University of Akron - Tel Buch Yearbook (Akron, OH)

 - Class of 1941

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5 ji H S - Tim. vw . n I Y ' ,.'. I. nigh--1 r'-+- I" gl-me-nn su dw , 1 ,J , , Qty. , - 1 A - K 1 ! - ' , '- cf ii' ,. Y' 5 -1... 'L' 3 gf . Y 4 ' 1 - , 1 ws' ' V Q , , M , ll w 1-gnu ' , ' - .1 'pw-.'v 1. 4' 41 ' , ' 1' ,- , .'..1.,.-.',, 1 5.31. ' ', ' wg ' A' H - 1 1 -V , w,, ,, ,M 2 I .1 . L, .' :Ain ':'vf.-'FJ' f .f...! - L .T . .-: . v X V ,, ,4 . I- N , -Q .Ms :f " 4 .A . . ." 4 v-I we ,nie .F , , . , . J T, t 'Q ,., w - 4, ,, :fu 1 s-fl ,ww 1, y.: - P ' Q. Jvc ' ' r 1' r 'Q' " 3 I "H ' dl, J . ,Il , .M .4 I . W I T :I In in x id' 'X ,-- 7 JY A 'fd . 'IE 41 . I r 1 A ,VND ,Y-.. Vffs. V K ' ""n'9'vx-'x ' A - V 'H 1 f '-, I 1 S . ' ,ffl Y LL , Ji- 22 . . uc, ,J. 1 ..,L ri 4.. 4 4N'l U 'W , un-- n'e-lL..!.2'r? ' Qi ik '-gif!" 'fl ' 1'-,Gila -Q' .' ,, V ' 1-E , r gf' - A -ff 4 ' a fx H rf- 4 ,I QQ, .55 'fp , -V? i. .Y 5.59. N. 2 - J w G-En. A L . .4 ' QQ. '. EnHr'e Con+en+s Copyrighfed, l94I V .NN . ,T 2, . . .., .. , . In V , , , : iii E ',, a hit- ,sl '. 5 '55,-'av v ,I U, sw- ff-15? ' -rw , We - ' Q" fi sr 2 V J,i4'l 1ki",: . isbn f- ii. Y , I, J' :ATre!+f'- ri: SEQ!" '50 'J f.. 'if r ' .1-5..-:"', -N qv ,QW U A ' ' Vi". . :. 'Q 5 A - I 1?vnI6 ,J '.5:v- i Ii -, , J ---. - :P ' Nh 7 Q s - ,..f - ' J: . I -111 :- Y -.' 4 4 .llhaiw xi, Il: 'Q' fs. 'If "'.' Qrr ' . , . f '.in '2'-- ' 1 A kg? "U" Q' Y-4 L . , U l 4 '- :' P I V 7 'Y-' 1, i fs: I . ..4', ' , HIHL - .. H J - ' 4. 5 'J r r' a L. -,F 4 :I- v-v - - 1 Y' If x - I . .4 in -J-3 '- QNHI. ,-'JL' W. iSvA- .Y ,Q rl . 1 .- pa g e ' 19? ' .?'0 l -s -. -I vi 4 0 120 4fQXUQ4!G5s- G, LT . W .1- -. 3 Tr 4 845 xx HED DEC omo eNEAn.oGucAn. socuew 0000021 588 asmxmxummmxnwm 'FIEILG UJCIHI N5 .N 5:3133 ix XX Xe X X X X X NXX X Q X W X 5+ NN, M xx-H Q NX x XX 9 N ,X Wk X L r ,X x Xggfgv . , WX ' XX qw :X 1 X X Y: Xp 1 X XXNSEX , X , X XXQXXXXXX N X X xx , A ' iw vm I- ' -W X - X-XXX w A www-XX - ' '- YXXHSXIBX ' ' x-ypfiixa jX X XXWEXXXXN fC3E'jY X X X X X - X.X.XXXX m-X ' WW Y' XX!X,XX.'.X - ' Nwmmww Xxx XXXF Wm X Mm XXNX x xx an-f+M'6' ,Mm-MM 'X-M M14 Rm-k XXW L f?"'5",M ff 'f-1, Eff! 1 K1 ,Z J 1 4-XX F '19 X-'nn , . -1-f' x,'-j'i1L"',.- Q- 12 1' ' 1 A , 1-X ,Y ' wa ,ggi M QI! If 'II I mi'-'53-9--I 2 I II WWI , I II I III ,WI I' N.. I 'I I ISI: LIBRARY I one MINUTE LATE Q I ADMINISTRATION AND LIBERAL ARTS COLLEGE .w""I" CENTER OF CAMPUS SOCIAL ACTIVITIES KNIGHT HALL CHEMISTRY , :-, 'V'I- 1 -:-1:-:f.--Q.-:I-ri -vvvq ess? .I-.- i ..V-" : sr-:S-'gfer-:s:+..i'r-.srisif-aisresrf -'--r UJ STUDENT BUILDING JY A ' x .i , it ww, mhnvw , 3 G , ,a, :ik-V , M 5. , A' fx X 4, ' . , A 3 if QA XI I , -K WX 414126, yr 5 :at I. il W .," ' .ff - 1 R, gn X , ,fi M. V -. N zffw-HJ' EEN A if . Q. 7' ARMORY XX " A I ENGINEERING OOLLEGE lr Ol OROUSEGYM PHYSIOALEDUOATION PHILLIPSUHALL SI .- 'nl W5 ' 1 - ART DEPARTMENT ' I M ' ' , ' ., 1 ' --msg,-aa , -Vmtm R53 WMV- ' 1 " - '- . MF 1. A , M ,, 5 ' X I 3'--':1si?ifM,.,q ' ' V ' 'K X. ,, . 'W' 1 Q ' -V - -W. , .3 -V Q " 1 I , A 1 M. ' I X , ' , 5-Q5 V 3 V I - I 2 ' W. 1-' ,V' - ' d y? A , 4- ' V 5. - . . '1-gL:3y'y-Q.- VT,-I-ya-I-v..,.az WL ---A . - , M... ,wk , gl fegaazfg f -V V , X-Nw' 'V sf-.H :uf-'i'-'VVS www M11 '-1 - V - V:-- I ,-,m...,fL ISL I V 5, '1 ff'"?5fiQi5Zl?if:,?Vf Erik H ' 'If V " Jn ' L." . I I 'ff' "'I'3i'i:-3 " 'mv VH: :5frT5.5'nac.,,'--'.',V ' 'V ,I Q- T' 'fi , ' ' ' wil? .3 , F. E Nfl .I . , --:V,1.,,, 4. 7, ., T.f-1,7 VZ V .L M Ai I . , .. 1 VZ IHN. N I, , s' A V . V ,- , 322' 113 2-:Sify ' 4 V Hr ,A+ M , ,. X A . . Q1 - ' 3:1 L . iw , f 42 TW '93 ' .. ., L. ' '.1J3fflXT.- , -- f , , QV -TL ,- ,,-Vw , 0 -1 1' I Z "f I VI V-1 1. . , . f',.fi.3 C 13 ' .,, 4 Y--I f - I' 2 A . V . . V . V I., . ., ..,,x...., . , ,. , ..,. V,3,, ..,... - .,,V . . . .. . - VV " 1 , -. . ,. vi " SQ' ' - 'K ' Vf ---'Wifi'--V".x.Q,XV '-5' 'f232lVaSd,- 'RVWDT 1351? .... - 12 .11 21-'11 . - f ' V -' , . .' ' 1-A 11:12 , , . . ga 1 .. Qjifl , . N1 :GTV 1 ' 1.1 Vm1f1f 'I 1 -, '- . . 5, gf . - V , . ' ' ' Q x I I Vs 1P"f :C1,'P -V 3 I 1 - ' ' il f fr V-v-V E' . ,- X 1 M , I , . ,, '-L+ ,? ..3 mm -JV..-3 -215 -5553 .V MMONS HALL I I. OLASSROOMS AND LABORATORIES SIMMONS HALL II I OLIN HALL W, ,. I S V FE-344.3-Ie, 1 Q. .' ' 51" 'v' T'..T'5?3"'5 ' WWA vm VI 1 w M, If -5' I , ig BIOLOGY DEPARTMENT -F522 A. ,V .- fV..Vf- WV- . -Q CURTIS COTTAGE Q fp- . fzfz vi LZ- , ,- 4. H4 w A 1-2 za? Q L 2'3 - . .,E2T, , V 2 - ---1,.,42'V eg ..-1-, ., -,A,. Q, ,ww 2 X . 'T' C ., M.. f K V MSF W Y, I 5 A If ,, 95 . B 'K 14- A QV - sa af 4 I ,Q I ,g l V i s Y , IX I A V 2' J . HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT .L , ,V 26' L - Iv' A , QM. .M--VV .VM FETWI-V-' . , 2 Q 5 5 ,. K - . 'i W: -f-V fl V. V , ag- , ' 1 - '- f A ' s I .Vf , . .M I 22,-V ,f - I V.,,f H 441--K5 W - 2 5 QV Q-A , . -,..,f.w , 4' ' 2 fn ', -3 .VVV-N 1 W' V2 -fimf' --r2f'?i?T'if" .. -5- u I If . 4 V A. VVV 1-I --e ---A, V.a..q.I.VI .. M- .WV-V' 'I Vxf - A AV 4-,, Vw RM Vxfv .3xV.xmXVgV. 5 .fa .. - ,--V . V V - ,VV-fp, f f L- A, - V -,- . AV Q' , . , I 'ffkj-11 ., ,VU , V - V . 5 .V.,.. - , vs x -Q-V, VV . LLV. .V A - 9 5-E'e2-M M ,,+,,5F - - Q , . I, ' 'jf -ex I 1 I - ' V - ,. ,,-az - 4 , ,IV Y 4 W I 1 , V .M ,i 1,.,wg ,.,, A,,., 1 .I-L 7 ' A K x .A :gal L31 ,V , M., Law, ,W , ,- 5 V X .W V I lx V- . ,1,l AJ - ,, . -3 ,. A V J 55- gf 'R -5, V. ' " 2 'W-4. Q NV , . I, A 2- -'SEV-Q .Vf-H ' ' V MM Qf"2f,., 131 - 2 - - S- 'wi . - f We - w ,f L' , , nk " V V " "ss .W V- . AV " -V . S' V 1 f' ,q v . 'f - 1 ' -"DW fr If 4' f 44 "" Q- ' ' ' 5 ' 7 - -- ' 19' W i -V ff- . I - ' 5 - Q 'V-A - A V. pw- 'V 2 -Xu--Va'-H V '- 4 .. ' ish- wg -I- M Q? 3. . -"--5 V -' R ..3.a- ' IVV V- ,-3:25 gmx V- 'E - -' . , V, K' V -IF .- in -- pax' -iv K' ' --. .: Ve.. X--' H-' ' V 1 " ' V " 1f" '1 -W ' ,V 'P ' V 'f' V . "F . ' 1 - "" 'M' ' ' ' . I . ... I V . ' . HEL -1 ',V W vw , ggvx 1. - -Q: ' Y-,y.,,.fx , 'Q A 153 If 5 'f' -' -e-: 2 . f A 4' j, ,. f , - H V .. 'f1Z1 ',' Q3 . 2 V 1, .. 1, .-. , NVQ 5 , , ffl' 4, VV-Ve ' V . -' M V :bfi 1- ff ' .Ewa -' ffkif., - ff' ' V. 1. .... I 'gee--A" FV . qi. V 3 ag, tux.: .af A ,,. aj, V, g,,5.,x Sig, -, 1, VV, V .MV X, , . .,.. .1 x -V1 .,.,- - . V..--Vu V.,.f I 1 A V. .-... A .u . . ..., A V,-LV .4 .4 . ,V-, Q-. .. , M- . SP V -A . V V- :, - V f - ,f-Q II UI V M- SI ff V 'ac -S x - -- 1 3162-1? 1 . V . m u. .. -V V-V---V V : -1,-V-Q . X.-wr? .-.M-Ir. L- .-.-.--I-Q ram. . u .w..-.-xfwgf . .Wy .V 51. 1 . -- V.-:L .. I ., WVVV- ,f . V- , . V: fa, . F - V .6 'MV .vVV,mf- ar V' - .VL- " 'V If If :ww 1 ff -f .ff--4-ei V- .f1.,Q- -2 - - 1 ,g ye '--dw 'mg ' V, eu., 3 ' V. , ' V- .- - fmplx ng., x . U A ' I' Iii? XY - if WI.. Pj SPICER SCHOOL COLLEGE OF EDUCATION .M if Q .VM Www ' GUGGENHEIM INSTITUTE AEROINAUTICAL ENGINEERING I J' fr,-'Z' f ' ' , ki-1 x 1 5 , Y 1 Y., I 1 :rm ,fn FACULTY AND AIDIWIHIUSTIQAWQIW N 'x A ix. 'sw' M i' HEZZLETON E. SIMMONS, D.Sc., LL.D. PresidenT of The UniversiTy. A Teacher, scienTisT, businessman, communiTy and religious leader, and adminisTraTor-all com- bined and uniTied in one man-ThaT is PresidenT Simmons. The UniversiTy has made wonderTul progress since his inauguraTion, The erecTion oT Simmons Hall and The STudenT Building being Two ouTsTanding maTerial acc:omplishmenTs. RenovaTion oT oTher buildings and added equip- menT are, To a large exTenT, due To his inTeresT and eTTorTs. Probably The mosT appreciaTed characTerisTiC oT our PresidenT, however, is his genuine inTeresT in every sTudenT and TaculTy member. l-le is acquainTed wiTh and inTeresTed in all who sTudy or insTrucT in The insTiTuTion and knowledge oT This TacT is oT inesTimable value in sTimulaTing The aTTainmenTs oT The obiecTives Tor which The UniversiTy oT Alcron was Tounded. SWE: WWA. 3 i .. . , E . X X -wi ,. i lf- .. me , Dean of flwe Colleoe of Erigirieering guecahrjfgf glig3Z+Z?lI'jiL'r3e'3:rif Dean of flue College of Educafion AIIDIW NIISSTIQLW Q N L 5,32 DONFRED H. GARDNER, M .A. PHILIP S. SHERMAN, B. A. Dean of Sfudents and Professor Adviser of Men and lnsfrucfor of Hisfory Economics J we..-A ,+A . i .,.. . , " G' . f HELEN C. BATTRICK, M. A. RICHARD H. SCHMIDT, M. A in Advisor of Women, ancl Assisfanf Regisfrar Professor of Social Sciences ALBERT I. SPANTON, Lift. D. VQAXWELL P- B06-QS. Q. A. Dean Emerifus of Buchfel College of EBBA LARSON uLYssEs s. VANCE, B. A. reasurer of 'Hwe Umverslfy Liber! Arfs, Vice-Presidenf of The Assisfanf Reqisfrar Universify Edifor Faculfy, and Professor of English . , ,,,aV cecn. ROGERS, B. s. JOSEPHINE A. cus:-1 . . . LES'-'E P- HARDY- M- E- Ed- C- ARNOLD HANSON- B- A- A . T Librarian MAN' B L S Direciol- of Adulf Educafionl and Assisfanf fo flie Direcfor of Adulf sslsfanf reasurer I Durecfor of Afhlehcg Educaflon, and lnsfrucfor in Social Sciences N My 04 , V: if I PAUL ACQUARONE. PH. D. Associafe Professor of Bofany and Geology A 'A 'Ak-1 '-5'-noun. ROBERT R. BRYDEN, B. S. Graduafe Assisfanf in fhe Biology Deparfmenf ""Mr......,..- . FREDERICK CUMMINGS, M.Ed. Insfrucfor in Secrefarial Science THEODORE T. DUKE, B. A. Assisfanf Insfrucfor in English ag, P -f, sf fur!-I 1 . ia, . Q? s. ROY G. FORNWALT, M. Ed. Assisfanf Professor of Vocafional Educafion 53 Kg? 7 RW DWIGHTE GRAY Ph D it . M I is , "hx Yi Xa DAVID E. ANDERSON, M. S. Dirccfor of Cify Tesfing Laboratory and Assisfanf Professor of Chemisfry V I .- 3' I A My xx x . . wx 4- i X - - , YW A ,QM " I E IQQ. ,sw--M-1 L xx X 'X . ,. . I ", , , - 'ffl-i'Q3s1lSS'i-Q fi. ,ar we-iivizgxiiki, ,M N JOHN BULGER, B. C. E. Professor of Sfrucfurol Engineering EARL H. DAVIS, M. B. A., LL. B. lnsfrudor in Accounfing . 1 2- ? fr MARVIN B. DURRETTE Maior, lnfanfry, U. S. A. Assisfanf Professor of Milifary Science and Tacfics wiv' ,if HARRY K. FOSTER, Ph. D. lnsfrucfor in Eclucafion re .. .... y Q " x w I W' I I XXYNN ROBERT W. BAILEY, M. A. lnsfrucfor in Business Adminisfrafion RENA NANCY CABLE, M. Ed. Assisfanf Professor of Ar! QIAHQ' 'xiii fix? W- V, W I' 'I ., L Y v' .K .,wf"" ' , ' HARMON O. DeGRAFF, Ph. D. Professor of Sociology ROSS C. DURST, C. E. Professor of Civil Engineering PAUL G. FOSTER, Firsl' Lieufenanf, Infanfry, U. S. A. lnsfrucfor in Milifary Science and Tacfics .4 agrinfiifa V S' ,. 2513 K .4 fo , .- , ..f 4 .5 A - p fph' -i . FRED S. GRIFFIN, M. E. EUGENE G. HAAS, Ph. D. Di,-gglinli lshisxzgry Professor of Mechanical Engineering Assisianf Professor of Chemisfry in Nafural Science 24 ,Av 1 if P HV THOS. C. HILLIARD, M.A., C.P.A. QRVILLE A, HITCHCOCKI ph, 9- FRED F. HOUSEHOLDER, NI. A. Assisfanf Professor of Accounfing Pwfessor 05 Speech Professor of Physics. and Chairman of fhe Division of Nafural Science I MRS. JANE S. EARNHARDT, M.Ed. P CLIUILTV ww , ,g Q I l ' 2 I low r I iv Which I-1. P l, . HARRY A. BENDER, Ph. D. Professor of Arf Associafe Professor of Mafhemafics WALTER A. COOK, Ph. D. Buchfel Professor of Chemisfry 4' RAYMOND D. COOL, Ph. D. Assisfanf Professor of Chemistry 4-ff""Q, HJALMER W. DISTAD, Ph. D. Associafe Professor of Elemenfary Educafion fg5,,,,,,1Q" 1 YNHAB OTIS W. DOUGLAS, Jr., B. S. Head Coach of Afhlefics and Assisfanf Professor of Physical Educafion EI-MER ENDE. M. A' MARGARET F. FANNING, M. A. Assisfanf Professor of Music OMER R. FOUTS. M. A. Assisfanf Professor of Modern Languages 53' "wi ROLLAND D. FOX, M. S. Assisfanf Professor of Physics Associafe Professor of Bacferiology , a t BNN 9 is ,. V HARLAN W. HAMILTON, Ph. D. Associafe Professor of English E. VICKERY HUBBARD, B. S. lnsfrucfor in Physical Educafion LOUIS F. HAMPEL, M.B.A. Assisfanf Professor of Commerce and Business Adminisfrafion Momou w. BLOOMFIELD, Ph. D. W'L'-'AM 5- BRQWN- 59'-- U-5-A lnsfrucfor in English I we 'P DAVID H. COWLES Colonel, lnfanfry, U. S. A. Professor of Milifary Science and Tacfics , E f.. ,fr A lnsfrucfor in Mulifary Science and Tacfics HOWARD I. CRAMER, Ph. D. Assisfanf Professor of Chemisfry W. DALLAS L. DOWNING, M.A. HOWARD M. DOUTT, M. A. - . Professor of Secrefarial Science Awxhnl Pmhaoiioi vocehonal Educaflon . ,J ,pr f ,gg , ,. .. fe V iff! f A ELDORA FLINT, M. E. Ed. Assisfanf Professor of Secrefarial QARROL W- FORD- Ph- D- Science Asslsfanf Professor of Economics er' P 'V' Y mi gl ,Q ,igna-'K' ' W Q iixzms - F MEREDITH K. GARDNER, M. A. lnsfrucfor in Modern Languages X' 'ez Q r , Kr' M 1 ef "IHS: " . g .,.- 1, 1-,-V ,- .f V 2 MARY GRACE HARRINGTON. B. A. L S. Circulafion Library V 1 555,51 .2 -I... J 'Q if ,F fy . 'T"1'Q1"' Q 'AE'-. :r FMP . 1 -W9 A .1 , . K " 2 .-Mi.: 5 f 1-1. . "E 52 vf M4 Q1 'EE Qc" ' . i I ' 4' V,-f A :yr 4 . . 31 ' .P . f . YU -" 'f ' . A ' V , -' DONATO INTERNOSCIA, Ph. D. Assisfanf Professor of Modern Languages EDGAR P. JONES, Ph. D. Assisfanf Professor of Biology WALTER A. GILMOUR, B.S.C.E. Professor of Co-ordinalion GEORGE L. HAYES, Ph. D. Professor of Psychology if ,ii ,..g,. , . .fr . DON A. KEISTER. M. A. Assisfanf Professor of English FACUJILTYK . ' .Mx ,,r ...mi I 2. ,f,' ' Hxlffilt I - A 1-I I ...,,.. ..... U V Q 4, ----- ww - , Q. I ,Q ' I .. x Q ...U .y ' I ' ' - p i, , ii Nix. A J X A - I 'ff-".im..1. CLARA M. KEMLER, M. A. Associafe Professor of Primary- Elemenfary Educafion rr J . sa , L I .tin -X" Q 'WARREN W. LEIGH, Ph. D. Professor of Commerce and Business Adminisfrefion JAY L. O'HARA, Ph. D. Professor of Economics and Chair- man of Division of Social Science ,M.A. UH' Assusfanf Science Tacfics 'Wir 4. ' ' 1 X A i. li? ' rw , I -N-. ,-, . .., .ii -' fl . , 'i '- -A Q 4 YR. . 'ATX ...-.-wi. M ow i ,g . . 4 - MABEL LOCKE, M. S. Asxisfanf Professor of Physical Educalion .-i'?if,i3f AQ. MQ. . 1 K ,, .gg-1 Mahi O. PRESTON KIDDER, Jr., M. A. Inslruclor in Speech . ""'f 'W vs E, BEN HARRISON LOGAN, Jr. Firsf Lieufenanf, Infanfry, U.S.A. lnsfrucfor in Milifary Science and Taclics CARROLL L. OLlN,B A. Graduafe Assisfanf in The Home Economics Deparfmenf has RIDER, M. A. lnsirucror in Science r of Public Music ' We -'Paw 5 V . . . r Pxfygwv . . owe.- " A .. ' -f Cit e FREDERICK S. SEFTON, M. Ed. Professor of Physical Educafion JOHN F. STEIN Special Teacher of Voice JOHN T. WALTHER, B. S. E. E. Professor of Elecfrical Engineering SAMUEL SELBY, Ph. D. Associale Professor of Mafhemafics ff,-'L-..'7' ii. MERLE A. STONEMAN, Ph. D. Assisfanl Professor of Psychology -L, "'Ael:., . ,ga ..- 1' H' 1-liar LBQTL2 9. ,:i:,. ..-.. ... .1 E 1' if " 2. "yi -' , nw I' . :Q . 7' .. P- ' E1 91 ' pil ' FLORENCE N. WHITNEY, A.M. Insfrucfor in English RAYMOND B. PEASE, Ph. D. Professor of English .y - - Q E i . . M A r Meier HAROLD O. RIED, Ph. D. Assislanf Professor of Educalion 4-EE. -Wm .fqfhlf V... WW- LUCY T. SELF, B.A. Insfrucfor in Secrefarial Science ,asf syn-iv"' NER, B. S. Graduafe Assisfanf in fhe Biology Deparfmenf at ., I Q I,-K -V . .5 X - Nui? NI I J film. no ' . 'wirifcx 'QW' - 4- . ' . .ii I ' ...QR ' . . :2'f15"2: o E .- 1" "5 559' v, 'iG"'i 4 453 RENA WILLS I Special Teacher of Piano Q2 WV hiv-...,,.,..ff. :M Q ,DAV'D K'N6- M' A1 , WALTER c.KRAA1z, Ph.D. EMERY L. Kuo-mes, Pd. M., P+.. D. A55'5Ia"l Pgoliessor of PQIIMCGI Professor of Biology Professor of Educafion cience A18 :Q 'inf xl- f -ww .r if 4 A fi " V ' HAROLD T. MCKEE- M. A- CLYDE O. McPEEK HARRY W. MILHUFF Anisfam Professor O' Business Firsf Lieufenanf, U.S.A. Firsf Lieufenanf, lnfanfry, U.S.A. Adminishanon lnshudor in Milifary Science and lnsfrucfor in Milifary Science and Taciics Tacfics .. af I 'Sir gif MRS. RUTH PUTMAN, M. A. Insfrucfor in English A lean... ig L. -.5 ff . . 2 i- .53--'. r I '1ai:e,.: 7 X V .,a.iY... . X,?. .,.....X... .gy 1 . .Qs 45x I"-i . . EDGAR C. ROBERTS, M. A. Assisfanf Professor of English He. X I f 'Hi . if so ROY V. SHERMAN, Ph. D. Professor of Political Science and Direclor of Infroduclory Course in Social Science 'Vegas 1uqe..,, W...- AUDRA TENNEY, M. A. Assisfanf Professor of Secrefarial Science fn. EARL R. WILSON, B. M. E. Assisfanf Professor of Engineering Drawing in , Assisfanr Professor of English in Ihe College of Engineering NEWTON OWEN SAPPINGTON Ph. D. Professor of Hisiory P Aw? mi HARRY A. SMITH, M. Ed. in 5. x has . . EVAN J. REED. A. B., J. D. lnsfrucfor in Business Law .Y . if ? iz.. , . r .... , . ERNEST F. SCHAEFER, B. E. M. Assisfanf Professor of Vocafional Educafion . r sre Y yul V. . J r f """'iko5h. f PAUL C. SMITH, B. S. E. E. Aggigfanf Professor of Physical Assisfanf Professor of Elecirical Educagion Engineering fi . . . .XS is 1 ,Yi f Z s . A if A w MRS. HELEN THACKABERRY, M.A. lnsfrucfor in English Q Q - 2. A +- if-I 3 421 , 'I-'R , l CARY C. WOOD, Ph. D. Special Teacher in ihe Deparfmenf of Psychology and Philosophy .I I ,f s ROBERT E. THACKABERRY,Ph. lnsfrucfor in English is ., , an ,, . . Q' .. X I we VP I fi ARTHUR M. YOUNG, Ph. D Professor of Lafin and Greelx, a Chairman of fhe Division of Humanifies nd J far... F. 532.54- 1 'Xe 9' Q' rg., 'K . ,viii W s hr Aff. g Sf' 2 D. ELIZABETH A. LATHROP, M. A. Assisfanf Professor of Home Economics , 3 . A , of if f AUSTIN L. MOORE, Ph. D. Assisfanl Professor of Hisiory . i A3 ' sms as far--W ' I.7" 1, KATHERINE M. REED, M. A. Associale Professor of Modern Languages I ee... -V i . , ' ' 113.9 cd? SHERMAN O. SCHUMACHER. B. A. Alumni Secrelary 1 C. NEIL STARR, M. A. Inslruclor in Music i . 5 . f CLARENCE R. UPP, M. E. Associafe Professor of Mechanical Engineering 55'- '- - - 9. 1 -WM ' ' PAUL M. ZEIS, Ph. D. Assisfanl Professor of Polifical Science r fb. 5 ., .. V f, ,..., li W2 . gy I-f . . 3, Q X is ' , 4 1-52 -2 1 3' ,J 3 'Vi'-amy.-f f? . ' W f V 74M-1, 1- .-1 .. P KM I , www J, , ,., , . ' x bark,,,,,,,WW X 'ff 'fig 1 ,. fwf' ,V 'C -pf.,-f 4-1 ,, , 1 7, A . 345, , fi' Z ,3 L? if fi I 4 4 1011, QV, Ly, "f!',f , , 4 'M H 3 ' ,f 7' 'ff gy , U , Z' , '. ff "lb .4 , f,,g74,,-,, V I, f V I, X .XG I C f X 5.5, J. X f X ' , ,ff'w5ziw2' f ,V W, !,,, ffm f,ff , 4, f CILASSSSIESS iw-an ELWYN H. BECKER Bachelor of Science WILDA JANE BOWERS Bachelor of Science in Applied Ari ARLENE CARROLL Bachelor of Science in Applied Ar+ '-fQi,.,f'f . .-,, ,A V. 2 MW' 'V f ,X - rw... A ERIC J. CHEDESTER Bachelor of Science in Business Adminislrafion FW' Hsu.-..,.., DAVID DIENOFF Bachelor ol Science CANDIDATES FO DEGREES 4 fl va -1395 ANTONIA BLACKETTER Bachelor of Arfs FREDERICK BRANDENSTEIN Bachelor of Science -I ev T 'meal "'::.- , 1 ,ww HARRY J. CARROLL, Jr. Bachelor of Arls , ww, aww -qrf -ww? JEYNE CROOKS Bachelor ol Science in Applied Ari ' R " ' 3. 'L an 123, f 'if V , A I , W , if. ,, WW ' ga I . ,Aj ,. ah, I ,yawn is MARGUERITT. 'JONVAN Bachelor of Ads fffvi 4...,.w-A H' WILLIAM C. BLANK Bachelor of Arls ,,. 45' ,r- IW' A iff 4,-many 2214 fm: ff 7-Mizz." 1.1 ' 2: 'X - Q 5 1 Q, -. Vp f. me ni. fx 3 3 - f if .W 3? 52 4 e.m.,,L,3-W., f 7:7 .1 i Q r ww .N ,, , fe Q, J ,aff V 1' .1 lg, alfa we 4 ' Xf f . .1 W fv 1 2 J sf iv 3 1 4 Q5 f f ',. N 4.41 ,,- ,, ., 5 .,,f7,.: x f . .: we ,V .. .f:,:1Q. 4.9. 1 4 Q 13 v JEAN BROTSMAN Bachelor of Arls Mar.: W Q . W WM Q-.ef ' . 1, 'Wil ' ' off ff - 'aa y 'mer-..v . " LLOYD P. COBURN Bachelor of Arfs if 1, , wxww ' -v CLAYTON J. CROSS Bachelor ol Science in Busin Adminisiralion BSS ew SAM BORODKIN HUGH BOYD Bachelor of Science Bachelor gf Science e 9 9,304 M1 M Q if W., il. lm 'Mil W .W W . 5 V , 511115, i , f Lfafifimk ' - 4 ' 4 JE ' iff A .bnq , W,, V, I LOUIS BROWN Bachelor of Arls RICHARD S. COLLIER Bachelor of Arfs JACK E. BUTLER Bachelor of Arls ' "1 . .ef ROBERT F. Bachelor ol Science in Adminislraiion "N:-:nw WILLIAM L. CURTICE. Jr. BERNARD J, DERWORT Bachelor of Arls Bachelor of Science RUTH DORNAN MARTHA EARLY RAYMOND W. ECKARD Bachelor of Arfs Bachelor of Arfs BGCIWCIOI' Ol Ads CANDIDATES FOI? IDEGEEIES Ain N 'inf 'wr--' MARIE EVANS Bachelor of Arls BdcheIo' Science in Business JAMES C. FERTIG helo "Wh WWW guna., Wow WILLIAM H. FLEMING, Jr. Bachelor of Science in Business Bac r ol Ari: Adminisfralion Rachelor 6 f f I I Q Q cw ,V T F1 'un- . N 2 in ' 1 sag., 1,46 .4 O4 mg' 'EK M' Ea . ,-skis! i f af 1 V-'I'-. 1 . , 5 1 T . ,, M, 'Wu- FLORA G. FLINT of Science in Secretarial Science MW, A-an ,fix .,,.,,,,,W B m'LL"2"g1iemin HARRY w. FRAZEE BETTY JEAN ERICK AFA JOSEPHINE OERHART Bachjffjsgcifgffxsines, ac 9 okzminishauon Bachelor ol Aris Bachelor of Science Bachelor ol Arls Adminmragon , . ff.. fffwkapgo, 2. 'QTN--fr . , 2 Mit' Q-IfvQ T ' ., " -. -3 H -Tfs4,-f A ., H up -Rav if f5f " ' ROBERT Cf GRAHAM GORDON HAGERMAN ANN ELIZABETH HAMILTON Bachelor uf Science in Business Buckeye, of Ads Bachelor 05 Am Adminislralion 45555 ,gtg-3 ,, 'win-sw-r 'V""'A' GLENNARD E. HAWK Bachelor ol Science in Business Adminisfralion JOHN A. HEFFELMAN WILLIAM J. HEEPE' Bachelor of Science in Business Bachelor of Science Adminislrafion lr-f .mx dmv-m 'eww-.0-4-f I' CLARENCE R. JAUCHEM Bachelor of5cienCeif1 BUSINESS DOROTHY JOHNSON CATHERINE E. JOY Q Adminislrafion Bachelor of Arls Bachelor of Science in Secrefarial Science I W,-Q3 GEORGE L. HARKINS Bachelor of Ads 2? mfr MW, MARVIN E. HEID LULLA ELAINE HAUIS Bachelor of Arfs .I M. 'W msc W- E Y. Bachelor of Science in Business ROBERT M. HERSHEY Adminisfralion Bachelor of Science ,Y six , 7 Q5 ' 'fr . - " A f rf., +--aw x - fs., Aw .. , .4 ,N L ! N. ,X A I DOROTHY KEISER Bachelor of Arla ELIZABETH KENNY Bachelor of Arls 5 CANDIDATES f if-3" HWS 1' ... DONALD W. KRENRICK WILLIAM F. KOERSCHNER, Jr. Bachelor of Arr: Bachelor of Science . M, A Y N- " . , 3 LQ. . - am- xiax 7064? hm ONALD LUCK D Bachelor of Science in Business PATRICIA MACHAN Adminisiraiion Bachelor of ArIs -xy W .f.f ?,,:f .. .f 'Qu 5 , R ,,,, , . I Q 5 gw...wN IE, I x f MARVIN V, NIcCORMICK Bachelor of Ark FRANCES MOSKOVITZ Bachelor of Arls , kwa uf-., r' FOI? IDEGEIREESJ 4' -. 'ws gp... --,.. .A ALBIN S. KRIVITSKY Bachelor of Science JAMES A. LOULAN Bachelor of Science M2931 if . . ,r ,, 21: . , Ef v fx ,x. ws. 4.-..... DONALD B. LOWE, Jr. Bachelor of Arfs ,4 I 1 2 gzm. . g f, f idly I 4 Nd' A? f ZW if V K f yy, A x ROBERT S. NIANKIN Bachelor of Science in Business JACK MARLOWE Adminisfralion Bachelor of Arfs 0045 ,Www MARY JANE O'BRIEN Bachelor of Arfs MAX NELSON Bachelor of Arfs -mr..- visual ELIZABETH McALONAN Bachelor of Arrs "--we JOSEPH A, PAPPANO Bachelor of Arls 1' .ian 'QQ' V ."U"sA ' .xg -,hs . kan-. PAUL M RANKIN ROLLAND E. PARENT! PHILLIP J PATTON Jr HOWARD T. PROTHEROE Louis A. RAMICONE B h ,O 0, Sagem in B,,,i,,e,, Bachelor ol Science in Seuelarlal Science Bachelor of Arrs' i Bachelor of Science in Applied Arr Bachelor of Arr: ac e kdminmragon .1 , , 5" " A g 5 P 1 K 5 L 'x A ff' We N- Q' .L A' Wm 4',,'f.1-ffm. 45, may W I '59, .Iggy I , hw ' , A' 4 , I L. - We ref , W ' . A I . 'M' v W' ' , 5 f , sL,,.:.:,. at K hgh ., 0, H - . 'Xe A f 'r'c ,ff 'I " if r 5 'i 5 93-, 'CM 44? I ' I 1 - B. ,- EVELYN RENNER Ara KATHLEEN rzoesas Bdclmlo' of A'I5 Bachelor of Arls in Educafion ROBERT C, RUSSELL ANNA RUMAN Bachelor of Science in Business Bachelor of Arrs ,xdmqnimafion LOIS JANE SCHEFFLER Bachelor of Science CIANIDUIDIWIESD ECN? IDIEGJIQIEESS 1 L Nh i I 4 7 an " cp., ' x ,pf 'Wk Q ..',,r:!. A 'W' to 9-ff' L-1 WILLIAM R. SCHWEIKERT ROBERT SECREST WILLIAM A- SEILER Bachelor of Science Bachelor of Arls Bachelor ol Science rf fx fy, - ' ' -'s:w1.i5g'-- 5- 53:2 142731,- , 5' Fimllf I All 3? WW' -"sf -if e a Jw, j, . 'jf E-Fife.-T3-..1, ,wif ffmgegf-, , ,,--g,,,'- ROBERT R. SMITH Bachelor of Science in Business Adminislralion BETTY SINKS BETTY JANE SLUSSER Bachelor of Arls ' Bachelor of Science in Applied Arl K . sl- ,fax 3 X if ws., gg... '5 fha..-- ' ' i'5'-fE,.2 ii" ,,,. EARL w. S KEL HARRY C' SQBECK, Bachelor of Science in Business Bachelor in BUSlfl0SS Bachelor of Science in Applied Ari Adminishanon Adminislralion , 55 wg, fi JAMES J. SHIPMAN Bachelor of Science .Rh-1-'Ee 11 MAXINE SMITH Bachelor of Arls JACK H. THACKER Bachelor of Science in Business Adminislralion wwf 'UW ,fx nge. n .M..-. MARGARET SHIVELY Bachelor ol Science in Applied Ar? Apr!-L ffvi 'QM' SUE SNYDER Bachelor of Arls 'M .7 4Z""",:' . 'E 5 EMMY LOU THOMPSON Bachelor ol Science Mn-L... f- r 'ATM , . 1 3 f 'UW ESTHER VEACH Bachelor of Arls 3Wf5'ff1?fff 43 ' 4 GILBERT I-- THOMAS ISABEL THOMAS ROBERT J. TOYE HARVEY L. WAHN Bachelor of AVIS Bachelor ol Arla Bachelor of Arfs Bachelor of Science B " f .5 WW - -. K .pw-5 -rm Q lm wg. nov- M.. MARTHA JEAN WALLACE ELIZABETH WAUGH VIRGINIA WECKER MYRON H. WILT CARMEN JOYCE WINCE Bachelor ef SCIEWCQ in APPIIed Ari Bachelor of Science in Secrelarial Science Bachelor ol Science in Applied Arl Bachelor of Science Bachelor of Arls I GLMBDUIDLSTIESD FOI? IDIEGJIBEIESU li' 'Q' ""N-ur ELIZABETH WINKELMAN I3dCI19I0f Ol AVIS Aclminislrafion or-'N . Q JEANNE BENSON Bachelor of Science in Educafion MARCIA BERLIT1 16" in Business HAROLD ZIMMERMAN HELEN LOUISE ALEXIS KENNETH W, BANKS, Jr. Bachelor of Arls Bachelor of Science in Educalion Bachelor of Arls in Educalion Bachelor of Science in Educalion Bachelor 0fAf+Sir1 ,awww BETTY LEE BOYD JUNE BRITTON BETTIE COHEN Bachelor of Science in Educalion Bachelor of Arfs in Eclucalion r M 4 'il' -dvfvh.. . F2--c'iQ - AQ' 2 A 52" EDNA DAVIS Bachelor of Arfs in Educalion LOIS CULLISON Bachelor of Science in Educafion few- M. JUNE ESTRIGHT JEANNE MARIE FEELEY Bachelor of Science in Eclucalion Bachelor of Arfs in Eclucalion 'ff ,,,. V, V , . 1 fxaaia My It an 5 MARY ELIABET RIFFITH BETTY JANE HAZLETT Bachelor of Arls in Eclucalion Bachelor of Science in Educafion ROSEMARY FIRESTONE Ba ' ' sian LAWRENCE J. DELI KATHERINE DEME MARK DOWNING Bachelor of Arls in Educalion Bachelor of Science in Educafion Bachelor of Science in Eclucalion aww 1'S""'V MARTHA DOROTHEA FOSTER ARLENE FRY chelor of Arfs in Educahun Bachelor of Science in Educafion Bachelor of Science in Educalion 'YQ I ' "" D ,W W - . We , I , 1 EK .N 'iff , ' fi " V . . E I 'I-f f-,gf Q iff I 527 if 3 fl MIRIAM ANN HOFFMAN HELEN HURST CHRYSA JAMESON Bachelor of Arls in Educafion Bachelor of Arls in Educafion Bachelor of Arfs in Educdlifm A ew- ESTHER JOHNSON Bachelor of Science in Educalion 'Wh PATRICIA KUDER Bachelor of Science in Eclucaiion Q91 we NN., EDWARD J. McGRATH Bachelor of Arls in Educafion me I ANDREW M. ONDECKER Bachelor of Science in Educafion HARRY SABGIR CANDIDATES E019 DEGREES 41 qi 1 Y V15 'US HM , , 'mv-..., vim! . " 1-, . .. '-X 5'-1.4.-' .-Q." ' ' ' - 1- N T. ,g "" -:f"' ,: If , if ff 1 'rfw . . ' . f- If f ' ' L '2 ic 1 M' , 1 if' VIRGINIA RUTH JOHNSON Bachelor of Science in Eclucafion MARJORIE KERSHAW Bachelor of Science in Educafion LEONA KING Bachelor of Science In ECI!-ICBIIOH . A 'Ny 'wwf' Ni .qwvw 1 -f New ive X 'F my 1 MARY MARGARET LACY MARIAN ROMA LOGUE MARGARET ANN LONSBURY Bachelor of Science in Educalion Bachelor oi Science in Eclucalion Bachelor of Arls In Educalion ef UK ,. gwinyz , ,ew WWE YYKM -I if 2, ., . Jew wmv, , Q ve, ' S' we gem in ex F' I ff? KENNETH W. MOORE EVELYN MORRIS RUTH Bachelor of Arls in Educaiion Bachelor of Science in Educafion Bachelor of Science in x W? Q-:V i-we-rw ,-f, new 9 Y , new M11 M an , EVA REID JEANNETTE RICHARDSON Bachelor of Science in EduEaIion Bachelor of Science in Educalion LAURA ELIZABETH ROUNDY .nw like 'inf I I JEAN SHALLCROSS AMY LOUISE SHAW FAITH SHERMAN MARJORIE KNEALE Bachelor of Arfs in Educalion .xv-f rilgg' few., 1, f 1 he, 172 f- uf., ffwvegfffy 511 , -f ' ' 'W' 1 .mfr 4 gg, - fl' ' S K f 1 "' +I ,1 l , 55 5 , 1 0 Ak 1 19 1 fa f 1 1 4 ' "WW M f C I " 1 1 ,FM Jw v f I 1.2 3,5 ,ff gf, 7 , X1 Q, , Q2 G R 'gk 1 V 15" I f , f1 1 5 ' 1: ' yfi SQ A5 ff , 1 12, 1,122 fzx Q -11 eg N 1 Q fa , 1 ,-em 2 Q, 5 , .. ,17 5-2 ,Hsfzzr W ' ,..,,.,1-, 11, ., 1. 1-,Dy 1 I ., 1 . 1.. 1,, 1 f for A 1 ,1 S 1 FRED MALAGIO Bachelor ol Science in Educafion ,,'3-ff if' . .-' """"' ' mr m S. 'Q .. .E h i. , X 'wi ROBERTA MAY OHL Bachelor of Science in Educalion lm, ROBERT B. ROUSOMANOFF Bachelor of Science in Educaiion gachelor of Args in Educafion ELEANOR SHAW STEWART Bachelor of Science in Educaiion Bachelor of Science in Education Bachelor of gcgence in Educafiqn Bachelor of Science in Education Bechelo, of gcgence in Educefgon I EIMNIIDIIIDATESB EOE? IDEGBIQEESJ SZ' am. nf' PQ, ,W wr gs. 'iran T' 'si' .K i .W , .., V .., . .M . Q r ' X . Y -3 4 . 55 ' X, X , 2 . ' f . f ff" '. :Ne if xx - 5 L z ' . .- . - r. 51 . JEANETTE SUMNER Bachelor of Arfs in Educalion 7 l SEXY . ww aw-...W . ww . A x. F5 - .X ...e Quia? b- 1 .. ..." 'Rr' 1 fl-E iii ' . -:f f-1 :fin ,. N Lb . Wir. . Niiisx br . it Ex. 1-. .- vigrx Sieve I. , l r . ' L" " xi ' W if S' 5 3, Q , Q 'lg aw aw . K , g A Ml X .ii N N , Q ai ff 'X fs Q 4. 3 lg ik 4 2 A EVELYN LAVAUGHN THURSTON Bachelor of Science in Educaiion DANTE l-. BELL JOHN W. BETZBATCHENKO THOMAS A. CAMERON Bachelor of Mechanical Ehqlheefinq Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Bachelor of.Mechanical Engineering DEAN E, CHAPMAN CHARLES F, CORNS NORMAN J. ELDER RICHARD F. GARVER Bachelor of Civil Engineering Bachelor of Civil Engineering Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering wr in .wa fm gl 'Wm , W w I f ,i 2 ff -grew .f 4450... w00wM2w.,, . . , . W L QQ ,m.,,a-are 4... . , 1i7,r,r,f.ff51- .A Qle- , f,w?2q,k 4' 1 1 1 .ff -,K -Q-. V WWA ."'f'7. iw Ve, '.' 1 4 -' am , ' ' 35' , I9 9,gwfL,,g.u .-..,,-we fi... s. , ae bw fm . ,L 'MLM M4 ,grfqfvg Q Mg,--, H ea- f. -1 . H., gf , A '. is QW 2 1. ' , . wkkx L ROWLAND D. GRIFFITHS Bachelor oi' Mechanical Engineering 14 'wwfw JAMES P. LEWIS Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering we PETER R. OLEG-AR Bachelor of Civil Engineering LEANDER G. HADDOCK, Jr. JOHN E. KALLGREN Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering S -pin I A5 We --my-. " wr: " MILTON A. KLOTZ Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering CM 4 6441-uf., MARVIN B- LUKE VANCE H, LUKE WILLIAM F. MARKEY B6Cl'9l0" 0fMeCl1d"iCHl E"9l"'9e'l"9 Bachelor cf Mechanical Engineering Bachelor of Civil Engineering i 'Y 9 if M f fm- my -...,..,. V 'Q' ,f,.a,1Q M , if Ney, if 43 532, f ffpy 1 a ' M 1 if aff' Y , 1 ff f f 4. wk. , .f - f V e. .2 ff f,--11' - 7 -1, f -1 .V 1 . vi ,. .-fe! in .L -'i' HF? V li' 5 fa fit. ,ff , f , f ana--.-W... ,pm-i ,a WWW 'vu-.,,.. LEONARD O. GOFF Bachelor of Eleclrical Engineering JOHN LAUGHLIN Bachelor of Civil Engineering mm lm ROBERT B. MCCURDY Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering DONALD K. PORTER HAROLD A. ROOTES THEODORE E. SHAUL RUSSELL J. STEFFY Bachelor of Mechanical Engineerini Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Bachelor of Civil Engineering BdCi'9l0f of Mechanical Enqiflecriflq CIMWDNIDAFE S9 F09 DIECEIQIEESJ fm. '-Q. ! ' ae.-. FRANK S. YUKAN- H MARK F. WALTHER ELEANOR woomrno A l7j FRANCE COTRUVO B Cllelof of MeCl"i"'C-il E'19"1e9""19 Bachelor of Eleclrical Engineering B I1 lor of Science in Applied Ari Bachelo, of AH, Es+elle DiH'mer Allen Rolberi' Ernesf Baliz F. lsabelle Barber Evelyn Marie Baughman David Varian Blagg Helen Ann Bobes Charles Allen Boyer Jane Bricken Roberl Beaumoni Brownfield Virginia Bufler Mark Church Paul J. DeCora Dorofhy Evelyn Dix Anne Marie Felber Frank Charles Ferris Roberl' Joseph Frisby Claude Wesley Fusion, Jr. Leo Gorup Mary Alice Gray Adena Crooks Handwerk Florence Elizabeih Hill John Harvey Hower John William Hulchinson Alvis E. lsner Roberl' H. Jackson Helen Louise Jeppeson Jean Garre'H Lessing Alber+ Ellmore Lockhar+ Walier Dick Wrigh'r Carl Wyscarver Long Michael Loudon George Paul Luka'I's William Flelcher Markey Julia Marguerile McDowell James Vinceni McElhany Frank Mclniyre, Jr. Park C. Myers Edward LeRoy Nicely Orpheus Nurches Paul Pappas David Rosen+hal Harry Louis Rosenihal Roger David Schaeffer Sisier M. Leo Schimmoler, O. P. Blanche Beverly Sherman Helen J. Shugeri' Kaihryn Louise Shugerl Vinceni Gerard Simon Lila Carey Sink Edward Vincenl Slonczewski Lucile Siurges Smi+h Philip Smiih Virginia Lee Sfofer Forresf Clarence Walker Karl Joseph Weimer Roberl' Edward Weimer f , , Q 39 42 .I li-I' . 1 ,pos LOREN ACKER DALE AKINS agus..-A -...N-,au vsp' , 5 vi BETTY BAKER FRANK BARBEE EIQ: I VV. J I ,. 5 X W 2 iv V 9 ,ffl , ,..V,:i,.lVgl:,, Y ' EUGENE BENEDICT VIRGINIA BERG ,mf ' .Q v - . fi ,Q - I ,, . wh ,W f f 1 I A Eff . - ww , . If 1 7 M. 'W .wma Sym , , . an sl. y ' f ma Z , Q, if e ,V , .5 f K 1 Vi ,N -,., . , FRED BROWN JACK BROWN Iwi- 1, . 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I 'hr' ,tm 1 GENE DICKEY 'V .,,.' V .ff- M' II 'I Av' ' Af . mu' 'Pawn' 'Q ,,..,. .VM W . .IW ex CLINTON EMMERICH IZERN FAIRALL fi. ., PM ww ,. 'W E f-Q A If., Wi I E? ' A' wx wg, BETTY FRENCH WILLIAM GRAHAM EUGENE FRYE Hu-f,-r MARTHA GREEN 1 ii ' VE' vu.. I V' IIITI f I ESTELLE HANDLEY "4'.4,.,"' ?' Q EVELYN HOOKERA VO , iw MAR INVHAR I A ' 2. QM LUWIFEIQ CQILILEGJE I .MH 5 ' wwf? Jun' 5' T' wk' A Q-A YQ...-7. ' eg J..-...VLA : , ,X I 1.222 -, ' f 11,1 XEIIGIIII LOUISE DILL RANSIE DILLARD F ,. . , Q ,V . M- , 'Wav if ,MRA Q ' 29,36 33 fa ..g-L' Berrv JANE FISHER WIU-'AM FISHER Af ,ig .',L.A2: .f:,. ,A , K ' 21:1 ,1.. I,.,, A A '1.4?f : Il if 2 Q , 1,. . - ' 'P'-W , , I J, Y. 1 , ,f , X M -v' W , , b I ' JEAN GALLAGHER ANAMARY GRIFFITH fix Wil.-f '---f...,..v-., FRANCES GERT2 WALTER GRIGAS 24 :V , CRAIG HENNIS HAZEL HOBBS iz- 51 I 5, P yu MARJORIE HOOVERHFA JACOUELINE HORST ROBERT HUMPHREY I Vw. I ""' ' X? ' xA 1 RICHARD DUER nl , 1,, Q M M, jk HELEN FREDERICK www 'Qaflww GEORGE GILDOW -pa-L. A-M M Wav' ANITA HAINES - , -...CW I .CM M fs 'fEE EQM f 59 Y, 1 'M 1' " ., if-L... 'Q'-r mf., . , i, R RICHARD HOBSON 'WN NK 5 5, HARRY HURTT f I, I I W 4: vs , Ilzfizfff' - Q I A I ' 1 Wmwfw' I EVELYN EBERHART vm Q 4 I ,, Q W , I QQYMJ 4 ,. , f f 1 . 7 4' If "6va-13134-? M ' - .,., , fx ,I W -'xii . ' 4 ,. ROBERT J. FRENCH D 'h. 2 vu-1,.,, 1 U I fx ,f-fy-My Mir, 1,-.1.- u 'ff Y. V 'f . f ,, ' :bf 4 f Q. A in If J . , . v f '144 Q ' W .,,. 4, ,f-4: P. L. GITTER 59? ge 11--f JEAN HAMILTON 2, xft 3' Izq X63 gin ELMEIR HOFFMAN ' 5 fm qw , . mu.- , . 'ff 'ff' , ' I I . wf"""'j DOROTHY JACKSON 17"- Q45-f HARRY JOY ima? q-N . -A x Avo- A , an max - MRS. JESSE HUDSON HENRY KOHLER ZQEJ1 A i' X I PAUL LANDEFELD az.. V ,V ,,.,, l v ,.., , 1 J ,,.. . -1 U., X . 5' rr , . .. , 3 . zo 5 xlsvwem KENNETH KOLLER h, S5 ' f 41... 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How EVELYN LIGHTNER Wim HENRIETTA MATHIAS ' ' -2- ' ,Q ,V 25:25 P " ' ,gxkggihwgw fmSi2vz552+fi3T?- -mf'-Q.. -3.x 5-35,4-. X Q xs,.,5p M.. , I s., gr.. .- -, 53 JAMES McGRATH af 'M 3 wx as Q W ' ERWIN MOATS KWIQEQ COMEGE Mfn-QR , In if 1 T5 'S ,, I """m Aviv" E 44' M D, BWV vkwvsuw' Q V X MARY MURPHY CHARLES NEAL CATHLEEN NEALIS JANE NEELY 'ff' 1 Y:--may QL .15 I 'fs Q. KATHRYN PERSHINGH F21 JEAN PETLEY ELIZABETH PLOENES MARIE PORTER SG! , V 'NU- -sn-'-f1"' 9-1- ILMA RIES DORIS RIFKIN HAROLD ROSENTHAL CARL SCHAADT W fiimw IR-A W" mf C-I as I 'A JEAN PALMER GRACE PATTERSON L, , L. - ,MK " wxrrfr mv- I, JACK REICH MARTHA RIEKER G" an JANE SHAFFER MARIE SCHICK X sl, If ' F df 4 A .. ,f M , 'Ps P' vIp..f-w MARY SCHILLER KENNETH SCHLOBOHM KATHLEEN SCOTT BETTY SHANE ELEANOR scI-IIMP JANET SHROYER , If ' Y . . A --- . R-yrs, I M , .I I E I 1 N It - A L A T" A ' "" . L. RWE W I I , ' if Sy, My gh, """ '9?""""' 521 ' :L "Ig ':"2F' 1" It I A -A V CM... av zzxlmp 4 44,1-, ,AE V FERN SHRYOCK WILLIAM SISLER DOUGLAS SMITH EDGAR SMITH "'-1-,..., fun-ww DALLAS SPRINKLE WALTER STAIGER JAMES STANKARD RICHARD STOVER I GENEVIEVE SMITH CARL SNYDER A .V ,. 2- N905 RR' ,L Rh," H , if: fqaxyfigiag ?5' -N I GENE SUCHARDA JACK SULLIVAN Ra UIPWIEIQ CQILILEGJE I? .ples A A 5 4 TWV' I x f s C gfgxifn g 2' , 4 ' K' . , s e. 1-QQEAAQI -1' .f X . r k f ww MARY THOMAS WILLIAM TREMBLEY CHARLES TRUE ALBERT muMPiKAs CARL TSCHANTZ GEORGE TWICKLER yn . iyvsq New Hyun ALBERT UMANSKY RAYMOND Upp HARVEYLWAHN REX WINGARD RICHARD WEAVER MARDELLE WITWER George Anaslos Andre Anclerolie John Barbura Guy Baylor Roberf Bishop William Blackwell Marvin Bloomfield Loucile Boughlon Francis M. Bowdon Lesfer Bracken Genevieve Brill Donald Brown Jack Brunclage Jacques Burrel Ca+herine Byrne Eugene Caillel' Richard Caldwell 'NT' EDWARD WOLF MARY woonwuzo HAZEL wane-HTA-ffl CARL YoKuM PICTURES NOT SUBMITTED Ben Cameron Joseph Cameron Denise Capps AVB- James CarI'er Russell Carfwrighl' William CaHran Thomas Chrisfy Alice Clover John Coclrea Marian Conn Margaref Corris Thomas Courfney Karl Cullison Louise Davis AIber+DecaI'ur Premo Dellangelo Anno De Piere Helen Diefrich A F6 James A. Dillian Anasfasia Demifruck Roberf Dine I.e+e+ia Dobrin Virginia Doer Carl Duclugian Grover Duke Frank Dunderman Kaiherine Eichenlaub Ned Enclress Mike Fernella Felix Ferri Ben Flossie William Finigan William Foger'Iy Marilyn Foss Roberl' Fosler Bernice Frank Norma Franklin Tom Gilbride Laurence F. Gilchrisl' Kalherine Gillic Rober+Glasgow Sidney Gluck William Good Mrs.Mary Goslhn William A.Green Alvin Greenhorn Richard Gregg LeroyAGunning Doro+hy Gukick I Jean Hagslrom Mildred H ancoc k Helen Hardesfy Rol::er+Haren Zachary Harris Jack B.l'lar+ Barlon Hickman Logan Hidy Rober+Hiffelman Rancel Hill Eugene Hopkins George Hranilovich Roberl' L.Humpherys Clarence HH Selma Ingersoll Suzanne lsreal Clyde Jones Gerlrude Kain Regina Kalavily Theodore Kapenekas Slanley Keisler Richard Kibler Roberf Kilgore William King Wal+er Kovalick Sophie Kudera unwise COLLEGE PICTURES NOT SUBMITTED Ebba Larson Everell Lawrence Jack Lederman Kalhryn Lee Harold Leeper Earl Long John Lu+sch Amos LyH'on Be++y Lee Mackery Andrew Maluke John Maluke Sergius Mamay Ernesl' Marlin Charles McBride Richard MCCarlhy Coul+erJ.McCracken Wanda McMillan James McMullins Julis Meszaros Calhryn Miller Mary Louise Mills Harold Mingle Leslie H.Minnear Bernard Mong Richard G.Moreland Jennie Morgan Kennerh Morgan Carl Moskofl' Vicfor Mungo BeH'y Musser Barney Myers George Myers Leslie Myers Ned Neidemire Cafherine NeH'ling John W. Nicholas Waller Nixon Edward Ogonowski Jeanne Olhoefi Rober'lOsman Donald Owen Thomas Owens PaulPappas Gerard Parseghian Harry H. Paslorius Dominic Palelli Mike Pavalor Marlha Pelrechuk Dale K.PeHry Mrs.Frances PigoH' Millon Pols+ein John Taylor Pope Marilyn Premperf Jeannie Pulk Ernesl Ray Marion Reed Joe Reminglon Charles Rennie PaulRice Lucy Richie Dallas Riddle Arlhur Robinson Mrs.Julex Rogers Ka+hleen Rogers Pauline Romig Joseph L. Waddell Fr ance s Wal+z John Warner Albin Warren Clara Wasser Jean Wafkins PaulWa+son Ralph Weaver Homer Wilf Julius Wil+ Molly Winer Cafherine Wolf Burlon Wolin Mary Woodward Charles Wyman Ralph Young Miriam Zimarik Marjorie Zeiler NX L .. wg ,Jk,,.,,m-mf! 1 y 'Wl...,......,mmwm-W-' ..f,-1 -f.,M,..., as mwum V FIMWIEIQNIIITIIIESS LMNIIID SSQIQQIQIIWESS W 91' H'W1f . lawns., -P , M? McCormick, Schiller, Ellioll, Scoll Nealis, Simmons, Shaf-fer, Mcllroy, Murphy, .ShiveIy Flynn, Logue, Kelly, Ahern, Thomas, Hobbs GHIEILILE NC C0111 CIIIL Purpose: The purpose ol lhe Panhellenic Council shall loe lo plan a program which will promole a slronger group lile in lhe memloer chaplers, which will creale inlerlralernily lriendliness, and which will develop a democralic spiril lhroughoul lhe campus: and lo make such rules as will achieve lhe linesl inlerlralernily relalionships. OFFICERS Presidenl: Marion Logue Secrelary-Treasurer: Mary Flynn M E M B E R S ALPHA DELTA Pl KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Margarel Ellioll MGVY Thomas Margaref Shively Mary Louise Ahern Marlha Larriclc Kalhleen Scoll PHI MU Belly Musser ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Belly Jane Slusser Evelyn Renner Kawryn Car, Hazel Wrighl K H1 P H THETA PHI ALPHA a ryn ers ing Mary Flynn Mary Jean Kelly DELTA GAMMA Kalherine McCormiclc Helen Frederick THETA UPSILON Hazel Hobbs Failh Sherman Mall' Woodward Margarel Lonsbury Sarah Ann Cooley DELTA PI IOTA ZETA TAU ALPHA Beme Cohen Calhleen Nealis MOHY Wlne' Marion Logue Mary Schiller Beverly Simmons zz' yif-fy W S ,r ,1 4 Landefeld, McCormick, McKiernan Sanderson, Borodkin, May, Thacker, Yokum Koerschner, Sprinkle, Colombes, Koller, Allan ll TIE-IBFIBIUTIE V CQUNCUIL The purpose of lnierfraiernily Council is lo promoie saiisfaciory relaiions among 'rhe fralerniiies on flue campus. OFFICERS Presidenl: Kennelh Koller Secrelary-Treasurer: Horace Mclfiernan Facully Adviser: Dean Donfred Gardner MEMBERS ALPHA EPSILON Pl Kenneih Koller Sam Borodlcin Maurice May ALPHA SIGMA Olvll'CRON Paul Lancleield William Schweilrerl Horace McKiernan CHI THETA TAU Carl Yolcum Alberl' Hardman Harry Paslorious LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Dallas Sprinkle William Koersclmer JaclcTl'1aclcer Pl KAPPA EPSILON William Hilkerl Bruce Sanderson Bill Farmer PHI DELTA THETA Jacques Burrell William Wriqhl Roberi Singer PHI KAPPA TAU George Gildow Marvin McCormick ' Paul De Cora 0 5 Ls Q l- Q54 e u 'f IEEIK Perhaps fhe mosf misundersiood and misrepresenfed parf of college life is +haf of fraferniiies and sororifies. Held fo be +he lowesf, mosi negligible scholasfically of all campus groups, aFfilia+ed siuclenfs have ranlued higher scholasiically 'lhan non-afiiliafed for 'four of fhe las? five years. For a repuledly sfand-offish sorf, +hey spend a lof of money enierfaining people who aren'+ even vaguely rushable. On 'Phe average, 'lhey spend befween S350 and S450 a year on all-campus leas, luncheons for faculfy members, and various siudenfs, affiliafed and unafiiliaied. Bui probably fhe source of greafesf misundersianding is lhe fund of legend aboul' parficular fraferniiiesz fhaf 'ihe Lambda Chis spend mos+ of fheir fime under iablesg +ha'r every man wearing a swea+ shirf and scowl is a Lone Sfar: ihaf fhe Phi Delis are all clofhes horses: +ha+ lhe Phi Taus say fheir prayers every nigh? before fhey go fo bed. ln 'fac+, none of 'lhese are frue. Bui ihey're inferesfing, iusi ihe same. if Q ,f,,.qVj, f- f2,z'iz:7Z7 - 7g1..f:j" X Xfxmx-,w N. fx: 'L gg-53, .:,+.:g 1,1- iz,-fggk v fx 1, 4' Q2 if 6 a l9',,, N OA M 6 QQ? 435 Q22 17 r , Lf' f X Hag 2 L 4011! 0 E ef, , x 0-N f df .ff -.. IKAPPA IUMPIQA GJAIVAI NIA Lambda Chapfer Esfablished Ocfober I3, I870 Lambda Chapier Esfablished in I877 Faculfy Adviser: Mrs. Florence Whifney OFHCERS Presiden+: Mary Murphy Corresponding Secre+ary: Marie Glynn Treasurer: BeHy Cooper Chairman of Sfandards: Marfha Larrick Recording Secreiaryz Kafhryn Jobe MEMBERS Mary Louise Ahern Rufh Dornan Margarel' Kimberly Mary Rowe Mary Virginia Bader BeHy Dorner Merle Kucheman Mary Thomas Virginia Berg Rosemary Firesfone Palricia Machan Ann Tschanlz Anionia BlaclzeHer Juanifa Gamble Pairicia McGovern Marfha Wallace Jane? Blair Belly Goishall Carolyn Marsiellar BeH'y Ann Waugh Ann BueH'ell Dorofhy Griesinger Julianne Mayfield Virginia Weclcer Jane DeCora lsabel Hopkins Doris Miklashelc BeHy Winlcleman Margueri+e Donavan PLEDGES Dororhy Becher Doroihy Fichier Nancy Looker Mary Sigel Mary Fenn Dale Hinlon Rosalina Mize Befsy Sfinchcomb Tel-Buch Re presenlalive-Vee Bader an 1 5322, nu lr: 1nnxza1n wglln-11 'fnnnwwumz 1 1 1:1-xx u I li ' .pn- ' -Q-in :fi W Anionia Blacheller 4 v"-A W QW our has Marlha Wallace .f uv: . . ...a-Anas. I Ka A . V 190' ig, W Q Marfha Larriclr . f' 11 m - . A , S . ' -. IW: i 5 'W ,Q wg, ' 22 " , e , .aaa 1 Jane Decora . fa I.: " f x fs, f . .:'ri's, fi . X - My - fu 4- U , K ' 1. ,. A , .- , I 1' " , 3 ' -f 1 . fi JMX, I mm e""""' 4. wwe fn ,V ... . 4""""" 'isa-'--., if 1 - x ' . 1, ,x f Aijz . , in ::sf' .m, Marguerife Donavan t 1 'Q L., if fu" , - , BeHy Ann Waugh - .xr z ' :I 'za' 1-N an me 1-...,.. . Rv-,W Mary Murphy , I .N Belly Dorner 4 am.. .H iff '-Uv ,M . .naw--.M Rosemary Fireslone Y. X - , , ,, 31 Virginia Weclrer 12- YW' 'ANA .N-.,,..,, 11 0 'K V 9, V , , wx fi " 'I 'Q .1 ..,. 1 mo, Mary Louise Ahern A H .wmv ami' . Juanila Gamble shim-' 'MA' 'QT1 Q-Ig," -, ' I ' fi Isabel Hopkins Kaihryn Jobe Margaref Kimberly -464 'W yi. i Q Qs, . lurks L A he ' - .M if :QD . y - -rA- X - . Qi, . f Q wx W Sv' . li Dorothy Becher Mary Fenn Ann Tschanh 45, - Yrf Rulh Dornan I W. 'Q . W4 . .- A- .Q I ...Q V :i S... , Belly Winlileman 4 A., it V bv, '-5,1 -sn.. ,Q-.f X MM N, I 1 Pafricia Meehan Marv Thomas A, " ff' .. .gif - ge: , f e 4. 4, 1-A wwefig 'fern A ,, if . 3 Q rm. 411 .5g'.'.v Lf G f , Q!! . 74 I I 4 " v"""' - Y. N' A T, fjf, -NL will- v 1 .' Bah' Cooper Virginia Berg y PM' '47 . in .. f 1 - M ww, A.-M Al fL"k-8 ix Mary Virginia Bader Janef Blair ,ww vp---pw Marie Glynn -my hier' Merle Kucheman V: I-. , 3 A at - New my ,A K Mary Rowe ..-'V' 1 ,-..4v,- Ann Buellell ,W . . fb fri V , A... 1 QQ 1,5 .. .A .. . .,,I,,5v Wg- f .f , -G 1 z . ' 'g U few - 1 are nf" f' "1 Q Wkff f - 9241 -a f i-1.5, Belly Goishall '55 35, vs- Li' Ati-ff' 4' ' we-ffl 'K 51 Palricia McGovern Dorofhy Griesinger I ww .:. fi. , f ni ...Q-.Y Julianne Mayfield IGN -'V' Q, ,nb N 'DN-JK -naw' Doris Mllclashelr WW Carolyn Marslellar 4 L - A i, l uv' in ,po-5, P - ,. Q. if nr 'an we nw j +V . 'F -rr W- r' flklg ' , ' -iff?-. , .. in in .X e Belsy Slinchcomb Maw Sigel Rosanna Min Nancy Locker Dale Hinton Dorofhy Fighter I Margarel Ammerman Marfha Anderson Florine Baiman Jane Baughman lone Beyer Rufh BiH'er Eleanor Clark JeaneH'e Crawford Doroihy Barnaby Jeanne Bensley Ka'l'hryn Buckingham Barbara Duncan IEIL A GAMMA as Chapfer Esfablished in Oxford, Mississippi, in I874 Efa Chapler esfablished in I879 Faculfy Adviser: Miss Gladys Weeks OFFICERS Presidenf: Mariorie Kneale Recording Secrefary: Marfha Early Vice Presidenfz Sue Snyder Corresponding Secrefaryz Carmen Wince MEMBERS Jeyne Crooks Louise Dill Mar+ha Early Evelyn Eberharl' Helen Frederick Jean GarreH' Jean Gallagher Doris Lee Halsfead Ruih Failor Jeane++e Goldfhread Elizabe'l'h Gulich Consfance Hall Hazel Hobbs ' Mariorie Hollinger Elizabefh Kenny Margorie Kneale Doris Lincks Ellen Manfhey Evelyn Mayers Jean Palmer PLEDGES BeH'y Haydon Marjorie Jolliff Jeanne Olsen Rosemary O'Neill Tel-Buch Represen+a+ive-Jeyne Crooks Treasurer: Mariorie Hollinger Jean'Pefley Jean Schwab Sue Snyder Mary Margaref Sfubbs Eileen Thomas BeHy Thompson Carmen Wince Mary Woodward Geraldine Shaffer Rosemary Thomas Mildred Triple'H' f 7 'WWW y D 3 y y.v,, 3 . 5 W ii D, Sue Snyder in Jane Bauglrman ox" ,mar- 1' Carmen Wince .f fix, aw U X. is -re-,www-P' - Z 't Q-E, K . x Anila Haines '84 anti? .WM "S, Florine Baiman fi-'lm -e-"W M dfilld Early 1 uf: W' ei 4 .. X '9s.4,..,. 'bw Rulli Biffer in Q Wvtwf Jean Galleglier in '-as--"" vd'I.,f ' Jean Peiley I an , ww X , She- l . Slnmovsv- Shy Jean Palmer 531 me -nina... lone Beyer ., ..,fg33iEZ 1 -Ab Y ' 'eve 41 '.,5: Rufh Failor Jeanefle Crawford Kwon Jeanne Bensley 'E "ts" Geraldine Sharver Doris Lee Halsioed Je w Y 5 o fa l 'la Wh ,, ilu- X 1 I 253 Jean Schwab Hg, 0595 , 'Wav - i'7Tf"'1"7'3' Ellen Manllxey , ., x , ,.. . 4451. fy, Sm: E457 - -w 2, A e 'rr' 'JT uv 1-2 fe , if 7' . Jeyne Croolls Xxx .us Louise Dill has-4-A Marjorie Hollinger X we 'J ff 9 .yr an in Q""'iw Mary Woodward 49 o f : .,:. 4 K - X er 5 wc, 5 A I A Q ' 'Y N6 K ,K fl I f j K . Y MQ, gf' my Q. fffzkggf f- A511 - E .-:fm E5 - A 4 4 2 D4 ,A mf' 7 4, Q, 'E R 'Q -1 Eileen Thomas ,. x S 5 ' Q. ,X f -oz-1 X my 4 V 'Nm 2 as NJ f W rw Y,-va. 451, ak. Jeannetfe Goldfhread Conslance Hall was-N ,'m f9'KV" we 1!f.."2T7' ,X 1, -iq..-mn A I J Qu. ing? Y ,Jqn ' - we '-in -w M am Marjorie Kneale Elizabefh Kenny , K 1, y. 'xx i ,, f., Z if ff a 1 my . fr wowfe' - waht V ' rfif . f ' 4 ,f Evelyn Eberlrari Helen Frederick 5 H , . , A , f K-we 15" f' I ..,....., K ri- L il ' KV' fr 1+L" 1i:r :'1 " u Doris Linch Hazel Hobbs ' 4 71 59" ,.f ami N V W ix .5 I NV- ,4 y M' I A , . G H ,R ,Fi 1 .M Marqarel Ammerman --Q, .gn-. 14' 'Us em. -v-iw.. +1 N- Berry Thompson virgin MTR -Irr- my .. Q-M Belfy Haydon ,rdgi-" '5-rx '-Q ,M 1 . 3?:m:Qe:.. Rosemary O'NeilI Rosemary Thema, Mildred Tripletl I Marina Anderson 'D- Vaewr Doroiliy Barnaby , , L N x A Jeanne Olsen W ll Omicron Chap+er Esfablished in Macon, Georgia, in I852 Omicron Chapier Esfablished in l9I2 Faculfy Adviser: Miss Clara Kemler OFFICERS Presidenlz Kafhryn Carr Second Vice Presidenl: Mary Jane Meeks Firsi Vice-President Dorofhy Hinson Secre+ary: Mariha Bolendar MEMBERS Jeanne Benson Marlha Bolender Ka+hryn Carr Arlene Carroll Ka+hryn Brubaker Jean Bugh Harrier Freeman Doroihea Huffman Dorolhy Crum Dorolhy Hinson Dorolhy Johnson Dorofhy Keiser Arlene Johnson Marilyn Joseph Virginia Kelsey Myra Kennon Ka+hryn Kreighbaum HenrieH'a Mafhias Irene McElroy Mary Jane Meeks Evelyn Morris BeH'y Musser Elizabefh Ploenes Jane Shaffer Treasurer: Dorofhy Crum BeH'y Jane Slusser Emmy Lou Thompson E'I'hel Wellock PLEDGES Meredifh Miller Je anne Ormsby DeE++a Pounds Virginia Smifh Tel-Buch Represen'ra'l'ive--Dorofhy Crum HenrieHa Sunde Nan Travis Barbara Weimer '? .pg Aa hd fa Y? pr N 'V' ,Q H,- - 'C'lT'.,f" K Q v ' lf A , .Ks 571. 4 2' -. lg ' rf. Jeanne Bemon Marcia Berlih Eliza belh Ploenes gnu., Belly Musser .qw-...X I Nlhm '2 N :wife :gif lrene Mcllroy :ae X, V ' 'vw Q -5 Wwe' I, V 022' gx , .Q Jane Shaffer SK Marfhe Bolender ' . ww .- XXV ,Q ., W S . . Efhel Wellocl: A N 9 , K M, mv- -'V:-'g x ' Y an , wr Y 54,6 UR ,, lsr, A ,v .1 V I -197 V fin' Q 'W Q 2 '-ey WH ww Q f in , wa? 36' 'Z 1 Q 'f + N' ik... ,shun W ' sv-v x -J, .1 .V 'W' mm:-1: 'vu ff Hx Y X43 ,? ' N A 6 V 'afww M ' ' H '- f X I ' 'Wifi 5 r A 2.11: 1 A ' 'V ' Q, f ' r Arlene Carroll Doroiluy Johnson Dorolhy Keiser Evelyn Mo,-fig ' x " 1 ro.. ,VFW Qf WM ."l l f f ,P L 4. '-gf? " " mm A e-2 , . .wwf l 9' 52 f J K 0' ' ff Q: 'lik A 9 Y, .. M ,l,r ,552 W Q54 , a E if if X Beffy Jane Slusser Emmy Lou Thompson Kalhryn Kreiglulaaum Hem-ieha Maflwias , S f , pw ' .3-L. 'W 'v K fg.,::'i:. ' 'll 5 5 iw K"'l"Y" Caf' DDYONTY Crum Mary Jane Meeks Dorofhy Hinson ,. , h ' ' 2 ,, M' ,f ' I 1 4 1 N wigs, Wk , W x Wap . 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I0, l929 OFFICERS f Presidenf: Caihleen Nealis Secrefary: Esrelle Handley Faculfy Mem Vice Presidenh Mardelle Wi+wer Treasurer: BeHy Baker Marian Logue Cafhleen Neallis Jane Neely Roberfa Ohl Eleanor Shaw Sfewarf BeHy Jean Carrier Gwen Galloway Madalyn Hanes MEMBERS Mardelle Wifwer Marian Griffifhs Conn Mar+habell Rielcer Mona Anderson Esfelle Handley PLEDGES Marilyn Harmon Berry Heminger Beffy Keirn Beverly Simmons Be'H'y Sisler Gloria Spegal Janef Tuclrer Jeanne Durrefle Phyllis Wade Ru+h Fosrer Helen Zimmerman Tel-Buch Represen+a+iveMardelle Wi'I'wer ber: Mrs. Jane S. Barnhard! Beffy Nelson Marion Reed Mildred Williamson Marlha Fosfer Wanda McMillin Margene Irvine Edifh Wilkerson Noreen Johnson BeHy Torrey """ f"""Hx MB we ,.f"" Ann Hamilfon Marian Logue QR!! Eleanor Khoenle Manha F0579 ,355-6. W. "!Z""" Marfhabell Rieker Pauline Eauvn mv Jeanne Marie Feeley 4 41 ' Calhleen Nealis v- WCW Q. . Eleanor Jackson - 9,1521 'K ' .4'f,,g WN A A., 2 5 , 5 1 U ik' - mt 5 5 ' ' gseijg i x . 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A a 2-ZH f a i, 3' ,A -. :Q , Madalyn Hanes 1. 1 Elizabeih McAlonan Grace PaH'erson Genevieve Smifh Bernice Frank Mary Margarei' Rafi Joanne Rollaley Jo Ann Smiih MEA IWW ML H Sigma Chapier Esfablished Augusf 30, l9I2 Sigma Chapfer esrablished I93I Faculiy Adviser: Miss Margaref Fanning OFFICERS Presidenf: Juaniia Loulan Corresponding Secreiary: Kafhryn McCormick Treasurer: Rose Marie Rulh Vice Presidenh Norma Greer Juanifa Loulan Norma Greer Mary Jean Kelly Ellen Casey Barbara Plageman Mary Koegel Kafhleen Karr MEMBERS Anne Cunin Mary Flynn Janef Harig Harriel' Henlon PLEDGES Mary Jean Lindberg Marie PaH'erson Elizabelh Schur Tel-Buch Represenfaiive-Mary Jean Kelly Recording Secrefaryz Harriel' Henfon Kafhryn McCormick Eileen Walsh Rose Marie Ruflw CharloHe Dean Anna Mary DeLapa N ff - Miriam: ilu :J-nnwfr l rn.szu:4 ' z:r I' 14, v a 2: 'M ' ,Wx we 'Qgy' X 5 l 52 'Y"Q,., X A x Elixabelh McAlonan Juanita Loulan Norma Greer Jane! Harig :NWN , ,Q . vfn-ww.-' .. 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Herman Dick Hobson Bob Humphries Griffifh Eisel Andre Andreoli Roberl' Godlove Roberl Sfaudf Mike Fernella Rex Wingard William Penn Wrig PLEDGES Thomas Johnson Andrew Kochman Bill Leffler Ronnie McAllisler Wade Morrow hi, Jr. S+an Myers Charles Teler lrvin Heller Roberl' Broadbenl William Green Viclor Nelson Ernesl Porleck Frank Prenlice Ted Price Alex Rislich Tel-Buch Represenlalive-Roberl' Broadbenl' C. Robarf Dr. Paul Zeis Slewardz Ronald Smiih Chaplain: William Turney Dave Judson Waller Cahill William Flower William Turney Ronald Smilh William Spaelhe Roberl Tilleh' John Warner Thomas Lee Vincenl Cardarelli Richard Waller 4 J pr 5, 1 A' ' 7'Zmr"'N iJ"" 51 M, 5 . Harry Carroll . X " 'fi-lf-31 I", ri ""' a -if 21 Nu. fd! , H..-,-. ' we A:' 5' ""-M..,.fr Reber! Russell Mayfield Rex Wingard u...,.,..x.- ' M Kg We fr , Q 2355545 w :SZ ,Z gifs ? Roberf Secresl Louis Fursl , . . , Y- gg, G rm-M Ki , ,vhhhef -. ' NK 7" M' "' ive- 'F " To. W. . 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Simmons Harry Frazee Thomas Gilbride Alvin Greenhorn Leroy Gunning William Heepe Marvin Heid William Hilkerl' Eugene Hollander Rudolph Fruscella Roberl Hall John Hamillon Reigle Hibbard James Hissam Hensley Hobbs William Holsberry ILQ IE CWM? PI KAPPA EPSILON Eslablished l882 OFFICERS Treasurer: Marvin E. Heid Social Chairman: William Fleming Alumni Secreiary: William Fogarfy FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. Charles Bulger MEMBERS Gene Hopkins Samuel Koledin Ivan Kreemer Albin Krivilslcy William Kannel Sleven Kosslcy Arfhur Larson Edward Libbey PLEDGES Oscar Hunsiclxer William Jarre'H Thomas Jones Jack Laraway Palriclc Lenihan Felix Lalona Forresf Looney Alberl Loclxharl' Fred Malagio Jack Marlowe Andrew Ondeclcer Lewis Oalley Dominic Palella Phillip PaHon Dale Pe'H'ry Charles Messmore Paul Nicely George Panich Harry Schwarz Richard Slusser Clifford Smilh William Sleffens Tel-Buch Represenlafive-Samuel Koledin House Manager: Arlhur Clare Mr. John Bulger Francis Ross Bruce Sanderson James Sanlxey Waller Slee Earl Soclrel William Wolff John Lulcas John Thomas Eugene Vinciguerra Donald Waller George Pescan Roberi Vogel we I it A, 3 LFERQ QQ' William Fogarfy A: new-...W .. .Z V William Fleming "Wm, qu... Bruce Sanderson es.: 4... me-X sv- Roberf Larson 9,3 ff 0 1 Mm. 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Logan OFFICERS W Presidenf: William Koerschner Secrefary: Al Trumpikas Rushing Chairman: Dallas Sprinkle Vice Presideniz George Twiclcler Treasurer: David Gabriel Hisfo,-iam Ha,-old Zimmerman Social Chairman: Ransie Dillard MEMBERS Ransie Dillard Donald Krenriclc James Shipman George Twiclcler David Gabriel Richard McCa'r+hy Philip Smi+h Joseph Waddell Wal+er Grigas Ralph l'FF+ Clifford Keen William Koerschner Roberi' Crawford Frederick Dorais William Dillard William Dye William Flannigan Richard Fleshman Pafriclc Goodall Dallas Sprinkle Harold Zimmerman Charles S+. John Jack Thaclcer Alberl' Trumpilcas Erwin Moa+s Louis Nagy Charles Neal Alberi Seiler PLEDGES Roberi' Groh Edward Gusfely Darrell Kelley Roberi' Shipman Lewis Kidder Thomas Taber Alberi La Rue Roberf Moorefield James Thornfon Lloyd Triche Harold Troyer Ted Twynham Kenne+h Wallace Charles Hamlei lvan Herfle Charles Musser Kenneih Schlobohm Ross SeiH'ers Gene Hodges Paul Howard Wilbur lsner Tel-Buch Re preseniaiive-Harold Zimmerman .Q ".' fi 45 ff' r W--"""", Q 1 ' if .xp ,W ,. ? 'Lk wg, Paul Coburn me--5 Waller Grigas 'fi '53 um- X WWE nf Clifford Keen "Wk WN. WN-... 'Mr- Charles Sl. John Vi Mum, ' 1. . Wilbur lsner qua . lvan Herlle MV' 0-4. X , . . Alberl La Rue ,pr Qi 'MS QT' Donald Krenriclr Eric Chedesler sw ' x "-s.-. William Koerschner Alberl Seller ,- ,A We Q2 M James Shipman il i im , , i,,,. .:,,. H M 'W' K ' i, ' f 5 If .' - i s . 6 l f A gi ll V V Q f z -V We we .,, Q., . 4 K,- LL, e... .. " . tj' A ' if 22 . 'G of ' J A I Harold Zimmerman R'3lPl' lm Eugene Dickey Ransie Dillard Erwin Meals -V 5 x I ,. , J .. , Q Tj f " u - A ii l up ' va ' fv'4W 'V , , f V9 ' T f-f 'N M, i 7 , , ' L., - f I - 1 ae 2 'V' " '19 - 'Hn . e A qv' ' r if ' :'2:i':,, lla .,i'N"w" r "Hu-..... A ge--V ,N ,N eff-a I Alberl Trumpilias George Twiclmler Joseph Waddell William Davis Chddes Neal . -"" , J M' i , J we e we Q. 3, J my W' ii ' ni - ' 7 W' " I 4-...... Ygqmw. 1 , .N , 4 V .. ff ' N, ,ey , N Eugene Bloch Jacl: Blue James Bouqhlon Virqil Chime Jaclr Cornely " A K' J- e V ,, " .,,s:z1",1 . ' msriw-'A ' 1 A f' P' T? ' ' me fe VQD A 2 vs . "ia" ., mr , -s ' mm " - . + 'S wif 6 " E . f ' I' 4' I , A , ' , ,fg'Q'Fm3f3a4 ., , " M , Y' 1' QM?-X' ,JA A if ,Q William Dye Fredericlr Dorais William Flannlflin Richard Fleshman Reber? Groh 'ffelgifig new X X U , Q- . f , . , yr , in W ' ' ' f -we ,, 5 fx ' 1 li Edward Guslely Charles Hamlel Gene Hodqes Paul Howard Darrell Kelley r gage: ,. ' 4 , X X r' X - , 'ee ' X . in e , " hm -A wi. jg 0' is 'Si-' 1 A K2 x A., MW ,, Q32 A ,Sis ,4a.,....y 1 er. we ' ' N Q .im K 3 N' lg 1' - ' fix' . 4: 'I-IW? :-- X 'Q KWH f-H. e at-f' . ex: P Gy fa- V -ff1f'z'g.,.e . e4f5 ez2' iikwxq . 1 " fl' ' X 5. ,.':i..'iv2337?gi:Rb5,EQ Roberl Moorefield Charles Musser Kennelh Schlolzohm Ros, Seine,-5 . Reber? Shipman ' A ,l,f'..,' ,E ' 9 f .A ,Q , We V , .3,..., " 'UW' sw, .X " . "K W Q my gov f v Q . 'lv iv- .9 4490- 'Nm-...M -va-SM., Rx.. Ted T"Y"l'5m l-l0Yd T'lUl'e Kennelh Wallace Harold Troyer -A 'FQ ,-0, 'r kv- ' ,- 41 ia , 5, , it If Jacli Thaclmr fig is W . Dallas Sorinlle . Jehu' 2:1 x A ,r Charles Boolh 315, I 4, 72 gp-ww V ' I ,JW 3152 ' 575 Q af" gm William Dillard wr- ,xi 1 W .ia f 1 Q 132, fel' Pafricli Goodall wr ,.FJf3 1 ' :Z 0 Lewis Kidder if if li we Thomas Taber Kenneih Banks Harold Rooies Horace McKiernan Roberl' Frislay Harry Sobeclc Paul Landefeld Alberl Bosion Blaine Johnsfon Harry Psihos William Travis A PHA SIGMA O UC FACULTY MEMBERS Dean Fred Ayer Mr. Fred Householder OFFICERS Presidenf: Kenneih E. Banks, Jr. Vice President Harold Rooles Treasurer: Secrefaryz Horace McKiernan MEMBERS Peier Gifier William Schweikerf Carl Seib Vance Lulxe Dean Chapman Frank Vulcan Roberl Brown Nevin Reese Curfis Capple William Van,Nos+ran Russell Sieffy Dallas Riddle Roger Schaeffer Clayfon Cross Ray Seese PLEDGES Edward McSweeney James Thorn Theodore Boeclcer Ronald Harrison Roberl' Humphries Clarence Jauchem Les Minnear Myron Suderow Frank Snyder John Laughlin James Campbell James Briclrles Wal? Sfaiger Tel-Buch Re presenfafive-Harry Sobeck Paul E. Landefeld La Von Wallrer Thomas Powers Edward Weihe George Plazall Andrew Miller Howard Darsl' Roberf Balmer Douglas Smiih George Boigegrain Primo Del Angelo 1 ?4m4,. A sawn v ' 11,3 , 51. Kenne?h E. Banlls, Jr. .5-,, Y fx Harold Roofes Frank Vulran Reber? Humphries 'M W IW ,VJ . "In: 'Hy' 5. Horace McKiernan ,razarex 50 1 W A .. --M Q - fggff ,. . Ralph Mcln?yre Q '. Dean Chapman Ms x 10911 . 31 S4-f v K Roger Schaeffer N 59,12 f Y , k V 'Q L sf-l vw we r .. 9' ' George Anas?os r ,Eg R fn l VSV: b n , . Qi'fa3fi12,i-V l' John Laughlin I e ,rggmzw A L silwlr' A .wiqlvx '0X'1S5fi Georce Plaxak 1. '-4. 42- " ' 1:1 George Boigegrain Wu-'U Clay?on Cross m Y'-'A' ,Q . , Reber? Frlsby ff.. I, A . 1" -' -- . - A F' N . GM x gum- vu., , v ar. ,Mi 'xv 1. 1 -re- ' as-L l... , . ", , lf-lr: 7-af e r .. x,,,.1f 6 f f Q ' ' ' 2 4' t ' 'C 1 ,f fs -w e " if Fi '. f" 325255 William Schweilrert ... W ' ,M ,. . Howard Dars? Roberl R.SmilI1 'in ,ll Primo Dell Angelo . l -Q ,vf I ,hgh A f ,,: f A-. y. V A ll i . A 5 ' '..,N,,,, " ' 'W' , Ray Seese Rober? Balmer 4- , V fr. ' ,ffm l!33' M' le? an ga '!'!"""' gi Thomas Powers X W Hu iv La Von Wallrer -4. , Clarence Jauchem fnuw- Harry Sobeclr an nr' Pe?er Gilfer -' A -9'-938: aff.- fa. N 'E , 1 455 ilf Q' ' ez Xb, M it N y Q -T 5 Q ,'r5"E?5555?"7!-f Blaine Johnslon ll , ,scrizfgy AIS 1553? James Campbell Curlis CaPl-:le , ' , 1 Wifi QT 2 Wm wwf ,532 'mmf wg, vw- X b ' ." 'fi,'. . '. . ,. as Douglas Smnh William Travis I go. f 'WM , gh- 1, Vance Luke a wu- Russell Slelfy ,. 15, , w I " M Ji' Q , ag , Paul E, Landeleld 1 rg 5. .V - WM if f ' I 5 ff Alber? Boslon Andrew Miller ., ',rwMQ'24 "fl . - E W X ,sz , 1,31 R' ' warg v 9 , , 'sf sffgfbf -N ...A fm-F-ff " Y. VY 4 Ljldcrln, V: Edward Welhe Theodore Boeclrer .- V ax f ,f I W 1 : eaaeam -.f E535 WW ,- K It is "?""' V Y Q 1457, Q., Edward Mcsweeney James Thorn , It . ' x I cm 4-'Y' 'Q . 'e c- , W wh ' Wal? S?alger Dale Alcins Roberi' Bailey Hollis Allan Roberl' Berry Donald Brown Fred Brown Dean Burgan Raymond Campbell Wilford Diclcerhoof Kenneih Denholm Roberf French Ed Gardner Presideni: Roberl Berry Vice President Richard Kenny Mr. Maxwell Boggs Willis Ecliard Clinfon Emmericlr qWilliam Fisher Donald Fisher Morris Fiich Eugene Frye Alberl Hardman Roy Hope Harry Joy Roberl' Henderson Roberl' Hosieller Wayne King Cllilll T UE 'WMU Esfablished January 24, I92l OFFICERS Secrelaryz Eugene Frye Chancellor: Charles Zimmerman FACULTY MEMBERS Mr. Ulysses Vance MEMBERS , Richard Kenny Roberi Manlcin William Mark Edward McGra+h James McGra'lh Kenne'H Morgan Harry Pasforius Hollis Tappan David Tarbox PLEDGES Roberl Mercer Tom Riclcer Charles Sfenger Tel-Buch Represenlalive-Roberi Berry Guard: Willis Eclrard Treasurer: Hollis Allan Dr. Harold Reid Charles True Roberf Waggoner Roberf Wallace Franlr Woehl Carl Yolcum Charles Zimmerman Glenn Zimmerman Leland Zimmerman John Sfenger Edward Wood Roberl Neal 'B ff, , VE, l ' If w- ,V-. .V au- .v --s an gi ,www V' Ywwiw, I . - 'WK '- Nw " . wr-,. ., i rs f '59 Willis Eclzard ai3m,"M Clinfon Emmericln Harrv Joy W-'KV 96' 'rs' 'Nv- Richard Kenny Fred Brown Roberf Berry , F M , 'ly-Zlvdvzf 5 X av William Marlr 'M Harry Paslorius .41 4. 6 f we 4 1. X Y 4 More far- ', fiv- David Tarlaox , e Q lf xplii ' ,K . .. env : N .ya- ll - cw. fy -me 4- Roberl Waggener 'f'3f1G" Alberf Hardman Franl: Woehl a'.ig,x.,I' ' . ' k Q f 3. ' K , qw Q. , 4 - J .Y .iS mr , A Q' " 1 .lx l, ' ' 1 v Hollis Tappan 45' ,,.., - 'FMT' f ev, 1 Q- Robert Wallace 4. U -a ,xg .ze n .15 av, N... M. John Slenger Rolaerl Neal I 'Y' -an Roberl Manlcin Edward McGrall1 -wr-V-, . Hollis Allan Eugene Frye 11 be A' ' K mv-ww fa- s ev , rmb '67, , W 46 . Glenn Zimmerman 4 mf- kg' are, 1 25211.-f . ff? SfifL'?3"'?y. iff my j,5'sry3w, " 4-a54'5N'ii ' ifviil V 1' 2 3 Ae ' sr ,. 1-1:22124 4, n ba f A yr ., .,., , . N , pk .gf 1 1. vi me A f. 4 ff! 4' y . 5 Y L James McGrafl1 -74, 0? Z: 4 Carl Yokum Alam 45 ew., . , .rfb ' 's l '- ig If-Uf fin. ,gif gjlifff . J as iff y , rri, Q2 We Raymond Campbell Moffis Fllfil' N Y gil 'YN 5 1' Yak ' Q .1 XA' 'WL .ee . 'Ml Mk , ,N gen. . ,V X ln?" Q . ' " I Q. 2 . 4 J . -- fx sggf,,.lii5i. '.,i:.Is',. ' 1- f, x Roloerl French Roberl Henderson l :QNX - re. ' ,I ' , x N' 'lbw nv Y "ir'A' vw i 'Www Charles Slenger Edward Wood Charles True V w 5 afiif' A 3 1 A isis? X sf 3P.yin.4. 5 X X-,X s W I ,Q 5 is Y, K 2 " f l " ff ' S. M ,, ' Dean Burgan :if 2 .' fo, Y 5 rl: xo, if xv V Nw is . e fi .1291 . zy- 1'. - 2, ,,,W,'. .- Q l fx ?-3 iff, , "1 s ' ,frfx f sh- 2? Roberl Mercer Allen Arbogasl' HN IK UWA TAL! Alpha Phi Chapfer Founded a+ Miami Universily in l906 Alpha Phi Chapler Esrablished in l938 FACULTY ADVISER FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. Harmon O. DeGraFf Earl Davis Franlc Zazula Ofis Douglas OFFICERS F Presiden+: George Gildow Treasurer: Jack SuHon Pledgemasler: Richard Slover Vice President William Bines Board Member: Richard Weaver House Manager: Charles Ballard Recording Secrefaryz Dell Orr Corresponding Secrefaryz William Graham MEMBERS Jerry Colombes William Graham Donald McGaughey Roberl' Snyder Charles Ballard Paul DeCora Lewis Harker Marvin McCormick Richard Baylor Lawrence Dillehay Marvin Harh Barney Myers Kermil' Beach Paul Feeley James Kay Dell Crr Clemenf Burlcley Claude Frazee Ted Kleines Chesfer Schwall Earl Bond George Gildow Bernard Maurer William Sisler Richard Bules William Good James Moore Carl Snyder Paul Chapman ALUMNI ENROLLED William Bond William Curlice William Smilh Kennelh Erb Kennelh Morgan PLEDGES John Ballard George Kaufman Waller Russell Raymond Snyder Clemenl Burlxley Donald Luh William Planl Gerald Udell Donald Dilley Jack Pulnam Richard Sauber Harold Weaver -,Tv Tel-Buch Represenfafive-William Good is V, Richard Sfover Gene Sucharda Jack SuHon Raymond Upp Roberl Welfmer Richard Weaver Edward Wolf . Roberl Hariz Nolan Wells Ernesl Workman '--.,,1h W ii" ,sf EEN. I-V' N-If i John Burlrley William Curfice f fa,-X .V , . j nn ,V A Paul Feeley . -W, 1.Q.:5'f? ' .QP .-. f ,I ' ' iff 4' ' ,, R, i In me A Las... xr. - f-x U gm ,..- -., ,. .. -512, - . 1 ' -M A 1 Q-1-w e I r ' l 1 S Kim William Sisler Edwdfd Wolf Allen Arbogasl Q i ,L . h M we .L -gl. gimme 3 i ff , .4-U:'l',. r'6"'i' -aw 4' 141. Roberl Glasgow :. Q5 2 ffm it K, - 'W . e ao.,-f' F X ,ggw ., ,Zig J Richard Baylor -Q ff, x 4: n, A xv, xx f v ,. y fe is qw. ,mx R -vxfef I: ' 'hw-J-M-W George Gildow William Good William Graham James Kay I . , fx V L, ff :nr e QQ., , Mg. S, ia... , K. R- , -. fl , Mama- N':"f"" 2 ,9,.,,,,fo . ' Z A I Ai Gene Sucharda Raymond Upp Righard Weaver Robert Wellmer 5 ' if-, l f 'W e am W 4, - 4 ' a lv' 4 Q: in Ai' f 1 ,W Richard Bules Bernard Maufef James Moore Reber? Snyder , X R 1 gi? in ek gag- N ...A uw:--y V ,?'f""' jf V ,L x Q Donald Dilley S George Headley George Kaufman William Plan? 5 .. 45,5 .gunm- 2,-sph 37 . v K in Q' flew ,H e- Harold Weaver Nolan Wells K l gm ifszv- ,, - , yup i ' Marvin Harh :n21"5" ",- V., Q ,, R' is BWQ ' ,A , William Bines ja- " .W 1,' "Y '- me '-:lr as ,. B :iff . . V : V' y , ff '- N e ex ic ILTQFFZSEQ, A 11 Donald McGaughey ,w ..,V mwl 'Cm-rf Charles Ballard ' f?fW15i5.f-. F .W Ka' ,, 11 T ' ' ir' 2' I I z I -'X' ' , -rf' -nelkib-,ff " r?5Ii23?43"5:?f,Lu J ack Sulfon Jack Pulnam -. el 5.1, 5. wav- Wy X9 l K- l Ernesl Workman ' . 4. 5 , Wig? 72, if 'Q M., 1- M. wwf-' I' Marvin McCormick A Lag. 5 .2 v.., ! 0 il f-gxm 'Mc A - l " Paul Chapman M 5, , -. 4,59 r i dis, 'iv IW", '- Q N we W 71, I? .36-3' Chesler Schwall .,, , . I , 'z 'lf A ,Q.-4-ffhffifif :.:'f"'y5" " 1 elf I 19' ' gg Q- , 4, - W . r -,f.1- 1-,f. e ,.,, My ' ' Jerry Colomloes ,. . , wwf. ,png 3? rw ow 6 . M L ,I ffqyk . A v ith-.-L" 'idle W ' Q v ,.V.V X1 ' ' ' -2.52 I ' 2 Roberl sf-v-42' Richard sim, 5 A I' .7 ina 1 if 5. - l v 'fa ' , fr ' Kermil Beach Earl Bond fm, y -in he ' WW , i WSH ,W Q Q I .2 ,r ,r R ,fi-wg, 'I - - 'X W A 'Eau John Ballard ' MZQQ Clemenl Burkley " ' 78 1 6 1 ,Z 1 af, ZW' , 'lv g in- 1 .Q , l ., ,,. f ,r Richard Sauber x ,if Raymond Snyder L ,-cf 4' fv 3?'42'v7'+wn 5' J v"'w'-ffw2f,feQ,, " Q- V ' 1 - mwwe , e e.,e ,pf 1. f 'f ,fe,,,'1mf:Lgar ' iigff 'ex '. ,-54f!,"f 1 ' 7 Niffrf' Z J 'bv ' V AIL W IEIPSUILQN Phi Kappa Rho Pledge Chapfer Founded November 7, I9I3, New York Universi+y Phi Kappa Rho esfablished April I4, i923 Faculfy Advisor: Dr. Samuel Selby OFFICERS Mas+er: Kenne+h Koller Exchequer: Louis Sholil-on Recorder: Eugene Weiss Assis+an+ Mas+er: Alber+ Umansky Eleciorz Sam Borodkin S+eward: Jerome Hemnck MEMBERS Sol Alpern Sanford Polevoi Louis Siile sem sereekae Alberf Reevee ' Roberf Weinberg Louis Brown Jack Reich Eugene Weiss Jerome Heinick Louis Sholifon Ben Winer William Davis Edward Silverman Harold Rosenfhal Kennefh Koller Ben Sugar Maurice May Alberi Umansky PLEDGES Irvin Kaplan Marvin Polevoi Milion Polsfein Tel-Buch Represenfafive-Samuel Borodkin wg ge V a w e , we A W, if 2 'G , 3 432213 x if " ,Qi W an-ff an gum.. Sam Borodirin Louis Brown Kehneih Konef v' iw' 'Wy' Louis Siile Alberf Umansky Sol NPEYH fm Q 'fig If 0 r. M i f Maurice May Sanford Polevoi Alberi Reaven -ESI 'N it 4.2- vw-5, f lhuan-.40 wa-if Edward Silverman Louis Sholiion Ben Sugar v-s- Eugene Weiss Milion Poisfein I r Mn-u-"W iwuvf' Jack Reich 'hw William Davis Harold Rosenihal Qi M- Q "W-'rv' My ' Rober+ Weinberg Zin Memoriam Donald Fisher, general college sophomore, died Janu- ary l2, I94l. He was gradualed from Eas+ High School and enfered 'rhe Universily of Akron in fhe Fall of I939. He was an aclive member of Chi Thela Tau fraiernily, and aciive in lhe Engineering Sfudenl Organizafion. Donald is survived by his parenls, Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Fisher: and a brolher, Paul Fisher. 'l X nw: M, S 4 'NW '- if 'Zi ' L. ,"' . X 'N FRA IE IITY AN S5090 UTY 90 GJFIEVIT March I8+h and 251'h LEFT RIGHT Alpha Gamma DeH'a Alpha Delfa Pi Phi Mu Zefa Tau Alpha Thefa PhiAlpha Della Gamma ChiThe+a Tau Lambda ChiAlpha Lone Sfar Phi Kappa Tau Kappa Kappa Gam fx 'X' ,,... ff?" ' , +1591 , -is ke' - , , A, - f A ' la"' U ,N .Q ,,, A ., , A , wx Q 3, , . 2,6 V1 P ,Q .. ' " , 'T ffm! if " jugiasi V I Q , N A I ..g T, ,I . X C . , ,, 5 1 If K J ' l .f f , L ,V ., T f N l Us N f 3 1 . ,, " ' L x ' ' f , .4 ,K , ., I X , I Q 17 . ' .f V Q A . 'rw T 1" ,Q 1 v , 1 Q xi If 'fe-fm 'v -M I ma I ' ' f ' - ,,, . CILLU SS ANIID IHIQINQIQAIQIIIESS 44 N9 Bladerick, Johnsfon, Palmer, Grecni, Wallace, Woodard, Schiller, Gross, Sobeck, Doerr, Butler, Rogers, Kap anekas, Crooks, Mayfield, McGovern Livingslon, Brundage, Sfaiger, Bobes, Profheroe, Slusser, Carroll, Carr, Shick, Griffifhs, Elliof, Shryock, Bowers, Schimp Al? CILUJ The purpose oi ihe Ari Club is 'ro iurlher arl inleresi on The cam siudenls' inleresl by leclures and meelings. Emil Abdenour Russell Brundage Virginia Buller Jeyne Croolcs Virginia Doerr Marlc Downing Norma Franlclin Jacqueline l-lorsi Blaine Johnslon OFFICERS Presicleni: Virginia Weclcer Vice Presideni: Taylor Prolheroe Secreiary: Margarei Shively Treasurer: Belly Jane Slusser Social Chairman: Jane Bowers Theodore Kapanelcas Genevive Livingslon Marion Logue Jaclc Palmer Taylor Proiheroe Marie Schiclc Eleanor Schimp lvlargarel Shively Janel Shroyer MEMBERS Belly Jane Slusser l-larry Sobeclc Waller Slaiger Helen Slrayer lvlariha Slrayer Mar+ha Wallace Virginia Weclcer Beiiy Ann Waugh Jane Bowers Ol' pus and in lhe cily and lo slirnulale Parry McGovern Marion Reed James Carler Helen Bobes Julienne Mayfield Joe Grecini Rosalena lvlize Anna Mary Griiiilhs A sludenl musl have compleied Two semeslers oi ar+ wiih a B average lo be eligible for membership in ihe Ari Club. 4? 7 l 5 Foss, Corris, Olhoeff, Zeifer, Saus, Boughlon, Gallagher, Eberhardf, Hamilfon Millemann, Roundy, Alexis, Reid, King, Esfrighf, Kuder, Johnsfon, Scoff Cullison, Lacy, Oberlin, Kershaw, Miss Kimler, Ohl, Conn, Hancock, Morey A5550 CNA NGN CIFIINIL H00 5 UGA MON Purpose To iurlher child welfare. Helen Alexis Jane Baughman Lucile Boughlon June Brillon Mary Burlce Phyllis Cornsloclc Margaref Corris Lois Cullison Anaslia Dmilriclc June Esirighl' Eslablished Seplember, I939 NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Presidenl: Rulh Oberlin Vice Presidenrx Marjorie Secreiary: Helen Alexis Treasurer: Lois Cullison M E M B E R S Ray Geissinger Jean Hamillon Mildred Hancoclc Louise Johnson Mariorie Kershaw Leona King Pal Kuder Mary Lacy Margarel Morey Evelyn Morris Ruih Oberlin Jean Olhoefl Eva Byrd Reid Kafhleen Scoll Marjorie Zeiler Laura Roundy Marqarel Saus Genevieve Smilh Evelyn Eberhardl Marilyn Foss Selma Milleman i' I E 5 Glasgow, Sf. John, Frick, Hranilovich, Duffey, Anasfos, Savage, Mavrondis, Weaver, Sheffler, Sumner, Bryden, Gonder. Miklashek, Crawford, Dr. Kraalz, Kelley, Musser, Heepe N010 V CILLU The purpose ol This club is lo bring logelher Biology sludenis and lo fosier an inleresl in biological sciences. William J. Heepe Edilh Fouse Thelma Crawford' Helen Baird Anne T. Verbulecz John A. Mavroudis Ralph L. Larsen Rae Dewey Margaref Lonsbury Franlc Gonder Ray L. Campbell Don McGaughey OFFICERS Presidenlz William J. l-leepe Vice Presidenlz Franlc W. Barbee Secrelary: Jeaneile Crawford Treasurer: Roberl' Frisby Facully Adviser: Dr. Walfer C. Kraaiz MEMBERS Roberl R. Beyden Jane Schefller Charles S+. John Belly Jean Friclc Bill Koerschner, Jr. George l-lranilovich Roberi Glasgow Doris Milclashelc William R. Schweilcerf Elizabelh Kenny JeaneHe Crawford Mary Louise Ahern Bob Frisby Jeanelle Sumner Franlc Barbee Belly Musser Mary Jean Kelly George Duffey Richard Savage Dororhy Myers Wava Adkins George Anasfos Dick Weaver 0 C0 E5 ED IVAIUJSSNCAIL GEAINIIIZAWQNSS Virginia Means Belly Gofshall Marian Waliers Berry Knepper Fern Shryoclc Doroihy Jaclcson Gloria Speqal Isabel l-loplcins Mariana scan Eleanor Schimp Rose Marie Rufh Cf.. Rhea Thurnes Edgar Smifh Joseph Bilder Ronald Harrison Gene Benedicl William Graham Eric Chedesler Glen l-lawlc Earl Soclcel Arlhur Larson William Farley Fosier, Graham, Pescan, Bilder, Smith, Hawk, Sanderson, Chedesfer Ruth Waiters, Means, Shryock, Gofshall, Spegal, Hopkins, Schimp, Thurnes Sco'H' ii- if 11' ES ES -pw-www WOMEN'S GLEE CLUB SECTION A-Presidenl: Mariorie Wiper. Anna Mary Begley, June Brillon, Mary Carroll, Bealrice Chauncey, Elaine Duilch, Mrs. Mary Gosllin, Kalhryn M. McCormick, Elizabelh Gulick, Ann Banyai, Dorolhy Jackson, Kalhleen Karr, Ollie Belle Lewis, Nancy Looker, Virginia Means, Bessie Milsefl, Rose June, Genevieve Smilh, Genevieve R. Smilh, Belly Snyder, Belsey Slinchcomb, Henriella Sunde, Caroline Sunde, Jean Swarlz, Mariorie Wiper, Jelly Jo Xinos, Florence Treesh, Dorolhy Fraley. SECTION B--Presidenl: Nancy Knepper. Virginia Brand, Rulh Crum, Barbara Curran, Rulh DeKalb, Louise Dill, Anna Jean Dillehay, Mary Fenn, Evelyn Gerson, Belly Golshall, Joyce Hall, Donna Heslon, Hazel Hobbs, Isabel Hopkins, Chrysea Jameson, Belly Johnson, Myra Elizabelh Kennon, Belly Knepper, Nancy Knepper, June Launlz, Genevie Livingslon, Belly Markey, Meredilh Miller, Mariorie Scoll, Margarel Seller, Fern Shryock, Belly Sisler, Gloria Spegal, Kalhryn Slevens, Wanda Sloner, Rhea Thurnes, Elsie Jo Hanson, Belly Musser, Marlha Green, Olga Fiocca, Pauline Eagon, Juanila Chauncey, Lucy Perry. MEN'S GLEE CLUB SECTION A-Presidenl: Glenn Hawk. William Clegg, William Farlye, Lloyd Frederick, Ronald Harrison, Glenn Hawk, George Headley, Darrel Kelley, Lewis Kidder, Roberl Larsen, Paul E. Leas, Spurgeon Moore, John Pulnam, Harold Rolh, Edgar Smilh, Carl Trownson, David Wallher, Elmer Hoffman, Harold Edmond- son, John Barllell, Waller Henrich, Eric Chedesler, Roberl Fulmer. SECTION B-Presidenl: Orpheus Nurches. John Codrea, Richard Davis, Roberl Davis, James Wilner, George Pescan, John H. Crooks, Joseph Eisen1immer, George Haddad, Fred Halliburlon, Alberl Hardman, Gene Hodges, Jack Blue, Dave Judson, William Markey, Ralph Mclnlyre, Andrew Miller, Evan Newman, Roberl Smilh, John Slenger, Orpheus Nurches. qi 1 ' I , was emmmseme Swvmm 315. , X 2' " A un , , . V , ,. G W 's , , ., is KA , s., .L e ef - - ' , , .s g Y, 5 V, N31-:3535-..,.-.,,:e:c. .V L s - - -,L A E ' ss. . W ' BAND ORCHESTRA Vice President: Bill Markey Mona Anderson Bruce Duke Dorothy Bridson Philip Gertz Louis Brown Martha Green Betty Burke James Griffiths Beatrice Chauncey Henry Gullia Harold Christner Estelle Handley Lloyd Clarke Gene Hodges Richard Dennis Lewis Kidder Richard DeShon Genevie Livingston William Markey Spurgeon Moore Paul Nicely Jack Palmer Carolyn Schneider Edwin Susong William Edwin Fowler Harold Dorman Milton Nelson George Anastos Mona Anderson Ethel Bakay Louis Brown Betty Burke Betty Dugan James Fertig Vice President: Roger Schaefter Estelle Handley Gene Hodges Mariorie Hollinger Bessie Mittsetf Spurgeon Moore Lucille Nickols Carolyn Schneider Theodore Uverity Harold Dorman Milton Nelson Beatrice Chauncey Anita Haines Cross, Thacker c Endlich, Graham, Hawk, Darsl, Yokum, Landefeld, Schneiderman, Silverman, Reaven Zimmerman, Mankin, Brown, Sager, True, Schaadl, Gilbride Graham, Feeley, Kilgore, Jauchem, Slern Oqonowski, Durrelle, Sisler CQ IEIRCIE CILUJ The obieclives ol lhe Commerce Club are: lo promole fellowship among lhe sludenls: promole closer sludenl-lacully relalionships: promole scholarship: and eslablish conlacls lor sludenls in lhe business world. OFFICERS Presidenl: C. J. Cross Secrelary: Carl Yokum Vice Presidenl: Jack Thacker Treasurer: Alberl Reaven Freshman Represenlalives: Roberl Gelvin, Raymond Harbaugh Mr. T. C. Hilliard, Adviser Dr. Warren W. Leigh Andre Andreoli Allen Arbogasl Einar Anderson Roberl Bailey Kermil Beach Donald Brown Roberl Collis Jack Carroll Eric Chedesler Jerry Colombes Claylon Cross Gene Dickey Primo Dell Angelo Jean Durrelle Lelilia Dobrin Howard Darsl James Fuchs Paul Finelli William Flemming Ernesl Graham Sidney Gluck William Graham Thomas Gilbride Roberl Gelvin Mickey Guran William Hall Glen Hawk John Helileman Raymond Harbaugh Harry Joy Kennelh Koller Roberl Kilgore FACULTY MEMBERS Prol. H. T. McKee Mr. Earl Davis STUDENT MEMBERS Carl Lewis Paul Landeleld Roberl Larson Donald Luck Edward Libbey William Lelller James McGralh Roberl Mankin Roberl Maher Morris May John Nichols Delberl Nicholas Edward Ogonowski Dell Orr Frank Prenlice George Plazak Mr. L. F. Hampel Mr. R. W. Bailey Emerson Posl Roberl Russell Roberl Rankin Dallas Riddle Alberl Reaven Gene Sucharda William Slellens Belly Sisler Waller Slee Sanlord Slern Earl Sockel Rex Sager Kennelh Schlobohm Ed Silverman Beverly Simmons Sam Schneiderman Clarence Squires Belly Shane Carl Schaadl Alberl Trumpikas Charles True Jack Thacker James Thornlon William Wolff La Von Walker Julius Will Hazel Wrighl Roberl Waggoner Philip Wallock Joe Walker Ralph Young Carl Yokurn Hidy, Michalares, Hallock, Sobel, Alogdelis Wifner, Kennon, Miller, Huff, Burnham AWIEIL CILLU Purpose: The purpose of The Gavel Club is 'ro lurlher inleresl in forensics and 'ro lrazn sludenls for enlrance info The Speal4er's Bureau. O F F l C E R S Presidenfz James Wilner Vice Presidenlz Meredilh Miller Secrelary: Doris l-lull Treasurer: Myra Kennon M E M B E R S Slella Alogdelis John Ballard Bernice Burnham Juanifa Chauncey Elaine Duilch Edilh Epperson Doris l-lull Zola Jones Myra Kennon Meredi+h Miller Andigoni Michalares Failh Polfeefe Gloria Sobel Jim Wilner Bill Planf Logan l-lidy Flannngan, Frank, Xinos, Lindberg, Karr, Ralf, Ferlig, Schur, S1aiger, McCormick, Koegal, Frank, Handley, Ondecker, Craven Rohaley, Harig, Cunin, Dean, Smilh,, Pallerson, Plageman, LaRocca, Casey, Smilh, Walsh, Henlon NI IE W IW A C Ll! The purpose ol lhe Newman Club is lo promole religious, educalional, and social aclivilies. OFFICERS Presidenl: William Flannigan Vice Presidenl: Kalhryn McCormick Recording Secrelary: Barbara Plageman Corresponding Secrelary: Mary Jean Lindberg William Flannigan Andrew Ondecker Anne Cunin Bernice Frank Mary Jean Kelly Grace Pallerson Rosemarie Rulh Mary Louise Ahern Elizabelh Schur Laurence Gilchrisl Mary Flynn Juanila Loulan Belly Burke Harriel Henlon Genevieve Smilh Julia Swedenberg Ellen Casey Norma Greer James Ferlig Louis Fursl William Hilkerl Elizabelh McAlonan Paul Howard Polly Oliver Belle Jo Xinos Dick Durr Earl Frank MEMBER Treasurer: Conal Craven Facully Adviser: Prol. Hilliard Chaplain: Rev. R. Moorehead S Larry Thompson Helen Handley Helen Koval Jo Ann Smilh Mary Fenn Dorolhy Jane G Jean Ahern Janis Barden Belle Barden Pal Goodall Wall Slaiger Kalhleen Karr Jo-anne Rohaley lasgow Charlolle Dean Mary Koegel Arlhur Claire Paul Eisenzimmer Joseph Eisenzimmer Kalhryn McCormick Mary Jean Lindberg Barbara Plageman Conal Craven Eileen Walsh Charles Beckwilh Isabel Cassidy Janel Harig JQHNY 'fj-QWFTS is Shaeffer, Handley, Brown, Chauncey, Hodges, DeLong, Anderson, Brandensfein, DeKalb, Jamison, Thurnis, Gofshall, Schnieder Spegal, Johnson, Fiscca, Apger, Ferfig, Burke, Trembly, Ruih, Waffers, Sfoner I9 IR 0 ' Nl U Q IIC A Esiablished March 25, I9-40 , 'ft Purpose: To culiivaie a spirii oi friendship among music lovers ai 'rhe universiiy, 'rogelher wiih an appreciaiion of music in iis fullesi sense, and il is Jrhe aim of +he associafion +o siimulale knowledge and love oi music among siudenis and To share in ihe advaniages of iis associaiion. O F FIC E R S Presidenr: BeHe Burlce Vice Presideniz Jim Ferfig Social Chairman: Rose Marie Ru+h Secreiary-Treasurer: William Trembley Puloliciry Chairman: Elsie Jo Hansen Program Chairman: Berry Johnson Membership Chairman: Aniia Haines M E M B E R S Mona Anderson Berdine Apger Fred Brandensiein Louis Brown Beile Burlce Beafrice Chauncey Richard Davis Rufh De Kalb Evelyn De Long Miss Rhea Wills Mr. John F. Srein William Farley James Feriig Olga Fiocca John Fiocca Beiiy Goishall Mariha Green Anira Haines Esielle Handley Elsie Jo Hansen Gene Hodges Doroihy Jaclcson Chrysa Mary Jameson Berry Johnson Roberl' Osmun Anna Russell Rose Marie Rulh Roger Schaeffer Carolyn Schneider HONORARY MEMBERS Mr. Clarenz Lighifriiz Mr. J. B. Collins Miss Genevieve Rider Mr. Oscar Smiih FACULTY ADVISERS Professor Elmer En de Mr. C. Neil Siarr Evelyn Siplow Gloria Spegal Wanda Sfoner Rhea Thurnes William Trernbley Theodore Uveriiy Marian Wailers Mrs. Esrelle Ruih -uvnqr .-Za , , 'Q eff iff Simms, Durrelle, Conn X in Sisler, Smilh, Meeks, Travis, Thompson, Thomas, Halslead, Hobbs, Bay, Mcllroy Bray Semonin, Buellel, Wade, Fraley, Gerson, Hoque, Fisher, Ries, Frank, Cunin, Benson, Younkin, Shaffer 'ly Q . 1' r--N . if wwf-We Cooper, Griesinger, Fiala, Crum, Joy, Hopkins, Kimberly, Waugh, Lehner, Krause, Lakocca, Brodbeck, Hoover, Underwood QIEC IE AIQNAIL SCU? CE GLU Eslablished i932 Purpose: To promole inleresl in lhe business world, lo cullivale abilily in secrelarial work. lo losler school pride in inlelleclual pursuils, and lo promole fellowship among lhe members. O F F I C E R S Presidenl: Belly Anne Waugh Treasurer: Rolland Parenli Membership Chairman: Calherine Joy Vice Presidenl: Jane Shaller Program Chairman: Belly Cooper Hislorian: Marlha Bay Secrelary: Amy Louise Shaw Social Chairman: Dorolhy Crum M E M B E R S Marlha Bay Harriell Benson Rosalie Borcherl Jack Bray Lorraine Brodbeck Angeline Calamaro Belly Carrier Belly Cooper Barbara Crockell Anne Cunin Kalherine Deme Julie Demeler Jeanne Durrelle Jane Eckel Belly Lou Evans Aurelia Falkner Mary Alice Fiala Flora Flinl Marlha Fosler Dorolhy Fraley Bernice Frank Emily Garrigues Kalherine Gillis Mira Gombac Dorolhy Gregory Jean Gulhrie Doris Lee Halslead Helen Hellelman Muriel Hessler Marorie Hoover Isabel Hopkins Helen Horvalh Doris Hull Norma Hull Kay Jobes Calherine Joy Jean Krause Richard Lawrence Jane Lehner Mary Jean Lindberg Irene McElroy Roseiean McGinley John Mohn Irma Nemelh Rosemary O'Neill Ada Osborn Rolland Parenli Marie Pallerson Naomi Pellry Mildred Pollak Dorolhy Porler Mary Margarel Rall Thomas Ricker Wilma Ries Virginia Sabo Florence Sass Leo Semonin Belly Sisler Jane Shaller Amy Louise Shaw Marlha Shook Belly Smilh Genevieve Smilh Eileen Thomas Nan Travis Elaine Underwood lnez Valenli Phyllis Wade Barbara Walker Waldene Williams Mary Ellen Younkin are S wr' we if Pulk, Hoffman, Allan, Hidy, Cofruvo, Davis, Hoffman, Miller, Koerschner, Mikolashek. Blue, McKiernan, Harkins, Dr. De Graff, Eckard, Judson, Kershaw, Miller, Brown, Knepper, Davis. SSQCNQILQ Y CILLU The purpose of fhe Sociology Club is fo sfimulafe acfivify and a feeling of fellowship among sociology sfudenfs, fo discuss social problems and research work in fhe field of sociology and fo make confacfs wifh ofher collegiafe sociology clubs and oufsfanding workers in 'rhe field. O F F l C E R S Presidenfz Willis Eckard Vice Presidenfz George Harkins Secrefary: Marfha Early Treasurer: Jack Brown HONORARY MEMBERS Clefus Becker Bell Greve Arlhur H. Kruse Helen Ruff Mary Belden Helen E. Knighf Roberf Maloney Paul A. Wifwer H. O. DeGraff Henry W. Kohl Efhel M. Pierce M E M B E R S Hollis Allan Mary Jo Amer Dale Akins Colelfa Begue David Blagg Jack Blue Befly Boyd Beafrice Brennan Jack Brown Helen Buckwalfer Agnes Burfon Roy Campbell Juanifa Chauncey Cornel Chima Francis Cofruvo Elaine Davis Roberf Davis Ransie Dillard Anna Dillehay Marfha Early Willis Eckard Jean Garreff J. A. Gilhooly Virginia Gilhooly Laila Golclwood Cafherine Granf Mary Griflifhs Ann Hamilfon Sarah Hargrave George Harkins George Headley Berfon Hickman Logan Hidy Florence Hill Elmer Hoffman Janis Hoffman Evelyn Hooker Robf. Jansen Elizabefh Judson James Kay Dorofhy Keiser Mariorie Kershaw Kafherine Eichenlaub Beffy Knepper William Koerschner Samuel Koledin Helen Koval Sophia Kudera Paul Landefeld Marfha Larrick Ebba Larson Ellen Manfhey Kafhryn McCormick Ralph Mclnfyre Horace McKiernan Doris Miklashek Lesfer Mikolashek Ann Miller Cafherine Miller Dorolfhy Miller Mary Louise Mills Frances Moskovilz George Myers Kennefh Myers Orpheus Nurches William Nurches Eileen O'Brien Grace Pafferson Faifh Parsons Kafhryn Pershing Jennie Pull: Ray Schieb Jean Schwab William Schweikerf Rufh Shoberf Sarah Silver Maxine Smifh Averill Thorn Genevieve Tryon Esfher Veach Nelson Waynesboro Lois Weddell Eleanor Woodard Edilh Wilkerson Molly Winer George Wrighl' Carl Zimmerman Downing, Ferlig, Leffler, Wilkerson, Livensparger McGaughey, Hidy, Davis, Heid, Wifner, Kay . STU 5 V. f C. . Eslablished l928 NATIONAL Purpose: To creale a beller fellowship among men sludenls and men of lhe facully, and lo furlher religious aclivily on lhe campus. O F F I C E R S Presidenfr Roberl E. Davis Vice Presidenl: Marvin E. I-Ieid Treasurer: Logan I-Iidy Recording Secrelaryz Roberl E. Freed Chaplain: Lawrence Dillehay Corresponding Secrelary: Arlhur Larson Faculiy Adviser: Dr. I-I. O. De Graff CABINET MEMBERS Tom Taber Don McGaughey Clark Livensparger James Wilner I-Iarold Rolh Alberl I-lorlon William Leiifler Paul Wilkerson FACULTY ADVISORY COMMITTEE Dr. Harold O. Reid Dr. Dwighl E. Gray Philip S. Sherman C. Arnold I-Ianson l Lireralure. Dr. Berdine Apger Anne Balai Leroy Bosley Hope Brighfman Mary Carroll Fern Fairall Joyce Hall Harry Hurfl Juanifa Loulan Mary Leon Eve Menflin Smifh, Moore, Pappano, Thomas Hafzis, Michalares, Apger, Wefiysfyne, Smith, Marty, Hall Ferri, Church, Karr, Dr. Infernoscia, Sobel, Waddell, Waqenman IE I3 U5 IL U IE 9 PA Q ILA The purpose of rhe Spanish Club is 'ro furrher The inreresr of sludenls in The Spanish Language and OFFICERS Presidenf: Marlc Church Firsl' Vice Presidenrz Fern Shryoclc Second Vice Presidenf: Rufh Dornan Sec rela ry : Felix Fe rri Treasurer: Jane Rogers Donafo lnlernoscia FACULTY ADVISERS MEMBERS Kennel? Morgan Laura Muro Joe Pappano Jack Pufnam Fern Shryocl: Lois Weddell Rulh Weiriclc M. Yanlco Kenny Koller Gloria Sobel Dorolhy Marly Dr. Meredifh Gardner Jane Rogers Ed Smilh Helen Crows Juanifa Gamble Irene Kapzafh Sam Lewis Ed Gardner Glennie Osborne Iris Smifh Roberla Wogenman as Campus ac+ors +his year produced 'rhree widely-differeni produc- +ions. "Gl1os1' Train" labove leffl was a spooky +hriller wH'h wl1is+les, bells. Hnunder and miscellaneous sound effecrs.MaxwellAnderson's "High Tor" labove righil was a new 'rype of play in 'Hue Tl1eai're's presenrafions. "Mr, Pim Passes By," by A. A. Milne, a clif'Feren+ +ype of comedy, was flue final produc+ion. Brown, Mr. K idd Carroll, Sny er, Allan, Keene, Frick, Blackelfer, Dav N l S f der, Wince, Banks, Early, Hagerman, P 1 LUIWWIEIIRSSIITXY THIEATTIEIQ Vice Presidenl: Carmen Wince Secrela ry: Marlha Early Business Manager: Harry Carroll ACTIVES Kennelh Banks Fred Brown Harry Carroll Bob Davis Marlha Early Cafhleen Nealis Evelyn Renner Wm. Van Noslran Virginia Wecker Carmen Wince Paul De Cora Mary McCormick Sue Snyder Calherine Kighl Bob Frisby MEMBERS ASSOCIATES Toni Blaclreler Ann Hamillon Gordon Hagerman Harry Paslorius Bob Secresl' Hollis Allan Palsy Arnold Juanila Chauncey Kalhryn Pershing Belly Friclc Calherine Miller BeH'y Winlcleman Rulb Biller Bob Keene James Briclrels I V 1 1 z McCormick, Hollinger, Snyder, Travis, Jollif Harig, Barnaby, Woodard, Thomas, Fireslone, Larrick, Hopkins, Glynn, McGovern, Marslellar Humes, Veach, Hall, Thomas, Miklashek, Griffilh, Osborne, Hoffman Biller, Thompson, Early, Cooper, Hobbs, Dillehay, Frick, Miss Larson 0 W0 C0 I The purpose ol lhe Sludenl Y. W. C. A. is lo aid campus women lo develop physically, socially, cul lurally and spirilually. Open lo any sludenl inleresled in ideals and purpose. O F F l C E R S Presidenl: Marlha Early Vice Presidenl: Eleanor Khoenle Secrelary: Belly Jean Friclc A Treasurers: Belly Cooper, Juanila Loulan MEMBERS Jane Baughman Dorolhy Becher Jean Berg Belly Boyd Belly Cooper Jeanelle Crawford Marlha Early Anna Jean Dillehay Jean Feeley Dorolhy Fichler Marlha Fosler Belly Jean Fricl: Marie Glynn Juanila Gamble Mary Grillilhs Eslelle Handley Janel Harig Harriell Henlon Dale Hinlon Hazel Hobbs Evelyn Hoolrer lsabel Hopkins Bessie Humes Eleanor Khoenle Nancy Knepper Kay Jobe ADVISORY BOARD Mary Koegel Marlha Larriclc Juanila Loulan Carolyn Marsleller Kalhryn McCormick Palricia McGovern Doris Milclashelc Mary Murphy Jeanne Olsen Glennie Osborne Barbara Plageman Virginia Pahler Mary Margarel Ralf Sue Snyder Joan Rohaley Elizabelh Schur Carolyn Taylor Mildred Triplell Eileen Thomas Isabel Thomas Belly Thompson Janel Tucker Eslher Veach Barbara Walker Elhel Wellocl: Mardelle Wilwer Ebba Larson: Presidenl Helen C. Ballriclc Mrs. Wm. H. Taylor Secrelary: Mrs. Roberl Bailey Mrs. Harold Reid Mary Grace Harringlon l 5 3 jf.: .,,,., ,,, ,, N- ws. M., 1' my 4. ffl? if 4, . . .-Md 34 . --7-.. 'fig 5 wk, 'fir jfgffg if Z 0 Q0 0 B0 Purpose: To desseminale fechnical informaiion and pro- vide direcl' conlaci befween members. Chairman: Vice Chairman: L. G. Haddock, Jr. R. B. McCurdy Secrefary: Treasurer: John Bezbafchenko Fred Brown MEMBERS C. Beckwifh R. Garver V. Kallgren J. Smith D. Bell P Giffer W. Kovalick D. Sprinkle V. Bezbaichenko R. Griffiths J. Lewis J. Sfankard R. Bishop L Haddock R. McCar1hy R. Sfeffy F. Brown P Haren R. McCurdy A Sfewari M. Brumbaugh Z Harris E. Moafs F. Sfimler T. Cameron R. Harfz D. Porfer F. Vukan C. Dudugiian I. Herfle V. Pope J. Waddell N. Elder R Huff H. Roofes H. Wili H. Fifzsimmons R. Kallgren C. Schwall E. Wolf YS 0 Q0 Cl 0 Z Z Purpose: To fosler 'rhe advancemenl' of Civil Engineering fraining in colleges and fo unify lhe sfudenl and pro- fessional elemenis in Engineering. President: Vice President Secretary-Treasurer: John V. Laughlin Harry Pasiorius William F. Markey MEMBERS Charles Corms Dean Chapman Robert Clause Craig Hennis William King Joe Koegel John Laughlin William Markey Paul Montgomery Walter Nixon Peler Olegar Harry Paslorius Theodore Shaul Ray Seese Dave Tarbox '? Bufler, Veach, Kirkpalrick, Clover, Jones, Capps, Thomas Loulan, Judson, Hursf, Rogers, Hahis, Verbulecz, Walsh C WU IE ILTA I9 " U EsTablished OcTober 3l, l9I9 NATIONAL WOMEN'S LITERARY HONORARY Purpose: To sTimulaTe creaTive wriTing among The women on The campus and To recognize Those women inTeresTed in TurThering liTerary achievemenT. Mary Dague BeHy French DoroThy Gulrich Lulla l-laTzis Zola Jones Eleanor Addleman Denise Capps Helen Louise Hagen PaTricia McGovern OFFICERS President Jane Rogers Vice Presideni'-Treasurer: BeTTy French SecreTary: ElisabeTh Judson EdiTors: Evelyn Renner. DoroThy Gulzich Adviser: Mrs. RuTh Pufman MEMBERS ElisabeTh Judson JuaniTa Loulan PaTricia Machan ElizabeTh Ploenes Evelyn Renner PLEDGES Mary Jane O'Brien Isabel Thomas Anne Verbulecz Alice Clover Jane Rogers EsTher Veach Eileen Walsh BeTTy Winlcleman Jane Neely l-larrieT HenTon Virginia BuTler June Kirl:paTricl: .s.,,..L Il Shook, Dobrin, Dr. Kuhnes, Borodkin Wrighf, McGrafh, Bafman, Roundy, Shaw, Alexis Snyder, Rogers, Kershaw, Walh, Bufler Brundage, Griffifh, Hancock, Hurst, Cullison, Pappano KIM? I-Wh IE ILTA I9 Esiablished March I8, I9lI Local chapier insialled April 24, I925. Purpose: To encourage high iniellecfual and scholasfic siandards, lo recognize ouisfanding coniribu- fions 'ro educalion, io mainfain a high degree of professional fellowship among iis members, and 'ro quicken professional growrh. O F F I C E R S Faculfy Adviser: Professor Emery L. Kuhnes Presideni: Joseph A. Pappano Vice Presidenf: Le Roy Dielz Secreiary: Helen Hursf Treasurer: Theresa Balasco Hisforian: Jane Rogers A C T I V E 5 Helen Alexis Kennelh Banlrs Sam Borodlcin Russell Brundage Lois Cullison Lefilia Dobrin Fern Fairall Mary Griififh Florine Bafman Mildred Hancock Eslelle Handley Helen Hursl' Mariorie Kershaw Edward McGrafh Ned Neidemire Joseph Pappano Jane Rogers P LE D G ES Mariha Bay Laura Roundy Amy Louise Shaw Marfha Shool: Sue Snyder Frances Walli Hazel Wrighf Virginia Bufier The qualihcaiions for undergraduaies are: full upper college srandingg general scholarship above The upper quariile poinr of 'rhe insriruiiong worlc in educaiion compleied 'ro 'rhe exienl of six semesier hours if elecied during 'rhe senior year. Handley, Hagslrom, Ende, Miss Rider, Green, Lonsbury. U li-LW Q 5 GA Eslablished I925 LOCAL MUSIC HONORARY SOCIETY Purpose: The advancemenl ol music al llwe Universily ol Alcron and llme developmenl ol llme lruesr sislerliood, mulual wellare in music, and loyally lo lhe Alma Maler. OFFICERS Presidenl: Marqarel Lonsloury Vice Presidenl: Jean I-lagslrom Secrelary: Eslelle Handley Treasurer: Marllwa Green MEMBERS Marqarel Lonsbury Jean l-laqslrom Eslelle Handley Marllria Green PLEDGES Marilyn Judson Clwrysa Jamieson Mariorie l-lollinger Gloria Speqal Belly Johnson Belly Golslwall Belly Burlce Elsie Jo I-lansen FACULTY ADVISERS Miss Genevieve Rider Mr. Elmer Ende v 4- 59 -f I . I ,X I L 4 ." . J' I ' ve' S. 1 ' 'bf blilkusi "Str lf'-lm--f new Berry, Carroll, Coburn, Feeley, Hagerma xg x .M , 7,5 fig, '52 3.""""'N--s. 1- Y, 3 eq 1, ,. , 1, f. ,. A-It so vi.-A N UIC' 4T77" ff. Zgippf , A. I 2 f x i mf,,4g w s I, fx, 4"I?rg1Q a. gy V he - Y il. ggi Q ilu? I ,lgf agf V , 2- ff" . .X ' Qu'-1 fi Keene, Larson, Nelson, Schweilrerf, Secresf QNIIIC N IDEILTA IKAPPA Eslablished I9I4 NATIONAL ACTIVITIES HONORARY A The purpose ol Omicron Della Kappa shall be Ihreelold: Firsl, 'ro recognize men who have allained a high slandard of leadership in collegiale aclivilies, 'ro encourage lhem 'ro conlinue along This line, and 'ro inspire olhers 'ro slrive for similar conspicuous alrainmenls. Secondly, 'ro bring 'rogelher 'rhe mosl represenlalive men in all phases of collegiale life and 'rhus Io creale an organizalion which will help Io mould Jrhe senlimenl of 'rhe ins'ri'ru'rion on queslions of local and inlercollegiale inleresl. Third, lo bring 'rogelher members of The lacully and sludenl body on a basis of mulual inleresl, undersland- ing, and helpfulness. Roberl Berry Harry Carroll Paul Coburn Paul Feeley Gordon Hagerman Roberl Keene O F F I C E R S Presidenfz Roberl Secresf Vice Presidenf: Max Nelson Secrelaryz Roberf Keene Treasurer: Roberl Larson MEMBERS Roberl Larson Alberf Loclcharl Maxwell Nelson William Schweilcerl Roberl Secresl .M S" ' KL 4 ', ' 'Q-we .-1,-.Q,,.,M .1 W W- M , N ,,,.,.. .Q-ak vfg :sg Q ,waga vgfigbiw YN ' r, lv F, J ifw .......... -.----, v - V - H IQIEIQSBHIIIHICE IRIIIFILIESB Co. D-I, ls+ Reg+. Purpose: To encourage, preserve, and develop +he highesf ideals of +he milifary profession, +o promo+e I American cifizenship, +o crea+e a closer and more efficienf relafion, and +o provide appropruafe recognifion of a high degree of mili+ary abili+y among fhe cadefs of +he basic Reserve Officers Training Corps. Rober+ Neal Rob+. Baker Gilberf Belair R. B. Sanderson, Capfain Roberf Crawford, Plafoon Sgf. Jack Brown, ls+ L+. Wm. Farmer, Pla+oon Sg+. Wm. Koerschner, Is+. L+. Claude Jackson, Tech. Sgf. Roberf Godlove, 2nd L+. Eric Chedesfer, Jr. L+. Richard Walfer, 2nd L+. Roberf Chrisfy, Jr. L+. S+an Myers, ls+ Sgf. Jack Thacker, Jr. L+. Wm. Carr, Sfaff Sg+. Arf Larsen, Jr. L+. ACTIVE MEMBERS Rosemar O'Nell - I94I Sponsor Roberf Vogel Adam Parsons John Frank William Plan+ Roberl' Fulmer Eugene Podeck R. Gonder Roberf Crawford Roberf Broadbenf Maurice Fifch Raymond Keefer Darrel Kelley Henry Schneider William Sfeffens William Wolfe Eugene Bloche Rober+ Brown Virgil Chima Roberf Bender William Dillard William Giganfe Roberf Hall Rober+ Hamman George Haramis Paul Hixenbaugh Hensley Hobbs George Kageorge Foresf Looney Charles Messmore John Mihallco Roberf Mifchell Paul Nicely Theodore Price Jack Pu+man Ralph Richie Ross Sei++ers Clifford Smifh Roberf Smifh Ronny Smi+h Roberf Herron Thomas Taber Donald Dilley Richard Vogenifz O O O ZZ IUMPP LTA The purpose ot Pi Kappa Delta, national torensic hono- rary, is to further interest in debate, oratory and extempore speaking: and to serve as a means ot recog- nizing outstanding students in those tields. OFFICERS President: Albert Lockhart Secretary-Treasurer: Juanita Chauncey MEMBERS: Albert Lockhart, Juanita Chauncey, Gilbert Thomas, Betty Sinks, Max Nelson, Julia Swedenburg, Blanche Sherman, getty Hazlett, Robert Kasse, Milton Snyder, Joan Loeffler, Zola ones. FACULTY MEMBERS: Dr. H. O. Ried, Dr. Paul W. Zeis, Prof. Maxine Rabe, Dr. Harlan Hamilton, Prof. David King. SIPIEAIKIE 'C UIRIEAU Purpose: To select the most qualified speakers on the campus and to offer their services to any organization or group in the city tor any speaking occasion. OFFICERS President: Gilbert Thomas Secretary: Julia Swedenburg MEMBERS DRAMATIC READERS: Thomas Denton, Katherine Kight, Cath- leen Nealis, Evelyn Renner, Bill Van Nostran. SPEAKERS: Blanche Sherman, Gilbert Thomas, Kenneth Moore, Betty Hazlett, Albert Lockhart, Frances Moskovutz, Jack Butler, Harold Zimmerman, David Dienoft, Juanita Chauncey, Ann Vinciguerra, Virginia Wecker, Eleanor Woodard, James McMul- lin, Martha Wallace, Rita Merlitti, Julia, Swedenburq, Anna Ruman, Carolyn Marsteller, Betty Sinks. Boyer, Snyder, Mingle, Decafur Dr. Zeis, Frazee, Thomas, Nealis, Secresr IPI SIGMA AILIPIIHA NATIONAL POLITICAL SCIENCE HONORARY Purpose: To sfimulafe produclive scholarship and in'reIIigen+ inleresl in +he subiecl' of government FACULTY ADVISERS Dr. Roy B. Sherman Dr. Paul W. Zeis Prof. David King Presidenlz Harry Frazee Vice Presidenl and Secrelary-Treasurer: Gilberl Thomas MEMBERS Gilber IThomas Alberl Decalur Evelyn Renner Harry Frazee Calhleen Nealis Harold Mingle Roberl Secresl Millon Snyder Allan Boyer MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS FOR MEMBERSHIP Musl mainlain a minimum grade of C in all collegiale work. Musl mainlain a minimum grade of B in eleven hours of Poli+ical Science work, six hours of which mus+ be upper college work. J IPIIW SIGMA LMLIPIIHA Eslablished I9 I 0 Phi Sigma Alpha is an honorary sociely of BuchI'eI College designed Io afford recognilion for excep- Iional achievemenls in scholars ip., Presidenh Dr. Howard Cramer Secrelaryz Dr. Paul Zeis Vice Presiclenlz Mr. Fred Theiss Treasurer: Mrs. Mary Jane Rolhrock Sludenl' members seIec+ed in I940: Harry Carroll Jane Rogers Sue Snyder Sanford Slern Sludenl members selecled in I94I: Seniors: Alberr Lockharl, Donald Luck, Joseph Pappano, Lois Schefiler Juniors: George Anaslos, Marlha Bay, Joseph Cameron, Harry Hur++ HN SWG A SSQCIIE V Eslablished April 20, NATIONAL The obiecl of This sociely is 'ro promole inieresl in research C F FIC E R S Presidenl: George Anaslos Vice Presideni: Belly Friclc Secrerary: C. Richard Weaver Treasurer: George Twiclcler FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. Waller Kraalz Dr. Paul Acquarone Dr. Edgar Jones Professor Rolland Fox MEMBERS Roberl Frisby Roberi Bryclen Emmy Lou Thompson Roberl Glasgow Sam Borodlrin Harry Rosenlhal Earl Long William Koerschner Jane Schefiler Q l92l in lhe biological sciences 'iw fs if rl W Os is 4 fx s ii ,iii I if., 7 'fi Vw '93 s.,.,sYs' ' ' ' ' V ?f2' s ' 2 for fb fmw 153,-ew-5-"" fwf 611 Bafman, Bay, Dobrin, Fairall, Griffifh, 'W ' , .:, .qw Ns.-W 2,3 f a N gm: 5 ., V ..- , rig' W 1 f., W MW visa. Q. rw' ,4 , JW Hamilfon Hancock, Handley, Hoffman, Hurst, Lessing, Machan McAIonan, Nealis, Snyder, Wecker, IE IIA Esiablished I923 Wrighf LOCAL SENIOR WOMEN'S ACTIVITIES HONORARY Purpose: To recognize ouIsIanding women Ieaders on Ihe campus. OFFICERS President Virginia Wecicer Vice Presidenr-Treasurer: Ann HamiIIon Secrefaryz HeIen Hursf Faculfy Adviser: Miss HeIen C. BaHricIc Virginia Wecker Ann Hamilfon HeIen Hursf Mary Grifiifh Miriam Hoffman Elizabefh McAIonan Sue Snyder Pa? Machan Jean Garrei' Lessing MEMBERS HONORARY MEMBERS Florine Barman Marfha Bay LeIi+ia Dobrin Fern FairaII Miidred Hancock Es+eIIe Handley Cafhleen NeaIis HazeI Wrighi' Miss HeIen BaHricIc Mrs. Hezlefon E. Simmons Women are chosen for membership in Pierian on a basis of acfivifies, scholarship, personaIi'ry, Ieader- ship, and democracy. Qbuw hw QQ Dine, Godlove, Sfover, Sanderson, Wingard, Sprinkle, Allan, Anaslos Harkins, Luke, Sockel, Kennon, Brown, Koerschner, Luke SSCA AIQ A ID IL Eslalolished l904 NATIONAL ADVANCED MILITARY HONORARY IE g, X3 Purpose: To preserve and develop lhe essenlial qualilies ol good and elllicienl ollicers, 'ro lalce a more aclive parl in lhe mililary affairs of our communily and lo spread inlelligenl informalion concerning lhe mililary requiremenls ol our counlry. O F FIC E RS Caplain: Jaclc Brown Firsl Lieulenanl: Vance Lulce Second Lieulenanl: Earl Soclcel Firsl Sergeanl: William Koerschner Jack Brown Louis Fursl' Georgel-larlcins William Koerschner Marvin Lulce Vance Lulce Roberl Russell MEMBERS Bruce Sanderson William Schweilcerl Earl Soclcel Dallas Sprinlcle Hollis Allan George Anaslos H Thomas Chrisly Roberl Dine Roberl' Godlove Arlhur Larson Richard Slover Rex Wingard Elder, Vukan, Bishop, Tarbox, Gilchrist, Seese, Frye Moals, Bezbafchenko, Luke, McCurdy, Markey, Griffiths, Kallgren SWG A IMI! Eslalolished February 22, IQO4 NATIONAL ENGINEERING HONORARY Purpose: To recognize ouislanding engineering sludenls for scholarship, praclicalily, and sociabiliiy O F F I C E R S Presiclenlz Roberl McCurdy Secrelaryelreasurerx Marvin Luke Pledge Caprain: Erwin Moals Vice Presidenl: William Marlcey I-lislorian: John Bezbalchenlco Facully Adviser: Dean Fred Ayer M E M B E R S Roberi McCurcIy William Marlcey Marvin Lulce John Bezbalchenlco Erwin Moais Norman Elder Rowland Grilliihs Franlc Vulcan John Kallgren Roberl Bishop Eugene Frye Ray Seese Laurence Gilchrisi David Tarlbox HONORARY MEMBERS Mr.John Bulger Mr. Fred S. Griffin Lincks, Johnson, Shallcross, Sherman. ALJ' H Esiablished I933 LOCAL HOME ECONOMICS HONORARY Purpose: To s+imuia+e a professional inferesi in Home Economics O F FIC E R S Presidenfz Virginia Johnson Vice Presidenf: Faifh Sherman Secrefary-Treasurer: Jean Slnallcross MEMBERS Marie Evans Dorofhy Gukich Doris Lincks Pauline Romig W W 'EV Wlllil IEIQC Sludenls wifh a high scholaslic slanding and who are oulslanding in campus aclivilies are recognized by line awarding of "A" keys. These keys are awarded on a poinl basis by Sludenl' Council. mann... AMW 'hw' V884-awww X -qqriwlllg' NNW, W Yann-'P X awww' - QNX -x . - . X " X ., BQ '- 5:41. i c, l, X sy 7' 1 ,ay-gg .: ,- A cg - ,X Zg f ,'.,- 1 Ex if ax ig -vs: ' , 1 K X N 21 51 is Q 'N QT 1 ' ,nv ig! ffayx SQ , X as ilk-i'f11v5 4 mm SSL Kenneth Banks Maffha Bay Florine Balman Bob Brownfield Paul Coburn Dick Collier Bob Davis Belly Frick Bill Good Gordon Hagerman Miriam Hoffman Helen Hursf xv fa. ,- f ies? A ,wsfvf ' t yi .,,,- Warm Ykwas wiraemu..-.. bmw E 6 Harry Carroll Jean Garrell Lesslng Bob Keene Albert Lockharl Elizabeth McAlonan Marvin McCormick Don Mcgaughey I 1 Newzgizrg :mf M' .. Sex. ., N 8 I v.-ix A xx X 5 3 . X Q S ..a ,.,x 4Q3fFX ., 11 M 0' ,., G 5 ' if nf, A gf. vs:-N' . ' V wo NM, X, ,, 'R an Q F :AWN y V :- ' ,S -1 -5139 V , ' ,. ZZ : 5 1 ,gf If ' aug? V H 42 ,R V Q 1 vi . 5 , P, , I . V' 1.1. ix ' ,V ,, .,f,,' 11 V ff, , , A ,W 3, I av. M' ,MU f ' f M 1 ,M , H A , A -.,,, . I 0 F 1 ww A m, ,, f of -' , f f' , -- 1 . ' ' ' f f ,, , f V V ' W1 MQ? 1p'5Yl f'f'9vQ2f , V W 4 MV 1,5 fy , . , ,J ,W K Y ' A 9 ,V -.1 'If :L ., " . ' W. ' V 1+ , .41 V gf K 4 1,1 fi? gf v M W , 'W I, WU? 'Ulf 'yvgfhv 'M-1' ,d y K I, A AQ f I , - Wy, I ' 7 , ff, l. r, ,I HM. 1? , ,, V, , Q! w, J Q, , V V V . I V y S Mk V N f- Lf N U 11' 1" 'yufif W ,il mM?1j5fjM ' ' A , -nf ' ' 'Y' 'LW "' ,W ' f ' 2. , 6 yy - ft9ff'A ', A. I 1 rl, .4 ,xg I 'HJ llwg gmjgw a . My lg ajyz, J V Q . 1 fm. ,QWM .',4f'i'9 y 14, 'Ik 4,5 , ,f 1 mf, , . , qw 4 . , G ,vw 7 A231 W , . ,I ,QW tg'qZ?,Ai,.,M5f,,, , I ,,, P ff' ' ff' T f is 5? ff , ' .T ,Mi W .. Nw wa'-' . g -I .4. ' ' ,. , ' ' ,.., - ' XYHWJV 'ff .' ,,fp,fz,'w ,Ar an WZ' ,bm I m. A 4 du ,er Y Q if-I f , 'W' Q V' A l"Z'5pQwff'? : it I a Mix QSM, fy, wliw, N lvxytz hAfaZLAV.,fw,t V .5 , y my , . , K wr' 'yy W A , I ' , ,V 1" ' f , w ,Q A F0 1 A t K w,,,,,W,. ,, W4 -. "fm A fVs,..w .0 , 1 , at 1 , . X 4 ,M . , I Q.. , WM. X A . 4 J A ff ff' kg ' .. ,fi A 1 A yr' , W . na, f f 1, , 1'g,!1,, 1. I, G, , f l , My , .wffv f 1""' , " ' ' ' ,pf QVQ J " H W " . ,,, ' 9' , v ,......-4' ,V :wg I ,,s3,,,Fxj4-x., I ""l:Mf'f",gfi1',S :fn ,, , , - Q -Q , "' 1 f va ' -'N-br! .x RQNQ5 Q :MQ ,Q . 'f xii-A K W .I iigjfs 1.13 - sc? N ., x X. gk ,gg'sQ5AgwS5'Y'Qv X359 . bk ' - Q. sv A X x X vw ,. , -P Q, -we Q' 'Q ' . K 'rx ,, A y.. V X--54,13 X ZW: ,, - K .. QI'-' 'f'-six: " 1 .. N WY: . ,, , j-W .Q , :S , 1 ,.. ,A-do 4, fi hmm Ng ,. , . E! 1 gy, ' fs' Y.,-v 'A A 4. A " l Nui nf I A Q, , -,.w.4,g .av A is - ' or 1 4 A Y 599 'W XPS X 0 , X 1 V Q? wa ' .X LN' ' .f. N .A-XX, .QV VV VV . A Q V A ,- , 6543? X :Q-XXXXXXXQX . - 4' ' i " - ' X X 'db V W F6 M .X '- .vzfivk """""M""."' ' 'X V"' X H lf -4 ' fy f X .X . , SN ,X 3,1 XX -Q3ANVW,,v,,m x K ,. I , . f V, 'iv X - -A ,, fy f - ' 1"'i'f T ' V , V 0' ' eng x W W .Q - if . . X. V -4- - '-N' M ' X' Ls- ,, .' Kg .auf .. , , V 1 VIV 4- , ,X V V . V E. V V V, Ms- Mm. - X : ,K V X X Q h ::.,.: ' .- X A ,, Q. f -f . VM , W V V, Vi. V " Eff: 2 r. .N . ' 'f 15,4 ' ..-'il - '- 'yt - X. 5--, '3j.:' Q X X ' . W 3 ' X K? 41 - X ,-1 5 5 A, ,X j , ,-, X , , X If Vwfssf-" X X V ,1.,XfW,q,,wx X .X Ve -V V, K T ffm' X 'X XX Vi, 1 '1'9 X'- ' X t sp' 97 "X ,-MX gi - li, .kg .Nw -' A .gi- f '34 " Ax? ' - ,: .,-5, 1 5 .T WQXX. . '- 'Xyy N ' Home gf : J W" QX. X - .Lf w,. X :., - MX... ,VW ,X V . VX . X. X, X , 3, miwi 31- 75535 f ' X 'M M -f X ' iw V jx QQ W X AM 199:-,SKS MLW. ' N YWXK Af. 'X - V, V V X .V. VJX, V. , 0 - QQ. I- . Sm lvjdvfg J X v ,-2, ., V 5, f,XwfVaV,,B, . ,X .sw 3, 'Y Wx- , 1 f W Ny N X XX, . .Nisl ' nfgsxa-Q, - Y.. 'ii gwggx 7 , 4 - ":'r'.: -mi'-,Q ., . ' . 5'SV--fvfyz-'N . 4535- M W " - I xvj ' "" 45 . .X 1 .sggmm XX, ' X M' , A-www., 8. ' " A M: "' ' 'C 'fghwff X MVA fw,,.,.. V XXQV .Q VXA NV X . , 1 VV ,,V3,,A-9- Vg, ,X. 1.35 K Hlfklv 'QW ings, l km' + ', Nm, V -6fq,5"KW.,XVf,, -W -' L M "' 'QXVV' ' f " We" 'XYQWW . f fs., -- VV AV .VWSLZFVA A f X, -XX, fm. .V -.HMV VV V Nab" W., .1.fN'Q3MY"!!x1g . mf , X e-me , A ' ' X an-V , 'W L N X. .sk ,F . f Q A 3 f-. ' ., 4' Num! :Rggg AVS V , X.: X., ' 'wi j-- .vxdwggmxgg I 0 n-3 ' ,' f glxfiglil " 'I ' Y 'iv ' Xf XZQXXX d- ' W W ' ' , .W V ,, . Lin x. vm ,X -- X .fXf.' . A ., Wiz! ' 6 1 W. X Xi si 9 R.0.'l'.lI. TIIIIIIIS 5'I'llIlElI'I'5 FUR IIEFEIISE .... Twenty years before the present peacetime draft the University of Akron was offering its students the advantages of military training. Many men have felt the benefits of the Re- serve Officers Training Corps established here in 1919, and today many Akron graduates are officers in the United States Army. The Akron regiment is trained and drilled by student cadet officers in the fall and spring. Classroom work under the tutelage of United States Army officers occupies the rest of the year. Every male University undergraduate is re- quired to take two years of basic training. Freshmen and sophomores receive classroom instruction in Military Sanitation, First Aid, Military Map Reading, Leadership, and Rifle Marksmanship. Greatly desired is appointment to the ad- vanced course, as the graduate of this course receives a commission as a second lieutenant in the Officers Reserve Corps. Aerial Photo- graph Reading, Administration, Military His- tory, and Military Law occupy much of the time of the future officers. All advanced ROTC students spend one sum- mer at a military post where they have the opportunity to put to practical use the theory they have learned in the classroom. Below: Advanced student instructor teaches basic stu- dents, as the Major looks on. - 1 jfgnjy Above: Sergeant Brown tells how it should be done. , J ORDER ARMS PARADE REST RIGHT SHOULDER ARMS RIFLE SALUTE ,-Y -K, , 3? .. PRESENT ARMS l PORT ARMS - zhfgyf r Qfjywf ' INSPECTION ARMS SLING ARMS Cadet officers teach their cadet privates the latest in streamlined drill, which oddly enough somewhat resembles the same old drill that used to he, even to shoes full of parade-ground sand. Corporal Carr demonstrates how it should he done. Flllll' Illlllll, IW. ' SIIIIIIIIEII, I94ll Advanced R. O. T. C. students call Fort Knox, Kentucky 'home' for six weeks in the summer. They live in tents, eat in army mess halls, do KP duty, and shoot rifles, pistols, machine guns, and trench mortars. Here theories of three years of classroom and parade ground assume practical significance. This page shows camp activities, photographed through the courtesy of the class of '4-1. e -e :'.fF"!wlP 2. 'A it -1 A ' ' - . 1 n - 'fi' "iv E -he . ' ' fe , V , 1 .t . . . , .ff W ff an a M , f is 'fic fi is a fe f iii? ' ,. ff. c a -1 ' if , - ,, 4 i , ,. ?-vw-1"'?v V f Q .U iz H M 1 ' 5 if gi- , W 4. , Q My ,xqwmf VV QF Ex. 5 x A ,VA VV, A f 5 , W-Mg! . H " TT' N ll-4, ' Q M . A K F A ,T Q, QQ f '..' 2 ',,,'., f ' 'hr . I 3, .. riff' if , ' V1 1 ' 1 . V is .1 . x x , .vu Q if -g ,Q , Y .- Va, Q M V , S ,VV ,G 1 Q, ..l V., 4.1 in '- 2. 1, x ' 3 , 4 ,, , -' 3 K y , A - . ' 4 ' ' , ' , ggi , ' fa , u '. V f . y . C, W V V K 1 A '- g VV V u V A I- -Q A :V I V., ff W, VV X fs- hxgga " 1, i f "- X '5 42' ig, ff " .A J 5' 5 A X 7 - , 5 ., F V , '- L "- Q2 ' ' ' " 1' X' ' 'E ' ' 1' : fgfig a V ,, V V. . f- KA 3, ,, A . .. I lr V w- 2 -Sy gi! SL, 'L " . VV l,.V4 Vo A V ,.. V . - an ga L , ' 4 V -. A J, 4- , MM N. , ,. , ,.,. , - , MxV,1,w2,,x,, ,VK,, . v M.?K-:ZIV W V ,V 5. ,. M . V V 'V VV , -.,, VV V- v, T. ,V V, V are .,, gg ? WX .W V .gogz f -V qVV:V.lV,.,.. , ,.. -dw VV V124 in Y f 45? Mig . ' ,.,, ,,, , 'V Q Y "' ' 1 i Q V s 5 , V , V V, X W a -.,'.' s ff U? -I B.-5 .WV f. wt . it iw 'TW wr! M L VA A 4 4. Q--K REEIIIIEIITIII. llll BIITTIIIIIIII STIIFH K 9 S Regimental Staff-Left to right: Cadet Col. Brown,' Cadet Lt. Col. Sorkel, Cadet Maj. Marvin Luke, Cadet Capt. Downing, Cadet Maj. 1 Vallee Luke, Cadet Maj. Koerschner. 'I Jack Brown Cadet Colonel Earl Sockel, Cadet Lieutenant- , Colonel First Battalion: Cadet Lt. Col. Foster, Honorary Lt. Col. Ann Hamilton, Cadet Maj. Markey. Vw 'WCW uw Second Battalion: Cadet Lt. Col. Singer, Honorary Lt. Col. Helen Fred- Florine Batman, Honorary Cadet Hazel Hobbs, Honorary Cadet Lieu- erlck, Cadet Maj. Toye, Cadet Lt. Ondecker. Colonel tenant-Colonel , '-'Wi' Third Battalion: Caflfrl. Li- Cpl- Hafkinsv H0'l0l'1ll'Y Li- Col- Maflha Fourth Battalion: Cadet Lt. Col. Sanderson, Honorary Lt. Col. Doris Early, Cade! Maj- Kl'lVllSkY, Cadet Ll. Thacker- Lee Halstead, Cadet Lt. Heid, Cadet Lt. Wyniali. H . .,5' ,, Q.. f.- gffif ' ' ,Q ' .. 5 fs ...K ., V ,,,.f'-'Sw K. Ach, A. Algea, J. Ballard, C. Bauer, E. Broge, T. Buckmaster, G. Campanale, J. Chapman, E. Clemente, B. Crooks, J. Auker, P. Baer, M. Beckwith, R. Badonsky, J. Blank, P. Boecker, T. Boigegrain, G. Bolha, M. Bosley, L. Bralek, S. Bray, J. Capple, C. Chapman, M. SENIORS Jack Sullivan-Co. Comdr. Marvin Luke SOPHOMORES Davis, Wm. Duke, B. Eisel, G. Farwell, R. F inegan, W. Fithe, H. F lannigan, W. Garrett, F. Green, S. Heller, I. F RESHMEN Clegg, B. Curtis, F. Dawson, J. DeLorenzo, J. Eisenzimmer, J. Fleshman, R. Franks, J. Fulmer, R. Gadanac, J. Cainer. Gonder, F. Grecni, J. Guren, M. IIIIIIIPIIIW ll Hibbard, R. Hollander, E. Hopkins, E. Horne, G. Ingle, P. Judson, D. Keffer, R. Kihler, R. Kleinwechter, F. Gullia, H. Hamilton, J. Hamlet, C. Harhaugh, R. Haren, R. Harrison, R. Herron, J. Helms, J. Hostetter, C. Johnson, H. Kallel, H. LaRue, A. JUNIORS Ed. Ogonowski Richard Stover Robert Godlove MARIE GLYNN Honorary Cadet Captain ,as .6 I 1, ,MV Wm s ,W S, F SENIORS JUNIORS Harry Frazee-Co. Comdr. Harry Hunt RalPh Ifft Roland Griffiths Thomas Christy SOPHOMORES Kosky, S. Parson-s, A. Susong, C. Kuhne, H. Pfieffef, G, Tillett, R. Larsen, R. Remington, J. Toner, H. Ledermafia J' Ricker, T' Towne? R' Honorary Cadet Captain llziiavrtiildls' J' Sankey, J. grlilfroi Dt ay' ' Schneiderman, S. SF an Z' ' McSweeney, E. S h H Wltner, J. Minter, T. C wan' ' Witwer, D. lglylers, Slusllefa gright, F. a es, . qulres, . lmmerman, FRESHMEN Kochman, A. Perrine, R. Travis, W. MW, Koegel, L. Rice, J. Twynham, T. Lackey, L. Richie, R. Udell, G. Leighton, L. Roman, V. VanSteenburg, R Lutz, D. Sallber, R- Vogel, R. Mesgmore, C, Savelys W- Williams, F. Mingle, R. Scifggdg R' Wallace, K. Mondl A. e I ' ' Walther D. Newton, R. Sllzslnlfllgfnwli Watson,,A. Nicely, P. Small J , ' Yurkowsky, K Parris, H. Stone: Ziherl, E. Paufma T- Stoner, R. Plante W- Peach, T. Thgmag, G, Tyler, E. Putman, J. Thorn, M. Spaethe, W. Baker, R. Brechbiel, F. Brickels, J. Cahill, W. Chapman, I. Chesko, S. Codrea, J. Barker, H. Basick, B. Black, G. Booth, C. Chester, W. Christensen, Cook, R. Cornely, J. Craig, E. Darst, A. David, J. Frank Vukan-C SENIORS Charles Wyman Andrew Ondecker Robert Toye W. o. Comdr. ' ""'hpw.,,,R N "'w-1 ., 6 . -L... 4 56' f ' n A V ' X if. ' . ' , ' sf ' . -, .M .A g-af.. - ,Q 0 .A+ . , V 24 MQ, an , A f JUNIORS Dallas Sprinkle Jerry Colombes Rex Wingard George Anastos Peter Gitter SOPHOMORES Curtice, W. Gluck, S. Dunderman, F. Guran, W. MARDELLE WITWEF Farley, W. Haddad, G. Honorary Cadet Captain Farmer, W. Halliburton, F. Ferri, F. Harris, E. F riess, A. Hilkert, W. Gabriel, D. Johnston, B. Gildow, G. FRESHMEN Alf' Dove, R. Gopp, D. Eckert, G. Gustely, E. Ellis, W- Headley, G. Flickinger, W. Henrich, W. Frank, E' Henderliter, H. Freedman, R. Holsberry, B. F ruscella, R. H t A Gelvin, R. or oil' ' George, D. Schneider, J. George, G. M. Hailey, T- George, G. P. Cianchetti, V. . ,... ..,, ,fel . f 1... ' ,, I I .. ,N .Q 6 .. .I -'xr 'M ...AH .1 ay' .1 .f - + ' ." .A iw' f f .P fly' - . M., . V N, . . , .V . ,mf f 1175 - 1' ' " . ' v fvr' ." ' . Y ,sf J ,. .bww W ,--4 J ,I , 51.0, ij Q- - .... A K -. V F mb- Ng.. Iss' SENIORS Richard Garver-Co. Dean Chapman Vance Luke ARLENE JOHNSON Honorary Cadet Captain 'WW .-aff' Comdr. Kannel, W. Kasse, R. Larson, N. Latona, F. Lawrence, W. Linder, R. Lowes, F. Maluke, A. Hodges, G. Howard, P. Huey, W. Johnston, T. Kaplin, I. Kelley, F. Kominic, S. Lenihan, P. Laraway, J. Lockney, R. McKee, J. JUNIORS Ned Neidemire Ralph Young Myron Suderow Gene Sucharda Alvin Greenhorn SOPHOMORES Mayfield, C. Silverman, E. Miller, J. H Sutton, J. Myers, S. Thorn, A. Panich, G. Thornton, J. Pescan, G. Walker, J. Porfedo, V. Woehl, F. Robinson, J. Steffens, W. FRESHMEN ' Moore, S. Tyson, W. Neal, R. VanDoras, T. Nelson, V- Walter, D. NYC, G- Waynesboro, N. Palme? J' Weinberg, R. Eolevol, S.J Zidoa G. ..:if.:'f:if"' Sholiton, L. Muzlk' J' Slusser, R. Petrafka, G. Tengea, J. Moskoff, M. Allen, C. Bailey, R. Baker, R. Batuik, G. Belair, G. Bellassai, J. Bloomberg, R. Bredhold, R. Braumbaugh, M. Ballard, J Bllder, J Bloch, E Boughten, J. Allen, B. W Boughten, Bringardner Brown, R. Cardina, J. Carney, J. Caulkins, F. Chema, E. Cockerham, Coomes, T. Cundiff, S. Curry, E. ,L. P. IIIIIIIPIIIW E SENIORS Eric Chedester--Co. Comdr. Sanford Stern Marvin McCormick SOPHOMORES Campanale, A. Campbell, J. Child, R. Crawford, R. Cullison, A. Denholm, K. DiNapoli, F. l Difederico, M. Garver, R. FRESHMEN Dillard, B.. Dilley, D. Egbert, E. Evans, A. Fitzpatrick, N. Frederick, L. Fry, B. Gardner, H. ' Goodall, P. Grosswiller, W. Hall, R. Hamman, J. Haramis, C. Hassel, H. Henderson, R. Gertz, P. Hackim, C. Hertle, I. Handler, L. Hoffman, J. Holzapfel, J. Jenkins, L. Kaufman, G. Henton, S. Herman, G. Hissam, J. Hixenbaugh, P. Hixson, C. Hobbs, H. Hostetler, R. Huryn, J. Jarrett, W. Kageorge, P. Keen, C. Kiernan, R. King, W. Dort, A. Dallas, P. JUNIORS Robert Dine Julius Meszaros Kenneth Koller BETTY BOYD Honorary Cadet Captain John Laughlin-Co. Comdr. SENIORS JUNIORS Burton Hickman Raymond Upp Phillip Smith Affhuf Larsen Reber' Keene SOPHOMORES Kidder, L. Pappano, J. Stimler, F. Kleines, E. Pastuck, R. Swartz, J. Libbey, E. Peterson, H. Turney, W. BARBARA CROCKETT Lutsch, J. Powers, T. Waggoner, R. Honorary Cadffi Captain Maher, R. Reaven, A. Wallace, R. McAllister, R. Sholitan, L. Watson, P. Moreland, H. Slee, W. Wilkins, W. Nicholas, D. Smith, D. Wolif, W. Oatley, L. Smith, J. F RESHMEN Lambacker, R. Rehm, R. Varga, J. Mays, M. Rennie, C. Vogenitz, R. Meisner, O. Shepherd, C. Wakefield, J. Mercer, R. Siebert, N. Walker, J. Hihalka, J. Smith, C. Weaver, H. Miller, H. Snyder, R. Weise, M. Moorfield, R. Sugar, B. Wilson, R. Mueller, J. Swartz, D. Workman, E. Myers, F. Taylor, R. Yurkowsky, M Neil, J. Thomas, J. Wells, N. Pollock, A. Thomann, C. Mate, F. Porosky, J. Triche, L. Maluke, J. Porteck, E. Turner, R. IIIIIIIPIIIW G SENIORS .IUNIORS Karl Cullison-Co. Comdr. Robert Berry Marvin Heid SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Andreoli, A. Burkley, C. Ayers, T. Chima, V. B63Cll, K. Clark, L. Binesa W' Craven, C' Honorary Cadet Captain Bond, E. Davis, C. Boston, A. Davis, W. Broadbent, R. Dorrais, F . Carr, W. Dorman, H. Culbertson, R. Dye, W. DeShon, R. Enlich, D. Florin, G. Fogarty, E. F lossie, B. Frank, J. F loyers, W. Fuchs, J. Gingo, G. Gigante, A. if Griffiths, J. Grotz, A. Hardman, A. Herrmann, E. Heinick, J. Hunsicker, O. Helfrich, L. Hiltner, J. Hope, G. Jones, T. Hope, R. Juillerat, G. Dinnoscio, L. "f"aGZ.. Nw im? Vg' v ,.. vw . MILDRED WILLIAMSON Honorary Cadet Captain IIIIIIPIIIW ll SENIORS JUNIORS Jack Marlowe-Co. Comdr. Carl Yokum Robert Russell Hollis Allan SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Kay, J. Just, F. Livensparger, C. Looney, F- Maurer, B. Marks, S- McEldowney, E. M0Ye1'o H- on, D. Mnsser, C. Poulton, W. PPICC, T. 2z:::2:::.- Ristich, A. sever, IQ. ' Samaras, T. Shecht, L. Schneider, H. Smith, R. Selby, W- Smith, R. Siff, A- Stenger, C. Snyder, R. Stenger, J. Tappan, H. Straezar, J. Teger, C, Taller, T. L' 1zi:.1i:':,a3. Wallock' P' Winstead, Welhe, E. - Wood, E' Weiss, E. Radak, J, Wright, W. Veletay, R. .QC Qfgyfliffgd A .ow w vw W wg, wr fx 17,- T6 ,W . , 4l,5,,,5,. Zag :ig , ' k 142 'Z 44,5 3' X W 'I 6, if ff 2 g i .. . , J : Cf ' " 412.4 9 . if Q1 'W' va ww' 6 , -4 Q .3 N 4 x i 5 1 ff ' if A '11 Q ' sv- Q X a A ,fs .A A , ww ' , X ,V ag, ,Y " , in x , S gram K f 9 , K 'E , ij ,f+'Sji'h1 , f Q f' w -- x .A x rf off" ,,Q, Qs 'Q 1 , . .1 MN - V, X., Wwwww, - , ' 'mwwuml mv Y 4 M M01-f fu c ggfqwwzw.. . nf X 5 -1 Q f v V mfw' -ww W4 QM' Q Q, V. 2 - , ,V A , f 8 IEWENIINIGJ SSESSSSIIQNI le 9 ,runw- kr' EVE G SENATE Esiablished I'-729 Purpose: The Evening Session Senafe is ihe sfudenf governing body and under i+s direcfion plans and conducis various s+uden+ exfra-curricular acfiviiies. FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER A President John Wigand Presideni: Ford Dickerhofi Vice Presidenir Roberf Anderson Vice President Don Walcofi Recording Secreiary: Rose G5agHanese Recording SeQre+arygI4elen Pinkos Corresponding Secreiary: Doroflny Shoberf Corresponding Segrefary: Norman Brammall Treasurer: Ford Diciterhoff Treasurer: Bob Anderson MEMBERS-Helen Pinlcos, Andy Hanzelv, Barbara Senn. MEMBERS-Rose Gaglianesel Edyfhe Hurlbufl Sara Har- grove. EW? JNIGE CIESSSSNQN CILAQSS IRIEIPIRIESIEIHI LWWIE Ruth Alexis Paul Ambrose George R. Anderson Catherine Badonsky W. B. Baer Anne Balai John W. Barnes Charles A. Barnes Leona Barnes Elizabeth Beatson Jessadene Beckley J. C. Beidie Louis Berger Mary Bertele Rose Bertilacci George H. Bertsch Leonard Bertsch Mariorie Bientz Vincent Biondo Glen A. Bishop Earl Bond William Bond Josephine Bostick Lucile Boylan Mrs. lda Boyle Mildred Bozin Norman Brammall Jane Bricken Herbert H Brooks Ted Brosch Gordon Bundy Walter Butwill John Byrider Mary Cacioppo Julia Camp - Leonard Carlisle Mrs. Alice Chaltant C. P. Chima Nicholas Chima Eleanor Clause Velma Clinton James Cochrane Leona Coda Beryl Coulter John Edward Coltrap Grace Courtney J. C. Crawford Martha Cummins Herbert H. Deist Evelyn DeLong John Demko Tom Denton Josephine D'lanni Ford Dickerhott Bety Dunlevy Lawrence Earley Doris Ebersole Ruth Eblen Robert A. Eckard William E. Eisenhart Edwin Elliott Eleanor Elliott Kenneth J. Ehr Don Evans Clittord S. Farmer Warren Farner William F. Fiedler Sylvester Fisher Helyn Fitzoerald Josephine Flickinger Leonrd Fortune Ariadne Foss George Fretz John H. Frye Harriet Furlong Rose Galanese Edna Gardner Dorothy Gaylord Roy B. Geissinqer Georgene Glasgow Logan W. Glass Laila Goldwood Eleanor Gombert Dale H. Green Dorothy Grieve Fred Grimm Howard Grohe LeRoy Grosh Carmen Gullia Emil Gullia Alfred Gutgesell Henry Haines Sara Hargrove Willard Harris Doris Hartford W. J. Hazen Mary Headley Bill Heasley Ruthe Heller John Henterly Albert Hoter Verna Hottman Joanna Hottmaster Mabel Hoptner Walter Hraniloyich Robert Hughes R. M. Rumphrey Edythe Hurlbut Henry ltfland Dewey lsner Robert H. Jackson Rosalene Jacobsen Pauline Johns Eugene Jones Mary Francis Karr Ruth Kelly Fanny Kerr Ted Kersker Louise Klespies J W. Koeqel Mike Komaromi Jack Korwin Carolyn Kosher Phylis Kotzen Anne Krinov Don Kuethe Ruth Kysor Janice Land Mrs. Sarah Lauer Mary Leon Doris Lincks Dorothy Links Richard Lockhart Paul Lonq Edith Lukats Donald Lutz Elliott L. Mier Helen Marion Louis Martin Lewis Mate George Matye Patrick McAllister George E. McCord, Jr. Wilson McDonald Ruht Mcllmoyle William Mclntosh Frank Mclntyre Edward McKee Elizabeth J. McPherson William K. McPherson Alma Merkle N. L. Meyer Dale Moles Russell Morriss George Murphy Ralph Murphy Hershel Murvine William J. Nagy Jarvis A. Nelson Roy Nevling Kenneth Nichols Beatrice Ottineer Warren R. O'Neil V. Oros Kathryn Pagnard John Pancoast Romeo Parenti Eva Parsons Anthony Patino Mary E. Peck Charles Pettit Mrs. Lucretia Phillips Patricia Phillips Helen Pinkos Rose Piscazzi Buckley Porter Bruno Praspal George Rausch Martha Reed Catherine Rehman Mrs. Helen M. Reid Vincent Reyman Mildred A. Ries Don Riqqle Mrs. Anna Ross Anna Sakach John J. Sarb Doris Scarem Wendell Scott J. Dennison Seymour Sue Singleton Anna Slavich Richard Slusser June Smith William C Smith Marian Spicer Emil Staicer Stewart Stoll Mrs. Charlote Strausser Mrs. Marqery V. Tabler llona Tailor John Tartara Ralph H. Thomas William G. Thomas James Titmas Edith Toye Genevieve Tryon Ethel Van Valkenburg Don Walcott Lawrence Watkins Olive Watson Curtis Weaver Victor Weiqand Jeanne Weirick Ruth Weninqer Bruce W, Wert Anne White John Wiqand, Jr. Haskell Wilder Carl Wile Mariorie Wilkinson W. Wilson J. M. Winstead Byron Wood Hazel Woody Alice Zalor Ol a Zemlansky Miaicent Ann Ziherl Josephine Zook ELLEN JONES Evening Session Editor I . if-'rf George Mafye, William Smilh, James Dunlevey, John Sarb en Hollinger, Suzanne Ralston, Mary Keller, Ellen Jones, Rufh Elliolf A. E, H N IR IB ' L' Q Q A V Purpose of Organizalionz Evening sludenls who are aclive in exlra-curricular achvlhes earn a folal of 25 poinls in four or more aclivilies, mainlain an average of C in scholarship over a perlocl of four or more semeslers. are welcomed inlo membership in A. E. Honorary Fralermly OFFICERS: FIRST SEMESTER l940-4l SECOND SEMESTER l94I Suzanne Ralslon-Presidenl John Sarb-Pregldenf Mariorie Fischer-Secrelary Ellen Jones Secrelary MEMBERS Eunice Barns Ida Dyer Boyle Mariorie Fischer George Malye Ellen E. Jones Rulh Ellioll' Mary Kellar Warren Kaess Charles Rennie John S. Sarb William Smilh Henry Walls Rilla Bruederlein Jrhe members. Virginia Anderson Ed Asher Charles A. Barnes Leonard Ber+sch Jean Blowers Josephine Bosiick Herberf Broolcs Doroihy Carrier Janei Cole Plasceifa Cooper Beryl Cooper Louise Curfman Thurle Dauber Evelyn DeLong Tom Denfon Ford Diclcerhofi Ru+h Eblen . Charles A. Felfon Drieda Fillian Eileen Fillian Eleanor Frienden Harriei Furlong Rose Galanese Thomas Garner LeRoy Grosh Sara Hargrove IEVIEIWINCE W SIUE Eslablished l93O The aim shall be lo develop lalenf in ihe produciion of plays and lo creale good fellowship among OFFICERS Presideni: Ford Diclcerhoff Vice Presideniz Don Wal Secrelary: Eileen Joyce Treasurer: Ellen Jones Hosless: Jean Blowers Facully Direclora D. Gle MEMBER'S Edward Harlman Mary Headley Be+'ry Hevener Edyfhe Hurlbuf Ellen Jones Eileen Joyce Margarel' Kolarilc Jack Korwin Phyllis Kolzen Milan Kronenlhal Lulie Mae Kuders Vahey Kupelian Rulh Kysor coil nn Slarlin Doroihy Link Helen Marion Annabelle McDowell William Nagy Eileen O'Brien Julia Ords Anihony Palrino Mayford Pence Lucrefia Phillips Suzanne Ralsfon Dolores Richier Evelyn Ries James Robb Dolores Seiler Vincen'rSha1Cier Ann Slavich Helen S+einer A. C. Siewarf Mary Theiss Eleanor Vine Don Walcofr Fannie Wall John Wigand Mariorie Wilkinson Millicenl Ann Ziherl F f Doris Mae Ailrins Isabelle Barber Josephine Bos+ick Dorofhy Brooks Janef Cole Doris Daily Peggy Dawson Dorolhy Gaylord GAMMA ETA Local Evening Session Sorori+y Esfablished I 935 FACULTY ADVISER Rena Nancy Cable OFFICERS President Alice M. Moore Vice Presidenfz Dolores Seiler Corresponding Secreiaryz Eleanor Vinez Treasurer: Peggy Dawson Hisforianz June Murphy Propheiess: Dorofhy Broolrs Guard: Enid Green MEMBERS Eleanor Green Enid Green Marie Grell Eunice Habercosf Rurh Hynde Alice Moore June Murphy Virginia Nixon PLEDGES Mariorie Als1'oH Ruih Mac Monagle Mary Francis Bedell Rufh Shoberl' Philippa BenneH Margaref Trommer Sara Hargrove Arilda Washburn Margeref Peferson Margeref Piflxin Doris Rivers Dolores Seiler Margarel' Shaver Dorofhy Shoberl' Eleanor Vinez Ada Weber -he M N-was-r-1 aww' W, Doris Mae Aiklhi Isabelle Barber Doroflwy Brooks 03' M ...rf ww- Eleanor Green Ru'l'l1 Mac Monagle Alice Moore 1ffBi"" WWW' 3 Aff? Virginia Nixon Doroflfiy Shoberi' Mafgafel' Sl"aVel' mm Ada Weber FACULTY ADVISER Rena Nancy Cable 'PV' Peggy Dawson ,gawk img! exam-ww' June Murphy mwnur, fm' M99 'Nike Eleanor Vinez CWI! SIGMA Nl! :- N i ' :S fs E4 Gamma Chapler Founded al PiH'sburgh, Pennsylvania in l925 Gamma Chapler Eslablished I93l Purpose: To promole social aclivifies of +he evening session men OFFICERS Presidenlz Roy E. McLaughlin Secrelaryz T. Evan Bre++ Guard: William Core Vice Presidenlz Ivan Coleman Treasurer: Ralph G. Hoskin Prophet Waller Johnson MEMBERS Reginald E. Anderson Theo. Roberl Bahry Thomas Evan BreH Harold Brusl Francis J. Clark Ivan O. Coleman William G. Core Harold W. Field Vince-ni J. Flickinger Alvin Lee Goodharf Andrew Hanzel, Jr. Gerard Hoerbel+ Ralph G. Hoskin Waller L. Johnson Eugene W. Jones Richard H. Jordan J. Noon Marsh Leo J. McFarland Roy E. McLaughlin W. Paul Mills Charles G. Pellil Herberl' Price William J. Reichari James Robb Johnny Sarb Jack B. Siemon Donald G. Singer Ralph H. Thomas W. Glen Thomas M. Eugene Wallz Gerald E. Zeis Roberl O. Alspaugh Harold G. Baker Archie Blackwood Russell Cunningham Howard Henshaw M. E. Parsons Vernon Rodgers Ronald F. Russell W. R. Len+z Wilbur D. Medkelif Howard D. Saurer Elwood A. Thurslon W. Fred Wade , Clarence Williams Ed. Williams Myron G. Nuzum Orland A. Porfer Clyde R. Wyckoff T. Slewari' Aleshire Russell Eiber Paul Borda E. Vance Florence George Male Ira E. Garver A. G. eaves FACULTY ADVISER Mike Goldin Dr. W. W. Leigh I If ,Vf:, -, ' KW:-an il E wg, A W 4...-.N Awww ivwww.. Reginald E. Anderson J, Noon Marsh Thomas Evan Bi-eff Ivan O. Coleman Alvin Lee Goodharl L ,ml ., . Q ,, S. uqlwwilvf' grad-'A Gerard Hoerbelf Ralph G. Hoslcin Eugene W. Jones Walfer L. Johnson Leo J. McFarland .Ho 1.12 iN'H"""3ia, L e, .',: ..-,- mm 'lli Wx if 'Q 2 K ws... if fi Qs' 1 -23:19 3 Roy E. McLaughlin W. Paul Mills Charles G. Peffii' Johnny Serb Jack B. Siemon 'Ml' Ge,-aid E, Zeis Ralph H. Thomas Donald G. Singer M. Euqene Walh W. Glen Thomas A X N. X , W...-N 'mmm Q. ,mf -x wx YAXN g W. . Q X D mf V X . . M L, E , as 1, M9252 315' 3. 2 1 3 L 1 f A f ,v,, . . jfgi., f P , 4f244f5fL.,fz- nm- ,- . 9 1-fr ff , , , I Z I Z 2 7 'K fwznzfff f 'Z - G M ,f vf f,,f,gzff' Z f 'Z ,.., 1 7 fn 4.7 4 1. ig? 1 f 1 5 1, ,Z ,K ,, ,,gf ZX? ayff , 'ff 'MQW f , ,A , ,, f ,A , 1 s 'F fsigrxf - 4121. 5' 1 W, ,, Q M gf ,v - L , ,yn ' 1? . 4 as f , K , ., , I 2,41 ,ff f , , ,ff ' If ' ,4 ,. 3452145-' ' f 4 'f :LQ F' -- f ,,f1,f1fQ:' f "'f'f1 ,fa 1,wwpyi'ff aww-1' ' 1 4 , , 2 f Q2 ffbf . V A 1. A ' Ffh-LQ, jf? f' ' ' ' mwwwmf-A-' 2 v 4.4 f f Y 1, -5, '? e Q , 1 - nf.. , 4 ' -1 + 25 . f ff , 1,5 4, 432' ' ffz 1? 1, ' 1 1 LWIFHILIETIICSS Gridiron inferesf soared fo new heighfs af fhe Universify of Akron fhis year as fhe Zippers played six of fheir seven home games in 'rhe new 5546.000 Rubber Bowl. The Zips didn"r fare so well af fhe beginning of fhe season dropping five games and fying fwo. Afler suffering a humiliafing defeaf af fhe hands of fhe Youngsfown Penguins, fhe Zippers upsef fhe pro- verbial dope buckef by frouncing a Kenf Sfafe machine 23-7. The Flashes had won seven sfraighf and were headed for fhe Sun Bowl classic. On Thanksgiving morning fhe Hillfoppers ran rampanf over hapless John Carroll eleven, scoring more poinfs fhan had been marked up in all previous games fogefher. The final score was Akron 47-John Carroll 0. SEASON RECORD Akron ...... ........... 0 Akron .. 0 Akron -. 0 Akron .. 6 Akron .. 7 Akron .. 7 Akron .. 0 Akron ...... ....... 2 3 Akron .......... ....... 4 7 Tofals ..........,.... Tofal: 2 wins, 2 fies, 5 losses. Defroif Tech ........ lBuchfel Fieldl Colgafe .............. fTherel Wesfern Reserve lRubber Bowll lll. Wesleyan ...... lRubber Bowll Wayne ................ fTherel Baldwin-Wallace lRubber Bowll Youngsfown ........ lRubber Bowll Kenf .....,.....,... . lRubber Bowllm- John Carroll ...... lRubber Bowll Tofals .,...,...... ,WWE Froni' row llefi' fo righ+l: Florin, Nix, Bosron, Selby, Lukas, Warner, Moskoff. Second row: Siudeni Manager Pappano, Hibbard, Chrisiner, Maluke, Capt Fernella, Mikolashek, T. Sullivan, Monzo. Froni' row: Harker, Campanale, Larena, Coach Russ Beichly, DiNapoli, Wilkins, Wal+er, Srudeni Managers Brickels and Koledin. Third row: Senior Manager DeCora, Coach Dowler, Broge, Andreoli, Greenhorn, McAllisfer, Humphrey, Grigas, Heller, Coach Ofis Douglas, Senior Manager McCormick. The piciure below is pari of rhe crowded parking lor rhai' gives evidence of fhe number of fans 'ihai iammed 'rhe Rubber Bowl for ihe John Carroll game Thanksgiving morning. All Akron U aHendance records were sha'Hered ihis year as fhe Zippers played before a 1'o+al of 58,938 fans in nine games, hanging up an aH'endance record second only 'ro Ohio Sfafe in Ohio. Due io ihe 'Fad Thai' fhe Zips played rhe maioriry of iheir home games in +he Rubber Bowl 'lhey were able 'io esfablish an average of 8,4I9 per game as compared wirh ihe 5,7 86 average sei lasf year. 'E' Q Q . M . 5 KklWj,mvL! lvni tw-'WM . , ,.. x ,46,...w-"5 4' ff' try.,--"' I 3 M,,..., 1 i , ,M E 4 ,fi 5 f , X i J' if ' x' riffs f x Qf ,fifw-3 J ? '11 ,E if 'Ugg-1, xg-Vg ff i'i f1"'f'Q Lf 2 23.2 A .7 'lf ' ' 6 9. A n zfvf is F' .J -a , -9 ga v 'iz . Cd 5 T 5: ,, .4 'T ,,-J , Qs: 'rf , 'Q I 1 ya. .. gf 235 14. ' Q, . -n l-tlilxft, . 'ig n C 358 fl. Q me . fl. ' W 2 Z? w f A ti. I 47 ' X " -f-, ,R ff It X ,K I ffm, uhm ,M V1 f M50 Wy ,4 MQW 1 . j M Qf?W! QQ f 4 1' 1 Niki W' rf??f," V1 X, . ff 1 0 7 ,f Wan :WW ff Q3 ' , : W N ,Sgfi4,y 37loss 'l'o BW 7 . 3 max ix 1 X U w ww X Y" v , fi N , Nw.. X 3 , X . P NNN' MMM? Y , 1.3350 ' x w :mp .KN MQ Q N . rf .N . , I Q. , x , . ..,A 1' fix Q . B NEW CQACH IQIIGIIIWII SSPPAIQISSS SIQIQIIIIUCE IQIQACITIICE Spring foofball pracfice was high- lighfed by fhe appearance of fhree new coaches. Ofis Douglas, formerly fhe Zipper line coach, was appoinfed head coach, replacing Tommy Dowler. Frank Zazula, one of fhe greafesf of Akron's backfielders will handle fhe backfield. Vic Obeck, recenfly a line- man and line coach of fhe Bosfon Bears professional feam will fake over Coach Douglasi old dufies. Two new freshman coaches have been appoinfed and fhey will assume fheir dufies nexf fall. They are Mike Krino, all-Ohio cenfer while af Akron, and Les Mikolashek, one of fhe finesf guards ever fo play af fhe Universify. Les graduafes fhis June, and Mike graduafed in I936. Blocking and fackling were fhe specials on fhe spring pracfice menu wifh Douglas and Obeck using some of fheir own invenfions for fhe grldders fo work ouf on including a I500 pound sled for seven linemen fo push across 'rhe field. Coach Russ Beichly s'rar'red his firsl year as varsi'ry menlor and coached his charges 'lo one of lhe besl' courl records in lhe hislory of The school, I3 wins and 6 losses. The Zippers opened 'rhe season againsl' 'rhe Mus- kingum Muslxies al Goodyear Gym and prompfly clashed Beichly's hopes for a winner in ihe curfain raiser. Dave McDowell challced up I2 poinls lo lead fhe Muslcies 'lo viclory, 4l-32. On a long road lfrip shorlly before 'rhe Chrisfmas vacalion lhe Zips emerged viclorious in iwo of lhe four games. They losl io a powerful Ohio U squad 45-29, and were edged 45-43 by a rangy Washinglon 8: Jefferson five. However, +he Hillfoppers upsef a highly raled Niagara College 'ream 4I-24, and lopped Cincin- nali 28-25 in a low scoring game. A shuffle double-header was fhen run off wilh lhe Zips besfing +he Bee-Gees from Bowling Green, 33-30 and fhen downing Baldwin Wallace, 39-28. Coach Beichly's boys fhen pu'r on a record break- ing scoring spree lo wallop Weslern Reserve 70- 24 al' Cleveland, and almosl' duplica+ed lhe feal' by faking a 69-32 decision. Alcron confinued lo be a iinx 'ro 'rhe Cleveland reams, 'rrouncing lhe Sfrealcs, 53-36. Even wifh Jim Richcreelc, all-Ohio forwarcl, fhe Ashland Eagles weni' down before ihe powerful oFFense of fhe Zippers. , The Akron squad once again rouied Ihe Blue Sireaks of John Carroll, Ihis Iime Io Ihe fune of a 42-34 counf. Bu+ Ihe Zips' win sireak was snapped by a Youngsfown five a+ Youngsrown, 43-39. Akron had walked over I'he Penguins earlier in 'rhe season, 62-28. Kenf SI'aIe was Ihe only Ieam Io defeai' 'Ihe Zippers more Ihan once 'Ihis season, raking +he Hillfoppers' measure by scores of 33-29 and 43-3 I. John Lufsch scored I7 poinrs Io lead +he Zippers Io a 50-39 win over Baldwin Wallace, Akron's sixfh win off Cleveland Ieams Ihis year. ' Wayne Universify and Lawrence Tech played hosf fo +he Zips in Iheir final games of Ihe season, played ai' 'Ihe Rubber Ciiy. Akron whipped Wayne 44-3l as I'hey pushed ahead Io sfay in Ihe second half. Capfain Bob Larson scored I9 poin'Is 'Io lead I'he squad Io a 63-47 vicrory in I'he finale. The Zippers recorded 849 poin'rs in Ihe I9 games wiI'h Forward John Lufsch scoring 2I9 Io lead I'he Ieam. Lufsch sei' an all-'rime Universify scoring mark. Capt Bob Larson was second wifh I56 poinfs, also scoring 30 our of 4I fouls Io lead Ihe feam in Ihai' deparfmenf. Q Two of +he Universi+y's records in 'rhe 200-yard dash and fhe l00-yard dash were cracked by Byron Fry, lal'e addilion lo 'lhe Universily of Akron's swimming leam, +o salvage somelhing ou+ of a winless season. Fry beflfered +he old record of 2:36.8 +o 2:36 in lhe 200-yard eveni and broke +he +ime of l:06 in +he cenlury, lowering if fo I:0'I. The Universily of Akron's nafarors closed +heir +hird sfraighl' year wifhoul' a vicfory, losing seven in a row. The Zippers opened fhe season againsl Bowling Green and were de- feaied 48-24. Absence of men fo swim in +he various evenls caused lhe Zips' downfall. Ohio Wesleyan swamped +he Hill+oppers in 'lheir second meel, 48-25. The newly appoinfed line coach, Vic Obeclc, +hen fool: over lhe Former dufies of Coach Olis Douglas as swimming coach. Shorfly before +he Fenn mee+ four new men became eligible 'lo give Obeclc some hope of vicfory. The new men were Byron Fry, a versafile swimmer who owns seven individual records al' lhe Y. M. C. A., John Hamilfon, excellenl free-slyle dash man, Larry Thompson, baclcsfrolcer and a member of lasl' year's 'Freshman +eam, and George Pescan, back- sfrolcer and also a member of las'r year's freshman squad. The Zips losl' fheir nexf live meefs +o: Fenn, 50-24: Kenl' Slale, 48-30: Weslern Reserve, 57-I9: Slippery Rock, 56-I9g and Ohio Universify, 57- I 8. www., . 'WS ILIE TIENIWSS CapTuring honors in The CiTy league and The NorTheasTern Ohio TournamenT, The UniversiTy Table Tennis Team rode rough- shod over The opposiTion, winning II maTches while dropping only one, To KenT STaTe. However, This was avenged in The NEO meeTi ln Taking The CiTy TiTle The Zippers capTured seven sTraighT wins aT The EiresTone clubhouse. Akron had a high score oT 32 in The NEO Tourney aT Cleveland. KenT STaTe was second wiTh 24, and The lv1eTropoliTan College of Cleveland was Third wiTh Tour poinTs. A CapTain George Haddad, Akron ciTy singles champ, Eugene Weiss, John Codrea, and Joseph Cardina are The members oT The championship squad. Mike Fernella, senior, received The coveTed "mosT valuable aThleTe" award from The lnTerTraTerniTy Council aT The annual inTerTraTerniTy dance. The Trophy was presenTed by Coach Russ Beichly. Fernella is The TirsT man To fulfill The requiremenTs Tor This cup since l938. To receive This honor, The man musT possess a leTTer in each of The Three maior sporTs and Two monograms in one of The minor sporTs. He musT also receive All-Ohio recogniTion in one of These sporTs. Fernella was given a berTh on The All-Ohio and LiTTle All- American fooTball elevens in I938 and has won Three leTTers each in TooTball and baskeTball. He expecTs To geT his Third leTTer in Track This semesTer. I ff FIENCNNGJ Fencing aT The UniversiTy This year was marked by individual performances due To The TacT ThaT Tew colleges carry Tencing on Their sporTs calendars. AT The TirsT oT The season Lewis HelTrich and George PTieTTer Tied Tor second aT The Ohio Division oT The AmaTeur Fencing League TournamenT aT Cleveland. LaTer in The season Harry HurTT qualiTied Tor The Mid-WesTern SecTional meeT aTTer finishing TirsT in The NorTh-EasTern Ohio Tourney. George PTieTTer, who also enTered, was eliminaTed in The semi-Tinals. IIN? A U AIL ANIID NNQIQ S5990 'FSS Non-FraTs Cop Second Bowling TiTle One OT The newesT sporTs To be added To The lnTramural sporT's program is bowling. WiTh every TraTerniTy on The campus compeTing along wiTh non-aTTiliaTes, The Non-FraT squad, which includes l-larold Mingle. Glenn Hawk, ForesT Walker, RoberT lvlingle, and RoberT Kilgore, coppecl their second sTraighT bowling TiTle. Teams Trom The Engineers and The Chi Sigma Nu TraTerniTy Tied Tor second place in The bowling sTandings. lnTramural BaskeTball All-STar Squad SelecTed SporTs wriTers oT The sTudenT publicaTion This year selecTed an All-STar Team in baskeTball Tor The TirsT Time in several years wiTh Tour oT The enTranTs in This year's compeTiTion placing aT leasT one man on The TTrsT squad. The Non-FraTs wiTh a season record oT 8 wins againsT one seTback ended The long reign oT The Lone STar FraTerniTy and won This year's championship. The-members oT The win- ning squad included Sam Servis, Paul Pappas, Bob T-leTTleman, Paul WaTson, Ray Doroslaw, Joe Pappano, and Orpheus Nurches. The Lone STars Took second place wiTh a record oT 6 wins and 3 deTeaTs. WresTlers Drop Seven, Tie One The Zipper wresTling squad came The closesT To winning a maTch in Three years when They Tied Baldwin Wallace in The lasT maTch oT The season. Previous To The Tie, The grapplers dropped seven meeTs in inTer-collegiaTe compeTiTion. Norm Elder Leads Gym Squad One oT The highlighTs oT The season Tor The UniversiTy oT Akron gym Team came when They placed second in The Second Annual lnviTaTion Gym MeeT held aT Crouse gym aT The close oT The regular season. CapTain Norm Elder was The ouTsTanding member oT This year's Team copping TirsT place in The inviTaTional meeT in The parallel bars and rings. Elder laTer was chosen as The ouTsTanding all-around gymnasT in The enTire meeT. ln addiTion To compeTing in The meeT, The gym Team gave exhibiTion perTormances during The half-Time OT all home baskeTball ,game-s. Members of The annually selecTed all inframural baskeTbaIl are, Roberf Broadbenl' Phi DelT TheTa, Roberf Heffleman, Non-FraT, John Lukas, Lone STar, Jack Manes, Alpha Epsilon Pl Paul Pappas, Non-FraT. Tom Samaras, John Neil, Tiny Bolha. Adam Parsons, Coach Douglas. Frank Di Napoli, Joe Eisenzimmer, Bill Slusher. No? presenf Andy Maluke W IWENVSS SSIFQIQTC The annual Freshman Welcome Picnic in Ocfober officially ushered in fhe firsf of 'lhe many scheduled women's sporfs aciivifies of ihe year. Previous fo 'lhis Universify women had been enioying fhe Tuesday and Thursday archery and 'lennis pracfices which fhe Women's Afhlefic Associafion had sponsored since fhe beginning of fhe fall semesier. Volleyball and baslrefball fournamenfs began in November and January. They were climaxed by fhe annual Army-Navy game and banquef March 20. Trophies and plaques were prese-n+ed fo fhese vic+orious fournamenl ieams af fhe banquet Kappa Kappa Gamma won in iniramural badminfong Non-Sororiiy, inframural baslxefball, volleyball, and lable iennisg and Sophomores, in'rer- class volleyball and baslceiball. individual winners were Helen Blaferic, badminlon and foul shoofingg Olga James, 'lable lennisg and Ann Tschaniz and Jane DeCora, badminfon and declr fennis. Eighfeen women represenied Alrron Universify af +he Universify of Cincinna+i's annual Playday March l5. They defeafed ofher colleges in badminfon, baslcefball, and shufileboard. Akron Universify women also had a Playday, March 85 Ken? Siafe and Woosfer colleges parlicipafed wifh us in baslcefball, badmin- +on, and fable fennis. Rachael Conn served as WAA presidenl' fhis year. Oiher olTicers were Sue Snyder, vice-presidenh Helen Blaferic, recording sec- reiaryg and Cafherine Byrne, corresponding secrefary. Members of 'lhe board who served as managers of ihe various spor+s were Marihabell Rielcer, oufingg Margarei' Saus, deck iennisg Jennie Pullc, archery: Miriam Hoffman, baslrefballg JeaneHe Cooper, vol- leyball: Eihel Welloclc, dance: Peggy Marcum, iennisg Jane Scheffler, riding: Doris Milrlashelr, bowling, Belly Lee Marlcey, fencing: Ann Tschanfz, swimming, Helen Frederick, fable iennisg and Jane Decora, badminfon. . ,cm 3,7 8355, " ,.. L, N?-ci b 3 5 as x Y 2 qi xx VK. gf, 'wfviixf 2 Jw. ' ,At 401W 1 - 1159? M12 . 414 gf x X . , 'ls iw GQVXIEIQNIVAIIENT AND IFQLU ILUCIWIIQNISS Q f' if 'lun-M' STUDENT CQUJNCNIL Gordon Hagerman .....................,.... Presidenl of S+uden+ Body Eleanor Woodard .v,... Upper College Represenralive ar Large Roberr Berry .............. Upper College Represenralive ar Large Belly Cooper ...,.,.,.... Upper College Represenlarive a'r Large Don lVlCGaugl1ey ........... ........ M ernber Carried Forward Florine Balrnan .......... ................... M ember Carried Forward Marrliabell Rielcer..General College Represenlalive af Large Sam Koledin ..,....... General College Represeniafive ar Large Arrlwur Larson.. ....... Social Science Division William I-leepe ..,... .,...... N arural Science Division Paul Coburn ..,. .....,,,, l-l umanilies Division Marian Logue ........ ......,.. C ollege of Educafion Roberf Bishop .,...... ........., C ollege of Engineering Thomas Taber ,,,,,,,, ,,,.,,.,,. F reshman Represenlalive Rober+ Keene.. Buclwrelile Represenlarive Elizaloelh McAlonan .... Women's League Represenlarive qunllhhm 4' , . ff. ff. A-1-1 Every Friday, aboul' four p. m., sixfeen men and fhree women sfraggle in+o a liflle office on 'lhe 'rhird floor of ihe Sfudenf Building where fhey govern fhe Universiiy. Though ihe meeiings are open io anyone, sfudenfs seldom affend fhem. They may aHend lhese meeiings, argue, pro- fesfg do anyfhing, in fact, fhaf council members can, excepf vofe. Bur excepi' on rare occasions, ihe only non-members preseni' are Phil Sherman, facully adviser, and +he Buchfelife reporfer, Council defermines 'lhe dale and place of sfudeni' elecfions, direcfs rhe dance and rally commiffees, conducis a social improvemenl' program, involving dances, parries, phofo- plays, grooming clinics, and dancing classes: sfages +he Universify Parry and May Day, awards A-keys, and is derided for inacfivify. If may recommend a sfudenf's sus- pension or dismissal or recommend he be barred from +he Sfuclenr Building. H' may conducf invesligaiions info any phase of campus life, from +he- Boolrsfore fo ihe Classics Deparrmenf. H can and does receive complainfs from all sorls of people abou? all sorfs of ihings. Bur for fhe mosf parf, ifs dufies are no+ onerous. Mosl' of i'rs worlr is done in commifiees, or by commi'H,ees council- appoinred, such as fhe curriculum commiffee, 'rhe discipline commiiree, lhe social improvemenr commiHee, dance com- mi'Hee, and rally comiH'ee. Bur fhe biggesf headache of council members is noi' so much lhe dufies ihey have +o perform, or fhe people wi+h whom 'rhey have +o perform 'em, as lal lisrening 'ro people gripe abour ihe council, and lbl a'Hending meeiings. Bo'rh ihe gripings and fhe meefings have a familiar buf noi' comforr- ing monorony. Only on 'lhe rare occasions when Schweilceri' sfarfs fhe fireworks, or Rira MerliHi, fhe Buchfelife reporfer ge+s riled, can come diversion. Bur on such occasions 'lhe diversion's plenfy. Comsfock, Early, Knepper, MacAlonan, gay, Conn, Dillehay EIIWSS ILE GU? NATIONAL Purpose: To promole lhe common welfare and acquainlanceship of all women sluclenls O F FIC E R S Presidenlz Elizabelh McAlonan Firsl Vice Preside-nl: Palricia lvlachan Second Vice Presidenl: Miriam Hoffman Treasurer: Marlhabelle Rielcer Secrelary: Adeline Thomas MEMBERS Upper College Represenlalives Marlha Bay Phyllis Comslock General College Represenla- lives Anna Jean Dillehay Belly Knepper Freshmen Represenfafive: Jea n Faucell FACULTY ADVISER Miss l-lelen C. Ballriclc Y. W. C. A. Represenlafivez lvlarlha Early W. A. A. Represenlalive: Rachel Conn wwun WW , 44g2996Zi74f.f:4,.4., my Asc!! TONI BLACKETTER ROBERT LARSON JEAN SHALLCROSS Assisfanf Manager Associafe Manager Assisfanf Manager IOffiCeI IFinances, Accounfingl lDining Rooml f'A, 3,- RICHARD WEAVER WILLIAM HEEPE CARL YOKUM Assisfanf Manager Assisfanf Manager Assisfanf Manager Rooms Arrangemenfl ISoda Barl lCafeferiaI MAX NELSON Manager SYITUJIDIEIN UNL ING Tlue Sfudenf Building is nof only a flueafre, lounge, boolcsfore, dance floor, publicafions offices, dining room and cafeferia buf if is also an excellenf luide-ouf for "cIass buck- ers." Ifs possibilifies are unlimifed. When a place was needed for flue "Gay Ninefies Parfy" Max Nelson obligingly furned flue cafeferia info "NeIson's Gardens." The Sfudenf Building is managed for flue sfudenfs, by flue sfudenfs, and in spife of flue sfudenfs. If is flue only place wluere flue em- ployees can insulf flue cusfomers and make fluem love' if. Rule No. I is: "Please luumor flue employees be- cause I wanf fo keep my employees happy"-Max Nelson. Edilor .A ..,..,, v,A, Assislanl Edilor ...., Malce-up ,,,,,,,,, ,, Organizalions. Fealures ,..,,.. Facully ,,,....,. Arl Edilor ,,,.... Sororilies ....A. Fralernilies Classes ..... Pholography ....s Marlc Downing IW 'TIEILG LUCIH STAFF s,sMarlc Downing ......,,,Kennelh Koller .,,,,m,Fred l-lalliburlon Slflaine Woodward lLarrie Frelcher fDiclc Collier Vee Bader James Kay fFern Fairall .....,,..,lJosephine Novlcov lMarlhabell Rielcer ............Waller Slaiger ...,.s.Doris Milclashelc ...s..,.....s,..Paul Coburn Bob Berry ""'A'lMariorie Smilh fBob Crawlord lJim Dillian Bill Nurches Belly Musser li Bill Jarrell ill-larry Sabgir Sporls .,..,.........,.. .,,,,,, Women's Sporls ...,.,. .,........, Jane DeCora Accounlanl .......... .......,...,..... C harles True . . Belly Shane Clrculallon ""' """' lMary Jean Kelley Copy Edilor .......... ........,....s ,,,.,.,,,,,A,,,,,,, J a ne Neely Bob Davis Unallilialed Represenlalives ....,........... yphyms Comsfock Publicily ......,........................................,........... Jack Laraway CLERICAL STAFF Eileen Thomas Belly Carrier Kay Slevens Belly Thompson Mary Jane Knolls Business Manager .....,.,.........,.,.,....s.......,.......... Bill Flannigan g BUSINESS STAFF Bill Flannigan Berl Hickman Glenn Zimmerman Berlha Saus AI Trumpilcas Dorolhy Crum -Henry Schneider Harold Zimmerman ' ig g Kennefh Koller, assisfanf edifor, Vee Bader, feaiure wrifer, and Fred Halliburfon, makeup edifor key Jim Dillian, phofographer, Bili Flannigan, business manager and Jane Neely. copy editor. Al Z Ll Z 5 Building A pacemaker ww, 1- . f""' ' "'A ' 2? W ' 'WW ,ami The Buchtelite Office, to most of the campus is a place where students can mooch phone calls, and to people with reports, themes, and theses to write it's where they can bum the use of a typewriter. To staff members, though, it's more like home. They spend more hours there than they do at the addresses listed for them in the student directory. lt's a pretty good place, even if you don't work there. From the north windows you can look right over into Dean Gardner's office- which advantage is lessened by the fact that he can look right back, and from the "balcony" window into the lounge you can gather all sorts of personal information about people whose personal affairs should be no concern of yours. Most irnportant. of all, though, 'it's the place where people laugh, swear, smoke, worry, and work like the very devil on news copy- writing lit, rewriting ut, editing nt, reediting it, heading it, marking it, and giving it a final check before it starts on its way to be a acema er. The Editor's Office is a very good office indeed, with a big desk, pictures of pretty coeds and the editor himself all over the walls, and a Varga-girl calendar that you can see from almost anywhere in Bierce Library when the office lights are on. Th re a lot of phonograph records, too, that The Buchtelite gets as legitimate "graft" for its record column, and the editor can alglgysainvite pretty girls to "come up and hear my records." The trouble is that that's exactly what they do-and the picture above is a dream in the editor's mind rather than reality, though pretty girls often crowd the office. But even in the "hole," as it's known, work goes on and many a night the editor works 'til three or four in the morning, and more nights than he cares to admit he's seen the sun rise over Bierce Library. And all' his work goes into iust one thing land.thus. is true of every past edftoruand every future onel into making The Buchtelite a good newspaper, for if it's a good newspaper first it's a Pacemaker au oma :ca y. KR HTELITE Akron, Ghio, Volume 52, l94O-4I ucu eu e smrr.,.ns91i fel l Managing Editors ,, News Editor J, Associate Editors ..,,.,... Desk Editor ..,. Feature Editor , , Exchange Editor ,,,,.. Business Managerns... Advertising Manager ,s.,... William Good Ardent Cullison ,, Jane Neely Richard Collier Ann Hamilton .. Helen Louise Hagen ..,Julia Swedenburg ,,,.,o,,Betty French ,J Fern Fairall ,,,,,.s,,,Richard Stover Circulation Manager .,a,..., ,.A.a.,.. D oris Lee Halstead The Printers', where the tour pages that you read early Tuesday and Friday mornings are put together late Monday and Thursday nights. The statt isn't permitted to put any type into the pages-union rules prohibit that-but it runs the print shop as its own, and when the printers swear about it, the staff ,gov6"""'0' s-v-"""""":-:JMR A swears right back-but only the men, of course-and goes right on bossing 'til things are the way they should be in a Pacemaker. The printer's is fun. You for spoons, and you toss to be done, too. All the "thrown" into the forms and the printers get the eat ice cream by the pint, with hunks of column-rule peanut shells on the floor, but there's a lot of work type is read on galley proofs first. Then it's corrected , page proofs are pulled, final corrections are made, signal to "lock 'er up." Editorial Statt, ,,,.. A Accountant. Business Statt ,.,..,,, Ellen Casey, Robert Larsen, Betty Hem- inger, Barbara Curran, Jane DeCora, Rancel Hill, Helen Hannley, William Jarrett, William Woltt, Charles Teter, Dorothy Becher, Mary Hutchinson, Jack Laraway, Jack Putnam, Donald Kren- rick, Barbara Plageman, Betty Gotshall, Logan Hidy, Anna Jean Dillehay, Paul Coburn, John Walker, Henrietta Ma- thias, Harriet Henton, Jean Bugh, Doris Miklashek, Marilyn Joseph, Sam Koledin. ,,,,.., , .,,....Albert Reaven Lula Hatzis, Kenneth Koller, Mardelle Witwer, Maclalyn Hanes, Janice Zim- merer. ROBERT KEENE Buchtelite Editor ,g 5 2 up WNWWWVNW -, 32 gx' Lx, ESX-Q9 M 'Cv' ws H-mxw 2 2 if-V 5 V E A235 - 2. 5 5 2 Q Q 3 , 2 2 2 2 5 5 2 E 2 E Ia' 2 Z .Z- iig' Z5 Za- :cg 12- : Q-., Za Z Zim? W 5 :aa ' -- teen 2.1, T , ji? , X ' Q FEATURES , .-. Q., f if or as , N. , IL - LW ww V .S .CF j ,Vs - .. ,I A X ,-..QS'f"v2'5- .-. W I is -. , I . wiv rs N .1 f as A .. :A f ff f, rw if .ww 1' . . . R 1 fff'U'f!.f.M fw?Qf'2 , L ,wi y... "1 sa , was jf yy .Q i, 1, .' , .N . ,Q A 3, ,911 f , 2 y Mi 42 ' f N. ug , is .cwvif 3 gf i, 2- mi .-r. .. . - if W -. M... ,,, ,, PM-vu-1v'gm', rnra JH 5, xg 4 A , f x Qt -P ' ' a ' aff QM-ww-w-W-fqfrfra We Qs ,,,,...,,. .WW anus -su I, . W , .X 'ff' if . J ' X . 1 ., ,M If uk! x gem, J M .X 'rn any ' an s , ff ik 5 "gig if Ca 3? Z -rf' ' l MQIWECQIWNN DAY Sfreaming decorafions, foofball, frafernify open houses and dancing filled fhe day of Alumni Home- coming Ocfober I2. Presidenf and Mrs. Hezzlefon E. Simmons were hon- ored by fhe alumni af fhe half-fime of fhe Akron- lllinois Wesleyan game af fhe Rubber Bowl. Eighf- A een Alumni walked down an aisle made by fhe band and presenfed chrysanfhemums fo fhe presidenf and his wife. A homecoming luncheon was held af fhe Airporf Resfauranf. Affer fhe game fhe alumni refurned fo fhe gaily decorafed campus where frafernifies and sororifies held open house. A fheafre parfy was awarded fo fhe Kappa Kappa Gamma sororify and fhe Lone Sfar Fra- fernify for displaying fhe besf oufdoor decora- fions. Mr. Anfhony Weifzel, Beacon Journal col- umnisf, and Mr. Pafon Edwards, Akron carfoonisf, were fhe iudges. Denny Thompson's orchesfra played for fhe Home- coming Dance held in fhe Sfudenf Building from 9 fo I2 p. m. Coach Thomas Dowler infroduced fhe foofball squad af infermission and all in all if was a very successful day. Leff, fop fo boffom: Akron U-Illinois Wesleyan foofball game, af fhe Rubber Bowl: The' band's show af fhe half: Presidenf and Mrs. Simmons af fhe ceremony! Homecoming dance in fhe Sfudenf Building. Boffom righfz Buchfel Hall was decorafed also. Opposife page shows frafernify and sororify house idecorafions. Leff. fop fo boffom: Kappa Kappa Gamma? Thefa Phi Alpha: Thefa Upsilon: Lambda Chi Alpha, Righf, fop fo boffom: Lone Sfari Phi Kappa Tau: Phi Della Thefag Delfa Gamma. 1 infill.:-'71 -1 1 sm,,2...:z:': we 'Q 1 -f , f rf H' 5 x. ' tvfii ' 35:41 vw- ,, --,vuvvw 4-,. vm 1- ---,....,,,, x ' . aw ?T3,.i- LA 7? vii- 'W -, WW 3 fu, t 5a A L, as I S QW? if '14 'f ul SSQCUML UIWIQIQQWIEIVAIENT Variefy was fhe keynofe of +he Social lmprovemenf program +his year. The gay ninefies era was broughi io The campus by 'lhe bouncers and busfles, musiaches and music fhai' squeezed info ihe cafeieria on November 20. Women lrembled and sfrong men wepi when Miss Marian WaHers fearfully sang "Only a Bird in a Gilded Cage." To lop fhis Schweilcerl' and lhe Nurchi lWilliam, Paul, Orpheusl lore af fhe hearl' slrings of 'rhe audience as 'rhey rendered severely, fhal' famous old ballad "The Nighr I Called on Mamie's Fa+her," or "How +o Colleci Your Insurance ln One Easy Lesson." Truculen+ sneers changed 'ro smiles of delighi as Miss Palsy Arnold, danseuse exiraordinaire, did her original can-can dance, io +he delighi of fhe local Buchiel Bruisers. Those who were noi' enferiained drowned fheir frou bles in black musfaches and double shois of Coca- Cola. Recognizing fhe fundamenral need of 'lhe sfudenis, many o'rher evenings of relaxarion were provided for ihose who had ex'rra lime io dance. The record ed music of Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey and Sammy Kaye was heard ihrough 'ihe faciliiies of Nelson's Nickelodeon. Deadwood Dick, Bill Hari and Robin Hood reiurn ed in 'rhe movies made over a decade ago lhal were presenied in fhe Simmons Hall audii-orium. The cunning of old +ime desperadoes as fhey made away wifh +he 'fair haired beau'ry was loudly hissed by sym pa'rhe+ic audiences. One of fhe oufsfanding feaiures 'ro sporfs fans on fhe campus was fhe movies of foofball games which were presenfed in one of 'lhe 'fall series. Below: Crowd al a social improvemenf dance. r . sf Q? EQ gs X WIN xx sf 5, : N 5R? Y UJIWWIEIQSJWYF PARTY! The fourlh annual Universiiy Parry was presenfed in fhe Sfudenf Building lounge and marked a change in parfy hisfory. A musical slcif, "Gone wifh fhe Draf+" or "The American Way" replaced +he slcii' conresis which were presenied by clubs and honoraries in previous years. WriHen, direcied and produced by 'rhe sludenfs lhe skif was a 'rake-off on Uncle Sam and his "l Wan+ You" fechnique wiih dic+a+ors Hiller, Sralin and Mussolini rhrown in for good measure. Over 600 'Facul'ry members, sfudenrs, and guesfs of fhe Universify were welcomed by masfer of cere- monies Bill Schweilceri' who became a midgef, magician and man-abou'r-+own fo enferfain ihem while scenes were changed. - s wie .V sci .isps v,e:,gQ,,a,.'v sjzf - .X Sn .N W 'f Qin ,.- mx NSQESRQS Q. s Sw? X 35',v?fi,,w fqniwznfz :iii Qs 4 .NH A x-HQ MW' V- - ""' M - -WW' i ' . 9 :vw ' ' w. va M'5m1M1m,X'.' . '-pgbgf xag ' .' Y yjllgxwve 4 1941 May .Queen Miss Marflwa Early Miss Jn Novlinv Miss Patsy Arnold Miss Virginia Weclier EUYK Miss I-lrlene Carroll Miss Eleanor Miller Miss Connie Hall -lhey're working lheir way +hrough college As well as acquiring knowledge, Collegians in lhe year of '4l. Dolly models, as you can see- And l'lal's The boy in 'rhe A 8: P Need and Wall give lhe airwaves class, While Johnny sells a diflerenl gas. The res? of us lcnow iJr's really dall To lry 'ro worlc when we'll land in The drall' e, ag. wo mu esruoemzrs Not even Satan himself could escape being served by a student of Akron U. Bartenders, pall-bearers, waiters, waitresses, and farmers constitute the working class of the student body, with a few bellhops, doormen, typists, teach- ers, and bear-cage keepers in the bargain. Students at the University wheel you about if you're a baby, carry you about if you're a corpse, sell you bread if you're somewhere in between, serve youmeals if you're hungry, and drinks if you aren't: find copies of "How To Be A Great Success" for you if you don't amount to a row of pins, and put your picture in the papers if you do. They build de-icers, leak-proof gas tanks, and aile- rons: drive trucks on Sunday, sell magazine articles, and model. Some 'lend gas stations. Some sell hats. One drives repossessed cars for a finance company. Another drives a bakery truck. So many students now have iobs, and so great is the demand for workers under the national defense program, that the University employment office, under Adviser to Men Phil Sherman, has more iobs open than it can fill. Most of the women employed are clerks, and by tar the greatest number of men are working for the rubber shops. A tew women are social workers. Others are beauticians, librarians, and waitresses. Ot the men, those not in the rubber shops are mostly clerks: others are mechanics, truck-drivers, catch-as-catch-can workers, and grocery-boys. Sev- eral work tor Babcox and Wilcox, Burger lron, and the machine shops. One works 'for a brewery: one, a bowling alley: one, a golf links: and one, a dairy. Opposite page, Left, top to bottom: Dotty Hinson and Jean Schwab, models, Ted Twynham, switchboard operator, Ned Neidemire and Walt Henrich, radio announcers. Right, top to bottom: Hal Zimmerman, AGP clerk, Eleanor Schimp, tearoom waitress, John Hamil- ton, filling station attendant. Below: Claude Jackson. bartender, and Steve Kossky, street cleaner. N, if 7+ 15 00755 AND 9 IDIDILES They say one should dress according fo one's age, personalify, and figure and as col- lege girls we add fhe psychological mofive- one's frame of mind. Whaf more is on a wom- an's mind fhan men? Therefore we iusfify our copying of milifary boofs, saddle shoes, boxing gloves, and mannish business suifs. So here's fo all males, however dapper. If sfill fakes a man fo make a flapper. 'A' The influence of fhe Nazi hair-cuf has sformed fhe campus. The "bufch" predominafes in men's hair sfyle. i' You, foo, can be a lcnockouf! Simply don a pair of boxing gloves and lead wifh your chin. an . .,i . we . Kew X CHIC AND DOUBLE CHIC The leopard Jrrimmed coal worn by Dollie Greisinger lupper lelll is very appropriale lor Teas and dales. For Jrlie career woman Pal McGovern lmiddlel knows lkial nollwing is more suilable llwan a suill Comforlably casual clollies oi corduroy for Jeyne Crooks lupper riglmll and Mary Jane Meeks. Knilfing, +o ilie disqusl of llie profes- sors, became Hue fad ol flue year for college Coeds lRigl'1'rl Louise Dill, Jo Novkov and Avis Brauclwer. TVIEAIDAINICNNGJ Tea dances may be given al fhe 'lea hour buf really-+hey don'+ serve lea! Cnce, +hree years ago +ea was served buf since our dubious relafions wifh Japan and since slu- denfs prefer cokes anyway, +ha+ quaini' liH'le cus+om was disconlinued. Tea dances are sponsored by l'he Dance CommiH'ee. Eigh+ are given each year and because of lhe overwhelming popularify wifh which +hey were received 'rhe dance commiH'ee hi+ an all-fime high for ihe num- ber of dances held in one year. The oufslanding lea dance of 'lhe year was fhe "T" Square Dance. Clyde Morris called rhe numbers and 200 s'ruden+s "swung +heir par+ners" +o ihe music of fhe "Whispering Pines" orcheslra. SSQCMM Honorary Cadet Colonel Florine Batman and Cadet Colonel Jack Brown labovel are shown leading the colorful Grand March at the Annual Military Ball which highlights the winter social program as the University honors the cadet officers and their sponsors. Patsy Arnold and Webb Isnev are shown Irightl being selected by Horace Heidt as the winners of the Waltz contest at the Freshman Welcome Dance. l kgs Forly years ago, Buchlel Hall burned down. Since lhen, forly years have gone by. For fhe mosl parl of lhis lime, lhe building +ha'r replaced il was a riclcely building whose roof leaked. ll's slill a riclcely building, bul now i+'s a clean one, wilh fresh painl and safe sleps. l+'s even gol adhesive lape plaslered under one of lhe sleps in lhe men's slaircase 'ro lxeep il' from rocking. These improvemenls were paid for by lhe passage of a special levy in l939 lhal broughl 'l'he Universily approximalely sevenly lhousand dollars. Besides repainling Buchlel Hall, lhe lax levy has revamped i+s healing sys- lem. ll' has also buill' fire escapes for lhe library and Curlis Collage, helped lhe ianilors lo improve l'he grounds, boughl a new slreamlined lruclc, added numerous volumes lo lhe library's already crowded bookshelves, and remodeled Knighl Hall. Buchfel Hall gels her face liffecl, and lhe Buchlelile loses +he subiecl of her fradilional ediforial complain? of dangero s 1 ps. The new streamlined fruck replaced the len-year-old one. Below: Scenes lalcen from lhe world's only Universi'l'y rubber laboralory. Lefl' lo righlz Rubber milling machine, rubber curing press, lensile slrenglh machine. ' ngfuw J' 4 , A i ,. c :wwf mrs me cn use "War," said General Sherman one morning aT breakTasT, "is Hell." Whereupon The General aTe anoTher wheaTcake and his words became hisTory. EighTy years laTer, iT looks as iT The general were righT. Three hundred and ThirTy-Tive oT The eleven-odd hundred men in day session are subiecT To draTT aTTer July lsT, To which daTe all college sTudenTs have been granTed deTermenT. One hundred and TwenTy-eighT more have reached draTT age. Many regisTered in The draTT polls OcTober I6, Pro- Tessors Ried, l-lampel, STarlin, Kidder, Edwards, Thackaberry, Davis, STarr, Douglas and l-lamilTon regisTered, TogeTher wiTh abouT 400 sTudenTs, MosT oT The regisTering was done in a special polling- place near The campus, buT many sTudenTs regis- Tered in Their home precincTs. For Those who have been summoned, The draTT means an inTerrupTion of Their college career ThaT may easily prove permanenT. MosT oT Them will be Too old To reTurn To college when They compleTe Their selecTive service periods, many would have To waiT Two years To make up The year losT, and some would lose Their only chance oT a iob by having To spend an exTra year or Two preparing Tor iT. Though beyond The draTT age, ProT. AusTin L. Moore is subiecT To call as a lieuTenanT in The illinois Na- Tional Guard. Adviser To Men, Phil Sherman leaves Tor acTive duTy in July. And insTrucTors Kidder and STarlin have received Their guesTionnaires and are preparing Tor Their physical examinaTions. Even wiThouT The draTT, The war would have had iTs eTTecT in The number oi men volunTeering. Several sTudenTs, members oT The NaTional Guard, were draTTed inTo service in November. Many oT These, TogeTher wiTh mosT oT The draTTees, have gone To Camp Shelby, Mississippi: some have gone To The Toreign service, and one has enlisTed in The Ca- nadian Air Force. Gene Vinciguerra, Bill Flanniqan, Prof. Hampel, Prof. Ried, Joe Koegel and Dick Kenny regisfer for The draff, October I6, I940. .-' QQ 11- Am 'Q , W W W Sw ,G G JF! xx x rdf ER . a X A V in 'E W X - ie . xmwiiiaw xmmmfn W Y -W 4, , we v 'll' f You see H clearly, as you see il now, Ancl yef, perhaps, you someiimes wonder how You missed I+, all ihese years you came, Ye? here you are, and ii's +l1e very same. Ain'+ ii wonderful? THE 'QQQ BUCH THE UNIV ,o -g r AKRON AK no MARK DOWNING, EDITOR To the reader: The Editor and staff take this opportunity to express our appreciation to all who have, through their efforts, made the publication of the l94l Tel Buch possible. , We make special mention of those who in their individual capacities have served and assisted us: Mr Mr ing and Lithographing Corp Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Journal. . Underman and Mr. Raffath of the Akron Typesetting Co . Berkes, Mr. Mosier and the other employees of the Commercial Print . Fitzgerald of the M. O'Neil Photographic Studio. . Fred Tambling for group photographs. . William Nurches for montages and special photographic effects . U. S. Vance, Tel-Buch faculty adviser. . John Jackson of the Kingskraft Cover Co. . J. P. Rosemond and the photography staff of The Akron Beacon To all others who have been a part of the staff, we thank you for your help interest and cooperation. The l94l Tel-Buch Mark Downing, Editor a EI "JW I 1' AJ, 11 rin 1 X' ' .L V .. I .wlfqrq H-yn' Tl-wr ff: Q.. 'F J 7. xl ' I . ,eh l , x .um-M. , 'E' x ' A ml HL, f , u 1 .sg Q Vl n' Q - Ll 1 Q l ffl Q 1 0 'I fl I rw. I 9 se f' 1 , .mv- .Ar - ll 1 rxl ,U s "' 'I 155' . U 1 F A A 7 1 , n 1 1 - I nn l - ..... .. ,,...... ...... I I , , -V -i u-u ,lj i i V - I . 5 ji H S - Tim. vw . n I Y ' ,.'. I. nigh--1 r'-+- I" gl-me-nn su dw , 1 ,J , , Qty. , - 1 A - K 1 ! - ' , '- cf ii' ,. Y' 5 -1... 'L' 3 gf . Y 4 ' 1 - , 1 ws' ' V Q , , M , ll w 1-gnu ' , ' - .1 'pw-.'v 1. 4' 41 ' , ' 1' ,- , .'..1.,.-.',, 1 5.31. ' ', ' wg ' A' H - 1 1 -V , w,, ,, ,M 2 I .1 . L, .' :Ain ':'vf.-'FJ' f .f...! - L .T . .-: . v X V ,, ,4 . I- N ,

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