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1960 TEL-BUCH l planning 99.9. 1 n in V v B xv' Y..- .4 gd , pc v fqr, ,Z 5 -1 - 1 1 1 1 - 1 I i su n 3 3 i Xl is 'V-fl l going I 'Lf X? A 7 : 7 ' 'D ,xii A .in ldivi' i 194 ik T A f . 1' fig .5 1' " i f' 'Q I l In , 5 ? ' . i ,I 2 I fl 1 I U 1' p I . :J-.Yxi l 6 g' ' 1 I1 1 G J , l 5 J f T ' " 'if 'I .Q 42.45. 4 . ' 05 In-Ah-Iii:-lnAlQh K I A KI' X L JL n-in-AD llluhhlhblns 1.---. .1if1::-- J. -- N, ' ' I fan 7 ""' ,:::: za 1 'S e TABLE OF CONTENTS introduction Calendar Administration and Faculty Organizations Honoraries Fine Arts Activities Greeks ROTC Sports .. Seniors 4 I6 33 459 69 83 101 A 129 179 185 209 playing 'n 1.- .Z of if? -'ET' working .ff .1-R' 3 -'f' 3 .,'l.- ? 1 1 - :S '- ' ' -1 - . ,iz U' Ii ' -4 -ki .ff f X ' - - " rf 41 iff 0 . I 5 -- k ,F X? 4.-E O'-T Awmir V - Y vb Q rv 'ii -Q - ff, 1 1 1 Q . vs 1 g ,Q fn.: 'I V 5 . X F , X x.,x..-v -..-X... .4-Q Gettlng to school always a problem for a commuter college. PW w' we-lv 1 , . Drive and there is the parking fee to be paid. Walk and there are books to carry plus bad weather. 1 Q ga.. l .1-ig A- 31x i 555 ij? JY 'Z-vfd 'fb 1 'vv 'Wi 'Eli' ' . , iff ,N If Ja, f. Sl dsl The busses never coll! . . . or just go. Hlkhhlklng, wall . . Blkcs, anyone? 3.514 till' Q-r f x-XLL L, vx.x-.4m.L. ..x.. L LJJ f, -1,.N.,k- V.. .,Jd.-.V u... '--k.,uL..Lg.'.,.L vw-av-sp 5 1 ... L.. II f .wi 1.- 12-w:Zifi5m1Ssf5z'33'5?T.1'f 5' if 3 Q 'AQ Q X . . .M .X-. .4-.-ww-..W....w.--.Q.f...4. ...A .fy I 'W 'Q ,,.......4..- 6 n 9 -l A 'Q T5 45 w-Y' 1 E ., . -Q. ld' 5,5 ' ,,,,, ' .1 'i in 5'-. 4' I 'I i , f--.. N I 5 o0l"h- LQ M G Q5 Qi: may Hives wi? MES C Ml-11, .N Q, L. '.'v'JLvuv -e'v'e:'3'c nwe sees owe feb ov' evemn 'wo cmfcefsiouiwlfify. cds! Mike Fcvcmfoysiwiwgy or JFC5'L'lkfL7JQ7 mewm eximrcm sgoeavdiimg mwmuey pw 'm i11s9, 5Am:dUw4gf po1pen's,. Eilbmlry mud SLUQYQM' Cemer jobs may c1i'x-vwys be QJOUJL'D7f'C5C17 mm Y " c Af a pile of papers to show for hours of work. - 1 Br. .-. 9 a cigarette, a cup of coffee and sleepless 15 15 nights . . . telephone calls, meetings, committee reports, last-minute details and, then, a change in plans. 12 13 zo 5' gu 31 .. , . .. .., . .vf-2 ,..,,.. fn.-v:::r7..:nr.4 ..a.,x.r.7 A., - A - 1 1 Qi 1-N miwis e J-Q 44 if aa. . 'qv--' 'V J L.. A -if mv wx? .A 1 l . l I-lL'1 l L1 " ' ' 1 'I ""Y' 't 5x ww sf ,Vw W u 'U M T- i kffmfw ', Zyl L " 'Q ', '- n, X -111.- --seq... I5 me IL'E?C6SSOJIF'y rellcuxcmucam for ef s11A'QrfQsL'e-ANS Q -1 f'w'vr."r'5"x HH 2F1Nw'P "ti ' n"""g 'Y IP' I 1 H' u... ....k.u..L4:,Q,.. Q.u1t,..2. LJQJU kL.L,JlJuULfL,7l...1b fU1GVUS , ,iz -,flU,v,,,1,L'T1,3r4.,' U, Q.n..',fa, mdu .. 'Y -, -.Uv-.., .WL H--, - IZ , ' 'Z W Xgzmfeuuuug me Ummm LCD VUGLQ-My ann' .JI 3:3 3 . ra X gf. 'XL-L.fJlJlI...L.Ul:j:if Jim wx.-uu,wu. Y 1 V2 anfy-. ,',n'. f 'Y' 4 - 1 -I 15 w 'lf C3 FZ: -. -IV' v 1' .Liv ive, fu., College life means adjustment... , , 1 Y 3s I: LE 5 : Q 2 C0 GD bn 'Z GD 'Z 'Z CU of TBSS St CD .Z 4-9 3 4-0 H08 ta accep social of pace 'c as : as .ac .2 :z Z' CJ -Z 4-I 3 4-J l ffm f'f""' 4 , in , E V 1, 4 In vff Q N to a mature faculty relationship 20 lilo f,' " 17.171 "" ' H2 'V ,H Nr. V Q. JH' C J " ' ,ew rv' V I' at .xx W...-f s L, 'Q ff F S K 'XXI Q .avr -vii' to the necessity of between-meal snacks 4. ff' P x ff 5 Z5- 1 1 x -vs 5 .Q K7 fl, r , it 'bf X, V, 1. ,.-A , "ff Q.: .'f'TQ-5 1 ' M . 'Q ' 4? 5,54-1 "arf ' ' 'X . . I "- 1 . ' 4' . 'uf -1.5 ,,: :i ..,., x , .11-7. .- xr 3 pf -yy -.W ,. ,l . Xf!-K I' K A .. 13 '-'n,., 'L' . j iii 'eff H wars- .H 3 - 2 ,,:,.., 4. YFW 1- g-,gg ,- NX .112 f. -,.,,,,.-- fY,7.M' . L-. 2' ! , 'V v 4 K 3 Eig-Im! iff gg Q. in 'L 'R -...Q ' " ,'J:.,AJ 'f f' vu .,f- 4 ' 2.1 QV wi' 1 -.. 5 LA T M , 5' Ez , s xxl 1 . .. 1 E -Tiff lk " 6 1 if , , ll 5 V' ' a bb sl 4, '-.-.' amd- ' ,,,,,- 31 .Q I 2 A ,' ff- ' l. 'rf lr, .. F, i' ' . . anti- vs. p-., vi D f 5 ' 1' 4'- x ls- F .- 'L ..- ln' ji.. -41' ' - Q ..Q- 5 JY K- k 'Q 'wk J- X...:,- . - , x., l. to the crisp hush of winter pf 0 V I ' 1,47 -' . Q , 5 f" 0 N . Q 1 -f xx' f :J 3 . 5 bf, x ' ' ' -'L .M s ffl! -"ip 9 Ink iw! tl: af 4 uufdl i to more demanding academic requirements X? Dil 1 9 2 X 1 . ...f Urg- te a genuine lasting interest in others 'E jr 0-vu! I 'QQ X u ny! f 1 X an N X JV X mf ' 6 'L 3 , Q5 gy! . ,MQWM X 5 x S if is 3 gr J, 1 xk' W A r it r I Buff' " R 2' ,A 'w s x iii Lx sf 9 Ag 5 . x wifi. Y 1 Q , -r 'i V. i.q.?g , . W A DQ-1.-, -if .' ,I Xl, p Q.. 5434? , .4-. A . X YF , X , -- 'wx Qfiefdf 1.5-, Nw ilifiqfef f .J 3 .X ,M ' Qvffhezy L: ' au seg rw w gli , - af 1 . Q W-3 V. X, 'iwf-ex-ff" f. Q I f f 'N 10" 'nun Vs Po-. AN wg 40 6 1 . 11" j. -UQ! I sf 25 41 5 t 'QTQ , . . 3 4 vf 'gi-41.2 .W T 19557 gf 2.-fr MP' x , 5.0 K vu, X. s. -. X wx .ww X ...X 1 , wfv 'x' 1' aw ., xyghx 3" wi' . , , K. , '-.. X f .f,.:'v 3 mXYl1g,5H' f 11, 3 me f 3, M 5533 1: Qi ,WA wx, vi? - X VA, 5' ' X, yy. V . Ikg' Nina! t S M.-'fri ' x SQA. ,lv R, . X- AK' X Q 4 wk x -qi? ' A-div, , :PQ SM. it aff rw, , . 1,415 xx., , ' ' . y. ' "'W'1A?irv.f ww mx, ,M-Wu.-,.f-,... ... N h is www9,vvwf4x31+QseiQwK5wf4sQ.,sww-fm eww x Q- - W' ' " ""?'V'WEya,9'f.41,v .,,,f,w,.0'1arw'- " Q ,wwlx f' 4 9- 5 ,,,fv.a4..r"P' ,M vw" ' .wnrfft Y fs 1 s. i. 5 ., ,, JW' ,-, f ew x Hx . ' 'kr 2 've , X f 'A ,V ' Q W3 X Q, ', N? H, ' by .M 1: " NPSA 'f Njguv-:L "' """R4,g, ' f E, -. 1-.:: tin if 'VN 'H Y xv Rrbk S, WM: I 0 -'N-.... ll -. ' "" r 1 V1 Wm! xv, M N smkq as SQUKLQ Q1 ae, 'v-r .-I r I 9 rf '1 0- 'IQ vm Q 1' .F "' ' az , , 0 ' ' W il"'i -I 4 7 1 , .v-ma"""' If Q Q 1 to temporary release and relaxation .v 'F S Q S. . 8 4 . i 'rv ' API" ' 5 5. Y. ar, . - v ... , Q . 4 5-Q .' :Q J" Y ,, -. ., ,.,,vw.!:f -1 4 , U' . Q .' S , u . .0 x--J 1 t ' 3 0 Q ' .' 00 1 '1 L v ' 0.1 tw, :-, ' ,.'T i " B l ' I .Q ' iv ' m If ' , W. ' g 4 F' 5 " v - -:' l's .4 Q ff- ' ., A, . ,, -. 'A , ' f u .,-,s v' Q. - 4 ' 8 9 ' ' ' ,J 13-J 5 , - ' ug X , . .5 ' Q ,' ' In . ' 0 . 5 I 1 .. ,A 9.1. A rg fktg, 4,9 l , - 3- 44 it 6- VY -A fl A ' .5 0 ..v, - 5 v , I J, .,' ' . f - ' '. I X- : as .1 .. , IH.. . o . I Q . ,Iva O P . .' N "Q 'F ,g 'cu' ' ai ' - C.. ax ' It lg 1... L 7 ' Y . K sff5g:',aQi.g' he ,. ' bb ,ljzpnlvv J . A l is , " i4il'4"'.., 5 P - J-4 ng" ' 'L Q, Q N1 as au' R'-.V x A 'Say an N - gf? 11 gixgqrg A N X . H+ . - Q 41-Q . . I 1. .. 1315 .A ,s4 vu 1 ' ' d Ao Q-,Ar ' ., ff . 21 V Q , V " "' .-,. ax ,5 ,nh , . -4 .. w--5954 .+r.,' .fn A, uw- . '...,..:- ' V - -W ' Ak-S A ' 5 , xiii' 'W ' ' 31 S , I '2pgj,..g. 'd'if.eiES x ,kiwi 'X ,f . u.s."'x'.' . Ja X .K Ax - .Amr A -Qygovv . , .. 'haf ,il-z V Nl s Q' I 'ff-'wx' Q QE'-06 ' ' x -"J ' 5 ' 'M ' ,,, , 'Q C ' 7' .1 -1455 I O .Wm 4: fe- 1 i 1 v -as ' ' ' ,, " ug ' ,V . , x- . z - -. -B-.n..,+,, X R . . . I , , N, ,, 1 V xA , ' Af Q' al I 931 fi ' Ik .. ' . ' .., V - as - ' T . . r--MP fs. , ir . - U -, '- -a ' h , ,k . " mv , my N, . ' 2, ,, .,...g-5' . -- ' - ,, , .ww N ill: X " 'v W wil-'m .!'?'H"V " ' 'I 'X ' ' Y- . if Q 1 w,,:1,g,:,,4 ,E ' - I Q. . J I .Apphg .NIJ ' Y RQEXA Y ., ,.. ,ffl "5"""'- . if " - miw3""2-if:a3?fbs A4 'if' " 4 .X ' T . -'Sa ' f 'Qin'-"QV A x. fqsr. , --Wg u...X' f gi? X3 l N . ff 'I' ,. HQ R X - if , 33' ,a-by. l I "L-L.,q. '.- ngx . b ' ?aq. . . .. , E.. n I-L' . " v ,"-- f. '-", g . - ' ' - , . 1, .. ', . Qc - .ls " f -- - A, ' , fb :vx-. 0 ' - -. -Q - - , - - - -.T '.'-re".--fN 'V'7-17 Q . . ' ' is ' - .'Q's 'nn X 1 - ' '- -' ""' - ' '- - -- ' if ."...,."- '-1 T.-fp '-. 'SL-'t1,:3IQ., , 4 . lik' - P - I' . . -533 35 NS -., K 'M' - 4, :Q 1- ,',,...5.'- ":,Qf-- 'kT,'Q,jQ5' ,Q "' , 1: " .' '-,' .Y . N.. ,j.iv--"--1,-- ,pgs , ,.e5.74. ,:ffNi', tae-:y-Q - : - L-- ,,, Q., -5- s .-4,1 ..-,4, 1.-,.-M f-Baz.. , e.etm.,.....,.a.'izlfhc1s . "No one in the academic world is more favorably regarded as an educator and intellectual leader, as a warm-hearted man of outstanding ability and fine per- sonality, than your distinguished President, Dr. Norman P. Auburn." So spoke Irving S. Olds, former Chairman of the Board of the United States Steel Corporation and Chair- man of the Council for Financial Aid to Education, at the University's annual Founders Day Program. Dr. Olds is particularly well qualified to make this analysis of the man who has guided the University to the thresh- old of its Golden Age, having worked closely with him during the period when Dr. Auburn held the post of Acting CFAE President concurrently with the presi- dency of Akron U. The words are well deserved, for through his dynamic and untiring leadership this institution has risen meteor- ically to a place of academic eminence in the realm of higher education. Physical development on the campus has kept pace with the stress of increased academic offerings and strain of skyrocketing enrollments. With all the rapid change one thing has remained constant-Dr. Auburnls estab- lished goal, "to strive for excellence in all we dofl As the University enters its pre- centennial decade the hand at the helm is steady and the caliber of the leadership is more than equal to the demands which will be placed upon it in attaining this goal. 34 KJV, f I. . ,n ,K 3 I , 4-V... L.- M 'iwglfg i 5 ww.. . """""Niu-nw-.. 1, ' ' --.... W f Hr- g' A , H v Wm f ,290 , I up fy-'W' l 'IIN Yi? NxxA,Y,97 , A'A' - 'Y .1 y '- iff' Q J' WV QV 5' ' A Xa u WK! I sr.-.1 Donfred H. Gardner Vice Presidefzr. and Dean of A rinzizzfslratiorz Y s , V f 'uv -NK -,pax-4 .,,,gyAv.,, wg, V . ,- ,ww 1 QR" U! F Administration Cecll A. Rogers University Treasm er Gordon A. Hagerman Registrar an 'VS 't 'Y Q-v-v-5 i L' 4 4 E , Dsfvx "N-nv 1nos.....,, Richard L. Hansford A. Lincoln Fisch Robert C. BerrY Direcfor of .Siudenr Personnel As'si.s'!ant Director of Student Advisor Of Men Personnel 36 l 5 E 5 l 4 k George W. Ball Director of University Relations Mrs. Phyllis Paul Advisor of Women Carl L. Hall Bursar L. L. Smith Director of the Institute for Civic Education and Head of Department of Special Programs ,J ve-"W gary, sd Stuart Terrass Assistant Advisor of Men 37 Leslie P. Hardy Financial Vice President ii 0-1411" Kenneth Cochrane Athletic Director anti Hemi' of P7:j-'5i- cal Education Tv-Y' lfln. , k . Dorothy Hamlen Ulysses S. Vance Kathryn Kimble Librarian UNiV3"Sify Edffw' Director of Student Center Q8 Charles Blair Earl Devoe Direclor of University News Bureau Supl, of Buildings-Grounds Donald Bowles Alex Banyar Purchasing Agent Bookstore Manager - is K-i E ss 1 . i !SmfAAl. Standing-L. Ferbstein, L. P. Hardy, L. S. Buckmaster, Dr. N. P. Auburn, C. J. Jahant, J. W. Keener, J. Thomas Seated-H. P. Schrank, H. J. Albrecht, Mrs. W. A. Hoyt, E. J. Thomas. BOARD UF DIRECTORS HURL J. ALBRECHT Chairman, Fred W. Albrecht Grocery Company Chairman of the University Board of Directors LEE FERBSTEIN Attorney-at-law J. WARD KEENER President, B. F. Goodrich Company HARRY P. SCHRANK Executive Vice President Seiberling Rubber Company Vice Chairman of the AU Board of Directors MRS. WALTER A. HOYT Community Service and Social Welfare L. S. BUCKMASTER President, United Rubber Workers International CHARLES J. JAHANT Vice President, General Tire and Rubber Company JOSEPH THOMAS Vice President, Secretary and General Counsel. Firestone Tire and Rubber Company E. J. THOMAS Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company Vice Chairman of the AU Board of Directors 39 1 '-A , ,ff ,144 ,ff l .ff f , .f 1 Row I-W. Lehrman, S. Krause, M. Schoenberg, J. Hull, H. Vyverberg, F Phipps, L. Sweet, M. Dashiell, F. Bueche, H. Smith, J. Pulleyn, E. Toppin, E Paul. Row 2-R. Putman, B. Hittle, H. Thackaberry, P. Hardenstein, M. Le- fevre, E. Davis, I. Bear, J. Mally, D. Laubacher, C. Rogler, L. Ross, S. New- man, M. Freilich, H. Allen, E. Grunberg, R. Black, J. McLain, D. Keister Row 3-M. Pulleyn, D. Hockey, U. Vance, H. Stephens, B. Weiner, R. Sher- man, H. Smith, R. Sandefur. Back Row-J. MacDonald, Dean E. Cherrington D. Varian, T. Sumner, J. Dunlap, W. Feldman, P. Twining, H. Maher, H. Hanson, J. Harwood, C. Duffy, E. Thackeray, O. Fouts, R. Davis, M. Mauch, D. Riede, D. Internoscia, R. Thackaberry, T. Duke, W. Stevens, H. Robertson, R. Ittner, E. Roberts. College of Liberal Arts Dean Ernest H. Cherrington, Jr. 40 M ,fl 4 3 ltd f ' 'Q " ,.gi,,..4e . f ' ' , . hmmm! ' 'Univ-tual-g.,.., ' Q Y I-'Qu-Lf,--......,,.. , - 1,1 9 ' , 'X ai ' , 51-UL, .34g,f- xl Mini Row I-A. Chatterjee, R. Bowers, G. Manos, M. Kult, W. Petry. Row 2- W. Glazier, D. Anderson, Dean R. Landon, D. Keller, P. Huss. Row 3-A. Richards, K. Sibila, E. Hamlen, M. Bezbatchenko, J. Shearer, J. Edminister. College of Engineering Dean R. D. Landon 41 eq. 41'- 1 i 1 I l I l I Q NM? 3.3 Wffnwq 2. :H .. ' tu it :E-Isgim: , ,S . ,fm ei Nw, ? Row I-Dean C. T. McNerney. Row 2-W. Ruman, G. Noakes, M. Riedinger, . E. Tovey. Row 3-A. Johnson, G. Sanders, H. Becker, J. Watt, T. Evans. Row 4- A. Laterza, H. Evans, K. Cochrane, A. Maluke, H. Distad. Row 5-E. Jones, J. Lengyel. College of Education fl 54' 4 Q-x.1h4A ' lj ,UM K ' 'Y X1 - f 1: . -1 Dean Chester T. McNerney Q .iii fix. TWH' .esp Ka- 5 Row I-Dean D. J. Guzzetta. Row 2-J. Hull, D. Keister, T. Sumner, C. Rogler, Nl. Riedinger, R. Sandefur. Row 3-E. Tabler, A. Harmata, L. Smith, F. Phipps, A. fvlaluke. General College Dean Dominic J. Guzzetta 44 fb, . . . .','gn'nY" '79- ivnx " Q7 5' 51 yf 2 1 I L 1 i fftifanv 1 If if JQR Left to Right-Row I-D. Milo, Mr. Berry, R. Christy, R. Thayer. I. Daughtery, K. Gray, R. Howell, A. Stalnaker, M Mannion, J. Markov, N. Yancura, M. Hoover, B. Jones, J Bock. F. Shepherd, B. Moore, I. Papp, R. Fuller, J. Herr, J Cochrane, T. Attalla. Student Council l :L Advisor Robert Berry President Denny Morton OFFICERS President ............. Denny Morton Vice President . . . . .Carroll O'Hara Secretary ..... . . .Beverly Jones Marshal . . ...... Chaker Fidel Advisor . . . .... Mr. Robert Berry Almost every activity on this campus is held through the efforts of Student Coun- cil. Committees headed by Council members provide such events as Casbah, Home- coming, May Day, Student Council Elections, and pep rallies. Council is not limited to being a social organization, however. Over the past year, President Morton di- rected his group along earnest lines to better student government, always encour- aging them to gain new means for student representation and to take on added responsibility. 47 lf: fs:- 59 xr" Outstanding Greek Man This year, Ron Carr was selected as the Outstanding Greek Man for The Uni- versity of Akron. Ron has served as secretary of Inter- fraternity Council and for his fraternity, Phi Kappa Tau. He has also been social chairman for that group and on many committees campuswise. IFC The oiiicers of Interfraternity Council for 1959-60 were: President, Bill Bachmang Vice President, Bob Ammon, Secretary, Ron Carr. Row 1-Byron Sturm, Jim Avery, Bob Ammon, Bill Bachman, Rick Fuller, Advisor Richard Hansford, Bill Anderson. Row 2-Jerry Glinsek, George Seyfarth, Roger Moss, Dan Salden, Mike Hendler, Bob Lesowitz, Mike Dennis, Barry Adelman. Row 3-Larry Ritzman, Bob Mitchell, Joel Johnson, Bob Melling, Jim Williams, John Carosella, Bob Leatherman. -li ' 7 r--- -W --- -...., 1.-.-.. - ..g ' 3 ng.,- Pan-Hel The oilicers for the 1959-60 Pan-Hellenic Council were: President, Judy Miller, Vice Pres- ident, Mary Lou Rickert, Secretary, Judy Coch raneg Treasurer, Janice Stewart. Seated clockwise around the table are: Mor- ayne Burkhardt, Shirley Grant, Janice Stewart, Joyce Doney, Dedee Ceglar, Judy Sparhawk, Midge Mannion, Shirley Lewis, Yvonne Cade Mary Lou Rickert, Becky Sandridge, Joyce Pa- lick, Elaine Hoover, and Judy Cochrane. . 49 t ft .l 5 3 l hs fn 1' Q' M Q Outstanding Greek Woman Judy Miller was chosen Outstanding Greek Woman for 1959 from represent- atives of each sorority. The selection was announced at the Pan-Hel-IFC Spring Formal. Among her many activities. Judy was President of Theta Upsilon and Pan-Hel- lenic Council. 1... Row 1-C. Palermo. D. Smedly, P. Zaveson, Dr. Keller, T. Cumbridge, T. Attalla. Row 2-E. Brown, B. Glick. M. Lyle. N. SirLouis, T. Bresslauer. Row 3-B. Burkhart, M. Lambert, E. Franks, K. McChesney, H. Zaynor. Row 4-R. Richardson, B. Keifer, C. Cohill, M. Franks, R. Prehoda. Row 5-J. Wahl, P. Sauber, S. Subick. D. Hoskinson. Row 6-J. Mackie, B. Smurthwaite, N. Pastis, S. Frinkley, B. Woodring, B. Kemp. --lltlu:I-'- I.S.A. OFFICERS President ...... .......... . . . Ted Attalla Vice President . . . . . Carli Palermo Secretary ...... . . . Pat Zaveson -K Treasurer . . . . . Dennis Smedley 1-5+ ,am .. Ifillfll H 10111505 Student Center This year, under the direction of Mrs. Kathryn Kimble and the Student Building manager Ron Willis, the Student Center became just what the name implies. The Chestnut and Buckeye Rooms were constantly being reserved for meetings, luncheons, and dinners. Besides all the planned meetings, the center is used to grab a bite to eat, relax, and talk. The lounge was converted to a library while the Education library is being com- pleted. So, one more activity, studying, was added to the building. Standing in front-Ron Willis, Student Center Manager. Seated at desk-Shirley Grant. In Back-Jirn Kormanik. Denny Mahi- gan. ' I Z' , ,, Tel Buch Alice Stalnaker-Co-editor 'TER 4'-1105 4-r""" . ML., , ., .-., .ww .4:wfm.,45s.m' rx ffl? Row 1-Karl Myers, Alice Grinnell, Joe Dimali, Rosemary Christy, Jack Stringer. Row 2-June Onest, Ruby Mullins, Judy Sparhawk, Marcy Mar- cincosky, Sue Sanderson, Ken Mac- Donald. Row 3-Sheila Swigert, Karl Traul, Don Traul. Row 4-Julie Willen- bacher, Sue Brandon, John Stull. s... -FQ 1 Jack Stringer-Business Manager It is hoped by this year's editors that the Tel- Buch clearly depicts Akron University's particu- lar brand of college life. Words often fail when one attempts to point out the differences in atti- tudes, daily routine, and atmosphere at the Hill- top. Pictures, however, capture that which is left unsaid. You will find a minimum of copy and a maximum of photographs for that reason. We realize that one such publication cannot meet with everyone's opinion of what should or should not be included in a yearbook, or how the book should be organized, or even whether we have truly captured "Akron University." We ex- pect, therefore, your criticism but hope your ap- proval will outweigh the former. -uw 'U' 4 ' If , Qi ' H., r ,, : Q 5 v 1 x A ! - L Helen Herr-Copy Denny Mehigan-ROTC '5 'S' X I Judy Shelestovich-Greeks Karl Myers-Art -rw- x Ken MacDonald- Sports 'Gil Nr" C7 1 if is x K in 5 Martha Horner-Calendar ii Joe DeMali-Greeks Yeralee Nlihaly-Admin. 'Afx , . f' , .. ,.f' Q -9 ' .- X54 TOM OST-Editor-in-chief Zinny Sans-News Editor 'VC x iv '41 Nr' Q...--v 5 x r The Akron Buchrelire, the Hi1ltop's student newspaper, underwent quite a few changes this year. It switched from a semi-weekly tabloid to a larger paper appearing only once a week. The traditional hectic rush remained a part of the job, however. Special events this year were the traditional April Fool and Engineer editions and a special issue for Student Council Week. The staff also made its annual trips to state and national journalism meetings. Editing the paper for 1959-60 was Tom Ost. Manag- ing editor for the Fall semester was Helen Sutton, with Debbie Bittaker taking over in the Spring. Ron Alle- gree was business manager. Other top positions were held by Zinny Sans, news editor, Ken Brewster and Ken McDonald, sports editors, Mary Lefevre, copy editor, and Fredericka Hagerty, secretary. Ken McDonald and Ken Brewster-Sports Editors "'v 1 1 Row I-Hannah Stout, Donna Lappert, Pat Angelo, Fredrika Hagerty, Veralea Mihaly, Debbie Bittaker, Tom Ost, Ron Allegree Row 2-John Wahl, Floyd Shepherd, Sara Shaar, Ken Brewster, Ray Dean, Don O'Shea, Zinny Sans, Mary Lefevre. Helen Sutton and Debbie Bittaker-Managing Editors Ron Allegree-Business Manager 7,1 f ft X--F xi Q Ya -f if-3 puff . Xl 'gf f- I Row I-N. Reynolds, N. Magilavy, J. Ausmus. Row 2-S. Shaar, H. Stout. Row 3-S. Aseaf, J. Best, C. Prettyman. Row 4-I. Sparhawk, Mrs. Kimble, L. Brown, P. Dawson. WOMEN'S LEAGUE Womenis League Council is a group of women elected from each sorority and independent and nursing groups. The pur- L pose of this group is to promote general 14-1 interest in the social life of all the women students. The Council sponsored Kafffee- klatches, teas, a Women's Day and the Senior Womenis Breakfast. 131 3 Outstanding Senior uman Maryann Biscsi was chosen from nine candidates to be Senior Woman of the year. She was a member of the Biology Honorary, the Education Honorary, and the Liberal Arts Honorary. She was also a member of New- man Club, Pierian Vice President, and a representative on Student Council for two years. The activities Maryann is proudest of are being treasurer of Theta Phi Alpha and having served as President of Women's League. She has also won an A-Key and Who's Who award. 56 l Judy Ausmus, President of Women's League Y, .WY . Row I-C. Gregg, K. McGuckin, C. Angeletti, K. Thompson, J. Miller, M. Damicone, E. Volpe, A. Davis. Row 2-C Brokish, C. Krutky, Mr. Paul, C. Miller, R. Barber, Father Sullivan, M. Craig, J. Scheatzle, K. Herdman, M. Gill, P Reiling. Row 3-M. Besisi, unknown, M. Conrad, M. Marcinkoski, N. Rossi, P. Karam, C. Gauder, S. Korosa, H. Bailey, T Liptak, A. Kolb, P. Reiling, C. Michalic, J. Becker, G. Kyle, A. Curran. Row 4-P. Behrle, J. May. Row 5-M. Janovic. S Marks, B. Farr, J. Ryan, G. Redmann, R. Stott, P. McGuire, E. Duffy, C. Darmofall, J. Cavanaugh, R. Easterday. P. Gal lagher, W. Arvin, J. Hadley, R. Gmerck. NEWMAN CLUB OFFICERS President ................... . . . Ray Barber Ist Vice President .... . . , Margie Craig 2nd Vice President ..... . . . Jack Sheatzle Corresponding Secretary . . . . . . Carol Miller Recording Secretary .... , . Kay Herdman Treasurer .......... .....,....... M ike Gill Chaplain . . . , . . Father Thomas Sullivan 57 -F1 ACCOUNTING CLUB Row I-Miss Slusher, B. J. Woodall, E. Lutes G. Lutz, J. Rhodes, J. Cavanaugh, T. Jones ter, L. Maglione, A. Lieberman, W. Shriver. Row 3-B. Mitchell, D. Milo, Mr. Gordon OFFICERS: Pres., Bob Mitchell, V. Pres., Bill Skullion. SECRETARIAL SCIENCE CLUB Row I-J. Sunderland, P. Cochrane, J. Putman, M. Mannion. Row 2-H. Suarez, B. Holland, M. Fechter, J. Lautenschlagar, C. Miller, M. Corry, J. Williams. Row 3-L. Claborn, A. Wag- staff, C. Witner, J. Parker, D. Musleve, B. Pender, M. Sedlak, L. Wetzel. OFFICERS: Pres., M. Mannion, V. Pres., P. Cochrane, Sec., J. Sunderland, Treas., J. Putman. PHYSICS CLUB Row 1-H. Hamerick, D. Miller, J. Sankey, D. O'Shea, C. Prettyman, J. McGlothlin. Row 2-Mr. A. Cook, D. Hoskinson, Dr. I-I. Hanson, J Whitemyer, J. Barton, Dr. E. Thack- eray, Mr. O. Fouts, L. Emery. Row 2-Unidentified, W. Skullion, P. Leimeis- ART CLUB Row I-B. Moss, M. Lutes, P. Hoskinson. Dr. Lmily Davis. Row 2-B. Montgomery, L. Shira, Mr. Weiner. Rm. 3-B. Parms, L. Mate. Row 4-CL. Clemens, B. Ammon. Advisor, Dr. Emily Davis. POLITICAL SCIENCE CLUB Row I-G. Tsarnas, Dr. Roy V. Sherman. Row 2-J. Hunton, B. K. Swank, B. J. Purdy. Un identified, J. Farrell, J. Robinson, D. Walker. Row 3-A. Rafalko, J. Lee, B. Davenport, C Mikel, V. Porter. OFFICERS: Pres., G. Tsarnasg V. Pres., J. Lee, Sec-Treas., P. DeAngeles Advisor, Dr. Roy V. Sherman. -.srlv A - S.N.E.A. Raw I-E. Knight. A. Gorman. S. Hartz. A. Banton, R. Zaleski, D. Hoskinson. Row 2-M. Pittman. A. Kaufmann. M. Sedlak. D. Cannova, D. Froelich, D. Salem. Row 3-B. Bradley, B. Pappas. C. Stump. K. Sassaman, C. Prettyman. J. Root, F. Jones, J. Robison. Row 4-L. Gilbert. C. Gauder. R. Mullins. J. Davis. D. Saylor, N. SirLouis, C. Mikel, Judy Miller, M. Davis. Row 5-J. Shively. J. Germano, M. Tom, S. Brandon, M. McQuigg, L. Claborn, P. Dawson. E. Rice. S. Goss. B. Moore. OFFICERS: Pres., A. Bantong V. Pres., N. Boss, Sec. R. Zaleski: Treas.. J. Walker. 5 Row I-S. Hartz, P. Pavelchak, C. Krutky, J. Glomb, Dr. Becker, M. Joseph. Row 2-A Kaufman, R. Zaleski, A. Hadden, M. Pittman, M. Flavin, J. Koehler, E. Scheatzle, B. Motz M. McQuigg, R. Mullins. Row 3-P. Kurtz, C. Woodford, F. Slocum, D. Jenkin. OFFICERS Pres., C. Krutkyg V. Pres., B. Rupp, Rec. Sec., P. Pavelchakg Treas., S. Hartz. A.C.E. ... . .. -nn.. . -. .,...1....i-in-n-1nu..1-imluillnnu 3' 4- BIOLUGY CLUB Row I-T. Pilarczyk, J. Arnold, B. Kemp, C. Martin. Row 2-E. Mathias, S. Frinkley, M. Leafgren, C. Bostell, S. Brandon. H. Mallo. Row 3-D. Hallusco, P. Sisamis, D. Traul, J. Biss. R. Dean, T. Norse. OFFICERS: Pres., TZ Pilarczykg Sec., J. Arnold, Treas., C. Martin. Row I-G. Curtis, A. Caiola, B. Pence, J. Willenbacher. R. Howell. Row 2-Dr. Twining Dr. Maher, K. Stevens, I. Caiola, P. Pavelchak. D. Goldinger. J. Root. K. Kilbourne. Row 3 -Dr. Taylor, Dr. Waggoner, J. Dalton, B. Jones. S. Brandon. P. Heffernan. OFFICERS Pres., B. Penceg V. Pres., G. Curtis, Sec., J. Willenbacherg Treas.. A. Caiola. 61 w- Tl T CAMPUS FELLOWSHIP Row 1-B. Justus. J. Simpson, Rev. Wait, C McLaughlin. Row 2-A. Esber, M. Weber, M Pulling. B. Zimmerman. R. Sacy, T. McLaugh- lin. Row 3-N. Pastis, D. Robertson, C. Flynn T. Greene. OFFICERS: Pres., J. Simpson, V Pres.. C. McLaughlin, Sec., B. Justus. EASTERN ORTHOOOX FELLOWSHIP Row I-T. Fundoukos, B. Pappas, P. Herval, R. Zem- lansky, H. Mallo, C. Haddad, G. Tsarnas. Row 2-J. Onest, J. Kattouf, M. Karaiskos, E. Vuduris, M. Vuduris, P. Pavelchak, S. Christa, J. Mallo, R. Sacy. Row 3-D. Milo, J. Carosella, C. Mihaly, R. Kostoff. OFFICERS: Pres., H. Mallo, V. Pres., P. Hervalg Sec., R. Zemlanskyg Treas., S. Strazoff. ,aa R, '1-1 kt T7 UNIVERSITY CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP Row I-C. Ford, S. Goss, B. Moore, B. Parms. Row 2- J. Hilton, D. Hamlen, M. Parms, Y. Greene, N. Puffen blorger, C. Boichard, Rev. Denson, R. Robertson, E. Car son. OFFICERS: Pres., S. Goss, V. Pres., B. Parms, Sec. C. Ford, Treas., C. Brown. SOCIETY FDR ADVANCEMENT Row I-Mr. Becker, G. Brandon, B. Auld, M McKenzie, M. Groves, Sealed-B. Rice, E. Martell. Row 2-Dr. Sharkey, G. Seyfarth, G Curtis, J. Cassidy, J. Parry, B. Adams, D Cranmer, J . Roch, B. Donnatelli, J. Johnson, J. Brown. S-J -ff f-3 -- Wa. MARKETING CLUB Row I-P. Mervis, G. Seyfarth. S. McKinnon. J. Lutes, H. Stein, D. Lombardi. Row 2-J. Salzman, B. Brown. D. Cranmer. B. Gill. Ni. Jacobs. Row 3-T. McLaughlin. C. Snowden. B. Bachman, J. Eberhardt, J. Tyler. OFFI- CERS: Pres., J. Lutes: V. Pres.. G. Seyfarth: Sec., D. Metz, Treas.. D. Gercke. 11 V11 i ki LOSER'S CLUB Row I-A. Stalnaker, J. Willenbacher, S. Brandon. Row 2-S. Swigert, J. Cochrane. R. Howell. Missing from piczure-K. Kilbourne. Rotating pres- idency according to monthly losses. 'E SPANISH CLUB Row I-H. Mallo, I. Geisler, P. Zaveson, J. Hoffman, D. Lappert. Row 2 A D1Jac1mo D Bracy, A. Gotshall, M. Cochran, S. Wiseman, S. Subich, Dr. Internoscia, B. Swartz OFFICERS Pres., J. Geisler, V. Pres., P. Zavesong Sec.-Treas., H. Mallo. 191 , R4 Wm' P e his Wy, PHILOSOPHY CLUB Row I-M. Smith, J. Haley. Row 2-F. Buch- tel, N. Cardarelli, D. Walker. OFFICERS: Pres., Foster Buchtelg Advisor, Dr. L. Lalleur. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Row 1-J. Sunderland, A. Pratt, B. Farr, L. Firick. Row 2-A. Dejacimo, J. Germano, L. Abood, L. Roser, E. Brennon, D. Conovo. Row 3-P. Seaman, P. Hamlin, P. Kee, J. Kohnz, M. Fechter, N. Bradbary, S. Anderson, B. Deaver, A. Kolb, J. Bailey. OFFICERS: Pres., L. Firickg V. Pres., A. Prattg Sec., B. Farr, Treas., J. Sunderland. 'vi '-v tt' Y.W.C.A. Row I-J. Sparhawk, S. Schneider, D. Ceglar, S. Shaar. Row 2-J. Baily, C. Woodford, M. McQuigg, M. Tom Row 3-J. Williams, A. Peterson, N. Reynolds, N. Hilde brandt. K. Kilbourne. Row 4-M. Karaiskos, R. Christy, B. Broadhurst. L. Abood. Row 5-J. Putman, H. Mallo J. Messina. L. Wetzel, S. Banyar. OFFICERS: Pres., A Ceglar: Sec.. S. Shaarg Treas., S. Schneider. A.l.E.E.-I.R.E. Row I-T. Sweitzer, T. Fundoukos, D. Mikes, P. Lengi R. Noulif, C. Varvaro, D. Poole. Row 2-Mr. Kult, T Petryszak, E. Kmentt, R. Jones, C. Popovich, R. Ferrell J. Bagwell, W. Flowers. Row 3-R. Davis, D. Wiper, I Thackeray, T. Holdren, J. Markov, J. Goda, R. Johnson OFFICERS: Pres., E. Kmentt, V. Pres, T. Fundoukos Sec., D. Poole, Treas., T. Holdren, Advisor, Mr. Kult Xl: L fi 'J' ' Q AMERICAN SOCIETY CF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS Row I-T. Burkett, D. Walker, T. Brittain, E. Dominic, P. Dolensky. Row 2-D. Woodard, E Long, R. Hearld, B. Heuple, D. Price, R. Griffen, K. Cordier. Row 3--D. Hesa, W. Dominic R. Lucht, R. Sawyer, J. Marshall. AMERICAN SOCIETY UF CIVIL ENGINEERS Row I-L. Spencer, W. Conley, G. MacAdams, R. Manson, J. Koogler, A. Richards. Row 2- J. Spagnuolo, W. Young, J. Brueggeman, N. Hopson, W. Fielding. J. Marlon. R. Eisenman Row 3-F. Newhall, G. Bosu, D. Kelly, P. Favalon, C. Shaver. R. Hendrick. Jr"1fl'KlI I ll. l The Student Bar Association is a new addition to the clubs on campus. Its mem- bers are students in the University's new College of Law. Student Bar Association HF? ' ll" 'f'Y Fid, lzfafivffff. P' 40 .-sp. 0? AKQO X ep-NI F1 lj, ' f "fn LUN x -J x Q.. fi-"HQ W2 5 -.. 1" 2 3',6AQ11G 5 4 'i NX of Viva: DLC g4'L .pry Q..-1 fx!- I f if ...,,Mm", ', A. 4 1. A UMICRON DELTA KAPPA Franz Schubert Bill Butke OFFICERS President ........... .......... .... F r anz Schubert Vice President ....... ....... B ill Butke Secretary-Treasurer .... ..... F rank Kelly Advisor .......... ...... ..... . . .Dr. Sumner Each year Theta Circle of Omicron Delta Kappa prides itself in summoning into membership outstanding men of the campus. This men's national honorary was established at The University of Akron in 1920. It restricts its membership to the highest type college men. Those selected are outstanding in leadership, scholarship, and extra- curricular activities. Faculty members are also initiated and per- mitted to wear the coveted ODK Key. Marvin Shapiro Ron Willis Denny Morton Tom Sweitzer QT' Cinda Culver Jane D'Ambruoso Rochelle Hartz we--gs Claudia McLaughlin Suzanne Shirhal R055 fvlarl, Christ PIERIAN Since its founding in 1923 outstanding senior women have been honored by initiation into Pierian. This year the women were tapped in the spring of their junior year. The prominent traditional white blazers mark these women of high scholarship standing, service, able leadership, and charming personality. Margaret Huryn Lois Ling Mary ADH Bisesi Janice Stewart Judy Ausmus Robert Coburn Judy Cochrane Don Demke 4 S45 1 81 "' 'jfs' Helen Mallo V? A-KEY The awarding of the coveted A-Keys to Akron University students for campus activities is a high point of the fall and spring. Student Council makes all the rules governing the awards. In order to be eligible to receive the award, the applicant must have amassed a cer- tain number of points. Men must have 30 points and women students need 25 points. Points are awarded for outstanding leadership in cam- pus activities and for outstanding scholastic achievements. These are the recipients of the A-Keys for 1960. Also receiving A-Keys were Janice Stewart, Bill Bachman, Marge Huryan, Ron Allegree, and Cris Crum. A ji 1 v K r 0, .a..,,.Y Franz Schubert George Seyfarth Suzanne Shirhal Judy Sparhawk 72 Ga -.5 Q -L T ,, I V In "' In 0 'N Q , N y,. ' , qghx.. h George Dillon Rochelle Hartz Helen Herr Rita Howell 'V' X, X x. Midge Mannion Veralee Mihaly Dan Salden Sheila Swigert Jack Weiss XX E' X s fiflnii Q v Sharon Whitlock Jim Williams Seated-Shelly Hartz, Claudia McLaughlin, Lois Ling, Rose- Mary Christy, Sheila Swigert. Standing-Carli Palermo, Judy Miller, Midge Mannion, Shirley Grant. Pictured on this page are the campus leaders who have been elected to Who's Who in American Colleges and Universi- ties. The candidates for this great honor are selected on the basis of leadership and scholarship. Qualifying campus leaders have the distinction of being listed in the national publication. Also qualifying but not pictured are: Jim Semester, Ed Bender, Sue Shirhal, Climon Lee, and Jane D'Ambruoso. ho's ho in American Colleges and Universities Front row-Tom Ost, Don Demke. Back row- Rita Howell, Alice Stalnaker, Mary Ann Bisesi, George Seyfarth, Bob Pense. 74 'YT Nourse, J. Cochrane, D. Ceglar, T. Miller, P. ski, M. Illitch, I. Bruenig, B. Farr, E. James, Post. OFFICERS: Pres., S. Bambakidasg V. Advisor, Mrs. Helen Thackaberry. ALPHA CHI SIGMA llnw I--J. Olzmcman, I. Hozxcr. R. fohurn Row 2'---K. Blower, K. lulwzirda, R. SCFILLCYLLVIZQ J. Gibson. Row 3 -I.. Lukieh, I. Colcrnan. D Shine, P. falls. Nu! l'rcfsrfn1.' R. Rowell, G. fn'-A cns, B. Vikya, 'l. IJickaf,on, 1. Ward 'I. Hal! W. Mcck, R. Volkc. OH'IC.l-.RS: Prez.. R Ko burng V. Pres., I. Colcmang Sec., I. filazcman Trczis., J. Gibson, Advisor. Dr. 'Ihorn:.v, Sum ner. ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA Row I-A. Rosenblithe, G. Bock, C. Williams, S. Bambakidis, Z. Sans. Row 2-M. Lyle. J. Perkins. Not Present-J. Geisler. M. Marcinko- S. Schneider, A. Davis, A. Turner, M. Sedlak. J. Pres., G. Bock, Sec., Z. Sans, Treas., J. Geisler: may Q5 NIMH 6 Nu F' K5 Q? '11 I xi 3 Pf 2 ? 'Q Y. I. gi 1? .. 3 2 if L: I KAPPA DELTA PI Row I-M. Bisesi, S. Hartz, J. Stewart, L. Firich. Row 2-Dr. H. Evans, J. Dalton, E. Stauffer, A. Banton, Dr. Becker. Row 3-C Dillon, J. Cochrane, G. Ferguson, D. Prentice, Dr. Gabe Sanders. Not Present: R. Zaleski, L. Ling, C. Crum. OFFICERS: Pres., S. Hartz, V. Pres., R. Zaleski, Sec., L. Ling, Treas., Mr. Crisp, Advisor, Dr. Mabel Riedinger. BETA DELTA PSI Row I-J. Lutes, A. Lieberman, W. Scullian Not Present: M. Lampers, E. Baich, J. Daily B. Woodall. OFFICERS: Pres., A. Lieberman V. Pres., J. Lutes, Sec., B. Woodallg Treas., J Daily, Advisor, Dr. Warren Leigh. QQ Row 1-N.Cardarell1 W Nolan C Crum R Clauss C McLaughlin S Swigert L Nolt Row 2-C. Blair, Dr David Relde Mr Allen R Barber V Gillespie B Donatell1 J Wil liams, P. Waickman, J Tucker D Louthan Dr George Knepper OFFICERS Pres Claudia McLaughlin, Advisor Dr George Knepper PHI ETA SIGMA Row 1-D. Horner, R. Hunt R. Coburn, J. Whitemyer, J Kopp. Row 2-J. Lebeau, G Podolny, R. Carr, F. Smith, D Salden, E. Davis. Not Present A. Caiola, R. Cuschleg, E Dalton, N. Eisenhart, B Fought, J. Holder, D. Hoskin- son, R. Johnson, W. Kruppa D. Morton, F. Schubert, R Stinalf, G. Waller, D. Weber A. Zeigler. OFFICERS: Pres. A. Caiolag V. Pres., R. Carr Treas., F. Smith, Advisor, Mr A. M. Richards. Li' PHI SIGMA ALPHA Ron 1 M Bisesl I DAmbruoso C McLaughlin Row J-E. Gregory, S. Epstein, J. Clark, S Smaert M Weber Ron 3 R Coburn J Tucker G Dillon, Dr. Robert Thackaberry. PHI SIGMA SOCIETY Row I-M. Bisesi, S. Brandon. Row 2-D Traul, T. Kaufman, T. Pilarczyk. Not Present W. Kemp, S. Epstein, J. Schrank, J. Bennett E, Brown, N. Pastis, R. Curley, D. Demkee OFFICERS: Pres., T. Pilarczykg V. Pres., D Traulg Sec., M. Bisesi, Sec., S. Brandon, Advi- sor, Dr. Roger Keller. PI OMEGA Pl Row 1-G. Seyfarth, D. Salden, C. Abbott, J. Williams. Row 2-G. Ferguson, M. Miller, P Perkins, S. Falardeau. Not Present-V. Mihaley, M. Huryn, Dr. Sandefur, Dr. Dunlap, T Bangura. OFFICERS: Pres., D. Saldeng V. Pres., V. Mihaleyg Sec.-Treas., S. Falardeaug Cor- res. Sec., G. Seyfarthg Advisor, Mr. F. Alusow. A f f A .i 'l rs 5 A 4 MM. '- . Q V ' Q I F S PI KAPPA DELTA H. Zaynor, J. Stewart. Advisor, Mrs. Audra Tucker. ,,..-f Row I-L. Kilbourne, J. Dalton. Row 2-R Howell. F. Hagerty. No! Present: A. Caiola, Nl. Smith. R. Steinkirchner. Advisor, Dr. Ed- win E. Wagner. PI SIGMA ALPHA Row I-G. Tsarnas, R. Carr, J. Williams. Not Present: L. Ferrell, I. Frierson. OFFICERS: Pres., R. Carr, V. Pres., L. Ferrell, Sec., G. Tsarnasg Advisor, Dr. Roy V. Sherman. X I if .13 A K ' , F' 1 ' . 1 I 'ix , Q Q 1 ' fl i Y I ' 1 In I' , . V .1 ' V V i . A i 1 ' , l Row I-T. Brittain, F. Schubert, T. Sweitzer E. Kmentt, D. Mikes. Row 2-W. Songer, R Knouff, B. Heupel, R. Jones, I. Goda, C. Var- varo, J. Feldman. Row 3-R. Davis, T. Miner, J. Markov, W. Dominik, T. Kirstein, R. Lucht, R. Thayer, E. Hopson. Row 4-D. Weber, T Holdren, R. Johnson, G. MacAdam, I. Upat- nieks, B. Fought, D. Means, J. Pounds, H Wolfe. Not Present: T. Neff, J. Koogler, R. Reitz. OFFICERS: Pres., T. Sweitzerg V. Pres., E. Kmenttg Sec., F. Schubert, Treas., D. Mikes' 9 Advisor, Mr. E. K. Hamlen. SIGMA THETA TAU Row I-M. Mannion, C. Walsh. Row 2-D. Musleve, Mr. Doutt. Advisor, Mr. Howard Doutt. s s l h' l Y Y? X Q A - A A A K i TAU KAPPA PHI 3 visors, Miss Laubacher and Miss Bear. - I -x STUDENT BAR ASSOCIATION The Student Bar Association is the latest addition to the list of student organ- izations at the university. It is connected with another new addition to the campus, the College of Law. A11 members are graduate students in the study of law. ' E ff --.......... T Row I-A. Kolb, A. Ferro. Row 2-L. Firick, S. Sanderson, A. Pratt. OFFICERS: Pres., Dauna Youngg Sec.-Treas., Annette Kolbg Ad- 4 1 .QQ . .--r .4-...-f '- 44:41. - 4 "lv ,- tu, 'EF vffuffafkg B.U,CJHT EL. Q05 . 'J ."fn Q.. 'I I' I -1 1-Q. -A L- ' "Eid N1 N' ' e'-:v.Y: . ,Q ..,x. ., X 4 U4 f x 1 Q - , 1,2 ,z . -Q Y. -Y 2. 1 'H , AM., . UM gf , Q ' H S X Q. '11 '- -'zf 'P ,XA ' ff ' ggfiiw ' "4 N-' ' f new .W iw? ,Z K A , f 1 35: ff? 59? L aw :xg-x 4-6, .7 4 Y, Y X. fi 3 1 Q gig 335: H . 5 wxygflkiliy Y .' A V1 - .ff ilfijffq 1 , ' ', 'L 44 bf 2 gig Q A' . "au W . o M, .Q R , 5 ,, B , '38 'S L! 4. 'A' LEGE ff: 'PW-P A . f x 3: 2 5 E 2 X a. W S-1 si Af' mt M - .-ggxfg,Qgggm,b , Q. - 1? Town and Gown Harrison Salisbury Harrison Salisbury, New York Times Moscow correspondent for five years, is one of the best informed reporters on the Soviet Union. As a correspondent he has traveled in Soviet Central Asia and through the Eastern European satellite nations. A Pulitzer Prize was awarded him for his remarkable series on the conditions inside Russia. His talk was a very interest- ing review of his travels which brought more understanding of Russia and the Far East. Madame Pandit, world celebrated speaker, was featured in the December program of the Town and Gown series. Her interesting and educational speech Was, "India's International Obligationf' Madame Pandit, sister of India's Prime Minister, has dedicated her life to service to her country in her capacity as Ambassa- dor to the United States and to Russia, and as leader of her delegation to the United Nations, and as President of the Eighth Session of U.N. General Assembly. Madame Pandit was warmly welcomed by university students as Well as by the gen- eral public. Madame Pandit I - '.u ......'x.1.' ..1.- : .- Sanur. .L-f-'-.-.-- g.4-- -f---' -2- ---1-.L.r---H Y ' E4- .--- - ..' fi- Y - Y ' "" ' '1 'l11 Marais and Miranda Marais and Miranda took the audience of the April Town and Gown program on 'SA Grand Tour of Folk Music? The lively couple presented a tour of the world via excellent playing of folk songs and superb showmanship. 85 Opening the 1959-1960 Town and Gown series were the talented personalities Meredith and Rini Willson featuring "Mirth and Music." Both are nationally ac- claimed in their own right. Mere- dith as a composer and musical- comedy writer and Rini as a gift- ed concert singer. Their interest- ing presentation of a "musicalec- ture" consisted of genial humor and good music. Especially enter- taining were the excerpts from "Music Man." Meredith's cur- rent Broadway success. "A Panorama of Jazz," an in- teresting review of jazz develop- ment. was presented by Randy Weston and his quartet. Music from various periods of jazz was played by the four. Highlighting the program were several original compositions by Mr. Weston. MEREDITH and RINI WILLSUN RANDY WESTON nina-,.-s.i, gm .uh .aiilldvkif LMA-li'!Ait.-ilillli-I ' ,A -4. , .fx xx' Row I-J. Root, G. Dillon, V. Mihaly, Dr. Dunlap, J. Spayne, Mr. Varian. S. Falardeau. Row 2-D. O'Shea, J. Cozzens, D. Salden, J. McMullen, J. Sumner, P. Krause. Row 3-A. Stalnaker, R. Howell, D. Townsend, T. Lyttle, J. Root, J. Ausmus. Row 4-R. Allegree. J. Hutton, M. Dillon, P. Morton, D. Oberdoerster, D. Weiss, Z. Sans, F. Hagerty. UNIVERSITY THEATRE .V X P mga.-,gr "XX if ,J arzisk N I 1 - n A - f L. 87 University Theatre membership means a great deal more than just taking curtain calls. Caring for costumes, painting scen- ery, setting up the Green Room. and mak- ing out the program are just a few of the many backstage jobs handled by the mem- bers. 'iv I . ". f r GSR x ,, 5,,, ,f . gl f vf' , 1 -" r fx, 9' 2 . The University Theatre's guest star. Mr. Philip Huston, is a veteran of ouer 30 Broadway plays and numerous television programs. Mr. Huston has appeared in such notable New York Productions as "Twelfth Nightf, with Helen Hayes and "Macbeth,,' with Maurice Evans. His most recent Broadway role was Lazar in "Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?" I asks you, Gouvner" Jlal 3 Jil. faiif Lnder the directorship of Dr. James F, Dunlap. the second University Thea- tre Production. "The Madwoman of Chaillotf' ti comedy. was a smash hit. Joan Sumner. the "Madwoman," led Yerolea Nlihaly. Frederica Hagerty and Jay ne Spaync. three other "madwomen," through circles with her mazurka dance and other shenanigans. Ron Allegree led the bankers to their doom. followed by prospectors, report- ers, and four women of ill-reputeg all keeping the audience laughing. Madwoman of Chaillot l Only when the opening night curtain is raised, can everyone realize how much time and energy is spent in producing a University Play. The audience is rewarded with a "good showj' and the actors and actresses, with a gratifying round of applause as the final curtain falls on another excellent production. 'i. '..' I. mu.vuuiL4aLnfm'''nl'1ll ww U K -ati'- -' S . 1" T" -, . " --lllhwmwv-cj-ll 'W-ifw -. 5 ,-as 'K j . , "f..,,,q-..Q E B wk -sf- 6- 4- 14 , . f ' Q u if 'iv XY 13'-q '52 9 an ,i, .. My 'bfi twigs 5, 1 A. ,gf ' ,E Q 5. '39 N x x fl 0,9 'hd X o .V ,Q 3 , 1 wc .5 'R . f . 4 I .2 1 1' -,ff lg H ' ff 1 I gf, V 'B , . iw, 1- , f L 1 4 " ' -- V , . .,. fa 9, Q E' , . 12' 4 p 1 w ,,.,."g1 f. m f I ' 3 ff ' -"' Y ku. . Mu- f , H ' 'A . , .J MALL Best Actress Best Supporting Actor Cast of "The SeaguIl" The University Theatre presented "Os- cars" of its own at the annual Speech Banquet. To Joan Sumner went the Best Actress Award for her roles in The Madwoman of Challiot and Clearing in the Woods. Miss Sumner communicated so well with her audience as to win their support in the escapades of the not-so-mad Madwoman. As the neurotic Virginia of Clearing, she displayed her versatility as an actress. John Dudich was named Best Actor. He prevented his role for Clearing in the Woods from falling to the rank of a mere playboy by adding touches of menacing worldliness and maturity. As the weak and handsome Tregorin of The Seagull, Ron Allegree portrayed a man divided against himself but suc- cumbing to greed and iiattery for Best Supporting Actor. The award of Best Supporting Actress also came from The Seagull. Jayne Spayne transformed Nina from an innocent, aspir- ing actress to a woman so embittered with the world that she takes her own life. Best Actor Best Supporting Actress f!' Art Department ,lu The University Art Department under the direction of Dr. Emily Davis, Mr. Bernard Weiner, and Mr. Malcolm Dashiell held their twenty-fourth Annual Art Exhibit as a part of the Fine Arts Festival. The Work of both University students and members of the art faculty were displayed in the Student Center, the Green Room, Firestone Conserva- tory and the TV. Studio of Kolbe Hall. Miss Rise Stevens was featured as one of the highlights of the Festival. Also on the program was a performance of Checkhov's "The Seagull" and a concert by the University orchestra and singers. li A scholarship was given by the Women's Art League to an outstanding senior woman majoring in art. The recipient was Mary Ann Bowman. The Akron-Sum- mit County Federation of Women's Clubs granted a Fine Arts Award of S50 to an outstanding art student. Marjorie Lutes was the recipient. Ill FINANCII DIRECTOR RAFFIC IRECTO if "f Radio Workshop Radio Workshop emanating from Kolbe Hall is completely student operated. Under the direc- tion ot' faculty advisor Mrs. Phyllis Hardenstein and Marvin Shapiro, program director, the sta- tion broadcasts a varied program. Classical and popular music. and educational information are presented during the weekly broadcasting time. gr!! University Orchestra Led by Dr. Henry P. Smith, the University Orchestra was heard several times throughout the year. Besides their annual concert. they performed for the Fine Arts Festival at Firestone Conservatory. Their last appearance of the school year was at Commencement. During the summer months, the Orchestra presented a series of public concerts given on the University campus. 97 -Q., .4 -no 1 .1- .Q-Q -.- 9 i- tv Q-. 3 IIT 1 . .. s'r 1 H-on. -ssc -1-. . Q-- 1-- -has ..- is sn 'I 1. " ng gl Qrv -zE"j"'a" .- I 1 Vg- I .- E 'Q cu-- .mfg t. --s ai -.1 -nn an 5 . n .fs aw! .su 'E nn hw -w..- an +: .ir .1 ki l 6 1 np-v-.-q .vu-ns. 11...-'13 fun-Menu-aug, .samsung-5 n cu-ana.-on Q!! I 1 I 1 -4.1 kia- 3 x' xii' '- - -A. ' - f if -. ,. - 1 -, A . . W.. .. s-tru.. fr ' -Q'-f'Nf'h . ..t"'-J 'A -f b.-,--GL S ...if-:pg ,-' '- qgqgr' -5 s , A . x - . -'N . .'....J:v "Neff ..,,.L.:'Tg:' ' ' has ' 4 - wg... ..- Q Jia '-4 , " - - . 2 ' 94 - ,X fa' . , x ',,Agq,,, 31. N.. "D .wx Y . M . - . ax , Q-. - ci '-""'Q,V,,, N -'1'fa-- -W ' kv- 1. ,W -lug... ' 4 " " 1:4 ' v"P - -4' 4' 'usb r 'L-'-Q If w Al ww mv an 44 wp. mv wa-vw -.. --A In-f -.qv-an M ww , Q an . aw A 'aff me 4 an -..msn -.Q Q- '-wm v 9... ww- xv -4 4. an , L- Q. crew . - wan , ,, .--.. x , l' ' 1 DON 4' VKX 'VKLQ -v wsu -nv. Q M X .tw an -W. N 'V' f-' ' A if a an F xx X ww. 4 . Y ug 3 , ' 1 . .x - W m . . an in my M ' .M aa ann, - s N-K .mv '+ - Q5 lil lr- -4-sm as ai ,Q Y -up W -n .a . we 1, nn. 4 nu. .W 'Na ann:-a anon aanx -vm 1 .nu .qy .aa-ws ww. H- 1 ,eq was :A Jun... M ,M sf v :sf ann- 4- swans 1 mvq -Q .As ' M-'fl 4 w-gg' , I szgx I University Singers Madrigals ,rf FORENSIC UNION Forensic L'nion is this university's sounding board. Subjects of debate range from the sublime to the ridic- ulous. such as a student judiciary court's worth to the validity of Santa Claus. Campus debaters and speakers have done well for themselves within the state and country over the past year. Akron was the only school to place in every event of the Regional Tournament at Marietta. Two teams of Akron students also participated in the Harvard Invita- tional Debates. Row I-D. Salden. S. Falardeau, M. Lampers. Row 2-J. Hunton. Mr. Alusow. J. Williams, G. Ferguson, D. Penland, C. Abbott. C. Nlairs. ,nn ? ... .- .- LHTM1 c-1 H: 5 :.I Miki bZ1l.2fTi2"..-HT' -is 6' '.n-2, ' I Ig 'uf f. an :J 1 if QQQQL FM'- p I0- L- f Wolf X Q kv. 1 . 'HM . .Q 'vp V. , fs ...ev ' , .na -Q 44h . . . X 'Y q-1. Activities T The first days of Fall bring new beginnings for all of us, and new meanings of words for freshmen. The three "R's', are exchanged for three "E's" during Orientation Week: Excitement, Enjoyment, and Exhaustion. Aptitude and physical ability tests get the fresh- men oif to a start, while their counselors manage to keep them busy with committing the "A" book to memory and locating classrooms. These counse- lors, after a weekend at Camp Y Noah, under the direction of Mr. Hansford and Mrs. Paul are ready to advise the new students. Orientation proves to be a week of profit for the freshmen and many years of proiit for the Uni- versity, knowing that they form a foundation for the school and better citizens for the community. -, . .f ., . --:vm . lo.. ..f.4'!'...1.,..l..+. .--J .wi-1L,.71c-.u.' ' 'wh-A .,,.---'- I-L ' 1 -fl "" l grv 'Q ,. 1 Women's Rush With Orientation, freshman girls plunge into the exciting and exasperatirig world of Rush. Few ean imagine the effort so- rority women put forth to be sure they are dined with delieaeies. entertained bl. amusing skits, and still appreciate the seri- ous and rewarding side of sorority life, After traveling through such interesting. distant places as the 'Silver Forest" and "Pink Pagodalandw where the only in- habitants are women with pins. the fresh- man girls amid squeals, tears and laughter begin their own residence in Getober with final bids in hand. Y . ek i i - i 2 Yi B sl! I .53 2 l""" Lat: x .. x'a:ew"q1v' 1 D T 35' is X 2.1 . "Rhea . - is-7' U-ttWil.!'iQ .,fg'?g'5f Prefacing AU collegians' return to school, Greek groups find that it is Acme-Zip time once again. As the "Fill the Bowl" campaign gets under way, fraternities and sororities band together to wage their own campaign-building the prize-winning iloat! On the eve of Acme-Zip they labor from dark to dawn to put the finishing touches on their entries. Each lloat represents one of the opponents that the Zips are scheduled to face during the season. N 3351 gr 1 .ia ,'+,y.,,, A . ,LA -, . . lL 1 f ffl. ', idly'-vl3Li""A i l 1-C ,U . sr. jd. F' 'pike' 'Neff Acme-Zip ln the evening, during the half-time ceremonies, en- thusiasm is high as the floats are paraded in final pro- cession around the Bowl. Speculation fills the air as to which entries win the awards. Then the moment comes when the women of Kappa Kappa Gamma and the men of Tau Kappa Epsilon receive hrst place for their outstanding float depicting the Mt. Union game. Alpha Delta Pi and Phi Kappa Tau take second while Delta Gamma and Theta Chi place third. The sixth annual Acme-Zip game is a success, too. A capacity game of over 33,000 people turn out to cheer Akronls Zips on to a 6-0 victory over Muskingum. is Us fgiivefgjw-vxsf'N . s- 1 .P-W1 1 . . - .. - -il, L1'- . b. s -'Q . ', a , N ", . A ,gigs . 'fx Y. E Q . :4.,Q,Q t X' ' , visa 33 az- v .- ' Q .1 , ' 5. gg, ,. -'-5, H . 1 'X -. 0x Roast Homecoming Weekend was initiated with the theme of "Oh, What a Beautiful Day." And so it was for the pep rally honoring the football team. AU Students, however, soon changed their theme to "And the Rains Came" as Buchtel Field was rained upon. But spirits remained high as the Chuckery was quickly converted into the scene of the Ox Roast. President Auburn, faculty, and alums donned chefs' hats and dished up the food. A talent show topped off the first evening's festivities with cheerleaders, majorettes, and students participating. A we y 5 2-nag 4 --CHI Homecoming Although bad weather prevented the Zips from playing the annual Homecoming game, there was a record-breaking crowd at the dance to see Lone Star's candidate Marlene Miller crowned by Alice Stalnaker, nominee of Theta Chi. Other court members were Mary Lou Rickert, Shirley Lewis, Carli Palermo, Arlene Becosky, Jane D'Ambru- oso, Judy Ausmus, Donnalee Kremer, and Judy Koehler. Chairmen Don Demkee and Mary Lou Rickert tried something new this year by providing contin- ual music throughout the entire dance. Billy Lang arranged music for dancing and Phil Palumbo played during intermission and the crowning cere- mony. . : . 0 3 ,...g.,7,,..,4,, - A , -QF.-...WM ' Q , . ' - "4 f. .. V L, I l L 5 1 at I ' XX'omen's League sponsored a dinner before the Thanksgiving xaeation to honor both Martha Simmons. Akron L' graduate. as .-Xkron's ambassador to Poland. and those freshman pledges dis- playing outstanding scholarship. Alpha Lambda Delta. freshman xxomen's honorary. tapped tive members as another highlight to the evening. The new initiates are Sally Schneider. Mary Illitch, Eleanor Jones. Imogene Brueing, and Barbara Farr. Women's League Banquet be s, 1,1 s f ul Military aan O 5 r I 1 1 Q f S 1' 'K QW Swirling gowns, shining brass, and raised sabres helped to make this yearis Mili- tary Ball of Nov. 21 the loveliest dance given on campus. The sponsors were pre- sented as an intermission feature. The Cadet Corps organized and sponsored the dance. 1 V'--4, Wmmd-hs. """'sw.,, uwawfh 5'-Q Q 19' ,ik x r ' x14 " IQ C7 AC '3- ix X qi T7 'i if X A X 2 rf is 'PR gl 3 'fr 4. W. I r . Student Council Week H The first Student Council Week was held in Decem- ber. The purpose of this program was to give the stu- dents a better chance to look at their own student gov- ernment. To start the Week, Student Council sponsored a Pep Rally in honor of the basketball team. During the week a display was placed in the Center which showed differ- ent activities undertaken by Council. There was also a forum on the Student Court so students could become familiar with it. Student Council was able to organize a successful carnival night. The proceeds from this carni- val went to the Campus Chest Fund. It is hoped Student Council Week will be an annual event on our campus as a step toward better student government understanding. if ff . X6 ar' ' -,,, nl Q.. v 1 J' X up f .57 . xx xx Q? rw A X r 1: "' A d r r us x ' 'K Q f r ei W l,f" 11, .- 'f ":f"I' A-Keys were awarded to Shirley Grant, George Seyfarth, Judy Miller, Don Demke, Sue Shirhal, and Ed Bender at the carnival. E Songfest As December came, the Greek world found itself anticipating the annual In- terfraternity Songfest. Ron Harrison, WAKR disc jockey, emceed the event as the musical Greeks harmoniously blended voices in their favorite songs. Squeals of delight, clapping and shouts of victory accompanied the awarding of trophies by Co-chairmen Helen Herr and John Lutes as Kappa Kappa Gamma and Theta Chi placed firstg Phi Mu and Phi Delta Theta took secondg Delta Gamma and Tau Kappa Epsilon achieved third. , V new , f r , " -. ' iv Y.yrf.?"7, -V yf'l'igg"Q it V ' W' ii'i1':,L? 4 z ' - V " 1 .ll-4 ' ' .' ,'.-www-' aff' Founders Day The annual Founders Day Convocation on December 17, 1959, commemorated the found- ing of Akron U as Buchtel College, and its re- birth as a municipal university. Dr. Alvin C. Eurich, Vice President of the Fund for the Advancement of Education, spoke on "Adventures in Ideasi' at the morning convo- Eurich. The D.Sc. degree was conferred upon Dr. Eurich, and LL.D. upon Mr. Irving S. Olds, Board Chairman of the Council for Financial Aid to Education. The traditional wreath ceremony was held in honor of John R. Buchtel, "founder', of Buchtel College, and Dr. Parke R. Kolbe, first president of The University of Akron. . -tml f',f 1 ,fd ' l 1 ' J V' 1 ,u xgx. J YN 9: l v .4 N 4. Dr. Eurich spoke again at an Educational Conference for the faculty during the afternoon. and Dr. Olds was the speaker at the Akron Asso- ciates luncheon at noon. ix v I' 'fx 5. I I YWCA Banquet The annual Y.W.C.A. banquet, held in the Faculty Dining Room of the Student Center, was a "night to remember" for many Akron U co-eds. Mrs. Norman P. Auburn related to the audience experiences of Russian women and warmed our hearts with her after-dinner talk. The outgoing ofiicers of Y.W.C.A. and Wom- en's League installed the "new regime." Judy Ausmus replaced Mary Ann Bisesi as head of Women's League and Amelia Ceglar was handed the gavel by Karen Kilbourne, President of Y.W. C.A. Other new Women's League officers are Nicki Magilavy, Veep, and Pat Melnik, Secretary. Judy Sparhawk and Sara Schaar are Vice Presi- dent and Secretary respectively of Y.W.C.A. Special faculty guests for the evening were Mrs. Helen Thackaberry and Mrs. Julia Hull. Tapping of eleven new members to A1- pha Lambda Delta was another feature of the Y.W.C.A. banquet. The women wear- ing the honorarfs pin are Dianne Ceglar, Anne Danes. Judy Green, Madeline Lyle, Irene Nourse, Patricia Perkins, Marjorie Sedlaak. Anita Rosenblity, Alice Turner, Virginia Lnkefer, and Carol Williams. Sylvia Bambakidis, president of Alpha Lambda Delta, had the honor of pinning the ribbons on the girls as a climax to the eventful banquet. ca C, :' C7 V7 Student Council Elections 5x5-'vs 5 VOTE gre kt, 0, Q L 2 T 3 1 FOR' o fi 'ff 4 2- 5HEPHERD Ci 91 ' ii 2 e o Sal' 'Y ai 84 Sfcf Pe CH 0FN,f'Qe,tf'g4w Ga .vc-I L . M V if il n ft 'Qi . 2 ' I N lfifllqnriannn ' new l I I '-I I M MQ E365 G .U 51,651 'Quit ..m. I N9f.'.cI.?-v09"s alll s . i ,idx Student Council elections and cam- paigning afford our campus an opportu- nity to break loose. Time and effort go into platforms, posters and getting votes. To anyone still unaware bell-ringing and microphones blare out the news that it is election day. Leaflets and candy are jammed into voters' hands with the words, "Vote for me." The will of the polls saw Jim Markov elected president and Midge Mannion his second in command. L11 .N AVI Il Y I Iniqii 'P 's i . + WAA Banquet The annual Women's Athletic Associa- tion banquet lauded the year's outstand- ing women athletes and provided an eve- ning of entertainment for members of sorority and independent teams. Although no "outstanding athlete" award is presented, Gail Mercer received a round of applause as she received five trophies for individual and team accom- plishments. The sorority plaque was presented to ADPi. The Phi Mu women took home a trophy for brilliant bowling. The guest speaker for the dinner was Mrs. Jane Dunlap, president of faculty wives. Her humorous, yet pertinent speech was perfect for the occasion: 6'It's a Wom- an's World." Following the speaker, Sheila Swigert, outgoing president, installed the new ofli- cers. They are: Jo Ann Embleton, Pres.g Judy Sparhawk, V. Pres. 1 i, Engineer's Day The long beards on this group of male students do not signify a beatnik trend on the campus. Itjust means Engineer's Day. Musical instruments, mass confusion, and "Landini Hall" made up the traditional event. Jim Fritsch reigned as St. Pat over the day's events. The crowning of Anna Mae Peterson was one ofthe day's high- lights. -1 Pan-Hel IFC Formal Orchids were given as a special treat at the Pan-Hel IFC Spring Formal. At intermission Judy Miller and Ron Carr were announced as the Outstanding Greek Man and Woman for 1960. Also presented were the Ten Top sorority and fraternity pledges. Intermission entertainment was provided by a quar- tet from TKE fraternity. Top Fraternity Pledges Top Sorority Pledges 118 im. Mock Political Convention Posters, pots, pans, and politics! These were the ingredients for the Mock Politi- cal Convention. Students went all out for their candidates in the smoke-filled rooms and through convention Hoof demonstra- tions. Senators Symington and Kennedy were nominated for the top spots on the ticket. 0 ...,,.., J' I qu x gg,-X G5 'vVX lfgf 4 9 W N a N 1 . I xr, f.-x is ' -We nr. N , .L . T .3--ff? ,wah- V vs. , ,U 45, W. ' I -1 Q , A "FJ if 'f '- ' v- ' i 3 yr- ', ' -5' HW. 'F J. o I : 7 554 rf ' arif - , '13-fl IA . f' - 3. .'f' 75' 9: ,f 1,0 QA! 'rs no rfi Q 2 ' if :- ,QW 5.Q.5,- l r if N' xl v f I F' .1 Q 1 2-t. 2 1 i 3 4 : 7 . 5 5 9 i ,mr ,,.. 4,,v"b 'X I 'bf' u Diffs!! sl 4 X ..,...- omen's Day Through Women's Day. Women's League otTers both the women and the campus a day ot' entertainment and actiyity. Early in the morning a Kafleklatch was held in the Hilltop Dining Room. Later in the day there were baking contests for men and women. To top off'the day there was a style show moderated by Barbara Farr. The highlight ofthe day was the presentation of the award for the senior woman who has given outstanding service to the lfniversity. This two year old plaque will have the name ot' Mary Ann Bisesi added to it. A l id 122 . May Day The traditional sounds of hammers, applause laughter, and sighs of relief came with May Day 1960 Twenty floats, represent- ing the May Day theme "Disneyland Akron UQ' bc- gan the day's proceedings with a p arade through downtown Akron led by Pres. Auburn and Queen Nancy Boss. Following the parade an All-Campus Luncheon was held on the lawn in front of the Student Center. Excit- ment filled the rest of the afternoon with the frolick- ing May Day games, crown- ing of the queen, and the naming of the Tel-Buch and Buchtelite editors. ' slgx-lf" H QV Activities were drawn to a close Saturday at the N1aL.' Dance. Co-Chairmen Marge Huryn and Ray Thayer I, presented nrst-place Hoat trophies to the ADPi's and Theta Chi's along with 26 A-Keys. i 1 i f TI -- 17 I . Z' I I E 1 I ' 4 Since 1923. senior women on the University of Akron campus have been honored by initiation into Pierian for their leadership, scholarship, serv- ice. and participation in extracurricular activities. Pierian was busy not only with social functions this year. but also with their philanthropy, the Childrens Home. They held a dinner at the Theta Phi Alpha sorority house for the boys and girls. 52 fi, -Q Kai. Pierian Activities -N" These outstanding Senior Women, in the white blazers, found themselves occupied all year long with social and service projects. Pierian took charge of the women's elections for Women's League, Y.W.C.A., and W.A.A. Their social event of the year was a very success- ful benefit card party, held in the Chuckery of the Student Center. A style show, with models from each sorority and independent group, provided the intermission entertainment. 1 . lf. if ei Tel-Buch flueen Contest The annual Tel-Buch contest was held in the Hilltop Dining Room. The judges were Bruce Wilson, Ron Harrison, and Betty Musson. Surprises, smiles, and nervousness seemed to be the features of this yearis contest. Over two hundred sorority and independent women gathered in and around the Hilltop rooms to vie for a posi- tion in the contest. When the strutting and smiling was all over, eleven finalists were kept in suspense until the announcement the night of Casbah. gp' fx 5 is Nl f SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Pres.. Dick Dav- isg Y. Pres.. Ed Bender: Sec.. Rosemary Christyg Betty 1. Woodall. SENIOR CLASS CJIVI: Lights for the patio that is to connect the University Library to the Student Center. 75 iff lf Senior Activities The Seniors ended their last year with a whirl of social activities starting with a picnic planned by Sue Shirhal and Bob Senuta. Next, they had a square dance which Tom Ost and Helen Sutton co-chairmaned. Helen Herr and George Seyfarth planned the banquet that was held at the Sheraton Mayflower. Following dinner, the Seniors had a Prom for which Jane D,Ambruoso and Don Traul were co-chairmen. Then on Sunday, they had Baccalaureate Services. Commissioning was held on Monday morning. Commencement was that evening in Memorial Hall. sins 1 4 . ,. 5 Yr, D '25 F' lil v qv , :QA N14 '-6'-' Q 1. I 1' N-f 'T rex X '- 'UU' M, 1' iw , xv- as Q - N4 'V Q. I 4 w SM , eff sf is A N-.4 My 'QQEIN , Q5 4 Row I-Bill Warren, Denny DeMascio, Nick Antonino, Bill Cunningham, George Seyfarth, Jim Semester, Jim Biss, Don Gustafson. Row 2-Gary Curtis, Dave Russell, John Lutes, Fred McDon- ald, Ray Parks, Don Demkee, Pat Vassalotti, Chuck Snowden, Bill Jennings, Lou Fabre. Row 3- Jim Kormanik, Ted Crosier, Dave Huddleson, Jim Hopper, Frank Musick, Hank Bertsch, Mike Cox, Forrest Taylor, John Papp, Bill Ashley, Doug Raynow, Ernie Wich, Gene Turchan, Tom Scheatzle, Tom Winkler, Barry Anderson, Jack Cassidy. Row 4-Joe Curry, Dave Horner, Don Hayward, Mick Judge, Roger Read, Tom McLaughlin, John Bauer, Ed Hypes, Karl Traul, Ray Ashton, Dave Townsend, Bob Zimmerman. PHI DELTA THETA OFFICERS President ..... ............... .... D o n Demkee Vice President. . . . . .George Seyfarth Secretary ..... .... D on Gustafson Treasurer ...... ...... J ack Bauer Pledge Master .... . . .Dave Russell House Manager .... . . .Nelson Eddy Advisor ......... . . .Edward Paul 130 Socially, the brothers of Phi Delta Theta also had a full year, beginning with a hayride, Christmas Open House, and a New Year's Eve formal. The social season closed with a Suppressed Desires party, She-Delta-Theta party, and a spring formal at Willowdale Country Club. In campus activities, Phi's again took leadership, with the Manager of Student Center, IFC Rush Chairman, officers of the Marketing Club, Intramural Chairman, Buchtelite Sports Editor, May Day Chairman, four A-Key Winners, six men in Who's Who, four Student Council seats, two members and President of ODK, and 1960 Tel-Buch King. Phi Delta Theta has served the community by active sup- port of Alpha Gam-Phi Delt Cerebral Palsy Party, and Com- munity Service at Camp Yawaca. Phi Delta Theta looks confidently to the future with a fine record compiled and a large, strong pledge class. The men of Ohio Epsilon, Chapter of Phi Delta Theta enjoyed a successful year in activities of every nature. Phi's in varsity sports in 1959-1960 playezl prominent roles. In football, the only Ohio Conference choice from Akron University was a Phi, plus the outstanding line- man and senior. In basketball, Bob Whaley was, for the third year, All-Ohio Conference and Little All-Ameri- can. Both co-captains of the soccer team were members of this fraternity. There are four Phi's on the football team, seven on the soccer team, four in varsity basket ball, three playing baseball, seven on the track team three on the tennis team and two cross country runners. In Intramurals, Phi's were Volleyball Champs, Frater nity Basketball Champs, and second in swimming. ,, ,..., .- -: xf-vt -N w--ia t, , .V S 'M , -r ' Q x in 5 , 1 Q, if-, it fl' I 4- . .L Q '- e ,- ' :Cf .- -. .wtxff 'za -,',lLb'+-i' :F ff? 'LK' ': 55' i '. tv . ' ' a s ' , - 4 .IH : n " , 'I' f if gijfilfi hits: X zfffifgfz If M . if I, .T , 5 l 4 i 'si . X.. f .- I Q Q ' 5 . : , i z fj . " 11 ' - . 5 1 v ft ,' J- ? ' Il - A It . 4, ' x . ' F 4: 1 If 1":t' ' ' - 'X "Z W ' ' " - 1' S f ff if Q , Q X . , , t ' ' V I X I 3 . 'fer I v W f -31? :J Q 4 'A , ' X -'X C -yrs' h ' 5 tw.. ' ' S . Q- If Q U Lf f :M i' if V F ,L I A y " 'f -' f ' , 5, 1 . .J 1 f , LQ' rl ,Qi X , K its t K C' 3,8 J B v wg- A ' it 2 L I -N Y 4, .. ' .. f ' Q 1 il -r , i , at :rc it x 1 4 J- L N P, X f ' ,f, If I 2' L I ! M t gli P 1- 1 4, SQ.: 'lg- W L- - - ' Cs x J ' K 2 Q ,V W .Iv-I Q PN. X T .,' ' 'Sv Q Q f' 1 I f 1 'f X. 1' 1 1 Y XL' PI KAPPA EPSILON Row I-Tim Kibler, Joe Rach, Sigmund Lembo, Steve Yahner, Bill Emerick, Joe Fowler, Dennis fviehigan. Ro w 2-Tom Crosby, Denny Balaun, Dominic Yacobucci, Larry Gross, Marco Burnette, Torn Smith, Mac Webner, Jim Markov, Tony DeCasper, Lou LaGuardia, Tim Edwards, Paul Hollendoner. Row 3-Dan Metz, Russ Pier, Don Coffman, Lyle Shira, Ken Lasater, George Grosso, Joe Mackey, Bob Senko, Bob Carlisle, Bob Bickey, Bill Mottice, Bob Schadt, Mike Flynn, Mark Smith, Dave Cyrill, Jude Eberhardt, Bob Emery, Dick Traxler, Harold Lerch. Row 4- Roger Smith, Denny Haynes, Bill Bell, Bob Smith, Jim Baksi, John Gillette, Ron Zaucha, Tom Flory, Gary Hansel, Tom Funk, Ed Davis, Ed Dolensky, Bill Mitchell, Don Sabatino, Bob Azar. OFFICERS ' . . .Bill Emerick President ...... ............ Vice Presiclenl . . . . . . .Joe Fowler .Secifezary ...... . . .Daris Jenkins Treasurer ....... ...... T im Kibler Social Chairman. . . .... Jim Hollenack llousc' Manager. . . .... Sigmund Lembo Chaplain ........ .... D ennis Mehigan Arlvi.s'or.s'. . . . . .David C. Riede James E. Shearer 132 Pi Kappa Epsilon, Lone Star Fraternity, began the year with the selection of their candidate as Homecom- ing Queen. Wearers of the XD in campus activities are Student Council President, Senior Class President, Memorial Hall Manager, three Student Council members, three Who's Who, and Industrial Management Club President. From the sports standpoint, Stars were represented by an Olympic wrestling candidate, three All-Ohio soccer players, ten varsity football players, four track men, three soccer players, football manager, swimming manager, and trainer for basketball and baseball. In Intramurals, second place in basketball, and firsts in swimming and Wrestling were taken. The pledge class also Won the basketball tournament for fraternity pledges. Outstanding social events for the year included two formals, annual Hoity-Toity Tea, and a Rodeo. The Hobo Hop for the benefit of the blind was co-sponsored with Delta Gamma. av c .. .,, 2 V A . .4 A 'A 6 1' 7 A-S jiri cm LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Row 1-Jack Resseger, Joe Laney, Jim Anthe, Ted Fundoukos, Fred Karm, Lenny Hogue, Pete Rizopulos. Row 2-Jim Avery, Jim Mollis, Mike Flasco, Leon Downing, Marty Tausch, John Robeson. Byron Sturm, Fred Denning. Row 3-Chuck Williams, John Kostoff, John Ca- rosella, Phil Molohosky, Jim Petry, Dale Glass, Ronnie Franks, Jim Prinzo. Row 4-Jim Ward, Bob Pence, Chuck Garver, Bruce DeBaer, Dick Gilbert, Fred King, Dean Milo, Ray Karee. George Tsarnas, John Anthe. OFFICERS President .,., ......,,,..i..,. M arty Tausch Vice President A 4 .,e. Fred Denning Secretary . , . ,,... Byron Sturn Treasurer . ,.., Leon Downing Advisor A . A .Thomas Sumner 134 The big event of the year for Lambda Chi was the S purchase of the adjoining property by their alumni. After remodeling is completed, the chapter will make this their new castle. The chapter followed a well-rounded schedule of ac- tivities in athletics, social, and campus events. In ath- letics, Jim Avery and Dean Milo captaincd the swim- ming and tennis teams respectively. The Lambdas also added greatly to the power of track, wrestling, soccer, and football varsity squads. The intramural season was highlighted by Marty Tausch capturing the 191 pound division in wrestling. The bowling team made a late season drive for first and won 28 out of their last 30 games. Six Lambdas served on Student Council throughout the year. Bob Pence was listed in Whois Who and John Horvath and Gary Festermen were staff officers in the Army and Air Force ROTC. The annual Woodchopperis Ball and Spring Formal capped a school year which saw Lambda Chi Alpha building for the future. I uw -Q , x- rweffwr' - Q w 1...,.....w-W-Wrnf t E l l X -7 'TX 5, 5 i if i K' 1 .ad ...Q , U W is 'Qgia W l F PHI KAPPA TAU Row 1-Jim Sponseller, Bob Schleicher, Gerard Vorce, Ron Carr, Bob Ammon, Jerry Glinsek, Bob Leatherman, Bob Terry, Bob Melling, Lowell Dickason. Row 2-Bob Calderwood, Wilford Miles, Marvin Grove, Oscar Knicely, Bob Buster, Phil Krichbaum, Mike Weltzein, Dave Weil, Bill Weirath. Roy Ray, Gary Titmus, Bob Cooper, Dave Fretz, Dick Ammon. Row 3--Bill Dinkins, Don Conley, Russell Hunt, Dave May, Christopher Madsen, Jim Engle, Carl Brokesh, Paul Misencik, Jim Morely, Bill Crislip, Jim Kenney, Paul Priksha, Bruce Dickerhoif, Joe Kenrad, Douglas Smith. OFFICERS President . , . , . ..,,..,... , . Robert Ammon Vice President . . . . . . Gerald Vorce Secretary .. ..... Ron Carr Treasurer ,,,.,. . . , Frank Mulaney Social Chairman . , , . , Mike Weltzein Pledgemaster ..,. .... B ill Bachman Advisor , . , . . .Harmon DeGraff 136 Phi Kappa Tau started out the year with a bang by taking a second place in the Acme Zip lloat competition, and ended in the same manner by having a Phi Tau chosen as outstanding Greek on campus. In between we entered every athletic event and almost every campus activity. Sportswise we hnished second in the wrestling tournament and third in the volleyball league. Phi Taus held the three highest oliiees in lnterfra- ternity council, and a Phi Tau was elected Mr. Newman- ite. Initiative was displayed by starting a fraternity local newspaper and inaugurating a new annual event, a Hawaiian Luau. The fraternity annually celebrates with an appropriate party at Christmas, New Year's, Found- ers Day, and A Dream Girl Formal. The fraternity exactly doubled its membership during the past year, and lost only one man through graduation, demonstrating its potential to excel again in the coming year. If riff' f Y- '.-n:1..,...x,. W 2. n - -1.--izi--,--, i , Ag ..5 - b -. W f . ' - --A ,, ,, tagfgqz,-A ,- fum.. ,M -..Www mn- Y- -- ---p M... ..- 2 553' iQ E! :k13 T x Z s X 1 A! im. R V. ' ' A A xml .' 4 ' ' X ,gg x' I ,sf x - 4 lg' W , N Q V 3 f.2L82f5,LfL4Q5'? my 2 Q 5' 5 , D 'o ,'." r Qql fi T 5 Y 4' W at QQ? M - br I I X' " A 1 If - 'Y ' , , I N -, G' Q' Z. -. 1 V Q' sf ' , x ' - jg, X 0 V 1 1, 'if' ' 43 M , ' - A V Hurst-9 9 ' 1-la .- M , - . . ,, Jiif. ' V: if ., , ax ...M . s ,, .1 f wqQ " 1 ,,N. qt , X 'N' Q F f - Q . Iw zfsf' A Hg ' - . . v ' ' A Q ' I 1 . Alpha Epsilon Pi has enjoyed one of its best years in student activities, socials, and athletics. Some achievements particular to the chapter are: Pres. of Student Council, Pres, of Beta Delta Psi, Pres. of Scabbard and Blade, Director of Radio Workshop, two ODK members, two A-Key win- ners, l.F.C. President, Co-chairman and emcees of Casbah, Fraternity Scholarship Award, and four ofthe top ten fraternity pledges. Alpha Epsilon Pi included ajoint party with Phi Delta Theta, a New Yearis live party, fvlad Hatter Party, a Christmas Party with Phi Mu for the bene- lit of Cerebral Palsy victims, and their traditional Open House in the year's social calendar. To complete the year, a complete remodeling ofthe chapter house was made. .A 1 . - . , ,, ' . A i fi 'Q gs .QI :lr oi. V 4 A' ill .Q ' 5, I ft 2 ' 1 ,-M,,. - X t 1 , Q Y '. y . 1 Nu . 9 W ' I s ' A ' ' 4 tl l l..,S-,lvl K, fs , 'c Q 6 l I A. .','..L 'I L 0' . 5 E' X I H., X Lu - QQ W , . J iq-f, , J . X , , f J ,asa as 57 ii 4 'F C is L, V ' 55335: ',XA 7 'Q ' J ii V Q 'I' I' ', , V K i' , x... , i xlx , 'xx ,ul THETA CHI Row I-Larry Ritzman, Eddie Austin, Joe DeMali, Dave Beyman, John Stout, Joe Bagnoli, Ken MacDonald. Row 2-Bill Cox, Phil Daisher, Bob Cushleg, Jim Speakman, Steve Stutler, Bill McKinney, Pete Barzo, Jim Gibson, Larry Petty, Ron Koby. Row 3-Bob Kulton, Jim Frase, Ross McDowell, Karl Myers, Paul Lautenschlegar, John Hayth, Bob Mitchell, John Stull. Row 4- Gene Hrycyk, Charles Arnold, Mike Pearcy, Mahlon Snyder, Earl Hatfield, Chuck Zook. Missing from picrure-Pete Reichert, Chuck Borner, Chuck Ferenz, Bruce Frase, Ray Thayer, Pat Carter, John Fasick, Bob Joles, Ken Bennett, John Bognar, Bill Benson, Phil Jones, Jack Palmeri, Roland Reed, Jim Main, Hal McElroy, Bill Buss, John Allen, Rod Wilson, Vergil Gibson, Brent Adams, Jerry Desci, Mike Huryn, Bob Liska, Bob Novak, Dave Randall, Frank Santarelli, Ron Smitley, Lew Lossing. President ...... Vice President . . Pledge Master. . . Secretary ....... Rush Chairman. House Manager Social Chairman A dvisar ....... OFFICERS . . . .Joe DeMali . .Dave Beyman . .Larry Ritzman . . .Eddie Austin . . . . .John Stout . . . .Joe Bagnoli Ken MacDonald . . . .... Edward Jones 140 'T f 1 ,1fY"""' Na ' - L '-ev r. - .. hr:-vig -3 W. Q, . L, F -x f lx i .fs A, 1 l"f"V52f'f lmlw 0 'lheta flhi had a uigoroux and enjoyable social program for l'1f,U which included the Annual Ho- heaux Arts Hall, Southern Hop: tality House, and two lorrr.alp. Wearers ol' the serpent and sword continued their tradition: serenading ol' riev. pledge'-, ay, r- as new pinrnates within the fr:- ternity. Indications ol groxuth ere the addition ol' 25 new rnerriherp the spring, the wiririirrg of fr, place in Songfest for the fourth year, and the completion of a successful year in intrarnurals. The men of' Beta Larnhda held such campus positions as two members of the swimming. has:- ball, and wrestling teams eaclz. the President of the Accounting Club, the outstanding Industrial Management student. hori- orary members. the Sweetie-Pi: of Theta Phi Alpha. txuo Student Council seats. Commander of Sabre Squadron. two Tel-Buch assistanteditors. Buehtelitesports editor, and May Day eo-chair- man. r 2 I f l i I 4 S i ,. i l l l RX ln lil? 16 fk gn. I X an Q- 4 . l I3 gf 3 RI fi 95 1 12. ' YL? PHI SIGMA KAPPA Row 1-J. Doll, D. Wiese, D. Salden, R. Moss, K. Blower, M. Murdurian, T. Pllarczyk Row 2-B. Christie, J. Johnson, B. Fischer, W. Songer, J. Tucker, B. Reynolds, J. Lee Row 3 H. Crotts, J. Stringer, E. Minervino, L. Martin, K. Balthaser. OFFICERS President ,....... .......... Vice President ..... Recording Secretary ,.,.. Corresponding Secretary . . . I nductor .,,....,..... Sentinel . . , Pledge , . Advisor 142 . . . Roger Moss . . Ken Blower . . , . Dan Salden . , Tom Pilarczyk .... Tom Jones . Mike Mudurian . . . . Dan Salden Roy V. Sherman ,Q The fall of the year of 1959 started with Jack Stringer as President of the 29 brothers. As Homecoming events shaped up, former Tel- Buch Queen, pretty blond Donna Lee Kremer, was the Phi Sig choice for Queen. After the Military Ball in December, all ROTC personnel and their wives were honored in a festive manner at the annual Mili- tary Ball Buffet given at the house. With Roger Moss at the head of the organization the men received the fraternity scholarship trophy to head the fraternal groups with the top average on campus. 873 figs The same average also merited another trophy from national headquarters as the highest in the northeastern United States. The Phi Sigs boasted the Pres. of Phi Sigma Society. and Pi Kappa Delta, The Business Manager and Asst Bus. Man. of the Buchtelite, Pres. of the Foreign Stu- dents Assoc., Chairman of the Democratic Mock Politi- cal Convention, a Student Council representative. 3 members of University Theatre, and a member of Phi Eta Sigma Honorary. 143 .f,,-,life W f 'rf fc- 51 f , - 11' y','Y.,," 1' :vii y' 1 r .r .. . ji' if df 'gf ' 1 4 K if A 1 ' , if, .v TAU KAPPA EPSILUN Row I-Jack Scheatzle, Tony Sherman, Tom Lyttle, Dennis Schumacher, Allen Gotshall, Ken Garlock. Jim Kopp, Gerald Szymanski. Row 2-Gerald Shriner, Lloyd Emery, James Bennett. Gary Benjamin, Edward Nettles, Fred Wirth, John Bowers, Wayne Ruman, Ken Myers. Charles Abbott. Row 3-David Selway, Ted Yengling, Mike Quirk, Paul Arvin, Rich- ard Fuller. Cliff Herholz, George McHenry, Ron Smith, Don Baird, Clint Prettyman, Charles Baker. Marty McKenzie, Wayne Ross, Jim Shively, Walt Simshauser, Jim Brueggeman, Leon- ard Fiskher, Frank Domek, Bob Eberwine. Row 4-Martin Benchot, Russell Stinaff, Dave Kyer. Donald Wiper. Ralph Jones, Dave Price, Tom Demeter, John Bowen, Jack Thompson, Gerald Frient. Ben Surblis. OFFICERS President ,,,.. ..,.,..,,.,,, . . .Bob Eberwine Vice President , ,Ted Yengling Secretary . l J .,... Jim Kopp Treasurer J . , .Gerald Shriner Pledgemaster Jerry Mushinski A dvisor J... Frank Simonetti Continuing on its winning way in float competition, the Tekes combined with the Kappas to take a first place in Acme-Zip. Other campus competition won by TKE include a third place in Songfest and a second in Casbah. They also took first in Intramural Bowling. The Highlight of the Christmas Formal held at Shady Hollow was the crowning of the TKE Sweetheart, Sue Stinaff. Other social events included a Fireman's Ball, hayrides, a party with the TKE chapters from Cleveland. Youngstown, and Kent, a Convict party, a Beatnik Party, Hawaiian Party. and a Spring Formal. One of the major steps in the future of the chapter was the purchase of the Alpha Gamma Delta House this spring. This was made possible in Octo- ber when the Tekes held a mortgage burning party. The first annual Tekequacade was held in April this year. The winning sorority was presented with trophies. Another one of the bright spots this year was the success of the Teke Collegians. The quartet, after many perform- ances at various local dances, was the featured entertainment at the IFC- Pan-Hel Formal. Tekes active on campus include: three members on Student Council. two Who's Who members, AFROTC Wing Commander, King of Hearts. Treas- urer of IFC, live University Theatre members, sports writer on the Buchtelite. three freshman counselors, four Radio Workshop members, Vice Pres. New- man Club, and Pres. of AIEE. .' QT hi.. 55 .2 i fs .fl -Rei ALPHA PHI ALPHA Row I-Lonza Neal, Jim Williams, Joel Johnson, Charles Greene, Bill Anderson, Ed Parms, Charles DeBose. Climon Lee. Row 2-Leon Ridley, Richard Averitte, Jim Peake, Lloyd Shep- herd. Ben Thurmond, Phil Chapman, Richard Neal, Floyd Shepherd. Not in picture: Hayes Davis. Dave Wilson. Pre.s'ident Vice President .Secretary Treasurer A cl visor OFFICERS 146 . . . .Jim Williams . , .Bill Anderson . . . .Dave Wilson , . . . .Hayes Davis .Samuel C. Newman X The past year was a very satisfying one for Al- pha Phi Alpha at The University of Akron. We began the year by building a float with Zeta Tau Alpha and Alpha Epsilon Pi for the Acme-Zip game. As usual, the fall formal was the first event of the social calendar. It was highlighted by the presentation of the A Phi A Queen for 1960, Miss Emma Mathews. In varsity sports, the fraternity was repre- sented by Climon Lee and Richard Neal in bas- ketball and track, and Joel Johnson in tennis. Richard Averitte, a band member, received state wide recognition in that capacity. Scholarship was not neglected, since we re- ceived the scholarship trophy for the spring se- mester and the second place trophy in the fall. vs.-J ' . f I i ' t Y' . ,mutual A ,. -..." Q ,ne r - " ' 7 w 1-1-.if 3 - 1--" I Q4 U ' 'vQ1o.,,J 1 1 Alpha Phi Alpha also won first place in fraternity competition at Casbah. We had three men on Student Council, three freshman counselors, feature writers for the Buchtelite, members of Ljniversity Theatre, the debate team, various hon- oraries, and a Who's Who listing. CJ 5 if iw nib YY ,Q fu- KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Row I-Mary Smith, Carolyn Woodford, Sue Sanderson, Mary Flavin, Rita Howell. Row 2- Phyllis Bianchi, Barbara Holland. Row 3-Ellen Scheatzle, Pam Dawson, Margaret Ream, Alice Landenberger, Sally Schneider, Karen Kilbourne, Judy Cochrane. Row 4-Jackie Germano, Marge Featherson, Sheila Swigert, Cam Cimarik, Carol Spallino, Judy Kistler, Sue Baun, Judy Koehler, Carol Krutky, Joan Shaw, Carol Boswick, Gretchen Bock, Dian Bodosy, Judy Sheles- toyich. Row 5-Lynn Brown, Nancy Brandon, Jeanne Parker, Pat Cochrane, Sue Brandon, Eliza- beth Milford, Julie Willenbacher. Sfairs Top to Bottom-Ellen Varian, Nancy McCune, Alice Stalnaker, Barbara Fiordalis, Doris Ottagalli, Pat Melnik. OFFICERS Presidenl ...... ................. K aren Kilbourne Vice President. . . .... Carroll Weiner Treasurer ....... . . .Elizabeth Milford Pledge Mistress. . . . . .Sue Sanderson Membership ..... ..... R ita Howell E1?'ieienc'y ........... .... A lice Stalnaker Recording Secretary ..... .......... J udy Koehler Corresponding Secrelary. . . ....... Barbara Fiordalis Advisor ................ . . .Mrs. Helen Thackaberry 148 Lambda chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma, the oldest campus sorority and founded in 1870, saw 1959-60 as one ofits busiest and most rewarding years. The Kappas proudly claimed the Hrst place in Acme-Zip float competition at the year's beginning. Again in Kappa tradition, the girls sang their way to first place in Songfest for the second year. Never at a loss for royalty, Kappa had the Home- coming crowner along with representation on the court. In the journalistic field, Kappa provided the Tel-Buch editors, and feature edi- tor of the Buchtelite, in addition to the editor of Newmanite. YWCA's president was also a Kappa. Scholastically speaking, Lambda chapter was awarded the first place scholarship trophy. Versatility shows itself as wearers of the key included the president of Kappa Delta Pi and members of the history and psychology honoraries. The pledges got into the act as they claimed a Top Ten Pledge. Kappas had three Army R.O.T.C. and Air Force R.O.T.C. sponsors. Royalty, again, as KKG's saw their members serve as Newman Club and Engineer's Day crowners. In the dramatic field, three University Theatre members were Kappas. Pan-Hel secretary, Psychology Club secretary, financial director of Radio Workshop, and sports managers of W.A.A. were Kappas. We also had three members on Student Council. KKG,s claim two members of Who's Who, representation in Pierian, four A-key winners, four freshman counselors, one cheerleader, four members of Alpha Lambda Delta, and president of S.N.E.A. The traditional all campus Christmas Tea was planned and successfully exe- cuted by the pledges. Also at Christmas, the Kappa alumni again presented their "Holiday House Tours." In spring the scholarship banquet was held at the house with help from the alumni. gm-s W! x m ll. 8 'I all we ,X , .1-, -e. , ,, 1., A'v4i,3'fgdskI:'.: hit." il' Q D mics:--'wi-J -f+W- - gf- '.g ,K H. gg. ffl. '3 2 J 6 V1 I " '1 an , """ ' 9 ' ' ' .K -2' ' ' , ' -W., A r H. A N ' l '1' L . , J is 1 A - , U ' 'CL ' ' ' fs 7, . X! ' CQ ' :MP 5 , ' PM ff: -5 K as i via, ga . W . , J X 1 ' NA., ' , 3 . Q52 X X Q , i W I l X 1 ,. f , x 3-'I BSE DELTA GAMMA Row 1-Anita DeJacimo, Lois Stinaff, Donna Kesler, Sandra Banyar, Paula Kee, Barbara Brown, Judy Foore. Row 2-Jo Jacot, Donnalee Kremer, Elaine Hoover, Judy Ausmus, Helen Herr, Marge Huryn, Kay-Down Headlough, Alice Grinnell. Row 3-Kay Sassaman, Linda Cutright, Pat Perkins, Donna Salem, Mary Ann Karaiskos, Deanna Downing, Darlene Froelich, Carol Michalec, Cynthia Stump, Jackie Stake, Sue Hendren, Joyce Palich. Row 4-Marilyn Hoover, Lois Rommel, Lynn Wetzel, Peggy Kurtz, Bonnie Carpenter, Carol Llewellyn, Judy Sparhawk, Mary Lawrence, Becky Pender, Mary Ann Khoury. OFFICERS President ....... ................ .... H e len Herr First Vice President. . . . . .Marge Huryn Second Vice President. . . ..... Jane Boden Treasurer ............ . . . ........ Elaine Hoover Corresponding Secretary. . . .......... Judy Ausmus Recording Secretary ...... .... K ay-Dawn Headlough 150 Eta, oldest existing chapter of Delta Gamma, has had a fun-filled, successful year. She is credited with a first place May Day float and third place in Songfest. DG,s also took the initiative in sponsoring several social functions, such as the Hobo Hop with the Lone Stars for the benefit of the Blind. "Let's Go To Florida" Open House and the tradi- tional Gold Diggers' Dance were also gay events. While DG,s have fun entertaining, they never forget campus activities and scholarship. Eta has three women in Women's League, including the President, besides Pres. of WAA, two Student Council members, four A-Key win- ners, May Day co-chairman, and Pierian members. Schol- arship ranks high as the girls won the Scholarship Im- provement Award. Beauty is represented in Delta Gamma by two members of the Homecoming Court, ROTC sponsors, and Tel-Buch finalists. ETA PHI MU Row 1-Jane Root, Suzie Baugh, Pat McAleese, Joan McGlothlin, Dawna Young, Jan Stewart, Shirley Grant, Joan Root. Row 2-Rose Marie Pozonitz, Mary Louise Woofter, Nelda Bradbary, Kay Hills, Mary Jo Fechter, Ruby Mullins, Cynthia Howiler, Nancy Ondas, June Onest. Row 3- Alice Virostko, Joanne Reighard, Sue Benedict, Judy Davis, Joyce Call, Kathy Zagray, Sharon Whitlock, Phyllis Seman, Bonnie Bradley. Row 4-Elaine Baker, Pat Gates, Margie Kovac, Mary Sack, Carol Prettyman, Zinny Sans, Arlene Hadden, Sally Hannig, Colleen Volk, Carol Williams. President .... Treasurer .... Secretary ..... Pledge Mistress. . . Rush Chairman Advisor ....... OFFICERS 152 Shirley Grant ::i:PatMcAleese .Dawna Young . . .Suzie Baugh . . .Jan Stewart .....-:Emily H. Davis Xa! 'rl The women of Phi Mu marked their 48th year on campus by out- standing achievement both socially and scholastically. We are proud of the scholarship improvement trophy and second place scholarship standing. Two Phi Mu's were Top Ten Pledges, and two members are Alpha Lambda Deltas. Rush, too, was successful for we pledged full quota of fourteen girls. Social events included: Founder's Day Banquet, Mother-Daughter Party, Progressive Dinner, All-Campus Pledge Tea, King of Hearts Crowning, with proceeds going to the Beacon Journal Fund, and our Spring Formal. Phi Mu's trophy shelf received two new decorations: Second Place Songfest trophy and First Place Intramural Bowling. Our members are active in many various campus organizations. Two are on Student Council, Hostess of Student Center, Financial Director and six members of Radio Workshop, Dance Committee Chairman, President of ACE, three Kappa Delta Pi's, Buchtelite News Editor, ten members of University Singers, three A-Key win- ners, two Pierian members, and three listings in Who's Who. ' L 1591, nazi, 'Naatr-, 1-2-5 J VX ,fx Q - J .A it . ,. as fa, ft? ei-f 'J' --of N-f. W, fv- ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Row 1-Kathy McGuckin, Judy Jeffers, Carol Jean Angelletti, Pat Angelo, Judy Bailey, Margie Darlington. Row 2-Maude Morris, Nancy Helfrick, Audrey Pratt, Jane D'Ambruoso, Mary Lou Rickert, Nancy Reynolds, Mary Jane Pappano, Judy Hinkle, Karen Gray. Row 3-Sandy Savage, J udy Evans, Gail Vassalotti, Georganne Fletcher, Bonnie Broadhurst, Joann Embelton, Tini Shahmouradian, Lillian Abood, Judy DeVore, Sandy Nelson, Joyce Whitmer, Gloria Spal- lino. Row 4-Eleanor Watts, Marie Capatosta, Sandy Dobbs, Nancy Hildebrandt, Joan Best, Bev Moss, Carolee Ohlinger, Martha Horner, Jean Zeno, Rosemary Brett, Marilyn Rinaldo. Not Pictured-Sharon Wright, Earliene Haines, Sally Runner, Treva Hess. OFFICERS President ....... ................. J ane D'Ambruoso First Vice President .... .... M ary Lou Rickert Second Vice President .... ....... N ancy Reynolds Corresponding Secretary. . . . . .Mary Jane Pappano Treasurer ............... ..... S haron Wright Recording Secretary .... .... A udrey Pratt Chaplain ............ ...... K aren Gray Advisor. . . .... Ebba A. Larson 154 I., 041, , wzzzfzzzd 4-A4'Z'1'Z0ff5f,f,' Spirit, Activity, and Honors were no strangers this year to the women of Omega Chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta. The first weeks of school found Alpha Gams in the whirl of Rush Activity gaining sixteen pledges to the chapter. The Social Calendar was filled to the brim with many events including a Christmas Mother-Daugh- ter Tea, the annual St. Pat's Tea, a square dance with the Delta Gammas, and an achievement-dinner with faculty guests to recognize outstanding members in the fields of scholarship and activities. Campus-wise Alpha Gam was represented by the WAA President, four cheerleaders, a Pierian member, Kappa Delta Pi member, Student Council Secretary, three freshman counselors, one Who's Who, and the co-chairmen of both Homecoming and Songfest. The sorority was proud to add 2nd place Casbah, 2nd place Tekequacade, and four ROTC sponsor trophies to its mantel. Three Homecoming Attendants, Moonlight Girl of Phi Sigma Kappa, Miss Midwest, Miss Summit County, and an Ohio Hnalist were Alpha Gams. Y ! M K .1-gn. 5, ,Xa iii V-Q .9 'Q-vm-'bi ,s X." ' ZETA TAU ALPHA Row I Pat Cashion, Joyce McClelland Kirsten Malone Suzi Moss Row 2 Marianne Miller Joanna Pratt Joyce Doney, Diane Atherton Beverly Jones Marjorie Hess Emily Newton Bonnie Odell Row 3 Carol Lewis, Mary Grenus Ruth Henderson Nancy Sauer Judy Walker Joyce Whittaker Pat Hervol, Nancy Scott Row 4 Carol Mihaly Inah Mitchell Teresa Miller Elise Vollert Joanne Martin. President ..... Vice President . Secretary ..... Treasurer .... Rush Chairmen 3, Zeta Tau Alpha began the year with a hectic period of moving into a new house, carrying on Fall Rush, and building a float in cooperation with AEPi and Alpha Phi. Soon, however, the pleasant routine of parties, campus activities, and gab sessions took the place of these more "frantic" episodes. For the second year, Zetas won first place in Casbah competition. Many of the girls were members of cam- pus groups, including: Student Council, Buchtelite Staff, Radio Workshop, University Theatre, Pi Kappa Delta, Debate Team, and Alpha Lambda Delta. The Secretary of Student Council, Treasurer of Womenis League and Treasurer of SNEA were Zetas. A Halloween Party, Christmas Dance, Valentine Dance, Mother-Daughter Tea, Gingeree Open House, Charity Street Dance, and many more events lilled the social calendar. I X Q! i fx 157 1 1. . . '1 in 5 Y .. , ' .. N -lt 3- ,nd 3 Q.rQ4AL,i,kR 'li 5 X Mix r v 'Vx'-. -A- 1,21 ni- .Q-.,' 'E 1 gill 4 . i , 1 Q . . A , . , f : - ,G u ' 3 A , 2 2 , Q r5l',!Z" , C 1 l :rf ' Ss-I THETA PHI ALPHA Row I-Elaine Ehrenfried, Jeannie O'Neill, Millie Seikel, Kathy Weirick, Pat Bailey, Eva Robert, Mary Damicone, Ann Griffiths. Row 2-Phyllis Behrle, Joanne Kohnz, Jayne Spayne, Margie Craig, Annette Kolb, Pat Marmaduke, Morayne Burkhardt, Peggy Qualters, Mary Lou Conrad, Charlotte Rasinski, Rose Papp. Row 3-Pat Reiling, Barbara Deaver, Julie Hinman, Paula Reiling, Carol Miller, Mary Ann Bisesi, Kay Herdman, Jean Miller. Row 4-Lois Udvari, Carole Castner, Judy Bock, Tina Kruelski, Joan Becker, Sue Korosa, Barbara Farr. OFFICERS President ............................ Annette Kolb Firsz Vice President .... .... P at Marmaduke Second Vice President .... .... M argie Craig Marshal ............... ..... J oanne Kohnz Corresponding Secretary. . . ........ Phyllis Behrle Recording Secretary ..... .... M orayne Burkhardt Treasurer ......... ..... P eggy Qualters Historian. . . ......... Jayne Spayne Advisor. . . .... Dorothy Laubacher 158 Y' Sigma Chapter of Theta Phi Alpha began the year with seventeen new pledges. As their first project, the pledges sponsored a hayride for the actives. Our chapter acted as hostesses for four other Theta Phi chapters at the annual Province Conference in November. A Christmas Poinsettia Tea and Progressive Dinner marked the holiday season along with a gift exchange and slumber party. The traditional Mayor-Council Dinner started the spring semester. Third place Casbah and Tel-Buch attendant trophies also came with Spring. Two freshman counselors, Pierian member, Newman Club Queen, two top ten pledges, Home Economics Club President and Secretary have all been Theta Phi's this year. i 1 I 5 ' ? -C: I A , 4' if 'i rf? -ij - 4 L '- S -ie 2' 4 1 a ' ' a " JH' ' 4 K ' -1. ' 1 bl imp 1 : qu' V .5 t,g,fa4 Us 'Tir N ii' 25,14 A-L ' ,. so of I ,elm i,,Y I r 'Q , X' Var il" Hr? ' ' 'cv . Y., 7 ' J .x ..,, , X, 9 if 1' I I' wv":,ii,m ..N.','l,y, . 'f ALPHA DELTA Pl Row 1-Dedee Ceglar, Nadine Daily, Lois Ling, Midge Mannion, Rosemary Zaleski, Crystal Catron, Nancy Boss, Donna Lappert. Row 2-Meg Iacomini, Diane Ceglar, Bunnie Ferrell, Mary Sivert, Dale Campbell, Joan Putman, Margie Sedlak, Joanne Messina, Donna Hinkel, Sylvia Schneider, Jeanette Putnik. Row 3-Judy Lautenschlegar, Richie Agnew, Shirley Ross, Helen Swarez, Polly Bostick, Janice Gallick, Sara Shaar, Dodie Townsend, Betsy Justus, Marcie Marcin- koski, Kay Morgan, Eva Vuderis, Mary Jane Murdoco. Row 4-Judy Williams, Anna Mae Peter- son, Rosemary Sacy, Mary Lou Monte, Patty Lobello, Jackie Mallo. OFFICERS President ........................ ...... L ois Ling First Vice President .... ........ D edee Ceglar Second Vice President .... . . .Claudia McLaughlin Recording Secretary ..... .... R osemary Christy Corresponding Secretary. . . .... Suzanne Shirhal Treasurer ........... . . .... Rosemary Zaleski Rush Chairman. . . .... Midge Mannion Advisor ....... .... E lizabeth J. Hittle 160 Beta Tau Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi, oldest secret society in the world, began 1959 with twenty-one pledges. For another starting point, their com- bined efforts with Phi Tau won second place in Acme-Zip float competition. Soon after they were awarded the Panhellenic Scholarship Trophy for the fifth time. WAA sorority achievement plaque was presented to the group. Three ADPi's were among the Ten Top Pledges scholastically. In addition to Homecoming Queen, were six RQTC sponsors, Tel-Buch Queen, Engineer's Day Queen, and Miss East Akron Board of Trade. ADPi's listed among the top campus leaders were: Junior PanHel President, President of Pierian, four Pierians, seven Who's Who, Phi Alpha Theta President, Veep of Student Council, YWCA President, Secretary and Treas- urer of Senior Class, live Zipettes, two cheerleaders, and eleven members of scholastic honoraries. In addition, three assistant editors of Tel-Buch, four freshman counselors, President of Eastern Orthodox Fellowship, and four sports managers also wear the diamond pin. The Alpha Delta Pi's topped off the year with a weekend at the State Day Convention held in Bowling Green Where they received the Achievement Award for their outstanding accomplishments. PM x 'XQT xv ., at -D' IH In INF? Nikki,-my mg . ', tw' R-rv :gy 'Q ,L , X N x THETA UPSILDN Row 1-Elizabeth Knight, Rita Zelei. Row 2-Anita DeRoss, Betty Woodard, Judith Miller Cmda Culver, Judith Anderson, Judith Olliver. Row 3-Hannah Jo Stout, Eleanor Plate Kathy Kelley Janet Lyon, Karen McKinney, Marianne Musturzo, Suzanne Nesselhouf, Emaline Stralko Joan Krohmer, Judith Robison. Absent-Caroline Bochard. President ....... Vice President. . . Treasurer ...... Secretary ........ Alumnae Secrelary C haplazn .......... Editor. . . Advisor. . . OFFICERS -........... 162 . . .Anita DeRoss . . . .Kathy Kelley . .Judith Robison . . . .Elizabeth Knight Hannah Jo Stout Caroline Bochard . . .Judith Olliver Frances A. Clark Murph' P f I f 'U . S The social season of Theta Upsilon was off to an early start with the first of September. Following Rush, Theta U's welcomed their new pledges with a dinner at the chapter house. A busy semester included Acme-Zip float-building with Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity, a hay ride, fraternity desserts, slumber parties, and theatre and bowling parties. The Christmas season was en- hanced by the annual "Songfest." As a Theta L' service project, we filled food baskets for a needy family. Theta U's Open House Wafllette held in April crowned Bob Senuta "Wafflette Kingf' Judith Miller, past President, was named the Out- standing Greek Woman of the Year. Other campus positions held by Theta U's include: President of Pan- Hellenic Council, Veep of Womenls League. Pierian members, A-Key winners, Who's Who, and several honorary members. X! N51 I V Q n I F, IVYETTES Rm I Dorns Crosby Beverly Powers Marle Parms Dorothea Horton, Jacquelyn Preer Alberta Banton Ron 2 Nora Sparks Patrlcxa Dawson, Bonnie Parms, Dorothy Hatten - - Yvonne Cade . 4 . Shirley Lewis . . Joanne Arnold . . Dorothy Hatten Mrs. Evelyn Evans I 'idling ,-4-"""-. V ..,, The Ivyettes are the newest sorority to be formed on Akron U's campus. They are applying for a charter from Alpha Kappa Alpha national sorority. As of yet they have no meeting house. They have been using the facilities of the Student Center. Even without a house they have made social events an im- portant part of their sorority. Some of their events were hayrides and dances. With the coming year they feel sure they will become even more active in campus affairs. i X f kwin. t W' ' .. A wl T. 'Z 'x Nt' K ff W 166 'QQ Tel-Buch Queen , p le , ' 2 nu' MISS CRYSTAL CATRDN Miss Crystal Catron is our lovely 1960 Tel-Buch Queen. Miss Catron was selected by three judges from over 150 contestants. The Queen and two attendants were announced at the University of Akron Casbah at Goodyear Theatre. Queen Crystal is a sophomore and alliliated with Alpha Delta Pi sorority. She has done a great deal of modeling for which her poise and good looks come in handy. 167 Tel-Buch llueen Attendant Miss Judy Koehler Bliss Judy Koehler was selected attendant to the Tel-Buch Queen. This lovely girl is a Junior majoring in education. She is affiliated with Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority. 'W Tel-Buch llueen Attendant Miss Barbara Farr Miss Barbara Farr is another attendant for the Queen. She is a freshman majoring in education. This cute and perky little girl is a member of Theta Phi Alpha Sorority. Miss Judy Ausmus Tel-Buch Queen F' I't 1960 Miss Carol Boswick S Miss Becky Clark Miss Mary Lefevre ,ds ii' al'-K Miss Linda Patterson 169 Miss Midge Mannion 6 'Tiffi- M Mr. IDE KOVACH Tel-Buch King 170 Miss MARLENE MILLER Homecoming llueen 171 MISS JANE D'AMBRUOS0, Honorary Colonel for Air Force R.0.T.C Air Force Sponsors Maj. Judy Ausmus Maj, Judy Kjglcr 1- X 1? S- 'C7 Maj- JOYCC CHU Maj. Rosemary Christy Maj. Karen Gray . . . M '. L ' L' . . '. ' Maj. Amta Rosenbhthe aj ms mg Maj. Dons Townsend Maj Lmda Patterson Maj. Carol Weiner .'! 11 1 I 1 E 1 1 1 I I 1 I L MISS NANCY BOSS, doubly honored as Honorary Colonel for Army R.0.T.C. and May llueen 1960 174 Major Alice Stalnaker Capt. Diane Snellcnberger Army ROTC Sponsors 'U' I Capt. Pat Angelo Capt. Crystal Catron Capt. Sandra Crutchfield Capt. Nancy Hildebrandt Capt. Jean Leslie y, C 0 0 vel! Ron Allegree 1 Tel-Buch King Candidates Bill McKinney Denny Morton John Wise 7'-Q52 7 fx -L l 'ii mi --nr, Pete Rizopolus Jim Williams Denny Smedley Ted Yengling Y F Akron City Hospital Row IA--M. Viall, J. Adams, F. Morehouse, G. Boss, Henwl, B. Berg, M. Fogle. Row 2--W C. Bailey, N. Bushbaxne, G. Phillips, M. Stewart, P. Stutch, J. Hamish, D. Wagner, S. Tinker. Row 3---M. Darbyshire, J. Getz, J. Nething, D. Rittenhouse, L. Johnson, C Johnson, R. Stripe, C. lang, M. Lozier. ko-J 4--A. Whitehead, D. Smaleski, C. Snyder, h. Haver, Behman, C. Kratrer, K. Stoncmetz, B. Ripley, J. Hartzler. Row 5- B. lplliot, R. Gillooly, N. Adams, K. Ryan, C. Argante, J. Vadas, Vessey, J. Koch, M. Merda, M. Maine. Row 6-AP. Snyder, M. Graf, R. Leo- bold, E. Dreger, J. Barnes, C. Leedy, H. Heck, M. Cook, M. Morrison, P. Pinkerton, C. Lloyd. Row 7-WJ. Hoover, C. Chapman, Sulzbach, J. Klett, M. Zabel, J. Cruteher, R. Maitland, P. Coy, G. Grace, K. Morehead, C. Crow. Y I Akron General Hospital Row I-S. Reid, M. Krunick, S. Wittmer, L. Kramer, N. Jackson, E. Hulvey, M. Jones, S. Shue, L. Lang, M. Dasis, E. Lah, N. Gegner, S. Clites, M. Finkle, C. Koch. Row 2-R. Thomas, T. Becker, C. Dillihunt, C. Dean, J. Frenchie, S. Shockley, J. Roop, F. Johnson, B. Eiler, M. Graf, C. Upright, Y. Kemp, M. Marks, B. Phipps, C. Beckett. Row 3--P. Custer, M. Sweeney, M. Law, L. Crawford, L. Snyder, D. Rouch, C. Boles, A. Marshall, S. Mathias, E. Oney, A. Whipkey, P. Hilton, J. Wilson, D. Salsburey. Row 4-S. Spreng, P. Hornining, P. Stone, S. Raport, K. Koster, B. Edge, N. Boland, C. Lute, P. McGuinnis, M. Gridin, C. Wages, J. Hance, A. Cross. St. Thomas Hospital Row I-L. King, M. Ryba, B. Forsythe, A. Smurdel, D Bartley, T. Kigas. Row 2-C. Cummings, J. May, N Wrench, D. Roskos, M. Doan, M. A. Viollette, J. Whit- man. Row 3-M. Maxim, B. Risser, J. Vielhaver, M. E Gungle, A. Steinmetz, T. Rowe, D. Maroney, P. Hawkins A. O'Connell, K. Martin, K. Fisher, V. Hutchison, M. L. Carroll, J. Barillaire. ' -1.4 14" C 'QV A w . . 'YT w si 4 I Q. E , E I .M NURSES -N. ' ' 1 1 Q til J 4 Q I I u "" J v 'eo 4. ? 1 . hh rl I h W! 2 in ""'re' Colonel Glenn C. Thompson Professor of Air Science Detachment 660 had a very successful year under the leadership of Col. Glen C. Thompson and Wing Commander, Cadet Col. James E. Bennett. Many im- provements and new concepts were inaugurated. First was the election of sponsors, followed by the traditional "Block of Blue" program. Rainy day programs were centered around something new. Instead of movies, the cadets hueard interesting forum discussions on immediate world problems. These were given by both Air Force and Army officers. There were also such events as Federal Inspection, Awards Assembly, The Presidential Review, and of course Commissioning which for some climaxed not one but four active years of service. Row I-Fred Williams, Ed- ward Bender, N els o n Eddy, Charles Clemens, Ross Mc- Dowell, William McKinney, Capt. F. H. Smart. Row 2- James Bennett, John Coleman, Robert Peters, Joseph Rach, James Kormanik, W. Turner, Fritz Reder. Row 3-Fred Mc- Donald, Dave Frutchey, Kurt Flinn, Ron Willis, George Sey- farth, Ronald Senderling, Rob- ert Ammon. Row I-Capt. Coleman, Wil- liam Ashley, Louis LaGuardia, Phil Daisher, John Stull, Ar- thur Batal, Peter Korzeniewski, Joseph Kolf. Row 2-John Schneider, Clark Kent, Bruce DeBaer, Ben Reed, Jim Buza, John Mollis, Forest Rowser, Robert Chen. Row 3-Jim Frase, Paul Prirska, John Bog- nar, Tyrone Bryant, Ron Mc- Cune, Gary Etheridge, Gerald Smith, Bill Schangauer, Forest Taylor. Row 4-Robert Harris, John Stirewalt, Bob Wallick, Dennis Brawley, Peter Mc- Guire, B. Strum, Kenny Rawles, Fred Bailey, Ralph Lowe, Don Phillips. Arnold Air Society '.. 4. - l Sabre Squadron 'Z .uv --sl ci? Burr L ro R Seared-Lt. Col. Horace D. Harby, PMSTQ Major William J. Mahoney, Ass't. PMSTQ Capt. Louis T. D'Avanzo, Ass't. PMST Capt. Clinton B. Haden, Ass't. PMST. L to R Standing-M!Sgt. Mar- tin J. Schlundz M Sgt. John T. Murrayg MfSgt. George W. Davisg 51 Sgt. John H. Steeleg Sgt. Charles K. Likens. Army ROTC Cadet Colonel NEWTON E. EISENHART Battle Group Commander 5-ai -wa Lt. Col. HORACE D. HARBY, PMST Professor of Military Science 182 l Row I-Lt. Col. H. D. Harby, James Rhodes, Michael Hendler, Wesley Shriver, Newton Eisen- hart. Row 2-Robert Cooper, Donald Weber, Dan Salden, Constantine Milo, John Sankey. Raw 3-Thomas Lawrence, Jay Nusbaum, Thomas Jones, Jerry Meyers, Ronald Smitley. Row I-Capt. Haden CAdvisorJ, Wesley Shriver, James Holder, Fred Smith, MfSgt. George W. Davis. Row 2-James Rhodes, Edward Eilbeck, Roger Zby- tousky, Gerald Glinsek, Ray- mond Anderson, William Wei- rath. Row 3-Robert Anliker, Mitchell Carver, James Maloy, Larry McCloud, Charles Bon- stelle, Donald Coughlin. Row 4 -Dave Wood, James Croye, Durrell Davis, Darrell Reeder, Kenneth Williams, Robert Hein- isch. Row 5-Dave Hicks, Dan Kish, William Benson, Robert Calderwood, Leon DeBaer, Wil- liam Gostlin. Row 6-Charles Parrish, Chris Madsen, Joseph Andy, Dave Sonntag, Steve Hoot. Row 7-Evan Reed, Philip Downey, John Chitty, Martin Wiggens, Roger Buck. Scahhard and Blade Pershing Rifles Q., 14' Q ui, I--.37 vy 4 n 1 A XJ 5 Q T .--Q nfl, 4 If ,n 'fu LT' Q .1 V f 7 V". Q' , , 1 ' 231 5 . g fi '1- ' Z :M ,J- Q '1 'x if -m,,,.,-P N .wx . I, . 'x , Y . Q ' f wil ' 1' ' Y ' ' i .N . .-X 2" X -sl X' - i - in U46 1 ., ' , 1? 'D' 17' , - . ' ' X r ,K iq ' ' 1' - , fsis - 'Q . ,ff . ' 3' ' lf" A X . ,M 9 :fd . A Mbna? I 1 -r ' f 1 Q, .,,,X F,,. Q Q- AM. ' ,ff , - Q' 7 b ,QB ,,- ,I X , - . 2- ' " S, ' 1 -N- . wig S st: , ,ay Y 357' ' 'WE M l' ' ' -- :" V :Xi A-mf Q fv.. fafg, N- I fi , M T-Q-'v , X ,fi ji! ,QQ , Y , W.. . - v .. x , . .. ., , YF1'f"?,', , , .. , - ugz,f.',-T .' , - ' f uf. ' ir" A , f ,z X 4 gr, it W ., ni..- A - b E . ., Min :..jw,L:,fr r 5'. ,- . W if Y S9 K". ff' yd!! , ,RA J, L-gifgf-19' f ggxii' '15 1qvl I , ' 1 , ' 'RNA 5" 4 'Mos A n , 7 x 7 W , -nikq Y .41 , 1- . ,. vIGif,p .'1Q5't"3v ' 95-:J , x' RQ? M x Fi' fig r il 1 Mmm v 4' N 1 . 'ir 1 ll vi YV' 'Y Y I C A m K I QQ 3,75 5 B 1' vi' ' !' .i-J, I A-sy, 1 , If , S an ,Q , , ,us 53 -4. . ..,. lx a 5, I i. . SPORTS5 .wx X -sf - ,a Q, N lg iikxv X. Rv .ll C ,Lal -in, t.,T,..r-,V jflifwp gf Row I-Greene, Tausch, Wise, Murphy, Eddy, Gissinger, Abbas, McDonald, Huth, Green, King. Row 2- Coach Evans, Miscenik, Rach, Ulrich, Burnette, Stone, Calcei, Pier, Semester, Mackey, B., Lupori, Lomax, Berish. "Doc" Ricker. Row 3--Coach Maluke, Gurley, Predl, Grosso, Lytle, Anderson, Adolph, Calloway, Fenstomacher, Mackey, J., Hooper, Green, Coach Laterza, Coach McMullen. Row 4-Smith, Hayward, Bur- rell. Henry. Wagster, Winkler, Parker, Davis, O'Casey, Okey, Austin, Leiby, Mace, Coach Lengyel. Football L -. ,J A-igpvf' 'x ff 186 Coaches McMullen, Evans, Maluke, Lengyel, and Laterza. JOE RACH GINO CALCEI Center Captain 2 Year Award Halfback Outstanding Performance 3 Year Award Most Valuable Back Seniors ' ar 4 ' Jr X J RUSS PIER Guard 3 Year Award I N WAYNE LYTLE JIM SEMESTER Tackle Guard Outstanding All-Conference Guard Senior Player Most Valuable Lineman 1 Year Award 4 Year Award 187 fir w Y 5. N. 'x I fe l V . 1 . 'J T, 5 JOHN STONE Quarterback Record Total Yards Gained and Completed Passes Most Valuable Back 4 Year Award --410 Lf PM Af. -wr -1 I ii' Akron 29 Mi. Union 23 Instead of the preseason prediction of winning only one game. the Zips were victorious on four occasions. Opening the schedule was a great comeback game against Mt. Union as Frank Lomax. scor- ing all four touchdowns. ran back a kick- off 'S yards with a minute and a half re- maining in the game. Akron 6 Muskingum O Two victories stand out as the highlights of the season. One came against highly over-rated Muskingum before 33,218 fans in the Rubber Bowl. This victory practi- cally put the Muskies out of the cham- pionship picture. Akron 0 Ohio Wesleyan 14 For the second year in a row the Bat- tling Bishops from Delaware shut out Akron. Poor weather conditions pre- railed but 4,000 fans supported the first Neighborhood Night as sponsored by the Barberton Merchants Association. Akron 20 Heidelberg 14 Invading Heidelberg, Akron disrupted Homecoming activities with an upset vic- tory. Brilliant defense enabled the Zips to keep Paul Hoerneman's crew from an un- disputed Ohio Conference Title. Akron 14 Wooster 15 Akron 0 Baldwin Wallace 6 On two other occasions victory was taken from the team in very close contests. To Wooster, the Zips lost by one point and in rain and mud to Baldwin-Wallace. Akron 28 Denison 14 A week later Akron scored quickly and held onto a margin over the Big Red of Denison. Hurt by injuries to Gino Calcei and Tom Murphy, Akron received their worst defeat of the season from Witten- berg. Akron 0 Wittenberg 3 5 Akron 14 Youngstown 34 In the annual Homecoming game which had been postponed from October to No- vember, the Zips, still hampered by inju- ries, lost their final game of the season to Youngstown. X 1 Ron 1 R Stoner J Holder B Zimmerman D Hoskmson Row2 R Read, K. Despite the fact that the 1959 edition of Akron U's cross country team produced but one victory, the future looks bright for the next year with the return of seven lettermen. Leading the Zip pack was Roger Read. For the iirst time in the short history of cross country here, two four-year awards were presented, one to Ken Kemp and the other to Jim Brueggeman. L . ' ..' -..lf '5 ,.:L.."'lV .'l I l .I :asm-qi 6 .s " f- -K .61 i - - . H: ,-use :V i ' ' it U: 'ti 'uf - - 4. K , M, '- .afd . fl! .5233 The University of Akron soccer team finished the season with an over-all record of 8-2 and at the top of the Ohio Soccer Associ- ation with 7-O for the second year in a row. In the process of taking the Association crown, the Akron booters outscored their opponents 36-10. Of these points, Adam Koch and Frank Abel each had eight. George Catsinaris led the team in assists with live, followed by Ed Bender with four. On the defensive side of the picture, the Zips came up with four straight shutouts in their final four games. This placed them on top defensively, only ten goals allowed in ten games. Credit goes to the co-captains, Walt Bender and Bill Cunningham, who along with Ed Bender played soccer for the last time at Akron. Goalie Joe Sziraky, Mike Flynn, Walt Kruppa, and Jim Parry also furnished defensive standout plays for the Zips. New records set this season belong to Ed Bender and Adam Koch who both have 28 goals for their college careers. Ed Bender also has the most assists for a college career. Back Row-Coach S. Parry, F. Schuber, A. Steiner, C. Fadel, M. Flynn, A. Koch, P. Downey, L. Hoag, F. Abel, L. Temo, E. Long. Ron 2-D. Thompson, J. Temo, J. Parry, G. Gatsinaris, A. Bilii, W. Kruppa, J. Kormanik, P. Riechert. Row I-B. Morrison, A. Dormu, K Zastawniak, W. Bender, J. Sziraky, B. Cunningham, H. Rosenthal, E. Bender. : .. K. ,.t..-..x-A '1 4 1 1 9 I Rifle Team Akron's riile team, under the coaching of M!Sgt. John Murray, captured the Lake Erie Intercollegiate Rifle Conference for the seventh time in its nine year history. The riile team won nine out of ten matches for the best performance of all Zip sports during the 1959- 1960 season. Bob Dick, Akron's All-American sharpshooter, cap- tured league honors with an average of 288.80 out of a possible 300. He, then, went on to take All-American honors, firing a 291 for a fourth place in the National Rifle Association Matches. The Zips lost four of its top shooters in June, ,Bob Coburn, George Nourse, Jack Stringer, and Bob Dick. Thus Coach Murray will look forward to rebuilding his team for the oncoming season. Row 1 fkneelingj-C. Cessna, V. Wolfe, B. Cobum. Row 2- B. Dick, J. Robeson, M!Sgt. Murray, G. Nourse, J. Stringer. W.A.A. OFFICERS President ............. Sheila Swigert Vice President .... .... S ue Shirhal Secretaries A.... . . . Patty Melnik Nancy Helrick Advisors .,.. . . . Mrs. Noakes Miss Ruman Under the guidance of the women's physical education department, the Wom- en's Athletic Association offers coeds an opportunity to participate in various events and contest. Sorority and inde- pendent teams vie for top honors in the contests. Included in the program are volleyball, bowling, archery, badminton, and swim- ming. The awards were presented at the annual W. A. A. banquet held at the Brown Derby. The A. D, Pi's were award- ed a plaque for accumulation of the most points in all intramurals. Row I-R. Neal, C. Lee, B. Whaley, J. Malone, D. Cyrill, A. Adams. Row 2-Asst. Coach D Wood, B. Anderson, H. Mumford, J. Hopper, B. Price, D. Williams, G. Johnson, H. McG1o- than, Coach Tony Laterza. Row 3-D. Kaase, B. Greene, C. Becker, J. Webb, D. Huddleston C. Avery, W. Webb, D. Haynes, J. Jasko, G. Frampton, Manager. Coach Tony Laterza 194 Seniors Bob Whaley Caplain, guard 4 year lelterman All-Ohio Conference, 3 years Honorable Mention, Small College All-American M - ,e Jim Malone Guard 4 year letterman Richard Neal Forward 3 year letterman v..q E gb ti , ri! Wie, :fra X A successful basketball season under new head coach Tony La- terza was climaxed as the Zips captured Ohio Conference second place, finishing with 17 victories and 8 losses. Hard-fought victories were picked up over top-notch teams as Denver and Youngstown. By defeating Kent State, the Zips clinched the Hisey Trophy given to the winner of the best of a six-game series. Overall the Zips outscored, outdefensed and outrebounded their opponents. Led by Alex Adams' 421 points, the Blue and Gold amassed a total of 1902 points. Bob Whaley finished his career with a total of 1217, second highest in Akron records. Both Adams and Whaley were named to the All-Ohio Conference first team and Who's Who in small colleges. Akron Wittenberg Akron 76 DePauw Akron Denver Akron 57 Toledo Akron Muskingum Akron 93 Kent Akron Lawrence Akron 61 Kent Akron Westminster Akron 102 B-W Akron Oberlin Akron 93 Wooster Akron Heidelberg Akron 78 Capital Akron Marietta Akron 87 Hiram Akron O. Wesleyan Akron 69 Mt. Union Akron Otterbein Akron 7 1 Buffalo Akron Youngstown Akron 89 Wooster Akron Wittenberg Akron 71 Mt. Union Akron Wittenberg is A . f . .1 . " xv , X x 2 I X fi N l t ...A I 1-. ws ' 'lx' -X l . 4 "--.X , ' . y L l V Q M t X 1 NMWM, u . . ,I , g 3 it - t, X y .F al . ' ' - . W- I A , ff ' ' 1 Y i il H ' X ff f W X5 Ax Ss .ff- . I ' J 3 gi J . , F .V X, X , ' I A it I wi i lv 'I X fm -J, 5 ' f X if ' ."" 'X 3'-2:?kyi,,,,,.., A , Tv J. Q C A x X , .. X Killa, Q A , . ' 0 1 29 Md" ' ' 4 1 f I - 2 ,H , 1 ,pf , , -of . A-ns.. . I .., Jr 'ff fr - e+'i1tfff f'fe" f'ff24 Row I-DeBaer, Seiberling, Mitchell, Berry. Row 2-Smith, Horner, Krause, Folden, Gibson. Row 3-Cullen, Klein, Davis, Coach Lengyl. This year's swimming team can boast of setting three new rec- ords. Freestyler Chuck Seiberling established a new 50-yard record with the time of 24.2. Seiberling also holds the 100-yd freestyle record of 55.3 and with teammates Ashley, Avery, and Folden does the 400-yd freestyle in 3.55. Coach Lengyl looks for- ward to a more successful season next year. The nine freshmen who will again be on the team form the necessary solid nucleus for victory. , 41 -7,3 fe f .fs"" ,, 'N Wrestling Coach Maluke's wrestling team finished the seasu with sevenwins in eight matches,losing only to Nlusliing um. His seven year record as coach at the Hilltvp in- cludes 50 Wins, 2 ties, and I0 losses. His record of nener finishing below second in Ohio Conference Champion- ships was kept intact by the 1959-60 squad which ished runners-up to Hiram. Of the eight individual championships. Akron took two: Larry Wormald the 147 lb. title and Paul Lauren- schlegar the 130 lb. crown. For Wormald. it was his third title in a row, finishing his wrestling career in grand style. Rowl Pedone Klein Martin Webner Anderson Manager Gandy. Row 2-Eisenman, Lauren- schlegar Wormald MacDonald Abbas Lushbaugh Pier. Y ll CC ...W jf VJ! Rf f Row I-D. Young, P. Gruic, P. Barzo, E. Dalton, R. Nelson, C. Borner, R. Piekarski. Row 2- Coach Harold Sloop, A. Smith, T. Woodcock, D. Williams, T. Adolph, E. Ardelian, Coach Cochrane. Row 3-A. Fenstomocher, N. Eddy, D. Lombardi, L. Beam, F. Huff, G. Calcei, S. t Axline, B. Butcher. 6 If Baseball 1' S A happy ending to a rather dismal baseball season was a thirteen inning win over Baldwin-Wallace, 5-4, in the only extra-inning game of the spring. This was their sixth victory in a fourteen game season that was just as tough as the weather. Over its first seven games, the Zips ran up a string of four wins-only to have a siege of rain wash out the next four starts. No action, as well as very little chance for practice, made the second half of the schedule even tougher than it already had been. A three-man pitching staff had to work in two double- headers within rt week. This heavy load and some spotty fielding showed up in the scores as the team dropped four straight. An encouraging note was the batting of the fresh- man rightlielder, Ed Ardelian. Ardelian pounded out a .400 average, high for the team. Leading pitcher was righthander Tom Adolph, an- other freshman, who went 51-1X 3 innings in seven appearances. He notched three Zip victories and had a 1.58 earned run average. His 37 strikeouts and 17 walks also led the team. Gino Calcei was named outstanding player. Along with Calcei, Bill Butcher, Don Lombardi, and Don Young were honored as four-year men. 1960 Scores: Akron 1-Heidelberg 9, Akron 2- Wooster 3, Akron 6, 7-Otterbein 3, 1, Akron 3- Oberlin 1, Akron 3, 3, 0-Hiram 1, 4, 4, Akron 2- Mt. Union 3, Akron 24Kent State 20, Akron 5, 0- Muskingum 2, 6, Akron 2-Kenyon 6, Akron 5- Baldwin-Wallace 4. Y: ,, Akron's golf team split 6-6 in the 1960 season, closing with a winning streak of four matches. This high-scoring linish speaks well for the Zip golfers who only had one upper-c1ass- man in C aptain Jim Mul- hearn. a junior. As a team. the Zips tin- ished tifth in the Ohio Con- ference Tournament: al- though two Zip golfers land- ed on the Top Ten. Mul- hearn finished sixth in the state while Sophomore Tim Edwards was ninth. One of the many promis- ing signs for Zip golf in '61 has been Freshman Keith Burch's performance. Golf . E 1 -3? ff f 'f J 5 , Fi A r f J I 4 K Y X 5 '- '. -' ' .elbskfg-F H ::7!,-wwrq 3' U ,MS . s 4---a Y- . . x 'Mft -x W 4 1 f 3 -' i- 5 -gum. 4 E f l .X ,Q s t y . Q . '5 , .. t7?1fL'f1f 4 sq ' ,lf 'Rs grit-0 K I Ron Seikel, Tim Edwards, Mike Flinn, Keith Burch Jim Mulhearn Coach Tony Laterza ' if ifvrfq' 'ik. 7':'5VUo1: 'b fs'-. .. . - . .- . ..: A 'If' t N , .. 36,4 .s.i-.144 .r,. ,N.,.:u i p V A A VX, v. 1. L ' , A egg 3 ' 'l- Jul", 'S 8 'El b nh may gm R I . w .' fl 'mm N 14351 '- ,flri - ..1. 4. N . 4-4- ......,,. 4' '-- .'. , Z -. ,-... .-N ..,. 'frb9.,,Qg5- ., -' - - 4 -' A 'w'fl.'gf1 ' ',:,,Wg ' . ' - ,M-i.-rvuui-A in -. a in 1-in-.J '1 fs 44- ,Q Q, ,. ...H , Q'a.n...v-...1 h. W , A-4' M .U may ,,.... ..-. . .. "7bc.1f5T?5""4 Qt JW r 1 1 ' V ' . '.- N . , .ww '-fsftivgg-'Q' .I , if . ' I - ., - ' ' ' s , M , ,, .1 1 ,i .,,,.,- .. ....-'H Among the seven victo- ries was a stretch of three straight against Heidelberg, Fenn and Mt. Union. Two of the defeats were to Ober- lin and Kenyon, annually rated as Ohio college ten- nis powers. This year's squad carried four seniors, Dean Milo, Jack Bayonnett, Herb Stein and John Carosella. Still eligible is Curt Flinn. Flinn and Stein, each with eight victories, won the most sin- gle matches. Milo was hon- ored as the outstanding player. , - 11 .r. r 11. P I Intramurals Champions VOLLEYBALL Winners Phi Delta Theta Runners up Theta Chi BOWLING Winners Tau Kappa Epsilon Runners up Alpha Epsilon Pi SCUTTLEBALL Winners Joe Mackey, Loren Green, Ray Parks Runners up Dave Young, Don Young, Tom Adolph CHRISTMAS BASKETBALL Winners Vikings Runners up Buckeyes UNIVERSITY BASKETBALL Winners Buckeyes Runners up Vikings FRATERNITY BASKETBALL Winners Phi Delta Theta Runners up Lone Stars WRESTLING Winners Lone Stars Runners up Phi Kappa Tau SWIMMING Winners Lone Stars Runners up Phi Delta Theta PING PONG CSinglesJ Winner Don Lombardi Runner up Herb Stein PING PONG CDoub1esJ Winners Herb Stein 8: Paul Sisamis Runners up Don Lombardi 8L Ken Brewster TRACK AND FIELD Winners D.R.G.'s Runners up Lone Stars SOFTBALL Winners Phi Delta Theta Runners up Theta Chi JN.. Q... " A,' I te Eleven champions were decided on the intramural scene in 1959-60. Lone Star and Phi Delta Theta dom- inated the intramurals with each claiming three lirsts and a runners up. Theta Chi's, showing much improvement. were runners up in three sports. Independent teams were on the increase with as many as eleven teams entering the events. The Vikings were thwarted in their fourth try for the University basket- ball crown by the Buckeyes. Under the able direction of the Intramural Commis- sioner, Bob Whaley, assisted by the newly appointed IM Commissioner, Marco Burnette. a well organized intra- mural program was instituted with a total of 1361 -par- ticipating. Team trophies were handed out during May Day ceremonies. 205 F' I3 Rv 1-R. Mcliissick. C. Lee. R. Zimmerman. R. Read, D. Russell, K Kemp A Adams Row 2 W Turner T S heatzle. S. Mace. W. Owens. R. Gill. T. Murphy, M. Burnette, D. Davis Row 3 Coach Jack Lengyel Manager Ni Flasco. R. Neal. D. Hoskinson. R. Burkholder. Trainer Porfere Dudich R Scaife R Stoner Trainer L Lush bau h Coach Tom Evans. Track Track records were broken in low and high hurdles, 440-yd., and 880-yd. runs to spark the Zips' 1960 sea- son. It also found Zip trackmen in third position of the Ohio Conference Meet. Climon Lee represented Akron at the NCAA Mid- eastern College Meet in Chicago. Giving the best per- formance of his career, Lee set both Akron and Mid- eastern meet records with times of 14.5 sec. in the 120 highs and 22.9 sec. in the lows. It qualified him for the NCAA Championships in California where he was eliminated in the semifinals. Lee was named "Athlete of the Year" as a climax to his successful season. Senior Bob Gill ended a fine career by running second to Olympic hopeful Billup at the Mideastern Meet. fc. . 0 6- I I ,f Zipettes This year the usual five girl line of Zipettes had an extra member, a drum majorette. Four- year veteran Lois Ling was cap- tain for the 1960 team. With her at the games and the assemblies were Rosemary Christy, Carli Palermo, Dedee Ceglar, Kay Morgan, and Diane Ceglar who was drum majorette. 1 an Cheerleaders Much of the school spirit is created by our cheer- leaders. Regardless of weather or crowd size, the cheerleaders are always the re to encourage the teams to victory. Marlene Miller has been captain this year. Other varsity members are Jane D,Ambruoso, Karen Gray, Midge Mannion, and Dave Hoskinson. Reserve cheer- leaders include: Pat An- gelo, Sara Shaar, Sandy Nelson, and Ellen Varian. 208 .. , 'fi , - f ?.ii14.'1i'f.....5. . .wfe 'Wir sr K we .1 , 1 we-H --- -f X, ..., , s ef- .r, ix , ' W ' ff., . ' s f r P aj is ,. v4 I 5 . 1 :A L :S - ' r , A' u 1 x A 5 I if Q 4, 1 Q 1 W X 'F P1 4? ,av '. SX C s A 1 gms' , I ' KW". ,Q wiv- ' fn UN,- 5 f fx 5' W 'J' kift fx' Q x 'W N ffm f" :VU 51,1 ini... 4 Y. N' X-A , . 4 . I 2 , X-.xfy-vi Q . '. ,- .Q .V , 1 ' C 'S' N .55-2,17 . ' - - 1 , -. '1 ,. . J' 5 . . ' V'-x . 3' 1 ..' in , , .I ,ns I n ' i, f - , D., h . Q, ,rf . 3" ' '-1A,".'5"n'4,'i . Q ,. 1. . 'f' .i 8 ' ' '- ' 1. 1 -1 HI - , 1 - , w ' , 1. gm, - -. ' x nik ' T 2 ' :.'53,1-T A' ff - ' Q-X Q- 1 v ,w gi" "I 5 4 ..' ,,.- , x '. 'X-. 5 K.. I. LL.'.,x .41 if ya . , . ,Q .' .' xx -Na-,-1' Q S , ' 'ijs I' -,' Q xp! sp .Lg Q .. ' ' K NIP.. X 4 , , , -'iv Q 1 vi D. ,I 5 xl 5.1. 'Q V- , 'Q 'K 1 . x ' ' 9 hifi RONALD D. ALLECREE College of Liberal Arts Phi Sigma Kappa Pres. Buchtelite Bus. Mgr. Unixersiu' Theatre Radio Workshop A-Kew WILLIAM A. ANDERSON College of Liberal .-I rts Alpha Phi Alpha Veep. Phi Alpha Theta I.I".C Representatixe Freshman Counselor Spanish Club ', fb--Q5 L i 25' A.. 'Z' JAXILS XY. BARYSLR f,'1l'i"Z' of ltutineas lN'll.I.lAH R. BARN.-X College 'ff Liberal AVIS Newman Club UNIVERSITY UF AKRON JON ARTZ College of Liberal Arts Pershing Rifles Soccer JUDITH ANDERSON College of Education Theta Upsilon Newman Club Womens League Council Panhellenic Council May Court 1960 RICHARD D. ARDELIAN College of Business S.A.M. EDWARD V. BAICH College of Business Beta Delta Psi Accounting Club EDUARD BENDER College of Liberal Arts Phi Delta Theta Senior Class Veep Soccer All-American Arnold Air Commander A-Key STANLEY M. BERMAN ' College of Liberal Arts Alpha Epsilon Pi Veep Tel-Buch Assoc. Editor Swimming Freshman Counselor 'lava RAYMOND W. BARBER Q College of Education " pit ? " W "WZ, W Phi Alpha Theta .- . ' " Newman Club President S.N.A.E. 'Treasurer ALBERT BARNES ' 1 . . 5 Q College ol Business 210 WILLIAM G. AULD College of Business S.A.M. Indus. Mgt. Club ARTHUR E. BAILEY College of Education Football JAMES E. BENNETT College of Education Tau Kappa Epsilon AFROTC Wing Commander I.F.C. Representative Who's Who MARY ANN BISESI College of Liberal Arts Theta Phi Alpha Pres. Phi Sigma Society Women's League Pres. Pierian Who's Who ROBERT AZAR College of Business Pi Kappa Epsilon ALBERTA C. BANTON College of Education Ivyettes Kappa Delta Pi S.N.E.A. President A.C.E. RAYMOND BENSON College of Liberal Arts JANE BODEN ' College of Education Delta Gamma Panhellenic Council University Theatre S.N.E.A. A.C.E. 4 CLASS OF 1960 MARY ANN BOWMAN College of Liberal Arts Women's Art League Scholarship Radio Workshop WILLIAM H. BRYANT College of Business Buchtelite Indus. Mgt. Club Marketing Club Track WILLIAM J. BUTKE College of Education Phi Kappa Epsilon Omicron Delta Kappa Student Center Manager Who's Who A-Key STUART H. CLARK College of Engineering A.S.M.E. EDWARD BOYER College of Law Pi Sigma Alpha FOSTER S. BUCHTEL College of Liberal Arts Philosophy Club Pres. Physics Club Buchtelite DOROTHY CARTER College of Education RICHARD A. CLAUSS College of Education Phi Alpha Theta Sec.-Treas. S.N.E.A. 'I HOMAS IIRI'I 'I AIN College ol Engineering Sigma 'I'au A.S.M.E. CALVIN T. BURKET A aa QL! L , CARL BOHN X KXLN Izfnw College of lilluratron f frfge of L4 .fy Wrestling Alpna Irma P. Ohio Champion Wrestler s,N,l, ,X X1-eg, American Speech Ass-ut. Arrrr. RU I f. Hz: JAMES H. BROWN College of Business Sigma Alpha Epsilon S.A.NI. Treasurer Slap Q .cf:r. lbw I W.A.A. 'I HONIAS BROWN College of Lan Student Bar AML. Sigma Phl I'.pe.Lor. College of Engineering A.S.M,E. Treasurer Intramural Bowling Intramural Basketball Intramural Softball GARY .BELCHAMBERS College of Education ROBERT A. COBURN College of Liberal Arts Alpha Chi Sigma Pres. Phi Sigma Alpha Phi Eta Sigma Rifle Team Captain A-Key ,--wiv it J 'Yi ' Q..-v, 211 '9' 22 MORAYXE R. BURKHARDT College of Edrrcatiorz 32 Iwi T? . T an-Q wrttusr H. BLES c- ---f -'E' t..-5 . ..,..-.., Theta Chi Theta Phi Alpha Sec. Ne'-linen Club Max' Courts 1939-60 Buchtelzte Panhellenic Council S.N.E.A. Newman Club ROSEMARY CHRISTY JOHN CHLBIBLEX College of Edzrradou Cjfrge 5' 5:..f:':ff Alpha Delta Pi Sec. Pierian Zippette Student Council Senior Class Secretarv QB 4-S9 154 L x KENNETH XV. CORDIER 4.fu.'.'ege of Engineering A.S.5l.E. Arnold Air Societi- DORIS CROSBY Cgifege or Etlllflllltlll luettes W.A.A. 'G ' . s DONALD NI. CRANMER College of Business 5.A.NI. Marketing Club I.S.A. CINDA CULVER College ofEd11cation Theta llpsilon Pres. Kappa Delta Pi Alpha Lambda Delta Pierian Womens League Council UNIVERSITY JANE D'AMBRUOSO College of Eduration Alpha Gamma Delta Pres. Pierian AFROTC Wing Sponsor Cheerleader CLIFFORD DAVIS Homecoming k May Courts College of Law wa-sup' I X , V N Q 'P' A 'ENT R , ' eff gs' ps :A J 2 Q I ' D4 if DONALD DENIKLE College of Liberal Arlt Phi Delta 'I heta President IYho'5 Him A-Key CEORCF, DILLON College of Eduralion 'lau Kappa Epsilon Phi Sigma Alpha Kappa Della Pi llniversity 'I heatre P A-Key S Y' l i Q ' -1 a-1-.Q .- if ,iii -uv PERRY DICKINSON College of Law PAUL DOLENSKY College of Engineering Pi Kappa Epsilon A.S.M.l-L. Newman Club 0F AKRON RICHARD E. DAVIS College of Engineering Pi Kappa Epsilon Senior Class President Junior Rotarian AIEE-IRE Secretary PETER DE ANGELIS FREIDA DELAGRANGE THOMAS P. DEMETER College of Liberal AHS College of Education College of Business Political SCi6nCC Club AE Charter Member Tau Kappa Epsilon Spanish Club Soccer Marketing Club Dutstanding Senior CLAUDIA McLAUGHLIN College of Liberal Arts Alpha Delta Pi Vice President Rush Chairman Pierian President Phi Alpha Theta President Phi Sigma Alpha Who's Who res. A A'Key CLASS 0F 1960 GERALD DONNELLY College of Business Phi Delta Theta Marketing Club Wrestling I' 1515 'af-if RICHARD EISMAN College of Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha A.S.C.E. LLOYD H. EMERY College of Liberal Arts Tau Kappa Epsilon TKE Collegians Philosophy Club Physics Club WALTER FIELDING College of Engineering A.S.C.E. DMS-Army ROTC RICHARD DUFALA College of Liberal Arts Lambda Chi Alpha Pres. 6- I u , ,. , , V, 3, V if it gsm' . , ' s -fs, E " 5' 5 t S, , i Ja C. ,, X . 'A . 125' 3 s5'5?i'm3'f" w . ' X 4 iv Q5 as is 1 , " QS flee ,rs t1,5,ns'f' -5 .p , sq Uv if - -JWNA' il' ' , ' 'v"i?f .ful fir.. Riffs fi' -I V, ff ff..-eil f K! 1 . we' -T ' K -, Z K 2 4 JREQQQ Q Q'C'm.sf , :gr . ,, ii, 2 '. X 'I .vga H7922 Yfheie "W-sn. 5 me Xa . ALFRED ELAVSKY College of Business SUSAN EPSTEIN College of Liberal Arts Alpha Delta Pi, Phi Sigma Outing Club BARBARA FIORDALIS College of Education Kappa Kappa Gamma Y.W.C.A. W.A.A. VA -usi- 1'5 L31 ' ,:-' L If ' Viv f I 4 .J ,ann dl"- G15 'U' .s.3' KI'1NNI'1'IH LIJWAKIDS College ul Liberal Arts Alpha Chi Sigma 'I rc-as. 406:- C Q QQ f. 1.,y ' ROBERT A. ELLER College of Business Indus. Mgt. Club Marketing Club PAUL FAVALON College of Engineering A.S.C.E. GEORGE W. FLOWER College of Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha AIEE-IRE AK-4 if 213 WERNER DOMINIK College of Engineering Sigma Tau A.S.M,E. RONALD P. EDWARDS College ol Business Marketing Club new f ' f ',,as'. P: ,-E-A HPQNIAXIIN IJUNAI P.l.I.l College of lwbfrc. lft: Phi Alpha 'I hr-'a 5,A.NI. Marketing Club IOSLPH IP. l'.f,,'l N College or Lngiv.efr:v.4 A.S.Nl.l.. '. 4?-. V 1,35 Qs' A M . . .ew if 'na'-' QS?-1 i WILLIAM EMERICR College of BUSIIIFS Pi Kappa Epsilon Pres. Who's Who GILBERT W. FERGUSON Ctlllegc' of l.ille'l'41l .-I FIX Sigma Phi Epsilon Pi Kappa Delta Delta Kappa Pi Order ofthe Gavelier Ashton Trophx Winner QUN . 'J 2 x " JOHN EBIERY Coifege' 5' B:.i:':fsf Phi Sigma Kappa Lnuersitv Band L'niieiSit'- Orchestra JAMES EVANS CD.'.'rgr cf B:.s:':r I 1' , qrzv DAYID FRETZ College' of Business Phi Kappa Tau S.A.M. ,IANIES FRITSCH Co.'.'f'gi' of Engineering Phi Delta Theta Pres. A.S.M.E. Arnold Air Society Student Council In n . w-Q: 1 iff 1 , E-ETD JAMES A. C-ODA College of Engineering Sigma Tau AIEE-IRE GERALD GREEN College of Eduralion GERALD FRIENT College of Business Tau Kappa Epsilon DAVID FRUTCHEY College of Liberal Arts Physics Club Veep Radio Workshop Arnold Air Society AFROTC Chorus I ' etfflifg E51 rev'- U SHIRLEY GRANT College of Liberal Arts Phi Mu President Student Center Hostess Student Council A-Key Whrfs VVho EDNA GREGORY College of Liberal Arts Phi Sigma Alpha UNIVERSITY UF AKRON THEODORE FUNDUKOS HERMAN GERCKE College of Engineering College of Business Lambda Chi Alpha Phi Delta Theta A.S.E.E. Veep S.A.M. Senior Board Marketing Club Sec. DORIS GERRY Campus Christian Fellowship Track College of Liberal Arts ROBERT J. GILL College of Business Lambda Chi Alpha Marketing Club Varsity A Club Cross Country Track Team Captain THEODORE GRIFFIN College of Engineering A.S.M.E. S.A.-M.E. FREDRICKA HAGERTY College of Liberal Arts Alpha Lambda Delta Buchtelite Radio Workshop Q x . GLENN GIVENS College of Liberal Arts Tau Kappa Epsilon Alpha Chi Sigma Pres. Freshman Counselor Sabre Squadron CLAIRE HADDAD College of Business Beta Delta Psi Eastern Orthodox Fellowship I.S.A. University Orchestra Y.W.C.A. University Theatre ROBINSON HAMMOND5 Newman Club College of Education JERRY S. GLAZMAN College of Liberal Arts Alpha Epsilon Pi Alpha Chi Sigma Sec. ARLENE HADDEN College of Education Phi Mu SNEA ACE Army ROTC Sponsor May Court 1959 WALTER T. HAR NACH College of Education A.E. President Chi Sigma Student Council-Evening Evening Theatre 214 CLASS OF 1960 EUGENE HEIM College of Business Pi Kappa Epsilon RICHARD W. HERHOLZ College of Education Theta Chi Scabbard 8: Blade Arnold Air Society Sabre Squadron MARION HICKS College of Education THOMAS HOLDREN College of Engineering Sigma Tau AIEE-IRE Treas. 'Fm NANCY HELFRICK College of Education Alpha Gamma Delta W.A.A. Sec. Y.W.C.A. W.A.A. Volleyball Mgr. . J'-' 'TIS 36- -w-QN is We HELEN HERR College of Liberal Arts Delta Gamma Pres. University Theatre Freshman Counselor Songfest Chairman A-Key HOWARD L. HILKER College of Engineering A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. O.S.P.E. College of Engineer: ng AIEE-IRE 'if GEORGE HOMEGARDNER f t a E ,lt Q' R0lll'lR'l' Hl'lNlJl'1RSON College ol Ilusinesr Pi Kappa Epnilon Marketing Club S.A.M. fe A fly' DAVID H. HESS College of Engineering A.S.M.E. GEOFFREY K. HILL College of Education Tau Kappa Epsilon Pi Kappa Delta Student Council Radio Workshop Arnold Air Society JOHN HORVATH College of Business Lambda Chi Alpha Student Council Indus. Mgt. Club IFC Asst. Student Center Mgr. r'?iT?f"?Q2- '1 ,J ree: ifisf s X ff v',,aA,a.Q'ti-,..:-Y.. , . ,.ifH,x,.kg:: , ., , X ,.a ,L ."'e:is. A " rs: ' Q rv ,i .,-gust: 'r 215 'QA fi ps: -if QQ ROBERT HAROLD College of Engineering A.S.M.E. S.A.M.E. O.S.P.E. MICHAEL B, HI-INDLER College of Liberal Arts Alpha Epsilon Pi Veep Scabbard 84 Blade I.F.C. Freshman Counselor Spanish Club I J .As- ff?:f,4't A Qi N gag.-1, 'ar QW! 4 I 5 f 1 rfb' l 5 ' Air' I 's 4 Z "" 1 K . '23, . ,- , '2 QQ '-".:, f ' .M - v- i -5 " --.. fx .' I5 .:L..n V t 1- ' -'lofi' ' se- 'A-ff ' ifsgxfgfl :ef -f' ri ' - fa " 'ami' 1 ,J MU: .- 4 , Y! -s 1 - 0 1 .. ,- 'A ' .' .' rig, . I ai- I f 1 .,,.5 . - T t zz -"1 Ig vt , 5' 5 'l 'e lf- -f. BRUCE HEUPEL College of Engineering Sigma Tau A.S.M.E. RILEY HILL College of Business -qv QIQ I 1 .iv X N-r L X l'.l.Sll'. H X lfSXl AN College 0' lnbrvo. 4v': Alpha Della P1 Buchxehu: Womens Lf-agua RALPH HLNIJRICK College of Lngxneering A.S.C.PQ. Newman Club 'ir ,' up-1. . 1 X-37 ' ROBERT D. HIBB5 Coiiege of Lan. Student Bar Assxiarior' HUGH HILLIARD College of Busmeu ROBERT I-lL'BER Caiiege of Edziration Tau Kappa Epsilon Pi Kappa Delia S.N.E.A. MARGARET HURYN CuI.'rge' of Liberal .-I rfs Delia Gamma Pi Kappa Delta Alpha Lambda Delta Pierian A-Kew 23 ni,-I' ' LUIS KI'.I.l,Y College of Eflufalion LRWIN K. KNILNTT College of Engineernig Sigma 'Iau AIELIRE 4 .A . .1 it JAMES HUNTON College of Edumtiorz L'niversitv Theatre Forensic Union Political Science Club S.N.E.A. MARGARET IACOMINI College of Education Alpha Delta Pi Y.W.C.A. S.N.E.A. Newman Club Newman Club Court Att. QU' f..4-.rg- . -V . . . - ,ofa , . ,w ye 1 S, fWf'efi81 , i ,G ' .rl .lil , ,' :J A ,,. , .,. I ' Y 3. 4- . X, -iv' , 'nn-0' Q ha' ROBERT KENSON College ol Liberal Arts RONALD KNOUFF College of Engineering Sigma 'I au AILE-IRE UNIVERSITY OF AKRON JACK W. JOHNSON BEVERLY JONES College of Business College of Education Phi Sigma Kappa Treasurer Zeta Tau Alpha Veep N. R- JOHANSON l Beta Delta Psi Student Council Sec College of Engineering S,A,M, W,A,A, A.S.M.E. Marketing Club Y.W.C.A. we-'H ul-sn, 'MGS .lL'.5f ...anlvvieil RALPH W. JONES DONALD R. KAUFFMAN HERBERT KELLY JR College of Engineering College of Business College of Engineering Tau Kappa Epsilon Evening Theatre Pres. Sigma Tau Alpha Epsilon President AIEE-IRE Sabre Squadron X5 Outstanding Senior THOMAS SWEITZER College of Engineering Phi Delta Theta Omicron Delta Kappa Sigma Tau President University Theatre AIEE-IRE CLASS 0F 1960 ANNETTE KOLB College of Liberal Arts Theta Phi Alpha Pres. Tau Kappa Phi Home Economics Club Newman Club CAROL LOUISE KRUTKY College of Education Kappa Kappa Gamma A.C.E. President Women's League Council W.A.A. Newmanlite Editor BERNARD F. LESNESKI College of Engineering Phi Kappa Tau A.S.M.E. Newman Club P.E., Ohio FRED LOMBARDI College of Liberal Arts Phi Delta Theta nimiilfi Z kkxi I V JOHN KOOGLER College of Engineering Sigma Tau ASCE Sec. ANDREW LAMPERS College of Business Student Council Track Indus. Mgt. Club S.A.M. Intramural Basketball ALVIN LIEBERMAN College of Business Alpha Epsilon Pi Beta Delta Psi President Accounting Club ANDREW LIPSTAK College of Education Baseball ROBERT KORHAN College of Law .4-HY EMANUEL LAMPOS College of Liberal Arts Theta Chi Student Council Eastern Orthodox Fellowship LOIS LING College of Education Alpha Delta Pi Pres. Pierian A-Key Zippette Captain AFROTC Sponsor EDMOND E. LONG, JR. College of Engineering A.S.M.E. All-American Soccer Team Lacrosse Touchdown Club Award Varsity "A" Club if .far x Fx.-ok 217 WILLIAM KNOX College ol Business JOHN T. KOSTOFF College of Business Lambda Chi Alpha Marketing Club sua. fv- . '19 5 i vo' "tl" JAMES LEE College of Education Phi Sigma Kappa Political Science Club LAWRENCE LOGSDOX College of Edzimrzovz Newman Club Football I s mags. -:' if ST ANLLY KUIJISH College of Iiumvaf . Alpha lnpallfm P. Pr'-x ROBERT ROI..-1.f-H College of Eflxuaziw, Basketball '- Q54 fi "" ' 1 iX. J A U N X l be l .J 'I . 1 A PAUL LEXGI College 0' Eng!-ze:-x-rg Lambda Chi Alpha AIEE-IRE O.S.P.E. DONALD LOMBARDI College J' B:.5.'zess Phi Delta Them Philowphv Club Marketing Club Baseball Capmzn X 'Q -3-0 i e-rx' ,. " 1' PHILIP R. LYNN College of Education S.N.E.A. JOHN LIITES College of Business Phi Delta Theta en '25 we THEODORE MARKS College of Law EDWARD A. NIARTELL College of Buciness Pi Kappa Epsilon S.A.M. Pres. Beta Delta Upsilon Marketing Club Indus. Mgt. Club 5 I GEORGE LUNSTROM College of Education S.N.E.A. Newman Club Accounting Club MARJORIE LUTES College of Education Phi Mu S.N.E.A. YV .A.A . University Band Art Club Q 5 JOSEPH MARSHALL College of Engineering A.S.M.E. ESTHER MARTIN College of Education UNIVERSITY UF AKRON GENEVIEVE LYNN College of Education N.E.A. O.E.A. JAMES P. MACGREGOR College of Business Phi Delta Theta Accounting Club Beta Delta Psi Marketing Club MICHAEL MCGOWAN College of Law PHILLIP MERVIS College of Business Alpha Epsilon Pi Marketing Club 218 GEORGE MACADAM College of Engineering Sigma Tau A.S.C.E.-President HELEN MALLO College of Liberal Arts Alpha Delta Pi Phi Sigma Society Spanish Club Treas. Biology Club A-Key RICHARD MCKENZIE College of Business Theta Chi Newman Club S.A.M. Marketing Club CAROL MIHALEC College of Liberal Arts Delta Gamma Newman Club Radio Workshop University Singers PATRICIA MCALEESE College of Education Phi Mu Veep, Treas. Newman Club Women's League Council S.N.E.A. Johnson Club Treas. l ROBERT J. MANSON College of Engineering A.S.C.E. Veep EDITH MCKINNON College of Education N.E.A. O.E.A. VERALEA MIHALY College of Liberal Arts Buchtelite Staff Alpha Lambda Delta Pi Kappa Delta Phi Sigma Alpha University Theatre CLASS OF 1960 JUDITH MILLER College of Education Theta Upsilon Pres. Womcn's League Veep Panhellcnic Council Pres. Freshman Counselor S.N.E.A. RICHARD MONTGOMERY College of Liberal Arts Sigma Phi Alpha Art Club Veep WILLIAM OREOS College of Business DOROTHY PARKER College of Education Kappa Delta Pi Alpha Sigma Lambda ,7 MARIE MILLER College of Education J. DENNIS MORTON College of Liberal Arts Alpha Epsilon Pi Student Council Pres. Omicron Delta Kappa Who's Who Phi Eta Sigma HAROLD OSBORN College of Engineering University Singers Choral Ensemble EDWIN L. PARMS College of Liberal Arts Alpha Phi Alpha Pres. Scabbard and Blade IFC Representative Biology Club Freshman Counselor MARLENE MlI.l.l'1R College of Education Alpha Delta Pi Social Cheerleader Captain Student ' un ' - Co cil Hornccorning Queen 1059 Elections Committee BETTY LEE MOTZ College of Education A.C.E. Philosophy Club DONALD O'SHEA College of Lib-eral Arts Physics Club Pres. University Theatre Buchtelite Newman Club THELMA PASCHALL College of Education Theta Upsilon Treas. Johnson Club Buchtelite W.A.A. S.N.E.A. 219 DONALD R. NIIKLS College ol Engineering A.I.E.E. Sec. Sigma Tau Trcas. I.R.E. CONSTANTINE R. MILO College of Business Lambda Chi Alpha Varsity Tennis Accounting Club Pres. Scabbard 8: Blade Q av' l',l.lZAlSP.lH Xlll.l0Pl: College of Liberal 417. Kappa Kappa f,afr.rr.a I .-'lipha!,1i:s infra Phi Sigma .ilpha Sludthl f,fuIif,.. R.O.'l L. Symvfr 'I'HUNlAS NllNl.R College of Engzneennz 3 sin!! SANDRA C. NELSON College of Business Phi Mu Pi Omega Pi R. THOMAS OST College of Liberal .-I rts Buchtelite Editor University' Theatre Student Council A-Rey Whos Who EDXVARD NETTLES Csffrgr' Ci E':g:'::'r': "5 Tau Rapp: Epsiion Xfhos who University Band Student Counci' A.l.E.E. DORIS OTTAGALLI Coffcgr of E.i:..':.':.": Kappa Kappa Gsmzzza T Pi Omega P1 Newman Club XV..-X..-X. Y.XY.C..-X. h, -if 8721. r i ki I 1" 1 . uv' I 1 ANDREXV PASRO CJl.'f'gc' of 1,011 FLOYD PEGLER College of Bzisinr-5 Marching Band Concert Band Psychologv Club Tau Kappa Epsilon Indus. Mgt. Club x qos -can , 'Uv . FRED L. PATTON College of Business ROBERT PENCE ,N Y. Q College of Liberal Arls UNIVERSITY DF AKRON JAMES PIER College of Business Lone Star MICHAEL PETRYSZAK College of Engineering A51-F-B h NICHOLAS PHILLIPS, JR. P1 kappa Epsilon College of Business Varsity Golf Student Council AMA Outstanding marketing student Who's Who President Psychology Club V.P., sec. Lambda Chi Alpha Sports ik feature ed. of Tel-Buch C0-ch. Acme-Zip l l l 3 RN DAVID PRICE College of Engineering 'lau Kappa Epsilon A.S.NI.l'.. Criiwriilj. Band GENE RAGAN College of Eduralion S.N.E.A. ELIZABETH PRICHARD College of Education JOHN RAINEY College of Business Lambda Chi Alpha A Club Marketing Club Student Council Football TOM PILARCZYK DONALD POOLE, JR. JON POUNDS College of Liberal Arts College of Engineering College of Engineering Pres. Biology Club A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. sec. A.I.E.E. Phi Sigma O.S.P.E. Sigma Tau Outstanding Senior ROCHELLE I-IARTZ College of Education Phi Mu V.P. Pierian Kappa Delta Pi Pres. S.E.A. Pres. and State Pres. Who's Who A-Key Student Council CLASS UF 1960 DOROTHY RANDOLPH FRANCES RANKIN KIYI HHRINIC RANKIN College of Education College of Education Collellff 'If Wl'H0U'I'l l 1 v KENNETH RICHARDS College of Business Indus. Mgt. Club S.A.A.M. SCOTT SCHENEUMAN College of Business Phi Delta Theta Varsity Swimming Varsity A Club S.A.M. Indus. Mgt. Club ROBERT SENUTA College of Engineering Lone Star Wrestling A.S.M.E. 3. ' 1 , 'li T' o ffl et"""s. ' 'KW A f , MARY LOU RICHERT College of Education Pres. Alpha Gamma Delta Freshman Councilor V.P. PanHellenic Council Homecoming Court 1959 Co-glgairman Homecoming 1 5 JOE SHRANK College of Liberal Arts GEORGE SEYFARTH College of Business Phi Delta Theta V.P. A-Key Student Council Who's Who Graduate Ed. Tel-Buch Pi Kappa Delta 1' 5. i Q 5 'Ex 400, "".'E.7" .Ay H ,funn I ,. ily ., J . , Q4 'Y ' ,QF if5'f.iiif"X I 1: . mf. f., -s -'Q' A 1. ,s w ff, fs .ff 4 JOE SALZMAN College of Business Alpha Epsilon Pi Capt. Army R.O.T.C. Marketing Club WILLIAM SCULLION College of Business Accounting Club V.P. Beta Delta Psi CHRISTINE SHAMOURADIAN College of Education Alpha Gamma Delta "R Q R-3 45. M --it ,f ,C Who's Who Editor of Buchtehte Tig Z' I t ' G mf" l s 'wal f g V s...,....- 221 K uf li-Q 1 WILLIAM RAIN!-.S College of Ezlufatmn l-'REDERICLK Rlilikk College ol Liberal .-Iris Tau Kappa Epsilon Sabre Squadron Commander O.S.l'.E. 5,9 f - vp 97. .I ,.,.-ea, 'Ji S DELBERT SANDERS College of ljlverul .iris Alpha Phi Alpha LOUIS C. SEIKEL College of Lihrrui .-l rrs 74" 4 fs, gnlif ui 3 ' A' if W 'A 1 -r ii I ll,-IVF, R,XNIJXl.l. f,f,lf,1r r,ff-11416-:yn 'Ih1:raf,l,. KOHILRVI Rlzlll lr,f'rgr f,i fvkf 'fr' 'g ,i,sisr.i.. " P' 26: I-N X? .'fi -1- 'CF MARILYN SAXTSCHI Ccfmqr , ' l,:i'a'.:. iff Alpha Delia PL RONALD SEXDERI IXL L',w.'.'egf 5' L:?'r'g.' .ifff Alpha Ch: Sigttta Arnold Apr Soziets A.L..:. stuaen: am...:.: 7. , ,, TJ i UNIVERSITY OF AKRON SUZANNE SHIRHAL College of Education Alpha Delta Pi Sec. W.A.A. V.P. Whos Who University Theatre A-Key Pierian MARVIN SHAPIRO Co.'.'e.:e of Liberal A rls ODK A-Kew Program Dir. Radio Workshop Yarsiti Tennis and Swimming Alpha Epsilon Pi Master Lniversity' Theatre JOAN SHANY College of Education Kappa Kappa Gamma A.C.E. Student Council x'..w.c.A. X! .A.A. Co-Ch. Senior Comm. CHARLES SHAVER College of Engineering Phi Kappa Tait A.S.C.E. FRANK SHERMAN College of Business Phi Delta Theta Treas. Marketing Club Pres. Student Council Varsity Baseball Who's Who Q- l 'S , 4 x I A X . QR il MARGARET SMITH College of I.zbe1alArts Evening Student Council V.P. Plat-sits Club Psi Chi Philosophy Club German Club XVRAY SONGER, IR. College of Engineering Phi Sigma Kappa A.S.M.E. Sigma Tau Arnold Air Society' Student Council ZR vb lu-nv' A ' urn , lit .2 M flsf . Q '4-,Qi : MARY SMITH College of Education Kappa Kappa Gamma Newman Club Buchtelite W.A.A. LARRY SPENCE College of Engineering A.S.C.E. Lambda Chi Alpha A.S.C.E. Memorial Award JOSEPH SMEAD College of Business Accounting Club Marketing Club Newman Club JANICE STEWART College of Education Phi Mu Alpha Lambda Delta Kappa Delta Pi Pierian Pi Omega Pi Treas. Who's Who HELEN SUTTON College of Education Alpha Lambda Delta Buchtelite Mang. Editor ff -1 . , i, g T.-Q-Qing .fifi-"42'i31ggi"if s , yr ? V . .,.5t,",g' , J K J, J' I 5, 'T' .5 "7 K, 3 X, T g ,. , A f , - "5 A f. Q. . .. as , - - " t . ,. A m..-' l 222 LUELLA SIEGFRIED College of Education Zeta Tau Alpha Sec. Panhel Council Secretarial Science Club Women's League g""""x X 'Qi 4? gawk, ii' BEVERLY SMITH College of Education W.A.A. DOROTHY STINAFF College of Education Phi Mu Veep Kappa Delta Phi Phi Sigma Biology Club A-Key LARRY TEELING College of Engineering A.S.C.E. Sabre Squadron M. DEAN SLAGLE College of Business Phi Kappa Tau Marketing Club GEORGE SMITH College of Liberal Arts Political Science Club Inter Varsity Fellowship JACK STRINGER College of Business Phi Sigma Kappa Pres. Bus. Mgr. Buchtelite Bus. Mgr. Tel-Buch Rifle Team Freshman Counselor JOHN THACKERAY College of Engineering DMS Pershing Rifles Radio Workshop AIEE-IRE Veep Scabbard 8a Blade CLASS OF 1960 JAMES TITMAS College of Engineering Scabbard 8: Blade Pershing Rides Commander A.S.C.E. JURIS UPATNIEKS College of Engineering Sigma Tau I.R.E. Army ROTC Eng. Award MARY E. WEBBER College of Liberal Arts Phi Sigma Alpha Alpha Lambda Delta Sec. U.N. Club Veep Sociology Club Campus Christian Fellowship RON WILLIS College of Liberal Arts Phi Delta Theta Pres. Omicron Delta Kappa Student Center Manager Who's Who DMS 'AI' MARIA TODOROVIC College of Liberal Arts ..,,, ,.sd'f5 Q, 5.--03' CHARLES VARVARO College of Engineering Sigma Tau AIEE-IRE JACK WEISS College of Liberal Arts Alpha Epsilon Pi Univ. Theatre Casbah Co-Chairman 1960 Radio Workshop A-Key JAMES R. WILLIAMS College of Liberal Arts Alpha Phi Alpha Pres. Phi Alpha Theta Pi Sigma Alpha University Theatre A-Key DONALD G. 'I RAUI. College ol l,ilu:ml Arts Phi Delta Theta Phi Sigma Alpha Phi Sigma Society 'I'cl-Buch Bus. Mgr. lfreslinlan Counselor if wtf? 'gi , 1 .,f , R- ,. V . . , + , ., Law . , ,-V .I x ffjtl, 1 It ,. I tjiglgil L ,WW will?"-"' fi' . ,1.,,.,f , ' ikfwr . ' ' A L 5 . what 1 ROGER F. VIERS College of Education Tau Kappa Epsilon Pershing Rifles SHARON WHITLOCK College of Liberal Arts Phi Mu University Theatre Radio Workshop CLARENCE WINGROVE College of Liberal Arts Q Z cf' - .r A .4 lx W' vii. P-1-"R in M U 4. J X xx 223 V L gg rg f 91 .. 1 'Ti- tv THOMAS 'I HONIAS College ol Education GEORGE P. TSARNAS College of Liberal Artr Lambda Chi Alpha Vcep Phi Sigma Alpha Sec. Student Council Political Science Club Pres. Forensic Union V 5 , RUHIIRAI XM' lH'JP.i17 HN Collfgf of I'Qf1'.lcfxo'l Phi Alpha 'l if-'gi Xe--g, 'ftrims JAMES 'I L'C.l'LE.H, JP. Corley' ol'a. vi-5: Phi Sigma Kappa Phi Alpha Theta Phi Slgma Alpha S.N.E..-K. EDWARD J. VOJTRO College of Eduration JUDY B. WHITE College of Ednmfzor Alpha Delta Pi Kappa Delta Pi A-Key Freshman Counselor IRA..-X. -R-Av , 'T:"-f ' , , 1 1 Y 'Y wr ROBERT XVALRER Ccffegz' :J E':g:':ff':'tg A.S.Bl.E. DONALD P. NVll"ER I C " - .4 E..-.,. ,...-- Rappa .5 Penhing Riies .-XIEE-IRE i' BETTY XYOODALL College of Business Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Lambda Delta Veep Beta Della Psi Sec. Senior Class Treasurer Whos Who DAVID WOODARD College of Engineering Tau Kappa Epsilon A.S.Nl.E. ljnixersitv Band Q6 JEROME MUS!-IINSKI College of Business Tau Kappa Epsilon Arnold Air Society Freshman Counselor lnd. Mgt. Club Newman Club MAJOR SPIIRGEON MOORE College of Education BETTY B. WOODARD College of Liberal .-lrts Theta Upsilon Sec. University Band CATHERINE YANALLY College of Education MARIANNE L. MILLER College of Education Zeta Tau Alpha Pi Kappa Delta Buchtelite Freshman Counselor Ashton Oratory Winner UNIVERSITY OF AKRON DAVID J. YOUNG College of Education S RITA A. ZELEI College of Education Theta Upsilon University Orchestra University Band University Singers Pres S.N.E.A. DAWNA YOUNG College of Liberal Arts Phi Mu Sec. Tau Kappa Phi Pres. Home Economics Club Treas. nl' Yr ALICE GRINNELL College of Liberal Arts Delta Gamma Tel-Buch Assistant Editor Johnson Club ROSEMARY ZALESKI College of Education Alpha Delta Pi Treas. Kappa Delta Pi Veep Newman Club S.N.E.A. Sec. A.C.E. JOSEPHINE JACOT College of Business Delta Gamma S.N.E.A. Y.W.C.A. Secretarial Science Club Buchtelite Outstanding Senior LARRY RITZMAN College of Business Theta Chi President I.F.C. Rush Chairman Freshman Counselor High School Panel PD Student Instructor L 4 1 I . . .X I A N' '-+L ,. .,' ,I 13 , , ,- IV1 , R' L ' .. 1 I h. J 1 X, , 3? i . , .-. V. K. ng ' X. 1, ll V. .5 - , . . I J l,Wf1,,1 N,.f,- no, Nyc ."j If ff-rife, wg , . P-'E Lx UW' X I 1 n .1 n v,, v N "W '-'uv-, ' F' ' 29? vw, 'S' A-W f' 4' .

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