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 - Class of 1924

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WWW JF x7,fZf77Ld6ff7Z?fff.'7,?'. - BED .SVIS , fnxqf gl .gf 'X X Q 'I 'X ,T Ny? ' N 3 3. NX I xx s AJ, NW N MH ,If M 5 A 'W ww Q ,. , XC' Y f W i , X , ne! Q MM N""' ' 6, M Y' u - I, T T X" fb 1,.- "7 'C ' ,' ,.. . .., f, -fri: ,, f rl J 'V U11 QQ-' 419:-:'v.f:f'Q '-54--Jgaif .'Y,b2,'1f1l"Q,-,I 1 .1 ' ' : ' w,.-.-L.4,',....- Fzl-f?L-.?',.qi'-Tv ,?5fDlf'1' gifli Xxx'-V ff 'XF' A537 V' 'r 214.1 .WF S' .' s. ':" 4' WJ'-J' :Iv ..f ' " 1'J1'iUL'. 1 "wi -.w2'fi 'a?'SS?, A3 ,ppl ' A - AJ . -' w 5.51. S " ,,-1,3-,Q " 7,1.,3g1ufq,..,i-5Qgzggggc gg 4 , " f f.5 X f-."'- Kr ?'n--5M'1'- 'M'-1. ' Q, ,,.mJ5.v :-w:Y:.1-":1.H'.n!r .. ,4Pff'.L- u I ' I J 4 :llQsfzmqf'f-'.-aim -12-ea--, ww ,4-wr-:1f:f5':1:'-:5sf.-Qwieirggb fr' ' . ' .,.- -.ef -. Ag+fpy:1.',f-Hg.--1.-,. ',-rrf-Q . .- in "Em 51 ' r-Q :'ss5:a',ff-:ewaf:.1sfaw.f-11:1sale. ' W, '. -w-.--. :1z"11.: ow.:-'.:' ax Y-Q-rm?---11-f-rriv'-. :f:. 7',r'1'5 , 15 uv ' S' ' ' :"-.-"':2.--':2:e?- ?,-'-H1':2-: , A ' -'11-in--f.n.-.Lyr:-Z, - LF- ': .fjfi' fg41fig:1ss-:ga5!iay:gsg4.5:,,3f5:1:':a.- K X ' .w f 4.-:sgaafgggf:-:Q-ggiqe,f::fp 11-.gat-sql. -aeesfzfa: 1 - 'A W fd . . ..,. . .,., iY'F52ff-53:f5Lffg-ay2j5f'- l ' X , , - 5 "3-11f.'g' 115'-YW , ' P X . X 5: H- -5- I, AQ-f Ui Exim ml.-,h-,Q I J M , : , I w ., my U, . atm: , If lx ' jj I ll , 44 M --:r-'1'.'-.X-m'LA!"I'-Q" Qlnpurtglpt, 1924 hu Nltlrn lil:-ntrrnn, Ehitnr-in-Cillplrf 31. Eugrnr Zlfuntrr, ibhummm Dlllunugrr El EI 5 T Z. 'Q'-."v'sY Y:1v'..-5 . .W T 1' . ' Q - ' -' Q ' . - 2 5:-. .35--1 I QT , 'B - 'rf W ff . 1, .-K, I Q24 6,--. 4 Z?-iff 'hifi 355,- 015,5- I 4 ,, .3 f K .-35 E u p . . 1 W 0 0:4136 I, Uhr Clnrnlla . jx , ,1fU:'55Rw. - V XXXI alia ' -me-w , 9 H '. 0 Ea. 5 ' 'S '2 ca n ' . . sm 1 1 . gif .- . A ' -f ' -. 1 l -. . .,...,.....-......- .....,..,..,..-,..,.,,, ...M - W, ...,- , ....- -, f , X .., - . -f' '-1 C' . C f Q I . I .-- A.. i 7: t 0 be .Q gt w U 1 'f 0 0 0 w' ', il! ,- O .'o I Ot. 0 ' U Q . i . ' O Jo es. O '. Q - e.-2 zz:-a W- -- .. o i -- -we t-:ag as . 0 ' ' ' ' 0 - Q 0- - ' 0 9 . I1 :IA I :: E l H .g V ' :. Y e u . E s A , , P 1 ,X E . l ' "AN N vb' ' 3 ' 0!4cZ'-, .-'MN 4 , . 0 . uw F an F G1 795 5 93 . 4 74 l ff, L7 5, , I Y 0 A K-f1,tg,: " ' K I ' . .4 5 7 ta. . 8. . . l 6 0 0 5 l .fa 'w l P-.-' an 0. .lf ffl ' .0 y I., .'l Q . O ' I t ' I . ' V 'v-6' . 'Niieiigifofailfa " 'as' I 4 Q I v"3'-"i FO REWORD "-24" . V' . 055,41 . , , ,LQAU n Y!! ,af a 184, A . In grateful appreciation of the faith, confidence, and . . 1. trust that the student body of .the Llniversity placed in those ' . ' who have been connected with this year's volume 'Iof the ' Q ' CoIl,th h be at bw." - ' Q ' 6 . 1 spolifjd zivith Tiferytinglill aviiilatbll: ::l'i?::n:f soilvefr possgssxl, ' Q l Q' . 1 in. an. effort to give to the student body an Annual which .9 . ', '..Q ' 4 will, in a broad sense, be truly reflective of this great msti- Q ' ...O I f . lution." Material has been abundant, co-operation from all ' 2 , ' .Q parties has surpassed even the fondest expectations, and a Q. ' Q K V. desire to serve in a capacity that will please has been . I ' predominant. u Th l t' f robl m 'n l ul m f d f 7' 3 minds? sfhteltiflilg all llc the izonifrfictibh if aa sientblfilcleoilrl 3. 'Q l I . Greek or Latin may be erased from our store of knowledge ' A X . O ' with the passage of time: but, "Never, dear Alma Mater, ' O . . , . will we forget thee." O . li . lf, in the days of the future, the memory of college . . , Q associations may be lent renewed vigor: if the cherished Q . a O and never-dying traditions of ou-r Capstone may grow fresh 0 : , Q o X ghd .bloom .with greater bealutyil if ahe famous Alabama f Q o v 0 , pint is given new strengt t h f h' DO: . ' Corolla' 'lie work tif malfl' dHYsr?f8lallof tssfebeoincbrij . . . 5.4 l 'QC . seguenhal in comparison with the feeling of satisfaction that . o 0.5 .9 '0 ' 9 vvill prevail within the 'hearts of all those who have been ' 0" '. x n. instrumental in the making of this Corolla. .Q p 9 0 P ' 0 O o 4 0 Q S ' 0 ' '..'i. ' ' 'v.'. ' 5 . - - a e - -- Q .- 5 - - - -, -Q' .sz ' . 9 .W - - - - V aha- x ' e 6 V O 9 .Q S , . 0 . Q C o 4 ' ' JJ ' ' g ' . N .aiu 4 'A A-4 A nd., ', ,L Y,- -A .... ....,,. , , Y.. ,,,, K f W --' Yi- V A , i ,I .- '09 ',. -.v 5295-, Q4 . i l- . u. " 'Jaya-. 3.1! M4 ' 1 9 nga -f-3-'QY ' 3:'Kf I AGA' f f: V333 ' ' 1' '-+24 Q22 9 3 .4 B.. Q , ' W i'-.1 g- 5 - a s- .. ORDER OF BOOKS .Wx . h Booxr A- if U' Q TI-IE U J .rt W 'N' TI-IE 1VllLITifl:3q D 1: 7. UQ B 3' ' 4 'X FMR L .v ' r Q - ' s.... 'Q , TGANG 9 . 0: 073 ' . ' Boox Q' tj 2 . N ATHLETICS ' ' i sa ' Q? . , I3?LiElIX':Y K -" ' + lx '? I -- ' ik A lo M Q . in .:.'o.,'.Y y",'o"is. ',gg'1'.g, -qggg.-,f'. 3".'5 .'f,-.g,3u' 4e:"s!g' '- . , an ug, . . ,,, Q ,,, . -'ka T . '. f fx b 4 . 4 Q0 14,51 B ' . f v ,Q L' P, M ,,,, 's E,-3 4 4 e- 5 Q fi - 2 '-.1 Ve." - was all Us f " 4 F . 0 Q IQ' xigggi-?2L:4,f , Wh' W Q Ye. " t .FLYAL DEDICATION V. .af . :' h To U 2.45 t Br. Ehmnnh Chant Flinwv ....o 3- . Q -i .0 A A gentleman in the truest sense, a K trusted and tried friend, a scholar of .Q Q unusual insight, an instructor who, by 7 is 9 :O his broad understanding, by his desire ' h . gk to serve, and through his classroom im- r . ea partiality, gains, cherishes, and retains the respect, esteem and love of his stu- : 0 ti O X dents, is this, the thirty-lirst vol- V I' . ume of the Corolla. dedicated. p we . .' g sms:- ' .0 of' i 555' -wa 4 . 1 .8 oh.: 1 9 5' . 251 I 'E ca n ' - sm q vi' og i .J , , it 1 4 .xx X xx. , I W Mx 'f '. Q .tn . 'Hx W ,y .X I.. ' X 1 31 ',---ff:-2 W...-,' 51 2 , 1 C 9 ,' "ff, ' A A "' ' JH' E 0 :.'. .0-. .:' .'.s ' , vgsk, .QWQQ . . me A J M ,:,,- cz . 'ww 'vw . . ' fa- -' '- -4' OKSYE - ayii' v-9155 149. 0' 9 . i X I5 5 n o ' 0 ' . ' DO . lQi Q ' ,O 'Q O 'la 0. x F lsln Vishnu -oc. hm" nm. Holfnu. Mr Cs fd . SE 1. Al . in--, -un ummm, 1. Q-nm.: :mi 2. an alum m nm ly A-1.14. an mu uma, mu. mu. nn.-.u,4..m -1 u..uf.-my num.-. pq, If I i :-7:-:H-:1 ::-J.. : : A- J: 5941: "JECE,f g -. I fo , ny ulllu u .uh an ummm mum--ru nm. um u ul n Qu. .....u...'n..p dy m.n.v4 mu. nv mel .1 .f.p-nun-nn.-u-4.1. n u u au. hh! III- UI ll. lm an nu, Inn ham um ullluu, Yu' lrmnlh I clumvn ul mmf-u an , . vw- ' ' -age-Q 5 . .Eau 5 . o " ' . 'og' f 9 o. j 4 Qu lo 'E T V rg A .. 3 5 .. . J A. tgf 00 xt L lo 6,3 .4 59023 Q Wf' 'iv fi Q Deglgxy fffaigacl Hniuvrziitg X ' 4 nity-w 4: W' e, .F . f f?- fm L? . .. 1 ' W H ' , JC -1 . Q " 'Q . --ffm" -fu - A5 k 1 -WJ Wi' 3 Hr 1: .Pl ,H 'L rgH1'5t"u' ' ' ,HJ-In , 3 4 i, www-. if " Wxtal 14' -'I 'vw'ul "Q .' ' I 4 .. x T L' 4- ., -x '. -4 1, 9:- N lx v px 2. o'f.'a ' A 'fffifr 073- ' .V 31. -.w 'P ,V ,Ci .5 A W 'I' wif' 7, 4 AT lv' 51' I WM? . L. 5, ,5 4? , jg: . .Y v 1 I .v find lllis lzuildingl, Carnlimr, if Slllilll llall, a lcsiinzoizial of llflpflffifllivll for Ihr' lruc grcalrzrss and .spirit of .n'rf1.viu' of 1111? man for 'LUlI01Il il is namrui. Oh, llcnry! llofw darling! Ni- 1 I g'v"W+'-SSL .Q - ,, , A L . N . ,- H ' ' . . . , , J. , , ". . ., .1 . 215 Ti, - .L .X .' , . .F 'ir nik '.-J. ' 1:-' ' .J -,Hz 41131 Y . -af'-A . a. 1 Q I " , ,f..9'1 Q, Q 4. H an 013' Q15 . , . -Y' 'r , 15 K, . hw R ,y A 'S-5 Egjsfg? V ,- J Q H Ski: . . fha' ' . Y "til: 4 Q -:SEN H , X L I 119. 4 " u 5 at ' V ,A A1 f ' 5 fp? V Qs- -w ,, Flz' "4 ' I Ci , A Sh fl' il' h ' Ma: . v I' 5 is . .kc - ' ' A 1 1' ff F, , zz, '5' V' A s v x H -.Q -... .- N ..' J, 'F -.5 p Q H., J' 0 Q.: ,- W1 afi -v E' , 1. ,. I -c W 1. an I ,, ,Q . 'J' -M1 . , V. K 1 " x,. .. +1 . , ,.,o W ' 5' .L , i .I ' ' A ' 4 , ' A n , 3 ' s , V' 1, -A ' . -- -av, .l . . x -gf. xg? N, , ' . , -, . . . 1, s. . , 1 - ge W , .. . , . . 1 . M' I I V .' . I-. - 5 .,:s. ' p 'gg-I , 1 4 N si. u f' I w. . 4. ,Q x o - r " . s - . , fr ' b ' S- . 0 - -.' ' x A 0 I 4 - -H Q h Avy x A ' n I 1 . 41 'I ' 'Q P I I u . -'J U : ' .- 1' V K A I l 'Q 1 t ' I A , .1 ' ' . .-IA: . ,. - Q vw , i'. syffo' . 1 in ' "" 4' 1'--'fv '. 1' ' 1 try? .5 4 - 1' . . .. 9 ' ,ik - . A ,' ' " 1 A ' 1 " , Jshv- .1 ' - X ,--, " 0 -0 . 0 . 4 Wi '- ' . D ., 1 ,. U 1 . A -,ff . , ,H . I. - -of ' Q . ' ' ' L - Rv f- ' ff ' ,hw A - . I A 4 ' I V .VA " " Q vi' H ' X aw :' f' ,I nf? . +1g','?' ' ,. 4 fx: f -1 ' ,i . ' I: 3' Q , QP .1 , . . -' . 5 'A 1 V ' ,. ' Q , , K N-r ' 1 'W . , ' KKWLQZQ ...Q 56' ll, I ' , pl, J 1 ' ,ki .MAY-x ... . , . --'ww' - " - J". K 'W' .am MA .. ,, + ,K A X 4 hgh: 5.14 ghw A , 'V ... ,. .ww ,..--I-n-41... if-sn-Q 3. h,Nl,,qg f ...MN .-.,,..m-.-- -1--A w----Arran:-f-1w'w if W3 in A nu: . . ..-.yfnu v-vummg,-v-Jvc-n,snfw'nHvv,u1.ww',w .irwvr tglxuffm... . guy - ...,'...,-N 4. . ... ..,, 'V X Y .A A ' ,M -wwf I--'m ' 'K .4 '- w.4,v.n- , .' - 'P 4' A- 4, , . . 4 'vi-"LAfv'W5"'5'M-'V Y 4. 'vkf g',N,,t,,,J,. 'Y -.-'..:A"-- -A-"v"! ' nf .H . .X . wi M . - -4 X , . , . " "Wit" . , TU' 'X 5 3?"3f:wg--"'-a"n.f,g1 fwf-wklw , . M,- as ' .sw , . ,.- . " "' A V 5ff".'T' 4,-'Jg4..f A' 'nf' .van . fx... .visa A X-.. l4?iV.W" 1':-,Brig . in . if 1. . , ,. ,I -4 -. 1-4 Q.. Q, v Lg, ' Liv 'FW' . ,.., I , V .L A A . V. - , D , 1,-H'-f-45 , ,.4.,-- N ,- - A U A 7.5, ,.,',- 'tb-.g jg: ,Aff -f'1L,::,L 5:3 - if-:--,,.iq',fQ1-1 i. F-NY-H 1 -l . tv. ..B,,Ql-Yds 1-:3..,.k,1'.'-M ,WMD n We fx ,g."?l4kf-M,,:q-Y-if .M ' -4-w U, f ,-:Ll-f.1nZ,y,h.' ' 11' ' 1146-453-' QQ' 1'-R.-4 -,T ,M ' -I' - " ..,,f5ng, wl. 'n 1 ,, M- ' .X.-?:f'fg1sx'+ '-' U1 ,f.,J-,..m-ww' -wf'f"4f' fw -' ' ' , .1 fa H , fu' aww ,- Z1-Tx." 1 f x . 'W 5,1 -x, V .N ' A 1 - 'Y' Q,---1 fx uwiwf-'44, ig 9.5 S lt" . f 4- ,ff rl-1-'Q' 331 ,5i,,+?-1'f'r1v'fN1e 'N '9 -ar ""ffF'f-f' uf, K rv..-i ,- N , ', ,, 27,5"L.l ,p R Q. 4' - ' ' H' "73,4J:'-Ar N "j 55f,1f'b'f' Af '. A A, . . -ff V . . kv ia .. 4 SJ V I' ,L-ff. . 43,1 - L, ,V ,- gf ' . 1135 1'.-- . ',--f.f'5j1fi?g' 'g"!f1 ' A-.fb jawn A 4, j -,H-,v I' " "L A+? X vw' . ' ffigwr VA 5' W V' vp Qyv' L IA . 78,1-5 M. VQQST9- " " ' -"'I'f' , -' ,. . "Q-44' 95",-I A wf'.A11:T!..xV,f 'H Ili... ' ' X - fdligffi' Af w'fiJil 1, 1- Aw, Hu -Y v .4 ' -, . ' Y ' I - ..-'?N'r 24 ff If ' 'Q 'Thx WW' mf,'f'75 . NM x . I S is"-N .. . s , . Q ' ' Y , -, . - 4, , 1 fb' K,-'a' Vsgrh-,'. r W Saga 4 iw., ,, 'XA ' x , xx Vg ... il 9 5 2 1 ?fQ,,g. . nfs 4 V ',A my Ham JL LV- 9 I I F w I , 4 . ,.. 2 1 .,' ' X 5 I u LU L .Q...,. H fm -W , . ,ue-, n irq gg p,.7A ' 3. f. ,Q , 5 . "f'f"ki ., 12,4 x f . . -Y 1 'r , , ' ' gf ff' '51 1 Rl 71,-' " f X' l .VI a-, -,I N 4. -V3 4 iv ef- f . A, ,awe YW? fi Ln X.. . --fw s .J I E .1,Mf1M,f'2?v'v A , ,lf ti' :Q '. J ,3"fR' "A .A I ,Q rj' -,fl '13 Q en Q W A ' f 1, L dry' kai,7,'?q anus. -,,, ,. 5, f":0.r , pw Ah. ' - -Ur : R' f-" w:"'i" . "5,!1v V 6, '4 4? f1?fC.' . ' ' 1 , -J PL st' ,lm ,, .I .. Ilbrix A . : 5 . 41, 'J f---'?3?"" y"7i5ef" A '- gg "+Q W- ,xv K .YW J ..:a,g'f3',v.,u ,M :N xugv. Y X ., A if--' . -.f"'3e LQfl"'1. f-fvvx N- 'SLT' -air Eh ,UA-' A I .12 ' 1' ' 'T' - f f jg' , Al... ,xxx N , . Tuscaloosa I - - xx mm. 16: E THE COROLLA NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR I lllS IEXCELLENCY WILLIAM WOODWARD BRANDON ' Go-wwzor of Alllblllllll Boarcl of Trustees. University of Alabama I-IIs' EXClil,l.lENCY WILLIAM W. BRANDON, Gowrzmr of .A1laI1ama, I'rcsidc1Il Ex-Ojirio JOIIN VV. AIIIcRcRo:vIIIIIz, Slain Szzfznrinlrmlrzzl of liduralion, Ex-Officio Firxl Dislriri . Second Dislrirl Third Dixlrifl Fourth Disirirl Fifth Dislricl . Sixlh Di.riric'l . Sixth Distrifl . Selvmth Dislrirl Eigfhlh Dislrifl Ninlh Di.vIri1'l . Tcnlh Dislrirl SIIAI.IaR C. IIOU CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICTS . . . GIzssNI3R T. MCCORVIZH' . . . . ROIIERI' S'I'IaINIzR . . . . . HENRY D. CLAYTON . . . . . J. KIfI,I.v DIxoN . . . DANIEL PRATT . . . . HENRY B. Fos'I'IaR . . . . . JOI-IN . . . L. L. . . A. H. . . . HILL . . . . L. B. sIzR ..... EA'l3L'llfi'Ul! Com A. ROGERS . . . HHRZBERG . . . CARMICIIAIII, . . FERGUSON . . MUSGROVIE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1ll'1'll.S'IlfL'f millcc of the Board l70S'1'liR, PRA'I"I' ANII FIIRGUSON I9 . . Mobile Montgomery Montgomery . Talladega . Prattville . Gainesville . . Gadsden . Tuscumbia Birmingham. . . . jasper V f- , , wb. lax. IIIOIOIOIOIO I0 IIIQIQIDICIQIDIQIOICIO IICICICIQIU ' I ' . ICIOIDIDIOIOI DIIIIOIOI IIIIIOIDIIIIOIDIOIOIIIIGIIGIOI6 Tl-IE. COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR A Few of Our Distinguished Alumni GOV. VVILLIAM WOODWARD BRANDON BRAXTON BRAGG COMER Ex-Go-vcrnor of Jllalzama and Ex-United States Senator NVu.1.mM WoonwARn BRANDON b. Talladega, June 5, 1868, s. Rev. Frank T. -I. Brandon and Carrie Woodward, at- tended school Cedar Bluff Institute and Tus- caloosa High School, leaving school at age of I3 to work for himself, followed various things, among others conductor on Tuscaloosa Street Ry., entered University Law School, 1891, leaving before receiving degree to en- gage in famous Kolb-jones campaign, speak- ing on stump for the late Governor Thomas G. jones, practiced lawg clerk city of Tus- caloosa, 1896-97, state legislature, 1898-IQOIQ mem. Co. F, Ala. N. G. lWarrior Guardsl, captain of company at beginning of Spanish- American War, promoted to major, 1898: adjutant-general of state, 1899-1906, state auditor, 1907-1 QIIQ probate judge Tuscaloosa county, 1911-1923: read. clerk Cons. conv., IQOIQ Governor of Alabama, 1923--3 m. Mrs. Elizabeth Andrews Nabors, june 27, 1900, Methodistg superintendent Tuscaloosa Meth- odist S. S. until inaugurated governor, K. of P.g Elkg Odd Fellowg 32nd degree Mason, past supreme archon S. A. E., noted for ora- torical abilityg hobby is fishing. BRAXTON BRAGG Comma Gofucrnor and U. S. Senator lm. Barbour Co., Nov. 4, 1848: s. John Fletcher Comer and Catherine Lucinda Drew- ry, -entered University in 1864, left with the cadets when driven out by the approach of the Federal army in 1865, A.M. Emory and I-Ienry College, 1869, extensive farmer, also largely interested in milling and cotton manu- facturing, mem. Comr's Ct. Barbour Co., 1874.-80, President Ala. R. R. Commission, I905'I907Q Governor of Alabama, I907'IIQ mem. U. S. Senate, filling vacancy made by death of Senator Bankhead, 1920, did much for educational interests while governor, buildings at Auburn and University named for himg m. C11 Eva J. Harris, Cuthbert, Ga., Oct. 1, 1872, 125 Mary Carr Gibsong residence, 1931 S. I4til Ave., Birmingham, Ala., Phi Beta Kappa. , 5 sg: 55- mnnnuupru .minnesota onneiauauoiainnu ' 1 ' .OIIICIQ omlolumolu omlolonolnlulomlo amunaia TI-IE. COROLLA. NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR A Few of Our Distinguished Alumni HENRY DELEMAR CLAYTON JOHN CRAVVFORD ANDERSON United States Judge Chief Jusliee Supreme Caurl of .fllabama HENRY DELAMAR CLAYTON JOHN CRAWFORD ANDERSON U. S. Judge b. Barbour Co., Feb. 10, 1859, s. Gen. H. D. Clayton and Victoria Virginia Hunter, entered University, 1875, A.B. 1877, LL.B. 1878: prac. law Clayton, 1878-80, Eufaula, I880'I9I4Q reg. in chan., Barbour Co., 1880- 84, mem. Alabama leg., 1890-92, pres. elec., 1888-1892, mem. nat. dem. committ., 1888- 1914, U. S. Dist. Atty., middle dist. of Ala., X893-96, rep. in Congress 55th to 63rd con- gresses, 3rd Ala. dist., 1897-1915, resigned cong., May, 1914, U. S. dist. judge, mid. and north. districts, May 19141, chrmn. com. on Judiciary, 62nd and 63rd cong., author The Clayton Act, chrmn. dem. caucus, 6oth cong., per. chrmn. dem. nat. conv., Denver, 1908, m. C11 Virginia Ball Allen, 1882, Cdied 18835, fzl Bettie Davis, d. of late Samuel M. Davis, Georgetown, Ky., 1910, Phi Beta Kappa, University trustee, 1920-, when contemplating resigning Congress earlier than he did, President Wilson wrote him a per- sonal letter, urging him to remain, citing his great value to the Democratic party. Chief Jusliee Supreme Court of .fllabama b. Burton Hill, Greene Co., August 5, 1863, s. Dr. John Crawford Anderson and Eliza- beth McAlpin, prepared for college in com- mon schools of Greene County, entered Uni- versity, 1880, irregular academic course, Law course 1882 and 1883, LL.B. June, -1883, practiced law Linden and Demopolis, 1886- 1895, appointed judge of the First Judicial Circuit, 1895, elected for full term, elected Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, 1904, re-elected, 1910, appointed Chief, Justice, 1914, elected for unexpired term during said year, re-elected Chief Justice, 1916 and I9222 m. Miss Mary Bird Martin, Tuscaloosa, Pres- byterian, K. of P., Elks. THE. COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR A Few of Our Distinguished Alumni WILLIAM SIMPSON KELLER Stale Ilighfway EllgillL'l'f W1LL1AM SIMPSON IQELLER Slate Iliyllfway Erzgifmfr b. Tuscumbia, Ala., Feb. 20, 1874.1 s. Ar- thur Henley Keller and Sally Simpson, brother of Helen Keller, went to Ver11er Mili- tary School, Tuscaloosa, and State Normal School at Florence, 'entered University of Alabama fall of 1889, graduated B.C.E. ,931 m. 115 Aileen Moore, Columbia, Tenn., May 18, 1904 Cdied February, 19125 , m. C25 Annie Ross Searcy, Tuscaloosa, December, 1913, followed engineering Tuscumhia, 1893-1900, asst. eng. Shiloh Nat. Military Park, 1900-05, asst. eng., April-October, 1905, and engr., 1905-07, Madison County, Tenn., Good Roads Commis. supt. of construction Oliice of Pub. Roads, U. S. Dept. Agr., 1907-IO! Co. Engr. Dallas Co., Ala., 1910-11, State High- way Engineer of Alabama, May 1,. 1911, Presbyterian, Kappa Alpha, hobby, golf, hunting and fishing, mem. Amer. Society C. E., Amer. Assoc. of Engrs., Amer. Assoc. State Hgwy. Officials, Amer. Road Bldrs. Assoc., Ala. Assoc. Highway Engrs. QPres., I9II'I25Q v.-p. Ala. Tech. Assoc., 1917, Prest. Amer. Assoc. State Hgwy. Oflicials, 1921, v.-p. Amer. Road Builders Assoc., Home, 306 Felder Ave., Otiice, Bell Bldg., Montgomery, Ala. EUGENE ALLEN SMITH Stale Geologist EUGENE ALLEN SMITH Stale Gfoloyisf b. Washington, near Prattville, in Autauga County, October 27, 1841, s. Dr. Samuel P. Smith and Adelaide Julia Allen, Prattville, attended Autauga Co. schools and Central High school, Philadelphia, entered Univer- sity in autumn, 1860, A.B. 1862, student at Gottinger, Germany, 1865, A.M. and Ph.D. Heidelberg, 1868, LL.D. Univ. of Miss., 1899, and of Alabama, I996Q after leaving University in 1862, spent several months in Confederate army in Tenn. and Ky., being second lieut. Co. K, 33rd Ala. Reg., pro- moted major, detailed by President jefferson Davis to -go to University as captain aml in- structor in tactics, remained until the de- struction of tl1e University and the close of the war, 1865, returned from Germany to America in 1868, going to Oxford, Miss., as asst. in the geological survey of Miss., re- maining until 1871, when called to chair of geology and natural history in University. and has remained at University, having filled positions as professor of chemistry as well as of geo., ever since, appointed state geologist of Alabama, 1873, holding position to present, Comr. to Paris Exposition, 1878, spec. agt. on cotton culture, IOIll census, 1880: mem. A1ner. Com. Internat. Geol. Cong.. 1884-89, 1nem. ,lury of Awards, Atlanta Exposition, 1895, Nashville, 1897, St. Louis, 1904, Fellow A. A. A. S. Cchrm. Sec. E. 19045, Geolog. Sc. of Amer. fCouncil, 1892-95, 2 V. P. 1906, pres. 19135, Member St. Hgwy. Com., l9II1Q author numerous geol. papers, re- ports, etc., m. Jennie H., d. of Chancello: of London C. Garland, Oxford, Miss., July 10, 1872, Phi Beta Kappa, interested in athletics ever since University engaged in anything of kind, mem. of Athletic Com. since its foun- dation. T. 'A . :61 . 9 mlnnlomlolououqlnioiqnqlg.,,,,,,,,.,...l-lq4g1g1. ' 1 ' 0:11010 ololalulolulmlolololololnlololvlololulnuno:o THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR A Few of Our Distinguished Alumni BORDEN BURR Ex-Chairman of the Uniwrsily of fIldbd1l1K1'5 Million-Dollar Drzfve BORDEN B URR Lafwyer ' b. Talladega, Nov. 2, 1876, s. Wm. H. Burr and Sarah Borden, attended Webb's, Bell Buckle, Tenn., entered University, Sep- tember, 1894, A.B., 1896, LL.B. Washington and Lee, 1898, varsity football team, 1894. fpiqneer football team of Universityl, track, gym, etc., junior orator, m. C11 Mamie Camp, Talladega, Jan. 16, 1901, Czl ,Nell Forman, Ashville, practiced law, firm Knox Dixon 81 Burr, Talladega, 1899-1909, Percy, Benners 8: Burr, Birmingham, 19091, solici- tor 7th judicial ct., l904.:I909Q dis. del. Nat. Dem. Conv., 1908, 1912, state at large, 1920, Pres. Alumni Society, 1916-1918, Chairman Million-Dollar Drive, 1922, visited France in interest of Y. M. C. A. work, 1918, life member B. P. O. E., Regent Sigma Nu frater- nity, 1918-1920, Phi Beta Kappa, mem. Country Club, Birmingham, hobby is Ala- bama football team, and any enterprise for the upbuilding of University secures his whole-hearted support. THOMAS WAVERLY PALMER President Alabama College THOMAS WAVERLY PALMER l'resident Alabama College, Monlwallo b. Snow Hill Know Furmanl, May 19, 1860, s. Dabney Palmer and Martha A. Simpson, attended Howard College at Ma- rion, entered University October, 1878, A.M., 1881, B.C.E., 1882, LL.D., 1906, Captain Co. B, A. C. C., 1881, President Philomathic Lit. Soc., m. Lulu Ranier, Union Springs, Dec. 22, 1886, instructor math., University, 1881-82, Assist. Prof., 1882-83, professor, 1883-1907, dean of academic faculty, 1905- 07, pres. Ala. Girls' Tech. Inst. Cnow Ala- bama Collegej, 1907, mem. Ala. St. Text- Book Comm., 1913-18, Chrmn. St. Board for Vocational Ed., 1917-19, Baptist, Mason C32d degreej, Sigma Chi, Phi Beta Kappa, National Exchange Club, President Alabama S. S. Assoc. 2 years, Y. M. C. A. St. Exec. Com. IO years, president Ala. Ed. Assoc, 1921-22, mem. St. Council of Ed., v.-p. Mer- chants 8c Farmers National Bk., Union Springs, 1921. N -f -1 mlnlolalolol ololololnlalalalalnlnuun 'iq X 1 4 I y "' ""' A' ullolclcln 0 1 .0 Clcla 0 n 0 ulolulololol0nolovulmlolulolololololoro THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR A Few of Our Distinguished Alumni W. P. G. HARDING Ex-Go-wrnor Federal Rrsrrfvr' Board VVLLLIAM PROCTOR GOULD HARDING Supervising Banking Operation: in Czccho-Slovakia b. Greene County, May 5, 1864, s. Horace Harding and Eliza Proctor Gould, attended preparatory school Tuscaloosa, entered Uni- versity Dec. 1, 1878, A.B., 1880, A.M., 1881, LL.D. Alabama, 1916, Columbia, 1922, Har- vard, 1922, youngest full graduate in history of University, m. Amanda Moore, Birming- ham, Oct. 22, 1895 fdied 19105, president Erosophic Soc., editor University Monthly, clk. and bookkeeper Bank J. H. Fitts 81 Co., Tuscaloosa, 1882, assistant cashier Berney Nat. Bank, Birmingham, 1886-1896, cashier 1894-1896, v.-p., 1896, pres., june 28, 1902- June 24, 1914, First Nat. Bank, Birmingham, mem. Fed. Reserve Bd., Washington, Aug. 10, 1914, and Gov., Aug. ro, 1916 to 1922, mng. dir. War Finance Corp., 1918-19, gov- ernor Fed. Reserve Bank, Boston, 1923, direc- tor finances Cuba, 1922, and now in charge of Finances Cz-echo-Slovakia, Episcopalian, clubs, Metropolitan, Chevy Chase, Washing- ton, Algonquin, Boston, Home, Birmingham, res., Boston, author of numerous essays on finance and economic subjects. "UNCLE TOM" GARNER Bclofurd by all 'Bama Students "UNCLE TOM" GARNER "Uncle Tom" Garner, through his attrac- tive and unaffected personality, his progres- sive spirit, and his untiring -efforts for the good of his Alma Mater, has made his name and that of the University practically inter- changeable, and has made himself loved of all 'Bama students. In all internal affairs of the University, and in all alumni activi- ties, he gives unstintedly of his time andla- bor to secure the best results for the institu- tion of his choice. Every student who comes to the University soon learns who "Uncle Tom" Garner is, and becomes fond of him without an introduction, because of the frlvendllness and kindliness of his nature. "D ncle Tom" has now been with us for many years-many happy years-and we trust that the days will be long and numerous before he ceases to be a familiar figure at the Cap- stone. Without him, the University-well, it just would not be the same place. h ixgefyi IAQ Q61 5 Q ' IDIOIOIOIOIOIQIIIIICIGIBIQICICIIIDIJICIOIOICICICII ' I ' ICIQIQ OIOIOIIIUIOIOICIIIIIOICIOIOICIOIOICIDIOIG T1-113 COROLLA, NINETEEN TWEQEY-FOUR 5"'T'-.I- Q 5-FROM Hmm QL!-'L' ,, ar' E M gi g? r. 'L on canon Ol . I ' 970 3: Q COLLEGE NIGHT HHL HHOIALNHML NHHLHN N'VTTOHO3 U11 Q NAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVA v4v4vAv4v4vAv4v4v4vAv4w 2 0 Q4 J C 4 P 2 S I E 2 2 S 2 4 P 5 E P S 4 5 E 5 E 4 P 5 E 4 P P S S a 5 5 v a a, 4 4 P Z S 3 E 2 E 5 Graduate Class E i S Q Olflflcrms S UDsoN NEAD 5 J S E 4 Prnsidvnl E 7 4 E z JOHN J. SPARKMAN .KATHERINE NELL Honmzs E 5 Ifirc-President Scrrvlarl' 2 5 Llzwxs VASTINE S'rAnLER g S Trca.vur'fr 4 S Amo WVHITEH L'RsT S 5 Exvcufifvc Commiitcmnan S 2 Rlculsnoukc G. MCNVILLIAMS 5 D Forensic Counril S 2 S 5 E P S S 2 E Q v 5 S 5 C 4 E D P S S S S 4 , C 2 2 Q 25 v YAY? mmm a X , l 1 VNNNINA A A'W"ww .Q ' A f,w"""'N AMMYAMVAE yyilffqh I G Q STGRADUATE CLAS J M BARNTS MONTGOMERY Graduate llfork He IS a prospective pill roller, with the inherent capacity to be a real one Efficiency and thorough ness are to him a passion In mak ing decisions, he is deliberate and, before launching out in life, he means to be prepared H1:sT1:R M BURCHFIELD A I' A 'ruscanoosa Art: Education Club League of Women WCA She is a modern girl with rare endowments 'md varied personal charm Her many college, church educational, and other activities have marked her a tremendous so cial force The two kinds of beau- ty that win and hold both old and young are hers in rare combination E S ERNST nEMoPoLIs Science I 3K H nor Roll 9 o 2 22' - sonic Club' Philomathic 20' Alembic Club 20' Mining Club 22' Million- Dollar Drive' Fellow for Alabama Power Co. Research Work 24 An individual who considers the passing moments man's greatest possessions and makes them count By his dignified, manly bearing, he has made a host of friends, and by his passion for scholarship and ef- ficiency he will hold them. M VALN ADAMS MOBILE flrts Bachelor of Arts Vaun IS '1 Mobillan who is en 1'1l, likeable and, on occasions, even dignified To know how well he is liked you only have to ask the girls He seems to have a way w1th them by divine right MILTON BRUMER K N BROOKLYN New YORK Mzmng Engineering U S Bureau of Mines Fellowship Science Club Mining 'ind Metallurg ical Society Junior Member American Society of Mechanical Engineering Graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic In stitute of Troy N Y From the Empire State, he so Journs with us for one year He is 1 friend maker His admirable qualities and sportsmanship make him such a delightful chum that we wonder why he is single ALBERT H CLIIMENS SCOTTSBORO Art: A.B Degree 23' President Y M C A 23' Vice-President Student Body 22- 23' President Jasons 22- 23' Class President ' Vice-President A Club' Vice-President Quadrangle' Y M. C A Deputation Team' Captain Varsity Football Team 21 23' Var- sity Football 20 21 22 23 Basket- ball' Winner Porter Cup 2: Captain Al as Bamas great- est end, was a real leader for two seasons. He is an all-round ath- lete, who added lustre to any de- partment of the fighting Crimson Tide. He is a Christian gentle- man, a scholar, and one to be re- membered. AYAVWWWWWW C I 1n1Nf'NNNNN 'WWWW -0: Al- 1145 A AVXWV VAVAVA JBJAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVLVQ VAVAVAVAVAVAVAV VAVAVAW D 0 'I C f S 3 C P O S v . . 1 . . - . l . 1 . . I .Q g - ' ' ' K ' cc n Votersg A.B. Degriee of A., '23g Y. I - I 5 I - G . E ' y v 12x , ' l l mc u U 1 , ' , Y . .0 y :I n ,2 1 , Ir , r Ma D ,I v l . ' l ' u - 5 E 4 V POSTGRADUATE CLASS Louxsl: KEY K A RUssrLLv1LLE Art: Reporter for Graduating Class She is a real Alabama girl with Southern Ideals and true Dixie beauty In the art of making friends she is a past master She has the tact of the politician and the magic of a modern twentieth century gnl JoHN J PATTON K Z TUSCALOOSA Enrlzneerzng BS in E II 22 Honor Roll 22 MS 1n I' E Fellowship in Bu reau of Mines John is ui individual who knows how to combine practice with the ory His happy combination of peisouality scholarship and char acter makes him a man with whom the world must reckon CWTERVILI E E ducatzon H l B BS University of Alabama 3 President Postgraduate Class 4 Presldent Kappa Delta P1 President Education Club 3 President Phll0 mathic 24 National Odicer D A V 3 24 Crimson White Staff 23 Corolla Board 23 Ass1stantD1rector Trade School 23 24 El'0S0PhlC Ln erary Society 21 Masonic Club P lmcal Science Club When he speaks his audltols ac Cept the utterances as final author ty His concise clear reasoning compels one to agree HIS fI0WC1' lng personality will leave its niche ln the affections of his friends Louis M GINSBERG BALTIMORF MARYLAND Science B S Johns Hopkins University This gentleman comes to us from Baltimore seeking further knowledge in his chosen field of science During the one year he has spent at the Capstone, he has impressed us with his clearness of thought and scientific lnslght TOM NrwToN Z' A E BIRMINGHAM Engmeering Secretary Jasons ..' Football 21 22 23 Blackfrxars' Arch Club' Vice President of Arch Club 23' A. l M M E Pres1dentA I M. M E. Tom has in all 1ts power a trait that we so often find lacking the power of thinking straight and the strength of character to stand staunchly and firmly for lofty prin- ciples A man who truly has the welfare of his Alma Mater at heart JAMES B SELLERS HOLT Educalion K A II He is one who knows the value of silence. With his few well- chosen words he impresses us Hls ideal of service and his boundless energv will mark him as a success- ful teacher. l sk r S S S S S C E P S C 3 fx Q P S S S C E n S S S 5 As vnvf-HO VAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAYAVAYAVAVAVAVAVAVAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAv 4 3 1 J 5 S JV 1 .1 1 3 J S 2 4 S5 4 a 2 z z z z 2 E Z Z z z 2 D R 1 S C E 2 E , ., . 2 , ., 2 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 . K 't.v. l I' 1 1 ' C .AI C - - . I sl I B J 9 fr 1 . . . 41, , 5 1 ,211 ' ' L. .- 1 ' ' - GT 1 1 ' " Kgs. ' H20, 'KZ ' ' ' , .1 , 1,. l ' 1 , 1 . I 1 . I ' - . . 1 1: . . ., y. , 1 1 ,2I ' 1 I ,. ' ,1 ' ' ' . - y ,1 1 1 1 t Q 0 I , 1 l 1 I. JuosoN SNEAD - M 4 . i 1 .. 1 . KA ,U K I I . -V. C 1' 12: ' , , .'2i I . S I I .z L I 1 . ,,2Q -. - ' 1 , ' . , . '21 ,,: , .L I . I flu- l 5 ' ' ly l ' ' . . 1 1 . - . 1 1 1 l I - 'U ll ,, 3 K: , o K I , .K U ' 1 ' . . 1 I . ' 1 . ' K ' . - - . 1 1 1 E E P 1 9 , ' .49 AVNWXVAQ FAA AV VAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVLVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAV Avavavavavav G Q STGRADUATE CLA JOHN J SPARKMAN II K A IIARTSELLE Arts AIBKZTA LL B 3 Fraternity Loving Cup 2 President Student Body 23 PresidentY M C Assistant Secretary Y M C General Secretary Y M C A nor Roll 8 9 21 Crimson White Staff I9 23 Editor in Chief Crimson White Class Football I9 22 Corolla Board 23 Executive Committee 3 J Vice President Jasons 23 Phnlomath ic Alabama Quadrangle President of Junior Faculty 22 23 Masonic Club Editor Alabama Builder 23 Assistant Political Science Instructor in History 21 23 Attic Capstone Hall of Fame 23 President Forensic Coun l 3 Vice President Craduate Class 4 Indianapolis Convention Delegate He is an example of the best that Alabama produces He has a keen intellect great energy a great love of the Capstone, and a desire to serve NO student has so bene fited the Capstone Students come and go but he remains ever with us, now under the dictator- ship of his better half HATTIE LOU TRAMMEL I7 B QI MOBILE Poxtgraduale Work II I I Y. W. C. A.' League of Women Voters During her stay at the Capstone she has been a beacon in college ac- tivities, a trusted friend and an oracle of good cheer. She has won all by her scholarship courtesy, so- ciability and loftiness of purpose. Graduate Department JOHN EDWARD SODL1: Q F A PFNSACOLA FLORIDA Cz-vzl Engzncerzng UnlV6fSlty of Illinois Class of 22 Vice President A S C E University of Alabama Seabbard and Blade Good at almost anything is what his friends say of him Be sides being a crackeijack engineer and an ofhcer in the U S Army, he has marked executive ability and above all he has a character eral A regular work fiend Lewis VASTINE STADLDR H K A GREENVILLE Arts BS '23, Treasurer Craduate Class 24 Secretary and Treasurer Com merce Club merce Club 22 Captain Company G 3 23 Vice President Com Varsity Basketball No name is bettei known at the Capstone that evely student would do well to emulate His tenacity of pur pose and mestimable general worth make us for him Skip has a record ALTO L WHITEHURST ' CLOPTON Arts K A H I B K B.S. in Education' Honor Roll 21 22 23' Junior Faculty' Assistant in French' Philomathic' Alabama Quad- rangle' Fdueation Club' Junior Board of Stewards' Corolla Board 24 E - ecutnve Committee 24 He is a student of the first rank an invaluable friend a pleasing personality, and a lover of undeter- mined potentialities A man who is known by every Bama student and who will carry withrhim their enduring respect Each year sees an increase in the number of graduate students at the Capstone. This is a testimonial that those desiring to take this Work are realizing the advantages offered by the University in regard to graduate Work. P Www ' . fwwwwwwv C I 1NNNfVNNNNf a"wa:s aww 'Www 'NMA VAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAYAVAYAY AVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVA AvAvAvAy0 'D 2 - 9- . ' .I ' - ' I 7 -A . .pa 5 , . 'wN.. - A -1 . 'Q :W : S . . v . 3--'E Q- 'Q 'Q I 4. My b S pq B U- , B .g .- 3 1 , . 4 - 1 H .. n If .lu gy ,. In T. 'H 3 ' V " H ' '- i 8 . - 'Ns ' . c A ' 1 . ' - . if---I . O 3 -4 ' , -', . B ... N- h 'U' C Za, Q, A'.f'15--!w.:v 51 Q . - . ' - w ' f' q . R . . h eg . - . p .- - - . . 2 ' 5, - ' U3 S . , 3 A . - 0 ' ,. - . 5 - -' ' U- , . s 1 - - : : ' . , - - I .' S e - Q A . :'- A li f R'. 1- ' A S vs ' ,I ' '33 .v A E .- - I y S - - ' rf- ' ' S . - ' , Q R N i . ' 5 . . E -V . ug I . W 3 ' Q P -. x .-. n - I nw ? I' 1 ' .... S .2 S AVAVAVAVAVA AVAVAVAVAYAVAVAVAYAVAVAVAVAYAYAVAVAVAVAYAVAYAVAVAVAYNQ G Q AVAVAVAVLVAVLVAVLVNLVW kv v v AVA S 'N S S 5 I S 4 C D r 5 S I 5 S S S S S E D v C P C J D C D , P C 5 r 5 5 . . P S SCDIOI' Arts and SCICIICCS E 3 OFFICERS 3 1 CHARLES H. KING ...... President Q Q PAULINE VVILLOUGIIBY .... . . . Vine-Presidml E 2 TOM LANE ....... ' ..... . Treasurer 2 Q ROBERT ERVIN . . . ....... Secretary E a LoUIsA WHEELER .... ...... . Historian Q 5 ,5 T . . .- ...... . . P Q 1312212 .... .. ...... P f,,,,Ie, 'M' E S CIIARLES BIIOMEERG . . . ........ Orator S S SI-IELLEY SANSBURI' . . . Forensic Council S S Executive Committee E 4 P ' L. N ' 2 S::IRiX4URPHIiss:ToN E z DICK COLEMAN 2 D EMMET MCGAULEY E 5 2 S r 4 C D P 4 C S r C P . E S S 4 C Q P 5 S :1 ' S S DEAN C. H. BARNWELL S 4 ' C Q P 1 C J P 1 29 5 Nw v ' 1 vf 'wwwsw ffsfmwNf"N'M Ahh, Am 55. vlqfghfh C I AY AMMMVSVAQ lhvfqlqh I Q Q Nxvxvxvxvxvxvxvxvxvxvxvf vvxvxvxvxvxvxvxvxvxvxvxwL S' 0 4 I? AVA 'R V4 Seflibl' Class COLLIICI' Ol' ARTS AND SCIFNCLS En ru lx ALLTIN Z T A MONIGOMIIRY A rl: l"1nIIellen1cCounc1l 22 24 X W C' A Cabmet 24 Keystone 23 24 Bit, Sxsters League of Women Voters I lllIC'lIl0I1 Club We 'Ire glad that the rumor that I clxth would teach m Montgomery thxs yclr was fall'1c10us Of course Mont 5.,omery lost n fine teacher but Mont gomery s loss was our gun ELIZABETH ARcHmALD FUTAW fl rl: K A II II NI II Honor Roll 22 A mnxture of brzuns and brrllmncy I'lnz'xbeth has a number of excellent qualmes that are a credit to her and everyone IS expectmg great thxngs of I'l11aheth OI IVIA ATTFIITRRY ILINICI LOUISIANA Scwnu' Education Club VVe hope that Loulsmna wlll send us more like Ol1v1'1 Who s'ud that ev erythmg sweet ln this st'1te consxsted of the der1v'1txves of Sugar Cme P It isnt so 'rs IS exemplxfied lll the pres ent lnstance Senior Class COLLEGE Ol' ARTS AND SCIENCES MARGAR1:r AUREI IA AIRD BIRMINGHAM .4 rt: Margaret 1s one of the most consxd er'1te 'und thoughtful gn-ls at the Cap stone She possesses 1 subtle sense of humor 'md 'ln 'lbllxty of keen 'lnxlysxs tlmt makes her extremely xnterestxng VERA AND1:Rs0N 'I ROY Scwnce IIduc'mon Club Y W C A Phe only reason Vera hasnt made Phu Beta Kappa IS because she hasnt been here long enough to be elxgxble She has made a host of friends both here 'und 'lt summer school 'VIARY IIVEIYN ARNOID K A ANNISION A rt: M'1ry Fvelvn 19 very 'nttrsftlve and liked by '1ll who know her Coming to us from Agnes Scott she soon proved th'1t she IS the type of gurl th'1t wms for herself a pl nee xn thc hearts of all X f Ahh? ffffgh 'Www fr. ,fn 'Nh y 15 A AVWAVVAv VAYAVAVNNA Z Z . Z Z Z 2 Z 2 2 I 4 4.. ',': ,' -': - - ' - Z :W 5 5 .' . z . I. I Z ' . ' A 5 a V. . ... I., - Z Z Z 2 Z , Z ' I Z 1 I 1. Z l - Z Z Z 2 5 4 . a I , H ,, Z A -' . a . . Z N Www , WNNNN 5 AVAVAVAVAVAVAVAYAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVA Y Z Q Q f L AvAvAvAvAvAvAv vsvsvavf 65-X 0 SCHIOI' Class COILEGE OI' ARIS AND SCIENCES MARY EI IZARI TH BARLR IUSCAIOOSA rs IxAl'I IIonor Roll 22 IECIIILIUOII Club A girl who reliects honor upon the university With her fIl"llIlI'lfl0II we lose one of our best lox ed seniors May Providence send ns others hks her WILIIAM C BATY 'P I' A BESSEMFR Art: Varsity Football 'zo 2 2 sons Arch Club Blackfrmrs, A Club Vice President Student BOCIV Secretary Treasurer I'l'CShm'l'I 3 Executive Committee 22 EVO sophie Literary Society QlI'ldl"lflglC Best defensive back In S0nfhI'lnd IS what sporting editors called him but we think of Bubber 'ls Yhe Hn est 'md most sincere friend 'I fellow could have MARION BISHOP, A Z MONTGOMERY A rt: Blackfrxars Fellowship III Chemls ry 23 '24 Alembxc Club 22 SCC retary 'Ind Freasurer junior Faculty 3 P'1n Hellenic Council 2 4- Ilonor Roll 22 Keystone 23 Bunny IS mother one of those folks on whose paper the profs 'IIIICOTIYIIIC '1 y write A Her first N0 vears were occupied wuth Geologi I7 but of late she has changefl to 'I Cor respondence course , AVXMV Kb. fhffqh E Senior Class COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES EUOIINIS DELEON BAILEY, JR. DECATUR Arts Cotillion Club. Although Eugene is a senior now, and has always found suliicient time to apply on text-books, you need only mention his name among Tuscaloosa's fair and sweet to find where he has also spent some time. Eugene's sunny disposition and "cheery" smile will be missed. WALTER H. BARNES, Q A 9 PRATTVILLE Am President of Key-Ice. "Hub" takes life in a cheerful and philosophical, manner. He studies a little, dances quite a bit and loves- well, we hear that he is pretty good at the game. His chief scholastic weak- ness is a fondness for Dr. Howe'l classes. MILTON BIEDENHARN, K A VICKSBURG, MISSISSIPPI Art: E T Arch Clubg Hottentot Clubg Treas- urer Cotillion Clubg Attic. Coming to us from the University of Virginia only a few years ago, he has become one of the most popular men on the campus, a man who gains and keeps the confidence of those who know him. qhflqh 4 3 - I D l 5 Q 4 4 Q M 2 ' . . 3 Z Z 2 z v ' - Q . . 5 .-1 1 1 5 . 4 z ' v , i 4' -1 . ' Z 2 3 Z Q , Q I 3 D . I I I . - 4 1 , , , I, uzv 23 9u.Ia,, a I 1 . .1 - - ' 123: , K - .L 1 .1 Classy Secretary-Treasurer "A" Club, 32 g L i I W , Y : u A t ,F , 4 ' ,, ' .2 f 'zlg I- K' ':'3I,2i .ll ian 'f ." I A V V C 2 M W VWVA Nr Q Q VAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVA AVAVAVAVA SCIIIOI' Class COLLEGE Ol' ARTS AND SCIENCES HARLES L BROMBERG A K L' BIRMINCIIAM .fl rl: Arch Club Property Manager Bl ckfnars 2 Business Manager Blackfriars 22 Manager Basketball Good natured and popular Charlie never allows pleasure to interfere with business Always a hard worker he has earned for himself the position o Blackfriar and basketball manager Whatever business he may settle in his perseverance and ability will carry him to the front GEORCIA VIRCINIA BRYANT S'l'0CK'l'0N .f rr ' A continuation of a family of mu- sicians. She is a fine violinist an au- thority on history and is withal a very likeable girl. ALTON BLAINII Buamcx DOUBLE SPRINGS Science Education Clubg Officers' Club. A worker of recognized ability, both as a student and a man of practic- ability. Wherever he goes, or whatever he does, he will "bring home the ba- con." . CIIIOI' Class COLI EGF OI' AR'IS AND SCIENCFS MIRIARI BIAUX 'IAMIX ll0RlDA rl: Vducatnon Club Y W C A Ten ms Club League of Women Voters After making., good at Birmingham eided to come to Alabama She has become quite familiar with As Her sweet disposition makes everyone like mer jrssu: Lrr BRYANT S'l0CKl0N A rt: Tessie Lee graduated from Monte- vallo before entering Alabama She is quite talented in music and has a par- ticular liking for the study of English Our only regret is that she has not been here longer SADIE BRYANT STOCKTON A rt: Another talented violinist. Coming to us from Montevallo, she has more than upheld her A grade record. We are indeed sorry that the end of this year marks her departure from our midst. 'AVWS v Yf AY vfvrvoft Amvhhy f I A AY AMMVXVN yfgvgxfhflqlqh NAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAv vAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAw lf? 1, . S , . C ' v ' I I' 1 Y ' ,fl 3 : L, xii: . If I 'S it I - . I Zi T '23, 'z4g drator' of Sehior Class. .l Southern and at YAthens, Miriam de- 4 z L ' L L 3 , ,. Z . 5 y 4 1 1 I '. t . . z . . L . ., Z . . , , I - - Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z 1 Z 2 Z 7 'W' 'Q 59 Q "" 'M 4 VAVAVAVAVAVAVANAVAVAVAVANAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVA enior Class COLLEGE OI' ARTS AND SCIENCES MRS WILLIAM Hours BURTON MILLTOVKN Srrrnrc Fducatron Club Her admrrable personalrty and ubrl rty to make frrends whrch she drs played here wrll surely make her chosen vocatron a great success She IS well worthy of the task she has chosen IUANITA CAMERON A Q TOWN CRFFK Science Y W C A Educatron Club One of the many reasons why Ala bama co eds should be allowed to have more than two dates per Her date Card rs always rn need of more space for punches JOHN H CARTER Q K Z CUNTERSVILLE A rt: Arr autlrorrty as to who the best lookrng co eds are How does 11 know? A man wrll learn by CXPC UCHCC The only thrngs that rrk hmm are saxophones and summer schools enior Class COLLEGE or ARTS AND SCIENCEb ILLIAM' Horus BURTON DAVISTONT Edumlzon It rs a pleasure for hrm to solve edu- catronal problems Upon Such men as he the future progress of the State is based He rs one student who realrzes the purpose of a college OTrs W BYN UM BLOURTSVILLE Arts II 'XI I' Phrlomathrc Lrterary Socrety E - celsror Lrterary Socrety Presrdent of One of Alabamas symmetrrcal sen- rors an excellent student athlete and close compamon of all hrs college mates A man vsell worthy of repre- sentrng hrs Alma Mater rn whatever he may undertake IQATHIIRINE CARKHUFF TUSCALOOSA drl: X A fl" Wrnner Chr Delta Phr Medal 22 Wrrtes short stories or makes fas crnatrng darnty thrngs wrth equal ease One of Chr Delta Phrs most actrve vxorkers 'nv YNNA K AVWWV 9 1 'NA 'Wav Q VIVA A VAMQ 'D 2 E E 2 r S S S S S E r SSE is S S S 5 5 2 2 ,AZ Ag S vAQ Y VAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVA AVAYAVAYAYAVAYAVAVAYAVAVAVA A V4v4vnvkvkvkvgysykvkvkvkvsygvnv4v4vAv4v4v4v4v4v4vAv I yn . . F S ' 1 - ' 5 I 0 l I I I AE H 1 EE w Z . V - 2 7 ' , R i x ,' - Q . ul in I ' I ' I 3? ' ' - L' E 0. I , I x I o 1 YAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAYAVAVAVAYAY J-VAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAV 1 A 3 - Q 1 J . , 5 . - t - ' S ' 5: 2 , - 1 . - . - - f ' 2, 'Y v ,Z v. n - K 'H .. ' I A 5 . , ' H . A I U1 , se w . ' g' . H l - . - . ' l :' is :F n . LA . ' A R' - ' M . . ,' . " V 4 y ' - ' ' ' - :N A Z - rs. R - - .. Z ' - I I. . l'l ' Z I A A AVAVAVAVAVAVAVA yAyAyl.i C1'l101' Class COLLEGE Ol' ARTS AIND SCIENCES PRESTON C CLAYTOIN A Y A FUFAUIA A rl: Junnor Faculty Varsrty Track Team Captaln Company E Oflicers Cub Fellowshrp tn Economrcs Energetrc capable always smrlmg and companxonable P C wall be sorely mxssed at the Capstone by the many who know hum A true gentle man Preston should be a bxg success and a credrt to Bama nn years to come Mnnoafx E CoLr A Q MOBILE A rt: Three Years at Womans College Fducntton Club Umversxty Choral If folks could be books Dora would be Lavender and Old Lace We ve often wondered how such a darnty lrt tle manden could have a vorce of such strength and clearness PDRCELL Com rv A Z SIWANEF TIINNFSSEF A rt: Purcell comes from one of those fam rlres that date back to Noah and she a worthy descendant of her noble pre decessors SDIOI' Class COLLEGE OI' ARTS AND SCIENCES JAMES N CAsTLrm:RRY MARBURY Eduratzon II M I' Masomc Club Edntor of Alabama Bunlder Educatnon Club Crtmson Whxte Staff Alabama Polttncal Scr ence Club A man whose accomplrshments speak or themselves and for the man A man wrth newspaper abxhty coupled mth educattonal facrhtnes such as he possesses need not worry about what ALICE Cnowrxz A A LEXINGTON MISSISSIPPI A rt: Lxquxd Spamsh eyes a vorce like the txnkle of a cavalxers guitar neath a Spamsh balcony FRANCES COMFORT A A A CANTON MISSISSIPPI Arts Blackfrrars Prerrette whose harr IS the model of every bobbed hatred blonde nn school and whose fascmatrng ways have captured the heart of every Um verslty lad 'WWW fn Ahh? Q I 5 1NNNNA AWWA' 051155 AVWNY vfwvn l Xt 5 2 E 2 2 E E 2 2 3 ft 11 5 3 5 C n S 5 E r 5 5 S Q VAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVA VA VAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVA YAVAVAVAVAVA VA VAVAVAVAVAVAVAVA P Q NAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvW vvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAw D 0 ""N S " S 2 Senior Class Senior Class Y D v 4 COLLEGE OF ARTS AND COLLEGE OF ARTS A C ND p S SCIENCES SCIENCES 5 , 2 Z D v 2 S Z OEIE R. COTTLE RALLS M. CosToN, A X A C 5 SIZWSON BIRMINGHAM 2 1 rls Arts P V S "A" Club, Track, '22, '23, '24, Major Third Battalion, "A" Club- S Cross-Country, '22, '24g Latin Instrnc- Varsity Cross-Countr '29 I2 I f YI I I 22 5 tor, Alabama Central College, Edu- Track, '22, OH-icers' Club. Y , cation Club. Coston burned the cinder a . C , p ths un L 4 When Samson sent this boy to Ala- til an accident to his leg caused him c D bama, she offered her very best. As an to quit, and the Ca stone lost a s , Q P tar at c D athlete, as a scholar, as a friend, and track of the first magnitude. Co-eds I S as a gentleman, he is a sterling ex- take notice-lIe made a grand steward. c 4 ample of splendid young manhood. , 2 D He leaves us the losers, for he will be- y 4 come an inestimable asset to those with f D P 5 whom he comes in contact. Q s S 4 C D P 4 C D MARGARET E. CRAWFORD Z T A P S TUSKEGEE S 2 Art: E P R LUCILE CURRY How glad we me that Margaret S Z NORTIIPORT came to Alabama this yearg our only 4 , i regret IS that she did not do so sooner. P 5 Sczence As Eharmirgg Lind attractive as either S 1 Education Club. qua l y cw B' 4 J V 4 A cl-ever, attractive, dependable little C D P 4 person. One may be quite certain that Q D she will succeed in whatever she at- P S tempts, from teaching school to matri- S 5 mony. S 4 Q CHARLES M. CURTIS, Z N E 3 GREENSBORO E Arts 4 Cotillion.ClubA Committee, '22, '245 g D GRACE DARDEN Rn'Hellff11C Cgilcnfil, E24glP1-esidem S V . 1eresque,'22g u sg 1, B I di S BIRMWGHAM Ifnavesg President Knav:s?'2l4g01'Uiil- S 4 Art: hon-Dollar Drive Committee. Q 5 If we just wanted fo compliment P 5 V Education Club, League of Women ggfgfgizsgg lgglllil Sayhhelislone of the S mm, YS H1 sc 00, ur we do , "Twice happy is she, content with not- We Waflf to Plffllre. him as he S S her task, who still keeps her vision be- lfleflllyfs, One Of the friendliest boys wg S 4 yondiu We feel that those lines were now, always lends life and "pep" to 4 5 written about Grace. I any group' 2 2 Y v C l p A Ohhh, vqfqfflvlff fwmw C 1 ,NNNNA - P' vffft 'wwmw Wm- fxvfwxv 0- 1145 A L vAvAvAvNAvAvAvAvAvAvAv.1 g WVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVANQ L r COLLEGI' OF ARFS AND 5' 0 2 . 2 Semor Class 3 5 AVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVA VAVLVAVAVAVLVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAV VA SCIENCES FRED MORTIBIFR DOWNIING GORDO A rts re Med Club phians 22 23. A sihcere student and always full Of fun and frolic. With these f'-1Pefb qualities, he is certain of friendship and following in any field Mas. WM. COPELAND DUBOSE TROY Education Vice-President of Education Club she has been with us onlyla YC?-rv but has carved for herself an xmperlshilble name in her circle of friends MARY JANE EILAND A Z PINI' Bl Url' ARKANSAS Arts The possessor of brown eyes, black hair and a wonderful smile, but, as though the gods had not been lavish enough, they added a charming and democratic disposition that endears her to everyone with whom she comes in contact Senior Class COLLEGE OI' ARTS AND SCIENCES LETITIA GRAY DoGGrTT ENSLFY A rt: Education Club League of Women Voters Here is another summer school stu dent who liked it well enough to stay with us this year A conscientious per son is she a quality that makes the world better to live in WILLIAM COPTI AND DUBOSE TROY Education from in the years to come Taking the past as an example by which to Judge his future we see nothing in his pathway that will block his passage N1:LL DUKE A Z HEFLIN A rts Nell s college career has been varied including Montevallo Agnes Scott and Bama We re glad that she finally came to us for a more conscientious student would be hard to find Xmvwv v YN! AY 1 ,WWWWW Q C 3 10 vn'f"'NAA 'Wwv ,,,v,qA p - ,'2r, '22, '23g Eu- S- 5 1 A lady. a Scholar andnn Optimist' A rnan whom we all expect to hear ' 4 'I' 1 4, . f ' ' , I , I Y , . . Y 'WWW ,mano VA AVA AA ANAKAV G q SSDIOI' Class COLLEGE OI' ARTS AND SCIENCES ROBERT T ERVIN Z A E SPRING HILL fl rlr Freshman Teim Football, zo Assist 1ntM'1nager, 21 Manager Freshman Football 1e'1m 22 23, 24 A Club Secretary Senior Class Jades amount of ability in managing the Baby 'lide through the course of '1 year of uninterrupted victories 'Here is looking to his success in greater thin RUTH I'mG1N K A UNION SIRINCS "TI Education Club Y VV C- A girl one likes to meet. The longer you know her the better you like her. A very charming 'Iassre of Soutll Al'llYlITI'l. HELEN IOSTER A I' I TUSCALOOSA Xl rl: I Education Clubg Y. VV. C. A.i BHP' tist Students' Union. . , Helen's most delightful characteristic is ll quaint, dry wit, with which she almost convulses the "Alpha Gilms and her hosts of other friends. SCI1101' Class COLLEGE Ol" ARTS AND SCIENCES Luciu: FLLENBURG BIRMINGHAM A rt: 1 M Education Club Y W C A League of Women Voters, Junior ac u ty her that bespealts sincerity Quiet of nature and '1 gentle charm always BLANCHE EVANS GOODWATER A rt: E ucation Club' Y W. C, A League of VVomen Voters' I'I'1ll Chair- man Blanche has the good judgment and foresight to realize that in order to be fitted to do work most efliciently, ear- nest elfort must be expended She has 'I record that is worthy of the highest praise Mfuui: ELIZABETH FLOYD A A A OPELIKA fl rts Education Club' League of Women Voters. - Nothing is more fun than to join the entranced crowd listening to Marie tell with sparkling eyes and chuckles one of her "Campus Tales." Let us hope that she will decide to take her M.A. degree and will come back to 'Bama. hw I I v YAY! AY vrvhft Aww? f I ,NNNNNA Ahh, AY .ag P' 1145 Avwwwxmvm .VFIVNNA y AVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVLV v4v4v4v4.v4v4v4v4vAv4v4ML 4 D 5 - - S 5 g 4 4 4 4 11 5 5 5 3 D 5 s I - . E A I 5 5 5 4 I 4 , ' 1.1- I li S 1 eel ,CQ t: ','Ul 4 t' . . , 5 "Bob" has .shown an unlimited There is a gracious sweetness .about 4 - ,, D gs. S , 5 5 2 D i ' fd . . '. - 1 X I 1 1 I K . 'Y Z .It .. D . . 5 , , , , . . 9 A . S 1 - .M -U K . 1 . D S 5 5 S ' 4 J D . , r ., A A 5 s I 1 I he l 5 5 4 Nkvavavkvkvkvkvkvkv vav vvgvavkvkvkvavavavkvkv 5 5' 0 r 2 - s ' C1 l 2 Senior Class enwr 355 E P ' ,. P S COLLEGE OF ARTS AND COLLEGE or ARls AND S 4 SCIENCES 7 SCIENCES S S S 4 a S 5 S 2 ' FRED SMLTH GACHET E a CLIO 2 Z Arts MARY LOUISE FREEMAN 5 l'I M E, fb B K NORTHPORT 2 4 PI R ll '22, 'zgg Pre-Med Club, flrtr C a '22, Vac-President Pre-Med Cluh, . . E , 'z3' French Club, '23g Excelswr: Jgm- Sweet, quiet, gentle, and demure is p S ior'Facultyg Fellow in Mathematics. Mary Louise. She is a very worth- 4 4 Phi gem Kappzfs golden key is not while friend. If you do not believe it, C Z ambition's worthless badge to this gen' ask the Northport boys and girls. , ial, brave and brilli-ant son of Bama- 4 C 4 That matchless spirit that has SOUII f l Z out the subtle secrets of science ant 2 D literature is bound to make hun Il mils' S ter in any field or forum of life. 5 4 C 7 P 4 4 P P 4 a JOHN GORDON GAY E Z Mm AND GEORGE TANKERSI,EY GARRETT V a A MONTGOMERY S rt: z . cl b flrts E , . h' , ' 3 Education ll 3 v 5 Phiillooriiiimrihigi Eiielsior, '23s - T Z - 1 '2 i ' . S 'z33g President Erosophlc, 'zzg Commerce Club, l24Q f 4 l h' i Quadrangle '23, Y. M. C. A. Corolla Board, '23-'24g Opera Classy 2 , g::,.:Lr:a,22-' ViCeaPg:ggidCIlt Y. M. C. Attic. V 4 n i .' ' 4 Mana er 'zzg He rates here just as he does in Mont- , A 2 Class Football S 1 4 Cgmnil' Board 'ng Crimson-White gomery, his home town. His congen- 2 , SME in. JaS0'm. HA" Club, iality and true ability accounts for it. , 4 C i ' nil of all and ever the compan- Another three-year man. 4 A frne , , 4 ion of the highest and noblest aims of 4 5 college life. 'lfhilllilllf ngjv foie 2 h l.,tsaeso iscea 1 4 ivfitgrfiihaen seeds of unselfishness. sown E z by his hand will flower and fruit for- 2 5 ever to his memory. E s S Q C 5 GLADYS GREEK, Z 7' A JAMES MONROE GIVENS 2 S ATMORE TOWN CREEK E 5 Arn Education E 5 P ,d t GW, UAH Club ,W Var Education Club. Q l'C5l en l - y I ' S sity Basketball Team, '23: SCCYCHIFY Though he has been with us only a 2 4 and Treasurer Girls' "A" Clllb. '22- year, we have learned to like him. He f A girl with brown eyes and blonde has a pleasing personality, with the C - P 4 hull' like GlZlilY9' C0llld not be Ufdlnafy- ability to acquire friends. If conscien- C Z We think of her as a basketball SIM, tions work means anything, he will as- y z SVCD though She fllfl 'mf play this Yeflf- suredly gain that which he deserves. S Z r Xmv v v vN 'Wxv fn Amy -'L 5. 1,515 'XY 75 AVXVXWQ ylxvfgfhvfqlx 5 s s S S s s s s s s S s s s s S 5 Z 5 V VA VAVA VAVA Senior Class COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES FAY HAMMOND, A A II KOSCIUSKO, MISSISSIPPI 11 rl: Fay is nearly always quiet and pen- sive, but still, she is merry. Fay IS ultra-modern, writes lots of letters and possesses a scintillating naivety that makes her more than pleasant, suave and lovely. ' BEATRICE HANNON PRA'l"l'VlLLE Srivnce Y. W. C. A., Education Club. Faithful in every respect, accommo- dating to the nth degree, Beatrice 'has displayed so many sterling qualifies that we are proud to claim her as Il student. 3 Senior Class COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES MARY LEE GUNTER, X Q EI-BA flrls X A 41,111 B H Y. W. C. A.: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, '23g Pan-Hellenic Council, '22, '233 President Pan-Hellenic Council, '23, 124: Treasurer Keysron-eg Crimson- White Co-Ed Staff, '23g League of Women Votersg Erosophic Literary So- ciety, 'zrg Woman's Council, '24g Big Sisters' Associationg Honor Roll, '22, y23Q Hypatiang Trumps. When Dr. Lang doesn't know the an- swer, he asks Mary Lee. She has dig- nity horn of sincerity and sweetness, and need we say that she is a capable leader? LOUISE HAMNER NORTHPORT Science Louise is a jolly companion and a sincere friend. One of the reasons why we all like Northport. AVAJQ C E r C r E 3 S l 3 1 C C E ,AJS 1-WNQ AVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAV A A AVA AV AY 'AVAVAYAVAVAVAVA YA f. f qi 4 5 S D - C BENJAMIN HARDEMAN, A X A p 3 MONTGOMERY E S GRACE HARRIS, X Q ' Aff' E 1 'HRMINGHAM A devotee of Dr. SaffoId's courses P D C 11,15 and an honor man atgthatl Known f over the country for his speed Tania. S 5 Crirnsnn-White Staff, '235 Pan-Heh ffG00d morning, Judge Epaham. Ben C 4 lenic Councilg Y. W. C. A. fvill be 'with us.two more years, as he p Q Laugh and Grace laughs yvith 'you. is nolv in pursuit of the Jealous Mis- S 5 CU' and Grace cries, too, for she is 35 tress. 4 S true a friend as one can find anywhere. E 1 - P 'Y Y NIWWW 113145 NNNA - 'WWW 7 flash 'Wm - C 10- , ffqh Ahmv -fl 1515 A AWXWXWNVAV HSV' A NAVAVAVAVAVAV VAVAVAVAV VAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAW 2 0 I Qi' VAVAV VAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAV Senior Class COLLEGE Ol' ARTS AND SCIENCES GEORGE P HARRISON . OPELIKA fl rl: ss Attic' Jasons' Secretary 'Ind Treas urer Jasons' Second Pl'Ice I'reshm'In 0ratorIc'Il Contest' Winner Jlll'Il0l' Oratorical Contest Member of Al'I b'Im'1 vs L S. U. Dehsting Te'Im Second Pl'Ice Souths Or'Itoric'Il Con es A young m'1n of true genius. Some d'Iy George will stir the world Wlth his fiery ormtions. BERTHA NIII HAUSBIAV , TUSCALOOSA fl rt: M1th ClIIb' rClllC'lfl0fl Club' X W. C A ' Blackfrmrs. Bertha NIll with her ple'Is'1nt gm cxous manner h'Is won for herself envI'Ihle pl'Ice In the he'Irts of 'Ill of u.. She IS '1 good student and one feels cert'Iin th'1t she will 'Itt'Iin success In whatever she undertakes VIRGINIA HXTTON A F A TUSCALOOSA .fl rl: Bl'Ickfri'1rs' First Vice-Presudent Bl'1ckfri'1rs 23 ' EClllC'lll0fl Club' Y VS . C A.' Sorority B'Isketb'Ill 3 Lc'Igue of Women Voters' Spring Ro'Id Trip 3 VVe think of X irI.,ini'I 1s 'In 'Ill-round type of the true B'Im'I gurl Senior Class COLLEGI' OI' ARFS AND SCIENCFS IUTHER B HARRIS MARGPRUM S rzrnrz' lx A ll' A most likeable fellow 'Ind 'I splen IlId student He wIll m'Ike the world '1 very useful man 'Ind the C'Ipstone IS fortumte to h'Ive such Il splendId clvlr 'lcter DPICH LIARRISON dl K V ILORPNCF .fl rl: Clee Club 21 22 23 Assist-IIIIDI rector R O T C Band 22 Dlrector UnIversIty B'1nd 24 l'ellowshIp In Chemnstry 23 and 24 Iumox F'lClllt Cork' h'Is dlrected 'Ind turned out the best b'InIl Al'1b'1m'1 h'Is h'Id In yelrs He IS 'Is well versed Ill the knowledge of chemIstry 'Is of music W'Itch hIm when he enters hIs profes smn 'VIARY lowsr HAusIxIAIs K 'IUSLAIOOSA A rl: Bl'1cltfrI'Irs X W C A rKlllC'lIl0Il Club An Interestmg Intrngumg person'IlIty wxth 'I fl'Ivor of dIf'ferentness One sushes to know her better Mary IOIIISC IS 'I very t'Ilented Bl'IckfrI'Ir vnfj lsvfxvfxvfsvAvAvrwtvAvAvAvAYAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVA'AVAVAVAVA'A'AVAVA'fN'A'lVA'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A AY 'SX YAY mm nvwwtmmm 3 'NNNNNNNA kv YA 'MMR fbswffh 4 . . L' ' Z , I 5 5 4 Z 5 4 . ,E-IE J ' - .uf I ' ff. K K C - 4 I 4' f 6 5 .. I,ll.l 4 I ' 1: I ' - Q 1 ,,, Q,..'.4. - 5 tc 1 IJ yy 4 , 1. H ,,K, . I :C ,H y- a . 5 4 5 I 4 Z . z I I 1 .L ', A Z , L y g . E. ,. . . N I. 4 .,,2' :I 1 II' -Hn 3 I'-:M 1. 5 , , , . 1 P D 0 , Q 2 P S ' C1 - 5 S emor ass Semor Class C 5 S COLLEGE OF ARTS AND COLLEGE OF ARTS AND C D scmucns scmucxas Q P S S 5 S Roimm- HINTON, K ,S ll'IARY ELIZABETH HINTON S UNIOv'rowN 'I'USCAI.OOSA c J v .4rls :Iris E y "A" Clubg Varsity Baseball, '20, '21, It is said "still water, runs deep." 2 D Q2, '239 Scrub Football, '20, 'ZIQ Var- Mary is as illustrative of this as could D my Football Squad, 'zzg Executive bfi Almlt-'I W.lfl1 llel' quiet and lovable S 4 Committee, '21, Ilmlm- Cofnrnittee gf :ur a-re qualities which make her a Q J "A" Club: Captain of Reserves. favffflfe Wltll CVCYYONC- E D Persevering to the utmost, 'ASparky" , 4 has that never-say-die spirit that is al- c D fvays sure to win out in any undertak- E mg. 4 E 5 E Z 4 D P 4 C 5 ,, A , 1 -IACQUELINE HCJIJGIES, H A , S Bfxscom H. Hovsou, .I lx la 2 4 IIIRMIVFIIAM ""0""NCE D i . 5 1 flu' Edufalion Q 5 A -A 5 2 Key-lccg Golf Squad, 'z2. H M E E D A most attractive fellow, "Hop" is lI5'l'i't'1'i Y- W' C- A- Cflblllfffi CO- b 4 , , . , Z Xtgkiiig, at the same time, for both his '0ll?'1?lgflfgrhlgrqgglU-HClllCl1AclCounciI. 2 I - . and his I, lives in W'e- , ' ' , "' , ' :HSP en 14 SUCCCSS a tumpkal Good natured and lively, he fllls yen" "l mem' Serlifce Work- frhfre E b has won the admiration of all those 'S nlmfl gilmefzllled makwg friends" D 4 who know him. at which she is an adept. We would S D like, however, to know more about this C S :velffix project at Davidson Col- E ge . 2 e 2 2 3 Q Gnome VIERNCDN IRoNs 4 Z TUSCALOOSA E 5 4 V 4 . fl.t' f - H x Q N' fr I ls 1' E ' r Q Crowcountry ,zo ,Zi ,2, 53. DIARY Louise IKERMAN, A Z 5 " ' 9 9 v 'U "' ' 2 Track, '21, '22, '23, '24g "A" Club, SELMA Q D Captain Cross-Country and Track, '22- 4 I E S llouor Roll, '21, '22, '23Q ,lIlS0llF'2 ' rs E 4 , abama' Quadraugleg Corolla Boar: . , . l ,n l 4 5 23. '24, Fellow iu Historyg Junior Fac- , I Ifeafure' Y' C' A" f3 ' Emsoph' E S ulty, of-Hcerq, Club ia., 2I, Education CIuh,. League of , 4 , Swiftness fmt' cm"'m.nCe Clinilngierizf Vvgiiloiiii Xmiihiimkiiiirmll and roommate of S George. Ills record in track is un Nmmi for four yeqrq MIN- I , . C 4 equalled anvwhere in the South. Be- i ' L' ' y 'muse 'S P D - - . . H loval to her Alma Mater a good stu- C 4 sides devouring the "Cinder Plltllv 1' t Chriqthn I d 'b I I George has made food in the curricu- 'en' Z' ' ' ' on er' Z' so me Y 'le' R 2 'um-,he l.'.i tl il 1 t- ste Q in his, pendable and, above all, a Southern S Z tory' 'dh md' L Um" 'C ' P' girl of refinement and gentility. c 5 y E ' v 'vf v vfvfkh on ,Mann 4 A A 'WWW m 5,1145 A AMVAV , We 'www , s fo Navavsvsvsvkvkvkvsvkvsv,1 W F ? VAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAV AvsvavsvavavavsvsvavsvsvsvsvavsvMtvavayaykvavavs V SCDIOI' Class COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES CLAUDIA JONES CAMDEN Arts K A II I-Ionor Roll, '22, '23g Education Club, Opera Club. A little girl, but a "big" honor stu- dent. Shakespeare, Education, and the Opera Class are all "Crip" courses for her. Svnu. JONES TUSCALOOSA Arts Vice-President Freshman Math Club, '23. Practical, full of pep' and initia- tive, Sybil is a good student, who finds time to enjoy life besides. Josml-1 MCNEILL KENNEDY CENTERVILLE ' .flrls II M Ii Erosophic Literary Society, 'ztg Hon- or Roll, '22, Law Forum, '24, "I'll bite, what is it?" is "Josh's" fa- vorite expression. I-Ie always finds a way to enjoy himself, and is an expert in working out math problems. From all indications, he is going to make just as big a success in his new subject, Law. A future moneyed man. G Q .vavavsvavavavavavavsvaw " S C Senior Class COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES VIRGIE JOHNSTON NORTHPORT A rl: Education Club. A Tuscaloosa girl of the finest type. Another splendid acquisition to the teaching profession. Virgie is indeed an admirable character. FRANK H. JONES OAK IIILL II rls Frank is the fellow who does not have to study hard in order to know his "stuff." A "genius," some say, is born and not made. JULIA :KELLY IIEANLA ND Education K A IT Education Club, League of Women Voters. Though she finished at mid-term, she did not want a position for the rest of the year. This arouses, our curiosity, but we will have to wait and see what happens. ,VAVAVLVLVAVAVAVLVAVA AV 3, J S 1 3 5 S 4 A .Y 5 5 S 5 3. ga 4 BE 3 g fd 2 5 'S A . Z Z Z Z Z Z 7 A Z Z Z Z 7 2 Z l 2 4 l i l l I ! l l l l 4 l I l l i 1 1 ..l D J 7 2 5 D :o a 5 SYLACAUGA KI ri: What makes Tom study so? Oh, just to please his teachers, don't YODU know? Tom is not only bright .in l1lS studies, but he inspires a beam in the eye of all co-eds. C1-IARLOTTE Lmwlza, I7 A UNION, SOUTH CAROLINA flrts K A II, 'li ll K, X A 'fl' President Y. W. C. A.g Blackfriarsg Keystone, Pan-Hellenic Council? HY' patiag Education Club: LC!!!-We of Women Voters, Honor Roll, ,23i Jun' ior Faculty, Delegate to Blue Ridge. '23, Delegate to International Stllliellf Convention, 'z4. , A girl who commands the attentlfm Of those she meetsg a worker who- well performs any task she commences in re- ligious work, student activities, OI' In the classroom. MARY AMANDA l,1T'rI.l2,. K A TUSCALOOSA ' flrls , Basketball Team, '21, '22? Girls' Hai OKOLONA, MISSISSIPPI Art: . President Senior Classg President I-Iottentot Club, ,23, '24, Secretary of Arch Clubg Pan-Hellenic Councilg Sec- retary, '23, and President, '24, of C0- tillion Club. j A staunch advocate of Mississippi, but loyal to 'Bama. If he is as success-' ful in business as he is popular as a student, he need have no fears as to his future. JAY LAWRENCE UNION SPRINGS A fix i Education Clubg Political Science Club. jay is quite brilliant and you often find him lending a willing hand to some Freshman. Jay overflows with his own ideas of wit and politics. VVILLIAM GILMER L1NDs12Y BUTLER 5 Clubig League of Women VoterSS Y- l C. A.g Education Club, Poetry Clum, ,1,-ff ' 5 Zrliflm-y Amanda plays basketball. ln' His ready smile, keen sense of humor 1 tcrprets Shakespeare, 'and learns Edu- and hearty Hfeeflllg make him 8 fa- cation all with the same cleverness, vorite with everyone. His friends can and, besides all that, she writes plflys best be counted by his acquaintances. and always has time to be sweet to all. XX I .-7 .mv A VNNNA A I 3 f,sNf"t 'Wi' v nt 9' 1140 AAMWNKV VAVNCYA ' AWA! - VA VQ 'c P :S 3 4 n-In L-1 4 2 F' U3 P! P E? 0 41 V' cn '-3 nw .... Qs F EO 3 'ci ,., Z1 i, 5 Q ,a "'-1 an - ,,, U, M DQ U' y l Q Aj it E 8 0 E 51 U3 F1 o 11 Q mg 'J .Z 7: 9,0 '5' E fn 3 S- 5 UI E 5 ' N , . 4 4 -af sf A so N A AA VAVAVA A A YAY K I C C C S s S s s 4 2 P 1NNNf AV G Q SSIIIOI' Class COLLFGI' Ol' ARIS AND SCIFNCES CAI Mrs McCoMn IUSCAI OOSA flrls X A l Ponor Roll 23 Y W C A lil Sisters Education Club League of Women Voters Tennis Club Playing tennis or the piano starring in Latin and in making A s are the fa vorite occupations of Calmes We hope her success in teaching will be as great as at these things Amin HOWARIJ MARsHAII K Y' COI UMnUs MISSISSIPPI 4r1: Hottentot Club Dean Speedy is probably the best known fellow on the campus, Speedy -well the university just would not be complete without him H Colmmv MARTN LAS CRUCES NEW MEXICO ff! New Mexico A 8z M College' Of- ficers Club 24' Honor Roll 23' First Sergeant Company A 23' Captain Company A 24, Capstone Sabers' Commerce Club. A man of which New Mexico may well be proud. Truly a gentleman, a man worthy of being called your best friend. His many friends are proof of his popularity. By the way, he doesn't seem to dislike the ranch at all. SCHIOI' Class COIII GI' OI ARFS AND SCIIINCFS FMMFIYN Luau' ll0lllAN rl: Tducation Club lhc lucky man is certainly to be congratulated We are glad that she is still in Tuscaloosa I MMM MLGNULY A X A MONIGOMPRY A rl: Honor Committee Jasons, Varsity Basketball 22 23 24 Captain Basketball 3 A Club President A Club 23' Fxecutive Committee' Coach Girls Basketball , '22 3, 24' Corolla Board 4. This Irishman sets -em afire with his spectacular shots on the basketball court Mac has been a part of every north-while thing on the campus' yet he found time to coach one of Tus- caloosa Highs best football teams AITA MAWHN II A BAINBRIDCI. GEORGIA A rl: W. C. A.g League of Women Voters' Opera Club Alta is one of the most popular girls on the campus. A sweet disposition, a friendly smile, and a "mass' of good looks combine in making her a very attractive girl. NYAVWWV A 1 1157 AY vfvhft 'WMM' C 1 , 1NN"'x AM . , 155 Wm? ibhwffft A NAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVLVAVI VAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAV " " Z . . S 2 S D C 5 2 5 2 1 A ' L E S ' E S E 5 2 2 3 Q f- 4 4 L4H L g Q C Q . 14 E D I ,' 3 . ...Q i,5 H 4 I I 'I 2 Z S P ' C 2 . , , E Z ' 1 . ' S P ' C 2 I y ' ' g.. .' ..-' 3 a A i y izli. in iv, i 1 .5 if I S D - H22 ' C 4 ' " 1 P 4 ' ' ' ' - P Z , ' S Z ' l ' ' S Z 6 2 ' S Z '4 E Q llflilx u S Z - - l ' .f ' S a 1 ' . s a Y. S Z ' ' S Z 4 S P C 9 2 4 : 2 ' r aw'w"3g MWA Fannie Lois is a girl you really ap o Q 6111011 Class SCIIIOI' Class COLLEGE OI' ARTS AND COLLEGE OI' AR'1S AND SCIENCES SCIENCES AINNII LUIS MARTIN H PVLHAM MARIIN Mu Ll Rvnir WFIUMPM Srwrzrr A rls fuVAVAVAVAVAVAAWVAVAVAWVAVAVAVAAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVA 3 1 A Z Z Z Z Z Z Z N Forensic Council I'uph1an Literary Society Excelsior Literary Society Education Club Morgan Summer Political Science and Psychology A leader at the university TIIOI' Oughly reliable in everything, he IS 11 chemist of note Political Science shark and one who has lent much toward the promotion of forensic activities at the University of Alabama MARJORY MAY Moons BIRMINGHAM fl rts Blackfriars' Vice-President Fresh- man Class' Womans Council ' Vice-President Y NV C. A '22, u' President Hall Chairmen 22' Presi- dent Big Sisters 23' Keystone 2 ,'23' Hypatia' Honor Roll' Senior Cl'lSS Prophet, 24 Margie practlca y I"l High School then the Ilniversitl' 'md soon shell be running-well we m S not get personal. ll ff n Central SIDNEY MORTON, A A A BESSEMER A rt: Blackfriarsg Social Service C0mVfjlf' tee, ,22, '23g Y. W. C. A.i Education Club. All her capability, lovableness and rollicking spirit is expressed in her nickname, "Sid," precrate knovung She has an attrac ive manner combined with her other qualities which make her a very 1oRREs'r B MERRITT fDul-e BUFFALO Arts fl T Q Editor in Chief Crimson VVhite, 2 ports Editor Crimson White 2 rimson White 21 Sports Editor ro a 23 4. Duke has given us one'of the best sheets we ever had. That fact alone distinguishes him However his edi- torial ability is surpassed by his facul- ty of making friends and being gen- uinely popular. Duke is the real Bama man and we hope that we may vue him back next year. MILDRED Auci: Moolu: A LAUREI MISSISSIPPI A rt: League of Women Voters, 21, 22, '23, '24' Y. W. C A.g Education Club, ,23 24Q Crimson-White Staff, ,22, ,2.1,.' Hall Chairman, 222 Assistant Hall Chairman, ,24. 'Tis said that good things come in small packages. After knowing Mil- dred we are inclined to agree with this statement. She far surpasses the aver- age mark in everything she' does. 'Www YA AV . 1115 Ahhh, ,QA 55,414 NAVAVAVAVAVAVLVAVAVAVAV v4v4vAv4v4vAv4v4vA Aww 0 r S " 5 4 , C D 5 ' ' 5 S S . . 5 S 4 4 4 . 4 S 5 F 5 S 4 4 D P 5 S 5 F 1 r 5 S . 5 ..: ' l S 1 2' ,Wa '- - I ' .i 4 ' . 1 1 t. ' . v ' . . Schlool Literary Society, Assistant in charmingulglssie-,, ' ' T ' , I 2 ', A A A . . . . . , ' ' , ' I 4i S . - , ' 2, '23g C ' . - ' , ' 5 ' C0- ll , ' , '2 . I t K ' , 9 . y ,i ,zx , ' c I . . l, I23, I , . K , y G, i 1 I 2 P i tc n tl t ,Y yy . D , L y, L I. Y 5 Q85 t K 7 i , , 'II t - " 1, A A 1 I , . , ,23, C I VAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAV AVAVAVA. 4 sl if e G 19042253 SCI1101' Class COLLEGE OI' AR'IS AND SCIFNCES WILLARD C NFAL CULLMAN A rt: Erosophlc Literary Society 21 E celsior, Euphnans Rifle Ieam 20, I 22, 23 Crimson White Staff Society Editor of the National Daily News 1935 containing, the newest cre ation in journalism, .Fhe Poetic Soc: et jess is doing preparatory w k ln this field with preliminary work in English 2 DANIEL CLIFTON PALMER HARTFORD Education Excelsior 22 23' Treasurer Excel- sior, '23, Euphians 22 23' Euphian- Erosophxc Debate' Vice-President - phians 23 D C. is labeled right for he is a direct current in college life. Charged in debate with a high voltage of logic he lets loose the lightning. KATE PATTON GORDO A ff! - Education Club. "Miss Kate" came to us from Monte- vallo, and we loved her the minute she smiled. She is Dr. Doster's referee in Education I. 'WWW A A 1NN"NNN Senior Class COLLI GL OI' ARES AND SCIENCES AM MURI'fIY d K Z BIRMINGHAM A rl: Glee Club 23, 24 Secretuy Glce Club 24, Class Football 21 Execu tive Committee, 324 Arch Club Attic Evidently the writer of one popular song had Sam in mind Our heart breaking blue eyed boy IIe is one of the most favored callers at Miss Marys household SALLY1: NORTON X .0 UNION SPRINGS Arts XAI Etucation Club Y W C A League of Women Voters Sallye a little word, like the owner of it but the definition reads demure lovable, smart It is a pleasure to know such a girl as Sallye ALBERT L PATTERSON WADLEY Art: fx 11 K, lx A H Assistant Editor Crimson-White, Summer Ierm, 23' President Masonic Club 24' President Excelsior, 3' Crimson-White StaFf 23 24' Corolla Board, 24' Philomathic 23' Program Secretary Phxlomathic 233 Treasurer D A V. 24' Alumni Secretary Kappa Delta P' 4' President Education Club, '24, President Philomathic, 24 This man has one of the most en- viable reputations at the Capstone. It seems that he is endowed with Elysian power. Everything that he becomes connected with takes on renewed vigor. Whatever he has undertaken-well, success has pressed closely on his foot- steps. "NufI sed." AV I VIS Aflmhmv 'Q 5. WQNAVNNA AYAWWVAZ yfgflflqh 1'-N AVAVAVIVIWAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAY VAVAVAVAVA VAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVA AVAVAVA VAVAVAVAVAVAVAVA VAXQG -Z Y X . u . . 5 : . . 'F ' C - - . P '. - ' - P ' 1 ' i ' . - , S .N Q - 1 - A . '. - -1 K G 4 1 I ' . , ' 2 F 3 v . F I .l R. M . S A A . 0 -N -1 i S ' 51' -2 . - N12 f I V - 3' J - ' - E 5' ' ' ,+ ' ' A L - 2 A .1 . S -- I ' . : - -. 'E H A S in I , ' 2 I ' -. M it S gh u . 5, . . , S ' F .. J. if FI i . i n 5 C 2 -2 S YAVAVAVAV AYAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAYAYAVAVAVAVAYAVAVAVAVAVAVIQQ 0 vt 'm KXBxQivNmm' vm-N, N 5 J D D J S a a VAVANAVAVAVAVAVAVA 'A AYAVAVAVAVAVAV VAV VAV VA VA SCHIOI' Class COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Ovm PEARSON A UTA UGAVILLE fl rt: 'Ii B K Honor Roll, '22, '23, Secretary Pre- Med Club, '23, Euphian Literary So- ciety, President of Euphians, '22, Re porter Euphians, '23, Tuts, Fellowship in Biology, Junior Faculty. . Ovid has a stack of A's so high that a "circus hound" conldn't jump over them. A close student of art, biology, and the ranch, and the wearer of a Phi Beta Kappa key. AUSTAVE P. PHILLIPS, JR., A X A A'I'I.AN'I'A, GEORGIA ' Scicnrc ociety Crimson-White Staff, '22i S Editor Crimson-White, '23, '24-i Stuff Cartoonist Crimson-White, '24-C Aft Director of Corolla, '24, Art Delmft' ment Corolla, '22, '23, ,245 Tfoulm' dours, '20, '21, Cotillion Club, VVash- ington and Lee Dramatic Club, '20I Calyx Staff, '20, '21, Artist Mink, '20. '21, Delegate to C. V. R., '23, '24-S Ad' lutant Sons Confederate Veterans? President Georgia "Cracker Club," '24- "Peruna" and his Hanson have flfaced the campus quite a while, and he I1as been the objective of many CO' ed glances. A. P. lea11s toward art, and in any group he is a prince of a good fellow. NAOMI IRENE POOL, A Z IIIRMINGIIAM .flrfr President VVomen's Council. ,Zhi President Keystone, '249 W0men,S Council, '21, Vice-President Womens Council, '22, Secretary and TFCIISUFCV Women's Council, ,232 Sponsor COIN' pany "D," ,22: Vice-President Junior Class, '23, Y. W. C. A., Education Club, Sponsor Class Football, '21, ,225 Vice-President Woman's Pan:Hellen1C Council, '22, Executive Committee, 221 ,231 '24, Hypatia: WUC Ridge Qele' gate Y. W. C. A. Conference, 235 League of Women Voters, Delegate to Intercollegiate Association of Student Governments, '23, Of course Naomi has to discuss stu- dent problcmsf PJ with the president of the Student Body, but she still l1as time fOr the social and religions phase of college life. Everybody loves NIl0m' for her impartiality, her tact and CV- erything. A SCHIO1' Class COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES IICIINNIE K. PEARSON LAUREL, MISSISSIPPI Arts X A 111, lt A II Hypatia, Fellowship in English, Honor Roll, ,2I, ,22, '23, Secretary Y. W. C. A., '23, Education Club. Bewitching and attractive, beguiling with smiles of sincerity, eyes that spar- kle true, known for her modesty, popu- lar as a leader in co-ed circles, loved for her generosity, scholarly and re- liable on every occasion. ISABELLA N. PENRUDDOCKE BIRMINGHAM Arts K A II Honor Roll, '21, '22, Crimson-White Staff, '23, '24, Hall Chairman, '23, '24, Education Club, Secretary Education Club, Big Sisters. Literary and scholastic ability, com- bined with her admirable qualities for friendship, make her an ideal girl. The qualities she has shown here stamp her as certain of becoming a capable and ell-icient teacher. FRANCES PICKENS, A Z MOUNDVILLE Art: XAf1f,1cAn,r1ME I-Iypatia, Keystone, President League of Women Voters, '24, Secretary Key- stone, Crimson-White Staff, President Big Sisters, '23, Education Club, '23, '24, Blue Ridge Delegate, '23, Honor Roll, ,ZIQ Erosophic, '21, Vice-Presi- dent League of Women Voters, ,23. Her list of honors looks like a Greek alphabet, which means that studies have been anything but Greek to her. Quite a devotee to math. Loyal, am- bitious, energetic-that's Frances. - vs A4 AM C Q vlqfghflmx Wa Q. -Qhffvffc MWMYAMVAX IAVNC ' f V AVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAV CIIIOI' Class COLLEGE OF AR'IS AND SCIENCES CARor1Nr RAvKlN K A TARMVILLI' VIRCINIA Arts I IIIXAIIBC Corolla Board 23 VVOmanS C0110 cnl Secretary Treasurer Hypatla Hon or Roll 23 Educatxon Club Keystone Pan Hellemc Councxl Sponsor Com pany B Trumps A good student a clever conversa txonalxst the possessor of an xndefinable appealmg dngmty a dlstmgunshed con trxbutnon of Vlrgxnla JOSFPHINI' RFYNOI DS K A JACKSON MISSISSIPPI A rls Y W C A League of Women Voters A gxrl wnth many frnends won by her sweet dnsposmon and hxgh ldeals She IS one of whom Alabama can just ly be proud We hope that more con gemal Mxsslsslppxans of her nature come to us m the future CHIusT1Nr RIIJIJLE K A CADSDFN A rl: Sponsor Company M Presxdent Stags. A damty lxttle artxcle of femrmmty wxth an engaglng smxle and a pleasant dlsposxtxon Chrxstme lends gaxety and l1fe to everythxng wxth whlch she be comes connected A congemal amxable and lovable girl Senior Class COLI LGI' Ol' ARIS AND SCIENCES MAMY1: Lor IA RAMs1:Y ASIILAND .fl rl: Educatxon Club Y W C A An earnest student and one who duh gently applxes herself She wlll carry e Alabama splrxt wlth her out mto the rugged paths of llfe Lots Rnrvrs OAKIAND IINNFSSFP fl rts Vl C A Lducatnon Club Blg Sisters Lots has a knack of accomplxshmg '1 gleat deal wxth apparent ease A modest and unassumlng grrl who by her ready w1t and good humor has endeared herself to a large clrcle of acqwuntances Gr FNAVIS Rlcr NORTHPORT flrls lx A II Honor Roll 22 3 Despnte the xnconvenlences of travel mg from Northport Glenavls makes A gomg and coming AY 'wwwwwv eg 1 wNN"'mh AVXVXYAV Q A, 1,4149 A l AAQ 'D 2 Z S S S S S S E v 5 fi 14 E r S S C L S S X S S E .9 E D- VNQ VAVAVAYAYAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVA VA AVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVA 4 3 s Z Z Z Z Z 5 1 1, . 4 .F, . 5 CA ,' I e 4 ,, , - A ! ' Y ' .- - Q Z 1 1 1 . , 7 z , . ,. Z , Z . 1 ' 3 J -'L ' Z . .... .W Z Z Z , Z 4 L " 3 Z 4 . Z A ' Z 1. 1- A . NZM., nz. 2 S NVAVXMY yhffff C 3 I 'W" ?'f"""A AW AVA ANAKAVAV Q 9 SCHIOI' Class COLLEGE OF ARIS AND SCIENCES Auurr YOUNC Ronrurs MOB ICOMI RX fl rl: Y W C A Education Club A girl whose influence will be missed by the many friends she has m'1tlC Alabama is gr'ulu'itmg a splendid FCP resentative in Aimee RUBY Rooms RUSSFLLVILLE fl rt.: Ruby began in her freshman ye'lr't0 assume an active part in student affa1rS and has become more zealous as. time has gone hy. A girl who contributes '1 great deal to the Alabama Spirit- ALBERT I noNAluJ RosnMAN K N nlRMINGllAM fl rl.: Pan-Hellenic Couucilg Class Foot- bf , 'zog Glee Club, l2I, '22, l23v , 4 Those who notice with regret the de- Parture of this year's Senior Class hope that the newcomers of next Selffember will be replete with such quiet. gentle' manly, capable men as Albert Roseman. This type should be perpetual on the Cnmpus. Senior Class COLLEGE Ol" ARTS AND SCIENCES EUCFNI' ROBBINS 'I USCAI OOSA Arts I I Attic First Lieutenant Company A Officers Club After trying Marion Auburn and Tmory he decided that Alabama was the best He has the advantage of be Ing quick to grasp a situation 'md dig pose of it in the best w 'ly possible Mas CLARA M Rom:R'rs COLQUVIT GEORGIA E ducalzan Education Club A splendid acquisition to the teachln profession A lady who is eminently qualified to be 1 representative of the Capstones loftiest ideals IILLIAN TARDY Rosr: A TUSCALOOSA .4 rt: Blackfriarsg Manager Girls Basket- ball Team, ' ' Girls' Basketball Team, '21, Lillian can act, dance, make people love her, and do almost anything else. It is a pleasure to know her, and a source of marvel that such a wonder- ful personality could be enwrapped in one girl. 'Av vm 'WMM' 3 vfifqgmx 'WWW f 9' VNC 'wwwwxv fn y .mff"""A A A fWw NAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAV Ev V . A L, v4v 0 D S . ' P 2 5 r S S S 5 . 2 X L4 I 3 ' 1: L p i l - Q V v T N . . . .g' -' -I ,- S . .D - H nu.: ..,t . L S i S S S S 5 Q . . . D . S . , , . . . Y . . S . . . S 9 5 S 2 Q -1 U 5 1 ,. 4 , S S . S 22 l S 'ill 2- i S 4 vlqA1AYAYf L G q l NAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAv vAvAv. i vAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAw S 0 YQ 4 P c VAVAVAVA AV AV Suit AVAVAVAVAVAVAVA SSIIIOI' Class COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES IoN1z RUSH, K A MIZRIDIAN MISSISSIPPI A rt: Ione possesses quite a varied vocabu- lary and has enough interesting ideas to keep one thoroughly entertained for hours at a txme. SUE Aucl: SAMPLE AKRON Scxence Education Club Sweet as her name and 'mother of hose eEducation sharks She left us to to Montevallo but the magic lure the Capstone brought her back to We feel that student life at the of A has been bettered through her p esence C M ScANLoN GULFPORT MISSISSIPPI A rl: Corolla Board 24 Scrub Track 23 Law Forum Honor Roll Summer 23 Smce changing to Law he works ost of the time but always finds time enough for an occasional set of tennis an afternoon of golf or to answer emergency call for work on the Coroll 1 A man of vision and one with whom 1 pleasanter chat could not be had - Senior Class COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES MAX ROSENFLLD, Z A M ENSLBY A rls Varsity Football l2I Varsity Base- a , ' 3 "A' Club Corolla Board 24' Crimson-White Staff, '24g Class Football 'zog A A E., 21: Com- merce Club 23 ' Interfraternity Basket- ball Pan-Hellenic Council Rosie is a great athlete and an ex- cellent student His presence has been missed this year on the gridiron. Since he quit making As in athletics, he makes them rn studies MARY WYATT RUSHTON K A MONTGOMERY A rt: Blackfriars Corolla Board. Mary is a worthy representative of an illustrious name She has within one years time, endeared herself to a glr WILLIAM BRUCE SARGFNT Z N RUSSELLVILLE A rl: A gentleman and a scholar. Al- though he possesses a rather quiet na- ture hns pleasing personality has won for him many n arm friends 4 Xmv v MWWWW y ,gms A 'WW QA mf' 'Www AZNNNA D 1 l . ' bll ,2r,,'23l l' I. 3 9 , -- ' a . Z - . Z 5? ' ' ' a us. ' Z 'i' ' - . a . .S .II ,, h . a host of friends. A very accomplished Q 1. Z 3 I Z z . . 5 , S - ,' 5 .' 2 1 , Z m ' l . ' 1 z I. . if ', "" ' ' , , . mv Q ,wo 'V QKWM 1 vNNf NAvAvAvAvA Av vA VAVnl W .v vAvAv vAv vAvAvAv vAw D 0 A 0 T s l ' . I enior ass 5 1 S C1 E SCDIOI' C 355 5 5 C 4 COLLEGE or ARTS AND. Q z COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES 5 D SCIENCES . E E 3 4 S C E , CATHERINE SHARP, A I' A 2 VIRGINIA SHELBURNE NAUVOU , BIRMINGHAM Arn E 7 A v S rt: League of Women Votersg Y. W. C. S S League of Women Votersg Y. W. C. A,g Blackfriarsg Education .Club. C A.: Education Club. When you were a kid, did you ever P a Virginia is a peach of a girl, and can have ai mental picture of the princess in. S , sympathize with poor troubled C0'CdS the fairy tales? i1'ee Wee fits that Q 4 equally as well as she can shoot il -picture exactly. With h-er yellow curls E , mean basketball. Everybody likes her- and blue eyes, she is as generous and , D lovable as any prIncess could be. 5 : S S 4 9 I 4 C D r 4 C 5 b 4 C D r 4 Q CHARLES S. SMITH, A T .Q MARGARET L. SHIRLEY, A I' A E 2 DEMOPOLIS NORTHPORT E 5 A,-15 Aff! E S Key-Ice. K A H 3 S A wit schooled in the atmosphere gf League of Women Voters: Y. W. C. S 1 the Demopolis Inn Hotel. I-Ie sees e A: Education Club. u 4 a W0l'ld as 31 cynic 01' fl lover, accordmg With such a low voice and a sweet P D to Circumstances, and knows the catzf- smile, we. wonder whether Margaret IS S 1 logue and how to make out a schetui really gomg to mach Domestic Science C Q ' ll f the mos f ll 2 that would be surtaae or ' a ter a . E fastidious. g 1 C 5 r 4 C 3 S S S S 4 ELIZABETH SMITH S S RUssEI.I.vILLE Q S LUCILLE SMITH Am S NORTHPORT S Elizabeth is a very attractive blonde, S S Arts and is the possessor of a pleasant per- S . l'ty that greatly enhances her many S W' C' A'l Educatlogtighgzlence Zciligrl attributes. She is one who can S 4 Lucille undertakes.Dome. h mme Safely leave the matter of Praise to Q Q and the Dean's English with t 6 -il Q Others. E 5 thoroughness. 'What we would ca I P S "jolly good fellow." g 1 X ' -Y 1 Ylqfwvfvlvf AAVWV ' f A 3 1N"NA 'wi 'WW 9' vfffqh Amvimy im VAVNNA 'VAWVNL - VA 4 5 5 5 1 0 Q CIIIOI' Class COLLIICI' OI' ARFS AND SCIENCES CHAS A STAKILLY JR A F9 MONHCOMERY S nance Key Ice Parisites Secretary and 'Ireasurer Freshman Law Class 4 Treasurer Key Ice 24 IIow he does it is a mystery He never made a grade lower than a B and doesnt ever have books Ile s pleasant witty and sagacnous and knows just what to tell them to make em like it He wears the cutest trou SCl'S Swan. Sraawmuoon VERNON A flrls Y. VV. C. A.' League of VVomcn Voters' Fducation Club. She claims that she does not know whether she is the descendant of the Strawbridge of Methodist fame or not. An amiable congenial and lovahlc gir A. J SWANN BUTLER Education A man of such broad knowledge as to almost make his opinion authorita- tive, and a possessor of a rare amount of practical common sense. SCIIIOI' Class COILTGI' Ol' AR'1S AND SCII NCFS Mfuur I:Il7AIlETI-I SMITH II A BOA7 Scxenre Etucatlon Club Y W C A league of Women Voters Opera Club u hen Marie is mentioned A good con versationalist an excellent entertainer and a real musician a girl whom we ill like to know and be with CPIRISTINE Srrrr. CLINTON .fl rl: Christine has been to many schools but she says that Bama is the best of all. Many Alabama students are glad that she made this decision Gnonclt H STURBS ,IR A K E IIIRMIVCHAM S cicnte Blackfriars' Road Trip 'zz , Knaves' Treasurer Knaves '24, Although a trifle absent-minded, "Bucket" always remembers to ask for a match along with a cigarette. This zoo pounds of love and passion has made quite a reputation throughout the state as a Blackfriar player. Popular everywhere, he will be greatly missed. VWWWW www 'Www ' c A v,wN"'t AV fb 'wwww -lk ip. ,ANNA Nsvavsvsvsvsvsvsvkvsvsvf . WVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVLVAM 0 'sg 2 S ' ' ' 2 Z 4 13 1 ' . L 2 it l Z Z Z Z 7 Q . . Z .. . z Q ., 91' :K :zu H'l. , g .t . L. .3 Z Fellowship in Iinglishgjunior Fflifllltyi One has need of mahy adjectives Q i - -. , . a . Z Z Z Z z . ' Si Z . Q i Z W . . . g y . Z . Z 1. ' 3 Z Z Z . Z i Z I . . , . Z ' I I ' 1 ' 24 Q . 7 I AWWxvA YA7AVA7h G Q VA AVA ANANAVAV 61'1101' Class COIIFGII OF ARI? AND SCIFNCFS Mus BVN L Trw WARD A rt: It is nice to he sweethearts with Your husband and it must he nicer still to e ady I ovlr TIIAX1 ON PRA l l Cl'l Y flrtr Y W C A league of Women Voters Somebody showed keen lllllllmem vt hen Lovie was christened because She is like her name-a sweet feminine Elfl Of the clinging vme variety FERN 'IHRASHER TT A TUSCALOOSA .rls I ' Ill ' or Fac- Fellowship in Ilnglishg Jum- ulty' Corolla Board' Intersorority Bas' ketball, 23: Tennis Club Education Clubg Y. W. C. A. The Phi Beta Kappa key attests her scholarship. but she is not the type one thinks of as a grind. A gqnd Cfmvef' nationalist, and one who will prove a great acquisition to the Held of educa- tion. Y MW vmwqnnvnnf SCI1101' Class COLLECE OI' ARTS AND SCIFNCFS SARAH Mfxunr Tmron A I' A 'IUSCALOOSK fffla' I B lx lx ll Ilonol Roll 2 23 Senior oet 4 Corolla Bo ard 4 Education Club League of Women Voters Y VS C A Fellowship in English Sponsor for Company C 3 old in the fame of her friendship at Bama She is in addition to many and vaned attributes also a good stu rent BrN L '1 rw WARD A rt: A steady conscientious and harrl uorlnng man The type of man who reflects honor on his Alma Mater. His earnestness and steadfastness of pur- pose make him a stranger to defeat and impel him onward to the accomplish- ment of greater things. Rlzcrmun L 'l HOVIAS X 'D BIRMIVCHAM A rl.: Birmingham News Scholarship' Sec- retary and Treasurer Blackfriars' Author Road Plays 1923' Glee Club' Crimson-White' Corolla Board, 2 - Chairman General Staff Corolla 2 ' Freshman Speaker 20Q Literesqueg At- ticg Steward's Clubg Honor Roll ' '22, 23. ' w Artistic temperament, mastered by his force of character and expressed in is Singing, writing and acting, is destined to deliver to another generation a real artist. AVN? 7 I 1155 A IWWWWVAMV v 'm vN'1x:h"qNNA A AY ' YA NAVAVAVAVLVAVAVAVAV VAV vavavavavavavavavavgwwg, C' V , 52 2 S Z 4 4 H- I4 4 B L L L L 9 3 J , L f '. , 2 - , S A '25 -l-Ii1-,,'2,g .- lj" S 5 'L 1' l N ' I . . i .i U Q . U ," '2 ,4 3 2 Fe the husband of Such an attmctlv Sarah Maude is young in years, but Q ' A , H ' .' . K .. ' 5 :1 2 r D 1 . E s J 1 i S .... . 2 r , Z . ...3.- ,,-'L'. ', WK. '- 5 S g .t S , S ' ' ' 2 'r S :1 4 . - . ' , S it A , H I3 lx f r r , , 4 4 4 , Y I D , I , I r S , 5 , , 21: S Q h ' W AWWA! N4.vAvAvAvAvAv vAvAvAvAv 1 .vAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAa ' r S 0 fel 4 c Z ' s ' C1 l 5 Senior Class emm' 355 E , M , 5 COLLEGE or ARTS AND COLLEGE OF ARIS AND S Q SCIENCES SCIENCES S S 4 ' 2 CHASTAINE TOMPKINS b , SUE S. VEAZEY F'TZ""""'CK S EESSEMER Arts C Arla' K A II, X A 'Iv C Z She left Bessemer to come to 'Bama Honor Roll, ,2I, '22, '23g Education V and show us that some girls are real Clubg Social Service Commission of Y. D Chemistry Sharks. W. C. A., '22, 323. S Chastaine has made a very creditable c Q record during her four years, scholas- P , tically and otherwise. She has one of c - the sweetest smiles on the campus and Q a disposition to match her smile. 2 3 E 2 JAMES C. WEATHERLY, A T Q 3 Q ANNISTON f 4 P D flrts S VVILLIE FLORENCE WALLACE 4 S Skullsg Parasites. NORTHPORT E 5 "jim" possesses a gift of .irony about A,-15 E 4 everything, and especially himself. We 5 Q are proud to have such a man in our Still another Northport Senior. And 4 5 midst. He has saved enough out of his she adds quite a glow to their shining 2 4 allowance to start in business- list, for Florence is a splendid student 5 z and a very charming person. S 5 E 2 E Z v Z . 5 , LOUISA TYLEE WHEELER, Ll Z ' PRESTON H, WEIL 4 5 BlRMlNGHAM ' MON1'GOMERY 2 4 E I r , flflb' flrlg 4 5 . . , Q 4 CFImS0If'WhIfei. 22? CCTOHH Bmlfdi Organizer and Director of Opera f z '23s Speclal Service Chalrman Y- W- Class, Director of Advanced Opera S , C- A-v '23S.TI'ei1SIII'ef and S'CCI'Cfaf'Y Of Classg Glee Club Accompanist, '21, '22g 4 4 Pan-Hellenic Council, '24g President Composer "Alas, The Gas," "Uncle I Z HYPHYIII, '24-i Delegate to Bllle Rldgei Remus", Corolla Board, '23, '24g Ero- S , '22j League Cf Women V0feI'Si HIS' sophicg Whitefriarsg Crimson-White 4 4 torlan Senior Classy Corolla Board, Staff, '24, "Italian Class." V a '24-Z Keysfflljei l Preston is one boy who has made S , Re5P0II5IbIlIlY feels llllllflb' 00 things hum at the Capstone. He has C 4 "0IIIZ1I!S" Qh'0IIld'eFS. beCf1USe qf heI' thrilled us with his musical sketch, f Z mfIIIY CHPUHIIIIYICSS Und her CGPIICIYY for "Alas, The Gas," and taught us how to S , frlcn'dslup is much larger than she her- appreciate Opera. A friend of every- C 4 self is. But wasn't it hard to keep her hndy, and 3 musician that is really V a here on week-ends? UUMAN. S 'sexe A or v XAVWWXVWX D ""'f'NAwA 'WV fn 'WW in p 110 4 A AMMMMVAQ vlwqhvqfih G 9 JN4v Av,v,v,vAv vN,v,v,, WVAVAVAVANAVAVAVAVAVAVAWL I W S Senior Class COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES EDITH WOODRUFF, A I' A HATTIESIIURG, MISSISSIPPI I A rt: Y. W. C. A.g Education Clubg League of Women Voters. The "Alpha Gams" are going to lose a mighty sweet girl when Edith grad- uates. Her departure will be lamented by the host of friends that she has made since she has been at the Um- versity of Alabama. MRS. E. C. VVRIGHT, A Z TUSCALOOSA Arts K A II Honor Roll, '23- Though only about five feet tall, she is a Hercules when it comes to drag- ging down A's. She still possesses a little bit of her Yankee brogue, but is, nevertheless, a loyal booster for Dixie. Senior Class p COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES A PAULINE W1LLoUcHnY GORDON Education President Hall Chairmeng Secretary Education Club, '23, Secretary Y. VV. C. A., Keystone, Vice-President Senior Class, League of Women Votersg Hy- patia. Sometimes the word character is so carelessly used that it loses some of its significance, but when we say Pauline is a girl of sterling character, we mean she possesses the best qualities of wom- anhood. ERNEST BASKIN WRIGHT, A X A TUPELO, MISSISSIPPI Arts 112 B K Hottentot Club, Fellowship in Polit- ical Science, Junior Faculty. A friendly drawl to the nth degree! Baskin's modest reserve only makes his splendid talents more noticeable. This gentlemanly Mississippian leaves the campus to take his place among those whom Alabama boasts of as her finest products. BOATING AT THE U. OF A. 'wwww ffmNf"X""'f 'WNVV C 3 yflffh 'Wxv .ag 10- 1145 fwwwwimv m'N""1A AY - 'AQ :bg QNX -- IIIQIIIOIOIC IQIQIQIQIIIIDIIIQIQIQIQICICIQIQICIQYQIU ' I ' . ICIQICIUIQIOIUIQIUIGIQICIOlUIDIOIDIDIUICIOIDIGIGIOID THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR 1 ' 4 Junior Arts 'and Sciences OFFICERS VERNON STAELER . . . ...... ..... . President L. S. MCMILLAN .... ....... V ice-President VIRcxN1A DONOVAN . . . . . Seeretary and Treasurer GEORGE BROETSON . . . . Forensic Council Exeeutifve Committee BEN A. GREEN JACK COLEY 56 'IQ 36- 9X muonlolololololeaalolulalolouomununlmanalolllulu ' - N ol!lcmlllolelllolnlmloleInlolalolololulolvlolnxololo THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY FOUR unior Class COLLEGE or ARTS AND SCIENCES Em.rsN Nokwoon ALLlsoN, A A A . Montgomery Eduration Intorsororlty Bosketbnll Team: Girls' Glee Club: Etlucntlon Club: League of Women Voters: Y. W. C. A. A very charming girl. LELA LESLIE BAILEY, A I' A .... Wetumpka flrls Y, W. C. A.: Secretary-'l'reusuror VVomun's Conn. ell: Second Vice-Prcslrlent Blrtckfrhtrs: Spring Road Trip, '23: Fellowshlp ln English: V1m-Py-051- dent. Junior Faculty: Corolla Board: Crimson-White Stuff: Education Club: Executive Committee: Honor Roll, '23. The surest wny to ilnd Lola Lf-slle ls to get n list of ull the OIIKHIIIZILIIITHH ln school :tml hunt for her. Roumtr S. Bamn . ...... Birmingham T K A, O A K .flrls Member Winning Delmtlnt-1' Tcnm University of Gr-orght vs. Alabama, '23: Mombcr Junior Fnculty, '24: Clmnlnln O. A. V. NV. W.: Masonic Club: Ex- celsior, '23: Cornlln Stuff, '24, "Revert-nfl Red" is at diplomat. mlnlster. and n, shrewd politician. RU'rn E1.lzAnls'l'l1 BAKER, A A A . . . . Ensley .flrts Blackfrhu's: Opera Clnss: Y. WV. C. A. A xrirl whose conversation ls on interesting game, whose generosity and interest ln people is un- bounded. PEYTON D. Bum, fb K 2 . . . . Elmore Arts , Z T Attic: Arch Club: Blnckfrlnrs: Road Trip. '222 .Tunlor Faculty: Fellow In Engllshg Corolla Board, '24: Lltcrosque. ' A Blackfrlor star of the highest cnllhrc. I-Ins any- one 1-ver seen sum-11 1wri'cct "butlcrlng" ns he pro- duced in "Mrs. Bumpstend Lelgh"? Susnz M. Booman. . . . . . .Sweetwater Edufalzon lirlucntlon Club: l.onr:uc of Won1cl1 Voters. Susln, May is certainly n. "moth shark." VVA1.'1'laR BOULDIN, K A ..... Scottsboro Arts Illnckfrlnrs. A vulunble man to Mr. Strode :xml the Black- friars. Possossos n. keen intellect. Loulslz BOULIGNY, A A A . . . Meridian, Miss. Sclcnrrr Y. VV. C. A.: lflrlncntlon Cl11b. A glrl whom you can trust to be o. true friend. Cl.AlueNcn Bmnmir, 'If K 22 ...... Troy Ilrls Attlcg Lltcrosquo. "Cicero" can nlwnys mnkc l-:ood illustrations and hack them up with his ftworlte expressions. My! how he erm "tlckle tho Ivory." Rrcuako BENTON BluNnLlsr . . . .Hartselle Art: Asslstxmt Business Manager Crhnson-White. '23, '24: Business Staff Corolln, '23, '24: Erosophlc, '22g Excelsior Literary Society: Business Manager Crlm- son-XVhlto Summer '23: Buslness Mnnnger Student Directory, '24, Summer '23: Commerce Club, '23: B. S. U. Council, '22, '23, '2-1. 57 l Q-9 OIIIDIOIOIOIIICIIIIIOICIOIO v IIIIIIIIOIUIOIOIOIOIDIOIOIC , ,.. n W IAQ :GZ DAX ' CIQIIIUIDIDIQIQIQIIIQIQIQIQIQIQIQIQICIQIQIQlQ4.IQl' ' I ' .OlUIQIQIOIUIOIIUDIOICIQICIDIOIOIGIDIOIUICIOIUIQIOICID TI-IE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR I 5 unior Class COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES VVALKER BROACII, JR., K AA . . Meridian, Miss. .flrls .Tmlel-1. He is not :L confirmed l'!l,llL'il hound, but stlll he lllces to wander in that direction somntlnles. GEORGE AI.EXANlJl5R BRONSON, JR. . . Dadeville f1rl.v .TunIor11'nculty, '24, Corolla Board, '24, Erosophlc, '22, Tremaurer Pre-Mull fllnlm, '23, Crlmson-Whlte, '23, '24, Forensic Cuunell, '24, Fellowship in Biol- ogy. '24. To 1.-reullt George with trnnslntlng the Denn's lCnp.,'lIsl1 with remnrlmble un:-le and nceurn,cy is to pflve hhn the hlghest nendoxnle honor' that tl1e Cep- Hlljlllb mm bestow. Wn,1.xAM H. BURR, E N . '. Birmingham ,flrls O A K ifllIl.VUHl President Llteresque, Corolla Bonlwl. lllll is nne of the mnnt pnpulur xnen un the cum- pus, nnzl one whom evnryhudy ls the hetter for hxtvlnx: known. The posseusxor nf I1 peeullnr type nl' wlt tlmt endenrs hhn to ull. A man nmonf: men. CANNIIZ MAUDE CAMPEELL . .... Pyriton Ari: .lust the klnml ol' fl girl who wlll ilu nnylhlng' for you. She':-1 always wllllng mul devel.:-5 time to nmlclng new fl'i0lldH, ln spite of the fact that she is at 1-unslstr-nt worlcvr und IIIIIIIOS good grnnlcs. TXIIURMAN J. CAMl'Blil.l. . .... . Pyriton Ari: Clit:-is Fnotbnll, '22, Excelsior, '22, '23, '24, Ero- sznplmin, '22, florolln SLnl'I', '2'l. The pu:-u-aessnl' of rt keen sense of humor. His In-:-111 l'rl4.-mls ll.l'0 those whn know hlm best, An "huns-st to goodness" Ilne fellow. R. II. COCHRANIS, JR., fl' l' A . . Tuscaloosa flrls :HillI'kl'l'i?Il'5. A dl'1'll.ll1l'l', whom we 1n'oplu-sy will Home clny lnatke either at grunt Inventor or it docile llushnnll. MARY Loulsu COLEMAN, A l' A . . Uniontown Sf7l'l'lll! l'nn-I-lellenle, Vlee-l'resldent Keystone, '23, Y. W. ll. A., l.eu5:ue nl' NVrnnun Voters. XVhlle nth:-rs tnllc nhnutz dnlm: things, Mnry :Ines them. A girl whom we nrn prnncl to elnlln ns nn Alxtlntnm ntuclt-nt. MARY QUITMAN COLEMAN, K A . . Sawyer-ville flrls "Sup:nr nncl nnlrre nnml ev:-rytlllnf: nice" go to make up this lovely University girl. VVADIE lIAMr'roN COLEMAN, JR. . . Livingston lfducalmn l'I1lur-ntlon Club, Crime-um-Wlmlte Stnl'I', Qunalrnnglo. Wsulo is the mlltl nncl xnodc-Ht, yet gnllnnt, grevlflfw num who enn tug an "A" every test. B. E. COMPTON . ....... Greensboro Ari: Prenlrlent oi' Freslnnnn Clan-un, "A" Clnlr, Vnrsltv l"nnth11ll, '21, '22, '23, 'l'rnek, '22, '23, Vmlet Colon:-I '24, Pre:-xlelent ol' Illeserve Ulllvers' Club, Cnptttln of 'lfrnvlc T1-nm. We're mlpxhfy glnfl hm-'s with us one more your Nvho enn forgot his lch-lc-oI'l's und IIIIICUIIICIHUN 58 ' ,, 9 x, TI-IE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR 1 1 unior Class COLLEGE or ARTS AND scmucns GEORGE VV. CoNNORs, JR., A K E . Birmingham flrlx Key-Ice: Glee Club, '20, '21: Bluckfrinrs. C'nm:r-nlnl in disposition and plensnnt ln mnnner. George ls n. prentlemnn in all respects. XVe wish there were more of his calibre nt the University. Mxtumz Mmnuan Coovlak . . Clmttzinooga, Tenn. .flrlx Educntlon Club. Thoroughly alive, full of pop, und just ns win- snme ns Winsome can bo. The bc-st ot pnls. DAN J. COYLE ........ Birmingham flrlx Prc-Med Club: BluclcI'rl:1rs. Dun ls the familiar and friendly fellow whom we feel like we hnve nlwnys known. The Capstone enunts hlm ns one of its model men. Have you 4-ver heard hlm plny his violin? If you- h:iven't, you have missed at reul trt-nt. I-Iruuu' W. CRADDOCK . . . . Dadeville Arts "Red," "Roby Hurry," or "Bugs," :ts his real friends delight ln calling hlm, possesses rt warmth :ind generosity which will wln you every time. lflrutow G. CUMMINGS, A K E Washington, D. C. Sczvncc Varsity Boslcetbnll, '21-'22: Key-Ice. "Liz" ls ol' the quiet, good-looking type. His per- snnnllty hns won hlm llllllly friends. A future asset ln the medlenl 1ll'Ul'l!SSl0ll. Airrnuk Cuxxxsci-IAM, JR., E N . . Evergreen Arts Llteresque: Key-Ice. Arthur's quiet nnd plensnnt bearing has won for hlm n host of friends. Jle is the kind of rnnn Alnbnnm we-lt-omes. The Capstone will be bettered by his presence next yn-ur. IEx.1zAnls'rn CUNN1NcuAM . . . .Aliceville Arls NVe cnnnot llnuglne Elizabeth without Naomi. " ' o 4 lends ln rt Ford sednn. It just seems .I no b bbel l to be nn incident in the "natural order of thlngs" for everybody to llke Elizabeth. Doko1'1f1Y CECILIE DAVIDSON . . . Montgomery flrlx lllnckfrlursz Educnllon Clubg Crimson-XVhlte Stuff: Corolla Bonrd. XVhen Cecile ls lmppy, "blues" just naturally can not exist nround her. Ceelle makes you feel like :L million dollars, even lf you have plenty of eaiuse to feel like just "tlI'teen cents." Gounou DAVIS ......... Abbeville Ari: II M E , Education Club: Member Junior Faculty. Gordon blossomed into n. Math genius this yl?ll.l'. We would not be surprised to hear ol' his enunclut- lnp: at theory llke unto "Izzy Elnsteln's" some dny. IVIARY Doxsnoo, X Q ..... Birmingham N flrls Eduenlion Club: Y. NV. C. A.: League of XVomen Vutcl'S. When we thtlnk of the girl of the Old South. Mary ls cnllr-rl to mind. Ono needs but to know her to like her. 59 UIDICIQICIIIIIIIUIIIDICIC Z IIIICIUICICIQIOIUIQ DIIIQI W ' ' 10 ' Cl 119 :61 QNX W v WY' THE COROLLA NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR unior Class COLLEGE or ARTS AND SCIENCES VIRGINIA DONOVAN, A A A . . .liirminglInIn flrlx Y. W. C. A. Cnmmltten, '23, '24: Glrls' "A" Club: Mnnnger Glrls' Bnskc-llIIIll, '24: Big Slstr-rs: Pan lTellnIIlc, '23, '24: Suerctnxw-'I'rI-nsllrm' .lunlor Clnss: Wfllllllll'N Cunncll, '23: l4llll'IlI'l!'l.h MI-Illcnl School, '23, '24: Intersororlly Cluh: Honor Roll, '23: Corolla 1f0lll'll. '24. A I-I'll'l who 1-nn ls-nd he-1' vlnnn, tnlcn- nn nvtlve part ln every worth-whlle movement on the enm- nus, have uuusunl nblllty on the basketball floor, and flll It vnlunble nlnce nn the Corolla Bonrd, ls Indeed nn exueptlnnnl student. WM. S'r. CI.AIR IDONOVAN, fl, 1' A . llirmingham flrls lfl1'lf!lil'I'llI.I'H. He hns exvelled ln tlll!lll.l'lf'!ll llllll1l'lK0lTIt'Ilt, wrlt- lnpx, mul ,l0lll'll-l'lll.'-llll lII lIlI-I wnrk with the Blnek- l'rIm'H, Mr. Strode, nnrl the Crlmson-White. HIIRMQINII DuNI.AI1, A I' A . Spartanburg, S. C. Ari: Blltckfrlnrs: Chrlstnnls Rnml Trlp, '23: Education Club: Langue of Women Vntl-rs: Y. W. C. A. Social Servlrzu. Ur-rmolne has nr'lIlI-vml ll rlesI-rvedly und cnvlnble roputn.tlon. JOSlil'l'I IIERMAN EIvIMIa'I"I', 'If K E . . Albertville Education President FrefIlImn.n VCHIIBS, '17: Varsity Footlmll, '17 nnd '19: "A" Club: Educatlon Club. Dlek flrst mnde hls letter when Htevle wus u Sonh. XVI: nrc more thnn glnd to have hlm back wlth us now. HARRY ERWIN . . . . . . . . Paint Rock flrts l"l'1'HhlIlfll1 lfontlmll, '21: Scrub Fnotbnll, '22, '23, llnrry ls ll llkvnhlu ehnp, the Well-known surnmer "jelly," who favors Western blondes. Susnc FINNICLI. . ....... 'l'llSClll00Sfl flrl: A town glrl who has been :Il Mmntn-vnllo two yours. NVQ ure glml she flnnlly cmnn- to 'B:ImII. A lllll-NL elIII.I'mlIIg I-!ll'l, KA'I'IIIeIzINIa LUCILII FRAKHR . . . , Tuscznloosn flris llnnnr Roll, '23: Sn0IIuoI' Truck Tenzn, '2Zl: ltvgl- Illlfllllll Spomuor. AII adorable sIIIllv, n mIllloII-dollar COIIIDIUXIOU, ln the spring at young nn1n's HD0llSlll"'lV0ll, you knew. Es'rIII2Ia FRANK . . . . . . . X A -II, II M li flrlx CI'IIIIs0n-White, '22, '24, SIInInIer '23: Corolla. Board, '23, '24: French Club: Tlllllllbl Club: Now- tfrnlun Club, '23g Eclucntlon Club: Onurn Clnss, '23, ..,4 . Montgomery Her lntullect feeds on everything from "Annlyt." to HRIILLIIIYTIU Bultcrlly." ROBERT DANIEL GARRISON ...... Alban Y flrls Robert ls lllled with n. worthy nmbltlon. We wlsh hlxn success us lL future surgeon. S. R. GARRISON, JR. . . . . . . .Albany .flrls A fellow who II-I l'ull oi' llfe and pep. I-Ie enjoys thu illstlnctlon ol' being one of the most wldcly lUllHVll' lllvll lII school. 60 F. , , IAQ :61 mx mlannum:murals:onnnnuuouomnouauonolnlaeomlu ' 1 1 . linen omlolulomlslolsl0mlololulolaxololam:morn Tl-IE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY FOUR unior Class COLLEGE or ARTS AND SCIENCES GRANT GILLIS ......... Grove Hill flrts "A" Club: Vnrslty Football, '24g Baseball, '22, '23: Cnntnln Baseball Team, '24, Grunt is 11. man ol' few words and much nctlon. NVordg are not nccessrtry to tell of this lad's feats. He is known not only at the U. of A., but through- out Dlxle. EDGAR GILMORE GIVHAN, 2 A E . Montevallo flrtx A faithful frlcnd, cl. diligent student, and a. con- sistent worker. MARGUERITA Gor'rA, II A . . Campeche, Mexico .flrls Opera fllrtss. A lnrlre black comb, A feather fun, her Spanish shawl, the ehnrmlng Mxwgulrrlta. BERNICE GRAHAM ...... . . Gordo flrix Honor Roll, '21, '22: Educntlon Club: Opera Clnss. When we describe hcl' wlth the word conscien- tious, pnrlmps you do not know what we mean, but she is partlcularly so before and after mall tlme. G. VV. GRAY . .... . . . . Tuscaloosa Srzence A live wlrv :md n fine fellow. Takes a keen inter- est ln the mtrne of life. BENJAMIN ARTHUR GREEN . . .Bxrmmgham Xlrlx Crimson-XVhlte Stuff, '21, '22, '23: Corolla Board, '23, '24: Ext-cntlve Committee, '24: Honor Com- mittee, '24g Ernsophlc Lltcrnry Soclsty, '21: Ex- celslor Literary Sorlety, '24. A Christian gentle-mfm, A scholar, a. writer, and ono ol' the best friends n. follow can have. BERYI. GRICE . . . . . ..... Geneva Eduranon Educ-:ttlon Club: Y. VV. C. A.: League of NVomen Voters. A safe bet for any accempllshment. Roy MARSHALL GUl.l.A'l'F. . . . .Hollywood firls Newtonlnn Club, '23. A dlllgent student of the "exact science." Roy, enjoys the confidence oi' his contemporaries and is, ' withal, I1 very nminble fellow. ,,,..-' FRANK Dunuav Gumlancn . . Verbenn Arts ' It' you have ever had the pleasure of being ln the llttle clty of Verbeml., then you certainly know of Frank. He always lms time to play a little, love a little, nntl still have tlme to study. DOUGLAS C. HAxs1'sN . ..... Brundidge ' .flrtx Vlce-Presldent Freshman Class, '23g Vlce-Presl- dent Pre-Mod Club, '24, This genial, friendly veteran ol' two summer schools knows a thlng or two, and then some. At least he knows he really wants an M.D. 61 'A 5 :bg 55X s IIIDIIIQICIUIQICICIQIQIQIQIQIQIQIOIUIIIQIQIQIQICIQIU ' I ' 'UIQIQIQ UIUIOICIUIOIOICICICIQIOIUIOIIIIUICIUIDIWIQIOI0 THE COROLLA NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR 2 1 unior Class COLLEGE or ARTS AND SCIENCES Rurus IC. HALL . ..... . . .Vernon Srnrnrr' D. A. V. XV. NV.: Volunteer Band: Secretary Mn- sonle Club: B, S. U. Rufus ls n lr-nfler In nll kinds of Ohrlstlnn work and his r-onm-nln.l friendship hns mode hlm one of tho lu-st liked follows horr-. VARNHR IIALI. . ..... . . Birmingham Eduralzorz llhllomnthle, '23, '24: Excolslnr, '23, A quiet. unnssumlng nnd modest nos:-xr-ssor of the Congressional Medal and Crolx do Guerre. KA'l'llERlNlE IIAMIl.'l'0N, K A . Terre I-Inntc, Ind. flrls A llvllll-1' lvlwmf ol' the Irresistible forces of thot Alnlvzunn Spirit. W. B. I'IARllI5CREli ..... . Goodwater Eduralzon l"l'f'5llllllHll Footlmll. '23. To know hlm ls to llke hlm. The only regret we have is lhnt ho spent lwo yours ot' his college days before eomlni-I to us, Knxxmll MCKlil.l:AR IIARPILR, E X . . Selma flrts mon, '21, '22, 'zap emo muh, '21, '22, 'zap Uuslnc-ss Mmm!-for Glee Club, '23. Uncle 'l'om's Glce Club should hnvo hnd rt mo:-xt surfer-ssl'ul su-arson this your wlth Kenneth as bus!- nf-ss lll!'lllll.R'4'l'. He ls one ol' those sincere, con- SK'lf'lltiIlLlH, hurd working' hoys, the hind it takes to km-cp the old world ITIUVIYIF-T. Wnmoun A.IIARRlS. . . . . . .Andalusia Arts Vive-T'resldent Euphlnns: Intcrsoclety Delmtcr, '25l: Corollit Uonrd, '24, Wlth his happy disposition nnd nrt ot' quick nc- rluolntnnceshlp, Wilford hns nmdc nmny friends. MARX' EVANS I'IAluusoN, K A . . . Tuscaloosa flrls Corolln Tlusluess Stuff, '22, '2!l: l'nn-Hellenic Pouncll, '23: Education Club, '23: llonor Roll, '22, 'ZI5l. Few ulrls orc hluused with hlxr blue eyes, n. sweet dlsposlllnu and brnlns. Mary Evans hns all these and more. C. V. 'HA'I'ClllE'1'Tll, X -I' . . . Marion Ari: University Ruud: Glue Clluh. XVe he-nrd :lhout Charlie before he eume to us from Marlon, nnd he has llvcd up to o.ll the good rl-ports, RolnfR'rA HAYS, K A ...... Tuscaloosa flrls Y. XV. C. A.: Leuxzue of Women Voters: Educa- tlun Club: Poetry Club. 1'oc-ms, stories und plays ure all n, matter ol' detnll for Roberto. Wlth 8 o'clock' classes nnd such glorlously golden hnlr, she uould not help helng fnmous. RUTH HEAD, A A A ...... Montgomery Education Educntlon Club: League ol' WVomcn Voters: Y. XV. C. A. A breezy llttlo snllbout that glides over' the sen of llI'e 1-ver so softly and smoothly, und yct, whose nr-xl nwve is not to be guessed. 62 annuals:onulolonloroaolo 1 ulluololololololo DICIOI w A ,,, r . . ,. , 11 . . i 5 -6- hx . Dl0l0I0lDlllOIOIDIDIG!BlllldllllIIIIIIQIIIOIDIOICIIICIU ' I ' .CIUICII CIOICIIIUIIIIDIQIIIDIIIBIGIDIOIBIDIOIDICDIGIOA0 TI-IE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY FOUR l 1 unior Class COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES HUr.1'r HIGGINS, A A A ..... Lawnsboro , .4rt.v Y. NV. K". A. A blue-checked 1.-rlmrlmm sunbonnet "kid" in a pf-doll blossom tree, and lnunhlng at "thot funny boy" who ls in love wlth her. ARNOLD Done HoI.MAN . .... Tuscaloosa .flrts Corolla Board. Here is a personality ol' unusunl wit and viva- ciousness. Doyle ls rnthm' fond ol' "Dr, .Tap-lc." Brlmmlng over with jolllty, Doyle still flnds tlme to make high marks. Alum I-Iucxmm, Z T A . . . . . Ashland .flrlx Pan-Hellenlo: Education Club: League oi' Wom- en Voters. A1'ba's lllco n beautiful and lovely room, to which one has to find the key before one can enjoy lt. Rooslzvizm' llumvnxnvs . . . Q. .Somerville .flris Phllomathlcz Educntlon Club: Euphlan-'Phllo- mathlc Debate: 'Honor Roll, '23: Secretary-'I'1'ens- urer Polltleal Science Club: Quadrangle: Corolla Board: Delegate to International Student Confer- enveg President of' Erosophlc. '23, Roosevelt ls a nmn deserving: of the best llfe can offer. Some day we will point to the position he occupies with a feeling: ot' pride. CL1FFoRo T. INCLIS, A T Q . . . DeLand, Fla. 1757: Manager Vnrslty Football, '23: Key-Ice: Corolla. Board. 'flflg "A" Club. Cllflf managed the 1924 Tide from Syracuse to Mobile und managed to llve. He munaHOS U10 A- T. O. ll-louse and the inmates barely manage to llvo. WIl.l.IE MAE JACKSON ....... Snlligent .4rt.r This member of the "inseparable trio" would make a llne editor of "The Olfl Home Town." Along: with her natural ability for such ll posi- tion we out her friendliness and good nature. Joi-IN W. JEFFRIHS ......... Mobile fl rt: K KI' President Pre-Med Club, '22, '23. John is an ull-round good fellow and o. real gentleman. NVQ wlsh Mobile would send us more men like this old senman. R. ELTON JOHNSON . ....... Albany Education Honor Roll, '22: Quadrangle: Education Club. A devotee of Dv. IDoster, an educator of whom the professlon wlll be proud. Ho is sure to achieve thot success that comes to all "good men." CoR1uNNe JONES . . . . . . .Cottonwood Educatzan Education Club. Corrlnne always looks on the optimistic side of everythlug. The world would be better lf there were more lllce her. MARY JONES . ...... . Cottonwood Educatlon Education Club. For those who value friendship, Mary should be a companlon. Space does not allow us to pay the tribute to her which she deserves. 1 . J 63 llIIIIIIOICIOIOIOIOIOIOIQIO . . ... I . ' e - 'f6' 361 Qxt QIDI IQIQIOIQIQIIIIIQIfI1l.'Ql.lQlQICl'l.lll.1QIQIQ ' O 5 'GIOIOIO .lalol-IDIDIOIQIIIDIQIQIQIQIOIOICIUUDIUilfliil0 THE COROLLA NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR unior Class COLLEGE or ARTS AND SCIENCES MA'rn.nA ANNIE JONES, A Z.Pass Christian, Miss. flrtx Y. W. C. A. 'l'hn,t slow Southern rlrnwl ls enough to cnpture the he-nrt of nnyone. The sort of girl who, dances, writes, plnys brlrlge, 'n'everythlng. lZ'rrnar. Kmron, X S2 .... New Orleans, Ln. flrtx V. W. C. A. Ethel has been with us but one yenr, yet in that tlmo her frentlenoss of' mnnner has W0ll for her a. warm plnce in our hr-urls. l'I1zNRY D. KlI.l.lAN . ..... Cottondale Science Vw-ry few people are persistent. Henry ls one of the very few. llo rnnlces rt most excellent "color- 1.:utu'rl." llonry has worn out two sets ol' Y. M. P. A. rlomlnoes. Some lxumestf-rl JOHN C. Klux, 23 N . . . .Tuscaloosa flrts In .Tohn we huvo n mnn who "jes' naturally" nmkon rrlc-mls without ony effort. A enmpus per- sonality who hns the good wlll ol' everyone. EUGENE G. LAGARm2. E A E . . . Anniston Srzence Blnolcfrlnrn. This ls "Pugey's" or "Lnxznrdn the W-'s" Hrst yenr wllh us, und we nre sorry that We have not hml hlm lnnprnr. A man who hns Winning wnys with the Indies. J. Al.liXANDliR LANE . .... . Dadeville .flrls Lnne tnkos nn notlvc pnrt ln llternry work nnd possesses forensic nhllity. As It frlend he ls stead- fast, us :L student ho ls diligent. Watch hlm next yr-nr. JouN M. LANGHORNIE, A K E . . . Uniontown flrts Vnrslty Football, '22, '23: President "A" Club, '23-'24, Key-lee: Crimson-White Staff: Corolla. Bom-:lg Blnelcfrlnrs: Alternate Football Cnptaln for '24. ".Inolc" has for three years fought for 'Bamn on the gridiron. His red hourl has become n fnmlllar sllrht on the campus, and is alwnys hailed with a. nlnnannt greeting. jeux B. Lrsvuwr, A K E . . Birmingham Arts Blnelcfrlnrsg Knnvcs. Some people are endowed with fneultles which mukn the game of llfe nn eusy one to pluy. John IH one of this yzroun. Ivux' Louise LOGAN, A 1' A .... Centerville Arts I.:-ngue of Women Voter!-1: Y. W. C. A.: Black- frlarsp Pnn-lla-llenlc, '22g Company Sponsor: Edu- cutlon Club. Pretty to walk with, wltty to tall: with, pleas- nnt to thlnk nbout. Good looks I-seem to run ns :L family trnlt, und Louise certainly has hor shure. GLADYS LOVEMAN. . . . . . .Birmingham Arts Petite, churmlng, und the essence of dnlntlness: the sort of HIFI one thlnks of ln connection wlth frnglle blue ehlnn. 54 , fi x U L 9 . IIOICIIIUIOICICICIIIQIOIGICIOIUIOIDIOICIIUICIO THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY FOUR umor Class COLLEGE or ARTS AND SCIENCES MILTON J. LURII2 .... .... D othan Ari: Erosophlc, '23: Math Club, '23: Crimson-White Stuff, '24: Summer Crimson-Xvhlte Staff, '23: R. 0. T. C. Band, '23: Unlverslty Band, '23, '2-1: Cap- stone, Summer, '23: Cox-olln, '24: Phllomnthie. A tlII'ce-year man who makes hny while the sun shines. Plcmsant, obllging, and ver-r-ry smart. PAUL G. McCLIN'I'ocIc, II' 1' A . . Laurel, Miss. .flrtx E T Attic: Vurslty Football, '22, '23: Varslty Bus- kntbnll, '23, '24: "A" ClIIb: Llteresque: Skulls: BlIl.l!lCl'l'lD.l'B1 Executive Committee, '22: Honor Commlttee, '22: Corolla. Stuff, '23, '24, "Mnc" is equally at home III athletics and social affulrs. Boys like hls cheerful smile: girls like hls wavy hair. ' OFFA SIfIIvIzRs MCCOLLUM . . . Marion Ari: Not by u.ny means I1 ninety-day wonder, but :L military genius ol' the flrst l'ELllk. L. S. MCMILIIAN, 1'I K A . . Greenwood, Miss. Am QlIlLfll'ullgl6I "A" Club: Vurslty Baseball, '22, '23: President Young Men's Bible Class First Presby- terlun Church: Vice-Presldent Juulor Class: Y. M. C. A. Cnblnet. Mlsslsslppl gave us a. star pitched in "Red." R. E. MACON, E X ....... Wetumpka Artx Knrlves: Pre-Med Club. "VVn1do" is a. fellow who enjoys the good will ol' everybody. To know llllh ls to like him, and to like him ls to continue to like hlm. FRANK J. MARTIN, 22 N ...... Gadsden flrtx Arch Club: Llteresque. A mun with whom you ure favorably lmpresscd upon first n.ec11IulIItnIIeo. MIIRLE MARTIN, K A . . .Birmiuglmm Art: The ense wllh wlIlclI she manages things ls a. glft wortlI possessing. A pal, indeed. II' you do not believe tlmt she ls lllustrntlve ol' what wc have said, count the number of masculine heurls thut obey her direction. Jovcla LEE MERRIAM, II A . . . . .' Fairfleld Arts Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, '22, '23, 'Z-1: Hall ClIulrmn.II. '22, '23, '24: League ol' Women Voters: Library Assistant, '22, '23, '24: Education Club: Delegate to Blue Ridge Conference, '22: Delegate to 1lltl'I'llll.- tlonnl Conference of Students. '24. Joyce is a. glI'1.wlIo ls It stranger to the need of flowery words to bespenk her many admirable qualities. EMMA MIcIcLI1: . . . . . . . . Roanoke Arts ' Emma. holds the world's record on the number of boxes received from home, und IL slmllur one for generosity. An an-dent Baptist and a good sD0l'C- H. IRVIN MILLER . . . . . . . . Carrollton Am A man whom you can meet and talk with today and feel that you have known him always- 6 5 onualslomlunlorclolalone ,L ollluulololllclolgyal.ugly . " ' A 'S - ...V 'IG' - Xu , A TI-Ill COROLLA NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR unior Class COLLEGE or ARTS AND SCIENCES TnoMAs J. MILLICAN .... . Hamilton Educatzon Education Cluh. It ls in the hands of such norsnns as this that the destiny of Alnbama lies-the task of moulding the youth of our commonwealth into useful men and women. Thomas is eminently fltted for his chosen high calling. Evmwsx EARLE M1xsoN . .... Tuscaloosa Art: Eve-lyn says she is going to tenrh romance lan- mlxlfqes, hut, wlth such it sweet disposition, we do not thlnk she'1l ever get any further than the ro- manor-. Mxtmucn MIXSON, X 0 . . . Kirbyville, Texas Xlrlx V. W. C. A. Mlldrr-d possesses an unusually soft and pleasing voice and wlth her gentle ways sho has won hor place in the esteem and affectlon ol' all. ALICE Moonv, K A . ..... Birmingham flrtr Loveable, adorable, and charming are the adjec- tives Alice calls to mind. HELEN Mosuus, Z T A . . . . . Montgomery Ari: Tirlght, friendly, pretty and ready of wlt is I-Ielen. In short, she is u, "jolly good fellow." THYRA MUCKLE, A Z . .... . Greensboro Art: League of Women Voters: Y. W. G. A. Senior member of the famous firm of "Hazel and Teddy." Originator oi' the expression "non plus." MILDRED NASH, Z T A . . .Tunnel Springs Arts Tmatcue of Women Voters: Education Club: Big Sisters. In the two short years Mildred has been wlth us, she has made her impression on the intellec- tual and social life ol? the university. Wu.r.1AM C. NEr.soN, II K A . . . Montgomery Arts Fellowship ln Spnnlsh: Pro-Med Club, '24: R. 0. T. C. Tirmd, '22, '25l: Unlverslty Band, '22, '23: R. O. 'l'. 0. ltllle Team, '22: Corolln. Board, '24: Crimson- Whlto Staff: Junior Faculty, '24, This Montgomery youth lg endowed with a won- derful umount ol? constructive energy and ls n. man's man. Wlth "Blll's" lnitlntlvo and native ahlllty, we soo ln hlm u. leader. W. S. OLIVER, A T Q. . . . . . . Panola Sczencc Varsity Football, '21, '22, '23: Varsity Baseball, '22, '25l: Knnves. "Country" is the boy who made tho nlnety-flve- yard run. against Tech. Ho has made it his duty to bring the Freshmen up ln the right way. Boon companion of "Pooly" nnd friend of everybody. E'l'l'1El'. OSHURN . . . . . . . . Tuscaloosa A rts fllf'Vf:!l'l'lCSS, wlttlness. and eomreniallty are the major characteristics of Ethel. "'Nuff sed!" 66 A mlnlolololblotolllllulnlullllolulnlouolollluldlllfa if I I I 0 I ' CIO Q Ulu 0 lldlllIIIQIOIIIOIOIOIDIOIUIOIUIDIOIOIOI0 TI-IE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY FOUR Y I uI'li01' C1355 COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES ALTON T. OWINGS ....... Carrollton Art: The junior member nl' the flrm ol' "LlnIlsI-y IQ 0wlIII.I's." A fellow well worth knowing. You .lust ' cannot help but like hlm. GER1'RUDlE OZRURN, A A A . . . Birmingham Xlrfs Fhlucnllnn Club: Fcllnwshln ln Rlolnpry, '23, '2-l: Blp: Slsters: Honor Roll, '22, '23, llall Chnlrmzmn, '25l. "Gert" has nevor lOILl'llI'I'l the nlplmlwt lwynnll "A," II' she ann be jIIIlI.zecl by the letlvrs with which she ls most fnmlllnr. It is l'1'D0l'lI'I-I that she has n fondness for rt ccrluln ll'IdlYllllllll whnse name is S'I'ARIc PADGE'l'T, K E ..... . Hartford ' Sinfrial Glue Pluhg Pnn-lflr-llonic C'ounf'll. A music cmnpnsnr ol' non- :tml nnr- of Uncle 'l'om's mnln Ilopclldonclr-s, 'Phe hr-nnty nl' hls musle ls equulled only by that ol? hls frlezulshlp. VIANCIIESTER CARRoI.I. Paolrr . . El Paso, Texas Arts All-Round Freshman, '22: "A" Club: Varsity Football, '21, '22, '23: Vnrslty Track: Executive Commltim-, '22. Dlvhlns his tlnm bctwi-I-n his studies nml the "FnlI' l'InclIos." Also un uxvullcnt nthlcte. He ex- cels ln both. WII.I. A. PARKER . . . . '. Columbiana Xlrts A very llkea.hle fellow. l-lo follows tho team ev- crywhero, effusive of the Alllllllllllll Spirit. Once he nearly hnd IL date at the Ranch-tlxo llno was busy. ROBERT KING PERKINS, H K fl: . . Ensley flrls Cornlln Bonrml '2Il. Bob ls somewhat of II. rnnclm-lmonnd. Along wlth his weakness for the fnir ones, he ls rt grcnt fellow .und n. gonil student. LOUISE PERRY . ..... . .Birmingham .-lrtx Iilnnor Roll, '22, '23: Hull Chnlrmnn, '22, '23: Sccrvtnry-Treasurer Bly: Sisters. '23. Whatever llnc nl' future netlvlly muy be her choice, there can bo no Ilonbt ol' n wonderful suc- ccss for her. EDNA PICKI-IARD . . . . . . . . . Mobile Arts To lmvo her bvlmlnd n. thing.: moans lt's going through: in othcr words, she ls dependable, n truly enviable thing' to llawo snld nbout one. MARGARET J. PRowEI.I,. K A . . .Tuscaloosa Arts Blnck1'rlnrs. A safe bet in Mr. Strorle's courses, and that ls no mean nccnmpllshmm-nt. Formerly nn Agnes Scott glrl, but now I1 Tuscaloosa. belle. WARREN REESE . . . . . . . . Montgomery flrts DeMolay: L. S. U. Debating Team at L. S. U.: Corolla Board. Warren ls as full ol' fun as ever rr jovial H0041 fellow could be. This artlst will tcuch your dollars to have more 0501150-H 67 E muon loloronqlolqnnlolnlnvololololouololllolouqlnlu ' n ' . lillll ololalulol0lulolalnloln1olu1olol3lalolanolo1o THE. COROLLA NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR unior Class COLLEGE or ARTS AND SCIENCES MARY WINIrRr:n Rnnvrs . . . Oakland, Tenn. flrls Y. W. C. A.: Education Club: Blg Slstf-rs. An export ln the gnme ol' love-tr-nnls. Wlnlfred has n. sweet smile and n. quiet all' ol' efl'lr'lency that nmkn-s for success. CRI2lzI,RICIIARDsoN. . . . . . . .Ozark Arts He wlll surely be a leader. You can always count on Crcel. He ls qulct :Ind resourceful and just serious enough. Hls last Joke dates back to 1917. DAVID H. Rornzars . .... . . Tuscaloosa Education Education Club: Mnsonle Club. The only man who vvor beat "Shorty" Cooper ut belng "short," A hnrrl working student, who says but very little, but makes that llttle count. A Chrlstlnn r.:entlmnnn and sr member of Alabxlmlvs I-vor growlng club of Benedlcts. HENRY B. ROBINSON ....... Sylacauga Education Mosnnlc Club: Phllomathlc: Education Club: T2lackI'rlnrs. Bl'0ILCll1lllld0fl, n Innn ot' vlslon. n. student of brll- liance, the best ol' l'l'll'l1llS, and :I clenr, forceful thinker. All ol' this ls "Roby." RUTII Fosrrm RomzR'I'soN, X Q . . . . Clayton Arts Corolla Board, '23, '2-l: Langue of Yvomen Voters: Y. W. C. A. A fomlnlno "gn-getterf' whleh, translated. means energy, pep, and enthusiasm. TllOMzXS D. RUSSELL, X fl' . . . Alexander City Arts Arch Club. Even lf "Tlny" llvod nt the North Polo, there'd never be any danger ol' hls countenance lJ0lllg frozen wlth IL frown on lt. He never wears one. EDD G. SAMUBLS . . . . . . . . Rockford Educatzon Erlucntlon Club: Phllomathlc. A man who can nccompllsh as much ns Erl. has wlthln this brief space ol' a year, ls lndeed one wlum-Iv acquaintance is well worth cultlvatlng. A l'Ullll'l' 1-rlucator, who will prove an inspiring lm- pnlsl- wherever he lnny be located. Frsrus M. SHAMBLIN . . . . . .Coker Art: Class lfnotbull, '22. Festus ls the klml ol' man that keeps the old world moving. A staunch friend, n. dlllgent stu- dent, and a. llne fellow. JAMES R. SHAMIILIN . .... . . . Coker Arts Ile never passes without glvlng you a "lift." One of the must lllceable fellows at the Capstone, a real man. J. MARTIN SMITII, ju. . . . . Birmingham - flrts Buslness Manngvr Blnekfrlars, '24: Glee Club: Fcllowshlp ln Enlzllsh, '23, Mnrtln's ability as a writer of verse and as a plnywrlxrht should wln for lIlm n hlgh place among the South's llternry geniuses. l 68 ,ff .A .GE -6- 0 . anonronnnnlolauolounnlolounuauanm qnnmumllo ' N . linen onmlololomwlololulnmiolololololosommmla THE COROLLA,NINE TEEN TWENTYFOUR I , unior Class COLLEGE or ARTS AND SCIENCES ANTOINETTE SrARKs ...... Birmingham Arls Y. XV. C. A. Cahlnet. "Tony" is among the best cheer lenders ln the Ranch. One could safely offer a. mllllon dollar prlzc for flndlng her blue nr unohllglng. V. STABLER, II K A .... Greenville Ari: President .Tunlor Class: Varsity Basketball, '22, '23, '24: "A" Club: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Quad- rangle: President Epworth League. A quiet ft-llow. who docs his work well, yet has time to star on the basketball court. CLAIRE S'roRRs, X S2 ...... Wetumpka flrts Y. XV. C. A.: Girls' "A" Club. One of the frlenclllest co-eds on the campus. full of fun, pep and llfc. The best of pals and one who rndlntes sunshine everywhere she goes. W. I. TERRY ......... Tuscaloosa Education Another Druid City product, It keen fellow when you know hlm. He ls going to lng ctluuutors some dny. CuARLns Trncruu, JR., E X Arts Pro-Med C'lull: Knnvcs. A good fellow among good follows. The only rcqulsltc to llklng him ls to know him. DAN Hfuuus Tuorvms ...... Wetumpka Ari: Honor Roll, '22, '23: Excelsior: Education Club. Dan pulls down A's with unassuming modesty, and then tlnds tlme to mingle with his many friends. If you do not know him. meet him. You will nevcr regret it. Dom LEE Tuomrsox . . . . Brent .flrls Etlucntlnn Club: Opera Class: B. S. U. Council: Y. XV. C. A.: League of XYomcn Voters. Dorn ls very prominent In student activities. Her trip to the convention In lndlannpolls is just one of the lnuny facts of evidence that could be offered to sullstnutlutc thls assertion. VVAI.'1'1aR P. Toon, K E . .Grenada, Miss. flrls Hottcutots This chap ls the kind of boy that makes the university a rc-al school. Ask him how he makes all those A's. . Mlxuo LUMsnnN Toxsmuuus, A A A . Tuscaloosa Arts Y. XVJC. A.: Lcnguc ot' Women Voters: Educa- tion Club. A 1-urinslty around thc cnmpus would bc n. mys- terious and yet unfouud person who hnsn't. fallen for Mnudln. H. C. TRAYLOR ......... Wedowee ' Arts Vice-President Excelsior, '23: Secretary Excel- sior, '22: Education Club: Second Lieutenant Co. L: I-'rcsldent of Excelsior, '2-1. "Tray" ls n. lender in more things than one. Be- sides standing in the front rnnks of hls classes, he possesses executive nbillty, which has been demon- strated ln the Excelsior. bc one of our lead- . . . Montgomery 69 Ol IIIIIIOIO IIOIIIOIOIIICIQ A C I rf .A , .- 0 .b. 0 . OIC!! IIOIOIOIQI IllOIBIQICIOICIOIOIIIOICICIICQYCIU ' I ' .OICICII IIOIOIIIDIGICIOIOIllDIDIBIOIOIOYEIDIOIIIIrliii-lin TI-IE COROLLA NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR I unior Class COLLEGE or ARTS AND SCIENCES VERNON L. TRAX'I.0R. . . . . . .Wedowee Xlrt: Reporter ol' Exec-lslorg Corolla Board. Vernon has a mind trained and adapted to any- thlm: he undertakes. Jos Ivrzv TURnnkv1LLa ..... Century, Fla. Arif Joe mmle hls mark ln mllltury, and we wlll be disappointed ll' he lsn't a general some day. AUs'rrN L. VENAm.E ....... Wetumpka flrts Secretary Euphlans, '22: Euphlnn Debating Team, '2Zl: Constitutional Committee Excelsior. '23, Sec- retary Excelsior, '24, Phllonmthlc: Corolla Staff, '25-I: Polltlcul Science Club: Education Club: Philo- mathle Debating 'l'eam, '23, RUrUs ALLEN VVALKIER, 111 1' A . . Luverne .flrts Dc-slrerl by many, possessed by few, thls may be truly salrl about Rufus' pleasing personality. EARL Russel. VVEAVER, K A . . . Birmingham Ari: Hnnor Roll, '23, Junlur Faculty: Fellowship ln l"runub. Au exceedingly bright fellow. . CERAVHS I-I. WEAVER, JR. . . . Birmingham Arts H H E Nm-ver speaks 'lll nel-essury, then he gets results. JAMES H. WEBB, K A ...... Tuscaloosa zlrts Small in stature, but great ln mind. IiA'l'llI.lEEN WILLIS, A l' A. . .Birmingham .4rt.r Blaekl'rlarsg Vice-Pre:-xldent League ol' XVomen Voters, '2-lg Y. NV. C. A.: Education Club. Dean Do:-1ter's mainstay. VELMA Wlucrrr, 1'I A .... . Wedowee Sczcnrr Education Club: Y. W. C. A.: League of Women Voters, B. S. U. If good looks starred ln Mrs. and Mr. Pollytlck, you must hand it to Velma. Doao'1'HA E. WINTERS, H A . . . Birmingham flrts . XVhnt more could one usk for than a pretty girl who knows numerous poetic quotatlons. I-IENRY A. YOUNG, E A E . .... Anniston Art: Quadrangle: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Llteresque: Fm-llowship in French, Scrub Football, '21, '22: Football Squad. '23: Executive Committee, '23: Corolla Board: Crimson-XVhlte Staff. A leader ln his work. EUGENE M. ZEIDMAN . . . . . Tuscaloosa Arts Erosophlc, '213 Crimson-White, '23, '24: Summer, '21lg President of Capstone, Summer, '23: Member Winning Debating Team, University of Georgia vs. University of Alabama, '23: Euphlans: Political Science Club: Debating Team, Alabama vs. L. S. U., '15-I. 70 , , ,, 'AQ 363- QA- E QIQICICIQIQIGIQIQIIIQIIIQIIIQIQIQIQIQIQIUQIIWCIIIC 1 I ' 'QI.l.I.lol0l0l.lQl0lUl'l'l.IClalulololalclolollllultfl0 THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR S0ph0l'I'l01'C Arts and SCi6IlCeS OFFICERS GEORGE HAAS ...... .... .......... . P resident JACK CLAY ,,,, ....... V ice-President IUNNAH CASE . . . . . Secretary and Treasurer PETE CAMP ...... . . Forensic Council Excculi-ve Commiltee Ronsnr STOCK ALEX GIBSON G' oat DAVID MCINTYRE 71 A . 'AQ :bg Qxy A muoumlnlolslomlsnonnnuscroualnlulououluououayqnq ' s ' .olulclololmlullrolnlulolelanalasolnloAolblb'l'6iFlo'n3fo TI-IE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR 1 , 5 SOPIIOITIOTC Class COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Wu.I.ue CORRINNE ALEXANDER . . . Headlnnd I Arts II M E Y. NV. C. A.: Newtonian Club, '23: Edu- Q cntlon Club: Lcnguc of Women Voters. MARGARET ALi.IsoN, A A A . . . Montgomery Ari: A Pun-Hollonlc Council: Y. W. C. A.: League ol' Xvomen Voters: Inter-sorority Basketball Chnmplonsg Corolla Board. ' Enrru ARNOLD ........ Albertville Arts Honor Committee: Education Club. BESSIE MAE BAIRD . . . . . Tuscaloosa Arts Sroussm. BARKSDALE . . . . Fern Bank Arls A ANDREW D. l31.Ar,ocR, fb K E ..... Selma Arts Glen Club, '23: Cm-olln Board: Unlvorslty Band, 'fltlg Capstone S4-re-nuders. EDNA GRAY Holman, A A A . . Montgomery Arts Girls' Basketball, '23, '24. ALBERT S. BOZEMAN, K A . . Meridian, Miss. Arts ' Y. M. C. A.: Hottcntot Club. CAMERON BRAME, K A ..... Montgomery Art: Bluckfrlnrs. HAZEL BRowN, A Z . ..... . . Ensley Arts Soclnl Service Committee, Y. W. C. A.: League of Women Voters: Crimson-White Staff. PERCY R. BRCWN, A K E . . . , Birmingham Art: Glee Club, '24: Arch Club. VVILLARD BROWN . . . . . . . Jasper Art: 3 Enww G. BRUCE, A T Q . . . . Birmingham Arts 1 Knnvcsg Junior Manager Football for '2-1. 5 HERRERT S. BUCK, E A M . .... Dothan A ri: I Commerce Club: Tennis Club. 72 1 'AQ AXA - mlonlololalololnlouolnlolololalalolololllorllllilc ' u ' .OIDlololllmolnamlololulalalnlnlololalolololc era: TI-IE. COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Sophomore Class I COLLEGE OF ARTS AND' SCIENCES ! BURTON BURDICR . ..... Double Springs flrls HliRllliR'l' A. CALHOUN . . . . . . Grove Hill .-Iris I Masonic Club: Scrub Pootbnll, '20 '23. IIHLRN CALLAN, X Q . .... .' . Gadsden .-Iris lilac-lcfx'l2H'H: Y. XV. C. A.: Tdlllflllf! Of TVOm- cn Vols-l's: I'nn-II'-Il--nlc Vnuncil: Trumps. VVALTON EUGENE CALLEN, JR., A T Q . . Selma 5 ' .elrts Key-If-oz Gu-0 Club, '23, '24. l CA'l'llERlNli CA1.vER'1', II A . .Jonesville, S. C. N .flrtr Y. XV. f'. A.: Education Club: Lcnguc OI' XVomi-n You-ra-1. CLARA CAMERON ..... Henryetta, Okln. :Iris Y. XV. C. A.: Lc-zu-:uc of XVomcn Voters. A ERNRs'r CAMMACK . . . . .Allen .flrls IRENH CAMPBHLI., A Q . . . Montgomery flrls X A fb Y. W. C. A. I-IANNAH CASE, K A. . . . . . . Attalla .flrls XVomen's Council: Sccrutnry - 'l'l'01lSl.ll'0l' Sophumuro Clnse-1: Y. XV. C. A.: Education Club, GERTRUDE GRACE CLAPP, A Z . . Birmingham .-Iris Hall Chulrmnn: Student Voluntecr Band: Tennis Club: Y. W. C. A. Cublnet: League of Women Voters. JACK CLAY, T 111. . . . . .Birmingham flrls Froshmnn Baseball, '23: Vlcc-President Sophomore Class. PAULINE COKER ........ Greenville .flrts Education Club: Blnckfriurs: Y. XV. C. A.: Lcnguc of Worm-n Votcrs. Enrrn MM' COLE, A Q . . . . . Mobile flrls Y. NV. C. A.: University Chorus. ROBERT FRANKLIN COLEMAN, 22 X . . Mobile .'1rls 73 . 7 . . 'AQ 361 Qx- , rnnlororolalumnusuanlnlaroramnurararononaroral' ' 1 ' ol.lolqlororoloamomlololoIalolnlulololclouounoroao THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR l Sophomore Cldss COLLEGE QF ARTS AND SCIENCES ALoxzo COLIN, X fb ..... Alexander City Ari.: 0 A K LAURA COLLIER, Z T A . . . . Birmingham Art: CECIL' G. COLLINS .... . Guin Arts Loursr Cosxok. A I' A ...... Anniston Arts Y. XV. C. A.: livllglll' of Wommwii Voters: Bl:u:lII'I'iaI's. ROIIIzk'I' Coma, E N. . . .Union Springs Arts Susm Lan CoUN'rs . . . . Tuscumbia Art: Hall Clmirman: Y. W. C. A.: Lcnguo of NVOmen Voters: Eduvntlon Club. J. VV. COWLIQY, fb I' A .... . Mobile ' fl rls Fresh H1 nn Football. L0lS CRAIG, A A A . . . .jasper I I A rls l 1 AIITIIUR C. Cnownnk, JR., A K E . . Birmingham I fl rls ' IQUIXVCB. SARA DANIEL, A Z. . . . . . .Abbeville .flrls Y. W. C. A.: Lf-mme of Women Votcri-I. EI.IzAnE'rII DONOVAN, K A. . .Montgomery . x1rI.r Blnckfrlurs: Roiul Trip, '23g Crimson- Whito Staff, '23: C0-Ed Editor, '24: Y. W. C. A.: Blue Ridge Delegate, '23g Cabinet Mcmberg Birmingham News Scliolurslilp, 7017 MACK DAVID DOWLING, K E . . . . . Ozark l flrlr . Arch Club: Oflicnrs Club. JOIIN A. DREIIER, 1'I K fb . . Cullman .flrts I OSCAR LHIGII DUPRE, fb 1' A . . Attalla . A rl: 74 M 'AQ :bt DX. . QIDIIICIDIQIQIQIQIQIQIQIQIQIQIQIQIQIQIQIIICIIIUIID ' l ' ..l.l.l.lololUlll0IDIIIQIII.IDIGIUIUIQIUICIUIOIIFIOICIU THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TVVENTY-FOUR SOP1'1OTI'10l'C Class COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES l l El.lZABl'I'l'll EICII . . ..... . Fort Davis Ari: ' Nowtonlnn Plub: Honor Roll. '22: Hull Chnlrnmn, '23. ZoL.x ALLEN EMERSON . . . . . . .Oxford Ari: Honor Roll, '23: Cornlln. Board, '28: Blnck- frlnrs: Erosophlc, '2fl: NVomen's Council, '2-1: Y. XV. C. A. VERNON ERWIN, A A A . . . Greensboro .-lrfx EUGENE B. ETIIERIDGE, E A E . West Point, Miss. Arts Hottentot Club. G. M. FEATHERSTON, E A E . . Senatobia, Miss. Arts Hottentot Club. IVIARY SIIIRAS Frrrs, K A .... Tuscaloosa Arts Bl:u'lcfI'lursg Ruud Trip, '23: Y. W. C. A. Cl.YDElI.FOSHEE. . . . . . .Billingsley Arts Nc-wtonlan Club. J. T. FULLER . . . . . . . Centerville Ari: Jonx GAMIILE, E N. . .Greenville Art: JESSIE L. GAY . . . . . Northport Arts MARY CHRISTINE GILBERT . . .Tuscaloosa Art: ELLEN EMELINE GILES, A 1' A . . Birmingham Arts Y. W. C. A.: League of Xvomen Voters. Lucmx GILLIS . . . . . Grove Hill Arts 75 , mln! I lololal lalllullllllllililt Olnlllllsldlqlil 'OICIOII IIOIOIOIUIQIolololllololulnlvlololhlololololo THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR . 5 A52 361 Ex t V 5 , Sophomore Class N COLLIZGIC OF ARTS AND SCIENCES JOE M. fill,l.MORli . . . . . . .jackson .Alrlx l'IIiv1-I'slty Rami. '23, ':Z4: R. O. 'P. C. Hanil, '23, 'LHQ lPI'I-HIIIIIIIII R:IskcLbIIll, '23. SAUI. M. liOl.llS'l'liIN, K N . . . Birmingham Aris fl, M IC Nt-WUIIIIIIII I'lIIb. '21lp 'l'I-nnls Club: Crim- , SUI!-xvvlllll' St:II'I', '23, I2RNliS'l'lXli Goknox, A A A . . . Birmingham .-Iris l.I-nI:IIv nl' NVmIIt-II Vntvrsg Y. XV. P. A.: Hnimi- 4'InIIIIIittI-c, '233 Nl'NVl0llli'lll Club, '23: l':1llI1'llIlHll K'lIIlI. Lum R. fiRAHAM ..... . . Reform Education VIRGINIA fiRliliNli, K A . . . . Montgomery I-Iris J. A. GRllfP'IN, Z1 X . . . . Hattiesburg, Miss. Arts Arvh Club: llrrttuntot Flllll. WILLIAM Acxsow GUIIRIN, A K E . Chica o Ill. S I .flrlx Tl'1ll'k Tcumg Jndr-s. CIIEI.I.,I l'lAI.I. ...... . . Albertville ' Arls Nom I'IAI.l.. . . . . Opelika Arts MARIE HAMIIJION, K A . . . Greenville Arts TIIOMAS A. HAMII.'I'oN, A K E . . . Mobile Arts i Judes. I 3 HAIIIIIN H. HANCOCK, III 1' A . . . Ethelville Arts l l l i MAURINI5 HANLY, A Z . . . . . Attalla I Arts 76 I . . fA5!:61 QA- mlonusnlolqlsionalulnlaralolmunaualalololclolnlo ' - ' -DIIIIlllhlololllololololllOIOIOIGIDIUIUIUIOIUIW'GNU' Tl-IE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR , l Sophomore Class Q I COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES 1 i l ELMHR F. I'IAkRxs ....... Mnplesville l Arls l Uulvi-rslty Bnnwl, '23g Newtonian Club, '23. VVvA'1"1' L. FIEFLIN, JK. ....... Roanoke Arts Ex:-i-lsliur Lil0l'!ll'y Sucii-ty. JE.-XXNE I-IEKMAN, Z T A. . .Tuscaloosa Scirnce Lvnprur- of NVonu-n Vote.-rs: Bl:iclcl'1'lm's3 Pan-Hulloulc Council: Stnggs. Rox' Goone HonsoN . ....... Athens Science Eduvntion Club: Euphlnn Literary Soclotyg Excl-lslnx' Lilox':u'y Sovlcty. Jnssus Hor,x,ANn . . . . . . . Castleberry 11175 LYMAN HOLLAND . . . .' . . Mobile Arts Honor Roll, '23. CLEMENTINH HOOPER . . . . . . .Roanoke Arts Lcrugue ol' XVOmun Voters: Y. XV. C. A. RUTH PIUFF, Z T A . . . .Tuscaloosa Arts MARX' ELLEN HUGHES . . . Opp Arts JOHN D. INGRAM, JR.. . . . . . .Delta Arts Phllomathlc Literary Society. JENKINS JACKSON . .... .Livingstone Arts Newtonian Club. FRANK JENNINGS, 'If A 6 . . .... Eufaula Arts Blackfrlnrsg Kuavcsg Scrub Football. I'IARnmz JOHNSTON, JR., KI, A 9 . . Birmingham Arls Ivux'JoHNsoN. . . . . .Greensboro Arts 77 . - , A IAQ :Gi Q5 . flf0lll.lQlQlQIQIQICIQIBIQIIIQIQIQIQICIQUIQIUIIIIIUI ' I ' .ol.l.I.l.l0lOl.lolBIQIQIQIOIUIOIUIDIGIDICIQIDIDIOIOTQ THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR R SOpl'AOI'I101'6 Class l COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES LOUISE joNIis, K A ....... Tuscaloosa Ari: NVomun's Pun-llcllcnlc Councll. I-IUGII W. JONES ..... . Century, Fla. .4ri.r 'l'uoMAs W. JONES ....... Huntsville flrls Qllf1Cll'Hl1E7l0i Corolla Bourd, '233 Tennis Club. THOMAS JOYCE, H K fl' . . . TUSCIIIOOSII Arts AI,vIN SIDNEY KAR'I'Us, K N . . . Bessemer flrls O A K Corolla Bnnrd, '24. FRANCIS M. KOIIN, -If A 6 . . Montgomery flrls FRANCIS Vovn KUYKENDAl.L .... Winfield flrls Erosophlc Liu-I'uI'y Soclc-ty: PlIllnIn:1llIlc: f'UI'UlllL Brmrcl, '24. VIRGINIA LACEY, A I' A ..... Demopolis Arts Education Club: League of Women Voters: Pan-Hellenic Count-llg Y. NV. C. A. CAROLYN LAsI.In, K A . . .Tuskegee Art: CORNIELIA LEAVY ...... Brunswick, Ga. Arts MINNIE LEE, K A .... , Selma Artx KA'l'RlNA LINIIGREN. . . . . .Tuscaloosa Art: ANNONA LINIJLEY ....... Montgomery Arts QEULNARIE LOGAN, A 1' A .... Centerville Speczal . - League of Women Voters: Y. W. C. A.: Crimson-White Stuff, '24g Corolla Bonrrlg Education Club. 78 A :lm :bf DKR , unanmnaorqromrnrouanuoronouaronrolslonaucmlu ' 1 ' 'oldlololororararonnololuloInuarnmnumrololornrarano THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Sophomore Class COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Ru'rsoN HATCHEIT Lurz, II A . . Montgomery Arts Crlnmson-White Staff: Corolla Board: Unl- vorsity Rod Cross Chairman: First Vico- Prc-slrlont Blackfrlars: 'l'rf-nsurer Pun- Hcllr-nlc Council: League of YVomon Voters: Y. W. C. A.: Keystone: Co-Erl Corro- spnnclent Birmingham News and Moblli- Rwzlster, '23. , HOPE MCMILLEN, K A . . . . Demopolis Hr!! Blnckfrlars, RonER'r HAINES MCCONNELL . . Mobile Art: Blackfriars: Sports Editor Crimson-TVhlto. '24: Assistant Sport Editor Corolla, '24, JULIAN F. MCGOWIN, A K E . . . Chapman Art: Blackfrlars: University Band. '23: Busi- ness Manager Unlvr-rf-Ilty -Band, '2-1: Proxi- rlcnt Newtonian Club, '23: Erosoplxlr-, '23: Key-Ice. I VIRGINIA MCILWAIN, K A . . . . . Selma 3 flrls Y. XV. C, A,: Honor Roll, '23. EMMA FRANCES MCNAIR, E II . . . Tuscaloosa Arts LOUISE MASSN, H A . . . . Huntsville Arts Y. XV. C. A.: League of Xvomcn Voters: Opera Cluh. RoEER'r MATIIERNE, A X A . . Beaumont, Texas ' Arts Assistant Editor Crimson-Xvhito, '24: As- sistant Sports Editor of Corolla: Corolla, '23, '2-1: Political Sc-lcnce Club. - josEPII I-I. MEAIJE, A T fl . . Birmingham flrtx PELIIAM J. MERRILL . . . . Heflin Art: DAVID B. MILLER, A K E . . . Brewton Arts Jmles. LOUISE MITCHELI. .... . Prattville .flrls FRANK j. MIZELL, JR. . . . Samson Arts. Tennis Club: Corolla Staff, '24. MILDRED JOSEPIIINE MOORE, A A A . Birmingham Arn Y. W. C. A,: Honor Roll, '23. I 79 1 ,A 'AQ :bi QA- llIIIIIQIOIOIQIQICIDIClQIBISICIQIQICICICIQICICIQIQII 1 I ' OICIOIO OICIOIIIQIIIOIQICIIIUIIIQIDICIUICIUIDIIDIQIOI0 THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FGUR Z SOphOITlO1'C Class COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES IViAURlCl5 P. MOORE, Z2 A li . . Senatobia Miss. I Y f Arlx ' Ilnttvutot Cluh. NVILLIAM W. MONROIQ . . . . Fayette Arls ' Unlvvrslty Bnnsl, '2fl. ' - JOSEPIHNH IVIURPIIIEY, A l' A . . . . Anniston 4 Arls , , llonor Roll, '2llg Nvwlnninn Cluhg Emlucn- - , lion Club: lmuprilu nf NVnmun Vutvrsg Y. NV. 43. A. Cnliim-tg Bing-lcI'l'i:L1's. 1 LAURA MURPIIX' . . . . .Tuscaloosa 1 Arls , EI.IZABl5'l'll NEAL . . . . . . . Brewton i I Arts ' , of Xvomvn Voters: Y. XV. C. A. JAMES B. NEBI.Ii'l"l' . . . . Morgan City, Miss. . Arls 1Iotl,1-ntot Club. 1 MARIE NEwsoM, A Z. . . .Birmingham If Ari: ' Louxsli NICHOLS, A Z . . . Thomnston Ari: ' llInclcI'rlm':-1: Pun-llulll-nlc Council: Ern- k suplilu l.lt1-x'ul'y Soc-li-ly, '2Il. ICATIIERINE NUcKol.s . . . . .Fayette ' Arlx - Vlcn-l'rosl4lu-nt Girls' "A" Clubg Girls' - liuslu-lhnll, '23, '13-1. ' FRANCES ORR, A A II . . . Birmingham Arls ' 'lllnr-kfrlnrs. 'v f Iinwm C. PAGE, JR. . . . . Evergreen ' Arts ' VV. F. PALMER . . . . . . . .Dothan " Arts 25 Unlvorslty Band, '23, '24. RUTH PALMER, A A A . . . Jasper ,' Arls 2 AUGUSTA PARK, A Z . . . . Greensboro A rl: 5 Y. XV. C. A.: League of XVomen Voters. J v. Fos'rER MURFEE PA'r'roN, K E . . . Tuscaloosa 3 3 V n M , Arts 80 r " 'AQ ' ' ' QXN Y munouomlolololalololalalololol lla lc ol I :Cac OIOIQ 0'0ll'0 0 ' I 0 I . Il ololtlulnlnlolilclllalnlolololulolalmolalolo TI-IE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR l : Sophomore Class COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES I'l,wm.'rox PERKINS, A X A . . . . Iinsley :Iris Assistant C111-c-1' Lvmlcr. '23-'2-lg Bluvk- I'rinx's. l'RnAx Pli'l'l5RS, fl, l' A ..... liirminghaxn Srivnrn' JOHN ALTON Pllll.l.lPS . . . Brooksville, Miss. 11175 KATRYNE I.. PREwE'r'1',A Z . . Baton Rouge, La. flrls MARIE JANE QL'lN .... . Fort Payne flrts MARY RonER'rsoN . ........ Hellin flrls llonox' Roll, '23g Sucrulury Girls' "A" Club: Co-Ed Buskctlrall 'JR-am, H233 Education Club: Y. XV. C. A. ESTHER ROSES!-'lil,D .... . . Tuscaloosa Arts NELLIE IVIAE Roma ..... . Reform Edumlion ELISE Russlam., K A. . . .Selma flrts FRED Sco'r'r, .E N .... . . Montgomery flrli' XV. '1'Uxs'm1.I. SEARCY, A K li . . . Tuscaloosa Arls James L. SEw.'xRo . . -.... Mvntpcornery Edumlion X 'l'uoMAs VV. SEWELL, II K A . . . . Titus A flrix Secretary Frushmnn Class, '23, GYPSY CLANCE SHARPE . . .Tuscaloosa , ' A rt: Sl . IA xx -, - Q 261 E ,A mInnololouunuolcaololulolclolomnosalolnnslouornn ' - ' .mul -'V THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Sophomore 'Class COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES EILEEN SMITII, A A A . . .Bessemer flrls MARGARET SMITII, Z 'I' A . . Tuskegee girl: IRIS PIIENE SNEAD, IT A . . . . Gadsden .4rts Y. W. P. A.: Langue of Women Voters: Educallon Club. THOMAS NELSON SNIIAD . . . . Gadsden .flrts JAMES FRANKLIN STONLR . . Montgomery .4175 Honor Roll, '23: .Tunlor Faculty: B. S. U. I"num-ll: Vnluntn-or Bnnd: Alabama Quad- l'5l.llgl01 DOIL-Lratu tn International Studs-nt Confcrruncc. KA'I'IIl.liEN STOWIIRS. K A . . . Attalln :Iris Blackfrlurs. CAIIIERINII I-Iraknewr S'I'uAR'r, A 1' A . Greenville flrts Y. XV. CT. A.: TIOIU-Ill!! of XVomen Voters: Emlucntlnn Club. CONWELI. S. Svxns, A K E . . Aberdeen, Miss. .4rl.r Crimson-Wlxltv Stuff. '24: Judes: Cornlln. Rrmrcl. '24: Ser-x'I-tary-'I'l'mIsurer Ilottentot Ulub: llonor Roll, ,231 Ns-wtonlnn Club, '23: Erosophlz-, '23: Free-Ilmmnn Footlmll, '23: Polltloul Svlq-Iwo Cluh, '24. LINDA TAIIII, Z 'I' A . . . .... Gallion Arn Y. XV. C. A.: Langue of Kvomon Voters. MARTIIA TAYLOR, A 1' A . . . Atlanta, Ga. !Irl.v Y. WV. C. A.: Longuc ol' Women Voters: Educntlon Club. . Columbia MARX' Sco'I'r TAX'l,OR, II A . ' fl rlx Y. W. C. A.: Blg Sisters Voters. : Leaguu of Women '1'IzRkY ELLIS TIIAMES . . . Red Level Art: PAGE TIIOMPSON, K A. . Selma Ilrtx JOSIIUA B. 'f0NKEl., E A M . . Shaw, Miss. Arts Sz . Q . S-1 A lol K - 'AQ - ' - Dx. f. aucnolalnlolalololnloluInIcIoIoIaIoI Isl I I I :ec Ol me n can Q u. I I IlilllvlvloluromlslolnlQIoIolnlulolvllmlolovnloiofo THE COROLLA. NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR SOpl'lO1Tl0!'C Class COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES LYMAN D. TOULMIN . . . . . Mobile .'Ir1.I Corolla Board, '23, '24: Honor Roll, '23: Tennis Club. CHARI.I2s TWEEDY, IR., fl' l' A . . jasper flrl: Honor Roll. '23, PERRY A. TwI'I'rY ........ Allsboro .4rt.v Rifle Team: Euphlan Literary Society. CONRAD XNALI. . . . . . . . Forest Home .'1rl.I Honor Roll. '23, YIELEN XVALLIS, X Q .... . Birmingham Sprcial BlrIr'kl'rlm's: League of XVomen Von-rs: Y. NV. C. A. NRM C. VVEBB, JR., A T S2 . . . Demopolis .Alrtx V MARIE LOUISE VVEBB, K A . . . Demopolis .firls C. M. WELLS . . . . . . Grove Hill .4rt.v MA'I"I'IIe SUE XA7HATI.EY, A Q . . Montgomery flrts Y. TV. C. A.: Newtonian Club, '23g Pun- Hellenlc Council, '24: Big Sisters. Rox' R. VVXLKIE .......... Mobile .-Iris Erosophlc, '23: Honor Roll. '23: Secretary Student Volunteers: Bluckfrlnrs, '23: Co- rolla Bonrd, '23, '24: Euphinnsi Alabama Quadrnnglc: Tennls Club: Delegate to In- lernntlomnl Student Conference: Opera Clnss. '23: President Christian Endeavor: Vlcv-Preslrlcnt Student Volunteers, '24. ANNIE MAUD VVILKINSON, K A . . . Selma .-Iris Blar:kfrlm'sg Ln-ngue of XVomI-n Voters. MARGARET A. VVILLIAMS, A A A . . Laurel, Miss. Arts Hovr C. WINsLE1'r . . . . Dudeville :Iris Freshman Football Team, '22, Freshman Baseball Team, '23. 83 . 5- " A 'AQ :cbt Ski , , , ml.l5l.l.l.lQlQlQl-IQIIDIQIQICICIOIQICIQIQIDIQICI-IC ' I V .CICIQIIIUIQICIIIUIOICIQIQIOIGIG!UIOIOIOICIUIOIIIIUIOIAD THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR , l S0pl'lOI'I101'C PrC'MCd Class JAMES4 VV. Amo, 21 N . . . .Birmingham 1'l'L'-Mr'fl Arc-li Club: Glow f'lulx, '237 Varsity Qual'- totti-, '2Zlg Cast, "Alas, thc Gus!" Nlzw'1' T. AI.RRIGlI'l', JR. . . . . Tuscaloosa Pro-Mfd Pre-M011 Club, '23, '2-l. VVll.l.IAM D. ANDERSON, fl' 1' A . . Tuscaloosa Prn-Mnl RDVVXN FRANKLIN AVRRYT, E N . . Columbiana Pro-Mrd Kuy-Ice: Vlco-Pruslmlcut Cotllllon Club: Pl'lF-H1011 Club: l1llK'l'L'Slllli'. lAIAYw0on SOMMliRVIl.l.E l3AR'l'LE'l"I' . Montgomery l'l'1.'-Mfrl Rlllo Tvnm. JAMES Gmmas BAxr.m' . . . . Sylacauga Pre-Mc'zi Unlx'o1'slLy of Alnlmmn Baud. YVILLIAM B. BUNTIN, JR. . . . . Blocton I'f1f-ML'zi 'Ima S. CAMP, E N ..... . . Manchester Pre-Mn! l"l'USl'lYTlilll Footlmll Toum. '23: Varsity I-'notlmll Team, 'Hg Knnvcs: Forensic Coun- cll. R0ru5R'l' RUSSELL CAROTHERS, H K fb . . Oak Hill Pre-Mad Pre-Mud Club. RALPH CRUTCHER, fb A 9 . . .Tuscaloosa Pre-Mod Pre-Mod Club: Honor Roll, '22, '23. BAR'rmsY MALONE EARLY, K E . . Geneva Pl'L'-M1'4l Lno A. ELKOURIE . . . . . .Birmingham Prr-Mm! Pro-Med Cluhg Phl Hum 1'hl Pledge. FRANCIS A. FARRIS, II K fb . . Elba Pre-Mvd ERMAN R. Fox, Z li T . . . . Birmingham Prn-Med 84 lnlllolslolololclllolallllllilololQlolllllllillllli ' s W IIICIOIIIIIOIOICIDII QIOIOIOIIIIIBIOIOIOIOIDIOIQ olol 'fr r r 5 5:5 . THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Q , SOPIIOTIIOFC Pf6'Med Class E. EDWIN CJEVVIN . . . . . .Greensboro l'I'1'-drlful W 1 ALEX Gmsox, fb A H . , . . Birmingham T PIU'-Nf1'd Ex1-vlltivv l'urnn1it1r-1-, , JACK II,xs'l'1Nns . .... .Margerum PH'-J'W1'd N l'l1i 'lim-1:1 1'i l'lI'11l.L'I'. r JOSEPH HENRY Ilrzxnnksox . . . Shorter r . l'l'1'-M1'zf Phi Bum Vi Ph-dgxv. , Prv-Mr-d Vluln, '23, 'LI-I: 'l'm-nnis Ulllh, '23, '2-I. JOHN L. Iflxmrmusrz, li E . . . Birminghzun Prr-Mfd . Slmrvrzx Fmvn JARRHLI. . . . .Imfayctte l'I'1'-Mr'cf ' 1'I'1'-11011 fflllh. JOHN M. ICIMMEY .... .Elhn PIT-Iwnl C. Idxvvxrzxclz, K A . . . Gadsden Pri'-1W1'fl VVu.l,mM Guokmz Lliwrs . . . .Norris 1'l'1'-M1'1f E Z2 X Prv-M:-d Pluhg ffrrlwlln Brnllwl, T145 Hun- ' ovary Ms-lnhvl' of K. ol' ff. LEONE Lrimfokn LlGll'I'F00'l' . . . Shorter Prz'-Mn! Lf-surmlv til' XV1nnc-11 V011-VS: S1'f'l'0iRl'5' ffl' Ernsnphis- 1.11:-rnry Snr-ivty. '23g Sum-iul Serv- If-e r"mnmith-1-, '23g C'rn'nIIu Tlrmrml. '231 TWP- Med Uluh, 'EIL 'ill S.-A-11-t:1l'5' l'l'4P-M'-'11 CIUTY, ' '24, CLAREXCE VV. M,vr'mlaws . . .Roanoke . I'r4'-Mrd E E X P11--Mm! Cluh. , Bam' MCCQRD ...... . .Gadsden i 1,l'I'-Mfli, pl-,..M,..1 fjluh, '23, 'LE-I: 'FL-nnis Club. g HARRY G. Moons . . . . Prr-Mad . 22 Z1 X 1 . Dora - ' 1'1'e-ML-al f'lu11. N- S. MORGAN, H K rp . . Bessemer 5 Pre-Med 35 R 'AQ 361 EXE , mlnnlomnpngnqmnpnonnnnnalornunnuauonounuoeqxouu ' - ' I Illlololololuloxosolololommm:molo1oioloKio'u'5To TI-IE. COROLLA, NINHTEEN TWCENTY-FOUR SOPIIOITIOYC pfC'M6d Class PRIZNTICE WAYLAND OnEN . . Ryan Pre-Mad Pro-Med Club. D. F. PENNINGTON ...... .Hamilton Pre-Med Cornlln B0n.rd, '24. VANCE QUITMAN RAwI.s . . . . Florala Pre-M1-d Pro-Mod Club. REX D. ROACII . ...... . Geneva Pre-Med Pro-Med Club. MALCOLM VV. Ross . . . . . . . Russellville Pre-Med Prnsldolmt of Pre-Mod Club. RAMON C. Ross ......... Verbena . Pre-Med Prr--Mud Club: Trensurnr ol' Pro-Mud Club, '24, IIARRY W. Rou'rLEncE . ..... Tuscaloosa Prn-Mcd S. W. SuEr.'roN ...... . Guin Pre-Med E Z X A. MARIE SPECK ....... . Mobile 1 - Pr:-Mad Opera. Club: Pre-Mod Club. JAMES Bownom S'I'APl.E'l'ON', II K II' . . Dothan Pre-Mad ' Pro-Med Club. , SAMUEL RALPH STEPHENS . . . . Elba Pre-Med 1 FRANK S'l'l'I"l' ..... . . . . Wehadkee Pre-Med Pro-Med Club: Euplxlnn Literary Snclcty. ROBERT P. S'rocK . . . . . . . Birmingham Pre-Med Executive Committee: Pro-Med Club. ISAAC C. SUMNER. . . . . . . .Hamilton , Pre-Med ' Pro-Mod Club: Clmlrman Program Com- mlttm-e Pro-Med Club. W. EI.liliRT V1NEs ....... Paynes Bend Pre-Mvd E 2 X Pre-Med Club. 3 AARON G. WEAVER ..... . Haleyville . Pre-M ed 86 i I llc! :Gt QXX nnunmnumouounnonuuanauonamnonnmunassuming ' n ' 'monomlonololsuouololonelolnmlololosulorolmmosaic THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Freshman Arts and Sciences OFFICERS FRAN K BAIRD President THORIAS LAVEN DER Vice-Prvsiairfzl CHARLCIE HEDGE S ncrctar y- Trcasurrr 87 ' I j 'A k- I I I I IQIOIQ OIC Olllll OIII I lllll l IQIUIOIOIIIUIOI lol lol lolnlul mlm! lol I I Tl-IE. COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR 88 Lenguv ot' Women Voters: Treasurer ot' Freshman Y. XV. C. A.: B. S. U. A Freshman Class COLLEGE or ARTS AND SCIENCES EMILY Owrax Anno'r'l', A I' A . Little Rock, Ark. Sjrrfial fRf'KlllN'l'Il.0l Stuff SDOIISOI CllARl.l-IS L. AmzRcRoMnus, E N . . . Tuskegee .4rls I VVILLIAM F. ADAMS, K E . . Ozark :Iris R0lllill'l' Al.BRl'l"l'0N, K 23 . . . Andalusia Arts CLAUDE H. ALEXANDER, fl- 1' A . . Birmingham Srimzu' WILLIAM Aunmisou, K A . . Waynesboro, Ga. . .Hellin . .Hellin . Albertville . . Geiger . Talladega . Tuscaloosa . Rogersville Montgomery . Northport . Scottsboro flrls Glee Club. EMMA Lma ARMliN'l'ROU'l', A Z . flrls Jnssuz ARMENTROUT, A Z. . - Arts Prvsidunt Freshman Y. XV. C. A. ANNEARNOLD. . . . . . . . Arla' ALBERT H. ANs'1'. . . . , Arts KPXNENDOLYNE BAIRD. . . . flrls CLIFFORD BAKER. . . . . flrls VVILLIAM Aifrow BARNm'r. Arts Munkeo GAs'roN BEALE, II A Arts Louisa BEALLE. . . . . flrts Dorus BEARD, X Q. . . . . .4rl.r 'Z '61 . ks ' l Q , e : mnoniamxouoiomnuonanauclolamnamunsnsnauanan ' .I .olololnlolololtrouolol loln axa l l lol THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Sophomore Class C COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES BDVVARD A. BEAVEN, 22 N . .Evergreen Ari: LOIS BELL . . . . . . Tuscaloosa flrls LEON E. BENSON, E N . . . . Andalusia Arts RUTH Bruaxcs .... . .Tuscaloosa .flrls ANN Ummm Brsnop, A A A . Washington, D. C. Art: CAROLYN BLUE ....... Union Springs Art: Y. W. C. A.: League of Women Voters. Louise Booxa, E II . . . . . . Samantha Arts ADELIA BRASFIELD, A T A . .Birmingham flrts ELVA BRINDLEY ..... . Hartselle Art: XVALTER S. BRITT, JR.. E N . . . . Eufaula .flrts ELEANOR BROVVN, Z T A . . . Biloxi, Miss. Arts Y. W. C. A.: League of WVomon Voters. FRANCES E. Bnovnns . .... . . . Chase .flrix Chnlrmnn Prog. Com. Erosophic Lltorury Society. ANNE BYRD . . . . . . .Miami, Fla. flrts Dfwm CARROLL BYRD . . . Cleveland, Miss. Art: V ADELMDE BYRUM, K A . . . Ensley Art: CLARA CALLAHAN . . . . . . .Tuscaloosa . ' Ari: 39 Q-I ., 'f x ova. ClIQIDIQIOIDIOIOICICIQIQlDlCl0lQl0l0lllDlDl0lClCID!! ' I x .OICICIQICIGIOIUIUIIIIBICIDIOIQIUIOIDIUICIOIOIDIIIIUIOI THE COROLLA,NINETEEN TWENTYFOUR F1'eS1'1!'l'12.I1 Class COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES FRANK CALLAHAN, fl- K 2 . . Decatur flrl: MARY CALLAIIAN . . . . .Tuscaloosa Ari: NAN CALLAN,X Q. . . . . . .Gadsden flrls League ol' Women Voters: Y W. C. A. JACKSON CALVIN, K A . . . . . Decatur Arts MARGARET CARD . . . . . . . Tuscaloosa Ari.: Pilot Scllolarslllp. ROSELYN R. CARLISLE . . . . Grillin, Ga. Ari: Nm.I,m ROBBINS CASTLEBERRY . . . Marbury Arts OTIS CIIAMBLISS . . . . . . Crestview, Fla. Sczzrnce Jrswuu, CLEMENS . . . . . . Scottsboro Arts Runm CLEMENS . . . . . . Scottsboro A Arts JOHN Louis EDMUND CoLr.mR . . . Wetumpka flrls Toxvuvma COTTON . . . . . . . Eclectic Ari: STEPIKIENS CROCKETT, X fl, . I. New Orleans, La. .flrls MARY STROTHER CRoss . . . . Tuscaloosa .flrts MARTPIA CRUTCHER, A 1' A . . . Tuscaloosa .flrls JOHN C. CURTIS, E N . . . . Greensboro .flrts 90 Cl . ,, , K' . 5 5 453 :bf mx ' , CIQIOIQIQIQICICIQICIQIQIBIQIQIQIQIQICIDIQIQIIIIIIII ' I x ' THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Freshman Class si . COLLEGE'OF ARTS AND SCIENCES CLIFFORD Murrow CRYER . . . Anniston N Arts JAMEs Oms DAVIE .... . Munford Arla' GEORGE H. DENNY, JR., E X . . . Tuscaloosa Arts . Freshman Bnskotlmll Squad. LORENE Dum.Ex', E II. . . . . .Tuskegee Arts Cims. Ricnmoxn DuNsoN . . Gadsden Arts Vim EsPEx' . . . . . . Northport Art: RUTH FARRAR . . . . , Holt Art: RonER'r B. FORE, fl' K E . . P. Birmingham Art: FRANCES FORNEY . .... . . Moulton Arts Lf-ngue of XVomcn Voturs: Y. NV. C. .Lg Corolla. Brmrll, '24. LEE FORNIEY. . . . . . . . . .Moulton Artx XVomnn's Connell: League of XVomifn Vot- ers: Y. XV. C. A. PERCY C. FOUNTAIN, 11, K E . . Monroeville Art: Lu.1.mN FRANKLIN . . . .Birmingham Arts Wn.1.mM S'1'.xNx.EY FREEMAN, fl' 1' A . . jasper Arts HELEN FULLER, II A. . .Dothan Art: liluckfrlursg Y. XV. C. A.: Winner of Blu'- mlnglmm Scholarship. LUTHER AUEREY FULLER . . . Hartselle ' Arts Educntlon Club. HELEN Gmsox, A 1' A .... . Birmingham A rl: Y. XV. C. A.: Lcnguc of Women Voters: Secretary of Freshman Commlsslong Spon- sor of Company "A," R. 0. T. C. H 91 , ff ' .Q bxs THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Freshman Class COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES MARX' GILES, A 1' A . . . . Birmingham Arts Lcnguc ol' XVom0n Voters: Y. W. C. A. ANNA Mmuuxvmu Gn.MoRE . .Birmingham flrfs Y. XV. C. A.: League of Women Voters. MYRTLIQ HAGUE GLOVER . . . Pascagoula, Miss. Arts EMMANUM. Gor.ns'rmN, K N . . Birmingham Arls lirosophlu Lltcrnry Society: Newtonian Club: Elllllllllll l.lt1-ml'y Society. Ar.nmu'A Gossm'r, II A .... McLain, Miss. fl ris Y. XV. C. A.: Opera Club: League or Wom- an Voters. Su1.1.rvAx GRAHAM . . . .Mobile Arls NIARJORIE GRAY . . . . . Jasper flrls S. Doucmss GUY . . . . . Scottsville, Ky. Arts SARAH HA!-Nlzk, A Z . . . . Eutaw Ari: Wn.1.1AM IIAMu,'roN, E N. . .Greenville Arls Unlva-rslty Bundy R. O. T. C. Band. JAMris I. HARRISON, jk., 'D K E . . Tuscaloosa - .flrls Clmkucln A. HEDGE, A Z . . Bay Minette Arts Hluclci'rliu's: Corolla Board: Crimson-Whltc Stn.t'!': Y. W. C. A.: Snr.-rutnry of Ernsophlc: Sccrutury of Frcshmnn Class. D. R. Hlixnuksox . . . . . Gaylisville .flrls Hunmu' B. Hmuum, E N . . .Anniston Arts Mmm: Woman HICKMAN, A Z . . Birmingham .flris Y. XV. C. A.: Lengun of Women Votr-rs: Pnrllnmcnturlmx Frm-slmmn Commlsslnn. Rnnnmn Hns. . . ' ...... Russellville flrls 92 T, 1162 :bt I0 Q QUUIIIDIDIQICIOICICIClBIDIQIQIQlOl0lClCl.lClQlQY.lI ' I ' 'OIOIOIQ CIUIOIIIQIQIGIQIQI.I0lCl0l0l0lul9lol0l0l0lDI4 TI-IE. COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR l I Freshman 'Class COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES R. S. HILL, IR. . . . . . . Montgomery Arla' BIIRNICE ILIOLDER ..... . . Albertville ' flrlx R. VV. PIOLLAND, JR., KI, K E . . . Decatur Arts AI.Ys I-IoLMEs ...... . . Tuscaloosa .fffli KA'l'IE NELL HoI.Mlss, II A ..... Dothan Arts XVinner Birmlnglmm News Scholarslllp, '23g Y. XV. C. A. C. W. IAIOOPER, 'If A 6 . . . Selma Arts EDWARD Howza, A K E . . . . Marion Ari: LnoTA D. HULSART . . . . . Tuscaloosa Art: MARY VIRGINIA HUNTER, A S2 .... Mobile Arts Y. W. C. A.: Erosophic Literary Society. PAULINE ELIE HUNTER, A Q ..... Mobile Arif Y. W. c. A. MARGARET PEARL HU'I'ro, II A . . . Jasper Arts LUVETA HUxFoRD, II A .... . . Mobile Artx Y. W. C. A. Committee. I DAN JERNIGAN, K 2. . . . . .Andalusia Arts EVIE JOHNS, 22 II . . . .Berry ' Arts EDNA LEE Jo1INsoN . . . . . . Buhl Arts PAT A. joIINsoN . . .... . . Graham Arts Euphlun Imomry Society! El'050DlliC Lit- erary Society. ' A , :bt QA. I I I I lol I I I Iululoldlolnlolul lllll ICGCIQI .BIOIOIIIOIIDIOIIIUIQIQIQI ltlol Ialnlololdlclol I I0 THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR , 1 1 , VERA JOHNSON. . . . . Y. W. C. A.: Leap-ruo of A rt: LAURxE LINTIIICUM, A 1' A Art: Y. W. C. A.: Lnnguo of Sponsor Company "L." 94- - WALTER K. L1Nsco'r'1' . . . l Freshman Class COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES . . Plymouth, Fla. Ari: WATT WILLIAM JONES . . . . . Wetumpka Arts EVISLYN ICELLY . ......... Hazen Art: Y. W. C. A.: Newtonian Club. JOHN W. KELLY, JR., A T 9 . . . Montgomery , Am' P A T Y Freshman Intcrfratcrnlty Club. Q LOUISE KELLY .......... Hazen Arts Y. W. C. A.: Newtonian Club. GENEVA KTREY . ....... Albertville X Am' . LUCILLE KOSTEK . .... . . Tuscaloosa ' Art: HARRY B. LACKEY . . . . . .Sulligent Arts TIIEO LAYS LAMIENSDORN, E A M . . Shaw, Miss. Ari: AGNES LAUNIUS ..... . New Castle Ari: PHAROS R. LESTER . .... Waynesboro, Ga. Arts ANNIE WEESE LEWIS ...... River Falls Arts Women Voters. . . .Chickasaw . . Atlanta, Ga. Woman Voters: ALICE MAE L1vxNGs'1'oN . . . . Montgomery Arts MIRIAM LOCKE, II A . . . . . Mobile Arts ' Crimson-White Stuff: Y. W. C. A.: Langue ol' Women Voters. If 1 .X EN Tl-IE. COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR l Freshman Class COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Mn.muzn A. LOCKIIART . . . . .Selma .-Iris I.:-nmlc of XVomon Voters: Y. XV. C. A. L1Ll.xAN Lusk, Z T A . . . Guntersville riff! CHAMP LYONS, fb A 6 . . . . . . Mobile flrls Erosophic Literary Society' Rifle Team, Cnplnln. GARNET MCADAMS, K A . . . . Mobile drtx Blnckfrlurs. W. B. NICAFIZE, 'IW K Il . . . Decatur flrls CA'I'l-IHRINE McCo1.r.oM, A 1' A . . Greensboro .-lrlx Y. XV. CI. A.: Langue of Xvomun Voters. S'rEm.lxc P. McDoNA1.n, JR., X KI' . . Sylacauga drfx Erosophic Litvrury Society. AULTA LEE MCELRATH . .... Cedar Bluff fl rr: ARTHUR B. MCLICAN ....... Mobile .11 rts Unlvcrslty Band: Il. O. T. C. Band: Crim- son-NVhlto Stuff. JAMES B. McLEs1'sR, fl- A 9 . . . Birmingham Arn JOHN Doucl.As MCQUEEN, fb A 6 . . Tuscaloosa Ari: JACK MCSPADDHN, -K A .... Birmingham :Iris Rum MCMILLEN, K A . . . Demopolis .flrlx IIELEN MALx.oY, K A .... . . . Eutau flrtr Blnckfrlarsg Sponsor Rcglmental Staff. JULIAN Dossr MANcxL . . . . . Andalusia Arts' 1 l Jonu S. Mmucs, A T 9 . . . Montgomery l Ari: 95 SQ. yi 'A X ' :S wb. IJ, : - IIDIIIOIOIOIQIOICIIIDIGIQICIO 0 OlllllOlClClClClQli ' I ' CICICIOIIICIOIIIOIIIIOIOIOIllIIOIBIDIOIOIOIOIDIDIOICIO Tl-IE. COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR F Regimental Stnff Sponsor. Arts League of XVomcn Voters. Arts Votersg Y. W. C. A. Education 96 CIIIDIOIOIIIIIIID OIOIIICIQ 3 OIIIIIIIOICIIIDIOIO OIQIQI W. . QV 2 Freshman Class COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES CLYDE VIRGII. MARTIN . . . . Tuscaloosa Special HELEN MASSEY . . . . . . Meridian, Miss. Arts Y. WV. C. A.: Lenprue of Yvomen Voters: EMILY MATTIIEWS, Z T A . . Montgomery Bln.ckfrlm's: Girls' Glee Club: Y. W. C. A.: JESSIE MAE MILLER . . . . Albany Erosophlc: Blackfriars: League ol' XVomen LAURA DART MILLER, A I' A . . Tuscaloosa Art: CLARENCE O. MILSTEAD . . . Cleveland, Miss. Art: A. P. MIZE . . .... . . Tuscaloosa flrts LILA S. MOORE .... .Huntsville Art: Vice-President Erosophlc Literary Society. ROBERT MULLIN, K E . . . . Grenada, Miss. flrls I- Hottentot Club. ROBERT MUNDINE . . . . . . . Jasper Arts PAULINE NEIGI-IBoRs . . .Moundville Ari.: Y. W. C. A.: League of Women Voters: Newtonian Club. MoR'roN NESMITII, A K E . . . Birmingham . Art: Erosophlc Literary Society. GEORGE NIcIIoLs . . . . . . . . . Eutaw Arts GLADYS FULLER OGLESEY, A Z '. . . Centerville flrts Erosophic: Y. W. C..A.: League of Wom- en Voters. EDNA EVELYN OLSON . . . . . .Theodore . 'AQ 'ea' Dx N . . . , DIUIIIQIQIQIQIQIQIIIQI!lBlIlQlQlQl3l.lQlQlQl.f.f.II ' I ' .al'I'I.l.lDI0l.IQl.lCl.l.I.IUlolololmlslclalollilolal0 TI-IE. COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Freshman Class COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES HEI.EN OLsoN . . .... . .Theodore Education NEILSON BRIGGS O'REAR . . . . . Jasper 'Arts SARAII ORR, K A ..... . . Tuscaloosa Arts EDDIE JAcIcsoN PAcE . . . . . Grove Hill flrts CLARENCE PARTRIDGE . . . . .Mobile flrts Rifle Team. MABEI. PATTON, K A . . . . . Tuscaloosa Arts PHYLLIS PERKINS, A A A . . . . . . Decatur flrls Blackfrlars: Opera. Club. MOLLIR PETERMAN . .... . Kellerman Education A. J. PHILLIPS . .... . Clio Art: ' BELA PHILLIPS . . . . . . . . Sylacauga Arts Erosophic. FREDERICK W. PICRIIARD, JR. . . . . . Mobile Arts Freshman Football Team. MOLLIE PIZITZ . . .I . . . . Tuscaloosa Arts EDITH PooL . . . . . . Coker Art.: CLIFFORD PORTER POWELL . . . Crossville Arts CHENAULT PRICE . . . . . . . . Danville Arts ,Freshman Football Team: Education Club. RICHARD PROWELL, fb I' A . . . Tuscaloosa Arts I PAT 1 Blackfrlarsg Erosophic. JESSE STUART PUGI-I, E X ...... Mobile Ari: Glee Club, '24. 97 t fl gs 0 Ol I0 TI-IE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR f , Ari: VVYNN L. RADFORD, E X . . Art.: I'IAYDEN RAYNOR ..... Arlx Erosophicg Tennis TlIOlNiAS H. READ, JR. Arts HENRY C. RODGERS, fl' I' A . . Arts VIRGINIA ROQUEMORE, A A A . X Art: ' JAMES CLINTON Rosa . . . . Science MARY EvANs Rose, A A A . Art: GLADYS RossNIzIzRG . . . . Art: MILDREIJ ROSENBERG . . . . . Arts l'IYMAN RosI2NFI:I.D, 2 A M . Arts I MARION F. RUBIRA, E X . . Arts ELIZABETH RUTIIERFORD . . Art: LOUISE RU'I'LEocIa, E II . . Ari: DoRo'I'IIY T. SANDERS, A I' A . I A rt: l MARY LOIS SCHARNAGEL . . I Aff! 98 F1'eSiTlT1aI'1 Class ' COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES MARY VAN on GRAFF PYRON, A A A . Collinsville . . Tuscaloosa . .Montgomery Club. . Tuscaloosa Hattiesburg, Miss. . ..Montgomery Greenwood, Miss. . . Tuscaloosa Tullahoma, Tenn. Tullahoma, Tenn. . . Tuscaloosa . .Mobile . . Fort Davis . . Selma . . Leland, Miss. . Tuscaloosa mm. - 1 152 Rs s H W THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR F1'SSl'llTl3.I'1 Class COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES CELESTE ScIIwAR'Iz . .... . . Anniston Art: FRANK D. Sco1'r, 2 N . . . . . Montgomery .flrts ROLF INCE SEIEBERG, A X A . . . . Mobile . Arts EMILY SEEGER, E II. . . . .Tuscaloosa Art: Y BRYANT MCCULLAII SELIIS, A T Q . Birmingham Arts. Erosophic: Blnckfrinrs, W CLARE SIIANNQN ..... . . . Evergreen l Arts Erosophlcg Y. W. C. A. NINA MAE SIIEPIIERII, A A A . . . Tuscaloosa Art: Y. W. c. A. GEORGE ERWIN SLEDGE, df I' A . . . Greensboro Art: AUGUSTA SMALL . .... . .Linden Arts P. KOELLNER SMITII, K E . . Memphis, Tenn. flrt: CLAUDE L. SMITH .... . . . Hazel Green Art: JoE J. SMITII, JR., A X A . . . Meridian, Miss. Art: P A T Blackfrlnrs: Erosophic. LUNY J. SMITII ........ Grove Oak Art: Erosophlcg Euphlzms: Cross Country. RANDOLPH SMITII, 'Ir A 9 . . . . Selma .flrls JAMES ELLIS SPOTSWOOD . . . . . Mobile Am CLARK STAGGERS, K 2 . . . . .Benton A rt: ' 99 I .. ' :AQ :bt QA. , uvnnlouuuuls n nlalalolnml alalsloloeorgn I ' .olulcmlolololulonnlulololaInlolurmlomlorolorolifloro THE. COROLLA, NINEITEEN TWENTY-FOUR FI'6ShlTl8.!'1 Class COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES El.IZAIlli'l'll ANNE STEPHENS . . .Birmingham Arts Opera Class: Newtonian Club: Italian Club. LOUISE STOKES, A Z . . . . . . Atlanta, Ga. .flrts Y. VV. C. A.: Lunguo of Women Voters, NAN DELL SWAN'N, A Z ..... Wedowee Arts Y. W. C. A. CIIAS. Sco'1"1' SYKES, A K E . .Jnckson, Miss. Art: University Bnndg Hottentot Club. JULIA TARVER. . . . . . . . . .Opelika flrls IAIARVEY TERRELL .... . . Arab Arts D. H. TIIOMAS, 'If A 9 . . . . . Prattville Arts LENA MAE TIIOMPSON ..... . . Brent Arts Y. W. C. A.: League ot' Women Voters. JACK THORINGTON, JR., 111 A 9 . . Montgomery Art: TuoMAs C. TINGLE . .... Double Springs Arts K. T11REEroo'r, JR., Z B T . . Meridian, Miss. Arts 'fl-IOMAS TOLAND . . . . . . . Ashland Education GEORGE TOMLINSON . . . . . . Hartselle Educalion ' Education Club. VIRGINIA TONSMEIRE, A A A . New York, N. Y. Arts Y. W. C. A. MARY TRIMBLE .... . . Sheffield 1 Aff! GEORGE F. TURNER ..... Scottsville, Ky. Art: IOO P 5 A52 :bg Qx s ' I ' 'olOltlalolololulolnlolololomlalulolomlolololn:iii mln: ntolnlolololclllClnlhldlvlolnlllllla llillllllli STI-IE. COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR FYCSIITYIHH Class l COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES CARRIE VIEAI., Z T A . . . Tuscaloosa flrls Sponsor Second Battalion. Cucm T. VVADSWORTII . ..... Easonville flrls Euplilun Llturary Society. ERMINE VVALKER . . . . . . Montgomery Ari: Y- W. C. A.: Lenguo of Xvomon Voters. J. FRED WAr.1.Aciz, K A . . . .York Arla' FRANCIS PALMER WARD . . . Mobile Art: nluelen-lru-s. Gl.ADYs WARD . . . . . . Tuscaloosa Arts GRACI5 VVARD . . . . . Centerville Arts WAYNE M. WEST . . . . Morristown, Tenn. Arts FRIEIJERICA VVum:1.nR, K A . . Greensboro Special Hum. ICIRK Wu.1.1AMs . . . Decherd, Tenn. flrls Rom2R'1' CLARENCE VVILLIAMS, II K -If . Anniston I Arts Erosophlc Literary Society. DORO'I'IIY Wn,soN, A I' A . . . Brilliant flrlx Blnrwkwlnrsg Y. NV. C. A.: Lcnpyuu of XVom- cn Voturs. GUESNA PIARRIS VVILSON . . Tuscaloosa drls I'IUIiliRT VVISE . ...... Aberdeen, Miss. rlrlx A 1-Iottentot Club. INZIZR B. WYA'r'1', JR. . . . . . Huntsville flrls Prosidont Ernsophlc' Iiitornry Society? Blnnkfrlnrsg Corolln. ISom'dg Crimson-VVl1ito Stuff: Forensic Council: VzLndcrb1lt-Aln- 1 i hmmm Debate, '24. H - IO! lltlllililolllllolult ololc 'L I IIIIIIOIOIIIIIOIOIOIOICI - - 1-qv n . PM fl :'- xt al Olnl ll I 0 . ll otlllc ollltl I THE. COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Freshman Pre-Med Class COLLEGE ov ARTS AND SCIENCES Dow JAMES BARBER ..... Prf-Mad XV. J. Bmuusk ...... Pre-Med Wu.r.mM II. BAkx.uzn .... l'r'f-lllrd Pro-Mull Club. Tuomns L. BnNNwr'r, A T Q . Prr-Mad Russlam, Br.AN'mN . . . . . l'l'4,'-Mfr! 1"r0-Mm-ml Club. JOHN VV. Boccrzss, jk. . . . . l'l'1,'-Mfzf C1.nMlcN'l' Bnooks . . . . . Prf'-Mrd Pm--Mn-ml Club. Plaucv Ausmuclm liumm' . . 1'l'r'-M1'zf K ll' Unlvorslty 'lluunli bro-Mod 0'r'ro I.. BURTON ..... . 1,l'l'-Mfll Wu.I,mM A. CARTER .... I'1'r-M611 . Birmingham . .Butler Union Grove . .Florence . Huntsville . VVoodstock . Skinnerton . . Stockton Cl ub. . . Talladega ....Opp Pre-Mr-d Club: lt. U. 'l', t'. llunulg I7ulvvr- r-ulty Bunll. lIAR0l.ll R. Clmsox, A K ll . . Prz'-Mad . Montgomery l'l'l'-Bltlll flllllll Nuwtonlun fflubg Illln Alplm 'l'uug l"1'a-sluunn lull-rl'r:1tv1'ulty Club. DEAN VVu.soN COLEMAN . . . 1'r'v-M1211 ,Lxwcs C. PORTIZR Cm.r.uan, A K l'r1r-llflfd Bluvlcfrlurs. Cu.u.MleRs D. Coumxs .... Prf-Mn! FREDIERIC A. Coox ..... Prn-Mnl Tm: M. Com: ...... Prr-Mfd 102 CIDICIQIOUIIIIJ I. I ,ICICI I .IOIOIIIOICIDIOIOICICICIQIC - 'Q' .-,V 2 l. .ef IC Canton, Miss. . Tuscaloosa . Atmore . .I-Iellin . . Wedowee f 'IQ :Q1 Qkw QIQIIIQIQIDIQICIQUIQI3l.,l.l.lQl0lQICIDIUIQIIICIIIU -' I ' .ol.l.l. .IGI-IUIQIIIUIQIQIDIIIQIGIUIDIUICIUIOIOIQIQJQ ITI-IE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Freshman Pre-Med Class COLLEGE or ARTS AND SCIENCES ANDY M. DAVIS ...... Double Springs X Pre-Mfd LEONARD Emmnn EGHRMAN . . Birmingham Pre-Mcd Oporn. Club. VVILLIAM FREDERICK ENGLEIHERT . . Tuscaloosa Pre-Mad Ncwlnnlnn Club. WILLIAM A. FARNED . . . . . . Russellville I Pre-Med I-IARVIQY J. FARRIOR . . . . . . . Letohntchie 1'l'c-Mad DAvm FULLER . . . . . . . Montgomery l'r'c-Mud WILLIAM Cuims GANNAWAY . . Anniston 1'f'z'-Meri :Blllf'lil'l'lfll'SI Pro-M'od Club. PERRY IIlsNnl4Rs0N . . . . . . . . Decntur 1'r'c-Meal LU'rImR L. Hllil. . . . . . Montgomery Pre-Mad Rifle Tcnm. DoRMAN I'loLLls . . . . . . Quinton Pre-Mrd 1"x'u-Mod Cluh. EUCLID Akxom lSlllil.l. . . . .Albertville Pre-Mm! WILLIAM lflmuuri' Knssman, E N . . Montgomery Pro-ilffml ALAN Rm'NoLns Kmn, A K ll . . Mobile Pre-Mfd Pro-Moll Club: Unlvorslly Tlnml: Fuollmll, I ter- Frnslnnnn Squmlg lllm Alplin Tnug n fraltornlty Fl'L'HlilllllIl Club. CHARLES C. KENDXG, JR. . . . . VVest Blocton ' Pre-Mad Pro-Mod Club: R. O. T. C'. Bnncl: Ifnlvvr- Slty I-flllllll. LIQSTER LASKY, E A M .... Aberdeen, Miss. Pre-Mal TI-IoMAs Lnvlzxnmt . . . . Birmingham Prz'-Mn! VlCl!-Pl'l'Slll1'llL Freshman Clnssi Pro-Moll Club. 103 ggigiap n uoluololololo 1 IIIIOIIIOIOIIIOIDIOI OIOIO' .L.- . vp .QV . . .bf- . 'IQ 361 NX- , mnnnlolololalolalolonala:clarauounuanoaalcccials ' - ' .saulolololololllclololololonalum:olololElololisTa73Ta Tl-IE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWE-NTY-FOUR l Freshman P1'e'M6d Class COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Goona S'l'Al.I.WOR'l'lI Luis ....... Opp 1'r1'-Mfzf I'l'L--Moll Club. I. VV. LIPSCOMB, JR., 13 X . . Columbus, Miss. l'rn-Mad Samum. I.. Llscuxoifi-', K N . . . Birmingham Prf-Med T're-Mod Club: 'IW-nnls Club. JOHN VV. MCKumoN ....... Munford 1'r'r-Mm! E E X Clacu. I-IARMoN MARTIN, 'Ii K E . . . Selma 1,l'l'-Mft! Fnuzn MILLER . ..... . Dora Prr-Mrd W.u.l.Acra Dnnns Mmm, K A . . Tuscaloosa Prr-Mm! Davin R. Mum-m', fl, 1' A ..... Anniston Prr'-MMI Ernsophlm- l.iI1-rnry SOPI1-ly. HOYT A. NOLEN, E X .... Alexander City I'1'r'-Mfr! Pro-hlnll Club: Rlllu 'l'unnl: l7l'PHlllllf'lll Fool- bnll Fqund. NATHAN Enwm Pllll,l.ll'S, X flf. . .Piper l'r'r'-Ml'al Enwfuzn joslcvu Risuluuc . . . .Mobile l,l'1'-Mfzf E 22 X 'Pro-Med Club: llouornry Momhr-r K. ol' C.: Corolln Bonrd. CARMHI. Romawrs, II K fl' . . . Dothan Pfl'-1llI'li K XI' Frr-slinmn Flllllllllll Squxul. Ilowfmn RUSSHLI. ..... . . .Somerville l'I'r'-Ml'cl l'1'v'M1-fl Ululn. A. LEROY SAr.'rlak . .... . Evergreen Prr-M1'd Pro-Mod Club. Enmuz M. SCo'rr, JR. . ..... Birmingham Prr-Mm! 'l'1-onsuw-r I-Imuoplmlce l.lte-l'nry Soclnty: Pro- Mr-rl Club: 'l'0nn'i-1 Clulr: Sl'l'l'1'l.fll'y and 'I'x'v:1e4ul'c1' ol' NL-wtnnlnu f'lub. Aufkmm SEM.. K N .... .Ensley Pri'-Mm! Pro-Mod f'luhp 'Fr-nuln Vluhg liroemplxlrf . 1-rury Snr-In-ly. 104 -9. Q L ,wus DIQIOIOIIIO IOIOIOICIIIIIIIOIOICIOIOIIIDIOIOICCQIDII ' I ' OICIOII IIDIOIIIUIOIUIOIOIOIOIOIUICICIUIOIUIO THE COROLLA. NINETEEN TWENTYFOUR F1'6Sl'lI'I13.I'1 pT6'M6d Class COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES D. F. SELLERS . . . . . . . '. . Quinton Pl'f-Med E E X ROBERT WILLIAM SIMMONS . . . . Berlin Pre-Med E E X JAMES L. SMITH. . . . . . . .Bellville ' Pre-Med MARION LI2Rox' SMITII. . . . . .Mobile Pre-Med PIT'-NI011 Clubg Ul1iX'1'l'Hit3' Band. PAUL M. THOMPSON . . . . .Citronville Pre-Med Pre-Mull Club. REEDER THORN1'0N. . . . . .Rogersville Pre-.Med Pro-Mud Club. S. B. TRAYLOR . ..... . . Lamar Pre-Med Pro-Mod Club. TIIIOMAS E. VAN SANT . . . . .Piedmont Pre-Med Dawxav WIIITTEN. . . . . . . -Hartselle ' Pre-Med I Pro-MI-I1 Club. liI.I.Is WILLIAMSON, A X A . . . . Gurley Pre-Med xo5 lltlhl-ililn I lllilnlslc VL llllililllll I I IUIDIIIQID . v A I 'qw 'E 'wtf 'A :': lo I I I lnlal ICQ!!! 'DIIIIIII I IGI lvlnlolololbl lolulslolmil lol I lol TI-IE. COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR JACK CRENsIIAw THOMAS B. HILL FRED SMITH GACHET MARY LEE GUNTER STILL HUNTER GEORGE V. IRoNs CLAUDIA JoNEs VIDA MAY JONES CHARLOTTE LEEPER H. COLEMAN MAR'l'lN Phi Beta Kappa ACTIVE STUDENT MEDIIISERS FRANCIS H. INGE W. R. MA'l"l'llEWS STUDENT INITIATES EOR 1924 MARJORIE MAY MooRE ALBERT L. PAT'rERsoN MINNIE KAY PEARsoN OVID PEARSON CAROLINE V. RANRIN GLENAvIs RICE JUDsoN SNEAD CHARLES A. STARELY, JR. ALUININI INITIATES FOR 1924 JOIIN J. SPARKMAN HATTIE LoU TRAMMEL SARAII MAUDE TAYI.0R MARY C. TOMPKINS FERN TI'IRASHER WILDRIDGE C. TI-IOMPSOW REGINALD E. THOMAS ERNEST B. WRIGHT C. E. WILLIAMS ALTO LEE WHITEIIURsT DR. B. L. WYMAN, I876 O. C. CARMICIIAEL, 1911 DR. W. G. BEAN, I9I4 CoL. G. J. HUBBARD, I89I ToIvI GARNER, 1888 HONORARY INITIATES FOR 1924 DR. GEORGE I. ADAMS DR. A. B. MOORE Io6 Olllblilulllnl I IUIOIOIOIO :Q llIIOIIIUIDIOIOIOIOIDIOIDIC . - vi 1, n OID rfb 1 Q . -5- ra nnnmlonuquolalolananalounaluunawaonslaeolqlp ' - ' Olillll CIUIOIIIDIOIIIOI I Ol THE CORGLLA,NINETEEN TWENTYFOUR Phi Beta Kappa Honorary Scholastic Fraternity Founded at VVilliam and Mary College, December 5, I776 Ninety-eight Active Chapters Publication: "The Phi Beta Kappa KeyvI Alabama Alpha Chapter Established in I 85I Twelfth in Order of Establishment MERIBERS ON THE FACULTY DEAN CHARLES H. BARNWELL DR. GEORGE BROWNELL DR. TOMLIVSON FOR! DEAN LEE BIDGOOD PRESIDENT GEORGE H, DENNY MR. BROOKS FORFHANIJ MR. PIUGH BRADLEY DEAN JAMES J. Dos'rER DR. JoIIN X GRAIIKM MR. SHALER C. HoUsER DR. GEORGE LANG PROFESSOR EDMUND G. HowE DR. ROBERT I. LITTLE DR. LEO H. KING DR. STEWART J. LLOYD DR. JACK P. MGNTGOMERY MR. GORDON H. PALMER MR. W. E. PATTERSON DR. VVILLIAM B. SAFFOLD DR. EUGENE SMITII PROFESSOR E. I-I. STRODE DR. JAMES S. TPIOMAS 107 O IOIOIOII I I I IOIOICIO' ':- IIIIOIIIUI I ICIOIOIDICIC Q - . qv 9 GQUG' - ,463 36: fag . DIIIIOIQIUIQICICICIIIQIGIBIQIOIBIIIOIOIIIDICICICICIU ' l ' .CIIIIIOIOIOIOIIIOIOIUIOIOIllIIIOIBIDIOIBICIOIOIOIOIOI0 THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR I 4 W 8 53 'Q' 0 mlnlolo ololalolclluolnlnlololalalolololalolcunrala I ' .tllilila ulololllomlolslnlal IOIDIGIUI Iflldlol IoIoI THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY FOUR l ' I Kappa Delta Pi Honorary Educational Fraternity Founded at the University of Illinois Oll june 8, IQII Twenty-five Active Chapters Colors: Pale Blue and Crimson Publication: "The Kappa Delta PI Record ' FOUNDERS W. C. BAGLEY A. B. MOORE W. E. PATTERSON J. B. SELLERS JUDSON SNEAD DR. H. T. MI.IssELIvIAN Xi Chapter Established in May, I922 FRATRES IN FACULTATE J. J. DOSTER V. P. MCKINLEX' FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class of 1923 HATTIE Lou TRAMMEL Class of 1924 DR. T. L. KELLEY LEo H. KING A. L. WIIITEIIURST A, L. WHITEHURST C. E. WILLIAMS ELIZABETH ARCHIBALD ELIZABETH BAKER LUTHER HARRIS VIDA JONES CLAUIJIA JONES JULIA KELLY CHARLOTTE LEEPER MARJORIE MooRE FRANCES OHME A. L. PATTERSON MINNIE K. PEARSON FRANCES PIcIcENs ISABELLA N. PENRUDDOCKE CAROLINE RANKIN GLENAvIs RICE - MARGARET SHIRLEY FERN THRAsHI-:R CHASTAINE TOMPKINS SARAH MAUDE,TAX'LOR MRs. E. C. WRIGHT Io9 DI O OIIIIIII IUIOIIIOIC I .IIIIIIIUICICIOIUIOIDICIQID - - vp .,' 2 SQ. M - V 'AQ 561 Q Q f QlQl.l.l.lCl.lQlQl.lQIQlIl.I.lflQlClQl.l.lQI.l.f.l' ' I ' Ql.l.l' QIDIQINOIUICIQICI.lflafulDIGIOIQICIQIQIUIQIQ TI-IE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR N LH, I wr! STELL TRAYLOR C, WALL AQ :cbt E BIQIIIQIQIDI.lQl.l.lQlQla',lU... ' I I ,lD.0l.lm.'Ul.'.l.lQlciulnlololelolhlfllalaf0 TI-IE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR I Pre-Medical Club The Pre-Medical Club is an organization which has for its purpose the bringing together in close association those students taking pre-medical work at the university. Meetings are held every two weeks in the club room. All students taking pre-medical work are eligible for mem- bership. CJFFICERS MALCOME Ross ..... DOUGLAS HAISTINS . LEONE LIOIITEOOT . RAMON ROSS . . BERT MCCORD . . .. RIEMBERS NEWT ALBRTOIIT WM. J. BARBER VVM. H. BARNARD J. RUSSELL BLA NTON CLEMENT BROOKS J. H. BROWN O. L. BURTON VV. A. CARTER H. R. CIIASON DEAN COLEMAN CIIALMERS COLLINS TED M. COOR DAN COYLE J. M. CRAWFORD RALPH CRUTCIIER A. C. DAVIS L. A. ELKOURIE R. I.. FAUST KVM. C. GANNAWAY DOUGLAS I-IAISTTNS IAS. H. HENDERSON DORMAN HOLLIS S. F. JARRELL A. R. Klllll C. C. KENDIO, JR. TIIOS. LAVENDAR G. S. LEE CLAYTON LETCIIER GEORGE I.EwIs I. C. SUMNER f LEONE I.lGllTFOO'l' HARMER LOCKRIDGE BERT MCCORD C. H. lVlAR'l'IN M. O. MAR'l'lN 5 C. VV. MATTIEWS HARRY G. MOORE W. C. NELSON SYDNEY Nli'l'lIIiRliY P. W. ODEN D. F. PENNTNGTON N. E. PIIILLII-S VANCE RAWLS EDVVARDE RENNERE S. J. REYNOLDS REX ROACII MAI.cOM Ross RAMON Ross HOWARD RUSSELL LEROY SALTER EDGAR SCOTT, JR. D. F. SELLERS ROEERT SIMMONS GORDON SMITI1 MARIE SPECK IE. V. STAELER RALPII STEPHENS FRANK STITT ROBERT P. STOCK Y , REEDER TIIORNTON PAUL THOMPSON T. M. TOWNS . LEE TUCKER W. E. VINES Ill . . I'rn.ridfnl lfirr-Prnridczzt . . Scrrclary . . Trca.vurz'r I'rr.vs Rrporlm' .NIV VV -W ff? N K2 x yfgf X 'P K 1ll'llX.'3. .- l . x Ind l ' X X L!"1l I'-t ' f '-I1 'A 'T ' - . 'N " 'IE HSN: WL HAVM-Q31 col' I 'i"'Ml"' .U ' . -'L' ' r I I .1 Ma . , I st! I f Ajit. 757 g 1 I 5' 'lx If 7 N ? xx " ' 1 15 394 :I N- - gli ' I It w ' lplhshffo f v ' - 'QE' ."' rw .U 4 , , In I I .nl wp,-M.-U I-..,, X, x T Q uric!! if 'W DEWEY WIIITTEN E. L. WILLIAMS RUEUS WRTOIIT Cl AA ffQ :Chi QX' V 3lQl.l.l.lQl.lQlQl.lmmBlQl.lC..lQl.l.l.lQl.lQml' ' I ' ' '.l.l. .l0'."l.l.lCl. .Ill.'.lolololnlsfalolinbolfl0 THE. COROLLA. NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR N I I x I : .Q :bf fbx s 3IDIIICIQIDICIOICIIICIQIIIIQIQIQIQICIQICIQICIUICIQIU ' I ' 'OIOIOII UIUIOIIIUIOIOIQIOIOIHIUIUIDl0l0i0lUl0l0l0IOl0 TI-IE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Purpose? To further the aims of e A. L. XAIHITEHURST Mas. W. C. DUBoss . . . ELTON J Mabel Adams Wllllard Adams Margaret Alrd Corrine Alexander Ellen N. Allison Vera. Anderson Ora Anderson Edith Arnold Olivia Attebury Lela Leslie Bailey Elizabeth Baker Jessie Barnard MPS. W. H. Barnard Miriam Black Susie M. Boozer Georgia vn Inla Bl 'ant f 'rr 'L Jessle Lee Bryant Sadie M. Bryant Hester Maude Burehfleld A. B. Burdick W. H. 'Burton Mrs. NV, H. Burton Catherine Calvert Juanita. Cameron Connie Campbell T. J. Campbell J. N. Castleherry- Sanford Clarlc Pauline Coker Dora E. Cole Mary L. Coleman W. H. Coleman Mabel Cool: Maud Cooper Oble R. Cottle Susie Lee Counts Margaret Crawford Luclle Curry Grace Darden Education Club Founded 19:7 ducation among the prospective teachers at the University of Alabama. OFFICERS . . . President NORMA Psmumoocxs . . Via--President CoNNxs CAMPBELL . oHNsoN . ....... . Srrgcanbal- RXIEMBERS Cecile Davidson Gordon Dnvls Laura B. Davis Letltla Gray Doggett Mary Donehoo VV. C. DuBose Mrs. W. C. Dulilose Hermolne Dunlap C. C. Edmondson Luelle Ellenburg J. H. Emmett 'Blanche Evans . Marle Floyd Helen Foster Esther Frank Gordon Gay Otis C. Gibson J. H. Givens Erncstine Gordon Bernice Graham Beryl Grier- Mury Lu-e Gunter Chella Hall Mary R. Hamm-r Louls E. Hamnol' Beatrice Hannon Luther I-larrls Mary Evans l'larrlso Vlrglnla Halton Roberta Hays Jacqueline Hodges Roy Hodson Arba Huckelm Roosevelt Humphrvy Mary L. Ikerman NVlllle Mae Jackson Elton Johnson 4 Verglc Johnson lVI1llc Johnson il ug Corinne Jones Claudia Jones Mary Jones Vldn. Mae Jones Jullo. Kelly Vlrglnla Lacy R. Jay Lawrence Charlotte Looper J. C. Lewis Mary A. Little Ivey Logan Emelyn Lurlo Fannie Lois Mnrtin Calmes McComb Joyce Merriam Emma Mirklv Louise Mitch:-l Mlldred A. Moore Mnrjory Moore Mrs. E. li. Morrow Sidney Morton .Tosophluv Murphy Mildred Nash Sallye Norton Frances Olxme Ethel Osburn- Gertrude Osburn D. C. Palmer A. L. Patterson Kate Patton Minnie Kay Pearson Norma Pcnruddoclto Louise Perry Edna Plcknrd Frances Pickens Naomi Pool B. VV. Prlce Mary Jane Quinn N Mayme Ramsey . Secretary . . Treasurer .4 rms Lols Reeves 'Wlnlfrcd Reeves Glenavis Rice Aimee Young Roberts D. H. Roberts Mrs. Clara Roberts Mary Robertson Emma Sue Robinson H. B. Robinson Nellie Rowe Sue Allen- Sample E. G. Samuels Catherine Sharpe Margaret Shirley Marlo Smith I. J. Snead Iris Phone Snead Catherine Stewart Sybll Strawbrldge A. J. Swann Martha Taylor Sara Maud Taylor WV. J. Terry Ben L, Tow Mrs. Ben L, Tcw Lovie Thaxton Dan H. Thomas Dore Lee Thompson Fern Thrasher Chnstaine Tompkins Maud Tonsmlero H. C. Traylor A. L. Venable A. L. Whltehurst Kathleen Willis Pauline Willoughby Edith XVoodru1't Velma Wright gQ Qg. LPI-IE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR EDUCATION cum '4 TY 'AQ 36. E is DIQIIIIICIQICIQICIDIQIQIQIIIQIQl.lQl.l0l.lQl.1.l.l' ' U ' ol.l.l. .l0l.'.laf.lQl.l.I.IIICIUIQIQICICIOIDIQIUICID TI-IE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR 115 1 Ollll . v-1 i p , ., '- G 9 JNAvAvAvAvLvAvLvLvLvAvA AVAVAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAwL SSHIOI' Law C1855 W L ALX10 President E A H001 Ev Vue Pre: de I A L SHAW S' ft ry 7 casurer B HIL! Oral r O M RAxNEs Re O P LEE I1 st rza IRBY SC01'1 I' r .rc C unczl V W ELMORE Ytatzslzcza Executzve Commzttee H MARTIN W J PILMER CHARLES BUCKNER DEAN A J FARRAH WWW ' vf 'WWWWW v vNNf"4NNA 'WWW 1145 'WWNM3' 1' wN"" ' 'Www y,,vNA"x ' w 0 Q 4 a 4 3 S 3 S 4 A 2 3 Z S 3 S 3 S 3 ' S 3 S 3 S 3 S 3 S 2 S 3 S 3 S 3 S 3 S 5 ' E 2 Orfmcmzs 3 5 . . . x. . .1 .... I' In S 4 . . '. ....... .. - 1 5 3 A T..".,1R.f:11i111i1. f?fiA'iif..0 5 S J. Moonv Pkocron. . .I .......... . . . .... . . . . Poet V 4 . . ........... ......... . portzr S z . . . .................. . 'io'n S z " ..., ' ..... . 'oeni o ' S 2 3 3 S 3 S 3 A S 3 S Z c 5 S Z ' S 3 S 3 S 3 S 3 . S 5 S 5 S 5 S Q II6 ' 5 A K I Y C9 CJ Nxvxvxvxvxvxvxvxvxvxvxvf WVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAW Z " l A -1 2 9 I r ' S D Senior Class OR THIRD YEAR LAW 4 l S S S 4 AVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAIAV AVAVAVAVAVAVAVLVAVAVAVLVAVAVAVAV AVAVAVAVAVAVAVAV WARREN BAILEY, II K Q ALICEVILLE La-w -1- A A ' He is not as quiet and easy-going as he seems. Know him well and you will find out that he has "metal" in every sense of the word. He is a con- scientious worker, but he has a weak- ness, hence his frequent visits to the ranch. J. E. BRITT, JR., Z N MONTGOMERY Lafw fl- A qw Dicta Club, Key-Ice. You have all heard of "Mister Britt." If you haven't, it is because you have not been out much, and again you may have need of a pardon some day and he will be the one to see. A man with exceptional executive ability. CHARLES MARBURY BUCKNER BIRMINGHAM Lafw Law Forum, '21, '22, '23, ,242 Dicta Club, '22, '23, '24, Somerville Literary Society, Excelsior Literary Society, Executive Committee. Buck is a steady worker and full of ambition. Unless you were aware of the fact, you could never tell from his yvork that he had more than a usual Interest in making his regular trips to the Magic City. A veritable wizard Senior Class OR TIIIRD YEAR LAW iVll.I.lAM L. ALMON, Q K Z' FLORENCE Law KI' A A President of Senior Law Class, '24, Football Manager, ,22. "Plain Bill," as he likes to be called, is Z1 man who has the gift of mixing well with any group. It seems to be a family trait. "Bill" is sure to make good wherever he goes. He has a splendid personality and is a hard worker. ROBERT A. BAIRD CASTLEIIERRY Lafw Honor Roll, '23, Masonic Club, Law Forum, Corolla Board, ,24,. You have heard it said that a man cannot be a "jack at all trades." "Dad" is an exception. His keen wit and hu- mor have made him a particular fa- vorite, which finds expression through both mouth and pen. Although grad- uating at the age of fifty, he seems to be in the very prime of life. JOHN C. BROWN FLORENCE Lafw Dicta Club, Somerville Literary So- ciety, Law Forum. Any man that can win a wife, learn to take care of the baby, and finish a law course in three years need not be a source of worry to his friends. He has displayed his ability to deliver the c 3 S F VAVAVAVAVAYAVAVAVAVAYAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVA 3 3 JT . 5' 5 Qi' 5 s. S S 5 5. 5 e. 5 E 5 ii S . JV S. ga 9 AE G 'sg Q L E .. vb 5 4 . s Z Z Z Z Z Z . 7 4 Z Z Z Z 7 5 2 , NYAVAVAVAYAVAVAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAYAvAvAvAvA G Q NAvAvAvAvLvAvLvLvAvLvA WVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAA 1 f' Q VAVAVLVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVLVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAV AVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAYAVAVA Senior Class OR THIRD YEAR LAW VERDO W. ELMORE GORDO Lafw fb A A "A" Club, Law Forum, Somerville Literary Society, Varsity Baseball, '22, '23. Verdo is a man of many good quali- ties. Besides being handsome and a good athlete, he shows every indication of making a successful practitioner in the profession that he has chosen. J. EUGENE FOSTER MONTGOMERY Lafw an A A Business Manager Corolla, '24, Crimson-White Staff, '23, Corolla Board, '23, Honor Roll, '22, '23, Law Forum, '23, Vice-President Law Fo- rum, '22, Secretary and Treasurer jun- ior Law Class, '23, University Band, '22, '23, 124. . For three years we have known "Shorty," and there has never been a truer and finer friend than he. The state is fortunate in having men of such caliber. "Good-bye, 'Shorty,' you may leave us, but you will never be forgotten." HERMAN H. HAMILTON RUSSELLVILLE Lafw Masonic Club, '24, Law Forum, '22, '23, '24, Dicta Club, '22, '23, '24, Som- erville Literary Society, Secretary and Treasurer Somerville Literary Society, President Somerville Literary Society, '24, President Law Forum, '24. He is known around the Capstone among both sexes as "Cutie." He never overworks himself, but always draws "A's." It is safe to predict that "Cutie" will climb to the very top in his profession, and some day North Alabama will have a man wlIom she will be proud to claim. ' Senior Class OR THIRD YEAR LAW CLAUD M. DUNN JACKSON Lafw D. A. V., Law Forum, '22, '23, '24, Somerville Literary Society, Corolla Board, '23-'24. Claud is the modest bearer of many evidences of his experiences in the past war. He went over the top at the youthful age of sixteen, and has been doing it ever since in everything he un- dertakes. A very witty man among his friends. His graduation is attended by a loss to Alabama and a gain to the legal profession. HENRY VERNON FITZ, Z' N V JACKSONVILLE Lafw :Ii A 11: Jasons, President Dicta Club, '22, '23, President Arch Club, Vice-Presi- dent Arch Club, '22, '23, Vice-Presi- dent Cotillion Club, '23, Cotillion Club Committee, '21, '22, Pan-Hellenic Council, '22, '23, Glee Club, '20, '21, '22, Blackfriars, Executive Committee, '20, '21, Business Manager Glee Club, '21, '22, Varsity Quartette, '20, '21, '22, University Band. Vernon has long since abandoned Uncle Tom's Glee Club for Dean Far- rah's department. "Nubby" is an all- round good fellow and a good student, and is in his glory when he is leading the lawyers in their song services. D. G. FOUNTAIN BESSEMER Lafw 111 A A Honor Committee, '23, Masonic Club, '2'2, '23, '24, Law Forum, '22, '23, '24, Somerville Literary Society, '24, President Somerville Literary Society, !24 The "Judge" was competent, both Inentally and legally, to practice law before he joined us, and he has been adding to his skill ever since. He is a fine man and will be heard from in the legal world when he leaves us. Y V s s s S VAVAVAVAVAVAVA VAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVA 3 5 5' S s 1 S 5 s s s 5. 39 S ,. ,ESE . fl u 2 ab a m z z Z Z m a Z Z Z 7 s 2 XYAVAYAYAYAVAYAVAVAVAVAYAVAYAVAVAYAVAVAYAVAYAVAVA MY Y V AVAVAVAV AVAVAVAVAVAVAV JLVAVAVAVAVAVAVA AV WWN KI' A III, fl! li K Jasonsg President Jasons, '24g Honor Roll, '20, ,2I, '22: President Black- friars, l22j Cast "A Woman's Way," 'zog Parasites: Bachelors, Knavesg President of First Year Law Class, ,22Q Pau-Hellenic Council, '24. The most dignified, democratic man 'on the campus. Francis leaves behind him a brilliant record and his grad- uation will leave a vacancy that time will find it impossible to fill. Our only consolation for losing him is that he is destined to be a brilliant success in the world of law. JAMES MARVIN KEI,LEY, II K T CULLMAN Lafw GARAGE Iasonsg "A" Club, Baseball Man- flller, '2r: Masonic Club, President Masonic Club, '23, Corolla Board, '24. A splendid all-round man, capable, deserving, and one who always deliv- ers the goods. Marvin is one of the most o ular members of our class 'mtl right to the point and never advocates a surplus of "bull." A. WYNN JONES BIRMINGHAM Lafw 'If A A Forensic Council, '22, Secretary and Treasurer Forensic Council, ,241 Phil- omathicg Excelsiorg Somerville Liter- ary Societyg Corolla Board, '24, Crim- son-VVhite Staff. The world might stamp upon one the stigma of an outcast, "Dame Fortune" may frown upon you, but the friendship of Wynn Jones will continually grow stronger, instead of fading away, when the hand of adversity overtakes you. He is a man of courage and conviction and his true worth is inexpressible. Wynn has much ability and foresight. NY 55. C w AMMYAMVAQ yA1NA1NNh AVAVAYANMVAVAVAWNMNMWMNANMXMVANMWWWAWWXMWMQNANMNAVAWWO '52 2 Z1 52255253 2Z22?5f'35?'35'S'?2'9US'5?Lii 2 rf "--13:':2b--f2"'E:'.fF-f"'f-f-I 33--cw,-:pe 3 .-1... :g cg 4 ... f Z c',C5"'-1.9 ginofvfog- S, Q39 2' " .. ,.l ,I,T'v"'U-1"-'fig-'SB "N, -1--1 -' 3OC7':'fj0g3F" C 0 S-uw. :rw--21 53' pw sexo eg :sJ--"-- ... Z O I 5 nE-i:'+gruD:-:m- 2-gr-5 N -oN"5-iJqD,,,,:s-,4U'f1 O ,U C :.Q.21eS3r'gVl'4 U2b....""'..:i:-ff tt?l"'l'Q-gg m:""Nm Z In r III 50" " '+ O :v 2-Oo" cur'-'-3' Pina M P-I 3. 2-Q-:l'f'5:-ff'?"95:E-5452-U' -Bi-1 -52:49.75-e.': -1 3 :W S " --: so--'za ' N . - ' ,. - K Q E3g1gE3ic'E 3UT:1i"N'51?N'L"UE8E-535529 i-3 aw EE. c L-O5 5-,, ::-Ih:::a"' -3+E1+ fi 'fu 4282- 250 UQ y rs.--ra f,. so' -- --.c A , 5 xo'-'br-1 3 57 O 2.74: Guin:-- N:-,barb P19 NC"'l '-,HNL-4, 'D-N V15 0 Q 51 c QF' 0'7"f522.'l.'ZI'ii""""uU7-1" 'PBONO'-""-""n"' O P md S"g""4"o"' 99509 2'-3Eff""-'C-NSE, .agim '4 c s-1 go'.':,s3i:vo',,,-B',5ij,,':. '5 Q--2fir:1..,':.:. F12 mm p 7 .fi -,Gif-'.p N2 900 -.":J-,,,'f :sf-o' EE 'Jfr- C 6 ggzggsgs -sPa5'Q55m5g-EQHEEP 'E Wg 2 F' ' 25" 'F !":T"f0x5 ,--N'---1-.Jvr-15'Q"b r' 1-1 3'5-efwfiifi U'-iolwifig 0-'L-Keg-,3gP""' ' r' 3,01 f X . 0f'....f3, wa.. s--- 100- ,APU r- l' 5'22..'mf-'E '5 'hi' 5552.51 5'E"NZ'2" Q., 2 D54 1-1 703,629 C15-,gl-1-103.200 glgmwwn,-g 7: ' A ,gs,:-ga - s:,2:,3-w- agua - - X A f 2: 44 0... J'--:32 ---:""-'- 'PJ 1"53'9..Z'SiFa:n fr31"r'i'la'?.fp?ET3?l9.1?Ef5' mm:-:-' -'oo ..- ,.. 7115" 5"-'-a':.'T35 EN:-1'-3, Q? as-2 g"lgm.g2i4,,1 :SWE :Q ,T Q3-no agen WEE g.9',,"Fu7'Ug U fed-sus QSM --55522 O O 'S g.?""o Nigggof Omfvngrr-LO gf 75 C 'E '?'5'd:'e:fv ww' o- 'I' ' 5 - -w as -A - 0 cn 355-EQ: -:Sinai rl gmmisrg- t-4 ,.q 0 p was 1-rf fe-2 -1 2-2:-. L., a m c 52 Q rf wi-: ef 2 no-'D' -Q --'5 b :r as n no FUN "' .42 200 V, 0 7' 'D' 2.23 5' D: 75 "" f :Snag wg-EfT"m1g5'4 :a'2'2g::-r-5- U0 5 ,,, .....: 4 . ,,, , 213900 'fflg-:SSDI fTww55'r7-'GQESCIZ MH S :r5'.U'g,-:: w 55,45--i W O gin'--w' :: : .,, on---vs' Q'Ug....:t., mo 402: :U P in 4 "NVD" ra-9 go, H fu9.v:...?':-' Z i-3 :bi-' f aB3":- Ff1+l-f:fa- O 'a'm1'2-'xc 'N' C :I 555' 122-1:."f.?,e 25 T:-.2-9-mg' F ,Ui L damn. --5011:-O "'T'0" 5-f m 14:1 E? o"' --r' rn 3.-,U'5f-' N 3' 62.353, 033903 3 29550 'N 2' P r-9i- 9.2'4S2-l"?f sed?" Ng gs. f 'Saws ag-msgs, egfegsme- 2 2??9f-.Fi :T:?if'i'? QQZSQE f 5 QS vmxvn fwAvAvNNN1wwwwwwwvN vfwwww vAv1-wnvnvfwwifj 4 2 5 2 Q 3 ru . J S 2 'U :F I 5'1- : 2 H 4 5 4 J 2 2 .Y 9- g- 5 P-'Q 1 1 5 2 ELS A 2 E-L A Z Z Z . Z Z Z 7 4 Z Z . Z Z LYAYAVAYAYAVAVAYAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAv vftvf, Q 9 NAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvg gg EVNAVNAVAVAVAVAVNAVAW I 0 4 AVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAV AVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAV Senior Class OR THIRD YEAR LANV O. PIERRE LEE ELBA La-w Masonic Club, State Adjutant for D. A. V. of W. W., Senior Class Prophet, Law Forum, Somerville Lit- erary Society, Dicta Club, Political Science Club. . "judge" Lee has endeared himself not only among his law contemporaries, but to the student body as well. His winning smile, engaging personality, and fast friendship have stamped him now and forever as a true product of the Old South. CLARENCE H. MARTIN, 1D I' A I MCCOMB, MISSISSIPPI V Lafw ' :J T A.B., '22, Mississippi Club, Glee Club, '21, '22, Blackfriars, '21, '22, '23, University Band, '21, '22, Executive Committee, '24, Honor Committee, '24, Secretary of Cotillion Club, l24. "Abe" is a regular fellow, a good stu- dent, sings well, plays the piano and golf, too. "Abe" is going to take a lot of Alabama law back to Mississippi. EUGENE N. O,NEAL, A X A ,PORTLAND, CONNECTICUT Lafw Knights of Columbus Club, Law Fo- rum. This little Irishman comes from the state of Connecticut, a jolly good fel- low anywhere and any time. A stu- dent upon whom the profs can rely. We hope the "Governor" will hang out his shingle in Alabama. Senior Class OR THIRD YEAR LAVV TH EO LACY MONTGOM ERY Lafw rl: A qi Vice-President Dicta Club. If popularity is a criterion by which we may prophesy on'e's success, Theo's is assured. Nature has been kind to him in more ways than one. With his gift of personality and good looks ex- erted on a feminine jury, Theo could win any case. .IEPTHA PowER MARCHANT GIRARD Lafw Blackfriars, '20, '21, Law Forum, Sergeant-at-Arms Law Forum, ,24. "Icp" seldom speaks unless called upon, but when asked for his opinion, he delivers the goods. We often won- der how he gets by so easy. The secret lies in his brilliant mind, which is kept alert when legal knowledge is fiowing around. BENJAMIN J. O,HARA ' OPELIKA Lafw Law Forum, Dicta Club. "Mike" was born an Irishman and relapsed. He went over the top at Chateau-Thierry before he was sixteen, and was so badly scared that he never recovered, which has been a great help to him. The Dean has never been able to faze him. AVAVAVLVLVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAV s s S J S 5 s 1 1 s 1 .5 1 1 A z z z m a a Z z z a 7 S K 9 5 3 v 9 3 S 1 4 7 9 Qgfffyyxifxiiee 9 AIAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAN VAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAW N Q p . 'U Z VAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAV AVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVA Senior Class OR THIRD YEAR LAW JAMES M. PROCTOR, E X SCOTTSBORO Lafw fl' A A B.S. at U. of A. One of the old timers around the Capstone. He is the other half of the Rives-Proctor combination. J. M. .15 a hard worker, and has a reward wait- ing for him. You will hear from "Fidgety" in the future. O. M. RAIN ES ALBERTVILLE Lafw Law Forum: Somerville Literary So- ciety, Senior Class Reporter. The silver-tongued orator from the green hills of Marshall is a typical lawyer, with a fine line and the ability to put it overg a level head and a Smile, ready to stop and help any Pom' mortal in distress: that is our friend and classmate, Raines. AL. G. RIVES, Z' X BIRMINGHAM Law QAA Blackfriarsg Knavesg Vice-President 253235. '24-5 President Fri:shmanEClaf, i , an-Hellenic Councx, 23, 9506 tive! Comrnittee, '23, Honor Committee, 23iSC0fllll0I'l Clillbg ?rosophrc LIST' ary Ociety, 21' aw torum, 221 0' rolla Board, 'za, 'z4. "Al" is a fine, clean-cut gentleman- He is popular with the student body, and has played a major part in stu- dent government since entering at the Capstone. "Al" seems to be having a hard struggle with Cupid. S6I1i01' Class OR THIRD YEAR LAW WARREN .IQHN PILMER ASIITABULA, OHIO Law Executive Committeeg Corolla Boardg Somerville Literary Societyg Law Fo- rumg Dicta Clubg Masonic Club. From the state of Ohio, which has given our nation several Presidents, hails VVarren John. I-Ie is an untiring worker, who gets results, a man who makes and retains friends. CHARIAE IDALE PRoPs'r l"AYli'l"l'l5 Law Corolla Board, '24, University Band, '22, '23, '24, Scrub Football, 'zo. The ease with which he wins friends and keeps them is a gift which all envy. Any man who has the mixing of ability of Charlie seems destined for a public career. A true friend and a gentleman. VVILLIAM J. RE1D BANGOR Law ' Law Forum, Somerville Literary So- ciety. "Senator Reid," of old Blount, will be remembered for his wonderful ability to hit the nail on the head every time. We mean to keep his memory fresh, for in the years to come we will need a friend in the legislature, and expect to call on him quite often. s 2 E S 2 2 E s 2 2 2 P s s S s 2 Z S s S S 2 2 P S S s s s s s s 2 P s 2 2 2 S 2 2 2 2 P 2 2 P Y Y N Y A AvA v WVIQIVNAVIVA fi Ahh, A f I 'NND xhffgflqh 'Wwe :NIS ig AVA? N E V E 2 2 2 . 2 2 P 5 gm 4 P S E S E E E E . 'RSE W5 SN J Av 5 AV 4 A .3 'VL y 9' V 5 agp' AV ,g g:1".U3g- AV 4 g.:g.'-T2-."' Av J mug 5-QQ Q-H ff- Av S"6':-' 5 no-.L gffl-so Av 4 21-025-'ggvi A 3 k2.EEL'52?S.af2f3' W s' W Q-gfJ05.'-l,,-102' 1' V 4 :a 5- oi O J E-,"..,HH"z'.g2.3?:s Av " Big-.SEEJSQ-'5 "2FfE' Av ns. "'g'Dg"'.cD n-4r'N- 3.5 L Q :ro::.D'-T: D ::.Nl-1" V abrzggq wr-+3 may A 2',0"0uE':'-5":' H2 .axe v1 V v1"lf- og- C D 111 E: 4:"'g-22 53':1U'E',mo2 Av Piimilirg-55 Av ?22ig?2 Q355?" AI 'fS9,nsm 2'w-ws-N-ISL' 4. I o s-an ...P S V DBU5' tg?" E S A mg-E Qmg -I,32'9-'Q U, gs, vA ".. S-33553 K.. E :-in V O 'Sgg'-i3'p 5P,2Q wwug 322 D552 onions AV . .NOQZH 0 55..Q,m : ... :B U3 0 "' 'Q Qu A S Tggmsg Z2 25" QE-C V 4 'Tsang an wzgigg BE Av 7 u 5-fag,-l' ' E' 0-'- 11 A A T: ua ,:'gg.E"'2g mms- V 7 53' E -.5-"g3g52f'm AV A - H og-qc ,g ng. Q A . I 3, 4,,,,Q iQ-wg V Z' as-25M 2--.U Av 7 3.1-'E.:.g-p may? g 'Kami QQQF Av A 9.595 325' Ev Av 7 2 gr-49.332 I1-.ay O gem A 4 ui 50953 gnmnue' t" 55' V 7 go- :2:"'ofEQr'., bw 5-5222 Av A 5-""' LQ- D UB- HFC UQ:-+"" 7 ,rw "':-J-"' N""' 615 5 U ' Q D"-4 Av A 3-N O 05350 go gp Qu-.2 A 7 3"-34: fn 'Jn 5'-2. Snug 0'c:' V 4 9-50 Sc: "Q 23? F- 9-55 nun 4 7 5'2" "VW Q L- 2-M0202 V 4 "' .-H5 "goo" 'r1E'v mm '5'S:'3"'g"75'r-4 AV Z 'Fig 2 .V Z Egfigfgg-25' 'ff 3 25555-.,.s,g?1:s-5, Av 7 has Q'---as w san fwsigdglsr. Av 5 s5.'.:m- angwgn 3,332 U2 ME. gy WAV 9- :fb gags -H :" 3?-'S'3'2f'l"'5-f' S E525 N-ESQS 352153, 3522? 262311 AV i ?5?:Q1'g E: AVAV 1 33? 2515? 0 'I E 55- Q Sgffnoglgzvlu A Y 'SD-:D ff'-SW? ,, E 'ga-af S3'55-9.5'Fi1P W A 79,1 ASCE' NE W o li" 'Eg go mffa. V v av -QE DEI. 2 'S .ga'?"-EYSSQ1 ' NA E 2 F f 590.6 Z U2 znggzo ..-22-94,-,S-n..'.l."5 YA anno' E 1-Q-7' 5... ' .-.'U'pg--l40'Y.' v-4 v ng-.Q ga I gwwoaf. ENQSE-:ri 'P9,""1-15'-4 O -.zo aa -. 3-.-1 O',.9-.q,W-u- a-2 :UQ N 'sa' g 209523 'D-" gang. 225 W A 2 5-afggavm ., 'ir-2823 2 -1 YA 'S' ggi?-':" 5' if-" mm 7' U1 un -- '-,- VA m "g.g:,i?Q'3.S' Eg' ggi? 5 E Q 'NA M 535-ailff 35131 QS 'I A 5. . ogwsghh W -, m H Y ' mgaw:-3 559' SP A j:-':'P...3 ru: W vA 5 a- as Q ' Br '. .-I VN QEEEQE gg, E Eg A SE-3729? ,129 2 m 'A E5-5-505912, sw 'A 1533534 5?P5'b5 5' 'A Taxon is-1 2-S Av,, 225, Avh 9 3 2 ' 352:-gin Y su Q 5,2732 A 2 O 22001-en v -4 -1 og- A I Z 3 :li 5- ' 5 5 Y 3 5.-?.'5g'E-32' EE'-1 'A 'A 535.-12?-'mi' YES'-2 V 0-.-.'-OBE." " ' 5' of' F3 0 'mr3D IV r'-32 41.325 3705325 ,V W5 gm, Dam' 2 A "'n5:"5'-'- 555'-IU' v DQS. --T-I .fb OE-'21 D-5m"m'3 ,-lv-I no Av nwngq mucus-.-1 -Igm'-'nfl is 05 IU E' U-Q39 5,5355 5 Q A :5z,',,,:' 'U 3"3-' Q vA io 05 N-ogiggg A " S PTE' mn" P' T VA '53 .-1n.'3'ow EE' S VA g"l"g-gl E 75 y ggsgs 5 3 '-1 A D"'n-"'g- I-5 :E CD Y '?::-0'-- 72, "" A "':::'-1" 71 fb I U ,J V mb' m U D N '-lan, O 4 6 N : Z S H- IV 1-4 W 0 A F' H VA E 9 VA 2 U1 VN U' A YA VA YA Y AVA D MWYYSMQ AV AVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAV AVAV Senior Class OR THIRD YEAR LAW EDWARD F SrrINER A T .Q MONFGOMFRY La-'w A A Club Arch Club Law Forum Secretary and Treasurer A Club Manager Basketball, 20 An old timer who IS quite famous splendid fellow possesses a brilliant intellect and a suave personality All Indispensable part of the university will seem to have gone with the depar tu e of 'Uncle Ed WILLIAM HENRY THOMAS ASHBY Lafw II-'AA Law Forum SomervIlle Literary So Clfty' Intercollegiate Orator, 225 A.B. Lincoln Memorial University. Here IS another who has won dis- tinction at the Capstone. Thomas IS an earnest worker with a reasoning ca- P'lCity large enough to digest all legal Problems. Fortune has also blessed him with a gift of oratory which has not been kept dormant Semor Class OR THIRD YEAR LAW ROY LEE SMITH H K A CIRARD Lafw AA AfI President Student Body 24 Jasons Business Manager Crimson White Baseball Manager 23 A Club E ecutive Committee Vice President Junior Iaw Class, 23 Ala bama Quadrangle Crimson White Y M C A Assistant Secretary 4, Philomathic Blue Ridge Delegation 3 Masonic Club Delegate to Indian apolis Student Conference, 24 Some men acquire greatness and oth ers have greatness thrust upon them Roy seems to have been favored bv both of the two He is the kind of a man that you like to associate with VVIth his strong character and leader ship there IS nothing to mar his suc cess His administration as president of the Student Body has been one of the most constructive we have ever had HAROLD W STEPHENS II A flf MONTGOVIERY Law Hal,' to some peoples mind should write poetry, or short stories, or be an architect and he would make good at either just as he will be a leader in the legal world. A SCENE ON THE WARRIOR S I 2 'Wav 3 1110 awww -in 9' vlffqnh nv fn 'WWWVM yA"N"'A NAVNNNNNNNNNN vAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAwg: Z "4 Z CI 5 . I - 5 4 3 2 . D 1 . r 1 4 , I s I A I 2 Q11 r E H H g l u n l 5 I I . rr :Q I l ,237 1 1 I 1- I 1 v I 2 X' - 1 . ' . ' ' , ,20, YZIQ ' - IIS a referee of basketball. I-lei i.s a Slaff, vm, 'zzz Corolla BML,-d, 'Z-L 1222: 1 I . ' -. - -. ,- . y 'F 2 I' 4 C , .In . L - . . , I , JR. I .' i . . . h J . . - - - , S I 1 l .1 , . 1 J V 5 . 5 . 5 K , L K 1 1 1' S ' . . ' s . ' L S 4 5 4 S Z C Z 2- Z Q ff ff' Q :ri 2 Z ,AQ ia- QKN e CIIQIIIIIOID QICICIQIClDIQICICICIQIOICIDIQICIQICIDIU ' I ' .CICIOIIIDIDIUI IOIOIBIQIDIDIGIOIGIDIOIOIOICIOIQIOIDIO TI-IE. COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR 4 Junior Law Class OFFICERS HARRISON KENDRKCK . .... ..... . President JOHN KOHN ..... . V ...... Vice-President MITTELLE NOBLE . . . . . Secretary ani Treasurer LENORA LANGFORD . . ..... Poet Lozvmx CRUM . . ..... Orator ARTHUR Y. BANKS . . . Forensic Couneil s Executive Committee FRANK GoRnoN CLYDE McKEE 124. f I0 'aliICIIIDIUIQIIIOIQIAMQIQIllalolnlolololulvlolololol0 E m it : THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR unior Class ' OR SECOND YEAR LAW ARTHUR YERGER BANKS, 111 A 9 . Columbus, Miss. ' Lafw 417 A 11: TLl0n 'Tumors' Club: Secretary-Treasurer Llon Hmelzs Club, '22, '23: Forensic Council: Honor Roll- 22-'23: I-rommmt club. 19 Fllwnys there wlth the law, but never misses Un Omwrtunlty to tell st good joke between classes. Amzl G. BARBER, E X . .... Birmingham Lafw 112 A A Corolla Staff: Lion Tnmcrs' Clnb. RUCTOIDYI Valentino-Beau Brummel de Luxe. Amzl is tho secret sorrow ol! more thnn one of the fair ones at the "Ranch," JAMES M. HURT, JR., fl- A 9 . . Opelika Lalw I A If U 1 ld nt First Skulls: Pnrasltos: Bachelors: Pres e Your Law Class, '23: President Blnokfrlars: Pun- Hellenle Council: Corolla Stuff, '24. t every phase ol' A studs-nt ol' distinction In almos , f'0ll0L:c life. Teemlnr.: with personality and good 100148: o. leader socially: o. star theatrlcally. C. L. CALDWELL, K E . . . . . . Huntsville Lafw Lnw Forum. Cnldwoll cnme to us nt mill term of our Fresh- men year and soon att ractcd favorable notice. A. H. CARMICHAEI., JR. ..... Tuscumbin Lafw A descendant ol' rt long lim- of successful lmv- YQFS- We feel suro that the future holds for hlm honor and success. CLIFFORD Len C0'l"l'LE, fl' A X .... Gadsden Lafw wGloe Club: Lnw Forum: Lion Tumors: Treasurer hl'0S0nl1le Literary Society: Tennis Club: Excel- sior Lltcrnry Society: Corolla Board. Quiet :tml unassuming, but very stntllous and Pleasant, TENNli'l' Lolvmx CRUM, A T Q . . Montgomery Lafw :Ir A qw Knuvosg Lion Tumors' CI Law Class. A tender "woncr," this boy! or drawing people to him with cst :tml keen philosophy. RAx'MoNn C. CULLI, H K 'lf . . Gadsden Lafw 'I' A A U Law Forumg Llon Tamers' Club. 1110 unexpected nlwnys llnppens. so Rny wus mttrried before anyone thought of such. . Currolton JOHN IIARBY CURRY .... . . fl' A A Lafw Honor ltoll '22g Lion 'Furners' Club. He ls n great lavorltn with thc Dean: u. mnn after the Deo.n's own heart. I I . Athens BUFORD T. DAUGHERTY. . . . uhg Orutor Second Yom' He lms n knack his pleasant lntcr- Lafw Law Forum, '23, '24g Excelsior: Junior Faculty. ' him- Ono of Alnbmnn's sons who ls sure to crown .Self with rich laurcls In the legal profession. 125 1 . Ur 1, E UV' ffi bxx W TI-IE. COROLLA NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR unior Class , OR SECOND YEAR LAVV Sinn. FlNKl.l5S'l'IilN ...... . Montgomery Lafw Lnw I"l!l'lllll. Sa-nl. with his keen su-use of humor and his ublllty in nrrrulnpz with the professors, keeps the study ol? law from becoming monotonous. Wlsrnox H. FRANKS, E A E . Washington, D. C. Lafw llIzwkI'rlnrs: Tlnw Forum: Euphluns: Lion Tum- ors' Club: 'IR-nnls Club. l-'rztnks' legal arguing is unsurpassed in the whole lnw school. Ronmrr C. CQARRISON, E X . . . . Birmingham Larw Erosophlc, '21-'22: Lnw Forum, '21-'22: Corolla Hourd, '23, '24: Excelsior, '23-'24: Llon Tnmcrs' Ulub, '23, '24. Hob hnn nmde nmny friends at the Capstone, and we expect hlm to make o. great polltlclan. T. G. GAYLE, E N ........ Selma Lafw Lion Tnmcrs' Club: Judes. As an nll-round good fellow he is hard to bent. llo has the quallllcntlonl-I required. to climb the ludder nl' success. FRANK GORDON, A X P . . . Marion Larw fb A fl' Executive Committee: llonor Commllec: Llon Tumors' Club. A. contrlbutlon from Vlrglnln. Ho can nlwnys tell you why, when, and where anything ls going to happen. Rommr Lan I-IARMON, 2 A E . . . Montgomery Lafw Low Forum: Lion Tmners' Club: Judes: Execu- tlvo Committee. Plensnnt und nprreeuble is "Bob," and those who meet hlm would know hlm better. HARRISON KENDRICK, E N . . . . . Bessemer Lafw President .lu-nlor Law Class: Lion Tnxners' Club. "Presldent" is a student ot' the law. jonN Prrlsa KOHN, III A 9 . . . Montgomery Lafw I.lon Tumers' Club: Luw Forum: Sommervllle lllterury Society: Judes: Vlcc-Presldcnt Junior Lnw Cluss, John contrlhutcs 11 xzrcut part to the llfc ol' the .Tunlor Ln.w Class by his wlt und genial dlsposltlon. LlaNoRA H. LANGFORD . ...... Bessemer X A 'Iv Lafw Vlce-President Lnw Forum: Forenslc Council: Snmmcrvlllv Literary Society: Poet .lunlor Law Ulnss: Business Stuff Corolla: League of Women You-rs: Vlce-Presldcnt Crimson B. Y. P. U.: B. S. l'. Count-ll. No ont- hns to be asked to any good things nbout our co-od lawyer. They are sell'-evident. Orrin O. MCGlN'l'Y . . ..... Dadeville Lafw Law Forum: Scrgenntnt-Arms Law Forum: Llon 'l':lmers' Club. Because of his jndlclnl appearance he is known us "Judge McGlnty." 126 llllllllOlllllllilililllolo v onsummononolononolouqlolo ,T ,Q , , . I e I-' 1 ,Q :bt tb up ' I ' .ololololuolololalolmlalolslnIoIolololoIoloIam:mono ul nlalolnlllalolalllc!nlnllllolmlololslllollllllll THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY FOUR unior Class OR SECOND YEAR LAW CLYDE DAVID MCKEE . . . Notusulga Law 1 11: A A llfulitnln Com,1:Iny C, R, 0. T. C., Fl,-llowslmln in H1St01'y: A'-Islstnnt Business Manager Crimson- Y orolln Bozwd, Presldent Unlverslly B. . . '23, Phllomathic Literary Society, Junior Ofllcers' Club, Rifle Team, Secretory mul Law Forum, '23' Class Football, '22, XVhlte, C P. U., '22 Fawn lt y 3 Treasurer 'I'rc-nsurer 'lirrarsurer I Exeeutlvg Excelsior Literary,Soclcty, '22: B. S. U.: .lon 'l':1mers' Club, '22, Representative Comm lttee. LSTON MARTIN . . . Bainbridge, Ga. Lafw Here is :L man who hos had the beneflt ol' much Dractlcal experlence. FRANK A E. RAYMOND MURPI-IY . . . . .Florence Lafw V Law Forum, '23, '24, Crimson-VVhlte Staff, '24, Secretary and Treasurer Sommervllle Literary So- CIOW. '24, Reporter Law Forum, '24, Phllomathlc Literary Society, Corolla Board, '24. liflyxnonci halls from the northern vnles of Ala- lnunn. He will some day play a big part ln the administration of Justice among these hills. JAMES BERNARD NAIL ...... Birmingham Lafw Law Forum, '23, '24. T'lIx'slenlly speaking, he is the smallest man ln Ulf: class. Ile Ilellvers the goods, however, regard- less of his small stature, and has a big heart. Ml'1"1'ELLE F. NOBLE, 2 A E . . . Montgomery Lafw Arch Club, '2-lg Llnn Tamers' Club, '24, Secre- fllry and Treasurer Law Class, '24, Law Forum, 354: Forensle Council, '22-'23, Mlttelle has a waxy all his own with Mlss Mary's Dvoteges. R. C. PRICE . ..... . Shreveport, La. Lafw In Mason 146 Silent Brotherlmoodg Law Forum, '23, -4: Sommervllle Literary Soelety, '24, President Llon 'l'mners' Club. . "ltr-fl" cume tu us from Louisiana. II' there are others in said state like him, wo welcome them. HAROLD PRICE . . . . . . . Waycross, Gu. Lafw President l.lon 'Pumers' Club, '23, It seems as though "The Big' Cheese" has music in his soul, MEMORY L. ROBINSON, E N . . Birmingham Lafw ' :Ir A :Im W J3. S. ln Law, Knaves, Attic, Vlce-President Law 9114255 UE '25, Secretary and 'l'reusurer of Lion Tam- Ul'fmC'lulb, Cotlllion Club. l0by" has one degree already, but says that H0 one's edueutlun is complete without an LLB. JOHN Y. RUST, E A E . . . San Angelo, Texas La-w Low Forum, Lion Tamcrs' Cluh, Arch Club. Tho conquest of feminine hearts seems a habit. LORIN B. SAVAGE . . . .... . Piedmont Lafw Low, Forum, Llon Tumors. NOC Ht all ns his name would lndlcate, but, on U10 contrary, rather meek and mild. 127 . Cul 'fo '61 OK- QIDIOICIQIQIQIQIQI-IQIQIBIQIQIQIDIQIDICIQIQIIUCI-ID I' .0l.l.I. DIUIQIUIOIOIIIQICIUIOIOIGIOICIQIUIUIOICIl6iQIO THE COROLLA NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR unior Class OR SECOND YEAR LAW I-IENRY NEILL Ssckssr . . . Notasulga Lafw Law Forum: Commerce Club: Mnsonlc Club: Corolla Board, '23, '2-1: Phllomathlc Literary So- clety. A hard worker, thoroughly rellnble, and rt man whose frlentlshlp ls well worth cultlvatlng. Henry lms been one ot' the most dependable workers on the Corolla staff. It is IL pleasure to be associated wlth such a. man. R. I-I. Slmnmcx ...... Lady Lake, Fla. Lafw X Glee Club, '22, '23: Vlce-President Unlverslty Club ol' Sllrlnersg Lion Tumors' Club: Law Forum. A buslncss man who came to our school to study law ln order that he might better steer the trou- bles, trials and tribulations of humanity ln the dlreetlon ol' the "bar" ot' Justice. JOHN RICHARD THORNTON . . . Three Notch Lafw Law Forum: Lion Tumors' Club. The wny Richard tnkes down class notes makes the profs snlllo dellrzhtedly and then promptly mark lllm down un "A." JACK '1'ukAsuuR, JR. . . . . Montgomery Lafw ' A wolrnme eontrlbutlon to our luw school. Our only regret ls tlmt he hns not been with us longer. One who cumxrmncls the respect oi' hls contempo- rarlvs. 128 E f Y 'IQ 569: E m mnonlonlol:commononnnnlorouololoaonolnnnlauonnnu ' M Milomrololo momlemlolalorolololmolmolo:anna ffl-IE COROLLA. NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR SOpl'1OI'l'l0I'C LQW Class OFFICERS ROBERT B. Hmzwooo . . . ...... ....... . . President JOHN S. Honcsorc . . . . .... . Ificc-Pnavidefzt CHARLES STAKELY .... . . Secretary-Trvamrcr . Port ' ROBERT I-IussEY. . . . . . . . . CHARLES PRICE. . . . . . . Slalixtician JOHN Goonwm . . . . Exvculim- Commilicc JESSE WILLIAMS . . . . Forrmic Council FRANK YouNc. . . . Orafor I29 , 'AQ f ' - . . w V -i.... ' 9' - QIQIIIQIOIQI IQIQICIQIQIQIQ QlQlQlDlClDlQlQl.1.l.lI ' 5 ' ' lal.l'l0lU'Ql.lol0l0lQ'0lOICIOIQIDIQICICIUIUICIIGIGIIO THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Sophomore Class OR FIRST YEAR LAW KEENER BAXLEY . . . . .Dothan Lal-w Masonic Club: Sommerville Literary So- ciety: Law Forum. C. E. BOUTWELL ...... . Greenville Lafw Phllomnthic Literary Society: Erosophlc. '22, '23: Corolla. Board: Crimson-Vvhite Stnffg Law Forum. MERRILL BUMSTEAD, K A . . . Atlanta, Ga. Lafw Law Forum. JOHN H. CARTER, 111 K E . . Guntersville Lalw Sommcrvllle Literary Society. J. L. CARTER . . . . .... Munford Larw Law Forum. LEWIS KNOX CATO . . . . . .Eufaula Larw WILLIAM H. CLIFT . . . . .Birmingham Lww CLAUDE T. Co1'roN . . . . Dothan Larw Masonic Club: Law Forum: Sommerville Literary Society. FILES CRENSHAW, JR., fb A 9 . . . Montgomery Lalw Judes: Alalmma. Golf Team. JAs. CIIAUNCEY CRENSHAW, 'Iv A 9 . Montgomery Lww 'IJ BK Honor Roll, '22g Law Forum: Southern In- tercollegiate Golf Champion: Golf Team, W '22, '23, '245 Tennis Squndg A.B. University 1 ol' Alubmlm, '23. HARVEY T. DERAMUS, K 2 . . Verbena Lan-Lu Lnw Forum, Knavcs. ' HERMAN J. DOWNEY . . . . . Blossburg Lafw Law Forum. 130 -Y 'A X THE COROLLA. NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Sophomore Class OR FIRST YEAR LAW JEAN L. FIES, Z B T . . .Birmingham Larw JACK L. Gmmzws, 2 A E . . . . Troy Lafw Lmv Forum: Jndes. CLIFTON B. GILMORE . . .jackson Lafw II K A Antonnlton Llterary Soclety: Advertlslng Manager Kldl Killp: Debate I-Ielclelberg Unlverslty: Law Forum: Summerville Llt- vrnry Society. R. W. GoLnTHwArrs, K A . . . Montgomery Lafw R. 0. T. C. Bnnd, '23: Judes. J. L. Goonwm, E A E . . . . . Montgomery Larw Key-Ice: Erosophlc: Llteresque: Alnlmnm Qundrungleg Vvlnner Freshman Devlnmn- tlon Contest: Executive Commlttee: Honor Committee: Pan-Ilellunlc Councll: Corolla Bonrd, '23, '2-1. RoBsR'r T. Goonwm, JR., E A E . Montgomery Law Forum: Crlmson-Nvhltc Staff. ' Larw JAMES F. GRAHAM, A K E . . Glendora, Miss. Law Arch Club: I.:l.w Forum. A. L. GULP . ........ . Mobile Lafw VVILLIAM JEFF HARALSON . . Fort Payne Lafw Sommervllln Literary Society. BENJAMIN I-IARDEMAN, A X A . . Montgomery Lafw . Luw Forum. ROBERT BERNARD HARwoon, A K E . Tuscaloosa Larw Secrotzwy-Treasurer Arch Club, '19: Vlce- President. '21: Buclmlorsg Parasites: Co- rolln Board, '21: Executive Committee: Co- tlllion Club, '22: Law Forum: Blnck!'rl11rs: President Freshman Law Class, '2-4: A.B. Unlvcrslty of Alabama, '22, Joi-IN S. Honcsow, fb A 6 . . Montgomery La-w Knnves: Blackfrlnrs: Corolla Bortrdg Vlce- Presldent Freshman Law Class, '24: R. O. T. C. Band, '22. I3l onauonolonluolololorcltlff ,L:lllllOl0lClOlUl0 NKJV' Y 'A A , Q roi g E A- DIDIIIOIIIOIOIOIQIIIGIGIIIIQICICIIII0lllCl0lClQlCIIli ' h ' .UICIOII DICIOICIDIOIOIQIIIDIGIOIDIOIGIDICIDNIIQIUIOI0 THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR .V , lmtlng Team fAln.bzuno. vs. L. Erosoplnlcg Law Forum: Club: Corolla, Board. ' RUssELL MCELROY. . . . Lafw MARK H. MAYFIELD . . . Larw JAMES REED Mx'rcHELr. . . Laiw Law Forum. JAMES LAWRENCE NATHAN, K Lavw A Larw E. C. ORME . .... Larw Law Forum. ROY PAUL . .... Lww i S1'AcY F. PLANK, 111 A 9 . i Lafw i Key-Ice. 132 Sophomore Class OR FIRST YEAR LAW FRANK GARDE HORN . . . . Birmingham Lafw Erosoplllc Lltcrnry Society: Law Forum. STILL HUNTER ..... . . Townley Lafw 112 B K Excolslor Litcrnry Soclcty: Sommcrvllle Lltcrzwy Society: Phllonmthic: Law Fo- rum: Corolla Board: Intcrcollvglate De- S. U., '24J. ROBERT J. HUSSEY, A T K2 . . Memphis, Tenn. Lafw Foot Frcslmmn Low Class, '24g Key-Ice Club. D. EUGENE. LoE . . . . .Montgomery Lafw Lion Tnmers' . . . .Cuba Sommervllle Literary Society: Law Forum. . Tuscaloosa . . Coal City . . .Shefheld Key-Ice: Glec Club, '21, '22. EARL NICHOLS, A T SZ . . .Clarksdz1le, Miss. . Samson . . Troy . Birmingham X 'ft se- E - IDlllilllllClDldlllClIIIBICIOIGIIIIOICIDICICIQICIDII- I ' 'Ol'ICIIIIIOIOIDIDIOIGIOIOI I I IOIDIOIO OIOIOI I TI-IE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY FOUR Sophomore Class OR FIRST YEAR LAW WALTER J. PRICE . . . . . . . Huntsville Law 2 111 E Ln.w Forum. MORRISON ROUNTREE . . . . Selma Lalw SAN1'os S. RUEIRA, JR., 2 X . . . Mobile Lalw II M E DAvm S. SATTERWHITE . . . . Tuscaloosa Lalw Law Forum. C. M. SCANLON . .... . . Gulfport, Miss. Lww Law Forum: Corolla. Board. JOHN B. Scorr .U . . . . . . Scotia Laxw FRED L. SMYER . . . Tuscaloosa CHARLES A. STAKELY, JR., A T 0 . Montgomery Larw Key-Ice: Parasites: Treasurer Freshman Law Class: Fellowship in English: Junior Faculty: Treasurer Key-Ice, '24. Lucius WALDEN ....... Birmingham ' Law JESSE M. WlLLIAMs, JR., 'Iv K 2 . . Montgomery Law , II' M E Forensic Council: Pan-Hellenic Council: Llteresqueg Erosophlcg Secretary Newton- ian Club, '23p Freshman Football, '22, ARTHUR B. WxNnsoR . . . . I . . Coal City ' Lalw Law Forum. 133 olllolauual I I laloltlf ,L llllllclolopplp pgggglglg A 'N' E 'MQ IM TI-IE COROLLA, NINETEEN TVVENTY-FOUR , V 34 ,Q THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity Founded at Yale University in 1898 Forty-five Active Chapters Colors: Old Gold and Purple I"lnfwr'r: Red Publication: "The Phi Alpha Delta Quarterly" John Tyler Morgan Chapter W. L. AI.MoN S. W. BAILEY V. W. ELMORE J. E. Fos'rER A. G. BARBER T. H. CARMICHABL Established in I 922 FRATRES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1924 D. G. FOUNTAIN Trios. B. HILL, JR. A. W. Jomzs J. M. PRocToR AL. G. RIvIss R. C. SCOTT Class of 1925 JOHN CURRY RAYMOND C. CULLIE Pledge J. V. MASTERS, Honorary Class of 1926 IAS. RUSSELL MCEl.ROY S. S. RUIIIRA '35 A. L. SIIAW B. W. SMITH R. L. SMITH W. H. TIIOMAS M. I. JACKSON CLYDE MCKEE Olsson 1 0:1000 003 ,. ,' , w ip! NAM Carnation , , r I B V V Y - f .'. THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR . f 4 -. y, Liv' IEW ,w'vzw,i'?5 ' Y' F ff ff f ff' .. f , ' W 136 ononcuolololuslololololouo Z1 llolluclvlolololalolclnlola . . f A ser F 5 'AQ :bg 55- QIQIIIQIQIQIQIQIQIUQI!ll,lQlQl3lOl0l.lf l.'.'.lQ 1 I H '.'...l. .lUl0l.'ol0l0l.l.l.IUIQIUIUICIUWIQIDIQ IQI'1 THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Phi Delta Phi International Legal Fraternity Founded at the University of Michigan in 1869 Colors: VVine Color and Light Blue Fifty-four Active Inns Fourteen '1'housand Members De Graffenreid Inn Founded as a local fraternity September 9, 1920, under the name of Phi Alpha Pi. Chartered as an Inn of Phi Delta Phi on May 6, 1922 FRATRES IN URBE GOVERNOR WILLIAM W. BRANDON EDWARD DE GRAFFENREID JUDGE HENRY B. FOSTER W. J. FOSTER J. E. LIVINGSTON FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class of I924 J. E. BRITT, JR. H. VERNON FITZ FRANcIs H. INGE EDWARD F. STEINER MARVIN KELLY TIIED LACY CLAUDE D. SCRUGG5 JOHN' BROMEERG Class of 1925 A. Y. BANKS J. M. BURT TENNENT LoMAx CRUM M. L. ROBINSON Pledge FRANK GORDON 137 .. 'AQ 3691 5 Q mmm om one l r u uononaxoaomn V - ' OICIO Q o IOIIIOIGIDIOIIIllIIUIGIIIICIOIDIOIDIIIIQIOI0 THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FGUR 138 TI-IE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR :III , , l"m"' mn ,WWIIDINM NI1IIIrvnImni I' 'Ill U If E' 'llq 5 5 - A . 5 -I .5 5 ,II , 2 . I I l il B wwnf I I , , .I I I E llfl0W!lMW,4 I , vujllllllllllllllfl I lllllllllllmummwmm lx, ,,, I I ,- AN. J I I l ,f X ,:. ,A 1 Rf-EFI f' f ff ff "'ff f1"'.lI'kllV is AI IA Nl IX U li ll ' E WllllilflmlllIIIVIIIIIIIWIINIII Ill I A 1 W MWWWMW' M, . lLl!lIl'MVll11IIIllIlIUIIluIIu WMS .-A. . lllll - . . ' if-0 , ,.,.-..,..-wig ., ' I 'F ,Q ,. fl-.-.-N 913' 1 4-ii , :,- 'I J ,, . ,, :T --V Xl, ,X mi An XX .,.. --.. . ' Y, A . - I' II ,,x. II I- . umm!! I H-I nIAlln1ImxIlInI1IlIIvIIlllIl1rlIrll.lllmli.i4IllM MIME Izlllllllllllllllllfllllllllllllllllmlllllllmllllulfullllllil' The Law Forum was first organized at tlIe University many years ago, the exact date being unknown. It was forced to Ilisband during the war, but was reorganized in October, I9r9. It is El society of law students devoted to debating and public speaking, holding weekly meetings. OITFICERS T. B. HILL ......... I'r'm-idwzt A. W. JONES . . . Forensic Council LENORA LANGFORD KMISSJ . . If'ia--l'rcsidfn1 O. O. MCGINTY . . SfrgMn1-a1-,4f,,,, CLYDE MCKEE . . Serrclary-T rca.v1u'cr IRDI' Sc0'I"I' . . . .... Reparlgr IVIEMBERS ALMOND, BILL DUNN, CLAUDE HUNTER, S. O'I'lARA, B. J. BAIRD, R. A. BONER, G, C, BOUTWELL, C. E. BROWN, J. C. BUCKNER, C. M. BUMSTEAD, M. F. CALDWELL, C. L. CARTER, J. L. COTTLE, C. L. CRENSHAW, J. CULLI, RAYMOND DERAMUs, H. G. DoDD, HIRAM DDUGHERTY, B. DOWNING, H. J. FoUN'rAIN, D. G. GARRISON, R. C. GIDDENS, J. L. GILMDRE, C. B. GOODWYN, JOHN GRAHAM, J. F. GUP, A. L. HAMILTON, H. H. HAMILTON, P. B. HARDAMAN, B. F. HARMON, Bon HARRISON, G. P. HILL, T. B., JR. HooTEN, A. HORNE, T. G. . I JACKSON, M. I. JONES, A. W. KliNNEDY, Josmrl KOIIN, J. P. LANGFORD, LENORA QMISSJ LEE, O. P. LoE, D. E. MAvIfIEI.D, M. H. MARCIIANT, J. P. MCGINTY, O. O. McKEE, C. D. MITCYIELL, J. R. MURPIIY, E. R. NAIL, J. B. NUNNALLY, T. B. ry IDIQIOI I I I I I ':. CIIIIIUI I I I I IDIQIQIQ ' I 'e PILMER, WARREN J. PRICE, R. C. SCANLON, C. C. SCOTT, IRBY ScoTr, R. C. ScRUccs, C. D. SEcREsT, H. N. SMI'rH, B. W, SMYER, F. L, SOMERVILLE, 0. 'fl-IOMAS, J. C. TI'l0MAS, W. H, THORNTON, J. R. WILLIAMS, J. M. WINsDoR, A. B. YoUNc, F. M. f TI-IE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR 140 Q ,L "' A ' ' -J m.'...'.I.l. VVV 'IQ fak - THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR I I I Q N251 1' I J J , 019 N 1 QM? vXQ1urrIa R Q5 Somerville Literary Society , OFFICERS Prcxzdent B- W. SMITH ...... ....... ........ . H. H. HAMILTON . . . ..... Vifc-President E. R. MURPHY . . .... . . Srcrflary-Trcamrcr NIEMBIZRS KEENER BAXLEI' E. R. MIJRPI-II' D. G. FOUNTAIN E. A. HOOTON G. C. BONER J. R. MCELROI' R. C. PRICE STILL HUNTER J- C. BROWN J. A. PosEI' 0. M. RAINES A. W. JONES C. M. BUCRNER CLAUDE T. COTTON' W. J. REID JOHN P. KOHN JOHN H. CARTER ' HIRAM Domi R. C. SCOTT 4 A. L. SHAW LENORA H. LANGFORD C. M. DUNN C. D. ScRUccs B. W. SMITH 0. P. LEE V. W. ELMORE H. H. HAMILTON W. C. TAYLOR W. H. THOMAS 141 . ..N TI-IE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Dicta Club An organization whose members began the study of Law in the fall of 1921 J E BRITT, JR. . . THEOPIIILUS LACY, JR. J C BROWN . . . WM. ALMON J. E. BRITT, JR. J. C. BROWN C. H. BUCKNER "SLIM" CARTER G. C. BONER Organized January 12, 1921. OFFICERS . .... President E. F. STEINRR . . . . Shen . . . . Vice-President WM. ALMON . . . . Deputy Sha-nf . .Sczrctary-Treasurer B. W. SMITH . . . Instructor MERfIBERS Active VERDO ELMORE B. J. O'HARA H. V. FITz W. J. PILMER D. A. HESTER T. LACY, IR. A. L. SHAW B. W. SMITH E. F. STEINER W. O. JANNEY O. P. LEE Inactive H. H. HAMILTON 142 X 'Z' -A-E- Q 40 ,f Ee H 54 W '43 , , I, 1152 :bt Q Q , , QIQIIICIQIDI QIQIQIQIQIQIQIQIQIQIDICIQI Ql.l.lQlQ ' I ' .QIQIQIQ UIOUOIUIQIOIOIQICI.ICIQICIUICIDICICIUIUIQICIO 'THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Senior Engineering Class OFFICERS CLEAIIART FARABEE President THOMAS L. IQING Vita-Pfwsidrrll JAMES A. ZOIIEI. Sccrciary- TrI'asurfr DEAN Gnoncn J. DAVIS 14+ Qyydfxfxlzzew Q fb v4vAvAvAv4v4v4v4v4v4v4w I fl NRVAVAVRVNAVRVRVRVRVNQ 0 ' Y 2 E: 5 Senior Class Senior Class E 2 SCHOOL OF ENQQINEERING SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING E D P s I s S I S S - S S JAMES J, ASHTON GARNRTT ANDREWS, fb K E S S mRM,xGHAM LA GRANGE, GEORGIA S 5 Mining Ezzgimwirlg E'1Ul'U'l"'I'19 S S llf"'0' Roll- '229 JIIIIIOI' lrflcllllyi Ilonor Roll, 'zzg Literesque. 5 1 Mining and Metallurgical Society. Q a . " . . . than never to have loved 2 , .A 'hhh who Wlll flssllfeflll' Slhhd hh at all." His shattered "dream of fair p l hlgh 'h his Pfhfesslfm 35 he. has here women" has chased him into Georgia, 4 Z IIS a student. As a friend he is staunch, but keep your eye oh this Honor Roh E D as an instructor he is a favorite, and as 'nan' , 4 an engineer he will be a man wha Q Q hommaihds recognition. A man you are E etter or knowing. P 4 4 D P 4 - C D P 4 C D P 4 C D P 4 C 5 P 4 C D P S CLARENCE S. CARLTON S 5 BIRMINGHAM CI..IwTox S. BRANSCOMB S 2 lflrclriml Engineering UNION shmms E P A' A- E-I A- 1- E- E.: MIISOIIIC Cllllfl Cllrmifal Erlgirwcrirzg F S Treasurer Masonic Club, 'z4g Presx- S 4 dent A. I. E. E., ,23. Clayton and chemistry are synony- Q , A . , . f I mous terms, and we await with conli- P S I qmlqunassumlng and studwus e ' dence the outcome when he gives the S 4 ow. He is sure to make good. A COIII- world the amid testo Q , petent man is being added to Alabama S 5 1 Industrial life in the graduation of Q Q Clarence. 2 D P 4 4 D P 2 5 Z . E Z 2 5 ROBERT BOLLING DUGGER, A K E GL-Y M, COLE, j A 13 3 S 4 TUSCIILOOSA Mouurnm, GEORGIA 5 S Ml"l"!l E'I9l'I6'I'fl'I9 Chrmifal E11gi1u'1v'ir1g S s 0 T I s 5 Arch.Qlnbg Blackfriarsg.Vice-Presi- Arch Chlhi S 4 flent Mining and Metallurgical Society, C D 23- Guy is a transfer from Emory, and f S . this is only more good evidence that all c 4 ' From EIS will P1155 OIIC to grace fha the good people are not from Alabama. E , i?I?rkl,,w'th hls khowledge and sklll' VVe've often wondered why Guy so b 4 C ony hasfvoh, the hfuffs of. all the likes to come to Summer School. There c z .hPstone with his cheerful smile, and must be 3 reason. Ask him! L , 319 knl?KYfl1e will continue to do so S 1 'Wg i e. Q S NVAv f V Awww I , ,,,,q,wNf Ahh, f 'XY -fl 15' 111145 . AVNYAMVXVAX ylqlqfxfhffl L G 9 L MNAvxvxvxvxvxvxvxvxvxwj . vvxvxvxvxvxvxvxvxvxvxvna 2 0 I I Q D C AVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVA LVLVAVAVAVAVLVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVLVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVLVAVLVAVAVAVAVAV 'Avxvxv S 5 S 5 2 4 5 . 7 4 SCIIIOI' Class SCHOOL or ENGiNEER1NG . WALTER S. ERNST NOR'l'lIPOR'I' Chemical Ellflilll'I'7'i1lfl -1: B K, T H E, II M E, A 111 IC 'Fellowship in Geology, Fellow, Chemical Research, '2.t. He is a diligent student, not for hon- ors fwhich he can't help gettingl, but that he may help himself and his'con- temporaries. His few words are well chosen and never fail to impress. In the class of men who do the world's work he will certainly be listed. CHESTER H. GAIJSIE' GREENVILLE Electrical Engineering T II rr M 9 T Honor Roll, ,2I, '22, '23, '24, Instruc- tor in Physics, '23, '24, junior Faculty. The pride of Dean Davis' school and of Greenville, from whence he hails. Although his city sends us men good and true,'yet none are more truly rep- resentative than Chester. I-Ie has abil- ity and. friends, and more friends and more ability. WILLIAM FRANKLIN GRAHAM A , sco'r1'snoRo Electrical Engimfcring Honor Roll, '23, Class Football, '22, A. I. E. E., A. A. E., Vice-President A. I. E. E., Secretary Senior Engineer- ing Class. . , Engineering is the master science, Bill says, and now he knowsihow to use the "juice" that puts the Jump in industry. - Senior Class SCHOOL or ENGINEERING GROSVENOR C. DYER, A X A BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN Engineering The best-hearted boy in school. On his extended trip to Mobile before Mardi Gras he was chasing something, but who knows? In his more serious moods, "Bugs" is a deep thinker and keenly alive to the mystery of living. A wonderful personality. O ' CLEAEERT G. FARAIIIEE, T T GADSDEN ' 'Mechanical linyinrrring Jasons, President A. A. E., Presi- rlent Senior Engineering Class, Honor Roll, '22, '23, Fellowship in M. E., Philomathic, A. I. E. E. A quiet, unassuming Senior, hut a student high in standards of scholar- ship and held in high esteem by all his friends. At the hands of this excel- lent engineer the wheels of some of Alabama's industries will soon hum. Ons C. GIBSON IIESSIZMIER Engineering ' o T, T II E Honor Roll, '23, Corolla Board, '22, '23, '24, Education Club. Smiling "Gip" is gone, but his abil- ity as a leader of his class is not for- gotten. As an industrial manager we , expect to sec him a shining star in Ala- bama's economic sky. . 'WM C ' vrffwl V Am D ,L flqhvfgflh . IWAYAWXVAVA I yhflqfqfqh h AVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAV YAYAVAVAVAVAVAVIWIWAVAVAVIVAVAVAVAVIVAYIFAVIVAVAWAYAVAVAVAVAVAVAVIVAVAVAVAYAYAYAV 4 4 Z l I BIAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAV WVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAQ 2' 0 Q4 D , - S 5 Semor Class Senior Class S 3 SCHOOL or ENGINEERING SCHOCL OF ENGINEERING E 5 E 5 2 S 2 2 JACOB R. KARP, K N GEORGE IXLEXAXDER HILL g Z ns1.I.MoRe, Loxc ISLAND, New vom: 'FLORENCF I S , . . . - Cllfmtral Eflgiizcertng Q 4 1141111119 Ellglntfflllg , z Junior Member Mining and Metal- A Fcglolgln S4lgi?::gtrg'rid-llwfgfagaf-Zigi ' S D lur ical Societvg Secretary and Treas- ' . " . U . C Q g - - 'iocietx Tennis Club Radio Club I , urer Mining and Metallurgical Societyg ' - ' ' ' ' ' , C S junior Facultyg Masomc Clnbg Science George is one of Dr. Lloydis llsidc 2 4 Club: B- S- Degfee- kicks"g as an instructor in chemistry he 5 Z jack, better known as Dr. Adams' if lLmurlmsSffi'b :IF limes about ins S D right-hand man, needs no introduction nor serxous gb u is a ways rea y or C 4 to eo ra hv students. He has Inade 5' llmffl Uma' feofge 5 good nature and P , H H P . . I . . I b c 4 a record here as an earliest chap, popu- pleasnnrg perspna is an I e remem- b Z lar with both faculty and stutlents. lferefl Ong il te' e as gone back to C , His capability for hard work is certain l'l0"e"Ce- 2 4 to bring him success. 5 P 4 4 P P C 4 5 P 4 4 P 5 E 4 P 7 C S THOAIAS L. KING 2 S ARTHUR L. LILLEY mcmoy E 5 WWSTLER Cifvil Engineering 2 S E"9"'ff""9 A. A. Is.: A. s. c. 12.4 vice-President 2 S A. A' E.: Honor Roll' ,221 Captain' fcnior Engineering Classg Honor Roll, E S Second in Command, Company "I," R. 23- E 4 O' T' C'i -llmmr Faculty' XVe can remember when he was y Z A master of military, a prof. in "King .Of Mnnnf pl5'fnPU5-H Thzlll'-in S , physics, and an excellent engineer are of a quiet and 'unassuming nature, 'he E 4 4 some of the accomplishments of this the bearer Of :ln ln?P:'eS51Ve ml' W 'C P Z modest and unassuming fellow. lnnrlies lnh Pl'95e"Ce ft on CVUY UCCU' S SIO f 5 I E 2 E D C S E 4 P Z S D I 4 T 9 M C 4 RICHARD E. MEADE. JR.. - - CLYDE J. I ARTZ 5 z FLORENCE TUSCALOOSA S 5 Civil Enginarring ' Engineering E S 9 T ' A. I. E. E.: A. A. Ia.: Rane Team, ur. E S "l3I1tS0n" iS the 'IUCN' lnnklnl-'I fellfm' A fine, conservative Christian gentle- E 4 Seen fllnning nfnnnd the Cnmlms wld' man, with friends limited only by his , , 3 PlPC in his mnlnn frying to lmrmluce acquaintances. Ile has the makings of C 4 ine Freshman Engineers lntofhe -lays an engineer that Alabama will be f 3 of surveying. He is the "stab1l1zer' of proud to own. E A. T. O. and house nut. 5 I 3 N""Www 1,wfwo""f Amy - 15718 'WW 1145 'WW -in P- 1145 AWWAv 031135 I aww we NAVAVAVAVLVAVLVAVAVAVLV RVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVLVAM S 0 I i 0 2 4 I - v 2 . , s 2 Senior Class Senior Class S I C E SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING E 4 I 2 7 r 5 S S C 5 LESTER H. MEYERS STEPHENS M. MERRITT 2 5 GULFPORT, MISSISSIPPI BUFFALO E 4 Electrical E1Iyiru'vl'i1Ig Eleciriml Eilginccring b 7 r S H M ll, T ll ll Honor Roll, '23Q Fellow in Elec- S S Honor Roll, '22, '23Q A. A. E.: Co- trical Engineering: A. E.g A. I. M. C 4 rolla Board, ,221 A. I. E. E.: Fellow E-2 A- I- E- E-I Pfeflflfflf A- I-.E E-I 2 a in Math.g Junior Facultyg Radio Club. '23i- Class Football, 21, 225 Cflmsflfl' , P u i White Staff, ,2I, '22, '23g Corolla C 4 A versatile man and a true friend. Board, '23, P 4 X 4 . . . - . r P yond the Argonne trenclIes, or Z1 bIt of One who has accomPllShed 3 SFQM C 4 study to make Qui' I-Ionor Rgllg are llelll ilt the CZlpSt0llt2, and VVIIO mCFltS E Z matters of ease with him. Hobbies: all he has accomplished. He ranks V D Math. and 220 drives from the last tee. 111710111-T 'l'li1m11'S most ardent DUPPOWCFS C 5 --:I true scholar and an untiring work- 2 4 er. 2 P 4 E 3 2 2 2 7 r 3 A S S ANDREW ROBERTS SCHARNAGEI. C 'I'UscAI,o0sA 2 5 Chcmifal Erzgifzzvrirzg FOSTER 'CARY Nix 2 5 T H E opp 3 s junior Faculty, Honor Roll, '22, '23. Engineering S , Absolutely one of the best llzllurell Who hnsn't heard of him? If there 4 4 . . II P , fellows af, the Calmonej He 'S PM is anyone who hasn't, he is certain to do Q 4 excellence. .ln everytllmg he doef' so soon, for here is one man who has E a whether It IS books, 'checkers, or hIs made his mark so plain that none can V a favorite game of dominoes. keep from seeing him. S i Z P 5 2 S 5 2 4 GEORGE R. SHELTON 2 Q LIMROCK y a Enginrnring JAMES LAHEY SCREWS, Q A 9 E Z H M ll, T Il E MoN'I'GoMEIzY 2 Z Honor Roll, '22, '23g Junior Facultyi E7lgi7lt't'fi7lg f , Fellow in Math.g President of PI 1 5 4 Mu Epsilong A. A. E., A. s. C. E. JMS- 4 S An all HAY' engineer of Alabama, 3 Did you eyer see. Il man with such E 4 perfect mental athlete, who can make H Clleffflll Smile US ,lim meets You Wlth? , a touchdown in every Math test. A flzllilts JUSY UPC 0f the fmlflx g0f7d quill' S 4 man that can figure the pressure of 1tIcS that wlll help Jlm dfllvef the C 5 perspiration merits Pi Mu Epsilon's E-!00fl5 when lle Smllllates- E golden key. P 3 5 Y v Y V Xnmwwwxv 1115" Nm AY .Q 9. 1,15 'WWWV ffffqh 1 AVXVAQ ,AWWA VAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAM W AVAVAVAVAVAVA Y N'V'Wwxv ,,,,q,vNn Q q 0 Q SSl'liOI' Class SCIIOOL OF ENGINEERING JAMES Anol.PH Zonm, ROANOKE ' Mrfhnniral E7If1ilIf'l'l'lIlf1 II M is Secretary and Treasurer A. I. E. IE., ' ' Treasurer Senior Engineering l Class, '24.g Secretary A. A. Ii., ,243 Sec- retary and Treasurer Junior Faculty, '2 3 Fellow in M. E., '2 3 Ca tain + I + nl Engineers, R. O. T. C., '24.g Vice- . . . , President A. I. IL. Ie., 23. This staunch and steady friend and student typities Alahama's ideal engi- neer. He goes out, a master of the mightiest force, electricity, aml we shall expect him to give the state a shock. A HISTORIC PORTION OI' OUR CAMPUS I 49 Ahh? C 11A Y 'wwwmv -'H 3 9- wf""'M A AMMVVAX VAVIVAVVA vrxvvxvrxvfxvnvfiifj C S s s s s s s s C Z s s s s S s s s s C P s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s C F , 'AQ :Eat Qxx L ClIDIOIDIIIDLGIQICICIQIBIIIIQIGIBIBIDICIOIQIQICIQIQIQ ' C ' .UICICICIDIUIOIUIUIQIIIQIIIDIQIQIUIDIGIOICIUIOIDIUIOIG TI-IE COROVLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR I L 4 - ' Junior Engineering Class OFFICERS TOM ROBINSON President DANIEL CLARK EDWARD DUFFY ' Vice-l'rz':ident Scrrelary WALTER H. BAILEY , Treasurer :5o flat fb' ox muunalaaouolaupmmlonnuuororaaonoaomuaaolocolau ' a A alllslololololsloluololuonexolololololonovmolololo THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY FOUR l unior Class scnoot or ENGINEERING Xa7Al.'l'liR IVI. BAILEY, 'Ii I' A . . . Laurel, Miss. Mechanical Engineering Treasurer Junlnr Enlzlncerlng Clnss. XVulter ls known to be thoroughly dcpendnhle, mul ho sm-ms to work, not ulmlessly, but wlth rx detlnlte goal In vlew. DANHH. CLARK . ....... Castleherry Elcclrlcal Engineering II M E - A. A. E.: Secretory und Treusurcr Pl Mu Epsilon: Sec-rc-tury nnd Trvnsurl-r A. A. E.: Vlrr--President .Iunlor Englneerlng Class: Honor Roll, '21, '22. In 1-nglnw-erlnp: n xnnn must "shoot il line" straight, nnd tlmt's what Don cnn do. - VVll.l.lAM VV. Conns, 2 X .... Montgomery Chemical Engineering XX'lllle ls ll most llkeuble fellow. He cnme to us ln hls Sophomore your from XVushlngton and lm:-. FRED CRONIER . .. . .... , . Montgomery Mechanical Engineering A. A. E.: Honor Roll. '22. This eonslstcnt frequcnter ot' tho Ranch ln :lays pust ls tnklny: a dny off, apparently. Wonder ll' hls Calculus ls getting: hotter ns n result? Upon ln- vesllgntlon we llnml that It ls. ELMER Wu.nuR DANY . . . .Cleveland, O. Mechanical Engineering II M E "A" Club: Varsity Footbnll, '22, '23g Vlce-Presb dont A. A. E. A football plnyer nl' ropute from Clevelnml. Your splrlts ure nlwnys hoosted by his fnmlllnr greeting, "Hello, there, kid!" Elmer ls the klnrl of student all the "profs" like. TREVELYAN DAvls . . . .Fort Davis Mining Engineering A. A. E.: A. I. M. E. E.: Corolla Board. '24: Crlmson-TVhlte, '24. I-Ie nbsorbs math so euslly he takes n fellowshlp ln physics to employ hls hours of leisure. S. EDWARD DAWSON . . ..... Tuscaloosa Electrical Engineering A. I. E. E. To see his line of -"A's" one would think he had "bouts" nn nll his professors, or had a stunnlnl.: llnc of "bull." The "A's" ure, however, the result ol' earnest. consclentlnus work. LEONARD L. EVANS . . ...... Decatur Electrical Engineering I Honor Roll. '22: A. A. E-C A. I. E. E. Leonnrd glves hls tlme slx days n week to Dunn Davis, but the seventh is claimed by "Brnn4lon Memorial." There seems to bo a special attraction ln hls church gfllflg. - Lucius GAlNEs FREEMAN, 1' A . . . jasper Engineering Z T Because "Dick" is qulet, lt may appear that he ls not nlwnys on the nlert, but closer observation wlll show thut hls ls the silence of wisdom. NORMAN GRoss, K 2. .D . .. . .Scottsboro Mining Engineering A. A. E.: A. I. M. E. E. If he carries his penetratlve mind into his profes- slon ns enthusiastically as he has his studies, he wlll certainly be mentioned nmong those at the top. ' p . 'A 5 QA X lnlslelolounololtlOlnlalhlolnlaloluloualolilqlllu .ulIItlllilololllol9lslclilOlalllololomlololulololol THE COROLLA,NINE TEEN TWENTYFOUR LlI'liO1' Class SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING A. T. S. I-IUBERT, K A .... Meridian, Miss. Czfwl Engineering "A" Club: Baseball, '22, '23: Football, '22, '23. " 'Pooley' goes through center for rt touchdown." NVe feel confident ol' a victorious season next year For the Crlmson Tide. led by "Pooley" ns cnptuln. A powerful acqulsltlon to either sldo of any cause. CHARLES MARTIN LANG . . . New Orleans, La. Electrical Engineering A. A. E.: A. I. E. E.: Mining and Metallurgical Society: Radio Club: Masonic Club: Member of A. V. or W. NV. Charles ls an all-round fellow. Hls years nt 'Bama have been very active ones. KNOX Keksrmw, K A . . . .Birmingham Engzneerzng No higher type of man has ever matriculated at Alabama. A man whose nature makes you glad to press his hand as a. friend. Ile will become the kind of an engineer that will be ot genuine service. PIAROLD Woons KILGORIE, A X A . . .Jasper Cifvil Engineering The loss of Georgia Tech ls most certainly a gain for Alabama. His ability to be forever light- hearted, even in the face ot' disappointments, makes "Racer" deservedly popular. ALLlS'l'AlR MCDONALD . . . . Madison, N. J. Engineering Heedlng the call ot' the Alabama Spirit, "Mac" came all the way from New Jersey, A flue fellow, n. clean sport, a, hard worker and a loyal chum. EARL S. MANN . . .. . . . Birmingham Engineering Wo have known Earl new for three years, and wo llke him better each year. Penetrate beneath his seeming reserve and your reward wlll be a. friend- ship that will serve to incite your finest feelings. SHERMLL L. Mx'1'c1-nm. . ..... Hartselle Cwil Engmeermg Band, '21, '22, '233 Corolla Bom'd,"24: Assistant Art Director, '24. "Mitch" ls one ol' the stronl-fest characters we have in the student hotly. ' LONNIE E. PARSONS ...... .Bessemer Mining Engineering Mlnlni-t and Metallurgical Society, '22, '23: Track Team, '22, '23g Cross-Country, '2Zl. It is a. treat to know a culm. and unruflled type of man-Lonnie is that and mere. Oltvlttzs A. REED . . . . . . . Birmingham Mechanical lfngzneermg 11 M E Honor Roll, '22, '23g Junior Faculty, '23: A. A. E.: A, I. E. E. Thls lad ranks foremost among the potential engineers of Alabama. From the past. we l'f1rs-see that he will attain great achievements. T. F. ROBINSON, X sl, .... Alexander City Electrical Engineering nnaer Honor Rell, '21, '22g President Junior Engineering Classg A. A. E.: Crimson-Vvhltep Junior Faculty: Fellowship ln Drawing. VVe've often wondered why they call hlm "Sleepy," for we know ho's a live wlre-just as much alive as those wires on his famous radio- phone. 'Navy' onanclolololuslnlolntslolo 1 ulllclwlololololololnlulilb - T' - 4 'Q' .qf 1 , , 'A X . GY e- 0 mnonmmlumummuunnnnrnroununnamnmaumauamlu ' 1 ' outlonvonouanrmoumm:onamlolnlolulalorom:mom THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY FOUR unior Class SCHOOL or ENGINEERING EUGENE Ro'rH, K N . . . South Norwalk, Conn. Civil Engineering A. A. E.: A. S. C. E.: Mining and Metallurgical Society. Eugene spent two years at Rennsnelor Tech be- fore tho desire to come to Alabama conquered him. Eugene llkcs 'Bama, and We like Eugene. ROBERT LEE Rurrm ........ Helena Chemical Engineering To say that "Shorty" knows most ln chemlstry would be nicely expressing lt. One who gnlns friends through devotlng the most of his time to the promotion of his own affairs. JOHN J. SHANNON, Jn., 2 A E . . Birmingham Mechanical Engineering 9 T Key-Icc. A true unfllnchlng friend, with a. genlal per- sonality that is surpassed by none. We see great things in store for ".Tack." CHARLES ARTHUR SOULE, fb I' A . Pensacola, Fla. Cifuil Engineering Cadet Captain Co. I: Ofllcers' Club: A. S. C. E. After seven years of Intensive military training. Charlie is every inch EL soldier. In the next war watch out for Colonel Soule-he'll be there. JASPER IRVIN WINGARDI ..... Wilsonville Mining Engineering 1 e T Mining Club President: A. A. E.: Junior Faculty. Jasper ls deservedly one of the most popular engineering students on the campus. Comblnerl with hls personality is the ablllty to plan great projects. ' F53 : 'AQ :rbi QN X me THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR , , 4 X.: -1 ' 1 1 1 Fi Sophomore Engineering Class OFFICERS ARTHUR E. ZOBEL l'rz'5idz'nt MELVIN J. LIVINGS Vim-President JESS LONG Secretary- Treasurer 154 . 'AQ :bg Qxi , lQlll.lQl.l.lCI.l.lQlQIBIQIQIQIQIQI.l.l.l1I.l.l.IQ ' I ' 'DI'l.I.l.lQlUl.lal.l'l,l.l.Illo'0lnlolalol0lol0lUlCl0 TI-IE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Sophomore Class SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING I l VVADIE BERNARD BARNES, K E . .Birmingham E Civil Engineering Romani' IE. BARNla'1'r ...... i . . Lanett Mechanical Engineering A. A. E.: Alnlmmn. Polltlcnl Sclcncc Club. JULIUS S. BRIiI'l'lENBACl'I, E A M . . Demopolis A Mechanical Engineering Mining :md Mc-tnIlurp:icnl Society. VV. T. BRl'l"l'0N ..... ' . Cooksville, Miss. Elerlrical Engineering XVXLLIAM E. BUCKLER, '1' 'lf . . St. Paul, Minn. Engineering Freshman Football, '22g Varsity Football. '23: A. A. TnoMAs CLAYTON BYRUM, A X A . . . Ensley Engineering Junior Rifllllll-TDI' 'Prnvlc nnrl f'rn:-is-Country, HOWARD G. CAMP, E X . . Hattiesburg, Miss. Mining Engineering Ilottcntot Club. JOHN M. COUNTS, H K 'lv .... Tuscumbin Ci-vil Engineering A. A. A. S. C. E. JAMES E. DHDMAN, JR. . . . Washington, D. C. Mining Engineering Nr-wtnnlnn Club: Mlnlng and Metallurgical Snvlvty. J. P. EICII . ........ Union Springs ' Eleclrical Engineering EDGAR DONALD FINCH. . . . .Birmingham Mechanical Engineering Newtonian' Club: A. A. E. JAMEs MAmsoN Fosrmz . . . Memphis, Tenn. Electrical Engineering A. A. E. ROBERT N. Fos1'ER, A T KZ . . . . Tuscaloosa j Chemical Engineering ' l l FRANK R. FRAZE . . ...... Huntsville l Engineering ' 155 . - 'ZQ 561 QNX unonuomlnclowns:onalolnlanauuouauonsaolouclnlo L' 1 A .olulnlolololalilolnlnlolnlolalolulmImizT633'iin'l'6TaTo TI-IE, COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR I . l Sophomore Class SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING En GA N'I'I' .......... Andalusia Electrical Engineering A. A. E. JAMES A. GRAHAM ........ Thorsby Eleclrical Engineering A. A. E. JonN WILLIAM HAGER. . . .. . . .Cordova Mining Engineering I A. A. E. BURNEY HENDERSON, E A E . . . . Tuscaloosa Cifvil Engineering Fr.ltcI'nlty Baseball nml Bnskctbnll. JAMES A. HEREFORD ........ Gurley Chemical Engineering A. A. E.: Ln Familiar. JACKSON Gnms I'IITcIIcocK. . . . .Midway Electrical Engineering Nuwtonlnn Club. HUGO A. HoEnN ......... Wylam Mechanical Engineering JonN D. HoI,LoMAN ........ Samson Electrical Engineering A. A. E. WALTER L. JONES ........ Fairfield Chemical Engineering Rov KIRK . . . . ...... Tuscaloosa Cifvil Engineering E. LESLIE LEIfI'wIcII . . . . . . . . Mobile Cifvil Engineering Glcc Club, '23, '24. ARTHUR EDWIN LESLIE . . . . .Birmingham Mining Engineering J. RANDOLPH LEWIS . ....... . Vance l . Electrical Engineering l MELVIN J. LIvlNcs . ..... New Brockton Induslrial Management Vice-Presldcnt Sophomore Engineering Clues: Alabama. Powor Co. Scholarship. 156 ouanololualu I lololcuolol OIIICIIIOI IO OIOIOIDIIIOI , ,T ,1 , cg: 6 fo : 62 - ' - thx - 0lllllilllllOIDIOIDIBlIIIDIUIOIDIOIDIOIIIDIOICIIIIII ' I ' .GIOIOIIIDIOIOIIIQIQlglggag.'.I.l9.slo'o'0'oIolo,oh.I0 THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY FOUR Sophomore Class SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING Jess ORVILLE LONG, 2 N ..... Osteen, Fla. Engineering Secretary and Trnnsurcr Sophomore En- Rlneelimr Class: Drum Major University Band: Jadcs. Faux B. MCLAIN ........ Huntsville Mechanical Engineering Euphlnns: DL-Molay. JOHN W. PEERsoN, 'If K E . .... Florence Cifvil Engineering EDWARD H. PRl'I'CIIE'l'I', ID 1' A . . . Tuscaloosa Electrical Engineering Honor Roll, '22-'23. Timo WAYNE SNEED . . .... . Decatur A Cifvil Engineering "'l"4ASCD24. .A.E.,'...,'..g . . .'., ETHELRED LUNDY Swans, sb K 2 . . Birmingham Glce Industrial Management Club, '23, '24: Blnckfrlars, ' 0 Honor Roll, '22-'-3: Corolla Board, '2-13 Alabama. Power Co. Scholn.rshlp. 23, '24: FRANCIS JEREMIAH TARPEY . .... Albany PAUL H. MALCQLM FRANK B. Ronan A. Chemical Engineering TURB . . . . .... Tuscaloosa Mining Engineering "A" Cluhg Vurslty Baseball. WALDING . .... . . Opp Engineering A. A. E. F WOOD ........ Lincoln Electrical Engineering i A. A. E.: A. 1. E. E. I YOUNG, II K QI' ..... Cullman ' Induxlrial Management LW , 157 ll n h . 9 l- x 'Q' 0 mlolelolnlon Qralslulnlulolll lulololol slonargnq ' n ' Dlilllololololal 1 lolslololclolololololololulololo:o THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Freshman Engineering Class fOnly one picture appears in OFFLCERS jo:-IN E. SHARPE President THORIAS E. W1LL1AMsoN Vice-President N. H. Cnfmnocx S ecrrfa ry- Trmsurfr officers' panel above. Reason, ot Have yours made next yenrlj 158 her two didn't have theirs made Nd. . .ICICI IIIOIOIC T llllill I IQIOICICIDIQIC .. - 'Z' .if . r l E Q AQ 36' QA- QIQIIIQIDID'QIQIIIIIQIIINIIQIQIQIQIQI.lQlll1l...'.l' I 5 x 'ol'l.l.l'l0IQlClmQlCmI.I U OIGIDIO aio olo'0lol THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TVVENTY-FOUR Freshman Class SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING THOMAS DYAR ABERNATHY . . . Birmingham Mining Engineering S. A. AUSTIN . ......., Talladega ' Mechanical Engineering A. A. Iii. C. M. AYRES . ........ Tuscaloosa ' Chemical Engineering How BANNER .......... Roanoke Eleclrical Engineering G. H. BARTON ....... Natchez, Miss. Cifvil Engineering j. 'FHHOIJORIE BA'r'r1cN ........ Albany Chemical Engineering A. A. E. X Bon BAUGH, A K ld ...... Birmingham Engineering , Golf Team. FRANKLIN S. BLACKFORIJ, 11, K 2 . . Birmingham Engineering Golf' Tarun. CHARLES A. BLONDIIEIM . .... Tuscaloosa Electrical Engineering W1I.LxAzvx B1.oNm-ua1M. . .V . . .Tuscaloosa Engineering I-IOMER CAMP . ..... . .Munford Engineering I JOSEPI'I CAMl'llliLl,. . . . . .Birmingham Cifvil Engineering JOHN M. CARDWELL, JR ..... Montgomery! Mechanical Engineering T. A. Cox . . if ..... Tracy City, Tenn. Electrical Enyineering Rifle Team. ' JOHN ALLIEN CROOK . .... Union Springs Electrical Engineering FRANK L. EATMAN, JR. . .... Birmingham Engineering ' PM T59 V fx i ..-l I . . I . Wi l-, ,-I-E 5 THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Freshman Class scHooL OF ENGINEERING S'roKEs V. EDMoNnsoN, E X . Hattiesburg, Miss. l:'agi1u'c'riag Ilottcntot Club, EDWIN J. FORD . ....... Montgomery Engineering XVILLIAM O. Hmuus, JR. ..... Huntsville Cifvil Engiizcrring - A. A. Acnrona Art starr. C. E. H. IIOGLUND ..... . Fairfield Engineering EUGENE L. JONES ....... Cleveland, O. Cllfilllflll Enginccriag Nokwoon KIIILOUGII ....... Prattville Eaginc'z'riag BRICE KYSER ........... Repton Chemical Engineering DONALD H. MCCUAIG . . . . . Birmingham Engineering ' A. A. E.: Ncwtonlnn Club: Ambnmn. Power Co. Scholurshlp. L. CARDIFF OAKLEY . . . . . Evansville, Ind. Elcclrical Ezzgifmcrizlg A. A. E.: Rlllc Tonmg I"rI-shmnn Englnecr- ing Club. WII.I.IA1vI F. RICE, A T Q .... Birmingham Eagifmcriag BENJAMIN EVIDDINS Rom' . . . . .Tuscaloosa Electrical Engiarcring JOIIN E. SIIARPE ....... Alabama City I Engiaccriay OSCAR CIIAFFER SKIaI.1'oN . . . . Birmingham , Mining Eizginccring PAUL M. SPEAKE, K A ...... Huntsville Mechanical Engineering A. A. E.: Ncwtunlnn Club: Crimson-NVhlte. SEWELI. ST. JOIIN ....... Birmingham Electrical Eayinccring A. A. E.: Ncwtnnlun Club: 'I'I-nnls Club: Alabumu Powvl' Co. Scholarship. EUGENE MCBRYDII STONE . . . . .Nanafalia Electrical Engiarcriag x6o I 'AQ :bg DAN UIQIQIQICIQI QIQICIQIBIDICIQIQIUIQIQIC lQl.l.l.IC ' I X Iolaml. Ulm' IQIQIQIQIQI.'ol.'n'0'0Ic'o.o'uI0'ole' THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR F1'6Sl'l'ITl31ll Class SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING W. A. STONE, A X A . . . Day Minette Chemical Engineering E. L. S'I'RlNGFEl.l.OW, X 'If . . . Tuscaloosa Electrical Engineering W. B. TA'l'UM ......... Prattville Chemical Engineering A. A. E. SAM S. TAYLOR ......... Ensley Electrical Engineering A. A. E. KENNETH H. WARREN . . . Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Chemical Engineering FRANK J. Wns'r ......., Montgomery Engineering ' 1 161 . .x ,161 wb. 'O , . .unon-umm:alumna:ulnlolouolaunolumslalacanqn ' of olQlonlunoloninolulslmlummlolouonalol . THE. COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR WALTER S. ERNST Tau Pi Epsilon fHonorary Engineeringj MEMBERS H. CHESTER GAUSE A. R. SCHARNAGEL Gaoncs R. Suaurow LzsTER H. MEYERS V62 O'rls C. GmsoN 'XQQM' IIIOIOIOIOIO llllllllililll0l9l9l.l.l9l. . . 17 'Q I ma 3591 Dxf I mnnnmlnlol Imam:ananalolonnnunnuanonancuumm ' U .altIomlommlslolonulolulnIolomlmomlorolommmro THE COROLLA,' NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR ' I 1 i 5 I Mining and Metallurgical Society OFFICERS JASPER IRVIN WINGARD , , ...... ..... P fe5ide7lf JAMES J. ASHTON . . . ..... . Vice-President JACOB R. KARP ............. Secretary-Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS JELKS BARKSDALE J. R. CUDWORTH H. D. PALISTER MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Poxlgraduate Students MILTON BRUMER FRED D. DEVANEY Louis MORTON GINSBERG THOMAS W. NEWTON JOHN JEFFERSON PATTON A Seniors RQBERT BOLLING DUGGER C. G. FARABEE FOSTER CARY Nxx ANDREW R. SCHARNAGEL JAMES HAROLD VVITHERSPOON Juniors TREVELYAN DAVIS B. NORMAN GROSS GEORGE H. NASON ' Sofzhomores JULIUS 5. BREH-ENBACH JAMES E. DEDMAN JOHN W. HAGER Freshmen J. D. ABERNA1-Hy A C. T. BARRETT W. T. BARRETT O. C. SKELTON 163 5 'AQ -69' 95- - DIDIIICIOIQIQIDICIQIQIBIIIQIQIQlDlUlllCl.lQI.l.lQlU ' I ' .DIQIQIQ UIDIIIIIUIUIC Q .I0lQlCl0l0I0l5f0lal0lUIUIOII THE COROLLA,NINETEEN TWENTYFOUR ' 4 I L 164 If k f -53 :Qt E I G THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR I . fr 53 X American Association of Engineers Founded :It Chicago in I9I5 A'im: To raise the stnnclzird of ethics of the engineering profession and to promote the economic C. G. FARAREI: E. W. DANY . J. A. ZOIIEL . S. A. AUSTIN R. E. BARNETT EDGAR BAss W. T. BRITTON C. L. CARLTON DANIEL CLARK C. 'E. COMEAUX J. M. COUNTS E. W. DANY T. DAvIs and social welfare of the engineer. Publiraiion: "Professional Engineer" University of Alabama Chapter Estnblisliecl in IQIQ OFFICERS FIRST TERM SECOND TERM . . . . . . . President VV. F. GRAHAM . . . . . . . . President . . . . Viee-Prexident E. W. DANY ....... Vice-Prexident . . . Program Serretary M. S. MERRI'I'r . . . Program Secretary DANIEL CLARK . T.DAVlS. . . . . . . Seerelary and Treasurer Asxislalzl Serrelary and Treawrer NIEMBERS W. S. ERNST J. P. HAGLER S. L. MITCHELL L. L. EVANS J. W. HEARD D. H. MCCUAIG C. J. FARABEE H. A. HGEHN L. C. OAKLEY E. D. FINCH E. L. JONES 0. A. REED J. M. Fos1'ER T. L. KING J. H. RIvEs En GANTT C. M. LANG T. F. ROBINSON ROBERT GANTT A. E. LEsLEv E. RoTII J. A. GRAHAM A. L. LILLEI' A. S. SCI-IARNAGEL W. F. GRAFIAM C. J. MARTZ J. W. SGI-IooLFIELn B. N. Gkoss M. S. MERRITT J. E. SHARPE H. B. HAIJNOT L. H. MEYERS G. R. SIIELTON I65 nomic: 1 u I u Io 'L summon n I I I I IDIIICIO . A ,, E Ol . C. SKELTON O 3. W. SNEED fZERO, I . S. ST. JoHN WALTER TATUM ROBERT WALDING J. A. WHITE P. E. WHITE J. I. WINGARD FRANK Woon J. A. ZonEL 1 . : .XE THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR American Institute of Electrical Engineers ' OFFICERS M. S'rEPHENs MERR1'l"r . . . ..... ...... . Prexiden! Wll.I.lAM F. GRAHAM . . . . . . . Vice-Prvsident J. AnoLPH Zonal. . . ..... . Secrelary-Treasurer O. A. REED . . . . Publirily Sccrvmry FACU LTY M EMBER FRED R. MAXWELL, JR. MEMBERS C. S. CARLTON L. I.. EVANS C. M.'LANG C. E. COMEAU C. G. FARABEE J. R. LEWIS D. CLARK W. F. GRAHAM C. J. MARTZ S. E. DAWSON H. C. GAusE M. S. MERRITF 166 'NAM' unlalalolaunonlololsusuo Q onion: I n I I IOIDIOICI ' - 'I' .qv .E L. H. MYERS D. A. REED T. F. ROBINSON j. A. ZOBEL IAQ -6- 5 m QIQIOIOIOIOIOIDIIIDIClBIQICICIllilllilllllllllllili ' - ' OIOIOII OllllllldlllllililOIQICIOIOIOIUIOIOIDIOIOIOI0 THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTYFOUR if 6 Qnodqe vw lup alolondlo oluololo ll 1 N f 0,0 G Q NAVAVAVAVAVAVLVAVAVAVLV v4v4 4VAV4VAVAVAVAVLVAA if Q4 Z S 5 E 4 P Z S Z , S Z S Z S Z S 5 E 5 E 4 P 5 5 2 5 5 E 2 s Z ' S Z 5 S 3 SCI'liOI' Commerce Class E 5 5 E 2 5 OFFICERS 3 D . . oorx . . . . . resi en f 9 P. L. IIEIEWETOI? . . . . .PViriP:e-sidenl E 3 ROBERT W. PITTS . . . ---- - - SNf1'l0"J" 3 HBFFIELD OWENS . ---- F011-fflfff 5 N S SAM M. SxLvrzkMA Press Agent E 5 2 S E 2 5 5 ' E 2 5 Z S 5 E 2 5 S Z S Z S Z S 5 E 5 D A' L B 5 5 1: N as mcooo E 2 5 Z 68 S D C 4 V AMY 7 f VNNA A AVXYAVXV -lk D Q. 1,5515 Nh ., V 'WWWWAX vAvfs'F"q'x L 9 Q N4v4v4vAv4v4vAvAv.vLv4vf YVAVNAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAW J 0 4 J AVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVA S6ni01' Class SCIIOOL OF COMMERCE Wu.Lm1u TANDY R.-XRRE'l"l' TUSCA LOOSA Co m m NTC . Captain of Company "Fu: Ul1lV1"" sity Masonic Club. As congenial a chap as one would meet. Vile like to see him and tht Colonel cross swords on the drill field. Tandy is likeable, reliable and a high- ly esteemed man. E. L. BELLINGER. W I' A GADSDEN Com Ill arte A bridge game and a law book are his hobbies. Not content with one de- gree that he will receive in May, he will return next year and continue his work on an LLB. RALPH RoooLPH BOWEN 1'UscALoosA Co m m ere: Commerce Club. ' A quiet, dignified man from Tusca- loosa, who goes his way calmly Illlfl confidently, without deviaing from l1lS fixed purposes. S6I'liO1' Class SCHOOL OF COMMERCE fil'lDON 'l'.AxRR.'xN'1'1' Bixuan, T Q 'l'ALl.ADliOA Crnnmrrrf E ll Commerce Clubg Philomathicg Ex- ecutive Comlnitee, '21-'zzg Instructor in Economicsg junior Faculty: Assist- ant Cheer Leader. '21-i22: Baseball Manager: Erosophic, 'zo-'zrg Clngg Football, 'zo-'2l. The strange mingling of mirth and solemnity in this fine fellow makes him a natural and likeable leader. High in standards of scholarship and sincerely bred of the invincible spirit of 'Bama, he is bound to succeed. JAMES M. BELL A NNISTON Co fn m erce Masonic Club: Commerce Clubg Philomathicg Erosophic, 'zo-'zxg Excel- sior, '2.t: Scrubs, 'zog Lieutenant Com- pany UF." "Jim" would give the world the "once over." Tired of strenuous study, vacation finds him on the beaming bil- lows and cushioned cars. A rolling stone may gather no moss, but it does get the polish. Romznr Rooms, Z' X ' TUSCALOOSA Commerce 2 II Junior Faculty: Fellowship in Eco- nomics: President of Senior Commerce Classy Arch Club. "Little brother" is one of the few who can make all A's without studying. All at the University know "Little Brother" and claim his friendship. JAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAV 3 Z 2 J s s 5 S 5 1 J S :F S S . 2 9 Z Zi A u 2 ab Z Z Z Z z Z Z Z z z z Z Z Z x K vkvavavsvgvkv vav vavav v .3 A 47 V G Q . Avavavavavavavavkvsvaw Y oi 5 .. S ' 3 S ' Cl S ' C1 S 5 en1or as emor ass g 2 SCHOOL OF COMMERCE SCHOOL OF COMMERCE E P 3 E 5 E S B 2 5 E 5 ROBINSON BROWN, JR. MARTEL llART BRETT 2 5 TUSCMOOSA BIRMINGIIAM E S Com 111 era' C o 11Imz'ru' F 4 - 4 P 1 T 2 T 2 5 Blackfriarsg Atticg Commerce Clubg Attic: Literesqueg Emsophicy 1205 E 5 Speaker in V Sophomore Declamation Crimsonwvhite Staff, 122-1233 Com, L 4 Contestg Ofhcers' Clubg Captain and meme Club: Corolla lioardy '24, S D Regimental Personnel Adjutant R. O. C S T. C.g Assistant Business Manager "Marty" is near the end of his col- f 4 Crimson-VVhite, '23g Corolla Staff, '23. lege career, but the university, in losing S , l I him, is losing a real live wire. Martel Q 5 Robinson 'S QU" 'flea of what 'teal is capable of startling' the world-pos- f 4 man should strive to be. A. Christian Sibly in business, but most likely in S a gentleman, fl lender nf Promise: fl POS' some exotic type of philosophy or lit- Q , SCSSOI' of n lllinnlnlc Pefsnnnllfyv 3 erature. A writer of genuine merit E 4 scholar of ahilIty and many other and insight. b Z meritorious characteristics combine to Q , make him one of the strongest at the E 4 U. of A. His smile and cheerful de- L 5 meanor are contagious. S C 4 P 5 S 4 S Z LINDSAY BRUCE, A T Q S z BIRMINGHAM S a J. P. BIJRCHFIELD, JR., I7 K T C0,,,,,m-M 5 5 TUSCALOOSA Knaves Clubg Pan-Hellenic Council. S 4 Cnmmfrm "Mickey" is a man of many desirable S a Comme,-Ce Club' qualities. He is an apt student of the S Q n n art of the darkened date, a forceful 4 4 ,l- P- IS fhnfnlllllllyl bllSln9SS'l1l4C- presiding officer. An ZlSSlClll0llS stu- P Z Money f11lkS and lnnl-Ins lnlld When he dent and seriously ambitious about it S Q rides his Yacht and Buick boat. J. P. all, I-1e'll get there without a hat 4 4 has made a fine student and is a fast Check! f Z friend of his fellows. S Z C D E S E 4 P 5 S 5 S 4 WooDsoN COWIJEN D, O, CONWELL S Q OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAIIOMA LAWLEY S z C 0 In H1 ffff C01lI1l1l'fl'2 S a .A thoroughly trained business mall, He has been thrown among the gay S a With the nlblllfi' Of U SCl'l0lnl' f0l' fneofy and reckless sons of strife. Yet he did 4 , and Pfncnnnllfy from -Dean "Blfl4ly-" not love the revel scene, but led the 2 4 We CMI think. Of nofhlng bnf SUCC955 intellectual life. A sincere student and p Z for one so trained. a certain success in his fitted field. S Nm' V W YF 2 A V 1 1lqlqAVA7A AY ' 1 A ' Ahhh, Am C I ,Ngnft 'YVWWW QAWNNC . 'Wm mvnff' JN4v4v4v4v4.v4v4vAv.v4v4vf G Q gm ,VAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAW SCDIOI' Class SCUIOI' Class SCI-XOOL 01" COMMFRCI' SCIIOOI Ol' COMMERCE STXNITX C DITIII fl I I MRMNWIAM 'Klum Run Davis Commrrrr R WTR Fo IIIIl1t'l'l'L' SeLret1rx 'md Treqsurer Interesquv. X A l C t'nnComp'1nx M R O I C VAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVA VAVAVAVLVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVA JA 3 i D S S Ltteresque Conm rs hung proof thlt ole does not h'1vL to be lged to m'tlte good mwrlts Interxng., the Unnersm 'lt 't very xouthfnl 'lge he l'l'l5 m'tde Knoll hoth 'ts 't student 'Ind 'lt betm.. 'I fine frlend IAMES B GAhlllllI IR It SHEFYIFLD Commcrfc Arch Club 'lre1surer Arch Club 3 jlmmnes frxends 'Ire numbered bw hrs 1cqu'unt'1nces VVe h'1ve '1 longing desire to see Shefheld to find out lf h'tlf of the stuff ns true th'1t Brooks l0llS about xt FRANK HARIJY fb I' l SFLMA Co m mera' Arch Club Lxteresque C0l'0ll I Board 22 P'nn Hellemc Councxl 24 Glee Club 21, 22 23, '24 VHFSIU' uwrtette 21 23 24 BINUCWS Manager Glee Club 23, President Glee Club 24 C'1pt'un Company L R O P C Secretury 'md frewsurer Cadet Ofhcers Cluh lhs deep buss NOICC which ue 'Ill know, ns SjU1l30llC'll of hrs strength chamcter and unfmlmg dependability l'r'1nk rs 'llxvns on top rn 1mthnngth'lt he undertakes I-Ie I9 one of the m'llll Cogs xn the Glee Club Commerce Club 4 Ilongr Roll 22 23 Corollu Bourd 22 2 Cr1msonWh1te Stnff 2 23 Clqgg ll'1sketb'xll Erosophnc 21 Y W C A C'1bxnet 2 23 24 Premem Chl Delt't Ph: 4, Ihll Chqn-man 3 24 lIxp'1tx'1 keystone Sunny h'ur 'md 1 smile to match! ter? VVho st'1rted the girls r1He te'tm'P And M'1mle Ruth s he'td IS 'ls brllhant lllklile as out LLox D Bomn ELL EDWARDS SY LACAUGA Commerce Commerce Club Officers Club Ed wandered around untxl he made up hrs mmd to come to Al'xb'tm'1 Ed rs typncallw collegxate and has a gen tlemanly mxen 'Ind frxendly dlsposmon Auburn lost 1 good man when he came were Lrw IS P GRAN. ormrcumf Commerce Commerce Club 21 2 3 lhe fellow who lends lxght to the c'1mpus If you 'Ire ln the dark call Lexus 'md he wlll brighten the cor ner where you are Its a pleasure to knovs men like Lexus 'WW y Q I fn A Avhhmy .Q Q' 1 A VAVAVAVAVAVA VA YAVAVAVAYAVAVAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvA VAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAA W . D I E ,5 5 . C ' 5 , I . l I ,. A , -A l A -3 .I , '-W A" IX It , : 1.. 'Ia' l . .. w K. l A E K . . .52 1' " v'-'tag M' I , Z 4 3' ' l .. ' A 7 ,- , : , O - " ' A QAVAYA A -'Q A VAYAVAVAYAVAVAVAYAYAVAVAVAVAYAVAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvfq 4 1 Nsvsvavsvavkvkvkvkvkvsv,! vavkvkvkvavkvsvavavsvaw 1 0 Y Z " S 7 C 4 - 1 . F 2 Semor C ass Semor Class S 7 C 2 SCHOOL OF COMMERCE SCHOOL OF COMMERCE E P 5 S 5 E 5 E 4 Rov E. Hicks, fl! T P E 4 omni: JESSIE C. HEARN p Z A 4 , C07llllIl'l'l'L' ROANOKE E 5 Business Manager Crimson-VVhiteq Co1nnmrce E S Vlcepresldem Phllfimithifly Scrub President Commerce Club ,24' Pres- 2 S Football' 20: Class llomm ' 22' ident Excelsior, 'zzg Memhbr Fbrensic f 4 Not contented to rest on the laurels Council, '24, Erosophic, '21, Parlia- S D of his two illustrious brothers who pre- mentarian of Philomathic, '23, 4 . D ceded him at 'Bama, Jimmie has sue- If b , vh I h . E 4 cceded in making Sl name for him- V, mlfiyv X' 09' eflrfed effort will r Z self. He is high financial potentate fun' -lessle Wlll Cfffflmly be leader C , this vear of one of the best sheets ever ln the Commercml W9fld,- -lessle lsfme 2 4 blil l h r of the most enthusiastic Alabamlans pu ISIC! e e. f Z that we have ever known. s P C 4 r 7 C 4 V 7 4 4 r 5 VVILLIAM RUSSELL KING, 'I' Q S S ALEXANDER CITY . JOHN R. HILL E 4 Co1mncru' p a EIRMINGIIAM Q , Erosophicg Commerce Club, '21-'22, - C P 4 '22-'23, '23-'24, Vice-President Com- ' 0"'me"Ce S D merce Club, Corolla Boardg Assistant If If tp 4 . D Business Manager Crimson-White. 2 4 , "You can't stay away from 'Bama," p Z , An excellent Student' Possessmg tfifm says john. He left us after his fresh- Q D rnclefinable something of Persona ity man year for A' and M' Now We are 2 S that.make5dh1m gi cfieerffilkfrireinizisoralg glad to welcome him back. John is y panxon an counse or. .1 e a , - 6 h h I 5 is going to make Alexander City the certainly il t oroug Sport E 5 Chicago of the South. , 2 C E Z E Z E FRANCES OHME PERRY L. NEWTON, T Q 7 4 S Z MONTGOMERY ATTALLA 4 Z Commcrre Commerce E Q KAILXA-I, 2:11 Q z Honor Roll, '21, '22, '23g Corolla Quadrangle, Vice-President Senior E Q Board, ,22, '23, '24, Crimson-White Commerce Classg Philomathicg Fellow- E 4 Staff, '22, Erosophic, 'zxg Commerce ship in Accounting, Junior Faculty, , 4 Club, '24.g Education Club, '23, '24: Executive Committee Senior Classy Q z Big Sisters. Crimson-White Staffg Corolla Board. 2 , One might have a bad opinion of A fine fellow, who always gets one E S Frances upon hearing her frequent ex- of Dean Bidgood's prizes, Perry is 3 p 4 pression, "Why, I'll flunk Hat!" But right-hand man in the Commerce De- c D each year look and see who makes the partment. He is as persistent as men E 4 Honor Roll. Frances certainly has are made, and about as quiet-but we P , made a name at Alabama as a student. like him. 5 2 XYAV v r Anvwwwmv C vfvrvrfrfrvnvmf em I Q- 1 AMYNNA v b A ,E WO 5 r E r 5 5 C r S 5 S S 5 T: 'fx 3 5 3 S S S S S C 3 .9 S vnvfsfj VAVAVAVAVAVAVAVLVAVAVAVAVA SCI1101' Class SCHOOL OI" COMMERCL Ammurw RIAICOLM Pxrrmzsox 'WON ICOVIFRX Co m m rr rc Pat' is rather a quiet sort of a fel low but the kind that one likes from the very start Ile is sure to get th upper hand in the business w0I'lKl lonx Anwra Prnocr lR I1 4 PIN! murr 'uunxsts Co1l11lurcz' Key lce This Arkuisas box knows a i:00Cl school He ccrtaxnli came far enoul-.ll to show t Bama s right and so la as well as an authority on Mr Cha? man s calculator Ronrka' WARRFN PITTS H fx A NFW MARKYF Com mfrrr A Club Commerce Club M'1s0I1lL Club Treasurer Commerce Club 23 24, Secretari Senior Commerce Class 24, Varsity Baseball 2l 22 23 C'lP t'llI1 Baseball Team 23 One could not say en0UHh goo' things about Peter lle does bb 'lc tion what others do by words HIS fa vorite sport is baseball P Cl' about as true a friend as sou could make and one of those whi m'lls9S Bama worth while emor Class scnool or COMMERCE XVNI SHI mfmrn OWEN, X 'P XNNISTON Connncrrc Commerce Club' Philomathicg Vice- l,l'CSlClCIlf 23 and President. ,24, of Quadrangle Crimson-XVhite Staff, '22, 4, Mlsonic ui: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet Olhcers .Club' Capstone Sa- bres Regimental Adjutant-Captain, Fellow in Economicsg Junior Fac- ultx Secretarv-Treasurer Senior Com- merce Class- Forensic Council, Secre- tars Ireasurer, '23-' 4,3 Secretary- Treasurer Student Government Asso- cia ian 24, Honor Roll '23. lhere is something in magnetism, honor stability intelligence, ambition, courage of expressiong "Sheff" has all of them in their quintescence, which ac- counts for his irresistible personality. He has the fear of God and love of man whuh all make his true character. ROBERT VV. PEACQCK LIVINCSTON Commrrfr ' v .V xv, .. in Political Science' junior Facnltyg President Sigma Eta: President Tennis Club Masonic Club: Master Masonic Degree Team. Am moxement in Dean "Biddy's" school without "Bob' is comparable to '1 ship without a rudder or a kite without '1 tail.' VVhether it is tennis, t aching or rganizing. this man ranks at the top He is Dr. Hvow'e's aide-de- camp Iumx S. PINKSTON, II K Q5 LOUISVILLE Co m m crm Commerce Clubg Major Second Bat- thon R O. T C.' Crimson-White Stal? Corolla Board '23,,'24g Class Football Pink is a fellow' to be admired. To say that julian has a wonderful per- sonahtv is not to do him justice. He has an air that just captivates. Julian has much to add to this merit, which is hound to make him a success. VIWV YA fwwwwwiviv ,fn vNf"""'wA fb AMVWXWNYAV Vivlqh 4 3 . D ' S 5 4 , . . a 1 e H 2 Z . . . 2 Z I V Z , J ' E H, li A E 5 4 ' - ' A ' , .l .' 1 l Z ' ' x . D A Aww. I t 1 I 1 , 4 ' '23,',2 3 as Cl l Q l.g Q ' l l l b ,, . .4 0 ,z 1 . 4 , ,' Q. - I -.-" L.. 2 D M. S '-t'- ,' : . 5 ., 4 ., 4 ..'-' . a - . Z ' - 2 , 2 z . 4' t 1 1 '1. , -. -V , , ' " . - 3 , 5 f- - . -Vi' mr '. I.: -. Q ll I II ".l1lCk." He is a shark in accounting: Honor Roll. '20, '21, 'zzg Fellowship 4 . I . '. N Q 2 ll Q r i 'il . l l l-l Q 1 1.."lh 1 ,Iyy ,r as , , , Q 'Il -' 1 - ,' - 4' it b ' ' , . L .h if 'g ' i, 4 , . - 'et l' ' ' . i a - . 1 . 2- . 4 1 - 9 . 4 c 1 , . Amy -lk , 1,45 AVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVA VAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAV YA VA AVAVAVAVAVAYAVAVAVAVAVAYAVAVAVAVAVAYAYAVAVAVAVA P vNNNfi 10 'J 2 P C 3 S S S E E is ei 4. E E P E P S E 3 S C' ' AV Z 2 Z Z 2 Z Z Z 2 Z Z 2 Z Z 2 2 Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z 2 Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z 2 Senior Class scHooL or COMMERCE A CARSON C. REEvEs BIRMINGHAM Commerce Commerce Clubg Masonic Club. Coming from the Magic City, Carson has magic power for business. He is a lady's favorite who makes Z1 debutante every day. ' HORACE O. SHRoPsHIRE, fb I' A BIRMINGHAM Comrnerfe Corolla Staffg Atticg Crimson-VVhitc Staff. A likeable fellow, with a promising futIIre. He is bound to become a pro- pelling force in the commercial world. Ogden is quite a romanticist, a writer of genuine merit, who can use the "king's English" in composing beautiful expressions and a forceful character. HARVEY N. SMITH SELMA Comm fra' When Harvey's around you know it, for he lends life to the group. Pep, life, and a rare amount of common sense-that's Harvey all over. We are sorry to lose him. Senior Class scuoor. or COMMERCE WILLIAM H. RAY BOLIGEE Cam mcrre Fellow in Political Science, '24. An excellent sIIdent and a likeable, congenial fellow, who has mastered the art of friendship. "Billy" has not "hopped a Crip" since he has been at 'Bama. He is just the type that is des- tined for a big place in the world. GEORGE OWEN SHEEIfIEI.n, X JI ATLANTA, GEORGIA Commerce Commerce Club, Tennis Clubg Arch ClIIb. It is exceptional to see "masculine pulchritude," democracy, force of char- acter, and congeniality possessed by one man. George has all this and then some more. SAM M. SILVERMAN, Z B T TALLADEGA Com m crce E II Capstone Sabres, Junior Manager Track and Cross-Country, '22-'z33 Manager Track and Cross-Country, '23-'2.Ig Fellowship in Political Sci- enceg Junior Facultyg Erosophic, 'zo- 'zxg Crimson-White, y2I-,22, 'zz-'23, '23-'24.g Editorial Staff Corolla, 'zo-'zr, 'zr-'22, l22-'23, '23-'2.Ig Pan-Hellenic Councilg Press Agent Senior Commerce Classy Commerce Club, '21-'22, '22-'23, '23-'24g Press Agent, '23-'24g Ollicers' Clubg Press Agent Sigma Etag Platoon Sergeant R. O. T. C. Company "F," '22-'z3g Captain Company "D," '23-'z4g Alabama Political Science Club. One of Dr. Howe's righthand Inen and among Alabama's most popular and loyal students. In every capacity he has fulfilled his duty capably. The University will lose a faithful follower and ardent student when Sam grad- uates. NYAYAV vAYAVf Y mm' C D 'NN 'WWW 41 9' 1140" AWXVAV 116155 fm, van o O NAvAvAvAvAvAvLvAvAvAVAv VAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVANQL- 2' 0 'sl Q C VAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAV AVAVAVAVAVA AVAVAVAVAAKAVAVAVAAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAV Senior Class scHooL or COMMERCE "ABE" TEMERSON, E A M 'rUscA Loosfx Cam m ara' If you want a thing well done, give it to "Steve himself." For a while, "Abe" was woman-proof, but now his strong heart has been louchcd by Ill? Charm and attractiveness of a little girl in Marion. A big-hearted, friendly boy. Senior Class SCHOOL OF COMMERCE WILLIE BENTON SOWELL, A X A BREWTON Commerce Pan-Hellenic Council, ,2I, ,235 Vice- President of Officers' Club, Lieutenant Colonel of R. O. T. C. "And that's a fact!" Ever hear that from "VVillie Beenau? "Bill" knows more people, gets to more parties and has more friends than most anybody we know. If we may judge by the past, l 'll l l l th t ie wi we num merec among ose a the tnp in his future work. AND THE SENTINEL OAKS sTooD GUARD! 'C ?J 5 r S C S E ty Q yfffxvhvf AVWWWWW v I I 1:1115 ANA A , vn Ammwwlg rvN79""'NA A , IAQ :61 I-SR R , CIOIIIQIDIO ICICI..QIQIQIQIQCQIDICICID QI-llmlh. ' I ' OICIOIIIOIUIOI ol.ICIQIQI.IGICIOIDICIOICIOIDIYIIUICIO THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Il1ni01' Commerce Class OFFICERS B. H. HOLLINGSWORTH ........ . . President EDWARD K. AUSTIN . . . . . Vive-Prcsidmt C. W. Towns ..... . . . - Secretary GEORGE D. KING . . . . . .Treasurer Dfxvm FEINSTEIN . . . Reporter 176 IA -6- . om. 2 ' ' 4 DN N .'.'.'."""'""""""""""""'""' ' ' ' -' ""' """"0l0I0l Iouammmmwn,,.,,,,,,, THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY FOUR unior Class SCHOOL OF COMMERCE lfl,llliR'l' 'TROY AI.I.IIN . . . . Oxford C0 Ill Ill l'l'l'L' . f'l'llllHllll XVlIil'- l'lul'l', '23g fl'Ul'l'1'll10l'l'0 Club. A Hl.lll'ily Follow who clmmplons College spirit. libwluux KNOX AUs'I'IN . . . . Talladega Co Ill In 1-rn' llllllllllliilllllf 1'urOlln StnI'I': fA'0Illl1l0l'Cl3 Club: Vlcc- l'I'I'slIII-IIl .lIIIIiIu' f'llll1Il1I'I'fl0 Clnss. 'I'hI- sn-n ol' I'lllllllll'l'l'l' looks I-nlm, Clour, mul so- l'l'lll' to this hardy sailor. llli0. AI,I,IIN BIIAUCIIAIIIII, fl' A 9 . Montgomery Commrrrc Unpstom- S4'I'l?l1!lf1Cl'S1 Glow Club. 'Pho co-I-ds li:-:lon for Gr-Org'c's mm-Iic whom surv- YHUl4'l'S Ulllll'l7lHfll thc l'1LllCll. Merry music and nu-r1'y spirit: that is George. CIIAIu.IIs EDWARD BINION, II K A . . Georgiana Co m rn rrzvr Glen Club, '23, '24, Vnrsity Quzirtotg Cast ol' fll1iLl'il1'li'l'2-l Musical Skutvlig Commcrcc Club: Co- rollu llnfu-Il, '2-l. lt i-4n't hi-I 11-nm' ibut mnkvs his l'l'l0llKlS, tlmuizln III' Is Ono oil' llnulo 'l'mu's "bust bm-ts." It is his Illlllillllh and clcbouniro originality. FRANK T. ISIIANIION, E A ll . . . Birmingham Co in zu frm ' ' " t doo-nI'l nmku unv dit'I'I-I'- "I'ull" or "him-ny, l . , 0lII"': hr- is om- OI' ilu- bl-st lilu-Il nnd most con- Eouinl ol' I'I-llows. MAURICII M. CAIIIIIIN, Z ll 'l' . . Birmingham Co Il! nz frm' Glco Club, 'Lil' '22, '23, Erosoplmlcy Corollu Board: Lltorcsqucg COlllllll'l't'l! Ulu Committee. In M UI'lL0 wc luww one ol' thi- ln-st vxnmplm-s ol' ,ll ' - . EI. jovial and good nuturod boy on tho I-amipus. hy Millloli-Llolim' Drlvc WILMER F. CANNON, A 'l' I2 . . . Tuscaloosa C 0 lr: lr11'r1'm' "Cutie" was nncc Oni- of llnclu 'l'om's XVlll'bll3l'H. but scholastic duties nwl thu "1l.CCUllllfil1lIH have lured him away, and thu Glue Club suffers. CLINTON JACKSON CoI.I:v, X fb . Alexander City Co rl' Ill frm' Arch Club: Blackfrlnrs: Vivo-PI'CsldcIIt Class, '22-'23: Executive Committong Iionm' Commltlol-Q Commerce Club: Corolln, Bourulg Ci-lmsrm-VVhlto 'til Staff: Lltcrcsqucg Clmhmnu Soplmmore Commi Co Million-liollur Drive: S 'rotary Commerce Club. Tho Oloquenco ol' u Xllilsou. Tho honor of I1 NVusl:lnp.:'tou. The l'I'iondlinCss of u liunsi-volt. Tho mot of II "Bill" Ilrnnilou. The "plain, Old" Jul-lc tfoloy. H. BLAINIQ COONIIR . . . .Jasper C0I"'llll'fl'I7 TI'm'k. '22g Cross Country, '22-'21lg Excl-lslm' Lit.- erary Society, '23: CUU.lll4'l'L'i! Club, '21-'22g Corolla 4B0Rl'll, '24, , ' - - l nc ol' our most One OI the best. muck nun. mu O likvnblo follows. Au lnIIustI'ioIIs wurlcvr mid ll good student. . Plantersville PAT CRUISII, 'l' III ..... Co 111 m crfc . Varsity Bnscbnllg "A" Club, f'0'lTll'Ill7l'U0 Club. - I e in If Put does ns wcll In life as hm hus Ion baseball null in hls collogc cnrcer, he will be going somu. I 77 Olhlllilblnllllloltllloltll CIUIUI A . Cal ,AQ :bt QNX f :nonlolololslolololonnlnlnlolnlolalololllolllclaus ' n ' .outline lldlilllbllIOIOIIIllOIOIOIOIOTOIOIDIDIQIIUIOI0 THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR unior Class SCHOOL OF COMMERCE Jem: BRYAN Dnvmsou . .... Woodlawn Cornmfrce Scrub Football, '21, '22, '23, '24: Alabama Quad- rangle, Excelsior: Commerce Club: Corolla Stult, '23-'2-l. A, most outstanding example ol' the steady, un- assuming type, who are bound for the lnevltnhle success ln llfe. Encuk L. Exocns, E X . . . . Fernwood, Miss. Commcrte lflottentot Club. Destlnerl to be thr- champion golfer nl' 1938. I-Eel snys that he mnmle it "hole ln one" last year. Dlxvm Fmusnnx . . . . . Columbus, Miss. COIlIlI1Ufff Tllls boy halls from the soll of Mlsslsllppl. Home :lny we expect to know Dnve us n grent llnuncler. GUY S. Flxnm' . . . . . . . . Haleyville C o III m rrre .Tunlor Blllllllf-fill' Vnrslty Bnsobnll. Gny's long assovlntlnn with Donn Bltlmlle ls go- lng to make hhn u most elllclent manager. jolly Flmzmk . . ..... . Greenville C 0 m Ill arte Phllomu.thlc: Excelsior, '22, President Erosophlc, '22: Mnsonle Club: Truusurul' Mnsonlc Club, '22: l'ul'llll!L B0nl'd, '24, lf, throughout the world, you roamed at rnnrlom, ln nny cllme, or nnrler nny sky, 21 truer, nobler friend could ne'er lm found. Cnlcsrsk GOI.DS'l'ElN, K N . . . Birmingham Commeru' l'nn-llellenlc Council, '22-'231 Asslstnnt Buslness Mnnnlrer Crimson-Whlte. Ufllll't" ls nf-ver seen without n smlle on his face. But back of that smile ls an unyielding splrlt. VVn.l.mM BRANDON GUl.r.lz1'rs, E N . . Florence Commerfc Glee Club Quurtette: Commerce Club. "Tllll" spent two yenrs nt Hownrd, but could not longer reslst the coll ot' the 'Bama Splrlt. LA Rus I'IAlGl.liR, K A ..... Hayneville Co IIl7l1L'fC'L' Key-Ice. For three yenrs "Buster" has been mnklng rrlt-mls, and now he ls nt his wlts' end. There ls n.o one else to mnke frlends with. Llawls limwlmn I-Ilwcoon . .... Greenville Commr-rn' Y. M. C. A. Cnblnvt: Junior Bnsketlmll Mnnnger: Asslstnnt Business Mnnnger Crlmson-Whlte: Phllo- nmthlcg Commerce Club: Attic. "l-lhlnny" ls an industrious Ind, who makes hls fortune :luring the summer und settles down at the Cnpstom- durlng the wlntl-r for hard work. T. Sco'l"l' lfllikkox, -ll A 9 . .P . Oakland, Miss. Commrrrc Key-Ice, Phl Delta Them Football Team. A llttle nmn wlth n bln: henrt and sunny dlsnosl- tlon, who doesn'L Nl't'Ill to have u worry. JOSEPH RALPH Howmur . .... . Cullman Co 7ll1llL'fCL' Euphlnnsg. Commerce Club. A hard working boy. Success ls sure to be his In the future. - v-- ulnlololnlolnlolclllclnluldlolalolalolllllollullilc GICIUII llulalllol0lmlqlglglglggug9l9m,,,,,nl , ' 0 ololo THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY FOUR 4 , unior Class sci-1ooL or COMMERCE 'THEODORE LAWRENCE I-Ioosos . . . Athens ' C01Il1llt'fCl? Assistant Llbrarlang Assistant Business Manager Crimson-White. The smlllng lad who numbers his friends by hls acquaintances. B. H. HoLL1NcswoR1'H, A X A . . Mt. Andrews Commrrre President of' Junlor Commerce Class. He moves ln spots unexpected, does "Holly," but Is always around when the fun starts. Has a head full of news nll the time, and knows lots to keep so quiet. Ronsm' M. HOLMAN. K 22 . . Dothan Co1n1n1'rrr' Glen Club. The man with the voice like John McCormack's. and the one that the girls like to hear slng. De- Servlng of ull the good things life can offer. W1L1.mM Cscn. Joi-INsoN. . . . .Col-leeville C01ll7llL'!'CL' Commerce Club. An unusually quiet sort of chan, but one who excels ln his studies. Those who know him best li that they could have no truer friend. F011 Z0 . , We are glad to have hlm with us again next year. GEORGE D. KING ........ Gadsden Comrnerce Junior Faculty: Treasurer Junior Commerce Class: Honor Roll, '23: Commerce Club. George ls an excellent example of what an Alu.- banm man should be. WILMHR EARL Lncnv . . . . . . Bessemer Commerce "Bill" ls ultc a radio fan, and is a "wizard" at Cl radio mechanism. An "A" student, whose quali- lim ties are best appreciated by those who know 1 best. WILMAM M. MASSEY . . ...... Killen Comnmrce E. lslor '21, '22, '23g Commerce Club: Rifle Team. Kee Behind' thut quiet, unassumlng' oppenrnncc ol his lies n. mighty force that will some dny startle thc flnanclnl World. WILLIAM A. MCAl.l.lS1'HR, K E . Ft. Gains, Gu. Com mrrrrn This young, good looking blonde ls the boy you ch "Mc " is have heard the glrls talk about so mu . . a rcnl man, and ls very popular with all who know hlm. CLAUDE MASTIN MCGOWAN, A K E . Chapman Commerre Commerce Club: University Band: Corolla Staff. - lvocate of 'Phls lumber king ls a staunch at Finchley sults Frank Shoes, and Knox hats. His 1 I mmm,-nlnl ways have won mnny frlonds fol hlm at the Capstone. Ar.vlN B. McKAY ....... Pollock, La. Cofnvncrte , Corolla. Staff, Commerce Club: D. A. V. of W. W. Club: Masonic Club. "Mc." could make a. believer ol' "Mika" if allowed to use hls line freely. He improves upon ac- quaintance: sl. conscientious student and an ad- mlruble fellow. y . 1 X :FEE amnlololououomiouenalalsloualoluuuoullnroea an ' - ' .DICIIIQ Olololulolulololulsluolulmolololauololoiora THE COROLLA,NINETEEN TWENTYTOUR unior Class SCHOOL or COMMERCE FIELIX MHNDEI., PI A M . . . . . Sheliield Conimrrfc Cnxnincrr-o Club: lfrlmuon-Vvhlto Staff, '22-'23, 'Pho .Iunlor Da-nu anrl Pol. Wcll's mainstay. He ls forever working for frlonds and school. JUIJAN OLIM, Z B 'I' ....... Sheflield Commnrrc A man whose frlu-ndshlp ls woll worth sos-king. llls traits ol' rrhnrnctc-r are such as to bv Covotcd by all. I'IiaNRY Guam' Omvm ...... Haleyville C0lIl7I1l'l'fE Foinrnorvo Club, Exnvlslor Literary Soclcty. Ill- ls small ln stature, hut that :Inns not lu-on hlm from hm-lm: Very prominent wht-n hc steps out to one ol' tho alancc-H. Cmevlc A. PERRY ..... . Greenville C07II1lIl'fCL' T K A f"orolln Staffg Commerce Club, '21, Erosonhlc Llt- mrnry Sovlcty, '21, Excclslor Llterary Snclcty: Philo- mathlc Lltcrary Society: Mnsonlc Pluhg Alabama- Sr-wanoo Debate: Vlcc-Presldont Erosophlc, '21: Sm-crm-tary Excelsior, ".12. A man who has n rnrv nhumlnnm nf Concen- trotoml common sonar, couploml with a wldo knowl- odf-fe ol' human nnturv. A staunch frlonrl, a boon companion. and a nossossor ol' ronl mi-rlt. A man nl' vnnvlvtlons who tak:-s a dnflnltn stnnrl. HAYMAN Roslmnlakc, K N .... Talladega Com m 1-rre Uorolln Duslnn-ss Staff: Commcroo Club. An r-xtromoly pollto gontloman, who new-r doffs his hat to u on-ml-bocnuso. like n truo svlon of Alabama, ho never wears one. JOHN MCKAMHB RUSSELL, II' K E . . Selma Commrrrzr Arrh Pluh. 'l'hu lclnd of a man of whom any moth:-r Could ln- justly proud. Kind of' heart, gay ol' spirit, und possvssur ol' all tho qunlltlcs of a gs-ntlvninn, and n. true son of Alabama. May hls trlho lncrcasc. Fmu.m' SA1.MoN, A 'I' Q .... Maud, Miss. Co Ill Ill rrnf NV. and L. lrnvfz us the "LlttI1- Mink" and ought to ho sorry. Plays cvvrythlng and plays lt well. llls good looks, qulot nnturo, and smllo attract ev- oryborly. But, "I cnn't como tonight. I'vc gotta study." IIENRY Nana. SEGREST . . . . Notasulga C o 1n'm era' f'omn1m-vc Club: Lmv Forum: Masonic Club: Co- rolla Board, '23-'24: Phllomnthlc. A pul good and truo, nn Inrlofntllznblo worker, and u ws-ll-rounded man who ls full ol' pcrsovor- once. Tho Corolla ls indebted to hlm for many hours ol' fulthful, conslstout, and dlllgent work. ROBERT SNELL . .,..... Birmingham Cammrrm Ono who lg consnlvuous lu-vnusv of hls qulct. uu- assumlnf.: mannvrs. Hls smllo is a pro-matter. CLYDE H. S'rRiCKI.ANn, -If K E .... Millport Co m m rru' A ladies' falvorltv, a boon romnnnlon, and El jolly good fc-llow, Ulydm-'H many gvntlcmanly trnlts have made him a fuvorltu wllh everyone. 180 ll IIIIIIOI OICIOIOIOIOICIDIC v 4 . . f , A G Y 5 I' ox TI-IE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY FOUR unior Class SCHOOL or COMMERCE EUGENE LANIER Svxns, Jn. . . Aberdeen, Miss. Co m11mrfe Vice-'President I-Iottentot Club: Commerce Club. '23-'24: Lieutennnt and Adjutant First Co. B., '23g Cnntnln Co. B, '24: Ofllcers' Club, '23-'24: Manager Rlrle Team: Crimson-White Staff: Cornlln Board: Freshman Football Squad, '21-'22: Assistant Man- Hlrm' Trnrlc ond Cross-Country Teams, '2-lg Busi- ness Manager Commerce Journal: Lloutvnnnt- Uofonvl olf R, O. T. C. Regt., '24. Albolt hls hobby ls mllitary, Eugene ls equally nt onse ln hls Hottentot uniform or n free-wlll bull session. A rlllllront worker and n. close student. CQLLE WILLIAM Towns . . Mobile Co 1IllII6'fC0 Honor Roll. '23: Fm.-llow in Accounting! Junior Fnculty: Commerce Club: Secretary Commerce Claws. 'l'he fellow who does his -work in A-1 style. He Swms to bo becoming: qulte a l'll.llI6 among' the wonlcvr sox. Lot's hope he does not weaken be- fore their nttnck. HOMER J. WALTON, E N . . . Columbiana Commerte Arch Club. A congenlnl fellow. The possessor ot' the quulltles which enable one to climb to the top. In the com- morvlul world we see no obstacles that are too dlllluult For hlm to surmount. Joan C. WxLsoN . . , . . . Tuscaloosa Co 7ll7l1L'l'C6' Mnsonlc Club: Freshman Football Team, 1914. Ono of the Mnsonlc Club's best members. Quiet, but liked by all, "Plg's" report card shows he ls of splendid student. f 181 IAQ QA- Y Y Y WYYWIHVW THE -COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Sfmplmomore Commerce Class OFFICERS Bnolmus M. CoNNATslzn . ...., . . President J. W. MCNORTON . . . . . . Vice-President BESSYE Vrmcu ..... . . . Secretary VERBON F. GAY . . . . . . . . Treasurer JAMES H. FULLER Press Agent 182 I - 'I k ' THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Q ' , Sophomore Class i SCHOOL OF COMMERCE I I Jour: BALL ADAMS. . . . . .Eufaula E Commerce 1 Commerce Club. l RALPH E. ADAMS, E X . . . . . jackson Commerce, Arch Club: Corolla Staff, '24. MAx S. BAUM, Z B 'I' . . . . Montgomery Commerce Erosophlc, '23. Moxmzv L. Becx . .... . Glenwood Commerce Honor Roll, '23, RAY BECKETT . . .... . Montgomery Commerce ERNEST FONVILLE BELL . . . . Tuscaloosa Commerce Louis BELL . . . . . . . . Albany Commerce Commerce Club. D. D. BENNETI' . . . . . . . Chapman Commerce University Band: Commerce Club. J. E. Blsl-lov . . ...... Tupelo, Miss. Co m merce Unlvm-rslty Band. '23, ORMOND O. BLACK . .... e Tampa, Fla. Commerce Euphlnn Literary Society: Corolla Stuff. Lewis ALEXANDER BONIFAY . . Andalusia Commerce FRANK' L. Bowie . .... . Talladega Commerce Erosophlc, '23g Tennis Club, '23g Newtonian Club, '23g Phllomnthic Literary Society: Commerce Club: Delegate International Students' Convention: Quadrangle. Sumev G. BRASWELL . . . . . Ensley X Commerce l - I Josevu M. BREITENBACK, E A M . . Demopohs l Commerce ' I 183 A olulilclllllnlolnlolllJIOIO 'L UIIIOIDIOIOIIIIIIIO nlglgl O!! mlnlnlolololslululllOlQlalllclnlololollllllllillllu .OICldlililultlllololmlllll 0lnlclnlololuloldlololololo 5 , , 5 la Q5 W i THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Sophomore Class scuoor. or COMMERCE i Evox ICRSAI. BRIEWTON . . . . Mobile Co Ill IllI'I'l'L' Musoull- Club. VVll.l.IAM D. Bkrrr, jk., Z2 A IC . . liirininghzun , Co m In erce lil-y-If-ng l3lnrlcl'rlru's: 'Phonuis Mcdnl. FRANK llnum' liaomnmm, A K li . Birmingham Commerce Nm-wlonlnu. '23g 13luckl'rl:u's: Unlvvrslly Y Bnunl, '23, '24g Coumufrvc Club. i joux MACK BROWN, K E ...... Dothan 1 Commerce lfr--shmnu Football, '22: Var:-xlty Football, T235 Member Stuilout Conn:-ll: Arch Club. Jumnx BU'rl.isx ........ Woodville Commerce f'lllllHll'l'l'1' r'lub. Dom-mf C. CADE, II' A 6 . , Tuscaloosa 3 C o 1ll Ill crce Axmusw Comm, E A BI . . . lil Paso, Texas Commerce Fu-sluuan I-Huolbnll, 'ZIZZQ 1"rcshmn.n Tluskvl- bull, '2Il: Frm-slnunu Basolmull, '23g Vnr- sity Huslci-tb:iII, '24, , Bkonuus Mlil.llURN CONNA'l'SliR, T fl' . . Clanton Co m m erce Member Commerce Club: Prcsldent Sopho- more iflussg l'0lllIl'll'l'l'I5 Club. Enwluum IE. Ciuuo . . . . . Sheffield Commerce l'lllllllll'l'l't' l'lub. CARY L. Foxnxnu, ll' K E . . Clarksdale, Miss. Commerce Glf-0 Club, '2Zlg Arch Vlubg Mlsslsslppl Club. jiuvucs IYIARLAIN lfu1.1.HR . . . . Alexander City C n m m erce II M IC Ns-wlonlun Club, '23: Commerce Club: Fel- lowship lu Mutln-nmtlcx-15 Junlor Fncully: Press Agent Soplmmnro Class: Pollllcal Sdfli-ul-u Club: Qundrnugln. james W. GACIIET .... . Clio Commerce Commerce Club. Vlcknosl F. GAY ......... Ashland Commerce Commerce Club: Quallwlngle: Forenslc Councll: Asslstnnt Business Manager Crlm- son-Whllcg Tn-nsuror Sophomore Class: hlrrwsoplxlc, '23. Lua Grover: ......... Birmingham Co m m erce Honor Roll, '23g Fellowship ln Account- lmrg Junlor Faculty. 184 -T AQ SQ: E w IolololalolnlolslDID!nlullltlnlolnlollllllllllllli DIIIO - ll UIUIOIIIUIOIUIOIOIOIOIIIOID! UIDICIGIDIDIOI' I THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR l SOp1'1Ol'1'lO!'C Class L SCHOOL OF COMMERCE 5 l MAX G'0LDlllERG . .... .Sylncaugn Commzfrre Commerce Club: Tonnls Club. l GICORGIE ALLEN lIAAs, A K ll . . . Mobile 1 C0111 mfrce A l'l'll A Prusldunt Snplmmori- A.ll. Class: Club. J. II. IIAIN .....,. . Selma ' COIIIIIIEVCB Clllllllll'l'1't? Club: Platoon fwlllllllllllliilll' Co. A. i WILUAM J. HANCI-nav . . . . Troy Co 7Il1llL'l'CL' fwnnrm-1'c'o Club: Euphlnn Liu-x'u1'y Society: University Bnnil. JAMES D. llnummsou, ju., E A IC . . Tuscaloosa Comnzcrfz' Louis P. Hom:r,s . ' .... . York C01ll rncrre c'iunnn-ri-i- Vlub. Jouu M. i'IU'l'CIllNSON . . . Geiger Co llllI1L'l'l'L' JOHN C0'I"l'Rlil.l, JAMISON, E X . VVest Point, Miss. Co 1llll1L'l'l'L' C. E. -IORIJON . ..... . . Huntsville 1 Co 111 In arte W l T. II. KIiNNl5lJY, K A .... . 'Tuscaloosa ' l C01lHIlL'l'l'L' 1 . . Leighton EARL A. KIDD . . .-.- , Co m 111 vrce . ' Conuncrm- Club. Simi L. KNIGHT ...... . . Cullman - Co m merre Fl'llHill'THlll Baseball, '23g Commerce Club. l . Geiger : D. P. LAND ....... C o m rn arte Connnvrul- Club. EMMETT WVALTER LANNING, K E . Birmingham Commerte ' 185 'AQ 361 Dkx muanlolololalolqlololnnnlalolololololmqn loeqrllo ' - ' Iuliloll ololllllolnlololulolnlolnlulolounololnlmolo TI-IE. COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR P Sophomore Class SCHOOL OF COMMERCE CHARLES XVILFRED LAUvE, A K E C o m rn era' Glas- Club: t"onnnercn Club: lIL'nERT LAW, E X .... Cornmrrm Kuzlvn-s. HARRY J. LEARY . ..... Conmzrrfz' . Helena, Ark. Knnvos. . Andalusia . . Enterprise f'rimson-YVhlto Stuff, '24g Corolla Board, H241 Philomnthlc. Smxnx' LEVY, E A M .... Cn Ill m fra' Rmasu B. LLOYD ..... Com mrrfz' Conmmr-ree Vluhg Cotilllon Jong MARsHA1.1. MARR1o'r1' . . Co m nzfra' LIARRY A. MARTIN, fb I' A . . Commvrrz' . . Anniston . Republic Club. . . . Mobile . Laurel, Miss. El'nsnpl1lr','23: Frc-shrnun Fonthnll, '22: Varsity Football Squad, '23: Varslty Bus- lct-tbnll Squml, '24, STERLING MCGAULY . .... Com mera' f'nmm4-rco Club: f'orf1lln Staff. man flask:-thnll, '23: Vnrslty Squad, '24. H. M. McLnon, JR. .... . Cornmcrrc Joi: W. MCNORTON . . . . Co m rn Nu' . Montgomery '24 : Fresh- Bnsketbnll . Tuscaloosa . Repton Pmmncrbe Club: Vlcc-Pr:-slrlent Sopho- morl- Cnmmvrct- Class. XVARD Mxxow . ..... Commerce Ronmrl' F. M0slaL1aY, 'Iv I' A . Cormncrce Blnultfrlnrs. j.T.MoRcAN. , . . .. Commerce Commcrcr- Club. jfwuas M. MONTGOMERY, X fb. Commerce Arch Club. 186 Y 1 . - 'Q' qv 2 UV" . Buna, Texas . Ensley . Jones Mills . Lincoln W, Y fl x ' mga. monaenrumonamlonnlauaronnnmomumnrmouarouu. ' 1 ' golorllolnonomlmululololonulolalofblolououumriaaro THE COROLLA,NINETEEN TWENTYFOUR Sophomore Class scHooL or COMMERCE A1,maR'r J. ORY, E A M . . . . Anniston i Commrrfr ' EDWARD WM. PENNINGTON, fl' 1' A . Birmingham Commrrrz' Blnckfrlnrsg Pnrolln Board: Commerce Club. JOHN PORTER, 'If A T .... . Birmingham Commrrfr Ronmtr Bkuclz Ronmvrsox, fl- A 9 . Birmingham C01Il1lIl'fCt' Blnckfrlnrs. IAN Ronmsow . . . . . . . .Coffeeville Co1nmcfcc Jos HUNT RomNsoN, X df . . . Alexander City Commerce Josnm-I ROSIENBERG, Z B T . . . Troy Commvra' PHILLIP Srmpmo . .... . .Jasper Commrrw VVlnncx' Freshman Dr-vlnmntion Contest, '28. I.1.nwr21.LYN D. SIMPSON, E A E . . Florence Commerce Glcc C'1uh: Blnckfrlnrs. JUl.mN SM1111, JR., fl' A 6 . . . Selma Commerre Knuvos. jfxcon M. SoLoMoN . .... . Gadsden Commerfe SAM R. S'HsP1mNsoN, 111 A 6 . . Birmingham Cormnrrcc Na-wlonlnn Club. VVILLIE M. TAYLDR . . . . .Ralph Commrru' I Fmnmw A. S'rkAssnuRcmz, Z B T . Montgomery Commrrce Erosophlc, '23: Truck Tenm, '23, 'Z-1: Frn- tc-rnlly Buskotbnll. 187 anonmmlouauorolnloralalaraunanololmouslouman canlenlolololulolololololovamlmolololololornlonmo rr 'AQ 2631 QNX i THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Sophomore Class SCHOOL OF COMMERCE ROHIN L. THOMAS, fb K 2 . . Decatur Co m m erce Corolla Board: Commerce Club. F1.ox'n TURNER . . . . . Deer Park Commerre Commerce Club: Euphlans. Joie DOWERY TURNER . . . . . Eclger Commerce Mnsonlc Club: Commerce Club. VV. A. TURNIl'SEED, K A . . . Birmingham Commerce BESSYE VEACII . .... . . Montgomery Commerce Commerce 'Clubs Secretary Sophomore Commerce Club: Lonnuo of Women Voters: Rlllc Club: Chulrmrm Soclul Service Com- merce Club. C. H. WALKER ..... . . Ralph Co mm erce Euphlnng Freshman Track, '23: Varsity Tx'aclc, '24: Commerce Club. MORRIS F. WATSON, 2 X . . Montevallo Commeree JOHN W. XNEAVER, X fl' . . . . . Anniston Q Co m m eree ' Commerce Club. 1 F. A. WILKINSON, E A E . . . Birmingham Commerce LE GRANDE C. WILSON, K A . . Birmingham Commerce J. A. MCCONNELL YOUNG . .... Livingston Co m m erce Commerce Club. I 88 5 el k Q .gy fb . mnoulololosolorounlanuluralounmnolmolllulalclnlu ' v ' Inlhlinlololalulololololololalolololololololololalona THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR l . Freshman l Class ' SCHOOL OF COMMERCE WAl.'l'ER F. ADOLPII .... . Mobile X Commerce ' JULIAN Ar.ANn, E A M. . . .Birmingham Commerce LEMUEL B. AI.l.liN . . . , . . . Demopolis Commerce Wn.1.1AM WARREN ANDERSON, fl' K 2 . I-Ielena Commerce Glce Club. FRANK C. BAIRD . ..... . . Cullman Commerce Proslrlcnt Frvshmun Class: Freshman Football. GREEN M. BAGGH'l"l', E X . . Rolling Fork, Miss. Commerce STEPHEN A. BALI., Z B T . . . Selma Co m m erce RonER'r Esmf BLACK. . .' . . . Georgiana Co m merce SAM BLOCK, Z B T . .... . Birmingham Co m merce ED. KNOX BOYD, fl' K IC . . . Clarksdnle Commerce Hottentot Club. JOHN R. BRADSIIAW . . . . . Delray C o m merce IFIARRY ESTELLE BROWN, K E . . . . Dothan Commerce Freshman Football: University Band. JAMEs M. BROWN . . . . . . .Tuscaloosa Commerce VONCILE BREWTON . . . . . . . Mobile Commerce HERSPIBL A. CALDWELL, E X . Blytheville, Ark. Commerce ALBERT W. CASTLEEERRY . . . . Carbon Hill Com1nerce CNo Freshman Commerce Class olhcers 6lected.D 189 mmlalumnanum:anunnnurulouololololmouanosgnglq OIOICIC olololllololulomlummm:mlololouulolololmlo P 1 A62 E by QA X THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR X FI'CSl'llTlaI1 Class l scHooL or COMMERCE' EDWARD CLARK ...... . Russelville Commerce GEORGE H. CLARK, 'Il K E .... Birmingham Commerce Jon G. CocKE . . .... . Demopolis Commerce VVILLIAM A. COLLIER, A K B . . Tuscaloosa Commerce Jonx FRANKLIN COOKE . . . . Birmingham Commerce Glen Club: University Band: Rifle Team? Cuptuln Screnaders. JOHN A. CoRR . . . . . . . Birmingham Commerce JAMES HARoI.n CowAR'r, ID K E . . Birmingham Commerce Blur-kl'1'larsg Corolla Borwd. Grew: CRISMAN, E X. . . . . .Selma Co1nmerce Alnbrmm Golf Ti-am: Alabzunn Golf Cham- plfrn. l7Av1o CRocKET'1', X -If . . . New Orleans, La. Commerce V I-I. DUGGER, fl, K E . . . . . Clarksdale, Miss. Commerce I.E1GH'1'oN DUNCAN . . . . . Fairfield Commerce GRADY DUNN . . . . . . . Hamilton Commerce S'1'ANmzY DUNN . ..... . Hamilton Commerce LACY ELLIS . . .... . Jasper Commerce I-IYMAN FIELD, fb A 9 . . . . . Anniston P A T Commerce GEORGE B. Fxsx-IER, JR.. . . .Crichton Commerce 190 I 5 ff . .GE -6- mx. mnnnvnlolololorololasnlalaloloxalolalnlolalcnclqu -' - ' 'olllilnlololonlvlnlulllclololalnlmolololclolololola THE CAOROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Freshman Class SCHOOL or COMMERCE ,Ima MORIXGNIE Fos'I'ER . . . . . . Gadsden Co m Ill arte C0llllll0l'CL' Club. JAMES C. Fos'I'HR, K E. . . .Tuscaloosa Commerce ' JAMES IIUm2R'I' FRANCIS . .' . . Grenada, Miss. Cmnmerce ARNoI.n M. FRIEIJMAN, Z B T . . Birmingham Commerte Erosnphlc: Tcnnls Club. E. C. GA'l'lllNGS . ..... . Earle, Ark. Comumrre Cnmmercr- Club. WII.nI5u'I' GOI.soN, fb 1' A . . . Bessemer Co m nzerte Glue Club. MII.I.I2k r11H0MAS GlIOI.S'l'ON, E N . Union Springs C o m nzerrc' Rlcum' GRIIHN . .... .Tuscaloosa Co nl III arte WILLIAM GREEN, K A . . . . Selma Co m un-rfe R. O. T. C.: Y. M. C. A. M. M. GRIFITITI-I . ...... Moutgmnery C o m III ern' Enwmzn II. I'IAAS, A K E . . . . Mobile C 0 111 mzrrce Blnck1'I'laI's. - JOHN MORRIS HARDY . .... New Alabama Cn m nwru' lllilr- 'l'cnnI. Fox H. HARMON . ..... . . Troy C o nz In fra' S'I'I5vIi I'IIzRnIsk'r HICKS, fl, K fl, . . Luverne Co fn nrerfe MARCUS B. III'I'cIIcocK . . . Bessemer Co m Ill fra' 'Pruck Squzul. ISADORIE Honciss . .... .Fayette Commcrre Erosophlc. 191 . fAQ :Qt E 9 Y GIOICIIIIIQICICICICII ' I ' OICICII UIOIQIIIUIDIDIQIIIOIQIOIBIDIDIOIOIOIIIIGIDIOI0 Tl-IEA COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Freshman Class SCHOOL OF COMMERCE EUGENE HARRIS JoIINsoN . . . Greenville Commerce TI-IOMPSON KEARLEY. . . . . .Atmore Co1nm1'rm JAMES OWEN KENAN, fl' l' A . . . Selma C0lIIlllt'fCL' MARCUS IQIERN . . . . . . . . Troy CUIIIIIIKFCL' H. F. KNOIIE, JR. . .,.... Montgomery Commerce FoI'IIllII. Board I-IERMAN KYLE . . . . . . . Hartselle Commerce MARION LEONARD, X fl' . . . Charleston, S. C. Co11I1nerre JAMES J. LESLIE . . . . . . . Gadsden Cornvnz-ru' Bnndg Tcnnls Club: Commerce Club. H. WALTER LEVY, Z B T .... Birmingham Commerce Tennis Cluli. OSCAR LEWIS . . . . . . . Greenville Conzllmrrc J. Rox' LONG . ...... . Repton Cnnrmcru' VVII.I.IAM A. LovE'I'I', JR., fl' K 23 . . Mom-oevill. V Comrrlcrcc' C0!11Tlll'l'Cl' Club. DUNCAN A. McAR'rEN, E X . . Andalusia Co m III crm' A. GORDON MCLEAN . . . . . Crichton Commnrcc THOMAS HENRY MCNEILL, II- K E . Estill, Miss. Commcrre I-Iottentom Club. FRANK MCPIIERSON, A T Q . . . Ensley C01Il7lIl'fCL' 192 l f I Q .BIOIQIOIOI lolllolololllllll IOIUIOIOI lcllblox I I to e g'-s o THE. COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR F1'6S1'l1TlaI'l Class , 1 SCHOOL OF COMMERCE ARTHUR MARTIN. . . . . . .Clayton Commerce W. L. MORRIS, 111 K E . . . . Decatur . Commerce WlI.l.IAM MORRISON, E X . . . Selma Commerce JAMES GLENN MURPIIREE . . . . Troy i Commerce f'omnIoI'rvc- Club. CLIFTON NEWTON, E A IB . . . . Birmingham C o m merce lllIll'lil'l'iYll'!iI Freshman Football. MAURICE OLIM, E A M . . . . . Shell-ield Commerce ' GEORGE R. OLIVER, JR. . . . . . Hall Commerce MlL'l'0N PFLEGER . . . . . . .Mobile A Commerce 41 A . . Commerce Commerce Club: Langue of Y. M. C. A. ANNELLE PHILLIPS, EARLE T. PHILLIPS, 2 N . . . Meridian, Miss. Women Voters: . Pine Bluff, Ark. Commerce WILLIAM H. PITT, fb K fb . . . Cleveland, O. Commerce , PAUL A. PORTER, fb A 9 .... Birmingham Commerce SIDNEY PowELL . . . . . . . . Woodward Commerce ' Doivfolay. SAMUEL NOLAND PROPST . . . . Tupelo, Miss. Commerce EvERE'I'r PRUET, X if . . . . . . Anniston Commerce RLBERT C. REYNOLDS, K 2 . . . . Ozark Commerce W 193 llllililtloln 0 a I I O 0 O --" 1 A 'qv o NG, ,V TI-IE. COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR C :AQ :bf QAN , llIQICICIIIOIQIQIQIQIQIQIQICIQICICIBICICIQIQIQUCIQII ' I ' ' l'lQI. UIUICIQIQIQIUIQIQIQlalflolnlololololololalol6 J . Freshman Class SCHOOL OF COMMERCE RonER'r FRANK RICHARD ..... Birmingham Commerce Josravu RICHARDSON . . . . . Russelville Commerce VVILLIAM S. ROGERS . . . . .Hartselle C 0 m merce SAMUEL H. ROSENEAUM, Z B T . Meridian, Miss. Commerce DAvm ROSENFELD, E A M . . . . Ensley Commerce R. F. ROWELL, K E . . . . . . Selma , C o m m erce I-IUEERT M. SCHENE, Z B T . . . Montgomery Commerce MURRY LLOYD SCREVEN . . . . . Mobile Co m m erce Rifle Team. HUBERT SCRUGGS ....... Birmingham Commerce Corolla Art Stuff: DeMolny. B. S. SEARCY, ff' A 9 ...... Tuscaloosa 4 Commerce Commerce JACK R. SEALS, fb K E . . . . Birmingham CHARLES L. SEAY . .... . Reynolds Commerce CHARLES SHERER . .... . .Jasper Commerce LAWRENCE R. SMITH, A K A . . . Montgomery Commerce R. A. T. Commerce Club. JAMES HENRY SMITH . . . . Blytheville, Ark. , C o m m erce , Commcrcu Club. WALLACE L. SOCKWELL . . .Russelville l - Commerce 194 I rx gm------if345----mn 5 Oltlololololololulonnlololamunnnlollaolnlalalu U' n ' Olllllclolalllololalololonalalolololololouolnlmaro THE COROLLA,NINETEEN TWENTYFOUR FI'6ShlTI8.I'1 Class SCHOOL OF COMMERCE Llawls C. Solmvmxs. . . . . Cordova C 0 m llIl'l'l'I' OLIVE Cnnm' Sol.oMAN . . . . Iflendland Co III Ill frn' l'mnl111-l'w- Vlulw. VVn.l.mM Gm-'ox Sol.oMnNs . . Cordova Co n1u1m'r'r ALMON S'rnnr.lcn . .... . Greenville Ca III m erm 1'3l'US"lxlnlc-: t'U11nnvrc'u Vlnlrg Univ:-rslty llnml. Blxss G. S'r0K1fs, 'KI' 1' A . . . . . Cordova C0lllllII'l'l'l' lfnivr-rally Bnnsl. A. J. B. '1','r, 'If A 6 . . . Pine Bluff, Ark. Co In lll mu' VVILLIAM HAMll.'l'0N TnoMAs . . Eufnuln C0 Ill ll1crz'L' t'nn1nu-r4-4- Club: 1"rnslnnnn Fnothnll. CARI. Bl.AKla THOMAS . . . .Albany Co m llIL'I'l'I' Co11nm-rm: Vinh. joux R. Tnomns . ...... Birmingham Co m 111 I'l'I't,' MAX Lmf r1'lXSl.liY. . . . . .Gadsden Co rn m ww' l'llll'lllll'l'I't' Ululw. Jrsssxs Wrxnn W.u,mxc . . . . Opp Cn Ill m ww' Erosnplllc-: Wnllr-ru' Vnlon. Romani' NVALIHNG. . .H .... . .Opp Co m Ill rrrf ' 1'Il'nrmpl1i1'. JAMES EDWARD VVALKHR, K A . Monterey, Tenn. - C0llIllII'l'l'l' J. E. YVHIR . . . . . . Prattville Co n11m'1'1'v f'0llIllN'l'L!1' Vlnlw. WILLIAM F. xVlilSS, jk., 22 A E . . Montgomery Co Ill In 1'1'z'1' Encnn, Z2 X . . . . Tuscaloosa A Com Ill rrrv' '95 emmmmmugwmggsmmnmn 'A x Q .6. 53 . mlonlololololololsuonnlololololalnlalonalnxaagran ' I' .olilllalolalolalal0lololololnlnmlnlololclolololiliifo THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR I Commrrfn I-IovLIz B. WILLIAMS, fb K E . Com 1l11'r1'1.' AI.Bl5R'l' SIDNEY VVILI.IAMsoN . C 0 m m crrc ICD. WILKINSON, fl' A 9 . . . COIIIIIIITCL' RonIzII'I' PAUL VVILSON . . . C0 Ill llll'I'l't' GIcoIII:Ia C. VVILLIAMS . . . CUIIIIIINTIF J. R. WILLIAMS .... . Conznznrcc FLOYD Zllccmak . ..... ' C07l1.7IlL'f'CL' 196 MARSENA WHI'I'I'ING'I'oN, fb K fl- Freshman Class SCHOOL or COMMERCE Mt. Andrew Montgomery Rnyville, La. Birniingham . Attnlla . Bridgeport . Tuscaloosa . Greenville D I sa X. Q : THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR IDEAN GIIIDIJN T. Hman R. E. Booms DAVID FmNs'I'IIIN Gnokcs KING Sigma Eta Ilonornry, School of Commerce FRATRIES IN FACL'I.TATlZ Lms Bmcoon Pkov. H. H. CIIAPMAN FIIATRIES IN UNIVIERSITATIE R. VV. PI'I"I's S. M. SILVERMAN P. L. NEWTON W. S. OWEN R. W. Pmcocx Initiates for 1924 CIII2s'I'ER 'KNIGHT M. C. Russau. C. W. TOENES 197 Olllll I I lilolslo ,L IIIIOIIIOIOIOIOI IOIOICIDIC - - I ,qv Qs dy" . 'AQ :bg DA- Cllllll.lClll.lQlClllQIBIQIQIQIQIQICICIQIQICICIII-IQ U' I ' .OICIOIQ IIOIOIIICIOIGIOICIllllll0I0l0l0l0l0l0l0lb'l2-F0 TI-IE. COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR 198 fl - , Gt 'cb' Q :I CIDIIIQIQIOICICIQI.IQIQIQIQIQIQIOICICIOIDIQIIICIIII ' I ' IolclfIQIOIOICIOIUICICIQIQI.IDIIIQIUICIQICIOUDIOICIIDI0 THE. COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Alpha Kappa Psi Founded :It School of Commerce, Accounts Zlllll FlllIll1CC, New Colorx: Blue and Gold. NATIIAN LANII, JR. DANIEL F. DUFF GIzoRcIf L. BERGIEN 1'ul1li1'aIio1I.' Alpha Kappa Psi Diary. Thirty-nine Active Chzlpters. FOUNIJERS VVM. 0. 'PREMANIIE MORRIS S. RAcIIIvIIIa FREIIIIRICK R. LE.-KCI! IRVING L. CAMP FRATRISS IN FACULTATIE E5 York l7IIiveI'sity, 1904, I"lowrr: Cl1l'j'SZlIlfl'lClT'lllll1. ROIIERT S. DoucI.Ass l'lIiRBlER'l' M. VVRIGIII' HOWARD M. JI5IfFIeRsoN Lmz Bmcooo EDMUNII G. I-Iowa FRATRES IN QUNIVERSITATE Class of 1924 GUIIIoN T. BAIRII MAI.coI.M A. PA1"I'ERsoN PIIRRI' L. NIaw'I'oN RomsR'I' W. PEACOCK VV. SIIEFITIHLII OWEN I-IARVIEY N. SMI'I'I-I Class of 1925 C. JACK Comes' EIIGAR L. ENOCIIS WVILLIAM C. FINLIEY GIIORGII D. KING CIIIcs'I'ER L. KNIGIII' Class of 1926 RALIIII E. ADAMS BRDAIIUS M. CoNNA'I'sI2R 199 . V , "l b , TI-IE. COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR F If - Q THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR ,A S I 171 J REQ XII f If 41' I N I jlkqfq 'rg 4+ IA A K IIITJIIJZIIQAS I M A IIIIII I 'AI' VU' I 3 'fi fy: 3'::..,. N 2 U Ik OI'5.5:I nizcd :It Uni J. CT. IIEARN . X VV. R. KING . 'IQROY AI.I.Ex IEIIWARII AUS'I'IN I. M. BIcI.I. I.0UIS BELT. FRANK I. BOWIE JOIIN R. IIRAIISIIAII' MAR'I'EI. ISRE'I"I' R. B. IiRINImI.IcY FRANK II. IIROMIIIIRG IIERBIIR1' S. BUCK J. P. I5URcIIIfIEI,II, .JR J. P. BUTLER AI.IIIIR'l' CAS'I'I.IIIIIIRRI' J. G. COCKII C. JACKSON CoI.IzI' IS. M. CONNATSIIR I. A. CORR I IE. CRAIG PA'I' CRUISE "'-13" .f , COHIIHCFCC versity Of Allllllllllil III I92I, for thc- purpose of Stlulyillg the pI':Ictic:II PI'0hIClIlS nf I'OInIncrcc. f,FI"ICIfRS . . . . . . . I'r1'.riIlrnl C. J. COI.IIY . . . . . . . .Srfrelafy , . . . lf'in'-l'rr.riIlrIIl R. VV. PI'I"I'S ....... . 7'r1'a.cIn'cr SAM SILVIIRMAN ........... I"rf'J.v Jlflfllf MEAIIIERS IOIIN IS. DAVIIISON W. C. J0IINsOx R. VV. PI'I"l'S -KMISSJ NIAMIIC R. I.O:aINIa W. I"IsIIIf::I J. M. FOSTER I. II. I7UI.I.IER VJAS. W. QIACIIIFI' iilifl. 'I'. C:ARRIi'I"I4 IC. C. CPATIIING5 VIIRIIOY GAY MAX fIOI.IlIII-IRG I.. P. GRAY W. II. CIUI.I.I.I Ilz fMISSJ MARI' IIAAINEI: XV. J. IIANGIIIII' FRANK IIARIII' X I., Ii. IIAYGOOII JIESSIE C. IIIIARN .JOHN R. I'III.I, RALI-II R. IIOWARII DAVIS VV. R. IQING IJ. P. I,ANIm CIIARIAII' I.AUvIc JACK I.ESI.IE W. A. I.0VIi'l"l', J I:. W. M. M.'XSSIiX' VVARII MIXSON J. 'l'. MORGAN C. M. MGGOWIN S'I'IERI.ING MCfIALII.IiX' A. B. MCKAY J. W. MCNORTON PERRY I.. NEWTON CMISSJ FRANCES flIlMlC II. G. 0I.IVIi'I' I VV. SIIEEIfIIfI.II OWEN R. W. PISACOCK ANNIEI.I.IE PIIII,I.II's 2Cl ll .Ill IOI OICIOIUIO CICICIO NS.. 'JOE II. ROBINSON I JOSIIIIII J. ROGERS M. C. RUSSELL II. N. SIcGREs'I' SAM SII.vIcRIvIAN IIENRY SMI'I'II 0. C. SOLOMON A. C. S'I'AnI.ER IQ. I.. SYKICS, JR. A. 'IQIIMIIRSON W. II. 'FIIOMAS C. NV. TOENES J. D. TURNER FI.OI'Im E. TURNER IMISSJ IiEssI'E VEACII JOIIN W. VVEAVER fzlifl. C. WII.I.IAMs J. A. NICCONNIELI. YOU NG A :AQ :bf Qxw lQlIl.l.lOlClQlCl.lQlQIIIIQIQIQIQIQICIQIIIQIQIU-IQ ' I ' owl... THE. COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR 202 THE COROLLA NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR 5s 5' 51' OR anon. GHUHCG lupr nlolono OIIIIIIIOIOICIOIOIO N . v QV T, , 7 'AQ :bg DAX .ol.l.lQl...lQl.l'lQfHIMQIOIQIQIQICI .IQIUUQIC 1 I ' '.l...l. .lolal 'DIOfulolll.IDlolololmalalofhlalolal6 TI-IE CGROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Second Year Medicine OFFICERS Rm' R. KRACKE . . . ...... . . . . . . . Pu-sident jon PARSONS ..... . . . . Via'-Presidmt NEAL OWENS .' . . . Secretary-Trz'asurer SEALE HARRIS . . . . .llisrorian Jos CATBR . . . . . Prophet Executive Committee D. B. BARBER CHARLES REAGAN WILLIAM McKIssAcR DR. CI.YDIaIz BROOKS 20+ .l.l.l.l.l I I I I I I I PZ. Ill!! IOIOIUIOIIIOICICICIO ' A H an NAVAVAVLVLVAVAVAVAVAVAVf 2 0 Q,.jKf-gwfrem, vAvAvxvxv4vAvAv4vAvAvAw " 3 2 , . C 2 Sel'llO1' Class SCIIIOI' Class g P c 2 OR SECOND YEAR MEDICINE OR SECOND YEAR MEDICINE E 5 c 5 r 5 c i JACQUES HENRY BALTXTHAUER DORMAN B. BARBER Q wms'r1.laR BUTLER R Z M4-dirinf Medicine C J K -11 K il' E 1 1 Gorgug Meqlical Sgciety, Vice-President Freshman Med. Class, c 1 g 'zgg Executive Committee, '24, Gorgag E 4 l-Iandsome.and possessing a wonder- Medical Society. , a ful personality makes jacques one of 5 those men who is always put up as a VVe regret the going of this ambi- 4 representative for the Medical School. tions and noble spirited student, who , Z The co-eds think that he should be in has kept at the front in search of the Q D the movies, hut he thinks differently. subtle secrets of science. On his fore- C 4 A man with traits which bespeak the head falls the dawning of a grander l loftiest ideals. day. Q 5 P S 4 S 3 S 7 4 S 5 ROBERT A- BERRY JAMES S. P. BECK S 5 AMERICUS, GEORGIA HAR.,.SELLE E S Mfdlflm' Medicine E S . K 'I' fi-'ls rr b S 59923, qgzoifllf C3155 .liontlglilf Treasurer Pre-Med Club, 'zo-'21 3 E S pre-Mild Chi: , 'fuqnv Ogtiyb ,gli Erosophic, 'zrg Member of Executive L 4 tem, i . ' ' 2c'2I' ami U' Committee, '22-'23, Treasurer of Ala- C , zo- 21. , , L z bama Quadrangle, 23- 24. 4 , l,N0 mtmductmn.necessary' Former' The Capstone captured "Pete" four E 1 3 one of the stars in Uncle Tom s sing- I 1 V , - - , in t i k . , ,I years ago and non we bid him good P 4 g amp' am nown In ever? mn' speed, as no finer student, no friendlier 4 where the club has been for his won- . , , D , derf I V . I 'Vt , A I friend ever graced our campus. If he Q S wh0u.,linCe am pekrsond I 5' I I Tin has any fault he leaves her ,in doubt. f 1 .. is sure to mn e H men cm ir' At least in two years she can't find c Ask jeannel- f a . them out. S Z S Z S Z 4 Z Louis PATRICK BOTTA E Q A ' SAM H. BLACK Q 5 Fmminiw nnuvuNouAM E S Medznnf . . P Mflllflnf Q 5 111 is II P 4 Q :If I3 H Q 5 Gorgas Medical Society. , . . E 4 h Ciorgas Medical Society. , Louis is capable of filling all t e re- 7 , , I a quirements of a doctor, gentleman and 50? will flfllfllgm? qmietf but bkack lln S a true friend. VVe have seen girls look that meat nl e ounc morehnovv- Q 5 at him just to see those eyes and that edge thaut e avlerahge man-can Have iyn E 4 black hair. "VVe are expecting great flyllllfnrg'-I. Log lm flip, In Whos F 5 things of you' Lmlisuu Viho xsxtnn t e next eu years. 4 S E 4 l y YAVfWX7WWxy vfwrwnwmf AY 7 - 1146 'Nav-M, ,Q 9. ,Ngo Amheer m-'Ne"" VAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAV 0 V: Y E O S W C U3 rf 2 O U1 r O Q 4 Z :a P U ... Q 9' 3 we C3 S 2. ET C SQ 2. 6333 ss if U. Q 0 'T' P 0 U3 C O ru r 5 E. S S E 52 L W .Q 4 2 in 2 2: Q 5 P S 2 r S .9 f L F. E. CHRISTOPHER JANIEY Metlirinc K il' Fellowship in Athleticsg Masonic Clubg Crimson-VVhite Statfg Alembic Clubg Gorgas Medical Society. "Coach Crisp" has contributed a great deal to the making of Alabama's football teams. He knows the game and can impart his knowledge with great effect. Some wonder why he is studying medicine instead of follow- ing an athletic career, but if they knew of his work in the Medical School there would be no doubt as to why he chose the latter. Vmou. A. Drmsox NOR'l'lll'0R'l' Merlirinr Gorgas Medical Society. A fellow whom we rightfully call "a man's man," and one who has the courage of his convictions. Ask anyone who knows him, and a great many do, and they will tell you that he is one in every respect. ZEBULON BUTLER Gmvns BASSFIELD, MlSSISSlPI'l Mvdirinc K -11 Gorgas Medical Society. Mississippi sent him over to show us the worth of her men, and Alabama is returning him to prove that she can make them the best doctors of any state. Alabama wants part of the credit for Doctor Graves. SAM L. Barswa, ja., E A E GREENVVOOD, MISSISSIPPI Mmlirine -If X Key-Iceg Gorgas Medical Societyg Class Football, '2o. No man in school can boast of more friends than Sam. If a better compli- ment could be paid him we would do so. I-Ie possesses all the traits of a man and a true friend. No one won- ders wby Sam stands ace-high with one of the fairest queens of Tuscaloosa. GRATTCJN BRADLEY CONWILL LAWLEY Mmlirinc 'I' ll H Masonic Clnbg Gorgas Medical Society. In our opinion one of the most de- pendable men the School of Medicine ever turned out, and is every inch a man and a doctor. JOHN LARKIN GAI.r.AoHEa lil.DRlllGl5 M ml i fi ne fl' X Unassuming and reserved to a cer- tain degree, but capable of meeting any task with the knowledge that he can master it. john is an asset to any school, especially the Medical School. J-VAVLVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVA s s s s s 5 1 1 s s s 1 1 U A 2 2 z m 2 2 Z 2 z 7 2 z 3 JV f 4 RE Si 3 9 5 s C 2 2 P s s s s C 2 5 2 2 2 5 s 2 3 s s s C 2 2 P s C 2 2 2 5 2 3 5 s C 2 2 2 2 2 2 P 5 C P 5 2 V 49 E 5 C r 5 C 2 E 3 5 is S S C 2 L 5 Q r 5 5 5 5 S C AvavavavavgvavAvAVAVNAvavavavavavavavavavavavavavavavavavavavavavavav Jwvavavavavavavavavavavavavavav J 5 1 Senior Class OR SECOND YEAR MEDICINE SEALE HARRIS, JR., A T .Q BIRMINGHAM Medicine 'I' X President Gorgas Medical Society, Class Historian, '2.,.. Seale is, in every respect, able to travel the road of the meritorious. A forceful man with a pleasing demeanor. JIM W. HENDRICK LIPAN, TEXAS flffdifillt' K XI' Gorgas Medical Society, Masonic Club, President of University Club of Shriners, '22, '23, Alabama Builder, , '20, '2l, '22, '23, Alembic Club, '20, '21, '22 Possessing the traits of most Texans, jim has shown us that he can tell you all about a man, and the unbelievable part of it is that he is usually right in his judgment. lle also is one of those few who is either on one side or the other. DQ ISEELI. Form' PAYNE ' Mrqiirfnr li xl' 'Masonic Club, Gorgas Medical So- cnety. A clean-cut, upright and honorable character. Such a man is a cogent fac- tor withia the ranks of any profession. VVould that thc world had more of this kind of men, SCI'liO1' Class OR SECOND YEAR MEDICINE E. A. HARRIS oecrvrua Medicine Pre-Med Club, '14, '15, ,225 Alembic Club, '22, Germanic Club, '15, Mor- gan County Club, '15, junior Faculty, Assistant in Pathology, B.S. Alabama, '22, Corolla Board, '24, Crimson- White Staff, '24. If this good friend and fellow makes people look as well when he visits them as a doctor as he does now with a cam- era, "look pleasant, please," to his fu- ture. STAKELY F. HATCI-IETTE, A X P MARION M1'dici11L' 'If X U. of A. Glee Club, '22, B.S. Uni- versity of Virginia, Gorgas Medical Society. Loyalty is his motto. Making friends is easy for him. He has the virtues which create confidences. A smiling countenance, a warm heart, :Ind ambi- tion leads him on. "A friend to man." VIVIAN HusToN HILL Mon1LE Medicine K Nl' I Executive Committee, '23, Honor Committee, '23, Masonic Club, Gorgas Medical Society. Vivian is a prince of a fellow, who has been with us a number of years, and there is no one whom we shall miss more. Everybody's friend is Dr. Hill. IWWWXY . , v,gNNNNA'Nf 'WV C 'WWW -m Q 9- ffqlffqgh AMVWAV 051135 3 A 4 VA 5 v 4 Av 5 Av 5 Av 4 Z Av , OR S A S v 5 SE en V 4 C ' A Z ON 10 VA D D 1' V 3 X, cl A a EA a 1 5 R R MSS A 5 13 5 mH ox, Di 5 Eglnnn 1 R Cl S Sash of 'A' IX N13 4 Cgsrt OMR MRT ,R 4 3 '2h2'r3:1oid?ll llrrdsnl AC s S hb urylse-'fft' Hr 4 4 d-cole ni, ariqi '23 , t Carlt q or 'ztholsils 7 :intq thha F3 fmlngl s' P 4 S :1in'1'gy'C're S n Ezlrthzcgennetjqqzise ent z , ailibhn fn 1 ' :N ,iesfe 4 q- le iss Ieano 'nSS'2 lidsh D 5 s 1 4 e - 4 ' qlfl W tte Est 3SS'nt CD , alflcftwvahijl lin As- ,V S ey neystn y g't .s. QV i anlfgi-hogils lex: 5 E Jsfaigl Pgnfy AVA h. U 0 5 ioxirh , T lrfiailzregi R S VA 4 ce f gt Q" v 5 ::jYg'mn 'QQ N ":5i'l Snceni Av S 5f"2Cm'Z1?:ZR 'f ON or Av S lmsnsegihxligitl ,QLD nl l E L D C Av eafftwkh In ' Cla 'IA E V S 1'-10r1,:rZ:10Ci f Psi' fu A S AR 3 A 2 "d'Q2'f'Q?f'gl2f,ll. gglffifivc -,, 32,113 MSS VAV .te 'MQ izlsi l0"pd20HCcCIf f',Q"Q Ii E A 4 ncthrdvog ti ici eng no H .I I D V L i, eoll e r' 'lv CTU CtQ t van! Plln 'film R 1 4 E rfilonhne S fle:,'hy,'1n5 ib,f,,,c? Ang BY CI AL e t 'lm Swdonvlll 1 N Q 4 I fi gy.. 2n!rPpnCnH , GI' Cqeff othlfll 4.t' ,ho rrah e 0 +2 E Z 5 "r1gf:gff5i g fam 00 G MA A se0n, W0:n?n nt2it0nCP I, lrilssllrzit E diluts or P RN HF 1 e P19 hi ?ri"re?g0sSMmarZ1r E A 11 HS H, gq Ml,F v C LL sv16Y,vC 6'h'2Mp, ,enn 'D F M . n le :Il til S 1' -Sv El IA illesartl hu, ,3-e:1i2!la,I-,ot S Y I Wleq C Ml1if?,'1'I' All Hats lcf2fL2:.cEIl?l,1?22 S AY ill iii Fe Cdi 171,512 ' H FGA Mnmrgo Di klglqrlgrzcff c A goaegl- Ca I, 66'-1213 I enlsel 'Sc ish resi? 2 mv f"e"3gflgf.'r Si, X ff, MFf'jg'23 L'LQTOI'4?'gift ipfffiflfy 3 Av qacj, flieficift 5ivQgnTff3'1f 51, XeZ5vN S A 1 l:2lE.el1lx0y' qlggvfaieiastsgncf 501 lgtljl lrlin ara- S V akeqay M3 . Bibi, fy nt, , n In E CK bf ly R' , C A ' s 4 v I S 1' .Y a h p M g1ff f:41.,, Vx :Tilt 'Nic e "2 Bg "H f 'Y ' v .he QM rr ,P2 lec22!l 8- C C Y Phlk e ' Ijltglcffl' CS C. ' ,184 ,Ke MC K 2 A Yfg qn e rfly ll - Iplnetz I' I1 A ,gl af 2 M 2 A FAA gtellbe 'hoe Dr::flD?2o Uclacli , M uf ligf'1gi,,-g,f:nne.jad5gegigqkjrjj, E V rxrftlsll 24-CiuBi:eL1aCl:ytn:la yer- E A A ciitjqnnziic, lag? E . N igxlith linger glee S we Me 11 'Q ,azznfapiate ' ecfr L onlg I 24Led:e:,1neS.- C 0fN lcet, O te nqig 5 ic ffncia' E :EQ Cennlllr 1131. Y VZ! re Balonce, P flplslllkfsggagl L?t:l:IjNll0ilS:,rS l'sin5ZQ E gftojjlu gyeslji, .,,f,iN S' ,inn gg 2 1 tggeieag n Toyz? Xnp ff rflgit 2 3 eygb gnq m -re X tiy. , '1 S 0 1:5 fl C- C paciei 0,31 'lf Sl F rtgirzig el t S fn Ire 5 ,A 's- 0 flgrmln r C YA! gafffigh so 2 VA Coffs :,Uph0 E N aIxl1ee:'cVl:nlli mo 2 A MII S P gig re E f 3' 0 ece I-.l' A a h, rg: ndy , 1 q S t 4 N qs Rh hs p r C C 4 N m?aal' , N lrtt- 4 NN h 3 NA E YA V VA' S mf G Q JNAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVf WVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAWL 0 t 4 r S6I1i01' Class OR SECOND YEAR MEDICINE CHARLES H., R1z.m.'xN DELTA Mcdirine -If I3 TI Gorgas Medical Societyg Executive Committeeg Honor Committee. Rip's brother was captain of Au- burn's football team this year, but he couldn't be any more popular with the Auburn students than Rip is with us. No one has ever seen him when he wasn't smiling. A prince of good fel- lows. S6I1i01' Class OR SECOND YEAR MEDICINE .lon L. P.tuzsoNs S llUN'l'SVll.l,li Mnlic'i1nf 'l' X, A II IC Vice-President Sophomore Medical Class, ,2.l.Q Executive Committee, 'zog University Band, '18, 'log Philomathic Literary Societyg OHicers' Clubg Co- rolla lioard, '23g Gorgas Medical So- ciety. 'xi- Joe is going to take 'the pill from the peddler and give .dignity to the doctor. Armed with his arsenal ofescience, he goes forth from the Capstone to defy the mighty microbes of disease and raise the Hag of health in the cheeks of the world. GUY'roN VERNER BIRMINGHAM Mndifim' 'll li IT Gorgas Medical Society. A man bubbling over with fun, wit, and humor. A splendid fellow, with a mind that is capable of grasping and assimilating facts in record-breaking time. He is the type of man that you would just naturally associate with the medical profession. W v AAVWWWX, YNNNAVAV 'WWWW fx C 0 3 5, vfifqhvlqh AWWA? ' vnffqh 'Www vAvNf'A AQ :bi Ex X :nonumup -salmonnlalououamuonoum oaoemnuq 5' n ' .olclonlololol onamfolololololololoTa1bl'o1oln1ouB:'a THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR First Year Medicine OFIVICERS TOM CURRY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . President P. C. CLAYTON . . . . . . . . . . Vive-President JIMMIE MONTGOMERY . . . . Secretary-Treasurer Executive Committee CLARENCE MATTPIEWS J. HAROLD WA'rxlNs 1 210 I 3 , , ,,,,, , , ,, 'AQ :bg GN IQIIIQIDIOIQIQICIDIQIBIDIQIQIQIQIQIDICIIliliml-I. 1 I I THE. COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY FOUR I , First Year Medicine RAYMOND R. CA1.LowAY. . . - -Clflllmll First Year Medicine K 'I' Euphlan, '22-'2!lg Pre-Med Club, '22-'23g Fresh- man Football. '21-'22, Hls medical "profs" say that it's a pleasure to be "knocked loose" hy such a good natured "stude" ns Raymond. Pmcs C1.AY'roN ....., ' ' . Birminghml First Year Medicine K 'I' 'Phe world secs very llttle of Price. nowadays, because Anatomy and other things have hlm bound down, but he masters everything. RALPH M. CmsMsN'rs . .... .Northport First Year Medicine fl' B II One ol' those men who can be depended on to stick by n. friend at all tlmes, even when they get ln jall. LOWELLNI-I. COLEMAN .... Portsmouth, Ohio First Year Medicine 111 B H Those who know "Jack" esteem his frlendshlp. SIDNEY TuoMAs COLLINS ...... Lamley First Year Medicine 'D li H "Collle" ls one who possesses the rare quality at answering and meeting tllo responslbllltles of fe. joe THOMAS CURREY . .... . Albertville First Year Medicine KD X Pre-Med Club, '22-'23: Freshman Football, '21- '22g Quadrangle, '22-'23, '23-'243 President First Year Medical Class, '24, Joe Tom has won our slneerest respect hy hls earnest work of the highest calibre. VVADE H. GARNER . . . . . . .Samson First Year Medicine 'lf B II Glee Club, '23g Track Team, '22-'23g Champion ggatgxvelglit Boxer, U. of A., '23: Pre-Med Club, Wade ls rt very studlous and consclentlous per- son. At hls leisure he is one ol' "Uncle Tom's" proteges, Amos Cmuusr. GIPSON . ..... Albertville First Year Medzeine :In X I'l'0s1dGl'lt Sflhhomore Class, '23g Quadrangle, '22- '23: Class Football, '22: Demolny, '233 Pre-Med Club, '22: Glee Club. '22: Corolla Board, '24g Stu- dent Brotherhood Councll, '23. A flne student and famous friend of hls fellows. ROBERT W. I'IAS'I'Y ......... Holt First Year Medicine Robert has the characteristics of rx. native pro- duct, who ls bound to make his presence felt ln the medical world. BROWNE G. LINDER ....... Talladega First Year Medicine 'Il B II Linder ls n. fellow with sterling qualltles. He ls Mr. Langstorrs right-hand man. I- 'f0 0Kr THE COROLLA NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR First Year Medicine IQIZNNETII EARLIE LUCKIIC, fl, I' A . Pleasant Hill I"1r.rt Year Mrzlicirzc fl' X, E T SDC'l'l'llLl'y ol' Attlc, '24. Another one of these quiet fellows. He does things while others talk. VV. R. MA'I"I'IIIaws . ..... . Aquilln Fzrst Year Mcdirnze fl' B K, fl' X B. S. AlnhaIun, '2Zlg Executive Committee, '2-lg Instructor in Biology. Our Idea ol' ll truly prrr-at man ls one who can :Ic-hleve the honors "Rosle" has and still rcmalu the IIIOCIOHI, g'eIItlI-Inamly fellow that this man ls. JIMMIE ETHEL MoN'I'coMIzRY . . . Birmingham Fzrst Year Medmne Y. NV. C. A.: Secretary Treasurer Freshman Med. Class: A.B. George Washington Unlverslty. A pr0gI'esslve girl and a proof of XL progressive nge. Drwsr T. NAIIoRs ....... . Berry First Your Mvdicirza Masonic Club. A mnn with lIls dogmntlc pc-I-scveI'nI1ce and good quulltles just uutomntlcttlly becomes listed among the best. ARON ZIICK Rooms ...... . Millry Firxt Year Medicine K NI' PI't'sltleIIt Euphlnns, '23: Pre-Med Club. '22-'23, In n,nrI.toIny, stands among.: the highest and is n good student in cverythlng else. Ile possesses all the ruqulsltes ot' rt successful man and. as a doc- tor, we sec nothing to mar his success. WILLIAM S. RUBEN, K N ..... 'Ifuscaloosa First Year Medirine YVhen quality ls belng judged, Ruben ls among the best. CIIAIu.Iss LANGIJON RUTIIERFORD, A T Q . Franklin First Year Medzcme QI: X "Face the Fustldlousn ls known t'or and wide ns prince of good fellows. He possesses o. dry sort ol' wlt, seldom loosed, that never falls to charm. JOIIN J. SIIEININ . ....... University First Year Medicine "Shlny" ls talented ln more things than one. Besides showing: great premise ol' helng II. success- ful doctor, lIe has some traits ot an artist. One would be safe ln prcdlctlng t'or htm a favorable career. MI2RI.Iz E. SMITH . . '. . '. . .Birmngham Fzrst Year Medmne Corolla. '2-4: Erosophlc, '21g Pre-Med Club, '21. A consclentlous worker, both ln and outside the classroom. He is surely on the road to success. WILEY RUFUS SMITH . . . .U . . Tuscaloosa Fzrst Year Medzczne K KI' He conslders medlclne the highest profession known to man. No one should have any tear ln taking u. pill rolled by one who holds his chosen calling ln such high esteem. i - , fZQ :cb 'OX ulnnlnlalolololalslolnlnlalovnlnlololalslolcuallnu. 1 ' olilllnlolnlolulnlo THE COROLLA. NINETEEN TWENTY FOUR , . First Year Medicine S'rmL1Nc M. SoMMERsrz'r'r . .... . Elbzx First Year Medicine 'Il B II Masonic Club. Stirling has the alr of a medlcul dcnn. the nego- tlnblllty ol' a thousand-dollar blll, and uch ablllty ns will exact for him a place of px-omlnonce In the Hcld ol' his future endeavor. ' Moses R. Tue . . . ', .... Sylncaugn First Year Medicine Tate ls a fellow who makes ninety on Histology in the dnytlme and then gives the Brandon Memo- rlnl glrls a treat at night wlth hls presence. I. H. WADE ...... Calhoun City, Miss. Firxt Year Medicine ' IP X Wade halls from the "Delta" state. He is one of the neatest young fellows ln school. Work be- fore pleasure ls his motto. That speaks for itself. JAMES HARoLn WATKINS, E N . . . . Troy First Year Medieine 'IJ X Blackfrlnrsg Executive Committee, '24: Corolla. '2-4: Knaves. A man whom you enjoy being around. When he Gomes into your presence lt seems like just so much sunshine. The years may come and go, but there will never be another who dm take tho Place of "Doc." , 213 . A0 :Gi QN- mnon:usualololalulonalolluolololounlllulolonalpn ' - ' .oltlilolvlolalclolulololal0lalololololololoiolniiiiiaro THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR 1 . 2l4 Colors: White and Iimerzl 'AG' G. X Tl-IE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR P111 ,Beta P1 Founded at University of Pittsburgh on March Io, 1891. ld Green. Flofwer: VVhite Chrysanthemum Publication: "Phi Beta Pi Quarterly." Forty Active Chapters. Sigma Chapter Established iI1 1906. FRATER IN URIIE DR. C. P. HAUSMAN FRATRES IN FACULTATE DR. CLYDE BROOKS, Dean DR. A. IE. i.AMBERT DR. RALPII MCBURNEY VV. C. I.Axr::'I'oN HENRY Gooma J. P. BECK S. H. BLACK L. P. i'i0T'l'A RALPII CI.EIvIENs SIDNEY COLLINS Ovm NEw'r ALBRIGIIT, '26 J. A. BIVONA, '25 DAN CovLE, '25 RAI.1.s COSTON, '24 I.Eo A. ELKOURIE, '26 FRATRES IN UNIVERSVIATE PEARSON Class of 1924 AG. B. CONWILL J. W. HALEY I.. E. KIRIIY R. R. KRACKE Class of 1925 LOWELL H. COLEMAN W. H. GARNER S. M. Plezlgcs PAT EVANS, '25 PAUL GILLILAND, '25 JACK HASTINGS, '26 JOE HENDERSON, '26 BERT MCCoRn, '26 215 J. L. PIERCE C. H. REACAN GUY VERNER HUEY GREEN BROWN G. LINDIZR SUMMERSETT REX RoACH, '26 VANCE Q. RAWLS, '26 MALCOLM Ross, '26 RAMON Ross, '26 RCEERT STOCK, '26 wo :M - 'AQ :bt Q Q QIQlllllll.I.lQl.l.lalulmmolnlalQl.l.l.l.l...mlf ' I ' CICICII .lol.l.'.l.l.l.l.I IQl.l0lololulo'Dlol0l0l0f THE. COROLLA. NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR IS . Miva. ' 1,..,,. , f, , 'dy gb: ,,, 1. ,-., 'mi 216' v4 f A .Q. J , OI LA NINETEEN TWENTY FOUR i i THE COROI. , - l Founded a Color.r: Scarlet and Gray PRESS ELDRIDGE, JR., M. E. BACK, M.D. Rov FAUCETTE F. A. KAY, M.D. D. B. BARBER R. M. BARNARD J. N. BAUMIIAUER M.D F Kappa Psi t the Medical College of Virg Eighty-nine Active Chapters Publim1ion.""The Mask" FouNnERs J. B. JONES, M.D. Iota Chapter FRATRES IN URB1: F. W. LAVVRENCE, M.D. R. C. PARTLOW, M.D. W. D. PAR1'I.ow, M.D. W. D. WALKER, M.D. RATR ES IN UNIVERSITATE Clara' of 1924 R. A. IZRRRY F. E. CHRISTOPIIER Z.- B. GRAVHS J. W. HENDRICK Class of 1925 PRICE CI.Av'I'oN R. R. CALLOWAY W. M. CHILTON CHARLIE DAVIS J. W. JEFFRIES A. Z. Romans E. A. ROBBINS Rurus SMITH H. P. TALBERT J. N. VVOLF 217 inia, 1878 Flofwcr: Red Carnation HARVEY SMITH, M.D. JOHN SIIAMBLIN, M.D. W. G. SIIAMBLIN, M.D. ALBERT TATUM V. H. HILL D. ISBELLI JAMES SEAY W , 'AQ 361 Dx- , QlQlllQlDl.l.lCl.l.lQIQlal.lQlIl.lQIQl.l.lQl...,.lQ ' U 5 IGICICIO .lol.l.lsl.l'l.l.'.IIIUIBIOIQIDIQIOIUIUICIQIQ 'LPI-IE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR " I AF 4 I I ' V. Q14 K ,Q - mms A J Y' "1 Zlg cxnnon ' 'CZU A. NEAL OWENS T fl 6 ,I Q : -L : THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Phi Chi Founded at Louisville Medical College in 1894. Fifty-one Active Chapters Color.r.' VVhite llllll Olive Green 4 PIlllIil'dfi0Il.' "The Phi Chi Quarterly" FOUNDERS SIIELEY CIIAIIMAN, M.D. W. B. GASSETT, M.D. J. M. FLOWERS, M. D. Iota Chapter Estnlml ished in I 903 FRATRES IN URBE J. E. SHIRLEY, M.D. A. C. H. TAYLOR, M.D. AI.S'rON MAXWEIIL, M.D. T. H. PA1"I'oN, M.D. FRATRES IN FACULTATE Flofwcr: Lily-Of-the-Valley G. E. GAVIN, M.D. HARRIS KELLY, M.D. JOE THOMAS, M.D. D. W. VVARD, M.D. IVAN C. BERRY, 'B.S. GEO. T. PACK, M.D., B.S. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class of 1924 SAM L. BRISTER JOE TPIIGPEN CATER GOODE R. CHEA'I'IIAM JOE TOM CURREY BEDFORD F. FLOYD, JR. CLAVUDE HEARD FORD JAMES W. AIRD WM. C. BATY BEN H. BOYD GEO. BRONSON ROBERT COCHRAN HARRY CRADDOCK SAM CROOK ' JOHN LARKIN GALLAGIIER SEALE HARRIS, JR. STAKELY F. HATCIIETTE VVILLIAM M. MCKISSACK JOHN T. OLIVER Class of 1925 AMOS CARRELL GIPSON KENNETPI E. LUCKIE WILLIAM R. MATTHEWS LESLIE RUSH P1611 -JUS SAM GREX' W. C. HAISTEN CHARLES V. HA1'cIIE1"I'E BONNIE BRUCE KARRII GEORGE LEWIS J. W. LIIISCOME RALPH MACON 219 JOE L. PARSONS CLIFTON CLARK RUSSELL CHARLES L. RUTHERFORD JACK l'IOWARD WADE ' JAMES HAROLD VVATKINS IiARRY G. MOORE WM. C. NELSON' NATHAN E. PHILIPS VERNON STABLER CHARLES A. TI-IIGPEN JOE TUEERVILLE CONRAD WALL Y O!! , - 'AQ :Qi E :V i mlonlolalololololllollllaldlolllolslolclllllceclnlo ' 1 ' .DIOIOII OIOIOIIIIIIAIGIOIIIOIUIOIOIBIOIGIOIOIOI0 M010 LTI-IE 'COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR w. f '44,SPrx,4. AL .M . 6 ",f4x,v rn? 220 ' ' 9' ' I I I0 T oloroncuol I I IOOQQIDIQ , . .F 1 , sg: A523631 Nx- IOIIIIIDIDI IOICIDIClGIBIQIOICICICICIIIQICIIIQICIC ' I ' -alCI.IQIDIOIOIIIUIUIGICIllllllDl0l0I0l9lCl0l0ll!IUIOYE TI-IE COROLLA. NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR 1 ffm Vl W--- A9 ' V' Y." 'X ' .gl r ,KX XX RJ XX l n' W N l A . f f I X , fr lllx Z A q I. .. ff .J :. W ll! K l EN' ,, E , A .....L!L,.!Li L.. gr. .Hyip J JI lm E .,,.....J' X' " N 'I I , , .. uf -4-' M- it ' 3 3 i l ""fi.G.:..a:1rmm.A.15.1-..- I ' ll C li 1' T:'3f l l l um nnuuuuuuuumnaalall J T ' l A I - Liflrozagl Gorgas Medical Society Founded at the University of Alabama in 1920. This is an organization named in honor of the noted surgeon-general and our esteemed alumnus, William C. Gorgas. Its purpose is to promote a close association and good fellowship among the medical students of the University. d ' esti ation designed to stimulate actual research work To promote a spirit of interest an xnv ' g in medical sciences. HoNoRARv KIIZMBERS DR. CLYDE BROOKS DR. RALP11 McBuRNEv DR. AVERY I.AMnER'r DR. GEORGE T. PAcR li!IEMBERS D. B. BARBER RADFORD D. BARxARn JAcQUEs H. BAUMUAUER M. BARROW JAMES S. P. BECK SAM H. BLACK Louis P. Bo'r'rA SAM L. BR1s'rER, JR. Jon T. CATER J. W. I-IALEY E. A. HARRIS S. F. HA'rcHE'1'TE J. VV. l'lENDRIX GRATTON B. Coxwum. VIRGIL A. DEAsoN Jo11N L. GALLAGHER Z. BUTLER GRAVES SEALI5 I-IARR1s, JR. Ros' R. KR.'XCKE VVILLIAM McKxsslcK E. T. NORMAN J. T. OLIVER A. NEAL Ownzxs L. 0. PARNELL JoE L. PARSONS JAMES L. PIERCE CHARLES H. REAGAN J. O. SUAMEURGER GUY CI,nf'roN VERNER G. R. CIIEATIIAM V. I-I'. I-IILL F. EWART CIIRISTOPHER D. ISHELL LELIAS E. Kmm' zz: my! onnlolulololu I lolllslold L llQIOIOIUICIIIOIOIOIOIIIOIO ' ' 'A iv . F- -n 'AQ 363 E Q , QIQIIIQIQIDIQICIQIIIQ I l.'QlQIQIQIQICIIIQIQINIIQ ' I ' QICIOIO UICIQIUIQIUIIIQICI.IClOlUl0loIUl0I0l0l0l0lTI73 THE COROLLA, NINHTEEN TWENTY-FOUR 2 l 62 ...-1+ Q' Nw!!! H.F.F!Hn.L.uP5 T M53 :ggi as -unnl.'.,,,.,., . ml , I lgnanonalsn ' u ' Nclonqlonolol alalmlolnnannumnamom1dlololoTm2nTn QIQIIIIBIQIOIG 0 5 9 ' THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FQUR ARMY CHI EFTAINS R. O. T. C. Department The R. O. T. C. Department is becoming one of the most important at the Um- versity. The students are realizing the great value received from taking the advanced courses offered and the work being done is resulting in many advantages for those receiving this training. .125 443 95. THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR REGULAR ARMY STAFF REGULAR ARMY NON-COMBIISSIONED STAFF 225 , A :G- I 0 l . Cl ml on l ol :elmo lo W' THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR IQEN E. COMPTON W. B. SOWELL . W. S. OWEN . J. A. Zonm. . C. D. McKm2 . . S. C. D1c'rr.m . Regimental Staff . . . . . ..... . Colonvl, C07ll.1IIdlIdillg Regiment . Livulmarzt-Colollvl . . Cajrlain and Adjutant . . . . . . . . Captain and Supply Offircr . . . . . . . Captain and Personal Adjufanl . Caplzzin and Affllfhillt' Gun and Ilofwilzcr Offircr SPOIISOTS Mlss Co1zN1zLx,x Lmvx' . Mxss Humax MALLOY . Mxss Emu' AnnoTT . Mxss IIELEN Mnssm' . Mrss Cmrrmuxn FRAKER Miss LOUISE CONNOR . - 227 C-I fzo Ifvgilzwlzlal Sjhmzsor . . Rfyimmzlal Slaff . . Rngimcnlal Smpf . . Rcgimcntal Slaff . . Regimental Staff . . llngivm-rztal Slaff 1 1 xx THE. COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR M. C. PAGET . . J. I.. PARSONS . . O. S. MCCOLLUM J. S. PINKSTON . H. E. DRAKE . . J. I. '1'unERvILLE . R. M. CosToN . . ROBINSON BROWN . L. E. PARSONS . . First Battalion Staff .......................Major . . . . . . First Lieutenant and Adjutant . . . . ...... First Lieutenant and Administrative Officer MISS ALICE ANSLEY, Battalion Sponsor Second Battalion Staff . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Major . . ........ First Lieutenant and Adjutant . . . . . . . . . Second Lieutenant and fldminislratifve Ojieer Miss CARRIE Vatu., Battalion Sponsor . Third Battalion Staff .......Major . . . . . . . . . .Captain andffdjutant . . . . . . . . .Second Lieutenant and .fldrninistratiw Ojicer Miss RUTH MCMILLAN, Battalion Sponsor Mlss VERNON IRWIN, Battalion Staf Sponsor 228 lllllll I I Iillliltll I OIOIIIIIOIOICI I IQICICIDIO - i 'I' ,qv Cu ody- sv Q , n a- THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR I H. C. MARTIN . EUGENE Ronnms . J. A. BIVONA . . A. H. Lan . . . J. M. MONTGOMERY' W. R. SMITH . . EUGENE Srxcns, JR. P. R. BROWN . . H. B. CADDELL . J. M. MARRIOT . F. L. SCOTT . . . L. 'C x 'W Company "AN-Infantry Mlss HELEN GIBSON, Sponsor Company "Bn-Infantry Miss CAROLINE RANTUN, Sponsor CO0 ,Q- If . F irst Second Second Second Second Second Second Second Second . . J . Captain Lieutenant Lieutenant Lieutenant Lieutenant Lieutenant . Captain Lieutenant Lieutenant Lieutenant Lieutenant 229 nolulllann ll Cl 0 ':. IIIIII I I IOIIIO DICIOIO , - A .5 . E 'A k Q kb. 5 . OIQIQIOIDIOIOlilllllUIIIIQICIOICIDIOIIIIIIICICICIQII ' I ' ICICICIO OIOIOIIIIIOIIIOIOIII0llI0l0I0l0i6l0!0lUIDTOYIVD THE. COROLLA. NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR in ' Y O -.' 'N-.l':.. ".4: uf' gf '1. ,"i'12a4 Llp -A ' .,5Bl'4'j' A' ' i'fz:::.'-. Q i-,QeS.f'.'1fg'! ' f'f. '4g1.5g' 7 5T5fQlY . "W W Q- . A Q ,. 3 " ' 'A h ' Mrs' -. .. .. ,O .. ,. ., ,. -sv +3 Company NC"--Infantry S. S. SANSBURY . . . . Firsl ,,iL'llfl'lllllll, C0llllI1llIldL'I' of Co. C. VV. NEAL . . . .A ...... First Licutunanl R. R. CA1,r.owAx' . . Sn-and Lieutenant C. DAVIS. . . . . . Sammi Lieutenant W. M. MAssm' . . . Scmnd Lieutcnanl R. L. 'IQIIOMAS . . ............ .... S crgcaul Miss AUGUSTA PARK, Sponsor CC:lpt. Salusbury, why clidu't you have your picture m:ule?j Company ND"-Infantry S. M. SILVERMAN . ........ ...... .... C 1 :plain L. B. EDWARDS . . . Firxl,'llfI'7lIlIlf M. D. DOWLXNG . . Sfcnml' l.i1'ulmm11l I. R. HOWARD - . Sammi LiI'llfl'Illlllf B. A. GREEN . . Sfcond LiI'IlH'll!l!ll FELIX MENDHL - . SI'l'0ll4f LiI'llfI'Illl!II J. I-I. VVEnn . ............. . Srmml ljrulrzzmzl Miss Lum LIESLIE BAILEY, .S'jmn,mr 230 Q'O K .. W' I 'gpg 130131 'ulililll lfllcltl lnl CICIOIOI lul l0l ICIOIUI lalmn THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUAR FRANK Iifuunx' . J. M. Cownm' . . D. T. Nmxons . . H. C. '1'lmx'Lok . . J. F. SUTTLE . . J. A. LANE . . C. W. l.Auvlc . C. T. ALLEN . . . J. M. BRliI'I'ENBAClI A. Z. Romans . . . V. L. VISRAYLOR . . B. A. I-luniox . . Company "LM--Infantry Miss I..-xumrz I.1N'1mcuM, Sponxnr Company NNI"-Infantry . . . . . . . . . .Svvoml Livulunanl, Miss Cxxnusnxle Rmnma, Sfwnmr r S fcoml Safco ml S eco mi S 1' co ml S eco nd . C KI plain LiI'IlfL'lllIlll I.i1'u1vnant Liculvnant Lilflllfllilllf Liculmmnt Col11n1a1111'4,'r of Co. Second 1.iL'llfL'll!lIlf Srconrl Lieutenant Second Licutmanf Second Licntmzaut . Sfrgnant .F l.'a!I 231 UIIICIClilllllillllllllllli' E IIIIIIIIO OIUIOIIIOIOIQIQIO Y - ' . all THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR E , C. A. SOULE . . G. R. SHELTON . J. J. AsH'roN . . S. L. MITCIIELL . J. H. JOHNSON, JR. A. L. L1LL1w . . F. F. CROINER . . L. L. EVANS . v , V . . . . Captain . First Lieutenant . First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant . . . . Captain Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant i Y f. kw , fc: -Cb. za 2 IIOIOIHIIIOIGIOICIIIUIBIOIOIOIlIl0l0Ill0ll'0"'C"" ' ' ' W" I "r THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR P. C. CLAYTON G. V. IRoNs . A. B. Bunmcx W. T. BARRETT G. P. HARRISON J. M. BELL . . R. K. Pmucms . Company "EM-Coast Artillery Miss ADELAIDE BYRUM, Sponsor Company "F"--Coast Artillery Mlss Louxsn I-IAMNER, Sponsor 'I . . . . Captain . . First Lieutenant . Second Lieutenant . . . . Captain . . First Lieutenant . Second Lieutenant . Second Lieutenant L- ramen. - , 233 'Ng' M' Cl IOIOIOI I I I lilll lltlfl YLZIIIUIOIOICIOIOIOIOIOICIC p A :AQ 561 Qk x - , CIQIDIIIOIDICIQICIIIQIIIIDIQIOIQIDIQICIQIQIQIQIIYIIO 4 I ' .OI-ICIQIUIUICICIQIIIUIQIQ'OlCIDIOIUICIUIOIOIDHPIUICII TI-IE. COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR 234 rl G- R- , ,, .Ol ICICI!! ltlold lalololol I I lnlolmolnlul In! a t THE CCROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FCUR Scabiuard anci Blade Honorary Military Fraternity. Founded at University of VVisconsin 1904. Established at University of Alabama 1924. ROBINSON BROWN, JR. PRESTON C. CLAYTON BERNICE EARL COMPTON FRANK HARDY MERIBERS GEORGE PAUL HARRISON HoRAcE COLEMAN MAR'I'lN WILLIAM SIIEEEIELD OWEN JULIAN S. PINRSTON 235 SAM MAXWELL SILVERMAN CHARLES ARTHUR SOULE Jol-IN EDWARD SOULE VVILLIAM BEN'roN SoWELL :alumna :nu I Islam ic! OlllllIIOlOlIl0.0 CIOIOIOIC . OIC .0 : s um THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Officers Club OFFICERS BEN CoMP'1'oN ..... .... ....,... . P reszdent WM, B, SQWELL . . .... . Vice-President FRANK HARDY . .... . . Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS W. T. BARRETT L. B. EDWARDS M. C. PADGETT J, S, P, BECK FRANK HARDY E. ROBBINS RomsoN BRowN, G. V. IRONS S. M. SILVERMAN A. B. BURDICK A. L. LILLEY C. A. SOULE P. C. CLAYTON B. E. COMPTON R. M. CosToN H. C. MARTIN C. D. McKEE W. S. OWEN z36 W. B. Soweu. E. L. SYKES, JR. ADOLPH Zonur. OIQIQIOI OIIIOIOIO V .IIIUIIIOICIIIOIOIOICIOIQIQ - - vp .,, Cl 'NSF f. AI H . : THE COROLL.A.NINETEE.N TWENTY FOUR Girls' Rifle Team CAPTAIN HoDNE'I"I'E, Instructor in Charge MEBIBERS VIRGINIA ToNsIvIEIRE, Captain KA'I'I-IERINE NUCKOLS, First Place in Shooting Record. GWENDOLYNE BAIRD MARY COLEMAN MAMIE RUTH DAVIS ZoLA EMERSON HELEN FULLER CIIARLCIE HEDGE LEoNE LIGHTFOOT MERLE MARTIN RUTH PALMER LOIS REEVES RUTH ROBERTSON VIRGINIA ROQUEMORE BESSYE VEACH . HAZEI. WILLIAMS 237 'f x V Xb. B : OIDIOIOIOIOIOlilllllilIIIQIOICIDIIIOIIIDGOIOICICIIII ' I ' 'CICICIO UIOIUIIIGIDIBIOIC OIOIOIDIBIOIOICIOIOIOIOIOIO THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR ' "' C411 2 13. ,..-. riaf' ig .A 1 Clmxvn-mx Lvoxs . . . . . . Eumaxle LANIHR Svpuas, jk. . . C.u-'mix L. P. lIonxna'r'na . First Tmm BAR'I'I,li'I"1' BURDICK CRUMIYVON Lvoxs MASSHY MCCULLUM NOLAN PAR'l'IUIJGIi Scunvrm SMITH S0l.oMoxs TWl'l"l'Y Rige Te HIT! M lmxmflzs 238 Swollzl 'l'l'1llll C'ox.r.lxs Dlcxm' Duxsox IIARPHR lIu.l. IIu'1"1'o Rlavxolns Scluaulalz Sxlaurox '1'kAY1.o1c Svmis, Eunza NF onolvlololslal I lllololslol llIIUICIOIOICIOIOIOIOIOIOIO ' ' A 'sv . . . . .Captain ,Va nagm' Coarh Q f ce? R3 D L by Hair -Iliahirz 40 f f l ip: 'I' I' X.. ' 1 X NW S405 'f 7 JW W 4 k3UiQS8?:1gk", i?2Y7r ' 'W2v: aw,m. mMw 'm .4 ,AGE :bg Qx x Y, W oannlomluololal lmln:annouamnouaualslsudumnla. 1 ' oltlolollnoficloml lslullIclolmmoluioluloiiblolli THE coRoLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR I I-I -Ollllf Ill ll llflllll punureh Twenty Af u Q9 Q I1 U NY' UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA UNIVERSITY. ALA.. To the Student Body: The following Capstone Beauties are presented for your approval as the elected representatives of the various sororities, and as the choice of an appointed Committee of Selection, who chose a pro ratio number from among those who, at the time of the choosing, had no sorority aflilia- ' tions. Miss Lela Leslie Bailey was chosen by an election at large to lead off the Beauty Section. Very cordially yours, at 6L7M. fm 241 f O T OIIIIIUICICID Y Cel 'ig Au. Q. if iw. A , .px H iw , -,M , S fl? X . .WI 1 -fr htq x. 4" JA 1 sg A -:,,f3, if .UL 1. N- -.X ,Q ,,.v - V EH" ,O . ft k s i F' ' 1 L My ' , . " 'Q .ss '65 ,,' 'Y 7- v f, gf MJ M. F w', 1 4 Y W 6,5 5 Jr ' P4 ik ,QY r ff f 'X 'ba -2. 'jg-.. ' , - 24 ,34--1 1' ff I . I W 4,3 5.44 l..-QL -'wx' s c 5 cfws' .df Al'-3' ,Aa Z, .--. 5 . baf- M gf' I . 25, P: L, q 5 ' ' K 'fit . 3 ' ,., f. 'Bri Q. ,..a'?:E," ,, My -, 1.1, -W QA, ,Lg 1. ' W .1 , ' 'U 'L 'fmvfzw .W - f ,K-fl I .L A, .5 cg.,-ji--.', lm - yfdffili. 'E-2?'?if:'f.?-X'-Q ' r ' : -- wvn,-el rv-nw--.L .3 . Q . ' -if: ,rw-1 wa-"'vg.:+zf. - .-1 - -.,.-,,y,f,:,-gL,f.,j' - Q' gi' i.i'f' wr 1 ,'.:.-fi" - .ff Q, 5 K - . . -M ' , .i',.A, 'aww X 1- , f 5:3 1-f . 19 YA K. 'v Lv r 4 K , vw-4 X Y ' 2' 13 , 'xiiv -.5 , . fv-' 'sf - "f?4F'1-'S' Q4 stil. V fy' Lp 5 'J 1A ef A' ff' ' :J . Q , i 'Z 5 2 Q. V 9 1' ' fir. S 1 ma, n... J?i15iiiE..sP1iE'S!l'i:AFHIB' K . , :XSS . ' ' 'C ,Wi ., . fin? -ggwf 3? .- ,R MXVr',' '- , m.t,.e?.. l I. 3 'l.. X' ' I A f.111'- ' :ga if ,xml r . z.,.w,5J ,,9?3, Wx, '- X? Q.-4, 4.3 4, A fm,-.1 , '-1:2 13.11-K" ,AM ,V Z., s w'J'i.' ' x,g" , : gxp-,.':Lfx,' .. I " ini , amy. f.'Fcf'. . . X nr- g 43 ' ,. -sp. Aj' ,f ' Nafif. I 55 I ' 4 ,'C,n '5 343 , X ' . GL J.. f. ,"r' 1, . ,vg A r v v 'B' v , - 1 . 'gig 15,-Q Q l.'r,,., 1 ff 'Midi' , 1 , f f .wg ' .Q , 1' W 1'-3 3 'A Q-' if 45119 , 'yyw 144- L' . 152,-5' , .V,4,,, nf -frlf, fl: 1- .W 'Y -Liv fm . -- N " . A .nu vs J fffgla' .LJ 7. uv, 'll as 1,' 'arf f'U'l, , A ' 4 I, '. wk' , "I ' . 4, Y: W' ' f " . .., 1- ' . .Rl ' P, U . .3 I F.. S ,Q 0' , 1 . , . - . xv Nil f 4 Jw . . I ff G 'y -1 . , + . x ' ff Z E5 537.5 if s , 1 N rf 'Q 'N ' f " A fifi J ,,,. .Jw M. W 1 , .H r - 4' ' -14' .N- J "" x" ,T Nd-,y ,- .4 0, 'rh' A A ia? FM uf. ' mf. 'USF' N ..x HN 1, ' - , ufx , . im 'af f- ' 5 N Rfk if r ,Q 1 1 VM 5' x 1' 61" ""'M-ffm W -N. ,P ., x .1 , H... l 9' . ,M 'BQ ,Q 1 wa, K1 Tv: 1 x I". - ,1'v.L,3,1 . X f. Y 1 .wif '- Ni 1 ,, A.1,a. as Q - 'ffl' . 4 4' ff" was r ' A- 1. 'K ' ff 'iff rffi. , sf: . 451 'JI 0 p. . -- sf-1 - .s ' -v. n , ,T , '-M.. , 1 -, 0. - - r,,- - . N I 1 y , 1,1 - ,V Q1 L t ' ff .-,M -A , 4,1 'yt ' 1 I fi? ' 9' " K K :Q-. ."' , fag --.rx 'A sf 5? A- " wx." 4 ' , i iigyiz' t jfs! Q , Qv?,',-.. ' u , . '.' " - 1.1 I 'fri' s . K" 1 'Z , . CM .. . . . , ,-A ...A J... , . . , 7 ., ,rl :fe ' -Lrwag-,5 ' ' H973 lv -.4 3' rki . fflxz-wifi QA, 75,4 fluff? 7" 4 ' Y.: 5"' -..f5.- .1 mg c'fr,"KfCC? Wx' 2 QQ. 'ef 5 Eff",-if-3 Uhr Mrvvkz Y W ,A6!:b1 Qkx YV ,l.n,...I.l.'.l.,,,.,,,,m,,,,,,,,,.lgaorcl. ' -' olilonlunmamlolsl lem!ololalulaloiuliriiolnicuiio TI-IE. COROLLA, NINETEEN' TWENTY-FOUR 255 - AQ Q61 Qkx V QIQIIIQIQICI.lQlQl.lQl,l1mlQl.l.l ' I ' .CIDIOIO .''.l.lflllolomlolelofollfIQIQIB TI-IE. COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR I , 256 fl 1 X. THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Delta Kappa Epsilon Founded at Yale University in 1844. Forty-four Active Chapters. Colors: Crimson, Azure, and Old Gold Flofwcr: Pansy I'ubliraIion.' "The Delta. Kappa Epsilon Quarterly" FOUNDERS W. W. ATWATER G. F. CHESTER W. B. JACOBS T. D. SIIERwo0o E. G. BARTLETT J. B. CONYNGIIAM E. V. KlNCSI.liX' A. E. STE1'soN F. B. BELLINGER T. I. FRANKLIN C. N. RIGIITER O. W. STOWE H. CASE W. W. HORTON E. B. SIIAPLEIGII R. C. CORNELL J. M. Doxono JAMES H. FITTS T. O. FOSTER Psi Chapter Established in IS47. Re-established in 1885. FRATRES IN URllE BRYANT GULLEY F. G. NEILSON R0lliiRT VAN me GRAFF T. J. HILL F. D. PARIIAM B. li. VERNER G. D. JOHNSTON, JR. S. H. SI'Ro'I"r J. A. VERNER A. S. XVYMAN, JR. FRATRES IN FACULTATE Tom GARNER E. HUDSON STRODE F RATRES IN UNIvERsI'I'A'I'E Class of 1924 C. L. BROMIIERG R. B. DUGGER B. II. I'IoPsoN QL W. CONNORS, JR, G. H. S1'UIms Law Class of 1924 FRANCIS H. INGE Class of 1925 ll. G. CUMMINGS J. B. I.EvERT J. M. LANGIIORNE C. M. McGowIN P. R. BRowN A. C. CROVVIJER W, J. GUERIN G. A. HAAs J. F. GRAIIAM R. H. BAUGH F. H. BROMBERG l-IARoI.n CIIAsoN JAMES P. COLLIER Class of 1926 T. A. I-IAMII.'roN C. VV. LAUVE Law Class of 1926 R, W. HARWOOD Class of 1927 WILLIAM C. COLLIER E. H. HAAS E. W. HowzE ' 257 J. F. MCGOWIN D. B. MILLER W. T. SEARCY CONWELL S. Svxes P. B. HAMILTON ALAN R. Kmn MORTON NESMITII NEELY PRIDE CHARLES S. Svxlzs TQ.. g 'AQ :bg Qxx Y IIQIIICIDIOIQIQIIICIQIllIQIQIQIQIQIBIII-l.lllQlQI.Il ' I ' l0l'l.l.l,lQl.lllolUIDIQIIICICIDIDIOICIUICIUIOIUIDICIO THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR 258 -- ffdf Kb. Q . rlIDIIIUIDIOIQICIQIIIQIllllllbllllDIQIDIOIDIOICIIICICIO ' I V .OICIOIIIDIDIOICIDIOIBIQICIOIOIUIOIUl0IOI0l0IOIOI0l0fD TI-IE. COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Phi Gamma Delta Founded at Washington and Jefferson On May I, I848. Six Colors: Royal Purple and White Publiraiion: "The Phi Gamma Deltan FOUNDERS DANIEL WEESTER CROFTS NAEMAN FLETGIIER ELLIS BAILEY GREGG JAMES ELLIOT. JR. Theta Chapter Established in I 855 FRATRES IN URBE LUCIEN ADAMS B. T. COLLIER C. M. FITTS C. N. MAXWELL, JR. GEORGE N. MAXWELL J. K. MORRIS HAROLD PETERSON F RATRES IN FACULTATE JOHN M. GALLALEE FRED R. MAXWELL, JR. J. E. LIVINGSTON FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Postgraduate Class ty-Six Active Chapters. Floacvr: Heliotrope J. 'TEMPLETON MCCARTY SAMUEL BEATTY WILSON JAMES RICE A. G. SGARDOROUGII HAYSE TUCKER LUTIIER M. MAXWELL, JR. GORDON D. PALMER RICIIEDOURG G. MCWILLIAMS JOI-IN EDWARD SOULE Clam of 1924 STANLEY CONRAD DETLIE FRANK I-IARDY WILLIAM COPELAND BATY EDGAR LEE BELLENGER Law Class of 1924 CLARENCE HANFORD MARTIN ' Class- of 1925. ' WILLIAM ST. CLAIR DONOVAN JR. LUCIUS GAINES FREEMAN PAUL GRAIIAM MGCLINTOCR WALTER HARWELL BAILEY ROBERT HUNT COGIIRANE, Class of IQ26 WILLIAM DUNNAWAY ANDERSON JOHN HENRY HANCOCK JAMES WYNDIIAM COWLEY HARRY ARNOLD MARTIN OSCAR LEIGH DUPRE ROBERT FIGURES MOSELEY, JR. EDWARD WILLIAM PENNINGTON ' Class of 1927 CLAUDE HAGOOD ALEXANDER DAVID RIIODIN MURPIIYI JR- JAMES OWEN KENAN RICHARD PICKERING PROWELL HENRY CLINTON RODGERS , 259 KENNETFI EARL LUCKIE HORACE OGDEN SIIROPSI-IIRE CIIARLES ARTIIUR SOULE RUFUS ALLEN WALKER U. J. W. PETERS, JR. EDWARD HILL PRITCIIETT CHARLES ENZER TWEEDY, JR. GEORGE ERWIN SLEDGE BASS GREENE STOKES ' A 'AQ -6' QA- Y' IDIIIQICIOIQIQICIIIQIalQlQl.l.l.lQIQIIIQIQICQQIIIU ' I ' .QICICIO .IQIQIUIUIQlUl.l.'.ICICIBIUICIUICIUUOIUIUICIO THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR k , 1 1 1 260 Q , Y IAQ Q61 Q Q nnnlomnonquummuolooaunlolamnannannuonmomn ' 1 ' lhlon nmolaloxsnsloul0mlnlolorololololulolclono THE. COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR I 26x 'AQ 361 555 - - .1unnmmmuouomasnolnnalslouomnnuuononcnmclnlo. ' Q ' onsxololonololauonoliolelonoxo1olnlaiblbrFEliilonIafo THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR 6 V -G. THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR l Sigma Alplaa Epsilon n Founded at the University of Alabama in 1856. Ninety-four Active Chapters. Colors: Royal Purple Illlfl Old Gold Flofwer: Violet l'ublicatiInz: 'The Record of Sigma Alpl1z1'EpsiIOn" FOUNDERS TI-IOMAs CHAPIJEI. COOK SAMUEL MARION DENNIS WADE H. FOSTER ABNER EDWIN PATTON NATIIAN ELAM COCKREIJ. NOBLE LESLIE DEVOTIE JOHN VVEBB KERR JOHN BUST RUDULPH W. W. BRANDON S. F. CLADAUGH W FRANK BRANDON GUY M. COLE S. JOHN G. EUs'IIs EDGAR G. GIVHAN W ELDON FRANKS WILLIAM D. BRITI' G. M. FEATIIERSTUN .. JACK L. GIDDENS JOHN L. GOODWYN VVIRT ARMISTEAD Alabama Mu Chapter FRATRES IN URIZE EDWARD DE GRAEEENREID R. I. LITTLE C. M. H1kNNA F. W. MILLER L. B. KENELEM ' A. H. NIcIIOLs FRATRES IN FACULTATE . B. PERRY R. I. LITTLE FRATRES IN .UNIVERSITATE Grarluate Student TOM NEWTON Class of 1924 R. N. COLEMAN R. I. ERWIN W. O. JANNEY llledical Class of 1924 L. BRISTER J. I. OLIVER Class of 1925 EUGENE LAGIXRDE ALLEN G. MACCARTEE Law Class of 1925 ROBERT L. HARMON MITTELLE NOBLE lllfrlical Class of 1925 B. F. FLOYD L. V. RUSH ' Class of 1926 BERNEY HENDERSON J. H. JOHNSON JAMES HENDERSON M. P. MOORE Law Claxs of 1926 ROBERT F. GOODWYN, JR. GEORGE H1KRRISON Class of 1927 ZAC C. COLES JAMES CLIFTON NEWTON 263 B. F. NICHOLS G. R. RAW GEORGE P. HARRISON R. C. PROPST ' JOHN J. SHANNON HENRY A. YOUNG, JR. JOIIN Y. RUST LLEVVELLYX SIMPSON F. A. VVILKERSON EDGAR WILKERSON FRANK M. YOUNG, JR. WILLIAM F. XVEISS, JR. fNQ,V' IO I I I lllllilill I llllilllil I I I ICICICICIC , N4 5?- . I Q Cn 5 T THE. COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR 1 E , a. ,. -,.,., .,.. ......... 264. , s'a ,w A EMR TI-IE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Cola: J: Scarlet, Green, G. M. ARNOLD J. C. Bovn I-I. BINGIIAM K. S. IELADASH M. T. IELAEASH JAMES -FOSTER R. P. Hmfox W. N. GRoss R. M. HOLMAN VV. B. BARNES J. M. BROWN Kappa Sigma Founded at the Vniversity of Virginia and XVhite Publicaliam "The Cndncens" FOUNDERS W. G. MCCORMYXCK Beta Chapter FRATRES IN UIIISE T. P. GARDEN H. B. NICCDAHEY DR. IIERDERT PA'r'roN J. J. PA'l"I'0N W. R. PA'l"l'O5! FRATRES IN U NiVFRSlTATE CfI1.t'3' of 1924 J. B. GAMBILL, JR. Class of 1925 W. A. MCALLISTER Class of 1926 M. D. Dowmxc B. M. EARLY J. L. PIILLHOUSE Law Class of 1926 in 1867 Flofwcr.' Lily-of-the-Valley F. C. N1coDEMuss IEDMUND I.Aw ROGERS SAUL SMrrn XV. C. SOMIERVILLIE C. C. VDRNER T. B. XVARD A. Il. MARSHALL STARK PADGE'l"l' XV. P. TODD EMMETT LANSING FOSTER PATTON C. L. CALDWELL BEN DAv1s, JR. H. T. DERAMUS Clam of 1927 WILLIAM ADAMS JAMES FOSTER ROBERT ALERn"roN J. W. I-I1LLnousE HARRY BRowN DAN JERNIGAN ROBERT MULLINS C. K. SMITH , FLEMING ROWELL R. C. REYNOLDS CLARK STAGGERS CLARKE GILLESPIE GRAPIAM RYAN . 265 'XQM .:. 'L1"""' ' ' ' """"" . . A , 0,0 I ,, IAQ I5 Q , lololomlololomlnlonalalololaamanumananclarse' ' u ' .olulcla olololsvololalololalnlololololoiilolalnlol-5:6 LPI-IE. COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR 266 'TI-IE. COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR F rlcf H ' 1 QX , - -9' ,, A , ,YVZ , , muummm:ua:ummmannnnlgqqlglmqlglmqnmmamn. e ' olccomlonololalmommm:mIaualoumorololalommmf0 D , 1 I 1 Q . , ,- ., , ..-. W , 267 NETEEN TWENTY-FOUR TI-IE. COROLLA, NI 1 . . V i V i 268 OLNOJOUO 0 1 ua Q ...,, -.. . r 1'lR.-'XTRIES IN URRI2 R. C. AI.I.IsoN .4 -G. .- THE COROLLA,NINETEEN TWENTYFOUR Sigma Nu Founded :It Virginia Military Institute in I869. Ninety Active Clnpters. Color.r.' Old Gold, Black, and 'VVlIite J. F. HOPKINS J. W. PIOPSON ' HUNTER BURNET1' E. H. FOSTER H. B. FOSTER I"lofL:'rr.' XX'hitc Rose l'1IbliraliorI: "The Delta" FoL'NIJIzRs jAMIzs RILEY GREENFIELD QUARI.Iss Theta. Chapter Estuhlishecl in 1874 SAM FRIRITMAN V. H. FRIEIQMAN F. F. GATLIN O. C. GRIMI2s PIIARsoN KIRIMES XV. D. HAYES JAVHES HAYES SInNIsx' I.IcAcII W. A. LIQLANIJ S. A. MOORE W. II. NICHOLS FRATER IN FACL'L'l'ATIE E. I-I. FOSTER FRATR ES IN UNlX'l?RSl1'.AK'F!? . Clan' of 1024 XV. BRUCE SARGENT ORMANII S0',1liRYII.I.lE, JR. TIIOS. R. LANE CIIAS. M. CURTIS Sfnior Lau' JOSEPH E. BRITT I-I. VERNON FITZ Clnxs of 1925 WM. H. BURR J. C. KIRK FRANK J- MARTIN I-IoMI:R J. WALTON A. CUNNINGIIAM First Year Ill l'l1il'ilIl' J. I-IARoI.n VVATKINS , Junior Law I-IARRIsoN KENDRICK M. L. ROBINSON T. G. GAYLE Clays of 1926 J' VV. Am, J, S, CAMp JOHN GIXMBI.E JESS O. I-ONG EDWIN F. AvnRx"r SAM BRI'l"l'0N S. S. CALIWVELL C. I.. AmeRcRoMIIIn LEON C. BENSON En. BIavINs R. E. L. Corn P. I.. Donn , Class XVALTER S. BRITT JOHN C. CURTIS '1'lIOS. M. Gl'IOI.S'l'0N NIlilllf0RD LIsA':Ia BRUcIa JoNus of 1927 2 W. I-IAMII.ToN IIB VV. I-I. I-IAx1II.'I'oN I-IUnnR'I' HHRRIZN 69 !!E!!!E!!!!!!!ggESgQEgg2!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .7 E. M. I.ovIII.AcI2 FRIED ScoT'r PERRIET KI2ssI.I:R IEARI. T. PIIII.I.II-s F. D. Scn'I"I' ' ,103 :gy pg. K ll0l!l0lOlOIOlIIlIlI0lDIDIOIOICIDIOIOICIDIOICICIIIO ' I 5 -Dllllll IIOIOIIIUIUIIIOIIIOIQIOIGIOIDIOIGIOIUIIIIOIOA0 THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR 270 l If Q K THE. COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Fouuded nt M CoIors.' Blue nud Gold THOMAS COWAN BELL JAMES PARKS CAI.DwEI.L A. ALSTON' QPEORGIE AI.S'rON, JR. J. R. M. ALS'rON Sigma Chi inmi University iu 1855. Eighty-one Active Clmpters. Publicalionf "Sigma Chi Quarterly" FOUNDERS DANIEL VVIl.l.l.-XM f'OOl'liR ISAAC M. JORIJON WILLIAM LEWIS I.OcRu'OOD Iota Iota Chapter Estnlvlislled in I 876 FRATRIES IN URI? E CECIL MORGAN WILLIAM H. MORGAN COLLINS PROPSI' FRATRES IN FACL'LT.-ATE I"lofw1'r.' WVlIite Rose BENJAMIN PIA'I"I' RUNKLE FRANKLIN HOWARD SCOIIEY FRANK B. PROPSI' WILLIAM RAIEORD C. I.. SMALLWOOD GEORGE H. DENNI' JAMES S. TIIOMIXS ROIIERI' E. BOONE FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class of 1924 CHARLES I-IILL KING Law Class of 1934 A. NEAL OWENS JAMES MOOIJH' PROc'I'OR AL G. RIvEs WII.I.IAM W. COEIIS EDGAR L. IENOCIIS AMZI RALPII E. ADAMS l'IOVVARD G. CAMP FRANKLIN COLEMAN fiRlilZN BAGGEIII' HIERSCIIIEL CALDWELL GLENN CRISMAN GEORGE H. DENNY, JR. Class of 1925 KENNE'l'lI M. HARPER RALPH E. MACON Law Class of 1925 HEREERI' I.. PROPSI' CHARLES IQIIIGPEN, JR. G. BARIIER ROBERT C. GARRISON Class of 1926 JESSE A. GRIFFIN JOHN C. JAMESON' Law Class of 1926 SANTOS S. RUBIRA, JR. Class of 1927 STORES V. EDMONDSON' VVALTON LIPSCOMII VVILLIAM MORRISON DUNCAN A. MCARTAN HOv'I' NOLEN 271 I-IUnER'I' LAW MORRIS F. VVATSON 1' GEORGE H. WILSON JESSE POOH WINN S. RADI-'ORD MARION F. RUBIRA EDGAR E. VVELCH, JR. - Clll5S'I'liR CALDWELL .L I r,U EIGEJE ,162 '6- QNX nnonuomlqlouolalolnlnlorolclqlololalm0lnloccllu ' n ' loliltm olololulololc I0lollI0l0l0I0l0l0l0l0f'i3'Y0 TI-IE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR f . 1 Y To DR. GEORGE I-IUDDLESTON DENNY In npprr-c-lntlnn of his ability to grxu-up thu students' vlcwpnlntg In rocopmitinn of hls offorts to cronto u l-5l'4::llt-1' Unlvcrsllyg and ns nn evldunuu ol' our pride. fnllh, nnml' good will, we dmlicntu this pngc. 272 ololllllo 0 0 alnlvlclslnlf Q ggggggplggqppggp QQBU w i r? 5 5 AQ 361 SA N 1 N- usnnmmlulolololololnunualolaunalaunaonalclorlls ' 1 ' .olCIOlnlvloloulamlololulolalolululwhlvlllhl0l0l1-N0 TI-IE. COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR P , 175 A : f ag .6 fax . IQIIIUIIIOIQICICIOIClGIDIQIOIQIIIIQIIICICICICIQIQII ' I ' DDICICICIUIOIDIIIUIOIIIUQIOIIIBIOIIIIOIOIBIOIDIOIQICICI0 THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR I 27l- llloulololvlnlclnlo T mug " rw. f A .Q- THE. COROLLA. NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR P111 Delta Theta Founded at Miami University iII 1848. Ninety Active Chapters. Colors: Argent and Azure Flofwcr: VVlIite Carnation PllbliC'Clli0ll.l'.' "Scroll of Phi Delta Theta" and "The Palladium" FOUNDERS ROBERT TIIDMI-SDN DRAKE JoIIN VVOLFE LINDLEY ROBERT MORRISON ANDREW WATTS ROGERS ARDIVAN' W. RODGERS JDIIN McMII.I.AN VVILSON Alabama Alpha Chapter F. H. AUSTIN E. L. CLACKSON H. CLEMENTS RUSSELL CoIIEN G. B. FRIERSDN J. G. FOSTER FRATRES IN S. B. HARWOOD D. D. MCGIFITERT J. D. MCQUEEN F. M. Moom' MAXWELL Moonv Established in 1 877 FRATRES IN UREE C. M. MURPHY W. B. OLIVER B. S. SEARCY J. A. SEARCY FACULTATE W ASIIINGTDN MooDx' W. B. SAFFOLD WM. T. VAN FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class of 1924 G. I-I. SEARCI' H. B. SEARCI' A. H. SNOW A. V. VAN DE GRAFF C. H. VAN DE GRAFF DE GRAFF VVALTER HERIIERT BARNES JDIIN SEALIIY HODGSON JAMES LAIIEY SCREWS GEORGE ALLAN BEAUCIIAMP, JR. TURNER ARTIIUR XVERCER BANKS ADDLPII C. CADE, JR. ALEXANDER GIBSON, JR. RALPH F. CRUTCIIER FRANK W. JENNINGS REID B. BARNES, JR. HARRISON H. FIELD CIIARLES W. HOOPER CIIAMP LYONS JAMES B. MCLESTER Class of 1925 Class in Law JAMES MARSHALL BURT Class of 1926 IAIARDEE JoIINSoN, JR. FRANK M. KDIIN REGINALD B. LANIER WILLIAM T. MURRAY, JR. Class in Law H. FILES CRENSIIAW, JR. JACK CRENSIIAW Class of 1927 JOHN D. MCQUEEN, JR. PAUL A. PORTER BATTLE S. SEARCY, JR. RANDoI.I'II SMITII 275 Scorr TIERRON JoIIN PETER KDIIN, JR. JOHN F. PORTER R. BRUCE RDEERTSDN, JR. JULIEN L. SMITII, JR. SAMUEL R. STEPIIENSON STACI' F. PLANK JAMES B. TALBOT, JR. DANIEL H. TIIOMAS JACK TIIORINGTON, JR. , EDWARD WILKINSDN, JR. 'NAM :usual aislulolouo ,L llllllll I I I I loloualoll . - I .qv Q. - 'AQ :bi Rx - , blIQIOIQIDIDIQICICIIIQIQIQICIQICIQICIIICIQlQl.1ClQll ' I ' 'OICICIO UIUICICIDIOIDIQIIIllIIIGIUIUICIOIBIOIOICIIOi3,Iv0 THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR l . 276 'A A 5 :cbt g - V WW annnmmloloiomuuloncnnsonoualouolnunuolslausins- ' s ' .altIonlulotoxllomlmlolulaIatomsnlolowlololnlulolo THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR , . Alpha Tau Omega Founded at Virginia Military Institute in I865 Eighty-one Active Chapters Colors: Old Gold and Sky Blue Flower: White Tea Rose l'ublica!io11: "Alpha Tau Omega Palm" FOUNDERS OTIS ALLEN GLAZEBROOK ALFRED MARSHALL ERSKINE MAYO Ross Beta Delta Chapter Established in 1 885 FRATRES IN URBE HENRY A. JONES JOIIN R. KENNEDY O. P. KENNEDY EDWARD F. LEACII J. L. DANIEL W. J. DEVERE RICHARD C. FOSTER JAS. F. ALSTON BASIL M. BURKS HENRY T. BURKS HAROLD CRUTCHER, JR. J. P. CRUTCIIER, JR. FRANK S. DANIEL G. A. DANIEL H. R. HANSON BEVERLY P. DE VANE K. JoNIas FR HEAD ATRES IN FACULTATE R. F. LEPrwIcII W. A. LELAND LouIs P. MCGEE CLIFTON H. PENICK J. C. PERKINS W. H. RYAN B. C. WILLIAMS LEROY H. WOODRUYE SIIALER C, HQUSER GEORGE LANG WM. CHAMP PICKENS FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class of 1924 NAIII1 DRENNEN EVERARD MEAIDE, JR. C. SINGLETON SMITII LINDsEY BRUCE SAM L. CROOK, JR. Class in lllezlicine SEALE HARRIS, JR. Class in Law EDWARD F. STEINER Class of 1925 WIFMER F. CANNON CLIFFORD T. INGLIS Class in Law JOIIN BROMEERG LOMAx CRUM Class in lllwlicinc CIIAs. L. RUTIIEREORD Class of 1926 CI-IAs. STAKELY, JR. JAS. C. WEATIIERLY M. S. OLIVER TIIOS. L. BENNE1'r, JR. WALTON E. CALLEN, JR. M. C. WEEE, JR. R. F. SALMON E. G. BRUCE, JR, ROBERT N. FOSTER Jos. H. MEADE , Class in Law J R. J, Husslgy EARL NIcIIoLs Class of 1927 JOHN W. KELLY, jg, FRANK McPI-IERsON W. F. RICE BRYANT M. SIELLS JOIIN S. MARKS 277 SSM" I . IIIIIIIOIOIOIC 1 OIIICIUIOIOI I I I IDI OIC - . "' Q v I 'N 'e 7- V 'AQ :bf QR- lanlomauguouquanonnlolololunuomnsnouololalsug ' 1 ' 'olocolololomxmommlololsmmlmononovinosema61Tfo TI-IE. COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR l 278 5 'AQ 361 Dk- , l0lll.l.l.l.lQlQl.lQIBIDIQIUUIDIQlCl.l.lQl.l.l.lC ' I ' 'ol'l.I.l.lo'al.lQl'lllQl.l.IQI-'UIQIOIQHIOIOIGICICIO T'I-IE CORQLLA, NINETEEN TXX?-ENTY-FOUR 2 . 279 f Q f .-.- 5 - E if , TI-IE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Q , w 280 A9-R F : a ft : THE COROLLA,NINETEEN TWENTYTOUR Kappa Alpha Founded at Washington and Lee University in I865 Fifty-four Active Chapters Colors: Crimson and Old Gold Flofwers: Magnolia and Red 'Rose WM. NELSON SCOTT MARION COOPER T. W. CHRISTIAN C. H. BARNWELL MILTON WALTER BOULDIN A. S. BOZEMAN WALKER BRoAcn L. R. HAIGLER T. H. KENNEDY W. C. LAWRENCE W. M. ANDERSON JACKSON CALVIN' M. F. BUMSTEAD Publication: "Kappa Alpha journal" FOUNDERS STANIIDPE M. Scorr WILLIAM A. WALSH Alpha Beta Chapter Established I885' FRATRES IN URBE GLENN FOSTER C. B. GRIMES FRATRES IN FACULTATE ALSTON FI'l'l'S FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class of 1924 Law Class of 1924 D. A. HESTER Class of 1925 A. T. S. HUBERT KNOX KERSPIAW GEORGE NAsoN Class of 1926 D. W. G. MACINTYRE I. W. PAYNE Class of 1927 WILLIAM GREEN J. D. MCSPADDEN W. D. MINOT First Year Law R. W. GOLDTWAITE V JEFF HARALsoN 2SI BIEDENIIARN J. A. PERDUE JAs. WARD Woon F. D. GULLEY W. L. STEPHENS H. W. STEIIHENSDN EARL WEAVER j. H. WEEE W. A. MOTIIIEIQSIIEAD, JR. W. A. TURNIPSEED L. C. WILSON J. E. WALKER FRED WALLACE J. L. NATHAN DIOII I I I IOIOICIO '21 IIIIIIDIO I I I IDIOIDIOID . . , .,, 'e NG?" T' ' 'AQIQ1 pkx - !i . ,,,,,.,,,, 1 . H 'slcanlolololtlllol0lolclslolelnmlolomlolololnlolano TI-IE. COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR W N 2.82 6. I IDI I I I DICCCIIIDIDIOIDIUIOIOIQIDI I I lul mil lol I F s d : .e : THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Plu Kappa S1gma Founded at the University of Pennsylvania in 1850. Thirty-one Active Chapters. Colors: Gold and Black Flofwvr: Chrysanthemum Ndli0lllll Plzblicafion: "The Phi Kappa Sigma News Letter" Chapin' PuI1Ii1'aiiou.' "The Phikapstonen FOUNDERS ALFRED VICTOR DUPONT ANDREW ADAMS RIPKA JAMES BAYARD FIODGE JOIIN TI-IORNE STONE DUANE VVILLIAMS SAMUEL BROWN WYLIE MITOIIELL Alpha Kappa Chapter Established in 1903 FRATRES IN URBE J. 'C. PERSONS KENNE'I'l'I MCDONALD WILLIAM M. JENKINS FRATRES IN FACULTATE BEN I. HARRISON KENNETH M. MCDONALD I'IUGlI M. BRADLEY IVRATRES IN UNlVERSITATlE Class of 1924 fiARNET'I' ANDREWS HENRY D. HARRISON RICIIARD EMMETT SAMUEL D. MURI-IIY Senior Law ARTIIUR L. SI-IAW WII.I.IAM L. AI.MON Class of 1925 CLARENCE BRADLEY JOIIN W. PEARSON JOIIN MCK. RUSSELL PEYTON D. Bmn CLYDE H. STRICRLAND I Firxl Year Law JESSE M. WILLIAMS JOIIN H. CARTER First Year Il1I1'11i4'ine C. H. FORD Class of 1926 J. HAROLD COwAR'I' I E. LUNDY SYRES CAREY L. FONDREN ROBIN L. TIIOMAS WILLIAM W. ANDERSON, JR. FRANK S. BLACREORD ED KNOX BOYD FRANK CALLAIIAN GEO. YIUNTINGTON CLARK HOWELI. B. DUGGER Class of 1927 ROBERT B. FORE PERcIvAI. C. FOUNTAIN JAMES I. PIARRISON R. WESLEY HOLLAND VVILLIAM A. I.0VE'l"l' 283 CECIL H. MARTIN W. BRYAN MCAFEE r.l'lHOMAS I-I. MCNEILL, WALTER L. MORRIS JACK R. SEALS HOYLE B. VVILLIAMS . ,. . QI 'IQ -6- QN- - :monomial ournlolalaucuounumomnm :solemn ' 1 ' .0 Oulu slololllololul lolnlelslomlolnrololololozono THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR To IIUGH MCLAUGIINIE BRADLEY VVc dedicate this page in appreciation of his nntiring efforts for the fraternity and for the Greater University. 284, A ,AQ :bg QA- Y IDlll.lQl.l.lQl.l.lmlDIQIQIOIQIQIQI-l.l.l.l.l.l.lC ' 0 ' DIIIOIO .l0l.I'l.l.l.l.l.l.IQulololofelclalolalaifl0 THE COROLLA, NINETEEN Txxf'-ENTY-FOUR I , 285 lslololololsuf .1 on l lloloncln 0 Qlnj N SU ?" , V 'AQ 361 Qkx - IQICIQICIDI.lQl.l.lalalDml.lQl.lQl.l.l.lQl.llf.ID ' I ' -o .l.l. .l'lQl."l0 Dl.l.l.I0lflulololnldloluflfliarb THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR 286 onxznnnrxnn ' gggnj .'. W V , Asa -9- as mlonralunauolqlolonnuarololananolnumnnnmrumm ' I I .OIIIOIQ omlolumolslololommlolnlofiol 1 1 THE COROLLA, lNINETE.E.N TWENTYJPQUR Zeta Beta Tau Founded at the City College of New York in 1898 Thirty-th ree Active Chzlpte rs I Colors: Light Blue and White 1"lofwvr.' VVlute Rose luI1lifaIion.' "Zeta Beta Tau Quarterly" FOUNDERS BERNARD BLOCK B. C. E11RENR1s1c11 Lows POSNER I. D1zLs0N AARON DRUCIIER AARON IE1sMAN DAVID L1av1ND M. M. EICHER DAVID L11c1aN121'1'z Psi Chapter Established in 1916 FRATER IN FACLITATE FRED A. LEWIS FRATRES IN LTRBE EDWIN RDSENFDLD LEE D. BLACK FRATRES lN UNlX'ERSlTATE Class of 1924 SAM M. SILVIERMAN Class of 1925 MAuR1c1a-M. CA111fnN JEAN Lows Fms JU1.1AN O1.1M Class of 1926 E. RED Fox MAX S. BAUM JOSEPH S. ROSEXBERG F1.oR1AN A. STRASSBURGER Class of 1927 SAM BLOCK STEPHEN A. BALL ARNOLD M. FRIEDM.-IN XNALTER I-I. Lrsvx' SAM Ros1:NnAuM KU1'Cl'lER 'I'IlRlZEFO0T, JR. 287 BERNARD SAX H. B. SHEFFIELD lllill I I I IOIOIO : OIIIIIIIOI I I I IOIOICIDIO - - 'I' 'qv 2 l. .M f 'fasgzbk' IHIIIIIIICICICICIUIClIIUIQIQIDICICIIICICICICIQIQID ' I ' .QICICIO UIOIUIUIUIOIDIQIQI.IIIDICIOICIUICIUIDIIDIQIIIID THE COROLLA,NINETEEN TWENTYFOUR I . 88 IZ -9- . Q . ' . IDX. lolalolnlolololclllGIlllulololalnlolnlololalllllllu ' r ' UIIIQlllllolalwlulululalolDIolnlalulomlclvlolololola TI-IE. COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Pi Kappa Phi Founded at the College Of the City of Charleston in XQO4. Twenty-four Active Chapters. Colors: Gold and White ' Fl0fwL'f.' Red Rose 1 Pulzlifaliom "Star and Lamp" FOUNDERS SIMON FOGARTY, JR. A. A. KROEG, JR. L. H. MIXON Omicron Chapter Established in 1917 FRATRES IN URBE M. ELDRIDGE BLACK, M.D. JO!-IN ROY FAUCETT J. L. SI-IAMDLIN, M.D. HERMAN F. BURCIIEIELD SAMUEL P. FAUCETI ALBERT B. WRIGI-IT JAMES P. BURCIIEIELD, J. FRANCIS FLETCHER ROBERT R. CAROTIIERS JOHN M. COUNTS JAMES A. DREIIER S. WARREN BAILEY FESTUS C. BRIDGES LEIGIITON C. FRED L. CAVER LACEY ELLIS AI.'roN GOODE J. RICHARD PRICE FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class of 1924 JR. JULIAX S. PINKSTON Class of 1925 ROBERT K. PERKINS Class of 1926 FRANCIS A. FARRIS TI-IOMAS A. JOYCE Class in Law RAYMOND C. CULLI Class in llledicine Class cf 1927 STEVE H. I-IICKS DAWSON JONES NEILSON O'REAR WILLIAM PITT ' . X 289 SIIELLE1' S. SANSBURY HEWLETT B. WIIITAKER NORMAN S. MORGAN JAMES B. S'I'Ar'LE1'ON RODER1' A. YOUNG J. MARVIN KELLEY HAROLD W. STEI-IIENS PARNELL HENRY P. TAI.nO'I' CARMEL ROBERTS MARSENA WIII'I'I'ING'rON A R. CLARENCE WILLIAMS Ol lil! llllllll I ICIOIOIOI ICICIC ma f 'AQ :gba 98' OIQIDIQIDIOICIDICIQIQIQIQIQIQICIOIQIDIDIQICICICIIIC ' I ' DIOICII OIUIOIUIDIUIUIQIOIllQIIIUIDIGIOICIUIOIUIUIQV TI-IE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR go ,, 'AQ 363 5 Q Y IQIIIQIOIQIQIQICIQIQIQIBICICIQIQICICICIQIQICCQIIIU ' I K .OIIIIII -l0l.lilol.lClo.Ql.IQIDIUIUICIOICIUIOIUIQ CIO THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTIY-FOUR V A 9 ' v ' ' 'AQ Qxx 7 lolaloloiocololalllolnllllololnlnlnlclalalolololine ' s ' 'oluldlololololllolnlolololIInlnlulnlmloF:lolololoiTaT6 THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR 1 ' 1 0 292 V I A 49. Y O : Q -Ze : TI-ICE. COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Lambda Chi Alpha Founded nt Boston University ill 1909. Sixty-six Active Chapters. Color.s': Purple, Green, :Ind GO ld Flofwer: Violet Publication: "Purple, Green, and Gold" FOUNDERS PERCIVAL C. MORSE CLYDE K. NIcIIOLs Alpl-Ia Phi Zeta FRATRES IN URIZE H. R. FAUCETTE CARL C. JAMISON FRATRES IN FACULTATE BROOKS FOREHAND E. G. HOWE FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Postgrazluates THOMAS A. BELSER JACK R. WILSON Class of 1924 PRESTON C. CLAYTON EMMETT MOGAULEY 'fl-IURS'l'0N A. WARREN RAI.I.s M. COSTON GROSVENOR C. DYAR GEORGE ROBERT BYRUM, JR. BERNARD HOLLXNGSWORTH LUTIIER H. ANDERSON BEN HARDEMAN D. JAMEs FENIMORE COOPER CORAM CORRELL CHARLES M. RAY WILLIAM BENTON SOWELL HAROLD WITIIERSPOON A. P. PHILLIPS, JR. Class of 192 5 HAROI.D W. KILGORE STANTON MOCOLLUM Class of 1926 THOMAS C. BYRUM PIAMILTON PERKINS GERALD STONE Law Class of 1926 J. Class of 1927 ROLF SEEDERG JOE J. SMITH, JR. LAWRENCE SMITI-I A 293 ERNEST BASKIN WRIGHT WILLIAM G. THoMAs OLIVER H. NVARREN, JR. PONCELER ROBERT MATIIERNE ELLIS L. WILLIAMSON INZER B. WYATT, JR. 'N 1 , ,AQ Yb. 555. , , IIIOIIIOIOIOIOIDICIIIClQIBIIIIGIBIOICICIOICIOICICICIO ' I ' DICICII UlilblllblbICIQIOIllUIOIGIIIIOIOIQIOIUIDIOIOI0 THE CORGLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR -K 'll' 9-1- i B A AQ Q61 5 IQIIIQIDIDIQIQIIIMQIQIIIIBIQIIIQIQIQIQIMQI-1.l.lO ' I K 'DICIOIO IIOIOIIIOIQIUIOIOIDIIIOIBIOIOIOIOIOIUIG I THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Founded :It Il Colm'.v.' Purple and VVl1ite ' LESTER COIIEN ADOLP1-I I. FABIS SAMUEL GINSIIERG W. P. BLOOM Slgma Alpha Mu IC College of the City of New '1'lIirty-one Active Chapters Pllllfil'llff0lI.' "The OctzIgoIIiIIII" FOUNIJERS PIYMAN I. Jlxconsox Jlxcon KAIILAN Tau Chapter Estalvlisllecl l9I9 l'lRATRES IN URIIE BERNARD BROWN B. F. ROSENFIELD FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class of IQ24 York MAx ROSENEELD A. I. TEMERSON JosEPII M. BBEITENIIACII JULIUS S. BREXTENBACII I.EsTER LAsIcx' TIIEO. M. LAMENSDORF Class of 1925 FELIX MENDIEL Class of 1926 PIERBERT S. BUCK ANIIREW COIIEN j0sIIUA B. TONKIII. Class of 1927 MAURXCE I. OLIM I-IYMAN A. ROSENFELD , 295 in I 909 FloI'u:I'r.' Lily ABRAHAM N. KERNER DAVID B. LEVINSON IRA N. LIND - J. ll. '1'IcIvIIaRs0N SIDNEY LEVY ALBERT J. ORY DAVID ROSENEELD JULIAN AI.ANn Ollltliltlllll I I0 ICICI If 'L llllll IOICICIOIIIO llllili A , n QI , , , , IAQ :cbt Q5 . DIDIII-IQIOICIOIQIQIQIQIQIQIQIQIIIIQIIICIQIQWQIIYIIO ' I 5 'QIOIIII UIQIUIUIDIQICIQIIICIOIDI0l0l0l0Y0lUl0lllf6i:lwI'5 THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR N i L 296 T 'AQ fb: Qkx mlonvolnlulalomlnuolnlololoumlnuomlounnualolaao ' u ' 'alllllolololalololulololelololotalolomlololalo clone THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR 1 5 , 297 A W , Rb. 555. , , ,, llllilllhlllllCICIIIIIQIDIDICIOICIDIOIIICIDIIICCCIUII ' I ' IOIQIOII DIDIOICIOIOIOIOIOIOIOIOIGIDIUIOIOIOIUIQIIOIOI0 TI-IE COROLLA, A NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR ! 298 . fl DQ- B , 0 ,,,,, Tl-IE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Chi Phi Founded at Princeton in 1824. Twenty-five Active Chapters. Colars: Scarlet a nd Blue , Publication: "Chi Phi Chakett' Tau Chapter Established in 1919 FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class of 1924 GEORGE O. SHEFFXELD REGINALD E. THOMAS W. SHEFFIELD OwEN Class of 1925 THOMAS F. ROBINSON CHARLES V. l'IA'l'CllE'I"I'li C. JACKSON COLEY THOMAS D. RUSSELL Class of 1926 E. A. COLEY Enw1N PHILLIPS JAs. M. Mo NTGOMERY JOE R. ROBINSON JOHN VV. WEAVER Class of 1927 DAVID CROCKET1' STEPHEN Cnocxmur MARION A. LEONARD S. P. MCDONALD EVERETT Pkurrr LAVERNB STRINGFELLOW 299 'XQ.V' Illlllll IIIOICIOIC 7:1 illlllllblOlllologgyggglglg -. - A -qv lg . ! 'AQ 3691 DNN -, IQIIIQIQIDIQlQl.l.lQI!lal.lol1lQl3lClQl.l1I.1.ull ' I ' .DIIIIII UlololulolnlllowlOIQllllolololvlofullflmawb THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR 300 1 - 1 , , A , fZQ :bg Q51 L m1nulomuol0101.151annip..-ng,,m,,,,,,,.,.,g.gygg. ' 1 ' .ulllilllolololuloxom miolammm:nlomlolololols-52:70 LPI-IE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Kappa Nu Founded at the University of Rochester, 1911 Twenty Active Chapters Colors: Purple and White Flofwvr: Pink Carnation PllIl1it'llfi0ll.' 'tThe Kappa Nu" FOUNDERS IOSHUA BERNHARET Mokkrs LAZARSON TIAROLD LEVE Louis GOTTLIEE JOSEPH LAZARUS AEE LEVY Pi Chapter Established in 1 921 FRATRIES IN UN1vEns1TATE Class of 1924 MAURICE Bokow JACK R. KAR11 ALBERT S. ROSEMAN Class of 1925 C11Es'rER GoLns'rE1x A ALVIN SIDNEY KARTUS EUGENE Rom HYMAN ROSENBERG Class of 1926 SAUL M. GOLDSTEIN Class of 1927 BEN GOLDSTEIN EMANUEL GoLns1'E1N SAMUEL L1sc11Ko1fE ALFRED SEAL I 301 in llalolsla- I I 1 IIIOIO 3 lllll Dlvlololtbololl ll I V ' ' I xo QE' , 162 5591 ox - DIDIIIOIOIOIOIOIIIIICIOI0llllQl0l0l0lllllDllIIlCllli ' u ' .OICIOIO IIOIOIIIDIDIQIOIOIOICICIGICIO OIOIOIDIIDIOIQIO TI-IE. CGROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR 302 I V A52 363 E 9 f Q,..,,.,,,,,,,,,.,.,,U0,,,,,.,,,,,..,mmnauaearnlo ' a f .GICIIII nololuolusalon!QIalolnlnlomvououomuomao THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR A 303 - :AQ :bg Qkx lllUl!l.l.lllQlQlQl.lQIHIQIIlQlQlQlClQlQl.lQl.l.l-II ' I' .Dl.f.l.l.lQl.l.lollICICI...IQIQIUIQICIUICIOIDIIPIQICIO THE. COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR K V' 4 k v. , V- - -,Q xy- ,, U.MJTA K ' 's KJ A .." ,I v Kx k. 555 ,-, 0 'Pao I 13 QHKA ' QL 'X , GN 4 w , f ff :J V 'XJ 304 A0 ..c9. pl 0 ATI-IE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR ALBERT H. CLEMENs Pi Kappa Alpha FRATER IN URIIE FRANK LIVINGSTON FRATER IN FACULTATE JACK P. MONTGOMERY FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Postgraduates JOHN J. SPARKMAN L. VASTINE STABLER Class of 1924 LELIAS E. KIREY RonER'r W. Prrrs WILLIAM M. MCKISSACK Rov L. SMITH . Class of 1925 CHARLES E. BINION WILLIAM C. NELSON LEE S. MCMILLIAN E. VERNON STAELER Class of 1926 WILLIAM A. MACDONALD JOHN W. MCDONALD LYMAN F. HOLLANII Class of 1927 ALMON C. STAELER 9 sos ly, . IQ :bf QNX lDIIl.l.l.l.lQlQl.lQlnlQl.l.lQl0lQlQlDl.lQl.lCIIIQ ' U ' .DICICIO .IQICIUIOIQl.l.l.lUIQIQIGIOICIUICIOIUIIIICICI THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR IWW ft? 7 If-! If ,nfs flxfgl ff' -LJ FV' 5' , , fi? ,i'?PJ4 ' qdwzfz F i 1 W5 f A Q qiagh THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Tau Phi Founded at University of Alabama, 1923. Colors: Old Gold and Black. 9 G. 'I BAIRD FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class of 1924 C. G. FARABEE W. R. KING P. L. NEwToN Class of 1925 W. P. CRUISE ELMER H. L. Mlxsou DANY Class of 1926 W. E. Buclcuzk B. M. CONNATSER CARL MCKENNY JACK CLAY Class of 1927 - HERBERT DAVIS fPetilioning Delta Tau Deltaj A 307 NG. .6f' Flofwer: VVhite Rose. R. E. Hlcxs UICIOIC l0lOlOIOIOlOl Ulllllflflll IOIOIDIOICICIQ - - A .-,V 5 'AQ :bg QA X , llUlll.lDl.l CIC.-lmlIIBIQIQIQIQIQIQIDIQIQIUIIIIU ' I ' .0l.l.l. ,IOIOIUIDIQ'Ql.lQlQIOI0l0l0loT6ldlolUlfllalirb THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FCUR 308 . 'AQ :bg DAN DIQIIIIIDIQIQIQICIQIQIllIDISYQIDIHIQIQIDIDIQWUQIIII ' I ' 'ol.l.l'l'l0l0 QIDIQIOIQIOlUlflololololslolllflllilfl0 THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Phi Tau Omega I Founded at University of Alabama, 1923. Colors: Purple and White. A , F101-wer: White Rose. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class of 1924 FoREs'r B. MERR11'r M. STEPHENS MERRITT , JAMES A. Zonal, CHARLES M. BUCKNER, LAW Class of 1925 PHELAN SHEPARD HARRY W. CRADDOCK J. FREEMAN SUTTLE, JR. Class of 1926 S. S. BARKSDALE JAMES H. FULLER ROBERT H. MCCONNELL BENJAMIN F. BEERS E1-'FORD C. MATHEWS Class of 1927 COLLINS W. BARTON I 309 IDIOIIIOIII I I I l lllf i ,III I IOIOIOIQIQIQIQIQQQI - f -, 'AQ :bg Qkx Ql0l.l.l.'.lQlQl.l.lalUIBMIQIQIUIQIQI.l.lQl.l.m, ' l ' -cl.l.I.w'Dl.I.'ol.ICIQIQIQIUIOIUIDICIQIGIGIUIU'UIQ THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR i 3I0 Y fl0 361 , R THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR ,?"4 ,.-xx -5 ' S2 Arch Club An Interl'I':IterIIity Social OI'g:mizzItion Selected from the Upper TOM NEWTON C. H. IQING RALPII ADAMS JAMES AIRD W. L. ALMON W. C. BATY MILTON BEIOEN1-IARN PEYTON BIBB JESSE A. GRIFFIN G. A. HAAS FRANK I-IAROY DOUGLAS IIESTER VERNON FITZ. . . , . . . ..Pra.vident . Vire-President J. B. GAMEIL, JR. . . . . . SL-rn-tary GEORGE SI-IEEEIELO. . , MEMBERS C. H. KING R. B. DUGGER E. M. LOVELACIE R. E. BOONE C. L. BROMBERG M. BROWN P. R. BROWN W. F. CANNON G. M. COLE C. J. COLEY M. D. DOWLING J. 31x I-I. V. FITZ J. B. GAMOIL, JR. J. F. GRAI'IAM F. J. MARTIN JAMES MONTGOMERY S. D. MURPIIY TOM NEWTON lVllTTELl.E NOBLE I-I. L. PROPST mga Classes ' . Treasurer . Marshal JOIIN M. RUSSELL T. D. RUSSELL JOIIN Y. RUST G. O. SIIEFFIELO E. F. STEINER R. A. WALKER I-I. J. WALTON MILTON WEEE I.. C. YVILSON, JR. . 'AQ -6- BAN IIOIIIQIDIQIQICICICIQIDIQIQIQIQlQlQlHlCl.lQI.l.'-II L' I ' 'QI'l.l.l.I0l.l.'.l0lDloI.l0IOIDIQIUIOIUICIUIUIUIUICIO THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTYV.-FOUR 312 A ,G- E 5 JEL : THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR .77 f V, nr S' Y " 'QM N f l W, ., 5. 0 11 IWW Ifv . AJ, ,. M l Wi" ' I V I .f, L 1 1 I , P051 -. I x I I n , Q 7 , 4' rf' , AI xl . . Aw f W x 4.7 ., , ,, . ' A - ,Q' .-...w lynx' Xu A Hmm A Key-Ice An Interfraternity Social Club OFFICERS W. H. BARNES . . . . . . . . . J. L. NATHAN . . . . C. S. S'rARE1.x' . . . R. N. COLEMAN E. F. AVERYT W. H. BARNES REID BARNES S. L. BRISTER J. E. BR1TT MEBIISERS W. D. BRITT WALTON CALLEN R. N. COLEMAN G. VV. CONNORS H. G. CUMMINGS Bon HUSSEV C. T. INGLIS J. M. LANGHORNE W. C. LAWRENCE S. F. PLANK JULIAN MCGOWEN Jo:1N PORTER FRED SCOTT J. J. SHANNON C. S. Smrm ORMOND SOMERVILLE C. S. STAKELY F. M. YOUNG 313 - . . . President . . Vice-Prgsidezzt Trcaxurer . . ..... . . Secretary A. CUNNINGHAM J. L. GoonwYN LA RUE HAIGLIZR T. S. HIERRON HASCOM HoEsoN D. W. NICINTYRIZ J. L. NATHAN J. A. PERDUE Y 'DICIOIDIII I I I I Y I I0 ':4 .Ill I I ICIUIOIOIQ QIQIQIQ Y, - I . 2 - 'AQ :bg 5 9 - QIDIOIQIDIOICIQIQIDIQIIIB..IQIQIQIQIQI-IIIQIQIQIIII ' I ' .Ql.l.I' UIOIOIIIOIUICIQICIQl0lCl6Til0l0loI0lol0l0IQ'0 THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FGUR f . 314 A ,AQ .Gy 55 . cuelololuol clonalonannlololslolaualaaclnloeclqlu ' I ' 'CICIOIC olol I lolololilclnvnlolalnlolololclolouno: THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR CH.xRl.las M. CURTIS . Ar. Rlvrzs . . ". H , 2' N x F j x 1 W ' Qflplx 1 I 'V I, :V 'W WR in 5 ' M 3, wh X X N X X Mf t! Q ll' 1 . o ' M 2 M yxwf Zfxix W F ROM f . ff 1 I I N l M ," y Il- I K ffl IQ A , ' M41 V. if Q K . q ' fn yin' tx l N f ,, , A1 Ax 'xlfl l -- A . X: 1 W" an 21,07 Knaves An Intcrfraternity Literary Club Gran. Il. S'rUnns . I.lNnslaY BRUCE En BRUCE XVM. II. BURR j,xs. M. HURT P1a'rH CAMP ARTHUR CROWDIER T. I.oMAx CRUM Crms. M. CURTIS LOMAN CRUM. . . lfLxRvm' IJRRAMUS JOHN EUsT1s . . .I'r'rxi.lf1zl . . l'ir1'-I''l1l . . Sr'4'I'1'l1n'y-Tr'r'11.r1n'1'r RIENIHIERS GA R N la'1'r Fleur H2Rs'rRo M B. F. Fmvn ALEX f:ll1SON JOHN S. I-Ioncsow FRANCIS INCH WM. O. JANNRY 375 FRANK ,IRNNINGS IIURHR1' LAW Clms. LAUVE JOHN LlEVl5R'l' RALPH VV. M.u:0N GRAHAM McCr.rN'mcK WM. T. OLIVER AI.. G. Rxvss ,, I IIC 'O O Ol Ill I I IIICIOIC : Ill IIIIUIOIUIOIOIOIO I IC N fl- N 2 Cl . I'rnphrI M. I.. ROBINSON llracx RUSH F,xRl.m' SALMON jULmN SMITH CHAS. A. 'IXIIIGPEN J. I'1.'xRm,n XVATKINS JAS. C. XVHATHERLY -, , , -'- A THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR w - ' 316 A fl5! 55 n , . mInuuonolocamnalsunnonamvouunananuosolomuonly ' - ' IOIOIO I DIGIOIUIDIOIOIUIllIIIOIOIDIOIOIOIOIOIUDIGIOI0 TI-IE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR uP9. Jades . A Social and Literary IllfCl'fl'2ltCl'lliQ' Ol'gIllIiZ1lti0lI Olflflc Islas JAMES Scluzws . . . . . . . . . . , . . Pr'-:idrm JACK GIIJIJIENS . . . . . l'iuf-I'rm-idwzf FILES CRygN5u,xw , . . Swrrrlury-Treasurer AIIENIBIERS WALTIQR Iikofxcu JACK L. Gmmzxs FILES CRENSHAW RICHARD GOLDTIIWAITIE Romcwr T. IERWIN Ronsm' L. HARMON Tnowms G. GAYLIQ JOHN P. Korn: J. O. Loxc DAvm B. MILLER Jfwuzs L. Scmzws CONWIELL S. Swans 317 OlhlililllllllIIIIOIOIOICIO OIIIIIIIOIOIIIOIUIC DIQIQIQ . - Q- . 1,1 R AQ :bg Dx - , V UIQIIICI-l.l.lQl.lQlQInlmflflflalQI.lCl.l.lm.l.l' I I ' M.l.I.lslal.l'loIolulolll.IIIIQIUIQICTICIQIOIQIQIQID THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR v . 3 8 OIUIIIIIOIC T our Y Y 'I' S . s,o f , -6- Ox THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR 1 -1---J." T., ,KL il 5.4 Y '7E1:'E. Rho Alpha Tau Fl'CShYDf'll Il1fCl'fl'ZltCl'Ilif-Y Fnnncled in I 923 LAWRENQE R. SMITH . . ....... ..... . Prmidmg C. VV. I'IO0PliR ...... . . . l'irr-l'r1-.eidfrnz BRYANT SEL1.s . . . .... Sccrcrary V ,IOIIN VV. KI:I.l.x' . . ..... . . Trz'ax1n'rr LEON BENSON FRANK S. BLACKFORD HAL R. CIIASON J. FENIMORE COOPER JOIIN C. CURTIS NIENRIERS S. V. EOMONIISON I'Ix'MAN FIELDS JAMES FOSTER STANLEY FREEMAN CIIAs. V. HATcIIET'rE HUBERT B. HERRIN ALLAN R. Kmn MORTON K. NEsMI'I'II Eu PIIILLII-s RICHARD P. PROWELL WYNN RAIIEORII R. C. REYNOLDS 319 VVILLIAM F. RICE LUKE SIMPSON JOE J. SMITII, JR. JACK THORINGTON, JR. WILLIAM R. WEIss V' f . 4 x. THE. COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR l Membtars of Pan-Hellenic Council 1923-24 Ol'FICERS LINDSAY BRUCE . . . . . . . .... . . ..... . . President SIIELLEY S. SANSBURY . . . . . . . . Vice-President JoIIN L. GoonwYN . .......... . Secretary-Treasurer FRANCIS INGE . . FRANK HARDY . joIIN L. GOODWYN S'rARK PAncEI"r . CHARLIE CURTIS . DICK KING . . jIIvI HURT. . . LINDSAY BRUCE . I REPRESENTATIVES Delta Kappa Epsilon Phi Gamma Delta Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . .Kappa Sigma . . .Sigma Nu . . .Sigma ClIi . . Phi Delta Theta . Alpha Tau Omega W. E. BUCKLER . . 320 MlL'I'ON BIEDENIIARN JESSE WILLIAMS. . . SAM SILVHRMAN . . SIIELLEY S. SANSBURY W. B. SOWELL . . . MAX ROSENFELD . . JACK COLEY .... ALIIER1' ROSEMAN . . . . . . .TauPhi lOl ...I-l.l"lll I I ICICI! ':. OI I I I ICICIOIOIO CICICIC ' A 2 . .Kappa Alpha . Phi Kappa Sigma . . Zeta Beta Tau . . Pi Kappa Phi Lambda Chi Alpha . Sigma Alpha Mu . . . . Chi Phi . . Kappa Nu I , , :AQ 261 5, W lDlll.l.l.lllDIClQlQIQIQI.IQIIIDIQICICIIICICICIIII ' I ' Dl'lQl. .lQ'.lllol.lCl0'.'.lCl.l0lUIUIUIOUOIQIGIQICIO TI-IE COROLLA, NINHTEEN TWENTY-FOUR Q0 ' WBGHQMA N' 5' 3- 5 'AQ 361 DAX , V'- mnonlolololouolalllolnloroloraloluualoluuolclnlnn ' a ' 'ulililo Ololalcloxulolalclololamlnlolulolominlulona TI-IE COROLLA, NINETAEEN TWENTY-FOUR 1 322 I u msn: :annum I mmolnnnuauonanmommnonnla oral: 'olOlololoaomxunonu.-noIaIan loIoloIoIoIoluIoI uinofa :g s .: : THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Kappa Delta Founded at Virginia State Normal on October Colors: Green and White. Publicalion: "AngeloS." Thirty-eight Active Chapters. FUUNDERS LENORE ASHMORE MARY' S. SPARKS SARA TURNER LOUISE ADAMS WILLARD ADAMS , EVELYN ASHLEY ELEANOR BARNWELL . NELL CLARKSON MARY B. CLAYEAUGII DAP!-IENE CUNNINGHAM Zeta Chapter Established March 12, 1904. SORORES LILLIAN CUNNINGHAM CIIARLGTTE DENNY RUTH W. FITTS IELIZAEETII FOSTER ICATIILEEN FOSTER JANNETTE FOSTER' ANITA GARDEN IN UREE LILLIAN HILL ADELYN Hoon ELEANOR JoIINsoN MARGARET LITTLE KATHLEEN MAxwEI.I. MARGARET MCGEE DoRoTIIY MONNISH SOROR ES IN UNIVERSITATE 12, 1 897. F.'0z"1'r.' 'sVhite Ruse. JULIA G. TYLER ADIII,I.Ic MQNTGOMERY AIRA MooDY ANNA D. PATTON LUcII.E PATTON OLIVER VERNER CTLADYS WARD CAMILLE WRIGHT WILLARD ADAMS MARY EVELYN ARNOLD RUTH FEAGIN MARY EVANS HARRISON RDEERTA I-IAYS MARY AMANDA LITTLE MABLE ADAMS CAMERON BRAME HANNAH CASE MARY COLEMAN ELIZABETH DONAVAN MARY FITTS ADELAIDE BYRUM HELEN MALLOY GARNET MCADAMS Gflldllllfg LOUISE KEY Class of 1924 DENA GALLAGHER MARY L. HAUSMAN CAROLYN RANKIN JOSEEIIINE REYNOLDS Class of IQZ5 MERLE MARTIN ALICE MOODY MARY GRAY MORGAN SARII OLIVER Class of 1926 VIRGINIA GREEN MARIE HAMILTON LOUISE JONES CAROLYN LASLIE MINNIE LEE Class of 1927 RUTH MCMILLIAN SARA ORR Special KATHERINE HAMILTON A 323 CIIRISTINE RIDIJLE IONE RUSH MARY RUsHI'oN MARGARET PRowELL MARY S. SOUTHGATE ANNIE MAL1D WILRERSDN VIRGINIA MCTLWAIN HOPE MCMILLIAN ELISE RUSSELL KATFIELEEN S'I'owERs PAGE THOMPSON MARX' LOUISE WEEE MABLE PA'I'I'0N MARGARET PRIDE VIRGINIA PRIDE NGS... ' 'AQ :bg Bk - f lQl.l.l.l.l .I l.lalalum...l0lQl.l.l.l.l.f.lm. ' 5 ' PIDIQI. .lol.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.lCID.ulolololmololfllolilb THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR l N 1 N 1 w 324 -- Q I Oil I lllllclol Iollllo olmlil IDI I Iolulolultllblal IOIOI THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Delta Delta Delta Founded at Boston University on Thanksgiving Eve, 1888 Sixty-six Active Chapters Colors: Silver, Gold and Blue Flower: Pansy Publication: "The Trident" FOUNDERS ISABEL MORGAN BREED IDA SHAW MARTIN FLORENCE ISABEL STEWART ANNELA ABBOTT ERLINE D ALICE CLOWER FRANCES COMFORT BERTHA NILL HAUSMAN ELLEN NORWOOD ALLISON RUTH BAKER LoUIsE BOULIGNY MARGARET ALLISON EDNA GRAY BORDEN LOIS CRAIG ANN BIsIIoP PHILLYS PERKINS VIRGINIA PRICE ELEANOR DORCAS POND Delta Mu Chapter Established in 1914 SDRORES IN URRE MARGARET D. DANIEL MARGARET FOSTER URRETT BURNES CARRIE MAE GILLESPIE SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Class of 1924 MARIE FLOYD MAR JORY MOORE Class of 1925 VIRGINIA DONOVAN RUTH HEAD Class of 1926 ERNESTINE GORDON MILDRED J. MOORE Class of IQ27 MARY PYRON VIRGINIA ROCOUEMORE CAROLINE Coox 325 MILDRED ALICE MOORE SIDNEY MORTON LILLIAN RosE I HULIT HIGGINS GERTRUDE OZBURN MAUD TONSMEIRE RUTH PALMER EILEEN SMITH MARGARET WILLIAMS MARY EVANS RosE NINA MAE SHEPARD VIRGINIA TONSMEIRE I ls I b , ,Q Rb. pg . 1 DIOIDIOIOIOIQIOICIIIOIBIBIBIOICIQIBIIICICICICICIQIU ' D ' .DIOICIOIDIBIOIIIOIDICIOICIllQIOHIIDIGIOICIOIOIDIQIOI0 TH E COROLLA,NINETEEN TWENTYTOUR if y ' I f 'I . X f . ' a x 'ff WA, ',",1-A A F555 ,y",,?,,, 7 x Y, f"3Fl, 'film 1 mf, ,-3 1,4 . 4 1' to .V P'-.f 1' -I I f K A 1 if k QS 4 1.5. 6 r 4,5 Dy Ty' 1 Xxxlfdf , , X gg, 'X' LJ I! J f. Cizicg'-3 C 3 , , ,,. 1 ii T ? 326 'xg 'F -v l llllll ll Olllt .OIIIIIOI llllbl lbxololilolml lolnlollll l0l0lol I I V g ui : THE COROLILA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Zeta Tau Alpha Founded at Virginia State Normal in Thirty-nine Active Chapters Colors: Steel Gray and Turquoise Blue ALICE COLEMAN ETYIEL COLEMAN HELEN CRAWFORD JANE AUSTIN LEHLIA BURNETT ELIZABETH CADE ' I'ul1limlion.' "TlIemis" FOUNDERS ALICE JONES MARY JONES RUBY LEIGII Nu Chapter Founded in 1910 SoRoREs IN URBE FRANCIS B. CoNNoR ANITA B. FLETCHER ELIZAEETII P. GOODE 1898 Flofwvr: YVlIite DELIA LEWIS FRANCES Y. SMITI-I ALICE WELCH ANNIE VVALLACE HAYS BERYL MCCANN HELEN MCGIEEERT RUTH OlNEAL REID l.ILLlAN L. XVATSON XVILLXE VEAL SEWELI. WILLIE MAE WEIEEL EUDORA YERBY SoRoREs IN UNIVERSIT1XTE Class of 1924 SARAH ADAMS MARGARET CRAWFORD EDITH ALLEN GLADYS GREER Class of I925 ARBA HUCKEBA MARY TAX'I.OR JONES LAURA COLLIER JEANNE HERMAN ELEANOR BRowN Class RUTH o f 1926 HUFF IMELDA KERSH Class of I927 LILLIAN LUSK EMILY MA'I'rHEws 327 I I-IELEN MORRIS MILDRED NASH MARGARET SMITH LINDA TABB - CARRIE VEAL llllllllllllllll IIIOICIOIO' 'L llIIIIIIOIOIOIOIIICIOIQIQIQ - - A .,, Y NG. .7 Violet , 'AQ Q61 Qkx Y DlQl.l.l.I.l.lQl.l.lQlDlamlolalalQl.l.l.lQl.l.liII ' I I '.I.l.l. .'.'.l"olQ'0l'l.I.IClflolumlolololollllalill THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR , A . 3:8 .- TWENTY FOUR THE COROLLA, NINETEEN - Founded at Colors: Cardinal and INA MAY BOLI-:s Chi Umega the University Of Arkansas on April 5, I895 Sixty-six Active Chapters Straw Flofwcr: VVhite Carnation Publication: "Eleusis" FOUNDERS JOBELLE HOLCOMB JEANNE M. VINCENI-IELLER ALICE CAREY SIMONIIS Nu Beta Chapter SORORES IN URBE EOYTIIE LLOYD BESSIE NEILSON ETIIEL THOMAS ALICE WYMAN DORIS CARMER CECILE CUNNINGIIAM WANDA DETLIE BEssIE FITTS SOROR ES IN UNIVERSITATE Class of 1924 MARY LEE GUNTER GRACE HARRIS SALLYE NORTON Class of 1925 MARY DONEHOO MILDRED MIxsoN ETHEL KEIIOE RUTH ROBERTSON HELEN WALLIS Class of 1926 MARY SLoss CLAIRE STORRS Class of 1927 Doms BEARD NAN CALLAN HELEN CALLAN EVELYN SHARPE ELIZABETH SATTERFIELO 319 NG, ,V IAQ QRH , THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR I f ul L- ' 9:En77'b, ,4 .Aga 330 I he, . . , Q . ' . fag. annlnlnmlolololololonolulolouamlounumolsuoamauq ' - ' I lulololllolaluoioulololonolnloloIoToF5foIolnI6ILiTo THE. COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Alpha Gamma Delta Founded at the University of Syracuse on May 30, 1904. Tllirty-two Active Chapters. C'oIor.s'.' Red, Buff, and Green ETHEL E. BROWN EMILY H. BUTTERFIELD GEORGIA DICKOVER FLORA M. KNIGHT MX'RTLE BURCHEIELO HELEN FOSTER VIRGINIA I-IATTON IIELA LESLIE .BAILEY MARX' LOUISE COLEMAN LOUISE CONNOR I'II5RMl0NE DUNLAP EMILY ABBOTT AOELIA BRASFIELD MARCILLE CRUTCHER HELEN GIBSON Pzlbliralion: "The Quarterly" FOUNDERS JENNIE C. 'I'ITUs EOITII MACCONNELL GRACE A. MOSHER Psi Chapter Established November 18, I92I SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Class of 1924 JULIA RISER CATHERINE SIIARPE Clam of 1925 Ivm' LOUISE LOGAN Class of 1926 ELLEN GILES VIRGINIA LACEY MARTIIA rfAYLOR Class of 1927 MARY GILES LAURIE LINTIIIGUM LAURA DART MILLER 33' Flafwvr: Red and Buff Rose GEORGIA OTIS ESTELLE SI-IEI-ARD NIARGUIERITE SIIEPARD MARY' I.. SNIDER MARGARET SHIRLEY SARAH MAUO 'TAYLOR EDITH WOODRUFF JOSEPHINE MURPIIEY KATHLEEN WILLIS GULNARE LOGAN . CATHERINE STUART VIRGINIA BARRINGTON CATHERINE MCCOIILUM DOROTHY SANDERS DOROTHY WILSON , NSW?" 'AQ :bg QN- DlQlllQlQlDl.lQl.l.lQIBlau....lQlCl.l.l.l.lm.'.l- ' I ' OIUICIQ .lol."'.l0l.l0'QI0lflllolDlolololelollflnlflb 'fl-IE. COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR x 332 H mln! lalolblllolllllslnlulbldlalolololtl ll""""' lulonlolaaoluanuuloluoInInIoInIoIoIoIoIoI :maui 06 :63:5 9 THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Delta Zeta Founded at Miami University on October 24, 1902 Colors: Rose and Nile Green JULIA BIsIIoP COLEMAN ANNA KEEN DAVIS Thirty Active Chapters l'ubliI'alion: "Lamp" FOUNDERS MAYBELLE M. HAGEMANN ANNA SIMMONS FRIEDLINE Alpha Gamma Chapter SoRoR ES IN UNIVERISTATE Clan' of 1924 MARION Bxsnov PURCELL CORLEY NELI. DUKE MARY JANE EILANIJ lWARY LOUISE IKHRMAN FRANCIS PICRENS NAoMI POOL CIIRIs'I'INE STEELE LoUIsA WIIIIELER LOUISE VVRIGIIT Clrlsx of 1925 MA1'II.oA JONES TIIYRA MUCKLE Class of 1926 HAZEI. BROWN GERTRUIJE CLAPP SARA DANIEL MAURINE I-IANIII' MARIE NIzwsoM I.oUIsE NICKOLS AUGUSTA PARR KIX'l'llERlNE PREWIZTT C'I!1.l'.Y of 1927 EMMALIII ARMENTROU1' JESSE ARMEN'I'RoU'r SARA HAFNER CIIARLCIE I'IIzImE MARIE HICKMAN GI,Aox's OcI,EsIzx' NAN SWAN LoIIIsIc S'I'oRIcs lEI,IzIIIa'I'II 'IQORONJO 333 Flofwer: Killarney Rose MARY COLLINS GALBRAI'fII AI.EA LLOYD I-IAvIzs I 'XQ."y" lnl lalnlolglolnlllul nlulbltlolalolnlllulllllllllu DIOIIIO DIOIDIIIUIQ IOI0l0lllnlclnlolololcllllolnlolo M : AQ :bg 555 - THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR I f 'g'f'-ffwf-31 2 I l f 5' 5 X, I n , .1 ' W i Qgjijf IT' pw-, 1, ,JK 1 I x ff' 1.'.m,1 1 .. 1 'W 'L I .. 1 s , , I 3 r 3 i 334 UI. -l.l.l.lllllll0llll OlO OIIICIIIUICIOIOIUIO OICICIQ - . -,Y my K 'A -G. Q i H Q . ' . Q rllnl lolnlolllolclllClQlalllllllololllhlalllllllilu ' 1' OIOIOIQ Ilololllnl0IOIQIQI0lolnlol0l0l0I0l9l0lnlolol0 TI-IE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Pi Alpha Founded May, I922, at tlIe University of Alabama Colors: Wine Red and Silver Blue Flofw1'r.' Red Czirnxltion FOUNDERS IQATIIERINE DAVIS BIESSIIE LOUISE S'I'ANDlFIiR JACQUHLINIE HonGEs CHARLO'I"I'E LEEPER lVIARGARI'I'A Gox"I'A CATIIERINE CALVERT RUTsoN LUTZ MILDREII BEALE HELEN FULLER ALBERTA Gossm' SOROR IN URRE EMMA DoNoIIo SORoREs IN UNlVIEllSlT.fXTE Graduate I'IA'l"l'IE Lou TRAXMMEL Class of 1924 ALTA MARTIN Class of 1925 JOYCE MERRIIXM DoRo'I'IIA W INTIERS Class of 1926 LOUISE MASON Class of 1927 MARGARET HU'I"I'o LUVETA Huxrorzu 335 MARIE SMITH FERN TI-IRASIIER VELMA WRIGHT CoNcIII'I'A HAMMETT IRIS PIIENE SNEEII MARX' SCOTT TAYLOR KATIE NEII, HOLMES MIRIAM LOCKE ANNELLE PI-nI,I.IPs 'my' IIIIOICIDICIIIlllIl'lllllllC :. OIIIIIIIOIOICIOIOIO OICIOIC 1.1 . v . ' A 'W' E :FI-IE. COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR 336 f f., 5 : eu' S 1 lonuomlolololanolounnnuuol launolononolalalnna 1' Dlillll olnlolllolulololulolalololnlololonomlqumqlq TI-IE. COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Alpha Omeg a Foumlcd Septbmher, 1923, at the University of Alallmlnn Colors: Crimson and Olive l"lo4uw'.' Red Czlrnntimm :xml Ivy Leaf Foummus JUANITA CAMERON Enrrlrr Coma IRIENIE CAMvmaL1, MARY IIUNTHR Dorm Com MA'r'rm SUE XVllA'l'I.IiY A Souomss IN LTNIVIERSITATE Cflzlxx of 1924 - jufxxlm CAMERON Dorm Coma Class of 1926 Ixuixla CAMPBIQLI. Em'rH Coma MA'1"l'1l2 SUE VV1m'1'l.m' Clnxs of 1927 QFWIENIJOLYN lifxnum Emi I'IUN'l'IiR Mmm' IIUNTER Jnssna MAI Mrmlala ERMINE XVALKHR 337 A ,fq .61 Q N uunuaun morals:olnlololonolanolouol olcellnlu Z I ' .0lllCIllIl0l0 :omlolelololnlolulmololololalnIouolo THE. COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR I WOln6n'iS Pan'He116niC Council of MARY LEE GUNTER Organized May, 1913 OFFICERS LOUISA WI-IEELER . . . RUTSON LU'1'z . . MEMBERS MARY LOUISE COLEMAN . Alpha Gamma Delta VIRGINIA LACEY . JULIA RISER . . . MARY LEE GUN'l'Ell . . GRACE HARRIS . RUTI-I ROBERTSON . MARGARET ALLISON VIRGINIA DONOVAN MARJORIIE MOORIE . MARION BISIIOP . ARBA Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Gamma Delta . . . . Chi Omega . . . Chi Omega . . . . Chi Omega . Delta Delta Delta . Delta Delta Delta . Delta Delta Delta . . . . Delta Zeta LOUISE NIcROI.s . . LOUISA WHEELER . LOUISE JONES . . MERLE MAR'1'IN . . CAROLINE RANKIN . JACQUELINE Homes . . CI-1ARI,o'I'I'E LEEPIER RUTSON LU'rz . . EDITII ALLEN . . JEANNE PIERMAN . . . . President . . Secretary T rcasurcr . . Delta Zeta . . Delta Zeta . . Kappa Delta . Kappa Delta Kappa Delta . . . Pi Alpha . .I . Pi Alpha . . . . Pi Alpha Alpha . . Zeta Tau . Zeta Tau Alpha PIUCKEBA ......... Zeta Tau Alpha III Ill I IO olouoloxsluol lolalololq . gl. , ,,,,,,,,,,.. I. - - tg- .1- 5 DQ.. V Ile fb: DNR V :onminioioiumimunniannouamnonpioiunaionamn- ' i I . lonomlumiemioluunion:uinmlmolonoiororocoloioia TI-IE. COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Trumps Founded October IO, I9z3 An Intersorority Organization, Whose Object is to Promote Social Intercourse and Good Fellow- ship among the Sororities. OFFICERS KATI-IERINE HAMILTON . . . ..... . . . .iPrcsidr-ng LELA LESLIE BAILEY . . . . . Secretary EDITH ALLEN . . . . . Trcasurpr CHARTER MEMBERS EDITII ALLEN MARX' LEE GUNTER LELA LESLIE BAILEY KATHERINE HIAMILTON VIRGINIA DONOVAN NAOMI POOLE MEMBERS HELEN CALLAN' MAR-IORY MOORE CATHERINE SIIARPE AREA HUCKEBA CAROLINE RANRIN LOUISA WHEELER 339 llllllllllilllIIIIOIIIIICIO I llIICIIIOIOIOIOIOICIOIQIQIO - Y .,, ' o o I 1 'AQ :G1 Q Q QIQIOIQIOIQIQIQIQIMQIBl1l.l.lQlQlQlQl.l'lQl.'.l.lU ' I 5 .l.l. .l0l.l.'olUIUIQIQI.IUICIUIUICIUICIUIOIOIQIQI TI-IE COROLLA, NINETEEN TW-EN-TY-FOUR 1 I r I r 4 1 1 , 5 E 1 340 rA52 :cbt 5 u ionamin I' I ' .OICIOIO IIOIOICIOIO UI IC 0Icnlalololololounmwloro TI-IE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR 1... ' il - FU? PHILLIP5. UR - 1 An IlllCl'Slll'0l'iIj' Social Club Foulldccl :It Rzlndolph-Mzlcml NVuIIIIIII's College, Mag' I, 1904 4 Lst' .lhlishcd :It University of AIIIIIIIIIIII, Nuvcmlver 20, 1923. f3FFlClERS CIlRIS'l'lNli RIImI.Ia . . . . . I'r1vIJ1'ul lVIAR'l'll,-X 'l'In'I,oR . Sf-rrrlnry If'I'IlliI, KIIIIOII . . 7'rra.vIu'vr l,IiLA LI2sI.III l3IxII,IcY CAMERON ISRAMIQ IIIxzIzI, BROWN ALICE CLovfHR MARY I.oUIsIz C'oI.I:R FRANCES C0yIIfoR'I' I.0uIsIa CONNOR M IELXI II IQRS 1.KN ELIZABETII Doxomx VIRGINIA DoxovAN MARIE I'IAMII,'I'mI JIEANNE I-II2RIvmN ETIIFIL IQIEIIOE AwII2I.n.x IQERSII 3-I-I VIRGINIA I.IxcIzx' HOPE MIxcM1I.I,IcN MIQRLE MARTIN j0sIcI'IIINI-: MURPIIY NAOMI PooI.Ia CllRIS'l'INli RInm.Ia I,II.I.I.fxN Rosa ICI.IsIz RUssIII,I, C,x'I'IInRINIa SIIARPII MARY SI,oss KA'I'III.IcIcN S'I'0wIcRs MAR'I'Im rI'AYI.OR liA'I'III.lilCN VVII.I.Is Cul by AND BIERRIBIENT REIGXED SUPREBIE HflO:I'A.LNEIlXX.L NfEIEI.L'EININ 'V'I"IOHO3 HI-Il no1oronnolonolololononlon olonoloronlololo 'Islam' . - , llnmnommlowfgnunononnnnmuououononoluouuun A kgs lqj. ay: A 4' 52? Q , N 'HIIIIIIIIIIII . 4 Qua i-BBQ? img QIIIOIOIOIOIIIllllillllllll' I IIIIIIIIUICIOICIUIC CICIQI " E ' g gQ . ' . Q TI-IE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR 4 , ,-vu: iq I, .ya v,:' F.-a 'l ,., ' I, -0 Q - L 3' jk , . A A a 1 rf .V Q, M 4 -- f Q .4 X. gm 4 --:- ,Q ! - L., ' " ' 1 f i ' ' 'ft' - 1 ' Q v' Q Q Q A ' 2, 1 I my X ,1 F Vi, -fl 4- Q . Q. lE1' 'f1 I L ' " g, X, - , . ,rg . x , , A S.. . fr v 'L , ,V - 0 X 59 5 X ! V ' Tl ' x 4 NYY' Ny fy 'xt v bm X Y' A 7 Q 4 V CK x f Q if , , W N., ? if ,... -Q ' " . '- -. ,V - as s ff, 17 . - . .xlfkif Lf? y ' J 'V tv A 'W . . Q1-bf Q U h A In G l5?'fL P53333 QP" ' " 7' ' ' :Jail 5- 37' I 5 . Y . no 1 h A K .L . 1 V A," 'V ,. a:':'f , in 7 ,X 5 , , If W5 '- ' v V N V N . ' w 5439 ' ' - :Rf " "' . 4 - ' " 4' 'UN 'R . Q .2 X W w fx " WS ...L ,F V, , , f Al V 1 A -I - -1' N' E? A 'L f I X A R! X, - MX Q Q-f A 'V 3 . 4 , -w .Q ra . 4 . , ,, 4 E , a I ' . ' nga , , SX . 5 t ,' 1 Yirfi - -54' X ' Y V M V x , W . - f"f I X M M I la ,Q J 1. 1 Q 'V 4' 4 8 X -' 1,3 . 7 ' ,J . ., ' U i N 5 1 X I ' " f X. I K "K A f X .:'-:10 .aj 'Q' 0 4 'f lil 'J 5? i. ' ' . - gf, E5 f - ,V 4. , A. .L ,Q ' -'Ei ' P' ' ,Q .. ' , ' Lf f Q . 'V 'ff fs:-:L - 5. . . A --' .- . - ' - - Z e 4 Q . Y 5' x , av I y If , V .X u f 1 -Q -v ' 'f 5 . H' V h. G ze V A . 1. -, ., , 4 ., N , ,- 5 ' Q ' 1 A 'fi ' f if 6 f ' , ' Nf 5 V1 fs' .6 J 1 f ' .Eff f ' f - A ' .Q - ,U ,X ' N If , 'A In I. I ' 1- l A .ie ,liflw f41f?i11,f5i1?s .' fzwk., 3-I-4 KQV' - , ololoxolmue :Q OIUIOIIIOI :lo ' ' 'A 1' 1,0 A 'AQ :bg 55 - - F QIQIIIQIQICIQIQIQIQIQIIIBIQIQIIIQIQIQlQl.lQI.l.1QII ' D i ffl.. 'lo ' ICIIIUICl.l.lQ'.IQIQIUIDICIOICIQIDIQlUlCl0 THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR MILES VENTRESS EUGENE FOSTER 'Editor-in-Chief ls'zui11r.r.v Manager 1924 Corolla Staff Ability. experience, and the willingness to work nt' the party avplylne' were the main essentials considered in the selection of the editorial and business staff of the 1924 Corolla. That so many have responded whole-heartedly with their ald ln the making ol' this year's Corolla is indeed a source of gratification. Approximately three hundred applleatlons were submitted, and It be regretted that exlgeney and expedlency forbade all having been given a: place. ' GENERAL STAFF Reginald Thomas, Chairman: Virginia Donovan, Jim Hurt, "Bill" Nelson, Assistants. Ralph Adams Lola Leslie Bailey R. S. Balrd Peyton Bibb Charles Blnlon Ormond Black Andrew D. Blaloek Edward Boutwell Martel Brett George Bronson Blll Burr Thurman Campbell -Tack Cole-y Charles Curtis Cecile Davidson Trevlyan Davis Frances Forney John Frazier Esther Frank George Garrett Amos Gipson Otis Gipson John Goodwyn NV. A. I-larrls Charlele Hedge Perry Newton Jacqueline Ilodges A. L. Patterson R. Humphreys F. NV. Pennington Cllft lnglls Sidney Kartus Frank Rlr-hard Ruth Robertson Russell King' Mary NV. Rushton I". XV. Kuykendall Clarence S. Scanlon Gulnare Logan Milton J. Lurie llarry Scale H. N. Sr-grest Alta Martin H. O. Shropshire Frank Mlzell A C. L. Sykes Sterling MeGauley Ethelred Sykes Sarah M. Taylor Fern Thrasher Maude Tousmelre V. L. Traylor Bill Trumnan Austin Venahlo Harold NVatkins Preston VVell Louisa XVIIUOIPI' Alto VVhitehurst Henry Young Photographic "Squad"-E. A. 1-larrls, Chairman: Tom Jones, Lyman Toulmln, Inzer XVyatt. Legal Stall'-Irby S4-ott, Chairman: Robert A. Baird, Anlzl Barber. Alhert llootcn, Marvin Kelly, Clyde McKee. E. Ilaymond Murphy. , R. 0. 'l'. C.-Shellield Owen, Chairnmang Sam Sllx'e'rman, Assistant: Doyle llolman, Bah Perkins, Eugene Sykes. Roy Wilkie. Athletic Stull'-Forrest R. Merritt. Chairman: Hell A. Green, Roh Metharne. Assistants: Jack Langhorne, Graham lVh-Clinton-k, Emmet. M1-Gauly, Heh Mr-Connell, Max ltosenfeld. Board of llumer-1f'rank Lee, Chairman, UllI'l'ord Nettle. Jack Jordan, Eugene Loo. Art Stall'-A. P. Phillips, Jr., Director: Sherill Mitchell, Assistant: A. S. Boll, Frank R. Fraze, J. 1-I. Scruggs. Busmlzss STAFF, 1924 COROLLA Assistant Business Managers: John lfodsoh, Stillman I-lunter, Cleve Perry, ' GENERAL STAFF . XVllliam Adams John Davidson Theo Lacy A. Pl. McKay VVilllam Almon Gland Dunn la-uora Langford William Mclilssack Ed. Austln Bob Garrison llarry Leary Franz-es Ohmo Benton Brlndley T. B. Hill, Jr. Alvin Lcftkovltz Xvarren J. Pllmcr Charles Bromherg Francis Ing'-2 WV. G. Lewis Julian Plnkston Maurice Caheen Xllynn Jones Claud MeGowan Charlie Propst Harold Crowell Chester Knight Hl2l'b0l'l Pronst Warren S. Reese 345 IIDIIIOIIICIIICIUIIIDIIIOIO llIICIIIOICIOICIIIOIOIOICIC A T A1 G, Rives. 1-'red Rldolplln ' Hyman Rosenburg Shelley Sansburry Arthur L. Shaw Merle 'Smith Harold Stephens Robin Thomas Y A : AQ :bf QA ! lQlllCl.l.lQlQlQl.lQlQIBIQIQIQICIQICIQIIIQIQUIIIIC ' I ' .OICIOII .l0l.l.l0l.ICIQIDIOIQIUIUIUIGIUICICIOIQICICI!! THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR 346 ' 'AQ :bg 5 Q - .q....l.l.....,.gglglqlqypnqqnmnanpnon aIoaoIclo 1 ' .nlclololosololclolnlslclalolalolnlololnrolololnIololo THE. COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR FORREST B. MERRITT ROY E. 'HICKS Edifm--in-Chigf Busiafss Manager The Crimson-White Staff FORREST B. MERRITT . . . . . . . . . . Editor-in-Chief ROY E. I-IICKS .... . . Business Manager Bon NIATI-IERNE . . . . Assistant Editor BOE MCCONNELL . . . . . Sports Editor ELIZAEETII DoNovAN . . . . Co-Ed Editor JAMES N. CASTLEEERRY . . . . Church Editor E. A. HARRIS ..,.. . . . . . Staff Photographer A. P. PHILLIPS, JR. ........... . . Staff Cartoonist M. S. MERRITT, TOM ROBINSON, T. DAVIS ........... . . . Engineering PERRY NEWTON, MILTON LURIE, C. E. BOUTWELL .......... . . Associates CONWELL SvREs, EUGENE SYRES, H. O. SIIROPSIIIRE, GEORGE BRONSON ...... Rt-porters IREY Scorr, T. B. HILL, JR., W1'NN JONES ................... Lafw MILES VENTRESS, J. EUGENE FOSTER ......... . . Corolla Rt-jsrosvntati-vos LELA LEsI.IE BAILEY, NoRMA PENRUDDOCK, MIRIAM LoeRE . .... Co-Ed Mnmbers FEATURE Ben A. Green, F. G. HorIIe, VVade H. Coleman, Dorothy Winters, Gulnare Logan, VV:1l'ter McLean, VVillard Neal, Harry Leary, Rutson Lutz, Cecile Davidson. V SPECIAL Hazel Brown, Frances Pickens, G. C. Boncr, A. L. Patterson, Jack Coley, Inzer Wyatt, Sheffield Owen, J. Martin Smith, Eugene Zeidman, Charleie Hedge, Lenora Langford, Raymond Murphy, Saul Goldstein, Esther Frank. fr BUSINESS STAFF REPRESENTATIVES E. T. Allen, R. B. Brindley, L. B. Haygood, T. L. Hodson, Verhon F. Gay, Chester GoldsteiII, Russell King, Clyde McKee. 34-7 'IQ :cbt Q Q v lnluo uououlol arolola n aumnaaloenmm ' - ' OICII Q IIOIOIOIDIDICIOICIIIQIDIGIGIO olololummlo: TI-IE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR 348 llilllllllf IIUIOIIIOIC Q Ox . ' QV . fl 65 569- QK. IQ' ICIOIOICIQICIDIQIBlQIQIQIQIUIQIQIQIQIQICIUIIC ' 5 I '0l.l.I' OIQIOIUUDIOIOIQIQIOIQIUIOIDIUIUICIDIDIIIIQIOIG THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TVVENTY-FOUR Student Government Association Rox' L. SMITI-I . . W. C. BATY . . . VV. SIfIEIfIfIEI.n OWEN FORREST B. MIillRl'I'1' Rox' E. I'IIcKs . . MILES VENTREss . . J. EUGENE FOSTER . LELA LEsI.IE BAILEY D. B. BARBER C. M. BUCKNER C. J. COLEY R. N. COLEMAN DIINA GAI.I.AcIIIaR C. J. COLEY J. I.. GOODWIN OFFICERS . . Prfsidml pvifl'-Pl't'JldL'lll . . . . . . Secrelary-Treasurer . . Edilor-in-Clliff Crim.vou-lVl1ile . . llurimfss Managvr Crimson-lVhile . .... Edilor-in-Chirf Corolla . . BII.vim'.vs Manager Corolla EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE ALEX fPIIISON J. L. GO0IJWX'N FRANK GoRIIoN BEN A. GREEN R. I.. HARMON C. I-I. MARTIN WV. R. MATIIEWS S. D. MURPIIX' EMMETT MCGAULEI' WM. M. MCKISSIXCK PERRY I.. NEWTON VV. J. PILMER HONOR COMMITTEE FRANK GORDON WM. M. MCKISSIKCK EMMIETT NICCRAULEY C. I'-I. MARTIN ALTERNATIES HIDNOR COMMITTEE NAOMI Poor. C. II. REAGAN R. P. STOCK J. I-I. WATKINS ALTO XVI-IITEIIURST C. H. REAGAN R. N. COLEMAN BEN GREEN J. II. VVATKINS 34-9 IIIICIIIOIOIII I Iilllllllll llllllllflUICIOIUIOIDIOIQIO . - - A -qv n 'XQ.'M" 'Z X THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY FOUR I Women's Council, 1924 OFFICERS NAOMI PooLE ........ . . . ..... Prmdcfzl DENA GALLACHER. . . . . . . . . If'1ccPrcs1dant LELA LESLIE BAILER . ........., . Secretary-Trcmmrcr EXEC UTIVE COMMITTEE LELA LESLIE BAILEY DENA GALLACHER NAOMI POOLE MERIBERS LELA LESLIE BAILEY FRANCES FORNEY' HANNAII CASE DENA GALLACIIER ZOLA EMERSON MARY LEE GUNTEE NAOMI PooLE CAROLINE RANKIN JULIA RISER 350 CIDIDIQIOIOIII ICIUICICICIO I llIICICIOIOIUIOICICICIQIQIQ - . ry .xv 2 NG. .7 , gage? , ,,,,,,,.,,'.,.l. ' . I .olololelslonllloluu In oIaIoIuIoIoIoIoIoloIomIoIa THE COROLLA,NINETEEN TWENTYFOUR F , -i 4 The Keystone This organization is composed of the presidents of the various woInen's organizations at the university. Its purpose is to strengthen the VVomeII's Council and to further co-operation among these groups. , OFFICERS IfoR 1924 NAoIvII PooI,Iz . ........ 1'rn.ridenl FRANCI-:s PIcRIaNs . . . . Sfrrflary VIRGINIA LAcIcI' . ..... Ifiri--Pnnvidwzl MARY LIaIc fiLJN'l'l5R . . . . . Tri-axurer MARGMRY MOORIZ . . . . ..... . RI-parlrr M IQAIIIERS V CIIARLOTTI2 LEEPER. , PAULINI2 VVILLOUGIIBY L0uIsA VVIIEELIQR . . GI.ADX'S GREIER . . . MAMIE RUTH DAVIS . MARGILRY MooRIa . . MARX' LEE GUN'l'ER . HANNAII CASE . . . EnITII ALLEN . . . VIRGINIA LACEY. . . JACOUELINE Honcns . IRENE CAMPBELI. . . FRANCES PICKENS . INAo:vII PooI,Iz . . . . . Prrsirlrlll of IV0lIlL'll'.S' Cllllllfil . . . . Prr'siiln'11I of Y. IV. C. Xl. . . . Pn'.virl1'nl of Ilall . l'r1'.vidrnl of Ilyjfaliaus and of Dclla Zeta 351 . . . l'rz'.firli'1Il of Co-Ed "xl" Club . . . Prc.via'i'nl of Chi Della Phi . . 1'ri'sidcnt of Drlla Drlia Della . . . . Prfxia'cnt of Chi Omega . . . 1'ri'.rid1r1zl of Kappa Delta . . Prcxidcnl of Zcla Tau Alpha . 1'rv.riflent of fllpha Gamma Delia . . . . . I'I'1'.Iid1'1zl of Pi Alpha . . . Prixvidmzl of Alpha 01lIl'flll l'rr'.Iirlw1t of Lraguc of IVomi'n Volfrs -E THE. COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR l Hypatians The Senior Honor Society for women, whose basis for membership i-s character, personality, schol- arship, honors, and interest in college activities. ' OFFICERS Louxsn WHEELER . ..... ...... . . President CAROLINE RANKIN . . . . . Sucrclary-TrL'aszu'cl' JACQUELINIE Honcus . . . . . Historian MEAIBERS MAMTE RUTH DAVIS MARJORY MooRE JACOUELINE Honcns MINNIE KAY PEARsoN CHARLOTTE LEEPER FRANCIS PICKENS NAo:vu Poor. CAROLINE RANKIN LoU1sA WHEELER 352 - AG A rw, V r 62 : ' 1 Q W nuonaluonnlolauolulnnauolounmnolnlmouanaoauqn. 1 ' .oltlolo oAololnmIolalalul0Inlolnlmoaololclolnlmiinb THE COROLLA,NINETEEN TWENTYFOUR FRANCIS PICKENS . KATIII.EEN WVILLIS NIARGARIVI' ALLISON EDITH ALLEN ELLEN ALLISON EDITH ARNOLD MILDRED BEALE DORIS BEARD MIRIAM BLACK ADELIA BRASFIELD ELEANOR BROWN HAZEI. BROWN OTIS CIIAMIILISS PAULINE COKER MARY LOUISE COLEMAN DORA E. COLE EDITII MAY COLE LAURIE COLLIER TOMMIE COTTON SARA DANIEL MARY DONEHOO HERMONIE DUNLAP LUCILLE ELLENEERG BLANCHE EVANS, FRANCES FORNEY ' League of Women Voters OFFICERS . . Pr:-sidwzt SIDNEY MORTON . . I'irc-President RUTSON LUTZ . BIEMBERS LEE FORNEY LILLIAN FRANKLIN ESTHER FRANK HELEN FULLER YIELEN GIBSON ELLEN GILES MARX' GILES ANNA GlI,MORE ERNESTINE GORDON ALBERTA GOSSETT MARY' LEE GUN1'ER MAURINE HANEY VIRGINIA HATTON ROBERTA HAYES MARIE HICKMAN IENORA H. LANGEORD .CORNELIA LEAVY ANNIE W. LEWIS LEONE LIGH'I'FOO'1' MIRIAM LOCKE MILDRED LOCKHART GULNARE LOGAN IVEY LOUISE LOGAN ALTA MARTIN FANNIE MARTIN HELEN MASSEY CATHERINE McCOI.LUM JOYCE MERRIAM JESSIE MAE MILLER MILDRED ALICE MOORE KATIE NELL HOLMES SIDNEY MORTON MARX' VIRGINIA HUN'l'ER'FlIYRA MUCKLE ELIE HUNTER MILDRED NASH MARY LOUISE IKERMAN ELIZABETH NEAL MARX' JONES PAULINE NEIGHBORS CORINNE JONES GLADYS OGLESBY VERA JOHNSON RUTH PALMER VIRGINIA LACEY MINNIIE ISIAY PEARSON 353 . Srrrclary . TI't'dJ'lLl'Ef LOIS REEVES WINII-'RED REEVES ANNIE YOUNG ROBERTS EMMA SUE ROBINSON DOROTHY SANDERS CELESTE SCI-IWARTZ CLARE SIIANNON AUGUSTA SMALL ANTOINETTE SPARKS SYBIL STRAWBRIDGE LINDA 'FADE LENA MAY TIIOMPSON CI-IASTAINE TOMPKINS MAUDE 'TONSMEIRE ELIZABETH TORONG BESSYE VEACH HELEN WALLIS ERMINE WALKER I-IAZEL H. WILLIAMS PAULINE VVILLOUGHBY EDITH WOODRUEI-' VELMA VVRIGHT 'ICICIOIDIIIIIOIOIIIOIOIOIQ 'L llllllllilUIDIOIOIOIOIOIQIO A , CEO ,. 'AQ :Eat QA- , IIQI.l.l.I.IUQ....I'IQIQIQIQIQIQIU.l.l...l.f.m' ' I ' .ol.lQ'. Dlo..I.'ol.lllolol.IQlalulololglolamlslalef0 TI-IE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR 354 T- , :AQ :bt Qkx DIQIDIQIQIOICICICIDIQIBIIIQIQIQIQIQICIQIIIQWI.f.l' ' I' .CIOICI ilblulolllulululblolOlololololdwlvlvlolololol 0 THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Chi Delta Phi lIltCl'I11lfl0Il1ll Collegiate Literary, Honorary Society Founded at the University of Tennessee in 1916 Colors: Blue and Gold Y Flofwfr: Pansy Delta Chapter Estzlblislled ill 1921 SOROR IN FACULTATE MARY BURKE SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Clam of 1924 ELIZABETH ARCHIBALD MAMIE RUTH DAVIS MARY LEE GUN'I'IeR CATHERINE CARRIIUFIP DENA GALLACIIER ROBERTA HAYS CHARLOTTE LEliI'lZR SALLYE NORTON CAI.IvIEs MCCOMB FRANCES OIIIvIE MINNIE KAY PEARsoN FRANCES PICKENS CAROLYN RANKIN FERN TIIRASPIER CHAsTAINE TOMPKINS Class of 1925 EST!-IER FRANK MRS. EM P. MoRRoW LE NORA LANGFORII Class of 1926 VIRGINIA GREENE IRENE CAMPBELL 355 THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR 356 ! rl -9- Q Q . ' . Q :llnlolololblolulqlllolnlallllilalalolnlllllolbdllilo ' c Y .CICIOIO Ilolllllvlblml lolllnlllnlnlclhlvldlallllolol0 TI-IE. COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Y. W. C. A. CABINET F011 1924. CHARLOTTE LEEPER. . . ..... . . . .. Prexidenl MARJORY MooRE . .... . Via'-l'rc.viderzt PAULINE VVILLOUGIIBY . . -.-. Svffvlary Loulsxx WEIEELER . . . Treasurcr JOYCE MERRIAM Undcrgradualc Rrpwsfrzlaiifvc CHAIRMEN OF COINUYIITTEES JOSEPHINH Mukmfn' ............ . Publicity EDITH ALLEN. . . . . .Finance J'ACQUliI.lNE Honcns Sofia! S1-rfvire Emu P1cxHAxu. . . . . Music ELIZAIHETI-I DONOVAN' , Sofia! MAMTE RUTH DAv1s , , Bibli- GER1'RUDE CLAPP . , , , ,Minion ANT0lNE'l"I'E SPARKS . Mnnlzrrship , 357 RQ 1,7 OIDIOIOIIIIICI lolololuouol 14' olsummoncnalolclolnlulono ,. , - - I .17 . 'AQ :bf QNX Dlalll. QIIICIQIQIUQInlnuwlalolQlQl.l.l.l.l.mlQ ' I ' owl... OIOIOIIIDIDIQIOICIOIGIOIGIB CIUICIDIDIUIOIQIQ 358 TI-IE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR i ff N Y .Q :cbt 0. w muonlslololaromlolololalololalonolnlnlslolcllrilu ' I ' .OIOIOIO IIOIOIIIDIOIOIOI l0lOl0l0l0l9Y0l0'0l 'l0" Tl-IE. COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Y. M. C. A. IixEcLrTIvE Couzvcu.. 1923-24 JOHN J. SIIARRMAN . . . . . . General Sfrr1'!ary LEI.IAs E. KXRBX' . . . ...... 1'rfsidf11t J, GORDQN GAY ,,,,', . . Vim-Pr1'5frfl'2lI DR. JACAK P. MoN'I'coIvIERI' . . ...... T rmwrfr Rov L. SMITH ....... .... . 4.rsisla1Il Srfrrlary L. BERNARD I-IAYGOOIJ Sl'llEFFllil.D OWEN I.. S. MCMILLAN VERNON STABLER HENRY A. YOUNG ADVISORY BOARD, 1923-24 DR. GEORGE LANG, Chairman T. A. AMBROSE LELIAS E. KIRBY DR. JACK P. MONTGOMERX' DR. GEORGE H. DENNI' I. T. HORNE SAUL SMITII The Young Men's Christian Association of the University of Alabama is Illl organization of students and faculty existing for the following purposes: I. To lead meII and boys to faith iII God through jesus Christ. 2. To lead them into membership and service in the Christian ChurclI. 3. To promote their growth in Christian faith, especially through the study of the Bible and prayer. 4. To influence them to devote themselves in united effort with all Christians to making the will of Christ effective in human society, and to extend the kingdom of God throughout the world. 5. To further an active moral and religious college spirit. ' To accomplish these aims it is IIrged that every member make the most of his membership and become active ill assisting the HY" to promote its program. 359 . AQ 361 9 9 - IQIIIQIDIOIQIQlQl.lClEIQIQIOIQICIQl.lQlQlQlCl.l.lQ F' I x .OICIIII .l.l.'-lolllQl.l0lllQIQIUIBICIUICIOIOIUIIUICI THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWEN-TAY-FOUR P 360 A ,Q- THE COROLLA, NIINJETEEN TWENTY-FOUR .y 44 I Q , A -4 IX XX,-V, -..,. v X 1 ,h f .Aix UNM ' , J 7 ,U LX 3 Junior Faculty B. HILL, JR. .... . LELA LESLIE BAII.Iax' J. A. ZODEL . Accounting- LEE GLOVER CHESTER H. KNIGIIT C. W. TOENES PERRY L. NEWTON Athletics- F. E. CHRISTOPHER EIvIME'I' MCGAULEY Biology- G. A. BRONSON, JR. GERTRUDE OSBURN OvIn F. PEARSON Chemistry- MARION F. BISIIOP R. N. COLEMAN H. D. I'IARRISON G. A. HILL A. R. SCHARNAGEL Economics- GUIDON T. BAIRD R. E. BOONE P. C. CLAYTON W. S. OWEN Education- J. A. BROxsON ALBERT H. CLEMENS Geology- W. S. ERNST ' J. R. KARP J. I. WINGARD Engiizccring- J. J. AsHmN R. E. MEADE, JR. M. S. MERRITI' W. B. BARNES T. F. ROBINSON C. G. FARAEEE J. A. ZOBEL English- LELA LESLIE BAILEY CHARLOTTE LEEPER CIIARLEs STAKELY PEYTON D. HIBB MINNIE KAY PEARSON SARAII MAUDE TAYLOR LAURA DAvIs S. S. SANSBURY FERN TIIRASHER KATIILEEN WILLIS . French- ED. K. AUSTIN EARL WEAVER ALTO L. WHITEHURST HENRY A. YOUNG German- T. B. HILL, JR. History- 'R. S. BAIRD GEORGE V. IRONS C. D. MCKEE 361 , . .... . President . . . . .Vice-President Secrcta ry- Treasurer Home Economics- RUTII SCARDOROUGII Hygiene- T. A. BELSER Mathematics-, GORDON DAVIS LUCILLE ELLENBURG J. H. FULLER FRED GACHET GEORGE KING LESTER H. MEYERS GEORGE SI-IELTON Physics- DANIEL CLARK I-I. C. CAUSE A. L. LILLEY O. A. REED Political Science- R. W. PEACOCK W. G. RAY S. M. SILVERMAN E. B. WVRIGHT Spanish- R. G. MCWILLIAMS w7ILLIAM C. NELSON JAMES F. STONER Q .. ZQ 'G' 5 Q IIQIIIQIQIOICIQICIQIQIQIQIQIQIQICIQlll.l.lQl.l.I-I. ' 5 ' .0l.l.l. .l.l.l.lolUll'0lQICICICIDIDICIOYCIUIOIQIUIQIC TI--IE. COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR v 1 E 362 I -9. , ,Q . ' . fax. OlqlgljlplglglgygljlQlgllglgyglglglglma QIQQQQQIQIQ ' I ' ICICIOII IIQIOIIIOIOIDIOIIIDIGIOl0l0lUll'll0Il'll0l0ll'll0l0 THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FGUR TOMLINSON FORT ELIZADETI-I ARCIIIEALD O. VV. BYNUM DANIEL CLARK ELMER W. DANY EDWARD DUEEEY CORINNE ALEXANDER JAMES CAs'rI.EEERRv Pi Mu Epsilon fHonor:Iry M:ItlIem:1ticul Fl'I'lICI'l1 Alabama Chapter iryh Estnblislmd at the University in I922 FRATRES IN FACLJLTATE OSCAR DAIILENE FRED A. I.EwIS FR ATRIZS IN UN1VERSIT.fXTlE Clam of 1924 W. S. ERNST J. M. KENNEDY I.. H. MEYERS Class of 1925 S. GACIIET S. SAUL M. CIOLDSTIEIN JACOUELINE I-IoDcES Class of 1926 GORDON DAVIS RSTIIER FRANK J. H. FULLER Special GEORGE R. SIIELTDN JESSE WILLIAMS O. A. REID T. F. ROBINSON J. I-I. WEAVER, JR. GERTRUDE OSIIURN FRANCIS PICRENS CLAY E. COMEAU LUCILLE ELLENBERG E. S. ERNST MRS. HATTON 363 Innnlsuonolnl I I I I lolo 'L llIIIIIIIICIOIOIOIQYOIOIQI . A , 1 - - :Qt 9 Q IOIIICIDIQIQICIQICIQIUIQDIQIQICIQlQl.l.lll.'.'.ll ' I ' OIOIQII .IOIDIUIQIOIUIOICI.IUIQIUIDICIDICICIQIQICIQIO TI-IE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR s X ,- 36+ , rulnnlalnlolololllllulnlalololmullalollllul f -G. 5 OICICIIIU I ' 'Ol'IOIOIOIOIDIIIDIOIOIOIQIllGIDIUIDIOIOIOIOIDIIIIOIOI0 TI-IE. COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR The Blackfriar Players E. HUOSON STRODE, Dircfior CJFFICERS JAMES M, BURT, JR., . . . Prrsidnnl REGINALD 'FIIOMAS . . . .' . . . Scfrctary RUTSON LUTZ . . . . . Fire-1'rz'.cidant J. M. SMITII, JR. . Bzzsizmvx Mgr. and Traas. LELA LESLIE BAILEY. .... lf'iz'c-Prvsiderzt VVILLIAM DONOVAN . . . Properly Manager ROBERT I-I. MCCONNELI. . . . .'1li'L't'l'fiJiIlg Managm- RIEMBERS W. VV. ANDERSON, JR. R. B. DUGGIER GRAHAM MCCLINTOCK H. B. ROBINSON LELA LESLIE BAILEY I-IERMIONE DUNLAP JULIAN MCGOWIN LILLIAN ROSE RUTH BAKER ZOLA EMERSON HOEE MACMILLAN MARX' WYALI. RUSHTON R. B. BARNES, JR, MARX' FITTS HELEN MALLOY SIIELLEY S. SANSBURY W. C. BATY WELDON FRANKS EMILY MA'l'1'IIliWS BRYANT SEI.Ls PEYTON Bmn HELEN FULLER JESSIE MAE MILLER KA'l'IIERlNE SJ-IARPE WALTER BOULDIN W. C. CPANNAWAY MARJORY MOORE LLEWELLYN SIMPSON CAMERON BRAME EDWARD HAAS SIDNEY MORTON JOE J. SMITH, JR. WILLIAM D. BRITT ROBERT HARWOOD R. F. MOSELEY, JR. J. MARTIN SMITH, JR. CHARLES BROMIIERG VIRGINIA I-IATTON JOSEI-IIINE MIIRPIIEX' KATHLEEN STOWERS FRANK BROMBERG CHARLCIE I-IEDGE CLIEIPORD NEWTON GEORGE H. STUEES ROBINSON BROWN, JR. JEANNE HERMAN TOM NEWTON E. LUNDY SYKES JAMES M. HURT, JR. JOHN O. PIODGSON LOUISE NICIIOLS D. H. 'fi-IOMAS HELEN CALLEN FRANCIS I-I. INGE FRANCES ORR REGINALD '.l1Il0MAS R. H. COCHRANE, JR. FRANK JENNINGS SHEEEIELD OWEN MILES VENTRESS PAULINE COKER JACK LANGHORNE EDWARD W. PENNINGTON HELEN XVALLIS J. P. COLLIER FRANCES COMFORT GEORGE W. CONNERS LOUISE CONNOR HAROLD COWART CECILE DAVIDSON ELIZABETH DONOVAN WILLIAM S. DONOVAN CI-YARLOT'l'P1 LEEIIER HAMILTON PERKINS EUGENE G. LEGARDE PHYI.I.Is PERKINS JOI-IN LE VERT VIRGINIA PRICE IVEY LOGAN MARGARET PROWELL RUTSON LUTZ RICIIARD PROWELL GARNETT MCADAMS AI. G. RIVES ROBERT MCCONNELL BRUCE ROBERTSON 355 FRANCIS WARD ROY VVILKIE ANNIE MAUDE WILKINSON 'ATHLEEN VVILLXS OROTHY WILSON ' INZER B. VVYATT, JR. FRANK YOUNG annualolololnlololclolslolo L uslulllolnlclllulo 0131010 w - ' 0 V . A 'Za :Gt 0 Q , lllllllilllllblllllDIBIDIOICID I OIOIOIDIOIDICIIII ' - ' - OIOIO ololnlumuloluuolalolo: nouolonolonnonono TI-IE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR I 7-...,..-.1...,..,...,---N..--. W- f...Q,. X w N W W N N J fl 5 1 ef UF B a S? 'l 1 h -1 1 ? P i 366 'AQ -65' I-'As mnnolalolololololololalan-norman:nnnlmolalaalrnln ' u ' imlilola ulololuloluImlolslonolololalolololmolo-anonn TI-IE. COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR 155, 5- A A' f' 'fifal J' ' , IEW., If ' ,.,' 'Lili' 2 of QV UW fe-6 in ,Jig fx '-ff , Y U 1 Wi 9 I1 AJ, xiii ! X X L' l A ly Mu W i l.. University of Alabama Glee Club Season 1023-24, TOM GARNER, '88, Dircdor FRANK I-IARm' ........... . ..... . Pr:-sidezzt SAM MURPHY . . .... ...... . Secrclary KENNlE'l'll M. IIARPER . ...... . Bzzrifzrxs Manager iWiElX'IBERS First Terror WM. W. ANDERSON, JR., '27 . . Helena, Ark. STARR PADGli'I"I', '25 . . . . . Hartford CHARLES E. BINION, '25 ..... Georgiana JEssE S. PUGH, '27 . . . .... Mobile M. M. CAHEEN, '25 ..... Birmingham EUGENE A. RUssEI.I., ,27 ...,. Decatur CHAS. W. LAUVE, '26 . . Helena, Ark. R. H. SHAnmcR, '24 .... Lady Lake, Fla. Second Tenor V HAROLD T. Ac'1'ON. ,27 . . . Atlanta, Ga. XVILFORD GOLSON. ,27 . . . . Bessemer PERCY R. BROWN, '26 . . . . Birmingham VVM. B. GUl.l.l5'l'l'I5, '25 . . . . . Florence CLIFF LEE COTTLE, '25 ...... Gadsden E. LESLEY LEE'lwxcn, '26 . . . . Mobile CARY L. FONDREN, '26 . . . Clarksdale, Miss. J. MARTIN SM1'ru, JR., '25 . . Birmingham E'l'llIil.RliD SYKES, '26 ...... Birmingham First Bass WM. M. ANDERSON, '27 . . VVaynesboro, Ga. JAS. B. HEAD, '27 , . . Birmingham J. M. BARNES, '24 ...... Montgomery Ross V. PREw1'1'1', '27 . . Baton Rouge, La. XNALTON E. CALLEN, JR., '26 .... Selma ALBERT L. ROSIEMAN . . . . Birmingham CHAS. V. HATCHETT, '25 . . . . Marion Lr.EwEl.1.x'N SIMPSON, '26 . . Florence Second Bass JAS. B. CAGLE, y27 ....... Crossville FRANK I-IAROY, '24 . . . Selma JOHN F. COOKE, ,27 ' ..... Birmingham KENNE1'l'I HARPER, '25 . . . Selma MILLARD B. CRUMP'roN, '26 . . . Columbiana ROBERT M. HOLMAN, '25 . . Dothan S. D. MURPHY, JR., '24 ..... Birmingham 367 IIOIDICIOIIIOI I IOICIOIOIC V IIIIUIUIUICIDIOIUICIDIQIQIC . - -5- .qv . Neva' fl 1 Q rfb' 9 I IIIIIIOIOIDIOICICIQIIICIBIIIIOIQIGlllI0lll0lllOlClCIQl0. I' .OICICIIIDIOIOIUIDIOIOIQICIOIQIUIDIIIIOIDIUIOIOIGICIOIO THE. COROLLA, NINETEEN TVVENTY-FOUR I l 350115 Founded in IQI3 The Senior Honor Society, the basis of whose membership is all-round ability, participation in college activities, personality and character, scholarship, and promise' of future success. LEE Bmcoon HUGII BRADLEY FRANCIS INGE. . . . LELIAS E. KIRBH' MER'IBERS IN THE FACVLTY GEORGE P. IMIARRISON . . WILLIAM H. ALMON W. C. l'lATY ALBERT H. CLEM C. G. FARAIIEE VERNON Frrz ENS W. B. SAFFOLD JOI GE OFFICERS IN GOROAN GAY O P HARRISON FRANCIS H INGE GF ORGE V IRONS MARVIN KELLY LELIAs E KIRBY BROOKS FOREI-IAND JOHN M. GALLALEE . . . . . .President . . Vice-President . . Secrelary- Treasurer WILLIAM McKIssAcR TIIoIvIAs W. NEWTON SIIELLY S. SANSIIURY ROY L. SMITI-I JOHN J. SPARKMAN MEB4BERS IW EMMETT MCGAULEY 368 clolllolololslalalul-slsltlf 3 Olllilulololnlolvlolnloltlo gl U W' ! X rf DQ- 0 q .ce -- - Q m.,,,.,.,,,,,,,.,.,m...,.,.,. ...gmmnauomn ' - ' A- :uno Q IIDIOIIIDIIIOIOI I GIOIC Olvlllololololo THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR I V fx. . Y..wov1-iff' ' ' - ,, ' ,LA - J- m f ' -f":f'fT" 1 ' wLf ' . ,J--'JJ' " 1, -,.,,- 7, , f . - , 1, Q M, Yi-- . . , A I. , 'I -, M NM, H b A X K 1 . K, , '-new "' - ' -' , vw 1 ,-4,.4,-:""" - 1. ' ' ' M'-wfw1L.m, 1 .. U.. .- , , ff if 1 ,E xv 7 .i"Wf:iwi3 4 , 1.u.2J1r7f-+2 "x"NjR ". , 4 ,..w'W' ' EC'-I' vi X 6 'J H74 , ' . J 'JI' .r " n..iUav.44.-... AM ' u.,,.f'....-,, 11- ' lfNIVICRSl'l'Y NIENV MASONIC HOMIE 359 OICIUI-QlllllllllllilllOIOIO :Q OIIIIIIIUIC IICIUIO CICIQIC , , ,A 7 , n way , ,- fAQ QAx g THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR 370 I 1 A 1 G' - ' - DRA f ' - C9- mloluomlo nouns:mnnlorololamnounno nlnlclololu ' I ' Iolollnlolulol IolnlololelolulololuloloyololaloI-molo TI-IE. COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR ALBERT L. PATTERSON HUGH C. CARGILE . RUFUS E. HALL . . R. A. BAIRB D. B. BARBER VV. T. BARRETT - ICEENER BAXLEY J. M. BELL T. A. BELSER G. C. BONER J. M. BRALY E. E. BREWTON H. A. CALHOUN PRICE CLAYTON F. E. CHRISTOPHER G. B. CONWILL C. T. COTTON HERBERT DAVIS ' . . . . . Masonic OFFICERS Presidcrzt CLARENCE S. CARLTON . .... Treasurer . Vice-President JAMES N. CASTLEBERRY . Editor Ala. Builder . . . Srcrelary DEWEY T. NABORS . . Bus. Mgr. Xlla. Builder NIEMBERS C. M. DUNN O. P. LEE J. H. EMMIT A. B. MCKAY W. S. ERNST W. M. MCKISSAXCK E. S. ERNST W. S. OWENS C. C. EDMONDSON D. G. FOUNTAIN J. B. GREGORY I-I. H. HAMILTON J. R. HILL D. ISABELL S. L. HEATH L. E. KIRBY C. H. KNIGPIT C. M. LANG 371 R. W. PEACOCR C. A. PERRY W. J. PILMER R. W. PITTs R. C. PROPST R. C. PRICE W. F. PRoscI-I O. B. RAINES C. C. REEVES J. J. ROGER I llllll Cllllllllllllll Nd. .V usual noses 1 sas' no on ,N I 1' 2 H. ROBERTS Z. ROBER'l'S B. ROBINSON N. SIEGREST L. SI-IAW L. SMITII W. SMITH I . J. SNEED J. SPARKMAN M. SUMMERsE'r T. THOMAS D. TURNER H. TUBB C. VVILSON , , f AQ :bl Dx R I Y -- illQIIIDIQIOICIQIQIDIQIHIIIIOIQIGIQICICICIQIQIQICIIIQ ' I 5 0l.l.IQlDl0l0lUlUl0ICIQIIIOIUIGIOIUIUIOICIUIUIUI6-:I-T0 , . - THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Q I U Tau Kappa Alpha National Forensic Fraternity Publication: "The Speaker." FRATER IN FACULTATE HUGH MCLAUGHNE BRADLEY FRATRES IN LTNIVERSITATE Class of 1924 IRBY Sco1'r TIIoMAs BOWEN HILL HENRY THOMAS GRovER C. BONER STILL HUNTER GEORGE PAUL HARRISON V Class of 1925 ROBERT S. BMRD CLEVELAND A. PERRY MILES VEN'rREss 372 IOIUIQIOI I I I I I l 'rt llll I IOIIIOIOIOIOICICIQIC ' ' A Cel ' 1: -9. I 63 H ' 4 0 R mmluuolonalolaasnunnlalolalmumnnnmansmcomn. u ' .MOlonlolololnomlololulolal I I I I ul THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY FOUR I 1 The FO1'6I'1SiC COL1I'lCil O1fF1c1sRs Mlydgs VENTRES5 , , ..... .... P ftkfldl Ill IRM- Scmq- IU., . ..... Vue Prcszdrnl A. VVYNN JONES , , . . . Srcrrtary-Trra.fzucr IVIEMBERS ARTHUR Y. BANKS Jnssn IIEARN CIEORGE A. BRONSON T. B. I-Iru., JR. V. L. GAY Miss LENORA LANGFQRD PELHAM MARTIN SHEFFIIZLD OWEN JESSE VVILLIAMS INZER WYATT 373 D ca 110 .A .- , . v . fa , GJ .--L DIDIIIOIOIOIOIOICIIIQIGIQIQIQIIIIQIQICIDIIIICICICIQIO ' I i .OICICIIIDIOIUIIIUIQIOICIQIDIGIDIBIOIOIUICIDIOIIIIUHDID TI-IE. COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR T. B. HILL-University of Alabama vs. L. S. U., '23, University of Alabama vs. Miss. A. 8: M. College, '24.g University of Alabama vs. L. S. U., '24. T. B. is a representative of a long line of ancestry who have been famous for their oratory. With the foundation stones laid during his university career, we predict for him a phenomenal and unusually brilliant career in the profession for which he is so eminently fitted. IRBY SCOTT-University of Alabama vs. L. S. U., '24g University of Alabama vs. L. S. U., '23. To quote this logician's own words, "Honorable judges, common sense is the best authority that can be cited on any occasion," and for clear, concise and convincing reasoning along lines of common sense, Irby Scott has no superior in the University. In possessing a rare abundance of native wisdom and common sense, Irby is endowed with qualities which are most uncommon, to say the least. l MILES VENTRESS--Member of Alabama vs. L. S. U. Debating Team, 'zgg Member of Ala- bama vs. Miss. A. Sz M. College Debating Team, '24, Member of Alabama vs. L. S. U. De- bating Team, '24, Member of Alabama vs. Miss. A. Sc M. College Debating Team, 'z3. CLEVE PERRY-University of Alabama vs. University of South fSewaneeJ Debating Team, '23. This man is accorded the honor of being one of the very b-est extemporaneous speakers that has ever enrolled at the University of Alabama, and extemporaneous speaking is the acid test of any good speaker's ability. For argument along lines of concentrated, potent and cogent reason- ing, Cleve is well nigh incomparable. The University is fortunate in having him for another year. G. P. HARRISON-Alabama vs. L. S. U. Debating Team, '23, Representative Southern Ora- torical Contest, ,23. George is the Daniel Webster of the University. To listen to George speak is worth crossing the state. When, in the future, the list of famous orators will have been compiled anew, due to new additions, George Paul Harrison will occupy a very conspicuous place. ' 37-1- olultlllllllnlll lilllnltlt ,L llllllllilClOlOlOltlQrqlQlQ Q ! - A .qv CMV I ,A ne- X, n w : U THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR l HENRY THOMAS-Representative of the University of Alabama in Southern Oratorical Con- test. The ability to think straight, to argue forcefully' and to speak eloquently has made Henry one of the foremost in forensic endeavors at the University. R. S. BAIRD-University of Alabama vs. University of Georgia, '23. "Parson" has a depth of thought and power of expression that proclaim' him as a future "John Wesleyan." He is at home on the rostrum and at perfect ease when addressing an audience. His talents along forensic lines, together with a broad and general store of information on almost any subject, indicate for him many future accomplishments. STILL HUNTER-University of Alabama vs. L. S. U. Debating Team, ,2.1.. Few people are so richly endowed by nature for a successful career as a public speaker as Still Hunter. His rich, clear and strong voice, together with his forceful reasoning, make him an appealing factor to any audience. EUGENE ZEIDMAN-University of Alabama vs. L. S. U. Debating Team, Alabama vs. University of Georgia, 'z3. With supreme self-confidence, this lad of much ability enters the contest torious. His complete self-control and mental poise make him a debater to be GROVER C. BONER-University of Alabama vs. L. S. U. Debating Team, Grover goes into the fray with a fight and a vim that characterizes him as 245 University of and emerges vic- reckoned with. '24.. almost invincible. His earnestness of purpose, his clear, forceful and expressive presentation of his subject matter ring loud in proclaiming him one of Alabama"s"most persuasive and convincing speakers. We are sorry we do not have his picture to show you. 375 M r- A' -6- 1 N ,A ' IIIIOICIIIQIQICICIQIQIQIQIQICIQIDIOICIDICIQICIIIC ' I ' ' IQICIQIUIQIOIUIQIQIUIQICI0ICIUIUIUICIQICIUIUIDIUICI0 TI-IE. COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR I 376 E 'AQ5Cb.1 55k - i THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR -L3 s l," if X fax Q , -,X Q If - 5 if .1 1 - 3 X ,A fc' MA JI' ' - X if-J.'J-' . 7,9 " , 'f Xa ' S . 5 f uf My I ,,.,., gi. QQ Q 5'd5-'Q- :Rc Sxgma UPSIIOH N:1Il1n1:ll lllll'l'lIl'j' l"l'nt:-1'nll5'. ll'0llIllll'lI :ll lhn- l'1liv0l'sily ul' thu- South ln l!I04i. l'ulvll1-zlllunlz "Hign1zL Vlrsllnll .luln'nul." 'l'wn-lily'-llllw .-l1'Ilx':- l'llllllIt'l'N. C1-1,w'l'l2R Rom. SUl'IllQHlM , ................,.... ...l'lllVl'l'Nllj' ul' lhn- Suuth USIHIH .. ......... ,...... ......., . I lnmlullvll-M'u'nu l'nll1-p.u- VALUMI-1'l' ................. ..,... X 'umll-rluill l'nlvvrslty SENIOR ROUND 'l'.'Xlll,lfI . ------- 4UlliVl'l'Hil5' Ui' Gl"'l'l-liil Ullivm-I'-lllv ol' Vorth C"ll'1l1lll'l ODD NUMHICII CI.l'H ..... . , . . . ........ '1'l'xxnsylv:1lll:l l'ullA'l.!l! . . . . Unlvorslty of Mississlppi Mlllsups Uullngn- .. ..... Enmry University g . .....,...,. 'Prlnlty Colh-gc ... ,. Unlvvrslty nf' Al:Lh:m1:1 HOAITS HI-HAD ..... Sf'IlIliIil4EHS ....., KIT KAT CLUB .... i'Ol"I"1'Il5I HOUSE . .. l"OIl'l'NlGll'l'l,Y f'l.Ul A'l"l'IC .' ..... .......... .. Willlnm nml Maury Uolll-pro fHilCl'lUN-ll1ll'l'I .... GRUB STRl'Il'l'l' BLUE PICNVII. ...,. V .. Unlvorslly nf xxvllfihllll-Ytflll .,.. . . . . . Ifmvldsun Coll:-1:0 Univl-rally of On-mm VIC 'PATRARU INN SPHINX -,.,.,,,,..,, .. IIaunlnlvn-Sl4ln4-y l'ollf-Hu YE IXHQIUXIAIIN INN .. .. Univ:-rslty nl' Monlnnn IVVAH Sq'R1Lg13Ll.glg5 U ..,.. Ifniw-rsity nl' Utah IUVVUNUA ......,.,-.- ...... . . Univ:-rslty nl' Vlxmzlnlu I,ANIl.j1l -..'-.',--.. ............. U lllVl'l'SiIX nl' 'lhellxlvssuo,xM 1.3 llllr ......... X V:n:4lxln1.:'tm1 uml lm- Unlvvrslly S'I'Yl4'Ug ..-.'..l. . Soutlnveslnrn 1'l'l'NllYl.Ol'lXlll Unlvm-rslty 71ANl'l'l'lfUllNl'I ................ Unlvm-rsily ni' Akron gg-,XMMA PHI PS1 U ...... llnlvorslty ol' Mlxsmlri XVHITMHS --'.'-. H .. Ulllvn-rslty nl' lllm-lmmml pmhICAN QUILL U ........ Tulum- University PURPLE GOXYN l . Johns Ilupklns Unlvvrslly l"l,0RIAN ,,,,. .................. . .................. . Xvnshlmstun Unlvurslty .lklonlnnu Slum Collugo l1EONVUl,F ........,. ,-l'l"l'lC UllAl"l'I-Il!-Wlustxllull:-1111-nl In lllll. 11"-gm,-4.5 In 1.',,,-ullnql--,ln-am V. ll. Hnrnwv-ll, Ilmrh M. Braille-y. llr. W. ll. Snffuhl. Frntrvs ln Urlm-- John J. Spnrlumm, 'Ll-h.:h M. l'Im'l:, Ht'l'lll'j' XV. I'1-l'l'1'. l"r:1tl'1-s ln lllliV4'l'HlllllIPAXVUIIJIIII L. Almoll. 4'l1u'1-m'4- Il. Murtln, Hum ll. lvlurplly. Urmuml 14mm-rvllln-, K1-mn-Ill l-I. lnxvlclf-, llruulw lf'm'1-lumcl, Gown-gn 1-A Hm.,,iN0nI lmlmmml Hruwn' J,-I lg.-glnnlml E. '1'lmm:1s, lilvln-lmlll'p:1l. Mm-XVllll:uns, Shi-lly S. Suns- hury. M111--H A' m"'l""h1""'- lfllvlma G. l-'rl-1-mam, l':1ul ll. Nl4'4'llxmu-lc, llmwuw- O. Shropslllro, Elurn-mr H,,m,mN' 'NWN H. Hmrnmli 4g..m-g.- T, Gurrl-tt, Marvin-I ll. lin-lt, llznrolml W. Su-pln-mr, 1'I:urmn-o llruml- I4-y, IH-ytnn ll. lilhh,"l'lmm:ns li. lllll. .lr., Ms-nmry I4. ltulrlnson, 1.1-sllv V. Hush, G1-orprv V. In-uns. 377 , :AQ -6- 55 Q , ' IQl.lQlDl.l.IQICIQIQIQlamlll-lQlal.l.l.lQl...l.l- ' I ' ololflllol.l0l.IQl.IUlafalDICIQIOICIUIIIIQICIQ TI-IE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR M I f 373 'AQ :bg QNX mlonlololo Iolaianoaalololouamuolnuo Iandloralu. I ' Ollllli DimensionsIQIOIQIlmIoIoInIoIuI0loIoIolouano COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR FFI-IE 2. QMES XXXX r lyrwfk R lu, Z 1 Ni 1 lx - ' , L' X lxxx f QE. a., : - E NN " xo f 010 GX- XXX vis-H I 1,, A nl if l XX- ,gli Ka 2' - 1.f ',. W. K, . ,ji fff 'fgffff-7, I ,4PZf.f,l4?!!llWflW ..l!l.1llll if lf 17 Philomathic Literary Society Founded NoveInber 16, X832 The Philomnthic is tlIe oldest forensic 0l'jI!IlIiZ1lil0l1 on the campus, it having been formed 0110 year :Iftcr the founding of tlIe university. Membership is limited to thirty-five. Any accredited student of the university is eligible for membership upon Il unanimous vote of tlIe members. OITIFICERS FUR 1923 Ol'l'lCERS FOR lQ2.I. I. 1. SNEAD ......... . Prcxidcnl A. I.. PA'l"l'liRSON ........ I'rv.ciflrnt ROY E. I-IICKS . . . . I"irc-l'n'.vidcnl C. A. PERRY . . . . Via'-l'rc:idcnt GORDON GM' . . .... Secretary Rov I-Iicxs . . ..... Sarrclary Rox' L. SMITII . . . . . Parliamanlarian Rox' L. SMI'rII . . . . . Parliammzlarian A. L. PATTERSON . . . Program Scrrclary 1.1. SPARKMAN. . . . Program SL-rrclary E. K. Ausrm G. T. BAIRD J. M. BELL En ROU'l'WlEI.I. FRANK BOWIE O. W. BYNUM C. G. FARABEE joIIN FRAZIHR J. G. GAY V. T. HALL CUFFICERS EoR 1923-24 Mu.Es VliN'l'RliSS . ....... . Fm'rn.rir Counril O. VV. BYN UM ............ Trrawrrr 1: AIIEMRIERS ' R. l'IUMI'IIREv l.. B. I-IAvco0n J. C. I-IEARN .. A. I-IooTEN R. E. I'IIcRs u J. D. INGRAM A W. JONES F. V. KUYRENIIALI. H ARRI' LEARY XV. R. lViA'I"I'llliVS'S F. B. MERRI'I'r C'I.voE MCKEE P. L. NEWTON XV. S. OWEN A. L. PA'l"I'IiRSON C. A. PERRY ,. Il. D. Romnson G. SAMUEI.s C O C OIOIC CIOIQID :lilo 000000 lllilllll - - l 'qv S c gf' IRIII' Sco'I"I' HARRY SE.ILIas I-I. VV. Sl5GRliST R. L. SMI'I'II I. J. SNEAn J. J. SI-ARKMAN A. L. VENABLE MILEs VENTRIZSS A. L. WIII'rEIIURs'I' E V 'AQ 361 5 9 '- IQIOIQIDIDICIDICICIQIBIQIQIQICIQICIQIDIQIQII4-IIII ' I ' .CIIICII .lUlel.lcl.IUIQIQIII0lCl0l0l0l0lCl0l0lUIQIQIQ TI-IE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR - i 38 LIQDJ' lulolllalorllolololo T up' - - "' ,qv Second Term f-f . fAQ 363 QA- f DIDIII-IQIOIQIQIQIQImlIIQIMQICl.lQlQlCl.lQl.l-lm'. I ' -ol.l.l. .lQl.l 'UIQICI.III.Illllfulslcillofolalfilaiil0 THE. COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Y 23 Af' X Q69 if I CD If , lp ,I . fi A - , 3 , X Ve".f,'7If'l .64 Iyar ' f . V , 6 L,.I..IJ I,-N rl A. l,,,,u9 Excelsior Literary Society The Excelsior Literary Society was organized in I92I, having as its chief purpose the attaiII- ment of further excellence ill debating. Current events and other important topics of interest are well within tlIe realms of its labors. Candidates for admission are selected upon their debat- ing ability and personality. lhe Excelsior, :Ilthough young in years, proved her real merit iII winning the championship of the past year ill local forensic circles. OIfIf1cIsRs IfoR I923 First Term H. C. '1'R.wI.oR O. W. BYNUM . . . . . . Prcsidml . . . H. C. TRAYLOR . . . . Vice-President . T. J. CAMPBELL A. L. VBNABLR . . . Scrrvlary . . C. W. NEAL H. G. OLIvIa'I' . . . Trwuurcr . . . S. F. COMMANDER V. L. 'FRAYLOR . A. HOOTEN . . . . IRBY Scorr ..... JESSE R. B. BRINIILEY O. W. BYNUM T. J. CAMI'nEI.I. . .1'rc.rsf1gmIt. . Parlzalncnlarlan . . . . . l l I l -SL'l'yL'lllll-df-.'Il'lIl.V. ..... C. HIIARN . . . . . Forensic Rl'1!l'If.fL'Illllli"lf'l' . l'lEN A. GREEN . . T. B. HILL R. B. BRINIILEY NIEMRERS BEN A. GREEN J. C. HRIIRN W. L. HEFLIN H. G. OLIvIa'I' D. C. PALMER IRBY Scorr S. F. COMMANIIIQR T. B. HILL R. C. Sco'r1' C. L, C01-TLE R. G. HonsoN D. H. TIIOMAS B. DAVIDSON F. A IIoo'I'IaN H. C. TRIIYLOR J. B F. S. GACIIET R. C. GARRISON . F. Douon liR'l'Y A. W. JONES H. P. MARTIN WM. M. Massm' V. L. 'FRAYLOR A. L. VENABLI-: MILRS VENTRESS C. W. NEAL . 381 q i , 'AQ :bi E Q , DIQIOIOIDIOIQICIQIQIQIQIBIQIQIQIHIQICICIQIQICIQIQIQ ' I ' .Dl.lQI. QIOIOIUIDI0lllolllOIOICICIUIUIUICIOIOIUICIOID TI-IE. COROLLA, NINETEEN TXXQENTY-FOUR 382 I THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR 'fx QI' X X f . ,Lux - ,....,-4--74 il.1Q -, -E- '-: av X Nik? I' I' if If Q ,J ' . 31 - 'E 'IZTZSQ ' Q! rag ,pf I My 4 :MM x f 1 Q , jf! ,X KX J I N Q 1' Z .- L 9 o i .. S' KA Q43 gb, ' Eupluan Llterary Club Organized in I922 Mollo: "We're out to win" OIFIFICERS, FIRST TERM VVILFORII A. HARRIS . . . l'rI'sidcnl EUGENE M. ZIEIIMAN . . . Pulzlifily Manager DANIEL C. PALMER . . . . Scz'rI'1ar'y H. PIELIIAM MIXR'1'IN . Farrrnsif Reprwrzztzzliw PERRY A. 'FVVITTY . . . . Trcaxun-r FELIK MCLAIN . .... Sm-gmnf-al-Arrns NIEMBERS ARMONII 0. BLACK, '26 GEORGlf A. BRONSON, '25 J. L. CARTER, '26 JAMES 0. DAvIIa, '27 FRED DOWNING, '25 VVM. J. HANCIIIZY, '26 WILEORII A. HARRIS, '25 GEORGE I'IA'l'CHlET, '24 Rox' U. HoIIsoN, '26 ELTON JoI1NsoN, '25 PAT JoIINsoN, ,27 FELIK MCLAIN, '26 H. PELIIAM MARTIN, '24 XVILLARD NEAL, '24 D. C. PALMER, '24 Ovm PEARSON, ,25 B. W. PRICE, '25 383 J. R. PRYOR, ,257 J. I.. SEWARII, '27 I.. J. SMITII, ,27 FRANK STITT, '26 FLOYD FFURNER, '26 PERRY A. TwI1'rY, '26 CIIEsTER WALKER, '26 EUGENE M. ZIEIJMAN, '25 IIIOIOI a IIIIII IOIOIUIIIIIO OIDICII f Ol A, , :AQ 361 QNN CIQIIIOICICICICICIIIUIBIQICIQIDICIOIOIQIDICIQICI-IQ ' I ' .OIOIIII Ulflolffvl0IDIQIIIllOIOICICIUIUICUUIUIUIUIUI6 THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR 384 'A -Qi sa THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR A literary society INZIIR VVx'A'I"I' . I.II,A MOINRI5 . . CImRI,cIIi IIIEDGIE . . IQDCAK Sco'r'r . . . Erosoplmic Literary Society limited to thirty Inmnlmers of the Freslmixln Class, selected for zllwility and interest in literary work. . l'i1'1'-I'n'.riJ1'11I RICIIARIJ FRANCIS liROYI.liS LEONIIRD ICAGIIRMIIN ARNOLII IPRIHIMAN IEMIINUIIL f:Ol.IJS'l'lilX CIIIIRLCIIQ lllillGli IsAn0RIc Ilonmfs FRtIxK IIORNR MARX' IIuN'1'IaR PAT Jouxsox Eumaxla l.0E PRowIaI.I OI4'IflCliRS I'1'rxiIlr1Il fil,ADYS EUGENE FRANCIS S L'cI'L'far y 'I'1wu11 rm' M Iam li IcRs CTIIAMI' l.Y0xs S. P. lVlCDOXAl.ll, JR. JISSSIIE MAR NIILLIER LIL.-I MOORIC DAVID MURPIIX' GI,.'xm's 0r:I,Icsm' Bum Pllll.I.II'S RICIIARII PR0wIaI.I, Ilfwnlcx RAYNOR lim:.xR SCOTT 385 l DAVID MURI-In' . . Srrgrnnl-al-.-Irm: Ormasm' ......., Publifily -LOIE, Ch:IirIn:In BROYLIES, Clllllllll . Prnyram Clllllllllfffl' . . Sorial Commfllfe . Pnrlianmnlarian Ar,IfRIcn SmI,s C'I.,xIRIa Simxxox jon J. SMITH, JR. L. J. SMITII ALMON ST.-InI.IsR JIassIc XVRLDINI: ROllIiR'l' NV.'xI.nIxc CLARENCE XVILLIA IEI.I.Is NVILLIAMSON lNZlZR XvYA'l"I' MS . I , - r Col , 'AQ :bt Qxf W IIOIIIQIOIDIQIDIQIQIQIQIBIQIQIQIIIIQIIICICIQIQWQIDIC ' O ' IUIUIQICIQIQIUIIIUIBIDIQIQU.lGl.l0l0l0l0l0l0lDlflIOICIO THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR l , 386 A O- ATHE. COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR i 1 CIIARLEs KING . . EUGENE SvKEs Hottentot Club Composed only of Mississippi boys at the University OFFICERS CoNwEI.I. SYKES . . FRANK AnEo'I'T . . G. M. BAGGETI' . . WALTER BAILEY . . ARTHUR BANKS . . MILTON BIEDENIIARN J. E. BIsIIoP . . . E. K. BOYD . . . A. S. BozEIvIAN . S. S. BRIsI'ER . . WALKER BROACH . I-IowARn CAMP . RALPI-I CRUTCHER . S'roKEs EDMONDSON . I.. ENOCHS . . . EUGENE ETHRIDGE . . . . S crrclary- Treamrer MEMBERS . . Greenwood . . Rolling Fork . . .Laurel . . Columbus . Vicksburg . . . Tupelo . . Clarksdale . . Meridian . . Greenwood . . Meridian . Hattiesburg . . Meridian . Hattiesburg . . Fernwood . West Point GARNETT FEATIIERSTIJN l'iliDl70RD FLOYD . . . C. L. FONDREN . . J. F. GRAIIAM . J. A. GRIFITIN . . T. S. I-IERRIN . . . A. T. S. HUBIERT . . FRANK IIUBERT . . J. C. JAMISON . . DOUGLASS KAYE . . C. I-I. KING .... WALTER Lu'-scoxvm . . P. G. McCI.INTocK . . 'FIIOMAS MCNEIL . . P. W. MAER .... ADAIR MARSIIALL ...... . . Columbus C. H. MARTIN . . IIARRY MAR'l'IN . . MAURICIE MOORE . . RonER1' MULLEN . . JAMES NIBLETT . . EARL NIcIIoLs . . L. V. Rusn . . J. J. SMITII . . CHARLES SYKES . . CONWELI. SYKES . . EUGENE SYKES . WALTON Toon . . HUBERT WIsE . F. B. WRIGIYT . . . .McComb City . . . .Laurel . . Senatobia . . . Grenada . . Greenwood . . Clarksdale Meridian . . Meridian . . jackson . . Aberdeen . . Aberdeen . . Grenada Aberdeen . . Tupelo , . President . Vim-Prcsirlm! . Senatobia . Senatobia Clarksdale . Glendora Hattiesburg . Oakland . Meridian . Grenada VVest Point . Columbus . Okolona . Columbus . .Laurel Greenville . Columbus ,, , ,, IAQ :cbt Qgx umnmnmu.ummmanmmorommmnnmmanomnm. ' - - IOIOIOIC IIOICIIIOI0ICIOIOIllDIOIOIIIIOIUIOIUIONHUIOF9 THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR 388 1 1, ,N : E i TI-IE. COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY FOUR I "The " Cracker Club Composed solely of Georgia Students. A. P. PI-IILLIPS, JR. . . . MARTHA TAYLOR . . ROBERT BERRY . ROBERT BERRY GUY COLE GLADYS GREER CORNELIA LEAVY PIIAROS I,liS'l'liR ALTA MARTIN OFFICERS . . . . . V1cePrz'szdent . .Sccrclary-Treasurer ZVIEMBERS CLYDE MARTIN FRANK MARTIN VVILLIAM MCAI.LlS1'lili W. H. PEACOCK F. F. PORTER A. P. PIIILLIPs, JR. HAROLD PRICE CI'IARLEs SEAS' GEORGE SIllEl"FlIEl.7l LAURA SToREs MAR'l'lI.X TAYLOR 389 summon I I Iualuouo v IIUIIIUIOIOIIIOIDIOIDIOIOID - - 'Q' .1- 2 'SQ' 'yi 'A ' .X or Ol ' olol In :ali ' 13" THE COROLLA, NINIZTEEN TWENTY-FOUR LiOIl Tamers ' An organization whose purpose is to promote good feeling and friendship among its members. HAROLD PRICE . R. C. PRICE . . A. Y. BANKS A. G. BARBER S. S. BLONDIIEIM G. C. BONER JAMES M. BURT HERBERT CARMICIIAEL A. H. CARMICHAEL CLIFF COTTLE LOMAX CRUM RAYMOND CULLI JoIIN CURRY OFFICERS . . ."B' Cl " M. L. "T rg mesa Q OBYHJ ROBINSON .. Secretary-Treasurer . "Vice Big Clzeesd' FRANK GORDON . . . MEBIBERS ' Y'. T. DAUCIIERTY C. M. DEAsoN HUNTER ELLIOT SEAL FINKLESTEIN W. FRANKS ROBERT GARRISON T. G. GAYLE FRANK GORDON H. V. GRAYSON ROBERT HARMON 0 P. B. HARRIS RoEER'I' HUssEY M. I. JACKSON I-IARRIsoN KENDRICK JoIIN KOIIN O. O. MCGINTY C. D. MCKEE J. B. NAIL WALTER NANCE MITTELLE NOELE Ill ICI I l :lol Ion I o IIII mo. 39 me :Vi . . . .Reporler HARoLn PRICE R. C. PRICE MEMORY RonINsoN JoIIN RUST A L. B, SAVAGE R. H. SIIADIIICK W. C. TAYLOR J. C. THOMAS RICHARIJ THORNTON ROBERT WALLACE i .. 2 AQ 6691 Qx w i THE COROLLA, N1NEfTEEN TWENTY-FOUR 1 . ,, . The Capstone erenaders Fklin Sco'1"1', 1Ill.Yi7lL'.T.f Manager An 0l'j.f1lIliZlltiOIl founded in 1920, for the purpose of promoting thc "gentle art of jazz." Two seasons :lt Bordon-VVl1eele1' Springs. I+'ouNm3Rs R. KNOX Ima A. L. Rosmmx: Russian. Wnucm' CLIFF FARMER Tnowms Rmn PR ES ENT M EMBERS A, D, 1gmmCK J. F. Coorc Pskcv Mfnnx GEORGE BEAUc,mMp -HENRY LLOYD Tnorvms READ 391 '-1 I F1 HOD '-I"IO 'v 'HLEININ NEI IXLL O.:I'A.LN'EI HO I ,QI R 4.3 . I . ga . llClIIIDIQIQIDIDIOIJIIIQIQIIIQIQIQ ' I I Cllll DIOIBIIIUICIOIQICIOlQIOICIOICIUIOIUIUIQVIDIC I TI-IE. COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR II J HARRISON. . Jnss LONC . . . A - J F. MCGOWIN . Corrzcts- A. R. AMos J. G. BAXLEI' L. R. BECKETT J. L. GILMORE W. B. HAMILTON W. J. HANCIIEI' K. M. HARPER F. E. LEMAY J. F. McGowIN S. L. MITCIIIILL L. V. Rusu BASS STOKES H. M. VVILKERSON A lto.r-- M. H. BRANDON E., F. HARRIS S. C. NETIIERY A. C. STAIILER Trombone:- D. D. .BENNETT J. E. BIsI1OP P. A. BRYANT J. E. FOSTER University Band Ol"IflCERS MEBIIIIERS J. J. LESLIE W. C. NELSON Dircclor . . . .'1J5iJfIl7ll'Dift'Cf0l' lizuillfxx M anagrr S nan' Drums- JOII PLISS J. M. RU'I'LI2ncE Saxophone:- A. D. BLALOCK J. D. BOYD Ba B. M. CoNNA'I'sIIR BILL HAMILTON C. V. HATCH IQTT ALLAN Kmn M. J. LURII2 A. B. MCIIEAN C. D. PROPST W. F. PALMER H. M. ScIII-:UR LIIROY SMITII H. C. THOMAS S. S. CALDWELL F. H. BROMBERG NEILSON O'RI:AR IIAROLD Porn TOM Rum .vs Drums-- CARI. MCBRIOII VV. L. SOCKWELL Clarioncls- Ilariloues-I R. P. BI3cIcIs'I"I' Cy O. S. MCCOLLLIM Bass- H. D. HARRISON Dr PIARRY BROWN 393 W. S. BLONDIIEIM J. F. COOK BILL CRoss JOIIN GAMBLE L. F. HOLLAND C. C. IQENDIG C. M. MQGOWIN VV. VV. MONROE C. S. Svxns mbals- W. A. CARTER J. B. FAIR um Major- Jnss LONG I I I Il 1 ll I ICI IOIOIIIOIC Ol lllllllllll I I . 'N J H , A 2 QI . . fAQ QxN Y THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR K .aww ,"', f A 1 wx' fs-, -1, ..1,'.N,.- Q v A -r-wmv. m - 'V'--4 -1 -JV'.x'..5f5""k" V Q ., ' . J V ' 'L ,f ',f?5".,1":."'v1LQ4 .' ,,f "li ,'4!1K' ' ui' ATM"-mf' 3127: 1531 TJ? 1 'f.:LN..MAx',dr I f "W f"f'J'a-ysffhf 7 Qff- "-- V , v '-V"'..l.1" 5' f "7"Q QW' 394 IIQIOIQlilllllllllilllllilf .I IIIIIIOI OIOIUIDIC C QICIC ,H :Y G, .- , cf : ' - rox I I Iouorolmorons:onunnrarouamnoammonnucuarnu 'el outtololoIoIo1TaT6I'tFE'iei'aTaIniiTnIni6ioIoli1folo'IoIoIo . . THE. COROLVLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR PRESTON H. WEII. To Preston Weil, of Montgomery, who has so competently directed the Opera Class this year and last, this space is respectfully dedicated by the Opera Class. The Opera Class PRESTON WEII., Directory ES'I'llER FRANK, Sccrr.'ary Operas Studied: "Madame Butterfly," "Tosca," "Carmen, H I, and Faust. XNILMA ARNOLD RUTH BAKER LEONARD EGERMAN ESTHER FRANK GEORGE GARRETT ALBERTA GOSSETT RUTH BAKER LEONARD EGERMAN MEMIIERS MARGARITA GOYTA BERNICE GRAHAM CLAUDIA JONES AGNES LAUNIUS LOUISE MASON PHYLLIS PERKINS CLARE SHANNON ADVANCED CLAss ESTIIER FRANK MARGARITA GoI'TA 395 I! tl La Boheme," "CavzIlleria Rusticana MARIE SMITII ROBERT SNELI. MARIE SPECK ELIZABETH STEPHENS DORA LEE THOMPSON HAZEL K. XNILLIAMS CLAIJDIA JONES ELIZABETH STEPHENE . Ns,-,M I! I - IQ :bf Qkw h - CIDIIIOICIIICICIQIQIQIQIQIIIQIQIQ lClDl.lClQl.I.lI ' I ' IGIQIOII Dlulllflolllll UICICIOIUIUICIUYCIDIO IUIQIO THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR r . 396 - fAQ :cbt Qkt , mlnnlslolnlololalolonnlnlclolalalalanmnlnlololnlu ' u ' DICIOIIIIIDIOI lol R lolololslnlolnlololoiololmo more THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR The 81113 ll3C1I'a,1'1g16 The Alabama Quadrangle aims to promote the four things that are necessary in the develop- ment Of an all-round man--the spiritual, the intellectual, the physical, and the social phases of College Life. Its membership is drawn only from those students who have shown themselves to have the highest ideals of Christian life and who strive to encourage the highest spirit of honor at our University. Ol'l7lCl?llS FOR 1923 GORDON GAY . . . . . President jAMEs STONIER . . . . D.-fvotional Secretary Sunrrusm OWEN . . . I"ire-Prrsidcnl AMOS GIPSON .... . .... Historian PERRY Nlaw'roN .,...... Svvrcfary ALTO L. VVIll'l'lillURS'l' . . . Sffgfdllf-df-.4f1IlJ J. S. P. BECK ..... ..... T rmsun'r M mumks VV. C. IBATY J. S. P. BECK FRANK Bowls OTIS BYNUM ALBERT H. CLEMIQNS VVADIE I-I. CoL1cM.xN TOM CURREY jonN Davnmsox J. I-INFULLER GOROON fiAY VERBON GM' Amos GIPSONA JOHN I.. Goonwix SAM l'l!iA'l'lI ROOSEVIELT H UMPIIRIEY fili0RCli V. IRONS ELTON JOHNSON TOM JONES Lranms KIRBY WM. M. McKlss,xcR 1.. S. MCMILLAN 397 PERRY L. NEWTON Sunrrnsw OWEN ROV I.. SMl'rn JOHN J. SPARKMAN ALMON ST.xm..laR VERNON E. S'l'Al1l.l2R Jfuvms S'roNisR A. I.. VVlIl'l'lEllURS'l' C. E. Wn.r,mMs Rox' VVILKIE HENRY A. Youxr: A Q. . Af Y . Y YinA ww THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR I Alabama Political Science Club This organization is designed for the express purpose of the study and open discussion of cur- rent history and to keep its members abreast with the most vital force in the world todayegovern- ment. A. L. OFFICERS PATTERSON ....... ..... ........ . . President ROBERT S. BAIRD ...... ,..... . Vice-President RoosEvEL'1' HUMPHREY . . .... Secretary-Treasurer 3 H. B. RoE1NsoN . . . Program Secretary MEINIBERS ROEERT S. BAIRD R. E. BARRETT J. N. CASTLEEERRY J. H. FULLER RoosEvELT HUMPHREY J. D. INGRAM, JR. F. V. KUYKENIJALI. JAY LAWRENCE O. P. LEE Boa MATHERNE A. L. PATTERSON I-I. B. Ronmsow 393 E. G. SAMUELS SAM S. SILVERMAN JUDSON SNEAE S. W. TRAYLOR A. L. VENABLE C, E. WILLIAMS 'XQ'3.,.7' Athlriirn h - 'f - - f "I "ii 'ii 'T' !jjM"lpf Q' X X 1 i, T' 5 A ' ' , ff fm f 1 ,fr ., . ' f up A- l 1- .H-1, 3 2 X' 4 " ' fl 4 l 54-' f i l X- ' . X ,' , V 1 ll Q .A ' I X W, , X Q 1 ,fu 4 , XII H V N . K--elf I X--W l l l 1 ALABAMA CHEER LE DERS l 4 l l I "SLIM" CAIKTER 1 I Cha-or Louder , ' Lust fall. whvn tho thnx- cnmr- ' for thu clcvtlon ol' at rwlmnr lumlm' - to flll thc place that VVlllnrd hznl L Hn ubly nm-vnplml, "Sllm" Cnrtl-r wns snggvstocl und chosen ns thn- ' num tn illl thu plncc. l 'l'hmn.:h "Slim" lnvlu-d tho ox- , porh-m-v lhnt hls prvdm-co:-xnor hzul hull, hu- had as much pop. In dis- , pensinp: 'Bznnn Splrlt, "Slhn" wan-1 , nn inc-xlnunatlhlu fonntnln, from 2 which ull weary, cllscmnwtgml rout- ' 1-rs drunk, wl-ru llllosl nnd ro- froslmd. So lt is that the old 3 'Danna Spirit mlm-s np nn-n lp I l'Ill'l'y on us tho olds-1' nm-S go, nnll H thu:-1 ll Hhnll uw-1' ln-. 'Phu nhl 4 'Bnnm Splrlt wlll not down. I l "HAM" PIGRICINS Asslshmnt Cln-or Louder "Il:nn" wus just n llttlo spurt model pr-ppm' box whvn ll unmc lu putting tho 1-ntllusinxm mul pop Intn thc nhl "hnnr'h." Vlvnclun:-K, full ul' pslngl-r und 'Bnnm Spirit pvrsonlflr-ml. Is true of "llmn" ln 1-ve-ry 11-:nn-vt. XVv'rl- gland hs-'ll hu i with ns n vunpln- of ym-:urs nmro. I l : "IIl'1ll-B" s'rmcn l Asnlstunl Cin-or L4-ntlvr I 5 --An 1-lglm fl-111-ws, mm gn!" 1 And whm-n "ll0l'h" Hulll thls, you A nmy rm-sl axsrulrm-ll thnt nvllpn, :lnal I plenty ol' it, was l'0l'llll'0ll1llU.!'. llls I contrlbutlon tu. Alnhaxnnt Spirit und luynlly will nlwuys ra-nnnln K vu-rdnnt ln um' nu-mory. Ills loss l will he sorely full whvn the gang I :asm-x11lrlVL-s on tho "qund" for un- ,V V mln-r your tn yn-ll fm- '1mmn. ,.-' "' " ! f4 -NN f ' W Y . fl x I x"'r. '1 , - fp 40' - v l fl f, A ' . f 21' rl x cy' yi Ng.: ll ,,.-1 Af I ly, - ,r" X W H. fl E1 A 'l 5 .5 ug, 'l-fltlafll f I H - 4 sl I -A X, - if l l 1 f if Wm f WN, J ll wfllfx yt - 'N , fdvslinl J '--f K A v." ffilwfl .,,H,iUV' XX. i ' "'..L', 402 ffhx is . ii ,I "K 'T f Q ' - 0 T' Rllv 'P f ,E , ' ' 1195 'J Wil ,ff 6 fy .1 5? W up Y , fl? 1 I lp , V 1 X X , ,,f I ,I 1?.IQ1Er - A yffjb . s ,' l Q -,ffflf N T' 6102 f 1 ss as , The A Club Composed of men who have made letters in Football, Baseball, Basketball, and Track HONORARY MEBTBERS DR. GEORGE H. DENNY, President of the Unifversityg MR. V. H. FRIEDMAN, Graduate Manager of Athletiesg COACH W. W. WADE, Head Coaehg COACH RUSSELL COHEN, Assistant Coaehg . CoAcII HENRY CRISP, Assistant Coaehg COACH W. T. VAN DE GRAFF, Freshman Coachg W. B. PERRY, Assistant Athletic Director. OFFICERS JACK LANCHORNE ..... . President "SLIM" CARTER .... X . . Vice-President W. C. BATY .............. Secretary ACTIVE MERTBERS BILL ALMON "CUE" CUNNINGHAM GEORGE IRoNs "COUNTRY" OLIVER GUIDON BAIRD EMILE BARNES W. C. BATY CHARLES BRoMEERc WILLIAM BUCKLER PETE CAMP "SLIM" CARTER AL CLEMENS BEN COMPTON R. M. COSTON O. R. COTTLE PAT CRUISE ELMER DANY HIRAM A. DAVIS VERDo ELMORE DICK EMMETT GORDON GAY GRANT GILLIS I-IUEY GREEN ROBERT HINTON A. T. S. HUBERT BEN HUDSON CLIFF INGLXS BRUCE JONES MARVIN KELLY LELIAS KIRBY JACK LANGHORNE JOHN MCBROWN GRAIIAM MCCLINTDCK EMMETT MCGAULEY WILLIAM MCKISSACK LEE S. MCMILLAN ALLEN MACCARTEE TOM NEWTON MANCHESTER PAGET UPETERU PITTS HSHORTYU PROPST MAX ROSENFELD SAM SILVERMAN . VERNON STABLER HERBERT STEED UHERCH STEINER ROY L. SMITH PAUL TUBBS HULETTE WIIITTAKEI- JACK WISLON . I I fzrssi I x , Q' 403 pau.- Pl ,. , VK-l'u,!' 4' . f ty, 9 .KW J-5 6' 0 I-tw .H tl Q ' U alll r W 0 :7'7! 'f'-rw Q Q ,Q O V f, rl lk I T105 1 fel N ,1 6 p ,I db, I ,,:,:',0 , 4- A, rl, I 1 p Q I , , J I' ' I 1 ,fy Q W fi ff ASSISTANT ATI'lI.ETIC DIRECTOR WILLIAM BERNEY PERRY He was the first of our assistant athletic directors, and handled the purse strings of the most successful financial football season in Capstone history. Berney Perry has a policy of' making "both ends overlap" that will make him a large factor in the insurance and real estate business, an enterprise for which his Capstone career as athletic director has eminently fitted him. Greater opportunities have claimed him and his success is virtually assured in his chosen Held. HUGO FRIEIJMAN, GRADUATE MANAGER or ATHLETICS A proof of the fact that the true Alabama spirit never dies. He has given much to athletics at the Capstone, and through his loyal service has made possible progressive steps in this depart- ment. COACH WILLIAM WALLACE WADE As this article is written, VVallace VVade is living his first year as Athletic Director and Head Coach of Athletics at the University of Alabama. To certify to his success, it need be only stated that, after three months of work as football coach, he was tendered a contract for two more years in his present capacity. To the joy of Alabama men, Wade's name was subscribed to the document and he is with IIs for two more seasons at least. If a Crimson football player of ,23 were to write a thesaurus, his first synonym for football would be "VVade." For the total giving up of being to any labor, Wallace Wade, in the Septem- ber, October, and November of 1923, can never be excelled. Therein lies the very reasoII that Alabama's football record of that season was the greatest in Capstone history. Not only iII moulding football teams, bllt also in gathering friends, Wade has been emi- nently SlICCCSSflll. He has established himself as a Football Coach, a Baseball Coach, an Athletic Director, a man of community spirit as evidenced in his association in Tuscaloosa men's or- ganizations, a friend of the Capstone. Mrs. Wade, Wallace, Jr., and the Baby share the success ,of husband and father in the spirit which has made his achievement' possible. s 'FZ- ' x X 9 o og 3. ll "5-+ f , f lr 44 5 , J, , , JA, 'ilk 'W , 43, I K . .fifiif ff Y X 'f,2..ii'!-N t C i r XX 4 fir, I fi,Ifg,..ff" XJ Z2 If yf ff - .sf I' f, Q D ghd . Is X l 'MMV . 'Iv A 521 1 if o f F , I 0' ff " ?iEI'?1Xs X if 1 1, PM f 'if , . ' ,, I ., YK 4 A fw Y Jag XV! 116: 330 , W I i l f' ., VKL J-2' L CoAcH HENRY G. CRISP In six months "Hank" has assisted in coaching Alabama's greatest football teamfhandled the Crimson representative in the first Alabama-Auburn contest since I9o6, and won it 40 to 19, coached Alabama's "best yet" basketball quintet, and been the first Capstone coach to receive an automobile Christmas present from the Student Body. ' Thinking that Track should amount to more at the Capstone, he was placed in charge of it for the spring of '24. Our bet is that in a very short time he will have another Alabama contender in this branch of athletics. Mrs. H. G. Crisp shares the car with her husband, and is due 'lots of the credit. COACH "RUss" C01-IEN I "When is a coach not a coach?" Although registered as assistant football coach, specializing in the backheld, "Russ" Cohen did something else. A title more in line with his performance would be "Reconnaisance Officer." As Football Scout he kept the enemy under as constant surveillance as human powers and sportsmanlike principles will permit. By cleverness in detection of football system and tactics and personality among the players, Cohen, a former Vanderbilt captain, proved a great asset to Alabama football. COACH WILLIAM T. C"BUI.LY"j VAN DE GRAFF Giving Alabama Rats to an Alabama product was a wise decision on the part of Alabama athletic heads. "Bully" engendered into his Freshmen a spirit, and then taught them much foot- ball. The combination coaching and inspiring composed an invincible repertoire of football quali- ties and the product produced was Freshman Football Champions of the Southern Intercollegiate Conference. ' Through favorable treatment,on the part of the War Department, Lieutenant Coach "Bully" will handle our Freshmen again in ,24. His first year at this task was both an inspiration and a realization, and more work in the same direction should prove even' greater. f o Fl PPHILLIPSJR L3-Ffa fllv z 4 5 I 1 1 4: N ' f . i .1 U ,I H , ff - 1 I illlq 1 f ' A, ., in, , fx Q. X b f f if ff 5 9 g tio.-s ly, 'A Ma ' - 1+f f 1' I6 W? 02551 W ,r 'QQVX-1a:n9"Q a X -X ,,4,,,f K-wig va., Q Hd I, 45 ' .H x Reflection! i With a new coach and five regulars around which to build a team, Alabama followers turned, eyes re- flecting question marks toward prospects of Captain Al's team for the season, but before this same sea- son had ended the performance of these five regulars anti their six new men, under the new coach, caused the question marks in the eyes of Alabama followers to be as exclamation points. There was a reason, for Alabama had ended the most successful season of her long gridiron career, had come closer to a champion- ship than ever before. Many are the things that will cause pause and soberly jubilant meditation to us as we look back upon these days. Memories of a bulldog from Geor- gia, found washed up on the shore of the Crimson Tide, dead, according to the witnesses, from the weight of 36' points hung heavily around his neck. Then there will be recollections of a score board, where on one end was Georgia Tech's name, around which Alabama had gaily decorated with eggs- HARD-BOILED GOOSE EGGS. Both teams ex- erted the utmost of their resources, and the end was a draw. Then, oh yes, we will smile about that other knot hitched to the Tiger's tail, that wild, wild Tiger from Sewanee, and the grin will widen as we think of the "Mike Donahue Day," which Alabama celebrated so fittingly, plastering his ambitious boys with a 30-3 victory as a knot was looped over the appendage of another jungaleer. ruminating over the 60-o obliteration of Spring Hillg pride in the reception and ovation, the grandest ever given a defeated team, to the boys when they got back from Syracuse. When we think of the xz-o score that resulted favorably towards us in the game with Union University, our knees will shake as they did then, and our feet will wiggle as we remember the manful struggle Ole Miss put up before her craft was scuttled and sunk 'neath the crest of a drenching score. - And, aha, the glee with which the vicious boasting screeches of the Kentucky Wildcat, as it came down for its prey, was succeeded by the dying wails of the death of its hopes, and how glad we were for the old Grads' sakes. And the break that brought down the curtain to the drama that blighted Alabama's cham- pionship dreams, the villainous Alligator swimming safely across to dry land in the third time, after going under twice. And then we will think of gallant Captain Al Clemens, conscientious Tom Newton, and plucky "Bubber Baty"-ah, there were three men of whom Alabama is justly proud. In the days to come we will go home and bounce the children on our knees and tell them all about the 1923 'Bama football team, and how they can follow the Crimson Tide when they grow up. DUKE Mmumrr CAPT. AL CLEMENS Then there will be more satisfaction in 1 il 0 . f 'x x U,f' X l " 'bil i A . , -E15-. f 'J' . x 2 it , ' ff fi TN 46 W g' Y ,ZW ,fl?Pff,,x"kx f . ri if' iii? "Z-ff 'V X QL ,limi 1 .4 ' QW- 1 " ti, , J X A wtf L,- ff- 1 ...f ' ff laik 61105 lf y ' T M ,ff f X t M" V! 1 "ffl ,.,z:'.-. s.-lf' 2, ff ff!! X n 5. ' 9 Xml' A X ' 2 My f Q X, JOHN M. LANGHORNE W Tackle W He ls a lighting Irlshman, and W that's saying enough. When Goach Wade needed someone to GRANT GILLIS step ln as additional strength, Jack went ln and did his blt. Q""'t"""'c" He ls one of the kma that N0 opponent equalled Gl'9fUt'S thinks of the team flrst and last. record for the entire season. 1-Ie Alternate-captain ls the signal gguld punt. run rings around 21 honor given this big-hearted boy team, g,ndQ if you don't believe us, from Uniontown, who has shown ask Georgia. No. they had 1101 himself to be a leader of men ln heard much of this Glglls guy """"' everyiphafe of student late. Hls then. Of course. yracuse tower ng orm was seen n every ::gl"Tech" knew he could punt. ALLISON T' ST HUBERT play in the games in which he but no one had told Georgia he Fullback was engaged. could run. He did, however. H H h 1 k Jack was the safety valve Gillis ls nth degree ln football Povlev- I9-S 6: 'lawn to us' Coach turned on in times of dlre greatness. When they get any IQVBB to ,Eve an ta 9 many need. One of the best that we better ln their ilrst year they are UGBUYIOUVI- it Was not thou!! t have. His clean-cut playing not human. If he can make the when the Bea-SDH staffed that he makes him an asset to any college S. I. C. mythical eleven in a Wuulducflll Signing fo' the team team. 'Bama's proud of him. wanmway in his first year, well, that almost copped the Dlxlc U - what can he notfdo in the I-egg championship. His work all dur- . of them? ing the season earned praise for him. To "Pooley" goes the sat- isfaction of breaking the Sewanee "Jinx," for lt was his continued crashes that tlnally,gave 'Bama her 7 to 0 victory over her old rival. Not only ln this game did he show his effectiveness, but his heady generalshlp was an lmpor- tant factor ln the success of the season. All of his efforts brought him the honor of leading the "Tlde ot 1924." As captain-elect of next year'B team, 'Bama ex- pects him to out a wide path ln Dixieland. . K A 1 ir u l, .-dp , 'G M' f- ' x 407 V - r' . 1 ,' H.PPHn.LaPs.UR 9 fo. - I , . fy, .lu . is Jyw gun' I ' s I 'K 1 .' f y' A '- tx qu! V. N nigh my gm. fifl ., .,,. ,,,,. Xxti gg. e . le: . I 17165 l ,ie WW I 'X , 'X f,?1'!!,f'A x Mr' , l A 1,131 .4 1 A'-L . 'Neff W .7 41" 4 l ff' iam" 'A 'Tift f" 4 CLYDE R. PROPST x Center ' Y 1 It ,A Y "The greatest pivot man ln the South." With his long and some- what "lanky" framework, "Shorty" usually spread hlmscll' all over the grldlron durlng a game. lntereeptlng forward passes and running them back for good gains was hls favorite art. In the Georgia Tech game he met with a very severe injury to his knee, but the red-blooded Alabamlan dld not thlnk ol' this. He played the whole ol' nearly ev- ery game, and, needless to say, rose to great heights on each oc- caslon. Last year lt was predicted tl1at "Shorty" would he the greatest snapper-back ln thls' section dur- lng 1923. It came true when the highest honor ln Southern foot- balldom was bestowed upon hlm by a composite pick of all the 'leadlng sport writers, a member of the A11-Southern mythical eleven. f 2 VK. .L A CAPTAIN AL CLEMICNS Left End As a token of' appreclatlon for Captain Al's faithful service, the team bestowed upon hlm the unique and "greatest ol' all" hon- ors-lcadlng the Alabama Eleven twice. The slogan of all opposing teams played last fall was "Watch Clemens," and well lt was, for they were seldom able to do any- thing else with him. A sigh of relief could always be heard among Alabama rooters when a play was directed ln Al's territory, because they knew that he was capable ot' fulfilling his duty. and never once dld he disappoint them. "Now, Al, as your time has drawn to a close, may the success that you have achieved on the football fleld follow you all through llfe, for the spirit and wlll which you have shown here cannot but lead you ln the paths ol' great thlngs. You have played your way lnto the heart ot' every alumnus and student of the Unl- versity. and whatever your l'u- ture task may be your old Alma WILIIA I C. I T Halfbaek "Bonner C.." n Person rmd play- er who excites the hearts ot' those nlks who love manly men. In a football way, Baty was Alabama's "tackler." For twenty-seven football seasons, the Capstone has never boasted a cleaner or a hard- er man at the Joh of tackling than W. C. Baty, llalfback. And he could hit the llnc. too. Ask Mlke Donahue and L. S. U. Baty was the "Blcachers' beau," so to speak, as even the greenest freshman found, In his short ob- servation, that "Bubbor" slgnltled that sort ol' man that boys who admire clean heroes are wont to rn-ad ahout. ' Here is a word to W. C.: "W. C., Harvard University Medical School wlll find ln you a representative of which Alabama ls proud. You are one of those who truly make 'Alabama' rev- erenced ever, pure and stainless, as it ls today." Mater wlll always be proud of I you." BX . 403 5' l wifi! Ili., . , g " , ' K l' ' aff ima . .gd , 'I X , , J-,...m 'W W '44j5r5 , ,. ' xv. pr "-:q -"5:. f y 5 W. 5 W Q X fil ly MQ, , fn. 5 mme, g5Q If X. 1 1 1 R vw v Hx tx ,J Xl' legit, , 4' X N , I ' f J X, P'-T but qu' 9 Q5 "' .f , '11, K , yrf M ,fy V I 1 ' " f f ' f 'Q af rl ' ' K fmt X , f ' J Rv . I, A tv lv to in f f mf 'MU xfa, M f , l ,gl lf' ,f fm , E X tw U 1 Awmz: 'un 'X Y X . X.. X BERN ICE E. COMPTON Tackle "Big Ben" and hls educated toe played quite a part in the work of the "Tldesmen," and wlll play a. still larger part next year. The mere posltlon "tackle" does not tell half of "Big Bows" foot- ball story. It was a placement kicker, probably the equal of any In this section ol' the country, that made Compton one ol' tho leading scorers of Alabama's eleven. He kicked fleld goals from good dis- tances ln three successive games. I-Ils best on the campus was a ner- feet one of 40 yards. AS ll man of weight and effectiveness ln the line, he was good. "Ben's" pure scoring power was 34 points. Three fleld goals, one touchdown, and 18 points from placement after touchdown. Great work, "Big Boy." TOM NEWTON Right End Tom's spirit and knack of ln- :-xplring others would merit him a place ou any team, for there never was, through all these ages, any man enrolled at the Capstone who had more spirit than Tom. Although deterred hy an operation the flrst part of the season, it was not long before Tom graced , 1' N as :!gg x. I IIULETT B. WVHITTAKER End and Back Nvlth the versatility of a born football player, and the adapta- hlllty of a man who gives his all, "Whit" was the mender of leaks ln the Alabama 1923 eleven. As this posltlon of repairer is next ln importance to that of builder, who is the coach himself, one can readlly realize that Wlxlttalcer was a very large factor in one of Alaba1na's most conspicuously great football seasons. To see "XVhlt" run Interference ls to see one of the main branches of foot- ball perfected. In fact, "Whit" is so good at anywhere that to take him from one place to another somewhat weakens the team ln that vacated locality. One more year of "NVhlt," according to reg- ulatlons. ' Denny Field with the same old Hght he had shown in former years. A sad spot will be In the hearts . ol' us all when hls towering figure will not answer the call ln 1924. "Tom, you have endeared your- self to all our hearts, and, too, you, through your wonderful spir- lt, and never-ceasing efforts, have done more than your share in ln- sertlng the greatest page in the history of football at Alabama. Departlng. you carry with you - ' the love, esteem, and affectlon of Xf- IZ Q' everyone of us." ' K, 4, 'F' q ,v 'rf' ,l"-rj ' x 4.09 Q- ' I 'fn' ' ' , 'p ., , , Yi .4 AX Q -' ii! EW ,, lr! -1-.JC-LP 3 F: '51 MY - 'X XX f VL ffff' 'Wie f X XX '...- , 55' 7' Nl , if 477.12 " X pl ' at m"'W'.." , .. e las, X' ,fr l 4 f xl ix xy: Y T O I If K gg , T 1 AAV, R Q'-Ll 'L f-100 I lx YV' I ff .qt ,- ,Z in x l 1,533 A ff , ,f ir-.. I l vr BRUCE JONES Left Guard l-Iere is another lmy who upset the dope this fall by maklng the varsity football team his flrst year. Although Bruce's previous experience wlth football was on the flank posltlons, he was chosen for a guard and plugged away so faithfully that he won his regular berth. The guard posltlons are tho most unromantlc ones, yet they are among the most impor- tant, oftenslvely and defensively. Bruce was a hulwark on the de- fense and was a fast-stepping ln- terferer on the offense. From this posltlon he paved many easy roads for the Crimson backs. Bruce ls regarded as a good man ln any posltlon and will be used for the betterment of the team In '24, Such a player is the salvation of a coach. Kay. 1" ALLEN MMHCARTEE Ilulf Back Just another one of the duo- performers, viz: Love and Foot- ball. He can do both to perfec- tion! Results in both cases speak for themselves. "Mac" was, wlthout a doubt, the most efllclent passer on the squad. His passes were precisely accurate and always seemed to go right to the recelver's hands. He, wlth Glllls receiving, scored our first marker against Georgia. Not only could he pass well, but he could also kick, tackle, side- step, spln around, run ends, and do Mlythlng that could be desired on the football Held. CupId's protlt has been Ala- bama's loss. 10 JOSEPH "PETE" CAMP ltlght Guard "Pete," the boy who said little but did much, who fought from whistle to whistle, and left 'em along his path, ls another grad- uated freshman. With Jones, he formed the best pair of guards that 'Bama has had ln years. He ls fast, ready at all times with his hands, and knows how to keep his eyes on the ball. Our dear friend, Walter Camp, can plck his All- Amerlcan, but it takes "Pete" to play them. XWUE '1 W., I xxx' A 'YQ " 15' ff we 4 ef f I 44.51 ' QE -Q , ' , 3 fwtilvl l lf l f P "ig Q fb? N If X511- ,Uv 'flEWfUiti'V'L .317- 5 xv., G, -I 'wa J xFf" B 0-5 ,,-N, 1 U , fr-A fn. l. t I 1114 D ,. . 1 'J Qtr' , 1 . kv l l 1 X fl I T f lf? f , I 4 K Elly X lk D f gf It ' H," l R 1 f ' X 5 3' y Y I I . Q f , gui' ' +11 Hfl, . 1--. f K 1 l lj f 'A-.,f4,oZ ,,,,., - ,x : ,V Q K Z 1 - , 5 1 ' 1 l BEN A. HUDSON End There is no position ln the llne quite so dlfllcult for a new man as an end. And to make a letter In that sector of the eleven is a feat which is due more than the usual amountlot' recognition. That is why the fact that Al Clemens and Tom Newton are leaving two vacant ends, is not so depressing as it might be. Ben Hudson will probably hold down one of these positions. Hls play- ing agalnst Mississippi was splen- did, and he ls conflclently expected to make every Saturday a "great" one ln the season of 1924. l WVILLIQM E. BUCKLER Left Tuekle Buckler ls a mighty good reason why no bucking was done over his tackle. We saw "Buck" spill Florida plays through the line timerafter time ln the Florida game, not a. gain coming over his tackle. Fast and heavy, he's an ideal llnesman. There's not a. man on the team who can get down under punts better than he. Ofttlmes he would be waltlng right under the punt to tackle Lne receiver. "Buck's" one of our best bets for an All-Southern berth next year. Il EMILE BARNES Half Back "Speedy." No better name 1-euld he given to this young Grove-1-lilllan. Hb is even more than swift. 1-Ie can punt, pass, tau-kle, and block. . Like Stevie did Akron, he and Gillis notlfled Mr. Rand McNally that the fair city of Grove Hill, Alabama, deserved a place on the map. "Speedy," wlth his flery red head, ls one ol' the gamest fighters Alahamlans have ever seen. Nvhen the other backs failed to gain, it was "Barnes hack," or a signal I'or a forward pass, or an end run, or xt line plunge. In any el' these departments "Speedy" excelled. 1' 'X I X ,lff X ! f Il f , 4 dfqk 4 fa.- 'L1'I'4 A 41157 d 'X 'X wt r Fu "rf to f W N. '-,...4 1 x -+'l is .4--' l .- .: ,f'r'w, V ,fi 1 0 lk 'X I 11' l 0 ZW X 1 li 'M A' 1 4 -x J , l x X , f"' Q , , XX full' 'M ll' rf, t 'fl 'W l O' f X' Q f"k I GLX W. S. OLIVER Half Back In recent years that part of the globe known as "Pamela," which few can locate. has had a repre- sentative on both football and baseball teams. "Country," "I-Ilene," "Panola," or whatever tltle you may wlsh to use, Oliver. slow of speech, fleet of foot, and l quick to reach the heart of an ap- proved young lady, was the repre- sentative of this place in our 1923 W gridiron club of eleven. Whenever called upon to enter the fracas he was always on the job. He gave an excellent ac- count of himself when the oppor- tunlty fell hls way. f 'T Q24 JOHN MACK BROWN Half Back Remember those flrst two games on the campus? And the way Florida got scared up at Blrmlng- ham? This Dothan lad did lt. He has the makings of the great- est and most elusive back of all times ln Dlxleland. That's a fact. He never stops, can run around ends like Bowman and Bartlett, and he can pass and punt the plgskin. If there's any- one the Capstone must watch next year, it ls Mack Brown, the dash of Alabama! 412 CLIFF INGLIS Student Manager When the season opened, the task of handling the business end ot' the Crlmson Tide fell in the hands of Cliff Inglis, due to the fallure of "Dutch" Ferguson to return to school. Cliff, with his able flock of asslstants, deserves every bit of praise that can be offered. I-lc rendered great serv- lce to both the coaches and the players. A likeable young fellow and an object of sincere gratitude and many good wishes ls Cliff. "May all of your undertakings be as successful. as your manager- shlp of the nineteen twenty-three eleven." til? ,fn WN ,, ,fx , l ug ,le a s ff + fc 5? 0' D 11 1 me 1 2 ' 'I nn' , "'f"!ra 15455. yu, nf I .4 Q ' --F . 1 R512 ,. I ,YIK z Q? X fill.. by iw .. f if f lv Ny --K s . I IA! lf' flt wf X li, .4 Q fbfvrz X A Qi-f?1T.fQi.ii1'ikIt'. ,V Base all-The Season of 1923 A With the score tied at four all, and with two 1 aboard the gangways, Max Rosenfeld drove a Yr homer over the leftfield fence of the Selma ball ii wi, , V yard to win from the Rochester International fl ..,i Q. , ' '-" ' League Club, 7 to 4. '44 , ll ,xx I .i This was the first signal that Alabama was at last back in the paths to the heights of base- ball glory which she had so often before trod, but from which, for two seasons, she had strayed. This is the greatest victory that an Alabama team has ever won. Paul Tubbs, just in from ' the Frosh ranks, made his debut that day, and for seven innings turned the Rochester boys away with five hits, until he was replaced. Though this was the second victory that Ala- bama registered over a professional nine, it will never displace the memory of a 3 to O victory l over the Birmingham Barons on a windy March day in 1919. Helping "Big Daniel," pitcher, on this occasion, were Joe Sewell and Riggs Stephenson of the Indians, Lena Style of the At- lanta Crackers, Philly Athletics and Baltimore Orioles, and Mullie Lenoir of the Columbus Association and San Antonio, Texas, teams. QAt the time this goes to press Alabama has, in the 1924 season, again defeated the Birming- ham Barons by a score of 6 to 2. 'Bama has got the talkingest team in years. Watcli the results of the ,24 season.j I - But back to four years later. Alabama - 5 1 played three more exhibition games, lost two of them and tied the other. The Philly Ath- , letics beat 'Bama I3 to I. The Barons did so I3 to 7, but the lVIeridian Cotton State nine could not do more than tie 'Bama after a ten- inning game, 4 to 4. , In collegiate ball, Alabama won thirteen of eighteen games. A two-time series with Georgia was halved and so was a foursome with the Mississippi Aggies, and only a two-game series to Georgia Tech was a total loss, one of them going to the Tech team by a wide difference of scores. 4 Alabama had one All-Southern pick, a unanimous one, Captain-elect Grant Gillis. Grant hit .325 and fielded .867 for this. Pat Cruise, peppery little Irish catcher, led the batting parade, tickling the horse- I hide at an even four hundred clip. "Papa" Hubert was next with .384, and, All- Southern Gillis next with an even .325. "Rosie," with .3IO, was the only other regu- lar doing more than .300. ' B For next year, prospects are brighter than they have been since the balmy days ' if Joe Sewell, Riggs Stephenson, Dan Boone, and Lena Styles. . I' an . , yfiifays., v-H . -1" I f ' G ,f W 'K Q A l 4 3 f 1 5 ' Q 7 A - ' 5 0" p ' tw, I., i.. v , I , 7 t ,f Lx I' I 'XX --- --AY iq, ll X N? ,AX El I ,, - ' -e., ' i I ' 119 ' ' X - '?"f21- L --ffiffir W 1' R -ILM' M tl X fx X f R. by ly Qi .1 IJ lx K' Q., f l' C! S l X ,, :ml U2 sei' 0 f x D22 f,.-., f ral -A er, fmmffg' ' Q iiaill i wr! 9 fl 1924 Baseball Players GRANT GILLIS, Shortstop and Capt.-Elect Grant is going to be another-famous Alabama infielder. Without any dissent, Grant was chosen All-Southern shortstop last spring. This is one of the few times a Southern athlete has ever been placed on the famous nine without disagree- ment. He hit two homers, leading the team in this respect. EMILE BARNES, Rightfelder "Red" covered right field like the grass. They did not hit 'em out of his reach. "Red" has be- come one of the best outf-ielders Alabama has ever had, with but little previous experience. With the same improvement, he should make an All-Southern place before he leaves here. HUIEY GREEN, Second Baseman Huey is one of the best fielding little second sackers in the conference. Both his hitting and fielding are improved over his first year, and should show as much improvement next time as he did this year. PAUL TUBES, Pitcher Paul proved his worth when he held the Roch- ester Internationals to five hits in seven innings, while his mates were clouting in runs. He led in effectiveness, allowing 1.59 earned runs per game. He is one of the most consistent and re- liable pitchers that Alabama has ever had. A. T. S. HUBERT, Catcher "Papa" is one of the best catchers 'Bama has ever seen. He led the regular hitters with a grand total of .384. He has a fine arm and one of the "pepperiest" lines of chatter ever spilled on a 'Bama diamond. In the future, watch the mythical nine for his name. ' 414 xl' ' 1 1 i 1 . ' f X ey.: ' f' I di Ll' -F .1 '--. is il "wiv.i:l U ' H ., X - ' 125 '54 a v we pllexxsixf, 'ilmllliil 'Z Q.. V xl' 'X f M1 Ii, I --L1-f . . , xxx K muh' ff . I . 4 Wh X ll I T of fl! I l J N if 4 if lt 3 l l RFK X4 ' f K .il f f Wx X W gm if I X w. fliiifl X be ,AW 'ENE ww! , C425 1 jf xg ,. 1924 Baseball Players WILLIAM S. fuCOUNTRYuD OLIVER Center Fielder "Country" did not play the game he did his first year at the bat, though he was still de- pendable as a fielder. He was at the top in batting in '22, showed up not so well in his sec- ond year as in his first, but still was good. He should get his eye focused and clout the old apple to pieces next year. GORDON C"CUB"J CUNNINGHAM Pitcher "Cub" has yet to lose a college game. Start- ing slowly, "Cub" won a place his first year as relief pitcher, winning two games. Last year he won three and lost none, a perfect season, lead- ing the 'Bama pitching staff. He was second in effectiveness, just four points behind Tubbs, al- lowing 1.63 earned runs per game. VERDo ELMORE, Left Fielder Elmore is one of the surest fielders and pos- sesses one of the best arms of any Alabama out- fielder of any time. His hitting fell off, how- ever, at the end of the season, and gave him a low average, but until near the end he was bruis- ing the apple terribly. He is expected to shine brightly next year. WILLIE C"PAT"J CRUISE, Catcher When Hubert was forced from the game with an injured hand, "Pat" was called upon to do the receiving, and he did it in grand style. "Pat" caught wonderful ball and hit exception- ally good. He hit an even .4.oo. . ,V-.wr , . HERBERT STEED, Pitcher Herbert flashed one of the most puzzling jump balls, on Southern opponents last year, that has ever been turned loose toward a Southern col- lege plate. When right, 'fl-I'erb" was almost be- yond reach of opposing teams. He tied with Tubbs for second place in the percentage col- umn, with four victories and two defeats. X, , ' . I , 59' 225 ' l " ,I K hi'g7,, 'JV ' - -J ill. R n l 'ff I li '-S. H.. 5,11 .A . I X. ts F, 41 . .M V-4,7 zo., -3 'rpg ifiltwriff ,.. be-5 , fl Iiflllllt A f f . ,- 'Q X alibi 'Ll x QQ ' ,f' -- f ' 4 r ' H f fll scifi' X ff ,f 73, cg, 0 f .J 1 If f ij? 'KN V Y lxix fy. rj, l dxxf' Q l fl ,XV ,l a Wa' 1, f N, ,J y ,9 X AO!! 'LQ' f liz , as Ax 1 Cf 1 , or sw , Xffw, 1' 54 Nfl I Q' xH I X 12513 , X 1 N11 1924 Baseball Players CAPTAIN ROBERT C"PETER"J P1TTs Third Bateman Captain 'Peter" is just as active as he is silent. "Peter" has played a great game since he began his career on first base, where he served two years. This year he was shifted to third, where he made a remarkable record. He has fielded with super-brilliance at critical moments, and has hit when hits meant runs. LEE CKREDHD MCMILLAN, Pitcher "Mack" had the misfortune to hurt his arm before the season opened, which had a lot to do with Alabama not winning the championship. His arm never healed, but in spite of this he won two games and lost but one, turning the crack Wisconsin team away with five hits in the open- ing game, winning 1 to o. MAX ROSENFELD, First Baseman Max was probably the best clean-up man in college baseball in the '23 season. 'Twas his homc run ove rthe left field fence, with two men on, that gave Alabama her 7 to 4. victory over the Rochester Internationals. He hit .310 and led the team in fielding. Rov SMITH, Manager, J23 Despite the fact that 'Roy was business man- ager of the Crimson-White, and candidate for president of the student body, he not only made a good manager of the 1923 nine, but was one of the very best that we have ever had. Roy's efiiciency was such as not to necessitate the play of words to impress those who know him with the way that he served in this capacity of honor. GUIDON BAIRD, Marzager-Elect for 124 At the time this book goes to press, the '24 season is not well under way, but it is a safe prediction to say that Guidon is going to be in- strumental in aiding the '24, nine in one of the most successful seasons that 'Bama has EVER I-IAD-and that is saying some. CLYDE C"SHoRTv"j PROPST, Outfielder "Shorty" did well while he was out there, one of the few three-sport men in school. I-Ie plays baseball as he does everything else, in super style. Home runs are seldom the result of a hit in "Shorty's" district, for you just cannot knock one over his head. It is a source of regret that we do not have his picture to show you to prove the authenticity of this statement. ,, 9 416 A f, V!! 1 Q' -I-O y l p -91 1 N pl V-.J g I ,ga ,f V J , 'ff-1. W ,, r. , Q , fx ff'-X' X --F 1 is - 'A X - LT lf" 'il ' ' 6 W9 ffifff A fig k. tw "lf f ' I-jx N jing f M14 X A' t,,ff'W' i if , Q .fi l fi f Xa-A , Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Totals Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama 1923 Baseball Recorcl .2 -72 -73 --4: . .20 -35 -143 ng I5 6. EXHIBITION GAM ES Philadelphia "Americans . Birmingham "Barons" . . . Rochester "Internationals" . Meridian "Cotton Staters" . n Opponents .... .. COLLEGE GAn'IES University of Illinois . Howard College . . . Howard College .... University of VVisconsin . . Tulane University .... . .145 Tulane University . . . . - 92 - 55 . 65 Louisiana State University . Louisiana State University . Clemson College ..... Alabama xg University of Georgia . . Alabama . 5g University of Georgia . . Alabama . . 35 Georgia Tech ..... . Alabama . . 2g Georgia Tech ..... . Alabama . . S3 University of North Carolina Alabama . :ag Mississippi A. Sc M. . . . . Alabama . 75 Mississippi A. 85 M. . . . . ' Alabama . . 45 Mississippi A. Sz M. . . Alabama .... 5g Mississippi A. Sc M. . . Totals ......... 106 Opponents ................. 68 "M K, College Games Played, 18. VVon by Alabama, 13. Lost by Alabama, 5. Percentage, .722. "E-' ' A? X t 4:7 f .pn .',, f' X ' 'W ' '2 Qi, ,N X , 1 , 'x -fi aw scarf walt, ' f wdfhx I A ,H f biifgililf, A ' "9i.iii!lffJ'lx XXX "fag , . - -uni--'f' ff' '44, ,f -A -f ,r N -my ' .gf V,,, 9 I Q O f ,V fl lui ,, fi!!! fr l f 5 0 fill' l ll 1 l lr V Aiaiffv plug xy 1 Vi X F -C . - .1 f X Q ay O, iw Varslty Baseball Schedule, 1924 March 17-Denny Field . Alabama . . 4Q Ohio State University March 18-Denny Field . Alabama . izg Ohio State University March 28-Denny Field . Alabama . 3 Birmingham Barons . April 2-Denny Field . . Alabama . 3 Furman University . April 3-Denny Field . Alabama . g Furman University . April 4-Denny Field . Alabama . 3 Tennessee University l April 5-Denny Field . Alabama . g Tennessee University t April 7-Denny Field . Alabama . 3 Howard College . . N April 8-Denny Field . Alabama . 3 Howard College . . April 9-Denny Field . Alabama . g University of Wisconsin . April xo-Denny Field. . Alabama . g University of Wisconsin . April xr-Denny Field . . Alabama . 3 Cleveland Indians . . April 16-Macon, Ga. . Alabama . gMercer University . April I7--lVlIlCOIl, Ga. . Alabama. 3 Mercer University . April 18-Athens, Ga. . Alabama . 5 University of Georgia April I9-Athens, Ga. . Alabama . g University of Georgia April 25-Denny Field . . Alabama . g Vanderbilt University April 26-Denny Field . . Alabama . 3 Vanderbilt University April 28-Starkville, Miss. . . . Alabama . 5 Mississippi A. 8: M. . April 29-Starkville, Miss. . . . Alabama . 3 Mississippi A. SL M. . May 2-Denny Field . . Alabama . 5 Mississippi A. 8: M. . May 3-Denny Field . . Alabama . 3 Mississippi A. 8: M. . May 7-Atlanta, Ga .. . Alabama . g Oglethorpe University May 8-Atlanta, Ga. . . Alabama . 5 Oglethorpe University May 9-Atlanta, Ga. . Alabama . g Georgia Tech .... . . May xo-Atlanta, Ga. . . Alabama . 5 Georgia Tech . . . . . . May 19-Denny Field . Alabama . . 3 University of North Carolina May zo--Denny Field . . Alabama . . 3 University of North Carolina Totals .... Alabama . . 5 Opponents . ..... . . full asx X. Qlnsert seores.j ,FN 41 , If X If ,,f LN .ff-"5 my fl as iw my ' ' X, ,f'Pf'ffa'.l". 'Q' ' ' ' ' ? M' t'lffzllv,fl'l'i we - U, .1 X .azfqjfafjjll 54" 'Q-'14-3 ,fag N if.. , A 1 W 'le Varian! 'V' X, x, Tl. 6 T elahs' ' if fiat , f 3"" RSVICW of the 1924 Basketball Season The climax of the most successful basketball - season ever enjoyed by the old home town was the 40 to I9 defeat of the wild, wild Auburn Tiger in the Conference Tournament in At- lanta. A Tiger that Alabama had not been able to tease out of its hole in the whole length of seventeen yearsg a Tiger that Alabama licked this time only through the trickery of fates. But, in the meantime, the Alabama team came near losing its place "in the shade" because of "Ole Miss." However, due to the heroic ef- forts of "Little Fish" Salmon, Alabama won, 44 to 42, and we played Auburn. Auburn truly was beaten to within an inch of its life. Alabama took the first half in whirl- wind fashion, 21 to 7, and then Coach pulled some of his regulars to give them rest for the steep grade ahead. Next on the menu was Georgia, known as the BULLDOG TERRIBLE. Carter, Mc- Gauley, Stabler and others went on a shooting craze that ran the score to a terrible figure, 21 to 6 at the end of the half. Then, with subs in the game, everything went slowly for the rest of the way, Alabama doing it for 37 to 20 for the game. Then came the game with the North Carolina Tarheels, a game that cost us the champion- ship, but gave us second place honors. Alabama, through a foul goal, scored a one- point lead, which was short lived, for Carolina got ahead and by one, two, three point "manners" until the end of the half, the scoreboard then registering I3 to IO for the Tarheels. The last half was a mere repetition, the ,Bama boys tired, but hanging doggedly on, and the game going away, 27 to 19. Captain "Slim" Carter, re-elected to the captaincy again for next year, was, without any dissent, chosen All-Southern center, the only 'Bama man to get on. The pre-tourney games were a success, 'Bama dropping but three--to Miss. A. 85 M., Chattanooga, and the Atlanta Athletic Club. All but one, the 'Nooga game, were later avenged in return games, which we did 11012 have with Chattanooga. For the team next season there will be missed only former Captain McGauley, one of the most gallant little gunners who ever fired upon the draperies. Captain Carter, Vernon Stabler, the lion-hearted Ben Hudson, "Shorty" Propst, and Graham Mc- Clintock, the great guards, "Fish" Salmon, Tommy Anderson, all letter men, and then Alistair McDonald, "Stucky" McGauley, and "Bill" Wharton, reserves. With these men and the pick of the Freshman team, there will be a great deal from which to choose, and, we believe, little for which to wish, in the season of '25, CAPTAIN USLIMH CARTER A f . it I A 1 JM. 5 ll - PN i 4 9 ft ' s ,T lrtl ff JN". - 7 T If wfllgz .. U ills. ' I E14 .gage .f W , ,,..,:.v, 3 62,3 xxx I, ,, .--F r, E' ll T 6 Qt? fbgg "1" mfllt, if- vt. r ' f ,4 ..-gs Basketball EMMET MCGAULEV, Forward "Mac" was "little but loud" in his last and fourth year of cage experience at the Capstone. His last year is said by many to have been his best, for he certainly was no slower or less accurate in his shots. When that 'fbaby" shot, his shots looped the basket. He was fast down the floor and full of fight all the time. He leaves the Capstone with many regret- ting his departure, for he was a gentleman on and off the floor. In Atlanta, the success of the Crimsons depended largely on'his excellent playing. HSLIMH CARTER, Center Captain "Slim" certainly led a pennant-winning combination this season, and the success of the Crimsons was mainly due to the superb efforts of this elongated pivot man. His absence in the Missis- sippi A. and M. defeat was keenly felt. With him, 'Bama would probably have won, as they did later with him. Able to inspire his men, a hard worker and a skillful handler of the ball, he troubled all opposing tip-off men and showed great stuff in the S. C. Tournament. VERNON STABLER, Forward 'fStabe" was in there all the time, and had a habit of running wild in his shots for points. If you doubt this, consult the records 'of the games against B. A. C., Vanderbilt, Georgia Tech, and Trinity. If he ever missed a "snow-bird," we failed to be present. He has another year before him and should carry a great threat in his every move. BEN HUDSON, Guard Playing his first year at the position occupied for four years by his older brother, Ben stepped in without hesitancy and filled the hole. How well he filled Clayton Hudson's place can be found out from anyone who saw him in action this past year. In Atlanta, they wondered what "husky" was at the guard position, for he certainly sent them all back mihus the points they came down the floor expect- ing. He was good this year, but should reach even greater heights in the next two years. x 'Wi Y l 'll 1' J 11 .' . o A, 1' fl A X 41 :E ff 1 'es f ,. si, fs ,jfibr it 420 f'l,?Z'yill, ", ,.f', . fi' bf' ffl x as bw! 4 f i ,Hsf ,J 't I . .-,mfr ,,. 1 f -lf Q , 3 it lflr l' N A' lp., ,, M X k , 'g.:.w, y uf' -V .jfffjlllll """'1F-as. , .1 XL? 1 fl I ,f., , if ,funk ll .1 ll ' cami 'ij' 25-5 A , I ,f"?,X A ' ' tj 1 I6 ' MW' i M'A - Basketball X, ,f f T 1"'r 4 1' t u TM, ii ,f,nl. ,? ,'!Y I AXHNQ 1 xx 5. ,jf xi Xssx E ffl-iii., CLYDE Paorsr, Reserve Whether Coach "Crisp" needed a forward, a guard, or center, "Shorty" was ready to fill the bill. He played them all and played them well. Tall as any player that met 'Bama this year, he knew his stuff and showed it well. Propst has an- other year at the Capstone and should go great. GRAHAM lh4CCLINTOCK, Guard "Pig" is just about as hard a fighter as has ever worn the Crimson jersey He is nothing else but fight, and that is for every second he is in the game. One of the greatest assets to 'Bama was the man- ner in which McClintock followed the ball off the board after some one else had looped it there. He had quite a time staying off the Hoor in rushes, but he certainly did give a great exhibition of running guard in 'every game he played. TOM ANDERSON, Reserve "Wee Tommy" from Birmingham played quite a part in 'Bama's success. I-Ie could shoot the goals in superb style, as all opposing teams were forced to admit. He knew the game and fought all the time. ANDY COHEN, Reserve The "Texas Flash" was one of the three midgets that were sent in so often, practically in every game. "Speed Plus" is how these midgets were termed, and Andy had his share. He played for- ward most of the time, and played it a la 'McGauley. He shot well, dribbled good, and has bright,pros- pects of making a real star in later years. FARLEY SALMON, Reserve Fish"-And you think of a little fellow that had such a hard time keeping on his feet during the game. Little was he, faster than anyone else on the team, and how he could get up in the air! He has much promise, and should be one of the best men in the cage game in Dixie next year. What he lacks is hard to say, for he seems to have just about everything. H CHARLES BROMBERG, fVIanager Charlie was one of the hardest working and most energetic managers that the 'Bama quintette has ever had. Always bearing in mind the welfare of the players, the best interest of the team, Charlie de- serves unstinted praise for his efforts. I 421 ! 1 't Y Fl.PPHn.LnP51iR 'M' , f' I I Walt TMJ- 1 1 ,f'CF. NRC fn' 'Xt If , .1 5 , ,K ,.1.., , Y,,- f i f d . .ui f M . Z if fl '1 - , : J . .....,,-Q .4 , f. ' 1 X- ,V ,f I 1 ,F ,f If I 5 A F f W ' I 1 ,af gif 1 if oi Ji -5' ,H 3, feat-, gym . N . al L ff-isa Nxsxx Q If I . TB ' Gi, xxx Y : 3 lv In X at 6 QP f J ffamfs' , Mix .1 l V. ,L pf, ,' if V. io ,' 'X 1,11 vi 7 'f' Xs.QN12 'Zrm.r.i:-3, G 1,5 JE 1924'Va1-sity Baslcetball Recorcl Alabama . 253 Montgomery Y. M. C. A. . - I3 Alabama . 23Q Mississippi A. 8: M. . . . - - 29 Alabama . 243 Atlanta Athletic Club . . - - 34 Alabama . 335 Georgia Tech ...... . . 28 Alabama . 433 Birmingham Athletic Club . . . 20 Alabama . 263 Vanderbilt . ...... . . 25 Alabama . 273 University of Chattanooga . . . 31 Alabama . 363 Birmingham Athletic Club . . . . 30 Alabama . 453 Trinity College .... . . 25 Alabama . 44.3 Louisiana State ..... . 8 Alabama . 313 Georgia Tech . . . - 24 Alabama . 463 Mississippi A. Sc M. . . . . 28 Alabama . 4,13 Atlanta Athletic Club.. . . . 29 Alabama . 443 University of Mississippi . . . 42 Alabama . 4OQ Auburn . ........ . . I9 Alabama . 37Q University of Georgia .... . . 20 Alabama . 183 University of North Carolina . . . 25 Totals . 583' Opponents . ...... . . 435 f Z-H-G if - .. . l 'f f X 422 If f A . 'X 'SP' A ! ,Gr f A af . , KV' , 3:5 ' ,H . Q r Y-W iuillkh N555 W ,A l 4 ,t 'lllff 5' wjklll J, 3 ,, . - L,,ri.P.: .--' ' +9 ffl? It has 4, 6 Q r ' M, ip ,ffffy X ggfrfx W i R fit' f ' ree' wt ' ,fl f wifi , 'l t A-I f li ,MJT K, X ,Of I 14", f 'ifzifzr-exif, N . A ,939 'G' 42 ' li, XB, X U i ,flu 1' X 3 '67, 'lil' I 'fi I wi - I ,I ' if ll iq!! NEP' -5' f Track and Cross-Country in Review Spring found Alabama's Speeders working "ver-ry" hard to produce a real track team. An early meet with Birmingham-Southern proved to be another Alabama victory. Irons, MacDonald, Compton, and Parsons exhibited rare form. In the "Tech" relay race Alabama was again present, and finished among the leaders, bringing back a medal. The greatest race of the season was staged in May, at the Capital City, where Captain Irons led the Alabama "Har- riers" to new laurels, and also captured one of the medals when he finished only a step or two behind Howell, Vanderbilt's great iron man. This year's Cross-Country Team, handicapped by the loss of Coston, was developed around the South's greatest distance runner-Captain George Irons. In the A. A. U. meet in Atlanta, Irons finished ahead of the whole field, and the Crimson machine finished thirdg Cooner and Cottle finished near the leaders. The South's classic was the Birmingham Road Race, and this is the time that Alabama showed the South that she had a team that had to be reckoned with. The Crimson warriors finished only three points behind the winner of the S. I. C. title. Captain Irons reached the climax of his greatness when he clipped twenty seconds off the old Southern record. Smith, a new man at Alabama, was the find of the occasion. He ran a very beautiful race, finishing fourth. Smith is expected to be one of the South's stars next season. Cooner and Parsons each were "decorated" with a medal when they finished sixth and tenth respectively. The splen- did showing the team made on this occasion can only be attributed to the Wonderful spirit and team work of the entire squad. This has been one of the greatest years in track at Alabama, and the happy part about it all is that next year's prospects are even greater. I CAPTAIN Gaokca IRONS fa' H PPHILLIPSIIR ea! J 'if ,M v r 1 N ,- df ,nf affix, ' it ,,,, 1-Q 'L B"-w-A vw . xx , Q4 f ff , . 1 ,15 f R Xig u ,,,2' 1 'I ,E x f , 1 7 :lk ,. 2 ' wi t ' - H ff. i 'I Q ly 1 I ,, A ,. -N ' lv ,ff ' X-, gfii ll 9 K? ." -- ' ' mm ', T YW ,Eagg i I . fp , 1 Q of ,XXX j F . X , I? T I lf! K f M V 'i'lJfJ-my 4, M, Q2 'l f BEN E. COMPTON, Captain Track, '24 "Big Ben of Football Fame," not content to rest idly with laurels won on the gridiron, is now establishing an enviable record in the field of track. His consistent work with the weights and the javelin makes him an invaluable man and, as a recognition of his services to 'Bama, he has been chosen to lead the squad. ' O. R. COTTLE, Distance, Dashes Obie proved that he was a runner of excep- tional merit when he broke the school record for the half mile in the field events of the' past col- legiate calendar. His faithful work has been one of the main factors in the excellent showing the team has made. GEORGE IRONS Captain Cross-Country, '23,' Track, ,22 The South's greatest distance runner, and a scholarly Christian gentleman. His work this year has been so truly great that he has no equal in the entire Southland. A. 8: M. can boast of her Cochran, B. A. C. can praise her Richter, but Irons of Alabama will forever dim the luster of them all. This is his last year, and he has certainly been a contributor to his Alma Mater's greatness. "Good-bye, George, we'll miss you in more ways than onef' WILLIAM A. MACDONALD, Distance "Mads" work in the spring proved to be a developer for him, for later in the season he showed that he was a runner of merit when he ran in one of the big meets. Basketball claimed a part of his time, but, nevertheless, he was a good cross-country runner, as is shown by his oc- cupancy of one of the varsity berths. He was a star in the Turkey Day race, and he is expected to shine "still brighter" for 'Bama during the re- mainder of his stay here. BLAINE CooN ER, Distance There has never been in the history of track at the University one who has given more unstint- ingly of all of his power and resources, in his various appearances for the glory of 'Bama, than Cooner. He is made of that "never-say-die" spirit that recognizes no odds, but goes on and on until the very last, when the service he is ren- dering has been completed. The splendid suc- cess he has achieved in this, his chosen field of athletic endeavor, has been more than merited. Cooner will behere to continue his excellent rec- ord during the coming year. - if Q' 2 . ' U if, U' '!..,3,K ' xx ' nf a 'W C f ffiii a 3- islet" i f az .4 5 Afuff ' .1-rf ., ,. - A ' ' i up LONNIE PARsoNs, Distance, Dashes ' 'nf A f"'ix S. Lonnie, after a great spring in track, was hard to get out for cross-country, but when he donned th-e abbreviated uniform he soon showed that distance was his hobby just the same as dashes. He is on the eve of a great career, and indica- tions point toward him being one of the best track men Alabama has ever boasted of. LELIAS IKIRBY Lelias and Otis formed the best pair of sprint- ers that Alabama has had in several seasons, and when Otis left the Capstone, Lelias shoul- dered the entire burden and performed it in his usual stellar fashion. A man you can always depend on to make a desperate fight for the vic- tory of the Crimson colors. ARTHUR LILLEY, Distance This dignified Senior was not satisfied with his numerous honors that he had won in school work, so he came out for cross-country and proved to be the surprise of the season. This, long, lean, lanky lad from "Whistler" has the makings of a great runner, and next year you can count on him to enter the select group-that is, if Dan Cupid doesn't let one of his darts overtake him next summer. P. C. CLAYTON, Daslzes Preston has the grit that characterizes a good dependable track man, and so he has proved during every season that he has been out. This is Clayton's last year and we regret his leaving us, for he has truly been a faithful worker. ' SAM SILVERMAN, Manager "Manager Sam," of Alabama, with his tireless efforts, has given to Alabama his all in attend- ing to the multifarious duties of his position. His never-ceasingfactivity went with the team until the finish. He is certainly deserving of praise for he left no stone unturned to make a winning combination. A manager to be proud of. -G1 X 4 X 1 .la " l 0' ' e L , nfl, all u f I ,A , ,- M " H A W . X . X R x! 25 IA 3 14 T5 ilk f' Al' Z--Q --N. all f f . F te. f , -ILA 1' e f A f lv 1 Q ' "W gg, , af My X Q ft! ,M i ' rim I , , l l V F' . 1 J ,A U , il. f .fl- Southern lntercolleglate Freshmen Football Champions That is the claim for the eleven representing the Class of l27. In substantiation of this we offer the following record: Alabama Freshmen ....... Alabama Freshmen . . . Alabama Freshmen . . . Alabama Freshmen . . . Alabama Freshmen . . . Alabama Freshmen . . . Alabama Freshmen . . . Totals .... . . COACH "BULLY" VAN DE GRAFF I g Marion Institute ..... . o gjacksonville State Normal . . . o g Vanderbilt Freshmen . . . . 9 3 Georgia Tech Freshmen . . . . o 3 Mississippi A. 6: M. Freshmen . . o 3 Georgia Freshmen . .... . 7 ,Florida Freshmen . . . . . o Totals. . . . . . . . . .16 Three games were played on the campus, and the Vanderbilt and Tech affairs provided some of the most interesting gridiron spectacles ever seen on Denny Field. "Rosie" running IOO yards for a touchdown against Vandy will always linger in the minds of the large crowd which attended, while the decisive manner in which "Bully's" shift out-accomplished the famed "Tech, shiftn was a sight to marvel at. In the games off the campus, Georgia and Florida, two of the highest lights in Southern Freshman football, met defeats. The "Aggies" played the "Baby Wave" to a scoreless tie and deserve great credit for the performance. But the rigorous schedule of the Crimsons, com- pared with the more lenient array of games for the "Maroon Rats," gives Alabama a decisive advantage in the championship speculation. The University of Virginia was said to be another claimant. However, the "Young Vir- ginians" tied one game and proved victors in another almost virtual tie, 7 to 6. To "Bully" Van de Graff goes the conquer- or's share of the credit for the Freshman title. He took a hundred or more men, a motley group in the first stages, and in a short month and a half converted the array into a highly coached combination which defeated Vanderbilt, a team about fifteen pounds heavier to the man, in decisive fashion. "Bully's" spirit, the true Alabama kind, permeated the play of every Freshman in-- dividual, while the knowledge, gridiron intuition and utter confidence in "Bully's" Word were the deciding factors in the determination of success or defeat. "Bully" and his "Fighting Freshmen" won the S. I. C. Rat Championship for Alabama in 1923. BEN A. GREEN. f f a 2 ,r lx 45 f M' 4 U X .ll if f ,., . l J", li I , ,, .1 ,np fp ' -at A rv 'uv ng - Q? ,aw K , I. N , t ll ll .-.Z-' 'll' , H 215' 7 H aj , A --f , . fr X 'ii' QI Ishii 9 ff fgfl5'WiN i5ij1fixi-N 0 -ff iw 'Nl' f,lAj,' T x A -ll. ix "UL ai! ll' e,,,f:f 'mf 'ws 4 ,ff ff M, Q ff al' f 'A' svn 1 'fy 0 if "4 I My H ' K ,A ,,,L.,Jl:luy, N- 93,115-V, ,. Freshman Foootball Players RAT NORh'IAN, Canter When "Sherlock" Holmes left the Vanderbilt game injured, there were solicitous sighs from Alabama followers. However, this young man, Rat Norman, stepped into the breach and filled the pivot position in unimpeachable manner for the rest of the season. There was no substitute for him, and he fought the hard grind and came out with an enviable record. , RAT CHENAULT, Guard just one of the hundreds for the first few days, and then one of the chosen few, is a compact history of Chenault as a football player. This Hartselle youngster showed his stuff in varsity scrimmages and thereby won recognition on the Freshman squad. He is a comer with great pros- pects. RAT FREDDIE PICKARD, Guard This long, gangling frame of sixteen-year-old youth played one of the best Freshman guards in the South last season. Freddie is a man of exemplary habits and is assured a rosy future through his excellent Freshman exhibitions. With age, weight, speed, and experience, "Pick" is varsity caliber. RAT DISMUKES, Guard and Tackle One of the Jefferson County duo of linemen. I-Ie is fierce of countenance and truly ferocious of mien when in gridiron togs. His play is not only spectacular but effective. As a plugger of any hole in the line he was indispensable for the wel- fare of the team of ,23. RAT Goomz, Guard A Rather slow at the start, Goode rose with the declining temperature and, as fall came into its own he-followed suit, making a regular posi- tion at guard for the Freshmen. He is a 'flieau 1srumme1" in uniform and out, and a true Ala- bama man of gridiron might in either regalia. RAT BARTON, Tackle This looming Freshman from Jefferson County made up for early season injuries by holding down a regular' berth for the hard collegiate ' grind. His display in stopping McKibbon of - Vanderbilt won a sure place, and like exhibi- tions on Denny Field will force the veteran var- sity men to their utmost. A . .f X U i X' 41 N, f , 2 es ' .,-gi. XV -7 ' ' Qiitflmiggz-4, Q f'- f A Z. v b , X, Eg ,. 4 gift- " 1" ' "tm 4, - 'Q' X'- 1 X "LQ O I X 'P , iw Q? 4 rg, l l X X wfigx , . I ' 1 F1'CSl'lITlaI1 Football Players RAT HARDEGREE, End, Tackle, Guard For versatility and utility work in the line, this newcomer from Jacksonville State Normal is very hard to beat. He not only was in a ca- pacity as relief lineman, but also available to stop any hole at the ends. RAT CLIFTON 'fHOOTNEY" NEWTON, End With two touchdowns against Vanderbilt as a send-olf, this "other" Newton from Birmingham established himself at right end for "Bully's" Rats. His scoring activities featured the entire season, while his defensive play makesuhim ap- pear as a possible successor for his brother "Tom" on the varsity. RAT "DICK" GONZALES, Tackle Called the "Big Cuban" in his home town, Tampa, this freshman came through in large fashion at tackle. Although light and somewhat small, his fiery temper, undaunted spirit and ex- perience made him sure material for a regular position. Watch him for varsity play on his re- turn. T RAT KIBIBLE, End For an end booming down under punts, this youngster is hard to equal. Quiet and unassum- ing of appearance, Rat Kimble was the block of every end-running attackmet during the year. With the natural increase in ability he seems likely as a striving student for one of the va- cant varsity ends. RAT DAVE ROSENFELD, Quarterback "Little Rosie" trotted for a hundred-yard touchdown against Vandy in just half a minute. His play for the entire season predicts a strong competitor for varsity backfield berths. next sea- son. As a field general, safety man and alll- round back he was one of the best in this sec- tion for freshmen. RAT JACK LILLIAN, Halfbacle How this "streak of moleskins" caught on to "BulIy's" signals is a mystery, but he surely could work the "fake formation." His 75-yard run against Vandy was just a good starter and later season developments proved him a player of consistency and effectiveness. 2 4 8 5' 0 JI AJ? r iii x X Qi ,r WEA ,, yet R- " ftbfxnw -fi M Q 4 ,M Vs, 1 Q , ,fffi fi' 'il li I we X 1 Freshman Football Players . RAT VV1LL1AM ESTES, F ullback Among plunging, battering, tackling fullbacks, this former "Poet" of Sidney Lanier was a true leader. "Thug" met no one who was harder to stop, tougher to tackle, or more diFHcult to evade than his own self. A gorilla man in a jersey would meet a worthy match in "VVillie." RAT COLLIER, Back This big-chested son of Wetumpka is one of the best open field tacklers at the Capstone. With youth and increasing vitality in his favor, he is a candidate of likely proportions for varsity play in future seasons. He has every asset and will certainly respond to cultivation. RAT CALDWELL, H alfback The laurel wreath for consistency, courage, ability and work goes to this "Arkansas Trav- eler." As a tackler, passer, plunger, and end runner, Caldwell met no equal for all-round ability. His prospects are the brightest of the Freshmen. A gentlemanly appearance and dis- tinctive action makes this man one of Alabama's most highly regarded "Rats," RAT TERRY WALLS, Back "Terry" has a great historical background in Prattville, and with the inspiration of this sea- son of Alabama Spirit and his own natural foot- ball ability, he should prove effective in varsity gridiron activities. He plunges the line very hard and rounds the ends fearlessly. ROBERT T. ERVIN, Student M anager "Bob" was not a Freshman, but he made him- self one of the gang. This was his second year as custodian of the "Rats," and he was respon- sible in a large measure for the successful cul- mination of Alabama's greatest Freshman sea- son. 429 7 "X Y , I ,X , . :ie-Q --...AQ Ll NM 4' 9 l if ,gf ,, ,ffl W 3 XXX A ,---X 01217, or V-Ai? Eh I -. is-, 1 f iw mf L ' 'E N 1:51 J ff-"---. K g f f' X, Q 'uf o 5, X Q5 ' 1 ' f 1 l W A 6 ii X M f' 1 nf 4 B I1 V ZS FI'6Sl1I11aI1 Baseball . lfVinning every game you play is perfect, and the Freshman baseball team of 1923 did exactly that. Eleven victories in eleven afternoons at the plate was the 100 per cent record of Coach "Hustling Hank" Crisp's "Rat Diamondersu in the first year of Freshman baseball here. In collecting a perfect percentage, the "jun- ior Crimsons" took on all acceptable opposition in .this region of baseball territory. When competition became sparse, for various reasons, the "Rats" clashed with the varsity aggregation and, although certified records are not available, one distinct and decisive victory of vivid recol- lection was scored over the regulars by this outfit of Crisp's. Tuscaloosa High, with one of the best prep teams in the state, started the season. This contest began the string of victories, with 9 to 4. runs. Prattville, a town team of real strength, boasting a pitcher who is now receiv- CoAcH CRISP ing a major league try-out and who was a real star at Auburn, George Grant, lost two straight to the locals in the Prattville park. "Doc" Wingard, pitching before home town folks against George Grant, shut them out 5 to 0. It is quite singular that both Wingard and Grant are now receiving attention from George Sisler and his St. Louis "Browns" "Bill" Whorton won the second game, II to 5. Central High of Birmingham visited the Capstone and, although her pitcher, "Cy" Anderson, did not allow a hit, his eleven bases on balls helped Alabama to a 5 to 0 win. Whorton again pitched for us. Woodlawn High was played in Birmingham and was beaten 9 to 3. Broadus Connatser continued his homer hiting with three in this game. Central High was played on the Magic City trip and again defeated, I4 to I. Cohen's homer was the big feat. Woodlawn High, under "A" man Dan Hood, also played at the Capstone, look- ing well, although beaten 4 to 0. A four-game Hnal series with Mississippi A. 85 M.'s "Rats" was the season's crowning feature. Rain made the Capstone series a double header,'which was de- cisively won, 3 to 0 and IO to O, both Whortoii and Wingard proving invincible. On the Starkville appearance, the "Junior Maroons" were more difficult. These games ended 7 to 6 and 5 to 3 in our favor. , f f 1 XX " If ,, ,, ix 430 9 Qi if , 7 , Ed. 'CV gm U ' iii W ..0 .5 , '-,xi ij A I' O ff' 5 ff' ,f XXX fs' Z' -'P 1 f C-5' 6 V ff! i A ff' QILLLX! " lx Y if' rg rfxr, -7 -xi nf. . VM' .. .. ., s . f ,of new 4 ' .Rss if, ,off I. l,liuy,, rg QQ , X! -A in ' .2 K l Throughout the entire season, Whorton and Wiiigard pitched excellently. lt was unfortunate that the latter was not able to continue as a collegiate pitcher. "Jack" Clay played both center field and the pitcher's box Well. "Possum" Lewis was regular receiver, with Hoyt Wixislett in reserve. "Connie" Connatser drove out homers with extreme frequency and freedom and looked well at first. The Keystone combination of Salmon, second, and Cohen, short- stop, worked with a clearness and dispatch which was altogether good. "Polly" de- veloped into a good third baseman, rounding out a mighty good infield. The outfield did not remain constant. Land played right, Clay center, and Creel or Ben Hudson, left. "Tom" Hereford looked to be good until he b1'oke an ankle in practice. Creel worked excellently in late season, but did not return for ,24. A great pitching staff, an excellent infield, and a very worthy acquired habit of scoring many runs on rather few hits, were the factors that made the season a decided Success. - BEN A. GREEN. Alabama Freshman Baseball RCCOYCI Alabama "Rats" . . . . 9 Tuscaloosa High . . . . Alabama "Rats" . . . 5 Prattville ..... . . Alabama "Rats" . . . 4 Prattville ..... . . Alabama "Rats" . . . 5 Central High CBirminghamJ Alabama "Rats" . . . 9 Woodlawn High . . . . Alabama "Rats" . . . 1.3. Central High fliirmingham . . , Alabama "Rats" . . . 4 Woodlawn High . . . . Alabama "Rats" . . . 3 Miss. A. Sz M. "Rats" . . Alabama "Rats" . . . . I0 Miss. A. 8: M. "Rats" . Alabama "Rats" . . . 7 Miss. A. 8: M. "Rats" . Alabama "Rats" ...... 5 Miss. A. Sz M. "Rats" . Totals-Alabama "Rats" . Opponents . . . . XX'-Y A . A " . i ,- ' A , f' i ,,.. D Q- f ' , V 10 mu ll' I ' W i 'Cf' Masai. - 'fe xy, ix , gil. 5 , ' .,xx.l? M!!, V P J A o --f O . ee 151165 9 fzlif-jg A ,ff tw Q9 - rwyggnufwo . :jf X M, ,i.1-il--1 5 QQ, A A- ,f nr o ,' 1' l Q rw' yfx THE FRESHMAN GROUP AT 'rms BEGINNING or THE 1924 SEASON Alabama . . -lg li- I XX ,XX gf' nfl: xx' I Score Opponent Score Alabama . . . ---g --------. . . -1- Score Opponent Score Alabama . . . --H il--i -- Score l . Opponent Score Alabama . . . ---- --?---- . . . --- Score l Opponent Score Alabama . . . -if -1--i . ---- Score , Opponent Score Alabama . . -----g -l---- . . -T- Score Opponent Score Alabama . . . ----- --l---- . . ,-l Score l Opponent Score Alabama . . -l- ill- --- Score , Opponent Score Alabama . . . -if ------- , . , ---i Score Y Opponent Score Alabama . . --g --1---i ----. Score Opponent Score A VAQV Alabama-Total . . --i Opponents-Total . . ---- X Z-. G4 -Ilan ff fimz-J , ,jgrw at - 432 I wt'-7p.3ZI',,e , 1 f!,,' Vlgvfyf' I cv, bf . I' ' V Vs' 1' tj '11, lx will fi f A id fl? "l" Ml' . f .lf fly A , vile ' ll ,N ylrfwu I. '-X 1 W. 4 Y, 'E'-iflllil f"'H., i X a,'3':1f',l'J'fl,l Xi'--..72CQ:.A 1 A-.titifamr 1, 4 K. xii' " a V. 'iii . 5 ky I I I 110 f l l Xl fx f 6 ff 1 all 'll l f.f:WMl .9 1 1 Z 5' ' I .U mf 4 I: X l k U Qt! x ,. ,yt V X , J lv fy 'vi ij, X ' XX l, N IAM ' b rl! , '21, A s l - I-'A X al Freshman Basketball, 1924 Alabama seems to be gaining a reputation as having the best Freshman teams, in all departments of athletics in which they participate, in the South. The Freshman Bas- ketball Team was no exception to the general rule. A number of contributions should come from this source to strengthen Alabama's already bright prospects for next year's Varsity Basketball Team. Q' The following men are those who composed this year's team: F orwards: Kaminsky, Chadwick and Sparks. Centers: Denny and Holmes. Guarzls: Grillith, Almon Stabler and Dave Rosenfeld. 1924 Freshman Basketball Record Alabama Frosh 19? Mignon Mills fSylacaugal . . . Alabama Frosh 283 Alexander City High . . . . . Alabama Frosh 305 Tuscaloosa High . . . . . Alabama Frosh 271 Sidney Lanier High . . . Alabama Frosh 19? Greenville High ..... . . Alabama Frosh zog Woodlawn High . . . . . . . Alabama Frosh 33: Phillips High fBirmingl'l8ml . . . Totals , . . I76Q Opponents ....... . . 1 I Y f' we-X ' Af, l N lflf .ff 433 -.l 0 ,ff ,j'rx "pw ,tx 0 l l lxgiggliix if I ' 1 I x. , ' 'Qfl lfilylhl, u -' w H , f elm' X, may vp? X l1m7l?W'Tb2 f f X L. 1 ,433 fl I 1 "lX'.v2.T: ,:. I 434 Q my Fw Q 611451 ipjfy, Q Nw lf ' 5 Q S' X 0+- 1 E 0 ' QV, if, I A , , l may 4, T I V lf' ljffl lf lllxklw 'lv fl ll M, X Q X f ' gf, vb 'WT 1 .fra Q. Rx Xq M' -1 b e ffl w 0 ,lg A ,9 ' 2 ' lf 4 X The Co-Ed "A" Club Founded in 1921 for all Co-Eds who have made their letters in basketball FOUNDERS GLAnYs CLAYTON CONCHITA HAMMET Louxse McCo1.LuM GLADYS GREEK MARY MAUDR Ll'l"l'LE Rum S1'Rl:R1' OFFICERS GLAnYs GRRRR. ..... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . President CA1'mzRlNR Nucxons. . . . . . . . Via'-Prnident MARY RonER'1SoN . . . . Secretary-Treasurer , MIQMBERS VIRGINIA DONOVAN CATIIBRINE NUcKoLs Class of 1924 P GLADYS GRRER Class of 1925 MARY MAUDR LITTLE CLAIRE S'roRRs Class of 1926 A MARY ROBliR'l'SON LOUISE STREBILB HALLIE Wnuclrr l l . ,f 4 t.,,1 -1 435 5 4 H ,jj 0" r flag H 1 , Q tj ' Zjj!ff?7li,?'i V 'S -. . Z"'S .,--fe -- X, r at 'cf' f X . ff , . f n. f i kv I!! fail 1 5 I r 6 XZ! JV? Nf I X X ,V U V mf X X, W ,gli x A If -A .127 I-'i'-"-'-.-..........-. X """""-"":"" i litilfb i ,fihllfi i -ff' f f ff 5 N ,"! f as U A mid!" 1 i 31, .f - ' 1 ,E i 'J V' A , Cf" s.. ,,.,,, , Co-Ed Basketball 5 Co-Ed Basketball, which, despite the rise of "Knickerbocker Klubs" and "Hiking Hordes," is still the real outlet for enthusiasm and athletic interest among the "Capstone Coquettes," went through its fourth season with increasing im- petus. The number of aspirants for positions rose above any previous season, mounting to E more than thirty candidates before the squad was picked. Despite the fact that, during the season of eight games, play was ruled by four different varieties of basketball regulations in that num- ber of games, the quality of work done by the "Crimsonettes' was of a high standard. i v From a local standpoint, the season's climax l was the at-home victory over Women's College of Montgomery, 25 to 21. This made the sec- l ond straight defeat for the Capital City girls on l the Capstone floor. Birmingham-Southern was i beaten here in the season opener, while Bryson College was played and defeated under unfa- l QAM-MN KATHERINE NUCKOLS miliar rules and conditions at Fayetteville, Tenn., 16 to 14. Not a single member of the letter squad will leave before next year, and an ex- xl cellent sextette should be obtained from the material. ' "Hallie" Wright, captain-elect and star center, failed to 1'eturn, leaving a vacancy at this important position. Louise Strebile, swift and successful forward, was also absent, putting Coaches McGauley and Hudson to more work in revising the line-up. i BEN A. GREEN. l Q i i i Q I V ' i il I J,-ff" "" ' "-- -gtk A ,fi -. fi 7 Q ,A -, , 6 ' 4' i , A 43 ,f 6.30, ' f I V . ol . , A 'U"?f1', . , , ij., . V Vi, ..,. , 4 ig: . g x ,V .Vi 'I V- i , sz i L7-rlftf ' ,jj , K ''1m ii fy! 'fif""'f-,gig , ' X . 0 ff -fi f I - f-wnI'ti' 6? ,ff' fb , 1 In JI .VX .I gfff' I X I ,I I I,,,,,,,,M Ig, - I A , ll A l J: I7 l O-,-.,-i,-,, lf Xf ---1------ X V- TQIEM X I. If f,,f' k I 'Ii V L F, ! .3 I I wr l II f . ., . .Il - I ,I I 'JI I f SMI , ,ff VvIRGINIA DONOVAN, Side Center 4 One must pause when he thinks of this con- scientious, whole-hearted little fighter. "She's just a wonder" in her spirit and therein lies her secret of basketball play. SlIe cultivated foot- work, has been gifted with head work and played into teamwork. The "Magic City" should boast and be proud of Virginia Donovan. CLIFFORD BAKER, Jumping Center A freshman center in girls' basketball must be a good player. Clifford was that, being a de- velopment of the Tuscaloosa High School sys- tem, which also produced Mary Little. "Miss" Baker, cent-er, should be a four-year star for Ala- bama, as she has three more seasons to play. MARY ROBERTSON, Guard For stalwart opposition to an antagonist and spirited endeavor in behalf of the "Crimson," Mary Robertson can never find a superior. After each game she bewails the Calways fewl baskets that she has allowed to be gained by an oppo- nent. Mary was a leader on the "hospitality squad" that made Capstone calls enjoyable for visiting teams. VIRGINIA SHELIIOURNE, Guard To show that a basketball player may be made in three years, Virginia Shelbourne did it. She came here with very little previous practice or knowledge of basketball. Now, with a full sea- son of regular varsity experience, her Senior year should bring her into stardom as a guard. CONCHITA HAMMITT, Guard For a while' it looked as if "Chita" would not be with us for the year of ,24. There was gen- eral rejoicing when she returned, both for her personality and basketball ability. For clear- headed thinking on a court, she will find few equals, and none will carry out her thoughts with greater spirit or determination. , 1- 'LI I ,,-ZW va!! J 'I I4 ' I ,4 N, I, ,,., ,I ...... Y , .. A Q3 I,rl'fI'L:4!.5x "x, O ' I --"' 'r-s. i Ill t f 4. ti X I I III 437 'l e J' , I I . we kg , esMWw----. -M-e- I I 'if 'fl I V I, A h I, J! iQ I ' Vl'lL'x If lf Ii, liI I " 'll'lilI 'll -'ugly I-,QS url Allie in .UML I rf a -I fffflw xxx -J Ni . V o m l J , 'gif' "'l Z 'imp A .CWA , ff IU ,r I N I elif, L 'll' 1' ik Q 1, ." , ' N i. 4lK"i23!u Q59 l 'IQ X 'i7JT'12..IE,' Y CQ vm., l i N :KATHERINE N UCKOLS, Forward "Kaptain Kat" is our nominee for the posi- tion as "rapidest running ringer" of basketball goals in Co-Ed circles of activity. In her second year "Cowboy" has made good her promise of basketball greatness, being elected to lead the "Crimsonettes" by the players themselves when Hallie Wright did not return. MARY AMANDA LITTLE, F orward, Center This Strengthener of either forward or center position is that rare combination of frail feminine beauty and innate basketball -ability. Mary Amanda did not come out last season, but realiz- ing the need this year, she filled the place left va- cant by Louise Strebile. She has one more year as a credit to the Crimson court. SIDNEY MORTON, Forward When one can put his or her personality in basketball, ,he or she is the most heart winning of all athletes. "Sid" did this very thing and played basketball with a personal unaffectedness and effectiveness that should make her prominent as a feminine cage star in her remaining two sea- sons. I MARY BRINSKELLE, Forward Those who thought mid-term examinations were useless things changed their minds when Mary Brinskelle came in with them. She changed 'from "Gold" of Birmingham-Southern to the Alabama "Crimson" in spirited style, and should be a mainstay in succeeding years. MRS. H. G. CRISP, Sponsor "Mrs, Hank" is to the girls what "Hustling Hank" has been to the male athletes. As a scale for the weighing of the respective .merits of per- sons, as an inspiration for endeavor, as an in- structor to the ambitious and healer of hurts, "Mrs, Hank" was the savior of many. And she was a "Great Good Sport." We're sorry we do not have her picture to show you. 0 , 45, 1 1 My Ii, . ,M ,j ! ,X 438 ff. of is 'gif "3 W eip' nf ' Q1 Q Q, S Q Eilaritg j ..,, .41 Lil' ef T Y 1 1 -I 1 4, ,- ' iq QQ ' , . Inf --- 1. if 2- - - Q 1 ff, fr Y Q t N f 2 ivbxtz 0 Pe 2215 ahu-2 Q 5 We .State o .Mean mn ? I' s 0 s P l 'E.1B.83.f-ftflefure rohththunl X . ,,, ,,- -- -.,,,,.X K ,A .,.- L ,gtg FRANK Llfli, Chairman of Ihr Bormf of Ilumnr. Now comes the Great and Uncommon VVealth and by its unoflicial officers, duly dis- appointed, and acting with their usual lines and scope of their superiority and doth de- pose, suppose, and dispose of the public lands, airy predicaments, and easy mints, of the present State of Alabama, in the following and stealthy manner, for wit: All those uncertain lands lying adjacent or appurtenant to the NVarrior River and in close proximity to the present unknown city of Tuscaloosa, which to date is conceived only in the imagination. The boundaries falthough later disputed by the students and the city policel are further described as being peculiarly perilous, wild, and with the sky as a limit. The land is further described as being surrounded on the north by H ,,1 l lf V ..-pg Canadian Clubs, on the VVest by Valises direct from New Orleans, on the liast by un- stilled "spirits" fthe cemeteryl, on the South by Chief Mclluff and the Garden of Allah, and on all other sides by bootleggers. And for a purpose for this disposal of the public lands, the Legislature declares that said lands shall be used for A Seminary of Learning, Degrees, and Letters. The Legislature further declares that suflicient unsuitable buildings shall be erected for such educational purposes, and that said buildings shall be repaired, compared, pre- pared, and sweared, until their fitness be no longer, and then they shall remain as landmarks, and still fostering the education of posterity. And for the purpose of leadership sole power is delegated to an Irishman by the name of Mike, who shall be known and recognized by a pipe in his mouth. Mike shall be known as the President of the Universe, and the incidental power is vested in him to smoke said pipe if the occasion so demands. The President is further vested with the power to use the Alphabet after his name for the purpose of impressing the value of an education on the students. Ile if furlhrr pro-vitlml, That there shall exist on the campus a store, to be called the Supply Store, which shall have a monopoly, and the head of the department is further delegated the power to make the prices, regardless of value, equity, or propriety, and these prices shall not be subject to investigation, only to Criticism. Nor shall it be known to whom the profits go. This department shall be the oHicial "Tea Pot Dome" of the University. lie if furlhrr rnnflml, That there shall exist in the University two divisions, thc first of which shall be the University Proper, and the second shall be the University Improper. The University Proper shall further be divided into two parts, those who part their hair on the side, and those that part their hair in the middle. The Uni- versity lmproper shall not be divided into parts, but shall be kept apart. lfr il l'I'Illl'IllflI'I'l't1, That the purpose of this act is to provide for the state an institu- tion where protracted fathers and mothers might send their stray sons, and for that purpose certain collegiate honors may be conferred, and as evidence thereof diplomas may be issued. Due to the laborious exertion requisite to the signing of the diploma and the act of presenting it, a just, reasonable, and equitable fee of no more than ljlI5.0I, and no less than 11914.99 may be charged, and should the authorities realize so much as 5l114,33Ql, from the transaction, they may keep this sum as recompense, suspense, or common sense. . lic il furlhnr prolvidml, That the University may, in the discretion of the authorities, embrace co-eds. There is no limitation upon the number of girls that may be "em- braced." . 'AQ 36: DAX ,, , , s CIOIIIQIIIOI0lClCl.lQ.UIQICIQIQIQIQICIQI.lQl.l.l.lQ ' A V 'al.l.l. .lslolalolUlilo...QIUICIUICIOIUIQICIQIUIGETO THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR t 4 , Be it further jrrafvidnd, That for the protection of the co-eds a certain lady of high repute, viz.: Miss Mary Burke, shall he appointed Dean of Women, and that she may gain and retain the 'warm 'esteem of her little lambs, she is delegated the authority and power to acquire and collect some, any, or all of the electric cookers which may he the property of the co-eds. It ix fnally rrsolfzznl, That should the President consider it wise, justifiable, reasonahle, and prudent, he may disregard all of the clauses of this enactment, and in place thereof shall enact such provisions as shall seem or appear proper to his august position. The several clauses of this act have heen considered with due disregard. WITNESS THE SIGN OF OUR SEAL. l l 4 -7- ,. i , -UH 442 IDICIIIOIIIIIllllllilllilf E flllIIIICICIIICIOIOIDIOIQID . . , .1 THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR If 'vena -news G . I ,Ln E 2 57 ,, ,AJ,- I ,,,. V 4, .- 1 O , gig U rf, 1 y y 4 . 5, , ,H ff, - ' up Nd' H- A' , Fl 'w-.ff - f a-. ,...4. lj f -' f A ,fl -'J' ' A - Q ,-r X, . 1 , x W ' . T 5 " , - 1--N ,B AN- ., gs 3 X 4, , f' iafib "Year:-wnEr4 You Germs s'ranT?' , i n-AL Z MVR gy: .'.,. s s,: f-X5 K XT K A 3 ..4V. v 4 1' 3 M21-ay' ff lfll nn Q Y - . B Q1 5 ' W X Y g J- N, X 1 K, . ..,-W -F X wffff fb L iid :'? ' v VLV , ,- gif-ff -'g' I-LLQ 1 1' '.- 'A Y- X - step ongssgmsmoano 0FTQus'reasMs.e1iNf? . ' bA'- wg, A-232475 +211 , 'V W f A flu will X ff if D X . U X -iT N r 6 N i , li S 4 .Y ll .L..., I' PROGRESS OF THE VNIVERSITY 443 IDI? 'I' IIIIIIUIUIOI i y: - 'HQ :Qt 55' mlolololnloualolalolulalalololuuolnlolonllolcaalqlu ' 4 ' IOIOIOIOIOIOIIIOIOIII IllOIIIOIOIOIOIDIOIDIOIGIOIDIO THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR I . SCHOOL OF RP-T5 .HND SCIENCE The Personnel oithys sc.X:xooXishig'h1Y su-per.-ior ard 1-.'heqx:-qauare.-. uxeell V77' Q. ' aa: ' f . A , . , ' -QA4' f f x - 7'. 4X..f?.i' V ! ' " ,157 i f f I .i:i ha ' f L li T Lltiiifiq qi 'MZ' W En- It lj W:,Q,m' IIIDI , , A Th. 4 x X' Q L ' I? 1 11!'IlWIi, fm' ' " fill V "U MJ1'Mkf1RL? la ?PLHLa:' 1 H sl W M, 1 I The Gataenof M1415 ARTS "' sc.ieNcE The students -xn the devuxcxwe-.urs oi Bums :ma caeiuwce. eu: zhuvnouvmo- :dl fpat1'iot'ic.,am8 Xmgoi stuiems in 1rbe'kLm0evsiX .TXxeix:h-.udecship i-nu-.end to none q A thev land 'Ln the. Y2o1'itIf.x oi the aah Q51 , 5CHOOL or ENGINEERING 1'he.per-qormel of fhls school us haqhly Superuor and me graduates excd. 'Fig students IN Hr: Deparfmenv of Fnqmeermg are nn most mord.p1.rrforlc,a,nd Inyal Shadenvs H1 mg Umvevswy. T'rmrIu1.Iorsh1f as setond ra none and lhey lead m the polltncs of rhf. school ., Qvx 'X- 31, Af K, 1 " , 7'- .'.u-I , 'A' 'IH' -i----r' t lim R-W M '-raw' 'i-Aiea 1 ff.-ag A-, . E -ILA -g, - ' ' ' --- J 2 5 v ft 5 , N N. U5 Y I X I lil ? ' A na' , f -VET t I " x...f 37-Er-,:, :zz 15:51.-'JZf5i?5w ' . ,, --' - -if ' sf- - W - -f-- - 'I-:Tir THE FIRST LESEON IN ENGlNEERlNG 444 I 453 :bf E :W A 'QlIl.lDlQlQlQlQl.lClBIUQIQIMQI.IQIOIQIQICIQIQII U ' . l.l.l. .lnlal 'UIQl0lQI.l.lQlilnlolololsfolollflclil0 THE COROLLA. NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR SCl'100ll of COIHIHCFCS The personnel of this school is highly superior and the graduates excel. A form letter used by the students in the School of Commerce is hereing reproduced. This letter is illustrative of the high degfree of el'l'iciency and progress reached hy the students of this school. A check mark is placed by the "writer" hefore certain items of the form letter and the letter is complete. The record for writing one of these letters is one-fourth of one-half a second. Form Letter EFFICIENCY LETTER Scuool. or COMMERCE, IINIVHRSITY' or A1.AnAMA Father: UNIVERSITY, ALAHAMA Dear Uncle: Mother: I haven't much time to write for I have got to attend-Class Church Assembly Fraternity Meeting A Astronomy Please send check for Eli 5.00 3530.00 for Frat Dues. 5810.00 5840.00 New Books. 3:15.00 9550.00 Tuition. 21920.00 575.00 Board. 324.00 595.00 Expenses. 3525.00 1:95.00 Expenses. Hope you are all well. I am feeling-VVell. Fairly well. Better. Pretty sick. Awfully sick. Nephew. There is no other news. Your devoted-Son, Love to all. Daughter, The students in the School of Commerce are the most moral, patriotic, and loyal students n the University. Their leadership is second to none, and they lead in the politics of the school The permnn-Y or this schoo"L ishiqjxlsf supexiof and the gwteicluates ez cell sciggot.. 4 it Q7?f6v..,, 'Q ,Il ntmcme W W W4 f TAN ' X , ii, ei ' f ra F ef - . Q f i so,.,i:,, ., A -- Q, I an I - 5 Q' Fi stcosn moe Nast' our m m : m y I I A Qfi l l "Mil al e THIRD HIDE 52 I oc - Q e os :nov , a io 'e., 'nelo a eu si Ufeiiliff- T353 i3.z:s:1E.i.Qf.lE "asa Srl 9-55 3 D is 3 in 4-I-G N49 ff N - , ,. ,, .Q -6- 55. - mlnlolalalolololalIIC!lllnloI0lnull0l0l0nQlll0lgills ' u V .OlUlllllvlnlallldlolmlolul0lnlololdlclulclnlolnlolol0 TI-IE. COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR E n LEW SCHOOL The personnel oi This school ish-tghlx ever: e.'ci.o-lr uma the graduates enree. 'L X 1'l6'li,wIi1l l f f - A ' r nrilillwitab' ' e':,- 7 -51 MLS?" 7 ' ml' . Em url . pmjga-' L' P Elin 1' .4 ,li ...xv I 1-.7 , 4 5- - V QQ -5' V The 'avdyeazs arethe 'most moualmnt-ciotie, cmd X.:-ryul-students in the l.l.xx-ave-nity. Their- lsadevshtp is s eeoud ro none: Cx-N3 they lead mn the realities of The school The FBITIOLIS Case of Rock US. Rye BEFORE THE HIGH COURT or Ass1zERs I-Cuba B-4-fNew Seriesl. Error taken to case in 2 Queens' Cabinet. HMG .Sz Helm, Chief Justices Sitting on the Case. Opinion Rendered by Lord Cognac. I. M. DRUNK, Attorney for the Plainlijf. I. C. Boozn, Attorney for the Defendant. The case was opened with all the lawyers at the bar. The prisoner was brought from the Jug. The advent of the prisoner was the cause of much manifestation by the spectators. Undoubtedly the prisoner had many friends, customers, and sympathlzers. Order was restored by serving "chasers," Lord Cognac addressed the Defendant: "Mr, U. R. Rye, you are charged with instilling ardent spirits ln intoxicating liquors." The judge then cautioned the lawyers that they must keep their arguments within the three-mlln llmlt, and lf they did not they would be subpoenaed and forced wlthln the llmlt. I. M. Drunk then objected to the Minutes of the lower court as recorded. Lord Cognac then asked that the Attorney for the Plaintiff produce hls watch, and when he saw that the timepiece was an Ingersoll he overruled the objection. I. M. Drunk then objected and made a motion to strike, but the sheriff intercepted him, and he was required to give bond to insure his good behavior. Ho gave the clerk a Bottle de Bond and the court was resumed. Attorney for the Plaintiff opened the argument by stating that there was a prima facie case against the Defendant ln that lt was obvious that he had a Rye face. Ile further stated that the Defendant had been carefully examined by an expert physician and it was found that his hand had been in a "mash." He further stated that there was a preponderance of evidence to the effect that Defendant had been running a stlll. Atorney for the Defendant then took the floor. The judge immediately took lt away from him. while ho charged the jury that anything that the Attorney for the Defendant said would be considered by them as evidence against the Defendant. Then the judge gave the floor back to the Attorney for the Defendant. The attorney then stated that the Defendant had a right to a Rye face. Anyone that listened awhile to the Attorney for the Plaintiff and kept a straight face was crooked. FUI'th0l'm0l'0. RY0'S Hume WHS Rye. and lt was a constitutional right of every freeborn American to keep his own face. He then explained that the Defendant's hand had not been ln a "mash." He had been swlmmlng ln the Green River, and had caught his hand ln a Revenue Cutter. I-lls hand had been crushed, and was not "mashed" at all. The Attorney for the Defendant then pointed out that lt was impossible for the Defendant to be running a still, because the court would take Judlclal notice of the fact "that anything that was still wasn't running." 'The judge then submitted the case to the jury, open to their sole and solemn decree. The jury then took a straw vote and unanimously declared that the case was well supported. The Attorney for the Plalntiff then moved for a rehearing. The motion was denied on the ground that lf the Attorney was bad of hearing that he should consult an ear speclallst and not delay the procedure ol' the court. I. M. Drunk then sued out a wrlt of error, stating that the jury, after a review of the case, had so mlsconducted themselves as to be unable to declare upon the merits of the ease. Haig Gr Haig then laid down the rule that ls now the supreme law of the land. "We, the supreme justices of the land, after a careful review of all the points ot the case, hold that the jurymen acted only as normal, prudent men ln the FULL possession of their faculties would have acted, and we flnd no error in the splrlt of the decision." All justices concurred in the merits of the case. The lawyers are the most mural, patriotic, and loyal students in the University. Theilr leadership is second to none and they lead In the polltlcs of the school. 446' 'AQ :bg QA- , , , QIQIQIQIQIQIClQ'.lolalBIQIIIIQIQIUIQIIIQIQIQIIICIMC ' I ' .ol.l'I.lDlUl.l.IolClUlol.IIIHlo'alololclololoffflollfrn THE COR-OLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR l ' 1 The School of Home Brewing ancl Distilling The Professors in this School are the most learned in the University, and its graduates always excel. ' ANNOUNCEMENT or T1-Ie Bomm or Tnusrmzs Due to the popular demand for the new and extended courses, the Board of Trustees of the University of Alabama has decided to add a new school, which is to be co-extensive with the Department of Home Economics. The new department will be known as the School of Home Brewing and Distilling. One of the prominent members of the Board, in commenting upon the new change in the curriculum, said, "We feel that the University should adapt itself to the changing world, for only by doing so may its graduates keep their fingers on the pulse of the nation. The clamor for the new course has been daily growing, but only recently was it thought advisable to offer it along with other courses. There will be but one lecture a week, and thirty hours of laboratory work. Because of the great number of conflicts that may arise, this course is to be offered exclusively as a night course." An unusually large endowment has been subscribed by the alumni and other interested persons, so that a laboratory fee will not be charged. Nevertheless, it has been deemed advisable to allow only one flask to the individual. Professors: I. M. Anonymous, Wood U. Believeit, and U. C. Sober. Discredit: 5 hours. Pre-normal certificates are offered in this course. Ab-normal certificates are offered by taking additional laboratory work. Text: "Raisins on Fermentation. Also Corn as a Liquid." The ,vfudents of the School of Home Brefwing and Distilling are the mos! moral, patriotic, and loyal students in the Unifverszty. Thezr leadership is second to none, and they lead in the politics of the school. - The personnml ofthe Exfenston De arltmeni: exfench Uwe following leiker, -reeenll. received from ono of the SEa.v-Shojenis of the Correspondence School,-ss A feshmontdi of ihe wov-lt P6-1' Cxcellfhce being carried onby ihis School. M W W W Y On.9.5l.D'N.t7C Oda 01211-mgwnml mm'mM Cdwvnkl I 'BMS-ng diilant. ,, 9 H r- ereeme..-.,Dl.2a.eeUe..l...,.a,, WE:,..W'.efate em . ,, +.M5'f, wwfvwwvlgmwwm-os . M Sam W wo.q,'an.a. akraXh,9.1- Uu1uu4yx' I ru:.JLs.N U .VZ ,,,w"'m'7l"""':l"LL2""S"15'Mn"'lXLo"" 'u"A'dah"' N, . M we Mfwf-Mfm we Neff fwgfw ktrfu uclkqwmqgdmvmwvwuvv - Scum , .4. 4-3.,d1u.,.vvt,SoookM.h .iafv o. er,w22oxmof.'.elqnuJLm s Qx'3L,3s.'l LZ'1..w1""' 'Aww' Mm' ' xumwamem WMM of We rseai-ovary. ms'-51 f,-o.m,c.uv.n,Qf.8 Que Yi'uuOfLXl e.,Qn.m7Cim,0. posh Xb 0.rLn.'fYLu.1JC2vvo-ls.o.fUfv'fYLet AB' 'V ,d,"Jz0L" ll"M" 'N"L'3:',e.wWi m,Kig Ww AxQQ-IYXUMJ-i2U'4'xC5XL.'I ini!" ' 6.D7'UPg'vi' NUM1mlClWu . l Q l 1115 -,mpqrg In 'mg ggumnr wintsroucencl Annu: uasr mm.,Pn1mm5Anu Lowu. srwmrsm rnnnwresorn 'nnl Ltwllsmnssleonnminnnunvnvtun nu ru: rouncsarm stmf 447 THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TVVENTY-FOUR ne " ' M! If WV QE,w.f,s,ms, A, sw DOC HOWE 0011? i'f4l5Qg,5E'Y 0EAN'BlbGO0D E A, ,J-T" f"'4 as 'H"'J' ,,,,.,,uusu-av' ""' .-.,. .,..v-'uno--""' V-,,.,,,..f--v-::..... -""""""f'ff"'ff'Ifff.,,' ow LL vonuwvi '1 nf war sun PETE-' 448 Olilllllill T OIIIIIII Cl Y ,T 1 , ego K I U ' . U D O DICIOICIIIllIIIOIGIDIOIOICIOIUIQIOIOIG THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR The Log of a Jog Around the Campus 21' Q mingham to Tuscaloosa, via automobile. As you draw near the city limits of gg 'Tuscaloosa your attention is drawn by an inviting avenue of large, shady trees B ' Q u u on your right. 'I his avenue leads to the State' Asylum, and at this point we will "Vl75'3"5i?-"bee -S512 will begin where we start and continue as we go. Imagine a trip from Bir- 5 Q X 1 0.0 OJ 0.2 0-3 M 0.6 0.6M 0-7512 0.8 0.8M begin our little jog around the campus. the right. The entrance leads to Bryce Hospital. The road will be found to be Turn to unusually good. lt is kept in repair by crazy people. -Cross street car tracks and keep going. No notice is posted to warn you to "Stop, Look, and Listen." No notice is needed. Do not make the mistake that because the street car left its tracks, that it has just ran. Some people have likened the street cars to bananas. 'They are yellow and come in bunches. -Cross railroad tracks. It is the L. R N. Some call it the "Hell 8: End." The tracks have been there for some time. The natives say that the company used them during the Civil War. But it is a well-known fact that during war times one side or thc other is continually malring Irackx in some direction. -Before you is the Insane Asylum. No credentials are asked. Go in and make yourself at home. Speak to some of the inmates. If he talks sense, then you will know that he is crazy. This institution was "found-ed" in the early sixties by one who was looking for Tuscaloosa. He saw a wigwam and asked a native if it was the dwelling of the chief of the Tribe of Tuscaloosa. The native answered, "Ugh, Huh." The person was hungry, and went crazy trying to tell the native that he wanted something to eat. lt is said that the institution is daily growing. A large percentage of the new patrons being students who take their meals at the University Hall, who likewise have gone crazy trying to tell that they wanted something to eat. -Before you is the L. tc N. tracks again. This is a very dangerous crossing. The road is bad at this point, and be careful of the ruts. Numerous people have got in the ruts at this point and have never succeeded in getting out again. Among these people are some of the best known professors on the campus. A person was killed trying to get across the tracks at this point without "jarring his spirits." He died of broken "spirits.l' -On your left is Lovers' Lane. It is private property. Trespassing on this property has been the cause of many suits being brought in the pressing shops. -On your right is Smith's Hall. You will notice that the lawns are well-kept. Mr. Smith prr'.vcrfvu.r it. This building is dedicated to the "natural sciences." They keep bugs there. The students never go there. -Turn to the right to avoid going in front of the Library. The librarians are very strict, and no noise is allowed. They do Il0t even allow you to use your "muffler" in the winter, provided that you have got one. Turn to the left. Before you is a group of edifices which comprises the bulk of the lini- versity. The place hasn't been condemned yet by the state, but it is being daily con- demned by ccrtain private interests. It is said that the state is borrowing enough money so that it can sink a million dollars on the campus. Maybe some of the students will begin digging after the million is sunkg that is, if they know where the million is sunk. 4-49 W rl .. :Q .GY IDX . DIQIIIOIDIOIOIOICICIQIBIIIICIOIDIQIQIIIIIHIIDIIIClili ' I ' .OIDIOIIIDIOIOIIIUIQIDIOIOIOIUIOIOIGICIOIOICIDIIIIOIOI0 TH E COROLLA,NINETEEN TWENTYTOUR 0.8M-On the right is Wood's Hall. It takes its name from the unusually large number of blockheads that reside there. From the front you will notice only four stories, but upon entering some of the rooms, you will become aware of innumerable "stories," but it is natural for most of the inhabitants that reside therein to lie, else they would not sleep so well. On the left is Garland Hall. It is filled with noises, adenoidsg voices, invoicesg boobs, rubesg sets, bets, jokes, brokesg dudes, prudes, papas, stoppers, etc. Next is Clark Hall. This "voluminous" building is the Library. Its outer walls are covered with ivy, and during reading hours its interior is done in "ivory." It is said that the students go there for references, these references seem to be accepted by the best of families. If any one wants to find a certain book, he consults one of the pages who are in attendance. 0.9 -On the left is Manly Hall. This might be called the building of accountancy. In the first room Dr. Denny will take you into account. In the next room Dr. Barnwell will settle your account. Then the Buzzar will take your account. After that Dr. King will make you account. Next the Army Department will tell you that you are no account. If you get by all of them-then you must be a count. On the right is the postoffice, where there is an assortment of the males. It is the most reliable postoffice in the United States. No one has ever complained of not getting a line every day. Sometimes it stretches half a block long. Next door is the Soda and Money Dispensary. In the middle of this room you get your weight for a penny ,but at the fountain you get your wait for nothing. The prices on everything are steep, so as to afford -exercise for the social climbers. 0.921-In front of you is Comer Hall. Within are several experimenting stations. The most novel of which is the Southern experimenting station of "minors." Here is taught to the young ones the philosophy of add-ages. Another experiment in this building is the Voca- tional Students. Indeed, this is an engineering problem, and they are trying to figure it out for themselves, while those mathematically inclined are trying to figure them out. Turn to the left at this point and you will be right. ' o.9MFacing you at this point is the Y. M. C. A. building, or Barnard Hall. All the old records LO -" of the University are kept here. Quite recently, though, they did get a couple of the newest records, such as "At the Strutters' Ball," and "Down Beneath the Sheltering Palmsf' In this building is also the Armour-y, and oh, how they love it. Notice the speedometer has registered one mile, but it is worth going a mile to go to Morgan Hall and see the unique species that thrive there. The dignified group in front of the building singing "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot," is composed of lawyers. This is a most serious moment for them, for in a few moments they ,are going to take an examina- tion. Choral is not required in the Law Departmentg that is why they take it. One can account for their good "spirits" by remembering that they are all candidates for the "ban" 1.2 -Step on the gasg you are now at the Ranch. Notice the little calves playing around. Now listen to the Bull. Well-named, well-famed, well-blamed, well-tamed, and well-gamed with chickens. There is also a report that it is well-damed. . Turn down the avenue and you will see on both sides Fraternity Row. Bandoline, Man- dolines, Vaseline, Jellybeans, and other eccentrics may be found here in superabundance. Now do you know Yewney? Yewney who? University! V 4-50 M , :AQ 361 Q Q , QIQIIIQIDIDIQIQICIIIQIalmQl.l0l0lQl.l.l.lQl.lll... ' 5 N ' .l.I' .lol.l'lol.l0lol.I.lalflolololulalololoIQIQIC TI-IE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR l f z DON ,uf-Q42 ff-J 'KM V 42 5sm,g ggigggg W, -TX f f QQ A Y f W f 4 4 V 'WRX' ' ,' ,frA -1 I A Nr lk" , fllflh v IW I l+'k.:.'. 1:3 7, A iw w,'vi4 M539 "fu, if 1 " '-' f' ,J 'Mr ' Hi 17 fl aw ,L V U. ' AQ' ' will ! ' ' ix W ' . ,- gm M 45mm If M ' I 'A'-if wi XNAWQSAX V,,W7 4qq,:M . i'? ' 1'5N X . X 'i x ' '25 - .m,k -f 'J 7 fm v 1 0 X 45.1 AQ :bg fi na QlQl.l'l.l.l.l.l.I.l'IDIQIQIQIUIQIQIDl.l".l!l.I.IQ ' I ' .OIUIOII .lM0l.l'IalQl.l.IQICIQIUIUIQIGIOIDIUIQIU THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR I UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA CAPSTONE OF THE PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM OF ALABAMA LETTERS, SCIENCE, ENGINEERING, EDUCATION, LAW, MEDICINE. COMMERCE AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. AND SCHOOL OF MINES SUMMER SCHOOL Standard Institution of Learning, Modern Buildings and Equipment. Over One Hundred Instructors EXPENSES EXCEEDINGLY MODERATE FOR CATALOGUE, ADDRESS , ' PRESIDENT GEO.'H. DENNY, M.A., Ph.D., LL.D., D.C.L. UNIVERSITY, ALABAMA 1. 2. 3. 4. . 5. 6. 7. fo ALABAMA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE COURSES OF INSTRUCTION Civil, Electrical, Mechanic-al, Chasin- lual and highway Engineering, Archi- tecture, Metallurgy, Mechanical Arts College gf Agricultural Sciences- Azronomy, Axxricultural Enixinceriniz, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry, Ilot- any, EntomoIOL!Y. Clhemistry. Academic Colleyzc--History. Mathc- matics, Latin, German, French, Span- ish, Physics, Astronomy and Eco- nomics. College gf Veterinary Medicine tFour- Year Coursel. Department of Agricultural Education. Department of Pharmacy. Department of Military Scicncc and Tactics. For general cataloir and detailed in- rmation, address SPRIGHT DOWELL, President Auburn, Alabama Alabama College THE STATE COLLEGE ' FOR WOMEN MONTEVALLO, ALA. Oilers full colleize courses as follows: A.B. with majors in English, Educa- tion, Expression, Foreign Language and History. ILS, in Home Economics with voca- t' nal t'il t io cer 1 ca c. ILS. in Physical Education for physi- cal directors. ILS. in Industrial Science. Ii.Mus. with majors in Piano, Voice, Violin. Two-year courses are also offered In Home Economics for teachers in junior hiizh schools and upper elemen- tary grades. In Clommercial branches for office and secretarial work, ln Public School Music for teachers and supervisors. For catalog and other information address The Registrar ALABAMA COLLEGE MONTEVALLO, ALA. , , 9 'THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY FOUR For Your Amusement, Bama BELVEDERE THEATRE DIAMOND THEATRE ELKS THEATRE CU THEATRE That question mark is for our new theatre to be built next to the Merchants Bank Building -the prettiest theatre in Ala- bama-ancl will be reacly for you next Fall. The name has not yet been selected, but you will like it. lOllYlllIllOlCl T IIIIIIIIUIQICI N 'Z' ' fo ' 09: K THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY FOUR -inn-lniunlgninn.-uns-11.1 i n T WHERE ALL 'BAMA CAN MAKE THEMSELVES "AT H0lVlE" X 1 N 1 1 li I az L L l TUSCALOOSA DRUG COMPANY NELL HUFHAM Phone 234 OE0lTll1"l1"'T"i""""'T"T"l"T"i"'-'IT TllTl'illT"i .L Olll lf ? lUl'l.lllUI0lOIO9 i QSf THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOIJR - 7 f - 'AQ 361 Qkx Y , mlolaxololololslolololulnlololannaualolouolcaarnlo ' 1 1 0101010 olololulolololololslnlolnlololoxo lnlnlmolo I , YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME SAVAGE'S DEPARTMENT "' STORE 612 614 G nsboro Ave. BAMAS BAND SWINGS INTI0 LINE POLSON'S SANITARY MARKET The Largest Food Store in West Alabama Meats and Groceries of the Highest Quality WE OPERATE OUR OWN COLD STORAGE PLANT AND DELIVER FREE 2313-2315 SIXTH STREET PHONES 229 AND 456 p . . :bt Q 5 mnnnlomuololurqnolonanalsloun:on-noumqnonclclllu ' - ' OICICIIIOIDIOIIIDIOIOIOIOIOIQIGIOIOICIDICIDIUI TI-IE COROLLA, 'NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR 1 HQTEL IVICLE TER TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA MAY'S Uptown Headquarters For U. of A. Students WHERE QUALITY AND SERVICE ARE PARAMOUNT Phone sds AT PIZITZ YOU WILL FIND YOUR WANTS TUscALoosA BURCHFIELD BROTHERS WHOLESALE GROCERS TUSCALOOSA, ALA. T p q'. as s i? E s Tl-IE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY FOUR Marshall Jordan 8z Keith f Wholesale Fruit and Produce TELEPHONE 153 TUscALoosA, ALA. BmMxNcHAM, ALA. "THE BAND AND THE 'A AFTER THE GAME-AFTER THE DANCE GO TO BAILEY'S 1215 UNIVERSITY AVENUE Just Off the Campus The house of Service and Quality. The place where U. of A. students meet. Cafe, Soda Fount, Tobaccos Sandwiches "WE DELIVER THE GOODS" Anywhere OT1 University Campus 1, -'. xx THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR , Y nv le. , I l x ,mg 4 N fy 'I remain' f ' E 1 Q f W i u l mfiZ5IIV1mUg!i Q.. ..,., - i If , A ---"5 il H191 --4,--L37 2 ,,, 4,, ,u.,, .M I if i FRANCIS BACON The PIANO with a history dntinp: bark to Washingtonha Graf administration. The beautiful Francis Bacon Baby Gram 134 f k ' sz h t ' GUYS 6 C IIFHC 01' HUC ual' PCSU ln !'OYn OVCI' 112 th h t Iqlty ltgf c w LEWIS 'FURNITURE co TUSCALOO SA, ALABAMA - ROYIS PLACE CAROM AND POCKET BILLIARDS Cigars, Cigarettes and Tobaccosi SODA FOUNTAIN LUNCI-IEONETTE " Where Everybody Meets" J. C. Penney Co. OPPOSITE POST OFFICE TUSCALOOSA World's Largest Chain Deparlment Store Organization Buying for our 475 Stores assures lowest prices For Over a Quarter of a Cenlury WRlGHT'S SHAVING ' PARLOR Has Served Alabama Men. May We No! Conlinue lo Serve You? Seven Firsl-Class Barbers JOHN G. WRIGHT ALSTON Bun.mNc TUSCALOOSA f. yr ' ' 0 IIDIOIQIO, v OIIIOIIIIICI DID , , ,N . A .qv Q50 - 'AQ 1 ' 4 Qxr W Buonlolnlplolomlslulnlaldlo ol I lol lo I I 'G' DIIICI 'W ef- Y IGI QIID Q IQQ C. I . .l.l0l.l.lolUIUIQIQIllllilolUIOIUYCIUIOIYFIQIQIO THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR MASSA GROCERY COMPANY WHOLESALE GROCERIES Flour Feeclstuffs, Grain, Hay and Provisions 'Bama. We're for you-First, Lasl and All the Time! PHONES 574 and 750 TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA IF YOU PLAY ON WATER We Have Everything to Help .Your Came Marine Supply Company MOBILE, ALA. - N W "OUR NEWSSTANDW IIIIDIOIOII Ill OICICIC I V 1.1. ,, Cel , , fAQ -6. Qxx , QIQICIQIQIDIQIQIQNIQIulomlelal.lQl.l.l.lQl.l.l-I. ' I ' sul... .l0lDl'lUl.lUl0l.l.lQIQIDIDICIOICIQIQIDIQIQIO PFI-IE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR SPORTING GOODS HEADQUARTERS REACH AND RAWLINGS Football, Baseball and Basketball Equipment MAC GREGGOR GOLF SETS Hunting Outfits Our 40 Years' S-ervice and Experience Means Much to Our Customers ALLEN AND JEMISON COMPANY HARDWARE IF ITS FRESH WEATHERFORD GROCERIES PRINTING And a Qtgflg Delivery GEWlN'S GROCERY . . Commerclal Printers Across the Avenue from Rex's 507 T s T A P 44 2314 F fth S -G- A , : Q - : Tl-IE. COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR CITY NATIONAL BANK TUSCALOOSA, ALA. Olclest Bank in Alabama Special Service to University Students and Organizations' R. H. COCHRANE, President OFFICERS FRANK S. DANIEL, Cashier S. F. CLABAUGH, V.-President JOHN lVl. DONOHO, Asst. Cashier J. T. HORNE, V ice-President H. E. HAMNER, Asst. Cashier "BULL TIME ON THE QUAD" E. M. MILLS The friend-making store Groceries and Fresh Meats HILBISH SPORTING cooos STORE FOR BICYCLES AND REPAIRING Fishing Tackle, Baseball Goods, Ten- nis Goods, Football, Basketball mid Where Quality Tells and Price Sells 306 l3Tl-I AVENUE PHONE No. H34 Golf Eq 'pment, Shotguns and Rifles, Shells 1 d Pistol Cartridges. Dealers in A. G. Spalding: Athletic und Sporting Goods P H 0 N E 3 4 0 W'eIcomc lo Students rn, , N A 1 F 5,1 1 1 A IAQ :cbt Q5 . KIIDIIICIDIOICIQIQICIQIIIIBIQIOIQIUIIDIQIQIQICIQIQIIIQ' D ' 'ol'l.l.l.l0l.l.lQI0lClCICIUICIIIUICICIQICIOIUIIUIOIOID THE. COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR MERCHANTS BANK 8: TRUST COMPANY OF TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA C. B. VERNER, President W. F. FITTS, JR., Vice-President G. W. CHRISTIAN, Vice-President D. 1... ROSENAU, Vice-President GLENN Fosrzn, Cashier CI-IAS. F. FLINN, Assistant Cashier Capital, Surplus and Undivicled Profits, S36l,99l .21 Four Per Cent Interest Paid on Savings Accounts FRANK M. MOODY, President C. N. MAXWELL, JR., Cashier A. C. CADE., Vice-President C. O. HAYSLETT, Asst. Cashier J. C. PERSON, Active Vice-President E. H. PHIFER, Asst. Cashier THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF TU SKALOOSA, ALABAMA A Designated Depository of the United States and the State of Alabama Desires to Be Recommended by the Young Men and Women of the University A onrowlol 1' K fo i A, 'AQ 561 DAN olonlomlulalulclllolnlolololaIanolnuonllclluornlo ' I ' DIIICIIIIPIOIGIIIOIOICIQIIIllOIIIBIOIOIOIOIOIOICDIOIOI0 'l"HE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Uncle Charlie's W here lhe Besl Meals are Served BY DAY, WEEK OR MONTH THE LOWEST PRICE Short Orders of All Kinds Cigars, Cigarettes Tobacco, Candies 4 and Fruits "ANDY, SLIM, MAC AND BEN, PIE EATERS" When You Want Good College Drinks BARNES' PLACE TYLER GROCERY COMPANY Wholesale Groceries TUSCALOOSA AND BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA QI? 3 IIIIIIOIOIOIII E Y ' o c gy! L 'AQ :eg 55 Q '- QIQl.l.lMCl.Ql.l.l.lQIolaliwlololalQl.l.lQwl.l.lQ " U ' ' lal.l.l.l0l.l.lm.l.l.l.l.I-loiololololofalolvlolil0 TI-IE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR I 4 HARRIS-HAMNER COMPANY A Store of Today and Tomorrow sPEclAL1sTs IN ' Correct Attire For Men And Women We Number Our Clientele Among the Most Distinguished Alumni of the University TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Our Prices are Low, Our Work is Neat We Use the Best Material to Protect Your Fleet REX SHOE SHOP ! DRIVE OUR FORDS BURCHFIELD HOTEL T TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA The Burchfielcl, Tuscaloosa's'newest and finest hotel, is equipped throughout with the ' Grinnell System of Automatic Sprinklers, making it absolutely fireproof: therefore it is the logical one for your loved ones to make their home while visiting you at the University. AnLl!Tl-lE BURCHFIELD CAFE is a wonderful rendevoua for young people who wish to have a quiet conversation and at the same time partake of the choices! of viancls. Table D'Hote and A La Carte Service, Banquets and Pam-ties a Specialty THE BURCHFIELD HOTEL, George M. Callaway, Mgr. 'IQ 361 SAN UIQIIIOIQIOI.'Q'.'.mlQlnm'.lQl.l3IQ'.l..QI.4.I-I. ' I ' ' .lol.l.l.l.'Cl.l.l.IQlefulolmolslololflalfl0 THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR I - , OUR .STORE IS THE STUDENTS' HEADQUARTERS NEILSON -SMITH SHOE COMPANY TUSCALOOSA 2314 SIXTH sT1zr:15T WHEN You WANT T Good Cars AND Good Service THEN COME T0 W V?-cofgwfsovs Dome 'rx-nam s'rur-'P' A GROCERY MARKET COMPANY PHONE 1550 J' T0 E .1 F I AQ sb: L : THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR F C Saxophones, Victro- 0 'einjzkzraffevtasff F mcher 8: 0zment thing in Music" Wm T0 Jewelery Co. WIELIAIMIS HOUSE JEWELERS AND Alabamas Odest -Since 1890 Mail Orders Given Prompt Attention ms an, A B gh A, TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA "EVERYTHING KNOWN IN MUSIC" Let your musical wants be known to us SHEET MUSIC VIOLINS TENOR BANJOS CORNETS GUITARS SAXOPHONES UKELELES MANDOLINS CLARINETS XYLOPHONES Terms can be macle to approved credit on any instrument you choose RAIFORD'S MUSIC HOUSE CRAILFORD'S7 OPPOSITE Pos'r OFFICE TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA STATIONERY TOILET ARTICLES WARD DRUG COMPANY I Qualify-Service PHONE 333 TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA MAGAZINES SODAS -o THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR I THE ROSE CO. EXCLUSIVELY WOMEN'S APPAREL OF DEPENDABLE MERCHANDISE WIESEL'S WELCOME FOR YOU MATCHES WIESEL'S QUALITY MERCHANDISE Come around and get boil: WIESEL'S HOME OF Hart Schaifner 8a Marx Good Clothing TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA -'f 'AQ 56: 55 Q QIQICIQIQIOIQIQIQIQICl2IIIQIQIQlQlQlQl.l.lQl.'.ml- ' I I 'BICICII .I.l0l.'0l.ICICI...lalflolDlQf0lQlo'ol0l0l0lQ THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR A Store DAY OR NIGHT Thai Welcomes You Phone NO. 2 FSSEJQEI AMBROSE-DRIVER J. E. BARNETT 5H0E C0- TAXICAB co. Stand at Roy's Place 519 GREENSBORO AVE. 7 Passenger Cars TUSCALOOSA, ALA. Tuscaloosa, Alabama SERVICE AND A SQUARE DEAL HAVE WON US MANY FRIENDS IN I THE PAST When You Need a Car, See Us OVERLANDS AND FORDS . ARNOLD'S U-DRIV E 'EM COMPANY I Phone 861 , I ': THE. COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR 5 , STALLWORTH'S LAKE 'BAMA'S PLAYGROUND IN SUMMER AND SPRING Cool, Clean, Sparkling Waters for Your Swimming High Diving, Boaling, Shuies 32 YEARS IN THE MEAT AND GROCERY BUSINESS J. R. STALLWORTH CITY MARKET Meats, Vegetables, Groceries. Highest Quality and Lowest Prices Operate Our Own Cold Storage System PHONES 59 AND 175 VISIT THE KAMPUS KAFE If You Come Once You Kan'i Keep Away ALABAMA'S ONLY REAL CAMPUS CAFE CLAUD STALLWORTH Q UNIVERSITY DINING HALL The Place of Good Eats ualily, Sanitation and Conve nience al its Highest The Prices Will Appeal to You THE UNIVERSITY DINING HALL CLAUD STALLWORTH OIIIIIOIOIOIO v OIIIIIUIOIOIO H. .. - A .qv ae: Ndef' G X THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY FOUR DRINKS CIGARETTES DINTY MOORE S PLACE A Quallty Sandwlch CANDIES WHEN YOU ARE READY TO DEAL IN FURNITURE SEE US Geo. J. Alston Furniture Co. 2308 Sixth St. Phone 723 Tuscaloosa. Alabama P Y ICIIIOIOIOIO YQ 7' 5 - - .'1 A m g : TI-IE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR You May Find a Hundred Stores But this is a College Shop! Not only in name, but in ac- tion, for the College Man is always six months a-head in his attire. So it is with us. Our Styles Are Phone 1215 TUSCALOOSA STEAM LAUNDRY Dry Cleaners Phone 155 I Collegiate 'THE COLLEGE SHOPS ' - I r- ,,.. ,, ,'l"i'-fi-'Q2.'f.,,f'fiN?y?g:t537? gi.. L 332:-?l33 "Ffa 'T-M1F533?ii.' ef5i'T'5' +G ' O,-fwimi J JW H zckey-F recman Soczefy qi, f, M 5,,,A.3,5L.zigggsfigwffjrgff S-f. v Brand Clothes A ,?",545'.j,5Ifg,ffjf',-jx i,lf,fjQ fi-514, Q in ii, ,Uk iff 15 55 stiff' Aft if T L Trivia fm. Xp- s Il 01.1 tk " 'BAMA'S STONE WALL HOLDS" nonuouololcll ' llllll'l'l""" """' ... . A , qv 0,0 'XQV' 'AQ :bi 0 9 mnouuonuneioiqiolounuurononnmnanummniceman ' - ' oroncn onoioiuomiuls ono1anuumnoioiolasomlama 'TI-IE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR THE UNIVERSITY SUPPLY STORE Books And School Supplies SUBSCRIPTIONS TAKEN FOR ALL PUBLICATIONS AT POPULAR PRICES The University Supply Store is operated for the benefit of the Athletic Association and is under control of the Faculty Committee on Athletics "HELP US TO HELP YOU" J A. DUCKWORTH CHAm.Es Monms DUCKWORTH-MORRIS INSURANCE AGENCY General Insurance Investment Securities Real Estate Rentals, Loans TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA :lo Q 0X Y lllblllllolonlllunloaa g 0 olololtlolslolololclalolmolololulolalolaliifo THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR REX'S BARBER SHOP WE TURN OUT OVER TWENTY-F IVE HUNDRED HAIRCUTS EACH MONTH Praclice Makes Perfecl WEIBARBER ALL THE HBAIVIAH BOYS REX'S PHARMACY Phone 847 U nder New M anagemeni CIGARS CIC-ARETTES SODAS REGISTERED PHARMACIST PROMPT DELIVERY ' COURTEOUS SERVICE mmm... 'AQ Aix - i THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR 3 1 T0 MEDICAL STUDENTS We Give Special Terms On Microscopes AND Accessories them. Write us. DOSTER-NORRINGTON DRUG CO. BIRMINGHAM, ALA. ' ' , i 'I' lion 0 Q so W , -- - .qv fu ,U ' Q a t TI-IE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR THOSE WHO KNOW GOOD COFFEE 'A ' O, i, RED DIAMOP' 5 - 9 ::, QQEQEEH A, DONOVANQ, nj! XM x M ff D0R0'1'5TeD AND PACMO Nc - NOVAN :oN CO" DEMAND Recl Diamoncl Roaslcd and packed by DONOVAN PROVISION CO. BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA THE UPSTAIRS KLOTHES SHOPPE Birmingham Headquarters for ALABAMA STUDENTS FQST FQ:-AIM 56 i-A U . ? fecor-nb UHFoD1?uNNATo:: Bail, :igiq1iDnh:g'vg:j'lC li:-f3fs'cS' OIOIOIO S OIIIOIOIO Y . , - 1,1 K . 'ZW :gba 5 Q CIIDIIIQIDIQIQIQICIQIClQIQIQICICICICICICIQICIQICIQIU ' I ' .OICIOIQ UUOIOIUIUIOIDIQICIIIOIIIICIOIC THE COROLLA,NINETEEN TWENTYFOUR COMPLIMENTS OF KAULTON GENERAL KAULTON, ALA. AML K... LUMBER f3EM5mM5wt SOUTHERN PINE. LUIVIBER STORES IIIIOIUIOICICIC v OIIIIIIIOIOIIIOI . ru. A 'W' Cel SQ? ,, f' -63' 5 9 1 I I .muleleluolalulmommm:omnlomlolololalolo one TI-IE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR IEEE I mmm THE HOME imimmmmmm mws M i"If'i'lIlI CORRECTOFCLOTHES I III IIII I . I h I For Cvllege .A .i A A I I L Men I i ., . . I I N niI" LlI:l!'I 'IL .A th, ,I My V" IMQ, I1 H' I I X ,Ig aiu' I1l:II II' I I IMI I IIHII III Iililhliilwlswl ml. -I IM A Il W 1 - -X Iii I 'V GUI WW "III an X I-I qi IIIIWI I IWMMMMRMMQEMQWW I ', 3iIii3EiII',?:EEEE1i22 f,Q.,,, 'I Qu I "':z':":: Xjj:'1y':az::az'w - f gl ' 'H h,lf:RfsRwsw ii INTXCI, II. yi w i i' "1" X E Qohe A., , ml .. 'MW W M. 'iltxw' .sq 1' ' EVERYTHING TO WEAR FROM HEAD TO FOOT You're always welcome here. Visit with us. Come, make this headquarters. No obligations. QSLESVVQQ Tha 'Sion of Qpecialiy 'Shops . , Q W 'I PIANOS 5 PLAYER PIANOS VICTROLAS RECORDS Cable-Shelby-Burton Piano Co. BIRMINGHAM, ALA. "DOCTbR'S LEADOUT" - 4 I , Y 'AQ -6- DAN , Z QIQIDIQIDIII.l.l.l.Ial.lumnla' ' I T I IQH'I.l.lo' TI-IE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR COMPLIMENTS OF THE BIRMINGHAM HOTEL MEN'S ASSOCIATION U MEMBERS OF THE ASSOCIATION Tutwriler Hotel Molton Hotel Morris Hotel Hillman Hotel Southern Hotel Florence Hotel Fifth Ave., Hotel Edwards Hotel Empire Hotel :':v Acu ra THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR WHEN UP FOR THE GAMES AND OTHER TIMES YOU CAN FEEL AT HOME AT VENABLE'S CAFE "The Home of Good Things lo Eat" I909 FIRST AVENUE BIRMINGHAM COLLEGE MEN! WE ARE YOUNG MEN OURSELVES AND Know the Wants of the College Men "Habcrdashery of Character" . Uhe H Cp QGGE5 200 North 20th Street BIRMINGHAM, ALA. ALABAMA STUDENTS OUR ADVERTISERS HELP US Do You I-IELP THEM BY TRADING WITH THEM? Think it Over "THE BLOSSOM SHOP" D. L. SMITH, Mgr. AN UP-TO-DATE FLOWER SHOP 505 North Twentieth Street Birmingham, Ala. HOOPER CAFE 3l2-3l4 N. Twentieth Street BIRMINGHAM, ALA. Q1 OIOIOICIOIC 1 IIIICIIIOICIO - - vp .qv Cel To I TI-IE COROLLA, 'NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR 3 . "MERCHANDISE THAT MERITS CONFIDENCE" Loveman Joseph 8a Loeb BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA FASHIONS "TH1RTY HOURS FROM NEW YORK" Stein-Bloch Smart Clothes Fashion-Knit Ties Town Talk Ties Laird-Schober Shoes For Women Everything Women, Children, Men and Boys Wear "MERCHANDISE THAT MERITS CONFIDENCE" 5 . THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR ROBERT JEMISON, JR P d H. G. SEIBLES v P a HILL FERGUSON v P d z A. B. TANNER, s C P- MARKS, T W. H. WRENN, JR A s 'r " OMPANY rf. I S 0 .5 , ,Q L Q ' ' ' -mmf rrur n e il l. , 'L I HX .ull E rm Q . OANS 49 REAL ESTATE MORTGAGE L INVESTMENT BANKERS ' 21 Y s f As ociation with the Activities of Bi mingham and Alab 221 TWENTY-FIRST STREET THE UTILITIES The various utilities have become components of the community life of today. Of them all, the ones in most intimate touch with humanity are the electric light and power companies Who weave from Water and coal the matchless force that more than any other factor contributes to the comfort, convenience and luxury of the present age. In a share of Alabama Power Company Pre- ferred Stock is held the very essence of a great system which is constantly supplying you, your neighbor and your state with a vital necessity. ALABAMA POWER COMPANY I THoMAs W. MARTIN, President b Q Tl-IE. COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY FOUR GIVE "OPPORTUNITY" "'2ii'i:.3::ie"'l A BOOST Positions" f..vs'll1':w, 95 ,---. ll.. fga I ., l 'H J Q... XQ X Now that you have started on the road to success QIVC "opportunity" an added impetus-make sure that your education pays you for tlle weary grind of many hours you have spent in study. You have the foundation for .suc- cess-your need, now, is the application of your knowledge along the lines that sweep away all resistance. There is nothing that will give you a better start in the commercial world than a WHEELER BUSINESS' l COURSE Business men prefer Wheeler graduates, because they know that Wheeler students are not only more thoroughly taught, but taught more than most other business schools. They know that each student is given personal attention such as best flts the indivdiual need, thereby developing personality and ability of distinctive character. They lcnow also, that Wheeler Business College jealously guards the future of -its students, by its thorough requirements before graduation. Send for Our Thirty-sixth Annual Catalog Wheeler Business College Gfgfgglcm Fully Accredited by National l3lRlvllNcl-lAlvl UmclentSehpd Association of Accredited Commercial Schools ALA A SUMMER SCHOOL IF YOU PREFER IT - ,.n fAQ -6- Q alQlll.l.l.I.lQ'.l.lQlumlgIol.l.lQl.l.l.mI.l.,QlQ ' I ' ..'.l.l. OIOIOIIIUIOIUIQIOIOIQIOIGIOIOIOIOIOIUIDI THE COROLLA, NINETE. EN TWENTY-FOUR ""'1 'rAu.onsu xr Rocrussnsn i 'R 14-am rom our Factory , llflfmnnzgll Direct to you. U Ri QE Q 55 DRESS F 'I ""' ,... 111129- J.B.S'l'RAUSS GL CO..Mokers. WHERE THE COLLEGE BOY SHINES FOR LESS Office: Factory: 729 BRANCH st. 133.25 s.., Broadway' . Rochester, New York 2007 Third Avenue N. Y. ZZJWY 'uagi ' 19455 XY .. I1 l rf: 1-, BATTERTON'S ' V p ' H X - Rimlllillrf' .. 1 R na-Eng PURE Foon PRODUCTS - 5 - A ' f1hzrnz'4es'fff'1-'mx gt - '!f:giT6cqb,,r., Royal Cup Coffee c gl-A551gzj'gfQ,Sfg?.,fR I . Royal Cup Tea , Fla ISV, 44,3 .ta A 45- al: A K X Royal Cup Cocoa xx-.,l1f.f'.E-l-I? 'PL all ll- Solite Baking Powder IE- Gila N ffm' if V. . Garlancl Brand Spices -nlffl-2, l-'iz :QW 'QT Royal Cup Extracts F' 'V ' " 6 1 l ' ' 4 : ' ?ar3r:,fR,'. A TQ' emi - 1 l ssiffq LYS-fff'..g+, : COFFEE COMPANY .-U-1 if .l .5 'Qt' 'f 114,13-.?4,lLh 5 '- I- ' L K ' ' A' " 1' 1 S MANUFACTURERS .., 'ii , v w ,K nu T U , "THAT THIN RED LINE." Birmingham, Alabama , Q E EE ! THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR -and when you buy BUY FROM OUR ADVERTISERS A Most Cordial Welcome EXTENDED TO ALL Alabama Co-eds E TABLISHED 1888 That's a pretty safe guarantee in itself but the prestige and standing of A. G. SPALDING 8L BROS. Celebrated Athletic and Sporting Goods for half a century is a further guarantee of the high quality of our merchandising BY Everplliing for Every Sporl Birmingham 9 CAHEEN S Arms 8z Cycle Co. 20l7 Third Ave. Birmingham, Ala 1924 Znd Ave. Birmingham Th Bi Zngl' m Home f A G Spldlg8zBrs.G d l "Where the New Styles Are Shown First" KAUFMAN'S 2l3-215 North l9th Street Thircl Floor HIRSCH'S The Recognized Fashion Center for Alabama MISSES' AND LADIES' HATS 2 I 3-2 I 5 I 9th Street Birmingham, Alabama lololaloloio v uloluoloioio - H1 . 1 . Q- 0.0 'XG yi , '49 :ga E Q mnonlamlnlololelolelnlnlololnlalolalouolouasolnlu ' n ' I IIlolnlololalslomlololololnlololnlalolclolololalolo TI-IE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR I 1 he cover for th1s annual was created by 'The DAVID J. MULLOY CO. 2857 N. Western Avenue Chicago, Illinois any Malloy Made Cover bears this trade mark on 1 back lid. IS IT JEWELRY OF THE HIGHEST QUALITY YOU WANT? Then See I REID LAWSON INCORPORATED BIRMINGHAM, ALA. ' X "YE CLD LOAFER'S BENCH" - f. .5. : Q-2 THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR W"e".'.f,'Z.Z3r BLACH' Make 0ur Cafes YOUR HEADQUARTERS GREENSWOOD , CAFES OF BIRMINGHAM The newest styles hrst The best values always Young Men's Clothing Shoes, Hats Furnishings T. L. MOSES, Prcsidcnl C. B. SHARPLES, Vice-Presiden! W. A. SHELBY, Sac. and T J. J. SHANNON, Chairman B c0MMERclTiEP'f5EfrTfifvE80 COMPANY LITI-IOGRAPI-IERS PRINTERS RULERS AND BLANK BOOK MAKERS PI t 2124-26 Morris Ave. Office: 10 N. 22 Str BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA IIIOIIIOIOIC I IIOICIIIOICICIOI N. - . A .qv C51 S331 d 9 r 'fe 'Cb' 5 mlonlolololauulalllulalolololalolololmolallnalolo ' 1 ' I IOIOIO oloualclololmlololololalololololllvlolnla THE. COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR 4 iii . 35 YEARS AJG Y 0 . f , Of Honorable Service in I to the Citizens 6 A of Alabama 5 Has placed us among 2 Q the top-notchers in the Stationery Busi- , I ness in the South. Zac Smith A A 3 Statlonery Co. gg BIRMINGI-IAM, ALA. fi 4 "THINGS A BUSINESS BUILDER In This Section of the Country American Trust Sz Savings Bank BIRMINGHAM, ALA. Member Federal Reserve System i W. W. CRAWFORD ...................... Pres dent HENRY T. BARTLETT ......... Vice-President H. H. K. JEFFERSON ........ Vice-President C. M. WILLIAMSON ..,..................... Cashier ALAN DALY .........,...... Assulanl Cashier W. W. CRAWFORD, JR .... Assistant Cashier J. H'. B ,,,........,... ...,..... T rusl Ogiccr ' ARKER HARRIS MORIARTY .,........................,. A ad iiur J AFFE JEWELRY CO. WATCHES DIAMONDS JEWELRY SILVERWARE High class watch repairing ancl jewelry repairing. Special orcler work. Headquarters for All Kinds of School jewelry JAFFE JEWELRY COMPANY ' l9O0 Zcl Ave. Birmingham, Ala. IIIII ICIOIC P1 IIIIIIDIOICI 7 Y A 0,0 av THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR "LOLLAR" The Well Known Kodak King Wh5fICnnS Y Bt KODAK FINISI-IINGS AND SUPPLIES BY MAIL FRANK L. LOLLAR P rietor 1808 3rd Ave. N. P. O. Box 71 BIRMINGHAM, ALA. COMPLIMENTS OF M. WEIL Ez BROS. CLOTHING COMPANY I THE HOME OF Hart Schaffner 8: Marx Clothes Birmingham's Exclusive Hart Schaffner Sz Marx Store Ilona-lololouo I unc Y - .Q- NQ. . f K- ,, THE COROLLA NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR THE EXCHANGE HOTEL WHERE SERVICE IS SUPREME HYMANN BARM WILSON OPERATEO THE RFS TA URANT ON THE PARLOR FLOOR Or THE HOTEL OFFERS THE BEST E OF FOOD AND COOKING AT POPULAR PRICES LADIES SPECIAL SOUTHERN CHTCKEN DINNER CLUB BREAKFAST BUSINESS MEN'S LUNCH RATES SAME AS 1914 The Center of Montgomery s Social and Business Life JOHN IVIOFFAT Manager WHEN YOU WANT THE GENUINE AND THE BEST Sporting Goods COME TO KLEIN'S SPORTING GOODS STORE "ON THE SQUARE" Both as to Location and Treatment Montgomery, Alabama CIIIOIOIO Y H V , I 5 a Q , Acr o THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Sundries, Surgical Instruments Cigars, Stationery DURR DRUG COMPANY WHOLESALE DRUGGISTS MONTGOMERY, ALA. Pure and Reliable Medical Products Socla Fountain Supplies WHILE IN MONTGOMERY RIDE THE YELLOW CABS OPERATED BY THE CAPITAL CAB CO. COMFORTABLE CARS POLITE SERVICE "GOOD CLOTHES" ALEX RICE MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA "Your Money's Vvorth or Your Money Back" Compliments of The Pitts Shoe Company Wholesale Only MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA CARS PARTS, TRUCKS, TRAECTORS, ACCESSORIES, SERVICE FORD The Universal Car STALLWORTH MOTOR COMPANY Authorized Ford Deal 307-11 Moulton Street Ph 2189-2190 Montgome y Al Since 1878 Capital Clothing Store "ON THE SQUARE" Montgomery, Alabama. IOIIIOIIICIOIC OIIIIIIICIOII - - A -gr Q31 yw ,A wb. 5. F - : THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR G0 Shoes Quality Hose SHOP BULLOCK SHOE CO. MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA l MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA SUITS FURNISHINGS FOR YOUNG MEN PLAY SAFE! WHEN YOU ARE IN MONTGOMERY "BIG BEN BOOTS IT 0VER" EAT AT THE Pickwick Cafe F RED RIDOLPHI ROBERTSON'S QUICK LUNCH 15 55 COMMERCE The best that can be had Served as well as can be served Open Day and Night u , x , ATI-IE COROLLA, NINETEEN ,TWENTY-FOUR , . T0 THE YOUNG MEN OF ALABAMA When Your Final Examinations Are Over Then Comes the Decision MONTGOMERY COUNTY, ALA. OFFERS OPPORTUNITIES TO BE FOUND IN FEW PLACES Montgomery County has the best system of rural schools in the United States, and school children are transported over the best roads in the entire country. A Montgomery County offers excellent Railroad facilities, splendid marketing advantages and the best type of soil in the South. Montgomery County offers unexcelled opportunities for agriculture, industrial development and professional and business life. If your education is what it should be, you will thor- oughly investigate Montgomery before you malce a defi- nite decision as to your permanent home. If you are interested in Montgomery, Write Farm Section Chamber of Commerce MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA , :AQ :bi 5 W IQIOIIIDIOIQIOICIIIClIIIGIQIQICIQICIQIQIIICIQQQYCII ' I ' IGICICIO UIOIOIIIUIOIOIOIOIOIDIUIGIDIOIBIOIOIOIDI' 010 THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR THE FLOWERS YOU SEND HER To carry or wear to that social function will he strictly: in form if ordered here. They will also be the freshest, most fragrant and rarest blossoms to be had. You can leave your order in person or phone if more convenient. ln either case you can rest assured the flowers will be delivered promptly at the address given us. ROSEMONT GARDENS, Florists 116 DEXTER AVENUE TELEGRAPH DELIVERY MONTGOMERY, ALA. COLLEGE FELLows I T Y ur Apearance Means Muc 1, 0 wan- KLEIN SL SON HICKEY-FREEMAN M0N'l'f:'6'fvl?ftvf:L,f.'rfllr55,fMA JE-VUE-l-ERS A : : 2 E S : D MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA 3 -' E i- 5 e I I -5'F?T-LZLNSESEP ' n . - . C, .aff THE A51 jjj' OF GAY TEAGUE HOTEL GRILL Corner Bibb and Commerce Sts. The Coolest Place in Montgomery to Eat Having Change of Fresh Air Constantly Pure air drawn in by fans from top of building ancl drawn out by exhaust fans. Sea Foods Our Specially ' . ' ' "THE ONLY- Two ORIGINAL SPARK During Winter Season PLUGS., lllillli UIIICIIIUI I I I lClOlQlQ'lQ .. 'AQ -6- DAX QIQl.l.lQl.l...Ill.Iil,l.l.l.l!l.lQl.l.l.l."'QI... 1 5 ' MDIQI. ,loI.l.''olm0l0lQf0 TI-IE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR "LAWYERS ON 'A' DAY. NUNC PRO TUNC" H. DANZICER, President L. W. ASHLEY, Vice-President MONTGGMERY FAIR A GREAT STORE FOR OVER FIFTY YEARS A GREATER STORE TODAY IF You Want What You Want and Want It Right YOU Will Ncvcr Find a Better Place Than the Big Store Thirty-jvc Departments, Each a Store Within Itself MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA fxzff 11972 Mm I "R . ,ix-Tl! K - if X V X I ' QT? lg I ' ky QT? ATTENTION VNU .-IRE INVII'I5I1 T0 VISIT TIIIS l:'.S'7'.-lli- I,ISII,1IIfNI' ANI? lx'l:'1f'll5W Tlllz' C1.07'lll5.S .4 NI1 llfl lil:'lx'l7.Al SIII1' If V PIcIfSIiN 7'IfI2 IH' I-7NC'lll.l:'J'. l7l:'l'l:'l,UPl:'ll AND Sl:'l.l:'L'7'lflI TU I1IIfIf7', l'lx'l:'L'lSl:'l.J', 77ll:' IJI55lIcI5.s' :IND l1'l:' Q Ullx' l:'I1ll:'N TS 01" COL I. lililz' .1ll:'N I.-15,1 IJ r. rg. 121 '11 mv TA IL omfn' 1 ,1lliA.S'lf'l1' If FORTYf FIVE DOLLARS ANI! IlIOI.'Ii KFTINCC UIHMEY 5West 46 th. Street NENV YORK stands for X Q, Q 99 Sportsmanshlp as well us "Spalding" Thvrm- i-z no Qubstitute for 1-llllur Coming :gf nlhlvlir gmul: lllilillfll-fI'1'U un request NAR! "COUNTRY AND HIS SASSY SUSSIE 1.1 Nowrn mumn S'I'.. A'I'LAN'l'A- GA- CGJE D. THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY FOUR The initials of a friend You will find these letters on many tools by which electricity works. They are on great generators used by electric light and power companiesg and on lamps that light millions of homes. They are on big motors that pull railway trainsg and on tiny motors that make hard housework easy. By such tools electricity dispels the dark and lifts heavy burdens from human shoulders. Hence the letters G-E are more than a trademark. They are an emblem of service--the initials of a friend. lElI..lEClFRlIC rs .0 -9- 5 m IQIQIUIQIUOIQIQIQICI lalilmmi ' 5 ' ml... 'la'0l.'ol.l0l0lll.ICIOIGIO TI-IE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY FOUR Students and F riends: FIRST: Let 11.v introzlurrf ozwsvlfvex. Our nanu is SAUNDERS "DrifUe If Yo11rs1'If" SYSTEAI. Our business is that of renting NEPV CARS to high- grade folks, who prefer to do their own driving, and, at the 'same time, save money on their traveling expenses. We keep only classy NEIV CARS in service, and, be- sides our SURPRISINGLY LOPV RA TES, we furnish each customer FREE INSURANCE and FREE ROAD SERVICE : keep open day and night for the convenience of our customers, and try to make our service so completely satisfactory that you just naturally keep coming back for more. , SECOND: We want you each and every one to know that we appreciate the good will and steadily increasing patronage we have so long enjoyed from STUDENTS and FRIENDS of the UNIVERSITY OF ALA- BAIlflA,' that we want to prove more and more worthy of itg and that you are always welcome wherever you see the SAUNDERS SYSTEM SIGN OF SERVICE. E s uiibfns E Drive lt Yourself' SYSTEM WWE? SAUNDERS SYSTEM University Station and Greenborough Street TUSCALOOSA. ALABAMA BIRMINGHAM, ALA. MONTGOMERY, ALA., 1917 5th Ave. and 1701 2nd Ava 411 Grand Ava. aassaivuzn, ALA Momma, ALA , 1818 3rd Aire. i 91 Dauphin S!- r. .- QX THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY FOUR IQ v- AQQ wp? OLD IVORY COATED BOOK In every field of endeavor the goal is to produce the finest product possible. In paper making that goal has been reached in Old Ivory Coated Book. It is the aristocrat of coated papers and as such is exceptionally popular for high grade college annuals. Chosen by the Corolla Staff for this hook. ' Samples or dummies upon request MANUFACTURED BY DILL 84 COLLINS CO. PAPERMAKERS PHILADELPHIA 'sum M5212 frsf'fgZbf3f .kv bg a QW 'I .P to Q? Qh,,,.,Q,xg Of. Q.. Cx N sf 2 hge fffx Q.. 9 'wik e Q, :,w45 9 .51 9 o V 0-sf 'QQ 0 O QI' A U99 ' 4 Q 50 O 0 o I X . .,. , waf O 0 Q0 :gl Q ' .O 'I' O qs X Q 9 0 I r .0.,.. o This annual Illustrated by the Alabama E n gr av1 n g Company i of Birmingham 20 years experience in producing high class annuals As College Engravers of the South our Artists and Engravers are equipped by tradition and inspiration to best interpret the voice and spirit f of our Southern Schools and Colleges wr' f -va? ,QQWR A5 as Qtr . gk QI. ? we ' 'JN Q I 'Q YV N A 'qt A 0.0. g g . ..::, e "1:' 2 .,,, s . h y ., . . ' 0 ' 0 -e Q' o r . .,s... Q 'f-vfaa' an-.' 9 v v L '-'95 " W" """""' 'L M f -Ji. ES ' . 5 . Q , O Q ' ,ho - '." 2f.s.. A 'SA AI' 4. be-JJ Q ..,L--rrageewm-wwww '-'-' 'tvrrrrenezz ,, ,. .:.. : .refswaaa "'r' - :.,mrz:2.: W 'r1..L... r"" . ...Txnluur:: '-xumgw, V' 33 M it M 1. It ,:,, y i s ,Q if, g -M, ..., -M ,,:, E J fe.. , g.,, I I. .gs .- N L --wg, s .s s s rrr s . 3179. 1 my V L , :QQ ,,., , u glz: I x..1 .,.,: 1 in . W s X N, -.. -I+.: i s Q xi- 8 ME, :P -il s,-' ,I A .: g :.:- 5:.p"y ':,, . ir 1 Cm '11 ' '51 : ,ie.,,f:1lsiF' u"' ,--.:. , W " "fir: -1'f'f 41"-.,.-35' R' ---- S :E- E, Sis' H X, e A 1 ,.s., . ..cfs as , Q ,... 1 "" X j , 3 be1-'fa,j"S-Ma,N,.gQ'f Qiiiy'-'--" ' f V ,, H "" 2335252523 X' ,- ' 1 '-xllfmfff-11TW""x3?"'5?X, 'AWE , ""1 , ' r"'- , A ,.,.:, it rafafwywai 3WfJaEiwfQ'! 5 'aai'hWQ5wi t c., E f you , s.c. , .5-'f ,Cf WW' , . f,-- ,- , ' Q4 . i .,,, 'rrf 5 -. fx- 4 " rg. ' - ts lil , ' Q A if , 44 -C x 5 5 5. s,,., ,, i Zf :ss 1?Twf e'-- My H t't " ' o"' SJ A Y -i-,x. X :ii Y t ,,,.. ,.,,,,, "f . l ----el 1 ex: L:- My tx-, .,., R 3. . 1 ,., EF, :,.: -- ze- , . 4. Q! , Og' P' ' X U 1' z . '. s fi s f " ' , s. r,pnn t pgpcg ,.ns QYQQ if o . 90.1 l ,:,,,,,, -:.-, -Q ' iq '- Q 2'Q I 1 of l u 1 ,:., t fer.. ',ft r t , wkfasifra' eg 0. . sgss g 1 ssss s -s s . , .ar t t , . -. any 1- r . . v r s ' .' ' W1 -:. g H :I ' - . 1- ' A 1 at -- ' I 1 ' ' ,,.:1 s - .5 . " . - Q10 . o ' f, t' , 4 1 Y 5 ' "5 1: Q l mr r i 'v 7 0 ' Q ig Vx f 4 1, fo t ' . . l ' A L 1 V 'T "" " Mslii- 5 V' L THIS BOOK PRINTED BY BENSON ,fx 441394 LAROEST COLLEGE ANNUAL PUBLISI-IERS"lN THE. WORLD A HIGHEST, QUALITY -WORKMANSHIP supsmonv EXTENSILVE LMSBRVICE 5 A PRINTINGCO. f ' V A MNASHVILLE. -Y! A A QTENN. B L OVCOLLEGE ANNUAL I-IEADQl1ARTERS'B 7 3 W , V , ' fr K , ' ifzimitii. ' '., A . , WM., ,,. , j , , , ' . , , 5 ,, A L, A L ,' 1 ,"H'TF' 433442 W'i'Q'.'Ef.Zf.?,f.'?'f,.aWj,,Qf.i.L,f.Y "' ',fil3Qi'.1QY!QY'i "'Tlf?:.5Q,5Qggjj'f' QQQQQT'",'ggj3151g37m'1j1fyjgrg,fijjfl gf1s"'A"f WH" 'fff " I '-.L ff' ' -' 1 Y -V W - AQ 36: fbx r IQIDIQIDIQIQICIQIXQIHIQIQIQIQIQIQlQlDlQIQI.1QI-If l x .ol.wlllolalallloliIUIQIQIDlalalnlUIDIUICIUIQIIPIQICID THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR H Table of Contents INTRODUCTORY SECTION . . . 1- 8 IVIILITARY DEPARTMENT . . . 225-234 ALUMNI SECTION U . .'.. I 19- 24 Military Organizations . . 235-238 ScHoo1. or Awrs AND SCIENCES . . . 25-114 AQYETICE -d - - - - - 401-433 Postgraduate Class .... . 25- 28 C 86,2 ea ers ' ' 40' Senior Class ....... . 29- 55 ,Xie 3 ' ' 404- junior Class ...... . 56- 70 Baseblauu V ' .t' ' - 402 Sophomore Class ..... . 71- 83 B k b 'H 13.51 X ' ' 413418 Sophomore Pre-Med Class . . . . 84- 86 Fas Stl? i, zlrslty ' 4-'9'4-22 Freshman Class ..., ' . . .' 87-101 Toot If Q, qrslty ' ' 406'4Y2 Freshman Pre-Med Class .,.. 102-105 Bmcbwl army ' ' ' 4-23'425 Organizations Deriving Member- Basi ab 'lllrreshman ' ' 430'4-32 ship from School of Am and Fasljflf I Freshman - 4331434 Sciences ......... 106-114 cific? ,gAH"2R?gan ' ' 425"429 THE ?CHO0L OF LAW . . . 116-142 Co-Ed Basketball.Tea11I 436-:gg Semor or Thlrd Year Class 116-123 L ' O Junior or Second Year Class 124-128 IESMS I RGMYIZATIONS Sophomore or First Year Class . . 129-133 E I ffm Phi ' ' ' ' 354 Organizations Deriving Member- Erosl? 'C ' ' ' 334- ship from School of Law 134-142 ' ' 332 TI-IE Sc1IooI, or ENGINEERING 144-166 Philomathic . . Senior Class ...... 144-149 Sigma UPSH n I . . junior Class ...... 150-153 OTHE O 0 376 Sophomore Class .... 154-157 Ba:d EHZANEATIONQ Freshman Class .... 158-161 Bl if . e nwerslt-V ' - 392 Organizations Deriving Member- C acnngs 'I "" 36+ ship from the School of Engi- Cofo a - mis' "'-' 344 neering ..... - . . 162-166 Cfalssgflhgvdggrsitsgrhcker- - 333 s THE SCHOOL or COMMERCE .... 168-202 Club: The Glee ...... 367 Senior Class ...... 168-175 Club, The Hottentot . . . 335 junior Class ..... 176-181 Club, The Masonic . 359-371 Sophomore Class .... 182-188 Club, The Opera .... 394 Fffshfljan. Class -. 3 - - 139-196 Club, Political Science . . 398 Organizations Denvmg Member- Council, The Woman's . '. 350 ship from the School of Com- Facuytvy The Junior . l ' 360 merce ....... 197-202 Forensics . ..... 372-375 Tl-IE SCHOOL or MEDICINE . 204-221 G0VC1'f1mCl1f, The Student - A 348 Second Year Class . . . zo -209 Hypatians . . . . . . ' 2 'l 35 First Year Class .... 21o-213 Jasons ........ 368 Organizations Deriving Member- Keystone . . ' ..... 351 A ship from the School of Medi Pi Mu Epsilon ..... 363 Cine -------- 21-V221 Quadrangle, The Alabama 396 BEAUTY SECTION . . . 241-252 Sefenndefsv The Capstone . 391 FRATERNITIES ...... 25 5-309 gggfsrsighge Iciorev' ' ' 390 Interfraternity Organizations . . 310-320 Y' M"C. A? I 1 iimfmr SORORITIES - -' ---.. 322-337 Y. W. C. A. ..... . 356 Intersorority Organizations 338-341 I-IUMoRoUs SECTION . . . . 441-450 l.l.lIl0l l I llllllli ':- llIIIIIIUICIUIIIOICIDICTQIO Q - A .-,V - 2 im IV, f 'AQ :GQ Qkx Y l0lUlQl.lQl.lQl.l.l0lQlDlmQl!I.lQl.l.l.lQ'.lQIIIC ' U ' '.'.l.I. .lo..l.l.l.''0l0l0IOIoIa'ol0IQIQIO THE COROLLA, NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR f'77f f VV!! X X7 MMM ' X UI 1 V

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