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V.. nr .'O:, ' in D , 1 : lr .6.'L4k.5:,',', ts. ' -'D M. , in B tv ' ., 'an -- -' 'xgsir' L , Q J V 'Q - Q . I 1 'j ! v n i s-'QA ' - P ,-1'?'Lf'r', . 'ij A4 D L Zvi ' ' "" 'v?'f?'f-3'-5 3 '- - - ' 1-' - ' 2 ' ,. ' ' . , - ad ,.' Z B .' -f A'L"1-f3M,!'f? L, 1 ' X 4 - f 'L 5 " I ' ft' . l .-1 Q - s-'.s "rl ' , I ' ' 1.3 ,',- ' as ' Zh .. " I v ' 4045 I4 'WA 3-'9'f5' - .5 1 . . 1 1 I . ' oi G ' 4 ,. I . 1. ' O 4 bl J., QS' - 4 J? - 6 ., ' Q Q . -, -tw my ' . .-fn . 0. ' O A L N ','A-,new 4 -' U w , 9' 'el . ,Je V4 if ' ,.-:16 K' '5,piAi.., . WW" ,rr Q,-,Q . '4 . ANS- ZH ,var 'ggf' - I ' li- N '- ,T f P," N, . '- ' .. - 35' 1- , ' if "1 ,agnfls---fqigrxi--',,i -.Q wx "7 A ' vllfwivj' fig A 12 2 " . 1 A . m.. -M M f. . Sag, . I H -a N. gjw. ,,A lm. . -1-, ' ' 4 'vw ,J , . f-f " 'I,f f-'Pt r 'xx' Q5 K 4 A A , r ' -. ' 1. nfl"--. 3 ' ,. :Lol 'Y w ' " I '-..-, , 1 L f-W' " . V N , . N Q :- .4 -Q, wp - ,,,,, fu.. 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William Shakespeare T 4 -" "p ff' ,. , f v 1 ' I P , 'iffy' 1 I I I5 mi "History has an aim and a goal: that man, driven hy the longing for renewed anion with na- ture and with man, will develop hit human fac- ultief of love and rea- .ron so fully that even- taally he attain! a new anion, a new harmony with natztre and with man." Erich Fromm Logging Qdfkwdfd Main Sfreef I 870 J able uP Eonivznifi Tl-IEIWE I'IE EENTENNIAL lE'KK VIEW Z-41-III IJHEEIQE IIE-IE! S 44 -Hs 1:-' -- . , . - . . A , , , . ' - ,..- " " """" Q' +1-- ...aulw-'-.. . ,- -o ..' .Y X DUQME DEEANQUYWUNE bHUHI5 EETMUEE INDEX Ffa f 'Wan' ' ff, k, , -, YL. 1553.175 I74-EIII7 EEE - E45-1 E513-img 2040151311 Mi' S"9E' -' , ,-,, -gh- L w- ., Q J a'. , ' L' .Wg ,QM 'H-, ,xiii S I Q.. I , ,A Q 'vw ' - - 'X C A , X . s YJ, ' , . . I ' ink- ' , , rv ' Q ' ., , ,A -1 u i A. A' ,N A. 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RAID H0555 IMA? :J MJ THE 4047528 or L' lx- l Akron University was founded in 1870 by the Univer- salist Church as a denominational college. The corner- stone Was laid by Horace Greeley and the ceremony was presided over by the Honorable john R. Buchtel, the primary' benefactor of Buchtel College. The main building on Akron's new campus was completed on july 4, 1871 and Buchtel College was dedi- cated on September 20, 1872. Two hundred and seven- teen students were enrolled during the school's first year and were taught by seven faculty members. All depart- ments, including the dorms, the library, and the chapel, were contained in the Main Building. The College required every candidate for admission to present a reliable certificate of good moral character. The rigid standards for admission coincided with john R. Buchtel's beliefs, for he once ran on the prohibition ticket. A1 'I 'vu .'i2'1v . ' ' .4 .eff an N5- iifaiudlx rf' 4...- lil ' V 'sf V 7 " igfi f T lg , Y " ' ' , - , - Y ' ' ' Y R i V if ig -1 . M Hu Th v-Y N- 'vii . , i-4 . 1 - 'Ili i 'X 'I 13 ' ll .C .i1T,, I ,U - , F, - 1 L ' ' ,- f in -1 os z 'ri N I . 9...-lg .ff X f, 'H ,CQ ' 2 sv ' 4 -0 K' 4 Jiksfii ini, iuxf- 'itmxf Aa A ul u eg !x: . .1 .1 1 a 'L ,wffwrvrllli 1 IKE .Ili X l J. x l JY g ' N 7 v Ab., l,l.l. "",.,' f .4 Y 'if lv -4 .rv H .ire ,A .. -I2 .5 fs .,., 'l-Ig! W'-, - sf Q- '5 22 if M 1 Q Q gif- .-l lg F'1 1 .L - - is ' .- '-.- -.Af-: -- ' . ':?"f-1-X. i 1 5 5- - 535 ' ' XX.-ii' L-Lair: --:ala Tgtfi . T '.-- -Q 1 . .l 'fl."f-f,51'l"f7 "FW 77 ,Z :X - ' Q x 1-' ' , , l Q , 1 y- Txi-.:-..--'.-.. 1 lllili ' i n"'A"' L 3 ' X ---"' ' J 1 ' K 1: l' - 1-.-he Ei rt-Sl' U niveroafiof Ggurcfi, mingu 3' X. H. Q4 , ,A ti- -le! Q3 .J LONE STAR FRATERNITY HOUSE. gnrpnfo riANUAR Disaster struck the College on December 20, 1899, as fire leveled the main building of Buchtel Col- lege with an estimated loss of 5100.000 This event, along with the depression of 1893 brought the College to the brink of disaster. The proud citizens of Akron re- sponded to the colleges need. The response was great, but unfortu- nately operating funds were at a deficit which led Parke Kolbe and his associates to offer the school to the City of Akron. This trans- action formed the nucleus of a municipal university. z?Re, ICSAID Jdff ff Bww me 'r2f'A.SH .. J , 'I .ll- o,, ,I I 4 a1'2"N J1 fc 1, ,X . if V- Buchfel -Hall fire i899 ME N561 WOMEN . I-I Kd I mu M 'ii VY ,SJ U Broomsfick Bri ade l889 0 QCA? WIATHIPPZAIQ ZA S2534 Q Af' A 5 A Rf Y ou My way ra fp, 6017532515505 301.14 .sm-If AM from umfkrly -r- 4lBEE'n.e.5ff BEE'FI-IYDVEN CONCElQ'l'. 'Q 1 1 W OIVHAAQ 1572115 Clk' . fi-ff nlexandws Liver and Kidney Tonic, W Ann suns nuns ron Asus nun Mnumn. - " 'N' BEST BLOOD Pl'RIFIER OX THE MARKET. w,uz1zANT1aD T0 PI'1:11fY Tm-: moon .xxn vm: 1-1 ALI, DISEASES mv THE 'W -W'0N14'H uven, Kmnsvs Ano STOMACH. " EUFR .4 HT LFA57' MANl'FAC'l'l'Rl-ID ONLY HY W. W. ALEXANDER, - - - AKRON, OHIO. All Kinds of Photography at ,X-,,,,J I G ,I The municipal university ideal was quite different from that of the denominational college. The citizens of Akron agreed to tax themselves so that they might be provided with a university that would offer a well- rounded course of studies. The University made good by offering such programs in engineering, home economics, and teacher training. However, Parke Kolbe, the University's President, soon ran into difficulty. Because the city was growing rapidly, it was forced to place the University's priority behind street paving, sewers, and many other of the city's basic needs. Adding to the problem was the incredible number of students seeking admission to the University. As a result, the school set up very rigid requirements-so rigid that Akron became one of the most selective schools in the nation. Parke Kolbe HA! V00 XE wRwU9AQA1I0 G AMD New N A T6 m Tan-155 1? H0 Lmml yoj Q SHEETIE FAU ' PIE-. .... J S ' - KN L . ? 1 4 1 4 f ' f 1 - f 'p X lx , F- l -I 1 QI 'xx XL' Akron I9 O ' .sg-1, ' S -UMlY'8f'1"""" ,nw Campus View and Eu vluxr -me uecx A MAMCQA11 lS 11-IA1 ? 'JW 2 M15 M f- 4 .Hyx 1' 'S ax qfff TW BLIND MENTHE WORN 0veK,mAYN0w REMIC?- l" 7 Z' L 4134-:Q YY: A , d 1930 -:S- VS-K , ., N? -Qxiwix 'xx - .lx X. w ,-we ii' ws., ...gli THE DE FT H175 T IE C M9195 'N'-'arf' sad General Sherman one morning at brealisst. "fs He'i." NN lrereascn the General ate another wheetcalre and Vs words became history. bsheting in the 1940's was the start of Wforld XX .ir ll. Great numbers ot men. both students and tacuizv. were inducted into militarv service. At . 4 this tune tiorlorn coeds decorated the front lawn ct the campus with a sign proclaiming Akron the Hilltop School for Girls." It was this mature if ' ""' and confident generation that triggered the age of 1 c F x s D pets. TY. the space race, and "instant history." My .6 K .f T 4' The post-war period saw the influx of the G.I. .1 F i and expansion programs. A new heating plant and L librarv were added in 1946. By 1949 Ayer Hall was being constructed. with Knight Chemistry Lab- yy ciratc-rv following the next year. The pace of cuzzszruction continued when Dr. Norman P. Au- ,E burn tools over the Presidency in 1951. By 1954 I A 3 Crouse Gvmnasium was considered outdated and 1 Memorial Hall was built. . The 1960's saw a basketball dynasty that went gf to Evansville three years in a row. However, in xl: Iwo' Karl Monroe and XY'inston Salem bitterly ended the Turner. XY'illiams reign 88-80. The 60's also were the stage for the University outgrowing in vi its tax base. Thus the voters of the city, by an eiygh:-to-tune margin. transferred the school to state status. fo- -.Q Q . Q' s "I gg . . KL. . .,,.,, ing. 1 I L L 1 LCV k 3 1' 15-is i E' -s4i".4", .5 vt " -". DELTA GAMMA-SECOND IN INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL ' ff' 57' f 'f- WQWW "W ' F L g ?i??i?? ? ' 5? ,Z SSE!! 'Q 'W' I' :Q :"?Ef'Tp.-fi'-j'CflLl ,. usirigg 'E ff jug, 'J:,l','E:'i,El'f'a' TEAQQ 'Ti - if :ics sonauunrnzssaoaa " ' W, , ,,,,,. -.,.,..--J-in -usvnz noun if You Ann IE KNO' TIMT nirrnsssnr omo :iw THENVBESI Tun YOU seen sure is IVITH You IN srum. rms 'ls 1 ron You llilf-S1700 unve rumen Ann wsu. 4 Tun You nu. no Youn Best AND THAT SHOULD, E soon Luck AND essr wiswss- JA-.-as AQRHODES, sovzmion- In 1967, Akron became a state university. With the help of state aid, Akron has built the Gardner Stu- dent Center, Auburn Science and En- gineering Center, and Schrank Hall, while federal urban renewal opened the way for the formation of jackson Field. Akron is expanding the Gard- ner Student Center and is constructing the Performing Arts Center. This physical expansion has been paralleled by the expansion of the academic curriculum. The Community and Technical College, the College of Nursing and the College of Fine and Applied Arts have been added along with the expansion of the graduate program and the addition of Black Studies Program. 7X-W X f f rv VX Q 1 rf- GOQD f-f jf Jf f'-.Q I fxs f F 0 The second hundred years-what will they be like? The projected enrollment by 1980 will be 31530, but the University will face more than growth problems. It can not be an isolated center of learning, for the University is a world in a microcosm and mirrors the problems of its society. The dramatic pace of change in a tech- nological society will demand a greater flexi- bility and understanding. The increased inter- dependence of man will require the elimination of divisions between men. Creativity will be at a premium. To achieve this creativity the curriculum must be further expanded and made more relevant to the in- dividual. Abstract thought about racial discrimi- nation, pollution, poverty, and population control must lead to concrete action. The University must be the vanguard of social action rather than the receptor of its effects. l BYE If! cv l 32 ,dl Q I 1 ,,,, M . rf ' ' ' I' , f , ,ui ,I 70 ,I , , 1 'N. . 'f ff ' fi- . , K. ,ffm I . v flf 4 X- -., flfflllx ,X- fi ,QQ ' ' ' 'i' " fl' 5' X . I A 1 f . ' ,1 ,,. , V fy .-X, ':. 'L If ,' 'X , ' I X I 1 ,. n,- . l . . , - N .IA:'g'a. '- , 1" Jlrhfk ff., gb-K ,yv ,f I My .1 7 , '!'1'f19:fjfx' V l i , , x, , A fix'-:'x-..,', , , . Q , . , , , I W, ,L -5, 4 In- V I K V-Lx .. .4 . 5. -,k 1,1 ffqi .1:yj7:5,,ACK I-L? Ah'..'::f.--, f ' 3 . . . LI,47f,,k.Q.1"-y,.,i:sv.: fl , , I 4' I . J ' . W t . - 1 x ' ', f' ' '-A ' f z ' , X ' , . ' 1 A , . -4' A -.' ' . ' .a- ' n I Zn.. 1 , " , . " -" 1.x x'1.,4,.j1' 4. Ay, .Asif .fx A 'u ' x . 'v. 1 ' 1 '. 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Y' " , V-gf ' 5 . u as , , ,, g- Q uk, ,S .f fra. .' , , -Q-- 2 1 Af ff' Q4 mf ' A 1 41' V- ! 4. V, :, tv in :R 1 x t ,iw --N. 'f l,' W'WL--.exe A 0' " 5 ,JSR , T I . .,. -i' fs-c ., -, aff", " ' .fy 'wr 1' " 'vi-1 .gg J. 1 1 ,,,,,. N Wygxqmw . 'l 4 - G-P1351 .1 f wg? - v .af - , ' .- W : 4 'f aw' 2-1' .wif fi f .. W . f .w'f?f?w A 1 Hn A 4 lg' W - ' .iff Ya' A . '+f5'-1-A ' Sr N 1 r J MAIN BUILDING. FIIKCTEO H472. I -5 , 1 M ,mah 0 . N 1 13' Ll- gif" " 2-.7 A .xN4,,,,fl Yu- ' W A W .. i 1, 41' IEW w ' W .M Canoeing on Summif Laine-I94O's .1 l A . N 4 l 'G 1 4Q. ' A: 5. 4 ' I 4 -a -f' .,.Y . . S . Q 2 Pre ' f i r " f o . I - .1- C 4 A ,X ,O . , -. :yf . ,fun-M, ,,,, ,,,-..-....-A A-- f g 4 1 yt 4 if E , -14,1 it K' -W f 1 :I 1" A ' Q L, : Q 4 H ' V Q K ,Q 9 3 'I ' ,,', V ,f . , , . ,.i : 1 .I 4 5 v 1,1414 Y NIE 1 Q ' ' ,Ju a"7 IH., f ffm, !f",i'-w f. J, 1 . . , I .N I, k,w4 fN gxynpf Ax: jf.',f ' af,-94, , ,,",A. f 0. -. 1' 1 'f f,ff'5"! , ,f , ,,f,a.f3c-f,- ' ' - 1142! 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' o llx.: ,Q M 1 Y Q ,yi r A Q G ri 5 I ' .qw 'iffy' Y , U 1,5 . - ' . s. W ,s- 1 A ' H 1. Vg I 4 I-J - 7 ,v. "Q sf'L' x .K .,' s -f X ' f ,X 1 gp rci u 1 fa, iv. S . Q -'w n . H xi .R- . N 54 7. I . - ,Q 1 , 'X , - . .gg an 8:- 1 X , ' f , x . 1, I TAT. nk 1 rl 1 X .X JJQ, X Xi, .fl V4 ew- A! wg 'TUQ ...W 1-f 'Gini ' A 1 'A r oxfwr fqml, ' I 1 ,. . as Xf W Qi f 4 W? 3 . ' I '4 ' ' - NA' I-I 1 5 I K 7 -ff Q . X, x I - 4 r X 1 . r , Q-, ' v Q . N . 1 f ug A 3 of A, K , . I. 1 , , 'SM' "J Campus on a hilliop amidsi urban renewal, demoli+ion, conslrucfion, a growing communily in which ihe Universiiy Jrakes an aciive par+. Problems of lhe Universily become problems of lhe cily and ci+y problems involve Jrhe Universify- paving slreels more parlcing laciliiies, adeguaie bus service, lhe performing arls cenler, +he Rubber Bowl, 'rhe iuiure medical school. l-lere, a+ The Universify of Alcron I5,000 s+uden+s commuie which means- 'rrailic lie-ups, parlcing liclxeis, car pools, riding a bus, Thumbing, an oil-campus aparimenf and mounds ol concrefe. And also- a sfudenf body, independeni of campus aciivihes however infrequent a need for a unifying iac'ror- Gireelc or ISA and a need 'ro recognize 'rhai' dormies do exist I I A 4 ' -e , . I like A City School With City Problems " Thx LII i II I Il - III' I I I i 1 " 0' ' ' 'P vff'ji--Us' -' A, '-'L'a'- 1 I -iii"'JJ',N .-,tra-3. W N 53-il' g 'ei , IN- -1, I '- I Q-'Q 3-W - .5 1.2 J 4-- --4 x Y 5 'a-Q -A - an .Y"S' Q "' : q"x1,.5T- at - 4--,-Q A' ' .""'.,l och 'Q ix.. , "UQ - .1" H- " -' 5H"?'i' "1-. ' 1 2 1 'S' 'f4, fa ..... 1214-'iga ...qw -' '-'L ....... X- .,, . ,ii,,. :gg ...Q ' -I " ' -4 ' Fi T,-' lt 456- 'ffl-. . i o' N i tt., as " " iii- ad- rv- ig li -Ad V f" '-15 ':A'X" 5 ff . 1'Q'1fgi':.-7 'L , ff I' 6 ,sw q 1 ii, 39 1 e 1 I I I ,,,-I 1' -aw - 'fi ..-sk ' . YY. :'.1' n 'K Q A R. -..l , as I' 1 if ML. 1 40 'N 'SL 'l'r'i'rW-'r7r'r7'i7v'NN T ' ! lr ' Dedicatlons Gpen Centennial 1 The dedicalion ol Residence Tower ll Bulger l-lall-Seplember 2 l , l969 The dedicalion of a building Schranlc l-lall-Oclober 24. l969 Unnoliced by sludenls, pedeslrians, people in cars, Observed only by lhose who buill il, or conlribuled lo il. For lhese dedicalions signify a slep lorward ln lhe physical growlh of our universily For allhough we have beller Tacililies, and wider academic offerings, The increasing number ol problems, crealed by expansion l-lave yel +o be solved. w...:r- -J !un Q-J Q- EJ ll l.iD- Q ' -Q- 's ,. 5 s. X X X x X x X 'x x x X xxx . X X x X X XX X X Ib va. .-,-r" ' ff'fx'?' 's . '.'M. ET ' X x S X N s X x . X Q 1 Diversit : 1 LA' - f-4 X . ' '36 A ,ff : Q 94' v .Q R- A rw W -r 'jf' wif - W3 . Pgyrtw- . ' lu N ., . . 1 . T ' ' M511 . . fig-5 f . - , 'V : 1 55353 -. . X , 3 v, 4 , Xx '-Xxx a HP 5 x x hx. f r ggi, ,, ..,, ,,, ' Xxx- A f, I, If h I X. ' 5, f ' ' K"- ' X "Nw X fx 4 W, Q .. .,.,,,i,,, ' A Y Q1 SH .0-Q" 36" X' x X X x K' X 4 I, K .,,,, 'K' 1: 1 ' iq 'l in il in 11854 1W,.,,,. .1 una. 1 ,. 1, 'n 52 ms 59 U' -6092 1,4-v .0 XX A University and Its People Q ,, -f f-Y" '42 .- A ,. Y X gf XR, W A r 43 H CLASS 0 mf' in-Ca qi rms-w .-r ...N 4 , 4.-.N 'K-4"'Qg i ,.n..a. ,,' .' A .M.',5n,., willqp.-..11. 4, "rm, lnside and oufside fhe brick walls and cars. From across fhe counfry, across fhe sfafe, or iusf across fhe cify A perennial flow of people. Leaving foofprinfs in fhe snow, or siffing on fhe lawn. Talking fo a friend, or walking across campus. l have no fime fo analyze fhe l7,000 faces. Groping amidsf fhe differences, looking for some familiar oneness of expression and finding none. l only know fhaf some are confemplafing fhe arrival of fomorrow While ofhers are confenf fo blow away fhe remnanfs of foday. 2 .Q 'gala :O 2' X u 'Y x .L A, . 5 x L I 2-1: 5 -,fy A 1 1 ? .. 1 s . 1. L- Q-eq -1...g!'etL?'x fi? D 'f 'X bw + A 1 ' V I if ' i I, fbi an as Q, ,W ri F-'Fi -asv ,H LX Q, y ,mpg . . LM., 51: . Ax ,wg - ., 5 "."'.l,,i ' " "'-9-AQAWQ 1 1'-,n , . --.u , Y , , 4. , X A a' Jn" ' V .f.i.-4-' ' 'frm , J.. , xxa-r,,,..1. 'M' 21,55 ., .. 'Q , . Haw ,ywgi-f ,V -wir, 1 xnl 0-, ,Q-,. "' , " ,QA P" , xx ,aft uh ,M , 0 R+. mix!!! , 3-1:v:v. ,.fr-.2-MN Y JY. "' 'Q' W , f M- - A- -,E ""'3'f':.3T """ A W - 1+ W.-f L 4-vu -- -. ii A 'eww . a .A ,' ' 4,14 fx . env? - . gl ' 3712 1',,k :+:ff'...:f"w7"'1 L- H1-A-Q 'P' 'P 5-:Q X-,QW -L .. - 'cg-. E 'J'-:i'm.N , 4 A . - 'f1,.1q,,A- qmai- Q I. ,.-- . X T- ' """'-.".."'--,..' ' A "f2:g 51 -tm J, ..-'PK ,, , K , wffsffggr-s., ,.4 V ,.,l'..',JffA,.-'N Xp 4, .Af-' '- 3 x . rg ' -, 4,1 ,e15,f.gtiri-1 .Tift -2 WLLSNAIT XQ1 fig- als Fly ve - x L. 4 i x A f ,f - A f . ,-, , ' ' 4 'J . rr 'W ' , gf ' z x Q -f 2 Q. 5, , X ls- 'YN' nl Q I v 'L 1 K 5 I . .. . . 'ax'-4 'ff "1 'e , . Y r . qx '55 ' N", 'fyi ., 0 4-he-,.,.f-Q--M "' 5' aw U 1- t?'l'ii' 'vu - ik V 1 ,. X 5 ir- vu 0vi4,,1nox S 'x'fit- -4--5. -5' 'Ph X 1 Q: Q., S J- xat. Creati It - Essential to Learning 0 1 1 L I ,Q Er 1: JW, , ia It iff? Q vw 5 L., , . .? J 1 Y. . 3- , 5,4 , W t a .wp- A an N r Q. ' W .1,,!fg, M. ,J , f www , Y q,,,? we I 'gk fi 'Y 1 1 ' I ' 3x L I i 1 Z w X W I R 1 4 5 . , i.'kf,I' JV, ' II 1 LQ 4 QP , . 5 fm, 'n . ' ' ' SMW ' . N.: fm, ' N ffy ' L x r L w -5 we , 1 1 1 J , ,u wi Ha' P M 1- N, " 'V' ' '+ V X W Vw ' in ' N Nj X AL, ' ww M s','l:Xw!1 , , ' X YN Q-, ' my: X WE: J ' , ,iff '. , 'u,pwA1 .W- W ' ,ggyp V i' I 0- , . NX ' ,X -, A J N X V 'V' X, 1 X N, y. , , , Q I x ' as Y ' rj' 1 - Ita xx X gf X , f'f ' SI .X A M 1? , f I I, I! 'gf I 15,8 A X :sg 2 4 I l rn XM A ,s f A-1 A. .A 'M M A ' 1 - 1 Ji' if Y? J - WN A -, g'g1:Lfa?blf.L , ':,::f-my - PM 151.1 ' V1 Y,-,z 9 I 4: 14" '14 u ,. wil '- L?" H 44 I IAIA ,x '-v ,frm ,f ,. -. ,-Qian H ' ' ' -' 'W Lx "':'.5f ' 1 ,. " M-mm.. ,. W M 't 'w"""" ' N ,. N, My I' 43 I f-1 'M , . A ' u we ht Wq. ,J-PM .H " X wt Q f . . i Piwfff "'- -1 , ' 5. Ni' Av .-F' vi 'KQ- . K x g.fff1'ff Yr," , 3.1, 1 0' ' EIELV 6 - ' f ' L . ' .1-an .6-4 iw, '4 , I wil bs 4 1 , . -4 T .WI 'i ,Jr P A 1 I Vfkliil 'rf .0 x W M. were X , ,, f , wg: ., if-:N-, . 'git-to:.L . . I . .1 . Y, it ,A I-1 - V' I. 1 X ,w ,,, 1 I w Qin, n f 'aa ,'1.. 3 4. -:sg vf 1v.1, .4"- . ,...F ,E Wwxma N N M' l N , -X .ka , - 1 . 1 - .- o , N y V f . 1' , Q.- vn. Mx ' W, K 1. n I V W ' X W' 'M 1 ,. 5 K f W X" i 1 1 4 l I I ' H ' I 'f 1 ,, . 1 51 G1 fx 1.. 9 , m H Uh!! W ffl iff, J J 51 ' - A .. . 4, - - , 1 A I I ' 'I .V . V W 'E x 2 1 ' ' 'A Q 'E .F 5 Z W L- V. -'K .n. X ld V. 1:53 ' . I I qw- 1 , F- .ll t Q N, ,, Af '2 A fy' . JR , K -ig. fi fr if A ,. If J. 4 9. . .7 it Af 4. 1 ., I .S-.V thlfj J ,n 11 We are noi' born socialized beings. We musl be lauglir. Ye? llwere are some wlio do no'r benefil' from llwis exclusive socializalion process. The Universily and Jrhe communi+y provide social services +o lielp clwildren, in wlnose lwancls lie our na'rion's lulure. Tuloring, speeclw ancl nearing Jrherapy, nursery sclwool lielp 'rliese clnildren +o adiusl +o life, lo comrnunicare, 'ro share, lo learn, +o lincl and lcnow llwennselves, +o be an individual among 'rlne masses. I M W' M if' 1 w""' ,Q 3 'E 300 J" 1 t vi QNWTZ 'H -r--r Q 1 'Bt' L' Q 1-""'A 'L f ' n , ' 3-mir 1'--1 ""1-qw, " Y X tx 4.31-55 is ik? 1 1' -. M4-vo-U... -.Aw 'Sh Research - Birth of a Dream v ni It "-53" 1' we Ng H rv, L. l' S I ,ag Q X 56 A fa 'L 1 '21 N -, 77 , Q' m ' ml? A l - 4 'Vw F , X I ,J un X, , . M--Xi 9 ,Xe ,N .. ... Q f ' Lv, -XXX r l tl I -. ., v- -' ff' fp v- ' V .W I ,v M. 'Mg-, 1 rg X --M-I W5 M .--Q X f A .' '- 1 3 Y 1 f ' K v ' ' 1 ' ' ,X X X X X ' 4 ' :N ' . b.. X . , .X ' ' : . 1 1 ' 3 f ' ' , 1 L ' ,X ', Xj M f I ' ' 4, " wa' ,W-N Q v X. 4 ' "" lngfrf ,wJKI'v, win ' w 'f w 5 ,, f If X X .I 2 P , . ' .1 :V 5 , ., . , ! . X X ,X XX FX XXWX. XXX XX X XY' k 512 X X37 , ii- XX . W My 3, - :X - gf FY 4' ' 4-2 gf ,, V , , H .X , X X. . . Q v ' w- K ,Ma 4 2 XR 2 W, . 7 V: X ji' X 4 3 1 2" 2 f W MIX 9 , w- 1 QI X. , .,., M W-Q -,.. -m,,,,,,.,,.,,.,M. +5 -M A E651 , - . -, ,X 1. . - . , X X W , Q 12 A H ' X W M lg NX ' X W. ,,w?Tf."f , ' .M X N3- X X , X 6 q , , , X X X.. . ' .L MN - , -. M 9' N X XX,,X .. X 'f' l fv It X .XX N 1 ,, fm' - X . ,XXX 5 I -nf . "' 'NF ,......., ,,,,. 5- ., 41 . A X ,,,, 4. - 1 P. . . 1 , , , '1a..x ,. ' A 'WSJ,FWi9'fv0flji"f'R'' Q, Q. ,MX ' - ' nr 0 M X XX .V M.,.M,Wm XX XX X XX ' - .Q 'fr Q. -. .X J. X .X , X XL, 1 . , . ,Ml , ........,,,,, X-. .. A , ww... "N P x 4 , XXX. X , ' I WJ: fix-,gm-x.X ,M X - In-4 XX , M. wi, W 41giifhf"X:E55Ymff?GQ,'Q 2 1 M- ---- M . N , " - "VE: 'WC G ,.1Y1i.'MZ',w"v- ' ' N" -9 ' fJ'fW yWW4'Ni7W1F '4 -. 'W' X M X 'fi " 351 W V11 if "' V x M-.11: .w W ' ' X ' WW' " Y .,.. . .X '- X ' 7 Q J A -' . x 1 , N ,N-i. . 7 ' jr XXX Y . y f I Li -A 'Q f' "Y 5 f . ' .X f - ' 1. 1 X ' .x 1 .S .Y XyXX x X gx .X .mf Informalit Fosters Freedom 55" ' F r ggi a-ff, -ff!! f 3 .",A Z! 3 fi Z 4 +-.LUV fl ,z Allhouqh The 'almiqhry accum' Slill shows olhers lhe qualify ol our educal on I . The Universily slill malces a few allemph al lhe lrue, non-raled process ol learning. Some are brief, pul worlhwhile llilce lhe AWS Free U classesl Bur olhers are conlinual, wilhoul grades wi+hou'r pressures. Parricipanls are lhere because of inleresls alone, A lew hours a weelc lo caplure a rare amounl of academic freedom. Informal classes, increasing enrollmenr wider variely lndicale Jfhal whal some consider 'ro be non-essenlial aclually provide for a well-rounded educa+ion. i. Y. WxW:'W wf Q: , M ,, wg' if ,. 60 S of the Unknown 13 'fufii' tis sf Anno' 'o Ofliceoflhebean GenenlCollege Congratulations on Quarter. I note, with List of the General At the time of graduati ment as follows: Graduated "cum laude" Graduated "magna cum 1aude" Graduated "summa cum la I hope that your academ of these high honors upo The Facul if join me in the Dean' Lislt many times in , sildents are e" - Cumulative a w11l contm years to come the hope that we may that Very truly yours , film TS:ip 62 Office of General the Dean Q Examina cumula you on a 'Probation is unsa the stu your and ,Mn N I-.UF4-dw,-' s t vw .K . 5 - S 1 I' " "" I 0 A .V . . fi? . ' ' Eff 2 O THE UNIVERSITY OF AKRON AKRON, OHIO 44304 d at The Un1vers1ty of Akron shows your 2.0. 'I am, therefore, with regret, placing student that the student's academic record t, unless the record improves substantially' from the University. I urge you to discuss a member of the staff of the Counseling Student Services . 9 ne years of age and unmarried, a copy of this parents. if Very ufguly yours, , fi , C, 1 L QV v1 VV' Thomafs Sumner Dean 5 Fr 1 V ,l ri L 1 n ,I ll I fflslfnl nl vin X an X ,Q XL al" KV' ' l X n M ' W 14 , '- V f A X 'n 5' , ' I ff 1 XM, W 4 X 1 , "4:Q.w'fx'Q an N 1 X V Wm l 'D Nl - Q ns X f f A gf Q Y .. N 'Wm , x X mu 'R X Y' A X If I w , ' .QW pp X ' Wtfv, W' 1 W 12 1ww,sWW+QM X, f '13 34J,'W,Q ,V p ' 5 fl X, H, ,sW'L' AM1f7 n vu iig ww'N Q,, .m1 5: X A ' ' ' A r ,. W C' ' J x v9 1 J ! K 0 Community Involvement in the lohn Hope Franklin One of The reasons why our educaTional insTiTuTions seem To have failed is ThaT we have assigned Them responsibiliTies ThaT They cannoT and should noT underTake. Should noT The universiTy, locaTed in The midsT of a ciTy full of problems be doing some- Thing abouT Them? The answer obviously is yes. BuT The more difficulT guesfion is whaT should They be doing? Meanwhile, The young, idealisTic, properly im- paTienT sTudenT consTiTuency i presses The universiTy To be up and abouf The Task of Trans- forming The ciTy inTo an eden or a ufopia. "Don'T iusT sTand There," They say To The uni- versiTy. 'Do someThing and do iT now!" BuT before The universiTy gives up iTs primary Task of discovering and disseminaTing knowledge, iT musT be guiTe cerTain ThaT in iTs new mission iT would noT be doing more harm Than good. IT cannoT rebuild The slums or feed The poor or eliminaTe crime. lT has neiTher The skills nor The resources To achieve such esTimable goals. The universiTy's role in a socieTy ThaT is Tilled wiTh a varieTy of complex problems is, firsT of all, criTicism based on unassailable and unimpeachable knowledge. The universiTy can also creaTe a new social climaTe, in- fused wiTh a social conscience and a sense of responsibiliTy. No oTher insTiTuTion, including The church, is so well gualified To underfake This Task. The pursuiT of TruTh, The main purpose of The universiTy, is The mosT engaging and ingraTiaTing of all experiences. There is no such Thing as The dishonesT pursuiT of TruTh: and Those who pursue TruTh represenT a commiTmenT and a sense of responsibiliTy ThaT should be The hallmarks of a good socieTy. ln a very real way The sTruggles ThaT lvlarTin LuTher King carried on during his brief life symbolize The coniuncTion of The ciTy, The universiTy, and The ciTizen. l-lere was a ciTizen wiTh impeccable academic gualificaTions, who used his care- ful uriversify Training To solve socieTy's mosT urgenT problems, especially Those ThaT flourished in The ciTy. l'le uTilized The findings of The universiTy disciplines To indicT socieTy for iTs derelicfions. l-le was never wiThouT The facfs or The calm, sober analysis of The facTs ThaT lenT power To his sTricTures. Vvhen he came To Chicago To aT'l'ack The ineguiTies of gheTTo housing and To campaign for The eliminaTion of racism in efro'oy"enT, he came armed wiTh The facTs regarding The iriusfices of public policy and privaTe connivances. l-lis adfersaries could find no defenses: There were none. Cn The forTy-firsT anniversary of lv1arTin LuTher King, IT would seem To be fiTTinq for a universiTy celebraTing iTs ce'Te'rial To look aT The dreams of This remarkable young fran and aalf iTself whaT iT can do To see ThaT Those dreams will come True. l-lis life was a challenge To This UniversiTy and every :eaT of learning To look aT This communiTy and every communiTy and ioin in The efforT To make The ciTy a beTTer place, a 'fore decenT place in which To live. The sTake of The urban universiTy in The urban seTTing is very greaT, in- deed. IT canroT move, merely because The air becomes oolluTed or because some undesirable family moves inTo The rexT bloclf. IT rfiusf remain where iT is. C. P. Snovv BuT sTill, we are living in our Time: we can'T live in any oTher. And we should be very guilTy and ToTally irresponsible if we didn'T see a TruTh in The way people from The poorer socieTies regard us. You see, There is a gap beTween our prosperiTy and Their sTruggle for subsisTence. IT, is a gap which is morally-and in The long run pracTically-inTolerable. lT is one of The TesTs af educaTion for The nexT decade To make us face The division and The possible or more exacTly probable caTasTrophe of The world in which we live. y Well Then. WhaT will men l wanT? These expecTaTions will be T rising iusT as ours have risen. l-low oughT They To be educaTed for a beTTer fuTure? To educaTe ourselves for leisure, as iT is called, while The major problems of humanify are noT solved-ThaT would weigh us down wiTh a load of guilT, if we have any human sympaThy aT all: and if we haven'T any hu- man sympaThy, There is noT much poinT in educaTing ourselves eiTher for leisure or for anyThing else. Now, if I am going To be over-bold and suggesT whaT educaTion should be Trying To encourage in Times of expecTaTions, l shall puT iT in one word: undersTanding. UndersTanding of The insighTs- avail- able To us every day, increasing every year--which are Torcing us To Think differenTly of ourselves. If we masTer These in- sighTs, and are able To Think more Truly and realisTically of ourselves, aTTain a new level of UndersTanding-Then maybe, wiTh a greaT good forTune, ThaT we shall find a new purpose. So l suggesT To you ThaT we can see some componenTs of an educaTion in a Time of expecTaTion. Increasingly we shall have To know abouT ourselves. Our limiTs as well as our poTenTialiTies. If we don'T know our limiTs, Then we shall be vicTims of The romanTic opTimism ThaT has beTrayed proges- sive Thinking all Through hisTory. lf we don'T know our poTenTialiTies. Then we shall sink back inTo romanTic pessimism which is worse. Unless we can Think of ourselves wiThouT illusion, one way or The oTher. we shan'T Tackle The social Tasks which lie righT in fronT of us-no furTher away, Tor you, Than The souTh of This conTinenT. Nor, when ThaT is done, shall we find anoTher purpose, as yeT unknown. lT would be imprudenT of us To Try To prescribe a decenT life for our successors. BuT aT leasT we mighT educaTe ourselves To undersTand some of Their condiTions-and, incidenTally, To make guiTe sure ThaT we acTually do have some successors and ThaT we haven'T succeeded in finishing off The human species once and for all. EdiTor's nofe: These are excerpTs from some of The Talks presenfed during The year. Continuing Process of Education lohn VV. Gardener I wanT To Talk To you in The graduafing class noT abouT how you relaTe To a Troubled world, buT how you relaTe To yourselves. l am inTeresTed in The paTh you will Travel from where you are now To where you will be Then. I am inTeresTed in whefher you will be sufficienfly alive infellecfually To have someThing To say. BuT I'm less inTeresTed aT This poinT in The lessons you have learned Than I am in The lessons you are going To learn. And The Thing ThaT inTeresTs me mosT of all is how long you will keep The capaciTy To learn. Now as To Those who ceased somewhere along The line To be vifal, growing human beings, do you suppose They wanTed iT To be ThaT way? Or do you suppose ThaT They were once as eager and open and ready To learn as you. confidenT ThaT They would never be ofherwise? Could iT be ThaT whaT life did To Them iT will also do To you? Self-renewal depends on your capaciTy To remain versaTile and adapTive, noT To be Trapped in Tech- niques, procedures and rouTines, noT To be im- prisoned by your own peT Theories, comforTable habiTs and cusfomary ways. You are very sure now ThaT you will be ThaT kind of adulT. AT The age of 40 ask yourself how long since you've made a new friend. AT The age of 50 ask yourself how long since you've goT'Ten inTo an argumenf wiTh someone of fundamenTally dif- ferenT views and come ouT Thinking The oTher per- son was righT. Finally self-renewal depends on your moTivaTion. Have you ever noficed The enThusiasm and energy of people who love whaT They're doing, or believe in whaT They're doing? They never seem To Tire. Life is an endless unfolding, and if we wish iT To be, an endless pro- cess of self-discovery, an endless and unpre- dicfable dialogue be- Tween our own poTen- Tialifies and The life sif- uaTions in which we find ourselves. And by po- Tenfialifies I mean noT iusT inTellecTual gifTs buT The full range of one's capacifies for learning, sensing, wondering, un- dersTanding, loving and aspiring. Buell Gallagher I The sTudenT of The I96O's was increasingly alienaTed from boTh The obiecfive, value-Tree research universiTy and The Tradifional liberal arTs emphasis. He did noT glow wifh graTiTude merely because The mulTiversiTy had opened iTs doors To him. along wiTh several Thousand oThers. Told To suspend his emofions, he cried, "BuT l'm a poeTl" He reiecTed scienfism and Those who would insTrucT him in iTs vir'Tues of defached inquiry. He was noT enamoured of a civilizaTion which endured raT-infesTed slums and permiTTed urban decay. Nor did he sTand in awe of a Technology which crowns man's greaTesT Technological achieve- menT by leaving a few million dollars worTh of choice garbage on The moon-The ulTimaTe asserTion of The perverfed values of The no- deposiT, no-reTurn, delivery sysTem. He esfablished his own absoluTe, called iT, "sinceriTy," and on Thi? foundaTion erecTed The sTrucTure of The New lnTolerance. Wifh a sfrange new rufhlessness which befrayed his genTle words: or, alfernafely. wiTh a violence of language and acTion which belied his prorounced goal The Beloved Communifyz he expressed The power of arrogarce. He placed his confidence no longer even in The group under ThirTy. He placed his confidence only in himself and in his exisTenTial rno'nerT. ReiecTing The mass educaTion of The mulTiversiTy, he neverTheless found new saTisfacTions in mass revolT and mass demonsTraTions. Thus iT has come abouT ThaT a fourTh developmenT is under way? namely, The emergence of The exisTenTialisT universify. Growing up css- Tomarily inside The insTiTuTion lor iusT off-campus, including non-sTuoe'Ts as welll, The exisTenTialisT universify is being creaTed by Those cis- enchanfed wifh Their role as specTaTors. They wanT To parTicipaTe. Along wiTh everyfhing else, They reiecT The American poliTical Tradi- Tion, noT because represenTaTive democracy is merely empTy or perhaps evil, buT because They see no funcfional meaning in iT. "Look arourd you," They cry. "See The pollufed lakes and sfreamst choke on angdsh of The dying: know The horror of war: undersTand The frusTraT7on of The powerless--and Then don'T expecT us To be silenT when you offer us sTones insTead of bread." The exisTenTialisT universify demands ThaT experience replace ob- servafion and reflecfion. IT demands iT-non-negoTiable demands- ThaT involvemenT be subsTiTuTed for inquiry, ThaT life begin To mean someThing here and now. As The naTion enTers The l97O's, iT may be ThaT a fifTh developrne-nT will emerge, one which will make use of The besT parTs of each of The four sTreams of academic developmenT, To build a bold new fuTure. This will come abouT only if a conTrolling purpose is discovered, one which evokes an affirmafive response boTh from The rebel generaTion and from The cenTers of power. This conTrolling purpose musT be informed by boTh The liberal and The scienTific TradiTions, and iT "'usT be acTivaTed by an immediaTe and unmediafed dynamism of ex?sTenTia' commiTmenT. l say ThaT The movemenT musT be immediaTe: I mean immediaTe. We don'T have much Time. Indeed, There are Those who say ThaT already iT is Too laTe. I Think noT. LeT us Then draw The besT insighTs of compassion and undersTand7r-g and aspiraTion from The liberal TradiTion, The besT Tools of incuE'v and reconsTrucTion from The research universiTy, The widesT co-nmiTrnenT To all people and Their welfare from The land-granT heriTage, and from The exisTenTialisT emphasis, The direcT and immediaTe approach To The immediaTe needs of each person in The oncoming generaTion. Marshalfir-:J These inTo a single, comprehensive, inTensive, confinuing commiTnvenT, we can remake The C1ualiTy of life for every urbaniTe. Q It . 4 I '-4-E1 'V 4 it 5, " xi: x. h - 3 -4 xx. I Q 1 I X ' n . f S u L.. x, RY' I Y", ' - 1' H fb .' O x . 0. N ls. 1 X HQ" , . i'v Xb' . n u . ' Q - 4 A . . Ai. P 1 ' 1 4 1 75. .5 Ja: jf' Q A Kg, '.x , - ',' .Q L .1 - ' ,YM :tg ' ,N - . 1 1 . x u.6 ' 41:-nf. 'RQ' 'vt 'RIM ' . . fa Twig 4- , ' mi 'v'f"1'1' ,X A A' - .- u"5. . fx-'ug Q 'X i, A - . N , A ,V-3? . , I K 'Q - v. - if hljiixul ...Q fi wVf9 1 '.'v. . .gl-1, Ln ,uf ' U '..f' S . 1" of Os. 'L 2-.5 .. 5-Y ' ' 'N Q 0 , 5561 2!f,! 'TQ. :.z'f ' Q' . Q tx- - U'l ' I '. K 4: 5 J i".1f J .4 - ' N ' ..'x.! L, O' 5 Q 4- , A 1, , . ,If 4 Q .xx x '- z ,H Z l l I4 7 o " ,. n , ' I I 4 ' X 'Q ' 5 l 3 ' 1 ,, . - -1-vi a ,N - :.', Sp G 9 Q I I 2 -P ii .Wie gp . 5. 7 1, A 1 . 4 V zu -.,. fm fy . , Q f ,B Q ' 1' , an, 'Am' ,AY ,X 1- A! H. w I 1A , :vacuum 'K oaooO00'9 ". .-:six N Z FH' "- Elf ' 1 V, if 4' 1 ,W - - r .4 "'-0 N .7 U He r Wo rd A . H 'X af A ,X W ,,.-W , 13 ll 3 A ed 2 A ,f X af Mlfve S. x xv-is I 9 -' M ,Y x if 's A X A 1351 3 .x 1 fi . 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A wide and varied reperloire Including many iamous produclions A Shalcespearian drama, a musicale. Twelflh Nigh'r, Once Upon A Ma'l'+ress Comedy, salire, nolaple drama. Sap of Life, Love ls A Five LeH'er Word, We Bombed in New Haven, The Crucible lvlainly successes, a iew iailures, Learning lhal The original ls oilen beiler lhan an adaplalion. Exploding characlers in some scenes. Washed oul panlomimes in olhers. Bui always The slruggle for recognilion Noi' only as individuals, Bur as an accomplished fhealre group. lsr- ---1 1., 1 Q1 i - .1-5 ,,, , Ag "i r L...b Q i -Qui bl Once Upon A MaHre5s -- A. ,,, . 7. 4 rr f,'V .A ' I , v I iq" I ' -- ff -,245 ,. " 4 3" -X, 4 , 'Q' b-"qu 9 F . 'J e. 4' xv' fs Q A 1 A Q ,,' , 9 '7'.51' x' f -fl I' j x ,gf 4 Gyn R .f?:',x -'+l'f if , ' , .J Qu i. ',. 4' , . ' I t' g". In W . f , . lx 'J .li . , - if-vi i AA I .nike V Once Upon A MaH'ress IDB LFUCIDIG KNO.. it O nf a I .1 r F3 A . 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Buchlrel, founder of Buchlel College which has progressed Through lhe years from a small Universalisl, liberal arls college lo a municipal universily wilh vivid plans lor lurure growlh. A speech- "'lhe Evolulion ol l'he Public Urban Uniyersily by Dr. Buell Gallagher, speaking of lhe exislenlialisl universily and l'he sludenls of lhe '6O's as parlicipanls, filled wilh sincerily, arrogance, self-confidence. A ceremony- conlerring honorary degrees upon Harry P. Schranlc and Roger Blough, Doclor of Laws degrees and Dr. Gallagher, Doclor ol Humane Lelrlers. FQ Q9 iii md HQ , . ""'?'0 U53 'nn Wm -fy... 'n .V wh K, if V3 -:in ': -Q 1 .. , ' M gpm, ww, A .E ww ,wmv ,fir fi , -nz. I "K: V. W 'MT' 9 :NM nl X ,il-iff, .Vain I W A. "PA'wf,Gv t'L,qq 4 x ' 7: N ' ,fr "f'5.4!Q,:Pi if I Q25 M51 0 tl . Q 1 f M . ' ""- A I S NX A X I N IX 1 ' --5 1- i"'2' 11" Rx ' 'K Q X LX- 1 . I I Y A V x Au gf ' l N' 'PA -4 0 'f 4 Y - , . 3, ' XX 5 - ' ,fm UW ' , 1 ! me N N gh , A f - 'Rv-1 ., -0 ' ' " 'Q f X Xxxx Fsxyf f ' A 4 11511, .. g...m.,. f -A K , "M 'JH 5-V Vg, - ' f' ,N L , - 'z ., -L' Q raiiwni 1, I-M 9 , . , . V: K ,F X if A , .- .' V-XE:-. X . ,- 1 m R I 1 ,. an f l Q . N 4 - ff. x W . , v PX ' W1 5 f X' - . -f X 4 P y I' 8- 1-f M inn.-Ja lv-101 - ana 54' will -. Q -. 2' !l!,2!'P. 4 Q? --........, 1 i 10:1 'I' 8 t .I -- --wu 1 , . '.Y Q' ' ' R I gi at It-unw..,..,.,w, kk 0 aw ' t - N ,M M 2 2 A 1 MM -'N ' " 1' ' I 'L' Q55 ka " D V, , ' . -1 X 54 X , X if!- , ,E A " . 1 X "ri -V '1 X - .V , Afb, . A " n..,!f A ,' - -i 1 ' n L O 6 ' . 'oo' V 15, Oo ,,,. 4 m . ' -1 , Q 4' zaiwl f 95251 ' ig. qJ?1s',4 i'. 4 la, Va - . vo f- X :..A 14:1 - -3? gf' - 'V' 1, , L X I' f ? If mf!! X14 'KMwvf.:v C Q ffgf-. 1 14 0 it . M . ,,,, P ' " A ,FA ff ' x o . . Q A .I f nf! X ',5! 5 t - r ig . '-s Elo 1. Q9 A n it D i 1' Q ,. 'P it 4,1 mn mv.,- X45 4 . .Xi xv x X ., Flashbaclc Alcron U's cenfennial year, fruly oneiof change. lvloraforium an organized nafional evenf, held Ocfober I5 locally, if meanf speakers, armbands, marches and chanfs of "We Shall Overcome. A memorial by fhe living for fhe war's dead a profesf fo end violence by peaceful dissenf. l.Offery an evening in early December fhaf found eligible young men glued fo radios and felevisions as a fishbowl filled wifh dafes decided fheir fufures and one's birfhdafe foolc on a new meaning. A falce over of Buchfel l-lall, amidsf fhe shadows of finals and December weafher in lieu of unsafisfied demands by Black Sfudenfs fo expand fhis Universify's Black Sfudies Program. A climax ' fo war profesfs, lvlay 4fh, i as bullefs leff fheir indelible marlc on four sfudenfs af a campus barely 20 miles from here. Why? V AU reacfed, so did ofher campuses some were sincere in fheir efforfs fo lceep fhings consfrucfive nof desfrucfive buf some, as everywhere, were more eager fo have somefhing fo wrife home abouf or fo see fhemselves on felevision. Buf, as lvlay Day floafs and all-nighf brawls gave way fo Free Universify classes and an affempf af undersfanding many began fo realize and fo grasp fhe frue meaning of educafion. f""" T' Q I I Q '- 0' p O I I 4 qi l 1 N ix 'f s 'Q ' K np' 1 V Q 1 1, Q -lf gf- ,, v lg' Kitts' I 1 N. X4 ,4 F y ,A E - 4 4 "1"-w., , ff. , 'gn pi -A, 1. ' . i J1N L- 4 Nh K- ' 4 'A '-M' . o' , -" . , no n sn I X' 0 . K V , s P - ' 1 4 w x '5 x, ' ..'j:T" ,-Q xy 4 N? , .11 , A I, 1 N Q n 'I 3 , f"!'., 1 . . ' -- l-, . W 1 -, 4 . - ., - ' 0 ' '5 , g , A V 'V A I, i 'I I xi M- 1 I, - .A E' Q. Q- xl?g X 'W .A R 1 F. Q ,- .n M, A f 1 7 1-A s 5 fl" ' vu xA " f " o ' Tw: ' f . 0 I .I 451 . 4 ss , . .14 .2 , 'K Q " '- ' , ,JN 4 .. 'N Q F it S xr' t i .415-Q X5 ,, f -L -. T A ,S 4 ' A ' ,r A, I x O 4 , A- ,H I , . N' M, 1- . M4 an-1..-H . .1 F - xi wg 5 , ' sf u , A 'fb V V J I I I I x x . M ig' h .4 ,xt H Q D A '4 L A ,y Q 1 N - I N .W - . 5" X ,A ' - ffm . ' " . .QA 'F . ' rr X 'Nye P ,- gi! -,t A -ju , 4 I 2,4 1 an I' 'I c ind! :rm ,Q . ti fs I W.. u, 9 ,W T 5 - - x , 4-.-J uf H 'I S 'V ., 9" . J 'V gi- ry 4's-" Q' ' , , Y I ' X 'Y .J , .-'11, 1 I A A5 - V m. 1' X mf . 4' z X ,fx Y V V A -4-'E 'O 'Q-5j",f W." V gi, -I , f X Q 5 M' ' 4 Q '31 - ' S f f -'W' J A an , , t- . ! . 'fl ' 1 rf. ' -- Q' A' 6 X V if 4 X ' QP, 1 I 1 A ,Z W, -'af' ' ,, Q , Q mx ix yu I . ' M 1 ' N Q xg' x 'QW , 4 K ?iL fn " .IQ 8 ..1 Q. O 1 'I ' 1 QC. h , L K I W 4 M - cv ' , J f ' P . ' A 5' 'K :2j5"f1Q ' Q 511. J f L 5 ' ,, A 9 , ' v 'fx ., A . a 34 - ' ff - -1 f ., 'Q 1, fw X' fab A Q V ' ' sigma- ' .W f -35 13 ' -. Q! ' ' v . .V W7 :YY 1 -' , Q'x ' sv ' ' ! "Y xix . b- 5 'r' 1,1-'xx 4 , K ix X- GI f , V Qt N- fl I M. ik ff l Q Q . .AQ ,I , X -u ,ix ,. 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A "Do ir!" and il was clone. A s'rrong feeling oi involvemerii perm + + liard To describe buf easy +o feel. Siudenfs seemed as one in 'rkieir corcerri and eagerness +o do somerkiing-ar, frkrg. A+ las'r people were communicaring buf how long will if lasi? A Free Universiiy was developed and dealr Ni racism, McCar+l1yism, econorrfic prob'e": 'rlie war's liisrory, American polirical sysfe 'ro name a few. Sfudenls from Hiram 'rook curreni e'fen+s developing poefry, songs and dialogue info a produciion performed here, asking "Wha1' Kind of People are Wei?" And iuslr wlwaf kind of people are we? For one week afier Kent in Mississippi, a+ Jackson Sfare, 2 more were killed. ---.-.., 'QM al Cheat bl Sleep cl Talk dl Cut ffb"'4d ,... 4 N,.i..h ei., wl'5:-L, .,fgl' if -. "iY""f.1'u. 'f--Q "! 1 ,l'i"4. is if "Our classes are nor commercial programs and do nor have The sliclcness of commercial TV." "You gel, as a rule, a beller seal." "l-le lrhe inslruclorl is a real person. All of us would appreciale il if you said hello 'ro us in lhe grocery slore, We somelimes feel a lillle dislanlf' "You will have learned, as have Thousands of olhers, lo live wilh 'rhe sys'rem." "You are going +0 encounfer a ra'rl1er ominous form of examina- 'rion where mulliple choice oues- 'rions will be shown and you will be expecled +o make +F1e correcl answer on your answer card." Quoles from Dr. John A. Popples+one's orienfafion lecfure. lg , 'WA RT? 5. S., Hi " C ., 4 A X 1 N-ml , AH.- 1 .xp .1- v '.'4, V, f,,' x xi? . x. xgilfiliii s 14 U K . Ji .YH ' ' , V -7 v - - W -L, , in- vu X. . - . 'Ma .M - M. xi T ' Er' 'u -r gvlmilf' '1fUL,Q,. ' R " X' Ak Lf F'-X . uw-"' x E3 ,gsm , if J' , 'A ' gf.. . 'u fi 4 4. .xi 5 v 4 ' 'fx' 1' fr: ff" , 5 H4 3 W W. a- ' t 1 Yi 8 . Q 1,1 I K Lf" ' . 1 . 5 i -2 1 A ., 2 Vi N4 .Lyn - .ffm gg :Jr I 'TZAE J 3' 1",R-6 I N x , uf' 5 1, 83. v I p..- . . an 0 x. Wg ' J .Ny -'wi' 531-- -, .1 S a N Si' 'A P' 14',', 4 Q xg.- gm wr! b -4 'a 'MHP rp. J x '--.-.' 1, :P ' ,QQQQ ' cx.. iq,-:K in Q1 -5131 r 2-.1 X iw' 5yX"'L.:1 I, N . 'Fi , M.. . ' -:fn-f2 L ,, P-H r nw can -N 'Y'-unzvf' ,fm-as-sr ' K M' X- Y 1 Q-I . Ju- M L. 4 .Q W 'V X -A .K f " Ira, l I h , wr' Fr , My . I I V. J wa-1, .- xi 41 +I go-Q. 1 . UNF 41 Wdf RK H Huw: V... Fin. -Sizw The efforf fo develop a Black Sfudies Program af fhe Universify of Alcron was inifiafed on November 5, I968 af a meef- ing of fhe Dean's Council. The impefus for fhis came from concerned adminisfrafors, Black Unifed Sfudenfs and Dean's Council. Plans were made for a non-credif seminar- fype program fo be developed and con- ducfed by fhe Coalifion of Black and Whife Sfudenfs for Progress and fo promofe more sfudenf awareness and for meefings of ad- minisfrafors, professors, BUS and Dean's Council. These meefings held over fhe winfer monfhs led fo fhe Universify Council ap- proving, in principle, a Black Sfudies Pro- gram on April 24, I969. Cn May I, I969, fhe Universify Presidenf appoinfed a sfudenf-faculfy-adminisfrafion Commiffee on Black Sfudies, including fhree black faculfy members, seven black sfudenfs and Dr. Arfhur Brinfnall, Vice Presidenf for Academic Affairs, as Chairman. This com- miffee and ifs ad hoc subcommiffee chaired by Professor Lascelles Anderson mef several fimes before fhe end of fhe l969 spring guarfer. During fhe spring quarfer, Black American Liferafure and fwo ofher courses were offered fo sfudenfs. The Blaclc Ameri- can and Blaclc American f-lisfory, were de- veloped, fo be offered in fhe fall and winfer quarfers l969-70 respecfively. Over fhe summer monfhs, a coordinafing commiffee co-chaired by Dr. Henry Waffs, Associafe Professor of Sociology, and Mr. Bradley McClain, a sfudenf, was esfablished. This commiffee reporfed in fhe fall fhaf fhe appoinfmenf of a full-fime Direcfor was essenfial for fhe Program. A subcommiffee, chaired by Dr. Brinfnall was formed in Ocfo- ber, I969 fo seelc a Direcfor. The subcom- mildree agreed lafe in November, wifh fhe approval of fhe Adminisfrafion, fo aslc Dr. l-lenry Waffs fo serve as Direcfor and in- sfrucfed Dr. Brinfnall fo discuss fhe posifion wifh him. Dr. Waffs accepfed fhe Univer- sify's offer December 5. On December 8, l969 fhe Universify re- ceived demands from BUS. Meefings be- fween adminisfrafors, faculfy and BUS were held on December 8 and 9 fo discuss fhe demands. The Universify presenfed a wriffen reply fo BUS af 8 a.m., December IO, sfaf- ing fhe Universify's posifion on some of fhe demands and aslced for addifional informa- fion on ofhers. The lasf senfence in fhe lef- fer was as follows: "We shall awaif your reply wifh inferesf and sfand ready fo meef wifh you again when you are ready." On December lO, af lO:l5 a.m., Buchfel l-lall was "falcen over" by blaclc sfudenfs. Ain. 130.471,-.L Dean l-lansford Vice Presidenf and Dean of Sfudenf Services I ?oo have a ?hough? and A DF'EfA M, r,,? I need some?hing more ?angibIe ?han juz? a dream. I have a reaIis?ic, pragrnahc ?hcug??, and I HAVE A MIND. I? is now l97O. and s?iII ?here is no fizfbIe evidence by ?he adminis?ra?ion ?he? ?here is going ?o be a curriculum o? educe?'zrr which will broaden my view abou? Back PeopIe as individuals. I see bu? was no? :eer- by ?he adminis?ra?ion ?or ?he Ias? ??ree years. I ?aIked ?o 'rhem abou? ?he need: 0? peopIe bu? unspoken words were ?he" answers. I asked ?or a Io?, in hope ?he? a Ii??Ie wouId be gained, bu? by ?hem ?hfs form of educa?ion was no? seen as a Ieg'?i- ma?e Iresponsivej need ?or a peopIe wht wan?ed ?o know abou? ?hemseIves as peopIe and individuals. So. a??er ?wo and a hai? years, I s?opped asking, ?or ?hey nefer asked me wha? I wan?ed or ?hough? ?he? I needed. I? doesn'? ?ake many ?o represen? me and our ideaIs. A ?hough? was conceived, which we hoped wouId make, ?irs? o? aII, ?he s?,- den? body and ?hen again ?he adminis?ra?io' aware o? ?he prac?ice o? ouasi-eguaIi?y 'w educa?ion. Is i? I869 or I969? I wonder. We ?aIked abou? how ?he righ?s o? men shouId be represen?ed. Bu? when i? came ?o recognizing a BIack I-Iis?ory curricuIum, ?he adminis?ra?ion didn'? ?eeI ?ha? ?he invoIve- men? o? a dihceren? ?ype o? peopIe shouId be represen?ed. Biased perhaps were my concIusions, bu? my choices o? answers were Iimi?ed. I? was a peace?uI ?akeover, ?or ?hose were my in?en?ions. Those who chose ?o remain inside Buch?eI I'IaII did so on ?heir own. The peace?uI pandemonium o? our small ac? was highIigh?ed by a visi? ?rom a sIigh?Iy dis?urbed Governor Rhodes, aIong wi?h his bodyguards, s?a?e poIice, and o? course, his na?ionaI guard. When I reflec? on i? and wonder whe?her ?he ?riaIs, securi?y checks, ?he ?iIes, ?he bad pubIici?y were wor?h i? for some?hing which shouId have been in ?he beginning. I can say, "Yes i? was wor?h i? if ?he end resuI?, a Black S?udies program, is a reaIi?y." And ?he,n again, i? would no? have been wor?h i?, if ?he BIack S?udies program had no? been realized. Hmm. I87O or I97O! O42-Av04A Amos Aaron S?uden? member o? BUS Black Students Speak Gut EdiTor's NoTe: This inTerview was Taken aT Two separ- aTe Times. Quesfions used were selecTed by The black sTudenTs. My sincere Thanks go To Harry Brown, a member of The BuchTeliTe and CarsTell STewarT and Reggie Brooks members of The Black UniTed STudenTs sfeering commiTTee. These are excerpfs from Their answers. Why is Black sTudies necessary? Carsfellz I like To refer To a True sTory one of my professors Told me. IT concerns culTural differences and The need for under-sTanding culTures. Now in New York CiTy They have dif- ferenT areas. There was a Teacher from The Mid WesT who had no knowledge of Spanish culTure. She TaughT in a Spanish school in New York CiTy. ln Spanish culTure iT is a sign of disrespecf To look an adulT sTraighT in The eye. When The sTudenT didn'T look her in The eye she Thoughf The sTudenT was sneaky and had someThing To hide behind his back. Therefore she developed an aTTiTudinal sTrucTure againsT The sTudenT. Now had This Teacher known abouT This culTural value and abouT whaT iT meanT. The differences ThaT de- veloped mighT noT have developed aT all. ln Black sTudies, I Think ThaT These Types of differences in culTure ThaT people don'T undersTand or know abouT will be brcughT forTh so ThaT whiTe people mighT be able To undersTand black people beTTer-essenTially ThaT They are iusf people, ThaT They have a culTure, and ThaT They have pride and ThaT They have someThing To give To The com- munify. The Type of people lreferring To sTudenTs who leTT a de- grading leTTer in The B.U.S. officel and people who aren'T as overT wiTh Their racism need Black sTudies because as l said before culTural differences and clashes. And l Think when you can undersTand culTural differences, This will make for a more harmonious living. This is whaT you need in This counTry. Because if you aren'T going To live TogeTher you are definifely going To be fighfing. King said, "lf we don'T learn To live TogeTher we are going To die TogeTher as fools." This is True. This is exacTly whaT's coming. lT is coming up Today from The younger generaTion. They are Trying To find a way. They know ThaT if They use The meThods of educaTion ThaT you don'T geT anyThing from noT being violenT. By being violenT They see They have made some progress. So They believe in violence now. IT This Trend is going To be sfooped Then The people who are in power, who know ThaT Through The disseminaTion of informaTion ThaT They can sTop all This sTuff, if They firsT go ahead and do someThing Then Thev can sfop The violence. There are people who believe ThaT iusT because Their race builT bridges and consTrucTed buildings and These Types of Things ThaT Their race is beTTer Than anoTher race of people. l Think Black sTudies will be able To Teach Them someThing They should know. Now wheTher They accepT iT or noT is The?r own parTicular Thing. The informaTion will be There and This is whaT is needed. These beliefs ThaT are shared by differenT groups of people ThaT I ar' beTTer Than you because and Then Thev sTarT lisTing The reasons why. This doesn'T help The idea of geTTinq The counTry TogeTher aT all. And l Think ThaT Black sTudies if any- Thing may be able To do This. l Think Through black sTudies a loT of whiTes will be able To undersTand. Whefher They do or noT will be up To Them. Lies. misundersTanding and culTural misundersfanding breed a whole loT of violence because when people misundersTand each oTher Then They don'T wanT To lisTen To each oTher so They begin To fighT. And Black sTudies can help in This under- sTanding Thing. IT The ideology of democracy is really going To be valid Then we are going To have To undersTand each oTher and accepT each oTher for whaT we are. Black people will have To accepT whiTe people for whaT They are, whiTe people are going To have To accepT black people for whaT They are. There is a culTural revoluTion among black people now because They enioy being Themselves. No longer are They happy running To The hairdresser's To geT Their hair sTraighTened. They enioy idenTifying wiTh Their own hair sTyles. They are proud. They have every reason To be proud because iT has Taken superhuman efforTs To survive under whaT racism has done To a black person, To his mind, and To his environ- menT. They know They have a righT To be proud. And l Think whiTe people can learn abouT This pride Through a Black sTudies program. WhaT are The goals of B.U.S.? CarsTell: The goals of B.U.S. are many and varied. FirsT of all They have To Take The informaTion ThaT is disseminafed To 'Them from The Teacher, learn iT, Turn iT over in Their heads, and apply iT To Their environmenT. Then They are going To have To Take ThaT educaTion To Their environmenT as They live in The Black communiTy. Then give iT back To The Teacher. ln The 50's and The early 60's Black people graduaTed from This UniversiTy weren'T parficularly inTeresTed in relaTing To The poor Black communiTy. The general consensus was To be as "middle class" as possible. Now black people realize They Themselves have To be The dominanf force in improving The condifions of The oor black communiTy. Therefore iT is highly necessary for The black college sTu- denT To relaTe To The poor black communiTy. B.U.S. is The caTalysT for helping The black sTudenT relaTe informaTion re- ceived aT This UniversiTy, which is a whiTe UniversiTy, To The poor black communiTy and Then To The communiTy in general. B.U.S. is a very aware organizaTion and we realize ThaT a loT of The educaTion ThaT is disseminafed To us in The form of educaTion is noT necessarily workable in The poor black communiTy. Therefore we are seeking avenues and channels To make This informaTion relevanT. IT you wanT To help a person The besT way you can help a person is To give him informaTion and leT him accepT and reiecT The parTs ThaT he wanTs. So This is whaT B.U.S. is Trying To do. Nobody when They are down wanTs a pafronizing aTTiTude of l'm here To help you because l don'T have anyThing else To do or I know you are so poor and need my help. They wanT informaTion, They wanT knowledge, buT They need To know iT is There and They can geT iT Themselves. This is The aTTiTude B.U.S. Takes Towards helping people. Our maior goal is relaTion of informaTion To The communiTy To make iT more relevanT To black sTudenTs and To all The communiTy. B.U.S. is relaTing This informaTion To a life sTyle or To an environ- menT. ln The black communiTy The people live The life. You live 'poverTy, you live hunger, you live The pimp, you live The prosiTuTe. you live The difficulTies of going To school and you live The difficulfy of being poor and relaTing To a wealThy socieTy. So B.U.S. is a Thinking organizaTion which is Trying To bridge B.U.S., Black Studies Explained The gap beTween a verbal world and a living world. This is very necessary because This is one oT The Things which has divided The college communiTy from The communiTy in general. WhaT will be The overall eTTecT of a black sTudies program Tor The UniversiTy communiTy? Reggie: lT is my hope ThaT Akron U will lose iTs conservaTive and insensiTive air and address iTselT To The problems oT socieTy in urban liTe Today. NOT only ThaT oT The black buT of The poor Appalachian whiTe. lT is Time ThaT The UniversiTy uses iTs knowledge in a consTrucTive way and applies iTs knowledge To The problems ThaT conTronT The urban socieTy Today. l believe ThaT The Black UniTed STudenTs are Trying To bring abouT This awareness. They are Trying To Torce The UniversiTy To Take a leadership role in applying Their experTise in solving These urban problems. The Black UniTed STudenTs don'T seek To usurp The power oT This adminisTra- Tion. BuT we are prodding Them and urging Them To Take acTion To solve The problems oT ciTy which are TanTasTically greaT. And l don'T believe yeT They realize The magniTude and urgenc oT This problem. l Think ThaT since our governmenT has Tailed To Take The leadership role in bringing abouT a more humanisTic sorcieTy ThaT The UniversiTy musT Take This responsibiliTy. H. Wesley: l don'T Think ThaT Black STudies will have any beneTiT Tor The blacks unless whiTes are in iT Too because, To me. people place so much emphasis on Black sTudies ThaT iT appears all They wanT is a Black naTion wiThin a whiTe naTion. However even if Black sTudies is open To whiTes, iT would probably be 907, black anyway. BuT, Tor a Black sTudies To be eTTecTive, iT should be TreaTed Tor iusT ThaT purpose, a course oT sTudy. BuT l Teel ThaT aTTer aTTending These classes. The whiTe sTudenT will be more aware oT whaT The blacks Think of him as being prei- udiced. He lThe whiTesl would know ThaT There is some common knowledge beTween Them. The blacks know all abouT every whiTe culTure in The world, buT Tar Too many whiTes are ToTally unTamiliar wiTh any black culTure, and Tor ThaT maTTer, many blacks Tall inTo The same caTegory. ls educaTion The answer To racism? Reggie: l don'T believe iT is Tor The simple TacT ThaT we have many bigoTed Ph.D.'s who espouse and believe whole- hearTedly in whiTe supremacy or who believe ThaT shall we say coverTly ThaT The black man is sTill inTerior To The whiTe man. I Think There is a lisT oT prioriTies which we have To deal wiTh TirsT. And The mosT imporTanT are The economic con- sideraTions. Therefore once black people have securiTy, They won'T suTTer The hardships ThaT whiTes have inTlicTed on Them. They won'T be aTTecTed by whiTe racism. l don'T Think blacks give a damn abouT whaT whiTe people Think abouT Them as long as They don'T become overT in Their racism. As long as This racism is kepT in The individual and noT allowed To maniTesT in his behavior Towards a minoriTy group Then This racism will do noThing buT desTroy The person who harbors iT. H. Wesley: lT's a sTarT, l Think we have To go much TarTher Than educaTion in The schools ThaT is. l Think you have To educaTe The communiTy Too. l know oT sTudenTs who are whiTe. ThaT :ay :hey car.'T communicaTe wiTh Their parenT2 on any Zane. Theze pa'e'Tz will say They aren'T prejudiced, buT iT you efer cover Thefn in an argumenT, almo:T invariably They adrfiT a Tiddfz' Ve'- udice. For any real progress To be rf-ade Tr. ace 'e a'iz':. There has To be meaningful dialogue beTween bcfh racez. The communiTy as a whole has To realize ThaT iu:T Takirg parT in group discussions is noT enough. They haze Tc be Zi'-C':'6 wiTh Themselves, and I Teel ThaT a prime eTTorT QT The Uffer- siTy should be To use Their TaciliTies and percorirei To head oTT a siTuaTion ThaT could be a Tragedy Tor all QT us. How do you inTerpreT The whiTe aTTiTude Toward blacks aT Akron U.? H. Wesley: MosTly Tear and some haTe. I Think iT is becauze oT The very reason l sTaTed beToreg They do noT know enough abouT The black man. lT is very sTereoTyped. ls The UniversiTy meeTing The needs oT The black sTudenTs quickly enough and suTTicienTly? H. Wesley: No l do noT Think so. The problem is much bigger Than you or l would probably imagine. l Think ThaT They are doing someThing buT iT is a liTTle laTe and They have loTs of caTching up To do. WhaT do you Teel is The way To solve whiTe racism? H. Wesley: TogeTherness. l Think ThaT The biggesT problem ThaT we have r'ighT now is ThaT each race is aTraid oT each oTher. There is Too much Tear oT each oTher. l Think ThaT iT we geT To know each oTher Things will be a loT beTTer. If The UniversiTy Tails To meeT The needs of The black communiTy whaT will be The resulTs? H. Wesley: More rioTs. l Think The UniversiTy has made a sTarT buT iT is iusT ThaT-a sTarT. The UniversiTy mighT build up whaT iT is doing as a big Thing buT acTually iT is noT. They lblacksl have waiTed Tor quiTe a while. Many oT Them do noT wanT To waiT any longer. WhaT do you believe is The aTTiTude Towards B.U.'S. on The UniversiTy of Akron campus? Reggie: l believe There is a resenTmenT To B.U.S.'s eTTorTs To uniTy and To serve The needs oT Black sTudenTs. Our purpose is To creaTe a culTural and educaTional aTmosphere which is conducive To black experience and To black awareness and To bring abouT a Tavorable and recepTive aTrnosphere Tor blacks To geT a college educaTion and noT have To suTTer The inequiTies and insulTs consTanTly Thrown aT Them Trorn a whiTe and insensiTive racisT insTiTuTion. WhiTes resenT The very TacT ThaT B.U.S. exisTs and This resenTrnenT leads To resisTance. Thus blacks have To cohere iusT Thaf 'xcn Qcsef To bring abouT Their own goals separaTe Tram ThaT c' T'e whiTes. Q 35+ Lv L ,L no' ' 4 if pf " .' V Q! 'nf-. , In M117 : 2' . cw 5f:.f,ff,,i , W-, f ..'v,.!' ,E X :WI M, 5' we M: f , W fav, w-Q. . ,-4 f, ' rs . ' ' 7' . Q " ',' ' 'X sq it S 'g ' T A.-A If " gh . U , D Qg, Q. e . kiss gg R ' 7 e ng, R I Q ' f . K. f . ' , f - 7,5 ." f 14, 4 1' f , lj, - .. ..,g,.,,14 1 2 ,A 9 . : 17 n 1 ff'-'-1"f?ff' uw: ' ' 'I '.. f-X',?"'.3'fe' ,V A . , , rv: 5 ' 'fy' 1 ' ' , Q' 4 'Na Af. .. 1 -fZf??,f?sm' ' .s - - a,,.,1fg, .1 f 2 J WELCUMES A fa , H f 365 7" wi-Q 4 Rl":? - qw' V 'Y' Diff .I-622 Ln -I P -I 4 ,N fi JZ -'QLS W in I I J ri 4 .3 ".ifff.f'?+'ff-Q ' 9 'F if iqgflvi-f A, R X :kg-Ra 'lf ,' INN 1' xy,1,f .ji A ff - Q, ' --A' N '., 3 7' V' x+ X A , f 1 jf N334 Ki. .41 0 U 'PTP' f v .. gi rl ii .,, ,. 3 Q 4 J. 4? E A ! I . ri-+5 ,, A A-gagaykngf 1' ,f. . ' ww ,: . f liffui '?2..:g '1 Q 1 V ,fr , . ff' Hi-,1" : ' Q' 132 if f' Q5 :g'i1!x"4' : :- 'lf ' ' I'JlilI Q fiiiii ui 9 no1L22 vU"l"'gv 29 ,4nu""" ilk- RMP Spicer Hall, Regisfrar, counselors, RCF, cashiers - , I J' Srandinq in 'ri1a'riine,runmng'ro 'rlwis room. , Finding a way among 'rise congiomerafion Bur a Board of Regenrs' survey indicafes our sysiem is a 'model' For ofner Ohio Universiries To follow. Maybe so- To 'riwe ou+side observer, Buf ne fer asia a siudenf for his comment KW eu.. as 5,5-if :SBE Hs il Q95 N84 EB n a . ' Q. Q'- 4 'G vv W -fiiflv X ." 1 no 11 Ny 1 1 '. Y 'iv ft '51 X ...N nf s. e I sr 5 id AQ., .- nal 5 3 175. ' x h ,YI r t I X I , J, , , ,Vex A , D I C 'W X 2 Q 4 k ,UQ L"T 'v -.fl X. .,,,.. J 'f ,, - Q . sw ., 714 Where can you go belween classes +o relax, +o fhink, 'ro Talk, To hide? Could E+ be a comlorlable chair or a soll couch in Jrhe Surnmil Lounge or your group's 'corner' in The Chuclcery or 'rhe floor of lhe Music Lisfening Room? For whalever or wherever, +he masses know Tha? +he levels are separaleol by more Than jusl sfairs. T ' ffiff. lf A -'J WI 1 . 1 0 - ' !af:f' " I f . " "- .- if 495 7 J 1 'L Y ,rs va 4 1 f :sf'id'N, J Q Lf J fb -1 M A... -gf. K fe""! Af' I X '- 1X q s ' YW 'a fi- -.1 x u a ffm 5 J, .tix A, ffl fss v' , 5 'I'-1 1'5- 0 - I 4 wfiiid Q ' an nisgfm Zefa Ta u Alpha- I 942 -W. w , -:.g:, f -,.,f , '- ' 13'-am ..f ,. ' ' - 1. , xi: : . - ZQIFHV,-V 1, Y nw '. n ,V ,4' ,, 5 I A 'kjfgi 4' ' fu-t if' ' - f-.Q , f ,134 44 ' W 75 As ,f S. 5114 'K .mx A- , ,, , ,I L. ai V i , ,, , . 4' z u 1,4 , ., :ay,, ,. ,Eff GREEK 0 , ' f u ., , " Fi 'Y 4 2 . f, 3 'Y 1- ,1,M ,W W 1 x .'. ' 1 ww 'I 1 IAPPA 61 Q5 , Q I 11, i Q as 1 -QM' "" SQ 'Wm rv ii ',.a-. .I X 1 xv Y Fudge and ud Lambda CHS Mud Tug ... Sororifies exhibd Jrheir finesf femininify furning Hfmemselves damp, and muddy. dirfy, PHI Tau's and D.G.'s raid Barnlwills ... chocolafe. vanilla. cherries, whipped cream ... an ice cream orgy. 4 -1 3 X N A JV f 9? ,-M ? A whole year ahead: l ip 2 1 Looking foward formal and informal rush, open houses, iormals, parlies, l-lomecoming, May Day lloals? keeping grades Running info more problems wilh rush, pledges and depledges, aclives and inacfives, keeping The house, candlelighls-pinned, engaged Rush-rush, rush, rush . . . Oh my God! gy., . , nr' 'R W . ' ""cF'3w- ' Wires, .f'l'3 sz?ahi ' s'd1- f si, 'L .lu .'1 In -qs x 3 2 . . p lI5 H In 'K Aclix es-rush ouflils designed and made: plaids. slripes skirls. culo++es, vesls, swealers, pins . . . Rush songs broughl ou+ ol lhe closer: "Chi Omega Welcomes Y'alll" "I'm an Alpha Gamma Della .. Sororilies prepare +o wage war over legacies eyeing each olher for lhe loulesl sin- diriy rush, wailing lor The Rushee , who 'rramps from house lo house wilh a Rush Counselor whose moulh has been scolch-laped laces are everywhere-smiling, looking Through you Sororily names lo be remembered. some lo fry and lorgel X lime lo leave for anolher house "Wha+ was lhe name ol your sorori+y?" A ALE Where s lhe closesf lraferniiy house? f A... .. J, . , ..v..,.,u wiw'ltn 5 l l l Rush - Confusion, Sorrow, lo 5'05 lY YRS 'W l EK ' Ruslw finally ends. All llme lwours of worlc J lb A- I. 'Lv wry l N and no one lcnows flue resull'- unlil lomorrow. The life of llwe sororily depends upon a good pledge class. Emolions are nigh, bul all flwere is 'ro do is wail: J' H7 x w. N ,L . 'Q 'F . :Q Qs x av ,N ' A 5 -,gf . . A Y Q V-:Q-1 , A - fm.: , A P v 'sf ,""'.,,, W W T-if-1 Ne' y Eff.. Qi Q.. A " ' -V w ' x ' ' ' 2 we 1, Q iw, if X K F ' iig' , Nab wr . 4 , 'JN'-y. 2' ' K YH. f . 'v "fi-wig., . ,g3.,!, wx , I f , -, Mg!" ntgvgw 'V-'ws Q ',,: If Var bn 1 1 Mig," Y' - ' ' xzfn .- - lf N , xl , I of .Q -of in .1 X R Awww L .I ...-v" 1 ,vm f ff,,,u + Q1 5' wr, fm? -Q1 lj ih,,f-' XVI' , S 1 . I , x , 'r -T1"4' 2 ,,- pri ,H O X -1 t 'Q +5 if .K H f . . firm ' X Q Q ,sf M mg.. M -wg -gh N, ,,. V x 5' ,yn P , S.--?" . ' 1 Qa- sg 5 x ,f 1' 5' .f' ,hx X X NX' X X. TW Mm . f , ,E f "gf 9 gf Sm' 1 jx ,, O . 4 ..p- f ' :ni ' A fax? ,ff I7-1.4 ff S -... V , . ,,.-sl, ,xx X Q qt. I. ,J 'X X X .f 5 , W , ,wil x V A, 'Q w sl P lb' i M 4. ' Q x I K. ff! Jw .1 4' ,- x X I .I- X A v , e v 275 -,J Tuesday nigh+ spreads al sororilies are usually cornbinarions of posl-meering Jrensions and Talk, harried pledges serving meals, and packed fables and chairs. Theme meals presenl a variefy of connoisseur's delighls or garbagemen's specials. The aclives chalfer Through Jrhe lronl' door while 'rhe pledges go in 'rhe back way +0 begin Jrheir weekly du'ries of serving lhe aclives, washing Jrhe dishes, and awailing Jrhe day Jrhey can sil down and ea? on Tuesday nighls. fl irl's Night Out Q-' ff f Sszixx Il A "2 '--fix K .,,. --.iw if-Q.. "'-p-L....,, --..u.,s-K si! L A 11" 1 my "" 'J - mi, 1 f ,,,. fp ,vf Dessert pu? a fraferniff ar 0 f f on a one aff: fre A 'rinne . .. +0 drinV 'rogefhf r sing foqefher husfle 'rogfirrer Why is I+ calied a desser+ . Because of 'rhe punc Safurday niqh+ parfies . . . an endless line of emp+yk q and ennp+y cups An orgy o1fsound,liqh+,ahd rn JL puddles of beer and broken cla s a carpef of smashed chips ard p 67 Jrhe rush To The li+He room and nof making Hr Why is E+ called a pafry? Winn- in., Being Greek isn'+ all parlies and beer. Somelimes il means mucli more . .. somelimes ... Are people only like lliis al Clfirislmas? anyone can lwelp someone oul', buf would l be doing llmis normally? Would l be singing al llwe old lolk's home . . . l+'s somellwing special lo give of yourself, even if you don'+ mean lo. Whal would il be like +o be an orphan? ll musl be prelly lonely. Somelimes being Greek means being proud ol yourself and ol your lralernily . . . somelimes ... 1 Nexl week i+'s back +o parlies and beer, yi' , buf somelimes il means more .. . If ffm 'lx' Q I 71113.41 Y aff. 9 "1 ll irit of San . V - m 1, I 1 gf-1 .K .- ,, 'A WHAMA . 4.,: -1 n , ', " , ,L .1-' 4 A I X .,-. .L if ' 1 v nf , ' xfebgx -A .17 , ,f -I f' 1.21 .L-f ' f H -x f .f- f- - 1 Sororify and fralernily lormals-a wide variely of sizes, and shapes. Whaf do you gel a'r a formal? Lamps and blanlcels, bollles and iugs, glasses and mugs . . . If youre a girl, you mighl ge'r pinned If you're a guy. you mighl gel sluclc wi'rh an unused lavaliere. Going +o someone's formal does mean qui're a lo'r and you hope They didn'+ ask you ius+ because They needed a dale . . . 1 O IJ ' I ,L 1' , , l 1 , 1 46 V A , . VM' 'Mui I J i s xi' 1 I 'Ei 1 , 41" ' Wag i 4 10,0 stgiils .. TCA: 14' T15-t -mggvi 7 1 ., YK V Q his E - -.cfj'q"I xx? l -,,. , l I Q Q52 f - q W .J f' fr mu 1 v , 11 f A- 0 :ix '4. Q if xx L15 , -...M A ' 4' , Q n ' RW I , iw 'K X xx :a 19-"" X Wxxmxxxxxxxxuzxx ,gf ,Q .f---'nw , , Jxwmx A. E N 4-av'-.5 ww ' 4 ' "W P I ,-, H Djw Y L 5' .. AJ, U, ? hmm ' W., ., , W, : rwf Jiiflh Mem, ,V g 7 h - 'N I.-wi. nw-W... M , x,,, xg, mm. ,H 9 Q X , . X I H .u 52 1 1 lQ'fYI'kl..' , mr " 1, fc ,. Formal Rusli is over 'rlwe decision slill +o be made . . . Will I receive a bid? Wlial will I do if l'm Cul? Wlwal is a lralernily anyway ... ls if always like if was ai ruslw ls lliere really a lliing called bro+l'ierl'iood, or is i+ a lake like a mask pul on once a year? Wlwalr will happen +o my friends ... does everyone liale Greeks and will Jrliey lwafe me? ln a way l'm glad i+'s over now. wlial will if loe like 'ro be a pledge? Well i+'s almosl my Jrurn a+Jrl'1e fable now l've made up my mind and l know . .. Well l+l1inkl'm sure . .. ,Mus ,, 4 -fi W ,KW f-'Q' M 1. 4.1 'W i-vm! 4 A -.1 4 A-., 415 bg ' I -ll A W' 1 . " Oi. ' xf : Cl X 'll .- 1' ' 5 'I K r V A f ,l .rl ,',' -4' , A, , W . S. 'L' rv 'ff im, . n-,.4,. Q. . .. V ' HE, :L rf- ov . , I 527,35 .Lv I , , .J ,- L -, 'iff' Ngff 5' ff-Zvgufn , A i n pi' Ai , f 4 .4 171 ,af f is Q, T. M 1 - I -C 5 5 I ,AA 5 .Am x Q W X 3 X ,V ' il , 1 wma f E-A -1 no ,ef f f "1 wf: - , .W Q ' 4- , 9 Ru Q- 7 mf, I it ,K . f . 1 . ' V I A KJ I. 3 e 'ek Q '1 pf? , . 7' , xi , I 1, lqj ,P KC v. l g H . l f 4 4' Yi: A S9107 'SQ 'F 'NQFI .NW 'Pea' fx, I, ! A .I -',.a If .f"' ,, S h . . 1 ,-' ' , ? .9 L. V ' 4' . it W V 'il' J' ' .x y i f, "QQ ' ft' v ' . ga Z' . ng f llf .1 '. 13' fy Y " Q- if' 99" QI!! gf, .5 .. -X X N ix. - ., . .,,y K X' bg- 1 X . xx K ,- I X X 1 N X x X x x x 5 X X X w X X l , K , X N x X x W . . x N X Q N .r 'k ' l ' K X, - L 1 w , ,I X A W.. N fy -1 IY1, " X N , Q X, ' -7 my . . . ,,:,4. h,. , Q ,Q X , '. C. fzffw x ,. . :' ' N N f' . ,gg ' " - . .. . s -e M NV . ,. 3.1 , I ,M N ,. 1- .--,W-'.' X . U , . X, -,,vx,.J W ti. . N f x'fffH'-fi ,. v".'H:-"f 15 , 1 , - V, ,g -.:y,:k.,35 . ,V 51. "1 V , Abpzfi X 'lfQ,,3fl', ' 1 R 55,1 5' X 3,gSfs,1f , Y- ,gym , . M L- 'M ,J " gg w L.,,x. lv: , , .... ,.,,,1 J 1 if A A . X -1-:gf ' ' N . N f- X x x 4 ' . .lx A X M 1 M. .Nz ' 3x'N sx 5 v SQ! N -X .' ' L. .M . ,-H ,,, X , . , 1, , .mv,, - A X . X . 1 ,, , f,-C... ..-.x.1,,.,., B , 1 1 0 X , 5 , X' NX m,1,ff'fv?-I4,f1gf"' Q o .-iff-,xg M, , ',-, f., x'.j-15.-1: 'V , U' . QA, , , . . , ,F -N A M.- X 3 X: , Iffvzw- ' I ' "mini , x ev 1 . K , 9" .L sl :Tl 1 f N Hx :N K ,N N X .9 L - X f i 'S' xx , X 1,1 . 1 -X x -- 1 " f 4 X - . ff' , 13 AV my an Q -s . N N, Q 'v' .f' N I V' 1 . K : PL X N '51 I. X RN K, X HW M' ' 4 3 . fe ' W . 1 1 N ,fm lx N 1 W' 'hm-.v,,, 'TM 13 f H, M '12 'N L 2 ,4 WN' N 'I N H ml -.wk Q Jw VK ' M ' 'iv ' 1 , N 'Q' 1 A rr' W f s 1L 5. 1. -,,,l f ., n '- f I .vi 1 1 . ,Z - 1" . 5 ,, .. f 7, .1 10 7 . , .. ., if V ' P . - 1 9 A 2 5' . 1 'fr fr 5 fr f 1 if' 3 5 I f g ' 3 4. W 1 VI L EUNE L Rl 1l+ tv . ,A Q. ,ff ES i f "QP xbf ,X f" ,A s in 4 Xu x . Ks A 1 Nr- 1 ,VN p 6 X Q A - E-MJ V Jai.-5'fiL,, . I' Y-s...4' K A igifq, 5' . , vw 'nfl -' . " "":.f"' 4 'ff"?:9x. 1 ' v QS' ,- yn,-'ig ,rt 3 -ff " -"IJ 'Q-1-. 2 ' J,-J4'f:r'sxf:"4'f V, ff!! .. fx M fvf. , rl-f 'f' wfuludf wif' 'ff A . D ,A i E b v 4 I E DQ fp I mu 'Lf W' 5,1 1 Y' xr, iq X, l f Greek Week I97O-old "'rradi'rioriz" are :+ilf + me favoriles, buf a wide variefy of neu idea: A program aimed a1'+rue Greek unify, and mulual feelings of brorherhood. Songles+-"A Song Will Rise" buf for moslr The song fell flal. Sore lhroars and srrained voices, alrer almosl a monlh of praclicing wilh only four minulres 'ro perform. Some groups are surprised by Jrhe Jralenl Jrhey possess, olhers are a li'r+le shocked. Rollerskaling-This year's innovalion- Bruises, scrapes, and pain, buf moslly lun. Games-anolher pledge carnival This year wirh diflerenr boolhs. Bur srill Jrhe same resulrs The pledges always lose! Shamrocks for Dysrrophy-anorher new idea. +he mosl rewarding of +he whole week. The Greeks exlencl 'rhe frarernal purpose beyond Jrhemselves-ro rhose who need help more. 5. I 3 kY I V .1 ' -'A, X. .2 E : 'Q N' U L , 'vvw Qr ' 1' H ff ,- S 1 ? 1 W Ill tl 0 5' 5. 3- F. 'A ,' ' J A-v" , 9 ., , X ' 24 M 4 A? . s N . I I - X -:if N. ' I+ :Pj s-J' if -. xxx 'S x""Q: C X .Q 'I Q 4' 4 3. I 1 nh K istwxr 14. x ,V Drink, Dance and Be Merr ,..,.pv . f ,- A Time To weep, and a Time To laugh: Time To mourn, and a Time To dance Time To embrace, and a Time To reTrain Time To geT, and a Time To lose . Time To keep silence ancl a Time To speak A Time To love .. A A A A 4 1 fl '4 -"1-4,1 . '.," ' --N-' SU v -fl Q- ,A 4 Q., 1,5 ,fb ' -"f- .-AV' . ,-I" ' 1"""M1-1, av-17" ,-iii: ..- --.nA T..--.. . ,V' " s ", ,. ,-4. mmf- ..5,. -- .eu ,.:f-1 For every Thing There is a parTy, .il 'Qtr- , I x 1 1 'VLA f X gk, 4 I r S ' o I .IV4 K -. 41 i T I 1 I .nr 2 Ty? 1 if-N :VY -y'i'." ' 1,5 'A-ai", ,." ' . : -g A T . 3:22, - 'f ..- 4 Q . ': Af. -ji- - A 1- 4' Q . g,f,f,1 -,,-."' ,.,2'-ff- - 1' Ancl a parTy To every purpose under The heaven . . . "A Time To break clown, and a Time To build up: Trom embracing: l4I Lots of Ways to Raise Money Pl'iilan+l'iropies- Anollwer side lo flue Greek life, a side wliiclw, much lo flue discredil of Jrlwe Greeks has gone unused and unnoficed Wlwal are plwilanllwropies? +o give of yourself?- as an individual by yourself, or as an individual in a group. Sornelirnes you don'+ even see 'rlme people you help, Tlwey may never realize who you are or wliai you are . . . Brollierlfmood Week was anollier pl1ilan'rl1ropy- one 'ro aid ourselves, 'ro creafe underslanding among "bro+l'1ers" of all colors j i"f'f?f1"' h' V JW' '." , .1 H n,,. , -, . 4 ,, :W,,,, .ll f , 1 . '. ' , .. , v 'supponrs Woo Tv N- , , i ,.J ""-If l Vey .4- 1-J? Q v lv ' x 54.1 ,I . 12. -' if-'V ' I IA ". '- J' , 'L,..,"nj. Aw -' ' l ' u ,I ,- W rxawfr I f, , - ,u M.:-:ff xy, 4. . . ., H 1 , ,'. ff . I lb. . .,.,, ,nl - f., , -, V .A Q . .. , . v Q r I. Y' 5 ll zxlllilt ,M fl W i I 1 3 f it V 4 "ins ii! Yr 2' Fermals Climax Greek Social Events e 4 e 1 E i 1 -FU' I X vi FN x A 2' ,-h 4 I fffm K f-ff., F ' ,', V' I 5 ,, W 'sf Q3-5' 1 ':. 5-3 In .-,XKXTH pf: L -Q X Xvf-ff' lx W A s CL E I4 f kqfilgv ' L Ar V N, . 'Y r. ,IU - f It ' ' ' bf -z Hell Weeks Tone Down "l+'s beginning lo look a lol like Hell Week Everywhere we go! A pledgesliip of lun and games Suddenly al an end And only seven days of "help" lo go! ll's beginning 'ro look a lol like l-lell Week All llwe aclives smilel Bul no mailer wlwal' we do ln 'rhe muck and scum of goo We know we'll make if llwrouglwlu Lfldi DQS AQ IN Agliuei A ,Q Asif.-X and AAH Isl place scholarship l958 ATA 1876 The Changing Creek Life PI-II DELTA TI-IETA I848, Azure 84 Argenl, All Sporls Trophy, All Phi Show, Cerebral Palsy Chrislmas Parly 0 ALPI-IA DELTA PI I85I, Blue 84 While, Overall Greek Week Trophy, Firsl Place Winler Scholar- ship, ChiIdren's I-Iome Picnic 0 PI-II KAPPA PSI I852, Cardinal Red X4 l'Iunler's Green, gol our charler, Phi Psi's March lor Kids Who Can'l, Picnic lor Deprived Children, I-Iollesl I-louse on Campus 0 PI-II MU I852, Rose 84 While, King ol I-Iearls lo supporl lhe Good Ship I-Iope, Carnalion Ball, Thanksgiving Baskels lor lhe Poor v Tl-IETA Cl-II I856, Mililary Red 84 While, Wine Feslival, Counly I-Iome Proiecl, Thela Chi Spring Fling 0 DELTA TAU DELTA I858, Purple, While 84 Gold, New Colony on Campus, Ballle ol lhe Bands Scholarship Fund, Firsl Place Blood Drive, gelling a house 0 Pl-II SIGMA KAPPA I873, Magenla 81 Silver, Campus Bowl and Song Fesl Champs, Scholarship Firsl Place, Firsl Place Blood Drive 0 DELTA GAMMA I874, Bronze, Pink 84 Blue, Ice Cream Ealing Conlesl, Psychedelic Shack Open I-louse, Blind Home Caroling 0 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA I87O, Lighl 84 Dark Blue, Chrislmas Orphanage Parly, Square Dance, Songlesl Champs 0 PI KAPPA EPSILON ILone Slarl I882, Scarlel 84 Emerald, Chug Oll Champs, Chrislmas Caroling al Blind I-Iome 0 CI-Il OMEGA l895, Cardinal 84 Slraw, Winler Formal, I-lalloween Open I-louse, Chrislmas Parly lor Orphans, Easler Eggs lor Old Folks I-Iome 0 SIGMA PI I897, Lavender 81 While, Orchid Ball, Overall Greek Week Trophy, Founder's Day Convenlion, Sponsor Boy in KKF Floal I94I ZTA I938 ,119 . All sl FT . 'agility' 0 4.. MIM III I A, so 1 ,ur -f H ,fly ' S' , 1 , ' Z F I 41' , ! ,fi f . U1 x fi . ,. kxf V," i' " ' 1 - ' I I ':i3l,f , 1 " Q, 1 5.1654 br.. , Q. g 1, 1 W X V-rg , , , A ..,.v...,l- I ' ' , . f.',,-r . I 1 '--.- V-4.7 44'- The fmos in :aaa AETI's of 1955 in a Year of Change Soap Box Derby 0 ZETA TAU ALPHA I898, Turquoise Blue 84 Sleel Gray, Homecoming Parliciparion Trophy, Gingeree Open House, Summil Counly Kidney Iund raising 0 TAU KAPPA EPSILON I899, Cherry 8: Gray, March ol Dimes Campaign, Teguakade, Red Carnalion Ball, Firsr Place Greek Week Games 0 DELTA ZETA I902, Old Rose and Nile Green, Soccer Open House, Chrisrmas Dance 84 Winrer Weekend, Dream Girl Formal, Speech Clinic Helpers 0 ALPHA GAMMA DELTA IQO4, Red, Buff gl Green, Cerebral Palsy Chrislmas Parry, Square Dance, Sl. PaIrick's Day Open House, New House 0 ALPHA PHI ALPHA I9OI, Black and Gold, Brorherhood Week, Svveelhearl Ball, Communily and service proiecrs 0 PHI KAPPA TAU I906, Maroon Xi Gold, Dream Girl Formal, Luau, Ice Cream Ealing Conlesr, The Grear Pumpkin Raid ' ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA I908. Pink and Green, ChiIdren's Home Parry, Tulorial and Communiry Cenler Proiecls, Mosl Improved Scholaslically 0 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA I909 Purple, Green, and Gold, Chug Oli, Mud Tug, Balhrub Pull lor American Cancer Sociely, Children's Home Parry 0 THETA PHI ALPHA I9I2, Silver, Gold, and Blue, Sweerie Pie Open House, Firsl Place Fall Scholarship, Book Drive lor Summil Tulorial Program 0 ALPHA EPSILON Pl I9I3, Gold and Blue, Winler Formal, Thanksgiving Aclive-Alumni Foolball, Baegal Day. Campus and Communily Service. AI' Pledges in I94-I You guess This one.. I I g , . XJ pf 5 v 3 . E f N, 4 S ' ' i Q f ,I 'fjtf 'wi P . i ' 53" 5.31 - i ifiii, UL , S 5' 3 ii I i A , I ii x 5 wt TT . .xx ' i Q L ,' , I Y Y f YN A 2 . K f fi i' 4 I52 Sv .p,'g,l" g LY ! 1 S 4 1 1 ,W ima! M vit Coed in Masaldwar dorm-I90O I -an DORM w A4 ivy' , g lf ,lg V yf, C", ig v l weak' "W ' f' , 5 v " , . Q- .-3 . . , 1 Y " 1 F ' , 5 V... F A wk. 15" w V E L .1 H ff ' 5 A - ' Q V V- wp N 5. 0-.zfv 9 wwuw- W, 4' qgxy-gf N 5 ' x I 1. 5 x .N if fl, Al . pw HL Ia . V 4 in X ' Q . . x - Q 'X ' V . , 'li w 'Q' v, guilt 5 -1 1. wax .R xg, ,ln I .. L L H Q I 'K - 1. ' 5.33 . 4343, Dorm room-l9l5 ew Q. ,H 6.x 3. .,.ff.fffa,w5f1-iffy grgfijagg 6 1-ff' 'lghlp 1 If. is III an 1:11 - an1"" anna nun: nn una nn Ill .L-' O IS3 No Hme for Hwougnlrs of complelred hours, No Jrirne for in+errup+ions in The rifual of day, Only a mornen+ +o close Hwe door To bequeafn Wwe confusion +o Wwe aflrernoon. Q -...-' t K NW , . LasT nighT's rubble empTy cups, crushecl cigareTTes crumpled papers, and mislaid card Evening images ThaT have no place ln The shadows oT The morning. Sun creeping Through The curTainecl panes Framing my image on The acliacenT wall. ReTlecTions oT my liTe, The unpressed shirf The soliTary shoe Echo only The pressing minuTes. STaggerecl ringing oT alarms l3OO oT Them Ushering in The harsh realiTy oT morning. DriTTing Through The moTions habiTual To liTe. , . 5 5 XX ,T Ur- 1 T' V y xmfg' g' . wg, , 1 , A X fs, 0 . 1 S vw Wwf? N7 Y f in no-"A allll Early-lml I ' ....-i 1-""""'f TQ-xg-Z A! 0 ' f' 4d Scallered hours of freedom Tolorgel'Al4ron,ll1e smog, Jrlwe Jrraffic Remembering a place +l1a+'s beller, or worse To escape lo anollwer world ol souncl or silence. To slare al people from your window And walclw inclillerenl eyes glance baclc. 'S' W DSW? ES My N. K .u rub .--.Q .. .--'-""""'- 5 ,fr I up 5 af" xt.. I-IU A-e r' ,wt ll , z 'H J .Sli Iii: 'asv-. 'NC U,-pen, 'x is i fi ""C Evening shadows- Playinq cards, a smolce in Jrlwe lounge Will no+ pass exams Too long inaffenlive +o responsibilily l3ulil'sl'l1e end of flue day and Jrlme shower is already crowded I Exnausiion from foo many lines somefimes Too many people Remembering now. Jrnis morning's unmade bed Blowing back Hue memories of ine day Lisieninq for ine soibr sound of empiy lnalis. if , ,ff ww l 'High' Rise Above Boredom Wafching winrer from wirhin +hese walls of boredom, Having noihing lo remember from fhe fall, I wai'r palienily for non-exisieni acfivilies. Oh, win'rer had good in+en'rions, Bur 'roboggan and ski-irips fell ihrough. And mixers drew 'rhe usual crowd of fweniy or so. Only +he Meqalomania remained. The winier beer blasi- Cne nighi +o relieve ihe 'rension of an eniire season. Bur ihe beer didn"r help. For ihe half-smiles and forced laughier Reveal ihe hidden iension. So fhere was nofhing lefi 'ro do. Bui reiurn io The windows And hope 'rhai winier looks beHer from a differeni vaniage point . N 1 X J f I if ' I 4 ' " " I1 .1 , . 4 " I , ,Mi , ,. A ., . A J, 1, X M ,. . f 'V , L , M ', . ' . ' ',' .f we ,, . I .Q ,f , i h V Q I-X . , ,- . .J A f. ,-. 4 1 K, .W ' ., .f'-..' ' ' G ' "' 1 . Il-, , , . , Ld! ,4 'V' , I f af-" 1. A A 1 1 -i,l', ' A -, . , we A M -1 . ' , - -.. 'lg . 3 A ' ' l 41- ' 1 I N Q .'- " 9 ' K f . A Q., , 1 ,v ' . ' i ' .n . ' ' fe . Q ' ' X .g u If 'X , . , '-' , 1 v 4, 4 . -. -,..4 ,- I . 4, , AL S .p . - Q Q , . Q ' f' n' 1' 6 - .' - .ws X , . f- 4 Y ' . 4 . . 1: '- .. ' L. .- L". , - . '. ,- - , I O ' , 'Q . IV Q ' 5 ,wk K 'ft . ,, x . 'v . Q If I -Ig . 5 . I 24 'S ' s . ,H ' - r . . . ' I 1 ' I .- 'LI . . . I Obg-5 ,H . . F . V, f f' , 1 7 . f yr Q . . . 1 A - w I w , 'I w , 4 . Q - Q ,. .. 5 . F ,. -. A ,L . f 1, " ' 1 vf - s ' ,, A 4 -, 1 . - U 1 -I ' ' A .1 - . ,' 5 . .- ' . - ' K f' . v Q I , f , I 6 .I -I 5 . J jv , I t is ' ,, v ,, ' , T ,' - ,. 1' - - - I. ' 1' f wb' ' " ,Ui '. A '. ff - -1 I fx' - 4 ' .-'. I f ,. X .4-: .Tv .fr o 5 I . i 1 u 1 u I i u 1 2 .-aa-4 V W3 . .V-Y.,11.. , . W-1 98907-1 .. . ., lil 3 O lr nut 1 Hal 'Z X p .' - "' " nn 3' mmm nun I MO demolga fgbhm l-:Olnlune 1 my- S are ' ll gi Suddenly iT was spring and dorm weelc . . . An unprecedenTed move- Dormies Turned ouT en masse Tor The carnival, hard roclc TesT, "Everybody's BirThday ParTy." PaT Morgan reigned as Dorm Queen. The warm weaTher broughT ouT The besT in peopl And some oT The besT people came alive. Those who earlier were a liTTle shy, a Ii++Ie hidden were noTiced. Love blossomed . . . Couples could be seen on The concourse, in The grass, sunbaThing, and iusT plain being. IT was spring. IT was happy, relaxed, peaceTul- almosT. u-no-" .xfqxvifa T--Q n L.. f S 4 'L wwf N iq 5 4 i ' '35 . - V av!! 5?51,,f'.j4fi .'-- . . Q.3I's fx 9 A-' iz -'LIN' VS: fir' Jxluv' A J-.' , .V igfv In -' f 1 S-'f.. , , -, 1' ,i.:-sv" . ' 11745 ' ,' 5 27 gl'-Y , -.ggggi 1: , . , YA , - 2, 4 'ikmgt f V I if' ,, 1 3' "' 1 'f 'Q , .. 4 , " I , 5,4 1 - L14 .Q -'F' 'pnfa V I' H4 4. ,! Q. , ,Ji ,,,, ,, V ...L 51,44-. -H ' '- KI 1-1 1 '- eu? gr "' L fu ,, .- 4 ,, 'Ns' The End ofthe Beginning --J , i"j4,,, , -"' ---' 5 1 , I ' P l x 55 1 tl: ig. w k ... 4 " ll il f lna.s.mJ i ' , D Se t . -1,.,! 1 ., f 'll o e ei - i In early May Jrhe Kenl 4 and war broughl campus riols across rhe nalion and sludenr pro'res'r across 'rhe slreef. "Peace" was ar 'rhe bo+'rom of pen'r-up 'rension SHUT DOWN: dorms closed and sludenls lorced oulg Jackson Field and Newman Cenler helped. School and dorms reopened- lire alarms, bomb scares every night Finals loomed-loss ol sleep and s'rudy 'rime angered all- Close-down rumors everywhere. Peririons, midnighl meelings quesiioned how ro lceep school open? The Coalifion and a plan: Free U and Pass-Fail Closing meanr paclc up, go home, you've failed. A lighr lo win broughl Viclory enough 'ro conrinue wirh hopes 'rhaf summer peace holds. The 'rrip home-cloudy and confused. Summer-a lo'r lo 'rhinlc aboul. Q. 4 I Ag, 3-0-aavlllii-Q ffl- - ,,.. . , Aj . 1 I 4-. .- s- A .SX X g A lm.. b SQ' Windows: . 5 1 2 -3 4: F w ,Q F, ' Q... pl SNAI5 , -FHOQCHTS Q T0 ' Q, ' is x ,f A SNAK '3VG 'T- mes A N D M r is L.....d . ' Y! k'E!f5El,wF I li '. gl - FN HGU ? we was la IMI' " ' ' l I I U 3 El U 'IB M' gl?-1 F ' "' ' I .-. "I .'l Il - .4 ' ll I u 'a i n P i P I l f L ? Unspoken Language of the Dorm pi: . V 1 -L+ f ff f !- L r I i r . ,Af E ' V 3 gi S ,. t-Cu enviuel' I -Y , - E mv W -, ,.. ,..,...,.,.,......,. ........,- ,,...........-My-W nm-V-1 ,mr VA- -f-I-' ' -W ' '-""M'f'Mfm .n. W' 37E5f?i?lf7'ff??mT. 0 ? - a.'2-i A . " . Y ' -' 1 - Liv. ,L .- -' ' fd z i l"' ' " ' ' - -'U 51.1, f..:,fS,,,.f"ffli:W.gj .....'... if:-'1 " ffgfw 'W W- ' , ,il ' ?:'AMT""' A f , I I ill In 3 I I B I i f ll!! I B BIB lam: I 5 5 4 3 I nu Inna! uma ww ll u m Q W 'M is I I an 1 M 3 H H m asm 1 nun l mmm s nw M m A n H A U H w nu U1 n N an w Y amz 4 s sn: IC H u N Q 1 A 4 S as GJ Tv A 1 v'x 5 W If 1 4 sn v AJJ v x 7 ,.Q!l'5- 14,1 " 'N 4 dl n ' l +I' mesi-Nw ROLL OUT THE BARREL VOTE FOR Lew cx-mm V013 Forma, fn. o SQ, BLM fOLCA n Y AL he yu-1, , ORGANIZATIONS I948 campus eleciion 11 SIGMA TAU engineering -x an alfa Rrcher - " 'J5xC'3 A C Da 5 l -s cF" -CX N: .S xxqe oc.--.--c, rx D-nm 234, - . com :owen - - rw XX am :ra . - ,, Lg. : :r ace" an S'e:'e' Hear Joan Sox ex Dre o Edison Racer' Cl7".S7VTT5f7 James Da'ne'niller Gary Dolan William Durham Ronald Ewarl John Fawcelr John Gabric Vkfilliam Geib Thomas Gower Richard l"lall Ronald l-lamlel' Roberl l-lood Richard Keeler Roger Knop Waller Kulyk Jeremy Laughlin Thomas Maier Roberr Mangan Craig Marko Richard McGlish Gary McMillan Mark Miller William Moinelle James Moreno David Murphy Lawrence Musselman Daniel Preising David Reep Kennerh Rhoda James Rummer Joseph Skinner Kurl Smilh Arnold Szakal Jerry Talberl David Theobald Duane Usrey Ronald Valalero William Wagoner SCABBARD and B LADE army ROTC Glenn Beane David Bee David Bridgeman Sonald Fisher Michael Goslley Lawrende LaFleur David Lyon Daniel McCaskey James Mareno Roberl Pindle Thomas Rhodes Donald Salmon Joseph Shadeed Richard Slalnaker Nancy Moneypenny Donald Garlson WHO'S WHO i Na-rrer. B ank Da ffd Bridgeman Gecrge Carroll Frar V Ccmunale T'fN,'- iigfcfggdfl ,och e Cyc Carol Engler Sieve Farkas Carol l-laas David l-lilkerl Calvin l-lickey Linda l-lipple Jeff Kase Sally Kidman Jeanne Kime John LaGuardia Gary Lichlen Linda Parks Amy Pope Elaine Poulos Todd Ramsey David Rohrer Sandy Spagnuolo Ronald Slanich Mary Srephenson Ned Welk Jim Zwisler freshman woman Sue Allison Rosalie Anderson Jean Appleby Judy Appleby Rosemarie Babich Cheryl Baker Sharon Baker Vickie Bala Cynlhis Ball Janice Ballayan Sue Boolh Georgene Borsos Sharon Brighlman Kalherine Bryson Rulh Casseday Jo Anne Calalona Beverly Champagne Palricia Chesko Karen Chorian Penny Chrislensen Marlha Cianchelli Julie Clark Cindy Cone Linda Coleman Becky Corns Connie Davis Kalhi Davis Rebecca Davis Mary Sue Decker Mary Delagrange Jane DeShon Susan Dessecker Janel Dilederico Debbie Disque Yvonne DiTomaso Sandy Donanl Karen Draoac Marie Durham ALPHA Cecelia Dursl Donna Elsner Elizabelh Everhard Janel Fabrizio Dorolhy Fieldman Donna Finnegan Frances Flower Carol Fluharly Barbara Forsler Cindy Gabas Mary Gerber Marla Gillis Linda Glenn Joan Goelz Carol Grappo Jan Gwyn Paula Haberkosl Mary Harig Barbara Harp Brenda Hayes Phyllis Herald Judilh Hoover Mary Hullman Kalhy lnama Paula lngram Belh Jenney Susan Jewell Barbara Kanoy Linda Kollar Karen Koprivnik Nancy Kracker Jeanne Kuder Nina Kyriakedes Ellen Lanigan Jeanine Larson LAMBDA DELTA Linda Leach Susan Leach Linda Lease Palricia Leise Janel Liberman Linda Liska Chris Loulh Maria Lunn Mary Maher Bev Maior Paula Marshall Palricia McBee Sue McKelvey Kalhy McKenna Nancy Meli Elizabelh Mellion Peggy Mendenhall Marie Menza Margarel Mihalko Vickie Miller Janice Moore Calhy Moran Dorolhy Morrison Peggy Mueller Karen Murray Lou Ann Myers Nanelle Nesbill Maryann Nellling Kay Nicholson Svlvia Ovenrider Elissa Parenli Kalhy Pavkov Chenyl Pesko Linda Polahl Elaine Polonsky Suzanne Pcrada Carolee Pain Joan Randle: Connie Lu Peed Karen Reiss Sue Riegler Laura Poncone Chrizline Rongone Mary Roz: Mary Salem Elizabe+h Sampson Renee Sardeicr Karen Schelier Sandy Ser-fe: Chrisfirie Shaele' Debbie Shar'-3 Gail Shilie? Linda Srrflh Linda Soilfs Sharon Somerffe Kalhy Sofrcl Sally Sorderman Martha Sopko Margie Soeighl Jeanne Slemple Lois Slesse Lillian Slrailern Judilh Teagle Carol Thomas Diane Tucker Ellen Urnansky Pal Waggoner Palricia Wagner Jean Ward Vicki Whill7eld Deborah Wifliams Pal Woollon Vicki Zilo evening college Joan Anderson Palricia Anselman Margarel Baker James Baird Susan Becker Noel Boarman Belly Brillon Garlh' Brockell Joanne Bulso Belly Calhoun Charles Carpenler Wanda Ciccanlelli Thomas Cihon Nicasio Collelli Anelle Cory William Cross Charles Cummings Irene Dillon Joseph Ellis John Fasick Mary Ferraro Alberl Figg Rila Ganz ALPHA SIGMA LAMBDA Lucille Garner Paul Gasser Gerald Gelvin Carol Gobus M. Ann Gosnell William Gron Priscilla Harding Norma Harmon Raymond Harp Dorris Harris Lynn Haslman Frank Heckel Palricia Hegedus David Hidinger David Hollman Conslance Howa rd lviary Jo Hull lviargarel Humphrey Mayellen lvy Charles Jones Ednamae Jones Russel King Donna Kolhmayer James Kovac Linda Kovacevich Arlie Kunselman Tessie Lazos Barbara Lylz Duard Marlin Joanne Marlin Joyce Marlin Helen Maskell John Maurer Palricia Ann Mauer Rosemarie May James McDonald Daniel McGrew Carol Anne Memon Donald Miller Janel Miller William Miller Grelchen Norman Marlin Olson Norma Oll James Pearce Diana Peske Anlhony Plenning Paul Purkey William Quinn Torn Rflzman Jack Robinscn William Rocks John Ruehing Ruby Schmucker Marilyn Shank Mildred Sheller John Shushok Lois S7'vahZk Jean Sis'e',' Edna Srrilh Charles Slickel Roberl S+'-'er Carol Slrabc Will-are S+3ci4ef+ Ncel Sl,rr'rfi Marv Summers Helyr Thess Pamela Thomas Caro' Thrower Palricia Turner Gerald V7ns: Vernon N-'Vail Calvin N-'Voile Clyde York Evelyn Young oulslanding women Virginia Bader Ann Berry Susan Bone Gail Brodecky Pal Brusloski Helen Buida Peggy Bush Sophie Cyc Bea D'Amicone Sylvia Danch Karen Dressler Carol Engler Karen Framplon Janice Grisak MCRTAR BOARD Linda Haughl Toni Holub Friederike Konilsch Karen Korlveiesi Helen Kopcha Donna Krenrick Diane Larson Janine Larson Janel Lockney Jackie Madigan Palricia Moore Maureen Moran Wendy Pagnard Penelope Pappas Am Pope Linda Poppenhouse Blaine Poulos Joan Phares Alma Puissegur Mary Radvany Cheryl Reinharl Maureen Royer Nanci Schlegel Nancy Slark Marian Taylor Susan Ulichney Priscilla NanDoros Paula Zgrabik I I.. BETA ALPHA PSI A-KEY Michael Budai William Cosligan Frank Comunale Sleve Farkas Jell Kase Sally Kidman John LaGuardia Gary Lichlen Linda Parks Mary Slephenson Todd Ramsey Roberl Reis Amy Pope KAPPA DELTA Pl accounling Charles Armslrong Donald Boron Alberl Boss Thomas Cihon Raymond DeCrane Palrick Doherly Frederick Green Roberl Grisanli Roger Hinkle Harry Jackson Lawrence Lesniak Kennelh Malheny Daniel MCGrew Lawrence Minich Merle Neer William Quinn Clillord Reiss Palricia Repogle Darian Richardson Michael Rolph Barbara Winlhrup John Zeno i1 OMICRON DELTA KAPPA oulslanding men Warren Blank David Bridgeman Michael Budai Slephen Carson Kenl Downing Slephen Farkas Norman Graham Rick Hall David Hilkerl Jellrey Kase Gary Lichlen Mark Miller Marcus Neiman John Shull Ronald Slanich ..l I educalion Elizabelh Abraham Barbara Adams Palricia Anselman Kalhleen Arlhurs Gerlrude Badger Margarel Baker Paulelle Ballic Carol Barden Carroll Barlon Marlha Bell Richard Bol.don Susan Bone Carol Borland Joan Breilenbach Lynn Brown Ronald Brown Gerald Busby Marilyn Carrell Norma Clair Sullano Clemenl Charles Cox Margarel Cummins Florence Dougherly Belly Ealy Brenda Eich Harold Fix Johny Flory Rulh Friend Jane Gibson Edna Golden Theresa Gonzales Norm Graham Paula Guilbaull Laura Gulbis Charles Guscoll Kalhleen Hanzie Dorris Harris Beverly Harry Krisline Henning Elizabelh Herlle Elmer Hollman Emily Hoover Conslance Howard Ralph Morrison Rosemary Musser Elizabelh Nace Carl Palchell Shelly Pennell Charles Rebenack Glenn Rininger Alice Roberls Jacquelin Rodgers James Romano Virginia Rood Sandra Rosenthal Barbara Rul Dale Hull James lngraham Chrisl Jelepis Belle Jenkins Florence Jesser Doris Johnson Frances Kalapodis Frances Kaufmann Frank Kelley Nancy Kline Louise Schenley Mary Ellen Schenz Rozanne Schmidllein Nora Seiwerl Dianne Simonelli Joyce Smilh Vern Smilh Diana Somerville Virginia Slevens Susan Kornegay Palricia Lehman Palricia Leighlon Larry Lorlon Barbara Lylz Rueben McDaniel Marie McDougal Mary Meyers Sally Miller Barbara Slevic Douglas Theaker Roberl Tucker Daniel Tulolo Karen Van Der Liin Nancy Walden Edna While Eleanor While Joyce Whillaker OMICRON DELTA EPSILON givanfizoi PFHHPOUVG-do' ary ossi economics Henry Heepe Annelle Seery Michael Jilling Ali Shams Eobeglflacll Barbara Jones Marnie Shaul ee u Pracha Charulrakulchai Elizabelh Erickson Gary Eriksen Sue Gibson Rohil Joshi James Lenehan Prilhvi Malhur Palhai Melharom William Mullen Terry Shorl Vasanl Siripool Timolhy Slovisky Chaluraporn Vongrolana Wiral Wallanasirilham freshman men James R. Allen Roger L. Allen Dale E. Alspach Clark L. Applegafe Jeffrey A. Bader William D. Baiusz James E. Barnes Michael J. Barfok Walfer Beley Jim L. Bickeff Terry D. Blaugh Phillip E. Brown David A. Budai David A. Buie Bruce A. Burkholder John T. Burkley Roberf B. Chapman Gary J. Colanfino Walfer W. Conrad Henry B. Cooper Roberf H. Crabfree Jeffrey D. Dague Harold L. Darkow David W. Darulis Jack L. Davis Sfeven M. Davis Roxy J. DelMedico Timofhy P. Desiafo Roberf A. Elefrifz Craig H. Emmerich Donald A. Engelhardf Thomas B. Erwin John L. Evand Ronald B. Ewarf Sfephen A. Farkas Ken nefh G. Fefferhoff Bruce C. Fleming Maffhias E. Fox William H. Frifsch Donald E. George Michael J. Gefz Jeffrey E. Gibih Thomas C. Gleghorn PHI ETA SIGMA Norman A. Graham John C. Grosiean David L. Grufzmacher Bohdan W. Gudz Anfhony W. Hackenloerg Earl W. Haley Ronald S. Hamlef Joseph D. Hanic Mark C. Hansel Kennefh M. Haughf Alex J. Hawanczak William A. Henhorne David W. Hilkerf Greg L. Hollinger William Horseman Dale L. Hull William P. Humphrey Ronald B. Hufchison James L. lngraham David A. Jesse Thomas A. Kalkreufh Jeffrey A. Kase Phillip J. Kasfer Michael A. Kelley Louis D. Klein David E. Krahl James A. Kroeger Michael L. Kruger Kennefh J. Kurek Gary D. Lichfen Donald C. Long Thomas A. Maier Thomas G. Malcolm Mieczyslaw S. Malek Ted W. Marker Franklin Markley Craig S. Marko Timofhy M. Maffhews Sfephen McClarnon Daniel G. McCune Daniel B. McGra'rh Roloerf L. McMahon Richard G. Melecki Joseph J. Meli Dan L. Miller Douglas J. Miller Mark S. Miller James A. Moreno, Roberf S. Morris Ralph E. Morrison Thomas S. Mroczkowski John R. Musson Phillip F. Myers Al M. Neiman Sfeven A. Oreolf Jerry S. Packard Brian N. Park Roberf J. Parr Milfon J. Pflaum Gus Plafis Michael Plefka Louis A. Pugliese Edward C. Pullekins Marvin W. Prais James E. Pufka Brian J. Rairick Roberf J. Ralph Todd S. Ramsey Jeffrey D. Rexeoad Alfred E. Rew Anfhony D. Ridenbaugh Sam P. Riney Glenn W. Rininger David J. Rohrer Michael F. Rolph Richard Roman James A. Romano James M. Rummer Murray Salzman Timofhy J. Schrader Roberf E. Schrag Thomas M. Schuckerf William L. Sebok Brian P. Seguh Ralph W. Seferance Richard A. Shfofer Rodney E. Sdle Gregg C. Siegerihale' Charles T. Sirfffons Dafid J. Sirizinger David F. Sir Joseph N. Skinner Gary J. Slufz David F. Sfriih Kuff P. Srfiifh Thomas G. Smith James J. Sfadleman Jim D. Sfager Lawrence A. Sfang Alan L. Sfeffen Lloyd H. Sfeffen Donald W. Sfeffens Daniel P. Sfimler Michael P. Sfone Verne C. Sfrible Vincenf M. Sfuriale Chrisiopher R. Swainharf Donn A. Swarfz Jerry M. Talberf Richard D. Taubold Geoffrey C. Thompson Sfewarf W. Thompson Earl L. Turner Char es E. Uhl Duane Usrey Charles Verboom James N. Weigand Abraham Weizengerg Roberf H. Wesfbeld Charles Wille David M. Williams Mark J. Wise Roberf L. Wiseman Dennis Woods Pi-in sieMA socierv ' I Pi-u SIGMA ALPHA biology Lila D. Carr Richard J. Flaksman George D. Jacobs Jerome J. 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E. Marmaduke Chris Maurer Michael McKenna Roberl McNeil Denise Nollsinger Duane Olderman Charles Olegar Suzanne Pierce Frank Pugliese G. E. Rinninger Clara Roe James Romano Ronald Salmon James Sargenl Nancy Sarich Scoll SchwarI2 Sheldon Senler Karen Sinclair Alan Slrellen Lloyd Slellen Linda Slreich Frederick Slurm Bruce Sugarberg Maureen Thomas John Tillel Susan Trembly Greg'Varley Charles Weber Lawrence Weigle Ira Wilson James Wilwer Daiid Flood Yair Frenkel Jcdirh Galhergood Michael Michelson Maureen Moran Ramzi Mural Alan Wohl Marlha Wrighl' Michael Wronkovich TAU KAPPA PHI home economics Ariila f5XllF1'iOFI Linda Banyar Barbara Bonar Regna Cummings Jean Fink lla Garner Linda Guslalson Vivian Jaberg Belle Jenkins Dalelle Kay Joan Phares Louise Salron Susan Scoll Mary Slephenson Mary Ulichney Fannie Vuias Norma Wrobel PHI SIGMA TAU phi osophy Harold Cain Clare Llewellyn Gar Thomas-Moore SIGMA DELTA PI spanish Joan Anderson Virginia Berringer Bealrice Birmingham Pamela Brodbeck Belly Ealy Elizabelh Gasper David Gaslon Charmaen Guisinger Jane Jeske Donna Kilgore Helen Kopcha Slephanie Mallory Flynn McGowen Kay Nicholson Linda Noland Julielle Parenli Elizabelh Paxlon Simone Perla-Severini Susan Prack Charles Rebenack Ellen Rowe James Ruperl Helen Ryan Jane Sanders Diane Simonelli Richard Slalnaker Tim Taylor Gail Warren Nancy Weible Mary Weil President uburn' Interview ls' The UniversiTy a governable in- sTiTuTion7 IT has been up To This poinT. IT is be- coming increasingly diTTiculT now be- cause of rapid growTh. ln addiTion, The demands of TaculTy and sTudenTs Tor greaTer share oT governance causes some problems. IT is only proper ThaT TaulTy and sTudenTs should have a voice in governance buT when They demand a larger parT oT The adminisTraTive ac- Tion, The governance oT The UniversiTy becomes unwieldy. Why is The UniversiTy so suscepTi- ble To disrupTion? The UniversiTy's principal purpose is To seek TruTh. lT musT Tree men's minds raTher Than indocTrinaTe Them. STudenTs are encouraged To quesTion, To analyze, To doubT. DissenT is welcome in an aT- mosphere OT academic Treedom. DissenT may lead To disrupTion. RecenT disrup- Tions are primarily The resulT oT hard core acTivisTs who wanT To overThrow The American socieTy. These are nihil- isTs and They dupe many conscienTious sTudenTs, whose aim is To reTorm The universiTies, inTo really working To de- sTroy academe. WhaT makes universi- Ties parTicularly vulnerable is ThaT They are The cuTTing edge oT socieTy where The maioriTy OT young people are now congregaTed. Never in The world's his- Tory has such a large porTion OT a na- Tion's inTellecTual young people been gaThered TogeTher as They are in Ameri- can colleges Today. ln a universiTy communiTy based on academic Treedom, is There a place Tor censorship? Obviously, l Think There is iT l backed The acTion oT George Ball in respecT To The BuchTeliTe's proposal To prinT ob- scene words. The Board's Bylaws provide ThaT "The PresidenT shall be The execu- Tive head oT The UniversiTy in all iTs deparTmenTs, and To him is commiTTed The general supervision oT all iTs inTer- esTs ..." These inTeresTs include aca- demic, ideological, eThical and Tinancial aspecTs oT The UniversiTy. ThereTore, one oT The PresidenT's responsibiliTies concerns recogniTion oT academic Tree- dom which aT The same Times does noT have To compromise The sTandards oT good TasTe. Besides The need Tor The conTinuing emphasis on eThical values, There is a relaTed consideraTion oT Ti- nancial well-being of The school. IT a publicaTion carries The name oT Akron UniversiTy iT oughT noT conTain maTTers which mosT people Think are obscene. To have allowed quesTionable maTerial To appear in The Buchfelife and YAWP mighT have alienaTed members oT The Ohio Board oT RegenTs or The Ohio LegislaTure. l am responsible Tor meeT- ing The payroll oT our TaculTy and a large porTion oT Their salaries comes Trom sTaTe appropriaTions. l do noT seT myselT up as a beTTer iudge Than some oThers as To obsceniTy. BuT as long as l am in charge, and even Though my decisions may someTimes run conTrary To The wishes oT many oT The TaculTy and sTudenTs, l musT exerT The leader- ship l consider To be in The besT inTer- esTs oT The UniversiTy. ls The UniversiTy adminisTraTion a servanT oT The TaculTy and sTu- denTs, or should iT lead? The TuncTion oT The adminisTraTion is To creaTe and mainTain an agreeable cli- maTe and aTmosphere where TaculTy and sTudenTs can Teach and learn TogeTher. The adminisTraTion musT provide Tinan- cial securiTy Tor The TaculTy. good re- search TaciliTies and an adequaTe re- search and Teaching library. The admin- isTraTion should Tree The TaculTy Trom The chore work oTTen required oT public school Teachers. AdminisTraTors should make suggesTions in Their area oT com- peTency. OuiTe TrequenTly They can provide academic leadership because They may undersTand The problems oT The communiTy beTTer Than Teaching TaculTy. lvlosT TaculTy members are very compeTenT in Their respecTive disciplines. They. are The real experTs in Their Tields. BuT Their areas oT compeTence are oTTen resTricTed To a narrow specTrum. Cer- Tain adminisTraTors are generalisTs, raTh- er Than specialisTs, and may be able To broaden The academic Tone oT The insTiTuTion by Their leadership. WhaT is The proper role of The ad- minisTraTion in granTing Tenure, dismissal, or promoTion To TaculTy members? This is spelled ouT in The FaculTy Man- ual. The usual pracTice is ThaT Tenure, eTc., is recommended by DeparTmenT Heads aTTer They have conTerred wiTh Their'DeparTmenTal associaTes, To The Dean, Then To The PresidenT and Tinally To The Board QT Tru:Tee: which afcrie can Take Tinal acTion. There are Te'.,re comrniTTeez in :orne Deparfrrerfz car.- sisTing of Tenured TaculTy rnefrrberz. The adminisTraTion generally accept Tre recommendanonz of The Dear: and De- parTmenT Heads. AbouT 300 colleges and universi- Ties are looking Tor presidenTs. Why? Because iT is becoming almo:T ar. cr manageable iob. The responzibijfez 'e- quired oT a presidenT Tar ouTweigh the auThoriTy he is given. AnoThef Tac'cr These days sTems Trom inTlaTior and rf:- ing cosTs. BudgeTing problems are cT'en crushing. The demands upon a presi- denT's Time are heavier Than rfcsT if- cumbenTs can meeT. Everyone Teels he should be able To see The cfes7de'T personally. The presidenT has so mary publics: The Board oT TrusTees, Tacfy alumni, sTudenTs, Taxpayers, donors, roT To counT The legislaTure ard Tederal governmenTal agencies. WhaT reforms would you suggesT in The presidency? l don'T see much hope. l-le can'T have The auThoriTy he needs iT iT is collec- Tive leadership. l-le can'T creaTe more hours in The day. l'le can'T govern by himselT. The TaculTy and sTudenTs r'usT be involved. Possibly iT The TaculTy was willing To delegaTe operaTing auThoriTy To The presidenT The iob mighT be more Tenable. l:aculTy insisTence on oceraTing auThoriTy seriously de'ays adminisTra+ive decisions. IT They resTricTed Their gov- ernance To policy making and academic legislaTive maTTers, The pres7derT's icb would be more manageable. Academics are based on a belief in excellence. How does mass TaughT TV, which musT caTer To The median, aTTecT This belief? IT we had our way every class would be small. BuT To balance oc' bcdgeT There musT be some large classes. Oper- aTed successTully TV can be a superior educaTional device. IT puTs a masTer Teacher in TronT oT a large number cT sTudenTs. Likewise iT compounds The in- adequacy oT a poor prcffessor Vkfe have TV in larger rooms Than we x-.-:jd like. We are aTTempTing To recTfTy Tiis. Administration Picfured above, SEATED: Arfhur Kelley, Joseph Thomas, Harry P. Schranlc, E. J. Thomas, Lisle Buclcingham. STANDING: Norman Auburn, Vincenf Johnson, Howard Forf, Ben Maidenburg, Joseph -a.oen. The Universifys Board of Trusfees. The adminisfrafion of The Universify of Alcron is a com- plex, inferloclcing bureaucrafic nefworlc. lf organizes fhe placemenf of over l8,000 sfudenfs and 430 full-'rime faculfy. lf is responsible fo fhe Board of Trusfees and Board of Regenfs for fhe effecfive use of 522,000,000 in currenf operafing funds. Presidenf Norman Paul Auburn heads fhis highly cen- fralized sfrucfure. The Presidenf of fhe Universify since I95l, Dr. Auburn has guided fhe Universify from ifs posi- fion as a municipal Universify fo sfafe sfafus. This has been accomplished fhrough a +igh+ rein on Universify affairs in fhe Presidenhs office. The organizafional paffern of fhe Universify is a reflec- fion of Presidenf Auburn. The Presidenf, a man demanding of bofh himself and his subordinafes, has no Presidenfial assisfanf. Rafher fhis worlc is divided befween his four vice- presidenfs along wifh fheir fradifional dufies. The load of fhese vice-presidenfs is difficulf and demanding wifh a high furnover rafe among fhese men. This year Dr. Arfhur Brinfnall, Vice-presidenf of Academic Affairs, re- sigfed and was replaced by Dr. Michael Rzasa. Furfher changes in fhe Adminisfrafion were fhe promofion of Dean Blair fo Dean of Adminisfrafion along wifh fhe appoinf- menf of fhree new academic deans. is 1- ll, QC .Zz 'iii-3 wi. , TOP LEFT f'-HD f-POUND: Crafez Bc" Deon Oi f'fjVFilVii','lVFJf ' V . l . l rar, cJ1'4 tif 1'1" T J' i Direcfor of Coi,ri'.e.iro ard f'-cf","f5 f- f Boyer-Direclor rj f',l,"'i ?ea"f,", Cm' Salem-Direclor of f-flr":zf',f,, Ya+h f Vegco--Afslfizer of Vfcme' we L"e',",' Womens Aclivifiez. Donald Car,c"'o-f'-1 fan? Direclor of Sluderk Carre' ard Q"e', of Sludenl Aclifiliez, Edwin Li!Elf-266' Gracluale Sludiez, Jay Hefzlwef-Df'ec",' Housing, Roberl Berry-Dretlor 5: Va G menl. Piclured below, LQVJER LEET f" J ARQUND: George Ball-Direccr af offs sily Relalions, William Roger:-Deaf af 2, mer Sessions and Off-Campus Academe P grams, Wayne Duff-Vice Presidenr lor E ness and Finance, Carl l"l5ll-UFli!EfEl"f Tr surer, l-loward Baldwin-Regisrrar, llcrr' Auburn-Presiclenl of Akron UF1i!6FE.Tf, ace Harby-Assislanl lo The Prezoer' Development H. Paul Schranlc Jr.--Ur? er ' X Librarian, Thomas Sumner-Dean of Gene 2 Sludies, Arlhur Brinlnall-Vice Presfderf Academic Affairs. CENTER: Richard l-la lord-Vice Presidenl of Sludenl Services, MacGregor-Vice Presiclenl for Planning l Nw l l L46- Nr fn... H H f i 5 Q-.. 'Q S 9- - . 3- ""1i Dr. Riede Faculty Facully members al lhe Universily are as varied as lheir sludenls, ranging from Ph.D's in Engineer- ing lo graduale sludenls in lhe humanilies. Dur- ing I969-70, lhe Universily employed over 4l3 Tull-lime lacully members. Pay scales Tor Tacully members are broken inlo five ranlcs. Full professors receive a minimum of Sl2,300 and a maximum of S2l,500, while associale and assislanl' professors range from a minimum ol 58,500 lo SI7,000 and Sl6,000 high respeclively. lnslruclors receive belween 57,000 and fSl0,800. The average salary for a Universily prolessor is Sl l,950. Facully members of lhe Universily have in- creased lheir membership on lhe Universily Council, lhe campus decision malcing body. They now hold 28 of 5l seals. These lacully members are chosen by eleclion from lheir respeclive college. Aboul 200 Tacully members have also ioined lhe Alcron Chapler ol American Associalion of Universily Professors. The purpose ol lhe group is lo promole professional slandards of academic freedom in lhe Universily Communily. Dr. Ali Falemi is Presidenl ol lhe Ohio chapler, while Dr. Roberl Merrix presides over The local chapfer. Presenfly The group is proposing a ioinf s'ruden'r-faculfy Sena're fo replace 'rhe Universify Council. Communicalions befween 'rhe AAUP and lhe Adminislralion are offen sfrained. Bo'rh sides fear The olher as a compe'ri+or. Sfrain belween Jrhe 'rwo groups again came 'I'o lhe fore in 'rhe- AAUP biller denuncialion of 'rheir inabilily 'ro parlricipalre in The seleclion of 'rhe new vice-pres- idenl for academic affairs. Despi+e 'rhe informa+ion explosion and 'rhe in- creasing polilical involvemenl ol lacully mem- bers, The basis of a good 'reacher has nor changed. As Dr. George Knepper in his hislory of lhe school, "New Lamps for Old," guoles from a graduale oi l879, "he musl nor simply lcnow his subiecl: he mus+ lcnow his pupils." Censorship The quesTion is: Should a collegiaTe newspaper be censored? lmmediaTely one musT ask: ls a cam- pus publication a NEWS organ, or is if a medium To disseminaTe ,The per- sonal commenTs of individuals and special inTeresT groups? I have absoluTely no argumenT wiTh long as iT is absolufely no editorial commenf, so labelled such. I have argumenT wiTh LeTTers To The EdiTor. so long as They are noT Iibellous. ISO many coIIegiaTe newspaper ediTors over- look The TacT ThaT The publicaTion is liable for libel, noT iusT The wriTer.l Examining many campus newspapers lincluding The BuchTeliTeI I regreTfuIIy conclude ThaT The maiorify are noi NEWS papers, buT "sheeTs" which dis- seminaTe propaganda, permiT reporTers To wriTe opinion insTead of facT, and editors To bend headlines To suiT a pur- pose. I cannoT forgeT an experience when I spoke before The lnsTiTuTe for Civic EducaTion, WhaT I said land The Tapes will prove iTl and whaT a reporfer claimed I said were l8O degrees apart. YeT when I complained, mildly, I was Told. "BuT whaT can we do?" I find many college newspapers using "four leTTer words" for no particular purpose excepT, I presume, To yell "wolf" 'Qu .I sf 34 or be "smarT." This gives rise To anoTher quesTion: Do These words appeal To The maiorify of The sTudenTs, or To only a Tiny few. I Think here is an area where some censorship is needed. All in all: I am againsf censorship, if The opinions are placed on The Edi- Torial Paoe, and labelled as opinions of The editors. Where a college paper permifs reoorfers To discolor facTs, To wrife opinion and The like, Then, I say. censorship is in order. Ben Maidenburg Execufive EdiTor and Publisher of The Beacon Journal Cn the Year Lottery AT The Time of This wriTing, all avail- able evidence indicaTes The effecT of The selective service loTTery sysTem on enrollment aT The UniversiTy of Akron has been negligible. The percenTage of aTTriTion Trom WinTer To Spring Quar'Ter was noT abnormally high Thus dispelling, aIbeiT for The presenT, any concern ThaT a significanT number of male sTudenTs would disconTinue aT- Tendance once a degree of confidence had been established in The concepT that a high loTTery number would virTu- ally guaranTee immunify To inducTion. I-lisTorically, This and mosT oTher in- sTiTuTions of higher learning have ex- . , . 5 R . . i- f 1 - P Y 7 . 4 g: b L f Q g . 1 if Mft. ' I, A.. - perienced a Two To four percenT drop in enrollment beTween The second and Third Terms: This year has seen no ex- cepTion on The hilltop. A number of facTors have conTribuTed To This decre- menT: academic dismissals, desire for employmenT, disenchanTmenT wiTh school, financial insolvency, spring fever and oThers Too minor To warranT enu- meraTion. I-lad The lottery subsTanTiaIly influenced sTudenT aTTiTude Toward con- Tinued regisTraTion, The percenTage menfioned would have increased noTice- ably. lndeed This did noT occur: aTTri- Tion was a predictable Two percenT. AlThough iT is perhaps premafure To forecasT The effecT of The lo++ery sys- Tem on l97O Fall QuarTer regisTraTion, The Trend hereTofore indicaTes iT will be inconseouenTial. STudenTs aT The UniversiTy of Akron possess a serious- ness of purpose Toward educaTion ThaT is noT influenced by a desire To eschew miliTary obligaTions. l"Iowa rd R. Baldwin RegisTrar The Urban University The urban universiTy in America has The same mission as oTher comprehen- sive insTiTuTions of higher learning- Teaching. research and public service. BuT The urban universiTy. such as The UniversiTy of Akron, has one disTincT advanTage over sisTer insTiTuTions located in sylvan seTTings. The urban universiTy is where Today's acTion is. Life in America has changed markedly in The IOO-year hisTory of The Univer- siTy of Akron. When BuchTel College was founded in l87O, America Then was primarily an agricultural naTion. Now our counTry is an urban-based in- dusTrial socieTy. The UniversiTy of Akron, siTuaTed righT on The edge of The industrial hearT of The ciTy. has always had close relations wiTh The ciTy. Now, even Though iT is a sTaTe universiTy, The Uni- versiTy conTinues To serve The cily. NaTion-al consulTanTs broughf in To aid our Commission on Centennial Goals and ProiecTions Tell us They know of no urban-based universiTy which re- laTes so closely To The needs of The ciTy. They ciTe The curricular paTTern, geared To serving The manpower needs of The 'area-manpower noT only for The mer- canTile and indusTrial enTerprises, but also fo-r 'The professions and for social and governmental agencies. They men- Tion ThaT alThough research is carried on in many areas of facuITy inTeresT and compeTence, much of iT has a direcT bearing on whaT Transpires in The CiTy of Akron. They laud The public service acTiviTies of The UniversiTy Through iTs lnsTiTuTe for Civic EducaTion, iTs CenTer for Urban STudies, iTs exTensive Evening College and conTinuing educaTion pro- grams. They noTe The public service rendered by individual members of 'The facuITy, alumni and The sTudenT body on The many boards, agencies and or- ganizaTions which work for civic im- provemenT. YeT much remains To be accom- plished! All segmenTs of The UniversiTy Tamily-Taculfy, STudenTs, alumni- should sTrive To make The ToTaI educa- Tional and research program of This urban universiTy relaTe even more close- ly To The needs of The urban socieTy we serve. All of us should dedicaTe our- selves To This worThy goal as The Uni- versiTy of Akron begins iTs second cen- Tury. Norman P. Auburn PresidenT Drugs Mosf colleges have noT conducTed surveys of drug use. Consequenfly very liTTle is known abouf The psychology and sociology of drugs on The campus. My own observafions musT of neces- sify be made from seeing iusf The sTu- denTs who have suffered ill efTecTs To The exTenT ThaT They soughT medical help. There are several caTegories of drugs, so I will lisT Them and give The effecfs ThaT .have been seen wiTh each. ALCOHOL: mosfly headache, nau- sea, vomifing and diarrhea. Some have developed belligerenf anTisocial beha- vior and have injured oTher sTudenTs who generally have refurned The "favor." DEPRESSANTS: e.g. barbiTuraTes: sfaggering in halls, falling asleep in class, loss of inTeresT in school acTiviTies. STlMULANTS: e.g. ampheTamines: severe anxieTy and nervousness To The poinT of feeling he or she is going crazy. Long periods of no appeTiTe and long periods of inabiliTy To sleep. MARIJUANA: usually The only ones I see for This are TirsT Time users who have nausea and vomiTing. However, l have known sTudenTs on oTher cam- puses who as chronic users Their grades have dropped from A's To C's and D's and aThleTic scholarships have been losT when Their aThleTic acTiviTies have fallen prey To The "l 'don'T care feeling." HALLUCINOGENS: e.g. LSD: Again. The ones l have seen have been ones on "bad Trips" and They are severely anxious, Terrified, and again feeling ThaT They are losing Their minds. This laTTer is due To percepTual change and dis- TorTions involving senses of sighT, hear- ing, Touch, body image, and Time. NARCOTICS: e.g. Heroin: l have never seen a "hard" drug user on our campus, buT as a general rule They are leThargic and drowsy unTil iT is Time for Their nexT "fix" and Then They can become quiTe franTic. The effecT of all of These drugs is generally lower grades due To loss of Time from classes and loss of inTeresT in school acTiviTies. There is also a limiTing of social acTiviTies and com- panions because a greaT number of sTudenTs consider drug abusing as an anTisocial acTiviTy. Genevieve A. Drews, MD. Ecology 1 4.-J3 f. QF' Suddenly ecology has become a greaT naTional consensus and saving The ear'Th has become a naTional mission. Educa- Tors, indusTrialisTs, poliTicians, and or- ganizafions of all Types have iumped on The bandwagon To propose and iniTi- aTe programs aimed aT saving our air and wafer, reduce noise, and minimize or eliminaTe solid wasTes. IT seems as Though overnighT, The populaTion of The world has been confronfed wiTh The sTarTling possibiliTy of The disappear- ance of man from The ,earTh wifhin The nexT Three To five decades unless some- Thing is done. As The problem has emerged and be- come more clearly defined, iT has be- come apparenT ThaT all segmenTs of socieTy musT converge To solve iT. Tech- nology musT be combined wiTh econom- ic, poliTical, and social aspecTs. Educa- Tion musT play a key role in producing inTer-disciplinary "experTs" who are versed in combining various disciplines and who can apply Their experTise in seTTing up priorifies and programs of aTTack on These problems. ln our own Universify we have sev- eral groups inferesfed and parficipafing in aTTacking The ills of socieTy. A Com- miTTee on Environmenfal Sfudies is ac- Tively pursuing meThods of aTTacking The pallufian problems in our environ- menT and in The UniversiTy iTself. The CenTer for Urban Sfudies is involved in inner ,ciTy problems, TransporTaTion, poverTy, and oTher areas which plague socieTy Today. The problem of ecology musT be solved and Through The efforfs of The universiTies, governmenf, indusTry, and oTher organizaTions, man's Tenure on earTh will noT only be prolonged in- definifely, buT in an afmosphere where life can be meaningful and pleasanT, where man can breafhe fresh air, drink clean waTer, and relish a counTryside as creafed by a Supreme Being for man's enioymenT. M. J. Rzasa Vice PresidenT for Academic Affairs Black Studies Several years ago, even before -dn- cern began To be voiced fcr The forma- Tion of Black Sfudy programs, if became evidenf To careful observer: :haf what was happening in Blaclr COf'iFf,',f,iTf':1 and people, was an alfogefher rea a'd excifing growfh of eThn7ciTy. The de- velopmenT, aT once powerful and f,Ql of poTenTial for forging a new lrind ard Sense of cornmunify arnong petpie, some Time in The pa:T, zeparafed from The resT, and even divided arncrgs' if- self, was soon To be rnanifesT ir: a ca'l for communify confrol of in:TITuTic': I"- porTanT To iTs exisTence, The gfeufh of a new ideology whose rhefcric and :Trai egy was confained in The Term B'ack Power, a growing sense of comm-,n'Ty involvemenf and finally, a forceful call for Black Sfudies, as one means of rfak- ing universilry life more relefanf ard universiTy offerings more represerfafve. AT Akron Universify, despife a some- whaT lafer sTarT in This direcfion Than several oTher insTiTuTions, The focus cf our program is becoming clear. ln- sTrucTed by The recognifion of Those poinTs iusT made, Afro-American Sfudies aT Akron will search for viable forms of culfural pluralism, will work for The re- direcfion of TradiTional concerns of The academy by making The insTiTuTion more responsive and responsible To iTs ulTi- maTe consTiTuency, The public. and will aTTempT To make social science more useful in The soluTion of social prob- lems. lT will approach These Through a program of sTudy, inferdeparfmenfal in naTure, and involving new courses and emphasis in The social sciences, hisfory and The humaniTies, The arTs, and a new coordinafed research efforT in The sTudy of human relafions. Lascelles Anderson, AssisTanT Professor of Economics, and DirecTor, Afro-American Sfudies. I 'C I I I I 0 0 0 - u 0 0 Q I 0 oouosnlus soul!! oognsgosu lolsqq .. - ' ..,.:. :.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:. , , 2 53f:3:3:3:3:f:3:3:3:3:3r3:3:3:3:3'3:3:f:7:f'7:- :Y f:f:f:j:5:gg,- I '. .5 :'-s:s:s:s:s:s:5:5:5:5:sEs1sf3' .-3'7f:f-:3:: l53:3: s:s:s:f -: 55 :fE5E5E5E5E5f5?555E5555535: f55f3f55f.5?5533f3ffS f5f5f5f5f55 5:5 222252525 1 Q3 E3fEfEfEfEfEf5Q3535?gSQf :iE5E5E5E5E5E,:,::""?1 :5?5?5Ef': .- -5 5555652 5555? 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'.:.:.:-I.:-:ov . ::-:o:a:a:o:i:n:l:l:a:l:c:n:n:::I.Z , 3'3:- g.: .g.g.3'f'3:3:3:3'f:3:f:f:Q:3: 2 :fr .3-' .3:f: ,:g:3:3'f'f.Q.j:3'j 3:f:3:f'"3:3:3:f:3:3'3'3:3:f:-'-'- . 1. - . sq. 1:s:s:a:s:.-:-'-"' 'I555-?25f515f515f51S153515255555533555355551 -is I ' .1:155:1:::53?E?:. 1555. fi - '35E5EEf5555EE5E:5:5r :S ':":3!'-5-53535353535-'f3f3f3f3f3f3" :3:3:3:3:3 323:25 , -C3 3:3:3:3"'3:3'3:-. 3:5':3:3I-. '3:3I-. '3'3'3'3'3'3I3'3'3' Student Council Piclured below, GROUND: ll. Grahafr, J. Te" D. Eje 'ecfzc Isl STEP: J. La Guardia lPrec?denlj, lf. Dari. 3. f,','llf:"'Z ,. Cm"- berlain, A. Ungerman, M. Clepherizor, G. Ge . ?"i CTE? 2. Cz: mga, L. Hughes, N. weve, B. lfff,f.fff.l e. .. we STEP: A. Pope, C. Purfiz, C. lnarna. E. lfexh J, Vxje' G. me '!. Moran. 4+h STEP: P. Greenwald, S. Crier P. Br'.ff'f'f,q ,, Zffge' J. Davis, G. Bender, S. Swarlz, T. Parrzey. E4 CTEP: V. fxef '!. Sloan, K. O'loole, L. Paris, L. Pye, lil. '!!"'5'e'i 7. Pefz. fx? STEP: lvl. Demangeonl, M. Weigand, D. Jvc e. 74 ', 3: 2. Kurls, J. Slurkey. Sludenl Council, in addilion lo cporfzcrfrg .Ar . ,- denl' aclivilies as Homecoming and May Day. faded a 'reacher evalualion program and a change irl ce"r 1 oo- lilical slruclure. Conlinued Greek dominalion oi 'rhe courcfl ,WCP bred a feeling of isolalion among independenls, promrfed 'Pe council lo form a Sludenl Senale. This serene corizrs of one member from every campus organlzalion. Tee group is an advisory body lo Sludenl Courcil. The real slrenglh oi The sludenls lies in lhe '4CC""'.LL'3?: sys'rem" oi lhe Universily Council. Membership or +?ese commillees is chosen by lhe procedural comrnidee ffhch includes no sludenls. Commillees ol lhe Universly Cour- cil include Jrhe exlracurricular commillee. This body is re- sponsible lor allocaling lhe 3,200,000 aclivilies budget. On lhe academic policy commillee no Srudenl Courc member is represenled. Pan Hel SEATED: M. Alberlson. M. Graff lPresidenll. S. Spag- nuoloy J. Kuder. STANDING: J. Graf, P. lvlalhews, K. Mckcnas, J. Armeli, W. Pagnard, C. Burbick, Z. Bart, M. Sernicola, P. Renzi, J. Sloker. The main concern of Panhellenic Council is +he growlh of +he Greek syslem as a conslruc- live lorce al lhe Universily. I+ is concerned wilh promoling sislerhood among all sororily women. Anolher prime lunclion ol Panhel is lo provide cooperafion and underslanding belween IFC and Panhel. These goals are accomplished by various service proiecls in lhe communily. Panhel is in- slrumenlal in lhe very successful Blood Drives carried on al lhe campus semi-annually. lnleresl' in lhe communily was lurlher emphasized by Panhel's cooperalion in lhe colleclion ol Thanks- giving baskels lor needy families Panhel is inleresled in supporling campus evenls and urges all sororilies 'ro supporl such evenls. Members help plan Greek Week and also show much inleresl in aclivilies of l-lome- coming Week and May Day. l-lowever, probably lhe mosl imporlanl lunclion ol Panhellenic Council is organizing a rush program designed lo besl' serve lhe needs ol lhe campus. if A ff' IFC SEATED: R. Koons, J. Zwisler, M. Moore, Mr. Brar- del lflxdviserl, G. Carroll lPresiden+l, R. Ashley. J. Davis, R. Lederman. lsi ROW: A. Romilo, R. Andrews. M. BaH'aglia, J. Kingman, T. Thomas, T. Kirkey. P. Myers, J. Kerelces, J. Oravecz, L. Yarcheclc, J. Rubino. STANDING: D. Mullens, D. Jones, P. Woods, G. Treadwell, Cv. Whifrmire, F. Genet R. Shrelfler J. Seymour, J. l-lofbauer, K. Denholm. The primary funclion of ln+erfra+erni+y Coun- cil is Jro promoie cooperarion nor only berween lralerniries bul' also wi+hin each group. IFC co-operaies wiih Panhellenic Council in urging Greek suppori of such evenis as Homecoming, Greek Weelc, May Day, Blood Drives, and inlra- murals. The council is responsible lor governing Traferniry rush and pledging. The relalrively low number of pledges Jralcen lhis year was probably Jrhe maior disappcinr- men'r of lnferlralerniry Council. However, Jrhis was overshadowed by ihe line performance ci all Jrhese pledges in Jrhe "Drive Againsl Muscu- lar Dys+rophy" ai Jrhe suggesiion of IFC. lnieriraferniiy Council was responsible For preseniing To +he Adminis+ra+ion a le++er re- quesfing +ha+ alcoholic beverages be allowed in fraferniiy houses in accordance wiih ihe laws of ihe s+a+e. 'li' l88 SCPB lsr ROW: M. Kalial, M. Russo, F. Comunale, N. Welc lPres- idenrl, M. Srephenson, B. Cosiigan, B. Reis, B. Brownfield, J. l-losmer. 2nd ROW: C. Blanlcs, P. Brownfield, M. Slephenson, S. Cohen, K. Carlson, E. Vasilow, L. Jones, M. Fresh, T. Dudra, P. Oliver. 3rd ROW: M. Delagrange, l.. Mann, J. Woino, J. Siemple, D. Rule. Siudeni Cenier Program Board is responsible for planning ac+ivi+ies wilhin 'rhe Gardner Sludenf Cen- ier. The goal of Jrhe program board is Jro provide some lype of weelcend programs on Jrhe Universiiy campus. Along wilh lhis Jraslc, ihe Board sponsors Campus Bofff, Las Vegas Nighl, Jrhe Wednesday evening movies and has recenily expanded The movie program lo in- clude Friday evenings. Pirorher maior purpose ol SCPB is 'ro supervise The use of 'rhe Music Room. A flurry of miliianl' verbal prolesis resulied from 'rhis lunclion when con- s+ruc+ion forced 'rhe closing ol 'rhe music room. How- ever, rhe Program Board iuslilied ils aclion by poin1'- ing 'ro 'rhe need +o expand 'rhe S'ruden'r Cenier and by condemning 'rhe s+uden+s who wanlonly deslroyed The furniiure in lhe music room. AWS Delagrange, J. Larsen lPfe',Ef5e",r M, Deco, J. Bassefl. C. Serfez, C. ofrfeff, K, 'f,,"a', fy. ff S. Sclrnroefler, J. Pope, M. fueefe 1. lac ROW: D. Vlelclw, C. QfJ""5f1' Y, 'lf-m,".f' ledec, B. Newell, D. Bauer, E. iw" 54 fx S. Madoff. Several new programs were afreffr ine Associarecl Women Sruderrh Ce llnis cenlennial year relared To bow and cornrnunilry. A Free U prograrf ilialed, offering 'iree classes in areas ff L L 'ro sluclenls. "Drug Use and Abuse," "The New S 1 -Wliere Do We Go Novf7l, Bez? L e e Coecl Cornpelilrion, and "Black Worfar we e programs designed +o adiusr ro fre ef f-- AWS consrilurion. AWS also does services for 'flue Ur fer suclw as ushering al gracluarion, con fora and receplions along wirlfm serving as a corn municalions base for all wornen's orgamzarro s ....r.. vf mg- so--safe Picfurefl loelow, lsr PQ N: M, '!!',c'i', -' 7' fx Theatre Guild Piclured below, FOREGROUND: B. Cap'an, P. fvifr. V. Verve: STANDING: C. Crumrine, C. Slreriicl, E. 'lrecre G. 'fa'Vf:'. Q Dougherly, S. Beard, N. Coleridge. P. V-fare. G. Pcffani P. Za" sladl' fpresidenfrl, B. Smirh, M. Wil+. BACVGPGUTQD: T. C21 -. O'Neil, W. Dulce. Thealre Guild seelcs 'ro promole lhe crealion cl We Vrezlr in 'rhe field ol Jrhe performing arls. lr arrives +0 ezrablzh a close lcnil organizalion of people who share lle cfffnrf inleresl ol love for The lhealre and areas connecled Were". Hours ol dedicalion and hard worlc, bolh on and 055 :rage go inlo each performance, beginning wirh lrhe Tire? r'gL+ ol: rehearsal and conlinuing unl'il lhe performance is coff- pleled. This year Thealre Guild was aclive in providing a far'-ery of enlerlainmenl on campus ranging from lhe preser+a'cr' of Sh-alcespeare's Twelflh Nighl in December +o'+?e more conlemporary produclion of Arlhur Miller's The Crucible in April. Members of The guild collaboraled wirh Miss Nancy Zucchero during January in presenling her masl'er's Thesis. "The Sap ol Life." For This performance lhe Summil Lounge was lransformed inlo lhe slage as The lalenl and imagirahon of lhe Thealre Guild once again proved 'ro be successful. This year lhe main area of experimenlalion was in sel' de- sign. The ulilizalion of Jrhe Jrhealre-in-The-round was in+ro- duced in "Love is a Five Lelrler Word," a modern rendilion of "The Miser" by Moliere. RHA 's' RONXT: 5. Puck, L. GasTor, J. HunT, B. Sevier, G. Rusnak, S. favs P. N"fer, J. Thompson, Miss Jacobs. 2nd ROW: 5. -av's'..y V. Snxcfer, J. Rarvsier, H. Krasner, K. Kozar, J. Ne'c::'r' R. Agnes, T. Brown, A. McDaniel. 3rd ROW: S. Ere .era G. Serder, R. SchwarT:, D. Marshall, S. MaTTei, T. ,pres T. Hughes, R. Hannah. 4Th ROW: C. Long, S. N'ar"" :'aa'ro'a'l. The Residence Hall AssociaTion underwenT a maior reorganizaTion program during The pasT year. Tnis reviTalizaTion oT The program was broughT abouT due To The ineTTecTfveness oT The pasT RHA sysTem. RHA runs iTs acTiviTies Through The collecTion oT a dorm acTiviTy Tee. OT This SIS Tee, RHA receives S5 To run iTs social program. This program included bus migraTions To TooTball games, baslceTball games, Cedar PoinT and a Trip To Cleveland To see PeTer, Paul, and Mary. OTher social evenTs include The perennial success Megalomania as well as running Dorm Weelc. AlThough iTs TuncTion is mainly social, RHA did manage To push a revised dorm dress code Through Housing. This expansion oT RHA's role along wiTh The dorms' recenT success in STudenT Council elec- Tions poinTs To an increasingly powerTul place Tor The dorms in campus acTiviTies. The very size OT dorm demands will necessiTaTe RHA's playing an increased poliTical TuncTion as well as conTinuing iTs social TuncTion. 1 an i W --7 liz, I-5 -1 I I-. 'ax 192 ' - F- ETER 'mm THE .5 M V -3 if .Aq g 1 i . . I - I X I I ICI ls'r ROW: L. Oppenheimer, J. Davis, L. Coliman, R. Schwarlz, D. Snyder, L. Romyalc. 2nd ROW: D.,Slreb, D. Sclierzer, K. Holp, B. Codell, S. Slrible. B. Siederer, T. Budziszewslci. Veterans' Club SEATED: T. Randles lPres.l, R. Thomas. B Rogers, J. Wesl. STANDING: A. Rew, L. Barnes, D. Berringer. Velerans' Club brings logellner peers who experience similar problems adiusl- ing lo a college campus because ol dil- lerence in experience willfm mosl sludenls. Besides social evenls, 'flue group also visils line velerans' lwospilal lliis year. VVRHA WRI-lA, llwe dorm radio slalion, bas acquired new slalion lacililies in Bulger l"lall. This sludio will enable lbe slalion lo conlinue ils expanding Formal' revolv- ing around ils popular bard rock pro- gramming. i ISA Isl ROW: J. Glomshi, I. Karl. J. Drake, D. Philios, R Long, D. Finnegans. 2nd ROW: J. Fillippi, B. Zgoda P. Webber, G. Sfaley, B. Jamison, C. Barilebaugh B. Alcers. B. Wallcley, G. Thomas-Moore. C. Wyanl G. Smi+h, R. Follc, Mr. E. Babcox, S. Moore, D. Ander: son, Mr. B. Slceegan, P. Wallcenshou, G. Slallman, F. Pen, M. Gerrior, G. Iv1cElIresh. lndependeni S+uden+s Associalion gives non- aflilialed sludenls a chance Io organize bolh social and campus proiecls. Social evenis spon- sored by ISA are i'rs Iradilional slci parly, along wilh Friday nighl beer blasls and Salurday dale par+ies. Besides social Iunclions ISA also is inleresled in campus aciivilies. This year ISA sponsored a boolc exchange as well as parlicipafing in 'rhe Coalilion parly. The group has influence on campus Ihrough i'rs members in Sludenl Senale, Dean's Council and Ihe exlracurricular ac'rivi'ries commi++ee of +he Universily Council. The membership in ISA included 'rhe Ia're Mr. Edward Babcox, a June graduale of The Class of I969 al 83 years of age. I+ is only filling +ha+ ISA should honor Mr. Babcox wi'rh 'rheir pic+ure al' his home. :F p'l3 ll , i l , A , ,Q " guna-'mmur-mm: Y' . ,fini rf 4 .' .I rf 4 . a- , :nf -' It '4 11 9 ,' ai. f , 'F f ,LT - 1. . x.7'. ' - A L5 ' ' 335545, T .' ' fer! gc' ji ., - , ,...?g. is fji ' 5 L -' ' 4 -Q L . A s. A. 8 ' 1 Q.. .gr s- f .. 'lr' , . 1f.,,i1': ,, v , . vu.,,,..- V T A . , . 'nf - -- , . .:'4J- .Sz ., ." - si 3-qy 1 .,C -. E22 -11" 'R 1 5 " W 1 . I -,--,-,, -, . ISC ls'r ROW, sealed: J. Behbehani, S. Tsen. L. Levengood, L. Nolard, L Kalcish. 2nd ROW, sfanding: H. Ahmad, G. Kohn, K. Na-ffor:P7, H Vidernalci. A. Margrerie, S. Schroeder. 3rd ROW: S. Kapodia, J Teagle, H. Salazar, M. Behbehani, P. Tripp. S. Ghoul, E. Kadir. The purpose of 'rhe lnfernarional Sfudenls Club is +o pro- mo're undersianoling belween foreign sfudenis and American sruclenrs. The group has borh an educafional and social funcfion. The educaiional funcrion begins wirh a special orien+a+ion program a weelc before freshman orienfafion. The program includes fours nor only of +he campus, bu+ also oi Jrhe cihy. Discussions help 'rhe sluclem' aolapi' +o American cusloms. Parfies are held monfhly ai' Jrhe Universiry and vary in Tormar from a Chinese lunar New Year 'ro a celebraiion oi UN Day. w Army Sponsors p'CL.."5d bei-xv, lsr ROW: S. Goson. M. Easf, M. Polo- vcl N. Mons-xpenny, S. Roundy. 2nd ROW: C. Scxcbs D. Parsons. P. Auxler, C. Emanuele, G. Gilles- be C. Ma++l1ews. 3rd RCW: J. Plwares, C. Walsh, M. 5--'sr' D. l-lclman, J. Graf, D. Dunn. 4+h ROW: M. Darces M. Barrio, G. Gunderson, P. McCarll1y, L. Cue J. S'crer, C. Karby. Army sponsors are a selecfive drill unil cbosen by Jrlrie sludenr and sraff officers of +l1e ROTC program. This drill unir, besides perform- ino i+s ceremonial dulies, also sponsors each ROTC company. Sponsors parricipale in weekly leaderslwip labs in addilion 'ro marching in llrie ci'ry wide Ver- eran's Day and Memorial Day parades. Ollwer luncrions 'rliey perform for are rlie Presidenlial Review and Jrlie general inspeclion. As a service orqanizalion, +l'i'e Army Spon- sors visifed rlwe Old Soldiers and Sailors l-lome in Sandusky and llrie Breclcsville Ve+eran's Hos- pi+al. Tlwey also promoled a drive +o send Cnrisrmas and Valenline cards lo overseas soldiers as well as collecling signalures peri- lioninq beller 'rrearmenr ol prisoners of war. .L .- 'El 'A' FC. fi ' ,I "C" ,W in i I. my 4 i ' M 'A Thaw, A X' ' .Lai we A.. S 5 W gf, rf N4 me HQLYQ TS. 5' gc . , , i ... 3 rv' i - , . - . . . 1 , - , ' ' . 4 Q1 - ' ", Q ' 4 S' 4 L yi . sg 3 , 3. .yy .., 1 . , 'L 'fa '.,.iK 51, 13 5 1 -pq Angel Flight L. Poppenhouse, M. Moran. 2nd ROW: J. Larson, A. La l. Lalcolos, M. Sinacore, E. Lanigan, P. Marshall, Capl. Con' 3rd ROW: B. Bahn, A. Pope, C. Reagan, D. School, L. Sifrmc ww. L. Fleming, P. Bogorzelslci. Angel Flighl is a co-ed honorary auxiliary lo lhe A '45-va '73- in Isl ROW: P. Allos, B. Grible, B. D'Amicone, P. Pappas, M. Rah' V-, SV. nc -. 'I PWCG Air Sociely oi lhe Air Force ROTC. Angels are se'ecleo for lheir poise, characler, appearance, academcs inleresl in lhe ROTC Program. Service for lhe communily is usually co-ord"a+eo 2.-f-l NJ Q 'rhe Arnold Air Sociely. This included worlqfng X-FF 'he children from Mason grade school lo send Chrislrras s lo area service men in Vielnam. fr-fx S Angels also allended lhe area conclave af Bow ro Green, lhe lri-area conclave al Bullalo, New York an: 're Nalional conclave al Anaheim, California. Besides LV Angel Flighl picks one girl lo compele in live lillfe colonel S4-n A C I conlesl. This conlesl pils Angels againsl one anofher or lhe basis ol poise. BAC Val kyries KNEELINO: R. Warner. 2nd ROW: P. Allen D VVrfoh+, J. Cornelius, E. Arringlon, L. Zavodney, M. Spallino. 3rd ROW: G. Roudebush, R Robe-r+s, R. Crirchfield, D. Beck, T. Schrader P. Bricker. The Vallmyries Drill Team is an ex'ren- sion oi +he Air Force ROTC program. This unil represenls 'rhe Universily of Alcron al drill meers in The norrheaslern Uniled Slales. Vallcyries are dislinguished from o+her reams in +ha+ Jrhey are one of less rhan a dozen precision drill uni'rs across 'The nalion lo drill wifh sabres inslead of rilles. Vallcyries are also ac- ffve on campus by parficipaling in The arch ol sabres for Jrhe annual mililary ball. Vallcyries s'rimula+e inleresl in The vol- unrary ROTC program by giving exhibi- Jrions before The cadel group and various area schools. : 1 Arnold Air Piclured below: lsr RCW: K. Isbell, J. ffzzre. ?, rar, J. Filzgerald, K. Crowe, Capl. Copner. Zrd PCN: L. Q", ling, L, Soclior, R. Schwarlz, T. Tornazilr. 3rd ?C N: P, X435 D. Neederlcofler, P. Royle, R. Leilro. 4+ln PC N: 2. fee: D. Beckell, B. l-lorsl, F. Younl, E. Talarzzfl. E" LCN: 2. Marlin, D. l-lall, W. Curlice, C. l-liclef. 65? PCN: 3. Ee' der, D. Vondle, K. Dobbins. Arnold Air Socie'ry's goal is lo perpeluaie We inleresl and goals ol air lorce lor officer C5'jlZl'3LEZ 'rlirougli parlicipalion in bolli civic and social lyc- lions. On llfie social side Arnold Air sociely cofcsds aclivilies in coniunclion willi llie Angel Fliglwl. Treze aclivilies include llie lvlililary Ball, bowling, oi"ef and a caroling parly. On llfie civic side 'rlwe sociely parlicipaled in Coer- alion l-lelpmale. This proiecl collecled incidenlal ob- iecls lo send lo field liospilals in Vielnarn wro were in need ol Jrliese arlicles. ll also collecled signalures for ils POW pelilion wl'iic:l'i demanded 'rlwalr a lisl of prisoners of war be released. l "' i .Wal A ral' , i i, ur... h- ' A w 17 5 T' in - 5-'QR' 'F ,Y 5 xl. ....-- . 'VY -r W Nr-1 if i .,--'Cl I A-"HT - f ' ,-,Xwt r W . gy ' : -- - - . ,. - ' Q 'sg fslk .L .1 I g , if -L 4' 4Q,, , Pershing Rifles lsf ROW: J. Pennino, J. Musson, J. Mikola- shek, J. Frienf. 2nd ROW: K. Clausen, J. l-lahe, A. Emanhele, R. Rhodes, A. Biffing. R. Whifney, J. Shadeed, R. Thomas, D. Denboslcy, G. Gibbs, R. Chula, J. Farnsworfh. Pershing Rifle drill feam, a parf of Army ROTC, compefes in bofh squad and plafoon compefifion. A squad con- sisfs of eighf men and plafoons are composed of sixfeen men. Alcron's Persh- ing Rifle squad compefes in bofh sfraighf and exhibifional drill. This year fhe Pershing Rifles drill feam has marched away wifh firsf-place fro- phies in all of ifs four drill meefs. These meefs include fhe Bowling Green Sfafe lnvifafional, Marshall lnvifafional Meef, fhe Regimenf Drill Meef af Ohio Sfafe Universify and fhe Baffalion Drill Meef af Bowling Green. Besides excelling in drilling, fhe unif has won awards in bofh fhe fall and winfer blood drives. The Pershing Rifles won fhe besf percenfage and fofal pinfs of blood for independenfs in fhe fall. Again in fhe winfer fhe PR's capfured a frophy for fhe loesf percenfage. By acfions such as fhis fhe Pershing Rifles are hoping fo form a more posifive image of ROTC program. P l 'iw 1. , x ,pf il ,. 'fu J ws' wig vf .. . Il '- I.. 'nX"N Counterguerrillas KNEELING: Cadel Firsf L+. E. Kasfer, Cade? Cap'ai' P. Eafef lCompany Commanderl, Cade? Firsl' L+. J. Pap-e'c'e Cade' Second L+. J. Williams, Cade? Second L+. K. Bnrfcaxg' J. Reynolds. STANDING: SFC C. Tempellon lNCQ adfzvl Cac- lain lvl. Mifchell lCadre advisorl, Caplain W. FIe+'er 'Ca'i'e advisorl, R. McCauley, R. Huffman, T. Roman, ll. Ped"-ez T. Lancianese, D. Ayres, J. Krisanda. BACK: R. Digiaccwc 3. Arnold, P. Turner, S. Moore, W. Bozo, R. Pinro, B. V!a'lfe':Laff, P. Boolh, J. Harris, R. Ciborelc, P. Wailcenshaw, C. Pe". J. Noonan, D. Davis. The Counlerguerrilla unil' is an exlra curricular pad of Army ROTC. The unil operales on a Greek-orienled line wilh pledges and acrives. Pledges are rushed in fall smokers conducled wilh 'rhe help of Army Sponsors. CG's parlicipaled in scuba diving as well as prac- 'ricing lhe more 'rradilional hand-+o-hand combal and pa+rolling fechniques. Their aclivilies were rounded oil wilh rappelling and field meer exercises. V .5-it 1-7 VVAUP F'c'..'eo peow SITTING: P. Longworlh, A. -Xa'cn. MIDDLE: J. Walker, D. Dyer, J. Oravecz, B. Long G. Gales, B. Curiice. BACKGROUND: J. Daxis, J. Sadowslci, B. Goodell, E. Sfraii. "Progressive radio" is ihe way Ihe VVAUP-PM slail describes Hs new con- cepl in radio programming. Tradilional pre-recorded educalional broadcasls had shoricomings: lhe volunlary sludenf siahc was no+ receiving experience Ihal would aid Ihem in commercial silualions, live broadcasis were few and only a small parl ol The 600,000 polenlial lislreners were being reached. To correcl 'rhese delecls and lo allow Ihe campus radio s+a+ion Io Iunclion suc- cessfully as a powerful media, a new lor- ma+ was designed around live program- ming of conlemporary music and shorl educalional spols. Communily and cam- pus response Ihroughoul Ihe pasl year has illuslraled Ihal Ihe WAUP sound experi- menl has accomplished ils goals. w x . . 5' Evening Student Council SEATED: R. Riiche, G. Phillips, P. Salqsa llgresiderfl, L. Ref, J. Hedrick. STANDING: C. Balcer, V. lvlalhia, W.':V'. J. Marlin, R. Anlhony, M. Summers, C. Alcom, l.. Siffs. l. Gcsrcfn. l'l. Hibrawi, W. Hagan, S. Roebuclc, O. Slsinner, F. Vaccblf The Universily of Alcron Evening Siudenl Courcil acls as l'he liaison belween evening sludenls and l'he admin- islralion. Through 'rhis organizalion, evening siudenis have a valid means l'hrough which lo channel cornplainls-and l'o gel' resulls. Cullural, inlormalive, and enlerlairirg evenls are also annually sponsored by lhe Evening Siu- denl Council. Forensic Union Piclured below, SEATED: J. Quinlan, D. George. R. Pa'ne, R. VV?-ii ney, D. Boucher lAdviserl, V. Davis. STANDING: B. McCa"um, J. lvlendiola lAdviserl, R. Sidle, T. Garrelrl, B. Long. Forensic Union is devoled lo excellence in inlercol- legiale deloale. This year's leam, composed mainly oi un- derclassmen, compiled an impressive marlc. Under guid- ance ol coach Dan Boucher lhe leam won l'hirl'een iro- phies under slili compelilion. This compelilion included malches al l-larvard, NYU and Georgelown lournamenis. Forensic Union also sponsored The annual Oxford debale on lhe Universily campus. 30 T 1 .57 Young Republicans SEATED: G. lvlaclfwen, L. McCallum, J. McCallum, M. Menza, K. Dinsmore, K. Dinsmore. STANDING: J. Dean, B. Long lPres.l, R. Paine, L. Ashbaugh. E. Kerr. Young Republican Club is 'rhe largesl organizalion on campus wilh a membership of 450. The group parlicipal- ed in a 'rrip fo Washinglon D. C. along wilh having polilical speakers, Jrhe group had a sled riding parly for handicapped children. Young Democrats SEATED: lvl. Mihaly lPres.l, W. Sugarberg, Sen. Ocaselc ladvisorl, J. Roesner. STANDING: P. Lewis, l-l. James l, J. Norden, B. Declcon. The Alcron U. Democrals cenlered 'rheir l969 aclivilies around local and slale eleclions. Many of The maior democralic candidales visiled lhe A.U. campus for speeches and gueslion and answer periods. A lew of 'rhe speakers were John Glenn, John Seiberling, and John Gilligan. ws, , gl f" I ' of Tel-Buch The I97O TEL-BUCT-T is a change in bf,T' :Tfe ard conTenT. AddiTions To The book are The Ge'Te"'a' 'ec- Tion and dorm secTion. These haze been 6'i'Jf:'i If ' ouT changing The ToTal number pages in if e hfff. These changes resulTed Trom a re-efaf,a"f e' 'fe idea oT group picTures. This year, TTe OVQfJ'.7iiZ' ,ec- Tion is The only place group picTures appear. Gfex, Tures occur here only because iT was irf pezfbe Te per- Tray These groups in any oTher Tashien. Tfa'y ca"- pus groups usually meeT Tor discussion are Tha: do noT lend Themselves To candid picTures. 'feT "ey ef- isT and are parT oT The school. Thus They appear 'n group shoTs. Greek groups are represenTed Through The use QT candid shoTs. This was done Tor Two reasors. FET was The number oT pages necessary To give The Greek group shoTs. Greek group shoTs would require 44 pages To be done eTTecTively. This wiTh The addiTion of .r- Tormal shoTs would give The book an over-emphasis on Greeks. Secondly, The sTaTT could noT iusTiTy gifing Greek group picTures when The dorms or The aThleTic Teams goT none. Through This change in policy noT everyones pic- Ture will be in The yearbook. However in a school oT ISOOO sTudenTs, iT is impossible To accomplish This goal wiThin a 320 page book. ,..i1f"1 - Buchtelite Picfcred below, FRONT: Buck Owens, Ou+side AgiTaTor. MIDDLE: G. Vafey, B. Cohen. M. Maloney, J. Heinisch, M. Kalial, B. Kaplan, VV. Marguardt D. Shipp, J. Skinner, B. McClain, J. Kellogg J. Nelson, M. Shoeburg. EliIifL7f.S note. This copy appeared in the February 6 1.55116 of the Bl ITHTELITE. The BUCHTELITE has jumped on The bandwagon of CHANGE. The mosT evidenT change can be surmised by consider- ing The arm span needed To scan The page, assuming ThaT The BUCT-TTELITE had been previously read. The decision To change Trom Tabloid To broadside came aTTer conTinued expansion using The Tabloid sheeT, unTil adegualre coverage could noT be produced as eTTecTively and eTTicienTly under Tabloid sysTem as The broadside seemed To permiT. Tl-TE AKRON BUCT-lTEl.lTE is The TourTh UniversiTy in Ohio To claim a broadside newspaper and The TirsT uni- versiTy To publish broadside wiThouT The backing oT a school oT journalism. WiTh The sTudenT sTaTT doing all The work This year, Trom The reporTing To TypeseTTing, pasTe-ups and ad make- up, The cuT in prinTing cosTs has also made The TransiTion possible. j-,,..:....f' COALITION TAKES COUNCIL.use E In Wu' Activity Cance ' gg CGUIIUII uuwns Regents Here Today CD f-50 G ' ' SC, RHA P e New Hoursi E Trustees To Have,Wz'g't.5qev 3 'Q E 'I if Eitudent onser:'QQ'1Q,sx0oV"05es 5 E' 5 :LZ ' ff exe. gt, gf me 32,25 0 . hee 'v 0 K 4 3 -it "rf 'gn no '39 eetavovo' - my we 3 sf:-5 ig k6g,So,,t0 6 5 me WS aw atb In I if NMQ W Black Panther Massacre +5 5 k 'gjv 9 9 O undersigned memuers of the BUCHTELITE Staff protest Z FU -lc 'rggf 96 Q6 U6 University censorship Ji 6 'Q 0 GD I Ill 63 w 'ag feel um ourjudgement is sound and um me phrase in question is not obscene in context. . :I H -ea 4 .uve-Q Q 16 ll' Jmrhmrteam , R19 X Q9 435 j G-csv-lgyereweeedifof gh 5 . B0 -r-I 2','.,"' at ydjgz? 0 S msmmmmmtm vlonxeqtldxdyi A H5 4 0 ' ildeaaenhmtfmfdggmmm I' 7' if 5 Wagga? t QGQQQ' ' Q C I M JenyScimer,uyoutEdnor I 0 109 H 2 1. Q9 QOJ5 V Qg'hot'9e,1 rw cs. ,E lg -r 47 W 45 Em 69 65.5 90:50 Smog I E +53 LS? IN 6 QMS WXWAS Q 3 4 0 I gh Celcbfa : +3 L., 8 0 5 100 . .K Z D. r W, ,, AL j Qs Ecology Crusade Solrcrr. g 38- N 'PIM J' - ,, 9- CN f Student Interest Sr Support as r '-JLaL...1..4..g--- -- Q! P ru f B.U.S. Charter Approved Q Executive Commit. e OKays B.U.S. Proposal Za W To Boycott Classes Mourn Black D rh Agn gb , t ea Q ef 'qw oi Tunnoil Continues' T6lf0Ugh0Ut Dougffv Engery Bontusron Prevarls W v DSC ne, HIIHFI U5 . .M ,,,, Buchfel College IIZQ: Ohio S'ra+e Q61 I894 M xv ,AWK SPGRTS Fiqhl' affer I947 Ken? STa1'e Vicfory 6-O r I ,., .x if E57 ,,:Vg. ,. N, ,.t 1,,'5?- 5 x ' 2' mg as XX RU -. , 5 I - rfixafa .. .4 IF' -1 , , .a HQ " 'jf "1 ' 'ff n-al' N .51 5-QQ' ' F I Rf .X 'Q .. fi 'L " i w - ye., vi A. 'mfrim-we ,-' 1 x ' , " . ff 209 'T 'WX 3 usd fffggg. S0 vs-4' 0 Nh, rvQg s 2-, - ' p , 6 Av - .A . 4' .' I S A , WN Q ,. , . f W. V, K I. Q,..a'+ Wm, J mb FTQ'-MQ' If' All . so I ,. . ,Jus ., ., , 95"-I .,q,,,,." .,. , A, 1 - Wx W . W 1,51 1.0 ,A V -' ..... 'Un 7 vp-' , W 1 ' V , 2 : B L ' Am' IMG 'titre L , Q? 2. .. C Mr 160 Yards of Head-on Hatred y Arif. T Af" A A-1 A v u 1, I ,fy J 1' ' " If i 'taint' N f-.- ':-1 ,- ' A ' -5 .: 1 is Lf ML N is 1 ami, 0 ,QJQ3 AEJH1 is fr-f r ,HV it . 41,5 ,Wd .. ., --, in-W I x ' W V my W I 74 l . bs. i i V " ' ' ' Y:- 4. :V gg. 5 . 52. Q ' :- A . Mrk: qw p ,r 'WL ' fp, m sgitijs ww r - s Q, , A , ofa' . ... ..f. . .g .H 3 jay. . ,. .. , I V . , , W. K' ,lgqw Lungs: " ,,, 2, Y 1 Q 1 . .',. ' Q' . ' ' ' .. ' .'g.' fr-,1r,ix.! ' lg, I ' . - 7? 'Wi . -- -' '.-. THQ-i.'9"'f' f" V L- ' "' . ' - 1 Specfacular offense and miserly defense led Akron fo ifs besf season in forfy years. ln fhe opener againsf Bufler l52-Ol, l"luffon was brillianf. A 40-O frouncing of veferan sevenfh-ranked Tampa added fo fhe spec- facle of Acme-Zip as Akron's vicious defense' smofh- ered an All-American guarferback. Akron's only loss came fhe following week fo Easfern Michigan llO-3l in The fradifional posf-Acme-Zip lefdown. Ruff's besf game came fhe following week as Akron over- whelmed Ball Sfafe 49-O. Celebrafing Homecoming, Akron, behind I4-I2 in fhe firsf half, exploded wifh a 20-poinf fhird quarfer 'ro crush an aroused lllinois Sfafe feam. Ten fhousand Shrine Game fans wafched Easfern Kenfucky sfrike early, only fo have fheir flashy guarferback farnished by a fierce l-lolian-led rush, falling 28-9. ln fhe high poinf of fhe season, Akron made an impressive bid for fhe MAC: Dayfon fell I4-IO fo ball confrol as Akron killed fhe clock for vicfory. A muddy Michigan field recalled fhe early season loss fo anofher Michigan feam as Shuman came off fhe bench wifh a fourfh down TD pass fo give Akron a 9-6 win. Againsf Youngsfown l6O-27l. defensive sfafisfics wenf ouf fhe window as fhe secondary re- laxed and fhe offense romped. John Vargo's fhree- TD lead dwindled, buf fime ran ouf on Wesfern Kenfucky in fhe lasf game of fhe year. Eighfy-fwo 'rhousand fans shaffered fhie season affendance rec- ord as Akron leff fhe field for fhe final fime, ranked 'rhird in fhe nafion, wifhouf a Rice Bowl bid. ul - tk-. Lf- wr. , n ' iff' QA' '5 YLhIf'1 'hxi 'rf 5 0 q Z i PIT- 1 ', Q 'Y L -A - 4 ,fx 448 Kafka ,TY ,. -gf X- X x 1-af ns Ka ' 0 X 1 n E. Kev 1 It -'I . I: h 4. " x . 3 - - , f, W -,. " J.: N I , '.' Q 3 Q ff' a .s A ' f K! A x I sg ' :E f x 1 Q .- I 9 X - A P A A x . Rf- xX ' .. - ne 1 .. ' X, W - ty' A :X - , 3 - - H - " Q MY iv- f..-vig, u 3, -, - fy f fi, g ff aXf,M X3,e,, Q' 1, ,Q ' - ' "" X. - ,-. 'f , x-I "- .-, - 'Q, I , -X, . 1 T ' AQ- X: K' o-lin? Nh fig' D '-1 -3 xx 33 Q L-4' AA- ' ' ks is ' I -1 .. "feet 2" gy-Q'-X' "Nr 3- k M 5 I -f 'f ' ff ' V rf. . qu ' B D L L11 A X- 5 5 I . gf' w w N Q f I ' A 1' -v f- .. Q ff- 3 . f W . A F X! . . .4'f,2X..-:-T. .Q d .Xa!'.Sl5 X: R-Q 4- fk-1.-5' 1 'Q 2 ' L5 xl S 7-1 'skis is- ' , f .JP " ,' gg, -C'-JB, -, ' ' of 'AX JL. Af ,- gi.. 5 , f"' v J qs-K' x MQ sh' lj-awry? A 9,1 I V IVE' ,, Ag 1 W Q :N f J: :z 'X ' 'vfij 5. f' ,-yyw-L f . x 3 !,4 51 P. 3 Q: f ' 4 A 1, fn- .f'5W':,'X'.. .rf X ' CT X ' X A - X .. -s Y. -a ,-A ,W P , I , -X - br, , X 1 ' Q X f A Q I' x A " ff ' ,,, X ' -ll - I? . ,T in -v v X 9 rr'-' n,., M' Qr X ' y 1 ' "Q -'YE ik - " ' X ' A ?Yff ' XX' X" ' f L., -f R ' 558- he a-.gin ff. -5 .X , XXX, ,Xi X, ,B 'M ' X, F nr,X ... M H 5-.44 J, ' 'ng gf' ,, X . , V r 'w Q.XX mmf 6' I . . , ls U x X., Ji - , A ' lr ' J X ' AA I 1 F , f Nc f Ol! - ' V 1' A K. , 1 X ' 'f ' .X - ' 9 4 " if 1- " ' X f ' -M 14.1 Y, , X ' v, " A " " M -2 -- , , , ' " ' T. 6 1 , Yf jo A - .'lg, ., f , Nga, " ' XNX! A' X 41 ' iw MX. ,X Xvfkj UQ 'N X 1 ' W ' 'kr X 'Wm " XXX XX, XX, N: ,Xu XXKXX Xiy' ',. 5 L' ',x,g .i X XA. zu, lxfffh. XXIIXV 'WX XXXQJXXX X ' fa v, X -. -'-' 'XYM X k' X - 'M X ' " X45 A + 5' 4 N- , v' K J. -1 -X X .'XX XX H55 n v p""1.J 'M 'N ' ' X AX ,J X V N wl 'U' I ' 4' H X ,XXX '1',X urfgm , A 1 , ' W' ' M 'W' W-JA' in,"-'lf' XX gi 1-5 'FV 'F-qw iw' XX . ' Xiu, ' 'QV XX -,,X- " -4, XX ww. "ug ,XM-w V :mmf ,al X XX-X , Lwbdx, X NW ,.,,a,,x Xfvmll, NLJXX Xi M nu, ll X M N. Y, A X ' X .X XXX, " 'M -, 1 J 4 1 1 1 QY. V' . , .u F" ' 5 ' s - 434 .A tk' n ' ,V - J fn -' u' . '4 , , ff' 15. 5 f 9 1 ,r . u . X .af ' 0 -I 1 c J --5, , 1 1 ' Q ,,,...n...--- X 1 - 1 --5. ..,,L:. - ' H Q A -'Hg v.' .-.V 1? 3, 44-,W-'ul " 'vfif-a'r7'J3qNw"g'1 N, -' , ' 'ir' , '1"f, "NMR,-, ' -V' 1" Q . , ,,,,. , ,, .4-n 1, . '-..1". ' x.. 4.1 ', . "5 ijgr 'gg,"H.,f,'. A, X . L ll, -,w,zvxt,:,'fGqe'Q,44'V ,iff I Y .52 - 1 , 'g -,., W, f -N IQ A 49, J W , f , , , Q u , P 1 'W', 1 1 .R ish! H.. . A .A ,X ,w v,,: ., .X M., -,, ,V , ,,,, , MA :Q - ., .A 1 -'hy , I . rv-lQLZ'494','i'1E , " u ,i 1 if M FL f ' 1 ' jf I xitfl-,.h -f .M ,. A, ,, Q 7. a ,, 7 W Q In ' ' A v-Q -5 " u . '11- .5. ,- xl- . uf WJ ' n S 'M U . 'S A I vt. ' l' ' V- "H . v' 2 , 412 '. ff V . . Q E' fc' ' was-nw ' f f x wg ag . - Ax 1 ' i '5- 'p 1 5 . -Q sl. f' a'Kf'4' - I r fr s P" .324 ' x 'V '-4,-gi"1:,., 2 'WW Alrighf we'll s+ar'r Jrhis game wifh a 'rwen'ry-'rwo and see who confrols 'rhe line of scrimmage . . . Draw! Draw! Alrighf Harrison and Krummel, don'+ le+ Hwose Jrighir ends off Run 34 wi+l'1 Varqo Frank, +l'1a+'s a good job coming up on 'rhe sweep On The 48 pass you've qo+ Hwaf guy gun shy ... 'EM7 XX 'Wal .A- .1 uv , 1 ,.1 K S' .N . .--. -.W 'Y yu, V. .N ,, M , "w , , - -- V, -, Y Q K, F. 0 Q ' N ' 1 'W ,M W , v , - f K ' 5 w f 'Q 1 W3 .T ' X' A K. ' , N: ' " 5... ' 1 ' " A X ,- ' n 'X A ' 4 , .,, , 1 , , ,N 5 ' 3, a , I , w ff..a A,4 -' V, , ,' . , I I 4' ": A'- fa w.- f -ox' 'fit "op ' ' I . 'M' 5 .Q ' ff je N' X' I J . ' .wFQ7WWfwF?-BRN ff . Axw-nw ,m Q.-- --. + -1 fr- .,F:,,, V.-' .gf-fx ' 1 -I", ' ,gjril ,Q N K ' 1 ' '4fvw1xgQfmAN-q v ' '.1,x. '-,- l " 'O I-,4...n' I4 ' , 5 . ' O' f' + Q '. 1 In K X ,, 1 1 . Q77 f K , 1 3 if 'N' f- 5. ku.: ,Q ' . 1',L!L:',Z 1 "VL-N 'N 41.3 Aj' o M if ,Y ,, W--, , v L, Q1 ,x , f J N W! ,, W, , F, yogi, N M 0 V , yr-2 "' A 43 r, , . . , ,, . , 1, A ,gig H 9 Hx Nw sig R .b.,V,7::g,5.., W 1 X H . . 1 ' V4, Nr T I4 X Aw ,W f j N if HW' N 5., Y. 5 " ' . fr- .ff ' r ,. ,n 1 4 ' - Ak X . , Q .W - 1 Ai " ,,f-' " ,WN A "' "fm .',,n"" fv- , ,, , , M, -af .W - ,-- L K V NXT ff or Shi- 'L 'AI-5' . V ' -N -- Q lx y , , - N -- 5 ' ,fHfff'Q'i.-Tflk f Q Q -'I N'-1 QW-'f b X if '-Af WHT' 4 tv 'N -1,2 M, . , 5 1:.'H, . ' , . 'n - 'f' ' -' . - . - V X 1 ' 1 H h ' 1 ' ' - . N Ph . .X 5 g ,n A M' I A --" 5 A 1 . - ' ' ' u -"4 . ' .. x Y! A V I . . . K' ..l -.1 Q ' ' A X ,x . - Ak- , ' ' . , g- 1 'V . . : Q. 'J' 5 Q x K '- bf x . ,' '- N "-'A ' . X gl 5 xy -Q ,. 5 ., Q- . ' S ' " xx' '. X fs , x W, 1, . . . x 3 Q L, ,. g Q u n- y Q, ' . - 1 , -vw , l h Q S Q x v 5 1 x I ' ' -' . M y I I I ' v 'T' 1 ' 6 , A .Q N ! N' ' f -- . - -f i V xx 1 . g X W - S ' ' " ' .. -. ' a0y!"!L - 'ff xl ,vii -T .4 K Q Q . -X Y X - -1 , "' N h , .x 4 Q ,S A.. -1 ,' -i - ' - 5- .I , K ' N l A-td. . vi.--1 .l 5 'lflgtik 4.-' I v ",',s' L it E A .A y.,-,, ,,-, . .Q -.sp --,kxl , ,' , ,b . Q 3 Z'N,- My 551. 5 ,- , Z , .--K --I fi 7 W - 'L 'ivgr I . . - 'Y ' 31 .9kE't'?1-I-.-'ff' 1.5.1--rf 1'-T" I 3 I -'ll i"'-',:I'?.hf'2 .tn L.. -'si .- ' , '1 j . M jx Nxn-'., " ' 3. .-xr '1'Q , ,X ' 4 , Z' -"' ' 0 'xl J," ' ,-"1-"X .' " " X ' 4 A - ,. i-,, L fy " ..--, '.Q5q..-- -1 N ' v 5- A ' ,g'- Y' N I-nf' 'a - , f. 4 -. 2--- E . Q . Q Q Q . Q 1 Q Q : Q Q P E Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q: Q Q P C Q Q E F s Q Q Q Q Q. E 5 S E 2 Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q P 4 Q Q Q Q Q F Q Q 4 Q E 'G E s E Q x E s s x x s E E N S Q Q N E 5 4 S E Q S Q Q 3 x x E x T Q x Q E N Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q N Q Q Q Q Q Q Q N Q Q Q Q Q 5 S Q 5 S 3 Q 'Q 5 5 5 S Q S - 4 WT G 5 5 Hi i u ' A 1 1 l W Y Y N :Q 5 Y 1 Y 1 1 i 2l8 Wars of Legs and Leather Reliring coach Siu Parry, 'rhe one man 'ro whom Akron soccer can be crediled, :iFilCLE"J his l7our'reen'rh winning season our oi lourreen years as head coach. l-lis 'roral record cornea +0 I IO-39-4, during which Akron gained nire Ohio lnlercollegiale Soccer Championships in rhe pasr eleven years. This year's formidable schedule included rre NCAA lournamenl members and NCAA cham- pion Michigan Slale, buf 'rhe boorers 'ffeafhefed il well, compiling an 8-4 record. Airer drcpprg 'rheir Acme-Zip appearance +o Buffalo Srare, Jrhey splir 'rheir Akron lnvirarional play, losing lo Sourhern Illinois and bearing Ohio Urifer- sily while Frilz Schier's excellence earned him oulslanding defensive player honors For fhe Jrournamenl. The viclory over Ohio Universihy began a Tour game win slreak, in which Bowling Green and Woosler fell, and included a 5-2 annihilalion of a heavily oulclassed Ken? Srare leam. Then NCAA champs Michigan Srare came carrying an eighl goal average, and sgueaked our a I-O win as Jrhe Zips losr a hearrbreaker. Dennison Tell, and Then, in Jrhe game Jrhar kepf Akron our of lhe NCAA rournamenr, Cleveland Srale won 2-I in double overrime. evenrually finishing second in rhe narion. The Zips 'rrcunced Oberlin 8-O, Wesr Virginia 2-I, and oulkicked l-loward Universily 3-2 in lhe mud. Gene Al5red was named Mosl' Valuable Player on Caplain John l.ewang's iniury-ridden squad. I+ is, a 'Fir- ring lribule ro Jrhe courage and ralenl' of rhe Zips Thar l'hey compiled an impressive lisr of All-Midwesl players. 3-n H QU 6 w 1 1 47- f 5 ' - 1 , Q f 1 u' ez Ar-ec ,JA 11 69 -4-"""' ! "9 aw' 'wmwwfw 'i , . 'Q' FW! MARY' J, 1 K .1 ...wr-:wma-wi WNW-mv-ww ff W ' M' vhffwwfjgfyf' g! -Vi .x - V '-fn v-1 rv-1 M, M'ff51fff1I 1-M7 V 1 f 1 .f f , 'Q .. ol ' ,f ,1 1" P ,' J 21'CH m,,,,,gH,,5Wwmq+M Wm 'WX M . , wrewwl WW , . 4 2mwWmwMWW'MQW'W afwhwww vwU" nwwi WG WWF Mgfy vu 914410 nltluwwaul-1 v Mlwdo nv WMWFWMX 4517 x-Wk 'K 'HIM'- q.....+.,.v ENEM M Www wwf FN mmwgfww Awsw if AWWM1 .44 , ff I f .455 A+ ' Mmm w-,ww 'ilu nz, 'A A 1 fe 'X gui emn 1 f A...Q. I Z2 g ' ' 4 12. 5 .va ! 3 , 501441. sf f 'v I nxw. L, , ' "'v f f1. - - ,. - ' 5 , " ., -tv.-Lf! JW, rm yy ifff- ' ' 4 J Q . I ,z V L H X 'f' '-' v iq..- 41 ,. 'QW W . M - ' , ' N ' Q iq 1 QA 71'-up ff. 1, .,,.,,-mw..f...,.-m-- " I --s. Q 'Fi Zia. Sw, lf! 5 -A 1 - n4n-v-"""- -n..' ,N:"L' F I Y' V 4 Q , , . x , , . x f ' 31 l 1, ,, F . I Q , , .S 1 W... . --M - .1 N il - -- , . , 4 5 4 " x M E ' H . 1 " .. W " - Q.. -nv L, 1 A .F ...fl f ln 1" , 1 '1 4 ,, ,,,., HMM' ,,.. gbvz'-'-. ' FW'- , 1-MglgQg,1y1l41f'x.. f1.l.mf4v ' ' X ' Ay , f 'F' A' 4 i D 1 A , .-.L Q 1 2 r x r .yy ' W . ,, M' ' v ,J , 13 ' N' Al ' lf T ,ww ,M-Ri! if ,fu - ..f. X X 5, N Wx, '. , A A j .T If I'9'i'T"a1 u Egg Agqxiy- ' R a Af J . vw, X, W w"' . y " X ' ' ' N X W-4' w 6 1 5' i 1 ' ' v , lx wx af 'T N ,' 2 if ' , if' ' ' Y- -fu' 9 ' A" LY xw N 1 21" ' w N-Wv X f X E W N , J . , f ' wc ,few 'rvwgiz w' ' Q-- 4 " " +R ff ' a' Eg,,Z'2'f' "M 'Y ,. a I 'M X!" 6 ' A X J o ... ... -.............-- Q p N is Q P As Akron began ils l969-70 season, a re- building year was expecled. However, Akron's spiriled performance in +l'ie Kenl Slale game slrarled everyone Talking ol a winning season despile a 68-66 deleal. l-lolslra became llwe Zips' lirsl viclim, 70- 66. Akron was llwen oulmuscled by llwe big, aggressive Gannon live, losing badly 9l-64. A lacklusler win over Cleveland Slale evened Akron's record al' 2-2. Againsl Cen- lral lvliclwigan, lwowever, Akron losl 8l-63. ln Jrbe Youngslown Slale and Virginia Common- weallln games, problems conlinued as Akron losl 55-48 and 87-85, respeclively. Akron snapped 'flue Jrlwree-game losing slreak by nammering former Zip slar Mike l-larkins' Easlern lvlonlana Jream 96-7I and downing Brown 83-70 on New Year's Eve. l-lowever, Tlwe Zips were no+ as lorlunale againslr Willenburg, as llie lelliargic slarlring live were bealen by WiHenberg's slow-down Jraclics. Bur Akron rebounded from The de- ieal and senl higlily louled Alliance College running as Akron lriumplwed l07-67. C-annon, ranked lkiird in llfme college divi- sion, came 'ro Akron and was barely able lo squeak our an 80-79 win. l-lowever, Gannon i vi iwsmtwnwmrw. V ' I 1,-.I 1 I- ,,-if 'A ' M. --W .- ,, ff if ., ,, r 1 , .x.5,f-j,v-,..f"l-'- r V w,,,,.,4y , , as si Boards and Bruisesg Running Battle capilalized on ihe loss oi l-lenry ard doe af ,xc pass ro send Jrhe game info oferilrne. Ganz' rxz- ceeded 'ro oulscore 'rhe Zips in 'fre ofefrffe. posl-Gannon leldown came back ro Pax' f'-fc' ' a mediocre Ceniral Conneciicur learn ffcxc a lisrless Akron live 63-50. Akron +hen reeled off iour slraighr vffs sea" Cleveland Siaie 78-60 and l-liram 7I-6l. lffccsff fell 94-83 and Baldwin Wallace died 83-76 be: a Paul-l-lenry 43 poinl onslaughl. Agairsr Cniefo however, Akron failed lo overrake +he Cardinals won 86-84. The Zips 'rhen 'rook revenge in Jrhe nexl' iwo games. bombing lvlacMurray 92-78 and lllinois S+a're 83-63. Akron lraveled lo Youngsiown lo play +he Pergjrs who dominaled Jrhe boards and +he Zips in an 88-69 Youngsrown viclory. The season ended on a sour 'ole as Keniucky Vlfesleyan buried Akron 88-53 fc 'ea.e Jrhe Zips wirh a I2-I I slare. This year's ream improvemenl, coupled winh 'n Tad +ha+ Jrhe Zips are losing only one player. cenier Bob Carllon, poinls roward a promisirg iuiure. Per:- ever, ii lhe Zips are +o regain Jrheir nalioral baskenbal slalurelhey musi recruir a lop ilighl cenier. For despire his iumping abiliry, Paul can? be expecied in carry lhe enlire load. Thus, a good big rvnan, C5 'T Turner-Williams breed, is a musr for Akron. jx vf .'- I J I ia A .5 ' 5 ik X .., 1 'Sm A 1 f , . 265. , 3 A ff' . LHC C OUT 1-1414 . 'Ig-5 1 3 1, ' N -,5 nz E i 1, gl C ' lq :U 2 ' vnsur ' ' ' ' I! Q ,Q . ' 2-. !.'I'!'Z' b ' 36.: .uig, ,fall 'ni On! 1 0 0 9 ' " - 'fi' ,-, w-mln: !g.:" Arr' s ,+A .1 rd In -4 'Tv,.. Q 1 X X . I X C A ,,,,. xg if , iii 1 .,,.M.J"?m,wX ,ff - -ff .. - if v f - .Q ' fur ,fl-+L: V I-"'J::' 'Lwm-"'k'A"f 1 v 1 ' "' , , " 1 "TQ M, X1 :fi l" 'T "Lf-'Q .- 1 H- x-f-- f ' A. .J '55-6i'f4"""i We 5 f , ff 4 . J- GA, wi Q U' o 0 5 Q ' , 5.1 . N a 's,,1 ', '- 'a f s an I 0 ' V ,' J ' . . 1 4. . ' " U1 Lf 7' an . - . . p . W A D M - . x - 1 Q l ag . 'JT , -.-jr - vq. ,I . . ., L' I 1 Q yr V . W k- 5-s-. ' ", - 'ii IT' - y--,. 5 if N. N. 0 a"'4 Q, .XX ....--0" V I A' ' 72 ' 4 .' -, ,.--w f ll B'-'hs 411711,-. .. , X l mr'w-f'P"' gg W 6, is ' I . B gg,-iig HI 4 ...Q ' J' :ki 3'-ln' H us, . A' e I. ,fr S ,man 3 I' ma 'Nao' 'X Mx ,W ., mm Y. I . t W."""-sm Q.-'i sw 'W ' -'M , , gi, "H-w.,,q 6 we ixxx K SQ 1 vi .1 A .law P 7. 4. 3' 2 -an-""""-'gr' In .. On fhe press Reggie, you fake if ouf . . . Wafch fhaf pass, fhaf's whaf fhey're look- ing for . . . You've gof fo have fhe bafl be- fore you can go wifh if Be pafienf on offense! Don'f force shofs! Remember, move fhaf . . . Defensively, if fhey fhrow be- hind you-Cover down WiHie's gof number 35 . . . Shuffle. shuffle, wafch if Reggie .. . Geez! Whaf kind of call is fhaf Tom. come on ouf and sef up Chuck, go in for Paul ... Three seconds! On Who?! ... Gef him off his back! . .. Clear, Clear- help ouf Lenny .. . I I , iq, MW i qi, ,yn Q ,tie-4 .Fx 1 sv Q . . O 0 ' . s N " . . ' A -.Q ' '- fg ,4 P a ' - . . -. ' Q, I . , ' 5 Y ' U x if . . u ob S h ' 'sl . Q D ,K y Q , ,. . U I y- 4 . .- ' x ' 'ox ' . Q Q ' 'A .1 Q 1- 4 4 n' .' 9 , . p - I '5 . ' 1' L Q Q 5 ' 4 f - . ' . ' l . . U nf .-- V I - ' V - . , ,R 5 D . . x: 4. 4 A YI! . 1 L ' -, ,. - ' ' '-M. X 1 . 4 k'f . uw. I y I, ' W ,tfxfxxy 'M ', A I ' ' , - l .. ,Ii N? K -s r' -yfqnl jd N- . - . X M ., . A ' - - s --E .-'vt ' Q 2 " W 'ah 4. V ' 4 . gil ' . if 53"-L' 'k+,i,,"4, . . . . - - 4 M ,M L, Nw! AQ ,Va 4. HIM o " 1 , Q" .Nw 1, ' . . ' - K , . X 1 wwf' ,, V, ' 4 - u . ' ' . V W ' Y ' - W f 1 . 5 P , . - , A 'W Y 4 ,MM ' H w . . -0 , h 1 n , -1' md ' --- . " X J ' .- 'ge - -,f . -. '-,H -J .. fu f V . - . . 1 ,. ,- M: ,c w iv ,,, -W 'K J . iw ' ', " 'Nw 'W 'Q l'L1"w.' ' " 1. 'U W","'.., N M Wifi' ' .Q - . - 1 A -9 xy' ' U 1' J . f 1 0 M- f " "1" Wen ' . ' V , w f ,L ' , ' "' . N N, s 3- . I .5 .-9 - ' .4 'np ,, . ' . 4- -. Q l! n ' 1, -" L mf- YW, In ' p , Y 1 ' - . " ' if' MQW ,MWQ .N K 1 , ww,-M1 , ,,fL-M,-.ff.a, V- fr .- 1 . . 0 - X- ' ' .Q . ', A ' iw if MQ wh ,,NW'fm.A .g . W3 -, ' -. .. - L ' 4. zMr1 f H ml: A N .. ' 1 "W ' Ai 'HV' V WW' P- - W 4 W' V , .. -+ t, mp, . .H M .. . ' " 'sjliuw X5-V' MH in 'M iw 'V 'fm . 1 ,, 5, W, , , , 4 .. ,, 1 , v f ,. 2 . I ' v .Wk an A , "haw, '1-, " W5 MQ - I 1 A ,V My X, ' H . - f ' . ' wr -' " 1 , m ,21. Wa. ,: ' '- f..'i1'f.. Q H. f wig:-W 'q Q 'nga 'Nw ix' gm Y 'W ', , , . W' MW W QM" ' ' X .Q " N fu. ' . Z - .I W. I ' YQ MPH M' X- " '. 942- 'W' Y. . W" wiv' W- ' 4 .. . . n fr . 1 h mmm I YM. wid!! ru-we .XM mtg a' sw 1 1' ' , ' ' , ' 1 . ' - . r- A -u H- . A N 1' -f- EW f" - . - . I Q ,ml 7,-yy , lp ,ima ' V , w Q ' - Q . 'Q' . ,M I 1, 41 N5 fx 5 O ' xW, ,gm-Q QM. ""Wf"x ui. 'Ur 4 . v - , 1 fm! W ., ...E ,Rn -- 1 , J 1 , , f wJf,igf,N4 'X V w- ,. M, ., o . f' ' . ,, I 5- . "wfQ,,, ,yah .Mffamw 'f . . I ,I M W 'A ,X l 43 I, vu' ny, X Mi' m" ,,,..V, M 'I ' 5 fl., -. 5' CWI' ,lip " Vy. 17 - 5 ' -N 1 ' "' "W ,r .' 'H' . ' ' X' ' ' 1 . 1 W ' ' I u ' 'itv' -. A ' ' 1-if - I ' 4 I' ' . ' , . . . l I ' I - 1 g .1 Q. , 1 '. ' - s W." x l , I ' I . .J I .' A 5 . . I - w nl. l . " . J - ' . '. 4-.F ' . - . , 'A A . , . 9 ' . D 4 A ' f ' a , . . , 5 ' . 's Vs D a . r s KE' 4 v. 1 J lp a 'W M .,. 'W .fm I , Q 1 If ! -- """1 5, ,.. ,K4'7?E"' - A fwx If 'Y 1 - , av - ' ' . t, 4 , . n -V I ,Qa.',.., 4 Y, h 5, ' 'x , E I -. -5 o -,fr , . ' :ff - 1, ' X .a 1 , , l 'F' ,. - -Rf ' ,Y-.' .gl , 2 . V 5 J- . xi.:- Coach Gufhrie's mafmen sfarfed fhe season dis- mally by losing five of fheir firsf nine mafches. l-low- ever, a sudden reversal of form saw fhe Zips com- pile seven sfraighf vicfories fo end fhe season wifh an impressive I I-5 record. ln fhe season opener, fhe Zips fell 35-2 fo perennial collegiafe wresfling power Kenf Sfafe before 800 fans. Alcron's firsf win came af Denni- son in a 23-9 dual meef vicfory. ln fheir firsf quad- rangular meef, Alcron defeafed Woosfer and Adrian, buf losf fo Ashland. Ohio Norfhern proved fo be -a cosfly loss as Alcron nof only losf fhe meef buf also losf lvlarlc Carson for fhe season because of forn lcnee liga- menfs. The win af lvluslcingum, 33-7, saw I77-pound Dan McGrafh enfer af I9O and beaf defending Chio Conference champ lvlilce Porfer. Alcron fell 26-3 fo Cleveland Sfafe, and I7-I6 fo Waynesburg in whaf proved 'ro be Alcron's lasf defeaf of fhe season. ln fheir second quadrangular meef Alcron's feam swepf fo vicfory by downing Offerbein, Baldwin-Wallace and Wiffenberg. The surging Zips lcepf fhe momenfum by sfopping John Carroll, Theil and Befhany in fhe Carroll quad- rangular. Buf despife fheir ll-5 record, Alcron wresfling musf confinue fo malce sfrides. No longer will vic- fories over Ohio Conference schools suffice. Any hope fo ioin fhe Mid-American Conference will require a feam on a compefifive level wifh Kenf Sfafe and fhe ofher MAC schools. Grapplersg I . I - X, Powered Precision 'X I N l V 7 an I Q' ' "" 1 - 1 Q-1 1 4 I 4 1 M 13 11 . 1 ,511 W? I Y 11' 1 wgxlmlm N 1 1 1, 1 W 1 Xa 1 1 1 , uW1'x ' WWWH 'J '1 1' -I -fp "Pj "'1 .- 1 1 1 1 -nun pon cl!! V I ' 'my' I , n 11,-VP A " "' '1 "F" " ' X' h X. W .-up 'mM11'v+Q1 if 4 Q, . dul- y NN. 1 , 2 'UH 1 , I 1 5 'N AN fNuQv! 'I . 11 VME Au 'Q it 5 1 wa," - Qi A ' JJV. wyGgY wmQQT'V 4, ' F 1 W H W ll 1g 1 X MA 1 '1 1 My N1 1 X 111 1, 9 11 1 We 1 1 1 , Q,. ,11 M , ,ww 1. 1, 1' -N11 1-11Z1Q? MN1111s1y.'WMM'1-1Qff'1 ,QV 11, , 11111, , 11 111131 1 X 1 W1 X4 11101111 MM 1 1 1.5, Xa N A x1 1 .X ,v'0"' G I ' 1 ,.,-'sn ' N, E ug ,, 'yu x . 'S Q-gon!"- 1 5 11 11.11 :111 -11 1 1' AH1wm M M - R , X. 1 4 1 1 1. 1 1 ' an '1' 2 4 -. 1 11 ' ,. 1 ,11:1,1,, 12' 'f 11111 ' 61 f 11 21 ' if ' ,W.j 11 Vi' 11 ' V 1 11 11111111 F V xxx. - 1 X1 1' 1 1 Nw HQ A M N 1 Qfw'cx! ,W .A 1 1 4 Ry? AWN . . F 5 ,. fran: 11-1. 1 V1 ,1 H ul' 11111 A digg' mmm wif, - 1 1 .f 1 "aw-uw 1 , J 1. .u :Wim qu 1 .141 ,.,.,, 1 11 v 1 ,1 1 1 WWF' :WN3.,f Ni, , ,fjfi . 1 . In -L... 1 I' While School Strikes Gut Al Akron Univerzily, Spring l97O na marlfed nol only bf a zuccezzlul ',pr"g sporls campaign, bul also by a campus dislurbance lhal lhrealened lf, ' ,l lle school. Slrilces al Alron ard eller Grd schools marred lhe Spring ccefe ca,:7'g cancellalions and inlerrupliffz llfgf' gf lhe season. Despile lhis problem, lhe Zipz, under lhe direclion ol lirsl year coacr Torn Adolph, enjoyed lhe besl season in fal- ron's hislory. Allhough lhe sguad Includ- ed only lour seniors, lhe leam secured a I5-IO-l marlc by winning IO ol lheir lasl ll games. The season began on an unusual role wilh lhe lirsl game being called on ac- counl ol darkness ending in a 2-2 lie. The Zips lhen wenl on a lhree game road lrip bealing lvlariella, 8-7 and splilling a doubleheader wilh lhe Ashland Eagles 2-O, O-6. Relurning lo lhe lriendly con- lines ol Jackson Field, lhe Zips dropped a lough one lo Ollerbein 4-2. The leam lhen splil a doubleheader wilh Daylon l-2 and 9-8. The Zips won lwo ol lhe nexl lhree bealing l-liram 4-3 and splil- ling a doubleheader wilh Kenyon 8-l and 2-3. Following lhe Kenyon doubleheader, lhe leam hil a slump losing live in a row lo Woosler, Cenlral Michigan lhree limes, and Cleveland Slale. Al lhis low poinl, wilh lheir record slanding al 5-9-I, lhe leam picked lhemselves up and lin- ished lhe season in line lashion. This linish included a six game and lour game win slrealc sandwiched around a 5-I loss lo lhe Woosler Scols. Four year lellerman Dan Coslill was given lvlosl Valuable Player Award due lo his slrong perlormance al lhe plale and in lhe lield. -mag' Racketeers Steal Show ! ' -11: i J X R -WH av? in Record Season To The surprise of no one, Coach Frank Chlad's young Tennis Team proved To be one oT The besT in Alcron's hisTory. The 9-3 record seT in I96I could have been brolren by Coach "Silver Fox" Chlad's Troops if iT was noT Tor The cancellaTions oT s e v e r a l maTches due To campus dis- Turbances in The spring. How- ever, The raclceTeers' 9-3 slaTe did Tie The record. OT The TirsT Tive maTches Tour were vicTories-all being 9-O shuTouTs. Losses were handed To MounT Union, Ma- lone, Gannon, and Walsh while Alcron's iniTial loss came Trom l-liram. The resT oT April saw The Team score vicTories over Cleveland STaTe, YoungsTown STaTe, and Slip- pery Roclc and a loss To Ober- lin Wirh May came The can- cellaTions and rain. The Team did manage To play Three maTches however, losing To WoosTer and gaining vic- Tories over Baldwin Wallace and YoungsTown STaTe. 1 'K . ' sk' sill 1.37. , 'x fi? WP? .1 - . , , A 1 'si ' '1 ' I I Y-:I n 9, ' 4 'v ' 4 - A s- . Q . -4 , 4 s s v'vQ'+-+ lv V.-. ' 'ff w-i 74:-I.. 5- - --4......C"1'4L . 0 looyyqb '57 Arora bus,-0, sa vffl-+4.94 ,., T,'Ji"'+f"559 Q -59-v Speed Wins ReplacemenT oT coach Tom Evans wiTh Al Campbell was The maior change in Ak- ron's veTeran Track squad. This TransiTion was accomplished smooThly as The Track Team conTinued iTs winning ways wiTh an 8-3 record. Balance, always a mark oT Coach Evans' Teams, conTinued To be The TorTe oT Akron Track. The season began wiTh .a disappoinTing second place Tinish in Triangular meeT wiTh Baldwin Wallace and Oberlin. BW's 85 poinTs were Too much Tor The Zips who Tal- lied only ol poinTs To ouTdisTance Oberlin's 25 poinTs. Things changed quickly as Akron annihilaTed I-liram 95-40 as Jack Beidleman Turned in a 9.7 hundred and Bill FruTchey, John Travis and Doug Frank all Took double vicTories. CincinnaTi and Ashland proved Tough compeTiTion in The Zips second Tri- angular meeT. BuT wins in The 440 relay, The shoT and discus, enabled Akron To compile 52 poinTs and Tinish second iusT ahead oT Ashland. CompeTiTion in This meeT proved so sTiTT ThaT Bill FruTchey seT The school mark oT 4:l7.I in The mile only To Tinish Third. The deTermined Zips conTinued Their mo- menTum in beaTing Baldwin Wallace. lvlounT Union Tell To an Akron Track squad Tor The TirsT Time in six years 73-63. AgainsT lvlid- American compeTiTion, Akron proved com- peTenT in Tinishing second in a Triangular meeT. Bowling Green compiled IO7 poinTs. Akron ol. and Toledo l8. The Zips Then Tinished The season in grand sTyle wiTh im- pressive IO9-36 and I I5-30 wins over Woo- sTer and Cleveland STaTe respecTively. QW? .H fr N QE 1- l' X-' 'ill .. 1 47' -nil fu 'ab rm' x 'a 1,8 -lnlvl' DP. fi - A iff' . Q.. ' . .D E. ,-Af: tv' Aki. if 5-L' if , 4 6-'M 'E QA 1 Mlhl.n.h.A. 1 -.f14hUL.u,. L7 , 5.-A 1 . "'3?u.z :Bri " 15"--Q. X N f X A X , I x X ' x ,f JL- " ff: N f M441 ,,,xiw.,,,gggw , 9 1 Q . ' W ' ,. -"6-'MJ' xx' -. .MW .Q " MMNM , , in W W N ' . ,,...-, , J' . ' ff ' ' . X :ws .- - 4- ,1.. f - an - '- W ' J ,. rv. H 'r .A ,,. .1.--1-7-v--rr'-""' " A"'n1-A V4 ,.K 9'-.' -1. x .-.,-,w- 1 , ,x -,,,,, , vm W fs J "1 it " J, A :W ..X,. yi v X f f . f 1 I 5 f '1 11 " 1 I 1 '11 1 1 I 1 fl ,,'1,'4,,l 1. 1 I f I AIIQ , ,, ,911 f 'f 1 I 2, . fflfff 11' " 1, I " 4 , fl 1, 1 1 I W: ,f4,11'.f f :If ' 7 f"1 .fl i 1 111 X I ,1 1 f f'1f ,"f' f 1 f I' 49' , 1z, ' fi" f 1 ' I , I , I 1 '1 ,1 L f'fi'!lllI V flygf I 1 I . f I 1 1 ,141 11 fyf 1' , 1? 11' JL Q - 1,60 J 'Aux YU4 :Q il' V 1? ig 1- 1 K- 'fr 1 Isla s L 93 1 . 'Q.f5 F I :fix 'il ff 1 Zip-Guns Outshoot Qpponents Akron's rifle feam suffered a hearf-breaking season in losing fhe Lake Erie lnfercollegiafe Rifle Conference by one poinf. Akron finished second in fhe con- ference wifh a fofal of l752 poinfs fo Bowling G-reen's I753. Under S.F.C. Richard Hudkins fhe feam compiled a 9-3 league slafe and 9-4 overall mark. ln a season fhaf sfrefched from Ocfo- ber I7 fo February 2I, fhe marksmen scored vicfories over John Carroll Gannon l2l, Kenf Sfafe l2l, Youngsfown l2l. and Case lil while dropping mafches wifh Bowling Green Wesf Virginia and Case Lynn Levengood and Dave Wor- sencroff paced fhe feam by fin- ishing one-fwo in fhe Conference scoring race. Gary Burnell, Ken Alexander, Nancy Worsencroff, Bob Klein, and Alan Barden add- ed depfh fo fhe feam. L 4 .. . 1 4 'SN ', .' 1,5 B L Cochrane Evans and Parr Retire Akron UniversiTy's aThleTic deparTrnenT we-nT Through a major revision This year ffl-.ef Ve'- neTh "Red" Cochrane, Tom Efan: and STu Parry reTired. STu Parry has been The emboclirnenT oi zoc- cer aT Akron UniversiTy. As an undergraduaTe in l954 he was insTrumenTal in Torming a Team aT The UniversiTy. l"lis work as head coach Tas been even more successTul. ln boTh i966 ard 68. Coach Parry was voTed The Ohio Soccer Coach oT The Year. During his coaching Tenure, Parry's Teams have compiled II7-43-4 mark. This sporT is The lone sporT aT Akron which has been able To compeTe aT UniversiTy difision level. Red Cochrane was aThleTic direcTor Tor 2l years. Under his Tenure Akron expanded iTs aTh- leTic program To l I sporTs. The sporTs program grew under The TuTelage oT Cochrane unTil Ti- :.- , 1 , ?'f'-Lg-5 X ' 1 . ,., -.f- 'AM' . 4QVs:.ulTi7f""N' 4 'rr-TEH . ' lc' A T ' 'i3Pr.s-.1 , Y Q yr 4 W :F nally in l967 iT leTT The Ohio ConTerence To play higher caliber compeTiTion. The comple- Tion OT The aThleTic TaciliTies oT Memorial Hall and Lee R. Jackson Tield, along wiTh The growTh oT The Acme-Zip were oTher highlighTs oT The Cochrane reign. Tom Evans is The mosT successTul coach in Akron's hisTory. ln I8 years as head Track men- Tor, Coach Evans has compiled IO8-36 record. This phenomenal record includes Three consecu- Tive undeTeaTed Teams. Moreover, Coach Evans served The school as assisTanT TooTball coach beTween- l 948-66. Intramurals F QWJHIQ Q Intramurals - Fall Cross Country Phi Tau Spartans Lone Star Swimming C0 Nauds Lambda Chi ' Phi Den Wrestling T . Lone Star ennls Spartans Try Harder Lambda Chi Phi Tau Sigma Pi 244 I Intramurals - Winter Basketball Ledge Phi Delt Lone Star Bowling Phi Delt Sigma Pi Lone Star Volleyball Phi Delt Persians Lambda Chi if rw 'rf' ,Q Intramurals - Spring Track Lone Star Phi Delt Lambda Chi Baseball Club 13 Phi Tau Lambda Chi Golf Phi Delt Phi Tau Lambda Chi KJ, !,.. Z as , an. . L? 2 i lv 0 IWW E! X Basketball 412-111 OPP Ken? Sfafe . . . I-Iofslra ...... Gannon . .... . . Cleveland Sfafe.. Cenfral Michigan Youngsfown . . . Virginia Commonwealfh Easfern Monfana Brown .......... Wiilenberg ...... Alliance lPa.I .. Gannon lOvl'.I .. Central Conneclicur . . . Buffalo ......... Cleveland Sfafe Hiram Woosfer Baldwin-Wallace Oflerbein ....... MacMurray ..... Illinois Slale .... Youngsfown ..... Kenfucky Wesleyan ..... 'Q-"Cf 4..f ot One Losing Season Baseball Soccer Rifle 415-10-11 48-41 ga-41 AU OPP AU OPP AU OPP 2 Ohio Wesleyan . . 2 I BuHaIo Side' ""' 2 I225 Bowling 3 Margeffa ......,. 7 I Soulhern Illinois . . .3 Green . . I257 2 Ashland ......... o 3' Ohio U. . ........ 2 '232 Joggrrou 974 0 A5I'Ia'ld --- --" 6 3 Bowling Green ---- 0 I256 Gannon ...I220 3 cgHirbeIn ' "" 3 3 Woosfer . . . .... I I23I W6fI , , I382 a on . . .... lr Ima 9 Dazfon . - . D 8 5 Kenf S+a're ........ 2 l23I Kenf g ..... I '76 4 Hiram . . ..-. 3 0 Michigan Slale . . .I ESE: "-'- 2 Kenyon . . . .... 3 2 Denison .......... I 1255 Youngs, I 8 Kenyon . . . . I I Cleveland Sfafe i . .2 I279 Y 'rown . . .I I I I 3 ' i ' . ' I 8 Oberlin .......... 0 ofircgns- I . 0 I - - 3 Wesf Virginia .... 0 I275 Case - - - l250 Michigan ..... 23 I 3 Howard 2 I290 Gannon . . . I264 I Cehrzgii an 6 """"" I248 Bowling O C I9 """ Green I299 enrra Michigan ...... 3 7 Cleveland Sfale ......... I4 7 Willenberg ...... 3 9 Oberlin ......... 0 3 Ohio Wesleyan 0 6 Ashland ......... 5 4 Cenlral Slale .... 3 2 Baldwin Wallace ....... 0 I Woosler ......... 5 8 Youngslown Sl. .. 7 2 Youngslown Sf. . . I 9 Woosler . ...... 6 6 Woosler . .... 3 'Forfeil' ....!If4 Golf 121-Zl AU OPP I3 Oberlin .... . . . 7 IOV2 Cleveland Slafe . . . . . . 9If2 lllfg Gannon .. 8lf2 I2If2 Woosler .. 7If2 Wfestl l6If2 Ashland . . . . . 3If2 I5 Poinl Park ...... 5 I7 Mounl Union 3 I7 Mariella ....... 3 OPP 20 Ohio Norlhern . . 0 Kefll' - - - - -35 I2lf2 Muskingum .... 7If2 DSVIISOFI - - - - - 9 I7 Wiflenberg .... 3 Ashland - - - -23 I7 Heidleberg ..... 3 Adrian ----- -- 3 I3 Marielfa ....... 7 Woosfer .--.- - - 0 l7lf2 Baldwin Ohio Norlhern . .2l Wallace ----- 6If2 Muskingum . . . .87 2I Ohio Wesleyan 3 Cleveland II Youngdown Slale ..... . .26 Sfafe ........ I3 Wayne-sburq . ..l7 8 Cleveland Baldwin S+a+e ........ I2 Wallace .-I5 I Willenberg .... O Ollerbein . - - - 3 I Denison ........ O Wiflenberg . - - - - I0 I Allegheny ...... 0 Hiram ...... .. 7 I2V2 Hiram ......... 7V2 John Carroll . . . I4 I9 Ollerbein ...... I Belhany ...... . . O l6lf2 Ohio Wesleyan. . 3If2 Theil . . . . . 6 'Forleil Is" Cross Country AU 35 27 37 29 40 40 23 34 l4'4l Buffalo Slale . Mariella ...... Marshall .... . Hiram ....... Ohio Wesleyan Baldwin Wallace Edinlooro ...... Cleveland Slale OPP ...22 ...30 ...20 ...30 ...7I ..29 ...34 ...24 Football I9-ii OPP Buller ..... .... O Tampa... ....0 Easlern Michigan .... IO Ball Slate ....... 9 Ilinois Slale ..... I4 Easlern Kenluclcy ....... 9 Daylon .... .... I 0 Cenlral Michigan ...... 6 Youngslown ...... 27 Wesle rn Kenluclcy ....... I8 V5-Gi Track l3'3l OPP 6l Balduin Vfawafe 66 Oberin 25 95 Hiram .. 43 52 Ciricfnrafi , EQ A:l'.'ard .. . 53 69 Baldwiri Wallace ..... 66 73 Mean? Unfon 63 bl B0NIir'.q Green .. IZ7 Toledo I8 Woosler .. . 26 q Il5 Cleve'and Slale... ...33 Swim rn I ng AU OPP 69 Case ............ 35 I I Wilfenberg ...... O 60 I-liram ........... 43 50 Indiana Slafe .... 45 64 Slippery Roclc .... 40 57 Oberlin . . . . .47 64 Woosler .....39 63 Wesfmiwsler ...... 43 49 Baldwin Wallace . ..... 55 52 Cleveland Slafe .... ..... 5 3 Te n nis AU OPP 9 Mcunf Union .... O 3 Hiram .... .... 6 9 Malone . .... O 9 Gannon ....O 9 Walsh ....... .... O 7 Cleveland Sfafe ..... .... 2 3 Oberlin ...... .... 6 7 Youngsfown ........ 2 7 Slippery Rccl: ...... 2 4 Woosfer ........... 5 6 Baldwin Wallace ....3 5 Youngsfown .. ....4 ' ' ' f at ' I 1 jf Q' 4,5 H' - -"0 H 12 Qu' , , F ,, ' 'WF ' , f,' ,Q . V ' ,L Q I Q4 A" . . - J 5 ' xg " 'X -: . Jiang, 5, A . T 1 i n g. . - A 'A- , 8 "WHL AE:-:gg-'f-1' 250 Ag, .- " J 2 54 .A 1 ,- ,I T! m , .r ' 4' I N N .af ' TT ' V 1 ,Kb Seniors-I 894 ICR Armory Commencemeni-I 94O's - : S, 4 I :J , jf V' r . -lp .i 9 53 "1 X UM- . W 5301 Q-1x'?.', Ip' . .- fx ' ' I' 51:5 Q "" ' . -f ,f ,Lf tv '5 1' A4 1? ffl, " ' ,s f f' -N: - f-tsgfv, .1 5 1' YJ, ,K 'fy- F in . ' .1 . -L ' ug ' V f . , ' , V ,I A , I Q" . 5 ff.-fr, ' r- A ,V , - -. V . -L , ,.,,, - ..2,q,. ff . I , '15 ,jak ' , 3 'X - Z +L: 3 ' K " . 'K' x ' fi I .-sg QL' ""w.,XA 'E 2 'N 8 " 53,13 : sn 'N 1 ' 4 it 9 ,N A I, 'NQQQA iff , 'f5f2?E, , 'W-, lt "Ji 1' Q, 714,344 ' 1 if. 'S' if 4 .f D' Q MQ, A4 ,Q A I 4 FuTure ThaT inexhausTilole'source oT quesTion quesTion quesTion And never answers. only guesses. ln This era oT scienTiTic Technology WhaT can we expecT Tor TuTure generaTions? Livable ciTies? Neighborhoods oT TrusT and mu+uaI respecT'? Schools ThaT Tree raTher Than deaden minds? A True Treedom: a True peace? Perhaps, BuT more likely The TuTure will conTain: all Telephones wiTh picTures 'l'V's wiTh more Than TiTTy channels elecTronic libraries Three-dimensional painTings TypewriTers ThaT auTomaTically correcT misTakes selT-desTrucT packaging These new invenTions And hundreds oT oThers like Them will make living easier Travel swiTTer and liTe longer. ln This presenT age, we have explored The deepesT oceans and walked upon The moon And creaTed a new people Tor a new TuTure Perhaps They will see TiT To devoTe Their minds To rediscovering The earTh and each oTher. Buchtel College ef Arts and Sciences I F166 .fc-1A2r.9'ls8FQwlE.s'QfQ99 Dean's Lislr Percemkaqe Increase on Quarfer Sysfem ' lsufunnnsmnxs St k I Carnqighgel cn 89: V. Haiamsion Bl k 'Power ms uns f ,f?ff,FYFF'FF'?"5f'0'!' luulrrs in f uf my U N-. I ' 5 A E-4:51 H llmii Q, s f if Jw, The swifch lo The guarler syslem wilh fewer courses per Term, and wil'h less lime +o forgel' whal' one has learned has agreed wilh lhe grade poinl' averages of Jrhe sludenls on lhe Dean's Lisl' among Jrhe 844 sludenls in Ar+s and Sciences. A void was lefl in Jrhe dean's ollice when Dean Donald Keis+er relurned lo lhe English depar+men+. Dr. John Bachmann became acling dean unlil lhe Universily announced The appoinlmem' ol Dr. Rob- erl' Oelien of Ohio Slale +o fill lhe posilion. The College of Arls and Sciences involves many varied deparlmenlrs and inleresls such as biology. chemislry, classics and French which are only a parlial lisl of Jrhe 24 areas offered. One of Jrhe goals basic lo sound academic growlh is lhe necessilv of being more responsive To +he s+uden+'s inreresl in and The desire lor good leaching. Therefore, in an efforl 'ro meel 'rhese needs, The college has slarled honors courses in +wo of i+s deparlmenls, and hope- fully in +he near lurure will follow wi'rh ofhers. Hassan +R?-rvaali Exe .-X 'sbrcel Themes Andersen J: -Xnre Ave! La"xn Baca ex Dafa Barile-if Edward Eaumgzarwer James Bechfer Je' Bender Tnernas Benvi Hal Berle Suzanne Blle Warren Blank Roberl Blankenship Walscr Blarlon T? There Bowen Franlf Bronowslfu Gregory Bufhnglon Wllron Bull Elaine Cardrna George Carroll Carolfr Cea Joel Chuld Thomas Clarlcson Rule Cohen John Coleman Nancy Cormany Sheila Crizz Roberf Crowley Candace Marla Czerwunskl Palnclc Daley Andrew Danrels i V 1r"ll sa D Os 1 05" 4--' s.' T' 'Y l gy 131. " 11111, L fjgfjijjjlg. , ff'-r""" Sf Sf' N' 'Z' "M Gay Dave" X'ffiii'f:" Dean Lzjz Dive' Frederic? Dae' C-frrr-frr'r J:, 5: .J fn, r F 531 F ef Dzewvf 'z 5 . v PCD'.:"' EEE" . Learaw"e'cii f' I :ue Ezfef Darker Era' Marriri Efar: . I. .,.- 'frm LOLAQ Fa ., , Srepreri Far? Richard Feidhouze Srepiweri Firesrcre af' . 3 BIOLOGY CLUB Picfured below: Brian Smifh, Dr. Richard Nokes iadvisorj, Randy Miller, Rick Barsrow, Gary Corresi, Bassam Halasa fpresidenfj. Larry Bowers. Larry Crisifuli. ..L..... .... , ,, 5 i img if 4 I ' ,H ' , 2 i , N A 1 Q ' ii A Q f i I 'H 5 -5 W 'QTL i g a ia J 3 2 wx-wi ' : A 1 1 Y i A I ' K? 1 Z J 3 A ,F i A N f : - ."-'T' N., inf' .W xyxl -j ..-.----"W" "VY 4 1 Z, I d . "-- ,. ff' I ,,,---..- 4 An g ,. , R af: a axsnian erafa l::s'er 4 lx fem Sw-M -.. L X33 cf., rw -qv-f A pau acc- cn gn N. SW A , CLD.. - J k,.cc af, ,,h. QQQ., fa CGQ' in yr. .y Q-e:':ge Q9 ie' f?'aii qSvw an Graham ts' QP iQ ihrx 'TAY 'SIP 'Q A uf 94 Q-S 'Ds is 'Z T'? 1"D f. .., Dl-,,! ,J,9 rf Vf- e" PJEJ ghf Jmyq, in 1, ap fr yr,, f 5 J'4 Alice Gunllmer Roloerl Heller Jeffrey Kane Tirnoflwy Ladd Pearl l-lafaz Calvin Hiclcey Harley Kasfner Marlc Lange Sirna Hamed David Hinlcle Jerry Kindela Diane Larson Michelle Hanshaw William Horvalh Rosemary Koslcy Francis Lassalc Barbara Hafclwer Cheryl Ingold Paulerfe Kray Roberl Leasure 'C' 0 4 X1 Q 2 3-nv n-rf ISV! 5---5. Q:-1 Wi 1 fi tu-Q. DD 10 JM Paw - Cfxfe Lee Jfkf Le"cL Dena 'J -eff Gary L",L'e' C iff: Lfzllf: 'f'f Rep,-1 ,,f,-1 , . feL4'1a' e 'fe C7 Vxfal+er'fg'?gff1? Perf Maneze Chafez f!ffJ"ZLfJ' Spencer Marita Mary Maffw Timofhf Ma'+Hew Dame! McCas?ey Andrew Mc:C!aTn Jane McDer'woH' Susan McKee Joseph Mefi Lloyd Mercer James Michaud Danief M'lc'asHek Helen Mess Mary Mcyrfha' Paula Nlessen Michae5 Ncrka Sifrleg New kCv Joan Pacsas Per'e'e:e Pappas V vs.. Lb Hefe' Payefe Pefer Payne Barbara Peeper Michael Philipp Roberr Pindle Larry Poulos Sheila Quinn David Richards Douglas Roberlson David Rohrer Palricia Rossi Louella Runiamin James Ruperr Daniel Salsburg Nancy Sarich Susan Schreiber John Sciara Karen Seiler Michael Sermersheim Joseph Shadeed Roberl Shaffer MATHEMATICS CLUB lSEATEDl Roberr Leasure-Vice Presidenr Pal Leighron Presidenr Dr Louis Ross Facully Adviser Jai-ees Michaud Secrelary STANDING Fred Merchanr, Sreve Garocy Ted Marra Cheryl lv1aHhews Alayne Hoff F' ', ll X- . r O Dffn f f 1 , Pfg Q rr Jzyr r f Pf:-frvz. ,rd r- 4 , , , , - I Ja' ie ,f ,f F .'1 gf' V 1 -A f Z1 aa ' PQCPNFJVJ 2.6, 1 W F ' Rofa G fa' 2 Scfahafa f' X -rf fu .1Larf'J.J1' J G ev' Sffea' rV15VfI'f,-,?,fJ" eww f , - 441-4 J , Richard Tam' Thcmas Tama f Haan Tfafes Mfdfae' Tscaa Pr'sC'7 a Va' D Cyf'F"a Va'g Abraham WeYzenbe' Tafya NVV' em' Robe-r+ NV'se Nan NVCF Davd XV:'saa Ma '4Fa NVVCL' Pa+":'a Vaffe JSP' V:-'C' rv7' Zen AXE Pctred above, FLQOR: D. Taubald. F. Vacnev, B. Swain, G. Pro+ich. SEATED: J. Da'nem7"er, F. Kowalczyclc, J. l-lollis, R. Ssa"eyi F. Frazee. J. King. C. Smiih lPres- 'de-il, D. l-larlang, D. Kanow, G. Jacobs. Alpha Chi Sigma has ihe disiinc- lion of being Jrhe only professional ira- 'iernily on ihis campus since I954. H has inlluenced olher people lo lhe poinf +ha+ a second professional ira- lerniiy. Delia Sigma Pi, a business liralernily, was formed April l8, and a lnird is being discussed. A professional iraiernily is similar 'fo a social lra+erni+y in many ways bu+ has +he addi+ional bond of having members wilh similar occupalions in mind for Jrheir liie's worlc. Because of Jrhe res+ric+ion on membership +o men in cerfain maiors. professionals are piclured in The academic seclion, bul' should no+ be confused wilh honorary iralernihes which serve a complelely dillerenlr iunciion. Alpha Chi's have many social par- 'ries during 'rhe year. They also spon- sor lheir sweeihearl in campus queen conlesis, and lasl year Jrheir carzdidaie placed as runner-up for May Day Queen. Pledgeship in Alpha Chi is along +radi+'onal lines. During lhis 'rime a pledge earns fhe righl +o wear +he pin oi Alpha Chi Sigma Fraierniiy. Upon compleling requiremenlrs, men are Jrhen ini+ia+ed info 'rhe ifralernal bond. H -Q-lllll nuns- l"' Q- F' ' l S- X 4 J 'i . r in J 'U-3 . X N, R S l 1 M. Dav-Care Centers -- Offers free day-care and education for children ages 2-5. Creates 90 jobs with at least bi going to area residents. 5. Neighborhood Development Corporation -- Hill bring new and rehabilitated housing to Medel Neighborhood by providing interest-free money to corporations to do the job. Provides 26 jobs and guarantees 22 of them to residents. 6. Environmental Services Pro ect -- This will expand the Rodent Control and Trash L Gar age ean- p rogram to the entire neighborhood. Provides 63 resident jobs. 7. Youth Services Bureau -- Preventive services to pre-delinquent and high risk post-delinquent youths ages 10-19, fulfilling needs to prevent jail. 20 jobs. 8. Economic Development Corporation -- An MN corporation offering job testing, counseling and placement: the development of MN Co-Ops: a credit union, and a neva- paper and copy service for all MW projects. 99 jobs with at least 82 to residents. 9. Montessori School Pro ect -- Offers pre-school learning experience to 105 M children beginning at age 2 , and their parents. 8 jobs with 5 for residents. 10. Mei borhood Arts Pro ect -- Features art mobiles and studio vans to bring paint ng, sculpture, graphics, crafts and drama to M residents. Ml jobs created with at least 58 to MN residents. ll. Comprehensive Services to Unwed Parents -- V111 help further education, provide health care to mother and child, vocationaI'guidance and job placement, housing, day- care, home-making facilities and education. 20 jobs with 13 to MN residents. 12. Multi-Purpose Social Service Center -- A building to house services including medical and dental, day care, services for unmarried parents, youth, velfare, em- ployment services and credit union. At least two years to completion. Creates 50 to 100 construction Jobs for MM residents. 13- Esxffif-Ei2ILf222g22i22 -- This project employs enlconvicte to assist parolees to re-enter public life with practical help including employment. 5 jobs, 5 to residents. tudlng the construction jobs, lH0d'1 N93Shborhood residents. Another B1 positions are available to MN residents lha professional specialties are found within the Neighborhood. the above described programs will be creating 373 jobs HID! PDDEL NEIGHHJRFDOD DISTRICTS HAVE YOUTH PROBLDQS A YUPOPY by EIAINE EVANS, Organizer for Districts 8, 9 5 10 Irks, no movi main! 'I A!! d Cl. N0 dances, no youth organizations . . . a high rate of delinquency, 'VK PF0b1cB. A high rate of school dropouts, emotionally disturbed youth some of the crises that face the youth and parents of my Districts. see tions are not easy. teenagers through cultural programs ose and self-vortn But the Lincoln School area needs a youth program that will ifhf Fofgh YYWYS Of growth into adulthood. This means recreational -hh! vi.. bring security, decision-making abilities, and a sense of mFobq'qa 'A 4 within the families in our area. But the only way to ever solve . l.. . . 'r o - l..i...!?Y:T 32-?Z-2oi??nE Yo9'EP'r 'nd Cf"'ins Pf0sf-m- tbl' work to--rd ,offs-x X x f ,gsf XX k.,, E l Tefrahedral cilies 200 slory buildings 5,000 living units each lacing We tl! Floaling communities ln wafer adiacenl 'ro melropdilaf iwzili Accommodaling 3,500 lo 6,500 razident: Future cilies musf be carefully p'af"2d. Mass-lransil syslenns, high-speed buztraina Moving sidewalks. eleclronic aufolinez They will brake, sleer, regulale 'fha :peed of cars in aulomalic lanes. These are lhe world-wide cilies oi The iuture And lhe people who'll live There? The American Psyche musl adapl To The disciplines and regulalions ol The ullra-planned community. The Arls 8: Sciences College has sei a goal: "lo oller broad lraining N lhal siudenls may prosper in lilief' Specializaihion has buried lhal goal. And lhe luiure will be ihe lime 'ro iind i+. Noi in order lo build the cilies. Bul' lo save Jrhe man who musl live ihere. ..z99'TTTT n, xx .ff X ,rf ng Xxx PLANNING WORK CONTINUES Pllnhihg for the future plus filling in the detaxls of all the aforementioned projects wil continue ln our three planning areas: Soclal, Economic and Physical. This Sprung these committees will take on a permanent membership of L5 persons each, vztn eesbers being pai: 820 a month for four meetings. All residents are welcome to these meetgngs, vhzcb are bel: as listed below: Social Planning Committee -- Fred Cohen, Chairman, meets each Tuesday at ':R3 p... at the Model Neighborhood office, 856 H. Bowery Street. iork areas tion, crime R delinquency, health, welfare L social services, recreation L culture. include educa- Economlc Planning Committee -- Barbara Cargill, Chairman, meets each Hednesday a 7:50 p.m. at MN office. Hork areas include job traxning, employment servzces, economic development, businesses. Physical Planning Committee -- James Meagher, Chairman, seems each Thursday at ':FC p.m. at HN office. Uork areas include houszng, transportation, zoning, recreation, relocation and land use. Commission Meetings -- Dr. E.T. Sharpp, Chazrman, meetings held second Monday of each month at 7:50 p.m. at H office. Publi: lelcome! ORGANIZERS, DISTRICT MEETINGS AND BLOCK CLUBS ARS KEY TV SUCCESS The grass roots staff of the Model Neighborhood Commission are the organizers. Ttey mee: people in their daily work: listening, helping shore they can, spreading info-ma:1:: about Model Cities and citizen participation. These people organize monthly distract meezgngs sad are presently forming UBlock Clubsn of residents who will meet in private homes. Trey need residents who will serve as leaders in these is rtant gatherings. To talk 1: ye.: dns- trict's organizer, phone the M office, 763-OTKET and ask by naze fer your orgaazzer. They are as follows: District ll - Mrs. Lucille Burr District do - Mrs. Scnnze Lass District I2 - Halter Cunningham District I' - Mrs. Susie Blue, I. Cunagzgzaa District 13 - Mrs. Mary Louise Johnson Districts S, Q 5 l0 - Mrs. Slagne Evans and District dh - Mrs. Bonnie Liss hrs. Jesse ?1:se:s District I5 - Mrs. Susie Blue Youth Crgangzer - Halter Cunzznghas MAY2 ELECTIONS T0 CIKXJSE NEW MODEL NEISHTRHCID .YFPISSICS !'.EP35.'iS Annual elections for Model Neighborhood Coma1ss1on :ust be held the fzrs: 5a:.:iay -a Hay, thlroforo May 2 will be this year's election. All but the 13 adult igstrzst repre- sentatives who had the highest vote las: year sus: stand for re-elestnon by M5 r:::rs. Any WN resident may run by obtaining 25 signatures on an official pezntgcn. Thcs fa: ZR Commission has been a volunteer body working thousands of hours sith no pay. -2 L5 2:- Commlssion which forms the polzcies and programs governing Vodrl 311 S- PERSONNEL COMMITTEE GIVES THOUSANTS 0? ECURS IN FEUSLQFZNS STAT The Personnel Commxttee of the Model Neighborhsou TlS51t 1, s of man-hours in posting jobs, zntervneszng, iev :' pore: relationships. Job opportunities are gostei ' 1' ll? if College of Business Adrnini tration Total University Expenditures 1969-70 FEIIEIIAL IIE S .-9- Y .....9. 9, ... N 9 N,....... ,- TM... -X . -.. .. . X . .X ...X r N9 Xi 'ara 3 Tl Ft r THIS NOTE IS LEGAL TENDER FOR ALL DEBTS. PUBLIC AND PRIVATE C921U32UHC WVASH 1Nu'r0N,D. C. I .7 jf Il . .fggxalgif ,J 'I I Pi" fl pix .qivxgs 'tial 5. 5 l ' T' ' . 'fiifglr vt M, 1 '. 9': Emi? 2? lm' f-' I l - fn I v '6 A 'fu l I 4 U2 I I 4 ,ss ',. in 5 l I ,x I fl x l- 45' L? Q H E 7i l..9J:gl H 985 C92lM324UC 'Q Vs SERIES '953 H' l-l- 7'uwCvI. 3 A fr lun fl EEN ,ulnf V11 Ur fr ,IIGI 1 'f 'Mr ' 171 YISII fy, ai L.' vp? 'fhnsf .x , .. ... . I Y V V S+a+e aid 53,370 Student tees 447, Other 2.77, Total University Income 1969-70 I C ' 1 9' gn "' '--'AF'- 'A '.-1' " '- JAN' I nffqi.-."I. f' fAWi,Q?:,3 H115 "'f'f ".3,'fw3- 'KA I-'f.-,VZ ing- sir 375511 iz. r 1x?f:. f'v- M 5 v F L . I2 . s me le. I Q9 I9 wr. fr M " ' 1 ' - '-'-'H-7" - I---011: -:-' - -' "W I- 1-i':'-f-qfz-mfr I. - 4 We -1 'ii I- -1- . I ,. , .. ' -. I9 9 l-.-:5"Q" ti ' 'I ' l Qt ill Ing-N my liyilhyw is Qi'f'f' ff:9?Sm t':?:f2 f I 'r ff ' :I 9 , ' C, F' -5 1 dra g. ' ' 'REF 'fi . I 7 'i" al- iz- I-.ur 1-,A Y., iv- -g-.- Xu- in S V '.-.-' -.., -"- .:,- qw .-.Q fi-,' -.vf i'-.r."'ga.- -35 Zi-" V ,f' "V " 9 'K' '91 :KX-n - -.- - 1 - 91- . f 1- 9, 9 . 9 9 V, 9: .I r I , I - - I I 9. -Irv! y 1 wr mr' rr gy-awry-9 'fx 154:58 9. 55,3 A ,X 'Wyatt I l 9, . qw .wU'o l, J! 1 L0l lM Ullwggii s ox ,449 4 Q 5,9 9' , 21,4 'I f Q - " .QQ ' 9 ,W i"'f22.v mv' if ' w s' fl 1 . 2 4 , , f - . I I fr Eff' 4-,Q 5,5 I ,ff J ' IQ- 1 HA 11031 YSL 1fIJ,?o'i I'l-ffrcfqg, 991-: f' s ' ' I ' +:2ff' Q M' " "'!'fz 'Q' .- " 9 -. 9, I ,I I 9 9 9-- I 9 49 I' I 'V Q ' ' 9 f 'Q - 71 1 ,ff i .9 so 2 1 -' U 1 - . H ' ' ' -.' ff, 9 '57 7- f'f?J -1-. 'f EE Bit E3 ?1:5.. ' '-' 7 ff,-E 'HZ' E. ff l 1,1-V " Q' X- ff' 5- ,, -' ' W ' 5 f. Zi: fe 5 1 -:H Q fi w1'. 9 N, ' ," ' ' ' '-'- Cf' , ' 17 if Ai-" E I 1- E. 1 , ' E? ' E ff: .-.. ,Q vgzif-' 1-1 ' Q 'YL-if "'1'a -91 ,ff ,-ya " - X933 I I+ t l ff , 5'+:? - E 'fi ' e9 ff gf tglfit f - .'1'3T"'E-ii N .',.,4'f":" I If'-,,QL91Q1. 14991 , I 2 , 1 5, sg 'gf TF' .Zig ,-Q1 gg ' gp- ug gqgiffilfhfaa if 9 4 9 "4 'if'1"1' '38 i I I J ' "QT L35-'. S.. -3- 9 Ep i, 7 if--7' X is If fa- ' ' r ' "'I""S,-n.-4 -.' - f - 'JS' Q 2:9 " ,rx W -.-I .. - .ag E , nf. My sis-Lars' . , fl . '- .-'- X , if .fife '14 MH ---is ' 3 941' if ,is ei Gi-i Se. F 5 and 5 ill'p'Iil"'t ,,-r".1s-F? 9 A13 X ' , ' -1 ' '. ' -- ' ' 'J ,' , .it -4 . "' T .'f s.- '.: i' ' -il - I ' I I .... f 5' f 9- " V - -"4-1l4l?Tl1'9- 9 J 5 , '37-Q ? 1-if TE 2--I - gill ' fl? XR ggagy' " I we-9 I I9-fra - 9 2 e 5 599. lf ,, nets .vi-9 9 " '. W' - , ' 95:1 ' '9 99 .139 tg ,vii 9I - ,H TEE U ' I' fit' I rf. , QL? :, 4-'nf 1- .51 -E iff,-QJJJ f - A , f10f.,fI tg' ,w F6 'HW -- P ' Q. ' "1 'l7T..'f' ' Q .Q : Y I 931 9fI, 7" I I9 f . ,f 99-5: 3915 au , f ,Q9 ' ,-, 1 J J ,-. j at f 'F ,X 'N ,f ' f X.,'17' " 323.11 ff 4' IA I 9 - , f -1' .IT .-,,-.9 s 9st.f-'I- lv 'v A ' s' ' tw' z. Ss ?'hzY'.- . -xx W I N 5x:99e,?l,1 fl2m 'ir mumw I1 1 , ,X -- --.. w 55,1 M 355 -:AL 6.55, - I if f 1+ .. 4. 4. ,W . -qs - . ' ff : t-rI :- 'Q L 3, X , X T P ,h - I ,f ,9 V I.-rf , l BVI ,-L11 .9 4 9-.- -.9 .. --U '-- - -I :dit 4 -A -1, .-4-. 9 X Ns i .- I N l 'E' ' - 'Z9 I --f fa .V ,M-,. ,4 f, f -- -X g. ' . vw 'fs L' -9-fx?-9'-,ug , 'f I 9' 29 , .r it fir ,T f2:Q.5'9v49?' 57 2' 13,9 "li:FT,,':i2'f:'f1-'ff 74-' 'P --'W' 5 ' - ' 1 Fvzif '. "4 Q Q 117 ZW ZW :tiff 'Z' I " 7 I fi- - 4: " 'TY ' 1 1271 fl 4 14' Z ff fr we - f I WZ 'f ,, .4943 'I f -9 , " P 5,1747 54,25 I I It biz 1 Q Z' ll' I 4 mhz 92221522 V4 I gli. is 7"' l"" 'f""'J" ', - .L 1 I. 9 ,Ia 9 -- ',' af, 7. v.LC?f'i5,w5'1?'l 'fi ff 9x"" " -'WF ' I . S 1 , l V V Salaries 8OO!O Building and Maintenance l8C7o Other VX, V 264 ' Q JL J 4-ng V Ml xx The College of Business Adminicfrafion under Dean Wilbur Benson had a fall enroll- menf figure of 669 sfudenfz who ha fe de- clared maiorc in areas of accounfirig, 'far- agemenf, marlcefing and finance. Vfifh a fac- ulfy of 36 full fime members, including I7 full fime docfors, fhe college is zeelfirzg fo develop faculfy who are able fo proiecf fhern- selves over closed circuif felevizion. This ef- forf becomes even more imporfanf as +L-e Business College follows Universify frends fo- wards felevised courses. The lasf academic year was devofed pri- marily fo increasing fhe research capabilifies and fhe oufpuf of fhe faculfy. and fo greafly sfrengfhening fhe library holdings. Worlf in 'rhese areas will fif well info fhe fufure plans of fhe college fo receive full graduafe ac- credifafion by fhe American Associafion of Collegiate Schools of Business. Also, fhe col- lege is in fhe process of developing an hon- ors program in business in fhe hope of af- fracfing fhe higher qualify of sfudenf neces- sary for 'roday's business. ' "-W-rg-uv Y. is -- . , fa X as . I 'u,. gf, , I. s,' . , ,X 'wg i if I Y-'fi I , ii 'rg 4, i s4.'.va',,- 5 v irsqfrl, V H . .g,:k:.', -L 1 I H s f..j: -1 :'2 V'., ji.. V . - fra' ae: z ,V A v ' 332-sis?-'A t:ggZ""- y, cg. inan- una, Q' rv" R sf- QW x - 1 in 2 6- ix Roberl Arlhur Gerald Borodlcin Charles Brumbach Ralph Chenevey William Dohner James Felix John Floasin Francis Freas Fredric Freed Roberf Gallagher David Bee William Bouwmeesler David Burch Nicolas Codispofi Ken? Downing fi Buchan Bird Jeff Brinn Ronald Buzelc Palriclc Cole David Dress Tylce Bixler Thomas Bradshaw David Campell Ronald Coleman Shelly Fagan 'zzii Paul l-leising James l-loibauer Harry Jaclcson Linda Jancleclca John Kaufman Roloeri Kerelces'rh Maiheny John McKinley Rulh Nienhuis Roy Page George l-lohas Allan Jarr Dale Longsworih Terrence Miclcunas Roberl Paulsen 1 William Gefleon Jaclf Gliclman l-lerloerl' Goldberg Donald Groom George Gulbis Carlfon Hopkins Joyce Jennings Francis Maffei Lawrence Minich John Perez Thomas l-lurnme Ke h v-1 pf 4. K il .Johrzori l-ffl ' if Z . J Michelle Mahan l.f-"1 'ff-fe 4 , Jri-r Pffrf Thomas Mirrat Thomas Perman J6"f:2 fe", 1 . i YY' 'C' 'H'-'Y Y' 36? Q iv- an 'T' ivx f""'?' 'N L Johr Pelrocelly James Robinson Free' Scholles Roher+ Sfudier Racer' Vaughn 1 if Y!--Y Lu' Q-1 JL! Barry Rank John Roush Edward Schulz Roloerl Taylor James Verderico Lawrence Yarcheck Roger Young Angelo Zimbardi Nelson Zimmerman. Roberl Reis Roberl Ryan Mark Shriro John Tolh Jerry Walker l C' if K' David Riggs Timolhy Saksa John Snivley Thomas Turrill S+ewar'r Warner 4 , ..,V 9 X Nancy Rish William Sapp Dale Snyder John Van Sleenberg Raymond Weisel Jack'Robinson Rober+ Sawyer Boris Sonofl Juri Varangu John Wroe l'he blood of Daniel Boone. Jovey Crockett,ond Andrew Iockson flows in this eins. But we've tagg nm o loser: Education is more than a local concern. For when we lose a kid in Appalachia, e lose a national resource. And the talent which might have been 'ought to bear on our national problems is lost :cause of a regional problem. What holds true for a mountain man's n is just as true for the child of e Chicago ghetto. How long will we waste the most precious N material this republic possesses? ' , How long can we waste the most precious av material this republic possesses? Good schools with good teachers and od facilities build good citizens. And that's the stuff of which mocracy is made. Suu- lm .nfiivmgum tnnu-ned in rim meuqg in ifqvul For millions ot years, The moon was earth's distant mirror Retlecting the sun's light at night. Astronauts walked upon the moon, and tound it dead But advertisers tound it protitable. Business long ago discovered the colors that appeal to u: the gimmicks we tall tor, the athletes we admire. Scientists, sociologists, psychologists l-lave given the media the keys To unlock our minds and our checkbooks. So long betore man reached the moon, Volkswagen was claiming to be there Pillsbury Space-Sticks were on the shelves Mattel ivloon Monsters were invading our homes. For advertising makes and breaks the business world. The product is now less important than the box it comes in. Tomorrow, Science could transport a man to ivlars But they say it, too. is a dead planet. Tomorrow. Business may go to Mars without us It "moon-appeal" doesn't work. This message is sgmnsored by :hc Copier Duplicator and VariTx per .il Mulrigraph Corporation. As businessmen who hate a szsks in es.-:saws First. because uc are dccpfy .mo -. as an ways IC ,si :A""'..',.:s: :-5 2. American txtucation iifor instance :hc Xfalzi xt- else: :us 'ss bf.-:" use: the interest of pxcntaai high sctxv' crogxxxs am: hip :rt:e': ies" 'sr gg Se-:ond bccausc uc beiicxc l.:'wtr.:a s Liars- ae: .urs-is 'wc X115 is lfyou would like r11orcin1'cr"'.s::sn on Fxw e:..4.a::rs are ..s.'-g in: :':w: N Yari'l'ypcr dnisxorrs to iwprmc :hrs xixvls- 'r :I go.. .t ..-: :rr '15 5' 1- ' . .. . 1 -s - s - Muarigraph Cortvranon. . W Baron: msc.. : f ..r' O '4 . he J. I S ff C 8: T COLLEGE Ever slnce :Ts organiza- Tnon In I937 The Commun:- Ty College has aTTempTed To meeT The needs oT Tech- nological developmenTs STudenTs are Tranned spe- c1TncalIy To Tull a growing number oT posnTnons sem:-proTessuonal Tec - nncal and hughly slcu ed areas Under The durecTnon oT Dean Wnlluam PeTry The modernuzed CommunlTy and Technical College has expanded To oTTer I6 programs each leadung To DATA PROCESSING The Two year program an DaTa Processing leadmg To an AssocuaTe Degree provndes pracTucaI as well as TheoreTlcaI undersTand- :ng oT sysTems analysis business TuncTuons and compuTer programmlng In addnTuon To The pro- grammung and processlng courses valuable expen- ence IS galned Through The use oT modern compuTer egulpmenT In IaboraTory pracTlce The course T sTudy ns oruenTed Tow-ard The busuness Tueld as I ' ' in o o I h a 0 all I I . an AssocuaTe Degree- I I I TRANSPORTATION Publuc reIaTaons sales TraTTnc and operaT1ons are buT a Tew oT The career op porTunuTles avallable To Those In TransporTaTuon Basic business personnel pracTuces and public rela To The program SaTeTy claums and Insurance as well as accounTung are ad d:Tuonal aspecTs oT Thus In dusTry and ThereTore are Included In The curriculum I I I Tions courses are essenTIal ' I JA Community and Technical College TECHNOLOGY A new opTion has been added To The Technology cur- riculum To enable an engineer- ing Technician wiTh an Asso- ciaTe Degree To receive a Bachelor oT Technology de- gree and The TiTle Engineer- ing TechnologisT aTTer Two more years oT school ln ad- diTion To This The regular Two- year AssociaTe Degrees may sTill be earned in chemical mechanical and elecTronic Technology FOOD SERVICE Food purchasing menu planning and cosT conTrol along wiTh Tood preparaTion are only a Tew oT The areas covered in Tood service man- agemenT The program can be sTudied on a Tull-Time basis or parT-Time in The evening GraduaTes will have no Trou- ble Tinding employmenT be- cause There is a need Tor 250000 new employees an- nually in This The TourTh larg- esT indusTry in The naTion SECRETARIAL SCIENCE SecreTarial science courses provide Training which en ables a graduaTe To assume secreTarial sTenographic clerical posiTions in almosT any Tield The curriculum is geared Toward areas which uTilize medical denTal Tech- nical execuTive legal and in- Ternahonal secreTaries Work wiTh Transcriphon and dicTa- Tion in Toreign languages highlighTs The inTernaTional secreTary's Training. POLICE Today's police oTT?cer mu:T have a broad background az well as specialized police ed- ucaTion. Courses cucln at "The Black American" and "Social Problems" Telo The oTTicer To underdrarid The people who make up Tlfe gc- cieTy in which he will be working. Basic law enTorce- menT courses as well as Those dealing wiTh criminals and courT procedures round ouT The specialized educaTion necessary. NURSING AlThough diplomas are awarded To nurses by The hospiTals and applicaTions musT be channeled Through Them as well, many courses are oTTered Through The CommuniTy and Technical College. STudenTs Trom Ak- ron CiTy, Akron General and ST. Thomas l"lospiTals receive a basic undersTanding in gen- eral sTudies courses as well as more speciTic knowledge oT chemisTry, biology, and physiology. SURVEYING AND CONSTRUCTION Designed To prepare grad- uaTes Tor work in consTrucTion, Surveying and ConsTrucTion Technology also TiTs sTudenTs To assume a iob in The Tield cT proTessional land surveying. Course oTTerings include maTh analysis, physics, con- sTrucTion Technology, Techni- cal drawing, cosT analysis. draTTing and surveying. f'v"a Barber lvargaref Bauman - rw N .NET Seek , . Terry D :son ,, . R--,f -N. I .au -. If 5 T? 23.5 Huf- .f l Janice Boll Gloria Gall Tlrornas Kish Eve Mural Linda Culberlson Maria C-Harman Roman Kosliulq Penny Prais II? f Theresa Falalok Nancy l-lahn Sandra lvlassaroni Palricia Shepherd Maria Tomaras Waller Van Sleenberg Rulh Way lvlargarel Wonnacoll Lonnie Wornica Janel Fero Pal l-leinl Donald Miller Karen Snodgras ,M S i ik . 2: hw-ey ' Chrisline Francis Susan l-loover Sophie Milo George Slewarl l Sally Frazier Donna Kerr Marilyn lvlollall Judy Thorlon ,ff Offices are basically composed oi: bosses, secrelaries, lypewrifers, coffee brealfz Bu+ here and lhere, A slighl evidence of lhe beginning of change Xerox copiers, IBM lypewrilers, Digifal Compulers All 'rhese are merely iorerunners Of 'romorrow's complelely mechanized office. Though currenl' iob posilions may disappear 60,000 compuler programmers are presen+ly needed wi'rh'only 40,000 compulers now in use. Compu+ers are usually porlrayed as mechanical mons'r lvlalhemalical marvels lo compele wilh us and win. lvlosl compulers iusl compare dala al lremendous speeds, And human slcills are slill Jrhe primary need To program, operale, mainlain, service, and adap'r Offices will be conlrolled by syslems analysls compuler programmers operalions personnel. Technology will revise, renew, and recreale Jrhe enlire office s+ruc+ure, And if will be +he concern of our universily To aller ils programs To include The changes already in progress. 11--"' nur I -audi"-H goo-,1 oco ' L 688, COC 399, 000 9416, ooo 1 -5 C 6'71f 00 O 31 Tofal Number of Men lnducfed info Jrhe Milifary ' - 4 Q Q , ..v Q Q, , ll 4-A ii 1 Q .'- A wa, H . . . ,.. K n I 3" .fk '9- . "? , . 4 -at .:'- I Y . - 1 V 'J' A' --..1 .1 vi rg' ??'?Qmr"v'l'I' 9 -11.4 'n '41 f, gm if ' ff:--f-1-3f,,?"4:,i-'. f .f ' .,-4FF'!2"-' f' ,' 5' ,, ,az-iv, 1x1 rg, qi-1,51 f V,-,If . q K. , 1: . f QLF42'-, Ifnlldgy- Gai y4,f,,f ,, ,f , .4 , ,451 " gfiw- -Z-442 v1'a"i-v.2f , 4 f-M dl 1, ,Q A--,L 9, 1 wg: . fs. I fx". fy :Sig Pg 'ff Q . . - Q, ."- I ff? '- I "X-I.N."J,'vZw , QJ,QRn2'gw f f,NM 's ,gs -. NA, f., , QQSQE'-uf . Y - 533553 .615 6.5'6 667 678 'Z of Jrhe Universify Enrollmenf in Educahon 51255 2' 'u"W-Q, "'s,Q,A 0, 'vi' fr? , ' " 'Q' ' 257' If ' 4 . rf' b N fixg .- , 4 .ig-f ,4f.v2j,.q, . f',fJ vv"'n fQ 'fn ' "+'.p4..:f' Q1-1' X., .:wl,:.:GY,,-P' W N Jfvpggw' , K, XKA 9 5 9 A WN -V' fs 1 ' 1, ar-qi '55s 274 gfyfzv :ti College of Education Some very inleresling parallels can be noled, by viewing lhe charl comparing 'rhe College ol Educalion enrollrrienl wilh drall guolas ol lhe same year due lo occupalional de- lermenls lor leachers. The changing role of educalion in our sociely is plaerg 'rwo new slrains on 'rhe Educalion College. To meel' 'Pe needs ol 'reaching in an inner cily environment lhe college has insliluled an Inner Cily Educalion program. Tre p,:P :ef vocalional programs will reguire specialized lieldz of andy. Under lhe guidance ol Dean Kennelh Barker lhere are now over l,29l educalion maiors wilh 800 ol 'rhese being women. This vasl inllux ol Educalion sludenls has forced a broadening ol lhe depar+men'r's conlacls wilh educalional syslems oulside ol Akron. The deparlmenl has added ill- 'rime lacully members in lhe areas ol philosophy ol edu- calion. educalional psychology, and school psychology lo ac- commodale lhis new enrollmenl. Beyond lhis, however, +he compelilion in lhe field ol educalion has escalaled lhe de- mand lor lhe masler's degree in lhe field of educalion. Educalion graduale enrollmenl' has soared in response lo growing needs. By lhe end ol lhis year over 740 sludenls are expecled in The depar+men+'s posl-baccalaureale pro- gram. This along wilh lhe growlh ol lhe 'rwo year old doc- l'oral program poinls lo a beller prepared educalional sys- lem for 'rhe lulure. The College ol Educalion has also slressed ils "Classrooms Around lhe World." This year lhe college plans lo send 35 'reachers along wilh one gradualing senior around +he world. The 32 day lrip will slop in Alaska, Taiwan, l'long Kong, Thailand, lndia, USSR. and Denmark. Nl sf I ..,""-- 'Qu E. , . Zire" -Xravam gsxe -Xrcefaer fNI - x.'a'es .X......e-.,. Q- 53-33 ivdfcsly :e"':'e -'vge'e?+i .ref Arxf S"'e. 'Xslver Ca'c'5e:.:1'cne "vase Bevel' 553456 Bafrtk Sian Beard Manha Bef' Afge a Befardi Af' Berry Dew?-e BTGCIK Bafbara BCFBF PVSC7 'a Bfady Ka'F'eem Brasaemle Qxa Bre++ Rcberi' Bresky Qczewe Brown V.rQ'! Brcwn Sfwdfa BJ? Davfd Bu+z JT' Caworf Pa"'c'a Carano Jf,'j"F C5'+DF I'!a'+'e Cider Dime C5'5flfIQh+ Pafrfa Cazz-all . X.., ' il IOL All 92 G? s2"' .Vg '.' - fu v 4,9 s', fx - ' tv' D , A N ,, uw 3g'P,g!l '.l . 6 F ASSOCIATION FOR CHILDHOOD EDUCATION Joyce Tayman fpresidenfj, Karen Deifz Nice Presiderffj, B Nice Presidenfj, Pa'r Sassano fSecre+aryQ, Randy Cohen Ureasurerj, Dr. Joan Seifer+ fFacul+y Advised. if Karen Deiiz Robin Deilrle Joyce Delany Richard Demofh orb Wece' Joyce Ckawce' Def: CLA' .4-.1 , 'fx .. Hoffarc J: PL' M ch - 'cz DLTS' L?nda Cows fV1aff-far-:.4 C uc.- Jon Cooce' Susan Coe: MTcHee Cc Pafr-'ce C'e Reece C- .I ,X Jemmef oe Locfse Daw Pamee Dee Rose-"'e"e Def, e"'e fv- sl N .sign-hfgfie ,V - Carol Denlwolm Roberl Deyling Mary Jane Dickey Don Dillon Joseph Donalone Karin Dressler Marsha Easl Toni Elliol'l Janice Emanuele Carol Engler Palricia Esakov Susan Escola Jean Falls Vikki Fanoni Vickie Fessler Jacqueline Fickling Franklin Flesher Linda Fraunlelder Janel Frisloy Carolyn Garrell' ivkffx 'ID' Vis. Ckafkgg G3arre++ Thaddeus Garre'r+ Judillm Frances Gerharl Kallwy Gerrior Bruce Gesaman Manly' Gibson Ann Gillis Gallwerqood Timolhy Gilmore Rose Marie Gingo Dianne Glickrnan Greg Gilmore KV' 1 FW Rebecca Haymalcer Carol Helier James Hellsley Rila Herbold Edward Hill Lincla Hipple Barbara Hodolw John Hoover Susan Hopkins John Horn lvlarllwa Horvalh Karen Hoye Alice Huslon Elaine lgnalowslci James lngralwam iq, Prreflf, FJ" f:ff:lf llflllif: tJ',"J',Vi Vicli fvcrflcn f , ,affleila Gf,'.f,n Marian frail June Greta Rebecca Gruicb Carol Haas Gregory Haidef Riclwarcl Hanling Roberl Hardesly Eric Harvey Ellen Hou Larry Hauscli Margarel Hawes CL' i 'TIS' 65 7 3'5- bs Y E' W1 all Q"" JD Q. N 'Q-4 Q0 'CIT Q... ' Joseph Keppel Johanna Kramer Kimberly Lane 1-el 1. l Tony La Porle 1 i 2 Sally Kidman Jean Kime Vivian King Thomas Kroliclcy Michael Kura Lawrence Kus Lincla Large Mary Leary Rober+ Jackson Lynn Jenlcins Florence Jesser Lois Johnson Margarei Juslus Phyllis Kaplan Riia Kasapis David Kaufman Frances Kaufmann Janice Kee Sue Keilh John Kelly Ray Kelly James Kelsey Deborah Kephari Slephen Koslcy Magnolia Lacy Pafricia Leighion Paula Koslow John LaGuardia Olivia Lemons Y .N-fx , T?-7 K 'Vs ff' iv- i"'5" C' 5--n 5'- flea .fsvx Leona Lepley Ilene Lesser William Lodwlclc Sharon. Lowe 'H Anna Lewis Cheryl Mahoney William Marble Roberlr Marsden Mary Marlin Larry Marlinov Paul McCann James McLaughlin Dorellwa McWain Linda Meglen Paul Meinerding James Meslco Marc Messaros Mary Milwelcic Allen Miller Linda Miller Lee Moore Lincla Moore Nancy Morrissey Cleo Myriclcs Kallmy Nardella Kalhryn Neal 1 Alce Pracl: Rocer+ Rhodes Susan Roundy Cheryl Prechlel Beverly Rice Judy Rozewicz W . e Joanne Raelzen Keilh Rich Lynn Runsdorf Y -3 'Y Y' Marcus Neiman Jeffrey Nelson Jennifer Nelson Ronald Nelson Sandra Nelson Peler Olsen Doni Orgel Mariann Ollinqer John Paloarone Bonnie Parker Norma Peqg Alan Pesner Joan Phares Belly Pizer Elaine Poulos Dorolhy Reilly Michelle Reymann Linda Richards Sandra Richards Don Salmon. Ronald Salmon Janice Rhoades Sandra Rinella Emanuel Saraceno i Q?-9 'Qi' 'cw- W lffffr' ':' ',":'Z B. f:2Cl'fl':"Z Q-v' 1 Mar!-Margar-2+ Scsi' Slwarcr SCTXY 'CT Clecralr. Safeco: Sardra fears Nora Seyed James Sefrfl Jane+ Severance TV'-9 Q19 Marleer Sl11,"2 Barbara Srccca if gre-s Pamela Slee Barbara Slimalc William Snyder Sandra Spagnuolo bf'- Elizabellw Smifh Jane Spiess Barbara Slack il B '. 9 T 1 ' David SmiHi Lynda Smole Sandra Srvde' Frederick Spring Delores Sraars Jcrr Srearns -fx Sewer" John Slracliman Becky Sfreicl Margafef 1 rx Scare: Sharlene Supina Bonnie Swarlz Sfrfckland 'ZI7 ar-A 5 1 if David Tesla Susan Thomplcins Joy Thompson Doris Tolberl Joanne Touchehle Brenda Triplell Karen Vanderliin Karen Virde Thomas Vogel Fannie Vuias Rulh Wachlman Kalhleen Wallers Irene Weiriclc Sherma Whilmer Paulelle Williams Jofknn Wilson Nancy Wilson Sle fen Zimmerman MarfJean Zuloelf Rocemary Zvflller Janice Talberl ' 'N ,'s"x Lincla Slroup Linda Talli W Pamela Sluarl Joyce Tayman fi uv- Y""'f 'Sf- Q- .QPX Q."""' , Sr' , fT""'-uf' if as is' Wm., 50 udbup na an mdmtmp hulk audi: hdlh fm-linmp me No mdiaap uni ue. X112 - muliovhlpn, Reel Mo. ii-in--ill! cudiotapn audidapl H ll I 5 1, audintape n audiotape waiwtupe fh .-u. chip Iufgq-gg As sludenf enrollmenl increased And facully members did no'r, The 'relevision classroom evol fed Teachers are no more real fhan aclors, The classroom is iusl anolher 'rhealre Learning is only anolher program lo walcfi. While lexlboolcs are slill 'rhe maior medium, Compulers have replaced discussions. For lnslruclional Technology is Jrhe word, And Sludenl Responder Syslems are 'rhe device. These few schools ol compuler-assisled inslruclion Are mainly in experimenlal slages, And lhey appear complex, calculaling, and cold, Bul 'rhese machines Thai offer no consolalion, no warmlh, Also offer no grades. Teaching machines will le+ a pupil move a+ his own rale. Compulers may solve Jrhe problems The 'reacher did nor always answer. The lulure in educalion is one of promise, if Jrhe problems are solved inslead of overlooked. For allhough 462 of our college sludenls favor This new educalional syslem, 1 W' is 'lol new enough' ' V' 1 1 1 College of Engineering The College ol Engineering's budgel increaseo in lhe l969-70 year was due primarily +o ils ex- panded docloral program as illuslraled by lhe charl. The Engineer's Council Tor Prolessicnal Developmenl' accrediled The docloral programs in all ol lhe engineering deparrmenls lcivil, me- chanical, eleclrical and chemicall. Akron Universily's engineering program is a live-year cooperalive plan ol: allernale work- sludy periods during Jrhe lhird and lourlh year. This rugged work-sludy program is essenlia' in an expanding field ol lechnical knowledge. De- spile lhe college's underslanding ol lhe necessily ol a broad based educalional background, Jrhe increasing Jrechnical aspecls of engineering has forced a de-emphasis ol lhe physical and social sciences. The College ol Engineering looked wilh pride on lhe appoinlmenl oi ils Dean, Michael Rzasa. +o The posilion ol Vice-Presidenl ol Academic Allairs. The subseguenl vacancy in lhe deans oiclice was Jrhen lemporarily filled when Coleman lvlaior, iormer head ol Jrhe Chemical Engreerirg Deparlmenl became acling dean. CP "' SQ 96 INSTITUTE OF ELECTRONIC AND ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS FRONT ROW: Bruce Bechlel, Terry Leasure, Rocco Papalio. John Gabric. SECOND ROW: Bill Curlice, Jerry Graham, Arnold Szalcal, Fred Merchant Veijo Panu. Ed Snyder. THIRD ROW: Tom Kosrich, Tom Gower, Roger Knop, Lew lvlermelslein, Chrislopher Nelson. Larry Allen Derald Barros Bruce Bechlol Raymond Beiqhley Donald Buell L..- Phillip Blazer Daniel Bolh ,,,. William Bralce David Bridgeman Gary Burnell X' William Curlice Gary Doaln. Phillip Donalaccio Edward Eichelberger John Fawcell Y '51 NNT Fliclf John Gabric David Gausman OHO Gearharl Andrew Gianni I Thomas Gower fi T7 Waller Kulylc Terry Leasur Lewis Mermelslein. James Olelcsa AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS Alberl Gallco Delores Lehman Bull Flick, Wall Kulylc, Dr. ' " "TL , M K 1-ffl., -. ' K 'f ' '-' . 1 ,I 5? g 9 L nr If YF 'S' .L ,rs A 15 -1, 1 Douglas Lacy James l.u+z James Meircke Rocco Pasalfc Sim Sarilcelle, Reber-I -fa " Q: -. --1 I Wi a'xf'ElzP!e' I Hi l f! -fs ' Jeffrey Park Louis Peca Edward Riclcer James Rummer Theodore Scardamalia 6- fe Roberf Scherer John Seymour Kurl Smilh James Slcala Edward Snyder S in Philip Souers Thomas Spellman Garry Summers Thomas Suplco Arnold Szalcal Lawrence Thursfon Lee Turner William Wagoner Kennefh Woodring Anlhony Zupancic 'An AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING FRONT ROW: Dr. Thomas BriHain, Neil Burchell, Girdar Barochia, Ed Eichelberger, Paul Cianchelnli, Lawrence Thursfon. SECOND ROW: Bill Miller, John Seymour. THIRD ROW: John Fawce'r+, O++o Gearharf, Rick Hall, Phil Souers. John Riedel, Jeff Laughlin. aim '39 03 'Doo Q. Q owij, .E Smolcesfaclcs pouring ou+ +ons oi dir'r a day, Aulomobiles releasing fumes and soot Air polluiion has now reached emergency le fels For man has creaied condilions 'rha+ will des+roy him And only a few people realize ihe immejiare danger The naiure we have polluied wi'rh our concreie and our iil'rh, Will kill us by simply disappearing. Engineering will play a maior pari ln our survival wilh our environmenl. Some devices have already been designed To combai' +he ou+pu+ oi was're- Fillers for bolh smolceslaclcs and cars. And machines 'ro make garbage reuseable. Buildings and machinery will be redesigned To prevenl iuiure ecological desiruciion Aillhough soluiions are already in progress And engineering is increasing iis funciians The real problem siill lies wiih governmeni' and indusfry To accepi 'rhe responsibililies of 'rheir misialces tr- College of ix? LL K L Y 1 Xjxlliill itll 1 11 .wwf-1' D - The Sharp increase in lJVii!fgV',il'f ef , f, shown in The chaff i', rriirrcrefg bf 'fe grew" 3' T The Colleqe, QT Fine and fpplied FAQ, "3 Mfr,- year-old colleqe already ran af one "e" 48 male and 72 iernale crude' +',, One ol 'rhe Jrimarw ooalf, are rw' ff lf f J of The colleoe has been 'rle plarffg a Pnl in Speech. The music deparlmerr lax r, ',','.e', a lvlasler of Ariz decree iri rAi,',7f, an: e af' deparlmenlf has esrablizhed 'rhe Baf,'e'f,' 9' :Ve and Applied Ar'rs deqree. In add"ffr 'he a" deparlmenl has been able +0 zecne 5:1401 :pace in Schranlc l-lall. Dean Ray Sandeiur now faces a dz: Q," El pansion problem. The music depar+'re'+ ha: ready oulqrown The Fireslone Corzeffaroff af The ari deparlmeni is expanding raod f. l-Jeff ever, These problems should be allefiared me' rhe Universily builds The proposed Peffcf'f'r': Arls Cenler. This Cenler will house 'rhe Co' ege of Fine and Applied Aris as well as pfofioe a link belween The campus and The p6F:C!"'."C Arls l-lall which is under conslruclion. S I J 3 13' l' 7 1. - .asf t ll? l 29 r f f J fi ,. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Bomla Kahn Secrelary Jeanelle Kus Vice Presldenl Gall Brodecky Presndenl Paula Marshall -Treasurer, Mrs. Healer Facully Adviser Virginia Bacler V'c+cria Beck Pamela Black l-lele' Bufda Jay Cooper Marcia DeJohn Rcberla Derqlin I5 Garner Ralph Gunderman Deborah Swim. Mary l-lirlreiler Denise Kmechl Michael Lewis Gary lvlalhias Paul Miller f"'7 Susanne Ringel Susan ScoH' Jane See Mary Slephenson Margarel Vaclor VGVODICG Vrabel Television, records, slereoz, and 'rapes Transmilling all aspeclz of rrimif,--f,'f,f,+ff,f f Composilions lor our eyes and earn. Neighborhood galleries, undergrourd arlizrz Opening worlds lor 'rhe "unlfnownc" lo explore. Scienlilic discoveries ol foday Provide a brealdhrough lor Jrhe arls ol Tomorrow. A mobile sociely will produce mobile arl. Enlire walls ol spealcers, Lislening lo Jrhe 'rechnical abilily wirh your 'fifd Arl will be lhree-dimensional. Sculplures will move, mold, and re-mold image' Crealing as many as 3,000 impressions wi+hou+ a single repeat Momen+s ol life-no longer frozen dead on walls Music will no longer sullocale in riny grooves For how 'rhe eyes worlc, and Jrhe ears worlc, so shall lhe mind worlc. Our eyes shall be lhe arlisls Ourears shall be +he composers And in our minds-'rhe maslerpieces of +he hfrure K' 'iv xx, College of urslng Wofpfmz Hymn Z ten:-A fA'Q'7RHf-'L 330 X50 Changes in Associale and Diploma Degree Programs According lo lhe Nalional League lor Nursing lhe lwo-year associale degree programs, as shown in lhe charl, are lhe mosl rapidly increasing. This expansion has been al lhe expense ol lhe lradilional hospilal-orienled diploma programs. Despile lhe sudden rise in lhe associale program, 'rhe lour-year universily plan has nol sullered as evi- denced by lhe increase in Alcron's Nursing College enrollmenl in one year from 24 lo 52 sludenls under 'rhe guidance ol .Dean Eslelle Naes. ln nursing courses sludenls are reguired lo spend Four hours in lab lor every hour ol class. Sludenls also receive praclical experience al Akron General, Alcron Cily, Childrens and Barberlon Ci+izen's hos- pilals along wilh 'rraining al Fallsview lvlenlal l-los- piral and lhe cily heallh deparlmenl. Recenlly, however, lhe American Nurses Associa- Hon has encouraged lhe growlh of lhe lour-year plan by recommending lhal nurses who have a bac- calaureale degree be paid Sl,OOO a year more lhan lhose wilhoul Jrhe lour-year degree. Thus lhe col- leges need lor clinical space and lhe expansion of lhe presenl lacully will be crilical in lhe nexl lew years. Perry Bomar Leola Brammer Karen Dirlmar Sharon Dirfmar 'W Gai' Dolan Sharon Ge-rren J-dTfh Krlsran Marianne Lipps Jacauelre Mahoan Nancy M?chael Carcle Miller Karherine Phelps 'M Jean Srevens Sandra Sear COLLEGIATE NURSING STUDENTS lSlTTlNGk Gerlrude Kefch, Sylvia Danch, Mary Sue Decker, Barbara Koch, Phyllis Coafes. lSTANDINGl Marilyn 0'Conner, Lucile Workman, Suzanne Benner, Marianne Lipps. W 1 Con'rac'r lenses, arfiiicial limbs Using someone else's living hear+ Our bodies being composed oi dilierenl paris Olien lo encounler falal reieciions. Bul Jrhe brain, as yelgunlouched, Will meel a new challenge in Jrhe iulure Our brains will be mulaled by scienlriiic process They will possess Jrhe abili+y To communicale direclly wil'h compulers A final linlc beiween man and machine, Perhaps one day lunclioning as one. While asleep. Men will load Their minds wi+h iniormaiion To combal lhe daily problems of air pollution or racial conflict The danger is obvious, Suppose lhe wrong ideas are programmed inlo our memory banks- whaf +hen??? Bul don"r we do Jfhal even now. Wilrhoul anyone's help? " fre lasr ren vears, Hue enrollmenu in Hue General College our Tlue Universily ol Akron luas "creases 5ronu 1800 lo over 4500. Tluis greaHy expanded 'xfuber ol scluolars luas pul a srrain our oacerx-.ark on Hue adminislralion, Huus if luas be- come more and more diufuficulr lor Hue scluool 'ro "'a'c'a"' proper conlaclr wi+lu sludenls. Dean Trcruuas Sumner believes Hualr counseling Fas been damaged by Hue influx ol larger ufreslu- man classes and Hue problem of closed seclions. aX'o+Fer problem Hual seems lo loom larger eacb xear is Hue grealr amounu out disinleresl in foe mass, TV-lauglul classes. Tbe efiecliveness out inslruclion, according To 'be UrTversi'ry, seems lo vary proporlionally wiHu 'ce s':e of Hue classroom. Large rooms com- oogrd Jrbe confusion and complicalre procloring. Adding +o Hue overall problem is Hual all IIO- lewel courses are reguired, and because our Huis verv 'lacl Huey slimulale disinleresl and resenl- rnecl. Despile Huis ufacl Hue overall level out aca- oefuc acluievemenlr our Hue slrudenls enrolling in General College luas risen. Cl --Y' N-.,-1 ,dj F-1 IF x General College i 2 5 e i X K Evening College ln llme lasl llwree years, mail regislralfio in llme Evening College bas increased irc 2,000 lo over 4,000, greally lacililaii-g Lb sclfieduling ol sludenls, and avoiding some Adminislralion, was replaced by Dean Jo l-ledriclc. The new adminislralor has conlirued ellorl lo meel llme Tremendous demard 1 'P classrooms, a demand so greal llwal cop' ollerings musl be spread oul in order lc Q llwe necessary space, and many willwin lie c parlmenr leel llwal a beller syslem c' ca celling oul space is needed. Enrollmenl is primarily based upc' friere and desire, nol only in llrie ungraded inform courses, bul in llwe lormal ollerings as x-.e No doubl llwe business communilys prcxim' lo llwe campus conlribules greaflv io enrc menl, since llrie niglwl' members oi l'i'e B, ness College oulnumber llwe day me-mbe The college's llwree deparlmenls. lfbe Exerf College, Deparlmenl ol Special Prcgra and lnslilule lor Civic Educalion, ai+rac+ 5,000 sludenls, comprising over one-li-irc: llwe +o'lal Universily enrollmenl. llwe confusion ol day sclriool regisJrra+'c During llwe year Cliarles Blair, now Dean l ,- l fs :- vw-1 The School oi Law under Dean Slranley Samad is rhe only independenl deparlmenl of 'Phe Urixersily. The proqram leads lo The Joris-Docror degree. ln i+s second year of 'ell operalion The colleoe had 92 perlcenlr oi frs qraduaies pass rhe Ohio Bar Exam- inaiion compared ro an 88 per cenl passing average ior rhe reslr of Ohio law schools. Ccrrenrly +he college is working on spe- cia' admission procedures for Black sludenls because experience has shown Jrhal lhe Law School Admission Tesls have a cullrural bias. NSN A-qv Nc XD School of Law . 2 . Q .. Y QL.. ,,.-3,1 - - . 1 u I lg., 3. ' - X F- . 9 2 ."'-c ,.Q. Fi ,ll 4..,,.,,, mob, Tlue growllu ol Hue Graduale Scl'uool's enrollmenl parallels Hue 20 per cerul in- crease al llue under-graduale level. For some lime Huere was a greal deal ol con- cern over wlual ellecl Hue cancellalion ol graduale delermenls would luave upon lhe enrollmenl. Bul as il lurned oul, lluis ellecl was small. As lime goes on, Hue expansion ol Hue graduale programs will be more care- lully scrulinized by Hue Board ol Regenls since 40 per cenl ol Hue budgel lor luiglu- er educalion now goes lo graduale sludies. l-lowever, some ol Hue cosls ol Alcron's graduale researclu luave been oll- sel by granls ol over Sl.3 million. Tlue graduale budgel puls Akron l25Hu nalionally and Huird in Hue Slale ol Oluio. Some ol Hue areas involved in docloral programs are cluemislry, polymer science. and induslrial psycluology. ln addilion, doclorales are given in all areas ol en- gineering and mosl areas ol educalion. Dean Edwin Lively leels llual Hue grad- uale program luas begun lo lake sluape. Willu grealer allenlion lo inler-collegiale cooperalion, suclu as Hue cooperalive doc- loral program in sociology willu Kenl Slale, Hue Graduale Scluool can expecl slrong growllu. i ltslxxxxi 5 47 4 J. L X4 Q., si Senior Class Board: S. Palliia. J. Kase, S. Farkas, G. Lichten, E. Poulos, Mr. F. Sturm, Miss R. Boyd, S. Spagnuolo, L. Hipple. J Pappas, C. Engler, F. Cornunale. Senior Director Abraham, Elizabeth A., Elem. Ea.. Eg., Akron ony. As. Scholarship, Kappa De 'c P-, P? Larnbaa Theta, Pr- V-. Soco ogy Cup-Sec., Nev.- "':" C -p, A-up-, O. Achberger, Laura M., Elem. EO.: Ax'C' O. Adams, Susan J., Accounting, Bus. A:"'.- Goodyear Scholarship, ISA: F-z'C't O. Ahmodi, Hassan, Ma'P., Lib. Arts: P Kopp: E::s on, Socce', Teheran, Aiamie, Terry T., ina. Man., Bus. Adm., A-:rod O. Allen, Larry W.. Chem. Eng.. Eng., S gm: Ta-, Dear' s List, Akron, O. Allsbrook, Eve, Soc. Sc., Lib. Arts, Psycho ogy C oo, lnternatioral S'-ae"s, Fran-r cg, Aus"ia Arnmerman, Charles D., Pnys. Ea., "ev: C' , F2 Myers Beach, Fla. Anderson, Thomas E., Boiogy, Lib. r-"1 A-ra C' Sgma. Ph' Delta 're':. Avaf. O Androsky, Sandra, Ea., Del'a Zeta, r'-r""' O Angeletti, Patricia L., English and :oeecr Ea., Nnos Who, Dean's .:'. Kappa Kappa Gamma, Stu. Cox.. Buchteletter-Co-Editor, Pan- re er c Coonci. Homecoming Com, Mar Dar Cam., Phi Delta T'e': Swee'ne::r'. Acme Zio Sweet- '?'2", N6:If"'3' Club: AkrOV'l, Annanble, Richard, ind. T e c ff . , CC""" '2"J 'EC' .Dofe-s'afvn, O. Arthur, JONQV, P"fS, EG., EO-5 BUCH- telite, GAA, Aur".3f, O. Arthur, Robert K., Marke'ng, Bus. I-cm, sf C .t:., France Club, 'o'z":. Or' . Car. Asher, Shirley R., Speecr arc: Hear- rg Er: , Cdarsga Fa 's. O. Axtell, JoAnne L., E'Q'., Ltb. Arts, I-ora -a"'rf:'.: De 'a, Akron Univ. F: Sc'o:':' L. Kappa ph'-SEC.. I-1'Z'. O Bader, Virginia A.. Soeecr Ther., 're ar: I-pp. I-":, Top Ten Pledge, Akron Univ. As. Scholarship, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Dean's List, Mortar Board-Pres., Alpha Lambda Delta, Sigma Alpha Eta, SCPB, Angel Flight, President's Advisory Com. on Centennial Goals and Proiections, Dean's Council, Student Advisory Com. to the President, Rush Coun., Freshman Coun., Pan- hellenic Council, Akron, O. Badgley, Larry, Engl., Lib. Arts, Akron,O. Baglione, Carol A., Elem. Ed., Ed., AWS, RHA, Lyndhurst, O. Bamer, Theresa J., Phys. Ed., Ed., WRA, AWS, Akron, O. Barber, Anita, Sect. Sci., Comm. and Tech., Twinsburg, O, Barrick, Richard A., Sec. Ed., Ed., Galt-Capt.-Outstanding Golfer-Most Valuable Player, Lambda Chi Alpha, Minerva,O, Bartlett, David L., Psy., Lib. Arts, Agon,O. Bartos, Derald A., Elec. Eng., Eng., Sigma Tau, IEEE, Canton, O. Boumag, Margaret I., Sect. Sci., Comm. and Tech., Army Sponsor, Alpha Gamma Delta-Sec., Young Republicans, Akron, O. Bcumgartner, Edward, Physics, Lib. Arts, Soc. ot Physics Students, Sigma Pi, Akron, O. Beard, Susan L., Engl., Ed., Univ. Theater Guild, Akron, O. Bechtol, Bruce A., Elec. Eng., Eng., IEEE, Amateur Radio Club, Student Coun., Akron, O. Beck, Susan L., Sect. Sci., Comm. and Tech., FSA, Munroe Falls, O. Beck, Victoria l., Home Ec., Fine and App. Arts, Akron, O. Bee, David, ind. Man., Bus. Adm., Counterguerrillas, Scabbard a n d Blade, Cuyahoga Falls, O. Beichler, James E., Physics, Lib. Arts, Slavic Studies Club, Society of Physics Students, Akron, O. Beighley, Raymond E., Elec. Eng., Eng.,IEEE,Kent,O. Bell, Donald C., Elec. Eng., Eng., Dean's List. IEEE, Akron. O Bell, Martha A., Bus. Ed., Ed., Aloha Lambda Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Akron, O. Bender, Jon D., Engl., Lib. Arts, Akron, O. Benyi, Thomas, History, Liberal Arts, Theta Chi, Akron, O. Berardi, Angela, Bus. Ed., Ed., gelta Gamma, Fresh. Coun., Akron, Berke, Hal A., History, Lib. Arts, Law Club-Pres., Roslyn, N. Y. A Berry, Ann W., Health and Phys. Ed., Ed., Phi Kappa Tau Dream Girl, Mortar Board, Delta Gamma, WRA, SCPB, Student Coun., Presi- dent's Adv. Com. on Centennial Goals and Proiections, May Day Court, May Day Com., Homecoming Com., Greefk Week Com., Fresh. Coun., A-Key, Who's Who, Maior Events Com.-Co-Chairman, Buch- telite, Cheerleader, Army Sponsor, Akron,O. Bille, Suzanne, Biology, Lib. Arts, ISA-Pres.-Rec. Sect., Fresh. Coun., Homecoming Com., Acme-Zip Sweet- heart, Barberton, O. Bird, Buchan S., Finance, Bus. Adm., Toronto, Ont., Can. Bixler, Tyke L., Ind. Man., Bus. Adm., Massillon, O. Black, Dottie D., Nursing, Ed., Barberton,O. Black, Pamela K., Home Ec., Fine and App. Arts, Home Ec. Club, Cuyahoga Falls, O. Blank, Warren, Engl., Lib. Arts, Omicron Delta Kappa, Herman Meuhlstein Scholarship, Lambda Chi Alpha-Pres.,V. P.-Treas., RHA, Vice Pres. of Sisler McFown, Student Coun., Soccer, Oceanside, N. Y. Blankenship, Robert M., Psy., Lib. Arts, Dean's List, Psychology Club: Akron,O. Blanton, Watson L., Physics. Lib- Arts, Soc. of Physics Students: Akron,O. Bl , Ph'Il'p S., Mech. Eng., Eng.: Phcizelgapl-id lTcu, ASME. RHA: COT' rollton, O. Blinn, Fredric M.: M0fl09e""efl'i BUS' Adm., Akron, O. Blough, Terry D.: D070 P V 0 C ' I Comm. and Tech.: Phi Etc Sigma' Dean's List, Sterling, O. Bodosi, Roger D., Elec. T e c h . , Comm. and Tech., Akron, O. Bomar, Perry J., Nursing, Collegiate Nursing Club, Canton, O. Bonar, Barbara A., Home Ec., Ed., Tau Kappa Phi-Sec.-Treas., Delta Gamma, Home Ec. Club, WRA, Akron,O. Bookman, Robert, Marketing, Bus. Adm., Roosevelt, N. H. Borodkin, Gerald A., lnd. Mon., Bus. Adm., Sigma Pi, Society for the Advancement of Management, Akron,O. Both, Daniel G., Elec. Eng., Eng., Sigma Tau, IEEE, IVCF, Tennis, RHA, Canton, O. Bott, Janice S., Sales and Mer- chandising, Comm. and Tech., Delta Zeta, Akron, O. Bouwmeester, William E., Market- ing, Bus. Adm., Hicksville, N. Y. Bowen, Thelma R., Social Welfare, Lib. Arts, Alpha Kappa Alpha-Vice Pres., Sociology Club, B.U.S., Fresh. Coun., Akron, O. Brady, Priscilla L., Elem. Ed., Ed., Home Ec. Club, SNEA, Coshocton, O. Brake, William A., Mech. Eng., Eng., Dean's List, ASME, Sigma Tau, Sardis, O. Brasaemle, Kathleen B., Elem. Ed., Ed., Akron, O. Brett, Rita, Elem. Ed., Ed., Alpha Gamma Delta, Akron, O. Bresky, Robert T., Chem., E d . , SNEA, OCF, Akron, O. Bridgeman, David R., Chem. Eng., Eng., ACESS Scholarship, Omicron Deto Kappa, Scabbard and Blade, Si ma Tau, Alpha Phi Gamma, As. Sciolarship, AEChE-Chairman-Vice Chairman, AUSA, Phi Kappa Tau, SCPB, Tel-Buch-Editor, Akron, O. Brinn, Jeff L., Marketing, B u s . Adm., Pittsburgh, Pa. Brokaw, Thomas D., Ind. Man., Bus. Adm., Canton, O. Bronowshl, Frank J., Economics, Lib. Arts, Veteran's Club, Psychology Club, Bedford, O. Brown, Edward J., Marketing, Bus. Adm., Dean's List, Theta Chi, Mar- keting Club, Akron, O. Brown, Rosalie M., Art. Ed., Ed. Women's League Art Award, Chess Club, May Day Float Chairman, Sec. at Ritchie Dorm, Cleveland, O. Brown, Vir il L., Health and Phys. Ed., Ed., Alpha Phi Alpha, Track, Akron,O. Brownridge, J. Paul, lnd. Man., Bus. Adm., Law Club, B.U.S., Akron, O. Brumbach, Charles P., Law, Law Review Board of Editors, Moot Court, Legal Intern, Phi Alpha Delta, Student Bar Association, Twin Falls, Idaho Buffington, Gregor E., Hist., Lib. Arts, Phi Alpha Theta, Young Re- publicans-Vice Pres., Phi Sigma Kappa-Treas., Student Senate Rep., Akron,O. Buida, Helen A., Speech Therapy, Fine and App. Arts, Dean's List, Mortar Board-Vice Pres., A-Key, Who's Who, Sigma Alpha Eta, SCP B-Board of Governors, Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Girl, Alpha Gamma Delta-Vice Pres., Cheerleader-Capt., AWS, WRA, May Day-Co-Chairman, President's Adv. Com. on Centen- gal Goals and Proiections, Akron, Bull, Sandra L., Sec. Ed., Ed., Akron,O. Bull, Wilton L., Labor Ec., Lib. arts, Omicron Delta Epsilon, Akron, Burch, David W., Marketing, Bus. Adm.,B.U.S. Burnell, Gary L., Civil Eng., Eng., Rifle Team, Alliance, O. Butz, David F., Ed., Dean's List, Phi Alpha Theta, SNEA, Akron, O. Buzek, Ronald D., Marketing, Bus. Adm., Rootstown, O. C. Campbell, David A., Ind. Man., Bus. Adm., Dean's List, Marketing Club, Akron, O. Cannon, John C., Soc. Studies, Ed., Dean's List, Phi Kappa Tau-Sect., Summit, N. J. Carano, Patricia L., Bus. Ed., Ed., Kappa Phi-Pres.-Sect., AWS, Angel Flight-Comp., Akron, O. Cardina, Elaine M., French, Lib. Arts, Theta Phi Alphaf May Day Float Chairman, Akron, O. Carlson, Donald P., Marketing, Bus., Distinguished Military Cadet, Phi Sigma Kappa, Scabbard and Blade, Akron, O. Carroll, George W., Pre-Medical, Lib. Arts, Phi Delta Theta, Greek Week Com., May Day Com . , IFC-Pres., SCPB, Student Coun., A c m e - Z i p-Chairman, President's Adv. Com., Dean's Council, Student Senate, Athletic Comm., S I a v i c Studies Club-Pres., Biology Club, Alpha Chi Sigma, Akron, O. Carter, Judith A., Primary Ed., Ed., Alpha Kappa Alpha, Akron, O. Carter, Mattie M., Elem. Ed., Ed., Alpha Kappa Alpha, Akron, O. Cartwright, Dianne G., Elem. Ed., Ed., Dean's List, Univ. Orchestra, Norton, O. Cassell, Patricia A., Elem. Ed., Ed., Akron,O. Ceo, Carolyn J., Pol. Sci., Lib. Arts, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Theta Alpha, Cuyahoga Falls, O. Cervenak, Edward S., Bus. Man., Bus. Adm., Theta Chi, May Day Comb Greek Week Com., Barber- ton, . Chamberlain, Joyce L., Elem. Ed., Ed., Alpha Gamma Delta, RHA, iugent Coun., SCPB, WRA, Snyder, Chapman, David L., Soc. Studies, Ed., Phi Kappa Tau, Akron, O. Chenevey, Ralph F., Ind. Man., Bus. Adm., Dean's List, Delta Sigma Pi, Canal Fulton, O. Childs, Joel N., Engl., Lib. Arts, Phi Sigma Kappa, IFC, Fresh. Coun., MaY Day Com., Buchtelite, Tel-Buch, Akron, O. Claflin, Howard B., Soc. Studies, Ed., Gamma Theta U p silo n , Cuyahoga Falls, O. Clarkson, Thomas H., History, Lib. Arts, Medina, O. Codispoti, Nicolas D., Ind. Man., Bus. Adm., Akron, O. Cohen, Phillip R., Elem. Ed., Ed., Dean's List, A.C.E.-Treas., SNEA, Akron,O. Cohen, Rita L., Psychology, Lib. Arts, Theatre Guild, P r e s . of Ritchie, RHA, Fresh. Coun., Student Coun., Homecoming Com., Chil- dren's Theatre, ISA, Pittsburgh, Pa. Cole, Patrick E., Ind. Man., Bus. Adm., Distinguished Military Cadet, Scabbard an Blade, Akron, O. Coleman, John G., Pol. Sci., Lib. Arts, Arnold Air Society, Newman Club, Akron, O. Combs, Linda L., Elem. Ed., Ed., Cuyahoga Falls, O. Comunale, Frank C., History, Ed., Who's Who, A-Key, Dean's List, Phi Alpha Theta, Alpha Phi Gamma-Treas., Senior Class Pres., Maior Events Com.-Chairman, Stu- dent Coun., HornecomirlglChairman, PresidentTAdv. Clin Dean-'? Coun- cil, SCPB-Board of Governors, Cheer- leader, Tel-Buch, Buchtelite, May Day' Com., Junior Class Treas., Akron, O. Conrad, Margaret A., Elem. Ed., Ed., Dean's List, West Salem, O. Considine, William H., Speech and Hearing, Lib. Arts, Dean's List, Omicron Delta Kappa, A- Key, Who's Who, Outstanding Greek, Pi Kappa Epsilon-Sec., Student Coun.-Pres., Dean's Council, Fresh. Coun., Soccer, Greek Week Com., Homecoming Com., President's Adv. Com. on Centennial Goals and Proiection, President's' Adv. Com., Buchtelite, Publications Board, Ak- ron,O. Coons, Ronald, Pol. Sci., E d., Dean's List, Merp King, Greek Week Com., Blood Drive, IFC, Lambda Chi Alpha, Akron, O. Cooper, Jay W., Speech and Hear- ing, Fine and Applied Arts, Lambda Chi Alpha, Sigma Alpha Eta, West Richfield, O. Cooper, Jon W., Art Ed., Ed., Lambda Chi Alpha, Tel-Buch, May Day Com., Greek Week Com., Steubenville, O. Cooperman, Susan M., Elem. Ed., Ed., Dean's List, Fresh. Coun., Pitts- burgh, Pa. Cormany, Nancy L., Biola9Y, Lib. Arts, Phi Sigma, Zeta Tau Alpha, Kappa Phi, IVCF, Barberton, O. Costello, James M., Ind. Man., Bus. Adm., Phi Kappa Psi-Treas., Val- paraiso, Ind. Coyle, Michael P., Hist., Ed., Phi Kappa Tau, IFC, Ski Club, Amateur Radio Club, Orchard Park, N. Y. Crawley, Patricia L., Business Ed., Ed., Alpha Delta Pi, Fresh. Coun., Akron,O. Criss, Sheila K., Math., Lib. Arts, Akron,O. Cronin, Grace, Psycholo9Y. L i b . Arts, Akron, O. Crowle ,. Robert F., Speech, Lib. Arts, Akron, O. Cruder, Victor W., Marketing, Bus. Adm., Rifle Team, Akron, O. Culbertson, Candace K., History, Lib. Arts, Alpha Delta Pi, Akron, O. Culbertson, Linda A., Chem. Tech., Comm. and Tech., Franklin, Pa. Cummings, Regina, Home Ec., Ed., Tau Kappa Phi, Akron, O. Curtice, William L., Elec. Eng., Eng., Radio Workshop, Technical Director-WAUP, IEEE, A m ate u r Radio Club, Arnold Air Society, Akron, O. Czerwinski, Maria E., English, Lib. Arts, Chi Omega, Johnson Club, AWS, Student Coun., Tel-Buch, Centennial Homecoming Court, Fresh. Coun., Waterbury, Conn. D Daley, Patrick M., History, Lib. Arts, Akron, O, Daniels, Andrew C., Labor Ec., Ed., Tau Kappa Phi, Akron, O. Dannemiller, Gary, Sec. Ed., Ed., Mitchel Flight, Akron, O. Dorlak, Jennifer A., Health and Phys. Ed., Ed., Dean's List, WRA, Barberton, O. Dawson, William B., Geog., Lib. Arts, Gamma Theta Upsilon, Sigma Pi, Wrestling, North Royalton, O. Dog, Louise, Elem. Ed.. Ed., ISA, Lis on, O. Deane, Pamela J., Music and Elem. Ed., Ed., Women in Music, Band, Orchestra, Brass Choir, Percussion Ensemble, Singers, Akron, O. DeClemente, Rosemarie A., Elem. Ed., Ed., Newman Club, Tutorial Program, Villas, N. J. Deitz, Karen L., Elem. Ed., Ed., A.C.E.-Vice Pres., Akron, O. Deitle, Robin J., Elem. Ed., Ed., Alpha Delta Pi, A.C.E., SNEA-Treas., Rush Coun., WRA, Ak- ron, O. DeJahn, Marcia L., Speech Path., Fine and App. Arts, Sigma Alpha Eta, Rochester, N. Y. Delaney, Joyce K., Elem. Ed., Ed., Kappa Phi, Band, SNEA, A.C.E., Akron,O. Demoth, Richard L., 8ioIo9Y. Ed., Young Republicans, Biology Club, Doylestown, O. Denholm, Carol J., Elem. Ed., Ed., Dean's'List, Chi Omega, Akron, O. Derglin, Roberta M., Speech and Hearing Therapy, Fine and App. Arts, Sigma Alpha Eta, Chi Omega-Pres., West Aliquippa, Pa. Deyling, Robert J., Hist., Ed., Cleveland, O. Dickey, Mary J., Phys. Ed., Ed., WRA, Women's Phys. Ed. Club, Newman Club, Akron, O. Dillon, Don L., Soc. Stud., Ed., Lambda Chi Alpha, Akron, O. Dirker, Louis A., Pol. Sci., Lib. Arts, Akron, O. Dittmar, Karen L., Nursing, Col- ggiate Nursing Club, IVCF, Akron, Daerr, Frederick J., Labor Ec., Lib. Arts, Sigma Pi, Akron, O. Dohner, William R., Marketing, Bus. Adm., Newman Club, Marketing Club, Sigma Pi, Track, Akron, O. Dolan, Gail D., Nursing, Canton, O. Dolan, Gary J., Mech. Eng., Eng., Dean's List,' Sigma Tau, ASME, North Canton, O. Donataccio, Phillip, Mech. Eng., Eng., Akron, O. Donatane, Joseph F., Earth Sci., Ed., Theta Chi-Vice Pres., Ashta- bula, O. Downing, Kent E., Marketing, Bus. Adm., Omicron Delta Kappa, Omi- cron Delta Epsilon, Who's Who, Alpha Phi Omega, Student Council, RHA, Coordinator of Men's Ad- visory Staff, President's Advisory Com. on Centennial Goals and Proiections, New Madison, O. Dresnek, George A., Psychology, Lib. Arts, Psychology-Treas., Slavic Club, Cleveland, O. Dress, David C., ISA, Wadsworth, O. Dressler, Karen E., Elem. Ed., Ed., Akron Univ. As. Scholarship, Dean's List, Mortar Board, AWS-Award for Service and Leadership, A n g e l Flight-Exec. Off., AWS-Treas., Presi- dent's Adv. Com., Fresh. Coun., Akron, O. Acctg., Bus. Adm., Ducharme, Ann F., Sect. Sci., Comm. and Tech., Dean's List, Theta Phi Alpha-Sect., Tel-Buch, Akron, O. Dzerowicz, Alex, Hist., Lib. Arts, Dean's List, Soccer Team, Toronto, E East, Marsha J., Elem. Ed., Ed., Phi Alpha Theta, Dean's List, Army Sponsor, AWS, Univ. Singers, Akron, O. Ont., Can. Eberhart, Robert C., Geog., Lib. Arts, Geography Honorary Gradu- ate, Slavic Club, Barberton, O. Ehrenreich, Leonard, Eng., Lib. Arts, gean's List, Law Club, Cleveland, Eichelberger, Edward L., M e c h . Eng., Eng., ASME, Ye'-t, O Elliot, Toni, Elem Ed , Ed , DHEA, A C E , MilleY1bJYQ, O Ernanuele, Janice C., Elefr Ed. Ed., Dean's List, Heffrna' Cub, Akrar-i,O Enaler. Carol M.. he Es. Ee. Mortar Board, I-lv-a Larrbrsa Delta,Pres , Phi Alva Tr-e'a, Dear 1 List, Student Qu'-c-l, Ser-ic' Cas: Sect , Enperirr-ent -ft lrtterratff-a Liang, Alpha Ogltg P--l'z Pres, Akron Uriilerstty A1 2Yf,"j'1' gh Akron, O Esakov, Patricia J., Speecr, Ed . Karma Phi. SNEA, 17, Url rersty Singers, Alrrov., O Escala, Susan C., Elem Ea. Ea, SNEA, North Qritgrt, O Esker, Sue A., Ed , L-b Ar':, Deo' 1 List, SNEA, Yapsfa Prt, F re 1' COX-ln., Akfbfl, O Evans, Darleen M., Ma"i. L-5 I-Hs, Alpha Lambda Delta, L-rata I-rt: Honorary, Moth Club, I-war-, O Evans, Martin R., Microotvwr. I. o Arts, Dean's List. Phi S-gfra Yapva Toronto, Ont., Can F Fagan, Shelly D., Marretrg, B.: Adm., Toronto, Ont., Ogrt Falatak, Theresa M., Cprr A-r':, Comm. and Tech., Deaf: L-v, Akron, O. Falcione, Louis H., Speech. L t. Arts, Pi KODDO Epsilon, Akron, O Falls, Jean E., Speech ana Hearrg, Ed., Sigma Alpha Eta, Dear-M: Lst, IVFC, AkrOft, O. Fanoni, Vikki L., Elem. Ea., Ea, Alpha Gamma Delta, Akron, O. Fantini, David, Ind. Tech., Coma' and Tech., Phi Kappa Psi, No"l' Canton,O. Farkas, Stephen A., Pre-Mealcau Lib. Arts, Chi Eta Sigma, Phi Sigma Alpha, Omicron Delta Kappa, Ch Sigma Kappa-Vice Pres., Y o u n g R e p u b I i c a ns, SCPB-Sec.-Treas, Homecoming-Chairman, May Da y Com., Greek Week Com.. Senior Class Board, Fresh. Court., Buchte- lite, Akron, O. Fawcett, John L., Mech. Eng., Eng., Sigma Tau, ASME, Carrollton, O. Feldhouse, Richard M., Chem., Lib. Arts, Parma, O. Felix, James E., Ind. Man., Bus. Adm., Distinguished Military Cadet, Dean's List, Newman Club, Arnala Air Society, Delta Sigma Pi, Mil. tary Ball Com., Rittman, O. Fero, Janet L., Chem. Tech.. Comm. and Tech., Akron, O. Fessler, Vickie: SDCSCD, ECI., Alpha Delta Pi, Akron, O. Fickling, Jacqueline J., Elem. Ea.. Ed., Mount Kisco, N. Y. Firestone, Stephen A., English. Lib. Arts, Theta Chi, Greek Week Chair- man, May Day-Chairman, Akron, O. Flaksrnan, Richard, Biology. Lib. Arts, Dean's List. Phi Sigma So- ciety-Pres., Biology Club, Akrofl. O. Flesher, Franklin A., Bus. Adm., Ed., Akron, O. Flick, William J., Civ. Eng.. Eng.: Soccer, Lambda Chi Alot-a. ASCE-Treas.-Pres., Beaver. Pa. Floasin, John D., Ind. Mart.. Bos., Phi Delta Theta, Student Councl Baseball. Basketball, Akron. O. Foster, Leonard M., PSYCDOIOQW. Lib. Arts, Psi Chi, Akron, O. Frampton, Karen M., Sociology Lip. Arts, Mortar Board. Alpha Kappa Delta, AWS Service Award. Delta Zeta-Vice Pres.. Student COJl'lCi'. Panhellenic Council. Maw Dat Co"'.. Winter Weekend Corn., Fresh. Coun., Akron, O. Francis, Christine A.: Sect. Sci.. Comm. and Tech.: Deans List. Alpha Gamma Delta, AWS, Akron. O. Fraunfelder, Linda J., Elem. Ea.. Ed., Chicago Heights, III. Frazier, Sally J.: Sect. SCE.. C0"1"'. and Tech., Cuyahoga Falls. O. Freas, Francis B., Finance. Bei. Adm., Phi Kappa Tau, Akron, O. Freed, Fredric F., Acctg., Bus. Adm., Accounting Club, Beta Alpha Psi, Rittman, O. Frisby, Janet G., Phys. Ed., Ed., G Gabric, John A., Elec. Eng., Eng., Sigma Tau. IEEE, Akron, O. Akron, O. Gall, Gloria H., Bus. Ed.. Comm. and Tech., Alpha Gamma Delta, Student Council, Akron, O. Gallagher, Robert G., Ind. Man., Bus. Adm., Delta Sigma Pi, Mantua, O. Gorman, Marie A., Sect. Sci., Comm. and Tech., Barberton, O. Graner, lla M., Home Ec., Fine and App. Arts, Home Economics Club, Tau Kappa Phi, Akron, O. Garrett, Carolyn M., Elem. Ed., Ed., Phi Mu, Akron, O. Garrett, Charles J., Speech Ed., Ed., Pi Kappa Delta-Pres.. T.V. Studio, Akron, O. Garrett, Thaddeus, Soc. Stud., Ed., Young Republicans-Pres., Pi Kappa Delta, Pol. Sci. Club, l.C.E., Stu- dent Council, Junior Class Board, President's Adv. Com. on Centen- nial Goals and Proiections, Con- vocation Chairman, International Debate, Akron, O. Garrison, Richard J., Psychology, Lib. Arts, Theta Chi, Saddle River, N.J. Gaston, David, Spanish, Lib. Arts, Sigma Delta Pi, Univ. Marching Band, Symphony Band, Men's Glee Club, Akron, O. Gathergood, Judith A., Elem. Ed., Ed., A.C.E., Phi Alpha Theta, Akron, O. Gausrnan, David M., Mech. Eng., Eng., Cuyahoga Falls, O. Gearhart, Otto A. Jr., Mech. Eng., Eng., Phi Kappa Tau-Pres., ASME, Akron, O, Gedeon, William J., lnd. Man., Bus., Dean's List, Phi Beta Sigma, Cleveland, O. Geer, Alan B., Pol. Sci., Lib. Arts: Phi Kappa Tau, Arnold Air Society, Student Council-Treas., Blood Drive Chairman, Dorm Advisor, Falls,O. George, Gary P., Psychology, Lib. Arts, Psychology Club, Akron, O. George, Sheila K., Sociolo9Y. Lib. Arts, Sociology Club, Akron, O. Gerhart, Frances, Elem. Ed., Ed., Akron, O. Gerren, Sharon M., Nursing, Student Nurse Association, Collegiate Nur- ses Club, Rootstown, O. Gerrior, Kathy A., Phys. Ed., Ed., Dean's List, Akron, O, Gesaman, Bruce, Eng., Ed., Canal Fultar1,O. Gianni, Andrew J., Civ. Eng., Eng., ASCE, Bfidgeville. Pa, Gibson, Marilyn K., Bus. Ed., Ed., Evening Student Council, Nite Life, Akron, O. Gillis, Ann A., Elem. Ed., Ed., Akran,O. Gilmore, Greg S., Phys. Ed., Ed., Lambda Chi Alpha, Wrestling, Mansfield, O. Gilmore, Timothy W., Phys. Ed. and Health, Ed., Lambda Chi Alpha, Wrestling, Mansfield, O. Gingo, Rose M., Bus. Ed., Ed., FSA, A.C.E., Akron, O. Glickman, Dianne J., Elem, Ed., Ed., South Fallsburg, N. J. Glickman, Jack, lnd. Man., Bus. Adm., Alpha Epsilon Pi, Elizabeth, N.J. Gmerek, Annette, Elem. Ed., Ed., Dean's List, A.C.E., Theta P hi Alpha, Newman Club, Akron, O, Goldber , Herbert J., Marketing, Bus. Ac?m., Theta Chi, Marketing Club, West Hempstead, N. Y. Gordon, Nellie M., Ed., Ed., Akron, O. Gordon, Vicki A., Elem. Ed., Ed., RHA, Birmingham, Ala. Goson, Sandella A., Art, Ed., Scho- lastic Art Show-lst Place, SCPB Poster Contest-lst Place, Alpha Gamma Delta, Buchtelite-Art Edi- tor, Fresh. Coun., Rush Coun., Army Sponsor, OCF, Photography Club, May Day Com., Homecoming Com., Military Ball Com., Greek Week Com., Akron, O. Gower, Thomas L., Elec. Eng., Eng., Sigma Tau, Phi Delta Theta, IEEE, Akron, O. Graef, Harriett E., Engl., Lib. Arts, Chi Omega, Women's Glee Club, Akron, O. Graff, Marian S., Ed., Ed., Dean's List, Phi Alpha Theta, Ponhellenic Council-Sec.-Pres., Sigma Delta Tau, Deans Council, Student Adv. Com. to the President, Woodmere, N. Y. Graham, Gerald, Elec. Eng., Eng., Akron, O. Graham, Norman A., Hist., Lib. Arts, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Alpha Theta, Phi Sigma Kappa, Young Republicans-Pres., Student Council-Vice Pres., Junior Cla s s Pres., Dorm Floor Advisor, SCPB, Fresh. Coun., lFC, Akron, O. Groom, Donald J., Ind. Man., Bus. Adm., Counter Guerrillas- Commander, Scabbard 8i Blade, Barberton,O. Gross, June M., Engl., Ed., Kappa Phi, Akron, O. Gruich, Rebecca L., Elem. Ed., Ed., A.C.E., Akron, O. Guiley, David D., Pol. Sci., Lib. Arts, Wadsworth, O. Gulbis, George E., Ind. Man., Bus. Adm., Phi Sigma Kappa, WAUP-Man., Publications Board, Norton, O. Gunderman, Ralph J., Speech, Fine and Applied Arts, WRHA, RHA, Cleveland, O. Gunther, Alice J., Sociology, Lib. Arts, Chi Omega, Homecoming Court, Alpha Epsilon Pi-Sweetheart, Dorm-Sweetheart, Soccer Queen, Student Council, RHA, Tenafly, N. J. Gwin, Deborah S., Music, Fine and App. Arts, Alpha Lambda Delta, Soph. Schol. Prize, Univ. Singers, H Haas, Carol M., Elem. Ed., Ed., Dean's List, Kappa Kappa Gamma-Pres., SNEA, Newman Club, AWS, Army Sponsor, May Day Com., Greek Week Com., Home- coming Com., Akron, O. Wadsworth, O. Hafez, Pearl, Engl., Lib. Arts, Pixley Award, Phi Sigma Alpha, Barberton, O. Hahn, Nancy C., Exec. Sec., Comm. and Tech., Waynesburg, O. Hoidet, Gregory L., Soc. Stud., Ed., Lambda Chi Alpha, Mitchell Flight, Swimming, May Day Com., Alliance, O. Haines, Edwin L., Chem. Eng., Eng., AlChE, Alliance, O. Hall, Richard L., Mech. Eng., Eng., Sigma Tau, Dean's List, ASME-Chairman, RHA, Strasburg, O. Hamad, Sima, Sociolo9Y, Lib. Arts, Alpha Delta Pi, Akron, O. Hankins, Richard M., Biolo9Y. Ed., Akron, O. Hanshaw, Michelle N., Eng., Lib. Arts, Zeta Tau Alpha, Akron, O. Hardesty, Robert J., Phys. Ed., Ed., Dean's List, Akron, O. Harvey, Owen E., Ed., Lambda Chi Alpha, Fresh. Coun., Solon, O. Hatcher, Barbara J., Sociology, Lib. Arts, Dean's List, AWS, Sociology Club, RHA, East Orange, N. J. Hou, Ellen, Elem. Ed., Ed., Ashton Speech Winner, Glamour Queen, International Students, Kappa Phi, Hong Kong, 8.C.C. Haught, Kenneth M., Physics, Lib. Arts, Phi Eta Sigma, House-Holder Physics Prize, Sigma Pi Sigma, Young Republican Society of Phys- ics Students-President, Clinton, O. gausch, Larry E., Moth., Ed., Akron, Hawes, Mar oret R., Elem. Ed., Ed., Cuyahoga Fcgls, O. Haymaker, Rebecca R., German, Ed., Tutorial Program, Akron, O. Helter, Carol J., Elem. Ed., Ed., A.C.E., Newman Club, Akron, O. Heller, Robert, Psychology, L i b . Arts, Psychology Club-Pres., Theta Chi-Pres., Akron, O. Heltsley, James E., Elem. Ed., Ed., Akron, O. Heinl, Pat J., Inter. Sect., Comm. and Tech., FSA, Akron, O. Heising, Paul F. Jr., Marketing, Bus. Adm., Pi Kappa Epsilon, Te -Buch, Finance Club, Akron, O. Herhold, Rita R., Elem. Ed., Ed., Akron Univ. Assoc. Scholarship, Newman Club, Kappa Phi, A.C.E., Akron, O. Hickey, Calvin W., Geog., Lib. Arts, Gamma Theta Upsilon, Dean's List, Distinguished Military Cadet, Arnold Air Society, Phi Kappa Psi, Sgsh. Coun., WAUP, Baltimore, Hill, Edward S., Ed., Akron Univ. Theatre Guild, Cheerleader, lSA, Fresh. Coun., Tel-Buch, Akron, O. Hinkle, David M., Math., Lib. Arts, Akron, O. Hipple, Linda E., Comp. Bus., Ed., Delta Zeta-Pres., Akron Univ. Sing- ers, SNEA, Women's Glee Club, Sigma Pi-Sweetheart, Senior Board, Fresh. Coun., Akron, O. Hirtreiter, Mary M., Speech and Hearing Ther., Fine and App. Arts, Sigma Alpha Eta, Akron, O. Hodoh, Barbara A., Elem. Ed., Ed., Akron, O. Hoelzer, Masami, Psychol., L i b . Arts, Psi Chi, Akron, O. Hofbauer, James R., Acctg., Bus. Adm., Sigma Pi-Pres., Akron, O. Hohas, George E., Finance, Bus. Adm., Alpha Phi Gamma, Sigma Pi, Buchteletter, Akron, O. Hoover, John T., Phys. Ed., Ed., Dean's List, Pi Kappa Epsilon, Foot- ball, Baseball, Copley, O. Hoover, Susan M., Sales and Mer- gtandise, Comm. and Tech., Akron, Hopkins, Carlton L., Mktg., Bus. Adm., Dean's List, Delta Sigma Pi, Inter. Students, RHA, Kingston, Jamaica Hopkins, Susan K., Elem. Ed., Ed., A.C.E., SNEA, Akron, O. Horn, John F., Hist., Ed., WRHA, Buffalo, N. Y. Horvath, Martha J., Elem. Ed., Ed., Theta Phi Alpha, Fresh. Coun., AWS, Akron, O. Horvath, William C., Psychol., Lib. Arts, Theta Chi, Akron, O. Hoye, Karen M., Phys. Ed., Ed., Women's Phys. Ed. Club, Akron, O. Houghton, Leroy, Earth Sci., Lib. Arts, Bobbs Ferry, N. Y. Hummel, Thomas J., Mktg., Bus. Adm., Akron, O. Hutson, Alice T., Phys. Ed., Ed., Dean's List, Delta Kappa Gamma Scholarship, Young Demacrat's Club-Vice Pres., Women's Phys. Ed. Club, WRA, Field Hockey, Volley- I Ignatowski, Elaine M., Engl., Ed., Akron Univ. As. Scholarship, SNEA, Cleveland, O. ball, Akron, O. lngold, Cheryl A., French, Lib. Arts, Dean's List, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Si ma Alpha, Pi Delta Phi, Beloit, lngraham, James L., Music, Ed., Phi Eta Sigma, Kappa Delta Pi, Or- chestra, Glee Club, Akron, O. Jacobs, Gary S., Acctg., Bus. Adm., Lambda Chi Alpha, Akron, O. Jackson, Har? E., Acctg., Bus. Adm., Acctg. lub, Beta Alpha Psi, Akron, O. Jvrkwn. Robert C., Sec. Ed., Ed., Dean's List, Strangsville, O. Jandecka, Linda J., Finance, Bus. Adm., Akron, O. Janderliin, Karen, Education, Akron Univ. As. Scholarship, Kappa Delta Pi, Delta Zeta, Akron, O. Jarr, Allan G., Mktg., Bus. Adm., Distinguished Military Cadet, Theta Chi, Student Council, Fresh. Coun., SCPB, Homecoming Com., Greek Week Com., Garfield Heights, O. Jendrisak, Jerome J., Biology, Lib. Arts, Akron Univ. As. Scholarship, Dean's List, Phi Sigma, Stow, O. Jenkins, Lynn C., Elem. Ed., Ed., Angel Flight, AWS, Cheerleader, Akron, O. Jennings, Joyce M., Mktg., Bus. Adm., Delta Zeta, Akron, O. Jesser, Florence L., Engl., Ed., Dean's List, Chi Omega, Kappa Delta, Home Ec. Club, Cuyahoga Falls,O. Johnson, Keith, lnd. Man., Bus. Adm., Theta Chi, Tonawanda, N. Y. Johnson, Lois A., Art, Ed., Phi Mu-Vice Pres., AWS, Akron, O. Juhasz, Ladislaus J., lnd. Man., Bus. Adm., Toms River, N. J. Justus, Margaret H., Ed., Akron, O. K Kachurchak, Jana, Math., Lib. Arts, Uniontown, O. Kaplan, Phyllis, Engl., Ed., Kappa rlflatapa Gamma, North White Plains, Kasapis, Rita, Elem. Ed., Ed., Kappa Kappa Gamma, S N E A , A.C.E., Tel-Buch, AWS, Akron Univ. As. Scholarship, Hilltop Program, Akron, O. Kose, Jeffrey A., Pre-Medical, Lib. Arts, Phi Sigma Kappa-Pres., Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Sigma Alpha, Omi- cron Delta Kappa-Pres., Junior Board, Senior Board, President's Adv. Com. on Centennial Goals and Proiec- tions, SCPB, Fresh. Coun., May Day Com., Homecoming Com., Cuyahoga Falls, O. Kastner, Harley M., Pol. Sci., Lib- eral Arts, Dean's List, Pre-Law Club-Pres., Pol. Sci. Club, Akron, O. Kaufman, David W., Sec. Ed., Ed., Akron, O. Kaufman, John J., lnd. Man., Bus. Adm., Canton, O. Kaufmann, Frances T.., Ed., Kappa Delta Pi-Pres., Pi Lambda Theta, Dean's List, Newman Club, Akron, O. Kee, Janice, Elem. Ed., Ed., New- man Club, Akron, O. Keeler, Richard C., Chem. Eng., Eng., Sigma Tau-Pres., AlChE, Ski Club, Akron, O. . Keith, Mary S., Elem. Ed., Ed., Tau Kappa Epsilon Sweetheart, Alpha Gamma Delta, Junior Class Board, WRA, May Day Chairman, Buch- teletter-Co-Editor, Akron, O. Kelly, John P., History, Ed., Bar- berton,O. Kelly, Ray C., Phys. Ed., Ed., Dean's List, Phi Kappa Tau, Medina, O. Kelsey, James T., Ed., Collierville, Tenn. Kephart, Deborah L., Speech, Ed., Kappa Kappa Gamma, AWS, RHA, Theta Chi Sweetheart, Ravenna, O. Keppel, Joseph K., Phys. Ed., Ed., Outstanding Wrestling, Sigma Pi, North Plainfield, N. J. Kerekes, Robert E., Mktg., Bus. Adm., Adm. Man. Society, Market- ing Club, Seville, O. Kerr, Donna G., Com. Aviation, Comm. and Tech., Akron, O. Kime, Jean A., Math., Ed., Chi Omega, Young Republicans, SNEA, Junior Board, Senior Board, Phi Sigma Kappa Sweetheart, Home- coming Com., Akron, O. Kindela, Zbigniew J., Engl., Lib. Arts, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Johnson Moreno, James A., Mech. Eng., Club, YAWP, May Day Com., Perth Amboy, N. J. King, Vivian L., Elem. Ed., Ed., an A, Aws, Alpha Delta Pi, Arran, Kish, Thomas R., Elec. Tech., Comm. and Tech., Seven Hills, O. Knecht, Denise J., Clothing and Textiles, Fine and Applied Arts, Tau Kappa Phi, Alpha Delta Pi, Buch- telite, Home Ec. Club, Univ. Thea- tre Guild, Akron, O. Knop, Roger A., Elec. Eng., Eng., IEEE, Sigma Tau, Canton, O. Koberlein, Bernard M., lnd. Tech., Comm. and Tech., Akron, O. Kosky, Rosemary, Classics, Lib. Arts, Arthur L. Foster Scholarship, Theta Phi Alpha, WRA, Stockport, O. Kosky, Stephen P., Ed., Pi Kappa Epsilon, Football, Stockport, O. Koslow, Paula L., Speech and Hear- ing Therapy, Ed., Sigma Alpha Eta, Sharon, Pa. ' Kostiuk, Roman, Mech. T e c h . , Comm. and Tech., Newman Club, International Club, Akron, O. Kramer, Johnna, German and Rus- sian, Ed., Kappa Delta Pi, Lambda Pi,Akron,O. Kray, Paulette M., Engl., Lib. Arts, Akron Univ. As. Scholarship, Dean's List, Theta Phi Alpha, Akron, O. ' Krill, Kevin G., History, Lib. Arts, Sigma Pi, Akron, O. Kristan, Judith, Nursing, Student N u r s e s ' Association, Collegiate Nurses' Club, Akron, O. Krolicky, Thomas M., Soc. Stud., Ed., Newman Club, West Home- stead, Pa. Kulyk, Walter, Civ. Eng., Eng., Dean's List, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Arnold Air Society, ASCE, Akron, Murat, Eve L., Sect. Sci., Comm. O. Kura, Michael R., Phy's. Ed., Ed., Pi Kappa Epsilon, Football, Akron, O. Kus, Lawrence S., Phys. Ed., Ed., Theta Chi, Stow, O. Lacy, Douglas, Mech. Eng., Eng., ASME, Akron, O. Lacy, Magnolia, Elem. Ed., Ed., Akron, O. Ladd, Timothy I., Biolo9Y. Lib. Arts, Dean's List, Distinguished Mili- tary Cadet, Phi Sigma, Biology Club, Doylestown, O. LaFleur,, Lawrence A., Mech. Eng., Eng., Pershing Rifles, ASME Tau Kap a Epsilon, Scabbard and Blaclie, Lorain, O. LaGuardia, John A., Speech, Edu- cation, Student Council-Pres., Juhior Class Pres., SCPB-Board of Gover- nors, Pi Kappa Epsilon-Vice Pres., Soccer, May Day Com., Home- coming Com., Greek Week Com., Exec. Com. To The President, Stow, Lambert, Richard D., Elec. Eng., Eng., IEEE, Akron, O. Lane, Kimberl J., Engl. and Speech, Ed., Phi Mu, Akron, O. Lan e, Mark, Pre-Dental, Lib. Arts, Phi Sigma Kappa, Akron, O. LaPorte, Tony, Phys. Ed., Ed., Dean's List, Normandy Nanvet Vil- lage, N. Y. Large, Linda M., Elem. Ed., Ed., SNEA, AWS, Alpha Delta Pi, Cuyahoga Falls, O. Larson, Diane E., Engl., Lib. Arts, Mortar Board, Delta Gamma, Pan- hellenic Coun., WRA, Akron, O. Lassak, Francis A., Chem., Lib. Arts, Lilly, Pa. Laughlin, Geoffrey L., Mech. Eng., Eng., ASME, Akron, O. Laughlin, Jeremy V.- Chem. , Eng.. Eng., Sigma Tau, AIChE, Akron, O. Leary, Mary E., Biology. Ed., Akron, O. Leasur, Terry L., Elec. Eng., Eng., IEEE, Alliance, O. Leasure, Robert W., Math., Lib. Arts, Pi Mu Epsilon, Dean's List, Math. Club, Akron, O. Lee, Connie J., Sociology, Llb. Arts, IVCF B.U.S., Sociology Club, Tu- torial Program, Akron, . Leighton, Patricia L., Math., Sec. Ed., Pi Mu Epsilon-Pres., Kappa Delta Pi, Graduate Assistant, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Tollmadge, O. Leitch, John A., Chem., Lib. Arts, Phi Sigma Kappa, Hinckley, O. Lemons, Olivia C., Prim. Ed., Ed., Angel Flight, Alpha Gamma Delta, SC B, Acme Zip Co-Chairman, Homecoming Com., Greek Week Com., May Day Com., Akron, O. Lepley, Leona A., Bus. Ed., Ed., SNEA, Akron, O. Lesser, Ilene, Elem. Ed., Ed., Pittsburgh, Pa. Levy, Donald J., Geography, Lib. Arts, Young Democrats, S.O.D.A., University Heights, O. Lewis, Anna B., Elem. Ed., Ed., Akron, O. Lewis, Fred W., Speech Ed., Ed., Akron, O. Lewis, Michael A., Speech and Hear- ing, Fine and App. Arts, .Sigma Alpha Eta, Akron, O. Lichten, Gary D., Pre-Medical, Lib. Arts, Phi Eta Sigma, Distinguished Military Cadet, Dean's List, Akron Univ. As. Scholarship, Sigma Pi, Young Republicans, Student Gover- nment, Student Caunci I- Council-at-Large, Homecoming Com., 1 Greek Week Com., Fresh. Coun., Senior Class Board, May Day Com., IFC, Akron, O. gnhart, Gerald L., Bus., Ed., Akron, Lipps, Marianne L., Nursing, Dean's List, Akron Univ. As. Scholarship, Newman Club, Collegiate Nurses Association, Student Nurses Asso- ciation, Akron, O. Little, William C., Elem. Ed., Ed., Akron,O. Llewell n, Clare M., Social., Lib. Arts, Outstanding Student in Phi- losaphy, Phi Sigma Tau, Akron Univ. As. Scholarship, Sociology Club, Philosophy Club, Alpha K a p p a Delta, United World Federalists, Collegiate Forum, Akron, O. Lodwick, William J., Elem. Ed., Ed., Cleveland, O. Longsworth, Dale E., Ind. Man., Bus., Canton, O. Lowe, Sharon E., Elem. Ed., Ed., Phi Mu, Akron, O. Lutz, James P., Chem. Eng., Eng., AlChE-Sec., Akron, O. Lyons, Raymond G., Social., Lib. Arts, University Singers, Choral En- semble, Sociology Club, Collegiate Forum, Akron, O. M Madigan, Jacqueline A., Nursing, Deans List, Mortar Board, Col- legiate Nursing Students, Students gurse Association, Cuyahoga Falls, Maffei, Francis R., Man., Bus., Base- ball, Football, Military Ball Com- mittee, Butler, Pa. Mahan, Michelle L., Bus. Adm., Bus., Swimming Team, Warren, O. Mahoney, Cheryl L., Elem. Ed., Ed., Homecoming Queen, Delta Gamma, Army Sponsor, Uniontown, O. ' Maibach, Shirley, Sect. Sci., Comm. and Tech., Sterling, O. Maier, Thomas A., Elec. Eng., Eng., Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Tau, IEEE, Pittsburgh, Pa. Maione, Henry A., Phys. Ed., Ed., Football, Akron, O. Maker, Larry, Mktg., Bus. Adm., Hamilton, Ont., Can. Mallory, Stephanie L., Spanish, Lib. Arts, Sigma Delta Pi, Akron, O. Mandel, Gary N., Soc. Stud., Ed., Elmont, N. Y. Mansdorf, Seymour Z., Biol., Ed., Dean's List, Phi Sigma-Pres., Lambda Chi ,Alpha, Buchtelite, May gay Com., Tutorial Program, Akron, Marble, William A., Engl., Ed., Akron, O. Morkowslti, Walter F., Pol. Sci., Lib. Arts, Veteran's Club Politics Club, Lambda cm Alpha, Altraa, o. Marrese, Roxy, Pre-Medical, Lib. Arts, Alpha Chi Sigma, Akron, O. Marsden, Robert K., Ed., Soccer, Akron, O. Marshall, Charles H., Pol. Sci., Lib. Arts, Politics Club-Vice Pres., Bot.- ton,Mass. Marston, Spencer, Labor Ec., Lib. Arts, Who's Who, Economics Club, Senior Man. Student Center, SCPB, Akron,O. Martin, Mary A., Social., Lib. Arts, Zeta Tau Alpha-Pres., Sociology Club, Fresh. Coun., Akron, O. Martin, Marry E., Elem. Ed., Ed., Cum Laude, allmadge, O. Martinov, Lang, Sci., Ed., Dean's List, Alpha Chi igmo, Akron, O. Massaroni, Sandro A., Sect. Sci., Comm. and Tech., Tallmadge, O. Matheny, Kenneth L., Acctg., Bus. Adm., Beta Alpha Psi, Phi Sigma Kappa, Cuyahoga Falls, O. Mathias, Gary A., Speech 8i Theatre, Fine and App. Arts, Theatre Guild, Tiffin, O. Matthews, Timothy M., Chem., Lib. Arts, Phi Eta Sigma-Sec., Phi Sigma Kappa-Sec., IFC, Homecoming Com., May Day Com., Akron, O. McCann, Paul, Soc. Stud., Ed., ISA, Medina, O. McCaskey, Daniel J., Psychology, Lib. Arts, Dean's List, Scabbard and Blade, Akron Univ. As. Scholar- ship, Counterguerrilla, Army Cadet Band Psychoogy Club, University Marching Band, Concert Band, Mili- gary Bal Commit-tee, Munroe Falls, McClain, Andrew B., Engl., Lib. Arts, Dean's Council, President's Advisory Committee, Akron, O. McClish, Richard R., Mech. Eng., Eng., Sigma Tau, Lambda Chi Alpha, ASME, Greek Week Chair- man, Akron, O. McDermott, Jane L., Psychology, Lib. Arts, Psychology Club, Wil- liamsville, N. Y. McKee, Susan M., Biology. Lib. Arts, Akron, O. McKinley, John H., Finance, Bus. Adm., Phi Kappa Tau, Cuyahoga Falls,O. McLaughlin, James D., Soc. Stud., Ed., Sigma Pi, Newman Club, Ak- ron, O. McMillan, Gary E., Mech. Eng., Eng., Sigma Tau, Dean's L i st, ASME, Canton, O. McWoin, Doretha L., Elem. Ed., Ed., Akron, O. Meglen, Linda L., Health and Phys. Ed., Ed., Akron, O. Meincke, James A., Chem. Eng., Eng., AIChE, Ski Club, Cuyahoga Falls, O. Meinerding, Paul L., Phys. Ed., Ed., Football, Minerva, O. Meli, Joseph J., Pre-Medical, Lib. Arts, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Sigma Kappa, Dean's List, Sack's Pre-Medical Scholarship, Alpha Chi Sigma, Biology Club, Akron, O. Mercer, Lloyd E., Sociology, Lib. Arts, Phi Kappa Psi, Young Demo- crats, Brecksville, O. Mermelstein, Lewis A., Elec. Eng., Eng., Alpha Epsilon Pi, I E E E , WAUP-FM, Pittsburgh, Pa. Mesko, James P., Hist., Ed., Ed., Sigma Pi, Fresh. Coun., Akron, O. Messaros, Marc W., Math., Ed., Lambda Chi Alpha, Elyria, O. Michael, Nancy L., Nursing, Col- legiate Nursing Students, Student Nurses Association, Canton, O. Michaud, James E., Chem., Lib. Arts, Alpha Chi Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilon, Mathematics Club-Sec., Bi- ology Club, Cuyahoga Falls, O. Michel, Ronald E., Mech. Eng., Eng., ASME, Canton, O. MicKunns, Terrence W., lnd. Man., Bus. Adm., Akron, O. Mihelcic, Mary T., Sec Ed . fd , Lambda Pi, Dear-'s L-st, A NZ, German Club, Batt-, O Mikoiashai, Denial J., Eng, Lb Arts, Lambda Ch- Aiwa, tm, Da, CMH , Ne urrvjf- Cl-ab, C'JI'JFfQ'2 Falls,O. Miller, Allen D., Hts', Ed, bear-'L List, Alrrofi, O Miller, Carole L., tiuwg, O,- legiave Nursing Zwrxerts, ','Aer' Council, Cleveland, Ct Miller, Donald F., ird T e c ' . Comm. and Tech , A pta 2 gnc f Lambda, Alpra Ept. loc, Alrrcf, J Miller, Linda S., Elefr- Ed, Ed, Delta Zeta, Chesterland, O Miller, Paul R., Art, F-rve ara App Arts, Ph- Sigma Kappa, Alrrar-, O Miller, William C., Meet Erg. Eng., ASME, Barberton, O Milo, Sophie A., Sect Sc-, Onrrr- and Tech., Student Cf.,-Jr-c-I, OA, Young Republicans, FSA, Alrrv-, O, Minich, Lawrence J., Acctg , B-sz Adm., Haskins and Sells Fcfmda'c.f Scholarship Award, Beta A to r- a Psi-Pres., Akron, O. Mirras, Thomas J., Lau, Pr- A.p'a Delta, SBA, Lambda Ch, Atva, Canandaigua, N. Y. Moffatt, Marilyn E., Sec' Sc . Comm. and ech., Dear-'s L s', Akron, O. Montana, Rosemarie, Elem. Ed., Ed., Dean's List, Cuyahoga Falls, O. Moore, Lee F., Speed, Ea., Theatre Guild, Cuyahoga Falls, O. Moore, Lindo, Engl., Ed., A-Key, Army Sponsor, AWS-Treas., Mar Day Com., Greek Week Corn., SCPB, Buchtelite, WAUP, Aloha D e I ' :t Pi-Pres., Akron, O. Eng., Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Tau, Scabbard and Blade, ASME, Nor- ton, O. Morisak, John J., Ind. Man., Bus. Adm., Phi Kappa Psi, Norton, O. Morrissey, Nancy A., Sci., Ed., Dean's List, Cuyahoga Falls, O. Moss, Helen F., Engl., Lib. Arts, Barberton, O. Maynihan, Mary E., Sociology. Lib. Arts, Lebanon, N. H. and Tech., Tel-Buch, ISA, Akron, O. Myricks, Cleo P., Spec. Ed., Ed., N Nardella, Kathy G., Elem. Ed., Ed.: Akron,O. Akron, O. Neal, Kathryn S., Home Ec., Ed., Stokley Van Camp Silver Trivet, Tau Kappa Phi-Pres., Delta Zeta, Home Economics Club, Akron, O. Neiman, Marcus L., Music, Ed., Most Spirited Bondsman. Marching Band, Alpha Epsilon Pi-Pres., Akron, O. Nelson, Jeffrey L., Speech 8. Hear- ing, Ed., Sigma Alpha Eta, Ph? Sigma Kappa, Fresh. Coun., Counter Guerillas, Akron, O. Nelson, Jennifer A., Engl., Ed., Cni Omega, Johnson Club, Wes'-Field. N. J. Nelson, Ronald E., Math.. Ea.: Phi Kappa Tau, Akron, O. Nelson, Sandra A., Engl., Ed., IVCF, Greensburg, O. Nienhuis, Ruth A., Ind. Man., Bcs. Adm., Niessen, Paula N., Engl., Lib. Arts, Mt. KisC0, N. Y. Nilsen, Robert L., Mech. Eng., Brewster Award Schol.. Phi Delta Theta, ASME, Alpha Phi Omega, RHA, AKFOT1, Nixon, Dennis W., Mktg., B u s. Adm., Who's Who, Pi Kappa Ep- silon, Tutorial Program, Studen' Center Senior Manager, G " e e k Week Com., St. Clair, Mich. Norka, Michael J., Russian, Lib. Arts, Dean's List, Student Faculw Language Com., -International Stu- dent Exchange, Akron, O. Novkov. Shirley A., Sociology, Lib. Arts, Alpha Kappa Delta. University Singers. Choral Ensemble: Cl-1205090 Falls, O Nunez, Pedro J., Const. and Sur., Comm. and Tech., Newman Club, international Club. Ski Club: l-5110. O. Oleksa, James L., Civ. EI19.. Eng., Pt Kappa Epsilon, IFC, ASCE, Buc- htelite: Akron, O. Olsen, Peter C., l"liSl.. Ed.: Phi Delta Theta, Fresh. Coun., Buffalo, N. Y. orgsi, pans H., Elem. Ed., Ed., Deans List, Sigma Delta Tau, AWS, O. Valley Sociological Society, Tutorial Program, SNEA, A.C.E., Vqlleystreom, N. Y. Otteriger, Mariann, Speech o n d Hearing, Ed., Sigma Alpha Eta, Brecksville, O. Ovens, James, Prod. Man., BUS. Adm., Tau Kappa Epsilon: Akron, P Page, Roy W., Fin., Bus. Adm., Arnold Air Society, Akron, O. O. Palliia, Anthony Jr., Phys. Ed., Lib. Arts, Touchdown Club Award, Foot- ball, Little All-American, Home- coming Com. Papalio, Rocco L., Elec. Eng., Eng., Tau Kappa Epsilon, Arnold Air Society, IEEE, North White Plains, N.Y. Paporone, John T., Soc. Stud., Ed., Cuyahoga Falls, O. Pappas, John E., Pre-Medical, Lib. Arts, Phi Sigma, Dean's List, Harvey Chambers Scholarship, Phi Delta Theta, Alpha Chi Sigma, Biology Club, Senior Class Treas., Cam- pus Bowl, Cuyahoga Falls, O. Pappas, Penelope R., Chem., Lib. Arts, Alpha Lambda Delta, Mortar Board, Dean's List, Angel Flight, Kappa Phi, Kappa Epsilon, Akron, O. Park, Jeffrey L., Elec. Eng., Eng., IEEE, Pittsburgh, Pa. Parker, Bonnie L., Elem. Ed., Ed., Junior Class Vice Pres., SCPB, Hill- top Highlites-Co-Ed., Home- coming Com., Alpha G a m m a Delta-Pres., May Court, Akron, O. Paulsen, Robert J., lnd. Man.. BUS- Adm., Alpha Phi Omega, TCU Kappa Epsilon, Dorm Government: Gates Mills, O. Paulus, Jon D., Pre-Dental, Lib. Arts, Massillon, O. Payerle, Helen M., SocialOQY. Lib. Arts, Akron, O. Payne, Peter E., Chem., Lib. Arts, Akron, O. Peca, Louis C., Elec. Eng., Eng., Tau Kgppg Epsilon, Pershing Rifles, Ak- ron, O. Peeper, Barbara A., Engl. and Hist., Lib. Arts, Dean's List, Young Demo- Crgts, IVCF, Gnadenhutten. O. P099, Norma J., Elem. Ed., Ed.: Tulsa, Okla. Perez, John R., lnd. Man., Bus. Adm., Canton, O. Perman, Thomas J., lnd. Man., Bus. Adm., Dean's List, Newman Club, Sharpsville, Pa. Peroli, James P., Ind. Man., Bus. Adm., Tau Kappa Epsilon, Baseball, Akron, O. Posner, Alan I., Phys. Ed., Ed., Spring Valley, N. Y. Petrocellg, John E., lnd. Man., Bus. Adm., hi Kappa Tau, Tel-Buch, Football, Pittsburgh, Pa. Phores, Joan A., Home Ec., Ed., Mortar Board, Tau Kappa Phi, AI- tia elta P' Vice Pres ROTC Spon- o D 1- .. sor, May Court-Crowner, Akron, O. Phelps, Katherine F., Nursing, Stu- dent Nurses Association, Collegiate Nurses Association, Tallmadge, O. Philips, Michael J., Economics, Lib. Arts, Evening Student Council, In- tercollegiate Debate, Akron, O. Pindle, Robert A., Pol. Sci., Lib. Arts, Scabbard and Blade, Pre-Law Club-Treas., Pol. Sci. Club, Copley, O. Pizer, Betty L., Elem. Ed., Ed., Akron,O. Poulos, Elaine I., Elem. Ed., Ed., Mortar Board, Chi Omega-Vice Pres., Senior Board, SNEA, Fresh. Coun., Akron, O. Poulos, Larry G., Hist., Lib. Arts, Orthodox Christian Fellowship-Pres., Akron,O. Prack, Alice L., Elem. Ed., Ed., A.C.E., SNEA, WRA, Alpha Delta Pi, Akron, O. Prais, Penny, Sect. Sci., Comm. and Tech., Akron, O. Prechtel, Cheryl A., Elem. Ed., Ed., Orrville,O. Quinn, Sheila A., Biolo9Y. Lib. Arts, Phi Sigma, Alpha Lambda Delta, R Raetzen, Joanne S., Elem. Ed., Ed,, Toronto, Ont., Can. Akron, O. Rank, George B. Jr., Mktg. and Fin., Bus. Adm., Finance Club-Vice Pres., SCPB, Wayne, Pa. Reilly, Dorothy J., Elem. Ed., Ed., SNEA, Akron, O. Reis, Robert A., Mktg., Bus. Adm., Univ. of Akron As. Scholarship, AFROTC Financial Aid Grant, Who's Who, Phi Kappa Tau, Mar- keting Club, Arnold Air Society, Sigma Delta Tau, RHA, May Day Co-Chairman, Collegiate Day Chair- man, Homecoming Committee Co-Chairman, SCPB-Board of Gov- ernors, Pres. Advisory Com. on Centennial Goals and Proiections, Rochester, N. Y. Reymann, Michelle F., Elem. Ed., Ed., Delta Zeta, Newman Club, Akron,O. Rhoades, Janice K., Ed. and Soc. Stud., Ed., Akron, O. Rh es, Robert M., Ed., Politics Clu ,Barberton,O. Rice, Beverly A., Soc. Stud., Ed., Alpha Phi Alpha-Sweetheart, IVCF, Akron,O. Rich, Keith M., Hist., Ed., Akron, O. Richards, David L., Psycholo9Y, Lib. Arts, Akron, O. Richards, Linda S., Engl., Ed., Alpha Delta Pi, Fresh. Coun., Akron, O. Richards, Sandra K., Home Ec., Ed., RHA, AWS, Home Economics Club, Kappa Phi, Venedocia, O. Ricker, Edward D., Mech. Eng., Eng., ASME, Chagrin Falls, O. Riggs, David T., Man., Bus. Adm., Dean's List, Theta Chi, Soc- cer, Management Club, Cuyahoga Falls, O. Rinella, Sandra J., Elem. Ed., Ed., Theta Phi Alpha, Newman Club, Young Democrats, Akron, O. Ringel, Susanne, Speech and Hear- ing Therapy, Fine and Applied Arts, Dean's List, Sigma Alpha Eta, West Orange, N. J. Rish, Nancy J., Mktg., Bus. Adm., Mktg. Club, AWS, Young: Demo- crats, Phi Mu, Newman Clu , Akron, O. Robertson, Douglas S., Pol. Sci., Lib. Arts, Theta Chi, IFC, Kearny, N.J. Robinson, Jack R., Mktg., Bus. Adm., Akron, O. Robinson, James H., lnd. Man., Bus. Adm., Acctg. Club, Akron, O. Rohrer, David J., Pol. Sci., Lib. Arts, Dean's List, Pi Sigma Alpha, Phi Eta Sigma, Newman Club, Pre-Law Club-Vice Pres., Fresh. Coun., President's Adv. Com. on Centennial Goals and Proiections, Massillon, O. Rossi, Patricia A., Pol. Sci., Lib. Arts, Dean's List, Student Council, Politics Club, Akron, O. Roundy, Susan M., Elem. Ed., Ed., Kappa Kappa G a m m a , Army Sponsor-Colonel, Akron, O. Roush, John H., Fin., Bus. Adm., GroveCity Rozewicz Judy I., Ed., Phi Mu, Studeit Council, May Day Co-Chairni. and Chairman, Greek Week Cl-ni 'an, Akron, O. Rulniclr "mul, Mktg., Bus. Adm., Sigma 'i ung Republicans, Ak- ron,O. Rummer, James M., Chem. Eng., Eng., Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Tau, AlChE, Barberton, O. Runiamin, Lauella A., Sociology, Lib. Arts, Akron, O. Runsdorf, Lynn G., Elem. Ed., Ed., Sigma Delta Tau, Brooklyn, N. Y. Rupert, James C., Spanish, Lib. Arts, Sigma Delta Pi, University Orchestra, Akron, O. Ryan, Robert D., lnd. Man., Bus. S Saksa, Timothy G., Mktg., Bus. Adm., Cuyahoga Falls, O.' Adm., Akron, O. Salman, Don L., Soc. Stud., Ed., Scabbard and B I a d e , Counter- guerrillas, Wrestling, Akron, O. Salman, Ronald D., Soc. Stud., Ed., Wrestling, Akron, O. Salsburg, Daniel L., Pol. Sci., Lib. Arts, Dean's List, Pre-Law Club, Delta Upsilon, Political Science Club, Baseball, Cuyahoga Falls, O. Sapp, William J., Mktg., Bus. Adm., Phi Kappa Psi, Delta Sigma Pi-Pres., Akron, O. Saraceno, Emanuel B. Jr., Hist., Ed., Outstanding Freshman, Out- standing Swimmer, Newman Club, Akron,O. Sarff, Dottylou, Elem. Ed., Ed., Akron,O. Sarich, Nancy L., German, Lib. Arts, Chi Omega-Vice Pres., Pan- hellenic Council, Dean's List, German Club, Slavic Studies Club, Phi AI- pha Theta-Sect.-Treas., Lambda Pi, AWS, Akron, O. Sassano, Patricia A., Elem. Ed., Ed., A.C.E.-Sect., Akron, O. Sawyer, Robert A., Mktg., Bus. Adm., Pre-Law Club, Marketing Club, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Lakewood, N.J. Scarcliff, Elizabeth A., Soc. Stud., Ed., Dean's List, Alpha Gamma Delta, Young Republicans Club, Ak- ron,O. Scardamalia, Theodore G., Elec. Eng., Eng., IEE, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Pittsburgh, Pa. Scarpitti, Anna M., Biology, Ed., South Akron Awning Scholarship, University of Akron Memorial Fund Scholarship, Dean's List, Akron, O. schsiiz, Mary E., Elem. fd., ed., Kappa Delta Pi, Delta Zeta, Mogodore,O. Scherer, Robert B. Jr., Civ. Eng., Eng., Phi Kappa Psi, ASCE-Vice Pres., Young Democrats Club, Tall- madge,O. Schlegel, Nancy, French, Lib. Arts, Mortar Board, Theta Phi Alpha, SCPB, AWS, Homecoming Com., Greek Week Com., Akron, O. Schmale, Susan, Elem. Ed., Ed., Barberton, O. Schoengold, Beth A., Elem. Ed., Ed., SCPB, May Day Com., Fresh. Coun., Woodmere, N. Y. Schoeni, June E., Elem. Ed., Ed., Dean's List, Akron Univ. As. Scholarship, Phi Mu, Student Coun- cil, SNEA, RHA, Beloit, O. Scholles, Arden P., lnd. Man., Bus. Adm., Akron Univ. As. Scholarship, Cuyahoga Falls, O. Schramm, Terry, Elem. Ed., Ed., Akron,O. Schreiber, Susan C., Hist., Lib. Arts, Canton, O. Schulz, Edward J., Acctg., Bus. Adm., Tau Kappa Epsilon, Medway, Mass. Schwartz, Bonnie A., Phys. Ed., Ed., Dean's List, Angel Flight, Student Council, RHA, Sigma Delta Tau, Homecoming Court, WRA, Greek Week Chairman, Oceanside, N. Y. Sciara, John J., Hist., Lib. Arts, Akron,O. Scott, Mary M., Elem. Ed., Ed., Delta Zeta, Greek Week Co-Chairman, Akron, O. Scott, Sharon A., Elem. Ed., Ed., RHA, Alpha Delta Pi, SNEA, AWS, Guwanda, N. Y. Scott, Susan S., Home Ec., Fine and App. Arts, Akron, O. Scruggs, Cleorah J., Elem. Ed., Ed., Alpha Kappa Alpha, Army Sponsor, AWS, Akron, O. Sear, Sandra P., Nursing, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Collegiate Nursing Club, Akron, O. Sears, Sandra L., Elem. Ed., Ed., Certificate for Leadership on Cam- pus, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Cheerleader-Capt., WRA, Teke- quacode, Akron, O. See, Jane, Art, Fine and Applied Arts, Akron Univ. As. Scholarship, Newman Club, Akron, O. Seiler, Karen L., , Eng., Lib. Arts, .USUN S l-IST. ,SCPB-Board 'of Govegf DOIS, Student Council, Fresh. Cog, Phi Mu, Homecomina Com.-Chairman GF'-Hell Week -Cohm., ' May Day' Parade-Chairman, Alfron, O. ' Seivert, Nora J., Elem. Ed., Ed., Akron Univ. As. Scholarship, Kappa Delta Pi, Theta Phi Alpha, SNEA, Newman Club, Akron, O. Selnik, James C., Phys. Ed. and Health, Ed., Akron, O. Sermersheim, Michael D., Psychol., Lib. Arts, Phi Delta Theta, Young Republicans, IFC, Fresh. Coun., Greek Week Com., Akron, O. Severance, Janet L., Engl., Ed., Theta Phi Alpha, Barberton, O, Seymour, John R., Mech. Eng., Eng., Phi Kappa Psi, ASME, Chess Club-Vice Pres., IFC, May D a y Com., Cuyahoga, O. Shadeed, Joseph J., Pre-Dental, Lib. Arts, Outstanding Military Cadet, Pershing Rifles, S c a b b a r d and gade, Military Ball Com., Akron, Shaffer, Robert J., Chem., Lib. Arts, West Richfield, O. Shapiro, Howard l.., Sociolo9Y, Lib. Arts, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Akron, O. Sherman, Allan M., Pre-Medical, Liberal Arts, Dean's List, Alpha Chi Sigma, Alpha Phi Upsilon, Fairlawn, N. J. Shepherd, Patricia A., Chem. Tech., Comm. and Tech., East Canton, O. Shreffler, Ronald A., Chem., Lib. Arts, Phi Kappa Psi-Vice Pres., IFC, Alpha Chi Sigma-Liaison officer, Tel-Buch, Fresh. Coun., Akron, O. Shriro, Mark J., Mktgi, Bus. -Adm., Alpha Epsilon Pi, Syracuse, N. Y. Shultz, Marleen J., Engl., Sec. Ed., Akron,O. Shumaker, Melodee J., Pol. Sci., Lib. Arts, Alpha Lambda Delta, Chi Omega, Akron, O. Sidel, Jane L., Sociology, Lib. Arts, Rockville Centre, N. Y. Silverstein, Marlene, Psychology, Lib. Arts, Sigma Delta Tau, Tor- onto, Ont., Can. Sirocca, Barbara I., Spanish, Sec. Ed., SNEA, Modern Language Com., Dorm Officer, Pittsburgh, Pa. Skola, James A., Elec. Eng., Eng., Rifle Team, IEEE, Canton, O. Skronne, Janice K., French, Lib. Arts, Dean's List, Memorial Scholar- shirt, Akron Univ. As. Scholarship, De ta Gamma Scholarship Award, Delta Gamma, Pi Delta Phi-Vice Pres., Pi Lambda Theta, SNEA, Akron,O. Slack, Barbara, Elem. Ed., Ed., Alpha Kappa Alpha, AWS, Fresh. Coun., B.U.S., Akron, O. Slee, Pamela K., Bus. Ed., Ed., Alpha Delta Pi, SNEA, AWS, Akron, O. .pl l l l Slimak, Barbara A., Home Ec., Ed., Cuyahoga Falls, O. Smith, Cynthia D., Psycholo9Y. Lib. Arts, Dean's List, Akron, O. Smith, Elizabeth A., Ed., A.C.E., Phi Mu, North Canton, O. Smith, Gerald D., Soc. Stud., Ed., Akron,O. Smith, Kurt R., Elec. Eng., Eng., Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Tau-Vice Pres., IEE, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Student Council, Cleveland, O. Smale, Lynda M., Health and Physi- cal Ed., Ed., Delta Gamma-Pres., Physical Education Club, WRA, AWS, Akron, O. Snivley, John P., Mktg., Bus. Adm., Marketing Club, Accounting Club, Veteran's Club, Delta Sigma Pi-Vice Pres., Tutorial Program, Akron, O. Snodgrass, Karen M., Sect. Sci., Comm. and Tech., Akron, O. Sn der, Dale L., Gen. Mktg., Bus. Adym., WRHA, Arnold Air Society, Williamsport, Pa. Snyder, Edward W., Elec. Eng., Eng., Dean's List, IEEE, Doylestown, O. Snyder, Sandra L., Elem. Ed., Ed., Akron,O. Snyder, William G., Soc. Stud., Ed., Akron, O. Sonoff, Boris R., Ind. Man., Bus. Adm., Delta Sigma Pi, Akron, O. Sotaudeh, Zia, Math., Lib. Arts, Akron,O. Souers, Philip F., Mech. Eng., Eng., Tau Kappa Epsilon, ASME, Akron, O. Spagnuolo, Sandra J., Elem. Ed., Ed., A-Key, Dean's List, SCPB, Theta Phi Alpha-Treas., P a n h e l I e n i c Council-Vice Pres., Treas., Fresh. Coun., Tel-Buch, Senior Class Board, Homecoming Com., Akron, O. Spellman, Thomas, Elec. Eng., Eng., Akron,O. Spiess, Jane A., Span., Ed., Dean's List, Delta Zeta, SNEA, Collegiate Nursing Students, Bowling Green, O. Spring, Frederick J., Bus., Ed., Cross Country, Track, Canton, O. Staats, Delores A., Elem. Ed., Ed., Akron,O. Stambaugh, Richard B., Pol. Sci., Lib. Arts, Dean's List, Akron, O. Stanich, Ronald, Pre-Medical, Lib. Arts, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Sigma, Lambda Chi Alpha, Alpha Chi Sigma, Wrestling Team, Greek Week Chairman, May Day Chair- man, Barberton, O. Stearns, John I., Hist., Ed., Golf, Akron,O. Stephenson, Mary L., Home Ec., Fine and App. Arts, Alpha Phi Gamma, Theta Phi Alpha-Pres., Buchtelite-Man. Ed., Student Coun- cil, SCPB, Home Ec. Club, Tel-Buch, Campus Bowl Chairman, Songtest Chairman, A.C.E., Akron, O. Stevens, Jean A., Nursing, Student Nurse Association, Collegiate Nur- sing, Akron, O. Stewart, Anna M., Elem. Ed., Ed., Akron,O. Stewart, George M., Art, Comm. and Tech., Akron, O. Stradtman, John K., Soc. Stud., Ed., Sandusky, O. Streid, Becky J., Bus. Ed., Alpha gelta Pi, SNEA, FSA, AWS, Akron, Strickland, Margaret A., Health and Phys. Ed., Ed., Resident Assistant, Physical Education Club, WRA, AWS, Rockville Centre, N. Y. Stroup, Linda S., Elem. Ed., Ed., A.C.E., Mogadore, O. Stuart, Pamela A., Elem. Ed., Ed., rD1eajn's List, A.C.E., SNEA, Warren, Studier Robert H., Ind. Man., Bus. Adm., Sigma Pi, Beachwood, O. Sudrez, Dorothy M., Elem. Ed., Ed., A.C.E., Akron, O. Summers, Garry L., Elec. Eng., Eng., lEEE, Canton, O. Sunkapongse, Sonthaya, Biology, Lib. Arts, Phi Sigma, Bangkok, Thailand Supina, Sharlene E., Bus., Ed., Ak- ron,O. Supko, Thomas M., Chem. Eng., Eng., Tau Kappa Epsilon, Alpha Chi Sigma, Newman Club, A I C h Er, Lyndhurst, O. Swartz, Bonnie L., Elem. Ed., Ed., Delta Gamma, SNEA, Dean's List, Akron,O. Swearongen, Glenn R., Pre-Medical, Lib. Arts, Lambda Chi Alpha, alpha Chi Sigma, Toronto, Ont., an. Swinehart, Marylou, Eng., Lib. Arts, Akron, O. Syriaque, Georges H., French, Lib. Arts, ISA, Haiti Szakal, Arnold, Elec. Eng., Eng., Sigma Tau, IEEE, Akron, O. Talbert, Janice, Soc. Stud., Ed., Delta Gamma, Tau Kappa Epsilon Honorary Member-Sweetheart, Ak- ron,O. Tatti, Linda J., Elem. Ed., Ed., A.C.E., AWS, Delta Gamma, WRA, Scarsdale, N. Y. Taubold, Richard D., Biol. and Chem., Lib. Arts, Dean's List, Akron Univ. As. Scholarship, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Chi Sigma, Rochester, N. Y. Taylor, Robert L., Acctg., Bus. Adm., Akron, O. Tayman, Joyce M., Elem. Ed., Ed., Delta Gamma, Home Economics Club, A.C.E.-Vice Pres. and Pres., WRA, Akron, O. Testa, David J., Ed., Pi Kappa Epsilon, Akron, O. Thompkins, Susan M., Elem. Ed., Ed., Akron, O. Thompson, Jay M., Bus., Ed., Alpha Delta Pi, Dorm Government, RHA, WRA, AWS, Novelty, O. Thornton, Judy A., Sales and Mer- chandising, Comm. and Tech., Ak- ron,O. Thurston, Lawrence O., Mech. Eng., Eng., ASME, Akron, O. Talbert, Doris M., Elem. Ed., Ed., Akron,O. Tomaras, Maria P., Com. A r t, Comm. and Tech., Akron, O. Tomasik, Thomas J., Biology. Lib- Arts, Phi Sigma, Biology Club-Pres., Arnold Air Society, Newman Club, Akron,O. Toth, John J., Ind. Man., Bus. Adm., Akron, O. Touchette, Joanne D., Elem, Ed, Ed., Dover, N, H. Trares, Helen E., Engl., Lib. Arts, Dean's List, Akron Univ. As. Schol- arship, Pi Lambda Theta, Bev, Theta, Politics Club, Henman Club, Tutorial Program, Akron, O, Triplett, Brenda S., Engl., Ed., Canal Fulton, O. Tschantz, Michael C., Math., Lib. Arts, Akron, O. Turner, Lee J., Mech. Eng., Eng., Canal Fulton, O. Turrill, Thomas L., Mktg., Bus. Adm., Marketing Club, Akron, O, V Van Doros, Priscilla, Pol. Sci., Lib. Arts, Who's Who, Mortar Board, Alpha Lambda Delta, President's Com. on Centennial Goals and Proiections, A-Key, Chi Omega-Pres., Fresh. Coun,, Junior Board, Senior Class-Pres., Akron, O. Vangeloff, Cynthia A., Eng., Lib. Arts, Dean's List, Delta Zeta, AWS, Akron,O. Van Steenberg, John P., Mktg., Bus., Tel-Buch, Buchtelite, ISA, Ak- ron, O. Van Steenberg, Walter L., lnd. Tech., Comm. and Tech., Akron, O. Varangu, Juri, Mktg., Bus., Toronto, Ont., Can. Vargo, John, Health and Phys. Ed., Ed., Dock Smith Award, Football-Capt., Barberton, O. Vaughn, Robert H., Ind. Man., Bus. and Ed., RHA, Dean's List, Akron Univ. As. Scholarship, Arnold Air Society, Military Ball Chairman, EVRHA, Buchtelite, SCPB, Braceville, Verderico, James, Acctg., Bus., Ak- ron, O. Victor, Margaret C., Speech Path. and Audit., Fine and App. Arts, Lichtenwalter Scholarship, University Singers, Angel Flight, Chi Omega, Sigma Alpha Eta, Carlisle, Pa. Virde, Karen S., Elem. Ed., Ed., Delta Zeta, Akron, O. Vogel, Thomas M., Soc. Stud., Ed., Barberton,O. Vrabel, Veronica M., Cloth. and Tex., Fine and App. Arts, Newman Club, Young Democrats, AWS, Home Economics Club-Sect., Theta Phi Alpha-Vice Pres., Cuyahoga Falls, O. Vuias, Fannie R., Home Ec., Ed., Tau Kappa Phi, Akron, O. W Wachtman, Ruth M., Elem. Ed., Ed., Dean's List, A.C.E., Kappa Phi, Napoleon,O, Wagoner, William R., Mech. Eng., ang., Sigma Tau, ASME, Mogadore, Walker, Jerry F., lnd. Man., Bus., Student Council, Elyria, O. WUlfeYS. Kathleen L., Elem. Ed., Ed.: Delta Gamma, Akron, O. Warner, Stewart W., Mktg., Bus., Lambda Chi Alpha, RHA, Toronto, Ont.,Can. Way, Ruth E., Sect. Sci., Comm. and Tech., Cuyahoga Falls, 0, Weiriclr, Irene M., Eefri Ed, Ed, He nrv-an Club, I-lrror-, O Weisel, Raymond L., I-avg . B.: , Oectrfs Ltst, CJl'J'f!J'J Fa -1, O Weiunbers, Abraham, Pre Mefdza , Lib Arts, Pr.. Z.QY7VJ fqpgn, Vr I-q Yigmql Frggk fj,,r I Airy., Q Whitmer, Sharma J., Bu: , Ed, Army Cporivf. A pta Gorrrffa De "J, Akron, O Willemin, Tanya J., P11041 . . b Afli. Ps- Cty Pzfcro if C ec. ANS, Young Den' 'f"j'1, I-vrv, O Williams, Paulette, Ed, SNEA, Av ron,O Wilson, Jo A., Ear' Ed , Ed , AHYOYI, O Wilson, Nancy F., E er' Ed , Ed , Akron, O. Wise, Robert J., H vcr,-7,1 o vp, Lib Arts, Pr- I- :xc Tree, 74 olmf Club, Nevrrro' Cao, fc .rg Republicans, I-lrwrt, O Wahl, Alan J., Hiv, Lib Ava, Pr I pha Theta, Tororno, Or-' , kr, fonnacott, Margaret L., Sec' Qc , Qmm, and Tech., FSI--Tre-C1 , C' Jmega, Brecksrtlie, O Woodring, Kenneth G, ll, Crea' Eng., Ef1Q.,AlCl'iE, S'Gn, O Wornica, Lonnie P., Q' Arg Comm. and Tech , Pr otogrccf f Club, Veteran's Club, Alrror, O Worseneroff, David T., 85731, . 5 Arts, Phi Sigma, Ritte, Bqrpqngq O. Wright, Martha L., Hisi, Ltb I-"s, Ann Arbor, Mich. Wroo, John M., Incl. Mar. B.: Adm., Akron, O, Yarcheck, Lawrence D., ind. Mar , Bus. Adm., Tau Kappa Epsilort-Prey, IFC, Marketing Club, Akron, O, Yerkey, Patricia L., Sparrsh, Lb Arts, AWS, Randolph, O. Young, Roger L., Ind. Mar., Bos Adm., DeOl'l'S List, Phil Sign-g Kappa, Akron, O. Yavich, John A., Psychol., Lib. Ar's, Dean's List, Soccer, Akron, O. Z Zelt, Irvin R., Pol. SCI., Lib. A"s, Meulstirn School, Alpha Epsilon P, Political Science Club. Pre-Law Club, WRHA, RHA, Buchtelite, Philadelphia, Pa. Zimbardi, Angelo G., Ina. Man.. Bus. Adm., Delta Sigma P-, Akron, O. Zimmerman, Nelson A., lnd. Man., Bus. Adm., Dean's List, Alliance. O. Zimmerman, Steven R., Ma'f1.. Ea., Alpha Epsilon Pi, Akron, O, Zubek, Mary Jean, Music, Ea.: Dean's List, University Marc'-ng Band. University Singers, Cle-e ana. O. Zudick, Irene, Elem. Ed., Ea., Mor- ristown, N. J. Zupancic, Anthony P., Chen-. Eng., Eng., AlChE: Akron, O. Zwisler, Rosemary A., Elem. Ea.. Ed.: Angel Flight, Glamour Qseen. Dean's List, Akron, O. Football COACH: Gordon Larson Dave Holian Fred DeHart joe Fondrk Vlliyne Harrison John Harrison Mike Hatch Dave Keitch Ken .Krummel Barry Schaad Chuck Shuman JOE Zwisler Paul Michalec, Mgr. Isavelt Amison jack Beidleman John Hoover Ron Lemon Sonny Pallija Dave Parker Keith Penman Dan Ruff John Travis John Vargo Dave Vincent Skip Maffei, Mgr. he -'if' ll'L0' 5 X 13 Il ti' as "li, .- 4- - . i . ,K ".. -. r"o ,W . are -e tfvifise. e A " E lle -1. Q M' fm? 'Tia f :"sfv.-g- -.. - , -,-.. .. Denny Mishler, Mgr. Rich Klauka Bob Azzariti Richard Krilich Sam Berg Paul Lavery Dick Bozicevich Bill LCIPICY Tom DeMarco Tony Llghtle Mike Foy john Lunter Mic Hutton Roger Maibauer Steme Jones Dale Marino Carlson Preer Frank Ricker Frank Travis Arnold Vedrin Chris Christafis, Mgr. J.V. LETTERMEN john Adorni Ed Agostinelli Paul Albright jim Altland Carl Best Karl Brode Tom Budziszewski Ben Cappelletti Bill Clauss Chuck Caroccia Pat Coughenour Doug Cox William Henry Dave Leininger Biff Houston Tim jenkins Dennis jones Stan Mazur Brad McCanna Allen McCarty Jamie McGarry Mike McGhee Dave Moledor Lou Morrell jay Mowery Luke Marchmon Tom O'Connor Wayne Pardee jake Pearson Ralph Perrotti Kent Pfeister Calvin Pierce jim Reis Carl Richards Reno Saccoccia Bob Shilling Wayne Sovlansk Gene Sungy Butch Ullman Tony Varrichio Mike Vladich Bruce Walker Y Sports Index Ron Ward Mike Watkins Joe Weishampel Rod Young Bob Jeffers Don Marshall Alex Dzerowicz jim Fonte Bob Bardyn, Mgr. Julio Linares Lew Ochs Dominic DeMatteis Paul Farrell john Lewang Fritz Schier Soccer COACH: Stu Parry Zoltan Szeghalmi Eugene Alfred Steve Cannan Rubens Ferriera Jerry Halay Ed Nostrati Bernard Pietrangelo Steve Reymann Paul Rockwood john Willenbacher jim McIntyre, Trainer J.V. LETTERMEN Abhaubreza Arkhavan Mahmoud Akhavan Chris Bernet Mike Bertini jim Bickett Fred Boehm Thosaporn Chanpong Verachi Chootinuntn Dale Cobane Miodray Djurovich john Falls Rahin Ferhoudmanesh Barry French Mike Gaynor Richard Gemmell Larry Hughes Mike Kanarios Terry Keenan Andrew Kpssover Frahad Lami Fernando Linares Bill McQuillen Fred Millard Tom Mroczkowski Bill Penov Don Reilly Peter Rosenthal Steve Pigan Rifle COACH: Sgt. Rich Hudkins Gary Burnell Lynn Levengood Dave Worsencroft Bog Klein Ken Alexander Allan Barden Russel Subiinske Nancy Worsencroft Wrestling COACH: Pete Guthrie Mike Freeman Greg Gilmore Tim Gilmore Skip Hull Dan McGrath Tom Wolff Bob Azzaritti Mark Carson Americo Cornacchione Ron Salmon Don Salmon Bill Trier, Mgr. Jeff Turley Ron Zumpano J.V. LETTERMEN john Caplinger Bob Chula Larry Cristifulli John Fox John Gaver Ed Morrison jack Price James Robinson Tom Sloan Bill Thomas M.ike Trecaso Dan Wiley Cross Country COACH: Al Campbell Bill Frutchey joe Stith Rick Cooksey Fred Wendel Ralph Davis Gary Barr Fred Spring J.V. TLETTERMEN Mark Maloney Cletus Griffin Ken Floom John Levchuck Basketball COACH: Wyatt Webb Tom Henry Chuck Randazzo, Mgr. james Burwell Bob Carlson Reggie England Jim Kusyner Denny Leach Dick Long Harvey Glover Dale Holgate Len Paul Chuck Vrabel Tom Coon, Mgr. Dave Rogacki, Mgr. J.V. LETTERM EN Mark Buie Mike Meneer Paul Mesko John Nickoless Ron Owens Karl Schwarzinger Dale Short Roger Sidoti Steve Swartzel Greg Wood Swimming COACH: Dale Stewart Art Litten Emanuel Saraceno jack Watson Dale Alspach Mark Davis Greg Haidet john Keller, Mgr. jim Larsen Don Leonard jim Frisby jim Harris Gerald Humphrey Robert Long Tom Midgley Doug Shearer Baseball COACH: Tom Adolph Ron Rank Dan Costill John Hoover Russ Howard Skip Mafei, Mgr. jim Peroli Bruce Claflin jim Lenehan Phil Parisi jack Powers Steve Stocker Dennis Goldsmith jim Liptacik Tom Miller jim Moryan George Weigand jim Reis Tom Welsh J.V. LETTERMEN Joe Benbow Andy Clayton jim Crawford Jim Glazer Russ Gottfried Artie Green Dave Grimes Ed Grosko jeff Inman Don Long Marty Meltzer Willis Sexton Tony Smarrelli Kyle Snyder, Mgr. Tennis COACH: Frank Chlad Bob Pyett Richard Rist Rick Franks Dave Stroup Tom Brown Roy Baine J.V. LETTERM EN Ron Michalec jim Johnson Ted Sawyer joe Scherer Dallas Aleman Mark Crumrine, Mgr. Tim Derins George Kuo Rick Love Lou Marino jim Uhl Dennis Wright Larry Zimmerman Track COACH: Al Campbell Fred Ponder John Travis Ike Amison J.V. LETTERMEN Gary Barr Rich Cooksey Rod Iehle Dan Lanahan Mark Maloney Al McCarty jim Travis Cliff Watson Fred Wendel Scott Repp C- 0 I f COACH: Don Burrowbridge Rich Barrick Rob Yanko lla jim Allen Allan Gildenberg Ed Palisin john Stearns Harley Kastner Bill Szwast J.V. LETTERMEN Greg LeFevre Jack Beidleman Reggie England Doug Frank Bill Frutchey Carl Klaus Don Lepkowski jake Pearson Harold Darkow joe Head 1 W 6' 1 ,aw-.. s-.Y- 1, Q F' 12 Y .V A x .illsmpxmil A ' ki I Steve Sidoti ,A 'ffTF:1'j' Denny Mishler, Mgr. h Q " jim Casslanova fa,-T g E N W,-Q1 Sam Dic erson 5?e""'P-,, eEiQ.'ff'3' s Cletus Griffin Dale jenrette - Wally Shins ,fi 'A 3.1. X l T L7 joe Stith ' - . '-if Gary Klaus - -' - b Greg Ralston Qftf' ' 's'L',.i, gill- AAII Alpha Delta Pi Appleby. J. Bahn. B. Baird, N. Belcich, Blair, C Borsos, G. Bowman. Brodecky. G. Brodecky, K. Bush, P. Bymakos, M. Casey. M. Clegg. E. Cook, A. Crawley. P. Culbertson, C. Curtis, C. Curtis, D. DeCastro, C. Deitle. R. Doherty, S. Engler. C. Ereth, C. Fessler, V. Floto. C. Fowler, J. Gillis, M. Glavitsch, B. Goik, Gregg, K. Griffith, Gustafson, L. Gwyn, Hart, P. Hershberger, L. Jewell, S. jones, L. Knecht, D. Krenrick, B. Krenrick, D. Large, L. Lovelace, L. Madoff, S. Malcbmb, McGrady, M. Meeks, M. Mobley, K. Moore, Moore, L. Moran, M. Morgan, S. Pagnard, W. Phares, Prack, A. Prasher. P. Price, T. Rastetter, P. Reagan, K. Richards, L. Rosca, A. Schoch, D. Scott, S. Sernicola, M. Sethman, K. Skhurdi, M. Slawter, Slee, P. Specht, N. Spinelli, S. Streid, B. Strickland, S. Strong, B. Stuver, Thompson, J. Trefry, M. Vorderman, C. Wfarner, L. XVheeler, C. Wheeler, N. Wflodkoski, M. AFA Alpha Gamma Albertson, M. Allen, P. Angelo, C. Baltayan, Bauman, M. Bauman, M. Beaven, A. Beight, D. Besset, J. Bertsch, P. Bilinovich, P. Boring, M. Buida, H. Callahan, K. Campisi, L. Carano, Carlson, S. Carver, A. Casey, D. Chamberlain, Cissne, Costigan, K. Danilov, L. Darbes, M. Davis, K. Difrangia, Ducharme, B. Dunn, D. Enright, M Faroni, V. Francis, C. Galbraith, D. Gale, P. Gall, G. Garritano, S. Garver, Gason, S. Gunderson, G. Hager, M. Harper, Hummel, L. Inama, K. Keith, M. Lampos, V. Lemons, K. Delta Lewellen, M. Magner, C. Malleck, C. Marshall, P. McAnnellan, M. McGuickin, M. Messner, L. Miller, L. Monerpenny, N Parsons, D. Parker, B. Patton, C. Petroff, E. Reed, L. Reid, C. Renzi, P. Renzi, Ruth, B. Sankey, G. Santoferraro, A. Shoffer, D. Smith, B. Sollenberger, C. Stoker, C. Stoker, Walbeck, J. Weller, K. Werner, P. Wight, K. Wisniewski, R. Yacovazzi, G. Ziff, Zimmerman, P. AKA Alpha Kappa Alpha Bowen, T. Butler, S. Carter, J. Carter, M. Ingram, johnson, M. Miller, L. Parker, Peavy, E. Pittman, D. Rainsey, J. Rowland, Saunders, 'E. Scott, C. Slack, B. Smith, L. Scruggs, C. Taylor, M. Trevillon, L. Watson, D. Wheeler, L. Woodard, C. X82 Chi Omega Arrietta, Auxter, P. Bartz, Z. Biery, P. Bittner, B. Blanar, J. Buerkle, B. Burbick, C. Clark, C. Collins, D. Constantine, T. Czerwinski, M. Deagan, C. Denholm, C. Derglin, R. Dufford, M. Durham, M. Emanuele, C. Ferrell, B. Fleming, L. Gillespie, G. Graef, B. Graef, H. Grauer, K. Gross, N. Gunther, A. Hampton, M. Hileman, P. Hill, S. Hohnes, S. Hyle, Ireland, B. lesser, F. Kidman, S. Kime, Kingaa, C. Kopcha, H. Kordick, I. Kovak, L. Kuder, J. Lashotka, K. Lease, L. Limbach, M. Makidon, D. McClure, L. McElhinn, M. Milanovich, B. Mueller, B. Mundy, M. Nelson, J. Newell, B. Newlon, S. Noland, P. Novak, D. Opryszko, Pappano, J. Pepperney, B. Poilos, E. Reinker, L. Rosso, M. Ruhlin, S. I Sarich, N. Schmidt, B. Shannon, E. Shannon, M. Shaw, B. Shepherd, S. Shumaker, M. Switzer, L. Tabor, N. Talcott, C. Tulley, D. Van Doros, P. Van Doros, P. Victor, M. Wasick, B. Weaver, D. Wolf, K. Wonnacott, M. Zito, V. AI' Delta Gamma Banyar, L. Barker, B. Bell, S. Berardi, A. Berry, A. Blinn, F. Blinn, Bonar, B. Bone, S. Booth, M. Brown, K. Chase, K. Coletta, J. Darrell, D. Enright, G. Fenwick, Full, O. Funk, M. Gannon, G. Garrigan, C. Gerber, M. Giffels, K. Giffels, P. Halsey, B. Haren, K. Hatter, J. Hickman, D. Holub, T. Humberson, D. Kotsalieff, M. Kubasta, I. Larson, D. Larson, Lotto, M. Lynch, P. Lynett, A. Mahoney, C. Maul, M. McCarthy, K. In S 'v A L McCarthy, K. McCarthy, P. McCormick, C. Meidlinger, L. Moore, C. .O'Breza, K. O'Toole, C. Oneacre, C. Palmer, J. Phillips, M. Poor, V. Pye, L. Reeves, L. Scalzo, D. Scarpitti, C. Scheid, S. Skromme, J. Smith, L. Smole, L. Snoble, J. Soudry, J. Stitz, N. Stuhldreher, R. Swartz, B. Talbert, I. Tatti, L. Tayman,,J. Tempero, K. Vesa, C. Vereshack, K. Walters, K. Weber, B. Werner, Werner, S. Whiddon, S. Wilson, D. Winkler, P. Zepka, C. AZ Delta Zeta Androsk S Y, - Armbruster, C. Armbruster, K. Armour, R. Bates, M. Bent, C. Beque, M. Bertha, B. Booth, K. Bott, Brewer, C. Buchanan, P. Burchette, B. Britton, K. Cain, N. 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B- MOdf21K, McCann, LHLICK, Gllls Mufnieks, I- McConnell, P. Lowe, S- Gmffck- A' Illlfiurgaggoyd, M. MCDC1-mott, M, Matthews, P. gfanagi- JM- C2, - McDowell, S. McCabe. M- ama 1 ' Panzner, J. McMahon, K, McElhinney, B. Hamad- R- 120ClfOSlI2', Mefzwgilgf, MCN3lf, II-gently' raft, - Mishler, P. MiCk11UaS, D- Ogan' ' Racano, A. Mitchell, M, Millerin, D. Kal-green. K- lliaciifids Montadone, N. Moran, C. 1123581166235- an es,. M 75. N1 ,B, 212, - RCYITIMU1 M- 0:35 P. NSXZTZ C, Kasarda, M. g0b1Sf?1,BL- Peters, S. Orlando, B. Ilgfnngogi C' umP 1 ' Plakas, A. Petrou. 5- me' ' Sfhenz, M- pope, A, Polovick, M. Kfay- P- Schveibinz, R. Pope, J. Powrie, C. Laube, K. SCOU, M- Puissegur, A. Rankin, L. Malecki M- Shfllfefv .L- Reinhart, C. Reiss, K. Mann' L' Shilinskx, R. Robert, K. Reynolds, K, Mafgo- Slgffledf D- Robertson, S. Rish, N. Mccauum' G' Somppla Rgllanqe, RltlZCI1Ol1I', Mentzer' Sordian, C. Roundy S. Sain, L M11fPhY, P- SPle55v Sciana ,R. Salzky, C- Nets, D' Stewart, C. Simmons L Sehoeni, J. OConnor, M. Stunmy, G. Siple J ' Seiler K. Ostroski, M. Xandei I5y1-CK- Siskd, Skean,s, K. II??etti'l5' angeo , . - 5 11 l ff CIS. - ve-f. Ig 2i.i1??i3,1l-ff T'3,i..a..ia, M. Pi-za K- Wlaldellchv N' Somner, P. Townsend, S. Poppenhouge' L Whltea M' Spallino, Upson, C. gongonii ' Wood. C- Spallino, M. Vuias, F. H- Stark, N. Wells, L. . v L A ' Starn, S. Winstead, B. Senfert' N' KK1' UM, M' iii' 2 Underwood, M. 1 v - Kappa Kappa Van Meer, J. Sdlmiflef, 5- Gamma Varian, P. Theta Phi Alpha Schreiber. P. Angwifl, D- Wallace, K- Aston, K. Sharnsky. M. Bader, V. Walsh, K. Balk, S. Weaver, N. W Brownsword, E. Welch, D. e...., -- -J., S Q Churchwell, M. Wheeler, Biff. ,Kg M135 , Colombes, S. Wilson, C. .f',,ffJJ" ,Z Cooper, M. Young, D. Q X 5 Costigan, P. ix 215. "'-,L Cunningham, N ogg, 4: TJQI' Danko, A-X' F rf- ,rift -A., Elmore, P. J ?j"":, swf' Emery, C. Phi Mu K 1 Etling, I. Abraham, L. XX-.T 1 ,A fy Fabrizio, Angeloff, P. ke- S - , 55. 'Q Ffifche, c. Asher, K. i sa gl Gilroy, N. Brooks, S. N' Graf, J, Browning, T. Shultz. J. Sikora. P. Sinacore, M. Smith, D. Snyder. Spagnuolo. S. Stephenson. M. Stephenson, M Stimer. E. Tramonte, R. Vrabel. R. XY'alker. L. Yfoino. J. ZTA Zeta Tau Alpha Ammeli. Athey. C. Bailey. S. Berringer, V. Bever. K. Bisesi, M. Bradbury, S. Brinton, D. Cafarelli, L. Calderone, M. Carpenter, Donovan, P. Duffey, P. Feight, K. Field, Gardner, L. Gianetta, T. Gibbs, K. Philios, C. Pukopa, D. Rowland, G. Secrest, L. Skinas, S. Slavinski, K. Starcher, S. Whitmyer, V. Whittlesey, I. Wilcox, J. Wilson, K. AEH Alpha Epsilon Pi Amster, L. Andrews, R. Angler, R. Baker, G. Becker, M. Berman, S. Boyle, R. Bronstein, N. Cohen, M. Davis, I. Hosfeld, C. Kessler, K. Ledeman, R. Markowitz, B. Matuk, T. Neiman, M. Novick, B. Paken, Pollack, M. Hamilton, A. Hardman, C. Hartney, D. Harrington, P. Hawkins, B. Howard, M. Humphreys, K. Klespies, S. Lekowski, Long, B. Martin, M. Mil-ciylou, M. Miller, V. Morris, L. Mostyn, B. Palumbo, R. Parks, L. Prysianzny, P. Rice, J. Samperisi, A. Schwartz, B. Schwerin, R. Shapiro, H. Sherman, H. Silverstein, M. Simon, P. Snyder, S. Smi-th, D. Star, J. Urbont, A. Varley, G. Vecchio, I. Weaderhorn, D. Weiner, Weinglass, N. Williams, B. West, W. Zelin, R. ACDA Alpha Phi Alpha Byrd, W. Chapman, M. Hagins, N. jones, D. Kirkland, C. Knox, T. Lenley, B. Nesbitt, W. Peavy, B. Pittman, F. Small, S. Tredwell, G. Walker, Woods, K. AXA Lambda Chi Alpha Allen, B. Allen, Allen, T. Altland, J. Antro, M. Auch, G. Bagndla, J. Bauidau, F. Barrick, R. Beckwith, P. Beabout, D. Berlin, J. Blank, W. Bowen, M. Carpas, N. Caufield, I. Cerceo, H. Clauss, B. Colombes, C. Coons, R. Cooper, Corle, J. Demont, M. Dickinson, D. Dixon, R. Downey, S. Flick, B. Gaynor, M. Gildenberg, A. Greer, A. Guesman, T. Haidet, G. Harrison, John Harrison, joe Harvey, E. Held, G. Hennessy, I. Hughes, L. Hummel, G. jacob, G. Jacobs, D. johnson, K. jursinski, K. Lackner, T. Lamm, T. Lengel, M. Lotz, B. 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YOL1I1g, , Finn, B. Fiocca, P. Firestone, S. . Foy, M. Tau KaPPa EPSIIOU Garriaon, R. Adams, Goldberg, H. Anderson, C. Hahn, In Andreo, A. Hall, G. Baftoki M- Heller, R. Bennett, G- Hendricks, R. Bosefti. C- Herman, Czedukf Hubbard, Dougherty, M. Jai-r, A. Fazio, T. Fox, Frase, G. Frey, J. Gardner, Gorczyca, Hauber, M. Howard, R. Ikins, T. jackson, G. Johnson, W. Karadin, J. Kerekes, I. Khoury, D. Koly, R. Kus, L. Levy, B. Lipesky, J. Lisowsky, Lutz, J. Major, D. Margida, F. Mariola, T. Martell, P. McKiernan, MacI.aughlin, Meyer, T. Musci, A. Myers, P. Nelson, R. Nelson, R. Nichols, T. Patrino, T. Perry, R. Pheister, K. Quilan, Racco, J. Reitenbach, P. Reynolds, G. Riggs, D. Rinaldo, R. Robertson, D. Schwartz, S. Seminaroti, P. Smith, A. Strible, V. Testa, T. Varca, F. Yasenka, R. Young, T. Zumpano, R. Zwisler, D. Zwisler, ATA J. Delta Tau Delta Battaglia, M. Bordner, C. Cobane, D. g Cornelius, E. Deitz, R. Farrell, T. Gaydos, D. Horan, Jensen, G. Krikey, T. Lewis, S. Lippert, C. Mazur, P. O'Toole, Pryor, J. Reed, B. Reeves, B. Rose, T. Scott, T. Shakelford, Stanoch, P. Webner, T. Whitmer, G. Zahorchak, A. Fl il .rw-' JUNIOR CLASS BOARD P. McCar+hy, J. Moore, D. Huff. D. Novak, J. Walbeck, M. Bauman. NOT PICTURED: B. Cosh gan, C. Verboom lPresidenfl, J. Zwisler, M. Spallino. .ALJ A General Index Acme Zip .. 76-77 Adminislraiion ..... . . . I78- l 79 Alpha Chi Sigma .' .................... 262 Alpha Delta Pi ...... ina, izsisl, 150,312 Dorm Week . . . . . I66-I67 Drugs ....... . . l00-lOl Eleclions ........ . . I04-l05 Evening College ......... .. 30l Evening Sfudenl Council .............. 203 Golf ................. 240-24l, 249, 3 l l Gymnaslics . .......... 50-5I Facully .. ........ I80-l8I Foolball ....... ... 2l0-2l5, 249, 3l0 Forensic Union . . . ....... . . .. 203 Founder's Day . . . .. 82-83 General College .. .... 300-30l Greek Week .... . . I34-I39 Homecoming ........... . . 78-8l Home Economics Club Alpha Epsilon Pi ........ I43, l45, l50. 3l4 Alpha Gamma Della .... ll5. I23, l45, 3l2 Alpha Kappa Alpha .. II7. l40, l46l2l. I47. 3l.2 A Key ................ .... I 76b Alpha Lambda Della ................ l76a Alpha Phi Alpha ........ I37. I43. l50. 3l4 Alpha Sigma Lambda ................ l76a American Socieiy of Civil Engineers .... 289 American Sociely of Mechanical Engineers 290 Angel Flighl .......................... I97 Army Sponsors ..... l96 Arnold Air Sociel'y .... . . . l99 Ari' ....... ' ......................... 48-49 Associalion for Childhood Educalion Associared Women's Sludenls ..... Baller ....................... Band . . . .......... . . . . Baseball .. ....... 232. 333 Baskelball ........ 222, 227, 248. Bela Alpha Psi . .. .... .... . . . . Biology Club . .. Board of Truslees . . . 277 l89 64-65 . 77, I75 , 248. 3ll 3l0. 3lI l76b 257 I78 Buchlelile ...... ................. 2 O6-207 Chi Omega .....,...... I25, l29. 135. 312 College of Arfs and Sciences ...... 254-26l College of Educalion .............. 274-285 College of Engineering ............ 286-29I College of Fine and Applied Ar'rs .. 292-295 College of Nursing ................ 296-298 Collegiale Nursing Srudenis ............ 298 Communily and Technical College .. 270-273 Concerls ............................ 74-75 Counferguerrillas . . . ......... 20l Cross Counfry ............ 2l6-2l7. 249. 3l0 Della Gamma .. II4-Il5, 'l42. I46. I47 l5l ' 3125 Della Tau Della ........ I33. l48, l50. 3l6 Della Zela ........ ll7, II9, l22, I4, 2l, 3l3 l-lonoraries lndependenl Sludenls Club lnierfralernily Council ..... lnsfilure of Eleclronic and Eleclrical Engineers . . . . . . . lnlernalional Srudenrs Club lnlramurals ............... 294 276. abcd ....... . I94 l87 .. 280 . . . ..... . l95 . . .... 244-247 Kappa Della Pi .................... l76b Kappa Kappa Gamma .. II6, l24. I26. I27, l35. l5O, 3l3 Lambda Chi Alpha .. I26. I27 i2l, l40, I42. 3l4 Lone Slar .. l25, l32, I33. I36. l4l. I43, 3l6 Lolfery ............................ 98-99 Major Evenls .... .. l90 Mal-h Club ....... .... 2 60 Music Deparfmenl .. .. 52-53 Moraiorium .......... .. . 96-97 Omicron Delia Epsilon .. l76b Omicron Della Kappa l76b Pan Hellenic Council .... .. l86 Pershing Rifles ........ .... 2 00 Phi Alpha Thela .. ............... l76d Phi Della Thela I20. l35. l4l. l46. l48, 3l4-3l5 Phi Eia Sigma .. .. Phi Kappa Psi .. l76d l3O. I44. I49. 3l5 Phi Kappa Tau .. ll4 422 2 Phi NAU .......... ... ll5 l23 Phi Sigma Alpha .. ........ .. Phi Sigma Kappa .. .. l30 El Phi Sigma Sociely .... .. .. Phi Sigma Tau .... Regisiraiion ................ Residence l-lall Governrrenf ........ 242 l30, I3 Riilery .................... Scabbard and Blade School of Law ....... Senior Class Board .... Senior Class Direclory Sigma Delia Pi ..... Sigma Alpha Era Sigma Pi .......... I24. Sigma Tau . .... . Soccer . . . .. Speakers ................ 215-22 Siudeni Cenfer Program Ecard .. Srudenl Council ......... Swimming ....... ..... Tau Kappa Epsilon Tau Kappa Phi .. Tel-Buch ...... Tennis . ........ .. Theaire Guild ....... Thealre Produc+ions .... Thela Chi ................ Thera Phi Alpha .. im rzi Track ........ .. I2-4, 228-229 l4l 74 gunz: ...-.. ll9 236-23 Valkyries ....... . .. Veierans Club WAUP ...... Wreslling WRHA .... Young Demccrafs . Young Republicans . Zera Tau Alpha .. - 'C-235 JZ 1 Af 1 134 7 ,- '12- l 242 E 'I 7 324-3 F7 if-A 3 .. I' R A,-. .. LA. 1 A, - L - SUCCESS IS COLLEGE RING By john Roberts d 'ea-. Q-ii 'P N . ig r I . .1-. C a.. - " ll Fw or . ex 9 A . A W5 ..b, film Ali , J TQ- S' . ' -:ff 'f'5'f.' .iff V SQ' -w-P5 X NJ' Q SL- me ' L ' ,lj 0 .f A ,sq 'mia lf.: 'dw V 4. 'Q k ' Q aw x n, 1 -I Q S Q 1' '- . f J gi 0 ,, h Q ' 1,48 3 y h, "Q v x b ij 4 H. 5 1, 5:35. 5' 04 'F .L in Your Bookstore 'w fwif I . C 5 N ff. F? .ff Y X Q. I I, 0 n , r , f . , u . , ' - Q -4 S ' x I V X wx,- zf- ' . f . ' A- W . 4 x '- x X x - - LX XQX X443 . Hr., ,ff -Y V, I Q LEX' Vw - .UK xi ., ,f r f 9 A,-!?.,k v ' ' 4' X :SMH A U N J rw 1 r x Veiie 'rr' K S f L .V jim k REX V3 I lv Q I C 'lwii,i,:'rk F55 M fi C'j'.FW4' M5 M a ra 4 M If MJ HN I bd QE' xx .JK .W V ,xi 7-'Mfg , 5 if lil, A , pn.. -igff Jv,, if U JJ, , A, Irylllyl'-,EJ In ,.-555' -L N5 WWE 'r 4...-IQ. E..T.'..L-"'-.T-..' ,lj at Parting Shots, Acknowledgements The l970 TEL-BUCH was produced tor the Uni- versity ot Akron by the Taylor Publishing Company, Dallas Texas on 80 pound dull enamel paper. End- sheets are 65 pound cover weight stock. The basic style ot type is Vogue, with the Centennial section done in Garamond. Copy type size is I2 point, headlines are 36 point Optima. The cover, using a base color ot brown and applied gold mylar over l60 point binders board, was produced by Durand Manutacturing Company, Chicago. Senior pictures were taken by Colonna Studios, New York. The l970 TEL-BUCH had a press run ot 6,000 copies with nine tlats ot color. All color was hand separated by the printer using 35mm. and 2lf4 x 2lf4 trans- parencies. Photo Credits Russ Tripoli: p. 79 top, p. 93 bottom right, p. l20 top lett, p. l22 top lett, p. l24, p. l46-l47 bottom middle, p. l66, p. I67, p. I89 bottom, p. I94 top. p. l95 bottom, p. 248 top middle, p. 3l I top lett. John Van Steenberg: p. 5l top middle, p. 53 top, p. 68 top middle, p. 88-89 top right, p. 90 p. 204 bot- tom lett, p. 2 I4, p. 288, p. 289, p. -298. Tobias: p. 52, p. 53, p. 54, p. 55 top, p. 66 top lett. p. 67 top middle, p. 93 bottom right. p. l78 top lett, p. I99 top, p. 270 top middle, p. 302 top middle. Beacon Journal: p. 46 top, p. 95 top lett, p. 99 top middle, p. I24-l25 bottom middle, p. l78 top, p. l95 top middle, p. l98 top middle, p. 27l top middle. Mary Chastain: p. l02 bottom right. lra Lee: p. 83. p. 262, p. 29I . Craig Rosser: p. 42 top lett. Stewart Block: p. 69. Bob Wilkey: ALL THE REST. Special thanks and our sincere appreciation goez to the following: To Johnny Hart tor the use ot his B.C. cornfc :trip characterz. To News Service tor their help in securing photogr,,r,hg ard Jean Matthews in particular tor her help with the r,Tq'.,rr,g tor the division pages. To Ken MacDonald, Director ot Sport: Intorfratigf, To Dr. Greene tor his co-operation in photographing rig experiments. To President Norman P. Auburn, Carztell Stewart, H. lNe:'ef Brown and Reggie Brooks tor their co-operation ir tte if-er- views for the book. To Dorothy Hamlin for her tolerance ot our clumsy ettort: in the archives. To Gordon Larson, Wyatt Webb and Stu Parry tor ttei' co-operation in allowing the statt to tape their halttime talks so the statt could secure quotes. To Colonna Studios tor their excellent co-operation and to Richard de Jongh tor his help in securing the photographs on page 2 and page 3. To Addressograph Multiqraph and Akron National Banlr to allowing us to use their ads. To Eastman Kodak tor the picture on page I3. Credit line reads as tollows: Kodak lNternational Newspaper award picture. Photo by Wray Langston. Staff ' Editor .................. David l-lilkert Production Manager .... Mary Pepperney Business Manager . . John Zeno, Pat l-lart Executive Secretary .... Debbie Thompson Layout Editor .......... Rita Considine Centennial . . . ............ Tom Meyer Coleen Deagon .. . K. Brodecky, S. Colombes Theme .... Greek . . . Dorms ............... Connie Cordaro Organizations ...... J. Ondrus, V. Smith Sports ...... ............. P at Hart Senior ..... .... G . Borsos, M. Moran Art .......... ........ T om Meyer Head Typist .. . . . . Karen Bolesny Typist ....... . .. Ann Ducharme Copy Editor ............ Daryl Fieldman Greek copy .............. Jim Zwisler Senior and dorm copy ...... Cindy Lake View copy ...... C. Lake, R. Considine I Design ...... . . ....... Ron Shrettler , 1 , illl lll -" 'fin 1 rx 1 'J ,Bam , P QTY I Q 1 iihvlli Qililuwr ,,,Y--sv . ,-1f- 'e Q , X .s .Madman , .. , ,M ,,,....v.s..s 'vhs K, M U, . . ' X was F- , . "V"-Luv 'avr '. A Q3 , Sn" J, f JU' ' x ,- x ,,,,.- , q. - ,p-.----- xx y , X 9 . , s 4 A IS a fhen I+ H' only used jf' Ai ,-1' which is 0 chosen ldenh fnrs'r mass 8,000 sfudenfs. ng of Jrhe ri' of Akron Un campus bowl, The I97O TEL changing evenr regardoless,.Of,.,MYhoQif1QsF ,,.. fhS?Y,. nor. The pucfures were chosen in Jrhe malor achvshes of The I969 i970 ye r ve overlooked or undercovered any mold n'r 'rhen error of ludgment The year was u 6 I, The um, The BTack Sfudues conflict Cambodia, Kent nge. I ff 3 . pry f r.-.:..,-asi-' . Wig 1 D 'w 'F Nga.. f 2 Q-..0..,-gf. .. - w. Q 2 4 f"Y.s-,A X ' , Wvi. QW -kv... .f..,,,-.M-+..e-.1 T' 'Mi 'Mani ,afvfi 5 lcohol my Q, , . 'HHN S , 4 I f I 455:41 M am Lknv' ' ' it K' x rvrfff ,U 4 1 'W-UH" U: fr 5,5 I . I .--Q I . . 1,54 .7-E., , M uf A , r,f QYP1' . 4 P, ff 'af ,, . r ,V ., JW 41 H 'Pa J." . 1 ' I n f v-' x s , I , . '51 'J1a",' , . . V- 1 1 A, 9 "5 w :"'-,iv 1 . 'L v J f 4 X X -X , Agfa". x p u .,. wL,L l 1 'Vo 'v . 1 , . 111 U :jar 4 L, -Q 1 4 'f-H" L", . '1 X. 172 M ' 4 : ' ,JI N , A Y - iv T ,. -,-,s!1 n..i". '19, l v v g-' vi H- 7- . 4-..Y.4P 'A' 'D' ' 0 1'a vi In I ' - if . wr '59 -rf ' ' 1' .. 'ifg 'Q ,Q " IL . ' ul 0 1 up. -. my .-1.-T... , . TRW, at 0 1 'o . ' F. HUHHI 1, au fic.: IU' . , sm lil! L v . ...Mm ,nl C I er '- 5' J 55 in TEH ...4, 4...,wm " " ,. '--ws- " a A a . I . I '. O' Oo. .n':".:s'r I . t 1 . ' u C. .lit ., ...sw I I . on' " 0 n n g .. a I ' , " , . . . o I 5' - 0 0' ,, -vvusun 0 'U . D , ull un ,J . , ' f ' ' ,,- ,, O 3.4 '4 Ii il : I I D 3 5 O 0 , I ... J U ' A . I ' ' 'J""0'Clto:-.- gif " ' 9' H, " 1: I I ' G .P J--JT". , - .v...s v.A-if ' 5 V ' . . . xs-Q , v s . . . it V - , 'T' -- , "'4Kll'- In Q .. .5 s - -'vw ,4 - -' -. . ' ' 3' " mifllm I 5 b N Q. J ' - A Kp,- "' '-'Hn I lggQ7"f? T-, 5 .M Q 0 ' ' 1 O

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