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 - Class of 1983

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. A ., N. V 4, Y L ug- vw . .-, , . . M ' ..,n.'. ' -.--- I : . . -'N .-A I 4 "1" 'H 's , . 141 - , .egg ,' .' -,Fil - 1 - I "t,-qw ny 1 ' 1 : r .. , ig, ' r a. .-W, f -' .V 'Y' '- X f "' - I A . ,,j, v -- J . v. ' I ,E ' I .41 IV ,.7. 4 wi 5 . ',".r7 VJ 3 .'-,ri +" 1- ' MJ: ' . ','wf," If 244.74-ig A-5, N4 ,An- f .- . n', . A, . I w ,-1. ,rx .,- -'N -f. ,V .w,.n ,, -, ,V .- in I ' 'X - L' , ,Z 5 Ar.. VII, 12 ',, , ,N - w-, 9. .' , iff- : 5,Y,,J, -I 11-v:V'w L ',-,.. -' .-f fu r '- -'H' .' ,Q ki 14 .Y. 13 ' ,, .y 1. I ,., - . . . Q ' ' . :-5 , ,.,, L gnu . gm, M , z 4 .. v fur.. , . aff if Felfff. -. -cf. , r5k 1 D 4. , -. JV fr ,n 4: x..,. A Q' ' ' 1 A.6- F . - -44"- .v 'f. , 5 'CQ - ., m' mf. ., f.f ' vi' . H, . 'V .x , A Q 44 , ' .'3ve,' ."fJQ'.' 6,13 iq.:-tm, .iq-3.5 ,. :ya-QL - -f.m.,:- -u... A W, .-.-Soi., . ir' EQ .. 1.--"?.'?.L'v in w, ' , :-,ug X ' .- .- ,Va .xr 1 rii r N ov filo 01151 0 ?'5A'ER151'Ei 3,50Boi sie A5 v.,. ,fr ' -, ii, rr F' f-L. ,-- .M-uf' gp., f 7 Q, if ,, ., ,Mf,,,i,,, i IIXN , i ,, XT JW I 4. W , O fm ,'.u1WM'f.rf' ' F M,,i3g,N!1'fEM JM V ., K rf- "":'7I'1 " W , f " , i iiii f ii rv 'V an N , Y fl ' , " ' .1 'f ",,.w-""' .U 1 ,. -. wawwf ,,,,,w nv- 'wwfgyiw L fl ' - 1 ' 'A Y - ' ggi' ff. " I ,.frf:iA 5, 1 , ,HW 'Q N ' if Arif - f iw it '1 nf Q1 Of- M if 4' ' f K 1 an sa 1 MMM The University of Akron 1983 Tel-Buch Tracy Shaffer, Editor iii? .5-an G5 CNA The U. . Experience: A Time of Questioning . . . pemng ll u an -4 , Wd, . And Understanding A Time of Gathering N' '- x .....,. . R 'xiii xl :UQ llxlli .fw.-'Q'-? Opening A Time of Developing Friendships ,-,,, 6 X 'Qin 1 ,a ww W., " ,, ui AM'y ' M, MJT' 'e 'fi i piii. viii'-i,,.'ff3,if,pP1vi M , ,, 0 ,wi Qxuiggywi fg'i.,,g,.t AV h .NN 1f.1,5j' 1 X' 'iT'g'w.:.QU 'A , i Q M w e-F . f A , I iw WW "i"2i4', N' 1 H N Jn' ,nswv ' 'M WA Wpiwft CM 'kmkw 3 43" ,LfI'1'v,4l V '- Q vgvgnig i W J'imgxTQ'w W, ,Ni SM isvww. 4: 7 k ir' X i Xi- ,A 9 Q :My NW , vhww' ,wi Ml if I! if . , I i W, Y Y 1 'Ng'-.3 F mf 3, Y' 'iw-f M , , W, LL That are Lasting 4 ,Ei .5 '5-x-'E 2. S F31 Wi 1 f 3-1. , 1 ,ff pr I I fi Q!!! And Sharing Them. V J i Opemng 9 10 Open HU RR ' f ' L V 4.2 '-4,7 1 59' -QAM Q Time of Celebrating . . . H5 M- 1 dm. . , I A.-qi' 3 ,S wwf' . LL -T9 E 1 Xnd Enjoying the Present ..L...... it Opening i S A Time of Changing Tv A wjifwg A fi Y , ww fa 1 1 A x 7 I n J '1 :ff . 1 " ' V -4 I- .-- 'N-.if ,',. .5 W.- .. "---J, 'xv- . . 'Hmm nd Growing for the Future: he University of Akron Q il gi i E ' 1 fl ii I I Table of Contents Academics .................... 26! 0 P w In Gm' Tmme Qa..Q..,Q.............. 16 , ,, 'X Greeks ......................... 1822 sm-fe eeA,ew..,...M.b..W.....a,...... 138 14 0 I vents Porms . .1:m53,qf , ' xaifgtsia V aw 'ff' Urganizations ..........e..Q.,,,....on...o.... 94- Seniors ................ 256 .- --N.. 'f eoxxnw '- --"A Av, ls' , I. .55 ., 1 'i wrfifp-gif 's .ww 4. .g In Uur Time - - ruff' -fx , W? fblwffm IQ314-T-li . if AY? 5 LM Yi 'fir' fg-.. -fx if fi, Q ,y MQWM f" hw ,nz "V . 1 1 W wwmwWJ,vm Ja-1,Q w , ,N ' W wx an 5'--v"' 4 V 1, f 3'Wf'I?wN 1, V F 7 ' ' . i ' - 5 'L M 1 .. ,,f,,L3.- , " , -A' ' f my Qu- , S, ,,,"f-'M ., fx 1 . ' " , Ny. , 4 1 Jef , efsgf, . ? Haig- gg, f ggi 3 lj : : - - +. I ., ,M I Q, ,""lpg-nv , 1 fy , Q. gy , LX M - U Wm 2 M 9' Y ,f' Y, Z l, J A . E f fx, 1 'Q " ,Q fun AJ WMD if lvmsw MW A e ,wx '9,,fyxJ,,w'X ' , we A1 I I 3iJ6s ix "'fv Q 5 .M In 9 :ff W .'Y!a'HfQQ5 , k A -5' ., ' f5ig" ,WiWi?5' ,-m f A-I 'fr v -., 4 1 , - r ff Q W", 'f w ffgf' fv 'H? V, A ,LH K, 1' -V gl, . ,fb ev ,J- r .rlli f, fr U. ff? "ff X -1 ' 'N XX. .as . ericans participate in a nuclear weapons freeze protest March 8 in Washington DC Advocates of increased nuclear arms also demonstrated in the capitol. Lech Walesa and his wife greet the crowd after his November release, Uncertain Times World headlines were filled with news about nuclear arms and communist action this year. People in France, West Germany, and Britain protested the deployment of the Pershing 11 missile system, while Americans spoke out against the nuclear build-up at the polls and in large protest rallies. On June 20, more than 1100 people were arrest- ed throughout the country during Disarmament Action Day. In other news, Solidarity leader Lech Walesa was freed from 11 months of military confinement in Poland, and Yuri Andropov became the new Soviet leader after the death of Leo- nid Brezhnev. International News ln Our Time GN!" 1 1 M Sb Cut " I ei World Conflict Pope John Paul ll made headlines this year as he headed to Central America and to Poland to speak out against the abuse of human rights. ln the fall, U.S. Marines landed in Beirut to oversee the departure of the Palestine Liberation Organization lPLOl. And on May 17, the Israelis and the Lebanese signed a withdrawal agreement from Lebanon. X...- J ii l?ABlE3lf ZIQWT y' I 'x if Tt lp s xggue-L, A is it ,619 'i',' r- ., aaudf- 'N' L. -of US. Marines land in Beirut to oversee the PLO departure. 2f, U dmwg, at Pgngmg City an LHS Wm through Queen Elizabeth ll visits with President and Mrs Ronald Reagan. V ntral America ' ln Our Time so I i N.. f"" ' I , mol' -flag-V-"X ,M x ' .," . -V : M ""1 Q: fl '- i . is Y4 K x '11 ' Sl T Their Royal Highnesses The Prince and Princess of Wales with their infant son, Prince William. lMV53iF.f'RSK:,x'Y1s-w'i',2't 7922, . -f it f ' " T ' 5 Rf. ' ' V ' ' 'KG9ztZX2MiFWZW4 x,g'q :,, . V P A '!?'g!fQ, 4 T.. .V if "" ' 'N .4 1 Q.. ' 1 . " ar, Qi ---. y 4 u "' I i "N-. i xii il The highlight of the 1982 World's Fair is the 266-foot sunsphere. On the 'N l I Q l l i f l 5 i l i I l Lighter Side ' World News spotlighted several happier notes this year as The World's Fair opened in Knoxville, Tennessee. More than 11 million visitors came to the fair over the six-month exposition. In the fall, Prince William Arthur Phillip Louis, infant son of Prince Charles and Lady Diana, was introduced to the world. Queen Elizabeth II also made the news by making a week-long visit to the West Coast of The United States. International News ln Our Time l l i i l 1 l Hard Times Citizens had to deal with tough times this year as the unemployment rate soared to a post-depression all-time high. And with flooding in the Mississippi region, heavy snow storms in Colorado, and damag- ing storms on the West Coast, many people had to fight to keep their homes. Because of the many disasters caused by the weather, The American Red Cross announced that its disaster relief fund was bankrupt. Panic struck the nation in the fall with the Tylenol scare, while the increased detection of Acquired lmmunities Deficiency Syndrome CAIDSD had caused many to stop donating blood. While there was yet no cure for AIDS, the year was highlighted with several scientific successes. The first artificial heart was im- planted, and NASA announced that Pioneer 10 became the first man-made device to leave the solar system. Q-........-V -W-,ff ' awww it 5 i . af gf' .Aff 1 V m"--...-w'1+- V24 if jf 5 I Q. X 533 Bfirriey Clark lived for 112 days with his artificial heart. 20 ln Our Time f N I 4' P s"rifif'1 L J J J 1 in ,sm gg .1035 Demonstrators protest unemployment in Washington, D.C. Food lines became a familiar sight as more than 12 million Americans went jobless ' fi I2 -' 931. - Q The winter storm on the West Coast racks up damage. i fi, gi l rf: ll l Henry Fonda f ', ,. We V Paul Lynde 3-.25 Princess Grace 14fvflf't'12."' Vlany travel to the newly dedicated Vietnam War memorial on Veterans Day, f, ,f ye- ,, , -, - f - ,X s, , , , 1 l . P' M , 4,2 key. il' iii i fi :'. sl: El '. Y 2 , W: i 'M f- 1 if M 1 l ' 5. , Q si' Good i pi :il .... Bye i Karen Carpenter IA Ingrid Bergman .us A Q' "M SX i T' i ll .J 'rv F' i ,. il Bess Truman National f News l ln Our Time l l 2' That's Entertainment Epcot Center opened this year as the new one billion dollar addition to the Disney em- pire. It was a good year for the movies as "ET: The Extra-Terrestrial" became the biggest box-office attraction in history. "Gandhi" won the Oscar for best picture, and many went to see Dustin Hoffman in "Tootsie," a comedy that spotlighted the treatment of women in the work-place. Although the football season got off to a rough start with the 54-day strike, the Washington Redskins won Super Bowl XVII. The St. Louis Cardinals claimed the World Series victory, and the horse, Sunny Halo, won the Kentucky Derby. si-' FX The St lmuis Cardinals win the World Series. National News 22 ln Our Time pm. :vii W Ohio Senator John Glenn is one of the top Democratic presidential candidates. A 61 Former Governor James Rhodes, left, upasses the gavel" to Governor Richard Celeste. ifggnn, fp ,,fz,,,'- , ' X f X f - G . t'MW?Yhie,N:TVTf Ohio Gets New Governor Ohio Governor Richard Celeste was sworn in on Monday, January 10, 1983. He made headlines by promot- ing new income tax legislation. Other new laws in the state clamped down on drunk driving penalties, and pushed the drinking age up to 19. In other news Ohio Senator John Glenn announced his candidacy for the 1984 presidential election. Photos by Wide World Photos State News ln Our Time ll lla Around Campus Many changes at The University of Ak- ron made the headlines this year. The Gardner Student Center addition was dedicated in the fall, while the new gymnasium was halted temporarily because of a lawsuit concerning competi- tive bids. Earlier in the year, the university ac- quired the Holiday lnn and the Dave Towell Cadillac building for further expan- sion. Student enrollment figures continued to break past records, while The Board of Trustees approved increases in tuition, student service fees, and residence hall fees. ln other news, Barnes and Noble pur- chased the bookstore facility, and the university began conferring January degrees. S 5 ' O .vY XXXXXVQ . 0 2 : 8 z1 :1:rsss:r: : 5 0 ' ' o """"""" "" ' " g .,.,., I Wi' 351515: .,,:., .,.1 .,.,.,.,.,.,. 1.,.,.,.,,.,.,:,.,1,M,., 1' ' Z . - .,is,,. . ii,sti, 0 ' A o 0 r o 0. Q ..., ', X 1 L 0 ' ,... ,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,., ,,,, 0 ' 'T o 0 ,,,' "c" f "" , 0 ' illltll tl fl ' 0 ' 4 ' i ' ' "' s . f , H .- 1 'mn CAMPUS i t iii '.',ii2E INNKEEPER ,L ' . . ,,., C C fi CT at T 'TTT g g i 6 Q 9 " 'ffiififiifiiiiii ' S Q gs N -'-'- :-:-:-: f.f.-.-.-.'.-.-. 5 .gq.g,,L.L .-.',-,-. all ' j -: N' '.'-"2-i-N' ,xxx .vw .Q ft- K X X xx v gtg 1 .... ""' , .... .-,,.,.,.,. g 4 .-.-.-.- -- -.-.-.'.-- :-.-QM,,Egcdo7,, '.-.' -- '- ...,.,, .. , -.-.-.-. .. The University of Akron purchased the Holiday lnn. lt is now a residence hall and classroom facility. ' l l l 1' I I I . l .K l H ' f ' 5 "' ., f' f i Tl! in ,'L I L-""' ::::::::::--F - U3 , lllll --T ' 'I ffl, 5 ' T , I I :ssss"5?!5!5 l if s W T sas: :ses it ' Hui! nsusifi T fi to p .4 ,. t r it ., as -is ri, , . . 4. , 1 J, jeg:-:ri-ir ff-5-9i1E?,t1.j-,,,g,!.' ,.,. k L 4 'is V i + N 1 I l ry l QI l u ' -...,,. . T..--w 1 ,,., 'r H KAY ' g .J -'f8i'f3bu...s..-4r..t.t..Y.w. ,.L,,..A....... .L-sea .iwgi Mk L I U 4 Y I W -..l...-lQ.c.4-L l 5 51' i 1 .I l 1 i li Gardner Student Center addition as seen before completion. L. ll li l l ln Our Time t I -H-ill! HOW ITGOINC1 FRED? TBKXNGSYOU DUNN ERE TO CDLU MBUS? fc . Ili - , , p J x Q VJ I .r Xe I X x 1 f J 6 , Wgfix' I X N 5 " X A W was -' xx XXX ' I L- r X X I 1 -593. fr I I f X X iw 9 XQ3 53 N xx X Q u QM X . x x K gm X The announcement of a more comput rlzed regnetrat n sv n 1 w Icom new ww f' fgx 1' 4 14 5 '74 C if V ' M ,+,,g,gp. i 6 '23-Qsgfsfff fu dukes 5 Q on 56116 nu Vt9!5'3 1 X x K .1- F xuat 6.1-arvhnau - - ' KX 5' lu!!-C519 ' 1QVlli113 'wvuxv .lvl 1.335 ntxki x H x 4 Q1 O Y 6 co ' i O 26 K XX X A 7,16 4 Y .v.' , MWCQ ' as , Y Q - X v .px- Y ,..v Ai pg-Q X- :Q r x ' '1.l"-A-- ', -- D V,.. '3":.. xi . 'W' ,,..u ' ,,- L, .fzab .. -U . J71vgflF,,,,-ui ., ...-f A -M L- , x- -- 5--.1 :W-,Q :. "" 'fvf"""' .-A :J 1. ., - -y-'xfuf-' N A 1- " ,,, --1 g,f:: 1, "A, D .vv--W' ',4,'v"". m""" ,,, - 1,4 .- - '.4:.:'f-'M,:'1mS + -A' ' ,- r ' M, M . ... X ""'f,- -"Y ' " V-l,,..fw ,. .-1: XX "M, -ffm'-,f','g,"' ' xx y ' ' ,.4,f-0' "" XX xx r""" X X .,, . --br 4' "M e- "' '-. 'CJ ,'.,.. "" all -:,,T,..,. - J ,b Academics :Wffm 1 5' , wg ' X ,il Y 5. v ., , V f xwrsixw 1 wk, ,Emma .5-wx?"-N .4 'xv M1 ' 1.x ,, t'-at W X " 'y A3 Hun ,-'F .ff .9 QA S5 , s 5 S 1 s XM M , ,N N ID' N. LA' X xx x -. "' x uhh -5, ox, I 43 ' 'Q the vi Q'- fffwi- - I .Hr '- , 't-.l g W ?" 3:-gn,-Q,, ,I I , 2 W Y ' t M f- 'e ' f . -AQCWQK. Q Q ' U , Wfm, UN Q1 N 0 T? SMR 1 L 4N on '5-fa '-s..""N 'WQJ i 39: Q "- . Fill CFI! OF!! '-I-1 '-I--0 4'-4 U? uv-ll 28 Academics "r: 9 E 2 o 1'-2 E 0 ,, . B' D G A P U E ' ' 'Hd E me SE 'Q E 5 - t IN' feet' "WM f"'P"l .r ,aw vs ,.. y f- 0 e 0 'HU lk ,MM 'I wmv, en' E A5-S ?? I 6 A'1'lnZ"lH' 'U r1l,1.ln,,l'3'I lfklfln 1.2, 1 l r 5E M 5 A CDUPKF and s'm""'fml nj nmn ""f1h nnilm "WI-ai yy, s h 2 I 5 5 W --3 CM ,mn nn thu- mmpuh Wm be 'n-vaio said ,ywnhm ju ,hp N,,,,,, mm nl Unk, 5 fggg ... Munn plans m fl-N . H I Q yunf-reno lmrrlc-ndvs Q in cow., om, m sv MAH f' Arm U In S m. :Y C u-xv Sum-1 .n luxv xlil, Even-as wcdnv'-f'f'Y 'aomncak gl Fivkkf said 'tmmfnn S"""', f'-.Mas mm. M ' 9 1 - f mf- ' wwf'-'W 0' ' ' W- on um... .. nn ' mlm-'r vdecJneanahrwm,.'h ,M Jw 'Y . """ ' ,wi nmg ' ' 1-1 ll. mg,-vv nmlh 01 liurhlvl. ommnq U " "'lf',.,,,, ' 1 1 3 E Z fb ' I :Uv rrathc Plltlm 111- :sud L :r?gt'rn4'1l011f0 , I "' "H 1 1 ' 'F' . 'H' I 2 5 55 . Ftvldlsl' said uniY1'l5U3' L The' h.urir-:uk's will wfmi cm the 1 l 1' nn 'I K 1 nr uf, N 5 Q 2 1'S""" mr ' mg iuumlln 'WU'-if "f""". on EW mins on H0""V" ' X k Q M H ' I .. 6, 3 K Lk-nz Joann mmam: 0""' t www 5,21 cihwl has ruled , ' H ci- ' 1, B 5 lrnmf' numen A an - L'0NvF!f' "Um mhinnk-1 fx! bv Mi- Buchlcl lh' 'n 1, ' The 20-YP-1' f"" "UB 'Thi' 4-vm "M "H" ' ' K on U f e ' Tv 35 5 wh his by an atrpurl hn ' Tm nm. who gud u would A Burnie, X 5 5 fn 2- F7 v Mme cro:,sf-d HPHFUY Ummr m-xx by l""h"-mg 'mme dovfntow f V 5 4 L L5 :Tum on hvr WHY W0 CHN 1 x Mun rvsYiH1f11'1'- 'wo f I' e S :J Q' E ' Ly- V 5' L FIUIUPI sand me C"'K"RMT'TnA M nmlh of Burhtcl al South way fl 'bf' fffvrnlfg 0 - c: , . . - , mx' f .' E ' 5 5 IPI ann-mm-non is om' uf N10 K "'Xlm,S,,:0" 'rf-,ffl-1krunP . 5 L. L' is C Q Jr Or' Clan 'N 'hr' MW' 0rrWH""'S u Q of- x D ' U ,717 , 2 f - K . S2 1 5 ig Z: rho 'WA' .1 ,., lf.Sf,Wf:""Un,.r I4 mulful 9 E " g ... A 'ha 'INPIL - 3 'x'Ilrl. 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'Win , "fluff "'f'd A 5? A ll Q ' A 3 -X c"""'r '?""'w1 'Dux 4' Wm 'Lag ' f H . ' y -Ir'- Pr 47 ,gf , ,X P NF 4 I, In 4 1:2 Uixffkn,-NP' ! f y V e-Ma' f Q 111,57 Cl, . 1 '.' i ,J lb , , , X - Q J 1 " 3 ' xv f - lit A W' ,T f" Ie W' Q, ,di ' 'X W 05 X 4-sin V' I - h 'gh ' 6 0 94 . sf' f ur' -N gn A r bhznnf xung lt l V J v T0 X15 ., . , 1 gl' Q. xiii 0. W' QQ-k nw Av: xo tr ag! ' . 'Q 0 K N -Lk ' . 1 It -W? X nd I mi-' V im, N36 u I t I O V mf" 9 X39 59 . 59 lx. 3 ' 1 L -I- Mm! fungi? NSN tw Pj'-XXXYVXXY ww 4 I A I 0 J -ff-i,,..,.f w-"L" ,w2.v-P bu ' 9 . rise s9wx4"". '7' RY Aint WU shxw Wax N5 S ' 0 w K' c WA xv 1 QW -w I .4 K nf X 1' w N vw' C' OM' nf" U .s 0 A V05 v-.vf .sw ' notx Ax? n. n . . - V 4? for gi X J X .md M "H 'V' AZv'n-y mum from SSM rms nan A t bv -n Gr.n.1.4 1 - , Saturday, Apnl1i0L1Q83LN Akron Beacon JoumaI.A5 ,MQW iw 1-mm: l1.1::ru:.n: M . f A' D 5, - 1 ,q ' . " 'P """, . 1 ' W 3 hum SEQ. -md 1' f 1 0 f - ' M- - --'f-H H... fm. up f,..m M - Hls ' wil 01011 l ll ' ' ' an 9 Cl l 8 A It , ,V nan an mul ev ug ngisd 'f 1 -f 5 , lx- 71-us Akrhn Q N Nu H' PHP WHY? fm-X All 0 W -L 1,..k. Q ...lsmpx hx I v I 'H ' 1 ' sm. , ' ' u Polqkyl renovated as POQKY I " X Hu A-1 vnuwa m. .: f..J.,,.,.. exhibition center can S xl xxyl ' f., Winn? 5'.m5..'.,.,, 7,-,M L Nh. IG I. K A V I Q I .mx lun.-r yU,,,.m Jn' , ' ' K c' D X - frrr- ,gl M-11nwx,,,,: ,F ,, . ' W-V' to 1' 2 Sme S1 'YW " A093 5 "r XX- p mx N 'hi juni 1.1y.,g 31 Tw I fm 'n' xhn' 'UU' ARI'-f V I - , h u NN N l"l""D1 lhx ,IYAQ hu I f ', W 'X "H" 'WQAI fun: nl ' . I l , H H N tml Trsry f WY' 0' VP? ly WM, ""Ak:wmv ff it X el? F Wx Guzzetta, President of The University of Akron. Guzzetta host in their home. The President Dr. Dominic Guzzetta has served as Presi- dent of The University of Akron for twelve years. ln his annual address to the faculty, Presi- dent Guzzetta outiined several goals for the university. He stressed the importance of maintaining quality and currency in the university's curriculum, as weil as accelerating research and public service programs. In an effort to combine university and community resources, the planning of a con- vocation center was started in the spring. NDN- "VIH, : VN-bv , , Chairman Charles I-7illiod. Jr., left, and President Dominic Guzzetta attend monthly Board of Trustees, meetings. Academics 42?g?7.Q if Administrators and Board of Trustees 'GPX ,vb 'NA l' --ag.,- Dr Noel Leathers. Senior Vice Pres: Mr Richard Hansford Vice Pres1dent and dent and Provost Dean of Student Services Board of 3-mstees Vlce A Mr, William JOHQS, EXQCUYWQ D1r9CiOr P91' Mr Wayne Duff Vice President Business and Fznance Samuel and Communrcations The Board of Trustees, Stand ing ll.-Rl: Eugene Graham, Karl Rohrer. George Wilson, Presi dent Dominic Guzzetta. Seated Janet Purnell, Malcolm Rowan Chairman Charles Pilliod, Jr. John Steinhauer, Roy Browne Missing from photo: Vice Chair man Mario Di Federico. 30 Academics rf' f"f ---is -v-ff it ,.--Q Business Dr. Claibourne Griffin Coiiege and Summer Sessions Academic Deans and of Am and sci. ' is Mr. Donaid Jenkins. Schooi of Law Dr. Gerard Knieter, College of Fine and Appiied Arts W Dr. Louis Hili, College of Engineering Z F A zu Q! Q Y ' F . . , . I ' ,iff .: x ,,iA. x r W' Academics Dr. Marion Ruebel. University Coilege 2 Q9 V it YS V9 OD N JP O O1 53' 3 I U3 QD VHHSETIV :IO STVLNBWVGNIH nP0J1ul uv :uvdnr R 5' J P Z G 5' 3 as U7 ,Q f- fy I I-, W1 ,.. , -vu, M I, -didnt Two students get practice scoring in bowling. fox ,fs-nv R,O.T.C. students study map reading, Halt. The University College provides baccalaureate students with a broad background of studies to complement major fields of interest. In addition to studying world history, speech, mathematics, and composition, students may choose from a variety of science and social science courses to complete university requirements. ai as mmmwwmww awwtlwhmllniw Honors students take notes in colioquium. Swimming is a physical education option. Academics QS IQHC and Sc' CD -I-I S-4 4 Q- O QD F5 demics U3 N 'Www N-S: ,N . K2 "H-w....n-' Huw" sg, aliows for hancisnon experience. f YQ 4 Students work together on a probability proiect in biology, of Arts and Sciences is the colfege at The over 40 degrees in natural sciences, and degree, additional Academics istration lfl Adm SS Q of Busine Q9 -"-T-"" O U 36 demics S 1 S!SV'1f'WH lvfnmfw V1 ON'1Nf10Q0v 12011 NOIUCIEI Hlzilzl NERMNUOH 1 SHWVHQ pnefvriceflafxll a Eot of time at the Computer Center, A!"-rye .f if' A student checks some figures for a data processmg class The College of Business Administration offers undergraduate degrees in accounting, finance, international business, management, and marketing. Through work, internships, and a group of student The Accounting As- and Deita are exposed that prepare 'ic ' .: :Q gi. fs f5XxQG?5v?QSX' V12 S A I X 'x q 0 1 '? K 'r Q3 2 ' I Ax, - . -1 V.:: , .mfs .:-a.Q??5,, V K. ,. .M 54 Q f Q . : ga W Jgsmgg jg W, : '50 I .: 'f U1 . -, 'wet 3 F ' " ' K' S-1 A 91 fig - ' 1. 1, . w . . ,::..v i Tiyfs gif :I , . , Q -MJ Q i ' m yu ,,,. I A U WN 0 fl Y li it 9 'mum 1 EBIIIUN , IHIRD x 1 EDHIIJII . . 1 WH! INUEX .? ulunnmm 'Q f PZPER . , common if num I 3 snoz if' f' 3 1 l a:zQmf:::- V' n i ERICK -' A FRED - . '. ....... 2 , KINN Hnrctourt 5 ,M , v K , . 1 Bmcpef 9 g s i 2 ' , Jovanovvch , ' I ' 1 ,' x 'X L,i f Ci ,RF A xv 1 ' 1 9 A gggx s . -' 1 ' I W , gr , Q '12, .,. A M Q Q . , , f via ' gf, , N, ,f Q ,557 , , , I . , ,514 Auf ,.p,.f fg.4,,.4' '- -'Q ., ? -WA.. Academics f 1 f , - V f, , Mfg, ff, Qyfjgifsvfi Z' 54 -, f , f ' A 1,pw,2ye,,'z.fg1fl5zE'y.s,fgf5"l' '. fff f ' ,.-4 P f ff . ,fi A , ,, f A ' GNL - l Lab can be tedious work. The Community and Technical College offers over 45 associate degree programs in several main areas of study. ln addition to taking general courses in composition, speech, mathematics, and physical education, students may earn a two-year degree by specializing in areas such as Business Management Technology, Marketing and Sales Tech- nology, Office Services Technology, and Allied Health Technology. basics. BOTTOM: Students learn calligraphy. Typing is part of the Secretarial Science program. 'ffl' i' "Qs, 'gg- Azz CI O 'PIII 4-J G5 o :S 'U LLI we-1 O Q3 U3 GJ Fill! 'ES U 40 Academics . .n.m.-.-,.,. ,-.-., . .. EIHJ. HVDIHEIWV HGLVDDCIH I-Mg in iii: MW. The College of Education offers four- year degree programs in several areas such as home economics, elementary, sec- ondary, technical and vocational, special, physical, and musical education. Working with local high schools and The 'Akron Public School System, students gain valuable experience in tutoring and student teaching before they are certified by the state to teach. 2 Students learn the fundamentals of secondary education. New l '--M L1 '-11-43, ""9' Some education majors help out at the umversrty s Day-Care Center Academics Con Z F11 ID CD C :U FT! Z FV! 2 -4 -4 TTI Cv I Z C C rw CD I , rentice pr V , 'Q' , , r ..ral""""', qlfnvevpggu Xin-I, www " A ,,,.-nw -'i' 3,,,,,,4.,, ' 6. 0'-. n ' .--fwhdp " 1 ,,' -gym, -f,.4-l njrphnh, A .Al It ...nilfip 4913" ,f"' 4 1- i' ,fig .A k fl 'iff I Y' umm .A-W' H ,x aw! 1 ll" wi". Yi'fQf"'5E'!? ,I '?1,i Q-alllll A w 1 i The Evening College and Summer Ses- sions division of the university allows stu- dents the option of taking classes in the evenings or during the two five-week sum- mer sessions offered every year. Evening students may participate in various activities sponsored by the college such as Evening Student Council, Gamma Beta, Chi Sigma Nu, and Nite-Life. 7+ Evening classes allow for scheduling flexibility Reading those assignments is a lot easier outside. CD -4-I 5-4 'U QD 9? v---1 Q.. Q4 'U cz cr: an .E LL. 9-i-4 O QD Ui Q9 'E 46A dem MVN? ---L ""'Ns- var Fine and Applied Arts programs on the classroom knowledge gained through labs, in- organizations to in theccilege include 'Huw -1 Xi Students . if af .. 2HEi 3.ffef' 4, students gain experience at WAUP proper nu- Acaciemics CD E UD 5-1 1'-5 Z H- O Q9 .2 'ES U 48 Academi bZ ZC UI E22 Z D 232.3 Ib WZ 22r- 'DQ ym Z 3-' O Z J' WGD ALINDW HUV3H UN 9NIS'd puoaag Z !P3 The College of Nursing pre' pares students to enter one of the most expanding fields in to- day's society. The rninefsemester program provides students with classroom instruction and lab participation. Nursing students acquire practical experience by participating in ob- servations and clinicais in area health facilities. enables students to practice skills, Academics G '+- O '5 O -C: U 50 Academ cs 'IHHd DI V'I HOHV'l HOLDHS -M XIfINC'IddV AIIOJAILVXLS Q S fi ,4 lm Students X F lp-K: A 41,2 p, , X- .u,,?h.,f kj K."-cu 4: M 6' 'ui ., 1 -,4' is . xx 1 f' fi rj 9 ' 2i!h'4-mann. Acad nzwik Tf E1 UFILY CE 50 CAFQ REFILLQ ggi Ohio Universities' INEOUCOMQ was es- and marked an ation for of Akron, , and Kent selected for the leading to the Bache- the Doctor of 1, Wm H U' xi .J 'Q vi vi. 23 Qs, wi 3 me g -nw"""' ,exif is always a bag part of medxcal studzes. CD U1 QD '6' 75 .2 C-' .-C o Q3 '76 s-4 GJ CI 54 Academics -PM - ' Mann- hM,M,-i, , xg wwf for studying. 8 evening classes. The Wayne General and Technical College celebrated its tenth anniversary on Septemn ber 26, 1983. Festivities included the dedication of the computer lab, an Orrvill Community Band concert, and recognition of tenbyear employ- ees and faculty at Wayne General. Located near Orrville, the campus offers courses that allow students to complete their general requirements necessary for a four- year degree. Students may also earn an associate de- gree in the fields of secretarial, science, so- cial services, and retail management. , ,x- if-.0 oar' fl" - A student uses the new 330,000 computer lab. N. 1 Q., jfif-fw LO' Pa'-df--+ fkfnfuyno 6-ibpdfdf' ', ' L . , rnfreef L l i l V vw, M., " s.. Happy Birthday, Wayne General! Academics 31 XNho's Who A MONQ STL' DENTS IN AIHCQCGII . . es Umversmes S1 Co eg 56 Academics Thu l lu 'HTYKH Ihdl x' s Recognition of .:f' 5' if if I '55 tif ,Y-L J , X ' Xl 1 ' A - , y Q W, ' 'x,,N, , HJ' Th98m9900V"'0f1UvBv 'A7tUBlwUVU0TiVm1ll 8 Tarnzin Thomas Michelle 5 e Valerie Niemanrx Vivian Scott McQuaide Karen Murphy Dena Nay i Aeri Ge Beatriz Perez Cheryl Patrick Lawrence Pilcher Robert Ruiz Tracy Shaffer Samuel Skarote Elizabeth Snoderly Robin Spray Steven Summers Scott Swaldo Laurie Teeter Mary Tompkins Mariah Weber Richard Westfall Marci Weston Lisa Wilson Loretta Wittmann Kappa Delta Denise Brown Sandra Doyle Nicky Fire Pamela Gemberlxng Wanda Gerber Donna Johnson Theresa Lexb Jane Mclntosh Barbara Michael Tom Ellen Norton Cleo Pond Kathy RSICS Karen Sword Laurie Thomas Kay Tompkins Georgia Verlaney Pi Kimberley Hunter Sigma Theta Tau Kimberley Fitzsimrnons Patricia Frazier Dawn Fuss Mary Ellen Getz Judith Hall Virginia lolribar Jacqueline Humphrey Christine Johnson Mary Kelley Marcia Kosuth David Long Rebecca Lurxcli Lynn McCallum Kimberley Mallernee e Jeannie Miller Rhea Neuser Nancy Oldenburg Debra Pachmayer Perrielanne Pillot Jane Reymann Young Q ries Academics Dottie Alexander Barbara Anderson Lorand Banda Gail Bearer Karen Bell Barbara Bibler Diane Bergfeld Deborah Bihari Marylou Birk Martha Borowiak Susan Bowers Dorothy Bradley Robert Brick Beverly Brookman Cheryl Brubaker James Backus Gwenn Bull Darrell Carey Bill Chester William Cochran Nancy Conkle Connie Crawford Thomas Cross Vincent Daviero Laurence Dean Dennis Dieffenbaugher r C Peggy Dixon Kendal Douglass Nola Ebie 'Heidi Ehrmann B Nicolene Fire William Fisher Linda Fleming Bette Foster Frances Fowler Colleen Adair Lauren Beck Melissa Bodo Linda Brichacek Tina Cannaday Christine Cigolle Dana Cummins Kathryn Dailey Sara Dafroch Daine Dekovich Cynthia Doringo S. Lorraine Ewing Nancy Fongheiser Victoria Fox Betty Frazee Stephanie George 58 Academncs Kay A Tori Joann nn James Kozm Judith Kulesa Leanne Karen Gill Pinar Regina Karen Vicki Kristine Joanne Janet Tamara Caroi-Ann Lavender Margaret Leatherma Debra Lenke Cathy Lizak Dana Lycans Mary Lynch Marianne Malish Nancy Marzano Deborh Menendez Miils e Sue Mott Ogrizek ?ickett Pinchot Timothy Royer Lynn Rudary Donna Ryser Carole Shields Nichoias Simontis Stephen Skocizinsky Donna Slack Patricia Smith Caroiyn Stewart h Robert Struck Wiiliam Thorla Debra Trenta Brenda Walters Helen Weber Marlene Wells Anne Werner Jon Whitiedge Patricia Whitlock Joan Wiiliams Kathy Winkier Kevin Winkler Wright Denise Yoder Diane Zarouk Smithers I1 60 Academics Rita Amer Karen Bachmann William Bardy Kimberly Bargar Thomas Borgan Lisa Bozic Julie Brown Joseph Brownlee Timothy Carpenter Jean Denker David Dudek Linda Farrell Stephen Fast Kenneth Gole Jerry Graf Wendy Gram Mark Havir JoEllen Hedrick Dennis Hicks Who s Who in American Colleges David Baxter Janet Bronclos Theresa Calovmi Senior Honors Scholars Mark I-lirko John Hoag Velcla Hofacker Kurt I-Iouk Tracie King William Kxst Jeffrey Lefkovxtz William Lenzotti Barbara Lohmeyer Jeffrey Martin Susan Mego Francis Mellott Lynn McCallum Sandra Oleskey Sandra Rich Mary Wachtel Eric Wagner Jennifer Wenner Dana West and Universities Elizabeth Marmaduke Brenda Miller Shelly lvhsko Barbara Engle Bryan Gannon Mark Graves Gary Hannah Denise Herron John Higble Tori Ingram Leslie Jones Christopher Kostoff Susan Jill Louthan Jeffrey Salamon Mary Jo Sassos Tracy Schiavone James Schulte Debbie Seaman Nancy Stexnkerchner Terry Vincent Thomas Zembar Jr Dannes Blaine-Mueller Gerald Kann v v . v- . H a .a Q Q A . Q 7 s 4 s a .Q , . 1 . . v , 4 , Dan L.. Buie Award Presented by ASG Joe Jakublck Thomas Zernbar Jr. Alumni Association Award John Bozsony Ken Bramen' Steve Burns Celeste Cook' Keith Dambrot' Barbara Engle Karen Eterovich Laura Perber Kevin Fire Steve Genetin Lisa Hall' Tammy Hercules' Rick I-iigbie Norell Hodges Velda Hofacker Tori ingrarn Jocelyn Jones Leslie Jones Curtis King' Chris Kostoff Sue Lawn Elizabeth Marmaduke Frank Mazgai Venita McCall Barbara McCrea Maureen McDevitt Joe Mellott' Virginia Miller Shelly Misko Lori Musitano Casey O'Connor' Carolyn Pfeifer' Christine Pugh' Amelia Rondinella Kim Schaffer Sandra Seamon Tracy Shaffer Nancy Steinkerchner' Terry Vincent Joe Weber Harry Weirath Anne Werner David White Mark Wrrkus Ray Yurick Ed Zak Tom Zembar 1982-83 initiates Mega Misko- Nehai Neison Marmaduke McDevitt Mcfiiwain Moomjian Van Nostran Oancea Osterha Pfeifer Teater Q2 Pazggasl A ky recipxents Academics 61 genior' -110115 1 J! . 1 Qi'-vpiligvisr h gf. '.i:S::Jlh:F:nz, -. 0' ,lr , ' 7 1 -X, N - LIL- V 14- '55 V , -' u ' . .5 , 4 A ti I , P, , Q rip. ' H, ' f - clxsfr x,vCi4'.63"O': , S5 gi 5 - 6 ,J 1 'I +11 gx . Awnfs Xiu tkxc i X1 1- Q1 jxesfkthi cf f , Direw , ..-f Events ww T ' - r an 'VX' Q ,MWA QQY3 m f 124' JF' 'A A v" , V 'sv - -0'-r 1, 51295 M jp, ,,,yg,q?3i,f! s Ayjgauflyw 1 My W t .vw HM' R ,mff .. M . Afgfgm 0 ll , ,N 45 M, 'uf K ? mo 'v 1'-,Q msg, 'ag 9 in 3 VX G91 ,wh n-f' 'NS -4 ,. mgtm -1 p ,M . if ,ff , qw ,gif kfzfg ,T A 5.13 6 :I nb my fe.. A ,IP 7,9 2 , .55 , ..,.,.! V wg! if Q1 .4l:ffffiZ3"" KS!" il -3' QS' , 'N Q .Q j fgw ig kwa? Q' WM uw' 12, wif, :Nw "'.p i, wg ,, ,,,,xi ,. i , i 1 2 E 1 Z 1 I 5 Q z 3LxvMxx1xx,Q5m, Axxxs f wi 7-gr. "uv . T w , 1 . , rh- , 4 lpucl Qs. XXX XQUQN' , 5-:sxxxxw T3 K Q V Events xxb33s,' Q-.. xp. 1 'Q New Directions gives freshmen a chance to get to know one another and the university, For the first time at The University of Akron, a program, titled New Directions, was presented for freshmen and their parents. The program gave them a forum to learn about college life and the opportunities it provides. Exhibit booths, tours of several de- partments, interest sessions, and differ- ent forms of entertainment, such as music and dancing, were part of the program. 64 Ex ents xl NJ ' h-J ,xr ,X X -X ., X. 4 I . xx 1 5.1 ' , ' L a X lx' Computer demonstrations are a part of New Directions ,ff , f -av ii -rf f g my ,565 f 'Q 4 I nf, , R. f , W, 4 ts! H5 RJ , 9 2 v it fi: Ama 1' gut L . ax-2 , ZLL., wg- QW A student discusses the upcoming events of New Directions. 'lf' vtfe zi vi' X e7 s f 0 'As , X ffnt 1,7 L fi:-h 1?-e! .X S gG3f.2- - An R.O.T.C. representative talks about the benefits of the Air Force, Right: The Freshman Register, a viewbook, is a welcome addition. Freshmen Register i,,,, 2? see V' . :, fi Sf, 1 4 ,mr 5 V ' W5 if 4 A ifn. L y - , ,nfs ' A .- ,, , ,- 4 5 , I, e , wi ' In fill ' 1 r 'N f ig' ', - T1 W ' , ln. 1 'UV 6 We . sl 1 wiv , Many people participate in the Cookie Eating Contest. o N I 4 1 1 n w f-IIS MCL Nccdfgb YOU IUCCC MS Ulfsdffw Vik' ,N Q f ffffff'WzA1 30Uf'Y f?gmv AFFILIATE 'sr' Q LQMSIRY CLUB -H5 f' H J? Q 68 Events i P Pat Woodside entertains the audience at the Talent Show, j 'SJ i i I Students await their turn on stage at the Talent Show, .4- Doug Wilson and Cindy Beale are crowned King and Queen 5' 7 if ,z ' WJ' 1 1 li A s. . ., 9 ' I' ll H n l V 3 T ,gd . " Mr,-L " oc A ., , r .4 is . .,, for J fi l N "' ffl-f'f" ,, German Oktoberfest music is part of the Homecoming celebration. RIGHT: Leslie Jones and Judd Limbach chat while on the field. The 1982 Homecoming held October 15 and 16, featured an international theme. Residence Hall Programming Board KRHPBJ sponsored a Talent Show spotlighting UA students. The Youth Goodwill Mission of Taiwan performed cultural dances for the audience at the Akron Civic Theatre. Doug Wilson and Cindy Beale were crowned King and Queen during the game against Morehead State. Proceeds from the homecoming fes- tivities went to the Easter Seals Foundation. ,, ai 'Jf'4 gp A Renaissance King and Queen reign over the festrvnties. B Events Juggling performances are a highlight of the Fayre. The Renaissance Fayre, sponsored by Campus Activities Board KCABJ was held December 1, 2, and 3. Events included tumbling and jug- gling performances, arts and crafts, puppet shows, tarot card readings, and fencing exhibitions. Members of CAB dressed in medi- eval costumes which added to the fes- tivities. Y S s x' 1? h U jc ' sf 'H 7. 11,-s ,Har umun Two students play a game called Lord on a Log -Y Brunch with the President, held Sep- tember 15, gave students a chance to talk informally with President Guzzetta at his home. Student leaders were able to ask various questions, along with having a delicious brunch. 1 W x-. ,, 1 wr'- '1 6 l V l 1 liz, I :llli . ilklll' - 1 '5lvl?a2. illlllllli. .i,Ql.,.g,i,- X 'VI' ' Mk w1"""ai, ei J' Q by Wea -'QT kg-7 tr ""'Q'f' The brunch includes an array of deiicious foods. we 'W .Qu 68 'K 'S 6 elif . fb vftb 15,2 G I ,Nik 'x 11 an X ' I , 1. h,: I, 'P ' V Lag 5 A i T ' X 3 :fr I as 1 kj ya? A 1' A , I Y H . I 5 .P 2 - I g Q W "' 'T 4 4 5 T Ai K' :' ' -V - T ' f 1 :Q it ,. ,W Q . ix , 4 t s'N,g'1' xg , ,af f 3 .3 x . x 5 6' 5 i K1 'lf x J , P? - 5 Q 4 i Q ' S' 4 It f 0 ff' S Q., ,Q 1- H gf- T v ' """a 1 9 ,,., 72 Events l 'Wi-. Many aspects of the black culture are focused upon during the month of celebration, 4. ,F X ff! Esta .PV fi ,A . ,.x, A J" M we ft, N." L10 '5'1:'g11 ,fin 1 TF!!! A' J A fur gf ff. 1 ,, 35, ., Q ja 1 G' J. i Women's achievements are a big part of the agenda jf' The Ms, Black History Month Court February marked Black History Month at The University of Akron. The whole month was dedicated to the accomplishments of the black race. Black artists, women, and people in the community were focused upon during this month of festivities. N 1,f4 t Af 'Fx , A Q, x 1 3 , 3 I A tribute to black artists kick off the ceremonies The Miller High Life Rock Series is a success on campus. A new series of rock concerts were introduced during the school year which was sponsored by Miller High Life. The concerts were held in the Hilltop and were co-sponsored by Student Center Programming. Groups such as Cleveland, Wild Horses, Fayrewether, RPM, and Ameri- can Noise were featured. Mugs and hats were also given away at each rock series. 1 P. .7 ,X mf l v 1 6, Q I F -xx -ex : 1 'I N A c 3 l K xx, O Ng: so ' ?'.vi:.?57 :L Q V -"""' 'ri 1 V W LIDLIJI X 5 . Q N . Q9 .8250 fo W lr 0, 'x -400 1 Randy Rado, left, is, named Outstanding Brother of Chi Sigma Nu. 'Sa ,W ,aw Gary Livadas, ESC Treasurer, is honored by ESC President Linda Bunn 74 Events C 11732429 .I ' os Q .1 .47 N if 3 .I 55735 'M P Barbara McCrea receives the Outstanding Evening Student Award. ' 'sf Um-T, B E - A I - K rykgi 1 4 - Millicent Odie, left, is honored as Gamma Beta Sorority's Outstanding Sister. i I 1 , N 'I l l 'ffff' i in - Dean left, is given an dents by Linda Bunn. nu! ' l fi ,4 Q r' VQEKW f slits, in Mary Ann McDowell left receives an Outstanding Contribution Certificate for serving Editor of Nite Life BELOW 1983 84 wt - tr.. fi? 'S ' : P V r, ,. 'V X ' .. 7a -l 1 I 5 .. -, it ,tif A .lv V 'X , The Evening Student Council lESCl Recognition Banquet is held each year to recognize evening students and members of the faculty who contributed to evening student life. This year, Barbara McCrea was named Outstanding Evening Student, while Randy Rado and Millicent Odie were named Out- standing Chi Sigma Nu Brother and Outstanding Gamma Beta Sister, respectively. In other highlights, Cidny Hostetler was awarded the only Honor A-Key pre-sented to an evening student. Q' I . asm' "fr-K"-"fan mag, fi. ' 323 W' ii, sl, an . P' Student Council Officers - ,Q ss' 'N Cb 003 Q' Q50 Events xo Q 352 T Ml, , . ca ,-. 'i ,Q-55 ,A fm. Huff FUN ""'v0s Q-fc 1' tif. ,gn-ilu :X A I xbt an-u....N , -i , An ODK iF1dUCf92 Signs the f9Ql5t9f at the Cefemonles' Barb Engle and Terry Vincent are honored as outstanding seniors The All-Campus Recognition Dinner was held at the end of spring semester to honor many students with outstand- ing abilities. Omicron Delta Kappa CODKJ and Mortar Board members were recognized along with Honor A-Key Award winners and Who's Who recipients. The Dan L. Buie Award went to ASG President Thomas Zembar, while The Alumni Association Award went to Joe Jakubick for his outstanding achievements in basketball. 76 Events qw-". Z ASG President Tom Zembar receives The Dan L. Buie Award e fssg 1 4 ,L .15 fiflvg tw? vi' ,F .gf v' ,Q Q: .gk - ,-..-,w s-wuxfwviz f 3 N -I Qzanxmgi . R -, , V, wks "A, 3355? 'e4ff"'? ee , .. X Q . 1, gig, ,. N, Many people help themselves to field. 78 Events 'S the Bratwurst sandwiches that are available on the May'Day '83 was held this year on Jackson Field. Unknown Stranger, former- ly Love Affair, provided the music, with Goldie opening the show. Because of the new state law which in- creased the drinking age to 19 years of age, the 1983 May Day celebration was almost cancelled. Several alternative locations were sug- gested, but May Day was held as planned, with more stringent control over alcohol sales. Over 8,000 students participated in the May Day celebration. The warm sunshine brings many people out to Jackson Field 5 Vu J A V'L., Q 'Ibf Ex X ff, ' "Ri ,' 3, dbg ii? A Lfxxllpiid N., Vi- ' 2 dm mm Wmmw 'ziggy' , ' 'A w1'4f.'V.1. Tiv- New Orientation Assistants help organize May Day '83. QQ Q .x C55 I 1 5 'N 'Y wt l ,, .-A 8 .lf 3 ,, vig: ,',:f . vig, f uk if , 2'- w if f'-I-xkli-' 21'c1LAfJ15 qfwf- As.,-Ea'Q - .ff . v vN9"5L,gg-I,kLy.x1-S1.,,w ww ww "4 + jSJ'j:x,,lKQiqsf:f55,5,N , I,-Xf31'fc,5g',k?4, gg -21-35135 , J W5 A- ,gms-gw'-sg,-w ' A- f,,, ig v.Qx -E .. .'.-x,-5,::aw:W-:v:-..- n,:,5g.5K-de:-..-g-J.f,.'i:n.: 1 ,gr 4. -e--:: ,ff -.' 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The University Theatre, comprised of the Department of Theatre Arts and Dance, performs several plays each year. The 1982-83 season included classics such as "Inherit the Wind," "A Hatful of Rain," "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof," "As You Like lt," and "Heartbreak House." Each perfor- mance had a certain style that was enjoyed by each audience. if 3 .45 W 1 i., 'W 1' i "Heartbreak House" provided several solo songs by characters f xfl "25!fZ1J55VQ'?5ZW ff Qf 02' ww Q F 2'-12515.-147 gf Q f,f':5gg' 3111151 'V ,g.,-,wa 'yi ,s'Q" , Q , ,,. . "Kg ff' Y' Yr, , ' iff' I 3' 'Y ,W in-1 :Y-422' i A 55 9 A ,- 4 if 'Y Q2 'fi' s ,ix 5 3 X Y 2 1 .54 i I .tau 'A . ,,w,,M 6 .0 N , ffm! 1 Andrew Carroll shows perfect form rj xA sir: g k ,S 4 ki. i nd! ,, ,.- X9 I' rg S s v I 0 ' N ' C ' 1. 4 KA O ' 4 ' -QQ N ll' :IL .' I4 Q .f 45 ,v. 2 1 '- 1 N Q xr N I 5 . C ' 5 .M 5 Au, I v C v 14 o . U ' WU " a f .Wi 4 r Q wt. 1. fix 0 -'gin 1. , Y 1 I , gn. . ,W..s-Ni,, S., V ,p. '91 "s- Q in-g, I I The 1982-83 season at E.J. Thomas Hal? included many spectacular events. A few of the highlight attractions were "Annie," "Peter Pan," the "Nutcracker," and the Vienna Choir Boys. Stars such as Burl Ives, Carlos Montoya, Peter Nero, and Fred Waring, added to the enjoyment of the season. I , . . E.J. THOMAS PERFORMANCE HIGHLIGHTS Concertgebouw Orchestra of Amsterdam Alvin Ailey Wiener Strauss-Capelle "194OIs Radio Hour" "A Christmas Carol" "The Student Prince" Royal Winnipeg Ballet Swan Lake The Marriage of Figaro Joffrey Il Dancers , ,ADXN MEI X ,f vw ,xl '-W. 5 Q9 Q .-F K aff 2 fi' mf LI-I 'X The drummer keeps the rhythm going for the band, sv 8 ,ov- N Sf! --1 5 4 FQ 11 ms 88 Events 1 The band marches at halftime during a football game. 40 "Nw-nf :nun A band member plays hxs trombone wxth pride. M Drum Major, Reggie Jewel, performs at hakftime E Y L M sl- r. X 4 Z 2 fm 5 "4 1 4 A xx! 1 I , 'N ' h wfpk, R rm 4, .. X 3 , x , S Jus , Dv il ' 1 15 gt: T .' "'s-R,- Q' 1 1 , " " vw ' , - ,..v" , 7-. . I ' ' Ai' , X. ,,4 N . . R1 .. Ji? -.., l, f- - H14 r., .I 1 ' , , , v, 1 0 ...,- ' ' ' fi! .., KE' 1' 54:3 r A I ! t I Q! t . 1 4' A . V :1 Q 1 V ' x .., e. il- I . , . . .14 ' N ' 1 " V my fy 5 .' ' t 1, 'A 1 ' A . ' I I . .oy 7 I I 5 x '- ' My rv lj fi, r sf ul. R . 1 J: , D-' Q' S "5 n . 1111 . b J is 4- - 132' s" ' s ' N 1 -- Aff f f? V'i9il.w P ' ' ,. . -Q - '-990 r A yy ' if , I " 5 ' 'lim ' f Q K i I g - , rs . .W N 1 ' ' ' 2 ' 3 J 'w'4 Q 4 1 5. .--M f x L2 , 2 .: ,. I ,'.1 5A'f:m:f Q ' ' "f Q '--"9 ,. Q 54 L f Q. Av f" Wdvc - 1 if-g, -' ..Nsf'f"f--J:g4E': G 'f S ' ' .' "' ' ,M - 4 'Wx . fa ' ' " .f ':- Z. 'pmt-fr V' if 'A ?,, ',,,,wy4, N W , f - l 173 , I H nl.. ' JV Vllqqv,-5 :"" ,N-sm -W I ' - , - f I n is 6 1 .J I .,,. 4 , t X ' . A I y , pf ,x 5' I q 3- A q ' XQK 'ess QXQYQA' ' R" X ' 'inf z Ensembie. ' . 'Egg ' -. RN , 'ig . 4 2,4 ' . Q L- . VN. fg ' . . iv - Qi I x I f LQ, ,I 1:-,gk I 21-, ifi . is 5 rw , is , u hp. d Wmd Ensemble performs frequently a Q fu l. . The Steel Drum Band was featured durmg the Bandorama held at EJ Thomas , , Q ' I 8 . P ' 0 Y A 'V 9.."' Q if-' , D ' -fl . - 1 hh br ,f -f '1 . "ffl ' .iv ,, vw L . ' 1 M b X ,, ,V ' T ' w f "W Q ' x 14 1' v T5 it '22, A il ' , my 7 X . l q - I xx... A N '.':'A N :L A . w h -WERIEK f xe"f"2"'- 'FD Qnlifmsxwamwxzm If mil, Anil' I f-qui Rf. QWM Bw 1 -tg, ,ae Q., . .K 113 1.25.2 ' X ix. .gg il' ibliu pi 1 Q 1 Q -,-' -jf, ,arf f ,,.-sv I 1' 1 1 A. L M", 'C' 'v If 'av 4 D Q it U f Q .-nsnv,,,-,O XY' if in ' Qu., ' 1 K. 2 fi I 3 , 1 Ex, 7 2 + Q xy NS' Y ,f B M gf fi 'IU 1 1 1, 'Nw E w J 23 Wnixlii 91112415 'W Y 1 :JU gl I lx 1 ,- .A 6113 Qu! Ux'rwuAi'f'w f 'I QUPP' ,aiu nuns: S . SUM 151 i 1 Lim H51 H?-7WVN'S QM Irftrw H, W-Qcf' -AQ ,W ,, -we M. , w-f"5nQ:., , , ',S5f':?,3Jq , ,M W, Y I m v, 'M 5 I Q is M " fx: " g.'f,1.Q:apQ-,,.M, K A w 1'-W W x-.lyk M Nw A ,,,, ,, U, Qfv vafxg, g,,w,,J ,N WJ www 4 4 Burr 4 ff fr X 1. wmv. 94 01-gfsmzgg -'on Q4 lkii'-rnwf lla ljxxgv- C l x g QS Q1 0 -9 043' dak Nb 43,9 o 45 63,0 x Q 4,0 C 'OID xo C9 133' xc' .Xb 458 'O Qrganizations S .A ll V ' ,H -LII' , V if 1 -- lildq f i , x Y V V f ,.A-WJ 'offlk W S' 1 fl' f' X, , 4 Ihrlgl W W W' fb if -pow- J lu' 5 5' I yy 9-a 1 Fw wg Q, 3 H p Q .5Dff73f, ,ASQ ,K gif? X, m ,ff Organizations .4-,st i ' g Q -L .' 514 X li ,AWN . V- Ei T19 ' ' .. as . , X !1':gf . Orga President Tom Zembar addresses the 1982-83 Sen- ate Students Approve Charter Acting as a liason for the student body and the administration, Associated Student Government iASGl provided rec- ommendations in the development of university policies and procedures concerning students. ASG also dealt with allocations from the extracurricular activities fund to day undergraduate organizations. ln February, a special election was held for the well-debated charter proposal. lt was voted down, but a revised version was passed during the general election in April. The new charter included a reduction in the size and composition of the ASG Senate in an effort to increase cohesion. Rob Kochis and Rodney Yates were also elected to the offices of ASG Presi- dent and Vice President for the 1983-84 school year. nizatlons if he ,if Q ,pf V.. V' I V , Z ,Q , K f A A es" vifllll .lf . GOAP A.. .PS 'l' xtlrl . s Enya' q 'Y lt' , Y ,ssggsgi ill 245' '- API . ' 4 A voter marks his choice on the ballot during the special election tt 'TZ' QA? , f' ., I' 5 1 1 . A 'i' 4 . - 1 ,. A As a thank-you from ASG, each voter receives a free balloon. 1 -. 3 '4- Vice President Shelly Misko takes notes during a budget meeting Mime Trent Arterberry performs in JSK Auditorium. A display of costumes is seen during The Native American festival. .fig CAB: On the Move Campus Activities Board lCAB7 spon- sored many events during the school year. Some of the board's major accomplish- ments included the Renaissance Fayre, a Native American festival, and Homecoming. CAB also sponsored many lectures. This year, a major speaker was Donald Lambro, reporter on the Washington economy. 9 ,aaf ,prf ,ga CAB President Theresa Calovini, right, discusses future plans with board. . , ' 1 X it Q55 3. i Xmas -if Pro-abortionist Bill Baird speaks to UA students Q55 l Ty Organizations 1 l i r l E E i i 5 il ,i li l l ll 1. I. l Ti . ' ZA 1 l I i 1 l l U SCP: Let Us Entertain You The Student Center Programming Board tSCPl was one organization that helped make days and nights on campus more enjoyable. SCP provided musical video tapes in the student center lobby, movies in the new theater, several local bands in the Chuckery, and weekly T.G.I.F. parties. It also sponsored tournaments in pool, chess, darts, table soccer, and pinball. The year was highlighted by a weekend trip to New York City, a cruise to the Bahamas, and a beach party with John Lanigan. ls A A. ,fx li,- -Q The 1982-83 SCP Board. Students learn at the SCP Health Fair. Students enjoy the Christmas Flea Market, l l i i 1 l . l i l l 1 tiff- , fi, ,,. +1 E A ,... rv 'A 'Arc El l I l . 1 4 L.. Akron's College Bowl team members ,fa A student wears traditional lndian dress. ,gf A' f Eleanor Holmes Norton speaks on equal rights. Sharing Cultures Two organizations on campus are designed to share different forms of culture with the campus community. The International Students Club acts as an advisory committee to other international student groups. The group plans activities such as tours, workshops, trips, and other social events. The Black United Students Union KBUSJ sponsors activities such as Edul-A-Dah Week, Black History Month, and African Awareness Week. This year, the group welcomed Eleanor Holmes Norton, the first wom- an chairperson of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportu- nity Commission. BUS officers discuss future plans at a meeting. ttf nt- I 1 . QE 'L . . p ' is International students hold several social events. Organizations Unity for Night Students The Evening Student Council provided a link between various evening organizations such as Alpha Sigma Lamb- da, Chi Sigma Nu, and Gamma Beta. It helped to bring understanding to the is- sues in which the students and the admin- istration are concerned. As a social group, the council encouraged and sponsored events and cul- tural activities such as the Alex Bevan concert. These events aided in developing a sense of unity and friendship among evening students. ,y-v. i 1 President Linda Bunn, left, shares a light moment with Barb lVlcCrea 1 Organizations 'P f i liwl sponsor defense demonstrations. Gamma Beta sponsors several speakers during the year. Evening Involvement Involvement for evening students is enhanced through participation in Chi Sigma Nu, a nation- al fraternity, and Gamma Beta, an organization open to non-traditional women. Both organizations work to form a bond among students who attend The University of Akron at night. Gamma Beta sponsored several activities this year including fund raisers, speakers, and a rape seminar which was open to the campus community. Organizations as QV it .5 l A -hp. I 6. Th Buchtelit Named All- American Pubhshed every 'Tuesday and Fnday during the school year, The Buchtelite had a cncuhnon of11LO00 copms peris sue. The Qudent newspaperfeahned cover age ofcoHege spons,entenahunent reviews, letters to the editor, editorials, and campus news. Entered in the Associated Collegiate Press Awards CACPAJ, The Buchtelite again received highest honors by being named an All-American Newspaper for the second straight year. Pat Sandy was also awarded first place among college cartoonists by the National CouncH of CoHege Pubhcanons Advmors CNCCPAD. I Steve Momchilovich, Entertainment Editor, and Nick Talevski, Assistant, A 1 7.1 at umm krilivflil hits we V I I Becky Kern, 02 Organizations ,. , ,,f li 5 2 'nit l u il i l li ff' ' li Lou Hirsh, Editor-in4Chief Dennis Webb, Managing Editor The Buchtelite Staff A Pat Sandy, ArtfGraphics Doris Smith, Co-News Editor H - Serving the Community While ln the broadcast booth, Scott Brabham adjusts the equipment. aining Experience With input from over 150 students and members of the community, WAUP broadcast 6,205 hours of programming throughout the year. Student-produced public affairs, news, and musical programs served to inform and entertain the listen- ing public. WAUP has received recognition from over 50 community organizations for ser- vices provided by the student broadcast- ers. In return, the students gained worthwhile training and experience that will be helpful in attaining a future job in the broadcast industry. 2 gf ,Q i . . fi 'fc chi' is , i f t i i 5 ,il f 199 W,-. :J ...MAMQ4 V , A' 'T "'..Q,, r ,-5 M We V :fn Joe Brigandi checks through the files in the news room, ,R gl f lf. .' Q l i . X, 1 I ig ' 'Q 5 l 3 ' W Aix l f , i l i 5 ' i t i 3 i l . C j , 1. t Q l 5 3 Q , ii f A l : li 1' ., in g i i 5 t, s X 1 Q :Q i 1? 0 5 L The script is put together in its proper order. Mary Dixon searches for a particular album, Organizations t 2 ,WW f Gaining Communication Experience The University of Akron Chapter of Women In Communications, lnc. KWICIJ is affiliated with local and national profes- sional chapters of WICI. The campus organization sponsored several speakers and workshops this year and co-sponsored a communication career day in the spring. PRSSA members learn about job-seeking skills from an employment counselor. The University of Akron Chapter of the 9' usillullhillli Mary Kay Claus far right attends a WICI meeting ijt CQ, Organizations Public Relations Student Society of America CPRSSAD enables members to make professional contacts in the field of public relations. In addition to attending monthly lun- cheons with Akron PR professionals the members held meetings, career-oriented workshops and planned and implemented a public service project for the Humane Society of Greater Akron. A WICI member attends a workshop Sharing the Written Word Akros is the Literary magazine of The University of Akron. It includes poetry, short stories and artwork often done by students. ln addition to the fall and spring publication, the Akros staff was also able to publish June Langford Berkley's "Shannaganey Blue." Nite-Life is the monthly evening student newspaper. The staff was able to keep evening students informed about scheduling classes, evening activities, and campus entertainment. N'TEvurr5- and Linda Bunn model their hats. Organizations Scholarship Leadership Service Mortar Board is a national honor society that recognizes leadership, scholar- ship, and service in senior collegiate men and women. Among other activities, Mortar Board co-sponsors the annual All-Campus Recog- nition Dinner and the Presidential Brunch. Members also held two book sales to benefit a scholarship fund. S. ELCOME t W Cnnrreas Mortar Board members get donuts and coffee during a province meeting o sore . group Sp H Organizations 'N-. MUST "mr X ,al i 'tau' ,,4,...... Students look for their favorite authors during the book sale. d The spring induction was held at The University Club. Q, , 5 Secretary Chris Pugh, right, helps with induction Leadership and Dedication ODK President Terry Vincent welcomes an inductee. OA K OA K Y Fall mitiat n w cl at e University Club LOWER LEFT Dr George Knepper ODK Faculty Advisor LOWER RIGHT: Dudley Johnson, left, and Steve Omicron Delta Kappa IODKJ is an honorary that recognizes outstanding leadership and service in college juniors and seniors. ODK sponsors the All-Campus Rec- ognition Dinner and the Presidential Brunch annually with Mortar Board. In addition, the group sponsored its prov- ince meeting in the spring. Organizations Freshman Honoraries Induct 137 Twice a year, the Alpha Lambda Delta and Phi Eta Sigma honor societies induct freshmen who have achieved a 3.5 grade point average and are full-time students. Alpha Lambda Delta, the women's hon- orary, welcomed 20 new members in the fall, and 41 in the spring. Phi Eta Sigma inducted 39 men in the fall, and 37 in the spring. Both honoraries provided student tutor- ing throughout the school year, raised funds for scholarships, and held social events for members. F 2 . P hqutww Initiation is a memorable moment. 08 Organizations Alpha Lambda Delta inductees participate in the candlelight ceremony. l Phi Eta Sigma advisor John Maples presents the honorary's crest, David White, Vice President of Phi Eta Sigma, congratulates an inductee. li l i 1 I i i I l l if 5, V " 5 ni 1 9 ' ua ' A 'fe fd 51" 9"x' 1' PJ X Alpha Alpha Alpha members listen to the speaker. by ,..-nil udents help themselves to the buffet BELOW A student enjoys the Phi Sigma Alpha din Alpha Alpha Alpha held its annual banquet at the Headliner Two 'gin 3 X' a X .F Q - i ' ni ' 1 1 i Students enjoy the salad at the Phi Sigma Alpha induction. Honoring Academics Both Alpha Alpha Alpha and Phi Sigma Alpha work to recognize outstanding academic achieve- ment. Alpha Alpha Alpha, the honorary for social work, held two banquets a year in addition to various activities. Phi Sigma Alpha is the honorary for The fl' V College of Arts and Sciences and inducts members J A I, scifi, 5 ig P 1 in the spring of each year. , W is ' A W 1 Organizations as 'lag K X X. -. L 'I l fl yl I i . l I l Home Ec. Majors Stage Fashion Show1 Kappa Omicron Phi honors home eco- nomics students who have completed eight hours in home economics courses with a 3.3 grade point average. Members sponsored a clothing and textile presentation and a fashion show at Chapel Hill Mall. New members of Kappa Omicron Phi were inducted at a ceremony held in the spring. ff! New inductees recite the society's oath, Organizations Salute to a German Poet As an honorary recognizing excellence in the study of the German language, Del- ta Phi Alpha welcomed students with two years of college German and who were enrolled in an advanced course. Jointly sponsored activities with Der Deutsche Studentenklub fthe German so- cial clubl helped to promote German culture. A commemoration of the 150th anni- versary of Johann von Goethe's death in- cluded presentations of selected works by the famous German poet and playwright. Students interested in German culture attend the presentation of Goethe's works. i l l l .l I i The audience admires new fashions for the office. t. i l .i ,,.Xx .1 Xa. X xsxg- ,- CL i 'N X is ..s David White speaks on Germany's greatest playwright. ' i 4 I l ...u F Promoting Academic Excellence Aww" -. . Alpha Sigma Lambda members at the annual banquet. iw A TT Dr. Thomas Price, Jr. speaks at the Pi Mu Epsilon initiation banquet. N, s' Aim. cf. 'Ig 1983484 Alpha Sigma Lambda officers. was-H' Jim Shuster and Brenda Krager smile for the photographer Alpha Sigma Lambda is an evening college honorary. This year, activities hosted by the group included a banquet and an en- joyable spring brunch. Pi Mu Epsilon is the mathematics honor- ary. This year, it hosted a fall picnic, a mathematical competition, two career nights, an annual awards presentation, several lec- tures, and an initiation banquet. Organizations 2 .,. We I , i .ski- . wx. - N . , M ,nun . , ts... -.x- ,nn M -as -f Q ' '- .. - ' ,,.. , f-flap? "' , rn: V- E ' 13. , - . A "5 NA "FM ...A l - M--.. -L - - ,,,gpP 3 ' .. ll 'vw' 'Ss ', "' - QU. , Q - ... 'ml - f.. v . 4-6 F - 3 A h Jr Q .,. Q 1. "'- ,fb fig., P- Hn I W .,-A, A -- A r - ' Nl ,,pun...,.-115 , " 5 - 'M 1 1--N. ,.- 'f "'.... 4' ,Au fr, --111' l - .ax QQWV' c ' X I h h . .Q an 1 ' 5' 'Q "" qw ,,..f-"""s' nj "Hum Q-In . W., ir - V v gs' A W Q- "' "'- - - . "- vi v ,,,. 4-, .. Min.. , nm' bb Q -. - M r ,N ,, V ' MY ...I fowl' r ' "M" .Y X , 1 "s.....":" F- .za 1, .-4 dd9"""""'N-' . " A 1 - ,l 1 -.-vim' Q 'iq' .fl M L sm Hifi ,- AV V -1 EV , . - ,u Q qc.. - . J... '-"3f"'lhwnu-- if ll HV ' :ul vw- t ,msiqgt - ,li'M s , gui at ' .0- A. ' V -4" gl 'Uhr-V .,,-.L lx -W ., I , T S-it .iv my - 'TJ aww' W5 in-nw-. J., l f tl . up ix W-v,wswsa'r,. 'i 1- 'W :w:2 ilZ:' fwm,,q'- fl . ... -nina? I w i l A team member helps the incoming concrete canoe. A couple enjoys the engineers' party. Future Engineers Organizations Have Active Year , if K -lu 4 A in --.ana-. Delicious food is served at the annual Engineers' Brawl. The Engineers' Brawl was held at Firestone Local 7. F?i.....1L":.:-1'4-2'iI4."""f 1 E 'NF 'lin' QVC. :lu 4 4v A I if " Sff5. A 'K gl . ,,, mm M.. wr- x ww V V A. .a ., 'I' my Jffiihm-f V A canoe turns for home. Refreshments satisfy hungry skiers back at the lodge. 1' Friends gather at The Engineers' Brawl had Skiers from the IEEE party relax after facing the slopes. Several engineering organizations worked to provide activities for engi- neering students during the school year. The Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers CIEEEJ sponsored guest speakers, arranged plant tours, and held a ski party at Brandywine Ski Resort. The American Society of Civil Engi- neers KASCEJ participated in the Con- crete Canoe Classic. The team upheld a tradition by placing first in the com- petition. The group also sponsored speakers and worked on design projects. In the spring, these two organizations joined with Tau Beta Pi, the engineer- ing honorary, to sponsor the annual En- gineers' Brawl. In addition, Tau Beta Pi hosted the district Tau Beta Pi conference. 'bl 5 if Organizations 1 44 i l l i f l E i f , 3 i ii L. 2 1 Q I U i it l i i 1 1 Gaining Experience The Advertising Club allows students to prepare professional advertising cam- paigns. The club's main focus is the na- tional competition held in Columbus. Members develop a presentation for a major product and then compete against 20 other schools in the Ohio area. The club has done well in the past and antici- pates another successful showing. Looking Ahead The Finance Club provides students with the opportunity to gain knowledge about the world of finance. Along with their trip to New York City, the club takes several field trips to banks and brokerage firms. Also, "The Game" gives students a chance to manage a S100,000 portfolio without risks of real losses. Organizations Compatible partnership The Accounting Association and Beta Alpha Psi, a national accounting fraternity, work together to encourage the study of accounting. The two organizations also sponsor career sessions, "Evening with the Ac- countants," and various speakers. This year, the groups were honored to welcome Dr. Abraham Briloff, one of the worlcl's foremost accountants to The University of Akron campus. Evening with the Accountants" is an annual success. Organizations A Charitable Group Delta Sigma Pi is a business administra- tion fraternity. Members are very active in national competition. During the year, the group sponsored carnation sales, a turkey teacher contest, seminars, and many other functions in which the pro- ceeds went toward establishing the Ronald McDonald House in Akron. Delta Sig's enjoy a "Meet the Chapter Night." Learning to Manage The American Production and Inven- tory Control Society KAPICSJ hosted films, and an Activities Fair. The group also had an Evening with the Recruiters, and an MRP seminar. 1 Organizations P' -'i ff? 1 . 5 TURKEY TEACHER J 4,- ., lc Femvolio , rn. Aiy.. .M X i xr,-Wed' "' 147-oflll'-11 Nlrlliff COITEST The Turkey Teacher Contest was a big success. 'r""'N1' APICS hosts a guest speaker. l 1 N D Meetings are informative. l... I A I-lead Start in Business The annual Sigma lota Epsilon banquet was held March 11. The HDYQSS for Success, fashlon Show 15 CO Spon sored by AMS. Sigma Iota Epsilon officers pose at the banquet The Administrative Management Society lAMSl is affiliated with the Akron-Canton Senior Chapter of AMS. The group spon- sored speakers and "A Day on the Job" program this year. Sigma Iota Epsilon is an honorary management society. It held an annual banquet and initiation on March 11. VU f . C331 92. 0-A X3 1, rc X775 Students may join Toastmasters throughout the year. if' 5 l ?' ' 1 YY ..--vw-vpeliylfffq A Toastmasters presents a Building Ural Skills Both the Student Toastmasters Club and the Forensic Union allow students to build oral presentation skills. Although Student Toastmasters is spon- sored by The College of Business, any student may join. Members can attend regular meetings, make presentations, and participate in several speech contests during the year. Members of the Forensic Union can par- ticipate and compete in several catagories of speech. Among other activities, members spon- sored a debate with Youngstown State University on abortion and held a reader's theater this spring. 1 1 8 Organizations ALPHA CHAPTER UNIVERSITY ... ,5,'i' 3vi-.... si 5. . y N Many attend the Student Toastmasters Awards Luncheon. Toastmasters President Ed Zak, right, presents Union member participates in a de an award. bate. sw P, 5 nl Larry Rybba builds a case for his side during a debate. .Y gl -sz: i , R p Y, LJ lv, , 523 fl X fi f! in K5 WRX I f organizations sponsor several speakers during the - The CBA Spring Fling, sponsored by ASPA and other groups, is B SUCCQSS. Gaining Skills The American Society for Personnel Administra- tion QASPAJ and Pi Sigma Epsilon KPSED, a profes- sional marketing fraternity, exist to help students gain experience and skills related to their future business careers. Both groups helped to sponsor the CBA fCollege of Business Administrationi Spring Fling. The University of Akron Chapter of Pi Sigma Epsilon competes nationally each year for honors and awards at the annual conference, Members participate in marketing and sales activities to raise funds, while also participating in speaker programs, philanthropies, and social events. ASPA had regular meetings, sponsored speakers and held activities related to personnel administra- tion. Organizations 1 Expanding Classroom Experience Delta Nu Alpha, a transportation honorary, allows students to build on classroom knowledge by attending regular meetings which highlight community speakers. The International Food Service Executives Association provides for experience to complement classroom principles. Members planned special dinners this year for organizations, and held a pancake breakfast. Members also sponsored a brat fry for May Day. 'N, f' Delta Nu Alpha members listen to the guest speaker. l l l i H..- Grant dormies enjoy a change from Robertson Dining Hall at the pancake breakfast. Delta Nu Alpha members attend a regular meeting. Organizations fi- The brat fry went over well during the May Day festivities Keying Into the Future The Data Processing Management Asso- ciation provides an environment to study the technical methods, equipment, and current information of data processing. This year, the group toured various computer facilities and hosted guest speakers. The group also sponsored a Cobol programming contest. Bl' 8 ' V. s""1 1 uit- 9.5! e! ' um ti i .Gif Silt sa John Hoag speaks during a Computer Science Club meeting. Jeri Comer enjoys her ice cream at a Computer SCMHC6 Club ITIQQUHQ. President Chuck Duchon receives the DPMA charter. Computers for Everyone The Computer Science Club is for ev- eryone interested in computers. The group has a series of educational pro- grams and many guest speakers. This year, the group took a field trip to NASA, and sponsored a euchre tourna- ment for charity. Organizations Exploring S , I-Iealth Fields 5 I i a l Both the Collegiate Nursing Students 1 Club and the National Student Speech- Language and Hearing Association l CNSSLHAD allow students to look into 5 health fields as career possibilities. NSSLHA has several activities each i l cheons, seminars, and workshops. l Students in the Collegiate Nursing t Students Club sponsor events such as the annual Nursing Career Day, speak- ers, field trips, and fund raisers. 1 semester including social events, lun- I l . I i Many organizations discuss job possibilities with nursing students. I l l i I i l ,. 'i l. I 1 K I 1 H I K Students learn about nursing careers at the annual Nursing Career Day. l s 'i 1 K Sy S-.Ja fr l NSSLHA members get together to try out speech games. The NSSLHA has several activities each year for members. ,l 1 Organizations Supporting Social Work Through the Student Social Work League KSSWLJ, students became involved in issues of common concern. SSWL supported existing social work programs in the community, provided leg- islative information for programs, and es- tablished representation in professional organizations. Activities included two workshops, "Caring for the Aged" and "Employment Opportunities Now and in the Futuref, and a Social Work Awareness Day. I l Terry Meese, of the Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority, speaks at a SSWL workshop, '32 iff T- S 3 Marilyn Henry discusses care for the aged, --xt., 44" .. V' A t. l 4 ' EXCQ 10113 r v S. . ir... CEC sponsors Santa's visit to Lincoln School, Sales raise money for CEC conventions, Help to Kids Affiliated with both the Ohio and the International Council for Exceptional Chil- dren fCECl, the UA chapter sponsored many events throughout the year serving handicapped children. Included in the schedule were a Handi- cap Awareness Day and a Career and Economic Opportunity Day. The students also tutored classes in lo- cal school districts, and wrote letters to congressmen in favor of separate funding for educating exceptional children. Students spend time teaching exceptional children. Organizations Students and faculty take an interest in the Map Sale sponsored by Gamma Theta Upsilon. A member of Stargate gets refreshments at one of their parties. 1 Organizations Exploring Interests x ......,,,,-', Along with other activities this year, the members of Gamma Theta Upsilon worked with the Geography Club and The American Congress on Surveying and Mapping to sponsor the annual Map Sale for students ,ff and faculty. S Members of the Stargate Club had several social events, sponsored regular meetings, and held a conference on science fiction and fantasy in the fall. rgry Jerry Smith buys a map at the annual Map Sale. l Tim McFadden, left, talks with a Stargate member at a party. ii ,. li i l l F ghbs., I Members play chess at a Stargate party. Hg, Qs., ' 4 15, 1 Rai r P-X L 'sl' - Attorney John Vuillemin speaks to the Pre-Law Club on the topic of juvenile law. , The College Republican Club sponsors a press conference on nuclear arms. Activities Lead k to Understanding Activities sponsored by the College Republican Club and the Pre-Law Club aided understanding about careers and current events for participating students this year. The College Republicans sponsored a news conference and information tables concerning nuclear arms. The Pre-Law Club took field trips to area law schools and sponsored speakers who discussed law school attendance and various areas of law. Organizations Checkmate The Chess and Go Club provides a challenge for all those interested in the game. Many of the members have at- tained ranks of Master or Grand Master by competing in tournaments. The club is affiliated with the Akron City Chess Club and has sponsored many intercollegiate chess tournaments. Exploring the Outdoors The Outing Club provides the knowl- edge and experience to encounter the outdoors. lt sponsors activities such as hik- ing, backpacking, canoeing, rock climbing, rafting, and caving. The club also has outdoor presenta- tions, and has taken on the task of helping to reroute the Buckeye Trail. Organizations zffr:aaa1'ns't'ilbmwi, One of the many chess matches sponsored by the Chess and Go Club. -" Advisor Rich Fawcett discusses a future excursion. I The French Connection Le Cercle Francais Universitaire gives students an opportunity to get together informally and speak French. The club had crepe parties, films and an International Dinner this year. It also had a weekly conversation table where everyone could get together and speak French. Communicating with French international relations. politics. year. IAS members sponsor movies to raise funds The World Scene The International Affairs Society CIASJ offers students an informal study of The group focuses on such topics as the world economy, social problems and Members also traveled to New York City to participate in a conference and they sponsored a Unicef walk-a-thon this A , "j'f9?jf?ufw?ll'3, .h VI,h. i .4 .nm if- . 3 i I w.3'i Q N A student presents some classical Indian music for the audience. X F 'Y Q Q XX 4, all lpwf' 3 4 A ills. ' 'Iii fi The Indian music recital is a well-attended event. The Chinese Student Association, the Ni- gerian Students Union, The Palestine Club, and the Indian Students Association sponsor cultural events that allow students to cele- brate traditions of various countries. The Indian Students Association sponsored an evening of classical Indian music in the spring, while The Palestine Club held regular meetings for members throughout the year. The Nigerian Students Union hosted several events during the year including the Nigerian Week festivities that celebrated Ni- geria's Independence Day. The week included a display of Nigerian carvings, sculpture, and clothing, an all-night dance, a symposium, and a speech by Diplo- mat L.O.C. Agubuzu. Organizations we mail, f-...,.,.. ,W h,..,,,,, ABOVE and BELOW: the Palestine Club meets regularly an-.. , 'f gp an An example of Nigerian Carving and Sculpture 9 -,Nm s Qi sf , 3 asf? ' M I 4 fi 5 if The Nigerian Students Union hosts a symposium. Chi Q, 'J"'f,il A f?" ,Y .wi M nese students enjoy traditional food at the China Night festivities. Celebrating Traditions of Distant Lands E i 7"?......,..-i i .pw- .mf ,, -.,...r ..r..... uf ,rw ,, 'Mu r aww. Ohd Nw 2 . UELEAF mfg, 6, FPEEZK THERE WAS X THE BOMB wm:u0"'lN"'c'd Materials on Nuclear War Baha'i members at a regular meeting, Participation Spurs Knowledge Organizations The American Friends Service Committee sponsored several events this year to make students aware of current issues. lt helped sponsor the Central American Conference, CASA, held nuclear freeze information ta- bles, and held a nuclear freeze rally. The Baha'i Club acquaints those interested with the tenets of the Baha'i Faith. lt held social events, regular meetings, and several philanthropic activities throughout the year. FIRST mf" Two students at the CASA convention. it- z-Jeb -'4 f er... v .X American Friends Service committee sponsors a nuclear freeze table. Many attend the discussion sessions at the CASA convention. i A Christian musical group performs in West Hilltop. " - 1 r f ,Z A we Q-A JE x ,, t" if Vi Two UCO members keep score during bowling. lf'S all in the wrist! : ,E i 4 Mark Misja plays guitar at the Students for Christ meeting. Christian Fellowship Meeting individual spiritual needs was the main purpose of Students for Christ. Weekly gatherings in Summit Lounge pro- vided time for fellowship, entertainment, and study. Each year, a major outreach program was planned to encourage new membership and to give information about the organization. New people were always welcome to join. The Bread of Life Student Group lnow known as University Christian Outreachl also welcomed those interested in Chris- tian fellowship. Regular meetings gave members a chance to get together for scripture study and other activities. Social events, such as bowling night, provided a fun-filled bonus. Bread of Life sponsored concerts on campus which pleased audiences with contemporary Christian music. Students for Christ gather in Summit Lounge. gt, Organizations 1 3 1 Alpha Omega and Kappa Phi Work Together By promoting Christian ideals and organizing social activities, the Alpha Omega Christian Fraternity and the Kappa Phi Club had much to offer interested students. Alpha Omega conducted weekly meetings and Bible studies. The fraternity also participated in a Big Brother program for high school stu- dents considering attendance at UA. In addition to worship services, Kappa Phi kept busy with community projects. lt made toys for the Chil- dren's Hospital, visited a home for mentally retarded women, and made Thanksgiving donations of food for Haitian families. One of the highlights of the many social activities held by both groups was a combined event with readings and songs. ....j"' ' .41 il An Alpha Omega brother provides musical accompaniment. Organizations li l I a ll li li l I I l ,-J-. kiixf f gd .i i ii l Members of Alpha Omega and Kappa Phi gather at the Methodist Church. li fi l i qi "-is .J ,A ,1 V P in K mi 5 if 4-9 ' ri iQ! yr R-Qtr .L Kappa Phi women participate in the singing. l A l l 1 ,am I i Promoting Fellowship The True Vine Campus Ministry works to further Christian fellowship on campus. The group has weekly Bible studies and three retreats with other universities. The Ministry also has various social events during the year and participated in the Inter-Varsity Olympics. 4 sm Wt.. if i if Q, i' f 4 O u " ' if 'Af 5,61 , 1 J . fi, if 'Q' ' ' '- ' 5 ".'.,. ' 1 - A Yi 'I if if r 1 i I-W f?-its if Q4 f ,H P , W , , 5,,N3,p , , ' i 'V f' . ,,,,7r2vf 'z A ,, N 0 ' . T ' 4' 3 lsf W .,. .,, b--VV T I V U Ai gf Weekly Bible studies are a part of True Vine Campus Ministry. True Vine Campus Ministry members listen to readings. Sharing the Word Members of the Baptist Student Union prepare for a meeting. The Baptist Student Union works to provide a fellowship for Bible study. The group is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention and has retreats to the Southern Baptist Mission and to Sen- eca Lake. ln addition to visiting the Newman Cen- ter Senior Citizens' Retirement Complex monthly, they also have weekly Bible studies and fellowship parties. Organizations New Horizons The Ecumenical Christian Association worked to broaden the minds and spirits of its members. The group was made up of those of both the Protestant and the Catholic denominations. The association sponsored many social and charitable activities. A Thanksgiving celebration and several retreats were held, and a trip to the Holy Land was planned. The association's main purpose was service projects. Members performed at the Children's Hospital and collected funds for the Red Bird Mission in Beverly, Kentucky. RIGHT: Communion is given at weekly services -'iq' ,4- Members of the Ecumenical Christian Association perform Spreading the Word A very active Gospel Chorus kept the year humming with practices and perfor- mances. ln addition to concerts, a spring musical was also presented. Gospel Chorus welcomed any student interested in spreading the Gospel through music. The "Campus Crusade for Christ" was one of the major projects sponsored by the multi-talented singers. Organizations a coffeehouse. A trio of singers take the stage at the spring concert ' ? The Gospel Chorus sings for an appreciative audience MW 'vrTs' Wi s Well Rounded Leaders Veterans' Night allows for discussion. - The Turkey Shoot is an annual event. , ., i f .W W S Q 1 R O T C sponsors the 12th annual Run-For-A-Life marathon. AKRON ,,.,.. A Silver Wings member mans a booth on Field Day. The Reserve Officer Training Corps CR.O.T.C.l gives students a chance to experience the military through various social and academic activities. Each cadet takes required courses each semester and is eligible for various mili- tary-sponsored scholarships. Arnold Air Society and Silver Wings are the Air Force organizations, while the Pathfinders is the Army organization. The groups sponsor activities including a formal military ball, a Veterans' Day observance and a "Corps Only" formal. i The Color Guard in action Organizations 1 X 1 Military Ball and Dining In oy!! K4 'fv 'Vo If ,Iliff V, ' la l, 4. ty lr 1,1 I I i, ,xi Dining ln is a great learning experience. The annual Military Ball is held at The University Club. The annual Military Ball was held March 12, at The University Club. The evening included a buffet dinner, cadet entertainment, and dancing. The Air Force sponsored a Dining In dinner that provided information on proper customs and procedures for for' mal dining. Organizations I V,-""-'s,. A couple enioys dancing to Sommerfield Taking a moment out for an announcement Good times are shared at The Military Ball The awards table is prepared. ,fb if , V Gig :if :L cf if g f if C .J ' We . ky if 4 7' ee 152, ,V n.- 'P' 4 -Il: ,aiiik ,t 1:5 I Officer Galloway smiles during presentation. Y Br -4? K 's Cadet Clark, far right, participates in the awards ceremony. r, 2 1. 3 1 75 Many receive awards for scholarship, leadership, and service. LEFT: Cadet Mackey receives an award. Military Awards and Recognition Organizations .:,v f .1-ifgtfl' ph? 1 QI? " F 'ai' .: , HQ" , ,,., ' A Q6 . xx? ' ' ,.- ::-. r . A5f3r'f.'f? - 'S.,,,?M 1, 1 :QQ QLPLEQV 1 , f x If F I -41. Q, ,fi-, fl-1 4 1 Y. lk'G1'fi'Y" : uv U 4 S 1 1 ., - w , -fl ,' 6 n . . .I 1, B 5.4 . gf.. 'rg l'. I , W, fw- af' A ayww '--' 'wiv L., .M Sports QD Zips Win Third Straight O.C.S.A. Title Sports Q Scoreboard OPP UA Scoreboard OPP 3 West Virginia lotl 3 5 Pittsburgh 2 North Carolina totl 2 1 Indiana 4 Dayton 1 5 at Notre Dame 6 Eastern Michigan O 1 Evansville lotl 4 Wisconsin-Green Bay 1 4 Bowling Green lotl 4 at Wooster O 2 Michigan State 2 at Wisconsin-Milwaukee 1 4 Oakland 0 at Ohio State totl 0 4 at Western Michigan 0 at Penn State 3 3 at Cleveland State Denzil Antonio dribbles down the field. The Zips' 1982 season was full of sur- prise and success. Battling preseason in- juries, the Zips compiled a 5-0-2 streak to rank them seventh in the nation, which is their highest rank yet. Other highlights of the season included capturing the Ohio Collegiate Soccer As- sociation lOCSAl championship and de- feating rival Cleveland State. Matt English was honored as the Most Valuable Player of 1982, while Simon Spelling was the top defensive player and Ray Szabat was the most improved play- er. These achievements all came under the guidance of the new head coach, Steve Parker. and Glenn Scarpelli, right, struggles for possession of the ball. 3-,W nd Steve Frick gives the soccer ball a kick. Sports f5'f Q Cv'-'mi' fi 'bfi 1 1 7 1 ,Af Th Zips Rnchard Amerls keeps the actxon going. Goalle Dan Smnth IS mtent on the game The Zips' Matt English, front right, is closely marked. Coach Steve Parker talks with the players. 'l - A ll' 4, 'A . L 0 ,400 gn- I 1,541 A liggfgl N rr V H 1 5 he T . f 'nl 4.4 'H' 1 K ,JN f - X' Q 5, X! "' .em Sitting lL-Rl: L. Osuz, C. Hivleck, D. Hoffacker, S. Richter, D. Smith, G. Sharkey, S. Pendleton, S, Zee. Kneeling: R. Ameris, G. Hannah, P. Painter, J. B. Amangoua, B. Morgan, T. Pendleton, R. Galich, L. Borkowski, R. Blockinger, K. Heydt, Head Coach S. Parker. Standing: Assistant Coach T. Nash, S. Frick, D. Feldhaus, R. Szabat, D. Antonio, T. Gordon, M. Weber, M. English, S. Spelling, P. Lopez, T, Nash, D. Fuchs, G. Scarpelli, P. McGinty, and Assistant Coach M. Hahler. Sports Zips Place Second in 0.V.C. X ,f3??'z."1 1 2' I 3' The Akron Zips concluded the 1982 season with a winning mark of 6 wins and 5 losses. In the opener, played at rival Youngstown State, they played a successful game and began their march toward placing second in the Ohio Valley Conference COVCD Despite being 2-4 on the road, the Zips were almost perfect on the home ground with a 4-1 record. Coach Jim Dennison was voted Coach of the Year in the O.V.C., while tailback James Black and interior-defenseman Frank Mazgaj were named the Most Valu- able Players for the Zips. Scoreboard at Youngstown State Eastern Michigan at Western Kentucky at Middle Tennessee at Eastern lllinois Morehead State at Marshall Tennessee Tech. at Murray State Austin Peay I ! f 1,'4':1E4 :?,"' ., ' vw if me 45510 affgzy ,,,9" at ,ww am 4 QQZWSC-Wdwpfframfa-wfgii 'sf' Y Sports 2 we ,Mm l Va An Akron player catches the winning spirit. L Wir., ,Q UVM' M ti ,wvm ww-3:9 Spfrrts Am 'Q-an-n....' 'z-.lf IGHT Austm Peay ms no trouble for nur defense, 'Wu jil ll ...E ll all l i .1 la l l ll 1 Xa i I if ll r 9 if ,Q l i i ll Er l T .. .,..,............q..,.,c. Klum if AWB sk A V I AVA llgbikum i In v Hb! A Y L' W Q :V V as . W r ln 'rafisfsf Sfawlflwi' it 2 QttfQs1smte+w- AKRM ' KK!!! put! Mittel Km ff-ea ':'K'?.'JN '. A MHA . with Mfr zh M553 H . ' Q lk A r 'WQQYGWF U'fli?l2"t'5""t f, E.Bf'?5a:f 50,552 ter .--8 . yo., Km! Dm' un. ,lg A . rg, Ay A i AK IK 1 ,.,,' gf -:A A, Q . - .5 tes?-. .. 9 - -'g,,,, lvgg Arm. ERS!! nur I Em ' ,wi-.5 IAI, I. ,W V yr ', 15759, V 1 - re.. :,3, "' Hind T ' .. 'Clair "F'f?1'f'2i,g,,,, ,li . F A-pgtzlq'-2:si:g1i91ffe,gg8B'x QA l"Vl" Aga mil AKHGI xml 3 A Mm T A rf it Af 'l f-Tl T' W F ' 6 '35 A T ' 4 . it t,,wa:t 'K .. - llifllll -, W , Fl H ff 5 'Fill qv 5 1 lg qi? in li l Front Row lL-Rl: T. Philpott, J. Myers, G. Alfman, J. Leichliter, T. Staycer, F. Robertson, F. Mazgaj, R. Addis, K. Fire, K. Meade, J. Finley. Second Row: B. Clark, P. Smith, M. Supplee, D. O'Connor, G. Housos, T. Park, D. Heckman, T. Conway, R. Bailey, J. Reynolds, J. Black, T. Bischof, D. Wrigley, R. Brant, K. Kendall, T. Hodges. Third Row: R. Holmes, W. Grant, E. Schooler, E. Grimsley, G. Reed, J. Hutcherson, J. Lake, Tim Fowler, D. Morgan, S. Peterson, Tony Fowler, G. Spencer, B. Sparks, D. Sutter, D. Arango, J. Anderson, C. Earl. Fourth Row: C. Kelly, D. Nelson, K. Baker, L. Small, R. Kelker. B. Pasquale, R. Pasquale, R. Johnson, M. Paramore, G. Stephens, A. Grimes, K. Swartz, G. Gilbert, D. Kreighbaum, T. Gabel, W. Davis, T. Kasunick. Fifth Row: K. Banks, J. Bareiter, M. Daniels, M. Petrus, B. Kuminkoski, M. Stephens, E. Bates, J. Lundy, V. Stewart, T. Burgins. T. Seislove. R. lademarco. M. Teifke, T. Romantic, N. Micheal, J. Legando, T. Swing, J. Hawthorne. Sixth Rowt K. Grisdale, G. Kalis, B. Wurts, B. Haynes. W. Dotson, J. Ferguson, B. Hadden, D. Kaplar, M. VonGuhten, S. Stams, T. Wallace, R. Vargo, A. Brown, J. Dukes, S. Clark, J. Bangston. Back Row: Assistant Coaches L. Kinclbom, D. Flegal, T. Wolf, J. Durbin, D. Newell, T. Forbes, D. Axner, T. Flaherty, J. Ling, P. Winters, Head Coach J. Dennison. Not Pictured: D. Dillion, B. Hagenmaier, J. Luth, R. Taylor. Sports l' Winning Season Ends in Pl ragga, QKRUN Www L RU Artur . tyrant WKRUNK Olly -M A ci-Q UXRUN , 13 Q -..-.1....,-. , Standing fl, RJ Head Coach B. Rupert, W. Pierce, R. Acord, R. Brown, D. Moss, T. Spikes, J. Suthers, C. Shaffer, Assistant Coaches J Robinson Troutrnan K Dambrot. Kneeling: T. Hopkins. M. Dowling, J. Strong, F. Johnson, J. Jakubick, D. Smith, M. Ferwick, Trainer D. Payne UA '77 69 ' 56 68 78 89 ' ' 55 82 Scoreboard at Michigan John Carroll Mount Union Maryland f Eastern Shore at Cmcmnatx Edmboro State Tennessee Tech. Hiram at Eastern Michigan Kent State Cleveland State at Murray State at Middle Tennessee Austin Peay Scoreboard at Morehead State at Eastern Kentucky at Youngstown State Middle Tennessee Murray State at Cleveland State at Austin Peay Morehead State Eastern Kentucky at Notre Dame at Evansville Youngstown State at Tennessee Tech. Murray State Morehead State gal U KWH 'gh '33 N--H, 6 'Jfand Suthers on the defense for Akron. Aggz, f if -, QM f .5 Q ,- YMWTT , , A i Q Q ' xi wwif.-Q K, Joe Jakubick is U.Afs "Mr, Consistent," X ykkllh 31 If xlwh Sports The Zips proved wrong any predictions that they would be at last place in the Ohio Valley Conference lOVCl. They did better than previous years by being fourth in the conference and making the playoffs. They did not, however, make their goal of going to the NCAA tournaments. Coach Rupert experimented with 10 different starting lineups for his sopho- more-dominated team. Joe Jakubick, UA's Most Valuable Play- er, broke 12 records and tied one. He led the team in assists, steals, fieid goals, and free throw percentages. Jakubick scored 1769 career points which was second only to Len Paul's C1969-73l 2028 points. Coach Sports Bob Rupert dictates a play. RIGHT: Tim Spikes makes a traditional jumpshot. Wayne Pierce 'dribbles down the court ff egg Scoreboard at Cleveland State Ohio Northern at Charleston at Morehead State at Malone at Edinboro at Xavier Robert Morris Pittsburgh-Johnstown Ashland Wright State Youngstown State Kent State l Holiday Classic of Pittsburgh Tournament ountain Classic a Year of Obstacles 5 i i i i 'E .-4 ., -- pawn' FQ nv-nr kv.. I .. A""""' - Wwbn "' W ' ,, ,..- ,.......- . A X A-fi ' 4 41 5KRO 0,5 ,X4, www up Lorahee Bolinger is on the defense. -rf' 'fe KKHDN A 'Bud ,F V -...,,, Y . W ,ww -zvgf, ' 1. ef 4. --'V Xa The Lady Zips box-out under the basket. RIGHT: Terrie Jones takes aim. Sports Zxps as nf? 1 xl Xl ' O 'rg X ss-num V V 2- .ffsfg-gy. JL' w,4w"l"v, 455 -. v K aa. f J K in Led by firstsyear Head Coach John Street, the Lady Zips finished with a 13-13 record. They played a tough schedule since 17 of their first 36 games were on the road. They ended the season with a three game winning streak which was the longest by the women in two years. KK. Turner led the Zips in assists and steals and was the Most Valuable Player for the 1982-83 season. Four seniors left the team after the season. Casey O'Connor left while holding 11 Zip records. Kathleen Sulli- van departed as the second Lady Zip to score 1,000 points in her career. Loralee Boiinger left with a record for '5 charity stripe. ,KR04 KRD most games played, l112l. Lori Ander- son also left the team. BKRUN XXKRUIZ KRD lan 5KRU 3U ,gnu nKHU 11 KRD KROy 34 Anderson, R. Whatmough, KK. Turner. Standing: Assistant Coach T, Garcia, M. Heck, B. Mettle, C. O'Connor, Head Coach Street. Sports Leading with Spirit Spreading the spirit! The 1982-83 Zip cheerleading squads inspired much spirit throughout the sport's season. Not only did the cheerleaders gener- ate enthusiasm at football and basket' ball games, but they also represented the university at many civic and aca- demic events. Fall cheerleaders were: L. Dietz, T. Smith, L. Marinos, J. Hart, D. Kreim, M. Mazzagatti, J. Shoup, J. Turbett, J. DeLuca, J. Louis, and J. Kubis. Winter cheers were led by: M. Her- cules, C. Horrigan, C. Fazio, K. Sobul, A. Gromley, B. Pope, and C. Sabo. RIGHTz Julie Hart reaches for the sky. 154 Sports swf, r wx Kb'-'K CUT an 'T I ,X 5 QQ , 4 J' ,.-M ,dx tx, ,1 'ive-' ' an :A ,In ,. fx: . M MIM-ff'Q"T .H fl +212 ""'4n-dn ' '- ., i .5-ff'-ar' 2 g41,w-f 148:95 I f Q-fi as X friends pose for a picture during Homecoming. fi f - 1. . , 1 ' li X X by the excitement. ,ff Y-ifw if 1 .Fd Sports ,AA 44, Zips Compete on Division One Lev Competition on the division one level marked the Zips' first appearance at The Ohio Valley Conference KOVCJ Champion- ship Tournament. The Zips showed great promise at The OVC tournament with wins over Austin Peay and Middle Tennessee. Kay Piper was named to the All-OVC team and named Top Offensive Player along with Ann Traxler. Most Valuable Player was awarded to Jan Buczkiewicz who was also named best defensive player. 0 X A Zip player sets for the spike. fa 4? 'K 55 5 Scoreboard Slxppery Rock West Lxberty Buffalo Edmboro at Wooster Youngstown State Baldwm Wallace Mount Umon Lakeland Robert Moms Toledo Mt St Joseph R10 Grande Defiance Mt. St. Joseph Ohio U. Cleveland State Walsh Otterbein Xavier Central State at Ohio Northern O.V.C. Championships Eastern Kentucky Austin Peay Middle Tennessee Tennessee Tech. Q C Brume B Bronze A. Traxier, D. Sommer, J. Bu zke zcz D Frth Zips Net High Showing at G V C . . . . . , -x-x I- X X sg -. ,.-,-fag, ' 'sf ff ff fvvsf- ' XXX X X X Xi?-254,15 Q 1-if 4123:-fr ,Aff ,s ,Y A fi-,NAI Af-f'-f" fs-1'-f' E'3f"s7qM" if WPXXKK X , A A 1 .V .,4. 1 -62: - ,rg-ing ffvifk A A-fix! f-1 . -ir J- . Afxfxf. AA.,fx Q .fxjx AV ,, 'X 'AA i ' ffaenseffrig f, ,fx A 1 x az? - - . . i-.. . QL- r A fx-XNXX A 1 wi 'C L Q ' L- T' fffg' -AIX ,X A V , , , A N lv Y N ' fag .1 M- 4 1,1345 N CVC i . ' . - - A 9 1 l i 2 1 . . . l-3-.i..1,.....l.J 0 '.Js.2JJ-.2..-'.:.l-.:.,:.l-.- ,,,w.v-e'f+s'.v""t' , Q , A vi: - . l 5 unuv-u-u-ns-ua.o4f..uu--odwM0.,1--s,f-s.,- s-we-14r.w4u-vg-4--:tugs-vu' 'X - ' wif ff- T. YZ". f is ' T - is T NN is TtN.f'1V,, 1 - . if 4 . 1 ffl 'V' f-'f,f"?'-- L-"ff ,- ' ss-ir...41:x -'7 ' 'M' tru ' ,'J4a5.- "iw xqf. .g,3,.55,5,I ?,5,,M,,,g-'?, 1' I i up .V,,, sh? if 'E-9 f N .3 - 5' f ,Y A . -fra. "1 d"- . gb xi ,,, ff-af' 'Ji 'ffm' V. A X 'll six-f' 54" C ,, A Q 1-Q' ,X P' i. -N. lf" xx n Bv 4' 6' 4 42, 'ii 'N Q v s- psy rff"."i,5? s-If at 1'-1.2li'i3fwffviff-"is swf- if 1 - ' Y 32,147 mfs? s . , 1' Q-,"'iK3-qi. LH: N'x'5 Q. ,- sa' 1 f ' e ff-Q-f Q. n - ,M , AQ k in: i .5 ,A si X. ... Samir-A X '-rf, we " 7 . J' I , 'aww' .A .- l1Y"'f-fl T V ws "- ff ' 'T , T A ,i"'a':5fsvs 2.24221--' 1 M x '-?:'.tr"aiz,r4efgi'44,gi,9,3, X T 4 'jalfgt - 1, ddiyqbaigy. s .g,4. 'F -mggafst , wks' gr ' 4 time ni.-9' "Y six-ightggy' R r ' ' W" KW! .. JZ' a"a'sf-4f'1i"' ' 'Y .f , 'art' 'A ,- W- mv ssmirs if inf-f iff 4 ' Qty Kitt, 7? 1-, 5- iw ,Q-Ar 19-.2 72? gift, . Agvigp Q ' FEL' , 7 1, Axffs yvwffinfffrivag ,L ri L ' , ' . 1 , g 9-a4:Q...... ' : A -Y-""5""'Xt, CL l , X 1ilf5f???L ,YSL X K. V r' 4' I3 M 'nl X : W ' XE' . sg, 'k'E i":L '-f'? fi-'5yi:,L,w, W,i,,, w w w g1fIi.ff' z" "ii1 i'2?'57' ,A ,, fy? . ,rf .,i,1,,?,,,,,, , MM, Q., -. ' V ' . -A f'-.:' "' ' aww 'T , .. .,,, ,, .A. I a Most Valuable Player Tony Catlin Closing with five straight victories, the Zip Men's Tennis Team finished off its 1983 season with a 12-15 record A highlight of the season included a sixth place finish at the O.VC meet, which established the team's highest showing ever. Tony Catlin proved to be an important asset to the team by producing winning combinations with Brian Irons, Mike Willis, and Mike Curry. Finishing in fourth place in the fifth singles position, Catlin received the highest individual finish in three years of O.V.C. competition. J I. ' ' , I -x . 1 ,1 if if ur' J' C l ...U ...M .nn v, , s. Q A tennis player follows through with the serve, lL to Rl T Catlin, M. Curry, B. Irons, M. Davis, D. Arvidson, and Head Coach D. Bard. Scoreboard Qpp at John Carroll at East Tennessee St. at West Virginia at West Liberty State at Limestone State at Wolford College at Winthrop College at Armstrong College at Brunswick College at Elon College at North Alabama at Xavier at Youngstown State' at Morehead State' at Dayton it ' 'ff fi ff' Brian Irons UA Scoreboard OPP T- Edinboro State 8 0 Ohio State 9 0 at Murray State' 9 O Eastern Kentucky' 9 6 Tennessee Tech' 3 3 Austin Peay' 6 7 at Bellarmine 2 8 at Robert Morris 1 5 at Charleston 4 7 at West Liberty 2 5 at Mt. Union 4 at OVC Tournament 6th of 8 teams O at Middle Tennessee' 9 'OVC Matches Sports Zips String a Winning Season Celeste McConihe The impressive 9-6 season record of the 1983 Women's Tennis Team reflected many individual and team achievements. Ellen Ferrato was named the Most Valu- able Player for her outstanding 11-5 mark at number one singles play. Sportsmanship Award winner Loralee Bolinger combined with Ferrato for a 10-6 doubles record. Gathering 26 victories in both singles and doubles play, freshman Celeste McConihe was one of the nicest surprises of the sea- son. Sports A tennis team member returns the serve Row 1, Front, IL-Rl: Head Coach J. Dinie, P. Pancoast, C. McConihe, E. Ferrato, and S. Ferretti. Row 2: L. Oxenrider, l.. Bolinger, C, O'Connor, and Di Somody. Third-year letterman Denise Somody. Singles L i Ferrato 5 Ferretti 8 Bolinger 5 McConihe 3 Somody 7 8 O'Connor 11 4 O'Connor O 1 Pancoast 0 1 Doubles W L Ferrato-Bolinger 10 6 Ferretti-McConihe 13 4 Sornody-O'Conner 3 2 Oxenrider- Pancoast O 1 O'Connor-Pancoast 5 5 UA Scoreboard OPP T Kalamazoo -5' 4 Oberlin 5 3 at Toledo 6 9 at Wright State 0 9 at Youngstown State 0 8 at Charleston 1 3 Marshall 6 9 at Siena Heights O 7 Wooster 2 3 at Cincinnati 6 0 at Eastern Kentucky 0 9 Case Western 0 - 5 at Malone 4 9 Balcliwn-Wallace O 9 Cleveland State 0 Sports 1 l A -Q.. i z i I I I . . Ll 4 I l 5 I l ll . I i Men's Cross-Country Team Wins O V C F994 FF 1983 Men s Track Team Front Row QL-Rl: A Keys Row 2 Head Coach A Campbell T Reid D Morant and Adams Row 3 A Slusser Mgr A Powell P. Rickey, K. Greer, D. Crawley, Rr Schilling, P Banks R SWalSQOOd and C Tucker Row 4 F Novak T Wehr K Henderson K Gustley P Moncrief and A. Wuensch. Row 5: D. Carpenter, D. Caldwell R Jackson D Chapman M Morrison R Mosholder and D Schumaker The Men's Cross-Country Team made school history during the 1982 season by winning the O.V.C. Title. Head Coach Al Campbell was named the O.V.C. Coach of the Year, and team members Jim Luth, Dan Schumaker, and Ray Jackson earned the titles of All-O.V.C. and Most Valu- able Player. The team ended the sea- son with a 72-22-1 record. The men's Track Team showed spir- it and determination this year, although it finished fifth in the O.V.C. Several school records were broken. Most Valuable Player Andy Wuensch held a new record for the discus, while Paul Moncrief and Ken Gustely created records for the decathalon and the javelin, respectively. Sports I A track team member works wlth the javelin. if , 'A M - 4,4-5-'O Vi ff' ., ..v,, 'N , i ,rw ' 40 no Qld No fm The 1982 Men's Cross4Country Team Back Row CL-Rl: M. Caldwell, J. Luth, K. Noble, D. Carpenter, R. Moholder, and Head Coach A, Campbell. Front Row: R, Jackson, S. Cameron, R. Swaisgood, D. Carey, S, Krause, and D. Caldwell. ,gg Q mi-V I' Civ-'X l l l l I l I ll I r n l Q l' 1 ' Qlllwfxff ffwwkm . Q u ' 1, 'iw Ji Sports Women's Track and C C Run the Distanc 1 I E I s I l 1 e s UA track member clears the bar Concentrating to win Qi Scoreboard Q-If-li 55 at Walsh 71 Cleveland State at Central State Otterbein at Mt Union Invitational 8th out of 14 Teams 5th out of 14 Teams 42 71 58 ' 26 at Otterbein Invitational In only its second season of exis- tence, the Women's Track Team achieved a winning status. Seven new records were set in 1983, which included Tracie Haynes discus record and Sue Whitmer topping the 5000-meter run. Chris Mioduszeski, Most Valuable Player, set individual records in the high jump and the 200 and 400 meter runs. Sports i 't , , W 5392, 3, VV l 9' '1 A ,. , . 457'Q5Qz-75 , I . ,wi X, f' , 92-he if A1 P? ,553 6, ,,.4fi , 4 - , 1 Y-of . di sl , .Xi K' ,, 2 4 if Sue Whitmer gains the lead. Womens Cross Country Team, CL-Ri: Head Coach S. Vichos, P. Sechler, C. Marks, A. Reichle, B. l '71-zz. iv r , Ar , yft.,5,g, J' K ,if f ' is R I t- 0.-fsif.-' .9-' ff? , r H- ,w., ,n.,.1- Q 'A ii f- A ',u!vlH2gC i. J, V 96:13 .4 if f , 41, 1.v4. .jst gs ' 4' 2 if 4 '4 4, ogg: ,fifth , ...Q ,k Y 1 -4!'f'f,,1i.Q,Al. .Q . -iv, . , 1 . - A ., V, . . . ug 1, ',7f""5 '. f i -' -' 'fix .sen Vu L . .,. , xr , ,J , . . 6 ,ll is ,JQ?,'k,i?,.LV- .gm , ,I h!,,':3.-,V we UA track member concentrates on the throws The Zip Women's Cross-Country team proclaimed a successful 1982 season. Team members Patsy Sechler and Sue Whitmer were consistent in pacing the team and placing well at the invitationals. The superior efforts by Carolyn Marks, Angela Reichle, and Beth Richardson greatly contributed to the 10 victories the Zips achieved. Sports O Lady Zips Slide into Success 1 Texas Tech. 1 T 3 Texas Tech. 3 5 2 Army 4 6 3 Sacred Heart 4 16 5 Virginia 1 6 O Sacred Heart 8 11 13 Rutgers 1 5 5 Allegheny 0 5 7 W. Connecticut 2 5 4 Allegheny 1 17 5 Rutgers O 9 8 Saginaw Valley 1 2 1 Nichols State 2 4 3 Dayton 0 21 9 Dayton 1 16 2 Muskingum O 5 10 Muskingum 1 0 7 Malone 0 1 7 6 Edinboro O 2 3 Edinboro 2 O 8 Indiana State O 18 5 UA Sports Scoreboard Indiana Central Franklin at Mount Union at Mount Union Ohio University Ohio University Southern Il. Butler Southern Il. at Ashland at Ashland Kent State Kent State Heidelberg Heidelberg Ohio Northern Bowling Green Bowling Green Wright State Wright State Ohio Northern Ohio Northern A . ,ya-.f ,t xx , T. f OPP 0 O O O 7 6 2 1 2 1 0 O O 0 O 1 1 0 0 2 0 2 ff . M, Nl , . 'V ' ,,n - Q , gray 4 1 A i ' " 5 1... ' ' 24' if if 1 . , x - .V ' -f' if 'M - . 4 , ' H g 'f vw-K. 4' O is . "' gee- 1.8-is 3 - 7 -f f ' 41539 of 4 I i 4 -Q A Sv' . ' l wfw .V .. 'Q' lb' l A good stance is essential for hitting. A Zips player on the move. 'MHHUIQMHH -MW-l"tiliilll Ulf? i .ww Willy nun "" . w , aff' ffm 1 4 Y i ,.- w..- if in A H.. . N' l ,ffl lf T l ii 1 p .Q , J A' 1 ,.., " '- , " - ' ,I-ts ' a4s,',.,'. ,"" - 395, ,fr 1 wx ! 1 I Y x I fa- Qi A-"'t' bf". A f, jf An uncontested slide into home plate. l -Q- lt, 2 ,ww-, - whfgvj -J' ' , app. : K 3,9 ., v.' Y i' Aj 1 ,- ,M -NA , . ., ,J I , .1 . .. -hx .gi yn-. Y wtf, .. -.Q . I M V , - 1 fu - ,'fA.Vf"-M" f 'T.-Q-gi. . .Q N. -"- -. 'ffl ' ' , ' ' " 1 ' gfk 'uf " ' '. . - ' - ,. r,"-.- 4 , -A 1. 'Q' -' 43' "92c"1'ff-' ' V- - - fm. - - . 1 sw - ." Q1 I v, ' - . X . "nl .. H - " ' ' , , e , ' ' 5 H," - , .V r,...i v P x-nv" A -A N '- 4, - , X V. :, ' me yum. ' C.. 5 orts . .J ,. if , .. , , , -'SQ-,,P"v.. w wif.-A ,,,,,A:,- Q - M ,I t wg ' A .--:sr jd'-f N- ex- .'4...,, N ' ' U - -'in - ". ' ' V., , --.a - "fl4d'5""'.w-vm Q "R: , ' . ,Y .v I . "'.. -, .' ' -9 ,,-'. n - f te'-' ' Q ,V I . N up , "j fag. Sports Front row ll.-Rlg Rotruck, Porter, Viebranz, Mayreis, and Head Coach J. Arrietta, Row 2: Arvay, West, Korora, Clancy, and Assistant Coach Bednarik. Row Q4 Piper, Firth, and Hart, Row 4 lL-Rl: Bailey, C. Vance, J. Teitsworth, Lestock, and Assistant Coach J. Williams. Row 5: Cassidy, Torma, Patterson, and Trainer K Blackburn. Back Row: Martin, R. Vance, Weber, D. Vance, and C. Teistworth. Lady Zips Shatter Record with 34 Victories The Akron Zips Softball Team was stupendous this year. lt set a record with 34 victories in the season and finished 34- 7-2. The team was led by Kay Piper who offensively paced the team with doubles, triples, homeruns, and runs batted in. Nine others all batted above the .3000 mark. Overall, the team out-scored the opposition 5-1 and in 1,000 plate appear- ances by the other teams, the Zips held them to only 18 extra base hits and zero homeruns. Dani Vance won the Female of the Year Award. She compiled a 28-8 mark as a pitcher with a 0.76 earned-run average in four years. She and Piper were named Most Valuable Players for the 1983 season. il, l i i rl i,. l i in i l l 1 I . I 1 i i l V 4 1 I li l ll ,. 1 f 4 I l l i Zips Bat a 30-16-1 Record wwamygr Scoreboard W Connecticut Geneva Wilmington Malone Denison Wilmington Jacksonville Ohio Wesleyan Denison Ohio Wesleyan Wilmington Demson Jacksonville Bowling Green Ashland Cleveland State E. Kentucky at Morehead State at Morehead State E. Kentucky Dayton Dayton at Youngstown State at Youngstown State Youngstown State Youngstown State OPP 5 4 1 9 4 5 9 7 6 2 5 0 0 2 'knew Scoreboard John Carroll Morehead State Morehead State John Carroll E Kentucky E Kentucky Kent State Kent State Cleveland State Cleveland State Ashland Kent State Kent State Ashland Ashland Akron Invitational Dayton Ashland Youngstown State Wright State Ashland Dayton CPP O 1 1 4 2 3 3 2 5 Sports id! Ns 43 Front row QL Rl Varmch Bobrindt Ingram Bob Swertfager Hawthorne Huebner Gowins and Burk Row 2 Head Coach D Fross Coleman Draa Stevens Spitale Tilkey Floriea and Cozart Row 3 Duncan Wrigley Bill Swertfaqer Kuchmaner Fleischer and Emrhem Back row Stams Consolo Birkbeck Fondriest Gliha and Magada Head Coach Dave Fross entered his tenth season with the Akron Zips this year. His team concluded the season with a very fine 30-16-1 mark. The Zips opened with a super spring training in which they took 11 games of 15. Leading the Zips were seniors Mike Birkbeck and Bill Swertfager. Together these two held 26 records for Akron. Swertfager played every game of his four year college career, and ended with a 199 game record. Birkbeck, a pitcher-first baseman, made first team All-Ohio-Valley Conference, and left the Zips with a .363 career batting average, and 4-2 pitching record. 35 1 ,f ,M E QW' '94 fv NW . I an If -0 , 7 dk V 65,53 4, . .W v .1 !!!f'f ,f-V gf' ' , ., Q, ' , KZ A ' 5 'K 'fn ' f , .fs v 'Q 'FMQJ' W .' fx , 1 : , 'f K VN 2 V " 459' 1 7 "vAl,,.. 'fl '- if N, , f . f Q, '- v ' Y 1.. Y fx- wi, A A i f I . 44,7 r A I X W, , 5 ,QV r f , AF' -. '-44, fi " I 'G-I' if q Qff' V, 1 ' ' A I ' - . Ae.1,5eff','tf5f E .4 I J A ff gffw if , , Qvm 'nf Q: 4' 1 ' W 3,21 is 1 A -1 V , N -g ,, I , , Q 1 " 'I 3 f M www' My "r ' 1' . f s- 5' f, v "' ,-iff!" N , WQM4 ,, 4, ,M?i,f,.:.:Q' 'Vt I 1 , ., fy-Vf+,,,5.V J ,Styx A ' N? f flf-'NL 'fel' fhy, MH? Uygrgi A f is j .. .ivfijj 'I gimq 'ii , The catcher takes a breather from his position. THQ fy , K d A 1 I I . 1 1-mf W Lazy' rdf 6 LEFT: Bill Swertfager studies the action MVN Swim Season is Record Breaker Stroking to the finish line I -.I Front CL Rl J Bock B Zawiskl S. Cremean, R. Mason, E. Garbash, K. Adkins, D. Strong C Dieter and M Willis Back Row: T. O'Brien, K. Shaw, C. Bark, D. Mundy, B Simmons Head Coach C Morgan, Assistant Coach J, German. The 1982-83 season contained many highlights for the Zip Swim Team: A meaningful win in the 5-1 record included a victory over Youngstown State. Akron received its highest placing ever at the Penn-Ohio Meet where the Zips fin- ished fifth of eight teams. The individual efforts were outstanding. For example, Steve Cremean, the team's Most Valuable Player, established a conference best in the 100 butterfly and broke the UA record in the 200 butterfly event. Backstroke times belonged to Karl Shaw who set new records in such events. Ei anced wel, fy l. lm ' 1 J 46 in .ff Lane shows his best form. The golf team had to contend with adversity this year because of the fact that only two lettermen were returning, KTrefzger and Axtell lcaptainl. The team was a well-balanced group without a medalist scorer who shot con- sistently, which was what they needed to have a winning season. Sports 1 Riflery Team Shoots to Win The Akron Riflery Team finished third in the Lake Intercollegiate Riflery Conference with a 27-7 mark. Bryan Cargould ended the season with a 548.5 of 600 points to place third in the conference. Four-year shooter Brian Wieghaus was named Most Valuable Shooter, placing 12th in the conference and ranking second on the team. Susan Kirk was named Most Im- proved Player by raising her average 58 points in the final meet. Front row KL Rl D Widdowson A Piven K k Sec nd ow Sober row Head Coach N Engle S Krajci D S. ir . o r 1 T. , T. Zimmerman, S. Maurer, B. Cargould. Back Lattue, B. Wieghaus. The University of Akron 198283 Riflery Team. if 1' "7 " . - i X I s 'Q resist rg 'Q si . ., st I Bryan Cargould concentrates on his target. Steve Maurer and Sandy Kirk set up a shot Sports Karate Club Nationally Recognized George Anderson, right, 7th Degree Black Belt in United States. Partners practice their skills. The University of Akron Karate Club is affiliated with the Amateur Athletic Union, the United States Karate Association, and the Central Taekwondo Association. The club is one of the premier university clubs in the country, and is internationally recognized for its training methods, Karate referee and officials training, tournament organizing capabilities, and for producing nationally ranked AAU champions. Sports Bowlers Win First Place in State The University of Akron Men s Bowling Team members pose with their first place trophy. Both the Men's and Women's Bowling Teams were named state champions this year after competing in the O.I.B.C. Coached by Jim Mitchell, the men posted a 45-3 record, while the women earned a 26-10 showing. Members of the men's team, which was ranked 19th in the nation, were Steve Frhe, John Murray, Dwayne Hickman, Mark Randolph, and Greg Jeffries. Members of the women's team were Barb Kovach, Carolyn Turner, Pam Reynolds, Karen Morgan, and Barb Wis. iPhoto of Women 's team unavail- ablel 91' I' W ., 'MWA "W--.t .. 1 CL Rl P Seebauer C Sheehan and R Davidson Row 2: J. Haynam, M. Kruzer, V. Minnovich, and B. Peterson Row 3 L Malacaman T Sisti and Ski Team Takes Third The 1982-83 Ski Team, coached by Kevin Darago and led by captains Chris Sheehan and Pat Darago, captured a third place win in the Ohio Division of The Midwest Collegiate Ski Association this season. With only two of the team's members returning from last season, the team had a successful year despite the youth of the members. 5... Taking to the Water and Snow Down the slopes . . . Water skiers prepare to go out on the water. The Water Ski Club and the Ski Club are athletic organizations that allow students to learn about and gain experience in these sports. The Water Ski Club, formed in 1980, par- ticipates annually at the Midwest Regional lntercollegiate Competitions. The Ski Club skis weekly at Boston Mills, and skis out West at least once a year. The group holds clinics and social events for members. Sports as. 1 1 users-155,44 5 l 1 1 4 'fits 'Z' 'ff' ' 'srzlristl-sf A Frisbee Club member shows his talent. The Frisbee Club poses for a picture on Lee Jackson Field. Q gf Table Tennis is a challenging sport. lt's a trick to keep your eye on the ball! Frisbee and Table Tennis Two other clubs that allow for athletic participation are the Frisbee Club and the Table Tennis Club. These organizations are open to any student who expresses an inter- est. Sports Intramurals- Fall to . 5.' 'frff ass 'Z "Hey guys. wheres the ball?" 4 4 1 f l lu 4'-as '- 3'iE9l'?f' . 'pf' 13" Intramurals are the most participated-in campus activities. Sports f'.!!O VAL i 1 I ' w .iJ"'in ded' QQ' Spring Activities Swimming is just one of many activities available. Football-just another Akron intramural game, I wr Taking a break between games. Sports SW I I I II I I I I I I I I I 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 259 I 12.355, Q I I I q I 951 I E-1INNq. Q90 989 YI' Oo 15909. Q5 r In no qooOEgi4x::65 Q3 'A Q N XTQOQW 7 0 Y' :Nix val 6-4 A 2 052. ,999 cw Q In X II x ,x 0, kr- W . 4 :- M f I 1 H 1. r GEEK 1:4-. 5 LQQQW 90909 M W nun- QD 5 gs- smug Www A i M9 4, m 5 S' E -gg. , M,,, fum Interfraternity Council Interfraternity Council IIFCI is run through the combined efforts of frater- nities on campus in order to offer bet- ter communication and relations among all houses. It is composed of at least two members from each house, and works closely with Panhel. IFC meets twice a month to establish an agenda for fra- ternal life. 1982 President Judd Limbach. Junior IFC consists of associate re- presentatives from fraternities. Members receive hands-on experience in planning events and are prepared for the responsibility of being effective leaders. 184 Greeks I IGP mf' The 1982 Executive Council i if ,2 "" - ' 'E V V Y 'E ,Q Q ""- Q 5, ' , ,eq -Ill' git ,wyh Y .ll f',"5F3 23-K ' A couple enjoys a Junior IFC party at the Phi Sig House ,Z 1' IILAVS ' gl 5 'T f X .. 'N yah,-y., ' 'ff The 1982-83 Executive Council. 'ff ww ww life - i 3 1982 Sorority Presidents, CL to Rl: Vicki Lex, Lori Musitano, Liz Marmaduke, Tracy Schiavone, and Sue Richardson, Missing from photo: Jill Louthan. The 1983 Junior Panhel. v Panhel is the governing council for sororities on campus. lt is composed of a select group of representatives from each sorority and is directed through the executive council, Panhel sets the requirements, laws, and bylaws of events such as Rush and Greek Week. Panhel also fosters a spirited and unified atmosphere for Greek life. . g : 5.a--.,W,,- Leslie Jones, 1982 Panhel President. Junior Panhel is composed of pledge representatives from sororities. Members are trained in leadership skills to prepare them for future active involvement. Panhellenic Council Greeks RUSH: I ,H,, IV- Wx A Theta Phi Alpha sister greets pledges. l JIRA .XX i, pw' Teresa Calhoun receives her bid from Alpha Gamma Delta. I l I l l 1 l l R I S 5- l l like flee 4 , Q3 i f G L Q! r 1 - W rd ' X W 't N- l Sue Rubel, left, discusses Chi Omega sisterhood. l Kathy Segatta, left, talks about Delta Gamma. E l Y W , , a,., ,:A,, , . . it e altt ,,,..t i t a tala i e +., - kwa ,iff U - 'Tau-f r 4 ae MH: ' " 34 X K, ,sf :QW ' K , i 4, , MW, ff f L aff 2 , 'f , 57+ ' 7' 9 . M, Ya i ., ,FIN p J K ' ' lf. ' 1' n. 2 QM ls , Ba 0 Alpha Delta Pi 5l5lel'5 congratulate 5 Pledge- Kappa Kappa Gamma sisters perform for pledges. 0 O s Exploring Greek Llfe. All Greek Formal October 15, 1982 The All Greek Formal adds to the Homecoming festivities, 'WA Greeks -. Two share a special moment. 'X xillilrbaql X: ' ' 'Lx '. ii' i lximlx i ,rx .MQ A NIBXA X L N, can-X QQ 'Q' T ffl!! LEFT: Couples dance in the ballroom of Thi University Club. 5 Alpha Delta Pi pledges finish in second place. Emcee Sandy Kaercher Y X vm' ff I l , L.. Third place goes to Alpha Gamma Delta, I 2 ci ,X E X J pa W wwf, fx X' ' l fx i l 5 fm.. 1 fl buff we ,N , J' af M Alf' is 1 f if 1 - 1 Delta Gamma sisters win first place in Casbah. Greeks 1' ,,. 1 ff , 1.5 4" other from Lambda , A n DV 'W w I 3 X :- ,pw . A . i ,MM-5 3 1 1- -Q Mi .-f-"" ...v"" ,Mal f si if ' A N . x I I xx b' ng blood. Two participants rest during the marathon. The marathon was held at the Cascade Holiday lnn. Participants dance together for Muscular Dystrophy Ass0ciatiO1'1- Dancers take advantage of scheduled breaks. Dance Marathon Two philanthropies sponsored annu- ally by the Greeks are the Dance Mar- athon and the Blood Drive. The dance marathon which was also sponsored by Residence Hall Council, lasted for 22 hours and raised money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association KMDAD. Chi Omega and Tau Kappa Epsilon were the Greek houses that collected the most money for the charity. Greeks A Showcase of Talent X Kia N ,Mah Greeks 14 Q Songfest allows Greeks to compete and show their talent. i l rf-ff Kappa Kappa Gamma wins first place with "Mame." ow Q- -T' XTX. First place Delta Tau Delta men sing "There Ain't Nothing Like Dame." N W e , h 'li up gif A4 e 5 5 fi if 3 P fy a' 2, ' Isa 1 - X 2 ' ' ' " f ' r ' I if 1 'E 1 4' - , ombined en r 1' 4' aff? 'B' Songfest IS one of the best attended Greek events all year f ' "4" fa" +2 4 U ,, N ,. 'Q Y S, K 1 1.1 .. 4 x V -r , 1 5 .MM-e-M4 , -'sn .9 X I JL LL The 1983 Greek Recognition Dinner was held at the Tangier to wind up Greek Week. Greek houses and individuals were recognized for their excellence and contributions to Greek life. Members of The Order of Gmega and Rho Lambda, both Greek honoraries, were recognized, The Out- standing Greek Man was John Bouterse, while Jill Louthan was named Gutstanding Greek Woman. The Dean's Cup, an award for out' standing house activities and participation went to Tau Kappa Epsilon KTKED. 'U x Greeks relax at the bar before the Cefemgny Jim Anich left receives a scholarship award 19 Greeks ll l ll s, T A , 2' Lori Musitano greets the guegts- Debbie Buclhoff, right, receives a scholarship award. ifi- .- ,, The men from Lambda Chi Alpha enjoy their meal. - .I-N Alpha Gamma Delta sisters smile for the camera. Bob lncorvati, left, and Rob McCarty fill their plates. Greeks The TKE Mugslide is a success. QR Swv y 42 Two Lone Stars pose at the 101 year anniversary party 19 Greeks T Many participate in the Sigma Pi Jello Slurping Contest. Kappa Gamma sells balloons durmg Greek Week for Multxple Sclero I I Greek Feast is a well attended activity. Greek Week Greeks A Time .1 for Greek Life 4 V 198 5 'L A 12 f Andy Suasmer and friends at the TKE Mug Slide Party. Greek Dan Bolender Theta Phi Alpha sisters get ready for the Sweetie Pie Open House. LEFT Sisters perform at the Greek Show. Brothers from the Phi Sig House show their stuff. Aipha Phi Alpha brothers pose for a picture. Chris Locher competes at the Shoot-Offs. M The Delta Gamma House is full of surprises. Greeks ww-A A -vgfu r""""""""f" -an-0 xv: ..-sv. mga- ,. Alpha Delta Pi Sorority has received national recognition for their philanthrophy work during the last several years. Members have raised money for Ronald McDonald Houses with an annual Carnation Sale and a Bathtub Pull with Lamb- da Chi Alpha Fraternity. The sorority has received awards for highest overall Grade Point Average, Outstanding Panhellenic House, and Most Im- proved Scholarship. 1 1 Ns gxi?'2.'Ue. . v ,vigil ' f 'Q ,K 4 W, ,Ng pf' A' R H Q fl 1' A 1 x l. A Greek-O-Gram, anyone? 2: y , tl r i H1 .4 li A if 'f ,AGR i Xvfr iilitf- P -W , Greeks Mayor Roy Ray designated September 7 as Alpha Phi Al- pha Day in Akron to honor the fraternity's scholarships and fund raising services for the United Negro College Fund, the Black United Fund, and The United Way. The fraternity was the first national black fraternity, and it is the oldest black fraternity on the UA campus. 3 gn 'Vt zu . r , X in , A-.- A Star is born at the Greek Show. The Alpha Phi Alpha Sweethearts join the pose. Greeks - Joanne Skiner takes part in intramurals, l House meetings are part of Greek life. Nearly 70 members strong, Alpha Gamma Delta, a national sorority, raised money for to help fight Juvenile Diabetes, The traditional event, held in November to support the fight against Juvenile Diabetes, was Jam with the Gams. The sorority also won the Greek Intramurals during Greek Week this spring. Jam with the Gams! '1 Greeks S, K .Q J, , Y A . Us 1 if, .,. Q J ""'--ar W ' x' , Tis? s ' ' Q:-'32 wrf, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority supported The United Negro College Fund and the Sickle Cell Anemia Foundation this year. Events held to raise money included a Lap Jog-a-Thon in September, and a Bowl-a-Thon in March. The chapter received the Delta Sigma Theta Outstanding Community Service award, and the Great l.ake's 53rd Re- gional Conference Chapter Exhibit Award. Chapter member Tori Ingram was named Outstanding Undergraduate Soror- ity Member at the regional level. 20 Greeks 1 I l r 'l AKA sisters have a good time at the Tea Rose Ball. ul""' The AKA Bowl-a-Thon is a success. - .UNA M55-sp. ,ab- N7' The sorority presents chapter service awards. i During initiation a new initiate receives her active pin. X' ly. ,l. sniff' - Chi Omega Sorority is the largest na- tional sorority in The United States. The UA chapter raised money this year for a variety of needy organizations. The UA Chapter of Chi Gmega took second place in both individual and com- bined competition at Songfest. Members also had the most participation at the Dance Marathon and received the award for Most Improved Chapter. NQ4' 5 Sisters meet at the Chi Omega House. Greeks I 1 The annual Anchor Splash was one of the popular events Delta Gamma Sorority held to raise money for its philanthropies this year. Members also kept busy with the Sweetest Eyes Contest, Project Eye Alert, A Q and serving at homes of the blind. The chapter held the highest " A percentage for sororities in the Blood nl Drive and also won the All Sports Award. Jill Louthan, past president, was named Outstanding Greek Woman for the 1982- 83 year. L 1 at U - Sisters have fun during Greek Week. X P - Joan Steinkershner makes her move, I i l i Greeks '1 .N ' Mg, " ' 'W ... Qs . tw Q1 . 4, Q-A V r H Y 'ERN v, ,td y A member attends a meeting. BELOW: Health Fair 1983, Delta Sigma Theta presented a host of activities over the 1982-83 school year. Most proceeds went to The Kid- ney Foundation and Easter Seals. The Deltas sponsored a Tribute to Black Excellence to recognize campus and community organizers in the Black community. Delta Week, an annual event usually held in the Spring, was another major project that kept members busy. Members also volunteered time with the African Liberation Academy QALAD, and this year received a plaque from the ALA for outstanding community service. Many attend the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Ball. Greeks AA 43,5 ,, . i Team members pose with the Sub Race trophy. With 26 members, Delta Tau Delta held various events to support Multiple Sclerosis. These events included a 24-hour run, a 200-mile run, and the Greek Entertainer Contest, held during Greek Week. The members were recognized for the Most Improved Chapter. The house was awarded first place in Songfest with its individual act. Greeks Is this the famous barbershop trio? ,ff s V ., Pigging out to win the Sub Race! . Joy Nimmer, left, and Kim Williams sell balloons, ff- ynn Gilboy, Julie Boyce, Heidi Malez and Dorette Regutti show off their ed Race trophy. Kappa Kappa Gamma held a number of fund raising events for rehabilitation charities during the school year. Members sold balloons during Greek Week to raise money for victims of Multi- ple Sclerosis, helped Goodwill rearrange merchandise at the main store in Akron, and spent recreation time with underprivi- leged children. The Lambda chapter at UA played a significant role in the establishment of a new Kappa colony at Bowling Green State University. This year, Kappas swept first place in Songfest for both combined and individual competitions. Kappas Lisa Taylor, left, and Liz Wecker. BOTTOM: Marci Weston at the TKE Run-a-Thon, '1 Greeks AXA '1- Greeks :fb Mu. ,ff-,..,,,V.I, -V 1 'll -i .I fc 'wcgxff . f '- Q -H ,- - ,J . y 1 The Mud Tug is one of the most popular Greek events. With '75 members, Lambda Chi Alpha supported many philanthropies this year. These included the Ronald McDonald House, Spinabifida, and the Epilepsy Foundation. Events held to raise money included a Spinabifida Run, a Bathtub Pull, and a Basketball Marathon. Brothers also took children from a children's home to the movies. A member of this national fraternity, John Bouterse, received the Outstanding Greek Man Award this year. 'Q'-nv-""" I .5 ,,....,...... 1 - Brothers take turns pulling the tub. +25 ,IQ l Q.. ' Q I iizsav Il' Q l to ' J4mV..Xyxls P li .5 f Sv: is Some people really flip over Chug-Offs. Ia '50 B2 Brothers enjoy a Delta Sigma Theta dance. President Gregory Dotson BELOW: The fraternity performs at the Blue and White Review. Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., sup- ported many charities, such as The March of Dimes, the NAACP, the United Negro College Fund, and the Urban League this year. This national fraternity received the award for the Most Improved Chapter in the region, and two of its members, Ed Jones and Rod Thompson, received Out- standing Brotherhood Awards from the Black Cultural Center. Frank Robinson sells candy to benefit The March of Dimes, CIDBE -T Greeks 1 fr PN-c""' gy, l Greeks Mike Sebold looks over the menu at a pig roast. Phi Kappa Psi made headlines this year when the house held the annual Best Legs Contest to benefit Akron Children's Hospital's Burn Center. The brothers also had the highest percentage of blood donors in the Blood Drive. The chapter also won second place in Intramurals during Greek Week. After tripling its membership last spring, Phi Kappa Psi is the fastest growing fraternity on the UA campus. Do we need a permit to park this thing? - f Phi Delta Theta Fraternity raised mon- ey during the past year to battle Lou Gahrig's Disease with a number of differ- ent events, such as its block party. With approximately 40 members, this national fraternity is the oldest continuous fraternity on the UA campus. Phi Delta Theta won a number of events during the 1982-83 school year, in- cluding first place in Chug-Offs, first place in Greek intramural soccer, and second place in University intramural soccer. Paul Techau, left, is awarded the Verlin Jenkins Scholarship Award at an an nual CID I P94 I Greeks l .mu n The officers call the meeting to order. LEFT: The Phi Tau Bug Stuff is a campus tradition. X TUH' is The Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity held its annual Bug Stuff event for the eighth year in a row during Greek Week this year. With approximately 30 active members, the chapter took the largest pledge class theylve had in seven years. A national fraternity, Phi Kappa Tau, raised money for the American Cancer Society and the Summit County Republican Party. Taking first place for a solo act in The Greek Entertainer, it also placed in several Greek Week events. v. L fwfr Tony Kuchta and Karin Keller enjoy the formal l it The game l'Thumper" always draws a crowd. During Greek Week, a Thumper party was held by Phi Sigma Kappa. Events held this year to support philan- thropies included a Thanksgiving Dinner, Trick or Treat for U.N.I.C.E.F., and Valet parking at Stan Hywet. The 63 members worked with various sororities to raise money for the Big Brother's of Akron, The American Diabetics, and U.N.I.C.E.F.. The UA chapter was recognized by the national fraternity for its services in the A brother makes a point at a meeting. community. "Pu, 5. , K W u k N f i Q!! I I 1 Lone Stars have regular meetings. The Lone Stars lPi Kappa Epsilonl held their annual bike-a-thon for the March of Dimes. Celebrating the house's anniversary, the Lone Stars are the oldest local fraternity in The United States and the only local fraternity at The University of Akron. Last fall, the house took the largest pledge class it has had in the last five years. 21 Greeks l fill' The traditional event for Sigma Pi was the All-Greek St. Patrick's Day Mixed Drink Party. The 23 members are unique in that they are under stricter scholarship re- quirements than those set by the university. Sigma Pi was very proud to receive the award for the most original act in the Songfest competition. ts Sigma Pi brothers hold a Jello Slurping Contest for Greek Week. l BELOW: Sigma Pi brothers on stage with "Animal House." Playing "Quarters" can be fun. Greeks I ,VI - 1 TKE brothers add up the scores to benefit St. Jude's Hospital, v"'x Y -Wm, Z'--I A TKE adds to the score at the Bowl-a-Thon. f-r -Ziff 1 lv? .rf i , Y Events held by Tau Kappa Epsilon in- cluded a Run-a-Thon for Spinabifida Special Olympics for the handicapped and a Mugslide to benefit victims of Mus- cular Dystrophy. The 80 members also worked together to receive the award for the most blood donated in the Blood Drive, the Dean's Cup, the All Sports Champions Award, Songfest winners in combined competition, and the most money raised for the Dance Marathon. 1 9 Greeks TKE brothers and friends pose at the Run-a-Thon. K 4 Theta Chi Fraternity sponsors several parties The Beta Lambda Chapter of Theta Chi Fraternity had 20 members this year. The members participated in Christmas carolling at William Towers, a paper drive for the American Cancer Society, the IFC Blood Drive and the Dance Marathon. While participating in these events, they raised money for various philanthropies as well as through the Foxy Lady Contest which is the major fund raising event for Theta Chi. Theta Phi Alpha raised money this year for the Hattie Larlham Foundation, and Glenmary Missions. Its basketball marathon was a tradition- al event, with participants dribbling bas- ketballs for up to 33 hours. The annual Theta Phi Open House, held during Greek Week, helped raise money for sorority rush. Theta Phis took first place in this year's Blood Drive for the sorority with the most donors. They also took first place in Chug-Offs. 6-DCI1 .X 'XP swf Greeks ll Ti 'img X7 ' N :br 1. I -JC '46 A Dribbling for dollars! I l A Darla Wolfe speaks during Founder's Day. LEFT: Theta Phi Alpha wins first place in Chug-Offs. ZCIDB 49152 The Cake Walk raised money for many causes. 'il' ATN' ll ii l U ll Ei PA f'-V7 A -ft T 6, i " X if fptEQ, J r it 'Ns ,Q-., it I, -.f zc, ' I ff , f .igx tiyglfly ra ly, J ,, -,J f V, 1 2? ,..,,91, :ggi Q If-'x If 21' -t , -1 M it gf? q fit " was Mg 9 1 Hi Mfzfw l i s A little help from Phi Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. worked hard this year to raise money for the Ur- ban League, The March of Dimes, the United Negro College Fund, the NAACP, and for the victims of Sickle-Cell Anemia. Members held events such as car wash- es and their annual gospel program to raise funds. The sorority won first place in this year's Greek Show. Beta Sigma? 1 Greeks A' gli Am .44 '- Aw- ? "1 ix' fa '-1,1713'4fWl?1jL,,:g7',:,. QP P 1 2 i yhH5 :MH i I I N 1 Il C f 1 "P 1 1 Ebiiiwifsa. ' - 'NxoN , 'Ag' 1 "K .x . K Dorms 345 K fi Yfjfmwx fifwiik-1 , ' X ' ' . Wihuki W Hug Waker probkerrms YQYTXHYU unsowed Ss ywfli--1' V DP: Fl . Q Or. - 5 K, Q ,J demga I ,' , f,f,ff f 1f:, ... ,..-Y Ma:f Q . X QC QJQQLLHRQSMX . N 'f jagF ff, ., ?ffL"X"hLfWXqf , Cf?-C.3T'fY:?zj113'AWc1' ' 2-S 'T' 'I ?Aa1xuvxbBx-1'lf1 f"1"E GYP' C Nm 'im Y. ---Q-L C-1 ". 2 ox-' ' X: ,-A . . ,Q i +f J , A 5 N ,,j1-,Ij.55-2,4 ,M ,RM 5,131 5f':fs7 41511 ,q - ' - Y :':"" 2. 5214-f' ,wzE" 'Q , 4bf'K Dorms . 5, 'T L. X25 L ,Q 1 5' I?" c if Q V Q 5, :MA D4-rms 223 .ai U. x ' 'Ti' xiii g Q 2? r. M ETL "Wie W'WE225F -Y LQ Q If ,. 53 Rx! " 71, 'v 'Wil' A N .L ., 1 4 'T""'9" A .v :rj Ml V :H-zsf.. QXwwwSe,:fei?N'LX'S'N'iQvaf zf12?wfwsffw'1,Qwsa ., Q ,X -may. .,N. MMS, -.Mm AA XmN,X..ANWs,w4fQ, M .0,W,,M0..N,,Xm.xA , , ,f, W 1, , W f . V .f. -1 ::'-f5QQY' e5':m'ef w1g,f , I wwf?-. Q' -1f?9WM-aw b.faff2:f0fN:a i:f'fi -1 -kwffv zzifwfff' Q 1 f , N, mw,eQ.MwMN, ,MWma,VQ?,,. f,w,z,,,,..qC m,Z, 36 ,, WK, Q 3 xxAw,,M.feqMM. WMQNAQW S WWWMMQ Q M, ffcV.MQ,m,,mQ,- V J, , ,My-M f E xx., 1 f v Wu., -...Nb at f I . QS-4 'J 'rr 5zr',, , f, 0 ff' , :AJ ' ov . JY' , 355' ,, X r'f AQ' '14 57425-if irq' . 1 , uf-L"Q"M ,va X 72145 f R A . Q 'fwf 'fpj .4 ,' ' o-1 V X . 1, wig' Y 2 W K , nh it Z Y, ' x , U85 , 'QQ I.. ., ,Q x 'Ai -1. 3f""v -:LJ "f 24 ' f ' z H ' ' QQ. "' ' we-0' . N , , . -117 s.. V ,Vw is Q. M: . 5-gg N, - 912,51 if--. ' wr, an Ag, 'bw .gf 4 .1-n.:.Q Sf 7' ' X 'E' 5 'fX1- ' mf' 2 ,,1. -:,' , :f.,y:.z,s H Q X ev Q 4 ' .M 52i,gg,,sN,,,W, Jam , , VMMM wMQ,:.,:Z,j,:, X Q..XwQww 'fwfw fx 4' ff -pa s, ww .4 do-f , + Nw? ,.x , 41 N-J 1-1 ,fl Q 7 ,-, 'w-msn 5 . ' A x f A jf ui M 9 31 A' Q 1' -I 1 p p S.. it 'QQ Q f . 4 .. ,W A-'Q' V Xv 'Sz 49.11 "N , . 'iff -fn.. wfiflx, A 15 , f,, 2 -if '19-,Q 'X' A fr 3 , "N-7 if 3 : -n f v 52 .1 53,1 ii' 'AA Residence I-lall Grganizations l ' 'T l l 3 l t i l 1 l i l Tom Harakal, President of Residence Hall Council Rl-IC Residence Hall Council CRHCD serves as the link of communication between students, staff, faculty, and ad- ministration in order to provide educational and recreational programming to dorm students. RHC involved its membership in community activities such as the Bicycle Rodeo which was developed to teach Akron children bicycle safety. A program that gained recognition within the dorms was the For Your Information fF.Y.l.l series which covered topics of rape and personal protection, career planning, and an evening with President Guzzetta. Dorms RHPB Board ROW 1 IL-Rl: B. Walsh, L. Pelesky, J. Lombardi, B. Bichard, R. McDonald, ROW 2: P. Long, J, P. Nicols. ROW 3: B. Fritz, L. Harris. ROW 4: L. Ferrighetto. rs a take-off from the TV game show, "Family Feud," M. C. J. P. Nichols, gives the next question B 'o the opposing team members during Friendly Feud. 'mm 'J 39.1 , f . ' fjg, 'S 34 5, M .. .. ., ,IKE Vg ,.?,,,j , Mgr ' gfX'if'i'!? ' r '42-rf Y 4 -vf+. i.y - Sue Warner changes the cards on the scoreboard, Residence Hall Program Board QRHPBD is a ma- jor student organization that plans and implements social activities for residence hall students. RHPB helped to plan many campus-wide activities, such as Homecoming and May Day as well as sponsoring residence hall weekends such as Fresh- man Orientation, Holiday Weekend, Little Sibs Weekend, and Dorm Week. Additional RHPB highlights are dances, mini-concerts, contests, trips, open mike nites, and talent shows. RHPB also is designed to be an educational experience for those participating on the board. For students engaged in planning and coordinating RHPB activities, the experience is intended to fos- ter and develop qualities of leadership, management, and cooperation. Dorms Dorm Enthusiasm I Y ml '---A-4--""""" Ms. Pacman shows up with her foe the ghost. Acquaintences are renewed at the First Dance Back. l l 1 l l i l l . . X A a r i J. I -l The ugly mask gives someone a good scare. The RHPB Halloween costume dance and the First Dance Back, a late New Year's Eve party, were favorite activities among Dorm students. The band at the Halloween dance was Backseat Romance. The various costumes ranged from Pacman and Crayola Crayons to gangsters. Tombstones, picket fences, leaves, and cobwebs created a Halloween atmosphere. The groups Sirrus and Fusion played at the First Dance Back. Dorms .s..'lxX Q-...Aww The First Dance Back created a lot of enthusiasm for the new school year. 'Fx The famous Crayola Crayons try to win the best costume award. l 4.1 wi i WRHA JZ Dave Reese, Music Director, shows the concentration that his job entails. If if I 'Nw N Bob Kopko, Station Manager, performs behind the scene duties. ll l . QQ- N. Flay, B. Kopko, D. Reese, K. Sheppard. Staff: Row 1 QL-Ri: S. Earhart, R. Mills, J. Reisch, T. Moreland, M. Dzurko, T. Daugherty. Row 2: Scott Earhart, Assistant Music Director, plays listeners e quests. WRHA supplies the dorms and the campus with a wide variety of music, news, and special programs. The station provided music for numerous dances and activities as well as for May Day '83, But WRHA's significance went well be- yond just providing music to its listeners and service to events. Under the direction of Station Manager Bob Kopko, WRHA staff members re- ceived important experience in live broad- casting, newswriting, radio production, and many other areas involved in radio. Dorms Winter Wonderland f u Q . sgffff Lynn Ferrighetto and Todd Bowers patiently wait in line Carol Boddorf and Joe Sebestyen Share 3 SD2Cl0l QVQWUQ Even though it's hard to think of Christmas when the weather is warm outside, RHC and RHPB made every effort to create the holiday spirit with the Rl-IC For- mal and the RHPB room decorating contest. The formal was held at Todaro's with music provided by Prisoner. D rms 5 'fri' f 4, 11-A , -1 x mf ,' , 1' 1 ' - 'fi' . KI ,' Q3-, a y w A 'f.:1fi:'1,2Eff f V Q 9 'QE Q 5 ' fe tw"- vs 'mi f,f'ii'g MN f .Q The Christmas spirxt shines in many residents rooms UP: Now all we need IS Santa to arrxve' Judges face a tough decxsion in the room decorating contest 3 u 1-" lf 0' Seasonal Celebr we v in 1 RHPB Members dance to the music at the luau. lr 'luv' .....l 1 The group "Risque" performs. A luau kicked off the Mardi Gras weekend planned for residence hall stu- dents. Matt Patrick spun tunes throughout the evening in which a limbo contest and air guitar demonstration were held. Saturday evening featured a Dance with "Risque" That evening, a pinata contest and a Mardi Gras King and Queen crowning added to the events. The weekend, held in early November, allowed for a bus trip to be taken to the U.A. football game against Morehead State. Dorms a l Mardi Gras and Winter Weekend Put Life Into the Winter Months. 5 . Miller Brewing Company sponsors a banana eating contest. In-xg Sue Sotz and Tim Daugherty keep the music rolling for the all-nighter held in Memorial Hall. Carmen Bauer, left, and Lynn Ferrighetto reach for their bananas. .fff"' Winter Weekend was held in February. The weekend started off with a dance Fri- day night and tobogganing in Strongsville 'U' lf' on Saturday morning. , Dorm students participate in the euchre competition. I: 'Ja Agjaf' Saturday night, RHPB featured an all- nighter in Memorial Hall that included tournaments in volleyball, basketball, and euchre. Students were able to see the movie "Arthor" and participate in banana and gyro eating contests as well. Dorms ir Q 'cw 1 CD 0111 1 ' , " ' "' .. , . A .. .fx .g One jazzercise participant takes a break to catch her breath, Lucy, Sue Ellen and Kim are three contestants in this year's Dating Game. ,uw N X as A couple enifiys slow dancing at the mock New Years Eve dance, Mardi Gras Weekend provides dancing and fun for all. Dorrns A,-e'f""'7 ' Mike Frydrak takes a break from serving meals. I 1-P' iff' gf--Q. Mark Hirko, front right, devoures his Robertson dinner. Qvvmm. Kieren O'Rourke checks out his new Playboy birthday 11' 1 underwear. Dorms 0 CD p-no r-P "1 237 Q9 Q? CD i s le tt I gf 1 5 3 1 Little Sibs Weekend provides fun for all ages. Happy birthday Zippy! i l "Nobody can say we're not giving it a good try!" Everyone wishes Zippy a happy birthday. 'Y - Little Sibs Weekend, sponsored for dorms students' little brothers and sisters, started on Friday with traditional games like pin the tail on the donkey and musical chairs at Zippy's birthday party. Saturday began with milk and donuts, continued in the afternoon with a variety of movies, and came to a close with per- formances by Chuck E. Cheese and Tim Settimi. Video games were available in Robert- son for all those interested in challenging their skills. The events sponsored by RHPB made the weekend theme, "Just You and Me Kid," a big success. I l l Just You and Me Kid!" Kids play pin the football on Zippy. as M tie ,123 ' Us ' l 3 ? . , 3 W , ' . I Ii " 2' f -: ,'., e .. 1, V - . 1 ' 15 A contestant displays his strong posing ability. The pizza eating contest is one of the crowd's favorites. - r 'fi gffs if , P 'fi si? Q3 4i73?'5' I1 Lisa Bobonis, Miss P.J., receives her dozen roses. Original poses are one of the characteristics judges look for. Bulger Dorm Government sponsored their annual Bulger Beautiful Night. The evening included pizza eating, spit-off, and live goldfish eating contests. Last year's Bulger Beautiful contest winner, James Black, took the honors again by winning first place, while Lisa Bobonis was named Miss P.J. 1 I' l P ' if ' at st ,get gi - The Bulger Beautiful contestants line up for the final pose. "1 I-F il U-H Dorms fi A fs! "Ll M g' -.ff-f . , Qv""'-'K-x Q Y I TT? IQ Q' Q I KW . T7 X x Il R -sfo 9 wgbg. Sim: qw"S5"6'.q," 5:1-: - H'P,Mlm'iYiZvf'3'X42QQ"G74 sm qvwg- 52 X I X 4 va . 4. ,eqxqwmf ,sxwgqe , Q N Q1 1 L N. Life? xx Q .W S? rf 617.6 'S Nw . X A? 'mr nsmmmwmmfmfmw ammmawv v vw was mme? ezAxvwsM,m-pvwo wma wx Q X wx , 2 ,M ES, ,mm ffvfaiu I A 'T N' f X ,i V ,I . 'I X N . . , ,E at T V a 'Q -f - , ' Mxs 4' ' A ' ' . - own l ff ' he 1 t. ' gi T f .ittf I T . .i -saggy n i - 1. t L l ' fr:- 94,- ki N- ' f - - l ' The second floor gathers for a floor meeting. Todd Jeren and Eric Klink practice their hand l A stands. 'P' ' ig - Q T8 T Us Yivofsf- Z' f .,.. ' :fa : TQ L-lr M.. Ng S!FW- 1 ls i f , l Q' r s . .l . 355 1 .. i g l . P . " f' I ,Q 1 .Q i if Q If' if ff fi 'l R , . ' K K Jay . ...Q ,la W X i ,d'Q Y I - - 1 New South Hall dormies pose for the photographer before a basketball game. Rick Blockinger, Paul McGinty, and Ken Heydt disclose their favorite hiding place. fi- w New South Hall, originally the East Exchange Street Holiday Inn, opened its doors to dorm students fall 1982. The five story building provides tl-lf? Q housing for 500 students, and is also used for special university guests. The Unit also serves administrative and educational purposes. Converting to a ,residence hall meant improvements such as an entire fire alarm system, laundry room, universal weight room, and complete hallway 'ir Amr., ,, i Q' :Q -L-5 ' M ef' renovation. Residents also enjoyed deli foods from Jonos', which was established in - X the complex. 3332 ix' - - Gary Hannah left, and Bob McBride challenge each other to a heated game of chess. Dorms V. ,,.. , ,, , v ,WI H H X wffvv wwf' 2, , , '25 ' a, H " . TSW? -ww 'uw www ,GW -Mw,..,,, ,M .,.- . f f , ' - , - 2 , , f .4 ,. X . , ,Q gg by ,X AQ,3Z.W,,.V4M N330 g A vm W M Ii- -Q A - - ' 'AWJ 5491 2 5 fx'W fw,,:- " 1 'ew' ' A if A '. 4112" j ' ' , X ,1 X 1 N N Q 5 Q 'Q NxLEXQ,xi Ns X b wefxlkxix QQSKQKQK, A V 3, 5 N XQ 9 4 I S Q xx XX f b ' z A M , as A , , 5.4, X ig, Z6 W iii 'Y 2' f Y iff! X1 Q l ,gg 1 Us sw L s , f W :Q 4 . sf aff 45 Q I ' 55? it , 5, A9 4 5553 f a '5 33 S SIM .':g,,. 3:5-, .1 , ..r:.:,: Q1 MQ., :j i 32,.:, ,, 3. .fjff 1 3- i v ,552 , 4 a g fig, , i if ffi ffl , m- f..w:s-2-1 -'gy grssg., X -z,5'gg:,5i35jSQg,- ix 4151513 352 fiif, iii , 521 sg ,, 531353 ' , ,e . 4? 2' 9513931 3 251 f 2' W4 Mag Us H' 2' , 5 5' 5 gi .f'j. ,3--,X EW1 4, mf' 5, Q 11 2: 32 ,S , X v seg 3555 22239 1302 gg, Q91 ' A? 2' . :'k".fQ4?2 K , ., , M A sly W M11 J 222 5394 5 ,N ,. Q Vx N Q ' Q www as wi Q I we vm, - Q55 A ,rv - My Qs- ' SQ, 4a ,, , , A , 5954 bg ,'4ZZ2'm,,.zf X2 fi: ,Z?i2f1+f4isxQw,?'f .'2zl,,,-I f' ., Q . f f +190 sf?QMw,.,szM e,,Wi4,. , MM QM My f g 11, , if: .X A556fMQ2i?0.6Q.s25Q2sw.f 2 f Qpsxwvyfbifs'vzweigapwikwgash312925329as"s"r2l-VKMSQQKSW2 mf?-5, , X.,, ,ffl www, 52 3 Q4-Mgsgw. ,W A5 xi ,W wmv 646434K 10, , sis' :I J ,Q yw bwwzfw,-1 .Af 136 W? M www Jain'-f,xw em Awsqwq M . V ,W W4 .. , faS'f,,m4p WW swf my 2' QM"-' 0-w1wm5'3 me jsvfgwgwag ., . ,, W: p2.-exwwx . nf Qv QZLSMYN4 "N f M, Www, W wfberkk ww 9242 -SVSTMNK rv: M, f,,f,,5. 2 3 , ,Q ,934 M., ,. I Q 103, 4 QM wiavxwi 4S'f9:5 N 5 Xa, Ve fi aw A - 2 M,.g,,X e??9?Sf3'-in -33983 5 545 zgfgigwzfi ., M . 1 2 . 5. Y" - Q ,wsw"4,,,'1f?i iv. ':gsJvfg,,-wi-45 -bmi' QS' ff v " 2? , X -f-gf ,za 4 ff Q f . , , 4 , Q: .. A W ' fm A H A 6 9 J W X' bfi? , Q by 5322 32 z W ' x ,N X uk.- Q dill!!! I Page-,,a"" X Qu -5, X X ,A M ..,,, ,, ,.,.1!,., vm, -, 9 nv Y ggi ,ez wmv MwimwWyfoM-wmvff2w,,Q.Qbmmwmwwsr ,,Q'..xNww, A Q, fy -- ,,,,,9aQafa:nww , 'i ,ggYi5f3'Q3-gk X M, .ff-i'?'3::H'X . ,. V.. x ., V., Mm, ,X ,-1.3, 755225 ?!- 1 1 l Karlene Tisdale, Sugette Frank, Kim Malak and Bozana Jerkic take a needed study break. Jennifer Guess gets a snack before studying ' l , 'ij 'fbi :Sf ' V' 'Qs sw. Ekfiff '11El5 1- .1-Z4 - A square dance joins students' hands in fun and friendship. Togetherness and talking on the phone are a part of dorm life, Grant Residence Center was a favor- ite alternative for students who felt closed in by traditional dorm living ar- rangements. Residents faced the adjustment of living with two, three or five room- mates and a longer walk to campus. The advantages included homier sur- roundings with separate bathroom and f Cj'2fQ'c , kitchen facilities. Grant scheduled activities with the - Townhouses, such as roller skating, square dancing, and courtyard parties. ' vt Stidents hang onto each other as they skate to their favorite rock and roll hits. llnims A in ed!! :full fllllf lull Q z ,ta tr! F' t yy. A ,. :'i 4 I M2 l ln Meg Hamlin, left, and Kim Dierle display their favorite hobbies-- biking and listening to music. X qgygplln' 55. t .:.-3153 i l Karen Beidleman, left, and Tina Hall create an 'entertainment center in their YOOTTI. Cindy Pangonis gets a couple of soft drinks for her roommate dur- mg a Study break' Lisa Amato adds to the dorm spirit with Valentine's Day decorations. Robin Phillips, left, and Pauletta Newett spend the night studying for the next day's classes. This year, Sumner Hall housed fe- male residents. However, the women carried on the tradition of its former male occupants by having the annual Valentine's Day Bash. Nicknamed "The Convent," the girls in Sumner set a new standard for parties. Drive-in movies in the lounge and a picnic at Virginia Kendall Park were some of the events that the residents enjoyed. Durms ., 5-..-:Jawa-1w -J,f.vI'3bt-f' . . Z 1 KV., i. , ,S - Mi - ""1m'gb . 'L-..,.:-4-5-341 35 51,4 giafgka '-4 L Y cf 'I ' Q "X v xv- 55 1' ' cf-ze: .Higgs 246 our Mike Myers, left, and Jamie Hilverding curb their appetite with pizza. dk L L1 ' - John Wagner finds a comfortable spot to study Willie Davis stays in touch with home, Mark Margevicius maintains his typing speed with music While Torrey is the smallest male residence hall, residents held many activities that were a large part of dorm life, The 60 residents planned two successful holiday parties and went on a fall canoe trip with residents of other dorms Vllb 3 Q E'--.. Chris Carpenter, left, and Bob Weagraff talk about the day's activities. C3 -nu-""""" 'U' l"'E lm . lil Trisha Fisher, Marlisa Kline, and Diane Mador stick together. if no l f W"Wf?'4"?"09' OF -..33 Joanne Earich, Beverly Mayle, and Lisa Randazzb relax. Klmbgrly Frggman Wgfkg on her Engllgh papgp W I E' 1 Et.. Tina Gill finds an alternative to studying. Built as a co-ed dorm, Berns novv houses only women. The residents held ice cream socials, a "Dynasty" party, and a Bombing-of Berns party. The women formed a volleyball team with AGD and Thompson Hall residents, and they worked with Theta Chi Fraternity on a paper drive. A Dorms X Natalc Tufford, Roh Pfister, and Dana Fehrenbach talk 5 Y I Jiri, rail l-'hee-Kuen Chang. Jeri Jackson, and Terri Kiepper chat. Srnilia Radan talks on the phone. ' .t - lf 'I 'Iv Residents of AGD sponsored mal House" party this year that successful. The women also celebrated by providing the dorm with all mings. ln the spring, "AGU Beach the favorite gathering spot for and their friends. ll' vrrYlS ww an "Ani- vvas very Christmas the trim- became residents Pattie O'Malley, Sue Joseph, and Darlene Wolford get together ' N. f A iillilqmn 4-.P The Tuck-ln is a successful project. Thompson's Anne Schming, left, and Kathy Skwarslci Sheila Buckley, left, and Sue Ellen Ensinger get ready for Tuckbln. Lucy Will and Kelly Porter show off their floor shirts, 37-"""' Sheri Sauer catches an afternoon snooze 'xr i. t The annual Thompson Hall Tuck-In started off the year for the Thompson Hall residents. The women also partici- pated in secret spooks for Halloween and held a Christmas party. The residents celebrated spring by going on a canoe trip and sponsoring a luau. They ended the year with the annu- al parent-daughter dinner and dorm banquet. D Dorms 'X . Rage? Qt 3, X ii- ICQ Umm 500515 arg 5 favoring aqglvity Playing Quarters starts the weekend on Thursdays 'T Bobbi Roessler, Janice Geer, Muffy Spoerke Anne Siegenthaler Sharon Crawford and Adrienne Wells Residents of Battrick and Mitchell held happy hours, ice cream socials, and holiday dinners during the year. The women also went on a canoe trip, and participated in the intramurals program with their flag football team, which made the semi-finals. Dnrms 354 Mary Jo Vayo opens a present on her 19th birthday. it '4 M A ,Was , U ,A V . -' Q 2 , I A 'wr'-'TWA' 5 W: Aw . afar? sfef-UA,,:, ,Q Tonia Fitch gets some rest before studying. Deb Schumann and her roommate paper a neighbor's door. Spanton residents-ready for a night on the town, Spanton residents enjoyed many activities this year. Residents sponsored a Homecoming spirit link contest, a Roommate Day Residents enjoy an ice cream social. competition, a rootbeer and Bingo night, and several ice cream socials. Dorms ,+A 1 A fr" 'Q Yi Mlm 1 -a rl " H ' 1 ,Q Q' I . X AOUI? . - . ., 'fs p,,,..., 3 sig, 5 1 av X 1WfNT?h9'+. Ps. fx QfYVfN9Y VX '- K-'YA ', I X 5 .Q 2, wk? Q 1 1 1 X V--Q5-'39,.,,,:QX1.:g:gQyu53-,www , X L 1 1 Q QVSPXW w3":xwfw:zfmqQxf Nw N Q X X Q Qzwnxfg 1.3: Q gxtxxg -Q yr I X i .Mavis 5 I g s Mtv: 1 h -w .zg I ,X , . ff r 'V-.NM W if ' .Wwb . ix 31. X1 si-1 age V V. ,ik , ! .,,, Q.. Q' ' X ii wx ,S x :gt r Sv Q 1' :Q E . fi ' sie 91 ss '11 ' X 1- . :I 1 fp E 14 ' , E I b 2 FQ X, ef ,A 2 Eg x fs 4: ifa ' ' kj . ga fi l f if 1 tx? fji I I 1 51 ' Re I :fi 1 i x 5 , ff? 1 Q 4 I . i 'F , .g -1 1 F ' 253 iq. ,di , .gh iii? Q 'gi E., I f, I ,fi Q 2 I . '., AA .gi I I I ' W: - . X , 3? ' 5 .w 1 -1 3: , Q -, he V of .QQ I 1 iff? I pp? ' i , 1:2 ' . , QQ AJAX 2 1 nw , ,gf 1 ' ' ' ,J p nfs , 1 ??ff ' 12255 , 'lil L 1 t ., V 14, I ' :fl i f 'ig ,iii V45 ' A54 We 4 .L A if 3 fm was 5, 15134 Ziff ' N 1 :asf Yi? ' WW? pw' L J N. V 1? I 'fi l if 3? Y "-iff? r 4 2 gi. M t f v m- My - Q. , -.X ssifwu M ,. , Q X - , NW Q Vi we " ff3X?Mw2bQf W www ye f was-, gs 'ffSi'.7fgf5?m, "M K. ,gk 3,W,,,i,,-, A w , f 1 t 2 ,Q x 3 1 M .. 5 :Q gp , 1 Qi ,. Q? X i Q ,Q . 33 Q N x fc gal 5 4 b,LX gg W L' - QA ,wgyvwfq - - f gy 1 K , X., A ,, 4,A ' wgawsfvga.-w,S,fw 4s ry, -g :-, vwwgfgqgfgiiivgsixx ' 'ex X ' fiw: ' x,pw11QeNWwx2A v X Q s Xekgdxkgfbxbifgw ,x iigfii. ., gsxg-"sfXiLgLsSygLQAssy X , wig,-x 5 - vi-gsivqfx X X fig! 521 - Xg5sg:j.- K -5 fe-'W F3 " is ak K f 4 Q X g g W liligfg A Fx 5 :X i Y S f! if ' X ww, QQ Af --1-xx x ,g,,5.g Q. 5 i 1 'jiirjil x L .fig 1 ,. . M xi' Ami 'SK B " 4 , if 12,4 ,i , x if 3,1 , 55.14 'J J 5 X G iiiiiiifsbf 9 X 1, .ai s- ffj 'QP i G 1 x 3 '- .X XM: ' X - x 36 :. , mx- ,Q X .V +1 3.2-i y 5 -P-fm vim nik:1,QwQsQwMQ5?e'Qg3. ik 1 . 5 . Q t wNMwNQ mmm ,- A x . L I Ywffffx YN. Q iw?-::'ix39X gg ., N835 F 535 v,, 2,SAWNX.f's X 1, V S 11 -fi NJN HAS A V 255 T' zw . mbjwft r fi EH Qififkk xi 1 QP-f ax 01 'N WS' 15 Q Wir?" ' ..: Qin' JE 5 Yi -Bixxwa 1 . , Q X n , ETS? .N ,, -wx ' Q I-2 - A 1 YQ ixv ' M' fi , 1. ff, A 'Q 5? - , ,, gi is M + E4 f 43 i V i2 , at Q PQ 1 Eff Y. , -fl, t if? Q22 PM Q? 47" Q wi K 'VE 9: QE iw' ii Q? E? QQ '. ,gg I 1- . .ALM 5, K 4 9 S S Q 1 J A x 4 - s '-My Q 5 E .1 3, f ,X f x N 4 Q, 3, cw?- L, if gg , .1131 eg, 4-1 -' S' . fav 'aff' f , fwfff 1. ,QQ inf J .ff ' '3 f ' t 3.25 'ffm gi fr ' la - ? ' , f ,- , 4, n fjg,,figg'fQ,.'f,4fth5: . f ' ' 1: , f 214 -gf: f.,f.1.,Mv'4,1f'g.'f , ' - r 1 ' , ?f75'f', ,, . , f "J: Ji," Digi? 5-.49 f ' ' ,f x f Av ,MW " 4 , 'HMM c ' ' if ' , V z-:"",1 .,--115' ' H434-mi' ' JL:-if ,v nf- - "ff f ' , , f f , , ' 1.-Af ff.,gvlfwf::,,:..',..,A,aAmgfw,-,,ffpfcN mf.-. f,g,.f f . ' , Y K." ,, , 1 3731? 'ff.22Kff2fQI'f iinfii' 'fL21Zf 2?2" 'fvV??r7f , , 2 4 1 ff M 4W' 935 .vh N ics+?5fl"i .1 lvl-I-.. i" 1. ww sf ' br? 'annum Sisler residents Lori Hanson, left, and Theresa Emerson, Studying together is part of being roommates. , . "What party do we go to next?" Sisler parties add life to dorm living. Taking an ice cream break from studying is always a welcome treat. Sisler dorm demonstrated their unity early in the year by actively participating in intramural sports and continued by holding happy hours, ice cream socials, a picnic, and dorm parties together. To raise funds for the dorm, Sisler residents sold trick-or-treat bags during Halloween in Robertson Dining Hall. Some of the money went toward a new bulletin board for the dorm. Dorms f K 'Q gh I 4 ci 5 ' ms' -1' M -. . M at fvf LPA, 3 , 'xifaff' M fr' '.-Y """" 7'i"J 5,8891 Fe ef? I it ,hy ST,d'.5'9f: "' -X,.,N v, 4, I 'Ai ' 'Ins--f , H wif 1 Seniors 1 1 fy' A , A'-fi' Senior Board Senior Class President Rick Higbee introduces a reception speaker. Seniors This year's Senior Board, in conjunc- tion with the Alumni Association, pro- vided a series of Senior Receptions for each of the University's colleges. These receptions gave seniors the opportunity to meet with their college dean, faculty, fellow seniors, and distinguished alumni in a social setting, along with introducing them to the Senior Challenge program. Through this program, 1983 gradu- ates contributed over 316,000 to the university. The Senior Board expanded the opportunities and functions available to seniors by sponsoring T.G.I.F. parties at the University Club, along with Senior Night at the Rubber Bowl. l Jerry Griffith makes his pledge. 1 , ,, A xi" T ' ir' Business majors meet new friends at a senior reception. .f I IW' V , iiiiim 4. 1 .ff 1 iw-,1,.,M , MW Seniors S ...4.::-v. . v -I Seniors "Class of 83" 'QS' is Z- 4-pr' Gerald Abbey Jeffrey Adam Kimberly Alber Laura Abood Rebecca Addington David Aldinger Said Abou-Abdallah Tracy Ahern Jacqueline Alfonso Bert Abramides . John Albanese Arjetta Allen Susan Allison Derek Ammons Abby Anderson Karen Anderson Darla Annis Andrew Antognoli 2 Jr. 1 1 jun- Eric Archer Neal Archer Gregory Archual David Armbrust Betty Arshinkoff David Arvidson all A W- , 6 N, , f Al. fi? fb ,- 415 .H I .4 V ' , A V .Q Q4 UIl""" Q-ll Dianne Ash Leatrice Ash Kay Atkinson Joyce Atoulikian Leslie Augustynovich Majid Babaie ' Tom Babcox Mary Bachmann Denise Balazowich Lauren Balhorn Kathleen Banar Lorand Banda fin A I' Y? if' Sarkis Barsamian Dianna Bartxlson Paul Bartolotta V ,,,l , 'il' ,K . 3 + , A 2231 Sharon Basiewicz Neena Basso John Batcho 'T 'Qual' fQ24"v',' 'L 'Q Robert Banner Phil Baptiste William Bardy Harold Barlekamp Judi Barnes Kim Barnish RIGHT: Senior Son Dang relaxes with an ice cream cone on the steps in front of Zook Hall. I- .v AJ ,, FE ZW 'U'-Q l Frank Battles, lll Robert Baumbick Michael Beach T JS WI. "Q Cindy Beale Cecelia Bearer Deborah Beatty gb . 'flif A' 4 . F -W! .ff 'X Florence Becka Ann Beckwith Andrea Beetz Antoinette Bell Bruce Bell Molly Bell -IE? 4 11" yr- 'UD , ,Q it V fx ml N' V M ' Andrew Bennett Cindy Bennett Kathleen Berestecky Brian Berkowitz Helen Bialorucki Brett Bidinger Sandra Biggins J. Mark Biggs John Bindas Susan Bissonette Richard Bitzel Paul Black LEFT: Students order class rings for a rememberance of their college years. 'gf M rf! W:-""'-w Tom Raplnl puzzles over an assignment at the Computer Center. Chun.. iw 45"-."'N 1mberly Blackburn Cheryl Blackstone Robert Blankenshrp Sandra Blankenship Susan Blewitt Susan Blough Douglas Boarman Sue Bond NlCCOl9tt9 B01'-HC Kathy Bobxch Michael Bonezzn Henry Bosak Kathleen Boldt Charles Booth James Bournelm l.1sa Boles Nancy Booth John Bouterse Guy Bolon Dave Bolton YY-"' Andrew Bowen Debbne Bowen Thomas Boychan Tom Brady . , ' 7 1.5 I we . ul l 1 l -Q ' ' l A ' :gp 'Q 'Sig , K , X ' - .qiyg ,w:..,5:.F'6' x-. - ,CKY K A B' fb in ' f ' A, r , -1 . X ,I 54 . . . lf W 1- li ' ,..,x f' :fam " - l ' ' ' E 1' , 4 1 . B B or ' ' 'B ea 'L L. .,V,.. , .ff 51 A ' ' ,arf 3 -l lr 3 T 'X M' if 6- . 'x l 'K , I " ' T . H, Af I la .f ,T 'Qin Bmw., .X f 5 f - , .f ' N ,Y H - i. . Seniors Seniors as 1 .lv " ii is-Q -6' it -fri if? ,i 4 M. X .f 9-K "fu I' H W - Q., ,A fi l +L? Helen Braidich Ellen Brandes George Brandes Brian Brandewie Roberta Branner Herbert Brantley fl'-ir 175 .,,4 -ar 'if P :ii ' rl iff: M ' Af ff 4' M X Ui' xr. we ' f--. I. , may I Jim Brawley Joan Breidenbach Dolores Brenton Janet Brichacek Janice Brienze Charles Brikmanis 'kim FWZ, If "f Gregory Brokaw Stephen Brookover Beverly Brooks Bessie Brown Christy Brown Denise Brown be N i 'fa ok GH if N Julie Brown Valecia Brown Joseph Brownlee Peggy Brubaker Sherry Bruce Yuvonne Bruce Katherine Bruck George Brummell Pamela Bryte Patricia Buckles Margaret Buczkiewicz Brian Bungard t Al ,,.. 1 ,, am ., , ., 1 X Q -rfb--fi qw: "':'..." .. vw., ,r ,4""" qfffggm A A f ' . y 1 W r . W5 Y P X Af ,.., is wi Darrell Carey Timothy Carpenter T. Carney Dennis Carroll, Jr. 'Q 1. f - ....-.Mrs s. f 'ref-ig n 1 University of Akron students cross Buchtel Avenue on their way to the library. ,urb- Stewart Burdorff Derrick Butson Theresa Calovini Dianne Carouse David Carter Craig Burness Mary Buza Jim Campbell Leonard Buser, Jr. Carmelo Buzon Lemuel Campbell, Jr. Mary Busher ' Kimberly Byrd Robert Capella Becky Butcher Debra Cain Amy Capps Kimberly Butler Rodney Caldwell Kenneth Carder Seniors Seniors 1 i 9' X 'UQ Michael Carver Judy Casterline Carla Catanzarite Phillip Cesen Lisa Chadbourne Robyn Chafin V , Vx , Beautiful weather makes finals even more difficult. l i C is y , f f q l Amar 70 i , X , 'Lk !'59"iM . 6 'f " ff- 7 ' A . W '51 'R I ll 7 .,. 5??m'ffi" - -.Q i i X f i Vicki Changet Diane Cheng Beverly Chuckalovchak Catherine Cignetti Margie Chaney Allen Cherry Stephen Cianchetti Mary Kay Claus Joel Chenevey Theresa Christian Mike Cianciola Connie Cline ov' 'Dub Ahh' YW' 4Q"""" I l 'Haw 'ew' LS. 5 A X Myron Coblentz Barry Cochran Mlchael Cody Karen Colbert Brenda Collier Elizabeth Colwell Paula Conn Kelly Conner Amy Cook Jeff Cook Joy Cooper Susan Cooper Teresa Coplm lsrdro Cora Jr Jack Cottrell Jr Randal Cottrnll Darlene Cozadd Sharon Crawford fx na Joan Creegan Kelly Darley Veronica Croskey Roger Danals Mane Crump Son Dang Deborah Cunningham Theodore Dann Elarne Curley Mary Darden Eric Darley Douqlas Dauer ,i I 6 wi: X I' , I ' W fi., A Ti ' 1 'f '- iw ' 1 A X 557 ,r,,lr 4 r , l., 2 1 ring., l I MMR 'K ,TT "': - D We ' 1 , 1 lf' 0 , A Q5 Xl ,, , Q25 to XA. , , :V oeoo 5 5 5 ' ' 3 f . X he If It . 5 . Xi' ' Seniors a 'Q' 'TP' 'Sw' :fav Linda Dengg Jean Denker Timothy Dennis Kalliope Detorakis Prakash Devasthali Daniel DeVille .M 'WN jim 'YQ' W 3 Steven Dimengo Samuel DiMeo Robert DiPaolo Ralph DiRusso Anita Dixon Mary Dixon Gary Doak Michael Dolan David Dudek George Dudich, Jr. Shawn Dulaney Cynthia Dunlap ,,4,,-a4wlv""""' T.. pl S. Marianne Dunphy Pamela Dye Mark Easton Frank Edel Heidi Ehmann Christopher Eliopoulos A U LEFT: Rick Higbee and Susan Blewitt take care of business before senior reception. Seniors 41-5 ii QNX F' .47 'Cx ilv 'TM ftrf "Y Q?" we-r' Q.-.....-1 -its slvr' X -name wifi' .M i Robert El-Sabbagh Catherine Elum Barbara Engle Matthew English Thomas Esker Christine Esterle 'Ds Mark Estock Karen Eterovich Cindi Eurez Laura Evans Lillie Evans Joyce Eveleth Patricia Faber Lisa Faiss Luanne Farone Linda Farrell Judith Fast Stephen Fast Chuck Fazio Laura Ferber Jennifer Ferns David Ferrel Marie Ferritto Barbara Fetter Brigida Figueroa Susan Fike Joleen Filipek Laura Finley Clem Firlotte Joan Fisher 1,.6""M" I af Iwi! X Kathleen Fisher Steven Flesher Felicia Flint Nancy Flower James Flowers Evita Floyd X ,LN '!S",f"' I Stephanie Floyd Sandy Flugan Gregory Fockler Steven Fondriest Charles Fort Randall Forwark , yy , L' - 'Y ,ffl N, A, re 1 Bill Miller takes a last Rebecca Foster Russell Foutty look over his notes before the test. Pamela Frame Seniors Mrke Kovach warts nn line at Stoddard's for a snack, H?-3' Robert Frank Sharon Frank Karen Gajkowski David Gallo Thomas Gamcik Bryan Gannon Claudia Garcia Mark Gaskill Rfk N x,,,, .Wx NY Adm ii.-M Roger Gleghorn Werner Goetzinger Jacqueline Glinn Gordana Gojkovich fdh iiw, Gregg Gaston Anna Gautschi Mona Gebran Robert Gesier Pamela Gemberling Cheryl Genovese Terese George Vicki Gergon James German lhor Gernaga Mary Getz Paul Giambra X X LJ Pearlie Gibson Susan Gilchrist Ginger Giles Kris Gintz Anne Giovagnoli Lori Glascott Seniors learn valuable information at Senior Directions, ww 1 ray W' Andrea Goehring Deborah Goldsmith Seniors my tif' 'QI if Sf' -K, Kenneth Gole Kathleen Golem Kalah Goodnight Cynthia Gorey David Gorrell David Govern .15 A TSW" - -v ,. "P F X. Qa " : , S T' Q 5 ix ' i Q: X X Colleen Graf Dorris Graham Ray Graham Wendy Gram Laura Granata Mark Graves X UQ. -W 1 2 5, Q74 rx Diane Gray Nancy Gregg Donna Griffin Robert Greathouse Stanley Gresham, Ill Bertram Griggs Rhonda Greene Brandon Griffin Diana Grissom li - vii! f . , ' ' - ,rcs I i ,st . 4. 1 . 1 nr . . fan . if .4 " -1. 'T f . ' .'-v Eff-:J ' i' am- ' ' , ,I 1 NA' . ' "' "' lipiigffbl' '. ' .f "1fNf"-11 ,L " Q' -P ., I. It , a ff- -- .f ar .Tnarg-hi' f 'kJ r. P' ' -'5' W? ',. ' ,-nj.: P. Af, fMi1':y,f',+,. ' .., , 274 " '- 41-Tin" ff.fy,F"1-"A'9 Seniors ., + I' . , , r-aff' , 1. r-L' r"5'35f1f?' , ff? ai - 3+ 2,g"5f,i .0 Q? - . ,:.f., gf. .' 6 ff, ' gg" :I,,x,.', ,' W My - . X QA? 3? 3' .- NE.: I-r 'T . 2 ..-.A x I ,A '40 -' 1' V I . ,X . 1, 1, " I . ix 7153.0 , V O C 15 :4 H wxfqgzigggiz, gym X 'NF fl N a 1 4 i Q' 4, f--' , , ' V fi, 1 A ' ,., G .12-,ff 1' W ,Q i G is ' ' - W., 1-.r. fi R . e., , - , "f...1':--. A-' .5 me ll 'FQ' J "' ffl3fQ7ff 9.?i:Lxf5 -'P' . W ' we t --'fthgaav J ' ax- 4-Q J i ' ' 1 ' If C' ."' jf, , ' J ' f, 51 if-'iii e,'3f..l fe ' ,f r ' ry N f "aa, -if - WZ ' ' V GJ' T' w e . lg ' - lg . . 'ff A' l 8' :Q 1 N x' ' 5 7,4 1 7 7? QA r 2 gg . ' H ', if,,.f:-.1-, ,, . e Safe G., 51 i is G .G , We H, - ' 19 GW: - x , . 'fin me -J? . M :Elma ' ' 1 ::-airy. 4. 'S fi K 'N ' rf 'Wt JV' Nl Q53 Kevin Groh Kimberly Grove Christine Gruber Sarah Gubics Richard Guenther Michael Gulley-Grays SSP' sr. , Mark Gundersen Kenneth Gustely Donald Guthrie Harold Guthrie, Jr. Martha Habig Lauren Hach 1 ,av 'iii Q35 i Linda Hagenbaugh lraj Haghnazari Cindi Hagley Deeann Hahn G. Kenneth Haines, Ill Christiane Hakim QQ is IA? Seniors sell back books for bucks. fill" -J ns at -:'f't"n' Z av?',ri-252, 'fa N, 1 W, saw-M.. an..-... .'I X if 3' X, 1. 1? Y. John Halkias Jacquelyn Hall Lisa Hall Jeffrey Halter Shannon Hamed Ross Hammel, Jr. Teresa Haneline Marsha Hanna Seniors Kim- W Qs ft' . ,,.,,y My Paul Hanus Thomas Hardesty Denise Hargas Gayle Harrison Denise Haurin Mark Havir 1. ,N , r H LL5 y wonrrsuop TUESDRY FEBRUARY ZZ. hjj25,g,N. :ooo ql2:OO szssions A G,o,1qD,NEKsrinrsrrcemaie 'Kasumi 1 Organizations on campus offer seniors job seeking skills. as gg " 1' 13. ' oxgbv IW' ' -nag 4 Q... 3 ik Linda Hayes Darleen Hazlett Jo Ellen Hedrick Sudi Hayford Leonard Hazelett Beth Hendershot Timothy Haynes Claudia Heard Paula Hendryx J. Brian Hays Sonija Hecker Karen Hennis Todd Henrich Linda Hepburn Anthony Herdina Terry Herman David Herzberg Mary Hetman :-. sp...-f' . 19, amy I ia Q. 'Q , w,Qc4 V' fts' " I A 1 'Wifi' yy 1 4 E. f A Laura Heydorn David Hicks Martha Hicks4Corfrnan , Stephen Hickox Dennis Hicks J, Richard Higbie as ' Ib 3 ., im ..." ,s , , v +4XxN 10- X xi-'Ill , W H--...Mw' . . 1.0 2? ' if ...lil Amy High Benny Hill Craig Hill Kenneth Hinchess David Hiner Mark Hirko 'hz----f'N Lynn Hiros Nancy Hire Barbara Hixenbaugh John Hoag Roseanne Hoefel Velda Hofacker LEFT: Lisa DeBenedictis counts her money after selling back her books, Seniors F ere ' N 1- x . . L. W 5,90 ical' X 'lg ,MN 40x I 'Ll wg-H1 Linda Hoover Glenn Hoppe Laureen Horrigan Diane Horrisberger James Horvath Darlene Hosler " 'lie X E g""""YL Y Alia Lori Hoss Shawna Hostetler Ann Hrdlicka Verginia Hribar Jennifer Hudacko Thomas Hudock, Jr LEFT Debra Trenta reviews her notes for exams. ,Q 5 x ML ,-1fV, As' al' Yi :sf JQV, Wir' 2 1 e " A rf 1 ff I fi PK fm ICN if 1 f 2 MM Avi Amy Jackson Pamela Jackson Donald Jacubec Jeffrey James Mary Jamison Rachel Jarvis Beth Jencson Robert Jessberger Julie Jobes Lois Johns Christine Johnson Cynthia Johnson 451 AN Joseph Johnson Mary Johnson Olga Johnson R. Michael Johnson Sandra Johnson Betty Jones Seniors nf is " f J ' Senior Directions assists students in the transition from student to professional. 'Jw -Q-'Mr Us Qt . . Y l V i 0 1 ' liif ,-Q. ,I N I , I V 5 ',?v I t A 4 V '23 v H X Jocelyn Jones Roger Jones Susan Jordan Walter Jordan William Jordan Assadollah Jouharian Christina Joyner Timothy Joyner Mark Juengel Gail Julian i f -'ix 5 ,JR 54159 Tina Juristy Catherine Jurkiewicz Jeanette Justice Thomas Kaforey Lf Jeffrey Kalail Albert Kaltenthaler Marie Kantorowski Maryann Karg Kathy Keener Robin Keller Colleen Kelley Mary Kelley C .,.4 -, t wc' ar nuff C if Jgiih '- 1 .lffp ,L 101 , -..I GZ'- 15 X, Ep Afirha. 505.7 ,,4s-ve QW' 4,,.nn Q-Sri' 7 Y If' -1P' 1 left Maureen Kelley Tamzin Kelley Sheila A. Kelly Sheila B. Kelly Thomas Kelly Kevin Kenworthy QP? Christine Kepler Kimberly Kertesz Jennifer Kerwoocl Jamie Ketchum Sherry Kilpatrick Young Kim Cheryl Kinney William Kist Scott Kistler JoAnn Kitzmiller Karen Klann Linda Klett .4 4-Q0 Janice Klewe Robert Kline, Jr. Gregory Klucher Jennie Knapp Mark Knight Brenda Knott Christine Knuff Deborah Koch 9 US HL ' 2 x , x di,Hh'lll Q Pllt by Lwrlfv, W. ' Xxvlxxfili' V 5, ,ff Y zff Ji' fi, " 'fi . . . 2 Crq11n,11r'11tr lllc iff ,rt rj n ' z F. '5 iw. .f- v-Mvr W, .. ,....,.. , W- -V Se X l ,A QX '14, x. fi Q sb CD FW o Z nf 'J 12 -i . 5 -is mx :gn wine 54 . Lori Kohler Jed Koontz David Komer Thomas Kostensl-cy fff , 4,- Brenrlfi Brfidrick fills out a pledge card at a senior reception 'Seniors Matthew Kontur Christopher Kostoff 11-s 'fx ., +5 'Ji , if Lei Z. V A ,-5 5. . . A 1 f it 'B we X Marcia Kosuth James Kouri David Kovach John Kovach Diane Kozy Deborah Kraft Christine Kraker Denise Kreim John Krempel Annette Kristoft Randall Kruger Marc Kruzer John Kuehls Karen Kuhn Judy Kuszmaul Sandra Laird Robert Lang Carolyn Langfitt V 51, V :Sf Wi, V at , ' K Hex . 5 1 55 sq., .., N -it 'Q' 4 Q ,fo g ,- A senior finds solitude before exams. 2 WJ iq-mu W v g,A,,- 1 . s ir 3 M Q . ll 4' Y- if 5 f rl? yr its QQ-w Laura Langsdorf John Langworthy Kristen Lanshe Oscar Lanzi, lll Carol-Ann Lavender Keith Lawrence George Leach Cynthia Leano Russell Lebo, ll Sandy Ledinsky Jeffrey Lefkovitz Becky Lennox William Lenzotti Karyn LePage William Leslie Gregory Lewis Robin Lewis Sandra Lewis Vicki Lex Connie Lillback Frank Leyda Karen Limbach Annie Lillback William Linclenbaum Seniors 'Seniors Q. V. ,X vii v- ,x A K if 593 is ,WN WGN - . , J af f .ig r 4 ,sir ,A ,,. Q . r EJ? 'YM gl . fs 1 if It-X, Rx Y- ' if in Q -. ff A f Viwv wk QI' lgmg Accounting major Nick Chuma studies in the Chuckery during finals week, - J Sharon Litman Peter Littlejohn Julie Livingston Christine Locher Frederick Locker Barbara Lohmeyer 4--' 1' Ea J Marcia Long Susan Louthan Etolia Lovelace Margaret Lucas Margaret Long Melinda Love Suzanne Lown Thomas Luckenbach 5 ff i 5 1, ,dei R- I 4 f , . QP he Sm, J '. , 'fn 5 V f gf, 5 8,1 V: ,. Steve Lueptow Rebecca Lundi James Luth Catherine Luttner Robert Lutz Larry Lydic ss, N f L. Jane MacDonald Brenda Mace Dorothy Mackey James Macuga Kathleen Madden-Renner Melanie Makuch Gi- , 4 fA,.K.,.: 6 Mx v X r-r""' 'US QW ,, 'Ir -ff' Richard Malecky Charles Malivuk Kimberly Mallernee Mary Mancz Deborah Manning Annette Mantkowski in -raw. ' "wr Lisa Marino Ernest Marshall Paula Markus Jeffrey Martin P I I L L " ff! ,HU 1 e L f Q N f! ,5 -E, 4' My ,-' 'xx , 4. , , -Vyxrsi, N Q. ,T ,, 'QV E. ' V, . Q4 ,X O' Q l' -K 'V'-Nw., 11 , f" , " 5 'M-. V 4M'rQ.g, . 3 by ' ff 1 4 A last look at a familiar sight, W-49 cd 7 Cheryl Marr Jennifer Martin Seniors ' Q: WN KR John Martucci Michael Masich Nancy Marzano Gail Matney 1 7 K w fa- y N, v ,X M 1 l pl . . U A .A , ,. gf 5' i 'QMS :S MM x ' 5 ya,..M1Di'-"nf v L I .4-n '9i:-bt3l ' .- '1 I in s-,I .i ', V ,' -N - lam. IU! ex lenuis Hentsch, Denise Wheelock, and Connie Chapman work on a class project, Senifirs K' Louis Mascolo Randal Matney Megan Matthews Margaret Mausser Kathleen May Frank Mazgaj Lynn McCallum Kathleen McCartney i 5 Rf J Linda McCormick Mark McCoy LaRene McCrory Maureen McDevitt Kimberly McDowell Carol Mclilhaney Diane McElwain Donna McEntee Carol McFarland Janet McFarland V. Renee McFee Zack McGhee . .8 -.. fam K lik. N Glnger Giles and Mlke Mmkel study ln the Chuckery if Sharon McG1rr Leshe McGrath Scott McHenry Chrnstlne McKee Debra Mclinernan Lmda McK1nney Qs. Bryan McLeod Frank McQuaxd Scott MCQUaldQ Jamce McRoberts Leonard McV1cker Yeroclm Meddley Michelle Medmk Robert Meehan Sr Robm Meek Susan Mego Patnck Melster Francls Mellott Lexla Mercorellr James Merkel 9 l r l l l l l Sena-rs want for xntervrews at the Placement Office ,Q P: 42:-' 'fir' .gi K I? mf' 5 x Aff.. X li Hwy l l 'gh P 'Q .s ku-...ii T' Rnbert Mnddaugh Jr Ray Mllefl Neal Mlesle Brenda Mlller Robert Mllan Jr Jeanme Mxller Sensors -C' Josephine Mmller Marc1a Mlller Mrchael Miller M1chelle Muller Nancy Miller Rachel Miller MK A Wy Vrrgmna Miller Nancy Mlller Cross Donme Mmter Jeff Mlracle Janet Mxtchell Mark Mitchell " if Ronda Mitchell Julle Mlzer Jeffrey Mobllxan Tamera Mohr Thomas Moloney Susan MonBarren 'll .fd lk?""""' 9? Q'-v do-v-Y S---H pun. 'S C' 91' 'WNW Norma Motley Linda Mueller Joseph Mullany Dave Mullett Melody Mumma Marcee Mundy Karen Murphy Margaret Myers Attila Nagy gli-w" MY r. Qi! David Moore Gail Moore Melinda Moore Pamela Moore Nancy Morelli Monica Morgan Patricia Morgan Jane Morris Robert Morton Jr. Cynthia Moser M. Nina Moskos Jerri Moss RIGHT: Senior Paul Black marches with the flag. Seniors i 1 l , Q, ,. ,M :gg Us 'K Qu-Q. Virrrh-r Paul Nahas S. Steven Nash Cristina Navarro Laura Neff Yasmin Nehal Sharon Neidert S A V, ..,, W x f Y ' x Y S bl A t , X' 5 QV , " -1 Timothy Nelson Richard Nemer Ivan Nemet Wendell Neubert QV' , Charles Nixon Steve Noffsmger Lori Noland Jeffrey Norris Seniors Paul Moskowitz, Tony King, and Jed Koontz enjoy spring on cam us gf IM" ft"'W"Y 15 Q07 4555 W Denms O Connell Thomas O Connor Marilyn Oen Grace Ogbxmx Elxzabeth Ogurchak Nancy Oldenburg Frances Olesxck Sandy Oleskey Juduth O Nell Kathleen O Ne1l Kelly O Nexll Olufunke Om Jmvg N5 WY We Nw F -'sw 'A rf 'Q if Mlchelle Onorato Mary Orosz Sherrx Osborn Mnchael Osburn Deobxe Osterhage Dxane Ostxch F 1' QKI7 gnu-Q Mark Overberg Lon Owens Debra Pachmayer Regma Pange Pamela Palsley Joseph Palumbo W Julle Palumbo Agathonlcos Pamboukxs Karen Pancoast Mxchael Pangas Ale candra Pantelldrs Wxllnam Papas ' , Mynvp My V wwf P ' ' FWF' ' if,,,', P ' , . li' 5.9 5 E ' 1 ' 1 ,yr W' 'R ,,.-3' ,f P v f , . , , ""' . A' f . ,X W , Y Q, . r f O 'X Q, J 'ls 42 6 .. r : 'X ' . -.L ' :fi P af ,fr x K ,, A r.,. ' - , ' X I ' Isfj"'y - K ,fu " 4 ., .,.V " - vim, ww M f ' X 3, 1' V -: - X' -1.,. 1": W K 'al ' 5 r: Xl' A: ""' , - :rr I jjff .X .wwf N -. .- . f 7 f S- ' A X -5- Q fl' N- ff-'w fs- N Q ,, if .Z I VHF? H 1 Q We isp-v as 4 - , ' Q-5 if V v 7 ' A ' , , . . , . , , . 5 Q 3 - . 4 - ' . ! - I - ' 4 ' ' Seniors na 'TCT 511 fi V U N-'af' 4-s E Jennifer Papp Nancy Parker Amy Parker G. Thomas Parry, Jr i':'g1N Barbara Parsons Carla Patton Lori Pasnik Anna Pavichevich 'K Q ., -5 1. .f 4 . l , 4, . I ,x -n..-I 'N Q' I 1 84. X' X A A , ef 'Y -:Z Q A X x Q . Semgrg, Marlene Szeles has some materials duplicated at the Communications Center. l ,lt l 'Us i l l I il l l 1 N W ,A .aff l l l 1 1 l i l l a Ai 1 l i T iii ' 1 fi i so L l I' ,, .I fix Roushanak Pazouki 1 Richard Pearl Bruce Peck A, Donald Peoples Theodore Perkovich Andrea Pertginides Eel ' s l rm , -,el Z ra V, 5 c f V we ,Q 99' M, .. ., in H r, ,- 'um 'JL Brenda Peters Donald Peterson, Jr. Gina Petrella James Pettitt Carolyn Pfeifer Hoang Pham Gregory Phillips Leatrice Phillips Anthony Philpott Lawrence Pilcher Tamara Pinchot Jeffrey Pinkerton W' Ye-all lr- iwlwwlluyug ii. -""'an Seniors dream about the end of the semester. -eff? -H ,:.A Q rzl ,rr . Q . va fri S Q F2 , -we "W . rlq . i V- ,. .. 11- 2 Q.: ,hx :gg .A 1 l E aff V- ' A 5 ' Q 4, '- ga f f' W X- 4 ' ig , yr 'r .ry . x g ,Ml Q- x 1, .,,. .-"Siva 'K v r .1 'N r 1- 5,15 'wr 51 ,se 1 me .,r , 1 ,vu l lf.: mr Marlene Piszczor Paula Pollander Nancy Presutto Steven Podnar Drew Pramik Kenneth Pringle Mark Polasky Thomas Presper Susanne Pritz Jeffrey Polen Sylvia Presta Judy Promey Seniors .iw V ' - , iw 5' K I ,-J wr A tx Nei sw ri! 4, .1 ,Vg 'H I: we x xt rs ' 1 4 .' 'S Libby Munro studies in Gardner Student Center, I. 'W ' ff? 'YJ' 2 ,,,, ,N W -'Q Seniors W 5 ws. QI l: 3 4- . 51 , ff ' 'il K use r. wg 1 ' Hrmsiwi 'X ' ..- 'Q dt" 351 I ll -eff, 1 's 5 WSC JN rg' yi .low QE ! Q Dominic Prunesti Michael Pyett Mark RaClOSeViCl'1 Christine Pugh Cathleen Quicksall Kent Raffath James Pugh Lynne Radcliffe Michele Raheem Omar Raheem Dolores Raper Thomas Rapini Christine Reed Judy Reese Joseph Regueiro Nancy Rehard lngrid Reichlin Timothy Reiheld Jolene Reinhart James Reisch Christopher Reminder , 4 x ,-". z an i f Yi . ,,. if , A .f .L ' :cial iv ag .V W.. Pauline Reno Anna Reymann Jane Reymann Cynthia Rhyne Shari Rice Jack Richardson Shelly Robey Maude Robinson Diane Rock James Reeder, Jr. Gordon Roesner Ted Roesner Gregory Rogerson Tammara Rohrer Amelia Ronclinella John Rootring Deborah Roper Becky Ross X it Tammy Rohrer looks for the perfect negative. fl Q Valerie Ross Anthony Rothermel Jessis Rucker WSP I 'rg' , Q -A 1, Q'me,.,v, a V MJ, , . , .Q A ia lt. a Z' -, W l if Q bl' fi. Y , R K We Ronald Rucker Lynn Rudary Robert Ruiz S1 'Z 4 15 A -1 ,fi ' . -'Q f' 2.Y,,3., ,... 3 T, K A Mn . A J f M- pr-rf 1 , 5 1 G SW ii'i2xJ A , f, " 1 l 4, +555 '. 4 xt ,E+ ,. , .. . u. . . A.: Yr, .yy . z 1, -can ,wig-.,, . ,, . , , ,H W ' M Q Fl , 'ww B I 1 422 nw' s , '21 ' Q 'A y at Qliijf ef Seniors f V ,L-,J 655. ' tri -7 el X 1 Q ...fwfr ' .gt , V A 25, , "rur- j i A , ,. - 4' Q " Library steps lead to "higher" learning. Q 3 ,Mt F Q' it ' H giggtx N ,fs 1 kj QQ , T ff lfxkf if fi Q 'tLlsl3xsXiXx Ll- hklw - -' Z.: 1:-ff .w F X . ..,. 'il gye, qi-..,... 'Nun' 'Ch Lori Rush Terrence Russ Scott Russell Steven Russell Marian Ruvolo Katherine Sabatina Paul Sabatino Pierre Sabbagh Nadine Sadar Robert Saffle, Jr. -91 I tv 'Q ,E . 3' Marilyn Sain Velma Sales Cara Saltzman Sommay Samly .wfg 65 t mf Patrick Sandy Michael Saxon Lynne Santomen Joseph Scaclio Mary Jo 555505 Thomas Scarpellini Craig Satow Jodi Schaeffer 21 5. ,E , X ' V293 I v . ' 0. '-rs!" .. ir. -5, Q Q-l 1' 3 if 2 Hu" i f rl I ii s- ,I 5 , ii an x if X Mark Schaeffer Kimberly Schafer Mark Schario Tracy Schiavone Michele Schirack Robert Schmidt Carrie Schoolcraft Amy Schreiner aqua.. N Gary Schultz Jane Scott Elaine Scrima Debra Seaman W . ri Joseph Sebestyen Reza Shafie Khorasani Phyllis Seibel Mohsen Shahnazari George Semrau Kenneth Sharkey Vanessa Semrau Barbara Sharnsky Lori Shaffer Craig Shell Tracy Shaffer Kim Shepherd LEFT: Students help each other with computer work. Seniors zz , . 75 ,1 ' ' , ,.: W? ff Q13 at-4:5 ul fif-fi" '- . 3 S ' if f-'bf i S Carole Shields Margaret Shoemaker Peggy Shrider Eric Shumaker S? 5 sy' 3 William Siffert Vito Sinopoli Todd Sivard Nancy Slanta i Y i '5 Sv My i , F, x"x.,NN-,W 1 I v .,-. I 9 Carole Slavichak Kathleen Smalley Russel Smedley Donna Smith Doris Smith Frank Smith Q 4-mx" 1 Xv 5 it W Janice Smith Jeffrey Smith Kelly Smith Larry Smith Leonard Smith Lisa Smith Darlene Cozadd keeps the office in order. 7 ...1 v roi r Margaret Smith Mark Smith Mary Smith Monica Smith Rick Smith Sherrie Smith 'SS' Sidney Smith Maria Socratous Mary Sotirovich Elaine Sova Majken Sovers Deborah Sparks if 2. I 1 e 325 is Al4e 4755 i v f, , , . N. 'L 1 I lllli '1f,.:rriirS' if ' 0 XA' 'W A N iv-aw' . .av A Q4-v A 4 William Sparks Mark Speicher Cathleen Sponseller Susan Sprain Robert Stadvec Mark Stahl , 2. 1' ,. ,.:,,. at lx -CS. ! -as V x Christine Stake Laura Stanek Karen Stankiewicz Loretta Stanley Pamela Stann Andrew Stano C' r if I Q5- .s has Tina Stark Lynn Starkey Robert Starkey Chris Steadham Linda Steckel Claudia Stefanar Chris Huth checks out an organizations poster Theodore Stefanov Sheryl Steffensen Kurt Stein ws Seniors i A , fi A., i , r QW wt ai' dr'-Ak , Ei 'S Vasa--X Pm S x 4 Eddie Steiner Ronald Steiner Brian Steinkerchner Renee Steinmetz James Stetz Diane Steve Margaret Stilwell Tammy Stimson Tracy Stoner Karl Stover Randall Strange Gabrielle Streisel We . ,:- V, , Linda Strunk Cynthia Studer Donald Suit Melania Suiter I 3 -sawi- gwwf K fmwl Al 'fm Q7-r rf, ,' up-f , ff 4 - ' ' e ff' T 2 h- V, h, I .h,,,. 'F if-v ' 'F H 315, ' A C V, - . , ' Q -:,'.f-arf. ,. rg.. Dale Swope Donna Tenney Katherine Thompson Marlene Szeles Woodrow Thatcher Mark Thompson Diane Taylor Doris Thiemens Ann Thornburg Jennifer Taylor Laurie Thomas Robert Thornburg Michael Tellitocci Teresa Thomas Daphne Thrower Parlee Templeton Timothy Thomas Patricia Tilton Timothy Tingler Charles Tomcho Andrew Tompkins Steve Trace Derek Trachsel Elizabeth Tratnyek , i N 1' ' pid' ' . I E , ,,,, , U2 9 0 aft A f'- cf' ml Fx" i Ralph Trecaso Debra Trenta Helen Triantafyllou Thomas Troxel Frank Trust, Jr. Janet Turczyk Seniors Ee .219 " 48x Deborah Vaughan Denise Vaughn Daniel Ventresca Georgia Verlaney John Verlaney Terry Vincent 'UQ Mary Wachtel Ruthi Wachtel Eric Wagner Matthew Wagner John Walker Josephine Walls LEFT Vlckxe Witmyer attends the C gl T senior reception. 'll Brian Walters Rachel Wankum Robert Wankum Susan Wantz Debra Wanzie Deborah Ward I1 X Q 16 Michael Ward Robert Ward Robert Wardle David Warner Mark Warner Elizabeth Wathen Ji :Mt Ge . 2 'Q . J g 4. xg , in Yu 1 1 .QIQQQ ,II fl ' IF' 5 ,-, , X ma. if 79 ,. ff.: Darlene Watson Carole Watters Gary Webel Joseph Weber, III Sharyn Weber Cheryl Webster 6 in-.f 4" V Mary Kay Claus picks up graduation tickets at the Alumni Office. 419 ' .- 'sw ' ' 'wie 4' x Q: P A , and . I 4 41, RW! t .X mai' Alix ' I 'T WH" Eric Weese Guyla Wehman Randall Weingart Steven Weirich Nancy Welder Juliann Wellman Jennifer Wenner Linda Wentz Richard Werner Dana West Jeffery West Richard Westfall Marci Weston Jon Wetherholt Jean Wewer Seniors seniors at a college re- 1:11. :-,M , , 3: K 38m.a.,..q slll l Qi? X - - an 'SN K ' M .mn Av A " f ' ,Avl- , . M. A . 'bfx Q'--r Tim White Jon Whitleclge David Whitmore Brian Wieghaus 4 v 'Sl ..,. - ' ff .. - 4 x 52 4 H. ., -'r 1 .' - ....s. - .J -Y ..' r. , Ns- 'saws' Cliff Wincki Kathy Winkler Lisa Wolf Teresa Wood Colette Woolridge Daniel Worcester 'ri X Aki. Gary Zimovan Alberta Zook Two conference leaders share Ideas at Senior Directions. K. qty-vi' Lisa Wright Stephen Wright Karen Wrobel Gregory Wunderle Lori Wunderle Jeffrey Young John Young Denise Younker Raymond Yurick John Zaegel Chris Zamborsky Judy Zavoda Lynette Zawacla Albert Zayakosky Robert Zeller, lll Mary Zembar Teresa Zimmer Sheri Zimmerman Fotena Zirps-SillS Barbara Zuchniak Sohrab Zokaei George Zurmehly Seniors 9'f?gf.?,, nv 1' V 4:1 Oulu. in W r Nl S K, 4 ' li' .N 'N 'xv L " lj , , If V - i s '3 - Y x ' 5' J XA: Q V. .S .P hr S? ri rS5w':LT'j'-I 4 X gm' 5 5? , . c Ari' 5 , ff 1 Q i 19' WR if s gN! QQ Q K 9 ,qi .2 . F ,H uw P. X9 f- 1983 Commencement was held at the Richfield Coliseum May 28. During the ceremony, over 1,500 students re- ceived degrees, and over 3,800 degrees were conferred by the university for the 1982-83 school year. The honorary speaker was Jean Ripert, Director General for Develop- ment and International Economic Cooperation for the United Nations. Seniors Over 1,500 graduating seniors attend graduation exercises. M-rea' R.0.T.C. Commissioning i : A x ' f 1 b I A cadet receives his commission at the May 21 ceremony held in Summit Lounge. Cadets take their 03915 dUfln9 the 30th annual ioinf Army'-Alf Force commissioning. A cadet receives his military bars at an earlier awards ceremony. Seniors SUMMA CUM LAUDE G.P.A. 5.75-4,0 Joyce Atoulikian Cecelia Bearer Sharon Beheydt Margaret Bell Lawrence Cline Margaret Csejtey Diane D'Abate Jean Denker Stephen Fast Andrew Fenton Kenneth Gole Lisa Hall Jo Ellen Hedrick Larry Herman Roseanne Hoefel Kurt Houk David Jackson Tina Juristy Tracie King Lori Kohler David Kovach Philip Lamancusa David Lawless Susan Lehrer William Lenzotti m Maril n Li ka V P Rebecca Lundi Lynn McCallum Carol McFarland -H Stephanie McMillen Susan Mego Barbara Mullett Jennifer Munson Yasmin Nehal Leo Obrst Murlyn Pace Michael Pangas Elizabeth Pierce Perri-Anne Pillot H Christine Pugh Kent Raifath Sandra Rich Robin Rippl Terry Sabaka Bret Schneider 3 I Debra Seamon Joy Shay Carol Smith Eddie Steiner Terry Vincent Jennifer Wenner Judith Young Mary Zembar MAGNA CUM LAUDE G.P.A. 3.5-3.74 Doug Abrams Karen Bachmann Brian Baltimore William Bardy Kimberley Bargar Judi Barnes Kim Barnish Sharon Basiewicz Maria Benitez Cindy Bennett Susan Blough Donald Boito Charles Booth Andrew Bowen Lisa Bozic Janice Brienza Denise Brown Joseph Brownlee Kenneth Carder Timothy Carpenter Judy Casterline Sharon Castor Kathleen Clark Veronica Croskey Joseph DiFrancesco Steve Dimengo Robert DiPaolo Seniors Gary Doak Kendall Douglass David Dudek Cynthia Dunlap Marianne Dunphy Pamela Dye Lynn Errickson Anthony Fahmy Linda Farrell Paul Ferguson William Fisher Kimberley Fitzsimmons Christine Forbes-Seymour Pamela Gemberling Mary Ellen Getz Ginger Giles Jerry Graf Roger Gray Nancy Gregg George Haines Christiane Hakim Jacquelyn Hall Teresa Haneline Ellen Harold Dennis Haver Mark Havir Sonija Hecker David Hicks Dennis Hicks John Hoag Katherine Hornor James Horvath Kathryn Howells Virginia Hribar Deborah Huff Shirley Hyland Judy Jacobson Lois Johns Christine Johnson Donna Johnson Sandra Johnson Robin Keller Mary Kelley Jamie Ketchum Susan Kilcoyne Cheryl Kinney William Kist Joann Kitzmiller Christine Knuff David Komer Christopher Kostoff John Kovach Laura Krause John Kuehls Judy Kuszmaul David Kutcher Carletta Lance Laura Langsdorf Jeffrey Lefkovitz Julie Livingston Gary Longbottom Suzanne Lown Thomas Luckenbach Robert Lutz Albert MacDougall Kimberley Mallernee Evelyne Manes Michael Martin John Martucci James Maser Kathleen May Diane McElwain Christine McKee Francis Mellott Leila Mercorelli Brenda Miller Jeannie Miller Cynthia Mostoller David Mullett Ardyse Mund Christina Navarro Jack Nilsson Karen Ohare Nancy Oldenburg Mark Overburg Debra Pachmayer Michael Patrino Cheryl Petrick Leatrice Phillips Sharon Poelking Michele Pollock Bruce Powell Pamela Pritchard Eric Reiter Michael Ritch Maude Robinson Lisa Rodes Christine Roman Kimberley Schafer Lori Schultz Barbara Sharnsky Monica Smith Ronald Steiner William Stimler Kenneth Suder John Suich Marcene Swain Karen Sword Duane Thewlis Laurie Thomas Richard Tschiegg Daniel Unklesbay Mary Wachtel Eric Wagner Matthew Wagner Deborah Ward Diana Way Gary Webel Guyla Wehman Diane Weir Judith Werstler Richard Westfall Marci Weston Sarah Wilde John Wittibschlager Lisa Wright Sue Young CUM LAUDE G.P.A. 3253.49 Michael Abraham Jeff Adam Rebecca Addington Susan Allison' Rita Amer Linda Anderson Kay Atkinson Roberta Ayers Teresa Ayoup Barbara Bacso Mayr Bader Lauren Balhorn Kathleen Banar Phillip Baptiste Harold Barlekamp Donna Beatty Ann Beckwith Barbara Bell John Bennett John Boggins Barry Bordenkircher Thomas Borgen Deborah Bowen Ellen Brandes Lynn Brantley Lenore Brechun Dolores Brenton Janet Brichacek Charles Brikmanis Beverly Brooks Julie Brown Peggy Brubaker Diane Bujorian Mary Buza Kimberley Byrd Theresa Calovini Darrell Carey David Carter Bradford Christman Brenda Collier Clare Constantine Amy Cook Anne Daugherty Martha Davis Kent Dekome Patrick Dichlian Diane Dotson Paule Drope Charles Duchon Janet Dye Mark Easton Rober El-Sabbagh Nancy England Randal Eplin Karen Eterovich Judith Fast Laura Ferber Charles Ferrell Laura Finley Steve Flesher Melissa Frederick Dina Fry Kim Gahring Terese George Susan Gilchrist Kathleen Golem Cynthia Gorey Roy Graham Wendy Gram Kevin Groh Jane Hahn Jeanne Haiay John Halkias Daphne Hamblin Judith Harris John Harvilic Denise Haurin Carina Hays Linda Hepburn Mark Hirko Nancy Hite Velda Hofacker Sow-Fun Hon Linda Hoover Laureen Horrigan Kimberley Howdyshell Douglas Hudak Jacqueline Humphrey Walter llijevich Tori Ingram Janet Jackson Julie Jobes Olga Johnson Jocelyn Jones Wayne Jones Joseph Karaffa Deborah Kelley Tamzin Kelley Thomas Kelley Kevin Kenworthy Sherry Kilpatrick Sharon King Margaret Koester Deborah Kraft Karen Kuhn James Lane Oscar Lanzi Robin Lewis Sharon Litman Frederick Locker Dennis Lonca Laura MacDonald Lucinda Main Paula Markus Jeffrey Martin Frank Mazgaj Kathleen McCartney Vivian McFee Sharon McGirr Alan McGuire Brian McLeod Donald McMillan Scott McQuaide Todd Meyerhoefer Daniel Miller Julie Mizer Tomiya Mollohan Judith Morgan Karen Murphy Paul Nahas Mya 5,34 -t QM .32 35455 rv.- 'E ,,.. ,V v, ,,,,,, l.i1......,...,.a.aT. 1 s .fl l I 5 l l 1 l i 5 . l I l. l l 1 l ' is 19 5.15 'Ft r X ., . M . Q ie: - Q. sf eisdall Neubert alerie Niemann earns O'Connell aitlyn Oen I clra Oleskey ary Orosz ,fchael Osburn ark Pape 'til Pasnik 'nine Pavkov rolyn Pfeifer wrence Pitcher afhy Pleskach arolyn Pontius ' alirxe Reno ne Reymann . 'thia Rhyne 'elly Robey jnthia Rockich Reeder W arlotte Roman tchele Roten bert Ruiz -chael Ryan ichele Schaefer ark Scharto 'racy Schiavone andal Schmidt ndra Seamon 'rleen Sesock 'ryann Shafer nrt Shaffer racy Shaffer im Sherwood 'illiam Siffert ' rolyn Skeryo Vffrey Smith atirence Solowey rio Somerville ary Sotirovich arnela Stann ynn Starkey aniel Streb 51 lm Summerville 5. l i l l clith Surma heresa Swearengin ,audia Swoboda anny Terwilliger inn Thornburg atricia Tilton awn Timberlake ulie Tome I hn Tripodi 'ori Walch teven Walkowski eannie Watson ileen Weber ana West effrey West rian Wieghaus a rk Wirkus aniel Worcester ariet Young ohn Young ITH DISTINCTION A GPA, 3.25-4.0 if an Associate Dreee program S I, eff Adam Qean Baliga 'orand Banda eborah Beatty 4 3 lisa Berus , ttsan Bissonette obert Black f- l iridy Boland l arol Bonham - rn I , 2 farol Brown risty Brown atricia Buchanan atricia Buckles fi eanne Bushong ' lane Cheng atsy Coleman Il etly Conner feslie Augustynovich Terry Cook Ronda Corley Chris Coutts Joan Craze Susan Dale Marcia Daugherty Mary Davis Laurence Dean Michele Denham Ronald Denham Cathy Dillinger Mary Dillon Nancy Duncan Rober El-Sabhagh Anne Englehart Sandra Eskridge Marge Faught Nicolene Fire Mary Fuchs Janice Geer Pearlie Gibson Rebecca Greene Martha Habig Carolyn Hagans Stephen I-lanak Ann Hayden Sucli Hayford Barbara Henry Amos Hershberger Christa Horvath Loretta Hostetler Robert Howard Jeffrey Howell Virginia Huggins Larry Hurley Carl Jarosz Jennifer Jekubik Jay Johnson Robin Just Marita Kahrig Rosalie Kaiser William Kesler Caroline Kornatz-Krecic David Krannich Sharon Krbec Ellen Kurr Carol Lavender Sandta Ledinsky Debra Lenke Gloria Markuten Nancy Marzano Jeffrey Medley Paul Meyer Melinda Moore Melody Mott Delores Mundy Colleen O'l'learn Jacqueline Parsons Mark Pastor Jane Paxton Kathy Perkins Vicki Perry Connie Peters Tamara Pinchot Jacqueline Pritchard Francis Quicci Janet Roberts Cynthia Rockich Lynn Rudary Lynn Ruttig Velma Sales Lynne Santomen Kimberly Schafer Judith Schauer Paul Scjweigert Dave Seaver Phyllis Seibel Rae Sergi Darleen Sesock Lori Shaffer Larry Shaw Carole Shields Nicholas Sirnontis Charles Sitler Mary Smith Eric Smucker Lydia Ann Stahl Christine Stake Nancy Stanley Karl Stover Joni Takacs Michael Tellitocci Beth Thomas Robert Tragler Debra Trenta Mindi Urbanek Monica Wachter Ruth Wagner Marlene Wells Anne Werner Jon Witledge Alyson Wiley Rae Wilson Kathy Winkler Beverly Woodford Compiled by The Office of the Registrarq Seniors gym M f IM ff! M li! rv-fe " A 4-1u:!.!!lQK Senior Directory Aaaaaaaa ABBEY, GERALD L.: B.S. Industrial Management: Phi Alpha Theta: Varsity Basket- ball, 4-year Letterman: American Production and Inventory Control Society. ABOOD, LAURA: B.S.fM.D.: Alpha Lambda Delta. ABOU-ABDALLAH, SAID W.: B.S. Civil Engi- neering. ABRAMIDES, BERT: B.S. Nursing: Student Faculty Committee: Collegiate Nursing Students. ADAM, JEFFREY SAMUEL: B.S. Industrial AccountingfProduction Management: Varsity Tennis: American Production and Inventory Control Society: Data Processing Management Association. ADDINGTON, REBECCA: B.S. Elementary Edu- cation. AHERN, TRACY M.: B.A. Psychology: Psi Chi: Phi Sigma Alpha. ALBER, KIMBERLY: B.S. Social Work: Women's Basketball: Student Social Work League, Public- ity Chairman. ALBANESE, JOHN PATRICK: B.A. Education. ALDINGER, DAVID L.: A.A.B. Transportation: Delta Nu Alpha: Dorm Government: Residence Hall Council: Intramurals. ALFONSO, JACQUELINE: B.S. Biology. ALLEN, ARJETTA E. LEE: B.A. Psychology: Certificate, Life Span and Gerontology. ALLISON, SUSAN RENEE: B.A. Psychology. AMMONS, DEREK: B.S. Applied Math. ANDERSON, ABBY C.: B.S. Marketing: Delta Sigma Pi. ANDERSON, KAREN ANN: B.S. Industrial Management. ANNIS, DARLA MARIE: A.A.S. Manufacturing Technology. ANTOGNOLI, ANDREW ANGELO, JR.: B.S. Microbiology f Medical Technology. ARCHER, ERIC RICHARD:'B.S. Chemical Engi- neering: Coleman Major Slide Rule Award: American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Secre- tary. ARCHER, NEAL E.: A.A.S. Mechanical Technology. ARCHUAL, GREGORY MARK: B.S. Industrial Management: American Production and Inventory Control Society: American Society for Personnel Administration. ARMBRUST, DAVID F.: B.S. Electrical Engineer- ing: Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engi- neers, Program Chairman: Intramurals. ARSHINKOFF, BETTY J.: B.S. Marketing: Al- pha Lambda Delta: Delta' Gamma, Treasurer. ARUIDSON, DAVID: B.S. Electronic Technology: Varsity Tennis. ASH, DIANNE REBECCA: B.S. Political SciencefCriminal Justice: Lambda Alpha Epsilon. ASH, LEATRICE L.: B.S. Nursing: Collegiate Nursing Students. ATKINSON, KAY E.: B.M. MusicfVoice Perfor- mance: Kappa Phi Club: Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship: Marching Band: Concert Choir. ATOULIKIAN, JOYCE A.: B.A. Mass Media- Communication: Who's Who Among Students In American Universities and Colleges: A-Key: Mor- tar Board: Alpha Lambda Delta: Pi Sigma Epsilon, Vice President of Public Relations: Pub- lic Relations Student Society of America, Vice President. AUGUSTYNOVICH, LESLIE K.: A.A.B. Commercial Art. Bbbbbbbb BABAIE, MAJID R.: B.S. Electrical Engineering. BABCOX, TOM: B.A. English: Phi Kappa Tau. BACHMANN, MARY BETH: B.S. Marketing: Pi Sigma Epsilon. BALHORN, LAUREN LEE: B.F.A. Graphic De- sign. BANAR, KATHLEEN M.: B.A. Social Work: Backgammon Club: Student Social Work League. BANDA, LORAND ANTAL: A.A.S. Electronic Technology: Phi Theta Kappa. BANNER, ROBERT A.: B.S. Mechanical Engi- neering: American Society of Mechanical Engi- neers. BAPTISTE, PHILLIP J.: B.S. Accounting. BARDY, WILLIAM A.: B.S. Mechanical Engi- neering. BARLEKAMP, HAROLD C.: B.S. Natural Science: Riflery Team: Residence Hall Program Board, Publicity Committee, Telecommunications Committee. BARNES, JUDI MARIE: B.A. Dietetics: Alpha Lambda Delta: Dorm Government, Presidentg Residence Hall Council: Student Dietetic Associ- ation: Intramurals. BARNISH, KIM: B.S. Nursing: Alpha Lambda Delta: Collegiate Nursing Students. BARSAMIAN, SARKIS: B.S. Electrical Engineer- ing: Eta Kappa Nu. BARTILSON, DIANNA R.: B.S. Accounting: Beta Alpha Psi: Students in Free Enterprise. BARTOLOTTA, PAUL ANTHONY: B.S. Civil Engineering: Kappa Kappa Psi, President: Ameri- can Society of Civil Engineers, President: Con- crete Canoe Team, Marching Band: Concert Band: Symphonic Band. BASIEWICZ, SHARON: B.F.A. Graphic Design: Alpha Lambda Delta: Student Art League. BASSO, NEENA: B.S. Marketing: Pi Sigma Epsilon, Vice President of Marketing. BATCHO, JOHN M.: B.S. AccountingfFinance: Dorm Government: Accounting Association: Finance Club: Intramurals, Supervisor. BATTLES, FRANK E., III: B.S. Management. BAUMBICK, ROBERT J.: B.S. Mechanical Engi- neering: Varsity Football, 3-year Letterman: American Society of Mechanical Engineers. BEACH, MICHAEL J.: B.A. Music Education: Ohio Honors Choir: Placement in Regional NATS Competition: Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship. BEALE, CINDY DIANE: B.S. Political Science: Homecoming Queen: Kappa Phi Club: Resident Assistant: Student Social Work League: Dorm Government: Residence Hall Council: Residence Hall Program Board: Intramurals. BEARER, CECELIA: B.S. EducationfHome Eco- nomics: Kappa Omicron Phi. BEATTY, DEBORAH SUSAN: A.A.B. Data Processing. BECKA, FLORENCE: B.S. Accounting: Finance Club: Residence Hall Program Board. BECKWITH, ANN L.: B.A. Mass Media- Communication: Public Relations Student Society of America, Vice President: Women in Communi- cations, Inc.: American Advertising Federation. BEETZ, ANDREA: B.S. Nursing. BELL, ANTOINETTE TONI: B.S. Vocational Home Economics. BELL, BRUCE: B.S. Chemistry: Phi Eta Sigma: Intramurals. BELL, MOLLY: B.S. Accounting: Mortar Board: Beta Gamma Sigma: Beta Alpha Psi: Alpha Lambda Delta: Delta Sigma Pi, Vice President. Secretary: Accounting Association: Students in Free Enterprise. BENNETT. CINDY L. RUFENER: B.A. Political Science: Pi Sigma Alpha: Pi Delta Phi: International Affairs Society, Vice President, Sec- retary: French Club. BENNETT, J. ANDREW: B.A. Political Science: International Affairs Society, President, Program Director: Outing Club: Pathfinders. BERESTECKY, KATHLEEN M.: B.S. Accounting. BERKOWITZ, BRIAN: B.M.T. Mechanical Technology: Phi Kappa Tau. BIALORUCKI, HELEN M.: B.S. Nursing. BIDINGER, BRETT J.: B.S. Management. BIGGINS, SANDRA: B.A. Speech Pathology and Audiology: Dorm Government, Secretary: Nation- al Student Speech, Language, and Hearing Asso- ciation: Residence Hall Program Board, Music Committee, Special Features Committee. BIGGS, J. MARK: B.S. Biology. BINDAS, JOHN D.: B.A. Mass Media- Communication: WAUP. BISSONETTE, SUSAN A.: A.A.B. Marketing and Sales Technology: A.A.B. Business Management Technology. BITZEL, RICHARD J., ll: B.S. Marketing: Varsity Track, 3-year Letterman: Intramurals: Resident Assistant: Dorm Government, President: Residence Hall Program Board, Major Events Committee: Homecoming King: Residence Hall Council: Computer Science Club. BLACK, PAUL G.: B.S. Marketing: Arnold Air Society: Pi Sigma Epsilon. BLACKBURN, KIMBERLY A.: B.S. Athletic Training. BLACKSTONE, CHERYL: A.A.B. Executive Secretarial Science: Marching Band, Feature Twirler: Pep Band. BLANKENSHIP, ROBERT D.: B.S. Industrial Management. BLANKENSHIP, SANDRA K.: A.A.B. Business Management Technology: Administrative Management Society. BLEWITT, SUSAN L.: B.A. Political Science: Phi Sigma Kappa Little Sister: Senior Class Board: Pre-Law Club. BLOUGH, SUSAN: B.A. EducationfSpeciaI Edu- cation: Alpha Lambda Delta: Council for Excep- tional Children, Fund Raising Chairperson. BOARMAN, DOUGLAS B.: B.A. Mass Media- Communication: WAUP. BOBICH, KATHY: B.A. Speech Pathology and Audiology. BOLDT, KATHLEEN S.: B.S. Chemical Engi- neering. BOLES, LISA: B.S. Elementary Education: Alpha Delta Pi. BOLON, GUY R.: B.S. Marketing: Bowling Team. BOLTON, DAVE: B.S. Accounting. BOND, SUE: A.A.S. Educational Technology. BONEZZI, MICHAEL JAMES: B.S. Physical EducationfHealth: Dorm Government: Intramurals. BOOTH, CHIP: B.S. Accounting: Beta Gamma Sigma: Beta Alpha Psi: Lambda Chi Alpha: Accounting Association: Intramurals. BOOTH, NANCY E.: B.S. Marketing: Pi Sigma Epsilon. BORAC, NICCOLETTE R.: B.S. Accounting: Accour.ting Association. BOSAK, HENRY CHARLES: A.A.S. Mechanical Seniors Technology. BOLIRNELIS. JAMES O.: B.A. Industrial Management: Intramurals. BOUTERSE, JOHN A.: B.S. Mechanical Engi- rieering, Whos Who Among Students in Ameri- can Universities and Colleges: Phi Eta Sigma: Oinicron Delta Kappa: Order of Omega, Presi- dent. Lambda Chi Alpha, President, Recruitment Chairman, Scholarship Chairman: Associated Student Government, Senator, Awards Commission Chairman. University Council, Ser- geant at Arms: American Society of Mechanical Engineers. BOWEN, ANDREW A.: B.M. MusicfOrgan Per- formance: Phi Eta Sigma: Concert Choir. BOWEN, DEBBIE: B.S. Accounting: Beta Alpha Psi: Alpha Gamma Delta: Accounting Associ- ation: Students in Free Enterprise. BOYCHAN, THOMAS J.: B.A. Political Science. BRADY, TONI: B.A. Psychology: Residence Hall Program Board, Major Events Committee: Resi- dent Assistant: Intramurals. BRAIDICH, HELEN M.: B.S. Accounting ,,"' Marketing. BRANDES, ELLEN: B.S. Chemistry: Chemistry Club, President: American Chemical Society, Student Affiliate. BRANDES. GEORGE R.: B.S. Natural Science: Sigma Pi Sigma, SecretaryfTreasurer: Lambda Chi Alpha, Alumnus Correspondent. Social Chair- man: Society of Physics Students, SecretaryfTreasurer: Young Republicans: Frisbee Club: Chemistry Club. BRANDEWIE. BRIAN: B.S. Mechanical Engineer- ing: American Society of Mechanical Engineers. BRANNER. ROBERTA JOANN: A.A.S. Criminal Justice Technology. BRANTLEY, HERB: B.S. Mechanical Engineer- ing. BRAWLEY, JIM: B.S. Accounting. BREIDENBACH, JOAN A.: A.A.B. Business Management Technology: Dorm Government: Intramurals. BRENTON, DOLORES A.: B.S. Marketing: Mu Kappa Tau: Pi Sigma Epsilon: Administrative Management Society: Association tor Women Stu- dents. BRICHACEK, JANET: B.S. Accounting: Beta Al- pha Psi: Accounting Association. BRIENZE, JANICE K.: B.S. Elementary Educa- tion: Kappa Delta Pi, Secretary. BRIKMANIS, CHARLES K.: B.S. Mechanical En- gineering: Tau Beta Pi, Vice President: American Society of Mechanical Engineers. BROKAW, GREGORY A.: B.S. Industrial Management: Phi Eta Sigma: Delta Sigma Pi: Industrial Management Student Association: American Society for Personnel Administration. BROOKOVER, STEPHEN L.: B.S. Accounting: Beta Alpha Psi: Residence Hall Council, Treasur- erl Residence Hall Program Board: Dorm Government: Accounting Association: Student Toastmasters Club: Intramurals. BROOKS, BEVERLY: B.S. Accounting: Beta Al- pha Psi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Accounting Asso- ciation: Concert Choir. BROWN, BESSIE L.: B.S. Elementary Education. BROWN, CHRISTY J.: A.A.B. Data Processing: Data Processing Management Association. BROWN. DENISE ADAIR: B.A. Secondary EducationfEnglish. BROWN, JULIE L.: B.S. Biology: Chi Omega. BROWN, VALECIA: B.S. Business Education: Gospel Choir: Womens Glee Club. BROWNLEE, JOSEPH A.: B.A. MusicfComposition and Theory: Marching Band: Seniors Concert Band: Jazz Ensemble: Honor's Scholar. BRUBAKER, PEGGY L.: B.A. Music: Der Deut- sche Studentenklub: Chemistry Club: Orchestra. BRUCE, SHERRY L.: B.F.A. Ceramics. BRUCE, YUVONNE MARIE: B.A. Political Science: WAUP: The Buchtelite, Staff Writer. BRUCK, KATHERINE ELIZABETH: B.S. Nursing. BRUMMELL, GEORGE EDWARD: B.A. Social Work: Alpha Alpha Alpha: Student Social Work League. BRYTE, PAMELA: A.A.S. Medical Assisting Technology: Medical Assisting Club: Dorm Government: Residence Hall Program Board, Ma- jor Events Committee: Intramurals. BUCKLES, PATRICIA: A.A.B. Data Processing: Accounting Association: Beta Alpha Psi. BUCZKIEWICZ, MARGARET A.: B.S. Marketing: Pi Sigma Epsilon, Vice President of Personnel: Delta Sigma Pi: American Society for Personnel Administration: American Management Society: Ski Club: Intramurals. BUNGARD, BRIAN: B.S. Civil Engineering. BURDORFF. STEWART C.: A.A.S. Mechanical Technology: Intramurals. BURNESS, CRAIG: B.M.T. Mechanical Technology. BUSER, LEONARD E., JR.: B.A. Mass Media- Communication: WAUP, Sports Director. BUSHER, MARY: B.S. Nursing: Resident Assis- tant: Collegiate Nursing Students. BUTCHER, BECKY: A.A.B. Marketing and Sales Technol0Qv3 Concert Choir. BUTLER. KIMBERLY A.: B.S. MarketingfManagement: Water Ski Club: Adver- tising Club. BUTSON, DIRK: B.S. Marketing: Certificate, Computer Science: Computer Science Club, President. BUZA, MARY M.: B.A. Social Work: Alpha Al- pha Alpha. BUZON, CARMELO C.: B.M.T. Mechanical Technology: Intramurals. BYRD, KIMBERLY: B.A. Mass Media- Communication: Public Relations Student Society of America. Cccccccc CAIN, DEBRA: A.A.B. Secretarial Science. CALDWELL, RODNEY JAMES: B.S. Mechanical Engineering: Ski Club: American Society of Mechanical Engineers. CALOVINI, THERESA M.: B.A. Social Work: Al- pha Alpha Alpha, President, Vice President: Student Social Work League, Curriculum Chair- man: Campus Activities Board, President: May Day Chairman: Associated Student Government, Justice. CAMPBELL, JIM: B.S. Accounting. CAMPBELL, LEMUEL F., JR.: A.A.S. Electronic Technology: True Vine Campus Ministry, Presi- dent. CAPELLA, ROBERT S.: B.S. Electronic Technology. CAPPS, AMY LOUISE: B.A. Special Education: Council for Exceptional Children: Student Center Programming: True Vine Campus Ministry. CARDER, KENNETH R.: B.A. Communication and Rhetoric. CAREY, DARRELL: B.S. Accounting: Beta Al- pha Psi. CAROUSE, DIANNE MARIE: B.S. Marketing: at ? American Marketing Association: Wrestling Statis- tician. CARPENTER, TIM: B.S. Accounting: Beta Alpha Psi, Manuscript Director: Students in Free Enterprise: Accounting Association: Honor's Scholar. CARROLL, DENNIS LOYD, JR.: A.A.B. Data Processing. CARTER, DAVID A.: B.F.A. Graphic Design. CARVER, MICHAEL G.: B.S. Mechanical Engi- neering: Tau Kappa Epsilon: American Society of Mechanical Engineers. CASTERLINE, JUDY LYNN: B.A. Speech Pa- thology and Audiology: Dorm Government, Presi- dent: Residence Hall Council: Resident Assistant: Residence Hall Program Board, Major Events Committee, Liaison: Marching Band: Intramurals. CATANZARITE, CARLA: B.S. Computer Science, CESEN, PHILLIP EDWARD: A.A.S, Mechanical Technology: Intramurals. CHADBOURNE, LISA A.: B.A. Textiles and Clothing. CI-IAFIN, ROBYN J.: B.S. Nursing. CHANGET, VICKI ANN: B.S. Marketing: The Buchtelite. CHANEY, MARGIE: A.A.B. Data Processing: Residence Hall Program Board, Major Events Committee, Media Committee, Publicity Commit- tee, Musical Entertainment Committee. CHENEVEY, JOEL E.: B.S. Accounting: Accounting Association: Intramurals. CHENG, DIANE DAI-YET: A.A.B. Data Processing. CHERRY, ALLEN W.: B.S. Electrical Engineer- ing: Tau Kappa Epsilon: Marching Band: Outing Club: Students for Christ: Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship. CHRISTIAN, THERESA MARIE: B.A. Family and Child Development. CHUCKALOVCHAK, BEVERLY A.: B.S. Chemi- cal Engineering: Concrete Canoe Team: Honor's Scholar. CIANCHETTI, STEPHEN ARTHUR: B.S. Electronic Technology: Varsity Track: Intramurals. CIANCIOLA, MIKE: B.S. Accounting: Accounting Association. CIGNETTI, CATHERINE ANN: A.A.S. Medical Assisting Technology, CLAUS, MARY KAY: B.A. Business and Organi- zational Communication: Tel-Buch, Business Manager, Sports Editor: Women in Communica- tions, Inc., Membership Chairman: Public Rela- tions Student Society of America, Secretary. CLINE, CONNIE JILL: B.A. Education. COBLENTZ, MYRON L.: B.S. Accounting: Beta Alpha Psi. COCHRAN, BARRY L.: B.S. Mechanical Engi- neering. CODY: MICHAEL P.: A.A.B. Data Processing: Water Ski Team. COLBERT, KAREN S.: B.S. Nursing: Collegiate Nursing Students. COLLIER, BRENDA LYNN: B.S. Elementary Education: Alpha Gamma Delta: Jazz Show Singers. COLWELL: ELIZABETH: B.S. Accounting. CONN, PAULA: B.S. Marketing: Delta Sigma Pi, Secretary: Students in Free Enterprise. CONNER, KELLY E.: A.A.S. Handicapped Ser- vices. COOK, AMY CAROL: B.S. Business Education: Alpha Lambda Delta. COOK, JEFF A.: A.A.S. Drafting Technology. COOPER, JOY: B.S. Secondary Education. A. COOPER. SUSAN l,.YNN:'B.A. Family and Child Development: Ski Club. COPLIN, TERESA K.: A.A.B. Data Processing. CORA, ISIDRO, JR.: B.S. Accounting. COTTRELL, JACK R., JR.: B.A. Education. COTTRILL, RANDAL J.: B.A. Communication and Rhetoric: Varsity Wrestling. COZADD, DARLENE M.: A.A.B. Executive Sec- retarial Science: Future Secretaries of America, Vice President: Dorm Government, Secretary. CRAWFORD, SHARON LYNETTE: A.A.S. Medical Assisting Technology. CREEGAN, JOANIE: B.S. Nursing: Marching Band: Collegiate Nursing Students: Intramurals. CROSKEY, VERONICA SUE: B.S. Industrial Management: Alpha Lambda Delta: Sigma Iota Epsilon: Dorm Government, Secretary, Publicity Representative: Computer Science Club: Ameri- can Society for Personnel Administration: Ameri- can Production and Inventory Control Society. CRUMP, MARIE NIERRAS: B.S. Nursing: Kappa Kappa Gamma: Biology Club: Psychology Club, Vice President: Collegiate Nursing Students. CUNNINGHAM, DEBORAH M.: A.A.B. Business Management Technology. CURLEY, ELAINE: B.S. Management: Chi Ome- ga: Administrative Management Society. Dddddddd DAILEY, ERIC LEWIS: B.A. Secondary Educa- tion. DAILEY, KELLY LYNN: B.S. Nursing. DANALS, ROGER: B.S. Chemical Engineering: American Institute of Chemical Engineers. DANG, SON NGOC: B.S. Biology. DANN, THEODORE C.: B.S. Accounting: Lamb- da Chi Alpha, Vice President, Executive Council: Associated Student Government, Senate Vice- Chairman, Academic Action Committee Chair- man. DARDEN, MARY ANN: B.S. Home Economic Education. DAUER, DOUGLAS W.: B.S. Mechanical Engi- neering: Arnold Air Society. DAUGHERTY, ANNE: B.S. Marketing: Mu Kappa Tau: Pi Sigma Epsilon: American Society for Personnel Administration: American Production and Inventory Control Society: Dorm Government, Vice President: Intramurals. DAVIDOFF, RHONDA: B.S. Civil EngineeringfAccounting: Mu Alpha Theta: Beta Alpha Psi: American Society of Civil Engineers. DAVIDSON, AMY SUE: B.S. Civil Engineering: Kappa Kappa Gamma: Women's Varsity Tennis: American Society of Civil Engineers: Concrete Canoe Team: Residence Hall Program Board, Major Events Committee. DAVIES, JAMES E., JR.: B.S. Mechanical Engi- neering. DAVIS, SHERRIE L.: A.A.B. Executive Secretar- ial Science: Dorm Government, Vice President. DEAN, LAURENCE J.: A.A.B. Transportation: Phi Theta Kappa: Delta Nu Alpha. DE CAPRIO, CATHERINE A.: B.A. Secondary Education: Dorm Government: Residence Hall Council: Residence Hall Program Board: Resident Assistant. DECHIARA, ANTHONY: B.S. Electronic Technology: Students for Christ. DEE, MANUEL H.: A.A.B. Data Processing: Data Processing Management Association. DEKOME, KENT F.: B.S. Electrical Engineering: Eta Kappa Nu: Tau Beta Pi: Intramurals. DE LONG, PAMELA J.: A.A.B. Data Processing: Kappa Phi Club: Data Processing Management Association: Zippy Mascot. . DE LONG, TAMMY LYNN: A.A.B. Executive Secretarial Science: Symphony BandfWind En- semble: Marching Band: Concert Band: Future Secretaries Association. DENGG, LINDA: B.S. Accounting. DENKER, JEAN: B.S. Accounting: Beta Gamma Sigma: Beta Alpha Psi: Sigma Delta Pi: Honors Club, Vice President: Accounting Association: Finance Club: Intramurals: Honor's Scholar. DENNIS, TIMOTHY W.: B.S. Industrial Management: Resident Assistant: Varsity Track: Karate Club: American Production and Inventory Control Society: American Society for Personnel Administration. DETORAKIS, KALLIOPE J.: B.A. Social Work: Student Social Work League: Hellenic Club, Vice President. DEVASTHALI, PRAKASH G.: B.S. Mechanical Engineering. DE VILLE, DANIEL P.: A.A.S. Mechanical Technology. DEWITT, PAMELA S.: B.A. Textiles and Cloth- ing: Certificate, Interior Design. DI BARTOLO, LISA: A.A.B. Visual Merchandising: Bowling League: Phi Kappa Tau Little Sisters of the Laurel, Treasurer, President. DICHLIAN, PATRICK: B.S. Business Administra- tion: Ski Club: Students in Free Enterprise. DIETZ, DALE: B.F.A. Photography: The Buchtelite, Staff Photographer, Photo Editor. DILLON, MARY E.: A.A.B. International Secre- tarial Science: University Christian Outreach. DI LULLO, ANGELA PASQUALINA: A.A.B. Office Services Technology. DIMENGO, STEVEN A.: B.S. Accounting: Phi Eta Sigma: Beta Alpha Psi: Accounting Associ- ation: Student Toastmasters Club: Intramurals DIMEO, SAMUEL J.: B.S. Industrial Management: A.A.B. Data Processing: A-Key: Associated Student Government, Senate Chair- man: Forensic Team: Intramurals. DI PADO, ROBERT EUGENE: B.A. Art: Phi Eta Sigma: Students for Christ: President. DI RUSSO, RALPH A.: B.S. Accounting. DIXON, ANITA M.: B.S. Elementary Education. DIXON, MARY ELIZABETH: B.A. Mass Media- Communication: The Buchtelite, Contributor: WAUP, Announcer. DOAK, GARY B.: B.S. Marketing: Mu Kappa Tau: Ski Club: Students in Free Enterprise. DOLAN, MICHAEL JOHN: A.A.S. Mechanical Technology. DOLLISON, DONNA S.: A.A.B. Marketing and Sales Technology: A.A.B. Business Management Technology: A.A.B. Transportation: Chi Omega: Ski Club. DOLLWET, JAHN H.: B.A. German: Pi Kappa Epsilon: Der Deutsche Studentenklub, Social Chairman. DORNHEIM, DIANE: B.A. Psychology? Alpha Al- pha Alpha: Psi Chi: Phi Sigma Alpha. DREUREY, LYN E.: B.S. Elementary Education. DUDEK, DAVID R.: B.S. Chemical Engineering: Tau Beta Pi: American Institute of Chemical En- gineers. DUDICH, GEORGE, JR.: B.S. Industrial Management: American Society tor Personnel Administration: American Production and Inven- tory Control Society. DULANEY, SHAWN: B.S. Political Science. DUNLAP, CYNTHIA: B.S. Elementary Educa- tion. DUNPHY, MARIANNE: B.S. Accounting: Beta Gamma Sigma, President: Beta Alpha Psi, Newsletter Editor: Omicron Delta Kappa: Student Toastmasters Club: Students in Free Enterprise: Accounting Association, Vice Presi- dent. DYE, PAMELA J.: B.A. Psychology: Phi Sigma Alpha: The Buchtelite staff. Eeeeeeee EASTON, MARK FRANCIS: B.S. Production Management: Sigma Iota Epsilon: Lambda Chi Alpha, American Production and Inventory Control Society: Associated Student Government, Executive Budget Committee: Intramurals. EDEL, FRANK: B.S. Mechanical Engineering: American Society of Mechanical Engineers: American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers: Intramurals. EHMANN, HEIDI: A.A.B. Data Processing: Phi Theta Kappa. ELIOPOULOS, CHRISTOPHER T.: B.S. Political Science: Hellenic Club, Vice President. EL-SABBAGH, ROBER F.: B.S. Electrical Technology: A.A.S. Electrical Technology. ELUM, CATHERINE: B.S. Nursing: Delta Gam- ma. ENGLE, BARBARA A.: B.S. Biology: Outstand- ing Senior Woman: Omicron Delta Kappa: Rho Lambda: Alpha Delta Pi, Pledge Trainer, Vice President, Spirit Chairman: Greek Week Chair- man: Panhellenic Rush Chairman: Associated Student Government, Executive Budget Commit- tee: Dean's Council: Senior Class Board: Biology Club: Future Physicians Club: University Hearing Board: University Review Board: Intramurals. ENGLISH, MATTHEW W.: B.S. Biology: Varsity Soccer, Ski Club: Skydiving Club. ESKER, THOMAS J.: B.S. Finance: Amateur Ra- dio Club, President, SecretaryfTreasurer. ESTERLE, CHRISTINE M.: A.A.B. Secretarial Science: A.A.B. Business Management Technology: Ski Club. ESTOCK, MARK A.: B.S. Mechanical Engineer- ing: American Society of Mechanical Engineers: Intramurals. ETEROVICH, KAREN: B.A. Theatre Arts: Theatre Guild, President: Thespians, Publicity Manager: University Theater. EUREZ, CINDI: B.S. Industrial Management: Del- ta Sigma Pig Kappa Phi Club: WRHA: American Society for Personnel Administration: Student Toastmasters Club: Off Campus Alternative, Vice President: Intramurals. EVANS, LAURA: B.A. Psychology. EVANS, LILLIE TAYLOR: B.S. Technical Edu- cation: Manufacturing Technology Advisory Com- mittee. EVELETH, JOYCE E.: A.A.B. Data Processing: Phi Theta Kappa: Data Processing Management Association: Administrative Management Society. F fffffffffft FABER, PATRICIA A.: B.S. Marketing. FAISS, LISA K.: B.S. Computer Science: Com- puter Science Club, Vice President. FARONE, LUANNE: B.S. Marketing FARRELL, LINDA MAE: B.S. Biology: Tau Beta Seniors Sigma: Marching Band: Varsity Band. FAST, JUDITH A.: B.A. Home Economics: Kappa Omicron Phi. FAST. STEPHEN HARDINJ B.A. Philosophy: Phi Eta Sigma. Pi Mu Epsilon: Phi Sigma Alpha: Honors Club. President: Philosophy Club, Presi- dent: l'lonor's Scholar. FAZIO. CHUCK: B.S. Accounting. FERBER, LAURA: B.A. Child Development: Mortar Board, Rho Lambda: Delta Gamma: Senior Class Board: College Ambassador to Swit- zerland. FERNS. JENNIFER L.: A.A.B. Data Processing. FERREL, DAVID B.: BS. Business Administra- tion: Delta Sigma Pi. FERRITTO, MARIE E.: B.A. Family and Child Development,f'ChiId Life Specialist. FETTER. BARBARA: A.A.B. Office Services Technology. FIGUEROA, BRIGIDA J.: B.S. Natural Science. FIKE, SUSAN L.: A.A.S. Community Service Technology: Intramurals. FILIPEK. JOLEEN K.: B.S. Industrial Management: Sigma Iota Epsilon. FINLEY. LAURA JOY: B.A. Textiles and Cloth- ing: Kappa Omicron Phi, Vice President: Home Economics Club: Intramurals. FIRLOTTE. CLEM: B.S. Civil Engineering: American Society of Civil Engineers, Secretary: Residence Hall Program Board, Major Events Committee: Intramurals. FISHER. JOAN: B.S. Marketing. FISHER. KATHLEEN I.: B.A. Psychology: French Club: Psychology Club: Residence Hall Program Board, Major Events Committee: Intramurals. FLESHER, STEVE R.: B.S. Marketing: Delta Sig- ma Pi. President: Pi Sigma Epsilon, Committee Chairman, Mu Kappa Tau: Finance Club: Stu- dents in Free Enterprise: American Marketing Association: Dean's Advisory Council: Student Center Programming: Intramurals. FLINT. FELICIA D.: B.A. Music Education: Wind Ensemble: Ohio Student Music Education Associ- ation. FLOWER: NANCY J.: B.A. Family and Child Development: Alpha Delta Pi. FLOWERS. JAMES LOUIS: B.S. Geology: Sigma Pi: Varsity Basketball, 3-year Letterman. FLOYD. EVITA ALANE ELAM: B.A. Political Science. FLOYD, STEPHANIE A.: B.S. Finance: Financial Management Association Honor Society: Beta Gamma Sigma: Dean's Advisory Committee: Student Toastmasters Club: Finance Club. FLUGAN, SANDRA KAY: A.A.S. Medical As- sisting Technology: Residence Hall Program Board, Major Events Committee: Dorm Government, Athletic Representative: Intramurals. FOCKLER. GREGORY W.: A.A.S. Mechanical Technology: Ski Club: Water Ski Club. FONDRIEST, STEVEN J.: B.S. Mechanical Engi- neering. FORT, CHARLES: B.S. Computer Science: Com- puter Science Club. FORWARK, RANDALL J.: A.A.B. Business Management Technology: A.A.B. Marketing and Sales Technology: Administative Management Society, Program Director. FOSTER, REBECCA S.: A.A.S. Surveying and Construction Technology. FOUTTY, RUSSELL L.: B.A. Mass Media-Com- munication: Campus Activities Board, Major Events Committee, Concert Chairperson: WAUP. FRAME, DWIGHT: A.A.B. Data Processing: Seniors R.O.T.C. FRAME, PAMELA ANN: B.A. Psychology? Al- pha Delta Pi. FRANK. ROBERT DONALD: B.S. Biology: Chemistry Club: Biology Club, Treasurer. FRANK, SHARON MARIE: B.F.A. Graphic De- sign. FRANK, TIMOTHY J.: B.S. Electrical Engineer- ing: Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engi- neers, Secretary: Intramurals. FRASE, VICKI L.: A.A.B. Data Processing. FREDERICK, MELISSA: B.A. Communicative Disorders: Kappa Phi Club: Inter-Varsity Chris- tian Fellowship: Students for Christ: National Student Speech, Language, and Hearing Associ- ation. FREEMAN, RACHEL ANN: B.S. Nursing. FRETZ, DANIEL R.: A.A.B. Data Processing: ln- ter-Varsity Christian Fellowship: Students for Christ: Intramurals. FRIESS, MARK ANDREW: B.C.T. Construction Technology. FROMHOLTZ, KAREN M.: B.S. Accounting: Beta Alpha Psi: Accounting Association: Ski Club. FRUTCHEY, ROBERT W.: B.S. Civil Engineer- ing: American Society of Civil Engineers. FRY, BETH: B.S. Marketing: Ski Club. FRY, DINA RENEE: B.A. Textiles and Clothing: Alpha Lambda Delta: Kappa Omicron Phi, Trea- surer: Home Economics Club. FRYER, MARK E.: B.S. Accounting: B.S. Finance: Accounting Association: Finance Club: Campus Activities Board. FUHRMANN, NORBERT G.: B.S. Mechanical Technology: Dorm Government: Intramurals. GQQQQQQQ GABRIEL, ANNE MARIE: B.A. Home Econom- ics. GABRIEL, THERESA A.: A.A.B. Business Management Technology: Intramurals. GAJKOWSKI, KAREN R.: B.S. Nursing: Ski Club. GALLO, DAVID: B,A. Psychology. GAMCIK, THOMAS: B.S. Mechanical Engineer- ing: J. V. Baseball: Dorm Government: American Society of Mechanical Engineers. GANNON, BRYAN P.: B.S. Accounting: A-Key: Lambda Chi Alpha, Fraternity Educator, Scholas- tics Educator: Associated Student Government, Senator, Sergeant at Arms: Accounting Associ- ation. GARCIA, CLAUDIA: B.S. Chemical Engineering. GASKILL, MARK ROBERT: B.S. Marketing. GASTON, GREGG S.: B.S. Accounting: Beta Al- pha Psi: Accounting Association: Dorm Government, President: Intramurals. GAUTSCHI, ANNA: B.S. Management: Delta Sigma Pi: American Society for Personnel Ad- ministration, Secretary. GEBRAN, MONA: A.A.B. Executive Secretarial Science. . GEISER, ROBERT N.: B.S. Accounting: A.A.B. Data Processing. GEMBERLING, PAMELA JO: B.A. Elementary Education: Kappa Delta Pi: Resident Assistant: Dorm Government: Homecoming Queen: Intramurals. GENOVESE, CHERYL L.: B.A. Psychology. GEORGE, TERESE MARIE: B.A. Family and Child DevelopmentfChild Life Specialist: Associated Student Government, Senator. GERGON, VICKI: A.A.S. Child Development. GERMAN, JAMES A.: B.S. Marketing: Pi Sigma Epsilon: Swimming Team, Varsity Letterman, Most Outstanding Performance Award, Assistant Varsity Swimming Coach. GERNAGH, IHOR: B.F.A. Photography: A.A.B. Commercial Art. GETZ, MARY ELLEN: B.S. Nursing: Alpha Lambda Delta: Collegiate Nursing Students. GIAMBRA. PAUL: B.S. Accounting. GIBSON: PEARLIE A.: A.A.S. Community Ser- vices Technology: Kappa Delta Pi: Delta Sigma Theta. GILCHRIST, SUSAN ELAINE: B.S. Technical Education: Administrative Management Society: Intramurals. GILES, GINGER JANE: B.S. Management. GINTZ, KRIS: A.A.B. Data Processing. GIOVAGNOLI, ANNE MARIE: B.S. Textiles and Clothing: Ski Club: Outing Club, GLASCOTT, LORI A.: A.A.B. Executive Secre- tarial Science. GLEGHORN, ROGER EDWARD: B.A. Sociology: Sociology Club: Student Geronotological Society: Intramurals. GLINN, JACQUELINE P.: A.A.B. Business Management Technology. GOEHRING, ANDREA L.: B.S. Social Work: Student Social Work League, Secretary: Dorm Government: Residence Hall Program Board. GOETZINGER, WERNER J.: B.A. German: Delta Phi Alpha, President. GOJKOVICH, GORDANA: B.S. Accounting: Accounting Association. GOLDSMITI-I, DEBORAH A.: B.A. Family and Child Development: Alpha Delta Pi. GOLE, KENNETH W.: B.S. Mathematics: B.S. Computer Science: Pi Mu Epsilon, Treasurer: Phi Sigma Alpha: Math Club: Putnam Exam: Honors Scholar. GOLEM, KATHLEEN M.: B.S. Accounting: Beta Alpha Psi. GOODNIGHT, KALAH: A.A.B. Business Management TechnologyfTransportation and Commercial Aviation: Dorm Government: Intramurals. GOREY, CYNTHIA ANN: B.S. Marketing: A.A.B. Business Management TechnologyfSecre- tarial Science: Mu Kappa Tau: Delta Gamma: Delta Sigma Pi: American Marketing Association: College Republicans: Administrative Management Society. GORRELL, DAVID A.: B.S. Mechanical Engi- neering. GOVERN, DAVID MICHAEL: B.S. Accounting. GRAF, COLLEEN: B.A. Dietetics: Student Di- etetic Association. GRAHAM, DORRIS: A.A.S. Child Development. GRAHAM, ROY: B.S. Elementary Education: WAUP: Intramurals. GRAM, WENDY KAY: B.S. Natural Science: Who's Who Among International College Stu- dents: Biology Club: Honors Club: Honors Scholar. GRANATA, LAURA ANNE: B.S. Special Educa- tion: Council for Exceptional Children, Secretary, Treasurer: Intramurals. GRAVES, MARK A.: B.A. Mass Media- Communication: A-Key: Lambda Chi Alpha: Associated Student Government, Senator. GRAY, DIANE M.: B.S. Finance: Delta Sigma Pi: Finance Club, Secretary: Students in Free Enterprise. GREATHOUSE, ROBERT P.: B.S. Finance: Finance Club. GREENE, RHONDA L.: B.S. Marketing: Finance Club. GREGG, NANCY J.: B.M. MusicfEducation: Sig- ma Alpha Iota: Ohio Student Music Education Association. GRESHAM, STANLEY O'NEAL, III: B.S. Civil Engineering: Tau Beta Pi: Phi Eta Sigma: Ameri- can Society of Civil Engineers: Concrete Canoe Team. GRIFFIN, BRANDON A.: B.F.A. Graphic Design: Pi Kappa Epsilon: Art Club: Intramurals. GRIFFIN, DONNA D.: A.A.B. Executive Secre- tarial Science: Future Secretaries Association, Secretary: Intramurals. GREGGS, BERTRAM L.: A.A.S. Community Ser- vices Technology: Varsity Football, 2-year Letterman: Black United Students. GRISSOM, DIANA MARIE: B.S. Political SciencefCriminal Justice: Rho Lambda: Alpha Gamma Delta, President, Membership Chairman: Panhellenic Council, Vice President: Junior Pan- hellenic Council. GROH, KEVIN TIMOTHY: B.S. Nursing: Inter- Varsity Christian Fellowship. GROVE, KIMBERLY M.: B.S. Accounting: Student Toastmasters Club: Accounting Associ- all0i'l. GRUBER, CHRISTINE: B.A. Dietetics. GUBICS, SARAH JEAN: B.S. Medical Technology. GUENTHER, RICHARD ALLAN: B.S. Finance: Finance Club. GULLEY-GRAYS, MICHAEL VERNON: B.A. Mass Media-Communication: Black United Stu- dents: Women in Communications, Inc. GUNDERSEN, MARK JAMES: B.S. Management, Marketing: Marching Band: Varsity Band. GUSTELY, KENNETH R.: B.S. MarketingfLatin American Studies: Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges: A-Key: Lambda Chi Alpha, Rush Chairman, Scholastics Chairman, Executive Board Chairperson: Varsity Track, Ohio Valley Conference Champion, 2nd Place Champion: Freshman of the Year: All-Ohio Valley Conference: Associated Student Government, Senator: Pre-Law Club: International Affairs Society: WAUP: Student Hearing Board, Communications Board. GUTHRIE, DONALD D.: B.S. Political SciencefCriminal Justice: A.A.S. Criminal Justice. GUTHRIE, HAROLD W., JR.: B.S. Mathematics. Hhhhhhhh HABIG, MARTHA L.: A.A.B. Executive Secre- tarial Science: Phi Theta Kappa. HACH, LAUREN NANCY: A.A.B. Executive Secretarial Science. HAGENBAUGH, LINDA A.: B.S. Computer Science: Pi Sigma Alpha: Computer Science Club. HAGHNAZARI, IRAJ: B.S. Civil Engineering: American Society of Civil Engineers. HAGLEY, CINDI E.: B.A. Mass Media-Communi- cation: Residence Hall Council: Residence Hall Program Board: WAUP: WRHA: Student Center Programming: Women in Communications, Inc.: Public Relations Student Society of America. HAHN, DEEANN ELIZABETH: B.S. Computer Science: Computer Science Club: Marching Band. HAINES, G. KENNETH, III: B.S. Biology: Phi Sigma Alpha: Akron Simulation Society: Biology Club. HAKIM, CHRISTIANE: B.S. Biology: Phi Sigma Alpha: Ski Club: Biology Club, President, Secre- tary: Chemistry Club. HALKIAS, JOHN W.: B.A. Studio Art: Student Art League. HALL, JACQUELYN A.: B.S. Marketing: Mu Kappa Tau: Delta Sigma Pi. HALL, LISA: B.S. Accounting: A.A.B. Data Processing: Phi Theta Kappa: Beta Gamma Sig- ma: Beta Alpha Psi: Accounting Association, Treasurer: Student Toastmasters Club: Student Advisory Committee, Accounting Department. HALTER, JEFF: B.S. Mechanical Engineering: Varsity Football. HAMED, SHANNON: B.A. Business and Organi- zational Communication: Administrative Management Society, President: Women in Com- munications, Inc., Vice President: The Buchtelite, Contributing Writer: WAUP. HAMMEL, ROSS E., JR.: B.S. Electrical Engi- neering: lnstitute of Electronic and Electrical En- gineers. HANELINE, TERESA MARIE: B.S. Nursing: Collegiate Nursing Students: Ski Club: Intramurals. HANNA, MARSHA L.: B.S. Elementary Educa- tion. HANUS, PAUL D.: B.S. Chemistry. HARDESTY, THOMAS W.: B.S. Marketing: Omicron Delta Kappa: Phi Sigma Kappa, Vice President: Senior Class, Vice President: Pi Sigma Epsilon, Vice President of Special Events: College Republicans: The Buchtelite, Photo Edi- tor: Young Americans for Freedom, Director of Public Relations. HARGAS, DENISE: B.S. Accounting. HARRISON, GAYLE: B.S. Marketing: Delta Sig- ma Pi. HAURIN, DENISE ANN: B.A. Family and Child Development: Kappa Omicron Phi: Kappa Phi Club, Chaplain: Intramurals. HAVIR, MARK M.: B.S. Mechanical Engineering: Tau Beta Pi. HAYES, LINDA: B.A. Social Work: Sigma Gam- ma Rho. HAYFORD, SUDI M.: A.A.S. Deaf Interpreta- tion. HAYNES, TIMOTHY J.: B.S. Chemical Engi- neering: Phi Eta Sigma: Tau Beta Pi: Society of American Military Engineers: Ski Club: American Institute of Chemical Engineers. HAYS, J. BRIAN: B.S. Accounting: Finance Club: The Buchtelite, Photographer. HAZELETT, LEONARD WALSINE: B.A. English. HAZLETT, DARLEEN SUE: A.A.S. Criminal Justice. HEARD, CLAUDIA DARCELL: B.S. Nursing. HECKER, SONIJA M.: B.A. Food and Nutrition: Kappa Omicron Phi. HEDRICK, JO ELLEN: B.S. Computer Science: Intramurals, Honors Scholar. HENDERSHOT, BETH ANN: B.S. Accounting. HENDRYX, PAULA V.: B.S.fM.D.: Dorm Government: Residence Hall Program Board: Residence Hall Council. HENNIS, KAREN ANN: B.S. Finance: Delta Sig- ma Pi: Tau Beta Sigma, Treasurer: Finance Club, Treasurer: Marching Band: Concert Band: Intramurals. HENRICH, TODD: B.S. Electrical Engineering: Dorm Government: Intramurals. HEPBURN, LINDA LOU: B.A. Mass Media- Communication: WAUP, Production, Disc Jockey. HERDINA, ANTHONY H.: A.A.S. Mechanical Technology. HERMAN, TERRY B.: B.S. Accounting: Beta Al- pha Psi. HERSHBERGER, GLENNA J.: A.A.B. Data Processing: Stargate, Co-secretary, Convention Secretary. HETMAN, MARY: B.S. Elementary Education. HEYDORN, LAURA R.: B.S. Accounting: A.A.B. Data Processing: Accounting Association: Data Processing Management Association, Secretary. HICKOX, STEPHEN: B.S. Electronic Technology: Electronics Club. HICKS, DAVE: B.S. Accounting: Beta Alpha Psi, Vice President: Student Toastmasters Club: Accounting Association. HICKS, DENNIS L.: B.A. Political Science: Hon- ors Scholar. HICKS-CORMAN, MARTHA: B.S. Electrical En- gineering: Institute ot Electronic and Electrical Engineers, Vice-Chairman. HIGBIE, J. RICHARD: B.S. Chemical Engineer- ing: Omicron Delta Kappa: Phi Sigma Kappa, Vice President, Sentinal Inductor, Membership Educator: Senior Class, President: Dean's Council: American Institute ol Chemical Engi- neers: Intramurals. HIGH, AMY: B.S. Nursing: Chi Omega: Intramurals. HILL, BENNY S.: A.A.B. Marketing and Sales Technology. HILL, CRAIG LEE: B.S. Industrial Management. HINCHEE, KENNETH V.: B.S. Marketing. HINER, DAVID JAMES: B.S. Computer Science: Residence Hall Program Board: Dorm Government. HIRKO, MARK K.: B.S. Biology: Resident Assis- tant: Honors Club: Biology Club: Dorm Government: Residence Hall Council: A-Key: Intramurals: Honors Scholar. HIROS, LYNN M.: B.S. Accounting. HITE, NANCY: B.S. Biology: Phi Sigma Alpha: Biology Club. HIXENBAUGH, BARBARA: A.A.B. Secretarial Science: Riflery Team. HOAG, JOHN C.: B.S. Computer Science: Phi Sigma Alpha: Math Club, Vice President: Honors Club: Amateur Radio Club: Honors Scholar. HOEFEL, ROSEANNE L.: B.A. EnglishfFrench: Alpha Lambda Delta: Pi Delta Phi: La Table Francaise. HOFACKER, VELDA KATHLEEN: B.A. Political Science: Alpha Lambda Delta. Senior Advisor: Phi Sigma Alpha: Sigma Delta Pi, President, Treasurer: Mortar Board. President: Omicron Delta Kappa: Chemistry Club, Treasurer: Pre- Law Club, Treasurer: Honors Club: Academic Policies, Curriculum, and Calendar Committee: Dean's Council: Der Deutsche Studentenklub: Communications Board: Honors Council: Philosophy Club: Honors Scholar. HOFFERT, BEVERLY J.: A.A.S. Medical Assist- ing Technology: Dorm Government: Medical As- sisting Club. HOLLEY. TINA M.: A.A.S. Medical Assisting Technology. HOLTZAPPLE, MARK D.: B.A. Mass Media- Communication: The Buchtelite, Staff Writer. HON, SOW-FUN: B.S. Chemistry: Phi Sigma Al- pha. HOOPES, ELISHA K.: A.A.S. Child Develop- ment. HOOVER, KRISTEN: B.S. Secondary Education: Residence Hall Program Board, Telecommunica- tior.s Committee: Dorm Government: Intramurals. HOOVER, LINDA L.: B.S. Natural Science: Phi Seniors Sigma Alpha. Biology Club: Future Physicians Club. HOPPE. GLENN H.: B.S. Electrical Engineering: Era Kappa Nu. HORRIGAN, LAUREEN C.: B.A. Family and Child Development. HORRISBERGER. DIANE: B.A. Biology: Inter- Varsity Christian Fellowship, Treasurer. HORVATH. JAMES C.: B.S. Electrical Engineer- ing: Eta Kappa Nu: Tau Beta Pi: Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers. HOSLER. DARLENE L.: B.A. Psychology? Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges: Mortar Board: Psi Chi, Vice Presi- .lentg Phi Sigma Alpha: Psychology Club, Presi- dent. Secretary: Dorm Government: Marching Band: Concert Band. HOSS, LORI JEAN: B.S. Accounting. HOSTETLER. SHAWNA: B.S. Nursing: Collegiate Nursing Students. HRDLICKA. ANN MARIE: B.S. Elementary Edu- cation: Alpha Delta Pi, Secretary. Pledge Board: College Republicans. HRIBAR, GINNY: B.S. Nursing: Alpha Lambda Delta. HUDACKO, JENNIFER: B.S. Marketing: A,A.B. Data Processing: Students in Free Enterprise. HUDOCK. THOMAS A., JR.: B.S. Accounting, HUFF, DEBORAH L.: B.A. Psychology: Phi Sig- ma Alpha: Kappa Phi Club: Resident Assistant. HUK, BILLIE KAYE: A,A.S. Medical Assisting TechnolOQ,yQ Medical Assisting Club. HUMPHREY, JACQUELINE M.: B.S. Nursing: Sigma Theta Tau: Delta Gamma. HUNT, KEVIN PATRICK: A,A.S. Electronic Technology, HUNTER, JENNIFER J.: B.S. Management: Phi Sigma Kappa Little Sister. HUNTER, KIMBERLEY GENEVA: B.S. Elementary Education: Kappa Delta Pi. HUSTON, JAMIE LYNN: B.S. Biology. HYDER, BENJAMIN E.: B.S. Chemical Engineer- ing: American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Vice President. HYLAND, SHIRLEY: B.S. Nursing: Alpha Sigma Lambda. Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii INDORF. ANY S.: B.S.fM.D. INGRAM, TORI L.: B.A. Mass Media-Communi cation: A-Key: Mortar Board, Recognition Dinner Co-Chairman: Omicron Delta Kappa: Alpha Kappa Alpha, Vice President: Black United Stu- dents. Vice President: Women in Communica- tions. Inc., Treasurer: Resident Assistant: Intramurals. IRONS, BRIAN J.: BS. Political Science: Varsity Tennis. Jiiiiiiiiiiumii JACKSON, AMY JO: A.A.B. Data Processing: Kappa Kappa Gamma: Intramurals. JACKSON, PAMELA L,: B.S. Social Work: Al- pha Alpha Alpha: Student Social Work League. JACUBEC, DONALD F.: B.S. Accounting. JAMES, JEFFREY: B.S. Accounting: Accounting Association: Off Campus Alternative: Intramurals. JAMISON, MARY M.: A.A.B. Data Processing. Seniors JARVIS, RACHEL M.: B.S. Chemistry. JENCSON, BETH: BS. Elementary Education. JESSBERGER, ROBERT E., JR.: B.S. Civil Engi- neering: Marching Band: American Society of Civil Engineers. JOBES, JULIE SUE: B.A. Ballet: E.D.E. Perfor- mances. JOHNS, LOIS MARIE: B.S. Elementary Educa- tion: Kappa Delta Pi. JOHNSON, CHRISTINE R.: B.S. Nursing: Sigma Theta Tau: Lambda Iota Tau. JOHNSON, CYNTHIA: B.A. Communication and Rhetoric: Intramurals, JOHNSON, JOSEPH M.: B.C.T. Construction Technology: Phi Delta Theta. JOHNSON, MARY MC GREGOR: B.A. Dietetics: Student Dietetic Association: Intramurals, JOHNSON, OLGA M.: B.A. Family and Child Development. JOHNSON. R. MICHAEL: B.A. Political Science: Lambda Alpha Epsilon. JOHNSON, SANDRA L.: B.A. Education: Kappa Delta Pi, Newsletter: Tel-Buch. JONES, BETTY: B.A. Mass Media- Communication: Scholastic All-American Honor Society: A-Key: Varsity Cheerleader, Soccer Squad Captain: Residence Hall Program Board: Homecoming Committee: The Buchtelite. JONES, JOCELYN, B.A. Theater Arts: Omicron Delta Kappa: Theatre Guild, Publicity Chairperson. JONES, ROGER V.: B.S. Mechanical Engineer- ing: American Society of Mechanical Engineers. JONES, TONI RENAL: BS. Psychology. JORDAN, WALTER M.: A.A.B. Business Management Technology. JORDAN, WILLIAM R.: B.S, Nursing: Collegiate Nursing Students: College of Nursing, Class President: Student Advisor to the Dean: Student Affairs Committee: Inter-Collegiate Unity Mentor. JOUHARIAN, ASSADOLLAH: B.S. Mechanical Engineering. JOYNER, CHRISTINA: B.S. Health and Physical Education: Varsity Volleyball: Varsity Softball: Intramurals. JOYNER, TIMOTHY A.: B.S. Psychology. JUENGEL, MARK L.: B.A. Psychology: Inter- Varsity Christian Fellowship, President: International Students Club. JULIAN, GAIL S.: B.S. Nursing: Collegiate Nursing Students: Kappa Phi Club, Secretary. JURISTY, TINA LORRAINE: B.S. Elementary Education: Kappa Delta Pi, Executive Board: Dorm Government: Intramurals. JURKIEWICZ, CATHERINE A.: B.S. Nursing. JUSTICE, JEANETTE: B.S. Accounting: Delta Sigma Pi. Kkkkkkkk KAFOREY, THOMAS E.: B.S. Chemical Engi- neering: American Institute of Chemical Engi- neers. KALAIL, JEFFREY A.: B.S. Finance. KALTENTHALER, ALBERT F.: B.S. Civil Engi- neering: American Society of Civil Engineers' Intramurals. KANTOROWSKI, MARIE L.: B.S. Marketing: American Society for Personnel Administration, Vice President: Students in Free Enterprise, Na- tional Finalist: American Marketing Association: Industrial Management Student Association: Or- der of Diana, Treasurer: Karate Club. r . I sg -. ' KARG, MARYANN: A.A.B. Marketing and Sales Technology: A.A.B. Business Management Technology: Alpha Gamma Delta, Social Chair- man. KEENER, KATHY A.: A.A.B. Marketing and Sales Technology: Ski Club, KELLER, ROBIN R.: B.S. Electronic Technology: Electronics Club. KELLEY, COLLEEN JOAN: A.A.B. Office Ser- vices Technology: A.A.S. Medical Assisting Technology. KELLEY, MARY JOAN: B.S. Nursing: Alpha Lambda Delta: Sigma Theta Tau. KELLEY, MAUREEN ANN: B.S. Elementary Education. KELLEY, TAMZIN L.: B.A. Geography: Gamma Theta Upsilong Geography Club: Kappa Kappa Gamma: Intramurals. KELLY SHEILA: B.A. Theatre Arts. KELLY, SHEILA BARBOUR: A.A.S. Surgical Assisting Technology: Omega Psi Phi Little Sis- ter. KELLY, TOM: B.C.T. Construction Technology: Associated Student Government, Senator, Trea- surer. KENWORTHY, KEVIN L.: B.S. BioIogyfPre- Med: Phi Sigma Alpha: Marching Band: Army R.O.T.C.: Future Physicians Club: Biology Club: Chemistry Club: Intramurals. KEPLER, CHRISTINE M.: B.S. Accounting: Accounting Association: Student Toastmasters Club: Intramurals. KERTESZ, KIMBERLY: A.A.S. Surveying and Construction Technology: Alpha Delta Pi: Associated Student Government. KERWOOD, JENNIFER: B.A. Textiles and Cloth- ing: Delta Gamma. KETCHUM, JAMIE R.: B.A. Elementary Educa- tion: Student Teaching Committee: Kappa Delta Pi, Board Member: Dorm Government: Kadelpian, Co-editor: Intramurals. KILPATRICK, Sl-IERRY LYNN: B.S. Elementary Education: Intramurals, KIM, YONG O.: B.S. Medical Technology. KINNEY, CHERYL A.: B.S. Marketing: Mu Kappa Tau, Vice President: Delta Sigma Phi, So cial Chairman: Pi Sigma Epsilon: Public Relations Student Society of America: The Buchtelite, Ad- vertising Representative: Intramurals. KIST, WILLIAM R.: B.A. Secondary Education: Phi Eta Sigma: Dean's Advisory Council: Honors Scholar. KISTLER, SCOTT L.: B.S. Chemical Engineer- ing. KITZMILLER, JOANN KAY: B.S. Elementary Education: Kappa Delta Pi, Board Member: Kappa Phi Club, President, Treasurer: Dorm Government: Students for Christ: Intramurals. KLANN, KAREN S.: B.S. Accounting. KLETT, ,LINDA L.: B.S. Accounting: Delta Phi Alpha, Vice President: Beta Alpha Psi, Ski Club: Der Deutsche Studentenklub. KLEWE, JANICE: A.A.S. Radiographic Technology. KLINE, ROBERT L., JR.: B.A. Sociology: Intramurals. KLUCHER, GREGORY W.: B.A. Mass Media- Communication: Jazz Ensemble: Public Relations Student Society of America: The Buchtelite, Con- tributing Writer: Intramurals. KNAPP, JENNIE M.: B.S. Nursing: Dorm Government, Secretary. KNIGHT, MARK D.: B.S. Industrial Management: Delta Sigma Pi. KNOTT, BRENDA JEAN: A.A.S. Educational Technology, ,Q Y . i I i i I i l i lY ' LJ, . 1 in. '?'?' Yi? .4 -4 -A li- st, ,, F. 'r -it . E 4 ,,, l 1- 'Wi was . 'I tix: A 1 r yi' it .ry- W4 ?f 5 4 J , i I il. as ., 'If' a ' is i We . qi. "a +,' my-,ww swf -14-.Q - -.t: ., -urs.:--.. -4:-H - - .1 :. t-..- -.. - - . .:- , ...:,...: 3,-.. Q i-e..,zf--s,.-t:,- 'f 1-, i-- - ' Milla-.-.Q-bias.-..:i.a,-.......-- a:..:y,...m1-ws.,fr,...r.Sc,..-san :"' - '- - : 4, elim ww ,, Q ,,., -1 A-. is f tr i KNUFF, CHRISTINE S.: B.S. Labor Economics: Alpha Lambda Delta: Omicron Delta Epsilon, President, Secretary f Treasurer. KOCH, DEBORAH: B.S. Accounting: Beta Alpha Psi: Delta Sigma Pi: Accounting Association, Vice President: Residence Hall Program' Board: Ad- ministrative Management Society: Ski Club: Intramurals. KOHLER, LORI: B.S. Elementary Education: Pi Lambda Theta: Dorm Government. KOMER, DAVID M.: B.S. Accounting: A-Key: Beta Alpha Psi: Riflery Team: Dorm Government. KONTUR, MATTHEW J.: B.S. Accounting: Intramurals. KOONTZ, JED A.: B.S. Industrial Management. KOSTENSKY, THOMAS: B.S. Accounting: Accounting Association: Intramurals. KOSTOFF, CHRISTOPHER C.: B.S. Marketing: Beta Gamma Sigma: Phi Eta Sigma: Mortar Board: Pi Sigma Epsilon, President: Delta Sigma Pi: Students in Free Enterprise. KOSUTH, MARCIA A.: B.S. Nursing: Collegiate Nursing Students, President. KOURI, JAMES P.: A.A.B. Data Processing. KOVACH, DAVID: B.S. Accounting: Beta Alpha Psi, Membership Director: Beta Gamma Sigma: Phi Eta Sigma: Accounting Association: Inter- Varsity Christian Fellowship. KOVACH, JOHN JOSEPH: B.S. Accounting: Beta Alpha Psi, Publicity Director: Beta Gamma Sigma: Accounting Association: Student Toastmasters: Intramurals. KOZY, DIANE LYNN: B.S. Marketing: Marching Band. KRAFT, DEBORAH L.: B.S. Elementary Educa- tion: Tau Beta Sigma, President: Marching Band, Symphony Band. KRAKER, CHRISTINE C.: B.A. Social Work: Al- pha Alpha Alpha: Student Social Work League. KREIM, DENISE MARY: B.S. Accounting: Accounting Association: Students in Free Enterprise: Varsity Cheerleader: Dorm Government: Residence Hall Program Board, Special Features Committee. KREMPEL, JOHN T.: B.A. Psychology: Psychology Club, Treasurer: WRHA. KRISHNA, LALA B. KRISTOFF, ANNETTE L.: B.S. Accounting. KRUGER, RANDALL R.: B.S. Mechanical Engi- neering: American Society of Mechanical Engi- neers. KRUZER, MARC S.: B.S. Chemical Engineering: American Institute ot Chemical Engineers: Ski Team: Ski Club: Dorm Government: Residence Hall Program Board, Major Events Committee: Intramurals. KUEHLS, JOHN: B.S. Electrical Engineering: Mortar Board: Tau Beta Pi: Eta Kappa Nu: Pi Mu Epsilon: Delta Tau Delta, Social Chairman: Intramurals, Wrestling Champion. KUHN, KAREN L.: B.S. Elementary Education. KUSZMAUL, JUDY: B.A. Flute Performance: Wind Ensemble. I Llllllllllllllllll LAIRD, SANDRA: B.S. Industrial Management: A.A.B. Data Processing. LANG, ROBERT F.: A.A.S. Electronic Technology: Residence Hall Council: Intramurals. LANGFITT, CAROLYN: B.S. Marketing: Dorm Government: Residence Hall Program Board, Ma- jor Events Committee: Intramurals. LANGSDORF, LAURA J.: B.A. Family and Child DevelopmentfChild Lite Specialist: Intramurals. LANGWORTHY, JOHN EDWARD: B.S. Busi- ness Administration: A.A.B. Data Processing: Del- ta Sigma Pi: Residence Hall Council: Dorm Government: Karate Club: Intramurals. LANSHE, KRISTEN LYNN: B.F.A. Graphic De- sign: B.A. Ballet. LANZI, OSCAR, III: B.S. Chemical Engineering: Phi Eta Sigma: Tau Beta Pi. LAVENDER, CAROL-ANN: A.A.B. Legal Secre- tarial Science: Phi Theta Kappa: Future Secre- taries Association: Intramurals. LAWRENCE, KEITH A.: A.A.B. Data Processing. LEACH, GEORGE W., JR.: B.A. Political Science: Phi Kappa Tau: College Republicans: Cross Country Team. LEANO, CYNTHIA: B.A. Psychologyl Dorm Government. LEBO, RUSSELL P., Il: B.S. Natural Science. LEDINSKY, SANDY JUNE: A.A.B. Secretarial Science: Future Secretaries Association. LEFKOVITZ, JEFFREY A.: B.S. Biology? Honors Scholar. LENNOX, BECKY S.: A.A.S. Medical Assisting Technology LENZOTTI, WILLIAM R.: B.S. Computer Science: Phi Eta Sigma: Phi Sigma Alpha: Pi Mu Epsilon, Vice President: Honors Club: Math Club: Intramurals: Honors Scholar. LE PAGE, KARYN A.: B.S. Finance: Delta Sig- ma Pi: Majorette. LESLIE, WILLIAM J.: B.S. Industrial Management. LEWIS, GREGORY A.: B.S. Electronic Technology: A.A.S. Electronic Technology. LEWIS, ROBIN L.: B.S. Nursing: Collegiate Nursing Students. LEWIS, SANDRA RENEA: B.A. Political Science: Pre-Law Club: Gospel Choir. LEX, VICKI: A.A.B. Marketing and Sales Technology: A.A.B. Business Management Technology: Alpha Gamma Delta, President, Treasurer: Intramurals. LEYDA, FRANK DREW: B.S. Electronic Technology: Frisbee Club. LILLBACK, ANNIE R.: A.A.B. Business Management Technology: A.A.B. Data Processing: Data Processing Management Associ- ation. LILLBACK, CONNIE R.: A.A.B. Business Management Technology: A.A.B. Data Processing: Data Processing Management Associ- ation. LIMBACH, KAREN U.: B.S. Medical Technology. LINDENBAUM, WILLIAM: B.S. Civil Engineer- ing: American Society of Civil Engineers. LITMAN, SHARON A.: B.S. Chemical Engineer- ing: American lnstitute ot Chemical Engineers: Ski Club: Residence Hall Program Board. LITTLEJOHN, PETER A.: B.S. Industrial Management: Phi Eta Sigma: American Production and Inventory Control Society: Intramurals. LIVINGSTON, JULIE MARIE: B.S. Mechanical Engineering: Alpha Lambda Delta: Tau Beta Pi, Corresponding Secretary: American Society of Mechanical Engineers, President. LOCHER, CHRISTINE E.: B.S. Marketing: Alpha Lambda Delta: Alpha Delta Pi, Rush Chairman, Treasurer: Glee Club: Associated Student Government, Senator. LOCKER. FREDERICK J.: B.M. Music! Education: Marching Band: Men's Glee Club: Concert Choir: Women's Glee Club Accompanist: Musical Accompanist. LOHMEYER, BARBARA ANN: B.S. Biology: Chemistry Club, Vice President, Secretary: Hon- ors Scholar. LONG, MARCIA ANN: A.A.B. Executive Secre- tarial Science: Future Secretaries Association. LONG, MARGARET: B.S. Elementary Education: Theta Phi Alpha. LOUTHAN, JILL: B.S. Political SciencefCriminal Justice: Rho Lambda, Secretary: Delta Gamma, President, Social Chairman: Senior Class Board: Associated Student Government, Senator: Dance Marathon Chairman: Lambda Chi Alpha Cres- cent Girl: Intramurals. LOVE, MELINDA: B.S. Technical Education: Residence Hall Program Board, Major Events Committee: American Advertising Federation. LOVELACE, ETOLIA: B.A. Social Work: Student Social Work League: National Associ- ation of Black Social Workers. LOWN, SUZANNE K.: B.A. Mass Media-Commu- nication: Mortar Board, Historian: Alpha Gamma Delta, Corresponding Secretary: Public Relations Student Society of America: Women in Commu- nications, Inc.: Association for Women Students: Intramurals. LUCAS, MARGARET MAUREEN: B.S. Accounting. LUCKENBACH. THOMAS J.: B.S. Mechanical Engineering: Tau Beta Pi: Phi Eta Sigma: Pi Kappa Epsilon. LUEPTOW, STEVEN L.: B.A. Mass Media-Com- munication. LUNDI, REBECCA JANE: B.S. Nursing: Alpha Lambda Delta: Sigma Theta Tau. LUTH, JAMES W.: A.A.B. Business Management TechnologyfReal EstatefMarketing and Sales TechnoloQSJL Track Team, Captain: Cross Country Team, Captain. LUTTNER, CATHERINE C.: B.A. Social Work: Alpha Alpha Alpha: Student Social Work League, Secretary. LUTZ, ROBERT M.: B.S. Finance: A.A.B. Data Processing: Phi Eta Sigma: Phi Theta Kappa: Delta Sigma Pi. LYDIC, LARRY: B.S. Accounting: Office Educa- tion Association: Accounting Association. Mrnrnmrnrn MAC DONALD, JANE: B.A. Art History: Student Art League. MACE, BRENDA CATHLEEN WISEMAN: B.F.A. Graphic Design. MACKEY, DOROTHY HELENE: B.S. Political SciencefCriminal Justice: Lambda Alpha Epsilon: Arnold Air Society. MACUGA, JAMES A.: B.S. Chemical Engineer- ing: American Institute of Chemical Engineers: Ski Club: Residence Hall Council: Residence Hall Program Board: Bowling Team, Captain: Intramurals. MADDEN-RENNER, KATHLEEN: B.S. Market- ing. MAKUCH, MELANIE M.: B.F.A. Graphic Design: Student Art League. MALECKY, RICHARD J.: B.S. Technical Educa- tion: Alpha Sigma Lambda. MALIVUK, CHARLES: B.S. Construction Engi- neering: American General Contractors. Seniors C i MALLERNEE. KIMBERLY A.: B.S. Nursing: Sig- ma Theta Tau: Alpha Lambda Delta. NIANCZ, MARY KAY: B.A. Psychology. MANNING. DEBORAH LYNNE: B.S. Elcrnuntary Education: Chi Omega. MANTKOWSKI, ANNETTE M.: B.S. Accounting. MARINO, LISA A: A.A.B. Executive Secretarial Science: Future Secretaries Association. MARKUS. PAULA ANN: BA. Ballet: Experi- mental Dance Ensemble. MARR, CHERYL: BS. Home Economics: Resi- dence Hall Program Board: Phi Kappa Psi Little Sister. MARSHALL. ERNEST: B.A. History. MARTIN, JEFFREY L.: B.S. Electrical Engineer- ing, Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engi- neers, President: Tau Beta Pi, Secretary: Honors Scholar. MARTIN, JENNIFER A.: B.A. Music. MARTUCCI, JOHN PATRICK: B.S. Biology: B.A. Psychology: Psi Chi: Phi Sigma Alpha: Varsity Track. MARZANN, NANCY: A.A.B. Office Services Technology: Administrative Management Society, Membership Chairperson, Treasurer: Future Sec- retaries Association: Phi Theta Kappa. MASCOLO. LOUIS F,: B.S. Marketing. MASICH, MICHAEL P.: B.S. Finance. MATNEY. GAIL: B.A. Psychology? Chi Omega: Outing Club. MATNEY, RANDAL G.: B.A. Geography. MATTHEWS, MEGAN: A.A.S. Medical Assisting Technology: Medical Assisting Club. MAUSSER, MARGARET M.: B.S. Accounting: Beta Alpha Psi: Accounting Association: Student Toastmasters Club, Treasurer. MAY, KATHLEEN A.: B.A. Textiles and Cloth- ing: Phi Theta Kappa, Secretary-Treasurer: Kappa Omicron Phi. MAZGAJ, FRANK G.: B.S. Marketing: Omicron Delta Kappa: Phi Eta Sigma: Varsity Football, 3- year Letterman, Captain, Most Valuable Player. MC CALLUM, LYNN ANN: B.S. Nursing: Alpha Lambda Delta. MC CARTNEY, KATHLEEN A,: B.A. Fooods and Nutrition: Dorm Government: Intramurals. MCCORMICK, LINDA M.: B.A. Family and Child Development: Data Gamma: Panhellenic Council. MC COY, MARK C.: B.S. Electronic Technology: Arnold Air Society, President, Treasurer. MC CRORY, LARENE R.: B.S. Psychologyl Fo- rensic Team. MC DEVITT, MAUREEN A.: B.A. Finance: Al- pha Lambda Delta: Beta Gamma Sigma: Omicron Delta Kappa: Finance Club, President: Students in Free Enterprise: Student Toastmasters Club. MC DOWELL, KIMBERLY ELLEN: B.S. Market- ing: Alpha Gamma Delta: American Marketing Association. MC ELHANEY, CAROL JOYCE: B.S. Accounting: Beta Alpha Psi: Kappa Kappa Gam- ma: Accounting Association: Intramurals. MC ELWAIN, DIANE1 B.S. Elementary Educa- tion: Kappa Delta Pi, Vice President: Resident Assistant: Marching Band: Concert Band: Dorm Government: Residence Hall Council, Athletic Committee: Council for Exceptional Children: Intramurals. MC ENTEE, DONNA JEAN: B.S. Elementary Education: Residence Hall Council: Intramurals: Basketball Scorekeeper. MC FARLAND, CAROL J.: B.S. Elementary Education: Phi Theta Kappa: Kappa Delta Pi. MC FARLAND, JANET ROSE: B.S. Physical Seniors Education. MC FEE, V. RENEE: B.S. Economics: Omega Delta Epsilon, Undergraduate Student Represen- tative: Alpha Chi Omega. MC GHEE, ZACK H.: B.A. Communication and RhetoricfAdvertising: WAUP. MC GIRR. SHARON SUE: B.S. Nursing: Alpha Lambda Delta: Collegiate Nursing Students. MC GRATH, LESLIE J.: B.S. Accounting. MC HENRY, SCOTT A.: B.S. Business Adminis- tration. MC KEE, CHRISTINE A.: B.A. Social Work: Al- pha Alpha Alpha: Student Social Work League, President. MC KIERNAN, DEBRA A.: B.S. Chemistry. MC KINNEY, LINDA: A.A.S. Surgical Assisting Technology. MCLEOD, BRIAN: B.S. Electrical Engineering: Eta Kappa Nu, Vice President: Marching Band: Concert Band. MC QUAID, FRANK: B.S. Accounting: Beta Al- pha Psi: Omicron Delta Kappa: Accounting Asso- ciation, President: Student Toastmasters Club: Students in Free Enterprise: Intramurals. MC QUAIDE, SCOTT R.: B.S. Computer Science: Computer Science Club. MC ROBERTS, JANICE M.: B.A. Social Work. MC VICKER, LEONARD: B.F.A. Graphic Design: Riflery Team, Varsity Letterman: Student Art League: Stargate Club. MEDDLEY, YERODIN: B.A. Social Work: Student Social Work League, Committee Chairperson. MEDNIK, MICHELLE: B.A. Mass Media-Comrriu- nication: Who's Who in American Junior Col- leges. MEEHAN, ROBERT L., SR.: B.S. Industrial Management. MEEK, ROBIN L.: A.A.B. Legal Secretarial Science: Intramprals. MEGO, SUSAN M.: B.A. Psychology: Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges: Alpha Lambda Delta: Phi Sigma Alpha: Mortar Board, Vice President: Psychology Club, Secretary: Dorm Government, Treasurer: Honors Club: Concert Band: Honors Scholar. MEISTER, PATRICK A.: B.S. Accounting. MELLOTT, FRANCIS JOSEPH: B.S. Electronic Technology: Phi Theta Kappa: WRHA: Electron- ics Club, President: Honors Club: Honors Scholar. MERCORELLI, LEILA F.: B.A. Secondary Edu- cation. MERKEL, JAMES T. D.: B.S. Civil Engineering: American Society of Civil Engineers: Concrete Canoe Team: Ski Club. MERROW, DAVID C.: B.S. Marketing. METER, DARLENE M.: A.A.B. Marketing and Sales Technology. METZGER, LOWELL W.: A.A.S. Construction Technology. MICHALK, CRAIG: B.S. Political SciencefCriminal Justice. MIDDAUGH, ROBERT E., JR.: B.S. Mechanical Engineering: American Society of Mechanical En- gineers. MIESLE, NEAL C.: B.S. Civil Engineering: American Society of Civil Engineers: Intramurals. MILAN, ROBERT L., JR.: B.S. Accounting, MILETI, RAY: B.S. Accounting: Phi Eta Sigma: Beta Alpha Psi: WRHA. MILLER, BRENDA LINN: B.S. Marketing: A.A.B. Data Processing: A-Key: Mortar Board: Beta Gamma Sigma: Phi Theta Kappa: Pi Sigma Epsilon: Senior Class Board: Tel-Buch, Senior Section Editor: Dorm Government, President, Secretary: Data Processing Club, Secretary: Resi- dence Hall Council. MILLER, JEANNIE: B.S. Nursing: Sigma Theta Tau: Collegiate Nursing Students. MILLER, JOSEPHINE: B.S. Accounting. MILLER, MARCIA JEAN: A.A.S. Education TechnoIogyfLibrary Aide. MILLER, MICHAEL A.: A.A.S. Electronic Technology: Ski Club. MILLER, MICHELLE: B.S. Management. MILLER, NANCY ANN: B.S. Elementary Educa- tion. MILLER, RACHEL MARIE: A.A.S. Deaf Inter- pretation. MILLER, VIRGINIA L.: B.S. Marketing: Rho Lambda, President, Vice President: Omicron Del- ta Kappa: Delta Gamma, Vice President, Social Chairman, ActivitiesfHistorian: A-Key: Wl'io's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges: Panhellenic Council, Vice Presi- dent: Senior Class Board. MILLER-CROSS, NANCY: B.S. Nursing. MINTER, DONNIE: B.S. Accounting: Intramurals. MIRACLE, JEFF J.: B.S. Marketing: Pi Sigma Epsilon. MITCHELL, JANET L.: A.A.S. Mechanical Technology. MITCHELL, MARK KENNETH: B.S. Business Administration: American Society for Personnel Administration. MITCHELL, RONDA CHERIE: A.A.B. Office Services Technology: Black United Students. MIZER, JULIE J.: B.S. Management: Mortar Board: Beta Gamma Sigma: Alpha Lambda Del- ta: Delta Gamma, Scholarship Chairman: Experi- mental Dance Ensemble. MOBILIAN, JEFFREY J.: B.S. Marketing: Delta Sigma Pi, Publicity Chairman: Accounting Associ- ation: Students in Free Enterprise: College Bowl: Intramurals. MOHR, TAMERA S.: B.A. Geography: Gamma Theta Upsilon: Geography Club: American Con- gress on Surveying and Mapping: Ski Club: Intramurals. MOLONEY, THOMAS: B.C.T. Construction Technology. MONBARREN, SUSAN: B.A. Communication and Rhetoric: Public Relations Student Society of America: Varsity Football Cheerleader: Ski Club. MOORE, DAVID: B.A. Mass Media-Communi cation: Varsity Track. MOORE, GAIL ELIZABETH: B.A. Child Devel- opment: Kappa Omicron Phi. MOORE, MELINDA MARIE: A.A.B. Secretarial Science. MOORE, PAMELA JO: A.A.B. Business Management Technology. MORELLI, NANCY TERESA: A.A.B. Transpor- tation: Delta Nu Alpha. MORGAN, MONICA M.: B.A. English. MORGAN, PATRICIA: B.S. Elementary Educa- tion: Dorm Government: Student Center Pro- gramming: R.O.T.C.: Off Campus Alternative: Intramurals. MORRIS, JANE R.: A.A.B. Office Services Technology: Concert Choir. MORTON, ROBERT, JR.: B.S. Management: American Production and Inventory Control Society: American Society for Personnel Adminis- tration: Intramurals. MOSER, CYNTHIA KAY: B.A. English: The Buchtelite, Entertainment Writer. MOSKOS, M. NINA: B.S. Accounting: Delta Gamma. MOSS, JERRI ANN: A.A.B. Data Processing: Residence Hall Program Board, Musical Commit- as tee: Intramurals. I MOTLEY, NORMA B.: B.A. Communication and Rhetoric. MOUJAES, CAROL J.: B.A. Psychology. MUELLER, LINDA PATRICIA: B.S. Elementary Education: Intramurals, Basketball Scorekeeper. MULLANY, JOSEPH M.: B.S. Geology. MULLETT, DAVE: B.S. Accounting: Beta Gam- ma Sigma: Beta Alpha Psi: Students in Free Enterprise. MUMMA, MELODY KAY: B.F.A. Sculpture. MUNDY, MARCEE: B.S. Nursing: Collegiate Nursing Students: Bat Girl. MURPHY, KAREN JEAN: B.A. Psychology: Ecumenical Christian Association: Psychology Club: Publicity Chairperson. MYERS, MARGARET: A.A.B. Secretarial Science. . TIIIIITIHHTI NAGY, ATTILA: A.A.B. Data Processing. NAHAS, PAUL: B.S. Accounting: Beta Alpha Psi. NASH, S. STEVEN: B.S. Marketing: American Marketing Association: Intramurals. NAVARRO, CRISTINA A.: B.A. Political Science: Pi Sigma Alpha: Phi Sigma Alpha: Sig- ma Delta Pi, Secretary: Pre-Law Club, Secretary: Dorm Government: Intramurals. NEFF, LAURA L.: A.A.S. Medical Assisting Technology: Medical Assisting Club. NEHAL, YASMIN: B.S. Biol0Qy2 B.A. French: Pi Delta Phi, President: Phi Sigma Alpha: Le Cercle Francais Universitaire, President, Assistant Social Chairman: Symphony Band: Wind Ensemble: Biology Club: Pre-Vet Club: Karate Club. NEIDERT, SHARON E.: B.S. Marketing: Beta Gamma Sigma: American Marketing Association. NELSON, TIM E.: B.S. Electrical Engineering: Amateur Radio Club. NEMER, RICHARD E.: B.S. Electronic Technology. NEMET, IVAN: B.S. Biology. NEUBERT, WENDELL J.: B.S. Electrical Engi- neering: Eta Kappa Nu. NEUSER, RHEA MARY: B.S. Nursing: Dorm Government, Secretary: Collegiate Nursing Stu- dents, Student Affairs Committee Representative: Student Representative to Nursing College Dean. NICHOLS, RONALD OWEN: B.S. Industrial Management: American Production and Inventory Control Society, President: Intramurals. NICOLS, J. P.: B.A. Mass Media-Communication: Residence Hall Program Board, President, Musical Entertainment Chairman: Dean's Council: Student Affairs Committee: Residence Hall Council: Dorm Government: Intramurals. NIEMANN, VALERIE LOUISE: B.S. Computer Science: Alpha Gamma Delta: Ski Club: Comput- er Science Club. NIXON, CHARLES E.: B.S. Education: Hilltopper. NOFFSINGER, STEVE: B.S.fM.D. NOLAND, LORI: B.A. Social Work: Student So- cial Work League, Vice President. NORRIS, JEFFREY JOHN: B.S. Chemistry: Resi- dence Hall Program Board. NORRIS, SHEILA S.: B.S. Elementary Educa- tion: Basketball Cheerleader: Water Ski Team: Water Ski Club: Dorm Government. NUMBERS, SCOTT A.: B.S. Chemical Engineer- ing: American Institute of Chemical Engineers. Oooooooo OBERHOLTZER, MATTHEUW WILLIAM: B.A. Political Science. OBRST, LEO J.: B.A. English: Certificate, Lin- guistics: Pixley Award for Literature: Akros Staff: Phi Sigma Alpha: Alpha Sigma Lambda. O'CONNELL, DENNIS: B.A. Communication. O'CONNOR, TOM: B.S. Accounting: Beta Alpha Psi: Accounting Association: Intramurals. OEN, MARILYN: B.S. Secondary Education: Intramurals. OGBIMI, GRACE ESEROVWE: B.S. Biology. OGURCHAK, ELIZABETH A.: B.S. Chemistry. OLDENBURG, NANCY: B.S. Nursing: Sigma Theta Tau: Alpha Lambda Delta. OLESICK, FRANCES M.: A.A.B. Business Management Technology: Dorm Government: Intramurals. OLESKEY, SANDY: B.S. Nursing: Honors Club: Honors Council: Alpha Lambda Delta: Collegiate Nursing Students. O'NEIL: JUDITH A.: B.S. Nursing. O'NEIL, KATHLEEN ANN: B.S. Marketing: Al- pha Gamma Delta: American Society for Person- nel Administration. O'NEILL, KELLY MARIE: B.S. Marketing: A.A.B. Data Processing: A.A.B. Transportation: Delta Nu Alpha: Ski Club. ONI, OLUFUNKE ESTHER: B.S. Technical Edu- cation. ONORATO, MICHELLE CARINA: A.A.B. Mar- keting and Sales Technology: Administrative Management Society: Advertising Club: Ski Club. OROSZ, MARY LYNN: B.A. Chemistry. OSBORN, SHERRI LYNN: B.S. Elementary Edu- cation. OSBURN, MICHAEL PAUL: B.S. Civil Engineer- ing: Marching Band: American Society of Civil Engineers: Concrete Canoe Team. OSTERHAGE, DEBBIE: A.A.B. Secretarial Science: Homecoming Queen Candidate: Delta Gamma: Associated Student Government: Execu- tive Budget Committee: Future Secretaries Asso- ciation. OSTICH, DIANE: B.S. Accounting: Alpha Gam- ma Delta, Vice President, Scholarship Chairman, Social Chairman. OVERBERG, MARK E.: B.S. Industrial Management: Beta Gamma Sigma: Phi Eta Sig- ma: Resident Assistant: Intramurals. OWENS, LORI: B.S. Nursing: Residence Hall Program Board, Special Features Committee. Pivppivivplv PACHMAYER, DEBRA: B.S. Nursing: Alpha Lambda Delta: Collegiate Nursing Students. PAIGE, REGINA L.: B.A. Textiles and Clothing: Certificate, Interior Design. PAISLEY, PAMELA: B.S. Special Education: Council for Exceptional Children. PALUMBO, JOSEPH P.: B.S. Accounting: Beta Gamma Sigma: Beta Alpha Psi: Intramurals. PALUMBO, JULIE: B.S. Management. PAMBOUKIS, AGATHONICOS NICK: B.S. Mechanical Engineering. PANCOAST, KAREN SUE: B.S. Chemical Engi- neering: Tau Beta Pi: Alpha Lambda Delta: American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Trea- surer: Women's Tennis Team. PANGAS, MICHAEL S.: B.S. Accounting: Phi Eta Sigma: Beta Gamma Sigma: Beta Alpha Psi: Delta Sigma Pi, Treasurer: Accounting Associ- ation. PANTELIOIS. ALEXANDRA: B.A. English: Hellenic Club, Vice President: WAUP, Greek Hours Associate Producer: Intramurals. PAPAS, WILLIAM A.: B.S. Civil Engineering: American Society of Chemical Engineers, Trea- surer: Hellenic Club. PAPP, JENNIFER L.: B.S. Management. PARKER, AMY: B.A. Family and Child Develop- ment. PARKER, NANCY J.: B.S. Medical Technology. PARRY, G. THOMAS, JR.: B.S. Finance: Beta Theta Pi: Ski Team. PARSONS, BARBARA M.: B.S. Electrical Engi- neering: Institute of Electronic and Electrical En- gineers: Women's Varsity Tennis Team. PASNIK, LORI: B.A. Theatre Arts. PATTON, CARLA A.: A.A.B. Office Services Technology: Future Secretaries Association. PAVICHEVICH, ANNA: B.A. Communication: Delta Gamma: Tel-Buch., Section Editor: Associated Student Government: College Republi- cans. PAZOUKI, ROUSHANAK: B.S. Child Develop- ment. PEARL, RICHARD L.: B.S. Marketing: Phi Kappa Tau. PECK, BRUCE ALAN: B.S. Marketing: Pi Sigma Epsilon: Intramurals. PEOPLES, DONALD: B.F.A. Graphic Design: The Buchtelire, Cartoonist, Contributing Writer: Student Art League. PERKOVICH, THEODORE D.: B.S. Industrial Management: Intramurals. PERTGINIDES, ANDREA MARIE: AAS. Deaf Interpretation: Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship. PETERS, BRENDA E.: B.S. Elementary Educa- tion. PETERSON, DON JR.: A.A.B. Transporta- tionfCommercial Aviation: Delta Nu Alpha. PETRELLA, GINA M.: B.S. Nursing: Dorm Government: Residence Hall Program Board, Ma- jor Events Committee: Collegiate Nursing Stu- dents: Intramurals. PETTITT, JAMES E.: B.S. Electronic Tech- nology. PFEIFER, CAROLYN A.: B.S. Marketing: Alpha Lambda Delta: Rho Lambda: Alpha Delta Pi. Panhellenic Representative, Service Chairman: Delta Sigma Pi, Community Service Co-chairman: Dance Marathon Chairman: Ski Team: Intramurals. PHAM, THE HOANG: B.S. Chemical Engineer- ing. PHILLIPS, GREGORY N.: A.A.S. Manufacturing Technologyflndustrial Supervision. PHILLIPS, LEATRICE: B.A. Home Economics Education: Kappa Omicron Phi, Secretary. PHILPOTT, ANTHONY: A.A.S. Criminal Justice: Football Team. PINCHOT, TAMARA ANN: A.A.B. Secretarial Science: Dorm Government. PINKERTON, JEFFREY D.: B.A. Mass Media- Communication: Tau Kappa Epsilon: Associated Student Government, Fine and Applied Arts Caucus Chairman: WAUP, Production Manager: The Buchtelite, Advertising Manager. PISZCZOR, MARLENE B.: B.A. Textiles and Clothing: Certificate, Interior Design: Kappa Omicron Phi, Vice President, Treasurer: Senior Class Board: Pi Sigma Epsilon: Chemistry Club: Seniors Fioirre Economics Club: Intramurals. PODNAR, STEVEN B.S. Electrical Engineering. POLASKY, MARK E B.S. Chemical Engineer- ig: A'nmi'ii'.iii Institute of Chemical Engineers. PCLFN JEFFREY S.: A.A.S. Electronic I' .hiiwlogt VOLLANIIER, PAULA J.: B.A. Psychology. PRANIIK. DREW J.: B.S. Mechanical Engineer ing, L.-iriilwia Chi Alpha: Intramurals. IYRESPER, THOMAS M.: B.S. Finance. PRESTA, SYLVIA M.: B.S. Marketing: Pi Sigma Epsilon. PRESLITTO. NANCY: A.A.S. Technical Education Child Development. FRINGLE. KENNETH JAMES: B.S. Mass Media- Ccmmunication: Murray State University Track Letterman: WAUP: University of Akron Television Center. PRITZ. SUSANNE M.: B.S. Art Education. PROMEY, JUDY LEE: B.S. Elementary Educa- tion: Glee Club: University Singers. PRUNESTI, DOMINIC C.: B.S. Electrical Engi- neering: Institute of Electronic and Electrical En- gineers: Intramurals. PUCHER. LAWRENCE: B.A. Psychology: Psychology Club. PUGH. CHRISTINE: B.S. Special Education: A- Key: Kappa Delta Pi, Vice President: Mortar Board. Secretary: Alpha Lambda Delta: Resident Assistant: Intramurals. PUGH, JAMES D.: B.S. Labor Economics: Inter- Varsity Christian Fellowship. PYETT, MICHAEL D.: A.A.B. Transportation: Delta Nu Alpha, Vice President. Qqqqqqqq QUICKSALL. CATHLEEN: A.A.S. Criminal Justice: Intramurals. Rrrrrrrrrrr RADCLIFFE, LYNNE L.: A.A.B. Business Management Technology: Residence Hall Program Board, Special Features Committee, Technical Committee: Intramurals. RADOSEVICH. MARK A.: B.S. Industrial Management: Sigma Pi: American Production and Inventory Control Society: Intramurals. RAFFATH, KENT: B.S. Finance: Beta Gamma Sigma: Financial Management Association. RAHEEM, MICHELE R.: B.A. Sociologyl Black United Students. Vice President, Corresponding Secretary. RAHEEM, OMAR A.: A.A.B. Business Management Technology: A.A.B. Marketing and Sales Technology. RAPER, DOLORES: A.A.B. Executive Secretar- ial Science. RAPINI, THOMAS V.: B.S. Electronic Technology: Intramurals. REED, CHRISTINE: A.A.B. Executive Secretarial Science: Future Secretaries Association. REESE, JUDY: B.S. Elementary Education: Dorm Government, Vice President: Intramurals. REGUEIRO, JOSEPH MICHAEL: B.S. Industrial Management: Sigma Iota Epsilon: Delta Sigma Pi: American Production and Inventory Control Society: Intramurals. REHARD, NANCY: B.S. Medical Technology: Seniors X Medical Technology Club: Intramurals. REICHLIN. INGRID: A.A.B. Commercial Art. REIHELD, TIMOTHY J.: A.A.S. Criminal Justice. REINHART, JOLENE: B.S. Elementary Educa- tion. REISCH, JAMES T.: A.A.S. Electronic Technology: WRHA. Assistant Engineer, Music Service Manager. REMINDER, CHRISTOPHER ALLAN: B.S. Finance. RENO, PAULINE: B.S. Nursing: Alpha Lambda Delta: Residence Hall Program Board, Major Events Committee: Dorm Government: Collegiate Nursing Students: Intramurals. REYMANN, ANNA MARIE: B.F.A. Graphic De- sign: B.F.A. Drawing. REYMANN. JANE E.: B.S. Nursing: Alpha Lambda Delta: Collegiate Nursing Students. RHYNE. CINDI: B.S. Finance: Alpha Lambda Delta: WRHA, Disc Jockey, Board of Directors: Women's Glee Club. RICE, SHARI: B.A. Psychology: Tau Beta Sigma, Treasurer: Women's Bowling Team: Student Cen- ter Programming: Marching Band. RICHARDSON, JACK: B.S. Management: Intramurals. ROBEY, SHELLY A.: B.S. Elementary Educa- tion: Intramurals. ROBINSON, MAUDE ANN: B.S. Elementary Education: Kappa Delta Pi: Women's Glee Club. ROCK, DIANE M.: B.A. Communicative DisordersfPsychol0QyL A-Key: Dorm Government, President: Student Center Programming, Publicity Chairman, Travel Chairman, Musical Productions: Residence Hall Council: Residence Hall Program Board. Major Events Committee: Tel-Buch, Dorm Editor: Intramurals, ROEDER, JAMES W., JR.: B.S. Mechanical En- gineering: Phi Eta Sigma: Tau Beta Pi: Intramurals. ROESNER, GORDON R.: Associate of Arts. ROESNER, TED E.: B.A. Geography. ROGERSON, GREGORY J.: B.S. Chemical Engi- neering: Ski Club: American Institute of Chemical Engineers. ROHRER, TAMMARA LYNN: B.F.A. Graphic Design: Alpha Gamma Delta: Intramurals. RODINELLA. AMELIA: B.S. Accounting: Beta Alpha Psi, Secretary: Omicron Delta Kappa: Accounting Association: Student Toastmasters Club. ROOTRING, JOHN M.: B.S. Natural Science: Intramurals. ROPER. DEBORAH L.: A.A.B. Hospitality Management. ROSS, BECKY: B.S. Accounting. ROSS, VALERIE ANN: B.F.A. Graphic Design: Alpha Gamma Delta, Vice President Fraternity Education, Corresponding Secretary: Phi Kappa Tau Little Sisters of the Laurel, Publicity Chair- man. ROTHERMEL, ANTHONY: B.S. Electronic Technology: A.A.S. Electronic Technology: Elec- tronics Club, Secretary. RUCKER, NITA IJESSIEI: A.A.S. Child Develop- ment. RUCKER, RONALD: B.A. Mass Media-Communi- cation: Alpha Phi Alpha, Vice PresidentfSecretary: Gospel Chorus, Treasurer: Paul Robeson Players: WAUP: Black United Stu- dents. RUDARY, LYNN P.: A.A.B. Marketing and Sales Technology: Phi Theta Kappa, Vice Presi- dent: Student Center Programming, Travel Chairperson. RUIZ, ROBERT ERIC: B.S. Biology. RUSH, LORI A.: A.A.B. Data Processing. RUSS, TERRENCE L.: B.S. Marketing: Pi Epsilon, Vice President of Communications: American Marketing Association. RUSSELL, SCOTT ARTHUR: B.S. Special Edu- cation: Student Council for Exceptional Children, Vice President. RUSSELL, STEVEN: B.S. Applied Mathematics. RUVOLO: MARIAN: B.S. Marketing: Ski Club: Intramurals. Sssssssssss SABATINA, KATHERINE A.: A.A.B. Marketing and Sales TechnolOQVL Public Relations Student Society of America: Intramurals. SABATINO, PAUL A.: B.S. Marketing: Football, Manager. SABBAGH, ROBERT F.: B.S. Electronic Technology. SABBAGH, PIERRE F.: B.S. Marketing. SADAR, NADINE E.: A.A.S. Mechanical Technology: Dorm Government, President. SAFFLE, ROBERT L., JR.: B.S. Mechanical En- gineering: American Society of Mechanical Engi- neers. SAIN, MARILYN LOUISE: B.S. Nursing. SALES, VELMA B.: A.A.B. Business Management Technology: Alpha Sigma Lambda. SALTZMAN, CARA: B.S. Accounting: Office Education Association: Accounting Association. SAMLY. SAM SOMSLN: A.A.B. Data Processing. SANDY, JOHN PATRICK: B.F.A. Graphic De- sign: National Council of College Publications Ad- visors Editorial Cartoon Competition, First Place Award: The Buchtelite, ArtfGraphics Editor. SANTOMEN, LYNNE E.: A.A.S. Surgical Assist- ing TechnOlQQy2 Phi Theta Kappa: Intramurals. SASSOS, MARY JO: B.A. Home Economics: A- Key: Panhell Certificate of Achievement: Alpha Delta Pi, President, Reporter: Associated Student Government, Senator: Order of Diana: Student Hearing Board: Senior Class Board: Executive Budget Committee. SATOW, CRAIG A.: B.S. Marketing: Phi Kappa Tau, President. SAXON, MICHAEL J.: B.S. Finance: Lambda Chi Alpha, Treasurer: Associated Student Government: Intramurals. SCACLIO, JOSEPH: B.S. Management: Ski Team. SCARPELLINI, THOMAS: B.A. Political Science. SCHAEFFER, JODI L.: B.S. Marketing. SCHAEFFER, MARK A.: B.S. Mechanical Engi- neering: ,American Society of Mechanical Engi- neers: Residence Hall Program Board, Movie Committee: Intramurals. SCHAFER, KIMBERLY ANN: B.S. Business Edu- cation: A.A.B. Executive Secretarial Science: Mortar Board: Omicron Delta Kappa: Tau Beta Sigma: Kappa Delta Pi: Associated Student Government: Marching Band: Future Secretaries Association. I ' SCHARIO, MARK EDWARD: B.S. Nursing. SCHEAFFER, ELVIN MILES, JR.: B.S. Chemis- try: Sigma Pi, Herald, Secretary, Vice President. SCHIAVONE, TRACY ADELE MARIA: B.S. Di- etetics: Kappa Kappa Gamma. SCHIRACK, MICHELE: B.A. Home EconomicsfClothing and Textiles: Home Econom- ics Club. ' SCHMIDT, ROBERT B.: B.S. Business Educa- tion. SCHOOLCRAFT, CARRIE: A.A.S. Educational Technology. SCHREINER, AMY H.: B.S. Accounting. SCHULTZ, GARY: B.S. Industrial Accounting: American Production and Inventory Control Society. SCOTT, JANE N.: B.S. Elementary Education. SCRIMA, ELAINE: B.A. Mass Media-Cornmuni cation: The Buchtelite. SEAMAN, DEBRA: B.A. Communication: Mortar Board: Alpha Lambda Delta: Resident Assistant: Residence Hall Program Board: The Buchtelite: Intramurals. SEBESTYON, JOSEPH STEVON: B.S. Market- ing. SEIBEL, PHYLLIS J.: A.A.B. Secretarial Science: A.A.S. Medical Assisting Technology: Future Secretaries Association. SEMRAU, GEORGE: B.S. Chemical Engineering. SEMRAU, VANESSA: B.A. Elementary Educa- tion. SHAFFER, LORI: B.A. Communicative Disor- ders: Omicron Delta Kappa: National Student Speech, Language, and Hearing Association, President, Secretary, Honor Member. SHAFFER, TRACY L.: B.A. Communication and Rhetoric: Who's Who Among Students in Ameri- can Universities and Colleges: A-Key: Mortar Board: Omicron Delta Kappa: Phi Sigma Alpha: Alpha Lambda Delta: All American Honor Society: Tel-Buch, Editor, Managing Editor, Busi- ness Manager: Associated Student Government, Senator, Executive Budget Committee, Senate Secretary, Awards Commission, Justice: Resident Assistant: Residence Hall Program Board: Dorm Government, Vice President: Republican Club: Pre-Law Club: Public Relations Student Society of America: Dean's Council: Communications Board: University Hearing Board. SHAFIE, KHORASANI, REZA: B.S. Electrical Engineering: Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers. SHAHNAZARI, MOHSEN A.: A.A.S. Mechanical Technology. SHARKEY, KENNETH J.: B.S. Mechanical Engi- neering. SHARNSKY, BARBARA J.: B.S. Education. SHELL, CRAIG A.: B.S. Chemical Engineering. SHEPHERD, KIM M.: A.A.B. Secretarial Science: Concert Band: Residence Hall Program Board, Special Features Committee: Intramurals. SHIELDS, CAROLE L.: Associate of Arts: Phi Theta Kappa. SHOEMAKER, MARGARET A.: B.A. Secondary Education. SHRIDER, PEGGY: B.S. Marketing: Alpha Lambda Delta: Alpha Gamma Delta, Recording Secretary, Activities Chairman: Little Sisters of the Laurel, President: Pi Sigma Epsilon: Associated Student Government. SHUMAKER, ERIC J.: B.A. Music: Marching Band: Concert Band: Jazz Band: Trumpet En- semble: Tuba Ensemble. SIFFERT, WILLIAM W.: B.S. Accounting: Beta Alpha Psi, Public Service Director: Accounting Association: Student Toastmasters Club. SIMS, LUCIA: B.S. Business Education. SINOPOLI, VITO: B.S. Marketing: Intramurals. SIVARD, TODD W.: B.A. Theatre Arts: Experi- mental Dance Ensemble: University Theater: Associated Student Government: Men's Glee Club. SLANTA, NANCY L.: B.S. Accounting. SLAVICI-IAK, CAROLE L.: B.S. Biology: Future Physicians Club: Intramurals. SMALLEY, KATHLEEN: B.S. Mechanical Engi- neering. SMEDLEY, RUSSEL L.: A.A.B. Business Management Technology: A.A.B. Hospitality Management: Phi Sigma Kappa: International Food Service Executives Association, President, Vice President. SMITH, DONNA MARIE: B.S. Political SciencefCriminal Justice. SMITH, DORIS A.: B.A. Mass Media-Communi- cation: The Buchtelite, News Editor: Public Rela- tions Student Society of America. SMITH, FRANK J.: B.S. Accounting: Phi Eta Sigma: Tau Kappa Epsilon. SMITH, JANICE C.: B.S. Technical Education. SMITH, JEFFREY: B.A. Secondary Education: Geography Club: International Affairs Society: Intramurals. SMITH, KELLY A.: B.S. Marketing: A.A.B. Data Processing. SMITH, LARRY JAY: A.A.B. Marketing and Sales Technology: Phi Delta Theta: Varsity Swimming. SMITH, LEONARD: B.S. Industrial Management. SMITH, LISA MARIE: A.A.B. Marketing and Sales TechnologyfFashion: Administrative Management Society. SMITH, MARGARET M.: B.S. Biology. SMITH, MARK: B.A. Theatre Arts. SMITH, MARY BETH: A.A.B. Office Services Technology. 4 SMITH, MONICA A.: B.S. Nursing: Collegiate Nursing Students, Treasurer: Residence Hall Program Board, Major Events Committee. SMITH, RICK A.: B.S. Geophysics. SMITH, SHERRIE S.: B.S. Nursing. SMITH, SIDNEY J.: B.S. Electrical Engineering: Varsity Cross Country: Varsity Track. SOCRATOUS, MARIA C.: B.S. Civil Engineer- ing. SOTIROVICH, MARY K.: B.A. Music Education. SOVA, ELAINE MARIE: B.S. Nursing: Collegiate Nursing Students. SOVERS, MAJKEN: A.A.S. Educational TechnologyfLibrary Aide. SPARKS, DEBORAH A.: A.A.B. Marketing and Sales TechnologyfFashion: Advertising Club: American Marketing Association. SPARKS, WILLIAM R.: B.S. Finance. SPEICHER, MARK RONALD: B.A. Social Work: Alpha Alpha Alpha, Treasurer: Campus Activities Board: Student Social Work League. SPONSELLER, CATHLEEN: B.A. Social Work: Kappa Phi Club: Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship: Students for Christ: Student Social Work League: Intramurals. SPRAIN, SUSAN C.: B.A. Theatre ArtsfDance: Alpha Delta Pi, Chaplain, Songfest Chairman: Panhellenic Songfest Director: University Theater: Intramurals. STADVEC. ROBERT: B.S. Marketing. STAHL, MARK ANDREW: B.S. Accounting: Accounting Association. STAKE, CHRISTINE L.: A.A.B. Data Processing: Intramurals. ' STANEK, LAURA A.: B.S. Nursing: Dorm Government: Collegiate Nursing Students: Resi- dence Hall Program Board, Major Events Com- mittee: Intramurals. STANKIEWICZ, KAREN ANN: B.S. Nursing: Dorm Government, Social Chairman: Collegiate Nursing Students: Intramurals. STANLEY, LORETTA SUE: B.S. Accounting. STANN, PAMELA A.: B.S. Nursing: Collegiate Nursing Students: Intramurals. STANO, ANDREW JOHN: B.S. Mechanical En- gineering: Sigma Pi. STARK, TINA M.: B.S. Natural Science: A.A.S. Surgical Assisting Technology? Dorm Government: Ecumenical Christian Association: Women's Glee Club: Womens Track: Womens Cross Country. STARKEY, LYNN M.: B.S. Elementary Educa- tion. STARKEY, ROBERT M.: A.A.B. Hospitality Management. STEADHAM. CHRIS: B.S. Marketing: Pi Sigma Epsilon, Treasurer: Intramurals. STECKEL, LINDA M.: B.S. Nursing: Dorm Government, Vice President, Athletic Representa- tive: Residence Hall Program Board, Major Events Committee: Collegiate Nursing Students: Intramurals. STEFANAR, CLAUDIA S.: B.A. Home Econom- ics: Kappa Omicron Phi: Dorm Government, So- cial Committee, Educational and Service Commit- tee: Intramurals. STEFANOV, THEODORE SCOTT: B.S. Finance: Varsity Tennis, Letterman: Finance Club. STEFFENSEN, SHERYL A.: B.A. Foods and Nu- trition: Alpha Delta Pi: International Food Service Executives Association. STEIN, KURT D.: B.S. Marketing. STEINER, EDDIE: B.S. Accounting: Beta Gamma Sigma: Beta Alpha Psi: Accounting Association. STEINER, RONALD L.: B.S. Accounting: Beta Gamma Sigma: Alpha Beta Psi. STEINKERCHNER, BRIAN W.: B.S. Mechanical Engineering: Sigma Pi. STEINMETZ, V. RENEE: B.A. Mass Media-Com- munication. STETZ, JAMES P.: B.S. Industrial Management: American Society for Personnel Administration. STEVE, DIANE MARIE: B.S. Management: The- ta Phi Alpha, Secretary: Delta Sigma Pi: Russian Club: Gymnastics Club: Intramurals. STILWELL, MARGARET IPEGGI: B.A. History: Phi Alpha Theta: Center for Peace Advisory Board: World Future Society. STIMSON, TAMMY JO: A.A.B. International Secretarial Science. STOVER, KARL V.: A.A.B. Business Management TechnologyfBanking. STOVER, TRACY DENISE: B.A. English: Young Democrats, Marching Band: Concert Band: Fo- rensic Speech Team. STRANGE, RANDALL H.: B.F.A. Graphic De- sign. STREISEL, GABRIELLE: B.A. Foods and Nutri- tion: International Food Service Executives Asso- ciation: English Language Institute. STRUNK, LINDA: A.A.S. Surgical Assisting Technology. STUDER, CYNTHIA: B.S. Accounting: Delta Sig- ma Pi. SUIT, DONALD A.: B.S. Labor Economics. SUITER. MELANIA K.: B.A. Dietetics: Student Dietetic Association, Secretary. SULLIVAN, SUSAN: B.A. Communication and Rhetoric. SUMMERVILLE, SKIP: B.S. Finance: Alpha Beta Lambda: Finance Club. SUNDAY, VALERIE ANN: B.A. Family and Child Development. SURMA, JUDITH A.: B.S. Elementary Educa- tion: A-Key: Resident Assistant: Residence Hall Program Board, Major Events Committee. SVENTECK, BERNADETTE DESIMONE: B.S. Business Education: Administrative Management Society. Public Relations Director. SWAIN, MARCENE L.: B.S. Accounting: Beta Seniors Alpha Psi: Alpha Lambda Delta: Accounting As- sociation, Secretary. SWANSON. PETER H.: B.S. Marketingl Delta Sigma Pi, Vice President of Professional Actitities, Pi Sigma Epsilon. Social Chairman. SWEARENGIN, THERESA: B.S. Elementary Education. SWOPE, DALE R.: A.A.B. Business Management Technology: A.A.B. Marketing and Sales Technology: Marching Band. SZELES, MARLENE ANN: B.F.A. Graphic De- sign. Ttttttttttttt TAYLOR, DIANE L.: B.S. ElementaryfSpecial Education. TAYLOR, JENNIFER: A.A.B. Data Processing. TELLITOCCI, MICHAEL A.: A.A.S. Electronic Technology. TEMPLETON, PARLEE: B.A. Social Work: Al- pha Alpha Alpha: Student Social Work League. TENNEY, DONNA: B.S. Civil Engineering: American Society of Civil Engineers, THATCHER, WOODROW E.: B.S. Industrial Management: Tau Kappa Epsilon: American Production and Inventory Control Society: Intramurals. THIEMENS, DORIS L.: B.S. Marketing: Pi Sigma Epsilon: Intramurals. THOMAS, LAURIE ANNE: B.S. Elementary Education: Kappa Delta Pi. THOMAS, TERESA L.: B.S. Marketing: Alpha Gamma Delta. THOMAS, TIMOTHY S.: B.S. Biology? Marching Band: Chemistry Club. THOMPSON, MARK EDWARD: B.S. Management: University Christian Outreach: Ski Club: Intramurals. THOMPSON, KATHERINE ELIZABETH: B.S. Nursing: Sigma Gamma Rho, President, Secre- tary, Treasurer: Collegiate Nursing Students. THORNBURG, ANN L.: B.S. Elementary Educa- tion. THORNBURG, ROBERT B.: B.S. Technical Edu- cation: Theta Chi. TI-IROWER. DAPHNE K.: B.S. Computer Science: Alpha Kappa Alpha: Black United Stu- dents. TILTON, PATRICIA LYNN: B.A. Child Develop- ment: Delta Zeta: Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship: Students for Christ: Akron Area As- sociation for the Education of Young Children. TINGLER, TIMOTHY: B.S. Geology: Intramurals. TOMCHO, CHARLES G.: B.S. Chemistry. TOMPKINS, ANDREW: B.S. Computer Science: Phi Sigma Alpha. TRACE, STEVEN: A.A.B. Transportation: Delta Nu Alpha. TRACHSEL, DEREK W.: B.S. Mechanical Technology. TRAINYEK, ELIZABETH M.: A.A.S. Community Services Technology. TRECASO, RALPH E.: B.S. Accounting: Beta Alpha Psi. TRENTA, DEBRA A.: A.A.B. Data Processing: Phi Theta Kappa. TRIANTAFYLLOU, HELEN: B.S. Management: Hellenic Club: Intramurals. TROXEL, THOMAS E.: B.S. Electrical Engineer- ing: Eta Kappa Nu: Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers: Outing Club: Intramurals. TRUST, FRANK LEE, JR,: B.S. Accounting. Seniors TURCZYK, JANET: B.S. Nursing: Collegiate Nursing Students. Uuuuuuuu UJVARI, EILEEN MARY: B.S. Home Economics Education: Kappa Omicron Phi, Secretary. UNGAR, SUSAN B.: B.S. Accounting: Alpha Lambda Delta: Sigma Delta Pi. URBANSKI, CHARLES J.: B.A. Psychology: Varsity Swimming. Vvvvvvvv VANAMAN, RONALD E.: B.S. Mechanical Engi- neering: American Society of Mechanical Engi- neers. VAN AUKER, DAVID: B.S. Management. VAN OSS, MARY DIANE: B.S. Nursing. VARLEY, BRIAN M.: B.S. Chemical Engineering: American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Presi- dent. VASILO, PHILIP MARK: B.S. Finance: Delta Sigma Pi, Vice President: Associated Student Government, Assistant Treasurer: Finance Club: Intramurals. VAUGHAN, DEBORAH LYNN: B.S. Biology: Certificate, Environmental Studies. VAUGHN, DENISE K.: B.S. Marketing: Delta Sigma Pi. VENTRESCA, DAN: BS. Marketing: Advertising Club. VERLANEY, GEORGIA L.: B.S. Education: Kappa Delta Pi: Ambassador Alternate to Swit- zerland: Delta Delta Delta: Council for Exception- al Children: Psychology Club. VERLANEY, JOHN A.: B.S. Industrial Management: American Production and Inventory Control Society. VINCENT, TERRY W.: B.S. Accounting: Out- standing Senior Man: Mortar Board: Phi Eta Sig- ma: Beta Gamma Sigma, Vice President: Senior Class Board: Omicron Delta Kappa, President: Beta Alpha Psi: Accounting Association: Student Toastmasters Club. Wwwwww WACHTEL, MARY D.: B.A. Social Work: Alpha Alpha Alpha, President: Intramurals: Honors Scholar. WACHTEL, RUTHI: B.S.fM.D. WAGNER, ERIC FLETCHER: B.A. Psychology: Psi Chi: Phi Sigma Alpha: Honors Club: Intramurals: Honors Scholar. WAGNER, MATTHEW JON: B.S. Mechanical Engineering: Tau Beta Pi: Phi Eta Sigma: Ameri- can Society of Mechanical Engineers. WALKER, JOHN M.: B.S. Mechanical Engineer- ing: Ski Club. WALLS, JOSEPHINE: B.A. Social Work: A.A.S. Community Services Technology: Student Social Work League: Black United Students. WALTERS, BRIAN TODD: B.A. Mass Media- Communication: WAUP: Intramurals. WANKUM, RACHEL: A.A.B. Marketing and Sales Technology: Gymnastics Club: Advertising Club: Administrative Management Society. WANKUM, ROBERT M.: A.A.B. Data Processing. WANTZ, SUSAN L.: B.S. Nursing. WANZIE, DEBRA ANNE: B.S. Management: Sil- ver Wings: Angel Flight: Amateur Radio Club: American Society for Personnel Administration. WARD, DEBORAH A.: B.S. Nursing: Alpha Lambda Delta: Dorm Government, Vice Presi- dent, Treasurer: Tel-Buch: Intramurals. WARD, MICHAEL L.: B.S. Accounting. WARD, ROBERT BRUCE: B.A. Communication: Baptist Student Union: WAUP: The Buchtelite. WARDLE, ROBERT LEE: B.S. Biology: Intramurals. WARNER, DAVID: B.S. Technical Education. WARNER, MARK E.: B.S. Civil Engineering: American Society of Civil Engineers. WATHEN, ELIZABETH: B.S. Accounting: Delta Gamma. WATSON, DARLENE K.: B.S. Nursing: Alpha Kappa Alpha: Cheerleader. WATTERS, CAROLE B.: B.A. Home Economicsffextiles and Clothing: Home Econom- ics Club: Black United Students, WEBEL, GARY D.: B.S. Accounting: Beta Alpha Psi: Beta Gamma Sigma: Phi Eta Sigma: Accounting Association. WEBER, JOSEPH R., III: B.S. Accounting: A- Key: Omicron Delta Kappa: Beta Alpha Psi: Or- der of Omega: Phi Sigma Kappa, President: Senior Class Board, Treasurer: Interfraternity Council, Vice President: Accounting Association: Varsity Basketball. WEBER, SHARYN: B.S. Elementary Education. WEBSTER, CHERYL: B.A. Mass Media-Commu- nication: Theta Phi Alpha. WEESE, ERIC R.: A.A.S. Mechanical Technology. WEHMAN, GUYLA-JEANNE: B.A. Mass Media- Communication: Public Relations Student Society of America. WEINGART, RANDALL J.: B.S. Mechanical En- gineering: Intramurals. WEIRICH, STEVEN M.: B.S. Mechanical Engi- neering: American Society of Mechanical Engi- neers. WELDER, NANCY ALYCE: B.S. Management: Student Center Programming, Secretary. WELLMAN, JULIANN STARR: Associate of Arts: Air Force R.O.T.C,: Angel Flight: Arnold Air Society: Valkyrie Drill Team: Dorm Government: Delta Sigma Pi. WENNER, JENNIFER A.: B.S. Nursing: March- ing Band: Collegiate Nursing Students: Honors Club, Honors Scholar. WENTZ, LINDA: B.A. Speech Pathology and Audiology: National Student Speech, Language, and Hearing Association, President. WERNET, RICHARD J.: B.A. Mass Media-Com- munication: Public Relations Student Society of America: Intramurals. WEST, DANA WRAE: B.S. Finance: Student Toastmasters Club: Finance Club, Activities Di- rector: Honors Club: Intramurals: Honors Scholar. WEST, JEFFREY A.: B.S. Management. WESTFALL, RICHARD M.: B.S. Computer Science: Computer Science Club: Outing Club. WESTON, MARCI: B.A. Political Science: Kappa Kappa Gamma. WETHERHOLT, JON C.: B.S. Mechanical Engi- neering. WEWER, JEAN E.: B.A. English. WHEATON, JOHN L.: B.S. Civil Engineering: Cross Country: Track. WHEELER, VALORA: B.F.A, Graphic DesignjArt Education, Theta' Phi Alpha. WHITE, CHERYL M.: B.A. Social Work. WHITE, JASON S.: A.A.B. Marketing and Sales Technology. WHITE: TIM: B.S. Computer Science, Computer Science Club, Freshman Wrestling. WHITLEDGE, JON RAYMOND: A.A.S. Mechanical Technology, Phi Theta Kappa. WHITMORE, DAVID L.: B.S. Computer Science, Computer Science Club, Intramurals. WIEGHAUS, BRIAN JAMES: B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Tau Beta Pi, A-Key, Riflery Team, Captain, American Society for Personnel Admin- istration, Intramurals. WILDER, CHRISTOPHER E.: B.S. Accounting. WILEY, ALYSON: A.A.B. Executive Secretarial Science. WILK, KATHLEEN ANNE: B.S. Biology, Biology Club, Secretary, Dorm Government, Intramurals. WILKINSON, ROBIN ANN: B.S. Elementary Education, Chi Omega, Phi Sigma Kappa Little Sister. WILLIAMS, DAWN RENE: A.A.S. Community Services Technology, Sigma Gamma Rho, Gospel Chorus. WILLIAMS, MARK C.: B.S. Chemical Engineer- ing, Phi Eta Sigma, Homecoming King, Ski Club, Dorm Government, Treasurer, Resident Assistant, Residence Hall Program Board, Major Events Committee, Musical Entertainment Committee Chairman, American Institute of Chemical Engi- neers, Intramurals. WILLIGER, RONALD E.: B.S. Mechanical Engi- neering, Phi Eta Sigma. WILMOTH, K, C.: B.A. Mass Media-Communi- cation, Arnold Air Society, Intramurals. WILSON, ANDREA: B.A. CommunicationfGeo- logy, Certificate, Environmental Studies, Geology Club, President, Tel-Buch, Copy Editor, Inter- Varsity Christian Fellowship, Intramurals. WILSON, DOUGLAS: B.S. Finance, Homecoming King, Phi Eta Sigma, Resident As- sistant, Intramurals. WILSON, MARK E.: B.S. Industrial Management, Dorm Government, Residence Hall Program Board, Musical Entertainment Commit- tee, American Society for Personnel Administra- tion. WINAFELD, CHARLES J.: B.S. Mechanical Technology, Theta Tau. WINCKI, CLIFF: B.S. Marketing, Pi Sigma Epsilon. WINKLER. KATHY: A.A.S. Criminal Justice, Lambda Alpha Epsilon, American Criminal Justice Association. WOLF, LISA A.: A.A.S. Respiratory Therapy. WOOD, TERESA L.: B.A. Family and Child De- velopment, Students for Christ. WOOLRIDGE, COLETTE D.: B.S. Business Edu- cation. WRIGHT. LISA MARIE: B.A. Psychology? Phi Sigma Alpha, Psychology Club, Vice President, Secretary, Psi Chi. WRIGHT, STEPHEN: B.S. GeoIOQV2 Geology Club. WROBEL. KAREN M.: B.A. Dietetics, Kappa Omicron Phi, Student Dietetic Association, Ski Club, Recreation Association, Treasurer. WUNDERLE, GREGORY A.: B.S. Marketing, Residence Hall Program Board, Technical Com- mittee, Intramurals. WUNDERLE, LORI ANTHONY: B.A. Child Life Specialist, Residence Hall Program Board, Major Events, Committee, Dorm Government. XxxYyyZzz YOUNG, JEFFERY R.: A.A.S. Electronic Technology, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Associated Student Government, Senator, Intramurals. YOUNG, JOHN: B.S. Chemistry, American Chemical Society, Phi Eta Sigma, Intramurals. YOUNKER, DENISE: B.S. Business Administra- tion, A.A.B. Data Processing, Delta Nu Alpha, Ski Club, Data Processing Management Associ- ation. YURICK, RAYMOND M.: B.S. Chemical Engi- neering, Tau Beta Pi, Omicron Delta Kappa, Treasurer, Phi Eta Sigma, Vice President, Phi Sigma Kappa, Treasurer, Secretary, Senior Class Secretary. ZAEGEL, JOHN L.: B.S. Marketing, Delta Tau Delta. ZAMBORSKY, CHRIS: B.S. Industrial Management, A.A.S. Chemical Technology. ZAVODA, JUDY C.: B.A. Elementary Education. ZAWADA, LYNETTE M.: B.A. Dietetics, Resi- dence Hall Council, Dorm Government, Resi- dence Hall Program Board, Varsity Softball. ZAYAKOSKY, ALBERT P., JR.: A.A.B. Data Processing. ZELLER, ROBERT LOUIS, III: B.S. Chemical Engineering, All University Champion Wrestler, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Ameri- can Chemical Society, Ski Club, Intramurals. ZEMBAR, MARY J.: B.A. Psychologvl Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Sigma Alpha, University Hearing Board, Alternate Member. ZIMMER, TERESA A.: B.S. Accountingflrinance, Accounting Association, Student Toastmasters Club, Residence Hall Council, Dorm Government, Residence Hall Program Board, Special Features Committee, Intramurals. ZIMMERMAN, SHERI LINN: B.S. Marketing, Al- pha Gamma Delta. ZIMOVAN, GARY J.: B.S. Industrial Management, Certificate, Computer Science, WRHA, Production Manager, Program Director, Station Manager, Residence Hall Program Board, Committee Chairman. ZIRPS-SILLS, FOTENA: B.A. Psychology, Psychology Club. ZOKAEI, SOHRAB: B.S. Mechanical Engineering. ZOOK, ALBERTA L.: B.S. Elementary Educa- tion. ZUCHNIAK, BARBARA A.: A.A.B. Executive Secretarial Science. ZURMELLY, ED: B.S. Mechanical Engineering. I Seniors '.i-4 Szfww , ,., w' ' i .-f -rm 1 . Tel- fCollegiate Shawnee 328 pages with . The printing and the paper The style is 36 point Souve- nir. 'Body copy and captions are set in 10 point and 8 point Souvenir, respec- tively. The cover is Brown, M44-1, with Gold 42701 embossed and top stamped, and is, Smyth sewn. ni- '51 may K 2 f, ,f , Q1 Q if Q JP? 4- x f.. giggiik' X WHY., V, :fy 662, 3 Vp ,, 13.3 , . X 9:1 ' " Ri'37'5'i2'3i ., . 1 1 l i f M iff: Auf' - 31 '. . I, ,, - an ,- '1 ' UP' . ' ff ' N , b . 1 4 5 P -Y 1 3 9 1 f A 1 F 5 I.: of :sn-4 lx J" . . 1 ,fair lafg . 'i -:,.'- "' via-A. 1 D- . r.. ig ' ' 'Elf' 1L.1'15':f"5' ." 4.3 . ' ht, 2,1-:,.j..' , - . ,r .. - "' " gf . , , 2 ' , " . -'rr C Y. 1"-L , 9 12,39 ' 3 p E' i R . - 1 . , 04 . ,qv -1 U ' yiwb.. Q - q,v'x'. "."fg'g,x - l -. b N' 1 ws- ' N -s faq' 1. 31- 91225, -:fl-- ' ,-: lv., wyi .I it . v- Q. I v ' - , A. .A 'A v y.. .girl bil.: finaly' .lkclly-1?13iJ4f.E3::g Q t JAY b .U A, , ,,. Q, I ,..f,, j.. ,ev L '. +: ' 'A ff- we X-fQl.r++'ih 'THX at - - - - ' 0 ' ,. 4, 'I , V .U . , - .N .I ,, if n 1 "' - fQ,y?,.-.1 . 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