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X42 4, zz f! x X X S. Featured on these pages are Antonia Blac- ketter and Eric Nicholls, chosen by a campus poll as the Ur1iversity's most representative couple. 1 l 1 l 4 w l l l 1 1 l i i 4 Q 1 4 I ci l I 4 I I 4 Th I9 It Published by the Students A picture and paragraph record or twenty-fifth of the University, and I l 4 1, fi el-Buch the University of Akron college year 1938-1939, the fifty-ninth oi Buchtel College. ff L .TA xl: jf K fi? kg BOB LESSING Editor 3 9 n 5... 4, wwf N45 ? KN I -f' ' Piv . . if , . -y " F' H Kr ,gif :Ne- v 'I x 'X if XX X NOVEMBER ho Xlnter-Froternity Council ploys st to the freshmen ot AlleGreelq Nite ' Professor Durst tolfes his f outside for the fleft frightl. reshmen engineers onnuol survey of the compus , centerl. Color Sergeont Iohn Frye heords the color detoil in the Armistice Doy pcircide the University ROTC' Regiment, 500 stron bringing up the reor fright, centeri. joins the cheerleoders rolly, the ' Q loin Gorber ot the seasons finol pep evening before the Iohn Corroll gcrme flower leftl. Spectotors register disgust os To ledo scores the first touchdown during the Rocket-Zipper ggme flower rightl. Q 2. fr " , P- 1 "1-nx.,,,,,mA 5 1 K Q J. M" -- ,.. il 'Fifi ' Q NS' . 2 Q! 5 ,. ll 'lf 9 A HXNU PrYtYfPershing Priiiernen in Founders Dov cerernonies, tire o soiute over Xohn R. Buch tei's grove kiett, crbovei. Herbert Brocicen Wins the Uppers Cotiege Pishton orotoricot contest, going on to toke the stote championship ioter Lright, otoovej. Winners in the skit contest ot the Universitv Portv inciude the Secretorioi Science Ciub Kiett, centerb in the ciub division, ond Pershing Rities Qright, centeri in the honor- ctries cioss. Wiiiiorn Schweiicert, University ter ot Cerernonies, ioins the Trio to Pgrtv Mos steoi Lrighti . the show wr ,XV r' "jg I 1' 4' I .'f fr: ff: ff f f wif' ' ".'. 1 A nv' .4v" 555' Y xg! 'f Q fi l- fy?-Q 5. 1 f I ...7 .X 1157, K XS 5 - xr-1 img? k X we X X iiiw ' X Z X ,, 5 XX X X x f 1 , X N1 X .. Q FX: XX X X X X X X X X j ,, X X - i ff :anew ' BEAUTY BATTLEXVVinners of the first tend only! Battle of Beauty with Kent State University, the triumphant Zipper queens surround contest judge Edgar Martin after the battle trighti. Included among the winners is Christine Moore textreme rightl, who substituted for Mary McCobb, who was confined to her home with influenza. The original University "varsity" beauty team, including Mary McCobb, picked one Week before the Beauty Battle tbelowi. From Jef ' first tea tto ri h m numb Vi " g t, the ers Eiea rginia W nor Sch ' ecker, M ' Loui Inidt, uriei Hes I se Gunsol s er, Mary us, Cathle Voige a en Neaiis, Helen nd Mary McCobb. WH 5 TUBE NT ENGINEERS ' DA YXEngineers open their annual cere monies as Francis Grassbaugh tires a salute to Saint Pat over the bowed heads of freshman engineers, fright, abovej. Engineers then hang an Arts student fright, center! before starting their parade downtown fleftl. En- gineers' Day closes with a bang as Earl Bishop crowns Kent State Beauty Battler Etta lean Johnson "Queen of the Engineers" Ileft, abovel. Phi Mu songstresses win the seventh annual sorority Songfest fleft, centerl. 1 X Q i -r wmwnhwmw, ,, ,Q A "4-ay, 5 B . ear: EATiON ADNRNXST E. stiviwions. ETEZZLET ON at his desif.. Eresident d at work LED. tiettU , har ETC E AYEE, C.E. ot Engineering EEEDE . Dean ot the Coiiege ANS, Ph.D. tion ED E EV ot Educa NOW A . he Coiiege Dean ot t Deans ALBERT T. SP ANT ON , Eitt.D ., Vice ' t the E acuity and Dean Erner- t Eiberai Arts, President o itus ot Duchtei Coiiege o AELES EULGEE1, ?h.D., Dean ot Dean ot Euchtei and CH Graduate Study' and Coiiege ot Eiherai Arts tietti, exchange the business ot running the notes on Arts Cohege. ULYSSES S. VANCE, AB. Univ ersity Editor TAMES NN. ATTCEN, ES. Director ot Athietics Atter awarding the contract tor the new student huiiding, the University Eoard ot Directors tietti sarnpies a Home Eco- nornics iah exercise. Around the tabie, ' ht, are: MES. T. A. CHTT- TETN, P. W. trorfl iett to rig TENDEN, LEE T. EEEES ETTCHETELD, EEANK S. CAEPENTEE, OHN TN. THOMAS, Board Chairrnany . STMNTONS, University President, LEEOY HENRY ,New Euiiding Architect, G. EOETZEE, and TAMES TN. CLETUS TTGHE . S EE T. ALBEECHT an other rnernhers ot the Eoard ot Dire e not present at this meeting tors, wer CHADE. d LON G. C- XNXSTR ATXON ADM Adviser oi AN R A.. DON- PHXLYP S. SHERM , . Men dnd instructor oi Econornics, RDNER, AM., Dedn oi Sin- siorv, dnd FRED H. GA nd Proiessor oi Hi Ni A Adviser oi ce denis oi HELEN C. RATTRXCK, . .. Wornen ond instructor in Socioi Scien Krignti, conier on siudeni use oi 'Cne new siudeni buiiding. A N, RLS. MYSS SOS EPHXNE A. Librdridn CU DHMA A Reqisirdr, RXCHARD H. SCHMXDT, M. ., ond MAXWELEP. RCDGGS, AR. , Univer- siiv Treasurer Krigxnii, soon iine pidns ior the new building. NESS ERRA LARSON Assisidni Regisirdr CECXL ROGERS, RS. RUS. ADM. Assisidni 'Yredsurer AN O SCHUMACHER, AR. SHERM . ' Secreidrv Aiurflni LESEXE P. HARDY, M.S.Ed., Director oi Aduii Edncdiion Krigiiii, idices iirne our irorn inis duties ds Xneod oi Evening dnd Surnrner Sessions io pose ior ine pino- iogrdpiier. 7 EOPL TRER AL ARTS COLLEG HUMANTTTES DWTSTON MOND R. PEASE, Ph.D., Protessor ot Eng- to retiect on his reading. RAY iish tiettt , pauses MA s UDO ALRRECHT, . . instructor in Modern Language MTSS MARGARET P, PANNTNG, A.M. Assistant Protessor ot Modern Languages T. MTLTON PRENCH, Ph.D. Protessor ot Engiish HARL AN Assistant Protessor o Assistant TAMES YN. GLENNEN, A.M. instructor in Modern Languages TON, Ph.D. TN HAMTL t Engtish HTTCHCOCK, Ph.D. ORVTLLE A. Protessor ot Speech SCTA, Ph.D. XNTERNO Languages DON ATO instructor in Modern M. ' nd Director EXSTER, A. t Enghsh a Humani- DON A. if. Assistant Protessor o ot the introductory Courses in the ties Division TAMES M. GRTMES, M.A., 'tnstructor in History, points out an error in the text to ARTHUR M. YOUNG, Ph.D., Protessor ot Latin and Greek, and Chairrnan ot the Humanities Division Liettt. MRS. RUTH PUTMAN. M.A. Tnstructor in Engiish MRS. MAXTNE RARE. M.A. Assistant Protessor ot Speech REED, M.A. nguages TSS KATHARTNE M. Associate Protessor ot Modern La R C RORERTS, M.A. ot Engiish EDC A . ' t Proiessor Assistan CHARLES NETL ST ARR, M.A. Rand, Orchestra and Giee Ciuh Director ROBERT E. THACKARERRY, Ph.D. instructor in Engiish TOHN Y. STETN Speciai teacher ot Voice DONALD S. VARTAN, A.M. instructor in Speech MRS. PLORENCE N. WHTTNEY, A.M. Tnstructor in Engiish MTSS RENA 'NNTLLS Speciai teacher ot Piano CARY C. WOOD, Ph.D. Proiessor oi Phiiosophy NHARDT, M.Ed., Associate ' points o MRS. TA . rotessor ot Art, discuss print with MTSS RENA N. CARLE, M. . ant Protessor ot Art ttettH. . NE S RAR es the tine t a Ed , Assist AL ARTS COLLEGE OF LTEER NATURAL SCTENCE DTVTSTON EUGENE G. HAAS, PhD., Assistant Protessor ot Chemistry, WALTER A. COOK, PhD., Pro tessor ot Chemistry, HOWARD T, CRAMER, PhD., Assistant Protessor ot Chemistry, RAY- MOND D. COOL, Ph.D., Assistant Protessor ot Chemistry, and DAVTD ANDERSON, MS., As- sistant Protessor ot Chemistry, and Director ot ' ting Laboratory trighti, seem to tind a ' he test tube they are City Tes pieasant reaction in t studying . I N , PAUL ACOUARONE, Ph.D. Associate Protessor ot Botany and Geotogy HARRY A. EENDER, PhD. Associate Protessor ot Mathematics OMER R. POUTS, A.M. Assistant Protessor ot Physics ROLLAND D. FOX, M.S., Associate Protessor ot Racteriotogy, and WALTER C. KRAATZ, PhD., Protessor ot Rioiogy, ioin torces to peer ' roscope lrighti. into the mic M PRED E HOUSEHOLDER, M.A. Protessor ot Physics and Chairman ot the Division ot Naturai Science EDGAR P. TONES, Ph.D. Assistant Protessor ot Rioiogy TORN L. TONES, Ph.D. Protessor oi Mathematics MTSS WTLL LTPSCOMRE, M.S. Assistant Protessor ot Mathematics SAMUEL SELRY, Ph.D. Associate Protessor ot Mathematics DWTGHT E. GRAY, PhD., Assistant Protessor ot Physics and Director ot introductory Courses Science, pauses white grading in Naturai papers trighti . LTBERAL ARTS COLLEGE O? E Division SOCTAL SCTENC iettt , Protessor HARMON O. ci oiogy DeGRAPE, PRD. t ' desk tor sorne socio , searches his ot So . ' data. ioqicai TAM M DOUT , . . i Science HOYN ARD . Protessor oi Secretaria M-S.Ed. ' ience PLiNT , tanai Sc ELDORA oi Secre iiie s . MTSS Assistant Proiessor MBA. HAMPEL. t Cornrnerce LOUTS E. Assistant Protessor o M A HTLLT ARD, . . ounting THOMAS C. Assistant Protessor oi Acc ' ' Science TNG A.M. t Poiiticai DAVTD TC . Assistant Protessor o P, M.A. ics LATHRO e Econorn ABETH A. or ot Horn ELTZ Assistant Proiess D., Assistant Protessor in.D., Pro- ROLL TN. PORD, Pin. TAY L. O'HARA, P n ot the Sociat n CAR ot Economics, and nornics and Ctiairrna inecic the departrne t ! or ot Eco tietti, c iess Science Division AUSTTN L. MOORE, PRD. r in History instructo EVAN S. REED, XD. instructor in Business Law NEWTON O. SAPPTNGTON, PRD. Protessor oi History MRS. LUCY T. SELP, A.B. instructor in Secretariat Science ROY Y. SHERMAN, PRD. - Associate Proiessor oi Poiiticai Science and Director ot the introductory Courses in Sociai Science ROBERT AN. SDMMERSGTLL, B.S. instructor in Secretariat Science MTSS MTLDRED L. STNTPT, MS. Protessor ot Horne Econornics MTSS AUDRA TENNEY, M.A. Assistant Protessor ot Secretariat Science PAUL ZETS, PRD. instructor in Poiiticai Science HAROLD T. McKEE, M.A., Assistant Protessor ot Business Adrninistration, EARL H. DAYTS, M.A., instructor in Accounting, RAYBURN D. TOUSLEY, M.A., Assistant Proiessor ot Busi- ness Adrninistration, ROBERT AN. BATLEY , M.A., instructor in Einance and Statistics, and ANAR- REN YN. LETGH, PRD., Protessor oi Cornrnerce Business Administration tieiti, conter on rtrnent probiern. and a commerce depa .s ciasses open in the tai , veicomes eight new tacuity members trighti .o the campus. Prom iett to right, they are: C. NEiL STARR, X. MTLTON FRENCH, MERLE STONEMAN, HAROLD O. RTED, PAUL 'LETS ROBERT W. RATLEY, DON ATO TNTERNOSCTA, President STMMONS, and LOTTTE MAY T E. THACKABERRY, a new STRAKA. ROBER ber, had not arrived. tacuity mem UNNERST TNTLBUR C. University Physician Y EMMA HENR MRS. Nurse THE DA NSTTTUTE THEODOR ot Technoiogy, Germany, tute T ACTTCS MTLTT AHY SCTE WTLLTAM E. BROWN, Tn- ' Maior Technica structor in Miiitary Science RLATSDELL C. KENNON, Assistant Proiessor ot Miiitary Science and Tactics, Maior ROSSER L. HUNTER, LLB., Protessor ot Miiitary Science and Tactics, Maior RAYMOND E, VERMETTE, Assistant Protessor oi Miiitary Science and Tactics, and Sergeant PHTL LOPTNT5., instructor in M A e and Tactics trighti, torm on iine. Mi ' nt in charge i President Simmons TY HEALTH SERV TCE ROBART, M.D. NTEL GU GGENHETM ATRSHTP i insti- TROLLER, D.Eng' g ., Aachen Director. NOE AND i Sergeant and Tactics, iiitary Scienc THE LTRRARY ST APP SS MARTHA RONNET, RLS. ot the Generai Coiiege Assista Room R, ELS. MTSS ELSTE HENNTGA Assistant, Reserve Room MRS. DOROTHY HAMLEN McREE, AB. Assistant in the Generai Coiiege Room S. MTSS EVELYN Order Librarian MTSS ELEANO'R RHODES Circuiation Assistant MTSS RLANCHE PARSONS, E.Ed. Circuiation Assistant MTSS LOTTiE MAY STRAKA, RLS. ' tant, Circuiation Generai Assis MRS. VTVTEN M SUTTON A Cataioger . MTSS VTRGTNTA ZTNKHANN, AE. Circuiation Assistant MTSS TOSEPHTNE A. CUSHMAN, RLS., Libra- rian, and MTSS MARY GRACE HARRTNGTON, ' Assistant trighti, search the AB., Circuiation book card. tiies tor a rtzirrz, st Ccprrtrrir QVA E EDU CA'YiON COLLEGE O HAROLD O. RXED, PhD., instructor in Educa- tion, and Dean HOWARD R. EVANS, Rh.D., Dean ot the Coiiege oi Education and Protes- sor ot Schooi Adrninistration tieitt, get together in the Principais ottice at Spicer Schooi: PAUL O. EXXLER, AB. Assistant Director ot Athietics, and instruc- tor in Physicai Education Ht ALMER W. DXST AD, PhD. Associate Protessor ot Eiernentary Education DALLAS L. DOWNXNG, A.M. Assistant Protessor oi Vocationai Education MRS. SARAH DUNCKLEY DREiSRACH, M.S.Ed. Assistant Proiessor ot Physicai Education ELMER ENDE, MA. Assistant Protessor ot Music ROSS ST AGNER, Rh.D., Assistant Protessor ot Psychoiogy, and MXSS CLARA M. KEMLER, A.M., Associate Protessor ot ?rirnary-Eiernen- tary Education tiettt, pause atter a day in the ciassroorn. MiSS MAEEL LOCKE, M.S. Assistant Protessor ot Physicai Education A .1 XSS HELEN PESARXC, E.S.Ed. R instructor in Physicai Education MXSS GENEVXEVE RXDER, MA. Assistant Protessor ot Pubiic Schooi Music ERNEST E. SCHAEEER, REM. Assistant Protessor ot Vocationai Education EREDERXCK S. SEETON, M.Ed. Protessor ot Physicat Education HARRY A. SMYYH, M.Ed. Assistant Protessor oi Physicai Education R. X. SRALDXNG, M.A. instructor in Vocationai Education OSEPH R. STROEEL, MA. Assistant Protessor ot Vocationat Education PhD Protessor ot Educa- otessor ot KUHNES, S ?hD., Pr ?h.D tion, GEORGE Psychoiogy, and MERLE ST instructor in Education tteitt, rneet in their tice. EMERY L. L. HAYE , . ONEMAN, oi EN GANEERXNG COLLEGE OE EARL R, WiLSON, R.M.E., Assistant Proiessor oi Engineering Drawing, XOHN T. NNALTHER. E.S.E.E., Proiessor oi Eiectricai Engineering, ROSS C. DURST, C.E., Proiessor oi Civii En- ' ' , and PAUL C. SMYYH, E.S.E.E., As- i ctricai Engineering gineering sistant Proiessor oi Ee a biueprint. Qrigiriti , pore ov er XORN ADENDOREE, NLE. Proiessor oi inaustriai Engineering iOHN EULGER, E.C.E. Proiessor oi Structurai Engineering SOY CLARENCE R. UPP, NLE., Associate Proies oi Niecifianicai Engineering, and FRED S. GRiE- EXN, NLE., Protessor ot Mecifianicai Engineer- inq, cornpare notes irigtitt. WALTER A. GXLMOUR, E.S.C.E. Proiessor ot Co-ordination NHSS RUTH MARGUERYYE RAW, AM. Assistant Proiessor oi Engiisifi in the Coiiege oi Engineering EREDERiC E. AYER, C.E,, Dean oi the Coiiege oi Engineering, who has cornpieted 25 years oi service at the University this year, checks ' his oiiice irighti. a -paper in wif X s 5 , -fi xx Q 1 , H? W QQ. gf X , X? ' X X erik, 1 X -lux: Q-"" YYY TY' 1AMEs APPLEBY, B, zo IN EDUCATION ll . BA. nv Ezaucfmou LA SEHK IAMES BERRY, B.S. uv susmsss Aomms MARY BERRY BS mfmow uv sscnzmmnu sczawc HAROLD BINNS ' IN auszzvzss ADMINISTRATIO N IRENE BIRD S uv soucsmorv 1 'Gwyn' an HERBERT BFIACKEN IN P , B.S. .DUCATION WILLIAM BR AY. B.S. :N SECHEITHIHAI. SCIENCE .umm- I A NE BRICKEN. BA. MELB OURNE BRISCOE, B A FLORENCE B HOOKS, BA. IN EDUCATION IAME EDGAR BURN?-1 Mfmmw sun AM, as. AM M, IN EDUCHON GLHTHYIDE HILL BA MARIORIE cmnu BA RAE MARIE CAR s Canclndat2S fOf Degree HELL BA. s gmowzv. an DON C BER . new El-I5IliZ'A:T!0NUN BENEI EC ST TZVEDHE NUT CANON E VEL YN CH RISTMAN B nv Loucn now E LJZA EPTH CL EMMI: VIRGINI A COOPQ1, BA. ARGARET COOVE HT. BA. ANTHON Y COSICIX, THYAC UNNING HAM. BA. ULLI-'KN D DO. B.S. uv aovgvnow ELEANOH DESC!-L BA. F? BA BA . For DQQVQZS Candidates """"""' RICHARD CONN nv ausuvzs ' ' . R. .S A UMINIST 1 HA TION DON ALD CO HNELL, B .ME VIC TOHIA C PLOR .willy OOK BA. ENCE CHANO IN ED . B.S. UCA TION VTVIAN C HAWFOH IN ED D, B.S. UCA TION ANN CROW I . B. N EDUCAT ION R. WILBUR DA VIDSOM 8.1-E. ROBERT DA BhM.E, H ONALD DICKSON BA. "' 'ev-ff,.,,,,, ,,f-,, :- '.-,,.-"I Q . candidates for Degre 65 HELEN 'Ui-XSHS9. BA m mmcpmorl X-'UYPOA . SACK xr: wucmxou XOSEYHXNF- YUCKSNGEB, B ELSE ECKEP-T. BS. mxow IN EDUC T. BS. XNE REBER S CFXTHER ' wiv Am Uv AP GEORGE DUBXN Ps. B P- HAWH, B R ANDREW G P-RD, BAS, GERTZ. BA ROSE na fmucmxou ROY AL GARDNER. B5 ET G ALB M ARG AB TON, BA AN YU5 ' x,u.x.x XS YNY5 'PHYLL Hmmm 'IN TECH S W:-, x Vx W MJD 'Y GREEN 3 OHN G0 OD. B E555 GRAHAM, gp., NAOMX GREGG, 8.5. na ausmnss mmmxswmmou .ML CUHTT CE GREG ORY . axcmxao GBEENWALD. ss. HOBY3 ni wsxmiss Amfwxsmxmov YN WSNQSS fi 41'- Y HP-HBAUGH. BA. EAMES HARRXS. B.M.Y.. ON BA BEYY ARNOLD HAN5 NA. B.F-, ORW. H15-N MARX .S . CEL!-Fu. B P-NK G?-U RLYYYYH. . . :mov BS gg XO!-IN G D!-MNXSTH XNB UBRH?-S5 R 3' ,gk .fe WAH1' A ONES. HA. NN '-'www-' WAN 1 Ki-'B B5 HVKYH' 85' DOROTHY BONES, Blk ELSZABETH HO xv mucsmov YN H00 , scvascn KATHY wx scctwm mum. GGXNS. BA. NACE W RUTH HBYBXSHN. is A MWC! ENEMY N KLXNNE MARY FRA we mocrmow L, BA. 'NCES RAB R, BS. SN Ll HENRY KEMYLEH - mc Anon wmxsm xmsmaoi. as, MARY KENNEDY B A KN IWPLYED ARTS ' ' V , EA. C . ancluclatgs for De SVZQS YSUNG. 8.5. ANNE KX , 'N ixwmzpmow E . a 1 , n 3 J. 5 j. 1 il X' I var ' J ' 1 W ,4- SVN' EVELYN m-LINGER. Z SAMUEL LANG EDN-4 UTM!-KN I . B.S. N EDUC! TION i C E v ,Q P ERMAN. BA. RUTH IHNNEY BA IN E BA. UCATION HRNNRH KODISH. B.S. nvclmozv RUTH LEE, E.S IN srcnnr BRIAI. SCIISNC MRS. BARBA EA XOR 1, , . IN zoucarzozlygms BS E SEI-MA LEIB OVITZ, B IN ED A. UCATION FRED LOC KE. B.I.E ROBERT I-EMMON, B.S. I J 1 MARIAN KROEGER. BA. JOHN LAMPASONE IN avsnvsss . B,S. g ADMINISTRATION ' 'EQ BEN LOGAN. BA. Candic:lat2S For Degrees E LENDER MAGLIONE. B.S. ' :N znucxrzozv ROBERT LESS ROBERT MARSH. B.S. IN svsnvsss Abumlsrnanozv DONR WILLIA LD. LINGO, ac.:-:. N M McCONNELL. l 4 r K D Brees Candiddfes For 6 DNA LD MCFA DDEN , BA. JOSEPH MCINTY HE. BA. CL YDE uv NICPEEK. BUSINES Q B. A DMINIS TH S. A TION AUD REY MIC L B IN LD CAHE TION SEHGE MIGDAL B EE A LLS B RKEMCHUON ELAINE M ORGAN. B TN EDU .-4, C4 TION 'Farms IOS H MILLER B nv zwsnvzsb IMINIS TION MJLDRED MUNDY IN scent!-A , B HMI. SCYEN .S. CE PAT RICIA NE ERIC NICHO Bus: Ll-S. B.S. Nzss Anlwmlsrl-mr: ALI ozv CE NIESTO CKEI., m :bu CATION 'Ol-ET OA KES. B. A. FLOYD OGDEN. .S IN nusmsss B . ADMINISTHA TION FRANK OLIVO. B.E.E. A NNE 'FNvnn...' ORLJNO 'FUN X vw PP. B IN EDUCATI MARC AHET OSBORNE nv :nu B.S. CA TION MA RY PAPPAS, B.S. IN EDUCATION , .a.,,,. ,.....v-'ww Ab -fi!!! Cdndiddt ZS fOr Degre ZS "1Q..,,,,A RXCYUXRD PARKER ui wsmess Anmmxmmmow ww CHARDSON, 8.5. AABTHA R1 wx eoucmxou , Win XOHN SCHMAYQ-'. B. I-K. , wma M HARRY usnniss P ARXDON. B LU CXLLE KN EDU C RTION I ...W .S . BESSXE. PECK, B xv muczmou .'5. YOVK-OS. 15.5. FRANCES wx soucn-nos KENNETH RP-ND0 -and N SP-YRS.. BA nmxczmou HYLU5 BOW1-AND. BS. KUON min snrlfoau. ss. ARTS H4 APYLILD KN Y XB EDUC AYER B M5 EARL ROTTM JK. RXEKER. B ROSQAAHY sc - KN EDUCKUON F6-Q RIC ni much HARD 5CHm-"t'Z- 85. nos aonvl sg.u.HB. szcsmwpx scmlcs: HN mm.. 'B.S, KSKDORE SC!-IHUDQMA xu wsmsis Aomwis-n4A1xos N BS. HNUCK. BS. vxoufi SC u-4 emxcp.-non B-S. ag 4542 P1 FOREST SHELBY. BA. GHOVEH S1-IUMAN. BS. Aommxsrmmou IN BUSINYBQ RT. BS. UY-L SHOBE S AM SARA SHANK. 8.5. me BAR m mvuio A VNUXN SEM!-EB, m mu c Anon EMMEY SEMONYN m zoucxmori 'Vvw XO!-YN SLIYKO. . . PHILKP SNY DER. BS. MYYH 8.5. MARY EVELYN S . IN SECRETAHXAL SCIENCE wh '-vw-fs., SOUHEK, BS. ROSE. IN wucmxow :HIS 'SX m snucrmou MONETYX. BS. '5KURV1D. B.A CHARLES m Eoucfmou wffii W f"'4m, .mx fi- adm fb'-Q, Miha'-,o 06654 .A HSTAKGER. nfs, HOMEIR STEKNEH. BA. FRANCES mu soucmxogxv ' STEWART, B. ARD SWYH55. 5.1-K. S. ALBERT SWWY. 3.5. MEBLE SWTNEHPKHT. 5.5.2. HOW KN BUSXNESS ADMYNXSTRATKON N b MA z E gl 5. S fu f? l 1 3 6 n d I d 5 t 6 S1 5 or De . 8 V 6 Q 5 ff E, I 'Y 1 . I ,A'l"'l'-,N I1 H 44' '1 K My 'EK v w".' cv.- l r I Q "., A . 1 ,.l. 1 New 58? CHESTER TEEPLE. B.S. CA IN susms TRATION HL IENISON, B.S IN BUSINESS ADM INISTHA TION SS ADMINIS DONALD TENNEY BA CARL TSALOFP, B.S. CATHARINE WAGNEH. B.S. MARGA IN EDUCATION IN EDUCATION NEII. B IN EIIIICATIO RET WAC MHS, BFITY WETISTYNE. IIS. IN SECHWAHIAL s ' VIRGINIA THOMPSON. BA WILLIAM WALZEH, BS. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ROBERT THORNTON, H.S. OUIS TR FHVNEH. B.S. SECHETARIAI scrz N CE GEORGE W IN DMINISTRA Tl AITE. B.S. BUSINESS A ON RO If MMIII fm '-N BERT WIL LIAMSON X 'F'-N I QSE tiff- I RBERT YOOS. B.S. KENT I A , OSEP Z , B, , ZTNTEL. B.S. CILNCE IN QEJNESS ADMINISTRATION I IN Qlnugk?-YSXN S IN EDUCATION ' I l 1 ! I I II gl I, PI 'I I 71 I E s Candidates for Degree ' i 3 I I i 1 Is 9 BACHELOR OF Sol Aidman Mrs. Ruth Andress Cletus Becker Mary Chamberlin Roger Cleave Betty Cole Harriet Davies Theodore Duke Walter Dyer William Eichelberger Sol Goldberg Alice Higgins Alice Iayne Hilbish Robert Huhn Robert Keating Lucien Keller Miriam Keller Robert Lynds Iene Martin ARTS Anna Catherine McClellan William Mclntosh Willie Price Tressa Quell Harold Raasch Darwin Reichow Margaret Eleanor Rhodes Wade Ruble Henry Smith Caroline Marguerite Truman Iohn Vinciguerra David Wilson BACHELOR OF SCIENCE lane Bartlett Hugh Br-and Samuel Caplin Alvin McMullen I CANDIDATES FOR DEGREES No Photographs Submitted BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN EDUCATION Sara Barker Sister Mary Bernard Friess, O.P. Ieannette Cohen Stanley Gingery lean Griffin Theodore Hanning Matilda Kandike Louis Killgrove Walter Krebs Walter Loomis luanita Luke Faye Mack Iarnes M-allo Beatrice McCoy Margaret McCoy Robert Mett Maud Motz Annette Polstein Ioseph Roenicl: Sister Mary Iosephin O.P. Robert Schepp William Sturgeon Helen Syroid Mary Etta Townsend Iosephine Zoolc Riffel, BACHELOR OF ARTS IN EDUCATION Melba Melson lean Minter Mrs. Grace Richards Sarah Rogers BACHELOR OF EDUCATION Ida Boyle Catherine Grant Maude Moore BACHELOR OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Martin Batiuk Sumner Hawley Charles Schwarz BACHELOR OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Anthony Smith BACHELOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Miles Shook Glen Zettle MASTERS I-larry Albert Florence Amrein Ralph Caston Miriam Diehl William Fishel Emmett Glazer William Harris Walter Hranilovich Edward Hunt Mildred Latshaw Raymond Moreland Mendell Rimmel Louis Rosenfeld Edward Smith Ioseph Switzer George Walker Donald Welsh Edgar Weltner Roy Wenger Irene Ziegler x X I . 1' . .XV . Z, -1 l is it W I 'll A f l I I I 1 if if Er 1 I 1 , I I I fl it It 5' li I lg I l I M ll f, L I v Th 6 UDl36r C0H23g5 ALO GDEUS l i W HB3-EN BARKEB i LOXHSY, BM-LW AY MP-R G P-RET HMM? .BMAN DOBXS PASMANN HOSE?-T AEST! i 1 1 ? EST!-YE R ALPEBN XOPKNNA WARN I-.UBHEY FXL A BO BE BT BEHYS '-4""'P" ' fs .MMM MABSORXE GLEN BKSHOY HELEN BESSH P-BDT ERHL BYSHOP BECK?-R BBA, 'MXH KLEY GMES SON B P-T DORY? ELWYN BP-MES BO YD P AU L BRADFORD DOROTHY BR YVYAKN G-FB?-LUXN B BROCK MABSOBKE. BROWN!-'WJ-D HP-LE HUNT PE MXL BBOWNSW ORD ALICE SRU CKER A L il 5 gaudy, "QW- nl WML CHABLYE CEHRS Al P AUX. COBURN ,oth CEMENT D AMICONY, MARY CUMMKNGS EDW AF-D BUYRRESA. MFKHG A RET BUY! ON PNB- BU f , ,W,, fwlx fm 1 'ww 'Wm ,xg NCES DUNN RAY MOND ECKAP-D DU951' YUCH M'-D ROTHY T DE-XST 4 WORN DAY -,wh 'G'- WLDRED EN AHS ST RNLY1 PP- '1' Dx-,EN UL 1-'EU' EY semen mnaixml F OSS MRRTHA FOSTER LORBAN5 FKPKTER .wm- Buzumcs YRIEDMAN GEORGE. FREY7- Th 6 UDPZV Cglleges f"'x Mv- I LY NNYTY P- D P-NDRXUG el, MP-SUE EV ANS XO!-TN FRY E LO IOHN GUR 55-f U13 FURST 7, vvf 1 lf' v HY .U 1-hi 'g,"3,"" ALICE GAHBISON DOROTHY GIVENS MA wwf -'Y' M HIOHIE G FHANCIS GHASSB-4 UGH R USSELL 'QW WW HOSE HA BERMAN EDWARD HALL GWEN RO BERT HJGLEY HOBER JOHN HUTCHINSON Th Upper Colleges Z GRA Y BBZTHA GREDVBA UM N N MARY LOUISE GUN 51 H DOLYN HA BDMAN L UCIU-E HARRIS 'tx ALVIS ISNER Ho BERT mcksow HAROLD HART!-INE . vw? MURTU. PUT5 ROBERT HART? MAH VIN HEID' cfmvsa -IAMESCN CLARENCE X F 1 4 1 TRINE IOY Th upper COHQQQS 2 '! ln Al it Q, qw.. K.. 'S'i'.f"' D KRENRJCK HERBERT HHN THEZD A KRUG ADELAIDE KARR UKRLLEA x NULDRED KA UFMRN KENNETH HAH pw FRANK K1-B PES CHIST ER KOLK WAI. TEH KOMINIC wiv 77-lEnMAN RIC HARD LOC KHART MARIORIE LOG GER TR UDE LONG MARGA RET LONSB M414 G10 MARVIN MAROUA URY RALPH MAKER RDT AETUCG Tf1?ESA M BUT? MASON RUTH MASON DONALD MHITIER FRANCES MA 'ITHEWS MAR Y ML-ca UGHEIF X ACK MCBTY 'IRE RXCHP-RD MHLEB 47.77, in 1 ,, 1 Th U Z ppercolleges sm-A25 Mcmxm ROBERT MCXNT 'IRE :z,,W,,1aL I"W"4 fy?" NLARSORXE MEP. MYERS UXNE MUHDOCH mrrg wnuom P ARK 5 AR P- NOWEX5 EXLEQ1 O'BRXY.N PAUL NUBCHES C RRR OU- OLYN Y-L5 RALPH M59-BXCK PEBRXNE MY-55 NDP- MXKSS LY-OSA QJEND LOXS MY 'YHOLAB MAX Nfl-SON EDW BHD NXCE1-Y hmm Nou M ARXORKE PEYXEY 'HY-WF-S PHXLLSPS XVXLU AM P M15-Ya M-ARG ARE-'T vnm-5 DNAMP-E YOLEN M R81 AN R AWK-5 LOUIS RP-MXCONE TT L P M ROBERT REJDY Kf,f,,,-if Q: CONYUKD R -my EXNING """. DOBXS RENNEH 5 it CH REDS GMI, R1 ff' 4 BEN ROGERS five .. BETTY SA NDBERG BEATRXCE S555 SLE P-NOR SCA TY ERD PN ROGER SCHIREFYYP. 'lm S5 NNN HO IAMY-5 ROSS gsw, Q-ng MOLD ROOTES BEEN P-BD RO NQQ Rl CHABD SXPES BETH' SOBEL Nw. NOR 5CHWP-RT7- WBA-3 RM SCHWFJKEWY BAHBP-FA SH-BY PJ-BERT 5511.55 MARY SHXELD FRANK SXMONETYX S Th 2 UDDU Cglleges K F fu ? A4 I 4 L . Q, I? ei ft E1 5 f PS E Qi I 1 52 I i E 5' 2 E , ji g E? RUSS Wm -ax. bl 'Mugs S7317 nl!" v-u-u.1nm woman STEHNBERG IILALNE STONE HELEN S 7?-E1-:RS Th UDDer Colleges 2 WW AN STUBE ., NF-TTE S UMNER .w-.W DOROTHY 77'IAM TED THOME MARIO RTE TO ON -HHN- GEORGE TWICKLER FA Y UMA NSK Y ED HELEN VOICE KA THLEEN VOSPDJ MARY LOU WAGNER WAN NA MAE WAG IGHT WALTER wa f?-551 x YAKUB' MICHAEL AN WYM CHARLES . ETHA UNS HARRY WA LDMAN WORTH MARK WALTHEH H R IA-NE OBEHT TAYLOR BETTY TENNANT Um vmwmou Pin WTLTROUT BETTY VOGLEH RICHARD WTTNER NATURAL SCIENCE DIVISION William Baird Ioseph Balasceo Raymond Barrett Robert Burton Walter Fair Robert Frisby Walter I-Iausch I. Bruce Hoertz George lyurovat Iames Loulan Paul Lukats Thomas Mackey Roy W. McClellan Robert Mintz Thomas Rhoads William Rogers Paul Roush Steve Semegen Edward Slonczenski David Smith Ioseph Snyder HUMANITIES DIVISION Mary Akschan Gordon Hagerman Mrs. Louise Allen Frances M. Boyd Frank W. Carper Albert I-I. Cohen Lawrence Deli Mary Dubatowka Gus Dycus Myrtle Estright Orene Ford Andrew Garcia Bruce Baird Iohn Barbura Dante Bell lohn Bezbatchenko Dale Bradley I. Radcliffe Buxton Donald Caldwell Thomas Cameron Russell Cartwright Louis Chanyi Dean Chapman Charles Corns Iesse Darnell Norman Elder Orville Farley Richard Garver Leonard Goff Rowland Griffiths THE UPPER COLLEGES No Photographs Submitted COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS Frances Noskovitz Claudia Rockwell Mrs. B. W. Rogers Henry Smith Harry Sobeck Sarah Whelan SOCIAL SCIENCE DIVISION Iohn Allenhouse Charles Beshara Iune Blackburn David Blagg Catherine Blechl Marcia Bush Iohn Carroll Delmar Christensen Phillip Clifton George Codrea Robert Collis Bernard Derwort George Farkas Alice Garbison Lewis Goodall Albert Haury COLLEGE OF EDUCATION Wanda Grendrenska loanna I-Ioffrnaster Frank McIntyre Dominick Patella Frances Poulos Robert Rousomanoff Estelle F. Ruth Revella Sholiton Gertrude Souers COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING lohn Gross Charles Hall George Hennis William Ienkins Gerald Keirn Sheldon Kelly William King Russell Kleckner Henry Kohler Stephen Kortvejesi Ersel Lantz Iohn Laughlin Iames Lewis William Logan Marvin Luke Vance Luke William Markey Robert McCurdy William Henterly Raymond I-Iochberg Robert Huber Donald lenkins Rosser Iones Gus Konstand Victor Lampson Sigvard Liedholm Richard Mills lohn Nichols Eugene Phillips Eleanor Rhodes Everett Sheets Robert R. Smith Iames Stanford Clara Stastny Amos Stiggers Fred Tambling David Thomas Robert Thompson Iohnston Weston Robert Willenbacher Richard Williams Irene Wygant Ruth Thomas Clark Thornton Evelyn L. Thurston Robert Vernon Forrest Walker Karl loseph Weimer Bette Weller Gertrude Williams Iessie May Winland Alfred Mikolashek Paul Montgomery Walter Nixon Peter Olegar Thomas Perry Donald Porter Howard Protheroe Marion Romo Robert Roth Karl Seib Michael Senuta Theodore Shoul Russell Steffy Emil Tengea Dean Triplett Frank Vulcan Lawrence Waters Samuel Whitaker GENERAL COLLEGE, EXCLUSIVE OF FRESHMEN Alexis, Helen Allen, Doris Amer, Helen Amer, Mary Io Anastos, George Anderson, Einar Andreoli, Andre Anshutz, W. Maurice Appleby, Paul Austin, Mildred Ater, Frederic Ballard, Ruby Barbee, Frank Barnes, Charles Baugher, Iohn Baughman, Evelyn Baughman, lane Baumgardt, Iohn Bebout, William Becker, Marjorie Beckwith, Charles Bedur, Richard Bender, lohn Benedict, Eugene Benson, jeanne Berlitz, Marcia Berry, Ierorne Bertsch, Ruth Bishop, Robert Blacketter, Antonia Blank, Ethel Blank, William Charles Bloomberg, Marvin Blur, lack Bonebrake, Edwin Boorom, Betty Borodkin, Sam Bowdon, Francis Bowers, Wilda Bowman, Robert Boyd, Betty Boyd, Hugh Boyer, Charles Brandenstein, Fred Britton, Iune Brock, Clara Brothers, Nevin Brown, Frederick Brown, jane Brown, Louis Brownfield, Robert Brundage, lack Brundage, Russell Brust, Harold Bryant, Helen Buehrle, Eileen Burkley, john Burks, Mary Butler, lack Butler, Virginia Byrider, john Caillet, Gene Cardarella, Vincent Carlisle, Leonard Carlson, Betty Carroll, Arlene Carroll, Harry Chedester, Eric Chima, Aurelia Chovan, Dan Clare, Arthur Clerkin, William Cohen, Bettie Collier, Richard Colombes, jerry Core, William Cory, Salem Coscia, joseph Cotruvo, Francis Courtney, Thomas Creed, Warren Crooks, Ieyne Cross, Clayton Culbertson, Wayne Keith Cullison, Karl Cullison, Lois Curtice, William Davis, Elaine Davis, Harold Davis, Howard DeCora, Paul DellAngelo, Primo DeLorenzo, Louis Deme, Katherine Dewhirst, Helen Dillehay, Lawrence Donovan, Marguerite Downing, Mark Duncan, Robert Durr, Marian Eagon, Pauline Early, Martha Emmerich, Clinton Endress, Ned Eshelman, Edwin Evans, Raymond Fagan, lack Feeley, Ieanne Fernella, Mike Ferri, Felix Ferris, Frank Fertig, I-ames Firestone, Rosemary Flannigan, William Flint, Flora Flossie, Ben Fogarty, Charles Fogarty, William Foltz, Iulia Foss, Alice Foster, Robert Fouche, Rex Fox, Esther Frazee, Harry Frick, Betty Fry, Arlene Fulop, Louis Garner, Thomas Garrett, jean Gates, Stewart Geissinger, Roy Gerhart, Rita Gildow, George Gitter, Peter Goehring, Gordon Goldrick, Leonard Gorup, Leo Gostlin, Mary Graham, Ernest Grahamslaw, Robert Greenwald, Elaine Grenzow, Donald Griffith, Mary Grigas, Walt Gunning, Leroy Gurewitz, Bernice Hamilton, Ann Hannley, Vincent Haren, Robert Hargrove, Robert Harker, Vernon H-arkins, George Harper, Ruth Hart, Adele Hart, Richard Hartz, Marvin Hawk, Glen Hawthorne, Anthony Haynes, Lois Hazlett, Betty Heepe, William Heffelman, lohn Heffelman, Robert Heilman, Margaret Heimbaugh, Frank Henry, Anna Herman, Edith Herron, Lynn Hershey, Robert Hibbard, Reigle Hibner, Edwin Hitchcock, Lois Hitchcock, Ruth Hoff, Garfield Hoffman, Miriam Holloman, Geraldine Hooker, Robert Hope, Roy Hopkins, Gene Horrigan, Ursula Horst, Iacqueline Hranilovich, Emily Hranilovich, George Huff, Rolland Hughes, lack Humphrey, Robert Hurst, Helen Hurst, Virginia Iames, Angy james, Harold lobe, Louise johnson, Dorothy johnson, Esther johnson, Robert johnson, Virginia Ioles, Donald jones, Milton joy, Harry Iudson, Marilyn Kallgren, john Kannel, William Kasse, Robert Kaston, Alvin Kay, Harriet Keatts, Martha Keene, Robert Kehrer, Dorothy Kehrer, lack Keiser, Dorothy Kempel, Marcella Kendrick, Merrill Kenny, Elizabeth Kenny, Richard Kershaw, Marjorie Khoenle, Eleanor Kimmell, Robert King, Leona Kinsey, Alice Kirk, Rutledge Kistler, William Klotz, Milton Kneale, Marjorie Koerschner, William Kohsiek, Donald Kossky, Steve Kovalich, Walter Krivitsky, Albin Krumrine, Ieanette Krupp, Reta Kuder, Patricia Kysor, Ruth Lacy, Mary GENERAL COLLEGE, EXCLUSIVE OF FRESHMEN CContinuedl Ladrach, Helen Lancaster, Arthur Landefeld, Paul Laone, Carl Larkin, Raymond Larson, Robert Latona, Felix Lebate, Arthur Lee, Carl Lee, Thomas Levin, Allen Liberman, Lylian Lintner, Loretta Lockhart, Albert Logue, Marian Long, Earl Loulan, Iuanita Luck, Donald Lughart, Denise Lukas, Iohn Lutz, Louella Machan, Patricia MacLeod, Hope Maher, Leo Mamay, Sergius Mankin, Robert Mark, William Marlowe, Iack Marrone, Iohn Martin, Ernest Massey, David McAlonan, Elizabeth McCarthy, Richard McCormick, Marvin McCort, Richard McCracken, Ioseph McCrosky, Charles McDonald, Marian McElhany, lames McGrath, Edward McMullan, Arthur McPherson, Willi-am Meade, Robert Meszaros, Iulius Mettler, Iohn Meyer, Eleanor Michaels, Frances Mikolashek, Lester Millemann, Selma Miller, Robert Mingle, Harold Minter, Thomas Moats, Erwin Moore, Kenneth Morey, Margaret Morgan, Willard Morris, Evelyn Morrison, Frances Morrison, Robert Moskovitz, Sidney Musial, Ioseph Myers, Park Myerscough, lewell Nagy, Louis N-agy, Walter Nestlerode, Evelyn Noifsinger, Frank Ir. Nuches, Orpheus Oberlin, Ruth O'Brien, Mary lane Ohl, Roberta Olivo, Tony Ondecker, Andrew Owens, Thomas Palmer, lean Palmer, William Pappano, Ioseph Pappas, Paul Prenti, Rolland Patrino, Vincent Patton, Philip Pavlov, Mike Peavy, I-ames Pettry, Dale Ploenes, Elizabeth Polstein, Milton Pope, Iohn Popiel, Victor Popovici, Betty Prosser, Richard Poster, loseph Rankin, Paul Rapp, Donald Reich, Iacob Reinhart, Elsie Remington, Ioseph Renner, Evelyn Renninger, Vernon Richardson, Ieannette Ristich, Alex Rogers, Eugene Rogers, Kathleen Rohrich, Clarence Romig, Pauline Rosenthal, Harry Ross, George Ross, Richard Roth, Evelyn Roundy, Laur-a Ruman, Anna Russell, Robert Rutkoski, Bernard Sabgir, Harry Safko, Lillian Salpeter, Lois Sanderson, Robert Sartoris, Dorothy Schaadt, Carl Schetiler, Lois Schimp, Eleanor Schmidt, Eleanor Schmidt, Marjorie Schnee, William Schueneman, William Schwall, Chester Secrest, Robert Sedlak, Iohn Sellers, Iames Semonin, Leo Shatter, lane Shallcross, lean Shaw, Amy Shaw, Eleanor Sherman, Blanche Sherman, Faith Sherry, George Shipman, lames Shively, Margaret Shobert, Dorothy Shobert, Ruth Shyrock, Fern Singer, Robert Singleton, Mary Sisler, William Skewes, Phyllis Slater, Donna Slusser, Betty Slyman, Theodore Smith George Smith, Helen Smith, Maxine Smith, Michael Smith, Philip Smith, Rita Sneed, Pauline Snyder, Frank Snyder, Sue Sockel, Earl Sokol, M. Sokol, Maurice Solomon, Morris Spore, Iane Sprinkle, Dallas Sprow, Allen Staiger, Walter Stank-ard, Iames Stein, Seymour Stern, Sanford Stevens, Clyde Stewart, William Stiggers, lohn Stile, Louis Strayer, Helen Stubbs, Mary Sullivan, lack Swain, Ioan Swan, William Syroid, Walter Tass, Morris Teptenhart, Ioe Terrell, Viola Tahcker, lack Thomas, Gilbert Thomas, Helen Thomas, Isabel Thomas, Mary Thome, Robert Thompson, Emmy Lou Thorne, Val Thornton, Mary Toner, Harold Toye, Robert Trembley, Robert Trockle, Mary Tweddell, Rosena Umansky, Albert Van Camp, Robert Veach, Esther Vinciguerra, Eugene Waddell, Ioseph Wade, lohn Wahn, Harvey Waite, Floyd Wallace, Martha Warner, Iohn Watkins, Lois Waugh, Elizabeth Wecker, Virginia Weiss, Edward White, Helen Whitten, Iames Wiandt, William Wiener, Thomas Wilkinson, Harold Williams, Carney Wilt, Homer Wilt, Myron VVilt, lulius Wince, Carmen Wingard, Milton Winkelman, Betty Wolf, Edward Wood, Neal Woodward, Eleanor Woodward, Paul Worthington, Charles Yackee, Robert Yarcheck, Iohn Zapiler, lrving Zazula, Frank Zimmerman, Glenn Zimmerman, Harold GENERAL COLLEGE FRESHMEN, FIRST SEMESTER Abdenour, Emil Acker, Loren Adkina, Wava Adler, Dorothy Akins, Ivan Allan, Hollis Alspach, Hardin Ammerman, Margaret Apger, Berdine Arbogast, Allen Athey, William Aughenbaugh, D. Bagwell, L. Baker, Betty Bard, Robert Bash, Phyllis Batman, Florine Batson, Robert Batson, Virginia Bay, Martha Beahn, Russell Beaudry, Ieanne Bell, Kathleen Bendell, Roy Benson, Harriett Berg, Virginia Berk, Grace Bines, William Bixler, Ruth Blackwell, W. Blank, lane Bochert, Fred Boggins, Mary Bonnette, W. Boring, S. Boughton, Lucile Bowman, Robert Boyd, Verne Boyer, Allen Bracken, Lester Bradbury, Arthur Brediger, Harry Brill, Genevieve Briney, Gerald Brooks, Kenneth Brotsman, lean Brown, David Brown, Donald Brown, Iohn Brustein, Louise Buchtel, Earl Bunn, Doris Burrell, Iacques Butler, Hal Byrne, Catherine Caldwell, Richard Cameron, Benj. Cameron, I. Candlish, Vesta Cascioli, Marie Carlson, Edwin Carney, Iohn Carter, Iames Casey, Bette Cattran, W. Chapman, Paul Christner, M. Christy, T. Clark, Eleanor Clause, Robert Codrea, Iohn Coe, Virginia Cole, Eleanor Colombes, Ierry Comstock, P. Conkle, Iames Conn, Rachael Cook, Emil Cooley, Sara Cooper, Betty Cooper, Ieanette Corbett, M. Corris, Marg. Corellessa, A. Costigan, lohn Cousert, Vane Crain, William Crandall, lack Croskey, Alice Cross, Iames Cross, Richard Crum, Ruth Culbertson, Gene Culbertson, Robt. Culp, Bill Cummings, Martha Cunningham, Reba Dague, Mary Darst, Howard Darst, Robert Davidson, Harold Davis, Lenora Davis, Richard Davis, Robert Deagan, William Decatur, Albert Deitrick, Helen D'Ianni, Iosephine Dickerhoif, Ford Dill, Louise Dillard, Ranse Dillian, Iames Dimitruck, A. Dine, Robert Disbro, Bette Dobrin, Letitia Doherty, Robert Doxey, Evelyn Dudugjian, Carl Duke, Grover Dunderman, Frank Dunlevy, Iohn Durkee, lean Durr, Helen Eberhart, Evelyn Echard, Beatrice Enright, Frank Evans, Eleanor Fairall, Fenella Farwell, Roland Fernback, Ioseph Finks, Eugene Fisher, Betty Ieane Fisher, William Fitzgerald, Iack Flaherty, Ioseph Flynn, Mary Foley, lean Fouche, Ianet Frank, Bernice Franklin, Norma Frazee, Claude Frear, Raymond Frederick, Helen Freed, Robert Freedman, Hulda French, Dee French, Elizabeth French, Robert Friedman, Harvey Friess, Albert Frisby, William Frye, Eugene Fuchs, Robert Gabelman, Harold Gallaher, Elizabeth George, May Gerson, Lucile Gertz, Frances Gilbride, Thomas Gilchrist, Laurence Gillis, Katherine Godfrey, Frank Godlove, Robert Golz, William Good, William Graham, William Graves, Frank Gray, Iason Green, Martha Eileen Green, Martha Elizabeth Green, William Greenhorn, Alvin Greer, Norma Griffith, Anamary Griffiths, Robert Griffiths, Marian Gukich, Dorothy Guran, Andrew Hagstrom, lean Haines, William Haldin, William Hales, Wanda Halstead, Doris Hamilton, Iean Hamman, Marie Hancock, Mildred Handley, Estelle Harris, Zachery Hart, Iack Haskins, Merle Heckman, Delores Heidman, Richard Hensley, Ioyce Henterly, Iohn Hersman, Carl Hessler, Muriel Hevener, Betty Hickman, Berton Hidy, Logan Hill, Rancel Hinman, Robert Hobbs, Hazel Hoffman, Elmer Hogle, George Holbert, William Hooker, Evelyn Hoover, Marjorie Houchin, Donald Howard, Mable Huff, Doris Humphreys, Charles Hunter, Mary Hurtt, Harry Hutchinson, Quentin Inama, Richard Ingram, Virginia Israel, Art Israel, Edward Israel, Suzanne Iackson, Eleanor Iackson, Dorothy Iames, Olga Iansen, Iohn Iefferson, Regina Ienney, Ralph lohnson, Wilhelmina Iohnston, Ianet Iones, Clyde Iones, Kathleen Kalavity, Regina Kallgren, Robert Kapenekas, Theodore Kay, lames Kazloukas, Anthony Kehl, Katherine Keister, Stanley Keller, William Kendig, Donald Kenepp, Art Kenyon, William Kincart, Robert King, Wilma Kirkpatrick, Bettie Klisch, Anna Knotts, Kenneth Koegel, Ioseph Koleta, Gertrude Koller, Kenneth Kols, Sophie Konstantinovich, H. Korora, Tony Koster, William Koval, Helen Kraus, Robert Kreemer, Iohn Kretchman, Iohn Kriegbaum, Kathryn Krill, Peggy Krinov, Anna GENERAL COLLEGE FRESHMEN, FIRST SEMESTER tContinuedl Kudera, Sophie Kylander, Mildred Kysor, Ruth Larkin, Charles Larrick, Martha Larson, Arthur Lawrence, Everett Lazarow, Herbert Lebold, Lois Lee, Claude Leeper, Harold Leffler, Francis Lemke, Alvin Lewis, Carl Liebenderfer, Frank Lightner, Evelyn Lincks, Doris Litz, Norman Livensparger, Clark Louie, Edward Lowrey, Lois Lucas, Anne Lutz, Marie Lytton, Amos MacSwain, Agnes Magilvy, Gladys Maher, Robert Maluke, Andrew Mancovitz, Ida Marcum, Margaret Markey, Betty Markovich, Peter Marks, Marie Marks, Stella Marsteller, William Mathias, Henrietta Mayer, Norma Mayfield, Richard Mays, Ralph McBride, Charles McCobb, Mary McGaughey, Donald McGinley, Rosejean McGrath, Iames Mclntyre, Robert McKiernan, Horace McLaren, Mary McManis, Miriam McMullan, Arthurx McMullin, Iames McShaffrey, Helen Mendelson, Clara Menuez, Roscoe Miller, Charles Miller, George Miller, Grace Mills, Mary Mohn, lohn Molohosky, Olga Montgomery, Donald Moore, Bernice Moore, Ethel Moreland, Richard Morgan, Kenneth Morrison, lack Morrow, Wade Moskoff, Carl Mungo, Victor Murphy, Mary Musser, Betty Myers, George Myers, Madalene Myers, Robert Myers, Thomas Nachtrieb, Carl Neal, Charles Nealis, Cathleen Neely, lane Neidemire, Ned Noack, Louise Normington, Ralph O'Conner, Richard Ogonowski, Edward Olesky, Walter Olhoeff, Ieanne O'Neil, Rosemary Osman, leanne Osmun, Robert Owens, james Palmieri, Richard Pardee, Charles Parrish, lean Parseghian, Gerard Pastorius, Harry Pastorius, Rosalie Patrino, Anthony Patterson, Grace Pershing, Kathryn Pescan, George Peters, Wesley Petley, lean Phenicie, Ieanette Phillips, Marianne Phillips, Wendell Piotter, Edward Poe, Alfred Porter, Marie Ports, Robert Post, Emerson Poston, Douglas Potter, Frank Pulk, Iennie Rabinovitz, Anne Rader, Iohn Ratay, Frank Relich, Milcie Renfrew, Mary Reznek, Walter Richards, Kenneth Richards, Olive Richie, Lucy Riddle, Dallas Ries, Wilma Rifkin, Doris Roberts, Iames Roberts, Norman Robinson, Arthur Robinson, Harold Robison, Betty Rodgers, lack Rosenberg, Constance Rosenth-al, Harold Ross, Francis Ross, lerome Rossiter, Neva Rothermel, Marie ' Rothman, Marjorie Rush, Raymond Russell, Anna Ryan, Viola Sager, Rex St. Aubin, William St. john, Charles Saus, Margaret Scalia, Casper Schick, Marie Schlobohm, Kenneth Schoettel, Ted Schray, Everett Schwan, Katherine Schwarz, Harry Scott, Kathleen See, William Seese, A. Seiberling, Robert Seiford, Frank Shaffer, Robert Shanazar, Grace Shane, Betty Shapiro, Theodore Shaw, Russell Shook, Gerald Shook, Martha Silagi, Iohn Simonetti, C-armel Smanto, Mary Smith, Edgar Smith, Genevieve Smith, Iosephine Smith, Marguerite Smith, Marjorie Snider, Leonard Snyder, Carl Sockel, Helen Spikerman, Iohn Staiger, Walter Standt, Robert Stern, Charles Stetter, Evelyn Stone, Paul Stoner, Wanda Stover, Richard Streid, Frank Stroup, Robert Sucharda, Gene Suderow, Myron Swing, Robert Tait, lean Tarbox, David Taton, lean Thomas, Adelene Thomas, Moreland Thomas, Ralph Thorn, Averille Titmas, Iames Tolbert, Iuet Trembley, William Troemmler, Frad True, Charles Trumpikas, Albert Turner, lack Unger, Ieanne Upp, Raymond Uverity, Theodore Vale, Effie Vandersall, Norma Van Fleet, Friend Van Nostran, Wm. Van Orman, Donald Van Steenhover, F. Vaughan, Edwin Vielhaber, Margaret Vinciguerra, Anna Vogel, Thelma Vogt, Donald Walter, Richard Waltz, Adelaide Waltz, Frances Warren, Alvin Warren, Clyde Wasser, Clara Watkins, Dorothy Watkins, lean Watson, Paul Watters, Ray Weaver, Clyde Weigle, Donald Welch, Carl Welch, Donald Welch, Ralph Wells, Iames Welsh, james Weltmer, Robert Westover, Clarence Weyand, Marjorie White, Robert Whitmer, Ioe Whitsett, james Whittenberger, R. Williams, Elizabeth Williams, Robert Williamson, Mildred Winer, Molly Wingard, Milton Wittig, William Witwer, Helen Wolin, Burton Woods, Martha Woodward, Mary Woyar, Walter Writh, Hazel Yoak, William Yokum, Carl Young, Ralph Zeiter, Marjorie Zetzer, Milton GENERAL COLLEGE FRESHMEN, SECOND SEMESTER Anderson, Thomas App, Eileen Benning, Herbert Berger, Ruth Billings, Avalorene Bixler, Elizabeth Bodle, Russell Bowen, Donna Carroll, Clarence Chapman, Everett Christian, Robert Ciraldo, Alfred Crosley, Edgar Curtis, Frank Denholm, Iohn Denton, Tom Doerr, Virginia Duggan, Wilfred Finegan, Billy Freeman, Iohn Ereiberg, Kenneth Fulton, Elynore Gluck, Sidney Glynn, Marie Hardesty, Helen Hollinger, Marjorie Hoskins, Velma Ingersoll, Selma Kain, Gertrude Kibier, Richard Lederman, lack Lee, Kathryn Long, lean Loughrnan, Louise Marion, Iuanita McGarny, Frances Miller, Catherine Moore, Harold Myers, Barney Myers, Leslie Neale, Ioseph Palmer, Marianne Perry, Lucy Petrochuk, Martha Prempert, Marilyn Rieker, Marthabell Riffie, Robert Samaros, Thomas Savage, Richard Schiller, Mary Schoonover, Ray Shriner, Edna Slawter, Russell Squires, Clarence Starkey, Charles Stringer, Edna Topalu, Anne Toth, Iohn Towne, Robert Tschantz, Carl Turek, Dmitri Turek, Walter Tyler, Edwin Vanca, Charlotte Van Doros, Mary Wade, lna Waggoner, Robert Waite, David Weninger, Ruth Werner, Donald Winer, Benny Witwer, Mardelle Woods, Sidney Yerkey, Coy IN MEMORIAM Patricia Anne Palmer, General College freshman, died February 10, 1939. A graduate of St. Vincent's High School, she entered the University in the tall of 1938. She was a pledge of Delta Gamma sorority and a mem- ber of the Newman Club. She is survived by her par- ents, Mr. and Mrs. W. I. Palmer, and two brothers and four sisters, two ot whom, lean Palmer and William I. Palmer, are students at the University. .WW "QQ- by FJ I V l 5 ,KW , ,WML 2 4 w 1 1 1 ! Yerneiia Whitten Zazuia X933 FOOTBALL SEASON September 'ZLX Akron ...... 33 Wabash , . . . . . . G October X Akron ...... O Wayne . , . X3 October 3 Akron ...... 9 'Xavier . . . 33 October X5 Akron ...... 3 Western State . . . October 'Z'Z Akron ...,., 'Z9 Baidvvin-W aXXace . October 'Z9 Akron ...... X3 Carnegie Tech . . . November 5 Akron ....., 'ZX XXXinois Wesieyan . O November X'Z Akron ..,.., X3 'XoXedo .......... 7 Assistant November X9 Akron ...... 3 Xohn CarroXX ..... 9 COGCY1 X3auX BixXer CompXete statistics on the X933 season shovv that the Zip- pers vvon 3 games and Xost 3, scoring XX7 points to 91X tor their opponents. The individuaX scoring was divided as XOXXOYNS1 Conversions Touch- atter Totat Piayer Position downs Touchdown Points ' Frank 'Zazuia back 7 'Z Ali AX AbduXXa back 3 X3 Dick XNfXiXXer end 3 X3 Bob 'Morrison back 'Z XZ Bob Humphrey tackie 7 7 Marsh Meacham back X 3 1 Ray Sabin back X 3 Bob end X' 6 Humphrey Xim Whitten SQU AD ROSTER NUMBER 'M YEAR duiia NAME Frank Zazuia Kunior Waiter Kominic Kunior Richard McCarthy Kumar Frank Simoneiti Kumar Marshaii Meacham Kumar Richard Miiier Kunior Dominic Paieiia Kumar K' io Kumar 'or POSYYKON Quarter-hack Fuii-hack 'Yackie Guard Rah-hack Guard 'Yackie Guard Center Fred Ma ig Michaei Fisher Kuni W Ondecker Sophomore Raii-back ' o homore Rah-hack Rah-back Andre Pdhsier S p more 33 All 33 37 20 43 57 SS 'ZS 'LK 'ZS 'ZS Kack Suihv an The squad Ronaid Mc Kdon W eiis Sopho Kumar Genie Rah-hack A Kack Fagan ' Sophomore ore Rah-bac Roh Morrison Ray Sabin Sophom Coach Mike Ferneiia Sophomore Guard Lester Mikoiashek Sophomore Guard ' h Cuiberison Sophomore End Sophomore End End 'mm' Keir Coiiie McComKos ' Sophomore e 'Fackie Aiken Kames Whitten Kossky Sophomor Sophomore 'Yackie Tackie r 'ZZ k 'Z3 'Z7 3 33 Sieve hrey' more ck Roh Hump Sopho ' Fuii-ha Dan Harker Kumar Haii-hack Pri Pihduiia ' Sophomore Dick Mi Her Above: Simonetti an d Abdulla get their man as Akron trounces Wabash, 38-U. AKRCDN SSXWABASH O WAYNE l GXAKRCN U Coach limmy Aiken 's third season as football For the Second Consecutive Yew- gn Outpjqyed mentor WGS inaugurated September 24' when the Wayne University football team defeated the Zip- Zippers rolled to a decisive 38 to O triumph over . . . Wabash COHSQSI Demonstrating then SUIDSIIOIIIY pers in Detroit. After being pushed about for three early in the game, the Zips left no doubt as to the quarters' the Tartans exploded with Q Scoring fjnqj Outcome, This gfjme marked the return of burst, which included two touchdowns and afield fullback Al Abdulla to the Akron roster, after a goal, netting them l 6 points. The Zippers' defense year's absence. Abdulla, with quarterback Frank collapsed Compjefejy in this fjnqj quqffef QS Zazula, led a typical Aiken power attack which Wayne Scored ZQZUJQ Gnd Abdulla again pow- pushed the lighter Indians' team down the field, . ' . . . ered the Zips, but Akron never reached pay dirt, to score almost at will. Several sophomores in- I I I I I cluding hm Whitten Mike Femeuq Bob HURT although often threatening. The Zippers statistical . phrey, Steve Kossky, and Ray Sabin, in their cole SUDSUOTUY is Shown by' T593 UST YUMCYQG Of 191 legiate debut played bang up ball. yards as compared to Wayne's 42 yards. Below: The beginning of that last Tech touchdo wn as Carnegie Tech ou tscores Akron, 27-13. Abo ve: Sabin f inds that hole, but Xavier Wins, 38-0. l XA VIER SSXAKRON U AKRON GXWESTERN STATE U - A twice-defeated Xavier The Zippers came back before a homecoming crowd of 5000 fans, eleven COIUDISTSIY OUfClGSSSd to defeat a strong Western State Teachers College squad 5 to O. MUCH' Chqllfing UD U 33-0 Ui' Akron scored early and protected its lead throughout the game. Um-Uh' However' the .S-CON? Early in the first quarter little Dave Cribs, State ace, fumbled and Scmciely llfldlcqteq the VISHSDFS Akron recovered on the State ffl yard line. After three plays had ivnirgm IO fupinomy' Winch carried the ball to the 30 yard line, Zazula entered the game. On the r . mir rig? SQIZZKSSYO 1,8332 gifs? first play he passed the ball to fim Whitten, who out-Jumped three de- WQS compared with Akmds Sl fensive men and caught the pass to provide the only touchdown. , Yqrdsw ZQZUIG Suffering from From there on the Zips played a defensive game, concentrating on injuries received in the, Weyne the elusive Cribs. State repeatedly hammered the Zips' goal, but a gqme, did not get mfg QC-gon, determined Akron team held every time. The Zips'fightings ' ' Sjnqonettj suffered Q brelqen leg shown more clearly by the statistics which during the game. T first downs to Akron 's 8. I 'N Belo ' pirit Was gave Western State I 4 W. It takes two State men to stop Abdulla as Akron goes on to win, 6 -U. 'S 'vm' as 'A 2 I Q - an 5 2,454 ' N , 31 f . 1 it " x A' f Q , ,,f-- ,u K 1 ""' ,gun """!5f""4-'..,,:rGq1. ...wx -41' r-iQ S y 's I Z4 I as 'I' .I 5 3 - v 49" ii. v 4 V x. , z,,,x.i,, '5 1 4 , 3 , Q ' 1-. :,.f,. 1 E ' 3 A Cz at I . , A I ., s V-5 ' K Q. - K X I , 'CM V V . '71 G 5 fydgf 9 5, 4 3 Ml' -an 3, Igfqxiw- 1 ' I ' A fu 4 .z-:ww 'ff' +:lf L .. Q 9 -W,..V fr 7, . , . C, if 16" ' ' . , X S Q Q , SQA W' Q4 wwf- X 'XX ai A A Sf:-fi .' mf A 5' .mxfw N '.Xni51nJ7.':'f'wSirYU-" ls 5,57 f2Wk'Y'3lW .' 'WAPAW xv ,pal ' ' va. I-...,,,,, Af idkifmw'-3. 'Wu fvfif fs? .QW HIV? i.w'X Above: A close-up of Carnegie Techs offen ' sive power, which wore the Zippers down, 27-13. AKRCN BXIOHN CARROLL 0 CHEERLEADERS Pictured below are the Uni- As a fitting climax to a successful season, the Zippers turned baclc the yereiiy elqeerleedere, Ieqdjng highly-touted fohn Carroll squad 6-0, before a crowd of 2000 fans No- ilfie Studenfrggfergjn Q "Fight vember l9. Aided by a wet field, Coach limmy Aiken 's heavier team Locgmgtjvef' Edwqrd Nicely literally rushed Carroll off its feet. Outplaying Carroll, the Zippers were Wee hgqd elieerleeder during prevented from scoring in the first half chiefly by the excellent punting the year, john Byrider, Park of fullback Bill Young. Zazula dropped back in the third quarter and Myers end Bill Berkley Qctjng looped a spot pass to Culbertson, substitute end, which placed the ball QS gggjgtqntg, Leiiiee Dill end on Carroll 's fiveeyard line. Two plays later, Zazula roared through right Rjchqi-d Cqldwell were flie tackle to score the Zippers' lone touchdown standing up. From then on freshman cheerleaders, Miss Akron played defensive ball for a single-score victory. Captain Walter Dill being il-ie firel Wemqii Kominic again led the Zippers' defense and established himself as one cheerleader in the histery of . of the Hilltop's great football immortals in his last game. University athletics. Below: Byrider, Nicely, Myers, Barkley, Dill, 45 X282 .f MP0 ? Above: Th e basketball squad Coach Bixler P , 5 Coach Paul Bixler , appas, Smith, A. Semegen, Gunning, S. Semegen, Ondeclcer. Ferris, Culbertson, Fernella, Appleby, Endress, Miller. Freshman Manager Posten, Sullivan, Larson, Sabin, Manager Schueneman. I 938el 939 BASKETBALL SEASON INDIVIDUAL SCORING Alffofl Oppanenfs Field Goals Fouls Total 38 .......... Allred Holbrook .,..... .... 3 U 29. ., ...., central sfefe ....,.... .... 2 3 Endfess D -- ---- - 5l 34 135 35 .... .... C enlenary ......... .... 2 5 Fernella . . . 35 31 lOl 47 .... ,... O hio Wesleyan ..... ..... 3 4 . 46' ..... ..., L avvrence Tech ....... ..... 3 4 FTIHS ' ' ' "" 39 15 94 29 .,........ Glenville Teachers .... .... 2 4 Mlllef - - - 23 17 53 28 .......,.. Baldwin-Wallace .... ,... l 8 Larson 'ulu E A I4 4 32 49 .... .... F enn ............, .... 3 4 23 .... .... W aynesburg ....,.. ..... 4 9 Appleby ' ' ' 7 IU 24 27 ..... . . .Glenville Teachers . . .... 35 A. Senqegen . . 8 5 2l 27. . . ..... Findlay ........... . . . .28 - 31 .... .... T Oiede ........... .... 5 1 Sabin ""' " ' 8 3 19 29 .... .... B all sms ........ ..... 2 8 Culbertson - - 1 - 7 4 18 3l .... ..... F ranlflin ........... ..... 3 8 Q d jf H 4 j 9 54 .......... Baldwin-Wallace . .. .... 37 H ec er S. Selnegen . . . . . I O 2 523 Totals 486 Sullivan .... . . . I 2 Ferne-lla Endress Appleby Ferris Miller T938-33 BASKETBALL SBASON With Cooch Bout Bixier in his third veor GS director ot the Biue ond Goid Cdgers, the Zippers successtuiiv corn- pieted one oi the rnost interesting ond eventtui seosons o University bdsket- boii tedrn hos ever toced. Ned Bndress, Yrdnk Ferris ond Tirrt Appiebv were the oniv returning ietter- rnen, otithough Codch Bixier hdd such cdpobie rnen os Mike Yerneiio, Dick Miiier, Aiex Sernegen ond Bob Lorson reporting tor dutv. The sguod opened the seoson with on unirnpressive win over or weok Ai- red Hoibrook teorrl dt Goodvedr Gvrn- ndsiurn bv d 33-36 score. Ferris ond Bndress proved sporkpiugs in the Akron ottdck. This win wds the beginning oi o victorv porode thot wos to continue tor seven rriore gornes. Next teorn to tdii victirn to the Zips wds the Centroi Stdte Teochers. With Yronkv Ferris hitting the hoop trorn everv conceivobie ongie tor T6 points, Akron piied up d '29-23 score. The toi- iowing week the Hiiitoppers took the rneosure ot Centenorv to the tune oi 35-25. The 'Zippers iooked their best the next week when thev subdued d good Ohio ANGSTGYGU tive in d rough ond turnbie q contest A7-351. Lonkv Ned Bndress hod d tieid dov dt the visitors' expense, sitt- ing through tor Zi points. Ldwrence ech wos the next victirn ot the ropidiv irnproving Akron guintet bv d score ot 46-34. Endress, Yernetid dnd Ferris eoch rong up T0 points in this gorne. Perhops the rnost irnpressive win w os coged bv the Zippers when thev out- iosted d poweriui Gienviiie Teochers tive, who cdrne here with d record ot 40 strdight wins ond went horne on the short end ot oi '29-ZA deteot. Ferneiio coged T8 points tor the Zips in this trov. Akron's next toe wds Boidwin-'NN oiioce, mode it seven stroight with ond Akron d 28-T3 conguest. Leitz Big Ai Sernegen tips one in the bgsket tor ci two pointer. T933-39 G id Fenn was nex crew and a 49-34 score was the verdict Bob Larson broke into the reguiar coi- d starred with 9 counters to iead UIOT1 GU scoring. Akron's string ot victories was uncere- iiowing week rnonious y on a trip into Pennsyivania, where tui Waynesburg tearn teii to a power t at nurnber two was sut- tive 49-23. De e ' Teachers trounced tered when Gienviiie ' ven the score tor the year ' t the 'Zips to e On the third ieg o bya their teat at the hands o tuck . The next week the 'Zippers tace rnigh y headed by the spectacuiar Chuck Chuckovits. Hay , 'ts providing a top- notch ottense, the Rockets rnas Hiiitoppers Si-3i to give thern their ied the Akron worst r . scoring with T9 points. id returned to the W tea again ied the scoring para p . i' handed Akron the season 36-3 a ' i sed their s , ' Baidwin-Waiiace e oi 54-37. Bo BASKETBALL SEASON t tor the Biue and o i broken the to the 35-27 score. circuit the Zips again tasted de- tFindiay in a nip an battie 23-27 d the t Toiedo Rockets, With es and Chuckovi tered the ev ersai Endress The Biue and Go tter tour consecutive de- in coiurnn a ts by edging Bait State 29-23. Endress de with T4 oints Frank in its titth ioss ot i nd the 'Zippers c o eason routing b Larson again by the scor scored ii points to garner honors in this garne. Oniy one rnernber ot this year's great court squad wiii be iost to the Zippers next season. He is iirn Appieby, who has pertorrned creditabiy tor three years in a Biue and Goid unitorrn. Re- ' E dress, Dick Niii- turning wiii be Ned n ' iia, Bob Larson, Frank ier, Mike Ferne Ferris, Keith Cuibertson, Andy Ondecker and Steve Sernegen. Akron's ottensive record averaged 35 points per garne whiie the opposition A was iirnited to a 32 point average. Ned Endress took individuai scoring honors with a totai ot T36 points. Right: Tirn Appieby goes into the air to stop one ot Chuck Chuckovits' one hand shots. fl A , 'K ", - I . ,M 5 V , ' ' . 4? s br 9 . V in I Q ,, it if T936 TRACK SEASON The Zippers, oit to an exceiient start in their second season under the ieader- ship ot Coach UDoc" Smith, trimmed Fenn Coiiege 6663 at Buchtei tieid in the tirst meet oi the season. The Zips' strength was so eventv divided that Fenn took but one tirst piace. Tim Appie- bv, star ot tast vear's sguad, waiked oti with high point honors Nov taking iirst in the poie vauit, second in the high and iow hurdies and third in the high iump. Don Cook and iohn Wagner aiso per- tormed admirahtv tor the Zippers. Next Saturdav the Smithmen gained a Qi-46 decision over Geneva Coitege. Appiehv was again high point man with TA markers to his credit, white Cook and Yrank Mcintvre scored T6 points apiece. Other tirst ptaces were won bv iohn How er and Biit Henteriv in the mite and two mite, respectivetv, and Cari Tsaioii and Toe 'Lemia in the discus throw and shot put. The toiiowing week the Totedohock- ets nosed out the Zipper scantvctads 66-66 in a hard tought victorv that was not decided untit the 'iinai event. Akron then snapped hack into the winning coiumn bv deteating McDon- nett A. C., a strong aggregate oi tormer high schoot and coitege athtetes trom Cteveiand, to the tune oi 76-66. Akron's tirst ptaces were taken bv Hower, ?arker, Cook, ifientertv, Vosper, and the reiav team composed ot Chamheriain, T?arker, Berrv and Hower. Appiehv tasted deieat tor the tirst time in his coi- Top tett: HDoc" Smith announces the score to the crowd in the stands, Center: Dick Parker comes around the tast turn in the quarter mite race. oming around on the iinat Lett: Xohn Hower c tap ot the mite run. i938 'YB the iege poie vauit. The toiiowing week, traveied to Detroit to rneet the Wavne University Tartars, oniv to have the rneet canceiied because ot a driving Michigan rain ott Lake ' ciads traveied to On Mav ' the Big Yo . . M Berea to ta tionai rneet. Akron ernerge a totai ot '28 points. Biii Henteriv, sopho- rnore distance rnan, took Akron's oniv tirst piace bv nosing out Don Bapp, aiso ot Akron, in the two rniie event. Other point winners were: toe Zernia, Kohn Bower, Staniev Edwards, iirn Appiebv, on Cook, Biii Sturgeon Frank and Fra As a specia n attractio varsitv-tresh t was he which the varsitv carne out on end ot a 79-Bi score. Bob Morrison sh bv taking tirsts in stood ou the i0 , d MO-vard re awarde ters Mcintvre, Berrv , Cook, er, Henteriv, Baird, Zernia, s , dNiceiv. Bo career in ACK SEASON his tav orite ev ent, the Akron sguad 'Zi the thin ke part in ur invita- d tiith wit Mcintvre, D nk Zazuia. ' n, a i post seaso man rnee id in the iong t tor the tro O 'ZJZB an dashes. d tet- 'Yhe toiiowing rnen we at the end ot the season: Appiebv, Sturgeon, Zazuia, 'Y aiott How bert Higiev Parker, Bapp an was awarded a rnanagers ietter. Bight above: the V338 track squad, Third row: Davis, Niceiv, Hower, Geese, Baird, Bertsch, Parker, tones, Marsh, Higiev. Second rowi UDoc" Srnith, Bapp, Zazuia, Tsaiott, Berrv, Cook, Appiebv, Zernia. Front row: Bernrnington, Mcintvre, Fretz, 'Yen- nev, Henteriv, Charnberiain, McMuiien. Center: Biii Henteriv provides Akron with its oniv winner in the Big Your invitationai, cop- ping the tw o-rniie run. Bight: Xirn Appiebv starts down the run-way in the poie vauit. N. V K tg? .M PORTS MTNOR S VARSTTY GOL? ' berger and his cir Captain TN iiiiarn Richie it team ot Serge Migdai, Ta er and Pindrew Gar- ' two wins T999 go Fred Rarn son with emper- ahrrner, asko tinished the sea d tour tosses, in addition to c rneet at Coiurnbus. d Grove City 'L an ing in the state University an uad T2-A and iii- , id bowed KN ayne teh to the Zipper sa, respectiveiy. The Riue and Go Ohio State iii-2, Wayne T9-8, and iost ith Western Reserve by to matches w both a 9-7 count. FRESRMAN SXNXNXMXNG swimming team, at- eet, gave The treshrnan though taihng to win a rn promise otbetter periorrnance next year. aptained by Edward Srnith, the tearn consisted ot Cari Rersrnan, George escan, Pirthur Larson, Robert Tansen, Wiiiiarn Crain, Tarnes Owens, Wiiiiarn Oattran, Richard Roose and T acif. Turner . 'XHXRSTTY RTYLR TEAM This year, the varsity ritie team tired shouider to shouider rnatches with Ohio tate , Carnegie Tech, Univ ersity oi Ritts- ur gh and Rennsyiv ania State Coiiege. ostai rnatches were iired with eighteen co eges throughout the country. Coached by Technicai Sergeant Wii- iiam Rrown, the team inciuded Miiton iotz, 'NNiiiiarn Koerschner, Robert Sing- er, Wiiiiarn Niaricey, Nevin Rrothers, en Logan, 1-Xibert Switt, Piiien Arbo- gast, Xacir. Rart, Vance Luice, Leroy Gun- ' ning, Toseph Whitrner, Frank Streid, Thomas Christy, Yranic Graves and Ed- gar Smith. ' GYM TEAM With an increased minor sports u get, the gyrn tearn enioyed one ot its most successtui seasons, participat- ing in eieven exhibitions at severai city igh schoois and during interrnissions at the Zipper horne basicetbaii games. Pibovei Coach Fred Seiton, director ot intra- rnurai and rninor sports. Centerz The T939 varsity goit tearnp Louis Chanyi, Lewis Goodaii, Kohn Carroii, Edward Raii, Serge Migdai. Lett: the varsity riiie tearn, Rack row: Technicai Sergeant Rrown, Kiotz Koerschner, Hart. Yront row: Maricey, Switt, Gunning, Log Pirbogast. GU- The tea 'n the C e ' ciuded o 'ns, MTNOR SFORTS GYM TBAM tflontinuedj m ciimaxed the season by par- i veiand gym meet. N rman ticipating i Gym team members in Rider and Date Bradiey, co-captai Wiiiiam Goiz, Francis Grassbaugh, Don- aid McGaughey, Raiph Fiemm, Frank Xacques Burreii, Toseph Mu Anthony Coscia, ies Mcintyre, i Charies Cehrs, hard Caidw eii, Char Bowers sia , Robert Cohis, Ric Myers, Richard Weaver, Kohn mes, Kohn Vinciguerra and A-HQY ia Robert Bishop. VARSTTY SWTMMTNG n swimming d The University ot Aicro team, captained by Angy Tames, ende a disastrous season with 3 tosses with- out a win. Losses were handed the aquatic team by Ohio U, AO-34 and 43' 32, by Western Reserve 53-'20, by Siip- pery Rock AU-35 and again 33-36 in the iast meet ot the year, and another by Fenn Coiiege 40-35. in addition to Tames the aquatic squad consisted ot the toi- iowing men: Norman Rider, Daie Brad iey, Robert Miiier, Robert Smith, Aibert Switt, Rate Bump, Frank Zazuia, Mike Dick McCarthy. Paviov and Y WRBSTLTNG ' t 'XTARSTT The Varsity wrestiing team ended i s season with three wins and tour iosses, Victories were won over Findiay Coi- ' e 20-itig Barberton Righ 33-O and Bar- tion '23-B. Andy Maiuice am and Sack ieg berton Recrea tain ot the Zipper te , Wiiiiam Raines ' Russeii was cap Biue, George Fescan Rarry Brediger, Miiton Foistein, Shaw, Daiias Riddie, Cari Mosicott, Dick Reidman, Victor Tune, Eugene Finics, Waiter Grigas, and Francis Bowde were other members ot the team. This is the tirst season in tour years that the ' had varsity wrestiin . hiiitop Above: Gym team members, ' Bowman, T, Mohn, Maher, Weaver, e. nning, Third row. R. Mohn, Lee, Lawrenc ond row'. Baugher, Musiai, Gu Coiiis Davis, Mcintyre, Myers. T Vinciguerra, Sec Bishop, Rider, . First row: Burreii, Caidwei, McGaughey, Tames, Goiz. r' The varsity swimming teamg Smith Switt, Rare. s, Faviov, Cente , ow'. Good, , ' P scan, Tame Back r Front rowt Miiier, e Bump. Right: The varsity wrestiing teamg Back rown uDoc" Smith, Shaw, Maiuice, Mos icott. ' Brediger, Stevens, Raines. Front row. fwff ffl tk ABS and MENS TNTEBCL TNTBAMUBAL ATBLETTCS TNTBAMUBAL SWTNTNTTNG Cohecting a totai ot M points, the ' Won the intramurai as had on-Erats again swimming meet. The Beta Kapp '32 points to pTace second vtrhiTe the Lambda Chis were third with TBV2. TNTBAMUBAL BONNLTNG Winning T7 games and dropping but it, the Lambda Chis took the intramnraT bovviing cup tor the second straight vear. ATvis Tsner, Lambda Chi kegTer, had the highest individnai average in the ieagne. TNTBANTUBAL BASKETBALL 1 A potNertnT Lone Star gnintet svvept 3 through the season, marking np eight ecntive victories, to take its second T basketbah titTe. cons straight intramura TNTEBCLASS BASKETBALL T-BB, a surprising ' er Edging the trosh 3 ior onttit romped to easv wins ov nd iuniors to take tirst bah com- sen the sophomores a pTace in the intercTass basket petition. This same team aTso vt? on the championship as sophomores. TNTBANTUBAL TABLE TENNTS as crowned the indi- ' t the Uni- ngv Eames vi vidnai ping pong champion o versitv atter deteating Bernard Bosen in the tinais. The Ehi Kappa Tan team oi Bobert Marsh and Boscoe Mennez de- teated the Phi Kappa Bho team to ckaim the organization donbTes tabTe tennis . trophv. TNTBAMUBAL VOLLEYBALL Losing onTv one game in eight matches, the Lone Stars easiTv won the ' intramnrai vohevbah championship. 'tt was the second time that the Stars won the honor during the three vears this sport has been on the intramnraT pro- gram. Above: The Non-trats, T-Ni swim champs, Back row: Hersman, Smith, Cattran, Eront row: Owens, Trenner, Karnes. Centerz The Lone Stars, T-M basketbah winners, Top rovfz Boss, Lukas, Gunning, . econd row: NiceTv, Pescan, Hartiine, Garcia. Eront row: Greenhorn, Kreemer, KanneT, Ma- hgio, Bracken. Lett: The Lone Star champion T-M vohevbaii cia, Boss, Kreemer, ack row Lukas, Gunning, Green Eront rovlz Bracken, KanneT, Harthne hgto, Pescan. tectrrtp 1 Nicehf, Gar horn. ' ,Ma- . C Q rf""h1 5 9. MENS TNTERCLASS and trvrrurviutut. zirrtrsrics is xx V h 'mp' x r TNTRAMURAL BOKTNG CHAMPXONS -' ' 'i'2.5 pounds A A A A A A A A A A A.W, Louis Stite 6 P l' f X35 pounds . Karnes Brown A M K A T45 pounds A A A Kohn Hutchinson AWN ul " :t i T55 pounds A A A Russeti Shaw A W'-Vw 15, T65 pounds A A A A AAAAA A A A Aivis isner ,L -is 5, v i ' F I 6 trvrrtziivtuszit wttsstutvc cnzttvivtous I' Q A A ,A A Vit pounds A A A A A AAAAAA A A George Pescan A' 5 ' T36 pounds A A A A A Hew es Phihips A ' Y 3 T45 pounds A A A A A A Russeh Shaw 7 Nr T65 pounds A A A Robert Hare Heavyweight A A A A A A Gartieid Hott TNTRAMURAL BADMTNTON er and tacgues Burreh, carrying the with them, deteated the ut ot tour, I i -32 Fred Ay Phi Deita Theta hopes Phi Kappa Tau duet three games o in the tinais oi the intramurat doubies badm ton tournament. Robert Schepp tiashed throu ionship in the singies tourney, deieat- ' he piay ott match. to champ ing AUQY idmes in t TNDNTDU AL FOUL SHOOTTNG XNTNNER Nceiy won the ioui shooting medai ' e year by winning it r each 0' Edward i tor the second consecutiv Nick Pappas in the shoot ott a e d ot the regular competition. x over were tied at the en ' XNTRAMURAL BASEBALL s 'Z-t, iast spring in the ' annexed Edging the Lone Star tttuiar piayott game, the Engineers the intramurat sottbah championship. A unigue sidetight in the Teague race occurred when Paui Appieby, Phi Kappa Tau southpaw, pitched a no-hit game against the Beta Kappas -0 but iost T A TNTRAMUBAL GOLF he end oi the reguiar Lambda Atter being tied at t season, the Lone Stars decisioned the Chis in a weii-piayed match to grab the in it championship. murai go TNTRAMURAL TRACK baianced Phi Deita Theta team urat track champion- e Stars A w eh romped ott with the intram ship totaiing 47 points, edging the Lon who piaced second with 45 points. Non-Frat took third piace honors. Above: T-M wrestiing and boxing championsg Top row: Hutchinson. Maiuke, Hare, Brown. Front row: Pescan, Shaw, Stiie, Hott. Centerz Tndividuai sports winnersp Top row: Tames, Menuez, NiceiyA Front row: Burreii, Marsh, Ayer. Right: Phi Deita Theta, i-Ni track champsg Top row: Cuibertson, Christner, Kohsiek, Sipes, Marguardt, Kenyon. Front row: Hutchinson, Schueneman, Patrner, Miiier. A X 'np fs r K '5h,'fqi'i Mghzke, I a rt - H WOMENS TNTBBCLASS ond TNTBAMUBAL ATFTLBTTCS YN. A. A. BOABD OF CONTBOL Virginio Thompson, Arts Coiiege senior, iieczds the Executive Boctrd oi Controi ot the Womens Athietic Associotion. Other oiiicers ore: Bedtrice Friedman, corresponding secre- tory, Morion Logue, recording secretory, ond Adeioide Kotrr, tredsurer. Membership in the W. A, A. is open to dny womdn on the cotmpus who attends three prdctices in ony mctior or minor sport, ond shows interest in promoting N7omen's dthietics on the cdrnpus. TNDWTDU AL FOUL SFTOOTTNG Oigd Tdmes emerged victorious in the indi- vi udt tout shooting, with 24 ot 40 shots pctrting the nets. Sdroh Cooiey with 'ZZ ond Mctry Lou Boggins with 'Zi were the runners-up. NTBAMUBAL AND TNTBBCLASS VOLLEYBALL Thetcx Upsiion copped the intromuroti voiiey- tournotment, winning over Non-Sorority in the tindis. Members ot the winning teotm were. Atice Niestockei, Foith Shermotn, Virginid Tohnson, Motriiyn Foss, Fiorence Brooks otnd Ariotdne Foss. A treshmon giris' teom provided ct motior up- set o.t the outset ot the sedson by trouncing the senior sgucxd tor the cioss votieyboii trophy. The detedt mctrked the tirst tor the senior giris in their tour yeors ot competition in voiieybotii. Teom members werez Ruth Bixier, Cdtherine Byrne, Kdthieen Beit, Fictchei Conn, Tednette Cooper, Miidred Hdncock, Nevoi Bossiter ond Mdry Smctnto. BADMTNTON edtrice Friedmon triumphed over Aiice Nie- stockei in ci hctrd-tought gome to cinch the bod- minton singies chompionship. Bev eiio Shoiitdn ond Miss Friedmon combined to best ctii con- testonts in the open doubies championship. Miss Shoiiton ond Adeiotide Kctrr out-bottied Dettot Pi iotct to win the coveted trophy tor the Non-Sorority women. TABLE TBNNTS in the open doubies division, Otgct Xotmes ctnd Suzctnne isrotei out-poddied dit others to cdpture the meddts. Mdrie Schick emerged the victor in the singies tournoment, deteoting Oigo iomes tor the crown. The doubies teom ot Morie Schick ond Tuiict Mikis, pioying tor Non-Sorority, won the intrdrnuroti titie. TNTBAMUBAL BOYNLTNG ice Niestocket ond Ariddne Foss, bowting tor Theto Upsiton, won the tirst ctnnuoti kegiers' tournament. Above: Miss Motbet Locke, director ot w omen's dthietics. Upper centeri The TN. A. A. Boord ot Controi. Top'. Karr. Second row: Shettter, Thornton, Pesctric, Snyder. ' Fiotimon, Fiorvotth, Thompson, First row. McShottery. . ower center: The treshmdn teorn, ciotss voiiey- dit winners. Bctck row: Bii-tier, Beit, Cooper. w ' Smonto, Conn, Byrne, Ftossiter. Front ro . Lett: individudi sports winners. ow: Mikis, Niestockei, Kdrr, Atien. ' ' es, Tsroei, Byrne, Bos Top r Front row: Schick, Tom siter. VV OMBN' S TNTBBCLASS L ATBLBTTCS and TNT BAMUBA TBNNTS Phi Mu triumphed over Kappa Kappa Gamma to win the tennis douhies tournament. Mary Louise Gunsoius and Curtice Gregory pro- vided the winning team. The singies tourna- ment, hetd in May, T933 was won by Curtice Gregory, Tune Martin was runner-up. TNTEBCLASS AND TNTBAMUBAL BASKETBALL For the tourth consecutive year the ciass ot '39 deieated ati other contestants to win the interciass trophy. Members ot the victorious team were: Letitia Cunningham, Virginia Thompson, Aiice Niestocicei, Catherine Bhhert, Bose Soureif., Biizaheth iriorvath, Catherine Btechi, Buth Kinney , Ariadne Foss, and Ben- t. tured the iaureis ' ut on nette Chesnu Atpha Gamma Detta cap in the intramurat cage contest, coming o top oi a tieid ot six contenders tor the titie. Aipha Gam cagers were: Virginia Thompson, captain and high point winner, Doris Benner, Sean Heiiman, Betty Fricir, Bieanor Schimp and Mary Aiice Thornton. Non-sorority took seco d Kappa Kappa Gamma third. piace an ABMY-N AVY GAMB t women's cage ciassic, the Army- recognition night, tune -All The annuct Navy game, was hetd on March iii, with Navy taining Army to the ot 39-36, Virginia Thompson, Navy captain, ted the scoring with 20 points, white Mary Lou If Boggins connected tor T5 markers. Aiice Nie- stockei, Army captain, dupiicated Miss Thomp- son's scoring record tor the cadets. A Members ot the Navy team were: Virginia Thompson, Mary Lou Boggins, Fiorine Batman, Bess Graham, Katherine Byrne, Catherine Bh- hert, Wanda Haie and Bennette Chesnut. Army ' cagers werex Aiice Niestoctcei, Tsahei Badda Eteanor Schmidt, Ruth Kinney, Mary Atice Thornton, Tane Schettter, Doris Benner and Bachei Conn. WOMENS UA" AVVABD VVTNNBBS Letitia Cunningham, Ahce Niestocicei and Virginia Thompson were chosen the three out- standing women in the tieid ot athtetics hy a ' ot the VV. A. A. Executive Board oi nted with their awards senior committee Controi. They were prese ' the iast week Oi schooi at the rds were made on the basis ' sportsman- during it arty Awa schotarship , and other tarewe p . oi siciii, participation, ship, service to the organization, extra-curricuiar activities. Ahovez Atpha Gamma Detta, T-M hasicetbaii champions, Top row 1 Thornton, Frick, Benner. Front row: Schimp, Thompson, Heiiman. 1 in Center, "A" winners: Cunningham, Niestocicei, Thompson. Bight: Theta Upsiion, T-M voiteyhaii champions. Back row: Niestockei, Foss. Front row: Tohnson, Aiien, Sherman. X it 'f Cl 'tv f f V 1' f 42' Jmmmia K ' , 'w,Z,,-Gcqq ',. . i A "fiT?? W N N, gxfivwav gf' sw J :nw ' ,,,. Q ,HM ' ,' 5. .. A ,Qx A 3+-w S, w ,A - ,W Qi xx XJ f,S,w:,.,, -1, ,A Sf if Q f ' 'K if "W . wf ?flff 45- 'lyk ,.,, ,Mn f A .. A4 h L CQ, 'WK :A A S?wEi53mgy Ja , 1. I 'Z' ,A 3,.' wg'J?'C.f ' 4' wg- 'Q' gl A 4,1 -. .5 45' ,f-,I n , . 15 ivflfl.. :fl fff '-wxQ,':w Sv fli ' ,, 'x.f'X'.,' 75' 'IW' W XJ TA ' -1--. Z 'Y' wh- . 'MW ' .W ' f Q L, - ' yy - Wffwr ,099 f X . S' we is ' + if, . J f, eggs 'fafmii - 4 ,A , 11: S5 , as ZZ wfwg- -f,-: gms. f Y, , - V1 7? 4 1' , If 53.3 ' flf- I Y ,, Q- f ff.,,,,, I . VQYMW. 4, 3' mfg - Q Sfvvfbif, R 'xx ,M , , ,. ,yy Shaw, x -1 Wm W lq.,j+:X 239 3 i , 1 A W, , .,X,AA ,I , 2Xf1QS2xf1 , , 1 , in-ff. ,-M N, llmgfah ifggcwf,-.ww .qvxsy 45 ,Qty ., 1 FQ k '1f .,,,5, L f 'K qwl Wt, I 'fy ig fs. 1 Q3 fvz yi W1 H ii: 2 ,,fk5gw1 Xi , gy. , N B i IL fit fl . ,, 'An 'N ' 5, 1 I .X , fry, A ca, Q 5 ,A 1 f " VN :Wx-Q . . ,, if Q f"'N ' l:h"1':Jb:--v', f ' f-,. my '- . -zz"-'ZH' ' www F 'wnyx . f . . . n,..w,.iH,k ,Aix mef-Lg 5 1 -. it, 5 1 V -. - ',a1!,,f,' ,, 5 ,r ,Ng :,1'N:f?S1, 73'1k'5L,' wk- Q, ,ll N - k Q -zhaf--5 ' W 2 N x- Q ,H-,L,4f5'X QL.. 1 ., 1 - ww . 1-. , ' I ,""g,:,.3, Q ' 9 ' ,X ef X- 1 Y V x ." Y ' V-.jfip Q 5 ' 'waf- Y 5,3-' 1 .. . 1- r- Ni -X N 1'-f.,L -'ah . Q, . 5 - S-'-flvgp' UT' . M .,k- - i , . fr'-f' 4 - I' ' ,xf.w:,,xfg,.4,gdg,.- 'A . V. 1 ff ff -.-nz, Q WTB if ' 3 -Sf, I Q im ggff X V s ' 1 -. . M. F-lei ' 5: KY-iz" ,., Iames Berry Herbert Bracken lane Bricken Iarnes Brown Gertrude Cahill Evelyn Christrnan Letitia Cunningham Robert Davies Phyllis Friess Iohn Good Richard Greenwald Robert Greenwald Iohn Griffith Ruth Heyburn Edward Nicely Dana Noel Virginia Thompson ld Probert Gfeenwg Nicelll Hetlburn ld Gr G GNN G Richard Gfiiiilh A" KEY WINNERS Campus activities and high scholarship standing ot students are recognized by the awarding ot honor "A" Keys. On the basis ot a point system, "A" Keys are awarded twice a year by Student Council. A. E. OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester Charles Fogarty, President Marjorie Fischer, President Mary Keller, Secretary Ruth Elliott, Secretary Faculty Adviser Miss Ieanne Cohen Honorary Member Mr, Lowell Holmes Eunice Barnes Helen Bigum Ida Dyer Boyle Rilla Bruederlein ACTIVE MEMBERS Georgia Chamberlain Gladys Chamberlain Ieanne Cohen Thora Davidson lames Dunlevy Stewart Dobbins Ruth Elliott Marjorie Fischer Charles Fogarty Walter Grosh Eunice Haberkost Mary Keller Mary Koss Suzanne Ralston Charles Rennie Ben Rogers William Smith Henry Watts Evening students who are active in extra-curricular activities, earn a total ot twenty-tive points in tour or more activities, and maintain an average ot C in scholarship are welcomed into membership in A. E. Honorary Fraternity Evening Session Honorary Boyle Rennie Davidson DObbinS Fisfihef Sgiiilfl Rq1lstOT1 41 .gl 55: PIERIAN Local Womens Activities Honorary 'JSP 1' 5-' mv' ,Q-. 5 I , FrieSS VOlQe Thompson Shank Cahill M-, Selbxl Bricl-ten N etgn P309 dems Kortv ei est Hetibum Pierian was founded for the purpose of recognizing those Women who have shown themselves to be outstanding leaders among the women on the campus. President OFFICERS Vice-President-Treasurer Secretary Custodian Historian Faculty Adviser Ioanna Alogdelis lane Bricken Gertrude Cahill Letitia Cunningham Phyllis Friess Curtice Gregory MEMBERS Helen Voige Gertrude Cahill Ruth Heyburn Phyllis Friess Barbara Kortvejesi Virginia Thompson Miss Helen Battrick Ruth Heyburn Barbara Oberritter Kortvejesi Patricia Nelan Barbara Selby Barbara Shank Virginia Thompson HONORARY MEMBERS Miss Helen Battrick, Mrs. Sarah Dunckley Dreisbach, Mrs. Hezzleton E. Simmons. Women are chosen tor membership in Pierian on a basis ot activities, scholar- ship, personality, leadership and democracy. l t l 1 l i THETA CIRCLE Omicron Delta Kappa has a threefold purpose: first, to recognize those men who have attained outstanding recognition in collegiate activitiesg second, i to bring together in a common union the most representative men in all phases of college lifeg and third, to bring together the faculty and students in an attempt to understand each other's attitudes and problems. t l l l OFFICERS President lohn Griffith Vice-President Richard Greenwald Secretary Iohn Good gl Treasurer Robert Greenwald Faculty Adviser Dean Donfred Gardner gt FACULTY MEMBERS l Mr. Maxwell Boggs Mr. Richard Schmidt Mr. Phillip Sherman Dean Charles Bulger Mr. Frederick Sefton Dean Albert Spanton Dean Donfred Gardner President Hezzleton E4 Simmons Dr. Paul Zeis MEMBERS Brovim I TI-Y Lesslng Hutchinson Iames Berry Iames Brown Robert Davies Ronald Dickson lohn Good Robert Greenwald Richard Greenwald lolfin Griffith DiclLS0P S. ' S T XC Davie Mcconnell Donald Tenney Ci Robe C1 ft Gfeenw saves GOO Noel elif Arnold Hanson Tohn Hutchinson Robert Lessing William McConnell Edward Nicely Dana Noel Richard Sipes Phillip Snyder Hanson Kd Gfillllh -Y QHUGY ld Richard Gfeenwd Sntldef '4-3+ fr' qv' ,Ai as ff' uv' ery' .vw 'E' OMICRON DELTA KAPPA National Men's Activities Honorary E 06 CQ QI'- QYYY ' Cole' Duke' E A Riclflm p Keller. Brown Robert Gwen ' Greenwald' W5 ' b , Dr. YOUYK-3' Sw e Heyburn. Ggxbrcuht Gighgrit. Kroegef- PHI SIGMA ALPHA Local Liberal Arts Scholastic Honorary The purpose ot Phi Sigma Alpha is to show recognition ot high distinction in scholastic attainments. OFFICERS President Ioseph Hannan Secretary Maxine Wohltord Treasurer Mary lane Rothrock FACULTY MEMBERS Dean Albert Spanton Dr. Arthur Young MEMBERS Betty l-larbaugh - loseph Hannan Mrs. Ruth Andress lames Berry lames Brown Gertrude Cahill Betty Cole Miriam Keller Marian Kroeger PLEDGES Seniors Theodore Dulce Lillian Fusion Margaret Galbraith Bess Graham Richard Greenwald luniors Frank Simonetti Mary lane Rothrock Maxine Wohliord Robert Greenwald Iohn Griffith Ruth Heyburn Henry Smith Vivian Stube Membership in Phi Sigma Alpha requires a general average of ninety-two per cent in all courses tor juniors and ninety per cent tor seniors. PHI CHAPTER The purpose ot Sigma Tau is to recognize outstanding engineering ability and activities in other fields. Mr, Fred S. Grittin Robert McCurdy William Markey Iohn Slifko OFFICERS President Robert Davies Vice-President Robert Williamson Secretary-Treasurer Donald Cornell Historian Donald Lingo Faculty Adviser Dean Fred Ayer HONORARY MEMBERS Mr. lohn Bulger Dr. Karl Arnstein MEMBERS Earl Bishop Herbert Deist Glen Bishop George Fretz Donald Cornell lohn Frye Robert Davies lohn Good Donald Lingo Robert Williamson Iuniors and seniors in the College ot Engineering who are in the upper third ot the two combined classes, and who are outstanding scholastically and socially are eligible tor membership in Sigma Tau. SIGMA TAU National Engineering Honorary 'nop Fretz, G.3l5hOp' 533.5 ' Good. Q0 Deist, NlCCuTdY' Lin ' A grye. . Mr. Bulger' Davies' Ynell. CO Mr. 35 JL 49 toWkG' Fourth rowiltloqner Dubai Mpernl Stone Poulos . d YQXN1 Berk XT l CYGUO 1 5emOUm' Gbel. Ste wart. Schn wi it 5953021 TTCieslinQ 1SQ2:,ilit e f U nl i Crow' r Umm X .rOxN'. KYOGQ F if S Gr Gham icwnw' Richardson Qhristman' KAPPA DELTA PI National Education Honorary ALPHA THETA CHAPTER The purpose of Kappa Delta Pi is to encourage high intellectual and scholastic standards, to recognize outstanding contributions to education, to maintain a high degree of professional fellowship among its members and to stimulate professional growth. President Vice-President Secretary Corresponding Treasurer Counselor Esther Alpern Zola Berk Marjorie Bond Evelyn Christman Florence Crano Ann Crow Stanley Deen Mary Dubatowka Orene Ford OFFICERS Secretary MEMBERS Bess Graham Adelaide Karr Mary Frances Karr Anne Kiesling Ruth Kinney Barbara Kortvejesi Mari-an Kroeger Edna Litrnan Anne Orlinoff Frances Poulos Evelyn Christman Charles Bryant Marian Kroeger Mary Frances Karr Harriet Miller Dr. Emery Kuhnes Martha Richardson Betty Ross Violet Schnabel Emmet Sernonin Forest Sibley Esther Simonetti Frances Stewart Elaine Stone Catharine Wagner The qualifications for undergraduates are: full upper college standingg gen- eral scholarship of a grade above the upper quartile point of the institutiong work in education completed to the extent of six semester hours if elected during the junior year, or twelve semester hours if elected during the senior year. ETA CHAPTER The purpose ot Phi Sigma is to promote interest in research in the biological sciences. OFFICERS President Patricia Nelan Vice-President lean Tones Secretary Robert Hare Treasurer Samuel Caplin FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. Paul Acquarone Dr. Edgar lones Dr. Walter Kraatz MEMBERS Aubrey Allman Fred Glermy Ion Malamatinis Bill Barkley Robert Hare Patricia Nelan Samuel Caplin lean Iones To become a member ot Phi Sigma, a student must complete sixteen credit hours of biology With a B average, do active Work on an original research problem, and make a Written report ot his work. PHI SIGMA National Biological Honorary Allman Xon95 time Cgplifl Barkley N eldn Dr. ll-Yuan Glenfvl' 'QQ -as """" R6 I SKOQG. -Q' 6 Crgwiord, Wooner Q6 NV' 35 '36 Mills, Streaks Petleil. SK Wgfl. cimsiffidn' 9 99 MU PHI OMEGA Local Women's Musical l-lonorary Mu Plii Omega was organized ior the advancement oi music at the University. OFFICERS President Catharine Wagner Vice-President Evelyn Christman Secretary Vivian Crawford Treasurer Helen Streeks FACULTY ADVISERS Miss Genevieve Rider Mr. Elmer Ende MEMBERS Pearl Brownsword Marjorie Petley Evelyn Christman Frances Stewart Vivian Crawford Elaine Stone Margaret Lonsbury Helen Streeks Rita Mills Catharine Wagner To be eligible for membership in Mu Phi Omega, women students must be outstanding in musical activities on the campus. Cl-HO DELTA CHAPTER The purpose ot Pi Kappa Delta is to lurther interest in debate, oratory ana extempore speaking, and to serve as a means ot recognizing outstanding students in those fields. OFFICERS President Horner Steiner Recording Secretary Marjorie Meade Corresponding Secretary Lillian Fuston Faculty Adviser Mrs. Maxine Rabe FACULTY MEMBERS Mr. David King Mrs. Maxine Rabe Dr. Harlan Hamilton Dr. Harold Ried MEMBERS Ioanna Alogdelis Anthony Coscia Ronald Dickson Lillian Fuston Larry Bagwell Iohn Byrider Bernice Gurewitz Ruth Heyburn Rosser Iones Albert Lockhart Donald McFadden PLEDGES Gilbert Thomas Marjorie Meade Max Nelson Conrad Reining Horner Steiner Curtice Gregory Betty Hazlett To become a pledge ot Pi Kappa Delta, a student must participate in an intercollegiate oratorical or extempore contest, or must debate in at least tour intercollegiate debates. lt is necessary to repeat these requirements to become an active member. PI KAPPA DELTA National Forensic Honorary BaQW hgfl. ddefh Btlridefr MTFTnQ Nelson, Remx , Dickson. A Babe . Mrs. ' dems' Hetl' SlZTn9Yf Meade' b tg- ell, Thomflsf LOC Coscifi- uffl. QP Ddsch Bush Miss SMH Otin Thompson TAU KAPPA PHI Local Horne Economics Honorary The purpose ot Tau Kappa Phi is to stimulate a professional interest in home economics and to carry on community projects oi a quality in keeping With advanced honor standing. OFFICERS President Eleanor Dasch Vice-President Mary Lou Wagner Secretary-Treasurer Virginia Thompson Faculty Adviser Miss Elizabeth Lathrop FACULTY MEMBERS Miss Elizabeth Lathrop Miss Mildred Swift MEMBERS Marcia Bush Carroll Olin Eleanor Dasch Virginia Thompson Mary Louise Gunsolus Mary Lou Wagner To become a member ot Tau Kappa Phi, a student must have a scholarship rating ot eighty-three per cent, and be outstanding in leadership, character and personality. 'French 'Loyllgll Henna Bam! NU CHAPTER The purpose of Chi Delta Phi is to stimulate creative writing among campus Women and to recognize those Women interested in furthering literary achieve ment on the campus. President Vice-President and Treasurer Secretary Editors Faculty Adviser Evelyn Baughman Gertrude Cahill Letitia Cunningham Marjorie Hanna Helen Hurst Rita Krupp luanita Loulan lane Bartlett Betty French Violet Oakes GFFICERS Helen Hurst Gertrude Cahill Barbara Selby Letitia Cunningham, Marjorie Mrs. Ruth Putman ACTIVE MEMBERS Patricia Machan Patricia Nelan lane Rielcer lane Rogers Barbara Selby Esther Veach Betty Winkelman PLEDGES Lucille Paridon Evelyn Benner Elaine Stone Membership in Chi Delta Phi is based on literary interest, achievement and Congeniality. Admission is determined according to manuscripts submitted in the fall and spring of the college year CHI DELTA PHI National Women's Literary Honorary hman W-61 36 t hinson Seiier. Bertsch, Haii, Hu c , McLain, Grasshaugh, Durst, Schweikert. V Noei, Frye, Switt, Marsh, Snyder. ' Maior Hunter, Niceiy, E. Bishop, G. Bishop, Maior Verrnette Niceiy Lessing Maior Kennon, Lessing, COMPANY C CF THE SFXTH BECWMENT OFFXCEBS Captain Edward Niceiy First Lieutenant Bobert Lessing Second Lieutenant Eari Bishop First Sergeant Gien Bishop Facuity Adviser Maior Bosser L. Hunter HONOBABY MEMBEBS Motor Biaisdeii C. Kennon Maior Bayrnond E, Verrnette Dean Fred E. Ayer President Hezzieton E. Simmons MEMBEBS Karnes Berry Edward Haii Serge Migdai Bobert Bertsch iohn Htggrchinson Edward Niceiy Eari Bishop Stepheiyh Kortveiesi Dana Noei Cwien Bishop Probert Lessing p Wiiiiarn Schweiicert Bobert Davies Ben Logargisqg Wiiiiam Seiier Bichard Durst Vance Lukew Bichard Sipes Loweii Fiter Bobert Marsh Fhiiiip Snyder Kohn Frye Don-aid Mather Aibert Switt Karnes McLain Bobert Wiitrout Francis Grasshaugh ZCSSBBARD AND BLADE 1 onai Advanced Military H On.OI'CfI-Y ishop G. Bishop d Ncqiong PERSHIN 1 Basic G M. . 5 ihtotry Honora1'Y Company D-i , First Regiment OFFTCERS Captain Honorary Captain Second Lieutenants Fhiiiip Snyder Muriei Ressier Richard Durst Aibert Seiier First Lieutenant First Sergeant Lucien Keiier Eari Socket FacuKty Adviser, Maior Rosser L. Hunter PRN ATES Loren Acker Lawrence Diiiehay Kack Kehrer Kames Roberts Hohis Aiien Robert Dine Koseph Koegei Bruce Sanderson Fred Ayer Robert Doherty Donatd Kohsiek Witiiam Schnee Kohn Raugher Roiand Farw eii Wiiiiarn Koerschner Robert Secrest Kack Raumgardt Paul Feetey Arthur Larson Kames Shipman Richard Redur Koseph Fernbach Robert Maher Robert Sing er Fred Brown Kames Fertig Kack Mariowe Phiiiip Smith Kack Brown Wiiham Fisher Marvin McCormick Daiias Sprinkie Kack Rrundage Aibert Friess Robert McCurdy Robert Staudt Kacgues Rurreii Eugene Frye Arthur McMuitan Robert Stroup Eugene Caiiiet Peter Critter Kames McMuhin Richard Stover Richard Caidw eh Robert GodTove Donatd Montgomery Kock Suiiivan Kack Carroit Ernest Graham Koseph Musiai Kack Thacker er W Eric Chedester Marvin Reid Thomas My ers Averiiie Thorn Thomas Christy Frank Heimbaugh Cart Nachtreib Donaid Vogt Kerry Coiombes Kohn Henteriy Ned Neidemire Harvey Wahn Wiiiiam Crain Donaid Houchin Edward Ogonow ski Richard Waiter Kari Cuhison Ftaroid Kames 'NN esiey Peters Robert W eitmer Robert Kansen Vernon Renninger Cart Yokurn Kietier Durst Setter Ransie Diiiard Glam -I' . Lgilfiop' hi M155 On. oim, DGSC -i Thompg hey' e DA' Ciemmef' dy! Garre f - kg, Amer: S' MUD- aren, Pelleyl Lugriermdnf Shuucrcdlis, Gumchi Miss Swiit. Mciinoliar Horvaihl ide Schmidt CIO Mill ' e 'HOC ' Blackeller' U Kenntli CO ' ATUIUGYIUG' ' HOME ECONOMICS CLUB The purpose ot the Home Economics Club is to turther interest in home eco- nomics on the campus, to increase knowledge in the home economics tields, and to create social contacts. President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Faculty Advisers Margaret Arnmerman Helen Amer Antonia Blacketter lane Bowers Eileen Buehrle Marcia Bush Betty Clemmer Virginia Coe leyne Crooks Eleanor Dasch Louise Dill OFFICERS Betty Clemmer Lois Mytholar Virginia Thompson Marcia Bush Miss Mildred Swift and MEMBERS lean Durkee lean Garrett Dorothy Gukich Mary Louise Gunsolus Elizabeth Horvath Dorothy Iohnson Elizabeth Kenny Doris Lincks Mary McGaughey lacqueline McLaren Mildred Mundy Miss Elizabeth Lathrop Lois Mytholar Carroll Olin lean Petley Eleanor Schmidt lean Shallcross Faith Sherman Mary Sue Singleton Virginia Thompson Mary lane Trockle Margaret Trommer Mary Louise Wagner V Any student who is a home economics major or minor or who has completed six hours in home economics is eligible tor membership in the Home Economics Club. The Sociology Club provides opportunities tor sociology students to make personal contacts with people directly connected with sociology through lec- tures, visits, reports, discussions. Helen Amer Mrs. Ruth Andress Doris Aumann Bill Barkley Cletus Becker lack Brown Harold Brust lack Butler Ruth Camehl Anthony Coscia Robert Collis Howard Davis Ronald Dickson Lawrence Dillehay Marguerite Donovan Walter Dyer Marion Durr Willis Eckard OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Faculty Adviser MEMBERS Arnold Hanson Cletus Becker Eleanor Scatterday Willis Eckard Dr. H. O. DeGratt lack Flippo Bertha Frampton Alice Garbison Mrs. Virginia Gillooly Ann Hamilton Arnold Hanson Lucille Harris Iohn Hetfelman Marvin Heid Ruth Heyburn Alice layne Hilbish Ruth Hitchcock Violet Hutchison Evelyn Kannel William Kannel Dorothy Keiser Steve Kossky Victor Lampasone A student must be enrolled in at least one sociology course to become a member ot the Sociology Club. SOCIOLOGY CLUB Vesta Leight Glenn Leiter Loretta Lintner Robert Lessing Marjorie Logue Elizabeth McAlonan Robert Mclntyre lames McLain Frances Matthews Ralph Maher Marjorie Meade May Meese Frances Moskovitz Lois Mytholar Eileen O'Brien Carroll Olin Richard Prosser Grace Richards Barbara Selby Eleanor Scatterday Phyllis Skewes Con Skurvid Betty lane Slusser Maxine Smith Allen Sprow Edgar Stevens Frances Stewart Helen Streeks Donald Tenney Chester Teeple Daniel Thomas Glenador Thomas Mary Thomas Ted Thome Esther Veach Gertrude Williams 662' Q9 IRG QQ .magma ' ,-YYXOYUGS. , Fwzee Apqef' Adler. ll-fliillrierman. iigiimick, Pflfliggkhart, EarlY. ROSS, . G VeC1C ' Bump' n0SC1 ' Dr llnler QW Sh ' ' TERTULIA ESPANOLA The purpose of Tertulia Espanola is to stimulate interest in Spanish Members strive to perfect their knowledge ot Spanish through Contact with other mem bers of the club. leanne Adler Mary Ann Akschan Berdine Apger Dorothy Brittain Hale Bump Martha Early Frank Enright William Flanigan Harry Frazee OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Program Chairman Social Chairman Publicity Chairman Faculty Adviser MEMBERS Dorothy Keiser Earl Leatherman Albert Lockhart Marvin McCormick Frank Mclntyre Robert Mclntyre Kenneth Moore Louis Nagy lean Palmer Hewes Phillips Hale Bump lane Rogers Esther Veach Albert Lockhart Iames Ross Ieanne Unger Gilbert Thomas Dr. Donato Internoscia lane Rogers Iames Ross Eleanor Scatterday Eleanor Shaw Iuanita Slagle Edgar Smith ' Gilbert Thomas Ieanne Unger Esther Veach Any student interested in Spanish may become a member of Tertulia Espanola. The purpose oi Le Cercle Francais is to encourage and interest students in the knowledge and use ot French and to give them a more intimate view ot French culture and customs. OFFICERS President Miss Katherine Reed Vice-President Miss Margaret Fanning Secretary Betty Cole Treasurer Ann Crow Social Chairman Betty Ross Piano Accompanist Mildred Kylander MEMBERS Mary Akschan Kathleen Bell Ieanne Berg Iune Blackburn Lucille Boughton lames Boyd lune Britton Gertrude Cahill Arlene Carroll Betty Cohen Betty Cole Francis Cotruvo Ann Crow Elaine Davis lean Durkee Ieane Feeley Felix Ferri Mary Flynn Bernice Frank Hulda Freedman . Helen Frederick lean Garrett Frances Gertz Bertha Greenbaum Ann Hamilton Muriel Hessler Ioanne Hottmaster Merle Hoskens Wilhemina lohnson Elizabeth Kenny Mildred Kylander Martha Larrick Earl Leatherman Louella Lutz Ida Mancovitz Leona Mendelson Ruth Mingle Christine Moore Anthony Patrino Kathryn Pershing Milchie Relich Doris Rifkin Betty Boss Betty Shane Margaret Shively Ruth Shriner Carmel Simonetti Genevieve Smith Marguerite Smith Maxine Smith Allen Sprow Bill Swan Ruth Vermillion Betty Wettstyne Molly Winer Betty Winkelman Martha Woods Aden Worthington A student must have completed one year ot high school or college French to become a member of Le Cercle Francais. LE CERCLE FRANCAIS 'feelexf' D Boyd- Quilt-ee' . 1 H Sgler, Winer, any Kywnder Maxine Smith S ow Rllkm' 3 an Lecllherm Reed Garrett DONE' Pt Smixhffee BosS. M155 ite 1nQf Marfluifanlf., Miss Farm CroW I 31' Jil 19? iw in Mintz- - beYQ1 Y 11-I Gifts Barreti, iisiciickljr. A Q GlGT1UY' ner lsoe. .k,LoI'xf .XI ,Sum ' Xgibeer, lf-empexl Fgiiith, Mooret elgraatlf BGHWGY l U1 ' 1 ' Bmkletlf E? Cannes' Schweiker ptiimwf ' BIOLOGY The purpose ot the Biology Club is to ioster interest in the biological sciences by means ot illustrated lectures, speakers from various institutions, and other programs. I Aubrey Allman Maurice Anshutz William Baird Louise Ballway Frank Barbee Bill Barkley Raymond Barrett Samuel Caplin Eleanor Clark Gus Dycus OFFICERS President William Schweilcert Vice-President Aubrey Allman Secretary Louise Ballway Treasurer Ieanette Sumner Faculty Adviser Professor Walter Kraatz MEMBERS Walter Fair Betty Frick Robert Frisby Menford Ginsberg Robert Glasgow Fred Glenny Norma Greer Evalouise Hamilton Robert Hare William Heepe lean Iones Milton lones loan Kempel Mitchell Kuhar Earl Long Grace Miller Robert Mintz Bernice Moore Patricia Nelan Robert Raymond William Schweilcert Samuel Shobert Marguerite Smith Ann Staiger leanette Sumner Martha Tilock George Twickler Betty Winkelman Betty Wolfe A Walter Wright Membership in the Biology Club is open to all students interested in biological science. - 7- iran- CLUB The purpose of the Chemistry Club is to lurther students' interest in chemistry and to bring together chemistry department faculty and students. OFFICERS President Robert Thornton Secretary Walter Hausch Treasurer R. Houston Gray Faculty Adviser Dr, Vifalter Cook HCNORARY MEMBERS President Hezzleton Simmons Mrs Wialter Cook Mr, lohn Thomas FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. Walter Cool: Dr. Howard Cramer Dr. Raymond Cool Dr. Eugene I-laas Mr. David Anderson All chemistry students are members ot the Chemistry Club. CHEMISTRY CLUB EA GXGZQT- . a. rc.H1f0kO'W llaftf Pi. MCMU K.riyitsl4Y- . Alben' y y. , Pi- arqer, R. DOW? lg-Omiconefry MGErTHaasl E' Becgiblc. l- Schelllel' o. Wensp s semeflen' . lp, seixefigw' fr R. GYGYDY' T. Rhoflds' o. oossienfllfgguscu, R. Thomlo T H, l.-eeper' Crgmef, DY- Dr. COOK' ,gs-M Dis Q-at SECRETARIAL SCIENCE The purpose ot the Secretarial Science Club is to promote interest in the business world, to cultivate ability in secretarial Work, and to promote fellow- ship among its members. OFFICERS President William Bray Vice-President Betty Wettstyne Secretary Martha Foster Treasurer Marjorie Glass Program Chairman Phyllis Friess Membership Chairman Dorothy Tham Social Chairman Mary lane Cummings Faculty Adviser Miss Audra Tenney MEMBERS Ethel Albright Doris Allen Esther Alpern Margaret Ammerman Virginia Batson Evelyn Baughman Ruth Bertsch Helen Besshardt lune Blackburn lane Blank Catherine Blechl William Bray Florence Brooks Alice Brucker Margaret Buxton Betty Carlson Betty Cooper Ruth Crum Mary lane Cummings Reba Cunningham Iosephine D'lanni Helen Deitrick Pauline Eagon Lucille Eckert Marie Evans Helen Floasin Martha Foster Phyllis Friess Doris Gilmore Dorothy Givens Marjorie Glass Bertha Greenbaum lean Hamilton Louis Haynes lohn Henterly Lois Hitchcock Betty Hooker Evelyn Hooker Virginia Hurst Membership in the Secretarial Science Club is open to all students interested in secretarial science. Muriel latte Catherine Ioy Martha Keatts Rita Krupp Harriet Lackey Donnafern Leadenham Ruth Lee Betty Mason Ruth Mason lulia Mikis Mildred Mundy Evelyn Nestlerode Sara Nowels Margaret Pahle Ednamae Polen Betty Radam Robert Reidy Gertrude Reinhart Olivia Richards Wilma Ries Dorothy Semler lane Schaffer Amy Louise Shaw Mary Smanto Mary Evelyn Smith Margaret Stubbs lean Tait Dorothy Thom Adeline Thomas Mary Alice Thornton Margaret Vielhaber Helen Voige Wanna Mae Wagner Betty Ann Waugh Betty Wettstyne Hazel Wright Irene Wygant losephine Zook CLUB OFFICERS President and Senior Representative Secretary and Senior Representative Treasurer and Iunior Representative Sophomore Representative Freshman Representative Faculty Adviser MEMBERS George Waite Chester Teeple Paul Buzzi Sanford Stern Albert Trumpil-:as Mr. T. C. Hilliard Hollis Allan Iames Berry Charles Beshara Albert Cohen Ioseph Coscia Clayton Cross Mark Downing Ned Endress Paul Feeley Louis Furst Harvey Freidman Ernest Graham Richard Greenwald Robert Greenwald Naomi Gregg ' Edward Hall Harold Hartline William Henterly COMMERCE CLUB Robert Iackson Clarence Iauchem Donald Ienkins Ralph Ienney Rosser Iones Leonard Katz William Kendall Donald Kreririck Rita Krupp Iohn Lampasone Arthur Larson Sigvard Liedholm Iuanita Loulan Donald Luck Ralph Maher Paul Mankin Robert Mankin Robert Marsh lack Mclntyre Ralph Merrick Ioseph Miller Eric Nicholls Thomas Owens Richard Prosser Donald Rapp Robert Russell William Schnee William Schueneman Isadore Schneiderman Theodore Shapiro Frank Simonetti William Sisler Robert Smith Sanford Stern Charles Stern Leonard Sternberg Louis Stile Albert Swift Chester Teeple Carl Tenison lack Thacker David Thomas Robert Thompson Charles True Albert Trumpikas George Waite Harry Waldman William Walzer Thomas Wiener Richard Witner Iulius Wilt Carl Yokum Herbert Yoos 'E2Q..m. '4- l"?I:f-.:f2s- if Q3 Hartl' ufjhey' . haadt Musial' Mctjlller Keisief' MOYQYB Boyd. SC ' , 1 ' 'WY' ' . Waiiacef Molqan ue, i. BOYd'MClgl1n AiOQdell5' Leeper, Reich' Log rn Stern. Mach l D ist Emi-1. COW ' GAVEL CLUB U 1 The purpose ot the Gavel Club is to further interest in forensics and to train students tor entrance into the Speakers' Bureau. President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Historian Faculty Adviser OFFICERS MEMBERS Sanford Stern Richard Durst Patricia Machan Martha Early Ioanna Alogdelis Dr. Orville Hitchcock loanna Alogdelis Marjorie Becker Betty Boyd Iarnes Boyd Helen Bryant Paul Coburn Lawrence Dillehay Richard Durst Martha Early Edwin Eshelman Betty lane Hazlett Stanley Keister Eleanor Khoenle Harold Leeper Marion Logue Donald McC?-aughey Patricia Machan Gladys Magilvy Catherine Miller Margaret Morey Kenneth Morgan Ioe Musial Iacob Reich Carl Schaadt Eleanor Shaw Sanford Stern Martha Wallace - -.A--1--..- The purpose of the Newman Club is to promote religious, educational and social activities. Helen Amer Louise Ballway Raymond Barrett Evelyn Baughman Charles Beckwith Robert Bertsch Ruth Bertsch lane Blank Catherine Blechl William Bray Ralph Caston Arthur Clare Salem Cory President Vice-President Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Treasurer Social Chairman Faculty Advisers Florence Crano Clement Damicone Iames Fertig Mary Flynn Bernice Frank Phyllis Friess Laurence Gilchrist Norma Greer Merle Haskins lohn Henterly William Henterly Emily Hranilovich Milton lones OFFICERS Robert Reidy Elizabeth McAlonan Adelaide Karr Helen Amer Ioseph Musial Mary Frances Karr Miss Margaret Fanning and Mr. lames Glennen MEMBERS Adelaide Karr Mary Frances Karr William Keller loan Kempel Rita Krupp Francis Ann Leltler Loretta Lintner luanita Loulan Paul Lukats Elizabeth McAlonan lulia Mikis loseph Musial Eleanor Myer Patricia Nelan Richard O'Connor Edward Ogonowski Andrew Ondecker lean Palmer Grace Patterson Robert Reidy Margaret Saus Marie Schick Karl Seib Genevieve Smith Walter Staiger Margaret Stubbs Membership in the Newman Club is open to all Catholic students on the campus. Burrell NEVV MAN CLUB mn Luiwis, Calm LOU ' ef, . Yrdflk' el, My Smith. . S Kemp FXYUB' Hcfskm ' BeriSCh' Stubbs' A wp. YXY' KQYL F Xe55. . I N6 XN Hemefw' l' Billie, S- lmmisiiwaizi Unutliegixignavf Damicone . I Retdtlf M Karr. Ctgye, 't hT1'5l' ip. ' otl Cliblier, Greerslilliii, SCXUS' Pallets ny c Bgughmu QQ WA a. le' Boyd. Smllh' ghexff Hunng ROSS' ig Y,Kl'1C?en L Logue. I MCGCu . I GGTY9 ' I Ytgiilird, Tait, ggcmel 'HZ Hugghwmtzl Yriclx? each, SDY der Lee, TlgiOO5nS5hghtaDgxsfigll'-?rGteT, Dando, Thom Hgtsxec V ' Dui-kee. The purpose ot the student Y. W. C. A. is to aid campus women develop physically, socially, culturally and spiritually. Y. W. OFFICERS President Lillian Dando Vice-President Marian Burnham Secretary Lois Mytholar Treasurer Marjorie Hanna Faculty Advisers Miss Helen Battrick and Miss Mabel Locke MEMBERS Betty Baker Ruby Ballard lane Baughman lane Bowers Betty Boyd Helen Bryant Marian Burnham Marcia Bush Betty Carlson Eleanor Clark Betty Cooper Margaret Coovert Ann Crow Martha Cummings Lillian Dando Helen Deitrick Helen Dewhirst lean Durkee Marian Durr Helen Durr Martha Early Catherine Ebbertt Eleanor Evans leane Feeley Lorraine Frater Helen Frederick Betty Frick Norma Franklin lean Garrett Mary Griffith Doris Halstead Ann Hamilton Marjorie Hanna Anna Henry Betty Hooker Evelyn Hooker Marjorie Hollinger Helen Hurst Virginia Hurst Kathleen Iones Theda Krug Eleanor Khoenle Ieanette Krumrine Marian Logue Membership in the student Y. W. C. A. is open to any campus woman inter- ested in its ideals and program. Gertrude Long luanita Loulan Doris Lincks Ruth Lee Mary McGaughey Christine Moore Iewell Myerscough Cathleen Nealis lane Neely Ruth Oberlin Roberta Ohl Iean Palmer lean Petley Kathryn Pershing Wilma Ries lane Rieker Marthabelle Rieker Doris Renner Betty Ross Betty Sandberg Eleanor Scatterday Eleanor Schmidt Eleanor Schimp Eleanor Schwartz Betty Shane Eleanor Shaw Martha Shook Mary Sue Singleton Maxine Smith Sue Snyder Mary Margaret Stubbs Elaine Stone lean Tait Adeline Thomas Mary lane Trockle Mary Alice Thornton Virginia Thompson Esther Veach Kathleen Vosper Helen White Betty Winkelman Mary Woodward Hazel Wright A The purpose ot the student Y. M. C. A. is to further Christian principles and fellowship on the Maurice Anshutz Allen Arbogast Dustin Aughenbaugh Russell Bodle Paul Chapman Arthur Clare George Codrea Robert Collis Ardent Cullison Harold Davis Iohn Day Lawrence Dillehay George Dubina Iohn Dunlevy campus. President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Chaplain Faculty Adviser Walter Fair Iames Fertig Robert Foster Robert Freed Robert Glasgow Iohn Good William Good Ernest Graham Donald Grenzow Robert Hartz Marvin Heid Arthur Hensley Iohn Henterly William Henterly Robert Hershey OFFICERS Phillip Snyder Conrad Reining Harvey Wahn George Dubina William Good Dr. H. O. DeGratt MEMBERS Andrew Iaros Iames Kay Clark Livensparger Donald McGaughey Robert Mclntyre Arthur McMullan William Mark Frank Martucci Charles Miller Harold Moore Ioseph Musial lames Owens Alfred Poe Iohn Pope Emerson Post Douglas Poston Conrad Reining Norman Roberts Bernard Rutkoski Thomas Samaras Edgar Smith Carl Snyder Robert Stroup Gene Sucharda Ted Thorne William Van Nostran Harvey Wahn Robert Weltmer Carney Williams Membership in the student Y. M. C. A. is open to all campus men. YMC.A. Mullah PirbOgOStiDCfdi?YlI1F1n' Williami Mc ' Pos . Moore. g a, er, Y, . , Cadre Musica' Weltm Fang, Dunlev der' Remir1Q Miller, d MCGGu9h9Y' Degrait, F. SUV W. GOO 1 H NZ! DT Dubindiwgm G 11. 'ZS The purpose ot the Art Club is to further art interest on the campus and in the city and to stimulate students' interest by lectures. President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Social Chairman Faculty Adviser Arlene Carroll Stanley Deen Catherine Ebbert Mildred Evans Lulla Hatzis Marion Kennedy Elender Maglione Margaret Mary McCoy Dana Noel Ben Rogers OFFICERS MEMBERS Barbara Shank Stanley Deen Marion Kennedy Dent Sanford Mildred Evans Mrs. lane Barnhardt Semililg Barfthcudl Hcgzis MCCOY A student must complete two semesters of art With for membership in the Art Club. l-- -1 Dent Sanford Richard Schultz Barbara Shank Mary Shields Emmet Sernonin Harry Sobeclc William Swan Martha Wallace Betty Ann 'Waugh Eleanor Woodard s Roqer Sobeck ' Deen dY Kenne Ebbed SgUlOY ART CLUB a B average to be eligible Mig dai N ur che s Oiivo iieirn Mr. NN aither Rohrich Davis Siiiico Mr. Smith QIMERICAN ELSTITUTE of ENECTRICA1, CIETY of CIVIL Chapman Oiegar Nixon Lingo S Perrv Mr. E. D. Barstow tspeakeri Mr. Durst Mr. Buiger Eantz 'lv 'Wm 0 OEHCERS President iohn Siiitco Secretary-'Treasurer Serge Migdai Pacuitv Advisers Mr. X. T. Waither and Mr. P. C. Smith MEMBERS Robert Austin Richard McCarthy Ciarence Rohrich Raroid Davis Raiph Mcintyre Kari Seih Wiiiiam ienkins Serge Mig dai iohn Siiitco Geraid Keirn Prank Oiivo Merie Svvinehart OEHCERS President Peter Oiegar Vice-President Waiter Nixon Secretary iohn Laughiin Eacuitv Advisers Mr. iohn Buiger, Mr. Ross Durst MEMBERS Donaid Caidvv eii Craig iriennis Donaid Lingo Thomas Perry Dean Chapman Wiiiiam King Wiiiiam Maricey Michaei Senuta Charies Corns Ersei Lantz Waiter Nixon Theodore Shadi iohn Laughiin Peter Oiegar Robert Wiiiiamson 0 iohn Guran Qmm x, Q V Y xx 5 4 -X ,PJ .uf , - . .,,f,....t . pfigzfwva .'T.4:zi,,, . N fi Y Vg, A I? 4 . . ifgbzyfflgff wg-Q ,hu ,gif 1 fi JJ? sw.. 3 fwi ' Q Q 'LYSW kf33 s' :,'i W Zgfixix 1 I" a- ' W As ,gf ff- , 2: 'z jucgtl M., my 3 njvfl ' FQ ' ' '34 if 9, ,, ,J 151 Q29 -. A 1 w. , , rw. , W V ig 4 Q , 1? xg fx wiaw i'?say1f,g,: ffm 3, Q , I L Y LS V F 'K Q5 X4 4 t 'f' fa, , 23 J rf X ,ag 'S X 1 X -5 it 44 5 ' 0 'ff' 5 4 3 '5' 4, i I , 4 hiff' ,f ,Q X ,Q vw 55 Ui 3 k um LAMBDA CHAPTER KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Founded at Monmouth, llltnois, in l87O Lambda Chapter Established in l877 Ylz. - ... K, Cunningh Sanford urdoch kett bbert hank tytholar ewhirst I. Thomas finlcelman 'ooper Kennedy Ammerman Scatterday Firestone Wallace Berg Hessler Paridon Brock Voige lobe Waugh Boggins Larrick Rowland Harris Bertsch Machan Weclcer Haynes Murphy FACULTY ADVISER Mrs. Florence Whitney OFFICERS President Standards Chairman Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Treasurer SENIORS Letitia Cunningham Catherine Ebbert Mary Kennedy Lucille Paridon Lucille Harris Lois Mytholar Patricia Machan Helen Dewhirst Mary Thomas Phyllis Rowland Dent Sanford Barbara Shank UPPER COLLEGE Margaret Ammerman Geraldine Brock Lucille Harris lane Murdoch Lois Mytholar Eleanor Scatterday Ruth Thomas Helen Voige LOWER COLLEGE Ruth Bertsch Antonia Blaclcetter Helen Dewhirst Rosemary Firestone Louise lobe Patricia Machan PLEDGES Virginia Berg Mary Lou Boggins Betty Cooper Marie Glynn I lo Ann Porter Mary Thomas Martha Wallace Betty Ann Waugh Virginia Wecker Betty Winkelman Lois Haynes Muriel Hessler Martha Larrick Mary Murphy ETA CHAPTER DELTA GAMMA Founded at Oxford, Mississippi, in 1874 Eta Chapter Established in 1879 Coope Zmtel Baugh I. Palm Carlso Panclo Hilbish rittain Dix arly Garrett chmidt Snyder frooks Dill Gallagher Moore jones Keller M. Petley Glass Olin Sandberg judson Kenny Kneale Stubbs Wince Ammerman Durkee Eberhartx Fouche Halstead Hobbs jackson P. Palmer P.Pet1ey Schwan Smith Vosper Meyer Batman Frederick Lincks Woodward FACULTY MEMBERS Miss Gladys Weeks President Vice-President Recording Secretary OFFICERS Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Virginia Cooper Lillian Dando Alice j-ayne Hilbish Dorothy jones SENIORS Mrs. Dorothy McRee Marjorie Glass Betty Sandberg Dorothy Brittain Martha Early jean Garrett Miriam Keller Marjorie Anne Petley Mary Evelyn Smith Irene Zintel UPPER COLLEGE Dorothy Brittain Carroll Olin Dorothy Dix Betty Sandberg Marjorie Glass Kathleen Vosper LOWER COLLEGE jane Baughman Martha Early jean Garrett Marilyn judson Elizabeth Kenny Marjorie Kneale Margaret Ammerman Florine Batman Betty Carlson Eleanor Clark jeyne Crooks Louise Dill jean Durkee Evelyn Eberhart janet Fouche Helen Frederick Elynore Fulton jean Gallagher PLEDGES Eleanor Meyer jean Palmer Eleanor Schmidt Sue Snyder Mary Margaret Stubbs Carmen Wince Doris Lee Halstead Hazel Hobbs Marjorie Hollinger Virginia Hurst Dorothy jackson Doris Lincks Christine Moore Patricia Palmer jean Petley Katherine Schwari Ruth Weninger Mary Woodward M? V, F . r il , - H cl , 1 , --2, ,-'K V ,V ,WWA,:Y1..:E,+i2j,3E, wrxzxkrrraff ff si, fwfr ff tr X 'M s,'i,.s. H., wx, kr ,.W..v.+..,M.,,.- ,.l.,,,..l., x 1 "uf ,, r, ,. ...Q aug". .,, rrfna 1, f y . 1 V - -.ifX'i 'gsm' r x wrcv A E ., i .A , . N' 3 , 5-:err 5 : f' v A A yi ' , .- ' j gg 5595: , V - X, ,ww A ' fix, T L.. - If fx i, 4 51 if X . , , . , - .., . L gf 5 A. 4- EMIS CMICRCN CHAPTER PHI MU Founded at Macon, Georgia, in 1852 Omicron Chapter Established in 1912 il USU 40" 'Qs 17.77 . 2 mage fm.. pv- 'Rm 4 -. Q'- nm. f ASQ Zeus.. g iw- "t:"k ,EE 1 V ' 5 Bricken Harbaugh Wagner Carroll Morris Casey Q . evra , ww.. , il' A N z. iv 97 -T M Q Qi Q . 1 Q E . 1 t N in is L Q- B. Cahill J. Semler lumann lorrigan 'loenes 'oltz freigbaum iusser 1 N4 :AM 4 Y? ' ff X Ai. ' X , M. Cahill V. Semler Benson Iohnson Spore Hardman Mathias Rothermel ,N VP 'xv' Q--wx 5lnn-. -43 Carrell Collins Berlitz Keiser Slusser Howard McCobb Sockel inn - , 'WV ' WN 1' Q Q .:.. Vi Nw?- si- , 1 V 5 lf, V - Qi? Gregory Gunsolus Buehrle McDonald Thompson Iohnston McShattrey Woods A FACULTY ADVISER Miss Clara Kemler OFFICERS President Mary Louise Gunsolus Vice-President Betty Iane Slusser Second Vice-President Elizabeth Ploenes Secretary Arlene Carroll Treasurer Marian McDonald Assistant Treasurer lane Bricken Gertrude Cahill Marjorie Cahill Rae Marie Carrell Dorothy Keiser SENIORS Curtice Gregory Betty Harbaugh Dorothy Semler Vivian Sernler UPPER COLLEGE Catherine Collins Mary Louise Gunsolus Mary Lou Wagner LOWER COLLEGE Doris Aumann leanne Benson Marcia Berlitz Eileen Buehrle Arlene Carroll Ursula Harrigan Dorothy Iohnson Betty Casey Tulia Foltz Gwendolyn Hardman Orine Howard Ianet Iohnston Kathryn Kreigbaum Henriette Mathias Ni! 'Mi Dorothy Keiser Marian McDonald Evelyn Morris Elizabeth Ploenes Tane Spore Betty lane Slusser Emmy Lou Thompson PLEDGES Mary McCobb Helen McShattrey Katherine Miller Betty Musser Marie Rothermel Helen Sockel Martha Woods p,,.,.,, Y .X A 1 BETA T!-RU CHAPTER ALPHA DELTA PI Founded at Macon, Georgia, in 1851 Beta Tw Chapter ESwb11Sne-d in 1938 Q I I, I 5' K . 1 l r 2 . I ' '. f 1 A l 1 1 E A ,H 2 Jv Y ,y Q K W' I 3 si s, ' 3 : ,i .I , W,. y i . 1 A ' v ' ff s1':',,ijf' 2:5 . - Q ' . wx x- , . v , x X V J . , , , . ox ,,... a ffl ' f f W M a 4 V 719 1' Q I ,Af- , 1? fa X f I v 1 f""N-my N ""':::sr' '41 Clemmer Mundy Wagner Shively Fairall key. .F . new I ,Q 'QQ "Wm, 'lbw' .f Braham 3eck Hilmore Shryock Hale Scott S., ,, Heyburn Polen Hoffman Batson lOY Stoner ., xxx Kiesling Schmuck Schmidt Coe Kylander Watkins X XX, Kinney Cummings Shallcross Eckert Moore FACULTY MEMBERS Miss losephine Cushman OFFICERS President Vice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer SENIORS Betty Clemmer Bess Graham losephine Fliclcinger Ruth Heyburn Anne Kiesling Miss Elizabeth Lathrop Mary lane Cummings Margaret Shively Ioanna Hoitmaster lean Shallcross Miriam Hoffman Ruth Kinney Mildred Mundy Bessie Peck Ednamae Polen Rosemary Schmuck UPPER COLLEGE Mary lane Cummings Ioanna Hoitmaster Wanna May Wagner LOWER COLLEGE Doris Gilmore Miriam Hoffman Marjorie Schmidt PLEDGES Virginia Batson Elizabeth Bixler Virginia Coe Lucille Eckert Fern Fairall Wanda Hale lean Watkins lean Shallcross Margaret Shively Fern Shryock lean Hamilton Catherine Ioy Mildred Kylander Ioyce Moore KathleenlScott Wanda Sltoner 3 l l l Diiflu cnlilmn n4I, A T:K '1 SIGMA CHAPTER THETA PHI ALPHA Founded at Ahh Arbor, Michigan, in 1912 Sigma Chapter Established in 1931 go ar 'VW' Burnh Amer MCAI L A V99 95 'W' 1. : QTY YT' Friess Baughman Flynn Smith 'Om' Q AMA 1, ,nl X FACULTY MEMBERS Miss Margaret Fanning Miss Helen Pesaric OFFICERS President Evelyn Baughman Vice-President Loretta Lintner Recording Secretary Helen Amer Corresponding Secretary Elizabeth McAlonan Treasurer Iuanita Loulan SENIORS Marian Burnham Phyllis Friess Patricia Nelan UPPER COLLEGE Rose Haberman LOWER COLLEGE Helen Amer Loretta Lintner Nelan Hcbermcm Evelyn Baughman Iuanita Loulan Lintner Loulan EllZClbefl'1 NlCAlOl'1CII'1 Frank Hamman Patterson PLEDGES Mary Flynn Marie Hamman Bernice Frank Grace Patterson Genevieve Smith KAPPA ALPHA CHAPTER THETA UPSILON Founded at Berkeley, California, in l9l4 Kappa Alpha Chapter Established in l939 f llllif2il'lli'l'A2':iN'lf " QQMQQ w::J:qy.IL::f 0 t js- . ' V 'WNW' W K A Q. 4. , - ' ' ' ,,.. A ' 'MY 516 2 W.,-' 1 s- y A Awww' M? lf ,,,,, 4M - 5 ,,. 'aw . ,M ,Q ,, .. A Muze y M . 'fv f- W ., .,,,f.f, -'MW ,Q .. . V, ,i,v.,,: -V YW, ,,,J,,,ff1j ,nf f 1 ' - "1 w as 525, K9 '-'W 1 ..:4:-.-1-my -A 74, zfgf . f'-K" +55- 'Z'- 'S'!'hnn- Brooks Richardso Lonsbury' Fhnt GR Q FACULTY MEMBERS , X Miss Ebba Larson e-flvffsgdora Flint ,A,, RS Pnesiaent Marjorie Bond mg . " Vice-President Pearl Brownsword My Secretary' Helen Streeks Treasurer Faith Sherman ff' EX-College Secretary Doris Allen SENIORS Florence Brooks Rita Mills Alice Higgins Alice Niestockel Marth-a Richardson . UPPER COLLEGE we Marjorie Bond Margaret Lonsloury Pearl Brownsword Perrine Messina Virginia Iohnson Margaret Pahle Helen Streeks fgins Mills Niestockel LGWER COLLEGE id' Brownsword lohnson ssinq Pghle Streeks Doris Allen Miriam McManis Mcmis Sherman Smith Flora Flint Faith Sherman Marguerite Smith PLEDGES Sarah Ann Cooley Kathryn Lee Ruth Crum Ruth Shriner Coovert Stewart Schwartz Kinsey Schimp E. Evans Crow Thompso Vogler Heilman Skewes Franklin McGin1e ckert Iagner oyd eadenham hornton lreen ershing Gfeqcx M. Evans Brock Oberlin Woodard Hevener Phillips B. Hooker Frater Bryant E. Renner Benson E. Hooker Shane Iones Meade Burks Romig Croskey Hoover Shook 5 Lee D. Renner Frick Roundy Deitrick Iohnson Wright FACULTY ADVISER Miss Katharine Reed OFFICERS President First Vice-President Second Vice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer SENIORS lane Bartlett Margaret Coovert Ann Crow Elsie Eckert Naomi Gregg Lorraine Frater Doris Renner Eleanor Schwartz Laura Roundy Pauline Romig Helen Bryant Betty Hooker lean Iones Ruth Lee Frances Stewart Virginia Thompson Catharine Wagner UPPER COLLEGE Mildred Evans Lorraine Frater Marjorie Meade Irene Wygant Doris Renner Eleanor Schwartz Betty Vogler LOWER COLLEGE Betty Boyd lane Brock Helen Bryant Mary Burks Betty Frick Alice Kinsey Ieanette Krumrine Iean Heilman Donalern Leadenham Ruth Oberlin Evelyn Renner Pauline Romig Laura Roundy Eleanor Schimp Phyllis Skewes Mary Alice Thornton Eleanor Woodard PLEDGES Harriet Benson Alice Croskey Helen Deitrick Eleanor Evans Norma Franklin Martha Green Betty Hevener Evelyn Hooker Marjorie Hoover Wilhelmina Iohnson Rosejean McGinley Kathryn Pershing Marianne Phillips Betty Shane Martha Shook Hazel Wright BETA XI CHAPTER ZETA TAU ALPHA Founded at Earrnville, Virginia, in 1898 Beta Xi Chapter Established in 1929 0 Q T 0 4 ii by -lug, , " 5' was 1 X 8 2' i Ie sw- W Hanna I. Rieker Ross Foster Morrison White Eagon Nealis p--. . vm -'15 fbi.. 'tw my 1 I j . 1 S nw 'er' wk .tex . Rag G Q 3 ,5 5 ,Q .X ' ' .. fm.- ' ': KPN' A aa: 1: :MQW . 'Qi' fiarjorie Logue Kannel Kortvejesi Osborne lessharclt Wagner M. Durr Long Brown Stone Bowers Feeley Ihoenle Hamilton Krug Marian Logue Phaw Ohl Singleton Trockle Sash Baker Cummings H. Durr Henry Heckman jackson Myerscough Laiben Neeley Smith Tait FACULTY MEMBER Mrs. lane S. Barnhardt President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Marjorie Hanna Evelyn Kannel Barbara Kortvejesi OFFICERS SENIORS Marjorie Logue Eleanor Khoenle Theda Krug Eleanor Shaw Marjorie Logue Margaret Osborne jane Rieker Margaret Wagner UPPER COLLEGE Helen Besshardt Gertrude Long Marion Durr Betty Ross Elaine Stone LOWER COLLEGE jane Bowers jane Brown Ieanne Feeley Martha Foster Ann Hamilton Eleanor Khoenle Theda Krug Betty Baker Phyllis Bash Avalorene Billings Martha Cummings Helen Durr Pauline Eagon Delores Heckman Anna Henry PLEDGES Marian Logue Frances Morrison Roberta Ohl Eleanor Shaw Mary Sue Singleton Mary jane Trockle Helen White Eleanor jackson Iewell Myerscough Cathleen Nealis jane Neeley Marthabelle Rieker Rosemae Saiben Marjorie Smith jean Tait Mardelle Witwer f f .1 If i V' U. .J ',,fsQi,q, f 5 J, fx tg . . , nf - 1 ' .A-5 fair.. -. . , A iff ar f iz? ir' ,Af-fsggx Q. if Q I? f ' , . ' 1 , 9 ,- . is - f af - X f ' if , . f f , :V -0 M55 ,Ji X 62 1 , 3, . J, 'f ,H 1 1 ray , -. yr , . - X xx, . ,. Q. V Q 2 V btfgw -. 1. l 1' rw X -2 X rs ' W wwiefuiia - K - gi... ., i 1 'S 151 D 3. .N " J' . , N , - 5 ,.2x5'f K. ...rf S ' it Q t"'t'M-sa M' X '- X A 'Z C P J ,,.,5g.:.: .. - X HA A ,V ,Z M5 -' 3 ,,,.,.,, ....,..M.W.,,:", 77' SIGMA EPSILON PHI Foundedin1932 i W! wb Ll' Uh-v -f "Nu 4Um Aint fin-X "f'.:n1 in-:M 4 zz.- 2 - n L its lf- 7? - 4-9 Y ,. 3 'QQ 'wb lartucci nsworth ing Q O'Brien oon ,fn-s Vis Sourek Staiger Brill Chima Lutz Mills Pastorius Re-lich FACULTY ADVISER Miss Clara Kernler OFFICERS President Elizabeth l-lorvatlfi Vice-President Teresa Martucci Treasurer Rose Sourek Pledge Mistress Ann Staiger SENIORS Elizabeth Horvatli Ann Staiger Teresa Martucci Betty Tennant Rose Sourek Edetlia Unsworth PLEDGES Genevieve Brill Aurelia Chirna lean Foley Geraldine Hollornan Wilma King Marie Lutz 'N X N Mary Louise Mills Eileen O'Brien Mary lane O'Brien Rosalie Pastorius Milchie Relich Marjorie Toon T L-I .J -5.1.2, 1 DELTA PI IOTA 1 Founded in 1934 I X. V -R as ws. 'Q' 1 snub' Ev v 4? rsy- awww: from ns-N ?M'f?.-as-an Z. Berk Litmccn Icxffe Adler C. Mendelson Fleisher Kaufman Kay G. Berk L. Mendelson , L 'TGV 132 Rl 'V' M, ,-,,,., keith Q? Y can 'S',""' fbs iv' 'Um fx ffl R. Gertz Alpern Sass Freedman Rosenberg Kodish Friedman Sobel F. Gertz Umansky 'bn' ding, FACULTY MEMBER Miss leanne Cohen President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Pledge Mistress Zola Berk Helen Fleisher Rose Gertz OFFICERS SENIORS Edna Litman Esther Alpern Betty Sobel Beatrice Sass Bertha Greenbaum Beatrice Friedman Mildred Kaufman Hannah Kodish Selma Leibovitz UPPER COLLEGE Esther Alpern Beatrice Friedman Bertha Greenbaum Bernice Gurewitz Muriel latte Harriet Kay Beatrice Sass Betty Sobel LOWER COLLEGE Bettie Cohen leanne Adler Grace Berk I-lulda Freedman Lucille Gerson Frances Gertz Suzanne lsrael Gertrude Kane Lilyan Liberman PLEDGES Gladys Magilvy Clara Mendelson Leona Mendelson Constance Rosenberg Mary Schiller Blanche Sherman Fay Umansky Clara Wasser Leibovitz - Molly Winer Greenbaum Cohen Israel Wasser f ,v m A. Q, ' , V fx? M P I - f Q I rv - . Zire ' 'EM ' I 5 1 1212222 -2-345 L I I V , , " ff-17, auf., me-1 M x 1 I - K- X Q l ,. 1 ' - s 4 ,N in , . , il WM KW :mv - Y ' H i: Mi: j+,. ' ' A .S , V+ -U2 - fry'- 5 I in -Q-129 -I A-, xx k,,, T Y L' 'L . i ff ,, .,,, .M , ,, , 'rw , W ' ,, L A SQQJP55' lift 5 - cr,-fQ"7l-4' TTQE 2 L ' l Llgiiifig :iggiffi ,gl ff iff? 'aff P mf' ft A JM,,,. - My V ,,,,, ,,,, ,,,... K i 1 Ki',.QEQ1:-gli: ll--I QQ 1 , X-2? 25:2 if .Li "MSN if-M f - , , ' ki ..g.1:L.o. rf 'gi R X W" f ' fl-:rt----M--.......,.. 9.-.-...1 -F L Q., .i . Q ,HW 7 ?,-LmWr,4W--.....L,..- A, N z c..,.t,, . 3 H , ' s . ' 1 .-y N-...Ng ' Q, , f ALtLW:::5,i::it,::'i5:ft2,...2M:"M' - . ...V , 1 , . --' ---A J' , .... . V M., W 1. t K . U ,E x GAMMA BETA Evening Session Sorority Founded in 1935 1 U 3' v- 'lx ix .Q i 3 'Tm Boloj Davidson Grell Scott 'x is A Q... fm- 9 C'-'vm-. tiaadw if-'gl Zl. R15 -Fin Wur- 7 ji.. f ,.+,., Bauman Garver Haberkost Seiler Woolcock C5 fb- We-rfb ' n FACULTY ADVISER Miss Bena Nancy Cable OFFICERS m President Eunice Haberkost Vice-President Ethel Garver Secretary Alice Boundy Treasurer Eleanor Green Prophetess Enid Woolcock Guard Dorothy Gaylord ACTIVES Anne Balaj Marie Grell Isabelle Barber Eunice Haberkost Wilma Bauman Margrete Peterson lune Cochran Alice Boundy lanet Cole Betty Scott Thora Davidson Dolores Seiler Mrs. Ethel Garver Margaret Shafer Dorothy Gaylord Grace Willis Eleanor Green Enid Woolcock PLEDGES 222321 Elin Lucille Broderick Margaret Dawson Peterson Roundy Shafer Willis ' M 1 6'-" X Chamberlain A. Coscia Furst Higley Witner Wyman Heirnbaugh Iohnson Secrest Singer Friess Green Schoettel Staudt CN lippo lutchinson .yer ohsiek fade locllove Jaite Keller Locke Marquardt Miller Byrider Caillet Meszaros Myers I. Burrell K. Burrell Hickman Kenyon Watters Young fl 1 W, I 1 1 .1 'Q 5l"rT.,,Lt A Q. 'S ' 2 4, Schrnahl Noel Carroll Palmer Christner McBride Wittig Snyder Phillips Culbertson Remmington l. Coscia Morrison Wingard M0511 A N ' Q. 7' .Xr" Yoos Sipes Goehring Russell Dine Nachtrieb Whitten FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. Rolland D. Fox Dr. Paul Zeis Dr. William C. Robart Mr. R. C. Witwer Mr, Philip Sherman OFFICERS President Fred Locke House Manager Dana Noel Steward Richard Miller Secretary Marvin Marquardt Treasurer lack Flippo lames Brown Don Chamberlain Anthony Coscia lack Flippo Lucien Keller Fred Locke lohn Schmahl Phillip Snyder Herbert Yoos loseph Zemla UPPER COLLEGE Louis Furst Robert Higley Iohn Hutchinson Marvin Marquardt Richard Miller Dana Noel Hewes Phillips Richard Sipes Donald Steele Richard 'Witner Charles Wyman LOWER COLLEGE Fred Ayer Iohn Byrider Harry Caillet Harry Carroll Keith Culbertson Gordon Goehring Richard Hart Frank Heimbaugh Robert lohnson Don Kohsiek Iulius Meszaros Park Myers William Palmer loseph Remmington Robert Russell William Schuenem-an Robert Secrest Robert Singer Iohn Wade PLEDGES Andre Andreoli Iacques Burrell Kihm Burrell Vincent Cardarella Milton Christner loseph Coscia Merle Davidson Ford Dickerhoif Robert Dine Frank Enright William Finnegan Albert Friess William Green Robert Godlove Berton Hickman Garfield Hoff Victor Iune Ralph Young X l . if l iff , -... William Kenyon Norman Litz Richard Mayfield Charles McBride Lester Mikolashelc Robert Morrison Wade Morrow Carl Nachtrieb Robert Ports Theodore Schoettel Robert Staudt Floyd Waite Ray Watters Donald Weiner Iames Whitten Rex Wingard William Wittig x f s LONE STAR APPR EPSILON Founded H11882 V an Q, Z . 'Pm x 1, ' NSS?-x J ,1 Hcxrtl gcm Sull cPeek reenh Appleby Fretz Brundcxge Marlowe Cross A. Lclrson Lockho t pe in ivo 3' . 6 0 if 1 fr R- , -. WZ' 5:,, sv v -A .np QL, ,V 92' 'U' 2 'If llicholls flaligio Bunning -lwan Heid .ukas 'osten Parker Nicely Heepe Wells Herron Marsteller Reidy Swires Palmer Kannel Bracken Hopkins Mettler Sockel Tsaloif Simonetti Kossky Boring Kehrer Ondecker Thomas 'JJ-3 Bertsch Barbee Krivitsky Brown Kreemer Pettry Welsh FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. H. E. Simmons Mr. lohn Bulger Dr. Charles Bulger OFFICERS President Richard Parker Treasurer Robert Bertsch Secretary Frank Simonetti Chaplain Eric Nicholls Iames Appleby Cletus Becker Clyde McPeek Eric Nicholls SENIORS Richard Parker William Sturgeon Howard Swires Carl Tsaloff UPPER COLLEGE Robert Bertsch George Fretz Andrew Garcia Harold Hartline Frederick Maligio Edward Nicely William Palmer Steve Semegen Frank Simonetti LOWER COLLEGE Frank Barbee lack Brundage lack Fagan William Fogarty Leroy Gunning William Heepe William Kannel Steve Kossky Alvin Krivitsky lack Marlowe Dominic Patella Phillip Patton Bruce Sanderson lames Sellers lack Sullivan William Swan Elden Wells Lester Bracken Sebastian Boring lack Brown Iames Cross Grover Duke Frank Endress Ned Endress Alvin Greenhorn Marvin Heid Lynn Herron Gene Hopkins lack Kehrer Ivan Kreemer Arthur Larson PLEDGES Robert Larson Albert Lockhart Iohn Lukas William Marsteller Iohn Mettler Andrew Ondecker George Pescan Dale Pettry Iohn Pope Douglas Posten Robert Reidy Francis Ross Earl Sockel Ralph Thomas Iames Welsh X". .Y A GAMMA ALPHA ZETA CHAPTER LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Founded at Boston University in 1909 Gamma Alpha Zeta Chapter Established in 1919 1if'+b 1:1 5 I Q -nk f . Y if SMA 4? . A Q Nan gg, 5 1... jgy ......,... sh fin'-'X My Logan Isner Walthe Chedes McCort 1 Sprinkl Iftt sp ' lteiner Iendall 'Vright Downing ieade 'hacker loegel RN Thornton Krenrick Wiltrout Hooker L. Nagy Toye W. Nagy 'K' Austin Ross Bebout Iackson Phillips Zimmerman Nellis Coburn Seiler Bedur Koerschner Rohrich Flanigan Twickler FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. George Hayes Mr. Harold McKee Dr, Arthur Young OFFICERS President Robert Wiltrout Vice-President lack Thacker Secretary Clarence Rohrich Treasurer Louis Nagy Ben Logan SENIORS Homer Steiner Robert Thornton UPPER COLLEGE Robert Austin Paul Coburn Alvis Isner William Kendall Donald Krenrick Robert Wiltrout Richard McCarthy lames Ross Albert Seiler Mark Walther W-alter Wright LOWER COLLEGE Paul Bebout Richard Bedur Eric Chedester Mark Downing Ransie Dillard Walter Grigas Robert Hooker Robert Iackson William Koerschner Richard McCort Robert Meade Warren Creed William Flanigan Robert Fuchs Ralph lift PLEDGES Louis Nagy Wendell Phillips Clarence Rohrich William Schnee George Sherry Iames Shipman Dallas Sprinkle lack Thacker Robert Toye Arthur Wecker Harold Zimmerman loseph Koegel Donald Montgomery Walter Nagy George Nellis Albert Trumpikas Anthony Kazlouskas George Twickler WX, ,. . -.,,,. l R 1-ng. Hb. -ssh jd. 'CT' I l ig iv Conn Migdcl ' Ycrkubik Hall Smith Lcmdefelc Icxuchern l 4 1... l l CS," xv: Y Q Q-as 'CZ' nn- .A Q Q W Vzlqv J, A Sf' ,- Iornell Dlivo fahrt ilar 'iobeck Jiassey Colk Davidson Schultz Banks Rootes Steffy Snyder Minnear Davies Harris Slifko Swinehart Brownfield Frisby Schaeffer Schweikert Cross Gitter Taylor Darst Van Nostran Van Steenhoven FACULTY ADVISER Dr. Fred Householder FACULTY MEMBER Dean Fred Ayer President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Historian Richard Conn Donald Cornell Wilbur Davidson Robert Davies Iarnes Harris Serge Migdal OFFICERS SENIORS Donald Cornell Robert Smith Paul Landefeld William Schweikert Kenneth Klar Frank Olivo Richard Schultz Iohn Slifko Merle Swinehart Michael Yakubik Kenton Zahrt UPPER COLLEGE Kenneth Banks Robert Brownfield Robert Frisby Edward Hall Kenneth Klar Harold Rootes Karl Seib Roger Schaeffer William Schweikert Robert Smith Harry Sobeck Russell Steffy LOWER COLLEGE Clayton Cross Peter Gitter Paul Landefeld Richard Taylor Aubrey Allman Edwin Bonebrake Howard Darst Richard Davis Robert Humphries Clarence lauchern Chester Kolk ,. PLEDGES David Massey Dallas Riddle Frank Snyder Horace McKiernan Harold Mingle Leslie Minnear Tony Olivo Myron Suderow William Van Nostran Frank Van Steenhoven gr. ALPHA TAU CHAPTER B E T A K A P P A Founded at Hamline University in l9Ol Alpha Tau Chapter Established in l935 FIM M 45' M V X 'gf' A' 'f Lu- iii' W", in if A YC f 1,31 , ' A i F, 42525 A .3 , " n 'U'- '-Q-,M 'Pla I Berry Hanson Lessing Barkley Bishop Boyd Kenny Lockhart Mather Mankin Nettling Porosky Fisher G. Frye lansen 'W. M Stevens gs i A h si' A Q he fIcConnell Shuman Shobert Cehrs Durst Eckard Barnes R. Berry F. Brown Simmons Zimmerman Allan Jlark E. McGrath I. McGrath -flyers Pastorius Renninger Stewart Tarbox True Swift I. Frye Emmerich D. Brown McMullan Roberts White Tenney Grassbaugh TOY Crain K. Morgan Ross Yokum FACULTY MEMBERS Mr. Ulysses Vance Dr. Harold Ried CGammal Mr. Maxwell Boggs OFFICERS President lohn Frye Vice-President Bill Barkley Treasurer Grover Shuman Secretary Robert Mankin SENIORS Iames Berry Arnold Hanson Robert Lessing William McConnell Grover Shuman Sam Shobert Albert Swift Donald Tenney UPPER COLLEGE Bill Barkley Glen Bishop Iames Boyd Charles Cehrs Richard Durst Willis Eckard Iohn Frye Francis Grassbaugh Richard Kenny Richard Lockhart Donald Mather LOWER COLLEGE Hollis Allan Charles Barnes Robert Berry Donald Brown Frederick Brown William Fisher Gene Frye Clinton Emmerich Harry Ioy Edward McGrath Iames McGrath Glen Zimmerm PLEDGES Dale Akins Thomas Anderson Kenneth Brooks William Crain Robert Iansen Iohn Kretchman William Mark Arthur McMullan Robert White 5 Robert Mankin Henry Nettling Harry Pastorius Iohn Porosky Vernon Renninger Iarnes Simmons Edgar Stevens William Stewart David Tarbox Charles True Carl Yolcum an Kenneth Morgan Willard Morgan Thomas Myers Iames Roberts Gerald Ross Robert Towne Carl Tschantz Robert Waggoner N .fix ' F vii-gn 45 f?,3fQ11Q N f bfi?" f f., ts yi r 1 . ff -1 mf. ""tAim...c..1w.....:,,,, Q ' 'f' 'M r'Mmy.- v,,...s, f ' :-.- -,, '- 15"g1?" X ew P - .. fig x f A - 'A ft if w 3 A irq 5 L , G . ,, X E T' ws - W .-y' -'jrfgy,:,"a-M-' 9 - Yllgfl A il ' A 9 N X 'N' 549 V .M f v- -M-.4 n v ,Tv F .L ,yi ,igxxj A t ag: Q 4 Q Us .Ak 5.a,-ga W N if-My . tg Q ALPHA PHI CHAPTER PHI KAPPA TAU Founded at Miami University in 1906 Alpha Phi Chapter Established in 1938 Ei Qui Q... L .L ww- 5 , M , f Ely -A , "WM A .,, -naar' J' 1- "V wg ,.,. 5 . A A Q - 1' A . , 'W' . Z 5224 WM f h v , M . A ,IX rv' J ig ymwagaw 9 A ,ww 1 .,, 2 My if ., 'T"'T" ' Y 'ov ,J ffm buf , 'Q .. f futiik' Ettpv QQEKQ ,:,,, ,,yW Jllnow' P ,Q-N. .L my--fs. in V 75+ -H , W 'fu-sm 1 I. Good Day Ralph Maher Schwall Burkley Graham Robert Maher 'wa -ar fb? McFadde Feeley Rogers Smith Chapma M. Hartz Menuez Snyder 2 A I l Al Fl H w .X Q ix, ,T ww, I ilswyf P. gk -Y If 6. V, gk. V ' ,, .vu 5 ,yi we , . an H gg , ' , c 1? "lv - . , r x ,..,, i f T ' t " , iw J 'L ' g,Z'i?"'Nii , J 41, f ,j p .33 if Q, as 9 M, 1- " N N X r . 5? , Y ,il 'K- i i if P4 we if 'Sl' 5 0, ,-.Q -M. T S. 'swirl Ah Q, ,rf 'Z ,,,- E-is I Hartz zula olt illehay GY Mohn over Miller Hower Curtice Appleby Dunlevy Keller R. Mohn Stroup Bond Buzzi Klespies I. Mclntyre DeCora Glasgow Arbogast Becker Fertig Fitzgerald McLain McMullin Peters Post Sucharda Upp 'SJ Chovan R. Mclntyre McCormick Bines W. Good McGaughey Sisler Weltmer FACULTY ADVISER Dr. Harmon DeGraft FACULTY MEMBERS Mr. Earl Davis Mr. Paul Bixler lEps1lonl President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Chaplain Iohn Good Donald McFadden Prank Klespies Paul Buzzi William Bond lack Mclntyre Robert Hartz Robert Marsh Ioseph Miller UPPER COLLEGE William Bond Paul Buzzi Dan Chovan Iohn Day Paul Feeley Robert Hartz Iohn I-lower Rosser Iones Frank Klespies lack Mclntyre Robert Mclntyre Ralph Maher Ben Rogers Frank Zazula LOWER COLLEGE William Curtice Paul DeCora Ray Evans Robert Glasgow Paul Appleby Allen Arbogast Elwyn Becker William Bines lohn Burkley Paul Chapman Lawrence Dillehay Iohn Dunlevy lames Fertig lohn Fitzgerald Robert Foster William Good William Graham Marvin Hartz Iames Kay William Keller Marvin McCormick Chester Schwall William Smith Edward Wolf Iames McClain lames McMullin Donald McGaughey Robert Maher Roscoe Menuez lohn Mohn Robert Mohn Wesley Peters Emerson Post William Sisler Carl Snyder , Richard Stover Robert Stroup Gene Sucharcla ROY Upp Robert Weltmer PHI KAPPA RHO Founded in 1923 +3 A O v if P13 IX. Q g, Vis is a s if ik! FACULTY MEMBER Dr Samuel Selby OFFICERS President Herbert Kahn Vice-President Leonard Sternberg Secretary Alvin Kastan Treasurer lsidore Schneiderman SENIORS Henry Kernpler Sam Langerman lsidore Schneiderman UPPER COLLEGE Herbert Kahn Bernard Rosen Max Nelson Leonard Sternberg Harry Waldman LOWER COLLEGE Alvin Kastan PLEDGES mngerman Schneiderman Kahn S b VJ ld Osen tem erg G man Harvey Friedman Donald Luck riedman Koller Lazarow I D Kenneth Koller Iacob Reich eich Shapiro Stern Herbert Lazarow Theodore Shapiro Harold Leeper Sarfiord Stern Albert Urnansky GAMMA CHAPTER C HI S I G M A N U Evening Session Fraternity Founded at Pittsburgh, Penna., in 1925 Gamma Chapter Established in 1931 .5 j ' ,AQ X E gill QE :P giifllaii-IFZZJUIIE Q42 ,gsa NX Artist Paton Edwards gives his Chalk Talk at the Men's Mixer, sponsored by Chi Sigma Nu. vwxx 1 Brust Iones BAHIS lark Coleman Flickinger Iohnson rdan Marsh McFarland McLaughlin ettit Singer G. Thomas R. Thomas 'altz Wykoff Zeis FACULTY ADVISER Dr. Warren Leigh OFFICERS President Glen Thomas Vice-President Eugene Iones Secretary Ralph Thomas Treasurer Donald Singer Prophet Paul Mills Guard lvan Coleman Stewart Aleshire Harold Brust Francis Clark lvan Coleman Vincent Flickinger lra Garver Richard Green Walter Iohnson Eugene Iones Richard Iordan Leo McFarland ACTIVES Roy McLaughlin Paul Mills Charles Pettit William Reichert Donald Singer Robert Ruppert Glen Thomas Ralph Thomas Eugene Waltz Clyde Wykoff Gerald Zeis PLEDGE I. Noon Marsh - Zclazbu .fegulalau fldou Uwzkm M I. . I Mah Sddzm W' EDYY OR URL ST AEE Co-Editors-in-chiet Richard Greenwaid and Robert Greenwaid MOUGQXUQ EdiiOY Ernerson Batdorit News Editor Barbara Seiby Sports Editors Sack Carroii and Wiiiiarri Eogarty Associate Editors Wiiiiarn Curtice, Kane Rieicer and Betty Sobei Assistant Managing Editor Robert Keene Eeciture Editor Hope MacLeod Assistant News Editor Reien Pkrner Society Editors Eyeiyn Baughrnan and Reien Voige Wornen's Editor Mariorie Hanna Exchange Secretary Sue Snyder 'tNornen's Sports Editor Pideiaide Karr Assistant Sports Editor YNiiiiarn Good Assistant Feature Editor Esther Piipern Promotion Manager Karnes Brown Pissistant Promotion Managers Kohn Byrider, Dana Noei and Eieanor Schwartz Photographers iarnes McMuiiin and Ered Tarnbiing Pirtist Reien Hurst Copy Editor Paui Eeeiey Coiurrin Editor Robert Hartz Editors' Secretary Eyeiyn Baughrnan Pissistant Secretaries Rosernary O'Neii and Heien Socket Pirt Editor Loretta Lintner . Desk Editors Karnes Boyd and Pinn Harniiton Coiurnnists Ered Ayer, Rate Burnp, Piriene Carroii, Paui Coburn, Richard Coiiier, Kohn Day, George Eretz, Wiiiiarn Good, Mariorie Hanna, Erania Kiespies, Mariorie Logue, iane Rieker, Betty Vogier, Betty Pinn Waugh. Above: Co-Editors Richard and Robert Greenwaid pound out editoriais. Center. News Editor Seiby. Managing Editor Batdortt and Eeature Editor Rope MacLeod edit copy at the desk. Lett: The editoriai stattg Brown, Trenner, Keene, Hartz, Mclkionan, Buzzi, M. Rieker, Coiiier. Boyd, Good, Batdortt, Curnrnings, Noei, Byrider. Sobei, Wecicer, O'Neii, Stone, Burnp, Ayer. Thacker, Schwartz, Louian, Seiby, Srnith, Hanna, Logue. Karr, Vogier, Wince, X. Rieker, Voige, Harniiton H. Baughrna NESS ST AY? BUS Business Manager Letitia Cunningharn Advertising Managers Max Netson and Bernard Rosen Gertrude Cahiii GY Circuiation Manag Assistant Circutation Managers Geratdine Brock and Mary Lou Wagner Kohn Grittith Accountant Assistant Accountants Richard Conn, Robert Srnith and Donaid 'Yenney r Ruth Bertsch Business Secretary Advertising Secretary Martha Bariy Coiiection Secretaries ieanette Krurnrine and Martorie Meade Assistant Advertising Manager Waiter Nagy Advertising Statt deiis, Kenneth 'iloiier and Bdgar X oanna Aiog Stev ens UGHTE ITE Circuiation Statt Robert Brovvntieid, Heien Bryant, Rae Marie Carreti, Louise tohe, toan Kernpet, toseph Koegei, Marian Logue, toyce Moore, Betty Sane Stusser, Martha Waitace, irene Zin . Coiiection Statt Luciiie Harris, Kenneth Koiier, Martha Lar- ricic, Mary Murphy, Mary Louise Boggins, tean Berg, Bari Leaderrnan, Harvey Fried- TDGR. Facuity Adviser Mr. U. S. Vance The Buchteiite is puhiished serni-weekiy dur- ing the coiiege year. it has been awarded the titie oi ORXOS BEST SBMX-WEEKLY COLLEGE- PAPBR tor seven consecutive years and was designated HAR. Arnericanf' highest rating in the nation, by the Associated Coitegiate Press. The Buchtetite cetebrated its tittieth anniver- sary vvith a vreeir ot ceiebration, inciuding tea dance, open house in the Buchteiite oitice, and a banquet and dance attended by rnany past editors ot the Buchteiite. Above. The business stattg Harris, Leaderrnan, Bertsch, Netson. Logue, Friedrnan, Koiter, Cunningharn, Stevens, Conn. Atogdetis, Eariy, Grittith, Rosen, Brovtrntieid. Center: Business Manager Cunningham at her desk, Right: Advertising Managers Max Netson and Bernie Rosen iay out an advertisement. MIB 49' Q! is ,ef W ,ff .NM 'A if ' 1 H , 'fir A V fs- R ' r X Vis AN - S rms T939 TEL vgtv -BU CH ST AFF THE Editor-in-chiet Robert Lessing Assistant Editor Robert Austin Facutty Editor Gertrude Cahiii Ciass Editor Wiiiiarn McConneii Sports Editor Edward Niceiy Organizations Editor Robert Austin Fraternity Editor Arnoid Hanson Sorority Editor Kean Garrett Cniet Bnotographers George Fretz and Fred Tarnbiing Circutation Manager Donaid Tenney Statt Secretaries Betty Heyener and Betty Shane Facuity Adviser Mr. U. S. Vance FACULTY Gertrude Caniit Mary Francis Karr CLASSES Wittiarn McConneii Charies Barnes Harry Soy Ann Crow Robert Mankin Luciiie Eckert Robert Srnitxn SPORTS Edward Nicety Footbati Date Pettry Basketbaii Kohn Hutchinson Track Richard Durst Minor Sports Harry Sabgir Menis intrarnurat Sports Witiiarn Good 'NNornen's intrarnurat Sports Adetaide Karr Above: Editor Robert Loooioo ptaces o photo in posi- tion in the durrirny. Centerz Sports Editor Edward Nicety writes a tootbati headtine. rnbting tocuses his carner Lett: Fhotographer Fred Ta on Beauty Battier Mary McCobb. G Hotiis Atian Dattas Sprin THB T939 TEL-BUCH ST APP ORG ANTZATTONS Ro Robert Aivis isner Biii Barkiey Sue Snyder ' tcie bert Austin Keene Kohn Good ' r Carmen Wince Dorothy Kerse PRATBRNTTTBS Arnotd Hanson Kenneth Banks Atpha Sigma Omicron Beta Kappa Robert Berry and Robert Manicin Lambda Chi Aipha Waiter Nagy Lone Star Wiiiiam Kannei Phi Deita Theta Robert Secrest Phi Kappa Rho Max Netson hi Kappa Tan Robert Hartz P SORORTTTES tean Garrett Fern Shryocir. oodard Aip Aipha Gamma Deita Deita Gamma Biizabeth Kenny Deita Pi iota Betty Sobei Kappa Kappa Gamma Patricia Machan Phi Mu Betty tane Sinsser Sigma Bpsiion Phi Rose Souretc Theta Phi Aipha Bvetyn Banghman Theta Upsiton Paith Sherman Bieanor Shaw Aipha ha Deita Pi Bteanor NN Zeta Tau 1- uch PHOTOGRAPHY etz Pred Tambiing tames McMniiin CTRCULATTON Donaid Tenney Pant Buzzi Bariy Marvi Mary Grittith Emmy Lou Thompson Bieanor Myer N ACCOUNTANTS Gien Zimmerman George Pr 'n Marguardt Martha tohn Grittith ART Ben Rogers Mark Downing PUBLTCTTY Emerson Batdorit Barbara Seiby Abovez The Stott. neit, Sabgir, . ,h Neison, McCon Smith, Pettry, Buzzi, Niceiy, Griitit . Thompson, Snyder, Shane, Seiby, Earty, Garrett. Centerz Mr, Vance, campus pubiications' godtather, whose advice and aid heiped to produce this book, at his typewriter. ht' Robert Austin, Assistant Editor, trims a panet Rig , oi individuai photos. ge... f STUDENT C ' OUNCTL Student Councii is the governing bodv ot aii dav session students, ad- ministering campus activities and tor- muiating student opinion. OFFTCERS Rresident iames Berrv Vice-President Robert Greenwaid Secretary Marvin McCormick Treasurer Robert Secrest MEMBERS Member Carried Forward Paui Buzzi Member Carried Forward Robert Greenwaid Member Carried Forward Kohn Hutchinson Member Carried Forward Frank Kiespies Upper Coiiege Representative Aivis isner Upper Coiiege Representative Frank Simonetti Generai Coiiege Representative Marvin McCormick Generai Coiiege Representative Robert Secrest Coiiege ot Education Representative Edward Nicetv Coiiege oi Engineering Representative Donaid Corneii Freshman Representative Frank Enright Humanities Division Representative Conrad Reining Naturai Science Division Representative Wiiiiam Schweiicert Sociai Science Division Representative Robert Bertsch Womens League Representative Phviiis Friess Buchteiite Representative Richard Greenw aid Piii Student Councii members, except the Buchteiite representative, are chosen at the taii eiections. 4 THE RALLY COMMiTTEE nder the ieadership ot iames Brown, chair- man, the Raiiv Committee conducted pep rai- ies betore each home tootbaii game. Other , Raiiv Committee members were Lettia Cun- ningham, Ruth Hevburn, iohn Bvrider and Paui Buzzi. THE DANCE COMMiTTEE anning and arranging Universitv dances n throughout the year, the Dance Committee sponsored a series ot monthiv tea dances. Dance Committee members, eiected in the iaii, were Aivis isner, chairman, iames Brown, Robert Hunt and Louise iobe. Above: Cameraman Fred .Ayer shoots a tea dance scene tor the campus movie, sponsored by Councii. Center: The Raiiv CommitteefCunningham, Buzzi, Brown, Byrider, Hevburn. Lett: Student Councii membersfBuzzi, Yriess, Reining, Hutchinson, Bertsch, Niceiv, Berry, Schweikert, En right, Secrest, McCormick, Corneii, Good and Simonetti. TNCM. The purpose o promote the acauaintanceship a mon vveiiare ot aii vvomen students. I-iii campus women are members ot Wom- en's League and they eiect its govern- ing body, the Councii. President Mary Eve y a Seiby Vice-President Earbar u Wagner Secretary Mary Lo ' ien Battricic Treasurer Eacuity Miss He U Eveiyn Ch Sara ENSLE AGUECOUNCL tWomen's League is to nd com- OYHCEES 'Phyiiis Eriess i n Smith Adviser ESENT PLTNES PPER COLLEGE REPE ristman N ow eis NT PLTNES EEPRESE GENERAL COLLEGE Virginia Wecirer Miriam Hoiiman 1 ERESHM PLN REPEESENT ATNE Martha Bay ts SO- Women's League Councii direc ciai activities and programs tor ai women, sponsors the student advisers tor ireshman women, and maintains the Women's League rooms tor the use oi women and student organizations. Women's League this year ioined the intercoiiegiate Association oi Women Students, a nationai organization. der the new Women's League constitu- tion, the presidents oi Y. W. C. Pi. an W. Pr. Pr. vviii automaticaiiy become members oi Women's League Councii Virginia Thompson and Lorraine Erater served in this capacity during the iast ievv weeks oi the second semester. At top, Councii members meet: Wecicer, irioiirnan, Bay, Wagner, Smith, Eriess, Christrnan, Seiby. Center: A generai view oi the Women's League ban- quet, heid iast taii at the Y. W. C. Pr. Eight: Eiorence Crano and Catherine Wagner at the banquet. Viv Y li f sr 4035 Alt -.-,lf X il 9 0 N QQ. 31. SCF' 'INN V STUDENT SEN ATE The Student Senate is the governing body ot Evening Session students. T SEN ATE STU DEN PTRST SEMESTER T. Morse Murphy President NN iitiarn Srnith Vice-President Marie Greii Treasurer Margrete Peterson Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Betty Schoen Dorothae Eaurngardner X. Noon Marsh Prichard Tinker ATE TEE SEN D SEMES AW ww SECON sh X. Noon Mar President Kohn Hower Vice-President Wiiiiarn Srriith Treasurer Margrete Peterson A Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Victoria Matye y Dorothae Baurngardner Marie Grett Eioise Hutchinson bovez Murphy, Srnith, Greh, Peterson, A Schoen, Baurngardner, Marsh. d semester Student Senate: Le . Marsh, Srnith, Hcwer. t e, Peterson, Hutchinson Baurngardner, Ma y it' The secon , Greii EVENKNG SESSKON REPRESENT ATN ES EKRST SEMESTER Katherine Aibert, Robert Anderson, Wiiiiarn Arthur, t' Caroiyn Bair, Edwin Baiser, Dorothae B nttey Lou Hiida Aus in, tBeesiey Meiissa e , d Kda Baurngardner, Kane , Berger, George Bertsch, Heien Bigurri, Eart Bon , Boyie, Luciiie Broderick, Kutia Burke, Christopher Christy, Merie Ctark, Eveiyri Ciose, Kurie Cochran, Witiiarn Cochrane, Kanet Cote, ivan Coternan, Ratph K, Cotiigan, Catherine Coiiins, Kane Costigan, Arriet C Mabet Cox, Mary Eiizabeth Craig, Ernest Cunditt, ' Margaret Dawson, oic, Thora Davidson, Virginia Davis, A Dickerson, Miriarn Diehi, George D ta- Naorni Dean, George C Aibert Dodge, Kean u Dippei, Stewart Dobbins, bahri, Arthur Dutt, Ciaire Eberhardt, Loweii riter, Mariorie Fischer, Bessie Piickinger, Charies Eogarty, neth Ereiberg, George Eriess, Grit, Herrrian Ereeder, Ken iErye D H Gairing E. H. Gibbs, Kohn i darn Gorup Kose Virgi , . . , Mariorie Gittette, Atvin Goodhart, A , ph Gosori, Eisie Gregory, Marie Greti, K Hawkins Robert Hauenstein, o t Heydorn, Etorence iii . ,O Gorup, Karnes Khn Harvey, Pau H. Bianchard Hensai, Water H er, Henry Kttiand, Ruth Kohnsori, With Kathryn Ke Kohn ow Kones, Warren Kaess, Robert Kauirnan, pei, Ciara Kirk, Mary Kupeiian, Margaret Larnbright, R. T. Latsch, George Leuca, Wittiarn Lingo, Heie Long, Kuanita Luke, Etten Mathey, Karnes Mars Arthur Martin, Betty Mason, Victoria Matye, George Mayer, Paut McGuire, Haroid Mcintire, Howard Min Koe Mitcheit, Koseph Moore, Patrick O'Brien, Aiien Parsons, Meivin Penn, Margrete Peterson, Eiteen Petr ' Pond, Nannette Poweii, Robe ' Do Syivia Pierce, Veirna ' K Mary Richardson, Radciitte, Marion Raw s, Rivers, Deibert Reed, A. E. Reeves, Darwin Reich Karnes Robb, Thornas Rogers, Eugene Ruckrnan, K Sarb, Robert Schuck, Eiizabeth Schneider, Atb S Ter, Grover Shurnari, Anthony Srriith, E. L, Srn' ' , Witiiarn Srriith, Bern ' ii 91 Karnes Srriith, Russett Srriith ' Sutheriand, Martha Tayior, Ric Ri YU- m- n h. or, ie, rta ris OW , ohn erta ith, ard ard ard Steiner, Barney V tkenburg Ruby Watker, ch Enid C. Tiriker,EtheiVan a , tah West, Cart Wite Waitz, Patrick K. Wetsh, Beu KJ' inia Worreit, Dorothy Yerrick, ' KK Wooicock, irg Yocurn, Catherine Yonaiiy, Marion Yana y. SECOND SEMESTER Ang eio Margaret Virginia Anderson, Marie , k Athey Theodore Bahry, Eunice Ba K e h Bi strong, Kac , Wiitiarn Bernard, os p A L Rex Barthoiornew, b s, Wiiiiarn Bond, K. . Br Ethet Biake, Heien Bo e Cherrnonte, Robert C Adaiirie Brown, Mary i k Robert Ctark, Kda Cioyd, Richard C bb, 'Y Erancis Ciar , Angie Coscia, Davis Crawtord, Dorothy ro isbach Betty Dunievy, Dandridge, Leroy Dre , k Enright, Anna Eariy, Neva Eckroad, Kac ' ' ' Miidred Porsberg, Eieanor Pr h rn, Christine Pterning, Mairweii Prost, Wiibur Gough, Robert Gra a ' Karnes Hackett, Ray Grohe, Robert Habig, A drew Hanzet, Eu Haii Kohn Haridiey, n ct Eioise Loweh , ' ' er, Bernard Hoerbe , Vi t r sis, Krene Herning son, Karnes Kenkins, Mabei Kones, ic o Ktein, Martha Kiein, Kodish, i , Anna Markavich, Kohn Masters, E M urine McCann, Donaid Patrick McAiiister, a ' h McPherson, Kessie t tv'cKown Etizabet tin Wiiharrt Car . , ' an, Wiitiarn Mu i , ' t Nagy Eiairie Morg Maurice Murray, Lauro Muro, Michae Obertin eorge Oiiver Rachet Orner, Airn P dweii Louis Podti . I G I W. A. Parrish, Wiiiiarn i , ' sh, Marie Rader, George Rarnrriei, R hrnan, Prichard, Reed, Catherine e Rasche, Martha Rohrich, Leonard Roiis, Aiice Roundy, Robert Mar Seichiione, Wittiarn Shearer, Mary Sirnp ' Steener, A, C Y D ugias Smith Heien G Ti Karnes Keiiey, Herrnari Liiiari Leary Kohn Lincks, Pete M dward M Mcintire I Ruth Arrrt- rnes, SSe'tt, azie, raida, Cope, hetrna L. 'Y Eeiber, eiden, H. O. Hahn, iia Hat- Hutchi- Kurie, Sarriuet arineiiy, ayriard, Morey, Munroe, , Betty a Pahier, Esthe Georg Rober Rupper . Stw ar Spehar, o , Ratph Ternpteton, Wiiiiarri Thorn, W. . trnas, Etea ' W Kther, Doris Werritz, Mardis Wii nor Vinez, Ruth a harris, Heien Woitt, Gienn 'Z.ettie. Above: Second semester representatives. C ter: Pirst serriester representatives. en ' tow puts a night scho Right: Hypnotist Bige steep during interrriissiori at the seco Evening Session dance. ot co-ed nd-serrtes Y 6 t K. son,Kohn Y, to KST 'QQ' pf' -310 PANHELLENTC COUNCTL The purpose ot Pan-Hehemc Council to promote stronger group The in the chapters, to create inter-sorority Top a demo- member to deve triendhness and hout the campus. crattc sp krit throug OPPTCEBS Kane Brtcken 't Betty VogXer Presrden Secretary MEMBEBS ALPHA DELT A PT PHT MU Buth Heyhurn Tean Benson Xohanna Hoitmaster Sane Brrcken Ann Kreshng Betty Sane Shlsser ALPHA GAMMA srorvux Ersrron DELTA pm Vitamin Thompson Ehzabeth Horvath BGWI VOQAGT Bose Sourek ETeanor Woodard Berry Tenngny PH-TA GAMMA rnrrzx PHT ALPHA gzrofmxf Pg Phyhrs Priess 1 , A-MOA? A055 Ehzabeth McAXonan heme Amex Patricia NeTan THETA UPSTLON DELTA PT TOTA 'ZoTa Berk l ' Betty Cohen Marrorre Bond Beatrice Friedman Rug MMS Earth Sherman KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA ZETA TAU ALPHA Lucrhe Harris Marrorte Hanna Barbara Shank Marian Logue Mary Thomas Betty Boss ' Councn are ap- Jfrf.. Hehenrc sororities. ..- ers ot Pan- espectrve silv- Memb pointed or eTected by their r At top: Scene at the annuaX Pan-Hehenic Dance. Cenl ' Sue Snyder, Phyhts Bovdand and Patricia X Pan-Hehenic banquet. terr at the annua bersp dard Machan Lett: Pan-Hehenic Councn mem Logue, Ross, Sherman, Prtedman, Hanna, Woo Prress, Thompson, Berk, Cohen, Benson. Gdass, Shank, Harris. Dix, Thomas, VogTer, Brtcken, Shxsser, Hotimaster ATERNXTY COUNCXL XNTER-ER The purpose ot Xnter-Fraternity Coun- ciX is to promote satistactory reXations an Q among the traternities on the campus. , Eacuity Adviser Dean Dontred H. Gardner OPPXCERS PRESXDENT Tune X938-Xanuary X939 Robert Davies Xanuary X939-Xune X939 Arnoid Hanson SECRETARY Xune X939-Xanuary X939 Ben Logan Xanuary X939-Tune X939 Robert BrovvntieXd MEMBERS ALPHA SXGMA LONE ST AR OMXCRGN Robert Bertsch Robert BrovvntieXd Gfaorge Prem 'NNiXXiam Schvveikert Rlchmd Xjmkef Robert Davies PHX DELTA THETA Q Anthony Coscia BET 15, KAPP13, Marvin Marquardt Robert Secrest BiXX Baridey Arnoid Hanson ppl Kptpp A RRG Robert Mankin Bernard Rosen Max Neison Xsidore Schneiderman LAMBDA CHX ALPHA Psi iczxrvrrt rw AXvis Xsner Xohn Good Ben Logan Prank Xflespies Richard McCort Marvin McCormick Members ot Xnter-Fraternity Councii are ap- pointed or eXected by their respective Xrater ' ties. At top: Xnter-Fraternity CounciX membersq Schneiderman, Pretz, Parker, Marayuardt. Rosen, Netson, Schvveikert, McCormick. McCort, BarXcXey, Davies, Xsner, Browntietd. Center: Councii President Hanson presents schoiar- ship certiticates to Raymond Upp, Xames McMuXXin, Kenneth XCoXXer, HaroXd Leeper, Xames Cross, HoXXis Aiian, Gene Frye and Donaid McGaughey, highest ranking pXedges. Spanton presents Phi Kappa Rho with the ' trophy tor the third time. Right. Dean Xnter-Praternity schoXarship Z3 -31- H04-A is ACTWE MEMBERS Antonia Biacketeer Gordon Hagerman Dorothy Brittain Richard Lockhart Yred Brown Marvin Marauardt Robert Brovvntieid Wiiiiam McConneii Rae Marie Carreii Dana Noet Finn Crow Vioiet Oakes Ronaid Dickson Luciiie Paridon Dorothy Dix Hevves Phiiiips Catherine Ebbert Gate Richards Bernice Gurevvitz Vivian Semier Virginia Wecker ZXSSOCTATE MEMBERS Rani Bebout Sean Garrett Kane Bricken Richard Greenvvaid Harry Carroii Robert Greenvvaid Martha Eariy Robert Hunt Betty Sandberg U N E B S I T Y 't season in November, the x'Erench Opening i s presented University Theatre Without Tears" on the Y . W. C, A. stage. Pit the pre-Christmas assembiy at Cen- trai High Schooi auditorium the The- UNNhy the Chimes Rang." atre next gave its the syvitch Above: Eiectrician Robert Brovtfriiieid pu backstage, tighting the stage as the curtain rises. Center: Gordon Hagerman, Wiitiam VanNostran, Vio- iet Oakes and Gate Richards in a dramatic moment trorn x'Ten Minute Aiibif' Eern Fairati paint backdrop Shry ock and Leitz Eern in the Theatre workshop. OYYTCERS ?resident Wiiiiam NicConneii Vice-President Dorothy Brittain Business Manager Hewes Phiiiips 'Production Manager Prichard Lockhart Secretary Vioiet Oakes Mr. Donaid Varian THE 'IBB t ot the University the Party The highiigh 's Day was provided by 's Uni- on Founder ' ' t Dr. Gray dition o TG- Theatre's ren ch the Theatre in Mar to pro- versity skit. turned to the Y. TN. C. Pi, boards sent UTen Minute Priibif' The ciirnax ot the Theatres rnost successtni season carrie with its pertorrnance ot Kohn Baidf 'Berkeiey Square" in erston' s May . tantasy , s Crow, Richards, Hagerman. Pibovez Theatre rnerriber Lockhart, Niarguardt, Dickson, Browntieid. Phiiiips, Brittain, Oakes, Richard Robert G waid. reenwaid., Rang ." Green Chirnes X WNhy the h Centeri Pi scene irorn r Dana Noei in T'Yrenc Luciite 'Pa ridon snare s Riqhtl YN ithont Tears, EVENTNG THEATBE Membership in the Evening Theatre is open to ati Evening Session students. The Evening Theatre presents a three- h semester, in addition to act piay eac ia s at semi-monthiy many one-act p y U at GGSO n Mystery meetings. This s Greentingers' was presented the tirst ' ' " the semester and U second semester. Washington htters OEHCEBS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Program Director Wiiiiarn Cochrane Xoseph Meszaros Margaret Dawson George Dickerson Eiaine Morgan MEMBERS Tack Aberth Piaiph Aberth Virginia Anderson Detrriar Arnotd Doris Mae Atkins Caroiyn Bair irene Barr Waiter Barnberger Kohn Barnes Dorothae Baumgardner Kohn Becker Tanet Beesiey Lou Berger Virginia Bowers ida Dyer Boyie Dorothy Brooks Haroid Brust Eiien Sane Burgy Mary Chermonte ida Cioyd Wiiiiarn Cochrane Margaret Conroy Arnei Cox Dorothy Crabbe Margaret Dawson George H. Dickerson Stewart Dobbins Louis Dodds Betty Dunievy Karnes Dunievy Arthur Dutt Ruth Eiiiott Tack Enright Eieanor Erieden Bobert Gaitagher Mae Gicgueiais Aivin Goodhart Wiibur Gough Marie Greii Doris Gunsaiis Ceceiia Hansen Andrew Hanzei Gwendoiyn Hardman Gienn Hariey Wiiiard Harris irene Herninger Girard Hoerbeit Marguerite Horn Lett: Evening Thea Eioise Hutchison Eiien Tones Mabei Toynt Kathieen Tustice Probert Keene Mariorie King Gertrude Levinson Etteri Manthey Peter Marineiiy Kohn Masters Edward Maynard Norman Maynard Tane Meivin Toseph Meszaros How ard Minor ' Michaei Nagy Betty iane Oberiin Peter Otegar Bose Piscazzi Buth Porter Estherbeiie Pritchard Roberta Piadciitte Baiston Suzanne irene Basor Martha Reed Leona Beisinger Tarnes Probb iohn Sarb Turner Savage Donna Schroth Mary Scichiione Doiores Seiier Anne Senn Donaid Singer Dougias Smith Kohn Sniith Atbert Swartz Theodore TenBroeck Gienador Thomas Richard Tinker Ethei Vaniiaikenberg Eieanor Vinez Bettie Warne Ariida Washburn Ruth White Aden Worthington Ruth Yocurn Betty 'Zwisier and Turner Above. Witbur Gough, Stewart Dobbins ' th audience "Washington Savage wrangie to give e Tittersf' Centeri Stewart Dobbins and Peggy Dawson iind ro- mance in "Mystery at Greentingersf' tre rnernbers. SPE AKEBS' BUBE AU des speak- 'Yhe Speakers' Bureau provi ers tor civic organizations throughout the citv and gives practicai experience ts in the tieid ot p - advanced studen eaking . to tic sp OEEXCEBS President Horner Steiner Vice-President Litiian Euston Secretary Mariorie Meade Vioiet Oakes Treasurer ' t Hitchcock Eacuitv Advisers Mrs. Maxine Babe and Dr. Orvii e MEMBERS toanna Pttogdetis Bosser tones Lawrence Bagweti Sarn Langerrnan Herbert Bracken Piibert Lockhart Paui Bradtord Donaid MCE adden Sack Butter Mariorie Meade Xohn Bvrider Erances Moskovitz Bonatd Dickson Max Neison Vioiet Oakes Bichard Durst Marian Bawts Edwin Esheirnan Gate Bichards Liitian Euston Bernard Bosen Curtice Gregory Bernice Gurevvitz Bruce Srnith Bettv iane idaztett Horner Steiner Vivian Stube Buth Hevburn Donaid 'Yennev Miriarn Bottrnan Giihert 'Yhornas Bobert Hunt Ptbovez Speakers' Bureau rnernbersp Thornas, Netson, Bracken, Lockhart, Bagweit. Bawis, Stube, Byrider, Durst, Dickson. McFadden, Piiogdeiis, Mrs. Babe, Bosen, Meade, Hevburn, Oakes, Haziett, Tenney. Center: Bonatd Dickson, second piace winner in the Upper Coitege Ashton oratoricat contest. Bight: Herbert Bracken, tirst piace Winner in the Ash- ton contest, state coitegiate oratoricai champion, and winner ot second piace in the Midvv est intercotiegiate oratoricai contest. UNWEES President Vtce-Prestdent d Treasurer Secretary an Manager Drurn Mator Director OE AND Ma Erantc Snyder, L ' derter. Eart Leat TTY BAND Bog er Schaetter Eussett Brundage Heten Streeks Arthur Tsraet Ted Ktrscher Mr. C. Nett Starr McGaughey. don Sayre. ELUTEfDon 4 EN GLTSH HOBNfGor OB BASSOONfDonatd Vogt. Bb CLABTNETfDorothY Marte Eorter, Martorte Hothnger, Atvtn McMutten, Boger Schaetter, x Netson, Tna Wade, Wtttred Duggan, wett Erter, Erantf. Lteben- o herrnan. Eb CLAEtNETf nch CL AETN ET ALTO S tC1r1, L fBetty Ere . hn, Atvtn Kas- ALTO AXOPHONEfBobert Mo Eart Long. TENOB SAXOPHONEf BABTTONE SAXOPHONEfBussett Brundage. Bb COBNETfTarnes Yohey, Edwin Bonebratre, Max Lancaster, Betty' Boyd, Donna Stater, Heten Streeks, 'Wttttarn Hotbert, Howard Darst, Btchard Whtttenberger, Btchard Wat- ters, Probert Ktrnrnett, Everet Lawrence. 'td.OBNSfGordon Srntth, Estette Handtey, Paut Stone. , BABTTONEfT5.enneth Eretberger. Kttgrove. M Tarnes r ctr. Thack- EUPHONTU 1 nttovtch, Ta George Hra TYtOMBONEf n Ztrnrnerrnan. Coburn, Toe er, Gten rtcey, Paut Wttttarrm Ma ' ttehay . TUBAf T Musctat, Lawrence Dr tc' ns S Date A 1 . tt Staw- KETTLE DRUM f heodore Uvertty, Eusse Moore, Tean SStONfT Kenneth PEBCU ter, ' 'e Zetter, Taton. ds at a Maryon Ktrscher satutes the stan Drum Mator as tt Above: tootbatt garne, n A betore the stands Band torrns a Centeri The ptays the "Atrrra Mater. ' to the U A torrnatton. ett: The Band swings rn UNWERS E UDCXGQS Eresidertt Vice-Prest Secretory DorxoTd Mr. C. Nei Director ETRST VTO Russeh Russeh STCLW vis, Prrt Tsr SECOND Ev ehgrr Sog er. VTOLA EAS TTY ORCHESTRA Russeh r Theodore Uvertty dent Vogt ond Morrog er Storr d re Uverttyhouts Brown. LTNfTheo o Erurtdoge, ter. det VTOLTNfRtchgrd Do Roth, Rex fGeorge Codreo. S VTOLfPout Coburn. r Schdetier. ELUTEfRoge OROEfGordor1 Soyre. CLPrRTNETfMo1rgoret Lorxsbury , Dorothy Marte Porter. RASSOONfl5rhftn Mctviuhert, Dondtd Vogt. PUXNGfPeorT Rrowrmsword. R.ORNSfEstetTe T'Tdr1dTey, D, Gordon Smith. CELLOfTomes Kthgrove, Lucy Perry. TRUM?ETSf'NNtThgrr1 T'ToTbert, Robert KtrrxrrmeT. TROMRONEfTdrrres Mchotrx. SPrXO?HONEfMdr3orte Hothrrger, Ec.rX Long. TUBIXfKermeth Erteberg. TYMPPrNTfDoTe Prktrts. PERCUSSRDNfMortho Eoster, Mdrtorie Zetter, SCOTT Tgtorm, HeTert Streeks. ORGANfEhzobeth Loughrndrx. Above-. The orchestra takes the stdge cn the May Yesf twgt ot musxc. Center: The orchestra reheflrses betore the Yestrvd Rrgm. Director sum, who has feguvemted Campus " tion-5, Tedds OYCTXGSTTG rehearsal. music OTQGITXLC1 SOP TXED CH ORUS Stuhe Marie Harriman, Louise Kobe, Heten Smith, Fern icie RANOfVivian , tean t-tagstrom, Frances Stewart, tc Norma Vandersatt, teannette Phen , Etizabeth Biicter, ne nces Wattz, Davis, tean n Shryoc , Genevieve Smith, Fra Mitdred Austin, tune Britton, Etaine ' F etey, Mariorie Hoover, Ruth Kysor, Evety Eiteen Marie e Lightner, teanne Unger n Lucitte Gerson, Martha Coe Mariorie Zeiter, Miriam ALTOfMary Atcscha , Green, Louise Ditt, Virginia , tean Taton, Lucy Richie, Beatrice Sass, McManis, Ruth Berger, Ruth Shriner, Ethet toan Btantc, Vesta Lee Candish, Sean Heitman, Sophie Kots, Kathryn Pershing, Mitdred Kytander, Eiteen App, Marie Lutz, Ruth Ohertin, Laura Roundy, Denise Lugthart. TEN OR-,Robert Wettmer, Bruce Smith, Richard Davis, Wittiam Graham, Eugene Benedict, Wittiam Ketter, Edgar Smith, Chartes Mitter. BASSfBruce Sanderson, tack Kehrer, Gtenn Hawk, ut DeCora, Eart Socket, Arthur Larson, tames Kitt- ' Durst, Ctyde McPeek, Eart Long, it a ORG AN 'M ar 'Ra ove, Richard 41 fe gr It rvin Herd tha Foster. L cy Berry. F'tANOf u A UNtVERSt TY STN GERS rt Browns-word, Marie Ramman, Doro- h tane Shatter, Frances Phenicie, RANOfFea Reten Smit , uctc teannette thy tactcson, Stewart, Rosemary Sm , Roseiean McGintey, chet Conn, Martha Eiteen Anna Russett, h Bixter, Ra Kean Pettey, Ruth Heyhurn. ALTOfRut Green, Gtadys Magitvy, Eteanor Schimp, Virginia Thompson, er, Bruce Smith, Richard Davis, ' t Wittiam Ketter. Robert Wettm ene Benedic , t Socket, TENORf Wittiam Graham, Eug SfEric Chedester, Arthur Larson, Ear Gordon Sayre, Gtenn Hawk. BAS Richard Durst, fEstette Randtey. ccoiftv mist CLUB VNTOMENS GLEE 'th Mary Etizabeth torene RANOfGenevieve Srrii , Fautine Eagon, Ava Marian Grittiths, I FTRST SO? Fty F rn Shryoctc, ' , Rita Mitts, t nn, e Virginia Doerr s Wa tz. ' Martha Bittings, tean Ragstrom, France ,Sean Fotey, Lucy Richie, ' ' McManis, Atice ' Betty SOPRANO ants Miriam n Eershing, SECOND Larrictc, Bernice Fr , Brucker, teannette Fhenicie, Kathry Lee Martcey. he Berger, Etynor Futton, E. Ruth Taton, Mariorie Zetter, ALTOfRut Berg tean FtRST ' V ir ginia , ' Rachet Conn. ' Mathias , Shriner, Vesta Lee Candtish, COND ALTOfEiteen App. Henrietta adys Magitvy, Doris Bunn, Ann Lucas, teanne thoett Regina Katavity Louise Ditt. ownsword. SE Gt O , . ACC OMF AN tSTfF' eart Br Q I 1 MENS GLEE CLUB FTRST TENORfRichard Davis, Wittiam Deagon, Wm. Graham, Edgar Smith, Bruce Smith, Eugene Bene- dict, Robert Wettmer, , SECOND TENORfEdwin Eshetman, Lee Hibner, Wittiam Ketter, Fred Matagio, Tarnes Ross, Eric Chedester, Bud Boring. FTRST BASSfMarvin Reid, Etmer Hottman, Art Tsraet, Gate Richards, Norman Roberts, Gordon Sayre. U SECOND BASSfTheodore Kapenekas, 'Karnes Kitt- grove, Ctyde McPeet4, Conrad Reining, Bruce San- H derson, Robert Yatcee, tames Boyd, Eart Socket, Arthur Larson. ,Martha Foster. AC COMP AN tST t NWBBSTT U are the The Univers campus aviation ciub. The pers are attiiiated with the Nationai Aer onautic Association and the Nationai intercoiiegiate Fiving Ciub, ot which Dean Tripiett is eastern division vice president. Cioudhoppers, eight ot whom are iicensed piiots, have tiown TBOBBB ' ome T200 tiving hours. mites Presi Vice-President rer Stephen Ko G orge Hoover Secr Assistant Secretary ' rs Mr. Lesiie Hardv Fa Wiiiiam n Kortveie e . . Y crounrtorrrrts . itv Cioudhoppers Cioudhop- during s OFHCBBS dent Dean Tripiett Bari Bottmav er rtveiesi etarv -Treasu 9 cuitv Advise Dean Fred Ayer, BMBBRS M Mrs. Barbara Kortve- Barnard iesi ' si Anita Benson Lanier Carrier Stephe licensed Piioti thicensed Piiotb Wiibur Davidson iames Korvac Lawrence Deii lhicensed Piioti Bobert Easton Aitred Biiev tisicensed Piioti Khicensed Piioti Bichard Fisher Saiiv Seaton ir Thomas Harper Kohn Siitko Khicensed Piioti Dean Tripiett Toseph Hart licensed Piiotj thicensed Piioti Samuei Whittaker 4 George Hoover Michaei Yakubiif. Bette Zimmerman in October the Cioudhoppers spon- sored the Midwest Yiving meet at Aicron Airport, competing against student pi- iots trom Detroit Universitv and Law- rence institute ot Technoiogv, to take their second Midwest meet. During the winter the Cioudhoppers experimente with ski-equipped pianes, and pur- chased a Piper Sport Cub in Aprii. Cioudhoppers pian to attend the Mi - west Yiving meet at Kenyon Coiiege in Mav, as weii as the Nationai Tnterc - iegiate Fiving meet there in Tune. This summer the Piper Sport Cub wiii be equipped with radio and biind ttving instruments tor cross-countrv iiights. Above: The Cioudhoppers, with their piane, at the Akron Airport. Center: Mrs. Kortveiesi inspects the motor ot the Cioudhoppers' piane. Bight: Cioudhopper piiots chart their course beiore hopping Ott. uf. nr X 13 'il H Y' Qi x .iii V.-fd -7-sv L .11 RL' 4 iw YY, . s ,A if S9 ' f ' RBGTMBNT AL HBADQU ARTBRS AND ST AFF Coionet Eric Nichoiis Honorary Cotonet Antonia Btactcetter Lieutenant Coionei Phitiip Snyder Honorary Lieutenant Cotonet Betty Sandberg Captain-Adiutant Robert Higtey Honorary Captain Curtice Gregory FTRST BATT ALTON Maior Edward Nicety Honorary Maior Mariiyn tudson COMPANY A Captain tarnes Brown Honorary Captain Ruth Heyburn First Lieutenant Robert Lessing COMPANY B aptain Ciyde McPeeiL Honorary Captain Virginia Wecicer First Lieutenant Anthony Coscia COMPANY C tain Atbert Switt onorary Captain Marion Durr tenant Richard Greenwaid First Lieu COMPANY D aptain tohn Grittith Captain Martha Bariy Greenw aid Honorary First Lieutenant Robert E-SER E SBCOND BATTALTON aior Lucien Keiter . Honorary Maior Mary Louise Gunsotus COMPANY B tain Robert Marsh onorary Captain Mary Eveiyn Smith First Lieutenant Gordon Sayre COMPANY F tain Richard Conn Captain Heten Bryant rt Thornton onorary t nant Robe First Lieu e COMPANY G Captain Ben Logan onorary Captain Bieanor Schwartz First Lieutenant tack Ftippo COMPANY H tain Marvin Marquardt onorary Captain Bieanor Woodard First Lieutenant Herbert Yoos Above: R. O. T. C. seniors hoid saber dritt in the arniory. Center, Company commanders and sponsors, Marsh, Smith, Conn, Bryant, Logan, Schwartz, Mar- quardt, Woodard. Brown, Heyburn, McPeeic, Wecker, Switt, Durr, Grit- tith, Batty. ntai stati and sponsorsg Ketier, Gunsoius Biacketter, Snyder, Sand Lett, Regime d on, Nichoits, Nicety, Tu s berg, Higtey, Gregory. FTBST SBBGB bert Bertsch Bo Bari Bishop ' Grassbangh Francis Fdw ard Bait Kohn ' on es McLain Tarn Dana Noei Wiiiiarn Seiier COLOB S iohn Frye PLATO i TBA! ANTS Hutchins FRCF ANT ON SBBGEANTS Wiiiiarn Bebon Karnes Boyd Gien Bishop Dean Chaprnan Deirnar Christensen Fani Coburn Bichard 'Durst Ftayrnond Eckard N186 C Bichard Garve Ftnsseii Gray Bowiand Gritiiths Aiyis isner Donaid Tenkins Kohn Langhiin Marvin Luke V ance Luke Wiiiiarn Markey Carthy Bichard Mc h Merrick Baip Fark Meyers Bug ene Fhiiiips Conrad Beining haetter DRPS Boger Sc Wiiiiarn Schweikert rt Srnith Bobe Frank V ukan Bobert Wiitr out Bichard Witner TN aiter Wright n Charie s Wyrna Above: McLain, Hutchinson, Garyer, Boyd, M. Luke. Grassbaugh, G. Bishop, Witner, Beining, Grit- iiths. Merrick, Tenkins, Haii, Schaetter, Schweikert. Christensen, E. Bishop, Gray, Phiiiips, Wright. Noei, Bebout, Smith, Coburn, Chaprnan, Frye. Center: Pi. O. T. C. iuniors practice machine gun driii in the arrnory. Ftighti These B. O. T. C. iuniors take tiring posi- tions on the 37 rnihirneter gun as part ot their instruction. COB? CBALS Barrett Raymond tack Baumgardt Bichard Bedur Fugene Benedict Botoert Bishop Francis Bowdon tack Brundage Kohn Burkiev Eugene Caitiet Thomas Cameron Fiarrv Carroii Eric Chedester Xoseph Coscia Keith Cuihertson Kari Cutiison Mark Downing Fldw ard Bndr ess es Fertig tam Bobert Foster Fiarrv Frazee Furst Feter Critter Marvin Hartz George Ftarkins Marvin Fieid Frank Fieimhaugh RY-SBR E Bavmond Fioc Cfartieid Hott Fiar oid Xames Kohn Kaitgr en Butte dg e Kirk 'NN iiiiam Koerschner D onaid Kohsiek Faui Landeteid Boher Louis OFFICERS hherg t Larson Above: The regiment on i Center: A coiumn o during the Arm Lett. x'Bves iett" betore th at the Courthouse. ts way to th e driit tieid. t ptatoons swings down rade istice Day pct Main Street ' stand e reviewing CORP ORIXLS Donaid Luck YN iiiiarn Maria Ernest Martin Marvin McCorrnicic Eohert McCurdv Lester Miicoiasheic Ervvin Moats Wiitard Morgan Xoseph Musiat George N eitis V ernon Eenning er Eugene Rogers Ciarence Eohrich Karnes Eoss Sanderson Robert Cari Schaadt tt' arn Schnee Wi i Schvv att l Chester Probert Secrest Karnes Shiprnan Eohert Singer ING G0 Phitip Srnith Eari Socket Datias Sprinide Louis Stiie Sack Suitiv an Wttttarn Sw an Svr oid TRAIN RPS 'NN aiter Sack Thacker Eoh ert 'Y ove X oseph NN addeii X ohn YN ade Harv ev NN ahn Gr ov e NN itiiarns Pfichard YN iitiarns Above: Pi piatoon tront at the Prrrnistice Day parade. rnarches up Euchtei Ave- S Center: Cornpanv H i rnn ot squads. nue in a co u Right. The regiment nears the carnpus, return ' 'tt tietd. ing tronw tne dri OUTSTANDING SENIOR WOMAN PHYLLIS FRIESS OUTSTANDING SENIGR WGMAN RUTH HEYBURN OUTSTANDING SENIOR MAN IAMES BERRY OUTSTANDING SENIOR MAN IAMES BRGWN in a blaze in B er leftl. Z for slee ' SNAPSI-lOTSXAlpha Gains frightl don their Easter bonnets a week early to attend the sorority's Founder's Day services. Phi Tous fbelowl win the fraternity Songfest, with the Beta Kappas fleft center! running a close second. Two budding cadet offi- cers, Bob Thornton and Ben Logan finsetl, on furlough from Fort Knox, snapped ' Louisville. Firemen stifle tel Hall flow uch- azula takes time out p in the library flower rightl. Erie it 1 21 43 Hg? Q i A 33 iff? ', 2 X X 938 'Y C XNSPECTXON i ttj takes 'One R. O. . Cornpany D tnpper ie tieid. Yoiiowing the coiors, Cadet Maior Pant Bartiett topper rigifitj heads tine second toattaiion. Corn- pany Pi does 'xeyes right" on reacti- ing ttne reviewing otticers and sponsors taboyet. Maior Hunter inspects Cornpany G, as the regi- rnent practices tor the tederai in- spection trigtnt centert. Sponsors and LientenantCotonet NN eigte take their posts at the reviewing stand trigtntt . Q ,.-, 5 M ,ff ' . V ' ' ' Q ' I 'Q ' - gy' ' ' f-1, ' . ,A-.,,' "' ' ,-A x f .r ' ' , at " 'f"v1.e- 'F' , 'X A . ,,T " Tl ' i iff :. W, ' S , m s I' I5 Q S' L I 4 , ,Jak A N 1 V Fil why' K 1 A , .,... , ,.,V e R . 4 KV, A "' svvwvgx 2 'W . '-R af,j3T,.:Wj,5'1 ' I -l ' 'W' 'gy' 3' ' , z- I' .-1' Q .- as T'x""N ' .BN 4,Hxfx"T .-qw w. ,min Q , N A iw' .NT . -5 - ' -wa -3 1 s,J'f"- I . 2' " 1 ,A -Aw ' . N, ' 'X Q ,I f j.. - -."?K 1 ' Vfu. 'ff . 1 4' --fl", 3 ' ,1- W A Q43-. J' 6172 ,A X, ., vm ,Q .. Q' iivwv R U 9 A X Wt . ,XS Q. af ,IRAN 3 If 1 512 'Ir 'V ff' .n be SW' rg , M -2 gf, .-23. U 'V'NQv"2f -3--em" 'ay ,. Q35 H x gig! 'nm bummvvw mxulib v wax k We .waz 4 ww, ' X 'Qin V N 4, iff, K' 6 Engravings by THE STAR ENGRAVING COMPANY Printed by THE COMMERCIAL PRINTING AND LITHOGRAPI-IING COMPANY Covers by THE KINGSPORT PRESS Art Work by ' PATON EDWARDS 6, W w Individual Photos by M. O'NEIL PHOTO STUDIO Group Photos by FRED TAMBLING Football cmd Other Photos Courtesy THE AKRON BEACON IOURNAL Cover Design by BEN ROGERS .V ..,4f--W ,JS g " ill Rn . N 11 " 1 1 1:1 , 11 11 ' v.' D ' J 1.1 ..- xl, 1 1 1 1 4. 14. 1 ,I 1 1 1 "1,'. ,A W ' 1 4 , J111' 1 1 1 ' ' ,f 1 ,.1'1 . 1 I 1153 W , ' VUL I .:, 1'1" 11 7 H 1, A . 1 , 1 1 1, f I1 LA X 11. 4 vf"' f . 1 5 I 1 .y 1 , -1 1 K 1 1 W 1 11" 4 ' 1i.' 1 11 ,-. L gf 1. ,fd -1 1 'luv -x . U . .1 O I 7 Q' 1 1 If..- 'X i 'X V X Qpr""R,xNN 'K x l X ix Fill!! M,-ff I XX -gl X f i J? J Ngv... iix, X x - ' K z ,F 1 ff' XF. i - f' w . M' ' 1 ,f .X - 1 I N. X 2+ ' xx -"' ' ' ,A 4 , 5.5,-.., A E X . ' xx 'Al X , V . X .Rx xx X ' X V . , x X-. W . , ,,,, , A xv f --,xx ' Y Y ' -, V" X -Qi L4 x "' - ,I , ' ' 1 , ---' '-K' H ' ' ' - --Qin " gk . -L,Q- ,.,,.,, f -M.- Y-- V-N-,ulkf x -X - K X RL i - 3 ' 4 N u 1 X , x . I X

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