delta Kappa; Jason; Blue Key; Freshman Football, ' 27; Varsity Football, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30; Freshman Baseball, ' 28; Var- sity Baseball, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31; " A " Club, Presi- dent: Freshman Class, President. 1 w 54 UM Class u ni nib. VMriioiy WffilJ «M, Ftfihia, um Alpha: Phi foMik Ccandl i» ' -H Pnad it. «Mi. " Allium I tmm. ' !)■ ' »; -. aw Rill ' !!- f flrtWj Atird; a •urn Houiov Hof.uo x James William Howard K 2 TUSCUMBIA Laiv Omicron Delta Kappa, Treasurer, ' 27; Blue Key; Phi Delta Phi: Blue Key, President. ' 25; Junior Class. Pr.sident. ' 27; Junior Prom Committee, President; Rho Alpha Tau, .President, ' 25; Cotillion Club Committee. ' 29; Freshman Law Class. President. ' 29; Arch Club; Executive Committee, ' 28- ' 29; Mana- ger Freshman Football, ' 25; Junior Prom Committee, ' 28- ' 29; L ' Apache Club. WooDROw Martin Howdon TUSCALOOSA Pre-Medtcal Theta Kappa Psi; Pre-Med Club. John Graham Hudson virginia Lata Phi Rho PI. A. J. HUESMAN CINCINNATI, OHIO Medicine Phi Chi. Florence Elizabeth Hulsart A 3 A TUSCALOOSA Arts and Science Raymond Benjamin Hunze CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO. Chemical Engineering Elizabeth Claire Hutchings BIRMINGHAM Arts and Science French Club; Education Club. William Bolden Howard CULLMAN Commerce Sigma Eta, Secretary-Treasurer. ' 31; Delta Sigma Pi; Commerce Club, Vice-President, ' 31; Y. M. C. A., Secretary-Treasurer, ' 30- ' 31; Honor Roll, ' 28- ' 29. ' 30; Junior Faculty; Assistant in Accounting; Executive Commit- tee, ' 30- ' 31; Forensic Council. ' 30- ' 31; " Ram- mer-Jammer " ; Philomathic; Quadrangle, Secretary, ' 31; Freshman Y. M. C. A. Cabl- n- t, ' 28; Ward-Stearne Prize. ' 30; Senior Commerce Class. Secretary-Treasurer; 1931 ••Corolla " Staff; Blue Key. Wallace John Howell BRADFORD, N. Y. Arts and Science Pre-Med Club, President; Junior Faculty. Paul G. Hudson ANNISTON Chemical Engineering Tom E. Huey, Jr. 2 N BIRMINGHAM La w Mardis Oliver Hulsey COKER Education lota Lambda Sigma; Education Club; Vo- cational Education and Industrial Arts Club. Dorothy Hutchings ASA AMARILLO, TEXAS Arts and Science Herman Clyde Ingram T n X BAY ST. LOUIS, MISS. Commerce Excelsior; B. S. U. Council. Secretary; Com- merce Club. m mim » 5M a. Lillian Ingram BAINBRIDGE, GA. Arts and Science Alpha Epsilon D Ita; Mortar Board; Honor Council, ■29- ' 30; Honorary Member, Wom- an ' s Counnll, ' 30- ' 31; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. ■28- ' 29, •29- ' 30; Y. W. C. A„ President. ' 30- ' 31; Keystone, Milton Israel NEW YORK CITY Arts and Science J. M. Jacks ATA GADSDEN Arts and Science Josephine Jackson LIVINGSTON Education Vice-President Senior Education Class; Delta Sigma. Kenneth V. James TALLASSEE Commerce Sigma Eta; Alpha Kappa Psi ; Quadrangle; Transfer U, S. Naval Academy; Honor Roll, ' 29, ' 30; Commerce Club; Masonic Club; il- ad Librarian, Commerce Library; " Co- rolla " Staff; " Rammer-Jammer " ; Executive Committee, Alternate; President Mid-Term Class, ' 31. Charlotte Clara Jennett cedar grove, n. j. Pre-La w Junior Faculty. Clifford Booth Johnson DECATUR Engineering t Sceior Class Sarah Goode Irvin anniston Education Education Club; Blackfriars; Holder. Ala- bama Federation of Women ' s Clubs Scholar- ship. Paul A. Ivy, Jr. X BIRMINGHAM Commerce Archie Leerov Jackson PHIL CAMPBELL Civil Engineering Charles Kermit Jaeger NEW YORK CITY Pre-Medical Charles W. Jenkins FREEPORT, L. I., N. Y. Commerce Ray Auriel Jernrerg BAYOU LA BATRE Vocational Education Kappa Delta PI; " Crimson-White " ; Hail Chairman, ' 27- ' 28, ' 2S- ' 29; 400 Club; Edu- cation Club; Y. W. C. A. Freshman Com- mission Council. Milton R. Johnson A 2 BALDWIN, LA. ■uu« ' Oil: Ml Hhtf Con aliUcfl i •r CW; I w Class « llVDl ! N in n,Ji IH fi Jacmox RIIU Mtl Jaegb ( cm I. JlNKlXS LL,K.I. . JasBao ' MafW ' " : Hill .•) HI (Ivti; EdD ' CMril . J0H « ; n« CM " ! D. Morgan Jones CITRONELLE Commerce Kappa Gamma Delta; Excelsior; Commerce Club; Rifle Team; Track Team; Assistant Editor Commerce Bulletin: Officers ' Club; Captain R. O. T. C; Junior Faculty; Cir- culation Manager " Rammer-Jammer " . Henry Louis Jordan MOBILE La w John B. Joyce s A E BILOXI, MISS. j Commerce " A " Club; Blackfriars; Varsity Basketball. Andre Daniel Katz z B T HATTIESBURC, MISS. Laiv A.B. Degree. Elbert M. Kidd DOUBLE SPRINGS Arts and Science Peter H. Kralick MT. CARMEL, PA. Arts and Science Phi Beta PI. Camilla Jones A X fi CAMDEN Arts and Science Harwell Heard Jones TUSCALOOSA Arts and Science Scabbard and Blade; ' A " Club; Track; Football; Boxing. Otis L. Jordan YARBO M edicine Phi Beta PI. Wendell Lockwood Kane ATA HERRIN, ill. Pre-Medical John Benjamin Kenny ROCHESTER, N. Y. Arts and Science " Orimson-Whlte " : Freshman Football: Mat- rix Club; Rochester-Alabama Club, Secre- tary. Roy Wood Kimbrough thomasville Law Phi Beta Kappa; Jasons; Phi Delta Phi; A.B.. Alabama. 1917; President Blackfriars, 16- ' 17; Vice-President Freshman Class, ' 13- ' 14; Honor Roll, ' 15- ' 16, ' 28- ' 29; Assistant In Library, ' 15- ' 17: " Alabama Law Journal " , ' 29- ' 30. ' 30- ' 31: Senior Law Class Orator; English Instructor, ' 28- ' 29; Public Speaking Instructor. ' 29- ' 30. ' 30- ' 31; Intercollegiate Debater, ' 28- ' 29: Social Legislation and Eng- lish Instructor, Summer School, ' 30. Ronald Conner Krasky new york city Arts and Science Track Team, ' 29, " 30, " 31; " A " Club. 57 I I 1 Senior Class Randolph Glick Lurie z B T DOTHAN La w Guthrie Swint Mabrey HORTON Chemical Engineering Gamma Sigma Epsilon, President; Tau Beta Pi, Secretary; Chi Beta Phi, Secretary; Theta Tau; Kxecutive Committee: Mining. Metallurgicai and Chemical Society; Chair- man St. Pat ' s Committee; Fellow in Chem- istry; Fellow in Physics; Honor Roll. ' 27- ' 2S. ' 28- ' 29, •29- ' 30; President Junior Engineer- ing Class, ' 29- ' 30. Clara Elizabeth Magill mt. royal, n. j. Arts and Science Home Economics Club; Y. W. C. A. Eugene Turner Mann CEDAR BLUFF Commerce Commerce Club. Herbert Martin e X centreville Arts and Science Scabbard and Blade; Captain Company E, Infantry; Varsity Baseball, ■29- ' 30; " Crlm- son-Whlte " , ' 28- ' 29. ' 29- ' 30; Assistant Busi- ness Manager Blackfriars; Pan-Hellenic Council; Officers ' Club; S. A, M. E. Philip Minor Mason A X A MARION Law Frank M. Maxwell TUSCALOOSA Commerce Senior Class Julia Leigh Lynne K A DECATUR Arts and Science Blackfriars. Frank Thomas Madonia A A BIRMINGHAM Commerce " Crimson-White " and " Corolla " Staffs; Sen- ior Class Historian. Manuel Manella BROOKLYN, N. Y. Arts and Science Pre-Med Club; Hillel Society. Richard M. Mann 2 X EVANSVILLE, IND. Arts and Science Business Manager " Crimson-White " five Committee. Melvin Clark Mashburn 2 N flomaton Arts and Science John Elmer Massey e X KILLEN Vocational Education lota I.,ambda Sigma; Executive Committee; Forensic Council; Secretary Sophomore Class. 1)))IIMC Kit tai ]mm DlIU ) a Ik I 1. E t; f • ' ;Vinii,ii| h } ■•■(j.i,, . Class I IVKi n 1 M.«o n miu Mm Mashiuix in I r EJk« " MUM Cm " " ' ' Senior Class Dominic Asprone Mazzacane A A NEW HAVEN, CONN. Arts and Science Ruth Sikes McCall tuscaloosa Commerce Commerce Club; Chi Theta. Raymond J. McDonald WINFIELD Education Education Club. James C. McGehee 2 N BIRMINGHAM Pre-Medical Phi Chi. Josephine Evelyn McGuire TUSCALOOSA Arts and Science PI Delta Sigma; ' Rammer-Jammer " . Baskerville Y. McLemore 2 K GREENWOOD, MISS. Electrical Engineering A. I. E. E. ; Freshman Football and Track, ' 25; Varsity Squad, •26- ' 27; Winner Military Competition, ' 27. Ralph C. McRight 2 K MOUNT HOPE Arts and Science Daniel Thompson McCall 2 N MOBILE Lav; Omlcron Delta Kappa; Chi Beta Phi; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; •Tasons, President; President of Junior Class, ' 30; Junior Prom Committee, Chairman, ' 30; Secretary-Treasurer Freshman Class; Glee Club; Executive and Honor Committees; Co tillion Club; Druids; Parasites; Skulls; Advertising Manager " Corolla " , ' 31; Assist- ant Editor " Rammer-Jammer " ; " Crimson- White " . Josephine McCorkle BIG STONE GAP, VA. Arts and Science Archibald Bruce McEachin K A . TUSCALOOSA Lain Omlcron Delta Kappa; Jasons; Blackfrlara: Glee Club; Quadrangle; Captain Scabbard and Blade; Honor and Executive Commit- tees; Stratford Club; Sea Dogs; Secretary Freshman Law Class; Military Editor 1931 " Corolla " ; Blue Key. Willis B. McGowin K 2 CHAPMAN Arts and Science Druids; Arch Club; Erosophic, ' 27; President Senior Class ' 31; Blackfriars, ' 27; Pan- Hellenic Council, ' 31. Robert Allan McLane II 2 E WILMINGTON Arts and Science Druids. William Paul McLure TROY Education Quadrangle; President Senior Education Class; Education Club; Kappa Delta Pi. m hi ailDcs t " Of • " ««Pl EttlU ■ " •■TOlt " , Ij; • Hiw tf Cob! " • H«Mf Ein I Vliim » " nm; viTiii t« H: WllM I nu ■rffiif MOEBES U|kIMa:Dn ; • lNi4: rmBle t ■»■)(; MtUU 1,1 Mooov td iiioB nub; ) CM m Senior Class Lawrence Thomas Oakley 2 N DOTHAN Latu Phi Delta Phi; Key Ice; Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil; Vice-President Junior Law Class, ' 29- ' 30; " Alabama Law Journal " Board. ' 29- ' 30 ' 30- ' 31; A.B., Alabama, ' 29. Josef Dominik O ' Zella MOBILE Chemical Engineering Gamma Sigma Epsilon. Francis J. Palme 2 K MERIDIAN, MISS. Civil Engineering Scabbard and Blade; Major Engineering Battalion R. O. T. C. Theodore R. Parker 2 N NEW YORK CITY Arts and Science Sallie Virginia Partrich RALPH Education Caroline Hunt Club. Warren Griswold Payne A NEW LONDON, CONN. Mining Engineering Chi Beta Phi, President. ' 31; Tau Beta Pi, Vice-President; Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Sec- retary; Junior Faculty. ' 30- ' 31; Honor Roll, •29, ' 30, ' 31; Mining Metallurgical and Chemical Engineers ' Club. President; A. A. E., Vice-President; Tau Beta Pi Award; Ranking Sophomore, ' 29. William Davis Peckham K ST. LOUIS, MO. Commerce T % J. " ffiif himn Erosophic; Stratford Club; Chi Delta Phi Honor Council. ' 28- ' 29; Woman ' s Council ■29- ' 30; Honor Roll, ' 27, ' 28. ' 29: Pan-Hel lenic, ' 28- ' 30; Keystone: Caroline Hunt Club Mortar Board, President. u iau ra P.UTMff p. tow Boil; I ' lM. (TTOS USDS ilMlTI Jflri- L Alpha Kappa Psi. Secretary: Alpha Delta Sigma; Vice-President Senior Class; Band: Baton Club: Quadrangle; Commerce Club; Forensic Council; " Crimson-White " Staff. Olivia Prescott M Arts and Science Glee Club; Transfer, Howard, John Dawson Quarles NORTH PORT Commerce Daniel Meade Raleigh ALLISON, PA. Commerce Commerce Club; Newman Club; Samuel Johnson Literary Club, Critic. Ernest A. Razek MOBILE Commerce Alpha Kappa Psi, President; Alpha Delta Sigma; Commerce Club, President; Matrix Society; Editor " Rammer- Jammer " , ' 30- ' 31: Business Manager " Rammer- Jammer " , ' 30: Associate Editor " Crimson-White " and " Co- rolla " ; Junior Faculty, ' 30- ' 31; Junior Prom Committee: Excelsior: Freshman Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. President, ' 28; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, Secretary-Treasurer. ' 30; Forensic Council: Secretary-Treasurer Class, ' 29; Vice-Prtsl- dent Class, ' 30. Joseph Rekant BROOKLYN, N. Y. Pre-Medical Phi Eta Sigma; Honor Roll. ' 2S- ' 29; Follow in Physics. Alden Leon Rickles BOAZ Commerce Delta Pigma Pi; Commorce Club; Publicity Agent. James Bentley Roberts, Jr. A X BIRMINGHAM Commerce Blue Key; Sigma Upsilon; Alpha Delta Sig- ma; Editor of " Crimson-White " , ' 30. ' 31; Head Clieer Leader; Forensic Council; Asso- ciate Editor " Rammer- Jammer " and " Co- rolla " ; " A " Club. Horace Harry Robinson A BUFFALO, N. Y. Meclianical Engineering Tau Beta PI; A. A. B, Vice-President, ' 29- ' 30; Fellow in Mathematics; St. Pat ' s Comi- mlttee, ' 28- ' 31. Eric Rodgers GOSHEN Arts and Science Pi Mu Epsilon. Elizabeth Lamar Rose AAA TUSCALOOSA Arts and Science Kappa D;lta Pi, Secretary; Sigma Pi Sigma; Chi Delta Phi; Erosophic; " Corolla " , ' 29; Freshman Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, ' 28; Junior Faculty. Jeanne Rush Elwood R. Richardson IT K A MERION, PA. Commerce Assistant Editor " Crimson-White " ; " Corolla " Staff. Herbert Louis Rinehart A 2 MANSFIELD, OHIO Commerce Delta Sigma Pi; Alpha Delta Sigma; Baton Club; " Crimson-White " , ' 27- ' 28; Band, ' 27- ' 31; Senior Class Prophet. David A. Robertson K 2 BIRMINGHAM Law Blue Key. Secretary; Jasons; Alpha Kappa Pai. Treasurer. ' 29; Alpha Phi Epsilon; Rho Alpha Tau. " 27; ' Club; Blackfrlars; Key Ice; Manager Track Team. Ben F. Roden ATA BIRMINGHAM Arts and Science Harold Lawton Rogers A X A TUSCALOOSA Pre-Medical Kappa Gamma Psi ; Phi Beta Pi; Junior Faculty; Fellow in Zoology; Glee Club. ' 27- ' 30. President; Pre-Med Club; " Crimson- White " ; " Corolla " . Levy C. Rowell ELBA Arts and Science Leonard Bibbs Russo e X LODI, N. J. Education Boxing Team. k m Joe R. Simmons A e JASPER Commerce Alpha Kappa Psi; Skulls. Frederic William Sington Z B T BIRMINGHAM Arti and Science Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma, Sen- ior Adviser; Blue Key. Treasurer; Jasons; Pan-Hellenic Council, Vice-President: Exec- utive and Honor Committees; Forensic Council; Baton Club, President; Band, ' 27. ' 28; Student Government Association. Vice- President; " Crimson-White " , " Corolla " and " Rammer-Jammer " Staffs; " A " Club, Secre- tary and Publicity Director; Junior Prom Committee. ' 30; Freshman Football, ' 27; Freshman Baseball. ' 28; Varsity Baseball. •28, ' 30. ' 31; Varsity Football, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30; Alternate Captain Football, ' 30; All-South- ern, ' 29, All-American, ' 29; Porter Cup, ' 30; Alpha Delta Sigma; Phi B ta Kappa; Unani- mous, All-American, 1930. Morris Sexton Slay HAZLEHURST, MISS. Arts and Science Cephas L. Smith CULLMAN Commerce Delta Sigma Pi; Junior Faculty. Joseph R. Smith A T n BIRMINGHAM Arts and Science Skulls; Rho Alpha Tau, Council. Pan-Hellenic Zona Smith TUSCALOOSA Arts and Science Girls ' Glee Club, ' 29- ' 30; Assistant In Li- brary. Leslie Kernick Snowdon s K WAKEFIELD, MASS. Arts and Science Transfer, M, I. T. Senior Class Primitivo Sison Singson CEBU, CEBU, PHILIPPINES Mechanical Engineering A. S, M. E. ; Newman Club, ' 28- ' 29, ' 30- ' Sl, Thomas E. Skinner tuscaloosa Clinton William Smiley BROOKLYN, N. Y. Arts and Science Henry Brownlee Smith, Jr. r A LAWTON, OKLA. Arts and Science " A " Club; Track Team, ' 29, ' 30. Lucille Smith ABANDA Arts and Science 7? Sei u M-n " » ffiB) m Im n lu tpltD: !ipu; Hiirtir Mill, 11; ' ' Fir|ll,;V. t ' . J. C« ixll JOHV I ifo Ini Lois Lucille 5nell A z COLBY, KAN. Arts and Science J. Paul Snyder 2 K PITTSBURGH, PA. Arts and Science Rrtili t hi Skcsox Wffil, ■»•■», IMl. ui Smiley : Smith, jr, MTtH iJxtu i,H. Seeior Class Oscar Rubin Spangler LAFOLLETTE, TENX. Commerce Transfer. Maryville College; Philomathic; Excelsior; Senior Class Historian; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Masonic Club; Junior Faculty; Photosraphic Editor 1930 " Corolla " ; " Crim- son-White ' ' and " RamiTier-Jammcr " Staffs; Exci ' isior. Reporter; Alpha Phi Epsilon. Wilson Mayo Spruill EI ' HELVILLE Arts and Science Education Club. Aubrey Ayer Stabler n K A GREENVILLE Arts and Science Phi Chi; Quadrangle; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, ' 27- ' 28. Ida Mae Stallings MURPHVSBORO, ILL. Arts and Science Pi Mu Epsllon; Kappa D Ita Pi; Sigma PI Sigma; Mortar Board; Woman ' s Council, President, ' 31; Honor Roll, ' 28, ' 29. ' 30; Jun- ior Faculty; Y. W. C . A., Treasurer, ' 29; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, ' 31; Honor Committee. ' 29; Keystone. President; Alpha Lambda Delta. Senior Adviser. John Carnes Stephens e r fi ATTALLA Mining Engineering Scabbard and Blade. W. A. Stith, Jr. GUSTON, KY. Medicine Thota Kappa PsI. President. Nona Stokes K A ABBEVILLE Arts and Science ?? " Almon Clarke Stabler n K A GREENVILLE Pre-Medical Alpha Epsllon Delta; National Secretary; Scabbard and Blade; Quadrangle; Delta Sigma Pi; Phi Chi; B.S., Alabama, ' 27; University Accountant; Pan-Hellenic, ' 30- ' 31. James Garrett Stalcup WINFIELD Commerce Sigma Eta. Vice-President; Alpha Kappa PsI; Alpha Delta Sigma; Quadrangle; Honor Roll, ' 27- ' 28; Ward-Sterne Scholarship Prize, ' 28. George Robert Stannus 2 X BILOXI, MISS. Arts and Science Rho Alpha Tau ; Scabbard and Blade; Black- frlars. Mary Elizabeth Stinson LIVINGSTON Education Finis Ewing St. John, Jr. e K N CULLMAN Laiu Phi Alpha Delta; Philomathic; Dons, Sec- retary, ' 30- ' 31. Marcia Leonora Stowe OPELIKA Education Honor Council, •2S- ' 29. ■29- ' 30. 69 Seeior Class Cecil Howard Strawbridge e r n VERNON La w Sigma Delta Kappa: Business Manager " Crimson-White " , ' 28- ' 29; Assistant Busi- ness Manager " Crimson-Wliite " , ' 27; " Co- rolla " Staff. ' 24- ' 27; Associate Business Man- ager " Corolla " and " Rammer- Jammer " , ' 28- ' 29: Editor " Crimson-White " , Summer, ' 29: Euphians: Eroscophic: Flat Cans: Club Ghib nine: Excelsior: Alternate Captain Batter E, ' 28: Education Club: Pre-Law Club: Officers ' Club; " Alabama Law Jour- nal " Board ; Blackfriars. Bill Philip Stutts T K A THOMASVILLE Arts and Science Rho Alpha Mu; Business Staff " Corolla ' ' 29; " Crimson-White " , ' 28- ' 30. Mayburn Allison Teague BIRMINGHAM Education George Jerry Teicher OAT TUSCALOOSA Pre-Medical Pre-Med Club. Virginia Thompson K K r MOBILE Arts and Science Jack Thorington Jr. A e MONTGOMERY La w Phi Delta Phi; Kappa Beta Phi. Robert Bane Trimble r E SHARON, PA. Arts and Science Tau Kappa Delta. S. ' i Jof A, ! C Josf " ' S.l, Senior Class John Edward Tucker RUSSELLVILLE School of Chemistry Gamma Sigma Epsllon; Football, ' 30; Alem bic Club, President. Hyman Underweiser BROOKLYN, N. Y. Arts and Science Hillel Society; " Crimson-White " . •29- ' 31 Junior Faculty; Pre-Med Club. ViGNON CaMILLE UtLEY TUSCALOOSA Arts and Science John Michel Vincentelli A e MONTCOMERY Commerce Philip M. Wagner, Jr. 2 E NEWARK, N. J. Civil Engineering A. S. C. E. ; A. A. E. ; Junior Faculty. Joseph Russell Warne A 2 MANTICOKE, PA. Arts and Science Dons. Ralph Watson FURMAN Medicine Theta Kappa Pai; Executive Committee. " l Z. Norman Tuttle ERIE, PA. Arts and Science Omicron Omoga Nii ; Freshman Football and Baseball. Erin Underw ood K A UNIONTOWN Education Russell Lyme VanOster ELYRIA, OHIO Commerce Lois Vines BESSEMER Arts and Science Meredith O ' Keene Ward TUSCALOOSA Arts and Science Sigma Fi Sigma. Edward Clements Watt AUBURN Medicine Phi Chl. James Abner Watts n K LUVERNE Commerce Alpha Delta Sigma; Scabbard and Blade; S. A. M. B. ; Cfiptain- Adjutant Fourth Bat- talion; " Crimson-White " Stalt, ■28- ' 29. As- siHtant Business Manager, Summer, ' 29; Of- ficers ' Club. n xi nior Class William J. Weatherford URIAH Medicine Phi Chi. Hyman Weinberg z B T OSCEOLA, ARK. Commerce Alpha Delta Sigma; Honor Roll, •2S- ' 20. Fannye Wexer A E MEMPHIS, TENX. Arts and Science Mortar Board, President, ' SO- ' Sl; Pan-Hel- lenic. ' 29- ' 30; Woman ' s Council, ' 29- ' 30; Honor Roll, ' 29- ' 30; Keystone; Union Ad- visory Board; Fellow In English, ' 29- ' 31. Virginia White BIRMINGHAM Arts and Science Chi Delta Phi, Treasurer. ' 30; PI Gamma Mu; Blue Ridge Delegate, ' 30; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, ' 30; Caroline Hunt Club; Education Club; " Corolla " Staff, ' 29; Junior Faculty Clul). ' 29- ' 30; Transf r Birmingham-South- ern, ' 29. Hlgh Reii) Williams e K N KINSTON Lav) Phi . Ipha Delta; President Junior Law Class. Stanley A. Williams WHITE LAKE, N. Y. Education ' ■Rammer- Jammer " , Education Club, Mary Elizabeth Willis ATA BIRMINGHAM Arts and Science Chi Delta Phi, Vice-President, ' 30; Wom- an ' s Council. Vice-President, ' 30; Honor Council, Vice-President. ' 30; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, ' 30, ' 31; Pan-Hellenic; Mortar Board. y{! ' ■-AiMiiin-J ' ' ' ' SStXh, -4i Senior Class William Hawley Weems CLOPTON Medicine Bernard Weinstein SAM JASPER Commerce Lillian Whigham SKIPPERVILLE Education Anna Ruth Williams LUVERNE Education lilt: m Education Club; W. A. A., urer. Secretary-Treaa- MoNT S. Williams r A BIRMINGHAM Commerce Alpha Kappa PsI ; Alpha Delta Sigma; Man- aging Editor " Rammer-Jammer " ; Frater- nity Editor 1931 " Corolla " ; President Pan- Hellenic Council; " Crimson-White " , ' 29- ' 30; Matrix Club; Manager Rat Caps. ' 30; Trans- fer; W. L. David William Wilhelm REPUBLIC Mining Engineering .Scabbard and Blado; S. A. M. B.; Officers ' Club; Mining. Metallurgical and Chemical Engineers ' Club. Jack Ernest Wilsher ATA DETROIT, MICH. Commerce " A " Club; Varsity Baseball, ' 28, ' 29. ' 30. 72 Wesley E. Winter KINCFIELD, MAINE Electrical Engineering S.AM Jay Worms T K A WINFIELD, L. I., N. Y. Arts and Science Matrix Club; Blackfrlars. ' 29- ' 31; " Crimson- White " Staff, ■29- ' 31: " Corolla " Staff; What Not Staff. Ruth Zahm z T A SPRINGFIELD, OHIO Arts and Science Pan-Hellenic; Keystone. ■■ " Ifm- — 1 tyK - ■ ' _- Senior Class Mary Elizabeth Wood K A MOBILE Arts and Science Omega. Edmoxd M. Wyatt A X A HUNTSVILLE Commerce Omlcron Delta Kappa: D Ita Sigma Pi; Alpha Dolta Sigma; Alpha Phi Epsilon; Rho Theta Alpha; Kappa Gamma Delta; Busi- ness Manager l!t31 " Corolla " ; Jasons; Blue Key, President: Junior Faculty; Quadrangle; Honor Roll, ' 27, ' 28. ' 29; Y. M. C. A. Cabi- net. ' 29; Pan-Hellenic Council. ' 28; Greeks. Nelsox Zivitz 2AM JAMAICA, L. I., N. Y. Medicine .A.B.. Alabama, ' 29; Gorgas Medical Society; Forensic Council. 73 Ji P " E I Q 3 I CC: R O L_U. X ii =« 74 William Lowndes Yancey The Orator of Secession, the Villar of Words; (Alabama ' s compeer of liemosthenes and C ' cero. I g) 3 I OO R CD L_ L- a M hl: T it f t: r- :« •X Junior Class Abramowitz, Bernard David Jersey City, N, J. iris and Science Pre-Mcdical Club. Adams, Dorothy Blair, K A Mobile Commerce Chl Theta. Adams, Martha Louise Montgomery Irts and Science Education Club. Adams, Montague Sebert Birmingham Medicine Phi Beta PI. AcEE, George B., A K E Birmingham Arts and Science Skulli. AiKEK, Stewart L., A T A Cleveland, O. Arts and Science Prpsident Sophomore Class; " Crimson-White " and " Corolla " Staffs; Gate Club; Varsity Basketball, ■2!l, ' 30, ' 31; Varsity Baseball. ' 29, ' 30, ' 31; " A " Club; Pan-Hollenic Council, ' 29, ' 30. Alexander, David, TnX Val ley Head Commerce Scabbard and Blade; S. A. M. E. ; Alpha Delta Sigma; " Corolla " Staff, ' 28, ' 31; Rille Team, ' 27, ' 28, ' 29; Freshman Baseball. ' 28. Alexander, Katye Lynn S Tuscaloosa Arts and Science " Crimson-White " Staff. Alfenito, Felix Salvador Bronx, N. Y. Medicine Phi Beta PL Allen, Fisher W., r E Peachland, N. C. Electrical Engineering Kappa Gamma Delta; North Carolina Club; A. I. E. E. ; Honor Roll, ' 30. Allen, James Bentley, II K Birmingham Pre-Medical Phi Chl. Allison, Virginia Mae Tuscaloosa Arts and Science French Club. Alman, Bernice V Gulfport, Miss. Arts and Science Education Club. Alston, James Fms, A K E Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Color Guard, ' 28. ' 29. Alston, Louise Eugenia, X O Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Pre-Law Club. ' 29, ' 30; " Corolla " Staff, ' 29, ' 30. Armstrong, Preston Randolph Melick Springfield, Mo. Education Arnold, Edward Paul, 2: E Batesville, Ark. Commerce AsKiN, Henry Ernest, n K Alexander City Pre-Medical Alpha Epsilon Delta, Treasurer; Band. ' 30. ' 31; Pre-Medical Club; Transfer, Howard College; Phi Chl. Atkins, Dorothy Lyndon, ATA Memphis, Tenn. Education Omega; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, ' 29; Caroline Hunt Club. Atkins, Samuel C Montvale, N. J. Aeronautical Engineering i 1 , 76 I g) 3 I O 7 Junior Class AuERBACH, Stewart H., A K E AuRusta, Ga. Medicine Austin, William, n K A Kirkwood, Mo. Arts and Science Baird, Emmett Holt, K A Columbus, Ga. Arts and Science Baird, Ruth Alline Tuscaloosa Caroline Iliinl Club Banville, Nell E., K A Chicago, 111. Arts and Science Barnett, William Alton, OX Rogersville Law Sigma Delta Kappa; A.B., Alabama, ' 29: Junior Tracii Maiia«:or. ' 27. Barry, Caraliso, K A Biloxi, Miss. Arts and Science Pi; French Club. Baxley, William Weichsel, ATA Stephenville, Texas Arts and Science Beebe, James A., 6 X Livingston Commerce Druids; The Greeks Bell, Frances H., X n Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Blackfriars. Bell, Herbert Mason, B K Brewton Arts and Science Glee Club, ' 29, ' 30; " Crimson-White " Staff. Bennett, Burl Kenneth, 2 E Ft. Wayne, Intl. Commerce President Druids; Blackfriars; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Commerce Club; " Crimson- White " Staff; " Corolla " Staft. Benton, Noel Patrick Buffalo Education Education Club. Berman, Irving Skidmore, 2 New Haven, Conn. Aeronautical Enijincerintj Berman, Joseph Henry, 2 12 New Vork City Arts and Science Berman, Julien Miller, K X Atlanta, Ga. I ' rc-Medical BiRDSONG, Withers Gayden, 2 E Tuscaloosa Engineerinij Officers ' Club; Lieutenant K. O. T. C. Blair, Leslie R., 2 K Waterloo, Iowa Commerce Blake, Kate Heflin Arts and Sdcnce Bond, Thomas M Birmingham Commerce 77 BBni E I g 3 I OO F=? O L_L_ X | »1B6 J , ' m - ' ' 3f 3 1. Junior Class Braushaw, Harsen H., i K2 Vinton, La. jlrls and Science Brakefield, Howard K Carbon Hill Commerce Honor noil, ' 28, ' 29. Bran ' N ' On, George W., ATA Jackson, Miss S ' 4». Arts and Science The Greeks; Scabbard and Blade: Captain Co. " D " ; Gles Club. ' 29, ' 31; War Horse Club; S. A. M. B. Bren ' neman, Garland Edward Ft. Wayne, Ind. Commerce Commerce Club. Broadus, Mary Daniel, ZTA Decatur Arts and Science Bronsteix, Walter Harry Yonkers, N. Y. Arts and Science Brown, Dorothy Chattanooga, Tenn. Arts and Science Brow.v, George Summers, 2 X Birmingham Arts and Science Glee Club. Browning, Philip Oliver, 2 X . . Lees Summit, Mo. Commerce Brunson, Eunice Hazel, A3A Mobile Education V. W. C. A. Cabinet ' 2S. ' 29, ' 30; Secretary, ' 30, ' 31; Honor Council. ' 29. ' 30; Woman ' s Council, ' 30, ' 31; Secretary Education Club, ' 29. ' 30; Vice-President, ' 30, ' 31. Burns, Joe Gladstone, I r E Peachland, N. C. Pre-Laiu Trea.surer Rho Alpha Mu. ' 30; President, ' 30; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. ' 30. ' 31; President Pre-Law Club, ' 30; Pr.sident North Carolina Club, ' 29, ' 30; Vice- President Excelsior; Philomathic; E lucatlon Club; Varsity Debating Team, ' 29, ' 30. Burns, LaReita, ASA Jacksonville, Fla. Arts and Science Busby, Orlan Merrell, Jr Moodys Cross Roads Pre-Medical Tlicta Kappa Psi ; Pre-Mcdical Club. Bush, John Curtis, ! ' r A Mobile Arts and Science Butler, Lois D Birmingham Arts and Science B ERs, Norman William, 6 X Bolivar, Pa. |i || Metallurgical Engineering A Freshman Track; Varsity Track. j ji BvNUM, E. Bruce, 2 K Lineville Electrical Engineering BvRNE, Bryson Tuscaloosa Vocational Education Education Club; Secretary-Trea.surer Junior Education Class. Calabrese, Edward St. James, A A Bayonne, N. J. Arts and Science Caldwell, Paul Barclay, AX Adamsville Commerce Vice-President Junior Commei-ce Class; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Excelsior; " Corolla " Staff. = -_i -- i- 78 -rt-H E IQ3I O O F= O L- I— a. Junior Class Calvert, Virginia, ATA West Monroe, La. Arts and Science Omega. Campbell, George S West Palm Beach, Fla. Arts and Science Carcill, Barnett Rabb Sour Lake, Texas Arts and Science Carpenter, Jacquelin Worth, ASA Toledo, Ohio Arts and Science " Corolla " Staff, ' 31; Pan-Hellenic, ' 30, ' 31. Carroll, Harry L., II K Slocomb Commerce Druids; Delta Sigma PI; Rho Alpha Mu; Forensic Council; Freshman Basket- ball Team. ' 29; Track; Commerce Club; First Sergeant R. O. T. C. ' 29, ' 30. Causev, Paul Spencer, S N Douglas, Ariz. Arts and Science Glee Club. Chisholm, a. Bradshaw, A K E Brockton, Mass Arts and Science Pill Eta Sigma; Honor Roll, ' 28. ' 29; Junior Faculty; Officers ' Club; " Rammer- Jammer " Staff, ' 29, ' 30. Christian, Elizabeth Donoho, K A Northport Arts and Science Omega. Christopher, Henry Childs, 2K Bolinger Pre-Medical Thcta Kappa Psi. Clements, Louie Allen, 2 K Tuscaloosa Education CoBERN, Kermit Clay, TJ2X Maplesville Arts and Science Cocke, Frances Lucille, X fJ Clarksdale, Miss. Arts and Science " Crimson-White " Staff; " Corolla " Staff. CoE, Richard Murray, r A Birmingham Commerce Coleman, Natalie, K A Uniontown Arts and Science Pi; Chi Delta Plii; Honor Council, ' 30. ' 31. CoLLEY, James O. Jr., - N Troy Medicine Phi Chi. Collier, Louise Van-Hood, K A Tuscaloosa Education Glee Club; Blackfriars; Town Representative Woman ' s Council; President Delta Phi Mu; Historian; Y. W. C A. Cabinet; Town Representative; Chairman Social Activities; Education Club. Comer, Mary, K A Anniston Education Omega. Cook, Thomas L., A K E Mobile Arts and Science Rho Alpha Tau; Junior Manager ' arsity Football, ' 30, ' 31; PrcMidcnt Junior Class; Exchange Editor " Hammer-Jammer " . ' 29, ' 30, ' 31; " Corolla " Staff, ' 28 ' 29, ' 30, ' 31; Secretar.v-Treasurer Sophomore Class; Freshman Baseball; Officers ' Club; Blue Key. Cotton, Mary Lucy, X U Columbus, Ga. Arts and Science " Rammer-Jammer " Staff; " Corolla " Staff. ' 30, ' 31; " Crimson-White " Staff, ■30, ' 31. Cox, William Thomas Richard, A X A Elizabeth, N. J. Pre-Medical Phi Beta PI; Pre-Medical Club; Officers ' Club; Glee Club; " Corolla " Staff; French Club. f ■■ i if ' I k 79 !• ' O I Q 3 I CZO FR O L-l— A. Junior Class Craco, Joseph Frank Irvington, N. J. Arts and Science " Rammer-Jammer " Staff. Craco, Louis Joseph Irvington, N. J. Arts and Science Creel, Joe, IIKA Tuscaloosa Pre-Latv phi Eta Sigma; Quadrangle; President Rho Alpha Mu. ' 29; Druids: Honor Roll. ' 28, ' 29; Executive and Honor Committees. ' 30, ' 31; Assistant to Union Director; Blue Key; Intt rcollegiate Debating Team. Crosby, Lucille Calvert, KKT Mobile Arts and Science Y. w. c. A. CuMBAA, Gordon Adolph Girard Arts and Science Band: Rifle and Boxing Teams; Officers ' Club; Excelsior: " Rammer-Jammer " Staff. Cunningham, Charles Albert, r A Mobile Arts and Science Dadd, Russell S., 6 T Lakewood, Ohio Physical Education Daffin. Jewel Mae, X il Panama City, Fla. Arts and Science " Rammer-Jammer " Stal¥; Y. W. C, A. Counsellor; Pi. Daffron, Albert Tvler Holt Pre-Medical Davidson, Alvin S., II K Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Glee Club. Davis, Luther, Jr., AKE Tuscaloosa Medicine Alpha Epsilon Delta; Phi Beta Pi; A.B., Alabama. Davis, Mary Elizabeth Nashville, Tenn. Education Daugherty ' , William Russell, A ■ Alliance, Ohio Commerce Dean, Lillie Mae, AXn Birmingham Arts and Science DeFuniak, Albert F., n 9 X Birmingham Arts and Science Scabbard and Blade; Druids; Intra-Mural Committee; Officers ' Club. Del Colliano, Michael Rocco Jersey City, N. J. Pre-Medical Pr-Medical Club. De Luca, Edward, A2 J Montclair, N. ]. Civil Engineering Phi Eta Sigma; A. ?. C. B. ; Honor Roil, ' 28. ' 29, ' 30. Derby, Carrie, ATA York Arts and Science De Turke, Ruth Van Liebt Reading, Pji. Arts and Science Tau Kappa Alpha; Blackfriars; Transfer, Bucknell University. Dewberry, James Wilkinson, A T n Birmingham Commerce Freshman Tr: ck Team; Freshman Tennis; Quadrangle; President Sophomore Class. 8o « E I Q 3 I O O L- l_ V, Junior Class DiER, Minnie Beatrice Tuscaloosa Education Alpha Lambda Delta. DOBSON, Rob Wedowee Pre-Medical Phi Beta PI. Dodge, Clifton Earl, . 2 Tuscaloosa Commerce Million Dollar Band: Commerce Club; Baton Club. Dollar, Franc es Mildred, ZTA Monroe, La. Arts and Science Doyle, John A.vthony Elmira, N. Y. Arts and Science •■Crinison-Whito " Staff. Drummond, Addison Peairs, ATA Bonifay, Fla. La w Delta Sigma PI; Alpha Delta Sigma; Scabbard and Blade; Ma.ior R. O. T. C. ; Forensic Council; S. A. M. E. ; Honor Roll, ' 27. ' 28; Gate Club; Cotillion Club Committee; Executive Committee, ' 29. ' 30. Drummond, William Franklin, ATA Birmingham Pre-Medical Eagle, Adolph Joseph, SAM Montgom-,-ry Pre-Law Eatman, Mary Gladys Tuscaloosa Education Education Club. Ebersole, William Malcolm Tuscaloosa Engineering Mining. Metallurgical and Chemical Engineers ' Club. Edwards, Kermit C Birmingham Law Ellis, Thomas Talbot, 2 X Birmingham Lazu Blackfrlara; Glee Club; Assistant Business Manager " Crimson-White " ; Pan- Hellenic Council; " Corolla " Staff; Intra-Mural Committee. Epperson, Jessie Tommie Midway Education EsTES, Charles Richard, Jr., X Birmingham Commerce Alpha Kappa Psi; Rho Alpha Tau ; Skulls; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Junior Faculty. Eubanks, John T Carrollton Law Sigma Delta Kappa; A.B., Alabama, ' 30; Vice-President Junior Law Claims; Treasurer Club, ' 29; " Alabama Journal " Staff. Evans, W. Eerney, B K Birmingham Commerce Blackfrlars. Farwell, Mary Edna Birmingham Arts and Science Newman Club. Faucett, Omar Truett Northport Commerce Faucett, William Lewis Northport Commerce Feirer, Edward Wendelin Union City, N. J. Pre-Medical " 1 1 ■■-:» 8i ran ' 4 t- ) • ■■ V SI m ' ri ■ ■ - i. jri ij: i i i i i M Junior Class Fink, BE f Woodcliff, N. J. Pre-Medical FisciiMAN, Leonard Newark, N. J. Pre-Medical Fnrs, Alston, II, A K E Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Fleming, Robert Harold, K 2 Pensacola, Fla. Engineerinff Theta Tau; Executive Committee; S. I, A. E. E. ; Football and Track Squads. Flowers, Walter W Tuscaloosa Laiv Phi Alpha Delta; Arch Club; Blackfiiars ; Scabbaid and Blade; R. A. T.. ' 25. Forsyth, William Leroy Hartford, Conn. Mining Ent ineering M. M. and C. E. Club. Foshee, John Alwvn, TfiX Maplesville La w Fresh, Chester S New Orleans, La. Pre-Medical Frve, Anthony Lawrence, . A Sharpsville, Pa. Pre-Medical Fulton, Robert Allen, K 2 Duquesne, Pa. Pre-Mrdical Phi Chi; Quadrangle. GAlanti, Philip J., 9 X Lodi, N. J. Civil Engineering S. A. M. E. ; Officers ' Club; A. S. C. E. Garner, Robert, 2 X West Point, Miss. Commerce Garrett, Frank B., 2 A E MontRomery Electrical Engineering Theta Tau. CSause, Bernard, n K Selma Commerce Alpha Kappa I si. Gay, Emerson, IIK Scottsboro .Iris and Science Gay, James S., n K Ashland Pre-Medical phi Chi; Phllomatliic. Gay, John Coleman Charleston, W. Va. Commerce (Jewin, Borden Eugene, TOX Tuscaloosa Chemical Engineering Giannone, Eugene Hugh, A A New York City Pre-Medical Gibson, Dan McDonnell, ATA Birmingham Pre-La w wm " ,t= =g B «S:-«.K J 82 Q 3 I CO FR CD l_ l_ Junior Class GiBSOK, John B Wadlev Vocational Education Iota Lambda Sigma. GiLLis, Marv Morrison, X n Pontotoc, Miss. Commerce Chl Theta; Y. W. C. A.; Commoico Club. GoGCANs, Mary Moss Hissop Education GoODLOE, Mason F., A K E Mobile Lavi Griffin, Clara, A Z Tuscaloosa Education Pi; Queen of Enginoer.s. ' 30. Griffin, Irvin Hilary, IIKA Moundville Medicine Alpha Kpsilon Delta; Alpha Phi Epsilon; Phi Chi: Preaid nt Fre.shman Medical Class; A.B., Alabama; President Euphian, ' 28. Griffith, Robert Leland, 2 E Sheffield Pre-Medical Secretary Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Phi Beta Pi; Erosophic; Pie-Medical Club; " Corolla " Stalt, ' 30; Honor Roll; Fellow In Zoology. GuiN, Jessie Evelyn Guin Education Hacen, Marguerite Elizabeth Claymont, Del. Arts and Science Pi Delta Sigma; Phi Club. Hagler, Marie Louise, X fi Northport Arts and Science Zeta Phi Eta; Rbo Alpha Mu ; Secretary Prp-Law Club. Hampton, Roy Ernest, eTfi Bessemer Metallurgical Engineering Hare, William Kexdrick, X Brown Medicine Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Chi. Hargis, Albert Sydney, Jr., B K Birmingham Medicine Pi Sigma Chi; Phi Chi. Harris, Dan Blake, r E Munford Pre-Medical Phi Chi; Pre-Medical Club; " Corolla " Staff. ' 29; " Crimson-White " Staff, ' 29. Hawkins, Annie Mary Livingston Education Heath, Willie Owen Birmingham Chemical Engineering Henson, Frances Keys, K A Cartersville, Ga. Education Omega; Blackfriars; Woman ' s Council. Hereford, Robert Earl Gurley Electrical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma; Tau B; ta PI. Hereford, Thomas Albert New Market Cliemical Engineering Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Gamma Sigma Kp.silon; Chi Beta Phi; President Junior Engineering Class; Vice-President Sophomore; Quadrangle; Pub- licity Manager A. I. M. M. E. ; Honor Roil, ' 29. ' 30; " Corolla " Staff. Herndon, James Marvin Savannah, Ga. Aeronautical Engineering Kappa Gamma Delta. 83 O l_L_ A ' X ' } r y Junior Class Hester, Elizabeth Dunlap, K A Eutaw Arts and Science Woman ' s Council. ' 30; Junior Faculty; " Rammt-r-Jammer " Staff. ' 29, ' 30. Hester, Mary A.nn, A Z Leesburg, Fla. Education Woman ' s Council. Hewitt, Harry, ' fSK Sioux Falls, S. D. Commerce Offlcors ' Club; First Lieutenant Batter.v " K " ; " Corolla " Staff, ' 29; Honor Roll, ' 28, ' 29; Fencing Team, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30. Hightower, William Baylis, SAE Athens Commerce Transfer, W. L. Hines, Jake, I ' 2 K Webster Springs Arts and Science HiNSOV, EvAXS, K A Montgomery Arts and Science Hirsch, Lucien Brooklyn, N. Y. Medicine Alpha Epsilon Delta; Phi Beta Pi. Hitchcock, Victor Vincent North East, Pa. Arts and Science Hoffman, Chauncey Windber, Pa. Pre-Medical iloLBERR, Ralph Gans, ZBT Mobile Law Mollis, Morris Kennedy, 9T0 Winfield Arts and Science Holm, Incer Frances, A X fi Birmingham Arts and Science Blacltfriar.s; Glee Club; " Rammer- Jammer " Staff. HoLz, Wilbur George, A 9 Valley Stream, N. Y. Pre-Medical Hook, Roth Easley, K S Eutaw Commerce Houston, J. R. Ellis, Jr., I 2K Bessemer Pliysical Education Freshman Football: Varsity Football; Officers ' Club. Houston, Martin Edgar Oxford School of Chemistry Alembic Club. Howe, Edwin Everett, 2 X Evansville, Ind. Arts and Science Howell, Floie, ZTA Panama City, Fla. Arts and Science Blackfriars; Y. W. C. A.; Education Club. HuBER, Frederick Earl, T fi X Williamsville, N. Y. Engineering Phi Eta Sigma; Kappa Gamma Delta; S. A. M. E. ; A. S. C. E. ; A. A. E.; Honor Roll; President Sophomore Engineering Class; St. Patrick ' s Committee; Scabbard and Blaile; Officers ' Club; Jister, Court of St. Pat. ' 31. Hummer, Earl, X . . Huntington, Ind. Commerce Alpha Kappa PsI; Freshman Basketball; Freshman Baseball. S C ■ ■ - 84 = f P k s TY-i 13 3 1 OO F? CD l_U- Junior Class HuxFORD, Phoebe, K K r Mobile Education Caroline Hunt Club. Irvine, Charles Elliot Meridian, Miss. Arts and Science Rho Alpha Mu. Israel, Melvin, K N Tuscaloosa Pre-Law Rho Alpha Mu; Pre-Law Club; Intercollegiate Debating Team; Blackfriars; Sports Editor " Crimson-White " ; Spirit Committee. Ivy, Katherixe, ATA Birmingham Arts and Science Omega. Jackson, Ada Ashland Education Jackson, James Theodore, IIK Ashford Law President Student Body, Howard College; Honor Roll; Quadrangle; Fhilo- mathlc; President B. S. U. Council; Junior Faculty; Varstly Debating Team; " Alabama Law Journal " Staff. Jackson, Max Campbell Notasulga Physical Education Freshman Football, ' 28; Varsity Football. ' 30. Jackson, Mell Frazer, IIK Birmingham Engineering Jaffe, David Harold, i BA Birmingham Commerce " Crimson-White " Staff. ' 28, ' 29, ' 30; " Corolla " Staff, ' 30. Jefferies, Mabel Louise Citronelle Arts and Science French Club; Education Club; W. A. A.; Caroline Hunt Club; Hockey Squad. Jefferies, Robert Beverly Citronelle Aeronautical Engineering Kappa Gamma Delta; Scabbard and Blade; Oflicer.s ' Club; President S. A. M. E., ' 30, ' 31; Executive Committee. 30, 31. JiLER, George Howard Bridgeport, Conn. Arts and Science Feature Editor " Crimson-White " ; Publicity Manager " Rammer- Jammer " ; Blackfriars; " Corolla " Staff; Secretary-Trea.surer Matrix Club; Spirit Com- mittee. Johnson, Andrew Shepherd, K A Columbus, Ga. Arts and Science Johnson, Arthur Norman, 2 K Worcester, Mass. Commerce Pan-Hellenic Council. Johnson, Jack Henry . ............ Brooklyn, N. Y. Electrical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma; A. I. E. E. Johnson, Ormond Watson, Jr., K 2 Lynchburg, Va. Commerce Manager Freshman Football. ' 28; Treasur r " A " Club; Assistant Business Manager Athletic Association; Assistant Business Manager " Corolla " . ' 30; Vice-President Druids. Johnston, Edith A., K A Mobile Education Omega. Johnston, Watkins Cook, 2 N Tuskegee La-w Alpha Kappa Psi; Phi Alpha Delta; Kappa Beta Phi; Varsity Debating; President Junior Law Class. Johnstone, Charles A. L., Jr., I Ae Mobile Pre-La w Phi Eta Sigma; Honor Roll. ' 29. ' 30; Stratford Club; " Corolla " Staff, ' 30; Quadrangle. Jolly, Mack H., T fi X Tallassee Commerce Delta Sigma Pi; Alpha Delta Sigma; Excelsior; Commerce Club. %v 8s = - E 1331 CORQ L_l_A Junior Class Jones, Cadwallader, Jr., A T f2 Birminshani School of Chemistry skulls; Parasites. Jokes, James H Highland Home Commerce Cotnmerce Club. Jones, John Edward, 2 I E Mobile Arts and Science Jones, Margery Goodman, K A Cumberland, Md. Education Chl Delta Phi. Jordan, Henry Claudius Robertsdale Medicine Alpha Mu Rho; Phi Bt ' ta Pi; Vice-President Freshman Medical Class; A.B.. Alabama. 29. Kexdrick, Marvin Hayne, K A Luverne Pre-Medical Fellow in Zoology; Honor Roll, ' 29, ' 30; Alpha Ep. iilon Delta. Kimbrough, Edwin, ATfi Opelika Arts and Science Glee Club; Freshman Basketball. ' 29; Varsity Basketball; " A " Club; Quad- rangle; Officers ' Club; Druids; Blue Key. King, Mary Katherine, A X J2 Foley Arts and Science KiRSCHBLUM, Harry, I BA Bridgeport, Conn. Pre-Medical Klass, Cy Canby Rochester, N. Y. Commerce Commerce Club; " Crimson-White " RtalT; " Corolla " Staff. Ki.iNKOWSTEiN, Isadore Tuscaloosa Commerce Commerce Club; Honor Roll. Koerner, Marie Florence, ZTA Oak Grove, La. Arts and Science KopcHA, Joseph Edwards, B K Whiting, Ind. Medical Blue Key; Phi Beta Pi. KuZMACK, Dennis Garfield, N. J. Arts and Science Labovitz, Rachel Bessie Montgomery Education Laney, John Malcolm, n K A Birmingham Physical Education Baseball, ' 29; Basketball, ' 29. Lancford, Lois Marie, X fi Lakeland, Fla. Arts and Science Larkins, Hauchton Ben Elba Pre-Lavj Masonic Club. Laubenheimer, William J., A Tuscaloosa Engineering Varsity Track; " A " Club. Leach, Foy Alvin Siloam Springs, Ark. Education 86 . I Q 3 I COR O L_ I— A. Junior Class Leland, John Du Bois, K S Tuscaloosa Pre-Laiu Skulls. Lester, Clarice Birmingham Arts and Science Junior Faculty; Honor Council, ' 29, Levy, Corinne, A E Birmingham Education Keystone; M ' oman ' s Honor Council, ' 29; Education Club, 29. Levy, Louise E., A E Birmingham Physical Education Junior Faculty; W. A. A. Lightfoot, Fox, ern Troy Commerce Commerce Club, ' 28, ' 29. ' 30; ••Crimson-White " StalT, ' 29, ' 30. LOKEY, Kathleen M Buffalo, N. Y. Arts and Science Junior Faculty; Caroline Hunt Club; Contemporary Debate Club; French Club; Fr.shman Y. W. C. A. Cabinet; Chi Delta Phi. Long, Larry A., A T fi Savannah, Ga. Pre-Law Rho Alpha Mu; " Corolla " Staff ' 28. ' 29; ••Rammer- Jammer " Staff, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30; " Crimson-White " Staff, ' 28. ' 29, ' 30; Pre-I aw Club; Blackfriars. Long, Leon Haleyville Arts and Science Football Team; " A " Club; Baseball Team. Lorick, Herbert Calhoun, Jr., A 6 Augusta, Ga. Commerce Alpha Kappa Psi; Arch Club; Kappa Beta Phi. Lovelace, B. Flourney, 2 N Brewton La w Phi Delta Phi; Secretary-Treasurer Skulls; Rho Alpha Tau; Glee Club; Junior Prom Committee. LucHOW, Mortimer Eugene, B A . Brooklyn, N. Y. Arts and Science ••Crimson-White " Staff, ' 28. LuSK, Janet, A Z Pensacola, Fla. Commerce Blackfriars; Pi. Lyles, Marion, AAA _ Okalona, Miss. Arts and Science Pi. Lynch, James Phillip, Jr., nK Mobile Laio Glee Club- Assistant Editor " Ramm: r- Jammer " ; A.B., Alabama. ' 30; Debating Team. ' 28, ' 29; Baton Club. Lyons, Amelia, ATA Mobile Arts and Science Omega. MacLeod, Virginia, AAA Mobile Education Secretary Erosophic, ' 28; Glee Club, ' 2S, ' 29, ' 30; Pan-Hellenic; Woman ' s Council- Y. W. C. A. Counsellor; Caroline Hunt Club; Pi; Vice-President Delta Club. ' 29; Delta Phi Mu. Maier, Frederick Capron, Ben Seneca Falls, N. Y. Commerce Scabbard and Blade; Dons. Malee, Harold Anaconda, Mont. Pre-Medical Pre-Medlcal Club. Malone, Ralph John, 2 X Gary, Ind. Pre-Laiu Excelsior; " Crimson-White " , ' 29, ' 30; Band ' 28, ' 29, ' 30. Manxill, Ruby Elinor Andalusia Education Education Club; Keystona. = 87 ' 1 Q 3 I OO F( O l_l_ 5 ■ 1 Junior Class Markstein, D. Harry, Jr., ZBT Birmingham Arts and Science Blackfriars. Marshall, James Moore, X Marion Pre-Medical Skulls; Pre-Medical Club. Marshall, Kenneth Glenn, Jr., ATA Birmingham Commerce Martin, Iris, A3A Birmingham Commerce Chi Theta. Maxwell, Mary Aileen, X n Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Delta Phi Mu ; Pi; Business Manager Girls ' Glee Club. McAlister, Mary Isabel Wiergate, Texas Arts and Science McCall, Winston Bush, AKE Mobile Pre-Law Phi Eta Sigma; Rho Alpha Mu; Druid.s; Honor Roll, ' 28. ' 29; Pre-Law Club; Offlocrs ' Club; " Corolla " Staff; " Crimson-White " Stalt; " Rammer- Jammer " Staff; Manager Freshman Baseball. McCarthy, Mary Josephine Salem Education Education Club; Spanish Club; W. A. A. McCuLLOUGH, Paul Perry Town Creek Commerce McDonnell, William Francis, AKE Mobile Laiu Phi Delta Phi. McDowell, Thomas F., 2 A E Ensley Lain Druids; Delta Sigma Pi; Phi Alpha D Ita; Blackfriars; " Rammer- Jammer Staff; " Corolla " Staff; Junior Prom Committee. McMuLLEN, Douglas Campbell, r A Schenectady, N. Y. Pre-Law Blackfriars; Key Club and Stage Manager; Druids, McRee, John Charles, AX Greenville Latu Phi Alpha Delta; Blackfriars. Meriwether, Lida Rogers, K A Eutaw Arts and Science Meyer, Hudson Fulton, 9 X Rockville Centre, N. Y. Arts and Science Alpha Delta Sigma; Secretary-Treasurer Junior Class. Mims, Raymond P., r E Clanton Pre-Laiv Rho Alpha Mu. Mitchell, Mary, ATA Montgomery Education Treasurer Omega; Chi Delta Phi; Caroline Hunt Club; Property Manager Blaektriars; Delta Club. Mize Henry Holman, IIK Tuscaloosa Arts and Science ExcL ' lsior; Pre-Law Club. Montgomery, Mary, K A Anniston Arts and Science Omega. Moon, Martha Cornelia Livingston Arts and Science Y. W. C. A.; Freshman Counsellor; Treasurer B. S. U. 88 Ig 3l OCDR C LLA Junior Class MooNEY, Hugh Opp Education Executive Committee; President Junior Education Class. MooRHEAD, Thomas Edwin Ellwood City, Pa. Education Moore, Clarke Harrison, 2 E Cleveland, Ohio Commerce Druids; President Blackfriars; ; President Key Club; Commerce Club; " Crim- son-White " Statt; •■Corolla " Staff. Moore, Henry Ehott, IIK Clinton, N. C. Commerce Officers ' Club; Transfer. North Carolina State. Moore, Myra Lee Clanton .Irts and Science Morgan, Sam J., K A Montevallo Arts and Science Morris, Joe Martin, T A Birmingham Arts and Science The Greeks; President Delta Club, ' 29, ' 30; Excelsior; President Erosophic; Forensic Council; Blackfriars; " Rammor-Jammer " Staff; " Crimson-White " Staff. Moulder, William Palmer Minter Education President Freshman Education Class; President Sophomore Education Class; Publicity Manager Education Club. Mullen, Ruth McLean, X fi Tupelo, Miss. Education Blackfriars, Munkasy, Zoltan Bridgeport, Conn. Chemical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma. Murphy, Patricia, A O Phenix Arts and Science Murray, V. Bonneau, A9 Montgomery La-w Phi Beta Kappa; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi D:-lta Phi; Secretary Blue Key. ' 29; Honor Roll, ' 26. 27, ' 28, ' 29; Skulls; Erosophic; President Senior Class; Honor and Executive Committees, ' 28, ' 29; Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 29; Tennis Team, ' 28, 29; Manager, ' 29; Second Prize. Freshman Declamation Contest; Secretary Junior Class; Junior Faculty, ' 29; Parasites; President Freshman Law Class; Secretary and Treasurer Student Government Association, ' 29, ' 30; Quadrangle; President Southern Federation of College Students, ' 30, ' 31, Naudain, Edward A Marshallton, Del. Engineering Neighbors, Mary, ASA Tuscaloosa Arts and Science NicoL, Fred Walter, rA Tuscaloosa Commerce " Rammer- Jammer " Staff. Niles, Charles F Willard, Ohio Arts and Science Phi Eta Sigma. Noble, William Gadsden Pre-Medical Phi Beta Pi; Prc-Medical Club. NoRRis, Grace Flanagan Tuscaloosa School of Chemistry Secretary Alembic Club. Notthincton, Ella, K A Prattville Arts and Science PL Owens, Bell, AXO Heflin Arts and Science i pv i ' r- 89 " i I ■ =? CD L_I_ X .{ a iTA Junior Class OwEKS, EwELL Haston Dothan Commerce Delta Sigma Pi; Band; Bato n Club; Secretary-Treasurer Junior Commerce Class. Palmeri, Vincent James, A A... Buffalo, N. Y. Pre-Medicat Band, ' 30. ' 31. Papp, Sandor D Youngstown, Ohio - Medicine Pill Beta ri. Parry, Robert Clayton, AAX Teaneck, N. J. Mechanical Engineering Paterson, John Albert, 2 X Mobile Commerce Druids: Rho Alpha Tau; Alpha Kappa Psl; President Kappa Gamma Delta; •Rammer-Jammer " Staff; President Crimson Tete Club; Commerce Club. Patton, Alta Chapman Livingston Arts and Science Patton, David U., 2AE Athens Pre-Law Pation, Imogene Northport Arts and Science Payne, William Walter, Jr Greensboro Pre-Medical ThGta Kappa Psl. Pedico, Ken S., A X Birmingham Engineering Blue Key; " Corolla " Staff; Assistant Cheer Leader, ' 29. ' 30, ' 31; Druids; Vice-President Forensic Council, ' 30. ' 31; Boxing Team, Junior Manager. Penix, Camille, AAA Jackson, Miss. Arts and Science Omega. Pennington, Martin Beadenkopf, S E Marshallton, Del. Pre-Medicat Phi Beta Pi; Prc-Medical Club. Perdue, Mary Olivia, AXJi Birmingham Arts and Science Woman ' s Council; Education Club; French Club; Y. W. C. A. Perez, Charles Julian Mobile Commerce Fellow in Spanish; T. E. A. Perkins, Corinne Ruth, KKT Bay St. Louis, Miss. Arts and Science Vice-President Omega; Delta; " Corolla " Staff, ' 29. ' 30; " Rammer- Jammer " Staff, ' 30, ' 31; Glee Club, ' 30, 31; Honorary Member Kappa Beta Phi. Peters, Peggy, AXfi Fayette Arts and Science Pfleger, Sydney S Mobile Law Band, ' 27, ' 28; Philomathlc; Gate Club, Pickens, June, nB Tuscaloosa Lain Chi Delta Phi; Sigma Phi Eta; Phi Beta Kappa; Secretary Portia Club; Secretary Stratford Club; Secretary Alabama Law Journal Board. PiRKLE, Thomas Lafayette Kossuth, Miss. Pre-Dental Theta Kappa Pai; Pre-Medical Club; Million Dollar Band; R. O. T. C. Band. Pitts, Robert Newton, IIKA Pittsview Engineering 90 I I I I Q 3 I OO F? O L_ L_ A. : ? Junior Class Plowden, Leonora E., A A A Houston, Texas Education Sophomore Representative Woman ' s Council. Poole, William Lavvan Birmingham Medicine Phi Chi. Porter, Gerald E., Jr., 2 X Hollywood, Cal. Commerce Transfer, Stanford; Rho Alpha Tau; Delta Sigma rl. Porter, Irvine Craig, I Ae Birmingham Laix) Powell, Addine Reid Holt Education Powell, Newton Benjamin Falkville Pre-Laiv Crimson Tele. Powelson, William Taylor Johnstown, Pa. School of Chemistry PoYNOR, Wilmer Smith, 2AE Florence, S. C. Commerce Druids; Alpha Kappa Psl ; Delta Club; Tennis, ' 29. ' 30; Manager Intra-Mural Sports. Prater, Frederick William, Jr Palmer, Mass. Education Prescott, Agather Norman, ASA Brewton Education Erosophic; Vice-President Sophomore Education Class; 400 Club; Biackfriars. Price, Mary Kate, K K r Taichow, Kiangsu, China Arts and Science Chi Delta Phi; Caroline Hunt Club; Y. W. C. A. Committee. Price, Sara Gertrude, A Z Tuscaloosa Education Alpha Lambda Delta; Honor Roll; Y. W. C. A. Council. Pride, Richard Fletcher, K A Madison Arts and Science Pruitt, Clayton O., 9 T fi Atmore Commerce Commerce Club. Pyron, Kirby Collins Collinsville Commerce Junior Manager Basketball Teain. Rainer, Sterling P., 2 N Union Springs Arts and Science Skulls. Rather, John D., IV, K A Tuscumbia Laiu Phi Delta Phi. Redmond, Benjamin Fred, 9 K N Birmingham Medicine Phi Beta Pi. Reed, Hugh, TKA Centre Pre-Laiu Kappa Gamma Delta. Reed, John A., S X Thornwood, N. Y. Engineering Theta Tau. 91 1 m E I Q 3 I OO F= O l_L_ a Junior Class Reeder, Howard Linden, ATfi Florence Arts and Science Arch Club. Reese, Martha Brenham, Texas .Irts and Science Reeves, William Cathey Weaverville, N. C. Arts and Science " Crimson-White " Staff; Intramural Staff. Relfe, May, K A Mt. Meigs Education Omega. Reynalds, Jessie Louise, K K F Mobile Education Caroline Hunt Club. Richardson, William Clyde, IIKA Merion, Pa. Commerce Rife, Jaxet Lyon, X Q Tuscaloosa Arts and Science pi; Pre-Law Club ' 28, ' 29; Girls ' Debating- Society. ' 28. ' 29; French Club, ' 28, ' 29. ' 30, ' 31; President Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 30, ' 31; Keystone, ' 30, ' 31. Rippere, Margaret M Tuscaloosa Education Rivkin, Raymond Sheldon, BA Brooklyn, N. Y. Arts and Science " Crimson-White " Staff. ' 28. ' 29. Roberts, William Byron, BTfi Vernon Arts and Science Robertson, Johnnie Banks, BTO Vernon Medicine Phi Chi. ROBiNTON, Roy, SA Mobile Enffineerinff A. I. E. E.; S. a. M. E. Robison, Sarah Cabot, M Wetumpka Arts and Science Blackfriars; " Crimson-White " Staff; Glee Club; Transfer, Howard; Junior Rep- resentative to Woman ' s Council; " Rammer-Jammer " Staff. Roche, Dan Jr., X Eyanston, 111. Mechanical Engineering Roobin, Bertha Rosamond, A E Birmingham Education Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 29, ' 30; Education Club. ' 29. Rosenbush, Bernard, Jr Tuscaloosa Arts and Science " Rammer- Jammer " Staff; " Crimson-White " Staff; Officers ' Club; PI Delta Sigma; Hillel Society. RoscoE, Elmer Dean Youngstown, Ohio Chemical Engineering Kappa Gamma Delta; Delta Alpha Epsilon; S. A. M. E.; A. S. M. M. C. E.; Officers ' Club; St. Patrick ' s Committee. ' 30, ' 31; Rifle Team. Sacks, Herman, 2AM Troy Pre-Medical Pre-Medlcal Club. Santil, a. William, PAX Rochester, N. Y. Pre-Medical Kappa Alpha Mu; Vice-President Rho Alpha Chi. ScHEUER, Jack, Z B T Montgomery Arts and Science " A " Club- Varsity Track; Blackfrlafs; " Corolla " Staff; " Rammer-Jammer " StafT- Excelsior; Erosophlc; " Crimson- White " Staff; Blue Key; Junior Prom ' Committee, l .; 92 E 1 Q 3 I OO F O L_L_ V Junior Class ScHiLLECi, Paschal Anthony, A 4 A Bessemer Pre-Medical Scott, Howard Gordon Yel low Pine Arts and Science Intercollegiate Debating Team; Radio Director Excelsior: Vice-President Pre- Law Club: Vice-President Rho Alpha Mu; President Rho Alpha Mu; Vice- President Excelsior; Philomathic. Sedberry, William D Wetumpka Pre-Medical Phi Chi. Sentell, James Oscar, Jr., r A Luverne Lav) Secretary Omicron Delta Kappa, ' 29. ' 30: Alpha Delta Sigma; Phi Delta Phi Honor and Executive Committ es, ' 28. ' 29. ' 30, ' 31; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, ' 28 Vice-President, ' 29; General Secretary, ' 30; Forensic Council, ' 28, ' 29. ' 30 President Blue Key. ' 29, ' 30; Vice-President Jasons. ' 29, ' 30; Treasurer Quadrangle, ' 29, ' 30; Vice-President Freshman Law Class; " Corolla " Staff, ' 27, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31; Feature Editor " Crimson-White " , ' 29. Seymour, Wallis A., A X A Selma Commerce Blue Key: Druids; Alpha Kappa Psi; Rho Alpha Tau; Freshman Baseball; Varsity Basjball; " Corolla " Staff, ' 28, ' 29, ' SO; Officers ' Club; Pan-Hellenic Council. Greeks. Shepherd, Joe Henry, Jr., ATO Tuscaloosa Comtnerce Arch Club. Shoff, Ellaruth, ATA Valley Stream, N. Y. Iris and Science Omega. SHORT, Roland Thomas, 9TQ Jasper Pre-Medical Phi Beta Pi. SiGREST, Eloise Gadsden Arts and Science SiMMS, William Comer, GTfi Searight Pre-Medical Phi Chi; Freshman and Varsity Football. Simpson, David Leon Tuscaloosa Chemical Engineering Baton Club; M. M. and C. E. Club. Simpson, James Alden, K 2 Engineering . Birmingham Secretary Thcta Tau; Captain Varsity Tennis Team. ' 31; President Skulls. ' 30. ' 31; Intra-Mural Board; Quadrangle; Delta Club; " Corolla " Staff; General Chairman Cotillion Club Committee. Skelton, Newton Birmingham Mining Engineering Phi Eta Sigma; Secretary-Treasurer Junior Class; Honor Roll. ' 29, ' 30; S c- retary-Treasurer A. I. M. M. E.. ' 30; Junior Faculty; A. A. B. ; Tau Beta Pi; Gamma Sigma Epsiion; Chi Beta Phi. Smith, Annie Marguerite Tuscaloosa Education Smith, Ben, 6 X Haleyville Arts and Science Freshman Football, ' 28; Varsity Football, ' 29, ' 30; Track, ' 30; " A " Club. Smith, Bingham, K 2 Birmingham Pre-Laiu Secretary-Treasurer Arch Club. ' 30; Blackfriars; Secretary Rho Alpha Tau, ' 29; Erosophlc, ' 28. Smith, James Emory Sheffield Commerce Delta Sigma PI; The Greeks; " Corolla " Staff, ' 31; Commerce Club. Smith, James Ohrea, T fi X . . . . Baker Hill Engineering Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Beta Kappa; Treasurer Pi Mu Epsllon; President Kappa Delta Pi; Treasurer Sigma Pi Sigma; President of the Student Govern- ment Association: Secretary Quadrangle: Honor Roll, ' 27, ' 28. ' 29. ' 30; Ex- ecutive and Honor Committees, ' 29. ' 30; Forensic Council: Cadet Lieutenant Colonel, ' 29, ' 30; Second Lieutenant Scabbard and Blade; President B. S. U. ; Alabama Union Board: Blue Key. Snow, Annie Ross, K A Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Omega; Girls ' Glee Club; Blackfriars. SOKOL, Morris, K N Birmingham Commerce Pan-Hellenic Council; Track Squad; Alpha Delta Sigma; " Corolla " Staff. 93 w SK m m 1 H E 13 3 1 OO FR O l_ L_ 1 .■ ssi: i-VL , SSF= Junior Class SouLE, William Latten, r A Pensacola, Fla. Enffineering Scabbard and Blade; A. S. C. E. ; S. A. M. E. ; Officers ' Club. Speer, Marvin Ernest Birmingham Medicine ■ Phi Beta PI. Speier, Mary, ASA Nashville, Tenn. Arts and Science Secretary Honor Council; Caroline Hunt Club; Critic Delta Phi Mu. Splawn, Ruth, ASA Russellville Arts and Science Steele, Victoria, ATA Monroe, La. Arts and Science Pi. Steen, James D. . Pineapple Commerce Sterling, John Hannaford Long Beach, Calif. Commerce Delta Sigma Pi; Blackfriars; Masonic Club; Transfer, Georgtown. Stevenson, Wyatt M., AXA Fort Smith, Ark. Arts and Science Transfer, Hendrix-Hendcrson. Stewart, Charles Edward, Jr., AX Washington, D. C. Pre-Laixj " Crimson-White " Staff. Stewart, Edgar Allan, Jr., A 9 Selraa Laia Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Delta Phi; Arch Club; Parasites; Delta Club. Stinnett, Gladys Alline Oak Grove Pre-Medical Stone, Paul Oliver, K2 Birmingham Arts and Science Sturgis, Robert Francis, ATfi Pocomoke City, Md. Arts and Science Sullivan, William J., 2 K Norwalk, Conn. Arts and Science Fr.shman Baseball and Traclt; Basketball. ' 28; Varsity BasebaU. Swanson, Robert C, A S West Hartford, Conn. Commerce Kappa Beta Phi. Talbert, Mary Evelyn Abingdon, Va. Arts and Science Tancredi, Chester Birmingham Medicine Phi Beta Pi. Tandy, William Edward, 6 X Jasper Pre-Medical Tate, Ralph Bryant C " " Arts and Science Rho Alpha Mu; Assistant in Gorgas Library. Taylor, George William, A K E . . Birmingham Engineering Skulls. r:x a I. ' J ' y ' l ' -- i 94 I g) 3 I O O F=R O l_ L- X Junior Class Teague, Eldred Burder, 9 X Birmingham Medicine Chl Beta Phi; Gamma Sigma Epsilon: Alpha Epsilon Delta; Phi Chi; Fellow In Biology. Teele, Helen, ASA Columbus, Ohio Arts and Science Teeter, Laurence G., I 2 X Birmingham Commerce Teks, M. Louis . ' Athens La w Honor Roll; Spanish Club; Phi Beta Kappa. Terry, Allen L., T fi X Plantersville Engineering Theta Tau; Vice-President Junior Engineering Class; St. Patrick ' s Committee. Thomas, Jean, K A Montgomery Education Woman ' s Council; Honor Council, ' 28, ' 29; Y. W. C. A.; Freshman Cabinet. Tipton, Lawrence Buell, 4 rA Selma Arts and Science Rho Alpha Mu; Honor Roll. ' 29, ' 30; Art Editor " Corolla " , ' 29. ' 30, ' 31; Art Staff " Rammer- Jammer, ' 29, ' 30. ' 31; " Crimson-White " , ' 29, ' 30. ' 31; Blacktriars; Pre-Law Club, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31; Officers ' Club; PI Delta Sigma. TouRO, Julian Leon, ZBT Birmingham La w Commerce Club; Assistant Law Librarian. Trammell, James Walter Mobile Industrial Engineering Trippi, Michael, A4 A Birmin gham Lavi Trost, John Eldor, IIK Montgomery Ceramics Tucker, Ralph Waldo Emerson, AX Metropolis, III. Arts and Science TuLLOs, Samuel Prentiss Decatur, Miss. Pre-Medical Phi Beta PL Tully, Bess, ZTA Cuero, Texas Arts and Science PJ. Turner, Fred Hill Birmingham Pre-Medical Transfer, Birmingham-Southern; " Corolla " Staff; House of Commons. Turner, Mildred, K A Anniston Arts and Science Secretary-Treasurer Omega: Secretary Delta Club; Girls ' Glee Club; President Honor Council, ' 30; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet; Treasurer Delta Phi Mu; Chl Delta PhL Usher, George James . Akron, Ohio Commerce Van Horn, Mona Irene, ATA Cincinnati, Ohio Arts and Science Glee Club, ' 28. Van Ness, Robert C, X Ft. Wayne, Ind. Commerce Vaughan, Alma, A Z University Arts and Science Pan-Hellenic Council; Honor Council. 95 I f-H-tE IQ3I COFRCDL-L X li lV ■- w f-v ' ;, n Junior Class Wakefield, George Cyril, T f) X St. Petersburg, Fla. Chemical Engineering Ward, Annie Frank Tuscaloosa Education Warner, Anthony H., Jr., IIKA Montgomery Commerce Alpha Delta Sigma; Band; " Crimson- White " Staff, " 29. ' 30; Baton Club. Warner, Lois Lexington, N. C. Arts and Science Weeks, Harold O., S $ E Cullman Laiu Druids; Phi Alpha Delta; President Y. M. C. A.; President State Student Council Y. M. C. A.; Blue Ridge Delegate; Philomathie; Excelsior; Executive Committee; Blackfrlars; President Education Club; " Corolla " Staff, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30; " Crimson-White " Staff, ' 29. Weil, Roman Lee, ZBT Montgomery Arts and Science Erosophic; Excelsior; Pre-Law Club; Property Manager Blackfrlars; Key Club; Fellow in Political Science; Blue Key. Weill, Robert A., I A Camaguey, Cuba Pre-Medical Alpha Epsilon Delta; Theta Kappa Psi; Rifle Team, ' 28. ' 29, ' 30, ' 31; Treasurer Pre-Medical Club; Spanish Club; French Club. West, Thomas Albert, K 2 Dothan Commerce Alpha Kappa Psi; Secretary Druids; Manager Baseball Team; Manager Rifle T am; President Junior Class; Executive Committee; Alabama Quadrangle; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Vice-President Sophomore Class; Vice-President Freshman Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; " Rammer- Jammer " Staff; Circulation Manager " Corolla " ; " Crimson-White " Staff; Forensic Council; Excelsior; Erosophic; Delegate Blue Ridge. Whitehurst, William Laney ' , A2 Sheffield Medicine Kappa Beta Phi; Theta Kappa Psi; Sergeant-at- rms Pre-Medlcal Club; " Crimson-White " Staff, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30; DeMolay Club. Widney, Margarita Cecilia Mobile Arts and Science Glee Club. Wilkerson, Arthur F., f A 8 Marion Medicine Phi Chi; A. B. Degree. Williamson, Harold Parsons, A A X Jamaica, L. I., N. Y. Arts and Science Willis, Caswell Joseph, 6 X Lakeland, Fla. Lano Wilson, Paul, SAM East Hartford, Conn, Education " Crimson-White " . ' 28. ' 29, ' 30, ' 31; " Corolla " ; Blackfrlars; OfHcers ' Club. WiTHEROw, Virginia, Z T A Galax, Va. Arts and Science Caroline Hunt Club. Woodruff, Chivers Richards, ATi) Birmingham Pre-Medical Yagci, Henry Klar, 2AE Salem, Ohio Pre-Medical Transfer, Mt. Union College. Young, Hardaway, Jr Birmingham Commerce Delta Sigma Pi; Research Assistant. ' 28, ' 29, ' 30. ' 31. Zeicler, Fred Eugene, T n X Greenville Commerce Delta Sigma Pi; Commerce Club; Assistant in Accounting. 96 _. Henry Tutwiler oActing president of the first University; first to receive the c f. W. degree from " Virginia; first professor of language at oAlabama. 331 COF= OL-L lomore Class Abshire, Bill J Goshen, Ind. Commerce AcciNO, Mario New Jersey Pre-Med ' tcal Pre-Medical Club; Freshman FootbaU. AcKF.RMAN, Frances Jeannette, A X n . . . . Las Vegas, New Mexico Physical Education Alldredce, Charles Haden, AAX Montgomery Law Vice-President and Secretary Phi Delta Sigma; Vice-Presid nt Sophomore Arts and Science Class, ' 29, ' 30; Counsellor Omi -ron Omega Nu, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30; Forensic Council, ' 30, ' 31. Allen, Robert Daniel, Jr., A 2 Anniston Pre-Laiu Allen, Willen Frank, r A New York City Arts and Science Rho Alpha Tau; Freshman Track; Assistant Business Manager " Rammer- Jammer " ; " Cvimson-White " Staff; Erosophic; Cross Country Squad, ' 30. Alley, James Lindsey, OTfl Bluefield, W. Va. Pre-Latu Winner Frishman Oratorical Contest; Secretary Excelsior; " Crimson-White Staff. Allington, Thomas Taylor Florence Electrical Engineering Ambrose, Margaret Anna Tuscaloosa Education Delta Phi Mu. Anderson, Grey Galax, Va. La w Skulls; Sigma Delta Kappa; Musketeers; War Horse Club. Anderson, William O Glencoe Pre-Medical Theta Kappa PsI ; Rifle Team. ' 29. Applebaum, Samuel Leroy, K N Ensley Pre-Medical Appoloni, Ernest Leon, ex Lock No. 4., Pa. Electrical Engineering A. I. B. E. Arfman, John Fred, A Peekskill, N. Y. Mining Engineering AsHCRAFT, James Hale, K 2 Florence Commerce AssERSON, George Eric Burlingame, Calif. Commerce Atkins, George Perkins, AX Mobile Commerce Delta Sigma Pi; President Phi Eta Sigma, ' 30, ' 31; Druids; Quadrangle; Pres- ident Sophomore Commerce Class. ' 30. ' 31; Blackfriars; " Corolla " and " Ram- mer- Jammr " StafTs. ' 29. ' 30, ' 31; Freshman Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. ' 29, ' 30; " Crimson-White " , ' 30, ' 31; Honor Roll, ' 29, ' 30; Excelsior. Bacon, S. Edwin, A2 Worcester, Mass. Engineering Theta Tau. Bagwell, Ray Oscar Ozark Arts and Science Bailey, Wilbur Marvin, Jr., K A Decatur Arts and Science Baites, John O., Jr., 9 X Huntsville Mechanical Engineering Baker, Paul M., K 2 Charleroi, Pa. Commerce =3 .: 98 I g 3 I O O FR O Sophomore Class Barker, Troy Alton Gablettville, Ga. Physical Education Freshman Football, ' 29; Varsity Football, ' 30. Barlow, Edwin Powell, A9 Glasgow, Ky. Pre-Medical Barnard, Ray Guntersville Physical Education ' yt ' Freshman Basketball: Freshman Baseball. Barrixger, Sue Northport Arts and Science Barrow, Mildred Lanett Arts and Science Beard, Edna Earle Molino, Fla. Education Beeson, John Justice Fort Payne Arts and Science Band. Bell, Frances Marion, K A Selma Arts and Science Pi. Belliotti, Joseph William, A A Mt. Morris, N. Y. Pre-Law Bennett, Marion C, A X A Gurley Electrical Engineering Berman, Billie Sylvia, A E Atlanta Arts and Science Berman, Farley L Anniston Arts and Science Berry, Edmond W., A X A Selma Arts and Science President Pi Delta Sigma; Art Editor " Rammer-Jammer " , " 30; Art Editor " 1931 Corolla " . Biedenharn, Oswald Kenneth, K A Vicksburg, Miss. Pre-Medical Blacksher, Martha Elizabeth Brewton Arts and Science Blair, Mary St. John, K A Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Alpha l ambda Delta. Bledsoe, Lerov Chanler, 2 E Cullman Pre-Medical Bocard, Burt Jefferson, A2 Fayette Arts and Science Spanish Club; Y. M. C. A. Boleraczky, Paul Jr Hastings-cn-Hudson, N. Y. Aeronautical Engineering Boozer, Thomas Stewart, BTfi Sylacauga Pre-Medical Band ' 29, ' 30, ' 31; Freshman Y. M. C. A. Cabinet ' 29, ' 30; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, ' 30, ' 31; Crimson Tete Club. EoRN, Bleecker Finlay, -I-rA Pensacola, Fla. Pre-Medical Eoyd, Daisy Miller, K A Brewton Arts and Science 99 31 COROL_L.A f f% ' ) T Sophomore Class Bradford, Roger Fred, 2 E Arlington, Mass. Commerce Commerce Club. Bradley, Mary Lou CoUondale Arts and Science Branch, Edward Gachet, AS Montgomery Law Alpha Kappa Psl; Quadrangle; Druids; Varsity Boxing, ' 30. ' 31. Brann ' ON ' , James Richard, ATA Jackson, Miss. Lwu; Braiton, Ruth Pontotoc, Miss. Arts and Science Chi Delta Phi. Brazelton " , Jack, ATJ) Birmingham Pre-Latxi Kappa Beta Phi. Bremxer, Virginia Mercedes, X fJ Berea, Ohio Pre-Law Blackfriars; Honor Council; Pre-I aw Club. Brewer, Douglas Carter, ATA Bristol, Va. Aeronautical Engineering Theta Tau ; .St. Patrick ' s Committee, ' 29. ' 30. ' 31; President Freshman Engineer- ing Class. ' 29, ' 30. Britton ' , William Wallace, K 2 Washington, Pa. Arts and Science Brook, Clarence Loe, ATA Smithville, Miss. Arts and Science Phi Beta Pi. Brooks, W. W., 2 N Camilla, Ga. Pre-Lanv Brown, Joe B., K A Montgomery Arts and Science President Soiihomore Arts and Science Class, Brown, Thomas Abney, TfiX Maplesville Pre-Medical Theta Kappa Psl; Pre-Mdical Club. Buckingham, F. Sheldon Franklinville, N. J. Civil Engineering Glee Club; A. S. C. E. BuRCHFiELD, Eleanor Elvira Tuscaloosa Education Burn, Richard Elwood Bayonne, N. J. Electrical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma. Bush, Margaret Mosely, K A Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Bush, William B., r A Mobile Arts and Science Bynum, Luther Darden, II K I) Oneonta Laiu Byrne, Jack, ATA Huntsville Commerce Delta Sigma Pi. Cain, John L., 2 K Montgomery Education Freshman Football, ' 29; Varsity Football, ' 30; " A " Club. Caldwell, John Adrion Vivian, La. Engineering Phi Eta Sigma. 1. 100 E I Q 3 I OO FRCD]— — iY y Sophomore Class Campion, Horace Thomas, II, X Philadelphia, Pa. Civil Engineering Cannon, Woodrow W., AX Athens Engineering M. M. and C. E. Club; Vice-Presklent Sophomore Engineering Class; A.A.E. Caratelli, Peter Alfred, 9X Rochester, Pa. Law Carpenter, George H., A T A Brazil, Ind. Pre-Medical Carpenter, Hilda, A X J2 Decatur Arts and Science Chi Delta Phi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Secretary Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 30. ' 31; French Club. Carter, Cathryn, AXfi Meridian, Miss. Commerce Casey, Daniel Henry Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Newman Club; Rho Alpha Mu; " Crimson-Whit. ' " Staff; Excelsior. Catanzano, Joe Cosmo, A4 A Birmingham La w Cathey, Margaret Willis, A Z Livingston Arts and Science Cato, Sterling Green, A X A Eufaula Pre-Lwiu Chalker, Frances Erin, Z T , Ozark Arts and Science Chapman, Frank Elijah, 2 X Grove Hill Pre-Medical Chenault, Eugene J Decatur Pre-Medical Chenault, Margaret Decatur Arts and Science Chenoweth, Arthur Illges, 2 , E Birmingham Pre-Medical Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Beta Pi; Erosophic; " Rammer- Jammer " Staff; Skulls. Chesnut, John Lee, A2 Centre Pre-Laiu Psi Psi Psi; Pre-Law Club; " Corolla " Staff. Christian, Cleo Tuscaloosa Education Clark, Carroll, STfJ Mobile Pre-Laiu Clark, Devere, 6Tfi Mobile Commerce Clarkson, Winkie, K a Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Blackfrlars; Pi. Cobb, Joe A., A X Beaver Falls, Pa. Pre-Laiu Cochrane, David Minge, rA Tuscaloosa Arts and Science " Ranimer-Jamm»r " Staff. 101 IQ3I OOF= OI_t_A " . Sophomore Class CoE, Mary Elizabeth Shelby, Ohio Arts and Science Caroline Hunt Club. Cohen, Nathan Philadelphia, Pa. Arts and Science Pre-Medlcal Club. CoKER, Ralph Cooper Tuscaloosa Pre-Medical Theta Kappa Pal. Coleman, James Kynerd, AX Livingston Commerce Delta Sigma PI; " Corolla " Staff, ' 30. Coleman, Martha Caldwell, Z T A Panama City, Fla. Arts and Science Collier, Eleanor Pedrick, ATA Tuscaloosa Arts and Science PI. Combs, Kathleen Fairfax Education Cooper, Guy Laurence Mountain Creek Electrical Engineering Corte, Adele M Daphne Commerce Courtney, Thelma, X f) Shreveport, La. Arts and Science Pi; Erosophic; Blackfrlarfl. Cowan, Bernard Anker, B A Newark, N. J. Commerce Track Team, Craig, William Benjamin, ATA Selma Laiu B.A., Sewanee; Arch Club. Creel, L. E., Jr., IIKA Sheffield Pre-Latu Kappa Beta Phi: Secretary Rho Alpha Mu ; Blackfriars; Druids; Secretary- Treasurer Sophomore Arts and Science Class. Crick, Edwin, K A Huntsville Pre-Lavi Crocker, Mary Acnes Palas Education President Sophomore Education Class; Education Club; W. A A. " Corolla " Staff. Crockett, Joseph L., 2 N Luverne Civil Engineering Theta Tau ; Rho Alpha Tau; Arch Club. Cummings, Oswill McGee., Jr Stewart Engineering CuRCio, Emil Louis Brooklyn, N. Y. Education Dale, Anne Louise, AAA Camden Arts and Science Davcherty, Daniel Vincent, A Middletown, N. Y. Medicine Phi Beta Kappa; Kappa Delta Pi; Gamma Sigma Epsllon; Chi Beta Phi; Alpha Epsllon I elta; Theta Kappa Psi; President Gorgas Medical Society; Fellow in Physics; Honor Roll; President P reshman Medicine Class. ' 29. Davis, Mary Irene Birmingham Arts and Science Davis, Virgil Julian, IIKA Moundville Commerce : : E=- % 102 1 g 3 I ■ = O L_ L- li Sophomore Class Davis, William Edgar, IIKA Huntsville Arts and Science Alpha Itho Mu; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Quadrangle. Dawson, Betty Ruth Northport Education Blackfriars. De Fazio, Palmer John, A A Scranton, Pa. Commerce Dell Orletta M., 6 X Philadelphia, Pa. Aeronautical Engineering Denike, John Edward, ATS) San Antonio, Texas Pre-Laiu Deutsch, Sidney Eugene, 2AM Brooklyn, N. Y. Arts and Science Club. Dickinson, Virginia, 6 T Lincoln Education Di Maria, Martin James Lodi, N. J. Laiu Doster, James Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Dotherow, Walter Autry Brooksville Physical Education Freshman FootbaU; Freshman Baseball; Frishman Track; Varsity Football. DuBiEL, Roger Edwaro East Hartford, Conn. Arts and Science Dunn, William Jackson, AX Gadsden Pre-Laiu Druids; Rho Alpha Mu; Deputy Speaker Samuel Johnson Club; Vice-President Freshman Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; ••Corolla " StalT. ' 30, ' 31; • ' Crimsin-White ' ' Staff! " t oO, 31. Dyer, Hope Marshall, X fi Birmingham Arts and Science Eberdt, Robert D., 2 X Burdett, Ark. Arts and Science Eddins, Margaret, K K r Tuscaloosa Arts and Science President Alpha Lambda DUta; Chi Delta Phi; Historian Phi Delta Mu- Honor Roll; Erosophic; Y. W. C. A. Ellis, Clayton Edward, S E East Orange, N. J. Arts and Science Ellis, Sam, 2K Memphis, Tenn. Arts and Science Band. Ellis, Thomas L., A T O Union Springs Pre-Medical Glee Club. England, Charles E., II K A Huntsville Arts and Science Freshman Football, ' 2S; Freshman Baseball. ' 29. Enloe, Gordon Wynne, II K A Roanoke Commerce Evans, Omer Ruth Tuscaloosa Education Farnum, Earl Windsow Worcester, Mass. Metallurgical Engineering A. s. M. M. E. t 103 I g) 3 I CO FR O L_L_ A Sophomore Class Farrell, Andrew Arthur, A 2 Paterson, N. J. Cwil Engineering Pill Eta Sigma; Honor Roll; Fencing Team. Faulk, James Joseph, K Villa Nova, Pa. Commerce Feacin, Irene, K A Union Springs Arts and Science Alpha Lambda Delta; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. Feld, Phillips H., Z B T Birmingham Commerce Phi Eta Sigma; Commerce Club; " Rammer- Jammer " Staff. Feldman, Harold Harry, BA Flat Bush, N. Y. Pre-Medical Rho Epsilon Pi; Pre-Medical Club; " Crimson-White " and " Rammer- Jammer " Staffs. Fetz, Edwin John Grantwood, N. J. Pre-Laiv Fleischmann, George A Richmond Hill, N. Y. Engineering Rine Team. Fleisher, Noah Bernard Birmingham Commerce Fle.ming, Marguerite Tuscaloosa Education Pi Mu Epsilon; Fellow in Mathematics. FoLMAR, Wilson B Troy Arts and Science " Rammer-Jammer " Staff. Forbes, French, K 2 Birmingham Commerce Foshee, Samuel Stuart, 2 N Brewton Commerce Druids; Alpha Kappa Psi; Rho Alpha Tau; Skulls; Manager Junior Baseball. Fowler, Margaret Mary, AXfi Mobile Arts and Science Glee Club; Erosophic; Spanish Club; Honor Council. Franke, Mary Loucenia, ASA Birmingham Arts and Science Frankfurt, Alvin, K N New Rochelle, N. Y. Arts and Science Freeman, Lester Wilfred, 2AM New York City Pre-Dental Freshman Football; Varsity Football Squad. Friend, E. M., ZBT Birmingham Pre-Laia Vice-President Erosophic; Secretary-Treasurer Freshman Arts and Science Class. Garrett, Silas Coma, HI, 2 X Grove Hill Pre-Law Phi Ela Sigma; Erosophic; Excelsior; Philomathic; Forensic Council Quad- rangle; Honor Roll, ' 29, ' .10; Second Prize Freshman Declamation Contest, ' 30. Gay, William DeWitte Okolona, Miss. Education George, Dovle McCann, 2 X Shreveport, La. Commerce Gerber, Maurice, 2 12 Kingston, N. Y. Arts and Science Gillean, James Madley Los Angeles, Calif. Law " Crlmson-Whlte " Staff. 1 I ii 1 L ThH E 1 Q 3 I CO FR O L_ L- A. Sophomore Class Glasgow, Robert Samuel, Jr., B K Adamsville Laisi Transfer, Birmingham-Southern College; Sigma Upsllon; PI Sigma Chi; Sigma Chi Alpha. Golden, Bertie Mae Adger Commerce GooDKiN, Sam D., 2 . M EI Dorado, Ark. Laiv GoODWv.v, Albert Taylor, II, 2 A E Montgomery Civil Engineering Skulls; Secretary-Treasurer Sophomore Engineering Class; Erosophic; St Pat ' s Committee; " Corolla " Staff. ' 31. GORCHOV, Sidney Bland, ■I ' BA Atlantic City, N. J. Arts and Science " Crimson-White " StalT. " 29, ' 30. ' 31; Publicity Agent Glee Club; Council Mem- ber Hillel Society. Gross, Samuel J., A A Middletown, N. Y. Engineering Grundborg, Bertel H . . . . . West Hempstead, N. Y. Meclianical Engineering GuiLMARTiN, John Francis, 2 N Midway Engineering Theta Tau. GuTTERY, Walter Kennedy, A Parrish Pre-Medical Theta Kappa Psi. Hagan, Vernon Lee, eTii Sylacauga Pre-Medical Hager, Marguerite, A Z Flat Creek Education Caroline Hunt Club. Hairston, William Ward Birmingham School of Chemistry Alembic Club. Half, Helen Ruth Pittsburgh, Pa. Arts and Science " Corolla " Staff, ' 31. Transfer, University of Pittsburgh, Hall, Lylia Mae Berry Education Hall, Nina Faucett, A fi Tuscaloosa Education Secretary Chi Delta Phi; W A. A.; Y. W. C. A.; " Crimson-White " Staff, ' 30, ' 31. Education Club; Sophomore Hockey Team; Junior Basketball Team. Hall, Rubye Gordon Berry Education Ham, Oscar Tyson Marion Pre-Laiv Blackfrlars. Hamel, Henry G Pittsburgh, Pa. Commerce Hammond, James P., K 2 Dothan Pre-Medical Hamilto.v, Clarkson Mazyck, AKE Spring Hill Electrical Engineering Theta Tau. Handy, Cabell Preston, A X A Staten Island, N. Y. Mechanical Engineering Theta Tau; Rho Alpha Tau. Hansen, Raymond Frederick Freeport, N. Y. Physical Education Freshmati Football; Varsity Football. 105 mm E: 1 g 3 I OOROL_l_ Q J ym Sophomore Class Harbour, Edith Elizabeth Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Harris, Edward A., r A Bessemer Pre-Medical President Erosophic. ' 29, ' 30; Forensic Council, ' 29, ' 30. Harris, Mrs. John Lynn, Jr Tuscaloosa Irts and Science Harris, Mary Enola, X Q Birmingham ]rls and Science Hart, John Leroy, AXA Meridian Pre-La w Hart, John Walter, ITK Ripley, Tenn. Pre-Medical Phi Chi; Million Dollar Band; Director Crooning Crimson Orchestra; Rho Alpha Tau; Rho Alpha Mu. Haston, Marthalene, AAA Jasper Education Omega; Erosophic. ' 30; President Freshman Education Class, ' 30; Secretary- Treasurer Sophomore Education Class. Hauchton, Daniel J., T f) X Quinton Commerce Phi Eta Sigma; Commerce Club; Vice-President Sophomore Commerce Club. Hauser, Julia Mobile Education Hawkins, Charles Edwin, Jr., AXA Bessemer Pre-Lazu Rho Alpha Tau; " Corolla " and " Rammer-Jammer " Staffs. Hearon, Herman Pettus, Jr Mobile Commerce Herbert, Jule Rembert, ATfi Deraopolis Law President Arch Club. Herman, Charles Allen, OAB Baltimore, Md. Commerce Herndon, Sara Elizabeth, A Z Savannah, Ga. Pre-La w PI. Herren, Reuben Miller, 2 N Harlingen, Texas La w .l.isons; Secretary-Treasurer and President Parasites: President SkuILs, ' 30; Kho Alpha Tau, " ' 26; President Blackfrlars, ' 30; Assistant Editor " Rammer- Jammer " ' 30; Delta Club; Key Club; Junior Prom Committee. ' 29; Cotillion Club Committee, ' 29. HijAR, Joe M., Jr., A A X Teaneck, N. J. Commerce Delta Sigma PL IIiLDRETH, Harold Rob, II K A Decatur Engineering HiNTON, Mabel Auxford, A F A Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Omega. Hitchcock, Alfred N., 9 S West Hartford, Conn. Arts and Science HOLMAN, Winston C Montgomery Pre-Medical Holmes, Sara Caswell, K A Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Pi; Blackfrlars. Hoover, Sherman David, AXA Providence, R. I. Commerce 1 1 io6 I g) 3 I OOF=?OL_L- Sophomore Class HoRTON, Clara Estelle Oneonta Arls and Science Howell, Ethelyn Gordo Education HucK, William Robert New Orleans, La. A eronautical Engineeriny Hughes, Gordon, T Worcester, Mass. Pre-Latu Rho Alpha Mu. Hughes, Joseph D Freeport, L. I., N. Y. Arts and Science Rho Alpha Mu; N wman Club; Boxing Team, ' 29, ' 30. Hughes, Mary Forney Tuscaloosa Education Caroline Hunt Club. HuLSART, Geraldine, ASA Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Hunter, Harry W. D., A Bayonne, N. J. Civil Engineering Band. Hyde, Edd Howell, K2 Fayette Commerce Druids. Ianuzzi, Rose Carolyn New York City Pre-Medical Ingram, Camille Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Irwin, Harriet Zoe, X J) Decatur Arts and Science Jannett, Anthony V BirminRham Meclianical Engineering JANZAN, RUSSEL ViCTOR, - K Sioux Falls, S. D. Commerce Ienkins, Barbara Burrill Madison, Wis. Arts and Science " Corolla " Art Staff. Jennings, Edwin K Towanda, Pa. Commerce Military Band, ' 30, ' 31. Jester, Margaret Elizabeth, X fJ Pittsburgh, Pa. Arts and Science Johns, Marie C, A !2 Keatchie, Ga. Arts and Science GI e Club; t ' arollne Hunt Club. Jo hnson, Milford Howard Medina, N. Y. Mechanical Engineering Johnson, Myra, AAII Clanton Pre-Medical Johnson, Sidney Powell Birmingham Meclianical Engineering Johnson, Woodrow Wilson, AX Athens Commerce " Crimson-White " Staff. ' 29. ' 30. ' 31; ' Corolla " Staff. ' 30; Commerce Club; y. M. C. A. Cabinet, ' 29, ' 30. 107 E 1331 CORC3l_l_ V _ 211 lomore Class Jones, John H., A 9 Decatur Pre-Medical Jones, Margaret Reid . . Mobile Arts and Science Jones, Robert Emmett, K A Scottsboro Pre-Medical Kaeffer, Charles Douglas, A2 Clifton, N. J. Engineering Phi Eta Sigma; Honor Roll. Kallman, Alice Ensley Arts and Science Kapsinow, Irving Morton New Haven, Conn. Pre-Medical Keener, Eloise (Jackie) Collinsville EducaUon Vf. a. a.. ' 28, ' 29; Delta Phi Mu; Recording Secretary Educational School, ' 30, ' 31; Girls ' Glee Club. ' 30, ' 31; Y. W. C. A.; " Crimson-White " StalT, ' 30, ' 31; Vice-President Sophomore Class; School of Education; Erosophic; Sponsor Co. " H " R. O. T. C, ' 29; Hall Chairman; Honor Council. ' 29. Kelley, Marion ' Goodwater Arts and Science Blackfrlars. Kennedy, Daniel Frederick Citronelle Mechanical Engineering Kerr, Frank Merrin, Jr., T fi X New Brunswick, N. J. Pre-Medical Theta Kappa Psi; " Crimson-White " Staff; Pre-Medlcal Club. King, Edmond Harrison New York City A eronautical Engineering Kinney, Edward C, 11 K Cullman Arts and Science Kittrell, Seth B., 2 N Mt. Pleasant, Tenn. Arts and Science Skulls. KoEHLER, August William Orange, N. J. Pre-Dental KossMAN, Albert J., 2 A M Greenville, Miss. Arts and Science " Crlmson-Whlte " Staff. Kresiberg, Herbert Buddy, A M 2 New York City Arts and Science Phi Delta; Glee Club; " Corolla " Staff; Crimson Aces; " Rammer-Jammer " Staff. KuPERMAN, Edith Shreveport, La. Arts and Science Lacy, George David Columbus, Miss Commerce Ladd, Ernest F., A K E Mobile Commerce Freshman Football Squad; Freshman Baseball Team; Rho Alpha Tau; The Greeks. Landman, Allan New York City Commerce Secretary, Phi Eta Sigma; President Spanish Club. Lane, Winnell, AXfi Dothan Arts and Science Lantrip, Paul A., A 6 Jasper Pre-Medical Phi Chi; " Corolla " Staff. Tl-H E IQ3I OOF=ROJ— L- A Sophomore Class Lanza, Anthony Miles Cranford, N. J. Latxi Lariton, Vincent Charles Retsof, N. Y. Electrical Engineering Laslie, Carney Graham, 2 N Charlotte, N. C. Physical Education Freshman Football, ' 29; Varsity Football ' 30; Freshman Track; Waiters ' Union, ' 29. Leach, Howard B., A e Dadeville Commerce Druids; Delta Sigma Pi; Pre-Law Club; " Crimson-White " and " Rammer- Jammer " Staffs, ' 30, ' 31; Commerce Club; Assistant Editor " 1931 Corolla, " Leader, Rose Birmingham Education Alpha Lambda Delta. Lee, Mary Arline, ATA Glenwood Arts and Science Lesser, Mildred Betty Brooklyn, N. Y. Arts and Science Tennis Team; Executive Council Hillol Society; W. A. A. Lewis, David Hilary, A2 Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Manager Freshman Football, ' 27; Transfer, Howard College. Lewis, Oleta Citronelle Commerce Alpha Ijambda Delta; Chi Theta; Commerce Club; Y. W. C. A. Counsellor; Honor RolL ' 30. Levy, Edna Jo Birmingham Arts and Science LlEBMAN, David Brooklyn, N. Y. Arts and Science Zeta Eta Psl; Forensic Council; Blackfriars; " Crlmson-Whlte " and " Rammer- Jamm.r " Staffs; Secretary " Hillel Society; ' Bama Fellowship League; Track; Fellow in Philosophy. Livingston, Eleanor Stewart, AXfi Prattville Arts and Science Honor Council: Erosophic, ' 29; Education Club; Y. W. C. A. Lloyd, James Adams, AX Birmingham Commerce Commerce Club; Freshman Football Team. LOEB, William Harry, ZBT Montgomery Arts and Science Blackfriars; Excelsior; Erosophic; Editorial Staff " 1931 Corolla, " LoMAX, John T., 2 A E Waynesboro, Miss. Arts and Science Long, Margaret Sprott, A Z Sanford, Fla. Education LOONEY, Harmon B Tuscaloosa Commerce Lord, John Walton, AX Mobile Chemical Engineering Love, Ruth Geraldine, A E Anniston Arts and Science Caroline Hunt Club. Lowman, John Ray, 2 N Miami, Fla. Pre-Medical Lynch, Margaret Gray Norfolk, Va. Arts and Science Mackle, Robert Francis, ATn Birmingham Commerce 109 ;ri I ' L Ml I Q 3 I OO F=R O L L- Sophomore Class Mace, William A., A 6 Keeseville, N. Y. Commerce Macfarlane, Frank Joseph Hartford, Conn. Cwil Engineering Mac Lennan, James Robert, A X A New Brunswick, N. J. Commerce New Jersey Club, ' 29, ' 30; Brosophic, ' 29; Glee Club. ' 29, ' 30. Mac Murray Alma Constance Troy, N. Y. Iris and Science Blackfriars; Glee Club. Main, Virginia Preote Education Manderson, Webster J., n K f Tuscaloosa Prc-Medical Phi Chi. Marino, Clement Louis Newburgh, N. Y. Pre-Medical Pre-Mcdical Club; Newman Club; Manager Boxing Team. Markowitz, Aaron Burton, BA Paterson, N. J. Arts and Science Marshall, Calla Lilly, AAA Eufaula Arts and Science Omega. Mason, Harvey R Evanston, HI. Commerce Mathews, Byron B., 2 X Andalusia Commerce Matson, Dorothy Citronelle Education Caroline Hunt Club. Matthews, Frances Elliott, AAA Huntsville Arts and Science Erosophic. Maudsley, Fred J., Jr., TnX Plainfield, N. J. Commerce McCoLLUM, Eugene William, 9 X . Marion Engineering McCoMB, Guy R., 2 K Pasadena, Calif. Commerce McDaniel, Frances Willard Northport Education Blackfriars. McDermott, Katherin ' E Helen Worcester, Mass. Cominerce McDoNOUGH, Sam Frierson, 4 F A Birmingham Pre-Law Rho Alpha Tau ; Rho Alpha Mu; Freshman Tennis Team; Erosophic; " Ram- mer-.Tammer " Staff. McGowiN, Nick S., A K E Chapman Arts and Science Rho Alpha Tau; Arch Club; Glee Club; Freshman Tennis Team. McKee, John W., K 2 Pittsbu rgh, Pa. Commerce Transfer, University of Pittsburgh. McKinley, Fritz R., n K Atraore Pre-Medical Druids; Phi Chi; The Greeks; Rho Alpha Tau; Y. M. C. A. i ii h I no 1 Q 3 I OO FR O L_ L. X Dpnoimore McPeake, John J., K 2 Canonsburg, Pa. Arts and Science Rho Alpha Tau; Druids; Arch Club; Excelsior; " Corolla " Staff. McQueen, William Northixgton, ! ' A 9 Tuscaloosa La w Skulls; Parasitu; " A " Club; Cotillion Club Committoe. Mentz, George Deiter Montgomery Arts and Science Mercer, Edward Donald, AX Detroit, Mich. Commerce Mercer, Edwin Dunn, Jr., K ' Z Tuscaloosa Commerce Merriam, Ryburn Elgin, 2 X Kellerman Commerce Meyer, Henry Fried, 2AM Selma Arts and Science Blackfriars. ' 30. ' 31. Middlebrook, Nell, A r A Enterprise Arts and Sci nee Miller, Adele Citronelle Commerce Miller, Bill Adams Willard, Ohio Commerce Miller, David Sanford New York City Arts and Science President Chess Club, Miree, Royal Richardson, 2AE Birmingham Commerce Rho Alpha Tau; Alpha Kappa Psi ; Druids; " Rammer- Jammer " and " Corolla " Staffs. ' 29. ' 30; Freshman Cheer Leader. ' 29; President Freshman Commerce Class, ' 29; Excelsior; Erosophic. Missbaqh, George Elliot Bloomfield, N. J. Scliool of Chemistry Mitchell, Daphna Gallman, Miss. Arts and Science Mitchell, Lloyd I Florence Chemical Engineering MOBLEY, Charles Arden, Jr., A T n Orangeburg, S. C. Mechanical Engineering Transfer, Georgia Tech. Moloney, William Michael, 2 X Tuscaloosa Pre-Laiv Newman Club. Mo.ntgomery, Charles A., K . Eutaw Arts and Science Moody, Curtis L Chunchula Laiv Moore, Alfred Lewis, I$ 6 New York City Pre-Medical Pre-Medical Club. Moran, John Joseph Hartford, Conn. Commerce MoRiTZ, Gordon Durrie, T fi X Bound Brook, N. J. Civil Engineering " Crimson-White " Staff; S. A. M. E. ; A. S. C. B. III " Tl-t E 1Q3I COFRQL_l_A. Sophomore Class ' MosELY, Seaborn H Tuscaloosa Commerce Gle; Club, ' 29. ' 30. ' 31. MouLTON, Margaret Eloise, A X n Las Vegas, New Mexico Arts and Science Alpha Psl Omega; Pi Delta Sigma. Mover, Roy Maury, SAM Glendora, Miss. Pre-Law MuLLENHOFF, WiLLAM Edward New York City Pre-Laiu MuLLiNS, Reese Moon, 2 N Clanton Arts and Scirnce Murphy, Edward Eyre, AX Buffalo, N. Y. Cwil Engineering Phi Eta Sigma: Honor Roll, ' 29, ' 30. Mustari, Frank James, A A Retsof, N. Y. Electrical Engineering Myers, Robert Morse, AS Mansfield, Ohio Pre-Medical Nettles, William duBose, Jr McKenzie Commerce Newell, Paul Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Newsome, Talmadge Raymond Phenix City Education Excelsior; Secretary-Treasurer Freshman Education Class, ' 30; Education Club, ' 30, ' 31. Nichols, Fred William, K N Birmingham Commerce Phi Eta Sigma; Rho Alpha Mu; Honor Roll. ' 29, ' 30. NicOLAis, Mario Daniel, A ' J ' A Mt. Vernon, N. Y. Arts and Science NoLDE, Arthur Martin Richmond Hill, N. Y. Engineering NoRRis, Mary Maude Northport Education Girls ' Glee Club; Caroline Hunt Club. NoRRis, Mildred Eloise Northport Education Oakley, Earl K., 2 N Columbia Commerce O ' Hara, Bryan H., T K A Elmhurst, L. I., N. Y. Physical Education Blacltfriars; Freshman Football and Basketball. Onderdonk, Leon Benjamin, 2 N Chatom Pre-Dental Palmer, Whelan W., T X Chattanooga, Tenn. Commerce Glee Club, ' 29, ' 30; " CrImson-WhIte and " Corolla " Staffs; Excelsior; Commerce Club; Alabama Quartet. Payne, James Reid, AX Birmingham Pre-Medical Phi Chi. Pearson, Estus Theodore, 9 X Cottondale School of Chemistry 112 g 3 I OO R O L_ L_ X Sophomore Class Pennington, Clarice Citronelle Education Penton, Sarah Elizabeth Goodwater Arts and Science Perry, Ellis Riddle, OXn Rienzi, Miss. Pre-Dental Phillipe, Al New York City Education Phillips, Leon Ro.inoke Commerce Phillips, Pauline Corilla Bear Creek Education Phillips, Ralph W., 2K Huntsville Pre-Medical PiERsoN, Alma Merle Holt Arts and Science Pitts, William McLean, K 2 Selma Lata Varsity Track, ' 29, ' 30. Planck, Ernest Hopkins, X Mobile Pre-Medical Phi Beta Pi. PoE, John Edgar Parrish Commerce Ponder, Hart, ATA EI Paso, Texas Pre-Law Porter, Lebron W Winfield Commerce Powell, James Blackmon, 2 N Union Springs Commerce Key Ice; Alpha Kappa Psi. Presser, Murray New York City Arts and Science Price, Charlie S., n K Evansville, Ind. La w Varsity Debating Team. ' 28. ' 29; President Pre-Law Club. ' 28; Vice-President Erosophic, ' 27; Assistant Business Manager " Crimson-White " ; Club Ghibelline- Euphlans; E. celslor; Blackstone; " 1831 Corolla " Staff. Price, Walter K Newark, N. J. Engineering Prince, Arthur Decatur Pre-Medical Probst, Joseph Richmond Hills, N. Y. Engineering Rifle Team. ' 29, ' 30. Provost, Annie Katharine, AAA Mobile Arts and Science Omega; Erosophic; Honor Council, ' 30. ' 31. Purcell, Wood-Rowe, IIK Jasper Electrical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma; A. I. E. E. ; Honor Roll, ' 29, ' 30; " Crimson-White " Staff. Putnam, George Hamlin Birmingham Medicine Phi Beta Pi; Alpha Epsllon Delta. " 3 I g) 3 I OOF=ROL.L, lomore L lass QuACKENBUSH, ARTHUR D., JR., AX Mobile Chemical Engineering Randall, Henry Pettus, AKE..- Marion Junction . ' Irts and Science Vice-President Soplinmore Class; Excelsior: Erosophic; " Rammer-Jammer " and •Crimson-White " Staffs, ' 30; " Corolla " Staff. Randall, William Spears, n K A Marion Junction Pre-Medical Phi Chi; The Greeks. Rapp, Julius S., Jr., A k Wood-Ridge, N. J. Pre-Law Rau, Mary Reneau, K A Tuscaloosa Education Blaekfriars; Omega. Rauschenberg, Helen Decatur Arts and Science Chi Delta Plii; Fr shn-an Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, •29; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, ' 30; Blaekfriars; • ' Crimson- White " Staff. Rawitt, Milton S Jersey City, N. J. Pre-Dental Redd, Moody, 2 A E Florence Arts and Science Rho Eta Sigma; Rho Alpha Mu; Skulls; Glee Club; " Corolla " Staff; ' •Rammer- Jammer " Staff; Rho Alpha Tau, ' 29. Reeves, Carl W Birmingham Pre-La w Reeves, Clifford R., " t r E Birmingham Pre-Law Reid, William McC, 2 X Birmingham Arts and Science Reynolds, Gertrude, X O Berryville, Va. Commerce Pi; Erosophic. Rhodes, Walter Cortlyn, K 2 Freeport, N. Y. Engineering Th ta Tau. Riegel, Merle, F A Dayton, Ohio Commerce Blaekfriars; Rho Alpha Tau; Freshman Track. RiKKERS, JuDSON J Waupun, Wis. Pre-Law Band; Glee Club. Riitenberry, Baxter B., K 2 Birmingham Arts and Science Rivers, Vacie Henry, K A Alden Bridge, La. Commerce Roberts, Kenneth Allison Piedmont Arts and Science Y. M. C. A.; ••Corolla " Staff; " Crimson-White " and ' •Rammer-Jammer " Staffs, ' 30. ' 31; Philomathic; Freshman " Y " Cabinet, ' 30; Calhoun County Club. Robinson, Stuart Douglas, ATA South Manchester, Conn. Engineering Roebuck, Carl J Boaz Pre-Medical Rosenberg, Leon, ZBT Troy Commerce Glee Club, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31; UnlvcrsiLv Band ' 29 ' 30. ' 31; R. O. T. C. Band; Ero- . Sophie; ••Crimscn-White " and " Corolla " Staffs; Blaekfriars. RouNTREE, McIvER, 2 X , . . . . Birmingham Civil Engineering Fencing Team, ' 29, ' 30; Assistant Coach Girls ' Fencing Team ' 30; " Rammer- Jammer " Staff. ' 30. ' 31; Art Editor " The What Not " ; " Corolla " Staff, ' 30, ' 31. m 114 IQ3I OOFgOLL-. X WV Sophomore Class Rudder, John Waymon Gilbertown Chemical Engineering Rushing, Azile Lee Northport Education RussiANOFF, George Brooklyn, N. Y. Physical Education Sacks, Bessie, A E Gainesville, Ga. Education Salter, Findley Young Goodw ater Arts and Science Sander, Daniel, TKA Bayonne, N. J. Engineering Sanderson, Harold Rennie Buffalo, N. Y. Commerce Glee Club, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31; Crimson Tete Club; Boxing Team. ' 29, ' 30, ' 31. Sanderson, Paul Eugene Montgomery Arts and Science Schere, Moses Yonkers, N. Y. Arts and Science Schneider, Norman M., SAM Newburgh, N. Y. Pre-Medical Schuessler, Sallie Sue, AXn Wadley Arts and Science W. A. A. Schwab, Earl, 2 N Lafayette, Ind. Arts and Science Schweitzer, Harold Spiro, Z H T Tuscaloosa Arts end Science Phi Eta Sigma; Spanish Club. Seal, Alice Washington, Ind. Arts and Science Seals, Nathaniel, K N Ensley Pre-Laio Sears, Mary Frank Shellman, Ga. Arts and Science Shaffer, William G., Jr., 2AE Memphis, Tenn. Arts and Science Shank, Sara G Fairfax Arts and Science Shaw, Joe Morris, GTfi Guin Pre-Medical Pre-Medlcai Club. Shinault, William V., K 2 Somerville, Tenn. Commerce Shirley, Elizabeth, A fi Tuscaloosa Education Alpha Lambda Delta: Winner of Delta Phi Epsilon Freshman Award. ' 30; Honor Roll, ' 30; " Crimson-White " Staff; Treasurer French Club; Reporter Education Club. ' 31; Y. W. C. A. Freshman Cabinet and Freshman Counsellor: Caroline Hunt Club; " Corolla " Staff; Fellow in Psychology, Shortf, James M Fond du Lac, Wis. Arts and Science 115 «p IQ3I OOF CDL-LA Sophomore Class Shropshire, Frances Cobb, AXn Birmingham Arts and Science Glee Club. Silver, Mary Evalyn, A Z Birmingham Arts and Science Pl; " Crimson-White " Staff. Simmons, Albert Russell, 4 A6 Jasper Chemical Engineering M. M. and C. E. Club; Boxing T am; " Corolla " Staff. Skinner, Thomas Julian, Jr., AXA Bessemer Pre-Law Pre-Law Club, Slade, B. T., Jr., AXA Eufaula Commerce Smith, Al Jackson, AXA Meridian, Miss. Arts and Science Rho Alpha Tau. ' 29. Smith, Charles Dudley, 9NE Elgin, III. C ommerce Smith, Douglas Johnston, IIKA Birmingham Pre-Latu Smith, Emmitt D., K 2 Gulfport, Miss. Arts and Science Arch Club. Smith, Richard J., ! ' S K Keeseville, N. Y. Commerce Smith, Walter Raymond Elizabeth, Pa. Commerce Delta Beta Pi. Solomon, Edward Kirven, S N Eufaula Law Sommer, Sidney Arthur Jersey City, N. J. Arts and Science Pre-Medical Club. Sonnenberg, Arthur A., B A . . . Paterson, N. J. Pre-Medical Chess Club. Spaine, John W., K 2 Tuscaloosa Pre-Laiu University Band. Speer, Sybil, ATA Birmingham Arts and Science Chi Delta Phi; Pan-Hellenic Council; Freshman Commission. Staehle, Herman V., T K A South Orange, N. J. Commerce Stearns, Sam Burnett Evergreen Commerce Steele, John Dayton, ATS2 -Gadsden Pre-Laiu Kho Alpha Tau, ' 29; Pre-Law Club; Freshman Track Squad, ' 29. Stepp, William Hatcher, A ' ! ' Columbus, Miss. Pre-Dental Band, ' 29. ' 30. Stewart, Robert George, T K A South Orange, N. J. Commerce Stone, George E., A 9 Mobile Arts and Science ii6 E I g) 3 I OOF CDI_L- Sophomore Class Stoner, Woods Ferguson, AXA Dormont, Pa. Mechanical Engineering Sudbury, J. T., 2 A E Blytheville, Ark. Commerce Capstone Orchestra; " Corolla " Staff, ' 30. SuNKEL, John W., A T d Paris, III. Electrical Engineering Tau Kappa Delta; A. I. B. E. SwAiM, MosE M., I rA Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Freshman Football. SwiDERSKY, Maxwell J., B A Union City, N. J. Pre-Medical Tanner, William Brown, 2 X Vicksburg, Miss. Civil Engineering Transfer, University of Mississippi Taylor, Adrian Stevenson, Jr., AXA Birmingham Pre-Lavi Boxing Team. Tea,l, Jack Mason Birmingham School of Chemistry Million Dollar Band; AUmblc Club; Sergeant Bugler R. O. T. C. ; Intra-Mural Tennis. Temersov, Ethel Rose Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Terrell, Frank Ewinc, ATA El Paso, Texas Engineering Scabbard and Blade. Thames, Gus, X Mobile Cimil Engineering Thames, Susan, AOn Mobile Arts and Science Omega. Thetford, William Flecher, A T fi Montgomery Arts and Science Thomas, Richard Erle, 2 X Eufaula Pre-Medical Treasurer Kappa Gamma Delta; Blackfrlars; Rho Alpha Tau; Pre-Medical Club; " Crlmson-White " Staff; Druids. Thompson, Erva B., n B Grandin, N. D. Laiv Zeta Phi Eta. Thompson, Horace Walnut Grove Arts and Science Excelsior. Thompson, James Joseph Healing Springs President Rho Alpha Mu; Vive-President Tau Kappa Delta; Treasurer Ex- celsior; Phllomathic; Treasurer Pr. ' -Law Club; Forensic Council; Glee Club; •■Corolla " and " Crimson-White " Staffs. Thompson, Katherine, ASA Mobile Arts and Science Thoresen, Ann Elizabeth, AHA Chicago, 111. Arts and Science ToWNES, Milton Halsey, K A Huntsville Arts and Science Rho Alpha Mu; Rho Alpha Tau; Secretary Glee Club, ' 30, ' 31; Excelsior; Quadrangle; Freshman Y. M. C, A. Cabinet. ' 29; Vice-President Freshman Arts and Science Class, ' 29, ' 30; Pre-Law Club. Townsend, Hastel Laveine, ex Birmingham Pre-Medical Tuman, Philip J., B A Mt. Vernon Pre-Medical Track; Boxins. J- 117 1331 OOI=ROL-L,A Sophomore Class Turner, Mary Park Northport Arts and Science TwEEDV, John S Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio Arts and Science Varner, Charles Allen, A Montgomery Pre-Medical Theta Kappa Psl; Prc-Medical Club. Vaughan, Henry Albert, K A Selma Commerce Phi Eta Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi; Million Dollar Band. Waddell, James M., K 2 Tuscaloosa Commerce Druids; Alpha Kappa Psi ; Rho Alpha Tau: Junior Manager Rifle Team; Sl ulls; Commerce Club. Wade, Theodore Lee Carlowville Commerce Wainwright, Rose Russell, X fi Atlanta, Ga. Arts and Science Pi Blaclcfrlars. Walik, Joseph New Haven, Conn. School of Chemistry Walker, Katherine, A 2 Huntsville Education Caroline Hunt Club. Walker, R. Howard, TfiX Eufaula Commerce Wallin, John Luther, AS Earle, Ark. Pre-Lanu R. O. T. C. Band; Million Dollar Band. Wallin, Reginald E., A 2 i Earle, Ark. Pre-Laiu Commerce Club; Pre-Law Club. Ward, Jane Centre Arts and Science Honor Council, ' 29; Freshman Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, ' 30; " Biimingham News " Scholarship; Honor Roll, ' 29; President Alpha Lambda Delta. ' 30. Ward, William LaFayette, K 2 Tuscaloosa Pre-La w Rho Alpha Mu. Warren, Hermione, K A Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Pi; Blackfriars. Webb, George Carlton, 2 X Schenectady, N. Y. Commerce Weed, James K Quinton Mining Engineering Westfall, Carroll C, 2 X Pittsburgh, Pa. Arts and Science Glee Club. White, Florence U Lawrence, L. L, N. Y. Arts and Science Chi Theta. White, Frank Shelley, ATO Birmingham Laiu The Greeks; Varsity Trac] ; " Corolla " Staff; " Crimson-White " and " Rammer- Jammer " Staffs; Fr shman Track, ' 27; Vice-President Freshman Law Class. Whiteside, Alice Katherine Oxford Pre-Laiu Clii Delta Phi; Rho Alpha Mu; Sophomore Representative Woman ' s Council; Secretary Woman ' s Student Government; Executive Committee; " Crimson- White " and " Corolla ' Stalts: Y. W. C. A. Senior Cabinet; Secretary to Dean of Women, ' 29, ' 30; Assistant to Dean. ' 30; Freshman Counsellor. WiESEL, Bert H., Z B T Tuscaloosa Pre-Medical Phi Ela Sigma; Blackfriars; Erosophic; " Rammer-Jammer " Staff. ii8 E 1 g 3 I OO FR O l_L_ A, fi Sophomore Class WiLBOURNE, John Rankin, AXA Marion Commerce Williams, Paul Marsdon Cleveland, O. Arts and Science I Wilson, Howard William, K 2 Steubenville, Ohio School of Chemistry Alembic Club. Wilson, Jo, K A Russellville Arts and Science WiTTMEiER, Joe S., n K Oneonta Commerce WiiTMEiER, Meta, a X n Oneonta Arts and Science Wood, Clements Charles, A A X Jasper Pre-Medical Theta Kappa Psi; Pre-Medical Club. Wood, Neil L Columbus, Miss. Commerce Commerce Club. Wood, Vernon Francis Bayonne, N. J. Aeronautical Engineering Track Team; Phi Eta Sigma. Worcester, Leonard Worthington Manchester, N. H. Arts and Science Worrell, Helen, K K r Birmingham Education Omega; Secretary-Tr asurer Eroaophic. ' 30; Caroline Hunt Club; Woman ' s Pan-Hellenic Council. WvKER, John William, K A Decatur Arts and Science Yancev, George William, Jr., AKE Birmingham Laiv Blackfriars; Freshman Track; Vice-President Skulls, ' 30; Parasites. ;■ Young, Harry Kenneth West Blocton Laiv B.S.. Alabama, ' 30. Zaugg, Barbara Margaret Hyde Park, Mass. Arts and Science V. A. a.; Sophomore Hockey Captain; French Club; " Corolla " Staff; Y. W. C. A. ?£M f|§ ' Zeigler, Annie Ruth Talladega Arts and Science Honor Roil; Y. W. C. A.; French Club; Journalism Award. 119 m E IQ3I OOFR 3L-L- X M i 1 20 SMiss yulia Tutwiler Founder of co-education at the University; author of the oAlabama State anthem, " oAlabama. " E: 1 Q 3 I OO Fl O L_L_ Freshmae Class Abbot, Helen Taylor, K K r Mobile Education Omega. Aldridge, Garet v., 2 a E Tuscaloosa Commerce Aldridge, Henri McMillan, 2AE Mobile Commerce " Rammer-Jammer " Staff. Alson, Allison P Jamestown, N. Y. Pre-La iv " Crimson-White " Staff; Education Club. Anderson, Ellerbe Sims Birmingham Scliool of Chemistry Anderson, Joe Maithews, AXA Birmingham Pre-Laiu Anderson, William, AXA Birmingham Pre-Laiu Rho Alplia Tau. Arnold, Otto Charles Poughlceepsie, N. Y. Commerce Atkins, Edwin Lawrence New York City Engineering Austin, James Melvin Worcester, Mass. Aeronautical Engineering Newman Club; Tau Kappa Delta. Bacgett, Gladys Olga Double Springs Education Bailey, Harle Grady, n K A Boaz Commerce Comm.rce Club; Delta Sigma Pi; Charter Member Samuel Johnson Club. Bailey ' , William, n K Dothan Engineering Baker, John L., A T n Albertville Education Baldwin, Marie Antoinette Mobile Arts and Science Barber, Benjamin W Butler Pre-Medical Theta Kappa PsI. Barnes, Richard H Philadelphia, Pa. Commerce Barnes, Scears, " I- r A Eutaw Commerce President Erosophic. Barto.v, Elvin T Paterson, N. J. Commerce Bauman, Earl New Castle, Pa. Civil Engineering Beasley, Maude Alice, A i) Steele, Mo. Arts and Science Beech, Gould M Montgomery Pre-Law Freshman Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; " Crimson-White " Staff. Beeson, Frank E., Jr Bay St. Louis, Miss. Commerce Freshman Football, Bell, Bonnie Lora Tuscaloosa Education 122 E 1 g) 3 I OO F= O L_ l_ a. Freshman Class Bell, Flora Louethel Tuscaloosa Education Bennett, Lowell Herbert Vineland, N. J. Chemical Engineering Million Dollar Band; Glee Club; M. M. and C. E. Club. Berggren, Charles William, 2 E Brooklyn, N. Y. Commerce Berry, John Heflin, AXA Selma Arts and Science Bertkan, William E BronxviMe, N. Y. Commerce Biondi, Benedict, A A Tuscaloosa Pre-Medical Birdsong, Tom, K 2 Tuscaloosa Chemical Engineering Blan, Sidney Herbert, Jr., 2 X Birmingham Arts and Science Rho Alpha Tau ; President Freshman Y. M. V., A. Council; Biackfriars; Ex- celsior; Erosophic. Blodgett, Francis Eber Tuscaloosa Mining Engineering Boone, Irene Samantha Arts and Science Bowers, Miriam Gadsden Education BOYKIN, RiSDON L Chattahoochee, Fla. Arts and Science BoYLES, Aubrey Moody, AO Mobile Pre-La ui Rho Alpha Tau; Biackfriars; Glee Club; " Corolla " Staff. Bradley, Don E., 9 X Chicago, 111. Physical Education Bradley, Thomas Chiles, Jr., ! r A Washington, D. C. Commerce Biackfriars; " Rammer- Jammer " Staff. Branch, Earl, K 2 Little Rock, Ark. Arts and Science Capstone Orchestra; Military Band. Branch, William, Ae Montgomery Commerce Branyon, Vera Rivers Spartanburg, S. C. Education Brennan, Harry Williams, K 2 Memphis, Tenn. Arts and Science Glee Club. Brennan, Richard King Bessemer Aeronautical Engineering Bands. Brooks, Douglas Alton Corning, N. Y. Pre-Medicat Glee Club. Brough, Jack Alex, 2K Chicago, III. Arts and Science Brown, Betty Memphis, Tenn. Arts and Science Biackfriars. Busby, Hubbard Taylor Moody ' s Cross Roads Pre-Laiw 123 wm I E I g) 3 I OOFRQL-I— A. Freshman Class Camp, George Lewis, STfi Munford Arts and Science Campbell, Pete Tuscaloosa Commerce Carlson, Emerson Ellwood Rockford, 111. Commerce Cathey, John, A6 Gadsden Arts and Science Caitee, Fred Moor, II K A Vance Commerce Chalberc, F. Walter Tuscaloosa Enffineering Chalmers, Albert Holden, Jr., r A Birmingham Mechanical Engineering Chamberlain, Bart Beardslee, Jr., AKE Mobile Pre-Law Chevalier, Burdett, ATA Freeport, N. Y. Civil Engineering Christian, Oscar Walter, 2 E Newark, N. J. Commerce Gleo Club. Church, Dorothy Dean, X Birmingham Commerce Pi. Chusid, Julius Brooklyn, N. Y. Arts and Science Coley, John Smarit, X Alexander City Arts and Science Rho Alpha Tau. COLVIN, Roland Hatton, ATA Durant, Miss. Commerce Connatser, Roy Stuart -• Clanton Arts and Science Corenblum, Leah Birmingham Arts and Science Couch, R. D Fayette Commerce Cowan, Moody Piedmont Arts and Science House of Commons; " Corolla " Editorial Staff. CoxwELL, Alvin Bartley Monroeville Pre-Medical Pre-Medical Club. Craig, A. K., A 8 Selma Pre-La w " Corolla " Staff, ' 31. Cromer, Stuart Aurora, 111. Commerce Cross, Randall, K 2 Gadsden Commerce Crossley, Margaret, AAA Wallkill, N. Y. Arts and Science Erosophlc; Caroline Hunt Club; W. A. A. Crouch, Paul Flinn, AAX Montgomery Pre-Medical 124 fk.; E: 1 g 3 I OOF=?01_L- X Freshman Class Crowe, Herbert Spencer Troy Commerce University Band. Dabney, Jack, A T fi Florence Arts and Science Rho Alpha Tau. Danforth, William Paul, ATJ2 Houston, Texas Pre-Lav} " Crimson-White " Staff; Rho Alpha Tau; " Corolla " Staff; C ntennial Celtbratlon Committee. Daniels, Joseph Henry West Englewood, N. J. Arts and Science Dawson, Dorothy N., K K r Pittsburgh, Pa. Arts and Science Dautel, Virginia Suzanne, A2A Chicago, III. Arts and Science Davis, Barbara Ann, AAII Decatur Arts and Science Davis, Elizabeth Gray Jasper Arts and Science Delta Phi Mu. Day, Hudson Smith Selma Engineering Day, Samuel M., X Alexander City Pre-Medical Rho Alpha Tau. Deal, Evelyn, AAA Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Delp, Marlon Murry, Jr Lancaster, Pa. Cotnmerce Dexter, P. B., 2 N Columbus, Ga. Engineering Dibrell, Dorothy Jane, A r A Little Rock, Ark. Arts and Science Dickerson, Howard, 2 X Hattiesburg, Miss. Commerce Excelsior. Dillon, John Joseph Highland Falls, N. Y. Physical Education Dilworth, William DeLaney, 6 X Empire Pre-Medical DOMINICK, Catherine, ZTA Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Dominick, Mabel, ZTA Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Blackfriars. Douglas, Katherine, A r A Mobile Education DuBics, Lou A., A T A Cleveland, Ohio Commerce DuGGAR, Lloyd L., 1 ' A Mobile Pre-La w Dumas, Walter Tuscaloosa Engineering Dunning, Ruth Inez, A f2 Thomasville Education W. A. A.; Captain Freshman Hockey Team; Honor Council; Freshman Basket- ball Team; B. S. U. Council; Y. W. C. A. 125 mf.iws ' Xtw E 1Q3I COF= OL_L,A Freshman Class Dunham, Jones Joseph, K 2 Abbeville Commerce Dunn, Merita Parrish Irts and Science DuRANT, Pelham, Jr., A K E Mobile Commerce EcKSTADT, Joseph Paul Goshen, Ind. Commerce Eddins, Woodrow Wilson Peterraan Pre-Medical Eggleston, Virgil L Jamestown, N. Y. Engineering Ellis, Roger, AX.. Tuscaloosa Commerce Enos, Jack William Chicago, 111. Commerce Y. M. C. A.; Commerce Club. Erdman, Le Moyne F., a X a Mobile Electrical Engineering Evans, C. George, A 2 Clifton, N. J. Pre-Medical EWELL, D. Irwin, AX New Orleans, La. Physical Education EwiNG, Edmund P. T., A X Birmingham Pre-Laiu Exum, Frank Kinney, r A Birmingham Laiv Rho Alpha Tau; Blackfriars; Brosopllic. Fee, Charles Sherman, HK Olney, III. Commerce Alpha Kappa Psi. Feiler, Mildred Meridian, Miss. Arts and Science Blackfriars. FiNNELL, Harrieit M., X fi Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Pi; Y. W. C. A.; Erosophic; Alpha Lambda Delta. Fisher, Forrest Herbert . . . • • ; Bayonne, N. J. Engineering Fitzgerald, Don D., K 2 Denver, Colo. Commerce Fogg, Justin George Bethlehem, Pa. Commerce Frank, Ruth Ocala, Fla. Arts and Science French, Robert Edward Meriden, Conn. Arts and Science Fuller, Helen Marjorie Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Freshman Tennis Squad. Fulmer, Ralph O., 9 X Elgin, 111. Arts and Science Blackfriars. Gaines, Elizabeth, A X f) Mobile Arts and Science A I g) 3 I OO F=? 0 L_L_ A. Freshman Class Gan ' TS, Mary Fran ' Ces, AXfi Miami, Fla. Commerce Gaston, Lynn Ei.oise, A f) Memphis, Tenn. Arts and Science Gatlin, Martha Courtney, X fl Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Alpha I-anibda Delta; Blarkfriars; Erosophic; Di-lta Phi Mu. Gearinger, Harold Herbert, B X Bloomsburg, Pa. Commerce Kxcelsior; Commerce Club; Alpha Delta Sigma: Rho Alpha Mu; Erosophic. GiDDiNGS, Paul Calvin Kent, Conn. Engineering Gills, Harriet, ATA Mobile Arts and Science Gilmore, Harold Le Bruce, 6 T i) Yemassee, S. C. Commerce Band. Goldman, Albert E Rochester, N. Y. Pre-Latw Goldner, Harry, K N Birmingham Pre-Medical Goldstein, Beatrice Hurtsboro Arts and Science Gomila, Torrey, 1 A9 New Orleans, La. Education Freshman Football. Gordon, Hyman Ellis, K N Birmingham Arts and Science Gordon, Mary Martha Shreveport, La. Arts and Science Graham, William Keley, AXA Stevenson Comtnerce Graves, Mary Eliza Bangor Arts and Science Freshman Tennis Squad; W. A. A. Gray, C. Harold, K 2 Houston, Texas Commerce Rho Alpha Tau ; Secretary-Treasurer Freshman Commerce Class. Green, Joseph Walton, K A Selma Arts and Science Rho Alpha Tau. Greenberc, Herman Theodore, K N Birmingham Commerce Greenwood, Edwin Barlow Syracuse, N. Y. Electrical Engineering Griffin, James Frances, r E Henderson, N. C. Pre-Medical Gustafson, Randolph Richard Rockford, 111. Civil Engineering Haas, George Russell, AKE Mobile Commerce Rho Alpha Tau. Hager, George Steveson, IIK Flat Creek Arts and Science Haig, George Donald, KS Freeport, N. Y. Commerce 127 E IQ3I COF= OL-l— Freslhiniaira Class IIaigler, Edward David Birmingham Prc-Laiu Hale, Willie Hammond, A X U Birmingham Commerce Hall, Thomas James, 2 1 K New York City Commerce Hamilton-, Dorothy Louise Birmingham Arls and Science Hammet, Louise, K K r Daphne Arts and Science Erosophlc. Hampf, Whilimina Elaine Garfield, N. J. Arts and Science Hampton, George, K A Meridian, Miss. Pre-Latv Haxkins, William Maxwell, A K E Daytona Beach, Fla. Commerce Rho Alpha Tau. Hansen, Neil Fenton Jamestown, N. Y. Commerce Hansen, William E Buffalo, N. Y. Education Hanson, John Henr y Oxford Arts and Science Hargrove, Marjorie Mae, A X n Birmingham Commerce Harrington, Everett Joseph Worcester, Mass. A eronau ' .ical Enijinecring Harris, Egerton S., A K E Mobile Engineering Harris, Te-Wyatt, X U Dothan Commerce Erosophic; W. A. A. Harrison, David Orange, N. J. Pre-Dental Harrison, David Leigh, i: A E Florence Commerce Rho Alpha Tau. Harrv, David, AXA Pylesville, Md. Commerce Rho Alpha Tau; Vice-President Freshman Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. Havgood, Paul Elbert, IT K A Greenville Commerce Hays, Charles Vickers, II K A Abbeville Pre-Laiu •■Crimson-Wlilte " Staff. Hays, William D., Jr Bay St. Louis, Miss. Commerce ■•I ' rimson-White " Staff; Phi Kta SiKnui; Aliilia Kappa Psi; ' ■Corolla " Staff; " Rammur-Jammer " Stafl ; Honor Roll; Exeelsior. Hearn, William Gordon Grove Hill Pre-Medicai Hearon, Henry Hooper, 2 N Mobile School of Chemistry Helberg, Gladys Louisa, K K r . . Houston, Texas Arts and Science Omega; Caroline Hunt Club. 128 if ' . ■ fk}- Hii Hi ' Ht Ho ' L E: I Q 3 I CO R C5 L_ L_ A. Freshman Class Hemphill, Warren D., n K Mobile Chemical Engineering Rho Alpha Tau. Hereford, Janie New Market Arts and Science HiNGLE, L. Roland Birmingham Pre-Medical HixTON, William M Newark, N. J. Commerce Hoffman, Conrad Wheeler Washington, D. C. Engineering Hoffman, Nathan, 204 ' Bronx, N. Y. School of Chemistry Hillel Society; Alembic Club. Holt, W. K., Jr., HKA Burlington, N. C. Commerce Horcan, John Joseph, AS Hawthorne, N. J. Civil Engineering Horton, Arthur Browning, AKE Chicago, III. Engineering Horton, Rosa Evergreen Education HosLER, Omar H Willard, Ohio Arts and Science Hough, George Francis Highland Falls, N. Y. Physical Education Howard, Arthur, I K2; Tuscumbia Arts and Science HoYT, Stanley Elgin, 111. Commerce Hughes, Larry G., n K S Tuscaloosa Education Rho Alpha Tau; Freshman Football; Pnsident Freshman Education Class. Hughes, Ruth Tuscaloosa Physical Education Hundertmark, John Louis Washington, Pa. Commerce Hunt, Frederick S., K A Decatur Arts and Science Rho Alpha Tau. HuxFORD, C. C, Jr., A K E Mobile Commerce Ingalls, Frances Isabell, ATA Montgomery Education Pi. Inge, Richard H., A K E Mobile Arts and Science Irwin, Francis Lamar Foley Commerce Ivy, Kenneth Aubrey, X Birmingham Commerce Rho Alpha Tau. Jackson, John Hollis, OTfi Vernon Pre-Medical 129 Jll mf.mtf ' mKma I Q 3 I O OR O 1— L- A Freshman Class James, Sam Adams, 2 X Daytona Beach, Fla. Commerce Freshman Football; Rho Alpha Tau. Jefferies, Margie Citronelle Commerce Commerce Club; Hall Chairman; W. A, A.; Hockey Squad. Jerome, Eli Plainfield, N. J. Pre-Medical Band. Johnson, Edward Hamilton Jamestown, N. V. Commerce Johnson, Elizabeth Clanton Iris and Science Johnson, Terrell E Miami, Fla. Commerce Jones, E. Harold, AAX Jasper Chemical Engineering Jones, Jere Bellencer, K 2 Gadsden Arts and Science Rho Alpha Tau. Joyce, Thomas V., A X Buffalo, N. Y. Civil Engineering Kalish, Joe Neal, A K E Atlanta, Ga. Commerce Kaminsky, George Frank Passaic, N. J. Civil Engineering Kane, William Robert, ATA Herrin, 111. Pre-Medical Katz, Moses, K N Monroeville Chemical Engineering Keilch, Jack Dardanelle, Ark. Pre-Law Kelley, George Bates, AKE Birmingham Arts and Science Kelly, Edward Leroy Latrobe, Pa. Electrical Engineering Kendrick, Charles Waverly, UK Luverne Pre-Medical Y " . M. C. A. Council; Rho Alpha Tau. Kessler, Sylvia, A + E Macon, Ga. Commerce KiDD, Thomas J., ! A 9 Birmingham Engineering Rho Alpha Tau. Kilgore, Neil, AXA Jasper Commerce Kimball, H. A., 2 ! E Orange, Texas Engineering Freshman Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. Kimbrough, Horace William, . T fi Opelika Education Freshman Football; Freshman Basketball; Vice-President Freshman Education Class. Kimbrough, Isabel Bibb, K K r Montgomery Arts and Science King, Sidney Scott, Jr., A Dayton, Ohio Commerce Blacktrlars. 130 7 ' lffi ' m i i. E I Q 3 I CO F=? O L_L- a Freshman Class Kleinhans, Richard Gerald Rochester, N. Y. Arts and Science KsowLTON, Rexford A. J Robertsdale Engineering Koehnlein, Charlotte Martins Ferry, Ohio Commerce " 1931 Corolla " Staff. KOPLON, Sadye Birmingham Physical Education Kraft, Melvvn Lionel, SAM Washington, D. C. Commerce Krapf, Nicholas Freeport, N. Y. Civil Engineering Laffav, Richard Stewart Hastings-on-Hudson, N. Y. Commerce Lamphere, F letcher Charles, 9 X Elgin, 111. Commerce Landgrebe, Edith, K A Birmingham Arts and Science PL Laxey, Albert L., 2 N Columbus, Ga. Engineering Laxford, Robert Dixon, K A Anniston Commerce Lautver, Lou P Trenton, N. J. Pre-Dental Lawhead, James Lyle, A2 Lorain, Ohio Arts and Science Lawlor, Richard Henry Waterbury, Conn. Commerce Lawson, Katherine Montgomery Arts and Science Blackfriars. Leach, Randall P., 2 N Tuscaloosa Commerce Rho Alpha Tau. Lehman, William M., ZBT Selma Commerce " Corolla " Staff; Editorial Staff " Crlmson-Whlte " . Leitman, Alex, 2fi Birmingham Commerce Levine, Julius David, K N Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Levine, Louis, BA Newark, N. J. Pre-Law Baseball Team. Lewis, Kathryn Lee, X fl Jasper Arts and Science " Crlmson-Wtlite " Staff; W. A. A. Leyden, Frank Collins, . T fl Anniston Arts and Science Little, Ervin Everitt, K A Jacksonville, Fla. Pre-Latu Rho Alpha Tau; Vic-e-Presid nt Freshman Arts and Science Class; " Rammer- Jammer " Staff. Little, Gerald Hays Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Erosophic; Blackfriars; " Crimson-White " Staff. r 131 JH fmfmk a,vimm I g 3 I OOFRQL-L-A. Freshman Class LippMAx, Beryl, ! B A Hackensack, N. J. Arts and Science LoEB, Herman-, Jr., Z B T Montgomery Commerce Erosophic. Logan, Leon, K 2 Moundville Commerce LowMAN, James Byron, 2 N Miami, Fla. Pre-Medical Mac Donald, William Allen, A2 Lorain, Ohio Arts and Science Mackey, Elbert Urbana, 111. Commerce Mackey, L. R., A X Cimarron, Kan. Commerce Mac Leod, Walter C Newark, N. J. Arts and Science Maddox, Herman Walter SuUigent Pre-Law Erosophir. Madison, Irving Grant, AXA Mobile Arts and Science Rho Alpha Tau; Erosophic. Main, Robert James, AX Metropolis, HI. Pre-Laiii Maley, Richard R., A K E Jackson, Miss. Com?nerce Manley, Rufus S., Jr., A K E Orange, Texas Commerce Mann, Harry S., Z B T Louisville, Ky. Commerce Marcantonio, Dan Louis Bridgeport, Conn. Commerce Marks, Charles Lewis, Jr., A T iJ Montgomery Commerce Glee Club. Martin, Bernice Slocomb Arts and Science Marye, T. Staige, I Ae Greenwood, Miss. Commerce Assistant Business Adv. " Crimson-White " . Mashuta, Peter, 2 K Schenectady, N. Y. Civil Eni ineerincj Mauk, Mary Will Birmingham Arts and Science Maulitz, Herbert Russell, K N Birmingham Pre-Law Maumenee, Alfred Edward, Jr., A K E Birmingham Pre-Medical Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. May, Duncan, K 2 Montgomery Engineering Rho Alplxa Tiiu. May, Eugene Willett, ATfi Birmingham Commerce I 132 I Q 3 I OO FR O L_l_ Aw Freshman Class McBee, Burrett Eatov Kent. Conn. Commerce Commerce Club; " Crlmson-Whlte " Start. McCain, Frank Lineville Physical Education McCoLLUM, Luther Gwaltney, 2AE Greensboro Pre-Medical McCuLLOUGH, GuNTER Leon Town Creek Commerce McCracken, Ernest B., T fi X Springfield, Tenn. Engineering Captain Freshman Football Team, ' 25. McDuFF, LuLA Kathryn, a Z . . . . Tuscaloosa Arts and Science PI. McGowiN, Ed, A K E Chapman Commerce McLai.v, Penelope, K K F Excelsior Springs, Mo. . ' Irts and Science Omega; Caroline Hunt Club. McLeod, Willie Preston, S X Jackson Pre-Medical McMillan, Thomas Edwaro, AKE Brewton Pre-Laix) Rho Alpha Tau; Freshman Football; President Freshman Arts and Sciince Class. McNair, Orris Raiford Gadsden Pre-Medical McWright, Pruitt C, 2 K Mt. Hope Pliysical Education Melton, Harry Ripley, ' 1 r A Ft. McClellan Pre-Medical Mendel, Sylvia Jayne, A I E Monroe, Ga. Commerce Meyer, David Sommer, Z B T Birmingham Arts and Science MiCHAELSON, Bernard Leon, 2AM Bessemer Electrical Engineering Middleton, Jack Irving, AXA Hollywood, Calif. Commerce " Crimson- White " .Staff. MiDDLETON, Norman Owen Wickford, R. L Commerce Commerce Club. MiLBURN, Evelyn A Macon, Ga. Arts and Science MiLHOus, Atlas Martin, Ae Selma Co7nmerce Vice-President Freshman Class. MiLLO, Anne Rita Garfield, N. J. Arts and Science Minor, Melvin Boyd, A. Tuscaloosa Pre-Laiu Mitchell, James Florian, TQX Gulfport, Miss. Commerce Monroe, Joseph, K 2 Birmingham Pre-Medical 133 g jymm-EKWiMWiHJtwiSiM IQ3I COF= OL-L- :V. W w Freshmnan Class Moonv, William A., FT K ■!• Sylacauga Arls and Science Freshman Football. MoRGAx, Elizabeth Scottsboro Iris and Science Morrison, Ralph H., n K ' t Jasper Commerce Alpha Kappn Psi; " Crimson-Wliite " Staff. Morrow, Bob Ed, GTfi Plantersville .■Iris and Science MosELEY, Ralph Carmichael, II K Sylacauga Commerce Fre.slliTian Football. Mosher, Alice Louise, Z T . Panama City, Fla. .Iris and Science M ' Saheai), Floyd George Birmingham Pre-Law Freshman Football Team; Vr shman Basketball Team; Erosophic, MuLnoMAN, Robert Astor Whitinsville, Mass. Pre-Laiii Murray, Robert Miller Chicago, III. Commerce Y. M. C. A.; Commerce Club. Murphy, Sam S., A Mobile Pre-Medical Glee Club. Neighbors, John F Rockford Arts and Science Neilson, Marshall Tuscaloosa Arts and Science ••19.11 Corolla " Staff. Nelson, Oscar William, . 2 Alliance, Ohio . rls and Science Pi Delta Sigma; Million Dollar Band; R. O. T. C. Band; Chess Club; •■Rammer- Jamm: r " Staff. Neyland, Howard William Jackson, Miss. Pre-Denlal Nicks, James Fletcher Whistler Electrical Engineering Noble, Ben Frank, Jr., 2 A E Montgomery Engineering Rho Alpha Tau. NoLEN, Roy Lemuel, 2AE Montgomery Commerce O ' Brien, William Edward Newark, N. J. Commerce O ' CoNNER, Mary Belle Birmingham Arts and Science O ' Harrow, Thomas John, i KS ' . Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Blackfriars. Oliver, Ernest Bi.ngham, AKE Birmingham Pre-Medical Orrison, C. J., a X a Birmingham Engineering Owens, Bennie L Roanoke Commerce Page, Perryman, 2 N Evergreen Pre-Medicat Rho Alpha Tau. it " - 11 134 % I g) 3 I O O FR O l_ l_ X 1.1 Freshman Class Palmer, Barbara Farrar, AAA Dora Arts and Science Palmer, Mack, ATi) Eutaw Commerce Parnell, Johnie E Munford Chemical Engineering Partridge, Edward R., A T A Troy Commerce Partridge, Sue Hallie Mobile Commerce Pasn ' Iesk, David A Rochester, N. Y. Pre-Medical Paterson, David Wilson, Jr Irvington, N. J. Commerce Paxton, Spencer Aurora, III. Commerce Pazeian, Isabel Worcester, Mass. Arts and Science Pearson, Wilma Leah Laurel, Miss. Arts and Science Peebles, David Coleman, 2AE Athens Commerce Business Staff " Crimson-White " and " Rammer- Jammer " ; Commerce Club. Pelham, Joel Douglas, ATA Anniston Chemical Engineering Pellerin, Virginia Evelyn, A Z St. Louis, Mo. Arts and Science Permutt, Gerald, K N Birmingham Commerce Persons, Clarence Parker, rA Tuscaloosa Commerce Rho Alpha Tau. Pontiere, Fred T Ocean City, N. J. School of Chemistry Powanda, William C Ansonia, Conn. Commerce Powell, Peggy, AAA Huntsville Arts and Science Omega; Erosophic. Prescott, Melver Joe Brewton Education Pritchard, Willis Delmot, ATA Warren, Ohio Commerce Prowell, Marion A., r A Tuscaloosa Pre-Laiu Erosophic; " Rammer- Jammer " ; Blackfrlars; Freshman Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. Pruitt, Pinckney, K 2 Tuscaloosa Commerce Purser Catherine Jane, AXii Anniston Commerce Rademacher, Margaret Anne, KKT Mobile Arts and Science 135 wmmmvrmm m 1 Q 3 I O OR O L-. L- a. Freshman Class Rainbird, Eric William Rochelle Park, N. J. Civil Engineering Hay, Alvin Robert, ATA East Cleveland, Ohio Commerce Raymon, Harry Tuscaloosa Pre-Laiv Glee Club. Raymond, Myron Teves Fort Payne Arts and Science Redfield, Robert S., 2 X Chicago, 111. Pre-Medical Reed, Edgar William Brooklyn, N. Y. Commerce Reemer, Charlotte Evalyn, K A Birmingham Arts and Science Blackfrlars; Delta Phi Mu; PI. Reeves, Lourie Nell Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Reighard, Robert Henry Quincy, 111. Aeronautical Engineering Reynolds, William Weston Meridian, Miss. Pre-Law Rice, Alan, ZBT Montgomery Commerce " Crimson-White " Staff. Rich, Leo, Jr., ZBT Birmingham Commerce " Crimson-White " and " Rammer- Jammer " Staffs. Rich, Sadye, A E Atlanta, Ga. Education RiDOLPHi, Joseph Edwin Montgomery Arts and Science Rixcius, Clifford E Chicago, 111. Engineering Roach, Fenwick Eustis, K2: Orange, Texas Co7nmerce Roberts, Lucile Hester, ZTA Birmingham Arts and Science Robertson, Elizabeth, AXfi Anniston Commerce Romano, Dominic John Orange, Texas Civil Engineering Rosenberg, Marvin, ZBT Troy Commerce Band; Erosophlc. Roth, Robert Leon Boston, Mass. Education Education Club; Hillel Society; Boston Club. Roth, Robert Walter Royal Oak, Mich. Commerce Band; Commerce Club. Roycroft, Ottie Mae Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Rushing, David Edward Selma School of Chemistry •p. 136 E I g 3 I CO R O l_ l_ !, C • ' Freshmaii Class Russell, Charles H Huntsville Arts and Science Russell, Ray, 2K Decatur Pre-La-iu Sachs, Frank S Bessemer Arts and Science Erosophic; Blackfriars. Salas. Anthony Vincent Chicago, III. Aeronautical Engineering Samuel, Grace Altoona Arts and Science Sanders, William Edward, I K2 Fayette Commerce Sandt, Samuel Addison Fairhope Arts and Science Satlof, Anne, A E Columbus, Ga. Arts and Science ScHEiNBAUM, Sylvia Ney Atlanta, Ga. Arts and Science SCHIFF, Gerard, 2 A ....:. New York City Arts and Science Schloskey, Warren Cecil, A K E Milwaukee, Wis. Engineering Schmitz, Harry A Tuscaloosa Mechanical Engineering ScHNizER, Harry F Central Islip, N. Y. Pre-Dental ScHULTZ, John Andrew Freeport, N. Y. Commerce Schumpert, Buchel Vincent Nettleton Commerce Schwarzenbach, Ronald, AXA Stelton, N. J. Physical Education Freshman Football Squad. Sellers, William D., K 2 Birmingham Pre-Medical " Crimaon-White " Staff. Selman, McCoy Buena Vista, Miss. Engineering Shannon, James Maben, 2 . E Birmingham Commerce Erosophic. Shaver, James A., T fi X Opelousas, La. Commerce Shaw, Carlos A (-. jj Arts and Science Shipley, Martin Dan Sweetwater, Texas Engineering Shocer, Gilbert Paterson, N. J. Pre-Medical Shugerman, Ann Rose Birmingham Arts and Science 137 mm E IQ3I O O F= CD L_ L, V Freshjniae Class Sleighter, Howard Giddincs Kent, Conn. Engineering Smith, Doyle, K S Tchula, Miss. Commerce Smith, Harry E West Newton, Pa. Commerce Smith, Martha Annette, X fi Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Delta Phi Mu; Erosophic; Blackfrlars. Smith, Theo Reform Arts and Science Smith, Wilber, IIKA Birmingham Commerce Smyth, John B Birmingham Engineering Smy ' the, Louis Nelson, 2 K St. Johnsbury, Vt. Commerce Snowdon, Donald Earl, ATA Boston, Mass. Engineering SoKOL, Helen Davis Birmingham Arts and Science Southerland, L. D., T fi X Ft. Payne Aeronautical Engineering Sparr, James George, TfJX Mobile Pre-La w Speed, Charles Dewar Cleveland, Ohio Commerce Speed, Sydney Lyall Cleveland, Ohio Commerce Starlin, Thomas Winson Columbus, Ga. Commerce Phi Eta Sigma; Y. M. O. A. Cabinet; " 1931 Corolla " Staff; Erosophic; Secretary to Executive Secretary; Quadrangle; Delta Sigma Pi. Starling, James Holt, 2AE Troy Pre-Medical Secretary-Treasurer Freshman Arts and Science Class; Y. M. C. A., Freshman Cabinet; Erosophic. Starnes, Burlin Robert, Jr., ATfi Birmingham Pre-Laiu Stein, Jake, SAM Greenville, Miss. Commerce Freshman Football. Stephens, John E., A X Cimarron, Kan. Pre-Medical Stevens, Kenneth Albert, K2 Chicago, 111. Commerce Rho Alpha Tou; Glee Club; President Freshman Commerce Class. Stevens, Robert Bucay Ocean City, N. J. School of Chemistry Steve.nson, John Dexter Lynbrook, N. Y. Commerce Stewart, Eleanor, KKT Pittsburgh, Pa. Arts and Science Stickney, Fred Grist, Jr., 2AE Livingston Commerce Rho Alpha Tau. i ?kW 138 E 1Q3I COROL-L, X Freshman Class Stocker, Frank T Lynbrook, N. Y. Commerce Stokes, Mary Bronson, Fla. Arts and Science Stollman, John Bridgeport, Conn. Commerce Stover, Judson W., rA Bloomington, III. Commerce Rho Alpha Tau. Strickland, John Frank, K2 Millport Commerce Stricklen, William Austin Reform Pre-Law Freshman Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Erosophic. Strudwick, James Webb, { Ae Tuscaloosa Commerce Tabb, Louise, ZTA Tuscaloosa Arts and Science Tait, Albert Lewis, ATQ Birmingham Pre-Medical Tankersley, Nelda Prattville Arts and Science Taylor, R. Crawford, K 2 Pittsburgh, Pa. Arts and Science Taylor, Waights McCaa, AKE Birmingham Arts and Science Blackfrlars; Secretary Freshman Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. Teague, Robert Leslie, 9 X Birmingham Mechanical Engineering Teague, Robert S., Jr., Ae Montgomery Pre-Medical Tedquist, Marguerite Eleanor Chicago, 111. Arts and Science Blaclitriars. Tentschert, Francis Ferdinand New Jersey Civil Engineering Thomas, Margaret K University Commerce Thomas, Poole F., 2 N Greenville Commerce Thomas, W. Paul, AX Birmingham Commerce Rho Alpha Tau. Thomley, Aubie D Newton School of Chemistry Trimble, Underwood Haleyville Engineering Tucker, Jack R., A G Little Rock, Ark. Commerce Rho Alpha Tau; " Crimson- White " and " Corolla " Staffs. TuLLY, Albert Julian Mobile Commerce Blackfrlars. Van Pelt, Mary Hall, K A Montgomery Education Omega. 139 i; ' - ' 3 I OO l_ X =: 3 s«= - m V Freshman Class VicKERs, William Charles, II K a Abbeville Pre-Medical Waas, Frances, AAA Jacksonville, Fla. Arts and Science Omega. Wakefield, Nina, A Z Carbon Hill Arts and Science Walker, Alfred Augustus, Ae Birmingham Arts and Science Blackfrlars. Wallace, Erin Johnson, AAIT Birmingham Pre-Medical Walter, Nelson Kern Corning, N. Y. Pre-Medical Ward, Robert Wiley, 2 E Huntsville Engineerinff Waring, Clarence Henry, TfiX Mobile Engineering A. s. C. E. Warren, George Gordon, Jr., 2 X Jackson Commerce Frrshman Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Crimson Tete Club. Watson, Lucy Jane, AXn Anniston Arts and Science Weber, Harry G., 2 4 " E Rosedale, N. Y. Aeronautical Engineering Weinstein, David New York City Pre-Dental Hillel Society. Wellebil, George Howard Lynbrook, N. Y. Commerce Westcott, Clarence Raymond, 2 K Providence, R. I. Arts and Science Whatley, James C Samantha Engineering White, Mary Jean Tuscalopsa Arts and Science " Corolla " Staff. WiDNEY, Carmen, A Z Mobile Arts and Science Williams, Minnie Lee Ensley Education Willis, William Arthur Clanton Commerce Wilson, Hilah, AAA Cleveland, Ohio Commerce Omega. Winkler, Joseph A., 2 N Greenville Commerce Winter, William Roesch Kingfield, Me. Commerce Withincton, Dorothy Louise, A A n New York City Arts and Science Education Club; " Corolla " Editorial Staff. Wolff, Henry Eugene, ZBT Birmingham Commerce 140 E I g 3 I OO FRO L_L_ A — N - :! . i i. " v i 4.VMyi ij Freshman Class Wolfe, Raymond Lewis, 20 Utica, N. Y. Commerce WooDNicK, Arthur W., BA Chicago, 111. Commerce Freshman Football: " Crimson-White " Staff. Wright, Neil S., K 2 McComb, Miss. Commerce Rho Alpha Tau. Wtuuch, Eugene S Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Engineering Yaretzky, Bernard, ZBT Selma Commerce Yolles, Samuel, 2AM Winona, Miss. School of Chemistry Young, Frank W Boston, Mass. Engineering Young, Willard R., Jr Lebanon, N. J. Engineering Young, William James, K 2 Birmingham Arts and Science Zaner, Mary Josephine, A3A Oxford Arts and Science ZWEICBAUM, Sidney, K N New Haven, Conn. Arts and Science ■n j ' it- x — ' «c- i,3«gc 141 . ' .. ( ' iiuBson ■w H __ Colonel SMurfee Former Commandant of Cadets, and the man who rebuilt the University after its destruction by Federal troops. Tl-H E IQ3I COFROL-L-. Colonel W. E. Persons Commissioned Officers Colonel W. E. Persons, P. M. S. and T Infantry Major A. G. Frick, Assistant P. M. S. and T Artillery Captain C. H. Barnwell, Assistant P. M. S. and T Infantry Captain N. T. Andrews, Assistant P. M. S. and T Infantry Captain L. P. Hodnette, Assistant P. M. S. and T Infantry Captain Talliafero, Assistant P. M. S. and T Artillery Captain Farnsworth, Assistant P. M. S. and T Infantry Lieutenant Orville M. Hewitt Infantry Lieutenant Howard Kerr Engineering Lieutenant A. W. Pence Engineering JS.IKK, Amikkus, Talliafero, Frick, Persons, Farnsworth, Hodnette, Barnwell, Hewitt. 144 -r -i I g 3 I OOROL-.L- x t ADET Colonel Charles B. Clemk.m The Keserve Officers Training Corps non-commissioned officers Technical Sergeant C. H. Wolfe Technical Sergeant C. C. Lemmond Sergeant Buck Carter Sergeant L. P. Jenkins Sergeant George Develin Wolfe, Develin, Lemmond, Jenkins, Carter. 145 Ill COLONEL THOMAS CHALMERS HcCORVEY Smeritus Vrofessor of History and ' Political £conomy, in the regulation dress uniform of a colonel, as prescribed in the eighties, and as worn by him while for so many years as C " " - mandant of Qadets. To Colonel SMcQorvey this page is lovingly dedicated as a small way of expressing our appreciation for his labour of love in preserving the history and incomparable sentiments of the Old South. " — j- -S ' ii- m mm { 146 1 Q 3 i CO F= O L_L_ X . JL a V i Colonel C. B. Clement . Lt.-Col. Norwood Coker . . Major William E. Hood . Major Milton S. Pullen • Major Walter J. Merrill Major Albert B. Elmore . Major Archie B. McEachin Major G. R. Stannus . . . Regimental Commande r ■ ■ ■ Executwe Officer ■ ■ Regimental Adjutant Regimental Supply Officer ■ First Infantry Battalion Second Infantry Battalion . ■ First C. A. Battalion ■ Second C. A. Battalion Capt. W. H. Miller . Major F. J. Palme . Capt. Jimmie Moore Capt. Barney Gere Capt. T. D. Dykes . Capt. J. A. Watts . . Capt. H. B. Hendrix . Capt. A. M. Girten . Capt. B. Y. McLemore Staff, 2d C. A. Battalion ■ . First Engineering Battalion Adjutant 1st Infantry Battalion Adjutant 2d Infantry Battalion . . Adjutant 1st C. A. Battalion ■ . Adjutant 2d C. A. Battalion Adjutant Engineering Battalion . Staff 1st C. A. Battalion ■ Staff 1st C. A. Battalion Company " A " Infantry Albert DeFuniak Captain Company " C " Infantry Company " E " Infantry J. p. Persons . . W. C. Sims . . . W. FiNLAY . T. J. Harrison . . H. E. Moore . . . W. E. Persons, Jr. . . First Lieutenant ■ First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Company " B " Infantry John Henry Suther R. E. Hook . . . . David Alexander . J. F. Sharpe . . . Mack Jolly . . . E. P. Arnold . . . W. L. Faucett . . . Alston Fins, II . . R. B. Gafford . . . J. A. Patterson . . . . . . Captain Alternate Captain ■ First Lieutenant ■ First Lieutenant ■ First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Herbert Martin J. R. Thomas . J. E. Hodo . . W. T. R. Cox . W. B. McCall . Frank Kendall A. B. Chisholm T. J. Frederick R. E. Lowrey . R. R. Maley . . Captain . . Alternate Captain ■ First Lieutenant . First Lieutenant ■ First Lieutenant . First Lieutenant ■ First Lieutenant . . Second Lieutenant . . Second Lieutenant . ■ Second Lieutenant H. H. Jones . . W. C. Wilhite . A. S. Davidson . W. W. POUSE . M. E. Finklestei: P. P. Hensley . A. M. MiLHOus . C. P. Persons . T. M. Vestal . . . . . Captain Alternate Captain ■ First Lieutenant ■ First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Company " D " Infantry Company " F " Infantry CJeorce Brannon D. M. Jones . . J. R. F. Houston P. B. Caldwell G. A. CUMBAA . H. D. Dardon . O. T. Faucett . E. M. Friend . . . Captain ■ Alternate Captain ■ First Lieutenant ■ Second Lieutenant ■ Second Lieutenant ■ Second Lieutenant ■ Second Lieutenant ■ Second Lieutenant Henry S. Boone . D. A. Robertson . . C. R. D. Burns . D. W. Clarke . . . T. L. Cook . . . . G. M. Leatherwood C. A. Pitts . . . . W. A. Seymour . . . • . . . Captain Alternate Captain ■ First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Battery " G " C. R. DUGINS . . J. W. Dewberry . M. M. Megathlin H. H. Mize . . . . . . . Captain ■ First Lieutenant ■ First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Battery " K " W. B. McGowiN J. J. Mayfield . Harry Hewitt . Paul Wilson . . . . . Captain ■ First Lieutenant ■ First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant COAST ARTILLERY Battery " H " Louie Reese, Jr. . .... Captain G. S. Brown ... . First Lieutenant C. R. Estes ... . First Lieutenant Bernard Rosenbush • Second Lieutenant Battery " L " Bernard Weinstein .... Captain E. M. Kidd ... . First Lieutenant Edwin Kimbrouch . . First Lieutenant S. J. Gay Second Lieutenant G. F. Parr . ... Second Lieutenant Battery " I " T. M. Bond Captain E. K. Hanby . . . First Lieutenant H. G. Kriecer . . . First Lieutenant H. F. Meyer .... Second Lieutenant J. B. Steen .... Second Lieutenant Battery " M " G. O. Hall Captain J. H. Shepherd . . . First Lieutenant L. B. Tipton ... . First Lieutenant S. J. Curry .... Second Lieutenant J. K. Kennedy . . . Second Lieutenant Company " E " Engineers D. W. Wilhelm Captain J. C. Stephens First Lieutenant J. A. Hampton First Lieutenant R. C. Hanson First Lieutenant P. J. Galanti . Second Lieutenant F. E. HuBER Second Lieutenant L. A. Hale Second Lieutenant J. E. McCoy Second Lieutenant B. E. Gewin Second Lieutenant Company " F " Engineers R. B. Jefferies Captain B. L. Harris First Lieutenant A. H. Roberts First Lieutenant J. C. Evans First Lieutenant A. L. Terry Second Lieutenant F. B. Garrett Second Lieutenant Bruce Bynum Second Lieutenant J. B. Rippere Second Lieutenant G. W. Taylor Second Lieutenant C. M. Faircloth Second Lieutenant E. F. Schwartz • Second Lieutenant Company " G " Engineers O. C. Neely Captain A. L. Jackson First Lieutenant R. B. Fuller First Lieutenant H. H. Brice First Lieutenant J. A. Reed Second Lieutenant R. C. Parry Second Lieutenant E. D. RoscOE Second Lieutenant Roy Robinson Second Lieutenant W. G. Birdsong Second Lieutenant Company " H " Engineers W. H. Croft Captain W. J. Laubenheimer First Lieutenant O. W. Armstrong First Lieutenant W. G. Forsyth First Lieutenant R. E. Hereford Second Lieutenant C. P. Rice Second Lieutenant O. W. Albright Second Lieutenant J. N. Chatfield Second Lieutenant W. L. SouLE Second Lieutenant 147 r - -ri-H E IQ3I OOFR O l_ L_ ' if-rii. W, 4i y J a-Iyyie A joy vliaocC AfcLjoy Slyn 07 A ajoy T i lle T V Co . Co e-y A4 ■ A 77 y CLjoy pIcfrt- ' ynAC y joy J P.(Sacl%iyi- 149 ' :% |g)3l OOFROL-L-A e. " BASKIN WRIGHT ' Professor of Political Science This page of the C " " " ' ' ' l C ' " ' ' W » is lovingly dedicated, because of his love and devotion to the ideals and duties which have made the University such a burning star in the sparkling galaxy of csAmerican colleges. vV i 150 Il !i 1 I g) 3 I O O F=? CD L_ l_ a QM SSB SQ 91 Moore, Miller, Howard, Causey, Elmore, Roberts, Smith, Dotherow Erdreich, ( ' ain. McQueen Jackson, Griggs, Jones Laubenheimer. Hansen. Tucker Kimbrough Pullen, Dubbs. Smith, Aiken, Sington, Caddell. Houston, Campbell, Clement, Boykin, McRight, Joyce. Brown, Black, Long, Krasky. M. Laney, Adams, Laslie. Scheuor. W. Laney, Eberdt. . " m Officers Frank Howard .... mm- • - President Jess Eberdt . .(Jt. Hm. ' " - A k- • Vice-President Fred Sington -vrt L • - S crf «rj) Watson Johnson . . Xv Tr yilil f W Members W. J. Laubenheimer ; Mai-colm Laney Jess EbS|i5j 43t Albert Elmore Ed Griggs 0jfr Stcwart Aiken Fred Singion M J° Sharpe Harwell Jones W Jqhk Joyce Ralph McRight N Hugh Barr Miller Brownlea Smith } ))) ;1J1 ton Pullen James Moore IBaM J- - Roberts Sid Schectman mIIu v ' - aul Munkasy John Miller , i WIk; Smith Jack Scheuer impiL, m Ed Kimbrough Frank HowardD j sKaWatson Johnson Ray Moore f (h(S l t " " " Tucker Jack McGuire ' Frank Adams Speed Bradley fcjiU mil ' ll) Donald Sanfoxd James Marcus Hood Cecil Hurt Billy Hicks M ilM Hili.mav Hoi, lev Walton Laney jUWIi) Newton Godfrey Jack Macze! ' Carnie Laslie Fred Wambgan B . " Bo " Dotherow Herman Sanford William Partlow Ronald Krasky mv John Cain Horace Dill ' Edgar Dobbs Leon Long lllll J Oscar Turner John Cadell isMmT- J " ' Campbell - i gjEDDiE ' ' •■ ' OR i M. K. Erdreich J. B. WnnwoRTH W " Charles Clembnt-j JEoe -Causey , .. 1 Juke Houston George Fleming W|V William Brown . John Fleming W Jackson Sam Perry l|n John Henry Suther George Black ' JJ RAYi jpift Hansen David Boykin William McQueen 153 I g 3 I OO F O l—L. A. Hon. Borden Burr Alabama stands in the forefront in athletic history. We have had many splendid defeats, and more glorious victories. As our memory turns bacWard over the past we would find it dif- ficult to select Alabama ' s Immortals, from the many hundreds who have so valiantly fought on the athletic field. Little, Morrow, Abbott, Forman, Donahue, Smith, Sims, Hannon, Pratt, McDowell, Burks, Boone, Hovater, Sessions, Propst, Caldwell, Barnes, Jones, Perry, Campbell, Suther, and many others race across our memories. Not the writer, but someone else has named as Alabama ' s Immortals those photographs that ac- company this article; many others are entitled to join these, but surely not one of these should be taken from the list. Bully Van de Graff — In the line or in the backfield he has never had a superior. None of us will ever forget Alabama ' s first victory over Sewanee since the game of 1904, with Van de Graff right, in 191 5 the Tide began to flow; smashing through the line, he blocked a punt, caught it in the air and raced over, around and through the Purple team for the decisive touch- down of the game. RiGGS Stephenson — We have often wondered how many touchdowns Stevie would have made with one of the recent Alabama lines in front of him. Stevie was no fair weather performer. We remember his last game against Vandy when, after having two touchdowns called back on ac- count of so-called clippings many yards in the rear, he continued galloping until we had the thrill for the first time of a victory over the Com- modores. His consistent work on the gridiron, on the diamond, and in the forefront among big league players, certainly places him as an Ath- letic Immortal. Joe Sewell — We always think of Sewell and Stephenson together. The same type of fine ath- letics and splendid gentlemen. " Fog Horn " gen- tleman Joe was more than a fair football player, and he is a diamond hero. From the campus to the world ' s series, year after year among the lead- f 7 154 E I Q 3 I OO F? O L_L_ S : -.=.■% • J_ ;y ; ;, i ing fielders and batters and consistently holding the record for not striking out. Pooi.EY Hl lil-RT — The best general in the his- tory of Alabama football, a coach on the field, at the sanis time a versatile player. For three years he consistently played in the Georgia backfield. His wonderful generalship in the Rose Bowl game against the University of Washington brought about three thouchdowns and a victory in less than six minutes. A dynamo of power, he carried the ball 42 yards in five plays for one of these touchdowns, and then with the Washington team drawn in, threw one and called the throwing of the other pass which resulted in two of the most spectacular touchdowns ever made. Johnny Mack Brown — We see him now on the receiving end of the two touchdowns men- tioned above, taking them in on the tips of his fingers at full speed and rushing on to glory. Nor can we ever forget the run of Johnny Mack for 46 yards and a touchdown in the game against Georgia Tech in 1925, a streak of lightning and personification of grace weaving in and out among the Yellow Jackets, following the sideline with the ease and grace of a lady tight-rope walker. Tony Holm — A powerful, aggressive ball car- rier with a fighting, lovable disposition. In 1929 ■■• ' ■mi-- ' ■ m:- - Ifflfe.. he brought glory by his spectacular playing, re- sulting in the defeat of Tech with his two touch- downs. If injuries had not kept Campbell and Suther from his side in 1929, Alabama would have equalled the great record of 1930. As it was, he piled up more yardage than statistics coidd keep count of. What a galaxy of stars : Van 1)e Graff — Ail-American, Phi Beta Kappa and splendid Coach. Stephenson — Without an equal in the back- field and on the diamond. Sewell — An athletic and professional record second to none. Hubert — Voted Dixie ' s most valuable player in 1925. Brown — All-Southern halfback for two years. Holm — On the A. P. and Inter-National News ' All-American. SiNGTON — Unanimous choice for All-American and Phi Beta Kappa. All of them courageous and loyal gentlemen in college and after life. Their lives prove that the emphasis on athletics is more than worth-while. 1 - ' I i 155 . . COACH FRANK THOMAS A change in the administration of athletics usually brings with it grave apprehensions and misgivings. But this year, with the departure of Coach Wallace Wade for Duke and the arrival of Coach Thomas from the University of Georgia, the student body and alumni of the University of Alabama need have no fear for the future of our athletic teams. No better man could have been secured to carry on the work begun by Coach Wade than Coach Frank Thomas. May he have the same success at the University of Alabama that has so characterized his work at Notre Dame, Chattanooga, and Georgia! ir 156 Captain Charles ■». " Foots " Clement The co-inspiration of a ilabama ' s most victorious football team. The Season of Seasoes When Wallace Wade issued the call for fall practice last September, things didn ' t look very bright for the Crimson Tide. To be sure, Ala- bama would have a good team, but few authori- ties rated the Crimsons a championship eleven. The coaches of the Southern Conferenc e were polled on the possible results of the season, and Coach Bob Neyland, of Tennessee, was the only man to pick Alabama as the victor. The Tide mentor made no predictions. He just set about hammering into shape his last Crimson Tide. And the Old Brown guard had only one desire. That was to make an eleven that was representative of the years he had spent at the Capstone. How well he succeeded is now a matter of football history. In the early games of the season, the Tide began a steady surge. Howard and " Ole Miss " fell before the mighty Crimsons under the steady pressure of that powerful eleven. The South began to sit up and take notice! Wally Wade had a team that was to be reckoned with. Sewanee fared little better at Birmingham, al- though the " Mountaineers " were able to offer some resistance. As conclusive proof of their strength, the " Red Elephants " broke a three-year " jinx " and handed the Tennessee " Vols " a 19-6 trimming on Homecoming Day. The games that followed with the strong out- fits from Vanderbilt, Kentucky and Florida proved conclusively that Alabama was the prob- able winner in the conference struggle. Vic- tories over three of the best teams in the South could only mean one thing — the Crimson Tide could not be stopped. L. S. U. provided little opposition, and fell before the second and third teams in a one-sided struggle. On Thanksgiving Day the Wademen met their real test against the Georgia " Bulldogs. " Thirty thousand spectators witnessed a great Alabama machine in action, and saw that machine crash through the valiant Georgians for a 13-0 victory, and an invitation to play at the Rose Bowl on New Year ' s Day. Publicity, praise and glory followed in the interim. Then the Tide journeyed west to meet Washington State. They came, they played, they conquered! The champions of the West were no match for the champions of the South, and Wallace Wade ' s greatest team scored a 24-0 triumph, thus bring- ing to a fitting conclusion a brilliant season on the gridiron. 11 i 158 -ThH E 1Q3I OORQ l_|_ A ons By Braven Dyer, The Los Angeles Times Dedicated to the " igsi Corolla Alabama ' s mighty men of muscle, com- bining brains with brawn, hold the unique distinction of scoring the most decisive football triumph ever recorded by an in- vading team at Pasadena. The Crimson Tide ' s smashing 24 to victory over Wash- ington State on New Year ' s Day, 1931, brought that honor to the battling gridders from Tuscaloosa. It was entirely fitting that this spectac- ular achievement should come on the first day of the year of the University of Ala- bama ' s Centennial celebration. I saw Johnny Mack Brown, Pooley Hu- bert, Grant Gillis and others rally round the cause and defeat Washington, 20 to 19, in 1925. I saw Babe Pearce, Red Barnes and Jimmy Johnston come from nowhere and tie Sanford, 7 to 7, the fol- lowing year. But I hadn ' t seen anything at all until Johnny Cain, Monk Camp- bell, Jimmy Moore, Flash Suther, Captain Foots Clement, Freddie Sington and other bone-crushing behemoths from the South broke out in a rash in the second period of the Washington State game and buried the Cougars under three startling touch- downs. They had told us to watch out for ' Bama ' s power. They had told us to watch out for steamroller drives through the middle of the line. They had told us to watch out for Suther ' s end runs. But they didn ' t mention much about passes. To some of us, however, who know Wal- lace Wade and had seen Gillis and Hubert bombard the husky backs in 1925, it wasn ' t necessary to sound a pass warning. But the palpitating public did not expect the aerial barrage Moore unleashed and there- in lay the big kick of the game. Alabama did the unexpected and the unexpected is always thrilling. Speed and deception. Such were the keynotes of Alabama ' s success. I have never seen such big men exhibit such speed in a football game. It was criminal the way the ' Bama linemen committed assault and mayhem on the persons of Washing- ton State ' s safety men. Deception — akin to that for which Notre Dame is famous. Cain ' s calling of signals from different po- sitions on those two pass plays completely upset the Cougars. It was deception that approached perfection because of the effi- ciency of execution. To Wallace Wade then goes the major share of credit for that great victory, for he conceived the plays, trained the players and had his men in the right mental and physical condition to per- form at their best. Alabama will be welcome at the colorful Tournament of Roses classic any time the Crimson Tide can muster another great team. But it won ' t seem like old times with Wallace Wade gone. Wade belonged to Alabama and ' Bama belonged to Wade. Those of us on the Pacific Coast who have followed with keen interest the success of Alabama on her invasions of Pasadena will miss something when the Crimson Tide again comes west to uphold the honor of Eastern and Southern football. 159 h m Alabama Champions of the Universe There have been those teams in athletic history who laid serious claim to local and sectional titles, but Alabama, under the unfailing leadership of William Wallace Wade, gains the justly-earned title of Champions of the known Universe. Wallace Wade and his peerless 1930 team have made the word Alabama a household phrase throughout the world, from England ' s foggy Thames to Mother India ' s sacred Ganges, from Brazil ' s copper Amazon to Nippon ' s snow-capped Fujiwara, The Crimson Tide rolls on. (iSK « E I Q 3 I OO FR O L_ L_ A ' . ALABAMA, 13; GEORGIA, 0. When Wallace Wade sounded his strength upon a fighting Howard eleven in the in- itial Tide encounter, the 43-0 result in the Crimson ' s favor astonished Southern experts. The Crimson Tide was a dark horse of the Conference, and small chance for the cham- pionship was accorded the lads from the Capstone. This result was treated lightly, due to the reputed weakness of Howard, but on the very next Saturday, " Ole Miss " , with its strongest team in years, fell beneath an inspired Tide onslaught to exact an even greater penalty, 64-0. In the third game of the season, Sewanee fared a little better when the the Moun- taineers held the Wade men to 26 tallies. All roads led to Tuscaloosa on October 18, Homecoming Day. A host of alumni and fans saw Wade ' s first and second teams go through Tennessee for a 19-6 victory, Bobby Dodd, the highly-touted backfield star of the " Vols " , furnished a veritable hornet ' s nest of trouble for the Red Elephants, but the Crimson horde took the honors of the day. Vanderbilt, hitherto undefeated in the season ' s hostilities, next saw defeat at the hands of ' Bama, to the tune of 13-7. Birmingham was thronged with enthusiasts who witnessed one of the most thrilling games of the season. Wade, after piloting his huskies through these five consecutive victories, allowed his charges no rest as he turned his attention to preparation for Kentucky, and the versatile Mr. " Shipwreck " Kelly. The " threat " saw plenty of action that day, but it was Crimson action that completely baffled him. Alabama marched on with another scalp, this time 19-0. 162 E 1 Q 3 i OO FR CD l_ L_ A. Florida ' s new stadium saw defeat for that University, when a record crowd saw the Tide surge over the " Gators " . The dedication was a keen disappointment to Floridians when she lost 20-0. fl Cram ton Bowl, in Montgomery, was the scene of a one-sided battle on November 15, when L. S. U. lost to the Crimson Tidesmen by 33-0. For the last time Coach Wallace Wade met Russ Cohen on the football field, and a degree of sadness attended their parting. Then a period of much-needed rest for the Tiders, in preparation for the Georgians, who had made a very successful invasion in the North. A complete sell-out for the Thanks- giving Day game was announced many days prior to the event. With thoughts of the Rose Bowl to spur them to even greater heights, the mighty Tide outfit was unbeatable, and the Georgia " Bulldogs " found themselves on the losing end of a 1 3-0 score. " On to the Rose Bowl! " That was the cry that echoed everywhere. An invitation was extended to the Crimson Tide to oppose the Washington State Cougars in the football classic of the year, the New Year ' s Day game at Pasadena. Alabama accepted and on December 19 the " Crimson Tide Special " carried the third band of ' Bama football players to meet the best team in the West. The spectacular triumph of the Wademen by 24-0 set the football world agog, and Alabama was immediately placed on a par with Knute Rockne ' s great Notre Dame eleven. Many sport scribes even considered Alabama ' s versatile attack superior to any displayed in the country. It was with this blaze of glory that Wallace Wade ' s team brought to a con- clusion a brilliant season on the gridiron. )• fe: i i V, ■163 tv " Hurricane " Cain is shown com- ing around the Georgia end with one of the Bulldog ends trying to stop him. Campbell is stopped by a Georgia player in this picture, but only after he had evaded several tacklers. Monk Campbell, noted for his spinning plays, is here shown spin- ning through the Vandy line for a touchdown. SuTHER going around Vanderbilt ' s end for a substantial gain. Suther played an important role the entire season, and helped materially in bringing home the title again from Pasadena. Cain, whose field generalship guided the team through the whole season, is shown fighting his way out of the grasp of one of the Georgia tacklers. Monk Campbell is shown here smashing into the Georgia line in an effort to gain ground and then take the ball out of bounds. -- Campbell Suther Clement John " Donk " Campbell Back All-Southern Honorable Mention " Donk " Campbell, ' Bama ' s supreme spin-play artist, was the most consistent ground-gainer on the Tide, and no line he ever opposed was able to stop this 165 pounds of brawn. " Donk " took so many touchdowns over from the five-yard stripe that he was a runner- up for Southern high scoring honors. Campbell goes to Kentucky to coach the backfield next year. Captain Charles B. " Foots " Clement Tackle All-Amerknn Honorable Mention All-Southern This roving he-man from Arkansas has been a fine captain to the victorious Crimson Tide, and it will be a long time until anyone is able to fill his size, i+s. He has been a captain in every sense of the word. " Foots " is a football player that ranked with the best, and he set a high playing standard for his men. His own genial personality did much to keep up the team ' s fine spirit through a gruelling schedule, and credit for their brilliant success is due him. John Henry " Flash " Suther Halfback All-Atnerican Honorable Mention All-Southern " Flash " leaves an enviable football career behind him, and the most descriptive adjectives would scarcely do justice to this great football ace. John Henry ' s playing was a feature of every game, and his spectacular long runs and all-around ability made him the outstanding backfield star of the South. " Flash " ran Albie Booth a close second for a number of " All-American " selections, and was a unanimous " All-Southern " pick. Suther, Halfback TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Age 24; weight 175; 3 years on team. Campbell, Back DURANT, MISSISSIPPI Age 23; weight 165; 3 year.s on team, Clement (Captain) , Tackle ROVER, ARKANSAS Age 23; weight 218; 3 years on team. -. SF li 166 6 I OO R O H— A. SiNGTON McRlGHT Godfrey Frederick William Sington Tackle A ll-A merican All-Southern " The greatest tackle that I have ever seen. " That ' s the way Knute Rockne described Freddie Sington, Ala- bama ' s star athlete and scholar. And such praise, even from the greatest of them, has failed to change Fred Sington. Throughout the sporting world this great athlete ' s fame has assumed gigantic proportions. Sington was a tower of strength in the line, and his vicious tackling was the fear of every back he ever opposed. For three years Freddie was an outstanding performer, but this season he climaxed his career in a flash of brilliance and as a result he was a unanimous " All-American " and " All-Southern " choice. Ralph McRight Halfback Ralph is the man who paved the way for ' Bama scores on numerous occasions in crashing through to clear the way for the backs. Although the publicity he re- ceived for his great work was comparatively small, Mac has the satisfaction of knowing that he was one of the most important cogs in the Tide machine. Newton Godfrey Guard Any man who can fill " Foots " Clement ' s shoes must be good, so Frank Thomas will have little worry over a guard next year with Newt Godfrey on his squad. This 191-pound soph will see plenty of action on the Tide at one of the guard berths. V McRiGHT, Halfback MOUNT HOPE, ALABAMA Age 24; weight ISO; 3 years on team. Sington, Tackle BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Age 20; weight 218; 3 years on team. Godfrey, Guard ALEXANDER Cm ' , ALABAMA Aye 20; weiglit lit5; 1 year on tiam. 167 f Howard Elmore Hansen Frank Howard Guard Ail-American Honorable Mention All-Southern Honorable Mention Aside from being a mighty fine guard, Frank Howard is the man who presides over Alabama athletes in the " A " club. Frank has been plugging hard for the guard position, and the experience gained in the past made him a rugged, hard fighter, who was a point o f strength in the line. Albert Elmore End All-Southern Honorable Mention Few wingmen in the Southern Conference were as good a match as Moore and Elmore, ' Kama ' s flank defenders. Elmore ' s steady playing won him first call in the majority of games. He will enter the coaching field next year, and is sure to make a success at teaching the " whys " and " wherefores " to the linesmen. Ray Hansen Fullback Hansen is a brawny fullback with plenty of experience behind him. " Swede " substituted at the fullback post this year, but it will be hard to deny him a regular berth in the backfield next season. Elmore, End REFORM, ALABAMA Ago 23; wpiglit 175; 3 years on team. Howard, Guard MOBILE, ALABAMA Age 21: weight ISO; 3 years on team. Hansen, Fullback FREE PORT, K. Y. Age 20; weight ISO; 1 year on team. |i 1 68 Miller John Miller Guard All-A merican Honorable Mention All-Southern A better defensive guard will be hard to find when Miller leaves the Capstone. He is one of the outstand- ing reasons for the strength of the " Red Elephants " line. For the great work he did throughout the season, John was rewarded with the guard post on a number of " All-American " picks. DoBBS Eberdt Edgar Dobbs End Dobbs played at the wing position many times with the reserves and his defense work gave the second team increased defensive power. The Tide loses a good end when he gets his diploma in June. Jess Eberdt Center Jess is one of the most representative products of the state of Arkansas that we have at the Capstone. This 190-pound center was a real pivot of strength in the line, and although his play was never spectacular, he was as dependable a center as any team could boast of. Records show that Jess did not make an erratic pass to the backs throughout the season. Dobbs, End COLLINSVILLE, ALABAMA Age 23; weight 175; 3 years on team Miller, Guard CENTRE, ALABAMA Age 25; weight 185; 3 years on team. Eberdt, Center BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS Age 23; weight 195; 3 years on team. 169 Moore Jimmy Moore End All-Southern Honorable Mention Jimmy Moore is truly the answer to any coach ' s prayer; that is, if that coach happens to need a per- fect end. He has the reach, speed and stamina that all aid in making him a perfect vvingman. And his ability was certainly shown to advantage in the Wash- ington State battle. Besides getting down under the punts, Jimmy did some accurate passing. Houston Jackson June Houston Center Houston is the tall, rangy type of football player that can fill the center position perfectly. He packs a mean wallop in his 185-pound hulk, and is a powerful linesman. He was considered one of the best men on the squad at breaking up aerial attacks. Max Jackson Tackle Jackson has had enough work at tackle to make him a valuable asset to the first string next year. He packs a mean wallop in his 190 pounds of brawn, and will bolster the line considerably. Moore, End ANNISTON, ALABAMA Age 20; weight 170; 3 years on t( am. Houston, Center BESSEMER, ALABAMA Age 21; weight 180; 1 year on team. Jackson, Tackle NDTASULGA, ALABAMA Age 21; weight 186; 1 year on team. a Ait:i 170 I g 3 I CO F O l_ l_ A f fe J I Laslie Carney Laslie Guard Laslie was a capable relief man for Miller and How- ard at guard. Throughout most of the season Laslie found his way into a majority of the games, and has shown himself ready for a steady berth on the ' 31 Tide. DOTHEROW ShARPE AUTREY DoTHEROW End Dotherow is a fast man down under punts, and is a sure, crushing tackier. With the experience gained on this year ' s Tide he will make a strong bid for one of the wing berths. Captain-Elect Joe Sharpe Center There wasn ' t a harder fighter or more likeable man on the Tide squad than Joe Sharpe, Jess Eberdt ' s un- derstudy. Sharpe is the man who opposed All-Ameri- can Mel Hein in the first period of the Rose Bowl game, and made him look like just another football player. Joe should have a good year ahead of him, and will undoubtedly make a great captain. Dotherow, End Brooksville, Mississippi Age 21; weight ISO; 1 year on team. Laslie, Guard Sharpe, Center CHARLOTIE, NORTH CAROLINA Age 20; weight 180; 1 year on team MOBILE, ALABAMA Age 22; weight 1S5; 2 years on team. t Long HOLLEY Tucker Leon Long Halfback One of the hardest fighting members of Wally Wade ' s shock troops, Leon Long, has a brilliant season to look forward to. Probably the outstanding game he played with the Tide was out in California, when Long bore the brunt of the Cougar attack in the opening period. HiLLMAN HoLLEY Halfback This fast-stepping back is one of Tuscaloosa ' s most promising sons. He bids fair to occupy the niche held by John Suther in the Alabama football limelight. If his playing in the Rose Bowl game indicates what he can do, he ' ll be a hard man to stop next year. John Tucker Quarterback Another star from Arkansas, Tucker has the distinction of being the only married man on the squad. He was a capable field general for the seconds, and rates as one of the cleverest backs on the Tide outfit. He ' ll do plenty of ball-carrying on the Thomas outfit. Long, Halfback HALEYVILLE, ALABAMA Age 22; weight 175; 2 years on team. HoLLEY, Halfback TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Age 21; weight 155; 1 year on team. Tucker, Quarterback RUSSELLVILLE, ALABAMA Age 24; weight 175; 1 year on team. ' n!:. 172 fel p I w WlIITWORTH BOYKIX J. B. " Ears " Whitworth Tackle " Ears " Whitworth of the " educated toe " is another Arkansan vho has made a brilliant success on the Ala- bama football team. His great work in the Rose Bowl game extracted considerable favorable comment, and bright predictions are being made for his final year at the Capstone. Cai Dave Boykin Quarterback Dave is one of those strong, silent footballers that goes about his work ([uietly and efficiently. This shifty blocking back has an uncanny method of getting through the smallest opening in an opposing line, and is a steady ground-gainer. John Cain Halfback All-American Honorable Mention All-Southern This elusive backfield ace from Montgomery is sure to see plenty of action next year. Known as " Hurry " Cain, he lives up to his reputation and is a hard man to bring down. Cain played his best game of the year against Georgia when he ran wild over the " Bull- dogs. " His deceptive punting with either foot makes him a big asset to the Tide. Boykin, Quarterback PARRISH, ALABAMA Ago 25; weight 175; 3 years on team. Whitworth, Tackle BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS Age 22; weight 190; 2 years on team, Cain, Halfback MONTGOMERV, ALABAMA Age 21; weight 180; 1 year on team. iC ' I Q 3 I CCD FROl L- A. II Brown Smith Sanford Billy Brown Halfback Another of the " football Brown ' s, " Billy emulated his illustrious brothers with a marvelous display of de- termination. For three years he fought hard for a var- sity berth, but was unable to obtain one because of lack of size and weight. Billy brought his football career to a climax by playing in the Rose Bowl. Alternate Captain-Elect Ben Smith End Smith is a famous name in Alabama football annals. In 1928 Earl upheld the family football traditions by captaining the eleven, and Ben looks as if he will take all family honors in the field. His great work on the receiving end of ' Bama passes was a feature of the Washington State game. 41 Everett Sanford " The bravest man in football " — that ' s Sanford. This man has a true love of the game, for he plays with the omnipresent menace of blindness hanging over him. Sanford got a great game off his chest in the courageous stand he made against Georgia. He looms as one of the sophomore finds of the year. Smith, End HALEYVILLE, ALABAMA Age 19; weight 195; 2 yeans on team. Brown, Halfback DOTHAN, ALABAMA Age 23; weight 15.5; 3 year.s on team Sanford, Guard PARRISH, ALABAMA Age 20; weight ISO; 1 year on team. 174 Coach Wade talking to the team in a practice preceding the game. The entire squad at the M-G-M Studios talking to the star, Robert Montgomery. Johnny Mack Brown telling Clements, Camp- bell, and Sington all about the camera at the M-G-M Studios. The Crimson Tide lined up for action, with Johnny Mack Brown about to receive the pig- skin. 175 Captain Foots Clements of Alabama shaking hands before the battle with Elmer Schwartz of Washington State. Monk Campbell breaks away for a run that cul- minates into the third touchdown of the Rose Bowl Classic. The officials of the game at Pasadena talking it over with the captains before the struggle. Campbell about to kick goal following his touch- down. He made it, of course. I 176 The pass that started the Tide on its way to glory and victory is shown being caught by John SUTHER. Hillman Holley breaks away for a long gain around the Cougar ' s end. Freddie Sington receiving the certificate indicat- ing his making the Ail-American Football Team. Alabama ' s team turns back one of Washington State ' s attempts to gain. 177 iv- i Barker. Mooncy, Taylor, Fleming, Swalm, Miller, Cochrane, Bell, Sims The reserves of this past season went a long way in de- veloping the championship team. Daily these men, unselfishly, and without the hope of glory that surrounds the more for- tunate players, would go through the long practices, bearing the brunt of the hardest work, displaying tireless effort and grit, thinking only of developing a greater and better football team. Their efforts were rewarded with the Varsity climaxing the year with the winning of the Rose Bowl game at Pasadena. These men justly deserve as much credit as their more promi- nent teammates. The editor offers an apology for having inadvertantly placed Miller among the Reserves. Hugh Barr Miller figured very prominently and played a splendid game along with the varsity. Coach Paul Burnum 178 13 3 1 OO FR CD L-L_ A. Turner, Causey, Fain, Cook (Junior Manager), Hood, Sims, Frye, Bellini Varsity Schedule, 1930 Alabama 43 ; Howard College . . . . O Alabama 64; Ole Miss o Alabama 25 ; Sewanee O Alabama 18; Tennessee 6 Alabama 12; Vanderbilt 7 Alabama ig; Kentucky O Alabama 20; Florida O Alabama 34; L. S. U o Alabama 13; Georgia o Alabama 24; Washington State . . . . O Total 272 ' 3 179 A campaign that resulted in three victories, one tie, and one loss, and that un- covered a wealth of backfield and line talent marked the freshman football season of 1930. Under the tutelage of Coaches Haygood and Burnum, the Baby Tide, inaugurators of the Notre Dame system at Alabama, displayed a heavy, fast-charging line, and an alert, versatile backfield. The Howard College freshmen were the first to fall before the onslaught of Alabama ' s Baby Crimsons, and, with over fifty ' Bama men taking the field, the Tide rolled up a 19 to 7 triumph. In the next game the Baby Tide reached what was possibly its high water mark of the season by swamping the powerful Ole Miss frosh, 33 to 6, with the backfield running almost at will through the heavy Mississippi line. Against Florida two weeks later an epidemic of fumbling nullified the efforts of the Crimson backs, and the Baby ' Gators handed Alabama its only loss of the season, 13 to O. The Tide again reached flood stage against Tulane, and, with the back making long runs while the Alabama forward line held tVie Greenies helpless, the Crimsons engulfed the Baby Billow, 26 to O. A O to o tie with the Mississippi A. and M. freshmen at Starkville closed the Alabama season. The freshman team showed an unusually strong backfield, with Bill Powers, Chappelle, Buck Hughes, Frank Moseley, Joseph Demyanovich, and Bob Ed Mor- row all giving promise of future greatness. The line also possessed several luminaries with Lee and Hearn at center, Paul Hundertmark, Hupke, Behoe Kirkland, and " Fatty " Morgan at guard, John Hundertmark, Dildy, Hollander, and Gross at tackle, and Beeson, Williamson, McMillan, and Stickney at end, playing good games during the year. • 180 „, I yess ' eely ' baseball coach, who piloted the oAlabama sluggers and twirlers to a con- ference championship last season. [ IQ3I O O F= 3 L_ L- X Finishing the season with a South- ern Conference record of fifteen vic- tories with but three losses, the Uni- versity of Alabama baseball team added another conference champion- ship to the golf and basketball wins annexed last year. Coach Jess Neely ' s men came through to their victory after a rather shaky start, for the Tide dropped two straight games to Georgia early in the season. The nine steadied after this, and excellent batting, coupled with steady mound work, enabled the Cap- stoners to pile up their admirable record. Opening the season on March 27 Alabama outslugged Howard by a count of 10-0. DeBardelaben and Starling did the hurling. In the next game ' Bama again scored a win over the Howardmen, but dropped the third in the series to the Birmingham Barons by an 11-0 score. Then ' Bama swept a two-game se- ries with Tulane by scores of 12-4 and 7-6. A semi-pro team. The House of David, visited the Capstone, and al- though the Tide held a 3-1 lead in the ninth inning, the bewhiskered gen- tlemen staged a rally and six runs crossed the home plate, enough to give the visitors a 7-5 victory. Alabama ' s war clubs spoke loudly and often against L. S. U., and the Louisianians succumbed by a score of 18-3. On the next day the Tide cli- maxed the " A " day exercises by beat- ing the same team, 5-0, Following this two games were dropped to Illinois, of the Big Ten, by 5-4 and 15-4 counts. On a trip to Georgia the Tide was successful in splitting a series with that university, and taking three out of four from Georgia Tech. This game saw the start of a streak of Alabama victories that continued throughout the remainder of the sea- son. Vanderbilt, Mississippi and Mississippi A. and M. were the teams beaten in the rampage of the Crim- sons. II 182 I II uthern Conference Champions And How They Captured the Southern Conference Title Alabama lo Alabama 8 Alabama o Alabama 12 Alabama 7 Alabama 5 Alabama 18 Alabama 5 Alabama 4 Alabama 4 Alabama 8 Alabama 2 Alabama 6 Alabama 7 Alabama 11 Alabama 15 Alabama 8 Alabama 8 Alabama 6 Alabama 9 Alabama 4 Alabama 3 Alabama 4 Alabama 4 Howard o Howard 3 Barons 11 Tulane 4 Tulane 6 House of David 7 L. S. U 3 L. S. U o Illinois 5 Illinois 15 Georgia i Georgia 10 Georgia Tech 7 Georgia Tech 2 Georgia Tech i Georgia Tech 3 Vanderbilt 2 Vanderbilt 2 Ole Miss 4 Ole Miss 3 Mississippi A. and M 3 Mississippi A. and M o Mississippi A. and M 3 Mississippi A. and M 6 183 IQ3I O O F= 0 L- L- A. 184 GEORGE FLEMING, Outfield " Pete, " the star sluBt ' cr of the ' Bama nine, has all the promise of being the successor of the Great Bambino, and In a very brief span of months will be giving Hack Wil- son a run for his money. " Pete " refused several lucrative contracts to stay and give Alabama a championship. FRED SINGTON, Pitcher and Outfield Sington demonstrated his ability as an All-Amerlean on the Jewel-named field as well as on the gridiron. Freddy alternated from the mound to the outfield, and his unerring eye brought in many a hesitating and wait- ing runner. MONK DE BARDELEBEN, Pitcher This handsome young player from Wetumpka demon- strated to the world that Elmore county has a Christy Mathewson in the offlng. From reliable sources we gar- ner the info that Mr. Crisp Is placing his chief depend- ence for mound duty In Monk ' s ability. HUGH STARLING, Pitcher " Goober " was known as one of the hardest pitchers to face in the conference circuit. Possessed of a speedy straight ball and an unhittable curve, he garnered an admirable record for himself. STEWART AIKEN, First Base As guardian of the first sack, " Stew " was one of the outstanding luminaries of the past season. He was an alert fielder and a menacing batsman, and rated as one of the best basemen in the Southern Confei-ence. RALPH McRIGHT, Catcher The block and tackle man of the gridiron becomes in the spring the stop ' em and smack ' em boy. " Mac " caught the first ten games without a flaw until the oval lacerated his catching thumb. His infallible wisdom and never-failing bat have pulled many a pitcher out of a hole. J. B. WHITWORTH, Outfield Whitwortb came in for a goodly share of the work in the outfield. He maneuvered his position well in the meadow, and exhibited an accurate eye for the horse- hide. FRED W. WAMBSGANNS, Shortstop A veteran of many years ' experience with the Tide, " Wamby " handled the keystone bag like a big leaguer and was one of the most important cogs in the base- ball machine. JIMMY MOORE, Utility Man Being an all-around baseball player, Moore was a use- ful member of the reserves and did plenty of work in many games. His work at second base was especially creditable. -..V prnr HU ud nifn- bill gfji Dill (Ml l»tl fOI 1)1 At. ni to Hi ud ik ( H kMe u • 11 I g) 3 I OO FR O l_L. A. MALCOLM LANEY, Second Base Co-player of th ' famous I aney twins, Maholni Laney proved to be an into ral cog in the Champion Machine. His ability in holding down Sack Number Two insures and assures him of a berth on the Crisp Crew of ' 31. EDGAR DOBBS, Pitcher Another bright star of the pitching staff was " Buddy " Dobljs. Dobbs is a born baseball player and exhibited a trickv change of pace that baflied even the best bats- men. " Buddy " has another year at the Capstone and should prove to be one of Coach Crisp ' s mainstays. JOHN FLEMING, Third Base " Sandy " completed his second year in collegiate base- ball with a record unmarred by blunders or mistakes. He handled the hard third sack position like a protege of Joe Sewell ' s, and in time of need his eye was surely as keen as the aforementioned star. JACK WILSHER, Outfield Jack was one of the three-year men on the nine and he came in for his share of the honors by fielding in great style and hitting in the pinches. He was one of the hardest workers on the squad. JOE SULLIVAN, Pitcher Joe was a good relief man on the mound, and had plenty of pitching tricks up his .sleeve. Often he was called in as a relief man, and not only did he pitch the ball in great style, but his batting was steady. RAY MOORE, Infielder Ray Moore has for three years been the man necessary to deliver the deciding blow when in need of a run. or a couple of them. Never was he known to falter when asked by the coach to step to the plate and smack the bt loved apple. JAMES PHILIP TERRIER, Outfield This hard-working diamonder gathered in the high flys to right field with the ease of a veteran bail player, and was a power to the 1930 nine. Possessed with a keen batting eye, he hammered the pill consistently. FRANK HOWARD, Catcher Frank made an excelKnt man at the receiving end and showed up well in many games. He was a steady handler behind the plate, and gave the moundsmen real support. His batwork was equally creditable. WALTER FRANK HILCHER, Pitcher Hilcher was an outstanding reason for the team ' s suc- cess. His great work on the mound was a feature of every game played by the Tide. The fine record that he established illustrates what a valuable asset he was to the champions. HORACE DILL, Manager Dill, through his courteous and kind handling of the intricate matters assigned to him as a manager, won an enviable reputation among the diamond boys, and those observing his services. W v4 m = 2 tl - a--t 185 m.:. Alabama ' s Baby Crimson Tide found only one breakwater in its mad rush over opposing baseball teams in 1930. The young Tide surged over Howard and Birmingham-Southern, swept twice across Jacksonville Nor- mal, Bowdon College, and Southern Military Academy, and flooded the Mississippi A. and M. freshmen once, only to find the Aggies watertight in another game. Under the direction of Coach Kindig, the Baby Tide set a high-water mark which was bettered only by the Southern Champion Big Tide. Given capable pitching by Clements, Penziner, and Brunner, the first- year nine showed a heavy-hitting line-up which pounded its way to de- cisive victories over most of its opponents. Holdsambeck was the most dangerous slugger, leading the team from the clean-up position ' with over a .500 average, and he was well backed up by the bats of Barton and Lewis, with Faulk as lead-off man. On the field, Fain at first base, Faulk at second, Ladd at third, and Lewis at shortstop, provided a fast-working infield, while Jones at left field, Holdsambeck at center field, and Barton at right field handled the outer territory. A number of promising prospects stood out in the winning sweep of the ' Bama Rats, and several of them should develop into good varsity material. 1 86 a S %: 5 " Hank " Crisp " Director of a4lhlet!cs and ' Basketball Coach, who directed the " Bama basketeers to the most sensational championship in conference history, namely and to-wit, a complete season without a loss. m Alabama ' s basketball team last year made one of the most outstanding records re- corded in the history of Southern athletics when it went through the entire season unde- feated and then fought its way through the conference tournament in Atlanta to win the title without the loss of a single game. Although Alabama went into the tournament undefeated, Duke was the favorite to win title honors. But when the Tide met Duke in the finals they ran away from them and the score was not close. All the Tidesmen played great ball both throughout the season and in the tourna- ment. Hood was named All-Southern center and Earl Smith and Walton Laney made the second All-Southern quintet at forward and guard, respectively. Hood and Smith had played practically no basketball before coming to the Capstone, and their great play is a tribute to Coach Henry Crisp, who taught them their funda- mentals and then the finer points of the hoop game. The loss of Earl Smith and " Toad " O ' Neil, forwards, from last year ' s champion- ship team has weakened the Tide materially and caused a shortage of capable reserves. Eight letter men are back, but no one has appeared to take the place of the two vet forwards lost by graduation. The letter men back are Paul Munkasey, Malcolm, Laney, Walton Laney, Hood, Joyce, Aiken, Kimbrough, and Wamby. •: si i88 E I g) 3 I OO FR O L_L_ Two men from last season ' s frosh squad may be of help to the varsity later on when they have had more experience. They are Zeke Kimbrough, forward, and Nobles, guard. Kimbrough is a brother to Ed, reserve on last year ' s varsity. There are three sets of brothers on the ' Bama squad. The two Laneys, Malcolm and Walton, play guard. The two Kimbroughs, Ed and Zeke, are forwards, and the Munka- sey brothers, Paul and Zolton, are forwards. The Alabama team hardly looks as if it would be as strong as last year ' s. The shooting is likely to be weaker, the guarding about the same, and the reserves less plenti- ful and experienced. Hood, at center, should be an improved player. The big blond should stand head and shoulders, both literally and figuratively, above the rest of the S. C. tip-off men. Aiken can fill in nicely at O ' Neil ' s vacant forward position, but there is no one as yet to take Earl Smith ' s post at the other forward. Wamby, Ed Kimbrough, and Paul Munkasey have all been tried there. Walton Laney is back at one guard and faster than ever. His brother, Malcolm, stands ready to team with him as does Nobles and Wamby. Ed Kimbrough can also be used as a guard. " Lindy " Hood was all-conference center last spring, and should be better than ever this season. His six feet and five inches help the Tide not only in getting the tip-off, but also in getting the ball off the backboards and in acting as a pivot man for the Tide offense near the basket. Hood never played on a regulation floor before Coach Crisp took him in hand, but no one watching him play would believe it. I 189 31 OOFRC3L-L-A. i Walton Laney is the key man in the Alabama defense, just as is Hood on the de- fense. Walton is a veteran player and knows his basketball exceptionally well. He made the all-conference second team last year, but should make the first team this year. Malcolm Laney, although not as brilliant as his brother Walton, is nevertheless a first- class guard and a good floor man. He subbed on last year ' s team, but seems to have made up his mind to be one of the first five this season. Aiken, a sophomore last year, had to be content to play the role of substitute for O ' Neil last spring. This season, however, finds him out for a regular forward post. When " Stew " is " right " he is hard to stop and can loop the hoop with the best of them. Wamby is only five feet and six inches tall, but finds this no handicap on the court. His all-around ability and scrappiness more than make up for his lack of height. Wamby plays equally well at forward or guard. Joyce does not get the headlines much, but is there when needed just the same. His job is to substitute for Hood, and he does it :n a way that makes the fans forget that Hood is not in the game. Ed Kimbrough plays either at forward or guard, and is good at either position. He is strong, fast, an accurate shot, and a close guarder. He will undoubtedly see plenty of service this year. He is a letter man from last season. Paul Munkasey did not make the first team last spring, but he did give promise of being of help this year. Paul plays forward and is especially good at short shots under the basket. In addition he is a good passer and a seasoned player. I tw m 190 yimtny Haygood Track and Freshman ' Basketball Coach, who leaves a host of friends at oAlabama to become head coach at Southwestern. E I Q 3 I OO F= O L_ L_ y Jack Scheuer Quarter Mile Jack is a fast quarter miler with lots of experience behind him. Minor trouble last year kept him out of a number of meets, but this year he came back stronger than ever, and is the most promising speedster of his distance. ' Ed Griggs Broad Jump As the holder of the University broad jump record, Ed Griggs has been de- fending his title by excellent jumping this season. In 1930 he took second in the conference meet with a jump of 22 ' 3 " . Harwell Jones, javelin Throw " Iron Man Jones " has been hurling the javeline to all corners of the field and is proving to be one of the consistent point winners of the squad. Jones got in some great training with the Tide football team that put him in fine shape for the track season. Jess Eberdt, Discus The training Jess received in football stood him in good stead when the track season drew around, and he hurled the discus in a brilliant manner. The points garnered in this event made him a valuable asset to the team. Joe Causey (Captain), Pole Vault, 100-220 This versatile captain is an outstanding track star and all-around athlete. Joe is a fast lOO and 220 man, and holds the joint record in the vaulting event. He proved to be a likeable captain and was an energetic worker who continually did his best for the team. Brownlee Smith, 100-220-Yard Dash This speed demon is one of the few ten second men that ' Bama can boast of. the 220 he is equally as good, and he placed second in the conference last year. In » i 192 fi i I Henry Cantor, Two-Mile Run Cantor is a veteran distance man and has shone brilliantly in every meet this year. He has a smooth, steady stride, and has been a consistent point winner through- out the season. Al Krasky, Half Mile Being a veteran half-miler, Al still leads the pack in that distance. He is fast and steady, and continues a relentless pace throughout the 880. Al holds the Uni- versity record, and he should make a good bid for first place in the conference meet. Sidney Schectman, Shot-Put Sid is the most consistent point winner on the ' Bama track team, and in the shot-put he had few peers in the South. He placed first in every meet except the S. C, when Hall, of Florida, took first honors. Schectman has the University record in the event, and will probably eclipse it again this year. Harry Laubenheimer, One Mile There wasn ' t a more conscientious worker than Harry Laubenheimsr. He trained steadily and worked consistently to improve himself in the mile run. As a result he took part in a number of meets. Dick Abrams, Two Miles A boxer must have plenty of stamina and strength. That ' s probably the reason why Dick is such a good distance man. Back in New York he holds a Marathon record. Cantor had better look to his laurels if Abrams continues to improve in ths distance. Norman Byers, Low Hurdles-Quarter Mile Byers improved steadily throughout the season and he seems to b; a coming star. He runs with a steady, easy stride and has plenty of reserve speed for the final spurt. 193 E: lQ3i OOF= OI_I_ kr] LiNDY Hood, Discus, High Jump " Lindy " continued his triumphs in the collegiate sporting world by working on the track after strenuous seasons of football and basketball. He improved consid- erably over last season, and gave a creditable account for himself in the high jump. Frank White, Two-Mile Run Frank has been hard at work for the two-mile event, and has also shown up well in the mile. If he continues to show the steady improvement displayed in the past, he should push Cantor for the berth. Roy Bradshaw, Pole Vault Roy is completing his second successful year with the ' Bama trackmen. He is a joint holder of the pole vaulting record of 12 feet and has garnered points steadily. MacLean Pitts, 440-880 Pitts is unsurpassed as a steady pacer, and he is making a fair bid for the half mile. He will undoubtedly find his way into a number of future meets in the event. He has another year ahead of him and should star in ' 32. Johnny Caddell, Manager Caddell carried out his managerial duties perfectly and was an energetic worker in the interest of the team. Aside from his excellent work in managing, Johnny is prominent in a number of student organizations, including Blue Key and O. D. K. m =3JiB.-i, ft 194 y antes Marcus " Lindy " Hood a ill-Q imerican ' Basketball Qentre E: IQ3I OOF C L-l_A Sam Perry Holding three major championships at the same time, Sam Perry was easily the outstanding golfer in Southern collegiate circles. With his mates, Captain Harry Pritchett, Ed Vaughan, James Barfield, and Al Danley, giving him great support, Perry set the pace among Dixie niblickers. He held the Southern Conference, South- ern amateur and Alabama state titles at the same time last summer. Alabama sent three entries to the National Intercollegiate meet at Pittsburgh, but they were unable to gain any laurels. Perry reached the quarter finals, defeating one of the favorites, but falling by the wayside after three gruelling matches. His " Garrison finish " in all his matches was the sensation of the tournament. Pritchett and Vaughan were the other entrants in the national tourney. In the Alabama state open, held at Montgomery, Perry was unable to retain his title. A series of hard matches in tournament play in Florida just before the state meet took the edge ofif his game. He reached the finals, but lost to Cope, Porto Rican champion, on the twentieth hole of a thrilling match. The loss of three of the leading performers finds the team this year greatly weakened. Pritchett, Perry and Vaughan are no longer with the squad. This leaves only Barfield and Danley to carry on. Barfield is a good tournament golfer. He reached the semi-finals in the Alabama state and should go good this spring. There are a number of capable golfers in school who can fill out the squad. Fred Black- mon is expected to join the team, but the other members are more or less unknown at present. This year ' s team probably will be the weakest Alabama has had in six years. II 196 Smith, Simpson, Schaefer, Doskof, Meyer. The Teimis Team Alabama made another bid for Southern prominence in athletics this year with a highly successful season on the courts. Although a number of veteran players, including Captain Bob Oshman, failed to return, Coach T. A. Deason was able to develop a well-balanced squad that was thoroughly able to extend every opponent. The 1930 season was also successful with the ' Bama netmen in second place in the Southern Conference. After concluding a most difficult schedule, results showed that only two matches had been lost in nine encounters. Both defeats were admin- istered by North Carolina in closely contested matches. In the home games Mississippi College, L. S. U., Mississippi A. and M., and South Carolina all fell before the masterful strokes of the Alabama racqueteers. These victories were followed by a four-game trip in which Georgia, Georgia Tech and Duke University were easily defeated, but a setback was suffered at North Carolina. Bob Oshman ' s excellent net game featured many of the matches, as did the steady volleying and bullet-like service of George Shaeffer, who played second singles. Shaef- fer was Alabama ' s representative in the Eastern Intercollegiate, where, after a hard struggle, he was defeated by Seligson, who was the ultimate winner of the champion- ship. Alden Simpson, Bob Cone, and Szecsi composed the remainder of the team. With Captain Alden Simpson at the helm, the men showed a determination to win this year and the entire team displayed a fast, steady brand of tennis. George Shaeffer worked steadily as number one man, and with his excellent volleying and service was successful in downing the majority of adversaries. Playing a dependable orthodox game, Alden Simpson filled the second singles berth in nice style. Bob Cone, with his dazzling " twist " service, was also used in the singles matches, as well as the doubles. Other squad members were Lawrence Gidwitz, who was impres- sive with a " cannon-ball " service and back-court game ; Art Fast, the free-swinging southpaw, and Sam Doskoff, a newcomer to the Capstone. Hudson Myers handled the team management. i 197 ¥1 ■ - IQ3I OOF OL_L- X The Boxing Team Boxing has gained a foothold at Alabama, and has rapidly become one of our most popular sports. Despite the fact that this sport has been organized for only two years, Coach Mike Szecsi ' s charges have fared comparatively well in Southern In- tercollegiate circles. The first year proved a difficult struggle for the ' Bama fighters, and although they won only one match in four encounters, the season could not be considered a failure as the men showed considerable promise. In the opening match with L. S. U. at Baton Rouge, the team went down to defeat by a 5-2 score. However, they came back strong to triumph over Mississippi A. and M. at the local gym before a gallery of 2,000 students. Injuries put a number of Alabama ' s outstanding fighters out of combat, and they were defeated at the hands of the University of Georgia by 4-3 in a hard-fought struggle. The season was concluded at Mississippi A. and M., where the ' Bama ringmen lost to the tune of 5-2. The " pioneers " in the first year of organization included Eddie Branch, Tomasello, Pete Caprulli, " Clutts " Anderson, Jack Margary, " Young " Skidmore, and Sam Silverman. Entering their second year of competition, Coach Szecsi ' s men showed improve- ment over past encounters, and a number of good fighters were uncovered at the Capstone. Veterans in the lightweight divisions did inuch to add to the potential strength of the team. Eddie Branch was outstanding in the 115-pound division, and was successful in a number of bouts. Of the 125 pounders, Tomasello was outstanding. In other divisions, Adrian Taylor and Pete Caprulli won their fights in nice style. This season proved more successful, and victories were scored over experienced foes. The schedule included such formidable teams as Georgia and Mississippi A. and M. and was concluded with Alabama ' s entrance in the Southern Conference intercollegiate meet at Charlottesville, Va., in which twenty-five Southern schools took part. vTp 198 E I g 3 I OO F=RO l_ I ' nder the guidance of Miss Ethel J. Saxman, the head of the Physical Education De- partment for Women, the Woman ' s Athletic Associa- tion, this year, successfully sponsored the most active in- tramural program for the co- educational students ever at- tempted at the University of Alabama. Interest in every branch of women sports was stimulated. Basketball tour- naments, tennis matches, base- ball contest-, and tournament in other sports adapted to the fair sex, were held with con- siderable success. The pic- tures on this page show the Woman ' s Athletic Associa- tion, the winners in the ten- nis tournaments, and the girl ' s field hockey squad. 199 I g 3 I O O F= O L- L- a. 2CX) 4 I Si i s ' gm m i SMiss SMary Hall ' Van I ' elt S fiss Barbara Zaugg i ' %• SMiss ' Bess Tully a l SSS E ■I I it- ' if i i ■¥y Bataj . a liss Willie Hammond Hale to; S s sai£a5c«ateaa..ter .SWiss Cilia ' S farshaU I SMiss SMay %elje SMiss Margaret y ester SMiss SVttabeth Christian c4s a small token of appreciation for the manner in which he so cordially received the Alabama boys in Hollywood, we sin- cerely dedicate this page to CHARLES FARRELL Selector of the Corolla " Beauty Section. « % 212 i 213 TH-I E IQ3I OOF?OL-L- oVerno? ' t uf z Yew ConqreiJwar T s e? ftiiil 214 I g 3 I OO FR O L_L_. t3 215 HON. CLAUDE G. 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Hank ins, Ki ' Ily E. Harrts. W, Taylor, Oliver, Campbell. Ladd. Haas, G. Taylor. Yancey, McMillan, Alston. Manley. Hamilton, Maummee, Coker. B. Harris, N. McGowin, Agee, McCall. Chlsholm. Fitts. Kalish, Schloskey, Cook, Davis, Randall, Shook, Inge. Huxford, Auerbach. m= Colors: Crimson, Azure and Old Gold 0= Vratres in V niversitate Class of 1 93 1 Duncan Campbell Barton Harris Alfred Shook Class of 1932 James Alston- Alexander Chisholm Winston McCall Alston Fins Thomas Cook James Mayfield Norwood Coker Thomas Ozment Stewart Auerbach Luther Davis Class of 1933 George Agee Clarkeson Hamilton Marion Megathlin Nicholas McGowin Ernest Ladd, Jr. Pettus Randall William Taylor National Publication: " Delta Kappa Epsilon Quarterly " Chapter Publication: " Sighs of Psi " Founded at Vale I ' niversity in 1844 Forty-five Active Chapters Psi Chapiter Established in 1847 Fratres in Facultate Tom Garner Prof. K. Hudson Strode Prof. Clarence E. Casox Dean Stuart Graves Floiuer: Pansy Fratres in Universitate Class of 1934 George Haas Richard Inge Waights Taylox Ed Maumenee Ernest Oliver Pelham Durant George Kelly Rufus Manley Warren Schlosky Arthur Horton Edgerton Harris C. C. Huxford William Hankins Jo Kalish MOBREY DeS ROCHERS Ed McGowin Thomas McMillan Bart Chamberlain Law Class of 1931 William Partlow John Foster Law Class of 1932 Walter Flowers William McDonnell Mason Goodloe 232 T-hH E I g 3 I CORCDLL-yOw 03 Sentell, W. B. Bush. Swaim, Duggar, Reigol, Mustin, Bradley, Smith. McDonough, Stover, Chalmers, Pearsons, Exiim. Hood, Nicol. Tipton, Soule. Fuller, Born, Melton, Barnes, Thomas Prowell, Blackmon. Harris. McMuUen, " W. Cochrane, Wllliame, D. Cochrane. Alln, Morris, J. C. Bush, Coe, Cunningham. Colors: Royal Purple and White ' ■ ( Fralres in Unirersitale Class of igji Frederick L. Blackmon • Russell Thomas H. B. Smith William E. Hood William M. Cochrane William L. Soule MoxT S. Williams Charles E. Fuller, Jr. Rankin Daucette Class of 1932 Laurence B. Tipton John C. Bush Fred W. Nicol Paul Duncan Douglas C. McMullen Joseph M. Morris ChAS. a. CUKN ' INCHA.M Richard Coe Law Class c jgji James W. Mustin National Publication: " The Phi Gamma Delta " Chapter Publication: " Theta Fiji-News " Founded at Washington and Jefferson in 1848 Seventy Active Chapters Theta Chapter Established in 1855 Fratres in Facultate Edwin J. Livingston John M. Gallalee Fred R. Maxwell, Jr. Flotjiier: Purple Clematis Fratres in Universitate Class of igjs W. Frank Allen David M. Cochrane MosE M. Swaim Edward Harris Bleecker F. Born Sam F. McDonough William B. Bush Merle Riegel Class of IQ34 Thomas C. Bradley, Jr. JuDSON W. Stover Harry L. Mei.ton Floyd L. Dugger Marion A. Prowell W. ScEARs Barnes Clarence P. Person Frank K. Exum .Albert H. Chalmers Laii ' Class of IQJ2 233 i )i E_l©3_| CO FRO l_L_ V U-tM, I ' oynor. McDowell, Gilbert, Clii-nowith. sti -knoy. Peebles, Gri f s Joyce. Gordon, Lanier, Lomax. Goodwyn, McColIum. H. Aldridge, Patton, Nolen. Garrett, Noble, Sudbury, Shannon. Shatter, Higlitower, Starling, Campbell, Mirec, G. Aldridge, Harrison. Colors: Old Gold and Royal Purple Fratres in Universilale Class of igji James J. Campbell, Jr. John Edward Griggs, Jr. Clifford A. Lanier John B. Joyce George A. Moore Forest Hunter Class of 1932 David U. Patton Clair Crossley Frank Garrett WiLMER POYNER, Jr. John Marshall Mitchell Blackshear H. G. Purnell W. Baylis Hightower Law Class of 1931 A. Fletcher Gordon W. Van Gilbert Law Class of 1932 (y Thomas F. McDowell r : National Publication: " The Record " Chapter Publication: " Mother Mu " Sigma Alpha Epsiloe Founded at the University of Alabama in 1856 One Hundred and Three Active Chapters Established in 1856 Fratres in Facultate J. Henry Walker, Jr. R. Irving Little C. H. Barnwell, Jr. John R. McLure Flower: Violet Fratres in Universilale Class of 1933 Arthur Chenoweth Robert Cotton Albert L. Goodwyn Bob Gormly Henry M. Hobbie, Jr. Lewis Lawson Dick Miree Moody Redd J. T. Sudbury W. G. Shaffer Stanley White W. V. Joyce, Jr. John L. Lomax Class of 1934 Roy L. Nolen, Jr. David C. Peebles Henri Aldridge Garet Aldridge Frank Noble David L. Harrison, Jr. J. Maben Shannon (Jwaltney McCullom James H. Starling Fred Stickney, Jr. Law Class of 1933 Hugh Barr Miller Charles Poellnitz . ' ' ! Bn k Hi 234 QS0£I S Logan. Sellers, May, Jones. Cros.s, Branch, W. Brown. Fitzgerald. Hammond, Young, H. Wilson, Ward. Munro, D. Smith, Pruitt. Taylor, Mercer. Causey, West, Robertson, Pitts. Simpson, Hooks B. Smith, Shinault. Spain, Forbes, H. Gray, Waddell, Clause, McKee, B. Smith, Fleming, Birdsong, = ( ' Colors: Scarlet, White and Green " • S Mt Fratres in Universitate Class of igji Cecil Hurt William Claus William Brown David Robertson Lester O ' Neal Joe Causey Class of IQJ2 Albert West Bingham Smith Robert Fleming Alden Simpson McLean Pitts Dan Jernican David Crosland Kenneth Griffith Miles Erickson Jesse Adams King Foster Class of igj JiMMiE Waddell Bill Ward John Spaine Harr y Brennan a igma Founded at University of Bologna in 1400 University of Virginia in 1867 Beta Chapter Eslablislied in i86q Fratres in Facultate Dr. w. p. Ott L. J. Nations Leslie Walker W. F. Adams mHkw m ' " " jl WWC- ' Sia -i " ■ jH l m -£ m Pmk , ' v. ' I Bbl ninii. 9 j fc- ? - b MM 3H||L ■4 .:- -.i» HEi ![| ■JJl §9 Ji pHl lEi HPU V Qn|9 1 " m s s Flower: Lily of the Valley Fratres in Universitate Bill Shinault French Forbes Carlos Maxwell Robert Hines John McKee Emmeit Smith Howard Wilson Roth Hooks Edward Mercer James Hammond Class of 1934 Duncan May Leon Logan Crawford Taylor Don Fitzgerald F-ari, Branch Doyle Smith Bill Sellers Bill Young Raymond Monroe Harold Gray Tom Birdsong PiNKNEY PrUETT Jere Jones Randall Cross Fred Brown Jones Dunham John Stocks A ' - — —iaa _-5 235 . THE I g 3 I CORC3l_l— A iid ::: 1 f ' r McCall. l)rxtri-, l ' af?c, lA ach, B. I.owmaii, II . ' aron. Winkle r, Oakley. Onderdonk. J. Lowman, W. Brooks, Guilmartin, Powell, Oakley, Schwab. Foshee. Crockette, Disher, Rainer. Parker, Johnston, McGce, Herren. Haygood, Laney, Lovelace, Solomon, Ernst, Laslie, J. Brooks. Colors: Old Gold, Black and White Fratres in Universitate Class of igji Charles Beake S. S. Caldwell J. E. Brooks, Jr. Frank Hacood J. C. McGehee Ed Ernest T. R. Parker Charles H. Franklin J. L. Warren Archie Leach Class of IQJ2 Edward Hodo Charles M. Franklin Sterling Rainer Seth B. Kittrell Reuben Millsap III Eddie Discher R. C. Gehrkin Class of l( Jj Joe Crockett Sam Foshee Earl Schwab John Guilmartin Carney Laslie W. W. Brooks James Powell John R. Lowman Leon Onderdonk Earl Oakley ft = Sigma Nu Founded at Virginia Military Institute in 1869 Ninety-two Active Chapters Theta Chapter Established in 1874 Publication: " The Delta " Fratres in Universitate Class of igj4 Joe Winkler Tom Poole William Rainer Hooper Hearon Byron Lowman Randall Leach Ferryman Page , P. B. Dexter Albert Laney Law Class of igji Terry Richardson Lawrence Oakley Law Class of 1932 Flournoy Lovelace Watkins Johnston Law Class of IQJJ 1» Gei Ch, Gb W. J»ci Gr) Join Phii J.B R»ii dm Rich Will Rriii Mel- Fm Mm Siui Hni f»i« Will 237 Tl-H E IQ3I 00F= 0 L_ l__ i £109 ii9 JJranch. ( " athcy Milhon.s. Simmons. JolinHtonc, Portfr. ( ' omcr. Harlow, Craig. Branch, Strudwick, Boyles, Walker, Kidd, Lantrip, Stone. VincentelU. Leach, Mace. Murray, Lorick, Gomila, Tucker, Thorlngton. Wilkerson, Jones, Murphy, Stewart, Ray, Simmons, McQueen, Marye, Teague. Colors: Argent and Azure Fratres in Unirersitate Class of igji A. Fentress Ray C. P. Anderson, Jr. John Vincentelli Edward Comer Joe Simmons Class of JQJ2 J. D. Flowers Luther Incalls Pelham Anderson Charles Johnstone, Jr. Charles C. Bender George W. Randall, Jr. William C. MacMahon Wayne McConnell Donald Massey Howard Hall Paul Perrigard Herbert C. Lorick Class of 1933 J. H. Jones Shelby Tucker Paul Lantrip Howard Leach Frank Lyon George Stone, Jr. Edward Harlow Albert Simmons Donald Cowan Norman Price William Mace ' ©= National Publications: " Scroll of Phi Delta Theta " ; " The Palladium " Chapter Publication: " Alabama Phi " Founded at Miami University in 1848 One Hundred and Two Active Chapters Establislied in 1877 Fratres in Facultate Dr. William Berney Saffold W. S. Fitzgerald Ftoiver: White Carnation Fratres in Unirersitate Class of 1934 John Cathey William Branch Albert Craig Tommy Kidd T. Staige Marye Torrey Gomila Aubrey Eovles Robert Teague Jack R. Tucker Alfred Walker Sam Murphy James Strudwick Atlas Milhous Laiv Class of 193 1 Hugh Mallory, Jr. Jack Thorington Law Class of 1932 V. Bonneau Murray Irvin Porter Edgar Stewart Law Class of 1933 William McQueen Edward Branch 238 I g 3 I OO FR O L_l_ X MMiMS Steele. Ijong. Ilcrbn-t, W ' nriitruff, Baker. Palmer, Anderson. Mobley. Ellis, Z, Kimbrough. May, Danforth. Mackle. Denicko. Shepherd. Thetford, Marks, Reeder, Smith, White. Starnes, Sturges, Dabney, C. Jones, Loyden. Dewberry, Forsythe, Tait, E. Kimbrough. Colors: Old Gold and Skv Blue Fratres in Unirersilale Class of 10 J I Paul J. Anderson W. C. McCarty Samuel D. Perry Joseph R. Smith Joseph Shepherd W. George Forsyth N. T. Braswell, Jr. Joseph Doran G. Darwin Rowe Willard R. Sitler Class of igs2 Jack Brazelton Howard H. Carle James W. Dewberry Cadwallader Jones David M. Jones, Jr. Edwin Kimbrough Lawrence A. Long Robert F. Mackle Alanzo Merrill Howard L. Reeder John E. Denike Robert F. Sturcis Chivers R. Woodruff Charles A. Mobley, Jr, Publication: " Alpha Tau Omega Palm " Alpha Tam Omega Foimded at Virginia Military Institute in 1865 Ninety-six Active Chapters er Established in iSSs Fratres in Facultate Clanton Williams Dr. George Lang Shaler C. Houser Flower: White Tea Rose Fratres in Universitale Class of 1933 John D. Steele Horace Kimbrough Thomas L. Ellis R. Leslie Simonton Class of ig34 John P. Dabney Albert L. Tait William P. Danforth John Baker Berlin Starnes Eugene May Charles L. Marks, Jr. W. F. Thetford J. M. Palmer Collins Leyden Law Class of 193 1 L. M. Trawick Law Class of 1933 Jules R. Herbert Frank S. White William H. Armbrecht, Jr. :; 7i 239 I g) 3 I OO F= O L- l_ X Lightfoot, McEachin, Rather, Clement, Pride, Morgan Kendrick. MerriWGther. Johnson. Burnett, Moore, Hunt. Coxwell, Lanford, Little, Green, Montgomery, Brown. Crick, Jones. Bierlenharn, Wyker. Bailey. Townes, Rivers, Vaughn, Baird, Hinson, Hampton, Noland. .m Colors; Crimson and Old Gold Fratres in Universilate Class of igji James E. Moore A. S. Johnson S. E. Smith Charles B. Clement Joseph R. Burnett William G. Meriwether Robert S. Noland John T. Laing Class of 1932 Marvin H. Kendrick Sam J. Morgan Richard F. Pride James K. Youngblood C. L. Gaston Evans Hinson Emmett H. Baird • [ Flowers: Magnolia and Red Rose National Publication: " The Kappa Alpha Journal " a Founded at Washington and Lee in 1865 Established in 1885 Fratres in Facultate Dr. C. H. Barnwell Prof. L. B. Shackelford Prof. J. G. Chapman Class of 19 J J Henry A. Vauchan Vagie H. Rivers Jack P. Maney M. H. Townes Wilbur M. Bailey J. W. Wyker Oswald K. Biedeniiarn Robert E. Jones Clyde Taylor Fratres in Universitate Edwin Crick Joseph B. E. Brown Charles A. Montgomery Marc Ray Clement Class of IQ34 Joseph W. Green Ervin E. Little Henry S. Dean George Hampton Robert D. Lanford Alvin B. Coxwell Frederick S. Hunt Law Class of IQJI Charles M. Howard Law Class of 1QJ2 John D. Rather Law Class of IQJJ Bruce McEachin Ben H. Lightfoot Robert E. Sessions First Year Medicine Stephen A. Durick 240 E I g 3 I C O F= C3 l_ L, ! k i Stone, Wright, Fulton, Britton, Tebo. Doke, W. Howard, Bradshaw. Ashcraft, McGowin Blalock, Thomson. McPeake, Roche. Halg, Hyde. Strickland, Sanders, O ' Harrow, Rittenberry, A. Howard, Baker, Stevens, Johnson. m= Colors: Gold and Black Fratres in Universitate Class of igji John G. Bi.alock Clinton Tebo William A. Thomson William B. Hicks Willis B. McGowin William W. Doke J. William Howard Class of 1932 H. Harsen Brapshaw Paul O. Stone O. Watson Johnson Robert P. Sayers Robert A. Fulton William W. Brition James O. Tolbert - Phi Kappa Sigma Founded at the University of Pennsylvania in 1850 Thirty-eight Active Chapters Alpha Kappa Chapter Eslabllslied in IQOS Floiver: Chrvsanthemiim Fratres in Universitate Class of 1933 James H. Ashcraft Neal R. Mokhrl Ei)D H. Hyde Rollo H. Roberts W. CoRTLYN Rhodes G. Donald Haic Paul M. Baker John J. McPeake Baxter B. Rittenbury Class of 1934 Thomas O ' Harrow William Sanders J. Frank Sreickland Neal Wright A. Kenneth Stevens Fenwick E. Roach Arthur G. Howard 241 Rfl M 242 |g 3l OO FgC LL-A 99Sk Hall, Graham, Mattison, Adams, Morris, Slade. J. Berry, Kilgore, Rogurs, Hawkins, Cox, Hart, Smith, Wllbourne, E. Berry, Hoover. Cato. Handy, Wyatt, Seymour, Taylor. Bennett, Skinner. Stevenson. Erdman, Hansy, Mason, Orrison, Anderson, Coston, Stoner, Schwartzenbach, Anderson. Colors: Purple, Green and Gold Fratres in Vniversitate Class of igji Edmond M. Wy.att William H. Hall J. Mason Coston Philip Mason Alvin McConnell Frank Adams Harold Rogers William H. Morris Class of jgj2 William T. R. Cox Sherman D. Hoover Wallis Seymour Wyatt Stevenson Class of IQ33 B. T. Slade Al J. Smith Leroy Hart Charles Hawkins Sterling Cato Edmund Berry National Publications: " Purple, Green and Gold " " Cross and Crescent " Chapter Publication: " Alphi-Bama " Lambda Chi Alpha Founded at Boston University in 19C9 Eighty-three Active Chapters .a Phi Zeta Chapter Established in iQiy Fratres in Facultate E. Baskin Wright C. B. Kaufman E. G. Howe Flower: Violet Fratres in Vniversitate James McLennan John R. Wilburne Adrian Taylor Marion Bennett Julian Skinner C. P. Handy Class of 1 934 Woods F. Stoner Ronald Schwarzenbach William S. Anderson Joseph Anderson Jack Orrison David Harry I. G. Madison Kelcy Graham Emmett Elliott Leslie Hall J. H. Berry, Jr. Neil Kilgore Law Class of IQ31 j Julius Swann 243 I g 3 I OO F=?0 L_L_ Qw L,v " ly ■Sfe: J. Gay, Morrison, H. Moore. Puitell, Kinncj. M. Jackson. Da is, Asl in. ll. iiuni. " Whitmire, Reese, Hager, Mundine. Price. Manderson, Kendrick. l- avi(ison Benn, tt. Frost, Moseley. Hemphill, Allen, Carroll, Mize, But ter, Watts McKinley, J, Jackson, Gause, Hughes, Moody, Fee, Lynch, Baiky, Hart, E. Gay. Colors: Gold and White Fratres in U niversitate Class of IQ3I P. H. Butler J. A. Watts W. J. Benneit Louie Reese, Jr. Class cf IQJ2 H. E. AsKix A. S. Davidson H. L. Carroll H. H. Mize H. E. Moore James Allen Mell F. Jackson J. E. Trost E. M. Gay J. S. Gay Bernard Gause Class of IQJJ J. W. Hart E. C. JflNNEY Wilbur McKinley E. Salmon J. S. Wittmrier W. R. Purcell W. J. Manderson Joseph Rice National Piihlication: " Star and Lamp " Chapter Publication: " The Omicronite " Founded at the College of Charleston in 190+ Thirty-nine Active Chapters Omicron Chapter Established in IQ17 Fratres in Facultate Prof. M. T. Prof. E. S. Carotiiers Floivrr: Red Rose fratres in Universitate Class cf 1QJ4 W. Hemphill B ' Ho KiRKLAND Ch.arles Kendrick Ralph Moseley Charles Fee Frank Williamson William Moody Larry G. Hughes W. H. Bailey Cjeorce Hager Ralph Morrison Law Class cf iQJl R. M. Mundine Laiv Class of IQJ2 J. T. Jackson J. P. Lynch Jack McGuire Law Class of IQJJ L. D. Bynum C. S. Price W. C. n.Avis, Jr. 244 ■HI I g 3 I OO R O l_ l_ X € ! ' ■; M§ H % Colors: Scarlet and Blue Fratres in Unirersitate Class of 1931 |, N. Gordon Miller Paul A. Ivy, Jr. Class of 1932 Charles R. Estes, Jr. Oscar C. Turner Earl Hummer Robert C. Van Ness Dan Roche James Moore Marshall Claude Strother Jack Strother Marshall. Roche Van Ni-ss, Hummer, Campion. Kstcs, Ivy, Planck. A. Ivy, Day. Coley. " © National Publication: " Chi Phi Chakett " Chapter Publication: " Shots From Tau " i Founded at Princeton University in 1824 Thirty-two Active Chapters Tau Chapter Established in igiQ Frater in Facultate T. T. Foley Fratres in Unirersitate Class of 1933 Theodore K. Jackson, Jr. Ernest H. Planck Horace Campion GusTAVE B. Thames Class of 1934 John S. Coley Sam Day Aubrey Ivy Graduate Students -•i C 245 -ri-H E I g 3 I O O F= O L_ L_ X m= Colors: Purple and White Fr aires in Universitate Class of 1 93 1 Bernard Dick Bernard Weinstein Class of 1932 Adolph J. Eagle Paul Wilson Herman Sacks Class of 1933 Albert J. Kossman Lester Freeman Roy Mover Henry Meyer Sidney E. Deutsch Norman Schnieder Zlvitz, Sacks, Wilson, Eagle, Weinstein, Dick. Kraft, Yolles, Stein, Michaelson. Kossman. Freeman, Moyer, Meyer, Deutsch, Schneider. ' ( National Publication: " The Octagonian " Chapter Publication: " Tau Gram " Sigma Alpha Mu Founded at College of the City of New York in 1939 Forty Active Chapters Tau Chapter Established in iqiq Flower: Lily Fratres in Universitate Class of 1934 Melvin Kraft Sam Yolles Jake Stein Bernard Michelson Second Year Medicine Nelson Zivitz Law Class of 1932 Oscar Borkon Law Class of 1933 Sanford L Lakin Sam Goodkin J ' ir| Ji ; 1 a M I w sa w i 246 E I Q 3 I OO F=RO L-I—Xk m! 0(100 Nichols. Permutt, Sokol, Israel. Seal. Frankfurt. Ginsberg. Barman. Levine, Gordon, (omit) Katz, Zweigbaum, Goldner, Breenberg, Permutt, Applebaum, Colors: Purple and White W " Floiuer: White Carnation Fratres in Universitale Class of igji Saul Ginsburg Class of 1932 Morris Sokol James L. Permutt Nathan Greenberg Samuel Applebaum Melvin Israel Class of 1933 Fred W. Nichols Nathaniel Seal JuLiEN Herman Alvin Franfurt Founded at the University of Rochester in 1911 Nineteen Active Chapters Pi Chapter Established in IQ2I 247 Fratres in Universitale Class of 1934 Hyman Gordon Julius Levine Herbert Maulitz Moses Katz Sidney Zweigbaum Harry Goldner Herman Greenberg Gerald Permutt Laiv Class of 1932 Samuel S. Barton E I Q 3 I OO R Q L. I— Rildreth, Bailey, Ilay ' ood. C. Richardson, W. Smitli, ' ickers. Hayes. Enloe, England. W. Davis, J. Davis. D. Smith, Warner, J. Creel, Caddeil. Porter, Black, Lai-y, Layne, E. Pitts, Pullen. E. Richardson. Almon Stabler, Aubrey Stabler, R. Pitts, Laney, Austin, Griffin, Holt, L. E. Creel. -t ' ' Colors: (larnet and Old Gold • " Fr aires in Universitate Class of JQJI Robert Porter George W. Black John- H. Lary Thomas W. Layne Edward B. Pitts Milton S. Pullen Elwood Richardson Aubrey A. Stabler Almon C. Stabler Class of igj2 Robert N. Pitts Walton Laney Malcolm Laney William Austin W. C. Crume A. H. Warner Joe Creel BiLLiE Holland George Ewing J, K. Kennedy, Jr. W. G. Kenton Clyde Richardson John M. Smith Class of jgjj William J. Primm, Jr. Clarence Hudgins Edward Creel National Publications: " Shield and Diamond, " Quarterly ; " Dagger and Key, " Annually Chapter Publication: " Gamma Alpha Gab " Founded at University of Virginia in 1868 Seventy-nine Active Chapters Gamma Alpha Chapter Established in i()24. Fratres in Facultate Dr. J. p. Montgomery Dr. William L. Sandidge Vlc-aer: Lilv of the Vallev Fratres in Universitate Lehn L. Parker William K. Holt Douglas J. Smith Julian Davis William E. Davis Charles E. England Gordon W. Enloe H. R. Hildreth William S. Randall Class of 1934 Harle G. Bailey, Jr. Paul Haygood Charles V. Hayes Charles Vickers WiLBER P. Smith Fred Caffee First Year Medicine Irvin H. Griffin J. D. Farrington James Shelton Laiv Class of IQJJ John L. Johnson W. A. IIardwick John A. Caddell Weeber Skidmore G. O. Hall 248 4 He Ml Nt S«! Ill Ai Vi k I g 3 I OORCDI_L-.y Smythe, Snyder. Hin:s, Edwards. Houston, Cain, McComb. Palmer. Westcott. Hewitt, Smith, Christophes, McLemore, McWright. Blair. Sullivan, Brough, Russell. Mashuta, Ellis, Janzon, Philips, Johnson. m= Colors: Silver and Magenta Floiufr: Red Rose M Fralres in Universitate Class of igji Ralph McRight Crawford Edwards Bruce Rowan Francis Palme B. Y. McLemore Class of igj2 Hexry C. Christopher Matt Barcanier Newman Peterson Sandy Hewht Leo Knight Arthur Johnson William J. Sullivan June Houston Jake Mines J. Pall Snyder Leslie R. Blair National Publication: " The Signet " Phi Sigma Kappa Founded at Massachusetts Agricultural College i; Fifty Active Chapters 1873 Omicron Deuteron Chapter Established in ig24 P ' ratrI ' S IN ' Facultate Dr. Albert Burton Moork J. Ralph Phillips Fratres in Universitate Class of igjj G. R. McCoMB Richard Smith Sam Ellis R. E. Preininger R. W. Phillips John Cain William M. Clements Russell Janzan David Clark Richard Cooley Class of 1934 W. T. Christopher L. N. Smythe Jack Brough Peter Mashuta Kyle Frazier Ray Russell C. P. McRight ; -;; - Ray Wescott A. C. Glover . ' i y m =: 249 E IQ3I O O R O L-. I— V s.3 K! Robinson. Craig, Pritchard, Ray, J. R. Brannon. Partridge, Snowden. Colvin. Sunkel, Brooks. Chevelair, Dubics, Jacko, Wilsher, A. P. Drummond, G. Brannon, Byrne, Roden, Marshall, Baxley. Aiken, Pelham, Williams. Brewer. W. Drummond, W. Kane, Ponder, Newell, Gibson, Carpenter, Esterbrook, Goddard. m= Colors: Purple, White and Gold ■ - Tratres in Universitate Class of igji Walter M. Goddard Jack Wilsher j. b. estabrook J. McGiLL Jacks Arthur Mackey Ben F. Roden Class of IQ32 Georce W. Brannon Dan Gibson Glenn Marshall R. E. Edgar de Montluzin Stewart Aiken W. W. Baxley William Drummond Class of 1933 Jack Byrne Douglas Brewer John W. Sunkel Paul Williams Stewart Robinson Paul Newell National Publication: " Rainbow " Founded at Bethany College in 1859 Seventy-five Active Chapters Delta Eta Chapter Established in 1925 Fratres in Facultate Dabney S. Lancaster Whitley P. McCoy Dr. Evans Flonaer: Pansy Fratres in Universitate George Carpenter Clarence Brook Wendell Kane Class of 1934 BOUDETTE ChEVALLIER Louis Dubics Edward Partridge Douglas Pelham Wilburn Kane Donald Snowden Willis Pritchard Emerson Carlson Hart Ponder Alvin Ray Roland Colvin Otho Ulrich Law Class of 1931 Addison P. Drummond Law Class of 1932 William Craig J. R. Brannon 250 I Q 3 I OO RO L_L_. a, i! S. Oilworth. : It ' .T. Martin. Canioron, Beebi. ' . Tandy, B. Smith. E. J. Smith. Bullock. B.vurs, DeKunlak. WillLs. Massoy, Barnett, McCollum. Baitcs, Townsend, R. Teague, Pearson, Fulmer, Lamphoro, D. Dilworth, E. Tcague. m= Colors: Military Red and White Fr aires in Universitate Class of igji Herbert Martin Neel Bullock Samuel H. Dilworth Gordon Cameron John Elmer Massey Class of 1932 James Emory Smith Hudson Fulton Meyer Norman W. Byers Albert F. de Funiak II William E. Tandy . James A. Beebe Ben Smith ( Theta Clii Founded at Norwich University in 1856 Forty-seven Active Chapters Alpha Phi Chapter Established in ig26 Fratres in Facultate Harry Dwight Boxham Henry G. Crisp Dr. Stewart J. Lloyd Dr. John Y. Graham First Year Medicine Eldred B. Teague I r " p Flower: Red Carnation Fratres in Universitate Class of 1 933 Eugene W. McCollum J. O. Baites, Jr. Harry Y. Connell Hastel L. Townsend Hubert Culpepper EsTEs Pearson Class of 1934 Robert L. Teague Ralph O. Fulmer Fletcher C. Lamphere William D. Dilworth Law Class of 1932 William A, Barnett Caswell J. Willis James A. Smith UO i € mgm % 251 ■ ' ' " i gtf £_- _--w- -c: Colors: Green and Gold Floiver: Daisy Fratres in Universitate Class of igji G. C. Creel Herman C. Ingram David Alexander Albert Elmore Class of I9J2 James O. Smith Allen L. Terry Mack Jolly George C. Wakefield Kermit C. Cobern Fred Zeigler B. Eugene Gewin John Seab Espy Fred Earl Huber Laiv Class of igjs John A. Foshee ga Established in igid Fratres in Facultate Joseph Claude Hayes Britt Clarke Oscar Dahlene Chester H. Knight Julian D. Mancill Fratres in Universitate Class of 1933 Whelan W. Palmer Daniel J. Haughton Howard Walker Frank M. Kerr Gordon D. Moritz Fred J. Maudsley A. S. Haisten Class of 1934 T. H. Abney Brown L. D. Southerland Ernest B. McCracken James A. Shaver Frank E. Beeson 252 " THE 13 3 l_L_ s f ilii m u ,m. Colors: Red and Blue Caplan, Boardman. Hoffman, Leitman. Wolfe. Leeds, Gurber, J. Berman, I. Berman, Lemkin, S. Levlne. 4ii - f Flower: Chrysanthemum Fr aires in Unirersitate Class of igji Martin V. Boardman Harold F. Caplan Harold C. Leeds Henry Kantor Class of igj2 I. Skidmore Berman Joseph H. Berman Lee Schneider Harry A. Wainer Second Year Medicine Publications: " Shield " , Monthly; " Coronet " , Annually; " S. O. P. News " , Weekly Sigma Omega Psi Founded at the City College of New York in 191 + Mho Chapter Founded in 1926 NKIN (0 4 h rSM tftiT ?1 " , ' m %. mm ' uce -- Fr aires in Unirersitate Class of I (J 3 3 Maurice Gerber Joseph Goldstein Sol H. Forman CJeorge H. Miller Robert Schene Louis J. Spitz Class of 1934 Nathaniel Hoffman Alex Leitman Manuel Levine Raymond C. Wolfe Laiv Class of 1933 Solomon Levine ii v . V ' ' o ; 253 Weeks, Arnold, Jones, Pennington Moore, Griffith. Birdsong, Bennette. LaCour. Ogden, Wagner, McClain, Powers, Millis, Hall. Kimball, Christian, Ward, Weber, Bregren, Bledsoe, Bradford, Ellis. = ! Colors: Royal Purple and Red " (gP Floiurrs: Violets and Roses i-) Fratres in Universilate Class of igji Jean Paul LaCour Carter Ogden Phillip Wagner Richard Matheias Raymond Herron Robert McLave J. Eugene Gibson Sterling Powers Burton Millis Class of 19J2 Carl Albright Burl K. Bennett Withers Birdsong Daniel Church Jack Englebert Robert Griffith Clarke H. Moore Martin B. Pennington Edward Jones Robert Bradley Croome Faircloth Paul Arnold Robert Harper Law Class of 1932 Harold O. Weeks National Publication: " Sig Ep Journal gma Founded at Richmond College in 1901 Sixty-six Active Chapters er Established in igzy Fratres in Facultate Dr. E. B. Carmichael T. M. McKnight J. M. Faircloth Fratres in Universilate Class of igjj Rodger Bradford Bruce Bynum Clayton Ellis Jack Ogden Francis Threadcill Leroy Bledsoe Willis Watkins Class of 1934 Charles Berggren Donald Bice James Hall Tallie Hayes John Hudgens Harry Weber Frank Lee Robert Ward Walter Christian Henry Kimball Charles D. Speed Sidney L. Speed Law Class of 1933 .as ?. - 254 Tl-i E I Q 3 I OO F= 0 L_L- A, 1 Thomas. Caldwell, Ellis, Dunn, J ' uller, Tucker, McCreo. Murphy, Dodd. Atkins, Joyce. Roberts, Cannon, Payne, Ling. Quackenbush, Lord, Mackey. Maine, Coleman, Doster, Johnson, Mercer, Pedigo, Stevens, Ewing, Cobb. Colors: Red and Buff Fratres in Universilate Class of 1931 James T. DeJarnette, Jr. Horace B. Dill John A. Dono Robert H. Orr James B. Roberts, Jr. Class of igj2 Paul B. Caldwell c. d. cottingham Ken S. Pedico Ralph W. E. Tucker J. Inzer Reid Class of 1933 G. P. Atkins Woodrow W. Cannon Joe a. Cobb James K. Coleman James F. Doster Jesse Gregory Woodrow W. Johnson Edward D. Mercer Edward E. Murphy James R. Payne A. D. Quackenbush Jack Dunn John Lord Publication: " The Delta Chi Quarterly " Founded at Cornell University in 1890 Thirty-six Active Chapters Alabama Chapter Establislied in iQ2y Fratres in Facultate Dr. James J. Doster Donald H. McCuaic Wade H. Coleman, Jr. Lawrence C. McIntyre r ' p Flower: White Carnation Fratres in Universilate Class of 1934 Rodger Ellis Edmond Ewinc EwELL D. Irwin Thomas Joyce James Lloyd RussEL Mackey Robert Main James McCartney William Powers John Stevens Paul Thomas Laiu Class of 1931 Nelson O. Fuller Edward A. Ling Law Class of 1932 John C. McRee First Year Medicine Edgar M. Scott Second Year Aledicine Sumner D. Davis T ' ill ' - - 255 ,=«c5-3!!.ss: ' c f E I Q 3 I OO F= O L-L-ZV. yv m Madonia, Ariana, Tomasello, Palmeri, Giannone, Schelleci. Calabrese, Bologna, Grande (omit), Paladine. Catanzano, Trippi. Biondl. Mustari, Bellioti, Nicolais. DeFazio, Gross, Mazzacane. Colors: Purple and White Fratres in Universitale Class of igji Frank T. Madonia Dominic A. Mazzacane Charles J. Tommasello Martin R. Colucci Class of 19J2 Anthony Ariana Joseph Bellini Eugene H. Giaxxone Vincent J. Palmeri James Wugliotta Paschel Schelleci E. St. James Calabrese Tom Russo Anthony Fredo Law Class of 1932 Michael D. Trippi Laiv Class of 1Q33 Joseph C. Catanzano Francis J. Paladino ©= Publication: " Kleos and Ticker " Alpka Phi Delta Founded at Syracuse University in 1912 Twenty-seven Active Chapters 1 x ViSiptQr Established in IQ28 Flower: White Carnation Fratres in Universitale Class of 1933 Sam Gross Palmer J. De Fazio Anthony L. Frye Mario Nicolais Louis Polachixo Carmin Dente Joseph Belliotti Frank J. Mustari Class of 1934 Ben Biondi Albert Altieri First Year Medicine James Vivona Second Year Medicine Akgelo Bologna John J. Grande Marius Pace rnx ihV 256 o 1 I g 3 I O O F=R C3 L_ L_ y ■ ■ ' k fe Colors: Blue and Gold Fratres in Unhersilate Class of IQJI Franklin Raflo George Richard Lieber Murray Goldsmith Alfred H. Perman Bernard Spivack Class of 1932 David Jaffe Mortimer Luchow Raymond Rivkin Harry Kirschblum Lieber, Swldersky, Kirschblooni. Sonnenberg. Gorchov, Feldman. Luman. Goldsmith. Luchow. Raflo. Markowltz, Rlvkln. Levlne, Woodnick, Jaffe. i " m =- Publication: " Tripod " PM Beta Delta Founded at Columbia University in 1912 Thirty-four Active Chapters a Eta Chapter Established in J928 ' " JJE. . Flower: Hyacinth Fratres in Universitate Class of 1 933 Sydney Bland Gorchov Aaron Burton Markowitz Harry Feldman Maxwell Swidersky Arthur Sonnenberc Jule D. Epstein Phillip Tuman Class of 1934 Arthur Woodnick Bernard Cowan Louis Levine Myron Lubash Bernard Rush P c 257 V e-TT}, I ' K-f- ' Carl W. Barthelmes Albert M. Girten Robert C. Hanson Thom as H. Hartley Rudolph F. Krasse Warren G. Payne Horace H. Robinson Julian E. Stephens Class of 1932 William R. Daugherty William J. Laubenheimer Robert E. Martin Thomas G. Price John B. Rippere William H. Stepp Robert A. Weill Founded at the University of Alabama in 192 Frater in Facultate James R. Cudworth Fratres in Vniversitate Richard J. Bercer John W. Bordner Charles W. Brennan Edwin J. Fetz Walter K. Guttery Lowell H. Hanna Harry W. D. Hunter Julius S. Rapp Edward R. Romer Charles A. Varner Class of 1934 Sidney S. King Peter F. McCann Melvin B. Minor William T. Nolan Caleb H. O ' Connor William H. White Graduate Student Reynold Q. Shotts Second Year Rledicine Jasper L. Calloway Daniel V. Daugherty 258 Jl t I Q 3 I OO FR O l_L_ X K Stevens. Alley, Anderson, Hampton. Light foot, Curry. Strawbridge. Roberts, Morrow. Jackson, B. Robertson, Pruitt, Camp, C. Clark. Llndsey, Gllmore, D. Clark, Hallis, Hagan, Boozer. Perry, Sims. m= Colors: Midnight Blue and Gold Fratres in Universitate Class of IQJI Henry L. Anderson Orel B. Lindsey J. C. Stephens J. L. Smith Albert Hughes William Curry Class of 1932 J. Fox LiGHTFOOT Roy E. Hampton Byron Roberts William Comer Sims Class of 1933 Vernon Hagan Thomas Boozer Harold Robinson Ellis Riddle Perry Newton Godfrey Carroll Clark National Publication: " The Omegan " Chapter Publication: " Rose Leaves " Tlieta Upsilon Omega Founded at Inter-Fraternity Conference, New York City, 1923 Epsilom Beta Chapter Established in ig2g Frater in Facultate Alton L. Whitehurst Flotver: Red Rose Fratres in Universitate Howard Chappell James Lindsey Alley Devere Clark Joe Morris Shaw Morris Hollis Clayton Pruitt Class of 1934 R. L. Garrett George L. Camp Harold Gilmore Bob Morrow Hollis Jackson Sidney Singleton Law Class of 193 1 Cecil H. Strawbridge First Year Medicine J. B. Robertson ir.4 259 % T " I— I E 13 31 O O FR CD 1— L- X ' Swanson, Horg in. Chesnut. MacDonald. Rliinehart Dodge, Armstrong. Kaeffer, Bogard. L. Wallin. Evans. Myers. Lawhcad, Lewis. R. Wallin, Bacon, Whltehurst, Johnson, Farrell, Allen, DeLuca. Colors: Cardinal and Stone Fralres in Universitate Class of 1 93 1 Bill Armstrong Herbert L. Rinehart Milton R. Johnson Class of 1932 Clifton Earl Dodge W. Laney Whitehurst Edward De Luca Robert C. Swanson John Milford Kirkup Class of 1933 Charles Douglas Kaffer S. Edwin Bacon Luther Wallin, Jr. I w ' ' ©= Flower: Cardinal Rose Alpha Sigma FM Founded at Yale University in 1845 Thirty-two Active Chapters Alpha Iota Chapter Established in IQSO Frater in Facultate Dr. Carrol R. Daugherty Fralres in Universitate Reginald E. Wallin Andrew Arthur Farrell Robert Daniel Allen, Jr. David H. Lewis James Fleming Albert Healy Kenneth Murry Bob Myers Burt J. Bogard John Lee Chesnut James Elder Class of 1934 William McKee James L. Lawhead George Evans William Allen McDonald John Morgan j- — A 1 260 E I Q 3 I OO F CD l_L- X ■•iw m= Fralres in Unirersitate Class of igji Bill Stutts Sam Worms Donald Laurie Earl Farnum Class of 1932 Thomas Pirkle Hugh Reed Class of 1933 Daniel Sander Robert G. Stewart Bryan O ' Hara H. G. Deas Charles Niles Jules Hudson Reed, Staely, Niles, Stewart Pirkle. Worms, Stutts, Laurie, Sander. W " © Floiver: Rose Founded at the University of Alabama in 1929 ¥4 m ii) Fralres in Universitate Thorne Hill Thomas Carter Wilson C. Wilhite Henry G. Hamel Allen C. Herman Herman U. Staehle Class of 1934 Fred T. Pontiere Roger E. Dubiel ViRGis Ashworth William Conkers Earl B. Nichols Delton Wilkins Graduate Students Leon Bainbridge J. r : ' Colors: Purple and White Blatt, Schiff. Speizer. Fleck, Trow. Greenberg. Caproff, Finklestein. Gordon, Leff, Braver. Magzen, Robinton, Yogman, Schectman, Shapiro, Levin. =mf ' g= Flower: The Palm National Publication: " Deltan " Chapter Publication: " Psi-Fun " Fratres in Unirersilate Class of IQJI LeRoy H. Shine Harvey J. Yogman Class of IQJ2 Roy Bobinton Sidney P. Schectman Saul J. Shapiro Class of igjj Jerome E. Brauer Joseph Levin Leonard Rosin : Sigma Delta Founded in 1909 Psi Chapter Established in iq2q Frater in Facultate Jerome W. Schweitzer Fratres in Unirersilate Class of 1934 David Julius Blatt Morris E. Finklestein Ben Fleck Aaron Gordon Phil Greenberg Gerard Schiff Bertram Speizer ' - i lyr. Frederick cA. " J . ' Barnard Who in 1851, as a young professor, founded the cAlabama oAlpha of ' Phi ' Beta Kappa. T)r. ' Barnard resigned his position at oAlabama to become president of Columbia University, and today the Qirls ' School of that college is gratefully designated ' Barnard College. Smith, Sington, Fuller. Student Govemmeet Association Students govern their own affairs at the University of Alabama through the Student Government Association which is composed of the entire student body. Its officers are elected annually by popular vote. The Honor System is the most important integral of the associa- tion. Under this system students are placed on their honor to give strict observance to all of the association ' s laws and to aid in carrying out these laws by reprimanding violators. Officers J. O. Smith President Fred Sington Vice-President Nelson O. Fuller Secretary-Treasurer s ar- 264 lIci ' .LlI, J[ii,iii.-y, M(IO;iiiiin, FK-miliK. Wi ' st. Burns, Cii.ldrll StiUllngs, Creel, Fayne, Jeffries, Campbell. Sentell. Jame. , Hare Cardon, Wyatt, Kimbrough, " Watson. Willis, Mann, Massey Whiteside, Mabrey, Howard, Laney, Merrill, Coker Dan McCall Hugh Cardon Ed Kimbrough Joe Creel John Caddell Bruce McEachin Charlie Beane Walter Merrill Sam Perry James Campbell Edmond Wyatt Charlie Knight Albert West W. B. Howard Ralph Watson Guthrie Mabrey Robert Jefferies J. O. Sentell Hugh Mooney Walton Laney John Massey Alice Whiteside Ida Mae Stallings Mary Elizabeth Willis Norwood Coker Warren Payne Dick Mann Kendrick Hare Alternates Tom Gachet Kenneth James George McCullough Robert Fleming Bryson Byrne Johnnie Caddell James Campbell Hugh Cardon Joe Creel Dan McCall Bruce McEachin Edmond Wyatt Alternates Charlie Knight J. O. Sentell ' v J- 265 JLS_3|CO F? O l_L- Honorary Scholastic Fraternity Founded at William and Mary College, December 5, 1776 Publication: " The Phi Beta Kappa Key " Alabama Alpha Chapter Established in 1851, Twelftli in Order of Establishment I Dr. George I. Adams Ralph E. Adams W. F. Adams Dr. C. H. Barnwell Dr. Lee Bidgood Dr. Clyde Brooks Miss Mary Roberta Burns Edward Carothers Dr. Brent G. Clark Wade H. Coleman Daniel V. Daugherty Dean George J. Davis President George H. Denny Dr. James J. Doster Prof. R. W. Cowart Dean A. J. Farrah Dr. E. H. Foster Tom Garner Faculty Members Harry Mitchell Dr. Jack P. Montgomery Dr. a. B. Moore James Heflin Newman Dr. W. p. Ott John B. Rippere Miss Mary Robertson Dr. W. B. Saffold Jerome Schweitzer Mrs. E. F. Gelders Joseph S. Gelders Lee Glover Dr. J. Y. Graham Dean Stuart Graves Sara Ella Haughton Dr. R. S. Hodges Prof. S. C. Houser Dr. E. G. Howe J. O. Smith Members in Course, 1930-1931 R. W. Kimbrough C. H. Knight Dr. George Lang Dr. Robert D. Little Dr. R. L Little Dr. S. J. Lloyd Miss Miriam Locke Julian Mancill Dr. John R. McLure Charles Summersell Dr. P aul Terry Dr. R. E. Tidwell Mrs. J. H. Walker Charles E. Watkins A. L. Whitehurst Dr. Marcus Whitman C. E. Williams E. Baskin Wright Kendrick Hare Inge Hill William Huie Joseph H. James C. B. Lampkin, Jr. BoNNEAU Murray H. C. Pannell Caroline Pickens Edgar M. Scott Leona Skelton . Inez Allison William M. Cochrane James O. Ferrell Deborah Levy Adra Pickens Ira Skinner Ida Mae Stallings Members Elected, 1930-1931 Bernice Bailey Bessie Strickland Joseph N. Cunningham Eunice Thomas Griffin Sue Ellen Moore Elizabeth Rose Charles E. Slatkin Benjamin Black Helen Duckworth Ronald C. Hood William Ray Moore Frederick Sington Bernard Spivack f 266 I Q 3 1 OO F=g O L_ l_ A. Cardon. McEachln, McCall. PuUen. Murray, Hood. McCall. Wyatt, Caddell, Cochrane, Howard, Sontell. A National Honorary Society founded at Washington and Lee University in 1914, basing its membership on leadership in athletics, scholarship, publication, forensic and social activities. Iota Circle Established in ig2 Fratres in Facultate George H. Denny A. J. Farrah George A. Lang Stewart J. Lloyd W. B. Saffold Wallace Wade James J. Doster James H. Newman Shaler Houser Ralph E. Adams Dean C. H. Barnwell Fratres in Universitate Officers John A. Caddell President William E. Hood J ' ice-President Edmond Wyatt Secretary Billy Cochrane Treasurer BoNNEAu Murray J. O. Sentell, Jr. John A. Caddell Hugh Cardon Bruce McEachin Billy Hood William Howard Dan T, McCall Billy Cochrane William Partlow Edmond Wyatt Sam Perry J. O. Smith Milton Pullen Frank Howard Fred Sington 267 ii mp Tl-H E I Q 3 I OO F=R CZ) L_ l_ X I{(Mlen. Gilislierg. Wfinstein, Ellis. Williams, Foster Gordon, Lovelace, Sington, Ray, McGowin Adams, Mundine, Stabler, Johnson, Martin, LaCour, Fuller Mont Williams President Fred Sington Vice-President Charles Howard Secretary-Treasurer Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . . John S. Foster Phi Gamma Delta ... . Mont Williams Sigma Alpha Epsilon .... Fletcher Gordon Kappa Sigma Dan Jernigan Sigma Nu Flournoy Lovelace Sig?na Chi Talbot Ellis Phi Delta Theta Fentress Ray Alpha Tau Omega Sam Perry Kappa Alpha Charles Howard Phi Kappa Sigma Willis McGowin Zeta Beta Tau Fred Sington Lambda Chi Alpha Frank Adams Pi Kappa Phi Bob Mundine Chi Phi Oscar Turner Sigma Alpha Mu . . . Bernard Weinstein Kappa Nu . Saul Ginsburg Pi Kappa Alpha Almon Stabler Phi Sigma Kappa . . . Arthur N. Johnson Delta Tau Delta Ben F. Roden Theta Chi Herbert Martin Sigma Phi Epsilon Paul Lacour Delta Chi Nelson O. Fuller Alpha Phi Delta Fran ces Paladino Theta Upsilon Omega .... William Curry P c- 268 I ' l-rnunt. M.Cull. 1 im l.rc.uiili JI.hiM, i-:[(ld.ll. PuUen, Howard, Cocluane, LSeiiltll, (Jiemeiu. Campbell. Bberdt, Wyatt, Slngton, Robertson, McEachin. Jasons, Senior Honor Society, was founded at the University of Alabama in 1914 and bases its membership on leadership in some branch of college ac- tivities, scholarship, general value to the college and promise of future usefulness. Officers Dan T. McCall, Jr President James J. Campbell Vice-President Bruce McEachin Secretary-Treasurer Members James J. Campbell Frank Howard Charles B. Clement William M. Cochrane Fred Sington Milton Pullen Sam Perry John Caddell James L. Permutt J. H. Newman Dan T. McCall, Jr. Bruce McEachin David Robertson Edmond Wyatt Billy Hood William D. Partlow James O. Sentell Jess Eberdt Reuben Herren Roy Kimbrough Jeff Coleman ,«c«i 269 » g) 3 I OO FR CD L_ L_ X (i xa i i Roburtson. Caddell, AVeil, Roberts. Howard, Cochrane Suntell, lirdrL-ich, Laney Sington. Simpson. Eberdt, McEachin, Murray, Cardon, West, Wyatt, W. B. Howard. Fuller, Johnson, Seymour, Creel, Kimbrough, Cook, Scheuer, Pcdigo, Pullon. National Honorary Fraternity Founded at the University of Florida in 1923 Established at University of Alabama in 1926 The object of the fraternity is to promote any service for the betterment of the school. Election to membership is based on outstanding leadership in college activities. Officers Edmond Wyatt , . . President Horace Dill Vice-President Dave Robertson Secretary Fred Sington Treasurer Fratres in Facultate Dr. George H. Denny Dean Albert J. Farrah E. Baskin Wright Dabney S. Lancaster Wallace W. Wade Fratres in Universitate M. K. Erdreich Milton Pullen Nelson Fuller Ed Kimbrough J. 0. Sentell Hugh Cardon Roman Weil Joe Creel Billy Cochrane BoNNEAu Murray Albert West J. 0. Smith Frank Howard Sam Perry Walton Laney Rocky Seymour J. B. Roberts Bruce McEachin Kenneth Pedigo W. B. Howard Johnnie Caddell Jess Eberdt Jack Scheuer Watson Johnson Alden Simpson Tommy Cook tj -- 270 t 1 Q 3 I CO F=; CD L_ L_ McLui-f. Coker, Vyatt, Howard. Johnstone, Vincentolli. McEachln. Harrison, Creel, Smith, Boone. Branch, James, Stalcup. Porter, Dewberry. Hereford. Sentell. Atkins, Campbell, Garrett, Davis, West, Simpson, Merrill, Stabler. The Alabama Quadrangle, religious honor society, was founded at the University of Alabama in 1919. The Quadrangle stands for the development of the four-square man, for higher standards of Christian character on the campus, and for the general betterment of the university. Faculty Members Dr. George H. Denny Dean Dabney S. Lancaster Dr. Jack P. Montgomery Mr. H. C. Pannell Officers William G. Harrison President Shaffer Boone Vice-President William Bolden Howard Secretary Thomas M. Gachet Treasurer Members George P. Atkins Shaffer Boone Edward G. Branch, Jr. James J. Campbell, Jr. Norwood Coker Joe Creel William E. Davis James Dewberry Thomas Gachet Silas C. Garrett III William G. Harrison Thomas Hereford William Bolden Howard Robert A. Porter Billy Partlow Kenneth V. James William P. McLure Walter Merrill Richard Sartain J. O. Sentell J. O. Smith James Heflin Newman Alden Simpson Alibrey Stabler James G. Stalcup John Vincentelli Albert West Charles Johnstone Bruce McEachin Edmond Wyatt 5 - -THE 1331 OOF= OL-.L ' f Croft, McEachin, Jones, Clement, Palmer, Martin, JefCeries. Wilhelm. DeFuniak Hendrix, Stannus, Harris. Reese, Stephens. Fuller. Soule, Alexander, Watts, Merrill. Neely, PuUen, Miller. An Honorary Military Organization Founded at the University of Wisconsin in 1904 Colors: Red, White and Blue Publication: " The Scabbard and Blade " Sixty-five Active Companies K; Fifth Megiment Established in IQ2 A. B. McEachin Captain Charles R. Dugin First Lieutenant C. O. Neely Second Lieutenant Milton Pullen First Sergeant Honorary and Associate Members Dr. G. H. Denny Lt.-Col. W. E. Persons Major A. G . Frick Lieut. L. K. Andrews Lieut. L C. Ballard Lieut. C. J. Beane Lieut. W. T. Braswell Major M. T. Jemison Capt. Charles Barnwell Officers Reserve Corps Lieut. J. M. Coston Lieut. James Davis Lieut. Jimmie Hays Capt. W. T. Andrews Major R. L. Lollar Lieut. A. B. Pence Lieut. J. O. Smith Lieut. D. L. DeJarnette Lieut. Walter Flowers Lieut. A. R. Maier Members in the University Cadet Cadet Cadet Cadet Cadet Cadet Cadet Cadet Cadet Cadet Col. Chas. B. Clement Major A. B. McEachin Major W. J. Merrill Major F. J. Palmer Major M. S. Pullen Major G. R. Stannus Capt. G. W. Brannon Capt. H. S. Boone Capt. W. H. Croft Capt. A. F. DeFuniak Cadet Cadet Cadet Cadet Cadet Cadet Cadet Cadet Cadet Cadet Cadet Capt. Capt. Capt. Capt. Capt. Capt. Capt. Capt. Capt. Capt. Capt. C. R. DUGINS R. R. Fuller R. B. Jeffries G. O. Hall H. B. Hendrix Herbert Martin W. H. Miller C. O. Neely L. T. Reese J. A. Watts Barney Gere Cadet Cadet Cadet Cadet Cadet Cadet Cadet Cadet Cadet Cadet Capt. Capt Capt. Lieut. Lieut. Lieut. Lieut. Lieut. Lieut. Lieut. T. D. Dykes H. H. Jones D. W. Wilhelm B. L. Harris H. A. Roberts S. D. Reck David Alexander J. C. Stephens William Soule Jack Persons V G.f All 272 , » . 1Q3I CCD FRO i—l A. L 99 9939@d9d9 I.aiulman. Hi ri-lmd, Wood. Vaughan, Staiiln, Skelton, Murphy, Rekant McCall, Schweitzer. Wolsel, Redd, Purcell, Ellis, Nichols, Powell. Slngton Feld. Huber. Haughton, Johnson. Caldwell, Chenoweth, Hereford, Niles, Griffith Hamel, Doster, Garrett, Creel, Johnstone, AtMns, Munkasy, Price, DeLuca Colors: Black and Gold Phi Eta Sigma National Freshman Honor Society Publication: " The Lamp " Founded at the University of Illinois, May 22, 1923 Purpose: The object of the fraternity is to encourage scholarship among the fresh- men. Election to membership is based on outstanding scholarship during the fresh- man year. Officers G. P.Atkins President Harold Schweitzer Treasurer Arthur Chenoweth ,. . . Vice-President Dean Dabney S. Lancaster Faculty Adviser Allan Landman . Secretary Frederic Sington Senior Adviser Dr. George H. Denny Dean Dabney S. Lancaster C. H. Knight Fratres in Facultate Dean Lee Bidgood Dr. James J. Doster J. S. Gelders Fratres in Universitate Dean George J. Davis, Jr. Dr. Charles H. Barnwell D. H. McCuaig John Andrews G. p. Atkins Chisholm Bradshaw C. B. Bruce, Jr. C. E. Burfield R. E. Burn H. M. Cady J. A. Caldwell Norwood Carroll J. N. Chatfield A. L Chenoweth Henry Cofek Joe Creel Edward DeLuca J. F. Doster C. J. Ellison A. A. Farrell J. A. Farrell Phillips Feld R. J. Franklin S. C. Garrett III R. L. Griffith H. G. Hamel D. J. Haughton L. T. Hawley R. E. Hereford T. A. Hereford Sigmund Hirsch F. E. Huber Jack H. Johnson C. A. L. Johnstone C. D. Kaeffer Frederick Keiterer J. M. KiRKUP E. F. Kummer Allan Landman Charles E. Lewis G. K. Little L. W. Many W. B. McCall W. E. Marsh P. F. Munkasy ZoLTAN Munkasy E. E. Murphy F. W. Nichols C. F. Niles J. K. Ocden R. L. Osborne Harry C. Paige Winfield Patridge, Jr. W. H. Price Wood-Rowe Purcell A. L. Rankin, Jr. M. N. Redd Joseph Rekant J. B. RippERE, Jr. Irving Rosenblatt Morris Sakewsky Harold S. Schweitzer J. F. Sharkey W. W. Simpson Ne wton Skelton L. H. Spector T. H. Smith T. W. Starlin C. A. Sternman H. A. Vaughn S. A. Whitt B. H. WiESEL Vernon F. Wood Knox Yarbroush 273 v iftSSf McRee. Fuller, Hays, Flowers. Clark. McDowell. Weeks. Hobbs, Daffron, Williams, Moebes. Hill. St. John, I ang, Mundine, Johnson. Colors: Old Gold and Purple Floiacr: Red Carnation Publication: " The Phi Alpha Delta Quarterly " Founded at Yale University in iS Fifty-two Active Chapters John Tyler Morgan Chapter Established in ig22 Fratres in Urbe Charles W. Gross John C. Pearson Fratres in Facultate Whitley P. McCoy J. V. Master William L, Clark Nelson Fuller Edward A. Ling Finis E. St. John William Inge Hill Bob Mundine Fratres in Universitate John C. Schor Hugh R. Williams Jesse Lee Daffron James R. Hobbs, Jr. Hubert C. Hayes HORTON LnTLE John McRee H. L. Rogers H. O. Weeks Tom McDowell John L. Johnson Watkins C. Johnston Carl G. Moebes W. W. Flowers r ' U - .i -j - €S= 274 I Phi Delta Plii Legal Fraternity International Legal Fraternity founded at the University of Michigan in 1869. Fifty-four Active Inns Colors: Wine Color and Light Blue Fifteen Thousand Members DeGraffeereid Inn Founded as a Local Fraternity September p, Q2o, under the name of Phi Alpha Pi. Chartered as an Inn of Phi Delta Phi on May 6, ig23. Fratres in Facultate Dean A. J. Farrah J. E. LiVINUSlON S. A. B rockelbank Fratres in Universitate John S. Foster, Magister Mason Goodloe J. O. Sentell, Reporter Dan Jernigan V. B. Murray, Jr., Clerk William McCovnell Terry Richardson Flournoy Lovelace Fletcher Gordon Edgar Stewart J. W. Howard Lynn Trawick Hugh Mallory, Jr. Jack Thorington James Mustin Van Gilbert Roy Kimbrough David Crosland W. D. Partlow John Rather Lawrence Oakley William Armbrecht gr ? 275 .. Callaway. Hodges, Darden. Nethery, Johnson Calderoni, Dougherty, Lowell, Whitehurst, Dodson. Batnbridge. Watson, Newman, Stith, Cameron, Owens Founded at the Medical College of Virginia in 1879 Ninety-eight Active Chapters Colors: Green and Gold Dr. J. O. Foley Publication: " The Messenger " Iota Chapiter Established in 1905 Fratres in Facultate Dr. F. a. Kay Dr. J. Ross Veal Fratres in Universitate Flower: Rose Dr. S. J. Tarwater E. B. HoLLOWELL W. A. Stith. Jr. D. L. LovELL G. P. Tucker R. E. Newman Ralph Watson R. F. Owen J. L. Callaway R. D. Shamblin F. F. W. A. Dodson, Jr. R. A. Cameron D. V. Dougherty R. L. Johnson Vl . H. Darden L. R. Bainbridce W. L. Whitehurst E. J. Hodges Calderoni S. J. Nethery, Jr. Pledges C. Hoffman J. H. HopsoN B. W. Barber Herman Hutto G. A. Creel R. A. Carpenter O. M. Busby, Jr. R. E. Jones C. C. Kendic, Jr. George McCrory, Jr. R. Austin C. C. Wood S. T. Thomason T. L. PiRKLE R. M. Myers J. C. Kerst W. S. Mullen W. B. Huie A. S. Haiston W. K. Guttery H. C. Christopher J. L. Campbell T. A. Brown H. H. Jones F. M. Kerr, Jr. C. A. Varner W. K. Wilson P. A. Thompson I. C. Rice W. W. Payne, Jr. W. Holman W. C. Roberts C. N. Hamel G. K. Holston W. M. Howdon J. L. Carpenter R. C. COKER J. M. Brittain W. A. Edwards H. G. Kreiger L. M. Livingston W. O. Anderson R. A. Weill J. F. Trucks M. H. Robertson A. B. Neel J. F. Peerson R. L. Farris 7 276 ThH E I Q 3 i CO F=? O l_L- STl Hare, Col ley. Heusman. Weems, Teague, Robertson Weatherford, Watt, Hargis. Poole Donovan, Wllkerson. Griffin 1 Founded at Louisville Medical College in 189+ Colors: White and Green Flo u;er: Lily of the Valley Sixty-six Active Chapters Publication: " The Phi Chi Quarterly " Iota Chapter Established in IQO Fratres in Facultate James S. McLester, M.D. S. J. Williams, A.B. Luney V. Racsdale, M.D. J. R. Phillips, A.B. Pete Brewster Sumner D. Davis H. T. Donovan William C. Barclift, Jr. James O. Colley J. D. Farrington Irving H. Griffen William Kendrick Hare Fratres in Universitate Class of igji A. J. Huesman George C. McCullough Lester C. O ' Neal E. C. Wait Class of ig32 Albert S. Hargis, Jr. William L. Poole Charles C. Latham, Jr. Johnnie B. Robertson N. R. Newman, Jr. William J. Weatherford William H. Weems August S. Knittel Edgar M. Scott, Jr. Jacob CJeorce Sheetz James Brown Shelton Ei.dred B. Teague A. F. Wilkerson, Jr. i 277 X Jordan, Redmond, Adams, Castator, Spoers, Davii Papp, Tancredi, Hirsch Campbell, Kopcha, Jordan, Dobson Founded at University of Pittsburgh in 1891 Colors: Green and White Floioer: White Chrysanthemum Forty-one Active Chapters Publication: " Phi Beta Pi Quarterly " Sigma Chapter Established in jgo6 Fratres in Facultate Dr. Clyde Brooks Dr. Ralph McBurney Dr. E. B. Carmichael Dr. a. Hobson Davis Dr. Thomas E. Hunt Dr. John M. Forney Fratres in Universitate Class of iQji S. A. DURICK A. H. Sellman R. D. Campbell O. L. Jordan W. A. Newton G. H. Putnam M. S. Adams F. W. Castator Luther Davis, Jr. Robert Dobson T. J. Floyd Class of IQJ2 LuciEN Hirsch F. S. Alfenito, Jr. J. J. Holladay, Jr. H. C. Jordan J. E. Kopcha S. D. Papp L. C. Posey B. J. Redmond M. E. Speer Chester Tancredi 278 E IQ3I OOFROI— L-- Stalcuji, Howard, Donahoo. James, Law, Campbell, Peimutt. gma Beta Gamma Sigma is an honorary Commerce P ' raternity which has as its aim the promotion of an interest in higher scholarship and college activities among the students in the School of Commerce and Business Administration. Membership in Beta Gamma Sigma is elected from the upper one-tenth of the Junior Class. Officers James J. Campbell, Jr President James G. Stalcup Vice-President William Bolden Howard Secretary-Treasurer Fratres in Facultate Dean Lee Bidgood Chester H. Knight Lee Glover Harry D. Bonham Leroy J. Nations Harry V. Mitchell H. H. Chapman Ralph E. Adams Fratres in Universitate James J. Campbell, Jr. Kenneth V. James John Wesley Donahoo George Law William Bolden Howard James L. Permutt James G. Stalcup v;3s 279 mF ' CCD R O L_L_ X 1 i Carroll. Cameron, Byrne, Rinehart, Boone, Atkins. Law, Dickerson. Goddard Haughton, Owens. Lrach, Jolly. Howard, Heard, Harrison. Donahoo, Dollar. Coleman Campbell, Starling, Wyatt, Vaughan. Sterling, Smith, C. Smith. Pullen, Rickles, Zeigler Shaver, Haygood. Thomas, Tully, Bailey. Drummond, McDowell, Adams, Stabler, Young igma International Commerce Fraternity Founded at School of Commerce, Accounts and Finance, University of New York, November 7, 1907 Colors: Old Gold and Royal Purple Flower: Red Rose Fifty-one Active Chapters Publication: " The Deltasig " Alpha Sigma Chapter Established in IQ26 Fratres in Facultate Dr. James Holladay Prof. H. H. Chapman Prof. Marcus Whitman Prof. Leroy J. Nations Prof. Harry V. Mitchell George Atkins H. S. Boone Jack Byrne Gordon Cameron Harry L. Carroll Kynerd Coleman (Jeorce Reuben Dollar J. W. Donahoo Thomas M. Gachet Walter Goddard W. G. Harrison Joe Taylor Heard Harle Bailey, Jr. Mobre Des Rochers Jack Dickerson Fratres in Universitate W. B. Howard Mack H. Jolly Georce Lacy Law Lewis J. Lawson HI Howard B. Leach Ralph S. Moseley Ewell H. Owens Milton S. Pullen Alden L. Rickles Herbert Rinehart William C. Schor, Jr. Cephas L. Smith Pledges Dan J. Haughton Paul Haygood Jack K. Ogden James A. Shaver James Emory Smith John H. Sterling Henry Albert Vaughan Edmond M. Wyatt Hardaway Young, Jr. Fred E. Zeigler James J. Campbell, Jr. Jeff Coleman Almon Stabler Thomas McDowell Frank Adams A. P. Drummond Thomas Starlin Albert J. Tully Paul Thomas 280 West, Ladd. Chenault. Morrison. Fee, Waddoll, Miree. Paterson, Stalcup, Porter, Haygood, Estes, Fitzgerald, Harrison, Peebles, Razok. Reese. Carlson, Foshee. Seymour, Nolen, Hayes. Branch. Smith. Paxton, Lorricit. Dewberry. Powell. Ivy, Jamos, Butler, Hummer. a Founded at the School of Commerce, Accounts and New York University in 1904 Fifty-five Active Chapters Finance, Colors: Gold and Sapphire Blue Flower: Chrysanthemum Pti blical on: " The Diary of Alpha Kappa Psi " Fratres in Faclltate Ralph E. Adams Dean Lee Bidcood Prof. H. D. Bonham Prof. George Hoffman Prof. Chester Knight Fratres in Universitate Class of igji Prof. Paul Krueger Prof. E. V. Moore Ernest A. Razek Frank Hagood Philip Butler Robert Porter Kenneth James Class of igj2 James Stalcup Louie Reese Hiram Darden Charles Estes Jack Paterson Albert West Class of 1933 Wallis Seymour Herbert Lorrick James Powell Sam Foshee Richard Miree Pledges James Waddell Charles Fee Donald Fitzgerald David Harrison Aubrey Ivev Ralph Morrison William Shinault Roy Nolen Earl Hummer James P. Moulder William Branch Doyle Smith David Peebles William D. Hayes Emerson Carlson Spencer Paxton James Dewberry Joe Simmons Oscar Turner Matt Bargainer Ernest Ladd, Jr. 281 Jll E 1 Q 3 I OO F=? O L- l_ X Lc Rinehart, Adams, Razek, Roberts, Hagood, Jolly. Sington. Weinberg, Sokol, Meyer, Pullen, Warner, Porter, Wyatt. Erdreich, Boone, Permutt, Harrison, Alexander, Stalcup, Williams, Watts. Alpha Delta Sigma National Advertising Fraternity Founded at the University of Missouri, School of Journalism, 1913 Purpose: The upbuilding of advertising as a profession for the purpose of serving the business world. Colors: Crimson and White Floiuer: Crimson Rambler Twenty-one Active Chapters Publication: " Town Crier " A, Smith Chapiter Establislied in IQ27 Shaffer Boone President M. K. Erdreich Vice-President James L. Permutt Secretary-Treasurer Prof. Leroy J. Nations Faculty Adviser Members Charles J. Beane Frank Haygood Dean Lee Bidgood Griffin Harrison Mack Jolly Hyman Weinberg J. H. Newman Robert Porter Morris Sokol Milton Pullen Ernest Razek Hudson Meyer John Schor J. B. Roberts David Alexander James Stalcup Herbert Rhinehart A. H. Warner Edmond Wyatt Fred Sington Mont Williams Frank Adams James Watt s » P I V. ■ i y. ! •■. 282 ' -•-Vi V HI KflliTs, Hcuston. Skclti.n. Sli.iUs. o ' Z.-lla Bent field, Koblnson, Clark, Hendrix. li. Evans, T. Hereford Mabrey, Payne, R. Hereford, E. Evans, Meigs The National Honorary Engineering Fraternity Founded at Lehigh University in 1885 Colors: Seal Brown and White Fifty-nine Active Chapters Publication: " The Bent " The object of the fraternity is to honor in a fitting manner those who have distinguished themselves by scholarship and exemplary character as undergraduates. ■ Beta Chapter Established November 20, IQ26 ' Fratres in Facultate Dean George J. Davis Bevxie W. Gandrud Fred R. Maxwell Dr. Benjamin A. Wooten John M. Gallalee Donald H. McCuaig Fratres in Universitate Officers Robert E. Evans President Warren G. Payne Vice-President Curt S. Benefield Corresponding Secretary Guthrie S. Mabrey Recording Secretary John C. Evans Treasurer Curt S. Benefield Robert E. Hereford Horace H. Robinson Paul Clark Thomas A. Hereford Emigdio O. Selles John C. Evans Harry H. Houston Reynold Q. Shotts Robert E. Evans Guthrie S. Mabrey Newton Skelton Harold B. Hendrix Josef D. O ' Zella Howard H. Meigs Warren G. Payne ■x xJ 283 WflF IQ3I COF OL_L- a, i Hood. R.-ed. Rhodes, fabrey. LapsUy. llamiy Hamilton. Garrett, Fleming. Esterbrook. Terry Bullock, Brewer, Bacon, Harris. Simpson, Glaus Tlieta Tan Professional Engineering Fraternity Founded at the University of Minnesota in 1904 Colors: Garnet and Old Gold Flo wer: Jacqueminot Rose Publication: " The Gear " Mm Chapter Established January , IQ22 Fratres in Facultate F. D. DeVaney Donald McCuaig F. R. Maxwell, Jr. B. W. Gandrud J. M. Faircloth Fratres in Universitate Officers Cecil Hurt President William Hood Vice-President Alden Simpson Recording Secretary Barton Harris Treasurer Eddie Bacon Robert Fleming Archie Leach Douglas Brewer Frank C5arrett Guthrie Mabrey Neel Bullock C. M. Hamilton John Reed Bill Claus C. P. Handy C. Rhodes Jim Estabrook John Lapsley A. L. Terry 284 : OO FR CD L_L. Y; ! Wakc ' liflil. D ' Zclla. Houston, l.awreme. TiaKui-, Ski-ltou, rayiir. Munkasy, McCall, Mabrey, Hereford. Hcndrix, R. Evans. J. Evans, Dougherty. Carpenter, Croft, Bencfield, Barthelmes, Krasse. CM Beta Phi An Honorary, Professional, Scientific fraternity founded at Randolph-Macon College in 1916. The object of the fraternity is to promote interest in science. Colors: Colonial Blue and Crimson Floiuer: Cape Jasmine Publication: " The Chi Beta Phi Record " Iota Chapter Established in ig2S Fratres in Facultate Dr. George I. Adams Dr. Jack P. Montgomery Prof. D. H. McCuaig Dr. Arthur R. Bauder Dr. Benjamin A. Wooten Prof. T. N. McVay Dr. John Y. Graham Prof. Fred R. Maxwell Glen D. Coe Dr. Stewart J. Lloyd Albert C. Richardson Fratres in Universitate Officers Warren G. Payne President John C. Evans J ' ice-President Ray V. Lawrence Corresponding Secretary Guthrie S. Mabrey Recording Secretary Robert E. Evans Treasurer Carl W. Barthelmes Thomas A. Hereford Josef D. O ' Zella Curt S. Benefield Harry H. Houston Warren G. Payne Charles E. Burfield Rudolph F. Krasse Newton Skelton James L. Carpenter Robert E. Lake Ira C. Skinner Walter H. Croft Guthrie S. Mabrey Eldred B. Teague Daniel V. Dougherty Daniel T. McCall John B. Rippere John C. Evans Henry M. McLeod William L. Robinson Robert E. Evans Paul F. Munkasy Reynold Q. Shotts Harold B. Hendrix Zoltan Munkasy George C. Wakefield 285 m L ■ O ' Zella, Munkasy, Wakefield. Hunze, Houston. Shotts Evans. Tucker, Mabrey, Dougherty, Teague, Lawrence. Hereford. Campbell, Skelton, McCall, Benefleld, Langdon, Payne. Gamma Sigma Epsilon Honorary Chemical Fraternity Founded at Davidson College in 1919 Object: The object of this fraternity is to increase interest and scholarship in chemistry; to promote friendship and general welfare of the chemist. Colors: Blue and White Flo wer: Blue Hyacinth Publication: " The Ray " Nine Active Chapters Fratres in Facultate Dr. Stewart J. Lloyd Dr. George D. Palmer Mr. T. N. McVay Dr. E. B. Carmichael Dr. Jack P. Montgomery Mr. G. Dale Coe Mr. Ray L. Farabee Fratres in Universitate Officers Guthrie S. Mabrey Grand Alchemist Josef D. O ' Zella Recorder Curt S. Benefield Fisor Robert E. Evans Eldred B. Teague John N. Chatfield Reynolds Q. Shotts Ray V. Lawrence David D. Lancan, Jr. Warren G. Payne Thomas A. Hereford Zolton M. Munkasy Curt S. Benefield John E. Tucker Newton Skelton Guthrie S. Mabrey Daniel T. McCall George C. Wakefield Josef D. O ' Zella Henry M. McLeod, Jr. Raymond B. Hunze Daniel V. Dougherty L Clifton Skinner Harry H. Houston, Jr. W. Lewis Robinson Joseph L. Campbell 286 .1 E I Q 3 I CO F=? O l_L- X QS V ' V ; Randall. Callaway, Griffilh, Askin. IiiKraiii. I.aiy. Anderson Chenoweth. Weill, Kendriuk. Adams, Davis. Boozlf, Griffln Campbell, Stabler, Colley, Hirsch, Booth, Teague, Drummond a Founded at the University of Alabama May i6, 1926 Alpha Epsilon Delta is an honorary pre-medical fraternity, the purpose of which is to foster the interests of the Pre-Medical School and to bridge the gap between the School of Medicine and that of the Pre-Medical School. Mem- bership is based on excellence in pre-medical work. Alpha Chapter Fratres in Facultate Dr. J. p. Montgomery Dr. B. A. Wooten Dr. J. Y. Graham Dr. Septima C. Smith Dr. Clyde Brooks Dr. B. P. Kaufman Dr. Stuart Graves Mr. J. H. Walker Dr. E. B. Carmichael Mrs. J. H. Walker Members in Medical School D. V. Dougherty Fernando A. Camacho LuciEN Hirsch Lamar Calloway Luther Davis J. 0. Colley Eldred B. Teague Irvin Griffin M. Adams M EMBERS IN Pre-Medical School Marvin H. Kendrick Lillian Ingram William Drummond Robert Weill H. Ernest Askin John J. Patton Almon C. Stabler Robert L. Griffith C. R. Walley Carlyle Breckenridge George Booth Thomas Boozer Henry L. Anderson James Carpenter Spears Randall Clifton Skinner Joe Campbell W. K. Wilson John Lary Arthur Chenoweth Si iSir- 287 -ii!Si«S£. _C- ' ' y ii F McLure, Stallings, Taylor. Word Koster, Scott, Allison, Smith, Jernberg Echols, Shiller, Garden, Couch, Partlow, Coates Honorary Educational fraternity Founded at the University of Illinois in 1911 Pale Blue and Crimson Publication: " The Kadelphian Review " Fifty Active Chapters Colors. ter Established in 1922 Helen Duckworth President Lillian Leonard Vice-President Elizabeth Rose Recording Secretary EuBA DuBosE Corresponding Secretary Prof. C. E. Williams Faculty Counsellor J. C. Hayes Treasurer C. M. Pruitt Alumni Secretary Fratres in Facultate W. F. Adams W. C. Crosby V. P. McKinley V. M. Sims Danylu Belser J. J. DosTER J. R. McLuRE Paul W. Terry Elizabeth Coleman J. D. Mancill Heflin Newman Louise Wills E. C. CoMSTOCK Willie Tabb Moore H. C. Pannell G. H. Yeuell G. H. Denny R. W. Cowart E. L. Morphet Mary Robertson Fratres in Universitate Ruth Allison Edwin Couch Ray Jernberg Winston Scott Mrs. Oneida Bolton Ruth Dorsey Mrs. Tom Koster Sam Schiller Hugh Cardon Mrs. Louise Echols Miriam Locke J. O. Smith Annie Laurie Clay Mrs. Myrtle Glover W. P. McLure Ida Mae Stallings Evelyn Coates Sara Ella Hauchton Margaret Partlow Mrs. Hattie Taylor B. F. Davis E- S. Word f , 6 288 w T-l-H E 1331 OOF OLL-y Fuller, McKlnley, McCall, Creel. Carroll, McDowell. Cardon, McMullen. Randall, McLane. Moore. Pedigo, Johnson, Branch. Mundine. Hyde, Dunn. Waddell, Thomas. D. McCall, West, Patterson. Bebe. Leach, E. Creel. Atkins, Bennette, McGowln, Poynor, Mlree, Foster, DeFhaniak, Weeks. Sophomore Honor Society . Founded at Pennsylvania State College in 1907 Symbol: Oak Leaf Seven Active Chapters Theta Chapter Established in 1930 Charter Members Robert McLane Kenneth Pedigo Albert West Douglas McMullen Samuel Foshee WiLMER Poynor Edward Branch, Jr. Watson Johnson V. B. Murray B. K. Bennett Harry Carroll Clarke Moore James Bebe Robert Mundine Hugh Cardon James Newman Harold Weeks Jack Patterson Winston McCall Joseph Creel Nelson Fuller Dan McCall Thomas McDowell Willis McGowin John Foster Active Members James Waddell Howard Leach Albert deFuniak Fritz McKinley Perkins Atkins Richard Thomas Richard Miree Jack Ogden Edward Creel Jack Dunn Pettus Randall Edward Hycf 289 Ifehp ' ■v UW HH E iQ3| COFRC LLA Aiaridge, McClure. Berry. Moulton. Nelson. Bremner. McGuire, Tipton, Johns, Dean, Adams, Mae, Hager. Perkins, Wlttmeier, Talbert, Rosenbush, McLain, Mustln, Marshall. jma Purpose: To promote an interest in art on the University Campus. Officers Edmond W. Berry President Charles Aldridge . Vice-President Penelope McLain Secretary-Treasurer Josephine McGuire Ritualist Ruth Perkins Correspondent Faculty Advisers Miss Ruth Parsons Mrs. Bertha Miller Fratres in Universitate Lucille Mustin Eugene May Marie Johns Oscar Nelson Mary Calloway Kathryn Hurst Bernard Rosenbush Calla Marshall Josephine Jackson Eloise Moulton Ruth Perkins Karl Bruder Dorothy Laymaster Josephine McGuire Joseph de Onis Meta Wittmeier Penelope McLain Rosemary Adams Gladys Helberg Charles Aldridge Joy Smith Edmond Berry Mary Talbert Ellen Smith Lillian Smolensky Marguerite Hagen Miss Ruth Parsons Lou B. Berecz Thomas Converse Lillie Mae Dean Mrs. Bertha Miller Virginia Bremner Lawrence Tipton Ellen Blair 290 « I J Hon. Henry Washington Hilliard SHember of the faculty of the First Session, later member of Congress and Minister to lielgium and ' Brazil. E_l g 31 OOROI— L-A. Rikkers. Bell Paxton McLennan, Palmer, Townes, Raymon, Marks, Youngblood, Branscomb Jenkins Buckingham, Brooks, Huthnance, Garner, L. Huthnance, Brennan, Ellis, Rogers Lindsey. Sanderson, O ' Connor, Cox, Ingram, Redd, Christian, Stevens, Mosely, Causey McGowin, Krelsberg, White, Reynolds, Westfall, Summoriin, Verdura, Taylor, Thompson Twenty-sixth Season, 1930-31 Tom Garner, ' 88, Director Harold L. Rogers President M. Halsey Townes Secretary Robert H. Orr Business Manager First Tenor Paul J. Anderson Herbert M. Bell Robert H. Orr Nick S. McGowin James S. McLennan Whelan W. Palmer M. Halsey Townes Gordon Cameron George W. Brannon Guy T. Huthnance Seaborn H. Moseley IvisoN Summerlin James K. Youngblood Randall Cross Talbot Ellis Thomas L. Ellis E. K. Solomon Second Tenor Harry Brennan George S. Brown Paul S. Causey Wm. T. R. Cox Frank B. Delaurentis Herbert D. Kreisberg James P. Lynch, Jr. Charles L. Marks First Bass Leon Rosenberg Harold Sanderson E. P. Turner Robert M. Bressler Douglas A. Brooks Leon R. Huthnance E. L. Ingram Sam Murphy, Jr. Joseph A. Verdura Carroll C. Westfall Moody N. Redd Waights M. Taylor Jas. J. Thompson Spencer Paxton Harry Raymon A. Kenneth Stevens Wm. H. White Second Bass Harold L. Rogers F. Sheldon Buckingham Charles W. Jenkins Lowell H. Bennett Aubrey M. Boyles O. Walter Christian Orel B. Lindsey Caleb H. O ' Connor JuDSON J. Rikkers Harry L. Tomkins Bm Wtti Bm Buj Vn M« FU Vra m Ant bit Mn FW Eua Hbi Milt Sun Lu Jut n hu Nw Lewis L. Branscomb 292 E 1 Q 3 I OO FR O l_l- yX L. Mustin, J. Mustin. Moore. Mitchell. T. Earle Johxson, Director This dramatic organization is one of the oldest in the South and ranks very high in the maintenance of artistic standards. Under the direction of T. Earle Johnson the players this season have presented four one-act plays admirably and vi ell done. Clark Moore President Mary Mitchell Vice-President LuciLE Mustin Secretary James Mustin Treasurer Members Burl Bennett Sara Holmes Paul Breland Harry Markstein WiNKiE Clarkson Richard Berge David Liebman Frank Sacks Betty Ruth Dawson Martha Smith Bryan O ' Hara E. M. Friend Belle Owens Herbert Martin Mrs. W. M. Scoit William Loeb Virginia Bremner B. H. Wiesel R. E. Thomas Betty Brown Martha G. Beasley Thelma Courtney Ralph Fulmer Francis Phelps Francis McCann Helen Rauschenberg Wilham White Mary Huff Victor Szanton Berney Evans Hermoine Warren Mabel Dominick Virginia MacLeod Jerome Berger Marion Kelley Joy Smith Leonora Plowden Joe Levin Mary Mitchell Juliett Morgan Aubrey Ivey Mary Burns W. E. Persons, Jr. Kathryn Lawson Katherine Ivey Charlotte Rakowsky M. U. Newfield William Wellock Merle Riecel Margaret O ' Harrow Sarah Goode Irvin Sidney King Paul Wilson Ed Creel Jack Adler Mildred Feiler Ellen Blair J. C. McRee Rose Wainwright Collins Leyden Melvin Israel Alma McMurry Gerald Little Herbert Blan Mary Jean White Margarite Tedquist Agatha Prescott Janie Chapman Stanley Goldsmith Aubrey Boyles William Davis, Jr. Gordon Hughes LiDA Meriwether Mary Francis White Billy Hood J. H. Sterling James Herndon Martha C. Gatlin Robert Harper Lloyd Duggar Jack Dunn Janet Lusk Louise Alston Mary Rau Roman Weil Adelaide Salter Edward Gebhard A. J. Tully, Jr. Harold Weeks Douglas McMullen Nelson Fuller Frances Bell Ralph Holberg Jack Scheuer James Mustin G. P. Atkins Frank Exum George Jiler Lucile Mustin Barbara Jenkins Henry Meyer McIver Rountree Dorothy Lewis W. Taylor Cecil Hurt Sam Worms Leon Rosenberg 293 L CO F CD Ll_ A. I i i .jm Thompson, Mundine, St. John, Boone, Howard, Boone, Roberts. Allen. Money, Scott, Clark, Cardon, Daffron, Hayes, Weeks, Burns. Atkins, Harrison, I.,ayne, Price, Garrett, Spangler, Gay, Jackson. This is the oldest organization on the campus, being organized at the University of Alabama in 1832, a few months after the University was founded in 1831. Incorporated in 1843. Officers Griffin Harrison President Shaffer Boone Vice-President Joe Burns Secretary Harold Weeks Treasurer Hubert Hayes Sergeant-at-Arms Members J. L. Daffron J. S. Gay Edmond Wyatt Hugh Cardon Oscar Spancler Finis St. John W. L. Clark Fisher Allen Bob Mundine Howard Scoit Kenneth Roberts W. B. Howard Harold Weeks George P. Atkins Joseph Thompson Joe Burns Hubert C. Hayes Silas Garrett HI JllM MONEV Shaffer Boone E. P. Turner J. T. Jackson John Schor Tom Layne J. 0. Sentell Charles Price 294 t T »-H E 1 Q 3 I C O F= O L_ L_ mSS M W iiii Cicjsshy, Sliannon, (Jaiiu-ii, Ah yer. Little Hall Kimbrough, Mi ' lton St jiiiing. Purser, Permutt Gat 1 in. Rich. Smith, Strickland. Watson, Exum Palmer, Sacks, M. Gat 1 in, Rosenberg. Powell, Prowell, Finncll, Blan, Stewart Barnes, Harris, Peebles, Loeb, Nolan, Maddox, Madison, Hammet, Garringher ic The second oldest organization existant on the University Campus. Officers ScEARs Barnes President David Meyer Vice-President Martha Courtney Gatlin Secretary-Treasurer Frank Exum Sergeant-at-Arms E. Baskin Wright Faculty Adviser Members Herbert Blan Herman Maddox Marvin Rosenberg Margaret Crossley JiMMiE Madison Frank Sachs Harriett Finnell Harry Melton Maben Shannon Elizabeth Gaines Roy Nolen Martha Smith Harold Gearincer Barbara Palmer Theo Smith Leslie Hall David Peebles Thomas Starlin Sunny Hammet Gerald Permutt J. H. Starling Te-Wyait Harris Peggy Powell Eleanor Stewart Isabelle Kimbrough Marion Prowell Willie Strickland Gerald Little Katherine Purser Pat Sturney Herman Loeb Leo Rich Lucy Jane Watson 295 MP AIh-, - ' rhiiTitpsMii, w, .ks I Hikrrsini. (JaiTrtl. Atkins. lnj;r;ini, U ' lirillfit-r. Jolly. N wsoine, Suott, Biyct-, Buune. Moure. Blan, Jones, Doster. Caldwell, ( " umbaa, Townes, Spangler, Burns, Palmer, Malone, Razek, H. H. Brice President Joe G. Burns Vice-President J. LiNDSEY Alley Secretary Joe Thompson Treasurer Members J. LiNDSEY Alley Gordon Cumbaa Mack Jolly G. P. Atkins John Day D. M. Jones Leon Bai nbridge Harvel Deas R. J. Malone Sidney Blan Howard Dickerso.v W. R. Moore H. S. Boone James Doster Talmadge Newsome H. H. Brice Silas Garrett III Jack Ogden J. G. Burns Harold Gearinger Whelan Palmer James F. Caldwell Llovd S. Hart Ernest Razek Paul Caldwell H. C. Ingram H. G. Scott Daniel Casey John L. Johnson O. R. Spanglek ivison summerlin milton townes Joe Thompson Edward Turner Horace Thompson Harold Weeks ' V m • 5 296 . m OO F=? O l_l_y S. ' idman l- ' " st -i ' . :Mustiii, lsiai-1. Hill. Min-l.i ' S Moody, Alkiriilgo, Johnstone, Creel, Teks, Ganett. Tate The Forensic Council Purpose: To promote, direct and control the debating activities of the university. WILLIA t Inge Hill President Kenneth Pedigo Vice-President Carl G. Moebes Secretary The Varsity Debating Team Carl G. Moebes James W. Mustin, Jr. Ramon L. Bledsoe Joe Creel William Inge Hill Silas Garrett III Joe Levin Curtis Moody John S. Foster John L. Johnson Charles Johnstone Melvin Israel George Seidman Charles Alldridge M. Louis Teks Ralph Tate Members of Forensic Council Joe Thompson William L. Clark Billie Hood G. S. Bishop Buddy Brown Joe Burns Dick Mann John Caddell James Estabrook Silas Garreit III Robert Porter John Foster Thorne Hills Ernest Razek Carl Moebes Henry Cummincs W. B. Howard John Massey Winston McCall Milton Pullen Yates Simonson Charles Ai.idridge Nelson Zivitz Hubert Hayes Hugh Cardon Kenneth Pedigo Alternates David Hogg J. B. Roberts Ira Ballard C. B. Johnson 297 1 w OO F=? O I— L_. rfW lii h James. Larkins, Miller, Mac-key. Weeks, Kimbrough, Sterling. Cardon, Clement, Spangler. Jordan, Dobson, Drummond. Fratres in Facultate Dr. John R. McLure V. P. McKlNLEY Lee Glover Dr. James Holladay Dr. Clyde Brooks L. I. COTHERN Wm. J. Brockelbank A. HOBSON Davis Dean D. S. Lancaster C. A. Campbell Prof. Ed Livingston Dr. George Lang Chester Knight Marcus Whitman Coach " Shorty " Propst Dr. B. a. Wooten Dr. James J. Doster Dean A. J. Farrah Dr. E. B. Carmichael O. K. Lamb Dr. J. J. Kennedy Dr. William B. Saffold Fratres in Universitate Officers Howard C. Werth President Robert Dobson Vice-President Morris Zeanah Secretary-Treasurer H. B. Larkins Robert L. Farris Thomas M. Gachet Otis L. Jordan C. B. Lampkin Marc R. Clement Gordon Dabbs Oscar R. Spangler William A. Crowe William F. Drummond Roy W. Kimbrough Richard J. Williams Chas. " Foots " Clement Harold O. Weeks Elbert Mackey Hugh W. Cardon T. C. Bonds John Sterling Kenneth V. James John Miller Oscar G. Anderson R. G. Barnheiser Gmi Sun Eoij 4:? ' ' 298 Iwfil, ( ' aniplK ' ll, Burns, Roberl.-nn. 1 i. uiu-l t ■■, i;,,o ,-r. Mumiiii. Kazek, Hoone, Starling, McCall, Jackson. Howard. West. Davis. Harrison, Weeks, Garden, Clark, Estes, Hayes. _ ' s Cliristiaii The Young Alen ' s Christian Association of the University of Alabama is a union of students and faculty members for the following purpose: To develop a fellowship among students with the general purpose of qualifying them in living the ideals and purposes of Jesus as they understand them. To create and maintain a finer spirit and attitude, religiously, intellectually and socially by living a full and creative life. To promote clean morals and replace the vices of the campus with clean living, wholesome thinking and service to others. To provide a well-rounded program to meet the present and actual needs of the campus. Officers Harold O. Weeks President William G. Harrison Vice-President William Bolden Howard Secretary Advisory Board George H. Denny George Lang Dabxey S. Lancaster James H. Newman Cabinet Shaffer Boone Bob Mundine William L. Clark Winston B. McCall William E. Davis Thomas Boozer Thomas Starlin Burl Bennett Ernest Razek Albert West Joe Burns Dave Robinson Theodore Jackson Paul B. Caldwell Hugh Cardon Oscar Spangler Hubert Hayes James J. Campbell, Jr. Charles Estes, Jr. Freshman Cabinet Officers S. H. Blan, Jr President Waights Taylor Vice-President 299 mm m k TI-HE 1Q3I OOROL,I_ Q PcniQCT Hutchlns, Raleigh. Lupine, Moore, Widney, Casey, Croft, Farrell Petech, Hampf, Marcantonio, Magill. Weill, Austin. Clienault, MacGlaughlan Millo. Henington, Ernest, ( ), Davis. ( ), Dubiel, White Klelnhans. O ' Connor, Lawler, Perez, Edwards. Hughes, lanuzzi. Gross Thomas E. Ernest President Rose Ianuzzi I ' ice-President Sis McGill Secretary Robert Weill Treasurer Gabriel Jacoby Reporter Melvin Austin Lawrence Hale Elmar a. Lupine Joseph Stoddard Louis Bobinch Jules Hudson Henry McLaughlin Joseph Sweeney Howard Bonnell Guy Huthnance Eugene Malonev O. A. Tomasello Dan Casey John Hampton J. Wallace McCue Edmund Tamar Raymond Coccora John Hanlein Don Marcantonio John Tuso John Cox William Hogan John Moran Emulin Troppoli Pedro Crisophy Leon Huthnance R. Moore Joseph Tuso Walter Croft Thomas Hupske Jerome Petech James A. Wilson Louis Dubics John Hudgins John Peffer Robert Weill Roger Dubiel E. J. Harrington Charles Perez Adele Carte Lawrence Dugan Michael Jezierny William C. Powanda Irene Davis S. Durick Fred Jillson Edward Podhajski Edna Farwell Joseph DiRaco Richard Kleinhanna John Prinsarage Whilimina Hampf Crawford Edwards Richard Lawlor Joseph Romano Elizabeth Hutchings Ancelo Emma Leon Maloney Tom Russo Mimi Ianuzzi Thomas J. Frederick Victor Mulica Edward Romer Mary Louise Langan Tom Griffin Mary Belle O ' Connor Joseph Rich Anna Millo Edgar Green Cecilia Widney James Rice Mary E. McAleer Sam Gross Lucy Chenault Joseph Roche Florence White Joseph Hughes Winfield McClure Daniel Raleigh 300 m I g) 3 I OO F=R O l_l_ X : s iii;fclii McOowin. Andurson, Smith, Craig:. Cook, Planclt, Stewart, Lorick, Reader. McDonnell, Herbert, Bradshaw, Foster, McPeake, W. McGowin. Officers Jules Herbert President John Foster Vice-President Bingham Smith Secretary-Treasurer Members Oscar Turner D. M. Jones Forrest Hunter Willis McGowin Edgar Stewart W. C. McCarty Tommy Cook Pelham Anderson Sonny Poellnitz Charles Beane J. D. Flowers John Van Gilbert Howard Reeder Gordon Miller Goats Herbert Lorick Wills McDonald D. W. Crosland Nick McGowin E. D. Smith Harsen Bradshaw Ernest Plank John McPeake T. K. Jackson William Craig 301 Inter-Fraternity Social Organization Founded at the University of Alabama in 1909 Officers Alden Simpson President William Yancey Vice-President Flournoy Lovelace Secretary-Treasurer Members Dan McCall John Leland Fentress Ray Reuben Herren Charles Estes Billy McQueen Sam Foshee Alfred Shook George Moore Rudolph Gherken Bill Taylor Sam Perry Cadwallader Jones Andy Anderson Bo Acee Joe Smith Bonneau Murray Beany Smith Goats Jimmy Waddell Albert Godwin Horace Campion Joe Causey Shelby Tucker Wayne McConnell Seth Kittrell Frank Lyons Clyde Taylor Mutt Rainer Joe Simmons George Forsythj Moody Redd Bitsy Lawrence Donald Cowan Arthur Chenoweth Jim Marshall J. L. Warren 302 m I g) 3 I OOROl—i-A. FostiT, Stuart, Herren, M it ' iiien, Murray. Jonus, Hay, Yancey, McCall, Brooks. I The Parasite Club is an inter-interfraternity social club, drawing its membership from the various interfraternity organizations. Officers Reuben Herren President Dan Jernigan Secretary-Treasurer Members t BoNNEAU Murray Bill McQueen Fentress Ray William Yancey John Foster Sonny Poellnitz Dan McCall Red Richardson Sonny Brooks Hugh Mallory Sam Perry Cad Jones Dave Crossland Edgar Stewart Reuben Herren Dan Jernigan 4i 303 lU.bcrtsiiii. ' nu-r, Juhnson, Bi-azelton. Oakley. Brooks. Lighlloot. Lanior, PliUu, Griggs, Nolan. Christopher. Officers Dan Jernigan President Sonny Brooks Vice-President Clifford Lanier Secretary Members Cecil Hurt Sonny Brooks Dan Jernigan Watson Johnson Dave Robinson Lawrence Oakley Jack Brazelton Pinkie Blackshear Ed Comer Robert Douglass Charles Howard Al Case Ben Lightfoot Fletcher Gordon Bob Nolan Ed Griggs Peter Pride Clifford Lanier 304 I g 3 I OO FR O l_L_ X ' 4 Harris. Bullock Hood, Ladd. Reese. Beebe. Morris McKinley. PuUen, While, Tiiompson, Wyatt, Smith, Brannon. The Greeks Inter-Fraternity Social Club Founded at University of Alabama, 1929 Colors: Purple and Oold Flower: White Carnation Officers Barton Harris President George Brannon Vice-President Neel Bullock Secretary William E. Hood Treasurer Members James A. Beebe Ernest Ladd J. Emory Smith George W. Brannon Joe Morris William Thompson Neel Bullock Fritz McKinley Frank White Barton Harris Milton Pullen Edmond Wyatt William E. Hood Louie Reese Blinky Rowe Pledges Spears Randall Ed Hyden Lawrence Tipton Monk DeBardelaben Edward Hodo Douglas Brewer John Maxwell Smith Rocky Seymour J. P. Sudbury 305 .. IQ3I OOROl_L. ,» Tucker, Thomas, Stover. Stickney, Kendrlck, Pearsons. Page, Xolik McMillan Wright. Madison, May. Little. Leach, Kidd, Joins, Janus. Ivi-y Hunt, Hughes, Hemphill. Haas, Harry, Harrison, Crowe, Hankins Grey Exum, Day, Danforth, Dabnoy, Coley, Boyles, Blan, Johnson, Strickland, Stevens Mho Alpha Taia To Promote Good Fellowship Among the Freshmen Colors: Orange and Black Ftoiver: Lily of the Valley Officers Frederick Stickney President Sigma Alpha Epsilon Randall Leach Vice-President Sigma Nu Aubrey Boyles Secretary Phi Delta Theta Harold Gray Treasurer Kappa Sigma Members Anderson Lambda Chi Alpha Blan Sigma Chi Boyles Phi Delta Theta Coley Chi Phi Dabney Alpha Tau Omega Danforth Alpha Tau Omega Day Chi Phi Exum Phi Gamma Delta Gray Kappa Sigma Green Kappa Alpha Hankins Delta Kappa Epsilon Harrison Sigma Alpha Epsilon Harry Lambda Chi Alpha Haas Delta Kappa Epsilon Hemphill Pi Kappa Phi Hughes Pi Kappa Phi Hunt Kappa Alpha lYY Chi Phi James Sigma Chi Wright Jones Kappa Sigma Kendrick Pi Kappa Phi Kidd phi Delta Theta Leach Sigma Nu Little Kappa Alpha May Kappa Sigma Madison Lambda Chi Alpha McMillan Delta Kappa Epsilon Noble Sigma Alpha Epsilon Page Sigma Nu Persons Phi Gamma Delta Porter Sigma Chi Raynor Sigma Nu Stevens Phi Kappa Sigma Stickney Sigma Alpha Epsilon Stover phi Gamma Delta Strickland Phi Kappa Sigma Thomas Delta Chi Tucker Phi Delta Theta . . . Phi Kappa Sigma " 2= P 306 I T " l-H E I Q 3 I OO FR O l_L_ McLpmore, Allen, Dv 1 Coliano, Laine. Sunkel, Clark. Evans, Hansen, Hendricks, Johnson, Bullock, Purcell. Winter, Bennett, Ogden, Croft, Thompson. Hendrlckson. American Institute of Electrical Engineers Professional Engineering Society open to Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors Faculty Members Fred R. Maxwell Arthur R. Bauder Officers Walter H. Croft President Paul Clark Vice-President WiNFiELD R. McClure Secretary-Treasurer Members Charles E. Hendrickson Le Moyne Erdman Fisher W. Allen Charles Borfield John C. Evans William J. Bennett Wesley E. Winter William A. Thomson Harold B. Hendrix B. Y. McLemore Gerald Del Colliano Robert C. Hanson Irving Rosenblatt Mauno Laine John W. Sunkel Jack H. Johnson Wood-Rowe Purcell Emil Kummer Patsy Danton G. Carter Ogden Neel Bullock 307 1 Zelgler. Law Donahoo, Day Klass. Dollar, Harrison Lloyd, Mathews, Porter, Klelnstein. Gantz, Reese, Sokol, James Howard, Rlcktes, McCall, Jones, Jones, Purser, Bailey Partridge, Smith, Glllls, Tulley. Schumpert, Razek. Warren, Jefferies The Commerce Club was organized at the University of Alabama during the scholastic year of 1922-1923. Its purpose is the closer affiliation of students in the Commerce School and the creation of a spirit of good fellowship among them which may result in the advancement of the purpose of the Commerce School. Officers Ernest A. Razek President W. B. Howard Vice-President Elizabeth Day Secretary-Treasurer D. Morgan Jones Sergeant-at-Anns Kenneth James Crimson-White Reporter Alden Rickles Publicity Manager Charlie Knight Ernest A. Razek James H. Jones D. Morgan Jones Ruth McCall Alden Rickles W. B. Howard Kenneth V. James Catherine Purser Hallie Partridge Morris Sokol H. G. Bailey, Jr. Louis Reese Frances Gants Cephas L. Smith Isadore Klinkowstein Mary Morrison Gillis Byron B. Mathews Jim Lloyd A. J. Tulley, Jr. Elizabeth Day Cy Klass J. W. Donahoo Harvey J. Yogman George Law Mabel Horton William G. Harrison P. B. Schumpert Fred Zeigler G. B. Dollar Marjorie Jeffries George Warren, Jr. Gerald Porter 308 I Q 3 I OO F O L_ L_ a. Beasley. Stewart. Turner. Caddell, Perkins, Herren Abercrombie, Poyner, Arnold. Simpson, Mitt-iifll Hood, Laurondine, MacTjood, Morris An Inter-Fraternity Inter-Sorority Social Club Colors: Blue and White Jack Chapman Faculty Adviser Joe Morris President Virginia MacLeod 1 ' ice-President Mildred Turner Secretary-Treasurer BiLLiE Hood Sara Arnold WiLMER Poyner Jane Abercrombie Reuben Herren Ruth Perkins Sam Perry Norma Laurendine Alden Simpson Martha G. Beasley Mary Mitchell Edgar Stewart Johnnie Caddell 309 1Q3I OOF= OL,L- V Nichols, Burns, McDonough, Scott, " Whiteside, Dunn, ( " at roll. Hagler, Creel, Palmer, Israel, Tate, Bailey, Davis. Gordon, Mims, Redd, Creel, Mlze, Longr, Soltol. Mho Alpha Mu National Pre-Law Fraternity Founded at the University of Alabama, 1929 Officers Howard G. Scott President Henry L. Carroll Vice-President Henry H. Mize Treasurer L. Edward Creel Secretary Baskin Wright Faculty Adviser National Board of Directors W. C. Davis, Jr. Joe Thompson Hoke Trammell Joe Burns Joe Creel Members Melvin Israel William E. Davis Jack Dunn Edwin Stevenson Raymond Mims Billie Holland Marie Louise Hagler Ralph Tate Alice Whiteside Fred Nichols Thorne Hill Larry Long Pledges Edward P. Turner Eugene Salmon Herbert Maulitz Sam McDonouch Jack Strother Benjamin Holley Harold Gearincer Wheeling Palmer Hymen Gordon Ralph Fulmar Harle G. Bailey Morris Soxol Moody Redd Roy Pfaffman I i ' ;« I 3»o M TH E I Q 3 I OO FR O L-L. X Reyliolds, Sudbury, Gibson. Rowe, Lindsey, Church, Branch, Powell, Paterson, Smith. The Capstone Orchestra Saxophonists Eugene Gibson First David Paterson Second Earl Branch Third Trumpets Caesar Powell First Dan Church Second Bass Orel Lindsey Piano Banjo Robert Smith Georce Rowe Drums J. T. Sudbury t p -»- .J. t. ' v w — 3 " .ii wm E IQ31 OOF= OI— L-A. 4 Miller. Shomell. Hinton. Fee, Myers. Cotton. Linker. Crapulli. Sapsin, Hart. Newell. in Jtiiarc ana jniis roonmg (i rimson ' Bama ' s Million Dollar Orchestra Saxophone and Clarinet John Hart Director William Sapsin First Sid Miller Second Charles Fee Third Banjo Piano Drums Charles P. Linker Paul Newell William Hinton Trumpet Leonard S. Shomell First Jimmy Cotton Second Bass Trombone and Violin Robert Morse Myers Pete Caprulli Orchestra Soloist Kenneth Stevens =2.-_ 312 1 ii « I Evans, Skelton, Bartlielnus. Hy.js. Kmninns. Hunze. Heath. Lawrence. Naudain. Mabrey. Millis. I ' uwilsun, TramnnU. Wakefield, Wilhelm. Shotts. Stevens. Simpson, Koscoe, Payne, Frederick, Forsyth, Hereford, Ebersole. " letallurgical sim Engineers ' Clul]) The purpose of this chib is to promote good fellowship and wider appreciation of the engineering profession. Officers R. E. Evans President C. W. Barthelmes Vice-President Newtox Skelton Secretary-Treasurer T. A. Hereforu Publicity Carl Bleisener C. W. Barthelmes Olxey Broun U. S. Brewer • J. N. Chatfieli) J. W. Bruner N. W. Byers N. Campion L. I. COTHERN J. R. CUUWORTH H. H. Emmons W. M. Ebersole R. E. Evans Members w. l. forsvth E. D. Frederick T. A. Herefori) R. B. Hunze W. O. Heath R. V. Lawrence J. E. McCoy Lloyd Mitchell E. A. Naudain (). S. Mabrey L. B. MiLLis J. O. O ' Zella W. G. Payne W. T. POWELSON A. D. QUACKENBUSH, Jr. E. D. RoscoE D. L. Simpson Newton Skelton J. C. Stephens A. R. Simmons R. Q. Shoits H. S. Salmon, Jr. J. W. Trammell D. W. WiLHELM O. C. Wakefield J. L. Wigham 313 = iii- Ml OO FR CD L_I_ X I i arson, Powulson. Walik. Tomlej-, Trust, ilisbacli Houston. Norris, Lawrence Singson, Jones, Tucker, Wilson Honorary Chemical Society Officers John Tucker President H. M. McLeod Vice-President Grace F. Norris Secretary Cad Jones Treasurer Governors Ray Lawrence William H. Price M. Edgar Houston Members Andrew B. Anderson Hooper Hearon William T. Powelson E. S. Anderson Nathan Hoffman Morris H. Roth Eli Backer James R. Holtinger David Edward Rushing Myron Bakst William W. Houston Melvin L. Sheetz Stanley J. Bernat Chester Jaswick Robert Stevens Raymond W. Boyens George K. Little Jack Teal Lewis L. Branscomb Kenneth MacCready Aubi D. Thomley George K. Brown George E. Missbach John Eldor Trost Ben Fleck Bertha Munks Joseph Walik Aaron Gordon T. E. Pearson Clarence A. Westbrook Charles P. Grant James H. Pearson Howard Wilson Charles S. Graves Fred T. Pontiere Samuel Yolles Philip Greenberg ' Merriam Zielonko HWMf SM« Hhm P»n ! Joi Dv Tho«Js F.«m Mo ii Bun 3 ' 4 m E I g 3 I OO F= CD L_ l_ a. A jij-- s yL Centennial Edition of Alabama ' s Official Year Book Editorial Staff Hugh W. Cardon Editor-in-Chief Howard Leach Assistant Editor Helen Ruth Half Secretary and Compiling Editor Honorary Editors: Prof. Clarence E. Cason, Dr. A. B. Moore, Dr. J. B. Sanders, Col. Thos. Chalmers McCorvey, Hon. Hill Ferguson, and Mrs. Marie Bankhead Owen. Honorary Associates: Bob Mundine, " Foots " Clement, Frank Broadway, and Colleagues of the Fourth Estate, Ernest Razek and J. B. Roberts. Prof. Marshall Nunn and JErome Berger Sport Editors Paul Duncan and W. D. Hays, Jr Assistant Sports Editors Joe Daniels and Oscar Spangler Photograpliic Editors Bob Harper and Laurence Tipton Art Editors Thomas Moody Cowan Circulation Editor Farley Moody Boyles Sorority Editor Mont Williams Fraternity Editor Bruce McEachin Military Editor Hugh W. Cardon Editor-in-Chief H. C. Ingram Roy Pfaffman " Doc " Dulberg Frances Cocke Fred Turner Mabel Dominick Reuben Herren Dot Withington Miss Reba Turner Martha Smith Paul La Cour B. K. Bennett Kenneth Roberts Mary J. White Joe Levin General Staff J. E. Smith Francis Paladino Barnes Lovelace Charles Estes Jacquelin Carpenter McIvER Rountree Jack Scheuer Morris Sokol Moody Redd Alice Whiteside Helen Rauschenberg Charlotte Koehnlein Nancy Miller Hubert Culpepper R. Millsaps Fred Moseley Elizabeth Shirley Mary Agnes Crocker Clayton Ellis Jay Worms William P. Danforth Al Smith Harold Weeks Charles Price Barbara Zaugg Barbara Jenkins Julia Hauser Aubrey Boyles William Loeb Lee Chesnut Hugh Reed Business Staff Faculty Advisers: E. Baskin Wright, L. J. Nations Edmond M. Wyatt Business Manager Milton Pullen Assistant Business Manager Howard Scott Assistant Business Manager Rocky Seymour Collection Manager Albert West Circulation Manager Aubrey Boyles Advertising Manager Dan McCall Assistant Advertising Manager James Dewberry and Billy Cochrane . . Associate Business Managers Joe Daniels Publicity Director Edmond M. Wyatt Business Manager Katherine Carver Mary Grey Morton Emory Smith W. B. Howard Lucille Mustin Albert Goodwin Moody Redd Margaret Boutwell Jewel Daffin S. E. Deutsch Sam Foshee Dorothy Church Roman Weil Edward Turner George Law Charles Hawkins Bill Anderson Chas. Pinkston Wm. Branch Thomas Hereford Walter Christian Al Smith Hyman Weinberg May Relfe Spears Randall Wm. G. Harrison S. E. Deutsch Frances Cocke Joe Thompson Cy Klass June Pickens Leon Onderdonk Helen Half Thelma Courtney Katherine Carkhuff Al Doerner Buddy Kreisberg Virginia MacLeod James J. Campbell T. K. Jackson m 3J5 mmm I Q 3 I OO FR O L_ L. The Mammer Jammer " The Rammer-Jammer " , Alabama ' s comic magazine, published seven times during the scholastic year, was established at the University of Alabama in 1924. Since that time it has gained national recognition and is now considered the best of its kind in the South. Editorial Staff Ernest A. Razek Editor-in-Chief Shaffer Boone Assistant Editor James Lynch Assistant Editor Dan McCall Assistant Editor Mont Williams Managing Editor Hugh Cardon Associate Editor J. B. Roberts Associate Editor I ).B.I Hwn Josw Ernest A. Razek Editor-in-Chief Chiefs of Staff Dupe Berry Art Tommy Cook Exchange . Frank Murray Humor Lee Caproff Literary Henry Aldridge Joseph Craco McIVER ROUNTREE Art Staff Eloise Moulton Lou Berecz Calla Marshall Josephine McGuire Literary Staff Wilson Folmar W. P. Danforth Oscar Nelson G. P. Atkins Tim Chisholm Gordon Cumbaa Jewel Daffin Ed Harris Elizabeth Day Paul Ivey Leo Field George Jiler Kenneth James Howard Leach Mimi Lyons Ernest Ladd Tom McDowell Hudson Meyer Mary Grey Morton Charles Pinkston James Money Frances Henson June Pickens Elwood Richardson Jean Thomas Oscar Spangler Jack Scheuer Joseph Verdura Ella Northington John Loman Business Staff William M. Cochrane Business Manager Frank Allen Assistant Business Manager Oscar Turner Assistant Business Manager Dick Mann Associate Business Manager Edmond Wyatt Associate Business Manager David Cochrane Advertising Manager D. Morgan Jones Circulation Manager William M. Cochrane Business Manager Bernard Gause Fred Nichol W. B. Howard Albert West George Alexander Arthur Chenoweth George Law Marion Prowell Lloyd Duggar Jack Paterson JuDSON Stover Bertram Wiesel Nat Gorodetsky Cad Jones David Peebles M. K. Erdreich 316 im 1 g 3 I CO F= O L_ I— X fl The Official Weekly Newspaper of the University of Alabama J. B. Roberts, Jr Editor-in-Chief Elwood R. Richardson Issisiant Editor Honorary Associates: Marshal Nunn, Ernest Razek, Hugh Cardon, Prof. Clarence Cason, Robert Sessions. Joseph H. Daniels Nevis Editor Staff Hudson F. Meyer Elizabeth Shirley Herman Cutler Alice Whiteside Sam Worms Charlotte Crowley Lucy Watson Allison Olso.v Jack Middleton LiNDSEY Alley Ralph Morrison James McGuire Jerome Bercer Mary Cotton James CJillean James Doster Sarah Robison Sidney Gorchov Kathryn Lewis Alan Rice Charles Hayes Mary White Harvel Deas Howard Leach Sid WriTLiN Nina Hall William Hayes Fletcher Lamphere Bert Speizer Gerald Little Henry Rubin- Charles Sweetman CjOuld W. Beech Leo Rich John Foster Frances Cocke J. B. Roberts, Jr. Editor-in-Chief June Pickens Waigmts Taylor Kenneth Roberis Eloise Keener Joe Weisman Kyle G. Frazier George H. Jiler Feature Editor G. M. Seidman Hal Caplan Staff Frank Murray Jerome Schweitzer Gabriel Jacoby John Kenny Mary Silver Movie Editor Sports Editors Taylor Smith Melvin Israel Stewart Aiken William Stutts William Hicks Business Staff James W. Dewberry Business Manager Talbot Ellis Assistant Manager Staff Cy Klass and Cecil Strawbridge Circulation Managers Richard M. Mann, Billy Cochrane and Edmond Wyatt Associate Managers kh Jack Tucker Stage Mayre Larry Weinstein David Peebles Fred Mauckstey Fred Sington Mat Barganier Jack Dunn George Alexander Advertising Managers Jack Patterson Charles Price Jack Moses Doc DULBERG Albert West Mont Williams Harold Weeks Howard Leach Frank Howard Dick Thomas Hudson Myer Paul Wilson Kirk Kirkorian Jimmy Esterbrook Luther Ingalls Tommy Cook Dan McCall Tom McDowell Ernest Razek James W. Dewberry Business Manager « aF C i! - 317 k I g) 3 I OOFROL-L- m la it wJO : Chenoweth, Newton, Crouch, Hoffman. Coxwell, Dilworth Underwoiser. Marshall, Busby. Anderson. Coker, Kerr. Jerome Hart, Sacks, Lindig, Rodfteld, Campbell, Liebman Officers Joseph Campbell President Perry Thompson Vice-President Howard G. Krieger Secretary-Treasurer Herman Hutto Recording Secretary Allen Carpenter Sergeant-at-Arms Members M. H. Robertson A. I. Chenoweth M. Kale Francis M. Kerr D. Eldridge Jackson H. Cohen Ralph Coker Paul Crouch A. Allan Cott William O. Anderson Alvin Coxwell Saul Shapiro Allen Carpenter J. W. McCue J. 0. Roche Joseph Campbell R. Redfield Louis H. Spectre Herman Hutto L. Maine R. Hudson Howard G. Krieger S. Kahn Delaney Dilworth O. M. Busby, Jr. W. E. Tandy Delmar Parker J. M. Marshall T. J. Griffin En Jerome Chauncey Hoffman H. Underweiser Dave Gillman J. K. Carpenter Herman Sacks Edwin Greenwald Owen Lawrence H. C. Lindig Elias Herzog John W. Hart V. SZANTON Allan Avrins C. J. Roebuck D. Liebman Robert Austin 318 mim •il- : 7 - AMAhn Vncnul Murm SnaSm MuAw MacLeod H. Carpenter. Bocklett, Boyles. Worrell. Laurendino. Engbarth, Vaughan, Rife, Allison. D. Levy. Stribling, Harwell. Pickens. J. Carpenter, Willis, C. Levy, Zahm. eic Janet Rife President LoNA Cathey Vice-President Hilda Carpenter Secretary Jacquelin Carpenter Treasurer Ruth Allison Kappa Delta Farley Moody Boyles Kappa Delia Mrs. Washington Moody Kappa Delta Ruth Zahm Zeta Tau Alpha Dorothy Bockleit Zeta Tau Alpha Mrs. O ' Connor Zeta Tau Alpha Adra Pickens Delta Delta Delta Virginia MacLeod Delta Delta Delta Mrs. Perry Coche Delta Delta Delta Mary Elizabeth Willis . Alpha Gamma Delta Sybil Speir ' llpha Gamma Delta Mrs. Alden Snow ... . Alpha Gamma Delta Janet Rife . . . . Catherine Harwell , Mrs. Stewart Lloyd LoNA Cathey . . . Alma Vaughan . Mrs. Fred Lewis . . Chi Omega Chi Omega Chi Omega Delta Zeta Delta Zeta Delta Zeta k Blanche Stribling Alpha Chi Omega Hilda Carpenter Alpha Chi Omega Mrs. C. Humphrey Alpha Chi Omega Norma Laurendine Kappa Kappa Gamma Helen Worrell Kappa Kappa Gamma Mrs. B. Kaufman Kappa Kappa Gamma Deborah Levy Delta Phi Epsilon Corinne Levy Delta Phi Epsilon Mrs. a. Hodges Delta Phi Epsilon Jacquelin Carpenter Alpha Xi Delta Louise Engbarth Alpha Xi Delta Edna Boston Alpha Xi Delta 321 d«dl " w mmmmk Tmlerwood, A (» h1. I iiiu . }?;in ille Christian, Coleman, Crowley, Collier, Hcnson, Hester. Parti ow, (.Jhiasow. Jones, Must in North in gt on, Relfe, Snow. Thomas, Turner. Merriweather, Bush, Feagin. Holmes, Warren, Wilson, Landgrt be. Clarkson. Reemer, Minge. Mellen. Barry, Harris, Bowman, Van Pelt. Allison, Boyd, Bell, Comer. Adams, Abercrom bie, Boyles, Arnold, Clarkson, Rau, Stokes, Blair, Montgomery, Johnson. f ©= Colors: Green and White Sorores in Universilate Class of igji Jane Abercrombie Ruth Allison Sara Arnold Beatrice Bowman Farley Boyles Madge Clarkson Mary Peyton Harris Carolyn Hocker Julia Leigh Lynne Maude Mullins LiDA Merriweather Catherine Minge Margaret Nelson Margaret Partlow Jaxie Reeves Adelaide Salter Nona Stokes Erin Underwood Mary Elizabeth Wood Class of 1932 Dorothy Adams Caralisa Barry Nell Banville Elizabeth Christian Natalie Coleman Louise Collier Mary Comer Charloite Crowley Frances Henson Elizabeth Hester Edith Johnson Marjorie Jones - ( Mil. ' . Sixty-nine Active Cliapters Founded at Virginia State Normal in 1897 Zeta Chapter Established in 904 Sorores in Facultate Elizabeth Coleman Fannie Pickens Tartt Ftoiver: White Rose Sorores in Universilate Mary Montgomery LUCILE Mustin Ella Northington May Relfe Annie Ross Snow Jean Thomas Mildred Turner Class of 1933 Frances Bell Mary Blair Daisy Miller Boyd M argaret Bush Nell Clarkson Irene Feagin Sara Holmes Mary Rau Hermione Warren Ruby Welch Jo Wilson Class of 1934 Edith Langrebe Charloite Reemer Elizabeth Sessions Mary Hall Van Pelt Lucy Darkins Tade McRae Verna Hart Ciki: Sii i RunZw Dnnnl MwSu CIm MuaKa Sai Tiui 322 ■ E I Q 3 I CCD F=R O l_L_ X | 4I u Tiibb. r. Domini, k CoU ' inuii. Seal ' . Uuinini. ' k. Zahni. Tully. Wit hero w. Broad us, Koerner. Oakley, Mosher, Roberts, Bocklett, Howell, Colors: Steel Grey and Turquoise Blue ' Sorores in Vniversitate Class of IQJI Ruth Zahm Dorothy Bocklett Mabel Seal Margaret Miller Class of 19 J2 Marie Koerner Mildred Dollar Floie Howell Bess Tully Vivian Swaim Mary Broadus Virginia Witherow Alice Seal a Founded at Virginia State Normal in Sixty-four Active Chapters iu Established in p o Flower: White Violet Sorores in Vniversitate Class of 1933 Martha Coleman Class of 1934 Lucile Roberts Mabel Dominick Catherine Dominick Louise Tabb Louise Mosher Jettie Vanden Ward Laiu Class of 1931 Eleanor Onderdonk Oakle V 323 M Hastun. Dale, Doal, Duckworth, Plowden Marshall. Matthews, Palmer. Powell, Penix, Waas. Crossley, Pickens, MacLeod, Wilson, Lyles, Provost, Rose. m= Colors: Silver, Gold, and Blue ' • ( Flotver: Pansy Sorores in Universitale Class of igji Helen Duckworth Rhea Garber Adra Pickens Elizabeth Rose Class of 1932 Marion Lyles Virginia MacLeod Camille Penix Leonora Plowden Founded at Boston, Massachusetts, in 1888 Seventy-eight Active Chapters Chapter Established in 1914 Sorores in Universitale Class of igjj Anne Louise Dale Nell Daniels Marthalene Haston Calla Marshall Frances Matthews Annie Katharine Provost Class of igj4 Margaret Crossley Evelyn Deal Barbara Palmer Margaret Powell Frances Waas HiLAH Wilson I 324 I Q 3 I OO FR O L_ L_ X 069@09€ «.!€■? V J.fO, Ilinloii, Sin-rr, Dougliis, .M iddlebrook, (.lill. Dibi-t-ll, Atkins. Lyons, Ingalls, Mitchell, Burkett, Bcasley, E. Ferguson. R. Ferguson, Agnew. Collier, Shaffner, Van Horn, Ivy, Calvert, Derby, ShofE, Steele. Colors: Red, Buff and Green Sorores in Universilale Class of igji Martha Goodwyn Beasley Rachel Ferguson Elizabeth Ferguson Lewis Lee Shaffer Mary Agnew Class of 1932 Dorothy Atkins Manelle Burkette Mary Mitchell Amelia Lyons Mona Van Horn Katherine Ivy Victoria Steele Virginia Calvert Carrie Derby Ellaruth Shoff Camilla Herdman Jg= Flovoer: Red and Buff Rose Sorores in Universilale Class of I9S3 Founded at University of Syracuse in 1904 Psi Chapter Established in IQ2I Eleanor Collier Arline Lee Mabel Hinton Sybil Speer Nell Middlebrook Carolyn Head Class of 1934 Katherine Douglas Harriet Gill Frances Ingalls Dorothy Dibrell 325 1 Blair. Landlord. Rush, Wainwright. Churcli, Lewis, Daffin. Mullen. Cotton. Smith, Alston, T. Harris, Bremner, Gatlin, M. Harris. H. Finnell, Harwell. Dyer, Morton. Cocke, Rife. M. J. Finnell, Gillis, Irwin, Bell, Reynolds, Maxwell, Hagler, Jester. Colors: Cardinal and Straw SORORES IN UnIVERSITATE Class of 193 1 Catherine Harwell Mary Grey Morton Jeanne Rush Ellen Blair Class of 1932 Louise Alston Frances Bell Jewel Daffin Janet Rife AiLEEN Maxwell Mary Louise Hagler Lois Langford Mary Cotton Frances Cocke Ruth Mullen Mary Morrison Gillis M ' mega Founded at Fayetteville, Arkansas, in 1895 Eighty-seven Active Chapters er Establislicd hi IQ2I Flower: White Carnation Sorores in Universitate Class of 1933 Gertrude Reynolds Mary Harris Harriet Irwin Margaret Jester Rose Wainwright Hope Dyer Class of 1934 Dorothy Church Te-Wyatt Harris Kathryn Lewis Evelyn Lawson Virginia Bremner Martha Courtney Gatlin Harriet Finnell Martha Smith LiDA Holt C Graduate Stuilent Mary Jessie Finnell 326 I p E ( Q 3 I CCD l=?0 L_L- ' 1«3 Colors: Rose and Green SORORES IN UnIVERSITATE Widiuy, WiilUcr. Hester. I ' iIll ' . MrUuff, VauBhan, I ' l ' llerin. Snell, Wakefield. Little, Bratton. M. Cathey, Hager. Herndon, Long, Silver, Carver. Griffin, Burns, Lusk. " ' ' ©= Floiver: Killarney Rose 1 SoRORES IN UnIVERSITATE Class of igji Catherine Carver Perrin " Little Lois Snell Marie Wiley Class of ig32 Clara Griffin Mary Ann Hester Janet Lusk Sara Price Alma Vaughan Founded at Miami University in 1902 Fifty-eight Active Chapters Alpha Gamma Chapter Established in IQ22 Class of 1933 Ruth Bratton Margaret Cathey Marguerite Hager Sara Herndon Margaret Long Mary Silver Catherine Walker Class of 1 934 Kathryn McDuff Virginia Pellerin Nina Wakefield Carmen Widney 3-2 7 E IQ3I OOF= QL-L- nm 3 Si l W H© Striblinji. Gaint.-;5. A ' atsun, Ackernian, Hargrovt.-, Ganls, liaUs King. Schuessler- Purser. Jones, Peters, Dean. Owens. Powers. Lane, Wittmeier. Shropshire, Fowler, Perdue. Carpenter, Livingston, Moulton. McMurray, Cross. m= Colors: Scarlet and Olive Green Sorores in Vniversitate Class of IQJI Marjorie Cross Blanche Stribling Class of 1932 Peggy Peters LiLLiE Mae Dean Bell Owens Sallie Sue Schuessler Dorothy Leymaster Class of 1933 WiNNELL Lane Meta Wittmeier Margaret Fowler Alma McMurray Mary Perdue Frances Shropshire Hilda Carpenter Eleanor Livingston Eloise Moulton Frances Ackerman Katherine King Floiver: Red Carnation Sorores in Universitate Founded at DePauvv University in 1885 Fifty-six Active Chapters a upsMom iL iiapiter Established in 1924. Class of 1934 Frances Gants Catherine Carter Willie Hammond Hale Marjorie Hargrove Katherine Purser Elizabeth Robinson Lucy Jane Watson Pauline Dyer Elizabeth Gaines Graduate Students Anna Thames Margaret Powers Camilla Jones 4 Noi Mm lot Rra JM KiT Pun M«i H h TH E I Q 31 OO FR O l_l_ _f » Hammett, Abbot, Stewart, Kimbrough. Crosby. Laurcndine. Reynolds. Dawson, Perkins. Adams, McLain. Helser, Huxford, Helberg, Price, Eddins, Worrell, Thompson. e. Colors: Light Blue and Dark Blue Sorores in Universitate " " i f trnm Mk Floiuer: Fleur-de-lis Sorores in Universitate a a Class of igji Norma Laurendine Margaret Helser Virginia Thompson Class of igj2 Rosemary Adams Lucille Crosby Ruth Perkins Jessie Reynolds Katherine Byars Phoebe Huxford Mary Kate Price Founded at Monmouth College in 1870 Sixty-two Active Chapters Class of ig33 Margaret Eddins Joy Smith Gamma Chapter Helen Worrell Established in 1927 Class of ig34 SOROR IN FaCULTATE Helen Abbot Dorothy Dawson Miriam A. Locke Gladys Helberg Louise Hammit Isabelle Kimbrough Penelope McLain Juliette Morgan Eleanor Stewart 329 T- HH E t Q 3 [ OO FR CD I— L_ fM T,e vi.s. Sarks, M ' nih-l, Kessler L. I.evy. Lovo. Wener, Roobin, Herman, C. Levy, D. Levy, Satlof. ., - Colors: Purple and Gold Floiuer: Pansy Sorores in Unirersitate Class of 1 93 1 June Hoffson Deborah Levy Sylvia Lewis Fannye Wener Class of 1932 Corinne Levy Louise Levy Bertha Roobin Founded at New York University in 191 3 Twenty-three Active Chapters Pi Chapter Established in 1927 Sorores in Unirersitate Class of 1933 Florence Applebaum BiLLiE Herman Ruth Love Bessie Sacks Class of 1934 Sylvia Kessler Sylvia Mendel Sadye Rich Anne Satloff I 330 " rt-H E IQ3I OOF=?Q l_ L- ' ■ ' V i ' ■ ' 1 Daut i, Hulsart. Hutchings, Burns. Carp. ' liter. Tri ' le, Tininsnn. Kngbarth, Zaner, Thompson. Speir, Cottey, Tlioresen. Hulsart, Neighbors, Franke, Martin. Splawn, Hutchings, Prescott. m= Colors: Light Blue, Dark Blue and Gold ■= Sorores in Unirersitale Class of igji Erma Gayle Cottey Mildred Buckner Hall Louise Engbarth Dorothy Hutchings Florence Hulsart Jane McKenzie Elizabeth Hutchings Dixie McCraw Mary Alice Johnson Class of 1934 Virginia Dautel Mary Zaner Irene Moore Hilda Walsh Alethea Steinmetz a Founded at Lombard College in 1893 Fifty-one Active Chapters a Tau Chapter Established in IC)2J SOROR IN FaCULTATE Louise Clark Floiuer: Killarney Rose Sorores in Unirersitale Class of IQJ2 Eunice Brunson Jacquelin Carpenter Iris Martin Marye Neighbors Helen Teele Ruth Splawn Acather Prescott LaRetta Burns Ruby Mancill Class of igjs Katherine Thompson CoRABEL Scales (jEraldine Hulsart Mary Speir Mary Frankie Ann Thoresen Florence White H I g 3 I OOFgCDL-L- Cade. Johnson, Fuller. Cross, Rippere Graves, Milburn, Withington, Davis, Stokes, Newcomer E. Johnson, Wallace, Means. Branyon, Jackson Colors: Pale Blue and White Floiver: Purple Violet Founded at Wesleyan Female College, May 15, 1851, at Macon, Ga. Fifty-three Active Chapters Eta Chapter Established March 21, 1907 SORORES IN FaCULTATE Mary Cowper Pittman MiGNONNE Pitts Class of 1932 Dorothy Byers Mattie Lou Gallagher Betty Newcomer SoRORES IN UnIVERSITATE Class of 1 93 1 Ruth Borders Helen Fendley Cade Lillian Cross Dorothy Means Class of 1933 Myra Johnson Mary Emma Felton Mary Frank Sears Class of 1934 Elizabeth Johnson Helen Fuller Barbara Davis 33a « SMiss Smma Sansom Who in 1863, piloted Qeneral Forrest across a swollen stream in " f orth a ilabama, thereby saving for the Confederacy the destruction of vital foun- dries and munition manufactories. Wener, Boyles. Beasley, " Willis, Stallings. Piclcens, Partlow, Harwell, Oakley, Arnold, Ingram. Purpose: To promote college loyalty, to advance the spirit of fellowship among college women, to recognize and encourage leadership and to maintain a high standard of scholarship and to stimulate and develop a higher type of college women. Fannye Wener President Lillian Ingram Vice-President Sara Arnold Secretary Eleanor Oakley Treasurer Martha Goodwyn Beasley Historian Honorary Members Dean Agnes Ellen Harris Mrs. Bibb Graves Mrs. Shaler Houser Sorores in Facultate Sarah Ella Haughton Miriam Locke Sorores in Universitate Fannye Wener Adra Pickens Lillian Ingram Ida Mae Stallings Sara Arnold Margaret Partlow Eleanor Oakley Mary Elizabeth Willis Martha G. Beasley Catherine Harwell Farley Moody Boyles 334 1- - E 1 g) 3 I OO R O l_L_ A, Ili ' Ster. I ' lTdiic. Siiiil, c ' nlli.r. ' I ' licuiiMs Li ' vy. Whiteside, Boyles, McLeod. Stallings, Wiilis, Brunson, Purpose: To promote loyalty to all college activities and uphold standards of student government. Ida Mae Stallings President Mary Elizabeth Willis Vice-President Alice Whiteside Secretary Mary Perdue Deborah Levy Julia Coleman Eunice Brunson Virginia MacLeod Jean Thomas Mary Anne Hester Virginia Webb Farley Moody Bovles Louise Collier Mabel Seal ' - l : -:; i - 335 i MtM Rauschenberg, Ingram, Turn- r, Feagin. Willis. Boutwell, Stallings. " Whiteside, Cottey, Ward. White, Collier. Brunson. i § To live a more full and creative life through the growing knowledge of God. Lillian Ingram President Erma Gayle Cottey . Vice-President Eunice Brunson Secretary Margaret Boutwell Treasurer Cabinet Louise Collier Mildred Turner Irene Feagin Jane Ward GUINNDOLYN FeLTON VIRGINIA WHITE Helen Rauschenberg Alice Whiteside Ida Mae Stallings Mary Elizabeth Willis 336 E 1331 OOIROL-I— yX I g - _ ll ■; : _: i: " ;iaags5!®6 - " ■■- " ' ■ -™ ' - ' ■ ■— Adams, s.-als, Mitchell, Carpenter, Jones, Lokey. Gester. Pickens, Turner. While, Uesler, Price, Rauschenberg, Crowley, Eddins, Hall. Shaffer. Speer, Mustin, Coleman, Beasley, Baer, Byers, Rose. Pickens, Boutwell, B oyles. Whiteside. Middlebrook, Harwell. Bratton. Willis. Carkhuft. National Honorary Literary Society Active Chapters: Thirty-four Colors: Gold and Blue Founded at the University of Tennessee in 191 9 Delta Chapter Established in IQ21 SORORES IN FaCULTATE Miss Elizabeth Coleman Miss Agnes Ellen Harris Mrs. Sue Gunter Officers Martha Goodwyn Beasley President Natalie Coleman Vice-President Nina Hall Secretary-Treasurer Members Rosemary Adams Margaret Eddins Ruth Bratton Jean Baer Alice Whiteside Adra Pickens Martha G. Beasley Charlotte Crowley June Pickens Katherine Byers Nell Middlebrook Clarice Lester Margaret Boutwell Katherine Harwell Kathleen Lokey Julia Coleman Katherine Carkhuff Margery Jones Natalie Coleman Helen Rauschenberg Hilda Carpenter Lucille Mustin Mary Kate Price Inez Moseley Sybil Speer Peggy Helser Mary Mitchell Lewis Lee Shaffer Virginia White Mabel Seal Nina Hall Mildred Turner Mary Elizabeth Willis Farley Boyles Elizabeth Rose Anna Thames 337 THE 1Q3I O O F= C) L L- v. Mcf ' all, Koehnlc ' in, Robertson. Parti i ' i.m-. KrssU ' r, Martin, Miller, Purser, Day, Lewis. Wliite, Professional Commerce Sorority whose purpose it is to foster the spirit of co-operation among the girls in the career of commerce. Founded at the University of Alabama in May, 1929 Colors: Navy Blue and Grey Faculty Advisers Mrs. C. M. Pruitt Miss Miriam Locke SORORES IN UnIVERSITATE Elizabeth Day President Ruth McCall Vice-President Iris Martin Secretary Oleta Lewis Treasurer Florence White Historian Elizabeth Day Ruth McCall Oleta Lewis Adele Miller Iris Martin Florence White Pledges Evelyn Cooper Marjorie Jefferies Catherine Purser Doris Ewers Sylvia Kessler Elizabeth Robertson Mary Morrison Gillis Charlotte Koehnlein Lillian Walawitz Hallie Partridge r I 338 -ThH E » Q 3 I O O FRCD —L- A. Gatlin. M.ryl.s. Si uin,T. Xorris, lilaii-. C ' olUiT Smith. Turner, Davis, Kddins, Plowden Reemer, MacLeod, Maxwell, Colllei " , Spier, Ambi ' ose Musical Sorority Purpose: To serve the university by furthering music. Officers LotiiSE Collier President Louise Bachtel Vice-President AiLEEN Maxwell Secretary Mildred Turner Treasurer Mrs. Harry Neal Eddins Faculty Adviser Mrs. Paul Burnum Faculty Adviser Miss Lewis Faculty Adviser Members Margaret Ambrose Charlotte Reemer Martha Smith Louise Bachtel Mildred Turner Ellen Blair Louise Collier Margaret Eddins Harriet Ervin Farley Moody Boyles Mary Spier Virginia MacLeod Martha Gatlin Bertha Norris Lenora Plowden Nell Daniel Aileen Maxwell Elizabeth Davis Betty Newcomer ,l! .i 339 Ill Neighbors. Hocker, Crosby, Shirley. Elll.s, Boutwell, Patrlch, Helbcrg. Ellis Crossley, Gaston. Matson. Baird. Norris, M. Norrls, Hendley. Ward, Reynolds Thomas, Witherow, Moody, Harris, Dodson, Reynolds, Kuperman, Howell, McLain The Caroline L. Huet Cliilb The purpose of this club is to further interest of Home Economics on the campus and to promote better fellowship among the Home Eco- nomics students. Claudia Mae Ellis President Jessie Reynolds Vice-President Elsie Buntin Secretary-Treasurer Jean Thomas Reporter Miss Margaret Lane Dozier Adviser Gladys Helberg Carolyn Hooker Katherine Byars Edith Kuperman Sallie Partrich Virginia Witherow Dorothy Matson Ethelyn Howell Mary Neighbors Lucille Crosby Ruth Baird Eloise Gaston Margaret Boutwell Margaret Crossley Mildred Norris Eloise James Maude Norris Lora Moody Mary Peyton Harris Alicia Kull Theo Smith Penelope McLain Claudia Mae Ellis Mary Lee Scales Elizabeth Shirley Betty Jane Gregory Jessie Reynolds Jane Ward Elizabeth Hendley :. :-) «; sc_?: hi 340 ,.m E I Q 3 I OO F=? O l_ L_ ' t iJ -S Morton. Johns. I ' nvi. ii .; imi.. Uominick, Keener. Perkins, Turner, Maxwell, Heed, Franke, Moon, Shropshire. Dobbins. Knox. Snow, Ackerman, Blalr, Garner, Newton. Adams, Johnson. Wldney, Rakowsky, McKinzie, Feldman, Martin, Irwin, Widney, Carver, Fowler. Frances Jeanette Ackerman Martha Adams Ellen Blair Katherine Carver Virginia Dobbins Mabel Dominick Sarah Feldman Margaret Fowler Mary Franke Catherine Harwell Valoris Henderson Harriet Irwin Marie Johns Jackie Keener Eugenia Knox Lena Belle Knox Nona Leatherwood Jane McKenzie Elizabeth Martin AiLEEN Maxwell Martha Moon Mary Grey Morton Kathleen Newton Mary Maude Norris Ellen Payne Ruth Perkins Florence Prescott Charlotte Rakowsky Becky Reed Winston Scott Frances Shropshire Anne Ross Snow Mildred Turner Carmen Widney Cecilia Widney 341 I I ' ¥--: Siiij i Boyles, Church, Bowman. Daffln, Flnnoll, Landgrebe, I.yles. Ferguson. Xorthington. Clarkson, Oakley. Rife. Reynolds, Rush, Silver, Barrie, Bell, Barlow. Herndon. Maxwell, MacLeod, Reemer, Steele. Warren, Ingals, Tully, Lusk. Harwell, Collier, Coleman, Courtney, Griffln, Miller, Holmes, Ferguson, McDuff, Morton. An inter-sorority club founded at Randolph-Macon May i, 1904. Established at the University of Alabama November 20, 1928. Officers Martha Goodwyn Beasley President Madge Clarkson Secretary-Treasurer Beatrice Bowman WiNKiE Clarkson Eleanor Collier Natalie Coleman Thelma Courtney Farley Boyles Mary Jessie Finnell Clara Griffin Sara Holmes Rachel Ferguson Sarah Herndon Elizabeth Ferguson AiLEEN Maxwell Members Jeanne Miller Mary Grey Morton Catherine Harwell Virginia MacLeod Charlotte Reemer Victoria Steele Hermoine Warren Frances Ingalls Bess Tully Janet Lusk Eleanor O. Oakley Gertrude Reynolds Janet Rife Jeanne Rush Mary Silver Caralisa Barry Frances M. Bell Frances Barlow Dorothy Church Dorothy Dibrell Jewel Daffin Harriet Finnell Edith Landgrebe Marion Lyles Katherine McDuff Ella Northincton %. ' 1 , m j= - ' 342 I g 3 I OO F? O L_l_ Van Pelt, Minge, Gaston, Bo d, Buikett. Adams, Hinton. Wood. Snow, Speer, Rau, Shoff, Allison. Worrell, Christian. Hastings. Ivy. Lyons, Abercrombie. Atkins. Wilson, Abbott. Montgomery. Marshall, Penix, Waas. Partlow, Powell, Relfe, Mustih, Gill, Calvert, McLain, Comer, Douglas. Omega All inter-sorority club founded at Randolph-Macon Woman ' s Col- lege in 1893. Established at the University of Alabama in 1927. Officers Sara Arnold President Ruth Perkins Vice-President Annie Katherine Provost Secretary Mary Mitchell Treasurer Members Jane Abercrombie Rhea Garber Camilla Herdman Rosemary Adams Carolyn Head Marthalene Haston Ruth Allison Frances Sessions Gladys Helberg Dorothy Atkins Elizabeth Sessions Katherine Ivy Helen Abbot Annie Ross Snow Amelia Lyons Manelle Burkett Sybil Speir Lucile Mustin Daisy Miller Boyd Mary Rau Penelope McLain Elizabeth Christian Ellaruth Shoff Catherine Minge Janice de la Croix Mary Hall Van Pelt Mary Montgomery Virginia Calvert Frances Waas Calla Marshall Mary Comer Hilah V ilson Camille Penix Katherine Douglas Mary Elizabeth Wood Margaret Partlow Signa Glasgow Helen Worrell Margaret Powell Harriett Gill Mabel Hinton May Relfe 343 = ? ' I @ra9i!i99@9 Horton, Rodgers, Phillips Spruell, Patton. Hulsey, Keener. Moore. Jackson. Beeson Hall, Haston, Moulder, Salter. Crocker, Martin, Prescott, Agnew, Garvey. Penton Glazner, Eatman, Shirley, Allen. Mooncy Dunning, McDonald, Coates, Williams. Blakesley Brunsen. Couch. Goggans, Roth, Stinson, Byrne, Coates. Newsome. Ackerman, Massey, Zeigler Officers C. J. Allen President Eunice Brunsen Vice-President Eloise Keener Recording Secretary Agather Prescott Correspojiding Secretary Marthaline Haston Treasurer Elizabeth Shirley Reporter William Moulder Publicity Agent Dr. Paul W. Terry Club Counselor Members Mary Agnew Gladys Eatman Talmadce Newsome Frances Ackerman Willis E. Glazner Allison Oslen C. J. Allen Mary Moss Goggans Alta Patton Carl Q. Baxter Nina Hall Sarah Penton Harry Blakeslee Wilbur Harris Pauline Phillips Mrs. Caddie F. Beeson Ross Horton Al Phillips John Justice Beeson Elizabeth Hutchincs Eric Rodgers J. F. Bone M. O. Hulsey Robert L. Roth Eleanor Bozeman Josephine Jackson Dorothy Roz Eunice Brunsen Eloise Keener Findley Young Salter Henry Byers Katherine King H. E. Sanford Bryson Byrne Lois Kirtland Elizabeth Shirley Essie Carson Oscar Kause W. H. Spruell Faye Coates Walton Laney Elizabeth Stinson Rose Coates Laureda Lancaster Annie Ruth Williams Mary Agnes Crocker Russell Life Watson N. Yeager Edwin Couch Raymond McDonald Carl H. York J. H. Davis William McLure Ruth Zeigler B. F. Davis John Massey William Moulder Ruth Dunning Hugh Mooney Mignonne Pitts H. W. Moore 347 The Corolla Moll of Honor These people listed below represent th; family tree of the Corolla. Through their efforts we can reflect on university campus life for more than thirty-seven years. The editors are listed on the left side and the business managers on the right side. 1893 T. A. Street J. H. Simpson 1894 C. C. PuGH . . M. M. Baldwin 1895 S. B. Slone J. R. Dewberry 1896 Syd Prince W. Hill Ferguson 1897 Palmer Pillans Blake Godfrey 1898 R. T. Nabors F. S. White 1899 T. C. Owen , . . E. L. Wallace 1900 T. A. Coleman R. M. Snow 1901 Roland H. Rowe W. P. Neilson 1902 Paul Cook Frank M. Lett 1903 Geo. H. Jones Wm. D. Kyser 1904 W. W. DURDEN R. E. LX)DGE 1905 Wm. Caffey Frank M. Lett 1906 J. H. Cabaniss R. E. Steiner 1907 L. W. Chapman S. T. Whatley 1908 W. H. Robertson J. G. Bell 1909 H. M. Caffey, Jr W. H. Robertson 1910 H. W. Arant T. W. Palmer, Jr. 191 1 J. C. Morrow P. Coleman, Jr. 1912 C. W. Green J. A. McConnell, Jr. 1913 Wm. Richardson, Jr Ed L. Goodhue 1914 C. A. Abele W. C. McAdory 191 5 D. B. Johnson J. B. Gibbons 1916 Wm. Seale J. L. McCann • 191 7 J- J- Farris, Jr M. M. Green 1918 E. H. Hawkins J. R. Oden 1919 Jos. W. John Mary Wood 1920 Howard Pill Brooks Forehand 192 1 Jack Freeman Hugh Bradley 1922 Dwight Wilhelm Leroy Hodges 1923 Bessie Lou Standifer , Shelly Sandsbury 1924 Miles Ventress Eugene Foster 1925 Bill Nelson Stillman Hunter 1926 Sherrill Mitchell Gordon Davis 1927 Inzer B. Wyatt, Jr Josh Reynolds 1928 Carl Musgrove Milton E. Pfleger 1929 James L. Carter BilLy Partlow 1930 R. M. Mundine C. B. Clement 1931 Hugh W. Cardon Edmond M. Wyatt 348 w NOUN C0MP05fD Of C f!Pll$ STRilini S 1 •BRANDON SlMGTONf HERREN I TRICE FOSTER •• KUi DWE PULLEN Mc PEAKE HOWARD I MOORE CLEMENTS McCALL m CAIN HERBEPT aiKeN BKKUM SEYnoUR CAROTHEfiS VJYATT 349 I SUMMER SCHOOL UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA HP HE University now has one of the oldest, largest, and best established summer schools in the South. Last summer there were over 2100 dif- ferent individuals enrolled. The needs of the regular session students are pro- vided for by the summer school. Required courses for the Bachelor ' s and Master ' s Degrees are of- fered, and also large offerings of elective work. One of the main features is a varied and attractive program of summer recreation and entertainment. First Term June 8 to July 17 Second Term . . July 18 to August 21 For Information, Address DIRECTOR OF THE SUMMER SCHOOL UNIVERSITY, ALABAMA 350 For College Men-SHOES of qUALITY AT COMMON -SENSE PRICES $6.50 $6.50 " STYLE LEADERS FOR HALF A CENTURY " Men who want expressive footwear . . . possessing that indefinable quality . . . which cannot be copied . . . which is simply there . . . invariably select EMERSON for campus, sport, or dress. EMERSON SHOE STORE WATTS BUILDING 303 North Twentieth Street BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA DoAvn Tkrougk tke Ages . . . Tkey Never Ckange! HEARTS . . . Sweetkearts . The blushing maid and the timid swain of 1830, 1730, 1630, met on the pubhc green, exchanged their simple gifts and dropped respectful curtsies while doting elders looked on. The unchaperoned and highly confident miss of today looks just as long- ingly for a sweet remembrance from the lad in the snappy roadster. 351 IN THE MORNING The Mobile Register IN THE EVENING The Mobile News- Item rf» FREDERICK L THOMPSON PUBLISHER Ask Your Instructor or Your Classmate or Your Frat Brothers or Anybody on the Campus — " Where Can You Get the Best Barber Service? " — and They Will Direct You THE JONES-WRIGHT BARBERS 39 Years of Satisfactory Service to ' Bama Faculty and Students ELECTRICAL SERVICE SEE BARNES ELECTRIC CO. 2127 Broad Street Tuscaloosa, Alabama PHONE 309 • Compliments of THE AVONDALE MILLS OF BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA TWILLS, SHEETINGS, CHAMBRAYS DENIMS, YARNS AND ROPE Years of Personal Service and Appreciation to University Students Special Attention Given Mail Orders — After You Have Finished LUSTIG S BOOK STORE GIFT SHOP WEATHERFORD PRINTING CO. COMMERCIAL PRINTERS 2124 Broad Street TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA 352 in LS Are You a lYS SPENDTHRIFT OF TIME? E D Your most priceless possession is Time! Dur- ing the past Century there have been many, both as Students and Alumni of the Univer- sity of Alabama, who, not possessing the ad- vantages that you now enjoy, have made life richer, fuller, more meaningful by properly spending their leisure hours. Today the motion picture screen is presenting such a marvelous variety of entertainment as to make more secure than ever the place it occupies in our daily lives as a relief from the trials and tribulations of study, home, work- shop and office. Don ' t be a spendthrift of time — once squan- dered, it can never be recalled. Use it to LIVE! Your leisure hours, spent at the ' Bama and Ritz Theatres, will bring you re- lief and relaxation, romance, adventure, ex- citement, LIFE! I J- 353 m ON THE CAMPUS Well, folks — here we are — back again — in a bigger and better way — seems rather funny — to be working — after a long vacation — and to hear the rumors of our being shipped — feeling important — for being missed in the Crimson- perhaps thirty — how many in the Delta Chi chapter — plus the pal of the masses — Jeff Coleman — As the orator said — TTiere will never be another Coleman — and we — rever- ently say — Thank God — a bit of reminiscing — Fall — and a glorious Crimson Tide — Rush Week — Kappa Deltas penalized — Tri Del- tas get even with them — both using hidden ball trick — Everybody seemingly satisfied with their Freshmen — Delta Zetas — Alpha Chis and Chi Omegas — not exactly satisfied — but — no course left open — Alpha Xi Del- tas — don ' t have to rush — there ' s no use — Dekes pledge an army — build an annex — good work probably due to Tim Chism — due to him not being present — K. A ' s. again go crazy and pledge more than the cus- tomary four — There ' s a rumor afoot — so that the order of the double cross could have him — question is who got gypped — A. T. O ' s. surprise — and pledge a man — that oth- ers wanted — S. A. E ' s. continue on the rocky road downward — and this is the dear old Mother Chapter — Union Springs — home of the great Snag Andrews — again contributes to the Snake Charmers By the way — where is the Kappa Sig farm — Chi Phi ' s pledge season a failure — one butler fired — Dekes take him on option — So much for Rush— (Continued on Page 355) Frank M. Moody President A. C. Cade Vice-President C. O. Hayslett Assistant Cashier C. N. Maxwell, ]R.....V.-Pres. Cashier E. H. Phifer Assistant Cashier Glenn Foster Vice-President John P. Baker Assistant Cashier THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OP TUSKALOOSA, ALABAMA c A Designated Depository of the United States and the State of Alabama Desires to Be Remembered By the Young Men and Women of the University 354 ON THE CAMPUS (Continued from Page 354) Shelby Tucker retires from Kappa house be- cause of excess competition — Penelope giving Browning and Pinkston — a bit of preference — by the way — how about this little sister — stuff with big brother Hirrlinger — Bob Mun- dine goes out for track — is running good — when foot is sprained — crutches the result — Eddie Discher and Runt Howe recover — Discher finds a new one in Hastings — Howe still trying to court Prevost — after being kicked by Cross — Lily not Frances — Sessions and Cator — ruled ineligible — for holding — or not holding — at the Sewanee game — Dick Mann — loses job — and a woman was the cause of it all — wonder if it ' s worth it — Tom- my Cook taken in tow by Dot Adams — Their romance keeps Dekes from enjoying new radio until after 10:45 — Jo Wilson — - still shining — Lots of romancing about the (Continued on campus — Bitsy Lawrence — grit teeth — and resume the grind — Son Polynitz and Billy McQueen — play chump for Sara Arnold — while Sara thinks of Tennessee — Bob Nc- land and Martha Goodwyn — coast through year with few casualties — Andy (Romance) Anderson — buys sweetheart pin for Tully — and then is thrown for a loss by Jernigan — Billy from Birmingham — Reuben Herren ' s pride and joy — fails to make dances — hard to understand — much as our Rube thought of the little girl — Mary Mitchell — one of our secret sorrows — again brings a group of ad- mirers — From Biloxi to points north — we be- lieve the job of field secretary would be a suitable reward — Fentress Ray has wrestling i match in Morrison — winner yet undeter- mined — Page 356) SUMTER FARM AND STOCK CO. Furnishes DRY GOODS AND GROCERIES At a Saving to You Wnolesale 2209-11 FOURTH ST. Retail ALL OVER TOWN Look For the Yellow Fronts 355 ON THE CAMPUS (Continued from Page 355) or should it be perpetually shining — A sug- gestion from the masses — Jo and Sonny Brooks incorporate — Newman goes m for the femmes — in the person of Farley Boyles — the eternal triangle at the Kappa house still func- tioning — Laurendine to McPherson to Du- gins — unassisted — Little Perk being left out in the cold — praying for another session of summer school — Stew Aiken and Hugh Barr Miller — afraid everyone won ' t know about that " A " club sweater — and it is hard to get a tux on over it Pledge Ingalls will prob- ably have a tough time getting initiated after robbing (?) Ferguson of Aiken — or perhaps it was appreciated — J. B. Roberts — running articles by Mary Silver — for what — reason — it ' s a cinch the articles are terrible — and then she ' s Movie Editor — Free tickets in that — Roberts buys Ford — Funny about these pub- lication jobs — Mercer — captain of anybody ' s H. A. team — finally finds a place they will give him dates — prospect of the Alpha Delta Pis next year — funny the big car didn ' t help — our old pal and cohort — Becky Reed — pride of the gym — another A. D. Pi prospect not to forget Calloway and McCorkle — the new Kappa Delta pledge — that caused so many arguments — Laverna Hart — well — room and board at the house — and with all of the good K. D ' s. living at the annex — somethmg had to be done — Lest we forget — Uncle Gorgas Carothers and the mosquitoes — and the ladies — Alias Prof. " Flit " Car- rithers — (Continued on Page 362) iiqiiiin7.ii=iL:s ' JInc 2318 Broad Street Tuscaloosa, Alabama c a CT HE essentials of the wardrobe of the smartly clad College - Miss are: good fabrics, simple lines, meticulous workman- ship, and an air of distinction. In accordance with these fundamentals we have prepared Frocks, Lingerie, and Fan Tan Hosiery to meet every need of the school and social term. Daily shipments from our New York headquarters assure you of the smartest models at the same time they are being worn in the American Fashion Centers. Accept This as a Cordial Invitation to Visit Our New Store Phone 2199 356 The University Supply Store M SERVING THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA STUDENTS SINCE 1905 Tke Supply Store is Your Store " } 357 to FRATERNITY, COLLEGE AND CLASS JEWELRY COMMENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS AND INVITATIONS Jeweler to The Senior Class of the University of Alabama L G. BALFOUR COMPANY Tdanufactunng JEWELERS AND STATIONERS Attleboro, Massachusetts ASK ANY COLLEGE GREEK 358 C. W. LEWIS FURNITURE CO. TUSCALOOSA, ALA. For 26 Years the Leading Home Furnishers in West Alabama During this time we have sold the University (on competitive bid) practically the entire equipment purchased by them — a distinction that any firm should well be proud of. FRATERNITY HOUSE FURNISHINGS We doubt if there is a fraternity house on the campus that we did not furnish. You should see these furnishings and its arrangements. There are but a few homes in Tuscaloosa that are more beautiful and comfortable. RADIOS TOO! Ask anyone connected with the University, fraternity houses included, where they pur- chased their radio — 90 yc of them will tell you LEWIS ' S Over 48 Years o f Service to Bama Students BEFORE Football and Basketball were born BEFORE Baseball players wore gloves BEFORE Golf got out of Scotland We Were Co-O ' erating With the University of Alahama ana Its Stu- ae?its, Who Have fCnoivn This Store as Tuscaloosa s Leading One For Athletic Equi- ment of Every Sort Now, more and more they choose from its stocks — Fraternity and Club House furnishings, Chinaware, Glassware, Silverware, Radios, in addi- tion to needed things for sport. ALLEN AND JEMISON COMPANY A Friendly Institution 359 MORE THAN 30 YEARS OF STRIVING TO GIVE THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA CUSTOMERS THE BEST VALUE IN BAKERY PRODUCTS THAT SKILL COULD EVOLVE HARDIN ' S BAKERY Wholesale Bakers of BUTTER-KRUST BREAD ORDER BY NAME AT YOUR GROCERS A Knowled ge of University Mens Attire — and the ability to prop- erly adapt it to the individual re- quirements are fundamentals of this store ' s service. (Jias. l VQ . THE ON VBQS TY S OP OP THE SOUTH 360 ' VT ' OUR COLLEGE CAREER depends upon your physical ability to withstand the ac- ■■• tivities of a college life. One of the standard courses at Alabama is the consumption of plenty of Pride Ice Cream and Grade " A " Pasteurized Milk. To make no cuts in this class you will be physically fit to withstand all other college activities. When you enter ' Bama, look us up, as we are Dean of the Milk and Ice Cream Course at the University of Alabama. Enter right, and we will dispense your health ' s safest insurance. Pride Ice Cream , Buttermilk :, Butter Grade A Pasteurized Milk PERRY CREAMERY CO,, Inc. Phones 1350-1351 ANSCO CAMERAS AND FILMS TOILET ARTICLES Whitman s Candies WARD DRUG CO. (3 Stores to Serve You) MOTOR DELIVERY Carter ' s and Waterman ' s Fountain Pens and Inks " " V S LOOSE LEAF NOTE BOOKS SCHOOL SUPPLIES ]. A. Duckworth Charles Morris DUCKWORTH-MORRIS INSURANCE AGENCY General Insurance Investment Securities REAL ESTATE RENTALS, LOANS TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA 361 J. ON THE CAMPUS (Continued from Page 356) Katherine Douglas — batting for Dot White at the Alpha Gam house — wanted to know if Jimmy Green was a transfer — seems like they always have somebody like that — George Moore makes the blacklist for the eighth time — this time for forgetting to wear clothes to the S. A. E. buffet supper — the Chrysler Omegas headed by Daffin — the Florida flash — not content with ' Bama — takes in Auburn — Prexy ' s son, too — Dum Dum Lovelace — continues to pass Law — how and why — nobody knows — and the girls think he ' s so cute — June Pickens takes part of the law faculty — that ' s one way of keeping up the grades — Flap Swann — Phil Butler- -run competition for most collegiate — they both win in their way — such a way — Willis and McCorkle — teaming as usual — By the way, McCorkle for A. D. Pi, too — It is rumored as to where this new sorority will have its house — How about the Union Bldg. — ! Yankee Land! — Jackie Carpenter does her bit for the Girlies on Hackberry — along with Tolbert Ellis — and other admirers — Billy Lott — W. L ' s. contribution — works well on the campus — along with his pal Leakin — Fred Sington — Zebe ' s Allah Boy — resumes new position — after present press bunk — Oh, why couldn ' t Jack Scheuer have been an ath- lete too — or a Raflo one — (Continued on Page 375) PIZITZ MERCANTILE COMPANY THE STORE FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Skinner Building Company General Contractors Phone 219 TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Builders of THE CHEMISTRY BUILDING DOSTER HALL, GRAVES HALL DENNY CHIMES MERCHANTS BANK BUILDING ANNEX TO CHEMISTRY BUILDING ni] 362 ) - - The Home of Good Food « " T ?e Students ' Rendezvous ' ' BANK ' S DELICATESSEN CO. ff] ' Largest South TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA No.l 523-523 TWENTY-THIRD AVE. No. 2 1223 UNIVERSITY AVE. 363 ffl m UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA Capstone of tke Public ScKool System of Alabama LETTERS, SCIENCE, ENGINEERING, EDUCATION, LAW, MEDICINE, COMMERCE, AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION AND SCHOOL OF MINES SUMMER SCHOOL STANDARD INSTITUTIONS OF LEARNING MODERN BUILDINGS AND EQUIPMENT OVER ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY INSTRUCTORS Expenses Exceedingly Moderate For Catalogue, Address President Geo. H. Denny, M.A., Ph.D., LL.D., D.C.L. UNIVERSITY, ALABAMA m s m 364 COLD ICE for WARM FRIENDS MADE FROM PURE SPRING WATER PURE PROCESS ICE MAKERS Incorporated TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA WATCH FOR THE GREEN TRUCK Phone 1800 Tuscaloosa ' s Best Department Store LOUIS WEISEL INCORPORATED c t-a WOMEN ' S WEAR MILLINERY DRY GOODS NOVELTIES SHOES Tuscaloosa Paint Wall Paper Company Incorporated Painting, Paper Hanging and Decorating Plastering and Floor Surfacing The Only Exclusive Paint and Wall Paper Store in the City ESTIMATES CHEERFULLY FURNISHED 2428 Sixth Street Phone 421 HASSELL U-DRIVE-IT Phone 177 TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA " Say It With Flowers " Tuscaloosa Flower Shop Mrs. J. M. Rogers, Proprietor FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Day Phone 712 Night Phone 425 TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA 365 COMPLIMENTS OF CHRISTIAN AND FAUCETT Since 1881 Dealers in General Merchandise NORTHPORT, ALABAMA Compliments of Gulf States Paper Corporation Tuscaloosa, Alabama PK9 Alabama ' s first Kraft Pulp and Paper Mill, converting pine wood into krajt wrapping paper and paper bags by a continuous process; in reality a large scale laboratory of electrical, mechanical, civil and chem- ical engineering, and constituting a valuable addition to Tuscaloosa ' s educational, economic, industrial and commercial structure. 366 MY ADVICE TO SENIORS This Doesn ' t Cost Anything, But It May Be Worth Much to You 1 have never heard any man say he was sorry he took, out life in- surance when he was young. I have had many men tell me they were sorry that they didn ' t buy more when they were young. Every senior should carry a life insurance policy. It should be made payable to the one who has provided money for his educa- tion. The premium for the average senior is considerably less than $20.00 per year per thousand — just about the cost of a couple of dates with the attendant V -Drive-It and other extras. HOYT WINSLETT 601 First National Bank Building TusKALoosA, Alabama REPRESENTING LiFB Insurance Cb. BIRMINOHAM. AI ABAMA.. 367 j ' -k ' f! J uihrty The Cotillion Club, under the able and efficient presidency of Billy Partlow, produced the most successful set of dances that the dancing contingent of the University has witnessed and enjoyed in many years. Wart Scbd j fner Marx and Varsity -Town Q lothes For Young Men C J WEISEUS MEN ' S STORE TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA 368 PHONE 1873 REX PHARMACY Serrice is Our Motto REX PHARMACY PHONE 1873 WOCO PEP COMPLIMENTS OF WOCO PEP COMPANY OF TUSCALOOSA CAPTAIN KIDD Dry Cleaners CORRECTLY CLEANED PERFECTLY PRESSED 1316 UNIVERSITY AVENUE PHONE 669 THE DIAMONDS ARISTOCRATS OF GEMS And we feel certain you will find here Diamonds to meet your purpose at prices attractive even to those who must consider cost, LARY KENNEDY Jetuelers and Opticians TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Spanish Inn Barber Shop WE APPRECIATE UNIVERSITY STUDENTS ' BUSINESS Charles Collins, Proprietor WE BELIEVE IN GOOD WORK GOOD SERVICE GOOD MATERIALS AND ALABAMA Phone 619 RcX ShoC Shop COMPLIMENTS OF WILLIAMS PLUMBING COMPANY TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA SEVENTY-FIVE PER CENT OF THE UNIVERSITY MEN WEAR FRIENDLY FIVES COME IN AND TRY A PAIR DUGIN S SHOE STORE 369 ICE TUSCALOOSA ICE COLD STORAGE CO. Quality Plus Service PHONE 688 WE WISH TO CONGRATULATE THE FACULTY AND STUDENT BODY ON THE WONDERFUL WORK ACCOMPLISHED THIS PAST TERM ALABAMA UTILITIES SERVICE CO. Tuscaloosa, Alabama " Your Gas Company Hardware and Sporting Goods Headquarters in Tuscaloosa STUDENTS ALWAYS WELCOME C K9 Park Robertson Hardware Co, 2320 Sixth Street Tuscaloosa HARRIS-HAMNER COMPANY TUSCALOOSA ' S FOREMOST Ready-to- Wear Shop For College Men and Women of Refined Taste c WHERE THE MODE OF TOMOR- ROW IS FIRST REVEALED I 370 m OR- Regular Meals Short Orders THE ROBIN HOOD CABIN We Appreciate Your Patronage " COMPLIMENTS of S. S. FLETCHER CO. COTTON BUYERS Huntsville, Alabama MORGENTHAU ' S Exclusive Cleaners Dyers Hatters Phone 690 2212 Broad Street TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA To Be Spic and Span and Well Groomed You Should Let tke Laundry Do It TRY OUR SPECIAL BACHELOR ' S BUNDLE BY THE POUND WE Darn Your Socks Sew on Your Buttons FREE Mend Your Clothes And We Also Appreciate the Opportunity of Rendering to You THIS SERVICE CRYSTAL LAUNDRY Incorporated 423-25-27 UNIVERSITY AVENUE Phones 2202, 2203 371 4 lb On II Itii (liki Ruin (I) ll IM I Mm mini Snilis ami ( lhi»« thilk bi Kl Ihll I uulv I nhn CI To be certain of fine flavor Ask your grocer for Libby ' s Fruits, Vegetables, Canned Meats, Pickles, Condiments, Salmon, Evaporated Milk. To make fine flavor and quality so consistently dependable, Libby has established a chain of 60 kitch- ens 5000 miles around the world from Delaware to Hawaii. Lo- cated right in the very heart of the best producing areas, these kitchens pack foods under the Libby label at the moment of perfection with all their fresh goodness sealed in. Among the newer Libby model kitchens is the Tuscaloosa conden- sary, situated in one of the most fertile dairy regions. Here Libby ' s Evaporated Milk is packed — the milk that goc-d cooks use. LIBBY, McNeill LIBBY, CHICAGO 372 Voted the Favorite Leave It to Students to Pick d Winner! On tlie oanipus, I ' n i V e r s i t y of Alabama voted Baby Huth Can- dy the fav4iritel Anil ritirhtly so. More tlian t v4 million B a b Kntlis made, sold and enjoye I in this eountry. Just tliink of it! Ba- by Kutli Is tlie favorite everywhere because everyone says that its delicious eombiiuition of rich elioeolate, finest i eu.- nuts, and ehewey caramel -fudge is just rigrht. What a treat when you ' re hunsry! CURTISS CANDY COMPANY CHICAGO OTTO SCHNEKIN ' G, President Makers of the Famous Baby Ruth Gum FOR SPEED-SERVICE AND SATISFACTION USE SOUTHEASTERN EXPRESS IsJilI MILLER MARTIN, Architects J. A. LEWIS, Engineer Birmingham, Alabama Designers of Denny Cnimes, Alaoama Union, Doster Hall, Amelia Gorgas Memorial Library, Commerce Building, Farrah Hall, Nott Hall, Postomce and Supply Store, Senior Hall ALSO GROUP OF ELEVEN FRATERNITY AND SORORITY CHAPTER HOUSES AND SIX PROFESSORS ' RESIDENCES 373 USE ROCKWOOD ALABAMA STONE Rockwood (Alabama Stone) stands the test of time. Due to its durability and beauty Rockwood Alabama Stone was chosen in the construction of Bibb Graves Hall and Doster Hall and other University buildings. ROCKWOOD ALABAMA STONE COMPANY ROCKWOOD, ALABAMA COLUMBUS MARBLE WORKS, Columbus, Mississippi Representatives t RENT A NEW CAR Drive It Yourself SAUNDERS SYSTEM COMPANY TUSCALOOSA 2413 Broad Street Phone 212 507 13 th Avenue Phone 1295 Before Buying Your Surgical Instruments , Office Equipment or Hospital Supplies IT WILL PAY YOU TO CONSULT WITH McKesson-Doster-Northington Incorporated Department of Surgical Instruments and Hospital Supplies 1706-8-10-12 First Avenue BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA 374 VELC€yHE! • When pleasure or duty . . . football or business . . . requires that a hotel come into the picture . . . here is the Biltmore . . . close to Grant Field . . . convenient to everything . . . extending warm welcome ! A choice of 600 outside, airy rooms is yours (if you make reservations in time). Each room has private bath and circulating ice water. Here at the Biltmore Hotel, you will find service, appointments and cuisine that do surpass expectations. Golfing privileges on finest courses are granted to our guests. Everything to make your stay a thorough pleasure, including the most reasonable of rates. BILTMORE RATES Single 3, 4, 5 Double 5, 6, p, 8 ATLANTA CILT HCCE ' The South ' s Supreme Hotel ' ' Compliments of Bamas Eat Shop C s9 ' We Appreciate Your Patronage ' ' :0D HARGROVE DRIVE-IT-YOURSELF COMPANY 1300 UNIVERSITY AVENUE Phone 1546 375 i ON THE CAMPUS (Continued from Page 362) Ken Snowden brings little brother down — such a handicap for the little boy — Howard Leach — goes Jolson at Phi party — sings " Mammy " — What is holding Mason Good- loe up, anyway — is it that car?? — Nick Braswell is to fight Stribling in June — sec- onded by Reeder of Florence — Broadway — Megathlin — work in Black Buick this time — paging Mississippi — not Utah (Eu- taw) — Sonny Boy Eberdt — failed to get that movie contract — Maybe they did not hear his voice — Suther — and Marie Dress- ier would make a good team — In passing may we pay our respects to Siedman — col- umnist of the 1930-31 sheet— " Why Not " or " What Not " — Bill Price — stands up Mary Burns for mid terms — is it Mary ' s so- cial swan song — Baby Face Bill Lyman — and brother — return for the second semester — maybe they will overcome the Phi Gam handicap — (Continued on Page 381) Better Foods Lower Prices Tuscaloosa ' s Leading Grocers Trade With Us and Bank the Difference ■f PHONE Clarence Saunders Stores STORE NO. 1 Phones 1737, 1736 523 23rd Ave. STORE NO. 2 Phone 1440 2314 Sixth St. STORE NO. 3 Phone 2011 Alberta Chy CENTRAL DRUG COMPANY Harry McGahey, Proprietor Phone 72 C 5 Jolinston s Candies Elizabetk Arden Toilet Goods «r s» Tuscaloosa, Alabama CITY NATIONAL BANK TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA OLDEST BANK IN ALABAMA SPECIAL SERVICE TO UNIVERSITY STUDENTS AND ORGANIZATIONS OFFICERS R. H. Cochrane, President Gordon D. Palmer Vice-President John M. Donohoo. James F. Alston Vice-President H. E. Hamner Frank S. Daniel Cashier R. H. Albright_ -Asst. Cashier -Asst. Cashier -J sst. Cashier 376 Hooper ' s Cafe a 009 - 3rd. Av. Pliouc 3-982 4 re Lead I m rs ifoLLoW FIRESTONE SERVICE STORES FIRESTONE TIRES BATTERIES AND BRAKES WASHING ANT) GREASING GAS AND OIL Phone 10 Tuscaloosa, Alabama Compliments of The Central Foundry Company and The Central Iron and Coal Company Holt, Alabama ' Tuscaloosa s Industrial Pioneers ' ill AN OPEN BOOK Why A P Prices for Good Food Are Low A P has millions of customers all over the country, and more customers are coming to A P stores every day because they find there the good food they want at prices they know to be as low as is possible to a going business. There is no secret about this. Like everyone else in business, A P buys goods to sell them at a profit. A P ' s unusual success is due to two facts: ( 1 ) A P buys the best wherever the best can be bought at greatest advantage to A P customers; (2) A P sells the best for only a little more than the best costs — plus sell- ing expense. It can do both these things because so many people buy in its stores. These people know that A P passes on to them all the saving when prices fall at the source of supply, retaining, under all conditions, no more than its regular profit — lYj cents in the dollar. c« ? ATLANTIC PACIFIC H " ! !19i Do You Know the Value of Good Food? Lll DEP VISIT TUSCALOOSA ' S NEWEST CAFE AND BAKERY We Cater to Card Parties, Luncheons, Weddings and All Kinds of Entertainments Including FRATERNITY AFFAIRS LEWIS BAKERY AND LUNCH 1219-21 University Avenue TUSCALOOSA EN( 378 THE PLACE TO EAT Greenwood Cafe Birmingham, Alabama High in Quality AMBROSE-GLENN SHOE CO. LOW IN PRICE 519 GREENSBORO AVE. TUSCALOOSA LINDSEY BATTERY CO. WE SELL USL BATTERIES DEPENDABLE ECONOMICAL Service On All Makes and Guaranteed Satisfaction Phone 48 512 TWENTY-FIRST AVENUE BIRMINGHAM ENGRAVING COMPANY Incorporated DANCE INVITATIONS WEDDING INVITATIONS CALLING CARDS CHRISTMAS CARDS AND FRATERNITY STATIONERY PHONE 3-6291 THE BLOSSOM SHOP Florists D. L. Smith, Proprietor THE MOLTON HOTEL 505 No. 20th Street BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN FIRPO S PLACE " Just Over the River Bridge " Compliments of C. HEATH COWART Representing REMINGTON-RAND BUSINESS SERVICE Incorporated 2009 Fourth Avenue, North BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA MAY GREEN 13 COMMERCE STREET MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Distributors Goldsmith Snorting Goods and O ' Shea Sweaters 379 ' ' n OtepKenson Brick built most of tke new buildings on tke campus. We manufacture the Cordova Buffs and Flasnes, Orientals, Harvards and Venetians To bes in pi wt liver Stephenson Brick Company 4250 FIRST AVENUE, SOUTH BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Ri BEHIND THE PRODUCT THAT BEARS THIS IMPRINT Is tlie GUARANTEE of the South ' s Largest Independent Steel Plant GULF STATES STEEL COMPANY BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Sheets Ingots Billets Slabs Wire Rods Bars Angles Bright Wire Barbed Wire (Galvanized) Manufacturers ' Wire Wire and Rods Straightened and Cut Annealed Wire Galvanized Wire Woven Wire Fence Nails Plates Galvanized Nails Cement Coated Nails Staples Bale Ties 380 I TkeFl o vers You Send Hi er To carry or to wear to that social function will be strictly in form if ordered here. They will also be the freshest, most fragrant and rarest blossoms to be had. You can leave your order in person or phone if more convenient. In either case you can rest assured the flowers will be de- livered at the address given us. ROSEMONT GARDENS Flortst TELEGRAPH DELIVERY 116 Dexter Avenue MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA ON THE CAMPUS (Conlinued from Page 375) Tip — Tom Carr — retires from the scene — stringent summer school work- — Martin and Bullock — TTieta Chi baseballers — fail to hit the campus — Patricia Murphy — Johnny Dodd — ride a Buick this time — Ain ' t pro- hibition grand — Harold Y.M.C.A. Weeks To the Ram — dear ole Hall of Fame Mag- azine and the boys of the Key hole — it seems that somebody is working for recognition — surely not the meek Phi G ' s. — Wonder what A. T. O. or Star boy will have that job next year — The Alpha Chis have reached such heights since the departure of Sister Bright and Haythe until we only men- tion — Blanch Stribling and Alma of Troy — nuf sed — (Continued on Page 393) THE PICKWICK CAFE FAMOUS FOR GOOD FOOD FRED RIDOLPHI Proprietor MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA The SV Tire Company Incorporated DISTRIBUTORS MILLER Tires and Tubes 6 Executive Offices: Tuscaloosa, Ala. 2001 Broad Street H. I. WHITE, Manager M. E. BAXLEY, Assistant Manager 381 TKe Store of Individual Sho ' ' ers ALEX RICE OUTFITTERS FOR MEN, WOMEN, CHILDREN AND INFANTS MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Yellow Cab Company BIRMINGHAM Safe and Reliable Phone 3-0101 Drugs, D rinks. Fine Toilet Goods PRESCRIPTIONS A Specialty T. R. Taylor Drug Phone 828 Co. TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA MEREDITH-MOODY INSURANCE AGENCY General Insurance and Loans 2212 Broad Street PHONE 981 Tuscaloosa, Alabama Compliments of THE INGALLS IRON WORKS COMPANY Birmingham, Ala. GATES COMPANY Cleaners, Dyers and Hatters Rug Renovators PHONE 1340 2409-11 Broad Street " WE CLEAN CLOTHES CLEAN " WALTER GULLEY wholesale Grocer DISTRIBUTOR OF PRESIDENT BRAND FRUITS AND VEGETABLES WIN-YOU BRAND JAMS AND JELLIES PHONE 126 City Furniture Company BROAD STREET OPPOSITE POSTOFFICE Complete H ome rurnishers 382 Tke Pause Tkat Refreskes Bottled Around the Corner From Anywhere COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA THE GRASSELLI CHEMICAL COMPANY (Incorporated) BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA C. P. ACIDS AND AMMONIA INDUSTRIAL CHEMICALS INSECTICIDES FERTILIZERS J. C. PENNEY CO. TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA OUR VALUES APPEAL TO THOSE WHO DON ' T SQUANDER THEIR MONEY CANTY S GARAGE operating 35 Cars DRIVE-IT-YOURSELF 2 STATIONS— UP TOWN AND AT REX ' S Compliments of Tuscaloosa Steam Laundry Tuscaloosa, Alabama Com hments of ALABAMA FEED AND GROCERY CO. WHOLESALE GROCERS Tuscaloosa, Alabama HALE-STRUTHERS INSURANCE AGENCY REAL ESTATE INSURANCE OF ALL KINDS Fire Automobile 518 GREENSBORO AVENUE Phone 641 Are Included in WEBSTER ' S NEW INTERNATIONAL DICTIONARY Suc h as Altimeter, Insulin, Robot, Elhyl Gas, Gather, Sandburg. Etc. 452,000 Entries 6000 Illustrations 2700 Pages The New International is considered the " Supreme Authority " wherever English is used. Send for Free New Illustrated Pamphlet G. A C. MEKKIAM CO. SprinKiteld Mass. 383 J® f •®K iK q q Jfi q q : COURTESIES of THE UNIVERSITY DINING HALL and THEKAMPUSKAFE 384 i ' d I % % ' i ffi; ■ [■ W likens- Anderson Company Scientipc and Industrial Lahoratory Sw ' hes and Chemicals c J 4223-4243 WEST LAKE STREET CHICAGO YEAR BY YEAR . More People Enjoy the Individually FINER FLAVOR of RED DIAMOND COFFEE Donovan Coffee Company BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA S. H. KRESS CO. 5c, 10c, and 25c Store Complete Line of STATIONERY AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES TATUM DRUG COMPANY Next Door to ' Bama Theatre SODAS CANDIES TELEPHONE 234 COMPLIMENTS OF PETE J. DAVIS TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Compliments of Van-Antwerp-A Idndge Drug Co. Mobile, Alabama 38s QUALITY FOODS AND HOUSEHOLD NECESSITIES At Any of the Stores of ALABAMA ' S LARGEST FOOD DISTRIBUTORS HILL GROCERY COMPANY It Pays to Trade Where Q_uahty Counts THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK of BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Capital and Surplus, $10,000,000 K 5001! II 386 ' REX PRESSING CLUB Cleaning, Pressing Repairing Work Called For and Delivered to Any Part of the City 500 13TH AVE. TUSCALOOSA, ALA. PRINTING, PUBLISHING BOOKBINDING School Annuals a Specialty MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA BAGGAGE OR STORAGE Phone 37 ROBERTSON TRANSFER COMPANY 2515 BROAD STREET COMPLIMENTS OF SMITH S BAKERY MOBILE, ALABAMA Q.. llllililllllllJllllli iiiiiiaiiitiiiiiioiKiiiiitiii B National Prestige in Men s Apparel The name of this house for years has been nationally known for men ' s apparel that is exceptionally fine in quality . . . and authentic to the last detail of style Jacob Reed ' s Sons 1424-1426 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia Atlantic City » » 1127-1129 Boardwalk Qiiiiiiiii iiiiiiitiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii It till III I II I III! Ill IIKIII III I II ..Q 387 $ - -4 Regular Meals Short Orders THE CAPSTONE " Just Off the Campus " MEET AND EAT AT THE CAPSTONE High Quality Meals at Reasonable Rates Under New Management O. U. THOMAS Proprietor Drinks Candy Cigarettes o- 388 iL SMART CLOTHES FOR COLLEGE MEN Tailored to Measure Advanced Creations Covering All Collegiate Influences in Their Styling STETSON D " TAILOR " Nationally Known " " Justly Famous " University Avenue TUSKALOOSA, ALABAMA Thrift Values This is a year for Thrift. You want to save, and MONTGOMERY WARD COMPANY will help you by giving you more for your money. However, it takes more than quality to make values — price also must be considered, as values are not in quality alone, nor in price alone. Here at WARD ' S we sell EXACTLY THE SAME QUALITY AT A LOW- ER PRICE— That ' s VALUE. nQ iiiiii iiiiiii|»| iimiiiiiimiiii Montgomery Ward Co. Opposite Post Office Tuscaloosa, Ala. Prepared to Meet the Needs of Our Modern Builders In keeping with the modern trend of progress this firm is growing — growing in pace with all the developments — thoroughly equipped and anxious to serve the engineers, contractors, and builders who are carry- ing through the projects that mean so much to the future of this terri- tory. We invite you to take advantage of our long experience in the lines we represent, and our complete facilities are at your disposal. c J) ? McGowin-Lyons Hardware Supply Company Mobile, Alabama 389 Theroux Motor Company General Repairing Sales and Service — Harley-Davidson Motorcycles — Cylinder Reboring — 24-Hour Wrecker Service — Special Attention to University Students WELDING DAY PHONE 1543 NIGHT PHONE 167-W IT S YOUR BARBER SHOP, BAMA USE IT UNIVERSITY BARBER SHOP Union Building Ganes Englebert Manager PRESCRIPTIONS DRUGS, DRINKS, AND SUNDRIES H. 6 W. DRUG CO. ALSTON BUILDING PHONE 84 HANSON DRUG CO. 2115 Broad Street Phone 388 ' BAMA ' S RIGHT AND SO ' S OUR Blue Streak Anti-Knock Gasoline ( Hy-Cotnpression ) WASHING— POLISHING— GREASING UNITED STATES TIRES AND TUBES GAS AND OIL WHITE OIL COMPANY PHONE 190 Incorporated TUSCALOOSA SINCE 1878 CAPITOL CLOTHING STORE " On the Square MONTGOMERY, ALA. COURTEOUS SERVICE ALWAYS Owl Printing Company Job AND Commercial Work OF All Kinds Phone 2370 523 25th Avenue Tuscaloosa, Ala. DAY AND NIGHT PRINTERS THE BATTLE HOUSE " Alabama ' s Meeting Place MOBILE S. H. F. Taylor Peck ' ' Say It With Flowers ' ' West End Floral Company Mobile, Alabama 390 BARTONS DyahSHinC DOUBLE SERVICE SHOE POLISH THE MOST ECONOMICAL SHOE POLISH OBTAINABLE Conceals Scuffs Restores Color Gives a Brilliant and Lasting Shine Used by students in some of the largest military academies in the United States. Colors: Black, Cordovan Brown, Light Tan, Nut Brown, White Kid Cleaner. For Sale at Drug Stores, Grocery Stores, Department Stores, SKoe Stores REYNALDS IS FOR ALABAMA First, Last and All the Time Reynalds Music Company Incorporated MOBILE, ALABAMA Compliments of SCOTT STORES 5c— $1.00 COAST TO COAST TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA JIM S PLACE Hear Our Nightly Open Air Radio Concert DRINKS, SANDWICHES, CIGARS, CIGARETTES CHEWING GUM, CANDIES GASOLINE, FREE AIR HUNTSVILLE ROAD PHONE 1673 391 TUSCALOOSA BIRMINGHAM MRS. LEWIS ' Famous Pies and Cakes " Quality Made Them Famous " MRS. R. S. LEWIS President " BO " LEWIS General Manager MONTGOMERY FAIR Montgomery ' s Largest Department Store For Over Fifty Years MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA COMPLIMENTS OF MORGAN PACKING COMPANY TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Phone 1410 Cleaning Pressing Altering 1306 University Avenue TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA TOM ' S TOASTED PEANUTS G- THEY MAKE HUNGER A JOY! INDIAN MILLING CO. Alfalfa Fille d Feeds A Complete, High-Grade Serviceable Line of Horse and Mule Feeds, Dairy and Poultry Feed TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Glass FOft AUTOMOBILES Auto P ■i WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS + PHONE 2002 _,. --, 418 22nc] Avenue ate (jlaSS V_iO., Tuscaloosa, Ala. 392 Am ' I At D.E. Robertson Co. TRANSFER CRATING, STORING, AND BAGGAGE HAULING office and Warehouse 523 25th Avenue Telephone 722 TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA SPORTS V EN WAa eivr he SporJ -wi find ling Equipment 74 Broad St.. N. W. Atlanta, Georgia t Compltments of ALABAMA BROKERAGE COMPANY TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA " We Are Behind You, Banta W. F. ROGERS Residence Phone 2337 Office Telephone No. 507 Rogers Plumbing Company 2127 Eighth Street TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA PLUMBING, HEATING AND GAS SUPPLIES :o. (IJK 1 This Book is Cased in an S. K. Smith Cover A cover that is guaranteed to be satisfactory and is created and SMITH- CRAFTED by an organization of craftsmen specializing in the creation and production of good covers. Whatever your cover requirements may be, this organization can satisfy them. E :1ATE LI e-fJ Send for Information and Prices to S. K. SMITH COMPANY 213 INSTITUTE PLACE CHICAGO, ILLINOIS 393 FIXTURES WIRING TOM P. EDDINS 2127 Eighth Street Electrical Work of All Kinds PHONE 507 TUSCALOOSA, ALA. TUSCALOOSA PRINTING COMPANY JOB PRINTING OF ALL KINDS " We Appreciate Your Patronage " TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA GO BY BUS Low Fares Convenient Schedules FOUR TRIPS DAILY Between Tuscaloosa and Birmingham TWO TRIPS DAILY Between Tuscaloosa and New Orleans Connections at Birmingham and New Orleans for Principal Cities in U. S. A. FOR FARES AND SCHEDULES ASK UNIVERSITY SUPPLY STORE or BUS TERMINAL Phone 781 Phone 1225 The Photographic Work for This Annual Was Done By JONES ' STUDIO Phone 1 7 TUSCALOOSA, ALA. Freddy Sington at the age of three 2314 BROAD STREET " 21 F« 394 ON THE CAMPUS (Continued from Page 381) Then there is Wootsie and Hugo — not Vic- tor, either — Sorry to admit the failure of Hope Dyer to return to school this year — beg pardon, is she realy here? — Jimmy May- field wanting four faculty members to vouch for him at the Mid dances — What spirits Frances Waas had — on Fla. trip — it seems she should have been at the Thomas Jeff, party too — Rear Garbo — tries to make the grade — was caught by the gong — Doug Mc- Mullen — gets Bro. Sentell to explain work- ings of the Beta Lambda comm. to be satis- fied — it is never too late — George Alexander — carries the girls upstairs for one — he was The caught in the act — 60 days Geo. — Phi Bete Caddell — tries to succeed L. Smith — what a vain attempt — Martha Coleman wants the recognition of Daffin — lacks that Pan-Hel- lenic aire — Now, dear readers, au revoir — this is our finis — we are through with you forever — no more of this bunk, so worry no more, girls — go where you may — when you may — and as you may — we hope that this will meet with your approval — i f not — by chance — send such complaints to the Police Gazette — adieu — This was the campus for time covered in masterpiece— GOODBYE— End. JAMES A. HEAD Incorporated BANK, LIBRARY, AND OFFICE EQUIPMENT CARD AND FILING SYSTEMS STEEL FILES AND FURNITURE LIBRARY FURNITURE AND SUPPLIES 2021 First Avenue Birmingham, Alabama Wkat Are You Going To Do WKen You Leave College? No business offers greater opportunities to college trained men and women than Life Insurance We have attractive agency openings We train and assist beginners Our President and General Counsel are Alabama Graduates LIBERTY NATIONAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY 517 N. Twenty-second Street BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA ROBKRT P. DAVISON President FRANK P. SAMFORD Secretary .TOHN n. cox Airency Director FRANK E. SPAIN General CniuiNel 395 Foremost in Fashion FARmost in Value Q BLACH ' S of Birmingham (r v9 SMART APPAREL for MEN, WOMEN, AND BOYS ' Sixty Second Sema? r 2006 Fourth Avenue, North Birmingham, Alabama DIXIE CLUB Coffee and Tea •30 DIXIE COFFEE COMPANY Birmingham, Alabama COMPLIMENTS of Fidelity Mortgage Company of Alabama 2112 First Avenue, North BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA DRESS BETTER FOR LESS Buy Your Clothes U ' stairs KLOTHES SHOPPE 207 ' 2 Nineteenth Street BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA 396 McLESTER HOTEL Rates $1.50-$2.50 vW - TUSCALOOSA, ALA. Tke University of Alabama Has Adopted General Elec- tric Refrigerators Another Outstanding Educational Institu- tion is Added to a List of Users Nationally Known That Exceeds Many Thousands. Matthews Electric Supply Co. STATE DISTRIBUTORS Birmingham, Alabama Drink Royal Cup Cojfee BATTERTON COFFEE COMPANY BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA MIKE SZECSI Trainer of World ' s Champion Football Team and Coach of Alabamans First Boxing Team, HAAS-BURNS CLOTHING COMPANY Complete Outfitters to Men mobile, ALABAMA ' TT in. We Are for Yo u, ' B ama 397 WORLD ' S LARGEST PUBLISHERS OF COLLEGE ANNUALS COLLEGE ANNUAL HEADai]ARTERS SHlo iC ' lQuaiULMox imanmcpy upeA icuv xian ylOAi azaOacoj I bright pages.... Jfe IS IC(J r IM, G V -£ jithat reflect those happy. carefree days has been our Qoal J. JL A college: ANNUAL DIVISION ' ♦ ♦♦■♦•■♦•♦ r iii LNCRAs INC COM PANV BIRMINGHAM ♦ IN THE HEART OF THLE SOUTH " ■

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