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 - Class of 1982

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w v XL , 1' N ,p I 1 0 J ' 1 P V ll A ' 'U ' Y ' ' f L .f . -ks f v- X 'I ' X . f x , . N 1 1 ,9Q5lTy 7870 I' he University of Akron Tel-Buch 1 98 2 Jeffre y K es fner, Eoffor Table af Carfrenfs Academics 24 Tracy Shaffer, Eaffar AcTiviTies 64 Cara! Baddorli Edifar Spafrs 442 Mary Kay Claus, Ecjfor Greeks 458 Anna Paviche vich, Eafifar Darms 'ICM Lad Brode, Edifar Seniors 230 Chns Osmar, Edifar 'S-Q.,- 3 rf ,,l- The Universiw of Akron 5-A. A Panorama af Campus Life . . 1 A Panorama af 1'aIenT . . . 3 x 3 7 JNL 3 3 A Panorama af Gaaa Times 5 P 1 w ,AAN-4' A Panorama af Special Times . . . A Panorama af Campehfiam . . . mi Q -mf 1 -1, W-wiv . ' " I , ,n A -4 u ,W A W W " V "muh W ij?-X ' -ffff i-ff avi ?1'!"f 'v 1l f ':!1"f, -in . ' I DW 1,5 A . - n ga, wi th 47 AML Mr 4-L J. 'Q-. ,si The Universiw of Akron. '45 -s 8 4- ii 1 il -A ., "w.zA- s lp, ,Q ' 1 K x Ygx +41 V ,:,... , P ' 3' vii: sinh - Yagi" 1" 13 A TradiTion Of Excellence- YesTerday, Today, Tomorrow . . . February Q, 4982, marked The one-hundredfh celebrafion of Founder's Day aT The Universify of Akron. Originally held on The birfhday of John R. Buchfel, The founder of BuchTel Col- lege, The morning ConvocaTion included a porfrayal of BuchTeI by Dr. Howard K. Slaugh- Ter, Professor of Theafer ArTs. Following The dramaTizaTion, Dr. Harold Delaney, Execufive Vice Presidenf of The American Associafion of STaTe Colleges and Universifies, delivered an address enTiTled Higher Eo'ucaflon's Real and Myfhlcal Dilemmas. AfTer The ConvocaTion, held in John S. Knighf Audiforium, The parTicipanTs Travelled To Glen- dale Cemefary where wreaThs were placed on The graves of Mr. and Mrs. Buchfel. A lunch- eon followed in The HillTop Dining Room in Gardner STudenT Cenfer. The highlighf of The affernoon was a panel discussion on The Topic A Trodlflon of Excel- lence- Yesferday, Today, Tomorrow. All pan- el members were eiTher graduafes or currenf sTudenTs of The Universify. Mr. David A. Lieberfh served as moderafor, and members of The panel included Dr. George W. Knepper, Mrs. Rainy Sfiizlein. Dr. Frank N. Kelley, Mr. James R. Williams, Mrs. Barbara Ann Venesy, Mr. Theo- dore L. Gordon, and Miss Marianne R. Manko. Eli Dr. Howard K. Slaughfer porlrays John R. Buchfel in a dramaTizaTion THE UNIVERSITY OF AKRGN --",.1-L-3 UNE HUNIJREIDTH ANNUAL FQUNDERQS DAY TUESDAY. FEBRUARY 9. IQ? MQRNING GDNVGCATIGN. JOHN S. KNIGHT AUDITORTUM - 11:00 A.M. Guest Speaker. . . Dr Harold Delaney, Executive Vice President American Association of State Colleges and Universities ii, Washington, D. C1 Llmcmioir. HILLTOP DINING Room - GARDNER STUDENT Cmrrzn Enrrcmoim, tlomfnmica. SUMMIT LOUNGE - GARDNER STUDENT CENTER - 1:30 PM, ' 882 "A Tradition of Excellence - Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow" IE . l . D .--- I i if 5 5 eff, 24 f-"ff ' kv-aJ graves. . at T i V5 v ,L of Mr. and Mrs. Buchfel and Dr. Parke R. Kolbe, The firsr president of The Municipal University of are displayed ai The Convocation. Delaney speaks on I-hgher Educafion 's Real and Mythical Dilem- Represeniaiives from campus groups place wreaths on The Buchiels UA Celebrafes 400fh Founderis Day National Events During 4084-82 the United States suffered setbacks as well as accomplishing major technological advances. Midwesterners were espe- cially hard-hit when record amounts of snow fell across the country Crightj. The space shuttle Columbia made several successful flights into space, returning its crews safely and estab- lishing the U.S. as the contin- ued leader in the space race ffar rightj. . N Qi The poliTical arena was plagued by conflicTs beTween and wiThin The DemocraTic and Republican parTies fleffj. DemocraTs and some Republi- cans bucked The leadership of- fered by The Reagan Adminis- TraTion and drafled several oTher budgeTary plans, high- lighTed by increases in spend- ing for social services and de- creases or freezes in defense spending. ln addifion SenaTor Harrison Williams of New Jersey raised The eyebrows of The American public when he was forced To resign from The U.S. SenaTe in The face of almosT cerfain explusion for his roll in The FBl's ABSCAM invesTigaTion. Williams was convicfed by a federal courT of conspiracy, and Two counTs each of brib- ery, conflicT of inTeresT, receiv- ing a criminal graTuiTy, and in- TersTaTe Travel in aid of a rack- efeering enTerprlse ffar leffj. ri. J' 5 Two fomous couples heodlined The enTerTdlnmenT world in 4984-82. AnThony Geory ond Gene Froncis, Luke ond Louro of General HospifoL helped moke ThoT sooo opero The mosT-viewed doyTlme TV show frighrj. College sTudenTs ocross Amerlcd scheduled Their closses oround The 3-A p.m. Time sloT in or- der To coTch oil of The ocTion on GH. Henry Fondo ond KoTherine Hepburn were nomed "BesT AcTor" ond "BesT AcTress" by The Acodemy of lVloTion PicTure ArTs ond Sciences for Their roles in The film On Golden Pond fbelowj. The movie wos olso nomin- oTed for T'BesT PicTure of The Yeor," losing ouT To Choriofs of Fire. This wos Fondo's flrsT Oscor ond Hep- burn's Third. o I o a oi v'e c's'o9o 4 1 0 0 0 I O. 5 l.6.l'6 1 " .'a'u's 1 9 6. C .,,,,,,pw I I 'fa' 9, ' Q 'yi fx" v " i3!Q"l.0'l ,I'.' V .4g"0g.l'5 1 .1 1 ,"'.f' .'Ig 'Q'- aljtltl' "Q 'i.l'. 'Ha ' n 1' ' 4 1 V 1 4 O , .111 lg 1. Q Q 6 0 ' fnq','n :o.u:Q'a',', i' I f 5 I QC 1.6 0233: gQ..C :, ix! t U.: one 9 75", ?9'o':"o':"o' "fig" 'o,'1, lg .fQ'u','. 3.4.13 9 U O . 9 I 4 0 ' 1 '. a . 4 o .Pl O..l' . ". . v. ' a lib 1 I "'.. '.' :lt 1' o 'i Q I 0 1 g ' ,' i r Vg 1 Q I 6 I 1 ' rg' Q 41, :.u.,o.e,o.n., uf. -mf . fb o 'f'4 c o'v'o'v 1' f QI :visa 4,55 U l..g. . Q O 6 .0 'a 1 .'- J., ,. v,' ov" . 5, 2 i,,1a.,r ..f..r. v v 5954.4 Wwwmu- f W I' V' Despiie The lack of a full-lengTh baseball season, spiriT was high for The 1984 World Series. AfTer spliTTing The firsT four games wiTh The New York Yankees, The Los Angeles Dodgers came back wiTh four con- secuTive wins To capTure The World Series TiTle fflghfj. ln Super Bowl XVI The San Francisco 40ers won The NFL Championship over The CincinnaTi Bengals, 26-24 fabovej. lnferndrioncnl Everfrs .Muni all .0 gPi':6'Y""Y ,AQW 'won . mf M . vv ,gn M A fm. gp hi, .- Mis Y ww vw. Q, '45 .jizz "" nl? 'QM . ,K I V ,,,d"-4""x ,,,,,.g-.andll"'Uf .J Q J' 1 .M Till' ' 'V A W-,,bg Q 'f"' al 4 in i j - Y ' 1, .-A' 'Wd During The 4984-82 year, The inTernaTional specTrum was marred wiTh The assassinaTion aTTempTs on The lives of PresidenT Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul ll. A raging bul- leT fired by assassins silenced EgypT's Presi- denT Anwar SadaT and lefT a dangerous void of leadership in The Middle EasT ffar leffj. However, inTernaTional poliTics was affecT- ed by more Than aTTempTs To end The lives of world leaders. The Swedish C5overnmenT was able To auesTion The commander of The SovieT submarine ThaT ran aground off The Karlskrona naval base Crop cenferj. In addi- Tion To This evenT, conflicT in Iran caused Bani Sadr, who served as presidenf under The Ayalollah Khomeini, To flee The counTry and seek refuge in France flower leffj. And The naTural deafh of lsrael's Defense Minisfer General Moshe Dayan was felT by The enTire world as rising miliTary conflicT beTween lsra- el and The Palesfine LiberaTion Organizafion jarred The delicaTe mechanics of world peace Cleffj. One happy occasion in inTernaTional news highlighTed The year. The marriage of Prince Charles To Lady Diana was Telecasf world wide, allowing millions To enjoy The fanTasTic splendor of The royal wedding and To cele- brale The joy of England's fufure leaders fabovej, 24 ngllj W W M vs ,M ' The year was also charac- terized by extensive out- breaks of military confronta- tions. Americans saw Poland divided between a govern- ment demonstrating martial law and a people demon- strating the quest for basic human rights fupper cen- terj. We saw violence in El Salvador which gave way to seemingly free elections, although the process of the election is still being ques- tioned. flower centerj We saw conflict between the Argentine government and the British government over a small parcel of land called the Falkland Island Cfar righfj We also saw reaction from our government in its attempt to help negotiate this conflict. fabovej. And, we cheered when Brigadier General James Dozier was returned safely tothe United States after being held cap- tive by the Red Brigade in Italy. fupper righfj. QR QNX- S Q 4 'lr I' S 35 is v xwwsa 6 nv, I 0 f-A' ,..o4 :fig L ,s X ,, aj 'Mr ,xxx 'rf X .SQ Q JA, -1 I r , A ,r 1 I 3 ffm ' O v ' A s l 4' Q W 0 World Reporf phoTos by Wide Worid PhoTos ics 'N'0s.., ,fs " fx is ff? 5, 4 9' . 5' seg is gf!-7 545343 5 1 3 9 5 Q 1,1 162 2 52 f he ,fi gig 2, A is TNQ .- ww N A J AWWA ws ' :SE I QS, W , , fwgd , ,K Q' fi kk 25 ,g 4, N:-Q 2:1225 A Mui N42 i ..5 Xf,,, f JA .x 1. A. QQ 4 if E , 5 25, 1. dv .,: '0 : A4 .w Arg v v? f , 19 A :.f"'1,J? ' F 3 arg 526 iw me P' 111 E fwqg gy 213133 1111-if ' fys' 13:3 T' ,X S 4 W s M: v-143111 4 2122 3, .W 1 W2 Sm is 5256: 3? ff A Kb bf? swf 2 -4,1144 - may ,, vw """' - 'A"' ' A .444 ' 1 1 if W .f'T:f" .,:-i3'f-?- ': -' 1 :. ,. - " ' , " -. , V . -agfykf, - -KM ' , f "W u K va 1:. '. : , ' ' - , ' , - ffff V . ,. . , , . W .P Q4 ., WEN W' . 32 59 P' 19 W 1 ig , 35 Q . SER ga, 2' 'f Q B E 3: ,gg fm ,, VX. . :X xzssi Q f ,x 4 N .Q 11 1-,Ek 5 15 S E sf? 4 Q5 :Q f'I':'1EE .f 553 1, 2 QZESQZ? is 529 Q 5 e g, ,151 E s 2 Q, is X 1 ,sf ' Q 1 gf C I X I lm wg. :-z , ,,,, 5 5 f S 5 i f 2 i f 1 f S Q 1 , SQ, 5 4x 77 3 ff A xg' I 5 , ,gm ,fs KE 'i 525: -ww wg: . 5 ? ,Q eg we 1,1 fi 1:1 xg' 5 Qs N .. ,Q iz-52252 4 Q ig if 4 2 2 3 gf 3, 1, .f M eeiip 1 542:35 55:5-1 Pm? .fy .Q ,K ,E if f :sae W l A - ...,...,. 2 Th, A "l,. 3 .M .55 .aft C Xxx 63' 'av 'an Q - '-1 " 1 'W' 1 " r Q -ll., we ." 4 4-I lg. Q at . 4 ., 'vs ,, 4 -as . n 0 'fl' .Wx s 4 Q 4 W f .5 ,gb H is uc ' 0 A r A 'Z Q . 1 j ks .YN Q Y f ,h" 1 1. . u 3 5 Ml S we S12 vt 'D uv ia V -.gql K' ,' ,' i,..' "4 s "'av'fQwlia.'u F' Q 1' .1-0 " 'T' -' 5 W '.'U,' 1 1 -' A 181 sw it ' KT' Y Q l s Q V y T Sm' V an ' ' x "' H V' " ll" if 1 ' X " ' 0 nv ' .VG 1 X ' -Q ,' u' N ,. 4'- Wynn' I 0 '!"'r'f". "V, . - fx! .Aka 1 ,Lg . fs.. .4 Q lj' ' f 4, Y . l v vb vw 1' '60, fl 'Q 4 , n .1 ,vw - 5 f , r Q l 4 .K . ,Ubi vt , Q.. ,d. 0- 1 . In .X .L 4 1 .. WHO - I E O Ie: I . :'.s.s. ov . 'M it A 5 1- ur. by A ' S 1 . ' I' ,V Glyn X Y, ' If -. 'I 4.s'fff ' sl AA . gl 5, G . s '. ' li A, - 'vm Y in I V 4 ' gh. 1 O' is 3 '. 4 .' A H J! 9 ' 0 ', . 1' ve . , A-vi' V 0 ' X It Q , .' 1 1 ini: . '- I Lv' f ax. - .- . Q K .1-g:a4,I.4, nu.: ' B .s 'c f A " ' ' . -graft: n' , '4 I Au' .D ' uni I ? A. k ly, x ' ' A " ,ia .f wo, ' . 2 , , . , mg. , 'Q . ' Q an, 3 t - f G H : fp Q 1 -rr ' o' ' Fx: 4 5' wx- . K. 4 In x S' .un 0.5 Vr'Nx,1-5 A . uvill AQ Q 'iii M Mwgg N,.sm. . W ,V ' if A Mall? A , www, 4, .., Q 4 ,ax ,,, A M , 'Q 0 Sf 'Q , x 1 G , s K "' :P b A 0- 'Vx ,yn 4 4 up zfgx 'H v 1 , .. , f V-ww? . .-4: . 9 f "W, ',, 1'f:3v5?fW'4"? i1fT' W ex , Q ' ' fy b' an 'f' " ' AW 2 we ,.. f . ' ww ,fafn-Qsf. Wg N - ', 351'-, ,Q-3: -f AW cwxfa V' E4,,.g,. Ax, M ,Q Q. ,Q I . 'K 8 . www-' K' ' ' , X y- x f aw,-1 T" -1 , y 1 w Y :QI A , ' ' -as ' yu.. . 'W F? 'ww ,. .,-vw'-,.i A,,Q,,,,,,'.:f1 ,,, smgvxwqnx vwg. , fm, 1 lux Q, kwa .F 9 r ' 0 .. n 1 -. -wig? 4' . .mug ' fiifiih ' f-W' 2 29 L .- 1+ - A V ,,.., V 'mr Gffice of The Preside M ,QS N ,-:X X-X4 .gf XV X - 'XX-sz. , rig: QW? 'EX ,,,, . - ,N . X, -'mix , - QQXQZQ X, 'am X5 X. if , wif i 3', , " '5 - rl-,xx-. . V Q 'ff . . ,gym fm S 'Q X , ii Yifii' bf' -X . X : MN - ii i. s X N 'EI 'TL ' X is :gig X we X X X 14, Q 'fu X 9 5 A 1 X 3 X! 1 , is X Ml M4 BX XX X -t xl' ff ,XX ,MXN Si? Ei ix: ,W WX Ev -4 09 ,X , XXX 2 29 ,gl i z i X X S X x N X X 2,-:L N 35 X 2 X 'wx X 1,. Q . - +15-ix ., X, X, WX- 5 1 X NS: 5. -25: X Xb i' Rf eff' .ak .LQQXM X X, ,- x 12 gf 9 A 4 ng? K x x X v.. , X if x SX 18 A 5: X Yi 1 X X . X XX X X X XL X V55 ,X ' XXL , f za, X X, .gf X x Jai, . IX. Xu X .X ay- ,, Xi 93 f fi :e-1 XX: -x fl QT F ' Xi, X., XX. X ,,,X -1, . J., :XXX X. NSX- ir. , wig S511 55? X EVQQT, X . .N , xi X, X,,. X X4 .NX XM Av Q' Q x W s , H, X Q 3 1 SQ XX 1 X-MX X X? X . .fXsg15X - Q- vm- . 1 XX NX. ,:g.iaXigX U 'Q- ' Q., . X' X , Q AM, P Q X 4 HR 4X 4! 4 MW W f I X.- Dr. Dominic Guzzetta has served as President of The University of Akron for eleven years. During this time, he has seen many changes take place at the uni- versity. Among these changes he notes that stu- dents seem to be continually more committed and professional in achieving their educational goals. He also explains that most universities will be seeing an increase in the enrollment of non-traditional stu- dents and that these institutions will need to gear themselves for this change. He explains that with the development of new programs and the recent completion of the Continuing Education Center, The University of Akron is expanding to meet the new needs that a more diversified student body presents. this expansion is imperative, Dr. C-I-uzzetta hot the major changes the University has ex- durlng his eleven years of leadership has the development of an accomplished with the growth and quality of the programs offered here at The University , .yi-any WTF' 'mmf' Wigs," mi 4 dlkx QR em Q X., 1 JMNNWF ' ' w W w . 5 5 6 W ef an if .Q ff 4 1 , . 2' , Q Rgyx -I. X K .,.:.V '4 xx, B ,ge K faqs Q- if ,Q as 'il' at 1- Q 'Wig W ' ' , 2'3" Q M 's 5' Q41- K 1 :Q 8 . , MQ' Vi a 1 1 l. 3 4 nb. W- .vm -I-ING J M gr ,, f A N 3lwTee RGHRER Y E BROWNE J J ' K ARL R W ww WM 1 ff RCD WXLSON , In-S-f 'n"f M" EORCSE E, ca NET B P NEL JA MA COLM ROW AN wwf FRANCES JOHN S M. DJ FEDERxoo C. J. PMLLMOD , JR CHAIRMAN MCGOVERN STEJNHAU f : ff V, - 1 ii eww CfWi4WiMCh J fmfsf Lowefffgnf of fm Macfaremrdeifjcznd .W efmefr1i:serJohnS Swimouer Group fwtwe fwandzngj Gaorge E WHSOU Roy E Browne Mmcolm iifawean Kari 62 feohrf Pfesazfen? Domino Guzzemc C36-afedj Frances MCC-Bovem Vace Chdrrnon John S Steimcuef Chcxmon ChwiesJ Pwod Jr V1ceChai11'nanMcJrioA Dwecierxco 3cnefB M, j A , V' ' ,' '51 ,K x,M,f , . RX4A , R , :gr 1 X xii Z N' V' Kar X s 4 'si ' X .. X 5 w , t , ...fy . w ,f . Q ,,., , 5, 2 i 35133. 4 F 2 2 3 - , 'A .ff fm s ' 5 :b ,ii .J rf ' Y 1 f f I ' :' Y .. 'J Viv' J If . fr n ,L Aiwa! wifi J A ., , 1 - Q - ' f, 9. ' Q . 34 Academics gd. --us - f .S in '29- COHGQG Dr. Morion A. Ruebel, University College Dr. H. Kenneth Borker, College of Educotion Administration - - Qi? Louis A. Hill, College of Engineering Dr. Lillion J. DeYoung, College of Nursing Dr, Gerard L. Knieter, College of Fine ond Applied Arts l Q1 fl Above: Dr. Coesor A. Corrino, Evening College ond Summer Ses- sions. For left: Mr. Robert C. Weyrick, Community ond Technicol College. Left: Dr. Cloibourne E. Griffin, College of Arts ond Sciences. - Acodemics 35 S . 5 'i 85,9 ,M fl he X . ,Y .T Y 5 nw 1+ gg i ' .- N' if as lk J 3' f ,,,,,.,Q1wv-NRM ' ' N' ,M , W..M- ff gs . Pg Q my N K .' www Nfmfw. 1, - ' .a. x Q .,,. 1 1 1 N I .I iii: f-2 9 Q 1 , 4, 5 xxigxiii' I -f.: 1 -. .r-fe .gm .521 63 l N p-QANUBOOK E COLLEGE I Whgnon HABBWAC' wwf' . . HODGES, M--'-""""" S G. gilil gg Q...-W Hwffif' ll x. 5 ., Yi ,jg N KX Wx.. ,, Se - HX 1 Q? SM. X WS? ,,-. . "s'fx5,.k X . ' , .. mx "M,'gu'ZIQv.i ' -. W'5W5V'.' 'x. . - 1 XGA , ., sy .xx - .M-.mum 1 . . Q. x ."1 .55 - Q Q 72 , 45 .AQ S521 5, " fi, 2-ik, be :J .QV fs "QW 1 Rwg. K - Ti fr ,M V wiv .gf 1-, X A .. '3 H1 2 , i i . K .1 K .W b :S 5 . 1' Sw 1 1,1115 A was 'ff of 3 fff ' ,, 1 f 1 t .' ' 1' ff t t ,f MW iVfWf,Q,f6 K ,fgA!,,5W,41,g,fQ,1j ,Zgfjf yi yy' 4 f 1 i I I V H 'f ' ' s f ' 7 ti:-7 f l t a fWg,,,,f ' lx 4' Z fy? -P f, 1 344.5 , A L, t, ,. , ,j ,m mm mtgzazgfz qsg gi fgf t !,125f'!+2?if' , -' Z . 1 ff' f1.4W , ff!ff,, nf, f - ,V , A Y yd ff , " A w , ,w 7-v ,. , , , ,t ,4 A , , A ,wfm -fxffzf zaf s " ' ' ' . " W gf . - ' A W A P Z . - " 74' nm., W I f ww f 5 g,.f'f,5 ' 3, ww f 'jfiffff-'yfff t ,,,y,3'z..',:V',' , J., Q flfhf nfgffia-M4 2 35423 Za: 62:35 as " fs ff'Ys'.p'1-1 ff"','g .f ' 1 'f9" -',fi74AwLfg,4 H '71, wwf , ' I , ' - , w "ff 1' :iff 1" ' V 1 ,ff,, f , ,' . , "IQ-' , ,I if fs. , . 'f 'WJ ' "KH f,,1,'2,'f,Zf f- H" .4 ..g 55144 . , f , ', ,, f , 4 f t 1'. 27 'Y' . C .- 1 i I X 1' K I K-f ,. .1 fit K' ' f 'pf Xia ,X . Irvs 1' , , -y . N mx I Q .vt "' t fb I 6 I f' 6 magic! X NSW. , mal ! I sl i Tennis is just onefgf mony physical education classes offered. af f xi' , W' ' f ,' if f- 1"f'c.f':- 1 S ' ' ,.:,f X 0 ' M - ff. ,LQ " "f A' M.. ,. f . - O 'K s- "r, ' xf,"'.s T . O1 PX, MW H nt, h. ,I in V M ' """"?,r"',"t - . -,fizf LJ . f ,ff ' ,igfiea vw' , ss-.4 . - fgfs. . . M ,, T .ff , -,Q . twrsf t 3 ..4'3l"'5L W " ,,l1M.. 'ff , . " 4 0 T 1 if W ts 1' I U Ui' gf ' ' H Qawg 11.457 isle? V X V- , W? 'A .T I X -sk, vifjiu ik -, if .r s . , I -' 'A' ' --rijtfs , . 0 1 r t ' 175535 ' sw X. l if VJ iw . ' M' ' it g'-Mi. .ty 9 ,wx - 1 X ,, . sf-.ry H , I sg, -1-f,,, ff , I n A , -I I X- ,figgso 3 NSN ., A' , W' f, e- 1 s K C5,,q: ' , A s., - Q, st f I ' ,.i .4 - ' ffmyt, - hmixuxw A J, ., ff' 1 s 1 15 1' X f - ' pf - is -1 N vs-,':ivf if-Qsfsf ' -4 N " 02 . M 1 - ,B N K 'Q Y A A, - , F A N Nz., .IJ sf. t- tif-' 's - V-w wf " Q -l f f ,' ,Q NC OG . :'n'w,7 ',.5' , s H' .' -. o A 'LQ Y W Wa ' -'f . - ,Q , .- E .L V- 0 0 'N-4. -5 -vxjg,-,-, ,W t t t ' st - 2 .ff , ts ' x' t ' 0 f t T 'J , , . ,f If C A - ,M .- P ' .'.,JGJg5- , f - Q3 .U I uf 1 G I W. - V - ' 6 Y , K I 169 . s ,- , ,, if ff -x -Q' X 4 E Pix f - 35- "9 ,2'.,. . t , , t " .Ji 5' XA ,. ' 1 I Y H to J Z x .L Y t "fx - ' N I-If N f:-g,'9t,ff:Wfo o V- A Q 3 arg , tg' 3 .L N f ts 4'-gf LSO .ij , -it " 'LT'-F 5:15, s , gl " 5 1 - 1.4 H W of L r s . sr , ' , - . ' N V 2 ' J- r f - ' ' K 3 . V ' - wil., '-N YQ Rl R Q K " 31 x a yi - .Sf courses help students Ieorn of mony sfferent cultures. 1' A d I , X :aff N WWW X E 38 Academics i S XS N., ' If af' .-al" C3 ,- 0 re 81 ,ao -5 S fi. .mx 8 i wvyf if i TM ag-4. , ' , , Q x ll u 1 1, I Il ii doing lab work. , I W, gf ii is oiso the 'offering degree programs from czppiieci ""i"----..,.......,,, 145, 'NW' still new in "' 'is A-K .Q Q' .1 io zooiogy. The coi- l comprised of three main i The humoniiles division studies in ciossics, iiierci- phiiosophy. The ocfurol bioiogy. computer scii physics, and moihemciiics, Q 'C ix' 1.i',:- social sciences division in- 'if Q f' fix courses in poiiiiocii sci- n,, is il Q . is '4' 5, A, v'4'4L45'? if -.5 fl divieon inciucies pro- i sociology, and ,v tail. iiffii entering into the , opi io classify Them- Q division mojo: in iieu of mOj0i. Academics 39 - ' -Q. N5 iraisff wion MW it ww ,, . -, .A ,f 4 .VV I a ll Q V VV X Sv X x l gf 'A L . ' X ,'yg ' i, AQ W ' Q ' , , J if , ., , q Q xg! A is 5 1 s' ma is 'plz Q Q QQ QA uf al Q' , ,Q , ,J YY il 'W' , 1 'i 'lung Mu? KX.. i 1 -e ffm-' - Wuffgi 9133, s Accounhng courses demand 0 Io? of time in and om of closs. K 534 ,-,Q x . qziwl N' N X ,M 1 'A,-.. . -f .Nui . N N. -x Aa, MA N XF- ' QV X me H., xx "vu M was ,., V ""7fv,.- . aff, si X N V N Cx -JP if . Morke-Ting morkeieng, students :ng cable To take Q3 .. welt css gen cmd on im- To enhance fo goin world. .i..1.-- M A 2 if S S 54 J 21 atm wx ' 'Wash . ,ff , Q, X 4:'0""'ff'4w - 4 Q' N 'E 48, mga ,,, n. nd Tec 1403.4 WW-W iw inn rw- ,1 .V 4 m..C--...Lada , fww j , ,,,,!, , L N W ? I f fy Qi'-wr, i ,., U , WV 3 4 'W fy fr f H1 , -gy 1 . W. .,:z,f5,fiZ-i ,M - 2. A, ,1 I , W .vvv , , 1e!'233f5fffg '- 'f'-- ' N " X V --,N '- . b , ,A , i , ., ... M-' 1493615410- ,,, , -,- .f-W' , ff ,. I 7 .. f ,,.,.., ......,........ W.-....,. A..,f.., .gr'l.. 42 Academics 1 ,gr AIA: B8 D -9 I He X ,K . , ,:,, 4 k,,, , A f Metra if f -9. I W X SU' .M -,, 4 4 "Maur: YWW? VN I H "'s Ks 'Fa , ' U .ml xx S gin: IQ College has been and communify since orroy of programs lead- divisons inciud- . Engmeenng P ' - ubhc Service Technol Heclfh 1 ' J S College of Educohon ' X W. 3 L 16 S vs E :Q Q-,sv MW A NX ,, M T' if .N 5 :fag -,gc '32 X 1 ' if .. .... ,Q A x T" 2- F :Q Af, '5 gf x an A S "v 'A+ Q- .., 'Quie- VJCAZQ, f .5-sy" g f 1 ,X E K E if 4, ,if J -. - :,5:fs'1i',.Iwz3vp,Q4 , 4 nz ff' 2 ' 1. Y M' , , 42 -3 gf? ' , HF 1. p , 11 pk + 0 we W , avi J N' W5 .zA,f,, . vw, . ll wa Q .nv 9' 1. Ht fx 3R.N' iw K Y Y.. . r B 361w.-:fx Wu' ,-X xA X D . ,M f ..,. Ay -QAM ' ,wsmq Mm-wmv' Q, w 1 . 1- 3' .., Q. My - , 'N' 5, .1435 y ,X , Q x 2 'YK' , ' 1 gn , 7 A f ze Q31 15" FZ: . W .ga 3 553315.- .4 5' 4 J.. , -, gawmxf-f,, f. ng- Q 5 W L x if 'wa xg and YR 'za-A ff' I ,yy . v " x 1 - 3 Fm 'Q' ,f-I .. H59 N, 'rs W. 'R 4 fsf CUHSQG of Engineering V ""-. 4 Mechanics for Engmeers Beer Johnston RN, ANR 1 KIM, Eff!! I ,,l-J'I AW' V i '41 . .I I K is -'l. Mr' Q, ,4...-1,4 Evening College And Summer Sessions ffl , ,S Q 41, Vx 5 s xxx 1- . g A iw 4 asv" ' H SJ J ,f , Q sk , M .A Yiifesss g assi 3 Y M ...Q , , W I f :gf , ,, .zwfgw .4 as A wir- A ., . A . fy, I . ,A , v, . X, J ,,,,fmw 48 Academics , .Q 'I' Au 'wiv' fu 'vw' M ,3- ..41'4'fA"Mk A-w"'1""M vuifww ggakf '55 J iw VE ij 'elif I 'B N I 5 il lfsfsg fi ,lim 3' Q 1 A. I fu, Igrzrr lgj Q Y, ff ,,i?J. jaw A 5 l to il ' Q Y1 A '1 V Z f ' , V r f . xl, l 1 fr ff ...RQ an X f IFITQE " t H, si s . A 4 ""'x qx X -if , A f Af., ls WT We A- 'Q l I l mel COUYSGS. 1 4 ,ev ,gy S Summer Sessions division of The enables students to complete their de- evenlngs hours or during the softer ed between ,sprlng establlshed in 1945, an outstanding variety of Alpha Sigma Lambda. Beta. Chl li x'sI , A " . h"""-...N s 9 i ' 1 0 1 " I Q . l i , . Q e 1 4' Q E O ' E ' s Q 5 s h s X 5,2 I 4' 4 gn I C ' L . 1 ' 4 as 4 """W 1 Q 1 5 s 1 ,...,, l --W--M , g v e 1 1 x 4 , 1 5 ' Q' n I A , . . 1 , m ,g , Q I 0 2 . I Q I 1 5 . 1 ' ' ' X v -...M ., ' - V, -ya, ' X Q Q . Q ,, 'fx A I x t W ' www- .X. ' ty ' "" ' ' . W' ,W-f 5 Q . mug' , , ,ix W 2' U -X x , 1. Q- , f , , M-.1 . -ye' -51,3 X :, . , Q .Q I 1. S Q Q Q " ' ,,,.--' 1t'::::.L:,-- . Q W-M N E 5 s Q K Q . 1 . . Q E Q Q 1 Q " v 5 'K K gl C t wwf Iv--v " f X f v 35 V :ie J Q 3' .- Z I i Q10 . , . 1, 'L Q - m A M,,,,w mp spend much Time learning The basics in InTroaucTion To Drawing. A baIleT sTuaenT geTs a few poinTers from The insTrucTor A,-1755 2 .I T. T, ,gl :FW Applied Arts offers and master s degrees in many of sfudy. Depofrmenis in The Commumoahve Disorders Family Ecology, Mass Music. Social Work. i ,Q T x if I 409019 ,- 54 r 'PF xisf' '--'X ,N 2 I A-0. .fH"2 X f 35 - .'- ,, wg' 1 g - . W . - J, l S41 Z . Q Q ,flllilmw , -tilt-f -0 it . ., g r my an t .Lv si " ,, f 1 v, 1 ' in ie, M 7' I ff ,X l ,Agri ,ff H-B, d'f'fg,4, f, if f l llllbigf ' 1, jy'v'C:!F"' .3 ,, I ,. fiat V ,, X 1 'f t My A V , , ., ,anim if Yea, if , 25.2332 'fiyf' 1 ff, Mg , aff' ew -at ff-, .r . -fx Q ,, ,?hM.,,,, 4 ,kg ,A 5 ,li -"f s 'mfQ,ff4 Pi iii? AW . 1 14574 'gif ,W . , 1 4 if 40 7' af M, if ,mx -55 WI N 5339 fx, , X e ...: -6. ,. i 'S Q. N5 X 6 G 0 ffl' tr 1967 IDI is part of every nursing student's curriculum. The College of Nursing was established on the The College provides superior educa- g ln patient care Each year 480 students are to enter the nursing program which includes ' n for nursing students in both theoretical and practi- a' 'n ' . ma ny hours of class, lab, and clinical work. Academics 53 uve , in A, ' ,x fi NEQUCOM sw We K ,. f fa i lf Z2 J 9 9' .1 ' Z W X ix. , . , Q' ,Ji ff Q f V' f f' . -. " 1 Y Q 'A "W .Qem ,ff ' as J V J r 5+ WK. Smurf., Wwkx x . X LLYXQF af vm? ' ff 'iff ' W 'W V wi ,'L2fl,j 'J A J, n .K.: ., , , V Sf i ,, 1.4:V..,' My , 13:3 . 6 , 3,3 A- ., f "fm 3 1 1114.-I .. , h 2 ff 1 Q f Af ! ' , Q . ff A-Q ,W 'fi 1 AZ" w' 01, Af ff HM. ai , -. W 'gf 1 Q , A 1 4. MA.. J ' .H 1 '14ii"wg. :M Q ,I 4, 0-A Lw g 4 X, PV s ,128 Students take time out from their medicol a iittle fun at their fall picnic. The Northeaster Ohio Universities' Coitege of Medicine was estabiished in 4973, Stu- dents from The University of Akron, Kent State University, and Youngstown State University may undertake the six-year curriculum to earn the Bachelor of Sci- ence degree and the Doctor of Medicine degree The first two years of study are done on one of the university campuses with the other four years spent in both study and internship under the auspices of the Basic Medical Sciences Campus in Rootstown .X congratulates a awards , A t,i.- , V., 9' : 2 'ffl' 1 t vi, ' LL Vjjcr wx in . ,- an exile We ffm " Q t4 s. ,a Qt Academics' 55 --1-ll Wayne General Ana Tecnnical College .141 EW V' HQ, ?f"'i"' ...4 ..-4" Mmmw My , gi 'QU -3:1241 , f A-'V wsu A . M-5 M Www- M... ,V v...w-4' 5 ,4- WGS and as lo- The COI- Gnd also Offered Cllbw students To nec- for o four year de- ws, S6l'ViC6S. TG- P Xml R Scholflfship . of niTl0n SCOQ ' O Q ,., 'f I lr ,ff X, X-X H11 ALPHA IDEM x Irs 1fx'rue.x.As T!U.N'.il C?ll1X'f.ll Don llnmn' I x'lrr1r,w17o.x' nf CsOX'XPlCl'Ul'X A rmlxw' fm lvlw 111 lllhlfllfli U1 um' X-A X lv" nf fl ff' ,I g u. .f A f' ' . ' , 'fy' . . j g I 1 v Nl' ,-' . sr 51' I James Mase: David McCombridge Kevin Mciilaning David Morrisserie J James Myers Quyen Nguyen Peier Norris Diane Oreschak Brei Schneider Kenneih Seberr Chris Sheeis Dennis Shuiway Douglas Smiih 'Sarah Smiihersr Thomas Soldoi Chris Soragg Thomas Steiner Wiliiam Siewari Jeff Siimler William Srirnler Jenifer Siruglinski J Kenneth Sud-er Duane Thewlis Aeiumn Traxier Richari Tschiegg Maiihew Wagner Siephen Williamson Mex Wiiis Beta Gamma Sigma ' e Senior Meme Joanna Alexander Kim Bariisia Earl Beery Fleeia Boaosi Anjaiee Salinger John Boujorian Timothy Carpenter James Ciawson Gary Ciirnes ' Edward Fiack J Joan Grainger Susan Hawley David Hoyt Lewis Judd Sharon Keppers Tammy Khan Tracie King Christopher Kosroif Kappa Delia pl Joanne Bacrk Mike Balca Janice Brienza Sharon Dohlman Farid Dalili Lynn Errickson Beverly Grrien Amy Goode Lois Johns Sandra Jonson Susan Judge Tina Jurrsry Jamie Ketchum JoAnn Krizmiiier Debra Lawver Diane McEiwain Carol McFarland Lynne McNeal Theresa Morelii Chrisiine Pugh S. Adeie Reiman Joan Rexroad Maude Robinson Kimberiy Schafer David Soieih Carol Thompson Linda Ubeihori Gerrraud Young 4 1982 Spring lnifiafes 3 rJudiTh LC1rkO Debra Lecierc Gary Longboriom Cheryi Mallern Cormeia Monaco David Mullen' Thomas Orihel Brabara Osyk Jeffrey Pererson Sandro Robertson James Rush. Jr. Rose Sanders Ann Siabiein Philip Sian Moria Taylor Sieven Yashnik Laura Yares Academics 59 60 Academics Awha Lambda Delta 4982 Members Laura Abood Diane Armstrong Cynthia Barb La Ronda Barnes Alice Bouton Carol Brunamonti Elaine Busher Melissa Calkins ' Lyn Camerata Carolyn Carstens Tina Christie Celeste Cook Lisa DeLuca Vicki Difiore Susan Doison Kathleen Dougherty Therese Evans Sheri Everson Catherine Gless Susan Goetz Stephanie Gray Kim Griffin Lisa Gunyula Allyson Harshman Elizabeth Hawley Deborah Hayton Joy Herrmann Linda Husbeck Babette Husson Mary Janek Cassandra Johnson Marsha Kay Lori Kidd Jennifer Kieffer Mary Klepitch Ellen Kosicki Patricia Kozy Janine Lanshe Cathy Laurila Tracy Leonard Laura Lesneski Tina Lindeman Rita Mason A E Patricia Mazzer Venita McCall Michele McNeal Diane Mohr Brilla Moore Jaan Murphy Jennifer Mylius Cheryl Picciotti Jennifer Putt Anna Quattrocchi Paula Rea J Sheila Reydak J Karen Ritte Rita Schirmer l Kathy Segatta Lori Sensius Elizabeth Shaver Linda Smith Sandra Smith Teresa Sullivan Jac ueline Szmania Cl Katharine Teeter Billie Venter Michelle Watkins Elaine Webei - Claudia Weber Agnes Williams Membership Hsfs from the 4982 Spnhg Commence- ment program. Bremkamp David Everett Crosby Melissa Deeks Maxine Dodd Harry Eician Peggy Errington Joyce Eveleth A Nancy Fiautt Beth Fierningq J Ranciailf Frame l Kenneth Fuller Laura Goldstein L Ruth Goss Stasia Guzlak Martha l-labig Lisa Hali L Dianne Heinz Ronald Hendershot Beverly Holden Jenniferifiudacko Suzanne giggmmel Raymond Jenkins Jay Rhonda Johnston Wayne Jones Nicholas Kowal A L Robin Aloha Sigma Lambda Laura Evans Falcone Ferraro Finley Fishel Forgach risone Ganz Molly Garabedian Norma Garvin Cheryl Gauthier M. Ann Gosnetl Gould Grable Grady Lynn Groh Katherine Grove Gruber Hafner Haggard Hardin S S Harding l-larless Haynes Hegedus Ann Howman Huff Hummel Hummel Hummerta Hum J lmhoff Ellen ivy Car Anne lever , us Kutcher Hanna al J Harbert phrey 4 982 Members Eleanor Lipps Francis Lonteen Ursula Loudin Barbara Lytz Nancy Magenau Richard Malecky Joanne Martin Joyce Martin Diane Matty John Maurer Patricia Maurer Stephen Maxwell Roger May Helen Mazalin Judy Ann McAnulty Rebecca Lyn McClees Barbara McCrea Sheila McGrath Daniel McGrew Joan McKiney Anexander McNair Marilou McRoberts Gayl Meyers Charles Milich Donald Milier Janet Miller Raymond Milligan Edith Misura Janice Moliohan Michele Morgart A Richard Mounts, Jr. Albert Muller Nina Musgrave Donna Neff Janet Neff Lenore Nelson Kenneth Nichols Lawrence Nicholson Geraldine Nolan Douglas Noll Lea Orbst John Frederick Oesch Robert Park Mary Parker Barbara Jean Patterson Vickie Patton Zorka Pavlov James Pearce Richard Perrine Kathleen Pesata Harriett Petley Robert Phillips, Jr. Steven Pilo Carol Lee Plau R. Edwin Pool Florence Prentice Linda Prochazka John Prough Edward Rabatin Catherine Rankin Mary Ray Thomas Riley Tom Ritzman Linda Robinson William Rooks, Jr. Sandra Rosenthal Markus Rostedt Valeria Rottmayer Frederick Rowe Horst Ruchert , Bonnie Jean Rutledge Viktoria Santa Ruby Schmucher Laura Schubert Wanda Schuckert Wendell Scott Russell Shadley Claire Shaffstaff Mary Shanks Mildred Sheller John Shushok Christine Siniawski Jean Ann Sisley Edna Smith Grace Smith Richard Smith Albert Sole Ann Marie Stablein Frank Stanger Elizabeth Stempfel Mildred Sterese Robert Stimler Marion Stroud John Summerville Richard Svoboda Virginia Swart Helen Theiss Pamela Thomas Carol Thrower Barbara Trepka Patricia Turner Joyce Vega Janet Vestal Gerald Vinson Martha' Wacher Thomas Walters, Jr. Sandra Watkins Helen Watts Edna Weaver Stella Weigand Lyn Wells Robert Wentz lll Minnie Whatley David Whitmire Molly Wiley Dawn Wilson Robert Wilson Kay Wind Carole Winkler Martha Winningham Cathy Wright Lois Marie Yingling Gertrude Young Carol Ann Youtz David Zak Charlene Zenner ACOdSmlCS 61 Recognifiorw , ,.,: if 62 AcOCf9miC5 A '52 FIS f Um: Xxw u xunh sl I V rnrfn L fy 1 fgyfx? '20 dx 1 0-' I7 , ff I v QQ6, Z 'Yr ! 1,9 Lf 1 A Kg!! 44' ff ILXLPL Z I ', ff qua. iff .ar "L, hm f 1 447, 'Vf S. gf, 4904! ly! ff IIN If -7 A Key A ward Recipients Mike tlutson Pat Hutson Tort lngram Claire Johnson' Elizabeth Jones Leslie Jones Jeffrey Kestner David Komer Brenda Kroger Walter Limbach Jeffrey Lawn David Mclnaliy Laura Mendat Brenda Miller Virginia Miiier Michael Minkel John Moss' Lori Musltano Michael Pancoe Tomas Parks Ken Post Chris Pugh Joe Reece Diane Rock Timothy Rush Mary Jo Sassos Bill Salem Kim Schafer Tracy Shaffer' Kent Smith' John Struhar Judith Surma Marlene Tehi Denis Van Doros Joe Weber Brian Wieghaus Nancy Wilson Perry White Phillip Winn Lynne Yohe' Steven Yashnik Raymond Yurick 'Received 2nd A-Key In American Colleges and Universities Darlene Hosier Ciaire Johnson Louis Lovas Barbara McCrea Susan Mega Virginia Miller Maria Moreno B Joe Reece Bernard Rochford Peggy Ryan Tracy Shaffer Kent Smith Marlene Tehi Denis Van Doros Steve Yashnik Lynne Yohe year The University of Akron chapters of Delta Kappa and Mortar Board ex- tend memberslwip to eligible students. Ai- though many hanoraries and honor societies are represented an the Akron campus, selec- into ODK and Mortar Board differs from in that candidates must demonstrate service, leadership, and charac- ter in addition to achieving academic success. Likewise, the recipients of the A-Key, Who's and other awards listed must display ser- and ieadership as weil as academic Academics 63 A cfivifies 1 'fl MP4 .3 ax? Homecoming e- i-iigniignis 'HP A vs. 1981 Homecoming King 81 Queen - Greg Gemberiing ond Pom Scoio. EVGVYOVWG GVUOYS H0"Ti9COmifWQ C9'ebf0Ti0nS- The iviorching Bond orouses excifemeni for upcoming holf-Time festivities X.-.. if ZiDDY Thinks Gbouf WNOT cheer To do VWGXY. Touchdown . . . ond The Zips roll post Moreheod Sioie, 34-M! Q WhoT's o circus wiThouT SIGDNCJDTS? 5? 'AF nu- T I i. ,Q Everyone joins in The ciTy-wide pordde. ln The Cenfer Ring, chosen ds The Theme of Homecoming 'IQ84 fesTivi- Ties, provided o whole week of ex- ciTemenT for The universiTy. Mdjor EvenTs sponsored mosT of The week's dcTiviTies, such os The Roydl Hdnneford Circus, on Open Mike Nighf, CopTdin Don, fd one-mdn cir- cus sideshowj, The dinner-ddnce dT The lJniversiTy Club, ond o ciTy-wide pdrdde. The crowning of The new king ond queen highIighTed The fooTbdII gdme dgdinsT Moreheod SToTe: ond on dfTer-The-gome ddnce, sponsored by SCP, fedTured The group "Lozor." r sf,..,gff? The horses were o moin oTTrocTion dT The Royol Hdnneford Circus " nu- ,,- X 51,5-fi fxff 'pvc in . .3147 ef f i 61 AcTiviTies 67 ,lv- f' Uh 68 ACTiviTieS 5 E Jockie sings along with the music. is 5 W 'S of' :fy f - I Q ' f , ' A Ku A H :V ,, ' :Mil if X ' -' 1. , - ., gg! Becky Reich ond Nick Bobulsky enjoy The dinner-cionce of the University Club. r . N ,J .1-'fi lu OpporTuniTies abounded for inTer- esTed sTudenTs To broaden Their cre- aTive TalenTs and develop abiliTies To face public audiences Through The DeparTmenT of TheaTre ArTs and Dance, For sTudenTs who loved To show Their imaQinaTive work, The de- parTmenT sTrengThened skills of per- formers, wriTers, designers, and di- recTors. The year's schedule consisT- ed of eleven producTions, fifTy per- formances, and special appear- ances from visiTing guesT acTors John Coe, Richard Glockner, and William Herndon. Ken Wlmefs U9ffJOf1Cf DOUQG5 F0Q'e50nQ hcfpoor' Whde 'V' Moby Professional acTor John Coe appears as CapTain Ahab in Moby Dick Dick Karen Eterovicn, Marta Lijeron, Susan Sprain, ana Janine Lanshe portray Jean Broaie's Girls. Leitna M. Grant appears as Emily Dickinson in the one-woman snow, The Angelo A. Tiffe, as Tom, prepares for the sacred ritual in Weeping for Belle of Amherst, as part of ner rnaster's thesis in acting from UA. Tammuzi Activities 71 Theolre - Drdmolio Effeoliveness f 1 3 1 J E 1 1 4 lviike Herold ond Trooy Tupmon seorch The dporTmenT for The missing doll oonloining drugs in Wolf Unfil Dork. Peggy O'Kelley qoenTerj ds Miss Adeloide donoes in The HoT Box Top number, "A Bushel ond o Peck," from Guys and Dolls, I ' K ,Qi V f ,H-fr -ah, 'Hi G: .i.s ,,.. , gy V ln Worr Until Dork, Cindy Hoys os G-lorid, The obnoxious liTTIe girl, Teoses Susy, The blind housewife, pldyed by Sheilo Kelly. If f 3 I 1' The Tour guide hos problems conTrolIing his group - The opening pdnTomime of Guys and Dolls. Frederic Schwartz portrays the father, Charlie Anderson, gud' if J Charlie Anderson and his family persuade Angelo Tiffe Ca Rebel soldiery to leave their property. is i If lf ,K . E i ll - . 1 ly risk X 5 V A 5. l i A ff? max ,1 . , f J l f i lgli iux Q' il Todd Little, as James, receives advice from Donna Bica, as Anne, and Tina Bowman, his father. as Jenny, on Jenny's wedding day. Theatre Guild Presen ts: Hgmmn UAH The Theatre Guilds big production for the season was a reproduction of the Civil War days, entitled Shen- andoah. Shenandoah showed the effects of the bloody and horren- dous Civil War upon a typical farm- er, Charlie Anderson, and his family. Charlie saw his most precious pos- sessions - his family and his 500 acres of good, black earth - being taken away before his eyes. Sud- denly a nation broke into two sepa- rate parts, and the land was con- sumed in flame, smoke, and bitter- ness. Brothers were fighting brothers, and the tears of their women and children, great though they were, still were insufficient to wash away the blood and hurt. ,',,.. 4 X' in Frank A. Jackman, as Sam, gives brotherly advice to Jenny on her wed- ding day. E. J. Thomas l-lall has iT all . . . On a gliTTering evening in OcTooer of 4973, Thomas Hall openea To The aelighT of The UniversiTy family ana The communiTy which haa workea TogeTher for many years Toward The occasion. Civic priae was The moTi- vaTor pehina The Edwin J. Thomas Performing ArTs Hall. ana since Then, iT has been The gaThering poinT for nearly every kina of evenT - from palleT To magicians, from some of The worla's greaTesT symphonies To inTernaTionally known jazz musicians ana high school graauaTions. E. J. Thomas is also The home of The Ak- ron Symphony OrchesTra, The Chil- aren's ConcerT SocieTy, ana The Ghio BalleT, resiaenT company of The UniversiTy of Akron. .vs E. J. Thomas Hall .Q-fi' J! Grammy Awaral-winner Chuck lvlangione feaTures his Theme from The T980 VVinTer Olympic Games, Give lf A!! You Got, .1 , 1-.-,.f -p A favoriTe aT E. J. - Charles Dickens', A Christmas Carol. I-los IT All One of Arnerica's most renowned modern dance ensembles, The Paul Tayior Dance Co. Uniqueness-The mime-and-rnask Troupe, Mummens- cnanz. Jaye P. Morgan, known for ner appearances on The Gong Show ana The Tonfghr Snow, sfars rn Sugar Babies 76 ACTiviTleS To hold The TiTle of Ohio 's Pride Took undying dedicolion, hours of hord prooTice, ond o loT of spiriT. To ochieve These in every member oT The some Time wos quiTe ci Tdsk, buT The UA Morching Bond mode iT op- pedr edsy. WiTh The Tubo secTion leoding The spiriT, The bond provided The key To moTivoTe crowd exciTe- menT. AlThough The morphing bond, under The direoTion of Riohord Jock- oboice, wos mosT known for iTs home-gome performonces oT The Rubber Bowl, iT oiso displdyed iTs skills by performing oT Two pro gomes. The Cuyohogd Bond Show, ond nu- merous pep follies. N , lil Bonding TogeTher Drum Mojor Mork SwiTzer shows his TolenTs. .ww IA, 1 , I! T' fa, ' A ' E I K1 , A 'L:--:P I uf.: v. . , 5 xx , - The TrumpeTs ploy wiTh foir. Z' y f 5 A 3, y .ijt ' x ,V Q' XD- rll. A v, 'Q .ml m Rl-,J Mr. Jomes Romeo conducts The UA Cohcerf Bond The UA Symphony Bond, direcfecl by Mr. Riohorcl Jockoboice, ACTNITIGS 77 " ,qnt 1 v 3553 'X 4 """""""'l5 'W' K Rick G-reczonnk ond Irene Young of Vorsufy Bond pep up fon porhcupohon is The UA Jozz Ensemble durecfed by Roland Pooluccn x an Unlversrfy Orchestre conducfed by Frank DiLiberTo. ,Civ Elizabeth Foirlie, Borboro Rose, ond Jennifer Morfin perform with Bross Cnorr P H -J r gl , I' ., N 5- I 80 AcTiviTies Experimenial Dance Ensemble Experimenial Dance Ensemble was The official company of The Universi- Ty of Akron. The company is made up of dance majors in The Depari- meni of TheaTre Arfs and Dance. The company was formed in 4975 and gives Two performances yearly on campus. One series is aT Kolbe Hall and The ofher aT E.J. Thomas. The Company also performed off campus ThroughouT The STaTe of Ohio. EDE served as a performing classroom by giving sTudenTs The opporfunify and experience of per- forming in differenT sTyles in dance before live audiences. The com- pany is called Experlmenfal be- cause The sTudenTs use various dance Techniques, such as The Early Modern of Parfifa, The Avanf-Garde of Paper Images, or The dramafic qualifies needed for Shadows. News Travels fasfl Molly Gilmore and Daniel Bricker porfray DeaTh and The loss of communicaTion in Paper Images. The dominance of male or female in socieTy'? Parfifa, a reconsfrucfed nofaiion work of Doris Humphrey. I Hi, ,4 ,Ei ii T . pplgly ?2 Moy Ddy Winds Down Spring SernesTer WiTh The Thrill of finishing onoTher se- rnesTer ond The need To forgeT The ThoughT of The Tension ond "oil- nighTers" which would follow during The nexT exorn week, sTudenTs goThered on Jockson Field for o greoT big porTy To soy goodbye in sTyle To Those 45 long weeks. There To leod Them in celebroTion were Michael Spiro ond The feoTured bond, Risque. Even Though The Moy Ddy dcTiviTies were limiTed To one ofTernoon of evenTs, iT didn'T seem To boTher The sTudenTs since mony sepc1roTe pdrTies were plonned The whole weekend. T -CZ? W az rr T- STudenTs volunieer To clean up c1fTer The celebrcnion. 'Kg - -nv' ,VA ' '::,, V , H ff is 4' ,, 1 ' 3 , Ii' 4 fl? 4 l J , 5 A 1- 'Er 1 .Shi 5 "7 .2 ,jg . A g g A . ' gd I ful' A . ' HL , , ik '3 ,- .l Q 'vnu 'Q , ,i,.,jX's ,T,.-' Eglin, ,L g lj A , , "U 1' Z'f'. B. 'f,9e, ,f mll gig: . f Q, ,. fW51,',yW5r' 'Q 35-1, ,,,., Q ,Q gl 1-.4-JB,25'?,h Q W 1 efnyixriv, 1 8 rfafi ff ' R' 'fe . 1.34 ig ,ff 1:4 ' iailff, if Y t C, L 3' 5'-'fwlfdg ' ' 'J . y 'lf 1 , xiii' 1' Us i . ,Rez L4 il . Wigvl qs 'V'A A, YI W 3gWl, 151 Q X ,v M- A .4 ,fx 6, 4 5' in . B V 52? fr 4.1 '33 ai, I NV Vita. Jil, . Q Y Y H 'Q A Q Y' , ' 415' Q' , m'H:"' -f"" f.g.n ' 3 any if fi 5,25 iagzwvif .- Q - 1-rf? "1 A -' K- " , if w'vfe2fi:ii'aQf A' , V , A ,1 V , i,1?va 'li .' Q . Y' Wfgcil' . V L, ' Bm gifs QQQ4 -A Q ,. 1 iff I C x I A ., f 5 if-A ""3 T' .iv Y .H gf. N ' 4 K3 A VVx.- x 1 , ,TQ 5 A-Q-xbt-..,,,.. - fv 4 ' ' 4 4 5 , , , In 5 I If 8 fi AMX Q , 9. A 'K 3 2? L .,A . I if ff 3. X 'aff' Acfivifies 83 84 AC'riviTieS RCTC Joe Hogler and Phillip TripleTT lead The flag raising ceremonies for VeTeran's Day Observance. ,QT Col. Ondecker presenTs The CadeT of The Year award To Kevin Logan. Q? ,. Q ffn 191 .,pes"'mk Brigadier General Abraham, depuTy commander of The NaTional Guard, presenTs The Superior CadeT award To Ron Ferrell. T Q Brian Campbell, Joe Hogler, Phillip TripleTT, and Ken HamilTon. ,Q Q. 1 U. 43 :O Ziff' ly'- Dee and Mark Larson pass through Arch of Sabers. Military Formal, Marh 43 at the University Club. Although ROTC is geared to give stu- dents in a non-military atmosphere a bd- sis of military responsibility and training in preparation for service obligation, it's se- riousness is relieved by the many extra- curricular activities it provides. A favorite among activities is the annual Military Formal for both the Air Force and the Army. However, each group also serves the community and holds activities independently. Air Force ROTC raised S4200 in its annual Run For Life for the kidney foundations at area hospitals, held formal dining in and dining outs, a field day competition be- tween flights, and many cadets went to New Orleans for the National Conclave of the Arnold Air Society. Army ROTC held field training and repelling exercises, fa- ther-son activities, a commissioning cere- mony, a turkey and ham shoot for marks- manship, and appeared in numerous pa- rades. owe o'i ' 'Ox T l QL K A1 txrK's i Arnie Mendez, Th0mC1S Smith, Gnd KSU HOf'fTi'TOfT- Kevin Logan presents a gag gift to SFC Richard Henderson. L Activities 85 Bo Aciivilies xg, l 55' is J -rs? 3 1 l Evening College Groups Keilh Rose, Chi Sigma Nu Treasurer, George Shrader, Chi Sigma Nu Presidenl, Barbara McCrea, Gamma Beia President, and Randy Rado, Chi Sigma Nu Secrelary. .wr L, i -M-A l i W . 'NN ,X :AQ ' A xx 4 N Q xxx A , ii i DV 'N .' lf, J Gamma Bela Asserfiveness Seminar - Lillian King, Advisor: Minnie Whafley. - ,, ii ' , Secretary-Treasurerg Tom Prather, Guest Speakerg Barbara McCrea, Presi- , r denlj and Belly O'Blisk, Advisor . "1 r ' "' , '34, M 4 maukli' U? . ,Q rl 'FH ' f :K .. W lg Q Elvin Burnell, guesl speaker on Backpacking, al The Chi A1 the Alpha Sigma Lambda annual banquet and lnducfion Ceremony are Sigma Nu and Gamma Bela Joinl Fish Fry. Barb McCrea, oulgoing presidenl, and John Prough, incoming presidenl. '33 , .A Evening Students Recognized Deon Corrino introduces the incoming officers ond Council rnern- bers. P ui W 'SX Borb McCreo occepts the Sister of the Yeor oword from Gomrno i Beto. X i-' A.-1 John Siciorz, Moster of Ceremonies, gives o cornotion to Lindo Bunn, President of Evening Student Council. 0 I, President George Shroder receives the Brother of the Yeor oword from Post President of Chi Sigrno Nu, Cori Springer. ACTivitieS 87 Brunch VViTh The PresidenT Each year, Dr. and Mrs. GuzzeTTa welcome The. sTudenT leaders inTo Their home for an informal brunch. The aim behind This brunch is To give represenTaTives from various organi- zaTions an ideal opoorTuniTy To Talk among Themselves and hold a auesTion-and-answer session vviTh Dr. GuzzeTTa. By Talking abouT up- coming evenTs and improvemenTs for The universiTy, The sTudenT voice and communicaTion on campus is greaTly improved. Mortar Board Mortar Board was established in 4948 as the first national society-A. honoring college women. But in 4975, Mortar Board at The University' of Akron revised its constitution to include men, also. Superior scholas- tic ability, outstanding and continual leadership, and dedicated service to the college and community are characteristics of Mortar Board members. Mortar Board distinguishes itself as an honor society, different from an honorary, in that its mem- bers make a commitment to serve. The Mortar Board booksale, the presidential brunches, and the Rec- ognition Dinner were all examples of this commitment. ,H 1... 1, :Fig 11 My ga.-. I - wsK?eyf.'re9?'f f xl Zz, N. ,L-95' V .4 As..:.,,.,5 . its mr. . 4, -..eys,g- -- Jul av .-1, - s . ..,.,.,.., . QSM, rfgir Q . ., , . , ., - .7 .5 - z'-Q . v.'!"t' 5117.5 -- .A . - .,,- - , V.-if -, pw, ra ' 5, -v,,u.fx,.'-- -. 'A 1 '- H,+-:',f:-','-r-,'!u:- ' V -s' 'Eta t- . --'HPV' -' 1- . 1- siivwlasi-Besfispt as ,...g..,,. we is .. . -i ,. ,Nil , ,Arm .... 0 U-. 5 . 9 S"1'Q'?3: f - if.-M. . , 3.-,i,,1f, r '-1-L' :,-Q ,rpg f .. ., .. ,ie Activities 89 - we , -wx?-Q " . J R,-ge. A NighT of Recognilron Scholosfic Achie vemenf And Oufsfondhg Leadershlo J' ODK Omicron Delta Kappa, "regarded as the su- preme recognition that could be accorded a male studentfy' according to Dr. George W. Knepper, Professor-of History and' faculty advisor, celebrated, its,5,60th Anniversary of establishmenti'atQUA1 'Hovvlevergs -today ,ODK includes women , 'on lSfCJf1Qll'1Qi.r.QQlQO,lg to men- irrc 'ill iiir Faculty members and ,alumni "" ODK on the basis of character, distinguished attainments in university and ' life, and consecration to democratic ideals Requirements for student membershipfinf clude a junior or senior ranking, high stan- dards of character, demonstrated leader- ship, good campus citizenship, and active participation in at least two areas of extra- and co-curricular activities. Besides honoring leaders, ODK sponsors ac- tivities on campus in conjunction with Mortar Board by planning the All-Campus Recogni- tion Dinner and brunches with President Guzzetta. ' Q2 ACTiViTieS ,Qv X ,av 1 Lou Hirsn, Asst Reporier, Wiki! fair AVN ',,,h.snN K 'U' News Ediiorg Dennis Webb, Reporfer. and Mark ., 4 Holizapple, W A9 : ,vm i Sian Skrzypiec, Managing Ediior. Y 4 S 1 gl Editor Sieve Luepiow prepares copy for an upcoming BuCh felife. M ,ff , .I ,gcfzfgi iw? . 7 291 -S' ,M 1 .www 'yi 1, ,- fan . ' Mai, ' 'F 'X f f 4 L22 'ff ff, we "" Pai Sandy, ArTfGraphics. 112'-Yi' ,ACI if Fw Dave Nypaver, News Editor. N. At Jud Powell, Photography Editor. Q, .ne gf ff. M se' . 5 X, , ,Q 1 . , Qs' . fr' " V r f 1 ' si Beckie Kern, Sports Editor. Q. :sf ' ,f ks-. Mike Gerski, Entertainment Editor. lk The Buchfelife Staff. The Buchfelite was published every Tuesday and Friday during the school year. Ten thousand copies were circulated on campus includ- ing campus activities, local news, and entertainment features as well as a variety of syndicated columns and political cartoons. This year, the staff created a more professional publication by making a complete change in layout, type faces, paper size, and format. The Buchfelfte was entered in the Associated Colle- giate Press Awards and earned the title of an All-American Newspaper, which is the highest ranking award the association offers. xhfgy-ms Activities 93 O 'fo Q9 si 11" ,A-4 Xl' STeve l-lunTer peoks vvrTh o booklng ogenl i a:J:..f"' lvlolor EvenTs members Toke Trme To shore o lough Even Though only Two yedrs old, Mo lor EvenTs' leddershlp role wds shown Through rTs involvemenT rn pldnnrng mony odmpus doTrviTles ln oddrTron To Tdking ohorge of Home comrng evenTs, Molor EvenTs spon sored lvloy Doy ond WinTer Week end Mojor EvenTs sTrived To presenT d well rounded ond diverse pock oge of evenTs To oll UniverslTy sTu denTs, includlng Iorge scole fesTi vols, leoTures, ond culTurdl evenTs Wlwww K lb 555 Clorence Clemens performs oT E J Thomos Holl 'X HypnoTrsT Gul Eogles show sponsored by Mojor EvenTs PresrdenT lvlorlonne Monko ond ConcerT Chorrmon Ken l-leoTh ploy Therr our gurTors QT o donce A , 1 , 5 1, Q .r ' 'bf N y .. A s A i , J . -1, fdriw, v J I f Hx I I ' fr T T T is T ll :Qu 1 ,, A " if X T" "5 Y -53, wi 5 " 'L ' ' I A1 fs , T I F Q - I ' -I . " - a f, I f - ,, ' uf f "fav-.T A - ,. V Lf if .L . T' ,gl . f ky 1 ,ir .Q 5 l - ,wk K b I T7 'T s r s I T E . 4 pf Q f ' Gigi? X T T ' - QT 2 - M J - rr ' 3 1 A , , 4 , M 52 J Q, 'img " . nl 1' i , , cs- . 1 A N' NL N sw- sw f, ' f T .lim a -X K' so Q ..,,, , if 'X-ax X- S - s , lf - r V. i . . , I . ,I A vm . fn X- -" I WM ' ...nia- f - 1' if 'Es-A--M Student Center Progrdmming soon- sored mony octivities throughout the 4984-82 school yeor. Upon dny woik through the Student Center, one could see on dctuol oresento- tion or on odvertisement for dn up- coming event. Whether it be octivi- ties thot SCP wds well known tor providing, such os recently-reieosed movies, video-tdoed orogroms, ond live entertoinment in the Chuckery, or o new event, SCP hod on octive ond voried colendor of socidi ond recreotionol progroms for the entire university community Nick Vorner World Biilidrds Chdmpion 2 l John Belushi comes olive dt SCP s Comedy Club SCP s Record Sole drew Idrge crowds The Cotch ACTiviTi9S Q5 Q.--Y Curt King and Angela Hull are the voices of 88 4 s News usual ef' John Blndas, News Director, waits for his cue Although there may have been some concern when WAUP went off the air for testing on July 48, listeners responded with pleasure to the new 88 'I FM Under the guidance of Sta tion Manager Tom Beck, WAUP cov erage grew 447 percent through the use of a new transmitter and antenna in Copley Township. More local and regional talent highlighted the change Station Manager Tom Beck plans the upcoming changes Craig James, Disc Jockey, chooses the next song to spin H f . A " :, . ' ' . ,ff ak , X, Z i 1 Il 4 P v 1 W 5 Q 51' 4 .Y Y' , fx . 1 4 ...- 1 ' i Oo Activities 'WY' tfmif fe: ASG President George Bondy confers with o Sendtor Wo """ is Shell Misko tokes notes durin d meeting 'NIM Interested in responding to requests ond concerns rdised by students ASG recommends the develop ment of policies ond chdnges in Uni versity procedures dftecting stu dents it olso recommends the distri bution of dllocdtions from the extrd curriculdr CICTIVITIGS fund to ddy un dergrddudte OFQCIDIZGTIOHS ond se iects students to serve on mdny Uni versity bodrds dnd committees This yedrs sendte committees were in chdrge of the bookstore ticket sys tem ond published d course infor motion guide Sendte Chdirmdn Tom Pdrks Ieods OD ASG V 9 meeting QQ. Activities O7 Campus Grouros . . . A Chance To Gef mvolvea' Psychology Club President Darlene Hosler leads a meering. Q8 ACTiviTieS Members of Bread of Life meer during lunch. ,C,M ,rr,C C is WICI meetings feature guesf speakers. Pre-Law Club gafhers To discuss legal careers ll ' 1 -, wg. 4,55-.55 Q..-.Q -Q lifw VS- 1, va. F' 31 "Y-as-:J i , 1 AD Phi E10 Sigma holds Q recepfion for new members. Siudems for Christ meef To study ond proy. Q' Delia Sigma Pi ond ASPA present Dress for Success, ACTiviTieS Q9 'hr' gil 'Wh I J , X 1 If -4' 2 nl WM f ff A -,Y ff ' 'N gn '-v,1i?,'f7i3,. ,X4w,?3i5 ' 'STTTQ ,Q , ' if k r- W i , '54, - -rf -f P V' A ld' v . gg l, Patty Mazzer looks surprised by her gift at the Kappa Phi Christmas Party. A Stargate member has fun at a meeting The Women's C-lee Club performed at the Christmas 400 ACTlvltieS Con oerts. 2 fly H' " i r 1 A E ' ., xgfJ? 2 5 ,f 1 WW 'K ,wr-1-w l, is ' fu. , AQ' -i ,111-fkffi The Collegiate Nursing Club holds an informative Nurse's Career DOY mr' Aff T3 sem its-.- NSSLHA members enjoy o Holloween Pony. Lindo Smith, president conduofs o PRSSA meeTing. 4"'h.-f-. 'S :Q L Q Guberndroriol condidofe Tom Von Mefer speoks or o College DemocroT meeting. ACTiviTi9S 101 BMA 2 K iony Brown speaks at a Black Unitea Students' meet- ing. 102 Activities fi at 5 I I i 1 he x Ar l A W The Industrial Management Society of America sponsors Evening With the Recruiters. ii .Xu Instead of fearing the worst when the planets crossed, Major Events sponsor the End of the World party. li fs:- if .tg K. Q. Nw. sam BRI. c L 4 Members of Phi Beta Sigma participate in BUS Week. i i i i i i i I i I H. i 'rem Smith reflects an his achievements ai The Phi Theta Kappa wifiaiion. J!-3' ,-ff H. i ws, The Concreie Canoe Team prepares for ariupcomihg race, H1-1 Q! Beia Alpha Psi members accumulaie points ia reach Their goal. if Aciiviiies 103 Z V Q, fa 1011 ACTiviTieS Toastmasters Anal Accounting Association 'Q"f"T"v It I 'Nw " . i 1 Members Of The ACCOUVWUQ AS5OCi0'fiOfW'S WWWWWQ DOWNVWQ Teflm- Kim Christensen makes a point during a Toastmasters' meeting 1'9" WJ ,I Ea Zak delivers a speech, Alumni of the Accounting Association return to participate in activities, xi fe svalQ pal l Ki Accounting Associotion officers welcome guests to Evening With the Accountants, Evening Witn The Accountonts c,-K+ We ix , .1 5 i if 3 2 i gm . nv Professionoi occountonts shore information with UA students. Activities 105 WAITING . . . Remember those carefree days at the Computer Center during Finals Week? fr Lrhes Everywhere You Turn 106 Activities Ill! xl, XXX We relearn all the colors of the rainbow ana a dozen or so more when waiting to get into the bookstore. l l u u u u of All this to save mailing costs! pri fvff - 1- Ax' , , - ' - N - ' Q g A l v . . Y Just what you want to see when you're already 40 minutes late for class! Theresa Lynn samples The faoa at Robertson. The Hillrop cafers To all members of The campus. IVIUNCI-IING . . . i Paula Conn keeps busy serving at The Dairy Bar. 'Nm AlTieri's specializes in pizza. The Befween Class Reief? Acriviries 407 s" X A ,N LR, 5 .V V .fy iw ,4.., , Mu N., v Ig: ,hw Q7 sf 1'6- im W rv f K ' A.. Q KL. Nw cw. ,.4 aagxs ,- if , . S Q. X --vffq f f , , f ,f 4 ,fyfff ,if f "JFK 'fpff f ff'Z!f ,, ff 'ff 1 ,fff , ff "' 1 f f ,P Q ,., V, f Q iii? -. ,, I, Uyyw. 1 , iffy, ,nyfy ,. , , , G X f af -9 44 rf- 'G fl ,4- Q is ..,,7Lg- -- xx. ff gr kt, ii .v. 1 5 . , , we X'gNq,:,,:-fvamwvy , . , fi :uf-vnu ggyyzww gs,-syn,-, .-, wx- H,:-fzm-va,gg-ggggg-4,91-1-V,,L gg, :fu 5'1x3zf-vgzgwwp U - v fx 'wwv X H k .V ,. X Q95 fx I 5-:f'bT.:5IQ O A' ff X ' 5 A ' Q ' Y JN A N A ' - " 5:-wwfzvw ww X X: wxwwwwmme1-w-wfwwwwwsw-fff X X www X, f X N- 1 . M X . 5514: wfmff wwrkvNKmzwszsweixeaisgsfwxlmww 1 1,wmmvzmasw,,:-Q.-,zu f+m-Q N M1 f-pm Mwwpgfv A X X N ww X w.M,,,-,- x X X, X .X - 92 S744 5 ivy Aww, 1 fxJS:wXzgf2Sfv7'Qi7' W 'x x 3 V1 VM - ' ' 'N X fm'- il' r Ml! ilifzfll ,R l X -l 3. .f. - 4 n 1, i X Y .. ,,. '- ' ,Q cu COTCHIHQ gf?-Eva l fl Avuzgnina ., gg, Q , The Rays . . . M? ,,x .. if .mg ' W3 355, " ' H3391 A-SJW l l Q1 'I , l ll 'N ll 'Www l l l l U ' 17, I f"'T"'fV"" " , :,,V.,, V. ,,,1,,.,, .,,,. , .,,f:., ,.. ..:,,.. .,. .,. A A 'lqh ' M t V:A: Q L ,, A H N ., , ls y' How awful - The raalo saia There would be a high of only 88 Today! 440 Activities fm v f .e 1 5 .ii ! wg? 3' 8 In ,WU fl:--4 - W Vit., MW., w v-"L gg Q y SL w.w iw Rick Bilzel cools himself from The heal al a motels pool. 577 F ,v Q: 3, 5 fi 2 -if 1 v 5 ig! 3: rp , ii' ' ,a x lg rl 2 J' l 2-1 'lb ill zll E , 7 V, 13 o vvyl L Q? x , Vf" L ff, -'9-'ff QS? D49- NN-N, ---. ,,j,,.-Q - - ..-nanh . . . In Florida And Akron! Acfivifies 414 Spvrls 'sig -""""" uiv"""""J L NReady . . . SeT . . . GOAL!" I E' 1 E is Savas TsiTiridis Threads The needle beTween defenders. , Q Y, JV kv I f r .1,'mQ,, TsiTiridis prepares To kick a goal. The soccer Team's successful season can be aTTribuTed To a rare blend of dedicaTed players. The TalenT sTems from All-Ameri- can candidaTes STeve Nicol and vi. , .5 CapTain Charlie Theuma who were The key To The Zip defense. z., MVP lvlaTT English led The Zips for My T ' The Third consecuTive year in T scoring while The defense esTab- , , A y , lished a record for fewesT goals Z is fs' 'iN"'f' 4 F:.W-slgfgsi allowed per game 50.675 in one TW' ' Z X season. Crowning a TriumphanT isrssrrr' A T vi , . season, The Zips were named The . .ww 1 :M ...yq Ohio CollegiaTe Soccer Associ- - .. aTion Champions for The second T' L A Q A T consecuTive year. Charlie Theuma advances The ball To TeamrnaTes. l 411 SporTs . L 1 Roy Szobot surposses on opponent. Chorlie Theumo 'rrips up o defender. Sports 445 'O' 1 I 5 5'-. 1 ,Y E3 R' , x if l is X s. , 7 gif? , .:.' if: Y I is 'Af . yy ' is G 1 - 2... ' in la' " i . ,Q-5, .1 ,x,-3, '. 1 l 1 1 X V "f gwx,v,.,- 'Q , xi, A wY'.'LQ fiff ' S it S 1 5 ' wp? if f 1 -I , ' S "ffQ'P' , ' Q ,5 wi ,AQ -' Reign: ' l 46 Sporis egg? xffi N, Q R V1 A A 1' Row 1: Nash, Frick, Amangoua, Pereira, Theuma, Belloi, Hannah, Benzenhoefer. Row 2: Pencllelon, Anionio, Szabai, Tsiiiriclis, Fillipe, Painter. Galich, Dureiie, Felahaus. Pow 3: Head Coach Doway, Spelling, Sirecker, Nicol, Spanos, English, Tilzey, Smith, Arnoli. 'f 'i ,, , W 5 , f at f f V, I if if f fs Q ,,i.,. i 1 W A Yveile Willis, Jill lvlonigomery, and G-ina Fazio cheer The Team To violory. YD . 5 ' 11iQvf"'fvZm?'f ' c S ,W P' up 'X' . wsu .V Q ' 5 i S-1 ss E Q ' .2 Q QQ , ' ll 2 K Jerry Spanos gives sideline encouragemenl in-.... ,ainrade ,! Gory Honnoh Tokes o well-deserved resi. A f Simon Spelling Trops The bouncing boil. A concerned Cnoriie Tneurno plons his siroiegy. , Q ,,,..,,,:..- :gftxgk ' Ywg I 1, ,, ,Aix V mf H , . gm Y.: 'ffm a-euwfv,yfw,sw4:,w':j".,,MH, , . ,, wffggagw - iff ., gyffnihfg-1-f:f:g WG' ' ,i Q.. , . '?.-3,3 1. 'E fv ji, 'wg -'-.2 7, 'MQ ..-,, P f. . :, :1 'gfi61 1 I' I. , , , .e,W,ua.v Sk 1. - . ,kb 1, qagiff f 4 ,W Miniwr .lf - Q, , , "4 f" x . 1 A, 3 , W A' , .S f J., ,Q 4 f Ag? af f ' , , . 1 , ,ai . Y W ,2 ., K.. ,, . 'r,,,.i ,S M1 , w: -fx 4 Q 4,,f"v,p -.'?1a'J3gzg:s. ziaeiiig vfdbfgi !E5d:1.V.'--.5551 :Q wily' Sports 417 The l'Second Season " BNC " , Quarferback Freeman decides The sTraTegy. l STarTing a "new season" was The goal for Coach Dennison affer The Zips opened The season wiTh a 4-41 record for The firsT five games. Like a boomerang, The Zips sfruck back wiTh four sTraighT vicTories againsf Tennessee Tech, Morehead STaTe, Murray STaTe, and Ausfin Peay. Defensiveman ScoTT Miller and run- ningback Dennis Brumfield were named co-MVP's for Their ouTsTand- ing performances wiTh The Team. Brumfield became The firsf UA player ever To gain 'l,000 yards rushing for Two seasons while Miller led The de- fense wiTh 46 Tackles. AlThough The Team will lose To play- ers, Coach Dennison claims, "The never-say-die aTTiTude will win ouT in The long run, and I believe The win- ning habif has reTurned." 448 SporTs Q 'nu . . ,fr f gsm, We ' Q- .V 'wi 1' l t li fp. " - 33 I . evils dwg ' , - , P, 9 - T L I' 'ff' 1 I 1 lff , i 'ff fri- K- We-f-f s f"5'Ff " " f5""i5'?4'rfi'f wan " i"1 ' ' 21:15-gina. f rw 1, , M., ,Q ' s -' . ,U Qv i . W J . - 1 . . ' v 'JA "ws-Qmrx T "":"" K, -Shi FTQSITIOFI fifes C SDTTGI dUfiI'lQ The Acme-Zip QOFT16 "C'mon guys, lei Heckman geT ouT To The field for The kick off GHG A hot-oir bolloon Took The seoson off 'the ground. 1 gk I l I 'X K N jf, . wg. Q Nw of 'S 3 . -zwbgmglk 5' W- , .X ' XYTIW L,,.,W' Tiff N . . 1 fl '- vfwiikggjw X, A f "v-wa: 4 Iidig " Q5-4.Q.,irf,:-1 K" "QMS ' . ' 'fha--.1,.-Ovlqhg, , 'SWL L1 5' 1-. .P 4 " "M -M XM3nf4.,.,.msgpg-cog,f, -MM W wfi'ssPv:u3Nf2PY Hm- Up, up, ond . . . owoy! 5 x' Soi f -, L' ,1l1'2..' f sv.-., ' 15-fl 'I 5 4, A.fL his-xii' ,f -4 W' ' f ' 9 ' 'M .M XR ' ' ' 1 1 , u , , ,, A' :. xx f 74 " 4 Z Y 'L gg i , f. 2. X 4 y s if w l W U J i x ii i wo if . R , , ,s "' 1 f V V, 'H L " ' ' lv ,.. ifufllh -gn JusT Like STorTing Over! SDOVTS 119 5 1 KW Q if 1 IQ' ii i X 'V ,af WN W Wa' 1'-ii, QQ, 9 ' A . QL K J' its 5.,X:,5 1 Mzfifffp wwf' Qfihi' v ' , -f A, s J N A :1f..,4w .xk, is K, ., ,Q 4 xi, v H A QUOTTGFDOCK Freemdn coils dn dudible To keep The drive olive. Q r f A e 120 Sporis Brad Reese discusses ine ne-xi pldy wiin Coocn Dennison. Mike Supplee checks his injured foot. , V . h ' H M. I Y VY h A - .gm 5 41fgcq'E.F14?Q1 5339525 11 1. V , ,wma 4 .- Magi sg. Kirin Assn. u KFJN .5 ,I in ff. :E , --. wff1?"4alr,iv:i7dfs'-- 'el 1, Q,m'iif's W-- "'1""' H S' ' N in W ' is-I l" s ffl ' J" '- l " I N A QA A g,',f -' 'HRH Aww' ,- 'RV 511.1 flK?Q, "f Fllll .L ' ,, " " 5 'fl I 'L o 'L if Q "' ' 1- Q r gl-'Je 7? if 1 9, is--mf il N I . fi' ,s ,- I A,, ' ., Y AHRU Qllii-fCh',?AKR3R AQQYN 1 x R115 RUN .figs-eq.3A ,- 'TL-3 lblfi . pi AKAWN Qi A-,Hill A AKLUN "QA, Alfllllit H, is K, f, 1- 'n 4,1 VM? in flfffi-QD, '30, FS-L 40 is-' 2 ' D 'iigffll -F .4 . ' " U 1' D My - A V 2 ...,. J Q AKRON Eli iiiglil AEN ' ms, V,'Q xv AKRON ,T gh AKUN Y. NWN - I' X -7 'J i ,gh ,W f ' - f,,. , 2 JB- as . 3,54 '95, I maui 75 ' nr 9 of A 8 sw' 3 y v ' i'f . ' FUN l V -x new uri 44 , ' X ' u , -ssl 152 AKRON fa'-5 AKRUN ,Q lk ..l .1 .1., ,J AKRUN Ayigyq AMER Li " 2 l 5 -,AVI f C 7 i , I 4 . Z, 'ws -A, A I L J R Row 4: Fedorisin, Jewells, Miller, Brumfield, Schulz, Reese, While, Luiz, Snow, Freeman. Pow 23 Baumbick, Haller, Karam, Warburlon, Bigach, Massaro, lvlazgaj, Bailey, Addis, Meade. Row 3: Philpoll, Griggs, Burton, Roberlson, Finley, Morgan, Fowler, Clemenle, Wrigley, Heckman. l?ow4:lv1cGinnis, Grimsley, Conway, Black, l-lulcherson, Smilh, Branl, Bischof, Seislove, C-liha, Kurdich. Row 5: Peterson, Johnson, Holmes, Kendall, Gresock, Kasunick, Bedard, Gabel, lvlyers, Arango, Allman. Row 6: Slaycer, Kuder, Kelly, I-lunl, Lake, Goalley, Rafac, Gilbert, Sparks, Walsh, Legando. Row 7: Fowler, Kalis, Jones, Dillon, Suller, Clark, Wuensch, Pasquale, Supplee, O'Connor, l-lousos. Pow 8: Mullane, Shorl, Leichliler, Lakins, Fishel, Osler, Paramore, Creech, Anderson, Granl. Row 9: Assl. Coaches Dave Flegal, Bob Maxwell, Paul Winfers, Rollie Schick, Tim Wolf, Ron Curlis, Larry Kindbom, Jirn Ling, Jeff Durbin, Dave Newell, Torn Flaherly, Head Coach Jirn Dennison, V -W Willy? swag, N-Qi-sf"w 717 I .55 1 Two sideliners keep an inlense walch on The game, Q M' 3323. va F? Qs Q i ii .JM .:wg'f,. gn, - yy X .131 ,-C-ww, x: '.,, , 'sg y ' 1 r2,g.NcQQ-,- sf v film? , ' rsv- . lffl Ewzfiff' 1: 3, ' 'gi 4.:s?"i.,.i4', Y" -1" i. H ff fi? ..fwa:eML.r,g5. 'Hr - Sporls 424 Spikers Volley To Win Tx- l l l I l l 122 SporTs SQL 'Q 41 Nichols, Sommer, and Piper prepare To seT up, Ann Traxler has a mean server A "sTreak of consisTency" marked The key To The volleyball Team's 49 wins. Coach Karen Kennedy noTed, l'We improved in all areas of our play from a year ago-offense, defense, Team- work, drive." A mixTure of veTer- ans, including co-capTains Julie Nichols and Deanne Sommer, and MVP freshman Kay Piper con- TribuTed To The Team's success. liif ::'f H V K W x Rvrsvw, , X f 1 A,-Q .5 A I .- .esp s we S- 4 X Ax - gizgzm Q95 ff gg! xx, 'QSM 1 Qmex . ., ., xxx . ., Q ?a."'-' 'Y 412:55 . Sfzffgff' Tw .T SQ 'FQSWYT -T -if T f .- 2' A '--95fy.5Q.T mi. " HQQABTW-13 ' f' . K assess-IW ?-1r"iZ. is. . -QS A Ast, N -. .A Q, ., DU, T rg ,,.,w,.yM,, , , .,, ,,,wl,..M W, ,,. N., r 'Q A -5 I ..-p -, N -, M.. .f ln.-:. My sg1.,,.,. K ., . w Q... . W., -. ,V-x5.k,. 1 :-in .r w h s - 1 4 .9-J '-'I' 'G Q K1 I-KHUN K1 HO N - , ff 8 ---'N 5. .f J. W1 lm" sf st' 'i if E i.., Row 1:Buczkiewicz, Lesfock, Nichols, Sommer, Stoner, Rodo. l?ow2: Mgr. Debbie Reich, B. Brunie, Thornburg, Fedor, C. Brunie, Troxler, Piper, Asst. Cooch Donno Vonchoff, Heod Cooch Koren Kennedy. JA, . Z if 1 if A 2 t g f.. . r -- '- H . , 5 Q 24 ss nag ,.--s if s fps V ',... X k :ww . ,rv F . W 4 8 AAA Julie Nichols congrofuloies Corol Brunie. 5 'ai 'sp- Q xv Sports 423 4.-my ,:- if lmfxawvmswn... ,:.u f,......N.,, if I 1211 Sporls ,,.m "Runners . . V, 'M Q . x ' 'L e X Q xxx . Qs f Q, ' gg K ,N f, iq V. ,Q ff?-s 'M 5 si l s ,A If --5 sv , ,gif ww 9- 'MQ .fs A f' W , if P ,L ' '-:rr V , . , . V A 7 ws si W. M if is S in it 4 V x R J Q A s- . iw. . im-nu! . , is . gm - s if I fu.. .A is w 'W ,, x1,, 3 NV Q Fl I D Q . K Y 5 Q 5. 9,4 V K M 4 X - N - 4 h ss ss-Wg . i i as ' ' xggwgsp f , ' 'W N. x . , 5 . , 6' . - Q. f . , ,s.v534t.f-M' sg-jx -, , 5 ' ' K! 4, -.s X - . .N . Q i K X ,' V H ls. .:A, in H , . gn . ,., H : ' - " . 4 WI ' - K 4 V ' J - -' i- N . - -WM ' fiig 'Z N . ' .- 'S -. ,mf ,-F. . ' " 31"Zfi:5 J 'iifxx ..'f,d.qf"m.wv:1:s'1-if' - ' " J " 'J T ' I - . - i ,f F. za r,1 ff s V K J , . 'liz fl, Ah. I- ,. . Q . fi'-f ..' 1 ' N fi ' ' 'Y f 2:79 ,K-f,2Mwf4na-ff, '5'f1,'?"?iz321s- Wsww V., . , ,, 1?- Nlviff x., 'fvvifwn si zrgxgtih L-,".5gL , .-weagi . YZ' :nz K,.A . Q' ey X s i ,' D .s is V 'W l - ,M ffhzivrs 7, I wiv' ' 'Y if ' ' 5' f .,.. ,. N. ,B -xii" ,s WX- W,i.gjX:51GQN: .-A K, Q :V ,iawkx J . - 3 Y I Y 2 M ' ' A ii -A 41:3 "44!"i7 -ss-'?'?i"TifI5 '-is .'Q1T,Q-iiffi T. ' " 'X ' i iE::wEQ?'i.i ., .. f , ,nf sais., .sm B Alt. S.. s V-, at 3 V . s.,, ,+5.iY..J, s gf . , .,,,,A,,,x41N ,.3,.i.'Eg5-Q. 5 2' sz --1 ss-'rw Q' -is A , , f-fi 'AM v- . u.ff.ifNSf ff, s',f?:l.:sf's1vL ,W1:'.v-Pfif. . Roy Jockson "eyes" The oornoelifion. Noble ond Smith oul-run Baldwin-Wolloce. iii. nurse' ,xg '53-fs. X X, 'sk 4. .fag Y' . , omni or ff 1 'MQ , X.,-.--w-'U' Whilsell ond lvloneypenny ploy llcolch up" with B-W leoder. . . f .s gisls-.A ,bf Kevin Noble in on even stride. Take Your Mark!" Qilf A O 7 QQ! F --.,.. c Annan T 'T 'N B lr . wi S WhiTseTT finishes a hard race. Coach Campbell keeps a close eye on his runners' Times. ' 1 i 4, A K: M 1 " 5 . fffiiif "1?"'-s'iE'f'4f21f 'f'?flKf1." 5 ..-J.-4 ,, ., ' wg'-11-.. 1 ' f"'ffc SL.: 5.T'iv'- . .- -I4 ' .,."':'f'f .i., ' , 'T , - ' , T fi' " 'J -'F ' ' C Q. , ,. .' . , ., ' ,' ", ,'- ' -I 1, 'A'i-fwiiwff ffl' '-Mg? T . . 2..- , .Q .T .V y -6. ..-. - . --4 . T .. .- K-. N HMV '- .'vii"if' '- ?S"?"3M..5,ffy3' --1 . 5fYh"'1H- '- ' ., 32 ' ' . -'f:T:"5xi'? 'K 1: ..fJ,zi:v5Qkl,:R'J'l.,,- ...,.5. X347 If 4 .lion ,i :U ni 3 .. L .H Q ,ge ,. , An x Q. :. - -. '- xiii my vgkkfilrfg 3, A.. G, . , ,M K M 5 A ,. spztgweg? :ig 'I -1 ' I I, q - gf ,, :HQ . in ,..'f4i-.Y-"tiki" 'figlmx' .4 1' , -T" f 1 ,' . -.Q fr , '1 ,"H.'31 ' . my . '53, , .3 K-r 2, A, , ,. y 5 T, . N as vjqpr. "' v1'IpX 41" ,f""'i - g ' X xl . V. -',. Ai, 5 ', ,RJ lr -7 ' ' ' f1r'3?,:.i9"., .,:'T?, efixifqgiff . 3- -' . ,, , .-.H g '44-,vuglgfw Q '1. .My Q55 '. - 52.35 , . N A 5 L f- . ' Qtr .Mr 1' 'ff' 'Ir ' ff, V M -T. s p 7-'T-'W-..1. 5 ng, - ' 35 'A wx. -, . Le?-i t'gl',i'gq'42.3:fE.2Lil.x ggjgic v - if fig? 'WH' Mia . "'Q- - . 3,4 31455: Elgi n , in .x ' . 4-,':' kb t. :Nr , 3 zziyflllf J., U4 ,2 24 i 1123. A, M iv V. A ,XE ' 9,1 W v, s ,fy 24 A v 3 FQ, Q N , i V T " is T A , 4- .W T - T .vw"w-W ws. , T. : 1 :T 1-if f. sv y if- T uf MM -new Tx- .win wh r f75f,.,'f . ':1f.g,'. , sf 5345 . .', ' ' rv I , mf 'lf A ya V, wr, WL, .M ' s5i:i,ty,H' .Mgli lm- X- T Qi n a s-f,gL5,'?i,l" f ,ggg .,, gf' .1 Wlwggkfs fi as Qs., ,Q " " M3 NF ' T T T ff is if Tw., -Rs.. . Q or A , T iv 'Ji ' ff' , ,iaf?ef':f1a1's:f W. lik. ri 5-' ffyftl' uf' "4-ef. " ' i Schumaker ana WhiTseTT Try To caTch Their breaTh. The cross counTry Team compleTea iTs season wiTh a recora of 412-47 and finished fourTh in The Ohio Valley Conference. Junior Ray Jackson. UA's number one runner and named mosT valuable runner for The Third consecuTive year, compeTea ThroughouT The season wiTh rival TeammaTe Jim LuTh. Coach Al Campbell saia boTh runners possess excellenf abiliTy ana will be reTurning nexT year To help seT The pace for anofher winning season. Sporfs 425 4 A Look To The FuTure pe ol is . The women's baskeTball Team was meT wiTh disappoinTmenT and de- feaT ThroughouT iTs season. Trouble began when co-capTain Casey O'Connor suffered an early season injury and was noT able To offer much help To The ailing Zips. And de- spiTe a perfecl 3-O Division ll Ohio record, The Zips ended The season wiTh an ll-'I8 season record, finish- . . X f ing Third in The sTaTe for The Third M ,,,i 3 4 r consecuTive year. i i. if BuT, The Zips overcame several ob- ..,....,..,,.,......,,,,...,...,.,.....u.s. .,,....?P"'msQ'kT AA sfacles Through fine performances ' from some key players, such as 1' ,- guard Lori Anderson, who was ' "' named MVP for her ouTsTanding """""""' l" ' ' "r' K play on offense and defense. FirsT- fi ,fi,,. 1 - 1 ss, year player RuTh WhaTmough re- ceived The coach's award as well 5 as having The disTincTion, along wiTh T T co-capTain Sue Deckard, of being The only Two Zips To play in all The games. A sTrong freshman and . uf-.Nu M, , C sophomore rosTer will give The Zips a s y T lighT aT The end of The Tunnel and " 351 hope for a prighTer fuTure. zz' A gkdgv-QCYQ ,4,,,,s .gp JG Row 4: Viebranz, Turner, Haser, Deckard, Anderson. Pow 2: Head Coach Darlene Young, STeinkerchner, lVleTTle, WhaTmough, Davis, O'Connor. Pow 3: AssT. Coach Laura lvlaczko, AssT. Coach lrma O'DelI, RoTruck, Bolinger, Williams, Sullivan. T26 SporTs . ,WA E' .gi , 'if ww 1 A wtf Vs i ,. ,ggi Fi' I: .,,. , , -. ,,,.,.' ff, 1 .Y 5015 A 'inns'- ms. el tl, ' ix f , f 5:2 ,, - .1,, ,,,r ., 1322 l iam 'ii M2 s ., 'ff wif, " V, 1-5, f f ' gf 1, , 1- 1 A I 4S'f4NS,g,,,, 5 KN Al' X. f QQ, f 'WH-95" A- ,y 465' Y Z ku .v ,, 'L-f-'v1f',-fa 'f 1, ,. ff - f 4 M , rw sf 9' sl I 1 rfawil .2 ,Wai 1 43541 ss, , W., E , ,X ,, s ,, lp Will Us fw Q UH lu i A Zip relaxes during o Time out. Zippy welcomes players To The floor. Q 0 K M x if 'X ' , 'D W Ms 'Y at N W 'if ,W QNX m x W- K 1 muff" R .,5mL.. Sporls 427 128 Sports x YI K r ,rf 'wg A r ,. :1:fs.s?Zrk. 'W'--W.-...W Teom members discuss game sfroiegy before returning To The floor. Q' i s if-i 1 -'HE ., if 'ir..maum gf 0 'K 'f-.W vs ' ' A NN A W AK! gg Q,,,,,,,,n-W rf-..,,. 1 ' in anna.- Q if ' ,Emu Q .N X, vm,5N.,, A wx f ,.,-,yi-My ,- -fx 4 M wma. Sports 129 Young Team Heaas For I isfidz 'i i-as ' iso sports , A U img Ricky Brown shoots over his opponents heads. Fun..- W mix, ,Qs if-,rw is 'mf' W ii Es Dave Smith aims for that all important foul shot. -.-hh: 114 'i.Mx,.I' mil W is Team huddies can result in iast minute game strategy. --al Fufure Success l,Q Y ' f,9,0',g'f 0 12" O Q r Q Q ,+'0'. :gil V 1 -rf? 4.29 ,Y mu 'E -'Q , Kf- UA's own Dr. J.! ,,,,,,,Z" I y rs llsren inte flyf C h R p T i Trucfions T if 3 ' l l1'il5"i. is . .. . ....-- .A-XA'-it - - . - ,. i '.I...f . , ' 'kxbgg ., Q ' g . . M AW Ik KA ,f ,QXHJZI y g " M? lgsffff l lQJll my MUN R011 N201 gsllillmll. ' X 'MKRUN fylRRU,y 5 3 xii Sifiyw 3 x"'4r i.liR0,y 3 If P00 iKRO,y A Now 1: Trainer Chuck Mehlman, Augspurger, Smith. Jakubick, Johnson, Moncrief, Mgr. Kevin Koscinski. Row 2: Assistant Coach Doug Trautman Head Coach Bob Rupert, llder. Shaffer. Brown, Abbey, Bartsow, Spikes, Suthers, Assistant Coaches Jim Robinson, Keith Dambrot The Zips concluded their disappoint- ing season only to look forward to next year and a hopeful future. De- spite finishing with a 3-43 record and moving into sole possession of last place in the OVC, the cagers con- tinued to erase past records. Soph- omore guard Joe Jakubick became the first UA player ever to be named to the All-Ohio Valley Conference. He also provided a steady influence for the Zips by averaging 22.8 points per game as the league's leading scorer, finishing with a total 594 points, and becoming the second highest all-time scorer. 432 Sports COGCh Rupert shows COUCSTD during O QOFTWG l .. L '?1 JW 4 XWU N it Qimqw 'mmmfmw ff :sunny u Q .. W A ff' .,m' ' WL , P 91 has .X I in 1' ihfwar at U N 1 - Q NN . WM'-W ufqg,::.f ...x ,.iTfw1lhr:ff,1'f,QWW ' "M f.,,':,'Q-,mmm A In-, A mW,,..,....-ul--' '-' .--s...- -53 if' Joe Jokubick rocks up points ot the foul line. Setting up the defense is just os important os scoring points. Sports 133 434 Sporrs ,, Mdrk Hoip shools down The slopes. 4 9 er ., - Q . ..v"' 2 Skiers Fly High X fc Reni Wilson skies The oggressive slolom. The 4984-82 Ski Tedms, codched by Kevin Ddrogo ond led by cdpTdins Greg STevens ond Lyn Lovell, Turned in dnoTher successful sedson. The women's A Tedm wos sToTe run- ners-up wiTh TeomrnoTes Vicki Korosi ond Lovell plocing second in The gidnT slolom ond Third in The sldlom, respecTively. The women dlso Took Third in The Croyol Cup roce ond won The rdce held dT Brdndywlne. The r'nen's A Teom successfully cop- Tured The Ohio Governors Cup, Croyol Cup, ond The 4084-82 SToTe Championship. In dddiTion, Lyn Lovell wos inviTed To The NdTiondI Qudlifier rdce held in Ski Bruel, Michigon. XE we 1 8 fi si l .asus - i T" NP CDI S Fancy catches score style points. l Frisbee . . . Thellwnake The Frisbee Club offered students a chance to warm-up their throwing Techniques to show off at the beaches druing Spring break. Due to growing popularity, membership reached 30. President Brenda Bird and vice presi- dent David Blewette were enthusi- astic about student interest. The fris- bee addicts competed mainly against KSU in both frisbee golf and "ultimate" frisbee soccer. Members enjoy the sport because the running keeps them in shape, and besides , . .it's a lot of fun! I bet you can't do this!" Sport 136 Sports Records Erased During First Varsity Season Akron's first season of varsity wo- men's track marked a respectable year. The team's competitive edge was evident as records were erased numerous times. MVP in running, Joni Mihalik excelled in the 400 meter hurdles, long jump, and 200 meter dash. On the other end of the spectrum was MVP field performer and co- captain Tracie Haynes, who com- pleted a memorable season in both shot put and discus events. Adding further depth to the team were Jen- nifer Guess and Gloria Thomas, who were equally adept in field and sprint events. The squad had a re- markable first season and can look forward to many more with its spirit and competitive drive. 1 1' K 1 Q, 90 Q s x x - -. , - 9 :lt ,E . ' . ..Q 'z V , x is s 55 ,x ,I - I 't-tqyvwwwam, . ' X N - . . I 'QA 4. RX- I QR l C-FILL ,N -5.1221-,ff . ha. ,N X 5 ' ., ., . h ,E . wr W t , - f' s . X V- 4 .l 1 3 'ini my :iii ff ff V 1 -4-aiu.-f' Zigxs.-as Zip relayers hflnd Off The baton. nfqffl ..+ ,- - - 35' , vgmxfgfsu, .A-. -""3"f"d. 'F' 0 5 ,Jen rs -Kb Q., , ,ir L'- f-'-Qi' A9 , , '51 7,5 Q23 90 Nm 1" Row 1:Thomos, Horrison, Miholik, Morsholl, Stoner, Johnson, Whifmer, Heod Coach Darlene Young. Pow 2: Asst. Coocn Sue Vichos, Mioduszeski, Hynes, Mgr. Dione Dickinson, Guess, Sfeere, Dudik, Turonchik. Sporfs 437 Runners Mark OuTsTanding Season The 4982 men's Track season was highlighTed by The Zip's firsT sub-four minuTe mile, run by senior Jim LuTh aT Murray STaTe. OTher major accom- plishmenTs included esTabIishing new records aT The OVC Indoor Championship by Dan Schumaker in The 3000 meTer run, and The Two- mile relay Team of LuTh, Dave Car- penTer, Kevin WhiTseTT, and Henry BuTIer. In The process of erasing The former UA record, freshman Andy Wuensch capTured The OVC TiTIe in The discus, qualifying him for The Junior NaTional Track Championship. According To Coach Ai Campbell The men were an ouTsTanding squad and 'iTheir Tal- enTs showed, noT only in local meeTs like lVlounT Union, buT on The naTional level as weIl." ,-.,.1.N,. ,,,, ,M .W-A .,.-,,,M ,,,, ,.,,f...,. . H-, .,,c. ,.,,,.u.,,.. Ms. , , ..,,. , . l?ow 1: Keys, LuTh. Row 2: McKinley, Reid, MoranT, BuTIer, Tucker. Row 3: Moupins, Jackson, Caldwell, Schumaker, OsTer. Pow 4: Head Coach AI Campbell, Crosby, lv1arTin, Greer, Young, Adams. Row 5: Slusser, Wuensch, Hickey, WhiTseTT. Pow 6: Laury, Emley, BaTTIe, Noble, Carey. Pow 7: STarkey, Banks, Lucas, Parker, CarpenTer. Pow 8: Henderson, Wehr, CusTely, Moncrief. 9 I A , s , -I -: , Nia: ye- "' , T .',, ,"i',' ,. T ws' HHUMT A 138 SporTs - r x :Tl-bf-4" 'Q Ifsiiz Ab 336 ,nm- K 1M. 1 1 'Wav Q 1 1 if jf 1 1 A ax , ,155 4 11 1 P 1 J 11 if Z6 11111111.,A MW' .111 ' 4 1 . 1 LNHWH. .. .1 41, .11 1 1,,,gf4, 1ggfj,g - W , ,dv .511-11, ., .j!1?, -A , ' ' . .1 -1.qQ,.,..J1, 1 P Q' 1,-13,.,.i gf-1 1 1111 1 1 1 'A -1 .,. ..-, , , 1. - , ' ' ' I 151213931 fx ' 11-MN' 1...' V 1.1,z9fZ'2L1, -1' '1"-:L-"::flg"g--f - f - wfwfv x ' ' "" ' af 1,1 4.-f.f' ."i1irf4- ' , 1 :s"?ivtff1 W 1 1 I , 19 ,11-Z Y V mv 5. i. 1 QMQM Q HDI? My Q Sf, 14. 1 E, 1111- A N aim, 11 111111 111 1 'T'f""' N 111 1111-1111. 11.11111 1111111 1 111 11111111 11111111f111111 1111. 11 Q111111111 11 111 111 1 1111111 111 11 11.1 1111.1 1 111111 1 1.111111 11 11 .111 1 11 1111 1 1111 11111 1 111 11 111111 1111111 11 1 1 1111111 111.1 11 , .. 11. . ,, 11 1111 1. .,,,, 1. 1. 1 1 , W' tu 4 11 1 ,, 1 1 'Bl 21 'Sl A 1 QQ' 'fl 1 ZgQt.',,,,f gl A. 1. V' 'mm' ,Aw E 4 'WW' .,v,. U ygxw 1 ' If if l - - f 1 .- X ,,,w5i?.,,7,1 xr 1 :1 ,, 1 .1 1 u.1:4i5ff 1 11111 1 111 1111 11 11 1 11 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 11111 1 11 ,, 11 1 1 1 , 1 111 11 1 1 .1111 i dl 1 1' .ur ,1 Xfo r' 5 .11-111 'wwf' 'Q -1. S, 2. 1 s G 44 1' AM Ui' 1 fr!! 1 Q Sports 439 5 wfwi ,xg -ii 1 si... 440 Sports Kdrdte Club l'BeIts" Its Opponents l f-jfs., 'nw . , 5 Q " ?g,. 3,1 Size hos little to do with expertise. The premiere university kdrdte club in the country con be found no- where else but ot The University of Akron. In its iith yedr in existence, oth de- gree block belt George Anderson instructs the club's 70-plus members. The drt of KGTOTG emphdsizes both mentdl ond physicdl cdpdbilities, olong with the philosophicol ond po- liticol influence. According to focul- ty odvisor Dr. Brion Pendleton, peo- ple dre interested in kdrdte for d vdriety of redsons, but mostly for self-defense ond generol physlcdl exercise. X Members ore dedicated, physicdlly toned, intelligent ond generdlly "dll- dround" people. "Get out of my way!" . Golfers Look To '88 Row 1: Hiney, Trefzger. Row 2: Morsinek, Axfell, Shivers, Heod Cooch Jim HockeTT. The 4982 golf Teom, led by heod cooch Jim HockeTT, hod lTs eyes oimed To The fuTure. AfTer o suc- cessful seoson in 4984, The Zips com- plefed The 4982 seosoh wiTh o 49-A9 record. MVP Sfeve Hiney sTorTecl slowly, buT by The end of The yeor, led The Teom wlTh ci 79.8 overoge. WiTh oll buT one Teom member re- Turning in 4983, The Zip's llnksmen con look forword To brlghTer seo- sons in The fuTure. Sporfs 444 The 4082 men's Tennis seoson wos mdrked by o record-bredking yeor. Freshmon Tony CoTlin wos o surprise performer os he copTured 26 wins in 34 singles moTches ond eorned The MVP oword. Doubles chompions GronT AiTchison ond KenT SmiTh compiled o 25-2 record for onoTher ollTime high. CopToin Mork Dovis sur- possed his personol wins record, fin- ishing wiTh o 20-40 seoson. ln oddi- Tion To his ployer's occomplish- menTs, Cooch Dove Bord succeed- ed Bill Beyer os The mosT-winning cooch in UA Tennis hisTory. AT The end of his fifTh sedson os cooch, Bord Tollied o ToTdl of 611 wins To L16 losses. 442 SporTs 1 'Cv lVlen NeT Record Wins ' fi fs fl' -.sf 'WYE ws- vw-an 6 -ff V, rw T mf! .2 'ill' qI'1T"s'f's "" if V' , :Y s' f ,J ,JR . , K Y V- I . K x N , I I X Y!! ,!,'!,'f,1f A . fs- 2 fl 4 ffff 4. ., .4 YE X 27224 , ,f aff- sua? W, , .-"'- Q ' " v 5' X , I, . 1' X ac: YA X J, ,1 If 5 4 Sfeff -a-i-e--f1-- " 'IA f' ' " ' ff' f 'i 4 4- 2 T f We T 4 mf-isa". -ff' f S5S2k.r, "" ,. .f 1 , vos, ' .,!gwAf7f:'hgffg,,fg'3,4'. , gr Q ' P"f"5' ff9,.qv,v jiiffiffg v ffl: rl vs' 'B 2 T ' ' .361 ,. f . 2 ,jfffffif,,fgJv-iffm-151,315 '- , A i ill, , girly?-'.fL,'4yff1fA,f?4 igwsggf i swf.-fish xfrffffffffififksif ,-if ,R 2 ,A , 2 4, LJ, , -if Ki! R J,-yt. 1 if T! if we-,, asv 'nr- MVP Tony CoTlin reTurns o volley. ' 4-. .. .-,. -'.v .l-:A ., , f rf-iw X . wdwmf' 1142.15 Si X .A ,, ld a --1' in AJ ' T Row 1: Polombo, SmiTh, CoTlin. Row 2: Heod Cooch Dove Bord, AiTchison, Dovis, Irons. ll 'S lg I A wr? J, ,W-A--4-. ,, ,, ,Q LL+ 4-r ,A ' 0 9 3.4. , r Q Q-Vw V4 -A Q 4 . 4145 +11 I eo o ff,-4,-71'--+"'+f' Q- rw' ""' V.. -4-f -4r 4 " V 4 F 1 E 3 a E Y ' ug lzeegiwk Q Q Q 'ki-fef++f4f+1www+wf+eM L+if-424+4+f+f4f+fW'M L+, eoe ee H :+,+4+e+eie+-+e+++1+e' ' f -e Q f ik 1:-,i,..4....,ge-4M+N.4W-if,2-e'+- A-V-+ve' + 4 + f W A t ' o.1m.4,,.+-+5 A v'+ff4s'f+Wf+eMfw' Q T A Zip netfer fires o serve To on opponent. , Y' 5 Li' , inf 4" K -'A' VA uk, 1 .L J lx Y 3 Y ' ' , K 1 .od . x X ,I i n 2 v V ' . W . ft' -, 4, l L' , . . Q ' ll ,N A .5 QT' ' U.x R l L P ,.- A , . '.' W3 xx . H 12'-.5 Y Qlk,Kf3:7:XX .,ln.x Jr A x YYY "YN-'K , , -- x xp Q - '-A, x - ' X 1. P. ,fm ,,xj,.v'-Av-Q X, X -5 .Aj -xQ' 4LTc'!", y X'M eff 7' L-of . fx, Ag. N I xxxxxxxlx xv xy ,Rx 1 jltlxx ,Y ' NIKYXA' I 'Y T 1 Qxyxxxx W! X5 gggax, pf,e ,JM . vyxxxkf v 'r'Yil3 MX u Nl xX'lNYvYX X x X X ' X xN.xxw . 1 A B., ' Sports 143 MA Sports Teamwork Eauals Successful Season The women's Tennis team complet- ed its fourth consecutive winning season under the guidance of Coach Joannie Dinie, despite the disadvantage of having very few home matches. Co-captains Diana Cook and Ellen Ferrato continued to be the strong backbone as the number one doubles team. Singles competition remained healthy as MVP Loralee Bolinger was backed by Ferrato and Sharon Ferretti. Even with the tremendous individual ef- forts displayed by the netters, Coach Dinie said the successful sea- son only can be attributed to in- tense teamwork. i 1 i S t . I v' 'I a 1 'Q 1 85? f' A "' MQ! if 4 1 'N f ' X Q? i sw, 43' T3 f, iff f f 1 I - f i . ,iff fi,"ffIf,'f,,"' . ,f 2 if ,iff K ,,',7" I ff!! f ff I", 1, 1' , 'ffri pf!! 1' ' ,J ,- 1 itlxfrijflfjigllay! ' 4 ,fx 1' f f 1.f' f.'f",'J ff ff! ' 'I 4...-aa I I i 2 ' 'i .K lf. tk 1' , A, k A ,Q I X A :ity .T Gr .Q-N, -NR Row 1: Head Coach Joanne Dinie, Ferrato, Cook, Ferretti, Peterson. Row 2: Somody, O'Connor, Bolinger, Hershey C X V Q'vT Q' Q I P . 1 ' ' '4,r a an 5 ' 0 V ' -f MVP Lorolee Bolinger prepores To return G serve. - ff. 'V' ii-494: 11 Sports 445 , , 5 5 we a 9 dir' TX .12 'il 'T xx fuss? T5 'Sf-4. M-. mv 4t'i nur!!-A 'TS 41-fl ig ,, . 'K Q i si? ff 'T ,., nun sv' " ' 'M MWWT ' Vff., M31 qw, -35? -T... km-f e3x,,,3:,,.2 f - , A .4 1,1 amor' 4:16 SporTs .fm ,. Mak , .N A- W. sz,-s. 0 "-'.f"-:H 'l ' 1, ,.:: 'fi .s ' . , -A 51,414 3' .ilfifsffwws A, V Y 7 g , 9 il . A T. ,gm M, 1 , K .Han I - -haul ' T N' 6-4. MJ.. Linda Weber piTches enrouTe To her 7-3 season , . . The UA women's sofTball Team had a remarkable season of which They can be proud. The Lady Zips won 30 games, esTablishing a new win-re- cord in UA women's aThleTics. MVP Kay Piper had a memorable season, leading The Zips in every base hiT caTegory. ln addiToin Deann Viebranz was The Team's Top hiTTer for The second year in a row wiTh a .397 average. The piTching squad of Dani Vance, RuTh MarTin, and Linda Weber com- piled an excellenT 4.32 ERA, led by MarTin's 42 vicTories in 47 sTarTs. The season peaked when, for The Third year, The Team qualified for The fasT- piTch regional compeTiTion. s. s . ., BaTlers Swing --Q 'WWW XQ 7Q if ,. Q Y 1 - . Qt! ' 'kqgbs-". V - y we . . . and Then sTrikes Them ouT! ik ilf Fw MT- W WmW3M 'i 'W' as H - .. - - aaa' ' ' .4 V 7 Q " P " . 'L' if X 3 s. " ,f . n '- -,g-.1 -. -F.,- ff av-"M . , - .-ar. -' ,' ,., ' '.. ..:-4-N.,-. - 4 'Q A . : . .N 1 D. -' N1 .. .--A 7 2, 1 - ..g,-. L.. - sg ,- - v -4, T 5, . ' . " us.-,,. -- H+' A ...VA , -. .1 -Afiaw :W .A-fax gina?-.1rA,. , H.. - .. -,., ,, ,. - ' 3217- ,ia-gyftg -,, , xr Jig-4 '.: iai,,..-5,--,.4:' ,.--V.: . , , . Q Q S-6 9.7 W v,: - ?-ng,,q-.wg 1 'wi-gff'Zg,4.,f ws, .. , "'-' ' ' .Q if . N , .4145 13535 I. I. ,. gms.. -4 ,f M i f -f i-" " -:W-'vi' - T' f , 1.3. fg- 1 H z W F . -.'fwsfT 4"'2T" 5- '12"'f1L-:3:",'f- 1 ,-,.Y,,,.+,i-' , fw.,,.-41,4 A - 'slew WE' ' ass-- .. Mya, -.,.'-fvw ' T ' 1. A M, , Y , V - A. If "' - -su 'T '- sa 5 T. wi - ... ..,, T-i,.w"',.,, Q.. "T-H 1-" ,Q " '-... 1 . ?""' -. 'ff-' f' , , I.-:aff page 1 1. - ,QF rv tri,-s,.,,ff.g':7fgAf ', .. W- -'fy 1 1-W7 .UZ XI.. ,." . '-rv 1 A , -v 1-71 1: 3.4.4 Q -:,, 1- :f'1Y"'v5f4,iz. vw ',,v 'f' ..s- '- rs.-wi' 4 1 f -E'-1.1 'Zi Q if-'if .+2'iSTIw4..- , ,,, . , ., , , A I... .v -, . . ..n,,,?A,,- . ., L ls., "'--' " 1 5 ".,.m'.. -A Te-if" Q of - 'tk '- ' Into Action I "Vining, ,., .--W dl. .Mw - iss-ta ,. f, M.. ss ,. ,. s . s ,V-Q Q95 - www, ..,, F. Y? 'Y' .fx f-.2 Ya KS- Q 4, f QR' 'Q X P, :N X 9 1 Q u ,xxx 5 Q 4-' I .zlff .X V - ,. 1 - -,. ,, Q , by v i: X' W 4 ' wlff ' 5 Q .4 -,-gk 4 X4 , . .ff A f " ff I 1 - ,, ff- MH, 53 if ,gf ' . ' 'vjlwyg QQQQQQ ali , ,.x, f . X X 3 V EW W s M wikis Q 'f A " in "XX'?::1E7-s ' Pom Lestock heods toword the plate. Coach Arrietto instructs her players, L , - 5. -an' X I 4 . If ..,. f - x -Y :W ...fx K, Lori Rotruck gets o hit. O Q Sports 1417 4118 Sports Pow 4: Codcn Joey Arrietto, Tormo, West, J. Teitswortn, Lestock, Viebronz. Pow 2: Asst. Cooch Jdnee Bedndrick, C. Teitsworth, Mdyreis Flesch, Potterson. Row 3: Mgr. Bobs Husson, Willioms, D. Vonce, Anderson, C. Vdnce, Weber. Row 4: Sullivdn, Bdiley, Piper, Mortin, Rotruck M ff? E 'C .5 ' t"v'- " .' .. . 4 , L r:Ms, f- V ' D-few., ' A ' .,, C .Q 3. . f ' ,. ggi! A f fff 1 1 5, 3 4 -nz ps' 3, 4' Y, 5.54 FQQSV f Z jx- P'-,Q .3 1 X, V IQQP, aff, . Y WW N ,y4A,:rs. ,LA J X w, x an N X X. Joonnie Teitsworth heods for the dugout. Concerned tedmrnotes wdtch d pldyer dt bot. I is in-' ' v wa. - ,gs M251 swf- ?i45Sj, -.9 a ., kmiaxxy Aiwkt .W 1 -MA, , -.,.w' ,f- an ,, ui mg-sa, . . as 'fu- 'Qs tvs Hg, Jaw Catcher Jill Williams discusses sfrotegy GT The mound. Q WW SQ! j52.'f5'p'v'x- ' X bw X.. in X " fri' ,Y Q ' .Vg":sPL?. 9 'W 'ff . -1 . . 0, as A v :"'W-aw nf al' 5 04l""' Y .V 'lu W " L . 01 ,. ., - 5 dx 'v:, X S ff ' A Mary Flesch fields 0 grounder. I 1' 10 '5 fi spans mo Sfrike-ouT Force ln Aciion ThirTeen became The lucky number for The 4982 baseball Team. By The end of The season, The Zips sur- passed 43 individual all-Time single season marks, as well as 43 individ- ual career sfandards. ln addiTion, The Team compiled a 44-47-2 re- cord, complefing an unusually long 60-game season. Many players conTribuTed To The Team's successful season, beginning wiTh MVP firsT baseman-piTcher Mike Birkbeck. A number of his ac- complishmenfs include a record- breaking 40 home runs, a .348 baT- Ting average, and baTTing in 40 runs. ConsequenTly, Birkbeck was voTed firsT-Team All-OVC and one of Three OVC Players of The Year. OTher ouT- sfanding performances were given by Bill SwerTfager Cwho holds 46 UA baseball recordsy, Dave Wrigley. Dick Duncan, and piTchers Ty Gowins and Don Coleman. 1' ' ' A A P, , it X T , X fi 5 .T ' ,f f" K! X 1" 1 1 is ,X , f f 1' f ,f ,f f' .Q 4 A l, ll, X 1 X x , f X T T f 4 A X .. ,mf f f 1 A fff K ,,,. ,ff K X f fi f fl fr Q97 V. A Zip baTTer sTreTches before going To The plaTe. il nfirnfgv T' -og. 'E' Qu S PWR' -T? inf Q' Q f K AQ 55 Pow 1.'Consolo, Cozari, Oswald, Wrigley, Duncan, Ernhrein, Archual, Slevens. Row 2: Asst. Coach Joe DiRober'ro, Bruno, Sullivan, Spiiaie, Lees, Tilkey, Gowins, Colernan, Head Coach Dave Fross. Pow 3: Csler, Birkbeck, Shade, Bolender, McDuffee, McClelland, Fondriesi, Harsh, Park, Pollock, Swerlfager. . -,- x Q 'X 'Q' rv-Q fl X rx . . wry-I Mxx 33' 'w-4 ,X vi 'A ' 3 , i x S .x 1 ,Q liners - 'iss 'w S J if. '31-f 'W-:WMM- 4,4-. , , Q.,-,ffsj-.plans-.g,,,,,,,..1, -' 1 i , H. ,,,,,, - ,,-agsgod, ' ,. . .1-Aug, V, 4. - 51...-, . J P . .23 :jL,gr,,L- f:.::.4-p:i"'w-tru A -- ' Q , ,Q 3.,:L'5fs3..:-1Lf",. "ff .f-fy , ' sv if "" 'Z sr X will i- -W5 - n 'ggi , , , ' It L , dr., 5- I . , 4 495 Q , mu - if-ff' fit-3 ,V i - ' .-.1 M ' S .r I f if-gi?,,,'4-,fAf.1i42?' fr af-if " 1-' " r'?-Fir-v-new--'-. - S 14.5" -5 5' ' '.":""'?--" "' ' . ' ' ' Z ", ' -- ,',1,3'3ff5f2,5.,f5,j,sp ge-. , - ,- ',-S. , s ,Ja-. w -,g- . 9, -- "'14" ir Q' iv'- 'f , r-va A- Z 'Y " A '- - -' 42 "-:fm C. f 3' ,9 1 1 I NH ' " 6 , 'IP I' 1- ,sl af, 4 N. - .N s 4 X '34, -N fu. v 'S , ' 1 4. s if i 'rd .J V p M sq 4 i .f I ,C V ,gnviu i 5,-1 I K. 6' I --fifkx,-T41 'qtfgqi SSL S ,s .v f .F . , . i- 41 . 'Ms' 7 sf 'f yff1,..ff9f755 Ln r- ',. s- " 5-.-1" - 'TQ .pf-.,':"-.S Li 1 f-La is 1-m+,i - . X i N V Q i -- 12 M nav iw: qi lxilxig . .V gf. 1 4' s ' i fl x ,Y sw : i t ' 5:2-i 9. , ir-.3 W . - A-'if E' - If ' - , sd' . 1 .,, -. . .. - - . , QA , ,,,,.i..4,m',fA3":z,, A V .'- ,. -2fi1g,xAfk? 1 - N . iLf.1,N.,l -N imm...,- 'ALQ---wi -1:11 .-.V . 'X -'2 - .- Sports l5i sm. WA" sw 1 nv' f sb 3 f .V .qv W V,-1-..s, ,. , , Xi KN is x you X sf.-wsu..-+pvv,aw-.-sw l5?"'Fif""s' , . K .k - ,- A s.N,,...45-vpff, ' R M f, ---,,,g,-wm1Sfs...- 1 - 11"T'y"1Qf"f"-JA , A f fswsa.. .,v , .-X, ,.,., V . -M4 sk 1 . X 1- wg ,,, 1.19. . ms. ,, ,M 1 Wu -,N A 'f,v5,ax,jx MEMS . , V' -, Na. .. Q, - 5.7 :ws ,Q-,--Q,-is", v.",yaff:sM.1wv-X ,QXNV . - . , M - -'Ms H- f f -1- 'ft ,-"nwf '21,f,fw'z--..:-Nils,--w'wwN-ff,.s"fv' ' ' ' QL A AQ 'ini' V K,-,,g'EX' 'i ff' .LT ' ' Blix! ..vw.f- . . ' s A , M' 'K - - ff W - - , gg V' 'Wa' - ,N . ' 4. , ,A 2 g v , W, x -Q-ei--new'-:"' -1155-' wwsezfy- 3- , --s-25.16-tiff' TT: - - iagkw ,4.,-,k'x'm '-93?-rig-34+..:?f 'w 'aug' 1 V. , N, , ,Q,,:Q.,m'vfwy A-as-.:,ff.fW,tf:,,:e2Qnf'W f . sf 14,513 '-w-If ,L -Q, i""lf.'fg ff,g4 . . ff 2 -.J'N"s -4' ' W .L .i-3 ' ,Q - H fs... f wwf -f - -T ' N :vs- , , ':" ff- - W . V Q " 'H ' . , -P g-15? fbA'.4faewvLsfaJ5?+.45:EsIL.fl,9-:W7 ' v ' 5 ff Nav - . '4 'ff . 1 ' - sw' , '11 kg, . A ok A K -- 5 , ,"' ,-45.,.- ' 'L :V " -' . ' .WT .fs N 'M sbs E1-,QA,'f5y5w54:,E5ff:4:iV"?f:5?P'f.f'f W4 4 ff'...w.,-' 5. ' T ' f . ' ' 3.5 'f.'-':'5H'2?ff"'5V?Q'STfL' 'ff itf'le'?1i7'f-.iff 4 v ,J ' A as ff' '-gas 'fr' 'QV' 1" .- ' .' af'-'Q' -i -8- ' X7 , Las-Qrlx-ssffizw-L'1,,.ms '62 X' ,A V , QE . . . ' f-- Q A -ry-2,1f?5,g:f:.,'f,4-A-'zfwfi- . .ff 2' 'J 5 5+-K :ix-3. " us- 1 s A fiffffvf- 9' . -' sg f s "' - Q K W' '17 ' V Q .vii-ws s-'-":m.sQA LJ 52'--2E:"'f1 NS' 'bf ' K' ' x T, ' f"f'?gmf,.Q,Z.M-siif 452 Sports . 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I fX in M, ' Zips anxiously owoif their Turn of boi. Sporis 153 Inlrrclmurczls W' mW WDW? ww 4.91. 'Rl 454 Sports 40" fm i wa ' 'NNN-can i ,,,,,,, Everyohe GQTS Physical! .',,a-4' tW'V"'l'llnu-J ' an if 'NT M..-J 'x l Sports 455 456 Sports VOff9YbOff Women 's Basketball THEY Franklin 4 UA THEY Leyeie 2 47 Youngstown State 70 Josepffs 2 Cleveland STCITG Xovjef 2 85 John Carroll 34 John Carroll 0 60 Mlflml CGWOP 84 Mount Union 4 65 900090 68 Welsh 4 70 Wright State 69 M44 34, Joseph 4 72 Youngstown State 64 Xavier 2 44 Cleveland State 77 yeunggew,-, S1019 4 39 Ohio University 77 2 Lekeiend C. 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X, , 'uw WW X , it if ' +A 4 " ' , , Q. , Q -51, w.waow,..w,,a,b,WM..NQ...M N ,KW M N Q Hx., s f C . 9 gf. ff .1 Y M ,re if 1 ,' f V 1 A J' V. "' tlibxx 10' i 3 fsfiis ' 'rea--5 5 A.. , 'Pfviwgw 2 ww .N V. .I x . , si CooperdTion wiTh The fdcul- Ty, oTher sTudenTs, ond members of The communiTy wos The key To successful Greek life oT The UnlversiTy of Akron. lT wos This some cooperoTion ThoT moTivoT- ed Those ThoT were Techni- cdlly members of o number of seporoTe groups inTo be- coming o lorge, cohesive uniT ThoT worked To moin- Tdin ideols of friendship, scholorship, ond muTuol re- specT. Greeks dlso recog- nized Their responsibiliTles To Themselves ond To oThers- especldlly Those less forTu- noTe Thon They. Greeks hove dlwoys been insTrumenTdl in molnTdining The rhyThm of life on The uni- verslTy's cdmpus. Their por- TlcipdTion in Blood Drive, Donce MdroThon, Home- coming, ASG, ond mony oTher dcTiviTies wds The re- sulT of mony hours of hdrd work. ThroughouT The yeor The froTerniTies ond sororiTies were hosT To o number of dcTiviTies ThdT were dTTend- ed by boTh Greeks ond ln- dependenTs. Among These dcTiviTies were Mud Tug, Te- kequecode, Anchor Splosh, Chug-Offs, Bug STuff, ond SongfesT. v All-Greek Formal ff ' 1 vs 1' , 5. fan I-qvefwi Qikagqg X Mi 8 - vii? 1' V fi 117 B x The 1984-82 Pcmhellenic Execufive Boord. Ponhel meetings cJren"r all business. 'M-.J DG KcJThy Mogoline offers o commenf of 0 meefing 'Wu 9' 22. Qs? 36 , ,,f ff Ponhel Adviser Stephanie Conobre discusses the role of The Greek system. 'W NVQ? ,,q.3-5., f 'S-.W J' 5 Su.. i .x Q! "" 2 Women of Alpho Delia Pi owoil their pledges. an E ,, 5 2 ll ii 5 l E S -,W,,,,,, if .. 9 1 i, Q A?" "" , 1 0 1' V, E i 1 2 5 S' Honnoh Fouls receives her bid for Theta Phi Alpho ff Chi Os get in shope for o successful rush. x ,, f ,v.. 1 ki V! P N H H o '1 x 1' Q xx 'Wx x 'X 'yxfx fx x, ,X , s , . 'H NPN ix - .. , ,. 4 A mx W vs 1 2 1 .- ..K , V-f 'Ni' fy. ,J 'xx xx mx ,X X4 J! X xx .X ,X , X N, X: X zgisw 'M ,, fr f'.i.qq N f ,...,- -......- ,. ...wi-fff 'F-Q'-2 2 ' '., Mgt. , . 3 'L,9v.,- ' ,.., ,, .....,....1 ,,,-new ,ms-. A four-legged run-a-than? Elaine Orosz helps fight cancer with The racquetball marathon. 470 Greeks f . Greek Philanlhrapies 'Mizz-v . li A--. V In Y Q fx' -4 6 K r "' 2-W' , k I-. X r X N. Greeks help to organize the Lombdo ChifTKE Spine Bifido run. A cool drink helps offer o long game. X ,V ' 1, A, .' f,fX' fr 41, ' -'aj 'AM' V '-'avs'-'ef2f'?' X . .12 . . lfiigiifivif v M151 f effwfffsfz-Q4 s fs -W .- ,, , ! . A ff an E -J 11412 es. sw 1 , - .f f -, , . U W- ,, 14 x Q - - I We f4,5'fZQQ3Q,QfjfVQ- fl, V1 ' ' ' ff ' ' -r ' , ,f ,. . , ' ' 1 .W-r v .. f. 4,2-'f5'i'fi1-:gif ' . 9 Y 'fsfgzg fmf',qgLwf-,g:i55+- "Q ge 1 . v , . 'W' 5 4 + ' s 4 -fa" - ' ,,. Y , 3 i 1 5m,ae,t'v,, my , , , V A HFW 1-2 lf! fi If f Ig! , - 265115, , v ,V - I, s ,. 5, , at sv. ,L -- sw . 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Q fry - . ifiigg ' , 7' ',.if',f,.--3j'7.- .1fE.f,Q", 1531. -- ' .ix A , .X .WIN E. .lv mtl eff 471 Greeks Lone Siors Celebroie 'IOO up 4 5 Sieve Lever ond friend smile for The comero. This Lone Sror is having fun os The poriy cohrihues 172 Greeks 'H-,qua 1 Ill' K: 'ul I .,,.,W. Lone Star president Milton Atwood welcomes alumni and guests to the 400th Anniversary celebration. r 1 This year the men of Pi Kappa Epsilon Fraternity also known as Lone Star celebrated the 400th anni versary of their founding on The University of Akron s campus This centennial celebration made the men of PiKE members of the oldest existing local fraterni ty in the nation Lone Star was founded in January 4882 by William V N Yates with the assistance of his fellow students S B Rice W T Sawyer E L Chesrown C N Church W T Beardsley J G Koon and Charles A Wilhelm lt was the persistance and organization of these men that established Lane Star fraternity as a Greek letter fraternity on the Buchtel College cam lon fraternity was formally incorporated under the laws of Ohio Same of the more well known Lone Stars from the past include such names as Bruce Bierce Charles Bulger Earl Gulick Lee R Jackson Harry Schrank l-lal G Knight John la Guardia Hezzelton Simmons and C Blake McDowell Some honorary members include Dean Richard Hansford Dr L G Dalheim and Tam Vukovich The men of Lone Star have contributed much to the Greek system at The University of Akron For exam ple the annual Pizza Eating Contest attended by over 4 OOO people was their biggest and most suc cessful event At that event four members of each sorority and fraternity competed in a relay race to see who could eat the pizza first On February 26 the Lone Stars hosted their all campus Centennial Party with more than 800 people in attendance In addition, they participated in Songfest with the women of Delta Gamma and the men of Delta Tau Delta, all Greek Week events, as well as other pus. lt was on January 49, 4898, that Pi Kappa Epsi- Greek special events. :I L if.. 'J u X , . TX-C, 5 . -IKM , xl' li' 1' P 1. , J' , 1 . ' X xi' 1 :Q -A ' i f' VV., L xfjvlptf' sf . N 1 W E. ,Xi Q Greeks 473 ip Q " ' i - A ' - 4. l2'vfP"i f"F4,M.ii52z?fi1f 52e " ' , ' 'M' 91416 'f'sfk33, Aw" N 1, t:x,4gf,y,1i.,,. ,','e.,qw,..,.1 wx, , V.-., 4 W. ,, ,.., W, A - . , .4 ,, , gi? A-,,., fx .. i . f X, i f f ,.xi"w.fY g,5fi,,,X 'fs x QL " .- .1 1, 'X H . 4' ',- in r ,, wma gy-5 5. f ,,f9.g1ge,,, t.33155,x-,.-5:-.M -4, ' j, g. ,W if QM -'Z " l f 13 I r-1-i T' IQ is i i' ,1 zvnf- if , , . 5 r 155'-X., fig, v "lib -7?-fl' -affx Wi ' ig ,gf H J, if- fist V Dr: :M L.-t A- A X :zz ,ZW 5725 ,if .fidf gif .Q , if 'fwifg :Z U ff' '25 M, ,.2,wAcw,gwi nl "sg, 321 N 4 r . qv n i. M -.3 QM' ff V-xl M., 'sr-wrw?Ewf?.,.x, ' WM .M , .gi MN ',, mimi, LE Y Q 59 sn 3 " 34 ' Y 3'-2 sg, ' 5'i"1ifMW" xf W"-Yff-'Avi' 'S-' L- xv gig Y, .jg-?g:+gi-iw?" Exif:-,"11'?-1 I . xi ,,, Q. J f , ii x 4 , Q Nw n , f A gg ? V , 'Q fry vi 1 Q W' ' Q ,M Yyiqyf si? Q- , 9 6 ' 5 vi B K A N 5 iw , 34 g U X Av' C 1 K 7? ff 1513 35 L l W X ' 'M if iff? if, Xiang Y gi Q' " 35 axlilp N ii ' M Q , ru v F ' N A X M , ,, i 4 2 " 4 if A 1 Q X' ,K , ' 'G- ,5,,fnwiJ,wAv9N' I fx Q 4 12 , A , 3 + X 1 F 2 W 1 , ff- A xx W I , ' M """'s,x 'x 528. 8 2 5 1 ii 'X .Af-r Jf' ,ff Wi P1 ,Q iiifififfiff W irgiih .pl-B Www-fw .......,. Sigma Pi Rick Wood prepares To chug. if Af' fl 'Nu aiu 531 42,3 I 'fixy :sf iii QD! 'fx if "Y" i 5 if ig, 22" 'PI V, .4 W A fs if 5 . f J , J W CH Tom Dohl goes over the rules. A nervous DG concemrotes before her heof I thunk Ill have 0 cugcreffe wufh my beer Jam Kovocevuch keeps on eye on Thnngs. i r K 5 lx P r 1' K 4 -'-ff .sh 'V' X wh 4 1-Q x'nix Thefo Phis welcome guests To their Open House. ii, wi' 'GI x , e ff X kgs' x A N 5 , I ,fc -. A 4 fyfgy 2' fe' ,i"..'.y PX? ,ig QR Q 1,4 ez',if:v,.,gQh il gfgg. gg . . s. wg F' "" Lfkxj .425-f' .mggjimf 4513.51 . A NA XG Xw '-if I W an msg wa-nz , w If . .4 f L., fig.. .qg x 0 .- ...- . ,fl ,A Vx --sz.:--',, -- ' ,:- " - fr -1 Q.. f, ,Q fl J , fa s 2 My ' 4 ,U-. 4,x.,r,- w . f , nf .- xg' .,"'..f1x5I"25,gf,- A 4. T .--5"'ul .',,x.A A 0 . , ' 1 Q ,MQ w. vx -M K .166 ' ,QQ .,,, x OX 'N 'K .. S Y ff? - 3-ff:r ,3' 'b 5-fl X 'Q L was " ,ugh ri M :X In tg? X 3,5- 23 F'-Q Q' i 3 v X 6533! 4' if -""g, ind!! ,mv my X K' f' , 4, .563 ' s nd A ' , I Y 4,-2 .4 X' Efik V' , fi Ti? 'H Q88 af- ..,,4A- I' ,MQ NY 5 4- M-1--.Q v-3, .', V f -mx, I' 4 . . K . , . 4 . . .w Age :jf fit' ' r ,,m F, -. -Q, S z I A -R My v Xi zz ? 2 Y, if I 3 ag x W . 'fl "', 'Q-1 J' x ll, . ai 3 CJX,3,ifQf5Zf L Delto Tous sing To Yonkee Doodle. Phi Delis sing Q duef. A fon offers sfonding ovofion for o friend ii -1, X ' Z f,',,f-.f Q 2 if Q 'Q XXQQ22' I I I-Q., MA' 1 Q4 xg l V ,. L ,. V in X Yfigf X UV! f,5,5?g':' UH? ff' ' Q gi 2, ,ggi K , HW' .545 fig 47-' I -ig ,I - ?f'.f n fl 'J, fu' ' N ' LL. 1 . A x Abba Man winner John Bl'9W6f. r, .au- f Q 43 5 0-H, ws us: B 1 V" mr , Y Stu Bu , ff' ,:f'5""'-a6A','ff in-""'W' x,-ff' Af-' ,fe 4 The entire Phi Delta Theta fraternity stuffed into the bug. 1. 'lm Q. ff: Fr- Sw 'G -r x. Walk ' 'S-fm-. fu' 'is 5 A :fm -... c lung... iw A5 ,pr ..,,,,gS rklgiiw t me SN "I think we can fit about 6 more!" Sisters wait for the final shove. f M4 ii f if , M y One olwoys thinks before making Q move in chess. if Teke Fronk Srnifh concenTroTes for o win. C9reekfec1sT -45 -, , Q ,Q M, if 1 V , 121 , 4 Q1 1 xx .SN 3: 6 , J j '+A , K , ff f .Z 'IF sf Y S M. ,av , ' 9 AV 1 31m f' -5 ar 'XP Q X ,Q UW- Q ' . mf. q 6 A V fl wi 'Q 8 .J 1' 4 186 Greeks 5, s 'df 33 1 1' ' , :gy W ,. 4, 6 ,,,.,.6,,, , 'V ar H235 1 1 45 if 2 3 JNA, . 3 'K I .53?Ay6,0 fgyfyffif The men of Defo Tau bring out their best of Greek Feosf. 3 The most dangerous QOfT16l '2- , SQ M is R 'Q 'M - xr if , '71 If Leslie Gnd DOV9 cheer fheif houses to O win. Koppos do o successful business. 7 . M. . 4 .gf . 1 e a 4 5 ,W ,wh X 'X We Vexzalff , eff-Q4-L '91 - f 1 , Y N fn? ' X 5 Q . .. ,1- MP' Quin' ,-S f P . ff' Pies never fasted so good! -U lui, . 4 1,4 .K 8 ef: 4 . 45: is .1 487 Gre ek SA Greekfeosr - ' ,. . ., ffm ,I ,E W, , i V mx - If Q ,yi N Q ,qw 2 Q - ,. t V New fm S Q ,QI QBQQQ4 gy.. .ye x V - A .wmv 1. V Q ,X M Q. , 5, " A r-if W my AA f X K, , X D.. -fm, vaio 2 - 1 YNamr.x -0 mu . wg. Q? .Q W, am .211 I AY We ' . A Y,1'... 'ffm 4 . xv? .N ' ,, X., K Xin Huw' x L 'W '48-X ww' if 1 i' 2 4 -. 2 g I , ,,.v 5' ,. 'lf ,4 ,,w""""'.. ,fp - ' ' vf' 714-, Y, K.- Good friends get To know eoch other even better during o roce. 5, , A 1. rg ll lr N as 4 .fr W ,H M F jk 1 454 ef 4, A . . I I 5 A-'ff In is U' it U ' uv 488 Greeks s A - Y ' X 'Z V. 'lib- v 1 -xxx., f ,, , .. V., 1 A .NM 5 q- hr Q, , , . "'gv,x,:Yv 1 . .x. ' rg , . 4.4 ' QT, 81,15 uk, A 'I six 'Y-,f '-. 'W Af' .."'. '-' '.'A,-, 'uxx 4 N N ., 3-.,.. , f- ' l R' 1 . V '1 ,s. ,L v J X 1 x ,nz , J ' 4'- -fw , x: Nb 547' ' A 4941 I 1 gr, y ,gal ' ' ' ,ls f"' ,A .Q 5 e Z4 A Teke looks of The world Through mirror colored Qlosses. Heolfhy opperifes oppeor offer The Greek Gomes. 189 Greeks I 5 's ffe 6 J ,. f... V IW xg, . 1, 3 V34 Panorama Of Greek Life QV, if W ,Q 1'-F W, vig? 4' A 4 I' E5 E Mn' xr, 1 r L1 , : ,ge r . - ff' ,I , H Atigea In ,I - . aa - 5 Ve' vw, 4 P' -1-1. ,..n-- , -P w Y ,-.f--o--il'r-.o,'- , L 1 "4" f' f"'n"'n f n ," """'fsm.f V .Effgf W - ,M fn L, :g gi t ww A M X JM iinograg Lane Star Neil Runyan strikes a casual sTance. Lambda Chi Bob Volemine goes pomoncl W-4 34 rw . 4 2 J 4 - 4. rl ANT T, ,H - , Q + '...:, . -' bfi . L ': A - 1 ' I it I . f 1 f . h , I .pr it , 5, . 2: Q, , 3 .J ' 'jf . ' . ' N Q, v ,A , V 'mM :A,,,"R . - 4 r 51- fl , 2 l ' 1 1'g-sp lf 3 ' fr, "R5Ti'3'1 i'l 'r 11:13 .Qs l f ' , 1" tu 32,4 , 4 fgvrgm, wfufi, I 1 gre ,,,,,alll""'v Qu Mil 'U 'V .V sn.. T r as , S af 5 'Q""'-s,, abr if-ff' seg 4,37 rm 'rx flu .31 A gf r ' r '82 GRANDE HOUSE TOUR -.5-""Sta.r1r ' gf- 1I1g-?4.T',l- gr Kr:-Educ TL-575 K we .eg IEK K If-5-A X AE 1 f 2 E An Alpha Gam catches her breath over Alpha Man Dorms 'TZ sw V .- -'vang' JNR I-3 Pb 'H ,J -ox . .r.4'f"f, STudenTs Receive A TasTe For some sTudenTs, The 4984-82 school year marked The firsT Time many lived wiThouT The guidance of Their parenTs. Dorm life, as any resi- dence hall sTudenT can Tell you, was an exciTing and challenging exper- ience. lvleeTing and making new friends, developing a daily rouTine, dragging off To an early class, and lounging around were all a parT of life in The dorms. The majoriiy of sTu- denTs enjoyed The freedom ThaT came along wiTh living away from home, and iT helped Them To be- come a liTTle more independenT. Memories will be shared by all ThaT lived in The dorms: Tire drills aT 2 a.m., dorm parTies, auieT hours, and The visiTaTion policy will cerTainly sTick in The minds of The sTudenTs for years To come. 496 Dorms ii li el il- I l I i l l l 7 xi i 'll Dorm governmeni meetings give sfudenis o chance To relofe their feelings. i , -, . p. I . A 4 ' ' if I V , I I., . N 4, N I , , - , , V . ,Q . ' '-gf' , is I If ii , 'PAV' X' X A dormie posses The time by watching Television. Cf Dorm Life Dorrns 197 gui H, 1 A vm- '33 , f, ,mga , X if -wLw.?2+'7i '15 .:, .4 i, L, 33,734 :J Dormies Adjusi To Their Q sf iv A residence hoil sfudenf -does his homework in The reloxofion of his room. 498 Dorms .wx ff- IIN! 0 Helping one onofher sfudy becomes o vital port of college life. ici. H Home Awoy From Home Dorms 199 Residence Holi Council is The sTudenT governmenT for The residence holl sTu- denTs. lTs mdin funcTion is To dispense money To The dorms, olong wiTh mony oTher ocTiviTies. Helping To pldn The Royol Honneford Circus, The Home- coming Pdrdde, ond Akron's Bicycle Rodeo were jusT o few of Their func- Tions. A TesT File ond dThleTic equip- menT were oiso supplied To The dorms by RHC. This yeor's officers were Presi- denT Jedn Jonek, Vice PresidenT Dione STinson, SecreTory Jdne Mdhon, ond Tredsurer STeve Brookover. RHC Voices STudenTs' Cpinions ' RHC PresidenT Jedn Jonek discusses fuTure plons wiTh members 200 Dorms in .41 Officers gef orgonized before The meefing sTorTs, l-WW if Two WRHA disc jockeys supply music for o ddnce. WRHA supplied The residence hdll sTudenTs wiTh d vdrieTy of music sTyIes ThroughouT The yedr. They provided The music for numerous ddnces, dlong wiTh enTerToining sTu- denTs in RoberTson Dining Hdll during dinner on Thursddy nighTs. Under The direcTion of sTdTion mdnoger Mdry Dzurko, The disc jockeys received experience in broodcosTing, olong wiTh The mony oTher foceTs of run- ning o rodio sToTion. WR!-IA EnTerTdins Dormies Dorms 204 vw .4 ' x 'i 5 iigiwe . ' N, k, .SVQXQ5 ' ' K:3,M:f ' l Reslaence I-lall Program Boara f 'gm I l x if X ff Q I " U I "lf ,,., ' AJ 3 j K .N rfefwf - a an 5 , c K .. ' We-Lf... M .. Aff Wg 'lm l A classic Halloween crowa enjoys The Night of the Livlng Dance. 202 Dorrns Two 'ralenlea Qullarlsls perform for Open Mike Nignf. Alfa .-1 A student "gets down" to the music at a dance. ...swan N ffl i as . I3 Plaid pants, blazers, ana button-down collars were warn by many at RHPB's Preppy Night. Does It Again! Dornis 203 , V . ,,, w , 1 9 , ,K M .IM . 9 ' ' :.' A 4-- ' " fu! - -N 1 44.4 ,V F4 , .. 1 . ,H :ul y df -5 . . wad" , A - If - " f -, l -Q A ., S J , iQ ,, . .. 5 Q .K ' IIIII "QQ ll'f g nuns S Q - sn I . ny It - if 'Q :uni :nun :null ,nu .. ll n ' ' :M 's f -.4i. - 1 an 1 III 1 I. 1 -'I' ' iv - -I , 24- IA 5 f, , , b 5. I L w ,g 2 1 I ' 8' " as v -' . 4, . QV. .vb lr ' Q. N, X "Imam 'dh' 1... J." 1 S x Q .fin gg f A Q Q-" SN QW? XX X ww A sim -ff' X i f X Y .,..., AVA , J i ' ,'.. -:.: l , Y Q fN ?W54Q iz. if g P x, X E M X ' .,.,., N 1" .R ..... I .. :: Y , :::.::...... X .:,.. .,.. , ,, S ,,,,, , X - ,R I ' ,,,, 12' - ,,, ,k,,k,,, X x x HI. Q - Q Q. Q I Q A E M an Q N X x m i X ,WFS 55: Nw NM Te The New Year in siyle. iQz?gt.., . A V a 1 S m ,DU x 'xxxx . A ' , , ' - A 6 f QIQLM A X - xS'xf,g. W " ' ' fi'5Tf,g1,:w,jg:f ibizggsil K1:3XS,.1?'H?-T A ' x - x L X 9 , X X 'I h C. xx' .5 x " f rr . ,. .S-.x N R .' . S I 53. it . sf' Q X Q S50 1' ' X . W i . 3 l ., 4 Sfudenfs wow in line To enter can RHPB-spo Successful Year For RHPB l l I 'l l RA's Provide AssisTonoe For STudenTs The ResidenT AssisTonTs for The 4084-82 school yeor hod mony responsipiliTies, buT They olso found Time To enjoy dorm life. Their moin ob- jecTive wos To moinToin order in The dorms, ond To be of ossisTonce if needed. The job of on RA wosn'T oll fun ond gomes, eiTher. They oTTended numerous meeTings, held work- shops, ond were consTonTly helping someone wiTh o problem. The RA's held o big job, buT They liked The responsibiliTies ThoT come wiTh iT, Eu? 1 x 3 gi, is ' 4' 206 Dorms f tl RAS relox during on ln-Service Workshop. T iff A W,f"'ln1lf Heod ResidenTs hold meeTings wiTh RAs. !,,...,., An RA lisTens inTenTly To o dorm governmenT meeTing. 1 I 4 l. l all fm-1 5. ,4 XT ., K9 e. Q X 5- L My x Lesley King hoppily gives seconds To people with hungry oppefiles. 5 P3 -fu , M Dining Holi Provides lVleols For Sludenis Dorms 207 208 DOHTTS Forrndls CredTe A STudenTs Tdke The opporTuniTy To geT dressed up dnd enjoy The rorndnTic dTmosphere. F: 4 1 f nw" Z.. A couple ChoTs while dancing To The music. V ' . A couple enjoys The music while choffing of The Low-Rise Pormol 'ft T l The Sponfon Winfer Formol wos held of The Holiddy Inn o few weeks before winfer oreok. The Theme wos relofed To Chrlsfmos, ond The music wos provided by "SwiTch." Sponfon Dorm Govern- menT provided prinfed wine Qlosses os momenTos of The evening. The Low-Rise Formdl wos held in Februory of Thomosfown ll. A buf- feT dinner wos served, followed by music from 'lEosy STreeT." The formol wos sponsored oy oll The low-rise dorm governmenTs, 471 Tgisuaisav ,A llkf' 5 1 . Ll I A s 1' RomonTic ATmosphere Dorrns 200 N x d ,A 1 , T I v RI-IPB Formal Q 1 .1 " 4 c RI' me F -:QQ ' . 'M 240 Dorms 1-vs In f K if ,sm 4- .1. ., . A 'vw' A .3 ,xy f 4 E 5 1 . Ll. 2'-"' 1:35 i 5? i ! fn 1. ff ! I 1 k ,I , W ru M V gl ii N 31 fl 11 The RHPB Formal was held on SaTur- day April 3OTh, and marked The end of Dorm Week '82. The formal was aT Tangier's, in The Phoenician Ball- room, and The Theme was Sweef Dreams. The DeTroiT Comedy Soci- eTy performed as The opening acT, followed by The music of l'Para- dise." Wine glasses were given To everybody as favors. Sweer Dreams Dorms 24 T Qt iv, ' an 'R' Q -gf I Students set up for the Akron Bandstand dance. Qesnww Kids play "Twister" during Lil' Sibs Weekend. Lil' Sib's Weekend was held in the Spring Semester and was a big suc- cess. Many activities were Dlanned for the siblings by RHPB including a Magic Show, dances, oben game- room, and numerous activities in each dorm. Young and old sibs en- joyed being on campus to visit their older relatives during the weekend. Siblings Entertained At UA Darrns 2 4 3 Dorm Week 82 - Dorm Week '82 wds d Tremendous success, held o few weeks before school wos over. Mdny dcTiviTies were pldnned by RHPB ond enjoyed by dll. A TolenT Show, wiTh The Amozing JonoThon, kicked off The week. Romblin' Gdmblin ' wos held in The Dining Holi where sTudenTs Tried Their luck dT The cdsino. A chimp ocT ond on ouTdoor concerT concluded Dorm Week, wiTh "Ld Vie" pldying To on enormous crowd in The courT- yord. Two sTudenTs displdy Their musicol dbiliTy oT The TdlenT Show, 21A Dorms Students gamble their "money" owoy during Dorm Week '82. xx I II Working For The Weekend Dorms 215 The residents of AGD were very oc- tive this yedr when they took time owoy from their studies. They por- ticipdted in intrdmurol voiieyboli, soccer, ond flog footboll. Besides their numerous study breoks, they oiso hdd o T-shirt Pdrty ond o Christ- mos Pdrty. Becduse they enjoyed little gifts, they hod Secret Turkeys, ond Secret Sontos, to celebrdte the holiddys. 3 fffli'-X,A Brion Hurd reidxes while studying. SCOTT Mudrich works To solve o homework ossignmeni. The residenis of Berns i-ioii plonned severol evenis To keep Them busy This yeor. They hdd on ociive soccer Teom. Some of Their pionned ociivi- iies included Secret Sonics, o Pizzo Poriy, ond o DCJVTY Tho? wos coined The Bombing of Berns. Dorms 2 'i 7 BoTTrick Aho lVliTchell y W' 2 4 8 Dorms BoTTrick ond lVliTchell ore locoTed ocross from Spicer Holl. The girls eh- joyed sociolizihg during Their "Time- ouT" from sTuclyihg. They were ih- volvecl in mohy ocTiviTies such os Ih- Tromurols ohcl The Flog FooTooIl CompeTiTioh, in which They ploced Third. Shoroh Crowforcl feverishly sTuclies for OD up- coming exom. Lehhe HeberT Tokes o few momenfs from her sTudyihg To pose for o picTure. Sqf' 'ruling gl Dont Fitch and Scott Ryser display their elaborately decorated room for Christmas, Bulger VAX The most popular activities this year for Bulger's residents were their nu-i merous floor parties. Among the planned activities for the residents was a Halloween Costume Party held at the Newman Center, Bulger Beautiful Contest, and their famous Bulger Bash. Dorms 249 GrdnT l-ligh-Rise The 1165 sTudenTs dT GronT Resi- dence cenTer pdrTicipoTed TogeTh- er ln mdny dcTiyiTies. ln loTe OcTo- ber, They held o l-lolloween HdunTed House ond They sold sTockings in De- cember. They dlso hdd d ROIIGISKCJT- ing PorTy ond celebrdTed Their For- mol in Februdry. 220 Dorrns , T EB .N X xhixwbrxthk M4 Liso Honsen exploins The up-To-doTe hoppenings of her fdvoriTe soop operd To KrisTine Koons. 2 ff Tu !Q ,T . '-4-'y'xZ if if :ilk-4,5,v4'w , . Q"' ,sf Q fx y-. 'T .I 1 5'- fmhxwf M. li W, I T I-mvsffxfmv' 7' ff'-ef A residenT IisTens To some music while sTudying. AIThough James STreeT has The IeasT number of occupanTs of all The resi- denT halls, iT was noT The IeasT in spir- iT. The Twelve women in James STreeT did noT have an RA or dorm government yeT They enjoyed par- TicipaTing in all dorm-sponsored ac- TiviTies. A collecTIon of CGDS adds G NCS Touch To The fOOmS aT JOFTWSS STVSST. James STreeT Dorms 224 i M it 1.53 :i5i,,..,ii, , I 'Qf-mR5E,Gfefg,L.1:f'-, V31 'fi t"'l2'Y-1, ll"'i..2"'1i5Sif'-'L:it J ,WA uf, ., ,r ,w ,fm if rfaffar . 1 W,-,,,,wf4,-,,,,,..3:. yi H, - Ima. JM?-, ,.. .1 V- , sf:-4-.zrzio -'Ji Q ...ll-M2-,. tx, ,,. 1, ,iw .. I. 3 ,I -gn V ,N 'n'-V5.4 .J . ' .wf:a1vw,-,- , 4 .,sr1.r,f?.. -f,..- ':4Hff': cz,-' y" 'A 1--,vw . - ',..1,-.-1 4 ,-,, ., ., , 4 iff- .' I , 1147.5 X, y Gtr :F The women of Orr Holi enjoyed mony octivities this yeor. They were involved in RHC, intromurol sports, ond RHPB-sponsored events. Their ' dorm government sponsored com- edy movies shown in Grr lounge. The dorm hod o Sweetest Doy oorno- tion sole ond dorm porties os well. B . Q sirt. 2 ,i if X 222 Dorms 1':fr'naQ7h"g5' Terri Hoover helps Jone Mehrbrodt with her English ossignment ':' ' 1"'fl'b'fT?'.'?"? m"i+""4Q W-'-S-""'F:fY2 1. 5--7 5 W- 1, :j: Rx'-1 F .'fi"'1', 'G 3'4"f-1.SJ?'z6-iflgfi. x.'13"vfy'1y,gg.'-'-' 37533 -Tiff' fvgyw., fgifg, 'gs 'girl . F,-:Q 51,1 5,43-.,,'gi5:gE,t4,,,i , . ?w4,3 '.qv..- R5 :,14g5ii2:.f,Lg..,.v5L.-.53-1?VL-A A 1 A ff'-'5'5'??PiQ-.f1'91fE7g TWSTEF' 'git ' 'YLQILT' if-225235731 562,11 -33:3-' if x xi" 1l'.isQj,'1'42'iIQAixTfJ5' . Q 5355? '?':'51":SQ'?'f9 '14, ' ,'j'I'.?-., 1 -"f 112.Z1i'y"'26'T""',."i9Lk'Qf - 'f1"'1f- '12-H"L-11'fffQ'..f'i,'Qgi -.Q Y 1, .yr-gi 75- 4 ,.l.,'fQiag5 p,,3,- if ,if . 1 1 1.5 ,llc-p5.3.. gs.. - '. K .x , ,,f. '17f- '41-- . :, . 'ad' . ,-Q-f,a',," 'N gs 1'-.S -. -Y "' :?A'1'.2l. ki- . - 'T-' W Y 513'-.-lr: Q" "f ms" .: ' '- Q-ff 4' 1. -- ,H-, -:vu -A E., -- 5- . '-':-'f?i"i"f5f14.'1f' 'AW '.?. f-- 55. '1'f'k?'f.'iZ"e3'S:5,." ' gg'-1 nf.-5? .s eww. T ff f' A 1, .H,?Sf2feif1+,1. . - ---,,..g:- fm, -911,-1' 1' ' , - A 'T 1 ', f' . ' 2:2 ' .r .-rs. . :. .,,,.'.' f. 24- 1194 f""' , ' v- Th: 24 I -- R 1 11-.'..13T-infra' : -ffm-e '-4-ff? , ' , "Ff"5.5' I : 'Vai-3913 if-5' 'i ' SQL-QQ'-fggi 5,2-gfk --59-se. . f e. ' -.f'5"'gL'sj: "TS'x.f-' '.'l-"'.-.:s"s5.- In-lf . " " ' ,Q 1... : Q.' " 5 4 5iqlf3RT'?Y.wJ37-f' 1.1.21 a'.1e2fQ'r .f"'-fxf'551z'ef T . f . h:5.1g,.x.1 riff r . 'f ,Lge-.T lf: N Q 'xZ'i'1'2fgZ,! T. N. it , gk-yd-:-' -:fi . ' - .ffl 'C -A f "4"' 1 .n. -L I., We-nw, ,, . - .,.,. .,. tw .. f 135+ :P .vaQ..1T-,.'.f+:f31.ggffffA4 ,il Tis -nl... ,l-pull . ww. . dye -I .5 'Aff-4-"',l'.-' . " -'Ti LZ' ' MX.. 'f' 'S J - A H.,-:il r, -5--:V i -- 4A:.:,:uL3' ., 5- ., .N 9,,.J3' . -fd 3 i ' 'VI-"-"nf . I -. - -.. . L' r ':'?E1',QfA.g::f'-122212 .- T T. 1- fii'i'1' . ' . fy. .r 3.-eq' .'T-fs .xii gif'vf'?1- -: ,ii .- -51 ' '-.-: T " if? 'vii-e .11 .-'i"J5'f. ,Trkfhff-'--5'-Sri-1. T't1Qi?" 4153'- H T ' ' i.'T.'ff5 :ij 'E"L?l1'-if re2.f:?F4, -153: 'gg'2'1'112-.- - . TT . 'f.:21:s- f fu'-'-'-ts'-.:l'f'f1ff"z-'fini' 'W -1-" H-"A, " 5' ,',1:- .v '- v- .' .5 n":'-" ' on T- ' "' 'ff-75 1. 1'.,,.x."-"2'.'f"T '12 'G' f -:r'f as .4-:-vf-rf'r?ws-.Qif.'+w- , - 41 , r:gQ.s',gf 5.52.-' ' . i gag",-e .- ,. U: ,. ',Y,'- T 13, flvxjl.-Q4 3,1-34 . A L ' :-V -AA "L-- .-T-7,1.,::A'?f-Qix :--'lkiggi sig . sw,"-. .-an ss: .mu . I 1.4 . - ,J . -I s-14.1.5-..?V.'.. Wy- L Q . s lm- . A 1 ' 11 fi-LTLQ-FF? 6 i it 1' .. 1.,5,if.1? ' A j' ' :ff T X if - fsff-Vg' ., ' -Zvi pf T sf" I iv , I ' 4' ., .fp MorgareT Covey, Sandy Flugan, and Bev D'Amico joke - , Qi l . ' 4 Jr - Af i I M 2 X. ia ,. A K A a S r y j iv-lun., 'wa N' 6 around while in The lounge. f S' 4 uw, z TQ if . l A i O . I fav ,Ng I 4 There were many acTiviTies planned This year for The residenTs of RiTchie Hall To enjoy. They planned a ChrisT- rnas parTy and SecreT Sonia for The holidays. Oiher special evenTs in- cluded Their well-known l?ifchie's . 1. Pub and Their Spring Forrnal. Rilchie l Dorrns 223 Sisler - lVloFawn The Sisler-lVloFawn residents kept busy with many planned events. They sponsored Hair Care by Boston Haircutting in December, and they helped with the Low-Rise Formal. They had a Carnation sale for Christ- mas and Valentine's Day, and besides all this, the women still had time to enjoy their floor parties. Jenny Kane relaxes in her room. Carol F9lQi is lounge. caught off guard while in the 2241 Dorms fl ,, ws .Q , fbi 44' 9 ffj E .. 5 is , 9511 T , Q . " T ' T f 'ggjlwmsfxff W, 1,47 . - . 1 -.1l.ff1.1,1,,,,,, ' , , ,- Jw ' 1 l Tonyo lrwin ond Cyndi Johnson Try To decide which posTers will look besT on Their wolls. A residenT choTs wiTh o friend on The Telephone while wropping o presenT. The women of SponTon enjoyed nu- merous ocTiviTies This yeor. A few of Their fund-roisers included selling spiriT links, Life-Sover Lollipops, ond beer mugs. They hdd soldd porTies, pizzd geT-TogeThers, on Ice Creom Sociol, ond Beer ond Bingo. Besides These mony ocTiviTies, The residenTs of Spon- Ton olso held Their onnuol WinTer For- mol. SoonTon Dorrns 225 Sumner The ThirTy-eighT men of Sumner Hall y C- ' planned a few Trips away from The campus. They enjoyed canoeing aT , ' lvlohican STaTe Park and They also planned a weekend Trip To Canada. Besides These acTiviTies, Sumner also had a ValenTine's Day ParTy. 5 is M. .4:1s." hs S25 :sf.,Li4sf 2? fa. Q Pail? ' 'ffl' Exilim wr ' 77' N A f3rfgY5'3f'. J, 4, , I X34 sy- J 1 50:5 Tim 5423 f .Q F air.. j CaTching up on his homework occupies a loT of Frank Lowery's Time. 226 Dorms 's --of BreTT Hausser, ScoTT Morgan, and Rick BiTzel sTrike an original pose. l-I TB f-ed .lu-.4 Anne Schmeing ooncenTroTes on her reoding dssignrnenf, Thompson 'fm I'-. w I Y 0 T ' f , S T x. if M I A... The ThirTy-nine women of Thompson experienced rnony exciTinQ Things during The yeor. A ChrisTmos Donoe where They dressed like elves, o bedTime Tuck-in for The mole sTu- denTs, ond floor dinners were jusT o few of The rnony oc:TiviTies They Took porT in. They olso held o l-lowoiion Luou ond o bonoueT oT The end of The yeor. Dorms Q27 E I wr- ,,,-mfm-Y N, . an www- M- Q., A Sw , U f 1 , , 5,,, ,ff,II3, ,. I III, , f1:,,,,, II , , f , , ,f ,,, ,f I ,, , 1 , :I I, f 2 ,,f,f,hM, , f I f - ,,, , ..,,I,,,I,,, I, f f f, , ,,,, V f ',ff,f,,,',f, 0 1, , 1, ,,f,,,,,,, f,f,f , v,j,,,',1f',', , I ix M, 5, ff ff 2,v1','Q7 ffl, f f. -ff f1w,if3y ',fQ:f'f 4?ZIw M ,, I fn fo, ff f I ,, fI, ,I ,VII f ,, ,III ,fy 4I5II I f ' , jf ' ,If A fyy'gfIIfI,.Ifwyifyyyf "2IIf ,fm MIYI I4-If fl IfIfII0IfIfIf, f,Ia ' f f ff f , f , A 'f 5:4 A ff' :,f,'m',zW:zn7!' f f ,4 : 1 0 ,W 1ff,fZf,44QgQ?4:Imf, ' f' 2, "f,','4',!ZfH'fw9,',"' H A f 4 , ' H ' f,fv3,"fff,'wZv Maff1?'f4'fy" ' ,I ,I Jax, , ,I ,ff , f'f,4f',f,,'yyy!-Wy! f:!4,yy,2,,'i,f 1 U ,I 4 ,f ,my fc, ,gf 2,f'7,f,f'f 1jwQf',fI,iyQfg V , ' f ' ,- ,sf ff ' ' ' ' rf,f'fmwfwEfLV7fC0,2'f' a ' ' H'f,f1f' u I ' f Y ff" ffl "',f My 77,1 ,, ' . ,, ff f ff f .,,,, ff f!Xff ffff 1 , ,,, 1 ffffff , , Of fy fff f f, 47, fp f ,,, , .,, ff4,,,',,,,f,I,, f, , , VIII L f, f,I4IfIzf 9,7 II I I II, , 141: 1' f 5',f"ff'fii-5 , 117' 'iff 53"ffd'Zg Viff 59452, 'Q ,ff iff ,, f ' ' "2f2,,lw",V"Q I f 2 Cfyyfyjk, I,I ,",IIff4,-wqyegff IfI52,I5,,1,,I, I, ,If 4 , QI,-,II 44 ff ,f qv, 4 W, ,I.I',f I, ,, ,I I, f v ,4.,I 3 1 , ,,.,,Iff3g I, ,, ,I- I ,gaff,f',f::-fluff,ff,,':yf,f'f'f4'f"ff: f fffmffz 4,532 I W. yf I ,yMf :f' ' f 7 fliQf,.f Na, QQ TQ W, a' 'wg 4 1 l Seniars 4 . f ' Q3 -, 'f T ' V ii- , .,lp.T'AQ- D, .J 46 . 5. 'K P , wb V 3 I ye 2' .M Q .1 E A R, . if v ali, 1' 5 if QSQQQ W fx' 'gal 1 9 A ad i n was ,MM me 99 ? 91 Qs- 15:6 3 , 4 U' . fr 4, , 'Af' A e in A In PM Q 19. fa ,l,,. , or ' 1 W rv IWW? Y , a In if .Eff 1. -1 ,f 1 L Qi " ' if J V, , if ' U 2' It M' !fi 5 4 rv gs sw 314, 1 ff At 4 I :Q fs' Q JPQ, ik -H' 3 j 1 'fi g-Mdfh . rf vljf' I. gg I W 4 Azgfwggv, guy' Q Q? f ff , -21 vwmfa- 1.5. f ,ge I, 'fk,,Q ,H I- I A i.?w,.-.ra ,fa A Q ' 26" Q Mm fav' nf, 'A Q a ai nv' , v.,..,!213iP l , I 'Wifi W ' A an - , w - , wg' . Yr' A-, 7' y- z f flsjfl N5 Q4-fa fi-4"..f dw 4 L L 2341 Seniors Virginia Allen Steven Alspach Andrea Amerio Karen Anasson Patty Andonian Rebecca Angerstein Michele Annis Chris Anthony JoAnn Antonell Shahram Aram Georgiann Archer Kathy Armbruster Deborah Abbott Georgann Abraham Holiday Adair Diane Adams Shirley Adkins Kenneth Alber Eileen Alfonso Anthony Allen Edith Allen ff? fs-'-" li'-. my-vw' 'Wx GDN 'Ds lr'-"l'if35 "' QW 'WN' 3' 'S was 'Q-g--.Q j ll e WW pi ni J Julie Bailey lvlicnael Bajarek Pamela Baker Edward Baker Cornelia Bakanyi Diane Balinski Jeff Balaugn Sally Balaugn Jack Banas Treasea Arrnsey Scall Arrnslrang Sleyen Arnala Panayalis Alnanasiau lylillan Alwgod Evelyn Au Julie Auslin Slepnen Aulen Sanay Averell Jeffry Axe Elizabeln Ayers Sanclra Baaerlscner Seniors 235 Lisa Baroacci Michael Barker Linaa Barna Karen Barnell Deborah Barringer Marilyn Barlecki Lori Bartholomew Palricia Barzacchini B 1 Kim Bellagio W ""' ' Thomas Bauer 1 ,Lie Kalhleen Bauza ,L f B 3 5 , " . ' 1 'W My K ,gp 2 K 2 W 'kv 'S , 'uw .. Ahmad Bawa Elaine Bazzoli Angela Beane Elizabelh Beck Laura Beck Gay Becker Gary Beckley T' Bruce Beckman Dan Beanarz Pamela Belcik lvlark Belgya ' Braaley Benale 'U' Bradley Bennell f Aris Beoglos W' S, i, ue, 1 1 My .,,,f 2 I i, F , f c " vmzf, r , .Hg s Q ,. H' " f r H ffinvc :A .B "li- QI' N 1" Joseph Berisch Tina Beit Bill Berger Waller Bernau Janei Bernsiein Carole Beriele Maiihew Bezbaichenko - 5, .X is X ig ax el. . V ,N 'K 1.1, .ss .-.. f m . ,, Dale Bissoneile Mark Biiiner Mike Biiiner Alexis Bioss Jack Bly Kaihryn Boers T.. Q Sf. .N A X ?"""Y l N., Y R l.. Qi Charlene Bickel Shari Biggins Andrea Billups David Bird Lynn Black Donna Blair Alissa Blazsek Vicioria Blohm Richard Bohn Anjalee Bolinger Bruce Bollinger Thomas Borgen John Buchanan John Bujorian Palricia Bujorian Slephen Bull 238 Seniors Heidi Boscherl Kimberly Bose Rebecca Bose Claudia Bowers James Braoenec Mark Bradcovich Susan Bradley Calhy Bradshaw Sharon Brawley Laszlo Brenner Dorolhy Briggs Lauri Brillharl Mark Brinkerhoff Gladys Brisco Philip Brower Leanne Brown Michael Brown Francis Browne Charles Brunoi John Bryenlon ,elf 20" '05 .IG ,gsm urvf 43 4' f ' 2 , - .1 3,5-l 8.4 ki, W3 Business sludenls lislen allenlively To a group presenlalion i J g Deborah Mufuocco allenas a Busrness Polroy leolure if I fb QEX 4. if 'KT' Heirs! 'ICT Donald Burrows Debrah Bylana Paul Caln Duane Caldwell Tamara Calkrns Lrncla Callana Brran Campbell Mark Campbell Trmolhy Campbell Thuha Cao Slanley Bunch Tymolhy Burkey Lincla Burns Sooll Burrowbriage Donala Capeslrarn, Jr, Anlhony Capozzr Jr. Lrsa Cappellr Susan Caraboolacl Anthony Caraccrolo, Jr. Deborah Carmrchael Mark Carnabuor Varnella Carr Kathleen Carrell Jeffrey Carler Senrors 231 Michael Cheslock Teresa Cho Erica Choi Fredric Chopko William Chris Kimberly Chrislensen 2410 Seniors John Caruso Janel Casily lvlargarel Cassidy James Cavanaugh John Chamberlain Diane Chase Mark Chaslain Allen Cherry Q""" Lorella Cianchelli Cheryl Cicci Bealrice Clapper David Claus Lisa Claus Mona Clay Bruce Clough David Cochran .ggi 7' Jock Coffrnon li! Morgoret Colernon 7"Y3 Motthew Collins K Stocy Colton Connie Conger Cotnleene Conley Kevin Conner Corol Considine Rondy Culver sells beer tickets ot o clonce. if vii? 1 ilggl 'B' ,KW J . .'-P' W J: f .5 ' 2 :fn ' 415 8 Tino Cotrufo Doniel Cox John Coy Corol Coyne Mlchoel Croigo Dello Crone Peter Cressrnon Dovid Critcnfleld Diono Cook Terry Cook Victorio Cook Judith Cooke Julie Cope Tijono Coso Seniors 244 242 Seniors Richard Dannemiller Breni Dansby Kevin Darago David Daugheriy Becky Davis Bonnie Davis Bradley Davis Debra Davis Sfeven Crofui James Cromleigh Evereii Crosby Amy Crumbley Deborah Culbreaih Randy Culver Kaihy Cummins Dennis Currie Chrisiine Czajka Majid Daneshvar Thomas Danko Ann Dannemiller Dwight Davis Tracee Decker Charles Defer Douglas Deille Alicia Cie la Fuenfe Kaihleen Dell Raymond Dell Joyce Denholm Sharon Desmore Susan DeVaulT Randall Dewali Maria Diarnaniis 5 Frank Di Caudo Pal Dlekrnann-Lee Dorolhea Dix Calherine Dobrindl Roberi Dobson Laura Dodd Maxine Dodd Michael Doll 2414 Seniors Pamela Dominguez 'awrence Donalelli Jennie Donnenwirlh Brian Dorenkoll Isabel Dorfner Vicki Darrel Ching-Ming Dougherty Zane Dougherty Carol Dowey Sheree Doyle Carol Dremann Michael Duffey Daniel Duffy Chris Dyer Paul Ebey Joan Eisenhauer Michael Ellioll Krislalyn Emery Tom Erickson 4, in Charles Dressler Helen Dubelz Carolyn Duda my in Kathleen Eckerl David Ehrhardl Karen Ehrharl funn QI-'A' we REV 1' w' 44? Meg Evilsizer Polricio Ewing Noncy Fogon NUI Louro Fields Jeff Fike Bruce Fink Koren Flowers Lindo Flowers Poulo Flynn l 4 mi ,Q ' ' Q .s X li Y Donno Errnolinger Forimo Eslcondori Joseph Esles Dovid Eubonk Wossirn Foroh Morgorei Fornell Jeffrey Fowceli Jonice Ferguson Goil Fisher Eclword Flock Dovid Flosk lvlory Flesch Thereso Fogle Douglos Foglesong John Foley Morjorie Forsoh Seniors 245 Thalia Founlain Kimberly Fousi Jacqueline Fowler W Chris Frampion M. an-r-ff Oliver France Linda Frank Audrey Franks Amy FVOTG W A lf1--- Michele Frecska Krisiine Fruichey Dawn Fuss ivan Fylak 'ff 'rf' vfT1ff"qu if ' :,V .. Raymond Gable M Gary Gagne Mary Theresa Galicki y Noeleen Gallagher Cheryl Garnerisfelder Tina GGFCGCJ Seniors bowled during Senior Night in the Game Room. yr. M gg sl X 7 1 4 1 M x Wwwf' 5' f Qi 5931 ii 'E W 1:2 W 1 A W N f f K Q' f Y A 'N U' f 'Rf ca J Av S i f i K Q 2 f f x 1 fu, 'Q ws. W 1 M I " 2 , 1,7 X V ff 5 ' , 3 ND ...- X ii J 62" X.. f Wea:-X B- Z 246 Seniors Seniors enjoy o TGIF ooriy os porf of Senior Cnollenge. M-em Donold Goroner Kimberly Gorrell Dovid Gouon Tnomos Goy Timolny Goylor Jone Geiser Gregory Gemoerling Jomes Gencnor Liso Gerlo Micnoel Giombro Lindo Gilbert Angelo Gloros Phyllis Glosgow Dominic Gonnello Mork Goodmon Corol Gordon Tnomos Gorsucn Timoiny Goubeoux A Rebecca Grani David Graves Jeanneiie Gray Theresa Graziano Tanya Green John Greer Susan Gregg Donald Guthrie Glenn Guiienberg Jane Hahn Laura Haines lvlalihew Haller James Hallman David Hamlin Denise Hanosak Amy Hand Joe Harbeson Breii Harris David Harisook Randall Haifield George Havale Jennifer Havens Ralf Suv' iQ wb CIW! 0 3 ff-,.,1?'y gil EIA nf f is during Senior Night in the Game Room. 'Ai' 3 Michael Haw Gregory Hayes Susan Hayes Neal Hazen David Hazleii John Hazleii, Jr, Karen Hazleii Patricia Hazleil Carmel Heaih Robert Heberi William Heilmeier Mark Hemminger Craig Henniger Debbie Henninge Colleen Heiiinger Scoil Heylock Pamela Hicks Alice Higgins Jeanine Hill Seniors 249 250 Seniors Poul Hoffer Jeffrey Hoffrnon Debbie Hoffmonn Joe Hogler Suson Holben Dionne Holecek Chrisfopher Hollenbooh Morilyn Holler Ricky Holmon Phyllis Hoover Roberf Horn Pofriok Horning P05 Joseph Hilfon lll Debro Hinkson Roberf Hochevor Suzonne Hoohslefler Cheryl Horsf Shelby Howells Doniel Hubo Dennis Huff WP 452W Wlllrorn Huff Wendy Hunk Dovrd Humbel Hollis Hume! Gr.-.... tffim TGFGSO JGDCIFISCJK Sondro Jessberger Thomos Jesser Pomelo Johns Tim Hurley Michoel Hurson Audrey HyoTT Brion Ickes Noncy Iler Joner Jockson Chrisrine Jocob Beckilu Jomes Gregg Jonsnego Borboro Jorrnon Joyce Jefferson Scott Jernson Seniors 251 252 Seniors Barbara Judson Sami Kakish Tari Kalbaugh Ghaleb Kamal Melanie Kaneas Marie Kanlorowski Karen Kavenagh Marsha Kay Howard Kea Bryon Keck Holly Keenan Douglas Keller Debra Johnson Helen Johnson Lisa Johnson Milissa Johnson Susan Johnslon Donna Jones Judilh Jones Paul Jones David Jordan Jr Terri Johns Claire Johnson MPV' wi X. Apos. .X Eugene Keller Anne Kelly l f 1 he K in 4 Q , 5 5 K Q 51' Douglas Kelly Sherrilee Kennedy Sharon Keppers Jane Kerensky John Kerns Jeffrey Kestner Diane Kettering Bahrnan Klan-Maha Cynthia Kiclwell 'K' Harriet Kime Michael Kirek Barbara Kissell Kurt Klassen Kathleen Klein Scott Kleinman Jeffrey Kline Kimberly Kmentt Susan Knapp Marcia Knight David Koch Mark Kochheiser Seniors 253 Cainy Kanesky Scarf Karorn Kevin Kascinski Diane Koval Andrea Kozak David Kazak Brenda Krager Karen Kress Kainryn Krukerneyer Marie Krupar Jean Kucnerrnan Jann Kuehls Mary Kuglics Mary Kunar Heidi Kundiz Vic Kungli Diane Kyriakedes George Kyriakedes David Lack Cheryl Lacy Connie Lahna Lillian Laneve Linda Langfiii Judifh Lanham Irene Lardakis David Lasiafka Anne Lawver Marcia Lazar if ,QL Ji 153 K-Y' his Spiros Lazaris Sneila Lee Jan Leignley Jannes Lenzoiii Monty Leonard Ronald Lesrock Cainy Levingsion Foronda Lewis Linda Lewis Bonnie Lias Marcella Licni Larry Lindberg Penny Lindon Mary Lingenfeller Danelle Linsell Gregory Lipiak Helen Livadas Victoria Lloyd Judy Lock Trisa Long Palricia Loradilcn Gail Lon' Linda Lovell Roberl Lowery, Jr. Janice Lowry Sharon Lucnilz Allan Lund Susan Luysier Seniors 255 Sieve Makar Jeffrey Malek Carol Mandau Nila Mandel William Mann Mahmoud Manieghi Lynda Manypenny Kevin Marciniak Harold Marker Connie Marsh Craig Marshall Shelley Marlin Gregory Lynell Nan MacKenzie Andrew Madden Kalhy Magoline Theresa Maguire Chrisline Mahne Carol Maslyk Rick Massaro Shahram Massihnia Lori Malheny Sally Malhews Cheryl Maliern Robert Mattes Robin Matthews Cynthia Maxwell Deborah May Rebecca May Paula Mayhew Wiliiarn Mayhew Anne McBride Paui McCloud Patricia McConnell Kenneth McCorvey John McCoy Mariiynn McCoy Barbara IVicCrea Maureen McCusker Janet McFarland 258 Seniors Fred MCG-ee, Jr. Jerome McHale Lisa Mcllvain Terri McKay Debra McLaughlin Kevin McLean Lefresaa McMillan Mary McNamara Rainier Megger Pamela Mellon Virginia Merkle Linda Messer yn Qu-J Mary Meiielal Gay! Meyers William Miadaugn Mary Minalik Palricia Mikula Debra Miles Becky Millara Amy Miller Elizabelh Miller Jeffrey Miller Marian Miller Randall Miller 'Yuba S915 ia A Q... R 'MPN 1'7" Q5 Clauclelle Mininni Conslance Minne Cynlhia Misich Glenn Mitchell Nina Milchell Chrisline Mornchilov Susan Monoc Carolina Monroy Mariory Moore Maria Moreno Craig Morgan Vincenl Morvalz Q David Moskowilz Susan Molsco Palrick Mullin Sandra Mundy Ann Munka John Munka Amy Murar Louise Musch Rilo Myers Anneile Nader Elizabeth Nagy Richard Nagy Seniors 250 Roberl Naylor Amelia Nemelh Monica Neiiles Sue Newman Brenda Nichols Kaihleen Nisi Richard Nivens Sherri Noll Diane Oreschak Chrisline Osmar Barbara Osyk Lisa Oile Kimberly Olio Michael Pancoe Tomas Parks John Parravani 1 l 44 "CI" PU! Mari Novak David Nypaver Karen O Brien Randal Odenkirk John O Donnell Karen Ogorzaly Karen O Hare Elmyra Oliver Anneiie Opalenik ,. I I f 3 F 5 A L aff T I X3 i. -:lf , ,N QQ: QVC-f l's ' sr, -Q' ' -x x A TGIF parfy is a nice way for friends To kick-off The weekend. Cafny Pasiadis Kyle Paskerf Anneffe Pasauarella Ann Marie Paulin Mary Pavkav Gary Pease . . v A 33 , . ,qwxx ,fgf 4 y 5 ,J :sl A ' . 1 Q fx jg X J, Q, . x' - 1 , , ,Q r W- Q' F , 5' - , v ' C8 e sa- 5 WWW' LL Sfepnen Pefersen Glen Perfersan Jeffrey Peferson Mary Peficca James Pefrala James Pefsock Andrew Peck Meiissa Perdue Mark Pesicn Senaars 201 Richard Pfisier Daniel Philipps James Phillips Ray Picard Carol Piechowicz Anne Piero Wendy Piorkowski Pamela Pirogowicz Janis Pirsenberger Lawrence Piiiinger Laurie Piiiman Lori Piilmon lvlaria Plevris Timoihy Pogany Lynn Pollack Tracey Pollard Edwin Pool Debra Poris Susan Poulos Larry Pounds Michael Pozuc Carolyn Presuiii Jeffrey Price Wendy Prince Suzanne Prulhiere Anne Psolla Renae Raber Rosanne Radziewicz Farnaz Rahinni Chrisline Rairner John Rarnbacher Barral Ramnarine Daniel Raper David Raper Karen Reese Debra Reich Theresa Reich Carol Reilly S. Adele Reirnan Renee Renier Laurie Reis Connie Repo Williarn Rex David Reyes Kimberly Ricci Jill Rice Paula Rice Deborah Richards Donald Richards Gloria Richards Roberl Richey Teri Riemer Tirnoihy Rife Deborah Riggs Kalhleen Riley Marceline Riley Jeanneiie Rivera John Rivera Marilyn Robinson 2611 Seniors L Q' Suzanne Robinson Jana Rogers Vicki Rogers Douglas Rohr Deborah Roper Adrienne Ross Cynthia Ross Margarei Rossell Andrew Roih Eileen Roweii Harriei Roysier Elaine Ruoh Joni Ruebel Jack Runion Sandi Rupp Timoihy Rush Seniors order class rings on campus from Arr Carved aqymf ff 7 1 Kfx wi .Qu WE UU: SN 'lining 'fl' WFWN X fim- . ifxryiiw iioxisixi in CGGDRICH LCDBBY M95 Marie Russell Donna Russo Peggy Ryan William Ryder David Sabol Jeffrey Sain Aninony Salem Gary Saleirik Kevin Salyer Julie Sams Judiin Sanders Heainer Sands Valerie Saniavicca Toni Sarmir Farzin Salari Andrew Sausmer Seniors and Tneir families aifend a receplion neld by Dr. and Mrs. G-uzzella in E.J. Thomas Hall Albert Sawaya ll Barbara Saylor Kim Scanlan Seniors 265 266 Seniors Margarei Schauer Patrick Schlaiher Marianne Schrnidi Mark Schrade Anne Schroeder Joseph Schroeder Breni Schuring Michael Schwarzwalder Mark Schweitzer Karen Sciraii Terry Sebok Mark Segerlund Lawanna Seiders Darleen Sesock Richard Sesiokas Kaaren Sevek 'T' 'fl' fx 'WX WR T'- SE "Three cheers for graduaiing seniors! M -.:- E 3 wiv, L F' F idx fl M also 946' 47' 'K F 3 9, Donald Sewell, Jr. Cheryl Shaoram Paiiy Shafer Cindy Shaffer Deborah Shank Michael Shaulis Cheryl Shaw Harry Sheeis Susan Shick Michael Sigmund Michael Sikula Krisiine Simpson Richard Skelley, Jr. Marcia Skerl Mary Ann Skerl Carrie Skokui Lynda Skorzewski Mark Slania Timolhy Slaiiery Sheryl Slone Tari Smiley Dona Smiih Douglas Smiih Keni Smiih Linda Smiih Mark Smiih Sharon Smiih Gerald Smiihkey Seniors 267 Lori Snowden Mary Snyder Perry Somerville Phillip Soos David Sovacool Carla Sowers Julie Spettel Christopher Spragg Laura Stack Thom Staloup Richard Stallings Lori Stanton David Starr Philip Starr Douglas Steed Jacklan Steele Kathleen Steffensen Sherrie Stein Steven Stein Linda Stephenson Mary Sterkel Paula Stevens Sherri Stewart William Stewart Beverly Stiegele Diane Stinson Beverly Stone foseph Stotler f f, 'nge ' J! laik M X Kristolyn Emery joins in on The Senior Boord-sponsored TGIF fun. -mu, r E W iff, 1 v 'fs-r 'lf Qi? W' E XX Michele Srroyer Thornos Srredney Georgio Strickland Rex Sruff Tonyo Sudio Arthur Sundoy Brion Swoger John Sweeney EI, Morlene Szeles Michol Szirroi Eric Ton 1 f vc .f M541 u-,,,,5?"'7,f wr av-1 ' ' E? 'it U Edword Tonnehill . ka I Louro Tonner Dovid Tonrlinger, Jr. Sruorr Topper Howord Toylor Senrors 260 270 Seniors Marlene Tehi Kathy Thomas Lynn Thomas Steven Thomas Ted Thome Julianne Thompson Monica Thompson Veronica Thompson Mark Tibbs Bonny Sue Tipton Karen Topping Kathleen Totten Ann Trachsel Lee Tripi Patrick Tripi Karl Trottnow William Troyer Thomas Tucker Vetrice Turner Linda Tutelian Janet Tvardy Diane Twiggs Dawn Tyson Stan Ujcich Sue Ulrich Stephen Urbon Kathryn Valentine Kevin Vander Veen 'T' has 'CN Qs. ., '27 K 'ixlgx A f fs.. . s X l i s , x- Yu a l , NNW.- 'Fw X , S - ,A . , -643 ' X 'S I " , ' Ji A ME' 14- M mv ai , A .J ,ge fy, wi P ss. " N YW' f L Wi Ai" 2 M 'Q Al' vs is M :CN Q? iss' Rosemary Vandiver J. Renae Van Dyne Brian Vasiloff Calharine Verbiar Susan Vichos Susan Vinson Laura Vik Laraine Vucovich Allison Wade Kennelh Wade Diane Wagner Richard Wagner William Waickman Lynn Walch Mark Walker Michael Walker Zoe Walsh Carolyn Waller Brian Wallers Parnela Warren Janel Wariko Caiherine Waison Ruby Weaver Celeste Weber Randall Weimer Barbara Weingarl Daniel Weir Gretchen Wepfer Seniors 274 272 Seniors Ned Wesl Cynrnio Welsnlein Troci Wellerdu Toni Wheeler Brine Whipple Edword While Perry While Belly Wnileleolner Timolny Wile Andrew Williams, Jr, l .lomes Williorns Kim Williorns Lillion Williorns Slepnen Williornson Jeffrey Wilson Noncy Wilson Robin Wilson Lori Wisinloiner Ron Wilmer Williorn Wiiwer lvlorion Wilschey Jomes Wojcik ll ill will in may -fine A sludenl s fovorile in cldss reoding moleriol 119 ":l"P""1' 'QW N 'QV mf W .- 6 c a. 25 A ,Asif A cheerful Trio celebroles of The Universiiy Club Eu A .rv fm? John Wolfe Lucy Wolford Richord Wood Cheryl Wrolchford Horry Wrighl Michoel Wrighi Pomelo Wyer Dovicl Wynn Dilip Yojnik Sleven Yoshnik Ricky Yoies Soeed Yozcloni Lynne Yohe Terry Yoho Richord Yosi Kimberly Young Leoiheo Young Clevy Yu Koihleen Zehenni Koihryn Zelosko George Zembor, Jr. Gregory Zink Seniors 273 kmfgi. S wx , w . , KY f"-Q-. ., 1-.,.', M -N f e fx x T K ,i K fy W SQ ,Q K1 X xx S I' S W S 51 ' -v 2 4 L -1 ' N , 'I sign? .X y s. VANS' . NA -f M. Y' .. .. U ,- , . , if w mxily ' 'Xf,!X , gif 5:2 X.f,,w M - , ' ,fzlfifl i1f..':53 Q " .Q4,5.f' ,. , mf X -53:25 , b ' X, :aw ff q Q 'iff - QQ 5 'T .5 V' 'FX 1: ' ' . 'Sf ipwv-Q , QQ ying Y ,gfw ' :Ye wg, ' K Y iff wx Ss 'Elin on we-4, ,nl iw W? 'Ms AMW' if Q Q s,, C9rcJduc1Tion '82 Wi' A-1q5,,,.w Charlene Bickel woifs To receive her degree. ,4 -1 ,fb J'- ', 1 fa? 'No'-fd! v,,'f93,-ll. I Inf' Y 'af I C' Clvw rv , if 5 ff 1 . ' , , ' -R ,gl ' J, uf I I Y -' ,.,,-jfsgfv ii. I J P! I V., J 'JI' J ,al u -I '4 I A I R -il., -A A, 1l,f,! ,fi ,gi 4 this an JT' Qrukly iv 14' tm! V J K B 1 sr Lgiifmfkn , ' , Q , ,. J I V Q ' . ... z x v - ff ge ' A, 1 Sy., 1, - egg -. LJ", sf- .gf5j' J .. -f" . 1- vw ,tlnv I 295 54, gl tm -W., vpn,-rzpfii .fav-ff iff., 1 4 mfg, Q LAV 4 43 M.. S, W 43' A-., vm!-5. . 4 , 1,-1-L 'Lf eq-fl .L-6' 'I f ri xx ,N 4 lg 14 "-.Q ,iufpu ,A V ,- 'fi' 1,,vN -- .QV . .V - Q 15 S . Us is 4, it 3 vw' , . , v . v ,, WA' 'N - Q,-3 i -H vm u g - ,, NA Q xQm?'q ' G,,ftnL ', nv' vf V-fi Rain' X lg uv-Rv , X 5. " .I ' ,fql -3'-w , , , xl fa t ' ,M A Qi-h :ivif - - vin- , .ug-.4 'O ,1.T1'f'w 1' f 'dvi 'S 'lm' .IL 'un- Abbott Deborah BA Englrsh Dorm Govern ment Abraham Georgann BS Nursrng Collegrate Nursrng Club Alpha Gamma Delta Adarr l-lollday BA Psychology Adams Drone BS SpecralEducatron CEC Adklns Shrrley AAB Data Processrng Data Processrng Club Alber Kenneth BS Crv1lEngrneerrng Lamb da Chr Akaha ASCE Baseball Team lntramur a Alfonso Elleen A A B Marketrng and Sales Technology Allen Anthony BS Chemrstry Allen Earth AAB Transportatron AAB Ex ecutrve Secretarral Scrence PHPB Delta Nu Alpha Secretary Board of Drrectors lntra murals Allen Vrrglnra BA Socral Work Alspach Steven BA Socrology Socrology Club Alpha Kappa Delta Amerlo Andrea BS Technrcal Educatron Ohro Busrness Teachers Assocratron Anasson Karen BA PolrtrcalScrence ASG lntramurals ODK Mortar Board Pr Srgma Al pha Andonlan Patty BA Mass Medra Communr Angerstern Rebecca BS Nursrng Srgma Theta Tau Annes Mrchele AAB Tronsportatron Anthony Chrrs BA Ballet Antonell JoAnn BS Home Economrcs Dorm Government Home Ec Club Aram Shahram BS MechanrcalEngrneerrng Archer Georgrann BS Chemrstry Armbruster Kathy BS Marketrng Pr Srgma Epsrlon Armsey Treasea AAB Medrcal Assrstrng Technology Armstrong Scott BS CrvrlEngrneerrng Arnold Steven BS CrvrlEngrneerrng Athanoslou Panayotls BS lndustrral Man agement Atwood Mrlton BS Marketrng Lone Star Au Evelyn A A B Data Processrng Austln Julre A A S Educatronal Technology Auten Stephen BS Electrrcal Engrneerrng Track Team Averell Sandy BS Nursrng Collegrate Nurs rng Club Chr Omega Axe Jeffry A A S Draftrng Technology Skr Team Tau Kappa Epsrlon Ayers Ellzabeth BS Elementary Educatron Senior Director PHPB Pr Lambda Theta Kappa Phr lntramur a Badertscher Sandra BS Busrness Educatron Barley Julle AAB Busrness Management Technology Balorek Mrchael BA Geography Dorm Government lntramurals Baker Edward A A B Data Processrng Baker Pamela BS Nursrng lntramurals Bakonyr Cornelra BS Accountrng Delta Phr Alpha German Club Delta Srgma Pr SIFE Ballnskr Duane BS lndustrral Management Alpha Lambda Delta Beta Gamma Srgma ASPA Balough Jeff BS Accountrng Balough Sally AAS Communrty Servrces Technology Banas Jack A A B Data Processrng Barbaccl Lrsa B S Accountrng Beta Gamma Srgma Forensrcs Beta Akaha Psr Accountrng Assocratron Barker Mlchael BS Marketrng Bama Llnda BA Textrles and Clothrng Barnett Karen BA Speech Pathology and Audrology NSSLHA Secretary Barrlnger Deborah BS Nursrng Dorm Gov ernment Barteckr Marrlyn BA Dretetlcs Kappa Omr cron Phr SDA Bartholomew Lorr BA Elementary Educa tron PHPB lntramurals Barzacchrnr Patrrcra BF A Graphrc Desrgn Battlsta Krm BS Accountrng Beta Aknha Psr Wl?HA Bauer Thomas BS Accountrng Delta Srgma Pr Vrce Presrdent Accountrng Assocratron Beta Alpha Psr Bauza Kathleen AAB Computer Technol OQV Bawa Ahmad BC T Constructron Technol ogy Muslrm Students Assocratron Nrgerran Students Unron Bazzolr Elarne A A B Busrness Management Technology lntramurals PHPB Dorm Govern ment Beane Angela BS Nursrng Beck Elrzabeth BS Nursrng Collegrate Nurs rng Club lntramurals Beck Laura BA Psychology lntramurals Becker Gay BF A Graphrc Desrgn Beckley Gary BA PolrtrcalScrence Beckman Bruce BA Geography Gamma Theta Upsrlon Presrdent Geography Club Bednarz Dan BS Accountrng Belcrk Pamela BS Nursrng Belgya Mark BS Accountrng Beta Alpha Psr Accountrng Assocratron PHPB PA Bendle Bradley BS CrvrlEngrneerrng ASCE Treasurer Bennett Bradley BS Accountrng Wrestlrng Team lntramurals Beoglos Arls B S Nursrng Collegrate Nursrng Club Panhellenrc Councrl Alpha Delta Pr Berger Blll A A B Busrness Management Technology Bernau Walter BS CrvrlEngrneerrng ASCE Bernsteln Janet BA Psychology BA French AJSO Secretary Psychology Club Abha Lambda Delta Phr Srgma Aloha Pr Del ta Phr Honors Scholar Bertele Carole BS Accountrng ASG Tel Buch Staff Beta Alpha Psr Beta Gamma Srg m Bertsch Joseph BM T Mechanrcal Technol ogy Skl Club Bett Tuna A A B lnternatronalSecretarralScr ence ESA Correspondrng Secretary Karate Club French Club Bezbatchenko Matthew BS Management ASPA Phr Delta Theta Blckel Charlene BA Mass Medra Communr catron Aloha Lambda Delta Tel Buch Staff Srgma Delta Chr Buchtelrte Managrng Edrtor PHPB Brgglns Sharr BS Nursrng Collegrate Nursrng pher Dorm Government Presrdent Brllups Andrea A A S Chemrcal Technology Tel Buch Staff Blrd Davld BS Mechanrcal Engrneerrng Blssonette Dale BS Accountrng Brttner Mark AAB Marketrng and Sales Technology Brttner Mrke AAB Data Processrng Golf Team Black Lynn BS lndustrral Management ASPA Blalr Donna BS Nursrng Blazsek Alrssa BS Nursrng Blohm Vrctorla BS Brology Bloss Alexls BS lndustrral Engrneerrng Bly Jack AAB Data Processrng BS Ac countrng Amateur Padro Club Boers Kathryn BA Mass Medra Communrca tron Buchtellte Staff Bohn Rrchard BS lndustrral Management BA Psychology ASPA ASG Chref Justrce EBC Tel Buch Sports Edrtor Managrng Edrtor Busrness Manager Buchtelrte Staff A Key Dorm Government Presrdent Psychology Club Bolrnger Anralee B S Marketrng Pr Srgma Ep srlon Secretary Aloha Lambda Delta Dorm Government Tennrs Team Bolllnger Bruce BS Accountrng Beta Alpha A L B pf A 1 A ,A , S . Q . I - I n I Q, catlong Advertrsrng Association, Presrdent, , Clubq lntramurals: Pl-lC,' Buchtelite, Photogra- Psil' Beta Gamma Sigmag Accounting Associ- ation Borgen Thomas BS Chemical Engineering AlChE Tau Beta Pi Boschert l-lends BS Accounting Beta Alpha Psi Beta Gamma Sigma Apha Lambda Del ta ODK Mortar Board Accounting Associ ation Student Toastmasters international Students Club ASG Vice President lntramur als A Key Whos Who Bose Klmberly BS industrial Management ASPA Bose Rebecca BS Marketing Pi Sigma Epsi lon President Bowers Claudla BA Family8c ChildDevelop ment Phi Kappa Theta Kappa Omicron Phi Alpha Sigma Lambda Brabenec James A A B Marketing and Sales Technology Buchtellte Staff American Ad vertising Association Bradcovlch Mark BS Electrical Engineering Bradley Susan BA Spanish BS Social Work Aloha Abha Aloha Abha Lambda Delta Ski Club Ecumenical Campus Ministry SS WL Treasurer Bradshaw Cathy A A S Child Development Brawley Sharon BFA Graphic Design Brenner Laszlo BA German Army l?OTC Brlggs Dorothy BA English Bnllhart Laurl BS Elementary Education tramurals ing lntramurals ASME Brlsco Gladys BA Psychology Brower Phlllp BS TechnicalEducation Aknha Sigma Lambda Brown Leanne BA Political SciencefCri minal Justice Brown Muchael BS Accounting Browne Francls BS Accounting Brunot Charles BS Finance Finance Club Bryenton John A A B Marketing and Sales Technology Lambda Chi Aloha Buchanan John BS Marketing Bulonan John BS Accounting Beta Abha Psi Bela Gamma Sigma Bulonan Patrlcla BS Accounting Delta Sig ma Pi Secretary Bull Stephen AAB TransportationfCom mercial A viation Bunch Stanley AAB Data Processing Phi Eta Sigma Phi Theta Kappa Burkey Tymothy A A S Surveying American Congress on Surveying and Mapping Burns Llnda BA Mass Media Communica tion Buchtellte Staff AMS WAUP Burrowbrldge Scott BS Mechanical Engl neering ASME Burrows, Donald: AAB. Data Processing, Byland Debrah BA Dietetics SDA Caln Paul AAB Data Processing ASG ln tramurals lVCF Caldwell Duane BS Nursing Calklns Tamara BA Spanish Spanish Honor Society Calland Llnda BS Nursing Campbell Brlan BS Electrical Engineering Campbell Mark BS Electrical Engineering Phi Sigma Kappa President Phi Eta Sigma President ODK Vice President Senior Board Buchtellte Staff Campbell Timothy BS Marketing Phi Delta Theta Water Polo Club Cao Thuha BS Medical Technology Capestraln Donald Jr BS Electrical Engl neering IEEE Capozzl Anthony Jr BS Special Education Theta Chi ASG SCP Cappella usa BS Nursing Caraboolad Susan BA Dietetics SDA Caracclolo Anthony Jr BS lndustrialMan agement Carmlchael Deborah A A S Surgical Assist ing Technology Dorm Government Carnabucl Mark BS Accounting Beta Al pha Psi Carr Varnetta BS Technical Education Carrell Kathleen BS Nursing Cheerleader Carter Jeffrey BS Accounting Caruso John BS Civil Engineering ASCE Concrete Canoe Club Caslty Janet A A S Medical Assisting Tech nology Cassldy Margaret BA Political Science Pre Law Club PHC Pl-lPB PA ODK AlChE Cavanaugh James BS Management Tau Kappa Epsilon Historian IFC Secretary Chamberlaln John BA Mass Media Com munication Chase Duane BS Nursing Chastaln Mark BS Marketing Phi Sigma Kappa Cherry Allen BS Electrical Engineering Out ing Club Marching Band Tau Kappa Epsilon Cheslock Mlchael AAB Transportation Cho Mlyun BS Natural Science Chou Frlca Bl-A Graphic Design Chopko Fredrlc BS industrial Management Delta Sigma Pi lMSA ASPA ASG Chrls Wnlllam BA Communication 8: Phetor ic Phi Kappa Psi President IFC Chnstensen Klmberly BS Accounting Ger man Club, Secretaryg Aapha Lambda Deltaq Delta Phi Aloha Accounting Association Secretary Student Toastmasters Secretary Beta Alpha Psi Clanchettl Loretta AAS Chemical Tech nology Clccl Cheryl BS Marketing ASPA PSE Clapper Beatnce BA Social Work Alpha Amha Aloha SS WL Vice President Claus Claus Clay Dorm A SPA Davld BS Electrical Engineering lEEE Llsa A A B Data Processing Mona BS industrial Management Government Vice President lMSA Pl-lC Clough Bruce BS Electrical Engineering Tau Beta Pi Air Force ROTC Phi Eta Sigma Eta Kappa Nu Cochran Davld BS Accounting Account ing Association Vice President Student Toastmasters Treasurer Activities Director Coffman Jack BS Accounting Coleman Margaret BA Family 8: Child De velopment Colllns Matthew BS Management Ski Club lMSA Colton K Stacy BA Mass Media Communi cation PPSSA WPHA Major Events Dorm Government Conger Connle AAB Marketing 81 Sales Technology Conley Cathleene BS Home Economics murals Conner Kevln A A B Business Management Technology Consldlne Carol BA Mass Media Communi cation Buchtellte Staff Entertainment Assis tant Copy Editor Aknha Lambda Delta The ta Phi Awha Sigma Delta Chi Cook Dlana BA History Tennis Team Cap tain Phi Alpha Theta PiLambda Theta Phys ical Education Club Cook Terry A A S Community Services Technology Alpha Delta Pi Cook Vlctorla BS Nursing Cooke Judlth BFA Painting Student Art League President Dorm Government ODK l-lonors Scholar Cope Julle BS Mathematics Coso Tllana BA Mass Media Communica tion Dorm Government Wl?l-lA lntramurals PPSSA OA Buchtellte Staff Cotrufo Tuna BS Biology Cox Danlel BS industrial Management lMSA Tel Buch Staff Phi Delta Theta Coy John BS Mechanical Engineering ASME Tau Kappa Epsilon Coyne Carol BS Elementary Education tramurals Cralgo Mlchael BS Physical Education ' , '2 . . ' 1 ln- . Brinkerhoff, Mark: BS. Mechanical Engineer- g 4 l?A,' Marching Bandq Dorm Governmentg lntra- Health 81 Physlcal Education Majors Club, Presldentq lntramuralsp G ymnastfcs Club, Crane Della BS Marketrng Cressman Peter BS Mechanical Engrneer rn Crrtchfleld Davrd AAB Busrness Manage ment Technology AMS PR Ofhcer Crofut Steven BA Mass Medra Communr catron RHPB President Cromlergh James BS Marketrng Crosby Everett AAS Electronrc Technol ogy Phr Theta Kappa Student Advrsory Commrttee Crumbley Amy AA B Legal Secretarlal Scr ence Dorm Government Treasurer Culbreath Deborah AAB Food Servrce Management Alpha Angels Club lFSEA Culver Randy B S lndustrral Management A A B Food Service Management Pr Kappa Delta Forensrcs IFSEA Cummrns Kathy BA Secondary Educatron Cheerleader Phr Aknha Theta Currre Dennls A A B Busrness Management Technology Czalka Chrrstrne BS Brology Daneshvar Malld BS Chemlstry Danko Thomas BS Labor Economrcs Dannemlller Ann BA Famrly 84 Chrld Devel opment Dansby Brent BFA Graphrc Desrgn Darago Kevrn BS Frnance Skr Club Daugherty Davld BS Crvll Engrneerrng Skr Club Davrs Becky BS Nurslng Srgma Theta Tau Davrs Bonnre BS Nursrng Collegrate Nursrng Club Davrs Bradley BS PhysrcalEducatron Davrs Debra BA Mass Media Communrca tron Major Events WAUP WlCl Treasurer Davrs Dwlght BS Mechanical Englneerrng ASME Treasurer Decker Tracee BS Marketrng Alpha Lamb da Delta Major Events Defer Charles BS Busrness Educatron Dertle Douglas BS Accountrng lVCF de la Fuente Alrclo BS Brology Dell Kathleen BS Nursing Dell Raymond BS Accountrng Accountrn Assocratron Skl lub Denholm Joyce B A Mass Medra Communr catron Desmore Sharon AAS Educatronal Tech nology Bowllng Team DeVault Susan BA Psychology PslChr Dewalt, Randall: B.S. Electronic Technology: Phi Eta Sigma. Dramantls Marla A A B Marketrng and Sales Technology Hellenrc Club DrCaudo Frank BS Accountrng Karate Club Student Toastmasters Drekmann Lee Pat A A S Cofnmunrty Ser vrces Technology Phr Theta Kappa Dlx Dorothea BS Marketrng Abha Lambda Delta Skr Club AMA Dobrrndt Cathy BS Accountrng Account rng Assocratron Delta Srgma Pr lntramurals Beta Aknha Psr Dobson Robert BA Phrlosophy Phrlosophy Club Presrdent Dodd Laura A A B Data Processrng Delta Zeta Phr Srgma Kappa Lrttle Srster Dodd Maxune AA S Communrty Servrces Technology Phr Theta Kappa Doll Mrchael BS lndustrral Management lMSA Tau Kappa Epsrlon Domrnguez Pamela B S Management Kappa Phr lntramurals Marchrng Band lMSA ASPA Donatellr Lawrence BS lndustnal Manage ment Army ROTC Donnenwrrth Jennre BS Elementary Educa tron Dorm Government Dorenkott Brran BS Brology lntramurals Skr Club Dorfner Isabel BS Economrcs lnternatronal Students Club Vlce Presrdent Omrcron Delta Epsrlon Pr Delta Phr Dorrel Vrckr BA Mass Medra Communrca tron Tau Beta Srgma Presrdent Vrce Presr dent Treasurer Dougherty Chung Mrng BS Brology Dougherty Zane BS Accountrng Army ROTC Superror Cadet Award ROTC Color Guard Dowey Carol BS Polrtrcal ScrencefCrrmrnal .lustrce Doyle Sheree BS Elementary Educatron Dremann Carol A A S Educatronal Technol ogy RHPB lntramurals Dressler Charles BS Electrrcal Engrneerrng Lambda Chr Akyha Treasurer Presrdent Phl Eta Srgma Unrversrty Councrl ASG ODK IEEE Dubetz Helen BS Accountrng Duda Carolyn BS Nursrng Srgma Theta Tau Dorm Government Treasurer Presrdent Rl-LC Aknha Lambda Delta Honors Scholar Duffey Mrchael BS CrvllEngrneer1ng ASCE lntramurals Duffy Danrel BS CrvrlEngrneerrng Lone Star Arr Force RO TC Dyer Chrrs BA Educatron Ebey Paul B C T Constructron Technology Eckert, Kathleen: B.A, Family 8: Child Devel- opment: lVCF. Ehrhardt Davld BS Geology Ehrhart Karen BS Marketrng Elsenhauer Joan BF A Parntrng Student Art League Ellrott Mlchael BA Mass Media Communr catron Buchtellte Staff Emery Krrstalyn BS lndustrral Management OEA Presrdent lMSA SIFE Beta Gamma Srg ma Secretary ODK Erlckson Tom BA Psychology Psychology Club Delta Phr Aknha German Club Ermatrnger Donna BFA Graphic Desrgn Cheerleader Co Captain Buchtellte Staff Artrst lVCF FCA Student Art League Kappa Kappa Gamma Eskandarr Farrma BS Marketrng Gamma Beta Treasurer Vrce Presrdent Presrdent Evenrng Student Council Nute Lrfe Assrstant Edrtor Aknha Srgma Lambda A Key ODK Estes Joseph BS Flnance Frnance Club Eubank Davrd BF A Photography Student Art League President Evrlsrzer Meg BS Nursing Dorm Govern ment Collegiate Nursrng Club Presrdent Ewlng Patrlcra BA Socral Work SSWL Fagan Nancy B S Nursrng RHPB lntramurals Ballet Farah Wassrm BS Management ASPA Farnell Margaret BA Socral Work SSWL Al pha Gamma Delta Fawcett Jeffrey BS Natural Scrence Ferguson Janrce BA Textrles Bc Clothrng Dorm Government AWS Frelds Laura A A B Executrve SecretarralScr ence RHPB Students For Chrrst OA Frke Jeff B C T Constructron Technology Skr Club Frnk Bruce BS Accounting Skr Club lntra murals Frsher Gall BS Accountrng Accountrng As socratlon Student Toastmasters Skr Club Flack Edward Jr BS lndustrral Manage ment Srgma Iota Epsrlon Flask Davrd BS Mechanrcal Engrneerrng ASME Skr Club lntramurals Flesch Mary BS Nursrng Softball Team Col legrate Nursrng Club Sgma Theta Tau ODK Flowers Karen BS SpecralEducatron Flowers Lrnda BS Brology Flynn Paula BS lndustrral Management Dorm Government Treasurer lntramurals ASPA lMSA Fogle Theresa BA Textrles8c Clothrng Home Ec Club lntramurals Foglesong Douglas BA Theatre Arts The atre Gurld Marchrng Band Symphony Band ' - , . .. 1 1 - 1- 1 , . 11. ' - 1 1 1. 1 Q. , . .. , , ' , ... 1 , 1 1 r ' , . 11. l ' - , . .. ' - r . ' ' 1 1 , ... , ' , . .. , , , ., . ' ' I 1 ' ' ' - 1 1 - , . ,.. I I f , I , . .1 , , 1 , 1 , . .. , , . ,.. - I ' '-- 1 f I , 1 1 1 , . ... , , . ... , . .. 1 ' ' ' ' 1 1 1 V , . ,. , 1 ' , . .. , , . , . ... I ' - 1 - -- 1 ' , . .. 9 ' - 1 A f- 1 - , . ,., .1 . , ... , , , . ,. . - ..,. . I . V I 1 1 1 1 1 , , ,, , I I ., . . . . , , I 1 1 1 1 1 , LJ , , . .. , ' ' ' 1 1 1 , 1 1. 1 I . W' ' I , 1 , .. 1 1 1 ' 278 Sensors Foley John: B.S. Industrial Management. Forsch Marlorle BA Theatre Arts Fountaln Thalla BA Psychology Psychology Club Foust Klmberly BS Marketing Abha Delta Pr President Marchlng Band AMA Pho Lambda Fowler Jacquellne BS Marketlng Frampton Chrls BS Industrial Management Baseball Team IMSA France Ollver AAB Marketing 84 Sales Technology Frank Linda BS Nurslng Franks Audrey BA Socral Work Frate Amy BS Nurslng Frecska Mlchele BS Elementary Educatron Pr Lambda Theta Frutchey Krlstlne BS Nurslng Fuss Dawn BS Nursrng Skr Club Abha Lambda Delta Fylak Ivan BS Electrrcal Engrneerlng Eta Kappa Nu Presrdent IEEE Gable Raymond BA Hrstory PhlAloha e Gagne Gary BA SocralSclence Gallckl Mary Theresa AAB Marketrng 81 Gallagher Noeleen BS Home Economlcs PHC Dorm Government Gamertsfelder Cheryl BS Elementary Edu catron Major Events AWS Intramurals Garcea Tuna BS PhysrcalEducatlon Softball Team Basketball Team Fellowshrp of Chrrs tran Athletes Ph ysrcal Educatlon Majors Club Gardner Donald A A S Manufacturrng Tech nology IVCF Students For Christ Gymnastrcs Club Head Coach Garrett Krmberly A A B Executrve Secretary Sclence Kappa Kappa Gamma Dorm Gov ernment Gauch Davld BS lndustrral Management Ph: Srgma Kappa Srgma Phl Epsrlon Vlce Presrdent Senlor Board IFC Gay Thomas BS Electrlcal Engrneerlng Wrestllng Team Gaylor Tlmothy BS Buslness Educatlon Gelser Jane BS Nursrng Gemberllng Gregory BA Secondary Edu catron PA Dorm Government Intramurals Genchar James A A S Draftrng Technology Gerla Lsa B F A Graphrc Design PHPB Glambra Mlchael BS Crvll Engrneerrng ASCE Gllbert Llnda AAB Executlve Secretarral Science Glaros Angela' BA Biology' Kappa Kappa Gamma Glasgow Phyllls BS Nursrng Gonnella Domlnlc BS Accountlng Goodman Mark BA Mass Medla Communr catron Dorm Government Intramurals Gordon Carol BS Nursrng Gorsuch Thomas BS ElectrIcalEnglneerrng Tau Beta Phr Cataloger Eta Kappa Nu Phr Mu Epsllon IEEE Goubeaux Tlmothy BS Accountrng Grant Rebecca BS Electrical Engrneerlng Tau Beta PI Secretary IEEE Secretary P1 Mu Epsllon Alpha Lambda Delta Math Club Graves Davld BS ClvIlEnglneerrng ASCE Gray Jeannette BA Engllsh Grazlano Theresa BS Nurslng Dorm Gov ernment Vrce Presldent Intramurals Green Tanya BA Mass Medla Communlca tron PPSSA WICI Greer John BS lndustrral Management Gregg Susan BA Soclal Work Akpha Akoha Abha SSWL 2nd Vrce President Guthrle Donald BS Polrtlcal SCI9DC9fCfI mrnal Justlce Guttenberg Glenn BS Clvll Englneerrng ASCE Pr Mu Epsllon Tau Beta pl Hahn Jane BSXMD Halnes Laura BS Brology Holler Matthew A A B Data Processrng Hallman James BS Marketrng PISrgma Epsl lon Dorm Government Treasurer IMSA ASPA Intramurals Hamlln Davld BS lndustrlal Management Karate Club Hancsak Denlse BS Geophysrcs Hand Amy BS Industrlal Management PHC ASPA Delta Srgma Pl Hrstorran Intramurals Harbeson Joe A A S Surveyrng 8: Construc tron Technology Harrls Brett BS Accountrng Hartsook Davud BS Accountlng Hatfleld Randall BS Accountlng Havale George BS Geology Havens Jennlfer AAB Commerrcal Avl Citron Haw Mlchael BS CrvrlEngrneerlng Hayes Gregory BS MechanIcalEngIneerrng Tau Beta Pr Hayes Susan BFA Drawrng Hazen Neal BS Industrial Management IMSA Hazlett Davld BS Marketrng Senior Class Vice President' Phl Sigma Kappa President' ODK Hazlett John Jr BS ChemrcalEngrneerIng PhlS1gma Kappa Senlor Class Presrdent 1982 ODK Hazlett Karen BS Nurslng Alpha Lambda Delta Hazlett Patrlcla BA Famrly8c Chrld Develop ment Heath Carmel BA Secondary Educatron Hebert Robert BS Accountrng Accountlng Assocratlon Student Toastmasters Hellmeler Vllllllam BS Accounting Phr Kappa au Hemmlnger Mark BS Management Phl Del ta Theta Srgrna Iota Epsrlon AMS Hennlger Craug A A S Mechanrcal Technol OQV Hennlnge Debble BS Elementary Educa lon Hettlnger Colleen A A B Food Servlce Man agement IFSEA Newspaper Edrtor Heylock Scott BC T Constructron Technol ogy Pnl Eta Slgma Pnl Theta Kappa Hlcks Pamela BS Accountrng PHPB Dorm Government ASPA Intramurals OA Hlgglns Aluce A A B Food Servlce Manage ment IFSEA Executrve Chef Assoc Gentle men 8: Touches Plus Hlll Jeanlne A A B Buslness Management Technology A A B Data Processrng Phr Srg ma Kappa Llttle Srster Women s Glee Club Chamber Slngers Hllton Joseph Ill BA Socral Work Hlnkson Debra B A Farnrly 84 Chrld Develop ment A A S Chrld Development Hochevar Robert BS Clvrl Engrneerlng ASCE Hochstetler Sherry BS Marketlng Allrance Francarse Pr Delta Phl Hoffer Paul BA PoIltIcalSclence Phr Eta Slg ma PrSlgma Alpha PhrSrgma Alpha Pre Law Club Marchlng Band Concert Band Dorm Government Secretary Hoffman Jeffrey BS lndustrlal Management Hoffmann Debble BS Nurslng Dorm Gov ernment Treasurer Presrdent Colleglate Nurslng Club PHC Hogler Joe BS Labor Economlcs Arnold Arr Soclety Pershlng Plfles Holben Susan BS Nurslng Colleglate Nursrng Club Holecek Dlanne BS Nurslng Hollenbach Chrlstopher BF A Graphlc De slgn Holler Marrlyn AAS Communlty Servlces Technology Holman Rlcky AAS Communrty Servrces Technology WAUP Football Team Hoover Phyllls BA Blology Delta Gamma , ' I . . ' . Q ,' , ,' ' 7 . I ta, ' ' , A A A I Sales Technology. I ' Q r V I V 4 V y V Sensors 270 Horn Robert' BS Industrial Management' ASPA, Slgma Iota Epsllon Hornlng Patrlck BS Accounting Horst Cheryl BA DIGTGTICS Kappa OmICfOD Howell Shelby BS Marketing Pl Slgma Epsl Ion ASPA Huba Danlel BS ElectrlcalEnglneerlng IEEE Huff Dennls B S Mechanical Englneerlng ln tramurals ASME IVCF Huff Wllllam BS Accounting ASG SIEE Eta Slgma Hullk Wendy AAB Executive Secretarial SCIGDCG l-lumbel Davld BS Finance Dorm Govern ment PHC WAUP Intramurals Humel Hollls BS lndustrlal Management ASPA IMSA PHPB Intramurals Hurley Tlm BS ClvllEnglneerlng ASCE Hutson Mlchael BS Polltlcal SclencefCrl mlnal Justice Phl Slgma Kappa Hyatt Audrey BA Spanish Tau Beta Slgma Marchlng Band Concert Band Symphony Band lckes RICK BS Accounting Beta Akoha Accounting Assoclatlon ller Nancy BS Nurslng Jacob Chrlstlne BS Nurslng Aknha Lambda Delta President IPA Dorm Government Treasurer A Key James Beckllu BS EUUCGTIOD CEC Janshego Gregg BS lndustrlal Manage ment Skl Club IMSA Jarman Barbara AAB Business Manage ment Technology AMS Jefferson Joyce BA Mass Media Communl cation Jemson Scott BS PhyslcaIEducatlon Jendrlsak Teresa BA Clothing 8: Textiles Home Economlcs Club Skl Club Kappa Oml cron Phl Jessberger Sandra BS Nurslng PHPB intra murals Slgma Theta Tau Honors Scholar Jesser Thomas BS Management Intramur a Johns Pamela BF A Graphlc DGSIQH Johns Terrl AAB Banking Johnson Clalre BS Accounting Concert Cholr JazzfPop Singers Chamber Singers Delta Gamma Mortar Board President ODK Beta Alpha Psl Beta Gamma Slgma Alpha Lambda Delta Accounting Assoclatlon Skl Club Dean s Councll Communications Board Outstanding Senlor Woman A Key Who s Who Johnson Debra A A S Drafting Technology AWS Johnson, Helen: BFA. Graphic Design' Zippy Mascot Johnson Llsa BA Soclal Work Intramurals SSWL Johnson Mlllssa BS NUTSIDQ Colleglate Nurs ing Club Johnston Susan BS Accounting Dorm Gov ernment President PHC Intramurals Jones Donna BS Elementary Educatlon Jones Judlth BA Mass Medla Communlca tlon WAUP Panhellenlc Councll Alpha Delta Jones Paul AA B Business Management Technology Jordan Davld Jr BS Marketing Pl Slgma EDSIIOD AlChE Judson Barbara BA Mass Media Communl cation Buchtellte Staff WAUP Kalbaugh Tarl BS Elementary EUUCOTIOD Kamal Ghaleb BS ClvllEnglneerlng Soccer Team Kaneas Melanle BS Accounting Hellenic Club KODTOFOWSKI Marle BS Marketing ASPA Vrce President SIFE AMA Kavenagh Karen BS Accounting Kay Marsha B S XM D Aloha Lambda Delta Dorm Government Kea Howard BS Electronic Technology Al BUS IEEE Keck Douglas BS Electrical Englneerlng Honors Scholar Tau Beta Pl President Eta Kappa Nu Keenan Holly BS Nurslng Keller Douglas BA Secondary EUUCOTIOD Math Club Pl Mu Epsllon Keller Eugene BFA POIDTIDQ BFA Ceram Kelly Anne A A B Marketing and Sales Tech nology Kelly Douglas BS Marketing Skl Club Kennedy Sherrllee BA Psychology Keppers Sharon BS lndustrlaIAccountlng Kerensky Jane BS Nurslng Colleglate Nurs rng Club Kerns John BS Blology BIOIOQV Club Ama teur Padlo Club ASG Kestner Jeffrey BA Secondary Educatlon Mortar Board ODK Tel Buch EUITOT ln Chief Business Manager Dean s Councll Communl cations Board Secretary PhlAkJha Theta A Key Kettelng Dlane BS Accounting Account IDQ ASSOCIGTIOD Klan Mahd Bahman BS Mechanical Engl neerlng Kldwell Cynthla BS lndustrlal Management ASPA IMSA Bowllng Team Handbell Cholr Klme Harriet: BS. Nursing. Klrek Mlchael BS Applled Math BS Com puter SCIGHCG Klssell Barbara BS Accounting Klassen Kurt BA Economlcs Kleln Kathleen BE A Graphlc Deslgn Klelnman Scott BA Famlly8r Chlld Develop ment SOUIOT Board Cheerleader Skl Club Kllne Jeffrey BS Management ASPA Kmentt Klmberly BA PolltlcaISclence BA Pusslan IPA Honors Scholar Who s Who PHC ODK Knapp Susan BS Nurslng Knlght Marcla BS Elementary Educatlon Dorm Government PHPB Koch Davld B S MechanlcalEnglneerlng Skl Club ASME Kochhelser Mark BA Geography Gamma Theta Upsllon Konesky Cathy BS lndustrlal Management French Club lMSA Korom Scott BS CIVIT Englneerlng Cross Country Team Track Team Kosclnskl Kevln BS Marketing Basketball Team Water Skl Club Koval Dlane BA DIGTGTICS Dorm Govern ment SDA Kozak Andrea B S Nurslng Slgma Theta Tau Krager Brenda B S Computer Sclence Ap plled Math Pl Mu Epsllon President Treasurer Slgma Delta pl Math Club Phl Slgma Aknha Aknha Lambda Delta Kress Karen A A S PGSDITOTOTV Therapy Krukemeyer Kathryn BS lndustrlal Manage ment Intramurals IMSA Krupar Mane BS Nurslng Kucheman Jean BS SOCIGI Work SSWL Kuehls John BS EIQCTTICOIEDQIDGQTIDQ Mor tar Board Tau Beta Pl Delta Tau Delta Pl Mu Epsllon Eta Kappa Nu IEEE Intramurals Kugllcs Mary AAB Data Processing Aknha Lambda Delta Kuhar Mary Ellen BS CIVIIEDQIHGGTIDQ Aknha Delta pl ASCE Kundtz Heldl AAB Data Processing IPHPB Major Events Kungll Vlc BS Accounting Lone Star Kyrlakedes Dlane BS Nurslng Marchlng Band Alpha Delta Pl Panhellenlc COUDCII Scl ence Club Colleglate Nurslng Club Kyrlakedes George BS BIOIOQY Sclence Club Intramurals Lack Davld BS lndustrlal Management ASPA IMSA Lacy Cheryl BS Mathematlcs Phi. ' ' b I , f H 3 I ' ' f ' ' . . " rl. 5- 4 ,'Phl PIA, A J :M " ' , ' 2 , , ' 5 Psi: . A A ' 'V ' JGCKSOH. JOVWGV B-5' NUTSIPQI pha' Phi Alphag Intramurals' IEC Chief Justiceg Kozak, David: BS, Electronic Technology. ' - ICS' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' , f , . . 280 Senlors h i ll l 3 li ,li li iii l 'i ll ll l i t l l ll ll 4. l i l l l I. l li l i I l i i l l l l l Lahna, Connie: B S. Marketing, Pi Sigma Epsi- lon. : Laneve, Lillian: B.S. Nursing.: Rl-lPB.' Amha Lambda Deltag Sigma Theta Tau,' Collegiate Nursing Clubg ln tramurals. Langfitt, Linda: B.S. Industrial Accounting: ln- tramuralsy lMSA. Lanham, Judith: B.A. Family 81 Child Develop- ment.' Dorm Government.: lntramurals' Sup- port Volunteer. Lardakis, Irene: B.A. Textiles 8: Clothing: Home Economics Club. Lastafka, David: B.S. Electronic Technologyq RHC5 Dorm Government, President. Lawver, Anne: BS. Elementary Education. Lazar, Marcia: B.S. Accounting. Lazaris, Splros: B.S. Civil Engineering: Hellenic Club, Treasurer. Lee, Sheila: BS. Accounting. Lelghley, Jan: B.A. Political Science.: ODK, Secretary. Forensics' lVCF.' Buchtelite, Copy Editory Sigma Delta Pi.: Honors Scholar. Lenzotti, James: B.S. Chemistry. Leonard, Monty: B.S. Accounting' Dorm Gov- ernment, RAQ Phi Eta Sigmap Beta Aknha Psi: Beta Gamma Sigmaq BUS. Lestock, Ronald: BS. industrial Management' Delta Sigma Pig lMSA.' ASPA, lntramurals, Levingston, Cathy: B.S. Chemical Engineer- ing, Tau Beta Pi, Treasurerq AlChE, Secretary. Lewis, Foronda: A.A.B. Data Processing: Tel- Buch Staff. Lewis, Linda: BA. Textiles 81 Clothing, Akoha Gamma Delta. Lias, Bonnie: AAS, Community Services Technology. Lichi, Marcella: BS. Chemistryq lVCF. Lindberg, Larry: B.S. Accounting. Lindon, Penny: BS. Special Education, Dorm Government.: CEC.: lntramurals. Lingenfelter, Mary: B.S. Nursing. Linsell, Danette: B.A. Home Economics. Liptak, Gregory: B.S. Accounting. Livados, Heleni B.A. Englishg Buchtelite Staff' lntramurals, SSA. Lloyd, Victoria: BS. Elementary Educationq CIRUNA, President.' ASG. Lock. Judy: BS. Geology. Long, Trisa: B.S. Technical Educationg Della Sigma Theta. President' Evening Student Council. Loraditch, Patricia: BA. Family 81 Child Devel- opment,' Kappa Omicron Phi, Lott, Gail: B.S. Nursing.: Concert Bandq Sym- phony Band, Lovell, Linda: BS. Mechanical Engineeringq Women 's Track Club: ASME.: Ski Club. Lowery, Robert, Jr.: BS. Marketing, Phi Kappa Tau, Lowry Janice BA Mass Media Communica tion Tel Buch Buchtelite Staff Luchitz Sharon A A B Business Management Technology Lund Allan A A S Electronic Technology Luyster Susan B F A Graphic Design Alpha Delta Pi Student Art League Lynett Gregory BA Mass Media Communi cation Buchtelite Staff lntramurals MacKenzie Nan BS Management ASPA F Madden Andrew BS Marketing Pi Sigma Epsilon Backgammon Club President Bowl ing Team Magoline Kathy BA English Delta Gamma Vice President ODK Mortar Board Phi Sigma Aloha Phi Alpha Theta Panhellenic Council Rho Lambda A Key Maguire Theresa AAS Medical Assisting Technology Mahne Christine BS Nursing Sigma Theta au Makar Steve BS Accounting Ski Club Beta Alpha Psi Accounting Association Malek Jeffrey BS Mechanical Engineering lntramurals ASME Mandau Carol BA Dietetics Mandel Nita BA Dietetics Mann William BFA Graphic Design Student Art League Manteghi Mahmoud BS Mechanical Engl neering Manypenny Lynda BS Nursing Collegiate Nursing Club RHPB Marching Band Marciniak Kevin BS Accounting ASG RA Marker Harold BS Marketing Pi Sigma Epsi lon Vice President Marsh Connie A A S MedicalAssisting Tech nology WRHA Dorm Government lntramur a Marshall Craig BS Accounting ASG Pre Law Club Lambda Chi Aknha Martin Shelley BS Marketing Chi Omega Marching Band ASPA Phi Sigma Kappa Little Sister Maslyk Carol BA Textiles 81 Clothing Alpha Delta Pi Home Economics Club AMA Massaro Rick A A B Transportation Football Team Massihnia Shahram BM T Mechanical Tech nology Matheny Lori BA Social Work Mathews Sally BS Nursing Dorm Govern ment President Collegiate Nursing Club Mattern Cheryl BS Marketing Akaha Lamb da Delta Ski Club . 'V' Sl E. I P A V S I T , ' ' l . . W 1 A J, ,A ,4 ' Mattes. Robert: BA. Mass Media-Communi- cationy Buchtelite Staff Matthews, Robin: AAS. Medical Assisting Technology Maxwell, Cynthia' BA. Psychology. Alpha Lambda Delta. Sigma Delta Pig Phi Sigma Al- phaq Women 's Glee Clubq Psychology Club. international Students Club May, Deborah A.A B Legal Secretarial Sci- enceq lntramurals May. Rebecca: B S. Accounting. Accounting Association ln tramurals. lVCF Mayhew. William' B S Electrical Engineering. EE . McBride. Anne: BS Accounting, Student Toastmasters, Beta Alpha Psi McCarthy, Richard: B S. Accounting, Student Toastmasters. Accounting Association. Col- lege Ambassador to Ne therlandsg Be ta Alpha Psi' Mortar Board, ODK, McCarty, Cheryl: BS Political SciencefCri- minal Justice McClanlng. Kevin: B S Electrical Engineering, lEEE. Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu McCloud. Paul: B S. Chemical Engineering. AlChEg Marching Band. Symphony Band, Phi Eta Sigma. Ski Club. McConnell, Patricia: BA English, Dorm Gov- ernment, Treasurer. RA, Phi Sigma Apha. ln- tramurals McCorvey, Kenneth: BM. Music Education. McCoy. John: BS industrial Management, lMSA.' lntramurals McCoy, Marilynn: BS Nursing. Theta Phi Al- pha. Treasurer. Secretary.: Sigma Theta Tau. McCrea. Barbara: Assoc. Ot Arts, Gamma Beta. President, Alpha Sigma Lambda, Presi- dent, Nite-Life, Assistant Editorq Evening Stu- dent Council. McCusker, Maureen: B.S. Special Education, CEC McFarland, Janet: BS. Nursing. McGee. Fred. Jr.: A AS Chemical Technol- ogy.: lntramurals. McHale, Jerome: BF.A. Graphic Design Mcllvaln, Lisa: AAB. internationalSecretarial Science.' FSA. McKay. Terri: B.S. Nursing, Dorm Government: ln tramurals. McLaughlin. Debra: B.S. Marketing. Alpha Gamma Delta: Rl-lPBy Major Events' Pi Sigma Epsilon. McLean, Kevin: BFA. Graphic Design. McMillan. Lefresdaf BM. Music McNamara, Mary: B.A. Family 8: Child Devel- opment, Megger, Rainer: BC. T. Construction Technol- ogyg Ski Clubg ASCE. ACSM. Mayhew. Paula' BS Elementary Education, l E Seniors 284 Melton Pamela BS Nursrng Merkle Vlrglnla BS Nursrng Messer Llnda BS Nurslng Mettetal Mary BS Accountrng Wayne General Softball Team Meyers Gayl BS Health Educatron Gamma Beta Secretary Presrdent Nrte Llfe Edrtor Student Councrl Communrcatrons Board Phr Lambda Theta ODK Mortar Board A Key Alpha Srgma Lambda Outstandrng Woman E venlng Student Mlddaugh Wllllam BA Music Mlhallk Mary BS Nurslng Mlkula Patrlcla BS Nursrng Mules Debra BA Psychology Zeta Phr Beta Gospel Chorus Presrdent Dance Ensemble Millard Becky A A B Data Processrng Muller Amy B S Physrcal Educatron l-lealth and Ph ysrcal Educatlon Club Vrce Presrdent Muller Ellzabeth BA Mass Medra Communr Catton Muller Jeffrey BS Accountrng PrSrgma Epsr lon Treasurer Backgammon Club WAUP Buchtellte Busrness Manager Advertrsrng Manager Skt Club Muller Marlan A A S Medrcal Assrstrng Tech nology Muller Randall A A B Food Servrce Manage ment Club lntramurals Mlnne Constance BA Dretetrcs SDA Sec retary MISICH Cynthla BS Elementary Educatron Mltchell Glenn BS Chemrcal Engrneerrng AlChE lntramurals Mltchell Nana BA Eamrly 84 Chrld Develop ment Kappa Omrcron Phr Momchlloy Chrlstlne BA Mass Medra Com munrcatron Cheerleader Monoc Susan BS lndustrral Management Alpha Lambda Delta Skt Club lntramurals Marchrng Band Concert Band ASPA Monroy Carollna A A B Marketrng 84 Sales Technology A A B Commerrcal Avratron Delta Nu Alpha Vrce President AMS Moore Marlory A A S Crrm1nalJustrce Tech nology Lambda Alpha Epsrlon NAS W Moreno Marla BA Englrsh Mortar Board Theta Phr Alpha ODK Morgan Cralg BS lndustrral Management Morvatz Vlncent BA Mass Medra Commu nrcatron Men s Glee Club Theater Moskowltz Davld BS Marketrng Swrm Team lntramurals Motsco Susan BS Accountrng Mullln Patrick AA S Electronic Technology Mundy Sandra AAS Surgrcal Assrstrng Technology Munka Ellzabeth BS Elementary Educatron Chr Omega Munka John BS lndustrralAccountrng Murar Amy BS Nursrng Abha Delta Pr Trea surer Rho Lambda Panhellenrc Councrl Vrce Presrdent Junror Panhellenrc Presrdent Who s Who Musch Cynthla BS Nursrng RHPB Dorm Gov ernment Myers Ruta BA Polrtrcal Scrence Pr Srgma Alpha Nader Annette BSXMD Nagy Ellzabeth BS Accountrng Beta Aknha Psr Beta Gamma Srgma Accountrng Assocr atron Rl-lPB Psychology Club Dorm Govern ment Nagy Richard BA Hrstory Lambda Chr Al pha Whos Who A Key Phr Alpha Theta Scabbard and Blade Naylor Robert BS Electrrcal Engrneerrng lEEE Pr Mu Epsllon Eta Kappa Nu Nemeth Amella BS Accountrng Nettles Monlca BA Mass Medra Communr COTIOD Newman Sue BS Elementary Educatron Nlchols Brenda BS Nursrng Collegrate Nurs rng Club Nlst Kathleen BS lndustrral Management lMSA Secretary Treasurer Nnvens Ruchard BA Geography lVCE Noll Sherrl BS Marketrng PrSrgma Epsllon Skt Club Treasurer Novak Marr A A S Medrcal Assrstrng Tech nology Nypaver Davld BA Mass Medra Communr catron Buchtelnte News Edrtor OBrlen Karen BS Nursrng Odenklrk Randal BS MechanrcalEngrneer rng ASME ODonnell John BA Russran AAS Crrmrnal Justrce Technology Slavrc Club Orgorzaly Karen BS Marketrng Intramurals OHare Karen BS Elementary Educatron Ollver Elmyra BS Computer Scrence Delta Srgma Theta Opalenlk Annette A A B Marketrng 84 Sales Technology lVCF Oreschak Duane BS ClvrlEngrneerrng Dorm Government Abha Lambda Delta Tau Beta Pr ASCE Vrce Presrdent Concrete Canoe Team Osmar Chrlstlne AAB Marketrng 84 Sales Technology AAB Real Estate Tel Buch Sports Edrtor Senrors Edrtor Assocrate Edrtor Osyk Barbara BS lndustrral Management Srgma lota Epsrlon Beta Gamma Srgma ASPA lMSA Otte Llsa BS Nursrng Otto Klmberly AAB Data Processrng Marchrng Band Pancoe Mlchael BC T Constructron Tech nology Senror Class Treasurer Intramurals ASCE Concrete Canoe Team lFC Phr Srgma Kappa Treasurer Parks Tomas BS lndustrlal Management ASG Senate Charrman Presrdent Lambda Chr Aanha lFC Outstandrng Senror Man A Key DanL Bute Award ODK Who s Who Parravanl John BA Economrcs BS Labor Economrcs Omrcron Delta Epsrlon Pasladls Cathy BS Marketrng Paskert Kyle BS Nursrng BA Psychology Pasquarella Annette B S Brology Dorm Gov ernment Cheerleader Med Tech Club Sec retary Treasurer RHPB OA Paulan Ann Marne BS Biology BA Englrsh Pavkov Mary BA Dretetrcs SDA Pease Gary BS ElectrrcalEngrneerrng lntra murals Peck Andrew BA PolrtrcalScrence Pr Srgma Awha Pre Law Club Vrce Presrdent Perdue Melissa A A B Busrness Management Technology A A B Data Processrng AMS Pesach Mark BS Marketrng AMA Petersen Stephen BA Mass Medra Commu nrcatron Delta Tau Delta WAUP Bowlrng Team Peterson Glen BS MechanrcalEngrneerrng ASME Peterson Jeffrey B S lndustrral Manage ment A A B Busrness Management Technol ogy Baseball Team A Key Phr Theta Kappa lMSA Petlcca Mary BA Socral Work Aloha Alpha Alpha SS WL Secretary Petrola James BS Marlcetrng Phr Srgma Kappa Petsock James BS Accountlng Wrestlrng Team Pflster Rlchard BM Musrc Educatron Kappa Kappa Psr Marchrng Band Jazz Band Phlllpps Danuel BS MechanrcalEngrneerlng Phllllps James BS Blology lntramurals Phr Srgma Alpha Brology Club Plcard Ray BS Marketrng Phr Kappa Tau Plechowlcz Carol BS Nursrng Prero Anne BA Chemrstry lota Srgma Pr RA RHPB RHC ASCE Concrete Canoe Team Plorkowskl Wendy BA MassMedra Commu nrcatron WlCl WAUP Plrogowucz Pamela BS Marketrng Pltsenberger Janus BA Psychology Psychol ogy Club Plttnnger Lawrence A A B Data Processrng Intramurals Plttman Laurle BA Polrtrcal Scrence Pre Law Club Volleyball Team Plttmon Lon BA Communlcatron Drsorders Gospel Chorus Presrdent Zeta Phl Beta Presr dent Mmir-mi, Cloudenei BS' BIVOXOQVIS Med-Tech 282 Senrors Plevras Maraa A A S Medical Assastrng Tech nology ASG Hellenrc Club Pogany Tamathy BS CrvrlEngrneerrng ASCE Pollack Debra BA Mass Medra Cammunr catron PPSSA Pollard Tracey BA Ballet EDE Swam Team The Bards Pool Edwan BS lndustrral Management Al pha Sagma Lambda Sigma lo ta Epsrlon Ports Debra BS Nursrng Alpha Delta Pr Al pha Lambda Delta Srgma Theta Tau Skr Club Collegaate Nursing Club ASG Paulos Susan BS lndustraal Management Delta Srgma Pr Vice Presrdent Marching Band Concert Band Tau Beta Srgma Secre ary Pounds Larry BS TechnrcalEducatlon Pozuc Machael BS Natural Sclence Bread Of Lrfe Student Group Presrdent Presutta Carolyn BA Mass Medra Communr catron Forensrc Team PA PHPB Pa Kappa Delta Presrdent EDE A Key Whos Who Outstanding Women on Campus Award CA WSJ WlCl President Prace Jeffrey BS Marketang Skr Club lntra murals Pa Srgma Epsrlon Prance Wendy AAB Cammencal Art Prulhaere Suzanne AA S Medrcal Assrstrng Technology Phr Theta Kappa Psolla Anne BS Nursrng Paber Penae BS Physrcal Educatron Padzaewacz Rosanne BS Nursrng BS Brol ogy Ska Club Ecumenrcal Campus Mrnrstry Pahama Farnaz BS Computer Scrence Com puter Scrence Club Vrce Presrdent Paamer Chrastane BS Medrcal Technology Pambacher John BS Bralogy Pamnarane Barrat A A B Busaness Manage ment Technology AlB AMS Paper Danael BS Accountang lntramurals MA Paper Davad BS lndustrral Managemen IMA lntramurals Peese Karen BS Nursrng Pl-lPB Collegrate Nursrng Club Dorm Government lntramurals Peach Debra BS Elementary Educatron Vol leyball Team Peach Theresa BS Elementary Educatron Peally Carol BS PhysrcalEducatron Physrcal Educataon Majors Club Peaman Adele BS Elementary Educataon Penaer Penee BS Nursrng lntramurals Peas Laurae BS Nursrng Pha Alpha Srgma Pepp Connae AAB Legal Secretarral Scr ence Pex Vllallaam BS Mechanrcal Engrneerang ASME Peyes Davad B S Accountang lntramurals Beta Alpha Psr Delta Sigma Pa Pacca Kamberly AA S Educatronal Technol OQV Pace Jall A A S MedrcalAssrstrng Technology Dorm Government Pace Paula A A B Executrve Secretarral Scr ence Pachards Deborah BA Mass Medra Commu nrcataon Cheerleader Pachards Donald BS Accountang SIFE Pachards Gloraa A A B Business Management Technology Delta Nu Abha Pachey Pobert BS Accountrng SIFE Paemer Tera BS Chemastry OA lntramurals Pafe Tamothy BS lndustraal Management Paggs Deborah BS Nursang Paley Kathleen BS Elementary Educatron Theta Phr Amha Paley Marcelane BA Foods8c Nutrrtron Pavera Jeannette BS Polatrcal ScrencefCrr mrnalJustrce Dorm Government lntramurals Pavera John B C T Constructron Technology Dorm Government Football Team ASCE Concrete Canoe Team Pobanson Maralyn AAS Educataonal Tech nology Pobanson Suzanne BS Nursang Pagers Jana BS Accountang Pagers Vacka BS Accountrng Phr Srgma Pohr Douglas BS ElectrrcalEngrneerrng Phr Eta Srgma Paper Deborah AAB Busrness Manage ment Technology Pass Adraenne BA Mass Medra Communr catron Pass Cynthaa AAB Data Processrng Tel Buch Staff Passell Margaret BS Busaness Educataon Path Andrew BS Marketlng Phr Kappa Tau Powell Ealeen BS Nursrng Poyster Harraet BA Famlly8c Chrld Develop ment Puch Elaane BFA Photography Amha Delta Puebel Jona BS Marketrng PrSrgma Epsalon Punaon Jack A A B Petal! Management Technology Phr Theta Kappa Phr Srgma Al pha Wayne College Actors Unlrmrted Pupp Sanda BS Elementary Educatron Kappa Delta Pr Vrce Presrdent Push Tamothy BS lndustrral Management Kappa Kappa Psa Treasurer Marchang Band Concert Band Varsrty Band Pussell Marae BS Management Pusso Donna BS Elementary Educatron LWV Pyan Peggy B S Nursrng Mortar Board ODK Pyder Wallaam AAS Communrty Servrces Technology Sabol Davad BS Accountrng Saan Jeffrey BA Mass Medaa Communaca taon VVAUP Maaor Events Salem Anthony BS Brology Soletrak Gary BS lndustrral Management Mayor Events Co Charrman OA Pl-IPB Salyer Kevan BA Mass Medra Communrca tron WAUP Sams Julae BS Specral Educataan Cheer leader Sanders Judath A A B Marketrng 81 Sales Technology Delta Zeta Phr Srgma Kappa Lat tle Srster Sands Heather BS Elementary Educatron Dorm Government Presrdent PHC lntramur a Santavacca Valerae BS Marketang ASPA Pr Srgma Epsrlon SIFE Pl-lPB Dorm Government OA lntramurals Sarmar Tana BS Accountrng Alpha Lambda Delta Beta Alpha Psa Satara Farzan BS MechanrcalEngrneerrng Sausmer Andrew A A S Frre Scrence Tech nology Sawaya Albert ll BS ElectrrcalEngrneerrng Saylor Barbara BS Nursrng Scanlan Kam AAB Legal Secretarral c ence Schauer Margaret BS Bralogy Schlather Patrack BS ElectrrcalEngrneerrng Schmadt Maraanne BA Psychology French Club ASPA Schrade Mark BS Accountrng Delta Srgma Pr Accountrng Assacrataon Schroeder Anne BS Nursrng Schroeder Joseph BS Mechanrcal Engl neerang ASME Schurang Brent A A B Busrness Management Technology A A B Peal Estate Schwarzwalder Machael BS Management ASPA Schweatzer Mark BA Mass Medra Commu nacatron Pha Kappa Tau Scarata Karen BS Marketang PrSrgma Epsalon Sebok Terry BS ElectrrcalEnganeerlng Segerlund Mark BA Psychology College Ambassador to Australra lnternataonal Stu dents Club Presrdent Psychology Club Mor tar Board ODK Phr Eta Sagma Phr Sagma Al pha French Club Selders Lawanna BS Accauntrng Delta Srg ma Pr Sesock Darleen AAS Chemrcal Technol ogy Gymnastrcs Club lVCF Sestokas Pachard AAS Communrty Ser vrces Technology Sevek Kaaren BS PhysrcalEducatron lntra murals Sewell Donald Jr BS lndustrralAccauntrng , f., . , I., . ls! ,aw 4. ,wa W 'sr- . - - Kappa Little Sister. ' 3 ' F 1 - OA' Pj' ' , Z.. Q Senaors 283 Gentlemen And Touches Plus Presrdent Baseball Team Gospel Chorr Shabram Cheryl BS Nursrng Collegiate Nursrng Club Shafer Patty BS Elementary Educatron Shaffer Crndy BS Accountrng Shank Deborah BS Accountrng Shaulrs Mrchael BS Accountlng Accountrng Assocratron Delta Srgma Pr Beta Alpha Psr Shaw Cheryl AA B Busrness Management Technology PPSSA Major Events Presrdent VVAUP Sheets Harry BS Chemlcal Engrneerrng AlChE Vrce Presrdent Tau Beta Pr Shack Susan BS Nursrng Dorm Government Collegrate Nursrng Club Secretary Srgmund Mrchael BS MechanrcalEngrneer rng ASME College Pepublrcan Club lntra murals Srkula Mlchael BS Electrical Engrneerrng Srmpson Krrstrne BS Accountrng Skelley Prchard Jr BS Mechanrcal Engl neerrng ASME Skerl Marcla A A B Data Processing Phl The ta Kappa Skerl Mary Ann B A Famrly 84 Chrld Develop ment Skokut Carrle BEA Graphrc Desrgn Skorzewskr Lynda A AB Transportatron Slanta Mark BS Marketrng ASPA Slattery Trmothy BA Speech Pathology 84 Audiology Slone Sheryl BS CrvrlEngrneerrng ASCE Smrley Tarn BC T Constructron Technology PA ASCE Smrth Dona BA Mass Medra Communrca tron Stargate Vrce Presrdent Buchtelrte Staff Tel Buch Staff Women s Glee Club Smlth Douglas BS MechanrcalEngrneerrng Baseball Team ASME Smrth Kent BS lndustrralManagement ODK PA Tennis Team Smrth Lrnda BS Nursrng Smrth Mark BS Marketrng Lone Star Smrth Sharon BS Accountrng Beta Alpha Psr Correspondrng Secretary Accountrng Assocratron Student Toastmasters Smlthkey Gerald BS Frnance Snowden Lorr BS Accountrng Dorm Gov ernment Treasurer Accountrng Association Beta Awha Psr Snyder Mary B S Management Delta Srgma Pr Dorm Government OA ASPA Somervrlle Perry BS Accountrng NAA Sec retary Saas Phrllrp BS Marketrng Sovacool Davld BS Mechanrcal Engrneer rng ASME Secretary Skr Club Sawers Carla B A Speech Pathology 84 Au drology Alpha Lambda Delta NSSLHA CEC Buchtelrte Productron Manager Spettel Julre BS TechnrcalEducatron Spragg Chrrstopher BS Mechanrcal Engl neerrng Tau Beta Pr Vrce Presrdent ASME Skl Team Stack Laura BA Textiles 81 Clothrng Dorm Government lntramurals Stalcup Thom BS MechanrcalEngrneerrng ASME Stallrngs Prchard BA Secondary Educatron Phr Alpha Theta Presrdent Drlley Scholar Mortar Board Hrstorran OAS Stanton Lorr BA Mass Medra Communrca tron VVAUP Dorm Government Television Center Crew Starr Davrd BS lndustrral Management Starr Phrlrp BS Frnance Delta Srgma Pr Wall Street Journal Student of the year Steed Douglas BS Electronrc Technology Steele Jacklan BA Economrcs Alpha Lambda Delta Steffensen Kathleen BS Elementary Educa lon Stern Sherrre BS Accountlng Honors Schol ar ASG College Pepublrcan Club AMS Ac countrng Assocratron Mortar Board Beta Al pha Psr Beta Gamma Srgma Stern Steven BA Mass Medra Communrca tlon WAUP Stargate Stephenson Llnda BA Polrtrcal Scrence Honors Scholar PHC PHPB College Pepublr can Club French Club P Srgma Alpha Awha Lambda Delta Sterkel Mary BS Elementary Educatron Dorm Government Phr Lambda Theta Stevens Paula BFA Graphrc Desrgn Stewart Sherrr BM Musrc Educatron lVCF Stewart Wrllram B S Chemrcal Engrneerrng Tau Beta Pr AlChE Arr Force PO TC Stregele Beverly BS lndustrralManagement Pr Srgma Epsrlon ASPA Strnson Drone BA Foods 8: Nutrrtron PHPB Dorm Government PHC IFSEA Stone Beverly BS PolrtrcalScrencefCrrmrnal Justrce Statler Joseph AAB Commercial Art Stu dent Art League Strayer Michele A A B Data Processrng Al pha Lambda Delta Phr Theta Kappa Stredney Thomas BS Marketrng lVCF Strrckland Georgra BS Home Economrcs Kappa Omrcron Phr Stuff Rex BA History Phr Aknha Theta Sudra Tanya B S Nursrng Collegrate Nursrng Club Treasurer Srgma Theta Tau Majorette Sunday Arthur BS Marketrng Lone Star Swager Brlan BM Musrc Performance Sweeney John BS Accountrng Szeles Marlene AAB Commercial Art Szrttar Mrchal BS Frnance Skt Club Tan Errc A A B Data Processing Tannehrll Edward BS Accountrng Tanner Laura BS Medrcal Technology Tantlrnger Davrd Jr BS Accountrng lntra murals PA Accountlng Assocratron Beta Al pha Psr Treasurer Tapper Stuart BS MechanrcalEngrneerrng ASME Taylor Howard BS lndustrral Management ASPA lMSA Unrversrty Band Young Demo crats Presrdent Teh: Marlene BS Accountrng Beta Alpha Psr Newsletter Co Edrtor Accountrng Assocr atron Alpha Delta Pr Thomas Kathy BS Elementary Educatron Maforette Thomas Lynn BS Busrness Educatron Thomas Steven BS Accountrng Beta Awha Psr Vrce Presrdent Beta Gamma Srgma Vrce Presrdent Mortar Board Treasurer AMS Stu dent Toastmasters Thome Ted BS ChemlcalEngrneerlng Tau Beta Pr lntramurals Thompson Julranne BS Elementary Educa tron Dorm Government OA Kappa Phr PA lntramurals Thompson Monrca A A B Data Processrng Thompson Veronrca A A B Executrve Sec re tarral Scrence Tubbs Mark BS Accountrng Trpton Bonny Sue BS Secondary Educatron Topprng Karen BA Mass Medra Communr catron Totten Kathleen BS lndustrralManagement Trachsel Ann BS Brology Med Tech Club Trrpr Lee BA Communrcatran 84 Phetorrc Baseball Team Trrpr Patrrck BS Marketrng PrSrgma Epsrlon AAF Trottnow Karl BS lndustrral Management ASPA lMSA Troyer Wrllram BS lndustrral Management Tucker Thomas BS Crvrl Engrneerrng OA PA ASCE Presrdent lntramurals Turner Vetrlce BS Nursrng Collegrate Nurs rng Club Tutelran Lrnda B S Marketrng Alpha Gamma Delta Tvardy Janet BS Nursrng Twlggs Duane AAS Communrty Servrces Technology lntramurals Tyson Dawn B S Nurslng Akron Black Nurses Assocratron Ulcrch Stan B C T Constructron Technology Ulrrch Sue BS Nursrng Urban Stephen BS TechnrcalEducatron . - ' ' . ' 'V ' x 4' I : . 4 I . A 'I ' i A . , ' L ' - fl T I 3 - A V I A I ', 3 . . , ' 5Ma- 7 7 ' A , V - jar Eventsg OA. J y T , . y T - I s I I 'A ' 2811 Sensors Valentlne Kathryn BA Famlly Bc Chlld Devel opment Vander Veen Kevln BS Marketlng Phl Slg ma Epsllon WRHA Vandlver Rosemary BA Communlcatlon 8: Rhetorlc Major Events WAUP VanDyne J Renae BA Soclal Work SSWL Newsletter Edltor lntramurals Vaslloff Brlan BS Natural SCIGDCG lVCF ln tramurals Verblar Catharlne BS Nurslng Vlchos Susan BS Physlcal Educatlon Sk Club Physlcal Educatlon Club Secretary Women s Cross Country Coach Gymnastlcs Club Women s Track Club Vinson Susan B A Engllsh Phl Slgma Alpha Alpha Lambda Delta Vlk Laura BA DIGTGTICS SDA Home Eco nomlcs Club Kappa Omlcron Phl ln tramurals Vucovlch Laralne AAS Chlld Develop ment Wade Alllson BS SDGCIGLEUUCGTIOD CEC Wade Kenneth BS Management ASPA Wagner Duane BS Natural SCIGDCG Ger man Club Wagner Rlchard BS ACCOUDTIDQ Lambda Chl Aknha Beta Gamma Slgma Beta Alpha Psl Swlm Team Walckman Wllllam B C T Constructlon Tech nology Walch Lynn A A S Educatlonal Technology Stargate lVCF Walker Mark BS MQCDODICOL Englneerlng Phl Eta Slgma Walker Mlchael B A Communlcatlon 84 Phe TOTIC Walsh Zoe BS Phy5lCOf Educatlon Delta Zeta Health 84 Physlcal Educatlon Majors Club Rho Lambda lntramurals MGTCHIDQ Band lVCF Walter Carolyn BA Dletetlcs Walters Brlan BA Mass Medla Communlca tlon WAUP Warren Pamela BS Elementary EGUCOTIOD Wartko Janet B S LDGUSTTIGL Management B A Famlly 84 Chlld Development ASPA Watson Catherlne BM MUSIC HISTOTV 8: Llt BA French French Club Presldent A Key Weaver Ruby BS Elementary Educatlon Al pha Lambda Delta Pl Lambda Theta Weber Celeste BS NUTSIDQ Welmer Randall BS lndustrlal Management Welngart Barbara BS Elementary Educa tlon CEC Welr Danlel BS ACCOUDTIDQ lntramurals Wepfer Gretchen BS Nurslng Ecumenlcal Campus MIDIS try West Ned BS Accountlng Pathhnders Scabbard and Blade Wetshteln Cynthla BS Nurslng Colleglate NUTSIDQ Club SOCIGL Chalrman Slgma Theta au Wetterau Tracl BS Elementary Educatlon Dorm Government pl Lambda Theta Wheeler Ton: AA S Crlmlnal JUSTICG Tech nology Whlpple Blllle AAS Communlty SGTVICGS Technology Whlte Edward AAB Real Estate Whlte Perry A A S ELGCTTODIC Technology Delta Tau Delta lFC Dance Marathon CDOIT man Order of Omega Whlteleather Betty BS Elementary Educa ION Wlle Tlmothy BS Management Wllllams Andrew Jr B S Technlcal Educa tlon A A S Communlty SGTVICGS Technology Wllllams James BS Electrlcal Englneerlng Jazz Ensemble Wllllams Klm BS Chemlcal Englneerlng AlChE Treasurer lntramurals Phl Slgma Kappa Llttle SISTGT Wllllams Lllllan BS Nurslng Wllllamson Stephen B S Electrlcal Englneer lng Tau Beta Pl Eta Kappa Nu Honors Schol Wllson Jeffrey AAB Banklng Student Toastmasters Vlce PTGSIUGDT Frlsbee Club Treasurer Accountlng ASSOCIGTIOD Flnance Wllson Nancy BA Mass Medla Communlca tlon Chl Omega Secretary WlCl Panhellen IC COUNCIL Buchtellte Staff Senlor Board Wlslntalner Lorl A A S CrlmlnalJustlce Tech nology Wltmer Ron BS Elementary Educatlon Wltwer Wllllam BM Muslc Educatlon Phl Eta Slgma Concert Cholr JazzfPops Slngers Chamber Slngers ODK Wutschey Marlon BA TGSTILGS 84 Clothlng ln tramurals Home Economlcs Club Dorm Gov ernment Secretary Wolclk James BS Electronlc Technology Wolfe John BS Accountlng Wolford Lucy BS Nu lng Wood Rlchard AAB Data Processlng l ma pl Vlce Presldent lntramurals Wratchford Cheryl BA SOCIOL Work Wrlght Harry BS ChemlcalEnglneerlng Wrlght Mlchael BS MechanlcalEnglneerlng ASME Phl Beta Slgma Wyer Pamela BS NUTSIDQ Wynn Davld BS Mathematlcs Yalnlk Dlllp BS CIVILEDQIDGGTIDQ Yashnlk Steven BS Accountlng ODK PFGSI dent Student Toastmasters Vlce Presldent Yates Rlcky BA Mass Medla Communlca tlon Gospel Cholr Gentlemen 84 Touches Plus Presldent BUS WAUP Yazdanl Saeed BS Mechanlcal Englneer ln Yohe Lynne BA PolltlcalSclence Chl Ome ga Dorm Government Presldent RHPB Trea surer OA SCP pl Slgma Alpha Mortar Board RA ODK Yoho Terry BS Accountlng Beta Alpha Psl Beta Gamma Slgma Honors Scholar Yost Rlchard BS ClvllEnglneerlng Young Klmberly BFA Graphlc Deslgn RHC Dorm Government lntramurals Buchtellte Photographer Young Leathea BA PolltlcalSclence Pre Law Club Yu Clevy BS Marketlng WAUP Zehennl Kathleen BS Marketlng Senlor Class Presldent 1981 Panhellenlc Councll Presldent Theta Phl Aknha PTGSIUGDT ODK Zelasko Kathryn BS Elementary Educatlon Zembar George BS Marketlng Zrnk Gregory BS lndustrlal Management Slgma Phl Epsllon Slgma lota Epsllon Vlce Presldent Abbre vlatlons AAF Amerlcan Advertlslng Federatlon AlChE Amerlcan LDSTITUTG of Chemlcal Engl neers AJSO Akron Je wlsh Student Organlzatlon AMA Amerlcan Marketlng Assoclatlon AMS Admlnlstratlve Management SOCIETY ASCE Amerlcan Soclety of Clvll Englneers ASG Assoclated Student Government ASME Amerlcan SOCl9fy of Mechanlcal En QIUGQTS ASPA Amerlcan Soclety of Personnel mlnlstrators AWS Assoclatlon for Women Students BUS Black Unlted Students CEC Councll for EXCGDTIODGL Chlldren CIRUNA Councll for ln TGTDGTIODOL Relatlons 84 Unlted Natlons Aftalrs EBC EXGCUTIVG Budget Commlttee FSA Future Secretarles Assoclatlon IEEE LDSTITUTG of Electronlc 84 ELGCTTICOL Engl neers IFC lnter Fraternlty COUNCIL IESEA lnternatlonal Food Servlce EXECUTIVE Assoclatlon IMSA lndustrlal Management Student Asso CIOTIOU IVCF lnter Varslty Chrlstlan Fellowshlp LWV League of Women Voters NAA Natlonal Assoclatlon of Accountants NASW Natlonal Assoclatlon of SOCIOL Work er NSSLHA Natlonal Student Speech Lan guage 84 Hearlng Assoclatlon OA Orlen TOTIOH A5515 tant OAS Ohlo Archealoglcal SOCl9Ty ODK Omlcron Delta Kappa OEA Ofhce Educatlon Assoclatlon PRSSA Publlc Relatlons Student SOCIETY of Amerlca RA Resldent ASSIS tant RHC PGSIGGDCG Hall Councll RHPB Resldence Hall Program Board SDA Student Dletetlc Assoclatlon SIFE Students ln Free Enterprlse SSA Summer Student Asslstant SSWL Student Soclal Work League WICI Women ln Communlcatlons lnc ' , 2 , . ' ' - 7' 1 ,T f I I , I f - M r ' It ' I 'Q , 7 f' . . T T M A , - ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 5 1' Q - , , ' ar. . .. U . Club. - A y V B ' , r . . . , , 4 4 4 , - I V I Ad- , : J L ' 4 , 2 r . ff' T - , T T A - , y B , , , ' 1 . T. ' qsg- - T T - Senlors 285 o Te!-Buch Staff ,gm Jeffrey Kestner Editor "E'l""i"' Tracy Shaffer, Managing Editor Chris Osmar, Associate Editor Staff: Photographers: Ackno wledgmen ts: Andrea Billups Brett Faidley Michelle Bittner Mr. 84 Mrs. Harlan Kestner Richard Bohn Scott Hoover Mrs. Velma Bowen Miss Lynda Manypenny Dan Ellenberger Becky Kern Mr. Charles Casey Mrs. Sandy McNutt Sandy Johnson Jeston Powell Miss Geraldine Chitty Mrs. LlndO Miller Foronda Lewis Dave Shoentelt Mr. Robert D'Angelo Mr, J.P. Nichols Debbie Nobilio Varden Studios, Inc. Dept. of Mass Media- Office of Student Services Cynthia Ross Bob Wilkey Communication Mrs. Karen Schulmeister Dona Smith Dept. of Theatre Arts 84 Dance Sports information Cindy Uber GSC Director's Office University Publications Debbie Ward Dr. D.J. G-uzzetta Mr. Tom Vukovich Lindo Smith, Graduate Asst. Miss Barbara Hazard V Ken Brayer, Representative Miss Alberta Hensley Rick Mossing, Representative Dean Louis Hill Linda McNeal, Consultant l ill gr' w, N KW vb '.,, .. The 4982 Tel Buch Stoff. Cdrol Boddorf, Activities Editor Lori Brode, Dorms Editor S--Q"'f Anno Povlchevich Greeks Editor Dr. Noncy Somerick, Adviser My N Mclry Kdy Cldus Sports Editor The 4982 University of Akron Tel-Buch wos published by Jos- ten s Amerlcdn Yeorbook Rodd Stdte College Pennsyl- VODICI 46804. Volume 69 con- tolns 288 poges with 6 000 copies printed. The printing sur- fdce is 9 x 42 ond the poper stock is 804-if Motte. The heddllne style is 30 point Avont G-drde. Body copy ond coptions ore set in 40 point ond 8 point Avont GGTGG re- spectively. The cover is lvlid- night Blue with sliver foil em- bossed ond opplied ond is Smyth sewn. 3 -rx A W Company, A04 Science Pork Moy The Rood Rise To Meer You, Moy The lfwho' Be Alwoys Af Your Book, Moy The Sun Shrhe Worm Upon Your Fooe, And Rofhs Fo! Soff Upon Your Helds, Aho' Un777 We Meer Agorh, Moy Goo' Hold You In The Pohv Of I-Ts HGf'IO'. -TrodiTionoI Verse I . w v XL , 1' N ,p I 1 0 J ' 1 P V ll A ' 'U ' Y ' ' f L .f . -ks f v- X 'I ' X . f x , . N

Suggestions in the University of Akron - Tel Buch Yearbook (Akron, OH) collection:

University of Akron - Tel Buch Yearbook (Akron, OH) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 1


University of Akron - Tel Buch Yearbook (Akron, OH) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Page 1


University of Akron - Tel Buch Yearbook (Akron, OH) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 1


University of Akron - Tel Buch Yearbook (Akron, OH) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Page 1


University of Akron - Tel Buch Yearbook (Akron, OH) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 1


University of Akron - Tel Buch Yearbook (Akron, OH) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 1


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