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V' 3 'Z EX LIBRIS f s,-...- .. ,,-:V Q- ' .. X 0 .3-.-.L x - 4-1 ...- :ST "'....f-?- ... ...f- -' - ..- 5 f A " ,....- C' -a---- SQ. QL...- -.: .--1: ..... ,......... - ' --" '.f Q I 2.5.53 2..?.LZ' D .1 I v .- 4 3 VV. 4- F'. REM ' ., 55,1-'vfx' -ff r-. A O f -r, 1. ' . V' h . J U , A A., w ' a t' 3 g , Q f, -. , .ff-' ., , 7- .f ,4,' - ir- --- , -11 -, , ,. - . . . , a - 1 . I . :ii pl . I 1' " ' ,' , . . - 1. ' ' f'- ' 1' 'fy , .- . 1-'J fi,-g,1-yxgi' -,Q ,, wf-11 :jf . . -.'.- ' , -,.,,.v.,:, , --I .. HF . " I Pm P Q55 ' f' 'L'-U, ' qt- ',l,w'4- 'M' P.. .. , 2" - 1",.!i IIA H 24 ',-. ""' ,, 121' ,-fl! 'I' 'I . , 59.513 -:lift-T-, - -ff! num M : qi l ,,g:Mf1,- ... 1 - vw 1,-may . AIX,-h1,'.'gL'S," -- .:- - - 1, -tiki A . X. Y :Hu ,-gi:-QT , , - .A , - f -1 - Gif f,.-h3z,,f,.-'fn-T, + Q ,-.1 - " , ' f-...,.-'s-5. -. ' -?'??-gf' -' H.- f v I , ' A T . x 2. . " Qi? YA IPL' ? . --Y ' - 1 1--'1 .wr f! "' wk -,I , ,,-. M- ' ,ww ' ,Q 4:-r" . ' - :vv f.' . .4 2, ir , 1 - y, , 4 ' 'iii' 1, ' FJ- A f-J' , .I ' U flat. ,, , a 'V 'vs M., it in , W-N - V o in-1 . 4: ' ' .. 4 f ig 12- 1 f I .-. 0-fl' . ,gd-Q' L my 3- .rv . ,. ,-, .- . Z., . A 1 . e"- , I' . J-A.. ..-I ' , , 1, . .- , ' .ff -, nl. - in l W l ' I na' A ffffl, 'ifaffki-"5 il1.lfjy1l'r'X .-11 ' .-- .-,,:,-,v--.,-iw-45 -1,-Q Vita 4354?-'f'f'f"t,'2-..'-I 4 'FV'-A ' ,,'f.,,'+-g -, . "f - 4 .dv -yYv,,,-wM- .., -, , - .,- . L -. -ew-f--F.-4-1 9. . ' ,--5"",. . -h W .'v fir' A Q? We - A' i. 3 K ,'., if ififf--. , ii. "....QZfW--:':. s'2'.Q 040, '-"fr ' - , , '- '-'w?f'--fm-J-f "'-1 Y '-A a-'0 5 - - X l... fri- gffell'-yn Q Nd? .4 , In-, 1 .131-.,,,h 1 1 wi ,, -. . --:-'-.---..,. .... -- -'fl:':l, 2 '-sf-ii ".u-fig' viz 577' . . I ' ., ' pm- ' -a, ,-L,-M 'y,-ff, '. ' ' -' ' . 1 3 -.1-' -3' .- ffqrxlk Q-.4 ilxfglfjf, T3 I Qzmx' rf, ' .v A A 1 .- I .Q . , -. . , 5' . -. ,,..,w, . ---'Li -"H , ' "' - 3' ' 3 W' " " 'i .9 4- ,- V , w. -. 1 "if " -- " Sw 2 L: "7" " ' ,KZ 4.4 E, 1 A . N ,V ,l,,X,..hv', 1 I . -my . f - . "'2. Af X . . -. -5 .1 . c . 'p- - . . ' '4 'va- ' " A ' gg ,Wipe - N" -ri' ,4 . n - ', ' -' v, ' ' ' ' -x ' - : 45.1, ' xv ' W . , P 1, , n 'Wm " u 31, ' - - ' - :-wa , ' A , -- , -' .. ff- ,Q ..-mm , 3? ,1 V f If ' - r .A -1. 1 . I , f ,'-.A ., ,t A . V H 4 4. . 14" ' 1 n . H . . ' ,-0 ,Y-'YW J: 1- m, ' 5 . 4 . . - M ., . . , , X fit- D ' Q- 1 'in ' ' f 'vi' . r' N' I tr i , ' V ' A V -is . s, , .. " .M IF J? 'LF-99, av w W n . R THE . fi C 5 4x l f I I , 55? '71 51 I If COROLL if 5 :7 I I VOLUME XXVI Km fmffvffv-.,7 4135A-YY 0290, wvQ" I ,. . S 3? . '5 I 3 'X H25 Q 'N I O 'V h.L?31.,f A YEAR BOOK PUBLISHED THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA .,.- , jg, viii uf 1 1 .,x' I' I " SL -. If I f I I I 2 ' 9' 'I 'Ir T' I 31 Q -Q as mr THE sruosms OF 1 I 3 4 3 Q , M I' N Y fit 4 5. W 'I' M5- 5 X f Eid ' .. 4 v t . M w a s In Jltfemoriam john Smith Henry, jr., I33 Ambulance Corps, 'l6 Bristol, Va., May 3, l9lS. Col. Bertram Tracy Clayton, M. C., '83, New York City, May 30, l9l8. Lieut. Eldridge W. Maynor, l0l Field Artillery, 'l7, Crossville, June 29, l9I8. Lieut. Ray P. Salfold, Infantry, '93, San Francisco, Cal., july, l9l8. Capt. Mortimer H. jordan, I67 Inf. 14th Alabamaj, '02, Birmingham, july 3l, l9l8. Captain julian Strassburger, l67th Inf. Rainbow Division, 'l2, Mont- gomery, August, l9I8. Lieut. Julien W. Hohenberg, lnfantry, 'l3, Wetumpka, july, l9lB. Lieut. Charles A. Lewis, judge Advo- cate, Co. 38th lnf., 'l6, Fayette, july l6. I9l8. William Vance Wier, Aviation, 'l8, Gadsden, july 3l, l9l8, Ft. Worth, Texas. Thomas G. Pennington, S. A. T. C. University of Ala., '22, Wetumpka, Octisber B, l9l8, S. A. T. C. Hos- prta. Charles H. Searcy, S. A. T. C. Univerw sity of Ala., '22, Boaz, November ll, l9l8, S. A. T. C. Hospital. john Paul Jones, Navy, '08, Selma, Oc- tober 23, l9l8. Lieut William P. Spratt, 325 lnf., 'l0 Livingston, October l4, l9l8. Miss Marion Louise Walter, Student Nurse, Philadelphia, Penn., 'l8, Birmingham, October l0, l9lB. Lieut. Farley W. Moody, 325th Inf., 'l2, Tuscaloosa, October ll, l9l8. Lieut. Orville M. Coston, 325th lnf., 'l8, Birmingham, October l8, l9l8. Lieut. john Brown Gaston, 2nd Lieut. Inf., 'l2, Montgomery, October ll, l9l8, El Paso, Texas. Lieut. G. Waring Huston, 325th Inf., 'l7, Selma, October l6, l9l8. Herbert A. Higgins, Officers' Training School, Camp Taylor, 'l9, Mont- gomery, October l3, l9l8. Capt. Lamar Y. McLeod, 325th lnf., '08, Mobile, October ll, l9l8. Lieut. Finley B. Durrett, 320th Field Artillery. 'l7, North Port, October IO. l9lB. Lieut. joseph W. Freeman. Q. M. C., 'l3, Wetumpka, September 30, l9l8. Clarence H. Cranford, Naval Aviation, 'l8, jasper, October l5, l9IB, Boston Tbch. Lester J. Snow, Naval Aviation. '09, Tuscaloosa, September 30, l9l8, Boston Tech. Corp. Cordon Mercer, 83rd Co. 6th Ma- rines, 'I9 Demopolis, june 8, I9I8. Louis B. Braswell, Marines, 'l9, Demop- olis, November 6, l9l8. Illllllllllllllllllllllllltlllllllllll -s u gl X gf ,f . mx L , . B i n -,sp c. elf l .4,,.,..,. ,QI vs-sfs..-... ll s.a...f-.....y-5... 54ArS-45'-ik-L 45-QA-AuvslLq4"NdH .,,-..A.4.,...,q,s.4,,-. If I ,,,.s57'a,,xxm NB SN M -K ,m sfzf i fi, it is lim . 1 0 , 2" ., ii ul .- 5 ll! IH e Hlllllll fi . ll 'iillllllls A Dedication ea! To the stainless memory of the patriot sons of our Alma Mater who freely gave their all that Right should triumph over Might, and civilization he preserved to manlfind, this, the War Corolla, is reverently dedicated. "Let us here highly resolve, that these dead have not died in vain: that this nation, uncler Cod, shall have a new birth of free- dom: and that government of the people, by the people, and for the people, shall not perish from the earth." .--Q.-Q.. -.4h.....,..,.s+-s.- -sp- ,r 'v 1 L t :FET f. 4-, . I I WAR, QQQQLLA 1919 Q1 SMITH HALL 4 r GYMNASIUM WAR, ColQ.o1.l.A 1919 -' -:fc .Z FRATERNITY ROW 1 TUTWILER HALL X WAR, ColQ.o1.l.A l9,I9 J 6.3 if rg: W 5522 fi f 1 if 103 .1 mr. , . 2 M he if fir, FOREWOQD Born in adversity and nursed through a precarious infancy, experiencing all the hard- ships of the true war orphan, the l9l9 Cor- olla has at last become a reality. It is far' from our ideal, and has many faults, so, lgind rcadcr, if aught of merit you find, just hold us responsibleg but when some glaring fault dazzles your eye-why, blame it on the DJCIF., Should this volume prove a source of pleasure to you, fellow student, non: and in the years to come, we shall feel amply repaid. It has been a pleasure to serve you, and we wish to express our sincere gratitude for your loyal co-operation and support. gf Rx Q ,ff I, maze , ,, Q f? - ,LK- ' Z f I' fu: ' ,. ' ' f Mzmmfvm amaze! Page len 1 7:2 1 'TE W if ' .-. :'l 'Fr-I ...a ., 1 v P1 , ua... E15 - an 'E - fx". 5 WAR, ColQ.o1. l.A 1919 ,n. Q7- -rs N A :ig ADVERSITY - 3 . F MUSCULARITY g ACTIVITY ' i 5- - GOATIVITY lj i HILARITY ig I ,CUTIVITY V fi : lj: 1 I 1115 f I .-. 'FEW' 1 LE,-J ! 1'W'e,'i' I N N MW7 M U!! 'W W W f L J --.117- " "H" ...-l ., I. XPVAIQ., CQIQOLLA I9l9 Q1 I I INTERIOR SMITH HALL MUSEUM WAR. GOIQOLDLA 1919 '74 Page thirteen DEAN DAVIS DEAN FARRAH PRESIDENT DENNY DEAN DOSTER DEAN BARNWELL 5 P OD 'EI 'IO V'l G6 i v-15:-Dsl ZIDVE?.SlT':l IS NOT WITHOUT ORTS 8. PES WAR, ColQ.ol.l.A ' 1919 57 Senior Class Officers, College of Arts ancl Science Curronn j. Dunn . . . Miss Gm-:Y CLEVELAND Mlss MARY IDA Woon . DONALD H. THORNBURY MISSQVIRGINIA Lusx 4. . Miss ALLISON VAN Nr-:rn-1 Miss PEARL Moon: . . . Page seventeen Presidenl . . . Vice-President . . Secretary-Treasurer . . . . . Orator . . . . Historian . . Prophet . . Poe! I WAR, GOROLLA 1919 7? Senior Class, College of Law OFFICERS W. T. SMITH . . . . . . . . President J, A, LEE , . . Vice-President j. W. JOHN . ..... Orator J. E. ADAMS . . . . Secretary-Treasurer M. B. PRICE . . . ...... Poet MISS LUIS FRIEDMAN . . . . Prophet W. C. HILL, jk. . . . Historian Page eighteen WAR, CoIQ.oI.I.A 1919 'Ti Senior Class WALTER WILLIAM BANKHEAD, Z A E JASPER Arts Debating Council: Key-Ive: Exeeutlve Cem- fnlliee. Bill is right there with the goods whether said goods be that senatorial aspect, or, as vulgarly termed ,"wet." We expect to see him upholding the dignity of the fam- ily tree in Washington some of these days. VERNETTA ATHEY, Z T A ATMORE Science Equal Sut'rrage Association: Y. W. C. A.: Bas- ketball team '16-'17-'ISI Shaekelford Literary '16-'17. Another weakness of man, hut can you blame them, con- sidering her loolcs. Alhey is a dandy dressmalcer and an ardent suffragist. Quiet and amiable, so won't she make a successful school marm? Successful what? RUCKER AGEE, A K E BIRMINGHAM Science Jasons, Secretary '18-'19g Skulls, President '18- '19: Parasites: Blaekfrlarsg member cast "Her Husband's Wtt'e:" President: '17-'18: Class Vlee- Prestdent '16-'17: Winner Thomas Declamntlon Medal: Cuptaln R. O. T. C. Co. "A," Rucker is now using army tactics on a certain fair Co- Ed. Suppose he will eventually carry the citadel, for who can resist such a charming gentleman? Certainly a 'Modest Violet ' cannot. JULIA MAE ANDERsoN ANNISTON Science Y. W. C. A.: Equal Suffrage Association: Red Cross. Although a victim of the "Flu," Julia Mae came back her bright and wholesome self as if nothing had hap- pened, and she did not lose her ability to make Bible group discussions a success. IRMA ELIZABETH ANDERSON, A A A EUTAW Science Athletle Association: Pan-Hellenic Counell '16- '17, '17-'18, 'Is-'19. Pretty blue eyes and rosy cheeks are attractive, 'tis true, but Irma has something else when you know her. With ' two ardent suitors she has a time. "Aw, roomy, shut that do and tell me what to do!" Page nineffcn WAR., COIQQLLA l9l9 Senior Class WILLIAM GARDNER Boomz, Z X WASHINISTON, D. C. Science Arch Club: Scnlor German Club: Class Base- bull '1S. A would-be aviator of the gallant Marines. As his as- pirations against the Huns were thwarted, he seems to be centering his attacks on the fair sex, but not in the same direction as of yore. What luck, son? WILMA BOWEN ONEONTA Science Slmclclefnrd Literary Foclcty: Suffrage Assocln- tlon: Y. W. C. A. "Billy" Bowen has lots of black hair and a generous amount of sense beneath it. She is an excellent student. an A-l school teacher, and-what is that we hear? ALFRED MORGAN BOONE, fb K Z BERRY Law A club: Arch: Secretary and Treasurer: Pan- Ilvllvnlc Council, Preslclent '18-'19, Vnrstty Pontlmll '15-'10, '17-'18, Captain '17-'18p All- Fnutht-rn Fnotlmll '17-'1Sg Chlnf Dlsclpllnnrlan '17, '18, 'lltg Inter-Fraternity Athletlc Council. Daniel at the mercy of the Lion-said Lion being the Dean. All-star athlete, and all-round man. Y. M. C. A.,-Y. W. C. A., Bible Student, strict teetolaler, and Noojin's running maie. Canst expfazn? CHARLES DOZIER BOYLES CENTERVILLE ' Arts Phllomathlc Llternry Soclcty. Chief proprietor and sole owner of Boyles' Bon Ton Beanery. It is reputed that this gentleman has become a millionaire. We can't say, but as he succeeded to Frey's job, and Frey, as long as he had it, was known to put out twice for cigars, it is reasonable to believe the report is true. FRANK L. BUTTS ETHELSVILLE Law Phllomnthlc l'.lterx1ry Soclety, 1"rm::rum Score- H'tl'y '15-'16, '18-'19, Pl'0Sltil'fll '16-'ITC Lnw Forum: Corolla Board 'IS-195 Edltor-ln-Chief Crlmson-Xvhlte '18-'ISL "lVlajor." Yes, the same handle as the "hard 'un," but quite a different kind of an egg, thank you! His esthetic poetic temperament frequently manifests itself in lilting ore rics. rovin e on rea ven ure a ou never l ly P g b y d p d t th t y can tell from the looks of a frog how far he can jump! Page twenty WAR, COIQOLLA 1919 Senior Class ALBERT A. CARMICHAEL, L' N GENEVA Law Second Lieutenant 117th F. A.: Author "Old Timer Brick Agnlnf' I.nw Forum. "Movits" is back with us again. and we welcome him with open arms. Has engaged a box at the Diamond and never misses a show. What luck afterwards, me boy? We understand he is taking law to learn to speak, or vice versa, "Etc., and so on." ANNE CHRISTIAN THREE NOTCH Science Suttrnrxo Assnclntlung Y. M. C. A.: Honor Roll,- 1917-'1S. Speaking of operations, Anne is entirely acquainted with the subject fwe might a:'ld the subjects chrysanthemums and pecans alsoj. A sweeter disposition is owned by none, and a better friend could not be found. MILTON W. CAROTHERS, Q I' A SELMA Arts Stewards' Club: Lltsrf-squo: Asslatnnt In Ll- brnry: Freshman Sm-xtkor: Ext-cuttve t'nmmtt- ten: Y. M. C. A. '17, '18, 'lftg Vice-Prtrstdunt Y. ll. C. A. '13-'19, Sometimes called "cat fruit," but don't ask us why. Always willing to be the vict'm of a joke and always trying to do a little more for his Nl- friends. ELA REID CARD TUQCALOCSA Arts A willingness to do kind deeds, the truest of friends, and a lover of good timrs. Can't she sort literature for the elementary grades, though? C. P. CALDWELL BIRMINGHAM Engineering ' Engineers' Club: Ft-llnwshtp M. E. '17, '18, '19, Builder of engines, boilers and hot air machinery ffor others' usej. Modesly is his middle name, so let his record speak for him! Page twenty-one XQJARD QOIQQLLA l9l9 Senior Class MELFORD G. CLEVELAND BIRMINGHAM Engineering Engtncera' Club. If his overseas ambition had been realized, we fear it would have necessitated an extra size trench, but per- haps with this second lieutenant it would have been a continual "over the top." NELLIE GREY CLEVELAND CENTERVILLE Arts Y. W. C. A.: Basketball, '16-17, Secretary Bnsketbnll, 1917: SecI'etaI'y-TrensuI'eI' WomcIn's Council, 1918: Pres, 1919: Class Vtcc-PI'es- Ilvttt, '18-'19. ln the special sphere of a presidential chair Woodrow Wilson hasn't a thing on Grey-except a trIp to Europe. However, she seems to have an aversion to such a mlh0f oilice as vice-president-noticeably in regard to the Senior class. lt. is quite wonderful to be popular when it is your business to dismiss other people's beaux at the front door. KATE CLINTON TUSCALOUSA Arts The original movie fan and one of the Nunnally's best customers. Kate is now putting into practice Doctor Doster's educational theories with a parent's success. Amiable, conscientious, and a mighty good friend to have. EDITH ELOISE COMPTON DEMOPOLIS Arts Athletic Association: Suffrage Club: Y. WV. C. A.: Honor Roll '1S. lf Eloise ever wearies of her philanthropic endeavors she might go in for displaying Paris models. Ain't it grand for her forty best friends to have brothers? HINTON KING DELONEY, Q K L' TUSCUMBIA Science "A" Club: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Cross Country tenm '15, '17, '18, Captain '17-'18: Track Man- ager '18-'191 THICK '16, '17, '18, No one who heard Pat's attempt as a Freshman. to make the Blaclcfriars, could believe he could out-talk a hundred and ftfty Yankees. But he did, and now every member of the M. Co. of Sheridan believes Ihat our State and school are the shining lights in their re- spective categories. Page twenty two WAR., C2ouQ.o1.l.A 1919 Senior Class BREWER DlxoN, K Z TALLADECA Law Key-Ice, President '18-'19, Pan-Hellenic Coun- cll '17-'18: Class Football '15, '16, '17: Class Basketball '16-'17, Crlmson 1Vhlte Board '17- '18: Executive Committee '16-'l7: Class Vice- Presldent. '17-'18g Honor Roll '17-'18. Brewer has been sailing around in the airplanes of actu- ality, so he has no trouble doing the same thing now under lhe Dean. We are more than glad to have him with us again: but say, is he still "GracefulP FOWLER DUGGER, A K E ANDELUSIA Arla Blnckfrlars, Business Manager '17-'1S: Bnsket- lmll '17-'Ng Crlmsnn 1Vhlte '17-'1Sg Corolla. Board '17-'1S: Jasons. This genial, lanky southerner has found a warm home in the cold north--maybe. He is undecided whether to thank the Kaiser or his own perseverance, for he knew he would find his ideal somewhere, some day. CLIFFORD JUDKINS DURR, Z A E MONTGOMERY Arla Jasons: Member Delmtlnp: Connell: Preslilenl Senior Class, Inti-r-Fraternity Athletic Cnunvll. No one knew he was in school his rat year until they saw his picture in the Corolla, but now he owns the Uni- versity. A dark horse to the minds of some, but it all goes to prove that in the end the best man wins. He blushes beautifully. H. A. EDWARDS UNIVERSITY Arls Lawyer? If so, he certainly is a good one with a de- cided opinion of his own. He really should be "Judge" Edwards. Why do the ladies all say he is good look- ing? He never gives them the opportunity to make a close inspection. L. J. FARLEY MONTGOMERY Engineerin H Engineers' Club: Fellowship In Engineering '17, '18, '19: B. S. Springhill College '1G. They say that it "kills his soul" when some one calls him "sargeant." Wonder why? Moreover, though it is hard to believe, he is a hater of the fair sex. Page twenty-three WAR, GolQ.o1.l.A 1919 Senior Class RUTH FEAGIN PINEAPPLE Science President Y. WV. C. A. '18-'19. Ruth makes a business of being good. We wonder if she figured out problems of the Y. W. with her knowl- edge of calculus. Her continual sweetness makes her one of the dormitory Polly Annas. LEE OWEN GORDON, Z X MOBILE Engineering Engineers' Club: Pan-Hellenlc Councll 'IS-'19g Fellow ln Physics. With all the attributes of a good assistant he makes Physics Lab. easier, and helps us out with many a problem. Studious, dignified, and-should we say-par- ticular? J. Roy FAUCETTE, II K Q TUSCALOOSA Arts Ilflnnl' Roll '16, '17, '1S. For four years he has been a regular wizard in the class room. No grades lower than an A are ever entered on his report card. He is sure that the whole of one's college education is lo be found in the text-books. Lois LIPTON FRIEDMAN MONTGOMERY Law I3lnckl'rlm-sg Crimson-White Staff: Sutlfrage Club. Little Yo-sho-hi-ta fat least that's what her costumes spell, is likewise our little brooklet in that she runneth on forever-particularly after the whistle. Half of the lady half of the Law Class, and we know why both halves will never live like a hermit and work like a horse-but we ain't puttin' out. ERNEST E. HAINES ROANOKE Arts We expect many things lo drop when this specialist puts into practice some of his principles' of education. "What do you think about that, Mr. Haines?" Page twenty four WAR, CZoIQ.oI.I.A 1919 " 'Tl X Senior Class i ROBERT A. I'IAMRICK, A X A BIRMINGHAM X Science I.tteI'I-sque: Phllomathlv, TI'onnuI'oI' '18-'19: Pre- Med. Club. YIIUG-DI'I'8IlI6I'tl '17-'18, Pl'l'SIlI8Ill '18- '1ft: Follow In Biology: VnI'slty Basketball Squad '17-'l8: S. A. T. U.: Crimson-NVhltu Statf: Class Baskvtball. Good grades, a quiet disposition, and a love for books. I Wonder what klnd of a heart IS hidden beneath such a l composed exterror-or is there a heart there at all? l ERNEST D. HARGREAVE BIRMINGHAM Lam Executlvc Urrnrrilth-1-: l.uw Forum. Poses as a veteran "Gob," but we understand he never had to get up before eight while in the Navy. Pretty soft, says Il Decidcdly fond of Lady Nicotine as he lives only for to-back-her. ROBERT HARRISON HARTSFIELD, Z N BIRMINGHAM Special B. S. I'. of A. '19. A gentleman and a philosopher. Has a vast store of knowledge concealed 'neath that modest demeanor, and is always ready to help a friend in time of need. EUGENE H. HAwIcINs, fb I' A BESSEMER Arts Llterosquo: Class Baseball .'16-'lG: '17-'18: Jasons: Editor'-ln-Chit-f 1918 Corolla: Lit-ut. 5' A., U. S. A.: Inl.cI'-Fratc-I'nlly Atlrlctlc Coun- Wonder if Gene departed from those traditional Phi Gam standards while in the Army? If he had just joined Josephus' Grape juice Navy. he would have been well trained in the way he should go. Glad to see you back. Gene. I JULIA HIGGINS, A A A LOWNESBOR0 Arts Y. W. C. A.: SuIYrnI:o Club: Athletic Associa- tlon. Julia is a crush of Irma's, even if she won't admit it, and devoted to Summer Schools and-Lamar. In the habit of getting boxes from home, which would indicate that she comes from a family of good cooks. but does she know the difference between a soap shaver and a potato Slicer? Page twenty-five WAR, GOROLLA 1919 Senior Class E. O. I-IOLLIMAN VERNON Science An army man who came back to finish his education and take, incidentally, a bit more chemistry. Hard to get acquainted with, but that's because he is modest and dignified. WILEY C. I-IILL, KD I' A MONTGOMERY Law Honor' Roll. Uncle Sammy's own nephewl It is rumored that it took a corporal's guard and three file closers to prize Wiley out of the S-. A. T. C., so infatuated was he with this man's army. Senior partner of Hill Bros., the Mistress' most ardent wooers. ADOLPH E.. I-IOHENBERC., Z B T WETUMPKA A rls Tritcrcsqucg Shnrrkelfordp Crimson-White Board '17-'18: Honor Roll '16-'17, '17-'18g Class Foot- ball '16-'1T5 Pan-Hellenic Council '18-'19, His perseverance is exceeded only by his grades. Ellcan is as steady as a Big Ben, but unlike it, he "never goes offln 'S'at so, old timer? RUTH HILLEKE, A A A ENSLEY Suffrage Association: Y. W. C. A. Ruth specializes in hot chocolate at midnight, and a fondness for Notre Dame. Plenty of ambition and a wealth of ability are the especial attributes of this impor- tant member of the famous "Jazz Band." PHILLIP C. JACKSON BIRMINGHAM Arts Glen Club, 'is-'1-J. , That girl in Birmingham takes him home every weelc- end. lVlust be training for a Parson, with a big brother for an inspiration. Page twenty .mu WAR., CIOIEOLLA 1919 Senior Class WILLIE MAY LATHRAM, Z T A uNlvERslTY Arts Class lltstorlnn '17-'18, Pan-I-Iollenlc Counctl '18-'19. Willie May is fair of face, gentle and kind. Rather an attraction for homesick army officers, don't you think? Now, why did they linger? H. N. LEE BEATRICE Arls A math shark any way you take him. His educational ideals help him out in Doster's classes and help us out very frequently. josIaPI-I WILLAIM JOHN, W A 9 SELMA Law Key-Icu: Svcrctnry 'IS-'lftg Attic: Senior Gm'- mnn Club '17-'18, '18-'19, BlnckfI'lILI's, Cnst Twelfth Ntght"g Sophomore Speaker: Black- frtnr I'll'LyCl'S '17-'18, '18-'lflg Inter-FrI1teI'ntt.y Athletic Cnuncll: h'lCC'Pl'0Slll1'lIl Pnn-Hcllcntc Council '18-193 1'I'estdnnt Lzuv Forum '18-'19, l'l'0Slll0Ill DL-butlng Council '18-'19: Class OI'- ntor '18-'lftg CI'lI'l'1S0h-hvlllltl Star! '18-'19: Editor-tn-Uhtef "Thu XVaI' Corolla" '18-'1!t. What will the University do when the Senator's name is no longer on its register? Clever, dehonaire, and a tireless worker, he goes into things with a dash and abandon that will some day make his nom de guere a reality in Washington, when he has left the turmoll of college politics far behind. JOSEPH Aucusrus LI-za, Q K Z BIRMINGHAM Lan: Class Ytcc--Preshlent: Law Forum '18-'19. Bon vivant and comrade par excellence. That wise look is pure camouflage, he merely has a bowing acquaintance with McKelvey and Company. How could it he other- wise, when a man fills so many business engagements with Johnnie Walker and Company 'neath the soft sheen of the Crescent? ELIZABETH MCLEAN Loccms . WINONA. MISS. , Arts gtlxettc Association: Suffrage Club: Y. W. "Loggins" couldn't waste such a happy disposition on l. l. 81 C. So she came to us, who reallyappreciate her. Elizaheth is never happier than when she is swim- m"'8- dalwlhg. Or talking over the phone . Page twenty-seven WAR, CoIQ.oLI.A l9l9 YP H Senior Class MARGARET MCCALLA, K A TUSCALOOSA Science She goes to school, she wears pretty clothes, she makes good grades, she lo'.'es to laugh, and she loves-did l hear you say "Nlarines?" "What's the use of living if you have to be good?" VIRGINIA LUSK, Z T A GUNTERSVILLE Arls SulTI'nge Club: Y. WV. C. A.: PI-csldcnt Athlotlc Assn:-lntlon '18-'19: Y. W. P. A. Cabinet '17, '18, '19: VlCl'-1'l't!SlllGTIf. Y. NV. C. A. '18-'101 Womun's Connell '18-'19, Cnptaln Basketball 'Funm '17-'ltig Pun-Hellenic Councll '17, '18, '15l: Class Iilstorlnn '18-'1ll. Nve can't imagine Vespers without her at the piano. No matter what may happen we always lind the same generous, lovable, and loyal "Gena." When you lool: into those big brown eyes-Chl boy! BESSIE MARTIN, K A THOMASVILLE A rls We feel honored to be the classmates of such an intel- lectual young lady. She is well versed in all the "issues" and "ologys:" yet she malces a dandy "Uncle Sam." LIDA BELLE MAY FORT PAYNE A rls There's not much of her, but what there is, is of the best. A smile for every one: never an unkind thought, and an excellent Sunday School teacher. Future mis- sionaries please talce note. CLYDE E. MAYHALL HALEYVILLE Lan: The second third of "The Army." lVlayhall's first line trenches on the Corporations-Evidence front are usually carried by the Field Marshall, but he always retires in good order, and rests secure in his second line- his chair. ' Page twenty eight WAR., ColQo1.l.A l9,I9 Senior Class MALCOMB B. MCDANIEL, Q I' EI ABBEVILLE Arts Phllomnthlc l.ltt-rury Sock-ty '18-'lin Prosldcnt '18-'llig Frm-sllnrnn Speukorg Llc-ut. Inf., U. S. A. Ready to help a feller out in times of trouble, especially when he has to have his Corolla picture taken. That Lieutenancy has not swelled that level head one iota- which is more than you can say for most of them. ROBERT GREENE MESSER BIRMINGHAM Arts Class President, College of Lnw '18-'lftg Alllc: Jasons: Crimson-White '16-'ITL Business Mun- uger nnd Editor '18-'lllg Phllomnthlv, 1'l'i-slnlt-nt 'IN-'lug Bryan Modal 'INQ Bluckfrlnra: Assistant. ln Econunrlc-sg University Four Minute Mun: Dt-hating Count-ll '18-'1!I. Bob was a great friend of Major Ord's, and so much did the'major think of him that he came very near placing our fellow student where he could hnd him at any and all times. He and Butts are responsible for the customary non-appearance of "The Weekly Aston- isher." ERWIN J. MCCROSSIN, .S A E BIRMINGHAM Engineering Key-Ion: I'm'nsllc-s: Stewards' Club: Englm-4-r- lng Club: Class Vlce-I'rvsldc-nt '16-'17g Llt-ut. F. A.. U. S. A. f'Pecks" seems to have acquired even more nonchalance in the army. He must have come to the conclusion that its a long, long. way to .Northport. or he must be doing hrs traveling during the still starry watches. 'Splain your- self. young feller. HOBART A. MCWHORTER, W 1' A CAYLESVILLE A rts Glee Cluh: Sonlnr G4-rmnn C'luh: .Iusougg Snplm. mort- Speaker: Llc-ut. F. A., U. S. A. Hobart is Gene's side partner in living up to those said Phi Gam ideals. A cracking line fellow and we predict Zgvorld of success for him. Who said "Geet?"-We i n t. JOE MCCLURE, II K W TROY Science Nice looking fellow, isn't he? Well, he's as nice as he looks, and then some. "A line student-C. H. D." Ever see that old familiar quotation? Page twenty-nine VJAIQ, GQIQQLLA l9l9 Senior Class Joi-IN ALONZA MILLER NANAFALIA Arts Class Baseball '16-'17. , Even if he is quiet, with that studious attitude he ought to be able to put the balls over for Alabama. Where in this round world is his home town? PEARL MooRE, A A A LAUREL, MISS. Arts Class Hlstorlan '16-'17: Y. VV. C. A. Cabinet '18-'ltlg Secretary and Treasurer Suflfrage Asso- clntlnn '18-'ltlg Corolla Board '18-'19: Poet Senlor Class '18-'10. The Dormitory Perpetual Motion Machine. A tireless worker for her Sunbeam Band, and the "Good Fairy" to the kiddies in Rosedale. Everything from League of Nations to a Freshman s worries is of absorbing inter- est to her. Versatile, energetic, enthusiastic, faithful, sympathetic, "'n everything"-more adjectives needed- rush theml CLYDE H. NELSON, E N COLUMBIANA Science Sktlllii film! Club '15-'16, '16-'17, '17-'13, '18-'19g Bnsketlmll '16-'17: Class Basketball '15-'16, '16-'JT5 Scrub Bnselmll '16-'17: Sergeant Company "C" '18-'1S3 Cuptnln Company "C" '17-'18. Here he is, take him or leave him. He says the ladies say he is a ladies' man, but as we have never heard them say so, we'll have to let you be the judge. Did you ever hear him sing? J. ROWAN ODEN, Z A E BIRMINGHAM Science Glee Club '17-'18-'19: Skulls: Parnsltcs: Black- frlars. Cust "Her I-Iustmnd's VVll'o": Senior Gor- man Club: Secretary Student Government Asso- clatlon '18-'19. "Josh" is everybody's friend until some one says "Cor- olla" then he quits. In spite of last year's tragedy, he has two new lies, and goes to the picture show regularly once a month. CHARLES H. OWENS, JR., A T Q HURTSBORO Arts Band '17-'18-'19: S. A. T. C. Buglerg First Lieutenant of band. Who, in the name of sin, wolce the bugler up for reveille? After he did get up, he surely saw to il that no one else remained in the arms of Morpheus. Page thirty WAR., CQIQQLLA ISIS ffl Senior Class PAUL M. PENNY, K A BIRMINGHAM Law Llcute-nnnt F. A.. ll. S. A. Another Lieut. who did not get to "Tent" except in the grand old U. S. A. Penny says the only thing harder than army life is the heart of the jealous Mistress, and he is busily wooing the dame ffrom Spectators' Row, at present. josaPH B. PERRY, Q A 6 BIRMINGHAM Lana Skulls: Purnsltosg SL-nlnr G1-rmnn Club: li. S., A. P. I. Who was the lady who said joe looks like Wallace Reid? Well, we don't like to differ with the fair sex, but-we leave it to you. Another soldier of fortune who sought adventure on the Rhine and found it on the Warrior. EDNA HARDAWAY PICKETT, A A A MONTGOMERY Arts V. W. ti. A. Puhlnvt '17, 'ltlg St-on-tnl'y Pun- ttollonlc voum-tl '17-'1N, l'rr-xldent '18-'lttg Vlcu-l'ruNld1-nt lh-al Ur-uns: Suffrnpsu Club: Ulmm P01-I '16-'ITS Ilollnl' Roll 'IT-'1S. "Pickett" cannot be beat planning attractive parties and pulling off stunts. She does everything from "A" grades, to housekeeping and letter sealing for the "Dorm." Apply to "Edna H." if you need an assist- ant-ask Doster. MAT:-raw B. PRICE MOBILE Lana Law Forum, Secrctnry-Tronaurer '18-'lttg Class Pnct '15-'HL Here, ladies and gents. we present Hon. Mat B., orna- ment of the front row, gentleman of parts, and Cheroot King. "Now, Mr. Price, what do you mean by all that?" Matt's recitations remind us of Kickero's "To a Goldhshf' or john Wallace on "Humming Birds." or something. BEATRICE PRIDDY SULLICI-INT Science 1 Athens college is kind to send us so good a student as Beatrice. A careless habit of "borrowing," a fondness for the gentlemen, and a room-mate of Maudine. Page thirty-one WAR, COIQOLLA l9I9 Senior Class WILLIAM P. ROSSITER BIRMINGHAM Arts Phllomnthlcg Llteresque: Fellow In History De- partment: Honor ROI! '17-'1S. jumped on law for a crip, which all goes to prove that the Mistress is villaneously slandered sometimes. Bill is a foundation stone of the Philomathic. CHARLES LEE ROWE ELBA Science You had best keep on the good side of the "Colonel" for he exercises a potent influence over Burleson's Product, as he succeeded to the Nlajofs job. Which, by the way, he handles with all the lVlajor's dignity and aplomb. JOHN H .REYNOLDS TUSKECEE Lclv The third third of "the Army." Told the Dean that the New Hebrides were in Scotland and proved itl What is all this. we hear about "Rat Reynolds?" "lf it wasn't for that gol darned whistle, I cud sleep tol- erable well from nine to twelve." WILLIS CALHOUN ROYALL A X A MONTGOMERY Arts Crimson-NVhite Board: Philonmthlcg Pan-Hob lonlc Council: Honor Roll '15-'16, One of the few boys in school who cheerfully used up a good CU car on his fraternity brothers. However, the fair damsels are frequent guests, as the relic still mean- ders up and down Univer:ity Avenue. LUNEY VARNON RAGSDALE, Q I' A BESSEMER A.B., U. of A. 'l7. . You know he is a Fiji when you look at him-grape juicel Now you know as much about him as we do, except we understand the "Dom" is wild about his looks. Page lhlrly llvo WAR, C1olQ.o1.l.A 1919 I J Senior Class '," N X gf: ,: - ' X-QQ , .. 'O ' - iv. L 5' 1 ,- riff: r' f 'J -, . :sg JOHN M. SHERER , r 3, I ' - v. , f TUSCALOOSA 5 3, I Engineering W 'X 'x A An engineering shark, so we understand. Whether it's V,-R steam boilers, steam engines, or just plain hot air, we don't knowg call him up and find out for yourself. X 1 AU X V , . X A " f I f BOWEN W. SIMMONS ENTERPRISE Lan, 3 6' Yes, he grew, but not on a tree. A veteran of both the Army and last year's class. Possibly that is the reason why he wears that inscrulable demeanor when he is try- ing to connect with the Dean's passes. Vain hope, B. W., 'tis not for mortal man. HENRY BELT SLAUGHTER TUSCALOOSA Arts Shnckleford Literary Society tProst4lont1: Sz-nlor German Club, Education Clubp' S. A. T. C. Brother of the two sisters. He is not so vicious as some of his ancestors must have been to gain such a name. Quiet and conservative, but amiable when the ice is once broken. A. G. SCARBOROUGH, Q I' A TUSCALOOSA Arts Arch: Gln-c Club '16-'17, '17-'18, '18-'lflg Rlaclt- frlars '17-'18, '18-'ltlg Phllumnthlc '15-'lflg Class Baskr-tbalt '15-'16, '16-'17, '18-'ltlz Business Mnnagt-r Y. M. C. A. Handbook: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. '16-'17, Pan-HL-llcnlc Couric-tl '16-'17, '17-'18, '18-'lttp Strlnx: Rand: Freshman Speaker: Simply Ottlcer. Rank, Flrst Lieuten- nntg Corolla Board: Lltcrusquc '16-'17, Skip is an artist when it comes to giving script dances but they are not always a success, especially the night he tried to bring the customers down in his car. Watch Skip. he will get the best of you. "Has't the papers?" EARL SANDERS, I7 K fb TROY Arts Yes, he corrects "Biddy" in Economics classes and gets by with it, too. It all goes to show that some people have a balance in their favor as soon as they "Sign up" for a course. . Page thirty-three Ik 9 ,.f- -QC VVAR, GOROLLA I9l9 Senior Class INA MAE SNELLGROVE, Z T A BOAZ Arts Suffrage Association: Y. W. C. A. Ina Mae lingers with us even a shorter time than she spent at Shorter College, but we are glad that she came, and we hope she likes us-which one of us? So R. S. is married-well. well, welll ROLAND L. SPARKMAN, Z X BIRMINGHAM Science Attic. One of Mil:e's brothers, so he must be all right. We understand the ladies are very partial to his auburn hair- call it auburn if you want to, but we say plain red. RAYMOND JACKSON STAGGERS, K Z BENTON E. E. Key-Ice: Parasites: Jasons: Executive Commit- tee '16-'17g Manager Baseball Team '17-'18. All the ladies rave about "Mex," yet he spurns their affections. The question is, cloes he do this in order to put more time on his studies or is he bashful? No, he never acts true to name. WILLIAM THURSTON STARNES FELL CITY Lan: He yet maintains that America is in the Eastern Hemi- sphere: but it is not surprising, as he hails' from Gar- rett's home town,'Q. E. D. Ask him why he will persist in operating noisy railways in the still starry watches. WILLIAM WIRT SOWELL, 'IP I' A JASPER ' Arts Glee Club '17-'18-'19: Llteresque '17-'ISQ Black- fl'l!lI'S '17-'18g HOIIOI' Roll '18-'19. Of an artistic nature. Tolprove it he is a member of the Cleo Club, the Blackfriars, and a LICUICDHIII in Uncle Sam's Army. Wirt did not go across, as the war ended too soon: so he is back at the U. of A. coming across with the grades. ' Page lhlrly four WAR, GOROLLA 1919 Senior Class GRAVES WILLIAM STILES, A X A CURLEY Arts A Club: Hnsclnnll '16, '17, '1S: Cnptnln '19, Football 'lS: Sergeant f'f1l'llDlllIj' "C." That's "Lena," author of "Guard House Blues." He has traveled a great deal, but he is especially famous for his baseball trips. Versatile? Yes, for he can sing, play ball, dance, and attend classes-sometimes! MERLE SUMMERVILLE TUSCALOOSA Arla llonnr Roll '17-'1S. Merle is one of the steadiest, most conscientious, and most capable of students. She is also generous, for doesn't she bring us juicy watermelom in summer school time, and lend us a horse and buggy to go for a ride? Faux TANKI-:RsI.I-LY, K A HOPE HULL Arts Rnanlmll Mnnngi-r 'IS-'ltlp Arch t'Iuh. "Tank" is ever ready to enumerate the number of times he had to whip the Yankees in behalf of the sunny South. and also the times he chastised innocent negroes In Northern cities in the street cars. It is worth the time. Now, is it? VERA THOMAS BIRMINGHAM Arls SutfI'nI:o Assn:-lntlun. Vera has the honor of roaming with a president, but she is not the least bit "stuck up." Two shining blue eyes, the pinkest of cheeks, and the happiest of smiles. lsn't life noble? DONALD HoBsoN THRONBURY, A T Q BIRMINGHAM ' Chemical Engineering Skulls: Patrnsltt-sp Se-ninr Us-rnmn: Glen t'lIIh '10-'17, l'l'0Nlll0lll '18-'1!I: Oratur SI-nlnr Utnss: Ext-vtitlvn f'0l1lII'llllt't' 'IN-'lftg Unrp. Nuvnl L'IIlt: Fellow ln Geology: Ilonmn- ltoll 'IT-'1H, We do not know whether his eyes or his his style of architecture ll to blame: but "Don" certainly has a drag with the ladies. The trouble is. he knows it, and thus many a fair heart IS rent as a result of the llirtations of this Romeo. ' Page lharlp-fve WAR., QOIQOLLA 1919 Senior Class ROBERT S. WARD HARTFORD Lana He escaped the German bullets and fell before ein frau- lein, yah? Phil and Bob are now joyously UI sailing the Summer Seas of Smakrimony . We extend our heart- felt sympathy, gentlemen, but "Eventually, so why not now?" ELAINE WARD, A A A CANTON, MISS. Law Suttrnnc Assoctutlon. A guitar is all Elaine needs to draw a crowd. The kind of personality that Hows across the room-that is the simplest way to describe this cosmopolitan person. MARGARET WATTS, K A TUSCALOOSA Science A little wistful looking. is she dreaming of her bril- liant future, or does she long to be back in "Dear old Judson?" With big blue eyes and curly hair, why shouldn't she be pleased with a co-educational school? ALLISON VAN NETTE DAPHNE Science Gloo Club '15-'16: President Suffrage Associa- tton '16-'17, '17-'18p Secretary-Treasurer Educa- tion Club '17-'1S: Secretory-Treasurer Junior Law Class '18-'19: Vice-President Girls' Ath- letic Association '18-'19: Y. W. C. A. Senior Prophet 'lfhg Assistant Editor-tn-Chief, "The War Corolla" '18-'19. A combination of "Tookey Wookey," hypnotist, toast mistress, cheer leader, sulfragist, and especially adapted as leader of "Rat" inspections. If you don't like that. take this one. An "A" student, witty, original, studlous, generous: but the reason we like her so much is because she is a thorough MD. G, S." ISABELL BUFORD TURNER, K A Science- Y. W. C. A. Cabinet '18-'19: Gtrl's Athletic Association: Sut'ft'u1.rc Club: Per-Mod Club: Red Cross: Treasurer Y. NV. C. A. '17-'18p Honor Roll '16-'17, '17-'ISI ASSlSlilI1f. ll'l Cil0ITllBlZI'y '18-'19. Isabel makes a dandy chemistry assistant, just as she has always made the best of grades. She is going to be an NLD. some of these days, and a good one, too. Page thirty six WAR, CQIQOLLA 1919 Senior Class CLARENCE K. WEIL, Z B T MONTGOMERY Science Shackelford '10-'1T: Blnekfrlnrs '16-'1T: Pre- Mocl. Club: llonor Roll '16-'17, '17-'1Rg Fresh- mun Dc-clurntlon Conti-stg Corporal Company "A" 'IG-'1T: First Sn-rg:-nnt Company "C" '17- 'l8: Jasons: Dc-lmtlnxr Council: Fellowship Stu- dttnl tn Biology 'IS-'19. A little fellow with a big mind and heart. Though he is not quite as bad as "Roost," we predict quite a time if his knees could only see each other once again. CLYDE HERN WHITTEN, A A A LOWNDESBORO Arts Y. W. C. A.: Suttrngc Assoc-lntlong Rod Cross. You wouldn't expect such a good-looking girl to hail from Montevallo, nor could you find a more lovable one, either. Clyde is "foolish" about Spanish and has dreams of many happy hours in the school room, teaching it by the "direct" method. MARY IDA Woon, K A BIRMINGHAM Arts Rt-il Pi-oss: Y. XV. U. A.: Athletic Asanclutlnn: Plusa St-r-romi'y nml 't'rensuri-r '17-'lag '18-'193 lluslnc-ss ltlnnam-r t'orolln 'IS-'lftg Business Mnnngor Ita-it Cross '17-'lS. 'IS-'lflg Honor Roll 'IN-'l9. A really fine girl, for she has all the qualities of worth and genuineness. Not only is Mary Ida the owner of a string of splendid grades, but she is also the posses- sor of a disposition which attracks a string of admirers as well. Wonder why she is taking up house planning and gardening? jim! SAMUEL GEORGE FREY, JR., df K .E BIRMINGHAM Arts lllxu-lcfi'lnrug Arrli: Attlt-3 l.nw Forum. Chews more tobacco than any other known animal, in- cluding the proverbial goat. George has an especial fond- ness for ladies from Mississippi, and he always goes out of his way to help them along. Question: What was he doing in Morgan Hall after dark? HENRY G. CAUDLE HAMILTON Science 'Tis said his lady is surpassing fair, and that wed- ding bells will soon resound. So, Caudle? Come on now. don't kid us along. Page thirty-seven XMARJ GOROLLA 1919 Senior Class Prophecy ' WAS trying out my I954 model plane. It was sailing along smoothly at about three hundred miles an hour, when suddenly a violent explosion rent the air-the falling was delightful, the landing not quite so: in an instant, however, I felt all right, but to my surprise, I saw a stranger by W' "tt X 5 3 1 - my side busily writing in a great book. My curiosity was at once aroused, so I stepped up and inspected it, glancing at his moving hand. What should be my amazement but to read, "-and as a result of such an enormous speed she fell from her racer and soon her spirit shall arrive here. From her above record of living, she in the future shall dwell in He-." I could not restrain myself. "Oh, now have a heart, Mr. Recording Angel, and make the next letter an 'a' rather than an 'l.' Now permit me to state my case. That is only just, and-" I heard a chuckle and what should I see but the Recording Angel actually laughing at me. I knew immediately I had said the wrong thing. I looked up at the Angel and smiled- "You write such a beautiful hand, please let me glance through the book." He assented. So I started leafing through the pages, meanwhile wracking my brain for a defense I could put up that would make that next letter an ua." But suddenly I forgot heaven and, well, the other place, for there at the top of the page before me was the name of one Lena Styles. "Oh, my dear Recording Angel, did Lena make heaven? I cannot say so much for his younger days, but you know he did some very effective missionary work among that new Es- kimo tribe that Mr. Boyles and lVlr. McClure discovered on the last exploring expedition around the north pole." "Yes, Lena got in through his untiring religious efforts, though he almost missed it on account of a little affair he had with the belle of the village. There he is now." In front of the gates of heaven sat Lena diligently polishing Saint Peter's keys. I sung out at him, but before I could receive an answer I saw a sight that almost made me topple over. "Tell me not in heavenly numbers that is Coney Candwell over there arranging his halo?" "Yes, I will tell you confidentially--H and my new friend leaned over and whispered in my spiritual ear: "I went on a very little spree and I think I missed some of his stunts while at the university, so when he arrived here after that shock he received while showing Dr. Peter a Physics experiment, I had to let him in, but-H he shook his head suspiciously. "Where is Ruth Fagin?" "Oh, you know the good die young, there she is now." And on the other side of the fence ffittecl past Ruth. I sighed. What chance had I: I might as well now give up, but NO! "Say, Recordy, did Gene Hawkins win the halo and feathers? If he did I know I-" "Why, no, he did not have a chance: look down there." I gazed down through inhnite space and there was Geneidriving a crowded jitney across the River Styx that had been bridged. "There is Josh Oden, Tankersley and Staggers going across now." I gasped. "They duped the world all right with their great evangelistic meetings. Oden handed out the line, Staggers had the handsome countenance that brought tl'e women. but Tankersley managed to relieve the audience of their spondulicksf' "Oh, now, I say. Cordv, did not Elizabeth Loggins gain admittance to the pearly gates, after she married the preacher Page llrrrly erghl WAR, COIQQLLA 1919. ' 'LTI and-" "Stop right there-and what, that was the trouble. There she is selling ice packs to those about to cross the River Styx. It's a rushing business." Another bone. "Mr, Recordy, did you know that Fowler Dugger has resigned his position as President of the U. of A. and is about to run for governor of the State?" "Certainly, we have an extra nice pair of wings waiting for him, with the new patent fasteners." How I envied Dugger. "By the way, don't you think that the medium sized wings would be more becoming to my style of beau-" "Were you saying something?" and he gazed in my direction with such a condescending, surprised air that I hastened to assure him that I was only commenting on the jaunty little tilt with which one of the passing angels wore his halo. "Do you mean Spartman?" "You don't mean he got in?" "Certainly, did he not spend his life doing his best to cleanse the world?" "I protested- "I did not know that he later studied theology?" "He didn't, he sold Ivory Soap." I gave up! "Re- cordy, what is that racket I hear? I did not think they had such horrible noises in heaven." Whereupon the Recording Angel glared at me reprovingly and said icily: "I insist that you do not speak in such a slighting manner about our heavenly quartet." He started to pick up his pen to finish the word that would seal my fate for the next few billion years. "But-a-how beautifully their voices blend." With a sigh of relief I saw him lay down his pen as he answered, "Well, Mims Morgan is the leader. Of course, his thirty years as leader of the flock of Holy Rollers at Vinegar Bend won him this distinction. The rest of the quartet is made up of Rucker Agee, Slaughter and John R. Miller. They had the respective positions of janitor, bell ringer and primary teacher in Morgan's church. They are trying out a new oratorio that Emory Holliman has recently composed." I almost decided that I did not mind having the next letter an "I," I beg your pardon, Recordy?" "I was just remarking that as quarters were becom- ing so extremely crowded below that Melford Cleveland, and Donn Thornberry were together drawing up plans for quite an extensive addition with all the latest improve- ments, such as the white hot walls and so on. They are erecting quite a large new library-William Wilkerson has charge of that-which will have all the latest books, such as 'What-I Should Have Done,' 'The Pleasure of Heaven' and a-" "Pardon the interruption, but what is George Frey doing?" Shuffle of pages of the recording book. "He is leader of Tammany Hall. After E.. J. McCrossin lost his race for Presidency with Sara Marr McCormick, he went back to Tammany and is now helping him." "Oh, say, do you happen to know that man riding in the seat next to Gene going across the River Styx?" I peered down and with a wild jump I clutched at the Recording Angel's arm and gasped: "Don't tell me that is Lee Gordon?" "Yes, he strangled his wife and eloped with some chorus girl. There was a great trial." "Cordy, who are the two angels over there?" "That's Margaret McCalla and Mary Ida Wood, they are greatly deserving of their places here as they founded the institution for Deserted Husbands and their Children, whose wives had left them to go into politics." "Here is Charles Calloway's name, how is he pro- gressing?" "He is prospering in quite an amazing manner. He has a world monopoly of corset strings and as a result of his last year's sales has built a mansion on Poverty Ridge. By the way you might as well be moving along-" "Please, Mr. Recording Page thirty-nine ll 9 XNAR, ColQ.oi.i.A. 1919 Angel, let me inquire about some more of my friends." "Well, hurry." "I want to see Edna Pickett's pageg what is her latest accomplishment?" He replied: "After her di- vorce from her third husband-" "Yes, I got it for him on the grounds of said wife carry- ing her practical jokes too far." "Well, she is now at the head of the Amusement Depart- ment at the Alabama State Insane Hospital." "By the way, Recordy, I read in the morn- ing papers-er, just before my descent, that Mr. Hamrick had just been appointed head of the Hospital: he became interested in the place the time he took Jack Steiner there." I shook my head in sad reminiscence. "Poor Jack, he should not have celebrated so when the country went wet again. Here is Clyde Whitten's name, let's see." And I proceeded to read, "the most romantic novelist of the age has just recently published her new novel entitled, 'Two Kisses and the Fatal Lilies.' " "Cordy, I heard that Julia Higgins was teaching in Spain somewhere." "Yes, she and Lillie Mae Lathram are giving a course open to senior men only at one of the Spanish universities in Domestic Art. Julia Mae Anderson is there, too, she is teaching the freshmen how to speak short-hand." "Where is Robert lVIesser?" "He was sent over to Japan by the United States Department of Economics to investigate the cost of sustaining one silk worm and family for three days." "Cordy, who is that so industriously laying gold bricks over there?" "That is Angel Carothers paving the new street that leads to the mansion in the distance. It was erected for Earle Sanders, who has won this palatial mansion for his wonderful work' to the world in eradicating cooties from the face of the hem- isphere." "What has become of Eloise Compton and her settlement work?" "She went in the moving picture business and soon after married Fatty Arbuckle. They have Quite a nice little bungalow among the California palms." "Here is Willis Royal's page. The last time I saw him he was at his favorite occupation of driving a car. only this time he was making money at it. He was driving an ambulance for Bessie Martins new Aero Acrobatic Stunt school. Only twenty fell yesterday. By the way, you should have seen P. E. Jackson's new serial picture featuring H. A. Edwards. It was a peach, entitled 'How the He-Vampire Ensnared Sweet Lola.' Ida Mae Snellgrove took the part of the little country girl, while Margaret Watts did the deserted wife, but Edwards held the center of llie stage throughout with his villianish eyes." "Oh, I say, Cordy, you seem to have so much work to do, how about getting an assistant-er. a-I." "Yes, I am still waiting for some one good looking with brains. I hope Virginia Lusk will soon arrive." I sank back weak and exhausted. What should be my next move? I decided to resort to gossip until I had the much needed inspiration. "Recordy, where is Mr. Rossiter? He died quite tragically several years ago." "You see, he made up a solu- tion called the Elixir of Youth and guaranteed renewed youth. He had a great meet- ing and sold thousands of bottles but he never made his get-away, as the infuriated crowd tarred and feathered him. He is now boiling in the hottest apartment for the sorrow and disillusion he caused." There followed another too long pause. I hur- riedly leafed through the book. "What did William Flowers accomplish in life?" "Well, he got his inspiration from his name. He concocted some kind of a solution and went into a business rivaling Hoyt's perfumery company. He soon drove Hoyt out of I age forty WAR. ColQ.oi.l.A 1919 business. The government is contemplating using it in the next Great War as a method of defense." "Listen, how about Pearl Moore, has she arrived yet?" "No, since her dive into the troubled sea of matrimony, she has been spending the greater part of her time traveling through the country giving illustrated lectures on 'How to Keep Little Sun- beams Shining in Your Home." Here is Ann Christian's lie record, did you know her?" "I say I did, what is her latest deed or should I say misdeed?" My friend answered, "I should say misdeed. She has quite a reputation for the costumes she has designed. Her latest has been appropriately called the Cmore gown. It is having quite a run." "Where is Clifford Dun?" I asked of the Recorder of those things we would like to forget the morning after the night before. "He has been elected President of the New Republic. I had almost forgotten it was called Germany in the days gone by. He is making it the most democratic country in the world. M. B. McDaniel is the new Secre- tary of State, and J. R. Faucette the Ambassador to Italy-we have such beautiful wings in the Wing Department for them." I breathed a long sigh for a misspent life and was about to accept my fate when I suddenly thought of Gardner Boone. "When Dean Barnwells resigned Boone took his place." "Well of all unheard of things." And the Recording Angel replied: "You never can tell by the looks of a frog how far he can leap, my dear." I nodded assent and asked about Mr. Haines. "That great essayist has just published a wonderful piece of work on the very interesting subject of 'The Dif- ference Between Marriage and Matrimonyf He is making a fortune off of it." "Really, now you have wasteii entirely too much of my valuable time, so I must insist-" "Please, Cordy, just a couple more. I must know what Clarence Weil is doing, and" "Don't you know about him? Why, he was elected head of the League of Nations. Now if you had-" "And Isabel Turner and Meryl Summerville?" They were my last attempt to put off the dreaded moment. "They have their names recorded in the annals of history for their discovery of the South Pole. This discovery they proved absolutely by marking it on the map." "A-a-a-a-" He paid no attention to my stutterings, but picked up his pen and with a few strokes permanently placed my headquarters in-H? A1.L1soN VAN NETTE, Senior Class Prophet. Page forty-one XQVAIQ., GOROALLA 1919 Class Poem l'm going to Write ' This Senior Class Poem In Proseg Not that this is an Unromantic Class- For it is truly Beautiful, dainty, unusual, And well-versed in the art Of Love, But it is so very Digniliedl l sing of the Fairy-like grace and Tinlcling laughter Of this Senior Class. I sing of the dainty Slippers, The hob-nailed shoes, and the Army-boots Of this Senior Class. l sing of the mighty Grades And well-selected Crips Of this Senior Class. But this taslc is Beyond me! The greatest Heroes Of the war Are those Of this Senior Class. We fought ln France, We were the best 'The sunshine KPs ln camp, We were the heroines In home Service. We went forth from The Universityg We won The war. Now, we receive Our diplomas, we Of this Senior Class Because- We got by! The birds are Singing in the Breeze: The air is Soft, and the Flowers Are fair: Plays a melody O'er hill and Plain: The whistle Shoots, Nlilce makes a Speech, We breathlessly hold our Sheep-slcins. We go forth Amid a shower of Applause-and flowers, The jass-band Strikes up-- For the class of l9l9 Will always he ' Famous! PEARL Moons, C lass Poe! Page forly-lnao XIVAR, GOROLLA ISIS " :fl Page farlp-three Class History VERY class has a beginning and so, backxin the dim antiquity of l9l5, a headless, conglomerate mass of "Innocents Abroad" were massed together for better or 73 worse. But we must have been mascots of luck, for was it not in this year that our football men made of Se- wanee's Tiger a very tame cat? - And were we not 'egg' deemed subjects worthy of a senior Inspection-as a result of which the class of 'I6 was suspended? As sophomores all the world was turned black to us by the clouds of war. The good times of Blackfriar plays and "The Importance of Being Earnest" lost their importance when our boys, clean, straight- forward, open-faced lads, left for the first officers' training camp: and we choke just a little even now when we think about the excuse of "leaving next morning," and how it felt to see that "best pal" for the last time at the dormitory. To a class who found difhculty in arriving on time at 9 o'clock lec- tures, it came as a shock like icy water to hear the awakening notes or reveille. We've always had as our motto: "O how we hate to get up in the morning," but the trouble was it still looked like night to the S. A. T. C. Who will ever forget his first taste of soldiering and policing the squad, or peeling spuds for barracks dinners, or Major Ord, or the Kaiser "'n everythingn? And Peace Day- its thrill, its wonder, making us a part of history- leaving us a feeling of infinitesimal smallness, but infinite hope to make a better, lasting, more worthy record on the white pages of time. VIRGINIA Lusx, Class Historian. IWAR, GolQ.ol.L.A l9l9 7? V' 'i - F511 WAR, GOROLLA 1919 f D ,'g:,2g.sjg - Ia' ' . jg ' 4 f -'f , V- ': ' V-q.l,j. H, 1 ff- lp. ' nv. A, 1 . , .f,133f,-ff'-" -9 .1-PM-'f" 51,9 iff-wa--5-,-' " f - V' '. - 23.34 :.. !-f gy,-' . S4 wi? N .1.?.,,, ' - w V f"4 v-.CJ ,--. L WJ 11 I ,: - ':-V . " 3 , xg.. 1'v"'n,g 5 .Ipaq , .-,V '.L 5F3g'.f,,, I V ' , Hs: ' 2 A., ,, 1 : 'iff I' - ' ,' 5"-'V . -N ' ,r ' 1 fy:-1 ' 3 vm, , ' .. VX - . Page forty-fx-c A 1 i Cf? 1 I .Q M: v. - I -' I ., , l i - - 4,-. 'Bl u. hub 'I'-.S'f7NHN77lIV" , 'fwfffzwme W ., 'h" '- ,A - X- - n ' 00f"UL' . LL' z-- , 4' .- '- f ' . ,k-,- I I r 5 g nf, J I . F ' 1 ' ""' TiTfif'fC-2,www-1.",fiffT1'11vqf'f" "-f.A ' ' , WW 'auf-HoivfkvvefwaeasvfsgwgfeE" Q B. ' .,' . - ',. LT?LL- .1.'S,.:..-, A., -J. . V . ' e WAR, GOROLLA 1919 7? Junior Class Officers, College of Arts and Sciences JOE WHEELER SEWEL1. ....... ......... P resident CAROLYN MONTGOMERY . . Vice-President FRANK SAVAGE . . . . Secretary-Treasurer MARGUERITE WILKINSON ....... Poet DREW MCDONALD ..... Historian Plc WILKERSON . . . Coal Page forly-six WAR, COIQOLLA 1919 :fl 1 Junior Class Officers, College of Law Rom-zm' G. Mzssan ..... .......... P resident WALTER WILLIAM BANKHEAD ...... Vice-President ALLISON VANNUTE . . . Secretary-Treasurer j. L. KELLEY .... Poe! lsmom: BLRMAN . .... Historian ,IULIAN Blsl-lor . . .' .... Orator ROBERT MILNER ,,,, Coq! Page forly-seven VJAIQ, GolQ.o1.l.A 1919 unior Class ISIDORE BERMAN, Z B T - FALCO Law Scrub Baseball '16-'17: Class Baseball '17- '18: I-Ilstortun Junior Law Class: Member Executive Committee: First Sergeant Com- pnny HA." "Sergeant" is reputed to be a "slicker"-N'est ce pas? How 'bout them three hundred, Sarg? Says he is no kin to Tobie, but we understand they are brothers. HORACE BARNARD, fl, K E . OZARK Science Arch: Llteresquo: Executive Committee: Sergeant Co. C. ecutlve Committee: Sergeant Co. C. One of the hardest working men in school, and lVllke's private advisor. Although of a serious mind and thoughtful disposition he is a mighty likable chap as will testify those who know him. Tome BERMAN Lan: Tobie has graduated from the ranks of the studious to Ladies' Skirts-meaning, selling them on the road. He looks prosperous and we hope he is. B. P. ANDERSON, E A E BIRMINGHAM Engineering Skulls: Pnrnsltes: Vnrslty Basketball '16- '17, '18-'19. Another basketball phenomenon who came back to us after trying Uncle Sam's navy for a year. From Birmingham, and likes to talk about it. He is never more satislied than when telling of the wonders of the Magic City. Six feet of good nature and man. WALTER C. Aces, A K E BIRMINGHAM Engineering Skulls: "A" Club: Varsity Basketball '17- 'lR, Captain '18-'19. "Stuff" astonished the whole school in his Freshman year by his remarkable aptitude for basketball- and has kept it up ever since. Quite a social lion, but manages to pass off Dean Davis' engineering at the same time. Of a sunny disposition and vampish ways. HARRY BARNES, E A E MONTGOMERY. Arla One man that will not advise anyone to take law-for he tried it. Ready to do anything anytime: parts his hair in the middle, and is known by everyone to be a heart breaker. Has Overton recovered? Page forty eight WAR, ColQ.o1..l.A 1919 I an unior Class AIULIAN ZEIGLER BISHOP MOBILE Lam Exccutlve Committee. A faithful lover of the jealous Mistress, ask Dicky and the Dean. Unassuming. modest and very popular among the boys-at Mays'. CHARLES W. BLAIR, fl, A 9 EUFAULA Science U. S. Navy Rr-serve Forces. Charlie, who left the Capstone last year to become a jackie in the navy, is one of the most likeable fellows we know. You can find him out on the diamond every spring and we may hear from him yet in this line. jAMEs H. BRADFORD BIBMINGHAM Lan: A marvel of the Magic City and Francis X. the second. His regular week-end trips lead us to be- lieve that the Jealous Mistress has a deadly rival. A new addition to the Law Department of which it is proud. LEON C. BRAMLETT. E A E CLARKSDALE, MISS Arts Key-Ice: Parasites. General Lee of the Horse Marines, ladies and gents. Right there with the goods on any and all occasions. Did you say what goods? Ask him. HERMAN Fasrus BURCHFIELD. II K fb TUScAL00sA Arts One man that is always busy at something, whether it be of importance or not. Can never give you but a few moments at one sitting-and oh, yes, he has several cars. Hails from Tuscaloosa-but don't blame him. H. BRYAN CARGILE BESSEMER Engineering H. H. Club: Class Footlmll and Baseball '16-'17, '17-'1Sg Class Treasurer 'IG-'ITQ Ex- ecutlvc Committee. Although named Bryan by fond parents he is bet- ter known as "Charlie," Dabbles in athletics-mostly baseball. And Freshmen will readily assent that his batting average is far above the average. Run- ning mate of joe's and one of the original mem- bers of Hell's Hole. Page forty-nine WAR, GOIQOLLA l9l9 unior Class T1-tEonoRE A. CARR, A K E CLARKSDALE, MISS Arts Teddy's "pedal eritremitiesn have been the source of many conversations. Can always be counted among those present in "certain" little social gatherings. A mighty fine chap with lots of friends. And- "There's a girl down in Mississippi-l" SAMUEL J. CAssELs, K E MONTGOMERY. Science Deserted us in his Sophomore year for a Colorado College. A combination of student and good fel- low-malces good grades but linds time to mingle with the fair ones. From down Montgomery way, and according to Sam-"there's something besides the Capitol!" F. EWART C1-lRlsTo?HER tsNEY Science A regular guy. l bet you Mawrusl Excellent stu- dent in fact, or a' la report card? We have con- sulted the atlas, five geographys and the World's Al- manac, but we cannot End lsney. MATTHEW WILLIAM CLINTON TUSCALOOSA Arts Phttmmtthlc: tirlmson-White Bom-mtg Corpo- rul lfnmlmny 0. Who is the dame, Matt? We are all on to you, so you may as well fess up. Another star reporter of the Weekly Astonisher, We cannot understand hcw Major coralled so much "real" talent. CHESTER CARTER COUNTS, II K KI, TUSCUMBIA Civil Engineering Class Football '16-'1T: Varsity '17-'1S. "Big" Counts was destined to star on this year's eleven, but the cruel war interfered. Two hun- dred pounds of bone and muscle-combined with a winning smile and handzome countenance. A lover of the Terpsichorean art. GEORGE Dl'l'l'0 i.AcEY's sPRlNc Arts Stmcklefnxft Lttt-rnry Soclcty. Secretary and Treasurer '17-'ISL lf. S. Navy. 'Twere a shame to pun here, so all we can say is "E.quivalentia"-to anything any time. Page fly WAR, COIQOLLA 1919 unior Class ' HUNTER DICKENSON FARRISH CAMDEN Science We think Hunter the most eccentric man we've ever met. He is fascinating in that you have no idea what he will do next. Attracts many of the "other" sex-and is rumored that down-or up- in Camden he is- s-sh-a vamp! Hucr-r ELLISON GREY OHATCHEE Science Shnckelford Literary Soclc-ty '16-'17-'183 Pre-Med Club: Physics-Math Club '17-'IRQ Corporal Company "B." Hugh is a youth, rather inclined toward the studious. Coupled with his thoughtful mind, though, is a genial personality and a man well worth knowing. His "won't-come-off" smile has won him many friends. YANCEY H. GOODALL, E A E BIRMINGHAM Science "A" Club: Bitsketblill '16, "Yank" is our idea of a man. Handsome and bub- bling over with good humor. The main stay of the Basket quint-and some main stay. Tried V. M. l. last year but the charm of the Capstone lured him back to us. One of Birmingham's best. JOSEPH ALLEN GRADY, 112 A 9 ROANOKE Science Key-Ice. From the wilds of Roanoke and proud of it. Fun- loving and out for a good time. May be seen most any time with Sellers at either jack's or Howard's. Also a devotee of the indoor sports, and always successful. ERSKINE GRIER DONALD PINEAPPLE Arls HODOF Roll '16-'17, 'IT-'1S. A man of few wfids and many deeds. Never con- siders it anything remarkable to make all "A's." A man well worth knowing-and liking. CHARLES SENN DosTER, 2 N BIRMINGHAM Arts Key-Ice: Class Football '17-'1S: Sorgi-nnt Conlnany "i'." The jolliest man in school. "Fatty" likes to talk. and will discuss anything at any time. A terror to the Sigma Nu boarding department and always on time for all meals. Passes his'work and does a bit of society. , Q. Page ffly-one cg All lWAR, GOROLLA ISIS Y? , or eg? , . . . fu I SE fait 'f t 5 ,3- Q . ' .- ,,,' fhik Junior Class GLADYS GWIN, Z T A OXFORD Science Lots of poise and a goodly store of charming man- ners, with special talents for expression and a characteristic way of saying, "lsn't that cute?" Can you blame him for letting her wear his frat pin when you see those big brown eyes? l..lLLIE MAE HAIzcI:'r1' RUSSELLVILLE Arts Secretary Y. W. C. A. 'JS-'19: Vice- Prest- dent Wom:xn's Council '18-'lllg Exocutlve Unmmitee '18-'19, This "storehouse of wit" displays her varied talents by holding offices galore, by always singing tenors to somebody else's song, and by writing verses to some- body else's "lVlug." Always glad of an opportunity to make everybody happy. LAUNCELGT JONES HENDRIX AMERICA Arts Sir Launfall Launcelot, begoshl A shining con- stellation at all social functions, and very popular at the "Ranch." Here is Launcelot, where, oh where, is Elaine? JOHN MARK Hobo, 2 N MILLPORT Law Phttomuthtc. Came to us in his Sophomore year-a product of Marion Institute. Has red-or auburn-locks, and is of a military inclination. Left during the latter part of last year for an ofl'icer's school, but came back for the "finishing touches." WILLIAM COLUMBUS HoI.I.r:Y sAMs0N Arts Oh you Xmas bellsl Has been seen with a book twice during his college career. and he was then using it for a back-rest. 'Sats all right, bo, we are for you. Page ffty two WAR, CZolQ.o1.l.A 1919 unior Class ADELYNE Hoon, K A TUSCALOOSA Arts Blnokfrlnrs. Adelyne with her pale pinks and delicate blues is suggestive of English gardens and prim roses with a strain of irresistable music coming from that beloved violin of hers. A splendid opportunity for some am- bitious young man. Roasnr HuosoN ROC-ERSVILLE Science No kin to Hendrik. are you Bob? They tell us he's a shark, so he must be, but we ain't plumb advised as to what in. so we can't put out much real infor- tion. Luciu: HoLus covm Arts 'fn-:isurn-r Y. XV. P. A. 'IS-719: Honor Roll 'li-'15, Exceedingly loyal and extremely enthusiastic- whether it's "Y. W. C. A. apples for sale," or a disputed point in regard to Latin Syntax. The "Corp" always gives the impression of a determina- tion-and a good one. HowARu PRESTON KING, ja., E A E COLUMBUS, MISS. Arts Key-Icv. Another representative from Mississippi that realized the helping influence of Mike's Capstone. Not known to many outside of the S. A. E.'s-but you have to keep your eye on these indifferent persons. L. Comm jr:NNlNcs, ft- A 9 EUFAULA Arts Skulls: Cnplnln f'olnpany "B": Pnrmults-s. Running mate to Sellers and Grady-and from Eufaula. Was commissioned in September and had the nerve-racking job of beating military into S. A. T. C. victims. A little man with plenty of good humor. j. L. KELLY. :Z A E REPTON Lan: A Greensboro product and judging from this specimen, we would be glad to welcome more. Thoroughly likeable and due to become very popular at "Dorm." Fave fifty-three 91 -- 5'-17 WAR, ColQ.o1.i.A 1919 Junior Class Orro E. KIRCHNER MOBILE Engineering "A" Club: Cross Country team '16-'17: Cap- tain '18-'19: Assistant in Physics: Honor R0ll '16-'17, '17-'18: S8l'l-leant. CO. HA." He of the flying feet and spiked shoes. Took Walter's place in Birmingham this year and car- ried off the honors in the annual road race. Un- usually studious and will be one of the few that start engineering and finish. ARTHUR E.. MALQNE, K 2 DOTHAN Science First Lieutenant Co. "B," "Long, lean. and lanky" and a man of few words. Said by some to be the image of Joe Owens, but of course neither will admit it. Has a serious face but nevertheless he is not that way when you know him. J. CONLEY MERCHANT' ASHVILLE Law Mason 320: Knight Templar: Shrlnerp Treasurer Y. M. C. A. '15: Secretary '16g Alternate Varsity Dcbater '15g B. S., '16. A Noble of the Mystic Shrine, so what is he do- ing here? Doesn't he know that Tuscaloosa is dry? He and "Sawdust" Smith are the sole proprietors and chief members of the "Forty-Nine Club." THOMAS MARCUS MCCLELLAN, E A E BIRMINGHAM Science The dean of the mess hall during those frightful S. A. T. C. days. Loves to talk military and some- times knows what he is talking. Although of small statute "Yutch" is large of heart and a friend of everyone. Dau M. MCDONALD WARD Science Ylee'-President. Phllomathlcg Corporal Co. Another "Mac" that has a drag with the Profs. Runs with Colonel Rowe and is a man that is glad to see you-no matter who you are-or where- or when. JOHN BLUE HILL, fb I' A MONTGOMERY Lan: HOHUI' Roll, '17-'18, Here we present the junior partner of Hill Brothers, Attorneys-at-Law, and we venture to predict that they will both develop into lawyers of mark-pro- vided they yield not to the somnolent influence of Father Monty. Listen-John Blue's got a girl- act. POE!! ffty four XQVAIQ, GOROLLA 1919 I 'TZ unior Class CAROLYN MONTGOMERY, A A A ASHVILLE Arts For-rotul'y and Ti'--asain-I' XVuninn'x Uminr-Il 'IS-'HUC Y. XV. U. A. Unhliivt 'IN-'lin Pun- Ih-llt-nlc llvlvixnti- 'IN-ling llnuur ltoll 'IT- 'lNg Furnlln limircl 'IN-'lflg Crlmsnn XVhlln- Rnnrrl '18-'1!I: Vive-I'l'm-xlmlr-lil Junior Ulziss, lx- 19. The upersonification of brains." If there is any lit- erary work or "reporting" to be clone there is a grand rush for Carolyn, and there is always a cheerful and willing response. A tireless worker, a "tripIe-A- plus" student, a ready smile, and a friend in nerd! jlMMn-: ETHEL MoNTcoMl-:RY BIRMINGHAM Arts Siiffrmgi- Vluhg l'ri--Mi-il Pluh. lf "Dr. Montgomery" pursues her study of medi- cine as zealously as her search for a live rat, her professional success is assured. Strange to say, this young medical student is now serving as an under- stucly to a certain rising young lawyer. joHN P. NOLAND TUSCALOOSA Engineering "A" Uluhg Ulxiss Fnntlmll 'Mig Ynnslly lfmut- hzlll 'lil Intl I.t. Vu. "ll," One of our said "Gridiron" stars who didn'l get to shine this year. Thanks to Major Ord. We ex- pect great things of you next year, Noland. joscm-I HEAD OWENS, A T Q HURTSBURO Arts GI:-e 1'luh 'IR-'Ing Hand 'IT-'1S: First Lt., 'IS-'ttig I'ntvcl'slty Jnzz Orvln-:-iti'u. When we think of joe, it is impossible to leave out his trombone. The main feature of the "jazz" Or- chestra, and he never fails to produce the goods in that capacity. Long, tall. and good-natured. jess D. PALMER. -If I' A jasrsn Science I. U. O. 'I'. S. Cnmp Plki-g 2nd IA. Il. O. 'l'. r'. "lace" is a fellow that stays well to himself, but the Fijis say he is a good sport once you get him started. Although not a woman hater. you never see him "campus coursing," but if you know him well enough he'll tell you about "that girl back in jas- per-l JAM:-:s HENRY PATTERSON ROGERSVILLE Science "Pat" is one of these quiet lads whom nobody knows much about. as he keeps his business strictly to himself. Not a bad idea at that. Page fifty-five -:Liv . -t 'gift .-3 WAR. COIQQLLA 19.19 unior Class BARNE'rr I. PLOTKIN BROOKLYN, N. Y. Engineering Enrrlnecrs Club '16, '17, '18, Moth Club '17g Captain Co. G, R. 0. T. C. Likes military, track, and engineering-and knows quite a lot about each of the three. A hard working man of whom you see little on the campus. Runs with Krichner both in school and on the track team. HENRY NEILL Sl-ZCREST NOTASULGA Law - Spends more time at .lack's place than in the law library, but gets by. Quiet, with little to say, but liked and admired by those who know him. L. H. WEsT. LINEVILLE Science Pre-Med Club. A future M. D. and a "kopper" of cats and frogs. lf he cuts poor Adam as he carves these poor unfor- tunates, we indeed feel sorry for the luckless gen- tleman. ' FRANK NORMAN SAVAGE, 'Iv I' A CENTRE Arts Glen Club '1S-'1!l: Vvinnvr Froshmnn Doc- lumntlun contest '17: President Shncklefnrd Lltornry Society '17-'18, Secretary Treasurer Junior Class '18-'19. "Rip" has about as much good old common sense as any man we know. He will make an admirable judge in some country court. One of Uncle Tom's song birds, and, as becomes a Garner man, does quite a bit of society. HOWARD E. PILL, 'If I' A WASHINGTON, D. C. Science Arch: Corolla Board '18-'193 Chlmson NVhltc Board '18-'19, Class Baseball '17-18. Versatile to say the least-writes anything from prescriptions to love lyrics, so he must be "round here"-and he isl We understand Howard is mak- ing a million in the Birmingham business world and we hope so. WALTER EMMETI' PERRY MOULTON ' Arts Crlmson VVhltc: Executive Commiltoc of Sophomore Class: C0l'D0l'ELl Naval Unit. One of the bold sailors from the good ship "Mount Olympus." He is also a main spring in the activities of Butts' Weekly Astonisher. Page iffy six WAR, GolQ.o1.l.A 1919 unior Class JOSEPH SERVAN ATLANTA, CA. Law Lnw Forum. One of the most thorough students and conscientious workers that the U. of A. possesses. We can readily picture a brilliant future for him. JOE WHEELER SEWELL TITUS Arls Class Football '16, '17, 183 Vnrslly' B886- ball '18: Hcll's Hole Club: President Junior Classesg Executive Commlttcc. Makes a better impression on Freshmen than any man in school. Fifty percent of the Stevie-Joe com- bination round the middle sack. Was also destined to star this year on our ill-fated eleven. -IONNIE L. SHAMBLIN COKER X , Pre-Med Pre-Med Club: Chemistry Club. Although entered as a pre-med he is still with us for another year. A big man with a smiling disposition and always in a good humor. Stands well in his clalsses, but can be found often around the "old ral . J. P. SHEALY DOTHAN Law He saw the error of his ways and so at last came to the U. of A. from Auburn. An excellent student and he promises to make a first-class lawyer, even though he heeds the call of the wanderlust at times. FRANK CLEMEN'rs SMITH, A T Q DEMOPOLIS Science Key-Ice: Parasites: President Key-Ice: lst Sergeant Co. "C," How so much good-heartedness and pep can be com- bined in live feet, four inches, has long been a won- der to us. A "top" sergeant in S. A. T. C. days. The cause of many broken hearts and wistful glances. CHARLES L. SMALLWOOD, Jn., E X TUSCALOOSA Science Sergeant Co. HB-if Old "Deezy" is one of the best military men in school, and illness alone kept him from an officers' school. A big hearted boy that is liked by everyone who knows him. Plays basketball and is a Tusca- loosa product. Page fifty-seven WAR, Col2o1.l.A l9I9 unior Class REGINALD C. SMITH, E N EUFAULA Engineering Honor Roll: Fellowship in Engineering. Smith is a man of few words, and we have been able to find out little about him. A quiet earnest- ness and thoroughness has been characteristic of everything he has done while in our midst. EDWARD F. STEINER, A T Q MONTGOMERY Arts Arch: Corporal Co. "A." Named "Hercules" in his rat year as a matter of contrast. Has always been popular especially among the Co-eds. "Herc." passes off his work and is a good natured chap whom everybody likes. ROBERT BUCHANAN STRICKLAND, sb K 2 BIRMINGHAM Engineering Phtlomathtc1 Naval Unlt. Bob hails from the Magic City, and he is always ready to tell you about its wonders. Rarely ever seen without Gus. Always happy--except when he fails to "drag" pink or blue letters on the morning mail. REEDY R. TAUNTON TALLASSEE Law A good man to know and though he has been with us a short while, he has won a place in our hearts. We are always glad to see him come around. A hard worker and everybody's friend. ANDREW JOHNSTON THOMAS, II: 1' A TALLADEGA Law Key-Ice: Law Forum. Romeo is this boy's middle name. You should hear the ladies rave about his eyes! Neither drinks, cusses, nor smokes, otherwise you would never know his Lodge. j. P. THOMAS ASHLEY Engineering Pelham's work in college has been characterized by a thoroughness in everything. It takes this to make a good engineer-and we predict he'll be one. A man with a big heart and a friendly smile. Page fifty eight z WAR., CZoIQ.oI.I.A 1919 H 'Ti unior Class S. MERCER ROGERS FOREST HOME Science First Lt. R. O. T. C.: Mason: Chemical Club: I-'lIllomntlIlc Attic: Engineers' Rc- HCFVQ. Quiet, studious and reserved. Never much to say, hut that happy smile of hIs says many thIngs. A members of the Engineers' Reserve. Also, a Pre- Med. T. C. VAUGI-IN FLORENCE Science A first year man from the metropolis of Florence. Quiet and good natured, but with a serious air about him that hespeaks progress. Those who know him appreciate him. WILLIE VEAI., Z T A TUsCALo0sA Science A native of the Oak City. and a most attractive one at that. Who is that Kampus King we heard hold- ing forth in regard to this lady not long since? May be she will tell you if you ask her, so try. AvIs WATSON, A A A BIRMINGHAM Science President Suffrage' Club '18-'19: Corolla Board 'IR-'19: Y. XV. C. A.: Red Cross. "Birdie" is such a demure-looking little damsel that you would never suspect that she is president of a suffrage association. But feminine persuasion and a happy smile are often as effective as militant ar- guments. She is also proficient in the "Dance of the Green Apple." GEORGE H. Wxrsow MOULTON Arls Here is a gentleman whose affairs de armour are a source of constant worry both to himself and his friends. All we can say is, you will get there Wat- son if you show enough speed. ROBERT STONE WEATHERLY, A T Q ANNISTON Arts A handsome youth and a horn gentleman. From oyer Anniston way and according to Bob, "some nlfty cItyl" Has an air about him that you can't help likIng. Has caused ,many Co-eds to cast a backward glance after him. Page M19-nine WAR, GOIQOLLA ISIS unior Class ANNIE WILLIAMSON MIDWAY Arts Sllffl'Dl-Z0 Club: Red Cross: Y. WV. C. A.: Ath- letlc Association. Possessed of a happy disposition, she is a boon to all who know her. However, she has an increasing tendency to spell "Boon" with a final "e." Reckon what's the cause? RICHARDSON ALusoN HARDY, A T Sl COLUMBUS, MISS Science Skulls: Parasites. A devotee of the visiting ladies, and also ladies in general. Who was that brunette he was so attentive to at the recent dances? Ah boy, That's the secretl RICHARD F. WILKERSON, A K E BIRMINGHAM Engineering The tallest man in the class-if not in the state. When seen with Tommy he reminds us of Bud Fisher and his two heroes. Likes military and also likes to talk about-"When we were at Pike-I" Mancuanrra WILKINSON, K A BIRMINGHAM Arts Y. W. C. A.: Rell Cross: Athletic Associa- tion: Junior Class poet: Assistant Buslness Manager Corolla. Familiarly known as "Geet"-with an especially individual little laugh which begins with a jerk and ends with a ripple. She is well-versed in danc- ing and in using ia pair of animated deep-brown eyes that are a wonder in themselves. L. B. WHITFIELD, ja., A T Q MONTGOMERY Science GIGS Club '13-'19. Our only original Beau Brummel and a stringer of strings on the String Team. Also sings to a limited extent, and hails from the Somnolent City. THOMAS FLoYD McC.ow1N, A K E CHATHAM Science Glco Club, '17-'1S: '18-'19g Key-Ice. One of the numerous Mccuowins in school and rep- resentative of the renowned city of Chatman. One of Uncle Tom's right hand men on the Singing Team, and it is rumored in Glee Club circles that on trips, he leaves several hearts at each stop. Page sixty WAR, GOIQQLLA I9l9 " L74 r. , . XNAR, QOIQOLLA ISIS 75 W Sophomore Class OEICCYS JACKSON Rlccs STEVENSON . . . President MARY Lots WALKER ...... . Vice-President .IAMES HICKS ..... . Secretary-Treasurer MARY MORGAN WARD . . . .... . . . . TRAM SESSIONS .... . . Athletic Director S. H. STEPHENS .... . Cheer Leader WILLIAM Ausrm . . . Coat Poe! Page sixty-two WAR, CZOIQOLLA 1919 " :fi Sophomore Class ANNELLA Aaaorr. A A A . . . Tuscaloosa Science Fnntlmll Sponsor, '17-'18p Tennis Champion '17-'18 MURRAY ABERCROMBIE Engineering JAMEs GILES AnAMs, JR. . .Fairfield Science DANIEL M. BOOTH .... . Mobile Engineering Engineers' Club: Track Team '18-'19: Electrlclan U. ol' A. Corp Co. "B." WILLIAM H. ALSTON, JR., A T Q . Tuscaloosa Science Freshman Football, '17-'1Sg Basketball '18-'19: Key-Ice: Sergeant Co. 'D." WILLIAM GAINES AUSTIN, JR. , A X A . Mobile Engineering WILLIAM CARL BAYLEss. . . Birmingham Pre-Med THOMAS A. BELSER- .... . Pike Roads Science Pre-Med Club: Crlmson NVhltv Staff: Vlcc-Presldcnt Pre-Med Club: Sergeant Co. "B." JAMEs GRAHAM BIcIcLEY, fb K 22 . Tuscumbia Science Class Football: Varsity Baseball Squad '17-'1Sg Honor Roll '17-'18. MARGARET LEE ALISON, A A A . . . Minter Special Rod Cross: Suffrage Association. ROBERT H. BRoMIaERc, A K E . . Birmingham Science Blackfrlars. GASTON BROWN . . . . . . Ozark Science Varsity Baseball Squad '17-'18, 5 Page sixty-three 'DK VVAIQ, GotQ,ot.t.A l9I9 Sophomore Class ELIZA MAR'rtN Dr: RAMus. A X A Birmingham Science Ilonor Roll '17-'18, E.. GERRY CABANISS, 21 A E . . Birmingham Arls THOMAS ELRED DAvts . . . . Montgomery . Engineering JOHN K. DANztcER, 'If A 6 . . Montgomery Science JOHN T. Coct-IRANE, A K E . . . Mobile Science Varslty Baskotlmll '17-'18, '18-'19g "A" Club: Scrub Football: Captain Fresh- ntatt Football '17'-'18: Secretary and '1'rurtsurcr Freshman Class '17-'1Sg Sec- ond Llout. Co. "B." . TERRELL ALSTON Bustav . . . Ensley Engineering Gloo Club '17-'18, '18-'19: Phllomalltlcg Crimson Whllo Staff '18g Corporal Co. MARY Ct-tARt.r:s Couz, A A A . . Birmingham Science Rod Cross: Y. W. C. A, ERNEST L, BLUE, JR., E N . . Union Springs Arls Key-lcv: Parasites. Russtzu. EssLtNict-:R . . .Huntsville Arla Glcc Club: Freshman Spvukcr, '18g Sur- gcant Co. "B," Wtt.t.tAM Wt-LLDEN BURCH. K 2 . . Pratville Engineering Corporal Co. "A." HAL C. DOUGLASS, fb K E . . . Russellville Science Pre-Med Club. Corporal Co. "A." HARRY W. COFFIN, JR.. A K E . Birmingham Engineering Glec Club: Corporal Co. "A." Page sixly-four WAR, GOIQOLLA l9l9, -' fa . Sophomore Class i I GLADYS FIKI-: ........ Birmingham Arla Y. w. C. A. G. B. FRIERSQN, 'If A 9 .... Tuscaloosa Engineering Glee Club. FRANCIS MARION GRACE. 2 X . . Mobile Arls PEARSON CRIMES E N . . . Tuscaloosa . Science M. B. Gnoss .... . . . Standing Rock Science WILLIAM L. HAIGLER, K A . . . Haylesville Arls Key-Ice: Pnn-Hellcnlc Relwcsontatlvc. THOMAS Q. HARBOUR Pre-Med 1'I'e-ML-Il Club. J. B. HARRISON, 2 A E . . Charleston. Miss Science JIM HICKSI ..... . .Ozark Science Honor Roll '17-'1S: SccrolaI'y-'1'I'cnsIII'uI SoplIomnI'u Class: Hcll's Hole Club. C. B. HIGHTOWER, ja., K A . . . York Arls HUGH P. Honcz, II K III . . . . Wadley Science 1'I'c-Mod Club. NELSON ECHOLS HOLLOMOILI. A X A . Selma Engineering R Page .sixly-fve HI XMAR, Colt-'.oLt.A l9l9 Sophomore Class J Arts Co. "A." Sergeant. FRANK JAMES. JR., 111 A 9 . . St. Louis, Mo Jol-IN RUTHERFORD LATHRAM . . University Engtnecrtng Engineers' Club: Corporal Co. "C," ARTHUR M. JOHNSON, II K fb . . Fitzpatrick Pre-Med Corporal Co. "A:" Pre-Med Club. HENRY T. KIRKLAND, K A . . Boligee Science Rus:-t B. JoHNsoN. . . .Tuscaloosa Arla Corporal Co. "B." CLYDE KENNEDY A A A . . Mobile Arla Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. '18-19: Honor Roll '17-'18: Corolla Board, '18-'19: Red Cross: Suffrage Asscclutlon. ALVIN E. KELLER, Z B T . . Enalcy Pre-Med Business Manager Glee Club: Vlco-Pres- ltlent Pro-Med Club: Unlverslty Band. CATHERINE DAVIDSON KENNEDY . . Centerville Arls Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. '18-'19: Honor Roll '17-'1S: Red Cross: Suffrage Asso- clntlon. PAUL J. Hoo'roN, II K fl' . . Roanoke Arts Phllomathlc. BEN HUNT, E X ..... . Scottsboro Engineering JOSEPH H. JONES ....... Tuscaloosa E1gfneerfng H. T. KIMBROUGH . . . Lowndeaboro Science Page .sixty-six WAR, COIQQLLA 1919 " 57 . Sophomore Class HENRY B. Mooc, Z B T . . Engineering Corporal Cn. "A." JAMES A. MCKAY ...... jackson, Ga Pre-Med Pre-Mod Club. WILLARD A. MCCALL, E N . Meridian. Miss Science Skulls: Parasites: Pan-Hollcnlc Councll: Class Football: Captain Co. " ' LEWIS CREIGHT LLOYD, A K E . . Birmingham A rl: Winner Freshman Declamatlon Contest: Class Football '1 8. W. Scorr NIcI-IoLs, E A E . Clarksdale, Miss Science Key-Ice. LULA PEARL NEAL. Z T A . Arla Athletic Associatlon: Equal Association. PAUL K. MCWHORTER, Ib 1' A Science MIIvIs WALTER MCKEE. . Science VIRGINIA ORMAN, Z T A . Science Girls' Basketball Team. ROBERT BRUCE NATI-IAN, K A . Arla Arch Club: Corporal Co. "C." JOSEPH SEARORN LEWIS Pre-Med PI'e-Med Club: Executive Corporal Co. "C." RICHARD C. MCCALLA, A K E . Science Fm-In Lleur. Co. Page .sixty-seven D.' . Brewlon Suffrage Galyesville . Faunsdale . Tuscaloosa l . Sheffield ' Commltlot . Tuscaloosa . Ensley WAR, CloIQ.oI.I..A 1919 7? WILLIAM THOMAS OzMEN1', JR. C0l'D0l'Ill Co. "C," Sophomore Class Science A. C. PARKER ..... . Centerville Engineering HENRY DAVID PoPE, K A . . Columbus, Miss Engineering JAMES M. PROCTOR, 2 X .... Scoltsboro Engineering ALONZO BRUCE RAGSDALE, 'If 1' A . Bessemer Arla WILLODEAN RICHARDSON . . .Russellville Arts - LEWEY V. ROBINSON, A XA . . . . Clio Science 1'lIilomutlIlc. JARRATT P. ROBERTSON . . . .Trenton Pre-Med Class Football '17-'18g Pre-Med Club. WILLIAM A. ROSE, JR., 41 I' A . . Tuscaloosa A rls Class. Football. '18:. Freshman Class Speaker: Track Team '18g Co. "B," 2nd Lleut. LOUISE SAUNDERS, A A A . . Starkville, Miss Science , S. T. SCI-IooLAR, A T O .... Birmingham Engineering WILLIAM M. Sco'r'r, 2 N . . . Mobile Pre-Med Page .sixty-eight WAR, COIQQLLA 1919 - Sophomore Class KATHLEEN SEARCY, K A . Tuscaloosa Science Pan-Hollonic Councll '18-'19 Corolla Board '18-'19. ERSKINE A. SEAY, K Z . . Birmingham Pre-Med Corporal Co. "A." JOHN ALLEN SELLARs, ja., fb A 6 Montgomery Arla PAUL T. SESSIONS, E A E . Birmingham Arla H HENRY B. SHERRILL, K A. . Harlsell Engineering Key-Ice: Englnuorlng Club: Glcc Club. EUGENE V. SMITH. . . .Tuscaloosa Science Pro-Med Clubi Corporal Co. "A." JOHN j. SPAR1-:MAN . . . . Hartsell Arts Honor Roll '1S: Phllomuthlc: Cnrporul co. DAN G. STEAGALL, K E . . . . Abbeville Science SELDON H. STEPHENS .... . Keener Pre-Med l'ru-Mod Club: Cluss Football '17-'1S: Pro-Med Sccrctury-lrunsurcr. j. R. STEPHENSON, E X . . . Akron Science "A" Club: Class Pri-slmlvnt: Vurslly Football and Buscbnll '17-'1S. OLIVER DAY STREET. JR., -If K E . Guntersville Science Arch Club: First Lleut. CO. "D." Page slxly-nine XQJARS CQIQOLLA 1919 Sophomore Class MARSHALL J. THOMPSON, JR. . Perdido Station Pre-Med Pre-Med Club: Co. HA." Sergeant. PHIL. H. THORNTON, ja., E A E ..... . . . . . . . . . . . Charleston. Miss Science MILMED ToMPKlNs . . . . Fort Deposit Arla Honor Roll '17-'18. JOHN C. TYSON, JR., A X A . . Montgomery Engineering MARY WALKER . . . . . . . Dothan Science Y. W. C. A.: Suffrage Association. MARY Lots WALKER, A A A . . . Selma Science Vlce-President Class: Y. W. C. A.: Ren Cross: Suffrage Association. MARY MORGAN WARD, K A . . Eutaw Science Blackfrlars: Red Cross: Vlce-President Blaukfrlnrs, '18'-19: Pan-Hellenic Secre- tary: Member of Wnman's Council: Class Poet: Honor Roll '17-'18, J. M. WASHAM ...... . Sylacauga Pre-Med Assistant Business Manager Crimson White: Member ol' A. F. and A. M. W. W. WELLS ..... Village Springs Special HILAND E. WHITLOCK . . . . Sheffield Pre-Med HENRY P. TALBOT, II K 112 . . . La Fayette Pre-Med Pre-Med Club: Second Lleut. Co. "A." Page seventy Sophomore Class WAR., COIQOLLA l9,I9 EMIT C. WIGINTON . . . . Hackleburg Science BYRQN F. WATSON ....... Lincoln Engineering P 'N54' ,. ,, . L, . 1 Page .seventy-one nn., TUTWILER HALL BY NIGHT GR Bl mms- aSnd E11 amy- ' . 'I ig-'fi ' O O I" I' C9 L9 WAR, CQIQQLLA 1919 Cf? Officers Freshman Class DAVID ADAMS ..... .............. . . . President ROBERT VAN DE GRAFF . . . Vice-Presidcnl RUTH PALMER .... . . . Secretary Mlss ELIZABETH DU MoN'r. . . Historian Mlss HAZEL PHELPs . .... Poet Miss MARY BELL . . . Treasurer Page seveniy-three WAR., QOIQOLLA A 1919 fy: n A EMMA HERNDON AcEE, K A . 4. Science Y. VV. C. A.: Red Cross. I CHARLES G. ABERCROMBIE, 2 Science Science OLIVIA ATTERBERRY . . Science WILLIAM AARON . . . Science JAMES j. ASHTON .... Engineering REX ALMAN .... . . Pre-Med GLAWFER G. ALLEN . . . Pre-Med WILLIAM L. ALMON, ID K 2 . Science' AARON BAER ..... Arts DAVID AnAMs, 2 X . . . Engineering Class President. T. W. ALLEN, JR. . . . . Pre-Med Class Orator. FREDERICK W. ASHE, K A . Freshman Class . .Selma E Montgomery . . Shefiield . . Mowam . . Jasper . Birmingham . . .Camp Hill . . Florence . johns . . ,Iaclcson . . Cromwell Page sevenly-four WAR, GOROLLA 1919 Freshman Class JELKS BAIRKSDALE . . . Engineering F. H. BA'rsoN, 2 N. . . Arls CATHERINE PAGE BAUDER . Science F. B. BAXTER ..... Pre-Med Pre-Med Club. ADOLPH W. BECK, Z B T . Engineering MARY BELL, K A . . Science Class Poet. HENRY P. BELL. . . . . Engineering J. M. BLACK, jR., 41 K E Pre-Med Fern Bank . Bessemer . University . .Clio Birmingham Dearbrook . Pratlville Pro-Med Club: Crimson White Staff. OSCAR LEE BLAND , Science SHAFFER P. BLAKE . . . . . Sheffield Science J. S. Bono ....... Pre-Med Pre-Med Club. CHARLES F. Boo'rH Engineering Page sevenly-five . . Boaz FR HI WAR, GolQ.o1.l.A l9,l9 Y? Pre-Med MARGARET Bmocs, Z T A . Arla Suffrage Club. Club: Y. W. C. A. RUTH CALLAN ..... Pre -Med Freshman Class HERBERT W. BRANTLEY, E A E . . . Troy Birmingham Corolla Bom-al: Rod Crnssg Y. W. C. A.: MORGAN W. BROWN .... . . Ragland Pre-Med Pvc-Med Club. LALEAH BURNETTE, Z T A . . . Tuscaloosa Science THoMAs R. CAIN, JR.. A T Q Memphis, Tenn Science THoMAs W. COLEMAN, D K E .... jasper Arla GRACE E.. CALLAN .... . .Gadsden Science Pre-Med Clubg Red Cross: Suffrage . . . Gadsden Pre-Mod: Red Cross: Sul1'rnge Club, Y. W. C. A LEE CALLAWAY. 2 X . . . .Snowden Science ANNIE MAY CARNEY . . . .Meridian, Min Pre-Med LESTER E. CARROLL, JR., A T K2 . . Mobile Pre-Med Page sevenly-six WAR, C30l2,0L,I..A 1919 " :ft Freshman Class WILLIAM R. CARTER. . . . Pre-Med J. T. CATER . . . . . Arls Glce Club: Military Band. I . . Replon ' . Greenville DAN COYLE .... . . Birmingham Science Co. "A," Band. E.RsRINE M. SHENAUL1' . . . . Albany Pre-Med EDITH CLARK ..... . . Castleberry Science NAT R. CLARK .... . . Ensley Science CORA LEE Coon ....... Montgomery l Arla Suffrage Club: Red Cross: Y. W. C. A. JAMES B. CI.I:IvII:NTs ....... Benton Engineering DAN CODY, E A E. . . . Monlgomery ' Science MELBOURNE F. CODY, E A E . . Montgomery Science MORTIMER A. Col-IEN, Z B T . . Montgomery ' Engineering Awami: R. COLQUETT, H K 9 . . . Brantley l Pre-Med l l Page seventy-seven G o ROL I. A I 919 Freshman Class Gus W. COLVIN .... Pre-Med FRANK F. HARRIS . . . Pre-Med EDGAR A. CRANDALL, 2 N . Engineering JOSEPH F. CULVERHOUSE . Special Y. M. C. A. Cnbinot. OVERTON DAVIDSON, K A . Science Red Cross D. H. DAVIS ..... Engineering F. LAWRENCE DAvIs , . . Engineering LOIS Donns ..... Special Y. YV. C. A.1 R1-d Cross: clntion. EUGENE DOUGHTY . . . Pre-Med WILLIAM B. DowELI.. -If K E Arla HERMAN E.. DRAKE . . . Huntsvnlle Science WAR, cOROL,LA 1919 I ' -171 Freshman Class Sco'r'r J. DRUMMOND . . Engineering Glee Club. ELIZABETH DU MONT . . Arla MAx H. Dum-IAM. dw 1' A . . Arla Corolla Board. W. V. DYER ..... Pre-Med G. C. DYAR,AXA. . . Arla DONALD E. EAsoN, 2 X . Pre-Med W. C. EDEY ..... Engineering CHARLES E. ELLIOTT Engineering Glee club. EDGAR S.EnNs1' . . . Science EARL ERWIN . . . , . Science H. F. EUBANKS Science JAMES R. F AmcLo1'H, Jn., K E Science Page seventy-nine , . Ensley . .Mobile . .Florence . . Stanton . . Mobile . . Calera . . Mobile Mussel Shoals . Paint Roclc . . Dothan 1 WAR, GOROLLA l9l9 5? l Freshman Class HOBSON F. Fmuus, 2 N .... Evergreen Arls joHN MCLAUGHLIN Foam-:Y, K E Pre-Med EUGENE GAY, E X ..... Montgomery Pre-Med WALTER GAILLARD, E A E . . . Spring Hill Science jo:-iN GALLAGHER, ja., . . .Eldridge Science FRANCES Gmwom: . . . , . Birmingham Science ' LUCINA D. GARDNER, JR., 2 N Montgomery Arla MARY KATHRYN GREEN . . . Fort Paine , Arts Y. W. C. A.: Suffrage Association. E.LizAar.1'H FOSTER . . .... Tuscaloosa Arla Q D. H. CRIMES, E N ,... .Coffee Springs Pre-Med I ' E. Nl. CRIMES. 2 N . . . . Tuscaloosa Science l I Page eighty WAR, CZQQQLLA 1919 I ' G42 A I Freshman Class EVA CLARAIGUP . . . .Mobile Science Sllfl'l'f.lg'9 Association: Y. W. C. A.: Red Cross. ' JOHN l-l. HAARDT. E A E . . Montgomery A Engineering C. B. HAlGLER,'KA . . . . .l-laynesville Engineering WINIFRED HALL .... . Tuscaloosa Science GEORGE P. IHAMILTON, 2 N . . Tupelo, Miss Pre-Med BLANC:-IE HAMMETI' . . . . . . Daphne Engineering Vlce-President Suffrage Club: Athletic Clubp Red Cross: Y. W. C. A. HELEN HAMMET1' . . . . . Daphne Special Sul'l'rzxge Club:. Athletic Club: Rod Cross. ALBERT H. CLEMENS . . . . .Scottsboro Science KENNETH G. Hmuus . . . .Albany Engineering RUTH HARRIS . . ..... Birmingham Science Y. W. C. A.: Suffrage Association. BEN HARRISON .... , .Tuscaloosa Arla Page eighty-one WAR, CQIQQLLA l9.l9 76' X I MABLE HAIITUNG, A A A . Special SUl'fl'8g'0 Club: Rod Cross: ROBERT B. HARWOOD, A K Science OTIS R. HELMS Engineering WILLIAM H. HICKS, 2 N . Arla jsssn JAMES HINSON Science MARY HINTON .... . A rla S. D. HINTON Engineering J. D. HOLLOMON .... Science juss: NEAL HoLIvIAN. K 2 Arts j. A. HOLMES . . . Science JOHN EDWARD HOLMES . . Art.: WILLIAM C. HoLIvIEs . . . Pre-Med I Pre-Mod Club. 1 I Phllomathlc: Choral Club. Freshman Class . . Albany Y. W. C. A. E . Tuscaloosa . Talladega Tuscaloosa . . Vernon . Huntsville Fort Deposit . Foley Page eighty-Iwo Freshman Class WILLIAM C. HOOD, E X . .Tuscaloosa Science Gleo Club: Mlllmry Band. LLOYD M. Hooesn, jk., fl' A 9 . . Selma Science Corolla Board and Glen Club. ELIZABETH Houscn, K A . . . Tuscaloosa Science CIHIARLSII: HOWARD . . . Albertville Science JOHN C. Huas1' . . . . . . Louisville Pre-Med BIzA1'rII: lNGLlS, Jn. Engineering Gsoncs H. JANNEY, Jn., E A ll Montgomery Arla MITCHELL C, JARMON, E A E . Livingston Science EDGAR H. .ll-ZWELL, K A . .Galnesville, Ga Science FRANCIS H. INcI:, A K ll . . . Mobile Arts Corporal Co. "A." HENRY CLAY JOHNSTON, III A 6. Montgomery Science WILBUR JOHNSON, E X . . Arts Page eighty-three WAR, COIQOLLA 1919 LT? . Ensley WAR., GOROLLA 1919 FP n A Pre-Med Club. Freshman Class BONNIE jones .... .Tuscaloosa Arls FRANK HARRIS JONES . . . Oak Hill Pre-Med ROGER B. JONES, 'IJ K E . Atlanta. Ga Science J. M. KELLEY . . .Cullman Science J. P. KENNEDY, K 2 . . Birminghaml Science WILLIAM H. KEY, ja., 2 N . .Russellville Arts WILLIAM A. KIMBROUGH, fir K 2 . Thomasville Arls CECIL E. KIMBROUGI-I . . . .Linden Pre-Med FESTUS EARL KITCI-II:Ns ..... Roanoke Pre-Med ANNIS KLIE ....... Pine Bluff, Ark. Arts Y. W. C. A.: Red Cross, Suffrage Asso- ClHil0I'l. KNOXYI-1l..ANNlNG,KA . . . . Anniston Arts JENNINGS D. LAW . . . . . . . Equality Engineering Page eighlp-four Freshman Class LOUISE LI: Nom ..... Womack Hill Special Suffrage Assoclntlon. FRI-:D L. LI-IVY, Z B T .... Montgomery Engineering WILLIAM Gmwzs LawIs, fb 1' A Science WINNIE D. LEYSATH . Science KATIE SWANN LINDSAY . Science Bowman M. Lovr.'r'r . . . Pre-Med Pre-Med Club. Reese E. MAI.I.Iz'rrI: . . . . Engineering E. j. MAI.oNI-:, ja. . . . . Engineering Ronsnr H. MAI.oNI:, K 2 . . Science Sergeant Co. HB." Ronnnr E.. LEE . Science Page eighty-live WAR., GOIQOLLA 1919 ffl . . Athens . Georgiana Tuscaloosa Monroevllle . . Mobile . Bessemer . . Dothan . Hartselle l l l l I I , VJAR, COIQOLLA 1919 F? JOHN j. MARTIN, A X A Science Sergeant R. O. T. C. STERLING B. MARTIN . . Pre-Med ALFRED MCCARTY, A K E . Engineering Gll-I: Club. BETTY McDoNALI:, Z T A Arls EARL MCGOWIN, A K E . . - Science Glue Club. R. G. MCWILLIAMS . . . Arts FORREST B. MERRITT . . . Pre-llffcd l'l'l'-Bl cd Clult. KATHLEEN R. MERKEL . . Science ANNIE LAURIE MERKL . . Science EMILY MILTON, A A A . . Arts Sut'l'I'IIge Assuctntlon: Red C. A.: Blnckfrlaxz Science MALCOLM GRAHAM MONCRIEF Engineering DwYcHT LYMAN MIXSON . . Freshman Class . .Clayton . . Birmingham . . Birmingham Y. NV. C. A.: Sl.lffl'llB'0 Assoclnllon. . Chapman . . Oak Hill . Milllown . . Birmingham Y. NV. C. A.: Sul'l'I'age AHHOClUll0ll. . . Ensley . . . Eufaulu Cross, Y. NV. . Midland City . . . Prattville Pgac eighty-:ix Freshman Class Hucl-I N. MONTGOMERY .... Engineering WILLIAM G. MONTGOMERY Engineering AL HENRY Moss. fl' K 2 .... Engineering STEPHEN D. MOXLEY . . . Engineering L. W. NABERs ..... . Pre-Med FREDERICK L. NEBRIG Engineering EMILY Noawoon . . . . . Arts Y. XV. C. A. j. C. O'Nl-LAL .... . . Science EWELL C. ORME .... . Arts JOE HENRY PALMER, fl' 1' A . Engineering RUTH PALMER, K A . . . A rts -Secretary Class. , CHUNN PARSON ..... . Pre-Med Page cighly-seven WAR, GOIEOLLA 1919 Birmingham Guntersville . .Ensley . Red Bay Annislon Andalusia . Samson . .jasper . Ensley Huntsville EQ Bl WAR, CQIQOLLA 19.19 5? an Freshman C JOE LAWRENCE PARSON . . Science J. J. PArroN. K 2 . .. Engineering J. M. PAYNE, Jn ..... Pre-Med CLAUDE DENSON PEPPER . . Arts Crimson-White, Track Tea Committee. L. D. PETREY WALTER G. PLEncEn Engineering VAssAn HULBERT Pmcx-IARD, GLADYS PucH, K A . . . Science ' Red Cross. lass . . .1-imvalue . . Tuscaloosa . . New Marker . . Camp Hill m, Executive Engineering HAZEL L. Pi-lELPs . . . . . Huntsville Arts Sufrx-nge Association: Choral Club. WILLIAM PHILLIP PHIFER, Jn.. . .Jonesboro Engineering TRISTAM W. PrrTs, 111 A 6 . . . Montgomery Science KA .... Columbia, Miss . Union Springs Page eighty-eight WAR, is-:fe " 'fi N Freshman Class Ronsm' SCHULMAN . . . .Livingston Atl: ELIZABETH SEARCY, K A . . . Tuscaloosa Science THomAs jonnAN REYNOLDS, ja.. A T O . . ............Montgomery Arts j. G. Rmcowsxv. A X A . . . . Mobile Arts jnmzs ELEY Ronmvrsow, 2: N . . . Florence Arls josnru A. REYNOLDS, Jn., A T 0 Montgomery Arts JNO. T. ROBERTSON, E X .... Scottsboro Arlo Kxrn: Mn: SAMusLs, K A . . . Tuscaloosa Science Rossm' B. SEARCY. fb K E . . . Huntsville Science Rlvsns A. RUSH, A K E . . . . Mobile Science BERNARD S. ROSENFELD . . .Tuscaloosa Arla Corporal Co. "B," WINTHROP M. ROBINSON, K A . . . Mobile Pre-Med Page eighty-nine WAR., GOROLLA 1919 fir I :- la Freshman Class Mnnagr-I' Class Football. Pre-Med Pro-Mod Club. Engineering HELEN DEMARIs SMITH. K Special Red Cross: Y. VV. C. A.: clntlon: Blackfrlnr, AUBREY N. SMITI-I . . . Engineering ' Corolla Board. CLYDE MARK SEGREST . . . Slocomb Science BEIRNACE S. SELLARS Engineering CLAUDE C. SHOTTS . . . . . Hamilion Engineering EDWARD F. SHAVER .... Bradenlown, Fla WILLIAM BRUCE SHAW, II K fb . Montgomery A . . Athletic , CHARLES P. SMITH, dv A 9 . . . 1 Science l I l WRIGI-I1' SMITH, JR., A T Q Engineering P. A. SNEDECOR, K A . . Engineering . Mobile Assn- . Sheffield . Gadsden . Mobile Tuscaloosa Page ninety NNAIQ, COIQQLLA 1919 Freshman Class J. L. SOWELL, JR., fl' 1' A . . . .Jasper A715 f'm'pm'nl Po, "IL" FRANK H. SPEARS, K E . . . . Prattville En ineering H JAMES W. STAccERs. K E . . . Benton Science WILLIAM ALLEN STALLWORTH. . . Beatrice Pre-Med HAZAR H. STAY, E X . . . Selmu SCle7lCc EMMA 5TccKMAR, A A A . . . Birmingham Science Y. VV U. A.: R:-11 Crnssg SuI'l'rugo Asso- 4-lution. MARION D. TAYLOR ...... Andalusia Engineering BLANCHE THoMPsoN . . . . Tuscaloosa Science ROBERT E. Tl-loMPsoN ..... Russellville ' Engineering VERA TIDWELL ....... Albertville Science P. S. TROST, Z B T ..... Birmingham Engineering Sergt-ant Co. "B," R. H. TWEEDY, JR., A K E . . . Courtland Science Page ninety-one nfl ll WAR, GQIQQLLA 1.9.19 lux fp I xx f J Freshman Class l L Engineering l Vlcc-President Clnss. Science ROBERT J. VAN DE GRAFF, A K E . Tuscaloosa J. R. VEALE, 2 X ...... Tuscaloosa Pre-Med A WILLIAM R. WALTEH, K A . . . Snowden l Arls PAUL J. WATSON ...... Birmingham Engineering Gleo Club. l M. WEINSTEIN ..... . . Jasper X Engineering GEORGE S. WHALEY, 2 X . . . Andadusia Science E. W. WILLINGHAM, 'If A 6 . . La Fayette Arts JAMES E. WILSON, E N .... Russellville Engineering E.. M. WOODS ...... Meridian, Miss Engineering JACK WRIGHT, E A E . . Union Springs Science Corporal Co. "A." JAMss HATTON WYLIE. JR . . . Sylaeauga Page ninely-lmo XAAAIQ, Co.lQ.o1..l..A 1919 U ' Cn 4 Freshman Hucu BRADLEY .... . . Troy Arls Che8l' Leader. BENJAMIN E. GRAHAM A X A . . . Curley Arts JULIAN K. HOLMAN, K 2 . . Ozark ' Arla Military Band. JOHN C. HuRs'r .... . . Louisville Pre-Med FRANK LE Fu.s, K A . . . Decatur Science HUBERT H. MARTIN, II K 9 .... Ozark Pre-Med JAMES M. PEERSON, fb K E . . . Florence Arts Corporal "C," MARTHA SEARCY, K A . . A rla JAMES ELBERT SEAY, K E . . . Birmingham - Pre-Med Gzonci-: CORNISH A rls Page nfnely-ihree Class Columbia, Miss l WAR., COIQQLLA 1919 7? I WAR, CLOIQOLLA 1919 an 57 Athletic Council for l9l8-l9l9 DR. EUGENE SMITH, . . ...... . Chairman MEMBERS F. C. STICKNEY DR. Geo. H. DENNY COACH B. L. Noojm SHALER C. Houssn V. Huco FRIEDMAN University of Alabama Athletic Association Page ninety-seven B. L. NOOJIN . V. H. FRIEDMAN B. L. Noojm . B. L. NOOJIN . YANCEY GOODALL B. L. Noojm . LUKE SEWELL . Fr-:Lux TANKERSLEY H. K. DELoNEY DANIEL BooNE . GRAVES STILES . WALTER AGEE . H. K.' DELONEY . . . . . . Faculty Director of Athletics . . Graduate Mariager of Athletics . Coach of Football . Coach of Baseball Coach of Basketball . Coach of Track . Football Manager Mariager of Baseball Manager of Traclg Captain of Football Captain of Baseball Captain of Basketball . Captain of Track 2, A-XX, .1 , I Kg- . . sf. ' 'J 4 1.53 'N . .' ,, : 5 ,Q 'aw gf, 4' ' x ,,, -ah?" ! V ,j-':- , N. ,e x. 5 . f..- -My frm: .:: It 7 s ,x K ..,--Q W . - 11 - ,, 1 ,+L , E ' 31' x 4- , o Q' V1.1 'fn KA--, ,I 4 ,. .. '52 0 ' ug b ,V 4 , V . v X' , 1 if' " J 1' 1 'c F? "r" A .V . 2 -4 .3 ' . ' rv ' .' ',1"',' 'yr Qt J' " I . A Z' we kv E ...I all - 9 Ja er, A F. V .--a'r lf fl . .fl 45-QD' I an '-, J ' r 'A r--Q 4 .. .M J ' 1'9" I . hifi.. jixr fer 1 in ' 'b l', sigh" 'PN Engl ' "affix, 1 ::"4'5' 4' .1 , 1' .V 4' 'V U. c.4L. ,,-,- . ,Q 'I' fri, 7 1 A 4 ' ,K NA ' 1 'Q' - V ' ,- V V .fr-'5 . 'vv , 5- 1 Q , 155 ' -- - ' . db: 'D rl I' rv ul! lf: usp A! ttf' I'q v H img Wrbv lluvf Iii' V' 'U' Q E gf- xy k,,.,i5f I v, lr I 'rilblil -,l 5 'mx' I 1 P 'Q n .4 I Q, . ob., Vital Lgfi , 'Zz tw, Lf' 7. ' ,f -,I-. .. il.. I l.J. fqf Io, I-'qu " 'A M---, 51" ,if Hu- gli. I.,J1f5,A9,jg,,f1Jg',,,l ,h , yt .. ,Af 5 , r,,,,x .V if .. f 4 'X u' ' H 3 -, ' , .. , ', H 1' ff I ' Jar A ' sf AL i cz , I lv A. .. I L - 3' 41 .Jw- 'ns ,..., I Y' V. '-,I-". ,fx 'f , ' '-.y f,,. xr , Q K I ' KN' " x WJ ' X1 V Y, .I-1 x Q 9 I 91 A. 7 4: A sul, 4, ,J -' '. ff- fvaf 'f 'NS .Q.QFf.: , 5 W J- Q-F 42 . X- F54 'Q A 3. -N .35, .....v . A461 3 Aj r .- .t at gi!! 1.2.4 .1 x. Q "4 'T "1 : 1 1 'K' f ,Q 4 ' 11. ..a. 44.-fhw 5 'H S1 41 n . ' A 1 -jx' ' xg! ' .Q 'hggf-F' 1- - "',j' 4 T-Zfgjfvff bxgffff ' lf-'Qf:'ff' 1 5 ' I Qrf-V' ' ' A N- 'Q , J- 1 1- " -. if - N ' ML. Q 3 2 4 , f ' iz 'Y Q 1: ..: ' S Qi -e:?- rj- .. L, A ,pg -nv- - 1 5 A 91- -h f. . r- N .I " - s' - N-Q . V 725 'Af Q.. :4 Q .-3---1 Y .ir X , 'i,.., - ' 4 " Q L , :A ' -.- A: . " -.I,.gg- 1 1: 'X 'oi " ' Q- -953. ' ' , -4 -1 Q.: 9 f -in . - -,Vf , v Q 7- ,A ggi:-.'3'i -sv :fm '15t-Lif' , 3 ,H 9. ,Zf,?'Ti','4 -fm 'M Q x , .. ' ' Kr! ' ' -.4 - lv ---1 ..- A ' ,g1 -f, ,q,, 1 - 9 ff... A 31 .. - ' ,. 1, 1 ,.- F- N . Ah., 53, y H' ' 'ii' , .. W. K ' 'x'4"'1 y 'X . K4 , ,Nh ' v, n. . QS. 5,331 , 5 7Q . . . .-, - 'v-4-FL " lx, ifnxi 2-+312-Q 'QI f ' ' . .N-6 13517- -' 1 uw. --.Q fs:-'S , we-' " . 'g' j .A . Q Q... .ff , ,, :yr-x, ., -. 1 11: 1, -- - ',- -' ' "FH ., , X- , 'P JF , f , I. ,L QQ Q-' , ' , . Q, ,QQQ Qi QQ ,QQQ '. , 1 , QQ V Q Q 'QQ' Q. .QL QQ: Q: QQ QQ uf' '11 'Li " " " ' 1 9 Y , Q L4. " 'll ,lf 1 Y , 8 1.,,.ol. I i.,,.f1r',jhl'w 1 ' QQ 'W ,.,3Qa I Q1 Q QQ' Q1 . Q JY - .+QQ,1 Q.:QQQ. . .fx 1 J'iQQ5', V. 'Q , ,' .f .. '- 'u'. Y-,. ln ' '-' 'J LK' ,141 Q' 'Q ' n , , Q Q, , Qj- Q,.Q K QQ, i , I A . A ' - . - ' - 1 - Fit' '.l1,,-QI' 4,4,,lQ11. I - Q . 4Q'.1' ' . - iff! . .. . iii? ii v , .,.4 Q' -1.55" '31 '- R gl QIUUJ3' Us , , XQ Q M i5 .1 'K 1 00. Z" sfc.A. V 3 1 3 " e 1. .. . . .-, . r J H' ' ' 'Q' .4 iqf' , 4 1 Q3, '1 ,. vb gf- ' ,, ,,.,Q- Q ,,- -'-, L .4 . . , . , Q . 4 . , , . 1 I Q V ,Q H 1 1 . Q Q , .Q 1 . Q Q , Q , Q I . Q Q x Q , Q' Q Q Q. 'Q .. Q 1 -Q 1 Q Q ', Q 1 1 -- , Q 1 . w 4 f. 1 ,-.- v wa -v W . .- 1 . 4 1' 'L' . fb. .. 1 ,5 -' 'fA . 2.-EI ,X-rg' -.' " -f 1' -ij-7.-f,' 'Af -'F' ge5?'l1gf-E' Qu " Q WT T g.,Q'Q',g 'Q rkQr"l X 761-.fats .5 1 P'1'1:7'4 , L11 15 L rg. uv- ,ff .' 1 n ,f- "' , 'M 1 , I Q 'H ftx x A X ' N ' 4 ' A Q QU 5 '4 I .Q R r Q y W 5 1 i 3 W ' . g J gn X ' N fm I ! r v rn I QQ ay. ,R,-. Qqhgp Qui 1 L 'V-il.T'gigi"3 '1iilQ4Q'e.QQQ.:gQ. QQDJQ' ,sig-1 ',QA'.N0q'Q Nw Q QQ , .Q '.Q. Q QQ . 5 . J NR' .13 ' '--. wx il 'ff 5 NTU, '1 fi n 1 'A fel l '- ',4l4lR,f-x Y., 1' . 'QQ11 1' ! 1'l'f"?f' .'1f'--an pug .:.' 7,1 , if'- 1. 1,1 . , - ' 1 - -- f - -- 1 , ' 1 ' 1 f. ' QQ sQ1nQ,QQQ,-,Q QQJYQQ QQ - Q .Q ' QQ ,V Q ' Q . Q,Q. Q ., ,- Q ..f- Q -D Q ' ,1Q,QQQQ-QQxkQQ3,,Q1Qv1Q.7QA QQQQQQQ .-,Q1,QQQ1jff 'ibm ,Q ' - 5 . Q Q Q Q x Q ,Q QQ .QQ A., Qf- .fQQ,, JQ, QQ'Q 1Q Q Q Q 1 QQQQYQXQ QQ Q -Q Q NQ QQ Q.k . Y +1 V.. M - A ,, '1111 V5 fff. WAR, ColQ.o1.l.A 1919 75' The "A" Club A. MORGAN Boom: . . . . . . ...... . . ..... President Glmvss STILES ..... ...... ...... V i ce-President B. LONNIE NOOJIN . ......... Permanent Treasurer MEMBERS RALPH JONES Rlccs STEPHENSON JOHN COCHRANE Br-:N ANDERSON H. K. DELONEY P. T. SESSICNS B. L. NOOJIN Grmvlzs S'rn.Es O. E. KIRCHNER W. C. Acu: YANCEY GOODALL A. M. BOONE M. LENORE j. P. NOLAND Faux BLACKBURN Page one hundred WAR, C3OF2.0L,I.A 1919 One Result of Ordism HEN school opened in September, football practice started as usual: and 2fi21tQe's3s . . . . ffl' started with a swlng that delighted all followers of the Crimson. There was good material on hand-old veterans of past campaigns on the gridiron, and scrubs of last year who now were ripe to take upon themselves the 1 I, 'x ,' task of Hlling the glaring vacancies left by those who departed with di- t plomas in June. Then there were new men from the numerous prep and qu-S high schools, who were anxious to show their wares to Coach Noojin and don the crimson jersey of old Alabama's warriors. ln fact the whole outlook was ex- ceedingly bright for one of the most victorious campaigns in our history, and the vision of a certain tiger, sneaking home to his lair on the hill, whipped and beaten, was being se- cretly enjoyed by many of us. Practice continued, the squad improving with each set- ting of the sun and some were even counting the days until that "day of days" to Alabama men, when the Crimson of Alabama goes forth to battle the Purple of Sewanee. And then came the Hrst blow to the l9I8 eleven. The military authorities decided that, owing to the stringent military program that the S. A. T. C. men were to be compelled to follow, practice must be cut down to something over one hour a day. Thebsquad an- swered this ruling with the true Alabama spirit, and although only two hours were allowed them to practice and dress in time for drill formation, they worked in those two hours as they had never worked before. Practice continued under these conditions for a few weeks with the squad developing itself slowiy but determined into a powerful machine that was to bring honor upon the Crimson and White of Alabama. Then came the second blow. The military authorities after these few weeks ruled that the whole time of the men was required, and with this ruling to confront us, the end was seen to be near. At a hur- ried conference between the thletic directors and Major Ord it was decided to abolish football for the time being. And thus,,the death knell of football at the University of Alabama was sounded. Al- though a great disappointment to us all, this disappointment was accepted with the same spirit that the country as a whole was accepting others. And it is this same spirit that con- quered the "unconquerable" boche and that tcok our boys in khaki and blue through the dark days, and that will bring them home in a blaze of triumphant and glorious victory. LOOKOUT FOR l9I9-!!! Page one hundred one ff? All VVAR, COIQQLLA l9l9 57: n University of Alabama Basketball Team YANCEY GOODALL . . Manager W. C. Aces . . . Captain AGE.:-1 . . . . . Center COCHRANE . . . . Guard BLACKBURN .... Guard MONTGOMERY . . . Forward ANDERSON . . Forward ALSTON . . Forward SUBSTITUTES Ducclzn, SESSIONS, Dunn, LoNc.. Page one hundred hvo WAR, GOIQOLLA 1919 U GR Al! l9I8 VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM The Porter Cup BEAUTIFUL silver loving cup has been donated by Mr. Henry J. Porter, Jr., of Birmingham, through the Porter Clothing Co., to be given to the best all-round athlete of the University of Alabama. The recipient of the cup is to be determined by a vote of the student body on Commencement Day. The trophy is ten inches high, mounted on an ebony base, and is a replica of one now held by Mr. Porter which he won while a student at the Virginia Military Institute. A similar cup has been previously donated to several colleges, but this is the first year that it has ever been offered at the University of Alabama, but it will very probably be given each year from now on. XJ :U ef L . - ij' 'cu -1 'yifif 'THQY Q33 73 of fr 2- -5 lx V.: f A 41 i ff Q42 Page one hundred three WAR, GOROLLA l9I9 Review of 1918 Baseball Season -KSN HE l9l8 baseball season was a complete success, and our team was all that ff' Qxs could be desired. With a good bunch of material to select from, Coach Noojin finally chose the machine that won the championship of the S. I. A. A. A reference to the scores of our opponents, shown below, will in itself tell that we were well-supplied with moundsmen, as well as a strong de- fense in the field. With Boone and Christovich as regulars, and McWhor- ter in reserve, we had a trio of excellent hurlers, all to be depended upon in any pinch. Stevenson, after being played in every portion of the field, finally dropped his anchor at short, and with Joe Sewell on the other side of the second sack, built an impregnable well of defense. These two were, also, two of the hardest sluggers in college baseball. Shackle- ford and Snowden alternated at first, and Doc Wills, after a time, proved to be a steady head at the third station. Lena Stiles took care of the receiving in great style: his sure peg cutting down many ambitious baserunners, and his hitting featuring many games. In the outer gardens, Daniel Boone and Frances Pratt were fixtures, with Brown, Cargile and Bickley alternating in the remaining place. On the offense the team was especially strong, Sewell-Styles-Stevenson-Pratt composing a "wrecking crew," the like of which, is seldom seen-as any of the opposing hurlers of the I9l8 campaign will testify. All in all, it was a glorious season-one which the followers of the Crimson may justly be proud of. A record of the scores is given below. et Q1 ,l-? 5r'cn..,4 ,li X, .zull 7 A A'4,.- , 'Qui' l9l 8 Scores Alabama Opponents 2 .... ..... I llinois I 8 .... ..... l llinois 3 9 .... .... H oward O 8 '. . . ............ Howard l 6 . . .............. Howard 3 2 ..... ...... B irmingham Barons I5 l .. ....... Cincinnati Reds I0 2 ..... ....,...... L . S. U. 0 2 ..... ...... L . S. U. 5 Alabama Opporwnls 3 .... ...... L . S. U. .. l ..... ....... L . S. U. 0 9 .... ......... S ewanee l 7 . . ............ Sewanee 0 l ..... ..... M iss A. 8: M. 2 3...i. ...... Miss.A.81M. 2 l l . . ........... Marion l l l . . ......... Marion l Page one hundred four WAR, GOIQQLLA 1919 H H I , Tin .,,.. M. University of Alabama Track Team H. K. DELONEY, Manager O. E.. Kmci-u-:R T. J. Tl-1oM.PsoN B. I. PLOTKIN D. Boon-I R. Ijlunsou This team won the A. A. U. U. Service Trophy in the Birmingham Road Race, December I4, l9l8. The Crimson-White now has two legs on this cup and we confidently expect the boys above to bring home the third leg when the next race is held, December, l9l9. Page one hundred fine WAR, GOROLLA 1919 . FP I . " 'BAMA ON THE BORDER I XQJAIQ., QOROLLA 1919 I 5 an x ' 'BAMA ON THE BORDER" WAR, GOIQOLLA l9l9 FT' , 4..- ..:. -gh., ' - ,,-M, f sa- ffm?-1 ' M15 ' .,-- , -5 'HHN 5 ,i , : ,Nrfi ivgaivm gf QW! , v F f ' . -'gang . - A, V , y Y' . H, ', ff' ' ut.-QA , an x--" fi .-- x, wQ.w!', 4 U, , I+ 'iff' A5 .I T , 7. wit, ' fin, ' WQ, ' ' -'S'-I-E'- ' 'fd 44, Ba' .4171 JF, A 1"4'r1'I.'1 ' '14 ?' ,J -A ,.. W I., , 1.. 41, mf ,- --, ' 1 '91 , x f I I Q-1 X 'L fl c. Y 'll' ,f I be 4,4 , 4 N, , , . 1 , ,jj,.n1,M.'V+'.N , ' f , v ' ' ' ' . ' A A My , ' 'A l A ' - 'F' .v W " 'BAMA ON THE BORDER" Page one hundred cighl Ml' r 1 p I ,nos 0 l". "I is f v WAR, ColQ.o1.l.A 1919 , :fl WAR, Goa-.OLLA 19.19 Jn? I YZ, WQE CQIEEQLM ,1 "' .v v' l 'X I .I w Q' , I I. ,w . 1 I I 'Ir Y 11 I I 'I JJ F' f JOSEPH W, JOHN MARY IDA WOOD Editor-in-Chief Business Manager EDITORIAL STAFF HOWARD E.. PILL JosEPI-IINE NOURSE CAROLYN MONTGOMERY PEARL MOORE Avxs WATSON CLYDE KENNEDY F. L. BUTTS BROOKS FOREHAND GEORGE FREY MARGARET BRIGGS ALLISON VAN NETTE Assislanl Editor-in-Chief BUSINESS STAFF KATHLEEN SEARCY A. G. SCARBOROUGH MARGUERITE WILKINSON WILEY HILL, JR. MABEL YERBY LLOYD HooPER, JR. B. W. SIMMONDS MAX DURHAM V AUBREY M. SMITH W. F. DOUTHIT Page one hundred ten WAR, COIQQLLA 1919 QR MSI X X HWARJ QOROLLA 1919 57: In Student Government Association A. M. BOONE ,.......................... President RALPH JONES . . ............ ...... V ice-President J. R. ODEN .................. Secretary-Treasurer EXECUTIVE AND HoNoR COMMITTEE A. M. BOONE . ................... Chairman fax-oficioj J. R. ODEN . . ............... Secretary-Treasurer fex-ofcioj MEMBERS j. W. SEWELL ISABEL TURNER CLYDE NELSON MILTON CAROTHERS ISADORE BERMAN W. W. BANKHEAD joI-IN B. HILL GEORGE FREY BRYANT CARGILE C. D. PEPPER J. P. WHITESIDE VIRGINIA Lusx J. E.. ADAMS GREY CLEVELAND R. S. WARD A. G. SCARBOROUGH Page one hundred twelve WAR, C2OIQ,OL.L.A 1919 E an Women's Council, I9I8-I9I9 GREY CLEVELAND ........................... Presidem LILLIE MAE HARGETT ..... ..... . Vice-Fresfdcnl CAROLYN MONTGOMERY ........ Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS LILLIE MAE 1'1ARGE'I'l' MARY MORGAN WARD VIRGINIA Lusx CAROLYN MONTGOMERY VIRGlN'lA Lusk ' GREY CLEVELAND EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE GREY CLEVELAND LILLIE MAE HARGETT LUCILE PATTON Page one hundred lhirfcen WAR, QOIQQLLA l9I9 K P96 U The Debating Council of University of Alabama OFFICERS josEPH W. JOHN . . ...... .... ' . . . President ROBERT G. MESSER ....... . . Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS C. j. DURR DR. GEORGE LANG W. W. BANKHEAD C. K. WEn. j. W. JOHN DEAN A. j. FARRAH R. E.. JONES R. G. MEssER Page one hundred fourlcen WAR, GOROLLA If-D19 Hifi HI Young Women's Christian Association Cabinet, l9l8-1919 RUTH FEAGIN ...... ..... . President VIRGINIA Lusk ...... ..... V ice-President LILLIE MAE HARGETT ,.....,...... . . . Secretary LUCILE ITIOLLIS ............. Treasurer CI-IAIRMEN OF COMMITTEES CAROLYN- MONTGOMERY .' ........ Bible ISABEI. TURNER ..... . Mission Study CATHERINE KENNEDY .... . . . Devotional CLYDE KENNEDY .... . . . Publicity PEARL MOORE . . . . . Social Service EDNA PICKETT .... ...... S ocial Page one hundred ffleen WAR, GOROLLA 1919 fin I I I Young lVIen's Christian Association OFFICERS J. CoNI.EY MERCHANT. . . . ...... . ..... . President FOWLER DuccER . . ....... . . . . . . . Vice-President J. F. CULVERHOUSE ............ Secretary-Treasurer.. ........ .. CHAIRMEN OF COMMITTEES Religious Meelings . . .M. W. CARQTI-IERs Church Afhliation Music ..... .... A . S. MIMS Sick Visilalion Bible Study . . . . . . H. N. LEE Social . . . . Mission Sluciy . . . . E. E. HAINES Social Service . A ADVISORY COMMITTEE DR. GEoncE LANG. .... . Chairman J. E. ADAMS . Pnor. J. S. THOMAS A. M. BOONE DR. J. J. Dos1'ER J. F. CULVERHOUSE JUDGE W. W. BRANDON .CHESTER C. COUNTS . .M. G. CLEVELAND . . H. K. DEI.oNEY . .F. L. Burrs . . . . . Secretary J. M. ROGERS SAUI. SMITH Page one hundred sixleen WAR, GOI'Q.OL,l.A 1919 n Page one 1 C. H. BARNWELL J. W. Joi-iN S. G. FREY Homer: BARNARD hundred sevenleen Sigma Upsilon Literary Fraternity Attic Chapter FRATRES IN FACULTATE F. G. STICKNEY W. B. SAFFOLD FRATRES IN COLLEGIO POST-GRADUATE j. P. WHITESIDE CLASS,OF l9I9 ' R. G. MESS:-:R C. K. Wm R. L. SPARKMAN A. E. HOHENBERG CLASS OF 1920 W. W. Sowsu. juuAN Fosrsn WAR, ColQ.ol.l.A 1919 fir n Philomathic Literary Society Founded November I6, 1832 OFFICERS ROBERT G. MESSER . . . . . . President M. W. CLINTON . . . Recording Sccrclary D. M. MCDONALD . . . Vice-President F. L. Burrs .... Program Secretary ROBERT Hmvmrcx . . . Treasurer L. V. RoB1NsoN . . Sergeant-at-Arms ' MEMBERS P. j. LIOOTON L. V. Roamsow Roasm' Hmvmxcx S. ROGERS W. P. Rossmgn D. M. MCDONALD W. C. ROYAL F. L. Burrs M. B. MCDANIEL AARON BAER R. G. MEssl-:R W. A. BAss M. W. CLINTON W. W. Woopnurr Page one hundred cighlecn WAR, CoIQoI.I.A 1919 The Literesque A Sophomore Honor Literary Society Founded I9l4 MEMBERS T. A. BUSBY MARSHALL j. THOMPSON LEWIS LLOYD ALVIN E. KELLER WILLIAM ALFRED RosE LEWEY ROBINSON BROOKS FoREHANo Page One hundred nineleen RN WAR, GQIQQLLA I9l9 . fe - The Blackfriar Players OFFICERS RucIcER AGEE . . MISS MARY MORGAN WARD . FOWLER DuccER . . . . . A. G. SCARBOROUGH. . . . . . . President . . Vice-Preaiden! S ecre tary- Treasurer . . . . . . Business Manager Third Member Executive Commillee MEMBERS RUCKER ASEE LOIS FRIEDMAN MARY MoRcAN WARD GREER SCARBOROUGH JOSEPH W. JOHN ROWDAN ODEN ADALINE Hoon CLARENCE K. WEIL WERT SOWELL FOWLER DUGGER SYLVIA AIRIJ ROBERT BROMBERG DoucLAss HAYGOOD KATIE MAY SAMUELS HAzEL PHELPs CAROLYN MONTPOMERY J. PI-IILLIP WHITESIDE GERRY CABANISS EMILY MILTON GLADYS GWINN BETTY MCDONALD CAROL THAMES DAMARIS SMITH EMMA STocIcMAR RUTH PALMER FLOYD MCGOWIN LEWIS LLDYD ELEANOR BARNWELL ELIZABETH SEARCY EVA CUP GLADYS POOLE WILLIAM KIMBROUGH Page one hundred fwcnly WAR, COROLLA l9,I9 A n ll X WAR, GOROLLA l9l9 N Equal Suffrage ASSOC1atlOH of the Unlverslty of Alabama A X , OFFICERS I AVIS WATSON , . . . . . . . . ...... President BLANCHE HAMMET . . . 'Vice-President PEARL MooRE . . . . . . Secretary-Treasurer CHAIRMEN OF COMMITTEES BLANCHE HAMMET . . ............. -- ..... Social MARY WALKER . . Program MARGARET BRIGGS . . . . . .Press-Agenl ' MEMBERS ELOISE COMPTON ELIZABETH LCCGINS LIDA MAY MARY KATHERINE -GREEN CORA LEE CooK VERA THOMAS BLANCHE HAMMET EDNA PIGKETT BLANCI-IE THOMPSON VIRGINIA LUSK ALLISON VANNETTE MARGARET ALIsoN BETTY MCDONALD MARGARET BRIGGS VIRGINIA PIOLLIMAN ANNIS KLIE CATHERINE KENNEDY CLYDE KENNEDY BEATRICE PRIDDT MARY CARNER LOIS DoDDs EVA GUPP VERNETTA ATHEY KATHLEEN MERKEL ' JULIA HIGGINS .IULIA MAE ANDERSON ISABEL TURNER MARY LOIS WALKER RUTH HILLEKE RUTH HARRIS INA HARPER MISS PIUNSBERGER MARY WALKER VERA TIDWELL ANNIE WILLIAMSON, ANNIE KATE PRUETT ANNE CHRISTIAN MARGUERITE PITTS CLYDE WHITTEN INA MAE SNELLGRGVE EMILY MILTON AVIS WATSON PEARL MOORE ANNIE MAE CARNEY LOIS FRIEDMAN SARA MARR MCCORMICK JIMMIE MONTGOMERY LOUISE I-ENoIR HELEN HAMMET ELAINE WARD JOSEPHINE NOURSE Page one hundred hvenly Iwo XQVAIQ., COIQQLLA 1919 Fage one hundred twenty-three X WAR, GOROLLA l9I9 Pre-Med Club ROBT. A. l"lAMRlCK . . . President ALVIN E. KELLER .... . Ffrsl Vice-Presfdcnl R. C. KIMBROUGH ....... ....... S econd Vice-Prcsidenl Tnos. A. BELsER ..... ..... T hird Vice-President SELDON H. STEPHENS ....... Secrclarp and Trsasurer THOMAS A. BELsER ALVIN E.. KELLER CLARENCE K. WEIL BALLENCER, F. J. BELL, L. W. BELSER, T. A. BERREY, I. C. BLACK, J. M. BONNER, T. E. BROWER, W. W. CALLEN, MIss GRACE CALLEN MISS RUTI-I PROGRAM COMMITTEE A. C. KIMBROUGH J. A. MCKAY S. A. J. LoUIs CONSTITUTIONAL 'COMMITTEE MISS IsAEEL TURNER M. J. THOMPSON MEMBERS l'IARBOUR, T. L. HARRIS, F. F. HAssLER, J. M. HAYES, J. N. HODGE, H. P. HURST, J. C. JOHNSON, A. M. KELLER, A. E. KIMEROUCI-I, R. C. CARY, MISS ANNIE MAE KITCI-IENs, F. E. FAISON, J. J. FREEMAN, L. B. GAY. E. J. CRIMES, DEWEY GRooM, THOS. J. GUICE, D. H. HAMRICK, R. A. LEONARD, N. J. LEWIS, S. J. LONG, W. T. MARTIN, STERLING MCCALLAN, W. C. CARTER. W. R. CI-IENAULT, E. M. CLARK, R. D. COLVIN, G. W. DOBSON, ROBT. DOBSON, L. M. DUIJRY, HARRY DYER, M. V. EASTERWOOD, L. A. ELDER, HERMAN McKAY, J. A. MERRITT, F. B. MITCI-IELL, D. H. MoNTcoMERY, MISS JIMMIE NEVILLE, R E OwINcs, T. L. PUCKETT, G. W. ROBERTSON, J. P. SEARCY, C. H. H. P. HODGE SELF, DEwI'I' SNODDY, J. S. STEPHENS, S H. STILL, S. S. SUDDITI-I, WM. TALBOT, PIERCE TOMPSON, M. J. TowNsI-IEND. C. V. TUNGSTALL, G. C. TURNER, MISS IsAIaEL VADER. L. W. VEAL, Ross WALDROP, E. XV. WEIL, CLARENCE K. WEST, L. H. WHITLOCK, H. E. WYLIE, J. H., JR. Page one hundred twenty four WAR., C2olQo1.1.A 1919 Bl WAR., GOROLLA l9l9 fa University of Alabama Glee Club Fourteenth Season. Tom Garner, '88, Director DR. W. B. SAFFOLD . . DoN H. THORNBURY . T. ALSTON BUsBY . . ALVIN E. KELLER . T. ALSTON BUSBY HERBERT BRUSH j. DOUGLASS PIAYGOOD DoN I-I, THORNBURY A. G. SCARBOROUGH N. FLOYD MCGOWIN LLOYD M. HOOPER WIRT W. SOWELL FRANK M. SAVAGE PAUL WATSON CLYDE H. NELSON WILLIAM C. WOODALL JOSEPH H. OwENs OFFICERS MEMBERS FIRST TENOR HENRY B. SHERRILL RUSSEL 1. ESSLINCER THoMAs A. DEAsoN SECOND TENOR ALFRED E.. MCCARTY ALVIN E. KELLER PHILIP Ccox FIRST BAss TISDALE BIBB FRANK j. LLOYD HARRY W. COFFIN SECOND BAss S. j. DRUMMOND T. WILKES COLEMAN . Honorary President . . . . . Presfdcnl . . . . .Secretary . . Business Manager FRED M. SLOSS PENDLETON E. WATSON -RICHARD CAINE EARL M. MCGOWIN LoUIs B. WHITFIELD WRIGHT SMITH jon T. CATER j. M. HAssLER WILLIAM C. Hoon PHILIP C. JACKSON J. M. FORNEY STANLEY PARK JAMES L. SOWELD Page one hundrea Iwenly srx WAR, GOQQLLA 1919 I Al ! rr v -v .1 - .- . 1 VV.-.. ....v.1'v Page one hundred Hvcnlp-seven ' wfvv'-'G..f., I . -.A ' 1 Riff., 'W -I. ""' L- ' Y 'XMARJ COIQQLLA 1919 The Crimson-White FRANK L. BUTTS . ROBERT G. MEssER . C. D. PEPPER . . M. W. CLINTON . R. A. HAMRICK . j. J. HINSON . . . W. E. PERRY . . . CARQLYN MONTGOMERY JOSEPH W. JOHN . . Lois L. FRIEDMAN . . HOWARD E. PILL . . MARGARET BRIGGS . J. M. BLACK . . . WILLIS ROYALL . BROOKS FOREHAND . j. M. WASHAM . G. H. WATSON . . . Editor-in-Chief . . Business Manager . Associate Editor . Associate Editor . Associate Editor . Associate Editor . . . . . Athletics . Co-Ed Department . . . . . . Feature . . . . . Feature . . . . . , Feature . Poetry and Literature . . . Society Editor . . . . Society Editor . . . .- . . Cartoonist Assistant Business Manager . . . . . Athletics 'Page one hundred twenty-eight WAR, GOIQQLLA l9,l9 H H! Page one lrunzlrcd llvcnly-nine WAR, ColQ.o1.l.A 19.19 7? W. C. WOODALL .... W. G. BooNE . . DANIEL BOONE H. C. DOUGLAS GEORGE FREY O. D. STREET HORACE BARNARD DANIEL BOONE A Arch Club . .... President . ...... Vice-President . . . Secretary- Treasurer MEMBERS EDWARD DE GRAFFENREID, JR. F. B. PROPST W. G. BooNE E.. B. STEINER jol-IN E.. ADAMS FELIX TANKERSLY W. C. WOODALL BRYCE NATHAN L. O. GORDON A. G. SCARBROUCH Q -A . . JL .., f""'- 41- --T mg, -1 "f::""--A .Y E:,4-.4. . -mf ,,. 1. - .fl--,,.'p--bf' Page one hundred ihirfy WAR, QOIQQLLA 1919 A u WAR, QOROLLA 1919 fp I KEY ICE Key-Ice F. CLEMENT SMITH ..... Q .... . . President E. j. MCCROSSIN ..... . . Vice-Presidenl josEPH W. joHN . . .... . . Secretary-Trea.surer MEMBERS W. H. ALsToN W. W. BANKHEAD E. L. BLUE, JR. L. C. BRAMLETT C. S. DOSTER j. A. GRADY W. L. HAIGLER W. S. LIANNAH H. P. KING P. H. LoNc W. S. NICHOLS P. T. SESSIONS A. j. THOMAS H. B. SHERRILL BREWER DlxoN F. M. MCGOWIN R. J. STAGGERS Page one hundred thirty-two WAR, GolQ,o1. l.A 1919 Gm Bl A F 'HWWT 9 I I I I WAR, GolQ.o1.l.A 1919 R1 n Mmms MORGAN .... D. H. THORNBURY J. R. ODEN . J. K. DANZIGER C. T. RENEAU T. F. JAMES B. F. ANDERSON J. D. CoMEn Skulls OFFICERS MEMBERS YANCEY GOODALL L. C. JENNINGS WILLARD MCCALL W. W. WILKERSON J. B. PERRY .. . . . . . . .President . . . . . . Vice-President Secrelary- Treasurer R. A. HARDY R. S. WEATHERLY S. J. STEINER C. T. LEHMAN EDWARD WILLINGHAM Page one hundred lhirly-four WAR, CLOIQ.OL,I.A 1919 mfg ll f ,. WAR, COIQOLLA I9 ,I D COMER .... D H THORNBURY . . S. J. STEINER Muvuvls MORGAN R. A. HARDY F. C. SMITH WILLARD MCCALL Parasites OFFICERS MEMBERS E. J. McCRosslN BEN ANDERSON W. C. WooDALL L. C. JENNINGS E.. L. BLUE, JR. I9 . . . . . President . Secretary-Treasurer T. F. .JAMES J. B. PERRY W. W. WILKERSON L. C. BRAMLETT j. R. Om-:N Page one hundred thirty-six WAR, COIQOLLA 1919 Cf? N WAR, QOROLLA 1919 FF X j. R. ODEN . RUCKER ACEE . E. H. HAwKlNs C. K. WEIL Jasons OFFICERS MEMBERS R. G. MESSER C. J. Dunn FowLER Duccmz . . . . . . President . . Secretary-Treasurer LEE Bnzcoon H. A. MCWHORTER Page one hundred thirty-eight WAR, GOROLLA 1919 The Law Forum of the University of Alabama JosEPII W. JOHN J. Aucusrus LEE MATI-IEw B. PRICE S. G. FREY J. M. Hobo J. P. WHITESIEE J. L. KELLEY BREWER DIXON J. E. AnAMs R. E. JoNEs Page one hundrrtl thirty-nine OFFICERS MEMBERS JOSEPH YSERVAN B. W. SIMMONS R. G. MESSER A. J. THOMAS . . . . Presfdenl . . . . Vice-Prcsidcnl . . . . . . . Secretary-Treasurer J. H. BRADFORD J. A. REYNOLDS J. C. MERCHANT R. R. TAUNTON J. Z. BISHOP R. E. JONES A. A. CARMICI-IAEI. mfg A I WAR, GOROLLA 1919 FT :susan-'iq - University Band LIEUTENANT CHAS. H. OwENs, JR., SERGEANT D. W. LoNc ......... CORNETS C. H. OWENS, JR. H. B, j. H. FARMER j. L. CARTER TRoMBoNEs j. H. OwENs BLACK TENoRs A. L.. STEPHENS FLUTE CARLOS PIENELL BASSES A. E. KELLAR A. E.. KELLER . Drum SHERRILL HOLMAN B. Y. OwENs TAYLOR j. P. THoMAs . Director Mafor Page one hundred-forty x Miss BETTY M'DoNALD MISS MARY CHARLES COLE MISS AVIS WATSON W 0 xl-JD WAR., GolQ.o1. LA 1919 -I .Y Page one hundred ffly-three . f . -5 u L 1, W -in -- 42. WAR, CoIQ.oI.I.A l9l9 F? Pan-l-lellenic Council Ot' the University of Alabama, Organized l9l3 OFFICERS A. MORGAN BooNr. . . . joszm W. joHN . . . H. Gassn SCARBOROUCH . . Alpha Tau Omega Kappa Alpha . Lamba Chi Alpha . Pi Kappa Phi . Phi Della Theta . Phi Camma Della . Phi Kappa Sigma . Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Chi . . . Sigma Nu . . Zeta Beta Tau . REPRESENTATIVES . . . . President . . Vice-President . Secretary- Treasurer DONALD .H . THORNBURY . . WILLIAM L. HAIcLan ' . . WlL.LlS C. ROYAL, . EARL B. SANDI:Izs - . . . .JOSEPH W. JOHN . A. GREEK SCARBROUCH . . A. MoRcAN Boom: . WALTER W. BANKI-I:-:An WILLIAM C. WOODALL WILLIARD A. MCCALL A. E. HoI-Iasauac An organization of the Fraternities represented at the University of Alabama for the purpose of efficient oon- trol of lnter-Fraternity relations, and the fostering of a spirit of cordial co-operation and good fellowship be- tween the different chapters and the University at large. Page one hundred fifty-four WAR, ColQ,o1. l.A 1919 J Jreff WAR, CoIQ.oI.I.A 1919 Alpha Tau' Omega Founded at Virginia Military lnslitute in 1865 Colors: Old Colcl and Sky Blue ' Flower: White T OTIS A. GLAZEDBROOK J. F. ALSTON HENRY' Bumcs F. S. DANIEL, JR. j. L. DANIEL H. A. JONES j. R. KENNEDY S. C. HOUSER D. H. THORNBURY F. C. SMITH R. A. HARDY P. G. LONG W. H. LEGIIANDE S. L. Cnoox T. j. REYNOLDS j. A. REYNOLDS A. j. TUCKER I. j. DORSEY, JR. Publication: Alpha Tau Omega Palm Seventy Active Chapters F ou NDERS ALFRED MARSHALL ERSKINE Ross Beta Delta Chapter Established in 1885 FRATRES IN URBE O. P. KENNEDY E.. F. LEACH W. A. LELAND . L. P. MCGEE H. R. HANSON j. P. CRUTCHER, ja. 'FRATRES IN FACULTATE CLASS OF 1919 M. W. MORGAN CLASS OF 1920 R. S. WEATHERLY L. B. WHITFIELD F. E.. RUSSELL CLASS OF 1921 W. H. ALsToN, ja. C. T. LEHMAN CLASS or 1922 S. T. SCHOOLAR L. W. NOBLE D. W. LONG T. R. CAIN L. E. CARROLL, ja. WRIGHT SMITH, ja. D. K. JONES B. P. HEAD C. H. PENNICK j. C. PERKINS K..B. SI-IIzoPsHmE B. C. WILLIAMS GEORGE LANG S. j. STEINER E. F. STEINER W. S. HANNAI-I WALLACE HARTSFIELD R. J. PLANK F. M. SLOSS J. W. GOLDSBY W. A. GUNTI-:II H. S. WHITE Page one hundred Jiffy .sux C8 R036 VVAIQ, GOIQQLLA 1919 s 2- - . ' ' NF fP, xiii? .':, 1 ."1s-1 fill f,x- W m - drerl Q WAR., CoIQoI.I.A 1919 Delta Kappa Epsilon Founded at Yale University in l844 Colors: Crimson, Azure and Old Gold Flower Pansu Publication: "The Delta Kappa Epsilon Quarterly" Forty-three Active Chapters FOUNDERS W. W. ATWATER T. D. SHERwooD F. B. BELLINGER A. E. STETSON E.. V. KINGSLEY j. B. CUNNINGHAM T. I. FRANKLIN E.. G. BARTLETT E. B. SHAPLEIGH C. N. RICHTER W. B. JACOBS G. F. CHESTER H. CASE W. W. HORTON C. R STOWE G. D. JOHNSON, JR. j. H. FITTS, JR. A. S. VANDEC-RAAFIE RUCKER, AGEE WALTER AGEE FLOYD McGowIN JOHN CocI-IRANE RICHARD MCCALLA ROBERT HARWOOD PI-IILLIP Coox A. E.. MCCARTY EARL MCGOWIN R. R. BANIcs T. O. Psi Chapter FRATRES IN URBE R. B. MCALPINE ALONZO HILL JOHN G. HANLY G. K. LITTLE j. M. DONOHOE S. H. SPROTT, JR FOSTER j . A. VERNER FRATER IN FACULTATE ToIvI GARNER F RATER IN COLLEGIO POST GRADUATE j. P. WI-IITEsInE CLASS OF I9I9 FOWLER DUGGER CLAss OF I920 THEO CARR CLAss OF I92l ROBERT BROMBERG KIRK JACKSON LEWIS LLoI'D CLASS OF I922 T. NV. COLEMAN WM. TINKER R. A. RUsI-I R. j. VANDEGRAAFF j. E. MCGOWIN F. E.. BLACKBURN R. F. WILKI-:RsoN ToIvI ROEINSON H. W. COFFIN F. l-I. INGE AUSTIN BENNETT R. H. TWEEDY BRYANT GULLEY W. W. WESTMORELAND Page one hundred fifty cughl VJAIQ, GolQ.o1.l.A 1919 All n XQJAIQD GOIQOLLA 1919 F? Kappa Alpha Founded at Washington and Lee University in 1865 Colors: Crimson and Old Cold Flower: Magnolia and Red Rose JAMES WARD WOOD DR. ALSTON FITTS M. T. ORMAND L. D. E.Ys1'I-:R HENRY SI-IERRILE CORTIE Doss W. S. HAIGLER EDGAR H. JEWELL FRED W. ASI-IE Publicalion: "Kappa Alpha journal" Fifty-three Active Chapters FOUNDERS WILLIAM NELSON Sco'r'r WILLIAM A. WALSH - STANI-IoPE M. ScoT1' Alpha Beta Chapter FRATRES IN URBE GLENN FOSTER F. D. GULLY FRATER IN FACULTATE C. H. BARNWELL, SR. FRATRES IN COLLEGIO CLASS OF I9I9 P. M. PENNY CLASS or I920 R. PRESLEY RERMAN CLASS OF I92I ROBERT WALLACE HENRY KIRKLAND C. B. HIGHTOWER CLASS OF I922 -FRANK LA FEIST WILLIAM R. WALTE: V. HULEERT PRITCHARD PLEDGE WIN'rHRcP M. ROBINSON T. W. CI-IRIsTIAN MARION COOPER F. M. T. TANKERSLEY H. DAVID POPE FRED S. KYLE BRUCE NATHAN Huci-I S. SHERRILL CHARLIE B. HAIGLER Page one hundred aixly WAR, ColQ.o1.l.A 1919 H All XQVARD GOROLLA 1919 rj: In Kappa Sigma Founded at the University of Virginia in 1837 Colors: Scarlet, W'hite and Emerald Flower: Lily of the Valley Publicalion: "The Caduceusu Eighty-seven Active Chapters FOUNDERS FRANK COURTNEY NICODEMUS GEORGE MILES ARNOLD JOHN COVERT BOYD EDMUND LAW RocERs WILLIAM Gmcssv MCCORMICK Beta Chapter FRATRES IN URBE W. R. PATTON SAUL SMITH JAMES FOSTER 1-l. B. MCGAHEY K. S. ELEBASH E. H. BINGHAM DR. HERBERT PATToN' M. T. JEMISON W. C. SOMMERVILLE C. E. FRos1- S. J. CASSELLS, jR. W. W. BURCH j. R. FAIRCLOTI-I j. M. FORNEI' j. P. KENNEDI- R. H. MALONE j. E. SEAY j. J. PATTON T. B. WARD FRATRES IN FACULTATE FRATRES 1N'COLLEGlO POST-GRADUATE 9 BREWER DKXON CLASS OF 1919 R. j. STAccERs W. S. PAFTON CLASS OF 1920 ARTHUR MALONE CLASS OF 1921 DAN STEAGALL E.. S. SEAY CLASS OF 1922 P. A. SNEDECOR j. W. STAccERs j. K. HOLMAN j. N. HOLMAN JOHN SESSIONS R. R. RANDOLPH F AY SMITH PETE DAVIS W. S. CHALKER j. P. RITTENBERRY R. B. SOMMERVILLE j. B. MURPHY j. L. DOWLING J. L. WILKINSON W. R. MELLETTE Page one hundred slxly lmo WAR, GOROLLA l9,l9 H l , I WAR, GOROLLA 1919 7? Lambda Chi Alpha Founded at Boston University in l909 Colors: Purple, Green and Gold Flower: Violet WARREN ALBERT CoLE ROY W. FAUCETTE ROBERT ARNOLD HAMRIcIc WILLIS CALHOUN RoYALI. WILLIAM G. AUSTIN, JR. ELZA M. DERAMus BENJAMIN E.MME1'1' GRAHAM WALTER EDWARD RosE Publication: "Purple, Green and Gold" Forty-eight Active Chapters F OUNDERS PERCIVAL CASE MoRsE Alpha Phi Chapter Established in l9l7 FRATRES IN URBE FRATRES IN COLLEGIO CLASS or I9l9 WALLACE H. HALL JULIAN B. FOSTER CLASS OF I92l LAWSON l'lU'l'l'ON PERRIN W. JENKINS LEWEY V. ROBINSON CLASS or l922 JACK RAKOWSKY Joi-IN HOLMES CLYI:E K. NICHOLS JACK I-IERMAN GRAvEs WILLIAM STYLES VICTOR I. MASTERS JOHN C. TYsoN, JR. NELSON ECHOLS HOLLOMAN JOHN J. MARTIN CIROSVENOR C. DYAR Page one hundred sixty-four WAR, C3olQ,o1.l.A 1919 H l FRATRES 'IN URBE XQVARS GOROLLA l9l9 ff- In Phi Gamma Delta Founded at Washington and Jefferson in l848 Colors: Purple and White Publication: "The Phi Gamma Delta" i Sixty Active Chapters FOUNDERS JOHN TEMPLETON MCCARTNEY DANIEL WEBSTER CROFTS SAMUEL BEATTY WILSON JAMES ELLIOTT, JR. Theta Chapter Established in IS55. Re-established in l90I J. K. MORRIS E.. C. BRANTLEY B. T. COLLIER W. R. SANDERS LUTHER MAxwELL, E.. H. HAWKINS H. A. MCWHORTER M. B. MCDANIEL R. J. STEINMEI-IL J. D. PALMER A. B. RAGSDALE A. D. STAFFORD FRANK LOY FURMAN NETTLES K. T. MCLEMORE JR. C. M. FITTS GEORGE MAXWELL S. H. MAXWELL JACK BRYANT J. E. SHIRLEY - A. S. GROVE FRATER IN FACULTATE JOHN M. GALLALEE FRATRES IN COLLEGIO LUNY POST GRADUATE V. RAOSDALE CLASS OF l9I9 W. W. SOWELL A. G. SCARBOROUGH ED. REYNOLDS CLASS OF I920 J. B. HILL H. E. PILL ' CLASS OF I92I ' O. L. ADAMS P. K. MCWHORTER CI.Ass OF 1922 JOHN TURNER GEORGE PILL M. H. DURHAM Flower J Heliotrope ELLIS BAILEY GREGC NAEAMAN FLETCHER J. E.. LIVINGSTON F . R. MAXWELL, JR. C. N. MAXWELL L. W. GROVE F. L. GROVE M. W. CAROTHERS WILEY HILL, JR. F. N. SAVAGE A. J. THOMAS W. M. MCCULLOUOI-I WM. A. ROSE, JR. F. B. PATTERSON J. L. SOWELL, JR. J. H. PALMER W. G. LEWIS Page one hundred azxly mx WAR, GCROLLA 1919 N. , t - , . ,:,, ..,. f ':."S. A ' K r I I r I Page one hundred sixly-seven WAR, GOROLLA 1919 Pg? Colors: Argent and Azure JOHN WoLIfE LINDLEY ROBERT MORRISON F. H. AUSTIN E. L. CLARI4soN J. D. MCQUEEN S. B. l'lARWOOD H. CLEMENTS D. D. MCCLIFFERT W. AB. SAIfroLD J. W. JOHN C. W. BLAIR J. A. GRADY J. K. DANZIGER EDWARD WILLINcI-IAM RICHARD Woon C. P. SMITH Phi Delta Theta Founded at Miami University in lS48 Publication: "Scroll of Phi Delta Theta" Seventy-eight Active Chapters F OUNDERS Flowery White Carnation JOHN M. WILSON A. W. ROGERS ROBERT T. DRAKE Alabama Alpha Chapter Established in l885 FRATRES IN URBE F. M. MOODY W. Moom' A. H. SNow R. M. SNow WILLIAM VANDEGRAAFF A. V. VANDEGRAAFF H. B. SEARCY F RATRES IN F ACULTATE FRATRES IN COLLEGIO CLASS OF I9l9 W. W. WILKERSON E. L. MARBURY CLASS or 1920 C. A. LOCKE, JR. L. C. JENNINCS CLASS OF I92l T. F. JAMES CLASS OF l922 JOHN MARBURY T. W. PITTS L. M. HooPER, JR. ANDREW WATTS RocERs G. A. SI-:ARCY B. S. SEARCY J. A. SEARCY W. B. OLIVER C. H. VANDEGRAAFIE J. P. VANDEVOORT W. F. PROUTY J. B. PERRY J. D. COMER G. B. FRIERSON J. A. SELLERS CLARENCE SMITII H. C. JOHNSON Page one hundred sixty-eight WAR. ColQo1. l.A 1919 I 1 Q. , Page one hundred sixty-nine WAR, GOROLLA 1919 Founded Colors: Cold and While A. A. KROEG, JR. at Pi Kappa Phi College of the City of Charle Publicaliong "Star and Lamp" Eighteen Aclivc Chapters FOUNDERS SIMON FOGARTY, JR. Alabama Qmicron Chapter JOE H. MCCLURE I-IERMAN F. BURCHFIELIJ HUGH P. Honor: WILLIAM BRUCE SHAW AUBRIE COLQUETT A Established in I9 I 7 FRATRE IN URBE ALBERT B. WRIGHT FRATRES IN CoLLEcIo CLASS OF I9I9 JOHN Roy FAUCETT CLASS OF I920 PAUL j. I-IooTEN CLASS OF I92 I I'll-INRY P. TALBOT AUTHUR F. STEPHENS CLASS OF I 922 DAVID E. DUNN HUBERT H. MARTIN sion In I 904 Flower: Red Rose L. M. MIXON EARLE B. SANDERS CHESTER C. COUNTS ARTHUR M. JOHNSON JOE PETE MCBRYDE DEWEY ACKER Page one hundrcfl .seventy I VVAIQ, QOROLLA 1919 A I Page une humlml seventy-um' WA IQ, 7? Colors ,- GoIQ.oI.I.A I9l9 Phi Kappa Sigma Founded at the University of Pennsylvania in 1850 Gold and Black Flower: Chrysanthemum Publication: "Phi Kappa Sigma News Letter" Twenty-nine Active Chapters FOUNDERS SAMUEL BROWN A. A. RIPKA ALFRED V. DUPONT WYLIE MITCHELL CHARLES H. HUTCHINSON JAMES B. HODGE JOHN T. STONE DUANE WILLIAMS Alpha Kappa Chapter Established in l903 FRATER IN URBE J. C. PERSONS FRATER IN FACULTATE B. L. NOOJIN FRATRES IN COLLEGIO CLASS OF l9I9 GUS LEE l'llNTON K. DELoNEY S. G. FREY R. B. STRICKLAND HAL DOUCLASS ROGER B. JONES W. A. KIMBROUGH POWELL JONES J. S. GREGORY C A. M. BOONE CLASS OF 1920 H. H. HALL, JR. CLASS OF l92I J. G. BICKLEY CLASS OF I922 J. M. BLACK LAUY RAY ELLIOTT JAMES PEARSON W. H. BARNARD O. D. STREET, JR. W. B. DowELL AL. H. Moss WILLIAM L. ALMON R. B. SEARCY Page one hundred :evenly lneo WAR, GOROLLA 1919 Al n WAR, GOROLLA 1919 fp In Sigma Alpha Epsilon Founded at the University of Alabama in 1856 J Colors: Old Gold and Royal Purple Flower: Violet Publication: "Record of Sigma Alpha Epsilon" Eighty-six Active Chapters FOUNDERS NOBLE LESLIE DEVOTTIE SAMUEL MARION DENNIS NATHAN ELAM COCKRELL W. W. BRANDON S. F. CLADAUGI-I C. M. HANNAH JoHN BARRETT RUDOLPH Alabama Mu Chapter FRATRES IN URBE J. H. JOHNSON A. H. NICHOLS D. D. POYNER B. F. NIcIIoLs R.- H. LITTLE R. I. LITTLE JOHN WEBB KERR ABNER EDWIN PATTON THOMAS CHAPPELL COOK H. S. SIBLEY C. H. BARNWELL, JR. E. M. STICKNEY E. W. DEGRAFEENREIDF. W. MILLER J. S. RAU L. B. HERELIN F. S. Moonv G. R. RAU FRATRES IN FACULTATE F. G. STICKNEY R. C. LITTLE FRATRES IN COLLEGIO CLAss OF 1919 C. J. DURR E.. J. MCCROSSIN PALMER GAILLARD J. R. ODEN W. W. BANKI-IEAD CLASS OF 1920 J. F. ALISON C. B. WEBB J. L. KELLY J. B. HARDY H. M. BARNEs LEE PAULK Y. H. CCODALL 'I. M. MCCl.ELL.XN L. C. BRAMLETT B. P. ANDERSON H. P. KING, JR. CLASS OF 1921 ED DE GRAFFENREID JR MASON DILLARD W. S. NICHOLS P. H. THORNTON PAUL SESSILNS J. B. I-1ARRIsoN GERRY CAIaANIss W. C. WILLIAMS W. F. C-AILLARD CrlAS. BRANTLEY AI Ex BRANTLEY JACK WRIGH1' CLASS OF 1922 HERBERT BRANTLEY M. C. JARMAN J. H. HAARDT J. P. BARNES WALTER H. GLENN CHAs. ABIRCROMBIE J. R. HARRIS MELBOURNE CODY GEORGE JANNY P CECIL RoYER PAUL HUTCHINSON DAN CODY JoHN KEY Page one hundred .seventy-four WAR, CZolQ.o1.L.A 1919 F7-fi ll CoIQ,oI.I.A. 1919 Ja? WA RL Colors: Sigma Nu Founded at Virginia Military Institute old cola, Black and White J. F. HOPKINS H. B. FOSTER W. H. NIC!-IOL V. H. FRIEDMAN SAM FRIEDMAN R. H. l'lARTSFlELD C. E.. l'lAMILTON, JR. O. L. REYNOLDS W. A. MCCALL W. M. SCOTT D. S. MURPI-IEE L. D. GARDNER, JR. W. H. HICKS H. F. FARRIS J. E.. ROBERTSON FRANK BRICKEN, JR. Publication: "The Delta" Seventy-four Active Chapters F OUNDERS JAMES RILEY CREENEIELIJ QUARLES Theta Chapter Established in IS74 FRATRES IN URBE SIDNEY LEACH S. A. MOORE W. D. HAYS JAMES HAYS W. A. LELANIJ, JR. FRATER IN FACULTATE E. H. FOSTER FRATRES IN COLLEGIO CLASS OF 1919 A. A. CARMICHAEL C. H. NELSON CLASS OF I920 J. R. HORN, JR. C. S. DOSTER CLASS OF I92l J. H. DUNKLIN, JR. PEARSON CRIMES J. W. SHREVE, JR. CLASS OF I922 W. H. KEY, JR. J. E. WILSON E. A. CRANDAL ,FARRIS BATSON T. A. JONES in I869 Flower: White Rose JOHN W. HOPSON R. C. ALLISON O. C. CRIMES F. F. GATLIN E.. H. FOSTER J. B. AIRD. JR. R. C. SMITH J. M. Hono C. H. BEELAND E. L. BLUE, JR. C. l.'LlDLES HARRISON HENIJRICKS C. P. HAMILTON E. W. CRIMES B. T. CLARK, JR. A. B. HINDS Page one hundred sevc'Ily AIX WAR, GOQQLLA 1919 . .. , . V -' 1 .,-X,...- 1 K 4 r WAR, GOROLLA. 1919 Sigma Chi Founded at Miami University in 1855 Colors: Blue and Cold Flower: White Rose Publication: "Sigma Chi Quarterly" Seventy-lhree Active Chapters FOUNDERS THOMAS COWAN BELL lsAAc M. JORDAN BENJ. P. RUNKLE JAMES R. CALDWELL DANIEL W. COOPER WILLIAM j. LOCKWOOD FRANKLIN H. SCOBEY Iota Iota Chapter Established, 1876. Re-established, 1914 FRATRES IN URBE WILLIAM H. MORGAN E.. A. ALSTON GEORGE H. DENNY j. E. ADAMS . R. L. SPARKMAN C. T. RENAU BEN HUNT FRANK PROPST DAVID ADAMS D. E. EASON H. H. STAY j. R. VEAL WILBUR JOHNSON FRATRES IN FACULTATE FRATRES IN COLLEGIO CLASS OF 1918 W. S. FosI-IEE E. P. SOWELL CLASS OF 1919 L. O. GORDON j. L. CARLISLE CLASS oF 1920 F. M. GRACE CLASS' OF 1921 j. M. PROCTOR WILLIAM FOSTER CLASS OF 1922 GEoRcE S. WHALEY L. C. BYARS EUGENE GAY COLLINS PROPST O. F. LUTTRELL CECIL MORGAN JAMES S. THOMAS A. L. WILDMAN W. G. BOONE W. C. WOODALL j. DOUGLAS HAYcooD C. L. SMALLWOOD LEE CALLAWAY, JR. 1. T. ROBERTSON WILLIAM Hoon 101-IN CRUMP C. E.. CRANFORD Page one hundred .scvenly eIghl WAR, QOIQOLLA 1919 QQ H! WAR, CoIQoI.I.A l9l9 F? Zeta Beta Tau Founded at the City College of New York in 1898 Colors: Light Blue and While DAVID LEWINE AARON EISMAN DAVID LIKNEITZ AARON DRUCKER C. K. WEIL Publication: "Zeta Beta Tau Quarterly" Twenty-five Active Chapters F OUNDERS M. M. E.IcI-ILER H. B. SHEFFIELD I. DEssEN LOUIS DEsNER Psi Chapter Established in I9I6 FRATRES IN COLLEGIO CLAss OF l9I9 WALTER MITCHELL CLASS OF I92O I. BERIVIAN C. C. HAPTER ALVIN E. KELLER PHILLIP S. TROST FRED L. LEVY CLASS OF 1921 HENRY B. Mooc CLASS OF I922 HERBERT H. HAPTER ADOLPH BECK Flo1ver.' White R BERNARD SAxE BERNARD BLACK B. C. EI-IRENREICI-I A. E.. HDI-IENBERG EDWIN ROSENFIELD MORTIMER A. CDI-IEN FRED P. OCKOONEFF Page one II OSC undrcrl Elgllly WAR, COROLLA 1919 GQ ll I W AWAR, GOROLLA 1919 ft' Delta Delta Delta Founded at Boston University on Thanksgiving Eve, I888 Colors: Silver, Cold and Blue Flower: Pansy Publicalion: "The Trident" Sixty-one Active Chapters F OUNDERS SARA IDA SHAW MARGARET FOSTER PEARL MOOIIE JULIA HIGGINS Avis WATSON ANNELLA ABBOTT EMILY MILTON FLORENCE IsAEELLE STEWART ELEANOR DoRcAs POND IsAsEL MORGAN BREED Delta Mu Chapter Established in 1914 SORORES IN URBE MARGARET DURRETT DANIEL ERLINE DURRETT BuRIcEs . CHRISTIEN ROBBINS SoRoREs IN COLLECIO CLASS OF l9I9 IRMA ANDERSON EDNA PICKETT CLAss OF I920 CAROLYN MONTGOMERY CLASS OF I92I MARY LOIS WALKER MARGARET ALISON CLASS OF 1922 EMMA STOCKMAR PLEDGES CLYDE WHITTEN RUTH I-IILLEKE LouIsE SAUNDERS MARY CHARLES CoLE MABEL HARTUNC. ' CLYDE KENNEDY ELAINE WARD Page one hundred cighly-lnao WAR, ColQ.ol.l.A 1919 nfl I V w XQJARD QOROLLA 1919 ll' fab A Kappa Delta Founded nt Virginia State Normal College in IB97 Colors: Green and White Flower: White Rose Publications: The Angeles Twenty-five Active Chapters F OUNDERS SARAH TURNER JULIA G. TYLER MARY SOMERVILLE SPARKS LEONORE ASHMORE EVELYN ASHLEY MARY BRANTLEY NELL CLARKSON EMELIE ABBOTT COLLINS LOUISE DUGGER .IOSIE STEELE PATTON CHEROKEE VAN DE GRAFF ELISABETH AYRES LELAND BESSIE MARTIN IsABEL TURNER FRANCES DENNY BEssIE COLEMAN ANNA DORA PATTON EMMA HERNDON AGEE ELIZABETH HOUSER GLADYS PUGH MARTHA SEARCY OVERTON DAVIDSON Zeta Chapter Established in l904 SORORES IN URBE ADELE H. MONTGOMERY ELEANOR JOHNSTON MARGARET ,LITTLE IRA B. MOODY CAROL STICKNEY MARY D. CLAYBAUGH FRANCES FOSTER WILHELMINA M. JOHNSTON CLASS OF I9I9 MARY IDA WOOD MABLE YERBY CLASS OF I920 MARY MORGAN WARD MARGUERITE WILKINSON CLASS OF 1921 LILLIAN CUNNINGHAM LUGILE PATTON CLASS OF I922 ELEANOR BARNWELL KNOXYE LANNING KATIE MAE SAMUEL PLEDGE GLADYS WARD AUGUSTA SEARcY DAPHNE CUNNINGHAM JENNIE M. RICHARDSON LOUISE ADAMs WILLARD ADAMS LILLIAN HILL CAMILLE SEARCY MARGARET MCCALLA MARGARET WATTS ADELYN HOOD INA HARPER' KATHLEEN SEARCY RUTH PALMER ELIZABETH SEARCY DAMARIS SMITH MARY BELL LIDA SCARBOROUCH Page one hundred eighty four WAR, ClolQ,o1.l.A 1919 N WAR, CoIQ.oI.I.A 1919 ff' n Zeta Tau Alpha Founded at Virginia State Normal College in 1898 Colors: Steel Gray and Turquoise Blue FRANCES Y. SMITH ALICE JONES RUBY LEIGI-I ANNIE WALLACE HAYES BERYL MCCANN VIRGINIA LUSK GLADYS GWIN VIRGINIA ORMOND BETTY MCDONALD GLADYS POOLE Publication : Themis Twenty Active Chapters FOUNDERS DELLA LEWIS ALICE COLEMAN MARY JONES Mu Chapter SORORES IN URBE KATRINA BROWN JAMES EUDORA YERE-r LILLIAN LATHRAM SORORES IN COLLEGIO CLASS OF 1919 VERNETTA ATI-IEY WILLIE MAE LATHRAM CLASS OF 1920 CLASS or 1921 LULA PEARL NEAL MARGUERITE PITTS CLASS OF 1922 LAIEAH BURNETT Flower : White Violet HELEN CRAWFORD ALICE WELSH ETHEL COLEMAN l'lBLEN MGGIFFERT JANE AUSTIN I INA MAE SNELLCROVE WILLIE VEAL ELISABETH PRINCE WINNIE B. CARTER MARGARET BRIGGS Page one hundred eighty-six WAR, ColQ,o1. LA ISIS ng .ll v P 1 w XQJARD GOROLLAA l9l9 53? EDNA PICKETT MA Kappa Della . Kappa Della . Kappa Della. . . Zcla Tau Alplwa Women's Pan-l-lellenic Council Organized in May, l9l3 .................l"reslclenl RY MORGAN WARD .... ..... VIRGINIA Lusx .......... MEMBERS f . . . MABEL YERBY Zeta Tau Alpha . . 1 MARY MORGAN WARD Della Della Della . . . KATHLEEN SEARCY Della Della Della . . . . . VIRGINIA LUSK Della Della Della . Zeta Tau Alpha . .WILLIE MAE LATI-IRAM Secretary . . . . Treasurr . . . GLADYS GWIN . . EDNA PICKETT CAROLYN MONTGOMERY . . IRMA ANDERSON Page one lxunflrcd eighty-elghl Axql 'Ei Page one hundred ninety-one WAR, C2olQ.o1.el.A l9i1-9 Foreword 41221: if you ean't take a joke, if you always wear a chip on your shoulder, if you are sensitive, pucrile, conceited,-in short, if you are not a'thorough,,good sport, stop right here: or there will 'be more work for' the undertaker. Perhaps we have turned the 'lalasting light of publicity on your weaknesses 'and foilrlesg if so, profit by our lahors and thank us for telling you what you arc- nol what you think you arc. I We wear daily a shirt of linked mail, pack a forty-five on each hip, and habitually use an Arkansas tooth-pick: so if you must have .satisfaction-go to Alike Denny. Da anything- Live like a hermit and work like a horse: But, for your own good, don't get cross, son, don'l get cross! WAR, GoiQ.ol.LA l9l9 PT School of Rolling Bones Sub-Rosa Department of the Capstone. Established in Bone Age by United Order of Nimblelingers. Patronized by all Capstone Students, Past, Present, and Future. Meeting Place: Sigma Nu House Oficial Molto: "A fool and his money soon part." Oficial Colors: Spots of black on a back ground of ivory white. Official Song: "Roll dem Bones" Oficial Beverage: Grape Juice REQUIREMENTS FOR ADMISSION TO SCHOOL l. All applicants must roll sleeves above elbow upon entering. 2. No sliclcers allowed under any circumstances. 3. Deposit dangerous weapons at door. Pockets of all active mem ers w - y p 4. School will not be responsible for hats, coats and other articles of value. "Watch 'em if you want 'em. 5. Dues cash only. No I. O. U's accepted. 6. No profanity allowed. f"lVIercy" is permitted., 7. Intoxicating liquors strictly forbidden. For CHARLES DosTER-Dean of School. LEON BRAMLET1'-Supervisor of Beverages. AL GRADY--Professor of Banc Handling. SOT SHERRILL-Professor of Prayer. SCOTT NICHOLS-Cubisl RA'I's HOOPER AND Pl1Ts-lnfanls learning the Signs catalogue and complete roster of students, Address: I CHARLES Dosrsn, Dean. Password: Anything from a nickle up. b ill be X ra ed u on entering. l5N'T HE CUTE ? N .,.. CE Tnsv oon'r sem' vo 'rms To nz. Oryx 5 .50 .' U I It Z . Q .J ' tf is gli wi A rua sim K' z K In Q 1 'V mm cuv ff ZZ'fi"iCl.fQ fl D ole' l l ,L X 'Q Q I X ' ram co- :os I AL- ' Page one hundred ninety-Iwo WAR, C3olQ.o1.l.A 1919 Who's Who at Alabama 'CLIMAXH GEORGE FREY-"It ain't toothache, it's Climax." - "JEW" DONALD THORNBURY--Chief maker of diaphonous discord on the Singing Team. MLEFTY LOUIE" WHITFIELD-Says he's no kin to Gyp the Blood, but- "MR." BILL BANKHEAD--Immortalized by Colonel Brown in poem and prose. "FATTY" CHARLIE DOSTER-Exhibit A of the Bull Pen. "SLIM JIM" ALLISON-Alias "Miss Fancy"-Positively the largest Boy Scout in existence. "JAIL BIRD LENA" STILES-Three hair breadth escapes from Fort Leavenworth. MAJOR ORD, better known locally as "Kaiser Ord"-Original Iron Man, and Big Brother to Vulcan. HJIMMIE JARVISQ' alias Doster-First-class farmer ruined by a little education. "DICKY," being E. C. DICKENSON, D.-Walking ad for the contents of the Little Musliu Sack of Durham, N. C. FREDERICK GRIST STICKNEY-"Stick" is chiefly noted for the intense interest aroused by his lectures. UBIDDIEH BIDGOOD-Martha Smith's brother-in-law. E. TOMLINSON FORT, P. D. Q.-Nuts on wheels, or rather shanks. "JUDGE" ALLISON VAN NETTE-A bit "Highly" at times. SOTN SHERRILI..-The human tank captured at the Battle of the Marne. UMR." XX7ILLINGIIAM-Weanie King and reputed a multi-millionaire. n u SW'EETIE"-Concentrated essence of the hole in a doughnut. 'UNCLE TOM" GARNER-Landmark, foundation stone, and reputed as shockingly immodest in speech at pink teas. "GEET" WILKINSON-The Human Alarm Clock. ULAUNCELOTH HENDRICKS-Name him and take him. "RED" lVI'DONALD--The red headed Theda Bara. "AM4BlSH" LOGGINS-That Mississippi Miss. JAZZ" VIRGINIA LUSK-Our future Missionary to the Heathen. PHIL" WHITESIDE-He's joined the silent army, he's married now. "BLACKSTONE" AUGUSTUS LEE, LL.B.-Wine, women and song all the day long. "SENATOR" JOSEPH WILLIAM JOHN-Those wild, wild Co-eds have made a wild man of him. "MAJOR" FRANK L. BUTTS--Karnival King. MOTHER "HASH" WELLS-Bartender for Solomon. "EGO MEI" AGEE-Chief and only worshiper at the Shrine of Self. "MIKE" GEORGE HUTCHINSON DENNY-Kapstone Keystone, and Kottonseed King. MS. A. T. C." STONER-Uncle Sammie's own nephew-a military man, heart and soul. u 'in . I , Xlull Y . 'iff 'H' ' lilllf Nfffd lifI,Q-V , mm lm.: nn.: I ' ' " L4..'..f2' D, l ' ' CLD S :ETxN.kQ'xE4Il,'ifS:'f Alnlumal as ' '- if-at.-.f,c1' , M R .DCS is . xxfgqgg fj - F705 1 ffl' , K. 412: 5 Lx I, GDI, l --.. its . V l rm " -' V5 V,!N'.,.- In M, , jj! P X ,I , s.1'251.r " Xi " it ll f i is ..-'....4w1 , i ' ' I -- L -- . l ' 'ft-an r: rl . .r w - a I if ' Page one hundred ninety-three 'ft HI N,SfAIQ.. COIQQLLA .1919 hr Bnxunitnrg Erift University of Alabama PUBLISHED WHENEVER THE SPIRIT MOVES Vowma 1919 UNIVERSITY, ALA. NUMBER 1 HEARD OVER THE TELEPHONE HYCS. this is 3II-yes, just a minute, I'll call her." "Hello-- yes this is she. Oh, l'm not go- ing to tell you. I know who you are, though-I am just fine-noth- ing-Sunday night?-Yes, I have a date for Sunday night-I tell you, what about Saturday night? There is a good show in town- Well, suppose you come Sunday night-Oh, I'll break it. I can see him any old time-Uh-huh- yeah-a trade last?-Good-I can't think of any right now- Credit mer-Well let me see-Oh, yes, SOMEBODY said you surely were good looking-I'll tell you when I see you-Now go on and give me mine-Well, I de- clare-Yeah-yeah-no, I won't forget: but tell me who you are so I'll know whom to expect Sun- day night-yeah. I know now- All right-Good bye." PERSONALS Rat Pruett is still on the sick list, and will be until we give fur- ther notice. -l Isabel is at last permanently lo- cated after many shifts, and from now on she is home to her friends in Room 250. Cup walked home from the pie- ture show last night with Keller. Carolyn was on time for break- fast this morning. Rat Williamson's face is again normal in appearance'after a se- vere attack of mumps. VISION CAUGHT AND CAGED The whole dormitory was dis- turbed at an unearthly hour Fri- day night by great rejoicing and hallelujahs. The joyful sounds came unmistakably from the par- lor on the first floor. To the peaceful sleepers who were aroused at this awful hour it seemed as though the Holy Roll- ers or Sanctifted-Sophies were holding a meeting. The noise and uproar continued, increasing as the minutes flew by. Afraid of what this commotion might bring forth, the girls on the second and third floors organized a searching party to investigate. This crew, composed of the few fearless to be found, cautiously made their way into the parlor where were assembled all the members of Dr. Doster's Education Classes. Upon inquiry, the investigators were told that this gleeful crowd had "caught the vision" and were preparing to be "laborers of love" in the educational fields of Ala- bama. The searching party went back to their rooms in quest of their peaceful bunks, feeling that Dr. Doster's efforts had not been in vain. Rat Dodds disturbed the neigh- bors la:t night by talking in her sleep. Like the modest violet, Knoxye is blossoming with the approach of Spring. Winnie D. Leysath is buying new apparel preparatory to a de- parture for Scotland. ANNOUNCEMENTS AT MEAL TIMES FOR THE PAST WEEK "Mrs, Bryce's party for the girls has been postponed indefi- nitely." "lf any one has a nice second- hand Plautus, well jacked, I'd like to buy it." "CirlsI may I have your atten- tion for a few moments? Is there any one here who does not know that it is strictly against the rules to go to Morgan Hall to dance?" "There will be no picture show tonight. as the 'fillums' have not arrived." ' "The monitors for the coming week will be Winnie D. and Gladys Fike on third, Carney and Ina Mae on second, Dodds and Overton on first." OUTB URSTS of EVERETT All the Freshman rats should be made to wear green arm bands since the green caps will not be becoming to all types of beauty. I do not believe in being partial. The girls should be given privi- lege to show how green they are, too. FOOD FOR THOUGHT Since date night has been changed to Saturday night, what night is tub night? Page one hundred ninety four Page one WAR, GOROLLA 1919 2 THE DOMITORY DRIFT THE DORMITORY DRIFT X Sm P1cKa'rT,p:DT1-is JUBILEE L.- Coum' HIGGINS or THE .FOLLIES EDITORS Rat Klie neglected to wear her hair ribbon today. julia Higgins now manages to stay awake till lights. lt is a noticeable fact that Geet and Mary Ida keep a cleaner room this year. Why? Our blase President of the Woman's Council attended "My Sammie Girl" last night. THE PASSING ,THRONG Senator John was seen last night, as usual, in the parlors of the dormitory discussing Corolla QU with the young ladies of the staff. Miss Mary Lois Walker and "The war is now happily ended." In case any one doubts this we refer you to Mike Denny. who is our authority on all sub- jects of weight, and who was heard to make this rash statement. lndeed, it is most happily ended. We also have come to this con- clusion after much consideration. With the departure of Major Ord for parts unknown, and the passing of the S. A. T. C. we are no longer deprived of our social enjoymunts. We can now go to the Post Oflice even as men, and get the letters which tell us the apples of our eye are fast returning home, and that we shall soon be on a pre-war basis. Quad erat demonstrandum essel Selahl DINE AT THE TUTWILER Menu for the Day MOTION PICTURES Moving pictu-res that often fail to move: when they do, the reels turn sidewards, adversatum and reversatum. If the films do not arrive on the appointed day, they will be shown when they do come. Music in charge of Garner and Keller. ........-..,..... CONSULT ME Before having a date. I open the door for you after lights. All business transactions confidential. No questions asked. 5c for one time, or three times for a dime. Season ticket for forty-nine cents. C. KENNEDY Room Next to Entrance LOST Pair of white stockings. Need them to accompany my brown shoes. Reward E. MILTON LOST OR STOLEN Several of my old love letters. Yvish to re-rcad them. Willing to M' A' W1 W "Q BREAKFAST pay any price . atnihe liiTt0t-dzjien staiiiile Piiiidciiiysi Post Toasties M' C' COLE afternoon. Dried Peaclgls . f Hash T ' OICC 0 - 1 C0640 TCH HO' Walef Several hearts. Owners please Aunt Francis was seen making I d e - e I h ve a tour of the dormitory Sunday repy an r iiwe sgmn' 8 morning searching for some one to DINNER BonTVIcDl3'NXLb Come to breakfast' Sweet Potatoes Pot Roast -l-- -- Lima Beang B Navy Beans WANTED Those who had dates Sunday Light Breadnap efjfgavy Bread Students in domestic science to evening were Rags Sgockmar, Waqer remember the way to a mans Searcy, Cook, and Loggins, and L heart lies through his stomach. Misses Ward, Lusk and Cleve- -'- Privatehdeslions tio tlwlff making t is eir aim in 1 e. land' E..-. SUPPER G. HUNSBURGER lrish .Potatoes en Jackets I -M... DONHT' BE ABSENT Green Olivelil D Ripe Olives ANNOUNCEMENTS MADE NIINDED ot- og, For you at meal times. Three Choice of . . Have Cured Mygelf. Let me Coffee Tea years expegiencei has made me est Help ou Hotwaler pecially a apte for this wor V, LUSK E. PICKETT T b een at the Dormitory COMING LEGAL ADVICE l on eAsNew Version of H The Eig Four Room 236. Open all night. UMADAME BUTTERFLY lh Prices reasonable, as l am a J-P W a "He Pell for Me, But l Let Him Practitioner Lively and Vivacious Lay" A. VAN NETTE "Comedy of Errors' All-Star Cast hundred ninely-five GH Bl WA IQ, YT' ColQ.oLL.A 1919 Rativity 7 Truly, This is a 5 2 fgfi, V Cruel World! X , Ee W I X. '?flAiilfWl I W IIT" 'I . yu ,,,,,,x,x,1 HN 1 l,1'I!lN, S r LQQQ iflltlsl X f ,i X gulf Ifllmtl A 5' ll " "ill7ii41i'1 .. 7, 'Q NkXxXX VV y 1 m c S Ni If If 9' 0 AND T T BUT ER DIME if A, Z K 5, isrscmr. Prawns XX fl . gn-erm mann Q9 x Y r",'! lions x f X 7 .C 259 'lm-fID2A'll 25? co Iwznrv nv! ' cms TODAY uma, ' rl FP!! Page one I1 d d ly WAR, GGIQOLLA X Random Shots I. There was a young lady from Miss, 'Twas sald she was fond of a kiss, So one night I tried, But Ol how I cried, For her right was plumb full of ambishl Il. Behold a bold maiden called Red! Because of a fiery head, She's a vamp,'without doubt And I advise you to keep out, Sincerely your friend, the Ed. III. Dorm his indeed some queer freaks, For who ever heard of rosy cheeks, Or brown eyes and dark hair on a clock That says Tee Hee instead of Tick-Tock, As regularly as pendulum can beat? f lv. There's a lady, perhaps you will recall Who is visible spring, winter and fall, All the lieuts were her prey, Saw her capture ten in one day. My, but she must have that said galll V. Perhaps you know a blue eyed belle Whom "every one" considers quite swell. Now every one only means the scads Of half-baked infants, poor lads, Whom she ensnares and then sends to-well- VI. A bachelor Prof. rather antennuated and lean, Has a weakness for blondes decidedly keen. Altho' possessed of a car, He has many a jar, For the ladies always pass him up clean! VII. There was a hard boy named Ord, Who lived on lacks and nails by the cord. He thought he had a mortgage on the world But Mike put his whiskers in curl, And he left in double quick time, thank the Lordl VIII. Of lieutenants we have many kinds and classes, In love wlth various and sundry lassies, But to speak very plain, It gives us a pain To call them lieutcnants instead of just Ucrassesln I nBacK Home Again" MY HERO! TH Page one hundred ninety-seven 2 j I xkmj OX J. . I Q -so 9 191.9 'aft "" WAR., ColQ.ol.n.A 1919 Y? 6, QM df!! l V .. lug I l ll 4 X -,-, ' 'E .LQ l fl -HEI-T0 Q. 1' 1 X ' fl f if 'tl Vip' l X i X ll f-... r- "2 -' Xt -f -p .. Y- -- if-1 .Q --1-1 1 Q M " 2.. " Phi Delta Theta Public Drunks Trained Founded: In Milwaukee by Pabst. Secret Mollo: "Bottled in Bond." Number Chapters: The Amendment is ratified -they are no morel Password: "Say, when." This bunch of Lamp-post Loungers is famed far and wide as unholy disturbers of the still starry watches, and for the many brands fof erudition, kind readerj patronized by its mem- bers. Over the portal of their quondam home appeared this legend: "Drink and the Devil have done for the rest, and these be they-enter." Kappa Sigma Kinda Sore Founded: Somewhere, Somehow, Someway, we Suppose. Secrel Motto: "Me too." Number of Chapters: One half of one. Password: "Help." These valiant Knights, with the aid of their Kinsmen in Misfortune across Lodge Avenue, didst wage ffor a time, valiant warfare against the armies of United Pan-Hellenism. Indeed, forsooth, such vast numbers of mighty deeds in the arms fof Morpheus, did these seceders per- form, that we can not tempt to scribe them here, but must needs rest content to refer all seekers after knowledge to Knights Malone and Frost. X Page one hundred ninety eight WAR., ColQ.o1.1.A 1919 " an Sigma Alpha Epsilon Strong Against Education Founded: Strictly a Capstone Product. Secret Motto: "Vicemus per Boozaris et Tablis Poolarisf' Number of Chapters: We give upg ask Mister Banlchead. Password: "One Million by l92O." Organizers and Original and Only Proprietors of the "Easy Way Club." Do they kop the ver- dant verdue by virtue of the pool table or that So- cial Fireplace? At roll call the other day, one and one half lodgers fsaid half being Yutehf answered present. Upon diligent inquiry, it de- veloped that one hundred and eighty lodgers were indisposed, and that the other ninety-nine, headed by Bill Bankhead, were filling an im- portant business engagement for themselves either one, with White, Lightning 81 Co. in the Crescent City. Sigma Nu Shoota Nickle of Nimblefingers. Secret Molto: "While lhere's litie, there's dice." Number of Chapters: One in Leland's llivver, the other in Charlie Dosler's uniform. Password : "Craps" indeed, we can think of no more fitting de- scription of "Shoota Nickle" than its motto above. Its home is always open to Stray Nimblehngers, and one may usually find some of these gentry present, engaged in the Great American Game. This aggregation is alone saved from inocuous invisibility by Doster-for you can't very well help seeing this gentleman. ' Page one hundred ninety-nine 9 .3 7'-:iq Founded: In the Bone Age by the United Order .-,f Y , , o 0 , 0 WAR, ColQ.oi.l.A I K I 1 iii? , .- X , A we-' 1 til A- -."'g'fE'- A1-arf'-f---el Q: 'fa Avaoborvs Fmoavvr. Bikb ..-:' X N o X 1 IJ f V fl DKE fry sl ul .4.Qe.l., fi' PML 1 Hsu-rv: fe fl W: I ,,,. -- - ....- Lr.Q.,,Zllg1'lE"u9' As-br.lQ.E..-Q-Euaaiiwle i'r QP X t X 1919 Phi Kappa Sigma Proudly Keeping Sober Founded: By Audubon in Audubon Place. Secret Molto: "Check the Bet." Number Clzaplers: One at Mrs. Ormond's and the other under Boone's hat. Password : "Chips." This aggregation of tinhorn gamblers and loaded dice shooters inhabit the wilds of Audu- bon, and woe be to any luclcless rat who is en- -vgult: ticed to their lair. He will surely return broken in fame and fortune-that is, if he doesn't hap- pen to outblult Friend lcus-and mamma will never know her darling again. Witness Frey and Rat Stubby Jones, the former a confirmed half-wit "climax," and the latter an inveteratc "melted" swigger and gum mangler. Horrors! Delta Kappa Epsilon Dam-fTl1atj Kouncil Episode! Founded: Beyond the Pale. Secret Motto: "All for One, and that one Us." Number Cliaplcrs: Probably only One now ex- tant. ' lpasslvord: "Uncle Tom." "So Greeks, if the penalty belostracism, then ostracism so be itl Down with the Parthenon! Crumble the temple pillars of United Hellasl Let the hosts of mighty Pallas tremble when we stamp our lone hoof. We embrace not the doctrine of Pan-Hellenism, for are not we a law unto ourselves, being Stronger than Some and Nlightier than Most? Lead on, O Stuff, Ol All for One, and that One, Usl Page two hundred f X X X WAR, CZOlQ.OL.L.A 1919 . Phi Gamma Delta Pure Codfearing Denizens Founded: "A House builded upon fwhitel rock." 7 Secret Molto: "The Golden Rule." Number Chapters: Oneiin every Church-The Sunday Schooh Pass Word: Grape Juice." Our one and only order of missionaries to the heathen. They use nothing stronger than ap- polinaris-not even at the "Pig Dinners." Can you heat it? Special added attraction-"Brass Bars." Being a pellucidly chaste symposium of how I fought and overcame the Devil and all his Works. By L. V. Ragsdale. l Sigma Chi Siam's Children Founded : In Mike's Sandpile. Secret Mollo.' "Guilelessly Harmlessf' Number Chapters: One in every Public School-- The Kindergarten. Password: "lVlilce." x Les Enfants are fittingly represented, and typi- cally lypifiecl, by our old friend "Bots," whose pristine gamlaols were decided hits at Hospital Friday nights. Mike surely must have loved his little boys to spend good Capstone money trans-- forming "Kindergarten House" into Boyles Bon- Ton Beaneryl Page livo hundred one pe f W f' r xl ff" W 1's1 A n w X Q-f "' it ' .l ' i 'fji-ig ' x E V jg SI. Q I ' Q, of at i 'Aff -1 N X " -F 5 rw ii v--LL--"- f.f: X gfi'-:ei '-- 'ff-.iii Q4-"..4i, -4-H -,-rf' 'Xf r 'fif- me N X0 ff X 1 'Q ..-.X--si...-.suis-.1...r.fifhi-,. fig Af, - 'll A llkllv 'lg I lt lla t Nl :tif f fwsl, Zi Y, t X C 1' ff' 'X 74 - N 0 ,LW XE lf o -V-. 7411 Nl' l 'A VNV 7925 --T ew. llllltlil Al-1' .4 l . 'ii-' .lg N fix 2 -YP: 'fj Q ,.,. , -'iii sr -,ff f rf. , I VT' .. -1 Id ,. WAR, We ,-- w--:, 1. A - Ni 1 3 if lttfffs, ' 7777 ii - ' fr t But. zmmsvvwt l l I X W like f X4 if f ff f I Q f l fi, 294 V ff . X x 1 ef ffl W 1 ' , - -it sg .h "-" """"-'-- " 't ColQ.ol.l.A I 9 I 9 Alpha Tau Omega Anyone Tried Once Founded: At Durham, N. C., in the shade of the Little Muslin Sack. Secret Motto : Bull triumphs over all. Number Chapters: One million, if you believe them. Password: Cow. "The Bullersf' tracing their ancestry back to the Bull Blowers of Bethlehem, are the Original Hot Air Vendors of Lodge ROW. 'Tis alleged that while Louie was imitating a Tin Soldier, and Don a Bold Buccaneer in the Warrior River Navy, the mercury in Bull Castle dropped fifty degreesg but since the return of these two worthies, 'tis said the aforementioned mercuric column is over the top with a vengeance. Great is the Order of the Muslin Saclcl Lambda Chi Alpha Last Chance Aggregation Founded: Never. Still Paging. Secret Molto: "Small but Growing." fwhich way?j Nunrher Chapters: We can only see a preface. fUh huh, deep stuff am my middle namej Password: "Willis," Yes, we are small, but then we are growing so fast that we will soon overHow our home faforementioned Usterwus-on-Wheelsj. Besides, we have the only man who ever went around the world on a postage stamp, and we are your last chance: so, page us, boy! Page two hundred two WAR, ColQ,ol.,L.A Zeta Beta Tau Zion Boasls Them Founded : By Moses under the Burning Bush. Secrel Molto: "Money." Number of Chapters: One-and Major Mitchell. Password: "l-lam." Tracing their ancestry back to Abraham, lsaac, and jacob, there is small wonder that this band is so uniformly successful in securing new mem- bers. And this, too, in the teeth of the strong- est competition-themselves. Perhaps, like others of their countrymen, they give fifty-nine cent value for one ninety-eight. Since the return of Major Mitchell from parts unknown, this tribe will certainly have to be reckoned with. Kappa Alpha Konsideralnly Absent Founded: Nix, Spurious Shoot of the Northern Tree. Secret Molto: "For God and Women." fSpecial attention given the latterf. Number of Clmplers: Only one, and that one a permanent fixture of Sot's Green River im- aginalion. - Password : "l.iadies." "Konsiclerably Absent" is true to name, being justly famous for its vivid nonentity. Pos- sessed a mediocre pitcher fno baseball, last year, which glittering fact forms the sum and sub- stance of said lodge's "E.nticements Alluringu to verdant Rats. Page two hundred three I1 ia- ma onsv ws ! A"S Ui if Q N F 'gf --.-1..- . -.,, , V.. iw i it EE EE Q aeml a flw l m is 2 ?"2- i ...iv-.- W .'.. 1. ,...- r......, 1919 L72 9 VVAIQ, COIQOLLA I9I9 7? .57 A A get i o ,wt Lay ' xx- '-'gi xx N X, - KF - t t .2 y 1 X4 it x H ' . ,'x..s... "l"i-qgnrjg, A L0NgS.l-415 Than. A-wiuoancp U Pi Kappa Phi Please Kome Papa ! Founded: No, just Foundling. Secret Molto: "lVlellins Mutely Moansf Number Chapters: One Nursery. Password: Baa-a-a-I A very recent arrival via the "Stork Line." 'Tis said they are heavily subsidized by Mellins and Eslcay as living models of "Bouncing Boy Babies Without Lacteal Liquid." 'Tis also said fby the same disgraceful wagl that they have been adopted by Kush-if so, eminently fitting, says we! "V Kappa Delta Kamouflage Devotees Founded: ln Virginia by Pocahontas-hence their real aristocracy. Secret Motto: "Family Fittingly First." Number Chapters: Salome Lodge holds hourly scenes on Ranch Pizaza. Password: "Blue-Blood" fNo Red Corpuscles need applyj. - Enter Pince-nez, Stocks, Monocles, Paint, Powder and Perfume. fTo secure correct ef- fect use broad "A" only., "Really, my deah, she is perfectly impossible! Why, her great- grandfather's uncle's cousin was in tradel And besides, she has only two evening gowns, and is so familiar with the lower class!" Dawg? Canine, says l. Page two hundred four WAR, GOIQOLLA 1919 Zeta Tau Alpha Zounds! These Again? Founded: In a Mansion on the Warrior. Secrcl Molto: "What do we owe on it yet? Number Chapters: Two-One for each room of "The Mansion." Password: "Bird Cage." "The Householdersf' being Landed Ladies, are wont to hold themselves so aloof from the hoi polloi, that 'tis difficult to discover them even with the aid of a powerful glass ftele- scope, kind peruserl except when near the "Mansion," ln which event, its enormous bulk instantly calls attention to their whereabouts. Delta Delta Delta Deuccally Doubtful Damsels Founded: By Thistledown upon Shifting Sand. Secret Molto: "Tri for Success." Number of Chapters: You will find it at 'Nella's every Tuesday. Password: "Beryl." A puzzling mixture of fire and ice, vamp and saint, these maids keep us guessing. One time originating "Morgan's Matinee Dances," and thereby winning the eternal gratitude and es- tcem of Mrs. Dean: and again, holding a Hair- combing Festival on Ranch Roof, when they scandalized the modest little Kay Dees clean out of a month's growth! Can you beat 'em? Page tivo hundred hive as E aaa Q Ji, ... 7 f . rx if H' 'lx I lffll it X all K u llvcmilifgi' ?,VEl9 t as lie. , :3ggEL:5a4:E?uE5aEgg T?hi- Auyvuinei WAR, GolQ.oi.l.A 1919 76' . ' A -V 503,39t----m,.v..a.,m,l,.t SP: - ""' , --H , Y . ,. .--W """it1 s .---A 111: W -- U"f '-gif-A-1 - fa? -at ' "W F E -441.101, 'lil -'lf' " , 3 .f Q . ' v A ifljfi 'f Odobzi- 1g 1917- --' I' "' -L 3'g1g'45 '.:Eft1-- ' ' ---Y--1s-1 - --- THUS IT BEGAN ,F 1 5Q3n :JV ,U X , . . X l tlcgih J-r, I W' Q ' r T l it fa tha t milk r A fr , -, 'gr vga 'y..-, g p,., ,E l V Mg, 4 ZS-VJ f f m' 5 "?Wlw.ff 'u.. '1i7 , 12 at f 4 " ,Fb"""fn P-ik.-'lffm' .. ' , ,. ., ' ' 'KK 'ni la' 7 TT I z'CArs!ows":u.A suv-is i'..l.gQ W ,LL,l ,,'V'?. -Q BUT - - THEN - Auiswsu. THAT mins wsu. l Campus Notes Dean C. H. B. contemplates purchasing a Smith Motor Wheel in I956. Ben Anderson won a Ford in a rallle last week. Lucky boy. But how did he get the girl? Bill Haigler has "sworn off" for keeps, so he says. We don't like to question your veracity, Bill but-' -lohn Adams made a nine under the Dean Thursday. It is rumored that lovely Miss Emma Stockmar will soon wed Mr. --- fname deleted by Censorj in spite of strong opposition. , Miss Emma Herndon Agee was an admired guest at the Barbers' Ball on Saturday evening last George Frey spent a dime Wednesday. Don't be a spendthrift Georgie. The Corolla has made its annual bow to society, and we regret to announce that its editor, Mr. john, has departed for parts unknown with a million in gold. . The A. T. O. Fraternity has not mentioned its mid-year dance in three days. W'hat's wrong. Louie? Dr. Denny wrote a letter yesterday. john Sellers has been sober for some time. Question. The attractive Mtss Damaris Smith will leave shortly for her honeymoon, accompanied by Mr.-- fcensoredj. "Rat" Hooper took a bath Sunday. Q The beautiful Miss Eleanor Murdock has recently qualified as a pin cushion for choice lodge pins. jewelry will be placed in the order of its receipt. Page Iwo humlred six li.. 5? NAIA!! COQOLLA 1919 471 I I 11 l... l ' V K COMING I THE FACULTY CIRCUS ,,.-vl'- R , F- Z Q - gC. ?-J' Z X . C M Cf- B 1? A Q Y n Q. L. X4 57-'S' ' 6:52 .W C C , Q e C ASTE- 1 14417439 X .. 1 Xx xx my -' Q X I OFIZHUL Pos-mg , 'v-Q 'Y fe r 0 f 0 . Nam .g7 2'-' jg I :'-'- X ' cdgxvg' W! X: 6 N51 NA. if-f X 4 ,,,.4,f C Q Ck 1, . 0 Q Vfvvu 4WAR, Coll OLLAV I9 I9 f E'.s'rAwm:n uc 1531 5 31-fs'-G ,I f ' EU' 1 x fx G --""" gf ' ' X E E l . ,i- ,H ' EZ ! P Ho N . - A wawitvful shun r M Wuih. milk. Dang As vngmnsltr xi ' 'Y Buns wnklllinh xx J --1, --if marsh. rar I X ,Side shows' 6 H Camus! I 51 BH-Lf ,- I N- Q Hnitn. 'ml frlmudj I 1 F -44 5-4" Ku-lbili V 7 yum as su? ' '- ef -. U ,, .. K rl-Q-. vi." ' -Q' fb? . , K -if e I ' X ' ' ' 1 fs,-!,.1 I - N X I' Lhavliv. Un clit-at .wc nm Mkt-ld. V M mmm Rn' . . K? ik 4411-'5wnblniXl4 I KJ , R A! tu E2 0.4 luv, ku uh qu'-tl 'n lash X fr T 41" 131:13 , . I . . f 1 1" QL' fl" AML lands m Un. LEM ful Sha! lu tix' wmasl 'rv . . as . sal X ' M1 F gl"'x X I Rgg it X V Amlhu-U1 uv.a...1 Bama. ' -g ix Xl? -1-- wmm, L...-. mvnk fL:,....,..n Q' Nu. ls varnl ln Enonnmj 1 2 Wx . .M :'. 'n""... - f. numb 155-idea 1 -t If K3 mag f ' ' x 1' 1 'Q' 1' ' f . - Qfna-QW x rg ' . , 9933? 1 Q . f A Qi , W I ' .5 1 X ' ':-.-.,.T- x x L' " .- ' - , , - -' .,,,F-W -N A-,ww Lv Y- X 'i Blhnxifffm' :Ii-'-A QX E' ' . mg- --lar wall kvwvvn la'Y1l'YntAf - .ml 5 15 v -fo ' 'K+ um ' ' A vt 5 aft JA kin 'I K who Fauna 1'.nL.... Qfnnks, au rua me . Y, Bn vxht on ds back 155 Ru-sh 'Ruin ww-Ll 5 -Q Page two l hundred eight WAR, GOIQQLLA I I W Q Q 0 Y 3, V- ' . 'Lg -Q .. '15- ... 9' N - ' F yn xg bun... 1911.1 1919 J f P' .,. 'Q of D Wm f XV- - Ve 1 x 'I dl? fm W mx ,--'sv 522' I in rl " 1' 1 fr' 'xx fwi 5 iw no " W A G Z X. ww 'C-' 9, - I - - I. . nm lJ'v'1 Jsrci ...mfw nl N PL- --2'-Q-Thu B539 Bucgqvu- modal 1.4 gm. new comqik. Turf, if yu rlnn- -:li ith a germ aolnlS.,omil1mnu so nu, I ,uf N, PM lt ht M ,l Ni I 1 -:.,, :i It wrnls must lu - X mlbhklng. uiwtflt 4 N53 5 J s Hx u ' .i..g"r.., , gl nm Su, luwis 4 iefuk l'nl1hlif31g. My wkdi yu sits Sou wus lzuthn te. Auld LAN6 r - 1 W Tm mmf synnixk dlmur - 'un ' Tfi..-ua ...4 m.M.A If yin. sf.-L: I , iv-5 Yovfun, kcrs'5Qknl'mn1'1nuu. jkum- ' ' ' ,,.m.lL 40.1.3 inn, y . . . ou. Svxulxwpul I I brim fp mqn un 5am 54- I X lx 9, b X Tofkgfnpxbsurmnms Av-wk-'if 'UZ ! +v..r.3L.k...1l.a..3.. ...fl N jk ' ,- ,....1. WHS, Umiiun X ffm? I 'xml-avian! all flhftlx fra.. sim f ' 4 r ' ' - ' - 4 37 11 M V f mug! .ry X X 'Thu E VE In f' LU . 1 ....--- A w- ,ew J .-, -.,-2.1, .,.. .,., . W J "J-"'-75:-d 'aLL.gLf,,--S 11- -"" h u' fl: Q , " 2 if Q -cffngxg Y 'E X V0 . ' X. f-if ff 1 Wim M ,L-ZIZF A , -fb E! I 1 Nm I :..,..-. Q T AI . 0' f " -:.. 'I':::-1- ' f ""' .?lm.. ,-f:f:",E.t.:: .Q my I U -Q Clmnei vans! 'fiifwhxnmr Lmknlcl! gn . ,f Y' 1 '. mM'l?:,rT:g?.5 .1 AY. .. than .., xx. x A S. .-- ! ft. L-2 K 5 Y mbkix Wk U- O lyol! Hn. Vnf-L nv-7T2?':T'hK'-E'Pnr no Puck ' Rusk Fosfu- ls C-RA!-m1nlS fha. nfs 'fe luis ddr. f K nnliku full mn B3 Inf. t V Tlu.5 sq-mnk mul ks ag u. but vvkua. hw'-ll Xemljfkevxalns, wmgmm mi . Page ima hundred nine WAR, CoIQ,oI.I..AI 1919 ll' fa Purse: Pearls of Price Jvclcfy DAVIDSON MILTON . WARD . WILKINSON STOCKMAR MCDONALD SEARCY . LoccINs . Spring Drives Feb. I5-June l. No Handicap Class Dale: Any Dayg All Day SINGLES TANDEMS FOUR-IN-HAND F REE-FOR-ALL H orsc, STEAGALL BooNIa, G THOMAS HAWKINS MCWHORTER ST!-LINER WHITFIELD CRUMPTON WOODALL joNI:s SI-IAw TWEEDY COFFIN SOWELL j. BARNES ALL THE nest DRUMMOND Fam' SMITH AD INFINITUM Course: Campus Mule or Coal Page Iwo hundred len MVAIQ, GOROLLA 1919 Grand Grder of Imits Founded in the Ego Mei Age by Mihi Meum Molto: "Self Uber Alles" Favorite Theme: ME 'CLIIfIf" DURR . . GREY CLEVELAND . . JEWH THORNBURY . "JACK" STEINEI1 . . . SKIPN SCARBOROUCH . . "CHEI1IzY" RowE . . . MARIDA" Woon . . WILLIS ROYAL . . HZIGERH DANZIGER . Purpose: To Sing Z1 Song of Self Slogan: The World is My Doormat Favorite Objection: YOU MEMBERS . . "A Conquering Hero-1 am . . . . "The Dormitory-I am . "lf you Wall! popularity-I am . "WouIcls'l the Universe? I am . . . "Dost wish Ivilless wil? I am . . ."Hoovcrism Pcrsonified-I am . . "Behold Lazy Languial Lulu-1 am . . . . . ..lMIlIU5ZCf011 am .ulrralional lrresponsibility-I am "Bos" MESSER . . . .- ."AImosI jailed-I am L. eil Once upon a. Midnight Dreary, X ,?' I hate students. They' Are so nonclescript, My life is made drab By the eternal Thumbing of leaves I abhor Co-eds. They are too animated, The gushing giggles, Fill my soul with remorse. Page llvo hundred eleven While I Sauntered, WeaK and Weary Skimmed Milk The red blood of athletes Tears me with terror. Muscle is too red and noisy For me. I am a professor, A glass of cold skimmed milk. I am not subtle, Only Viewing the same For circling years, Endless time. SIR A. MAD WAR, GQIQQLLA 19.19 na . Court of Modern Dances I Equity Division CAsE...... .... PARTIES T0 THE ACTION . . DEFENSE . . . . . . Cheek Against Clieclc A. Nyboy and Mostevery Girl . . lt's Naughty, but it's Nice HOLDING . . ......... Close and Tight OPINION . . . . . Blonde or Brunette--Choose Your Own SCENE OF ACTION ........ Any no-break waltz ATTORNEYS . . . . Offense-I. Squeeze 81 U. Hug . . Defense-I. A. M. Willing YVAR TEIIMS IN"DORI'.l"TE'.BM5 Rwernnz l TAPS l I A A iifiiiifrmaglffffi we iuuuunuuuuniui I I V-:VM W- P my ' Ii i' z'.ilE'f'lT-ii im I I ' " If-iii LEW 5 E E , gg ET.. 'Z 2 Tu W .5igiZ!l2ie:C- W M eovtn 'l'Nl:T'59!u la iii GELAWI I I ' Anal-X , ., ,H Nl I 1:l'i51L--1.--.If E E LV V V i if ,I fi l 'l QL I QllUUQUQ.llUl3. 1 C' I E E 'E . ,IW 5-:I 4. Y :ll . " .-.---1" "' D l ' f ...,, ff 4- In llm 3-3, WL ,-.- " "' N' if ff '?' "if 'g-, if ,sr r fi il A Page Iwo hundred lwelv VVAIQ, GolQ.o1..l.A 1919 Q, A a Aclversity's Acldled Ads FOR SALE-Three-karat watch. Practically new, as it has only been sold three hundred and five times in the last year. Dean Farrah, Misery Hall. WANTED-One perpetual bull absorber. It must be well broken to harness! as l never stop, even for breath. Address Dickey, l Benedict Lane. FOR SALE.-Practically new suit, only worn steadily for the last five years. Besides, has his- toric interest, as l wore it when I became Presi- dent of the Capstone, Chief Adviser to King Cot- tonseed, and upon other state occasions. Cost 511.98 and a bargain at Sl l.07. Address Mike, Capstone, Alabama. WANTED-Conhrmed bicycle peddler wishes set of automatic disappearing coat tails for use while riding. Expense no object, as my hands are tired. Call Charlie B., between ll:37 and l2:0l. WANTED-Automatic, self-acting, fool- proof, stem-winding, har lifter. Young ladies, we are not tired, just slightly jaded. Apply Kush, Colmac 8a Company. WANTED-Latest patent bellows to blow my horn. My lungs are exhausted from over-work. Address Coach B. L. N. Universe, Planet Earth. fl need no local address., WANTED-Dogs, cats, rats, and skunks, alive or dead, old or young. Top prices paid and no questions asked. Phone Mr. Willingham at the "Hot Dog Emporium." WANTED-Patriots, Loyal sons of the U. of A., who will be willingly blindfolded, sand- bagged, held-up, and robbed, all for love of the dear Athletic Association. Apply en masse to The Supply Store. WANTED-Present address of Major O. E. C. Ord, U.S.A. l wish to mail a slight token of my great love and esteem. Uncle Tom Gar- ner, care The Singing Team. PERSONAL--Young ladies, l have a lovely new car, am single and quite good looking, so try a spin. Am partial 'to blondes. "No one need ever know." Shanks Fort, Capstone, Ala- bama. Page llvo hundred thrrleen PERSONAL-Art lonely? Wouldst wed? Spooners speedily spliced. Don Carlos, Mar- riage Broker. GIRLS-"Vamping by a Vamp." just out, complete and authentic. Any one perusing this volume will have assured success, as it is written from first hand information and personal experi- ence. Send 50c. E. Murdock, Oak City. FOR SALE.-Valuable secret, "How l grew fat while a Boy Scout." Worth millions-send a dime. Allison, Lodge Row. PERSONAL-Are you a drinker? Would you reform? Then join the Salvation Army and lay olf my stock. Sot Sherrill, Universitatis. BOYS-Do you miss that Mississippi Miss that misses you? Write Loggins at Tutwiler. lnfants trained in the way they should go. FREE.-"Law without Exams" or "Pull, Poli- tics, and Passes." Enclose three-cent stamp to pay cost of mailing. This is an authoritative work by a recognized authority on the subject. M'. Yerby, 2 Benedict Lane. WANTED-A friend who is neither sore be- cause left out, sore because put in, mad, milled, growling, cussing, criticising, or ridiculing. lf you can fill the bill, Little Sunshine, apply to The Editor, War Corolla. URGENT-Something to keep brass bars from tarnishing when exposed too long to the popular gaze. The Licutenants. BUY-Dukes Reliable Beautifier. It never fails. Look at me. Duke of Hardy, l Court- Martial Square. FOR SALE-Never failing extractor from prisons and guard houses. Will get you out no matter how deeply in. Advice free of charge. Lena 8: Company. WANTED-Law in a pre-digested form. l am a near cerebro invalid, and the solution must be weak and administered in broken doses. Dan- iel in the Lion's Den, Misery Hall. WANTED-A'secretary to handle my numer- ous affairs de amour. The position requires great tact, as no single fish must be allowed to escape, WAR, GOIQOLLA l9l9 and my game requires continual stringing. Betty Mac. Dorm. WANTED-Light labor to occupy our wives while we are busily wooing the "jealous Mis- tress." Local occupation preferred as it costs money to ride Uncle Sammy's Railway. White- side, Ward, Chapman 8: Company. Here but preferably there. DE. CABARET DE DANCE-Good food. choice liquors, charming entertainers. The fash- ionable place to go. G. Cleveland 81 V. Lusk, Proprietors. Ground Hoor the Ranch. WASH LADIES-Light washing done at your home by accomplished artisans. Special at- tention given fine lingerie. We use Gold Dust in- telligently. Doster 61 McCall, Sigma Nu Lodge. WANTED-Something that will at least make me look like a man. Have exhausted all known remedies in vain. Tabby Leftwich. Bull Castle. WANTED-Silk outer garments by Barracks Dwellers. Thanks to the abundant heat, we can- not wear ordinary attire in our caves. We do not use hot water, so we have never requested our dear college to supply it. All of us. WANTED-Junk, old false teeth, rags, and bottles. Good prices and no questions. Bidgood's Bone Yard, I3 Distant Row. WANTED-A few more pleasing young la- dies to vamp. Satisfaction is assured as we are all Beau Brummels, know the game, and are far above the hoi polloi. Deke Lodge, l Outside Avenue. WANTED-Three accountants and three ad- din gmachine operators to figure my excess profits, as l have become a millionaire since December. Any member of the "United Order of Capstone Activity Knockers" is invited to call for his share of this easy money. Generous donations will be given all such gentlemen. Corolla Editor. WANTED-A body guard to keep honors from falling uninvited upon my already sorely over-taxed shoulders. Ego Mei Agee. The Dances Hark, some wild trumpeter, some strange musician What a world of happiness their harmony foretells. On with the dance, let joy be unconfined This is the process of our love and wisdom, He cannot choose but hear- The stag at eve had drunk his fill. What next befell me then and there l know not well-I never knew. Day after day, day after day We stuck. Look here, look here the moon shines clear, O, love's eyes are sharp to see Swifter than summer nights, Swifter than youth's delight Art thou come and gone? Well they are gone and I must here remain. Yes, l write verses now and then, But blunt and Haccicl is my peng No longer talked of by young men As rather clever. SIR A. MAD. Page lnno hundred fourteen A Milltarx' Blunder' GIVE THE EIGHTH GENERAL ORDER. -Ill CASE OF FIRE OR DISORDER WALK MY .12 V POST IN A I MILITARY I I r " ' J Mfwnsn. ,, 'Q 'S' J I M 5.1. .Q y 'il' xgftixi 0 If pix O I 'R WM MIN Q X? 5 1591 IQ ,I I lfMP?"L I . . 1 I . I IiXI9f?Q'fi ' 5, V I I ' I I I f4 Il I s ,. ' ' fx 1.1 I ygww ' I I KAISEB.. DAMN THAT u x!g Lfaslp' I V O 'TOEI V'l l LS I6 6 WAR, QoiQ.oi.l.A l9I9 The Hard Boy's Finish I. He came to Alabama And a cap of green hc wore. He learned about an angle, And slats he learned of more. He met a sack of water As 'from the store he came. He raced the automatic And won out in the game. But he's not dead yetg Oh, he's not dead yet- He's not dead yet. II. And he froze his hide on rightg He ate a meal with Cherry And had bad dreams at night. He tried to dance a snake-dance When the game was just half through. He stole from Mike a stogic- r And caught the awful flu. But he's not dead yet: Oh, he's not dead yet- He's not dead yet. Ill. He tripped up to a lady On a park bench in the shade, And with some vampy smiling Her heart his own he made. He slipped his arm around her And drew her to his side, Then "squez" her tight and kissed her- His conscience was his guide But he's not dead yetg Oh, he's not dead yet. He's not dead yet. IV. He asked a girl to have him, And she said "indeed I will," But when he asked her father, He landed o'er the hill. He went and got a license, While the girl, she ran away, And then they found a preacher- He tied the knot that day. But he's not dead yet, Oh, he's not dead yet- He's not dead yet. But he's- As- Good-as- Dead! FRANK L. Burrs, 'l9. Ode to the Major O, did you ever hear of the Major- When Kaiser Bill was whipped and out, The man who thought he owned the earth They said, "He'll ease up now, he must," And had a lien on Hell? But Major frowned and said: Then listen, sirs, and you l'll tell- "The Germans may be whipped, by Ned, Tell you of one who walked the quad- But war has just begun 'round hereg Who tramped our dear old mater's sod. O, he cut a great big caper here While the cutting of capers was good, And he had all things his way. He closed the campus store one day And then he took it o'er to run- To run for naught on earth but fun. And when someone dared to raise a In defense of what was right and just, He crushed him with a guard And acted bad and awful hard. VOICE Men held their breaths and dared not speak- C. H. grew mild and painful meek. Bill's out, but'I'm still Miajorl-heart" Victorious men of earth, no more Proclaim how wide your empires are- Don't try the iron hand strike, For Charley sent the word to Mike And Mike, he passed the word along- Things soon were going, going strong. just how it was, we need not tell, But Major got his orders straight- He never said good-bye. . The Major couldn't sprout wings and fly: He took the train for the wooly West- And that was all-there was no rest. "MAjOR." Page tivo hundred sixteen N nn WAR, GOROLLA 1919 Patronize the University Mess Hall and Starve in Three Days FANCY ,MENUS Marzday brealffasl-Grits, molasses fsorghum aged in wood seven yearsj, coffee de la dishwaler. Tuesday dinner-Beans fcastorj, molasses as above, cornbread fone ouncel. Wednesday-Water'fbranchj, steak de steer four steaks are cut only from the neck, and we are careful to see that no animal is used until he has had at least four years service under the yokel. Thursday breakfast-Salt fish fstale and deadl, sinkers ftwoj, coffee as on Monday. Friday dinner-Sauerkraut fmade in Cermanyj, cornbread left from Tuesday. Saturday supper-Prunes fwe still have on hand a plentiful supply of the famous crop picked in Cal- ifornia in '49-the year gold was discovered there. Try themj. Sunday Supper-Dill pickles, souse de pig's ear. We have not washed our glasses since the S. A. T. C. was disbanded. Therehy we have reduced our labor to a minimum, and therefore, we can feed you less for more money. STUDENTS' BOARDING ASSOCIATION - CHERRY HARDSCRAHIBLE RowE, Chief-de-Chef. Society cles 'Domes Blockhead and Squareheadj Patron Saints Obicial Molto: "A Little Learning is Dangerous--More is More So." Oficial Song: "At the End of An Idle Day" ' ' ROSTER OF DOMES Chief Grand Ivory Dome . . .......... . HARRY BARNES . . PAUL PENNY . . . FROGGIE JONES . . . .JIM COMER Only Large Mud Dome . . .... . . . . Exceedingly Evident Air Dome . Great Vacuous Vacuum! Dome . . Astonishingly Expanded Gas Dome . . A . . . . . . YUTCH IVICCLELLAN Blowing Bellowing Bull.Dome .............. . WILLARD MCCALL CANDIDATES FOR DEGREES McCRossIN WHITFIELD RAT PITTS DOSTER CARMICHAEL MITCHELL LENA STILES SAwnusT SMITH FREY WOODALL Page two hundred seventeen WAR, ColQ.ol.l.A 1919 .f"' - ' ff Xu-X gag? 'Fil QILN A Ili, an M Yaunxi Singles-nw. fli 1-51 ef.r.,.., on-Apied. the fl A 1 relic: mr u n . QXX sanl And? JV5.lfg5lE.f,.1 xx-Aj X arc fha P,,,g,,,lhQrs ' I Biff-:E W'l'?' 'f 'D-Jw' ,M 4 'Xa--7 i i ,Yau-'R 14- I Q I 2 N5 6 I ' Q, vm MMU M W W W, V I f 6 f Ni ' 1 ww ' Z? W 99 QD I f 7 ' I Yx if miq' QYD rex M N2 EXW? H ,I ny QIQX L -,lv 7" M . ME Kkxgj Pg! hd X d C IQOLLA 1919 Pug NMA IQ, O .1 55..Qf...fQQQfQffff L"," .S E c Iwo lzunzlrcd nfnclccn If O O r' I' If i 19 C9 WAR, COIQQLLA 1919 Q ,.... , , ...., 2 .........,....,.... 1 N Rst"" j:1,X. it ' + 'sir - N QW .. : Page Info hundred twenty-one DR. TUCKER HENDERSON FRAZER, DEAN WAR, GOROLLA ISIS 76' axe111:11-1:11ll1n1-ul--ll-uu111l1lliul-ul-1u1n1lu-ll-rllill-lniurlr gg ll: 'gg 14:1 1421 lg, ,yd dgzqjdzpyd dy, ,221 ,yd .uf haue, ,021 142. .421 NI 3 EllllIllIIIll'IIllllIllIIIllIlIllIlIIIIIIllIllIIIIIIIIlIllIIllIll'IllIllllllllflflllllllllllla gg Z-eg Egg l 11 5514 ll E ll 11 'yu o o 3 11 T cl if We e zca lon tl 5 ,gg 1: Ll . HN ll ,, O the alumni and ,1 11 former students of 1 11 2425 the University of Ala- W2 il W0 - . 191: 11 55132 luama School ofMed1- ,A I1 1E . 3 4 11 W: cme, who so nobly sac- ggi 1: l rificed ihdif individual 1 ,5 , y . 11 ,phi ' Interests and ofered 952 fl 4 42: their lives id heed me '42 l MQ ' r fl . - - '11 11 23515 call of ll16lf country in 11 if gmt? time of need, this Medi- H fl gig cal Section of the 1919 11 -,'l' fl' 1 p N l ii ggi, Corolla is afeclzonately H if ,Mg dedicated. :M H 1: gig 11 1: 5922: 1: Q22 ' :J If ,PA 11 il gi 45 4131 ll :EPD ' We H EllI.llIllllIll'IIflllllIlllflilllIIIllIllllllIllllIllIllllllllIllllIllllllllllllllllllllllli I s,, ,.?.u, M: .yzuyi .. -wzve, ,gi ,,,?.y?,gZ,,,, ,,,2,.,, ,,,Z,.:, , 1 ii gig1u--u-u-Il-n--n-urn-lnxn-uI-lu-In-1111-ul-ll:-lniln1u111ufo Page two hundred twenty-two EUGENE THAMES CHARLES LEBARON, jR. j. F.NRowE J. P. KELLEY E , S. E. LAMBERT W. S. ROBERTS L. B. FARRIOR H. j. KRUDOP j. Y. HAMIL G. A. RHODES A H. M. WEEDON A. F. J. BOYD R. E. HARWOOD W. E. ALLEN G. G. OSWALT F. W. BOYD j. O. GRIFFIN W. T. LANGLEY GS' .RSS WAR, GOROLLA 1919 Alumni in Service R. B. DODSON J. H. AGNEW B. F. AUSTIN T. D. HAAS W. A. BADOETT J. O. RUSH W. L. HEARD B. J. LEWIS E. Y. MALONE P. O. CHAUDRON C. D. MASON RAYFORD HODGES j. H. BLUE C. A. HARRIS H. W. GRADY G. C. HAMILTON MACK ROGERS H. M. SIMOSON W, D, Woob j. C. GODBOLD, JR. W. L. STAGGERS E- C- HAGLER A' W- GRAVES ISHAM KIMBALL W A S R. DIXON ' ' TANLEY F, JENKINS L- W. GROVE 'I' C' ADAMS P. B. SKINNER T S MORIVG j. H. SOMERVILLE, JR. F B ' ' ' K, R, CAMMACK J- H- DAVIS LF ' RYARSB W. M. BLAIR W. E' KIMBROUGH' JR. REDERICK OSWELL J. G. GILCHRIST S. S. GAILLARD T. M- BLAKE R A SMITH E. E. POLLARD H. VAN DE VOORT 'FREA CRENSHAW H, R, Dylggs COCBURN A, MAWHEW5 j. D. DUREEN G. W. KIEHNHOFF J R HMGLER J, M, WELDON C. G. GODARD 'RVCI RUSH A, P, WEBB J. F. PEAVY. JR C. R- ATHEY M. H. HAccOD ' D. B. FAUST F. pl pm-Tm. CLARK HILL J- M- BELL I-I. W. HILL F. L. ABERNATHY j. W. FENN E. 3- DURRETTE G. E. STEWART J- R- OSWA'-T F. H. CLEMENTS F- W- YOUNG CONRAD WALL j. j. PETTUS M. L. MOORER L H. WOODRUFF C. V. MAYHALL W. N. MCLURKIN C. M. WOOLEY G. C. MARLETTE H. L. MCWHORTER ' B. F. ADAMS L. V. MCVOY Page two hundred twenty-three C. E. WILLIAMS R. H. HONVARD W. R. ROUSSEAU , j. M. REED WAR, COIQQLLA 1919 Y? SURGICAL CLINIC 'D- COLORED FEMALE WARD, CITY IIOSPITAL Page Iwo hundred flDCllly"f0lJf WAR., 'COIQOLLA 1919 m"'Mm'mmm-W M ""7rM- fA gf 'ff- .X 3 5 X N XXX .X ff-: Tfff ff f?' ' 1. Ni X154 N ff y, , NRM-5 E T I1 cl Ilwcnly-five Q rg-X V svmrzzwnzilwg i If gm xxxxxvxm E., H7 vc iiri f X 4 Y -f lf, .FK ff f f X f .-"" f ? X 1 C I ff 1 in I V 335534 ff z A ff ' ff f X Off X , x X X 1" 1 I ,-'i " ' M W W Mai aa. 2-2135 H-sas? 1513522332 ii i. :ff ai ff! In M F if Q 5 I 553523 5 E ff' ig 2, 'JI E Q35 QQ! fy 5 ,Ziff-' WAR, CQIQOLLA roto Senior Class l-listory gg-i2j4QQg'gt5g N this night of February, l9l9, as we pause in retrospection of our class his- tory, the hrst thought that impresses itself upon us is "Can we really be Seniors?" We are probably the smallest class that will ever come up for graduation in the School of Medicine, University of Alabama. Last year if one of our members was absent and our class attendance rated only sixty- Giga, six and two-thirds per cent., This year having received re-enforcements in the 'inf' person of the "Gentleman from Opelika' our count per man is only twenty- five per cent of the total. In other words we are four in number. Originally, we were eight. The Hrst few weeks took from us our only noted member, "Red" Harris of ath- letic fame. Q The Christmas holidays took the older Young member. Thus we were forced to tread the steep ascent of Anatomy only six strong, while but live of the six were entitled to Touly's "Conscience Course" for the Female of our Species having been more diligent than the Male had completed part of her Freshman work in the "Wonderful Chicaugo" and so was spending her afternoons with "Ryanowsky," the dog tamer. We lost "our woman" at the end of the first year. She has since been doctored from her "Wonderful Chicaugo" and is now practicing in the Far West. Again Christmas holidays caused us bereavement for in our Sophomore year this sea- son took from us our younger Young. We have missed "Toastie" but are glad to chron- icle his return to school in the Class of l920. His departure left only four young stal- warts to brave "Daddy's" Bas-ilas and John l-lenry's Bas-silly, to say nothing of those weary afternoons in the barber shop. Still this was a happy year and great was our re- gret when we learned that no more were we to have our Gordon with us. He too, has already gotten his degree from another institution. So we arrived as Juniors three in number. This session introduced us to the "Devil and Tom Walker" and brought us into conflict with many trials. We had to watch E-flat "Soften the Tube." We had to attend Operative Surgery in dress suits. C I won- der why?J Had to see our woman suffer from a chill "B-r-r-r." Dear me, "Those Complications," see our patient "go and die." Eventually we took a dose of examinations Nos. XVII. We became Seniors, which fact proclaims the faithfulness of our Pro- fessors in preparing us for that dose of their generosity in interpreting the results of their therapeutic test. The aforementioned "Gentleman from Opelika" has come to us this year. His genial disposition has lightened our burden considerably. So again the Class of l9l9 is a "foursome." This year too has brought its trials: Butternut and his S. A. T. C. Three of our four are wearing the army khaki, while our heavy quarter cuts a figure in a middy blouse and bloomers. Six weeks of uniforming con- Page two hundred lnscnly an XQVAIQ, GOROLLA 1919 stitutes our military activities, except a trip to Pensacola without orders by the ulnseperaable Six." ' One fact reconciles us to our military experience, our association with the "lVlajor." If we are sufficiently keen to absorb only a fraction of his diagnostic acuity, we need never fear passing over an empyema or malarial cachexia. ' Thus we have come even to the threshold of graduation. Let us dip into the future: What will become of our "bald headed Daddy," of the Yellow Kid, and the Gold Dust Twins. Truly, we know not. Yet we can surmise. Our "bald headed Daddy" will be somewhere "where there's folks, still searching for those "minor points." Our "Yellow Kid, Gashayf' we see him, his red hair no-w tinged with gray, telling to his young "Red Yancey" great tales of what Papa did at Auburn. Grover of the Gold Dust family will be driving a big car over those sunkist hills of Tuscaloosa County, with Mrs. Grover beside him and a tonneau filled with-Oh! Well, you ,know his type. While your humble scribe' sees himself an irascible old bachelor, suffering from a gounty diathesis, endeavoring warmly by much loud language to transfer his suffering to those so unfortunate to be around. We should indeed be ungrateful if in parting we had no word of gratitude for our in- structors. We believe that association with them have so inculcated the principles of our profession into our hearts that each of us leaves this institution determined that by earnest, faithful service, and not by "brass and bull' alone shall we show our contemporaries that "Non servari sed servare" is an active vital ideal of our' lives, not merely an empty boast.. CLAss I-I1sToR1AN. senior' Class Poem THE PAST THE PRESENT Shadows and sunshine A vibrant chord of sharps and Hats Changed into dreams and memories A rhapsody of melody. Of gold and silver cast. Embodying yesterday and the future Forever changing, beautiful always The linlc between tomorrow and now. Shining by transmitted light. THE FUTURE ' Dreams and Hope Turned to the music of the universe Vibrant in its very being Encompassing all-loving alll Outstretched hands of service! I F. P. ' Page two hundred twenty-seven GH uns VJAIQ, COIQQLLA, l9l9 Senior Medical Class STEPHEN RUMBLE MONTEITH, Phi Chi NATCHEZ, MISS. "Steve" Nntctivz lllgh School: University nt' Mississippi: Uluss I'l'csltln-nt., '15-'llig Svcrul:1l'y-Tl'eilsui'1-t', 'I7-'INQ I'i'lfsl4lc-nt Student liotly, '18-'ltlg Corolla limwll: Ambulzxnuu Surgeon. "I am faithful, I do not give out The fractured thigh, the burn, the mound in the abdomen, These and more, I dress with impassive hand." A vocalist of no little repute, an efficient emergency sur- geon and a student "par-excellence." His Presidentship of the Student Government Association attests his popularity. lm ja., The his wo WILLIAM GROVER SHAMBLIN, Kappa Psi cox!-LR, ALA. "Supl, Resident Physician" 'l't1sl-nloosn lllgh Sl-html: University oi' Alu- mn: Ylc-u-1'i'l-slslunt Clams '16-'17, l'rt-sith-nt Uluau '17-'1Np 1'rt-sltlvm Class 'IS-'lug Cot-nlln ltnnrtlg lntcrnc City ltuspltnl. He'd sparked it with full twenty gals, Hc'd squired 'em, danced 'em, druv 'em, Fusl this one, an 'then thct, by .spells- All is, he couldn't love 'cm. "Resident Superintendent Physician," City Hos- pital, is a man amongst men. formerly a "bone" amongst students. He has slowed up considerably of late, but rk continues to improve. In him, humanity will gain an efficient ministerer to her ills. Page two hundred twenty-eight Page Ima hundred twenty-nine WAR, GOROLLA l9l9 " ' Senior Medical Class GAUTIER CONDE YANCEY, Phi Chi TUSKEGEE, ALA. "Cosby," "Freshman" Tuskt-gnc: Hlnh School: Bachelor nf' Science, Alubumn Polytnchn'c Instituto: Essunesg A. F. .Q A. M,: Resident Physician Southern ln- itrmury. I'll be merry and free l'll be sad for naebody, If naebody care for me, 1'll care for naeboclyf' Altho very impulsive by nature, his actions bespenk of deep thought and study. While yet in college, he has won distinction as an anesthetist. Physician or surgeon, whichever he chooses. XQVAR, GOROLLA 1919 A unior Class WILLIAM EDWARD MCGRATI-I, Phi Chi HAYNESVILLE, ALA. B.S. University ot' Alabama, 19187 Class Presl- tlnnt '17-'18, Corolla Board '17-'18g Class Hts- torlan '16-'17g Editor Mcdlcal Department of Corolla '18-'lttp M. E. R. C. "Mac" is a clean-cut, open-faced gentleman. One who is liked by all who know him. Even though he is editor of the Medical Department of the Corolla, it is impos- sible for us to brand him and his co-worker-Mose- grafters. FRANCIS THOMAS JOHNSTON, Kappa Psi BRUNDIDGE, ALA. TLS. Unlverslty of Alabama, 1918: Assistant: Business Manuprer of Corolla '16-'17, '17-'18, and Associate Editor '18-'19: Vice-President: Senior RS. ln Mutltclnc '17-'IRQ M. E. R. C.: S. A. T. LT.: Fort. Hontlvrson Clan Plain spoken "jack"-just what he professes to be. Likes medicine better than ladies, and satisfied for what he is. To know him is to like him, and once your friend, always your friend. LATTA WINSTON HOLLIS, Kappa Psi COVIN, ALA. ILS. University ot' Alabama, 1918: Corolla Board '16-'17: President of B.S, Class '17-'18: Class VlC6-Pl't'SldBl1f '17-'IRQ Class Treasurer '13-'191 Ihicrhe City Ifttspllitl '18-'19: M. E. Il. C.: S. A. T. C. "l want to say again, boys, that it takes the continual old grind." Believing and doing this has caused him to successfullv pass two of the mile stones in his chosen profession. One of our trio of internes. HERBERT BASCOM DOWLING, JR., Sigma Chi , Kappa Psi ' EUFAULA , -ALA. 13.3. University of Alabama, '18, Class Presl- dent '16-'17: Corolla Board '17-'1S: Basket- ball Team '16-'17: Class Hlstorlnn '18-'19: In- turne Providence Intlrmary '18-'19: U. S. N. R. F. "Blondie" has won his reputation as a shark in his work and a lion among the ladies. His pleasant smile and sense of humor will brighten his brilliant future. He is one of our internes-the idol of Providence. Page two hundred tlurly WAR., GORGLLA 19.19 unior Class LEON ROLAND YoUNc, Phi Chi COVINGTON, LA. Jefferson Collepreg Unlverslty of Texas: Class SCCl'8tt1l'y '17-'18 and '18-'lily M. E. R. C. "Toastie" is an all-round, big-hearted, generous fellow, whom everybody likes. He will stand by you through thick and thin. One game of pool with him will most likely convince you that he is a shark. THOMAS Tucxsn, Phi Chi CATHERINE, ALA. B.S. University oi' Alabama, 1918: Vice- Preslilunt Studi-nt Body '16-'l7g Class Treas- urnr '16-'17: Basketball Team '16-'17: Class lllstorlnn '17-'IS1 Secretary 13.9. ln Medicine '17-'1-R5 Corolla Board '18-'lflp Secretary ol? Student Body '18-'lllg Interno Mobllo Inflrnmry '18-'ltlp M. E. R. C. The best interne Mobile Infirmary ever possessed. His favorite expression to our other internes is: "Where are the Medical Students?" A line fellow, with a fine line and, best of all. a good friend. Moss HUDSON TAPIA, Kappa Psi MOBILE, ALA. . A.B. Unlverslty of Alabama, 1916: Vlce- Prusldont Class '16-'17: Treasurer Class '17-'1S: Class President '18-'1ll: Business Manager of Corolla. '1S-'19g M. E. R. C. V "lVlose" with his pleasant smile and words of cheer has justly crowned himself one of the most popular men ln school. Being business manager of the Medical De- partment of the Corolla will not make us mark him and Mac swindlers. Page two hundred thirty-one CR na CITY HOSPITAL 1, P OD 'EI 'IO V7 GI I C5 i WAR, CEOIQOLLA 1919 :fl Sophomore Class F OY ERNEST BLUE, Kappa Psi ELBA, ALA. There are smiles tha! make you blue. Elba High School: U. of A. '15-'16, '16-'17: M. E. R. C.: S .A. T. C.: A. F. Rx A. M.: Essence: G. D. E. C.: IB.S. Club: Secretary of Class '17-'18. EMMETT TREADWELL BRUNSON, Kappa Psi ELBA, ALA. All lllc fellows lllfe "Proclg." Ellm High School: U. of A. '16-'16, '16-'17: U. S. N. R. F.: S. O. L.: B.S. '17: Wabblers. WILLIAM L. CAHALL MOBILE, ALA. A real friend lo all the boys. Burton Acndomy: Howard College: A.M.: N .I. C.: Doctor ol' Optics: S .A. 'l'. C.: I. U. O. F.: K. ol' P.: D. O. K. K.: W. 0. W.: Bl: Six: Historian of Class '18-'19: Registrar, School or Mcdlclnu. EDWARD W. CHRISTOPHER, Kappa Psi ISNEY, ALA. "Chris' 'is always jolly and good nalured. Choctaw County High School: U. of A. '15-'16, '16-'17: S. A. '1'. C. JAMES HOWARD CRAWFORD GREENSBORO, ALA. His morals are superior to any of ours. Mounclwrlllo Slate Normal: South:-rn University '15- '16: U. of A. '16-'17: M. E. R. C.: Bellm-s Lottros Literary Society: Dlx Slx: Assoclate Business Man- ager Corolla '18-'19. JOHN L. DENNEY, Kappa Psi MILLTOWN, ALA. Modes! and unassuming. U. Of. A. '15-'16, '16-'17: M. E. R. C. Page two hundred thirty-three 1' XAJAR.. COIQLOLLA 1919 l Sophomore Class I JOHN VALENTINE HOWELL, JR., Phi Chi ' l MARION, ALA. E Speclallsl in lvollz books and ladies. l Perry County Hlgh Sohoolg ll. of A. '15-'16, '16-'17: M. FI. lt. C.: S. A. T. C.: A. F. S: A. M.: A. A. S. R.: Essencs: Bly: Six: Clnss Hlstorlnn, '17-'1S. ALLEN HINEs, Kappa Psi MCWILLIAMS, ALA. Does lhe "A" mean "A" grades or A. Hines? VVllcox County I-Illrh School: U. of A. '15-'16, '16- '1T: M. E. R. C.: SocI'otnI'y-TronsuI'cI' B.S. Club: Vlcc-Prcsldcnt Class '18-'19, , WAYNE WILLARD HALL, Phi Chi COLLINSVILLE, ALA. A spontaneously generated head of knowledge. Colllnsvlllc lllgh School: 13.9. Alnbnmu Polytechnic lnstltutc '17: Univurslty of Vlrxxlnln '17-'1S: K. ol' P.: Gamnm Beta: Class Tl'E!IlSlll'0l' '18-'19. WILLIAM H. GARLINGTON, Kappa Psi WALNUT IGROVE, ALA. Call on him for consullalion. Blount County HII.:h School: U. ot' A. '15-'16, '16- '17: M. E. R. C.: B.S. Club: Class TI'ozIsuI'eI' '17-'18. EDWARD DE VAN DUMAS, K. A., Phi Chi MOBILE, ALA. Small, but mlghly ln laoolgs 'n everylhing. Burton Academy: U. of A. '15-'16, '16-'17: S. A. T. C.: Big' Six. ALBERT DARRAGH DONOVAN, Phi Chi MADISON, IND ' He has the essential characlcrislics of a leader. Hanover College '12-'13, '13-'1-l: Infllana Unlvorslly '14-'15, '15-'1G: Winona Lake Biological Station '17: U. S, N. R. F.: S. O. L.: A. F. 8: A. M.: Esscncs: Bly: Slx: Assoclnte Editor Corolla '18-'19: Student. Asnl tant Department of Physiology. Page two hundred thirty-four WAR, GOROLLA 1919 '57 Sophomore Class JOAB LANGSTON THOMAS, P. G. D., Phi Chi ASHBY, ALA. Typical Cenlleman of the Soullz. 1 Bllmh County High School: U. ol' A. '15-'16, '16-'17: U. S. N. R. F.: S. O. L.: Class Prr-sldent: Execu- tive Committee '18-'10, GORDON Rovscs SMITH, Phi Chi SLOCOMB, ALA. Smilll is an essential factor ln any doings of lmporlancc Dependalnililp is his line. Rivcr ldc Military Acndemy: B.S. Alabama Poly- teuhnlc Institute '16: A. F. k A .M.: A. A. S. R.: A. A. O. N. M. S.: Esscncs: Associate Editor Corolla. '18-'19, JOHN NETHERLAND SHIPP, Phi Chi SCOTTSBORO, ALA. This Shlpp always brings home llle goods. Jackson County Hlgh School: Howard College '15-'16: Valparaiso 'Unlvs-rslty '16-'17: U. S. N. ,R. F.: S. O. Li: W. O. W.: Gamma Beta. JAMss L.OvsLAcs SEIBOLD, Phi Chi GUNTERSVILLE, ALA. . . . . He who lfnows and lfnows not he knows. Marshall County High School: U. ol' A. '15-'16, '16-'17: M. E. R. C.: S. A. T. C.: A. F. 8: A. M.: A. A. S. R.: Essonc-s: Big Six: Secretary Sophomore Class '18-'19: President B.S. Club. L JOHN FERRIS S1-zwsu., Kappa Psi W WETUMPKA, ALA. "'Doc" is a good fellow everywhere. Flfth District Agricultural School: U. ol' A. '15-'16, '16-'17: M. S. R. C.: S. A. 'l'. C.: Ml-mber ol' Hell's Hole: B.S. Club: Class Basketball '16-'17: Associ- ate Business Manngtr Corolla '17-'18. JOHN HARLAN OWENS, Phi Chi ASHLAND, ALA. Talenled in Music and Medicine. Cluy County High School: U. of A. '15-'16, '16-'17: M. E. R. C.: S. 'A. '1'. C.: B.S. Club. 3 l Page two hundred thirty-live XQJAR, QOROLLA l9I9 l Sophomore Class WILLIAM W. WALLACE, Sigma Nu, Kappa Psi ACKERVILLE., ALA. i , Small in stature but great in mind ' Wilcox County High School: U, of A. '15-'16, 'Iti- 'lT: A. T. C.: Class 1'i'ustdt-nt '17-'1S. The Oath of the Hippocrates SWEAR by Apollo, the physician, and Aesculapius, and Health, and All- lff' heal, and all the gods and goddesses, that, according to my ability and judgment, I will keep this oath and stipulation: to reckon him who taught me this art equally dear to me as my parents, to share my substance with him and relieve his necessities if required: to regard his offspring as on the ,Wi same footing with my own brothers, and to teach them this art if they should 4' Z wish to learn it, without fee or stipulation, and that by precept, lecture and every other mode of instruction, I will impart a knowledge of the art to my own sons and to those of my teachers, and to disciples bound by a stipulation and oath, according to the law of medicine, but to none others. I will follow that method of treatment which, accord- ing to my ability and judgment, I consider for the benefit of my patients, and abstain from whatever is deleterious and mischievous. I will give no deadly medicine to anyone if asked, nor suggest any such counsel, furthermore, I will not give to a woman an instrument to produce an abortion. With purity and with holiness I will pass my life and practice my art. I will not cut a person who is suffering with a stone, but will leave this to be done by practitioners of this work. Into whatever houses I enter I will go into them for the sick and will abstain from every voluntary act of mischief and corruption: and further from the se- duction of females or males, bond or free. Whatever, in connection with my professional practice, or not in connection with it, I may see or hear in the lives of men which ought not to be spoken abroad, I will not divulge, as reckoning that all such should be kept secret. While I continue to keep this oath unviolated, may it be granted to me to enjoy life and the practice of the art, respected by all men at all timesg but should I trespass and violate this oath, may the reverse be my lot. xxx Page two hundred thirty six I WAR, COROL,LA 1919 L71 Freshman Class D. ARNOLD CAYLOR SUSPENSION, ALA. A. P. I. Truly said, "Medicine and ladies are incompatible." We are glad he is married. M. ELDRIDGE BLACK, Pi Kappa Phi, Kappa Psi HARTFORD, ALA. Genova. County Hlgh School: U .of A. '16-'17, '17-'18: Class Prophet: Member "Fort Henderson Clan." Black. your "bull" takes with the ladies, but be off with medicine. ERNEST W. AKINS, Kappa Psi CLIO, ALA. Barbour County High School: U. of A. '16-'17, '17-'18g Member "Fort Henderson Clun": S. A. T. C. "Thus il may lruly be said, Natural wil on a level head." GEORGE THOMAS ALEXANDER, Phi Chi MOULTON, ALA. Lawrence County High School: U. of A. '16-'17, '17-'1S: Phllomnthlc Llterary Society: M. E. R. C.: S. A. T. C. HS. S. S."-Sailor, student and sport. Look out medicine, or he will ditto his name. OLLIE C. BRANNEN, Pi Kappa Phi, Kappa Psi BRANTLEY, ALA. Brnntlcy High School: Troy State Normal School ' '12-'13: U. of A. '16-'17, '17-'18, Class Poet: Memberl "Fort Henderson Clnn": M. S. R. C.: S. A. T. C. "Little Willie"-A conscientious worker, and sincere in his efforts. He is hound to succeed. CECIL BRANNEN, Pi Kappa Phi, Kappa Psi ' BRANTLEY, ALA. l Brantley High School: A. P. I. '15-'1G: U. of A. '16-'17, '17-'1S: Class Historian: Member "Fort Henderson Clan": M. E. R. C.: S. A. T. C. X The other brother-"Perseverance wins' 'and so will he. 1 Page Inna hundred thirty-seven VJAIQ, ColQ.o1.l.A 1919 Freshman Class ELLIS MADISON DUNCAN BIRMINGHAM, ALA. A. P. I. Graduate and Post-graduate: .B.S. and NLS.: Instructor Department ot' Veterinary Sclence A. P. I.: Baltimore College ol' Physicians and Surgeons: Chlef City Bacterlologlst, Clty ot' Blr- mlngham. Has a fondness for degrees. What "Father Time" has wrought only cherishes his ambition for the NLD. EDGAR W. DAVIS, Kappa Psi ' TUSCALOOSA, ALA. U. of A. '16-'17, '17-'18, We predict for "Dean" success in research work. His spontaneous outbursts of questions prove his interest for the unknown. CHAS. J. COLQUETT, Pi Kappa Phi, Kappa Psi BRANTLEY, ALA. Brantley Hlgh School: Troy State Normal School '14-'15: U. ot' A. '16-'17, '17-'18: A. P. I. '15-'16: Pan Hellenic Council '17-'18g Class Treasurer-Q Member "Fort Henderson Clan"p M. E. R. C.: S. A. T. C. "Charlie" will make good if the ladies don't get the best of him. Another "Vamp," JAMES NEWTON COLLINS, Kappa Psi FAYETTE, ALA. U. of A. '16-'17g Honor Roll '16-'1'l: Phtlomathlc Llternry Society: Mason: Member "Fort, Hender- son Clan"g Essence, For melodies and laclies-Oh, Boyl "Ain't Medicine Hard?" JEROME C. CHAPMAN, Kappa Sigma, Kappa Psi GENEVA, ALA. A. P. I. '16-'17, '17-'l8: Wcbsterlan Llterary Society. You can depend on "Jerry." Good material and ready to help his friend. DAVID H. Cosa, Phi Chi ENSLEY, ALA., Enslcy High School: U. ot' A. '16-'17, '17-'18g Phllomathtc Literary Suclvtyg Class Football: M. E. H. C.: S. A. T. C. "Look out, gang!" His enthusiasm will put the corn on the "cob." Page two hundred thirty-eight WAR, COIQOLLA 19155 ' an .Freshman Class RAFAEL S. MORALES PANAMA CITY, PANAMA Instltutn Nacional de 'Panamap Degree, Bachelor ,en Humunldadvsg Unlverslty of Pennsylvania '16- '17g Scholarship Modal: Ex-Prcsldent Socledad Servantes. Morales comes to us a stranger from far away Panama. To know him is to like him. ' s I ' MALCOLM M. NEAL, Kappa Psi' 4 . GEICER, ALA., iu. or A-. '10-'17, '17-'IRQ s. A. IT. O. "Shorty" with his luck finds a .friendfor all leisure' hours. Plainspoken, and a friend to all. . ' II-IERBERT K. GALLAGHER, Phi Chi i ELDRIDGE, ALA. Walker County High School: ll. ol' A.: Unlvcrslty ol' Miss.: Naval Avlntlon at'Boston, 1918. Too fond of Anatomy to seek social popularity , THOMAS J. MCELHENNY ENSLEY, ALA. , U. ol' A.: I-Inward College: Experimental Division: Secret Service: Chemlcal'faI'e, 1918. How well he knows the field of medicine cannot be mas- tered in a day. I-Iislooks speaks for his personality. I'I-ENRY T. JONES, Phi Bela Kappa, Kappa Psi JONES MILL, ALA. I A. P. I. '12-'13g A.l3. U. of A. '16: Honor Roll '14-'15, '15-'IGQ Class Football: Class Baseball: Captain, Class Baseball: Class President '18-'19g Member Executive Committee OIT Student Body '18-'lllg Member "Fort Henderson Clan"g M. E. R. C.: S. A. T. C. Henry is another jones from jones Mill and when we have said this we have expressed his mental caliber. FRANK ALFRED KAY, Kappa Psi ' A BIRMINGHAM, ALA. Blrmlnnhum College: Scholarship Medal '16-'17: Belles Lettres Literary Society: S. A .T. C. "You tell us, Kay." The Humble "K" sayslittle, but he need not, for his actions speak for themselves. Page two hundred thirty-nine WXMARJ AGOROLLA 1919 ff' Freshman Class HARRY SAM RoWE, Kappa Psi ELBA, ALA. tl. ol' A.: B.S. 1918: Vlce-President Senior Class 'lkg Varsity Football '16-'17-'1Sg Class Secretary. "Liz" is our athletic pride. Not only big in stature, but hig in the hearts of his classmates. LANCELOT M. SANDERS, Pi Kappa Phi Kappa Psi TROY, ALA. 'Proy State Normal School 1911-1915: Gladstone I.lterru'y Society, U. of A.: U. ot' Ga.: Corolla Board '18-'19: Member "Fort Henderson Clan": M. E. R. C.: A. T. C.. "Lance" is a good student and good friend. What more can we say? WM. BRUCE TALBOT, Pi Kappa Phi, Kappa Psi LA FAYETTE, ALA. U. of A. '16-'17, '17-'18: Assistant In Biology '17- ' '18: Class Vice-Prosldent '18-'19: Mcmbor "Fort Henderson CInn"p M. E. R. C.: S. A. T. C. A super amount of policy with his material ability will brighten the darkest spots of his chosen profession. SAMUEL P. WAINWRIGHT, P. K. P., Kappa Psi ATMORE, ALA. Escambia County High School: U. of A. '16-'17, '17-'18g Assistant Business Manager Corolla. '18- '193 S. A. T. C. just Sam. Friend to all who lcnow him, and his scholastic record is surpassed only by his popularity among the ladies. HOMER K. WRIGHT, Phi Chi ' OPP, ALA. V Unlverslty of Alabama '16-'17, '17-'18, S. A. T. C. "Well, Wrighl, you are all 'Wrong.' " "No, Daclor, I am neulral." Quiet and unassuming, but a friend among his associates and classmates. I I Page two 'hundred forty WAR, ColQ.oLLA 1919 "' 'fl x Senior Pharmacy Class JOHN PARKER KELLY MOBILE, ALA. "Dynamite Pele" Barton Academy. Kelly is one of those sort of chaps who can get along with anybody. Despite the fact that he tried to blow up the Chemistry Laboratory, we are ready to give him another Ehance because of his infectious good nature and original umor. FLORENCE MARIE PALMER ' MOBILE, ALA. AF-lo.. Barton Academy: Alabama Girls' Technical Instl- tute: Corolla Board. Our former librarian now finds time to hold down well two positions as Pharmacist, attend classes, and yet help any- one of this student body who seeks her aid. I-Ier thought- fulnesa and willingness, combined with her indefatigable energy, make her beloved by all. CLAYTON FoscuE, JR. GROVE HILL, ALA. UFOSC-D.. Clarke County I-Itgh School. just the sort of fellow with whom you like to talk and joke. X Junior Pharmacy Class MARIE CLARK TURNER WHITE OAK SPRINGS, ALA. Barbour County High School. "And while they gazed, another star Came out to shed her light." To ,merely say that we are glad to have her with us would be putting it lightly. The Co-ed, like a half blown rose, elusive yet all-encompassing, has a following which is akin to worship. , ' Page two hundred. forty-one WAR, ColQ,ol.L.A 1919 1 INTERNES AND NURSES, CITY HOSPITAL STERILIZINC ROOM Page Iwo lmnflrcrl forty-llvo WAR, ColQ.o1.l.A l9l9 A li H1StOIy of the Bachelor of Science Class of l 919 the fall of the year lQI5, there was a general commotion over the State lr? of Alabama ln many villages, towns, and cities, occasioned by the prep- Q, aration of some of the wisest of their sons to leave for the University of iff jj Alabama. Old trunks and suit cases, new trunks and new suit cases, were packed for this special occasion. There were many among these, thus pre- paring, whose ambitions were to become healers of the sick. And at the 'Gi' same time, to take advantage of the opportunity offered by the University of - of Alabama of receiving the degree of Bachelor of Science. From this group of men the present Class of l9I9 came. If we had known then what was to come to us ere we had completed the task which we so lightly undertook, many of us, no doubt would have hesitated. Fcr during these four years many have fallen by the way or directed their sails to other shores. Fate has dealt very kindly with the little band of us that is left. Since we began our journey Uncle Sam has been engaged in the greatest struggle the world has ever known and has won an equally as great a victory. We, as a class, feel doubly proud of those who left our ranks in college to help win this great victory. , Space forbids that I should go into details connected with the history of our class but there are a few things that might be mentioned. Very vivid in the minds of most of us is the famous Senior "inspection" that occurred in the Spring of l9l6. We, the Freshman Pre-meds, as we chose to call ourselves, were among those who bore the brunt of that oc- casion. Donned in our little green caps, we were by no means dictators of affairs on the campus and consequently had to take things as they came. But it was not all hardships that we knew while there, for all of us enjoyed the cream and cake at the Pre-med meetings. . , During our second and last year on the University campus we witnessed the inaugura- tion of the R. O. T. C., listening with interest and some degree of excitement to the tales of war and valor as toldiby our Commandant. In the spring of this year our country be- came engaged in the war and many of our number turned from study to join the colors. It was not until we reached the prosperous city of Mobile that we began to realize the error of our way in trying to become a Doctor of Medicine. It was here that we learned the roughness of the way. We will remember forever our abode in the land of bones, skulls, and cadaversg our difficulties with the "five day girl" and "Now gentlement, please don't ask me any questions, you might mix me up," or "Uh huh! What do you think about that? But the most prominent among the things we remember is the difficulty that we ex- perienced in learning that there was a udecussation of the pyramids" and the greetings "Dere's not a D--vun uf you vurking! I-low I do pity de poor suffering humanity ven you are turned aloose on dem." It was then that we had visions of our future conditions. We have since that time learned that "Virtually everything takes place in that way" and are indeed glad that that is over and we have our "outline made." But now we are "getting lost in details" and dare not think too strongly of what the outcome will be. But we are about to receive our first reward since our journey began. This reward, though cher- ished, will not make us over-confident in the next two years' work. We only hope that this latter part will be spent as pleasantly and as profitably as it has been thus far. Then when we do reach the end we will be greeted with "Well done thou good and faithful servant. " CLAss HISTORIAN. Page lnm hundred forty-lhrcc WAR, Col:f,o1.l.A. 1919 Bachelor of Science Class, 1919 For ERNEST BLUE ELBA, ALA. Blue is always ready for fun, but there are none more serious minded than he when the right time presents itself. lt is said that he is quite a rage among the ladies. EDWARD WATKINS CHRISTOPHER lsNr.Y, ALA. ' "Chris" is an easy-going fellow, and takes things just as they come. Quite a sport and a "ladies man." We be- lieve that his wonderful surgery will put Isney "on the map" after a few years. l Joi-:N L. DENNEY MILLTOWN, ALA. "Mike," like his name-sake, is a man of sterling qualities. He is ever ready to help any oneg friendly in disposition, quiet, but noisy enough. EDWARD DR VAN DuMAs MOBILE, ALA. Edward, when at work, is of the class that talk little and think much. Yet he is as lively as any when he is "out with the bunch." Quick understanding and good judgment mark his actions. WILLIAM H. GARLINGTON WALNUT GROVE, ALA. He is well versed in the fundamentals of his course and would ralher argue with you than study Pathology. He is a man who stands in with the "Profs." Page two hundred forty four LWAR, CQIQOLLA .1919 Bachelor of Science Class, t9I 9 WILLIAM W. WALLACE ACKERVILLE, ALA. "Baby" is doomed to be the last on the roll, but he is not least by any means. ln fact, he has been termed "Chief" by some, and has won a prominent position in the esteem and friendship of the student body. Joi-IN FERRIS SEWELL WETUMPKA, ALA. "Doc" is an all-round good fellow, and even if he does "Doc" is a good fellow, even if he does belong to the "Reliefers." He is ever ready to be pleasant, and always wears a smile. JAMES LOVELESS SEIBOLD GUNTERSVILLE, ALA. President "Jimmie" is a quiet fellow who goes about his work in an easy-going manner, and always "pulls clown" high grades. Joi-IN HARLAN OWENS ASHLAND, ALA. He is our musician, and one of those rare individuals who have the ability to keep up with his studies and never worry. ' ALLEN I-lmas M'WlLLlAMS, ALA. Secretary and Treasurer This man is a hard worker, and has made excellent grades throughout his course. Nevertheless, it is said that he has wonderful charms with the ladies, and they are always looking him up. Page lnao hundred forlyjve WAR., GOIQOLLA 1919 VF Internes WILLIAM GROVER SHAMBLIN ...... ........ Interne City Hospital GAUTIER CONDE YANCEY . . .......... . . lnterne Southern Infirmary STEPHEN R. MONTEITH .... . Ambulance Surgeon, City Hospital HERBERT BAscoM Dowuxc, JR. ............ . lnterne Providence Infirmary LATTA WINSTON HOLLIS . ............ . lnterne City Hospital THOMAS ELLIS TUCKER . I Inlerne Mobile Infirmary . .ce1eee,A1e. Tuskegee, Ale. Natchez, Maee, . E.ufaula,Ala. . cevae.. Ale. Catherine, Alla. WILLIAM HENRY THOMPSOM ............. , . . Mobile, Ala. - Director of Laboratories, In Charge X-Rap Department and Resident Physician Providence lnnrmary Page two hundred forty-six E WAR, CoIQ.oI.,LA 1919 "' '57 l I V l l l Corolla Board, Medical Department W. EDWARD MCGRATI-I ....... . ......... I . . . . Editor-in-Chief M. HUDSON TAPIA . . . .......... . Business Manager ASSOCIATE EDITORS W. GRovER SHAMBVLIN GORDON ROYSCE SMITH FLORENCE PALMER FRANCIS T. JOHNSTON EDWARD D. DUMAS LANCELOT M. SANDERS ALBERT D. DONOVAN ASSOCIATE BUSINESS MANAGERS STEPHEN R. MONTEITH S. P. WAINWRIGHT T. ELLIS TUCKER Page two hundred forly-:even J. H. CRAWFORD . I AVVAIQ, CoIQ.oI.I.A 1919 fa Phi Chi Founded, IB94, Louisville Medical College, L Colors: White and Olive Green ' ' FOUNDERS HARRIS KELLY, M.D. G. E.. GAVIN. M.D. j. M. FLOWERS, M.D. W. B. GASSETT, M.D. E. W. CAwTHoN, M.D. D. G. CAMPBELL, M.D. H. P. COLE, M.D. L. L. DUCGER, M.D. C. E. FARRISH, M.D. Iota Chapter FRATRES IN URBE, J. E.. BECK, M.D. JOSEPH SCHWARZ, M.D. W. C. JONES, M.D. R. C. JONES, M.D. W. W. SCALES, M.D. ' FRATRES IN FACULTATE A. E.. MAUMANEE, M.D. T. H. FRAZER, M. D. C. R. MOHR, M.D. STEPHEN R. MQNTEITI-I WILLIAM E.. MCGRATI-I ALBERT D. DONOVAN JOHN V. HOWELL JAMES L. SEIBOLD GEORGE THOMAS ALEXANDER DAVID H. Cosa F. L. HALEY, M.D. E. B. FRAZER, M.D. P. j. HOWARD, M.D. FRATRES IN COLLEGIO CLASS OF I9l9 CLASS OF I920 THOMAS E.. TUCKER CLASS OF l92I GORDON R. SMITH WAYNE W. HALL JOHN H. OWENS CLASS OF I922 HERBERT K. GALLAGHER ouisville, Ky. Flower: Lily of the Valley SIIELDY CI-IAPMAN, M.D. P. D. MCGI-IEE, M.D. T. D. HAAs, M.D. L. W. RowE, M.D. j. W. TERRIL, M.D. j. O. RUSH, M.D. W. H. THOMPSON GAUTIER C. YANCEY LEON R. YOUNG joI-IN N. SHIPP JOAB L. THOMAS EDWARD DEVAN DuMAs F. B. PRATT HOMER K. WRIcI-IT Page Iwo hundred forly eight WAR. GOIEOLLA 1919 Il Cf! TVJAIQ, QOROLLA I9-I9 Colorcg Scarlet and Cray journal: "Th j. HARVEY SMITH, M.D. E. G. RUTI-IERFORD, M.D. H. T. lNcE, M.D. j. H. DODSON, M.D. ANGELO FESTORAZZI, M.D. W. T. HENDERSON, M.D. HERBERT BAscOM DOWLING FOY E. BLUE EMMI-:T T. BRUNSON EDWARD W. CHRISTOPHER ERNEST W. AKINS OLLIE C. BRANNEN CECIL BRANNEN M. ELDRIGE BLACK JEROME C. CHAPMAN Kappa Psi Founded in 1879 Flower: Red Carnalion e Mask" Directory: "The Agora" FOUNDERS j. B. JONES, M.D. PRESS ELDRIDGE, jR., M.D. Iota Chapter Established in l904 FRATRES IN URBE J. U. REAvEs, M.D. G. A. FONDE, M.D. 5. F. HALE, M-D. j. j. PETERSON, M.D. F. M. INGE, M.D. PAUL VAN ANTWERP, PI-LG. FRATRES IN FACULTATE W. W. PERDUE, M.D. D. T. MCCALL, M.D. M. T. GAINI-:s, M.D. W. C. JONES, M.D. W. R. JACKSON, M.D. FRATRES IN COLLEGIO CLASS OF I9l9 WILLIAM GROVER SHAMBLIN CLAss OF 1920 FRANCIS T. JOHNSTON LATTA W. T'TOLLlS CLASS OF l92I JOHN L. DENNEY ALLEN HINES JOI-IN FERRIS SEWELL CLASS OF I922 JAMES N. COLLINS WILLIAM BRUCE :TALBOT CHARLES j. COLQUIT EI:cA W. DAVIS HENRY T. JONES G. E. WALTON M. HUI:soN TAPIA WILLIAM W. WALLACE WILLIAM H. GARLINGTON FRANK ALFRED KAY HARRY SAM ROWE LANCELOT M. SANDERS SAMUEL PATRICK WAINWRIGHT MALCOLM M. NEAL Page two hundred fly WAR, GOROLLA 1919 t 2 xx- . - . .- ,Q x x X X XXX Xxx K wif? af' ' -"" 'N-,- - :'- ---f-' ' 'f-" -- N."1 f x..: x .N R . Page Iwo hundred ffly-one 'XMARA CZoIQ,oI.I.A l9I9 Y? GoRDoN R. SMITI-I, 32 . . jAMEs L. SEIBOLD, I4 . . Foy E.. BLUE .... ALBERT D. DONOVAN T. H. FRAZER, 32 j. H. MCCORMICK, 33, HoN. W. R. JACKSON, 32 F. L. HALEY, 32 P. j. HOWARD, 32 Fov E.. BLUE JAMES N. COLLINS Essenes OFFICERS MEMBERS IN FACULTY E. A. MAUMENEE, 32 T. C. BAUMHAUER, 32 V. P. GAINES, 32 H. T. INGE, 32 E. L. MCCAFFERTY, 32 MEMBERS IN COLLEGE ALBERT D. DONOVAN GAUTIER C. YANCEY joI-IN V. HOWELL, I4 ...s.c. ..1.c. .S.T W. H. THOMPSON, I8 J. O. RUsI-I, I4 L. W. RoE, I4 D. T. MCCALL T. S. VAN ALLER JAMES L. SEIBOLD, I4 GoRnoN R. SMITH, 32 Page two hundred fifty-Iwo WAR, COIQQLLA 191.9 nf? L Student Government Association STEPHEN R. MONTEITH . . ........ President T. E. TUCKER ........... Secretary and Treasurer EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE . W. G. SHAMBLIN j. L.. SEIEOLD ' 1. L. THOMAS M. H. TAPIA H. T. JONES Page Iwo hundred fifty-three WAR, GOROLLA I9I9 gf Z ,.,. Worlhy Wabblcr . Warsl Wablrlcr . Alasler Mouser . . Vice Master Maoscr . Regent Relicfcr . . Assistant Rcliefcr . . Chairman Mule Commitlcc HESITATlNG" HowELL "ONE STEP" OwENs LAME DUcK" DOWLING SI-IAKINc." SI-IAMELIN BUNNY HUG" BRANNEN 4. an Q. kevllhhiergb 053' riff . -. X g I f , 5 I. . A, fy' A K ,, I I . 4 .,, 'I I U, 1 , Y-,L 81102, ',..,xs Q' ff I ,.. I- - , " ff.,1f'i'-I 1 - :',:' A vi'Ypl'.IN -I L, f L ' . ' 53 if v is I '-in. .xi I 40. Q 1. ' - 2.-L, I, . ,-A ,A I Af ff ' 'LP ' " " y I - k,Y - J- f ...-,-J' . -g V - f- -- -- f' .1 'fi R'- if--'W.E.M5GvFt+I ' M ""' 24.06 S' OFFICERS MEMBERS "TIP?lNG TOASTIEN Youxc "Two STEPPINGH TAFIA RASLINGH ROWE NIOOSINCH MCGRATII TRIPPINc" THOMAS HULAU HOLLIS 4. 4. u u . ..WABBLlNG WAI.NE" WALLACE . . "DANSANTE" DONOVAN . . . HTANGOU TUCKER . . . . NBALLETINCH BLACK "CHICKEN CHIEF" CHRISTOPHER . . ."YAKI DULAH YANCEY . . HSHIMMYINGHSEWELL SALOMEN SEIBOLD WALTZlNG" WAINWRIGIIT TURKEY TRo1'rINc" TALBOT GRIZZLY BEAR" BLUE SLIDINGH SANDERS lzlealg Double Rush and Full Excelsior Time: "In the Cool of the Evening," Monday, Thursday and Saturday Nights. Pasxwordg Fifty Cents Plus War Tax Page two lmmlrezl ' hfty-four XQVAIQ., CEOIQOLLA 1919 I J Hfly-five WAR, Com. OLLA 1919 ps in f. l fx . ff! for lf f f 1, .fl f," 1.5, llw. ff gym' P! in ,AMI 'lar . 4 .1 it f . af! " A ,uf fl, 2' r .1 , :.fQ'tV Q , I .V ,, ' , . 4 124. ,,, 4' X - .?,,g5,""- ' '?.'rff-41-"f .ff-:'+ Af' ?Zal'llll'llll'llll7 f Wi G- T. H. Fmzsn, M.D. . M. j. BANCROFT, M.D. . S. R. MoNTr.1TH H. B. DowLlNc L. W. HoLLis Motto: Help OFFICERS Chapter House: City Hospital Pass Word: 339. Time: l2:30-5 A.lVl. the Little Ones Ou! . Instructor and Stork Almighty Cx-uEFs . W. G. SHAMBLIN INmATEs F. T. joHNs'roN W. E. MCGRATH M. H. TAPIA Inspector and Chief Rotator G. C. YANCEY T. E. TUCKER L. R. YoUNc Usual Diagnosis: "There is Pathology There." Page tivo hundred fifty-six U WAR, COR-,o1.l.A 1919 f. ' , 4-vm , Ziff V Q I m , , . ' " ,,.lW,,-- .Wx ,..g, A 4 .I iwpzewgr.-.,1-,g,i,,.4,, . A :V A . V' 'H-12" - . .,. . ' H Y ,W-f-f-.. , Two hundred fifty-seven ,Lgw , , 'Fx' " -'...'-f--Q.. . - 'g'-5 3gs.r'i55.i.- 3.x 'Z , , .. Q 1.4 ...W - H -'W ' . .H 4 , L . A .www ,,. . ' ' '.-1: ' ., ' ..,,v -mpw? -- Y . ,VI in-3.. ,',:.. an .A -, ,QA U ff MARINE HOSPITAL CTX -- VVAIQ, COIQOLLA 1919 5:6 Uh o'5 who an hy? lv 1 K .I . jx 1,1 -K' W 3 x A - 11 ,f"?Af'7ALtfg,fL xl. 41 ,I fl 'f,,f j' lf. 'fklfwxifj A ff' I1 "L fwf ' 4 IJ ,ff'r1',f""gf,Jl1'f KM ,W , 19, QW 71V"f', , ,,, xq,,l-, f 1 all QL KW Mn ' 'A - 1 ' --- f rv'f'5'!'N'155Xk A A151 -Q 'I ,K W HJ X14 ,' . Q..II.-..-.-.,.--A-...A,-.,--.-.... yf,iwfj.Mly,,, 1 oo oo oo' X Ifflrf lllfflg ..,- ' , 1 ff f' 1' ' f' r-' f' T J f '54 f ' J I i f ,xc , J. ,,k. 4 ' ,, ,lf 'dy -2 V Y I W EM'QMyJ,I Page lwo hundred fffly-cighl hundred WAR, GOROLI. J QT? , , I i s ? 'Z S 1 f m x,l4'w7I' . 1 f 7 XJ kflzxf "' ' fx, . if A kifm WN '! pf ' - ' N L ft Q' 5 V I Lili QW e Y , f f if "'-' I s :-" .--- iam U'---"" -f1 f ------- ff CJ There are Ang that 'makeug MH. There are. 3. Ang Thai mn ke uj blue., There are ADS 'thaf Steal awah our dollar ! 5 A3 'Che sunshine Steals awax The de TK un. are Au5 Thad k f YY ave a enceer Pleacllrg Thai The e-:Ses Of yrldv. alone ca 4 rl. Sea., 'Bud The Axgihai fill mb own. Qorollfu A rq, 'Hn A05 appeal 'to THQ.- A l9l9 'Ti WAR, GOIQOLLA l9l9 7? EXTFORM f-vw-gtk P 0 RT E R' S "The Young Man's Store" Fiiform Cloihes M anhalian Shirts Knox Hals I Boyclcn Shoes A-I Young men, especially college men, invariably look to Porter's for the new thoughts of the season in clothes. We never disappoint them, for the young man and his wants are special studies of this store. We invite you to see the splendid new stocks and to make our store your headquarters, for Porters is "the Home of the College Man." "ln the Heart of Three Big Cities" Nashville Birmingham Jacksonville Cor. Sth and Church 1922-24 lst Ave. Cor. Bay and Laura WAR, ColQ.o1.l.A COLLEGE BOYS Who Want to Be Properly Dressed Will Find The Right Clothes Easy to get in Birmingham by coming direct to Weil's New Store Here You'll See a Wonderful Se- lection of l"lart Schaffner 8: Marx Hand-tailored clothes in the most popular Woorlens and in styles espe- cially made for young men HABERDASHERY A AND HATS, TOO Earl 8: Wilson and Weil Shirts, beauties in silk crepes or madras. Snappy ties and Stetson lids. M. WEIL at BRO. 1906 Second Ave. BIRMINGHAM, ALA. W. W. Walker S. Yerby, Jr. Studebaker Hudson Essex and Dort AUTOMOBI LES Tires and Accessories TUSCALOOSA MOTOR CO. Telephone I 044 READY-TO-WEAR MILLINERY BURGER DRY coops co. Our Spring Stocks are Complete in Every Line. If You Can't Come to the 'City Shop By Mail OR PHONE Burger's Mail and Telephone Shop- ping Service is at your disposal whenever you are unable to visit the store to shopg use it frequently, test its efficiency. Telephone Main 4300 Rugs, A Carpets and Draperies 1919 'TZ WAR, QOROLLA nero 57? H. DANZIGER, President L. W. ASHLEY, V ice-Preside MONTGOMERY FAIR lVlontgomery's Largest Department Store' YOU WANT WHAT YOU WANT AND WANT IT RIGHT WILL NEVER FIND A BETTER PLACE THAN THE BIG STORE Thirty-five Departments, Each a Store Within Itself 4 MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA FOWLER'S MEET IVIE AT BOOK STORE MOORE'S DRUG STORE Books, Stationery Office Supplies Fountain Pens IO Dexter, Ave. MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA 8 Dexter Ave. MoNTooMERY, ALABAMA Chris' Place Thafs Enough .5331 BIRMINGHAM, ALA. fl WAR, GOROLLA 1919 src -- KODAKS TERRESQNS SUPPLIES Developing, Printing, Enlarging Mounting ancl Framing DEVELOPING Rolls Free, Packs 25c, Plates, 5c Each PRINTING Size Unmounted Size U ounled lWxl My ....... ..... . 03 3Mx3K2 ,,.,,., , ,,,, ,O5 IMXZKZ ....... ..... . 03 3M1.X4y4 .....,. ..,.. , O5 ZMXZM ....... ..... . 03 2M5x4M ...,,,, ..,,, , O6 2Mgx3M ...... ..... . 04 3Mx5M ....,.. ,,,,. , 06 2Mx4M1 ...... .............. . 05 4x5 ............... .... .,... . 0 6 Post Cards, 6c 302 North Twentieth Street Across from Traclers' National Bank BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA M I-IIRSCI-I'S -M The Largest Millinery Store in Alabama I mvmas You TO vrsrr ouR FRENCH PARLOR Every week we have a fashion display of EXCLUSIVE PATTERN HATS I-IIRSCH MILLINERY COMPANY 213-I5 NINETEENTI-l STREET BIRMINGHAM, ALA. WAR, GOROLLA 19,19 Special attention given to out-of- town orders Birmingham's finest furniture store l-loocl 8: Wheeler Furniture Company 20l3-l5 Fourth Avenue Everything for the Home Highest Quality Last a Lifetime FUIHIIHIE Long, Easy Terms I0 Per Cent'Off for Cash, on 30, 60, 90 Days ERCKERTS Sanitary Barber Shop Expert Hair Cutters. No Tips. Scientific Scalp Treatment l06 North Twentieth Street BIRMINGHAM, ALA. READ THE . BIRMINGHAM LEDGER "Greater BirminghamI's Greatest N enwspapef' Herzog - Thompson Jewelry Co. The gift of giving suitable gifts is assured those who choose here El . EVERYTHING Jewelry to Stationery ELI I Diamonds, Watches, Silverware El I907 Third Ave. BIRMINGHAM, ALA. GR Nl WAR, ColQ,o1.,l.A 1919 EXCHANGE HOTEL MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Center of the Theatrical and Shopping District EUROPEAN PLAN Unexcellecl Cuisine CAI-IEENS' The Store of Chgality and Distinctiveness Birmingham, Alabama XQJAR, GOROLLA l9l9 7? BURDICK Birmingham BILLIARD Trust 81 ACADEMY Savrngs Co. BIRMINGHAM, ALA. U - . SURPLUS CEARNEDJ mvefslty 0500000.00 P3ff0I1agC SURPLUS EARNED ?RTl-ISR SMQFIITI, lgresige BIRMINGHAM W. 'H.M15I'li3Lx.'C'5 h ALABAMA 3.DS"Eof-33,2212 3 il ' E. W. FINCH, Arai C h KAUF MANS WOMENS AND MISSES' READY-TO-WEAR GARMENTS AND F URS 213-215 North Nineteenth Street Third F I BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA WAR, 1919 I N Bl LOVEIVIAN, JOSEPH 8: LOEB Are Constantly in Need of Young Men and Women of Education If After Graduation You Feel That You Would Like to Become a Part of This Institution MAKE APPLICATION IN WARITING OR PERSON TO SUPERINTENDENT HOTEL HILLMAN Center of the Shopping and 'xlirifilfi :HHH A 11' L wrufj-4 -1 H ibm P LL USMLE. Ill'ltlrIr1rm1i, 3 .1'Wm'L I1LLfLQl'IlI'0fE.IElEalIf .' ,ULAj,l133l,i Llflakuglil k g li . Theatrical Districts , ' 'O Walsrf- 6"'V5'1 l - va ,-. , . -. I 1 '-E-9as.',i 1 hairfzm- , .... , ,-.1 -. J 4'?v'?:?T't:' ,. ' '2?.-'5e:,- 23-4" - ?Ojv1QQ"f:wg' to '-1 2315 If A 15.12.231j.5..,,.19'n-95, ECI! , rl- if. ','-" MW VH, . S ' " 1 A I-, ,,!,,Q,..,'-L,,T ' -ul ., 'hI'iwl'9'lrl"'l!Fl'l'll'51'iHrif vi , Ilhllhtihhr Ii' 'i will Ill Illlliiiiji' - ' Ii' :Ising ' -f ' , ' "1rf:z:.L: :Agfa , n.ii,,qJ-3.,,N . w, -. 51.1 "l"l ' I' '-7" A -Tm?" -"El aqtzufitaw " 1' ,5,..5QI. Ii, .1 5.,l,,..," -'Pri 'I f""h'3'ulFlt I" 11 5. Il ',",r1.1as,pf' '. .LFIIT Ji, NIQ, fivg-',,il'V'.il'1fg. I ' ' ' ' EUROPE ANPLAN Rates: 31.00 to 351.50 Without Bathg 32.00 to 352.50 With Bath DYE-WASHBIURN HOTEL CO. LARGE LIGHT SAMPLE ROOMS CAFE PRICES MODERATE I-I. P. DYE, MANAGER XNAIQ, COIQQLLA I 9 I 9 H A R R Y' S ROBERTSON'S P L A C E QUICK LUNCH SODA, CIGARS AND CANDY .: 'I MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA We Are Always Open Phone I536 I5 Commerce Street MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Bright Drug Co. Five Points Headquarters for U. of A. Students WHITMANS CANDIES BIRMINGHAM, ALA. LILIENTI-lAL'S Selma's largest exclusive men's and boy's store. All the college boys know, for their clothes where to go. BROAD ST. SELMA, ALA. Everybody Knows lVlay's I MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA FOR PIANOS, PLAYERS. PHONOGRAPHS AND RECORDS Write or Call On E. E. Forbes Sz Sons l922 Third Avenue BIRMINGI-IAM, ALA. WAR, GOROLILA THE TUTWILER THE LYRIC CONFECTIONERY fTutwiler Hotelj DAVID LETAW, President V Next Door AGENTS FOR Elmefs Park and Til ford C liocolaies BIRMINGHAM, ALA. , Lyric Theater " Our Candies are Superior BIRMINc.I-IAM, ALABAMA JAFFE JEWELRY COMPANY JEWELERS AND SILVERSMITHS We Are Especially Equipped To Handle University Trade Mail .Orders Solicited CORNER NINETEENTI-I STREET AND SECOND AVENUE BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA 1919 ll WAR, CoR2.o1.l.A 1919 Y? ! X , GREENWOOD CAFES Number I, 317 North Twentieth Street Number Z, 407 North Twentieth Street GREENWOOD CAVE POOL ROOM---THIRTY TABLES BARBER ATTACHMENTS LARGEST IN THE SOUTH BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Young IVIen of Alabama! Birmingham is the BEST city in which you can Iocate Birmingham Real Estate is the Best Investment you can make WE HANDLE ALL KINDS OF BIRMINGHAM PROPERTY REMEMBER THAT Iemison Real Estate 8: Insurance Company zu NORTH TWENTIETH ST. BIRMINGHAM, ALA. WAR., CLCJROLLA Beck Candy 8: Grocery Company Candies Soda Fount Supplies Showcases MANUFACTURERS Becco Brand Cake, Ice Cream Cones, Potato Chips, Peanut But- ter Sandwiches, Fresh Every Day Telephones Main 84 I -843 ISI I First Avenue BIRMINGHAM, ALA. PARAGON PRESS E PRINTERS PUBLISHERS PIERCE CI-III.ToN, President IE! 1 209 Dexter Avenue MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Q' he igifmigtghfxnt News ls Better Equipped to Tell the Big News of the World Than any Other Alabama Newspaper Two great wire news services pour their full products by leased wires into its offices seven days of every week of every year, while its special news writers in the capitals of the world are not excelled by any newspaper anywhere. The News is pre-eminently the 'Alabama newspaper, representing all of the best traditions of the State, being always in the lead of all the progressive movements undertaken in the State. 1919 mfr ll WAR, CQIQQLLA. ll' fp 1919 Dewberry 6: Montgomery Largest Office Outfitters and Schcol Supply House in Alabama HOTEL EMPIRE Gus NoRToN, Mgr. Rates: SI.00 ancl 32.00 per cl y Corner Fourth Avenue ancl Twenty Second Street BIRMINGHAM, ALA. Telephones l l40 and l l4l ' PHARMACY "A Real Drug Shop" Five Points 2014 Second Avenue BIRMINGHAM, ALA. BIRMINGHAM., ALA. Phone Main 1080 "The Home Paper" AGE HERALD Only Morning Newspaper in the Birmingham District Ee 551 :ie Only Sunday Newspaper in Birmingham Publishing the Associated Press Reports WA IQ, C o IQ. o L I. A SCARBROUGI-l ALABAMA DRUG HARDWARE CGMPANY COMPANY DRUGGISTS WW ................................................ HARDWARE ANNISTON, ALABAMA ANNisToN, ALABAMA NFLESTER I-IUTEL American P lan TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA The Oak Ciiy's Only F irsi-Class Hosfelry Our Cafe Service is unsurpassed, and we are particularly well equipped to care for special party and club luncheons and dinners l9l9 L71 WAR, GolQ.oi.i.A iaia 75' Alaloama Polytechnic Institute The Oldest School of Technology in the South Courses of Instruction ? I. College of Engineering, Mines and Architecture- Civil, Electrical and Mechanical, Chemical and Mining Engineering, Architecture, Metallurgy, Mechanic Arts, Drawing, Machine Design, etc. 2. College of Agricultural Sciences-Agriculture, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry, Botany, Entomology, Chemistry. 3. Department of Pharmacy--flfour and Two Year Courses, . . 4. Academic College-History, English, Mathemat- ics, Latin, German, French, Spanish, Physics, Astron- omy, Political Economy. 5. Department of Agricultural Education. 6. College of Veterinary Medicine. For General Catalog and Detailed Information, Address CHARLES C. THATCH, M.S., LL.D., President AUBURN WA R, GOROLLRA REX PHARMACY HEADQUARTERS FOR STUDENTS Prescriptions a Specially TUscALoosA, ALA. Wright's Shaving Parlor ALSTON BUILDING Six First-Class Artists: Clean and' Sanitary Joi-:N G. WRIGHT, Proprietor TUscALoosA, ALA. BURCHFIELD BROTHERS Wholesale Grocers TUscALoosA, ALA. Marshall, Jordan HILBISH and Kelth Sporting Goods Wholesale Produce Xlgctrogls ecor s DEALERS IN FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC FRUITS TUSCALOOSA, ALA. University Trade Soliciled TUSCALOOSA, ALA. l9l9 cf? WAR, I fe COIQOLLA l9l9 NORTON DRUG COMPANY The Price Cutters QF isit Our New Store V Fourth Ave. and Twentieth S BIRMINGHAM, ALA. t. MISS BLACK Florist Five Points Clothes for Young Men and Men Who Stay Young :ok 'if hs If i t -I 1 of '2,L"W ff! IXIPI PM Phone, Main 4724 I Q," BIRMINGHAM, ALA. I Patronize BLA-CH'5 Our The College shop Advertisers BIRMINGHAM, ALA. WAR. GOROLLA PURE, WHOLESOME AND REFRESHING DRINK Ifhern-Ifula rim-',QE3' NOIYEXSQ 0000 SOLD ONLY IN BOTTLES The Sanitary Way The Same Pleasing Uniform Flavor in Every Bottle MAY'S I WHOLESALE AND RETAIL -ICE CREAM, CAKES, AND CANDIES OUR BAKING IS MODERN, SANITARY AND UP-TO-DATE. WHEN YOU HAVE YOUR DANCE OR RECEPTION CALL ON US FOR REFRESHMENTS. ALWAYS SOMETHING NEW. WE DELIVER TO ALL PARTS OF THE CITY OPEN ALL DAY SUNDAY. MAY'S I PHONE 803, NEAR POSTOFFICE TuscALoosA, ALA. 1919 '72 WAR, C2oIQ,oI.I.A l9l9 7? U IVERSITY OF ALABAMA CAPSTONE OF THE PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM OF ALABAMA LETTERS, SCIENCE, ENGINEERING, EDUCATION, LAW, MEDICINE SUMMER SCHOOL Standard Institution of Learning Modern Buildings and Equipment One Hundred Instructors One Thousand Seven Hundred and Fifty Students All friends of higher education in Alabama are invited to consider the impartial and expert classification of the Univer- sity of Alabama by the National Bureau of Education at Washington, and by the Carnegie Foundation at New York, the only recognized standardizing agencies of the country. President Pritchett of the Carnegie Foundation, in referring to the academic department, characterizes the work as "of the first grade," while the engineering school is described as "of standard excellence." EXPENSES EXCEEDINGLY MODERATE For Catalog, A ddress President Geo. H. Denny, lVl.A., PhD., l..l...D., D.C.l... UNIVERSITY, ALABAMA WAR, GolQ.o1.l.A Stephenson Studio GED. M. DUGINS Makers of the Besi Pholograplzs 410 North Twentieth Street B'RM'NGHAM' ALA' At Moderate Prices M. H. Wilson Lula Tyus Fincher Sc Ozment Jewelry Company A Trial Will Convince You fewelers and Siluersmiihs TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA C. W. LEWIS FURNITURE COMPANY CORNER SIXTH STREET AND TWENTY-THIRD AVENUE TELEPHONE I44 i The Qnly Exclusive Furniture Store ln the City And for Prices-Cash or Credit Thafs Enough Saicl TUSCALOOSA ALABAMA 1919 C74 X WAR, COROLLA 1919 FT ALLEN 81 JEIVIISON COMPANY HARDWARE MILL SUPPLIES AND BUILDING MATERIAL TUSCALOOSA ALABAMA CENTRAL DRUG HOOPER MOTOR COMPANY COMPANY Drugs, Candies WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS Soda, Clgars Aufomobiles Trucks, Traclors : EJ KE OUR sr HEADQUAR RITE Us FOR PRICES WHEN IN TOWN SPECIAL DEPARTMENT OF ACCESSORIES r IE! TUSCALOOSA, ALABA SELMA, ALABAM WAR., ColQ,o1.l.A 1919 I-IINCKLEY PHOTO CO. TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA. General Photographic Work e e L :W -A with E2 il 70? Wx 'll :V If A1 l-if ,silk -, f Qi' Large Collection of Recorded Neg- atives of University Scenes and University Students, Covering a Period of Several Years PROMPT ATTENTION TO MAIL ORDERS A I XNAIQ, GolQ.oi.L.A 1919 X? n FRANK S. Moonv, President CHAS- N. MAXWELL, C h FRANK M. Moonr, Vice-President C. O. HAYsr.r:1"r, Assistant Ca h THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF TUSKALOOSA Capital .............................................. S I 00,000.00 Shareholders' Liability .... ....... l 00,000.00 Surplus and Profits ............................. l00,000.00 Total Responsibility ...................... S300,000.00 A Designated Depository of the United States and of the State of Alabama desires to be remembered by the young men of the University. CLOTHES FOR YOUNG MEN AND MEN WHO STAY YOUNG BLACICS THE COLLEGE SHOP TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA WAR, GIOROL LA The City National Bank TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA. Capital ,..,,,,.,..,.,.,,.,,.,,, ........ S 100,000.00 Shareholders' Liability ...... I00,000.00 Surplus and Profits ...... .... I l5,000.00 Depositors' Guaranty ........ ........ as 3I5,000.00 Resources ...... .,..... ........ S I 300,000.00 We Pay 4 Per Cent Interest on Savings Deposits Compounclecl Semi-Annually DESIGNATED DEPOSITORY FOR THE UNITED STATES AND STATE OF ALABAMA. S. F. ALsToN, President. E. B. Nuzulvi, Vice-President R. H. Coci-mANis,,Cashier. I. T. HORNE, Vice-President L. S. MCGEHEE, Asst. Cashier DIRECTORS ' E. B. NUZUM S. F. ALSTON H. A. IoNEs W. W. BRANDON I-I. N. EDDINS R. H. Coci-IRANE A I. T. HORNE S. F. CLABAUGH W. D. PART1.ow I. H. F1TTs, IR. I. F. ALSTON CHAs. MoRR1s ISIS GR nn WAR, CQIQQLLA l9I9 IBA ff- CORONA ROYAL TYPEWRITERS - C Q, TYPEWRITERS SUPPLIES RIBBONS W REPAIRS A ' ' MULTIGRAPHING EXCHANGE HOTEL BUILDING V MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA EXCHANGE PICKWICK DRUG COMPANY C A F E FRED RIDOLPHI, Proprietor SODA CCIGARS CANDY Phones 385 and 386 EXCHANGE HOTEL BUILDING I03 Commerce Street MONTGOMERY, ALA. MONTGOMERY, ALABAM WAR, GOI2,0LrL.Ai Hobbs 8: McGill jewelers and Silversmiffzs SELMA, ALABAMA THE PITTS SHOE COMPANY Manufacturers and Wholesale Dis- tributors of Reliable Foot Wear Swift Drug Company Drugs, Soda Cigars, Candy Prescriptions accurately compounded SELMA, ALABAMA WM IO4-I 06 Commerce St. MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA LOBMAN, MGGG 8: CG. Wholesale Grocers MoNTcoMr-LRY, ALABAMA "LO-MO-CO" FOR QUALITY Lomoco On the Label Means Quality in the Can 1919 '37 XQVAIQ, GOROLLA lSJl9 For a Young lVlan A Gruen Verithin Watch is the proper thing, but we also have Scarf Pins, Cuff Links, Collar Bars, Waldemar Chains, Fountain Pens, Military Brushes, Rings, Smoking Accessories, Cold Knives, Mono- gram Belt Buckles, and Cigarette Cases. Klein and Son feuyelers MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Penton Garrett DRUG CO. Druggisls QQQSMQB' '1Uf'3'iU' 2 MONTGOMBRY, ALABAMA The Flowers You Send Her For that social function will be strictly correct if ordered here They will also be the freshest and most fragrant blossoms to be had. Either phone or write your order and it will have our prompt attention. ROSEMONT GARDENS, Florists l I6 Dexter Avenue Montgomery, Ala TRESSLAR lVlontgomery's Leading Photographer MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Young Shoe Co. The Best' Shoes Money Can Buy l College Trade Solicitecl l SELMA. ALABAMA WAR, GOROLLA THQOSIQQZXQU B E L v E D E R E MEN'S AND WOMEN'S RLi'531ffSfAR THEATRES We Have ONID the B651 High Class Motion Pictures TUSCALOOSA, ALA. Programs changed each day Wiesel's MENS AND BOYS' Clothing and Furnishings We are particularly well equipped to care for University Trade TUSCALOOSA, ALA. TUSCALOOSA, ALA. J. R. STALLWQRTI-1 CITY MARKET IIllnnluInInulnulunnlulIllIInnlnuInlnnIanlllunIllullInllInInlnulIInllIllIuIll1nnlnlnnunuuunnunnuuunlnnrun "Bull," Pork, lVlutton and Sausage, Fish and Oysters b Satisfaction Guaranteed TELEPHONE NO. 59 TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA I9l9 C72 VJAIQ, ColQ.o1.l.A 1919 X? n A Ii 3--- i SQQ8:SlQx ixxxx we We , W A Y N K Q S 1 A L :H is Y A S , S x S L A iq COCA-COLA is a perfect Ai answer to A 1 is tation can N thirst that no imi- satisfy. A A A A AS Coca-Cola quality, recorded in f the public taste, is what holds Ag it above imitations. A Demand the genuine by full name -nicknames encourage substitution. THE COCA-COLA Co. ATLANTA, GA. A xxxlg 5 x 1 n r Air' WAR, GOROLILA 1919 REID LAWSON Q E'i'The Upstairs Jeweler" . FIRST NATIONAL BANK BUILDING Birmingham, Alabama THE UNIVERSITY SUPPLY STORE WE HAVE EVERYTHING You NEED 'BOOKS AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES Subscriptions Talfen For All Publications al Popular Prices The Supply Store is operated for the benefit of the Athletic Association and is under the control of the faculty committee on athletics "Help Us fo Help Youve sz -- I. WAR, COIQOLLA l9I9 S 76 GREEN DRUG WARD DRUG DRUGGISTS 'ste A ' DRUGS Candies, Soda, Cigars 'sie B PIRE SEILDL T A TI-IE MERCHANTS BANK AND TRUST CGIVIPANY OF TUSCALOOSA, ALA. Offers Its Facilities to University of A Alabama Students WAR, GOIQOLLA DOWNING DRY GOODS COMPANY A DO YOUR SHOPPING HERE C553 lt . 201: mmmnlnggzlunrmnmg ECQIU-5fum1m11D lHDmm1m ww A -- H. JONES Alabama's Best Pocket Billiard Rooms and Barber Shop, Bowling Alleys, Hot and Cold Tubs, Show- er Baths, Cigars, Tobacco and Cold Drinks TUSCALOOSA, ALA. MONTGOMERY ALABAMA JOSEPH SAKS Weatherford 51 CCMPANY Printing Company Complete Outfitters for COMMERCIAL Young Men PRINTING ' ANNSTONJ ALA- TUSCALOOSA, ALA. LELAND El-ll..BERT'S HARDWARE CU. Everything in Hardware l TUSCALOOSA, ALA. DRY GOODS AND LADIES' WEAR TUSCALOOSA, ALA. 1919 do .ess XNAR, QolQ.ol.l.A ISIS C? CAN HELP YOU lf You Want Employment and 'Can Afford to Prepare for a Paying Position Young: Men-Froni slx months to n yc-nr at EASTMAN would qualify you to com- mand double the uulary you are capable ol' eurnlng wlthout some Voc-ntlolnll 'Pralnlng The EASTMAN complete Socreturlnl Course would make you both protlclcrnt and efflclent ln the work of the olllce und countlny.: room. NVe rt-eolve many calls for competent helpers from buslness and professlonul men, tlnnnelm-rs, corpuratlon officials, und the t'lvll Servlce Commlsslon nnd thus enable students who deslre nu- slstunce to obtuln pnylng employment promptly Euutmnn Students Suu-vm-d with thelr work- and more than 50,000 of the gradu- ntos of the school now et-eupy paying po- sltlons or conduct prolltuhle buslness of thclr own ln all parts ol' America and many forelprn countries. Moderate ex- penses. All Comnwrclnl hrnnvhes taught. Strung lecture courses. Open durlnp: en- llre year tno vnentlonsl. New students enter any week day. Pall or write for prospectus. Clement C. Gaines, M.A. LL.D., President Box CV. Poughkeepsie. N. Y. FAUCETTE DRUG CO. The House of Service DRUGS SODA 2305 BROAD STREET TUSCALOOSA, ALA. OUR STORE IS THE STUDENTS' HEADQUARTERS SHOES SHINED FREE EILSON-SMITH HOE COIVIPA Y XNAIQ. ColQ.oi.i.A 1919 University of Alabama School of Medicine EMBER of the Association of American Medical Colleges. Registered by the New York Edu- cational Department. Rated in Class A by the Council of Education of the American Medical Association. Educational Requirements for Admission: Two years of college work, to include Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and a modern Foreign Language, in addition to the four- year, fourteen-unit high school course. The combined course now offered by the University gives to the student the opportunity of obtaining both the B.S. and the M.D. degrees in six years. Fees: 55150.00 per session. The Department of Pharmacy offers a two years' course leading to the degree of Ph.G. Fees: SI00.00 per session For Catalog and Any Desired Information, Address The Dean, School of Medicine UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA sT. ANTHONY AND s'r. LAWRENCE STREETS MOBILE., ALABAMA 1 QQ nn WAR, CQIQQLLA 1919 7? E Erected and Occupied l907 Do You Appreciate the Fact That the Keeping Qualities of Biologicals Depend On Proper Storage We have the largest and most perfect storage plant in the South. We use mechanical refrigeration, and our plant is always of uniform temperature. We carry a full line of LEDERLEYS, MULFORD'S, PARKE., DAVIS 6: CO.'S, LILLY'S BIOLOCICALS Complete Twenty-four Hour Service VAN ANTWERPS The Best Only MOBILE, ALABAMA VIEW IN STORAGE XQVAIQ., CZOIQOLLA. 1919 "' nfl THE SOUTHERN INF IRIVIARY MOBILE, ALABAMA ' The building was completed and opened to the public June 24, l907, is a compact, modern one, with large halls and rooms well ventilated, heated by steam, lighted by gas and electricity. The building has forty rooms for the use of patients. The fourth floor is devoted entirely to operating, sterilizing and anaesthetizing rooms as well as surgeon's laboratory. The rooms are especially, adapted to obstetrical, surgical and gynecological cases. The obstetrical department is modern, and arrangements complete. This institu- tion is amply protected against fires. A training school for nurses is in full operation, with an adequate corps of teachers. The Southern Infirmary is located on the highest point of the city, accessible by four street car lines. The institution is under control and management of the undersigned, who will make the best endeavors to foster the true inter- ests of all patients entrusted to their care. Tubercular, epileptic and insane patients are not received. T. H. FRAZER, NLD. W. R. JACKSON, M.D. Chief, Obstetrical Department Chief, Surgical Department WAR, C3olQ.o1.l.A l9l9 ll' ff-w THE IVIERCI-IANTS BANK MOBILE., ALA. Resources Over Five and One-Half Million Dollars smgfzf I , FE Offers It's Facilities to Students in the Medical Department of the ' University of Alabama SPRING HILL CGLLEGE SPRING HIL,L ALA. Senior and funior Unil, R. O. T. C. The College Department offers the following courses: I. The Classical Course, leading to the A.B. Degree. 2. The Science Course, substituting modern for ancient languages, and leacl- ing to the Degree of B.S. or Litt.D. 3. Business Course. 4. Pre-Medical Course. This is a special course of preparation for specializing in technical professions. The High School Department offers: I. The Standard High School Course. 2. The Science Course, substituting modern for ancient languages. FoR FURTHER INFORMATION, APPLY TO PREFECT or STUDIES WAR, C3OI2.0l..l.A 1919 A 'L . . p i A ' CLOTHES, HATS AND FURNISHING Bienville Pressing Club R. E. GREEN, Proprietor "On the Square" l7 N. Conception STEAM AND HAND PRESSING Worlf Called for and Delivered on Short Notice Satisfaction Guaranteed Bell Phone 400 Home Prone l680 l... H. Meyer Sc Sons MOBILE, ALABAMA DAVE S. BAUER DRUGGISTS AND Hotel St. Andrew A. DACOVICH 81 SONS, Proprietors ' PRESCRIPTION MOBILE' ALA' SPECIALISTS Rate, Sl.00 to 32.00 at Day Dauphin and Conception Sts. MOBILE, ALA. All Modern Conveniences We Will Appreciate Your Business BOYLE' S STUDIO MOBILE'S LEADING PHOTOGRAPHER I67M2 DAUPHIN ST. MOBILE, ALA. VVAIQ, COIQOLLA l9l9 FT THE CAWTHON HOTEL "Down Mobile" THE HOUSE PRE-EMIN ENT Second to none, with a clientele reaching all over the United States, and growing daily. Reason: Real Service and Appreciation of Patronage. From I2 to 2:30 daily, except Sunday, a luncheon for 60 cents is served in THE VINEYARD, Mobile's summer and winler garden. Business Men and Shoppers Will Find it Advantageous to Dine Here. THE CAWTHON MOBILE'S REPRESENTATIVE HOTEL P. C. STEELE, Manager. Manhattan Cleaning and PICSSIHQ Club Cleaning, Pressing and Repairing CLASSY NECKWEAR SHIRTS AND HOSIERY THE BLUE STORE All Work Guaranteed JOE LANc.AN, Manager Bell Phone 3278 300 Saint Francis St., Cor. Jackson MOBILE, ALA. I59 Dauphin St. Mobile, Ala. YEEND POTTER, Manager MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA THE B. AND B CAFE PENSACOLA, FLORIDA ALWAYS OPEN FOR LADIES AND GENTLEMEN "Cleanliness and Quick Service" Our Molto POPULAR PRICES POLITE WHITE WAITERS No. 20 South Royal Street MOBILE, ALABAMA BELL TELEPHONE 2990 HOME TELEPHONE I507 WAR, GQIQOLLA BATTLE HOUSE, MOBILE "AIabama's Meeting Place" OPENED NOV., I908 J. Built On tlte Site of the Historic Battle I-Iouse, at the Cost of More Than a Million 4. S. I'I. PECK, Proprietor MOBILE, ALABAMA PEOPLES BANK OF MOBILE Member of the Federal Reserve System Capital, 35200,000 Surplus, S300,000 WE Soucrr YOUR ACCOUNT INGE-BONDURANT SANITORIUM -' Private Sanizforium I MOBILE, ALABAMA H. T. INGE, M.D. E. D. BONDURANT, M.D.. l9I9 aft WAR, GOIQQLLA l9I9 ff' E. H. BRITTON WHOLESALE AND RETAIL SHGES AND HOSIERY l5I-I53 DAUPHIN ST. MOBILE, ALABAMA THE TOGGERY MOBILE lVlobile's Leading Men's Shop DRUG COMPANY Sole Distributors of Rogers-Peet and Kirschbaum's High-Grade WHOLESALE DRUGGISTS Clothing, Knox and Stetson Hats AND MANUFACTURING and E. 81 W. Shirts CHEMISTS On the Corner, ft Emanuel and Dauphin Sta. - MOBILE. ALA- MOBILE, ALA. CAWTHQN BILLIARD HALL MOBILE., ALABAMA The Largest and Best Equipped Hall in the City "RESORT FDR GENTLEIVIENH J. C. MCALEER, Proprietor WAR, GORIOLLA I FOR HIGH QUALITY BUY SMITH'S BREAD AND CAKES Made in a bakery which employs only the most modern bread-making methods, and where absolute PURITY is assured through complete cleanliness in every department. SIVIITI-I'S BAKERY "Where Purity and Quality Count" MOBILE, ALABAMA Let Us Supply Your BARBER SI-'IOP DRUG WANTS 6 Nlf2f'fL,ii'2mt BIEINVH-LE r , Eight Poms Barbers PHARMACY, Inc, G. E. BOSARGE, Proprietor Hon the Squaren Dauphin Pressing Co. ff- MOBILE., ALA. ly X S team Press 4 X Cleaning and 'Pressing Given Care- S ful Attention. Work Called for and Delivered. Give Us a Trial. I BELL TELEPHONE 2077 Prescriptions Our Specialty 1919 A m WAR, QOROLLA Isle' I? B ' THE CAWTHON The Home of Hart Scliaffner 8: Marx Clothes, C. 5: K. and Knapp MOBILE' ALA' Felt Hats. ' Polite Service The Best Made Sanilalion and Satisfaction. Yo P Z ' Under St. AI:clrew's Hotel a mnage Apprecmted Entrance from Cawthon Ho MOBILE' ALA' Lobby and St. Francis St. Al..ABAlVlA'S OLDEST BANK Organized, l865 RESOURCES OVER ELEVEN MILLION DOLLARS FIRST NATIONAL BANK MOBILE, ALABAMA BIENVILLE CAFE I CAFE FOR LADIES AND GENTLEMEN HON THE SQUARE" MOBILE, ALABAMA ST. ANDREWS BARBER SHOP MOBILE, ALA. V "Our Aim is Service, Quality ls Our Slogan" J. S. VEREEN, Proprietor BELL'S WALKOVER SHOE SHOP THE SIGN OF SATISFACTION MOBILE, ALA. WAR, GOROLLA 1919 H ffl i.'..f. "I Yu, 'E' - - ' . A YJ. Y,--"ll-tl' . ' '11 . I - 35-fir wslllr- ff-. ffivEr.f:u'af , ' Th eelqutwiler I 71' ti' TQ. 0 ' f ' BIRMINGHAM, ALA. - A NU' ,,., lilMljI7sfJl,lAlll"'g!. fn A A I:rl'Q!!lsM54+n?rf175"f'L'Li.fF71ff.ien.- ' -' ' ' ' li 5 5 'L Hungve rslty 1:iQfES:fllf'!'0.. :" .' ea quarters 1-' -.-,' Z21fS-2,3137iFT'i-QI . . gfjrl .'., Higgs 5212,-:1,.i15Q 4-31 Special care and protection to ladies 5g,,,1.1H-g-,' lil l , ' ---,T-. 1-I., . . . f , :ml Q:f:1.,.p5:jpjNp traveling alone. Golf privileges ac- yl' corded our guests l"'.,i"f ,i4l",,l'l'lly : Without bath, pe: day, 31.50 ':. l' and S2 00 , ' .4 With bath, per day, sz.00, 32.50, ' " ' 53.00, 33.50, 34.00 and 355.00 UNDER DIRECTION A United Hotels Company of America FRED B. SHIREMAN, Resident Manager Greater Birmingham's Greatest Shoe Store More Shoe Value for your money here than you can get anyvllhere else, is the principle that built our business, Smaller profits are better in the end, because they develop customer friendship that makes for lasting success. GUARANTEE SHOE COMPANY 1905 Tr-HRD AVENUE. BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA JACK'S PLACE I - THE BEST PLACE , for POOL, BILLIARDS, DRINKS, SHINES, CIGARS I TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA WAR, ColQ.ol.l.A 1919 Q3 . 1" . 'H v This Annual llluntrated by The ALABAMA ENGRAVING CO. of Birmingham Specializing in Historic College Annuals Fifteen Yann' Experience .g 1: XMAIQ, ColQ,ol..LA 1919 1'l gl: li l . .- . ' l... . . 1-'egsllqgllggfg wi? - f""f" N -ff .... is if , XNl!lililiiiiiszileaasafxllflifflliefflliiil ilfllisf .... lifllilillivfff.,l,l5:2sSf5fii2iif'fz ' Qfiillifliiiiliiliiiiiilissffg lille' 'zzszezez ,,,,Hf1 ' X.inglselsaeesegalalsaglllyg. sggfgl 52222522 11:1 .ltseszaseeassf-4 'liiliillllfflillfiilslf lllll siliiiiiit iiilliiiflify salleagfzfgzggsls. 55,31 ,--nm: :::- ::z:1535i1 f l:i:::.fn gg O I' -f I I e Xrelzgaggggslll nga 55555432 ssssssssessszf, . X-1g,s.,,ls.x lm " Vliaglifi gzlfgq, issiesssyf 52,5515 'LIHIIIL 2iH"" Hull Hi!-21' ,....-ng gee" "'E:: :mill li7l"- -'pf ' T'-of X f' Colle C AI1I1L13lS llzlh f- ' l 4 .SENSE 5 l 59-13:55 aeszetssly l , l. ':6:i3:2?g ll..--.J . I, I r 31 gn, iE5iEZ?5E'1't' six ' ' S le' my'-lg lm Representxng Colleges 1n eventeen ,f f 'M asslssaze' fn , . fn 1 ln., aeaaassas ! ff- . .sill Qfffffilfl States IS Cllr Record for lllelilli 1Hl'11ff1 11' ' , ' ' 2252! Th- 5 lr L7 P e 13 ea-S011 , MTFNSWW 'gl ::qQ,, fx"6,?f ,fffjr ' , '. " Wray QSM' . JF ,QM V,-7,,:2'2gaf,s1 f A-.515 X 1 gli.-Q., .sllgagkgfy L - Q 'zfgzjgggiik - . iff fiisf' '. lf 1' -4 -. ,,.. rg.::Eff55553232352:ffillEffll3?if:?5Efilf2i5iz?fSLSQR Y' ,.,. ,.... ........ ..... " . ' ' XX-eff, -Q- A :eff ,-.,f --Q --'- ,Z 'g,',.q'i of ' --fu: ::::1::::zz:::::'E55EH?5:::s:'::.Ei??::5?'-EiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiEin:::::.II..TIII.f.l.Iz:z.:::5'iEi5E5EEE1 iEi?EEE.'i5ii'EEiE!:2f'E'iE.:'2'l Jil: :': :!'r.E.L'l5i""' EI"!l:x, 'S ' ' ' A 1 N . . . me Benson Prmtmg Company is a prmting plant specxally flfgf . ui ' ' - sm ' I equxppecl for every kmcl of school ancl college work. It 18 a ms, ll XEEZ Eff' 1 . u n u 2155. 5: M com lete or anlzatxonwxthartlstsanclclesx nersanclwork- fgggg P 1 , iif Eli . - - v - . iii? 5. , men whose thought and msplratlon IS concentrated ln the li 1 lei' iili - V 1 d S h I L' H555 1 , gl, procluctlon of College Annua s an c oo -lterature. , This year we are prlntlng for such lnstltutlons as: Georgetown College, E522 'ff - Alabama Woman's College, Millsaps College, Wofford College, Brenau lllli , College, Mercer University, Judson College, University of Alabama, I Transylvania College, Kentucky College for Women, Tennessee College, ilggg li fff, Greensboro Wcmman's College, 'Irlmble County I-Ilgh School, Sewanee ,Z ' Univemny. Greenville Woman-8 College, Alabama Polyteclmgjellnstltuge, Tulane University, Kentucky State Unlversity, Belhaven o lege. o- gg ll ' wnnee Mlllmry Academy, Dickinson College, Blue Mountaln College, fri? Muskingum College, University of Mlsslsslnpi, Ouaghgta Colg!lIe,hFu1-mari 5,5 U l x lt , Mississippi Womz1n's College, Hlllman o lege. ran am anc gf- 1559 Hlllglzlvg llllllltary Academy, Davidson College, Birmingham Southern 55, 1 College,,The Citadel, Henderson-Brown College, Westhampton Collexre, if Trinity College, Central College, State glogirraltflillooligtlrzgmama fgesnyte- .i if' Ei!! rlan College, Central High School, Van er t n vers y, owar 0 ego. iilii li 1 iii EEK! lpn all 1 usa' sf" me il, 'lisa fill - ... , ages 21, , tn lg. -i--1--if I-LQ 5, :all . l5'! ' Samples and Prices ENSUN College AMN-161 .elf fill? U R PRINTING 00- C Ex me f- 'iill flll pon equest NASHVILLE P llif . fill! "-'i"'-"- QTENN 'iii' f- . iff: Elf. ' . ,nge ai lalgglil 'Chzs Book is a Sample of Our Work 133555, l':.l is l -- V if 5 E :nu :EEE :E ' 1 1 1 HE? " ' J-X 3lliz:iiaizsfsfssseaelievaazeraaslsseu:zzz-f-:vgasaefssfiisgssfellif Eiliiiliiiiil ltijjii"ili!i'1SliiiljiHll lgivlslefsgeslsssjfil'jl 1ffs:'lf'a:'fs2f'Hl'Hsi'i'f 'H' I If' -:well l Wlllllllfll' V , ,Ngwnnf ....,..,.. ls.. ....... u- .... 4.1.4 .5...l. ..... ..1. .. ...... 1... x. .. . n.. .rl-... .. . ,g I .1 g,5,,,,g,,,.4 f,,.m,,,1l,,g- .: le, gg,,3.h . - , ,ffl-,mn MQW' Yam 3 ,ll-.Aw e. -rg:-geggpegr zlgggazgasegageasassasgsggelssassgifgageslssz.ssefrsasefgzgwasonfinalresalelfeisa:z:m:1g,zlzllslllfanmsesszasals 1.L1sms' -fsaosw.----pf 'A ,vl - equi 4, -- . x . -as .N-:Y ,0n7 e p ts-ms.. --- . , .3 . - MM-.,f. ...ew , .-,,f-FI!-!!,5.ir1so':,',y5,g,o553, VJAIQO COIQOLLA l9l9 l Y? I I GOOD I THINGS TO EAT EVERYONE ,WHO WANTS FRESH I MEATS, STAPLE AND FANCY ' A GROCERIES, COMBINED WITH CLOSE PRICES, QUALITY, 'CLEANLINESS AND FRESH GOODS ' PHONEWmorWW ' V .Y Knuuuu GENERAL stones WHEN IN MONTGOMERY ,LET R A REQQIII PATRONIZE I ' I OUR I MAKE YOUR PHOTOGRAPH ADVERTISERS ONEYOOEEEEPROUDOP hi V " ' I4 DEPATEEWAVE.

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