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n m . y r w A w 4 X f 1 - 1 4 . F .1 ,lf -4.1: 1. A' . X . . s v f, K'--, 1 .- ', 'XI' 1 v r l. .Q f -1.--4 - 3 "wi 1 1 ,-'72 'Q , A . , 4411"- -., 1 .n,1,.,-if 4. xrr ,E :f'.',.- ,A r -Q u, my .3 , 74- '-' ,-11.,,,.g ,MK J' ,fy YQ 1, px XV" ' EXH' ONLY The University of Akron Tel-Buch 1984 Marianne Manko, Editor N 0 The University of Akron ' f-eQgvv' g N .1 Opening K !'TP J S The road to learnin .. vu U 'N .' ry 8 NTU- ' 'fx . gd xxx' ' 9 1' 'X v . Uv Q' ' 1 ' 1 X, -Qi Q mx .Y'f's' ' f"..' .l'K 15 'vi .5 T. . 5 . EXW-I. 1- X Qfxfx 4. s 4',. r N vt :tx - l I v. fx! ' gfiu " on . lf., .. A .I Q RVN xi! .Aw ink F lj ' -UTI ll.A1 1 zmg J 5 Q 'Foo ' wr if Errfg- . r N 4 .f av ,ff 7 A . . . . and growing. Opcnirzg A Journey through 7 X 4.22 ...l..-'f if xi g " '5 4...--- , , ,V "' s .11 f e ,V Ps - +41 Lv: . 'LL' Q YAJ- Y ' Z' Ei l fc .- experimentation Opwmlg and good times '45 1 I" i 5 J l- f Nfx X N is.. xg RQ Opcrzirzg I I qu-. -I 'Q t 0 SL Opcmrzg 5 Xi'- Y The road to finding your talents . . . and proving yourself ill L. ,. . v is 'L' W' 4' A V 'hs e Q ww 0 - hh., I' -alfa .. W" Y" ,I Q PF' 99" fl g .,,:, . H Q D Opvlzhzg 1 1 ademics . . . p. 24 Table of Contents On The Road . . . p. 16 Sports . . . p. 60 Organizations . . . p. 98 Opening Operzirzg Greeks . . . p. 174 Events . . . p. 138 Residence Halls . . . p. 212 Seniors . . . p. 248 XV l i Upmzzug +1 5 an THE RUAD A New Turn Perhaps the biggest change on the University of Akron campus this year was the formal change of command for the UA presidency. Dr. William V. Muse succeeded Dr. Dominic I. Guzzetta on August 1, 1984. Formerly the Vice Chancellor for Academic Programs and Planning for the Texas A8zM University Sys- tem, which consists of four aca- demic institutions, Dr. Muse is not new to the Ohio area. In 1965, Dr. Muse began as Assistant Professor of Marketing at Ohio University in Athens. He remained there for five years, leaving his position as Direc- fs Dr. Muse is the 12th President of The University of Akron. tor, Division of Research and Asso- ciate Professor of Marketing in 1970. Dr. Muse continued his edu- cation career at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Caroli- na where he served as the Dean of the College of Business for three years. He left in 1973 and held the same title at the University of Ne- braska at Omaha until 1979, when he went to Texas A8zM. During 1977-78 Dr. Muse was se- lected as a Presidential Interchange Executive, Executive Office of the President, Washington, DC, in or- der to improve managerial effectiveness. At age 45, Dr. Muse is the author of three books. He and his wife, Marlene, have three children. On The Road 7 On October 19, 1983, a mainly pro- Cuban military regime attacked Grenada. Nearly 2,000 U.S. troops invaded Grenada in order to protect U.S. citizens, most of them students at St. George's University Medical School. Nearly 200 U.S. Marines were killed when their Beirut command post was bombed that October. It was dubbed the bloodiest attack against the U.S. military since Vietnam. From Far Away h- Iean Ianek is crowned 1983 Homecoming Queen. S C9 ING .5 ' 18 On The Road Tom Sawyer is Akron's new mayor. Q MMM 1 9 ff.. Q ,V Q N 'J 1' MN . ?,r:'3 Y' 1 in Evangelist Mike Wovoniecki expresses his beliefs. 15 1 ig 'Tr 'X Democratic presidential candidate Walter Mondale chose the first fe- male vice-presidential candidate Geraldine Ferraro. Meanwhile, Rev. Iesse Iackson seemed to make a bigger splash with minorities. While Akron definitely voted in a new Mayor, Tom Sawyer, we al- most saw a Democratic presidential debate between Mondale and Hart on campus. Akron also almost hosted a national sex convention at the Cascade Holiday Inn. Quite on the opposite end, Evangelist Michael Wovoniecki created a lot of controversy by yelling to campus passers-by his positions on man's relationship with God. Carrying an eight-foot cross, Wovoniecki passed out literature with help from his wife and child. round the Corner On the Road 4 , f 1 n I I I 1 1 A 1 -4-' it ii 1 i " ang . EF ' .P- 1983 Zipped By . . . December 8, 1983 marked three years since Iohn Lennon's death. The clock turned to 1984, the year of George Orwe11's predictions, while marking the 20th anniversa- ry of the Beat1e's invasion upon America. ii ia 1 1 1 Beer stamps are enforced during May Day. R fl Y, gn..-- V I t s, X. ,,I1. I 1i':1: ,' v "- ' x A rl In ri, ,V 4 sip' A f'fgiiM'1,f" . Q : 4 n , 1 , 1 W ?'?f ba M451 20 On The Road -M-...,..-1--..., V ....?....., f' f '!dlI'f'fA"' ,Q Construction takes form as the new gym is finished. Left: Could this be commuters only hope for the future? I s Break dancing became a 31 fad in 1984. Ohio residents voted down issue 31, which would have raised the drinking age from 19 to 21 years old. Meanwhile, campus organiza- tions did their best to enforce the 19 beer law. The Health and Physical Education Building opened for the basketball season with a big splash, despite the fact that it was not yet dedi- cated to any one person. Because of the loss of parking spaces on campus, some students wanted to "nuke the gym," while others wel- comed the plans for a new nata- torium. Enter 19 DO'N'Ta , EVEN i THINK PARKING HER ii tc ,t I5 . , Let's be blunt. On The Road xxx 1- A and the USA Rob Kochis was re-elected as the ASG president and Rodney Yates, the 1983-84 vice-president, was nominated the first black Senior Board president on the UA campus. University officials discussed the "Span the Tracks" plan to expand the campus over to downtown Ak- ron. Films such as Terms of Erzdearment gave us The Big Chill and Flashdance left us Footloose. Michael jackson swept world headlines, while bands such as The Lighweights, Re- volver, and Regent Street entertained us at the local scenes. Rodney Yates makes a point during an ASG meeting. "Span the Tracks." ,nr an-IO' College Street was blocked-off to see if traffic would re-route if closed. Obviously, traffic will not! T0 PM The band in the , ,,,, f .-4, W m-""' 1and." Regent Street performs in the Chuckery. Q2 9 .vs The Lightweights were a hit at Mugs as well as the Hilltop. The USA gained many victories during the 1984 Summer Olympic games in Los Angeles. The men's USA gymnastic team won the first- place gold medal overall for the first time in history. On The Road F. . .1 , b A 576 1 541 AA' . 3 ' Ar 1 cn, ,f ., if pry. :- wi, , 11, Q 1 . -2,-Si' x. , 1' I - 1? sell., , . I Y 'LL r- . ,.,. , 'N -5 'n faltj- . 'QA LIS: - . i ,ig -QQ vii' 2 Ls wx.. . :L :- 54? A. . X 4 - x -1 . ? ., . ,. . ,Y K . , , . -s., Y 5- - w fig ff '-'1,a.ff"'p-rv-'1 ,fi:5!,4.- vt-fa dt,-E,1l.,sx 1, !,wy, . "? ',4'.: wa-A ,AE 'AAI K .-., 5 .. x LJ --.1214-..- 6 n I I I f R 5 Y , .: , . 'I f i I . I ,Q ' ' . A -.-Gr x -f1"?i'g-.: '47' " . 1 v7 . H- Qf11',?.fr'r'f" - 4""'v-'li' 1 . 1 A ' -J'-' 1' L'-"1, 'l ' - ' , .if s - V F 1 if .. :F ,ff ' gf f, -1 . 'F-.Q A -in 'iq SQ I, "2-2 rx . V 'N-rl' .2 -I 1 K.: - -., 'a' .T z x f' - I 35:13. - 3 JM f-I P gi. 1- ull' 1, Y- Q, 1 -'.P: bt' r - 7 V, ., , 61.1, ,YS a ' x'-- 'TJ - 11 A -.-3' .- Q V 4 ff, ' gagx. - Rzlgs- 4 H' J ' ', Q. -N - 3 M Ak, 3 i A .- ' xv.. sx " ' X 4... , , ' . - 4. vigrx -f -fe N f f ' 1 5 xv I 'U , ,nuff-nf--,,--V , - ...?.ii, 1 s .' 4 ' ' -. ,., 1-'Y NY-Rig Y rr , - ' "f'.3-, . .N U -QA .,. w ,axl- I X v 'Wfgl A it Q f F 7? fa 9 ACADEMICS w 'K f Q l Dominic I Guzzetta The man behind the president Early every morning people passing by Buchtel Hall could catch Dominic I. Guzzetta mount- ing the front stairs two at a time on his way to his office with as much vigor as he did when he be- gan in the field of education 36 years ago. With 13 years as president, Guzzetta has proven to be ambi- tious and somewhat of a workaho- lic. Education, however, was not always his main career goal. After being valedictorian of his high school class in Civilcreek, NY, he started college pursuing a degree in law. After he dropped back to part-time status, he worked as a sheetmetal worker, assistant Cobbler to his father, and a musi- cian in a band that he organized. He joined the New York State Na- tional Guard in 1940 and one year later was called to serve in World War II. After five years in the ser- vice, Guzzetta returned home and went back to college. In 1948 he graduated Cum Laude with a bachelor's degree in history and government. With his profes- sional interests narrowed down to education and music, it was time to make a decision. "The fact that I had a family at that stage of my life, and I knew that the field of music would not provide the secu- rity I needed," said Guzzetta. While working as a secondary school teacher in New York he at- tended the University of Buffalo, where he received his master's de- gree in history and secondary edu- cation. Two years later he received his doctorate in higher education and educational administration. 26 Academics M sv. YE' Guzzetta came to The University of Akron in 1954 to serve as assistant Dean of the Evening College and Adult Educational Division. For the following 13 years he served UA as Dean of the General College, Vice-president and Dean of Admin- istration, and Senior Vice-president and Provost. In 1968 Guzzetta left UA to serve as president of Marion College in Indianapolis, IN. In 1971 he re- turned to UA to begin his 13 years as president of the university. He retired in compliance with a uni- versity regulation that requires ad- ministrative personnel to leave at i '51 ':i1F' RXFBXSSX age 65. He was given the title of President Emeritus. "I am retiring from the presidency of the university only, certainly not from active duty of any kind," he said. Retirement will be a time of great change for him. He plans to main- tain a very active life. "I have no plans beyond August'31 this retirement date! I hope there will be an opportunity for me to utilize my abilities and interests and re- main productive in the capacity I am used to." Academics Administration i,fij' ' ,ii Q:-7 1 Q 515 LJ ,, A 'x ? 'A' rzzll I V Ii I. . Q . A --Ein- 5 -f 1. ALF: ies. 1 P u mrs: .- it w get rg- ?JQ':.. ' , f I 1 1 ' '1f6fEW'f' I iii 1 P' i fffi- ' : .90 42" ' Wayne Duff, Vice President, Business and Finance. -lr- ' as i Richard Hansford, Vice President and Dean, Student Ser- vices. Bottom right: William Jones, Executive Director, Person- nel. Academics x .f -I-, ,fl- I' i Qfh. 1 Noel Leathers, Senior Vice President and Provost. Ryu' 1 .R 4 .f Q' ff' rv hy, ,Gp 4 X! an-rsh ' George Ball, Assistant to the President. Y:-:aff I I Mario A. DiFederico Eugene D. Graham David L. Headley Charles I. Pilliod Ir. Janet B. Purnell Karl R. Rohrer Iohn S. Steinhauer George E. Wilson Roy E. Brown .......,-.-.- .....,-...r.,.-'WM 3 gi 7, 'sNX Colle e of Arts and Sciences The Buchtel College of Arts and Sciences is the oldest college on campus. The college is composed of three divisions: Humanities, Natural Sciences, and Social Sci- ences. The Humanities division is con- cerned with the intellectual traditions of man through the study of classics, languages, literature, and philosophy. 64'-P' Chemistry majors spend plenty of time in lab ,-- -7 -ff-WV w-vvn F Y K "' W J"-'paws Academics K 9214 XY' lib Dean Claibourn Griffin is also a chemistry professor. l X ' 45 K ,,,,.-2-f I-vc" R Q v I Km, X 3,1 I . l .Ji 1 .-rn' "'i'l- -I , Geography majors work on their mapping project. The Natural Sciences division is the professionally-oriented division in this college with course studies in biology, chemistry, computer science, geology, mathematics, physics, and statistics. The Social Sciences division emphasizes participation in com- munity affairs through courses in economics, geography, history, po- litical science, psychology, and so- ciology. Academics 5 Q52- J.: 32 Academics Business Administration il 4,631 in W , fsxh Should American Product and Inventory Control Society QAPICSJ members shorten its name? The College of Business Adminis- tration provides a program of edu- cation in business to prepare the students for a career in commerce, industry and government. The college is a member of the American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business and offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Five baccalaureate degrees are offered by the college. They are: Accounting, Business Administra- tion, Management, Finance, and Marketing. '46 'N Business students wear their bow ties. xi, 4 6 Meg Hamlin and Bob Lung lead Accounting meetings. 4 -Q 1 X Dean Dunlop wears his bow tie. , it , ,Q M f ' i.- A , , ' in -QA if . , i i... 5-fs Sigma Iota Epsilon initiates newcomers. --l u Y .. ,.- .-. 44, . 5. -- vm-1' , Academics C8zTCollg , , vshf' lil K if-:U 'iff' A it y , , fp-,if s 21 A".-wif .3902 C 6: T students and faculty enjoy a spring picnic The Community and Technical College celebrated its 20th anniver- sary this year. It provides a wide variety of pro- grams of instruction which lead to associate degrees in Business and Office Technology, Engineering and Science Technology, and Al- lied Health Technology. The college also offers programs leading to baccalaureate degrees in both Electronic and Mechanical Technology. -12 GAJ X x C 8: T offers electronics courses. Faculty members enjoy the 20th anniversary celebration. r 'S ""'7 - sw--W, 1, . - V . 1 3 'A 1 Q' 1 -v. . I A "WZ 1 4 Hospitality Management is a C 8: T major. Academics 6A Wa ne General and Technical The Wayne General and Technical College is located near Orrville, Ohio. It was established in 1972 through the Wayne College and the University of Akron. Students may choose to complete the first two years of the college program at Wayne before transfer- ring to the main campus. Others may choose to complete an associated degree in Business Management, Retail Management, Secretarial or Social Science. gli! .E ll-- W'-srl tv 41. Students never have spare-time. 3 Q 0 Q Q 0 0 0 Q I f C I i Q Q r Q Q g ,' F, Q V c0im S . yr .,, . 4,1 :fy , -- f , gf-:,4',,:f-f. .,.,,.F 1 . Q -,g v A: ...Y-Q V . A 1 B, ' " ' V ,g .' -' 4-my 'f..s ' -is-rv 1 4 'q,j . l ,f in fz A 2'- 2 ' W gi W ,... ,fl ,,- 'M x ,B f w if:-w.,,v-gb' Q' g 11 2 J'- . -' f A,-3: 5' r ' ' -' L , wf'?'-Am' ' -4'- 5, -c . ' - ., ,Wm ... J- VV 9 O Q , -1-1-u-1 u 'fo 1. WP' 'I Smaller classes allow more individual attention. e rf 9- So-'iii wi. f 'A -' . V' H? 1 . Dean Turning, of Wayne General. V z , wr " 52-V, ','1,',f5 mfg. 'X' 3 A V, 'Q '56, N ,W ' , . f- , 1 b . , ff QXSMQI it Y"1'l,i:-t2f'T21.Lg2?'?e.' f-f?1:'"I ' t' ' - r ' ' ff ' A . If-ff. fa 1 ' f 4 e,,wf+4--'f-Y J .,f,,., , , frm,-,.C-,fe-1 4 gi ' ,:.,f,, k ' k 33-v5'f'1.' - ,,, 'Q ,' ,ws 5. - ' . ,Y l,.- .-,rf ."f 2 . - The Wayne campus is only 12 years old. f"'....L.. , Academics Education The College of Education offers programs for the preparation of elementary and secondary teachers, counselors, school administrators and other educational personnel. In addition to providing a foundation in general education, the college offers an intensive study in technical and administra- tive areas along with courses and experiences which combine theory and practice. Surrounding school districts coop- erate with the college in advisory capacities and are used for observa- tion and for the assignment of student teachers. Approximately 50 percent of the teachers in the Ak- ron Public Schools attended the University of Akron. LL 38 Academics a-'tw' s..,..,4,M in if TURNS Ld.. Natalie Prioli, Special Education major 3'-iw F i 1. '32 1 . 'Il- il B 1 -Lnlf 3 4 1' I 2 , P - :.-f "'4"' . Engineering The College of Engineering pro- vides a five-year cooperative plan to a majority of its undergraduates. The cooperative plan combines the development of fundamental principles in the classroom and their application in industrial prac- tice. A Student may choose from six degrees including Chemical, Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical Engi- neering. Louis Hill, Dean of Engineering. -..f Q Aol V gat?- ,,e....-as-s "' -at . - re ... M' , iacran., w,,ui"' -+- ', ,A,,,g--5...,,,,. ' .. we-ea.-sf , ...M . we WI' ,-nl' ,JIWM .. L i.,a 40 Academics ,N f- 4 ,,. ,,,,...'f:.?"" ,xi-f3,,5: wk' , nhllvv W "" --,..Q.' ' gp, 1. -'.u'4' -.1"9""'mQ.. - 4 .. if W-qwfpswt-' ,f i -:fin-:pw .. ., ,..g,p., H" .-nzavgf-Mfff-cttw-11 A. ' ' ' ,jj"""' Civil Engineering students build and race concrete canoes. -in g UN'VERSLIxorm 1 NORMAN P. AUBWM Am CENTER American Civil Engineers members built the ASC sign. 49 f I I L K, lf E SQ r I hr- ,-s.t.,,,mw x A' "-n,,,5as.M6 .X agp? .5-.r American Institute of Chemical Engineers member enjoys refresh- ments. A member of the Institute of Electrical Engineers lectures. Academics 42A E ening College The Evening College and Summer Sessions at the University of Akron offer an education to those other than the traditional students. Courses of every level from non- credit vocational through PhD are offered both in the evening and during the summer. The Evening College has estab- lished many organizations and ex- tra-curricular activities which are similar to those of the day college. Some of these organizations are the Evening Student Council, Al- pha Epsilon, and Chi Sigma Nu. A0- Ci-0 Members of the evening woman's sorority, Gamma Beta. 1 'I-4 533, Top: annual dinner-dance, left: Dr. Knepper at the Awards banquet Keith Rose presents Randy Rado an award. 'Q"'0"'n-, s.Nw M? An Alpha Epsilon inductee listens to the ceremony. Dean Carrino, of the Evening College. Academics Fine and Applied Arts Billy Henry writes for The Buchtelite. The College of Fine and Applied Arts provides students with artistic, technological, clinical, and studio experience in the arts. A goal of the college is to develop a working knowledge and aware- ness of the arts within each student. Areas of study include: Home Eco- nomics, Music, Art, Mass Media- Communication, Communicative Disorders, and Theatre and Dance. 44 Academics A A theatre major puts on make-up Music majors can learn every instrument. 51-. H 'YRNK Gerald Kneiter, Dean of F Sz AA, relaxes. Communication majors learn to edit film. 5 ,J , A 3 '-J i fi . yi Music majors give recitals. Academics 11 l I School of Law 46 Academics -Qg'-'-Q, , , Law students spend hours in the library. The School of Law was established in 1959 to provide students with the opportunity to receive the de- gree of Iuris Doctor. A student in the school obtains a fundamental knowledge of law and the role of law in society. This knowledge enables graduates to be- come attorneys and counselors-at- law, as well as leaders in govern- mental affairs. Law students are required to have an undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university in an appropriate field of study. It seems that the paper work never ends. r 5 Dean Ienkins, of the School of Law. Academics ursin 48 Academics I-iF"-.4 - Nursing students man a table for Career Day. The College of Nursing provides students with an education in the- ories and concepts along with the practice and application of nursing skills. Acceptance into the college is limited to 180 students each year. The college offers a four-year program of study to the generic student and the registered nurse. ax Bl' Lillian DeYoung, Dean of Nursing. Q A student gathers information about a nursing career. Nursing students graduate in a December ceremony. Q. 1' Collegiate Nursing Students Club met often. Academics University College The University College provides students with a well-rounded start- ing point toward a professional goal. The college offers general studies courses including: speech, english composition, world history, and a variety of physical education courses. The counseling office helps stu- dents adjust to the collegiate envir- onment and develop academic, per- sonal, and occupational objectives. Some students find that tennis is their racquet Up Z 1 1 it Z Students meet phys-ed requirement with swimming F 5 . ' fl! lj ff sf Daen Ruebel, of the University College. Academics ECDUCGM "fl ':.. . X .iafrgi .' fl .i E:- ,,,.,, The Northeastern Ohio Universities Q College of Medicine QNEOUCOMJ, w, established in 1973, is formed by students from the University of Ak- ron, Kent State University, and Youngstown State University. Students must complete 11 months of study during each of their six years in the program in order to 5 receive a bachelors and a Doctor of Medicine degree. 'sl H-"Qm I A medical student conducts research. D L v I P, RVW . 1 'Z Students enjoy the NEOUCOM banquet. 52 Academics 1,4-L, Leg bone's connected to the hip bone t, Conducting experiments is part of learning. NEOUCOM faculty make use of their lounge. lf" lg, Students discuss their notes before class. The first two years are spent on one of the university's campuses focusing on studies in the humanities and basic pre-medical courses. The third year of study is conducted at the Basic Medical Sci- ences Campus in Rootstown, Ohio. Students spend most of their three final years developing skills at one or more of the associated commu- nity hospitals. Academics Stephen I. Alexander Bill Ameredes David F. Ayers Paul I. Bauer Terry A. Belden Robert M. Berglund Ioan E. Brasaemle Noel I. Bremer Richard A. Briggs Thomas A. Brittain Samuel I. Brown Arthur E. Burford Ioel H. Burkholder Nathan F. Cardarelli Paterno R. Castillo Shiou Shiun Chen Chun F. Chen Fred Choy Harry H-T Chu Benjamin T. Chung Lindgren Li Chyi George S. Cohen Raymond M. Collins Gail A. Corbett Robert G. Corbett Nicholas C. Costakos Roger A. Crewford Faye H. Dambrot Anthony F. Dean Robert Deitchman Elmer D. Dickens Gregg Dieringer Milan F. Dubravcic Daniel L. Ely William H. Evans Roberta I. Flanagan Lawrence G. Focht Iohn L. Frater 54 Academics I-I0 ORARY F RATER ITIES Sigma Xi Laverne M. Frieberg Stephen S. Fugita Richard I. Galligan Robert N. Gandee Ion S. Gerhardt Hassan S. Ghazi Perer J. Gingo Ruth Giuffria Dolores I. Gluck Llyod A. Goettler Raj Gopal Howard L. Greene Elbert E. Gruber Iohn F. Gwinn Richard H. Haude lack D. Hauentstein William L. Hergenrother Louis A. Hill William W. Hokman Thomas M. Horner Iohn I. Houser Iu-Shin Hsiao Dale L. Jackson Jim L. jackson Howard L. james Gordon L. Ieppesen David A. Kapusinski Chaman N. Kashkari William E. Kempton Michael Klein Frank W. Klink Raymond I. Knorr Gerald F. Koser Thomas G. Krivak A. W. Kinze Paul C. Lam Stephen H. Laning Robert P. Lattimer Sunggyu Lee Ioy S. Lindbeck Richard C. Lorson Coleman I. Major Barbara L. Manner james Manner Bryce D. McMichael Carl R. McMillin Rodger Menzies Tony Misko Karen M. Mudry Colleen I. Murray Mohammed-Ho Naraghi Thomas L. Nash Allen G. Noble David H. O'Keeffe Laddy F. Ospanik Donald Ott James Gziomek Deborah I. Phillips Irja Piirma Harry T. Pinnick john A. Popplestone Marion Popplestone Elliot D. Pursell Thomas I. Quick Charles P. Rader Malcolm R. Railey Thomas E. Reed Carl R. Ribaudo Robert W. Roberts Emily Rock Louis E. Roemer David A. Ross Ronald L. Salisbury Simsek Sarikelle Michael Savage Robert F. Savinell ! Rudolphe I. Scavuzzo Phillip H. Schmidt Steven P. Schmidt Richard A. Schwarz Dale L. Schruben Johanna S. Schruben Linda Selvig Iohn Serafini Howard D. Shapiro Piyare L. Sharma Daniel B. Sheffer Walter A. Sheppe Kenneth F. Sibila Daniel I. Smith Iames R. Stafford Iohn I. Stansbrey Warren Stoutamire Leonard Sweet Howard L. Taylor James W. Teeter Linwood P. Tenney Donald C. Thorn David H. Timmerman Susan I. Trembley john P. Vander Kodi Verna F. Vander Kodi Louis S. VanSlyck Ernst D. Von Meerwall Edwin E. Wagner Walter G. Warner Iames F. White - Lawson G. Wideman Max S. Willis Charles W. Wilson B. E. Whiteman Lian-Tau Yeh George W. Young Harry Zantopulos Phi Eta Sigma Arnold Atienze Kevin M. Baker David P. Barker Timothy P. Bohn Scott S. Boyes Truc C. Bui Paul H. Burket Robert G. Burridge, jr. Donald S. Cannatti Wei Chu Lew Clark Richard L. Clark james M. Clevenger Stephen C. Collins Craig A. Condo Brian E. Connolly Mark H. Cressman Mark R. Draa Michael D. Drowns Clarence E. Eckelberry, jr. jeffrey M. Eckman Mark A. Enot A William j. Faehnrich Frederick W. Fahrenback Michael R. Frank Phillip F. Friedhoff Theodore N. George Vergle L. Gipson III Alan A. Grna Stephen A. Hamm Gregory H. Harman David M. Hensal Vincent j. Herman jonathan L. Hurd Scott M. Hussing Tan D.iHuynh ' john W. Keblesh Zulkifli H. Khamis joseph W. Kent II Sabahattin Kimyon Thomas E. Kittinger Rick A. Kline Kenneth E. Knight john P. Kovalchin David R. Kozy, jr. Richard S. Lane Kevin T. Lewis Richard R. Lewis, jr. Gene A. Lindgren jeffrey L. Lunsford Michael R. Mariner Lucius N. Mather james M. McCrory Brian j. McDonald jeffrey S. McGhee Paul A. McHenry 'Outstanding David White Venita McCall Seniors john P. Memmer Steven D. Moser Michael j. Motz jeffrey A. Mullen Ronald O. Neaffer james A. Niemann Bharatkumar Patel Raul j. Pedrozo Edward P. Perl Drazen P. Petrinec Kevin M. Phillips Mark W. Pickering john L. Pirt II Michael P. Quinn Michael W. Raies Rex D. Ramsier Barney R. Raye Robert G. Remis Gerald R. Robinson Timothy j. Rupert Nasser M. Salem john j. Saxon john L. Schwendeman Harry Shullo Milan S. Slovak, jr. Colin P. Smith john R. Smith Michael P. Smith Ted A. Snyder jeffrey T. Sprague David E. Tabor jeffrey A. Takoch Neal Tesny james W. Timoch Ronald C. Toth David M. Uhall john P. Weisburn Keith B. Werstler jeffrey L. Whiddon Nelson j. Wittenmyer, jr Paul F. Wittibschlager jonathan R. Workman james W. Wylie jeffrey M. Yackley Michael F. Yonders Theofore E. Ziton, jr. Academzcs Michele Allenbach Rebecca Ash Jeanine Avery Laura Barker Jill Bates Jennifer Beck Elizabeth Bender Michelle Berquist Mary Bonder Tammie Brettell Laura Burlingame Shannon Burns Marian Calvin Christine Carey Sheryl Carpenter Lisa Ciccarelli Susan Collet Margaret Cosgriff Jean Costlow Stella Crosby Kellie Curfman Denise Deern Susan Deitz Julie Dick Achievement Dawn Donich Mary Donlin Laura Donovan Tina Perrato Mary Ferri Teresa Finlay Jarni Pranjesh Dale Gallagher Krista Grissinger Amanda Haiduc Holly Hancock Kathy Harding Susan Hardman Elizabeth Hawkins Janet Herrmann Julie Hill Judith Hoe-dt Christine I-lndak Carolyn Hull Patricia Jellick Kathy Kincaid Michelle Knoch Michele Kntylowski Ianette LaMarca Unni Langhed Geri Ann Lawrence Denise Lincoln Deborah Linerocle Mary Lipovan Julie Maiorana Patricia Mastilalc Terri Mans Michele McClure Melinda Mcflortney Debra Monteleone Kelly Montgomery Charlene Moore Lorena Murray Jill Nash Hollie Nnber Phyllis O'Connell Kathleen iiaratore Cecily Batrick Karen Penrnan Julie Porter Susan Price Thelma Maurine Root Linda Sander Sigma Theta Tau Sr. Edwardine Baznik Linda M. Benedict Karen Bolyard Linda Brandel Beth Ann Brown Judy Bryant Tonda Burge Helen Byers Kathleen Caruso Cathy Cessio Connie Chance Denise Cummins Noreen Cunningham Karen Davis Brenda Deason Linda Doherty Kathleen Dwyer Lucille Eller Susan Folden Rosemary Gardner Lori Gruich Marie Gayetsky 56 Academics Cynthia Gibbons Alice Gregory Denise Grimes Lori Gruich Aimee Grywalslci Julie Harned Karen Hart Shirley Hyland Mary Jura Lori Kidd Jennie Knapp Cathy Kruza Jacqueline Kuckowski Julie Kunkel Diane Kulasa Lorie Lerner Patricia Mahovich Mary McClain Ann McGill Nancy Mehring Barbara Morgan Robin Morgan Terri Sanders Joyce Saul Laurie Schicicler Michelle Schonauer Kristin Sene Lee Shade Joan Shaffer Deborah Shailo Tersa Sipe Tina Siroki Mary Skaggs Lynn Snahnican Nancy Sorensen Renee Spears Michele Stech Lynn Weber Kristine Weirath Connie Whitt Debra Wise Karen Wysoclci Ginger Yoxthiiner Diane Zoltai Denise Zwick Karen Mullett Nina Musgrave Carolyn Olive Sharon Paparone Jacqueline Phillipson Isabelle Reymann Elaine Riegner Joann Riley Diane Burr Rogers James Rosneclc Ingrid Sanders Linda Scherger Emily Shea Virginia Smith Patricia Smith Susan Strawn Julia Somerville Billie Thames Rebecca Wassern Adele Webb ' Barbara Weirath Kim Young 5 ..: . 4, Q t .. 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Miguelucci Judith Ann Morgan Melvin E. Murphy III Ceyhun Ozgur Don C. Perrine Frederick W. Romick Lawrence I. Rybka Kathy Ann Segatta Eileen P. Sherman George F. Shultz Louis E. Stouch Thomas S. Strick Iuanita K. Strong Ramela' K. Thompson Donna E. Urbank . ,QM -. frcfiidy S. Vecbasfiks n , . 1. . F" ,. ' ' J vo '- Z... Z 5 4 451, 1 :. i. .Q , cswlzf- f - . 'ff M. E A Norman W. Wengerd Kathleen F. Williams ,Donald A. Wolf 'Darleen L. Yancer QSesockJ Lawrence M. Zwolinski 1.1, , ,M .1 be es. :pg - e-ee", .. 14 :2 .J 154.4 f' efwgiifi if Phi Theta Kappa jeffrey 1, Bailey Delora K. Miller Michael D. Caulk Iulie B. Miller Brenda S, Clark Virginia M. Miller Ruth G. Clark Helena Mifov Tracy L, COX Mary V. Nahas Richard P, Doney Nicholas Panebianco Diane M. Ebbing Paula Pefffy Emanuel Ecker Gale E- ROSS Krista A, Ewing Richard B. Rudy Grant A, Grabgr Nina R. Shaffer Rebecca L. Harvey Wendl' L- Trace Linda I. Hegenderfer Alan D- Wagner Dwight I. Hollis Cynthia I- Weed Ioles Laura White ' Helen Lynch Academics Scott A. Bartlebough Vincent M. Belovich Keith A. Bennett Mike D. Blough John L. Bozony Dan R. Bradshaw Keith S. Brewer Kelli S. Brindley Lynne M. Brocco Ken Bruno Robert J. Buehrle Alan L. Buterbaugh Steven A. Cigolle Dennis A. Conklin Thomas J. Connolly Steven S. Crites John F. Crow William H. Detling Mark P. Dyko William K. Eichler Therese S. Evans Kennith D. Everhard Doug E. Ferguson Abedennaceur Frej 58 Academics Jan M. Armstrong Gregory M. Brink Pamela D. Bradley Brenda K. Chew Denise G. Chibis Darrell L. Domer Richard P. Doney Virginia L. Dougan David B. Fricke Eileen F. Good Howard L. Greene Wade Scott Hawkins Lilly K. Joles Jacqueline K. Judd Michaeline M. Kulton Debra L. Lenke Pauline E. Lovelace Thomas E. McCartney David J. Moorehouse J. Budd Morrison Tau Beta Pi Alpha Sigma Lambda John A. Peterson John H. Richards Nancy Roadruck Donna L. Slack Darlene M. Wood Carol T. Bowes S Eileen A. Breiner Randall A. Frame J. Dwight Hollis Diana L. King Douglas L. Klein Dan T. LaHue Karen M. MacPherson Craig A. Neuhardt Mathew W. Pepe Robert L. Stratton Gloria D. Williams Susan M. Wrobel Galena Zajac Eric J. Gamble Howard L. Greene James J. Gudaitis Jeffrey N. Hancock Donald L. Harshbarger Nick M. Hatzis Jeffery M. Hickox John T. Hixon Kennith A. Hlavac Laura J. Hofacre Rita A. Hoffmann Mark A. Hugh Perry M. Hyder Roger L. Indorf Ronald L. Jordan Steven' W. Kegg Timothy A. Killbarger Kevin L. Koudela Karin J. LaHue Wing Him Li Michael A. Lupoli Stephen B. Marosi Michael A. Marsh David A. McCambridge Anthony G. McCann Thomas E. McCartney Jeffrey P. Meister Adam T. Miller Scott B. Miller Louise A. Moretta James R. Myers Thomas J. Naglak Mark A. Neff Michael J. Negron William A. Neugebauer Quyen D. Nguyen, Jr. Edward A. 0'Donnell Kevin J. Osugi Lisa L. Penman Gregory D. Pero Byron A. Pritchard Michael D. Pudoka Thomas W. Reese Jennifer L. Remkus James M. Riley Paul J. Roney Harold T. Ruggles John S. Sboray Caroline J. Scavuzzo Richard W. Scavuzzo John Schneider Marianne Schneider Stephen M. Schrader Thomas E. Seeley Joseph P. Seliga Charles N . Shaver Daniel R. Smith John H. Stadler Scott E. Steinkerchner Jeff L. Stimler Jenifer A. Struglinski Paul F. Struhsaker Ann M. Traxler Autumn M. Traxler Hai H. Trieu Timothy J. Vielhaber Larry E. Whetsel Brian E. Williams Paul J. Wischt John C. Wysocki Laura A. Boline Kathleen H. Breen Marjorie Brown Patty Church Sandra M Ciraco Donna M Conti Ruth Cumberledge Deborah I Doverspike Tanya L Gay Theresa Haines Crystal L Harris Paul R Iohn Helen Kicken Maureen F Kramanak Mark Lake Kappa Delta Pi Sandra M. Lynett Annette L. Manning Margo Maire Diane M. Perri Pamela M Rabatin Cynthia Ray Rodney Rush LynAnna L Shomo Mary Anne Slattery Ianice Smith Delores A Snyder Nancy R Stone Rose Marie Torma Nancy Roten Tustin George H Woods Ir ' . ' U ' Q 0 . ' I . ' C I . . ' I 5 I c l 1 . , j ' . . f A 4 I 5 . , . "4 Graduates: Nancy K. Alexander Ruth B. Dean Lisa L. DePaul Susan G. Hughes Deborah A. Mahusky Roxanne V. Newman Susan M. Ray Mary-Ann Zanoudakis Seniors: Lynn R. Autz Cynthia M. Barb Deborah L. Brescia Eric A. Buehier Elizabeth A. Burley Brian R. Cain William I. Calhoun Ieffrey A. Christafferson Matthew S. Chung Christine T. Cigolle Rebecca S. Clark Iohn C. Cook Dawn L. Corley Catherine A. Dakoske Keith A. Dickey Anita K. Doll-Pericleous Gregory M. Ertle Sheri D. Everson Glen E. Fincher II William M. French Patricia M. Carton Manijeh H. Geranmayeh Donald G. Gerbig, Ir. Marcia L. Gercke Iohn A. Gleason Phi Sigma Alpha Maria M. Gomes Dawn M. Heil Karen S. Hoge Glenn T. Kanner Iennifer L. Kieffer Lisa K. Koski Martin I. Kungl Angela D. Labriola Catherine L. Loesch Phillip B. Long Mark W. Mahoney Suresh T. Maximin Lorraine A. Marryman Terrence B. Miller Barbaranne G. Mitchell Ioan H. Murphy Terri L. Nicholson Deborah A. Nobilio Iacqueline M. Ong Stephen I. Perisutti Karen L. Peters Iohn A. Peterson David P. Pinter Iustine A. Rossi Ann M. Rowlett Karen M. Scarbrough Gary M. Schmitt Bruce R. Schrader II Fausto A. Sicard Robert A. Sikon, Ir. Gary H. Snyder Aneta Srbinoska Wendell A. Steiner H. Craig Stevens Ioseph M. Stewart Iames C. Taylor Iohn E. Thompson Steve B. Vetter David M. Weinreb Iuniors: Carol L. Authenreith Alicia I. Bentley Michael I. Biggs Todd K. Bowers David W. Brown Irene F. Carracher Felix A. Catlin III Patsy K. Coleman Iack B. Cooper Cynthia A. Davis Kathleen A. Dougherty Gregory W. Gilbert Karen L. Gill Paul R. Griffith Mary A. Hurbean Linda M. Husbeck IoAnne Ionozzo Susan M. Kozy Laura A. Lesneski Tracy L. Leonard Sharon Miszaros Nancy L. Milford Adele Mourad Timothy H. Oneacre Sue A. Parrish Cheryl R. Picciotti Helen O. Poa Donald E. Reed Amy S. Roush Raeda M. Salem David T. Schooley Lora L. Sensius Virginia L. Smerglia Rose M. Strebler Patrick E. Sziraky Iacqueline M. Szmania Katharine L. Teeter Ieffrey S. Watson Iohn M. Weigand Academics lf' f . ,,. Y F3922 ' Q, f,, ,A 91.1- ESF? G: . . '-eviih-" Aiea-f . S: -'- -. Drag .5 E A- ,- xuzzifff . Tl P0 RT iv ff " 'A :lm ' 11" . W ' gf -15 ,W . ,A , 1 wif " , R ew , J, Q'-'af , s..., , 4,2 'J Tia I- N' 'Nu W , isis i , N f "KET-Lgx" 1 -ig vufiyrs : n jg: b h:,.- jr-,:..9-5.3 . x. Y, . -Y '-. 61 " 'LK' . -'f'Z"f4 ' ' '74L":'. .-7 .1 ,-r - Zips Head Into NCAA Post-Season Tournament pri For the first time since 1976 the Zips, under the direction of Head coach Steve Parker, qualified for the NCAA post-season tournament. If you add this accomplishment to also winning the OSCA for the fourth year in a row and a number 15 ranking in the nation at the end of the season, you can see that soccer is easily becoming a force to be reckoned with in the future. The Zips were led by second team All-American and team MVP Si- mon Spelling, leading scorer I.B. Amangoua, Steve Frick, and Glenn Scarpelli. Shawn Pendleton and goalie Sean Burke led the defense that broke three team records, in- cluding most shutouts. The team was constantly put to the test this year and responded well with ties to national powers Penn State and Indiana, with wins over such reknown soccer programs as Cleveland State and Wisconsin Green-Bay. 62 Sports 1 P With Simon Spelling looking on, senior Ray Szabat lets the ball go down field Defenseman Shawn Pendleton closely guards a Cleveland State play- er. Soccer 15 5 2 GPP St Bonaventure West Virgima Dayton Pairleigh D1ck1nson Duke Wooster Marquette Wisconsin Green Bay Wisconsin Milwaukee Ohio State Penn State COTJ Indiana KOTQ Wright State Evansville Notre Dame Michigan State Oakland Bowling Green Pittsburgh Cleveland State NCAA Playoffs Wisconsin Green- Indiana QOTJ Bay Head Coach Steve Parker plans a new Strategy with teamrnembers l.I.A. - - , 4 . 0 4 . . . O 4 i 0 4 . . . . 1 0 2 6 0 4 0 1 ' ' 2 2 . . . 0 6 ' 0 0 0 Sports I 1' if 9 -5,-Q, .511 A .4 ' vm I . fr Q f',.5-.-at 3211144 -Q e ' I I .W , , A W M. eff' I . if X., .1- Kea TF w - I . '- 4 :Wai we . . 6 . U , 3 ,.,1Q,pa,-, ,1"'f.:s-fe.-nj ' 1 ' ' 3, ' eg -A ' M 'fri iw- - lr 'N ' I 'I' 'I . 4 'Q"LY!'vli 1 H 'i"'z.-' 1 -1.9 ' I Fl- 4' x. 'A' .1191 f ,c - P C f -',,....' ,.,:-' V M '- U- f V 1 - ' I 4 'I' 'wi' if , ' Derrick Gaffney, on the move! Ken Heydt puts his tackling technique to work. STANDING QL-RJ: Assistant Coaches Mel Mahler and Tom Nach, D. Fuchs, L. Borkowski, S. Frick, D. Antonio, R. Galicia, D. Feldhaus, S. Spelling, Head Coach Steve Parker, and Iohn Bluern. CENTER ROW: G. Scarpelli, I.B. Amangoua, T. Pendleton, T. Nash, R. Blockinger, R. Szabat. SITTING: S. Pendleton, M. Berish, G. Sharkey, D. Hoefacker, S. Burke, M. Pfister, K. Heydt. 64 Sports ZIPS Celebrate a Successful Football 8-3 UA 13 Kent State 13 Eastern Michigan 14 Western Kentucky 5 Eastern Kentucky Middle Tennessee Eastern I111no1s Morehead State Murray State Tennessee Teh Youngstown State Austm Peay 6 0 13 10 . A-.', -. Head Coach lim Dennison S Despite losing key players during the early part of the season, the Zips fought back to win their last five games, becoming only the fifth team in U of A history to win eight or more games, in football. After defeating Kent State, before the largest crowd of the season, the Zips shutout Morehead State and annihilated "Turnpike rival" Youngstown State. V James Black and Dennis Heckman ended their careers at Akron by breaking a combined total of 13 U of A records and five OVC records. Black's record included: rushing for 3,054 yards in his career and 1, 568 yards in his senior year. He was named OVC offensive player of the year along with Honorable Mention All-American. Heckman's 17 field goals and 72 points in his senior year broke two OVC records. at ' it X R Q we 1 1 if 'QW' The offensive line, known as the "Hogs". sffsfi i A. FK ?"""x. -.l ..... My 'fx l f C- '15 . Mn f - . Iim Reynolds is set to return another punt. LEFT: james Black led the offensive attack with nine touchdowns ACME-ZIP GAME Before a sellout crowd of 37,111 l the Akron Zips defeated their arch- rival, the Golden Flashes from Kent State 13-6 in the 30th annual Acme-Zip Game. The Rubber Bowl was rocking on opening night as Dennis Heckman kicked two field goals and Robert johnson ran back a 44 yard interception for the Zips only touchdown. With this win the Wagon Wheel trophy belonged to the Zips for another year. AKRUN Rm' mm A Us Amon mu L- Q A Yvnx' , I L n- a s fl I .Q .U gm Fl ' 1 . if : Axim! f 81- Qgn gmmr l ,qw F 3- , , f - AKR Axim 1. Alcan F ' Ami I . 6 ll .4 . lim :ig 'Q AK mg ,A of 15741: .. 4 Q Q y, 1:Kl? AKRUll lKRO g . . . 4 ' -A v- 'flts ..- A 9 xg .. ' 4' I 5, f -. - F . . ' f Ama mul ummm A .. ua H - K Z at --s -as new .1-. a .- F I if er S F as 1 mon , x, MRF mon gg Axzwn J- MUN , AKRUNAAKRUH mm. Rm, ,xmas ' ' dw 4 t ag G. ,J . 21.1 A AKRON I Aman . y mann mos - 5,1120 AE-iff? g N VAKQQQQ QA.!fRnNpg at Aliglll gint: I. Sn, NV, . 1. . A , AKRON ' rf, ,A W X!" ' Wanna YL ' Agora J maui: a . , f . , V an ""' 'H M ' T -' N' ' 1 " 'M U' ' I ' A in AKRON . .1 . - Amina mm' ff' Axnml f 8 AKRON mm mm' I . lg -.. ...Q ,, fe- I 'ii 9- -3' K gy gn- R9 F V -1 7 'N . y , .. -sn 2 AKRON HKRUN I Wm' ' ,L EM I I ' Q Q FRONT ROW CL-RJ: D. O'Conner, M. Supplee, G. Housos, D. Morgan, D. Arango, I. Black, T. Park, I. Reynolds, R. Bailey. SECOND ROW: S. Peterson, D. Heckman, T. Fowler, T. Spikes, I. Anderson, G. Spencer, D. Sutter, B. Clark. THIRD ROW: L. Small, R. Vargo, B. Pasquale, F. Si- mon, R. Pasquale, E. Sovacool, T. Hodges, D. Dillion, R. Brant. FOURTH ROW: K. Swartz, B. Sparks, I. Huth, N. Rock, G. Dennison, N. Iademarco, T. Romantic, M. Stephens, S. Lemons, D. Gilbert. FIFTH ROW: T. Fowler, B. Wurts, M. Petrus, G. Reed, R. Holmes, E. Schooler, T. Lauro, B. Hagenmaier, T. Swing, S. Stams. SIXTH ROW: V. Stewart, A. Green, G. Thomas, I. Long, K. Kline, D. Lombardo, V. Homan, T. Wallace, T. Seislove, G. Gilbert. SEVENTH ROW: A. Iohnson, M. Blaser, R. Allen, B. Manning, D. Boggs,'I. Lundy, T. Brown, B. Moran, M. Stricklen, G. Kalis. EIGHTH ROW: C. Kelley, W. Dotson, M. Clark, E. Andrade, S. Rafac, D. Kreighbaum, M. Paramore, M. Teifke, K. Grisdale, I. Fordyce. NINTH ROW: R. Taylor, H. Hopkins, W. Grant, R. Iohnson, G. Stephens, C. Kelly, K. Baker, W. Davis, E. Dellemonache. LAST ROW: Assistant Coaches D. Fletcher, P. Winters, D. Axner, T. Flaherty, W. Rollinson, I. Durbin, D. Newell, T. Forbes, I. Ling, and Head Coach Iim Dennison. NOT PICTURED: E. Grimsley, K. Banks, M. Appleby, T. Burgins, R. Kelker, B. Hadden, H. Halkides, B. King, I. Miller, and W. Schick. Sports Lady Zips Break Record 2 exp-ni AKRON AKRON V AKRON AKRON tk AKRON AKRON ,I.I3"..I-4--T--'f r-',,,.. Nt FRONT ROW QL-RJ: S. Firth, C. Oser, I. Underation, I. Nichols, B. Penick. BACK CL-RJ: Roy, Mgr., M. L. Danneburg C Brunie M Fedor M Toncar, K. Piper, I. Buczkiewicz, D. Sommer and Head Coach Pam Meece. Under new Head Coach Pam Meece, the Lady Zips Volleyball team compiled 47 wins this year, the most by any women's team in the history of U of A sports. The Lady Zips, led by Deanne Sommer, Kay Piper, Iulie Nichols, and Carol Brunie, ran off streaks of 14 wins and 10 wins in a row dif- ferent times of the season. The Zips finished third in the OVC midseason tournament and fourth in the OVC Championship tourna- ment. Kay Piper, who was Co-MVP with Deanne Sommer and named to the All OVC Team for both mid-season and championship play and was the team's top offensive line. Ian Buczkiewicz was top defensive player and Mary Fedor was most improved player. 68 Sports l Rl I ,y. 3 1 .Nt ......-- -adam .vo Sf V -Q 'wg - -zinc-25. '3ffr"g,. Kay Piper spikes for a point. b :ts , 1 1 1, ff: , st sk -'sgpi 4 I 'M' f' if fir . 1 1 .. . ,,.:,s....,:' ff.. Qfff.i1.'.,,52 fs .9 X :4 ? 'sl Hang F 'fe 5 yn Aw J' , si gr! A , -', -. . ,eeril- 'Qu'- .Vpw 4 1 el-8 Who said volleyball isn't a contact sport? Deanne Sommer sets up Carol Brunie. VOLLEYBALL 47-18 1 Gannon 0 1 Manfield St. 2 1 UA OPP 2 Calif. St. CPAP 0 3 Ashland 1 ' 0 Navy 2 2 Villa Marie 0 3 Slippery Rock 2 , 0 E. Michigan 2 2 Dusquense 0 2 Cleveland St. 3 0 Pittsburgh 2 2 Ashland 0 2 Ill.-Chicago 3 5 0 Loyola 2 2 Youngstown 0 3 Edinboro 2 0 Ferris St. 3 2 Slippery Rock 0 2 Xavier 0 'Q 0 E. Illinois 3 0 West Virginia 2 2 Shippensburg 0 3 E. Michigan 2 3 Kent St. 0 2 James Madison 1 1 Wisconsin-Milw, 3 2 Clarion 0 2 Youngstown 0 2 Penn St. 0 2 Youngstown I 1 Xavier 2 2 Findlay 0 1 Tennessee Tech 2 3 Youngstown 1 Mt. Vernon 0 2 Murray St. ' 1 3 Robert Morris 0 Sena Hts. 0 0 E. Kentucky 2 O.V.C. Tournament 2 Mt. Vernon 0 2 Austin Peay 0 2 Austin Peay 0 Q32 Malone 1 3 Mid. Tennessee 1 2 Mid. Tennessee 0 fz Masons o 2 Morehead sf. o o is. Kentucky 2 0 Malone 2 2 Youngstown 1 2 Youngstown 1 2 2 Baldwin-Wallace 0 2 Fairleigh 0 0 Tennessee Tech. 2 Q 2 Wooster 1 2 Iuaniata 0 2 Youngstown 0 3 A Slippery Rock 0 2 St. Bonaventure 1 0 Morehead 2 2 St. Iohn Fisher 1 2 Edinboro 0 3 Slippery Rock 0 2 C. w. Post o i Sports Clit .e ""'-'halls J.'l'-sl" ' ' gps. . Q. .5 , - 1' ' - ' 5. 1 Q LC , '. FV Mx' "5 7".fE5f. ,vu 4 l',' fs- ' nl I -:Jr A f 5, A,-1-,2 asf, 'H ,A .IJ .fi ,Q H Jay, Ti, .Q a yr .LZ A Year of Rebuilding With only 2 members returning from last years Cross Country team, the Zips finished fourth in the OVC Championships. Kevin Noble was named the team's MVRunner, and Darren Benedict was named Most Outstanding Freshman. Eugene Bozin led Akron in the OVC meet. Iust like their counterparts the Lady Zips also lacked experience but continued to improve. Sue Whitmer, MVP, was the Zips top finisher in all nine of their meets. Carolyn Marks and Gayle Vojtush, Most Improved Runner, added support to Whitmer and placed well at the meets. 70 Sports 2-rl 11 1. flfj 1.x.1,i',Xx-KYN A ' Back Row IL-RJ, D. Carpenter, D. Deshuk, K. Noble, Coach Al Campell. Front: D. Blackfield, D. Caldwell. Sue Whitmer running in stride at the OVC Championships. KL-Rl: S. Whitmer, G. Voijtush, C. Marks, Coach Nick Scapulo, Coach Sherry Street, C.l Mioduszeski, E. Gloeckler. i I E r it I Ji l ? E 'l T .L .4 Swimmers Make Big Splash IThis Season U. of A. swimmers made a big splash this season with a 7-3 record, the best in 8 years. Karl Shaw, the Most Outstanding Conference Performer, and Steve Creman, team MVP, were 2 of the standouts for a team that broke 11 school records. Mike Wimmer was the Most Out- standing Freshman. His high 901A points led the team in individual scoring. SWIMMING LIA OPP 41 E. Kentucky 72 62 CWRU 41 52 Oberlin 43 66 Edinboro 45 44 Cleveland St. 69 41 Bowling Green 69 56 Kent St. 49 61 Westminister 44 63 Wooster 44 47 Youngstown St. 34 Captain Bob Simmons practices the backstroke. J-3'-A. ull: J X7 C"' Front Row QL-RJ: Head Coach Clark Morgan, K. Adkins, B. Simmons, D. Mundy, Coach I. German. Middle Row CL-RJ: C. Bark, B. Zaniski, M Baro, Kleinknecht, I. Koellner, I. Bock, E. Smith, E. Garbash, G. Pickering. Back Row CL-RJ: B. Beiswenger, I. Caskey, K. Shaw, S. Creman, M Reed, Chance, M. Wimmer. Sports 1 Lad Zips Premier in 0.V.C. WOMEN'S BASKETBALL UA 5-21 OPP 50 -1-Kent State 60 56 4-Youngstown St. 74 52 West Virginia 80 82 Malone QOTJ 71 100 Hiram 47 77 Edinboro St. 63 88 Central St. 77 58 +-I-Michigan 99 58 +4-Oakland 83 .ff 1 45 DePaul 68 - 'Z' 68 Youngstown St. 70 I 71 Murray sf. 70 9 68 Austin Peay 74 57 Tenn, Tech. 71 48 Mid Tennessee 89 48 E. Kentucky 66 39 Morehead St. 62 65 Youngstown St. 81 51? 50 E. Kentucky 71 51 Morehead St. 65 so 4'-" -' 63 Murray St. A 70 Q 67 Austin Peay 79 65 Tenn. Tech. 69 --Q-sw 54 Mid. Tennessee 78 1. 1 -2 .. 76 X8Vi61' 88 L .Jfi N 3? 51 Cleveland St. 59 " 'A 'i,. ' " +Kent St. Holiday Classic ' 'L 1 -Q M W gg ' +-4-Domino Classic 'fy Paula Davis gets ready to shoot a jurnpshot. ...e - J as el . al 4 . '-as-PM Ls Y 1 5 L it 'T"?'T 9 H--A-L QQ E , is .. 1... .2 if ,,r . kltlul 5- Xf KRW, yllllly X! ' T' ' 'L JJIM li EWU xi M! 8 Q,KRO,f' l yflllllkg- f 1- AMW' 6 X L: gg 05 QLM4' t,KR!l,f U 'Q- Front Row KL-RD: R. Whatmough, P. DeAscentis, K. K. Turner, P. Haser, M. Heck, Top Row CL-RJ: Head Coach Iohn Street, T. jones, K. Iolliff, L. Rotruck, S. Dobosh, P. Davis, W. Patterson, R. Woods, Coach Tina Garcea. 72 Sports as 'K Lori Rotruck shoots from close range. g ' Head Coach john Street instructs his team. --....,-'- Qs 4113 Rochelle Woods puts in an easy two. 1. nf 'I fer- - Leading scorer K. K. Turner lets it fly from the foul line. The Women's basketball team un- der second year coach Iohn Street struggled a bit in their first year in the OVC. After starting relatively well, the Lady Zips went on a tail- spin for the remainder of the year and never got out of it. Opening in the New Health 8: Physical Education Building the Zips defeated Malone 82-71, they won their first OVC game over Murray St. and they crushed Hi- ram to name a few of the season's highlights. K. K. Turner, an OVC player of the week, led Akron in 6 categories including scoring, assists, and steals and was named team MVP. Paula Davis and Lori Rotruck, the team's only two sen- iors left the Hilltop becoming the fifth 8: sixth leading all-time scorers, respectively. Freshmen cen- ter Sue Dobosh had a season high of 19 rebounds against Malone, while Ruth Whatmough was the team's Most Improved Player. Sports Skiers Enjo Success In Front Row KL-RJ: 1. Walters, J. Shaffer, K. Martin, R. Wilson, C. Harrington, T. Sisti, Back Row: M. Sheehan, I- Markley, H. King, V. Sheehan CCaptainl, L. Kermizis, M. Kermizis. Middle Row: S. Minovich, B. Peterson, I. Ackerson, P. Rao, E. Heichel. . x 5 I 6 ! n Reni Wilson takes a practice run down the slope. Placing third in the state, the men's team was led by Capt. Chris Sheehan, who won one gold and two silver medals. The women's team had strong performances by Lisa Kermizis who won two bronze 1 . meda S The speed gets pretty fast while skiing downhill. 74 Sports An Era Begin . . . il' if as s- ' .. K., lj It g LP' 5 N 'Kham' 'I , ""-..,h .... 1 - Lf'-iq, ' ' l ,- '51 N D B , SL., A 1 l "-- , S U' ' Y. i rt -3. ,, -c,, mtv.. .. mai i"'Qls-A - ' -. Rick Acord looks for someone to pass to against Bowling Green. asv A new era began in front of 6,382 cheering fans as the Zips downed E. Michigan to open the New Health 8: Physical Educational Building. Even with a new complex and bigger crowds the Zips struggled through the whole year and ended up with a disappointing season. The Zips, though, kept us on the edge of our seats for 6 overtime games, including a triple overtime contest against Youngstown State. However, they lost all 11 games they played away from the con- fines of the U. of A. Ioe Iacubick closed out his career at Akron in grand fashion, leading the nation in scoring and being named OVC. player of the year for his efforts. Bryan Roth led the team in rebounds and was second in the team scoring. Iamie Suthers and Curt Shaffer earned Most Im- proved Player and Best Defensive Player, respectively. Sports 5 819 Ohlo State E M1Ch1gan H1rarn Bowhng Green Central St Iacksonv1lle South Flonda Kent St Youngstown St Maryland E Shore Murray St Austin Peay Utica QOTI Tenn Tech COTI Mld Tennessee OT E. Kentucky Morehead St. N. Carolina- Wilzn. Youngstown COTIBXI E. Kentucky Morehead St. Murray St. Austin Peay QGTI Tenn. Tech. Mid Tennessee Ill.-Chicago MEN'S BASKETBALL ' 94 . ' ' 70 ' 60 ' 91 . 81 ' 71 ' 102 . 84 Davis 8: Elkins 52 . 80 63 . 77 ' 57 ' 74 . . 74 Q I 52 64 86 61 St 74 86 93 ' 83 83 A ,......-2 , .IB WAKR wAEz Big man Bryan Roth shoots a p1cture perfect jumper Front Row CL-RI: T. Hopkins, mgr., F. Iohnson, D. Smith, I. Iakubick, I. Loyer M Dowhng R Brown R Marshall Tra1ner Back Row QL RJ Head Coach Bob Rupert, Ass't Coach, K. Danbrot, C. Shaffer, I. Suthers, B. Roth I Gordon D Moss I Ash R Acord Asst Coaches C Buck D Trautman. Ioe shot 83'Zv from the foul line. The era of joe Iakubick has come to an end here, but not without a fantastic senior year. He led the Zips this year in scoring and steals, and was second inrebounding. His 30.1 average C8145 points. not only led the OVC in scoring, but the whole nation as well. joe put in 28 versus OSU and Iacksonville, 30 against BGSU, 41 against Morehead State, 42 versus Illinois-Chicago, just to name a few. He broke 25 U of A records in four years, 13 of them in his senior year alone. He also holds OVC ca- reer records including most points. 12,5831 For all his efforts this year he was named Zips MVP, most consistent performance award, 4-time OVC player of the week, unanimous first team All OVC Player of the Year, and honorable mention All- American. These were honors that were well-deserved. Sports 7 Zips Finish Season Stron .l A ,J A, ,, Co-Captain Celeste McConihe. Women's Tennis 5-10 UA O 1 Kalamazoo 4 Youngstown St. 4 Oberlin l Ohio U. 0 E. Kentucky 9 Malone 0 E. Michigan 2 Calvin Bradley Bowling Green Wright St Robert Morris Toledo Malone Wooster 0 OVC Tour PP 6 5 5 5 9 O 9 7 0 ' 9 8 ' . 1 8 ' 1 0 9 7 2 7 2 9 After a slow start, the Women's Tennis Team finished the season strong as they won four out of T their five matches. Most Valuable Players Celeste McConihe and Kara Mostardi, 9-9 and 9-5 season marks respectively, led the way for the Zips. Co-Captain Sharon Ferretti and Chris johnson added support to the young team, a team that fea- tured only one upperclassman 78 Sports x "'f,'N. Sharon Ferretti concentrates on her swing. fl.-RJ: C. McConihe, Head Coach Joanne Dinie, S. Ferreti, K. Mostardi, S. Peet, K. Mills, C Johnson, T. Paxton. 4 H 'E Zips Serve Up Winning Season 1-'Z' N .9 A 1 if 9 Q. ss' f Qi if .A ,I . 552 .9 lBack Row KL-Rl: Head Coach Dave Bard, B. Kohut, S. Kalra, F. Poirier, R. Cona. Front: C. ardenas, A. Mulrooney, M. Iunor, T. Catlin. Tony Catlin returns a shot. Men's Tennis had a very successful season as they finished with a 28- 11 record and 7-1 in the OVC. The Zips finished fifth in the OVC championships. The Netters were led by Rocco Cona, who won 34 matches each in singles 8: doubles, both new records. Cona earned the MVP with his season, and Bill Kohut was Most Improved by winning 21 singles matches. TENNIS 28-11 UA OPP 4 W. Virginia ' 5 6 E. Kentucky 3 9 Tenn. Tech. 0 5 Morehead St. 4 5 Bowling Green 3 7 Toledo 2 6 john Carroll 3 Case Western Dayton N Alabama Bnmgh South Sanford Huntington Florida St N Florida jacksonville Armstrong St Clemson Limestone St Concord Pittsburgh W Virginia Virginia Tech Howard Edmboro Ohio St Murray St Austin Peay Robert Morris Westminister Mt Union W Liberty Mid Tennessee Wright Youngstown St Walsh Xavier Cincinnati 9 0 9 0 7 . 2 5 ' . F 4 4 5 9 ' 0 1 ' . 8 3 . ' 6 4 ' 5 6 . 3 4 5 3 ' . 6 9 0 7 ' 2 1 , ' ' ' 8 1 Q Q 4 . 8 5 4 5 ' 4 3 ' . 6 1 . 8 6 ' 3 9 ' 0 9 Q u 0 3 Youngstown St. 1 1 9 . ' 0 9 . ' 0 1 1 5 ' . 4 I 3 ' 1 V 3 . 1 E 1 0 i 7 ' ' 2 I I 6 f ' ' 3 , . ' 4 I Sports 9 Third Year Is a Charm 1 'I 'H - 5 I The third season of existence for the Women's track team was definitely a charm as the Lady Zips had their best record ever with a 26-3 mark. They won four meets during the year and had twelve straight wins to start the season. The Lady Zips broke seven records, including the long jump by Chris Mioduszeski, Discus by Tracie Haynes, and 3000 and 5000 meter run by Sue Whitmer, and tied 10 others. Mioduszeski and Whitmer shared Most Valuable Player for the year. Haynes was Best Thrower, and Tina Cannaday, Best Sprinter. Right: Norene Dembrowski practices the hurdles. 80 Sports 7 W Front fL-RJ: Coach Sue Leyerle, B. Roth, S. Whitmer, T. Cannaday, S. Gilbert, S. Kimrough, Coach Nick Salupo. Second: M. Winters CMgr.J, N. Dembrowski, P. Phipps, L. Moore, L. Shelley, C. Mioduszeski, K. Motley, Ann Perry runs the distance. y i 4 UAB! K. Connor, B. Merriner. Third: R. Sajavec, I. Stoll, H. Sellman, S. Hutcherson, C. Marks, A. Crawley, T. Haynes. Back: T. Tell, I. Bradshaw, A. Hamilton, A. Perry, L. Galant, M. Ulrich. TRACK 26-3 UA OPP 99 Marshall 97 Cedarville 80 Central St. 76 Rio Grande 66 Walsh 59 W. Virginia 40 Glenville 8 76 Malone 50 Cleve. St. 22 Westminster 18 8016 Walsh 66M Cleve. St. 19 35 Slippery Rock 104 60 Wooster 96 Mt. Union 55 Muskingum 37 Baldwin-Wallace 19 60 Toledo 75 106 Mt. Union 92 Walsh 70 Malone 61 Cleve. St. 48 Baldwin-Wallace 45 Defiance 45 Otterbein 4 Findlay 0 Sports Remaining Competiti e f 1 U mans ' mum' menu x-. 'Fx . K, X 'iv tm hm ... Front Row fl.-Rl! l- B1'aIU10Df P- Rickey, D- Caldwell, D- Benededid, R- Coach Adams, F. Laury, N. Rock, S. Durbish, B. Shumucker, T. Reid, D Washington. Middle: J. Black, D. Blackford, E. Bozin, D. Deshuk, L. Carpenter, K, Noble, D, Martin. Grant, S. Taylor, C. Smith, I. Beard. Back: Head Coach Al Campbell, The Mer-U5 track team struggled in A If pg the overall standings this year, but .. they had good individual efforts. z H Z Dan Martin, Most Valuable Player, 1 Q r f--" high jumped 6'10" at Mt. Union. I Paul Rickey captured the High Scorer Award and had the best -u time in the 400 intermediate QW hurdles. Neil Rock was named Most Outstanding Freshman. X' -4 Men'S Track 0-5 -A--"' J uw., ,, 5.3: MG?-B UA oPP 1 . . 33 ohio U. 102 g ,A V Pum 1 "s' "ff Malone 67 1- '--N 'Da f- , 44 Mt. Union 100 2 . - , 1- z., "" 25 Ball sf. 103 " ' .M- ...g.'tiiii"ffii... ohio U. 73 ' ' "-' . D 1 L- Darren Morgan hurdles his way down the track. 82 Sports I What a Season!!! -1-"""' 3 yes. RKRGN ss Rm REHU The banner says it all. F33 1-fa . .3-:,,-z '- UA Female Athlete of the Year, Dani Vance. In only their 5th year of existence, the Lady Zips made it to the finals of the fast-pitch softball Division II final. The Zips ended up second in the nation and won 48 games, breaking the record of 47 by the volleyball team. The offense, which scored 326 runs, was led by Co-MVP Tina Mayries and Best Offensive player Kay Piper. Mayries led the team in batting average. Piper led the team in home runs, RBI's, and triples. Pitching was the name of the game for the Zips: 33 shutouts, four no- hitters, six 1-hitters and only 49 runs scored. Renee Vance, Linda Weber and Sharon McFarland com- bined for 31-2 mark. Dani Vance, CO-MVP, won the UA Female Athlete of the Year. This marks the third time that she has received this award. Sports 3 Kay Piper makes a nice catch. ' ... ,,- r1.4-.4 gil .8 1 V , V : jk' .E '-71 -"'. -- ' , 5 ... '-. --0-DC-', - va' -f e-.-. ' f' '- i A Lge- , . , 5 ' f - qi' '. - Q li U -pf V , ,gf s.:.A' -I , ,'A'd l X --'lzsqz ,..,.' F ' Q ' - Debbie Firth crosses home with another run. Tina Mayries connects on a long ball. Sports 'v' 1' i " 1 -er- 9 1 . ..'5' , a...., A successful bunt is laid down. - . .. ,'..i .' tv. YF? ' . ' r .,,, g p' KRn . .nr ., 2 u una iuw M0 20 .,-ffl Fa ' V E KRD " ' K 11 21 Front CL-RD: T. Alcorn, T. Mayries, D. Vegh, S. Fiorino, D. Hart, R.M. Firth, I. West, K. Porter, K. Cassidy, L. Allen. BACK: Coaches Ianee Torma, Second: B. Bailey, S. McFarland, M. Clancy, D. Viebranz, B. Bednarik 8: Iill Williams, D. Vance, K. Piper, L. Rotruck, L. Arvay, R. Haupt, I. Teitsworth. THIRD: Heach Coach Ioey Arrietta, L. Weber, D. Vance. SOFTBALL 48-6 UA OPP UA OPP 3 Rider 1 7 Duquesne 0 4 New Haven 1 4 INd.-Purdue 0 1 Ohio St. 0 5 Franklin 0 6 Miami 0 4 Ind. Evansville O - 10 St. Iohn's 1 6 Mercyhurst 0 6 St. Iohn's 2 5 Mercyhurst 3 3 Saginaw Valleyu 0 5 Walsh 3 4 Davis 8: Elkins 0 6 Walsh 3 3 Saginaw Valley 0 8 Charleston 0 10 Spring Harbor 2 3 Dayton 4 6 Hope 0 1 2 Charleston 0 7 Kent St. 0 3 Dayton 0 7 Davis 8: Elkins 0 17 Edinboro 6 8 Hope 0 3 Edinboro 2 17 Florida A8:M 0 3 Slippery Rock 1 4 Mt. Union 1 7 Slippery Rock 0 7 Mt. Union 1 1 Youngstown St. 0 y 4 Davis 8: Elkins 0 2 Youngstown St U3 inn.J 3 1 Youngstown St. 0 11 Heidelberg 0 12 Calif St. 3 10 Heidelberg 0 7 Calif St. 0 1 Kent St. Q17 inn.J 2 5 Muskingum 0 5 Kent State 2 9 Muskingum 0 23 Duquesne 0 Sports Zips I-lit and Throw to a 30-1 Record 5-is 86 Sports '5- -fvltxz gg 'gnwiteatn-4 wt BASEBALL 30 18 OPP Denison Denison Ashland Cleveland St Milligan Milligan Ashland Ashland Cleve. St. jacksonville jacksonville 35 11 Flager 5 2 Kent St. 7 2 Kent St. 7 3 Morehead St. 6 10 Morehead St. 3 5 Morehead St. 6 8 Youngstown St. 2 23 Youngstown St. 3 4 Cleve. St. 0 7 Cleve. St. 5 4 East. Kentucky 6 12 East. Kentucky 6 5 East. Kentucky 5 -J' "QCA fi 5 f, Q J 3, Morehead St Morehead St Youngstown Youngstown S Kent St Kent St E Kentucky E Kentucky E. Kentucky Slippery Rock Slippery Rock Ohio St. Cleve. St. Cleve. St. Dayton Centra! St. Youngstown St. Wright Central St. Wright Mt. Union Mt. Union Pitt Pitt OPP 6 5 .15 5 0 0 9 5 8 6 4 2 1 V r -,.f1y.'s:.. , 4.1, V W- A B f B , v Y. V Y , , 'BW R KRD Ep? xzxrs WARD Ex Y- zm ws s zm 1" wwf. Front Row fL-Rl: T. Spitale, T. Gowins, M. Tillcey, R. Cozart, T. Mar- V. Kuchmaner, M. Draa, M. Begue, D. Dobrindt. Back: I. Luca, R. shall fTrn.J, D. Coleman, D. Duncan, I. Fondeist, D. Wrigley. Middle: Swertfager, A. Estok, T. Garris, S. Emericlc, B. McCarthy, C. Kelley, E. B. Huebner, M. Burk, I. Hawthorne, P. Gliha, D. Fleischer, I. Magada, Crawford, N. Rupert, M. Tuel, T. Firmstone. Tony Venneri takes a cut at the ball. The men's baseball team had another successful season this year going 30-18 under Head Coach Dave Fross. lbw The Zips were led by Most Valu- able Player and Best Gffensive Player Dave Wrigley, who led the team in batting, doubles and on base average. Dave Fleischer pro- vided power as he led in homeruns and RBI's. Tony Vanneli T' H captured Best Freshman Award for his contributions this year. L -vig. , frgqi w - The Zip pitching and defense had -.M .. Q" ,' 'Q ".?,,.4Qi 4'-"--J 4 - 1 , - .. ...--. my -. - ' ""f1'-'b-- - ' s ' five shutouts this season. Ioel ' . . tzkfyqthra .. ., 4 , ... f - -' - - -- f ' Hawthorne was Best Defensive Player and Mark Draa won the Coaches Award. lim Fondriest led the pitching staff with 6-0 mark and Ron Coleman was 4-0. Dave Wrigley, heading for second base. Sports Golfers Show Good Form This Season 'iii -ss 'Yr 1341 . ww i' ,ir ,ff 5 --9' ad vf ., s.,...f' - 3-,ah Ken Trefzger gets out of a sand trap. The Zip Golfers hit the fairways in the spring and ended up with a good year. Ken Saal, Most Valuable Golfer, and Iim Strecker led a team that competed in tournaments held at Kent St., Toledo, and Michigan St., just to name a few. The team ended up fifth in the Ohio Valley Conference Tournament. Saal and Vic Minovich had low rounds of 69 and 72 respectively, the best on the team. 88 Sports X , 1 4 fwf- 53' T X19 .Y bf X I 11 l :Pt 1 Y ll il' ,I rv- 4-ae: . f A f.. - . . . -f: f ??-FH' L'-f,-fs.3'fE ., 6 f 'ful 1 'H sz Q -' " 'G' 145' ''FF3 ': '- V' ml W 4 , A -1 , . " . f- V V fr-ln, uhh Vi -A A. r 7, if ,-swa y H, -fn A , A I: , imc . 'J-4, . -4 ilk, 'W'-Af .V if ' ,I :QP V i 'gag' fqalwifg-.i'h" ' A4111 'Ng V.-, .- A n,v .33 - ' ff , 4 yn- 1 ,--si. 4' "fr , Sv'-' V4 L2 -.'.-Mg: in ,Ani-.. , iff-:Ma ggie , 1 '. f -a.,:,,,'-'- -if-wa , " 34' D I ' 'r xi .vu c ' . ,V " - , "'?s,,2a:,- g,..'e?t.1,w-9-,e1'4?9fw-.x, , ' ,nf -1 ,.-9 - --4v,'. 'S.a.3.' --- . -f. , - lc- f -'Sari t - " . ' 1. 45?-if ' -,ngvvv1v3.r 2+ fx f 4 ,::aw'3-Shiga . figyrf'-' ' .W -f . .. -Q' ,., fu: W' pw- A'-ffl' WNW-41 f 1. rf' 1' tr' ., M N H 'W' :I-2 v .ca lf Ar- c Lf -E95 'If WQQ .7f41ef'f2. ' -' 0 W. '- t . - " 1 4.Lw,1 if-4 -'ii , ,Qt .gf fy, 3. ' 'wimfa QL Stay ' " .:' tffegsr - . . --as T ::,, " ' , L tffwi 2- "ff " 1 4" ' V ly! . ee " 'Ti'?f"H?-n:f'fP32gfIIl' f 5' .. - I ... ,ne .'5, 'Wf2ibl.jlf!::3 gg va S ,, , , e ui! L 5 ,. .Q 9v,:,,,1,- ,g 4, 1 , ' " am ,L 1. ' ' 5 ,.. ..,,,.m Vic Minovich shows how it's done on his tee shot 2 The 1984 Zip Golf Team coached by lim Hackett Bowlers are Regional Champs fi C-av Back: P. Reynolds, K. Conroy, C. Turner, D. Sikora. Front: Coach lim Mitchell. This year both the men and wom- en enjoyed very successful seasons. They were champs of the Colle- giate Bowling Conference of N.E. Ohio, and also were ACUI Region seven champions. On the individual side, Gary Brobson was ACI National Singles champion and Carolyn Turner was third place ACI National Doubles. Back: S. Spencer, I. Murray, G. Jeffries, M. Randolph, T. Ieffries, G. Brobson, I. Elseg. Front: Coach jim Mitchell. Missing: R. Roby, D. l Hickman, D. Isaiah. Sports 9 Land and Sea s? 'K Q 71.1 ' 1 K . . '-mv-. - iz. This skier takes to the water with only one ski. s ' -1 , L90"0'f ' 1 V ,. ' 4 K -' 5.5 irQ.:4' , ' T T f I-"1 'ii' WH . -as ' Q - if 'c " ' - 'ag-,2MQ'. - - Q. . fe w! .f '.-:Suas vqtf '2' fd", Y -f 5 " 1 f""'4g.rm " . i, I A skier takes to the slopes at Boston Mills. n v- 'lg' ff- - , " ,-Yi K A 5 '?'5F:r: i ' """ .W ' 'Q . '---New .. Q v--- - -f ff' - ., P-,?g,A, ' . . , M A -"!- . Breaking the waves in two. The Ski Club and Water Ski Club give students a chance to have some fun and learn more about their respective sport. The Ski Club skied weekly at Bos- ton Mills and went to Colorado over Christmas break. The Water Ski Club hit the water in the spring and skied at different lakes throughout the season. They also competed at the Midwest Re- gional Competitions. 90 Sports -. vu., VKX it 453,434 it 5' WM ,wt Het WMM 'W Q Us '55 'Q TNQ? 49?- 7 ' ' 1- - -- -xt V2 1. V" C A' . M' 1- : .- wh. - T' 'if :TL K-,Aga -'tv "-Q . jj,g1 ,, 1-1,4551 . T- f, V f. . - . ' ' "AA VV Ll ' ,wtf Qi: 'f ' N ff-T,-'pH . . V ,Q-f S." ' 4 1 "Q f' A 73, , .2 . f' L, ,, is fa., ,,..: -., e .aff Xl Lf, gr lv ,nt ,, g I V33-W, ' t- 1' . :n4z'V 5, 5 g yt, . - a,Wef1"F, A L 1 N ',e5..1', .Fr-,I in L., . M V-'E, A . .,-- A- 4 ft. -,wg ,, 13. J, - yy N., I ,eb P- ,ra 1. ,gb -" 'if . 71 ,f ,fn xjxwig . :.,,L- ft .- ' . . Wi i, f 'A Q. 5,55 4 ' --., ,QM 5 'ffjflij A 4 "gif alpha: f . .Q V , : 2-f . -1 ,t iii" "" -M -Q, r. Q md, . .Eau . .C :W-:s f 1 -v. ' ' '.,X.f7LQ1' 7 .,,.',yx . , " :,K"':5f.+ - Q T- 'fl-lf. x "fn, Q I Hitting it Quick and I O O Fighting Back Two members are involved in a fast moving game. The Table Tennis Club and the Ka- rate Club are two clubs that can get students involved. The Table Tennis Club meets in the spring and this year used the new gym to hold their games. The Karate Club is a nationally recognized club with many associ- ations including the Amateur Athletic Union CA.A.U.J. The membership of 70 people range from beginners to black belts. The club is involved in A.A.U. championships, along with various other local and regional competi- tions. Karate is mental as well as physical training. X A, 1, ., 4' i 1 -. 2. Two Black Belts practice their moves. Sports 1 Marksmen finish stron Row: I. Mulinix, R. Melegari, A. Piven, T. Sober. Back Row: Head LEIRC Championships Team Ohio St Kentucky Xavier Akron QGo1dJ Miami Toledo Iohn Carroll Akron CB1ueJ Detroit Ohio Bowling Green Front Row: CL-RJ D. Lahue, S. Kirk, S. Krajci, D. Widdowson. Second Coach Newt Engle, T- Gefiak, I- ROIHHII, D- 5Ch1'6Ck- . I 92 Sports Points 2200 2154 2083 2055 2053 2012 1997 1937 1895 1872 1792 This year s University of Akron Ri- fle Team coached by Newt Engle finished fourth 1n the Lake Erie In- tercollegiate Rrflery Conference. Led by Most Gutstanding Shooter Susan Kirk and top shooter Alex Piven, the rifle team was strong all year long and finished with its highest team score of the season, 2055 at the LEIRC championship. Keeping in shape with 45- in L .Nm 2 ...r .-W.........u....-dll Na z--J Intramurals once again played a big part in student involvement at Akron this year. Everyone from the former athletes to those who just wanted to have fun participat- ed in the program. A wide variety of sports are featuredp there are 11 sports in all. There's always some- thing to keep everyone in shape. Sports if -M., tum- ' 94 Sports ll 'Sf --q.A.-N V. s 076. 4 p "1 U 3,15 .1 JYQNDQQ.. W I wx usd J 'fi .,... 41' ' "wat f I hw x, Q YA mm: nu' Q f A Aw fwfr Y i ' V , .. AV,f' 1 ,V--, - . .1 J ,K- .Fi ski 'Xi fr 14 4 .qzh .A-.qv ' Q u I 1.4 - ,If 'mx by ..A3'aJ2f - -in, W V ,K ..x,e " AN'-s-1,1 fil..gf3" '- I Sports Reaching for the Sk . s. ' ' wg YN in AA A' ' J. 1 k X, K 5 Q - K 'Sy ' 1- 4 ij C 'E gif i 1, 4 , Standing fl.-Rl: j. Ellis, M. Vozar, I. DeLuca, I. Turbett, G. Holobinko. Kneeling: C. Horrigan, I. Dies, A. Gromley, T. Smith, I. Hart, S. Russell 96 Sports ,J Winter Cheerleaders. QL-RJ L. Heppert, R. Hulick, L. Marinos, B. Sobuc, L. Staats, I. Carcus, I. Pritchard, T. Brooke, T. Brown, M. Hercules, I. Norman M. Weigand, Zippy CG. Neugebauerj. Zippy gets off his feet to cheer for the Zips. Fall cheerleaders do one of the routines in the Acme-Zip game. Once again this year the Fall and winter cheerleaders showed their spirit and pride for the Zips. It was also a lot of work. Some of their routines had them practically reaching for the sky. Also this year they were invited to participate in the National Collegiate Cheerleading Championships. Sports 7-'51 J . . Mi. .A-A ,inf ig' 55'-s 72" ' f . ,.,.. n ,f- , . , D -I-'Q. .1 ici .JF .-...f-'T' ik-' frfaifx 3'1" ' df- .hd Y, 1-ssh -' h2'Z:7-c ', -"5 -gif .- Q. , 98 '3 r o , .xo z +- 'I Nik .fx J .145 H kqk, 1Q"w Q, kia. 4 - - Y , ,-M , ' - ,- .9 3-nv, 'wfzrffh . -. W ,Q I all -241.11- ,,1,v.rt1'2 bg..-.-Q x?a.1-57? L k Aisl- ...1-at H "4 ,QV !,.r':nW. 5 . I V .,, f'i7""? '4w15""' ,' '. .5 ' ,,"".".'. 2 ' . , . . ... ---fu i J. ' , . -:. .. 4 -Lx - - .- 4 V. .-, ,.n -. X ,. ' , ,- ,-V , . .r . - . '1- 1 ,L -'YA . ...-" f v ' . T .-05, .. , , -. , -fi 1 J," "-XI. N' , ' V. - ., ,Tv '- - 1 - ? f,- 'if' -' . ' . . M X fd ',Vj,g.-95,3 7. , . HU . -4 If in in y . I, f. -LJ - ' . ' 41. If -su' '-I 51- 'J N" .f -, -Qt! ' f o-w-wr: 5 ..-4, l, 9911 4, Q. A0- 4, T 5. 4. fl! I .mil 1 I 5 If 1 ,V il ,f5r". F , Xfyi, 5 1 ' xf.,,o'5 A' QQ . Q' . ,iff KffLff.' 7' fb ,M ,bf Q' sfrw ,iycf 'im . .'-.rfxf E , -M, RGAN ZATIG 1-'A 157 fs 4 3,4 U' sf-4" dxf' 5 xfgf X ,Q ,A ef 1 O, 1 C ,. :QE Y Q, , I I ' If U Q : " 'ff' I 45? ' N fff , .. X 'S X K 0 K Student Government Working to make campus life bet- ter was the purpose of all the items on Associated Student Gov- ernment's QASGJ agenda. From polling students to find out their opinions to providing a "buddy" for exchange students, ASG spon- sored many programs designed to meet the needs of everyone on campus. This year ASG held the first Club Convention which allowed members of organizations to meet and discuss campus issues. ASG president, Rob Kochis, was one of the eleven members on the Presidential Search Committee, which reviewed candidates for the successor to Pres. Guzzetta. - K I ' ' Below Rodney Yates talks with fellow students V rj -- C X C' 'A ' 5 t fl X 1 Q, It 4 if 1 w '53 fy . .. V e i' Q , v-:ggi " R i 'ei-uf v' lu'-ir, J Q I. 1 ' 'H tiff-. xy i .- il A. STUDENT L. .45 El, eovenmmfm 1-SQ' A AYOQKTE ' 'S Q fa 13-1, J -A o swoon Q .Z GOVERNNKENT A 'l ,- - ft .. A ,LIZ FRESHMEN 'N'--2 ELECUONS in-LJ Rob Kochis and Diane johnson are ready to answer questions. Organizations Black United Students xf r' 'him Roytunda Young and Tony Weaver enjoy fine food at the ball. Black United Students QBUSJ is an organization with-a goal of uniting black students on campus. BUS encourages its members to get in- volved on campus as well as to achieve academic success. This year BUS, sponsored speeches, a wet T-shirt contest, the Gospel Experience, and a number of dances. Many BUS members also worked on the Rev. Jesse Iackson's campaign during the democratic presidential primaries. Kim Kates, president, is all wet at the T-shirt contest. A chorus sings a hymn at the Gospel Experience niversit Program Board The University Program Board CUPBD, a new organization on campus this year formed by the merger of Student Center Program- ming and the Campus Activities Board, offered a variety of on- campus events. UPB, is a student-run organization open to any University of Akron student interested in planning events and entertainment. UPB met weekly to plan events such as the Renaissance Fayre, the Madalyn Murray O'Hair-Sen. Mark Hatfield debate on public school prayer, billiard player Nick Varner, and hyponotist James Mapes. UPB sponsored lectures and cultur- al activities as well. In addition to these events UPB showed movies in the Gardner Student Center Theatre. Chuckery entertainment offered by UPB included TGIF parties, the Coffee House Series, and the Mill- er Rock Series. .1 Obi Miller Beer's Buffalo arrives to promote the rock series 2 5 'XS 2 .Z I Top: Chinese Acrobats. Left: Ioe Brigandi Nick Varner, world champion f'1 Students wait in line to see "Gone With The Wind." Ms. O'Hair speaks out against prayer in school. The board received the Miller Award for top rock series in the country for the fall semester. The hyponotist controls Cindy Abbott. W Organizations E ening Student Council Barb McCrea and Linda Bunn look through the job seminar folders Dr Knepper shows off his gift from the council Sponsoring numerous events the Evening Student Council worked to give evening students the op- portunity to become active on campus. This year the council held two job seminars, their annual dinner dance, and a T-Shirt contest in which students designed their own shirts. The year was topped off with the annual Evening Students Awards Banquet, honoring the achievements of many students. l .J Organizations E enin Activity Billy Goode welcomes an initiate into Alpha Sigma Lambda. Barb McCrea speaks at the initiation ceremony. 7 is Providing evening students with the chance to make long-lasting friendships is a goal of both Gam- ma Beta sorority and the honorary, Alpha Sigma Lambda. Gamma Beta met monthly, plan- ning such events as seminars, the mother-daughter banquet, and CPR lessons. Members also participated in holiday programs at the Buchtel House Children's Home. Alpha Sigma Lambda, the evening students honorary comparable to the Dean's list, held two social activities this year giving the hon- or students a chance to get acquainted. Gamma Beta sisters enjoy their meeting. Organizations 'QS The Buchtelite Covering news from campus issues to national issues and how it effected students, the Buchtelite staff gained journalistic experience by publishing two issues of the pa- per each week during the fall and spring semesters. The Buchtelite, which is staffed by students with different majors, changed the publication days this year. Students found the paper on campus on Tuesdays and Thurs- days. it Dr Parmenter left, discusses a story with staff members. Top Greg Popa gets a tip over the phone below the staff 2 ite-Life l xx ' - Q f , -fusing V " V. ff 4: 1-ni ' I J A all-I' ' V """' M , vw- W W This year the Nite-Life staff mailed nearly 8,000 copies of the Evening Co11ege's newspaper out each month, keeping students informed on campus issues and evening ac- tivities. Evening students, who received a copy of the paper at their home, found advertising for the first time in this year's editions. 1 --...S i Karen Ritte looks proudly at the finished product. The Nite-Life staff puts in long hours. 1 "'1 . 5. Carlo Maltempi, adviser, sometimes has to crack down on the staff. Organizations """' K! Antik rutlrxif 5535? is .H I . W ' W7 in 400 The wire service telex never stops Michele M110 gives Iean Martin a cassette WAUP is an FM radio station owned by the University. With the slogan "THE GREAT 88," WAUP services Summit County and Northeastern Ohio offering a variety of music and cultural pro- grams as well as local and national news. Students, making up the majority of the staff, gain knowledge and hands-on experience in broadcast- ing by operating the station seven days a week. Organizations The Field of Communication has N PRSSA members tour the Hitchcock Fleming Sz Associates Inc. PR firm. The Public Relations Student Society of America CPRSSAJ spon- sored lectures and field trips for this year. PRSSA received national recogni- tion for the professional quality of its newsletter. Women in Communications Inc. CWICIJ is an organization open to all communication majors. WICI met often this year, welcom- ing speakers from the broadcast media and the public relations fields. The years biggest event was the Dorothy Fuldheim lecture, which WICI co-sponsored with AERho. 'QT ag, ,WJ Top: Mary Klepitch, WICI president, right Dorothy Fuldheim Ieff Achauer, PRSSA president, finds the PR tour interesting. RSX y X, Recognizing Achievement Mortar Board and Omicron Delta Kappa CODKD are honoraries that recognize their members for schol- arship, leadership, and service on and off campus. Both honoraries sponsored the All-Campus Recogni- tion Dinner and the Presidential Brunch. ODK held fall and spring tapping breakfasts and initiation dinners this year. Mortar Board sponsored a lecture series and its 19th annual book sale. 4 , I ill Mr. Jamison is the guest speaker at a Mortar Board lecture lm is '-IQ, . I' , - X -.Un Dr. Guzzetta speaks at the brunch. Organizations ,1.:,j,ff'f.' 2.1441-'v' 451-2271-if 159:13 tlifmvygfff-'fi-. fgyzf AQMQZ: 3 4' l 0 0' lo' 1 . .sr--z-:fra -:r g Dr. Knepper congratulates a new ODK member. Ioe Brigandi is inducted into ODK. FE? S fo Celeste Cook welcomes Mary Klepitch into Mortar Board. ---1 Shoppers browse at the Mortar Board book sale. Organizations Freshmen I-Ionoraries Alpha Lambda Delta and Phi Eta , Sigma are the freshmen honoraries for women and men on campus. To be inducted into an honorary, a freshman must be a full-time student with a grade point average of 3.5 or better. Once a freshman is inducted into the honorary, he or she is a life-time member. Both freshmen honoraries held fall and spring initiation banquets this year. They also joined their Kent State affiliates in an ice skating party. Alpha Lambda Delta and Phi Eta Sigma members volunteered as tu- tors for the University's developmental program. David White, senior advisor, explains the crest. Michele McClure lights her candle from Debbie Linrode's. 'Nj Bob Clemens, Phi Eta Sigma secretary, reads the pledge N T I lm-M., Harry Shullo is congratulated by Phi Eta Sigma members. A new inductee enjoys the ceremony. da-?"'s Y' Joanne Kovacic, Alpha candle. Lambda Delta vice president, gives an inductee a Organizations .gi- K---f' T .4.-'ij "fl, I P 113 Social Workers The Student Social Work League and the social work honorary, Al- pha Alpha Alpha, strive to main- tain close communication within the department and the communi- ty. This year the League sponsored workshops and held their annual Christmas food drive. Alpha Alpha Alpha sponsored fall and spring initiation banquets. This year the honorary held a me- morial ceremony for Mr. Bernard Clifford, assistant professor of So- cial Work, who passed away dur- ing the fall semester. I Pwr? k " 9 Rev. Robert Denton speaks to Alpha Alpha Alpha members. XX Paul Williams and Marian Byers plan events. 1 9 Patty Oswald and Duane Krebbs discuss social work issues. So to Speak Jennifer Crawford, Forensic Union vice-president, debates. The Forensic Union and Student Toastmasters offer students the chance to develop and strengthen their speaking skills. Student Toastmasters met three times a week preparing members for the 15 speech contests they entered this year. The Forensic Union held many debates with topics ranging from abortion to the re-election of Pres. Reagan. The Union also sponsored the Ashton Speech Contest in the Spring. Some members attended five inter-collegiate speech tourna- ments this year. Top: Toastmaster memberg right: Toastmasters draw a crowd. Dennis Mahoney speaks for the unborn s right to life In the Marketplace Both Pi Sigma Epsilon and the Finance Club encourage members to advance their knowledge and interest in business and finance. This year Pi Sigma Epsilon, the na- tional professional fraternity for marketing and sales management, raised money for the Muscular Distrophy Association through a musical chairs contest. Members also conducted several marketing research projects for area firms and the University. The Finance Club, in addition to regular meetings and field trips, sponsored a stock market game which gave finance majors a chance to learn more about the market and stocks. Finance Club members faithfully attend meetings. A Pi Sigma Epsilon member makes a point. i f ' f Round and round they go. 1 Promoting Professionali 4? S'-'aff' p K . X. l Wx l I ,X ,f Delta Sigma Pi welcomes speakers. A Delta Sigma Pi member registers before the spring banquet. Sw .J sa-3 in 4:3- Top: Sigma Iota Epsilon inductiong below: Sigma Iota Epsilon members socialize. Promoting high ideals and profes- sionalism in business is one purpose of both Sigma Iota Epsilon and Delta Sigma Pi. Sigma Iota Epsilon inducted 22 graduate and 23 undergraduate stu- dents this year, honoring them for their academic achievements in management courses as well as for their over all academic record. In addition to the annual initiation banquet, members enjoyed a sum- mer picnic. Delta Sigma Pi is the national fraternity of business administra- tion. This year members met twice a month planning events such as a trip to the Toronto Stock Exchange. Organizations Preparing students to be responsi- ble members of the business com- munity is the goal of both the Ad- ministrative Management Society QAMSJ and the Accounting Associ- ation. This year, in addition to weekly meetings, AMS sponsored seminars on writing resumes and interview- ing as well as a spring banquet. The Accounting Association spon- sored the "Evening with Accoun- tants", and a Dean's Roast. Members were also active in intramural sports and the associ- ation's bowling league. In Business i f it I 4 'Q 'Qtr .w. 4-sf' 17' fb Aff ak . 5 , W--PDQ' u NX I ' 7 Wu., .... S L Nick Kresojevich, president, and Maureen Flanagan organize AMS certificates. 'K Q I ' . 9 2. E .11 I. Organzzat s A x ...Q Accounting Association's Bridgett DiPalo, top, Rick Iacobson, left L Marketable Skills Yugi """"" Ham W Nw 'MW APICS members plan future events. ASPA meetings are enjoyed by members. 55 Scott Robertson talks with a representative from the Hoover Company. The American Production and In- ventory Control Society CAPICSJ and the American Society for Per- sonnel Administration QASPAJ of- fer business majors the chance to attain valuable experience. In addition to regular meetings and field trips ASPA and APICS, along with Delta Sigma Pi, spon- sored the "Evening with the Professionals." This gave business students a chance to talk with re- presentatives from area firms. This year ASPA received the Supe- rior Merit Award from their na- tional affiliate. Organizations La ing a Foundation American Institute of Chemical En- gineers CAICHEJ and the Society of Students in Construction are two campus organizations working to lay a strong foundation that future engineers can build upon. This year AICHE members enjoyed holiday parties, seminars and a North Central Regional AICHE Convention which was held in Michigan during the spring. Student contractors, in their second year of existance on campus, held meetings every two weeks. Members joined with the Civil En- gineers to design and build the concrete sign for Auburn Science Center. 1 - Mp- H, V f X SJ A' X qv laid' .E V, ' - f . ! in-ww ' , N ' , ..n at in M- ' ka- 1U 1 V"""""'-----.-. AICHE members enjoy a discussion after a lecture. Students in Construction pose around their finished project. N -AN . iii . A Q J 5 is nv . -V t Dr. Bennett speaks with an AICHE member. t Q, Engineering Acti itie X f' K , C1111 ,I 'ts N 3 An inductee is welcomed into Tau Beta Pi. The American Society of Civil En- gineers participated in a number of activities this year. Members built and raced concrete canoes and helped with the planning and con- struction of the Auburn Science Center sign. Tau Beta Pi, the engineering hon- orary, inducted members during the fall and spring banquets this year, honoring them for their achievements in engineering. This year the Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers CIEEEJ sponsored speakers and field trips. Members entered a regional paper contest held in Pittsburg. Top: Civil Engineers canoe team, right: David Shutway speaks at IEEE meeting. Organizations .11 ,. Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Delta Phi Alpha, the German hon- orary, and Der Deutsche Studentenklub CThe German Stu- dent's Clubj work together to provide students of German the opportunity to learn more about the language and culture. Both organizations participated in the Schlachfest fa social dinnerj and the Maskenball Ca masquerade dancel. This year the German stu- dents celebrated 300 years of Ger- man immigration into the USA as well as the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther's birth. The tool so a German student , it-M rf' Mrs. Livingston in a native dress. Organizations Dr. Maio speaks on the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther s birth f lv, - . fivfvi- qw. Y .L,jk, M.'1',. '. - - - I W' ' lpjk ' ,wid Dr. Richardson speaks on 300 years of German immigration. A Delta Phi Alpha member speaks at the banquet. 1" zkiltv it 5' f , Sf: ji H Q 1' 4" - . Students enjoy the Delta Phi Alpha spring banquet. In the Spring Delta Phi Alpha in- ducted seven members, honoring them for their excellence in Ger- man. Organizations ga' K.. Cf rx l'1,.e,'f ' ' Y fn In the Medical Field Students who plan a medical- health career can join one of many related organizations on campus. The Medical Assisting Club, Colle- giate Nursing Students Club, and the Future Physicians Club QFPCJ each met often hearing speakers and discussing career related sub- jects. The Collegiate Nursing Students sponsored Blood Pressure Clinics and a career day in addition to many social activities. Collegiate Nursing Students sponsor a December graduation ceremony and dinner 1 I t Get on the road to good health! Organizations I it 3 Vw ,A N. X - me t ts, ."x ' u 1 ' f ,,,,,,V Nursing students offer free blood pressure checks. Collegiate Nurses hold regular meetings Future PhYS1C1aI1S Offer CPR lessons Future Physicians offered CPR lessons, held mock medical school admission interviews and made field trips to local hospitals and medical schools. FPC members were also involved in drawing the guidelines for pre-med students enrolled at the University. Medical Assisting Club members participated in the C8zT Anniversa- ry with blood pressure checks. They also held a Bike-a-thon to raise money for the mentally dis- abled as well as their annual Christmas Party and Spring Picnic. F rom Gther Lands Nigeria and Turkey are just two foreign lands represented among the University's vast mixture of ex- change students. The Turkish-American Student As- sociation QTASAJ is open to any student interested in Turkish culture and tradition. This year TASA met often hearing speakers and planning events such as their spring picnic. The Nigerian Student Union spon- sored many events this year. In ad- dition to regular meetings the Ni- gerians held debates on issues ranging from the effects of science and technology to the economy of Nigeria. xx .1-Jl-lf Top: Emeka Ezibe celebrates Nigerian Independence Dayp below Nigerian Fashion Show TASA gives the Turkish flavor to the International Festival. 'If' Organizations .. - ' - " W 'f' a ' ' 1 t . A 1 H 1 N '. -. -I ' .--1 f . W. '4 if Lx 5. f 3,1 1 . 'K J ' z .Uv , fl:-3 .. .1 .it .2-531. " Q ,.y'x,1 31 . I 'Qu Issues and Culture .ST-fi ,ZH Indian students enjoy speakers. XXV. Students interested in discussing international issues or cultures of other lands have the opportunity to join various organizations on campus. The International Affairs Society met weekly this year discussing World issues and politics. Members attended the National Model Unit- ed Nations in New York City and participated in several debates dealing with current issues. The Indian Student Association met often hearing speakers and planning events such as Diwali, the Indian festival of lights. World issues set the agenda for discussion. qi International Affairs members enjoy parties too Mind and Bod The exercising of both mind and body is available to all students through the Philosophy Club and the Outing Club. The Philosophy Club met weekly, discussing and sharing ideas. Members heard guest speakers once a month with topics ranging from the implications of war to the philosophy of the business world. The Outing Club planned numer- ous events including the Road Ral- ly, hikes, biking trips and trips across North America. Club members also enjoyed parties, picnics and football games. Mary Brandes leads the Philosophy Club discussion Organizations i Enjo ing Science ' , wi, ,iff 1' ,' , 2,8 aw, A , , s - , 1 1 ' ,45 1 ' J C .. 1 Q n ,ny J' flak Q ' The Chemistry Spectacular is a success. The Electronics Club is a sponsor of the C8:T picnic. Electronics Club members get hands-on experience with technical equipment. Members of both the Electronics Club and the American Chemical Society-Student Affiliates QThe Chemistry Clubj gain scientific knowledge while enjoying science. The Electronics Club met twice a month holding workshops and tak- ing tours of local technical facilities. The Chemistry Club sponsored events such as the "Chemistry Spectacular" which showed area ju- nior and senior high school stu- dents that chemistry can be fun. Organizations Promoting Inter-Action Promoting inter-action within their departments is one goal that Kappa Omicron Phi, Pi Lambda Theta and the National Student Speech Hearing Language Association CNSSHLAD have in common. Kappa Omicron Phi is a national home economics honor society. The organization's 19 members met once a month for activities such as panel discussions on the home economist's role. The honorary also sponsored a clothing drive for a school in Appalachia. -545 l 7142,- Phi celebrates Founder's Day with a dinner X is .51 Bm .ef-"" 3""' Qi- , Q ,.-,iv NY' E Pi Lambda Theta honors Dr. Guzzetta with a certificate. Organizations .566'C A NSSHLA member explains equipment at the 0pen House ,, M., ., -,.UIj,fl' ,k P ff .wi lt' 5 ig Ti if al 'gin 'f ' lj, I P T 5 'N ko X .-21 :V . I f 1 Jr' Ny' U1 gi. K Y 3 NSSHLA members enjoy their spring banquet. if lu Kappa Omicron Phi inductees take an oath. x ff p 3 X t 7 i Pi Lambda Theta welcomes an inductee with a rose. Pi Lambda Theta, the education honorary, honors both graduate and undergraduate students as well as outstanding professionals in the field of education. The honorary held two initiation ceremonies this year and sponsored lectures dealing with current issues in edu- cation. NSSHLA is an organization open to students in the department of Communicative Disorders. NSSHLA sponsored a Freshmen Open House as well as social activ- ities such as holiday parties and luncheons. Organizations Christian Fellowship Rev. Bob Clarke enjoys having dinner with Association members. Organizations Members of both Alpha Omega Christian Fraternity and the Ecumenical Christian Association enjoy the Christian fellowship shown through their activities. In addition to weekly Bible studies, Alpha Omega sponsored Christian concerts and co-sponsored the Campus Olympics with Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. This year the Ecumenical Christian Association held Coffee Houses, Fun-n-Games Nights and dinners as well as weekly prayer meetings. The Association was recognized by Akron Children's Hospital and the Red Bird Mission for their volun- teer work. Top: john Lyonp below: Rodney Louck Serving the Lord BSU members fellowship after their meetings. With dedication to serve jesus Christ, members of University Christian Outreach CUCOJ and the Baptist Student Union KBSUD were active on campus this year. Both organizations held weekly Bible studies. UCO sponsored the christian music group "Crossroads" and a number of social activities such as a square dance in the fall. BSU attended a state convention for Baptist students, a mid-winter retreat, and a leadership confer- ence. .fi UCO members enjoy the social time after meetings. UCO sponsors the christian music group "Crossroads" BSU holds weekly prayer meetings. Organizations lil I l l l f 1 2 l l V 1 5 i I s I 1 1 x l i I v i , l . N a fffkf .- 'J f vf' T" f 7? " n, 133 -if 1,-+L II M359 A 134 Or anizationsi Serving the Countr Helping students develop and strengthen their skills for a future in the military is an important as- pect of both Pathfinders and the Silver Wings Society of Angel Flight. Pathfinders is an organization for students in the Army ROTC programg Silver Wings is a social organization that supports the Air Force ROTC and Arnold Air Force Society. The Pathfinders attended many Field Training Exercises CFTXJ which provided cadets with the opportunity to practice skills learned in the classroom. Army ROTC Cadet Herzog receives a Distinguished Cadet Award v . ' .I M-1'0" 0 2 4:25 -1' 1 ' x my E ,. ,N 95 'v X , x A cadet plays "Taps" on Veteran's Day. Air Force ROTC holds the annual awards ceremony. KY, k 5 ch .E x - CAA px X etlgxxxxyxxi 5 :IMD 10 G viii-SWQXS sunm' 5 oV?Osl Army ROTC answers student's questions. SHIPS I I Silver Wings members raised mon- ey for Akron General Medical Center's dialysis machine and worked with the Humane Society. Members also attended state and national conventions and spon- sored a POWIMIA awareness week. Organizations Political Action United for Life is a pro-life organi- zation on campus. Members met twice a month discussing current issues and working on projects such as writing letters to congress- men and library research. College Democrats were active in party politics, making two bus trips for Sen. Iohn Glenn's presidential campaign during the democratic presidential primaries. gl . 11 4" X11 N All " ' ' v lf 03. ' 1 Q F x X an A ff'l'.i,'j'J.?'Nxx XXQXX l Theresa Chmielewski holds Right to Life poster child. M w e i 'NAT Nr United for Life members picket abortion clinics on Saturdays. 4 r, V. :' P' V: K "WH "4 -t f'- -' f, ' ' . Q 45. 2:4 5 7 ' 3 ff 1, ,A S it' -QB? 'F . lf. ' leaf' , A' -f' tiff " .jf 'fl . V V ',.r si.-', QQ. 'jg S... -f f -W fa. Sea . as - ff' f gi , li' " L 122-gf ' ii 1' ' F 5. 'fflfvfgiigkl ' 1,-lv ' Vu ' 22" ' e gl f f,.-gf, if la 4 :M Quit? I' ar ill -'Ury ja 3, .v , A" , S L mg! if 5 mr at ' f - ' J , 'wif l I. ?. 1 5 V. A F It ' . L. : : I College Democrats campaign in New Hampshire during the democratic primary. Organizations Lawyers and Broadcasters Prof. Charles Kirkwood speaks on law school. Frank Carrino, Pre-Law president, leads a discussion. During the year the Pre-Law club toured Case Western Reserve and Akron University Law Schools. Members also heard Prof. Charles Kirkwood speak on "How to Survive the First Year of Law School." The Pre-Law club partici- pated as witnesses in the Regional Mock Trial Competition for Law Schools. Alpha Epsilon Rho CAERHOJ, a chapter of the national broadcast- ing fraternity, was officially in- stalled on campus in October of last year. AERHO met every two weeks dur- ing the year, welcoming speakers from the local broadcast media. The big event of the year was the Dorothy Fuldheim lecture. yr Top: Dr. Lynch, left: AERHO installation. Organizations fe 4' .f5,y""" . j-if sagjv 1: . -f.-.U J-' . J ,ggi If '- fx'-f 1.9- .,I, iii," ' 1.?X'.f-4 Vfrv. 4 H wa: F-QA af" 'W' 138 '..u' . -'A Y , 4N1a.2 and-1 ,3ne '-Y -,vv ' wg! fb ' .fs D ' 1 EVENT f A' Q ' , a , 1 a 3 I Simon and Garfunkel Events "Like a bridge over troubled water On Iuly 19, 1983, an historic event occurred in the UA Rubber Bowl, when Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel kicked off their national Reunion Tour before 40,000 fans. The standing room only crowd was the first to see the duo perform to- gether in 13 years. Performing their many songs, Si- mon and Garfunkel gave the audi- ence an evening to remember. The duo filled the Rubber Bowl with beautiful music, creating many fond memories for those in attendance. University officials hope this will be the first of many outdoor concerts held in the Bowl. Homeward Bound F af G New Directions . . . for New Students. New Directions, sponsored by Student Development, was a program initiated to get students involved at the University and fa- miliarize them with the depart- ments on campus. Gardner Student Center provided the location for many displays and information tables. Survival Ses- sions provided information on various topics, including "Time Management" and financial aid. Classical guitar, the jazz ensemble, and Bobby Gold CSimon Sez of the Starsj shared the entertainment spotlight. "s 14 Events Ps Yflhofo 9 1 R' rl .MJ Y fY-Y gy- Information tables provide students with departmental information. Right Bobby Gold. ,A- New Directions teach students about campus life. , ,:' i it E 2, fa an it V3 it ,f ii B- Military Scnence 'JTC S x , at t l -J .Ut . 4 , sNi' 54. fi' lc' -iT C A 'EJ I Ili x if . mill ' Xgg-A A I 3 gk Q Lf An army officer discusses ROTC. Information from the Community and Technical College is welcome. P?"Q 'Xl gf! ..n"1' S 1 .! ,. fini. New Directions gives freshmen a chance to meet others. Events Activities Fair At the beginning of the fall semes- ter, campus organizations partici- pated in the annual Activities Fair to inform students of their group's activities. The Fair was a valuable way to get information about various groups, giving students a chance to get involved. 'DM A.C.S. has an interesting display. 14 Events Michelle McNeal and Steve Merr1x are Queen and King for a day The giant chess game is always a favorite. The Renaissance Fayre, sponsored by the Campus Activities Board KCABJ, was held Saturday, October 1. The center of campus was the stage for this event. Music, Latin Mass, Tarot card readers, arts and crafts displays were some of the events that were held. Members of CAB dressed in Medi- eval costumes, making the atmosphere more complete. Renaissan e Fayre Events Brunch With the President One early Saturday morning in De- cember, 70 officers of student or- ganizations had the opportunity to have brunch with President and Mrs. Guzzetta in their home. The brunch, which is co-sponsored each fall by Omicron Delta Kappa and Mortar Board, gives student leaders and the president an opportunity to exchange ideas about issues of campus concern. The theme of this year's brunch was, "Presidential Expectations: I-Iow we see each other." Students and Dr. Guzzetta examined their responsibilities as presidents of their organizations. Dr. Guzzetta gave an interesting presentation of the many roles he must fulfill as chief officer at the university. After a brunch and the president's remarks, a discussion on topics ranging from leardership to campus issues was held. A 1' Brigid Diapola and Venita McCall await their turn. x., ga Student leaders share ideas. Left: President Gazzetta addresses student leaders Q 1 vyrqvr ' - ' 5. E 6 ' 5 ' t ! 2 I i 1 f 1,25 I , . 135 sa, 5 .35 4' 314 4 ga 's .. C , . 1 7 X U .- Q 2 1 , v V Chris Slaybaugh, 1983-84 College Ambassador to England. College Ambassador Christopher Slaybaugh was chosen as the 1983-84 College Ambassador. The program gives students the opportunity to travel abroad and learn about a foreign culture. On return, the students present slide-illustrated talks on their experience to various groups in the area. Chris is an Akron native and U.A. sophomore. Besides travel, Slaybaugh enjoys rock climbing and photography. V I""'-1 S f"""" S. ,,.f""' -11f'l--1- -if--,-.,....-. Many guests had questions Homecoming ' Homecoming Weekend '83, held October 6-8, started with a Bonfire 'n Brew Night. A pep rally on Iackson field and an all-campus party in the Grill Room of the University Club followed. The highlight of this year's home- coming was a semi-formal, held Friday. The dance featured music by Elegy. About 150 couples enjoyed the buffet and dance, al- though the Zips were defeated by Eastern Illinois in the homecoming game. The band leads the pep rally. X"' A Q 14 Events N of "9" Zippy meets team member Iames Black. 5'a,f .xr Many students voted this year for King and Queen. The 1983 Homecoming King, Queen, and their Court. e va- Sv U.A. crowned Iay I-Iertel and lean Ianek King and QUEEN Events iller Rocks! Y r - .ww Vi XX , , A NAA xv V . 4- 5? N. s 3 oi -o And the band plays on . , , Students toast the rock series Miller Beer sponsores a series of free rock concerts each year at U.A. The concerts give local bands a chance to perform before a guaranteed large audience. The atmosphere is almost equal to any concert, with special lighting and a powerful sound system. Students are given souvenir hats and cups as they enter. Beer and munchies are available throughout the evening. Album and shirt give-a- ways add to the excitement. This years group included Payreweather. 15 Events The good times roll at the Hilltop A Events .C.C. 3 I - J fsfxz' A chorus sings the Black National Athem. YOUI1g, Gifted Bild Black The fall of 1983 marked the Tenth Anniver- sary of the Black Cultural Center. To mark the event, the theme "B.C.C. in '83" was chosen. Various programs were held during the fall semester to mark the anniversary. February, 1984, was the Black History month program and the Cultural Centers' celebration. Speakers and seminars dis- cussed the black family and blacks in edu- cational institutions. The annual Miss Black History Month Pageant kicked off the first Black Alumni and Friends week-end. The history of blacks was displayed in art and performed in dance and music. 1 Events The female African Dance Troupe Sherri Fuller is selected Miss Black History, 1984. Tina Canniday models African attire. ill I8 Talent is another catagory Student Awards Dinner Over one-hundred student leaders, faculty and friends attended this year's Recognition dinner. Among the evening's highlights, Mortar Board and Omicron Delta Kappa inducted new members. Venita McCall and David White were selected as this year's out- standing Seniors. The Business Col- lege won in the Senior Challenge contest. The awards dinner showed the campus that the students are true leaders. -.J "',.F'i'1-'.i-,u uf , fel I' ? -' -L, qs Li 1 5.2 150. ci 1 H. f 1 A mime team entertains the audience. Dean Hansford shares his views. f-Y 14? . Mu Many are recognized in Thomas Hall. ,. 1 a .kb i ! K K ,Nl .xi . ., . f Events In Recognition Evening Student Council CESCJ has increased in size and recognition in the past few years. Much of the recognition goes to two faithful board members, both of whom were recognized for their years of service at the Spring Recognition Dinner. Linda Bunn, the past-year's presi- dent, was awarded for her efforts. Barb McCrea-Sculley, who has held the ESC presidency in the past, was not only awarded at this din- ner, but was also one of UA's 1984 Cutstanding Senior Women. B xv F' Dr. Guzzetta presents award to Barb McCrea-Sculley. fk fr? is 'N , . r-,.... Lisa McFarren, left, gives a brief acceptance speech. 1 Events L Linda Bunn, president fff' ' ' t7'6f?' if , X . ff ,VZ f if 'ZZ Z it ff W . KW' uv' f U ' Q 1 44 , A N, , , , W if 2',g, M 1 9 Dr. Dale Parnell. Students as well as faculty joined in the celebration. Dr. Guzzetta makes a point. MSW!! ' mt' s .Ewa i r , of if . A ZF . 'Q' - I !,:!A..l, . 'ol f ' I,- z Am A ' v'41 ?'6,7,, There's no doubt that the past year marked the celebration of many anniversaries. The Community and Technical College celebrated its 20th Anniversary on Saturday, Feb- ruary 11, 1984. The dinner was held in the Hilltop area. Keynote speaker was Dr. Dale Parnell, president of American As- sociation of Community and junior Colleges. Happy nniversary Events 1984 May Day seemed doomed by the weather, however, Campus or- ganizations co-sponsoring the event UPB, BUS, ASG, ISC, and RHPB, had an idea. Since weather reports included rain, the May Day committee chose the Exchange Street parking deck as an alternate site for the festivi- ties. This year's Olympic theme includ- ed several contests such as pizza- eating and a tug-of-war. The wet weather didn't dampen the spirits of the over 8,000 who attended. Students enjoyed enter- tainment provided by the band "Louisiana Purchase" and radio station WKDD. May Day vw: Q 2 ,. Y 'gif - V f -xg'--f ? it ,- -. - fr ff' .at .-11.-.- -,,,,,. i i Louisiana Purchase" keeps the crowd happy. eff? 'f' I' gif ,5 . 5 ' s I. 158 Events - "Let May Day begin . . Left: Smiles illuminate May Day 1984. .V""-- 81" ' M , ' O' fi: LQ, 2 Henry Butler displays pizza-eating skills. May day workers wear uniform t-shirts. ,.. .i.v 3. The parking deck has never been this full. .A. Style! Events ilitary Awards The Military awards are presented to those individuals in the Air Force or Army Reserve Officer Training Corp. CROTCJ. Army Cadette Sandra Eicher re- ceived the Military Orders of World Wars, awarded to the individual in best standing in all aspects of Army ROTC. Gary Stahlhut received his DMS award. 1 Events V. Gen. Richardson, Commissioning Speaker, Army A few of the new Army Lieutenants. Y sw Sandra Eicher, center, receives recognition. Gary Stahlhut was presented the Distinguished Military Student Award KDMSJ for being one of the top Cadets in his Army ROTC class. Among those awarded at the Air Force ceremony was Iames Gudaitis, who won the College Scholarship Ribbon. .,, X DJ ,is H... , , Q Q ,X ? Iames Gudaitis, right, of AFROTC. Dean Hansford joins the Army Commissioning officers. Events f fl, X. ,ff N sg nf., r . x w 'N ,if fx 5 's F 619795. K f Q I 'PQI' 2. 4 J, .- 3, V 3 ,ff -wif , Q Ig.: M gg 1 ?7' 1- ,f,,, , Un1vers1t Theatre: The shows go on Q A f1na1e deservmg applause. The 1984 theatre season was full of excitement and glamour. There were performances in all of the campus the- atres. A wide range of plays meant that there was something for everyone. is A little hanky-panky takes place on stage Darryl Blakley shares a serious moment in a scene from "Working" Events A scene from "The Scarecrow" g It W V W M M 17 , 1 Q , ' v 4 ,Q 5 i s T i WTRNQA HN Something captures their attention. "Buried Child" offers suspenseful moments. Several cast members from the musical "Working" gather on stage. Events - w Y , if I , ' : -.4 . X L g . s . . w 91 vm A E f Z -.. ' x Y L v i 5 ' ff 1 6 45 'fl 2 5 A Q 5 3 ' ' ' 'J 2 9 ' ' x ' f 1 5 b . ' . 5 '. f i Q gi ' ' ' if C 3 if ' A l 5 ' E 'igx f ng 5 'S s "Y E l :M F 2 g Q 1' 'Q gr V A- K qc 145' h Q 1 .' ,. ' 2 if 'V 'f .4 if U - if t ' 15 1. , - 4 J' fi f , , F4 . ' 1 3 ' ' -I' i X 1 ' . , f ' I 34 . Q V gig s 1 -ds Y ' -1 Q X , 2 -- ' K I' if 751- ' 1 ' A ' 'fl ' f s 'f ' 'x X' Q .Q 1 A . ' Fjxl - l ' K ' N 5 X Y, X 'JA i grit .K X Qing. Z . 'V M ' I X- 1 ' 'DQ ii .ga 4 45-vm K -ff? "za In u 'r 'I The violins are in the spotlight. The Marching Band shines during Band-o-Rama Director Richard Iackoboice listens to applause Concentration shows professionalism Steel drums keep Calypso alive. Right Washboard Charlie entertains at the Band Banquet. Events , . l I Th Campus Is Alive The Men's Glee Club members sing in perfect pitch. A duet from the jazz Ensemble. O , f F- f A Q- -,., G 1 5 S I Q 1 2 1, i ,Q The Women's Glee Club performs. The Vocal Music department shared many songs with the Akron community this year. Some of the groups delivering the music were the Concert Choir, Men's and Women's Glee Clubs, and the Opera Chorus. These groups enjoyed performing and participating in many musical activities. Events K 5, J x"1 + :Q 1:3 , ' wiv x 9 if u i , if A r ,, x, 3 w ! 1 Y' i Q MZ' 1 wb if 1 I 3 xxx Q i I, 4 'mi 1:4 if 'M v ff "fl 2? . , A L w V z Y bt M S af' ,-. -I-' G4- . I. Thomas Hall 10th Anniversary On October 9, 1973, E. I. Thomas Performing Arts Hall opened its doors to the tune of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony. Ten years later, Akron's image has boomed to that - G of artistic notoriety. Summer home of the Kenley players since 1978, Thomas Hall is not only known for its inique architectural design, but its superb acoustical design as well. Dionne Warwick performs to celebrate the anniversary. Events Mummenschanzn is known for its uniqueness. Kevin McCarthy starred in "Give 'Em Hell Harry! The Ohio Ballet. Oct Oct Dec Fe Fe . Mar Apr Apr Apr Mar. Season Highlights 9 Dionne Warwick 21 Our town 21 Nutcracker 17 Ohio Ballet 28 Akron Symphony Orchestra 5 Pumpboys 8: Dinettes 15 Oliver 5 Annie Get Your Gun 6 Mummenschanz 25 Israel Ballet The money to build the hall came largely from donations from individual citizens, local and na- tional corporations, and unions. Through a campaign called Chal- lenge 70, headed by community leader Edwin I. Thomas, Akron raised 510.3 million in 1967, most of that money being used for the construction of the hall. Late in the construction process it was discovered that the moveable ceiling needed additional work. E. I. Thomas again began plans to raise more money. But time was short. So Thomas donated 540,000 himself, and the hall was complet- ed. Henry Gross and Donna Watton in "PumpboysvSzDinettes." I b. ' . b Events 1. 173 1' ,-R IS, . fffnie V sq? .. .lv 1 .,.lJ- T -K i . . 1 .,, 4 ,4 x7..- '--. 'F,1 If ,1 . -I. -"SL-1 , 175: ' . rl f"'P'4 V, 9,5-3. Pu' 5- 'V i Vx 'wr' al.-Q E 'XS' v. O 4 v .I n ,. ' . EK 'v.l ,.. SF' Q fi . -1' 5 5 v ,if Uk, . 3:-,vw vi x '-A. 1 if LR: ah- '3- 1-,Q J 5' , 5. X Na., G Q H E I .0 Y , 'ii 1 w .,, A GREEK s V fr, f- . gag, r,c F Greek Life In furthering education and preparing for a future career, some University of Akron stu- dents find the need to consid- er educational experiences that will also contribute to so- cial and personal growth. Of the many campus organiza- tions, Greek Life can fill this void by offering a wide variety of activities. The five primary strengths of the Greek System are: an out- standing academic prograrn, a healthy and competitive athletic program, an extensive social life, an unparalled sense of brotherhood and sisterhood, and the opportuni- ty to gain strong leadership experience. The University of Akron's Greeks prove themselves equipped to meet these five basic needsland do so in a style all their own. JF-3 Sifiu Dr. Guzzetta and wife attend the IFC philanthropy. Greeks foster leadership. Eighty percent of the executives of the 500 largest corporations in America belong to fraternities. Sororities and fraternities give their members an opportunity to discover and practice their leadership abilities. The knowledge and experience gained from leadership in a social sorority or frat applies throughout life. Greeks Fraternities and Sororities are so- cial organizations encouraging per- sonal development through social contact. Of the many social func- tions offered, philanthropic projects are one of the most important. Greeks offer their time and thou- sands of dollars annually to less fortunate people and worthy causes. .1 Friends share a laugh at Iam with the Gams. The Greek system at The Universi- ty of Akron promotes scholarship by offering an atmosphere conduc- ive to improvement. Awards, schol- arships, and incentives are com- mon within Greek houses in order to keep members striving toward high standards in academics. Na- tional statistics show that out of all incoming freshmen only 47? graduate, while over 5996 of the Greeks graduate. Left: Jeff Salamon and Clair Moomjiam an- nounce Casbah acts. University of Akron Greeks have the opportunity to participate in a well-organized intramural sports program. This program includes eleven different sports: football, basketball, soccer, golf, wrestling, swimming, volleyball, cross- country, bowling, track and field, and softball. Perhaps the most cherished asset among the Greeks is the foundation of fraternity and sorority life. While it is difficult to explain Greek life is basically characterized by its most common and identifiable element- friendship. Brotherhood and Sister- hood are not learned, but exper- ienced. The friendships made today are the lasting relationships of to- morrow. Greeks 7 Alpha Delta Pi V -1 I , x I 1 'x K X fs 1 , u T xkxxk vi , ls! 1 .Z ig' Ai' 1' "2 I X ,4' I . 9-1 Terri Knepp enjoys Phi Tau party. ADPi takes second place with a tribute to George M. Cohan. "Like it, Love it, ADPi" Like if, Love it, ADPi" Like it, Love it, ADPi" i l Greeks The energenic women of Alpha Delta Pi kept very active in greek and campus life with activities such as raising over S600 for the Ronald McDonald House. Their campus involvement this year earned them second place in the individual Songfest competition, and the most outstanding scholar- ship award for the sixth consecu- tive year. Along with service to their com- munity, ADPi maintains a balance between active campus participa- tion and academic achievement. Laura, Lisa, and Susie smile for the camera. :fy-' 'ee- .MMV ie 4 Alpha Phi Alpha as ,ff ft' Q ' M. Brothers perform at Greek Show. Alpha Phi Alpha was founded as the first black fraternity on Ak- ron's campus in 1925. These men hold a banquet each September at which they give two scholarships in honor of a deceased brother, Reginal Vincent White. The Akron chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha is 17 men strong, and each has great pride in their organiza- tion and in their brotherhood. Nay 5' W' First of all servants of all we shall transcend all!" Alpha Phi Alpha president Carlton D. Barnett Greeks 9 Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Gama Delta brought their annual Iam with the Gam's Party to Akron U. A majority of the Greek community attended this party and through its success they raised over 51000. for Juvenile dia- betes. This is the fifth year in a row Alpha Gama Delta has won the Phi Kappa Tau Bug stuff. They also won Casbah and Phi Kappa Psi best legs contest. All these vic- tories kept their spirits high. sinmg and true Zaye! wa' sing at clear and falter never Alpha Gam forever Sisters pose at Iam with the Gam's julie Hall signs at the Iam. Greeks QT' 'YJ kit? i XG . Yr . x ' I i 2 x 2 x Erin Rose and Sue Ellis celebrate. Patti Th0mP50n after Winning Casbah V ky Alpha Kappa Alpha 'hun-49' 'Ui' By Mant an By Czzitufe X 11 R .A Arlene smiles in her AKA blouse. Paula Poe, and Foronda Lewis at the Alpha Phi Alpha jam. ihlxxf kd This year the women of Alpha Kappa Alpha raised money for the United Negro College Fund through a jog-a-thon and a bowl-a- thon. They also aided the commu- nity by throwing parties for the children in the East Akron Com- munity House. Alpha Kappa Alpha is active in the greek community and strives for service to all mankind. Greeks Chi Gmega Chi Omega was honored this year by being voted "Top House" on campus. These women were active in fund raising for local agencies in the community around them. They also supported and participat- ed in almost all Greek events. Their participation in songfest earned them first place in the com- bined and individual competition. The Chi Omegas are forever seeking to improve themselves and expand their accomplishments. Chi Omega yours forever loyal colors our Fraternity we will be-to our symphony and Q 182 3 law.. '93 Chi Omega's first place rendition of "In the Mood." :J f-3' Virginia, Denise, and Missy proudly wear their letters. Greeks Sisters show us their step at formal Delta Gamma 3. ,kn- A smile from Delta Gamma. fi' 4 -V are tiny compared to what ties within us Diane needs help carrying all of the DG sports trophies. 'Wh film "'-1li"' ALA" A little dirty after climbing the greased pole. 'What Iies before as . . . and wire! lies behind us, il V Ji- 4 f J : 5 ' E L' Cathy and Kathy in two original costumes. The Anchor Splash was once again a great event for Delta Gamma. The event and the party were both well attended, and the proceeds went to aid the blind, and sight conservation. Delta Gamma's success carried on as they won the greek blood drive competition and every greek intermural sport. ' 'lm Greeks Delta Sigma Theta "Choice, Challenge, and Change E9 Delta Sigma Theta president Kim Kates. Lisa and Vickie dressed for the occasion The members of Delta Sigma Theta were active in voter registration and the students for Iackson cam- paign. On April 27 they held their annual Delta Que Ball at the Holiday Cascade. The women of Delta Sigma Theta strive to main- tain a high level of quality public service. 18 Greeks Kim Kates and Flint Green at formal Delta Tau Delta Qs ,1- Brother enjoys greekfeast. f ' :- p J . Q1 w ,ll Mike McDonald in his fraternity jacket. I . The Lightweights perform. ig? ,Q AQ? fx ff ff , ff! ,ffvffndff W W fu, X ff 1 ,sy fyffwgfyyff 4, syyfyaa, ,G Q-W if f fi' WO aff f , M f 5f,,W4bjy?3,, :eff 5 fy 9p,k f ff, , f f Q f""frfc4XW50 cf' ffffx fo ff' 1 f ff., GM! fi' ff iffn! If xx . ..,.,, .:..,,- r-xQ- - -' FY X-9 lv- '-Y, -QW.-fgzex .w t ':- 2- Y X ug Skt f : iw ws, ww--tm, 4 -' tk P' :f4412fWsgfx:x:' ' 3.s3'X52sS'QZf -Eygitiks-" Ewa! - . tm f. X29 51 9555 ',,,vf -M, .. Q -its 4' ' ,g- Sy ,-a,Q5sam3.qM.35,u.M3, ,wig MEKQ bi. width 'Ks-:Vg-s: ,-stat .4 Y-sms we M2 Ycg--'M i-:el I-,,..X .L ...agp 'fgX,,,.s5.,.,.,L eww. A 'um-.,,Nx-at-Wdtxkiw 3.-bf 1932 X-Q we. KL-'Y NG X' H ,S 'w T- .'l:51g," Xa-. CNS' '23 NIL. is -.W-'.f"'3lQ-fn. "bfi-. X K "-Nw-A"-X326 WX, ff. 1 Ttcxid. Q azz? lX'F'.j,t-. avgvqiss '44 Ye-v.+.gfv-sy -sys.-xwQ.v: JM V Q,'-gmt:-.3.,X-.vxs fzekax Q Q-., .1fg.,,..a X . .4.vsx,sw-t we-.9 Si ,As , waraefa .X ca ga: hx .czfgigaswia-.f wg .4 s 2-fs 1 X was 5'X'fu'SN3QSSYS?-''!ES5'iQi'QSQ3si5'6fSaQE.35Writ-lN5i'bI.Q..f2Nxgti 4- wikrsefsx' qezgrsw- -. sw -. fi. :wf.f :. 1. .. 'za' zgzwfztrzg,15f.ft:e fi 1215-2 . 7. '. ET .ie e 122 .IE:-sig-iff3'Eij::i1g11sg1.Zi-:sg " :1 x 4: -1: .-rf " -. " - ff 01 'VYAX f 2 if zz afffw pf ' ,W w'jQ3f,,,f ffwfwf zfff,5fx2:'?'ff f X f if "i'?fo6if4f?'?3VQfQ'yVMV?f25f?,,,fQ1ffffIf f yof 4 1 64 1, 1 ff ,, 4 155 K ,Q V Wx 9f4"V5ffff52fff ' ff 5 flflff ggqzjfwyggihf 6'44Q4,,A0, 9A,yff5y,fm PAQ Q10 ?f,iff,f,,fv9f f Milf ,f W4 ,f ,ayfffv fd, ffj' wwf jf ff rife? ff 109,41 , ,E f fa A J f f ,W fff ff 1 1 'Lu 7 X? 6 6 I f 332569 efjgggmfljilfsl 0 Mg! MEM f' 6 W X3 22,2 , 121,11 31 if J sf x f ,Q f I K6 1 A fxff ac gt dfffdmffwi hg 1' Wfiw fa 2 f'?f'94 ff nf- Delt's have a laugh. Delta Tau Delta put on a "light weight" party and held a 500 mile Bikathon to raise money for Multi- ple Sclerosis. They also took up collections and held a car wash for Akron's Children's Zoo. In intramurals they won cross country and chess. In the Songfest they won Most Original. Greeks .,e Kappa Kappa Gamma xii lat' 4. i' ''f:f: if 5 3' J'-'.,v3'..-'v 55 ' -- ' -rlf' 'Pg-1: ,J-if' ,L 3 ,j V g 4 X .2 . f x ' ' 1 ,yn C, n ,U xl . 1 of e A, -1 if 4 V, H- ,, .- 5, .1 . 0 'ff l 5-3115.9 53 f gags ' .' 13 n 3 I Q -0 J .Q L, 'sr . ' Q 1- , 'Q 'V 4:91. --11' .-'a:1 99 . !7A,..?,,' 5 is ,. -3 3'f3'Q. f..,.L?,a, ,ffS' if ' ,556 , -1 E-a2a'i7'!ai7 lv iggjffaf' ifgig. 1 l :N Kappa pledge at sleep over. Dream awiriie of Kappa ever time In recognition for their service and participation in campus and com- munity activities, Kappa Kappa Gamma won the Most Improved Award. They focused their service in the area of rehabilitation at the Children's Hospital and participat- ed in Greek formals and parties. Their goals are to uphold loyalty, friendship, sisterhood and scholar- ship. 'ff' I nl 2 Lambda Chi and Marianne Manko pose in costume. .. ,S -Ti-9 ,yfxi if U 51 Kappa sweatheart Dave Peters relaxes with the sisters. Lambda Chi Alpha c 3-4' 1 1 'F 'I On Halloween Roger King jams. Ioe Kelly rejuvinates after donating. Bob Reeves watches the Mouse Race. -n 'Z' 0 , . 'Ii F N321 1' After swimming in the mud Ion Lovthan gives a desparing look. 5 I 'Q Lambda Chi Alpha men enjoy a muddy battle. we If be good brothers :mill thas world shall and "Wife td! brothers eachhane the others friend, Lambda Chi Alpha's brought the yearly fun and games of the Bath Tub Pull, the Chug Offs, and the Mud Tug to Akron U. They raised donations to give Ronald Mc- Donald House through these cre- ative events and dedication to the community. These friendly young men truly uphold the ideals of courage, loyalty, and truth. Greeks 'Xxx 1-sn? Phi Beta Sigma "Culture for service and service for humanity" gfffrst-'y,'3's 'e P iffff?i?,":' N-was 13 Tommy and Kenny proudly show colors. Melvin McDowell and Larry Brown perform at the stomp down Phi Beta Sigma strive to develop professionalism and general welfare of humanity. They devel- oped a program called "Beauty Ex- travaganza" which focused on beauty awareness of the total per- son. They kicked-off the year with a Toga Party with Zeta Phi Beta and then held a dance once a month. The proceeds they raised from their candy sale went to the March of Dimes. Quality is the key for them. They aim to promote scholarship, brotherhood, and service to all mankind. Phi Kappa Psi s . I, 2 11321 -ge ff Htl Mid ! An evening on the Phi Psi porch. Fixx , wg 4-Q r fi s wr.-J 4' si '.aQ 1-Kea n N '25, I fa ix K' s 1' 1 5. - Fis- Phil finishes a mess. , , I til I ,Mil :Et PM I If ix, f A X3 i. 1' W Phi Kappa Psi fraternity grew ex- tensively this year, their chapter size increased approximately 33 percent. Their winnings also grew from fifth to second place in Deans Cup points, and they took first place in Greek Week intramurals. These accomplishments, along with a good year in sports and philan- thropies, won them The Most Im- proved Chapter Award. Lwe ever dze never Ph: Kappa Ps: Hs, Hi, Hi, Phi Kappa Psi fig! QL Lyxt Tim D.I.'s in the chuckery. Greeks 9 This year Phi Delta Theta held a party in the parking lot and sold carnations on Sweetest Day to raise money for Lou Gerig's disease. In intermurals Phi Delt's had a dual championship, they won both the volleyball and swimming competi- tion. These men uphold the values of friendship, sound learning and rectitude. soczety of others "We enjoy Life by the heip and Phi Delta Theta X 0 xslfgg 4 1 r 'slr - 'U lin , 6, . Zu, 4 ' 9 1 ,fs K! n a Q H., 'N 3 1 .f , uv 5 -f". , ' . . '- ' . - -, rs .. v Q! T.G.I.F. 5' Yfhlph-iii-Ay ' ff' 7 19 Greeks J! Z . X X A brother shows his enthusiasm Phi Kappa Tau X Y V ,, Kap? A -r fm X i 'T AJ- R , B , . 1 s. jerry Kraft says if all. Brother and friend enjoy party. Once again Phi Kappa Tau held its annual Bug Stuff to support the American Diabetes Association. The winners were the TKE's and the Alpha Gam's. In intermurals the Phi Kap's won the basketball championship. These men endeav- or to develop and maintain pro- grams which compliment the 'W mission of the university or college where they are located. They believe in the philosophy of the total man and seek to achieve a balance between spiritual, mental, and physical well being through fraternal fellowship. Greeks 191 Phi Sigma Kappa I on C 1 I 1 xx . 'x PQ Taking a step up. Frank Carrino as "Boy George." Phi Sig's practice their medicine. , W ,r 4 yi ,.xn"" "" ' A f X - "Hail the ever X 1 V aff XX a growing throng" tg A ftisii A A R, E - yy! X. K 1 SQ bb "5 A -f ,crib f , , ' Q V '- N 1, , , l-T2-5, '- N41 dwg! X. wg ,X . ' This year the men of Phi Sigma PM ' . . l Y!! ' Kappa regained the fraternity X scholarship award, and they also took first place in Greek Week. 1-argl, During the week they began an Ng i ""' g A V NJ II T, it YQ , 4 ,X ...J I' extremel successful Greased ' X' W W GX -my A' Y rr ' 'X Pole" climbing competition. One of their larger and more gratifying philathropies was a Thanksgiving dinner with the Big Brothers Association of Akron. These men attribute their success to their principles of brotherhood, scholarship, and character. 19 Greeks .r in Vl2.C5,bU76 T0 1 T ,Ml i . 3" my A. . ,yy by .Ki XTX. XYYN, Xixtw-X-ff AY aff'- Artists show pride by their winning Anchor Splash mural. Lone Star , N mx , Q PN x1A - Donald Cook at a Lone Star open party. f.- ' . l The men of the Lone Star fraternity also known as Pi Kappa Epsilon, began their first little sis- ter program this year. The program has started with successful participation on the part of both the Lone Starlets and the fraternity. These men also held their Greek Week pizza party for The Akron Childrens Home. With this, and winning The Most Im- proved Scholarship Award, the Lone Stars took another step up. Greeks rr ---TA i S , Q ' ailmxu ' S t ntl? X X 0 4, , , y-Xvtv, J fp-we RQSXX J C536 ix +6 so 1 KW wi .taC3e-.v.X vi ' 1 .6 "r ., xr l ,Q ' ,ww 1' ':. 'A fu g g I-:mg 9 ' V U A -X- F3 n-,x..,, ' ' ' ' I N x"'x'llN fHXIAlHXlIN I 1 . f ' .. a Q V I J ! 'l N "1 '-4 President Ron Martol accepts charter. brothers who by the sword were kmghted "Brothers in Sgma Nu united, ' 'ff On March 3rd Sigma Nu received its Formal Charter as an official chapter at The University of Ak- ron. This years Sigma Nu gameball run raised approximately 52,000 for Childfind. Also their participation in greek events earned them 2nd place in mud tug and 3rd place in the combined songfest competition. Greeks Sigma Nu Sigma Nu before gameball run. I f s 0 f Wie uf: 'Q nn '. M " Anil L gs Brother helps cook at greekfeast Gmega Psi Phi Pledges perform at The Stompdown Dance." l it P ' l B PPPP 1 li fi ff? T ' il H The men of Omega Psi Phi held community projects with the Big Brothers and Sisters of Akron. They took groups of both to see one Zip football game and one Zip basketball game. Omega Psi Phi, also called "The Sons of Blood and Thunder", held their annual ball with the women of Delta Sigma Theta. Greeks Q Sigma Pi brothers and friends. This year the men of Sigma Pi were co-sponsers of the Multiple Sclerosis "ugly bartender" contest. They also held a successful "slurp off" competition for M.S. Sigma Pi is striving to better promote itself within the Greek system, on campus, and the com- munity as a whole, with positive leadership, programs, and public relations. 19 Greeks Sigma Pi ,. .54-Ezikfggi , K 1 --4- , , x 9? 39:23 1- M 14:4 'bf .E s ,A 05. jeff Schmidt tells horrible jokes at Alpha Man. Tau Kappa Epsilon 7 Ar ' K - s. 1 John Madding as Cumby Tony donates in Greek Blood Drive Tekes walk away on a star. E A rare smile from Andy. but for personal worth and character' ragga: for weaith, funk, or honor The men of Tau Kappa Epsilon had another impressive year. They again won the Dean's cup, the All Sports trophy, and most pints do- nated in Blood Drive. They won the individual songfest competi- tion, and for the 4th consecutive year the combined songfest. Their glory didn't stop at Akron. These men went on to be nationally recognized as a top TKE chapter. The men of Tau Kappa Epsilon are always striving to strengthen their brotherhood as well as the Greek system. Greeks Dave Skipper makes the toast. l Theta Chi made a large effort this year to promote themselves and their image in the community. They raised over 5200 during Santa Photo Week to help the March of Dimes. Their French Sewer party was also a blaring success. Theta Chi is a promoter of knowl- edge, an advancer of culture, and a builder of character. It is to thee Dear Ofd Theta Chi" Theta Chi r 1 19 Greeks Don't press that fi . :ax 1 L , px X 1 'D U i' ,,,,+gg1SW" Brother and friend dressed to at "T", Theta Phi Alpha Theta Phi Alpha winning mud tug team. Theta Phi Alpha had a Strong year by winning the Lambda Chi Mud Tug and taking second place in Intermural Volleyball. The sisters also held their annual Basketball Marathon this fall with Phi Sigma Kappa. The proceeds they raised went to the Hattie Larlham Foundation and to the Glenmary Missions. These young women base their commitment to one another and to their community on truth, honor, faith, wisdom, and loyalty. Ianet Harouff and Bernie Valdez take a comfortable seat. Ianine Iaskol shows her date a halloween favor. Greeks 9 Zeta Phi Beta Greeks janet, Vickie, and Vickie perform. 5 ,-re 4 11-3 5'g,,- ' ' I K ...' F is ff i J 5fggg,.,ifgl,fi5,.g,:,. . fly J 4, it "K U -.. i . J t I- ,H E ik ? , A ' A ' l ' 2" we are ladies of 53352 ii 1- - 1 A . ' ' . Ag' .gn Z, ,I V r ,A Finer Womanhood and Founders Week were Zeta Phi Beta's two ma- jor events of the year. These wom- en were also very active in com- munity service to the United Way, NAACP and especially to the Red Cross. They distributed Red Cross information to the campus and to the community around them. Zeta Phi Beta are also proud winners of the Greek Show in which they performed "Singing and Steppin'." Laretta Williams is unmasked. Ather Keys, Flint Green, and Vickie Wilson enjoy their formal Alpha Epsilon Phi Kappa Psi's "Best Legs" winners. I ff, , I, if I Cheering on the Zips. ::' " "WV 1 2:2 I'f'-E192 ? 2 1 ., Q, lf- .f'.ffQmi:?.w,. My-a':.:'sf,2. gvze-252:31-:,:-,Q 4-.g',:gf,'f.g-it-. .wmifawfml -, -,ff . aw L f :nf 2 1 f H, 6' 1 - 1 .- 9.1 9 -'ftbhf ":7".JZz2b5ff 'y'.',p5-0'-'5-zvfk-.5'x'r'.'2 '7 L". -G ..'2'4W"1'-. fu-"rf ff. Ci. J .wp-0 -f:": ,.,.f:'-ns ,Aix fyawfemzmwgfif., :.f.,.y.:f,f.,5f' ' vi :.- fc, ,1:,s,...,,-aa,..a 1 2?-Car: -f2fl5F'1fZ"'.f ff T 1 ' i:i1!:i'2fi',?.v 'iii ,. ,:44f,g65y,?...Z ., , 4, f f, y,f:,...f..f, ,Q V:- M? :-'f 'x5Y4fF'4z ',-bH'W"'57,"1 -Rf' '.-W" 2"'f3A":' sl'1'QiZ5.'-523. inf'-"g:D'? i f :'f' .4,j. 5,5-.C7.':f ' ., ' ' , '.q5': I.,.?,7f': .5535 .. , . 1 ' Ai x - ' f f 'fifse 1 'fwf:1"1 4 fw-V' v:. ef..f:,,Q. 1, 3. The men of Alpha Epsilon Pi have organized on campus. This fraternity was opened between 1948 and 1972, and they came back this spring reasonably strong. The men were involved in IFC's Christ- mas philanthropy, Greek Week, and they aided the Hillel academy in their bingo benefits. The men of Alpha Epsilon Pi say they're glad to be back, and they hope to fill their old tradition. Greeks fig Interfraternity Council and Panhellenic Council Y. Q Z I? Greeks Panhellenic advisor and officers. This was a year of growth and change in both the Interfraternity Council and in the Panhellenic Council. IFC brought on two new fraterni- ties, Sigma Nu, and Alpha Epsilon Pi. They also accepted Phi Beta Sigma into the system. A large project this year was the rewriting of the IFC Constitution and By- laws. This document was changed from four pages to eighteen pages of descriptive material. According to IFC President lim Shulte the new document stresses "IFC as a group of fraternities not as a group of fraternity men." Both IFC and Panhell received a new full time Greek Advisor, Mr. Brian Patt. The women of Panhell admit that they will miss their past advisor Mrs. Stephanie Barnes, but the advantages of a full-time advi- sor should increase the productiv- ity of the Greek System. Fax, ffi Mr. Brian Patt, Greek Advisor. T ' f .V-,f--A., ,- A f Qi. ly sf Event 5 IFC and Panhell put on a mar- velous philanthropy this year for the Summit County Chil- drens Home. It began with dinner at the Del- ta Gamma house. Over 25 chil- dren, 60 Greeks, and Dr. and IFC officers, Treasurer, Dave Baxter, President, jim Shulte, Vice President of Rush, Bernie Valdez, and Vice President of Administration, Ieff Salamon. Mrs. Guzzetta enjoyed sloppy joes, salads, cookies, and an as- sortment of delicious deserts. After a festive meal the whole group went to the new gym for the Akron Zips opening game. But before the game started all helped to sing Christmas carols and to decorate a tree. Then the children were met by Santa Claus, who had a stocking of goodies for each. The evening came to a grand fi- nale when a large number of Greeks, the children, and the Guzzettas cheered the team on to a victory. Greeks Rush Each Greek organization is origi- nal, they have different beliefs, at- titudes, and goals. Their programs vary as well as their events, but the one event each group must participate in is Rush. Each organi- zation needs new members to perpetuate it, or else it will die. So what does this mean to the per- spective rushee? Should he or she wait a year or two? The answer to this depends totally on his or he: lifestyle, and needs. fcont. pg. 2051 Phi Delta Theta throws an open Rush party. Kappa p Prospective rushees inspect sorority information tables in G.S.C. 20 Greeks ledges perform for actives. ' X , is f P fifsoti +. aff, at Q - 'His Rushee shows her enthusiasm when she receives her bid. For a freshmen it is an unques- tionably excellent way to im- mediately get involved, meet new friends, and instill a sense of be- longing on campus. These are strong points, but for some, wait- ing means that they will have a more open mind, and a fairer viewpoint. There are also some people who, as freshmen simply are not ready for the rapid Greek pace. Here at the U. of A. Rush is be- coming a larger and larger part of Greek life. In the fall of '83 the fraternity system alone had a 53 percent increase, growing from 275 fraternity men to 425. With three new fraternities in IFC the Greek system at The U. of A. is expected to keep growing rapidly. Greeks Tenors Tim, Steve, Butch, and Dave sprinkle the audience with Stardust. Songfest The Greeks have many competi- tions and events. But out of all of them, Songfest is one of the largest and most challenging. Each organization does an individual routine and a combined routine. The routines are judged on singing, dancing, costumes, and overall presentation. Before winning this competition many hours of hard work and practice must be spent. This years winners of both the individual and the combined com- petitions were the women of Chi Omega and the men of Tau Kappa Epsilon. 20 Greeks Delt's in their most original costumes 1 A 3 l - 1 fl iii M 8 3 elf ff, X I f gr If -'- "'. - f .lf E I . l 29 ll if 3' ',. if 1 u,.3'q Ei Sain? 'Q 1 F I 4 ! WE I 'AA .IKXX 20 Greeks Don't bother the chef. f Theta Chi brothers rest after the 500. DG Kathy Oneil watches on. Greek Week The events of this years Greek Week were very well attended. Some new events that added spice to the week were the Phi Sig greased pole competition, the Al- pha Epsilon Pi bagel role, and the unforgetable, unbelievable, unforgivable Phi Psi 500. This years Greek Week winners were the women of Alpha Delta Pi, and the men of Phi Sigma Kappa. W1 . I I 1 'ed , x 4 ff" ' . has Iwi! sf Victory at the top!!! Greeks if Greek Recognition Dinner The night of the Greek Recogni- tion Dinner is a night of joy for many, and tension for all. On this evening the whole year winds down into not only a tro- phy, but into the recognition given to each organization in front of the Greek community, and the campus. This recognition is given to organ- izations for excelling in a particular area or in all areas for the past year. "A night of joy for many, disappointment for others, and tension for a1l." The greeks at The University of Akron have a well deserved pride, which comes from healthy compe- tition and hard work. This pride does not come or go with a trophy, because each member knows the strength of his or her organization. 21 Greeks fx ZH. .S Marian Scalise receives The Panhellenic Award for Chi Omega. The men of Tau Kappa Epsilon and friends celebrate a successful year. Outstanding Greek Woman, Nancy Steinkershner. WWW .,..,,. wwf' 'Q ' Outstanding Greek Man, jim Shulte. .- , . ,f . QV! " Greeks 1 3 Ms 5 1 fysifzf I I if Yun-.F A-if 1 . A,, ..,4..1 'I Y 4' ! x fit is 1 bl 9 ' A C- 'fre , 'S Ss x., RE IDENC HALL yn ,659 The Road To . . . The residence halls gained new life as over 2400 students began moving in the last week of August. This was the first time away from home for about half of those resi- dents and most were filled with questions. Orientation Assistants helped to answer these questions. These assistants were chosen on an interview basis and planned many of the activities for Freshman Ori- entation. All of these activities helped to acquaint the students with the University and prepare them for the long road ahead. fn.. S '- " '-.p- g. ...J A- . g , v I: Q, T - Vw- ' 150 - V OA Kevin Elkins goes to help a new student. Residence Halls The first stop after a long drive is Galucci Hall to register and meet your OA. nf!! The last stop when moving in is Robertson Dining Hall where you receive a meal ticket 'll rv' 1 I .1 'N 'lm' a I f ft H 2-HIGH .. N .-fn......i,.. ce ...g... .... W, '53 if i X I 1 INIAVSTN, gg A- if .- ' fa. x' Activities, such as a concert and dance, Playfair, and Almost Anything Goes, highlighted Freshman Orientation. 9 YK . - X N P29 "' F af' g . -K s., I A ' M . Il, X J 6 One must be sure to have everything Meeting your roommate and his parents can often be an unique and interesting experience. packed. . . . Your Home Away From Home Residence Halls Residence Hall Council QRHCQ is the chief legislative body of student government in the resi- dence halls. RHC provides a gov- ernmental forum to increase communication among and between students, staff, and faculty. Overseen by the executive officers, the four committees of RHC provide the residence hall student with many service, educa- tional, and recreational programs. Some of the programs included the First Annual Broom Ball Classic, Improved Communication Trivia Bowl, and service projects with community organizations like the Akron Bicycle Rodeo and "Food for Friends". RHC serves as the main intermediate for all intramural sports information for the hall residents. Council also provides the hall students with athletic equipment and a Test File from which old tests may be used as a study aid. Residence Hall Council works to provide programs to meet the needs and interests of the residence hall community. -?3,,e... . ,N f"'S f"-X .....-4 ,.....-1 kv., Hall presidents attend RHC meeting. RHC Officers-Row 1: R. Kopcsos, I. Morrison, S. Streator, and S. Richardson Row 2: T. Capretta, I. Hoagland, I. Iohnson, I. Cunningham, and T. Faessel fadvisorl. Below: Magnum-Cunningham defeats Blood, Sweat, and Beers, 3-0, in the Broom Ball Classic. B b G d h if h h 11 L al' OO reall gat 9l'S IIBWS Ol' el' 8 F Q I if of M Bobbi Kempheter becomes Miss Ebony Wave in the WRHA event. gag.. ' ,Q Luke tel-- WRHA operations were ,zen demonstrated during an April Open House. WRHA provides in-house enter- tainment and information for the residence hall students. Broadcast- ing at a frequency of 590 AM, WRHA appeals to a broad range of musical tastes as an alternative rock station. The station provides many services for the residence halls, including free remote ser- vices for the halls, courtyard con- certs, and dinner music in Robert- son Dining Hall. Being the only fully student operated radio station at the university, WRHA provides valuable experience in broadcast- ing, newswriting, and radio pro- duction. WRHA is On The Move in providing many programs and ser- vices not only to the residence halls, but to all students of the Un- iversity. . . . Musical Entertainment Residence Halls .qwi Residence Hall Staff-Row 1: D. Yohe, S. Yaussy, B. McBride, and K. Kuppler Row 2: K. Mihalik, I. Zocolo, T. Bowers, B. Patt T. Nicholson, N. Panabianco, I. Hall, I. Davis, I. Turner, and C. Stachtiaris Row 3: R. Yohman, D. Kreisher, M. Rashilla D Bringo, B. Clements, I. Miller, L. Ferrighetto, L. Miller, I. Pugh, I. Roloff, I. Hertel, and M. Spencer Row 4: S. Keglovic K O'Rourke, I. Raymond, C. Chance, S. Nickel, R. McDonald, B. Wylie, A. Haupt, D. Donathan, T. Teater, and M. Hyde Dave Herbert works on his monthly paperwork. The Resident Assistants fRA'sJ provide the hall students with a wide range of assistance. Their main job is to help the residents adjust to the residence hall atmosphere and aid them with any questions or problems that may arise. The RA's serve as counselors to help the residents with any type of personal or school-related problem. A large part of the RA's job is to serve as a representative of the residence hall staff and up- hold their rules in order to main- tain an atmosphere in the halls which is conducive to study. Residence Halls The RA's are selected in an exten- sive interview process, which in- cludes role playing and other group activities. Even though the RA's are continuously busy with paper-work, meetings, or in-service workshops, they still have time to interactwith their floor members and help them plan the floor parties and other activities. The Resident Assistants work to make the halls a pleasant place to live and provide them with the infor- mation to make college life beneficial. f . fi , Z Lynn Ferrighetto works on check out Student Assistance . . That Good Home Cookin QQ , ,115 Theme Meals add variety to the menu. Below: Scott Hahlen tops off his hamburger. Robertson Dining Hall works to provide the residence hall students with meals throughout the year. The dining hall employs approxi- mately seventy-five full and part- time workers that provide an aver- age of 6500 meals a day. The students purchase a meal ticket which allows them to have twenty meals a week. To break up the monotony of the cycle of meals, theme meals usually fall around the major holi- days, like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. These meals are enjoyed by all of the residents and often present problems with lines waiting to get in going back as far as Bulger. The Dining Services of Robertson, despite vast ridicule, provide the residence hall students with meals that help them to func- tion throughout the day. The worst part of Robertson is the lines! Residence Halls Programming With Diversit Residence Hall Program Board CRHPBJ provides social activities for those students living in the residence halls. Governed by an eleven member board, the seven program board committees are re- sponsible for every facet of pro- gramming events including: pub- licity, sound and lights, booking professional entertainers, and re- cording the events. RHPB provides such major events as Freshman Orientation, Holiday Weekend, Winter Weekend, and Little Sibs Weekend. Many special features also fill the calendar year. These included: Open Mike Nite, an evening of student entertainment, the Down Under, a series of small coffeehouses, and a variety of trips Dv Program Board's display wins first place at the NACA regional conference. and dances. The programming year ended with Dorm Week, the theme being "Footloose," This gave the hall students a solid week of activities. Residence Hall Program Board works to meet the needs of the residence hall students by pro- viding programs with diversity. Residents perform during Open Mike Nite. Residence Halls , -.g , 4 I - Q1 Plans are finalized during weekly meetings. Below: Holiday Weekend provides fun for all .A-5. ' ":,4Ux , EQ- , -i ...- . ' NS.. ' g V' Y I sf KH V, , A .Nall Mike McDonald adds a little humor to Winter Weekend. B.E. Taylor gives a courtyard concert during Dorm Week. Parker McDonell entertains during one of the coffeehouses. MGUO WGICOIHCS 1'9SiCl91'1fS back during the Generic Dance. Residence Hall Program Board-Row 1: P. Woodside, S. Warner, E. Iess, and D. Barnhart Row 2: D. Patai, L. Duncan, V. Fortney, P. Walsh, and T. Faessel fadvisorj. Missing B. Walsh and D. Smith 1 'S Residence Halls . . . Holida Fun As the semester rolled on, holidays were celebrated in the residence halls. Halloween brought out the ghouls and goblins for RHPB's elaborately decorated Halloween dance. Halloween had a special thrill as the Grant!Townhouse hall government combined to put on the Haunted Basement. RHPB brought Christmas and New Year's Eve a bit early with Holiday Weekend in November. Complete with Santa, his elves and Baby New Year, Holiday Weekend heightened excitement for the Yule Tide season to really arrive. The fall semester ended with RHPB's Christmas Room Decoration Contest. With many people entered, the decision was difficult. The many decorations helped to raise everyone's anticipation of celebrating Christmas and going home on break. Complete with Santa, Mary Mayle, Terri Sanders fSantal, and Mari- anne DeCapitt combine efforts to capture the first prize in the annu- al Christmas room decoration contest. Right: Amy Marracino rings in the New Year at Holiday Weekend. Residence Hall Spanton 7 M8rM's display their prize winning form 13. . . ' H -il -1 4 Q, , 9555 in ' .' ,A 1 inf., " t ,.. f,iv.v-xii W Qbx'-1-.. ,I lr. l 'lit N . FY. -. -:lf . P . . -.. 13-- '.v.. 1... gi- .f - . 4' , . 3 .-E4 'hz'-'UA ,a . aw. --' ' F2 54- 3:1 ffl Q' 1: A - L" f ,K Q-' . f 515'-Z..' 7 w The patient revives to attack her doctor at RHPB's Halloween dance. Brain donations are requested at the Haunted Basement. 'Emu if M K q , '1 Everyone awaits the midnight balloon drop on New Year's Eve. Residence Halls . . . The Down nder A new Program Board event that proved to be very successful was the coffeehouse service. The event gave the residence hall students a study break where they could meet and socialize while also being en- tertained. Renamed the "Down Un- der", the Bulger party room pro- vided the site for many of these coffeehouses. Students as well as professional performers provided the entertainment for the coffee- houses, allowing variety. The coffeehouses gave the residents a chance to take a relaxing break from their school load. Coffeehouses provide a place for people to meet and chat. , tg ' v.. Parker MacDonell explores the personal side of people. The Down Under give residents a break from their school work. Residence Halls L... Pat Woodside opens for Micheal Spiro Qpictures belowj . . . A Weekend To ether lil:-e Sibs vie for spots during musical chairs. Little Sibs Weekend gave the resi- dence hall students a chance to have their younger brothers and sisters "experience" college life for a weekend. The weekend was filled with activities for siblings of all ages. On Friday, there was a dance with the band, Frendz. The next day began with a rollerskating trip in the morning and continued with an afternoon of games in the dining hall. The weekend closed with pantamimist Cary Trivanovich. The weekend, with the theme "I wanna hold your hand," was a success in bringing siblings together. Cary Trivanovich closes the weekend. The audience votes for the "twin" siblings. Siblings "get into" bobbing for apples. Sisters enjoy their weekend together. Residence Halls wp SE g' ' f, Gr ,4 62 Qu? 'fr' Q. fe' ' -IL , x S x G . f Q ' -f Q . Y I mi d I 'K' 3- A sax- ' 'S ,..,., WV. ,r Q wx, s , g m Las Vegas ' - '31 Nw. Qw- me , N. A 3 fy x Q" ds to Bulger Beautiful. X Q for QXVEQQ Akpfu X fl -L. .L.iXXXfQ 'txt-x' xx: ', ' vis. sm . f T' GBX 4,5 if Q-'9' .axebufxfb Q 12' xras-"Q ,QQ '-5 'UQ-M i ,ff Tw.. TX-.. Lisa Armato and Karen H311 keep the roulette wheel Spinning. Participants learn a new step during the Grant Dance Marathon. "Boy George" comes to Akron! The Brass spitoon goes to the winner of the Spit-off at Bulger Beautiful. The programming of events was not limited to the Program Board. Some of the halls tried their hand and held successful events. In january, the Grant!Townhouse hall government put together a Dance Marathon. Held in the Newman Center, the dancers went for over fifteen hours with the proceeds go- ing to Cerebral Palsey. The Sum- ner-Torrey hall government hosted the residence hall students to "An Evening at Las Vegas" in February. Complete with blackjack, roulette, and a wheel of fortune, residents "gambled" the night away to receive one of the many prizes donated by area merchants which were auctioned off. The Chris Grmsby Memorial Fund was the ultimate winner with proceeds to help this charity. In March, the Bulger hall government presented their annual Bulger Beautiful Night. With many contests such as tobacco spitting and gold fish eating, the night was highlighted by the male and fe- male "best built body" contest. With the planning and execution of these events many people were able to experience what goes into programming. . . . Additional Programming Residence Halls an-v4"k'?" W' x 1 Q' "" . 1 ,A fi vaut in Y- Lfl Veguggfmixw W ' 4 ,vff-f.f'yf f , ., 4.. A .P g A. , ff: F 4 1 u f N ' K 'VZQ' ., W A- gff77g'?5E 9 ,. - ,gr ' Q 5. gli, A J' it .x I 1 Q ff? is K Vigmk 5 .ff- QS' k f y f im T 5 1 M .N ff' In ASW tl! t f Romantic Evenin "We've got Tonight" was the theme of the Spring Formal held during Dorm Week. Todaro's Party Center served as the backdrop for the evening which began with a buffet dinner and ended with a night of dancing and socializing. The band, Soft Touch, played throughout the evening helping to create a romantic atmosphere. Ev- eryone left with wine glass favors and lasting memories of the evening. Q' of 6 44 X x s - f f u " :r' 'Q The Buffet dinner enhanced the evening. ,I 4 1 ,J . Y s p Z I' t -ati Jeff Hoagland and Colleen Shea enyoy a special eveing A couple take a break, as "They've got tonight." Residence Halls -1-'frvx As the spring semester began to roll to a close, Dorm Week 1984 filled the residence halls with in- creased enthusiasm. A week of activities provided entertainment for everyone's taste. On Monday, Trivia Bowl tested everyone's knowledge on subjects from sports to history. A twilight rollerskating trip to the Springfield Rink highlighted Tuesday. Performing to an overflowing house, the American Express "Starbound" tal- ent show allowed University stu- dents to display their special abili- ties. Everyone met at Mug's to socialize during Thursday's Bar Night. The Friday night Spring Formal allowed the residence hall students to enjoy a night out on the town. Dorm Week concluded with a courtyard concert featuring B.E. Taylor performing their hit single "Vitamin L." Dorm Week gave the residents a break from their school work and built up excitement for the rapidly ending semester. il Going Footloose I-1 A The Four Cords, performing "Coney Island Rose," win the Starbound talent show. I Alex Cole adds a comical interlude to the talent show. Left: Dorm A' sidenc Halls , week ends with a courtyard concert by B.E. Taylor. l XM 5- . 1, , v 55:55 I ,vm .Q v 1 '-eg N -.4,,,,,,Ww' 5. W5 'R aye QI!-1 r" s- QE 'O ...ACD The 52 women who lived rn AGD had a fun filled year In October the group went on a shghtly chilly but very excmng camping and canoeing trip Combuung with the Annex halls ACD hosted a Christmas Party along Wlth a Se cret Santa gift exchange Con holidays the hall had a 'Kiss me Im Insh St Patrick s Day Eve Amber Angle, Carlene Hatch, and Sue Russell relax in the lounge. Party The Year ended with a Wacky Award banquet at Chi Chi s This IS the last year ACD will be part of the residence hall system and the women lzvmg there agree that they ended with a great year - . . I I I tinuing their celebration of the . I , . Q I ' II ' I , . ll . ll ' nl Q Q The AGD front desk is always busy. ,M Debi Janis and Alisa Bentley take a break for a photo. Residence Halls Lisa Sence puts the final touches on her "masterpiece" If li Tracy Fry and IoAnne Mather enjoy a happy hour. I L. Laurie Allen, Christy Balan, Cindy Davis, and Lori Kurka. Y 5 Q K , .A 1 llqtgln 5 t an Vila., NL I 11- r Battrick The 43 residents of Battrick and Mitchell built a reputation for themselves in more than one area Their flag football team won the intramural championship at The University of Akron and went to place third in regional play at OSU The two halls also became known as The Home of the Hap py Hour as many successful hap py hours were held on Friday afternoons Participating in the An nex hall government, the women helped plan many programs The residents of Battrick and Mitchell enjoyed several events throughout the year including watching the construction of the Health and Physical Education Building. and Mitchell 7531 Monica Pretrilla, Billie Grujicic, and Lisa Duncan talk together. Monica Pretrilla has a hard time waking up after a nap. Residence Halls . . . Berns Hall fl. XXL ..?ifvl" x ,if Carol Punkett, Nancy Sorensen, Holly Berert, and Gayle Homberg. fi l- ' M Carol Whitmer and Colleen McCartney spread out to study in the Another casualty s1gns up during the Bomblng of Berns ha This year the 106 women of Berns Hall continued their tradition of parties that are unique On Decem ber 10 the fourth annual Bombing of Berns party was held This party 1S held in remem brance of the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941 and provided the residents with a few 'bombs of their own. Later in the year, the hall sponsered a "Progressive Rock Era" party. Those attending dressed in the styles of their favorite era, while music from the 50's to the 80's was enjoyed. To raise money for their activities, the Berns resi- dents participated in Senior Chal- lenge, and had a beer raffle. Residence Halls v is fl N af 9 s UQ' 9. 9 . ' a'.Q'W.fsf""" , ,g 4L.:V'v'Lr'-.1 qt.. 0 . , I ':lO.'rf'.l'.v'H s ' 0 f l:lf.'Q?b?of"" 0 ...'..'.l':..'I.'.', . 'fjn'.osufoa'..g,. l"a'A- Q "' s., Many styles of music and fashion were revealed at the Rock Era Party. llll N. X' , if f O 3 W1 -nl 1 ' .m,,,A.N ChI'iS Cfil'd9f1HS "enjoys" W9Sf91'I1 Cult- Dave Hirt and Mike Schafrath work-out in the Bulger weight room. .fl ' it ,, . si r , Mark Kunankang and Steve Orr play "catch" Below: Customers admire the pumpkins. W1th its 491 residents the men of Bulger developed a unique zmage for themselves as they developed designs for their floor walls and shirts These designs ranging from buzzards to serpents showed the personality of the floor and pro duced unity among the floor members As a whole the Bulger hall government raised money for 1ts floor activities with a Hallow een Pumpkin sale and decoration contest in October and a slave sale in conjunction with Spanton Hall in November However the event of the year for the hall is Bulger Beautiful This event allowed resi dents from all of the halls to display their talents ranging from air guitar playing to body building o I . 4 4 Q 1 e 4 ' I I Q - n ' I 4 n - 1 1 u 4- ' o 1 a s u n ' ll 4. - ll ' ll - - 0 If 1 a - Q 4 s Q n 0 n - a - Residence Halls Gallucci I-Ia In its second year as a residence hall New South Hall was renamed Gallucci Hall after the donor of the facility The 397 men living in the hall enjoyed many floor parties and started a hall newspaper to keep residents informed of campus and university activities and con cerns. The Gallucci hali govern- ment aided those in the Grant- I Townhouse hall government for their "Haunted Basement," along with many activities of their own. Gallucci celebrated the end-of-the- year with an outdoor party featur- ing movies, "Porky's" and "First Blood." 4 .lint-W' 'R jim Elsfeeder, Scott Reese, Greg Steel, and Iay DePasqual study together. Ieff Chaffey takes a par on this hall. I .se it . 0 I ,- SOIIIE Wfltlng V13 COlTlPl1tel' Chris Stachtiaris and Mark Moutsiog watch as Scott Reglouis works on a sketch. Residence Halls Im ,s . . Grr Hall The 122 women of Orr Hall enjoyed a very active year Lead by a strong hall government, the rest dents hosted many actzvitles to form a close group With such so- cial actxvxties as hall parties, a hall pzcmc and ski tnp, and a Room Mate Game the women were able to learn more about each other Day and Valentme s Day carnatzon sale, these actzvmes were made possible In a recently remodeled basement, the reszdents were able to enjoy study, relaxation and recreation rn the company of other residents I With funds raised by a Sweetest . 1 a I McDonald's adds to a late night of television for Ellen Hardiman and Dee Dee Ware. 525' V 'rw ,lm as-. Although indoors, picnics make a great get-together. 5 ..., 5 Annual Carnation sales raise money for the hall and emotions around campus. Left Iessica Gaj helps Beth Schneider get ready for her special evening. Residence Halls . . . Ritchie Hall Presenting the girls of Ritchie One. Cindy Burge, Sandy Montevideo, and Pin- kie. Q"'r If Sue Barrick keeps watch at the switch board. EVGFYOIIS "mUHCh9S'0Ut" at the hall PiCI1iC. The 96 women of Ritchie Hall held a variety of activities to bring the residents closer together Some of the social events were dinner at Chi Chi s ice cream socials a Se- cret Santa Week and a Christmas party The BrownslSteelers party hosted by the hall was enjoyed by residents and their guests The atmosphere of a football game was created by serving traditional stadium refreshments The resi dents gained valuable information on nutrition self defense and val ue clarification during an Aware ness Week The sale of chocolate suckers during Halloween and Eas ter helped to finance the hall ac tivities The many social and edu cational programs helped to promote a community among the residents of the hall Residence Halls F- f"1 if I Debbie Dennis prepares for the dreaded Organic Chemistry final. 'I' . . . Sisler Mclffawn Hall Melissa Berry recovers from the assignment which "floored" her. Vicky Barabas does some catching up in the basement. Below: Many new ideas were ex- changed during "Sex Week." Cook-outs brought residents together. With 126 residents, Sisler!McFawn Hall kept busy with an active year. The women hosted such hall activities as picnics, cook-outs, and parties. The staff from the hall helped to raise awareness during "Sex Week." During this week, participants gained valuable knowl- edge on sex roles, stereotyping, and alternative lifestyles. The resi- dents and staff joined together to celebrate Christmas as the hall rooms and lounge were decorated in the style of the Yule tide. Residence Halls W ll! f' ,l " 'Q' . -'Ti is ' 'M L mmk, F 'l I V fl. . . .Spanton Hall The 316 women of Spanton Hall held a great number of events that kept them busy throughout the year. With such social get-togethers as a Christmas party, hall picnic, and an ice cream and bingo special, the residents became better acquainted. These women corn- bined with the men of Bulger for a slave sale and a Family Feud com- petition As a fund raiser for their activities the hall sold donuts piz za and buttons throughout the year For their range of social and educational programs Spanton Hall was awarded Hall of the Year for creating the most cohesive resi dence hall community f Yvonne Mills keeps in touch with her family by phone Spanton's Family Feud pits floor against floor. Dv' Spanton floors keep in shape with weekly Iazzercise. Residence Halls Lorie Hendrick and Kathy Zuranski make their room like home . . . Sumner Hall . wr, H-v..-,Ml , ,Lmvx f rx I "IRQ . .WN 4 f 'V-r"'i Karen Hall does some catching up before finals. MiCh616 Ditrnar 6I1j0yS her SubStifute desk if lf 'lx ffgfief l Q T1 , T 5, 1 l SN,-4 ' " Lisa Zaugg studies with her Magnum Y 3 break before finals 'Yvy The 42 women of Sumner Hall hosted a variety of events that helped them to get to know each other The residents enyoyed such hall activities as a pizza party, scavenger hunt, and a Christmas party. The women of Sumner also joined the men of Torrey to form a combined hall government. This government held many successful activities highlighted by "An Evening at Las Vegas." By combin- ing these two small halls, residents were able to form lasting relationships within and between. - - - 1 Nanc Luczko works to find the "bu " in her program. Below: The Christmas party gives a Residence Halls Although the 39 women of Thompson Hall make up the small- est female hall, they host plenty of successful events. The annual Tuck-In service allowed the wom- en to travel around to the male halls and read them a bedtime sto- ry before tucking the men in for bed Their Valentine's Party was highly attended and allowed ev eryone a chance to find a valen tine for the night Aside from their own events Thompson Hall part1c1pated in the Annex Hall government helping with several events Thompson Hall Linda Thomas Wanda W1ll1ams and Lee Ann Turner have a little party Sara Gentele reads to Kevin Krak during "Tuck-in." Below: The Thompson Teasers are on the The Thompson "Hart-on" party was ai prowl. success. , I' iw X I a . I I I . I I I I . 5 I I I 1 I I I I Paul Grenke and Dave Tschappet take time out for an Indians game. vi-Q -M qw' N115 Mike Stein and Bruce Blazer take an afternoon nap. Being the smallest male hall the 63 men of Torrey Hall worked to produce a community among the residents Activities such as weekly Loveboat parties the annual Film Night and a snowball fight with TWB of the female halls fol lowed by an after the battle par ty Another project of the hall was Lupus a stray dog who was adopted by the residents The men of the hall collected money for Lupus and provided her with needed shots and a country home The residents of Torrey also corn bined with the women of Sumner to form a joint hall government. The government provided services for the residents highlighted by "An Evening at Las Vegas." The size of Torrey Hall gave the resi- dents a chance to produce a unique community atmosphere. Torrey Hall L 5 Q, The guys of Torrey enjoy some Christmas cheer. Ief Davis takes a little spin around his room. Residence Halls Grant and the Townhouses The residents of the Grant Resi- dence Center and the Townhouses joined forces at the beginning of the year. The 362 women and 114 men of these two halls doubled for a unique arrangement and viewpoint in activities A calendar of events occupied the year for these men and women In October the Grant basement was converted into the Haunted Basement In Ianuary a Dance Marathon was held with the proceeds benefitting the Cerebral Palsey Foundation Ice Cream socials a movie study break and a game room party were also entertainment for the residents The year ended with a Day After' party which was the final bash for the two halls held the day after May Day The unique arrangrnent between these male and female halls helped to build a bond between the two groups 5 'a. ,, 1 -u 5 1166 K 6 Monica Willis gets into the spirit of Easter. I I 1.-,l 'XYFA 'Xxx , . Alibi keep things rocking on The "Day After." Below: Townhouse 366 starts off the weeken 5155 1' 01", Iennifer Turner finds that music helps her drawing. Residence Halls -gi t' ' 2 d. 1 , r . . ' f- Ai, I i i . 'Q I Q 5 ,. , -K", IL, feng W kb Kirk Steingass works on his stereo. H Not even the rain stopped the "Day After" party. il 'Hd If is LIL' '4 Mike Frydrak eyes the ball during the Game Room Party. Those in Townhouse 380 relieve tension with a pillow fight. 'i ', sq' ix N , . 4 x .fe Y. -Q if a 1 , Q6 A strong hall government provided an active year for Grant!Townhouse residents. Diane Mador and Ioe Novak enjoy the "Day After." Residence Halls A 'Q X FP 1 fb, Rs.-A ' if na - T1,,1fx'g 'fit-25,1 3 , Q J! Q""'::Zlp, ' :A 3 'Fi KZ!" ' -'Q N: " gk T' .- V' C. P" , ,, 1 f ix k. J ' '- f 21,5 3 b 42" 4' 'A A:-'1?2f'??'a 1 Vw x . - 5 ,xx lf x X .,. XJ Y 225 4 . 'Q'- 4 X . 4, "4I'cLr'f'fM, KL f SS :WISP 1 E IDRS A .. Af? , x'- Ali Abdolmanafi Lisa Abraham Rocco Aceto Kathy Ackerman Richard Addis Carin Adelrnan Bachar Adjan A1-Hadid Carl Aeschliman Gabriella Aglioti Karen Albright 'rv- 5. Craig Wallick of Delta Sigma Pi. Tracy Angermeier Beverly Anthony David Aranyi Rickie Archer Beth Archual Dawn Armagno Laurie Arras Imelda Attiah Sherry Augustine Brian Aurand Seniors if xxf Yaser Alherimi Robert Alto Iean Amangoya Lisa Arnato Iulius Arnetsitsi Barbara Anderson Lorraine Anderson Nannette Anderson Susan Audreatta in-v x .bw li IQ? ,P Q,- L 1 If Af Y ,, 23 limi Q' iii 4 , -1 -Z Af s 'fx "cw 5.2 g, i f 5 , 3 .,x - " if xr.. A 4 if ey ,Qa- Wt?" ii if 1"""'Y if-sr 'YN 'QSN Arieen Austin Craig Austin jack Autry Kimberly Babb john Bahleda Manuel Bajaksouzian Tracy Baker Dawn Baiazowich Mary Io Balazs james Baldwin Dawn Ballard Mark Ballard Michael Bandy Crystal Banks Penny Bannister Vicky Barabas Mary Grace Barbo Teri Barkoukis LaRonda Barnes Diane Barnhart Timothy Barresi Venita McCall is this year's Outstanding Senior Woman. She received a B.S. degree in Accounting. Venita was Treasurer of Beta Alpha Psi, Secretary of Beta Gamma Sigma, Secretary of Omicron Delta Kappa, and a member of Zeta Phi Beta. She also worked with Mortar Board and was President of the Accounting Association. She was nominated for the position of Outstanding Senior Woman by the Minority Business Students Association. ZX cr 5 .-432 David White is this year's Outstanding Sen- ior Man. He received a B.A. degree in Classics through the Honors Program. Due to David's involvement at the University, he was awarded an A-Key. David has been very active in the Greek system at Akron. He is a member of Phi Sigma Alpha, Vice President and Senior Advisor of Phi Eta Sigma, a member of Sigma Delta Pi, Secre- tary of Phi Sigma Kappa, and a member of Omicron Delta Kappa. David was President of the Honors Club, and a member of Mor- tar Board, Senior Board, and German Club. He was also a member of The University of Akron Concert Band. Seniors David Barrett James Barstow Lisa Barvsek Sherry Basen Wayne Basford David Baxter Audrey Bayer Ben Beaber Mark Beane Richard Beans William Beatty Kelly Beck jeffrey Bee Brad Behrendt Rebecca Bell Barbara Bellorny Vincent Belovich Myra Benner Barbara Bennett Keith Bennett Robert Bentley 'Cx 'i B-X gf:-v Q U .V .as- 'R in ,ts 1 8. ft 'S Xl ,sv 3966 David Bxvm David Blackburn Kimberly Berger Robert Bergstrom Fredreen Bernatovicz Terrie Bessey Suzanne Bettilyon Randall Beyer Myron Bezbatchenko Elaine Bigler Bruce Bilbrey Laura Billow Linda Blackett C-. 'WW 5 amz' X. +4 Dannes Blaine- Mueller Deborah Blair Stuart Blau' Catherine Blake Martin Bland Kurt Biaurock gf ee 1, O f -L . ,.: M N- jay Pudnos, senior Chemistry maior. 41+ G- vs ' 4 Suzanne Blicharski John Bioemer Daniel Bober Bernadette Boddie Carol Boddorf Janine Boettcher Bruce Bolden Paul Boncaldo Richard Boron Michele Bose Seniors fgwz .4247 il' Deanna Boswell Walid Bou- Khouzarn Amy Bowers Milka Bozickovich Peter Bradbeer Daniel Bradley Daniel Bradshaw Kenneth Braman Mary Brandes Deanne Brandon Kim Dills and Todd Bergstrom. V77 'Vi 'Y-N-1 Seniors Helen Braziel Kathleen Breen Gerald Breitenbach Judy Brenner Theresa Brenner Claudia Brewer Keith Brewer Linda Brigato Kelli Brinkley Kevin Brink Bruce Brinkerhoff Lori Brode Mark Brotherton Beth Brown Jeffrey Brown 'Uv mf' 5 'rf AV ucv vis can-vo' it Jay Brownfield Christina Brownlee Judy Brownsberger Helen Bruketa Ken Bruno Mark Bruno Iulie Bryan Michael Buccitelli Jacqueline Buczkiewicz Iohn Budinscak Robert Buehrle Patricia Bulone Sharon Burhans Leslie Burke Frederick Burkhart Dave Baxter is this year' s Outstand- ing Greek Man. His Greek activities include Order of Omega, Tau Kappa Epsilon President and House Mana- ger, and Interliraternity Council Treasurer. l Terry Burnell Carolyn Burns Diana Burns Stephen Burns Martha Burridge ll l Frances Buskey Iames Buxton Paula Byers Carla Caldwell I. Scott Caldwell Seniors Shannon Caley Gregory Carnarato Lynn Camerata Frances Campana Brian Campbell Cheryl Campbell Elizabeth Campbell David Cannane David Carey Ingrid Carlberg Linda Carlson Frank Carrino Anthony Carroll Robert Carson Thomas Carter Sandra Casto Douglas Caswell Mark Cejer ConnieLea Chance Eileen Chasar Gregory Chatham Denise Chibis Kathleen Chmura Loretta Church Michael Ciamrnai- chella Senior lean Ianek, Queen, works on a Seniors ge 3 419 Aw lhis year's Homecoming paper. Brenda Clark jim Clark Sonia Clark Debra Cleaver Amy Clough Craig Cochran Tim Coffey Iennifer Coffman William Colaner David Colant Barry Coleman Ioseph Coleman Linda Coleman Kenneth Conger Linda Connelly Donna Conti David Conway Celeste Cook Susan Cook Candace Cooper Karen Cooper Susan Cornish jill Cory Margaret Covey Stephanie Cox Seniors A? ,,..-0 Graduate listens intently to the Graduation speeches. Seniors Donna Creasman Steven Crites Everett Crosby Matt Crowley Tom Crump Geza Csatlos Julianna Csatlos Kelly Cusack Lerne Dashnaw Andy Davidson Donna Davidson Michael Davies Ann Davis Julie Davis Karen Davis Lisa Davis Mitchell Davis Thomas Davis Vickie DeLuca Judith Del Roso Kimberly DeLaughter David Demeo Teri Delvieo Iohn Denker Lisa DePaul David Deremer Christy Dessecker William Detling Leslie Detweiler William Detweiler Anthony DiAntonio Last minute touch ups are made for senior pictures Concetta Dolfi Thomas Doll Richard Dombeck Elizabeth Domotor Linda Donant Chris Donovan Andrew Dorko Carol Dremann Michelle Duane Michael Dubbert Seniors Barry Dunaway Elizabeth Duncan Mark Dyko Robert Dyrdek Marlene Dzurec Karen Eckart Iames Eckman Sharon Edmunds Elias El-Rami Renee Elias James Romeo conducts his final concert at the Universi . Krista Ewing jeffrey Exton Diana Fahey Annette Farrow Frank Fazio Carol Feigi Lisa Feldbush Allan Fenner Gary Ferguson Susan Feterle Seniors Lucille Eller Geoffrey Elliott Richard Elliott Theresa Emerson Silvi Eppich Oneida Estrella Carla Evans Sheri Everson Iennifer Ewart Elizabeth Fidelholtz Veronica Fikes Robin Finch Randal Findish Kris Fiocca Nicky Fire Signs of the Graduation Celebration Frank Fischer Victoria Fisher Maureen Flanagan Natalie Flay Greg Fockler Debra Fonclriest Victoria Fortney Catherine Foster Richard Foster Ann Fougerousse Russell Fourry Gregory Fowler Paul Fowler Mildred Frambaugh joseph Fraser Dana Friedman Beth Fritz Sue Frontino Amanda Fulton Wendy Fulton Russell Furmanelc Kathleen Gaffney Barbara Gainer Iarnes Gaj Anne Galehouse Ben Toth plays in the Steel Drum Band. Carol Genet Mark George Wanda Gerber Marcia Gercke David Gerren Gregg Gertz john Gilbert Tracey Giles Vickie Giles Iohn Gleason Seniors ,X Mark Gallagher Scott Ganyard Rosemary Gardner Marie Garnes Leslie Garnick Ianice Garritano '1"""Y IoAnn Garver Robert Gearhart Iody Geib -G15 David Goodrich Iudith Grayem Laura Green Michael Greene Dane Gregg Denis Griesmer Keith Griffith Iames Friggy Robin Groves Aimee Grywalski Michael Guagiiardo Iames Gudaitis Lisa Gulling Denise Guth Kathleen Habuda Karen Haddad Neophytos Hadjichar- alambous Angela Hall Beverly Hall Lori Hall Mary Halligan Nancy Steinkerchner, Greek Woman. Timothy Hebert Philip Hegenderfer Rebecca Heim MaryBeth Heislman Rhonda Hendricks Sherry Henry Silvia Henry David Herbert Denise Herron Patrick Herron Seniors fb ,, Thomas Hambor Julie Hamed Rose Hamilton Kevin Hamric Jeff Hancock Ioline Hancock Mark Hanna Keith Harper Dawn Harris Sandra Harris Patricia I-Iarryhill Nayef Hattab Eric Havenhill Holly Haxton Beth Hays Mfr 'il' fi 1M Mary Hohman Charlotte Holcomb Charlotte Honkomp jane Hoover James Horchler Larry Horner Suzon Horning Carrie Hrusch Kimberly Hudak Sue Hudak Ieffrey Hudson Kerry Humenuik- Struck Keith Hunsucker james Huntsberger Ralph Hurst lay Hertel Deborah Herzog Caryl Hess Dave Hickey Robert Higley Louis Hirsh Roseanne Hoefel Elisabeth Hoevenagel Rita Hoffmann Karen Hoge Graduate seizes the opportunity for free ad Seniors Mass Media major Curt King and Elementary Education major Donna Smith show off their 1984 senior class T-shirts. Donna was active in Campus Activities Board and was a member of Senior Board. She was chairperson of Senior Nite at the Rubber Bowl this year. Curt is the founder and was president of A1- pha Epsilon Rho, National Broad- casting Honorary Fraternity. He also was one of the Outstanding Senior Men, and was an active member of Senior Board. - ff Deborah Hyatt Kevin Hyde Perry Hyder Roger Indorf Kelly Ingersoll Edward Isbell Jane Jackson Jenifer Jacobs William Jacobs Akbar Jafarinia James Jajack Robin Janeczek Jean Janek John Janovec Sheryl Jarosz Gary Jepsen Jennifer Jenkins Jennifer Jeter Carole Johnson Chiniqua Johnson Deborah Johnson Holly Johnson Mark Johnson THRU T DOOR INIZE 13" 'Y wir' Matthew 41. Johnston Ed Jones - Seniors www xt 1 ofA kfon LAS if-.ny ,f OWS ub- "Cl 11 mf' Nr" -X-5 af" IO 17' M. 'E' is K ... CN fm as 'UA A A 4 I X Iill Iones Rosser Iones Roger Ioplin Q-...J Ronald Iordan Iacquie Iudd 5 Shirley Iue Mary Jura Dianna Kackley i Terry Kahl Karen Kandes Glenn Kanner Karen Kaperak Michael Karas A Liadi Kareem -.1 4 Daniel Karikas Steven Karl ,-an Beth Kartarius 435.9 Margaret Kash Paul Keller Judith Kelley 'K' -fr.'f,.':?' F. Sheri Kemper Sandee Kennedy Howard Kent Jackie Kerman Laurene Kerr Seniors Curt King and Marianne Manko, Homecoming King and Queen candidates, enjoy the half-time festivities. Seniors Graduate listens to the ceremonies. Denise Kinsinger Susan Kirk Rachel Kleinhen Patricia Knapp Barbara Knight Carl Knop Christine Kohl joseph Koncsol Stephen Kontrad Robert Kopko Seniors Karen Keyon Marial Khalil Lori Kidd Cynthia Kilpatick Karen Kilway Regina Kimbrough Iill Kincade Curtis King Diana King Lesley King Robert King Dauna Kinnaman Ioan Kinney Beth Kinsey Karen Kinsey i uf?" A JS- .J H Iames Krausse Michelle Kryah Peter Kryszak Connie Kubilus Laura Kuchar Iulie Kunkel Michael Kurlich Diane Kuzmo David Kweram Teresa Lambacher Barbara Landfried Diane Landis Kelly Landsness Richard Langton Charles Lantz Douglas Kopscik Michele Kormos Kathryn Korodi Don Korow Virginia Korte I Lisa Koski Diane Kostur Kevin Koudela Deborah Kovach Michael Kovach Dave Baxter, Outstanding Senior Man, enjoys the graduation ceremonies. i" Seniors Karin Lal-Iue Ieffrey LaRose Gregory Lauer Lynne Lavelle Douglas Lee Teresa Leib Anne Leibig Cheryle Lentz Renee Leonino Iulie Leppert Ronda Lewis Willa Lewis Winghim Li Shawn Lichtig Ioseph Lilek Paul Lioi Lee Liu Janet Livingston Deborah Lockett Gail Locy Graduates take in the excitement of graduation. Seniors L Catherine Loesch Phillip Long Ann Lord Dan Lostoski Karen Lucas Michelle Lunkwitz Mike Lupoli Mary Beth Lux Gregory Lytkowski Michael Machi Pat Madden 1015111 Madding Nancy Macionia Michele Magers Iamai Mahmood Nancy Mahoney juli Mains Marianne Malish Cynthia Mansfield Linda March Valerie Marinelli Gigi Marino Dora Markiey Carla Marks Lisa Marocchino Ronald Marosan Michael Marsh Ieffrey Marshall Nancy Martina Caroline Martucci Monica Marziale Anthony Masarik Margie Mason Rita Mason Dena Mastrine Donna Matheson Sheri Matthews Scott Matz jane Maul Steven Maxwell Patricia Mazzer Ruth McAvoy Venita McCall James McCa11ops David McCam- bridge Lesley McCartney Thomas McCartney Robert McCarty David McCormick Gerald McCoy Barbara McCrea Nila McCul- lough lack McDaniel Daniel McDevitt Ann McGill Kenneth McGill Kathleen McGowan Suzanne McKenney Iohn McLaugh- lin, Ir. Melissa McLeod 1 bw SENI Ll Y i Senior class members help set up. William McRitchie Laura Mendat Terrie Mercier Kathy Merry- weather Barbara Michael Donna Miele john Mihocka Mindy Miktarian Lisa Milbry Kenneth Miletich Nanc Miglord Milo Milkovich Delora Miller Diane Miller Laura Miller Marilyn Miller Cheryl Mills Robert Mills Lisa Milonovich Shelly Misko Seniors Sherri Mitchell Valerie Mitchell Kim Mitzo Gregory Moga Diane Mohb Tamara Monroe Claire Moonijian Donna Moore jane Moore Shirley Moore Louise Moretta Daniel Morgan ac ueline I C1 . Morrison Deborah Moseley Nancy Moser Paul Moskowitz Michael Mourad Michelle Mowchan Scott Mudrich Karen Mullett RoseMarie Torma helps get another win, Seniors Michael Mullin Frank Mullins Kimberly Mungo Richard Munsey Heidi Myers Iames Myers Valorie Minch Patty Nayman Vicki NeCamp 'WO' Ki' Q?-1. H? fi. J 1? 'Year' as-gf' Michael N egron james Nelson Lisa Nettle Debbie Newman Qnyen Nguyen Ioy Nimmer Deborah N obiiio Sherry Noble Alan Nogle Yi? A F I if-7 . win?" 3 .f is Q - Ifggf, AS? 3' fftrigx'-' W ...A 1 fi, fi so M fT A .iksa ,, Chi Omega president Sue Richardson Denise Noll Michael N ovachek Tammy Nutt Kathleen N utter Iacklyn O'Donnell fi . I james Oancea Katherine iv. O'Connor Donald Ohde jeffrey Oinonen Angela Ong Q9 Christine Ong gd .9 Iacqueline Ong Kevin Osugi Ann Owendorf Suzanne Owens , 'V' Wl:r"rfY Leonard Pagnanelli Eleanor Panco Quentin 'N Parsons William Pasquale Janice Pasternak Seniors Toni Patsy Lisa Patterson Patricia Patterson Rockie Patterson joseph Paul William Paulot Dave Payne Fariborz Pazooki Michelle Peake Thomas Pelot Lisa Pemnan Duane Perry Susan Petitti Richard Pfister Hoa Pham Iacquline Phillipson Regina Pickett Patricia Pinto Matthew Plas Molly Plaskett Darlene Ploenzke Douglas Polack Julianne Polk Dana Poludniak Catherine Potter Anne Powell Michelle Powell Lucy Pramudji Pam Prasek Benedict Presper Bertha Price Mark Price N atalee Prioli Mary Privette Robert Privette Steven Pryseski Iay Pudnos Jeanette Pugliese Nicoletta Putaturo Haleem Qubain Kareem Qubain N avdeep Rai Seniors enjoy RHC Happy Hour in Bulger Hall. Evening Council President, Linda Burns 1, 9- if -, U 'if -4? f 'ff' 'N l"..: ,I f h I . rv 1 . . . ,. f V ' I A Seniors efff Cai ei' Pat Hudson at a Funk 8: Punk Party Michael Rehfus Mark Reichart Patricia Reikowski Diane Reilly Lori Remhof jennifer Remkus Debbie Rice Nancy Rice Susan Richards Sharon Richardson Susan Richardson Raymond Riedel Elaine Riegner John Riess Kevin Riley Jennifer Ritchey Pamela Rizzuto Lewis Roberts Edward Robertson lane Robertson Seniors Mark Ralston Catherine Ramsdell William Ramsey Tim Rasor Albert Ray, III Mark Reckten- Wald Ianae Redick Connie Reed Kenneth Reeves 'rl' 3' is 'KT' 'hu' hr 'ET' 2, P Us L 4 1 David Robinson Rhonda Robinson Mark Rocko Cheryl Rohrbach Katheryn Rohrer Paul Roney Stanley Rose Erika Rossi Tammie Rottmann Gregory Roush Mark Rousseau Teri Rowe Andrea Royka James Ruble Iulie Rudolph Sharon Rudy Sylvia Ruiz Michael Rumbarger Liz Rumbold Neil Runyon Mark Ruppert The 1984 Zip Basketball Cheerleaders build the enthusiasm of the fans and the players. , y xr l l 'nv K I gt I 1 Seniors KERNEWQDRW p DAYONE! l lim Anderson, Zip football Most Valuable Player, joins in the fun at the Thompson Hall Va1entine's Day party. Seniors Christine Sabo Victoria Sales Ingrid Sanders Veronica Sanders Rebecca Sandlin McKinley Sauer III Robert Savanick, Ir. Kenneth Sawan john Sboray Sonya Scanlan Richard Scavuzzo Michael Schafer Gregory Scheetz Richard Schloss Delores Schmidt Martha Schmidt Donna Schmitt Anita Schneider David Schrade Bruce Schrader II Timothy Schubach Q -X r- as he QT' '53 . ll by is Q1-vs.-r ,,., , ,, l, ' 3. 1 I 1 v Christopher Sheehan Amg' Shick Bar ara Shivers LynAnna Shomo Michael Short Gregory Shoults George Shrader Hadi Sibeveih Cassandra Simmons Susan Schueler Marie Schulte Donald Schultz Deb Schumann Patricia Scollard Kelly Scott Virginia Scott Michael Sebald Patsy Sechler Robert Segers Susan Seider Michael Seimetz Wendy Sell Kelly Sferra Kalliopi Sgouros Randall Shaffer Mark Shannon Elizabeth Shaver Ethel Shaw David Shealy Senior Board Members help out. Seniors Some students like to add a personal touch to their graduation celebration. This year, the nursing students were easily identified by their unique "bal1oons". Robert Smith Scott Smith Susan I. Smith Susan M. Smith William Smith Elena Smrdel Susan Snider Paul Snowball Constance Snyder Rene Snyder Seniors Kenton Singleton Michael Skwarski Deborah Slanina Alan Slusser Cathleen Srnallwood Robin Smerglia Beth Smith Daniel Smith Deborah Smith Diane Smith Gail Smith Karen Smith Mary Smith Patricia Smith Randall Smith LQ 1 s 6--, xg .1 Cynthia Sobtka Roxana Soltani Mary Spera Shelley Spiegel Dale Sponseller Patricia Starnpfli Brian Starkey Leslie Starr Sharon Stavano Larry Steele Penny Steere Dean Stein Iudith W Steiner Kenneth Steiner Nancy Steinker- chner we ,sw Q. -it Dr. Guzzetta takes time to greet the faculty. Scott Steinker- chner Kay Sterling Mary Sterling Scott Stevens Bonnie Stewart William Stimson Lori Stock Rhonda Stoll William Stoll Michele Strayer Seniors Seniors enjoy a wide variety of food at the buffet table. 1 l 5 M Qu 'Q 'HO l Ezxiiq-af' ' 'H A Seniors Thomas Strick Thomas Strohm Venessa Strong Robert Struck Jenifer Struglinski Richard Stumpf Kathleen Stutz Thomas Sukey Robert Sunday David Sutter Pamela Sutton Shelly Swaggerty Andrea Swain Kevin Swan Mark Switzer Deborah Szakacs Linda Taber Hakan Tarhan Deborah Taylor Iames Taylor Thomas Teater 1- L 63 Q'-v Kenneth Tebelak Laurie Teeter Susan Tekesky Marla Tell Billie Thames Ronald Thier Rodney Thompson Diane Thornburg Reyhan Tinaztepe Douglas Titko Dante Tomei Kay Tompkins Abou Torabi Mohammad Torabi RoseMarie Torma james Trace, III Wendy Trace Richard Travis Autumn Traxler Vicki Trego Constance Trenta Mary Tricaso Dean Tsarwhas Milissa Turlik Jacqueline Turner Iames Turner Nancy Tustin Michael Underwood Pablo Valencia Thu Van Ieffrey VanFossen 75 Maureen Welch is initiated into Alpha Epsilon Rho. Seniors PQSSY Vanfiossen Kimberly VanNostran Cheryl VanVorrhis Jill VanVorrhis Cindy Vecbastiks Kathryn Vaneskey Timothy Vielhaber Rhonda Vincent Lisa Vinciguerra Allyson Vogan Gayle Vojtush Debra Vrabel Alan Wagoner Allen Walker Craig Wallick 4-91 M 1-..".'!2 in lsr Q7 if if W SZ L . x A Q35 I fi 2, f , T' 1879 K . 3 ! 'N at-.XP Iames Walsh, Ir. Daniel Walter Dawn Ward Michael Ward Robyne Ward Suzanne Ward Susan Warner Ronald Warren Derek Watts Leo Weakland Eric Weese Ienny Weinrich Maureen Welch -'14'x-e - Patrick Weldon David 1 1 Welker Iuliana Wellman 45378. f XXTKN .tix Claudia A Wendling Anne Werner hu J David Wertz N D V . Richard at ui? were f re 1 a a wee Ha - - 1 my - -bazaar" -n wif Ki? wwf Wesebaum .U , p, 1 H ,,?,,,. .l i. A Tamara West 'M' 'T M ' R355 ' "'-td' 'W ' It has become popular for organizations to paint "the rock" to advertise parties, or just to show pride in their organization. Robert Wheeler David White Gordan White, Ir. Seniors 287 7Y,g 4' 1 Zippy, Gerard Neugebauer, entertains children of all ages. Student Council member and All- American diver, Bob Savoy, sug- gested the kangaroo as The Uni- versity of Akron mascot in 1953. The student council agreed and officially declared the kangaroo as our mascot on May 1, of that year. Pete Demming was the first "Zip- py" in 1934 at the inaugural of the Acme-Zip Game. For 31 years, "Zippy" has been the official mascot at The University of Akron. Seniors Laura White Anthony W ieging Cindy Wigent Ioan Williams Paul Williams Thomas Williams Sheila Wilson Carole Winchell Margaret Witt Loretta Wittmann Donald Wolf Darla Wolfe Ioan Wood Robert Woodall Judy Woods Terry Woods Susan Wrobel David Yanda Tamara Yanssens Elif Yared Rodney Yates Sandra Yenchik Christine Yerkey Ricky Yohman Allison Young Donna Young Lee Young lessee Zaccagnini Michael Zatorski Lisa Zaugg Zora Zegarac Mary Beth Zelinsky Robert Zeller Trisha Zeman Ivan Zenovic Deborah Zerbe Pamela Zerbe Nancy Zick Barbara Ziegler Darab Zokaei Kelley Zontini Iames Zupancic fi ' ,J , .f fix. 14 1' ff! sf . fam. H ' .X ..,- A ,ffm Dan Hurely, Theta Chi relaxes for a mo- 1 f W The End of the Road On May 20, 1984, at the Richfield Coliseum, Dr. Dominic I. Guzzetta attended his final graduation as President of The University of Ak- ron. Diplomas were given to 1,445 new alumni at the University's 112th Commencement. Despite the dismal, rainy weather, spirits were high as 2,510 associate, bachelor's, and advanced degrees were conferred. This, added to the Ianuary conferral of 1,332 degrees, made a total of 3,902. The School of Law held separate commencement exercises on May 19, 1984, in EJ. Thomas Performing Arts Hall. The 160 graduates were addressed by former Ohio Supreme Court Justice Blanche Krupansky. Seniors The retiring President of The Uni- versity of Cincinnati, Dr. Henry Winkler, was the commencement speaker for the graduating class. He told graduates the conclusion of this chapter of their academic careers will not be the end of it. "Education is the means by which a society keeps pace with change," Dr. Winkler said. "By the next century it will be increasingly im- portant for learning to become a lifelong process." Honorary degrees were awarded Winkler and Gen. William R. Richardson, commander of the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command. Richardson was the speaker at the 31st annual joint Army-Air Force commissioning ex- ercises held in Gardner Student Center on May 19, 1984. Seniors Music for the graduation exercises was provided by Mrs. jean Blair, teacher of voice at The University of Akron, and the University of Akron Band under the direction of Mr. Richard I. Iackoboice, Director of Bands. Each year, graduates find creative ways to celebrate their graduation. Nursing students, engineering ma- jors, and others can be easily identified when looking through the graduates. Other graduates send their messages out to the world through notes placed on their mortar boards to be read by all. Seniors I A? The excitement and pride in graduation are seen everywhere as the graduation ceremonies end. Hugs and smiles of joy are ex- changed as families and friends celebrate with graduates. All of these memories are captured in photographs that will be treasured forever. Seniors Honor Graduates Summa Cum Laude GPA 3.75 - 4.0 Beverly Lynn Anthony Kathy Jean Barco LaRonda Denise Barnes Sandra J. Begley Monika Behnke Brad Steven Behrendt Vincent Michael Belovich John F. Bologna, Jr. Deanna L. Boswell Theresa Elaine Boyd Linda Krueck Brandel Kathleen Helen Breen Lynne Michelle Brocco Frances Renee Buskey Denise G. Chibis Geraldine M. Coenen Linda Jean Connelly Dawn Lea Corley David William Deckert William Hollie Detling Brigid Zanin Di Paolo Vicki Ann Difiore Karen Sue Eckart Renee Rose Elias Lucille Sanzero Eller Bradley Jay Fravel Wanda Lee Gerber JenniferAnn Giersch Elizabeth Ann Harty Denise Ann Herron Strelsa R. Hlinican Rita Ann Hoffmann Robbin Scott Hoopes John Martin Janovac Molly Ann Johnson Ronald Lee Jordan John Edward Karras Michael G. Klaben Daniel Anthony Kutt Angela Dawn Labriola Wingham Li Nila J. McCullough Lynne Ellen Ray McNeal Sandra Jean Massey Lorraine Ann Merryman Mark G. Miller Theresa Emilia Morelli Pamela J. Mollrie Barbara Lynn Morgan Heidi Marie Gloor Myers James Robert Myers Quyen Dinh Nguyen Carolyn G. Olive Joseph P. Palumbo Janice Ann Pasternak Paula C. Pflaum Joseph D. Pollack Seniors Diane Klemenc Reiff Paul Joseph Roney Cherie L. Scarbrough Kathleen Lynn Shisler William C. Smith Shelley Ames Spiegel Wendy Lee Stewart Judith A. Steiner Jeffrey Joseph Stimler Rhonda Elizabeth Stoll Penelope Karen Taylor Rose Marie Torma Kay Marie Tompkins Jill L. Van Voorhis Terri Lee Wallace David James White Enoch William Wootton Susan L. Yaksich Magna Cum Laude GPA 3.5 - 3.75 Imelda Azumi Abilba Attiah Brian Richard Aurand Teri J. Barkoukis Carol Jane Boddorf Elizabeth Marie Bozzelli Mary Elizabeth Brandes Judy L. Brenner Keith Sterling Brewer Kenneth Bruno Robert J. Buehrle Thomas A. Cadden Evan Jay Cash P. Kim Cederstrom Monica Ellen Cerosky Patricia Ann Church Amy Elizabeth Clough Elizabeth Marie Collins Donna Marie Conti Celeste Maria Cook Susan Marie Lavati Cornish Donna Lane Creasman Michael Steven Curtis John Stewart Custer Lori Anne Darlington Vickie Marie DeLuca John Alan Denker Deborah Joy Doverspike William Michael Droppleman Mark Patrick Dyko Marlene Therese Dzurec William Kenneth Eichler Marvin Doak Evans Antonette Ferguson Kevin M. Fire Nicolene A. Fire James E. Friedman Barbara Lee Gainer Lori Jean Gleisinger Dorthella L. Griffin Aimee Elizabeth Grywalski Harold William Guthrie Denise Marie Hahn Julie K. Hamed Donald Leon Harshbarger Jr Vera Laurell Hawkins Holly Kay Haxton Paula Victoria Hendryx Debra A. Hennebert Silvia Rae Henry Elizabeth Johanna Hoevenagel Robin Gayle Janeczek Eric E. Johnson Michael Andrew Karas Mani S. Kavuru Marsha H. Kay Karen Elizabeth Keyon Lori I. Kidd Leonard Ross Klein Patricia S. Knapp Robert Michael Kopko Kathryn Leigh Korodi Kevin L. Koudela Nicholas Paul Kowal Angelia Jo Krall Martin John Kungl Barbara Ellen Landfried Gregory Scott Lauer Janet Ann Laufer Anne Kathryn Leibig Marcia Kay Liikala Thomas Edward Lindsay Venita Jean McCall James Scott McCallops Kristen K. McCully Maureen Anne McDevitt Ann Mary McGill Lisa M. Marocchino Michael Alan Marsh Barbara Ann Michael Thomas John Miller Lisa Marie Milonovich Valerie Jean Mitchell Diane Lynn Mohr Suzanne Monsanty Smitty Moore Louise Ann Moretta Rebecca Susan Moskovitz Robin L. Moss Karen Lynn Mullett Toni Ellen Norton Christine Marie Ong Jean Marie Oplinger Sharon Marie Paparone John Philip Patkus Lisa Sue Patterson Patricia M. Pekarek Laurie Ann Penix Beatriz Perez Joseph I. Perkovich Lisa Ann Petsche Jacquiline A. Phillipson Mary Catherine Privette Lori Elizabeth Pulley Joan Karen Rexroad Samuel Jay Rhodes Edward Scott Robertson Cheryl Marie Rohrbach Ann Marie Rowlett Sharon Ann Rudy Rose Ann Ruggiero Rebecca M. Sandlin Richard Lee Sandy Marla Marisa Sanzone Steven I. Scherer David Ed Seaman Wendy M. Sell Elizabeth Marie Shaver Lynanna L. Shomo Daniel Richard Smith Mary Beth Smith Steven Donis Smith Michele Marie Strayer Suzanne Lynne Stephens Grant Wilkes Stephenson Lori Lee Stock Ienifer Ann Struglinski Mary Beth Svoboda Thomas L. Teater Tracy P. Tesmer Billie Sue Gibbons Thames Carol Lynn Thompson Ellen E. Todys Autumn Marie Traxler Vickilyn Trego Nancy Roten Tustin Cynthia Susan Vecbastiks Suzanne Ward Dennis Lawrence Webb Anne Marie Werner Susan Elizabeth Taylor Witmer Thomas Edmund Witt Loretta Ann Wittmann Dana Sue Witwer Donald Alan Wolf Ioan Alice Wood Elisabeth H. Young Mary Beth Zelinsky Kay Elizabeth Zink Cum Laude GPA 3.25 - 3.49 Lorraine Kay Anderson Tracy Ann Angermeier Mary Ellen Armstrong Karen Mari Bahas Thomas Ion Baker Mary Io Balazs Patricia Lee Barnes Ben A. Beaber Keith A. Bennett Noah Helen Bertschy Dannes Blaine-Mueller Iohn G. Bobb Michele Renee Bose Deborah lean Bowes Daniel Roger Bradshaw Robert Charles Brick Kelli Sue Brindley jay Marshall Brownfield Iudy Kaye Bryant Leslie Denise Burke Terry Lee Burnell Stephen Richards Burns Dennis Butcher julie A. Carney Kathleen Theresa Caruso Connielea Chance Dane Edward Clark Stephanie lane Cox Steven Scott Crites Thomas Dudley Crump Denise Marie Cummins Breanda Marie Deason Debra Ann DeLong Iulie Anne Devany Leslie Ioan Detweiler Sharon Lynne Dilauro Roger R. Dodd Mark Donnelly Rhonda B. Dove Marl D. Doyle Geoffrey Michael Elliott Silvana Maria Eppich Kenneth Dale Everhard Sheri Denise Everson Linda A. Ferber Gary Michael Ferguson Karen M. Filipic Vicki Lynn Fisher Susan Anne Fiterle Adam R. Fleder Linda L. Franze Susan Lynn Funk Molly Elaine Sommer Garabedian Rosemary Gardner Carol Ann Genet Marcia Lee Gereke Iohn A. Gleason Alice Iean Gregory Iames john Gudaitis Dawn M. Harris Donald Leon Harshbarger Sharon Lou Hunter James Ward Hibbard Michael Hamid Higgins Stephen Douglas Hiney Karen Sue Hoge Melissa A. Horn Holly A. Horning Suzon Elizabeth Horning George Edward Houck Patricia Anne Hrabusa Tammy Ioyce Huber Guy Paul Hufstetler Iames A. Huntsberger Perry Martin Hyder Maryanne Incorvia Roger Lewis Indorf Sheryl A. Iarosz Kenneth G. johnson Ioan Iewell Iones JoAnn H. jones Rosser lay Iones Glenn Timothy Kanner Kara L. Kelly Laurene Marie Kerr Karen Ann Kilway Diana Lyn King Lisa Kay Koski Kurt G. Kuppler Karin I. LaHue Amy Lehrrnan Karen Virginia Limbach Phillip B. Long - Luanne Luisi n Michael Anthony Lupoli David A. McCambridge Thomas Edward McCartney James Bradley McCormick Gerald Lee McCoy Barbara L. McCrea Carol Hanna Madden Mark Scott Maddox Michelle Marie Malak Gigi Marie Marino Patricia lane Mazzer Mark Patrick Melvin Jaime Ellen Metts Valorie A. Minch Brian Iay Moore Tamara S. Monroe Robin Lee Zimmermann Morgan Sharon Morlan Deborah L. Moseley Kathy Io Murphy Miriam A. Naples Herbert Glenn Neff William Andrew Neugebauer Deborah Anne Nobilio Tamara Ann Nutt Timothy I. O'I-learn Robin D. Ostapack Kevin Ioel Qsugi Ioanne M. Pasko Barbara Ioan Patterson Lisa Lynn Penman Susan Kay Marie Petitti David W. Pinter Donna L. Preusser Susan Marie Pirc Ieffrey N. Prulhiere Christine Pygott Navdeep Singh Rai Elizabeth R. Ray Iennifer Louise Remkus Thomas H. Richard Peggy L. Robart Mark Scott Rousseau Neil William Runyon Lawrence joseph Rybka Sheldon Safko McKinley Hobart Sauer III John Steven Sboray Richard William Scavuzzo Maria Romanwski Schimer Paul L. Schneiders Bruce R. Schrader II Senzors Diana Lynn Sellers Thomas P. Serle Emily Margaret Shea Christopher Kevin Sheehan Robert Allen Sikon, Jr. John Joseph Skruck Karen Lea Slabaugh James Robert Smith Susan Marie Smith Robin M. Spray Patricia Marie Stampfli Scott Edward Peter Steinkerchner Scott E. Stevens Joseph Mark Stewart Thomas E. Strohm Kevin William Sturm Steven E. Summers Laurie Elizabeth Teeter Jill Ann Tomes Robert Lawrence Tucker Jeffrey Charles Van Fossen Peggy Lou Van Fossen Kimberly S. Van Nostran Billie Jean Venter Timothy Joseph Vielhaber Martha S. Wacher Daniel Edward Walter Jeffery A. Walters Dawn Marie Ward Mark S. Weinberger Tamara Lynn West Joseph Wheeler George Robert Whiteman Donald Paul Wiley Harold Leroy Wine Kathleen Marie Willett Maria Theresa Wilson Susan Marie Wrobel John Christopher Wysocki Kim A. Young Marily Katherine Zahn JoAnn H. Jones Rosser Jay Jones Glenn Timothy Kanner Kara L. Kelly Laurene Marie Kerr Karen Ann Kilway Diana Lyn King Lisa Kay Koski Kurt G. Kuppler Seniors Karin J. LaHue Amy Lehrman Karen Virginia Limbach Phillip B. Long Luanne Luisi Michael Anthony Lupoli David A. McCambridge Thomas Edward McCartney James Bradley McCormick Gerald Lee McCoy Barbara L. McCrea Carol Hanna Madden Mark Scott Maddox Michelle Marie Malak Gigi Marie Marino Patricia Jane Mazzer Mark Patrick Melvin Jaime Ellen Metts Valorie A. Minch Brian Jay Moore Tamara S. Monroe n Robin Lee Zimmerma n Morgan Sharon Morlan Deborah L. Moseley Kathy Jo Murphy Miriam A. Naples Herbert Glenn Neff William Andrew Neugebauer Deborah Anne Nobilio Tamara Ann Nutt Timothy J. O'I-learn Robin D. Ostapack Kevin Joel Osugi Joanne M. Pasko Barbara Joan Patterson Lisa Lynn Penman Susan Kay Marie Petitti David W. Pinter Donna L. Preusser Susan Marie Pirc Jeffrey N . Prulhiere Christine Pygott Navdeep Singh Rai Elizabeth R. Ray Jennifer Louise Remkus Thomas H. Richard Peggy L. Robart Mark Scott Rousseau Neil William Runyon Lawrence Joseph Rybka Sheldon Safko McKinley Hobart Sauer III John Steven Sboray Richard William Scavuzzo Maria Romanwski Schimer Paul L. Schneiders Bruce R. Schrader II Diana Lynn Sellers Thomas P. Serle Emily Margaret Shea Christopher Kevin Sheehan Robert Allen Sikon, Jr. John Joseph Skruck Karen Lea Slabaugh James Robert Smith Susan Marie Smith Robin M. Spray Patricia Marie Stampfli Scott Edward Peter Steinkerchner Scott E. Stevens Joseph Mark Stewart Thomas E. Strohm Kevin William Sturm Steven E. Summers Laurie Elizabeth Teeter Jill Ann Tomes Robert Lawrence Tucker Jeffrey Charles Van, Fossen Peggy Lou Van Fossen Kimberly S. Van Nostran Billie Jean Venter Timothy Joseph Vieihaber Martha S. Wacher Daniel Edward Walter Jeffery A. Walters Dawn Marie Ward Mark S. Weinberger Tamara Lynn West Joseph Wheeler George Robert Whiteman Donald Paul Wiley Harold Leroy Wine Kathleen Marie Willett Maria Theresa Wilson Susan Marie Wrobel John Christopher Wysocki Kim A. Young Marily Katherine Zahn ABDOLMANAFI, ALI R.: B.S. Mechanical Engineering. ABRAHAM, LISA YVONNE: B.S. Nursing. ACETO, ROCCO M.: B.S. Industrial Management, A.A.B. Business Management, Lambda Chi Alpha, Ad- ministrative Management Society, Ski Club, Intramurals. ACKERMAN, KATHLEEN B.: B.A. Di- etetics, Student Dietetic Association, Spanton Dorm Government. ADDIS, RICHARD FULLER: B.S. Elementary Education, Varsity Football, Co-captain, Varsity Wrestling, Wres- tling Club, Vice President, Fellowship of Christian Athletes. ADELEMAN, CARIN MARIE: A.A.B. Sales and Marketing Technolgy, Intramurals. AGLIOTI, GABRIELLA: B.S. Natural Science, A.A.S. Chemical Technology. ALBRIGHT, KAREN K.: B.A. Clothing and Textiles, Certificate in Interior De- sign, Dean's List, Gymnastics Club, Intramurals. AL-HADID, BACHAR ADJAN: B.S. Mechanical Engineering. ALTO, R. GARY: B.S. Industrial Management, A.A.B. Data Processing, Delta Sigma Pi, Senior Vice President, Delegate to the Grand Chapter Con- gress, American Society for Personnel Administration, Vice President, Public- ity Director, Accounting Association, Students in Free Enterprise, Data Processing Management Association. AMETSITSI, JULIUS C. B.S. Electrical Engineering. ANDERSON, BARB: A.A.B. Data Processing, Alpha Sigma Lambda, Vice President, Secretary, Phi Sigma Alpha. ANDERSON, LORRAINE KAY: B.F.A. Graphic' Design. Residence Hall Program Board, Dorm Government, Intramurals. ANDERSON, NANNETTE: A.A.B. Le- gal Secretarial Science, Dean's List. ANGERMEIER, TRACY: B.S. Nursing, Student Affairs Nursing Representa- tive, Nursing Club, Residence Hall Program Board, Major Events Commit- tee, Dorm Government, Ski Club, Intramurals. ANTHONY, BEVERLY LYNN: B.A. French, Freshman Honorary, French Honorary, Political Science Honorary, College of Arts and Sciences Honorary. ARANYI, DAVID: B.S. Electrical Engi- neering, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Dorm Government, Marching Band. ARCHUAL, BETH: B.S. Marketing, Dean's List, Alpha Gamma Delta, American Marketing Association, Stu- dents in Free Enterprise, Women's Glee Club. ARCHER, RICKIE E.: B.S. Accounting, Accounting Association, Director of Field Trips, Administrative Manage- ment Society, Student Toastmasters, In- tramurals. ARRAS, LAURIE J.: A.A.B. Executive Secretarial Science, A.A.B. Commercial Arts, Residence Hall Program Board, Musical and Publicity Committees, Me- dia Committee Chairperson. ATTIAH, IMELDA AZUMI: B.S. Busi- ness Administration, B.S. Marketing, Mu Kappa Tau, Beta Gamma Sigma, International Students Club. AUGUSTINE, SHERRY LYNN: B.S. Biology, Future Physicians Club, Intramurals. AURAND, BRIAN R.: B.S. Finance, Dean's List, Presidential Scholarship, Phi Eta Sigma, Beta Gamma Sigma, Delta Sigma Pi, Finance Club, Ameri- can Product Inventory Control Society. AUSTIN, ARLEEN F.: B.S. Elementary Education, Dean's List, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Black United Students. AUSTIN, CRAIG R.: B.S. Industrial Management. AUTRY, JACK E.: A.A.B. Data Processing, Pre-Business Option, Base- ball, Intramurals. BABB, KIMBERLY ANN: A.A.B. Busi- ness Management, A.A.B. Marketing and Sales. BAHLEDA JR, JOHN: B.M.T. Mechanical Technology. BAJAKSOUZIAN, MANUEL C.: B.S. Mechanical Engineering, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Intramurals. BAKER, TRACY A.: A.A.S. Medical Asisting Technology. BALAZS, MARY JO: B.S. Nursing, Nursing Club, Residence Hall Program Board, Dorm Government, Men's Base- ball, Bat Girl, Intramurals. BALAZOWICH, DAWN: A.A.S. Child Development, Dean's List. BALDWIN, JAMES S.: B.A. Mass Me- dia, B.A. Communication, Dean's List. BALLARD, DAWN MARIE: B.F.A. Painting, Dean's List, Ruppel's Art Scholarship, Artists of Rubber City, Student Art League, Intramurals. BALLARD, MIKE: B.S. Accounting, Certificate in Voluntary Action, Dean's List, University Christian Outreach, Survival Center, Center for Concern, Intramurals. BANDY, MICHAEL J.: B.A. Communi- cation, The Buchtelite, Staff Writer, News Editor, Department of Public In- formation, Student Writer. BANNISTER, PENNY: A.A.B. Business Management, A.A.B. Marketing and Sales. BARABAS, VICKY A.: A.A.B. Execu- tive Secretarial Science, A.A.B. Business Management Technology, Future Secre- taries Association, Dorm Government, Intramurals. BARBO, MARY GRACE: B.S. Nursing, Intramurals. BARKOUKIS, TERI J.: B.S. Natural Science, Dean's List. BARNES, LaRONDA DENISE: B.A. English, B.A. Pre-Law, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Academic Scholarship Recipient, Alpha Lambda Delta, Pi Delta Phi, Treasurer, Phi Sigma Alpha, Pre-Law Club, Student Toastmasters Club, Fo- rensic Union-Reader's Theater, Dorm Government. BARNHART, DIANE M.: B.S. Accounting, Accounting Association. BARRESI, TIMOTHY J.: B.A. Sociolo- gy, Dean's List. BARRETT, DAVID J.: B.S. Mechanical Engineering. BARSTOW, JAMES R.: B.A. Market- ing, Pi Sigma Epsilon, Varsity Basket- ball. BASEN, SHERRY M.: B.S. Accounting. BASFORD, WAYNE: B.A. Computer Science, Honors Program, Intramurals. BAXTER, DAVID S.: B.S. Marketing, Order of Omega, Tau Kappa Epsilon, President, House Manager, Senior Class President, Interfraternity Council, Treasurer, Associated Student Government, Senator, Awards Commission Member. BEANE, MARK: A.A.S. Criminal Justice, Karate Club. BEANS, RICHARD: B.A. Special Edu- cation EMR-LD, Varsity Football. BECK, KELLY JO: B.S. Marketing, Tau Beta Sigma, Secretary, Marching Band, Varsity Band. BEE, JEFFREY ALLEN: B.S. Mechanical Engineering, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Intramurals. BELLAMY, BARBARA SUE: A.A.S. Medical Assisting, Dean's List, Medical Assistant's Club, Treasurer. BELOVICH, VINCENT MICHAEL: B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, American Society of Mechanical Engineers. BENNER, MYRA L.: B.S. Marketing, Dean's List, Pi Sigma Epsilon, Dorm Government, President, Intramurals. BENNETT, KEITH A.: B.S. Civil Engi- neering, Tau Beta Pi, Honors Program. BENTLEY, ROBERT M.: A.A.B. Busi- ness Management Technology, Resi- dence Hall Program Board, Entertain- ment Committee, Intramurals. BERGER, KIMBERLY: B.A. Clothing and Textiles, Certificate in Interior De- sign, Fashion Show Marketing Staff, Residence Hall Program Board, Musical Entertainment Committee. BERGSTROM, ROBERT: B.S. Accounting, Dean's List, Beta Alpha Psi, Accounting Association, Member- ship Director. BESSEY, TERRIE M.: B.A. Clothing and Textiles, Dean's List, Kappa Omicron Phi, President, Resident As- sistant, Dorm Government, Publicity Chairperson Marching Band, Intramur- als. BEYER, BRENT RANDALL: B.S. Industrial Management. BEZBATCHENKO, MYRON: B.M.T. Mechanical Technology, Phi Delta The- ta, President, Intramurals. BIGLER, ELAINE J.: B.S. Computer Science, Pi Mu Epsilon, Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers, Intramurals. BILBREY, BRUCE G.: A.A.S. Electron- ics, Dean's List. BILLOW, LAURA LYNNE: B.A. Mass MedialCommunication, Andrews Epis- copal Scholarship, Delta Gamma, Wom- en in Communications, College Repub- licans. BIVIN, DAVID G.: B.S. Electronic Technology. BLACKBURN, DAVID J.: B.S. Com- puter Science, Computer Science Club. BLACKETT, LINDA: B.S. Elementary Education. BLAINE-MUELLER, DANNES: B.S. Industrial Management, B.S. Industrial Accounting, A.A.B. Data Processing, Outstanding Woman on Campus, Ak- ron Delegate to National Conference of The National Organization for Women, Senior Index Who's Who Among Students in Ameri- can Colleges and Universities, Phi The- ta Kappa, Beta Gamma Sigma, Sigma Iota Epsilon, Computer Science Club, Industrial Management Student Associ- ation, Campus Campaign for Reproduc- tive Rights, Friends of Hower House, Stan Hywet Hall Foundation. BLAIR, DEBORAH L.: A.A.B. Business Management Technology, Dean's List, Residence Hall Program Board, Musical Entertainment Committee, Intramurals. BLAIR, STUART A.: B.S. Accounting, Accounting Association, Student Toastmasters Club. BLAKE, CATHERINE: B.S. Nursing, National Honor Society, Nursing Sen- ior Class Secretary, Student Affairs Re- presentative, Student Assistant for Tours, Intramurals. BLAND, MARTIN L.: B.A. Photogra- phy. BLICHARSKI, SUZANNE: B.S. Busi- ness Administration-Marketing, United States Army ROTC. BLOEMER, JOHN M.: B.S. Mechanical Engineering, American Society of Mechanical Engineers. BODDIE, BERNADETTE: B.S. Special Education EMR-MSPR, Dean's List, Council for Exceptional Children, Chairperson, Handicap Awareness Day. BODDORF, CAROL JANE: B.S. Accounting, Honors Scholarship, Sorkin Thayer 8: Company Scholarship, Edith Mae Eckler Scholarship, Omicron Delta Kappa, Beta Gama Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi, Tel-Buch, Activities Section Editor, Dorms Section Editor, Accounting Association, Membership Chairperson, Student Toastmasters, Dorm Governemnt, Publicity Commit- tee, A-Key Recipient. BOETTCHER, JANINE LYNN: B.S. Nursing, Nursing Club, Residence Hall Program Board, Dorm Government, Intramurals. BOLDEN, BRUCE A.: B.A. Mass Me- dia-Communications. BONCALDO, PAUL: A.A.B. Business Management, Men's Glee Club, Opera Chorus Workshop. BORON, DICK: B.S. Electronic Tech- nology, Dean's List. BOSE, MICHELE R.: B.A. Child Devel- opment, Dean's List, Student Center Programming Board, Recreation Com- mittee Chairperson, Track Club. BOSWELL, DEANNA L. B.S. Computer Science Outstanding Women on Campus, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Sig- ma Alpha, The Buchtelite, Advertising Manager, Business Manager, Associ- ation for Women Students, Vice Presi- dent, A-Key Recipient. BOUKHOUZAM, WALID: B.S. Civil Engineering. BOWERS, AMY L.: B.A. Child and Family Development. BOZICKOVICH, MILKA: A.A.B. Busi- ness Management. BRADBEER, PETER JUSTIN: A.A.S. Fire Science Technology, Fire Protection Engineers, United States Army ROTC, Pathfinders. BRADLEY, DAN L.: B.A. Business Management-Personnel. BRADSHAW, DANIEL R.: B.S. Chemi- cal Engineering, Tau Beta Pi, American Senior Index Institute of Chemical Engineers. BRAMAN JR, KENNETH: B.S. Biology, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Sigma Kappa, Sentinel, Junior Interfraternity Council, Vice President, Chemistry Club, Future Physicians Club, Secretary, Senior Board. BRANDES, MARY E.: B.S. Chemistry, University Honors Program, Phi Sigma Alpha, Mortar Board, Secretary, Phi Sigma Upsilon, Alpha Lambda Delta, Iota Sigma Pi, Phi Sigma Tau, Omicron Delta Kappa, American Chemical Society, Student Affiliates, Secretary, President, Philosophy Club, President. BRANDON, DEANNE MARIE: B.A. Clothing and Textiles, B.A. Interior De- sign. BRAZIEL, HELEN M.: B.A. Dietetics. BREEN, KATHLEEN: B.S. Elementary Education, Presidential Scholarship, Al- pha Lambda Delta, Secretary, Phi Lambda Theta, Alpha Delta Pi, Honors Program. BRENNER, JUDY L.: B.S. Nursing, Ecumenical Christian Association, Nursing Club. BREWER, CLAUDIA KAY: B.A. Com- munications, B.A. Political Science, Ireland Scholarship for Achievement in Communications, G.G. Bruer Award for Creative Writing, Pi Sigma Alpha, Pub- lic Relations Student Society of America, Treasurer, Hellenic Club. BREWER, KEITH: B.S. Mechanical En- gineering, Dean's List, Tau Beta Pi, American Society of Mechanical Engi- neers, Intramurals. BRIGATO, LINDA A.: B.A. Social Work, Alpha Alpha Alpha, Student So- cial Work League, Treasurer. BRINDLEY, KELLI SUE: B.S. Civil En- gineering, Pi Mu Epsilon, American Society of Civil Engineers, Treasurer, Residence Hall Council, Concrete Ca- noe Team, Intramurals. BRINK, KEVIN P.: B.S. Mechanical Engineering, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Outing Club. BRODE, LORI E.: A.A.B. Marketing and Sales Technology, A.A.B. Business Management Technology, Dean's List, Pi Sigma Epsilon, Tel-Buch, Business Manager, Associate Editor, Campus Events Editor, Dorms Editor, Adminis- trative Management Society, Interna- tional Affairs Society, Intramurals. BROWN, BETH A.: B.S. Nursing, Sig- ma Theta Tau, Alpha Lambda Delta, Intramurals. BROWN, JEFFREY E.: B.S. Natural Science, Dean's List, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Mu Epsilon, Future Physicians Club, Intramurals. BROWNFIELD, JAY MARSHALL: B.S. Marketing, Honors Program, Universi- ty Scholar, cum laude, Ohio Academic Scholar, Honors Club, Vice President, Study Abroad, American Institute, Vi- enna Austria, Vocal Jazz Ensemble. BROWNLEE, CHRISTINA: B.S. Electronic Technology, Electronics Club, Computer Science Club. BROWNSBERGER, JUDY: B.F.A. Pho- tography, Student Art League. BRUKETA, HELEN R.: B.S. Nursing, Intramurals, scorekeeper. BRUNO, KENNETH: B.S. Chemical Engineering, Akron Rubber Group Scholarship, Dean's List, Tau Beta Pi, President, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Intramurals. BRUNO, MARK F.: B.A. Psychology, Psi Chi, Tau Kappa Epsilon. BRYAN, JULIE ANN: B.S. Elementary Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma. BUCCITELLI, MICHAEL: B.A. Mass Media-Communications, B.A. English, Dean's List, Student Center Program- ming, Publicity, Day Care Center As- sistant, Newman Center Retreat, The Buchtelite, Staff Writer, Intramurals. BUCZKIEWICZ, JACQUELINE: A.A.B. Executive Secretarial Science, Intramurals. BUDINSCAK, JOHN F.: B.S. Chemical Engineering, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Residence Hall Program Board, Major Events Commit- tee, Intramurals. i BUEHRLE, ROBERT: B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Bablocky Wilcox Scholar- ship, Helen Soderquist Scholarship, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, Engineer- ing co-op program, Concrete Canoe Team, Ski Club, Intramurals. BUMBOLD, LIZ: B.S. Business Management, Sigma Iota Epsilon, Ad- ministrative Management Society. BURHAND, SHARON: B.A. Market- ing, Pi Sigma Epsilon, Public Relations Vice President, Residence Hall Program Board, Major Events Commit- tee, Publicity Committee, Dorm Government. BURKE, LESLIE DENISE: B.S. Nursing, Residence Hall Program Board, Major Events Committee. BURNELL, TERRY: B.S. Accounting, Ernst 8: Whinney Accounting Achieve- ment Scholarship, Beta Alpha Psi, Accounting Association. BURNS, CAROLYN M.: B.A. Dietetics, Dean's List. BURRIDGE, MARTHA LYNN: B.S. Computer Science, Computer Science Club, President, Secretary, French Club. BUSKEY, FRANCES R.: B.A. Child Life, Akron Area Home Economic As- sociation Scholarship, Women's Club Scholarship, Lambda Alpha Delta, Kappa Omicron Phi. BUXTON, JAMES BRALEY: B.S. Mar- keting, Pi Sigma Epsilon. BYERS, PAULA I.: A.A.B. Business Management, A.A.B. Sales and Market- ing, Residence Hall Program Board, Major Events Committee, Residence Hall Council, Dorm Government, The Buchtelite, Advertising Manager. CALDWELL, CARLA J.: B.S. Civil En- gineering, The American Society of Civil Engineers, Secretary, Concrete Canoe Team. CALDWELL, J. SCOTT: B.S. Mechanical Engineering, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Intramurals. CALEY, SHANNON SUE: A.A.B. Commercial Art, Dean's List. CAMARATO, GREGORY: B.S. Mechanical Engineering, American Society of Mechanical Engineers. CAMERATA, LYNN: B.S. Industrial Management-Production, Lisle M. Buckingham Scholarship, Alpha Lamb- da Delta, Secretary, senior Advisor, Phi Kappa Tau, Little Sis of The Laurel, A1- pha Gamma Delta, American Production and Inventory Control Society, Treasurer. CAMPANA, FRAN: B.S. Marketing. CAMPBELL, BETSY: B.A. Mass Media- Communications. CAMBELL, BRIAN D.: B.A. Business Administration-Marketing, Dean's List, United States Air Force ROTC, Arnold Air Societz, Sabre Drill Team. CAMBEL , CHERYL: B.S. Transporta- tion-Commercial Aviation, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Little Sis of Order of Diana, The Buchtelite, Photographer. CANNANE, DAVID M.: B.S. Electrical Engineering, Dean's List, Phi Eta Sig- ma, Radio Club, United States Army Reserve Officer Training Corps. CAREY, DAVID VINCENT: A.A.S. Electronic Technology, Electronics Club, Intramurals. CARLBERG, INGRID ANN: B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Presidential Scholarship, Honors Program, Greater Beneficial Union Scholarship, International Students' Club, Honors Club. CARLSON, LINDA M.: B.S. Industrial Management, Dean's List, Academic Scholarship, American Production and Inventory Control Society, Secretary, Intramurals. CARRINO, FRANK ANTHONY: B.A. Political Science, Phi Sigma Kappa, Senior Class, Vice President, Pre-Law Club, President, Associated Student Government, Senator, Parliamentarian, Chairman Pro-Tempore, Model United Nations, Representative, College Bowl Champion, Forensics Union, Computer- ized Ridesharing Board, Chairperson, A-Key Recipient. CARROLL, ANTHONY: B.S. Medical Technology. CARSON, ROBERT L.: A.A.B. Data Processing, Data Processing Management Association. CARTER, THOMAS G.: B.S. Mechani- cal Technolo , Ski Club. , CASTO, SAQDRA I.: A.A.B. Word Processing. CASWELL, DOUGLAS I.: A.A.B. Data Processing. CEIER, MARK A.: B.S. Electronic Technology, Ski Team. CHANCE, CONNIE LEA: B.S. Nursing, Continuing Student Scholar- ships, Alpha Lambda Delta, Vice-Presi- dent, Mortar Board, Sigma Thete Tau, Residence Hall Program Board, Special Features Committee, Musical Entertain- ment Committee, Major Events Com- mittee, Dorm Government, Treasurer, Resident Assistant. CHASAR, EILEEN: B.A. Mass Media- Communications, Kappa Kappa Gam- ma, WAUP-Campus Radio, Women in Communications. CHATHAM, GREGORY I.: B.S. Cartography-Geography, Geography Club, Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship. CHMURA, KATHLEEN MARIE: B.S. Nursing, Alpha Lambda Delta, Eucha- ristic Minister at Newman Center, Nursing Club. CHURCH, LORETTA G.: A.A.B. Data Processing, Data Processing Management Association. CIAMMAICHELLA, MICHAEL IOHN: B.S. Civil Engineering, Tau Kappa Epsilon, American Society of Civil Engineers, Senior Board, Varsity Wrestling, Intramurals. CLARK, BRENDA SUE: A.A.B. Busi- ness Management, Dean's List, Admin- istrative Management Society. CLARK, SONIA: A.A.B. Data Processing. CLEAVER, DEBRA ANN: A.A.S. Com- munity Services Technology, David Auburn Scholarship. CLOUGH, AMY E.: B.S. Chemistry, Outstanding Iunior Chemistry Major, Akron Section American Chemistry Society, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Sig- ma Alpha, Phi Lambda Upsilon, Iota Sigma Pi, Student Affiliates, President, Chemistry Club. COCHRAN, CRAIG R.: B.S. Special Education. COFFEY, TIMOTHY: B.A. Mass Media- Communication. COFFMAN, IENNIFER M.: B.S. Biology, Honors Program, Honors Scholarship, Future Physicians Club, Honors Club, Biology Club. COLANER IR, WILLIAM N.: B.S. Industrial Management, Delta Tau Del- ta, American Production and Inventory Control Society. COLEMAN, LINDA R.: A.A.B. Office Services. CONGER, KENNETH D.: B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Dean's List, Intramurals. CONNELLY, LINDA I.: B.S. Accounting, Honors Scholarship, Peat, Marwick, Mitchell 8: Company Alumni Scholarship, Omicron Delta Kappa, Honors Club, Beta Alpha' Psi, Director of Quality Circle, Beta Gamma Sigma, Vice-President, Alpha Lambda Delta, Delta Sigma Pi, Accounting Associ- ation, Student Toastmasters, Ski Club, Intramurals. CONTI, DONNA MARIE: B.A. Speech and Hearing Therapy, Dean's List, Aca- demic Scholarship, Kappa Delta Pi, Na- tional Student Speech, Language, and Hearing Association. CONWAY, DAVID SCOTT: B.S. Accounting, Top Twenty Sophomores in Accounting, Beta Alpha Psi, Bulger Dorm Government, Residence Hall Program Board, Major Events Commit- tee, Resident Assistant, Accounting As- sociation, Intramurals. COOK, MARIA CELESTE: B.A. Busi: ness and Organizational- Communica- tion, Linchtenwalter Scholarship, Aca- demic Scholarships, Dean's List, Mortar Board, President, Omicron Delta Kappa, Alpha Lambda Delta, Pre-Law Club, President, Vice-President, Trea- surer, Dean's Council, Communica- tion's Board, Student Representative, Academic Policies, Curriculum, and Calendar Committee, Student Repre- sentative, The Buchtelite, Staff Writer, College Democrats Club, Women in Communication, Inc., Treasurer. COOK, SUSAN LYNN: A.A.B. Data Processing, Dorm Government, Vice Co-Chairperson, Intramurals. COOPER, CANDACE L: B.A. Commu- nications, Alpha Kappa Alpha, WAUP- Campus Radio, Panhellenic Organiza- tion. ' COOPER, KAREN: B.A. Special Educa- tion, Tau Kappa Epsilon Little Sister, Order of Diana, Council for Exception- al Children. CORNISH, SUSAN LAVATI: B.S. Accounting, The Deloitte, Haskins 8: Sells Alumni Scholarship, Edith Mae Eckler Memorial Scholarship, Beta Al- pha Psi, Accounting Association, Associated Student Government, Senator, WAUP-Campus Radio, Broad- caster, Ski Club. CORY, IILL A.: B.S. Computer Science, Academic Scholarship, Dean's List, Tau Kappa Epsilon Little Sister, Order of Diana, Computer Science Club, Adver- tising Club, Intramurals. COVEY, MUGSY: B.S. Industrial Management, Resident Assistant, Stu- dents in Free Enterprise, Residence Hall Program Board, Major Events Committee, Intramurals. COX, STEPHANIE I.: B.S. Business Administration, B.S. Marketing, Mu Kappa Tau, Alpha Lambda Delta, Stu- dents in Free Enterprise, Residence Hall Program Board, Musical Commit- tee, Phi Kappa Tau, Little Sisters of the Laurel. CREASMAN, DONNA LANE: B.A. Opera Performance, University Concert Choir, Elizabethan Madrigals, Opera Workshop, Theatre Guild, Renaissance Fayre, Mainstage Theatre Productions. CRITES, STEVEN: B.S. Electrical Engi- neering, Continuing ,Student Scholar- ships, Freshman entering Scholarship, Tau Beta Pi, Pi Mu Epsilon, Eta Kappa Nu, Secretary, Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers, Varsity Swim- ming, Intramurals. CROSBY, EVERETT: B.S. Electronic Technology, Phi Theta Kappa, Elec- tronics Club. CROWLEY, MATTHEW I.: B.S. Natural Science. CRUMP, THOMAS D.: B.S. Chemical Engineering, Pi Mu Epsilon, American Institute of Chemical Engineers. CSATLOS, GEZA G.: B.S. Business Ad- ministration-Industrial Management, Chi Sigma Nu, Treasurer. CSATLOS, IULIANNA M.: B.S. CUSACK, KELLY: A.A.B. Secretarial Science, Majorette, Future Secretaries Association. DASHNAW, VERNE: B.S. Social Work, Dean's List, Alpha Alpha Alpha, Student Social Work League, Theatre, Table Tennis, Bicycling. DAVIDSON, DONNA: B.S. Nursing. DAVIS, ANNIE: A.A.B. Business Management, Glee Club. DAVIS, KAREN E.: B.S. Nursing, A- Key Recipient, Sigma Theta Tau, Colle- giate Nursing Students Club, Treasurer, Fundraising Chairperson, College of Nursing, Senior Class, Banquet Com- mittee, Fundraising Committee, Public Relations Student Society, Secretary, Women's Glee Club, Choir Manager. DAVIS, MITCHELL: B.S. Electrical En- gineering, Dean's List, Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers, Program Chairman, Wrestling Club. DAVIS, THOMAS B.: B.S. Biology: Honors Program, Phi Eta Sigma, Wres- Senior Index tling Club, Intramurals. DeLAUGHTER, KIMBERLY: A.A.S. Medical Assisting Technology, Medical Assisting Club, Future Secretaries Asso- ciation, Black United Students, Histori- an. DeLUCA, VICKIE: B.S. Marketing, Honors Scholarship, Mu Kappa Tau, President, Treasurer, Secretary, Beta Gamma Sigma, Delta Sigma Pi, Stu- dents in Free Enterprise. DeMEO, TERI M.: B.S. Marketing, Delta Sigma Pi, Chemistry Club. DePAUL, LISA L.: B.S. Geophysics, Dean's List, Marching Band, Varsity Band, Concert Band, DENKER, IOHN A.: B.S. Natural Science, Honors Student, Phi Sigma Alpha, Honors Club, Vice-President, Treasuerer, Biology Club, President, Intramurals. DESSECKER, CHRISTY I.: A.A.S. Medical Assisting Technology, Medical Assisting Club. DETLING, WILLIAM H.: B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Tau Beta Pi, Omicron Delta Kappa, American Society of Mechanical Engineers. DETWEILER, LESLIE L.: B.S. Elementary Education. DETWEILER, WILLIAM I.: B.A. Politi- cal Science, Ray Bliss Political Science Scholarship, A-Key Recipient, Phi Eta Sigma, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Al- pha Sigma, Phi Alpha Theta, Mortar Board, Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, Pre-Law Club, College Republicans, Kellogg Leadership Participant, Associated Student Government, Senator, Special Events Chairman, Chairman Pro-Temp. DiANTONIO, ANTHONY M.: B.S. Marketing, Dean's List, Academic Scholarship, Beta Gamma Sigma, Mu Kappa Tau, Pi Sigma Epsilon, Ameri- can Marketing Association. DIEKMANN, CRAIG L.: B.S. Mechanical Engineering. DIPIORE, VICKI: B.A. Communicative Disorders, Associate Scholarship, Ohio War Orphans Scholarship, Alpha Lambda Delta, National Student Speech, Language, and Hearing Associ- ation. DILLS, KIMBERLY JANE: B.A. Mass Media-Communications, Alpha Gamma Delta, Corresponding Secretary, Active Member of the Year, Pledge of the Year, Certificate of Scholastic Achieve- ment, Songfest, Panhellenic Events, Scholastic Committee, Social Commit- tee Chairperson, Campus Activities Board, Associated Student Government, Senator, Women in Communications, Public Relations Student Society of America, Publicity Chairperson, Student Toastmasters, Student Assis- tant, Department of Information Ser- vices, News Reporter for the Universi- ty of Akron, The Buchtelite, Contributor. DIMENGO, SHARRY: B.A. Special Education, Reyman Scholie Scholarship for Community Involvement, Council for Exceptional Children, Student Pub- licity Officer Liason to the Community and Professional Chapter. DIPRE, DAVID: B.S. Computer Senior Index Science-Math Option, Baseball, Intramurals. DIXON, GRACE M.: B.S. Management. DODD, LAURA LYN: B.S. Industrial Management, Delta Zeta, Phi Sigma Kappa, Little Sisters. DODD, ROGER: B.S. Medical Technol- ogy, Phi Sigma Alpha, Ohio Senior Olympics. DAMOTOR, ELIZABETH SUSANNA: B.A. Family and Child Development. DOLFI, CONCETTA: B.A. Sociology: A.A.S. Criminal justice, Alpha Delta Pi, Dorm Governemnt, Glee Club, Intramurals. DOLL, THOMAS R: B.S. Business Ad- ministration-Marketing, Who's Who Among American Colleges and Univer- sities, Outstanding Young Man of America, A-Key Recipient, Order of Omega, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Top T.K.E., President, Interfraternity Council, Trea- surer, Secretary, Senior Class Board, Associated Student Government, Senator, Senior Challenge Chairman, Intramurals. DOMBECK, RICHARD: B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Intramurals. DONANT, LINDA S.: B.S. Business Administration-Personnel Management, Alpha Lambda Delta. DONOVAN, CHRIS: B.A. Marketing, Phi Sigma Epsilon, Intramurals. DORKO, ANDREW C.: B.S. Business Finance, Finance Club, Intramurals. DREMANN, CAROL L.: B.A. Child Development, Residence Hall Program Board, Musical Entertainment Commit- tee, Publicity Committee, Residence Hall Council, Floor Representative, Intramurals. DUANE, MICHELLE M.: B.S. Nursing, Dean's List, Tau Kappa Epsilon Little Sister, Order of Diana, WRHA Radio, Nursing Club, Ski Club, Intramurals. DUBBERT, MICHAEL A.: A.A.S. Mechanical Engineering Technology, Dean's List, Academic Scholarship from P.P.G. Industries, Academic Scholarship from The Timpkin Company, Marching Band, Varsity Band, Concert Band. DUNAWAY, BARRY C.: B.S. Industrial Accounting, Accounting Association. DUNCAN, ELIZABETH: A.A.B. Busi- ness Management, Residence Hall Program Board, Special Features Com- mittee Chairperson. DYKO, MARK P.: B.S. Mechanical En- gineering, Dean's List, Academic Schol- arships, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, American Society of Mechanical Engi- neers. DYNDEK, ROBERT D. D. D.: B.S. Mechanical Technology. DZUREC, MARLENE: B.S. Industrial Management, Certification in Master Production Scheduling, Sigma Iota Epsilon, Secretary, Beta Gamma Sigma, American Product Inventory Control Society, Treasurer, Intramurals. ECKMAN, JAMES E.: B.S. Electrical Engineering, Intramurals. ELIAS, RENEE: B.S. Elementary Educa- tion. ELLER, LUCILLE: B.S.N. Nursing. ELLIOT, GEOFFREY M.: B.S. Comput- er Science, Honors Program, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Sigma Alpha, French Club, University Concert Choir. ELLIOTT, RICK: A.A.S. Electronic Technology, Alpha Sigma Lambda, President. EL-RAMI, ELIAS: B.S. Mechanical En- gineering, Dean's List. EMERSON, TI-IERESA M.: A.A.B. Transportation, A.A.B. Business Management, Dorm Government, So- cial Committee, Floor Representative. EPPICH, SILVANA M.: B.S. Biology, Pre-Vet Club, Biology Club. EVAN, CARLA: B.S. Medical Tech- nologistf EVERSON, SI-IERI D.: B.A. Psychology, Alpha Lambda Delta, Psi Chi, Certificate Life Span Development and Gerontology, English Language In- stitute Volunteer. EWART, IENNIFER LEE: B.S. Techni- cal Education, B.S. Nutrition Education. EWING, KRISTA: A.A.B. Marketing and Sales Technology, Phi Theta Kappa. EXTON, IEFFREY S.: B.S. Industrial Management, American Product Inven- tory Control Society. FAHEY, DIANE M.: B.S. Nursing. FARROW, ANNETTE LOUISE: A.A.B. Data Processing-Pre-Business, Tau Beta Sigma, Recording Secretary, Data Processing Management Association, Marching Band, Concert Band, Glee Club. FAZIO IR., FRANK A.: B.S. Industrial Management, American Product Inven- tory Control Society, Vice-President, American Society of Personnel Admin- istrators, CBA Representative to the Dean. FEIGI, CAROL MARIE: B.S. Industrial Management-Personnel, North Royalton Chamber of Commerce Schol- arship, Helena Wilson Scholarship from the University of Akron, Dean's List, A-Key Recipient, Accounting As- sociation, American Society for Person- nel Administration, Dorm Government, President, Residence Hall Council, Intramurals. FELDBUSH, LISA M.: B.S. Elementary Education, Tau Beta Sigma, Vice-Presi- dent, Marching Band, Pep Band, Sym- phony Band. FENNER, ALLAN SCOTT: A.A.S. Electronic Tecnology, Engineering Production Associate, Specializing in Geurilla TV, Television Production Center. FERGUSON, GARY MICHAEL: B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Dean's List, American Society of Mechanical Engi- neering, Dean's List, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Amateur Ra- dio Club. FETERLE, SUSAN A.: B.S. Business Administration-Marketing, Mu Kappa Tau, Pi Sigma Epsilon, Public Relations Vice-President. FIDELHOLTZ, ELIZABETH R.: A.A.B. Executive Secretarial Science, Future Secretaries Association, President, Marching Band, Flagteam. FIKES, VERONICA L: B.A. Theatre Arts, Campus Activities Board, Theatre Guild, Box Office and House Manager. FINCH, ROBYN: B.A. Speech Pathol- ogy-Audiology, Mona McArtor Scholar- ship, National Student Speech, Hearing, and Language Association, National and Local Member. FINDISH RANDAL J.: B.S. Accounting Accounting Association. FIRE NICOLENE B S Technical Edu- cation Kappa Delta Pi Vice-president: Alpha Sigma Lambda: Phi Theta Kappa FISCHNER FRANK B.S. Medical Technology. FLANAGAN MAUREEN: A.A.B. Sales and Marketing Administrative Management Society FLAY NATALIE A BS. Accounting: Accounting Association WRHA Radio, Publicity Manager Secretary. FOCKLER GREG BS. Mechanical Technology Ski Club' Intramurals. FORTNEY VICTORIA L.: B.S. Ph: Nursing Club Historian: Resi- dence Hall Program Board, Major Events Committee Chairperson: Resi- dence Hall Council Dorm Representa- tive Intramurals. FOSSEN PEGGY VAN: B.S. Special Education EMR! LD Council for Excep- tional Children' Campus Activities Board FOUGEROUSSE ANN L.: B.M. Music Education A-Key Recipient: Tau Beta Sigma President Vice-President, Par- liamentarian Marching Band: Sympho- ny Band. FOWLER GREGORY J.: B.S. Mechanical Engineering: American Society of Mechanical Engineers: Varsity Baseball Intramurals. FRAMBAUGH MILDRED ANNE: B M Music Education Glee Club: Op- era Workshop' Ohio Student Music Education Association. FRASER, JOSEPH D.: B.S. Industrial Management: American Product Inven- tory Control Society: American Society of Personnel Administrators. FRIEDMAN, DANA LYNN: B.S. Accounting: Alpha Lambda Delta, Sec- retary: Delta Gamma. FRITZ, BETH L.: B.S. Medical Technol- ogy: Residence Hall Program Board, Major Events Committee, Musical En- tertainment Committee, Special Fea- tures Committee Chairperson: Spanton Dorm Government, Historian. FRONTINO, SUE A.: B.A. Social Work: Dean's List. FULTON, AMANDA L.: B.S. Market- ing: Accounting Association: English Language Institute Conversation Partner. FULTON, WENDY J.: B.S. Accounting. FURMANEK, RUSSELL: B.S. Mechanical Engineering: Intramurals. GAINER, BARBARA LEE: B.S. Labor Economics: Alpha Lambda Delta, Trea- surer: Phi Sigma Alpha: Omicron Delta Epsilon, Treasurer, Secretary: Econom- ics Club: Senior Board: Tutor: Home- coming Candidate. GAJ, JAMES R.: B.S. Mechanical Engi- neering: American Society of Mechanical Engineers: American Insti- tute of Plant Engineering, Scholarship Recipient: Cross Country: Intramurals. GALEHOUSE, ANNE ALISON: B.S. Marketing: A-Key Recipient: Rho Lambda: Delta Gamma: Associated Student Government, Senator. GALLAGHER, MARK J.: B.S. I ' 2 , : .. I I 1 , . I o I , .: . . . . I I , : . I 1 I Nursing: Alpha Lambda Delta: Kappa .2 . I . I ' J I ' - : I I ' 1 . I . I . I I ' 1 I . . ' : I Accounting: Senior Board: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Vice-President: Interfraternity Council, Chief Justice: Intramurals. GANYARD, SCOTT H.: B.S. Civil En- gineering: American Society of Civil Engineers: Students for Christ: Inter- Varsity Christian Fellowship. GARDNER, ROSEMARY: B.S. Nursing: Dean's List: Sigma Theta Tau: Nursing Club. GARNES, MARIE: B.S. Special Educa- tion-EMR ! LD. GARRITANO, JANICE: B.S. Elementary Education: Theta Phi Al- pha. GARVER, JOANN: M.S. Technical Education. GEARHART, ROBERT MICHAEL: B.S. Business Management. GEIB, JODY: A.A.S. Medical Assisting Technology: Medical Assisting Club: Intramurals. GENET, CAROL: B.S. Nursing: Resi- dence Hall Program Board, Musical En- tertainment Committee. GEORGE, MARK ALLEN: B.M. Music Education: Symphony Band: Concert Band: Brass Choir: Trumpet Ensemble. GERBER, WANDA L.: B.S. Comprehensive Business Education: Garl L. Hall Memorial Scholarship: Delta Gamma Society International Scholarship: Kappa Delta Pi. GILES, TRACEY L.: A.A.B. Business Management Technology. GILES, VICKIE MARNITU: B.A. Food and Nutrition. GLEASON, JOHN A.: B.A. Political Science: Massillon Elk's Scholarship: Slavik Club. GOODRICI-I, DAVID: B.S. Electronic Technology: WRHA Radio: Residence Hall Program Board: Marching Band: Intramurals. GRAYEM, JUDITH: A.A.B. Data Processing: Data Processing Management Association. GREEN, LAURA ALLISON: B.M. Mu- sic Performance. GREEN, SHIRLEY: A.A.S. Gerontol- ogy: Gamma Beta. GREENE, MICHAEL W.: B.S. Industrial Marketing: Sigma Phi Epsilon, Vice-President: Advertising Club: Student Government: Dorm Governemnt. GRIESMER, DENIS A.: B.S. Business Administration-Finance: Delta Sigma Pi, President: Finance Club, Director of the Game: Advisory Committee to the Dean, Student Advisor: Students in Free Enterprise. GRIFFITH, KEITH M.: A.A.B. Data Processing: Finance Club: Data Processing Club: Outing Club. GRIGGY, JAMES R.: B.S. Industrial Management: B.A. French: B.S. Com- puter Science: Alpha Omega Christian Fraternity: Delta Sigma Pi: WAUP: American Society for Personnel Ad- ministration. GROVES, ROBIN: B.S. Nursing. GRYWALSKI, AIMEE ELIZABETH: B.S. Nursing: Honors Program Scholar- ship. GUDAITIS, JAMES J.: B.S. Mechanical Engineering: Air Force ROTC Scholar- ship: Dean's List: Tau Beta Pi: Ameri- can Society of Mechanical Engineers: Air Force ROTC. GULLING, LISA A.: B.S. Nursing: Al- pha Lambda Delta. GUTH, DENISE J.: A.A.B. Hospitality Management: International Food Ser- vice Executive Association, Scholarship Recipient, President, Secretary. HABUDA, KATHLEENJ.: B.S. Person- nel: Beta Gamma Sigma: Sigma Iota Epsilon: Alpha Lambda. HADDAD, KAREN L.: B.S. Industrial Management. HADJICHARALAMBOUS, NEOPHYTOS: B.S. Civil Engineering: Hellenic Club. HALL, LORI LEE: B.S. Nursing: Uni- versity of Akron Scholarship: Barberton Citizen's Hospital Scholarship: Norton Alumni Scholarship: Collegiate Nursing Club: Associated Student Government, Senator. HAMED, JULIE: B.S. Nursing: Dean's List: Sigma Theta Tau: Nursing Club. HAMILTON, ROSE ELLEN: A.A.S. Child Development. HAMRIC, KEVIN R.: B.A. Mass Me- dia-Communications: Public Relations Student Society of America. HANCOU, JOLINE M.: B.S. Accounting: Scholastic Achievemnt Scholarships: Beta Alpha Psi: Delta Sig- ma Pi, Community Service Co- Chairperson: Accounting Association: Students in Free Enterprise. HANNA, MARK EDWARD: B.S. Elementary Education: Dean's List. HARPER, KEITH: B.S. Business Ad- ministration: Pi Sigma Epsilon, Most Active Member: American Marketing Association. HARRIS, DAWN: B.S. Secondary Edu- cation-Business Comprehensive: Re- search and Educational Foundation CNSAJ Scholarship: National Secretaries Association. HARRIS, SANDRA JEAN: B.S. Nursing: Collegiate Nursing Students Club, secretary: Residence Hall Council: Dorm Government. HARRYHILL, PATRICIA A.: B.S. Nursing. HATTAB, NAYEE: B.S. Civil Engineer- ing-Industrial Management: Interna- tional Students' Club, Vice-President: Palestine Club, Vice-President. HAXTON, HOLLY K.: B.A. Social Work: Dean's List: Alpha'Alpha Alpha, Vice-president: Alpha Lambda Delta: Student Social Work League, Secretary. HAYS, BETH A.: B.A. Clothing and Textiles: Fall Fashion Show, Assistant Coordinator. HEBERT, TIMOTHY F.: B.S. Natural Sciences-Geology. HEGENDERFER, PHILIP L.: B.S. Physics. HEIM, REBECCA JOANNE: B.A. Spanish-English: B.A. Education: Sigma Delta Pi: Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, Treasurer: Students for Christ. HENDRICKS, RHONDA LYNN: B.A. Political Science-Criminal Justice: Jason and Corrine Sumner Scholarship: Ray Bliss Scholarship: Dean's List: Lambda Alpha Epsilon, Treasurer: University of Akron Tour Hostess: Robinson Grade School Tutor: College Republicans Club, Secretary: Karate Club, Treasurer: Senior Index Pre-Law Club, Associated Student Government, Student Services Commit- tee, Student Center Programming, Travel Committee Chairperson. HENRY, SILVIA RAE: B.S. Special Education-EMRIMSPRCK-123, Chaibls and Salomie Reymann Scholarship, Dean's List, Ohio Student Council for Exceptional Children Student of the Year, President, Vice-President, Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Sigma Lambda. HERRON, DENISE A.: B.S Nursing, Honors Program, Patricia Rauch Memo- rial Nursing Scholarship, Who's Who Among American Colleges and Univer- sities, University Honor's Council, A- Key Recipient, Senior Board, Alpha Lambda Delta, Omicron Delta Kappa, Mortar Board, Delta Gamma, Anchora, Public Relations Chairperson, Rush Chairperson, Vice-President, Panhellen- ic Community Service Chairperson, Rho Lambda, Nursing Student's Advi- sory Board, Dean. HERRON, PATRICK C.: B.S. Accounting, Kappa Kappa Psi, Accounting Association, Marching Band, Varsity Band, Concert Band, Intramurals. HERTEL, JAY A.: B.A. Chemistry, Phi Eta Sigma, Homecoming King, Resi- dent Assistant, Dorm Government, Residence Hall Program Board, Intramurals. HESS, CARYL A.: B.S. Business Ad- ministration-Marketing, Thomas Brew- ster Scholarship, Velma I-Iesselbart Scholarship, Delta Sigma Phi. HICKEY, DAVID C.: B.S. English: WAUP Radio, Varisty Track. HIRSH, LOUIS: B.A. Mass Media-Com- munications, Phi Sigma Kappa Scholar- ship, Academic Scholarship, Dean's List, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi sigma Kappa, Corresponding Secretary, The Buchtelite, Editor-in-Chief, Tel-Buch. HOFFMAN, RITA: B.S. Civil Engineer- ing, Tau Beta Pi, Corresponding Secretry, Pi Mu Epsilon, Alpha Lambda Delta, American Society of Civil Engi- neers, Concrete Canoe Team. HOGE, KAREN SUE: B.A. Biology, Dean's List, Dorm Government, Intramurals. HOLCOMB, CHARLOTTE: B.S. Nursing, Nursing Club, Dorm Government, Intramurals. HOOVER, JANE E.: B.A. Fine and Applied Arts-Clothing and Textiles, B.A. Interior Design, Ski Club, Campus Activities Board, Intramurals. HORCHLER, JAMES E. II: A.A.S. Criminal Justice, Air Force ROTC, Marching Band. HORNING, SUZON: B.M. Music History and Literature, Pro-Staff Schol- arship, Academic Scholarship,'Sym- phonic Wind Ensemble. HRUSCH, CARRIE L.: B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Alpha Delta Pi, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Associated Student Government, Senator, Intramurals. HUDAK, KIMBERLY A.: B.A. Physical Education, Intramurals. HUDAK, SUE ANN: B.S. Nursing, Al- pha Lambda Delta, Nursing Club, Homecoming Court, Eucharistic Minis- ter for Newman Center. Senior Index HUDSON, JEFFREY A.: B.S. Geophysics, Muehlstein Scholarship, Karate Club, Intramurals. HUNTSBERGER, JAMES A.: B.S. Accounting, Beta Alpha Psi, Accounting Association. HURST, RALPH H.: B.A. Graphic De- sign, The Buchtelite, Cartoonist, Intramurals. HYATT, DEBORAH M.: B.A. Secon- dary Education, Campus Red Cross, International Student's Club. HYDE, CHARLES KEVIN: B.S. Electrical Engineering, Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers, Dorm Government. HYDER, PERRY: B.S. Mechanical Engi- neering, Tau Beta Pi, American Society of Mechanical Engineers. INDORF, ROGER: B.S. Electrical Engi- neering, Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, President, Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers, Treasurer. INGERSOLL, KELLY L.: A.A.B. Execu- tive Secretarial Science. ISBELL, EDWARD E.: B.S. Accounting, A.A.B. Data Processing, Dean's List, Phi Eta Sigma. JACOBS, WILLIAM DAVID: B.S. Chemical Engineering, Pi Mu Epsilon, American Institute of Civil Engineers, Intramurals. JAFARINIA, AKBAR: B.S. Civil Engi- neering. JAJACK, JAMES E.: B.A. Mass Media- Communication, Marching Band, Sym- phony Band. JANECZEK, ROBIN C.: B.A. Psychology, Senior Board, Academic Scholarships, Dean's List, Psi Chi, Psychology Club, Spanish Club, AHEAD Counselor. JANEK, JEAN: B.A. Secondary Educa- tion History !Business, Residence Hall Council, President, Secretary, Dorm Re- presentative, 'Residence Hall Program Board Liaison from Residence Hall Program Board, Resident Assistant, Resident Assistant Liaison to Residence Hall Program Board, Orr Hall Dorm Government Member, Dean's Council, Member of NACURH, Homecoming Queen, Intramurals. JANOVEC, JOHN M.: B.S. Accounting, Dean's List, Phi Eta Sigma, Beta Gam- ma Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi, Accounting Association. JAROSZ, SHERYL: B.S. Graphic De- sign. JENKINS, JENNIFER L.: B.F.A. Graphic Design, Dean's List, Kappa Kappa Gamma, 2nd Vice President, Public Relations, Philanthropy Chair- man, Scholarship Chairman, Student Art League, 1983 Senior Graphics Exhibition. JEPSEN, GARY: B.S. Industrial Management, American Society Person- nel Administration member, Adminis- trative Management Society member. JOHNSON, BETH: A.A.B. Legal Secre- tarial Science, Alpha Delta Pi. JOHNSON, CHINIQUA R.: B.S. Accounting, Accounting Association, Minority Business Students Association, Varsity Women's Track. JOHNSON, DEBORAH: B.A. Psychology, Students for Christ. JOHNSON, HOLLY A.: B.A. Political Science, Bliss Political Science Scholar- ship, Academic Scholarship, Alpha Lambda Delta, Vice President, Junior Advisor, Phi Sigma Alpha, Mortar Board, Dorm Government, Pre-law Club, Slavic Club, Volunteer Tutoring. JOHNSTON, MATTHEW C.: B.A. Mass Media-Communication. JONES, EDWARD M.: B.A. Mass Me- dia-Communication, fnews emphasisj, Black Cultural Center Outstanding Brotherhood Award, Sigma Mark of Excellence, Phi Beta Sigma Outstanding Brother Award, Leadership Develop- ment Award, Phi Beta Sigma, Presi- dent, Vice President, Associated Student Government, Executive Budget Committee, Tel-Buch, Co-Section Edi- tor, The Buchtelite, Staff Writer, The University of Akron Men's Glee Club, Student Toastmasters, Black Cultural Center Advisory Board, Paul Robeson Players Drama Group, Black Greek Council, President, Students for Gessel Jackson, Campus Coordinator, Black United Students. JONES, JILL: B.S. Natural Sciences, Honor Scholarship, Student Center Programming, Vice President, Special Events Chairperson, Chemistry Club. JONES, ROSSER JAY: B.S. Psychology, Arts 8: Sciences Honorary Fraternity, Student Center Programming, Video Chairman, Film Chairman. JORDAN, RONALD: B.S. Chemical Engineering, American Institute of Chemical Engineers Outstanding Soph- omore Engineering Student, Tau Beta Pi, Recording Secretary, Pi Mu Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma. JUE, SHIRLEY: B.S. Accounting, Alpha Lambda Delta, Major Events, Musical Committee, Orientation Assistant, Dorm Government, Floor Representa- tive, Intramurals. JURA, MARY ALICE: B.S.N. Nursing. KANNER, GLENN T.: B.A. Chemistry, Dean's List, American Society of Mechanical Engineers. KAPERAK, KAREN M.: A.A.S. Medical Assisting Technology, Ski Ciub, Intramurals. KARAS, MICHAEL A.: B.A. Mass Me- dia-Communications, Pixley Scholar- ship, Phi Sigma Eta, WAUP-FM Radio Station. KAREEM, LIADI OLANIYI: B.S. Physics, B.A. French, Outstanding Ser- vice as Social Secretary, Nigerian Stu- dents Union, Students for Christ, International Students Club, Treasurer, Black United Students, French Club, Nigerian Students Union, Social Secre- tary, Vice President, Pan African Stu- dents Organization, Public Relations Officer, Society of Physics Students, The American Association for the Ad- vancement of Science, The University of Akron Table Tennis Club, Team Member, Treasurer. KARIKAS, DANIEL S.: B.S. Marketing, Pi Sigma Epsilon, Advertising Club. KARL, STEVEN G.: B.S. Chemistry. KARTARIUS, BETH: B.A. Accounting, Delta Gamma, Delta Sigma Pi, Ski Club, Panhellenic Club, Intramurals. KASH, MARGARET CALAFATIS: A.A.B. Business Management. ....... .WN . ,T KELLEY, IUDITH C.: B.S. Health Edu- cation. KEMPER, Sl-IERI LYNN: B.A. Dietet- ics. KENNEDY, SANDEE L: B.A. Home Economics Education. KERMAN, IACQUELINE: B.S. Nursing, Nursing Club, Spanton Dorm Representative, Intramurals. KEYON, KAREN E.: B.A. Textiles and Clothing, Quaker Oats Foundation and Carlotta Greer Scholarships, Kappa Omicron Phi, Founder's Day Commit- tee Chairperson, Resident Assistant, Residence Hall Program Board, Major Events Committee, Musical Entertain- ment Committee, Dorm Government. KHALIL, MANAL M.: B.S. Mechanical Engineering, American Society of Mechanical Engineers. KINCADE, IILL: B.S. Chemical Engi- neering, Honors Program, Honors Scholarship, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Homecoming Queen Candidate. KIDD, LORI I.: B.S. Nursing, Honors Program, Alpha Lambda Delta, Colle- giate Nursing Society, Senior Nursing Class, Student Representative. KINNEY, IOAN ELIZABETH: B.S. Special Education, Academic Scholar- ship, Ecumenical Christian Association, Council for Exceptional Children, Out- ing Club, International Reading Associ- ation, Kappa Phi. KILPATRICK, CYNTHIA L.: B.A. Special Education, Council for Excep- tional Children, Publicity Committee, Intramurals. KIMBROUGH, REGINA LENZY: A.A.S. Respiratory Therapy, University of Akron Twirler, Dorm Government, Floor Respresentative, Black United Students member. KING, CURT S.: B.A. Communication, A-Key Recipient, Homecoming Court member, Alpha Epsilon Pho, Founder, President, Omicron Delta Kappa, Trea- surer, Phi Eta Sigma, Senior Class Board, Campus Activities Board, Promotions Chairperson, Associated Student Government, Superior Court justice, Public Relations Secretary, Uni- versity Hearing Board, College Ambassador Selection Committee, WAUP-FM Radio Station, News Re- porter, Disc-jockey, Public Affairs De- partment, The Buchtelite, Staff Writer, Ski Club. KING, DIANA LYN: B.S. Computer Science, Dean's List, Academic Scholar- ships, Phi Sigma Alpha, Computer Science Club. KING, LESLEY E: B.S. Mass Media- Communications, Association for Wom- en Students, President, Thompson Resi- dence Hall, Treasurer, Dean's Council. KING, ROBERT W.: B.S. Geology, Geology Club, Intramurals. KINSEY, BETH ANN: B.A. Elementary Education. KINSEY, KAREN: B.S. Elementary Education. KINSINGER, DENISE: B.S. Nursing, Dean's List, Marching Band. KIRK, SUSAN MARIE: B.A. Graphic Design, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Associated Student Government Repre- sentative, Intramurals. KLEINHEN, RACHEL: - B.A. Psychology, Psi Chi. KNAPP, PATRICIA S.: B.A. Psychology, Dean's List, Lida B. Haine Scholarship, Hermine Hanson Scholar- ship, Psi Chi, President, Phi Sigma Al- pha, Psychology Club. KNIGHT, BARBARA: B.A. Social Work, Outstanding Young Greek, Al- pha Delta Pi, Service Chairman, junior Panhellenic Council, President, Student Social Work League, Ski Club. KNOP, CARL III: B.S. Electrical Engi- neering. KOHL, CHRISTINE M.: A.A.B. Busi- ness Management Technology. KONCSOL, JOSEPH P.: B.S. Nursing. KONTRAD, STEPHEN I.: B.S. Mechanical Engineering, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Ski Club, Intramurals. KOPKO, ROBERT M.: B.A. Mass Me- dia-Communications, Dean's List, Reserve Officer Training Corps Aca- demic Achievement Award, WRHA Ra- dio, Station Manager, Music Service Manager, University Communications Board member, University Dean's Council Member, United States Army Reserve Officer Training Corps. KOPSCIK, DOUGLAS IOHN: B.S. Mechanical Engineering, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Kara- te Club, Intramurals. KORMOS, MICHELE M.: B.S. Accounting, Outstanding junior Schol- arship, Alpha Lambda Delta, Beta Al- pha Psi, Accounting Association. KORODI, KATHRYN L: B.A. Business and Organizational Communication, Alpha Lambda Delta, The Buchtelite, Contributor, PRSSA. KOSKI, LISA KAY: B.A. Psychology, Honors Seminar in Psychology, Psi Chi, Secretary, Psychology Club. KOSTUR, DIANE RUTH: B.A. Family and Child Development, Kappa Phi Club, Ecumenical Christian Association, Marching Band. KOUDELA, KEVIN: B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Dean's List, Tau Beta Pi, Soderquist Scholarships, Hockey, Body Building. "KOVACH, DEBORAH RENA: B.S. Nursing, Dean's List, Nursing Club. KOVACH,.MICI-IAEL ANTHONY: B.S. Mechanical Engineering, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, ASHRAE. KRAUSSE, JAMES BERNHARD: B.A. Mass Media-Communication. KRYAH, MICHELLE LYNN: A.A.B. Business Management-Banking, Schol- arship, Intramurals. KRYSZAK, PETE: B.S. Chemical engi- neering, American Institute of Chemi- cal Engineers, American Chemistry Society, Table Tennis. KUCHAR, LAURA ANN: B.S. Person- nel Management, Dorm Government, Publicity Chairperson, Accounting As- sociation. KUNKEL, IULIE: B.S. Nursing, Nursing Club, College of Nursing, Currriculum Committee, Ski Club, Intramurals. KURLICH, MICHAEL: B.S. Account- ing, Beta Alpha Psi, National Associa- tion of Accountants Outstanding Sen- ior Award, Beta Alpha Psi, Accounting Association, Bowling League. KUZMO, DIANE LYNN: B.S. Comput- er Science, Computer Science Club. KWERAM, DAVID R: B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Honors Program, Resi- dence Hall Program Board, Technical Committee, American Society of Mechanical Enginers, Intramurals. LaHUE, KARIN I.: B.S. Chemical Engi- neering, Honors Scholarship, Alpha Lambda Delta, Pi Mu Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi, American Institute of Chemical En- gineers. LaROSE, IEFFREY A.: B.S. Mechanical Engineering. LAMBACHER, TERESA A.: B.S. Accounting, Delta Sigma Pi, University of Akron Majorette. LANDFRIED, BARBARA E.: B.S. Accounting, A-Key Recipient, Beta Al- pha Psi Scholarship, Beta Gamma Sig- ma, Beta Alpha Psi, Alpha Lambda, Accounting Association, Membership Director, Student Toastmaster, Concert Band, Dorm Governemnt, Publicity Chairperson. LANDIS, DIANE K: B.S. Computer Science! Math, Computer Science Club. LANDSNESS, KELLY: B.S. Chemical Engineering, Delta Gamma, Outing Club, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Intramurals. LANGTON, RICHARD: B.S. Computer Science. LANTZ IR., CHARLES G.: B.S. Mechanical Engineering, American In- stitute of Mechanical Engineers. LAVELLE, LYNNE M.: B.S. Marketing, Musical Entertainment Committee, Intramurals. LEE, DOUGLAS I: B.S. Industrial Accounting, Delta Sigma Pi, IA Advi- sor, Intramurals. LEIB, TERESA: B.S. Art Education, University of Akron Alumni Scholar- ship, Kappa Kappa Gamma National Scholarship, Dean's List, Panhellenic Council Certificate of Recognition, Graduate: Magna Cum Laude, Kappa Delta Pi, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Pledge Chairperson, First Vice President, Songfest Chairman, Council for Excep- tional Children, Student Art League, Senior Challenge, Team Member. LEIBIG, ANNE: B.S. Marketing. LENTZ, CHERYL ANN: B.S. Accounting, Alpha Lambda Delta, Grant Dorm Government, Residence Hall Program Board, Major Events Committee, Accounting Association. LEONINO, RENEE I.: B.S. Marketing, Pi Sigma Epsilon. LEPPERT, IULIE: B.A. Communica- tions, Alpha Epsilon Rho, Program Di- rector, Delta Gamma, WAUP Radio Station, Disc jockey and news, WRHA Radio Station, On air, Summer Student Assistant. LEWIS, WILLA: B.A. Speech Pathology!Audiology, Minor Child De- velopment. LI, WINGHIM: B.S. Mechanical Engi- neering, Tau Beta Pi, American Society of Mechanical Engineers. LILEK, IOSEPH M.: B.S. Mechanical Technology, Computer Science Club. LIU, LEE-FAH: B.S. Mechanical Engi- neering. Senior Index LIVINGSTON, JANET ANN: B.S. So- cial Work, Dean's List. LOCKETT, DEBORAH D.: B.A. English, Certificates for outstanding achievement at The University of Ak- ron given by Delta Sigma Theta, Dean's List, Black Cultural Center, Public Relations Committee. LOCY, GAIL: B.S. Nursing. LOESCH, CATHERINE: B.A. English, The Buchtelite, Contributing Writer. LONG, PHILLIP B.: B.S. Natural Science, National Merit Scholar, Uni- versity Honors Program. LORD, ANN C.: A.A.S. Criminal Justice Technology. LOSTOSKI, DAN: B.S. Civil Engineer- ing. LUCAS, KAREN L: A.A.S. Fashion Merchandising, Dean's List, The Uni- versity of Akron Academic Scholarship, Spanton Dorm Government, Intramurals. LUNKWITZ, MICHELLE DENISE: A.A.B. Legal Secretarial Science, Future Secretaries of America. LUPOLI, MIKE A.: B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Tau Beta Pi, Honors Program, Intramurals. LYTKOWSKI, GREGORY A.: B.S. Accounting, Beta Alpha Psi, Public Ser- vice Director, Accounting Association, Student Toastmasters. MCAVOY, RUTH G.: B.S. Personnel Management, American Society of Per- sonnel Administration, Secretary. MCCALL, VENITA J.: B.S. Accounting, Beta Alpha Psi, Treasurer, Beta Gamma Sigma, Secretary, Mortar Board, Omicron Delta Kappa, Secretary, Zeta Phi Beta, Accounting Association, Vice President. MCCALLOPS, JIM: B.A. Communica- tion, Communication Department Scholarship, University of Akron Scholarship, Alpha Epsilon Rho, Phi Eta Sigma, Campus Activities Board, Promotion Chairperson, WAUP-FM Ra- dio. MCCAMBRIDGE, DAVID ALAN: B.S. Chemical Engineering, Tau Beta Pi, College Bowl. MCCARTNEY, THOMAS E.: B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Tau Beta Pi, American Society of Mechanical Engi- neers. MCCARTY, ROBERT A.: B.A. English, Order of Omega, Phi Kappa Tau, Presi- dent, Young Republicans, College Re- publicans. McCORMICK, DAVID RALPH: B.S. Social Studies Comprehensive, Dean's List, Phi Alpha Theta. McCOY, GERALD L.: B.S. Applied Mathematics, Sumner Scholastic Award, Selby Mathematics Scholarship, Pi Mu Epsilon, President. MCCULLOUGH, NILA J.: B.A. Social Work, Wayne G. 8: T. Sociology Award, History Award, Social Work Award, Alpha Alpha Alpha, Treasurer, Phi Theta Kappa, Student Social Work League. McDEVITT, DANIEL V.: B.S. Market- ing, Phi Sigma Epsilon. MCGILL, ANN MARY: B.S. Nursing, Dean's List, Sigma Theta Tau, Spanton Dorm Government, Floor Representa- tive, Biology Club. Senior Index McGOWAN, KATHLEEN M.: B.A. Foods and Nutrition, Dean's List, Student Dietetic Association, Sumner Hall Government, Vice President, Spanton Hall Dorm Government, Campus Representative for Miller Brewing Company, Intramurals. MCRITCHIE, WILLIAM: B.A. History. MCKENNEY, SUZANNE: B.A. Child Life Specialist, Water Ski Team, Intramurals. MACHI, MICHAEL C.: B.S. Marketing, Tau Kappa Epsilon. MADDEN, PAT JR.: B.A. Mass Media- Communication, WAUP Radio, The Buchtelite, Contributor. MADDING, JOHN D.: B.A. Communi- cations, Tau Kappa Epsilon, WAUP Ra- dio, Student Center Programming, New Directions, Fraternity Alumni Re- presentative, The University of Akron TU Center, Intramurals. MADONIA, NANCY: B.S. Nursing, Nursing Club, Treasurer. MAHMOOD, JAMAL S.: A.A.S. Con- struction Technology. MANSFIELD, CYNTHIA: B.S. Medical Technology, Dean's List, The Universi- ty of Akron academic Scholarships, Al- pha Lambda Delta, Medical Technology Club, University of Akron Majorette, Intramurals. MARCH, LINDA K.: A.A.B. Legal Sec- retarial Science, Future Secretaries of America. MATZ, SCOTT G.: A.A.B. Business Management Technology, A.A.S. Trans- portation Technology, Delta Nu Alpha, Ski Club. MARINO, GIGI M.: B.S. Elementary Education, Academic Scholarship. MAROSAN, RON: B.S. Chemistry, Dean's List. MARTINA, NANCY ANN: B.A. Ballet, Experimental Dance Ensemble. MARTUCCI, CAROLINE LEBIA: B.S. Nursing. MARZIALE, MONICA: B.A. Home Economics Education, Kappa Omicron Phi, Vice President, Community and Technical College, Student Assistant. MASON, MARGIE LYNN: B.S. Biology. MASON, RITA A: B.S. Management, Alpha Lambda Delta, Treasurer, Beta Gamma Sigma, Honors Program, Uni- versity Swim Team. MATHESON, DONNA LORI: B.S. Accounting, Accounting Association, Student Toastmasters. MATTHEWS, SHERI LYNN: B.S. Busi- ness Administration-Marketing, Resi- dence Hall Program Board, Secretary, Publicity Chairperson, Dorm Government, Advertising Club, Pi Sig- ma Epsilon, The Buchtelite, Advertis- ing Representative, Intramurals. MAUL, JANE E.: B.M. Music Educa- tion, A-Key Recipient, University Hon- ors Scholar, Honors Program, Alpha Lambda Delta, University Concert Choir, Women's Glee Club, Madrigals, Ohio Student Music Educators Associ- ation, Senior Challenge, Intramurals. MAVENHILL, ERIC L.: B.S. Mechanical Engineering. MAXWELL, STEVEN NEIL: B.S. Mechanical Technology, Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Computer Club, Ski Club, Intramurals. MAZZER, PATRICIA: B.S. Accounting, Edith Mae Eckler Memorial Scholar- ship, Beta Alpha Psi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Accounting Association, Director fo "An Evening with the Accountants", Student Toastmasters, Kappa Phi, Trea- surer, Private Tutor, Dorm Government Representative, Career Sessions, Bible Studies, Intramurals. MERCIER, TERRIE L.: B.S. Marketing, Academic Scholarship, Velma Hesselbart Scholarship for Marketing Women, Finance Club, Intramurals. MERRYWEATHER, KATY L.: B.A. Communications, Alpha Delta Pi. MICHAEL, BARBARA A.: B.S. Elementary Education, Dean's List, Aca- demic Scholarships, Kappa Delta Pi, President, Sigma Delta Pi, The Kadelpian Newsletter. MIELE, DONNA: A.A.S. Medical As- sisting, Intramurals. MIHOCKA, JOHN MARK: B.S. Electrical Engineering, Dean's List, Student Member of Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Intramurals. MIKTARIAN, MINDY: A.A.S. Medical, Assisting, Medical Assisting Club, Vice President, Soccer, Tennis, Golf. MILBRY, LISA MARIE: B.A. Business Education, Delta Sigma Theta. MILETICH, KENNETH M.: B.S. Electrical Engineering, Dean's List. MILFORD, NANCY E.: B.A. History, Phi Alpha Theta. MILKOVICH, MILO: B.S. Industrial Management. MILLER, DELORA KAE: A.A.B. Mar- keting and Sales, Dean's List, Phi The- ta Kappa. MILLER, DIANE LYN: B.S. Management, American Society of Per- sonnel Administrators. MILLER, LAURA A.: B.S. Marketing, Dean's List, Pi Sigma Epsilon, Resident Assistant, Floor Representative, Major Events Committee, Special Features Committee, Dorm Government, OVC Committee, Intramurals. MILLER, MARILYN MICHELE: B.S. Industrial Management, Ski Club. MILLS, CHERYL: A.A.B. Data Processing, Phi Theta Kappa. MILLS, ROBERT: B.S. International Marketing. MILONOVICH, LISA MARIE: B.S. Nursing, Alpha Lambda Delta, Intramurals. MINCH, VALORIE A.: B.A. Mass Me- dia-Communications, Phi Alpha Theta, Alpha Epsilon Rho, IntraVarsity Chris- tian Fellowship. . MISKO, SHELLY: B.S. Industrial Mar- keting, Dean's List, Mu Kappa Tau, Who's Who Among American Colleges and Universities, Outstanding Young Woman of America, Omicron Delta Kappa, Vice President, Mortar Board, Alpha Gamma Delta, Vice President, Treasurer, Scholarship Recipient, Associated Student Government, Vice President, Senate Chairperson-Pro Tempore, University Council, Senior Board, Senior Challenge Co- Chairperson, Student Toastmasters, College Republicans, Treasurer. 1 MITCHELL, SHERRI L.: B.S. Chemical Engineering, Pi Mu Epsilon, American Institute of Chemical Engineers. MITCHELL, VALERIE J.: B.S. Political Science! Criminal Justice, Dean's List, Phi Sigma Alpha, ASS Criminal Justice with distinction, Pre-law Club, The University of Akron Baseball Batgirl, Intramurals. MITZO, KIM MARIE: B.S. Elementary Education, Dean's List, National Associ- ation of Jazz Educators, Outstanding Musicianship Award, Intramurals. MOONIJIAN, CLAIRE D.: B.S. International Marketing, A-Key Recipi- ent, Who's Who in American Colleges, Alpha Delta Pi, Outstanding Junior Award, Junior Activity Award, Rho Lambda, President, Alpha Delta Pi, So- cial Chairperson, Activities Chairper- son, Delta Sigma Pi, Panhellenic Coun- cil, First Vice President, Associated Stu- dent Government Justice, Senior Jus- tice, S.I.F.E., E.B.C. MOGA, GREGORY T.: B.S. Mechanical Engineering, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Gardner Student Center Bowling League, Ski Club, Intramurals. MOHR, DIANE: B.S. Accounting, Ernst and Whinney Accounting Achievement Award, Philip P. and Faye Lutz Scholarship, Alpha Lambda Delta, Beta Alpha Psi, Beta Gamma Sig- ma, Accounting Association, Intramur- als., MOORE, DONNA D.: B.S. Business Administration-Management. MOORE, JANE C.: B.S. Finance, Accounting Association, Finance Club, Intramurals. MONROE, TAMARA S.: B.A. Mass Media-Communication, Residence Hall Program Board, Musical Entertainment Committee, Major Events Committee, Technical Committee, Publicity Com- mittee, Resident Assistant. MORGAN, DANIEL: B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Dean's List. MORRISON, JACQUELINE: B.S. Biology, Dorm Government, Spanton Dorm Government, President, Resi- dence Hall Council, Biology Club. MOSELEY, DEBORAH: B.S. Market- ing, Kent State University Scholarship, Edith Mae Eckler Memorial Scholar- ship, Pi Sigma Epsilon, Treasurer Baptist Student Union, Social Activities Director. MOSKOWITZ, PAUL S.: B.S. Market- ing, Phi Kappa Tau, Swim Team, Intramurals. MOURAD, MICHAEL G.: B.S. International Marketing. MOWCHAN, MICHELLE JEAN: A.A.S. Commercial Art, Dean's List, University of Akron Advertising Asso- ciation, American Advertising Federation, Student Art League, Intramurals. MUDRICH, SCOTT F.: B.S. Physics. MULLETT, KAREN L.: B.S. Nursing, Nursing Club member in good stand- ing, Summit County Medical Auxiliary Scholarship-Betty Dobkin Scholarship, Ohio State University Hospital Nursing Internship, Collegiate Nursing Stu- dent's Club, President, Secretary, Alpha Lambda Delta, Sigma Theta Tau, Student Alumni Association. MULLIN, MICHAEL J.: B.S. Finance, A.A.B. Data Processing, A.A.S. Arts, Finance Club, Intramurals. MULLINS, FRANK M.: B.S. Computer Science fMathl, Dean's List. MYERS, HEIDI MARIE: B.S. Nursing. MYERS, JAMES R.: B.S. Chemical En- gineering, Dean's List, Tau Beta Pi, Pi Mu Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma, American Institute of Chemical Engineers. NAYMAN, PATTY A.: B.S. Computer Science, Computer Science Club. NELSON, JAMES ROBERT: B.S. Industrial Management fProductionJ, Ski Club, Ski Team, American Product Inventory Control Society. NETTLE, LISA: B.A. Foods and Nutri- tion. NEWMAN, DEBORAH LYNN: A.A.B. Data Processing, Chi Omega, Historian, Hardees employee, D.A.M.A. NGUYEN, QUYEN DINH: B.S. Electrical Engineering, B.S. Computer Science, Outstanding Student in the Classical Phsyic, Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, Pi Mu Epsilon, Eta Kappa Nu, Swimming. NIMMER JOY A.: B.A. Textiles and Clothing-Interior Design Certificate, Kappa Kappa Gamma. NOBILIO, DEBORAH ANNE: B.A. Psychology, Psi Chi, Phi Sigma Alpha, Psychology Club, Ecumenical Campus Ministry. NOBLE SHERRY A.: B.S. Biology! Medical Technology, Tau Beta Sigma, Marching Band, Concert Band, Varsity Band, Intramurals. NOGLE, ALAN DOR: A.A.S. Drafting Technology. NOLL, DENISE: B.S. Special Education EMR! LD, Council for Exceptional Chil- dren. NUTT, TAMARA A.: B.A. Family and Child Development, Discussion Leader for Dr. Barbara Armstrong, Kappa Omicron Phi, Newman Center Prayer and Share. NUTTER, KATHLEEN R.: B.S. Mechanical Engineering, American Society of Mechanical Engineers. OANCEA, JAMES G.: B.A. Theatre Arts, Dean's List, Paul A. Daum Endowned Scholarship, Falls Masquers Scholarship, A-Key Recipient, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Hegamon fliducatorl, Theatre Guild, President, University Theatre Productions, Intramurals. O'CONNOR, KATHERINE M.: B.A. Political Science, Pi Sigma Alpha. OHDE, DONALD J.: B.S. Computer Science, Marching Band, Concert Band, Varsity Band, Chemistry Club, Comput- er Science Club, Inter Sports, Chess Club. OINONEN, JEFFREY D.: B.S. Civil En- gineering, American Society of Civil Engineers. ONG, ANGELA MARIE: B.A. Music Education, Women's Glee Club, Ohio Student Music Educators Association. ONG, CHRISTINE M.: B.F.A. Graphic Design, Magna Cum Laude Graduate, Student Art League. ONG, JACQUELINE M.: B.S. Comput- er Science, Computer Science Club, Math Club. OSUGI, KEVIN: B.S. Electrical Engi- neering, Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi, Pi Mu Epsilon, Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers. OWENS, SUZANNE L.: B.S.N. Nursing, Intramurals. PAGNANELLI, LEONARD A.: B.S. Business Administrationflvlarketing, B.S. Management, Dorm activities, Student Card Section at Football Games, Intramurals. PANCO, ELEANOR V.: A.A.B. Busi- ness Management Technology-Banking Option. PARSONS, QUENTIN R.: B.A. History. PASQUALE, WILLIAM M.: A.A.B. Business Management, A.A.S. Manufacturing Technology, Varsity Football, letterman. PASTERNAK, JANICE A.: B.S. Accounting, Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company Accounting Scholarship, Beta Gamma Sigma, President, Beta Alpha Psi, Liaison to Alumni, Accounting As- sociation, Student Toastmasters. PATTERSON, LISA S.: B.S. Chemistry, ACS Scholarship, Honors Scholarship, Pi Mu Epsilon, Treasurer, Iota Sigma Pi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Delta Tau Delta, Little Sis, Russion Club, Vice President, Chemistry Club, Vice Presi- dent, Math Club, Treasurer, Outing Club, Student Affiliate of American Chemical Society, Phi Sigma Alpha, Phi Lambda Upsilonq PATTERSON, ROCKIE A.: B.S. Electrical Engineering, Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers, Electronics Club. PAUL, JOSEPH R.: B.S. Finance, Delta Sigma Pi, Finance Club. PAULOT, WILLIAM MICHAEL: B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Co-operative Education. PAYNE, DAVID GLENN: B.S. Sports Medicine!Physical Education, Dean's List, Sports Medicine Staff Working with all the Sports Teams, Intramurals. PAZOOKI, FAIRBORZ: B.S. Mechanical Engineering. PELOT, THOMAS J.: B.S. Chemical Engineering, Dean's List, Academic Scholarship, Alpha Omega, American Institute of Chemical Engineers. PENMAN, LISA L.: B.S. Chemical En- gineering, Honors College Scholarship, Akron Council of Engineering, Honors College Scholarship, Akron Council of Engineering and Scientific Societies Scholarship, Pi Mu Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi, American Institute of Chemical En- gineers, Dorm Government, Gymnastics Club, Intramurals. PERRY, DUANE NEAL: B.S. Social Work, Warrior Aware-Wayne College, Student Social Work League, Behavioral Science Club. PETITTI, SUSAN KAY: B.A. Graphic Design, Intramurals. PHAM, HOA QUYNH: B.S. Chemical Engineering, B.A. Modern Languages, Simmons Honors Scholarship, Dean's List, American Institute of Chemical Engineers. PHILLIPSON, JACQULINE A.: B.S. Nursing, Honors Scholarship, Resi- dence Hall Program Board, Major Events Committee, Video Committee, Intramurals. Senior Index PICKETT, REGINA V.: B.S. Special Education QOH-DH-MSPRJ, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Council for Exceptional Children, Black United Students. PLAS, MATTHEW: B.S. Mechanical Engineering. PLASKETT, MOLLY J.: B.S. Home Economics Education, Residence Hall Program Board, Major Events Commit- tee, Student Center Programming, Sec- retary. PLOENZKE, DARLENE R.: B.S. Accounting, Alpha Lambda Delta, Beta Alpha Psi, Accounting Association, Intramurals. POLACK, DOUGLAS SCOTT: B.S. Civil Engineering, Dean's List, Ameri- can Society of Civl Engineers, Concrete Canoe Team, Intramurals. POLK, JULIANNE M.: B.S. Accounting, Accounting Association, Spanton Dorm Government, Residence Hall Council, Residence Hall Program Board, Intramurals. POLUDNIAK, DANA E.: B.S. Medical Technology, Kappa Phi, Intramurals. POTTER, CATHERINE: B.A. Speech Pathology and Audiology, National Student Speech Hearing and Language Association, The University of Akron Table Tennis Club. POWELL, ANNE: B.S. Civil Engineer- ing, American Society of Civil Engi- neers. POWELL, MICHELLE COLETTA: A.A.S. Medical Assisting, Medical As- sisting Club. PRAMUDJI, LUCY: A.A.S. Drafting Technology, Phi Theta Kappa. PRASEK, PAM PATRICIA: B.A. Cloth- ing and Textiles, Major Events, Sum- mer Student Assistant, Co-Technical Director of Fantasies of Fashion. PRESPER JR., BENEDICT ANTHONY: B.S. Management-Production and Per- sonnel Concentrations, Lambda Chi Al- pha. PRICE, MARK: B.S. Marketing, Tau Kappa Epsilon Senior Board. PRIOLI, NATALEE ANNE: B.S. Special Education EMR-MSPR, Delta Gamma, Phi Sigma Kappa Little Sister, Vice President, Secretary, Greek Song- fest Chairperson, Residence Hall Council, Panhellenic Council, Senior Board, Delta Gamma, Songmistress, Council for Exceptional Children, Greek Week. PRIVETTE, ROBERT M.: B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Math Club, President, Pi Mu Epsilon, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, American Mathematical Society, Intramurals. PRIVETTE, M. CATHERINE: B.S. Computer Science, Recipient of Selby Scholarship, Pi Mu Epsilon, President, Vice President, Phi Sigma Alpha, Math Club. PUDNOS, JAY MARC: B.S. Chemistry, Herman Muehlstein Scholarship, Kappa Kappa Psi, American Chemical Society, Chemistry Club, Dorm Government, Marching Band, Concert Band, Intramurals. PUTATURO, NICOLETTA L.: B.S. Computer Science, Dean's List, Com- puter Science Club. QURAIN, HALEEM E.: B.S. Civil Engi- Senior Index neering, Dean's List, Phi Eta Sigma. QURAIN, KAREEM E.: B.S. Civil En- gineering, Dean's List. RALSTON, MARK ANDREW: B.S. Industrial Management, Phi Alpha Theta. RAMSDELL, CATHERINE: B.A. Cloth- ing and Textiles, Dean's List. RAMSEL, WILLIAM D.: B.S. Industrial Management. RASOR, TIMOTHY WARD: B.A. Communications, Ski Club, Intramurals. RAI, NAVDEEP SINGH: B.S. Biology, Future Physicians Club, President. RECKTENWALD, MARK R.: B.S. Civil Engineering, Concrete Canoe Team, American Society of Civil Engineers. REDICK, RANAE A.M.: A.A.B. Busi- ness Management Technology-Banking, Delta Sorority Scholastic Achievement Award. REED, CONNIE SUE: B.S. Accounting, Association of Accounting Students. REEVES, KENNETH R.: B.S. Market- ing, Pi Sigma Epsilon, Phi Kappa Tau, Finance Club, Intramurals. REICHART, MARK D.:B.A. Graphic Arts. REILLY, DIANE L.: B.S. Marketing, Pi Sigma Epsilon, officer. REIKOUISKI, PATRICIA: B.S. Com- puter Science, Computer Science Club. REMHOF, LORI: B.S. Accounting, Accounting Association, Order of Diana CTau Kappa Epsilonj, Intramurals. REMKUS, JENNIFER L.: B.S. Chemical Engineering, Pi Mu Epsilon, Secretary, Tau Beta Pi, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Secretary, Senior Board. RICKE, DEBBIE: B.S. Nursing, Dean's List, Phi Kappa Lau, Little Sister Vice President, Intramurals. RICE, NANCY L.: A.A.B. Data Processing. RIESS, JOHN ARTHUR: B.S. Mechanical Technology, Household Finance Corporation Scholarship Re- cipient, Intramurals. RICHARDS, SUSAN LYNN: B.A. Clothing and Textiles, Kappa Omicron Phi, Fantasies of Fashion, Co-Technical Assistant. RICHARDSON, SHARON L: B.S. Accounting, Residence Hall Council, Secretary, Vice President, Accounting Association, Orr Dorm Government, Treasurer, Intramurals. RILEY, KEVIN DANIEL: B.S. Mechanical Engineering, National Honor Society, American Society of Mechanical Engineers. RITCHEY, JENNIFER: B.A. Dietetics, Student Dietetics Association. RIZZUTO, PAMELA A.: B.S. Computer Science, Presidential Scholarship, Hon- ors Scholarship, Honors Program, Resi- dence Hall Program Board, WRHA Ra- dio, Dorm Government. ROBERTS, LEWIS ERIC: B.S. Biology. ROCKO, MARK A.: B.S. Marketing, Pi Sigma Epsilon, President, Students in Free Enterprise, Dean's Student Advi- sory Committee, American Marketing Association, Ski Club, Baseball, Intramurals. ROHRER, KATHERYN: B.A. Technical Education, A.A.S. Handicapped Ser- vices, Alpha Gamma Delta, Pledge of the Year, Freshman of the Year, Sopho- more of the Year, Junior of the Year, Songfest, Choreographer, Greek Enter- tainer, Hilltop Interpreters, President, Founder, Intramurals. RONEY, PAUL JOSEPH: B.S. Mechanical Engineering, University of i Akron Academic Scholarship, Tau Beta Pi, American Society of Mechanical En- gineers, Treasurer. ROSSI, ERIKA DIANE: B.S. Biology, Future Physicians Club, Veterinarians Club, Biology Club. ROTTMAN, TAMMIE SUE: B.S. Nursing, Dorm Government. ROUSH, GREGORY R.: B.S. M.D.: Phi Eta Sigma, University Christian Out- reach, Intramurals, Gymnastics Club. ROWE, TERI L.: B.A. Physical Educa- tion, Senior Olympics, Intramurals. RUBLE, JAMES D.: A.A.S. Manufacturing Technology, Industrial Supervision, Residence Hall Council, Bulger Dorm Government, New South Dorm Government, Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Intramurals. RUDOLPH, JULIE DAWN: B.S.N. Nursing. RUIZ, SYLVIA A.: B.S. Biology, B.A. Psychology, Psi Chi. RUMBARGER, MICHAEL W.: B.S. Mechanical Engineering. RUPPERT, MARK ADAM: B.S. Geology, Reserve Officer Training Corps, Basic Camp, Geology Club. SABO, CHRISTINE: A.A.B. Interna- tional Secretarial Science, Alpha Gam- ma Delta, Akron Zip Cheerleader, Fu- ture Secretaries Association. SALES, VICTORIA L.: A.A.S. Commercial Aviation, Zeta Phi Beta, Sigma Sweetheart Club. SANDERS, INGRID M.: B.S. Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau. SANDLIN, REBECCA: B.S. Social Work, Alpha Alpha Alpha, Social Work League, Membership Chairperson. SAUER III, MCKINLEY H.: B.S. Accounting, Omicron Delta Kappa, Beta Alpha Psi, Student Toastmasters, Treasurer, Associated Student Government, Senator, Sergeant at Arms, Accounting Association, Director of Tax Conference, Pre-law Club, Theatre Productions, Intramurals. SAVANICK JR., ROBERT P.: A.A.S. Construction and Survey. SBORAY, JOHN S.: B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Tau Beta Pi, American Society of Mechanical Engineers. SCANLAN, SONYA: B.S. Nursing, Dorm Government, Historian, Publicity Representative, Ski Club, Residence Hall Program Board, Major Events Committee, Intramurals. SCAVUZZO, RICHARD: B.S. Mechani- cal Engineering, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, President. SCOLLARD, PATRICIA A.: A.A.B. Business Management Technology, Student Toastmasters, Ad. Management Society. SCOTT, GINGER: A.A.B. Marketing and Sales. SCHAFER, MICHAEL S.: B.S. Chemi- cal Engineering. SCHEETZ, GREGG: A.A.S. Commercial 4 ! I .. .,.... . ..... --.- .. .-..- , .......-......-..........:.- .. --W , -----.sum-,,t.,7,,,,-,-.,, Art, Ad Club. SCHLASS, RICHARD W.: B.S. Labor Economics, Student Government, Colle- giate Forum, O.D.E. SCI-IMIDT, DOLORES: B.S. Biology. SCHMITT, DONNA M: B.S. Market- ing, A.A.B. Data Processing, Scholar- ship from Akron Women's Panhellenic, Omicron Delta Kappa, Rho Lambda, Secretary, Delta Gamma, President, Corresponding Secretary, Panhellenic, Community Service, Special Events- Homecoming, Intramurals. SCHMIDT, MARTHA I.: B.S. Biology. SCHNEIDER, ANITA L.: B.S. Business Education. SCHRADE, DAVID I.: B.S. Accounting, Accounting Associations, Intramurals. SCI-IUBACH, TIMOTHY M.: B.S. Com- puter Science, Phi Eta Sigma. SCHUELER, SUSAN L.: B.A. Mass Me- dia-Communication, Academic Scholar- ships, Order of Diana CTau Kappa Epsilonj, Intramurals. SCHULTE, MARIE: B.S. Nursing. SCHUMAN, DEBORAH M.: A.A.B. Business Management, Dean's List, Ad- ministrative Management Society, Intramurals. SECHLER, PATSY L: B.S. Marketing I Industrial Management, Pi Sigma Epsilon, Women's Varsity Cross- Country, Coaches Award, Touchdown Club Award, Women's Track Club, Vice President, American Production and Inventory Society. SEGERS, ROBERT: B.S. Marketing. SEIDER, SUSAN: A.A.S. Hospitality Management, Dean's List. SEIMETZ, MICHAEL V.: B.S. Electrical Engineering, Academic Scholarship, Institutue of Electronic and Electrical Engineers, Electronics Club. SELL,' WENDY M.: B.S. Accounting, Honors Club, Honors Program, Beta Gamma Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi, Alpha Lambda Delta. SHANNON, MARK JAMES: A.A.B. Data Processing. SHAVER, ELIZABETH M.: B.A. Social Work, Dean's List, Alpha Lambda Del- ta, Alpha Alpha Alpha, Kappa Phi, Student Social Work League, Dorm Government. SHAW, ETHEL IUANITA: A.A.S. Medical Assisting, Academic Scholar- ship, lntervarsity Christian Fellowship, Major Events, Medical Assisting Club, Intramurals. SHEALY, DAVID I.: B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Sailing, Camping, Nation- al Groundhog's Day Celebration Club, President. SHEEHAN, CHRISTOPHER KEVIN: B.S. Marketing, Pi Sigma Epsilon, Ski Team, President, Captain, Ski Club, Outing Club, Intramurals. SHIVERS, BARBARA L.: B.S. Nursing: Dean's List, Intramurals. SHOMO, LYNANNA L.: B.S. Elementary Education. SHRADER, GEORGE R.: A.A.B. Data Processing, Chi Sigma Nu, President, Brother of the Year, Evening Student Council, Data Processing Management Association. SIBEVEIH, HADI: B.S. Applied Math, Intramurals. SIMMONS, CASSANDRA JUNE: B.S. Political Science!Criminal Iustice, Marching Band, Concert Band. SINGLETON, KENTON L.: B.S. Accounting, Beta Alpha Psi, Accounting Association. SKWARSKI, MICHAEL D.: B.S. Con- struction Technology, Dean's List, Bulger Dorm Government, First Vice President, Floor Representative, Associ- ation of General Contractors, Intramurals. SLANINA, DEBORAH: B.S. Nursing. SLUSSER, ALAN: A.A.B. Business Management Technology, A.A.B. Sales and Marketing Technology, Track Team, Letterman. SMERGLIA, ROBIN LYNNE: B.A. So- cial Work, Alpha Alpha Alpha, Student Social Work League, Chairperson, Chi Omega. SMITH, BETH ANN: B.S. Mechanical Engineering, American Society of Mechanical Engineers. SMITH, DANIE R.: B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Honors Program, Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Varsity Soc- cer. SMITH, DEBORAH K.: B.S., Alpha Sigma Lambda. SMITH, DIANE EILEEN: B.A. Child Development. SMITH, GAIL LYNN: B.S. Political SciencefCriminal justice, Philip and Fay Lutz Scholarship, Lida B. Hain Scholarship, Continuing Student Schol- arship, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Sigma Alpha. SMITH, KAREN: B.S. Special Educa- tion CEMR-OHJ, Council for Exception- al Children, Secretary. SMITH, PATRICIA ANN: B.S. Nursing. SMITH, RANDALL: B.S. Industrial Management, Students in Free Enterprise, American Production and Inventory Society. SMITH, SCOTT A.: B.S. Civil Engi- neering, Air Force Reserve Office Training Corps Scholarship, American Society of Civil Engineers, Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps. SMITH, SUSAN: B.S. Industrial Management, Intramurals. SMITH, SUSAN: B.S. Nursing. SMITH, WILLIAM C.: B.S. Accounting, Peat Marwick Mitchell 8: Company Scholarship, Beta Gamma Sigma Outstanding junior Award, Beta Alpha Psi, Manuscript Director, Beta Gamma Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma, Accounting Association, Membership Director. SMRDEL, ELENA IEANNE: A.A.B. Business Management. SNIDER, SUSAN L.: A.A.S. Medical Assisting. X SNOWBALL, PAUL B.: B.A. Psychology, Dean's List, BPA Scholar, The Buchtelite, News writer, WRHA Radio, Disc Jockey, Intramurals. SNYDER, CONSTANCE L.: A.A.S. Drafting Technology, Dean's List, Intramurals. SOLTANI, ROXANDA: B.A. Psychology, International Students Club, President, French Club, Psychology Club. SPIEGEL, SHELLY A.: B.A. Mass Me- dia, Dean's List, Students for Christ. SPONSELLER, DALE LEE: B.S. Electrical Engineering, Academic Achievement Awards, Delta Tau Delta, Eta Kappa Nu, Treasurer, Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers. STAMPFLI, PATRICIA MARIE: B.S. Elementary Education, Dean's List Intramurals. STARKEY, BRIAN R.: B.S. Elementary Education, Varsity Track, Intramurals. STARR, LESLIE: B.S. Construction Technology. STAVANO, SHARON L.: B.S. Elementary Education, Swim Team, Timer, Intramurals. STEELE, LARRY N.: A.A.S. Fire Science, Society of Fire Protection En- gineers. STEERE, PENELOPE: B.S. Nursing, Women's Track Club, Letterman, Wom- en's Varsity Track, Letterman, Women's Varsity Cross-Country, Intramurals, Women's Glee Club. STEIN, DEAN D.: A.A.B. Data Processing, Dean's List, Data Processing Club. STEINER, IUDITH A.: B.A. Political Science, Edward Lieberman Award for Best Undergraduate Paper in Political Science, Harry S. Truman Government Science Award Competition, University of Akron Representative, Ohio Board of Regents Scholar, Dean's List, Pi Sig- ma Alpha. STEINKERCHNER, NANCY LOUISE: B.S. Personnel Management, A-Key Re- cipient, Outstanding Greek Woman, Who's Who in American Universities and Colleges, Who's Who in International Fraternities and Sororities, Omicron Delta Kappa, Rho Lambda, Treasurer, Delta Gamma, Vice President, Scholarship Chairperson, Foundation Chairperson, Rush Party Chairperson, House Iustice, Songfest Chairperson, Delta Sigma Pi, Chancellor, Panhellenic Council, Vice PresidentlChief Iustice, Greek Feast Chairperson, Senior Class Secretary, Homecoming Court, American Society of Personnel Administrators, Women's Varsity Basketball, Letterman, Intramurals. STERLING, KAY S.: A.A.B. Executive Secretarial Science, Dean's List, Dorm Government Representative. STERLING, MARY SUE: B.S. Nursing, Alpha Lambda Delta. STEVENS, SCOTT: B.S. Business Cllinancel. STEWART, BONNIE R.: B.S. Accounting, Accounting Association, Internship Director, Student Toastmasters, Satellite Chapters Vice President, Campus Activities Board, News and Views Committee Chairperson, Associated Student Government, Justice of the Superior Court, WAUP, Intramurals. STIMSON, WILLIAM F.: B.S. Electrical Engineering, Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Intramurals. STOCK, LORI: B.S. Biology, Honors Student, Ohio Board of Regents Schol- arship, Honors Scholarship, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Sigma Alpha, Hon- ors Club. Senior Index ar 2 308 STOLL, RHONDA ELIZABETH: B.S. Biology, Presidential Scholarship, Phi Sigma Alpha, Honors College. STRAYER, MICHELE: B.S. Accounting, Becker Certified Public Accountants Review Course Scholarship, Beta Gam- ma Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi, Phi Theta Kappa, Student Toastmasters, Accounting Association. STRICK, THOMAS S.: B.S. Accounting, Dennis Gordon Accounting Scholarship, Beta Alpha Psi. STROHM, THOMAS E.: B.S. Accounting, Phi Eta Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi, Honors Program. STRONG, VENESSA JANIS: B.S. Busi- ness Administration-Industrial Management, Dean's List, Reserve Officer Training Corps, Scabbard and Blade, Pathfinders. STRUCK, KERRY HUMENUIK: B.S. Business Administration, Pi Sigma Epsilon, Intramurals. STRUCK, ROBERT M.: A.A.S. Drafting Technology, Phi Theta Kappa, Presi- dent, Intramurals. STRUGLINSKI, JENIFER ANN: B.S. Chemical Engineering, University Hon- ors Program, Dean's List, Tau Beta Pi, Vice President, Alpha Lambda Delta, Treasurer, Pi Mu Epsilon, Delta Gam- ma, Secretary, American Institute of Chemical Engineers. STUMPF, RICHARD P.: B.S. Mechanical Engineering, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Intramurals. STUTZ, KATHLEEN A.: B.S. Nursing, Nursing Club, National League of Nursing, National Student Nurses' As- sociation. SUKEY, THOMAS: B.S. Chemical En- gineering, University Honors Scholar- ship, Cleveland District Golf Associ- ation Caddy Scholarship, Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilon, Intramurals, College Bowl, American Institute of Chemical Engineers. SUTTER, DAVID M.: B.S. Business Administration-Marketing, Pi Sigma Epsilon, American Society of Personnel Administrators. SUTTON, PAMELA A.: B.S. Industrial Management. SWAGGERTY, SHELLY ANN: B.S. Marketing, Alpha Delta Pi, Student Toastmasters, Finance Club, Republican Club, Intramurals. SWAIN, ANDREA: A.A.B. Executive Secretarial Science, Intramurals. SWAN, KEVIN M.: B.S. Business Administration!Finance, Finance Club. SZAKACS, DEBORAH J.: B.S. Nursing, Nursing Club, Residence Hall Program Board, Intramurals. TABER, LINDA L.: B.A. Psychology. TARHAN, HAKAN: B.S. Marketing, Phi Eta Sigma, Dean's List, Intramurals. TAYLOR, DEBORAH: B.S. Applied Math. TAYLOR, JAMES C.: B.A. English, WRHA Radio, College Bowl Varsity Team, Forensic Union. TEATOR, THOMAS L.: B.S. Biology, A-Key Recipient, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Sigma Alpha, Honors Program, Dorm Government, Vice President, Residence Hall Program Board, Major Events Senior Index Committee, Resident Assistant, Future Physicians Club, Intramurals. TEBELAK, KENNETH JAMES: B.F.A. Graphic Design, Dean's List, Student Art League. V TEETER, LAURIE: B.A. Sociology, Dean's List, Alpha Kappa Delta, Phi Sigma Alpha, Alpha Delta Pi. TEKESKY, SUSAN M.: B.S. Marketing. THAMES, BILLIE G.: B.S. Nursing. THIER, RONALD F.: B.S. Mechanical Technology, Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Ski Instructor, Computer Science Club. THOMPSON, RODNEY K.: B.A. Mass Communications, University of Akron Outstanding Black Male, Richland County Scholarship, Phi Beta Sigma Great Lakes Region, Presidents Award, Phi Beta Sigma, State of Ohio Leader- ship Award, Phi Beta Sigma, President, Vice President, Audio Visual Services, WAUP FM Radio Station, The Buchtelite, Black United Students, Trea- surer, Public Relations Student Society of America, Membership Chairman, Summer Orientation Assistant. THORNBURG, DIANA M.: B.A. Fam- ily and Child Development. TINAZTEPE, REYI-IAN: B.S. Market- ing, Dean's List, Mau Kappa Tau, International Students Club, Secretary, Turkish-American Students Association, Vice President. TOMEI, DANTE J.: B.S. Industrial Management, American Society for Personnel Administration' American Production and Inventory Control Society. TOMPKINS, KAY MARIE: B.S. Elementary Education, Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Vice President, Pi Lambda Theta. TORABI, ABOU T.: B.S. Mechanical Engineering. TORABI, MOHAMMAD H.: B.S. Math, Indoor Soccer Team, Chess Club. TORMA, ROSE MARIE: B.A. Secon- dary Education-Math, Kappa Delta Pi, Varsity Softball, Captain. TRACE, JAMES B. III: B.S. Computer Science, Phi Delta Theta. TRACE, WENDY LYNN: A.A.B. Secre- tarial Science, Womanhood Award, Chrysler Award, Future Secretaries of America. TRAXLER, AUTUMN MARIE: B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Honors Program, Alpha Lambda Delta, Tau Beta Pi, Treasurer. TREGO, VICKILYN: B.A. Elementary Education. . TRICASO, MARY ELIZABETH: A.A.B. Marketing and Sales. TSARWHAS, DEAN G.: B.S. Natural Science, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Sigma Al- pha, Intramurals. TUCLIK, MILISSA: B.S. Nursing. TURNER, JACQUELINE K.: B.A. Elementary Education. UNDERWOOD, MICHAEL S.: B.S. Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering, Associated Student Government, Senator, Academic Action Committee, Distribution, Student Ser- vices, Flag Football. VALENCIA, PABLO: B.S. Physical Education, Dean's List, International Club. VanFOSSEN, JEFFREY CHARLES: B.S. FinancelMarketing, Omicron Delta Kappa, Mu Kappa Tau, Finance Management Association, Delta Sigma Pi, Finance Club, Treasurer, Senior Class Board. VANVOORHIS, CHERYL ANN: B.S. Nursing. VECBASTIKS, CYNTHIA: B.S. Management!Marketing, Academic Scholarship, National Purchasing Asso- ciation of Cleveland Scholarship, Resi- dence Hall Council, American Society of Personnel Administrators. VENESKEY, KATHRYN A.: B.S. Industrial ManagementlMarketing, Sisler Dorm Government, Publicity Committee, Education and Services Committee, Intramurals, American Society of Personnel Administrators. VIELHABER, TIMOTHY J.: B.S. Electrical Engineering, Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, Intramurals. . VINCENT, RHONDA RENEE: B.S. Elementary Education-Certification in Learning Disabilites, First Place Inter- collegiate Regional Waterski Tourna- ments, Fourth Overall National Waterski Super Start Intercollegiate, First Ohio State Intercollegiate, Waterskiing, '88 Olympic Waterski Team Tryouts-first cut, Waterski Team, Captain, Secretary, Special made Buyer at The University of Akron. VINVIGUERRA, LISA A.: B.A. Busi- ness Administration-Personnel Management, A.A.B. Data Processing, American Production and Inventory Control Society. VOGAN, ALLYSON G.: B.S. Nursing. VOJTUSH, GAYLE P.: A.A.B.: Deans's List, Cross Country, Residence Hail Council, GrantfTownhouse Hall Government, Vice President, Pre-law Club, Criminal Justice Academy. VRABEL, DEBRA A.: B.S. Nursing, Al- pha Lambda Delta, Residence Hall Program Board, Major Events Commit- tee. WARD, DAWN MARIE: B.A. Graph- ics, Spanish Scholarship, Best of Coi- lege Photograph-Forum Magazine, City Life Photo Winner for General Hospi- tal. WALTER, DANIEL: B.A. Psychology, Dean's List, Psi Chi, Newsletter Editor, Psychology Club. WALLICK, CRAIG R.: G.S. Marketing, Student Toastmaster Alumni Contest, Third Place, Delta Sigma Pi, Area Busi- ness Committee Chairman, Student Toastmasters, Publicity Director, Intramurals. WARD, MICHAEL B.: B.S. Mechanical Engineering. WARD, ROBYNE L.: B.S. Mechanical Engineering. WARD, SUZANNE: B.S. Nursing, Dean's List, Collegiate Nursing Club, Secretary, Residence Hall Program Board, Publicity Committee. WARNER, SUSAN: A.A.B. Executive Secretarial Science, Residence Hall Program Board, Secretary. WEAKLAND, LEO F.: B.S. Biology. WEESE, ERIC R.: B.T. Mechanical Technology. WEINRICH, JENNY: A.A.B. Executive Secretarial Science. WELCH, MAUREEN RENEE: B.A. Po- litical Science: B.A. Mass Media-Conv munications: Alpha Epsilon Rho, Secre- tary: Delta Gamma. WELDON, PATRICK A.: B.A. Mass Media-Communications: WRHA, Sports Director: Dorm Government: Intramur- als Officiating. WELKER II, DAVID, B.: B.S. Accounting: Beta Alpha Psi: Gerber Scholarship Award: Accounting Depart- ment, Student Director of Pre-screen- ing: Residence Hall Program Board, Orientation Assistant: Residence Hall Council: Accounting Association: Ecumenical Youth Ministry: Bicycle Ro- deo: Resident Assistant: Intramurals. WERNER, ANNE M.: B.S. Finance: A- Key Recipient: Alpha Lambda Delta, President: Phi Theta Kappa: Omicron Delta Kappa: Beta Gamma Sigma: Fi- nancial Management Association: The Buchtelite, Business Manager: Finance Club, J Vice President: Student Toastmasters: Data Processing Management Association: University Dean's Council: Intramurals. WESEBAUM, HARRY L.: B.S. Market- ing: Theta Chi: Pi Sigma Epsilon. WEST, TAMARA L.: B.S. Nursing: AI- pha Lambda Delta: Ski Club: Nursing Club: Residence Hall Program Board, Orientation Assistant: Dorm Governemnt: Intramurals. WERTZ, DAVID K.: A.A.S. Electronic Technology: Electronics Club. WHEELER, ROBERT L.: B.S. Mechanical Engineering: American Society of Mechanical Engineers: Co- operative Education: Dean's List: Intramurals. WHITE, DAVID J.: B.A. Classics: Hon- ors Program: A-Key Recipient: Dean's List: Presidential Scholarship: Phi Sig- ma Alpha: Phi Eta Sigma, Vice Presi- dent, Senior Advisor: Sigma Delta Pi: Phi Sigma Kappa, Secretary: Mortar Board: Omicron Delta Kappa: Honors Club, President: Senior Board: Concert Band: German Club. WHITE JR., GORDON D.: B.A. Special Education: Tau Kappa Epsilon: Intramurals. WHITE, LAURA MARIE: A.A.B. International Secretarial Science: Dean's List: Phi Theta Kappa: Conser- vation Partner Program. WIEGING, ANTHONY JOSEPH: B.S. Construction Technology: American Society of Civil Engineers: American General Contractors. WIGENT, CINDY: A.A.B. Marketing and Sales: Student Social Work League. WILLIAMS, JOAN: A.A.S. Commercial Art: Phi Theta Kappa. WILLIAMS, PAUL W.: B.S. Social Work! Criminal Justice: Student Social Work League, Vice President. WILLIAMS, THOMAS A.: B.S. Mechanical Engineeering: American Society of Mechanical Engineers. WITT, MARGARET: B.A. Criminal Justice! Political Science: Chi Omega. WITTMANN, LORETTA: B.S. Comput- er Science: Phi Sigma Alpha: Computer Science Club, Vice President, ASM Re- presentative. WOLF, DONALD ALAN: B.S. Accounting: Dean's List: Academic Scholarships: Phi Eta Sigma: Beta Gam- ma Sigma: Beta Alpha Psi: Delta Sigma Pi: InterVarsity Christian Fellowship: Math Tutor: Intramurals. WOLFE, DARLA: B.A. Special Educa- tion: Theta Phi Alpha: Senior Class Board. WOOD, JOAN A.: B.S.N. Nursing: Dean's List. WOODS, JUDY ANN: A.A.B. Execu- tive Secretarial Science: Business Ma- chines Award: Future Secretaries Asso- ciation. WOODS, TERRY A.: A.A.B. Secretarial Science: Dean's List: Future Secretaries of America. WROBEL, SUSAN MARIE: B.S. Finance: Academic Scholarship: Sigma Delta Pi, Treasurer: Sigma Delta Pi, Vice President: Accounting Association: FinancelClub: Student Toastmasters: Panhellenic Club: International Affairs Club, Conversation Partner. YANSSENS, TAMARA LEE: B.S. Nursing: Ski Club: Nursing Club: Intramurals. YARED, ELIE D.: B.S. Civil Engineer- ing. YATES, RODNEY R.: A.A.B. Data Processing: Black United Students, Corresponding Secretary: Associated Student Government, Senator, Vice President: Accounting Association: Mi- nority Business Student Association. YENCHIK, SANDRA: B.S. Elementary Education. YERKEY, CHRISTINE L.: B.S. Business Administration-Marketing: Delta Sigma Pi, Historian: Students in Free Enterprise. YOHMAN, RICKY ALLEN: B.S. Per- sonnel Management-Production Management: A-Key Recipient: Ameri- can Society of Personnel Administra- tions: Residence Hall Program Board, Major Events: Dorm Government: Resi- dent Assistant. YOUNG, ALLISON DENISE: A.A.B. Executive Secretarial Science: Future Secretaries Association. YOUNG, DONNA MARIE: B.A. Child Development: Phi Kappa Tau, Little Sister of the Laurel, Secretary, Treasur- er. YOUNG, LEE ANN: B.A. Foods and Nutrition. ZACCAGNINI, JESSE ALAN: B.S. Marketing: Phi Eta Sigma: Dean's List: Advertising Club: Intramurals. ZATORSKI, MICHAEL E.: B.S. Mar- keting: Delta Sigma Pi: The Buchtelite: WRHA Radio: WAUP Radio. ZAUGG, LISA R.: A.A.S. Respiratory Therapy Technology. ZELINSKY, MARY BETH: B.S. Nursing: Academic Scholarship: Alpha Lambda Delta. ZELLER, ROBERT G.: B.S. Finance: Pi Sigma Epsilon: Finance Club: Intramurals. ZEMAN, TRISHA L.: B.A. Political Science: College Republicans, Executive Secretary: Associated Student Government, Senator. ZENOVIC, IVAN S.: B.S. Industrial Management: Sigma Phi Epsilon: American Society for Personnel Ad- ministrators. ZERBE, DEBORAH: B.S. Nursing. ZIEGLER, BARBARA J.: B.A. Textiles and Clothing. ZOKAEI, DARAB: B.S. Applied Math: Lone Star, Social Chairperson, Intramurals Director. ZONTINI, KELLEY L.: B.S. Finance: Finance Club: Student Toastmasters: Ski Club. ZUPANCIC, JAMES M.: B.A. Accounting: Dean's List: Intramurals: Accounting Association. Senior Index if if S2 .E .. , EZ if 4' ' V4 pei -1 52.3 4 gg 59 'ff' ' ass SJ ' E 7 RE? f 355' ,, ,, -1 ,i 5 Y 13. if fi A wi, Nffzfe ilgiiafi is at . -f . .gf , -w , . t . .. ' : ..' V V57 . ' , 7. x .1 Photographers: Brett Faidley Beckie Kern Pat McLaughlin Iohn Mitchell Mike O'Neil R.H.P.B. Dave Shoenfelt Lou Tobias Varden Studios, Inc. Tim Webb Bob Wilkey Lynn Yanyo Special Thanks to: Alumni Relations George Ball lim Barbour, Representative Capt. E. Barowicz Peg Betzhold Buchtelite Staff Bob Cesare 4000 Geraldine Chitty Communication Board Dan Cormany Tom Cunningham Robert D'Angelo Denise Demeo Dept. of Communication G.S.C. Directors' Office Scott Hahlen Richard I-Iansford Nancy Hunter Curt King Mrs. K. Livingston Ken MacDonald Mr. 8: Mrs. Ed Manko Linda Miller Office of Student Development Bob Reuschman Tracy Shaffer Paul Talbott Trina Valez 'very special thanks to Kevin Brown The 1984 University of Akron Tel-Buch was published by Inter-Collegiate Press, 6015 Travis Lane, Shawnee Mission, Kansas, 66201. Volume -1171 contains 312 pages with 6000 copies printed. The printing surface is 9" x 12", and the paper stock is 8011 Matt. The headline style is 42 point Malibu. Body copy is set in 10 point and captions in 8 point Malibu. Devider pages are set in 72 point Granite Bold. Fo- lios are set in 20 point Malibu italic for page numbers, and 12 point Malibu regular-face for tabs. The book is Smyth sewn. "Qs ni..-nga 6 N3 oad Not Taken Two roads diverged in wood, And sorry I could not And be one traveler, long I And looked down one as far as I To where it bent in the undergrowth Then took the other, as just as fair, And having perhaps the better claim, Because it was grassy and wanted wear, Though as for that the passing there Had worn them really about the same, And both that morning equally lay In leaves no step had trodden black. Oh, I kept the first for another day! Yet knowing how way leads on today, I doubted if I should ever come back. I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I- I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference. - Robert Frost This book is dedicated to ' Domlhic I. Guzzetta. A 3 .. lv lx , wg y . je k,??",scl" 05' 4 f. it W a"'.l'f ., W , , .FE3,hn,8' .7 g,L,g5"1': ' 34+ 'fgpj jijfi, i- .:5.1faf - ' -Q .Q - 5- ., A .-: -9 -:i5g..a", Y ' ' ' J iF- 5',.- N ,K L' , . - ' f -v ' . 5 1' N4 x ' 1. fa ' . 4 . , : , X . nf Q4 '11 ,XXI , , .3 f-,, v r , ah?-in . :fy nvlA--mn 'af -A .. 1Mw'l-A-bf.ilv:m'. mumbai Q, , ' v..l1,V, I 1.-ci' 4.7 ., 1,4 -I -b fy: 4, A Qc- n m . y r w A w 4 X f 1 - 1 4 . F .1 ,lf -4.1: 1. A' . X . . s v f, K'--, 1 .- ', 'XI' 1 v r l. .Q f -1.--4 - 3 "wi 1 1 ,-'72 'Q , A . , 4411"- -., 1 .n,1,.,-if 4. xrr ,E :f'.',.- ,A r -Q u, my .3 , 74- '-' ,-11.,,,.g ,MK J' ,fy YQ 1, px XV" '

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