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MH, Ugg!! THF f', 'i"tv I V v I ' 1 1 i:' ' 1 1 1 11 .1 , . , an 1 ui .. 1, 11 ll , 1 1 4 n 1 I' 1 'k .' ' ' l x1 We ' 1'- r 1 1 v 1 1 1 5 , 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 "'l'l 1 ' U 1 4' ' g 1 1 . In ,., ' 111'- w11 111 .11 ' r. I' .' X1 l,'.1Ii,,.-:n, ""1'5a'u 1 41.7, 1' xg.. l -. ,u 3, 'l. '1. J" rl 'l N15 llxbvi I v' L ,1 1 lfl 11 1 I 1 '1F',J, ' r ' N "1 1' - '1 11" 1 1 x ' .g1',l' V , Q ,I 1-'s.H 1 'I '11 -'JNL 1. -.. .Hi It .W M, ,N . '1 VF' f 11- . ,312 "' Tl , '1 I 1 1 ' we 1. . 1 - W . 11 nu, 1 I 1 u X , , ,1 M., 1 Lu' ' ,I . + .""y"H?..1'q. ' . AX nfl. UU" 11 F' -l'1"4 " f ' 1' -L '11'1 1' W 1 ..,I,,g-1f',1f,I5v N111 - f ! Q,1I.5X"l 3 Y' 11' I 1 ' Fla' "qi ,. 5- "ffm-gn 'XV' 1 1 ' mv, Q." A, ,11 1 ,th -A ,, Pl ' 1 V1 ' 1-Q" Qi", 1 I 1 V . .W 'ly 'Al I U1 1 1 1, 1 ' ' y.1x,y111' I. 1 111. -, , . ' I 1 54 'I' ,.?:fid"14I. 1 ' A I , .x,11"fr"- .14 I '-irx: "IL-Xl. ' PZ 'l hgh?-4 ' 115-'1'A,' 15'.QqJI.lIl V W. X1 1 Ili" 14 QU. V-I . , 11 .fr -,,fW. , .1 "1v:11 1, gf1 ,1"1 13, 1. ..1-. 'X' 'J . 1 . 'fi ' . V ,.M,,,M,1b' , A011 I' , ' 1 1 1 ' Q: 1 ' W" psi. 1'1 rw 1 '- ,L Q' " I1.-I F' 11 1'i"' 12.11 1' .WI 'Pi 5 in 1, , ,1?.l.1h , -1, ,i 4 1 1,..51f.111,5 H 1, ul 1. 1.11.- 1' . "W31'fx'-f3'l1' 'F ' V - 54 rw' "1 - 1 1 ,'Iv, V- mr! L -m.!?,1 Y? H 'fn UI x 311314 .J.'v'3q', 'N' W 14- 'I fp! ,JV rrfl. 4 'L' 1. I.. 11','115Q- -' ' ' .1,s"ff' ' Us I" 1 1 , I 1+ .MN LQ 1,,'.'1i-'17-L11. MH, Ugg!! THF f', 'i"tv I V v I ' 1 1 i:' ' 1 1 1 11 .1 , . , an 1 ui .. 1, 11 ll , 1 1 4 n 1 I' 1 'k .' ' ' l x1 We ' 1'- r 1 1 v 1 1 1 5 , 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 "'l'l 1 ' U 1 4' ' g 1 1 . In ,., ' 111'- w11 111 .11 ' r. I' .' X1 l,'.1Ii,,.-:n, ""1'5a'u 1 41.7, 1' xg.. l -. ,u 3, 'l. '1. J" rl 'l N15 llxbvi I v' L ,1 1 lfl 11 1 I 1 '1F',J, ' r ' N "1 1' - '1 11" 1 1 x ' .g1',l' V , Q ,I 1-'s.H 1 'I '11 -'JNL 1. -.. .Hi It .W M, ,N . '1 VF' f 11- . ,312 "' Tl , '1 I 1 1 ' we 1. . 1 - W . 11 nu, 1 I 1 u X , , ,1 M., 1 Lu' ' ,I . + .""y"H?..1'q. ' . AX nfl. UU" 11 F' -l'1"4 " f ' 1' -L '11'1 1' W 1 ..,I,,g-1f',1f,I5v N111 - f ! Q,1I.5X"l 3 Y' 11' I 1 ' Fla' "qi ,. 5- "ffm-gn 'XV' 1 1 ' mv, Q." A, ,11 1 ,th -A ,, Pl ' 1 V1 ' 1-Q" Qi", 1 I 1 V . .W 'ly 'Al I U1 1 1 1, 1 ' ' y.1x,y111' I. 1 111. -, , . ' I 1 54 'I' ,.?:fid"14I. 1 ' A I , .x,11"fr"- .14 I '-irx: "IL-Xl. ' PZ 'l hgh?-4 ' 115-'1'A,' 15'.QqJI.lIl V W. X1 1 Ili" 14 QU. V-I . , 11 .fr -,,fW. , .1 "1v:11 1, gf1 ,1"1 13, 1. ..1-. 'X' 'J . 1 . 'fi ' . V ,.M,,,M,1b' , A011 I' , ' 1 1 1 ' Q: 1 ' W" psi. 1'1 rw 1 '- ,L Q' " I1.-I F' 11 1'i"' 12.11 1' .WI 'Pi 5 in 1, , ,1?.l.1h , -1, ,i 4 1 1,..51f.111,5 H 1, ul 1. 1.11.- 1' . "W31'fx'-f3'l1' 'F ' V - 54 rw' "1 - 1 1 ,'Iv, V- mr! L -m.!?,1 Y? H 'fn UI x 311314 .J.'v'3q', 'N' W 14- 'I fp! ,JV rrfl. 4 'L' 1. I.. 11','115Q- -' ' ' .1,s"ff' ' Us I" 1 1 , I 1+ .MN LQ 1,,'.'1i-'17-L11. 5 I 5-1 w 4- "Q, ,L y , 1 4" f1:'ff"'i!f5 1' W. 1'- 'lift' :ef ' '4fn1"Ii'?J:3?f1r"5" w' 5' " '15 I ' 1 v 19 9 TEL- UCI-I Um"ver.rz'gy gf Airon Airon, Ofzio Dorothy Scott Nada Yanatov Co-Editors Donald G. Traul Business Manager U.S. Vance Advisor Louis flfqiiidsv- t f1fa1.Bmh x AKRQN KEEPS THE LIGHT OF LEARN u N 3 BLR 5.- -i ll A , Qjlpj U'-'j3x'f" x x 1 1xLg,'fQ',:-0-'ff' ' , .pf ,.. .Wt Q,-X W' gi, .1 y.. fi' -YQ- 'ff' 'Qi-,gf xw ' X, X ! ,V .-.5-, ,.x,f 5, ,H 1. ' 3, , - X. y.,:.,-WN V g,,. -ip , . ,.f.,x,g.-1, V ., , f..g1, W,.'f'u'2u-ifflr f Q, WE, 5'-, HL ti in 2 ,,,.f,v-.7 Q .. . .:.: .,,. - : ,E-Q .A -. I 1 S . -X49 ' 'Q '-f 's 'x ha ,1?6'Q"4.,!,,wxw-04,4 U 3 ,XA tr 30493 it V1 K fa M 4' fav-x 3,-w,.,4 M P- ' 'wa , , , x 4 f f W , ff , , - , 1 -sw-1, X : ,- , :f ern fy ' ' f I .1 r f ,, 4: vial ' -1 '7 wl' H3' , f , ff, '?g1'f"fff,1- "4 -- x . N' ' 2.4.2 4 vu 4. TA' 'z,.N"f' , Q ,fyz f 'NVLLQQ Uv My 4 ..w. " L' HB. 3- wx - 3 .-A M ep, K s-uQ,,,, Contents CALENDAR ADMINISTRATION ORGANIZATIONS Student Government Communications Clubs I-Ionoraries ROTC Greeks SWEETHEART SPORTS Fall Sports Winter Sports Spring Sports Intramurals GRADUATES FACULTY TEL-BUCI-I DIRECTORY 6 SOHSI 53M59 154 182 198 6o 65 77 QI IOI IO9 145 155 159 166 173 180 183 1 99 207 5 Years at .dkron University have their special meanings, heginnings and ends to each and every one. The jirst days of Fall hring new heginnings, andfreshmen discover things that seem to only happen to freshmen. They arrive for their week of indoctrination into the traditions and ways of Akron University lie. A rugged week is the schedule as they struggle through aptitude and physical ahility tests, and receive their "A" hooks, a mustfor every college student. This week gives them the opportunity to meet the upper-classmen who always seem to find numerous chores to jill their spare moments. Matriculatiorz ends the week and more new lufe enters the University. New faces appear to replace the ones that are missing. Classes start anew-dis- covery and the unexpected prevail. The jirstfew weeks are active as the wheels of the University start rolling and a new year gets up steam. 6 ii eh ,..' A Y wx hx . I .xx '4x. pw- N NN x W 11+ Nw. ws, O 4 9 ! 1 ff X 3 R X O ......4hn-Q ? fi Q' abs -' ',f"' bf?- , . in ,K ix , ' Ofol ezeqnoinforzees ore renewed ezno' new friendslzzjos ore mode of ine Fresbmen Wefeome Donee, and of Inez! time new members ore lopped by Omieron Della Koppel, flze lzigizesf honor wlnelz con be oeqnireo' by junior ond senior men. Row 1: Dr. Maurice Morton, U. S. Vance. Row 2: James Shearer William Burke, Franz Schubert, William Tunstall, Kenneth Thomp- SOU. , Hnsfle' ana' bustle prevail at jirsf, but a graelaal laziness seflles in ivifli the aalanin vveaflzer. Everyone fries fo eafen the las! glimpse of llie san ana' his las! jing at a suntan. Tlie eainpas fakes on a new loole of vnrnz' orange, brown, anayellozv. An anfiei- palion of Noveinber's bleak gray fweaflier prevails. .sis if 1 X M. " 1 '. "' 'xx , ...wg V 'Q ,g fm ,.gw3 '.Q1 Q + ' ' y' f Yu ' ' 4' 3 fs? ,WTA A . g,ifR2 , - ' ' 4 , -A 5' f 'Xp ,. my , , Kg J xf N- V K C n if 4' f 5,f X. X 3 x 5+ ' ,W 3 nf ' iii f 46 if 4' x f 9 Y 5 ve' Y c Q sk Act :juli kg R! hfQ'M Y-Qfifnv Wi? J 'Q A if-1 ff" Qs 1 f f f 3'4" 2 'kf j' A W dv I ,AFV ,ll , A I O, - 4 ' x ' ' x N wiv V f W- ' , Q' , f- ' Q . ' '. 9 Q 5 V , 'H '-,H f3y54,f,kX , Q W-r' ' gs X- if 2' X . -'gf -W 0xfJWYf.YHQm??,4W f V' . . fm I K xv N if L , 'fasff 4- Q X fg Hia X 15 ' Wi ki , 1 R Q Lxiifii -1" fi As "Fill the Bowl" is heardfor the denie-Zip Ganie, the fraternities and sororities hurry to finish their j7oats heyfore the deadline. That night a record crowd of over 32,000 eaine out to watch dhron University win their jirst fienie-Zip gaine against Mount Union fc?-O. At the hahf- tinie, the jioats were presented, with first, second, and third plates going to Tehe-dDPi, Larnhda Chi-Zeta, and Phi Tau-DG respeetioebf. sh - Dr. G. Stafford Whitby accepts his honorary degree from President Auburn Dr. Whitby and members of the chemistry department inspect the Chemistry Hall of Fame. l s' 'li' Y Dr. Waterman, Dr. Whitby, Dr. Morton and Dr. Sumner at the morning assembly in Memorial Hall. Two outstanding scientists were honored by the University of Akron as part of the celebration of the Fuftieth Anniversary of the Teaching of Rub- ber Chemistry. Dr. Alan T. Watermari, director of National Science Foundation and Dr. G. Stajord Whitby, professor enieritus of Rubber Chemistry were awarded the honorary degree of Doctor of Science by U ni- oersity President Norrnan P. duburn. President Auburn speaks at the banquet in the Hilltop Room. The Rubber Science Hall of Fame in the new Chemistry Library in Knight Hall was dedicated with Dr. Thonias Sumner presiding. The concluding banquet was held in the Hilltop rooin with Dr. Waterman speaking on "Basic Research and Industrial Progress." Dr. Whitby and Mr. Litchfield discuss a point at the banquet. , K X x Q. -1 K i P is 'anew A I 1- X Th sf. 'Q' N lx Fa!! weekend arrives with a jirst at Akron Uni- versity, an ox roast held at Bnchte! jield. The cheerleaders light the jifares which set the stage for our new inajorettes, the coaches. The food, the cold weather, and the hrisk walk hack to the University ciiinaxes the jirst night of the fa!! weekend. The teain shows up excellentbf at the Home- coming game hy a decisive win, and hahftiine is hrightened hy the presentation of the queen candidates. I Everyone clons his party hes! for the Homecoming Dance. Az' inlermis- sion fhe crowa' wafches as looebf Miclge Mannion is crownea' Homecoming Queen of 1958 hy Mary Lon Kesler. Panhellenic ana' IFC announce the scholarship winners with Alpha Epsilon Pi ana' Alpha Delta Pi faking the honors. .. Q r I The weekenefs activities are roandee! out by fbe e!ea'ieaii0n of flze new Sla- e!enz' Cenfer. fini Nee!y aeeepfs flze key from Pre.vie!en! Auburn, ane! tben fini, Kay Taylor, ana' Bi!! Baflee eat ibe ribbon ane! anloek Ilie e!00rs. ef' . 1 1 x W , ...W 'T -Away QQ Mid-terms come and go, ana' the freshman women become incloctrinatea' in sorority rash. Many new acquaintances are maa'e ana' gooa' times are Izaa' at the rusiz parties, out a nappy sign is atterea' when rush is ooer. Soon everyone settles back into the ofa' routine waiting for that December vacation. The annual Women's League banquet is heia' in November in the new Student Center with the guest speaker Caroline Pardee taihing about her trip to Russia a'uring the past sum- mer. Pierian, a senior women's honorary, taps foe women for membership at the banquet. This honor is the highest that ean be attainea' by a eoiiege woman. I Nunn 16,11 ,M Lfmlyfwik ,uf md ,gif IN Q-..,.. f S ,Q . gp 1' is 3 ' 'Q paw Q adm L 1QYay,vu,,-wan n , 2' ll w Q 1 FRU H Ufmy. NX, 2 '-VA 1-. " L ' vs -'W' . 7.1: 1 1.4 .,. ' 'fa,5,x,.Qf'L B ,, ,5 13-. mgjy ',.f,'s, ' -Q, w N. H - N . . 'H 'M xml'-.'Q ,, .B-.f .-V Q. lisa' 1 ,gk iv'V?g.4 . , nv R -X if 4. if s The "Lamp of Learning" vvas the symhol of the Charter Amendment campaign, as well as the symhol of Akron University last Novemher. Stua'ents,faculty, ana' alumni ivorkea' to pro- mote the Amenclmentfor increasealfuncls for the University. L An olclfashionecl political ralb ignitea' the spiritfor the hig push to the polls. . The "Lamp', jlickerea' for a few hours on election clay as the results of halloting came in. Akron University lost hy a hanaful of votes. Still, the University kept alive its spirit ana' hopes. At last, after an ogfcial recount, thejiame of the "Lamp" hurnea' hrightbf ancl steaclily. Ak- ron University hacl won. Continuing to he the leacler in the community, Akron University keeps the "Lamp of Learning" hurning. Cafe Night, sponsored by Student Couneil, brings "Big" Plfilson from Cleveland and a crowd of University students to tlze Hilltop room after a mid-winter basketball game. Re- freshments are served and entertainment is provided by "Big's', troup of peiformers. The lziglzliglzt of the evening is guessing "Big's" zveiglzt, four girls winning albums. 1 s i l 1 Y "'5iU Q The bleak, barren ground becomes a winter wonderland of soft glistening snow. The Christmas spirit is felt as the snow continues to fall and the Christmas decorations hang gaily in the Colonnade. 23 Zlfarflia Sinzrnons ana' Mary Lon Kesler, Honorary Cade! Colonels, along zoifli fwenzy olner eo-eds who seroe as RO. T. C. sponsors are forniallv presenfea' at the Mi!z'fary Ball, pro- niofedjoinfbf by the Afrnzy ana' Air Foree R.O.T.C. The fradifiona! grana' mardi is lea' by Lf. Cof. Horaee Haroy, Lf. Col. George Wefelz, Vice Pres. Hardy, President Norman P. Auburn ana' their wives. 'li' MW so We ,.. 3 glans The opening of fhe Town and Gown series was headfinea' hy the appearance of "The Presia'eni"s Own," The Unifea' Sfafes Jllarine Band. The Marirze Band is par! of this yearhs speeial three-day Hoineeoniing eefehralion. The nex! program on the agenda is Mr. John Seoff, foreign eorrespondenf, aiiihor, ana' feefarer. fi Russian expert, Mr. Seo!! deserihes "The Paffern of Russian Expansion." I '- Y 4- ,.-. of .5 K i' ....n4'0A ',,ra-"V 4' fm' "' 'vw ire--W' -M ffl-c ' 5 f- Q. , ,X The annual Founders Day was held in honor of the memory of Mr. and Mrs. fohn R. Buchtel, heneyfactors of Buchtel College and Dr. Parke R. Kolhe, jirst President of the Uni- versity. At the assemhbf President duhurn conferred hon- orary doctorates on Dr. Clarence H. Faust and Mr. Frank W. dhrams. Following the assemhbf wreaths were placed on the graves of Mr. and Mrs. Buchtel and Dr. Kolhe in Glendale Ceme- terv. Rx ,..-4 January brings an awareness of the approaehingjfnal exams. Students hibernate in the depths of the library to finish those last remaining assignments and review their notes, taking time out onb for those necessary trips to the Chaehery. 9-7 WQii6V?,lil.jyF,z z!.l , ,ag V 77, 0 .41 If The migration to Ufittenherg will always he a treas- ured nzemony to those who ehattered and ate dill piekles on the has and cheered witdb at the game. Even the defeat we sujered at the hands of the oppo- nent eou!dn't dampen the spirits of those who mi- grated. JIM I' E f I 75 I aw .. , , 5 17, , , eZ-ff 7 Student Council elections stir excitement into the huindrurn campus lye. The campaigns, political parties, and' the free cookies are just the prelude to elections. The voting, counting, and then the shouting. The leaders for Student Council, 1959-60, are Denny Morton, President and Carroll O'Hara, Vice President. ' I' '-rs... f.S,.,?f....' X -' '- 7 '31 X ""j ' "Q ," '4'?""W??" H it ,, X 7 y aff iiaewizgeawsi. Q it F BLAZER Klux? ff" 'HW Hrs? flznafiif? F c if ! Q ,V 29 - 2 A' ' f QMS -' f 'xy 'L -SFI' 5, , ws ' M-.14 , WE? Helen Waterhouse, Beacon Journal writer, was the speaker at the annual YWCA banquet. Alpha Lamb- da Delta, freshman women's seholastie honorary, tapped eight new members. The new offers of the YWCA, Women's League, and WAA were also an- nounced that evening. Il, 4 is' 3 'R l f lllilee lVallaee, ofthe "Milee Plfallaee Interviews" prograin, lectured at the January Town and Gown series. Eddie Dowling, actor, producer, di- rector, and playwright, appeared in a leeture-reeital entitled "From Shakespeare to Saroyann in M'arelz. In April, the Golden Curtain Quar- tet eornposed of tlze winners and participants of tlze eofnpetitioe broadeast of tlze llletropolitan Opera, was tlze jinal attraetion at tlzis year's Town and Gown series. E 2 19951 ,Aa s J- 5.3, 61 UNM I1 'oznen of atldefie prowesf were honored af the annnaf Il'onzen's Athfelie fifssoeiafion Langue! lzefd af fhe Brown Derby. For fize .veeond eonxeenfive finze, Afplza Delta Pi was awarded the Sororily fllhlelie Aehieve- nzenf pfaque. Gofd "AU" were awarded io flze ozmfanding women in afhfefies al The University of Akron. "Jazz AU," sponsored by Student Council, jilled the March night with music, especially jazz of all types. Stu- dents were entertained by Nuj Rey and Plzil Palumbo and their combos. Engineer's Day is thefrivoloas havoc that is wrought hy the occupants of Ayer Ha!! on St. Patrick's Day. Beard-growing and spitting contests ana' the traditional Engineer's Brawl in the evening are the rnain events ofthe clay. This year, the engineers chose hliss Crystal Catron as their queen to reign over the day'sfestivities. ltr damn- . ,MMV-M E!! i 'S .M . ..,,..-. ..,..-JiMn'i"vn-mg The hours of work ancl human enegry that are ponrea' info the Cashah .fkits are .voonforgotlen when yoarfralernicylv or .fororilylf name is called as a winner. The Della Gammas ana' Lamhcla Chix came out wifh lop places, with Alpha Gams ancl Phi Dells faking .veconcl ana' fhe Kappas ancl Phi Sig: copping lhircl place. 'gs I Greek Il"eek at the University of Akron of- fers fraternity and sorority members an opportunity to promote good interfraternity cooperation, community service, and social enjoyment. Chairmen of this year's Greek kVeek were Elsie Heilman and Jerry O'Neal. Among the activities of the week were a blood drive, co-sponsored by the Red Cross, an All-Greek Party which included a fraternity-sorority basketball game, a talent show, and dancing,- a service project to prepare Camp Ledgewood for its opening, a Greek Week Formal, workshops on problems concerning the fra- ternity world, and a banquet featuring a speaker well-known for his activities in promoting fraternity ideals. H i ghli ghfing ihe Greek Week Formal was fhe presenlaiion of the oafsfanaing Greek Man ana' Woman. The winners of fhe awarfl were selecfeclfroni afela' of canclirlafes repre- senling each of che fralernilies and sororifies on lhe hasis of service fo fhe fralernily system, personal service fo their individual group, ana' service fo the Universily. This year's winners were Claudia lWcLanghlin, a ineniher of Alpha Delia Pi, ana' Charles Evans, a rneinher of Tan Kappa Epsilon. N--su- h 37 - Guest speaker for the Greek lVeek Banquet, which climaxea' a week W' fes- tivities for the Greeks, was Dr. Glen N ygreen, Dean of Students at Kent State University. Also during the -evening the top ten sorority ana' fraternity pleclges were honorecl for their outstanding scholastic achievement. The IFC ana' Pan- hellenic scholarship cups were awarclea' to Alpha Delta Pi, for the fourth consecutive time, ana' to Tau Kappa Epsilon, top scholastic group among the fraternities. I , My-' Under the sponsorship of Women's League, Women's Day ofers the women students W' the University a day of activ- ity, entertainment, and relaxation. Departmental displays, a baking contest for hoth men and women, a tea and style show were among the activities for the day. Ending the program of activities was a swim carnival and a show of summer heachwear. For the jirst time this year, W omen's League presented a plague which will he awarded annualbf to a senior woman who has given outstanding service to the University. This year the award went to co-winners, Elsie Heilman and Martha Simmons. 39 ..... g I .J -fi 4 0' AKA' 5 S .--- ii ohms Ea l eg "'hS?.i'ii+f' 5? Qqhfvcn mcA'9f3 sgw 22 in-4 WA Honors Convocation is held to honor stu- dents who have shown excellent scholarship and leadership. Two outstanding students, both in leadership and scholarship, Martha Simmons and Dick Waller spoke at the morning assemob. For the Recognition Service, the academic deans of each college presented the honor groups and their spon- sors. The University'sj5rst Fine Arts Festivai was designed to re-emphasize the roie of innsie, art, and drania. The Festiva! was opened hy the dedication ofthe new pipe organ at the Firestone Conservatory, a gnft of the Firestonefainily. "Othe!!o" presented by the University piayers, ehainher rnasie and choral selec- tions, piano and organ reeitais were a part of the Festivaf. The three-day event was eiiniaxed hy a live coast-to-coast broadcast ofthe "Voice cy' Firestonenfroni Illernoriai Hall. ,sf in an-as 'Q 41 xx? ji: Yvggqjxx xcgplgxtfig fy he W Q Yx ix! JN 1 J 3 L, tmai l Mg J ll it Q45 fc r T .L clfau! lid, The Greeks tane up their voices and practice diligently for the annual Songfest. Melo- dioac harmonies float across the Goodyear Theatre, the top places going to the Theta Chix and Kappas. Second place way taken hy the Phi Delts and Alpha Gainsg while the Larnhdas and Alpha Delts copped third place. L, ,, 42 May Day dawned bright ana' warm. The sun shone origlzlbf upon the oieary-eyea' studenls who sfayea' up all night to work on llieirjioafs. For ai! if was not eforfless, forjirst places wen! to lhe Della Gains, the Plii Dells, ana' the Inde- pendent Sfudenls Association. I -Q S eil' 324: Y L 12,5-T 'qiw ,SA 1 , sm F A 4' 2 A 3 2 T 1 ' 1 A 9 fx r 5 5 Ee fp V I 1 any 'f .:"'! .1 3 ,- 1 I J . P E f" ,UQ .U 1 L I 'I SS if i5 W. .v , N' J N1-..,f"'-""' Food always tastes hetter when eaten out-of-doors, especially at the May Day Luncheon. After the food, the crowning and the presentation Q' the Senior Class gQ't. John Daily, Senior Class President, presents the plans for a fountain to he built near Bierce Lihraryg the ggft from the Class Q' '59. The Greek garnes provide entertainrnent rnuch to the dismay of the fraternity pledges. .Q-:.ww,,, QQHW ' SF-'.'.s.wr H Charming Ilfisx Joyee Greene of filpiza Defla Pi as the 1959 May ,Queen I reignea' over flze May Day Festioifies. Queen Joyce Zea' flze parade in her if honor in the morning. In the afiernoon, the looebf Miys Greene was If crowned oy Zlliss Carrol! O'Hara. Only fhe Jun oufshone flze radianee of llze queenlv beauty. P w 1 Q, 3 1 air W i E WJ'o Gt IEE fag Q Omg - 45 N I Soft tights and haunting strains of music provide the perfect settingfor the annual hlay Dance. The highlights of the evening are,the presentation of the queen, Zovebf ivliss Joyce Greene, ana' her court ana' the announce- ment of the float winners. Four years pass as quickly as the words themselves. dna' Seniors amazed that their last spring at The University of Akron has come attena' the first events ofthe senior activities, the hanquet anal prom hela' at the University Club. x -H' -1 it I A XJ!! -1 QL X 3 XL 73 I I 7 h 5 ev Q H-.MM 5 'X 1-we XXX wg 1 , , . 45' Q.'f,15,,,,,3-t A XM' 5v I l 2 I I 2 1 3 r 1 i A lx ,Long .v,.9s.... A ,. N fu. J.. K ,.- s E is ? 1 2 ,...-rv-is L 6 '3 Fm , -jf-41145 f'ff"'! The Senior Cfczsf iuncheon and picnic were Iwo of fhe many evenfs which clinmxefifonr years of hczrn' work and good tinzes cz! Akron University. llfhczz' "-QA-X grczciuczfe wiiiforgei' playing 'frishyn cz! Ufyogcz Lake? ,qu gf? !,.pv- g 'is Q ? S 55' 5 Q 3 . K 3 9 K 48 ,M-'rf' Dr. Arthur S. Adams, President of the American Council on Education, delivered the Commencement address at the eighty-seventh annual Commencement. The earned degree of Doctor of Philosophy was conferred on five for the first time in the University's history. The 1959 graduating class was the largest of all times except in the years of the GI bulge. The Universigf has given us the gy? of giving, and also has given hersey. I f we wish to return some April to see the green spring into lufe, or on some January day to crunch our way past old Buchtel Hall, we need onb turn our eyes inward to regain again the quality mf being there. ff me Irv: .L-4' TWT nan' 5 President of the University A dedicated worker in education, Dr. Norman P. Au- burn has devoted himself to the greater advancement of his chosen field. He has been president, and is now secretary-treasurer of the Association of Urban Uni- versities, and has served this year on the Executive Committee of the Ohio College Association. He is a member of the National Commission on Accrediting, a member of the Board of Directors of the Council for Financial Aid to Education, and is active on commit- tees of other national higher educational organizations. He has spent much time and effort in making the rela- tionship between the University and its community Closer for their mutual prosperity. As president of the Akron Rotary Club, a charter member of the Area Development Committee, and through his association with various civic foundations, he has been outstanding as a community leader. President Auburn is interested in foreign travel, this spring visiting the Soviet Union for the second time, making an extensive educational study. On a recent trip to Liberia, he was awarded the honorary degree of Doctor of Laws by the University of Liberia. He was also decorated by Liberia's President Tubman with the Order of the Star of Africa, with the grade of Grand Commander. Warmth, congeniality, and dignity will always be characteristic of our president. Row 1: Lee Ferbstein, Harry P. Schrank, Mrs. W. A. Hoyt, E. J. Thomas. Row 2: Charles J. Jahant, Leslie P. Hardy, L. S. Buckmaster, Norman P. Auburn. Board of Directors HURL J. ALBRECHT Chairman, Fred W. Albrecht Grocery Company Chairman of the Universiziy Board cy' Directors L. S. BUCKMASTER International President, United Rubber, Cork, Linoleum and Plastic Workers of America LEE FERBSTEIN Attorney-at-law MRS. W. A. HOYT Community Service and Social Welfare CHARLES J. JAHANT Vice President, General Tire and Rubber Company DR. NORMAN P. AUBURN President. The University of Akron 54 J. W. KEENER President, B. F. Goodrich Company HARRY P. SCHRANK Executive Vice President, Seiberling Rubber Company V ice Chairman of the University Board Q' Directors E. J. THOMAS Chairman, Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company V ice Chairman of the Universizy Board of Directors JOSEPH THOMAS Vice President, Secretary and General Counsel, Firestone Tire and Rubber Company LESLIE P. HARDY Financial Vice President, The University of Akron Secretary Q' the Univerxizy Board Q' Directors Deans and Administration LESLIE P. HARDY DONFRED H. GARDNER Financial Vice-President Dean of Administration and Director of General Studies 1. .1 . L L- ERNEST H. CHERRINGTON, JR. R. D. LANDON DOMINIC J. GUZZETTA Dean oftlze College of Liberal Arts and Director Dean of the College of Engineering Dean of the Evening Division and Acting Dean of Graduate Studies of the College of Education I . , WARREN W. LEIGH CECIL A. ROGERS GEORGE W, BALL Dean of the College of Business Administration Treasurer of the University Dirggfor gf Univgryipy Relations 55 Richard L. Hansforcl Robert C. Berry Phyllis Paul Direrfor of Student Perronnef Advisor of Illen Afdviror of Women X. , I x Gordon A. Hagerman Kenneth Cochrane Jghn M, Denison Univerxity Registrar Director of Alhfelifs Dj,-gffor gf Afymni Rgjgfiom .if AFWGIQV ,MNH Dorothy Hamlen A. Lincoln Fisch Thomas C. Jackson University Librarian fixsixmnl Dirertor Assislant io the of Student Permnnel Dean of Evening Division Y. if F if Q Peter J. Hampton Kathryn Kimble Ebba Larson Director of Psychological Services Director ofthe Student Center Assistant Registrar V N1 .fl 'vi M ,. --. Nur---' - .sbx I ij, ' Jai' '-. Robert W. Larson Willian A. Rogers L. L. Smith Assistant Registrar Assistant Dean of the Assistant Dean of the Evening Division Evening Division and Direelor of the I nstitute for Civic Education -nw- x G-,,,,,, I,.x: C: 'E-7 N pw W 5- we-..., Stuart M. Terrass Dorothy Thomas Ulysses S. Vance Assistant Advisor of Men Assistant Advisor of Women University Editor 1 v QQ xxx X Student ouneil fi x 5 l l L - I ff '3' . 1 . 5 , ' 1 fav gii . 1 . Sf' U., '-1' iziwii " sary , Kow 1: J. D'Amoruoso, M. Chelovitz, M. Desillas. Row 2: M. Flasco, M. L. Kesler, M. Mannion, M. A. Bisesi, L. Baker, J. Thompson. Rowj: M. Simmons, Ki. Taylor, M. Gilfen, D. Scott, N. Yanatov. Row 41 D. Smedley, D. Morton, J. Stake, S. Hartney, L. Adams. Student Council is the organization responsible for represent- ing the student body in matters of interest to the student body and to the faculty and administration. Its activities also deal with planning certain social events and functions, and carrying out certain duties which are listed in its Con- stitution. With Jim Neely as President, Student Council has been an extremely active group this year. Its members planned an Ox Roast as part of the year's Homecoming festivities and also put on two "Cafe Nites" for the student body. In addition, it was responsible for "A"-Key awards, "Who's Who", Campus Chest, Campus Nite, and other events. Also, Council members played an active part in helping the Charter Amendment to pass. Perhaps the most signihcant thing done by our Council was its stimulation of interest in the area of student govern- ment. Realizing the inadequacies and inefliciencies of past Student Councils, this Council sought to improve its effec- tiveness by gathering information as to how other student bodies governed themselves. Using this information and the information questionnaire which Council made up and dis- tributed among members of the student body, it set out to campaign for a functioning student government. As a result its nature and goals are beginning to take on the appearance of the organization it was intended to be-an effective stu- dent government. 60 OFFICERS President James Neely Vice President Joseph Kormanik Rec. Secretary Rose Mary Christy Corres. Secretary Mary Lou Kesler Treasurer Frank Sherman Sergeant-at-Arms Milo Chelovitz Advisor Mr. Robert Berry Council Members Lynn Adams Liz Baker Mary Ann Bisesi Bob Buckey Bill Butke Milo Chelovitz Rose Mary Christy Jane D'Ambruoso Don Denton Maria Desillas Mike Flasco Jim Fritsch Martha Giffen Bill Goldman Barbara Hanna Sandy Hartney Mary Lou Kesler Karen Kilbourne Joe Kormanik Mike Kushkin Climon Lee Lois 'Ling Midge Mannion Denny Morton Jim Neely Ed Nettles Jerry O'Neal Carli Palermo Pete Rizopoulous Sally Schneider Frank Sherman Martha Simmons Denny Smedley Wray Songer Jackie Stake Kay Taylor Joyce Thompson Ken Thompson Dick Waller Ex-Ojjicio Carroll O'Hara Dorothy Scott Miriam Wein Nada Yanatov ,X lg Jim Neely, Presidenf EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Row 1: R. Christy, D. Morton, K. Taylor. Row 2: D'Ambruoso, M. Chelovitz, M Kesler, J. Kormanik, P. Sherman, Mr. R. Berry, L. Adams. 61 ff-. Mary Ann Bisesi, President Mrs. Paul, Advisorg M. A. Bisesi, Presidentg Judy Miller, Vice Pres.g Judy Ausmus, Treasurer. Missing from picture: Joyce Crampton, Secretary. Women's League Women's League Council is a group of women elected from each sorority, plus the nursing groups and independents as representatives of all the women on campus. The purpose of this group is to promote general welfare and an interest in the social life of all women students. The Council performs such duties as presenting Women's Day, and sponsoring teas and Kaffeeklatsches. Row 1: S. Shirhal, S. Bambakidis, L. Patterson. Row 2: J. Ausmus, Mrs. Paul, M. A. Bisesi, J. Miller, P. Behrle. Row 3: J. Bock, M. Pulling, J. Anderson, P. Melnik, N. Magilavy, C. Minch. 19" Km William Butke, Student Building Manager. Student Center l . -nav Yi? I ' an ,K 'C'-T7 an-fl' 051. Row 1: B. Emerick, M. Chelovitz, R. Willis. Row 2: M. Simmons J. Horvath. Row 3: B. Burke. The hub of student activity centers around one build- ing, our new Student Center. This year the Center is under the management of Mrs. Kathryn Kimble and William Butke, the Student Director. It is here the students meet to grab a bite to eat, relax in the lounge, or play a game of cards. Milo and Martha check over the work schedules. 63 M qi 'iknf T1 W Row I: B. Mitchell, Speakman, B. Emerick. Row 2: B. Tunstall, L. Ritzman, R. Carr, O'Neal, E. Heilman, C. Culver, E. Lewis, D'Ambrouso. Row 33 D. Boring, M. Simmons, P. Peterson, Thompson, Miller, M. Burkhardt, D. Stinaff, M. Kesler, S. Hartz, D. Scott, A. Stalnaker, Horvath, C. McLaughlin. Row 45 B. Ammon, G. Varce, W. Anderson, D. Salden, E. Parms, J. Ward, J. Bennett, J. Stringer. Panhellenic and Interfraternit ouncils 53' if 5 Wu.. ll E. Heilman, President, E. Lewis, Treasurer, C. Culver, L. Ritzman, Vice Prchfidenfi I- O'Nea1, PN'-fidfnfi R- C3-fl' Secretary. Missing from piclure: J. Gotschall, Vice Prexident. Serretary. Missing from piciurzq J. Frient, Treaxurer. 64 K nv fx? Ida is S I " wil' fra kigxir xi- tv Q 5 ,QP 'L' K B 1 . J twin Qx fr-'-P M fe I D Dorothy Scott Nada Yanatov Co-Editor Co-Edi tor 19 5 9 Tel-Buch Row 1: C. McLaughlin, J. Hinkle, M. Mannion, M. Gregg, M. Marcinkoski, H. Mallo R. Curley. Row 2: C. Fadel, D. Demkee, H. Herr, S. Shirhal, I. Best, D. Froelich. Rowj D. Holliday, M. Pappano, J. Frient, D. Metz. 66 yrs Donald G. Traul Elsie Heilman Business Manager Managing Editor Always a busy place around the Hilltop campus is the so called "Ivory Tower," the third fioor ofthe Student Building. Here are the ofiices of the Tel-Buch and the University newspaper, The Akron Buchtelite. This is the home of copy, deadlines, type, photographs, and people scurrying around to meet their deadlines. The whole staff under experienced editorships worked towards goals of freshness and originality in creating a new style in the Tel-Buch. N i ,M ,,., r 11 l ,qi B x A O X G l 2 3 X - Suzanne Shirhal Patricia Heaton Organizations Editor Layout Editor ZX Rita Howell Rose Mary Christy Calendar Editor Sweetheart Editor i i Robert Pence Sandra Gregg Sports Editor Copy Editor Xx Molly Gregg Ian. Koehler Administration Editor Photography Editor 67 Maria Desillas Stan Berman Graduate Editor ROTC Editor 1, l K K l l i 2 . E, I i 4 1 i I I f P i 19 'R 81 4 ,-1' Miriam Wein, Editor-in-Chief The Buchtelite, the campus newspaper, is a semi- weekly newspaper covering the latest happenings, news, activities, and cultural events both on and off the campus. Highlights this year included an "April Fool's" edition, Engineer's edition, Christ- mas edition, May Day edition, and many others. Editor-in-Chief for the 1958-59 newspaper was Miriam Wein. Jack Stringer was Business Mana- ger and Tom Ost was Managing Editor. Other staff members were Helen Sutton, News Editor, Nick Irish and Nick Roetzel, Feature Editors, Kenny Brewster, Sports Editor, and Burt Wood- ring, Photography Editor. Reporters who made outstanding contributions during the year were, Debbie Bittaker, Zinny Sans, and Mary Tsarnas. Akron Buchtelite v-.5 . .593 H Q aim-. H AZ iii '- - .-EF' Tom Ost, Managing Editor and Jack Stringer, Business Manager BUCHTELITE STAFF-Row 1: J. Stringer, M. Wein, T. Ost. Row 2 H Mallo M. Tsarnas, S. Swigert, J. Trivonovich, D. Bittaker, J. Jacot, Z. Sans F Hagerty H. Sutton, R. Allegree. Row 3: C. McLaughlin, J. Paschall, J. Bock J Anderson D. Lewis, D. O'Shea, E. Gangl, B. Swinhart, B. Fischer, B. Woodring, J Tucker I 5-do ,iff Row 1: C. Banstello, M. Tsarnas, M. Shapiro, N. Yerkey, Mrs. Hardenstein. Row 2: E. Pamfilie, M. judge, B. Bradley, R. Christy, M. Pulling, J. Sparhawk, S. Whitlock, J. Bock, F. Hagerty. Radio W orkshop Row 1: Harvey Nerhood, Chief Engineerg Marv Shapiro, Program Directorg Mary Tsarnas, Financial Director. Row 2: Neil Yerkey, Program Director. I The Radio Workshop began its operations in 1953 in the old Speech Building. Varied programs of classical music, popular mu- sic, and educational information are given during the weekly broadcasting time. Transcriptions from the British Broad- casting Company, community service pro- grams and informative series given by faculty members are also presented by the group. A The completely student operated sta- tion is headed by Neil Yerkey and Marv Shapiro. The faculty advisor is Mrs. Phyl- lis Hardenstein. Row 1: R. Christy, J. Weiss, V. Mihaly, N. White, T. Sweitzer. Row 2: H. Mallo, J. Spayne, C. James, S. Whitlock, H. Herr, F. Hagerty, N. Yerkey. Row 1: Pat Vance, Vice President, Veralea Mihaly, President. Row 2: Suzanne Shirhal, Secretaryg George Dillon, Business Manager. University Theatre The University Theatre, under the advisorship of Dr. James Dunlap and Professor Donald S. Varian, is the nuclear organization for the production of plays on campus. This is the organization exclusively for those who have qualified by taking part in the various areas ofthe theatre necessary in the presentation of a play. Active members must have participated in at least two ofthe many production fields. To initiate the first play of' the season, the University invites each year a well-known Broadway personality to be its guest performer. This year, Leonard Hicks was imported for the leading role in the first production of the year, "The Sleeping Prince." The Theatre also pre- sented "The Importance of'Being Earnest," "The Little Foxes," and "Othello" during the course ofthe year. 70 If aug' Z 'lid' " W -r" ,exunrsv Y mba , o n v v9-f u A. 3 if Many people do not realize the time and effort that goes into the production of a play. These scenes depict the unseen dra- ma that is played behind the closed cur- tain and bright footlights. The Sleeping Prince" "The Importance of Being Earnest" The Little Foxes" 72 "The Sleeping Prince," a romantic com- edy, starred the New York actor Leonard Hicks and Nancy Lee White in the Theatre's hrst production ofthe season. Alice Stalnaker and John Tayless played opposite leads Mary Jane Michalec and Marv Shapiro in Oscar Wilde's play, "The Importance of Being Earnest." Other leads included Veralea Mihaly and Hubert Schueneman. Lillian Hellman's "The Little Foxes" presented veterans Nancy Lee White and Ron Allegree in the leading roles. "Othello" A Tom Sweitzer and Veralea Mihaly in their roles as Othello and Desdemona. "Othello, Moor of Venice" marked the first time in years that Shakespeare has been produced by the University Theatre. The leading role of Othello was played by Tom Sweitzer, with supporting roles played by Veralea Mihaly as Desdemona and Iago portrayed by John Collins. The Theatre presented this play at the Fine Arts Festival in the Firestone Conserva- tory and at Stan Hywet Hall as well as their two-week presentation in Kolbe Theatre. Richard Sheridan's "School for Scan- dal" was presented by the faculty this spring. The play was a social comedy which poked fun at the manners and fashions of eighteenth century life by describing the effects of scandal and gossip on a group of people. Proceeds from this play will be used for a special scholarship fund. FACULTY PLAY-"School for Scandal" Row 1: R. Berry, R. Sherman, G. Hagerman, J. Hull. Row 2: H. Thackaberry, A. Wal lace, M. Pulleyn, B. Daneman, J. Hull. Row 3: F. Phipps, E. Paul, J. Armstrong, R Thackaberry, W. Lehrman, B. Weiner, M. Dashiell, B. Brandell, F. Alusow. 73 University Singers The University Singers, directed by Mr. Virgil A. Parman, were heard many times throughout the year. To start off the year the entire campus was invited to the Fire- stone Conservatory to listen to their Christmas program. Besides singing for their annual concert, they sang for the Founders' Day Assembly, January 16. The University Singers featured two solo- ists this year. On May 24, Nanette Under- wood was featured along with two com- bined choirs in the Fine Arts Festival. On June 7, Paul Baird was featured at the Singers' last appearance ofthe year, Bac- calaureate. University Urchestra Although the University Orchestra, directed by Dr. Henry P. Smith, has only made two public appearances this year, the members all say they have practiced long and hard. Their two appear- ances have been ,at their annual concert, held on April 19, featuring two soloists: Roland Paolucci, a pianist, and Paul Baird, a tenor, and their per- formance at Commencement. The University Orchestra also appears during the summer months in a series of public concerts given on the University campus. University Band The University Marching Band was directed by Darrel E. Witters and was ably assisted by the five charming Zipettes. The Marching Band per- formed for audiences at the Rubber Bowl during the football season and in Memorial Hall for the basketball season. The Concert Band also directed by Mr. Witters performed for audiences at the Firestone Conserv- atory during the year. 1 .. -A-mm..-..-N ag. -mn-.-n--.......,,.,, W CLUBS Q 1'1- 5 Row 1: B. Dettling, A. Kolb, J. Mushinski, M. Arena, E. Flamini, J. Whitmer, C. Krutky, C. Brokesh, J. Bagnoli. Row 231. Bauer, K. Mills, M. Zeisig, B. Smith, M. Craig, Father Sullivan, S. Marks, M. Mannion, G. Lucas, M. Marcinkoski. Row 3: P. Behrle, E. Lewis, S. Korosa, K. Herdman, B. Farr, P. Qualters, G. Gill, B. Schmitz, R. Papp, B. Clark, K. Wilhelm, P. Krus, M. Steth, M. Gorbach, J. Thompson. Row 4: J. Dolensky, E. Dolensky, B. Kulton, L. Karadin, J. Saheu, T. Vassel, E. Nagy, M. Gill, R. Barber, Bayonnet, M. House, M. Hamilton. Newman lub OFFICERS President Stephen Marks ISt Vice President Marge Craig 2nd Vice President George Lucas Corres. Secretary Midge Mannion Rec. Secretary Mary Jo Lobello Treasurer Bill Smith Chaplain Father Thomas Sullivan C7 . we--.K Row 1: S. Marks, M. Craig. Row 2: M. Lobello, G. Lucas, M. Mannion. Mixsingfrom pirture: B. Smith. ""'v""'y'-'N --N -f..-wwf.-.-V iw.,-N... f-V -- " "' " W- ' "'liiif:,f.i! V , ,X .. H K ft ,SA .-. Row I: D. Smedley, D. Lee, T. Attala, Dr. R. Keller, T. Ost. Row 2: D. Jones, D. Smith, B. Summers, M. Monte, P. Sauber, F. Smith, C. Murphy, E. Brown, K. McChesney, D. Bittaker, H. Sutton, P. Zaveson, F. Barton. Row 3: B. Boyer, J. MacKey, B. Smurthwaite, D. Hoskinson, D. Crater, D. Jenkins, J. Kuziak, B. Woodring. Independent Student Association OFFICERS President Ted Attalla Vice President Carli Palermo Secretary Delilah Lee Treasurer Dennis Smedley Advisor Dr. Richard Keller Row It D.,Lee, C. Palermo. Row 2: Dr. R. Keller, T Attalla. OFFICERS Row 1: B. O. Bowen, J. Judge, R. Starinleri, D. Fraser, R. Corbett, H. Mehigan, B. Mitchell. Row 2: J. Norman, L. Hilliard, L. Victor, P. Leimeister, M. Giddings, J. DeMali. Ro-w 3: D. Milo, E. Baich, H. Nettling, P. Coffman, R. Elliott, R. Furbee. Row 4: W. Sculliom, J. Lutes, J. Kormanik, Miss Slusher, C. Hilt, J. Barnhardt, I. Hastler. Accounting Association OFFICERS Chairman Richard Miller Vice Chairman John Thackery Treasurer Tom I-Ioldren Secretary Donald Mikes Secretary Richard Davis Advisors Mr. Kenneth Sibila Mr. Paul Smith President Lawrence R. Victor Vice President Dean Milo Secretary Romeo Starinieri Treasurer Richard Corbett Advisor Miss Mary V. Slusher A. I. E. E. - I. R. E. Row 1: R. Hupp, W. White, J. Robinson, R. Miller, E. Anderson, T. Roden. Row 2: J. Upatnieks, D Mikes, D. Waller, V. DiFeo, E. Kmentt, Mr. Smith, T. Sweitzer, K. Thompson. Row 3: W. Johnson T. Holdren, C. Maples, R. Conley, R. Hollander, M. Petryszak. OFFICERS President Myrtis Thomas Secretary Patty Lou Peterson Treasurer Joan Spratt Advisor Dr. Helen Becker Row 1: P. Peterson, J. Spratt, M. Thomas, M. Becker. Row 2: G. Solomon, S. Hartz, Dr. Becker, D. Prentice. Association for Childhood Education Art Club Wayne Hume Robert Pease Emma DeBose Robert Ammon OFFICERS President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Advisor Mr. Bern ard Weiner Row 1: R. Gelman, E. DeBose, W. Hume. Row 2: Mr. Weiner, M. Lutes, D. Montgomery W. Bloom, M. Bowman, N. Balko, P. Hoskinson, Mr. Dashiell. Row 1: D. Eisman, G. MacAdam, E. Williams, B. Manson. Row 2: B. Sturm, C. Shaver, J. Dye, G. Weeks, L. Spenser, L. Teeling. American Society for Civil Engineers OFFICERS President Ed Williams Vice President George McAdams Secretary R. Summers Treasurer P. Favalon Advisor Mr. Alvin Richards Row 1: B. Lesneski, H. Holcombe, M. Skubiak, J. Lahr, J. Dilworth, D. Helmick. Row 2: D. Garn, L. Poe, R. Rauschenbach, E. Miller, W. Dominik, R. Walker, T. Miner, J. Ports. OFFICERS Chairman Michael T. Skubiak Vice Chairman B. Lahr Secretary Harry G. Holcombe Treasurer Tom Miner Advisor Mr. Robert P. Bowers American Society for Mechanical Engineers OFFICERS President joe DiMascio Vice President Don E. Demkee Secretary Mary Jane Michalec Treasurer Larry Rossiter Advisor Dr. Walter Kraatz Biology Club Row 1: Dr. Kraatz, F. Barton, M. Michalec, D. Demkee. Row 2: B. Butke, T. Attalla, J. DiMascio, E. Brown, J. Bauer, T. Pilarczyk, T. Benchea, R. Ream. Row 3: H. Mallo, R. Curley, E. Poling, D. Gsell- man, D. Stinaff, J. Bock, V. Rose. OFFICERS President Mary Stevens Vice President Claire Haddad Secretary Rosemary Zemlansky Advisors Mr. Michael Bezbatchenko Rev. Roland Pickhardt Row 1: A. Esber, G. George, M. Desillas, H. Mallo, C. Haddad, R. Zemlansky, M. Stevens. Row 2: C. Stevens, S. Bambakidis. Row 3: T. Bouzas, E. Vuduris, B. Pappas, Rev. Pickhardt, G. Gatsinaris, M. Tsarnas, M. Evkovich, P. Pavelchak, E. Franks, V. Rose. Eastern Orthodox Christian Fellowship OFFICERS Chairman Miriam Wein Vice Chairman John Tayless Secretary Barbara Bock Treasurer Tom Bangura Advisor Mrs. Phyllis Paul Foreign Students Club Row 1: M. Tsarnas, B. Bock, A. Shaw, M. Stevens, E. Franks. Row 2: E. Bender, J. Tayless, A. Dormu, T. Bangura, G. Gatsinaris, A. Esber. l X -V., 'YM Tk X 1 1--A' wma Row 1: N. Mills, B. Bock, E. Bender, M. A. Gregg, W. Bender. Row 2: R. Hame, I. Lloyd, J. Ausmus, M. Weim, Z. Sans, M. Todororic, T. Kaufman, W. Kruppa, R. Dominik, T. Buzas, G. Gatsinaris, W. Rice, A. Koch. Row 3: Dr. Ittner, Dr. Smith, M. Chelovitz, R. Zimmerman, M. Smith. German Club OFFICERS President Carole DickerhoH' Vice President Shirley Grant Secretary Audrey Pratt Treasurer Linda Firick Advisor Miss Irene Bear OFFICERS President Edvard Bender Vice President Nick Roetzel Secretary Barbara Bock Treasurer Molly Ann Gregg Advisors Dr. Herbert Smith Dr. Robert Ittner Home Economics Club Row It A. Dejacimo, S. Grant, A. Pratt, L. Firick, B. Thornton. Row 2: S. Sanderson, D. Young, A. Kolb, J. Sutherland, N. Fox, C. Minch, P. Catt. g , 'mai 'inf . 1 i 34,4 . had LQ, . ..-ws-Q-1-n-as,m,M, S ' JH V A , ,m il . OFFICERS g President Frank Sherman A Vice President Tom Kelley Secretary Joanne DeMass Treasurer Byron Bowen A Advisors Mr. Stewart McKinnon -ff Mrs. Margaret Rogler Row 1: J. Wirth, H. Herr, J. Jacot, E. Flamini, Mrs. Rogler. Row 2: J. Lutes B. D 'l T. W ' h C. , ai y, rig t, Flinn, G. Seyfarth, T. Kelley, D. Metz. Row 35 B. Leavitt, R. Williams, D. Lombardi, B. O. Bowen, B. Long, S. McKinnon, J. Wendelken, B. Emerick, G. Curtis. Marketing Club ' OFFICERS President William Johnson Vice President Duane Helmick Sec.-Treasurers Robert Harold Arthur Fulweber Advisor Mr. Milton Kult hio Society of Professional ngineers Row 1: W. White, J. Robinson, D. Helmide, W. Johnson, D. Hupp, T. Roden. Row 2: M. Scubiak, B. Lesneski, D. Garn, J. Dillworth, R. Rauschenbach, H. Holcombe, V. DiFeo, R. Miller, J. Ports, F. Reder. Row 31 F.. Miller, J. Lahr, C. Maples, L. Poe, R. Hollander, R. Conley, B. Greene. swrfffifft' A X -l Row 1: A. Cook, Dr. Harvey Hanson, D. O'Shea, H. Wilkinson, Dr. E. Thackeray, Mr. O. Fouts. Row 2: D. Frutchey, M. Mudurian, B. Jenkins, T. Benchea, D. Hoskin- sen, M. Smith, M. Evkovich. Row 3: D. Demkee, C. Arnold, B. Glick, R. Cocciolone, Psychology Club OFFICERS President Hubert Schueneman Secretary Kay Conry Treasurer Joyce Lloyd Advisor Dr. Paul Twining Row 1: J. Lloyd, W. Owens. Row 2: T. Nemeth, Dr. Tougas, Dr. Twining, R. Pence, J. Simpson, Mr. Mohn. 86 Physics Club OFFICERS President Herbert Wilkinson Vice President Dan O'Shea Advisors Dr. Ernest Thackeray , OFFICERS President Midge Mannion Vice President Pat Cochrane Secretary Eliana Flamini Treasurer Jan Swartz Advisor Mrs. Lucy Self Row 1: C. Witner, M. Mannion, S. Hannig, S. Crabtree, C. Miller, B. Botos. Row 2: J. Putman, Mrs. Self, H. Greenlick, L. Wetzel, J. Whitmer, P. O'Neal, C. Warren, D. Musleve, H. Zaynor. Row 3: J. Greene, S. Shirhal, E. Mysock. Secretarial Science Club OFFICERS President Rochelle Hartz Vice President Jeanne Capous Secretary Alberta Banton Treasurer Nancy Edwards Counselor Dr. almer Distad Student National Education Association Ro-w 1: Dr. Distad, D. Crosby, L. Ling, S. Hartz, J. Capous, A. Banton, N. Edwards, P. McAleese, D. Prentice. Row 21 J. Brownlee, F. Wirth, J. Bennett, D. Duff, R. Zaleski, P. Johnson, M. Becker, A. Hadden. Row 3: J. Williams, R. Barber, B. Schmitz, E. Heilman, B. Huber, M. Fretcher, M. Pittman. Row 4: D. Hoskinson, B. Bradley, H. Sutton, E. Knight, K. Martin, B. Parms, J. Spratt, P. Peterson. Row 5: H. Zaynor, J. Machie, A. DeRoss, C. Bochard, M. Thomas. Row 1: R. Williams, E. Martell, J. Speakman, R. Snyder, M. Lampers, J. O'Neal, G. Seyfarth. Row 2: B. Donatelli, D. McKenzie, D. Cranmer, J. Wendelken, B. Daily, J. Kovach, B. Pence, I. Horvath, B. Emerick, Dr. Simonetti, Dr. Hanes. Row 3: J. Sponseller, J. Stringer, G. Brandon, W. Auld, D. Swan, B. O. Bowen, Brown, D. Paul, D. Nolan, R. Decker. Society for Advancement of Management OFFICERS President Marilyn Prettyrnan Vice President Ed Daniels Treasurer Shelley Hartz Advisor Dr. Samuel Newman OFFICERS President Mike Lampers Vice President Jerry O'Neal Treasurer Robert Pease Advisor Dr. Bernard Hanes Sociology Club Row 1: P. McAleese, M. Prettyman, S. Hartz. Row 2: A. Dormu, H. Mallo, P. Seman, B. Bradley, P. Sitosky, C. Prettyman, M. Lutes. Row 1: J. Weiss, M. Dennis, A. Willis, S. Lewis, F. Lombardi, R. Christy, B. Anderson, M. Mermelstein. Row 2: G. Rodgers, J. Tayless, S. Grant, M. Pappano, Dr. Internocia, J. D'Ambruoso, M. Hendler, G. Hawk, M. Downing. Row 3: M. Cochran, H. Mallo, S. Nesselhauf, B. Rice. Tertulia Espanola OFFICERS President Tom Troxel Sec.-Treasurer Neil Yerkey Advisor Miss Dorothy I-Iamlen University Christian Row 1: S. Goss, N. Puffenbarger, D. Caetta, T. Troxel, N. Yerkey. Row Robertson, E. Carson, B. Parms, Y. Greene. OFFICERS President Alice H. Willis . Vice President William M. Dennis Sec.-Treasurer Shirley A. Lewis Advisor Dr. Donato Internoscia Fellowship 2: C. Brown, K. Anderson, R. W Y. W. C. A ru fb vw Ro-w 1: D. Scott, P. Peterson, S. Sanderson, M. J. Murdocco, C. Miller, J. Lautenschlegar, R. Papp, B. Sandridge. Row 2: P. Melnick, R. Howell, C. McLaughlin, L. Baker, C. O'Hara, S. Swigert, W. Berry, C. Rasinski. Row 3: M. Fetherson, N. Boss, D. Walker, P. Finney, C. Crum, M. Craig. Row 41 R. Zaleski, M. Hughes, B. Bray, S. Shear, D. Atherton. Row 5: J. Capous, I. Mitchell, M. Whitmire, M. Marcinkoski, P. Boswell. , Women's Athletic Association OFFICERS President Sheila Swigert Vice President Suzanne Shirhal Secretary Pat Melnik Nancy Helfrick Advisor Mrs. Helen Nicholas Row I: M. A. Gregg, D. Townsend, M. Mannion, S. Gregg, N. West. Row 2: E. Hausman, N. Daily, L. Ling, J. Greene. OFFICERS President Karen Kilbourne Vice President Barbara Hanna Secretary Lois Ling Treasurer Elaine Hoover Advisor Mrs. Annette Wallace Row 1: M. Mannion, B. Botos, D. Townsend, S. Sanderson, P. O'Neal. Row 2: I. Konstantinopoulos M. Michalec, J. Spratt, E. Hoover, B. Hanna, K. Kilbourne, P. Peterson, J. Sparhawk, M. Desillas, P. Pavelchak, J. Capous. Row 3: J. Koehler, D. Scott, S. Shirhal, E. Heilman, R. Christy, S. Gregg, L Wetzel, R. Howell, P. Melnick, W. Barry, K. Headlough, J. Wirth, S. Schneider. Row 4: M. A. Gregg S. Brandon, R. Zaleski, S. Grant, V. Rose, L. Baker, D. Ceglar. 'fx af'-if 91" if N WFAIQ ,V 1 'M ig: 'YQ O , x . if "MX-. y "ww ' --va x """f1n,, 2' I ', I lm QQ 4 " 1 - "H . ' iff 5 .2711 P3 1 7 ng' " f JK 1 Q, ,. , s 0 4' I Q if il is Hg i if t ' Ap, .Six , J N yy, K ,ix YU J ut: t .5 , M X E56 . ff W , if 255 ,L fu 'Tf f"""' David Adolph William Butke Darrell Dube Raymond Elliott micron Delta Kappa OFFICERS President Dick Waller Vice President Dave Adolph Secretary Joe Kormanik Treasurer Ray Elliott Theta Circle of Omicron Delta Kappa was established at the Uni- V versity of Akron in 1920. This men's national leadership honorary . prides itself in summoning into its membership each semester out- standing men ofthe campus. Membership is restricted to the highest f type college men. Those selected are outstanding in leadership, schol- arship and extra-curricular activities. Faculty members are also ini- tiated and permitted to wear the coveted ODK Key. Joe Kormanik Franz Schubert Ken Thompson William Tunstall Dick Waller 92 Marilyn Berardi Maxine DiDonato Rochelle Dienoff Mary Ellen Douglas Pierian The purpose of this organization is to recognize outstanding women leaders in scholarship, service, and participation in extracurricular activities. Members of Martha Giffen this organization can always be recog- Elgie Heilman nized by their traditional white blazers. OFFICERS President Kay Taylor Vice President Marilyn Berardi Dorothy Scott Secretary Joyce Thompson Treasurer Faye Nobil Martha Simmons Faye Nobil Dorothy Scott Martha Simmons Kay Taylor Joyce Thompson Miriam Wein 93 Chuck Evans A-Key Marilyn Prettyman A-Keyg Who's Who W iw. 'jx ,Z , 5 . 49' j ...K wgjwlq T: ' Elsie Heilman A-Keyg Who's Who Martha Gilfen A-Keyg Who's Who 3 Marilyn Berardi A-Key Carroll O'Hara A-Keyg Who's Who Kay Taylor A-Keyg Who's Who Lois Ling A-Keyg Who's Who Maxine DiDonato A-Key Faye Nobil A-Keyg Who's Who Rose Mary Christy A-Keyg Who's Who A-Key Miriam Wein A-Keyg Who's Who 94 sa 1, ,f,.fw'4 . Q - Q 4.51-A,s 5,1 .,, , , Judy Brownlee Barbara Bock A-Key A-Key ' V' 46" Joyce Thompson A-Keyg Who's Who Lynn Adams A-Keyg Who's Who One ofthe Hilltop's highest awards is the coveted A-Key. A-Keys are awarded each fall and spring by the Student Council and all rules governing the award are made by them. In order to be eligible to receive the award, the applicant must qualify through a point system. Points are awarded for outstanding leadership in campus activities and for outstanding scholastic achievements. Dave Adolph Martha Simmons A-Keyg Who's Who A-Keyg Who's Who Dorothy Scott Who's Who Franz Schubert Who's Who 'F i Ray Elliott A Roberta Hagenbaugh Who's Who Who's Who Another great honor for a University student is election to Who's Who in American Universities and Colleges. The candidates are selected on the basis of leadership and scholarship. Qualifying campus leaders have the distinction of being listed in the national publication. Pictured here are the campus leaders who qualify for this na- tional honor. 2 Nada Yanatov Who's Who K- Darrell Dube Who's Who ff William Burke Who's Whog A-Key Jim Semester Who's Who Frank Sherman Who's Who Richard Waller Who's Who: A-Key Who's Who in American Universities and Gerald O'Neal John Daily Marilyn Daily Mary Lou Kesler Whdg Whos A-Key Who's Whog A-Key Who's Whog A-Key pWho's Whog A-Key 95 ,X U a 1 Eduard Bender Who's Who dis- W 4"" James Neely Who's Whog A-Key in Joseph Kormanik Who's Whog A-Key Colleges Rochelle Dienoff Who's Whog A-Key Row 1: G. Tukinok, I. Glazman. Row 2: Dr. Sumner, B. Meek, G. Givens, F. Ells. Row 33 B. Vaidya, K. Edwards, R. Senderling. Alpha Lambda Delta OFFICERS President Sheila Swigert Vice President Margaret Huryn Treasurer Elizabeth Baker Secretary Mary Webber Advisor Mrs. Helen Thackaberry Alpha Chi Sigma OFFICERS President Gene Lukinac Vice President Glenn Givens Rec. Secretary Ron Senderling Corres. Secretary Jerry Glazrnan Treasurer Ken Edwards Advisor Dr. Thomas Sumner Row 1: S. Bambakidis, M. A. Gregg, G. Bock. Row 2: M. Marcinkoski E. Newton, T. Miller. Row 3: L. Baker, Z. Sans, Mrs. Thackaberry Row 4: S. Swigert, L. Leigh, M. Webber, M. Huryn. OFFICERS President Ivan Hastler Vice President Richard Corbett Secretary Sylvia Calhoun Treasurer Paul Coffman Advisor Dean Warren Leigh fhx Row 1: Dean Leigh, S. Calhoun, R. Starinieri, I. Hastler, P. CofFman.R0w 2: T. Kelley, R. Elliott J. O'Neal, R. Corbett, J. Norman. Beta Delta Psi Kappa Delta Pi Row 1: M. Simmons, J. Capous, R. Hartz, C. Culver, C. Crum. Row 21 Dr. Becker, E. Heilman, Dr. Johnson. Row 3: L. Ling, R. Zaleski, J. Brownlee, J. Stewart. Row 4: Mr. Chrisp, Dr. Watt, J. Whiston. OFFICERS President Martha Simmons Vice President Jeanne Capous Secretary Joyce Thompson Treasurer Mr. Marvin Chrisp Advisor Dr. Mabel Riedinger V7 K we V7 'ka I -Rv W, A ... QT P f Row 1: Dr. Knepper, A. Hall, A. Tompkin, R. Clauss, E. Housley. Raw 2: Dr. Riede, Mr. Jack- son, M. Conway, T. Sweeney. Row 33 L. Dalton, Mrs. Clinefelter, Dr. Roe, B. Thorburn. Row 4: Tucker, S. Kline, R. Barber, C. Crum, S. Swigert. Mixsing-from picture: C. McLaughlin and L. Nolt. Phi Alpha Theta OFFICERS President Thomas Sweeney Vice President Michael Conway Sec'y-Treas. Arthur Tompkin Advisor Dr. Clara Roe D. Salden, W. Kruppa, B. Cuschleg, R. Carr. Phi ta Sigma OFFICERS President Franz Schubert Vice President Ronald Carr Sec'y-Treasurer Walter Krupa Advisor Mr. Alvin Richards 98 l Phi Sigma Society OFFICERS President Marvin Kopelson Vice President John Kansel Secretary Mary Ann Bisesi Treasurer Douglas Davidson Advisor Dr. Walter Kraatz Row 1: J. Lloyd, V. Mihaley, S. Falardeau. Row 2: Mr. Alusow, M. Huryn, G. Seyfarth, D. Salden. Pi Kappa Delta OFFICERS President Charles Evans Vice President Emma DeBose Corres. Secretary Miriam Wein Secretary-Treasurer Marianne Miller Advisor Mr. Frank Alusow Pi Omega Pi OFFICERS President William Weiss Vice President Beverly Ewing Secretary Jeannette Rosenbloom Treasurer Betty Oblisk Advisor Mrs. Audra Tucker - 99 Row I: VV. Levy, M. Bisesi, H. Mallo. Row 2: T Robertson, Dr. Kraatz, M. Kopelson. Row 1: Mrs. Tucker. Row 2: E. Mysock, S. Crab tree. Row 3: E. Heilman. OFFICERS President Kenneth Thompson Vice President Michael Skubiak Secretary Thomas Sweitzer Treasurer Erwin Kmentt Historian Evan Robinson Advisor Mr. E. K. Hamlen Row 1: J. Upatnieks, D. Mihes, K. Thompson, E. Anderson, J. Ports. Row 2: Mr. Hamlen, D. Waller, D. Miller, E. Kmentt, T. Sweitzer, M. Skubiak, H. Holcombe, T. Miner, F. Schubert. Row 3: E. Miller, R. Johnson, T. Holdren, VV. Dominik, Koogler, R. Hollander. Sigma au au Kappa Phi Advisor Miss Dorothy Laubacher IOO Row If A. Kolb, B. Pfeil. Row 2: Miss Laubacher, D. Young, P. Catt , . WH gm Sh' fx I X 1 X' FX . .5 , S Wm , , fa -Q 4-sip?" ' , 'ff 3' i ' ,X 1 f y we f 1 A -1.1 sw, X f 'H ,wi 5 Q f -W 1 '44 N- hfx 'Y .av fag ,Wm ,V ,sf f' -,,,,,',,4'ggp'vf""' ,4'gf4g: f' ,X ffxwfff 331 ,452 .,x3,M'I,'Wfg,j,5' " 0 'mf wa 'lf Nyc, QF ,-,V ,, Z ,f J, f'j39i,f':?afWv fv"v2iifw 5 gf Qiyfgjfgzfggra 'ZX-3' . , 2.W,,,. x, 1,1 4, QQ Q'Q3?7i:4 f Jw ,gf , 17.9, ,Q J ,ga My-v ' ,MQ QL 5 wffwfzyg.-,,g.g , gan in ,fi My Y ,fqggt gy' fvf aw? ' ui - 1 '14 Wm ff , ' X fav . NW Gigm- , ... , ,WM C4 U' , L , X ,, W gf -mx , I w, FYI 934' "Q 'C' . g ' 'f1.l,f' 'Se , 1 ' 9' f if M .. xx 'Aff A :gf f i fr gay! "M:"13" Vi' V Ni, 5, x X f . I aug: -' f Q A ' f P A A 'L 1 RUT C C Lt. Col. H. D. Harby Prfjessor of Military Science and Tactics. l radii' 535: -fa- :lui Row 1: Major W. J. Mahoney, Lt. Col. H. D. Harby, Capt. L. T. D'Avanzo. Row 2: MfSgt. C. Fox, SFC G. J. Gosney, SFC J. H. Steele. Row 35 SFC W. M. Dean, SFC J. W. Arnold, SFC T. J. Goodeve. IO2 Arm ROTC The basic two-year program for incoming students provides the maturing young man with an aid to maturing further and faster into an adult, not only Worthy of receiving this title, but willing to accept the citizen's obligations. Advanced training includes a period at a summer camp in training, in which the prospective oliicers are given a taste of what military life is like. These last two years give the cadet an opportunity to apply what he has learned in super- vising the new cadets. Cadet Col. William Tunstall Battle Group Commander Air Force ROTC The University Air Force ROTC wing has maintained a comprehensive, and a most interesting program for its cadets. Among its special events are "The Block of Bluef' a night in which the cadets at- tend a home basketball game en 'masseg and the several trips and airplane Hights which are available to all ofthe Air Force cadets. These trips have included trips to Florida, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, -North Carolina, and many other places. The Air Age is here, and the Air Force cadets have been inspired by it to the point that each succeeding class is better organized, and disciplined. 'hs "1 btw f Q lil ,I isa!-fi w Wk. 1 A 5 N Lt. Col. G. C. Welch Professor of Air Scienre 'E' Cadet Col Robert Snyder Wzng Commander x,., Row 1: Capt. P. Stricker, Major M. R. Tracy, Lt. Col. G. C. Welch, Major L. B Redd Ist Lt. E. H. Coleman. Row 2: SfSgt. D. E. Burns, TfSgt. C. D. Elliott, MfSgt G R Dowling, TfSgt. W. D. Reid, SfSgt. E. P. McKinney, SfSgt. L. L. Tempo 103 QSSA ,El i :H Row 1: William Tunstall, Jerry Whiston, Henry Nettling, Lt. Col. H. D. Harby, Steve Haben, Ed Parms, Jim Sponseller. Row 2: Bob Decker, John Titmas, Albert Hope, Don Weber, Michael Hendler, Dean Milo, Bud Eisenhart, Wesley Shiver. Seabbard and Blade - advanced army honorary Pershing Rifles - basic army honorary Row 1: J. Anthe, H. Crotts, R. Carson, F. Smith, R. Anderson. Row 2: R. Naidoff, C. Studenic, J. Sankey, J. Hindall, D. Salden, E. Austen, C. Lee, Capt. J. Titmas, Lt. R. Colburn. Row 3: R. An- liker, W. Kesig, G. Glinsik, H. Wolfe, D. Baugh- man, C. Bonstelle, L. Ridley, J. Meyers, W Shriver, J. Artz. Row 4: J. Holder, B. Stafford, J Parker, J. Stout, W. Hubbard, D. Coughlin, E. Eilbeck. Row 5: R. Zbytovsky, L. Fisher, C. Green, J. Prinzo, L. Meyers, D. Zak, B. Schwartz. Row 6 G. Heath, W. Weirath, J. Pembrook, D. Wood. .ge E Meimi Row 1: David Poole, Harry Holcomb, Darrell Dube, Herbert Wilkenson, Capt. Stricker, Robert Buckey, Robert Snyder. Row 2: Dick Eisman, Paul Dolenski, Ron Senderling, Don Andrews, Wendell Turner, Bob Wagner, Charles Maples. Row 3: Jim Bennet, Don Brown, Dave Frutchey, Bill Ander- son, Jerry Mushinski, Dave Kyer, Glen Givens. Row 4: Gerald Frient, Wayne Seeley, Ed Bender, Ron Willis, Tom Honeywill, Jeff Hill, Ray Stein- kerchner, Joe Kormanik, Jim Neely. Arnold Air Society - advanced air honorary Sabre Squadron - basic air honorary Row I: W. Simshauser, Gibson, F. Williams, R Stinaff. Row 2: C. Baker, W. McKinney, D. Goudy J. Kormanik, C. Arnold, F. Freas. Row 3: J. More- ley, F. Dombek, D. Haas, L. Pope, T. Bachman, J. Deagan. Row 4: J. Parry, A. Batal, D. Gainer, R. Scott, I. Coheunor, J. Bowen, J. Buza. Row 5. S. Stutler, M. McKinzie, J. Robey, R. Sturm, J. Huebner, T. Yengling, P. Daisher, J. Zimmerman, B. Rudwell. Row 6: K. Myers, J. Stull, T. Lyttle R. Moss, Bowers, unidentified, J. Sudolnick, R. Robinson, J. Main. 1 X, ff., C "ESV yi C? ,"'N""Qv f Row 1: Alice Stalnaker, Rosemary Canto, Judy Ausmus. Row 2: Sandy Crutchfield, Pat Finney. Row 33 Arlene Hadden, Marilou Kesler, Nancy Boss. Air orce RCTC Sponsors IO 6 Arm ROTC Sponsors Row 1: Martha Simmons, Carroll O'I-Iara, Rosemary Christy, Jane D'Ambruoso. Row Q: Judy Kistler, Beverly Sutherland, Midge Man- nion. Row 31 Lois Stinaff, Marie Capatosta, Joyce Greene. I L """'-9--.,,,,,, Close inspection by U.S. Army Colonel. V is '1 . '41ng,.Lgy,. vm ,L ' wi "' 1 X v . 'U 'FB Highly polished Air Force Color Guard. Nw... iw, W...- ,. 1 Gr , ...- , s , -4 :""",w,"'1:',ivW 2 rf" - ,Q ' gfifilflfl Army cadets take "rest". IO 7 Attractive Air Force sponsors wateh attentively. Thirty-one cadets were commissioned as second lieutenants in the Army and Air Force Reserve at the Commissioning Exercises. General O. P. Wey- land, Commanding General of the Tactical Air Command of the United States Air Force deliv- ered the Commissioning address. l 1 ' ? Fm w sg ' xf , 1 '1 'X N N G R IL K Beta Tau Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi, the oldest secret society in the world for college women, came of age by celebrating its twenty-first year on the University of Akron's campus. This celebration was only one of the many events ADPi's sponsored this year. Others included a Christmas party, Spring Formal, fraternity desserts, Mother- Daughter banquet, Founder's Day banquet and an all campus pledge party. To start the year off right, the ADPi's and the TKE's combined their efforts to build the first place Acme-Zip float. Soon afterwards, the Alpha Delts were proud and happy to see one of their members reign as Homecoming Queen and another on the court. At the Home- coming Dance they were also awarded the Panhellenic Scholarship Trophy, retiring. it from circulation. At the VVAA Banquet, the sorority achievement plaque was pre- sented to Alpha Delta Pi for the second consecutive year. At the third annual Greek VVeek, five ADPi's were listed among the Top Ten Pledges, an ADPi was chosen the Outstanding Greek Woman of the Year, and the new Panhellenic Scholarship Trophy was awarded to Alpha Delta Pi. In addition to Homecoming Queen and attendant, there were five R.O.T.C. Sponsors, the Sweetheart of Lambda Chi Alpha and a final- ist in the Miss Tallmadge Contest. The Alpha Delts listed among the :top campus leaders for the year were: President of Panhellenic Council, President and Vice-President of Pierian, Junior Panhellenic secretary-treasurer, four Pierian mem- bers, eight members listed in Who's Who, eight Student Council mem- bers, including three At-Large, Recording and Corresponding secre- taries, and six A-Key winners. The President of Secretarial Science Club, President of Spanish Club, President of Phi Alpha Theta, Vice- President and Secretary of S.N.E.A., and the Vice-President and Sec- retary of Kappa Delta Pi are also ADPi's. The Co-Editors of the 1959 Tel-Buch, two Vice-Presidents and Corresponding Secretary of WAA, nine Sport Managers, Y.W.C.A. Treasurer and Secretary, Women's League Secretary, Newman Club Recording and Corresponding Secretaries, four Radio Workshop mem- bers, and five University Theatre members wear the Diamond Pin. In addition, the German Club treasurer, associate editors of the Tel-Buch, seven Freshmen Counselors, Homecoming Chairman, Cas- bah Chairman, Greek Week Chairman, Women's Day Chairman and Songfest Chairman are members of Alpha Delta Pi. The outstanding senior women's service award, presented by Women's League, was awarded to an Alpha Delt. Also wearers of the Diamond Pin are one varsity and captain of the reserve cheerleaders, four Zipettes, and fourteen members of Scholastic Honoraries, six of whom are members of Alpha Lambda Delta. Alpha Delta Pi . , ' 2 . 1 369 East Buchtel Ave. Rush. I IO King of Wits is crowned at the annual Circus Tea. i- 'V+'-gn sy V-'fffqqfpfgg-'sv - 1' Q' 5 Sandra Gregg Sandra Strezoff- Elsie Heilman Dorothy Scott Lois Whitmire Nada Yanatov Corresponding Sec. Second Vice Pres. President First Vice Pres. Treasurer Recording Sec. , . as fe Q ers. is xt A W gai t Nancy Boss Barbara Botos Betty Bray Judy Brownlee Dedee Ceglar Rose Mary Christy Joyce Crarnpton Marilyn Daily A 'H ' Q M W JW fm Q 'V 'M' in - - I . 2 ' 'nur H D-fa, x N Nadine Daily Patricia Finney Eleanor Fisi Martha Giffen Joyce Greene Molly Cregg Elsie Hausman Patricia Heaton Meg Iacomini Betsy Justus Judy Lautenschlegar Linda Leigh Nancy Mannion Marcella Marcinkoski Claudia McLaughlin Kay Morgan Sylvia Papatonis Linda Patterson Virginia Rose Sara Shaar Cheryl Warren we-' , Lois Ling Mary Jo Lobello Helen Mallo Midge Mannion 9 Jo Murdocco Mary Jane Murdocco Patricia O'Nea1 Vicki Papaioan 255' S is W Y fs: Suzanne Shirhal Kay Taylor Doris Townsend Dorothy Walker A V ' is 4-X 5, 1 i -JE z Q 'X J eye Iggy, S v . ' ii ' . tif A , n .W Norma West Margaret Whitmire I I I Betty Woodall Rosemary Zaleski Spirit and activity were ever present among the members ofOmega Chapter of Alpha Gamma Del- ta, which made for a very busy and rewarding year. The Alpha Gam's began the school year by working with Phi Delts in the Acme-Zip float compe- tition. The next few months found Alpha Gams bustling with Rush activity which terminated by the addition of fifteen bright new pledges to the chapter. The pledge class carried on the active chapter spirit by bringing home two trophies for winning Ist place in the Lambda Chi Skit Nite and 2nd place in the Phi Sig Skit competition. Beside these trophies rests the 2nd place Casbah trophy won with the skit, "Noah's Ark." 4 The social calendar at the Alpha Gam house was filled with many activities including a Christ- mas Mother-Daughter Tea, a Christmas party with the Phi Delts to entertain Cerebral Palsy Children QAGD's altruistic projectj, the Annual all-campus St. Pat's Tea and a spring formal. Also, two achievement dinners with faculty guests were given to recognize outstanding members in fields of scholarship and activities. Alpha Gams also distinguished themselves by placing second in Scholarship among sororities in the first semester. Campus-wise Alpha Gams were represented by three Student Council members, two ROTC sponsors, one varsity and two reserve cheerleaders, one Pierian member, one Pi Kappa Delta member, W.A.A. president, W.A.A. secretary, treasurer of the Senior Class, one Homecoming at- tendant, one A-Key recipient, one associate editor of a Tel-Buch section and a finalist in the Miss Mid-West Contest. P, PQV: :z P519 u Rush 4,-Wig D. Busy working on May Day Hoat I I2 116 Fir Hill FQ Alpha Gamma Delta' V ,a a , 32? ik as 0' 55, ' kl fig f v . , x a J , Kathy Lotze Joan McGeary Mary Lou Richert Corresponding Sec. Second Vice Pres. President wx R X W Q " x ' Y-Tr Pat Angelo Nancy Balko Arlene Becosky Marilyn Berardi ,pi A get .- 4' Maxine DiDonato First Vice Pres. Wg: A . K 9 Joan Best Maria Desillas Joanne DiDonato Sandra Dobbs Mary Ellen Douglas Betty Edmiston 3- - 1: .k.l 3. x.C K 5 X: L, V ix. ' . X : b sz R 6 ij iss was , ' P f x 2 -e.' e X ., it 3, , or A A va-1 .,', - ' 2 , 5 4. 7 ' 1, ' a K 1 J J lf f N ' M lllq I y s y ' j it y t lii t e e it ' , figl Nancy Helfrick Treva Hess Nancy Hildebrandt Judy Hinkle Martha Horner ' 1 sg. H . 9 Donna Gsellman Treasurer Ann Clark 'J 5- Sharon Wright Recording Sec. 'R' . wa I X Jane D'Ambruoso 'aff ' .f ' Ai' ,M-, ff at a We XQQ xx N 7 if Q J fx 7 'Q .. QP' ,- N I' 'M 192 if H" f a ff if ,S v. ? v S5133 .x f w Karen Gray 5 Marianne Lewis 6 s A- ax P 0 f S JS at ff .f eg , X. 3 Q Q it ei., la W' ls- 1'1" MVN M V awwf Joanne Griliith I S Cs . riff WL are El. J 4 . ig s- ,ZX . 6 ,- l i l 5 Carolee Ohlinger 'Bi 253 93' fi ,.,l 5 Audrey Pratt Nancy Reynolds Marilyn Rinaldo Mary Stevens Jean Zeno II J' Eiv- flu fav? 155 1 Joanne DeMass 15 19-f r" . fab- -1 xx ff Earliene Haines ,, S :wx KM' Mary Jane Pappano Delta Gamma The D G's hoisted anchor and started their year's voyage with a first place Songfest trophy. To this we added trophies for third place Acme-Zip and hrst place Casbah. The Hag of bronze, pink, and blue waved at the Christmas formal, the square dance, and Golddiggers as we wined and dined the men. The campus was invited aboard for our "Let's Go To Florida" open house and we dropped anchor at the Blind Home one night to give them the proceeds from the Pi Kappa Epsilon-Delta Gamma co-sponsored Hobo Hop. The crew of the good ship Delta Gamma includes Homecoming crowner, Honorary Cadet Colo- nel, two R.O.T.C. sponsors, one member listed in Who's Who, one A-Key winner, president ofthe Home Economics Club, vice-president and secretary ofthe YVVCA, vice-president of Alpha Lamb- da Delta, treasurer of Women's League, secretary of Radio Workshop, secretary and treasurer of ACE, social chairman of the senior class, secretary ofthe Biology Club, associate member of Uni- versity Theatre, three Freshman Counselors, Theta Chi Queen of Hearts, Alpha Epsilon Pi Queen of Swing, Tau Kappa Epsilon National Sweetheart candidate, assistant copy editor of the Tel- Buch, and members ofthe Buchtelite and Tel-Buch staffs. The D G's reached port to end their voyage at Founder's Day and sent thirteen mates to the Province Conference at Kent State University. Well done, crew! 357 E. Buchtel Ave. I I4 The "Gang" harmonizes before spread. Donna Auseon f X L Judy Foore QQ 1 i Verna Friend Mary Jane Michalec Mary Lou Kesler Generose Gill Patty Lou Peterson Deborah Davis Corresponding Sec. Second Vice Pres. President First Vice Pres. Treasurer Recording, Sec. " K ,r W 5 2 " - 5- 'L J, to ,L 'I I 1' A 1, A' -Q , x Q l A , uf , 41 . i P ' A .fb as Judy Ausmus Jane Boden Mary Ann Carr Marge Crawford Anita Dejacimo Eliana Flamini .V .Q 1 K 'Q nv- ' X 'Q ,E 5 J' Alice Grinnell ,nM,.,,M YJMX A11 m 1 Gn- Marianne Hamilton M rf? fi f 'N X W, t 'nf' , X 5 M at in V' Barbara Hanna Kay Dawn Headlough Helen Herr x 'T' Elaine Hoover L I 'a 7' os- Linda Firick Molly House 1 , , Q- A 5 " I 6- yy if ' X2 M X I , 1 Marge Huryn Josephine Jacot Jill Jaycox Barbara Lardis Carol Michalec Patricia Millard Charlotte Minch Joyce Palich V' i Z sub V 3,5 . ,A: Q P e a he J mpg Q fra 'W A, if ,fe J -. L . 's'- -.-' 9 im' 5 I ' 1 QQ u , X ,V , , H r 1 V 'ig 'XL X K' f to as J f x " . ,f H1 Louise Pullen Judy Sparhawk Joan Spratt jackie Stake Beverly Sutherland Janet Swartz Evelyn Wetzel 115 Kappa Kappa Gamma 204 Spicer Street Kappas entertain at their Circus rush party The Women of Kappa Kappa Gamma found, in tradition with this oldest campus sorority, a year full of activities and honors. Within the covers of this 1959 Tel-Buch you will find wearers of the key include two Pierian members, President of YWCA, Vice-Presi- dent of Student Council, Pan-Hellenic rush chairman, Buchtelite Editor, two Student Council representatives, Associate Editor of the Tel-Buch, three University Theatre members, two varsity cheerlead- ers, hostess ofthe Student Center, and Junior Pan-Hellenic President. Scholastically, Lambda chapter is proud to have three of the top scholastic pledges, including the top pledge, four Alpha Lambda Delta members, members in Pi Kappa Delta and Pi Kappa Alpha. The Chapter also has three A-Key winners and three listed in Who's Who. Beauty titles added during this year included Honorary AFROTC Cadet Colonel, five ROTC Sponsors, two Homecoming attendants, May Day Crowner, and AEPi's Queen of Swing Crowner. City-wide, the Kappas, in cooperation with the local Reserve Ma- rine Corps, sponsored the annu-al Toys for Tots program. The city's choice for its Ambassador to Poland was also a Kappa active, Martha Simmons. New decorations for the trophy case will be first place skit in Phi Sigma Kappa skit night, and third place Casbah. From the past Na- tional Convention, the sorority received the Most Improved Award and Best Alumnae-Active Relations Plaque. Highlighting this year was a Visit from Kappa's National President to help celebrate our 81st year on campus. Kappas on campus wwefpe- '- x Siam Liz Baker X x , K L Joan Wirth Treasurer 9, Wendy Berry Brenda Bock ra P4 ffvk 'fia- s 3 v 1 .1 at , gy .,, .V ' 4 ' , 1. L A A A L Martha Simmons Cynthia Widmeyer Barbara Bock President Vice President Secretary J Z I Q Sc yvff ' "V' if A 5 it 5' r - it W 3 -,., A Gretchen Bock Carroll Boswick Suzanne Brandon Judy Cochrane pi . X I , S-' 5 ' I ' ' 7 5 5 ' ' 4 5 f x - 1? -I . .Q wi V V M 1 2, , K if MQ , 1 Jane Crutcher Marge Fetherson Barbara Fioradlis Barbara Holland Rita Howell Jackie Kelly Karen Kilbourne X: , K J' ji, l yrtlv 4 E 1 . an , f J, ,, '. it f y 7, ,S V 3 S 1 ,NV X ' . ' J at J L .Lx , L . .L .A 44. Jan Koehler Judy Koehler Carol Krutky Pat Melnik Carroll O'Hara Doris Ottagalli Jackie Power 5 1 f 5 'V' Q' A " A 2 "1 1 M i "" x 6 ,V .,,, 1 N 1, 3 Sally Schneider Judy Shelestovich Gail Sinclair ,: .Q Q Dorothy Smith Mary Ann Smith Alice Stalnaker Florence Treesch 'Ofc Q L Cynthia Wayne Miriam Wein Julie Willenbacker I II 7 Patricia Cochrane , , W -at .. . Q' -my N- W, .,.. 1 01 i4 Judy Kistler '17 Sue Sanderson is AT 44 Joan Tunberg p, X A 'X 4 as ,N 5 A Phi Mu The sisters of Omicron chapter of Phi Mu started a very successful year by pledging I4 girls, one of whom was a "Ten Top Pledge." Phi Kappa Tau's candidate for Homecoming Queen, the Sweetheart of Tau Kappa Epsilon, an R.O.T.C. sponsor and a finalist in the "Miss Midwest Fair" beauty contest were Phi Mus. Phi Mus were well represented on campus this year with four members elected to Who's Who, three A-Key winners, five members in University Theatre, one member in Pierian, two members on W7omen's League Council, and four members in Kappa Delta Pi. President and treasurer of Sociology Club, president of Home Economics Club, house manager and Green Room manager of University Theatre, council-at-large on Student Council, chairmen of dance committees, assistant news editor of the Buchtelite, VV.A.A. managers, president of Tau Kappa Phi, members of Pi Omega Pi, a member of Alpha Lambda Delta, and secretary and treasurer of Johnson Club com- plete the list of campus positions held by Phi Mus. The social life of Omicron consisted ofa Hayride, the annual progressive dinner, mother-daugh- ter Christmas party, big and little sister slumber party, a party with the A E Pi's given for the Cere- bral Palsy children, the King of Hearts tea, pledge dance, spring formal dinner-dance, junior- senior banquet, father-daughter night, picnic for pledges, mother-daughter dinner, Founders Day banquet, and co-ed spread. Phi Mus dine out 221 Spicer St. Happy-time Week 1 1 8 1 M Lynn Adams m u. 45: Q . Mary jo Fechter 'Qc P ."f4Q,,2-,?"' M , 235 Patricia Hackney Corresponding Sec. Suzanne Baugh Q Marilyn Prettyman Second Vice Pres. K 5 49' W t , Sue Benedict George Ann George Shirley Grant wi . X., ff-ff 5' rf Cynthia Howiler Joyce Lemmert joan McGlothlin M. X mmikwn. 2,51 'Eff if Joyce Thompson President QS B I Mi x .lx .cr ,s. 4 9 'fi , 92 , .v B Nelda Bradberry amy .i 4""'ggg.,iQqV M ,. . L P, Arlene Hadden .Q ,V it l Z3 t 5,?fa,,: f '5V Q a .4 1 52? Ruby Mullins -1' 1 Q' A-'N ng., N ff 1 3 Gi Q . 5 W Patricia McAleese Eileen McAleese First Vice Pres. Treasurer . ' nj al fs 4 .-li P- N . Z: ' 7 ., 5 25? 5 ,N Bonnie Bradley Joyce Call A, , ,VM , X Q ft G P X Roberta Hagenbaugh Sally Hannig B i i t A jk: 5' l Y Julia Sandridge Zinny Sans Dorothy Stinatf Recording Sec. ka W . 'K ' Q Sandra Crabtree Christine Crum Q r' QQ 45 -1-Q5 Fm gf mwiol Shelly Hartz Janet Hoffman Patricia Sitosky Janice Stewart Barbara Subity Colleen Volk Nancy Lee White Sharon Whitlock Mary Louise Woofter Dawna Young Kathy Zagray I 119 7 "X'3.fQgQ2" 'i"ji"f'f iiiaf-W'-f V'-ff T 2o9 Spicer St. Theta Phi Alpha, the national sorority for Catholic women, has been very busy since the end of the spring semester of 1958. Five Theta Phis spent a week in Port Huron on Lake Michigan for our National Convention in June. In the fall, Lone Star Fraternity worked with us on an Acme-Zip Hoat. Rush season saw the actives arrang- ing parties based on the theme "Around the World in 80 days." The Alumnae honored the new pledges at the Christmas Poinsettia Tea. The first pledge function was a Christmas slumber party and gift exchange. Soon after, the active chapter held their annual Progressive Dinner in honor of the pledges and their dates. Spring semester found us holding our annual Mayor- Council Dinner, spring formal and senior picnic. Theta Phi'Alpha also participated in VVAA's VVater Carnival, Greek Week festivities and Casbah. At our annual Founder's Day Banquet, one of our members received a National Senior Service Award. Throughout the year, Theta Phi has invited fra- ternities to dessert parties. Dessert this year consisted of ice-cream sundaes of all flavors. At the annual open house, we honored the "Sweetie-Pie of Theta Phi" selected from fraternity candidates. Sigma of Theta Phi Alpha has been honored to have in their chapter the president of VVomen's League, treas- urer of Pan-Hellenic, Queen and three attendants at the Newman Club Christmas Formal, and the Vice- President of Newman Club. A freshman counselor, Tau Kappa Phi Honorary member, Student Council representative, member of Phi Sigma Society, Newman Club's May Crowner, and a member of Radio VVorkshop and University Theatre are all proud wearers of the Theta Phi Alpha pin. Wwff Q wx ' asf, ff! Rush 20 Theta Phis entertain at Swiss Alps Party I 'z is , J Theta Phi Alpha 6 3' joyce DeWitt Recording Sec Qsixf Dem. wi' ,I Q Marnelle Gorbach Ellen Lewis Mary Ann Bisesi Vice President President Treasurer X i A l Wa 'V ,ff 6 ,Q ' ' S f iff fugizi qif, 2 ,,.. ,V ','fy:fhX-,X-.W -f., 4 , ' i ' M' ., 'If ,,?z2 l?,,!?z ' 'R Y.. J 1 i is Morayne Burkhardt Corresponding Sec. 1 Y 4 H 1, M a M M mf ., l Annette Kolb Susan Korosa Charlotte Rasinski joan Becker Judy Bock Marge Craig Kay Herdman jonni Kohnz . it 3 4 A H "-A . .- ,... ,A 'JK 'via V X ' V M 1 W 45- a ff'-f ., Q ,ww w Z5 l Patricia Marmaduke Carol Miller Jeanie Miller Rose Papp Margaret Qualters fi ia Jayne Spayne Karen Wilhelm u I2I The Theta Upsilon social season included a whirl of Christmas festiv- ities topped off by a Christmas party at a member's home. Besides the annual Founder's Day and Rainbow Day banquets, Theta Upsilon played host to the regional State Day held at the University ofAkron. The Open House Tea was held in April and John Bowers of Tau Kappa Epsilon was crowned Wafiilette King. Outstanding members of Theta Upsilon include two freshman counselors, secretary of Panhellenic, Vice-President of Women's League, members on the Buchtelite staff, a member of Kappa Delta Pi honorary, President of the University Singers, secretary of the University Band, two student assistants ofthe Firestone Conserva- tory, and winners of the Pixley Music Scholarship and the Faculty Music Scholarship. Cinda Culver was named outstanding active of the year and Caroline Bochard was outstanding pledge. 233 Spicer Street Christmas "Get-together 19.2 'L Wafilette King crowned Y ff?- 'Gaie ' " Judy Anderson R -sr X , .' Harriet Spiegler Treasurer .336 , ,v' M V Caroline Bochard Theta Upsilon 'K . iQ ' ' it A If X, .3 -3 . .. K L ,Q lf aw .,:, ,,. , J 2. 3 ffm Cinda Culver Judy Miller -1 President Vice President , ' T F' 5 ii? Anita DeRoss Marion Evkovich J '- if 7-if wf: 'ff' Judy Olliver Rita Zelei 123 I S I Q 4 , -5 tx: X. f 'K . f Betty Woodward Secretary 1 fs ..1.1 " ' X, f f if V Elizabeth Knight Susan Nesselhauf Zetas proudly display second place Acme-Zip float trophy. Four Zeta Tau Alphas, bubbling with enthusiasm over their trip to their National Convention in Colorado Springs, Colorado, returned to loo Fir Hill to participate in a year of sorority and cam- pus activities. Just before the college doors opened for the new school year the Zetas and Lambda Chis worked on their Acme-Zip Hoat which received second place. At the Greek Week Banquet, it was an- nounced that Zeta Tau Alpha placed second in scholarship, receiving the Scholarship Improve- ment Plaque for the second consecutive semester and was represented by one of the top ten soror- ity pledges. The sorority proudly claimed the Moonlight Girl of Phi Sigma Kappa, Jane Gotschall, past president. Annual social events included the Valentine Dance, sponsored by the pledges, the Christmas Dance, the Mother-Daughter Christmas Tea, an all-campus open house, the Gingeree, the spring formal, and the Street Dance for the benefit of their philanthropic project, Cerebral Palsy. A square dance and a big and little sister slumber party were also held. On campus the group was represented in key organizations with five members of Alpha Lambda Delta, five band members, three Buchtelite reporters, a cartoonist and a columnist, the secretary- treasurer of Pi Kappa Delta, two members of the YWCA cabinet, one member of University Singers, the vice-president of Kappa Delta Pi, and one member of Student Council. The first place winner of oratory in the Ashton Speech Contest was a Zeta. A member of the University Theatre and four freshman counselors were, also, Zetas. -3 loo Fir Hill 124 if 3 , .5 S m .... . mf .4 Dianne Atherton A iw, , ink A ,W Marjorie Hess it 2 ff-Z3 ii" Z Vi 'Q Zeta au Alpha J , ,. ,V ,, f , .. 71 . . -x , y -X w Fl' risk: Y' M, f, - '4 '72 , fy 5, K 'Q J 2 ' 1 . wi M at l' V , '14 a i. ' 13, gg ff 1 rifle 5' l is Q .: . ' 'l ' f"'fi , 'Q ' W 'Lf 1 9 X N: 4 kid ' , 3 X I ggy X V L4 :IQ Q bm ' ,A - x '- zz: " , f ll - -: ' -:s f 'iw bij, JAM 'X ,v 4, , Y Dorothy Duff Jeanne Capous Corresponding Sec. Vice President L ,Q Jane Gotschall Carol Sowers President Treasurer A Luella Siegfried Recording Sec. .JG 'Z 'V Q X V Q elif' f N if X f 5 ,Ka 2. 1' - - .1. 1, - g ,' x ,iz N. rs Q Q.. , 7' pf" r we Y U q ri "' M from ar r als 0' t M 'ii f ' A M ' A U, r ' ' 'QP A N , f ,- ': NM-1. , A ,ff . - X Phyllis Boswell U f ' f 3' Gr Q6 'X Beverly jones Joyce Doney me ff, . M Nancy Edwards Barbara Frantz Claire Haddad Alice Harnack Pat Hervol ff 1 h X X- r . . V g gi ww 4 5 W , , ' R I A M Q MX? Wy, 15 Joanne Martin Marianne Miller Teresa Miller Inah Mitchell Emily Newton Bonnie O'Dell ' ,f 3' ' X X , H Q" 43 4 I V .N W W- 'f er -1- '. i r " ' ' A , a Carol Spiers Dorothy Vaughn Joyce Whittaker 125 Alpha Epsilon Pi's eighteenth anniversary year has been very eventful for the young fraternity. The fraternity has grown at the University as well as on the national leveL Among the members of the Theta Deuteron Chapter this year, many have other activities to which they have devoted their time and efforts. Some of their achieve- ments are: President of Beta Delta Psi, vice-president of the Spanish Club, out- standing Army ROTC Cadet, one member listed in Who's Who, an A-Key winner, an associate editor of the Tel-Buch, two members of Phi Eta Sigma, one member of Alpha Chi Sigma, one member of the University Theatre, one student council repre- sentative, six lettermen in tennis and swimming, and the top scholastic fraternity pledge. The hearty Aep's social life included a joint party with Lambda Chi Alpha, the annual "Swing Haven" open house, a New Year's Eve party, the "Playboy" sum- mer weekend, Founders' Day, and the Parents' tea. The fraternity house was remodeled through the funds provided by the Alumni Club and the Mothers' Club. 1 wav' 5 1 X 2 i Summer formal "Okay, I'll play your silly game." fS5QY',,..?3Ti,gS K L asa:- 5 .2 'PM . hfiiaiiipfiiwzi Q . fgfiql Qghzfaii ' ' Q"'-53? -'A'-f A- . f 1, 34.-654.952 f, s. , lgfifffi-giexzw - " A ,,g.Qv,c:a. 'f - ' -A i1fJsQf?,221:w . . Hr" '22, ":Q:i179",A f pf Party time 374 E. Buchtel Avenue 126 ,rg .X 'i , s lk ' Barry Adelman Denny Berkowitz fp If 7 are J ag," ' lglld' 4 ii Q X ' A B as 4 jay Fleishman Alex Kushkin C 5. ,nt F55 .xx fi. KQQJM' B ktfzr 'f 'kv ,K Q l Joe Salzman lpha Epsilon Pi Jay Nusbaum Exchequer 'R ,5 'SJ Stan Berman ii. ,fa 1. g i3 1: hy? ' Alvin Lieberman 5 1 Q Marvin Shapiro rv.. Y S M f': A ml' Q. 6' 5 - A- - nv f-ir't ' '- Q A -, A Q -, 5 .V 5. A W , ' we 1, I I 2. Stanley Kodish Bob Lesowitz Mel Mermelstein Master Lt. Master Scribe 8' "' ff A Q if al W . Mike Dennis Bill Goldman L' AX i , G? , . x ' Jerry Federman A is-' ' 1 ?,d if- FC gk :,,, ,t,,v.vV , . 4- Steve Fisher Stuart Fisher Bw Phil Mervis jerry Meyers Denny Morton Harold Post Ed Regal , A wb 'K . 4 B, A 0 Q Q1 F av' s I 7 X gr. 4 -A is N ' F-fl t "rf it is V Michael Sher Herbert Stein Jack Weiss Ernie Zied 127 :iI,J J --, 9' xr r A ' -sa Alpha Phi Alpha's second year on Campus got off to a flying start with the building of a float along with Phi Mu Sorority and AEPi Fraternity for the Acme-Zip game. The social calendar began with the annual formal dance in December. Highlights of the ball included the presentation of twenty-five year awards to seven of the alumni brothers, the crowning of the Alpha Phi Alpha Queen, Margaret Maddox, a senior in nursing, and the annual achievement award, which went to Climon Lee. In Intramural sports the fraternity placed as spirited runnerups in volleyball and took second in the basketball tourney. For the greatest improvement in scholarship standing among the members of I.F.C., Alpha Phi Alpha's were awarded the scholarship improvement plaque. On campus the fraternity is represented by the talented Climon Lee, track and basketball star, as well as a member at large on Student Council. There are mem- bers in the Spanish Club, Psychology Club and Honorary, Accounting Club, German Club, and Secretary of the Scabbard and Blade. Also, Richard Averitte a member of the Band and Orchestra and Jim Williams stage manager for Othello are wearers of the Alpha Phi Alpha pin. Miss Alpha Phi Alpha A caucus Instructions maybe? 128 Song Rehearsal Y P . Jw , . x 6 I 'Q' 'iii Q' X sr ex ., ,- my M-Q' ', ref J! Ns. William Anderson 'Q Q W elf, Joel johnson Q . ,vm A if? fi K 11097 1 V 28 .A i 'NR I-. En .Q 6 G. ,.. lpha Phi lpha Z-I I G iq xi - - -i 'QI ,. , f, I 1 , 1 Q if 95? ,i u ,Lf?iffT.s -ilw Jerry Davis Moses Giddings Treasurer President Richard Averitte Q. ,', A is , 5 1 a Y: 4 , Xi Climon Lee Lonza Neal ,NYS xg V 4 W- , ,Q '-xx -4' Y We. V : Bi Lf A X Edwin Parms Vice President . , K Q, 45, 4 , 5. .i mx X xi- fc, A hi M -Y . Q 1 9' sbs' .., 'Q Q., Q 'z 'xg E525 if ., A' , Af x :WN 'Nba 1 gs. 5 2 W Harold Ware Secretary sfiik harles DeBose james Baskett Hayes Davis C fb- I ..f, N i ESQ .Fw N.. William Rice James Williams I2 Q 8 Q f if AA,, K M Charles Greene ' s X 'G 1 f W' A Benjamin Thurmond 9 Lambda Chi Alpha 82 Fir Hill Lambda Chi-Zeta Tau Alpha, second place Acme-Zip Hoat Lambda Chi Alpha opened the school year by placing second in Acme-Zip competition, teamed with Zeta Tau Alpha. Midge Mannion, Homecoming Queen, was the fraternity-sponsored candidate. At Casbah, held in March, Lambda Chi's presentation was awarded the first place trophy. In May, the third place Songfest went to the Lambdas. As usual, the Christmas and Spring formals were prime events of the social calendar, coupled with the annual Woodchoppers' Brawl. In Intramural events, after the fall sports season, Lambda Chi did well with Marty Tausch winning the 177 pound wrestling championship. The Lambdas placed four men on Student Council with Jim Neely wielding the gavel throughout the school year. John Horvath as assistant Student Center manager, Tom Jackson, as executive officer of the Army ROTC Battle Group, Nick Irish as feature editor of the Buchtelite, and Nick Irish and Paul Bartlett as May Day co-chairman held responsible positions on campus. Ed Toth and John Rainey won their football letters. Jim Avery, along with John Carosella and Dean Milo, duplicated this feat in swimming and tennis respec- tively. Jack Tidyman, performing for A U's baseball team, also, found time to lead the chapter with a 3.74 point average helping to garner third place in scholar- ship among fraternities. The chapter was represented by Dick Anderson on the varsity wrestling squad. H 6. 5, Robert Pence Vice President as-as .. , 1. ' 'Z 1 Q aff- Q i- - an ' -1 W 1"""" i H5593 .N Richard Dufala President Dick Anderson john Anthe Robert Bell is t 'i R Richard Blocker mg sz ,i 1 iff, john Horvath Nick Irish Treasurer Secretary 'K ' P 9 1.2: , 6 V. V J 'ij I Albert Caiola 21' john Carosella Qs. QL Marvin Downing Darrell Dube Chaker Fadel Gary Festerman Mike Fiasco Ted Fundoukos ai -.wi V ig-Q" I an mx! .6 Philip Hefferman James Henderson Carl Hilt Fred King Chuck Kirk john Kostoff J Q , it 1 x - W., , f af: T 2 is Wynn QSC 'P-Gi Kig 'fr S figs! JA' fi- fl 4' " James Mollis Phil Molohosky James Neely Lawrence Pope John Rainy E ' ss 3-1 is ESV S Q si ' X " iinifigks -' , " se. im . , ifi'Z'5ii , M Pete Rizopulos fx are ' J L Ken Thompson John Tidyman George Tsarnas James Ward Q so if . 'Ease Fred Denning ,, gf? 472' if tea X 'B Richard Gilbert , all 1-, :jig L. A0 Robert Matson Q, is sf if s QB Byron Sturm was 3 iff:-fx 1 f A Leon Downing John Hansel f' an 'E- A Carl Meador Marty Tausch 131 Phi Delta Theta Ohio Epsilon Chapter of Phi Delta Theta has had another activity-Filled year. The fall's activities began with the winning of intramural volleyball and basketball, while taking second in wrestling and swimming. Phis, answering the roll in varsity sports this year, were co-captains of the soccer team and a co-captain of the basketball team, plus eleven other men on the soccer team, four men on the foot- ball team, two men on the baseball team and three men on the track team. Socially, the brothers of Phi Delta Theta also had a full year, beginning with a hayride, Christ- mas open house and a New Year's Eve formal. The social season closed with a Suppressed Desires party, She-Delta-Theta party and a spring formal at Willowdale Country Club. Phi Delta Theta, also, invited the campus to its annual "Good Ship Phi" open house. On campus, Phis have participated in various activities rounding out a program of campus par- ticipation. Phi Delts in key positions on the campus were: the Business Manager of the Tel-Buch, associate manager and assistant manager, of the Student Center, manager of the University Theatre, vice president, treasurer, and six members of Student Council, president and three mem- bers of Omicron Delta Kappa, co-chairman of Casbah, co-chairman of the Dance Committee, three A-Key winners, and seven members listed in Who's Who. Phi Delta Theta has served the community by active support of the Alpha Gam-Phi Delt Cere- bral Palsy Party, Community Service Day at Camp Yawaca, and the Greek Week project at Camp Ledgewood. Also, in intra-campus, Phi Delta Theta took second place in Casbah. With their fine record of the past year, Phi Delta Theta is looking forward to a bigger and better year in the future. 194 Spicer Street Phi Delts and Alpha Gams entertain cerebral palsy I 32 children. '-iles ,lf 2 1 x lk sf s, is E Nick Antonio Kenny Brewster -aw- ivy Dennis DiMascio A -S. .J 'N 'va Thomas Honeywill we V, . . 6,53 '22- eg 'A John Lutes as A 1, George Rogers if rms Y "mx In L X as - ' if 25 3 5 A A 1 1 .M f' 'N 5 ..V. as Y ,A -1 K f, X - 3, - if at r 'G ' I , 5 W Q . ,, , , I F , .,,- ' X . xx its X N ! ir Syl? A L 4 s if Don Traul Franz Schubert Jim Fritsch Gene Frampton John Simpson Secretary Vice President President House Manager Treasurer ,.. -sz , 3 75 'K i 46 4 3 gx . Q 'Ya Yi ' I' Cas., Lv -0 ,, " an- .ff I , John Bauer Larry Beam Chuck Beckman Gary Belchambers Eduard Bender Waldemar Bender Jim Biss k 4 3 n -,. ,gg gg, .Y 5 Q1 j ak Y -aw 5 'W V ., 1, ini so x a i -rf-ss.. l . M is B A' A a 49 in Milo Chelovitz Ted Crosier Gary Curtis Robert Daily Elmo Dalton Henry Daniel Donald Demkee so g .Q , 5 '. A Q an yiv. dr- , a v.. he -ag - fpfxbl X. -- 4. LN- .f ' V SQ' A a. .A .,j.,s,gL Ai f as fr S Gerald Donnelly jim Draper Nelson Eddy Curt Flinn Douglas Green Bob Greene Don Gustafsen , 1 xl Y sz -1q, g g G f ' MX ,. , I A Bill Jennings Mickey Judge James Kormanik Joe Kormanik joe Kovach Don Lombardi Frederick Lombardi B R 'l "" xx ' 'Kr . F' f We '7 A' si is X X , - ' ff - f ' .St A X ,X Wayne Lytle Jim Mac Gregor Jim Mc Neil Stan Musick Bob Palitto Ray Parks Dave Recksteiner ., 2 M 1 1 fs f t rib: '- t , ,. f, ' - i 9' 1 r fi M egy X eq v 4 Scott Schueneman James Semester George Seyfarth Frank Sherman Dan Stobaugh Thomas Sweitzer Dick Waller K , -. ri 3 A A4 cas , Y Q 'fm W , W fa. on , B, L. Q Q if X ... ' s A A if Q- . ' 5 N' " - A W Q ue' x , 7 'ge "" ' 'Nw . ln l John Ward Jon Wendelken Bob-Werner Ronald Willis Dave Wood Bob Zimmerman jack Zimmerman I The past year was a very satisfying one for the Phi Taus at the University of Akron.We began the year by taking third place, along with the Delta Gammas, in the Acme-Zip Hoat competition. Soon after the new school year was under way we invited all the new faculty members of the University to a dinner at the fraternity house. Throughout this year, we have continued to invite outstand- ing guests from industry and from the University, to our house for noon meals. Activities for the fall included hayrides, several house parties and picnics. Outstanding social events of the fall semes- ter were the New Year's Eve party, held in conjunction with the TKES at the Castel de Sango, and that evening the fraternity members were guests of WAKR-TV on the Co-op Ballroom. Spring rush proved very successful for the Phi Taus who took twenty new freshmen, unsur- passed by any other group. The spring semester's events included the Phi Tau Domain Conference at Bowling Green State University, Founders' Day banquet, the annual Dream Girl Formal, at which our Dream Girl for 1958-59, Miss Debbie Reynolds, a student nurse at Akron General Hospital, was announced. Other activities, in which the Phi Taus participated, included basketball, in which we received third place, and Intramural wrestling, again a third place with two class champions. OHices held by Phi Taus on the campus included: president of Newman Club, IFC secretary, vice president of Phi Eta Sigma, four Freshman Counselors, vice president and treasurer of the Art Club, president of Phi Sigma Alpha. Other activities included three Greek Week Chairmen, Dance Program Chair- man, and Blood Drive Chairman. Spring activities were topped by the Bar Room open house which featured that famous warbler, Mattie Hall. Scholarship was not neglected since we had the scholarship improvement trophy for the fall semester and two of the top nine pledges. The end of our school year is traditionally celebrated with a picnic with our Kent State chapter, which has proved a fine way to wash down the academic dust after the strain of exams. Perhaps, the outstanding event of the year was the activation of our new faculty advisor, Dr. Ray Sandefur. We are proud to welcome such an outstanding person into our organization. : :VV ,Ml .. f . 34 HW I' I '- 41 Tau 408 E. Buchtel Avenue 134 Y-CT? Miss Debbie Reynolds, Dream Girl of Phi Kappa Phi Kappa au it p ' .. ' E N, W' Q 'W Q ' Q , I 5 . .. ,.,.:.... 'of Q" r " X ' ,.. L, Kin - Q A X' i. he - A Ronald Carr Gerald Vorce Robert Ammon William Bachman Ray Roy Secretary Vice President President Pledgemaster Treasurer f x wa 1 i f x iw 4 X M 'N i X ' ' ,q -xf . M , V b Q. , N ' . ' K ' ' as X Q X 5, ' ' ' V- . f, ia f' L ' QQ' YI gx X ,,,,, , , L' A ' ' P 1 ".' 'S Gffffsi A 1. . ,x l Anthony Abbate Carl Brokesh Robert Buster Robert Decker Harmon De Graff Lowell Dickason joseph Di Mascio Jim Engle A -I N .p :fa ,, R .3 Qt 'F' Q1 6 P, f ., i sa-e Q k P X- A 'lr' 1,7 Q 'F' Jr V 4'-as-. . vt , We Q 4 X at Q I l 1 I A 4 .. , ffii . . . 4 V , I ww' ax Z V A Q V' in t f we '-'- - , In 1 4. 'Q Y 'GAL A A A 4. Francis Freas Robert Gandee Gerald Glinsek Jack Hindall joseph Kamrad Oscar Kniceley Pete Kraus Bernard Lesneski Z b x :N M - LN.. 4 ss . ,cf . ig -. 5 , , X Q - . 4 .: xi A Q 3 W lf. V N I Li . A Frank Malaney Robert Melling Wilford Miles Donald Montgomery James Morely Denis Oberdoerster Richard Paul Chalmer Schroeder 'bb' F I, Z 1 A ' 2 ..: I3 l . ' Z A A 12, james Sponseller James Thomasson Robert E. Wagner John A. Wahl David Weil Mike Weltzien Vernon Wolfe 135 Phi Sigma Kappa ' I f 148 S. Union Street ? Eng-qpnguu-vw' 4 I , Ia, 5.5 E55 fif Q 1 5.1, Sfffgin V95 ,-P' is " V , 3 ' nunnnnu-nun: E :E ' H Q fn I 4 312 G . 2 A 1, ..,...,...,..,.,...,..4 V- - ' Phi Sigs relax between classes. I The school year 1958-59 was a good year for the broth- ers of Phi Sigma Kappa in every respect. Campus-wise, Phi Sigs could be found Working hard in every phase of activities. The Chapter boasted the Cadet Colonel of the Army ROTC Battle Group and two members of the Battle Group staff, the Business Manager of the Buchtelite, two members of the varsity rifle team, two members of Omicron Delta Kappa, the president of Pi Kappa Delta, and the vice-president of the Senior Class. New trophies on the Phi Sig mantel are for Winning third place in Casbah, second place in Intramural bowl- ing, and second place in fraternity scholarship. Socially, the Phi Sigs were hosts at several sorority desserts, the annual Military Ball Buffet, the annual All-Sorority Skit Nite, the 1959 Moonlight Girl for- mal, and a cabaret party. Miss Jane Gotshall, of Zeta Tau Alpha, is the 1959 Moonlight Girl of Phi Sigma Kappa. Casbah 1959 4 John Doll Jerry Butz Secretary Vice President an William Tunstall Jerry Donelan President Treasurer K ,, ' V r I W l f b Y K , f - A .pw fl , .. .ps ' X , 'I , ' j H , he 1 2 X 5. gg 'B ' A ,A ap -Q-', 1 ,i his , Ai i.g "i mg E I iff- R r Ron Allegree Ken Balthaser Norman Beal Kenneth Blower William Christie Howard Crotts john Dudish Raymond Elliott n' dr .N-i I' T 'L 5 'if' xl , " J M an ns Sl X ' ' ' 'N' ' N5 .. Q Q , , U S ,f A john Emery William Fischer Erwin Gangl jack johnson Thomas Jones john Kovac Ronald Kiener James Lee 1, :Mr ar if Q em ,,,c, E , 'TSE' Q ' an 'R 29 'E' 'Ji' A ... ,QE , X bu ,ijt , ,f I if M!?::rrwa in 1' Q' K , A . I ai ' i" i k was ", Q x A X Alan Mackinnon john Malarik Leroy Martin Roger Moss Mike Murdurian Eugene Penix Bryce Reynolds Thomas Pilarczyk to-as-ii. me w e i i E W, ii. it R 1. i Z1 fe l .. .Q ZS I 1?- Walter Rice Dan Salden John Sankey Wray Songer Dick Stayer Jack Stringer lx' f sd 1 i irri T ,... - f I f - - ' ' 'if' he A William Swinhart James Tucker Delbert Wiese 137 Pi Kappa Epsilon 1 CHQ il Mgt is-.2-.. This past year, the men of Lone Star Fraternity were honored with these outstanding Intramural trophies: hrst place wrestling, and swimming teams, second place basketball team, and top pledge bas- ketball team. Among campus leaders, PiKE claimed the Senior Class president, Student Center manager, three Student Council representatives, an Omicron Delta Kappa member, and co-chairman of Greek Week Workshops and Banquet. Long noted for its athletic membership, the Stars held ten posi- tions on the football team, four soccer members, four track lettermen, a golfer, a member of the basketball team, and five varsity wrestlers, including the Outstanding Ohio Conference Wrestler. Annual social events for the Chi Deltas included the spring and Christmas formals, "Hoity Toityn open house, and the "Hobo Hop" in cooperation with Delta Gamma Sorority. Lone Stars waiting for the noon meal l l "The Gang" 160 Fir Hill 138 6 3 , Q, 3 V KS, ' ' - ur fl L . W I ,a A f V tl joe Rach james Markov Roy Hollander Nelson Baker Larry Lushbaugh Treasurer Vice President President Secretary House Manager Q Q I Q di" as ,xi 5 . , ' 4 K E il 1. . - L D vm, r, - ' ' BYE- eeei 1 aer- ' - V " F an I iii. h AE. 1? B A Anthony Aulino Robert Azar Bob Bachmann James Baksi Ken Berry MHICO BUUICKKC William Blllke Charles Clemons 1 f .gn qw., Ha x 4: R. A-Q, sf ' y t. a b fr ' , , lv "',. N f' , l , I is Y A Z- 2 Q Mike Conway john Coropolis Gerald Coulter Thomas Crosbie john Daily Dick Davis Anthony De Casper Paul Dolensky t V ,, ., .... Q I. i ' K J 0 - Q, . nn- of XGJ xy b qc: is ' W V x, '.'?, A - , x sf t X R s o V, ss., at , 'S A Q f " Q 'L Thomas Durkins Bill Emerick Robert Emery Edward Flynn joseph Fowler Jerry Gergosky Larry Grose Paul Grutzmacher our O A A3 4' ' 5' "' Q , ' ,P my 3- J Q surf H ' H to R my a , 1. Q if I - ' .T ,,..,, 'wr 4 iw- uf- Dennis Hayes Gene Heim Robert Henderson Jim Hollenack Dana Holliday Daris Jenkins Al Kendall Bill Kostich 'X q t 5 G11 D i Jay, 'Q' xy iz' 9 Q 57 S1 Q' 1 A r . - J' ggrs ,, A ' QV Uv , 'F ," sf J " R I f .ffm Q Eli Maravich Robert Meade Denis Mehigan Howard Mehigan Daniel Metz William Mitchell William Owen Michael Petryszak I 1 'ff xx 4, k . ' - I rg? gl Q 3' Q Q . , 4' ' 45 37 'S ,Q n 'Q an si W sf L a i - - - A A IB is - 1 ' Jerry Proper Ted Robertson Charles Ruip Robert Schaadt Lyle Shira Mark Smith Rgger Smith Tom Smith I , W .' ' sw AK ' A t George Sovak Raymond Richard Traxler William Washock Larry Wilson jon Wise Wesley Woodford Steve Yahner Steinkerchner 139 R 'Q 6 . I gf,-f . ia... ,, TZ' A Gary Compton 42 N Q I' Roger Duncan 5 5 N s 1 Q 5 , Bob Haas 3 N. i - 53:9 'W ' ' ,E , Sigmund Lembo i uv Russell Pier .A Q A, ,l ' William Smith at William Zavarello Tau Kappa Epsilon 465 Carroll Street The Tekes started ofl' their tenth anniversary year by combining with Alpha Delta Pi and winning the annual Acme-Zip float competition. A tenth anniversary banquet was held with President Auburn as the featured speaker. Members of the other Greek groups on campus, and national oflicers of Tau Kappa Epsilon were present. The Christmas holidays were celebrated with the annual Sweet- heart Formal. Shelley Hartz was chosen TKE Sweetheart. During rush Tau Kappa Epsilon was very successful and pledged a total of twenty-three men. In Intramural competition TKE won first place bowling and second in volleyball. The annual Greek Week was very pleasant as we won the first Place Scholarship Trophy and had the Outstanding Greek Man on Campus. Social events during the year included, a Halloween Masquerade Party, hayrides, a party with TKE chapters from Penn and Youngs- town Colleges, and a Playboy Formal. Tekes active on campus include, a Who's Who winner, President of Alpha Chi Sigma, President of Pi Kappa Delta, Treasurer of Inter- Fraternity Council, Treasurer of Student Council, two members in the University Theatre, Sabre Squadron Commander, four members of Student Council, and Captain ofthe Debate team. Charlie Greer became an honorary member of TKE Rush 140 X V, fi, Qs if J -x bil gr r v EAA. , Edward Nettles Epi-Prytanis Gerald Frient Prytanis Robert Eberwine Crysophylos Martin Benchot Grammateus 5, V 5 A f 'H V fl: , P , ,. ... " ft' 7' ' +G "Q in - V 'N' 'ir' v f '91 "- M65 K' 11 Xa R , 121 1 4 ' f , 1 X. V rx J 0. . L a ,. Charles Abbott Charles Baker Joseph Boles John Bowen John Bowers James Brueggeman Thomas Demeter George Dillon . A--N , up V S - R., in 5 hh Q5 Eu x que Q ,V Q D I A ,,,, I Y , ' A A 9 og K Lloyd Emery Charles Evans Richard Fuller Raymond Furbee Kenneth Garlock Glenn Givens Allen Gotshall Robert Huber R my nw bm 5 . . qs. .. rc 5 xg. it.. if as LV F is is Ara f ,ei :IV o James Klingler james Kopp Peter Korzeniewski Dave Kyser Eugene Lukinac Thomas Lyttle Charles Maples Martin McKenzie Q .clk W it - E l fs , A M A V4 Suk see' ' . wel' 7 ' Q' Q42 If 1' F 2 . if-as ' by T '97 5 3 L QQ.. K X2 'I - , Q A! ay B ,, iw-f .. sn W , V , www N J 'V . 5 X , V - f 1 V K " , ' .,,, 'L 1 5 Q N'-" 'tif , J . , I' Q V R . -' L . .mr o - 46 0 A VZ at John Menyes Charles Mosley Kenneth Myers Nick Pastis Darrell Pennell Robert Peters Clinton Prettyman Frederick Reder my A Qu, , Q 1:1 . 6 Q .. W mr" I f' M rg vw YQ ah' sl F I3 K ,, Y li U ' E X lvx ' 3, . F ' f , g, VV - Q ' f my W---' ' sv .5 "" X? A ' 53 -V 3 l A-us-Q ' Q 4317? F if I . i on-X X J, ul 5- E 7 4 bn a A A John Scheatzle Dennis Schumacher David Selway James Shivley Walter Simshauser Russell Stinaif James Sudolnik Benjamin Surblis V+ as ' . my f.. cts .- -:: f.,Y' H James Swickard jack Tlhompson William Vanatta Roger Viers Donald Wiper I Frederick Wirth Ted Yengling Thomas Yengling I4I Theta Chi f - ,. . .W,,,R,.,,,.. 154 South Union Street Since the founding on our campus in 1942, Theta Chi has seen one of its busiest and most progressive years. A vigorous and successful social program was high- lighted by a Southern Hospitality Open House, Found- er's Day Banquet, Christmas Formal and the Annual Hobeaux-Arts Ball. Theta Chi sent a large representa- tion to the Regional Convention at Allegheny Univer- sity, where a scholarship award was received by the men of Beta Lambda. The Christmas Formal climaxed. a building fund drive which netted sufiicient funds to begin a complete re- modeling program in the summer. Theta Chi continued its tradition of serenading the new pledges of each sorority. Each sorority pledge was given a red carnation as a remembrance of the occasion. Wearers of the serpent and sword in top campus ac- tivities were three group commanders in the Air Force ROTC, four Student Council members, President of IFC, Rush Chairman of IFC, two of the ten top scho- lastically rated pledges, several Freshman Counselors, ADPi "King of Wits," Phi Mu "King of Hearts," Com- mander of Arnold Air Society, Commander of Sabre Squadron Drill Team, a member in Who's Who, Presi- dent of Physics Club, a member of Phi Eta Sigma Hon- orary, a member of Alpha Chi Sigma Honorary, Vice- President of the Society for the Advancement of Man- agement, and a member of the Buchtelite staff. The fraternity is well represented in sports, as it claims one participant in baseball, two in swimming, two in wrestling, two in football, and two in track. In- cluded in this total are live lettermen. Uri' M-5 Theta Chi's relax at the house 142 Rush x A ' ' 2. 1 -ga ,w is ' 5 X Chuck Arnold Robert Austen S sf 5' fy Y f I Robert Buckey William Buss i ' Roger Hite Franklin Jennings David Poole Vice President 1 'Q ' 'EL Wx iz lf ' A , , -.,, L Joseph Bagnoli 3 joe De Mali Secretary V ,Q Paul Baird Harlon Coleridge Robert Davis Q L ' Q '3-"' Lt ,5,,f ' ' rin Larry Karadin Bob Kulton 'S , V S.. "V -. c 'hu-Q' ' if ! t 1' L. Bob Mitchell Gerald O'Neal Frank Perry Roger Ream 'F Fl Q if A. ' 1' L Q . .af ll ee R hi by , 2 mi Ronald Smitley Mahlon Snyder John Stout Ray Thayer F X vm'- L. K, Q n james Speakman President David Beyman A L as.- 2 Larry Dukeman 55- Paul Lautensehlegar :cf ,gf1. dar: V- 'Ve NY' 'cf' it B' Peter Reichert 'N 0 N N 1 ' 4 45" E Karl Myers Treasurer -4v'2',f1 6 A Dave Boring I Q S U N nn- Charles Ferencz 'Vi .Zf'S2f. : ite Q 'K Kenneth MacDonald 'N 'x me X br' W Larry Ritzman . 4' Y 9'4- 4, . john Stull Herbert Wilkinson avi, sy ,, s it-M k 5 -II.. Steve Stutler Tx g Thomas Wright X3 'QFU' s W lv, , -nw ,' iv' L A dk Chuck Borner Don Bratt 6 l ,J .,- .. Fw Bruce Frase I Q . W 2' - .fi X 4.5 jim Main Q 1 - is Patrick Roman Dale Swan James Gibson K. -aa mv W1 - lx' Ted Millican rm M G .af ' -XY' 11 Sheldon Shimko in - 1: A 'Kun THE OUTSTANDING GREEK MAN AND WOMAN OF 1959 Claudia McLaughlin Charles Evans Alpha Della Pi Tau Kappa Epxilon 144 40149 s SWEETHE RT Y ffffiig -J T7 Miss Crystal Catron ,b ss 5 , . , .,,.., Q. 3 7 Miss Verna Friend WWWWQ' ls X XS' K .t A .psf ,, '11, IU! c'- ' r'- vm" :"1r3gh5y,12zg.: '-' ,w,. ,i 4.,.. w-. Miss Anita De Jacimo Tel-Buch ueen inalists 1959 Miss Karen Kilbourne Miss Linda Patterson X ,Qi . Miss Nancy Reynolds Miss Mary Lou Rickert I Miss Lois Stinaff Miss Julie Willenbacker Tel-Buch Queen Attendant MISS JUDITH KOEHLER I Tel-Buch Queen Attendant MISS ALICE STALNAKER iz Q. X ,, 3 in , , W .2' QQ- N' H:-4 ' - .HL J' -- wmxwv .f P ag . V - .fc AM:-'f:,, , ,Q N 1' 3'v:,,1,'Q,l'f!11'f:gf. 1 0 x ..s .x , ' , N .lg .ig gy . 13 Q, F 'vfcs 'A '. Q11-H x 51 2. p5iigw?f:+.Nz?xt ' , 2 . .' ,.a.w A V 4 .?,::?f'I- gg , gal x ii fu' 13:1 - D 1 X . JL 'p - ff'..':S.- Yffff' 1'f NJ.. .. , ,, 1 ,A 1- lm-a 4. ' 1115-vw," ' 'x 1f,.-.T,,1,,5,-jg-P-QQ., .4221 , gg, . , Cv-:'1'ff.2l+.T.-4S":3:fi'7ff"' ' g5l,vF:ll'j"'-':'3fq' x Q1 jfnf , x 11,-. , ,Mg 53 ,X-1 1, X, 'SRI , , .fggxa-,w,E,nf1L',.v?5',Qj 12- ., -. , ..-Mg-,'A'.-,mfx-5. ,ve .4 'Q Li.. :yd 'Jn' fg,sli5 yzvvf , 5 A K ,J 1.,' -L:--V' lswm -Q xv , ...H-.,3,3t A L-'g xlglz 'xirsks QE "if f " " 'f4+.L-,-'-' fr F-TN x H' 'ff--my 'K ' Q YB! ", ,fy-4.-J, . -. 1- , 'N I an - 'Rfk X is I U I H ,,,,N it 5 s F X9 IQ ,f 5 . if . " 1. ,af 5 Q H 1 Q 'Q I ? i 4 Miss Karen Gray, one of Akron University's love- liest co-eds, is our 1959 Tel-Buch Queen. One can easily see how she was a perfect choice with her bubbly smile and bright vivacious personality. This charming Miss who Won the title by compet- ing against some 90 co-eds is a Freshman at the University. Miss Gray is afliliated with Alpha Gamma Delta sorority. She is also a member of Student Council and a varsity cheerleader. The Tel-Buch is very proud to have this lovely lass grace the Sweetheart Section of the 1959 Tel-Buch. Tel-Buch ueen L65 cwen ra W Ja y I I .9 , ,,. Wvn .- , . xi x Q in is 1 jf 1 4' if' 'Yi . 3 , 1? , ii , ?.9x ,ch i .y, at ,, 9 R, 25542 "W -' xx, f t 1 S 5, s . 'V . --..:'.',- ' Qfiff '-- ,gl ,faz gym, fx ,,' f mum-"1 +4 wa -4.15 si4'a', 2,2 A -,, Y ,iv ,, . V' -.. ,Q KW. 1 I ,f 1 M , 'M X , .,,, K -' H Kfgl-V A inf-leaf.,-, ' 495, ,pb ""-LN 5,v i .A I tux,-' A W y R31 , . , f J ...,-I, 7 KAW, Homecoming Queen MISS IVIIIJGH M.-XNNIUN ,ffpfm ima Pi May Queen MISS JOYCE GREENE I dlpha Delta Pi J f ' Q 'x x 'E R 'fl x ' VJ' ' 'xi i M Q we , .V g L- 4 I .. Q nfl I, V ff , ,-in -xx win 3,141.1 -ffclz 2-Q. U: 2'Q,f!5E?f 'Y Xmw ' J -V .:' ,x .wfqxr ,- qgzvfq, hw wr Wax 1 R ,f -X S1 x ix- ,,f .Q ,, VFW! 4' xf ,A my x. ,. 1Z,.W74?e'1'.' . -4? F .5 ,4 As 'Q X W C , ""'g.'u,,A .t. 'Q V 'K-.4 - , , .. , v ,Q ,S V . M ,A fix N' " V N N- .. ,, 43:54 , V . , j - V A - .. iw 1e"'f. . ' Q 'vwrs-', ' -NV, Hx .:f': A " ,xv ,A 1. ix ,, ., . . .K A ' if 1 ' K.-. 4.26 . Z.: 'YV f. "'- 1--1 , 1? I 3 . '? lw. ' x Q -X T-. 45- , f 4..'X,A,, H w- ,A ' jngg Y gf 5 45 . Q 4-T915 -27' ,,. xx , 1,. J' 4 4 ' if 203. 1- 7 yi xi , 5: ,K ., ,X 4' , x . 4 I L9 f 1 6- 1 .-Xrnmy' R1 Jflff. Quc MISS Nl.-XRY l,Ul' lil sl I R llufffz fffmnmz rf. x L Da M flQ : ? .-..-----w .we ov Allil "-2'-'WWE' if 1 7 2 , . 2 1 , .16 ' 5 HY '-,..,,A ,ima-Q Nw, f,f. cffief J1- in prlwvdfi gi. 44-vm 'Ji Row 1: Carroll O'Hara, Jane D'Ambruoso. Row 2: Midge Mannion, Marlene Miller, Judy Koehler. The Cheerleaders cheered the football and basket- ball teams on to another winning season. To create school spirit, the cheerleaders held pep rallies and the torch rally at Homecoming. This year, as last, there were cheering sections for the different fra- ternity and sorority groups at each game. Serving as captain for the past year was Carroll O'Hara. Other members ofthe varsity squad were Jane D'Ambruoso, Judy Koehler, Midge Man- nion, and Marlene Miller. The freshmen reserve cheerleaders for the past year were captain Pat Finney, Karen Gray, and Pat Angelo. Cheerleaders , 'vs From 14: to right: Rose Mary Christy, Martha Giffen, Carli Palermo, Dedee Ceglar, Iiois Ling. The 1959 Zippettes consisted of a five girl line headed by four-year veteran Martha Girlen. Marching with her at football games and dancing at basketball games and pep assemblies were Carli Palermo, Dedee Ceglar, Rose Mary Christy, and Lois Ling. Ma jorettes f 'E ,ff Inga H ' 9 M i Qian' N Q! ,- Z i , . Siu t Y an ' grlgg iv 'U Z Xxqiffr 3 .1' k " 'fix isa . 3. ,., - 1, 4 1 ' X ew' XX if h x AV W. -1, XXX 4,,.,, WW was, im gg Haag y W iyyg wav? 1e 5 ' ., 1' Y X A X 'wtf F - , r .f fa K,.:,:f,.h ' 'W5 , i""ka V45 X -X M Q, "1-, , V - "gh sr PP .lf ft? M f- , A " , LM N . N... -'-Q YCT7 SFC James YV. Arnold ,s4fQ?fl- -f' Andrew VV. Maluke a Q 0 ,cl Ol l 'SSB 4 v- """"'Y Russell J. Beichly Thomas W. Evans Anthony S. Laterza XX X . ..., li. fig Joseph H. McMullen Stu Parry James Shearer SFC James W. Arnold Coach ofthe Rifle Team Russell J. Beichly Coach of the Basketball Team Coach ofthe Baseball Team Thomas Evans Coach ofthe Track Team Coach of the Cross Country Team Tony Laterza Coach of the GolfTeam Athletic Staff I Andy Maluke Coach of the Wrestling Team Joe McMullen Coach ofthe Football Team Coach of the Tennis Team Stu Parry Coach of the Soccer Team James Shearer Coach of the Swimming Team Football For the second consecutive year defense served as the key to the Zip football pic- ture. The Hilltoppers turned in a fine 6-2-I record and copped the Ohio Con- ference total defense and passing de- fense crowns. High spots of the season were an 8-7 last minute Win over Muskingum at New Concord, the Muskies' only defeat of the year, the II-o upset of Heidelberg in the annual Homecoming game, and the big- gest thrill of all, the I8-O triumph over Mount Union before 32,863 fans at the Rubber Bowl. Wittenberg, Ohio Confer- ence champions, stopped the Zips 28-6, while Ohio Wesleyan upended the Ak- ronites by a I3-O score. The Wesleyan shutout was the first blanking Akron had suffered since Heidelberg topped the Zips 26-o in 1953. Twenty-eight games were in the scoring string. l . Row 1: Morris, Wise Taylor Burnette Tausch Ullrlch Rossi Rach Row 2 Coach McMullen Calcei Townsend Petrovich, Murphy Pearson Wiener Lupori Garnett Adams Mackey Coach Evans Ro-wj Coach Laterza Stone Maravich, Daily, Toth Adolph Capfazn Rainey Semester Cogswell Smesko Bailey Coach Maluke Row4 Emerxck Hamilton, Henry, Frampton Green Wiley M Smith Gissinger D Green Hoover Lushbaugh T Smith Rowj Yarger, Ripple, Kendall Pappas Nelson Fitzpatrick Holt Bre1d1ng D Smith Dragash Mount Union Muskingum Ohio Wesleyan Heidelberg Wooster Wittenberg Hiram Denison Baldwin-Walla 'lima Ohio's greatest football pageant, the Acme-Zip Game, again was the highlight of the University of Akron's athletic year. The largest crowd ever to watch the Blue and Gold play, 391863, saw the Zips down Mount Union 18.0 for their first win in an Acme Zip game since its origin in 1954. The crowd shouted its approval for the Hne defensive effort ofthe Hilltop squad and its devas- tating running attack in the final stanza. The final game of the 1958 season can be called noth- ing but the "Mud Bowl." The Zips and Baldwin- Wallace battled to a scoreless tie under anything but football conditions at the Rubber Bowl. The mud and rain made what could have been an interesting game into a game of fumbles and mistakes. For the record it was the first time since 1948 the Blue and Gold had two shutouts in one season recorded against them. 162 Top individual stars during the 1958 campaign would be hard to find as the Zips functioned as a close well-knit team. However Art Bailey stood head and shoulders above the other backs in the Ohio Conference. The senior halfback was runner- up in the Conference scoring race with 86 points and was fifth in the rushing department. Art was also in the top ten in total offense and finished in the eighth position as a pass receiver. Other Zips ranking high on the Ohio Confer- ence rungs were John Stone, fifth in passing and the Conference's fourth leading punter. John Rainey, senior end, also distinguished himself with a fourth place in the Conference in pass receiving. Captain Dave Adolph was chosen as the outstanding lineman in the Ohio Confer- ence. He was awarded the Mike Gregory Memorial Award, which is the highest honor that can be won by an Ohio Conference Athlete. Leading the Zip lineman were seniors Ed Toth, Dave Adolph, and John Daily. Toth showed his talent in his four year career by starting every game during that time, a total of thirty-four consecutive games. McMullen's five year record shows at the Hilltop he has won twenty-five, lost fifteen, and tied three. ""5"'? 5- C ui I I 1 A , SCORES -- P -' AkronU 2 k Avia-A Soccer Hail to the champs! The University of Akron soccer team nailed down the Ohio collegiate championship with a line 9-1 record for the 1958 season. Stu Parry's charges dropped their opener to Fenn College at the Rubber Bowl 3-2 in the Acme-Zip game, but came back with nine straight for the Buckeye crown. Adam Koch and Ed Bender led the Zip attack with fourteen and eleven goals respectively. Jim Parry and Erich Dominik topped the assist department with four setups. Stu's four-year record at the booter helm is I9-IO-3. F enn Pittsburgh Ohio State OPP 3 2 Western Reserve Kenyon Slippery Rock Oberlin O 2 O O O Denison I Case Tech O Ohio Wesleyan O Row 1: M. Howard, J. Zimmerman, W. Bender, E. Bender, Co-Captain, T. Honeywill, Co-Caplaing B. Cunningham, R. Duncan. Row 2: M. Kungl, D. Haynes, G. Gatsinaris, D. Demkee, W. Krupa, Kormanik, J. Parry, F. Schubert. Row 3: B. Morrison, Asst. Coaclzg T. Buzous, M. Flinn, N. Roetzel, A. Koch, N. Tilten, B. Ashley, L. Temo, Asst. Coaclzg Stu Parry, Coach. The 1958 cross country season at the University of Akron saw the Zip harriers drop three decisions and win two. The Blue and Gold got off to a fine start by tripping Case Tech and Otterbein, but Wooster, Muskingum and Hiram took the Zips to camp. Number one man for the Hilltoppers was John Whitehouse. Most improved runner on the squad was Bob Zimmerman. In the Ohio Conference meet at Oberlin the Zips were ninth with eleven schools participating. Whitehouse again led the Zips in the Conference meet. The three-year mark ofthe harriers is now even, eight wins and eight losses. Cross ountry .4 Aff? SCORES Akron U Opp Case Tech I9 39 Otterbein 20 38 Wooster 34 2 3 Muskingum 40 I 5 Hiram 22 33 Row 1: Brueggeman, J. Feola, K. Kemp. Row 2: B. Zimmerman, B. Gill, J. Whitehouse, J. Anthe. 5 Ya Row 1: J. Petty, T. Rupp, D. Cyrill, D. Hanes, R. Neal, Bob Whaley, J. Malone, B. Kovach, C. Lee. Row 2: R. Martin S. Junkins, I. Logsdon, F. Golding, C. Schreter, B. Anderson, R. Pryer, R. Maravich, J. Hopper, A. Adams, B. Green SCORES Akron U Westminster 60 Otterbein 66 Youngstown 79 Seattle 70 DePauw 76 Kent State 73 Denison 35 Wooster 99 Western Reserve 93 Kent State S9 Toledo 66 Heidelberg 31 Basketball Opp. 65 46 66 63 57 66 51 34 52 54 65 57 I SCORES Akron U Buffalo IO2 Lake Forest 92 Marietta 95 Ohio Wesleyan 74 Mount Union 84 Oberlin 82 Muskingum Q3 Wabash 87 Baldwin-Wallace IO6 Capital 78 Wittenberg 52 OPP 58 65 77 5o 6o 57 8 1 64 84 6o 70 The University of Akron Basketball Team had one of its finest seasons this year. The Zips rolled to a 21-2 record. After the opening loss to West- minster twenty-one straight opponents bowed be- fore the Hilltoppers. The twenty-one wins tied the most wins of one season of the 1944-45 team and the consecutive wins were a new modern win streak record. In Ohio Conference competition the Zips were second, finishing out with a IO-I mark. I I I The 1958-1959 season was really a team effort and the Ohio collegiate circles realized this by placing four Zips, Bob Whaley, Climon Lee, Fred Golding, and Ray Pryear, on the first team ofthe All-Ohio Conference selections. All the Zip starters were also given votes for the most valu- able player in the Conference. In the individual scoring race, Bob Whaley and Climon Lee held top honors with 335 and 334 points respectively. Another honor went to Coach Russ Beichly. The Dean of the Ohio Conference coaches was voted the Ohio "Coach ofthe Year." With all these honors, a memorable year in the history of basketball at the University comes to a close. It shall always be remembered as one of the finest years in the sport. Nav' Wooster Wittenberg Ohio Wesleyan Denison Oberlin Kenyon Ohio Wesleyan Wooster Western Reserve SCORES Akron U I4 33 17 17 23 zo I9 1 8 28 Opp. 14 2 13 I3 3 8 I3 I2 8 Coach Andy Maluke's men went through their dual meet season without a defeat and only a tie with Woos- ter in the opening match prevented a perfect record. Larry Wormald, Ted Eisenman, Paul Lautenschleger, and John Daily were all undefeated in dual match com- petition. Daily finished out his wrestling career with QI straight victories in dual meets. In the Ohio Conference meet held at Akron, the Zips were edged for top Conference honors by Hiram 56-50. At the 4-I competition held in Cleveland, Daily gained second spot while Wormald was fourth. The 4-I is rugged Wrestling with schools from all over the East and Midwest competing. Wrestling Row 1: L. Wormald, D. Brubach, P. Lautenschlager, T. Eisenman. Row 2: J. Daily, R. Pier, R. Duncan, W. Kruppa. Row 35 Coach Maluke, M. Murray, W. Turner, L. Lushbaugh, K. McDonald, D. Anderson, J. Donnelly, Dr. Dalheim. ...,.. , , xg., W ....a,...,:......---. V M 4-WWW?-M "W 3' """i"l'M' 5 , . W X 1 4 K Q M W,,.-...,.i -,,..,.... ,,.... ' .--rw 1- i . l to 52 . Amee .tax f f 1 ff 4 ,fs A : 1 QQ !1W I ty N 4 . 1 is -fx 7 N ' 4 3 l Row Tayless, S. Berman, A. Krause, S. Goldstein, T. Yengling. Row 2: Coach Shearer, M. Kushkin, T. Neff, M. Shapiro, M. Ferrell, R. Mitchell, J. Avery, P. Reichert. Kenyon Wooster Baldwin-Wallace Oberlin Central State Wittenberg Fenn Muskingum Wooster Ohio Wesleyan SCORES Akron U 25 39 54 36 41 35 39 57 41 21 Opp. 61 47 31 5o 45 go 47 23 45 65 8 Swimming Although Coach Shearer's mermen won only two meets in ten starts four new records went into the books. Marvin Ferrell led the way by setting new marks in the zoo yd. butterliy and the zoo yd. breaststroke. The Blue and Gold medley relay team of Dave Plum, Fer- rell, Bob Mitchell and Bill Ashley turned in another new record with a 4:26.2 clocking. Still another mark fell to the Hilltoppers in the 4oo yd. freestyle relay. A time of 4:o2.1 was recorded by Ashley, jim Avery, John Tayless, and Tom Neff. , M s K 4 1 'BP Row 1: J. Tayless, R. Zbytovsky, B. Coburn, D. Gaynor, J. Robenson. Row 2: V. Wolfe, G. Noruse, W. Tunstall, B. Dick, J. Stringer, Sgt. Arnold. Rifle Team Out of the first spot for only the second time in six years, the University of Akron team finished fifth in the Lake Erie Intercollegiate Rifle League. The Zips won four of ten matches. 172 However the Hilltop season did turn out to be quite a successful one. Sergeant Jim Arnold's number one team finished second in the regional firing at Buffalo while the Akron number two unit was fifth. George Nourse, Bob Coburn, and Bob Dick were second, third, and fourth in the individual competition. Coburn was the leading shooter in the League with a fine 283 average. Nourse was number six man with a 277 average and Bill Tunstall ninth with a 275.4 average. Row 1: Axline, Parry, Dalton, Nelson, Beresky. Row 2: Butcher, Dave Young, Lombardi, Williams, Calcei, Otis. Row 3: Tidyman, Maglione, Hopper, Haban, Don Young, Swartz, Borner, Coach Cochrane. Baseball I 173 Russ Beichly and Kenneth "Red" Cochrane shared the baseball reins in 1959 for the Blue and Gold. Illness forced the veteran coach to the side- lines after the Muskingum games. The Zips topped eight opponents in thirteen outings as Dave Young, Jack Tidyman, and Russ Nelson were the shining lights. Young, senior southpaw, Won six and lost four but again led the Ohio Conference in strikeouts, 115, and earned run averages, 1.57. Young Hirted with "the no-hit game" twice. Dave gave Otter- bein one hit and then went 8 2X3 innings before giving up a lone hit to Hiram. Dave in four years for the Akron nine won 9.2, lost 8, and in 246 in- nings had a I.I3 earned run average. W' """'W 'mmagepf ,K s, lu' , aim. 'U 1 1' xx its Wim. H- .X 6, ng "' t . K X K , ..,. 'f "M " 1 1354 " ' , ,H ,Ltfm lt 'J "' Ls ' ,Rf ,. f . UQ . '- 1-M,"+x'i',Ss:.,:g,f . 1, if . zu ' It Im, ef, tr. ki-ul, - N ff I! ' " -mf, i?EQ,.sg'?a5,,5f,,, ff if -.1 , K. . , - -71 .,,. 4 1,1 Tidyman nosed out Nelson for the Hilltop batting crown, .3404 to .34OI. Don Lombardi drove in fourteen runs and led the Zips with two homers. Others swinging big bats for the Hilltoppers were Don Lombardi, 382, and Gino Calcei, .269. Don Young won two games and lost one as part of the Blue and Gold brother mound act. Don went II innings to defeat Fenn, 2-I for one of the big wins of the year. I K c Iii mifvi 2 --I 2 xr f FMA ..,:. Q, -"' A I ' -N "F at ,,.. f M. ' W A i ig 1 F' s U .seats M7141 55 I ,Q Y- 'Mig ,, H- Q f' - 7, K 5 " , Q3 X ' ,r M 1,4 , V Q? -MW, - iiblnnnii if i i", gfz- 14' tw, I fzw ef wwf , 12, .1,' M4 X, 'A jjj " AIM. - 1 " -' " 9- 4' w. , 'J' 1' ev-iw X, A 1 ' ,q'qy 'j -gf-H Q ',.i 'Q ' in YIVA N f .wfsgf Rf SCORES Akron U. Opp Kenyon I 4 Otterbein 4 O Youngstown IO 6 Hiram 8 I Muskingum O I Muskingum 3 IO Mount Union 12 4 Wooster 2 3 Heidelberg 9 O Fenn 2 I Hiram 3 3 as 4 .. 1 -' . I ' , 'Ti 4 y. 1' lv" "" ' - , ' ' - M A :v ,Viv ,- ff my u Tf'5N'fHwm- Fi w X 1,-4, W., f ,. W Yiwu yum fgiygkirgzar Q " Q-QQWQQ ,K 'V n-'fe 'Q K . 4,4 'www Q-ISVEQ, F ' Wi . V, V f ,swag -Q f' Egg. 1 x I N f N, gm, A wwf K V1 5 K, dmv 4 . 1 ,wgift L- ,435 X285-gn h A, , i . mp f we 'f--gvixl ' M2-,f K 4 ,W .. r" x we ' I 45 nah' X -W wb ,-aw A .,. v f y A f X xv 'V ,Vw ' Nw. 'wt 'iw MK , 1 Q, A I ,Nr 'A " Nwx ""' .. K 'Www' X ' 'fywwff , ,, .,., NWAMM I f Q 3 ,K . ,f ,H K. Am 'Q""t3u3-Q.iivs,-ow.,,Q u.....wQ48.' , 7? -4 . ' ,wg a 4 w. Q -., v ,M .,.. ,.,. 4-an Q - ...As 32:-Q- - r I .- -,,., up f-ella: "VT 'v, nf ' 5.h' A --'. 'W .. we fl ""A:-lla ' '1-qu.ZW- 4- N " M .. 1. ' -an-r""'3' F' "" . -'pf , . .4 qw. ,Q-. 4, 4" '- 'Q ' .,,:.,,. N ,ff Q1 'M'7"'-' fa " '. .f , . A Q ,- .V .3-1 is 2235921 .- .M'j...'1fT' , -A V 4 -naw QMS' 7.5- -wi' " ' fs " '- . ' -I-"A, "' .mx-hw' 4 nz - f - K 'fu w-flyrwfm '5,:',,,. ' -- '.1,, . ,Q 31, ' 'fl' ffgy'-A ,v K' , -'ffzsn L-A 1-'f.,,.-3grg,,' v-:A ,,. . "' y Avqx. 4 4 . Q ,fr - 's.:-'-1.i-f."'.f' ,- - A S -2,593 W . "fur -si v 4 . A . -" ,A-,fztf H - ' x . , 'wt tx. A. 5 , All 5 vs" , ., 5. ,Gr 1 V 50.3-1, 4 Hg - ,W 412' gig 15.3 Row Ii D. Murphy, B. Sikute, T. Edwards, C. Fenn. Ro-w 2: A. Stevenson, M. Flinn, I Turpin, Coach Laterza. Tony Laterza in a rebuilding year did a tremen- dousjob in compiling a .5oo record during the 1959 golf season. The Zips, winners of the Ohio Con- ference crown in 1957 and 1958, served notice on foes that things will get tougher for opponents in coming years by playing four freshmen and one sophomore in their first five. 1 l E 41 ia-. -MF' . we-. 'Q 5. "1-me-gif Go SCORES Akron U. Fenn 9 Youngstown 6M Wooster 4M Ohio Wesleyan 9M Oberlin 23 Mount Union I IM Toledo 14M Wooster SM Denison IM Hiram I 5M Leading the Hilltop divoters was sophomore Den- nis Murphy who copped 25 points in ten matches and had a fine 78 average for 1959. He was awarded the Touchdown Club's Outstanding Golfer trophy. Carl Fenn, who won the Nick Lazor Tourna- ment tallied 17M points with an 81 average. Opp. 3 175 193 145 I SM SM 19W 262 M fill lf!!! fl' ff!! fxlijlzfl' I yhf- fr r-I ff ,ffffff 1 1. Oberlin Youngstown Otterbein Kenyon Fenn Mount Union Wooster OC Meet Muskingum SCORES Akron U. o 6 7 1 8 6 4 5 Opp. 9 3 2 8 I 1 5 4 Tennis Tennis, in the Zip spring sports spotlight, came into its own in 1959. Joe McMullen's racqueteers showed their muscles in the Ohio Con- ference this season and rang up a fine 5-3 record. Mount Union, Otter- bein, and Muskingum fell in Ohio conference play, while Penn and Youngstown were measured outside the Conference. Denny Berkowitz was hailed as the most valuable and the most im- proved player on the squad. Berkowitz played as the number two man behind Dean Milo and accounted the winning season by defeat- ing Adam Baillie of Muskingum in the final singles match. Baillie had defeated Berkowitz in the Conference Meet only three days earlier. Row 1: H. Stein, D. Berkowitz, D. Milo, I. Carosella. Raw 2: M. Shapiro, C. Flinn, R Thorburn, Coach McMullen. 5 Row 1: Smith, Adams, Owen, Mackey, Murphy, Ashley. Row 2: Hall, Gill, Karl, Feola, Kemp, Whitehouse, Burnette, Robinson. Row 3: Johnson, Bailey, Harlan, Haynes, Anthe, Lee, Coach Evans. Track Heidelberg Otterbein Muskingum Wittenberg Mount Union Ohio Wesleyan Denison Wooster Kenyon Capital Youngstown SCORES Akron U. Opp. 66 5X6 6o 1X6 84 42 62 62 If2 34 66 If3 57 2X3 48 87 2X3 23 IX3 59 IX2 87 IX2 7 84 If2 42 If2 82 IX3 43 2X3 178 an X . Q- 2 Q l 1 .?Z5' 1' The University of Akron track squad swept through the 1959 season winning all five of their dual meets and taking three seconds in triangular meets. The cinder crew upended Heidelberg, Otterbein, Mount Union, Capital, and Youngstown. The Zips scored 33 points in the Ohio Conference Meet, good for third place be- hind Ohio Wesleyan and Oberlin. Climon Lee, after a bad injury suffered in the Mount Union meet, came back to win both the high and low hurdles in the OC championships. Teammate Alex Adams ran second to Lee in the low hurdles and third in the highs. . 'X Bob Gill was second in the 880 and Marco Burnette got off the best jump of his career for second in the broad jump. A third in the 220 and a Hfth in the 100 were picked up by Bob Harlin. Two new school records entered the books. jim Karl set a new discus mark with a 135 foot toss, and the Zip 880 relay team also established a new record. Alex Adams took high point honors for Coach Evans' crew with 98 points. Bob Harlin was runner-up in the point producing department. ff: ur ,121 .ff 'E 'Q Intramurals ,- ,wmv ,ff if i ... L . XP , I , z' ,' M ,"' r-rw 1' 4 H . 4 ' ff -Vai." 'ili' -. ll-rx-It x 1 ' ' Y ."' -3'1 " ' 1,- Z ' f-.- . .-, . 4 'Nw '--1 f Mx , gi 4 Q' ' FF .' ' 31" , A H X . ' ' x '1 ' ,T-, ,,T.:'vl, ' ' 5 .M ff-lv' ig :A .Q "3f?1'QfsfQ'f3'j-.1 ,4 M. 4 ' 3uw12537.Yi2.??fZY1are.,:4f-"if..-4:1.':f' ,mfr 1 f, 180 WH'WM1E'hh9EE.:QWLW CZ! .1' 'c 55 'si INTRAMURAL CHAMPIONS Volleyball Winners Phi Delta Theta Runners up Tau Kappa Epsilon Bowling Winners I Tau Kappa Epsilon Runners up Phi Delta Theta Scuttleball Winners Dave Young, Don Young, Bob Wagner Runners up Dave Green, Ray Greene, Dick Evans Winners Runners up Winners Runners up Winners Runners up Winner Runner up Winners Runners up Winners Runners up Winner Runner up Winners Runners up Winners Runners up Christmas Basketball University Basketball Foul Shooting Wrestling Swimming Ping Pong Track and Field Softball Vikings Hornets Vikings Phi Delta Theta Fraternity Basketball Phi Delta Theta Lone Star Lou Rizzo Dave Young Lone Star Phi Delta Theta Lone Star Phi Delta Theta Bob Ragan Jack Turpin I.S.A. Phi Delta Theta Phi Delta Theta Theta Chi 181 fl an , Q MJ, Q 5, ,: .mg .-5 . .3!iik.WV?n.ESSPy.m. AQ.: V f,Mx1B,1.78? From left lo right: Raymond Elliott, Maxine DiDonato, John Daily. Misxingfrom pic- fure: Sylvia Papatonis. Senior Class Oflicers President John Daily Vice President Raymond Elliott Secretary Sylvia Papatonis Treasurer Maxine DiDonato 184 l ' ANTHONY M. ABBATE, College of Engineeringg Phi Kappa Taug Inter- fraternity Councilg Student Councilg AIEEg Newman Club. DAVID GEORGE ADOLPH, College of Education, Football, Captaing Omicron Delta Kappag Varsity "A" Club. MARY LYNN ADAMS, College of Education, Phi Mug A-Keyg Who's Who, Student Councilg Freshman Counselorg Women's League Repre- sentative. PATRICIA ANN BAIR, College of Education. THOMAS BALAJ, College of Liberal Arts. NANCY MARIE BALKO, College of Edueationg Alpha Gamma Deltag Tel-Buchg Buchteliteg Art Clubg YWCAg WAA. Class MARILYN V. BERARDI, College of Educationg Alpha Gamma Delta Pieriang A-Keyg WAA Bowling Managerg Student Council, Buchtelite. LOUIS J. BERES, College of Business Administration. LINDA LOU BERGEY, College of Education. 7 I, O I f 35 .aux 'ii RICHARD L. AMBER, College of Engineeringg OSPEg AIEE. EVERETT JOSEPH ANDERSON, College of Engineeringg AIEEg IREg Sigma Tau. ANTHONY JOSEPH AULINO, College of Business Administrationg Lone Starg Industrial Management Clubg SAM. JAMES F. BASKETT, College of Business Administrationg Alpha Phi Alphag Accounting Club, Marketing Clubg Trackg Buchtelite. MARY ANNE BECHKOWIAK, College of Liberal Arts. THOMAS OLIVER BEE, College of Business Administrationg Marketing Clubg Memorial Hall, Assistant Building Manager. 1959 BARBARA ANNE BOCK, College of Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Sec.g Buchtelite, Associate Editor, Tel-Buch, Copy Editorg Bandg Women's League, Vice Pres.g Panhellenic Council. BYRON OLIVER BOWEN, College of Business Administrationg Marketing Club, Treas.g Accounting Clubg Industrial Management Clubg SAM. DONALD BOWLES, College of Business Administration. xx- 134: 6 1 ,, JERRY MICHAEL BUTZ, College of Liberal Arts, Newman Club, Phi Sigma Kappa, Vice Pres., Buchtelite, Managing Editor, Freshman Coun- selor, Pi Kappa Delta, Johnson Club. SYLVIA ANN CALHOUN, College of Business Administration, Univer- sity Singers, Beta Delta Psi, Sec. JEANNE CAPOUS, College of Education, Zeta Tau Alpha, Vice Pres., SNEA, Vice Pres., Kappa Delta Pi, Vice Pres., WAA, YWCA, Eastern Orthodox Federation. BLANCHE CARTER CLARK, College of Education, NEA, OEA, IRA, AEA. JAMES F. CLEMENTS, College of Business Administration, Beta Delta Psi, Treas., Accounting Club, Marketing Club. PAUL EUGENE COFFMAN, College of Business Administration, Ac- counting Club, Beta Delta Psi, Treas., Marketing Club. GERALD E. CHAPMAN, College of Business Administration, Debate Team, Marketing Club, Accounting Club, Beta Delta Psi, Pershing Rifies, Sociology Club. MILO E. CHELOVITZ, College of Liberal Arts, Student Council, Phi Delta Theta, Student Building, Asst. Mgr., Student Center, Assoc. Mgr., German Club. JOSEPH A. CISTONE, College of Liberal Arts, Wrestling, Football, Var- sity "A" Club, Psychology Club. GARY COMPTON, College of Business Administration, Lone Star, Pres. LARRY NEIL CONLEY, College of Business Administration, Marketing Club, SAM, 1sR. ROBERT E. CONLEY, College of Engineering, OSPE, AIEE, IRE, Ar- nold Air Society. University of Akron RICHARD EUGENE CORBETT, College of Business Administration, Accounting Club, Sec., Treas., Beta Delta Psi, Vice Pres. SANDRA JACQUELYN CRABTREE, College of Education, Phi Mu, Pi Omega Pi, Secretarial Club, YWCA. AUDREY DAHLGREN, College of Education, NEA, OSEA, Sociology Club, Theatre, Forensic. -em.. 5 JOHN ARTHUR DAILY, College of Business Administration, Senior Class, Pres., Wrestling, Capt., Football, Lone Star, Treas., Who's Who, In- dustrial Management Club. ROBERT M. DAILY, JR., College of Business Administration, Phi Delta Theta, Who's Who, A-Key, Soccer, Wrestling, Phi Eta Sigma. LOIS DALTON, College of Liberal Arts. me Y f My Q in HENRY EDWARD DANIEL, College of Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta, Buchtelite, Page Editor, Circulation Manager, Sociology Club, Vice Pres., Pershing Rifles, Art Club, Tel-Buch. MICHAEL DAVIDIAN, College of Business Administration. DOUGLAS JAMES DAVIDSON, College of Liberal Arts, Football, Var- sity "A" Club, Biology Club, Phi Sigma Society, Treas., Lacrosse. JUNE YVONNE DELLAPA, College of Education, SNEA. JOANNE DE MASS, College of Education, Alpha Gamma Delta. LEONA DICK, -College of Education. CHass of ROCHELLE LEE DIENOFF, College of Education, Women's League, Pres., Pierian, A-Key, Who's Who, WAA, ACE. VICTOR P. DIF EO, College of Engineering, AIEE, OSPE. JOE ARTHUR DILLWORTH, College of Engineering, ASME, OSPE. SQ! I DEBORAH DAVIS, College of Education, Delta Gamma, SNEA, YWCA, WAA, Psychology Club, Marketing Club. JERRY HUMPHREY DAVIS, College of Liberal Arts, Alpha Phi Alpha, Treas., Psi Chi, Psychology Club. ROBERT ELLSWORTH DECKER, College of Business Administration, Phi Kappa Tau, Scabbard and Blade, Band, SAM, Industrial Management Club. JOANNE DI DONATO, College of Education, Alpha Gamma Delta, Home Economics Club, Newman Club, WAA, SNEA, Buchtelite. MAXINE JEAN DI DONATO, College of Education, Alpha Gamma Delta, Vice Pres., WAA, Pres., Senior Class, Treas., A-Key, Pierian, Wom- en's League Representative. ROBERT GENE DI DONATO, College of Business Administration, Marketing Club. 1959 JOSEPH W. DI MASCIO, College of Liberal Arts, Phi Kappa Tau, Bi- ology Club, Pres., Sabre Squadron, Freshman Counselor. JOHN DOLENSKY, College of Liberal Arts. JERRY ALLAN DONELAN, College of Liberal Arts, Phi Sigma Kappa, Sec., Treas., Student Center, Asst. Mgr., Newman Club, Sabre Squadron. is x MARY ELLEN WERT DOUGLAS, College of Education, Who's Who, WAA, Sec., Kappa Delta Pi, Tau Kappa Phi, Alpha Gamma Delta, Pierian. NOLAN E. DOUGLAS, College of Business Administration, SAM, AMA. GERTRUDE DOWNEY, College of Education. ROBERT LOUIS DUNCAN, College of Engineering, ASME. THOMAS EUGENE DURKINS, College of Business Administration, Lone Star, Marketing Club, Newman Club. BETTY EDMISTON, College of Liberal Arts, Alpha Gamma Delta, WAA. DARRELL EUGENE DUBE, College of Engineering, Lambda Chi Alpha, Pres., Omicron Delta Kappa, Vice Pres., Varsity Tennis, Varsity Swim- ming, Tel-Buch. RICHARD DUFALA, College of Business Administration, Lambda Chi Alpha, Pres. DOROTHY LEE DUFF, College of Education, SNEA, Social Chairman, Zeta Tau Alpha, Sec., Alpha Lambda Delta, YWCA. RAYMOND JOHN ELLIOTT, College of Business Administration, Phi Sigma Kappa, Pres., Omicron Delta Kappa, Beta Delta Psi, Pi Kappa Delta, Who's Who, Newman Club. JOHN JACOB EMERY, College of Business Administration, Phi Sigma Kappa, University Band, University Orchestra. ' ROBERT MELVIN EPPLEY, College of Liberal Arts. University of Akron CHARLES WILLIAM EVANS, College of Education, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Pres., Pi Kappa Delta, Pres., Who's Who, University Theatre, Varsity De- bate Team, SNEA. JEROLD FEDERMAN, College of Liberal Arts, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Biology Club. AUGUSTINE FRANCIS FIELDS, College of Business Administration, Accounting Club, Marketing Club. I JUDITH FLOOK, College of Education, Delta Gamma, SNEA, ACE. DARREL KEITH FRASER, College of Business Administration, Account- ing Club. VERNA FRIEND, College of Education, Delta Gamma, Secretarial Sci- ence Club. Q RAYMOND HAROLD FURBEE, College of Business Administration, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Track, Varsity "A" Club, Accounting Club, Marketing Club, Sociology Club. DRAELEEN GABALAC, College of Education, University Theatre, Fo- rensic, Johnson Club, Philosophy Club. DENNIS T. GARN, College of Liberal Arts. KENNETH GLOVER, College of Business Administration. JOYCE GREENE, College of Business Administration, Alpha Delta Pi, R.O.T.C. Sponsor, University Singers, W.A.A., Secretarial Science Club, Senior Board. SANDRA RAE GREGG, College of Education, Alpha Delta Pi, Y.W.C.A., Tel-Buch, W.A.A., A.C.E. f 716' is"--. f-...,,,4v ff.-"fi X, 4 GLADYS BURTON GIBSON, College of Education. MOSES GIDDINGS, College of Business Administration, Accounting Club. GENEROSE ANNE GILL, College of Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma, Ist V. Pres., Newman Club, ISt V. Pres., Johnson Club, Home Economics Club, French Club, W.A.A. JOANNE JANE GRIFFITH, College of Liberal Arts, Panhellenic Council, Alpha Gamma Delta, Homecoming Queen, W.A.A. NORMA GRIFFITH, College of Education. BERNADINE GRIGGY, College of Education. Class of 1959 PATRICIA FAITH HACKNEY, College of Education, Phi Mu, Uni- versity Singers, SNEA, WAA, ACE. ROBERTA CORNELIA HAGENBAUGH, College of Education,'Phi Mu, Pres., Dance Committee Chairman, Who's Who, Tel-Buch, Panhellenic, 'Vice Pres., Freshman Counselor. HOWARD N. HALCOMB, College of Education, AABTA, SNEA, OSEA, ASEA, Marketing Club. I DONALD HAMMETT, College of Education, Pi Kappa Delta, Track. JOHN R. HANSEL, College of Liberal Arts, Lambda Chi Alpha, Phi Sig- ma Society. IVAN GERALD HASTLER, College of Business Administration, Beta Delta Psi, Pres., Accounting Club, Marketing Club. l fins in 0' -IF-.J pix .91 , 0' fvs 4 Q- ELSIE ANNA I-IEILMAN, College of Education: Alpha Delta Pi, Pres.g Panhellenic Council, Pres.g Pieriang A-Keyg Alpha Lambda Deltag Who's Who. CHRISTIAN CLAIR HEIM, College of Liberal Arts. DUANE GALE HELMICK, College of Engineeringg OSPEg ASME. RICHARD ALBERT HITES, College of Business ddminislrationg Mar- keting Club. HARRY GARDNER HOLCOMBE, College of Engineeringg Sigma Taug ASMEg Arnold Air Societyg OSPEg University Singers. ROY F. HOLLANDER, College of Engineeringg Lone Star, Pres.g Sigma Taug Student Councilg AIEEg IREg OSPE. University WAYNE R. HUME, College of Liberal Artsg Art Club, Pres. RICHARD V. HUPP, College of Engineering: AIREg OSPEg ISA. JASON NICHOLAS IRISH, College of Liberal Artsg Lambda Chi Alpha, Sec.g Freshman Counselolrg May Day, Co-Chairmang Buchtelite, Feature Editorg Johnson Clubg German Club. .1 4 V 'JP E., .4538 W '.Af,q4.- - Q- Q ,P as LLOYD DALE HILLIARD, College of Business Administrations Account- ing Club. CARL JOSEPH HILT, College of Business .ffdministrationg Lambda Chi Alphag Accounting Clubg Newman Clubg Tel-Buch. ROGER M. HITE, College of Business .ddministrationg Trackg SAMg Marketing Clubg Industrial Management Clubg Sabre Squadrong Theta Chi. DANA LEE HOLLIDAY, College of Eduealiong Lone Starg Tel-Buchg Psychology Club. THOMAS W. HONEYWILL, College of Business .fidministrationg Phi Delta Thetag Soccer, Co-Captaing Marketing Clubg Arnold Air Societyg Tel-Buch. WILLIAM A. HUBIACK, College of Business fldministraliong SAMQ Marketing Clubg Eastern Orthodox Fellowship. of Akron FRANKLIN T. JENKINS, College of Business Administration. WILLIAM P. JOHNSON, College of Engineeringg OSPEg AIEEg Radio Workshop. JOHN DAVID JUDGE, College Q' Business fldministrationg Accounting Club. 190 61 84 W LOIS WHITMIRE KELLEY, College of Education, Alpha Delta Pi, Treas., Pi Omega Pi, Freshman Counselor, A-Key, University Theatre, Buchtelite. - THOMAS C. KELLEY, JR., College of Business Administration, Beta Delta Psi, Marketing Club, Vice Pres., Industrial Management Club. MARY LOU KESLER, College of Edueation, Delta Gamma, Pres., Stu- dent Council, Sec., Homecoming Queen Crowner, ROTC Sponsor, Who's Who,A-Key. MICHAEL KRISTAN, College of Engineering, IRE, OSPE. BEYNON JACKSON LAHR, College of Engineering, OSPE, ASME. BRUCE JAMES LEAVITT, College of Business Administration, Zeta Beta Tau, Treas., Reserve Tribune, Marketing Club. Class of RUTH LEWIS, College of Education, SNEA, OSEA, Delta Kappa Gamma, AEA. JOYCE WANETA LLOYD, College of Liberal Arts, Psi Chi,'Pres.,,1ffi Kappa Delta, Psychology Club, Treas., German Club, Debate, Gamma Beta. WILLIAM D. LONG, College of Business Administration, Accounting Club, Marketing Club, Beta Delta Psi. 1 H DI r G 551, iii fi? ' lil' K i .IQN an 5513, :sig .L f fm 55z',..,f55er f.::'2s.. I 2 JANIS KAY KOEHLER, College of Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma, YWCA, Vice Pres., Tel-Buch, Photo Editor. MARVIN KOPELSON, College of Liberal Arts, Phi Sigma Society, Pres., Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Sigma Alpha, Biology Club. JOSEPH DAVID KORMANIK, College of Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta, Pres., Omicron Delta Kappa, Sec., Student Council, Vice Pres., Who's Who, A-Key, DMS. JOYCE MAE LEMMERT, College of Education, Phi Mu, YWCA, WAA, Women's League, FTA. WILL THOMPSON LEVEY, College of Liberal Arts, Philosophy Club, Sociology Club. ELLEN L. LEWIS, College of Business Administration, Theta Phi Alpha, Pres., Panhellenic Council, Treas., Newman Club, Secretarial Science Club. 1959 EUGENE MARK LUKINAC, College of Liberal Arts, Tau Kappa Ep- silon, Alpha Chi Sigma, Pres. DANIEL ARTHUR MacDONALD, College of Liberal Arts, Pre-Minis- terial Association: University Christian Fellowship. MARGARET JEAN MADDOX, College of Education, Student Nurses Association, Pres. Al 'Q'- fs XX X f qfyb 1 . et f X 'E' CHARLES ROBERT MAPLES, College of Engineering, Tau Kappa Ep- silon, AIEE, OSPE, Arnold Air Society, University Band. ROY MAROCCHINO, College of Business Administration, Accounting Club. EILEEN MARIE MCALEESE, College of Education, Phi Mu, Treas., Johnson Club, Sec., Sociology Club, SNEA, Newman Club, Buchtelite. CARL MEADOR, College of Business Administration, Lambda Chi Alpha, Varsity Swimming. WILLIAM H. MEEK, JR., College of Liberal Arts, Alpha Chi Sigma. HOWARD MEHIGAN, College of Business Administration, Lone Star, Treas., Newman Club, Accounting Club, Radio Workshop, Marketing Club. X Q 5' i xl . le H. JOAN MCGEARY, College of Education, Secretarial Science Club, Marketing Club, WAA, Alpha Gamma Delta, 2nd Vice Pres., Women's League, YWCA. DAVID M. MCKOSKI, College of Business Administration, Lone Star Industrial Management Club, Baseball, Football. BOB MEADE, College of Education, Lone Star, Basketball, Manager, Foot- ball, Manager, Baseball, Manager. JOHN MENYES, College of Business Administration, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Industrial Management Club. MARY JANE MICHALEC, College of Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma, Vice Pres., Biology Club, Sec., Newman Club, Radio Workshop, Buchtelite, YWCA. EDWARD JOSEPH MILLER, College of Engineering, Sigma Tau, ASME, OSPE, University of Akron RICHARD E. MILLER, College of Engineering, Sigma Tau, OSPE, AIEE, IRE, Chairman. NANCY CAROLYN MILLS, College of Liberal Arts, Debate, German Club. DOROTHY MORTON, College of Education. . Q. ' ,f viii! 199. JOSEPHINE M. MURDOCCO, College of Education, Alpha Delta Pi, Newman Club, SNEA. DALE ALLEN MUSSER, College of Engineering, AIEE, Sec., OSPE, Sec., IRE, University Theatre. ELAINE L. MYSOCK, College of Education, Pi Omega Pi, SNEA, Secre- tarial Science Club, Gamma Beta. E 3 .gre i , .-,, N" ,Z L JAMES WILLIAM NEELY, JR., College of Business Administration, Student Council, Pres., Lambda Chi Alpha, Pres., A-Key, Who's Who, Arnold Air Society, Freshman Counselor. HENRY NETTLING, College of Business Administration, Accounting Club, Pershing Rifles, Scabbard and Blade, Marketing Club. FAYE ANN NOBIL, College of Education, Women's League, Sec., Pierian A-Key, Who's Who, Kappa Delta Pi. GERALD FREDERICK O'NEAL, College of Business Administration, Theta Chi, Pres., Interfraternity Council, Pres., Who's Who, Student Coun- cil, Freshman Counselor, Tel-Buch. BARBARA ALICE PAMPLIN, College of Liberal Arts, Alpha Lambda Delta, Treas., Phi Sigma Alpha. VIRGINIA PAPAIOAN, College of Education, Philosophy Club, Home Economics Club, YWCA, SNEA, Alpha Delta Pi. CHass of ROBERT GARY PEASE, College of Education, Art Club. FRANKLIN D. PERRY, College of Business Administration, Theta Chi, Student Council, Freshman Counselor, Phi Eta Sigma, Beta Delta Psi, Interfraternity Council. BRUCE ROBERT PETERSON, College of Education, Track, Varsity "A" Club. JAMES HARVEY NORMAN, College of Business Administration, Ac- counting Club, Marketing Club, Beta Delta Psi. DONALD RAYMOND NORTON, College of Business Administration, Marketing Club, Accounting Club. JANET ELAINE OHLRICH, College of Education. SYLVIA C. PAPATONIS, College of Education, Women's League Council, Alpha Delta Pi, Senior Class, Sec., WAA, Board. RICHARD THOMAS PAUL, College of Business Administration, Phi Kappa Tau, SAM, Marketing Club. DOROTHY PAVELCHAK, College of Education, SNEA, ACE, Soci- ology Club, Gamma Beta. 1959 PATTY LOU PETERSON, College of Education, Delta Gamma, Treas., YWCA, Pres., WAA, Sec., ACE, Sec., Senior Class, Social Chairman, Pan-- hellenic Council. BEVERLY ANN PFEIL, College of Education, Gamma Beta, Tau Kappa Phi, Home Economics Club, SNEA, Newman Club. LEE GORDON POE, College of Engineering, Pershing Rifles, ASME, OSPE. I I E 1 ,ft 6 1 +N'g5Ny if .J .2 . k . be DAVID POOLE, College of Edueation, Theta Chi, V. Pres., Arnold Air Society, Forensic. JERRY LEE PORTS, College of Engineering, ASME, OSPE, Sigma Tau. MARILYN LOUISE PRETTYMAN, College of Liberal ffrts, WAA, The- atre, Band, Sociology Club, Pres., Phi Mu, V. Pres., A-Key, Who's Who. EDWIN MORTON REGAL, College of Business Administration, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Pres., Accounting Club, Marketing Club. WALTER RICE, College of Liberal Arts, IFC, Pres., Buchtelite, Phi Sig- ma Kappa, Vice Pres., Tel-Buch. WILLIAM RADFORD RICE, College of Liberal Arts, Alpha Phi Alpha, Spanish Club, German Club. f 2 my HAROLD PULCINI, College of Liberal Arts. ROBERT DALE RAUSCHENBACH, College of Engineering, ASME, OSPE. RAMONA VICTORIA REASOR, College of Education, NEA, OEA. TED EMMONS ROBERTSON, College of Liberal Arlsg Lone Star, Phi Sigma, Biology Club. EVAN M. ROBINSON, College of Engineering, IRE, OSPE, Sigma Tau. JERRY M. ROBINSON, College of Engineering, IRE, OSPE. University of Akron THOMAS E. RODEN, College of Engineering, IRE, AIEE, OSPE. PATRICK GEORGE ROMAN, College of Business Administration, Theta Chi, Football, Marketing Club, Industrial Management, Sabre Squadron. LAWRENCE ROSSITER, College of Liberal A7131 Biology Club, Treas. we ' I 'x 6 2 fi A .. JOHN A. RYAN, College of Business Administration, 'Newman Club, Phi- losophy Club, Marketing Club. CHALMERS SCHRODER, College of Business Administration. MADGE SAVAGE, College of Education, Alpha Delta Pi, WAA. 'ET y 'N 'fps 9 C was ,,. leak N ' R. ' e R' M 9 :Sri C I DOROTHY SCOTT, College of Education, Co-Editor Tel-Buch, Pierian, V. Pres., Who's Who, Alpha Delta Pi, V. Pres., Panhellenic Council, Junior Panhellenic Advisor. JOSEPH THOMAS SERENO, College of Business Administration, Lambda Chi Alpha, Varsity Golf, Marketing Club. JOHN ROGER SHRIVER, College of Liberal Arts, French Club, Phi- losophy Club. MARGARET RUTH SIRLOUIS, College of Education, SNEA, ACE, Zeta Tau Alpha. MICHAEL T. SKUBIAK, College of Engineering, Newman Club, ASME, OSPE, Sigma Tau, V. Pres., Phi Eta Sigma. ALBERT W. SMESKO, College of Education, Football, Varsity "A" Club, Assistant Intramural Director, Intramural Director, Track, Senior Com- mittee. lass CAROL SPIERS, College of Education, Zeta Tau Alpha, Panhellenic Council. Q JAMES MERRITT SPONSELLER, College of Business Administration, Phi Kappa Tau, Industrial Management Club, Scabbard and Blade. JOAN SPRATT, College of Education, Delta Gamma, ACE, Treas., Fresh- man Counselor, SNEA, YWCA, Senior Committee. ! 1 ,Q .egg I If 215' 1:-,' Cf 'il V175 LUCY SIGMON, College of Edueation. ROBERT SIGRIST, College of Business Administration. MARTHA SIMMONS, College of Education, Pierian, Who's Who, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Pres., Kappa Delta Pi, Pres., Student Council, AFROTC Honorary Cadet Colonel. WILLIAM D. SMITH, College of Business Administration, Lone Star, Radio Workshop, Newman Club, Treas., Accounting Club. ROBERT LEWIS SNYDER, College of Business Administration, AF- ROTC Wing Commander, Arnold Air Society, Industrial Management Club, Sec., Treas., SAM, Sec., Treas., Marketing Club. CAROL ANN SOWERS, College of Education, Zeta Tau Alpha, Pan- hellenic Council, Band, WAA. ofl959 ROMEO GORDON STARINIERI, College of Business Administration, Accounting Club, Newman Club, Beta Delta Psi. RAYMOND E. STEINKERCHNER, College of Liberal Arts, Lone Star, Arnold Air Society, Wrestling Team, Swimming Team, Psychology Club, Newman Club. ALFRED STORK, College of Business Administration. lcv' me 195 gil gf- 'W WWW iw X ROBERT SUMMERS, College of Business Administration. JAMES LESLIE SWICKARD, JR., College of Engineering, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Sec., ASME, Arnold Air Society. BARBARA LARDIS, College of Education, Delta Gamma. JOYCE THOMPSON, College of Education, Phi Mu, Pres., Who's Who, A-Key, Student Council, Theatre, Pierian. KENNETH H. THOMPSON, College of Engineering, Lambda Chi Alpha, Pres., Sigma Tau, Pres., Omicron Delta Kappa, Student Council, AIEE, IRE. JOHN DUNSTER TIDYMAN, JR., College of Liberal Arts, Lambda Chi Alpha, Varsity Baseball, Songfest Chairman, Varsity "A" Club, Phi Sigma. VINCENT TASSIELLO, College of Business Administration. E. KAY TAYLOR, College of Education, Pierian, Pres., Student Council, Cheerleader, Capt., Homecoming Co-Chairman, A-Key, Who's Who. MYRTIS REYNOLDS THOMAS, College of Education, ACE, SNEA. MARTHA TINSLEY, College of Edueation. JACK TOWNSEND, College of Liberal Arts. TOMMY LEE TROXEL, College of Education, University Christian Fel- lowship, Pres., ROTC Band, SAA. University of Akron WILLIAM TUNSTALL, College of Business Administration, AFROTC, Battle Group Commander, Phi Sigma Kappa, Pres., Omicron Delta Kappa, Songfest Co-Chairman. WILLIAM S. VANATTA, College of Business Administration, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Scabbard and Blade, Interfraternity Council, Industrial Manage- ment Club, Sociology Club. DOROTHY D. VAUGHAN, College of Education, Zeta Tau Alpha, ACE. 4 ,i ll' Ti' if 'W N as ac. ji Q if N". .fwif 'X' N I LAWRENCE R. VICTOR, College of Business Administration, Accounting Club, Pres., Marketing Club. RALPH STEPHEN VITT, College of Education, Newman Club, Phi Eta Sigma, Kappa Delta Pi, Band, Orchestra. ROBERT E. WAGNER, College of Engineering, Freshman Counselor, Arnold Air Society, AIEE, Phi Kappa Tau, Sec., Sabre Squadron. F Q 4'-will-v' '1.'." lil JS Viv RICHA1RD ALLEN WALLER, College of Engineering, Phi Delta Theta, Pres., Omicron Delta Kappa, Pres., A-Key, Who's Who, Student Council, Sigma Tau. ' MIRIAM VIOLET WEIN, College of Liberal Arts, Buchtelite, Editor, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Pi Kappa Delta, Theatre. JON HAMLIN WENDELKEN, College of Business Administration, Phi Delta Theta, German Club, Marketing Club, Industrial Management Club, Newman Club, Tel-Buch. WARD CLEMENCE WHITE, College of Engineering, IRE, AIEE, OSPE. CYNTHIA WIDMEYER, College of Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma. HERBERT CHARLES WILKINSON, College of Liberal Arts, Physics Club, Pres., Arnold Air Society, Theta Chi. Class of MARTHA GIFFEN WRIGHT, College of Liberal Arts, Zipettes, Capt., Pierian, Who's Who, A-Key, Student Council, Alpha Delta Pi. THOMAS D. WRIGHT, College of Business Administration, Biology Club, Marketing Club, SAM, Theta Chi. AUBREY NEIL YERKEY, College of Liberal Arts, Spanish Club, ASA, Radio Workshop, Program Director, Theatre. I MILDRED F. WESTON, College of Liberal Arts. JERRY ALAN WHISTON, College of Education, Band, Treas., Kappa Delta Pi, Orchestra, Scabbard and Blade, ROTC Band. NANCY LEE WHITE, College of Liberal Arts, Phi Mu, Theatre. ROGER B. WILLIAMS, College of Business Administration, Marketing Club, Industrial Management Club, SAM, PBPA. JOAN M. WIRTH, College of Business Administration, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Treas., Marketing Club, YWCA. DAVID EDWARD WOOD, College of Education, Basketball, A-Club, Memorial Hall, Assistant Building Manager, Phi Delta Theta. 1959 NADA YANATOV, College of Liberal Arts, Freshman Counselor, Co- Editor Tel-Buch, Who's Who, Student Council, Alpha Delta Pi, Sec., Sen- ior Class Committee Chairman. ELIZABETH YOUNG, College of Education. WILLIAM ZAVARELLO, College of Education, Lone Star, Senior Com- mittee, Acme-Zip Co-Chairman, Interfraternity Council, Newman Club, Marketing Club. v , . 'PQ sv! F324 .- , When Buchtel College became the Municipal .4 University of Akron Qnow The University of Ak- v ronj in 1913, the name Buchtel was retained in the f-ff' 1 lf--...iw Y Buchtel College of Liberal Arts. Under the present 'T 'ffll-.4jlNw -il ii 4 ,, .1 c Dean, Ernest H. Cherrington, Jr., the Liberal ---ll--.IRIN 'W -. .M ' ,fI:""----N Arts Faculties strive to acquaint students with -shaggy ""'l if -' . Hmmm the world of nature and human life by introducing ll -ll llllzwml iiii To '23 K "'- i '5'ii.l? 5-- them to the chief fields of knowledge. The college ui'-" ii a., ,: lu' r further strives to increase the students' apprecia- V 1 tion of beauty in all forms and thus furnish them ,, .T I with resources for enjoying their leisure hours and ' 0. 1' AMX l to help them acquire good manners and develop " "' '-5'-:3:':' ' v ' a moral strength adequate to cope with the vari- ous situations in which they find themselves. The College includes three divisions: Human- ities, Social Sciences, and Natural Sciences. Kolbe Hall is the headquarters for the Buchtel College of Liberal Arts. Buchtel College of iberal Arts Row 1: G. Corsaro, T. Sumner, P. Fall, Dean Cherrington, W. Cook, S. Newman. Row 2: F. Alusow, R. Sandefur, C. How- ard, C. Roe, D. Riede, E. Thackeray, O. Fouts. Row 3: H. Thackaberry, E. Johnson, A. Rembaum, B. Weiner, W. Lehr- man, D. Laubacher, J. Kuchinski, D. King, A. Smith. Row 4: P. Hardenstein, H. Vyverberg, R. Keller, C. Duffy, E. Grun- berg, R. Black, D. Internoscia, J. Mohn, L. Ross, M. Mauch. Row 5: F. Hutchins, W. Kraatz, V. Parman, H. Smith, R. Ittner, M. Dashiell, J. Pulleyn, H. Smith, E. Davis, I. Horning. Row 6: R. Sherman, V. Floutz, W. Knepper, W. Stevens, R. Thackaberry, J. Hull, M. Putman, L. Lafieur, J. Dunlap, S. Krause. X X, ' ,,,:,.gj5::':,:,r'a "' The College of Business Administration was established at The Uni- versity of Akron, February 18, 1953. It embodies Curriculums previ- ously taught in Buchtel College of Liberal Arts, in the Departments of Commerce, Industrial Management, and Secretarial Science. The primary aim of the College is to provide professional or technical edu- cation at the upper university level. The lectures, problems, and in- spection trips integrate theory and practice and assure thorough prep- aration. A capstone of business experience will provide professional background and bring out qualities of leadership. For those students who plan to teach or pursue advanced study, a solid educational foundation is provided. Dean of the College is Warren W. Leigh. College of Business Administration Row 1: M. Rogler, L. Self, Dean W. Leigh, A. Tucker, F. Clark, M. Slusher. Row 2: W. Bray, C. White, S. McKinnon H. Doutt, F. Simonetti, D. Gordon, R. Katzenmeyer, B. Hanes, O. Gruber. The Teachers College of the University of Akron was founded in 1921. In 1935, it was changed to the College of Education. The close identity of the College of Education with the Akron schools has been' maintained through student practice teaching in Akron Public Schools. Approximately two-thirds of Akron Public School teachers are former students of The University of Akron. Ob- jectives of the College are to provide rich and complete experiences which will make for success as classroom teachers, administrators, counsellors and school psychologists, to encourage the per- sonal development of each student toward the achievement of dynamic and mature personality and character, and to make possible between the faculty of the College of Education and the ad- ministrative stalfs of the Akron Public Schools and other area school systems, conferences and visits which will provide for dynamic growth of profes- sional abilities. Acting Dean of the College of Edu- cation in 1958-59 was Dominic Guzzetta. College of ducation Row 1: W. Painter, H. Painter, H. Evans E Tovey R Beichly Dean D Guzzetta R0w2 M Chrisp G Sanders H Becker, K. Cochrane, A. johnson. Rowg: A Iaterza H Distad E ones McMullen T Evans A Maluke I Watt 1 The College of Engineering was established in 1914. Because of the magnitude and diversity of the industrial development in the Akron area, the advantages ofthe cooperative plan were apparent. The cooperative plan provides for a coordinated sequence of alternate periods of classroom instruc- tion and industrial employment. Departments of instruction offered to students in this College are those of Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical Engi- neering. The aim of the College of Engineering is to provide basic training for effective living in a modern society, as Well as to provide the funda- mentals necessary for a career in engineering. The Dean ofthe College is R. D. Landon. College of ngineering pl 5? 1 Row 1: J. Edminister, R. Bowers, Dean R. Landon, A. Chatterjee. Row 2: M. Kult, M. Bezbatchenko, P. Smith, A. Richards. Rowj: E. Hamlen, D. Keller, W. Petry, K. Sibila. Row 41 D. Anderson, W. Glazier, P. Huss, G. Manos. EVENING DIVISION STUDENT COUNCIL- Row 1: N. Wolfe, Presidentg M. Smith, Vice Pres- ident. Row 2: B. Hyrnick, Secretary-Treasurerg J. Claar, Corresponding Secretary, T. Jackson, Ad- visor. The Evening Student Council, Alpha Epsilon, Alpha Sigma Lambda, Chi Sigma Nu, and Gamma Beta provide co-curricular activities for the 2,400 students enrolled in Evening College. Student Council encourages cooperation among the various evening organizations and endeavors to bring about a better understanding of student problems with the administration. ' The Fall and Spring "Welcome Dance" sponsored by Alpha Epsilon provides social activity for the evening students. Student Council sponsors the "Evening May Dance" at which time an Evening May Queen and her attendants are presented. Alpha Sigma Lambda, national scholastic honorary, recognizes the outstanding students in academic achievement. Chi Sigma Nu, a national organization for men, promotes social and intellectual enjoyment for its members. Each spring since 1957 this group has sponsored the "Evening With Jazz" program. Gamma Beta Sorority, organized in 1935, encourages social and intellectual development for the Women in the evening school. Evening ss., Qs as W W.. 1 204 ALPHA EPSILON HONORARY-Row 1: P. McClister, President, E. Mysock, Secretary. Row 2: W. A. Rogers, Advisorg D. Kaufman, Publicity Chairmang H. McCormick, Treasurer. Not in pic- ture: M. Watkins, Vice President. Division xt-N if i f 1 o 1 - 1 NX r I 'K w I' CHI SIGMA NU-Row 1: D. Stine, Treasurer H. McCormick, President. Row 2: B. Davies Guardg I. Shonauer, Prophet, R. Lehman, Secre- tary. Not in picture: P. Brothers, Vice President. GAMMA BETA SORORITY-Row 1: B. Pfeil, E. Mysock, G. Montgomery, M. Johnston, P. McClister, B. Spencer. Row 2: E. Sammeth, B. Lawson, C. Borden, Burner, L. Gindro, K. Durand, J. Dashna, R. Dobson. I Nurses Nurses from four hospitals, City Hospital, General Hospital, St. Thomas Hospital, and Massillon Hospital, attend the University of Akron for scholastic training during their first year in the field of nursing. Although the schedule of classes and laboratory work at their respective hospitals and at the Uni- versity are time consuming, the Nurses still find time to participate in a busy social life. Planning a style show, tea, and numerous parties, partici- pating in Casbah, and building floats are among the activities enjoyed by these students. ,M K' ff . ACCOUNTING CLUB 80 ACE 81 ADMINISTRATION 55 AIEE-IRE 80 AIR FORCE ROTC 103 A-KEY 94 ALPHA CHI SIGMA 96 ALPHA DELTA PI 110 ALPHA EPSILON PI 126 ALPHA GAMMA DELTA IIQ: ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA 96 ALPHA PHI ALPHA 128 ARMY ROTC 102 ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY IOS ART CLUB 81 ASCE 81 ASME 82 ATHLETIC STAFF 158 BASEBALL 173 BASKETBALL 1 66 BETA DELTA PSI 97 BIOLOGY 82 BOARD OF DIRECTORS 54 BUCHTELITE 68 CALENDAR SECTION 6 CHEERLEADERS 156 COLLEGE OF BUS. ADMIN. 203 COLLEGE OF EDUCATION 201 COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING 202 COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS 200 COMMISSIONING IOS CONTENTS 5 CROSS COUNTRY 165 DEANS 55 DELTA GAMMA II4 EASTERN ORTHODOX FELLOWSHIP 83 EVENING DIVISION 204 FACULTY 198-199 FOOTBALL 159 FOREIGN STUDENTS 83 GERMAN CLUB- 84 GOLF TEAM 176 GRADUATES 1 82-1 83 HOME EC. CLUB 84 INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL 64 INTRAMURALS 1 80 ISA 79 KAPPA DELTA PI 97 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA 116 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA 130 MARKETING CLUB 85 NEWMAN CLUB 78 NURSES 206 OMICRON DELTA KAPPA 92 ORGANIZATIONS 58-59 20 OSPE PANHELLENIC COUNCIL PERSHING RIFLES PHI PHI PHI PHI PHI PHI PHI ALPHA THETA DELTA THETA ETA SIGMA KAPPA TAU MU SIGMA KAPPA SIGMA SOCIETY PHYSICS CLUB PIERIAN PIK PIK APPA DELTA APPA EPSILON PI OMEGA PI PRESIDENT PSYCHOLOGY CLUB RADIO WORKSHOP RIFLE TEAM ROTC SPONSORS SABRE SQUADRON SAM SCABBARD AND BLADE SECRETARIAL SCIENCE CLUB SIGMA TAU SNEA SOCCER SOCI OLOGY CLUB SPORTS 154- STUDENT CENTER STUDENT COUNCIL STUDENT PERSONNEL SWEETHEART SECTION SWIM TEAM TAU TAU TEL- KAPPA EPSILON KAPPA PHI BUCH TENNIS TEAM TERTULIA ESPANOLA THETA CHI THETA PHI ALPHA THETA UPSILON TRACK TEAM UNIVERSITY BAND UNIVERSITY CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP UNIVERSITY ORCHESTRA UNIVERSITY SINGERS UNIVERSITY THEATRE WAA WHO'S WHO WOMEN'S LEAGUE WRESTLING YWCA ZETA TAU ALPHA ZIPPETTES 35 64 104 98 132 98 134 118 136 99 86 93 99 138 99 52 86 69 172 IO6 105 88 IO4 37 100 37 164 88 155 63 60 56 145 171 140 100 66 177 39 142 IQO 122 178 76 89 75 74 70 QO 95 62 170 90 124 157 E are proud as punch of our new Bennie . . .the Gscar of the printing industry. This award statuette was presented to WM. J. KELLER INC. by a jury of professional printers at the annual convention of the PRINTING INDUSTRIES OF AMERICA, meeting in Dallas. The fact that Keller wins occasional prizes is not, how- ever, important. What is important to us is the continuing loyalty of our customers, for whom we keep plugging away with yearbook Service, design and artwork . . . plus the really superior printing process of Velvatone. Wm. J .E Keller Inc. PUBLISHERS OF FINER,YEARBOOKS PENN R. WATSON, PRES. BUFFALO 15, NEW YORK 1 ,I1 111, 1 1 1 1 I 1. I , I1.II 1 I 1, 1, I A .11 nKI 111 Y K1 1 ,C1 11 1 W. '1' 1 1 1 1 ' ' 1 X A X11 'mv1'55 Y '11, 114' 'W 1 fl A 7' 111I11r1.1,I 1, 1. 1 1 '11 1' 135 41-r 1 " -1, 1 1 ' 11 1 I 1. I 1 1.1'1 1 I 1 15, 1 1 '. 11 1, 1111-1 1 , IN. 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