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(DP o nncMDw PRESENTS ' JFIUip mxirVo iEvisi TIEIL IBWm AKRON, OHIO GEORGE DICK JR. EDITOR-IN-CHIEF COPYRIGHT 1967 WMVIERmTir (DP AiKRm PRESENTS mWIETIEIEW TIEU Ewm AKRON, OHIO GEORGE DICK )R. EDITOR-IN-CHIEF COPYRIGHT 1967 To HIBILIS (DP (BmTIEWT THE YEAR THE UNIVERSITY ACTIVITIES and ORGANIZATIONS GREEKS SPORTS 4 98 166 218 273 Anthuiiy Ttrzii Petals of a world and a time, these todays, are ours and are all that remain of tomorrows. Todays that remind us that the depth and width of this world can be found in the symmetry and silence of shadows upon the snow, the reflections on an evening stream. This world and these times, which pass through our hands and before our eyes, and remind us to hope, to place April-nests in bare limbs of sleeping trees, to look beyond here and I, and to see. Anthony Terzis H ' vcA u.fl l i f vl 1 ' ' : HlMtll 1 i " " -- ' ' , 9 .- 7 j H f -i The city . sepulchre and circus . neon machine of people and things . gray buildings and streets . the sad symmetry of an old man ' s face . the eternal welcome of the statue Signs of the city mumble " salvation inside " . . . while the people and the days pass before silent windows . . . and the broken-glass stares of an alleyway rain. But while this part of the city crumbles back into itself and fades . . . they are pushing up a new part, and as the steel knits and the cement takes root, the city grows. And yet as it grows, there are dreams in the alleyway ruins of places ungray and away from here . . . of green grass and the rising of the moon. Eklai-hromes by Robert Wilkev Ekt.ichromes by loseph Cnllev or some, the University is a last defense, the ast stop before facing reality . . . that absurd guise of the world. For others, it is a last place to look for something to respect and believe in. Here there are those who seek anonymity in a number . . . and those who seek themselves in the eyes and words of others. It is a place where the assured and con- fident can revel in their ambition . . . and where the confused can come to rest ... to contemplate their confusion. In a world ruled by practical men . . . where idealists are often outcasts . . . the University is a place where a dream can be the starting point ... or the goal ... a place where a dream can be. The University is a sanctuary of contradictions ... an island for the confused . . . a starting place for the determined. For the sum total of a University ... its motive for existence ... its life and being . . . are the confused, determined people who learn and teach there . . . the people who discover new ideas and define old ones . . . the people who uncover tomorrows with the unlikely device of youth . . . with the secure logic and knowledge of what has gone on before. 10 Without these people, the buildings would stand mute . . . unable to mutter one idea of their own. Without these people, the University would have nothing to give but silence . . . the echo of unasked questions. Without their curiosity, the University would stand in stillness . . . a symmetrical exercise in buildings and books. The University exists because they exist. They are the University . . . they are what it stands for . . . it is what they make of it. The University grows only when they grow . . . when the ideas they find here are used to replenish and change the world about them. lay Slider : aH 11 12 The Year . . . Somehow it Began Long lines of weary people lean against the walls outside and contemplate the dollar signs and figures which appear on the clattering cash registers inside. Titles and course numbers, authors and schedules are forgotten. The price will be remembered. A jumble of faces and books and shelves, and did you say eight dollars for this . . . Some time later they escape, with little white bags over- flowing with all the books they need, (and one or two they didn ' t). 13 WlZ ' " ' " dHlflk «« loseph Crilley ' . r 1. 14 In the morning the university policemen stir from their booths, ticket pads poised in anticipation. And suddenly, from each direction they come, the few thousand bleary-eyed souls who descend on the parking lots, and the long battle for a space begins. After an hour or two, the commotion and competition have settled into relative tranquility. The winners are happily and safely parked, the losers have left their cars in back alleys or the faculty lots, and others are circling and looking still. Joseph Crilley 15 16 A dorm . . . an unlikely home for awhile . . . a likely sanctuary from the new and strange . . . a collection of strangers and friends. A place of study . . . or one to loaf . . . or even one to drink coffee and think about another time and another place. 17 18 Joseph Cfrlley Grinning workmen stood around the piles of bricks and cement which would someday be a Student Center, or an Auburn Center, or a new dormitory, and discussed other things. Meanwhile we waited. Deadlines came and passed. Fall turned into Winter, and the buildings remained just steel-skeleton promises. We waited. With the Chuckery lying stillborn among the unfinished confines of the Student Center, and the Science Center, standing pale and undone, students wondered and waited for the myth-like day of completion. 19 ■. rs : - . I 20 Kobert VVilkev And then, the Miracles . . . the days came when the workers left the buildings complete the days we stood around in awe and disbelief. loseph Criilev 21 22 GD 1%. September is a time of rushing, for Freshmen to keep losing their way, and professors to shake their heads; a carnival, the middle of which centers around the magic of RUSH. Monday ' s strangers smile as they pass; Friday sees the strangers meeting other strangers, and strangers becoming friends. Mid-terms are still so long away, and the sun is still a summer left-over. Impromptu football games are played on lawns and parking lots . . . beanies, buttons and ribbons decorate pledges, and sorority pledges decorate the campus ... all in the evening of a year which is just beginning. 23 24 The long line of impatient people waiting to get in stand outside the tall cement gates, and listen. The call of hot dog and pop-corn vendors floats along the early evening air. A low murmur hangs above the bowl, which is filled with light against the setting sun. Suddenly an explosion of sound erupts from the stadium, and the people outside wonder if it is them or us. The people in the line at the gate hurry through, and after a few moments emerge from the dimness of the stadium passageway, into the crashing storm of color and sound which is ACME-ZiP. Upturned faces, smiling, shouting, frowning with anxiety, concentrate on the small, violent plain, where certain gladiators battle their way without weapons. 25 !■:,.! . It ' . ' .U ' 26 Stan Hwyet Hall, the majestic home of the Seiberling family, given to the city by the heirs, provided the back- drop for home soccer games for the Zips. Warm October afternoons saw ever- increasing crowds come to watch the matches on the Great Meadow. 27 28 To begin again . . . means to start with a certain number of friends and familiar faces . . . and then to make new friends and meet new faces with smiles . . . and the easy miracle of saying hello . . making superficial the space between strangers. To begin again with a new year . . . and with the business of making friends with the people who might have been there all along. 29 Football ' 66 The sight and sound of a Saturday afternoon, and an Autumn battle . . . Shifting forms of blue and gold upon the green of a small and violent plain. Each vying hopefully. Robert Wilkev 31 Robert Wilkey Robert Wilkey " t V ■ p i iiwii i BP ft t 32 33 A it: liiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiui 34 And then, when this day is done, and now has passed to newer times and different Autumns, a picture will remember, and then so will we . . . the sight and sound of a Saturday Afternoon. , - ii Robert Wilkev Homecoming — The Agony . . . The Ecstasy. October — the word itself calls to mind a rush of bright imagery. A vision of Homecoming . . . pretty girls in lovely dresses ... a darkened, flowered Memorial Hall . . . The Count, coming on strong . . . the quiet beauty of a queen ' s smile . . . the warmth of torchlights and laughing faces . . . Ella, overpowering us with excellence ... a mosaic of football games and fading faces, Halloween parties and yesterday— names. 36 Robert Wilkey ■Nnthonv Tefitis 37 38 A fine thread of vengeance and violence runs through " The Visit " — taking the audience in its grasp as well as the characters. For an evening we all become citizens of impoverished Gullen — offered wealth in return for a life. Anton Schill, magnificently portrayed by Bob Crowley, stands accused by the rich and beautiful Claire (Tari Johnson). Only the townspeople, led by their Burgomeister (Mark Auburn), can decide his fate — and ours. The University Theatre ' s production of this modern classic, directed by Dr. James F. Dunlap, was the dramatic high- light of the season — pitting men and women against the most basic values of their civilization. 39 40 A brisk Autumn day . . . the wind whipping the leaves to the ground . . . the branches growing stark and bare . . . red flags flutter in the breeze . . . the cross-country team exhibits strain and tension as they gracefully cross the open spaces . . . some alone . . . others in spotty groups. --Vvl_ 41 42 December . . . and music is in the air as the Serendipity Singers give a concert in Memorial Hall, and the Greek groups sponsor Songfest, to raise money for the American Cancer Society . . . the winner ' s circle shared by Phi Delta Theta and Delta Zeta. 43 44 Day-after-reflections; flowers and formals, Memorial Hall collage of blue and green uniforms. Just inside from a November night, crossed sabers and momentary spotlights make islands of light for smiling faces. Glenn Miller music and muted voices through the dim light, the night-time sounds surrounded figures in immaculate uniforms and lovely dresses. Color photoi;fdph hy Roliert VVilkey 45 oseph Crilley The Akron coed? Some you know and some you ' ve yet to meet . . . short and blond or tall and brunette . . . wonder about their names, their smiles, and just exactly what it is they are thinking. Long-haired, short-skirted, quick-smiled, they somehow get us from September to Spring. loseph Crilley Joseph Cfillev Anllinnv Terzis 47 The universal sport . . . performed from benches, railings, steps and windows . . . the faces lift and eyes smile at the passing faces, which sometimes look, and often smile back. Settle back with coke in hand, and watch them come and go. V y , PI c-b. ( Robert Wilkev Series by Robert Wilkev 48 Series bv loseph Cnllev 49 ? 4 li. 1 " W 50 Still-life studies in real-life remembers inspiration and wisdom are sold by the credit hour . . . to touch the world and maybe change it . . . to pick up the cryptic pieces of an imperfect today and to shape it with ideas of youth and vigor . . . to listen and learn and see where others went wrong. They live for today, and must hurry to keep up with it dissatisfied with little judgments and black and white conclusions . . . youth, restless to keep moving, unfinished with being born. 51 Three hundred years after its premiere, Tartuiie. Moliere ' s satire of religious hypocrisy, continues to make a great number of people laugh, and more importantly, think. Directed by Dr. Wallace Sterling, the production portrays the wide range of human fault and fancy and reaches Moliere ' s intended conclusions of truth and sincerity. Orgon (Mark Adams) falls prey to the wily opportunist Tartuffe (George Dick) over the protests of his brother, Cleante (William Compton), wife (Sue Miller), and son (Russ Bolin). Only when Orgon is persuaded by his wife and the servant Dorine (Sherril Hardin) to eavesdrop on the evil Tartuffe does he realize that he has been taken in. The play ends with Tartuffe being led away to prison and Orgon apologizing to all in his household. 52 |]h..liiBr,ipln li k ' .ih.Tl Wflkc 53 For a day, the business of building tomorrows slows . . . and a man and a yesterday are remembered . . . Founder ' s Day, 1967. But if we take time to remember where it all began, we can also be reminded where we are going ... as the Town Gown series gives us directions of greatness . . . Arthur Schlesinger Carl Rowan. 54 55 56 Anthony Terzis lo eph Cfillev Winter ... the campus shivers beneath a gray December shroud, and slowly watches the small days, and waits ... the cold settles in and hangs icicles while the snow begins to make the bare trees beautiful. Gray ants of people bundled against December scuttle between their white brick buildings . . . Saturday on their minds. Professors and others are dissected and pondered over dixie cups and coffee while the mornings snow. The Campus . . . sometimes carnival, sometimes cemetery lot, continues to unravel . . . as snowmen come and go. Anthony Terzis 57 58 59 r AMMONIUM i lAYDROXIIJEj |j[NH40H_blJj Robert Wilkev Joseph Cnllev loseph Cnlley 60 Series Ektachromes by Robert VViikey The laboratory . . . where things that whir and things that tick . . . and things that do neither, but demand attention nonetheless ... all exist in a fleeting sort of harmony, and are all waiting to be explored further. Series Ektachromes by Joseph Crilley 61 The classroom ... a laboratory of Ideas, where books, questions and curiosity are the devices for discovery . . . forms bent over desks, accepting the daily business of learning . . . faces upturned, watching the man in front trace out thoughts and ideas . . . watching a man inject imagination into knowledge. 62 63 64 Books . . . browsing books and learning books ... all make demands on students, sometimes unwilling to admit their dependence on them, but always in need of hearing what they have to say . . . Blackboards . . . sometimes defying what is known . . . hoping to make clear what should be known . . . always dusty, some- times more clearly so than the minds that pursue them . . . helping the student learn new ideas. 65 66 loseph Cn Forms sighing in the nine-o ' clock room . . . submission to the necessary, as an imaginary path is plotted to the lounge, and friends. Forms massed in the midday room . . . console themselves with ham- burgers, Aristotle, and occasional pangs of conscience. Forms intent in the five-o ' clock room . . . caught between storms, blinking on coffee . Pieces of a puzzle called learning. Robert Wilkey 67 The comic devices of Richard Sheridan ' s " The Rivals " include an abundance of mistaken identities, the schemes of would-be lovers and an appearance by the infamous Mrs. Malaprop- portrayed to prospection by Diane Simonetti. Captain Absolute (Scott Duey) vies for the hand of Lydia Languish (Stephanie Miller), but not without outfoxing such rivals as Mark Auburn and Hugh Rice. David Pagnard, in a brilliant portrayal of the quick-tempered Sir Anthony, and David Fox as the lovelorn Faulkland rounded out director Paul Daum ' s cast in this comic mixup of thwarted wooers. Heigh-ho. 68 The cohesive persuasion of Dr. Walter Judd . . . as " What about Red China? " became an evening ' s topic. And Harrison Salisbury of the New York Times . . . " Vietnam Report. " gave many some second thoughts . . . Town Gown, in the Spring of 1967. 69 Basketball ' 66 An Era Ends . . . Robert VVilkev 71 im The mellow rumble of Memorial Hall . . . when it is THE season . . . and faces fixed on the lights of the score reflect the tense hope for victory . . . and the promise of the trip to Evansville. 74 Memorial Hall rumbles . . . a T V eye and a few thousand intent faces watch the blur of measured, precise violence . . . violence of winning or losing which the lighted numbers proclaim. White seconds tick irrevocably . . . either toward or away from Evansville. Faces . . n the crowd they form, smile, frown and yell On the bench they worry, hope and wait The calm anxiety of a coach . . the straining faces of the players . . grim with the task of victory HiKh Speed Ekt.ichr. . In Kchert Wilki " 75 The End of an Era . . . The night . . . crisp and cold The crowd . . . roaring and large The teams . . . anxious and ready The coaches . . . eager and waiting The game . . . fast and exciting The hall . . . resounding and warm The victory . . . final and conclusive The end of an era had come to pass. 76 i ■ - W ' ? J ■■ i 17 lo eph Crillev Anthony Terzis 78 About when you thought it wasn ' t coming . . . Spring finally arrived and loosened the desolate pall which hung over everything. The grayness of the Winter months disintegrated . . . and suddenly it seemed more fun to just lay around and soak up the precious new sun than to go to that two o ' clock class. Without hats and scarfs, and with smiles . . . old faces looked new again. It became harder to sit in class . . . with sunlight and the sound of people laughing pouring in through the window. r 1 m i • 1 t 1 Rolx ' il Vilki- 79 A bright, new-penny April day contains the irony of frowns, and withered skies . . . and long-haired girls smiling, laughing. Calliope-sounds from cars and benches. Young men grin or stare intently at passing scenes, and sometimes wonder . . . how long youth will be lasting. Elsewhere, coke-bottle madonnas await their turn to say a word or two . . . about the world . . . and themselves. Meanwhile, they continue to be amazed by the order of illogical reality which abounds, surrounds them. (The miracle event of a smile on a stranger ' s face.) But then, remember, time has a way of forgiving . . . the receding days fade into a jumble of goodbye faces . . . and eight o ' clock classes. — .. . i - " ' 80 I 111. )oseph Crillev lohn ' an Steenberg 81 82 Canvas-flower-umbrellas appeared at the first drops of rain . . . and coatless people scurried into door- ways to peek out. White smudges of faces looked down from the rain- smeared windows . . . and watched the steam rise from sidewalk squares and watched the people, bent into the wind, hurry by. With little warning. Spring had ambled in . . . and sat smiling in a new profusion of green and blue. loseph Cnliey Robert VVilkey 83 r n Argument and persuasion . . " we " are better than " they " . . parties and parades, bulls and bills . . ending in a vote and a victory . . and defeat for a few ' ■•• •UL AltTl tMOINCW, 84 The Birthday Party provided theatre-goers with the last major thrill of the season; Bob Crowley and Stephanie Glickman handling |v, their roles with great aplomb, in the tragic ■ ' tale of one man ' s demise, t ' J ■ » • -- ■ ■ ■ ' " - 85 Color Photography bv Robert Wilkey .1 ' Athena ' s Antics . . . The face of the campus altered by Greek Week, as the fraternities and sororities staged a week of events . . . some became tired . . . others exultant. 86 Faces tense in the struggle . . . drawn against the foe. The challengers met and the battle became pitched . . . Campus Bowl . . . SCPB Chess Match. 87 Student expressions on canvas . . . others in clay and wood . . . music filling the air . . . Fine Arts had a Festival in April. The last of the Kingston Trio . . . the best of the Kingston Trio ... A Sunday afternoon while the spot- lights watched . . . and they asked " Where have all the flowers gone? " Ekt,3chr{)mes by Robert Wilkev 88 ML ' 3 loseph Crillev The Chuckery . . . finally finished haven and sanctuary . . . dimly-lit . . . noisy oasis for the oppressed student . . . the frustrated card-playing hordes. The Chuckery . . . the only thing on schedule is the jukebox . . . the only person lecturing is the person in the next chair . . . and the only thing dis- agreeable is the thought of leaving. K L. ' v ' ' H 89 lohn Van Steenberg Disney Dreamers ... off in a distant world . . . hoping to win a prize . . . caught up in the excitement of May Day, 1967. The Day to live for, always just over the rainbow . . . only a fluffy dream till now . . . while others thought of other things . . . the vote to come sooner than they thought. 90 Cklachromes by Robert Wilkev 91 Infrared Aerial Ektachrome bv Robert Wilkev 92 The classroom . . . laboratory of ideas . . . books and questions the devices for discovery. Drooping heads and blank note pads in the morning haze . . . the rows of faces sit listening . . . trying . . . fitting together forms . . . elements in a test tube . . . words on a paper ... or ideas from inside . . . pieces of a puzzle called learning . . . the promised land of June just ahead. loseph Cnlley 93 I |i I I j ] 7 isr . A ' . Just one more obstacle to go before the total collapse . . . examinations. With the weary patience of the condemned . . . a multitude of reluctant scholars begin the age-old task of learning in a week or two . . . the material of weeks and months. Z ' 94 And then ... on the fated days . . . they stagger in and settle into seats . . . and begin to contemplate their fate on the mimeo- graphed sheets . . . wondering why so many classes were cut. Iiilcdft d Acfidi Ektachrome by Robert Wilkev 95 A warm June evening . . . and a few thousand parents, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles sit patiently, fan themselves with programs, watch and wait for a special name to be read. Long lines of black-robed people file past . . . faces smiling, a little nervous, but very proud . . . A familiar scene, played each June, the same . . . unless of course it is your graduation . . . then it becomes a very special graduation ... on a very special evening. Ektachromes by Robert Wilkev 96 97 with Governor Rhodes at groundhreaking for Schrank Hall with Mayor Ballard at Luncheon during a halftime show at Basketball game during dedication ceremonies for Gardner Center 98 ever the ardent fan of athletics Norman Paul Auburn Having established stability as a tradition, and imagination as a precious commodity, Norman Paul Auburn has already cre- ated a place for himself in the heart and history of The Univer- sity of Akron. During the past sixteen years he has v orked vig- orously so that the University might have a place and a direc- tion in tomorrow. Growth to greatness has been a trademark of the Auburn Years, pinnacling in the achievement of full state status on July 1, 1967. Another project of unequalled importance is the Challenge 70 program, a part of the Universi- ty ' s Centennial celebration in 1970, to include a Center for the Performing Arts and renovation of historic Buchtel Hall. Other benefits of this ten million dollar campaign will include endowed professorships, increased library resources, and additional stu- dent aid. Nationally known and re- spected as an educator and ad- ministrator. President Auburn was honored this year by having the state ' s largest classroom fa- cility dedicated to bear his name — the Norman Paul Auburn Sci- ence and Engineering Center. This serves as a fitting tribute to the man whose foresight, leader- ship, and imagination have brought The University of Akron to grips with the aca- demic, cultural and social Chal- lenges of the ' 70 ' s. gg E. J. Thomas, Vice-chairman Bernard Rosen Harry P. Schrank. Chairman The Board of Directors, 1 966-67. Charles J. Jahant Joseph Thomas, Vice-chairman Arthur Kelly Fred I. Albrecht Lisle M. Buckingham 100 Mrs. Walter A. Hoyt Administration Ian R. MacGregor Vice President of Planning Dominic J. Guzzetta Senior Vice President and Provost 101 Thomas Sumner Dean of the General College Stanley A. Samad Dean of the College of Law 102 Charles V. Blair Director of the Institute for Civic Education William A. Rogers Dean of the Evening College and Director of the Summer Sessions 103 Dudley C. Johnson, Jr. Director of Counseling and Advising Arthur K. Bnntnall Dean of Administration Mrs. Katheryn Vegso Director of Women ' s Activities John D. Grafton Director of Housing Carl L. Hall University Controller Kenneth D. Bushnell Director of Alumni Relations 106 Ralph Larson Director of the Gardner Student Center Donald A. Sabitino Director of Student Activities 107 Russell N. Giersch Director of the Physical Plant K. ?; - -s r - ■ ' " I l ' P Lf • Robert W. Paul Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds 108 I Robert C. Berry Director of Placement and Advisor to the Senior Class H. Paul Sctirank, Jr. University Librarian Jostiua L. Smitti Director of tfie Otiio Referral Services Network Howard D. Haynes Director of Admissions 109 Buchtel College of Liberal Arts Substantial growth and new divisions marked the final year of the deanship of George W. Knepper for the Buchtel College of Liberal Arts. In a move to separate the applied and performing arts, a College of Fine Applied Arts was estabHshed, with Ray Sandefur named Dean. Three new honoraries also were introduced to the campus, in Economics, Geography, and Jour- nalism. A high point of the year was reached when the Mod- ern Languages department again received the nation ' s only NDEA French Institute Grant for a Summer course in intensive study of the French language. Paul Wingard was named to the position of Assistant Dean of the college, a newly-created position to help the busy Dr. Knepper fulfill the many commitments of the University ' s old- est college, which have grown considerably along with the in- crease in student enrollment. Again scholarship was main- tained at the high level of previous years, with nearly thirty percent of the students enrolled named to the Dean ' s List. Irene C. Bear 110 Charles Duffy Theodore T. Duke Academic Biography John Bachmann, PPG Chemical Divi- sion Professor of Chemistry [Febru- ary 1961]; B. Ch.E., Ph.D., University of Minnesota, 1939; Irene C. Bear, Professor of Home Economics (1944) (1948), Head of Home Economics De- partment; B.S., Illinois Wesleyan Uni- versity; M.A., Texas State College for Women, 1937; Emily Davis, Professor of Art (1945) and Head of Art De- partment; B.A., Ohio State Univer- sity; M.A., Columbia University, Teachers College; Ph.D., Ohio State University, 1936; Charles Duffy, Dis- tinguished Professor of English (1944) and Head of English Department; Ph.B., University of Wisconsin; M.A., University of Michigan; Ph.D., Cor- nell University, 1939; Theodore Duke, Professor of Latin and Greek (1946) and Head of Classics Department; B.A., The University of Akron; M.A., Western Reserve University; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University, 1946: Emile Grunberg, Professor of Eco- nomics (1946) and Head of Economics Department; M.A., Ph.D., University of Frankfurt (Germany), 1930; Farley K. Hutchins, Professor of Music (1957) and Head of Music Depart- ment; M.B. Lawrence Conservatory of Music; S.M.M., S.M.D., School of Sacred Music, Union Theological Seminary, 1951. Roger F. Keller, Jr., Associate Professor of Biology (1954) and Head of Biology Department; B.S., University of New Hampshire; Ph.D., Michigan State University, 1953; George W. Knepper, Dean of Buchtel College of Liberal Arts and Professor of History (August 1954); B.A. The University of Akron; M.A., Ph.D., University of Michigan, 1954; Emily H. Davis 111 George W. Knepper Emil E. Grunberg Roger F. Keller Arno K. Lepke, Professor of Modern Languages [1961) and Head of Mod- ern Languages Department; B.A. Uni- versity of Greifswald (Germany); Ph.D., University of Marburg (Ger- many), 1947; Edwin L. Lively, Profes- sor of Sociology (1963) and Head of Sociology Department; B.A. Ed., Fair- mount State College (W.Va.); M.A., Ph.D., Ohio State University, 1947; John A. Popplestone, Professor of Psychology (1961) and Director of the Archives of the History of American Psychology; B.A., University of Mich- igan; M.A., Wayne State University; Ph.D., Washington University, 1958; Ray H. Sandefur, Professor of Speech, Chairman of the Division of Humanities and Supervisor of Broad- casting Services (1950); B.A., B.S.Ed., Emporia State Teachers College; M.A., University of Colorado; Ph.D., State University of Iowa, 1950; Sam Selby, Distinguished Professor of Mathematics and Head of the Math- Farley K. Hutchins Sam Selby : v:: rJ■. " : ?5 ■ :;■ HhYO John A. Popplestone Edwin L. Lively Arno K. Lepke Paul A. Weidner ematics Department; B.A., M.A., Uni- versity of Manitoba; Ph.D., Univer- sity of Chicago, 1929; Paul A. Weid- ner, Professor of Political Science (1960) and Head of PoHtical Science Department; B.A., M.A., University of Cincinnati; Ph.D., University of Mich- igan, 1959; Charles Wilson, III, Pro- fessor of Physics and Professor of Polymer Science and Research Asso- ciate in the Institute of Rubber Re- search (1965) and Head of Physics Department; B.S.E., M.S., University of Michigan; Ph.D., Washington Uni- versity, 1952; Paul Wingard, Associ- ate Dean of Buchtel College of Lib- eral Arts and Professor of Geology (1966); B.A., M.S., Miami University; Ph.D., University of Illinois, 1960. • • Paul S. Wingard Allen G. Noble 114 Charles W. Wilson Ray H. Sandefur 115 Making a great roar tor the citizenry to hear, the members of Pi Sigma Alpha, the political science honorary, wish they could get a reaction. Front row (L-R): R. Kvam; J. Pavich; L. Manes; D. Varian; J. Snider. Top: R. Sherman; L. Johnson; D. Lombardi; M. Zalob. Stan Aronson Anne Averbuck Leona M. Baclawski cum laude Anita R. Barkley Margaret J. Barlow Danene M. Bender Dennis N. Benson Beverly L. Bickey Carol L. Bingham summa cum laude Paul G. Bordo Mark J. Brady Dennis P. Brinton Beverly A. Brown Julia L. Buida 1 iS a William H. Chester Sandra L. Chiaramonte Tom Ciccolini Samuel T. Coleridge John J. Conry Donald R. Cooper Waiting for the first course, the ladies of Tau Kappa Phi, Home bacher; B. Bowman; G. Hammett; B. Olivo; J. Bond; J. Miller; S. Economics Honorary, smile expectantly. Seated [L-R); D. Lau- Cane. Standing: M. Wilson; I. Bear; J. Mally. 117 Margaret Easton Richard W. Etter Joseph C. Fahey Patricia A. Fairfield Richard W. Fairfield David L. Feathers Susan Finkle Margaret A. Forman Robert L. Fulton Nathan Gamble Evelyn P. Cause Thomas A. Geraci H. A. Lynn Gibson Stephanie S. Glickman cum laude William R. Good, Jr. Having heard that the Cha ru program would help provide the funds needed to erect a new performing arts center, the members of Pi Epsilon Delta, or National Collegiate Players, honorary dramatics fraternity, thought they would be the first to break ground. Seated (L-K): ; . Averbuck; M. Auburn; J. F. Dun- lap, advisor. Standing: P. Daum; S. Korman; D. Baker; I. Kor- man; D. Pagnard; W. Sterling; C. Dick. The group is drawn from the University Theatre Guild. Scholastically speaking, these young ladies are the tops; and P. Lehman; C. Shannon; M. Schenz; M. Stephenson; D. Gwin. membership in Alpha Lambda Delta, women ' s scholastic honor- Row three: K. Ciborek; L. Smith; C. Cea; S. Ulichney; S. Quinn; ary, proves it. Front row (L-R): B. Ealy; M. Bell; F. Reder; A. C. Engler; A. Mills; R. Musser; P. VanDoros; V. Baker; M. Shu- Darncll: M. Aliilno. Row two: J. McVa ; R. Chapman; S. Keith; maker; L. Crissey; J. Gibson; M. Royer; E. Rozsa. Michael I. Gordon Laurel Gress summa cum laude Wayne J. Gross Charles E. Groncy summa cum laude Laura J. Gulbis magna cum laude fe , Linda K. Haberkost John E. Heckelman Ruth M. Hennessy magna cum laude Kenneth B. Himes Linda M. Hofle Julieanne Huff Lorna L. Juengel cum laude Oleg A. Kaczala Irving M. Korman Edward M. Lassoff J {■M v ' » - fH k ' ' ' ' Lk 1 1 Robert E. Kean Cheryl A. Keedy Walter M. Kiekhaefer A. Bernard Knapp magna cum laude i iil Sandra R. Korman William K. Krutz Anita L. Lafferty Lucille E. Lepera Melinda M. Lewis Dorothy P. Liptrot Hardly able to contain themselves in anticipation of the next debate, the members of Kappa Delta Pi, forensics recognition society, pose for the camera in front of the forest primeval: Front row (L-R): P. Scott; M. Alpert; R. Holland. Back row: J. Lukacevich; E. Lichten; G. Zimmerman. All told, they had a very good year. Roy C. Major Robert S. Lapadot Jean M. Longanbach magna cum laude Helen F. Maskell magna cum laude James M. McKee Finding the members of Alpha Chi Sigma laughing it up over the outcome of the latest experiment, we could hardly get them lined up for the picture. Front row (L-R) V. Leigh; B. Winchell; R. Rogers; J. Noe; D. Bobak. Second row: D. Phelps; G. Williams; S. Bender; G. Jacobs; W. Priestly; J. Willey; D. Krei ner; A. Causa; M. Lavosier; A. Ostergard; J. Bark; J. Salk; M. Alpert: D. Westneat. Lois S. Mohler Fred L. Morgan John A. Nichols Robert L. Oldham Harold G. Parker Daniel J. Peteya Merle E. Pheasant Diana L. Powell Carla J. Queen Modern languages are the strong point of this group, who have attained membership in Lambda Pi for excellent work: First row (L-R): A. D ' Ambrosio; J. Huff; D. Simonetti. Row two; M. Uhl; A. Hoffman. Row three: C. Bingham; R. Barrett; R. Henley. " Rizopulos James F. Robertson Victor M. Rogers Linda S. Ross Shirley L. St. Clair Steven J. Schwartz Carol J. Scott Theodore D. Shaffer David A. Shoenfelt John D. Shuff Alvin W. Smith Stephen J. Solomon John F. Stephenson William H. Stockert Astrida L. Strazdins summa cum laude Fred Sturm Karen L. Summerville Marv L. Sutton John W. Swenson Anthony J. Terzis Arlene Becosky Toth Gloria J. Uhryk r Jill D. Undercoffer cum laude Judy A. Undercoffer cum laude Larry Ungerman Carol N. Vaughan Patricia J. Wolfe magna cum laude Michael Zalob Members of Phi Eta Sigma, men ' s scholastic honorary (L-R) Front row: R. Berwin; G. Rinnegar; D. Feldman; W. Maxey; J. Dunlap; W. Bachmann. Row two: R. Sullivan; J. Burkley; D. Boose; T. Matthews; C. Johnson: T. Malcolm; R. Hamlet; R. Reeves. Row three: N. Graham; J. Kase; R. Westbeld; S. Ostergard; J. Jones. Row four: C. Verboom; K. Smith; D. Rohner; J. Skinner; J. Meli; M. Miller; R. Taubold; Row five: A. Weizenberg; G. Platis; J. Rummer. On parapet: K. Fetter- hoff; J. Conry; S. Farkas; M. Moore; T. Matthews. The College of Education Continued growth in both undergraduate and graduate pro- grams marked the first year of Kenneth Barker ' s service as Dean of the College of Education, the largest degree-granting college within the University. The first day of February also saw the appointment of John Watt as Associate Dean and Di- rector of Secondary Education. Dick Rich was earlier ap- pointed to head the Graduate Program, which saw an enroll- ment of forty students, during its first year of operation. In anticipation of the switch to the quarter system, a number of new courses were added to the Education curriculum. Educa- tional research also entered into the activity of the College for the first time, as six research personnel were added to the staff. Numerous workshops and seminars were also featured, the highlight being the 1967 Classroom in the Philippines, dur- ing the Summer. As in the past, the College of Education continued to supply the majority of the teachers in the Akron area, witnessing the percentage of University-trained Akron teachers climb past the Mty-two mark. 124 I Kenneth Cochrane Academic Biography H. Kenneth Barker, Dean of Interna- tional Programs and Dean of the Col- lege of Education (1966); B.A., M.A., University of Louisville; Ph.D., Uni- versity of Michigan, 1959; Kenneth Cochrane, Professor of Physical Edu- cation and Director of Athletics (1948); B.A., The University of Akron; M.Ed., University of Pitts- burgh, 1941; Robert E. Ferguson, As- sociate Professor of Education and Head of Elementary Education (1965); B.S.Ed., M.A., Kent State Uni- versity; Ed.D., Western Reserve Uni- versity, 1965; Estelle Naes, Professor of Nursing (1966) and Head of Nurs- ing Department; B.S., M.S., Ph.D., St. H. Kenneth Barker 125 Robert E. Ferguson Louis University, 1962; Mabel Ried- inger, Distinguished Professor of Ed- ucation [1947] and Head of Adminis- trative Education; B.A., Mount Union College; M.A., University of Chicago; Ed.D., Columbia University, Teachers College, 1946; L.H.D., Mount Union College, 1965; Dick I. Rich, Associate Professor of Education and Head of Graduate Instruction (1965); B.A., Ot- terbein College; M.Ed., Kent State University; Ed.D., Columbia Univer- sity, Teachers College, 1961; John Stewart Watt, Professor of Education (1956), Associate Dean of College of Education and Head of Department of Secondary Education; B.A., The University of Akron; M.A., Ph.D., University of Chicago, 1950. Estelle B. Naes Mabel M. Riedinger 126 John S. Watt Dick I. Rich 127 Theodora M Alexander Janice L. Andrev Rose E. Ardelian Paulesta S. Armstrong Bernie L. Arnold . Mary W. Arnold ■1 Kathleen T. Babich Pamela L. Backus Darlene J. Baker Marge V. Baltayan Roger Barnes Mary R. Barringer John E. Bellis Marie M. Bozick Margaret C. Brown Mary L. Brown Ronald P. Brown Nancy J. Brownlee Annabelle Buzzelli Daniel P. Callahan Joanne D. Campbell Robert B. Casey Loretta M. Cerrone Joel P. Chermonte Ralph E. Christ Sliding boards and jungle gyms will soon be one of the worries Stewart; P. Dougherty; J. Ostroski; L. Zumpana; P. Cox; H. the members of the Association for Childhood Education will Becker; A. Buzzelli. On Slide: J. Petrarca, President; L. McKed- face. They are, from the left; J. Kendall; L. Gulbis; K. Koger; J. rick; L. Barbuto. p ' Business Education is uppermost in the minds of the members of Pi Omega Pi, the Business Education Honorary, who have dis- tinguished themselves through high averages in their major sub- jects. Left to right, D. Hills: M. Avery; ]. Marshall; C. Marks, President. Susan M. Elmer Kathy Estin Barbara Evjen Sandra L. Fassnacht Terry L. Fawcett Earl R. Fessenden cum laude Nancy P. Field Angelo S. Fnrtunato Janet R. Fox Arlene K. Fisi cum laude Darleen Florin Kathleen A. France Robert J. Garnett Beverly A. Floutz Patricia A. Garris Terrence A. Habinek Kaye A. Haddox Patricia Hagerman Robert W. Hamad Gerald O. Hanna N ' ljinia [). 1 iai nujii Mary S. Harvey David H. Heasley Carol J. Helsel Larry D. Hentsch David W. Hickman Lynn A. Hollabaugh Lawrence S. Hornacek Donna J. Huston Sue E. Jarvis John W. Kester Eileen F. Jursik Ernest L. Kaufmann, Jr. Jacklyn L. Kennell Douglas R. Kline Phyllis R. Koeller Sheila R. Kormany Roberta K. Kramer Donna M. Kuzemchak Carol L. Lawhorn Patrick B. Lawless Patricia A. Leasure Maryellen Liptak Ingrid M. Loeffler Sharon McDonald Louise E, McKeynokIs Joyce A. Magowan Characters from Charles Schulz seem to be occupying the minds of the Women ' s Physical Education Club, and the mem- bers were kept busy all year trying to stay as fit as the Red Baron. Back row (L-R): G. Van Nostrum; M. Kickey; L. Pfeiffer; f. Darlak; A. Berry; K. Trifonoff; M. Nemione; B. McCartt. Mid- dle row: K. Hoye; K. Lundquist; A. Markey; S. Kidman. Front row: C. Mahaffey; S. Clayton, W. Ruman; M. Munka; H. Wax- man; J. Morgan. Barbara J. Martin Gladys L. Matthews John W. Mess Carolyn ]. Mikel Frederick P. Milo Leslie Moke Ruby C. Moore Mary Ellen Morris Carol J. Motz Activities of a sporting nature provide the Women ' s Recreation pisi: T. Wilson; C. Dukeman; N. Best; M. Walker. Row three: K. Association with a calendar continually filled with sporting Lundquist; A. Berry; L. Vershack; H. Waxman; K. Trifonoff; M. events, tournaments and contests. Seated (L-R): M. Avery, G. Maxwell. Laatsch; M. Munka. Row two: W. Ruman; M. Miller; D. Cam- 134 Chi Koo Pyun Margaret L. Quigley Frances D. Reed Richard M. Reingold David T. Richards Martha E. Rickert Martha I. Ricketts Dorothy J. Rink John C. Rodgers tredric W. Schuett Adrienne L. Sealy Patricia L. Suibv William E. Simmons Lucille Snyder Diane Sollberger Robert A. Sparliawk Georgia L. Stafford f Carolyn J. Strezoff Ilona V. Stroupe Karen A. Styles Mary L. Susong Mary Anne Svetlik magna cum laude Robert M. Taub Julie A. Taylor Jolene R. Timberlake Ronald A. Tokar Mary F. Tomcik Michael E. Toney Denise E. Van Doros M. Louise Victor Richard R. Wagner Caribeth Wallace Dreajean L. Washington Karen S. Watkins Donald E. Webb Jr. IkJb 1. mrv V uniK K % A i i :jiM Ge neva S. Wolff Linda B. Weiss George B. Wetherbee Use H. White James J. Witwer Alberta J. Woodring . Vicki L. Wright Jocelyn C. Y. Yee Donna A. Youngkin Helen E. Zimmerman 137 College of Business Administration Richard C. Reidenbach ' s final year as Dean of the College of Business Administration was a full one during the first year of membership in the top 20% of such colleges, as determined by full membership in the Ameri- can Association of Collegiate Schools of Business. This was granted during 1966. Dean Reidenbach also witnessed a pleasant increase in the number of graduate students, the enrollment being in excess of two hundred for the first time. For the fourth year, the Accounting Department sponsored an income tax forum in cooperation with the Institute for Civic Education. Conducted by personnel of the Internal Revenue Service, the program attracted nearly four hundred persons from the area. Undergraduate enrollment continued to increase in all departments, and over thirty students attained the Dean ' s List. I HHil: ____.. 1 mTCBi Hj ■i B- ' 1 ,a 0 f B 1. f H " " " -- iSBil I 1 1 m ■J BiJ H HE!? ' -— ' " " - " " ■ . " £: " " ' ' - " ' " ' ' ' .2j? S¥ BB B ll Bi 139 Richard C. Reidenbach Academic Biography Dennis Gordon, Professor of Ac- counting (1946) and Head of the De- partment of Accounting; B.A., M.B.A.. University of Chicago, 1938; C.P.A., Ohio; Charles F. Poston, Professor of Finance [1959] and Head of Finance Department; B.A., Eastern Illinois State College; M.A., University of Il- linois; Ph.D., University of North Carolina, 1959; Richard C. Reiden- bach, Dean of the College of Business Administration and Professor of Mar- keting [1962); B.A., Michigan State University; M.S., New York Univer- sity; Ph.D., St. Louis University, 1958; Frank Simonetti, Professor of Busi- ness Administration and Head of In- dustrial Management Department; B.S., The University of Akron; M.B.A., Boston University; D.B.A., Indiana University, 1954. Frank Simonetti 140 Dennis M. Gordon Charles F. Poston 141 New on the campus this year is a chapter of Omicron Delta W. Chammong; L. Anderson; R. Hansford; M. Le Here; A. Epsilon, Economics honorary. At their installation banquet are, Fatemi, Advisor; W. Mullen. Back row: J. Phelps; P. Ratanava- (L-R] Front row: E. Grunberg; P. Fairfield; P. Belcher; P. raha; P. Chansavatdi; R. Black. Suchada; P. Sirisantana. Row two: J. McLain; W. Lichtenberger; Anthony A. Alexander Bruce Baskin Russell M. Anderson Wesley R. Ardis William Bachmann summa cum laude Ronald B. Bass Jon P. Bell Robert N. Bell James E. Barlett Alfred J. Bennett 1 m iMt Jerome A. Broadhurst Thomas E. Burge James A. Burns Robert L. Byrnes Joseph F. Caprez Ronald J. Carr Philip A. Clesi Joseph E. Connor Ray Cummings Standing in front of Buchtel Hall, the members of Beta Alpha Psi, Business Administration honorary, wait for the next prob- lem to come up. Front row (L-R): C. Nagy; S. Lyons; R. Harp; C. Hoover. Row two: J. Burns; G. Baughman, T. Kelley, R. Bentz. Row three: T. Zellerfrau; T. Wilson; W. Bachman; F. Cegler; C. Johnson; A. Alexander. Row four: R. Rich, D. Galford, B. Zaucha; N. Gillespie. On parapet: J. Kelley; C. Brown; G. Boggs; A. Flatt; R. Ocasek. Denver L. Galford William G. Garrison John K. Gramling, III Charles E. Grisi Ralph E. Hilbish Membership in the Society For Advancement of Management is open to any student with an interest in management activities and operations. Gathered on the steps of Gardner Center, they are: Front row (L-R): D. Stephens; I. Krabil; C. Marks; C. Per- son; R. Fott; K. Redner. Step three: R. Foster; J. Vogt; B. Craig; W. Buchanan; J. Sandberg; C. Stull; B. Cabe; F. Schmitt. Step four: W. Otto; D. Kausman; J. Robinson. Step six: C. Johnson; D. Schray; C. Nagy; J. Owens; T. Callahan; J. Burns; A. Ellis. Barbara H. Jones Richard G. Johnston Newly formed this Spring, the Economics Club is open to any interested student, regardless of major field. Membership this year was limited to the four founders: (L-R) W. Mullen; R. Bentz; Dr. R. Black, advisor; J. Phelps. iJli i i4il. .ii Albert A. Kauslick Richard A. King Robert A. Kochmit James R. Konneker Richard A. Kurlich, Jr. kitk Thomas F. Lavery Michael D. LeHere Murray M. Monosoff William F. Moody Richard W. Myers James E. Norman II William E. Oldfield William G. Otto William A. Payton Calvin E. Person Anthony J. Pfenning Joseph J. Prekop Michael I. Prexta William S. Przytula Cliford A. Ranney Darrell D. Reeder Donald Ross Barry Rudin Terrence M. Ryan Robert M. Schwartz Joseph C. Sear, Jr. James R. Snyder III Thomas L. Snyder Thomas F. Speaks 1 James L. Stafford Dennison C. Stephens Charles M. Stull William E, Thompson, Jr. Dennis L. Thomson Douglas B. Thomson William P. Wilkinson, Jr. Theodore J. Wilson Thomas A. Zellefrov Volleyball scinis In be a specialty of the Political Science Club ard; R. Laird; B. Boyd. Back row: J. Anderson; G. Dickerson; R. and quite an appropriate one for the subject involved . . , at Dickerson; M. Gordon; S. Dickerson; T. Bauer; B. Porcella; M. least that ' s what we think they mean. Front row (L-R]: D. Pagn- Porcella; Dr. R. Kvam, advisor. 147 College of Engineering Cooperative programs again played an important part in the education of the University ' s Engineering graduates, with over one hundred thirty stu- dents enrolled with some fifty companies and government agencies. Civil, mechanical, electrical and chemical engineering degrees are offered to stu- dents, with an emphasis being placed on the arts as well as in the sciences. A Master ' s degree program is also available, and underwent numerous revisions during the year, which also saw increases in the research activi- ties of the college, headed by Michael Rzasa. A significant program was training in waterworks management, under the sponsorship of the State Department ' s Agency for International Develop- ment, to train foreign engineers for careers in this vital area. The members of the college are eagerly awaiting the move to the new Auburn Science and Engineering Center this Fall, which will give them unprecedented space in which to operate. 148 Michael J. Rzasa Academic Biography Donald R. Burrowbridge, Associate Professor of Coordination and Direc- tor of the Cooperative Program (July 1965); B.S., University of Wisconsin; M.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute, 1965; Robert N. Collins, Professor of Mechanical Engineering (1966); and Head of Mechanical Engineering De- partment; B.S.M.E., University of Ok- lahoma; M.S.M.E., Ph.D.M.E., Univer- sity of Wisconsin, 1963; Coleman J. Major, Professor of Chemical Engi- neering Department; B.S., University of Illinois; Ph.D., Cornell University, 1941; Michael J. Rzasa, Dean of the Robert E. Collins 149 Coleman J. Major College of Engineering and Professor of Chemical Engineering (1964), B.E., Yale University; M.S., Ph.D., Univer- sity of Michigan, 1947; Kenneth F. Sibila, Professor of Electrical Engi- neering (1940) and Director of Elec- tronics System Engineering; B.S.E.E., M.S.E.E., Case Institute of Technol- ogy, 1937; P.E., Ohio; Andrew L. Si- mon, Professor of Civil Engineering (1965) and Head of Civil Engineering Department; C.E. Diploma, Technical University of Budapest; Ph.D., Purdue University, 1962; P.E. Ohio, West Vir- ginia, Indiana. Andrew L. Simon 150 Donald R. Burrowbridge Kenneth F. Sibila 151 Sigma Tau, honorary Engineering fraternity (L-K): Kuhout; A. Bennett; C. Scheatzle; G. Kenney; ]. Front row: J. Brechbill; R. Hurley; R. Weber; G. Mehok; R. McKnight; M. Kennedy. Grametbauer; J. Edminister, Advisor. Row two: J. «?» I Gerald Abraham Summa Cum Laude William C. Ashcraft Arnold A. Bennett, Jr. David R. Broske John A. Brown ' Mg kMmM Douglas F. Cardwell V. David Channel David L. Chapman William R. Chiaramonte Lawrence G. Clough James C. Coleman Donn I. Cramblette Frank P. Crampton Robert P. Dadik Richard G. Darrah Thomas A. Dotson Robert C. Hysell Stephen W. Drake Michael E. Drapcho Edward R. Emerson )MjSmIM Helmut E. Galambos James B. Hil Walter W. Hinkel Ralph J. Hurley Jemru K. Karpszewski Sam B. Jerron-Quarshie Michael D. Kennedy magna cum laude Donald B. Fasnacht m Garrison Q. Kenney Sigma Tau, honorary Engineering fraternity: Front Zuravel; T. Nemcheck; J. Brown; D. Chapman; W. row: R. Crano; R. Kosman; G. Becker; J. Coleman; Hinkel; G. Abraham. Row three: R. Dadik, President; M. Snyder. Row two: H. Kenzel; W. Chiaramonte; S. R. Yankovich; T. Hill; R. Putt; W. McVay. 153 I.E.E.E. group A: (L-R) H. Kenzel; G. Kenney; D. Roots; R. Shaffer; R. Hurley; D. Fassnacht; B. Dadik. I.E.E.E. group B: J. Breckville; G. Grantbauer; T. Lanning; R. Bleker; A. Lehmey. Seated: B. Bechtol. Hugh H. Kenzel Alexander E. Koutras Ronald G. Lawson Wallace H. Memmer Jack A. Mesojedec Robert S. Neely Thomas E. Nemcheck Dale J. Oden Michael H. Oleksuk cum laude Charles F. Phelps m§ (jM- 154 btti Richard L. Rootes Charles Scheatzle Ronald M. Shaffer Johann Steiner David E. Stewart k.£M Bruce J. StuU John E. Turbak Harold L. Turja Robert D. Yankovich Stanley E. Zuravel I.E.E.E. group C: M, Kennedy; R. Kortejewski: S. Jarron- Quarshie; D. Gasser; A. Koultras; D. Heilman. Seated: D. Chap- man. I.E.E.E. group D: M. Patnode; R. Weber; E. Grizer; R. Crano; B. Arnold; C. Dardwell. Seated: D. Bednarz. 155 Community and Technical College Two-year Associate programs leading to a degree in any of fifteen areas are offered by the Community and Technical College, under the leadership of Dean William Petry. Three new programs, in commercial art, surveying, and international secretarial, were added to the curriculum last Fall. Also within the col- lege was the Department of Special Pro- grams, which offered nearly one hundred twenty-five informal courses with more than two thousand enrollments. Summer remedial courses for college-bound high school stu- dents were also offered, and attracted more than four hundred students this year. - ! Aloysius E. Misko Academic Biography Aloysius E. Misko, Professor of Sec- retarial Science and Head of the Sec- retarial Science Department; B.S., Central Michigan University; M.S., Ed.D., University of Michigan, 1962; W. M. Petry, Dean of the Community and Technical College and Professor of Mechanical Engineering [1946); B.S.M.E., University of Missouri; M.S.M.E., Case Institute of Technol- ogy, 1951; P.E., Ohio. William M. Petry 156 Cynthia A. Barnes Victoria Botz JM Mary Jane Glinsky Joseph! F. Gorzka Judith A. Heins Carolyn J. Hofer Nancy L. Jones Henry W. Kumph, Jr. Kathleen E. Linnane Cheryl L. Lott David E. Mehl Linda G. Parfitt " TJ Joseph B. Peters. Jr. William E. Rayman Vivian K. Roser 1 i Joyce A. Steininger Marilyn Kay Young Buchtel College of Liberal Arts Andrusiak, Zenobia — B.A. Liberal Arts Pixley English Award; Dean ' s List; Fine Arts Festival; Johnson Club; Scope; Sociol- ogy Club. Anthony, William J.— B.A. Liberal Arts Phi Delta Theta; Psychology Club. Aronson, Stanley Phillip— B.A. Liberal Arts Alpha Epsilon Pi; Dean ' s List; AUSA. Auburn, Mark Stuart— B. A., B.S. Liberal Arts Lambda Chi Alpha; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Epsi- lon Delta, President; Phi Sigma Alpha; Dean ' s List; A-Key: Who ' s Who; Campus Christian Fellowship; Student Religious Liberals; Johnson Club; University Theatre Guild, President; Freshman Counselor; Songfest Committee; Buchteiite; Tel-Buch. Associate Editor, Business Manager. Averbuck, Anne — B.A. Liberal Arts Sigma Delta Tau, Treasurer; Dean ' s List; Pixley Speech Award; University Theatre Guild; Pi Epsilon Delta; SCPB, Board of Governors: A-Key; Who ' s Who; Senior Class Treasurer; Buchteiite; Tel-Buch, As- sociate Editor; Campus Bowl Chairman; De- bate Team; Ashton Speech Contest. Baclawski, Leona Marie — B.S. Liberal Arts Newman Club; Associate Scholarship. Bender, Anitra Ruth — B.A. Liberal Arts Alpha Kappa Alpha; Dean ' s List; Pixley Speech Award. Bender, Danene Mary — B.A. Liberal Arts Dean ' s List; Associate and Irl A. Frederick Scholarships; Johnson Club; Newman Club; SNEA; Women ' s League. Benson, Dennis Norman — B.A. Liberal Arts Sigma Pi; Newman Club; AUSA; Scabbard and Blade; Military Ball Chairman. Bickey, Beverly Lou — B.A. Liberal Arts Alpha Gamma Delta. Second Vice-Presi- dent; Associate Scholarship; SNEA; WRA; Freshman Counselor; Tei-Buch. Bingham, Carol Lynn — B.A. Liberal Arts. Delta Zeta; Lambda Pi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Sigma Alpha; Liberal Arts Hon- orary Award; Associate Scholarship; A- Key; Who ' s Who; SCPB; Spanish Club; FSA. Bordo, Paul Gerald — B.A. Liberal Arts Football. Brinton, Dennis Philip — B.A. Liberal Arts Phi Sigma Kappa; Forensic Union; Geogra- phy Club; IFC. Buida, Julia Louise — B.A. Liberal Arts Alpha Gamma Delta; Dean ' s List; Associate Scholarship; Pixley Speech Award; Fresh- man Counselor. Chester, William Harold — B.A. Liberal Arts Sigma Pi; AFROTC, Flight Commander; Po- litical Science Club. Ciccolini, Thomas Anthony — B.A. Liberal Arts Army ROTC, Scabbard and Blade; AUSA. Coleridge Samuel Timothy — B.S. Liberal Arts Tau Kappa Epsilon, Vice-President; Distin- guished Military Student; Scabbard and Blade; AUSA; Pershing Rifles; Freshman Counselor; May Day Committee; Military Ball Chairman; Tutorial Project. Conry, John Joseph, Jr. — B.S. Liberal Arts Phi Eta Sigma; Dean ' s List; Associate Scholarship; ISA, President; Air Force Sabre Squadron; Outstanding AFROTC Cadet. Cooper, Donald Ralph — B.A. Liberal Arts Phi Kappa Tau Crislip, Richard Gene — B.A. Liberal Arts Phi Kappa Tau, Vice-President; Dean ' s List; Lambda Pi; Associate Scholarship; Merca- tor Club Scholarship; Freshman Counselor; Spanish Club; Songfest Committee. Daly, Sharon Lee — B.A. Liberal Arts Dean ' s List; Associate Scholarship; Wom- en ' s League: Johnson Club; Army ROTC Band Sponsor. East, Patricia Anne — B.A. Liberal Arts CCF; SNEA; TeJ-Buch, Copy Editor. Easton, Margaret — B.A. Liberal Arts Residence Hall, Executive; Freshman Coun- selor. Fahey, Joseph Curtis — B.A. Liberal Arts Newman Club. President. Fairfield, Richard William— B.A. Liberal Arts Sociology Club; ICL; Channing Club. Feathers, David Lewis — B.A. Liberal Arts Sigma Pi; Dean ' s List; IFC. Finkle, Susan Marie — B.A. Liberal Arts Alpha Gamma Delta, President; SCPB; Stu- dent Council; Executive Board: Senior Class Secretary; Junior Class Board; Freshman Counselor: Residence Hall Advisor; Home- coming Queen. Forman, Margaret Ann — B.A. Liberal Arts Newman Club; Angel Flight: Student Coun- cil; Army Sponsor; Freshman Counselor; Homecoming Queen, Co-Chairman; Acme- Zip Sweetheart; Tel-Buch Finalist. Fulton, Robert Lee — B.A. Liberal Arts Phi Kappa Tau; Associate Scholarship; Arnold Air Society; Distinguished Military Graduate. Gause, Evelyn Pauline — B.S. Liberal Arts American Chemical Society Award. Geraci, Thomas Andrew — B.S. Liberal Arts Phi Kappa Tau; National Aeronautics Asso- ciation Scholarship: Arnold Air Society: Political Science Club. Glickman, Stephanie Stile — B.A. Liberal Arts Dean ' s List: Associate Scholarship; Gradu- ate Study Group; Johnson Club; Scope, Edi- tor: BuchteJite; Sociology Club. Good, William Robert — B.S. Liberal Arts Te -Buch. Colleges Editor. Gordon, Michael James — B.S. Liberal Arts Alpha Epsilon Pi; Dean ' s List IFC; Political Science; Soccer: College Ambassador. Gress, Mary Laurel — B.A. Liberal Arts Phi Mu, Secretary; Alpha Lambda Delta; Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Sigma Alpha; Dean ' s List. Groncy, Charles Edmund — B.S. Liberal Arts Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Sigma Alpha; Dean ' s List; Associate Scholarship: Jason and Cor- raine Scholarship; Phi Sigma Alpha Award. Gulbis, Laura Jane — B.A. Liberal Arts Kappa Kappa Gamma, Vice-President: Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Sigma Alpha; Dean ' s List: Associate Scholarship: YWCA: Asso- ciation for Childhood Education: Buchteiite: Johnson Club; Graduate Study Group: WAUP-FM: Campus Christian Fellowship. Haberkost, Linda Kay— B.A. Liberal Arts Lambda Pi, Vice-President. Heckelman, John Earl — B.S. Liberal Arts Arnold Air Society. Hennessy, Ruth Marie — B.A. Liberal Arts Kappa Kappa Gamma, Treasurer; Dean ' s List; Lambda Pi; Associate Scholarship; Newman Club; Women ' s League. Himes, Kenneth Blaine— B.A. Liberal Arts Associate Scholarship. Hofle, Linda Marie — B.A. Liberal Arts Alpha Gamma Delta; Mortar Board, Secre- tary: Dean ' s List: Newman Club; Residence Hall Advisor: WRA: Junior Class Treasurer: Women ' s League: Homecoming Crowner. Huff, Julieanne Angel — B.A. Liberal Arts Phi Sigma Alpha; Alpha Lambda Delta: Lambda Pi; Associate Scholarship; Phi Sigma Alpha Scholarship; Dean ' s List; ISA; Newman Club. Inzinger, Jennifer Christine — B.S. Liberal Arts Residence Hall Advisor. Juengel, Lorna L. — B.A. Liberal Arts Alpha Delta Pi. Treasurer; Alpha Lambda Delta; Pixley English Award; Irl A. Fred- erick Scholarship; Johnson Club; Scope, Editor. Juve, Jenifer Ann — B.A. Liberal Arts Kappa Kappa Gamma: Dean ' s List: Sociol- ogy Club: Johnson Club; WRA. Kaczala, Oleg Andy — B.S. Liberal Arts Phi Eta Sigma; Arthur L. Foster Scholar- ship. Kean, Robert Edward — B.A. Liberal Arts Herman Muhlstein Scholarship: Omicron Delta Kappa. President; Phi Alpha Theta; Who ' s Who; Residence Hall Advisor; Head Resident; Residence Hall Student Govern- ment Association. President. Keedy, Cheryl Anne — B.A. Liberal Arts Delta Gamma, Secretary. Knapp, A. Bernard — B.A. Liberal Arts Dean ' s List; Phi Sigma Alpha; Associate Scholarship; Jason and Corrine Scholarship. Korman, Irving Myron — B.A. Liberal Arts Sigma Pi: Pi Epsilon Delta; Theatre Guild; WAUP-FM; Cross Country: Student Coun- cil. Krutz, William Keith— B.S. Liberal Arts Sigma Pi. Treasurer. Lafferty, Anita Lynn — B.A. Liberal Arts Sociology Club. Lapadot, Robert Stephen — B.A. Liberal Arts Sociology Club. President; ICL; Philosophy Club; Tutorial Project: Newman Club; John- son Club: Scope. Lebeau, Roberta Alexis — B.A. Liberal Arts i Psi Chi; Associate Scholarship: Interna- tional Students Club; Psychology Club; So- ciology Club. Liptrot, Dorothy P. — B.A. Liberal Arts Buchteiite; Sociology Club; Spanish Club. Longanbach, Jean Marie — B.S. Liberal Arts Dean ' s List; Mortar Board, President; Alpha Lambda Delta, President; Phi Sigma Alpha: Kappa Delta Pi; A-Key; Irl A. Frederick Scholarship; Women ' s League; ICL; Hilltop Women in Education: Newman Club: Fresh- man Counselor. Lucas, Gary Michael — B.A. Liberal Arts Lone Star; Dean ' s List: Associate Scholar- ship. Major, Roy Coleman — B.A. Liberal Arts Phi Kappa Tau; Dean ' s List: Sociology Club; International Students Club; Inlramu- rals. Maxey, Walter Edwin — B.S. Liberal Arts Dean ' s List: Phi Eta Sigma: Phi Sigma Alpha; Associate Scholarship; Goodyear Service Pin Association Scholarship; Var- sity Swimming. Miles, Pearl Lena — B.A. Liberal Arts WRA; Philosophy Club; Johnson Club; Residence Hall House Council. Miller, Stephanie Joan — B.A. Liberal Arts , Sigma Delta Tau; Pixley Speech Award; I Theatre Guild; ROTC Sponsor; Ashton 1 Speech Contest Winner. Miller, Susan Merilyn — B.A. Liberal Arts Philosophy Club; Sociology Club. Mingle, James Richard — B.A. Liberal Arts Theta Chi; Phi Alpha Theta; Dean ' s List; Associate Scholarship; Distinguished Mili- tary Student: SCPB; Student Council; ICE. Mohler, Lois S. — B.A. Liberal Arts Delta Gamma. Morgan, Fred L. — B.A. Liberal Arts Alpha Epsilon Pi; Sociology Club. Nichols, John A.— B.A. Liberal Arts Channing Club; Scabbard and Blade; Persh- ing Rifles. 158 Oldham, Robert L. — B.S. Liberal Arts Phi Delta Theta, Secretary; University Or- chestra: ROTC Band; Varsity Soccer. Parker, Harold George — B.A. Liberal Arts Dean ' s List; Political Science Club. Petrarca, William H. — B.S. Liberal Arts Lambda Chi Alpha; Dean ' s List; Phi Eta Sigma; Omicron Delta Kappa; Associate Scholarship; Student Council, President; Who ' s Who; A-Key; SCPB, Chairman of Board of Governors; IPC; Homecoming, Songfest, May Day Committees. Pheasant, Merle Eugene — B.A. Liberal Arts Lambda Chi Alpha; Dean ' s List; Johnson Club; Freshman Counselor; Songfest. Powell, Diana Lynn — B.A. Liberal Arts Delta Sigma Theta. Queen, Caria Joyce — B.A. Liberal Arts Gamma Beta; Associate Scholarship; Uni- versity Singers; Newman Club. Redovian, Karen Gay — B.A. Liberal Arts Associate Scholarship; Pixley English Aufard; Alpha Lambda Delta; Lambda Pi; Kappa Delta Pi; Hilltop Women in Educa- tion; Phi Sigma Alpha; Eastern Orthodox Fellowship; Johnson Club; French and Spanish Clubs; SNEA. Rich, Daniel P.— B.A. Liberal Arts Football Scholarship; Varsity Football; Var- sity Wrestling. Rigney, Snellen — B.A. Liberal Arts Alpha Delta Pi; Arthur L. Foster Scholar- ship; YWCA; SCPB; Buchtelite; TeJ-Buch; WRA. Rizopulos, Maria Antoinette — B.A. Liberal Arts Delta Zeta; Varsity Debater; Phi Kappa Delta; Theatre Guild; Homecoming Court; Ashton Speech Contest Winner. Robertson, James F. — B.A. Liberal Arts Dean ' s List. Rogers, Victor Michael — B.S. Liberal Arts Distinguished Military Student; Arnold Air Society; Mitchell Flight. Ross, Linda Sue — B.A. Liberal Arts Sigma Delta Tau, President; Women ' s League; Freshman Counselor; Panhellenic Council; ROTC Sponsor; Greek Week and May Day Committees. St. Clair, Sherry Lee— B.A. Liberal Arts Dean ' s List; Associate Scholarship; Pixley English Award; Lambda Pi; Johnson Club; Scope; SNEA. Schwartz, Steven Jay — B.A. Liberal Arts Dean ' s List; Associate Scholarship: Phi Sigma Alpha; Pi Sigma Alpha; Scabbard and Blade; AUSA; Counter-guerrillas. Scott, Carol Jean — B.S. Liberal Arts Alpha Delta Pi; Associate Scholarship; Songfest Committee; WRA. Smith, Alvin W.— B.S. Liberal Arts Alpha Phi Alpha; Freshman Counselor; Dis- tinguished Military Student; Newman Club; Cadet Lt. Col. Army ROTC. Soloman, Stephen Jay — B.A. Liberal Arts Alpha Epsilon Pi; Dean ' s List. Stashkiw, Walter Stephan— B.A. Liberal Arts Phi Kappa Tau: IFC; Arnold Air Society; Homecoming Committee; Sociology Club. Stockert, William Henry — B.A. Liberal Arts Phi Sigma Alpha. Strazdins, Astrida Liesma — B.A. Liberal Arts Kappa Kappa Gamma, Treasurer, President; Dean ' s List; Associate Scholarship: Pixley English Award; Phi Sigma Alpha; Alpha Lambda Delta; Mortar Board; Johnson Club; Homecoming Chairman; Angel Flight: Resi- dence Hall Advisor: Who ' s Who; A-Key. Sturm, Fred John — B.A. Liberal Arts Phi Delta Theta, Secretary; Dean ' s List; Phi Alpha Theta: BuchteJite; Geography Club; Political Science Club; Intramurals. Summerville, Karen Louise— B.A. Liberal Arts Theta Phi Alpha; Women ' s League: Tutorial Project: Sociology Club; Newman Club. Sutton, Mary Louise — B.S. Liberal Arts Home Economics Club; Residence Hall Ex- ecutive Council. Swenson, John Wesley — B.A. Liberal Arts Sigma Pi; Philosophy Club; TeJ-Buch; Young Republicans; " Tutorial Project. Terzis, Anthony James — B.S. Liberal Arts Van Buren Scholarship. Te -Buch, photog- rapher. Toth, Arlene A. — B.A. Liberal Arts Alpha Gamma Delta. Uhryk, Gloria Jean — B.A. Liberal Arts Buchtelite; WAUP-FM: Tef-Buch. UndercoSer, Jill Darleen — B.A. Liberal Arts Delta Zeta: Associate Scholarship; WRA; Freshman Counselor; Student Council. UndercoSer, Judith Allen — B.A. Liberal Arts Delta Zeta; Alpha Lambda Delta; Associate Scholarship: Dean ' s List; ACE; Tutorial Project; WRA. Ungerman, Larry — B.A. Liberal Arts International Students Association; Varsity Football; Intermurals; Tel-Buch King; De- bating Team. Walker, Russell Charles — B.S. Liberal Arts Dean ' s List; Associate Scholarship; A-Key; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Sigma Alpha; Theatre Guild; Campus Christian Fellow- ship, President; Residence Hall Advisor. Whitehurst, Carol Alice — B.A. Liberal Arts Dean ' s List; Alpha Lambda Delta: Phi Sigma Alpha: Kappa Delta Pi; Graduate Study Group; Johnson Club, President: Newman Club. Willey, John Francis — B.S. Liberal Arts Sigma Pi; Alpha Chi Sigma. Wolfe, Patricia J.— B.A. Liberal Arts Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Sigma Alpha; Dean ' s List; Associate Scholarship; Tutorial Project. Zalob, Michael — B.A. Liberal Arts Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pi Sigma Alpha; Biology Club; Young Republicans. College of Education Alexander, Theodora Mary — B.S. Education Phi Mu; Dean ' s List; Pi Epsilon Delta, Alpha Phi Gamma, Vice-President: Fine Arts Festival, Theatre Guild: SNEA; Home- coming Committee; TeJ-Buch; BuchteJite; SCPB; Scope. Andrews, Janice Lynn — B.A. Education Delta Gamma; Associate Scholarship; Tel- Buch; SNEA; Women ' s League; WRA. Babich, Kathleen J.— B.S. Education Alpha Gamma Delta: Dean ' s List; Associa- tion for Childhood Education. Backus, Pamela Lynn — B.S. Education WRA; Physical Education Club, President; YWCA; Women ' s League; SCR; Intramural Basketball. Baker, Darlene Joy — B.A. Education Pi Epsilon Delta; Pixley Speech Award; Dean ' s List; Theater Guild: National Col- legiate Players; WAUP-FM. Baltayan, Marge Virginia — B.S. Education Alpha Gamma Delta. Barnes, Roger Keith — B.A. Education Theta Chi; Dean ' s List; University Singers. Bellis, John Ernest — B.S. Education Dean ' s List; Geography Club. Brown, Margaret C. — B.S. Education Dean ' s List; Associate Scholarship; ACE; Freshman Counselor. Brown, Mary Louise — B.S. Education ACE. Brown, Ronald Paul — B.S. Education Dean ' s List; Campus Christian Fellowship; Independent Student Association: Varsity Basketball and Track. Brownlee, Nancy Jean — B.S. Education Alpha Delta Pi; Women ' s League; Songfest Chairman: ACE; SNEA; WRA. Buzzelli, Annabelle — B.S. Education Alpha Gamma Delta. Secretary; Student Council; SCPB; YWCA, Secretary; ACE; SNEA: Newman Club; WRA; Women ' s League; Homecoming Committee; May Day Committee; Casbah Committee; TeJ-Buch. Callahan, Daniel Patrick — B.A. Education Newman Club. Campbell, Joanne Deatrich — B.S. Education Alpha Kappa Alpha; Freshman Counselor: University Singers: Women ' s League; Pan- hellenic Council; American Childhood Edu- cation; WRA. Cerrone, Loretta Mae — B.S. Education Theta Phi Alpha, Secretary, Vice-President: Dean ' s List: Who ' s Who; A-Key; Freshman Dean ' s Council; Women ' s League, Presi- dent; Student Council: SNEA; WRA; May Day Committee; May Queen Crowner; Pledge Queen: ICL; Newman Club. Chermonte, Joel P. — B.A. Education Tau Kappa Epsilon; Arnold Air Society Ciborek, David Anthony — B.A. Education Theta Chi; Scabbard and Blade; Counter- guerrillas. Cleveland, Doris Elizabeth — B.S. Education Delta Sigma Theta; Residence Hall Advisor; Residence Hall Association; Physical Edu- cation Club; WRA; Women ' s League; New- man Club. Cottrill, Lewis E. — B.A. Education Varsity Baseball. 159 Crisp, Susan Kate — B.S. Education Intervarsity Christian Fellowship; Geogra- phy Club: SNEA. Demchak, Cheryl Anne — B.S. Education SNEA. Diamantis, Nina — B.S. Education ACE; International Students Organization; Campus Christian Fellowship. DiLullo, Concetta A. — B.S. Education Theta Phi Alpha: SNEA; Association for Childhood Education; Newman Club; WRA; Women ' s League; ICL. Dirrig, William Martin — B.A. Education Tau Kappa Epsilon; SNEA; Tutorial Project: Tennis; Freshman Counselor. Dupay, JoAnna — B.S. Education Alpha Delta Pi; Associate Scholarship; SNEA; ACE; WRA; Buchtehte. Ebie, Patricia Lynn — B.A. Education Phi Alpha Theta. Secretary-Treasurer; Dean ' s List; Otis C. Hatton Scholarship; Associate Scholarship; SNEA: Campus Christian Fellowship. Elliot, James B. — B.A. Education Lambda Chi Alpha; Dean ' s List. Elmer, Susan M. — B.S. Education Kappa Kappa Gamma; Cheerleader; Student Council. Estin, Kathy — B.A. Education Delta Gamma; ICL; SNEA. Evjen, Barbara — B.A. Education SNEA. Fassnacht, Sandra Lee — B.S. Education Phi Mu: ABC President: Campus Christian Fellowship: SNEA; Women ' s League. Fawcett, Terry L. — B.S. Education Lambda Chi Alpha; Baseball. Field, Nancy P.— B.S. Education Zeta Tau Alpha; WRA; Women ' s League; Panhellenic Council; ACE. Flsi, Arlene Kovack — B.S. Education Alpha Delta Pi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Alpha Sigma Lambda. Floutz, Beverly Ann — B.S. Education Kappa Kappa Gamma, Secretary; Junior Class Board: Homecoming Committee; YWCA; Theta Chi Sweetheart. Fox, Janet R. — B.A. Education University Singers; Theatre Guild; Campus Christian Fellowship; Forensic Union. Fortunato, Angelo Salvador — B.A. Educa- tion Lone Star; Intramurals; Casbah. France, Katheleen A. — B.S. Education Newman Club; ACE. Garris, Patricia A. — B.S. Education SNEA. Gault, Ralph D.— B.S. Education Lone Star, President, Vice-President; Intra- murals; IPC; Greek Week and Songfest Committees; Senior Class President. Gulugian, John Robert — B.A. Education Dean ' s List; ISA; Inter-Collegiate Debate Team. Habineck, Terrence A. — B.A. Education Tutorial Project. Haddox, Kaye Anglin — B.A. Education Phi Mu; Dean ' s List; Associate Scholarship; Newman Club. Hagerman, Patricia — B.A. Education Delta Gamma; Dean ' s List; Freshman Coun- selor; SNEA. Hamad, Robert W.— B.S. Education Wrestling Team. Hanna, Gerald O. — B.S. Education NEA; Eastern Orthodox Fellowship; Phi- losophy Club. Harmon, Norma D. — B.S. Education Kappa Delta Pi; Alpha Sigma Lambda; Gamma Beta; Sociology-Anthropology Club; Geography Club; Intervarsity Christian Fel- lowship; Campus Christian Fellowship; SNEA. Harvey, Mary Sarah — B.S. Education Theta Upsilon; Women ' s League. Heasley, David Howard — B.A. Education Sabre Squadron; Band; Air Force Band; Concert Band; Orchestra; SNEA; SOEA. Helsel, Carol Jean — B.S. Education Dean ' s List; ACE; ISA: Geography Club, President: Physical Education Club. Hickman, David W. — B.A. Education Football; Wrestling Team, Captain. Hollabaugh, Lynn A. — B.S. Education Dean ' s List; SNEA. Hornacek, Lawrence S. — B.S. Education Tau Kappa Epsilon; Newman Club; Fresh- man Counselor. Huston, Donna J. — B.S. Education SNEA. Jursik, Eileen F. — B.A. Education Theta Phi Alpha; American Business Club Scholarship: Kappa Delta Pi; ICL. Kester, John W. — B.A. Education Arnold Air Society; Military Ball Commit- tee: Wrestling Team. Kline, Douglas R. — B.A. Education Dean ' s List; Intramurals. Kramer, Roberta Kaye — B.A. Education Sigma Delta Tau; Army ROTC Sponsor. Lawless, Patrick B. — B.A. Education Theta Chi, Secretary; AUSA; BuchteJite; Counter-guerrillas; Scabbard and Blade, President. Leasure, Patricia Ann — B.S. Education Gamma Beta: Bowling League; Home Eco- nomics Club. Liptak, Maryellen — B.S. Education ACE; SNEA. LoeRler, Ingrid Marie — B.A. Education Dean ' s List; Newman Club. Matthews, Gladys Louise — B.S. Education Alpha Kappa Alpha; Women ' s League; ASCE; Alpha Phi Alpha Sweetheart. McDonald, Sharon — B.A. Education Newman Club; Home Economics Club, Pres- ident. McReynolds, Louise Elaine — B.A. Education Home Economics Club. Mess, John W.— B.A. Education Dean ' s List; Golf. Milo, Frederick Peter — B.A. Education BuchteJite: T e I - B u c h ; Student Council; Dean ' s Council; Independent Students As- sociation, President; Scabbard and Blade; Eastern Orthodox Fellowship. Moke, Leslie — B.S. Education Alpha Delta Pi, Vice-President: WRA: SNEA: Casbah Committee; Songfest. Morris, Mary Ellen — B.S. Education Alpha Gamma Delta; Dean ' s List; SNEA; ACE. Motz, Carol Jean — B.S. Education Alpha Delta Pi, Secretary; SNEA, President; ACE; Women ' s League: Angel Flight: Homecoming: Songfest: Greek Week; May Day Committee. Munka, Mary Ann K. — B.S. Education Delta Gamma; Associate Scholarship; Delta Gamma Scholarship; Dean ' s List; TeJ-Buch; WRA; Student Council; Freshman Counse- lor: SNEA; Physical Education Club: SCPB.: BuchteJite; Newman Club; Synchronized Swim Club; Panhellenic Council; Mortar Board: A-Key; Who ' s Who; Outstanding Junior in Physical Education; Senior Class Board; Homecoming Court; Phi Kappa Tau Dream Girl. Nolte, Chuck— B.A. Education Phi Delta Theta; Student Center Program Board. Ochsenhirt, Bonnie Jean — B.S. Education Kappa Kappa Gamma; Newman Club; WRA; Women ' s League: ACE. O ' Hare, Terrence N. — B.S. Education Student Council: Rally Committee: Track; Basketball. Olivo, Barbara Jean — B.A. Education Tau Kappa Phi, President: SNEA; Home Economics Club, President. Olson, Joan Gist — B.A. Education Kappa Kappa Gamma; Freshman Council. Palmer, JoAnne — B.S. Education Alpha Delta Pi; WRA: SNEA. Patch, Irwin Esley — B.A. Education WAUP-FM; Military Ball Committee; Coun- ter-guerrillas. Patti, Jacquelyn D. — B.A. Education Alpha Gamma Delta; Dean ' s List; J. H. An- drew ' s Scholarship; Women ' s League; YWCA: Angel Flight; Student Council; Acme-Zip Chairman. Pearce, David Drew — B.A. Education Lone Star, Secretary; Student Council, Pres- ident; Who ' s Who; A-Key; Omicron Delta Kappa; Soccer, Captain, All-Ohio; Track; IFC, Secretary: Dean ' s List: Freshman Counselor; Newman Club; Residence Hall Advisor: May Day Committee; SCPB. Perry, Rita Ann— B.S. Education Delta Zeta: Dean ' s List; Freshman Counse- lor. Petrarca, Judith Ann — B.S. Education Theta Phi Alpha, Secretary; Dean ' s List; ACE, President; Homecoming Committee; SNEA; Women ' s League; Greek Week Com- mittee; May Day; Newman Club. Posjena, John Joseph — B.A. Education Dean ' s List; Phi Alpha Theta, President; Newman Club. Price, William Thomas — B.A. Education Phi Kappa Tau; Sabre Squadron: Panther Flight; Alpha Gamma Delta Man. Protheroe, Patricia Ann — B.S. Education Alpha Gamma Delta, Secretary; Scope; May Day; Greek Week Committee. Reed, Frances Dale — B.S. Education Delta Zeta, Secretary, Treasurer, President; Business Professional Women ' s Scholar- ship; Panhellenic Council; Women ' s League; WRA; YWCA. Reingold, Richard Michael — B.A. Education Alpha Epsilon Pi, Secretary: Tutorial Proj- ect; May Day. Richards, David T.— B.S. Education Phi Kappa Tau; Arnold Air Society. Rickert, Martha Elizabeth — B.S. Education Lambda Pi; ACE; Newman Club; Women ' s League. Rink, Dorothy Jane — B.A. Education Home Economics Club, President. Rodgers, John Charles — B.S. Education Tau Kappa Epsilon; Army Band Award; University Orchestra, President; University Band; Freshman Counselor. Ryan, Judith E. — B.S. Education Phi Mu; Dean ' s List; Greek Week Chair- man; May Day and Homecoming Commit- tees; Physical Education Club. Salzer, Nancy Ellen — B.S. Education Radio Workshop: Theatre Guild. Scarpitti, Arthur O. Jr. — B.A. Education Theta Chi; Marketing Club; Arnold Air So- ciety; Sabre Squadron; Songfest, Military Ball, May Day Committees. Schuett, Fredric Wynn — B.S. Education Dean ' s List; Varsity Football and Track. Selby, Patricia Lynn — B.S. Education SNEA: Geography Club. Schroyer, Barbara Jean — B.A. Education Young Republican Club: Newman Club. Simmons, William Edward — B.A. Education Phi Delta Theta. Sollberger, Diane — B.S. Education Phi Mu: ACE; Women ' s League; Campus Christian Fellowship; WRA. Sparhawk, Robert Alan — B.S. Education Sigma Pi. Stafford, Georgia L. — B.S. Education ACE. Strezoff, Carolyn June — B.S. Education Alpha Delta Pi, Vice-President; Army ROTC Sponsor; Freshman Counselor: WRA; YWCA: ACE: SNEA; BuchteJite; Greek Week, Songfest, and Homecoming Commit- tees: Acme-Zip Sweetheart. Styles, Karen Arlene — B.S. Education Kappa Kappa Gamma; Newman Club; Women ' s League. Svetlik, Mary Anne — B.S. Education Dean ' s List; Irl A. Fredrick and UDC Schol- arships; Kappa Delta Pi, President: Wom- en ' s League; Alpha Lambda Delta, Secre- tary: TeJ-Buch; Band: Phi Sigma Society: Residence Hall Advisor; BuchteJite; ISA: Newman Club: Johnson Club; SNEA; Physi- cal Education Club; YWCA: WRA; Intramu- rals: A-Key: Who ' s Who. Taub, Robert M. — B.A. Education Independent Students Association; Intramu- rals. Taylor, Julie Ann — B.A. Education Phi Mu, President; SCPB; WRA; Miss Tekequacade. Tomcik, Mary E. — B.S. Education Delta Gamma, Secretary; ACE; Freshman Counselor; Army ROTC Sponsor. Van Doros, Denise E. — B.A. Education Alpha Gamma Delta; Freshman Counselor; YWCA: Women ' s League: Panhellenic Council. Victor, Merle Louise — B.S. Education International Student Organization. Vollert, Ilona M.— B.S. Education Zeta Tau Alpha. Vice-President; Band; Pan- hellenic Council, President. Wagner, Richard Roger — B.S. Education Varsity Golf, Captain. Wallace, Caribeth — B.S. Education Delta Zeta, Vice-President: Panhellenic Council; WRA; Physical Education Club; BuchteJite. 160 Washington, Dreajean Louise — B.S. Educa- tion Delta Sigma Theta; Future Secretaries As- sociation. Wafkins, Karen Sue — B.A. Education Dean ' s List; SNEA; WRA; Political Science Club. Webb, Donald Eugene, Jr. — B.A. Education Tau Kappa Epsilon: Dean ' s List; Hoover Bi- ology Award; Music Scholarship; Univer- sity Band; University Orchestra; Science Club, President; Philosophy Club. Weiss, Linda Bess— B.S. Education SNEA; ACE. Wetherbee, George B.— B.S. Education Varsity Cross Country and Track. Woodring, Alberla Jayne— B.S. Education OSEA: ASEA, President; ACE; Buchtelite; Independent Students Association. Wright, Vicki Linda— B.S. Education Kappa Delta Pi. Yee, Jocelyn C. ' Y.— B.A. Education Delta Gamma; Residence Hall; Women ' s League; Panhellenic Council; SCPB; Army ROTC Sponsor; Homecoming Court; Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Girl. Youngkin, Donna A. — B.S. Education Dean ' s List; SNEA. Zimmerman, Helen Elizabeth— B.A. Educa- tion Zeta Tau Alpha; Mortar Board; Pixley Eng- lish Award; Copperweld Company and As- sociate Scholarships; Women ' s League; Band; Newman Club; Johnson Club; Scope; Tei-Buch; Young Democrats; Tutorial Proj- ect; ICE; Freshman Counselor; Buchtelite; SNEA; ACE; WAUP-FM. College of Business Administration Alexander, Anthony Andrew — B.S. Business Administration Dean ' s List: Beta Delta Psi. Anderson, Russell M. — B.S. Business Admin- istration Tau Kappa Epsilon; Finance Club; Varsity Wrestling. Ardis, Wesley R. — B.S. Business Adminis- tration Alpha Phi Alpha; Freshman Counselor; Dis- tinguished Military Club; Arnold Air Soci- ety. Bachmann, William Albert — B.S. Business Administration Dean ' s List; Associate Scholarship; Irl L. Frederick Scholarship; Phi Eta Sigma; Beta Delta Psi; Accounting Club, President. Bell, Jon Paul — B.S. Business Administration Scabbard and Blade; AUSA; Marketing Club; Finance Club; SAM; Newman Club. Bell, Robert N. — B.S. Business Administra- tion Chi Sigma Nu; Student Council; Nite Life, Editor. Bennett, Alfred John — B.S. Business Admin- istration Finance Club, President. Broadhurst, Jerome Anthony — B.S. Business Administration Newman Club; Industrial Management Club. Burge, Thomas Eugene — B.S. Business Ad- ministration Lambda Chi Alpha; Accounting Club; Intra- murals. Burns, James Albert — B.S. Business Admin- istration Accounting Club. Byrnes, Robert Lawrence — B.S. Business Administration Phi Delta Theta; Dean ' s List; Associate Scholarship; Bucht elite. Caprez, Joseph Francis — B.S. Business Ad- ministration SAM; Industrial Management Club. Carr, Ronald John — B.S. Business Adminis- tration Phi Sigma Kappa; WAUP-FM; Accounting Club. Clesi, Philip Anthony — B.S. Business Ad- ministration SAM; Marketing Club. Connor, Joseph Edward — B.S. Business Ad- ministration Tau Kappa Epsilon; Pershing Rifles. Cummings, Ray— B.S. Business Administra- tion Tau Kappa Epsilon, President, Treasurer; Outstanding Air Force Student; Omicron Delta Kappa. Davis, Gerald Lynn— B.S. Business Admin- istration Tau Kappa Epsilon, Treasurer; Accounting Club; Newman Club. Derry, Lina R. — B.S. Business Administra- tion Alpha Delta Pi; Dean ' s List; Beta Delta Psi; Mortar Board; Dean ' s Council; Freshman Counselor; Panhellenic Council. President; Accounting Club; Angel Flight; Student Council; WRA; Homecoming Court. Douglas, Luis Andrew — B.S. Business Ad- ministration Marketing Club; Baseball; Residence Hall President. Dovin, Wayne R. — B.S. Business Adminis- tration Marketing Club. Dzubeck, J. Ronald — B.S. Business Adminis- tration Dean ' s List; Beta Delta Psi; Finance Club; Accounting Club. Galford, Denver Lee — B.S. Business Admin- istration Tau Kappa Epsilon; Beta Delta Psi; Scab- bard and Blade; Accounting Club. Garrison, William George — B.S. Business Administration. Lambda Chi Alpha. Gramling, John Kellogg, III — B.S. Business Administration Industrial Management Club. Grisi, Charles Ernest — B.S. Business Admin- istration Theta Chi, Vice-President, President; Fresh- man Counselor; Marketing Club; Intramu- rals. Hilbish, Ralph E.— B.S. Business Adminis- tration SAM. Huryn, Michael Alexander— B.S. Business Administration Theta Chi, President; SCPB, Board of Man- agers; Marketing Club. Jebber, Richard Leonard — B.S. Business Ad- ministration Lone Star, President; Intramurals; Market- ing Club; IFC; Forensic Union. Johnston, Richard Gary— B.S. Business Ad- ministration Phi Delta Theta; Dean ' s List; Beta Delta Psi; Marketing Club. Jones, Barbara Haney— B.S. Business Ad- ministration Band; International Students Club; Campus Christian Fellowship; Economics Club. Kauslick, Albert Andre— B.S. Business Ad- ministration Beta Delta Psi; SAM. King, Richard Allen— B.S. Business Admin- istration Scabbard and Blade; AUSA. Kochmit, Robert Allen— B.S. Business Ad- ministration Marketing Club. Konneker, James Ross— B.S. Business Ad- ministration Phi Delta Theta, Vice-President; SAM. Kurlich, Richard A., Jr. — B.S. Business Ad- ministration Dean ' s List; Accounting Club. Lavery, Thomas Francis — B.S. Business Ad- ministration Dean ' s List; Young Republican Club; New- man Club. LeHere, Michael David — B.S. Business Ad- ministration Dean ' s List; Joseph and Corrine Sumner Scholarship; SAM; Beta Delta Psi; Market- ing Club, President; Intramurals. Moody, William Fenton — B.S. Business Ad- ministration Lambda Chi Alpha; Industrial Management Club; Varsity Wrestling. Myers, Richard Warren — B.S. Business Ad- ministration Phi Kappa Tau; Marketing Club. Norman, James E., II — B.S. Business Admin- istration Dean ' s List; SAM. Otto, William George — B.S. Business Ad- ministration Lambda Chi Alpha; Accounting Club; Mar- keting Club; Intramurals. Person, Calvin Eugene — B.S. Business Ad- ministration Alpha Phi Alpha; Dean ' s List; Varsity Track; Senior Class Vice-President; Beta Alpha Psi; Accounting Club; SCPB; Fresh- man Counselor; Tutorial Project; IFC. Pfenning, Anthony Joseph — B.S. Business Administration Dean ' s List; Associate Scholarship. Prekop, Joseph John — B.S. Business Admin- istration Newman Club; Accounting Club. Prexta, Michael John — B.S. Business Admin- istration Marketing Club. Przytula, William Stanley — B.S. Business Administration Phi Kappa Tau; Arnold Air Society; Resi- dence Hall Advisor; SAM; Newman Club. Ranney, Clifford A.— B.S. Business Adminis- tration Marketing Club; Inter-Varsity Club. Reeder, Darrell D. — B.S. Business Adminis- tration Pershing Rifles. Ross, Donald Robert — B.S. Business Admin- istration SAM; Newman Club. Rudin, Barry — B.S. Business Administration Finance Club. Ryan, Terrence Michael — B.S. Business Ad- ministration Phi Delta Theta; Dean ' s List; Beta Delta Psi; SAM. 161 Sear, Joseph Charles, Jr. — B.S. Business Ad- ministration Phi Kappa Tau; Scabbard and Blade; Sabre Squad; Marketing Club; Newman Club; Varsity Tennis; Intramurals. Speaks, Thomas E. — B.S. Business Adminis- tration SAM. Stafford, James Leland — B.S. Business Ad- ministration Associate Scholarship; Dean ' s List; SAM. Stephens, Dennison Clarke — B.S. Business Administration Dean ' s List; Accounting Club. Stull, Charles Merion — B. S. Business Ad- ministration Sigma Pi, Treasurer; Accounting Club. Thompson, William E., Jr. — B.S. Business Administration Theta Chi; IFC; Junior Class Vice-President. Thomson, Dennis Lee — B.S. Business Ad- ministration Phi Kappa Tau; Varsity Football; Athletic Scholarship. Thomson, Douglas Bruce — B.S. Business Administration Phi Kappa Tau; Omicron Delta Kappa; Var- sity Football. Wilson, Theodore J. — B.S. Business Admin- istration Tau Kappa Epsilon; Beta Delta Psi; Dean ' s List; SAM; Varsity Track and Cross Coun- try. Zellefrow, Thomas A. — B.S. Business Ad- ministration Scabbard and Blade; Accounting Club. College of Engineering Abraham, Gerald M. — B.S. Mechanical Engi- neering Dean ' s List; Sigma Tau Award; McNeil Scholarship; Sigma Tau; Phi Eta Sigma; ASME. Ashcraft, William Charles — B.S. Mechanical Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha; Freshman Counselor; Songfest Committee. Bennett, Arnold A. — B.S. Electrical Engi- neering IEEE. Broske, David Robert — B.S. Mechanical En- gineering Arthur L. Foster Award; NRM Corporation Scholarship; Adron Professional Engineer- ing Fund Scholarship; ASME. Brown, John Arden — B.S. Civil Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha, Secretary; Dean ' s List; Associate Scholarship; Scabbard and Blade; ASCE. Channel, V. David— B.S. Electrical Engi- neering Sigma Tau; IEEE. Chapman, David Lawrence — B.S. Civil Engi- neering Tau Kappa Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Tau; ASCE. Chiaramonte, William Robert — B.S. Mechan- ical Engineering Sigma Tau; ASME. Clough, Lawrence G. — B.S. Electrical Engi- neering IEEE. Coleman, James Charles — B.S. Mechanical Engineering Phi Delta Theta; Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Tau; A-Key; ASME; Varsity Swimming. Cramblette, Donn L — B.S. Mechanical Engi- neering ASME. Crampton, Frank P. — B.S. Electrical Engi- neering Theta Chi; Dean ' s List; IFC; Freshman Counselor; IEEE. Dadik, Robert Paul— B.S. Electrical Engi- neering Sigma Tau, President; Dean ' s List; IEEE; Newman Club; Intramurals. Dotson, Thomas Andrew — B.S. Electrical Engineering. IEEE. Drake, Stephen Wayne — B.S. Mechanical Engineering Sigma Tau, Secretary; ASME; Pershing Rifles; Scabbard and Blade; Distinguished Military Student. Drapco, Michael Edward — B.S. Electrical Engineering Theta Chi, Vice-President; Dean ' s List; Nel- son S. Hoover Scholarship; Freshman Coun- selor; IEEE; Intramurals; Newman Club; Marketing Club; IFC. Emerson, Edward R. — B.S. Mechanical En- gineering Dean ' s List; ASME; Intervarsity Christian Fellowship; Scabbard and Blade. Fasnacht, Donald Butler — B.S. Electrical Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha, Secretary; IEEE; Scab- bard and Blade; Counter-guerrillas, Com- mander. Hill, James Bert — B.S. Civil Engineering Dean ' s List; Associate Scholarship; Sigma Tau; ASME. Hinkle, Walter William — B.S. Mechanical Engineering ASME. Horley, Ralph Jeremma — B.S. Electrical En- gineering Sigma Tau, Vice-President; IEEE; Freshman Counselor; Varsity Wrestling. Hysell, Robert C— B.S. Mechanical Engi- neering Tau Kappa Epsilon; ASME; Varsity Bowl- ing. Jerron-Quarshie, S. B. — B.S. Electrical Engi- neering IEEE; International Students Organization; Soccer. Kennedy, Michael D. — B.S. Electrical Engi- neering Sigma Tau; Dean ' s List; IEEE. Kenney, Garrison Quay — B.S. Electrical En- gineering Tau Kappa Epsilon; IEEE. Kenzel, Hugh H. — B.S. Electrical Engineer- ing Tau Kappa Epsilon; Sigma Tau; Freshman Counselor; IEEE, President; Student Coun- cil; Scabbard and Blade. Koutras, Alexander E.— B.S. Electrical Engi- neering IEEE; Foreign Students Club; ISA. Lawson, Ronald Gloy— B.S. Civil Engineer- ing ASCE; Band; WAUP-FM. Memmer, Wallace Henry— B.S. Electrical Engineering Sigma Tau; Associate Scholarship; IEEE. Mesovedec, Jack Allen — B.S. Civil Engineer- ing ASCE. Neely, Robert S.— B.S. Mechanical Engi- neering Tau Kappa Epsilon; ASME. Nemcheck, Thomas — B.S. Mechanical Engi- neering Associate Scholarship; ASME. Oden, Dale Joseph — B.S. Civil Engineering ASCE. Oleksuk, Michael H.— B.S. Electrical Engi- neering Phi Kappa Tau; Sigma Tau; Associate Scholarship; Air Force Scholarship; Distin- guished Military Student. i ' Phelps, Charles F. — B.S. Mechanical Engi- neering ASME. I Rootes, Richard Louis — B.S. Electrical Eng- ineering IEEE; Varsity Swimming. Scheatzle, Charles Andrew — B.S. Electrical Engineering Sigma Tau: IEEE; Newman Club. Shaffer, Ronald M.— B.S. Electrical Engi- neering IEEE. Steiner, Johann — B.S. Mechanical Engineer- ing Associate Scholarship; Dean ' s List; ASME; Foreign Student Club. Stewart, David E. — B.S. Mechanical Engi- neering Sigma Tau; ASME. Stull, Bruce J. — B.S. Electrical Engineering IEEE; Sigma Tau. Turbak, John Edward — B.S. Civil Engineer- ing Tau Kappa Epsilon; ASCE, President; IFC. Turja, Harold Leroy — B.S. Civil Engineering ASCE. Yankovich, Robert Donald — B.S. Civil Engi- neering ASCE; Intramurals. Zuravel, Stanley Eugene — B.S. Mechanical Engineering Sigma Tau: ASME. 162 Community Technical College Alexander, Donald Gilbert — Associate in Mechanical Design Pershing Rifles. Auseon, Kathy Faith— Associate in Sales and Merchandising ISA. Barnes, Cynthia Ann— Associate in Secre- tarial Science FSA; Young Democrats. Botz, Vicki— Associate in Secretarial Sci- ence Kappa Kappa Gamma; Associate Scholar- ship; Women ' s League; Newman Club; Dean ' s List. Glinsky, Mary Jane— Associate in Secretar- ial Science FSA; Newman Club. Heins, Judith Ann — Associate in Secretarial Science Student Council; FSA. Hofer, Carolyn J.— Associate in the Arts Physical Education Club. Jones, Nancy Lynn — Associate in Secretar- ial Science Alpha Delta Pi; Women ' s League; FSA; WRA. Linnane, Kathleen Ellen — Associate in Sec- retarial Science Kappa Kappa Gamma; Women ' s League; Dean ' s List; Newman Club. Lott, Cheryl Lee— Associate in Secretarial Science Dean ' s List. Parfitt, Linda Gay — Associate in Secretarial Science FSA; Dean ' s List. Kayman, William E.— Associate in Mechan- ical Design Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. Roser, ' Vivian Kay Associate in Secretarial Science FSA. Steininger, Joyce Ann — Associate in Secre- tarial Science FSA. Young, Marilyn Kay— Associate in Secretar- ial Science Student Council. ...OURS IS A GENERATION OF QUESTIONERS... WE MAY NOT FIND ALL THE ANSWERS, BUT WE KNOW WE HAVE TO GO ON LOOKING . . . 163 164 165 Officers of the Senior Class Ralph Gault, President; Anne Averbuck, Secretary; Sue Finkle; Treasurer; Calvin Person, Vice-president. l._ CTvTr j-vft a Officers of the Junior Class T. Ochsenhirt; D. Simonetti; P. Ericson; L. Grible; R. Heydorn; C. Nolan; R. Smith; D. Fisher. 166 WAUP-FM Service to the University and the Community through the broad- cast media is the function of WAUP-FM, the University-owned and operated student radio station. Comprised of twenty-nine staff members, the group learns procedure while giving enjoyment through classical and popular programs, interviews, and sports broadcasts. The chief operators are, from the top: T. Orr; G. Gulbis; D. Lieberth; J. Balas; L. Gulbis; W. Curtice. 167 Men ' s Residence Hall advisors (L-R): W. Sloat; S. Bender; M. Weisberg M. Malyuk; W. Przytula; B. Fike; L. Shirk; T. Bilovecky. 168 Residence Hall Advisors Left: Robert Kean, Head Resident — Sisler McFawn. Right: Dan L. Buie, Head Resident Advisor. Ml J.iw m V Women ' s Residence Hall advisors: S. Finkle; D. Cleveland: A. Strazdiiis: L. Hofle; J. Inzinger. 169 n ' -lii Tower Dorm Officers Tower Residence Hall Association Officers: (L-R): B. Winchell; W. Stephany; T. McVickers; J. Donatone. Representing the three hundred residents of the Tower Resi- dence Hall in all areas of activity, planning mixers, coffee houses, and like events is the duty of the four officers of the Residence Hall Association for the Tower Dorm. Keeping this series of activities diverse proved to be a most demanding job for the men. 170 WRHA Staff, 1966-67 (L-R): R. Paul, Advisor; H. Locke; A. Carp; J. Smith; S. Frumpkin; J. Moessner. Station WRHA Providing a refreshing break from the serious business of study is the duty of WRHA, the residence hall radio station, better known as " Where Rock Hits Akron. " Organized two years ago, this eager group hopes soon to be able to send its closed-circuit broadcasts beyond the perimeter of the campus to area homes. Meanwhile, they hold forth in the tower dorm basement each night, playing requests and jazz tunes. 171 Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship Formed to strengthen both the relationships and the rehgious principles of the Christian Religions, the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship sponsors numerous and lively discussion meetings at regu- lar intervals throughout the year, and often spon- sors trips to other locations. Social events are in- cluded also in the full calendar which the fellow- ship members have developed. (L-R): Dan Both; Donna Ralph; Nancy Dulabahn; Kevin Smith. 172 Newman Apostolate v.- N. Douglas; N. Marusiah; J. Mannine; Sr. Frederick, O.P.; P. Kurtzman; B. Serets; D. Mungo, President. Swinging Sundays were often the rule at Newman Center during the year, as the group sponsored many discussion programs, and held its usual number of classes and coffee hours, trying very hard to reach the nearly three thousand Catholic stu- dents in the student body. 173 ?•? ' W.fv Student Counci Establishment of the May Day Commission to make recom- mendations for the better- ment of this valuable activity occupied the major part of the members of Student Council ' s time this year. Front row: T. Ochsenhirt; J. Raini ' x : S. Fiakle; E. Rieyler; R. Lawry; W. Petrarca. Row two: L. Cerrone: D. Campisi; D. Varian; J. McKinley; J. Pavich; P. Flaherty; J. Cerrone; J. Helms; P. Traub; D. Simonettl; L. Derry; T. Stecz; D. Sabatlno, advisor. Row three: R. Consldlne; J. La- Guardia; C. Weber; J. Petty; C. Dljaclmo; A. Jarr; S. Brand; J. Thomas. Rear: P. Schlegel; S. Spohn. 174 From the bottom: R. Snoble, advisor; T. Avant; C. Brock; D. Holliday; R. Coletta; B. Klatsky; F. Comunale: G. Car- roll; J. Picou; M. Coyle; M. Buida; A. Geer; S. Vance: J. Thalman, M. Miller, President, S. Williams. Pledge Interfraternity Counci Assisting the new fraternity pledge to make the transition to a fraternity man is the duty of the pledge Inter-Fraternity Council. Under the direction of the Vice-President of the regular council, Roger Snoble, the group reg- ularly met and sorted out the problems of being a fraternity pledge. 175 Arnold Air Society Kneeling: (L-R): R. Crite: M. Kelley; J. Petruccio; R. Gaston; P. Welch: F. Rupani; W. Ardis; H. Stine. Ro w two: T. Schoegler; S. Bender; G. Roop; M. Malyuk, T. Country- man; M. Oleksuk; D. Hoskins; V. Rogers. Row three: J. Accurso; R. Kline; R. Molnar; W. Przytula; L. Shirk; T. Maguire, President. 176 Mitchell Flight Front row (L-R): Capt. L. Testas; J. Schnur; f. Schocky: M. Samoguge; R. DeShon; W. Voss; M. Blakley; P. Koscik; R. Gaston. Row two: C. Cook; C. Wallace; R. Coil; V. Cruder; R. Letterman: J. Paradise; H. Washer; R. Ashman; R. Page. Row three: J. Pflaum; J. Seigfried; B. McHale; M. Spidare; C. Roberts; S. Pells. Row four: f. Fedor; D. Ereth; M. Gibber; E. Hau; J. Finn; G. Dannemiller; R. Yarth; C. Crow. 177 student Center Program Board-Board of Governors Planning the next big attraction finds the Board of Governors of the Student Center Program Board having a quiet discussion in the new? Music Room. Keeping the activities which the Board presents varied and numerous enough to provide interesting recreation for the students occupies a great deal of the time of the more than seventy members working on the seven committees of the group, and now that the new building is finished a more complete calendar of events will surely be in the offing. Board of Governors (L-R): Chris Brownfield Anne Averbuck Ralph Larson Judy Rainey Gretchen Laatsch Lou Seller, Chairman John Anderson Pat Ericson 178 student Center Crew Managers student Center Managers (L-R); John Murawski Frank Cianciola Ralph Larson Don Sabatino Rick Leidal Making certain that it all hums quietly and in unison is the job of the Student Center Work Crew, and the managers who oversee the op- erations of the workers have been taking no rest since the April dedication. They spent the Winter months getting ready for the big day, and are certainly proud of the building. 179 nterfraternity Council No one could say any are more dedicated to the youth of America than the men who make up the Interfraternity Council, govern- ing body for the eleven fraternities on the campus; and as they gathered for the picture at Derby Dow ns, a more dedicated group would be hard to find anywhere. By working carefully together, the individual groups coasted to an even better year than ever be- fore, again winning the National Interfrater- nity Conference Scholarship Award. I.F.C. (L-R): Front row: J. Anderson; N. Filing; R. Brown; R. Papalio. Row two: D. Varian; L. Seller; R. Hey- dorn; E. Feldman; D. Lom- bardi; J. Schwall; G. Wil- liams; T. Stecz, P. Paxton; R. Boetger. In rear: J. Rugle; R. Snoble. 180 Panhellenic Counci Members of Pan-Hellenic Council, 1966-67: S. Hannah, President; K. Hor- rigan: M. Wlader; C. Richards; L. Ivers; S. Swedler; N. Polites; S. Nettling; A. Darnell; S. Jones; E. Keith; J. Campbell; A. Lee; P. VanDoros; A. Gunther; B. Bettner; H. Gerber; L. Dain; L. Barbuto; J. Hester; C. Nolan; F. Berschette; M. Maxwell; J. Petty; S. Swedler; M. Engle; S. Klein; L. Grible; J. Cerrone; C. Niedermyer; P. Werner. Waiting as the wind blows by the steps of the Norman P. Auburn Center, the members of Pan-Hel Council look a little wind-blown. But don ' t let their looks fool you, these gals have been busy all year making plans for the enlargement of the system, and the new housing which will soon be made available. 181 Women ' s League, 1967 (L-R): Front row — seated: Holly Hoffman; Carol Haas; Joanne Guzzetta; Katheryn Vegso, Adviser; Ann Darnell; Helen Rabuck; Pat Mitchell. Row two: Cindy Bodnar; Pam Duffy; Sally Welsh: Sue Swedler; Cynthia Vangeloff; Gretchen Laatsch: Irene Solomon; Donna Somanty; Norj Best: Reta Jaeger; Mary Lou Nemione. Standing, rear: Sue Nettling; Pat Vandall. 182 Women ' s League Service is the reason for the continued suc- cess of Women ' s League, founded locally in 1907. Striving to represent all women stu- dents, the League draws its members from the sororities, dormitories, and the independ- ent students. Programs sponsored by the group have been beneficial to both the men and women students of the University; and this past year included numerous kaffee- klatches, the Christmas Tea, and the Glam- our Magazine Fashion Contest. An attempt is made also to increase the faculty-student so- cial contact through the activities of Wom- en ' s League; within the general framework of its events and accomplishments. 183 University Theatre Guild Costuming preparations for their new season finds the membership of the University Theatre Guild ready and waiting in the wings for an entrance. The group staged four major productions and a series of student-directed one acts as well. They are (L-R): Front row: S. Miller; P. Daum; T. Alexander; S. Hollinger; S. Korman, Row two: R. Witt; H. Sturkey; S. Maluke; N. Salzer; G. Dick; D. Baker. Row three (from top of ladder] R. Walker; M. Auburn; T. Dandridge; W. Sterling; J. Dunlap, Director; A. Averbuck. 184 Sociology Club Charles Cross Goodyear manages a some- what wan smile as the members of the So- ciology Club gathered in his park for a pic- ture. The group also sponsored trips and held monthly discussion meetings. Kneeling: C. Smith; D. Claus. Standing (L-R): D. Kosoy; T. Tuitt; R. Lapadot; G. Cilano; A. Maxwell; M. Marks; T. Emmons. In rear: W. Hartman; C. Schum. Members of the Spanish Club, organized to increase the knowledge of interested stu- dents of the language, pose in the language lab of the Edu- cation Building. (L-R]: R. Bar- rett; J. Donatelli; C. Bingham; A. Hoffman. Spanish Club Army R.O.T.C. Army Sponsors (L-R): Bottom row; J. Pavich; J. Wise; D. Ben- field; S. Quirk. Row two: B. Nagy; J. Yee; N. Scofido; I. Hertzi; J. Artinez. Row three: H. Hoffman, K. Keplinger; C. Vershack; G. Dierringer; P. Hensel; E. Keith. Top row: C. Strezoff; [. Cerrone; J. Savick; C. Lutz. Colonel Jonas A. Vilhauer, United States Army Association of the United States Army, Officers: Lou Seller; Tim Coleridge; James Adams; Harry Ludwig. 186 Scabbard Blade (L-R): Front row: K. Keplinger; T. Childs; P. Row four: J. Merchant; K. Auker; C. Johnson; B. Lowrey; H. Lawless; R. Bell. Row two: M. Semenec; T. Coleridge; R. Brown; W. Bamler. Row five: F. DiFiore; A. Marhevsky; J. Hoff- Boetger; D. Fasnacht; J. Schwall; H. Kenzel. Row three: J. Kelly; man; D. Hecht; G. Fry; P. Paxton. T. Ciccolini; T. Orashan; H. Ludwig; F. Cocquyt; L. Seller. 187 Air Force R O T C Staff r ' wm AFROTC Staff [L-R): Lt. Col, Leslie 11. Heiidrickson, Jr.; Majur Wayne G. Murray; Major Charles G. Noe; Major James H. Brennan; Captain Leon J. Testas, Jr. P ' i. ' f . 4il.v 188 189 Angel Flight, 1966-67 (L-R) Mary Ann Kilgore Julie Kalial Mary Lou Miller Karen Gray Liz Egrid Pat Peresta Norj Best Dotty Gasper Aggie Hoffman Candy Nolan Karen Hardy Dolly Lemmon Kathy Gray Pat Traub Lina Deny Nikki Polites Jane Nicholas Carol Motz Jo Ann Guzzetta Kathy Cincurak i 190 Equipment Courtesy of United Air Lines. Angel Flight-Air Force R O T C Sponsors 191 Who ' s Who Among Students; " A-key " Winners 1. Pat Traub: A-Key 2. Candy Nolan: A-Key 3. George Dick, Jr.: A-Key, Who ' s Who 4. Diane Simonetti: A-Key, Who ' s Who 5. Linda Grible: A-Key 6. John Ander son: Who ' s Who 7. Bob Kean: Who ' s Who 8. Lina Derry: Who ' s Who 9. Anne Averbuck: A-Key, Who ' s Who 10. David Shoenfelt: A-Key, Who ' s Who 11. Dave Pagnard: A-Key, Who ' s Who 12. John Roe: A-Key, Who ' s Who 13. Chris Brownfield: A-Key 14. Loretta Cerrone: A-Key, Who ' s Who 15. Mary Ann Munka: A-Key, Who ' s Who 16. Gretchen Laatsch: A-Key 17. Linda Hofle: A-Key, Who ' s Who 18. John Murawski: Who ' s Who 19. Gary Williams: A-Key 20. Bob Heydorn: A-Key 21. Lou Seller: A-Key, Who ' s Who 22. Pat Erickson: A-Key, Who ' s Who 23. Tom Bilovecky: A-Key 24. Henry Jaroszewski: A-Key 25. Helen Gerber: A-Key 26. Larry Vicfum: Who ' s Who 27. Laura Gulbis: A-Key 28. Jean Longanbach: A-Key, Who ' s Who 29. Bill Petrarca: A-Key, Who ' s Who 30. Mary Ann Svetlik: A-Key, Who ' s Who 31. Jean Thomas: A-Key, Who ' s Who 32. Astrida Strazdins: A-Key, Who ' s Who 33. Walt Maxey: A-Key 34. Ed Riegler: A-Key, Who ' s Who 35. Don Varian, Jr.: A-Key, Who ' s Who 36. Sue Finkle: A-Key, Who ' s Who 192 193 Mortar Board 1966-67 Initiates (Left to Right]: Miss Patricia Ann Traub Miss Diane Simonetti Miss Nicholi Polites Miss Mary Christine Brownfield Miss Mary Ann Munka Miss Candice Nolan Miss Linda Hofle Miss Jean Thomas Miss Jane Nichols Miss Jean Longanbach, President Miss Astrida Strazdins Miss Patricia Ericson Miss Helen Gerber Miss Lina Deny Miss Carol Bingham 194 Setting Courtesy of Mrs. Grace Crawford. Hower House. 195 196 Omicron Delta Kappa 1966-67 Initiates (Left to Right): Mr. Michael }. Gordon Mr. Donald S. Varian, Jr. Mr. Louis E. Seiler Mr. Steven R. Bender Mr. Mark S. Auburn Mr. Russell N. Walker Mr. Gary B. Williams Mr. William H. Petrarca Mr. Henry J. Jaroszewski Mr. Edward J. Riegler Mr. Scott A. Lyons Mr. Robert E. Kean Mr. David A. Shoenf elt Dr. Frank Simonetti — Faculty Mr. David W. Hickman Equipment. Supplies, Demolition Courtesy Zebrowski Associates, Inc. 197 Ikros The 1967 Tel-Buch presents a selection of campus personalities — the members of the student body, faculty, and administra- tion who have made the most lasting impressions over the years. This is AKROS — the highest. Faculty members chosen for AKROS were nom inated by the graduates of the Class of 1967, who were polled as they posed for their Senior Portraits. The student members were nomi- nated by the academic deans and other members of the admin- istration, representative students who have made the greatest contributions to campus life. Civic organizations provided the names for the membership drawn from the community. There ' s an old cliche about being " a gentle- man and a scholar " — Russ Walker dusts off the phrase and gives it a fresh application. An active member of residence hall govern- ment and student politics, Russ also uses his talents in theatre activities and campus religious organizations. An honor student, Russell was nominated to Akros by the dean of the Buchtel College of Liberal Arts. Physics has long been a subject of tremen- dous challenge to Distinguished Professor Dr. Ernest R. Thackeray, and it has been eighteen years since he arrived in Akron to share the tangents of his field wfith others. With a degree from the University of Sas- katchewan, Canada, Dr. Thackeray ap- plied to the University of Wisconsin, and from there he came South to Akron. The climate seems to have agreed with him, and most of his students are in agreement that the subject of Physics is somehow less for- eign to them with Dr. Thackeray at the helm. 198 m H 1 L • J Hj HHV . ' H i 1 4 L p mI m ii. 4 1 i - J H V, ■ ' « From the City of Brotherly Love comes peppy Astrida Strazdins, whose talents have proven most successful for sorority, dorm, and for Homecoming, 1966, of w hich she v as co-chairman. Not one to let the ex- tracurricular v hirl keep her from the books, Astrida has also become a serious student of great renown. The only Dean on Campus who has no real worries at commencement is Dr. Thomas Sumner, Dean of The General College. " D o c " Sumner, however, takes a very active interest in all stu- dents, perhaps because such a varied cross section of them come through his office on their way into or out of The University. As Advisor to Omicron Delta Kappa, he has become renowned for his help in shaping the leaders of tomorrow. Also an avid fishing buff, the yarns he spins always seem a good deal more credible than most. Few students have spent two complete years as Buchtelite Editor — and Dave Shoenfelt can probably tell you why, since he ' s done it. It ' s not an easy life, but then Dave ' s never been one to take the easy way in anything. Since leaving the edi- torship, he ' s retired to the relative calm of speech and the- atre activities. 199 Historically speaking, Herodo- tus was quite a fellow, in that he started the study of the sub- ject in the first place. And Dr. David Reide has been doing his best these past twelve years to help the perplexed students to figure out what has happened since then. To do this he makes use of an old standby from The Saturday Review, and calls his lectures: " Through History with J. Wesley Smith; " filling them with endlessly fascinating per- sonal anecdotes and travel ex- periences. A sense of humor honed to a fine edge helps many over the difficult passages of his subject. Many men spend an entire career building a reputation as the colorful, eccentric, or even odd-ball professor: the quaint but brilliant scholar and teacher. Dr. John Popplestone, a mere youth, it would seem, has already become a campus curio, and Head of the Psychology Department. As the televised lecturer for the General Psychology courses, wunderkind Pop- plestone has attained the highest campus rating since someone loved Lucy. He has also brought to campus the Archives of the History of Amer- ican Psychology, an addition to the University Library. Veteran member of the Akron Board of Educa- tion, Distinguished Professor Mabel Reidinger is one of the most consistent and popular vote- getters in the city. And in the classroom. Dr. Reidinger manages to get her point across with an equal degree of authoritarian good nature, having long ago earned a reputation as a pillar of educational thought and knowledge. Dr. Reidinger always has a ready ear for the stu- dent, whether it be problems in or out of the classroom. 200 One fellow we know was so concerned over the neat appearance of his home- work papers in Dr. Sam Selby ' s Ad- vanced Math class that he spent three hours each evening just typing his equations . . . and of course he flunked the course because he was too busy typing to listen to instructions. But such is not uncommon when deal- ing with Dr. Selby, a man often hidden from view of the students by clouds of eraser dust, such is the frantic pace of his lectures. An avid sports enthusiast, this Distinguished Professor is second only to Ken Cochrane in rousing laugh- ter at a good joke. If you can just get Dave Pagnard to sit down for a minute and put his mind to something, he ' ll probably do it better than anyone else. Somebody talked him into acting in a play once — since then he ' s become a University Theatre mainstay. Then he heard the Buchtelite needed reporters — and went on to be its highly-praised Editor. Once he wandered into College Bowl tryouts, ending up as a member of the tele- vision team. Nobody ' s asked Dave to join the football squad yet — but then, who ' s perfect? The Dean of the Buchtel College of Liberal Arts chose Dave to represent the college in this section. It isn ' t everyday that a university professor is called upon to build a whole new college, but then, William Petry isn ' t an everyday type. As the first Dean of the Community and Technical College, Dean Petry has built an exciting variety of courses leading to the two-year Associate de- gree. At the same time he has been busily plan- ning for the new headquarters of the college in Schrank Hall. 201 " Let Jean do it! " is good advice for anyone wanting the best possible job accomplished with the certain womanly style of Jean Longanbach. This energetic president of Mortar Board proves that a good student doesn ' t always have to look like some- body ' s grandma. The best game of volle yball this side of the YMCA, is the one which finds Professor Roger Kvam a participant. But his prime talent is the fire-and-brimstone approach to political science, and in the lecture room he pulls out all the stops. Outside, he has the knack for becoming a true friend of stu- dents, with hardly a Sunday afternoon passing without a gathering at the Kvam household. But watch out for him on the volleyball court, political scientists play to Being the Dean of a fine liberal arts college is the life ' s ambition of a great many men, and a position few would readily give up. Yet such is the desire to return to the class- room he loves that this Spring Dean George W. Knepper resigned as Dean of The Buchtel College of Liberal Arts to return to his students of History. Renewal of student contacts, long neglected during his tenure in the Dean ' s chair, is what he looks for- ward to most of all, and of course he will begin work on the centennial history of the University. wm. 202 Music hath charms, and so hath music pro- fessors. A gentle and youthful manner with students puts Dr. John MacDonald in the charmed circle of Akros members. Director of both The University of Akron and the Akron Symphony Choruses, Dr. Mac- Donald ' s talents are appreciated far beyond the campus. Being selected Ohio ' s College Queen by a state-wide campus vote wasn ' t Mary Ann Munka ' s first claim for the limelight. Mary Ann has been on every major queen ' s court and beauty contest roster on campus. An energetic bundle of healthy femininity, Mary Ann has brains to match her dimples — one of the reasons why she was selected by her dean to represent the College of Ed- ucation on these pages. Rallying and unifying the members of the Firestone- Park section of Akron to help citizens know them- selves better and make the area a vital and truly alive community, The Reverend Charles T. McCabe did such a fine job that the Junior Chamber of Commerce selected him as the Outstanding Young Man of the Year, 1967. Ignoring creed and racial boundaries, Father McCabe started the Firestone Park Citizens Council, and has made it into a strong force in helping the section remain stable; sponsoring art shows and pop concerts, dances and other events. The high point of the council was the celebration of the Fiftieth Anni- versary of the founding of Firestone Park this Spring. Truly a young man on the move. Father McCabe ' s jov- ial manner belies an inner seriousness which has dis- tinguished him among his flock. 203 Demanding the most from the students does not always mean the most will come out. But if anyone can manage to get the most out, it is Dr. James Dunlap, who has persuaded more budding actors to enter Kolbe Theatre than the architects had room for. The result has been the planning for the new performing arts center, with a vastly enlarged student theatre. A fair and impartial judge of characters both on and off the stage, " Dr. D. " has become close to the hearts of great numbers of students. y Be it Byzantine tessarae or the third book of Faerie Queene, Julia Hull can be counted on to lead a spirited discus- sion on most any subject in her famous oil-and-vinegar style. A very popular component of the English department, Mrs. Hull is also highly regarded as a discussion leader for Western Cultural Traditions. Traditional student distrust of anyon e past the age of thirty is an historical inevitability, so it takes an uncommon amount of talent to make Dudley John- son so popular with the students. As Director of Counseling Services, Dud- ley ' s reputation rests on his candid manner with students. And not only do the students trust Dudley — he is one of the few men whom they feel trusts them. Flamboyance personified, [who else would come to campus in a 1946 Cadillac?) Bud Dick might possibly be mistaken as a Gabor sister out on a drunk. Concen- trating all this energy and virtu- osity into one 9 x 12 inch pack- age, he came up with the 1967 Tel-Buch. One of the more fa- miliar faces on the University Theatre Stage, Bud has from time to time dabbled in just about every activity the campus can offer, including, it is told, go- ing to class now and then. If you ' ve heard there are only twenty-four hours in a day, please don ' t let Lina Derry know about it. The year ' s Outstanding Greek Woman has been squeez- ing o u t twenty-nine hours ' worth of activity for some time now. A member of just about every campus activity, Lina is perhaps best described as that fast-moving object that has just streaked by you. Lina ' s appear- ance here was prompted by the Dean of the College of Business Administration. Henry Jaroszewski walked into the WAUP studios a few years ago, and some say he never left. The rumor exaggerates Henry ' s importance to station opera- tions, of course, but not by much. He does just about every- thing but sing the Star Spangled Banner at sign-off. Service to Phi Sigma Kappa and the Greek Sys- tem made Henry this Year ' s Outstanding Greek Man. 205 If this campus has a " first lady " she ' s the presi- dent of Women ' s League — and no one carries the title with more grace and enthusiasm than Loretta Cerrone. Crowner for the 1965 May Day festivities, Loretta is an active Greek and a member of several education societies. The Tel-Buch ' s Representative Man of 1931 was an outgoing Scotsman by the name of Ken- neth " Red " Cochrane. Today he ' s the Director of Athletics and one of the best known people in town. Red is one of a kind — with a laugh like a Wurlitzer, and a Barnum ' s talent for promot- ing Zip athletics. Directing the activities of the Institute For Civic Education, the Aduh education division of The University, has been a full-time job for years, but Charles V. Blair has so many talents that he has made the whole operation hum more smoothly while working at it only part-time; or so it would seem when this Spring he added the role of Dean of the Evening College to his busy schedule. Always a busy man in and about the city, it becomes evident on talking with this eager young enthusiast that the city and the sol- utions to its problems are the central points of his work. The Akron Jaycees agreed last year when he was named Outstanding Young Man of the Year, 1966. 206 Equally at home on the stage or in front of a typewriter, Mark Auburn left his mark in both University Theatre and student publi- cations, while managing to graduate with two degrees, both with honors. An avid stu- dent of both English and mathematics, Mark has appeared with distinction in numerous theatre roles and was business manager of the 1967 Tel-Buch. As a fea- ture writer for the Buchtelite, Mark wrote an award-winning series describing his travels behind the Iron Curtain. Of the 8 million, New York City saw fit to send us Anne Averbuck — for us, the best deal since the Indians sold out for twenty-four dollars worth of pop- beads. Few University activities were left without a hearty assist from the tireless Miss Averbuck, who gave of herself to the Tel-Buch, BuchteUte, University Theatre, Student Center Program Board, Senior class, and Greek System. Robert C. Berry came to The University in 1938, and has only been away from it for four years — during World War II. His latest task is a most demanding one, trying to find jobs for graduating Seniors. A man of many talents, Mr. Berry is always eagerly sought out for his opinions on subjects of concern to Seniors, and has served as Senior Class Advisor for longer than any of us care to remember. It is often that the Berry Volkswagen is the last one out of the faculty parking lot. 207 Gerald Abraham was chosen by the Dean of the Engineering Col- lege for this Akros listing. It ' s not difficult to see why. Gerald has been on the dean ' s list each semester and was the outstand- ing freshman and outstanding sophomore selected by engineer- ing honor societies. Carol Motz hardly fits the old school-marm cliche. This bouncy Education major, se- lected by her dean for Akros, is an active sorority member and Angel Flight sponsor. The presi- dent of the Student National Ed- ucation Association and a vet- eran Homecoming committee head, Carol ' s creative leadership has contributed to the success of many a campus endeavor. Like the Emperor of Japan, whose real call- ing seems to have been to the fishes, Paul Belcher, the Akronite of the Year, some- times thinks his real calling is to the birds; and in that area he supplies the Akron Bea- con Journal with a weekly column on Orin- thology. But another thing which drives him batty is the thought that so fine a school as The University of Akron should be lacking a medical school, and so to the realization of this end he has devoted a great deal of hard work. During working hours one may find him at the First Na- tional Bank, where he is Vice-President, but it is his activities outside of his occupation which have distinguished him in the eyes of all segments of the community. Mr. Belcher was also recently honored by having the newest of the Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority ' s twelve story high-rise facilities named for him. 208 Even an old frump like John Milton can take on an exciting new corporate image after Dr. Don Keister gets done with him. And although Shakespeare needs no PR, Dr. Keister has been known to give him a dusting-off as well. Named acting-dean of the liberal arts college this spring, Dr. Keister has been head of the general studies program and a major bastion of the Eng- lish department for many years. Being the com- pleat scholar, his knowledge is renowned, his gruffness legend and his warm-heartedness widely appreciated. Dr. Charles Duffy can lecture all he wants to about those fantastic characters you run across in his English fiction courses. But a quick-witted student will realize that no Pickwick or Macaw- ber could ever match the twinkle-eyed Profes- sor Duffy for colorful eccentricity or lovable devilment. As much a landmark on campus as Buchtel Hall or the 1880 Rock, Dr. Duffy ' s love of teaching is excelled only by his admiration for trees and beasties and the good, honest feel of baggy tweeds. He ' s one of those squeeky-clean types: reeking with good health, enthusiasm, talent, and that All-American glow, and an Omicron Delta Kappa scholar besides. Dave Hickman left his mark on both the football and wrestling teams during his four years, and during the last year was also the Air Force ROTC department ' s wing commander. Ever ready to jump into a situation as a real friend, Dave has become known to almost everyone on campus for his quick smile and good manners. Sharing the ride this trip is Sue Finkle, the 1966 Homecoming Queen, who is out to see if the wind will lighten her hair. Sue was president of her sorority and a stalwart fixture in the Student Council office during the year. 209 Since it purports to be the highest, Akros should include the campus royalty, right? So here are the 1967 Tel-Buch King and Queen, and the May Day Queen. Larry Ungerman, a Toronto native, likes just about any thing which keeps him on the move. He includes fast cars and sports which share his enthusiasm for speed as well. Miss Jo Yee, our Tel-Buch Queen, calls Hawaii home, and a more gracious and charming representative that island never has sent us. Jo is just about the most per- fect representative for the typical Miss Stu- dent, and a great number of activities have benefitted from her participation. 210 Chosen the 1967 May Queen was Miss Kathy Palmer, a young lady of considerable grace and charm. Kathy is about the only Akron resident who reminds one of a typi- cal gracious southern belle, with good looks to boot. What Francis Scott Key saw by the dawn ' s early light couldn ' t have stirred the heart of anyone quite as much as the way a Don Williams " stuff " sent Zip basketball fans into glazed-eye hysteria the past few sea- sons. Just as popular off the gym floor, Don was one of the true campus heroes and nat- ural choice as Zip Athlete of the Year. This summer Don was signed by the Cleve- land Browns, leaving Hilltop fans to wonder — how do you dunk a football? 211 Sometimes the shadow of knowledge is cast too far. The buildings that stand importantly, and the days and events that pass austerely seem more necessary than the people. But it is the people who are the University ' s life. It is the people who, with the miracles of curiosity and imagination, prevent the University from becoming yesterday. By themselves and together, people live and work, laugh and wonder, adding the uniqueness of their individualities to form a new whole. To form a living, growing University. ' •j» r Y 212 Joseph Crilley 213 214 Alone . . . the careful silence of solitude . . . a quiet time for introspection for thinking about what is to come . . . for what has gone before. 215 216 John VanSteenberg Working and playing together . . . accomplishing tasks with the urgency and importance of today. Discovering substance and meaning in the moment of victory or defeat . . . or in the moment of achievement. Working, playing, learning and finding . among the changing pattern of their lives. Joseph Crilley 217 I » U ■i BF inriVi innnrinqnr ; r srmrTnruuirpjnrY? " ■ 1 ' ' __«..nnnn ' t ' x ' 0m 218 219 I I Miy m h m mm4 LL groups of faces laughing talking listening playing busy with the task of finding essences in the impersonality of the residences . . . the personal relations of the Greek system. . TiiJiibUa ffiKf ' KOI II ' ' III I n il IMI - - p- ' — r. s -Sr —a miiilimmJtIp i?n.i a Fkt.ii hnimi ' s liy KdbiTt Wilkey 220 Robert Wilkey 221 Outstanding Greeks Lina and Henry at announcement time. Happinesss . . a lift by a friend for a job well done . . being honored above all others . . or just being a member . . The Greek System, 1967 Happy winners of Greek Week Skits. 222 Left Group, [clockwise from top Hazel Black; Mary Rowles; Jackie Bowman; Anitra Barkley; Hazel Burney; JoAnne Campbell; Shirley Hannah. Right group: Beverly Lewis; Marthann Muier; Eva Kea; Debbie Williams; Vicki Ross, Alma Lee. Not to be confused with the run-of-the mill grasslands sitters, the members of Alpha Kappa Alpha spent the year making things green for several local groups, and helped man the blackboards for the Akron Tutorial Project as well. Socially, the Mother- daughter tea. Memorial Day Picnic, and nu- merous informals marked high spots on a full calendar for the Alphas. Delta Pi of Alpha Kappa Alpha — 1961 223 •- •rr — u - . mm ' » •■ .f »■ •. ' i ■ i - i ! -,fe ' . iS-i ■■--:- ' r; L - ' ■• ' ' VV . ' ; : ' .s: i ,- ' f r -v- - , ■■ ' . !•• -J.J », W ' : Wi! i A . • %0 m i ■ » i L ' Ifl O a o . V ' « « I.Nick Filing 2. Jim Simon 3. Mike Bycura 4. Bruce Barton 5. Jim Heinisch 6. Dick Williams 7. Al Teran 8. Pete Walsh 9. Mike Budai 10. Joel Williamson 11. Mike Lobalzo 12. Hank Sillcocks 13. Ray Montgomery 14. Bob Nilsen 15. Cliff Brock 16. George Carroll 17. Jerry Burger 18. Chuck Mellor 19. Carl Auker 20. Bill Adamson 21. Joe McDowell 22. Jim Miller 23. John Barker 24. Jim Guarino 25. Larry Taylor 26. Dave Erwin 27. Ford Brunner 28. Tom Anderson 29. Gary Noble 30. Aphrodite 31. Tom Gower 32. Bob Heydorn 33. George Prough 34. John Costello 35. Dave Fisher 36. Gary Malick 37. John Pappas 38. Jim Avramovich 39. Jim Ford 40. Jon Wurgler 41. John Karaiskos 42. Chuck Pascu 43. Paul Koscik 44. Jack Jones 45. Jim Emore 46. Lou Seller 47. Tom O ' Leary 48. Jim Coleman 49. Tom Downing 50. Dave Walter 51. Kit Christie 52. Jeff Feeman 53. Paul Darst 54. John Palmer 55. Mike Carroll 56. Skip George 57. Dave Newman 58. Harry Movsesian 59. Joe Turner Location Courtesy of The Stan Hwyet Hall Foundation. City of Akron. Ohio Epsilon of Phi Delta Theta— 1875 Gathered in the Japanese sunken garden at Stan Hwyet on a Sunday after- noon, the Phi Belts look like a group of displaced diplomats; but looks can deceive, because the men of Ohio Epsilon kept themselves busy this year winning First Places in Songfest and the May Day Float competition. The Phi Delts also counted twenty-five members on varsity athletic teams, more than any other house on campus, and watched eagerly as two of these earned Ail-American berths. Ohio Epsilon men were no laggards on cam- pus either, having the offices of the Junior Class, Student Center Program Board and AUSA pretty well tied up, and winning the Pledge King as well. 1. Barb Johnson 20. Pam Varian 2. Pat Bland 21.VickiBotz 3. Pat Leighton 22. Linda Terril 4. Ginny Bader 23. Micki Metz 5. Kristie Grain 24. Kathy Bonfield 6. Mary Bagley 25. Irene Mylonas 7. Rita Kasapis 26. Angle Lobello 8. Gonnie Race 27. Marsha Horning 9. Peggy Riccardi 28. Jacquie Freitag 10. Astrida Strazdins 29. Jean Thomas 11. Mary Hammacker 30. Shirley Brownsword 12. Francy Berschette 31. Carol Haas 13. Jerry Lynch 32. Beve Warnock 14. Pat Angeletti 33. Barb Mancino, Secreta 15. Colleen Austin 34. Kathy Linname 16. Debbie Kephart 35. Sue Ulichney 17. Kris Keplinger 36. Linda Wentink 18. Patti Flannigan 37. Sue Emery 19. Candy Nolan, President 38. Rosie Zemla - iR C.iliuijse Courtesy ol Railwdys of America Museum. 39. Sharon Quirk 40. Joanne Emery 41. Donna Maleson 42. Laura Gulbis 43. Sandy Parker 44. Jean Wolf 45. Norj Best 46. Sue Roundy 47. Carol Inama 48. Nancy Montabone 49. Patty White 50. Sandy Sears 51. Karen Lett 52. Marianne lacomini 53. Linda Kelleher 54. Sue Paolano 55. Sue Elmer 56. Leslie Long, Vice- President 57. Pat Long 58. Janet Boss 59. Gail Andrews 60. Mary Bader 61. Pat Traub, Treasurer 62. Alma Puissegur Not Pictured: Bev Floutz Ruth Hennessey Jeni Juve Karen Styles Penny Mackey Ann Ross Linda Ely Pam Riccardi Carole Kotrick Marianne Hull Candi Richards Cheryl Russell Lambda of Kappa Kappa Gamma— 1877 Certainly no group to be found bringing up the rear, the Kap- pas spent a good deal of time this year chugging off to commu- nity and campus events. They brightened a local family ' s Christmas with food, and gave a party for orphans with the Lambda Chis. Earlier they steamed off with the First Place Scholarship trophy for the seventh consecutive semester, and watched five of the sisters at games perform as cheerleaders. Three fraternities chose Kappas as sweethearts, and the Out- standing Senior Woman calls the Kappa house home. The Lone Star Fraternity— 1882 Equipment, Location, and Refreshments Courtesy of Tramonte Distributing, Inc. 228 Just happened to be passing by the local dis- tributors the other day, and who should catch our eye but the gentlemen of Lone Star, sitting out front. Seems they were afraid there might be a strike on soon, and they wanted to get an idea of what the picket line life is like; isn ' t that it, guys? Actually, no slouches when it comes to work, the Stars took great pride in being the first ones fin- ished with their float during May Day this year, and were thus able to use their time in more scholarly activities. They also managed to raise a bit of foam for the Summit County Society for the Blind, sponsoring the Hobo Hop with the DCs, and proudly watched as Ralph Gault became the seventh consecutive member of the house to be elected Senior Class President. 1. Ange Natoli 2. Chuck Nash 3. Ron Delac 4. Fred Mosser 5. Joe Kovalcik 6. Denny Cookro 7. Frank Letieri 8. Joe NatoH 9. Deleted from group 10. Pete D ' Attoma 11. Terry Wyatt 12. Larry Dolensky 13. Ed Stein 14. Paul Heising 15. Gabe Gajdatsy 16. Bill Kiel 17. Ralph Coletta 18. Bob Schwartz 19. John Murawski 20. Dave Del Pozzo 21. Bill Ball 22. Bill Bickett 23. Burke Stephens 24. Mike Oravec 25. Jim Oleska 26. Chuck Steidl 27. Neil Griffin, Treasurer 28. John Montisano 29. Dave Yongdahl 30. Deleted from group 31. John Keel 32. Jon Kopsky 33. Denny Nixon 34. Fred Martone 35. Marion DellaSerra 36. Art Romito 37. L. G. Dalheim, M.D. 38. Ron Creed 39. Bob Newman 40. Gary Griffith 41.RickLeidal 42. Tom Olechnowicz 43. Bob Headley 44. Ray Gall 45. Bill Considine, Secretary 46. John Laguardia 47. Deleted from group 48. Chuck Carney 49. Dan Johnson 50. George Ziemba 51. Dave Boyes 52. Harry Ruppel 53. Ray Herdman 54. Lynn Calahan 55. Bill Penotte 56. Mike McGuckin 57. Mrs. Patton, Housemother 58. Jim Rudgers, President 59. Frank Cianciola, Vice-President 60. Mike Kura 61. Jack Nichols 62. Kenny Adkins 63. Charlie Goforth 64. Larry Haffner 65. Joe Burger 66. George Hammond 67. Dwight Greer 68. Ken Bachmann 69. " Star " Location and Equipment Courtesy of Buckeye Sports Center. 1. Carol Miller 2. Ginger Dieringer 3. Holly Hoffman 4. Pat Simmons 5. Chris Friess 6. Kathy Mesko 7. Cathy Moore 8. Cathy O ' Shea 9. Pam Gullace 10. Linda Cadmus 11. Joyce Tayman 12. Marsha Bennington 13. Janis Skromme 14. Barb Conti 15. Barb Nagy 16. Sue Meyer 17. Janet Hagstrom 18. Rosemary Pavlov 19. Jill Carver Eta of Delta Gamma— 1879 230 20. Meredith Phillips 21. Margaret Wilson 22. Jane Kepler 23. Joanne Guzzetta 24. Ann Berry 25. Pam Carder 26. Toni Capozzoli 27. Linda Kidder 28. Sandy Gates 29. Jan Talbert 30. Debbie Humberson 31. Cheryl Mahoney 32. Maryhelen Reidy 33. Freda Dye 34. Judy Otto 35. Kathy Lecon 36. Janice Andrews, Treasurer 37. Jeannette Scala 38. Emily Akins, Vice-President 39. Mary Ann Munka, President 40. Helen Gerber 41. Margaret Barbicas 42. Jo Yee 43. Suzie Baird 44. Barb Bonar 45. Cheryl Vereshack 46. Linda Dain 47. Barb Maloy 48. Bonnie Swartz 49. Nancy Bognar 50. Angle Bernardi 51. Judy Menkle 52. Linda Tatti 53. Mary Stitz 54. Melissa Schroeder 55. Sharon Scheid 56. Lynda Smole Don ' t get the idea from looking at them that the DG ' s are just sitting around waiting for the surf to rise, because you may get run over as they make headway on the campus and in the nation. Eta chapter was very hon- ored this year to see Mary Ann Munka chosen Ohio College Queen, and Jo Yee chosen TeJ-Buch Queen. The chapter also floated a " Let ' s Go To Florida " Open House, and again sponsored the " Hobo Hop " in No- vember to raise money for its charity, the Summit County Home for the Blind. The Gold Diggers ' F ormal was the hit of the Spring season, while the girls also took their dads out to a basketball game at the Dad ' s Night. Wearers of the anchor pin on campus were included in twenty-six organizations and activities during the year, making Eta one of the most active chapters, as well as the nation ' s oldest surviving DG house. 231 1. Greg Haidet 24. Bill Petrarca 2. Rick Sullivan 25. Gale Kenney 3 Dick Holliday 26. Dan Mikolashek 4 Tom Kissel 27. Gary Freed 5 Ed Feldman 28. Jim Homa 6 Chuck Seeley 29. Klaus Fischer 7 Bob Siegl 30. Bob Rutan 8 Bill Moody 31. Jeff Lund 9 Art Greer 32. Dick McClish 10 Ed Erbe 33. Chuck Weber 11 Zach Mansdorf 34. Denny Luttrell 12 Bob Heston 35. Jim Petruccio 13 T. J. Bell 36 Jerry Myers 14 Dick Johnson 37. Gary Rossi 15 Rob Goodin 38 Bill Flick 16 Merle Pheasant 39 Jerry Buetsch 17 Dick Roberts 40 Rick Starn 18 John Scaccio 41 Jerry Gordon 19 Ed Swinson 42 Tom Orashan 20 Ron Lazar 43 Bill Otto 21 Don Dillon 44 Don Martell 22 Dan Howard 45 Cliff Brown 23 Ed Meek 46 Tom Avant 232 Covered Bridge Courtesy of Summil Counly Highway Department. Gamma Alpha of Lambda Chi Alpha— 1919 Some local wag told the Lambda Chi ' s that there was gold buried under the old covered bridge out by Peninsula, and here they are, complete with getaway car to remove the booty. The next thing we can expect is to see them call the Woodchoppers ' Ball a Gold Diggers ' Formal, if things just go the same way for the DCs. But they didn ' t stand around waiting for the gold to jump out at them all year, in fact were busy sewing up the campus government scene; and jumping up here and there to plant other seeds of success in various areas. 233 Omicron of Phi Mu— 1912 Aspiring to the highest spot around town, the Phi Mus managed to cHmb quite a number of campus mountains this year. Among them were the Greek Week trophy for the Most Im- proved Scholarship, and a top float prize in the May Day competition. Omicron chapter was also active in campus activities, with the May Day Chairman calling on them for a good bit of assistance, and the chapter ' s annual King of Hearts Tea on Febru- ary 14 was again a smashing delight. 234 Top (L-R): Bottom Sue Pavlov Mary Kay Lambert Cindy Bodnar Betty McGlothlin Carolyn Garrett Pat Hausch Paula Angeloff Audre Smith Donna Kilgore Anne Maxwell Pat Keim Cindy Horn Liz Abrahams Marilyn Mayes Marilyn Townsend Lois Johnson Cindy Molnar Ninda Neae Peggy Cox Diane Johnston Judy Petty Christene Wagner Pat Kay Laurel Gress Linda Rusnick Pam Best Julie Taylor. Charlotte Kozinsky In front: Marlene Maxwell, President Pat Mitchell Dolly Lemmon Sharon Karl Marge Hausch. Teddi Alexander In front: Mary Anne Bartek Rozelle Bosecker. Location Courtesy of Jonas Barenholtz Fir Hill Towers. Q f 235 F ■.x ' .I iIh. Stan Hywet Hall Foundation, City nl Ak Dick Lombardi, President Bob Waters Barry Hofer Bob Fagerlin Dick Crislip Wayne Rusnak Bill Pryztula Paul Wetsthtein Bob Beard Bill Mull Don Dougal John Shockey Roger Kvam, Advisor Bill Maltarich, Secretary Jeff Schwall, Treasurer Dave Thompson Pat McArdle John Graff Gary Gibson Bruce Freese Barney Ruble Al Geer Phil Blazer John Hickman Dave Bridgeman Scott Meyer Jack Cannon Terry Jeney Mike Coyle Bill Garrison Russ Gwynne Bill Price Butch Gearhart Dave Chapman Doug Nodine Don Varian Geoff MacDermott Greg Zemla Tom Sawyer John Roe Gary Hallman Bob Loomis Ken Meyer Don Walker Tim Ochsenhirt, Vice-President Bob Brownfield, Secretary Ron Andrea Ed Engler Alpha Phi of Phi Kappa Tau— 1938 They do look like an intelligent bunch, just sitting there look- ing at you, don ' t they? Well, in addition to winning the First Place Trophy for Scholarship this year, the men of Alpha Phi also captured the Fraternity All-Sports Trophy, a first for the house. The men of Alpha Phi also were to be found adding that distinctive Phi Tau touch to a number of other campus activities, and were pleased to see members included in Omi- cron Delta Kappa and Phi Eta Sigma. The Dream Girl Formal highlighted the busy Spring social season for Phi Tau, which almost made up for the disastrous fire suffered by their float during May Day. And they can sing almost as well as they sit, because they came in second in Songfest. 237 Location Courtesy of Barnhill ' s ! i- (r ' .MUi P-irlo 238 Omega of Alpha Gamma Delta — 1922 1. Jenny Miller 2. Barb Shai 3. Cathy Cincurak 4. Joyce Hardy 5. Debby Steen 6. Sallie Hickman 7. Norma Policy 8. Alana Fitzpatrick 9. Cheryl Varelle 10. Carol Mascolo 11. Jean Sandy 12. Bonnie Parker 13. Cindy Goss 14. Gylene Sankey 15. Helen Buida 16. Debby Van Meter 17. Sue Edmiston 18. Candy Arnold 19. Kathy Horrigan 20. Vicki Fisher 21. Sherma Whitmer 22. Sue Keith 23. Maureen Royer 24. Marsha Marcel 25. Joyce Wise 26. Cindy Rosen 27. Sandy Goson 28. Donna Campisi 29. Hanna Marshall 30. Jan Matvey 31. Sue Kernan, Secretary 32. Candy Jones, Vice-president 33. Susie Finkle, President 34. Lois Harb, Secretary 35. Jo Chamberlain 36. Karen Hardy, Treasurer 37. Annabelle Buzzelli 38. Linda Martone 39. Mary Lynne Brimlow 40. Mary Ellen Judy 41. Elaine Keith 42. Rita Jaeger 43. Katie Gandee 44. Caye Lemons 45. Linda Hummel 46. Sue Sample 47. Jacki Renzi 48. Kathy Palmer Sippin ' as they sit out at Barnhill ' s, the Alpha Gams reflect a big scoop of glamor, and they have it, what with the Homecoming Queen, a majorette, the May Day Queen, finalist in the Glamor Magazine Gontest, and seven lovely military sponsors. Alpha Gams were also active on the campus activity front, being seen in Student Council, the Dorm Government, and in Who ' s Who, too. But they also saved time to host a fund-raising party for the cerebral palsy victims of the city, and held a candy sale for another area charity. And lest we forget, they ran off with the Queen of National Bagel Day, too. 239 . Larry Lizzack , Mike Zalob . Ron Schaeffer , Dave Appelbaum . Joe Quieroga , Stan Bronstein . Steve Samuels 8. Andy Krouss 9. Dale Rosenblum 10. Fred Pines 11. Myron Grindberg 12. National Bagel 13. Irv Bails 14. Steve Wright 15. Steve Port 16. Tim Lippman 17. Jay Dinhofer 18. Dave King 19. Steve Cohen 20. Jerry Kindela 21. Marc Giges 22. Gary Levin 23. Jeff Rose 24. Eli Jacobson 25. Dan Zimmerman 26. Howie Shapiro 27. Norm Weinglass 28. Dale Frost 29. Stanley Umansky 30. Lew Ochs 31. The Bed 32. Gus Platis 33. Lou Mermelstein 34. Bob Slater 35. Bob Sawyer 36. Steve Fox 37. Rich Weisser 38. Larry Zucker 240 Theta Deuteron of Alpha Epsilon Pi — 1941 Homebodies all, the AEPi ' s refused to leave that nice new house to have their picture taken, even on National Bagel Day. Since they dedicated it back in October, the new house has been the center of activity for the men of Theta Deuteron chapter. Hosting a large number of parties once again became the usual activity for the AEPi ' s, and National Bagel Day, com- plete with the Queen Bagel, was the highlight of the Spring season. Other areas of campus activity to benefit from the insight of the men of the house were the political parties. Stu- dent Council, Phi Eta Sigma, and the Young Democrats. Sports activity was also a part of the house specialty, with Joe Quieroga captaining the soccer team. AEPi was also distin- guished when Larry Ungerman was chosen Tel-Buch King. 241 Setting Courtesy of DeBartelo Properties. Inc. 242 ' UA SAVifs ' JS Row One — Seated in center: (L-R) Jan Bard Carol King, Vice-President Sharon Friedrich Linda Parks Jane Moore Carol Caetta, President Carol Niedermeyer Row Two — Standing left and right Marilee Lance Elaine Wahl Pat Donovan Nancy Field Mary Klipstein, Treasurer Mary Ann Martin Dianna Limbach Back Row: Sherry Konkle Charlotte Wyant Judy Chapman Phyllis Werner Sheri Dutton Ginny Zimmerman Peg Dougherty Sidney Keith Nancy Cormany Pam Duffey Sue Covert Beta Xi of Zeta Tau Alpha— 1929 Summit Mall on a Sunday afternoon is hardly the place one might expect to find the busy Zetas, but they man- aged to stop by on their way out to look at new houses, since they plan on a move shortly. They also busied themselves enough to win the Best Float Com- petition in May Day with the Phi Delts, and the Scho- lastic Improvement Award in the Fall. Christmas time saw the girls host two large parties, one for the Chil- dren ' s home, and one for all the fraternity presidents. Another highlight of the social calendar was the annual " Gingeree " Open House for the entire campus. 243 Eta Triton of Phi Sigma Kappa — 1942 244 , 4. ' - Top Row (L-R) Rick Miller Mike Billias Row 2 Norm Graham Steve Matwiju Tom Emmons Dave Lieberth Joel Childs Mark Kutsko Rick Jones John Vallosio Jerry Shadley Steve Farkas Jerry Owens Row 3 Mark Lange Mike Prueter Ron Wallace Tim Repp Steve Johnson Mark Miller Roger Young Larry Steidl Mike Weller Henry Jarowszewski Bottom Row Jeff Nelson Karl Karantonis Tom Lemley Jack Mehok Don Carlson Rick Smoot Jeff Kase Ray Marvin John Leitch Charles Verboom Ken Matheny Rick Brown John Balas Dkl ' P Kuck Quarry Metropolitan Park; the City ot Akron. Quarrying around for something new this year, the Phi Sigs came up with the largest pledge class on campus, and seven of them carved out places among the top ten pledges ratings. The men of Eta Triton chapter also managed to have the Best En- gineered float in the May Day Competition, and were proud to have Henry Jaroszewzki named the Outstanding Greek Man of 1967. The members al- so were active in Student Council, WAUP, and the " Ugly Man " contest during Greek Week. 245 r c.c. • Location h Equipment Cuurtcsy ol Tiic I- ' ireslonu Cuiint ' -y r: k S -i t 9 t « -i . ;y - -4AHIN ' . ' ■1 ' 1. Gretchen Laatsch 2. Linda Grible 3. Judy Rainey, President 4. Jan Ostroski 5. Diane Tretto 6. Chris Brownfield 7. Alice Czaplicke 8. Linda Zumpano 9. Julie Kalail, Treasurer 10. Emma Leinweber 11. Diana Jursik 12. Mary Stephenson 13. Loretta Cerrone 14. Joanna Cerrone 15. Rosie Wilke 16. Kathy Conway 17. Martha Ciborek 18. Rosa DiLuUo 19. Rosie Deuchee 20. Cindy Kline 21. Regina Bernard 22. Mary Ann Lagana 23. Mary Jo Abdoo 24. Betsy Siegferth 25. Mary Lou Miller 26. Janet Banacki 27. Annette Gmerck 28. Mary Ann Dolensky 29. Mary Ellen Mikloshek 30. Kathy Bock 31. Jane Gibson 32. Kathy Kalgreen 33. Judi Margo 34. Terry Wilson 35. Kathy Bornell 36. Carol Dejacimo 37. Bobbi Petraitis 38. Dodo Marks 39. Martha Stephenson 40. Steph Barich 41. Mary Kolb 42. Rita Culver 43. Roni Cye 44. Molly Lynch 45. Lynn Ivers 46. Rosie CioUi 47. Barb Sibbio 48. Rosie Hamad 49. Nanci Nemer 50. Roxanne Heckman 51. Elaine Cardina 52. Connie DiLulIo 53. Kathy Gill 54. Nora Seiwert 55. Sandy Spagnuola 56. Rita Buzzelli Sigma of Theta Phi Alpha— 1931 A golf course is just the spot for swingers — and Akron ' s Theta Phi Alpha chapter fills the role to a tee. These " on the ball " sisters have made a happy habit of taking top campus beauty honors, including Glamour Queen, Tel- Buch Queen runner-up and May Court Crowner. First Place blood drive and intramural trophies are also filling the mantel in their new chapter house. 247 :. r. 0= Pt ik. 248 jj- fw ff s ti Beta Lambda of Theta Chi— 1942 1. Butch Kirgesner 2. Ed Brown 3. Jim Goehler 4. Don Shipman 5. Ed Riegler 6. Mark Toonkel 7. Paul McKee 8. Barry Levy 9. Dave Ciborek 10. Steve Thompson 11. Larry Kus 12. Bud Marston 13. Joe Donatone 14. Hank Meriitti 15. Rich Parker 16. Bill Horvath 17. Al Jarr 18. Bill Goodlet 19. Tom Benyi 20. Roger Snoble 21. Jim Bartlett 22. Terry Snider 23. Gary Frankel 24. Jim Martell 25. Bob Scott 26. Jim Vuduris 27. Pat Lawless 28. Mike Drapcho 29. Paul Kurtzman 30. Ghip Roberts 31. Russ Wulf 32. Ross Costanzo 33. Tom Gonti 34. Val Lisowsky 35. Bill Thompson 36. Dennis Vezzani 37. Chuck Ammerman 38. Jim Lipesky 39. Bob Rozuk 40. Frank Geglar 41. Vince Deluca 42. Rich Garrison 43. Frank Grampton 44. Doug Robertson 45. John McKiernan 46. Dave Riggs 47. Bob Thornburg 48. Ed Dieringer 49. Skip Schoenaar 50. Bill Keevan, Treasurer 51. Gard Buzard 52. Gharlie Grisi, President 53. Jerry Pecko 54. Tom Stecz, Secretary Just give them the tools and they will begin to build it, the Theta Ghis are so anxious to occupy the new house they have so long planned and saved for. And if the house ever does get finished, it will be the largest new one on campus. But while they were waiting, the men of Beta Lambda were not idle. They start off each year with the serenade to new pledges of all the sororities; this year co- hosted a party for needy children with the ADPi ' s, and held a collection for needy area families with the Alpha Gams. Beta Lambda again held its traditional Southern Hospital- ity Open House, and added a Wine Festival just for fun this year. { g UNITED 7 727 Jet Mainliner Courtesy of United Airlines. Members of the local Jet Set, the Sig Delts counted the numerous blessings of being in the right spot at the right time, capturing a Third Place scholastic trophy, Best Participa- tion trophy for Greek Week, five places on the Student Center Program Board, and the Crescent Girl of Lambda Chi Alpha. The girls also took time out to find their first Torch Flame, Irv Bails; and spent a day of commu- nity service at the Juvenile Diagnostic Center on Dan street. The Jet-setters also managed to squeeze in a " Way Back When " Open House for the campus. 1. Sue Swedler, President 16. Renie Solomon 2. Barbara Krell 17. Jane Sidel 3. llene Lesser 18. Susan Klein 4. Anne Averbuck 19. Brina Flateman 5. Marlene Silverstein 20. Audrey Lord 6. Judy Horowitz 21. Michele Biller, Secretary 7. Pam Stern 22. Judy Weiss B. Barbara Sirocca 23. Doni Orgel 9. Irvin Bails-Torch Flame 24. Lois Levy, Vice-President 10. Linda Newman 25. Joyce Barnett 11. Arlene Weissberg 2 6. Bernice Amici 12. Susan Cooperman 27. Karyn Eber 13. Bonnie Schwartz 28. Lynne Goldberg 14. Judy Engel 29. Friendly United Pilot 15. Sue Somer 250 Alpha Psi of Sigma Delta Tau— 1934 251 Pulling a lot of switches was nothing new to the Tekes this year, since house members copped the presidencies of most of the engineering societies on the campus again, as well as earning a number of other top campus positions. And for its annual Public Service Weekend, the chapter chugged out to the Girl Scout camp for a day of intense clean-up activity. Tekes also placed in the top three scholastically, in the Blood Drive, and in the May Day Float competition. IV i ■ AJ .. f Locomotive Courtesy of The Akron. Canton Youngstown Railroad. 252 1. Art Hertzi 2. Frank Rupani 3. Bud Dick 4. Julie Taylor, Sweetheart 5. Bob Nettles, President 6. Bruce Hollingsworth 7. Larry Lafleur 8. Andy Marhevsky 9. Jack Woods 10. Tom Sopko 11. Bill Dirrig 12. Larry Yarcheck 13. Steve Vance 14. Rocco Papalio 15. Frank Burditt 16. Bob McKnight 17. Al Bernier, Treasurer 18. Mike Semenec 19. Howie Schlitt 20. Larry Crisp 21. Ed Uhlir 22. Dave Bellet 23. Jeff Thalman 24. Tim Coleridge 25. Chuck Armstrong 26. Ron Paulin 27. Tom Hastier 28. Kevin Swartout 29. Steve Vanvoorhis 30. Brian Hoffman 31. Mike Dougherty 32. JayTolotti 33. Denny Bork 34. Ed Schultz 35. Dale Koehler 36. Tim Schmidt 37. Tim Hoagland 38. Rick Kinney 39. Bill Lowery 40. Bob Wilson 41. John Merchant 42. Ted Scardamalia 43. Chuck Haley 44. Lou Heck 45. Hugh Kenzel 46. Dave Chapman 47. Charlie Huettner 48. Rob Boetger, Vice-President Jt j:i:,-:cA2«! JSL- Beta Rho of Tau Kappa Epsilon — 1948 253 Equipment Location Courtesy of the Akron Fire Department. 254 1. Sue Salhany 2. Nancy Tankersley 3. Sima Hamed 4. Kathy Mobley 5. Becky Streid 6. Barb Fanelly 7. Pat Mackey, Secretary 8. Nancy Davis 9. Pat Crawley 10. Marianne Kilgore, Treasurei- 11. Karen Gray, Vice-President 12. Nikki Polites, President 13. Jane Nicholas 14. Dotty Gasper 15. Sue Nettling 16. Elaine Bullock 17. Janice Grisock 18. Carol Shell 19. Beth Moore 20. Leslie Moke 21. Carol Dukeman 22. Denise Knecht 23 Kathy Gray 45. Carol Engler 24 Heidi 46. Vivian King 25 Janice Mohler 47. Mona Evans 26 Linda Moore 48. Jan Farkas 27 Rita Vargo 49. Marty McKinney 28 Pam Hensel 50. Bonnie Stevens 29 Elaine MacGregor 51. Marsha Snyder 30 Lina Derry 52 . Nancy Jones 31 Pam Slee 53. Sarajane Sharp 32 Joy Taylor 54. Linda Richards 33 Carol Barton 55. Ann Mills 34 Ann Darnell 56. Donna Krendrick 35 Carolyn Strezoff 57. Marilyn Markle 36 Betty Kutichief 58. Joy Thompson 37 Carol Motz 59. Candy Culbertson 38. Ann Frease 60. Marilyn Schneider 39. Becky Vorderman 61. Sue Doherty 40. Joanna Dupay 62. Bonnie Sands 41. Jonnie Bowman 63. Sue Van Pelt 42. Peggy Jarowszewski 64. Carol Scott 43. Pam Psihos 65. Alice Prack 44. Vicki Fessler 66. Sally Laughlln Beta Tau of Alpha Delta Pi— 1938 Sv fingin ' out the firehouse door, the ADPi ' s seem to be off to the next fire, complete with Heidi, the Dalmatian. And the sirens were kept screaming long into the year, as the girls of Beta Tau ran off with just about all the things they needed to keep the fires burning for yet another year. The fireladies can also keep up the local Fireshop Quartet, as they proved by taking a Second Place in Songfest, and they trotted over to help the Alumni Office in its annual " AU Calling " campaign. The pledges of Beta Tau also got fired up with enthusiasm this year, and came home with a First Place trophy in the Greek Week Skit Night competition. The chapter was also proud to learn that Lina Derry was chosen Outstanding Greek Woman. Other areas of the campus activity front saw a number of ADPi faces, and scholarship was certainly a strong point, with thirteen girls on deans ' lists. 255 (L-R) Leon Rush; Junior Walker; Henry In- grahm; Arthur Jones; National Representa- tive; Roy Crite, President; Dolores Roulac, Sweetheart; Richard Johnson; Wilbur Byrd; Hillyard Holland; James Drake; William Webb; Guy Vance. 256 m - •- ' S9i 9 ' J m K -H4H ,rfftA . ly Iter . ' jum ■. j x:! . ..» V l : .::: Setting Courtesy uf The Summit County Historical Society. Alpha Tau of Alpha Phi Alpha — 1957 John Brown ' s body lies nowhere to be seen, although his one- time home provides an interesting backdrop for the men of Alpha Tau chapter, who were busy this year in working with the underprivileged children of the area through the Akron Tutorial Project, and in improving the house intramural record. The Alpha Phis also kept the house scholarship up to the usual high standards. 257 Theta Zeta of Delta Zeta— 1962 Top Row: [left to right) Lynda Griffiths, Treasurer Sue Maluke Sharon Hollinger Cindy Vangeloff Meg Walder Second Row: Mary Garrison Mary Margaret Scott Linda Hippie Karen Grebelsky Michalene Vulkelich Third Row: Candi Neiman Renee Sordian Sheryl Patonai Joyce Anthon Karen Nash Audi Probsdorfer Bonni Barclay Berni Burchett Sherri Hardin, Vice-President Linda Barbuto, President Sue Squier Lynn Emge Dori Donlan, Secretary Joyce Jennings Judy Smith Jane Fleming Bottom Row: Sue Walsh Kathy Neal Regina Cummings Karen Bott Jan Bott Mary Ellen Schenz Fran Reed Pat Steed Bonnie Bertka Kay Robins Karen Vanderljn Sheryl Thompson Jill Undercoffer Judy Undercoffer Kathy McFadden Karen Roberts Sharon Smith Mary Murgatroyd Audrey Armour Jane Spies Melanie Myers Location Courtesy of the Firestone Tire Rubber Company. Were we to judge him on looks alone, it would appear that Harvey Firestone was a grand old man who spent a lot of his time just sitting around; but then look at the empire he left behind, and it is apparent that Delta Zeta has no intentions of being caught sitting down, either. The girls spent a lot of time this year helping staff the Speech and Hearing Clinic, their philanthropic project; and seem to have learned enough in the process to win a First Place in Songfest. The top scholar of the 1967 class, Carol Bingham, who ended her academic career with a 3.937 average, calls the DZ house home, as do many members of the campus scho- lastic honoraries. Social ac- tivities saw the DZ ' s win the Phi Tau 500 Tricycle Race, as well as the Lambda Chi Water Chugging Contest, proving they can enjoy them- selves as well as study hard. mitii m m ij SmMjL 259 260 Location Courtesy of WAKR Studios, Inc. Gamma Nu of Sigma Pi — 1966 1. Tom Pulos 21. John Vesalo 2. Paul Rulnick 22. J. B. Robinson 3. Larry Fergus 23. Chuck Myers 4. Paul Lowe 24. Frank Travis 5. Jim Hofbauer 25. John Tillet 6. Jim Young 26. Steve DiLauro 7. Tom Burkhardt 27. Jeff Miller 8. Greg Polyak 28. Doug McElroy 9. Vince Piacenti 29 Ron Witt 10. Bill Krutz 30 Irv Korman 11. Harvey Jackson 31 Homer Stine 12. Bill Wilkinson 32 Gary Williams 13. Denny Sullivan 33 George Hohas 14. Dick Schmitz 34 Chuck Stull 15. Jerry Friedberg 35 Jay Picon 16. Gary Lawrence 36 Jeff Boger 17. Ed Stillwell 37 Tom Zeleznik 18. Jim Mesko 38 Jim Vogt 19. Jim Cole 39 John Gurley 20. Markka Palamaki Being on camera certainly was nothing new to the Sigma Pi ' s this year, because they did two outstanding things which put them in the limelight. First, they be- came installed as the eighty-fifth chapter of the na- tional fraternity, in October, and then they retired the Championship trophy for the Blood Drive, with their third straight win. Another attention getting feature of Gamma Nu was the fact that it was voted outstanding chapter in the province while still a colony, in August, 1966. Springtime was the time for the Orchid Ball, held at Tangier and Stan Hwyet, with over one hundred couples in attendance. There were numerous areas of campus activity which benefited from active Sigma Pi participation, as befits any top chapter. Gamma Nu also stole the show with a Second Place scholarship win in the Fall awards. 261 ■■.A D tfgjff - ' r - ■»« v L » «? - .• - i ' =i ' ar , -?-? ' •n ' : .•sr . V ' ' ■ - i ' i. ei -sifc- - - ' j; .?«, 7 3 :l - •S-»i; ■■Atf :- ' ' -- ga lSJsg- bi Rocks. Water. Foliage and Crossing Courtesy of Akron Metropolitan Park System. 262 •% s v " r-- L NC ' " ! ■• k ' !;- ? , ' v . ■ --? , „.rv ' . ' i ' %- P % 7 - • ▼JBr r- :«- ' Chi Omega Colony (L-R): Janice Rohrich Carolyn Cia Florence Jesser Cheryl Esmond Priscilla Van Doros, President Harriet Graef Mary Jo Shannon Carolyn Ash Melodee Shumaker Carolyn Michel Helen loannou Patricia Bierry Barbara Conlon Carol Denholm Nancy Sarich Bonnie Filer Colony of Chi Omega— 1967 Chi Omega sorority gets its collective feet wet on campus for the first time. A new colony of the nationally prom inent soror- ity started out this spring with twenty-one bright young coeds, who seem to be cooling their heels for a moment before plung- ing into the mad flurry of fall rush. Needless to say, the women of Chi Omega are looking forward to making a big splash on campus. 263 f , M Vv ' ' 5 A ' ' . k;-- ' - -: - 264 -THE fUTURE HOUE or l k . fiC Y Colony of Phi Kappa Psi — 1967 :--:: w ' % ; rr - 1. The A U Smokestack 2. John Waller 3. Ralph Morrison 4. Bill Lenehan 5. Bill Goncy 6. Bob Scherer 7. Calvin Hicker. Secretary 8. Ron Shreftler 9. George Rardin, President 10. Jim Costello 11. Better Living 12. Lamp of Life 13. Tom Ambrose 14. Sign of the Future Not Pictured: Dave Rice Dave Ginaven Lloyd Mercer Just waiting for the dust and dirt to settle a bit so they can begin build- ing, the members of the newest group on campus rest from their chores. Or- ganized May 3, 1967, Ohio Iota Colony has moved right into campus affairs as a contender for the top spots. Since they were too late to enter May Day competition, they spent the time getting acquainted with other groups, and helping where they could. They look forward to a summer of rushing activity, with in- formal parties throughout, and hope to be chartered in October, 1968. 265 The Akron Beacon Journal— Dale Smith 266 ' Iht; Akrnn Boacon Journal -Dale Smith 8 , U •. 4 = r ' " ] — 1 ' - ■ 1 High-speed Ektachromes by Robert WilK ' v The quick violence and drama of basketball . . . a fast " stuff " as Williams does his best . . . more points . . . shots blocked by opponents . . . leading to victory or defeat. Basketball ' 67 . . . always exciting . . . ever dramatic . . . and the end of an era . . . 267 i » ? 268 269 Ekta.hronu ' s by Robert Wilkey 270 Flashes of fireworks . pain and endurance . the last yard. . . the last mile . battles ... on the gridiron . on the turf ... on the diamond . on the cinders The sports scene, 1967 271 The splash of victory on a Winter afternoon . . . times are kept carefully as waves curl over the edge . . Grapplers groaning on the floor upstairs . . anxious spectators intently observe . . action keeps pace with expectation The Sports scene, 1967 HS ' ' 4« M m MLM M 272 273 S ® g 3 A ()tiensi ' (i.-Kj: JiMry Malizi.i; Paul l ' ,i tnn; Jerry Stapli ' l(]n ; Ron Tyson; Rich Thomas; Wayne Fox; Don Zwisler; Mike Kura; Dave Walter; Ken Delany; Tom Flaherty. Kneeling: Coaches Herbstreit and Dennison. Varsity Football — Offensive team Records Broken in 1966 Most yards rushing — game: Ron Tyson — 243 Most yards rushing — season: Ron Tyson — 926 Most Rushing Attempts — season: Ron Tyson — 215 Most Field Goals — game: Dave Kosoy — 3 Most Field Goals — season: Dave Kosoy — 5 AU 18 12 14 26 9 18 20 20 ' ► ■: ■. ' •Jt ■ i .h " " ' Opp. Northern Michigan 10 Muskingum 28 Tampa 20 Wittenberg 7 Wooster Baldwin-Wallace 6 Northern Illinois 31 Butler 14 Heidelberg 274 i . A K . fr : y ' ' 4 d Defense (L-K): Jon Dcnholm; |im Welling; Steve Engleharl; Jerry Rothermel; Charles Marquess; Co-Captain Jim Brac- cio; Dave Hickman; Co-Captain George Fuciu; Olin Clay; AI Kerkian; Carl Badalich. Kneeling: Coaches Evans and Lahoski. Varsity Football — Defensive team Six straight years of winning campaigns, as well as the sixth consecutive Acme-Zip win of his career marked the 1966 season for Gordon Larson and the Zips. Losing a starting quarterback after three games, Larson relied on sophomore Don Zwisler, and with the winning combination of Zwisler and Ron Tyson, the Zips won five of the next six games, bringing back memo- ries of the Joe Mackey-George Deo combination of 1961. Defensively, a close-knit and highly developed veteran unit, composed of seniors Braccio, Englehart, Fuciu, Hickman, Kerkian, Rothermel and Seller was especially tough in rushing defense, limiting the last seven opponents to an average of only sixty yards of rushing per game. One of the highlights of the defensive season was the holding of the Baldwin-Wallace team for four downs at the three yard line to save the win for the Zips. 275 Soccer Compiling another outstanding record of 10-2, and the seventh Ohio Col- legiate Soccer Association championship in nine years, the Zip hooters emphasized success in the form of the short pass intermixed with the fast break. The season highlight was reached when the Zips played Michigan State in the NCAA University Division championships. The Zips, ranked Third in the midwest, were one of sixteen teams selected for the contest. The well-coordinated scoring unit centered around All-Midwest selection Jim Fonte and Andy Vadnay, with Hassan Ahmadi also contributing greatly. The solid defensive unit, which held the opponents to an average of two goals per game, was paced by Joe Queiroga and Ford Brunner, both potential All-Americans. AU 5 Ball State Opp. 1 4 6 6 West Virginia Randolph Macon Ohio Wesleyan 2 2 3 3 5 3 1 Dennison Oberlin Bowling Green Michigan State 2 2 1 4 3 Wooster 2 7 5 Ohio State Pittsburgh Ohio University 1 1 3 Foreground: (L-R): Co-Captains Brunner and Queiroga. Front row: Dzerowicz, Lindstrom, Golz, Muhl, Testa, Marsden, Ahmadi, Communale. Second row: Robertson, Boucher, Adler, Vadnay, Lippman, Jerry Davies, Pinto. Third row: Fonte, Jim Davies, Cook, Ochs, Bardyn, Oldham, Ludwig. Fourth row: Laguardia, Riggs, Jenkins, Yovich, Chalmers, Considine, Bickett, Blank. Fifth row: McAllen, Luff, Coffman, Pecic, Mamas. Sixth row: Coach Parry, Asst. Coach Mercer, Ereth, HoUendonner, Kissner, Comen, Asst. Coach Jim Parry, Asst. Coach Larry Temo. 276 Rifle " Balance " is the elusive item which spelled victory for the Zip Riflemen this year, and the balanced team finished the season undefeated for the first time in eleven years; ending up among the top ten teams in the nation. The adoption of the " Fort Benning Doctrine " helped a great deal to lead the Zips to the 12-0 mark. (This is shooting from the most comfortable posi- tion.) The team also finished second and third in the National Rifle Associa- tion ' s sectional meet, firing on international and NRA targets, respectively. Top Average shooter Jack Jones, voted Outstanding Rifleman for the third straight year, was separated from the seventh man by only eight points, which indicated the close balance involved in this remarkable team. AU Opp. 1314 Kent State 1272 1320 John Carroll 1228 1307 Gannon College 1218 1326 Youngstown 1288 1343 Case Tech 1210 1358 Princeton 1293 1350 Youngstown 1252 1348 John Carroll 1283 1354 Case Tech 1184 1359 Gannon College 1185 1339 Kent State 1271 1450 Alliance College 1361 LEIRC R ecord Front row: (L-R): Sctienz, Jones. Burgess, Lewis. Back row; Seymour. Orashan, Coach Tubbe, Skala, Stanec. 277 Don Williams — Zip Athlete of the Year 278 Basketball Front row: (L-R): T. Dudich-manager, Burg, Sloan, Smith, Mackovic, Jes- sie, J. Adams— manager. Second row: Downing, Turman, Crite, Benn, Maletich. Back row: Asst. Coach Ewers, R. Turner, Williams, B. Turner, Thompson, Coach Laterza. Potentially speaking, the 1966-67 Zip Basketball team could have been the greatest ever on the Hilltop. But even a 20-5 record was not enough for the perfection-minded Zips, who were looking forward to the return trip to Evansville, and the national title chance again. But to look at the sta- tistics, it was a very good year, with the squad boasting the number one, two and thirteenth all- time high scorers. Three-time Little All-American Bill Turner, a 6 foot 8 inch center, holds the most individual records, including: Most career points — 1,630 Most points as a sophomore — 448 Most rebounds in a game — 27 Most career field goals — 637 Best season field goal percentage — 539 Best season free throw percentage — 876 Don Williams, the greatest crowd-pleaser to come along in ages, and favored as " Captain Stuff " , became the best career field goal percent- age shooter — 488. The team also compiled the na- tion ' s longest home-court winning streak — 52. AU 0pp. 100 Central Connecticut 87 100 Marietta 62 102 Heidelberg 65 80 Toledo 83 88 San Francisco St. 64 79 Hofstra 61 87 Bucknell 60 90 Phila. Textile 82 80 Ohio Wesleyan 54 96 Oberlin 73 60 Wittenberg 57 60 Kent State 65 89 Bethany 64 63 Muskingum 41 72 Mount Union 61 78 Hiram 69 106 Capital 71 88 Wooster 68 94 Baldwin-Wallace 79 68 Otterbein 72 86 Farleigh Dickinson 63 84 Winston Salem 92 91 North Carolina A T 75 98 Mount St. Marys 72 80 Winston Salem 88 279 Swimming Improvement was in store for the Zip swimming team this year, the first under new head Coach Andy Maluke; and improve they did, although the season total of five wins and six losses is the same as last year. The difference this year was in how close the margin of victory or defeat came to the expectations of Maluke. Individual improvement was noted in that the mermen bettered the previous season ' s times in five of eleven events. For the third straight time, co-captains Ed Steinmetz and Pat McDonald were voted the outstanding swimmers. Both earned the title of Little Ail- American in their favorite sport. Steve Tillotson and Clark Morgan also turned in new Zip record-breaking times for the 100 yard freestyle, and the 500 and 1000 yard freestyle respectively. AU Opp. 57 Youngstown 47 44 Oberlin 60 70 Muskingum 34 62 Hiram 42 41 Dennison 63 62 Wooster 40 38 Wittenberg 66 25 Kenyon 79 55 Baldwin-Wallace 49 47 Ohio Wesleyan 57 44 Grove City 58 Front Row: (L-R) Saraceno, Haidet, McDonald, Steinmetz, Price, Friedman, Malcolm. Second Row: Schuster, Springfield, Garden, Kalail, Maxey, Morgan, Burnett, Daniel. Back Row: Sobleski, Meyer, Wallace, Tillotson, Potts, Litten, Costello, Requiero, Locke, Wood, Alvis, Stamgaugh-manager. 280 Wrestling Highly successful is the key word for the Zip ' s wrestling team, during the first year of John Lahoski ' s coaching; giving Akron its sixth straight year of winning seasons. These wins included the first win in five years over the 1966 Ohio Conference champions, Baldwin-Wallace. Co-captain Dave Hickman, a veteran 167-pounder, won his first six contests before being sidelined by an ear infection, closing out his career with a 15-8-4 dual meet mark, including four pins — one each year. Also closing out his career was co-captain Bill Moody, 130-pounder, who finished 17-14-6 in an off-year effort. Outstanding among the Juniors was Bob Kusmits, 152-160-pounder who capped his 10-0 dual meet record with the 165-pound Lake Erie AAU title. This gave him a three-year mark of 26- 3-0. AU Opp. 23 Wooster 16 15 Ashland 26 31 Muskingum 5 51 Otterbein 36 Capital 8 37 Wittenberg 8 8 Hiram 29 27 Ohio Wesleyan 13 20 Baldwin-Wallace 16 29 Oberlin 11 Front Row: (L-R) Patton, Heinisch, Cookro, Yasenka, T. Gilmore, Hamad, Isner, G. Gilmore, Marsico. Second Row: Costanzo, Crisafulli, Stanich, Newell. Freeman, Cornacchione, Moody, Khoury, Leroy Dalheim, M.D. Third Row: Coach Lahoski, Kusmits, Kunar, Kneeland, Bisesi, Turchin, Holian. Back Row: Hickman, Bamler, Zemla, Chiurazzi, Schock, Adams, Paxton. 281 Tennis while the nine new courts on Jackson Field offer great promise for the future, the 3-9 record of the tennis team just evened out the total win-loss record for the tenure of Coach Beyer, at 31-31. The courts were broken in well, in a 7-2 win over Marietta, but five losses followed in short order. The last wins followed this, over Hiram and Mount Union, and the Zip netters then dropped the remaining four contests. The best season records were accumulated by two of the freshman members of the team, Dave Stroup and Bob Pyett, giving the team something to hope for in the future. Front Row: (L-R) Davies, Vadnay, Montgomery, Fish. Back Row: Coach Bill Beyer, Cosgray, Stroup, Pyett, Stout, Wilbert. AU Opp 7 Marietta 2 3 Baldwin-Wallace 6 3 Wooster 6 4 Kenyon 5 4 Youngstown 5 4 Ohio Wesleyan 5 7 Hiram 2 8 Mount Union 1 3 Muskingum 6 Wittenberg 9 Wooster 6 2 Youngstown 7 282 Golf Coach Tony Laterza ' s success with the Akron U golf team rivals the impressive record he has built v ith Zip basketball teams. His AU linksmen of 1967 won six and lost four matches. Displaying great balance the sextet swept past Hiram, Ohio Wesleyan, Baldwin-Wallace, Marietta and Wooster with little trouble. Yet it was at this point the Zips hit a snag as they dropped a 17-9 contest to Oberlin. The bad run of luck continued with losses to Wooster, Kenyon and Muskingum before the defeating of Heidelberg in the season ' s finale. AU Opp 16 Hiram 10 17 Ohio Wesleyan BK 22 Baldwin-Wallace 4 19 Marietta 7 23] Wooster 2K2 9 Oberlin 17 5K Wooster 20H 8 Kenyon 18 llJ Muskingum 14% 24 2 Heidelberg iVi (L-R) Fox. Bishop, Miller, Coacli Laterza, Yanko, Clark, Barrick 283 Track AU Opp. 93 Hiram 43 88 Muskingum 48 110 Cleveland State 35 85 Capital 51 97 Oberlin 62 Cleveland State 11 42 Mount Union 94 54 Baldwin-Wallace 92 Ohio Wesleyan 24 78 2 Wheaton 52! 2 Valparaiso 51 Front row: (L-R); Dohner, Barccio, Isner, B. Cabe, ]. Cabe, Spring, Bernard. Second row: Coach Evans, Nash, Borgen, Murphy, Ponder, Price, Painter, Zwisler, Asst. Coach Hall. Back row: Bodley, Lepkowski, Travis, Williams. Turner, Teran, Frank. Undaunted by numerous injuries and the loss of thirteen let- termen. Coach Tom Evan ' s thinclads worked their way to a very successful 9-2 season. In over sixteen years as Track coach, Evans has compiled a 98-32 win — loss record, this being his twelfth consecutive winning season. Slogging through rain and cold winds most of the season, the Zips overwhelmed their first six opponents and saw no defeat until halfway through the season when they lost to arch- rival Mount Union. Following another loss to Baldwin-Wal- lace, the Zips finished the regular season by defeating Wheaton and Valparaiso in a triangular meet. Two old school records fell this Spring when Rich Turner set a new one for the high hurdles, and Joe Cabe lowered the time for the mile run. 284 rti «vtV ' vif» iiWtCiCi! 285 Cross Country Returning to the coveted tenth in the nation position of last year proved to be more than a team w hich had lost its first four runners could handle, but the Zip cross country team still pulled in a 6-3 record during coach Al Hall ' s eleventh year on the job. Tradition proved difficult to follow, even though the harriers v on the first three matches before the streak was halted by Baldwin-Wallace. They then dumped three more opponents be- fore succumbing to potent Oberlin and Mt. Union. Coach Hall gave credit to the tremendous efforts of the team in taking them to the NCAA Small College championships at Wheaton College; the fourth such trip in five years. But although turning in the best season times, the Zips finished below the top group. AU 0pp. 23 Slippery Rock 34 28 Ashland 29 24 Wabash 31 36 Baldwin-Wallace 21 27 Hiram 30 15 Marietta 49 22 Muskingum 34 34 Oberlin 25 40 Mount Union 17 Front row: (L-R): Isner, J. Cabe. Second row: Coach Hall, B. Cabe, Clegg. Back row: Midlinger, Davis, Wright. 286 Baseball Having started out with a 15-0 win over Kenyon, the baseball Zips would have been thought to have begun well, and might have been kept at this high level. Such was not to be the case, however, as the rather dismal 3-16 total record showed. This first win was followed by nine losses in a row, and the starting nine lettermen were reduced to seven, as one came out with mononucleosis and one left to accommodate his working hours. The team never stopped fighting however, and it ' s only fair to point out that nine of the losses were by only one run; and that the Zips kept the Wittenberg powerhouse going for thirteen innings before succumbing, 7-6. Front row; (L-R): Maffei, Costill, Victum, Rakich, Peroli, Meyer. Second row: Jean Gaston-scorekeeper, Cocquyt, Marquess, Kostko, Shea, Stephany, Seller, Coach Jim Di- Lauro. Back row: Sooy, Haas, Garrett, Waters, Hoover, Goodall, Beat. 287 AU 0pp. 15 Kenyon Kenyon 1 4 Heidelberg 6 1 Ohio Wesleyan 11 2 Ashland 3 2 Wooster 3 2 Hiram 10 6 Otterbein 9 6 Otterbein 7 1 Ashland 7 2 Youngstown 3 2 Youngstown 6 Oberlin 7 13 Malone 14 2 Hiram 4 4 Oberlin 2 6 Wittenberg 7 2 Cleveland State 3 2 Cleveland State 5 Buchtelite Some one once perverted the old mathematics illustra- tion, saying that if you put an infinite number of mon- keys in front of an infinite number of typewriters, they would eventually produce an issue of the Buchtelite. Truth is, the staff had far fewer typewriters and might have been glad to have an ape or two for company on those long Winter nights. The staunch little band was warmly rewarded, however, when the Associated Col- legiate Press gave them the First Class rating — and campus reaction ran in favor of a new offset publica- tion process. Thorn Rochford, Associate Editor David A. Pagnard, Editor-in-Chief ■T r T " " ' ' -- J vv x Linda Grible, Buchteletter Co-editor George Raymer, Advisor 288 Laura Gulbis, Feature Writer BUCHTEUn OFFICE •m DAVID A PAENARD Wayne Gross, Sports Editor 289 Tel-Buch Tracking down the year with camera and notepad, the Tel-Buch staff discovered just how many things Akron students can find to do with their time. Fifty books could easily have been filled with the faces and moods, activities and accom- plishments; but there was only one book to put it in. So the staff sorted and selected — and fretted and figited — put everything in a big box marked " Buffalo " — and hoped for the best. Now. that ' s all behind them . . . and in front of you. Anthony Terzis — Student Photograplier Martha Stephenson — Index and Copy Editor Teddi Alexander — Greeks Editor Robert Wilkey — Photographer Mary Stephenson — Seniors Editor George Dick Jr. — Editor-in-Chief i Jay Slider — Essayist 292 Helena Sturkey — Royalty Editor Dave Hickman — Sports Editor Mark Auburn — Business Manager OUR NEXT YEARBOOK DEADLINE Plriic litlp us (icbifw OUT goal cjlwwiij " cuy yiarbook out on Umi Paul Heising — Assistant to the Business Manager 294 JS 1 t ' ' l?T David Pagnard — Design Coordinator Patricia Ann East — Copy Director Dave Tan — Designer — Wm J Keller Inc. John W. Landry — Publisher Representative 295 t was a very good year, one which began slowly and ended furiously. We began somehow in September with an influx of Freshmen, and ended by becoming a state university. It was a very good year for the TeJ-Buch, too. For the first time we have a ninety-six page color view section, some new type faces, and what we hope will be a new look for years to come. There were some small problems to overcome, but they seem much smaller in retrospect than they ap- peared at first. Some ideas needed alteration to work out; some people needed persuasion to our side; some photos had to be reshot, but in the end it was done with great patience and cooperation on all sides. Many people helped greatly to make it all possible, and their cooperation was a constant amazement to me as the book was going from thought to form. Many people helped greatly to make 1967 a very good TeJ-Buch. It is not possible to give them all credit here. So instead I will just say thanks to all for a great job. Finally, you may decide how you like what we have tried to do. If you like it, tell us; if you don ' t like it, come up to the office and put your own ideas into action. You may come out feeling a little like Elinor Rigby, as I did at times, but then again you may learn something in the process. 296 COLOPHON The 1967 Tel Buch has been produced for The University of Akron by Wm J Keller Inc., Buffalo, New York, utilizing the Keller Velvatone Litho- graphic process. Paper throughout the book is 80 lb. Velva Dull, manufactured by the S. D. Warren Paper Co. to special specifications supplied by Wm J Keller Inc. The end sheets are 65 lb. Ivory Linweave Spectra, distributed by the Ailing Cory Paper Company. The ink throughout the book is Keller Charcoal Black, with four-color process used in thirteen forms, with separations by P.D.I. Labs, a division of Time-Life, Incorporated. Text for pages 4-96 has been set in 14 point Optima designed by Herman Zapf for the Stempel Foundry in Frankfort, Germany. Body copy for the rest of the book is Melior, also designed by Herman Zapf. Headings throughout are 24 point Helvetica, designed by Max Miedinger for the Haas Foundry of Switzerland. The cover is Natural Monk ' s Cloth. 1x1 weave, stamped in red and blue foil over black ink. It was designed by P. David Tan of Wm J Keller Inc. and produced by Kingsport Press of Kingsport, Tennessee. Binding is Smythe-sewed with silk headbands by Riverside Book Binders of Rochester, New York. Group photographs were taken by Mr. Robert Wilkey, with processing by inspection by the pho- tographer and Hoffman Labs of New York City. Senior portraits were taken by Mrs. Esther Wolf of the A. Polsky Company Portrait Studio. The book has been produced in an edition of 4000 copies of 304 pages. Copyright 1967, The University of Akron, Akron, Ohio. Anthony Terzis 297 FACULTY Albrecht, Fred I.. 100 Auburn. Norman P., 97-98 Becker, Helen, 129 Berry, Robert C. 108-109, 207 Beyer, William. 281 Black. Robert. 145 Blair. Charles V., 10 2-103. 206 Brennan, James H., 188 Bhntnall, Arthur K.. 104-105 Buckingham. Leslie M., 100 Bushnell. Kenneth D.. 106-107 Cherrington, Ernest H., 102-103 Cia. Carolyn. 263 Cochrane, Kenneth, 206 Crouch. Sidney, 181 Dalheim, L. G.. 229. 281 Daum. Paul, 118 Dennison, James, 274 Dilauro, James. 287 Duffy, Charles. 209 Dunlap. James, 118. 184. 204 Edminister, Joseph, 152 Evans, Thomas, 275, 284 Ewers, James, 279 Fatemi. Ali, 142 Frederick. Sr. Mary. O.P., 177 Giersch. Russell N., 108-109 Grafton, John P., 106-107 Grunberg, Emil, 142 Guzzetta, Dominic J., 101 Hall. AI, 284, 286 Hall. Carl L., 106-107 Hansford. Richard L., 104-105. 142 Haynes. Howard D.. 108-109 Hendrickson. Leslie, 188 Herbstrut, James, 274 Hoyt, Mrs. Walter A., 100 Huh. Julia, 204 Jahant, Charles J.. 100 Johnson, Dudley C. 104-105. 204 Keister. Don. 209 Kelly, Arthur, 100 Knepper. George, 202 Kvam. Roger. 147. 202. 237 Lahowski. John, 275 Larson, Ralph. 106-107. 179 Laterza, Anthony, 279, 283 Laubacher. Dorothy, 117 Lepard, David A.. 188 MacDonald. John, 203 MacGregor, Ian R., 101 McLain. James, 142 Mally. Johanna F.. 117 Maluke. Andrew, 179 Mercer. Jack, 276 Murray. Wayne G., 188 Noe, Charles G., 188 Nagy. Charles. 143, 144 Parry, James. 276 Parry, Stu. 276 Paul. Robert W.. 108-109, 171 Petry. William, 201 Popplestone, John, 200 Reidinger. Mabel. 200 Rogers, William A.. 102-103 Rorich, Janice, 263 Rosen, Bernard, 100 Ruman, Wilma, 133, 134 Sabatino, Donald, 106-107. 174, 179 Samad, Stanley A., 102-103 Schrank. Harry P., 100 Seiby. Samuel, 201 Simonetti. Frank, 197 Smith. Joshua L.. 108-109 Sterling, Wallace. 118 Sumner. Thomas. 102-103. 199 Temo. Larry. 276 Terrass. Stewart. 104-105 Testas. Leon, 177. 188 Thackeray. Ernest, 198 Thomas, E. J., 100 Thomas, Joseph, 100 Tubbe. John. 276 Vegso. Kathryn. 104-105 Walklet. Geraldine, 134 Wilson. Mary, 117 ORGANIZATIONS Air Force Officers, 188-189 ■•A " Key, 192 Alpha Chi Sigma, 121 Alpha Delta Pi, 254-255 Alpha Gamma Delta. 238-239 Alpha Epsilon Pi. 240-241 Alpha Kappa Alpha. 222-223 Alpha Lambda Delta, 119 Alpha Phi Alpha, 256-257 Angel Flight. 190-191 Army Sponsors. 186 Arnold Air Society, 177 Association for Childhood Education, 129 Association of the United States Army, 187 Baseball. 287 Beta Alpha Psi. 143 Basketball. 278-279 Buchtelite. 288-291 Chi Omega. 264-265 Cross Country. 286 Delta Gamma. 230-231 Delta Zeta, 258-259 Dormitory Advisors. 168-169 Dormitory Officers. 170 Economics Club. 145 Football. 274-275 Golf. 283 I.E.E.E., 154 Interfraternity Council, 180 Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, 173 Junior Class Olficers, 166 Kappa Delta Pi, 120 Kappa Kappa Gamma, 226-227 Lambda Chi Alpha, 232-233 Lambda Pi. 122 Lone Star. 228-229 Mitchell Flight. 176 Mortar Board. 194-195 National Collegiate Players. 118 Newman Club. 172 Omicron Delta Epsilon. 142 ODK, 196-197 Panhellenic Council. 181 Phi Delta Theta. 224-225 Phi Eta Sigma. 223 Phi Kappa Psi. 262-263 Phi Kappa Tau. 236-237 Phi Mu. 234-235 Phi Sigma Kappa. 244-245 Pi Omega Pi. 130 Pledge Interfraternity Council. 175 Political Science Club. 147 Rifle. 277 Scabbard Blade. 187 Senior Class Officers, 167 Sigma Delta Tau, 250-251 Sigma Pi, 260-261 Sigma Tau, 152 Soccer, 276 Society for Advancement of Management, 144 Sociology Club, 185 Spanish Club, 185 Student Center Managers, 179 Student Center Planning Board, 178 Student Council, 174 Swimming, 280 Tau Kappa Epsilon, 252-253 Tau Kappa Phi, 117 Tel-Buch, 292-295 Tennis, 282 Theatre Guild, 184 Theta Chi, 248-249 Theta Phi Alpha, 246-247 Track, 284-285 W A U P, 167 Who ' s Who Among Students, 192-193 Women ' s League. 182-183 Wom ' en ' s Physical Education Club. 133 Women ' s Recreation Association. 134 Wrestling. 281 W R H A. 171 Zeta Tau Alpha. 242-243 298 STUDENTS Abdoo. Mary Jo. 119, 246 Abraham. ' Gerald. 152. 153. 208 Accurso. J., 176 Adams. ].. 279, 281 Adamson. Bill. 225 Adkins. Ken. 229 Ahmadi. Hassan. 276 Akins, Emily, 231 Alexander, Anthony, 142. 143 Alexander, Theodora. 128. 184 Alpert. Martin. 120. 121 Alvis. Greg. 279 Ambrose. Tom, 265 Amici, Bernice. 250 Ammerman. Chuck, 249 Anderson, John. 147, 178. 184, 191 Anderson, L., 142 Anderson. Russell, 142 Anderson. Thomas, 225 Andrea. Ronald, 237 Andrews, Gail, 227 Andrews. Janice, 231 Andrusiak, Zenobia. 116 Angeletti, Pat, 226 Annable, Robert. 116 Anthon, Joyce. 259 Anthony. William, 116 Apati. Jon, 116 Appelbaum, David. 240 Ardelian. Rose, 128 Ardis. Wesley, 142, 176 Armstrong. Chuck. 253 Armstrong. Paulesta, 128 Arnold. Bernie, 128, 155 Arnold. Candy. 239 Arnold. Mary, 128 Armour. Audrey, 259 Aronson. Stanley, 116 Artines, Joanne, 187 Ash, Carolyn, 263 Ashcraft, William, 152 Ashman, Ronald, 177 Auburn, Mark, 39. 116. 118, 184. 196. 197, 207 Auker. Carl. 187, 225 Austin, Colleen. 226 Avant. Tom. 175. 232 Averbuck, Anne. 116. 118. 178, 184, 191. 207, 250 Avery. Mary Jo, 130. 134 Avramovich, James, 225 Babich. Kathleen. 128 Bachman. Ken, 229 Bachman, William. 142, 143, 144, 223 Backus, Pamela. 128 Baclawski, Leona, 116 Badalich, Carl. 275 Badar, Mary, 227 Bader, Virginia. 119. 226 Bagley, Mary, 226 Bails. Irvin. 240. 250 Baird, Suzie, 231 Baker, Darlene, 118. 128. 184 Balas, John. 167, 245 Ball. William. 229 Baltavan, Margaret. 128 Bamler. William. 187, 281 Banacki. Janet, 246 Barbicas, Margaret. 231 Barbuto. Linda. 129. 181. 259 Bard. Jan, 243 Bardyn, Robert, 276 Barclay, Bonni. 259 Barich, Stephanie, 246 Bark, Joseph. 121 Barker. John, 225 Barkley. Anitra. 116, 223 Barlow, Margaret. 116 Barnes, Roger, 128 Barnett, Joyce. 250 Barrett, Rebecca, 122, 185 Barrick, Richard, 283 Barringer, Mary. 128 Barlett. James, 142. 249 Barton, Bruce, 225 Barton, Carol, 254 Baskin. B., 142 Bass, R. B., 142 Bauer, Thomas, 147 Baughman. G., 143 Seal, Marvin, 287 Beard, Robert, 237 Bechtol, B., 154 Becker, George, 153 Bednarz, Richard, 155 Belcher. P., 142 Bell, J., 142 Bell, Robert, 142, 187 Bell, T., 232 Bellet, David, 252 Bellis, John. 128 Bender, Danene. 116 Bender. Steven, 121. 168. 176, 196. 197 Benfield. Diane. 187 Benn. Jack, 279 Bennett, Arnold. 152 Bennett. A.. 142 Bennington, Marsha, 231 Benson. Dennis, 116 Bentz, R., 143. 145 Benyi. Thomas, 249 Berardi, Angle, 231 Bernard, Charles, 284 Bernard, Regina, 246 Berniek, Al. 253 Berrv. Ann, 133. 134. 231 Berschette, Francy, 181. 226 Bertha. Bonnie. 259 Berwin. R., 223 Best, Elinore, 134, 181. 188. 227 Bickelt. William. 229, 276 Bickey, Beverly. 116 Bierry. Patricia. 263 Biller, Michele. 250 Billias, Michael. 245 Bilovecky, Thomas. 168. 191 Bingham. Carol. 116, 122. 185, 196 Bisesi. Samuel. 281 Bishop, George. 283 Bittner, Barbara. 181 Black. Hazel, 223 Black, R.. 142 Blakeley. Martin. 177 Bland. Pat. 226 Blank, Warren, 276 Blazer, Phil. 237 Bleker, R.. 154 Bobak, Donald. 121 Bock. Kathy. 246 Bodley. John, 284 Bodnar, Cindy. 181 Boetger. Robert. 184. 187, 253 Soger. Jeff. 261 Boggs. G., 143 Bognar, Nancy. 231 Bonar, Barbara. 231 Bond, J,, 117 Bonfield, Kathy. 226 Boose. D.. 223 Bordo. Paul, 116 Borgen, William. 284 Bork. Dennis, 253 Borrell. Kathy, 246 Boss, Janet, 227 Both. Dan. 176 Bott. Jan. 259 Bott, Karen, 259 Botz, Vicki, 226 Boucher, Dan, 276 Bowman, B., 117 Bowman, Jackie, 223 Bowman, Jonnie. 255 Boyd, Barry, 147 Boyes. David, 229 Bozick. Marie. 128 Braccio. James, 275. 284 Brady. Mark, 116 Brand. Suzan, 174 Brechbill, James. 152, 154 Brigeman, David, 237 Brimlow, Mary Lyn, 239 Brinton, Dennis, 117 Broadhurst, Jerome, 143 Brock. Cliff, 175. 225 Bronstein, Stan. 240 Broske, David, 152 Brown, Beverly, 117 Brown, C, 143 Brown, Cliff, 232 Brown, Ed. 249 Brown. Harold. 187 Brown. John. 152, 153 Brown. Margaret, 128 Brown, Rich, 245 Brown, Ronald, 128, 184 Brownfield, Robert, 237 Brownfield. Chriss, 178. 191, 196. 246 Brownlee, Nancy, 128 Brownsword, Shirley, 226 Brunner, Ford. 225. 276 Budai. Michael, 175, 225 Buetsch, Jerry, 232 Buida, Helen, 239 Buida, Julia, 117 Buie. Dan, 169 Bullick, Elaine. 254 Burchett. Berni. 259 Burdilt, Frank, 252 Burg. Pete, 279 Burge, Jerry, 225 Burge, Thomas, 143 Burger, Joseph, 229 Burgess, Guy, 277 Burkhardt, Thomas, 261 Burkley, John, 223 Burnett. James. 279 Burney. Hazel. 223 Burns. James. 143. 144 Buzard. G.. 249 Buzzelli, Annabella, 128. 129. 239 Buzzelli. Rita, 246 Bycura. Michael, 225 Byrns. Robert. 143 Byrd. Wilbur, 257 Cabe, Bob. 144. 284. 286 Cabe. Joseph. 284, 286 Cadmus, Linda. 231 Caetta. Carol. 243 Calahan, Lynn. 229 Callahan, Daniel. 128 Callahan. Timothy. 144 Campbell. Joanne. 128. 181, 223 Campisi. Donna. 134. 174, 238 Cannon. Jack, 237 Capozzuli. Toni. 231 Carder, Pam. 231 Cardina. Elaine. 246 Cardwell, Doug. 152 Carlson, Donald. 245 Carney. Chuck, 229 Carp. Alan. 171 Carper. Joseph, 143 Carr. Ronald, 143 Carroll, George, 175, 225 Carroll, Mike. 225 Casey. Robert. 128 Causa. Alfredo. 121 Cea. Carolynn, 119 Ceglar. Frank. 143. 249 Cerrone, Joanna, 174, 181. 187, 246 Cerrone. Loretta. 128, 174, 191, 206. 246 Chalmers, Bob, 276 Chamber. Jo, 239 Chammong, N., 142 Channel, V. David, 152 Chansavatdi. Pratoom. 142 Chapman. David. 152, 153. 155. 237, 253 Chapman. Judy. 243 Chapman. Sharon. 119 Chermonte. Joel. 128 Chester. William, 117 Chiaramonte, Sandra. 117 Chiaramonte, William. 152. 153 Childs. Joel. 245 Childs. Tim. 187 Chiurazzi. Jerry, 281 Christ, Ralph, 128 Christie. Kit. 225 Cianciola, Frank, 179. 229 Ciborek. Dave. 129, 249 Ciborek. Karen, 119 Ciborek. Martha, 246 Ciccolini. Tom, 117, 187 Cilano, G., 185 Cincurak, Kathy, 188, 239 Ciolli, Rosie, 246 Clark. Frank, 283 Clauss, Richard, 185 Clay, Olin, 275 Clayton. Susan, 133 Clegg, David. 286 Clesi. Philip, 143 Cleveland, Doris, 129, 169 Clough. Lawrence. 152 Cocquyt. Frank, 187. 287 Coffman. William, 276 Cohen. Steve, 240 Coil. R., 177 Cole, James, 261 Coleman. James, 152, 153, 225 Coleridge. Timothy, 117, 187, 253 Coletta, Ralph, 175, 229 Comen, Steve, 276 Comunale, Frank, 229, 276 Conlon, Barbara, 263 Connor, Joseph, 143 Conry, John, 117, 223 Considine. Bill, 174, 229 Considine, Tim, 276 Contt, Barbara, 231 Conti, Tom, 249 Conway, Kathy. 246 Cook, C, 177 Cookro, Denny, 229, 281 Cooper, Donald, 117 Cooperman, Susan, 250 Cormany, Nancy, 243 Cornacchione, Americo, 281 Cosgray, Joel, 281 Costanzo, Ross, 249, 281 Costello, Jim, 265, 279 Costello, John, 225 Costill. Dan. 287 Cottrill, Lewis, 129 299 Countryman, T.. 176 Covert, Susan, 243 Coyle, Mike. 175, 237 Cox, Peggy, 129 Craig, B., 144 Crain, Kristie, 226 Cramblette, Donn. 152 Crampton, Frank, 152, 249 Crano, Richard. 153, 155 Crawley, Pat, 254 Creed, Ron, 229 Crisafulli, Tim, 281 Crislip. Dick, 117, 237 Crisp, Larry, 252 Crisp, Susan, 129 Crissey, Linda, 119 Crite, Roy, 176, 257, 279 Crow, C, 177 Crowley, Robert, 39 Cruder, Victor, 177 Culbertson, Candy, 255 Culver, Rita, 246 Cummings, Regina, 143, 259 Curtice, William, 167 Cyc, Roni, 246 Czaplicke, Alice, 246 Dadik, Robert. 152, 153. 154 Dain, Linda, 181, 231 Dalmer, John, 225 Daly, Sharon, 117 D ' Ambrosio, Angela, 122 Dandridge, Thomas, 184 Daniel, Andy, 279 Dannemiller, Gary, 177 Dannenbring, Nancy, 129 Dardwell, C, 155 Darlak, Jennifer, 133 Darnell, Ann, 119, 181, 225 Darrah, Richard, 152 Darst, Paul. 225 D ' Attoma, Pete, 229 Daum, P., 184 Davies, Andrew, 281 Davies, Jerry, 276 Davies, James, 276 Davis. Gerald, 144 Davis, Nancy, 254 DeBaer, Leon, 129 Dejacimo, Carol, 174, 246 Delac, Ronald, 229 Delany, Ken, 224 Delia Sarra, Marion, 229 Del Pozzo, David, 229 DeLucca. Vince, 249 Demchak, Cheryl. 129 Denholm, Carol, 263 Denholm, Jon, 275 Dent, Theda, 129 Derry, Lina, 144, 174, 188, 191, 196, 205, 254 DeShon, Richard. 177 Deucher, Rosie, 246 Dick, George, Jr., 118, 184, 191, 205, 252 Dickerson, M., 147 Dickerson, Robert, 147 Dickerson, Sarah, 147 Dieringer, Ed, 249 Dieringer, Ginger, 187, 231 DiFiore, Frederick, 187 DiLauro, Steve, 261 Dillon, Donald, 232 DiLuIlo. Connie. 130, 246 DiLuUo, Rosa, 246 Dimantis, Constantina, 329 Dinhofer, Jay, 240 Dirrig, William, 130, 252 Doherty, Sue. 255 Dohner, William, 284 Dolensky, Larry, 229 Dolensky, Maryanne, 246 Donatelli, Joseph, 185 Donatone, Joseph, 170, 249 Donlan, Dori, 259 Donovan, Pat, 243 Dotson, Thomas, 153 Dougal, Donald, 237 Dougherty, Michael, 253 Dougherty, Peggy, 129. 243 Douglas, Edith, 117 Douglas, Luis, 144 Douglas, Norman, 177 Doultras, A., 155 Dovert, Sue, 243 Dovin, Wayne, 144 Downing, Thomas, 225. 279 Drake, James, 257 Drake, Stephen. 153 Drapcho, Michael, 153, 249 Dudich, Timothy, 279 Duffy, Pam, 181, 243 Dukeman, Carol. 118, 254 Dula bahn, Nancy, 176 Dunlap. J., 223 Dupay, Joanna, 130, 255 Dura, Michael, 229 Dutton, Sheri, 243 Dye, Freda, 231 Dzerowicz, Alex, 276 Dzubeck, John, 144 Ealy, Betty, 119 East. Pat. 117 Easton, Margaret, 117 Ebbie, Patricia, 130 Eber, Karyn, 250 Edminston, Sue, 239 Egrid, Elizabeth, 188 Elliot. James, 130 Ellis. Allan, 144 Elmer. Sue. 130, 227 Emerson, Edward, 153 Emery. Joanne, 227 Emery, Sue, 227 Emge, Lynn. 259 Emmons, Tom, 185. 245 Emore, Jim. 225 Englehart, Steve, 275 Engel, Judy, 250 Engler, Carol, 119, 255 Engler, Edward, 237 Erbe, Edward, 232 Ereth, David, 177, 276 Ericson, Pat, 178, 191, 196 Erwin, Dave, 225 Esmond, Cheryl, 263 Estin, Kathleen, 130 Etter, Richard. 118 Evans. Mona. 255 Evjen, Barbara, 130 Fagerlin. Robert, 237 Fahey, Joe, 118 Fairfield. Pat, 118, 142 Fairfield, Richard, 118 Fanelly. Barbara, 254 Farkas. Jan, 255 Farkas. Steve, 223, 245 Fasick, S., 144 Fasnacht. Don, 153, 154. 187 Fassnacht, Sandra, 130 Fawcett. Terry. 131 Feathers, David, 118 Fedor, Jody, 177 Feeman, Jeff, 225 Feldman, D., 223 Feldman. Ed, 184, 232 Fergus, Larry, 261 Fessenden, Earl. 130 Fessler, Vicki, 255 Fetterhoff, K.. 223 Field. Nancy, 243 Filer, Bonnie, 263 Filing, Nicholas, 184, 225 Fike. Bruce, 168 Finkle, Susan, 118, 169, 174. 191, 209. 239 Finn, John, 177 Fischer, Klaus, 232 Fish, James, 281 Fisher, David, 225 Fisher, Vicki, 239 Fisi, Arlene, 131 Fitzpatric, Elaine, 239 Flaherty, Thomas, 274 Flateman, Brina, 250 Flatt, A., 143 Flannigan, Patti, 226 Fleming, Jane, 259 Flick, William, 232 Florin, Darleen, 131 Floutz. Beverly, 131 Fonte, Timothy, 276 Ford, James, 225 For man. Margaret, 118 Fortunato, Angelo, 131 Foster, R., 144 Fox, Gilbert, 283 Fox, Janet. 131 Fox, Steve. 240 Fox, Wayne, 274 France, Kathleen, 131 Frank. Thomas, 284 Frankel, Gary, 249 Frease, Ann. 255 Freed, Gary, 232 Freeman, Michael, 281 Freese. Bruce, 237 Freitag, Jacquie, 226 Friedberg, Jerry, 261 Friedman, Richard, 279 Friedrich. Sharon, 243 Friess, Chris, 231 Frost, Dale, 240 Frumpkin, Steve, 171 Fry, G.. 187 Fuciu, C, 275 Fulton, Robert, 118 Gajdatsy, Gabe, 229 Galambos. Helmut, 153 Galford. Denver, 144 Gall, Ray, 229 Gamble, Nathan, 118 Gandee, Kathryn. 239 Garder, John, 279 Garnett, Robert, 131 Garrett, Tim, 287 Garris, Patricia, 131 Garrison. Bill, 144, 237 Garrison, Mary, 259 Garrison, Rich. 249 Carver, Jill. 231 Gasper, Dotty, 188. 254 Gasser, D., 155 Gaston. Jean, 287 Gaston, R., 176, 177 Gates, Sandy, 231 Gault, Ralph, 131 Cause. Evelyn, 118 Gearhart. Butch. 237 Geer. Al, 175, 237 George. Skip, 225 Geraci, Thomas, 118 Gerber, Helen, 181. 191. 196. 231 Gibber, M., 177 Gibson, Gary. 237 Gibson. H. A., 118 Gibson, Jane, 119. 246 Giges. Marc, 240 Gill, Kathy. 246 Gillespie. N., 143 Gilmore. Greg, 281 Gilmore. Tim, 281 Glickman. Stephanie, 118 Gmereck, Annette, 246 Goehler, Jim, 249 Goff, Donald, 131 Goforth, Charlie, 229 Goldberg, Lynne, 250 Goltz, Reinhart. 276 Good, William, 118 Goodall, Tom. 287 Goodin, Rob. 232 Goodlet, Bill, 249 Gordon. Jerry, 232 Gordon, Mike, 119, 147, 196, 197 Gorman. Robert, 131 Gosom, Sandy, 239 Goss, Cindy, 239 Gradwohl, Bruce, 131 Graef. Harriet, 263 Graff, John, 237 Graham. Norm, 223, 245 Grambling, John, 144 Grantbaver, G.. 152, 154 Gray, Karen, 188, 254 Gray. Kathy, 188. 254 Grebelsky, Karen, 259 Greer. Art, 232 Greet, Dwight, 229 Gress, Mary, 119 Grible, Linda. 181, 191, 246 Griffin, Neal, 229 Griffith. Gary. 229 Griffiths. Linda, 259 Grindberg. Myron. 240 Grisack, Janice, 254 Grisi. Charles. 144, 249 Grizer, Edison. 155 Groncy, Bill, 265 Groncy, Charles, 119 Gross, Wayne, 119 Grower. Tom. 225 Cuarino. Jim, 225 Gulbis. G., 167 Gulbis, Laura, 119, 129, 167. 191, 227 GuUace, Pam. 231 Gulligian, John, 131 Gunther, Alice. 181 Gurley. John. 261 Guzzetta, Joanne, 181, 188, 271 Gwin. Deborah, 119 Gwinne, Russ, 237 Haas. Carol, 181. 226 Haas. John. 287 Haberkost. Linda. 119 Habinek. Terrence, 131 Haddox, Gloria, 131 Haffner, Larry, 229 Hagerman, Pat, 131 Hagstrom, Janet. 231 Haidet, Greg, 279 Haley, Chuck, 253 Hallman, Gary. 237 Hamad. Jack. 281 Hamad, Robert, 131 Hamad. Rosie, 246 300 Hamad, Sima. 254 Hamlet, R., 223 Hammacker. Mary, 226 Hammett, G., 117 Hammond, George, 229 Hanna, Gerald, 131 Hannah. Shirley, 181. 223 Harb. Lois, 239 Hardin, Sherri, 259 Hardy. Joyce, 239 Hardy. Karen, 188. 239 Harmon, Norma, 13 Harp, R., 143, 144 Hartman, William, 185 Harvey. Mary, 131 Hastier, Thomas. 253 Hau. E., 177 Headley. Robert, 229 Heasley. David. 131 Hecht. Dennis, 187 Heck, Lou, 253 Heckelman, John. 119 Heckman. Roxanne, 246 Heilman, D., 155 Heinisch, James, 225, 281 Heins, Judy. 174 Heising. Paul, 229 Helsel, Carol. 131 Henley, Ronald, 122 Hennessey, Ruth, 119 Hensel, Pam, 187, 254 Hentsch, Larry, 132 Herdman, Raymond, 229 Hertzi, Art, 252 Hertzi, Eileen, 187 Hester. Janet, 181 Heston, Roberts, 232 Heydorn, Robert, 184, 191. 225 Haidet. Gregory. 232 Hicker, Calvin. 265 Hickman. David, 132, 147. 197, 209, 275. 281 Hickman, John, 237 Hickman. Sallie. 239 Hilbish, Ralph, 144 Hill, James, 153 Hills, Donna, 130 Himes, Ken, 119 Hinkel Walter. 153 Hippie. Linda. 259 Hoagland, Timothy, 253 Hofbauer, James. 261 Hofer. Barry, 237 Hoffman, Aggie. 122, 185, 188 Hoffman, Brian, 253 Hoffman. Holly, 181, 187. 231 Hoffman, Jeff, 187 Hofle, Linda. 119, 169, 191, 196 Hohas, George. 261 Holian. David. 281 Hollabaugh. Lynn, 132 Holland, Hillyard. 257 Holland. R., 120 Hollendonner, Paul. 276 Holliday, Dick, 175, 232 Hollinger, Sharon, 184, 259 Hollingsworth, Bruce, 252 Homa, James, 232 Hoover, C. 143 Hoover, John, 287 Hornacek, Larry, 132 Horning, Marsha. 226 Horowitz, Judy, 250 Horrigan, Kathy. 181, 239 Horvath, Bill, 249 Hoskins, D., 176 Howard, Daniel, 232 Hoye, Daren, 133 Huettner, Charlie, 253 Huff, Julieanne, 119 Humberson, Debbie, 231 Hummel, Linda, 234 Hurley, Ralph, 152, 153, 154 Huston, Donna, 132 Huryn, Michael, 145 Hysell, Robert, 153 lacomini. Marianne, 227 Inama, Carol, 227 Ingersoll, Sandra, 132 Ingrahm. Henry, 255 Inzinger, Jennifer, 119, 169 loannou, Helen, 263 Isner, Dave, 281, 286 Ivers, Lynn. 181, 246 Jackson, Harvey. 261 Jacobs, George, 121 Jacobson, Eli, 240 Jaeger, Rita, 181, 239 Jaroszewski, Henry, 153, 191, 196, 197, 205, 245 Jaroszewski, Peggy, 255 Jarr, AI, 174, 249 Jarvis, Sue. 132 Jebber. Richard, 145 Jeney, Terry. 237 Jennings. Joyce, 259 Jerron-Quarshie. S., 153, 155 Jesser, Florence, 263 Jessie, Frank, 279 Johnson, C.. 143, 144. 187. 223 Johnson. Barbara, 226 Johnson, Daniel, 229 Johnson, Richard, 232, 257 Johnson, Steve, 245 Johnson, Teri, 39 Johnston, Richard, 145 Jones. Arthur, 257 Jones. Barbara, 145 Jones, Cindy, 239 Jones. Jack. 223, 225 Jones, Nancy. 255 Jones. Richard, 245 Jones, Sandy, 181 Joynt. Edith. 132 Judy, Mary Ellen, 239 Juengal. Lorna. 119 Juhas, Judith, 132 Jursik. Diana. 246 Jursik. Eileen, 132 Juve, Jenifer. 119 Kaczala, Oleg, 120 Kalail. Dave, 279 Kalail. Julie, 188. 246 Kalgreen, Kathie. 246 Karantonis, Karl. 245 Karaiskos, John, 225 Kasapis, Rita. 226 Kaes, Jeff, 223, 245 Kaster, Alyce, 132 Kaufman, Ernest, 132 Kausman, D., 144 Kauslick, Albert, 145 Kea, Eva, 223 Kean, Bob. 120, 169. 191. 196. 197 Keates, Loneita, 132 Keedy, Cheryl. 120 Keel. John. 229 Keevan, Bill, 249 Keith, Elaine, 181, 187, 239 Keith, Sidny. 119, 243 Keith, Susan, 239 Kelleher, Linda, 227 Kelley, M., 176 Kelly, John. 143, 187 Kelly. T., 143 Kendall, Jennie, 129 Kennedy, Mike, 152. 153, 155 Kennell, Jacklyn, 132 Kenney, Gale, 152, 153, 154, 232 Kenzel, Hugh, 153, 154, 187, 253 Kephart, Deborah, 226 Kepler. Jane, 231 Keplinger. Kris, 187, 226 Kernan, Sue, 239 Kerkian, Al, 275 Kester, John, 132 Khoury, Dave, 281 Kickey, M., 132 Kidder, Linda, 231 Kidman, Sally, 133 Kiekhaefer, Walter. 120 Kiel, Bill, 229 Kilgore. Marianne, 188. 254 Kindela, Jerry, 240 King, Carol, 243 King. Dave, 243 King, Richard, 145 King, Vivian, 255 Kinney, Bill, 253 Kirgesner, Butch, 249 Kissler, Tom, 232 Kissner, John, 276 Klatsky, Bruce, 175 Klein, Susan, 181. 250 Kline, Cindy, 246 Kline, Douglas. 132 Kline, R., 176 Klipstein, Mary, 243 Knapp, A. Bernard, 120 Knecht, Denise, 254 Kneeland. Tom, 281 Kochmit, Robert, 145 Koehler, Dale, 253 Koeller, PhyUis, 132 Kodger, Kaye, 129 Kohout, James, 152 Kolb, Mary, 246 Konkle, Sherry, 243 Konnecker, James, 145 Kopsky, Jon, 229 Korman, Irving, 118, 120, 261 Korman, Sandra, 118, 120, 184 Korman, Sheila, 132 Kortejewski. R.. 155 Koscik. Paul, 177, 225 Kosman, Robert, 153 Kosoy, David. 185 Kostko. Dick. 287 Koutras, Alexander. 154 Kovalcik. Joe. 229 Krabill, Ivan. 144 Kramer, Roberta, 132 Kreiner, Dale. 121 Krell, Barbara, 250 Krendrich, 255 Krouss, Andy, 240 Krutz. Bill, 261 Kunar. Fred, 281 Kura. Mike, 274 Kurlich, Richard, 145 Kurtzman, Paul. 177, 249 Kus. Larry. 249 Kusmits. Bob. 241 Kutachief. Joan, 132 Kutichief, Betty. 255 Kutsko, Mark, 245 Kuzemshak, Donna, 132 Laatsch, Gretchen, 134, 178, 181, 191, 246 Lafferty, Anita, 120 LaFlelur, Larry, 252 Lagana, Mary Ann, 246 Laguardia, John. 174, 229, 276 Laird. Robbin, 147 Lance, Marilee, 243 Lange, Mark. 245 Lanning, T.. 154 Lapadot. Robert. 120. 185 Larson, Ralph, 178 Lasoff, Ed, 120 Laughlin, Sally, 255 Lavery, Thomas, 145 Lawhorn, Carol. 132 Lawless, Pat, 132, 187, 249 Lawrence, Gary, 261 Lawson, Ronald, 154 Lazar, Ronald, 232 Leasure. Patricia, 132 Lebeau, Roberta, 120 Lecon, Kathy, 231 Lee, Alma, 181, 223 LeHere, Michael, 142, 145 Lehman, Patricia, 119 Lehmey, A., 154 Leidal, Richard. 179, 227 Leigh. Vaughn, 121 Leighton, Pat, 226 Leinweber. Emma, 246 Leitch. John, 245 Lemley, Thomas, 245 Lemmon, Dolly, 188 Lemmons, Kaye, 239 Lenehan, Bill. 265 Lepers, Lucille. 120 Lepkowski. Donald, 284 Lesser, Ilene, 250 Letieri, Frank, 229 Letterman, R., 177 Levin, Gary. 240 Levy, Barry, 249 Levy, Lois, 250 Lewis, Beverly, 223 Lewis, Melinda, 120 Lichten, Edward, 120 Lichtenberger, W., 142 Lieberth. David, 167, 245 Limbach. Dianna, 243 Lindstrom. Roy, 276 Linnane, Kathy, 227 Lipeskey. Timothy. 249 Lippman, Timothy, 240. 276 Liptak, Maryellen, 132 Liptrot, Dorothy, 120 Lisowsky, Val, 249 Litten, Arthur, 279 Lizzack, Larry, 240 Lobaizo, Michael. 225 Lobello, Angle. 226 Locke, Harold, 171, 279 Loeffler, Ingrid, 132 Lombardi, Richard, 184, 237 Long, Leslie. 227 Long, Pat, 227 Longanbach, Jean, 120, 191, 196, 202 Loomis, Bob. 237 Loomis, Loretta, 120 Lord, Audrey, 250 Lott. Karen, 227 Lowe, Paul, 261 Lowrey, William, 174, 187, 253 Lucas, Gary, 120 Ludwig, Bill, 276 Ludwig, Harry, 187 Luff. Dan, 276 Lukacevich, James. 120 301 Lund, Jeff, 232 Lundquist, Karen, 133, 134 Luttrell. Denny, 232 Lutz, Carol, 187 Lynch, Jerry, 226 Lynch, Molly, 246 Lyons, Scott, 143. 196. 197 MacDermott. Geof, 237 MacGregor. Elaine. 254 Mackovic, Ken. 279 McAllen, Thomas. 276 McArdle. Pat. 237 McCartt, Beverly, 133 McClish. Richard, 232 McDonald, Pat, 279 McDonald. Sharon. 132 McDowell, Joseph, 225 McElroy. Douglas, 261 McFadden, Kathy, 259 McGukin. Michael, 229 McHale, William. 117 McKee, James. 121 McKee. Paul, 249 McKendrick, Laura. 129 McKierhan, John, 249 McKinley. James, 174 McKinney, Marty, 255 McKnight. Robert. 152, 252 McReynolds, Louise. 132 McVay, Jacqueline. 119 McVay, William. 153 McVickers, Thomas, 170 Mackey. Pat, 254 Mackey. Robert, 132 Maffei. Francis. 287 Magowan. Joyce, 132 Maguire, T., 176 Mahaf!ey, Garol, 133 Mahoney. Cheryl. 231 Major, Roy. 120 Malcolm. Tom. 223, 279 Maleson, Donna, 227 Maletich, Michael, 279 Malizia, Jerry, 274 Malick, Gary, 225 Maloy, Barbara, 231 Maltarich. Bill. 237 Maluke. Sue. 184, 259 Malyuk. Michael. 168. 176 Mamas, Bill. 276 Mancino, Barb. 227 Manning, Jim. 177 Mansdorf, Zach. 232 Margo, Judi. 246 Marhevsky, Andy. 187, 252 Markey, Anne, 133 Markle, Marilyn, 255 Marks. Cathy, 130, 144 Marks. Dodo. 246 Marks, Michele, 185 Marquess. Charles, 275, 287 Marsden, Mike, 276 Marsell, Marsha, 239 Marshall, Hannah, 238 Marshall, Janis, 130 Marston. Bud. 249 Martell, Don, 232 Martell, Jim. 249 Martin, Barbara. 133 Martin, Mary Ann, 243 Martone. Fred, 229 Martone, Linda, 239 Marusiah, N.. 177 Marvin, Ray, 245 Mascala, Carol, 239 Maskell, Helen. 120 Matheny. Ken. 245 Matthews, Gladys, 133 Matthews. Timothy. 223 Matvey. Janice. 239 Matwiju, Steve. 245 Maxey. Walter. 121, 191, 223, 279 Maxwell, Marlene, 134. 181, 185 Meek. Edward, 232 Meffert, John, 121 Mehok, Jack, 152, 245 Meli, J., 223 Mellor, Jerry, 225 Memmer. Wallace, 154 Menkle, Judy, 231 Merchant. John, 187, 253 Merlitti. Hank. 249 Mermelstein. Lou. 240 Mesko, Kathy, 231 Mesko, James, 261 Mess, John, 133 Mesojedec, Jack, 154 Metz, Mickie, 226 Meyer, Ken, 237 Meyer, Scott, 237, 279 Meyer, Susan. 231 Meyer. Wade. 287 Michel. Carolyn, 263 Mikel, Carolyn, 133 Milo. Frederick, 133 Mikolashek, Dan. 232 Mikolashek. Mary Ellen. 246 Miles, Pearl. 121 Miller. Carol, 231 Miller. Jeff, 261 Miller. Jenny, 239 Miller, J.. 117 Miller, Jim, 225 Miller, Ken, 283 Miller, M., 223 Miller, Mark, 175, 245 Miller, Mary Lou, 134. 188. 246 Miller. Rick. 245 Miller. Stephanie. 121, 184 Miller, Susan, 121 Mills, Ann. 119. 255 Mingle. James, 121 Mitchell. Pat, 181 Mobley, Kathy. 254 Moessner. John, 171 Mohler, Janice. 254 Mohler. Lois. 121 Moke, Leslie. 133. 254 Molnar. Roger. 176 Monosoff, Murray, 145 Montabone. Nancy, 227 Montgomery, Ray. 225 Montisanto. John, 229 Moody, Bill. 145, 232. 281 Moore. Beth, 254 Moore. Cathy. 231 Moore. Jane. 243 Moore, Linda, 254 Moore. Ruby, 133 Morgan. Clark, 279 Morgan. Fred, 121 Morgan, Janice, 133 Morris, Mary, 133 Morrison, Ralph. 265 Mossek, Fred, 229 Motz. Carol. 133, 188, 208. 255 Muhl. John, 276 Muier. Marthann, 223 Mull. Bill, 237 Mullen. William. 142. 145 Mungo, Dick. 177 Munka, Mary Ann. 133. 134, 191, 196. 203. 231 Murrany, Mary, 134 Murawski. John. 179. 191. 229 Murgatroyd. Mary, 259 Murphy, David, 284 Musser, Rosemary, 119 Myers. Chuck, 2 61 Myers. Jerry, 232 Myers. Melanie. 259 Myers. Richard, 145 Mylonas. Irene, 226 Nagy, Barbara, 187, 231 Nash. Charles. 229, 284 Nash. Karen. 259 Natoli, Ange, 229 Natole, Charles. 134 Natole. Joseph, 229 Neal. Kathy. 259 Neely, Robert, 154 Neiman. Candi. 259 Nelson, Jeff. 245 Nemcheck, Thomas. 153. 154 Nemer. Nanci, 246 Nemione, Mary Lou. 133, 181 Nettles, Robert, 252 Nettling, Sue, 181. 254 Newell. David, 281 Newman. David, 225 Newman. Linda, 250 Newman. Robert. 229 Nichols, Jack. 229 Nichols, Jane. 188. 196, 254 Nichols, John. 121 Niedermeyer. Carol, 181. 243 Nilsen. Robert, 225 Nixon, Dennis, 229 Noble, Gary, 225 Nodine. Douglas, 237 Noe. James, 121 Nolan. Candy, 181, 188. 191. 196. 226 Norman. James. 145 Ocasek. R., 143 Ovhs, Lou. 240. 276 Ochsenhirt, Bonnie, 134 Ochsenhir t, Timothy. 174, 237 Oden, Dale, 154 O ' Hare. Terrence, 134 Ohlenger, Linda, 134 Oldfield, William. 145 Oldham, Robert, 121 O ' Leary, Thomas. 225 Olechnowicz. Thomas. 229 Oleksuk, Michael, 154. 176 Olivo, Barbara, 117, 134 Orashan. Thomas, 187. 232. 277 Oravec. Michael. 229 Orgel, Don. 250 Orr. Timothy. 167 O ' Shea, Cathy. 231 Ostergard. Arthur. 121, 223 Ostroski, Jan, 129, 246 Otto. Judy, 231 Otto. William, 144. 145. 232 Owens. Jerry. 144. 245 Page, R.. 177 Pagnard. David, 118, 147, 191. 201 Painter. William. 284 Palamaki. Markku. 261 Palmer, Joanne. 134 Palmer, Kathy. 211. 239 Paolano. Sue, 227 Papalio. Raco. 184. 252 Pappas. John. 225 Paradise, Jerry. 177 Parker, Bonnie, 239 Parker. Harold. 121 Parker, Richard. 249 Parker. Sandy, 227 Parks. Linda, 243 Pascu. Chuck. 225 Patnode, Michael, 155 Patonai, Sheryl. 259 Patsch. Esley. 134 Patti. Jacquelyn, 134 Patton, Wiloy. 281 Paulin. Ronald. 253 Paulov, Rosemary, 231 Pavich, Janet, 174. 187 Paxton. Paul, 184, 187, 274. 281 Payton. William. 145 Pearce, David, 134 Pecid, Bogden, 276 Pecko. Jerry. 249 Pels. Simon. 177 Penotte, William. 229 Peresta, Patricia. 188 Peroli. James. 287 Perry. Rita, 135 Person, Calvin. 144. 146 Peteya, Daniel. 121 Petraitis. Bobbi. 246 Petrarca, Judith. 129. 135 Petrarca, William, 121, 174. 191, 196. 197, 232 Petruccio. James. 177, 232 Petty. Judy, 174. 181 Pfeiffer. Linda. 133 Pfenning. Anthony. 146 Pflaum. John. 177 Pheasant, Merle. 121, 232 Phelps. Charles. 154 Phelps, David, 121 Phelps, J., 142. 145 Phillips. Merideth, 231 Piacenti, Vince. 261 Picou. Jay, 175, 261 Pines. Fred, 240 Pinto. John. 276 Platis. Gus, 223, 240 Policy. Norma, 239 Pohtes, Nikki, 181. 188. 196. 254 Polyak. Gregory. 261 Ponder. Frederick, 284 Porcella, Bradley, 147 Porcella, M., 147 Port, Steve. 240 Posjena, John, 135 Pott. R., 144 Potts. Terrence, 279 Powell, Diana, 121 Prack. Alice, 255 Prekop, Joseph, 146 Prexta. Michael, 146 Price. William, 135, 237 Price. Douglas. 284 Price, Steve, 279 Probsdorfer, Andi, 259 Prothroe. Patricia, 135 Prough, George, 225 Prueter. Michael. 245 Prystula. William. 146, 168. 176. 237 Psihos, Pam, 255 Puissegur. Alma, 227 Pulos, Thomas, 261 Putt, Robert, 153 Pyett, Robert, 281 Pyun, Chikoo, 135 Queen, Caria, 121 Quieroga, Joseph. 240. 276 Quigley, Margret, 135 302 Quirk. Sharon. 187, 227 Quinn, Lawrence. 146 Quinn, Sheila. 119 Rabuck. Helen. 181 Race. Connie. 226 Rainey. Judy, 174. 178, 246 Rakich. Carl, 287 Ralph, Donna, 176 Rardin, George, 265 Ratanavaraha, P.. 142 Reder, Fran. 119 Redner, Kaye. 144 Redovian. Karen, 122 Reed. Fran, 135. 259 Reeder. Darrell. 146 Reeves. R., 223 Reguierro, Timothy. 279 Reidy, Mary Helen, 231 Reingold, Richard, 135 Renzi, Jackie. 239 Repp, Timothy, 245 Riccardi. Peggy. 226 Rich, Daniel. 122 Rich. R.. 143 Richards, Candi. 181 Richards, David, 135 Richards. Linda. 255 Rickert, Martha, 135 Ricketts. Martha. 135 Riegler, Edward. 174, 191, 196. 197, 249 Riggs, David. 249, 276 Rigney, Suellen, 122 Rink, Dorothy. 135 Rinnegar. G.. 223 Rizopulos. Maria, 122 Roberts, Chip. 177. 249 Roberts. Dick, 232 Roberts, Karen. 259 Robertson, Doug, 249 Robertson. James, 122 Robins, Kay, 259 Robinson, Jack, 144. 261 Robishaw. George, 122 Rogers, John. 121, 135 Rogers, Victor, 122. 176 Rohlac, Dolores, 257 Rohner, D., 223 Romito. Art, 229 Roop, G., 176 Rootes. Richard, 155 Roots, D., 154 Rose, Jeff, 240 Rosen, Cindy, 239 Rosenblum, Dale, 240 Ross, Donald. 146 Ross, Vicki, 223 Rossi. Gary, 232 Rothermel. Jerry, 275 Roundy. Sue. 227 Rowe, John, 237 Rowles. Mary. 223 Royer, Maureen, 119, 239 Rozsa, Eileen, 119 Rozuk, Bob, 249 Ruble, Barney, 237 Ruble, Jay, 184 Rudgers, Jim, 229 Rudin, Barry, 146 Rulnick. Paul. 261 Rummer, J.. 223 Rupani. Frank, 176. 252 Ruppez, Harry. 229 Rush, Leon. 257 Rusnak. Wayne, 237 Russell. Janet. 135 Rutan. Bob. 232 Ryan, Judith, 135 Ryan, Terrence, 146 St. Clair, Sherry. 122 Salhany, Sue, 254 Salzer, Nancy, 135, 184 Samoguge. M., 177 Sample, Susan, 239 Samuels, Steve, 240 Sandberg, James, 144 Sands. Bonnie, 255 Sandy, Jean, 239 Saraceno, Manny, 279 Sarich, Nancy, 263 Savick, Judy, 187 Sawyer, Robert, 240 Sawyer, Thomas, 237 Scaccio, John, 232 Scala, Jeannette. 231 Scardamalia, Theodore, 253 Scarpitti, Aurthor, 135 Schaeffer, Ronald, 240 Scheatzle, Charles, 152, 155 Schenz. Mary Ellen. 119, 259 Schenz. Thomas, 277 Scherer, Robert, 265 Schied, Sharon, 231 Schlegel. Paul, 174 Schlitt, Howie, 252 Schmitt. Frederick, 144 Schmitz, Richard. 261 Schneider, Marilyn, 255 Schnur, John. 177 Schock. Chris, 281 Schoeglen. T., 176 Schoenaar, Skip, 249 Schray, Douglas, 144 Schroeder, Melissa, 231 Schuett, Frederick, 135 Schultz. Ed. 253 Schum, Claudia, 185 Schuster, Frederick, 279 Schwall, Jeffry, 184, 187, 237 Schwartz, Martin, 146 Schwartz, Robert, 227 Schwartz, Steve, 122 Scofido, Nancy. 187 Scott, Carol, 122, 255 Scott, Mary. 259 Scott, Paul, 120 Scott. Robert, 249 Shai. Barbara. 239 Shockey, John. 237 Sealy. Adrienne, 135 Sear. Joseph, 146 Sears, Sandy, 227 Seeley, Chuck, 232 Seidel, Jane, 250 Seigfried. James, 177 Seller, Louis, 178. 184, 187, 191, 196, 197. 225. 287 Seiwert, Nora, 246 Selby, Patricia, 135 Semenec, Michael, 187. 252 Serets. Barbara, 277 Seymore, Gale, 277 Shannon, Carolyn, 119 Shannon, Mary, 263 Shadley, Jerry, 246 Shaffer, Ronald, 154, 155 Shaffer, Theodore. 122 Shapiro, Howie, 240 Sharp, Sara, 255 Shea, John, 287 Shell, Carol, 254 Shipman, Don, 240 Shirk. Larry, 168. 177 Shocky. John, 177 Shoenfelt, David, 191, 197, 199 Shreffler, Ronald, 265 Shroyer, Barbara, 135 Shuff, John, 122 Shumaker, Melodee, 119, 263 Sibbio, Barbara, 246 Siegferth, Betsy, 246 Siegl, Robert, 232 Sillcocks, Hank, 225 Silverstein. Marlene, 250 Simmons, Pat, 231 Simmons, William, 135 Simon, James, 225 Simonetti, Diane, 122, 174, 191. 196 Sirisantana. P., 142 Sirocca. Barbara, 250 Skala, James, 277 Skinner, Joseph, 223 Skromme, Janis, 231 Slater, Robert, 240 Sloan, Jerry, 279 Slee, Pama, 254 Sloat, William, 168 Smith, Alvin, 122 Smith, C, 185 Smith, Linda, 119 Smith, Judy, 171, 259 Smith, Kevin, 176, 223 Smith. Robert, 279 Smith, Sharon, 259 Smole, Lynda, 231 Smoot, Richard, 245 Snider, Terrence, 249 Snoble, Roger, 175, 184, 249 Snyder, Lucile, 136 Snyder, Marsha, 255 Snyder, Michael, 153 Snyder, Thomas. 146 Sobleski, Edward, 279 Sollberger, Diana, 136 Solomon, Irene, 181, 250 Solomon, Stephen, 122 Sombaty, Donna, 181 Somer, Sue, 250 Sooy. Richard, 87 Sopko, Thomas, 252 Sordian, Renee, 259 Spagnuola, Sandra, 246 Sparhawk, Robert. 136 Speaks, Thomas, 146 Spidare, Michael, 177 Spies, Jane, 259 Spohn. Sarah. 174 Spring. Frederick, 281 Springfield, Samuel. 279 Squier. Sue, 259 Stafford. Georgia, 136 Stafford, James, 146 Stambaugh, Steve, 279 Stanec, Dennis, 277 Stanich, Ronald. 281 Stapleton, Jerry, 274 Starn, Richard, 232 Stashkiew, Walt, 122 Stein, Edward, 229 Stecz. Thomas, 174, 184, 249 Steed, Patricia, 259 Steen, Debbie, 239 Steidl. Charles, 229 Steidl, Larry, 245 Steiner, Johann, 155 Steinmetz, Edward, 279 Stephany. Wayne. 170, 287 Stephens. Burke, 229 Stephens. Dennison, 144, 147 Stephenson, John, 122 Stephenson, Martha, 119, 246 Stephenson, Mary, 246 Sterling, William, 184 Stern. Pam. 250 Stevens, Bonnie, 255 Stewart, David, 155 Stewart, J., 129 Stillwell, Edward, 261 Stine, Homer, 176, 261 Stitz, Mary, 231 Stockert, William, 122 Stout. Larry, 281 Strazdins, Astrida, 122, 169, 191. 196, 199. 226 Streid, Becky, 254 Strezoff, Carolyn, 136, 187, 255 Stroup, David, 281 Stroupe, Ilona, 136 Stull. Bruce, 155 Stull, Charles, 144, 147, 261 Sturkey, Florence, 184 Sturm, Frederick, 122 Styles, Karen, 136 Suchada. P.. 142 Sullivan, Dennis, 261 Sullivan, Richard, 223, 232 Summerville, Karen, 122 Susong, Mary, 136 Sutton, Mary, 122 Svetlik, Mary Ann, 136, 191 Swartout, Kevin, 253 Swartz, Bonnie, 231, 250 Swedler, Sue, 181, 250 Swenson, John, 123 Swinson, Edward. 232 Talbert, Jan, 231 Tankersley, Nancy, 254 Tatti, Linda, 231 Taub, Robert, 136 Taubold, R., 223 Taylor, Joy, 254 Taylor, Julie, 136, 253 Taylor, Larry, 225 Tayman, Joyce. 231 Teran, Al, 225, 284 Terril, Linda, 226 Terzis, Anthony, 123 Thalmann, Jeff, 175, 252 Thomas, Jean, 174, 191, 196. 226 Thomas, Richard, 274 Thompson, Bill, 249 Thompson, David, 237 Thompson, Frank. 279 Thompson, Joy, 255 Thompson, Sheryl. 259 Thompson, Steve. 249 Thompson. William, 147 Thomson, Dennis. 147 Thomson, Douglas, 147 Thornburg, Bob, 249 Tillet, John, 261 Tillotson, Steve, 279 Timberlake, Jolene, 136 Tokar, Ron, 136 Tolotti. Jay, 253 Toney, Michael, 136 Toonkel, Mark, 249 Toth, Arlene, 123 Tretto, Diane, 246 Traub, Pat, 174, 188, 191. 196, 227 Travis, Frank, 261 Travis, John, 284 Trifonoff. Karen, 133, 134 Turbak, John, 155 Turchin, Terry, 281 303 Turja. Harold, 155 Turman, Doug, 279 Turner. Bill. 279 Turner. Joseph, 225 Turner. Rich. 279. 284 Tyson. Ron. 274 u ' hl. Margaret. 122 Uhlir. Edward, 252 Uhryk. Gloria. 123 Ulichney. Sue, 119, 227 Umansky. Stanley, 240 Undercoffer. Jill, 172. 259 Undercoffer. July, 123, 259 Ungerman, Larry, 123, 210 Vadnay, Andy, 276 Vallosio, John, 245 Vance, Guy. 175, 257 Vanderljn. Karen. 259 Van Doros. Pricilla, 119, 181. 263 Vangeloff. Cynthia. 181, 259 Van Meter. Deborah. 239 Van Nostrum. Georgeanna. 133 Van Pelt. Sue. 255 Van Voorhis, Steve. 253 Varelle. Cheryl. 239 Vargo, Rita, 254 Varian, Donald. 174, 184, 191, 196. 197, 237 Varian, Pam, 226 Vaughan. Carol, 123 Vence. Steve, 252 Verboom. Charles, 223, 248 Vereshack. Cheryl, 187, 231 Vereshack. Linda. 134 Vesalo. John. 261 Vezzani, Dennis, 249 Victor, M. Louise, 136 Victim, Laryy, 191. 287 Vogt, James. 144, 261 Vorderman, Rebecca, 255 Voss. William, 177 Vuduris. James. 249 Vulkelich, Michalene, 259 Wagner. Richard, 136 Wahl, Elaine, 243 Welder. Meg. 181, 259 Walker, Junior. 257 Walker, Russell, 123. 184, 196. 197, 198 Wallace. Caribeth. 136 Wallace. Charles. 177, 270 Wallace. Ronald, 245 Waller, John, 265 Walner. Donald. 237 Walsh, Peter. 225 Walsh, Sue. 259 Walter, David. 225. 274 Walters. Daniel, 123 Warnack. Beverly. 227 Washer. Hugh. 177 Washington. Dreajean. 136 Waters, Robert, 237, 287 Watkins. Karen. 136 Waxman. Harriet, 133. 134 Webb. Donald, 136 Webb, William, 257 Weber. Charles. 174, 232 Weber. Raymond, 152. 155 Weinglass. Norman, 240 Weisberg, Michael, 168 Weiss. Judy. 250 Weiss, Linda, 136 Weissberg. Arlene, 250 Weisser, Richard. 240 Weizenberg, A.. 223 Welch. P., 176 Welling, James. 275 Welsh. Sally, 181 Wentink. Linda, 227 Werner. Phyllis, 181. 243 Westbeld, R.. 223 Wetherbef, George, 136 Wetsthtein. Paul. 237 White, Use, 136 White. Patricia. 227 Whitehurst. Carol. 133 Wilbirt, David. 281 Wilke. Rosemary, 246 Wilkinson. William. 147, 261 Willey, John. 121. 123 Williams. Deborah. 223 Williams. Donald. 211. 277, 284 Williams. Gary, 121. 184, 191, 196, 197. 261 Williams, Richard. 225 Williams, Steve. 175 Williamson, Joel. 225 Wilson, Robert. 253 Wilson. Margaret, 231 Wilson. Theodore. 147 Wilson, Theresa. 134. 143. 246 Winchell, Bruce. 121, 170 Wise. Joyce, 187. 239 Witmer. Sherma. 239 Witt. Ronald. 184, 261 Witwer. James. 136 Wolf. Jean. 227 Wolfe, Patricia, 123 Wolff. Geneva. 136 Woodring. Alberta, 136 Woods, Jack. 252 Wright, Steve, 240, 286 Wright. Vicki, 136 Wulf, Russell, 249 Wurgler. Jon. 225 Wyant. Charlotte. 243 Wyatt. Terry. 229 Yankovich. Robert, 153, 155 Yanko, Robert, 283 Yarcheck. Larry, 252 Yarth. R.. 177 Yasenka. Richard, 281 Yee, Jocelyn, 136, 187, 210. 231 Young, James, 261 Young, Roger. 245 Youngdahl. David, 229 Youngkin, Donna. 136 Yovich, John, 276 Zalob. Michael. 123. 240 Zaucha. B.. 143 Zeleznik. Thomas, 261 Zellefrow. Thomas, 143, 147 Zemla. Greg. 237. 281 Zemla. Rosemary, 227 Ziemba , George, 229 Zimmerman, Daniel. 240 Zimmerman, Gail, 120 Zimmerman. Helen. 136 Zimmerman. Virginia. 243 Zucker. Lawrence, 240 Zumpano. Linda, 129. 246 Zuravel. Stanley, 153, 155 Zwisler, Don. 274, 284 Zwisler, Joseph, 229 304 ' ifVOB 1D SIF¥

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University of Akron - Tel Buch Yearbook (Akron, OH) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


University of Akron - Tel Buch Yearbook (Akron, OH) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


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