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1,ix hi , E V . ny. .1 4 I . l",K3'!y- V 's b ' 5 ' 'ffm-' In d ' I ' Q Y H 1- : ' in ni at 3.3 1 Y4, .X.,y3 . 1 " 5-' 5 ,1 I .M 1. 4.4.-1,,e - f . 'L 'hy "-"rs 1'I,'. mIAb' ,.-'il ,rvl ll! :e'Q,,1 Ie- r J .2 A ,gwa'1,"' fa I lg VT?-"'i"'1'i. , 1, 1, 4 li. gnu- ' ' Q i, I QJ.':.,. me gi75?"i'i-i,.. '- - x ige ei " " TQ' " - f,. ,'i"fQ'?' ..' mf , .M ., . an y -I. .lift V I, WI' TMI ' TIN, L4 .ll A 41,7 1 H,"G1 u' -- 1- 'u- -Q ' '14, lil! R' W 'I fir", lkaqeh-,I -EFI" Y .. .ml .yy P. f'f.'1.f"" lx Y, fl "' L fg "nfl ' . li, K r T gf' A . '- W -' , FDM, , . I. , 4 '1 .ll n a,.,. 'Q ' 42:n,'1ffl 'lj l . , K' , , ' . I ' ' Q . , I V " - :Q-f'iH,,' ,, my, 4 - 5,2 w ,. I X 1,ix hi , E V . ny. .1 4 I . l",K3'!y- V 's b ' 5 ' 'ffm-' In d ' I ' Q Y H 1- : ' in ni at 3.3 1 Y4, .X.,y3 . 1 " 5-' 5 ,1 I .M 1. 4.4.-1,,e - f . 'L 'hy "-"rs 1'I,'. mIAb' ,.-'il ,rvl ll! :e'Q,,1 Ie- r J .2 A ,gwa'1,"' fa I lg VT?-"'i"'1'i. , 1, 1, 4 li. gnu- ' ' Q i, I QJ.':.,. me gi75?"i'i-i,.. '- - x ige ei " " TQ' " - f,. ,'i"fQ'?' ..' mf , .M ., . an y -I. .lift V I, WI' TMI ' TIN, L4 .ll A 41,7 1 H,"G1 u' -- 1- 'u- -Q ' '14, lil! R' W 'I fir", lkaqeh-,I -EFI" Y .. .ml .yy P. f'f.'1.f"" lx Y, fl "' L fg "nfl ' . li, K r T gf' A . '- W -' , FDM, , . I. , 4 '1 .ll n a,.,. 'Q ' 42:n,'1ffl 'lj l . , K' , , ' . I ' ' Q . , I V " - :Q-f'iH,,' ,, my, 4 - 5,2 w ,. I X 'Y M7, 'A b ' 4 ar Y.. u yf' 4 Jv'f,,A,w "' ,- - . 'C W, f ' : . l X , -50+ ,N of .. -' l.'4 Q A hr I I' '- ., '- S jo vt V1 Mr ,.'.'. ,-'1 y 1 f Y, " Up, 1 . .,. I V . A . V K ' '.! Ir I 1- qi. xg-5 I ' I ll U'b ,, ,N , I . x ' r X X 1 rr . . 9. v ' ,. .3-. W I 1 li.: I' X 3' .9 , ' ' A V a' LX v .' -f U. i ,, ' I LU'-IIS - FRED G. KLEIN EDITOR 5 w A .. Y, .A N 41 wr . I I ' -,jU7', e' " --ww, J' -1"l.' V 4 f' 1 . . . , , X ,. . 1 Q-S . .1 h-1. 1.6 41 FHL 19 'V'-" l Q ' ...IT ,, ,s H ,, ,. - -9- ., HZ. f ' "NW 'S . Qty Tl-III l937 TEL-BUCI-I FOREWORD 0 PRESENT, in permanent form, the activities of 1936-'37, has been our purpose in editing this book. If, in later years, the Tel- Buch brings memories of the joys and happiness you have shared at the University of Akron, We have achieved our purpose. E41 CONTENTS Page The New Engineering Building gggggg gYg..,.. 7 Administration and Faculty dgf., ,gg.fgg.g 1 3 Classes a,aaa. .....,. U23 Evening Session .a..,.. -s61 Athletics ..aa. ......... 7 1 Fraternities s,s.,ss..,s,s...s Honoraries and Clubs 1 Government and Publications ..,s,. 1 61 R. O. T. C. ....aa....aa.......... . ..... ,,,,,,, 1 69 Features .,s, sssssss 1 83 E51 DEDICATION 1 To Miss Marjorie Mitchell who, since 1923, has been an interesting and capable teacher, an un- derstanding adviser and confidante to the women of the University, and a friend to all-students and faculty, we dedicate this book. I6l TIIE NEW ENGINEERING BUILDING John Wortman, on behalf of the Alumni Association, which he heads, hands President Hezzleton E. Simmons the 365,000 check representing the sponsor's share of the cost of the new engineering building. THE NEW ENGINEERING BUILDING It was Friday the thirteenth-but it was one of the luckiest days in the history of the University of Akron. 0n Friday, December 13, 193 5, the Works Progress Administration notified President Hezzleton E. Simmons that the Federal gov- ernment would supply S163,000 as its share to build the long-planned S22 8,000 Engineer- ing Building Addition-the start toward physically rebuilding the University. Attempts to expand the University be- gan in 1928, when the Board of Directors decided in favor of moving the University to Good Park on West Hill. The Alumni spon- sored a campaign to raise S150,000 to build a gymnasium. A bond issue to raise 553,000,000 for a plant on the proposed site was voted down by the citizens of Akron. Conse- quently, the University remained with its crowded conditions down in the geograph- ical center of the city. In the spring of 1934, an effort - was made to secure Federal money for a building on the present site. This definitely ended all plans to move the University to a new cam- pus. University oiiicials at first tried to ob- tain enough money from the Federal govern- ment to rebuild the entire University, but late in 1935, they were willing to settle for !Bl63,000 for the one building. Everyone at the University had given up the thought of ever receiving the money for new buildings, at least for the time being. That is, everyone except President Simmons. The president was determined. He made many trips to Columbus, Chicago, and Washington, and finally as a result of his efforts, this new building was authorized. 8 The difference between the government grant and the cost of the building was made up from the fund the Alumni had raised to build a gym. The Alumni Association pre- sented about 565,000 as the sponsor's gift to match the Federal grant. The new building is located on the cam- pus at the corner of Carroll and Sumner streets. It is a three-story building, 140 feet by 60 feet constructed of steel and brick with sandstone trim. All but the ground floor was completed and in use as this college year closed. i The ground floor, when finished, will con- tain the physics department which is now located in Olin Hall. The first floor, besides several classrooms and offices, holds a lecture hall with a seating capacity of over 300. This is used for the introductory lecture courses given in the General College. The second or top floor houses the secretarial science and commerce departments. Altogether, this structure increased the available floor space on the campus more than 50 per cent, adding 25,000 square feet to the former 48,000 square feet. President Simmons, commenting on the development, said, "We have made the begin- ning for a new and greater municipal univer- sity which will be realized only when the city of Akron and some of its civic-minded people take up the cause of higher education in this 'The City of Opportunityf The citi- zens of Akron should make it possible for us to develop our complete plans with the aid of their counsel and resources." South side of the old engineering building had to be shored up and a new supporting wall built. Classwork went on uninterruptedly. In January, 1936, the houses on the south- west corner of the cam- pus were razed and ground was broken for the new building Feb- ruary 4. if Vi? 3 , gl-Qfdffbi 3- 'K E91 ki, 1 - , k A 5 7, .4 Steelworkers began work on March 25. In April the walls began to rise above the ground level. V". in . 'L Inf.: 'Wag By May 10 the first floor walls were well along. W' AAO Two weeks later the ground floor walls neared completion. A ,rn-4 l Q, la n 4 nhsnlmnv -u 533' uv -e f r, 15limET,' j I "Aww .101 f , f E101 President Hezzleton E. Simmons and Mayor Lee D. Schroy ofliciated at the placing of the cornerstone, on the southwest corner, on May 19. up I m N The roof was poured and the exterior was practically complete by July 1. THE NEW ENGINEERING BUILDING ADMINISTRATIDN AND FACULTY BOARD OF DIRECTORS John W. Thomas .... Lee Ferbstein ...... Charles E. Smoyer ..e... ,..... P. W. Litchheld ...... Hurl Albrecht ........ ....M. Cletus G. Roetzel ....... .e.e..e Mrs. T. A. Chlttenden ,..... ...,... James W. Schade ........ ....... Frank S. Carpenter .... ....... ll4I Tuul Expires 1938 1938 1938 1940 1940 1940 1942 1942 1942 THE PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE As I sit and con at evening o'er 21 Tel-Buch all alone And muse upon the faces of the friends that I have known, I turn back the leaves of fancy, till in shadowy design I behold che living features of some old Sweethearts of mine. fW'ifb l1I70l0gic'S fo james Wllifzsofflb Rilvyj H. E. SIMMONS, Presidvnf. risi ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY PRESIDENT I-IEZZLETON E. SIMMONS President of the University ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICERS H. 12. SIMMONS, D.Sc., President of the University A. I. SPANTON, M. A. Vice-President of the Faculty and Dean of Buchtel College of Liberal Arts CHARLES BULGER, Ph.D., Dean of Graduate Study FREDERIC E. AYER, C.E., Dean of the College of Engineering HOWARD R. EVANS, Ph.D., Dean of the College of Education DONFRED H. GARDNER, M.A., Dean of Men and Chairman of the C tration of the General College MARJORIE MITCHELL, M.A., Dean of Women ommittee on Adminis GENERAL FACULTY ' 193 HEZZLETON E. SIMMONS President of the University 119103. B.S., Buchtel College: M.S., University of Pennsylvania 1912, D.Sc., College of Wooster, 1934. PAUL ACQUARONE Assistant Professor of Botany and Geology f1931j. B.S., Pennsylvania State College: Ph.D., johns Hopkins, 1929. JOHN ADENDORFF Professor of Industrial Engineering C1929Q. M.E., Cornell University, 1907. JAMES W. AIKEN Director of Athletics 119363. B.S., Washington and jeHerson College. The dan' in parrntbeses imlzratrs the beginning of XOY1'lt'C srrrlie began III the munlb of Srfllember. 1 DEAN ALBERT I. SPANTON Vice'President of the Faculty and Dean of Buchtel College of Liberal Arts LESLIE P. HARDY, M.S.Ed., Director of Adult Education, including Evening and Sum- mer Sessions MAXWELL P. BOGGS, A.B., Treasurer of the University RICHARD H. SCHMIDT, M.A., Registrar JOSEPHINE A. CUSI-IMAN, B.L.S., Librarian ULYSSES S. VANCE, A.B., University Editor JAMES W. AIKEN, BS., Director of Athletics EBBA LARSON, Assistant Registrar CECIL ROGERS, B.S.B.A., Assistant Treasurer SHERMAN O. SCHUMACHER, A.B., Alumni Secretary AND ASSISTANTS 937 UDO ALBRECHT Instructor in Modern Languages 119331. A.B., The University of Akron, 1934. DAVID E. ANDERSON Director of City Testing Laboratory and Assistant Professor of Chemistry f1923J. A.B., Augustana Collegeg M.S., University of Chicago, 1923. FREDERIC E. AYER Dean of the College of Engineering and Commerce f1914J. C.E., Lafayette College, 1900. JANE S. BARNHAR DT Assistant Professor of Art fjune, 19231. B.E., M.Ed. 19.10, The University of Akron. ' J . . 6-I at Burl lrl College or the Uzzxwrsily of Akron, unless otherwise stated, 1161 ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY DEAN CHARLES BULGER DEAN FREDERIC E. AYER Dean of Graduate Study Dean of the College of Engineering The date in parentheses nnlicaies the begiuuizzg of service at Burbtel College or the University of Akrong unless ofberufixe stated, xerrire began in the monlb of Seplenzber. HARRY A. BENDER Associate Professor of Mathematics 119281. A.B., Ohio Universityg A.M., Ph.D. 1923, University of Illinois. PAUL O. BIXLER Assistant Director of Athletics 119361. A.B., Mount Union College, 1929. MAXWELL P. BOGGS Treasurer of the University 1March, 19271. A.B., Muskingum College. MERL L. BRODERICK Assistant Professor of Military Science and Tactics 11925- 19301 119361. Major, Infantry, U. S. A. WILLIAM E. BROWN Instructor in Military Science and Tactics 1Dec., 19361. StaH Sergeant, Infantry, U. S. A. CHARLES BULGER Professor of Modern Languages, and Dean of Graduate Study 1February, 19101. Ph.B., Buchtel Collegeg A.M., Ph.D. 1925, University of Wisconsin. JOHN BULGER Associate Professor of Structural Engineering 119181. B.C.E., Ohio State University, 1918. RENA NANCY CABLE Instructor in Art 119271. B.E., M.Ed. 1931, University of Akron. DONFRED H. GARDNER ERNEST C. GODING Assistant Professor of Military Science and Tactics 119311. Major, Infantry, U. S. A. DWIGHT E. GRAY Assistant Professor of Physics 119321. A.B., Muskingumg A.M., Ph.D. 1932, Ohio State University. FRED S. GRIFFIN Professor of Mechanical Engineering 119211. M.E., Ohio State University, 1911. JAMES M. GRIMES Instructor in History 119361. A.B., M.A. 1933, University of North Carolina. EUGENE GEORGE HAAS Assistant Professor of Chemistry 1January, 19291. B.S., University of Akrong M.S., University of Torontog Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh, 1935. LOUIS F. HAMPEL Instructor in Commerce and Business Administration 1Feb- ruary, 19331. B.S. in Commerce, University of Akrong M.B.A., Northwestern University, 1931. LESLIE P. HARDY Director of Adult Education 119341. B.S.Ed.. Kent State University, M.S.Ed., University of Akron, 1935. WARREN S. HAUSER Instructor in Accounting 119351. A.B., M.B.A. 1935, Western Reserve University. GEORGE L. HAYES Professor of History, and Dean of Men 119241. Professor of Psychology 119211. Ph.B., Ohio Universityg A,B,, A,M, 1923, Princeton Univqrgity, A.M., Ph.D. 1921, University of Pittsburgh. BURTON A. GARLINGHOUSE DONALD HAYWORTH Director of Glee Clubs 119331, Professor of Speech 119281. A.B., Grinnellq A.M., University A.B., University of Michigan, 1920. of Chicagog Ph.D., University of W'isconsin, 1929. WALTER A. GILMOUR THOMAS C. HILLIARD Professor of Co-ordination 119221. Instructor in Accounting 119351. A.B., Nebraska State B,S,C.E,, Norwich University, 1914, Teachers College, M.A., University of Nebraska, 1935. JAMES W. GLENNEN FRED F. HOUSEHOLDER Instructor in Modern Languages 119541. A.B., University Professor of Physics 119181. of Akrong A.M., Western Reserve University, 1934. B.A., M.A. 1916, University of Wisconsin 1 1171 ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY DEAN DONFRED H. GARDNER DEAN HOWARD R. EVANS Dean of Men Dean of the College of Education Tlw date in ptlVl'l1f17l'1P1 ilztfifafft flu' hfgfllllfllg of serrire al Blrrlvlul Cnllrgz' or ilu' L1lli!'1'fiIl-1' of Akron, unless ollirrnisr rfaleif, tt'r'zi1'e lvrgiuz in flu' month of SFp!c'u1l1f'r. ROSSER L. HUNTER Professor of Military Science and Tactics 119351. LL.B., George Washington University, 1916, Infantry School, Fort Benning, Ga., 1920-2-1, Maior, Infantry, U. S. A. EDGAR P. JONES Assistant Professor of Biology 119321. B.S., M.S., Ph.D. 1932, University of Pittsburgh. JOHN L. JONES Professor of Mathematics 1Eebruary, 19201. Ph.B., Lafayette College, M.A., Ph.D. 1911, Yale University. DON A. KEISTER - Instructor in English 119311. A.B., A.M. 1933, University of Akron. CLARA M. KEMLER Assistant Professor of Primary-Elementary Education 119281. A.B., A.M. 1926, Wittenberg College. DAVID KING Assistant Professor of Political Science 119271. A.B., Maryville College, A.M., University of Chicago, 1925. CHARLES M. KNIGHT Professor Emeritus of Chemistry. A.M., Tufts College, D.Sc., Buchtel College, 1897. WALTER C. KRAATZ Professor of Biology 119241. B.A., University of Wisconsin, M.A., Ph.D., 1923, Ohio State University. EMERY L. KUHNES Professor of Education 119231. B.S., Upper Iowa University, Pd.M., Ph.D. 1915, New York University. EBBA LARSON Assistant Registrar 1August, 19261. ELIZABETH A. LATHROP Assistant Professor of Home Economics 119271. B.S., M.A. 1927, Columbia University. CHESTER LEBO Special Teacher of Band Instruments, and Director of the University Band 119321. Diploma, Conn National School of Music, B.M., Dana Mus- ical Institute, 1934. mi WARREN W. LEIGH Professor of Commerce and Business Administration 119261. A.B., University of Utah, M.B.A., Ph.D. 1956, Northwestern University. MISS WILL LIPSCOMBE Assistant Professor of Mathematics 119211. B.S., florida State College, M.S., Ohio State University, 1926. V MABEL LOCKE Instructor in Physical Education 119361. B.S.Ed., Northwestern University, M.S., University of W'is- consin, 1936. PHIL LOFINK Instructor in Military Science and Tactics 119351. Sergeant, Infantry, U.S.A. CARITA MCEBRIGHT Special Teacher of Speech 119101. A.B., Cornell University, 1887. HAROLD T. McKEE Assistant Professor of Business Administration 119291. B.S., M.A. 1929, University of Pittsburgh, MARJORIE MITCHELL Associate Professor of English, and Dean of Women 119231. A.B., Western Reserve, A.M., Radcliffe, 1923. AUSTIN L. MOORE Instructor in History. A.B., Oberlin College, A.M., Colum- bia University, 1924. JAY L. O'HARA Professor of Economics 1January 1, 19341. A.B., University of Michigan, Ph.D., University of Minne- sota, 1927. RAYMOND B. PEASE Professor of English 119211. B.A., University of Wisconsin, A.M., Harvard, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, 1921. MRS. RUTH PUTMAN Instructor in English 119341. A.B., Howard College, RUTH MARGUERITE RAW Assistant Professor of English 119291. I A.B., A.M., Hiram, A.M., Columbia University, 1924. 1922. ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY DEAN MARJORIE MITCHELL Dean of W'omen MR. LESLIE P. HARDY Director of Adult Education Tlvt' Jilff' III fT11Yf'Ilflll'1l'S imlirafrf ilu' 17f',gi7IlIillg of si'rt'it'z' nl Bzrrfrtvl College UV lfu' L1Il111'l'1lfV1' 'ff AIUUIIJ lfuless 0f!71'fll'iSL' slalcd, srriire lwgan in ffw umnlfr of Sepfemlver. KATHARINE M. REED Associate Professor of Modern Languages 119181. B.A., Newcomb Collegeg M.A., Tulane University, 19113. JAMES M. Rice Instructor in Modern Languages 119361. B.A., Ohio State Universityg M.A., University of Michigan! Ph.D., johns Hopkins University, 1935. GENEVIEVE RIDER Assistant Professor of Public School Music 119281. B.M,Ed., Northwestern University, M.A., Western Rescrst 1935. EDGAR C. ROBERTS Assistant Professor of English 119261. B.S.Ed., M.A. 1924, Ohio State University. NEWTON OWEN SAPPINGTON .Associate Professor of History 119321. A.B., Emory: M.A., University of North Carolina, Ph.D., Vfisconsin, 1932. ERNEST F. SCHAEFER Assistant Professor of Vocational Education 1En-iployee Training in Industry1 119211. B.E.M., Ohio State University, 1918. RICHARD H. SCHMIDT Registrar 119181. A.B., Vfesleyan University, M.A., Columbia University, 1915. FREDERICK S. SEFTON Professor of Physicalx Education 119151. B.S., Colgate, M.Ed., Harvard, 1925. SAMUEL SELBY Associate Professor of Mathematics 119271. A.B., A.M., University of Manitoba, Ph.D., University of Chicago, 1929. MRS. LUCY T. SELF Instructor in Secretarial Science 119321. A.B., Ohio Wesleyan University, 1920. ROY V. SHERMAN Associate Professor of Political Science 119291. A.B., A.M., P11.D. 1927, State University of Iowa. s I 1 9 HARRY A. SMITH Assistant Professor of Physical Education 119281. B.E., M.Ed. 1929, University of Akron. PAUL C. SMITH Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering 119251. B.S.E.E., Purdue University, 1917. NELSON S. SNYDER Instructor in Education 119271. A.B., Mount Union Collegeq A.M., University of Akron, 1927. ALBERT I. SPANTON Dean of Buchtel College of Liberal Arts, Vice President of the Faculty, and Professor of English 11911111, A.B., Buchtel College, A.M., Harvard, 1905. ROSS STAGNER Assistant Professor of Isycliology 119351. A.B., Xvashington University, St. Louis: M.A., Ph.D. 1932, University of W'isconsin. JOHN P. STEIN Special Teacher of Voice 119331. Private instruction with Herbert NVitherspoon, Enrico Rosati, Graham Reed of Chicago Musical College, and Maria Kurenko. CLIFFORD STICKNEY Instructor in English 119271. B.A., M.A. 1928, University of Illinois MILDRED L. SWIFT Professor of Home Economics 119361. B.S., Russell Sage College: M.S., Cornell University. JOSEPH R. STROBEL Assistant Professor of Vocational Education 1Teacher im provement for Trades and Industries1 119361. B.S., M.A., Vfestern Reserve University. AUDRA TENNEY Instructor in Secretarial Science 119261. A.B., University of Akron: M.A., New York University, 1936. CLARENCE R. UPP Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering 119251. M.E., Ohio State University, 1910. 3 ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY r . 1 1 MR. MAXWELL P. BOGGS MR. RICHARD H. SCHMIDT Treasurer of the University Registrar Tliif Jule in j1111'i'11tf1i'ii'i fIIlI'll'L1ft'1 ffm lwgi1111111g of i1'1'z'ic'e al Bmliful Cnlfiygi' ui' Nw LIIl1l'l'1'1If-Y of Akrofzg 1111li'xi 0tl1i'1'11'ire sfatiul, S1'l'l'l1L' l1i',g1111 III II11' IIIIIIIIAI of Sl'llfl'IIIl76"Y. ULYSSES S. VANCE University Editor 119233. A.B., State University of Iowa, 1923. RALPH M. Van METRE Assistant Professor of Commerce 119293. B.S.Bus. Admin., Ohio State University, M.A., University of Chicago, 1933. DONALD S. VARIAN Instructor in Speech 119343. A.B., A.M. 1934, University of W'isconsin. JOHN T. WALTHER Professor of Electrical Engineering 119203. B.S.E.E., University of Michigan, 1909. MRS. FLORENCE N. WHITNEY Part-time Instructor in English 119363. M.A., Columbia University. RENA WILLS Special Teacher of Piano 119343. New England Conservatory, Boston, Mass., three yearsg Leipsig, Germany, three years. EARL R. WILSON 'Assistant Professor of Engineering Drawing 119293. B.M.E., Ohio State University, 1916. JAMES WISHART Instructor in English 119353. A.B., College of Wooster, M.A., Princeton, 1932. CARY C. WOOD Professor of Philosophy 119283. I3.S., Ohio University, A.M., Columbia University, Ph.D., University of Cincinnati, 1928. ARTHUR M. YOUNG Professor of Latin and Greek 119303. A.B., A.M., Ph.D. 1930, Harvard University. JAMES M. CAMPBELL Special Teacher of Violin, and Director of the University Orchestra 119333. WALTER A. COOK Professor of Chemistry 119263. B.A., M.A., Ph.D. 1924, University of Cincinnati. RAYMOND D. COOL Assistant professor of Chemistry 119343. B.S., Bridgewater College, M.S., Ph.D. 1928, University of Virginia. . HOWARD I. CRAMER Assistant .Professor of Chemistry 119333. B.S., The University of Akron, M.S., Ph.D. 1929, University of Vfisconsin. EARL, W. CRECRAFT Professor of Political Science 119193. Ph.B., Franklin College: A.M., Ph.D. 1915, Columbia Universityg LL.D., Franklin College, 1934. HARMON DeGRAFF Professor of Sociology 119303. B.A., M.A., University of Iowa: Ph.D., University cago, 1926. HJALMER W. DISTAD Assistant Professor of Elementary Education 119343. 13.S.Ed., M.A., Ph.D. 1926, University of Minnesota. HOWARD M. DOUTT Professor of Secretarial Science 119263. A.B., The University of Akron, A.M., University cago, 1934. SARAH DUNCKLEY DREISBACH Assistant Professor of Physical Education 119213. B.S., M.S.Ed. 1931, The University of Akron. ROSS C. DURST Professor of Civil Engineering 119173. B.S.C.E., C.E. 1922, Ohio Northern University. MAXINE M. DYE Assistant Professor of Speech 119301. of Chi- of Chi- A.B., Penn College: M.A., University of NVisconsin, 1930. ELMER ENDE Assistant Professor of Music 119303. B.Mus., American Conservatory of Music, Chicago: M.A., 13.A., The University of Akron, 1935. Ohio State University, 1930. 20 ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY MISS JOSEPHINE A. CUSHMAN Librarian r X 1 r y f x' 51 , 5.5 . . i s MR. ULYSSES S. VANCE University Editor The daft' in fmrelzfliesrs ilzdirufes Ilre Iveginuiug of serrire at Bllliflfifl Cullugv or flu' Uuizvrsily of Akmug nnlutx Qflwrum' ttalrzl, serriu' began in the 711011117 of Sf'pteuzl1er. HOWARD R. EVANS Dean of the College of Education, and Professor of School Administration 119293. A.B., Indiana State Teachers College: M.A., Columbia, N.Y.g Ph.D., Northwestern University, 1930. MARGARET F. FANNING Assistant Professor of Modern Languages 119273. A.B., University of Akron: A.M., Radcliffe, 1926. ELDORA FLINT Assistant Professor of Secretarial Science 119293. B.Ed., The University of Akron, M.S.Ed., Syracuse Univer- sity, 1935. CARROLL W. FORD Assistant Professor of Economics 119363. A.B., Cornell University, 1925g Ph.D., 1936. OMER R. FOUTS Assistant Professor of Physics 119263. A.B., Wittenberg: A.M., Ohio State University, 1925. ROLLAND D. FOX Assistant Professor of Bacteriology 1part-time3 119213. B.S., M.S. 1923, The University of Akron. LIBRARY STAFF JOSEPHINE A. CUSHMAN Librarian 1August, 19193. Ph.B., University of Axkrong B.L.S., University of Illinois 1919. ETHEL S. KLAHRE Circulation Librarian 119283. A.B., University of Akron: B.L.S., W'estern Reserve Univer- sity, 1928. VIVIEN MCCARTHY SUTTON Cataloger 119273. Certihcate, Tuscarawas County Normal Schoolg Diploma Chautauqua School for Librarians, 1927. MARY GRACE HARRINGTON Circulation Assistant 119523. A.B., University of Akron, 1932. y 1 21 MARY ELIZABETH METZGER Assistant in charge of Reserve Room 119353. A.B., University of Akron, 1935. MARTHA BONNETT Assistant in charge of the General College Room, 119353. A.B.. Ohio State University: B.S.L.S., VC'estern Reserve 193-1. LOUISE DUNFORD Assistant in charge of Reserve Room 119363. A.B., University of Akrong B.L.S., Western Reserve, 1935. ELSIE HENNIGAR Reserve Room Attendant 119363. A.B., University of Michigang B.L.S., University of Illinois 1936. GRADUATE ASSISTANTS FRED H. GLENNY Graduate Assistant in Biology. A.B., University of Akron, 1936. BEN KALMON Graduate Assistant in Physics. B.S., University of Akron, 1936. FELLOWS IN CHEMISTRY WILLIAM E. FORSTER Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company. B.S. in Chem. Eng'g, Iowa State College, 1935. LELAND ONEACRE Firestone Tire and Rubber Company. B.S., University of Akron, 1936. THE DANIEL GUGGENHEIM AIRSHIP INSTITUTE THEODOR TROLLER Director. Ph.D., Aachen Institute of Technol0gY, Germany. THEODOR von KARMAN Ph.D., Technical Consultant. On the staff of the California Institute of Technology. . ,- 'Q .lf N.. I . .1- I -s. ,., ,. 1 I v,,,,.x , 1 v ! f y ' A I D A I ?'NN . 2 N S ill x, , 'J I A v", , I up-., , 1 f T .xv w vl HW ,El ', ,N 4' 'I , . .h Q VI -H' n 5 k .' 1 I ' g, zz' '- . , .- Hz " I ' x . Q, . . 4 - xr.,-'f , ' ,v J, -,ici w fl, 5 , E 1 1 .Il .Q x 1' -',' .' K J .F JI Al. I. 'H Mfr 'Vx 13: ,1,,.A:!, 2 X.,- :Wg I V4 A X ,'Yv..l1f ,ID V .. .ul rv' . X f , Et . UI .' .Q vi. -. 4-'I "A- ll 45X J '. ,ge-ty, 4' I. '1 CLASSES THE NEW'STUDENT COUNCIL l l The division of the University into two units, the Upper Colleges, and General Col- lege, gave the student body an ideal oppor- tunity to modernize its Student Council and to increase the Council,s efficiency through reorganizing. The Student Council of last year, headed by Robert Sipes '36, worked for many weeks formulating a satisfactory plan. The devised reorganization plan was approved by a stu- dent vote one year ago and went into effect at the beginning of this college year under the leadership of Paul Bagwell, president of the student body. All class offices were abolished since there were no distinct classes, such as junior and senior, under the new University organiza- tion. The plan provided for a Student Coun- cil of 17 members which would represent all students. 1 The present Council is, therefore, made up of three representatives from Liberal Arts College, one from each of the three divisions -Social Science, Natural Science, and Hu- manities, one representative from the College of Education and one from the Engineering College, four representatives-at-large from the Upper Colleges and four from the General College, and one member from the entering E241 freshman class. Rounding out the member- ship are the president of the student body, who acts as head of the Council, the presi- dent of the Women's League, and a represen- tative of the Buchtelite. Besides democratizing the legislative body with representative members, the Council provides for continuity from year to year by electing half of the representatives-at-large each year and having these hold office for two years. . During the first semester, President Bag- well initiated a plan to make the University mean more to the students. He proposed that all divisional representatives regularly call their divisions together to stimulate interest in extra-curricular activities and to discuss individual or group problems. Such divisions as the Teachers and Engineers, wherein the students are naturally allied were more suc- cessful in holding sectional meetings. The teachers heard speakers on educational prob- lems while the engineers formed various ath- letic teams and discussed problems of the engineering curriculum. The Council now looks forward to the day when its idea will provide athletics for more students and assure that more students partake in extra-curricular activities. CANDIDATES FOR DEGREES MARGARET AITKENHEAD Bachelor of Science in Secretarial Science ALVIN ALEXANDER Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering JANE ALLYN Bachelor of Science in Home Economics RACHEL ALPETER Bachelor of Education RUTH AVEM Bachelor of Education PAUL BAGWELL Bachelor of Science in Education ELIZABETH BARROW Bachelor of Science in Education ELIZABETH BEATSON Bachelor of Education MARIE BEIDLER Bachelor of Education COLETTA BEGUE Bachelor of Education L 2 5 E B , EQ fa X425 E7 if X 'QW' in X ,X ,Q CANDIDATES FOR' DEGREES i is . NN b 1 wg? + w?m - ff . 'ew-' X , ,A , I 4, X it X K JANE BENINGHOF Bachelor of Science in Secretarial Science HAROLD BEUTER Bachelor of Arts FLGRENCE BERTSCH Bachelor of Education ROBERT BLASER Bachelor of Science WILLIAM BLOUNT S' A Bachelor of Science in Vllll l Business Administration 0 2 X , 1. URSULA BOWMAN Bachelor of Education GLADYS BREITENBUCHER Bachelor of Education AARON BRILL Bachelor of Arts KENNETH BUCHTEL Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering i261 HELEN BRIDGES BURNS Bachelor of Science in Education CANDIDATES FOR DEGREES WILFORD CAMERON Bachelor of Arts RALPH CASTON Bachelor of Science EVELYN CLOSE Bachelor of Science if , B in Education A A LILLIAN COHEN ' Bachelor of Science in Education 3 5 1 l 3 ANGIE COSCIA Bachelor of Arts HARVEY DAVIS Bachelor of Arts ,s .. M7 fx cHLoE DeLoNG , Bachelor of Education fm' in - 35" ' iiii , ? f r gg KATHERINE DITTEMORE i sg Bachelor of Education CHESTER DREYER Bachelor of Arts JOSEPH ECKERT Bachelor of Science H71 CANDIDATES FCR DEGREES RUSSELL ESTEY Bachelor of Education I LOIS EINLEY Bachelor of Arts '95 i Bachelor of Arts . 9, Ejgfw fa MARY FREDERICK Bachelor of Arts DCLORES ERIESS Bachelor of Arts i231 ELLA EACCIUTG Bachelor of Education MAXINE FIRESTONE Bachelor of Education ROBERT FIRESTONE LOIS FOSTER Bachelor of Arts ELEANOR FRIEDMAN Bachelor of Arts CLAUDE FUSTON Bachelor of Arts CANDIDATES FOR DEGREES MARY GARDNER Bachelor of Arts MARJORIE GILLETTE Bachelor of Education ELEANOR GILMOUR ' Bachelor of Science in Q Home Economics , i -., 7 9 .. ,I W LEONORE GoEHRING Bachelor of Arts RUTH GOTSHALL Bachelor of Education ROBERT GRAF Bachelor of Arts MARY ELIZABETH GRAF Bachelor of Science in Education MILDRED GRAY Bachelor of Arts JOHN HANSON Bachelor of Arts MARY VIRGINIA HANCOCK Bachelor of Science in Home Economics E291 rw 1' CANDIDATES FOR DEGREES Wim I , ww , , , WNW- hw 'X 4 E Q ARDEN I-IARDGROVE Bachelor of Arts WILLARD HARRIS Bachelor of Arts FLORENCE HARRY Bachelor of Education RUTH HESSLER Bachelor of Science in Secretarial Science AUSTIN HEFFELMAN Bachelor of Science in Business Administration FRANK HICKMAN Bachelor of Education WALTER HRANILOVICH Bachelor of Arts JACK JAQUES Bachelor of Arts N01 RUTH IRWIN Bachelor of Arts DONALD JOHNSON Bachelor of Science in Business Administration VERNA JQHNSQN 7 CANDIDATES FOR DEGREES 4. E D 5 x,,, . .-ft, f 4... . I ffm ' aw ,, Q . 1, 5 N14 gy' V ff 3 24 X A l 'Uv'--'VA .,, , 43. H 4 'f - CANDIDATES FOR DEGREES 'M' CARL KRAUS Bachelor of Electrical Engineering OCIE KREBS Bachelor of Science in Secretarial Science EUGENE KREIGHBAUM Bachelor of Science in Business Administration f INEZ KULCZYCKY i is Bachelor of Science in Education JOSEPHINE KYLE Bachelor of Education ALVIN LARSON Bachelor of Science in Secretarial Science GEORGE LEUCA Bachelor of Arts ROBERT LEWIS Bachelor of Arts JANET LOOMIS Bachelor of Science in Home Economics ROBERT LYNDS Bachelor of Arts mi CANDIDATES FOR DEGREES SARA MCBRIDE Bachelor of Arts DOROTHY MCCHESNEY Bachelor of Arts JEAN MAHAFFEY Bachelor of Arts JOHN MALAMATINIS Bachelor of Arts WALTER MARCO Bachelor of Arts MARIAN MARKLE Bachelor of Science in Education HOWARD MARSH Bachelor of Science in Business Administration NOLA MATLACK Bachelor of Arts ROBERT MEYERS Bachelor of Arts MARY MILLER Bachelor of Science in Education E331 uv' ww, W CANDIDATES FOR DEGREES , X K eg ,, A if Q wn..,.i 5 , CANDIDATES FOR DEGREES MILDRED RAUSCI-I Bachelor of Arts ki.-f PAUL REMARK P Bachelor of 5 Electrical Engineering KENNETH REPLOGLE ' Bachelor of Arts RUTH ROBINSON Bachelor of Arts LYLE RUSSELL Bachelor of Science in Business Administration FRANK SAUS Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering MILDRED SCI-IERBARTI-I Bachelor of Education HANS SCI-ILICHTING Bachelor of Arts PHILIP SCHWAN Bachelor of Arts L JEANNETTE SECHRIST 1' Bachelor of Arts I35l .vl"""z iii' CANDIDATES FOR DEGREES gil?- sieve I Q 49" mx , H if, K4 xi? Yau., 2 1 f , agr' QQ Q K f uv' , Sa FLORENCE SELBY Bachelor of Education MILES SHOOK GENEVIEVE SENNETT Bachelor of Education Bachelor of Science in Business Administration DQRIS SMITH Bachelor of Science in Secretarial Science MILDRED SMITH Bachelor of Science in Education LEROY SPECK Bachelor of Science in Education I 36 l FRANK SMITH Bachelor of Arts JOHN SIGRIST Bachelor of Arts PAUL SNEARLINE Bachelor of Arts RICHARD STEVENS Bachelor of Arts CANDIDATES FOR DEGREES NANCIBELLE STRAUSBAUGH Bachelor of Education ADELLA TAYLOR Bachelor of Arts NORMA STRUBLE Bachelor of Science in Applied Art ERNEST TAYLOR Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering ETHEL THORNTON Bachelor of Science in Secretarial Science FAITH TRUSCHELL Bachelor of Education JUANITA TURNER Bachelor of Arts JANET VOSPER Bachelor of Education FRANCES ULMER Bachelor of Science in Home Economics THOMAS WATTERS Bachelor of Arts l37l CANDIDAT G , , X a ES FOR DEGREES THOMAS WEAVER Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering BRUCE WERT Bachelor of Science in Business Administration ROBERT WETZEL Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering ELSIE WIDICK Bachelor of Arts MARY WILHELM Bachelor of Education DOROTHY WILLIAMS Bachelor of Arts ELEANOR WINTER Bachelor of Science in Secretarial Science WILBERT WRIGHT Bachelor of Arts FOSTER ZAISER Bachelor of Civil Engineering HELEN MCGUCKIN Graduate Student l58l CANDIDATES FOR DEGREES BACHELOR OF ARTS Carl Adelman George Bertsch Roy Browne Frank Bussey Jerry Carpenter Harold Gill Bonar Griffiths Virginia Himebaugh Clair Kibler William Kurth Lenore Lewis George Pulos Earl Snyder Kathryn Sowers William Summerlot Orrin Tubbs Julia Williams BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Edward Cunningham Joe Goldstein Nathan Lizawetsky Eleanor Mueller Jerome Rogoff Richard Ryan Eli Steffy Melvin Wineberg Clarence Witzberger BACHELOR OF EDUCATION Gladys Arbogast Hester Buticofer No Pbofograpbs Submitted Irene Calnon Angelin Chordar Marceil Fifer Hinda Gahring Nellie Haines Hazel Herman Mildred Larshaw Howard Selch Harriette Snyder Katheryne Stahl Thomas Wood BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN EDUCATION Grace Gerson Lucille Hale Evelyn Nolley Mardis Williams BACHELOR OF CIVIL ENGINEERING John Allen BACHELOR OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Newell Williams BACHELOR OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Herbert Fish Russell Keller Ivan Kovach BACHELOR OF SCIENCE MASTERS IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION George Fetherson Claude Fuller BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN SECRETARIAL SCIENCE Robert Pealy BACHELOR OF INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Jules Corvington George North l39l Vincent Biondo Daniel Clapper Sara Clark Noble Elderkin Catherine I-Iercek Mida Kerr Alma Lang Harland Moore Dan Myers LeLand Oneacre Evelyn Ost William Packan Oliver Somers Menclell Rimmel Terrence Williams 1- --- M0951 1 Ili- .Mr H. ' '14 .' . . fu". 1 r ' s-.I1 ' 1 ',171l' 5 'n' I I. V .,.. C-1..,,.,.g xr 1 1 'Q 1 1 1 -11 ' 1 . .. H .1 1407,-51 .. 1 11,1--. 1 1 1- ' A '.z'x I ,.1 ,, V Hz- ZH.: 1.51, - Q1-If Y :JW ,:'1w. WVR. ,- ,. ..,,q,1 '1',l', 1-V 4"--:1,.,.,1I ' ef' 1- 1 -M 9- 'l -H. 11' ' 'I 1 , J '1- ' ' '. -1 ' ' - :'1 -: v 1 . ' My 4 ' A-11-1.12-1L-..4fW,17.-.1--t--L 4 . A 1 -', 'ff -1 1 gf' '- i r.1"i1: ' rx ' - ..1l".' L1'A:f1 .. ' , 74" ,.. 41 -V-71. 11""P' .J , 4 . 1 -1 .1 . ,-5111.-. , , ,.l l 5, ' 4' .ii '1 "1- 33-fx "M 1in'1"l.,1'1. if 1 ,.1 - . c- 4 .,-.1..-r-..11,1-, 341 -1 14 -- .. sf." " 73111 ' 1 'an ' I 3' , , ' .f ' JY" 0... - ' . '.n ' 4 . - '1' ,.'ir.1 Q -"'fr'-- , -' 15: 4.1. . 1' 'I .11 7 '1fL'2"IV 1' . I L '-1 J. . 1 g 1 . 1 '-L, .nr1"11 ,'.1-' '11 ' .'"' . J ' T 1. 1 , - 1 .I is 1.4. AN 1-at id I' '1 5. 1 .Y 1 1 1 T Y 1.1 ..., '1 ,iv 5. I ,. I 'A ry 'H M Ai . .dv V a'. . n". 4 ' 1- 3. , if .A J. , 1 1 h , .1 4 l , 'm ' . '11, 1 ,l ' . 1 11 1 4 1 1 -V . . 1 -..- 1 ' 1 '51, f 1. ' 'z 1 . - ,W 'Fl ' . 1 11... A . 1 ',L,.' Q 1 -31 ' " '. 1 1 1 . " 1 ' ,H .2 1 1' . . .qt "V It . . ,H '.' I' -1 1 f - X I ,. , XY: , . 'J Y Q H N 1 . .1 X ,, .., 1 .,l ' 1-. 'ICH-,.f' "H, 7. - ' N 1- '- ' X J .. -1 ',1f,1'LI-"'-H --.:,.1 - .1 .. . :'. , , . ,. I - .g.4 .1,',.,1 V Q -' . , 1 gv'l1w.' 1- - 1- " ' .1 " 1 ,. 1 .L v, ui 1 A ,V Mun., V , -1. I M ,V UL, -.,! ui L i 1--L.. -41 .9311 :,,1'q'E'..--.., 11 f '.3'- 5. 1- 1 , ' l,1't.-.1-. KQJP. Q Q ,d , ' ', ' 14 .,1 -,.1--.. 1 1.-' 2 ,.... - 1 .4 .A i. .1-1 4 V Y - 1 1 ,5-.55 -T-,J ..-. ,gun 5'-L1.1N:.l4 .. 1 .. - f-, .g1.,,, a 1- -- 1 . , A . -1, .,v.1' 1. ,1 I - -.1 .1 ..' , ' Q,"-'11 "-,.. .- '. .-v JUN. ,., .4.l1 1 lv - .my . .1 ,Ll"x"1"k"Q'L 11. -1, . ...-,---11- , I, ,..1 , 1,. ,, , 5 ..1,.-I .9 ,Y.w .I Hi, 1 . , "'n .V ' '- - ,' - -- ,, 1 ' ' ."f1w. 1 1 143'--1:1 v.-,,, ,gf 1 1,1-.W - 11. . -.- - 1 N 1 , -S' 'f1:"'-'-HN" ' 'Q ,4-1, -,H1v H11 P1 1 1' -11, .m .D .4144 .- .1..f hm .1 , 1 L vs. 1 1 '- hu' 'VM 1 - ,.i,:1g..- .1 1, . 1 H11 11.1 . .:.. 11, . Q'w'11f. . - '- ' 1 ,L .?,1g,f,f4'Tf:. Z- ' r'.1'..7 1' 'G . 14- ', l': -511.1-1!.".' , 5.'41.,,M.. . --1 -.-1... -2.11 1 .' F ',', '. TL 'Z-1.'t 1-1 . T-E"1s1.i" ' - .- v .. . .1 . ,:.-' N, 'F u - .JV-.L --1 J .. , . Fi' 1'.g.f5 ..- Y -- .3 1' X . ' ,, ,, .. 1 v- 1' - . nlf' ,Av- , v . .1 1 , Y . - 1 ' 1 1 fl 1v'k' n - ay, .1 , 1 V l ,rug- LR' Tl-IE UPPER CDLLEGES ,QPU 'W v 'r ,E ' Q I THE UPPER COLLEGES , ,k.A,,i,....,.:I,i?Egm5 F A ZS? J x- 55 ir, ,S 1 AW N X x . ,I , ,,1,W., 4 ., I ,- ?. , .., u? - 0 . ,,.-.A , ggff 'Q-,, , .I . H.. , Xxx 4 PM fi.- I ' I ,I-.. .W My fm L w,,6'R""' ?s A ,uw el ,mf- xu,,...-A 5 12 . ,JP 3 . I 1 1 I E ,E "' M' ,Q 'WY' Q 2' M...- , I 4 ,WA .1 I EDNA ABBOTT ETHEL ALBRIGHT RUTH ALEXIS MALCOLM AMES ADDA LOUISE BAEHR POLLY BAIRD VIRGIL BARB PAUL BARTLETT RALPH BEHLING JOHN BERNEL JAMES BERRY BETTY BEYER ISABEL BISHOP LILLIAN BOCKMAN JAMES BOLAND AUDREY BOLES EARL BONAR BERNARD BOWLING JOSEPH BRETH ELIZABETH BROWN CHARLES BROWN LILLIAN BUCKLES f42 MICHAEL BUDAI BETTY BURNETT THE UPPER COLLEGES MARJORIE CAHILL I . I ' I vv,,z W gl 'fl 5: 1. Q Q: RUTH CARDARELLI i A I QV' , 'brx ,I ASHFORD CARR I QQV, " ,gi I' I 'iilzf A ' lj I f R'R, A DOROTHY CARRIER fRR . R A mn CATHRYN CARROLL I L, PAUL CATH er M DONALD CHAMBERLIN ROBERT B. COLE RICHARD COCK VICTORIA COOK " DONALD CORNELL ALLEN CRABI3 HARRIETT DAVIES A ROBERT DAVIES LA VERN DAVIS , RICHARD DAVIS NAOMI DEAN EDWARD DORAN EDWARD DOYLE ELVA DREISBACI-1 ROBERT DUCOTEY ROBERT DUTT L BEATRICE EARLEY CARL EDMONDSON T431 f Q' I "5" X54 THE UPPER COLLEGES I NM ' z ,iw T44 ' STANLEY EDXVARDS NVILLIAM EICHELBERGER FRANK EMERSON ROSE FATIGUSO ROBERT FERRIS JAMES FIFER ARIADNE FOSS GNWENNETH FOSS MARY JANE FRYE CARL FULLER RICHARD FUNK CAROLE GANYARD ANDREW GARDASKO DOROTHY GARRETT ALICE GIDDINGS CHARLES GIEGEL MILDRED GLASS LAURANETTE GODLOVE JOHN GOOD MARGARET GRAF BOB -GREENE NAOMI GREGG ELSIE GREGORY JEAN GRIFFIN THE UPPER COLLEGES ISOBEL GRIFFITH ROBERT GRIFFITH CARL GRONCY HYLDA GROSSENBACHER FRANK GRUCELLA ff f HENRY HAAS f VE . JUANITA HALL , GENEVIEVE HAMMOND A fi ff' ,Q I "A . 4 My CARL HANES L," I ,1 f., ' at ARNOLD HANSON DORIS HARFORD TOM HARPER 3 V. A ik ww-L M . , as X ALFRED HART SUMNER HAWLEY CARL HENDERSHOT EUGENE HESTON MARIAN HILLS I' -wh ERMA HOFELT NELLIE HGFFMAN VERBA HORNER HELEN HRANILOVICI-I MAE ERICE HUDSON WILLIAM IRELAND JULIA JACOBS X451 'VT THE UPPER COLLEGES J, ' MORRIS JOBE 5-f WI ROBERT KEATING E 0' J MARJORIE KEENER Yjfzj : .. A - . I, JACK KEHL MT S ' ROBERT KELSEY T MARY KENNEDY 'JN ik iv x. - JOSEPH KIME PRED KLEIN WILLIAM KLIPPERT XVALTER KOMINIC f L JOHN KOTOWICH KATHRYN KREBS J J,J. N ,J ELLEN JANE LEMMON 4-7 if 6155 A ,JE it: SIGMUND LEVIN BETTY LICHTENWALTER DONALD LINGO JACK LINK HAROLD LIGNETTI J KARL LIBSCOMB I I A EEKM-'P A' I I46 RICHARD LORD GEORGE MCCLELLAND . rl. CATHERINE MCCLELLAN . ROBERT MacCURDY JULIA McDOWELL THE UPPER COLLEGES DONALD MCFADDEN MARTHAROSE MCFARLAND MARY JANE MCINTIRE HAROLD MCINTOSH CLYDE MCPEEK PAYE MACK LAWRENCE MACK GLADYS MARSH JOHN MARTIN MARY JANE MASKREY JEANETTE MATSON STANLEY MEESE ALFRED MIKOLASHEK BLANCHE MILLER JACK MILLER RUTH MILLER BETTY MILLHOFF ELAINE MORGAN BERNARD MONG ANNA MORTON JOSEPH NAGY N ELIZABETH -NEIDERT OPAL NIPPER RAYMOND NOEL E471 THE UPPER COLLEGES I48 I BARBARA OBERRITTER BEATRICE OFFINEER FLOYD OGDEN FLORENCE O'NEIL MARGARET OSBORNE WILLIAM J. PALMER MARGUERITE PARTRIDGE EUGENIA PAVELOI BESSIE PECK MARY PECK HELEN PESARIC BETSY PHILLIPS MADELINE PHILLIPS ANITA PIERA EMMA RAUSCH FORDYCE REESE 'GERALD RENNIE BETTY REPHANN ELEANOR RHODES BEN ROGERS WINFRED ROGERS GUY ROMITO JOHN ROPPEL MARGARET ROUNDY THE UPPER COLLEGES MICHAEL SAMARTZI DENT SANFORD HELEN SANKEY BETTY SCHMIDT RICHARD SCHULTZ STEPHANIE SEARS VIVIAN SEMLER JEAN SHOLITAN GROVER SHUMAN JACK SILVERSTEIN MARY AGNES SIMMONS HELEN SISLER JOHN SLIFKO MARY EVELYN SMITH GORDON SNYDER JOSEPH SOHNER ROSE SOUREK JEANETTE SPULLER RUTH SQUIRES MARGARET STIGGERS WILLIAM STURGEON ALTON SWEITZER HOWARD SWIRES GRACE THURSTON I491 ,-, ' A r "4 LI 4, ' . X .ff . Rs IS , 'I ff T QL, , . s i iz-I ,xx T' ""' R . "- fl' f W, 4 K3 ,I,, V ""'- ' V f ' ,f "" V A if I , 7 7 ,Th EGM ' S 4?-A I f' A .A 3 5 "' . M gg an nr' If fefglr R. 5-1-f QV 5 1: 3, R' R. V, . ' R I J V4 I E iw' " I x v 'S R THE UPPER COLLEGES MARGUERITE TRUMAN STANLEY VanTESLAAR ROSEMARY WADE ROBERT WALL GEORGE WARREN H. J. WILEY MAURICE WINCE JOE ZEMLA, I50I ROBERT VanSICKLE A A WENDELL VanSICKLE ' JOHN VERDE I JAMES VIALL MARGARET WAGNER CHARLES WALKER CLARA WALTZ WILLIAM WALZER EDITH WEAVER GERALD WEIGLE ROBERT WILLIAMSON IVOR WILLIS ROSE WOLF PAULINE YOUNG VIRGINIA ZINKHANN MARY CISSNE Q Mrs. Ruth Andress Robert Appleby Esther Arend Jane Bailey Robert Bauer William Beck Bruce Bennett Harold Binns Jean Blake Margaret Braden Vincent Brommelhaus Chester Capron Mary Chamberlin Louis Chanyi Chester Church Patrick Cookro Bernard Corman Darl Cottrell Corbin Crouch Lynetta Dandridge Dominic Deremigio William Dewey Laurette Dodds Roy Engler John Erwin Stokes Fuller James Fulmer Joe Goldstein Howard Graham David Gross Dorothy Grotstein Thelma Growden Carroll Gustely S Esther Hand James Harris Harold Hibbard Robert Huhn THE UPPER COLLEGES No Pfmiograjvfas SI!l2llIfffl'd Frank Humphrey Fred Huston William Innes William Jenkins Jack Jones Harold Kannel Ernest Kaufman Sheldon Kelley Margaret Kelly Isadore Kempler Henry Kerber John Kerr Steve Kortvejesi Mike Krino Mitchell Kuhar Rose Kuhar John Lackey Vernon Leasor Miller Lewis Doreen MacDonald Phillip MacGregor Donald Mather Beryl Matlack Martha McCown Beatrice McCoy Margaret McCoy Robert McCrosky William Mclntosh Joseph Mclntyre Mildred McTammany Robert Merrill Serge Migdal Robert Miller Ruth Morgan Ira Morton Mrs. Maud Motz wi Frank Olivo Pete Olivo Glenn Orr Fred Pamcr Paul Pfeiffer Harold Raash Earl Rottmayer Francis Rougeux Lyle Roush J. A. Schufle lrving Schwartz Charles Schwarz Marvin Seese John Shaul Forrest Sibley Edward Sloane Anthony Smith Jane Smith YV. R. Smith Jane Steiner Carl Tenison James Thomas Ray Thomas Evelyn Timmerman Marian Totman Dan Trivich George Turek Stanley Vosper Dale Waugh James Weber Robert Weidenmeyer Bernard Wright Helen Wuchter Edward Zapasnik Mack Zolnerzak Josephine Zook I ' fx' Mlm' WWF' .H 'ua J! 'av 'I 4 ' .My - Mb. -ml I., H - I A i e . . f , -,i g i A . - . ,lv ,1 ' nu f qb. 1' ' I 2 A- N, rn . ' ,,- 5- '-X ,M ,,, 1 1 ,N 1 . -f' 4.,if- fm, . .' -' 'w ' 'W " ' V V 'ws' -V- a lu. ,, r. 'el'-,' . Q D' f ru I .. v y : ,bf -'- -',yyz,k:.- - J' mg. iru-, .,A.nm1,, , 1 1. 1 .r, A., i. 'fb-A ,. ,L.., ,,. W ' , , img? n, 1... X .nz ,. ' Inv n - .,.,,--My , , - .544 A , 1 - H' n.. A n,. -. .,. .,:'y, P . -X -. ,fri -f '. f.-N. ,-, - -N..-, V' .: Q U: ' i. Q, '4 .hh L ...xx ,A x r r My w v 1 '. f,- L , ..,, pa- . 13 - ' 'E link'-. 1 . 2: -. ' '44 5140? ,,,'. ' -is " .lr 1' 4, 'fg,i,3, 1 1 L-:rw nu 4'- i! 'f-iv? ll. .A Tl-IE GENERAL CDLLEGE TI-IE GENERAL COLLEGE Abdulla, Albert Abraham, Fred Acker, Helen Ahern, David Ahern, William Aidman, Sol Akschan, Mary Ann Aleshire, Stewart Allen, Kermit Allen, Ora Allman, Aubrey Alogdelis, Joanna Amer, Mary Ammerman, Margaret Andrew, Jack Anshutz, William Antonick, Eugene Antonucci, Agnes Antonucci, Renaldo Appleby, James Athens, George Atkinson, Martha Auker, Lillian Aumann, Doris Austin, Robert Baehr, Bud Bair, Martha Baird, William Baker, George Baker, Percy Balasco, Joseph Ballanger, Verla Ballard, Donald Ballway, Louise Banks, Kenneth Barker, Alice Barker, Helen Barkley, William Barnes, Gwendolyn Barry, Patricia Bartlett, Jane Batdorff, Emerson Bauer, Jack Baughman, Evelyn Baughman, Fuller Bazley, Marion Beauford, Madelyn Bebout, William Beck, William Becker, Cletus Benko, Rudolph Benson, Jeanne Bentley, Margaret Berg, Thomas Berk, Zola Berlitz, Marcia Berry, Mary Jane Bertsch, Robert Beshara, Charles Beeshardt, Helen Bezbatchenko, John Bickler, Don Binford, Weston THE GENERAL COLLEGE Bird, Irene Bishop, Earl Bishop, Glen Blackburn, June Blake, Bernita Blake, William Blatter, Victor Blechl, Catherine Bode, Roy Bond, Marjorie Bonner, Jerry Boorom, Betty Bowden, Gladys Boyd, James Boyd, Frances Bozin, Daniel Bradley, Dale Brand, Eugene Brand, Hugh Bray, William Brett, Thomas Bricken, Jane Bridger, David Briers, Eugene Briscoe, Melbourne Brittain, Dorothy Brock, Geraldine Brooks, Florence Brothers, Nevin Brown, Chester Brown, Herbert Brown, William Brownfield, Marjorie Brownfield, Robert Brownsword, Pearl Brubaker, Ferdinand Brubaker, Glen Brucker, Alice Buhlak, George Bump, Hale Burley, Robert Burnett, Ruth Burnham, Edgar Burnham, Marian Burtoft, Elizabeth Burton, Robert Busby, Archie Bush, Marcia Buzzi, Paul Byrider, John Cable, Howard Cahill, Gertrude Caldwell, Donald Campbell, Camille Campbell, John Caplin, Samuel Carlisle, Leonard Carlson, Betty Carnahan, Joseph Carrell, Rae Marie Cartwright, Russell Casey, Mary Jane Cass, Virginia Cattran, Thelma Cehrs, Charles Chacey, Mrs. Miriam Chandler, Earl Chapman, Dean Chestnut, Benette Chickvary, William Chovan, Caniel Christensen, Delmar Christman, Evelyn Christy, John Church, Mark Cimini, David Ciraldo, Robert Ciriello, Frank Clawson, Mary Cleave, Roger Clemmer, Elizabeth Cline, Richard Coburn, Paul Codrea, George Cohen, Albert Cohen, Jeanette Cole, Betty Cole, Mary Cole, Robert Collins, Catherine Collis, Robert Conger, Lathan Conkel, Delbert Conn, Richard Considine, Edward Cooper, Frank Cooper, Virginia Coovert, Margaret Corns, Charles Cory, Edward Coscia, Anthony Cottler, Roselyn Courtney, Thomas Cramer, Chester Crane, Ruth Crano, Florence Crawford, Vivian M. Crisp, George Crow, Ann Cullison, Karl Culver, Frederick Cummings, Mary Jane Cunnington, Albert Curry, Katherine Curtice, William Daley, Samuel Damicone, Clement Dando, Lillian Dannacher, Marian Dannemiller, Rita Darnell, Jesse Darst, David Dasch, Eleanor Davies, Harriett Davis, Howard Davis, Mary Lee E551 Davis, Virginia Dawson, John Day, John Day, Merton Deen, Stanley DeHaven, Ardis Deist, Herbert Deli, Lawrence DeMoss, Orvella Deremigio, John Derwort, Bernard DeVore, Paul DeYoung, Earl Dickson, Ronald DiFederico, Concetta DiMascio, Dominic Dix, Dorothy Dodson, Dorothy Dodson, Frieda Doering, William Donovan, Marguerite Dornacher, Harriet Dorner, Jack Doshna, Mary Doud, Richard Dressler, Paul Drew, Marjorie Dubatowka, Mary Dubina, George Duff, Roy Duke, Theodore Duncan, Alice Dunn, Frances Durr, Marion Durst, Richard Dycus, Gus Ebbert, Catherine Ebenhack, Donald Eberhardt, Harold Eberhardt, Harriet Eckard, Willis Eckert, Elsie Eckert, Irene Eckhart, Margaret Elder, Norman Elias, James Ellery, Lillias Endres, Elizabeth Endress, Edward Erickson, Edward Esch, Everett Eshelman, Edwin Estright, Myrtle Evans, Marie Evans, Mildred Evans, Raymond Evans, Wendell Fair, Walter Farkas, George Farley, Orville Feeley, John Fellmeth, Robert Fernella, Mike Ferris, Frank Fesus, Joseph Fiegly, Harry Finney, Bennie Finney, George Fishburn, James Fisher, Michael Fleisher, Evelyn Fleisher, Helen Fleming, Doris Flickinger, Josephine Flint, Doris Flippo, Jack Floasin, Helen Foley, Jeanne Foley, Michael Foltz, Bessie Foltz, Julia Ford, Orene Forester, Robert Foss, Marilyn Foster, Martha Fowles, Arlene Frater, Lorraine Frazee, Charles Fretz, George Friedman, Beatrice Friess, Phyllis Frisby, Robert Frye, John Fulop, Louis Fuston, Lillian Gaberel, Lenore Gaeta, Louis Gagen, Ethelreda Gaglianese, Rose Gajewski, Edmund Galbraith, Margaret Garcia, Andrew Gardner, Royal Garl, Kenneth Garn, Mada Garrigan, Margery Garver, Richard Geese, Robert Gertz, Rose Gilham, Helen Gilleland, Genevieve Gilliland, Marjorie Givens, Dorothy Glasgow, Robert Glass, Logan Glass, Marjorie Gleghorn, Robert Goerky, Charles Goff, Leonard Goldberg, Sol Goldsmith, Jack Goldsmith, Richard Gorbach, Louis Gordan, Lillian Gorup, Joe Goson, James THE GENERAL COLLEGE Graham, Bess Graham, Howard Graham, Robert Grassbaugh, Francis Gray, Houston Greenbaum, Bertha Greenwald, Richard Greenwald, Robert Gregory, Curtice THE GENERAL COLLEGE Higgins, Alice Higgins, Robert Higley, Robert Hilbish, Alice Hildebrand, Esther Hochberg, Raymond Hoertz, Bruce Hoifmaster, Joanna Hoffmeyer, June Grendrenska, Wanda Hoifmeyer, Kathryn Grenzow, Donald Grifhn, Beata Grifhn, Walter Griffith, John Griffiths, David Griffiths, Rowland Groark, Margaret Gron, Ethel Gross, John Guest, Burton Guinter, Betty Gullia, Carmen Gunsolus, Mary L. Guran, John Gurewitz, Bernice Gustafson, Frances Guth, Maude Haberman, Rose Halamay, Olga Halderman, Jared Hall, Edward Hamilton, Evalouise Hamilton, William Hamlin, Bettye Hammerbeck, Lloys Hammond, June Hanson, Carl Hanzel, Andrew Harbaugh, Betty Harms, Bill Harris, Helen- Harris, Lucille Harry, William Hart, Adele Hart, Richard G. Hart, Richard D. Hartline, Harold Hartz, Robert Hausch, Walter Hawk, Glennard Heepe, William Heintz, Josephine Hennis, George Henry, Emma Holub, Frances Honeywell, Thelma Hooker, Betty Hooker, Robert Hoover, 'George Horn, Sherman Horst, Marguerite Horvath, Elizabeth Houser, Kenneth Huber, Robert Humphrey, Frank Hunt, Robert Hutchinson, John Iredell, Helen Isner, Alvis Iyoob, John Jaccaud, John Jackson, James Jackson, Robert H. Jackson, Robert W. Jacobsen, Margot Jaffe, Muriel James, Amelia James, Harry Jameson, Chrysa Jaques, William Jared, Estel Jauchem, Clarence Jenkins, Donald Jereb, Vincent Jobes, Lydia Joles, Robert Jones, Dorothy Mae Jones, Dorothy Marie Jones, Jean Jones, Rosser Jones, William Jordan, Alberta Joy, Catherine Joy, Martha Junius, Stanley Jyurovat, George Kahn, Herbert Kallio, Nelle Henry, Mary Elizabeth Kapenekas, Harry Henterly, William Herr, Frederick Heskitt, Clinton Heudorf, Robert Heyburn, Ruth Heydorn, William Hibner, Edwin Hicks, William Karr, Adelaide Karr, Mary Kaufman, Mildred Kay, Harriet Keifer, Raymond Keirn, Gerald Keith, Fama Keller, Lucien Keller, Lucille Keller, Miriam Kelley, Jack Kennedy, Marian Kennedy, Martha Kenny, Richard Kent, Vera Kepler, Chester Kesselring, Blanche Kiesling, Anne Killgrove, Louis Killings, Evelyn King, William Kinney, Josiah Kinney, Ruth Kirkendall, Elmer Kissinger, Herbert Klar, Kenneth Kleckner, Russell Klespies, Frank Klink, John Knable, Rose Knapp, Edwin Knapp, Harriet Kodish Kodish , Hannah , Helen Kohler, Henry Kolk, Chester Komar Konsta omi, Mike nd, Gus Koon, Maurice Kosich, Benjamin Krenrick, Donald Kroe ge Kruse, r, Marian Robert Kucko, Thomas Kurzen, George Kyriak ides, Tassos Lampasone, John Lampasone, Victor Landef Langer Lantz, Laughl eld, Jean man, Sam Ersel in, John Lawrence, Virginia Leader, Betty Jane Leary, Lillian Leas, Paul Leatherman, Earl Lee, Carl Lee, Ruth Lee, Thomas Leibovitz, Selma Lemmon, Robert Lenihan, Robert Lesnick, Jacob Lessing, Robert Lessley, William Levin, Norton Lewis, James Lewis, Norma Lewis, Sara Leyda, William Liebert, Joachim i 57 1 Liedholm, Sigvard Lincks, John Litchfield, Gilbert Litman, Edna Lockhart, John Logan, Ben Logan, William Loge, Olivia Logue, Marjorie Long, Gertrude Long, Helen Long, Roy Lonsbury, Margaret Loulan, James Lowry, Robert Lucas, Catherine Luke, Marvin Luke, Vance Lundeen, Ardella Lyle, Jean Lytle, Hazel McCarthy, Francis McCarthy, Jane McCarthy, Richard McCaskill, Frances McChesney, Raymond McClelland, W. Roy McConnell, William McCune, Jim McDonald, Herbert McEldowney, Ralph Mc'Gaughey, Mary McGuckin, Vincent McIntyre, Frank McIntyre, Jack McIntyre, Robert McLain, James McMillan, Wanda McMullen, Alvin McPherson, William McVay, Catherine MacAaron, Kenneth MacCurdy, Robert Maglione, Elender Mahaffey, William Maher, Ralph Mallo, James Mallory, Edwin Mallory, Herbert Mangels, John Markey, William Markle, Marjory Marlowe, Jack Marquardt, Marvin Marsh, Robert Marsreller, Clay Martin, June Martin, Rosemary Martucci, Frank Martucci, Teresa Mason, Betty Mason, Ruth Massey, Bayard Matthews, Frances Matye, Victoria Meacham, Marshal Meade, Marjorie Meadows, Woodford Medley, Marjorie Meinhart, Carl Melonas, Betty Melson, Mclba Mendelson, Leona Merrick, Ralph Messina, Perrine Michel, Audrey Mikis, Ernest Mi1aS,Juli.1 Millard, Charlotte Millard, Marion Miller Andrew Miller Delbert Miller Dorothy Miller, Joseph Miller Marian Miller Oscar Miller Richard Miller, Ralph Mills, Richard Mills, Rita Mingle, Ruth Minster, Betty Minter, Jean Mintz, Robert Miracle, Harold Misock, James Mitchell, Joseph Mitchell, Ruth Mitten, Raymond Montgomery, Mildred Monzo, Alphonzo Morgan, George Morgan, Helen Morgan, James Morrison, Frances Morrison, Ray Morrison, Robert Morrow, Naomi Morton, Anna Moskovitz, Frances Moskovitz, Sidney Mostyn, John Mostyn, William Mott, Robert Murdock, Jane Murphy, Margaret Myers, Betty Jayne Myers, Margaret Myers, Park Mytholar, Lois Nagy, Louis Nelan, Patricia Nelson, Max Nemerh, Ernest Nicely, Edward Nicholis, Eric Nichols, John Niestockel, Alice THE GENERAL COLLEGE Nickles, Clara Niess, Donald Nixon, Larry Nixon, Walter Noble, Iris Noffsinger, Frank Nowels, Sara Noyes, Mary Gene Nurches, Paul Oakes, Violet O,Bradovich, Zora O'Brien, Katherine Oburn, William Ofensend, Betty Olin, Carroll O'Neil, Robert Orlinoff, Anne Orr, Keith Packan, Anne Pahle, Margaret Palmer, William Papageorge, Gus Pappas, Katherine Pappas, Mary Paridon, Lucille Parker, Charles Parker, Richard Parsons, Eva Patton, Peggy Pavlov, Mike Pearn, Starr Peters, Charles Petley, Marjorie Pettitt, Lois Phillips, Charles Phillips, Eugene Phillips, Stella Pierce, Sylvia Pillitiere, Ann Pinkston, Charles Pitts, Arthur . Pledger, Art Plyler, Henry Poetter, Clarence Polen, Edna Popiel, Victor Porter, Donald Poulos, Frances Prokop, Matilda Quell, Tressa Quigley, William Raasch, Eileen Rabinovitz, Henry Radcliffe, Roberta Rader, Marie Ralston, Suzanne Ramicone, Louis Randolph, Kenneth Rankin, Grace Rankin, Paul Rapp, Harry Rawls, Marion Ray, Ernest Reash, Arthur THE GENERAL COLLEGE Redner, Helen Ree, Pauline Reidy, Robert Reining, Conrad Reiss, Sylvia Renner, Doris Renner, Ralph Renz, Delmar Resseger, John Resseger, Rowena Rhoads, Thomas Ribelin, Dorothy Rice, Paul Richards, Gale Richards, Kenneth Richardson, Martha Richardson, Mary Richardson, Ruth Richert, Rosemary Ricker, Jane Ricketson, Gustavus Rittman, Steve Roberts, Gene Robinson, Frances Rogers, William Rohrer, Dorothy Romito, Jovena Romo, Marion Roos, Arnold Rootes, Harold Rosen, Bernard Rosenbloom, Nathan Ross, Alba Ross, Betty Ross, George Ross, James Ross, Kenneth Roth, Robert Roundtree, Charles Roush, Paul Rousmanoff, Robert Rowland, Phyllis Ryan, Marijean Sister M. Francis Sister M. Leo Sabin, Ray St. John, William Salem, Frederic Sandberg, Betty Sanford, Betty Sarver, Wilton Sass, Beatrice Sayre, -Gordon Scatterday, Eleanor Schaeffer, Roger Schepp, Robert Schindewolf, Dorothy Schmahl, Jack Schmidt, Doris Schmidt, Marjorie Schmuck, Rosemary Schnabel, Violet Schnee, Fred Schneiderman, Isadore Schray, Mary Schwan, Patricia Schwartz, Eleanor Schwartz, Ellis Schwartz, Lillian Schweikert, William Scott, Eugene Scott, Lewis Seib, Karl Seiler, William Sekeres, Elmer Selby, Barbara Sellers, James Sellers, Paul Semegen, Alex Semegen, Steve Semler, Jane Semonin, Emmet Senuta, Mike Serbu, Earl Shank, Barbara Sharp, Raymond Shaul, Theodore Sheets, Everet Sherard, George Sherry, George Shobert, Sam Sholitan, Revella Shreve, Wendell Shroyer, Janet Siflin, Louise Silverstein, Abraham Simich, Melos Simmons, Wilma Simonetti, Esther Simonetti, Frank Simpson, Eileen Simpson, Oscar Sipes, Richard Slonczewski, Edward Smith Betty Smith Bruce Smith Dorothy Smith Gordon Smith Melvin Smith, Nellie Smith, Robert Smith Rosalie Sneed, Pauline Snyder, Joseph Snyder, Philip Snyder, Robert Sobeck, Harry Sobel, Betty Sohner, Charles Sokol, Eugene Sokol, Maurice Solomon, Morris Spore, Jane Spreng, William Staiger, Anna Stanford, James Stanford, Joseph Stanford, Violet 591 Stankard, james Stastny, Clara Steele, Donald Steffy, Russell Stein, Mary Steiner, Homer Sternberg, Leonard Stiggers, Amos Stofer, Virginia Stone, Elaine Stowe, Anthony Streeks, Helen Stricklen, Marjorie Stube, Vivian Stuecher, Kurt Sumner, Jeanette Swallow, Ralph Swan, Thomas Swift, Albert Syroad, Helen Tanzy, Grattis Tarbox, Harry Tarbox, Robert Tarr, Llewelyn Taylor, Essie Taylor, Richard Teeple, Chester Tennant, Betty Tenney, Donald Tepfenhart, Joe Tham, Dorothy Thoman, Clarence Thomas, David Thomas, Ruth Thome, Ted Thompson, Clem Thompson, Charles Thompson, Robert Thompson, Virginia Thorn, Val Thornton, Clark Thornton, Mary Thornton, Robert Thursby, Vincent Toll, Wayman Toon, Marjorie Trainer, Frederick Trembley, Robert Trenner, Louis Trent, Joyce Triplett, Dean Tsaloff, Carl Tschantz, Mary Turner, Elizabeth Twickler, George Umansky, Fay Unsworth, Edetha Varner, Virgin Vassalotti, Louis Vermillon, Ruth Vernon, Robert Vielhaber, Albert Vinciguerra, John Vogler, Betty Voige, Helen Vosper, Kathleen Vukan, Frank Waddell, Joseph Wagner, Doris C. W'agner, Doris E. Wfagner, john Wagner, Mary Louise Wagner,Wanna Waite, George Waldman, Harry Waldvogel, Robert Walker, Forrest Wfallace, Dorothy Wfalther, Mark Wfarden, Richard Ware, Hilda Warner, John Warren, Allen Warren, Robert Waters, Lawrence Watkins, John Watson, Howard Wecker, Arthur Weidanz, Hugh Weil, Harold Weirath, Robert Welch, Doris Wettstyne, Betty Whaley, Royden Whatley, Odessa Wheeler, Harold White, Charles Wiandt, William Wiener, Joan Wiley, Abbie Willard, Winifred Williams, Gertrude Williams, Regina Willis, Grace Wilson, Alex Wilson, James Wilson, Leon Wiltrout, Robert NVindsor, Richard Winland, Orpha Witner, Richard Wixcey, Harold Wfomersley, Margaret Wright, Robert Wright, Walter Wyman, Charles Yates, Samuel Yonally, James Yoos, Herbert Young, Robert Yurza, Joe Zazula, Frank Zepp, Randall Zimmerman, Clifford Zimmerman, Harold Zintel, Irene Zollinger, William Zwicker, Esther I I g'xL',g:Y.,4'-11 'J -' .W 4 a 'G--'M ' - Q- w--.-uv g'---- u M V V -vy-, ,- :I ft- I ' 3 Qllv , Y" ' v , ' ' . , W 1 . I' L. :xx r , , A .,-Rx ,BC . . X,-X 1 x W , M W V- W ,XVII-Zi. N 'xg I 4 i M , 'I when U 'W w Ii , VKX n .5'i'f1f: 1- L I , I . ,J 4, , H . , VF V 3 A m' mn... l, , 0 I 5 b 7 WL, 'V .4 ' ' "' :N " ',-' - 1 ." nn ..Q- H ' Ml l!:"fTla Qf.'i.1'1. :fu A gi. 'N 7 AMN.-? .U-34-E2-..s Hu i Tl-IE E ENIN SESSIO DIRECTOR'S MESSAGE Recreational and social activities are a significant part of a liberal education. Such activities, planned by and oifered to all Evening Students during the current year, have con- tributed in a large measure to the complete development of the individual. This opportunity is one of the many services offered to Evening Students through the Division of Adult Education. LESLIE P. HARDY, Director of Adult Education. l62l THE STUDENT SENATE Top Row: Grosh, Johnson, Stubbs, Watts. Front Row: Brand, Swires, Koss, Fischer. FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS President ........, Vice President Secretary ,,..rt Corresponding Secretary .,,., Treasurer ..tttt.t.....ttttttttt President Vice President MEMBERS Nancy Brand Milton Johnson SECOND SEMESTER Secretary .....,,.,c 2 .cccccc...ccccc Corresponding Treasurer ...... OFFICERS Secretary ..... MEMBERS Audrey Bennett Kenneth Benson I65I aa---.Walter Grosh Marjorie Fischer Mary Koss as scccs Maxine Swires ,.,. Henry Watts George Stubbs Henry Watts Marjorie Fischer Miss E. D. Rice Margaret Conroy George Stubbs William Russell CLASS REPRESENTATIVES Virginia Alkire Loudora Allaman Carl Arnold Virginia Athey William Ayers Grace Bachtel Marjorie Barber Ennis Barnes Pearl Bartholomew Louis Bauman Dorothae Baumgardner Audrey C. Bennett Kenneth Berry George Biddle Emma Bischoff Ethel Blank Thomas Blankenship Glenn Boots Gladys Bracken H. D. Bredehorn Elizabeth Brodt Virginia Brownfield Irma K. Brundage Harold Brust Richard Buchholzer Estelle Allen Virginia Athey Robert Bailey Eunice Barnes ' Angie Baughman Kenneth Benson Sam Berger Helen Bigum Joe Beighey William Blank Virginia Bolton Sam Breitenstein Elizabeth Brodt Virginia'Brownfield Edward Brucher Harold Brust Clifton Cashion Patrick Castner Pearl Carlson FIRST SEMESTER CLASS REPRESENTATIVES Nicholas Buida C. Burnbaumer Della Burwell Mary Caetta C. W. Casenhiser Patrick Castner F. F. Censky Angeline Chordar Mary Cohen Margaret Conley Margaret Conroy Ford Coolman Dorothy Cotterman John Cottler Gerard Cunningham Sterio Dandakis Angela Dell Fanny D'lanni Anna Belle Dietz Leroy Dietz Arlen Dorsey Beatrice Early Frank Eiler R. W. Elsass Lenore Eppard L. R. Ervin George Evans XVm. Ferguson Herbert Fink Marjorie Fischer Helen Fisher Edward Flowers Charles Fogarty James Gaffney Margaret Gaffney Sally Garcia Dorothy Garfield June Geer L. C. Geer John A. Gill Lonnie Glisson John Goldwood Lottie Graf R. Grassbaugh W. Russell Gray Mary Groark Elizabeth Grosh Beryl Gustely Louis Haberman Dale Haines Eleanor J. Hammond Howard Henshaw Maria C. lngberg Edna Jeffries Thomas Jenkins Milton Johnson Robert Keene Mary Keller Mida E. Kerr Fred Kluss Mary Koss W. L. Kuethe Alvin Larson NV. G. Lathrop John Lauer Thomas Lee Olive Linn Wendell Lutes Kathryn Lutz Robert McCall George McClelland Mildred McGregor D. E. Mclntire Roy McLaughlin Fred Malagio Rose Martin Alex Matyus Irene Minter S. R. Montgomery Robert More Rudy Moss Joe Nagy John Neidert Louise Nichols F. E. Ogden Tony Olivo Evelyn Ost Charles Packan Pat Paridon John Petruska Dale Pettry Mildred Pickens C. B. Pittinger Willy Price Freda Primm Estherbell Pritchard SECOND SEMESTER CLASS REPRESENTATIVES Betty Radam Goldie Rais Lucille Reisinger E. D. Rice Tom Richardson LeRoy Rex Alice Robertson Louise Rosenfeld Mary Rothrock Effie Russell William Russell Rose Saladna Joe Savely LeRoy Sehmucher Margaret Sebok A. E. Seidel John Sewell Robert Siegferth Jesse Smith William Smith W'illiam Sohner Carl Stager Kathleen Steiner Vernon Steinfeldt Jeanne Clark Margaret Gaffney Robert Henderson Josephine Kyle Roberta Radcliffe Joe Conn Patrick Gibbons Howard Henshaw Laura Kyte Eugene Ray J Verne Coontl Wilma Glass Catherine M. Henton lva Lady Sidney Reaven Allen Crabb Lonnie Glisson Mae Hinman Bessie Lane Leona Reisinger Nellie Craft C. R. Goff Ralph Hoskin Ruth Love Charles Rennie Robert Davis XVilbur Gough Florence Howell R. A. Martin E. D. Rice C. J. Deeds Marvin Heid Eloise Hutchison Pauline Matich Alfred Riley Vlarcclle DeLaGrange C. L. Hawk Eugene Jones B. A. Mong James Robb Marie DellAngelo Ellen Hatzis Helen Jones Stanley Montgomery L. Rosenfeld David Dienoff Edna Harwell Richard Jordan Robert More Alice Roundy Harold Eberhardt Elsie Gregory Warren Kaess Thomas Murphy William Russell Ruth Elliot Jean Gregory Burdette Keen Henry Nelsen Rubie Sanders William E. Feist William Guy Robert A. Keene Horace Norman Mary Scichilone Sarah Faulkner George Hand Lucille Keller Peter Olegar Betty Schmidt William Ferguson Agnes Harbaugh Mary Keller Morris Orlinoff Jack Seawright Marceil Fifer Clarance Hardesty Mida Elizabeth Kerr Stefania Orsich John Smith - Francis J. Fitzgerald William Harper Clair Kibler Mabel Oyster Viola Smith Charles Fogarty Jean Heilman William Killings John Petruska William Smith Helen Foote Frank Heimbaugh W'alter Kovalich Carl Powell C. A. Snyder R. L. Wfilliams Byron Wunderly f64l George Stubbs Maxine Swires Alice Taylor James Thomas Myron Thomas Cyrus Thornton Mary Tighe Richard Tinker Loretta Tisch Tom Van Doros Dale Van Hyning Sumner Vanica Joseph Voris XVilliam Waggener Evelyn Wall Don Warner Henry Watts Fred Weber Novella Welch - R. L. Williams Robert Woodford Edward Zapasnik Gerald Zeis Ellis Zickefoose O. P. Zweifel W'illiam Sohner Thelma Sowers Charles Starling Frances Staskus Fred Stehmeyer Martha Stephens Harry Sykes Mary Toth Lucille Truscott Nina Trutko Wfilliam XVaggoner Don N"Q'arner ' William Watson Patrick Welsh Beulah XVest Robert XVest Thelma W'estfall Don Yfelsh 1 xy' CHI SIGMA NU ,M ,v .. C3 H . . J. as as . 0 Top Row: Lantz, Porter, Thurston, McLaughlin, Thomas, Henshaw. Second Row: Green, Matye, Wade, Brust, Reichart, Flickinger. Front Row: Tinker, Zeis, Leigh, McFarland, Nuzum. President ,,..e, Vice-President ,ee, Secretary 1 ,,t...,,.. Treasurer .,eeee Guard Prophet tteettteeet, as Faculty Adviser .,r... Robert Alsbaugh Harold Baker Paul Borda Harold Brust Russell Cunningham Russell Eiber N Vincent Flickinger E. Vance Florence Ira Garver Michael Goldin Richard 'Green GAMMA CHAPTER OFFICERS MEMBERS Howard Henshaw Algier Jobes George Matye Wilbur Medkelf Leo McFarland Roy McLaughlin W. Paul Mills Myron Nuzum M. E. Parsons Orland Porter William Reichart Chi Sigma Nu is a national evening session social fraternity. wi Richard V. Green Russell Cunningham W. Paul Mills Fred Wade Howard Henshaw E. Vance Florence Prof. W. W. Leigh Vernon Rogers Ronald Russell Howard Sauer W. Glenn Thomas E. A. Thurston Richard Tinker Fred Wade Edward Williams Clarence Williams Clyde Wykoff Gerald Zeis GAMMA BETA Top Row: Richmond, Haberkost, Barber, Garver. Front Row: Kepler, Davidson, Krupp. Founded 193 5 OFFICERS President ..,.rrrrrrrr ...,.....,, L ....r,.,.. .....,., Vice-President .r... r.r,r..., Secretary r...,rrrrr,r rrrrrrrr Treasurer Guard ee.,,. L Prophetess rrerreeerr ereeree L Faculty Adviser Beatrice B. Kepler K. Leone Krupp Mrs. Ethel Garver Thora Davidson Eunice Haberkost Ruth Richmond Miss Rena Nancy Cable MEMBERS Isabelle Barber Eunice Haberkost Thora Davidson Beatrice B. Kepler Mrs. Ethel Garver K. Leone Krupp Ruth Richmond IBIACTIVE MEMBERS Mary Lorraine Amos Ruth Gough PLEDGES Anne Balaj Marie 'Grell Wilnia Bauman Margaret Shafer , l66l A. E. HONORARY FRATERNITY rp es, ., sr ' Top Row: Dunlevy, Willis, Beuter, Green, Binson, Johnson, Georgia Chamberlain, McKee Front Row: Krupp, Fischer, Koss, Cohen, Snyder, Davidson. ORGANIZED, 193 2 Faculty Adviser Honorary Member Jeanne Cohen Lowell L. Holmes OFFICERS FOR 1936-37 Mary Koss, President Gladys E. Chamberlain, Secretary MEMBERS Erwin F. Ammon Mary L. Amos Ruth Gentry Andress Ennice Barnes Kenneth E. Benson Harold Beuter Amelia Blackwood Rilla Bruederlein Georgia E. Chamberlain Gladys E. Chamberlain Jeanne Cohen Flo. B. Curran J. W'illiam Darrow Thora Davidson Hazelbelle Davis Helen G. DeLine James Dunlevy Marjorie Fischer Funice Barnes Foore Ethel Gerloch Garver Richard V. Green Milton O. Johnson Beatrice B. Kepler Mary Koss K. Leone Krupp Fdward Laushell George J. McKee George A. Matye Susan Mostenic wi Myron G. Nuzum Mildred R. Nye Nellie Porter Orland A. Porter Freida L. Primm Gladys Keith Rice Ronald F. Russell Vincent Scarpitti Nellie M. Snyder Rose M. Stanger Carmela Sunderhaus Tucker Lois Smith Sykes XV. Fred XVade Hazel K. W'illis Mary Zeis THE EVENING THEATRE The Evening Theatre produces one full evening play each semester, and holds six meetings at which one act plays and other features of interest to the group are presented. The first pro- duction was "The Late Christopher Bean" presented at the Goodyear Theatre on December 4 and 5. "Lady Windermerels Fanu was presented on April 15 and 17 at the Akron Jewish Center. President . . rrrrr ,. Vice-President rere .S Secretary-Treasurer Program Director Eugene Antonuk Leotia Black Louis Bozin Rose Brody Geraldine Brown Helen Bigum Williaiam Cochrane Margaret Conroy Mary Helen Conroy Donna Cooper Stewart Dobbins Emmalene Fair Marjorie Fischer OFFICERS MEMBERS Charles Fogarty George Nick George Lewellyn Goldsberry Wilbur R. Gough Kathryne Grahame Catherine Henton Jean V. johnson Mable Joynt Robert Keene William Killings Elsie Kopysjanslti Bessie Lane james Madigan Willard Maloy Bernard Mong Jessie Morey Eleanor Nevins Peter R. Olegar Margaret Pfaff Ruth Porter Fstherbell Pritchard Betty Radam Leona Reisinger Charles Rennie Sidney Reaven Virginia Robb Ben H. Rogers Alice Roundy James E. Robb Ruth Elliott Mary Koss Marcelle De La Grange XVilliam Russell john J. Sarb Dorothy Schnee Elizabeth Schneider Mariam E. Smith Robert Snow Mary Scichilone Camille Spack Lyle Stemple Gilbert Thomas Clem Thompson Edward Weiss Lois Zarich Membership in the Evening Theatre is open to all students enrolled as evening students. THE SERVICE CLUB FACULTY ADVISER Dean Marjorie Mitchell Organized 1935 The Service Club is composed of active Evening Session Women interested in serving the University of Akron. Although organized as a social group, its aim is to have every activity ultimately be a service to the University. Gladys E. Chamberlain Faculty Coordinator Helen E. Bigum Historian ACTIVE MEMBERS Helen E. Bigum Emma Louise Bischoff Nancy E. Brand Ethel H. Brigge Rilla M. Bruederlein Georgia E. Chamberlain Beulah West Gladys E. Chamberlain Marjorie A. Fischer Eloise R. Hutchison Mary Koss Helen E. Manhard E. Dortha Rice ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Flo. B. Curran Marion Darrow Ada Mae Michel Lila Neal Suzanne Ralston Gladys Keith Rice Amelia Schulz Iva Patton Schwarz Nellie Snyder Wilda Stoll Ellen Wardale During the past year the club entertained at a Christmas party for all evening session women. A precedent was set in June 1936 when the club entertained at a reception after Commencement for women members of the 1936 graduating class who were evening session students. The club will entertain 1937 class members the night of commencement. i691 4 I x. T , , a l Y 1 ' X VL . " .1 , 1. ' x ' ,.4, f -Z , ' 1.1 1 , ' ' v 1 L F I Q 3 "--! VP J,-1 A..-1 l . I. ' v f THLETICS JAMES W. AIKEN PAUL O. BIXLER Director of Athletics James W. Aiken was born in Ohio County, West Virginia, May 26, 1899. He attended grade school in Tiltonville, Ohio, and high school at Martins Ferry, Ohio. It was at Martins Ferry High School that "Jimmy,' first showed signs of athletic prowess. During his four years of high school, "Jimmy" Aiken played two years of basket- ball, four years of baseball, four years of foot- ball, and participated in track four years. In his senior year he was honored with the cap- taincy of both the football, and the track teams. Before being graduated in 1918, "Jimmy', was named to an honorary left end position, three years in a row, on the myth- ical All-Ohio Valley selections. He entered Washington and Jefferson College in the fall of 1918, and there played four years of football and two years of base- ball. In 1921 he was a member of the W. 85 J. team that went to the Rose Bowl. "Jimmy" Aiken's record is an impressive one. Before coming to the University of Akron, Coach Aiken's fourteen year coach- record boasts 121 football games won, 16 games lost, and two games tied. His Hrst year record with the Zippers was six games won, two lost, and one tied. 1721 Assistant Football Coach and Basketball Coach Paul O. Bixler was born at Louisville, Ohio, January 25, 1907, and attended grade school and high school in that town. While in high school, Coach Bixler played two years of football, two years of baseball, and two years of basketball, before graduating in 1925. In the fall of 1925 "Bix" enrolled at Mount Union ColIege, Alliance, Ohio. While at Mount, he played three years of football and three years of basketball. In his senior year Paul Bixler was named All-Ohio full- back, and was elected captain of that year's grid team. Upon graduation from Mount Union in the spring of 1929, Paul Bixler assumed a coaching position at Central Junior High School in Canton, Ohio. During that time he had two undefeated football teams in three years. In 1932 "Bix', became assistant coach to James W. Aiken, at Canton McKinley High School. At McKinley he served two years as varsity basketball coach, in addition to assistant football mentor. Here at Akron, Coach Bixler, facing a tough schedule, turned in a fine record of eight wins, and five losses. 1 S . L, ' i HA 5 Harry "Doc" Smitl1 Frederick S. Sefton F1'CShIT1311 Football Professor of Physical COL1Cl1 2lI'1Cl TFHCR COL1Cl1 Larry Becht Educgtigg Assistant Football Coach ALUMNI ASSISTING TI-IE ZIPPER SQUAD Publicity Director do cccc S S cc,c so or Paul "Red,' Templeton Squad Physician .ccccc - .c,., ,..Dr. Donald M. Traul "A" ASSOCIATION l Left to right, Top Row: Jack Miller, Mike Krino, Carl Tsaloff, James Appleby, Harold Beuter, James Fishburn, John Kotowich. Second Row: Alex Semegen, Bruce Wert, Tom Swan, Frank Hickman, Robert Mott, Robert Firestone, Ernie Kaufman. Front Row: Dick Stevens, Andy Garcia, Jack Jaques, Robert Schepp, Bill Sturgeon, Edward Nicely, Harold I-Iartline. tm THE CHEERLEADERS Edward Nicely John Byrider Charles Frazee Bruce Wert 1936 FOOTBALL SQUAD Top Row: Harold I-Iartline, Art Pledger, Carl Lee, Bob Bauer, Earl Chandler, Bob Dutt, Frank Cooper, Bill Sturgeon, Ray Hochberg. Second Row: Paul Bixler, assistant coach, Pete Crabb, managerg Paul Dressler, Don Cook, Andy Garcia, John Mostyn, Tom Watters, Stan Vosper, Al Monzo, Gordon Sayre, Harry "Doc" Smith, freshman coachg Jimmy Aiken. Front Row: Gus Papageorge, Ernie Kaufman, Joe Zemla, Carl Tsaloff, Mike Krino, Al Abdulla, Jimmy Mallo, Sam Sweitzer. U41 REVIEW OF 1936 FOOTBALL SEASON AKRON 33 . . . DETROIT TECH O With but two weeks of practice under their belts, the University of Akron Zippers opened their 1936 grid cam- paign on September 26, at Buchtel Field, in meeting Detroit Tech University, from Detroit, Michigan. Coach James W. Aiken,s Akron gridiron debut was a momentous one. Old Buchtel Field was packed to capacity to greet the Hilltop,s new mentor. And, in return, "Jimmy" Aiken put a foot- ball team on the :Held of which each and every Akronite might feel proud. Akron had little trouble in cracking the Tech nut, and in the course of the game managed to run up 33 points against the Toilers, who came out of the fray with nothing to their credit. "Lil" Stanley Junius was the biggest thorn in the side of the Michigan team, with a total of four touch- downs after his name when the final gun was fired. Jim Mallo, left end, added the fifth marker when he caught a short pass from quarterback Bill Sturgeon on the five-yard line, and then plunged the remaining distance for the touch- down. This was the first time the Zippers had encountered the Detroit Tech school, but the game was a bitter one from beginning to end, and the one-sided score does not in all fairness show Tech's true strength. With such short prac- tice, the Zippers showed remarkable power in blocking and opening up holes in the opponents forward wall, and in getting the backfield men through for long gains. Al Ab- dulla, hard-hitting fullback from Canton McKinley High School, paved the way for most of the eel-hipped Junius's long jaunts around the ends, plus his steady gains through the middle of the line. Not since the days of "Red" Coch- rane, many of the Zipper followers say, has Buchtel Field been host to such a fleetfooted runner, and deceptive half- back, as dusky Stanley Junius. 3. ,. . if fiiik A if ' Q K" 'iv ,, f',, '65 Al Abdulla Art Pledger Captains: Ernie Kaufman, Mike Krino, Bob Bauer. l75l .,.6 Sam Sweitzer 5 Stanley Junius AKRON 0 . . . WESTERN RESERVE 14 "Big Bill" Edwards, Western Reserve Red Cats proved more than a match for the Zippers, October 3, at Buchtel Field, and the Blue and Gold fell before the highly touted Cleveland team's attack 14-0. Throughout the duration of the game the Zippers were never outfought by the husky, veteran Red Cat team. The Zips met a better team, it was conceded by all, but no one was ashamed of Akron's ap- pearance, for the Zipper forward wall played the great Re- serve line to a standstill. "Doc" Kelker, Reserve's famed negro end romped 50 yards after catching a long pass in the second quarter, for the first Red Cat score. Then Myslenski, Reserve guard, early in the fourth period intercepted one of Bill Sturge0n's passes and ran 32 yards for the second score. Reserve con- verted on both extra points, once through the line when Ray Zeh carried the ball, and on a placekick by Myslenski. Reserve's 1936 win over the Akronites marks their eleventh victory over the Zippers in 21 games. Akron has turned the Red Cats back seven times, and two tie games make up the total. Passes, it was shown, were the downfall of the Zips. The lanky Kelker seemed to cover Buchtel Field in seven league boots to lead the Red Cats in batting down Akron passes, while carrying the Clevelanders passes deep into Akron territory. Time and time again the plucky Akron line withstood the assaults of the battering Ray Zeh, who last year led the country in total points scored. But the battle was a losing one and the Akron backs couldn't seem to get under way. Al Abdulla and Carl Lee did most of the ball carrying for Akron, while Bob Bauer and Joe Zemla stood out in the line. Although defeated, the Zippers played a fighting brand of ball and all the fans agreed, 8,000 strong, that they had more than their moneyis worth in this game. i761 A AKRON 6 . . . KENT STATE 0 Akron's first night game of the season, and third game on the schedule resulted in a 6-0 win for the Zippers over a fighting Kent State team, Friday, October 9. Akron soundly trounced the Golden Flashes, in a more decisive game than the score relates. But the Kent team was not an easy squad to take to task, for time and time again the Zips were stopped on the Flashes goal line. Al Abdulla, Don Cook, and Mike Krino were responsible for keeping Kent on the defensive the greater part of the game. It was Abdulla who tallied the only score of the game when he slipped through Kent's left side of the line to score from his own six-yard stripe. The ankle deep mud of Buchtel Field played a part in the battle, advantageous to the Staters, for Akron,s little Stanley Junius was slowed up considerably by the weather conditions. Through the services of junius, Abdulla, Garcia, and Sturgeon, the Zippers made 14 first downs to Kent's one. AKRON 14 . . . WOOSTER 0 Coach "Jimmy,' Aiken's University of Akron Zippers brought back to Akron the Wooster Cowbell, after blasting the Scots, 14-0, in a game played at Severance Stadium, Wooster, Saturday, October, 17. This is the first time in five years that the Zips have been able to come out of a Wooster grid fracas on the favorable end of the final score. The slightly damp ground in no way hindered Akron,s field day, for Junius, the lightest of the Akron backs led the cavalcade to Wooster's goal line on both touchdown drives. The Akron line blocked with viciousness, and it was a lucky Scot who ever got to an Akron ball carrier before the runner was well across the line of scrimmage. Junius scored the Zips first touchdown early in the Hrst quarter, when he tucked away one of Sturgeon's long passes and ran 20 yards for the tally. The second score was made by Abdulla in the third quarter, and Art Pledger calmly added the seventh point from placement, the same as he had done after the first touchdown. k,y,,, ei f af. 24 ,AH iw ' . . . x . 151' .:"f9 ..gS7i'?j,91',.: , ,. , '- 1-4 af... . ffrffw'MQ'-+4+ff.fH -,,..A-nl away..--zqffz-ima.-1 .f.,M...,. . sf . ' - -2f""'43. ' . Maw 4, .1 -fi-ff,4'f,fp,a.a1,:.ffg:i41-W - .f g..,..,t, 5.5 .- L f , wr fda? ffaf f Bob Dutt Jimmy Mallo l77l . Ak a....F Bill Sturgeon Mike Krino AKRON 18 . . . MUSKINGUM 6 The Zippers fourth win of the season came at the expense of Muskingum, in the form of a night game, on the Muskies home field, at New Concord, Ohio, October 23. The Maurauders, to date undefeated, were no match for the determined Zips who were bound to avenge a 19-0 loss suffered from the Muskies last year. The much publicized Muskingum passing attack was stopped cold by the Akronites and after the first five minutes of play Akron had the game well under control. A revelation to Coach Aiken in the Muskingum game was the great line play, a brilliant and much improved passing attack with a wet and slippery ball, and the running of Junius and Garcia. Muskingum was first to score, after five minutes of play, when Patton plunged over from the ten yard line for the Muskies only six points. But after that, the Zippers completely dominated the game, and ran up 18 points by three touchdowns in as many quarters. Abdulla, Junius, and Cook each accounted for an Akron touchdown. AKRON 33 . . . JOHN CARROLL 7 The University of Akron Zippers retained their perch atop the Ohio Conference by defeating John Carroll University Blue Streaks by a score of 33-7, in their sixth game of the sea- son, at Buchtel Field, October 31. This was the Zips fourth straight victory in Ohio Conference competition. In all-Ohio competition, the Zips moved into second place with a record of five games won, and one game lost. Little Stanley Junius again was the feature of the show in scoring three more touchdowns. Of the 29 passes attempted by the Blue Streaks, only one was completed over the Akron goal line for a touchdown. Andy Garcia, Zipper halfback, who formerly ran the mail for the Cleveland school, played a prominent part in the defeat of the Streaks by successive gains through his old teammates. The Zips, playing a listless first half, came back in the fourth quarter and scored 19 points, on top of the halftime score of 14-7. Junius and Abdulla clicked off the touchdowns again with three and two respectively. U81 . AKRON 25 . . . HEIDELBERG 0 In a Homecoming Day game at Buchtel Field, November 7, Coach "Jimmy" Aiken's Zippers defeated Heidelberg 25-0, in a thriller that gave the old grads many a pleasant memory of the days gone by. Bill Sturgeon's eagle-eyed passes spelled the doom for the Student Princes when three of the Zips four touchdowns resulted from Sturge0n's heaves. ,Iunius caught two of the scor- ing passes and Carl Lee the third. Art Pledger accounted for the other Akron touchdown when he fell on the ball over the Heidel- berg goal line after Ernie Kaufman, Akron guard, had blocked a kick. The Heidelberg game was marked by clean, hard blocking by the Zips and a goodly share of fancy ball carrying by both teams. Art Pledger's play on the line, and his kicking made his finest game of the year. During the intermission between the halfs, President and Mrs. Simmons were honored by the alumni, and the student body. Ralph Hatter, former Akron district high school athlete was Coach Ted Turney,s biggest asset as Heidelberg's backfield sparkplug. Hatter passed and ran the ball for the Princes' prin- ciple gains. AKRON 7 . . . BALDW'1N-WALLACE 46 After playing brilliant football and leading 7-6 at halftime, Akron's fighting Zippers were given their second setback of the season by the second half scoring spree of Baldwin-Wallace, at Berea, to the tune of 46-7, November 14. Akron's defense and offense completely bogged down to allow the Yellow Jackets to score 13 points in the third quarter, and 27 in the fourth quarter, following the intermission period. Abdulla plunged through the B-W line in the middle of the second period to put Akron in the lead, and Bauer place kicked the extra point. Norm Schoen cut the lead to a single point before the quarter ended, and Akron,s superiority from then on was short lived. The Jackets opened the second half with passes, long and short, and wide and straight. In vain the Akron defense tried to cope with the famous aerial circus but the Wattsmen were determined and the grueling first half began to tell on the Akronites. Bald- win-Wallace completed 13 out of 19 passes for a gain of 192 yards, as Schoen scored four touchdowns, Noble two, and Heinmiller one. However, in total yards gained, Akron was accredited with 202 yards, and B-W with 201 yards. "4 4 is me 1 Carl Lee Ernie Kaufman , 5793 if ,.-NN Q 1, . ax., , -as ' ...Wy 1. ax as Don Cook Andy Garcia 1 as 1 AKRON 14 . . . MOUNT UNIGN 14 In one of the roughest games ever to be played on the sod of Buchtel Field, Coach James W. Aiken's Blue and Gold warriors finished off their 1936 season November 21, with a 14-14 tie game with Mount Union College. The Mounties were out for blood, and for the first quarter the Zips seemed prone to let the gridders from Alliance play the game about any way they cared. Mount,s first score came from a concentrated first quarter drive from the middle of the Held over Akron's goal line. On a series of hard, smashing line plays the Mounties had scored before the game was ten minutes old. Akron,s strong line, which had played the great B-W forward wall to a standstill the first 30 minutes of the game the week before was furnishing little compe- tition to the unsympathetic Mount team. Mount paid little heed to the numerous warnings and penalties which the officials meted out, and Akron was literally pushed all over the field during the first half. At the end of the second quarter Mount Union held a 14-7 lead. Akron had scored before the half-time, when little Stanley romped around his own right end for 24 yards and a touchdown, and Art Pledger had converted the extra point by placement. The Zippers came back in the third quarter and before the second half was five minutes old Akron had evened the score with another touchdown to its credit. Art Pledger's educated toe kicked the seventh point, and both teams were on an equal foot- ing again. Carl Tsaloff, rugged end took three of Sturgeon,s passes for substantial gains and wasn't held until over the Mounties goal line. Mount Union, traditionally the final opponent on the Uni- versity of Akron grid schedule, hadn't scored on the Zippers since 1932 when Akron defeated Mount 20-6. Don Cook and Mike Krino both came out of the Zips final game with broken noses, and Cook with a broken wrist besides. 1301 Akron .... Akron ..,.. Akron .,... Akron ..... Akron ..... Akron ..,,. Akron .,... Akron ..,o, Akron ....,,v.,r,,r Total Points SEASON SUMMARY -- 0 Western Reserve .v,. C, 6 Kent State rrr.r....r. . 14 Wooster 18 Muskingum 33 25 -- 7 14 i rr---.--,,-.,.150 Games won .trr.. rrerr. 6 Games lost ,rr... rrrr.e 2 Games tied errr,..,r.........,rrrrr 1 ZIPPERS' INDIVIDUAL SCORING RECORD Player Junius .,..., Abdulla Pledger ,.oooo Mallo ..... Cook ..... Lee ...,...., Tsaloff ,..... Bauer C,.CC Totals Touchdowns Points Conversion 12 72 6 36 1 14 8 1 6 1 6 1 6 1 6 - -- 4 23 150 Detroit Tech .tt.... C.,. John Carroll ,,.. Cr., Heidelberg tttt.....t t.., ttr. Baldwin-Wallace .,...t, CCC, Mount Union ,,.o .. CCCCC s- During the season the Zippers made a total of 113 Hrst downs, for an average of 12 579 first downs per game, while their oppo- nents made a total of 72 first downs, or an average of eight Hrst downs per game. On yards gained from scrimmage, Akron totaled 2,012 yards, or an average of 234 273 yards per game, while opponents totaled 918 yards, or an average of 102 yards per game. Akron attempted 93 passes, and completed 45, for a total of 591 yards gained. Opponents attempted 156 passes, and com- Ray Hochberg 49 wfm as Z M lx if if 'Z' .ff pleted 62, for a total of 793 yards gained. Akron's total yardage gained by rushing and passing was 2703, or an average of 300 yards per game. Opponents total yardage gained was 1711, or 190 yards per game. Carl Tsaloff . 5811 AKRON UNIVERSITY SQUAD No. Name Nickname P. s. Age W't Class Town School 22 Albert Abdulla "Al" . F.l5. 22 185 Soph. Canton McKinley 23 Ernest Kaufman "Ernie G. 21 167 Senior Akron West 24 Paul Dressler "Ted" ,, ,,,.,,,,, H.15 20 148 Soph. Akron Buchrel 25 Raymond Hochberg "Ray" , 1-1.'1 21 178 Saph. Akron North 26 Harold Hartline "jake" L H15 Z3 165 Soph. Akron East 28 Donald Cook "Don" ., ,. Ilnd 23 170 jr. Cleve. Shaw 29 Stanley Vosper "Stan" ,,,,, G. 22 190 jr. Akron East 30 Gordon Sayre "Gord" ,L H13 18 170 Soph. Akron Kenmore 31 XVm. Sturgeon "Bill" Q.1S 20 170 jr. Akron West 32 Thomas XY,.ltfC1'S "Muddy ,,,, H.l5. 20 170 jr. Akron Buchtel 33 Alton Sweitzer "Sam" , ,, C. 22 178 Sr. Akron Kenmore 34 Mike Krino "Mike" . . C. 23 195 Sr. Akron East 35 Gus Papageorge "Papa" U G. 22 175 Soph. Akron Central 36 James Mallo "Punchy', ,,,, ...,, E nd 24 175 Soph. Akron West 37 Robert Bauer "Bebe" .,...... .,.. T . 21 190 Jr. Akron West 38 Alphonzo Mon7o "Fuzzy" ,,,,,, , End 20 170 Soph. Akron Central 39 Carl Tsalotf "Moose', ,,,,,..,,..,.... End 22 190 jr. Akron Garfield 40 Stanley Junius "Little Caesar" H.B 22 155 Soph. Akron Central 41 Robert Dutt "Bob,' ...,.,....,..... F.15. 22 160 Jr. Akron St. Vin. 42 Carl Lee "Carl" ,,,,,,,,,,, ,.., , H.B Z1 160 jr. Akron South 43 Earl Chandler "Bullet" W ,,,., H.B 20 184 Jr. Akron Buchtel 44 Lucien Keller "Luke" ,,,, T. 'Z 185 Soph. Akron Garfield 45 Andrew Garcia "Andy" ........ F.B. 22 190 Suph. Akron East 46 Joseph Zemla "Joe" ..,,.,,. ..... T . 21 194 Soph. Akron Central 47 Frank Cooper "Coop" ..,. ..... H .B 20 164 Soph. Akron West 49 David Grifliths "Dave" -- ,,,.. C. 23 228 Soph. Akron Garheld 50 Frank Hickman "Red" -- ..,.. G. 25 165 Sr. Akron South 51 Art Pledger "Art" ..,... ,.... G . 21 190 Soph. Akron West 52 John Mostyn "Jack', , ,,,,,,,, C. 21 172 Soph. Akron East I 1936 FRESHMAN FOOTBALL SQUAD Left to right, top row: Richard Durst, Clarence Poettor, James Misock, Michael Fernella, Marshel Mea- cham, William Palmer. Second row: Harry "Doc" Smith, freshman coach: George Morgan, Robert Fellmeth, John Campbell, Mike Fisher, Richard Witner, Delmar Renz, Frank Zazula, Paul Bixler, assistant coach. Front row: Joe Novak, Elmer Kirkendall, Horace Hampton, Walter Pesuit, Walter Kominic, Freddie Malagio, Dominic Patclla, Frank Humphrey, Jim Elias. Dick Miller and Ray Sabin are not in the picture. i821 1936-37 BASKETBALL SEASON 1936-37 SQUAD KRD W 1-ll' Top Row: Stevens, Swan, Semegen, Appleby, Tsaloff. Second Row: Pamer, manager, Coach Bixler, Schepp, Berry, Doyle, Sweitzer, Fishburn, as- sistant manager. Front Row: Bauer, Mott, Sturgeon, Pfeiffer, Becker. For the first time in 10 years, a leader other than Coach Howard QRedj Blair was to pilot the University of Akron basketball attack for the 1936-37 basketball season. Youthful Paul Orlando Bixler was now serving in the capacity of head basketball coach. When Coach Bixler issued the first call for cage practice, eight lettermen reported. Vet- erans were Bill Sturgeon, Carl Tsaloff, Tom Swan, Joe Zemla, Bob Mott, Bob Bauer, Dick Stevens, and Bob Schepp. Sophomores Cletus Becker, jim Appleby, and Alex Semegen were added to the varsity roster. Earl Hensal was the only veteran not returning from the 1935-36 season. Coach Bixler and his cage team faced a difficult and heavy schedule, opening athletic rela- tions for the first time with Glenville Teachers of West Virginia, West Virginia University, Wayne of Detroit, Dayton, Kentucky, and Westminster. Not on the schedule were such old rivals as Mount Union, Heidelberg, Muskingum, Ashland, and John Carroll. With but three weeks cage practice and Bill Sturgeon handicapped by an injured knee, Akron looked erratic on defense, but packed enough fight to defeat Glenville Teachers of West Virginia, 38-36. The Zippers trailed, 22-19, at the half. High scorer was Bauer with one field goal and seven fouls: In their next game the Zippers came from behind seven times to edge out West Virginia University, 34-32. Bob Mott, junior forward, was cast in the starring role. The score was knotted, 30-30, with two minutes remaining. Taking a pass near mid-court, Mott poised and let fly a shot that drilled home. A few seconds later Mott slipped loose for a dribble-in-shot 1831 X'--.. I f r , 1 ftE'Z"'? f Q 2 . 1 ., r E ,, r X f K 'WI 1 Y f if 1 1 if L 25 . gg CLETUS BECKER that clinched matters. Mott's 11 points paced scoring. Akron invaded Kent State and dragged their third straight victory out of the flames by master- ing a scrappy Kent State quintet, 30-26. The Zip- pers tied the score 25-all after being behind, 15-9, at halftime. Baskets by Sturgeon and Becker and a foul by the latter gave Akron victory in the re- maining time. Zemla performed a neat job in hold- ing Kent,s Roy Pinyoun to five points. Sturgeon witlf nine and Becker with eight tallies led Akron. Bob Flanders paced Kent with 11. The Zips departed on a three-day road trip to play Wayne University of Detroit and Toledo Uni- versity on successive days. Wayne was victim of Akron,s fourth straight rally by a 34-33 score. It l 84 was a talented foe the Zippers mastered-this Wayne quintet. A capacity crowd, largest of the season to watch the Wayne cohorts, saw Akron come from behind at intermission to upset the Tartars when Tsaloff scored the winning points with a basket and foul in the closing seconds. The next night Toledo newspapermen hailed Akron as "big time" opposition when Toledo nosed out the Zippers, 38-36, before 2,500 spectators in the Toledo Field House. Akron played its best basketball of the entire season in losing its first game of the season to the sensational Toledo Rocket team. Charley Cupp, with the score at 36-all, put in an under-basket heave with 40 seconds left. Becker, whose play sparkled, led Akron with 11 points. Chuck Chucko- vits, formerly of Akron St. Vincentis, collected 15 markers on two field goals and 11 fouls for Toledo. The Zippers left by train for a three-day stay in Cincinnati where they were to meet Kentucky BoB MoTT J University in a cage carnival in the Xavier Univer- sity Field House. Zemla did not make the trip due to a badly infected leg. A smooth-clicking Kentucky team spilled Akron, 32-22, before a crowd of 3,500. In a thrilling fray the Zippers played their fourth straight game away from home and lost to Baldwin-Wallace, 30-29. Perched on the long end of a 18-11 score at intermission, the Zips went goalless for 12 minutes after the second half be- gan. "Skelly" Becker again paced scoring with 11 points. Before 2,500 fans in a charity game, Zemla re- turned to action and led a 24-22 victory over a much-heralded Westminster quintet. Akron, be- hind at the half, assumed the lead as shot after shot went awry for the Titans in the second half. Wayne came to Goodyear Gym in the return game and gained a 41-39 revenge triumph over ,X 5 J mf 'rseeee . or , y 149.-1 7 'i Joe ZEMLA I 85 ii ,Zi 09' f f fVx,KRD,1f 4 Q lf It 5' 2 l .GQ .. 1 BOB BAUER the Zippers. Carl Bayer, making six baskets out of his first six attempts, led the Pioneers to a 25-12 margin at half time. The Zippers fought uphill to tie the score at 39 all, with 25 seconds remain- ing. Jim Garretson then Whipped in the winning basket for Wayne. Lanky Garretson chalked up 11 of Wayne's 16 points during the second half. Sturgeon's 14 markers and Beckeris 10 led Akron. Akron's fifth and last defeat of the season was engineered by Chuckovits and Willard Swihart of Toledo, 40-37. Akron, fighting with its custom- ary second-half fury, almost closed the gap in the late minutes. With Zemla still injured, Chucko- vits ran wild and drilled in 17 points. Swihart had 13 tallies. The next two opponents, Dayton and Kent State, were easy for the Zips. Becker,s five goals 1 of the five setbacks came by margins of from one to three points. Akron scored 432 points to their i opponent's 417. Akron averaged 33 points per A " ' .3 ' game, their foes 32 per game. , , XX KAN It ZIPPERS' INDIVIDUAL X 47W SCORING RECORDS " KA pl W Goals Fouls Total 3, yf ' T Sturgeon ..... 28 43 99 .T.,sf! ii Becker rr. -ru 40 15 95 gig Ixnoa .,,, 29 34 92 Mott tt..t ..... 1 6 18 50 Zemla tttttt .vt,, 1 6 1 1 43 Swan ..I,, -- 7 12 26 Bauer tttttt -- 6 12 24 CARL TSALOFF in the last half smashed Dayton, 31-25. Turning back Kent State by 41-29, the Zippers won by their largest margin of the season. Sturgeon, shaking his slump decisively for the Hrst time, amassed 17 markers. Becker was not far behind with 12. Akron had its revenge over B.-W. by defeating the Yellow Jackets, 37-33. A smooth-attack put Akron in front, 33-21, in the second half. In five minutes of play, however, B.-W. cut the lead down to 34-22. Tsaloff's basket and Becker's charity toss ended the game. Tsaloff with 11 and Mott with 10 points featured the Zipper attack. The final game of the season with Detroit Uni- versity was cancelled when strike-torn Akron could produce no suitable gym in which to play the game. Thus, the Zippers ended their cage season with eight victories and five defeats. Four I 86 Nyrz, -r..r rw' T15 BHLSTURGEGN 1 I... ,., ..,. .. ...,.,.. ......... .... . ,,,, ... ,, .. .. ,.,,.. ,. .. .....,.,..,...,.., ,.,I REVIEW OF THE 1936 TRACK SEASON 4 auf 1 l li' AQ ig Weakened by graduation losses, the Zipper track squad absorbed their first defeat in the opener at Oberlin. Harry Schaller and Jack Jaques, weight men, shone for Akron, copping the discus and the shot put. Hoping to redeem themselves at Wooster, the Zippers were handed their worst beating in the history of the University, losing 106-25. Again the Blue and Gold showed poor form in all events except the weight classes, Schaller and Jaques winning iirsts in the discus and shot put Baldwin-Wallace came through with 12 first places and a tie for a thirteenth, but the Zip- pers managed to do a little better than they had the previous Saturday, gathering 40 M points against the Bereans 90 M. For the first time Jaques failed to place in the shot put. A trip to Alliance ended with another defeat at the hands of Mount Union, and the Zippers returned home to meet Western Reserve for their first meet at Buchtel Field. The Red Cats swamped the Blairmen, 96 2X3-34 1,'3, taking 12 out of 15 firsts. Sturgeon, Jaques and Pontius made a clean sweep in the javelin toss, Walker and Schaller getting the other two Zipper firsts. Heidelberg handed the Zippers their sixth straight defeat on May 23 at Buchtel Field to close the season. On May 30, Akron entered five men in the Big Six meet at Muskingum, and finished ninth in a field of 13. A 1371 MINOR SPORTS GYM TEAM Left to right: Francis Grassbaugh, Charles Cehrs, Norman Elder, John Vinciguerra. INTRAMURAL SWIMMING CHAMPIONS LONE STAR TEAM Left to right-Top Row: Ed Nicely, Joe Carnahan, George Fretz, Rich- ard Parker. Front Row: Clay Marsteller, Jack Miller, Starr Pearn, Bill Sturgeon. VARSITY AND FRESHMAN SNVIMMING TEAMS ' Left to right-Top Row: Al Cohen, Charles Wyman, Starr Pearn, Max Nelson, Dick Garver. Front Row: Coach Harry A. Smith, Harry 3 f 3 l James, Earl Bishop, Bob Greene, Ed Nicely, Bob Thornton. . 'Pk J' INTRAMURAL SXVIMMING CHAMPIONS NVith Lathan Conger setting the pace, Lone Star fraternity ran away with the intramural swimming meet, scoring 40 points. The nearest competitor was 19 points behind the pace-setting Lone Stars. VARSITY SNWIMMING TEAM I Penn College continued their mastery over Zipper swimming teams by trouncing the Hilltoppers, 46-29, in the opener at Cleveland. Akron grabbed but one first, the 100 yard free style, won by Frank Cooper. A return meet at Akron gave Fenn another victory, 44-31, the Clevelanders fourth straight over Akron. Strengthened by the addition of Lathan Conger, the Zips copped their Hrst victory by dumping Kent State, 41-34. Wayne University traveled here to duck the Zippers, 43-32, and the Smithmen dropped their last meet to Kent, 41-34. MEN'S INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS By trouncing the Engineers in a playoff, 39-32, Phi Delta Theta gained the Men's Intramural championship. The tourney saw the Phi Delts defeat the Lone Stars in basketball for the Hrst time since 1930. . wsu MINOR SPORTS INTRAMURAL BOWLING CHAMPIONS LONE STAR TEAM Left to right--Top Row: Jack Mil- ler, Robert Mott. Front Row: James Viall, Tom Swan, Bill Sturgeon. INTRAMURAL VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONS LONE STAR TEAM Left to right-Top Row: Starr Pearn, Clay Marsteller, Joe Carna- han. Second Row: Cletus Becker, Ed Nicely, Robert Mott, Richard Parker. Front Row: Harold Hartline, Jack Miller, Tom Swan, Bill Sturgeon. INTER-CLASS VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONS SOPHOMORE TEAM Left to right-Top Row: Alice Nie- stockel, Letitia Cunningham. Front Row: Marjorie Stricklen, Rosemary Schmuck, Elizabeth Horvath. INTRAMURAL BOXVLING CHAMPIONS The Lone Stars' third intramural title came in their smashing defeat of Beta Kappa in the intramural bowl- ing playoff. The Beta Kappas had previously defeated the Lone Stars in the regular season. The Stars copped the First two matches, 826-777 and 853-799. INTRAMURAL VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONS Undefeated throughout the entire season, Lone Stars captured the volleyball championship by upsetting the Phi Delts, 15-10, and 15-7. Out of the six members of the Lone Star squad, only two were less than six feet tall. WOMEN'S INTER-CLASS ,VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONS The Sophomores ran away with the Women's Interglass Volleyball tourney by handily trouncing the other three classes. The Freshmen succumbed 15-4 and 15-13. The Juniors offered the most opposition, falling 15-8 and 16-14, while the Seniors were conquered, 15-5 and 13-11. 1891 MINOR SPORTS INTRAMURAL VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONS SIGMA EPSILON PHI Left to right-Top Row: Mada Garn, Ann Staiger, Katherine Dittemore. Front Row: Rose Sourek, Elizabeth Horvath, Laura- nctte Godlove, Marjorie Stricklen. INTER-CLASS BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS SOPHOMORE CLASS Left to right-Top Row: Alice Nie- stockel, Virginia Thompson, Leti- tia Cunningham. Front Row: Rosemary Schmuck, Marjorie Stricklen, Elizabeth Horvath. INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS PHI KAPPA DELTA Left to right-Top Row: Julia Jacobs, Marylyn Foss, Wilma Myers. Front Row: Opal Nip- per, Verla Ballanger, Alice Nie- stockel. WOMENS INTRAMURAL VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONS Sigma Epsilon Phi walked off with honors in the Women's Volleyball Tournament by successfully outpointing all their opponents. Team members were Marge Stricklen, Rose Sourek, Katherine Dittemore, Mada Gam, Eliza- beth Horvath, Lauranette Godlove and Anna Staiger. I WOMENS INTER-CLASS BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS Handing decisive beatings to every opponent, the Sophomore class ran away with the Women's Inter-Class Basketball championship title for the second successive year. Virginia Thompson and Esther Zwicker bore the brunt of the Sophomore attack. WOMEN'S INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS Sweeping a two-game series, 32-20 and 21-16, Phi Kappa Delta defeated Alpha Gamma Delta for the Wom- en's Intramural basketball championship. Alice Niestoclcel smashed the Alpha Gams by scoring 37 points in the two games. 1 I90l rnnrnnulrlns PANHELLENKICOUNCLL afdivi asa ga lk 's.Ag'?A 3' Top Row: Wfaltz, Landefeld, Garn. Second Row: Jacobs, Matlack, Mills, Mahaffey, Rausch. Front Row: Maskrey, Jones, Partridge, Loge, M. Peck. The purpose of the Panhellenic Council is to promote the welfare of the sororities on the campus, to sponsor inter-sorority activity on the campus, and to regulate matters of sorority interest. President irr.rr.........i.. Secretary-Treasurer ,rr,r ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Polly Baird Jean Landefeld Jane Pockrandt DELTA GAMMA Dorothy Jones Ruth Kilgore Marguerite Partridge DELTA PI IOTA ' Zola Berk OFFICERS MEMBERS KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Maxine Firestone Mary Jane Maskrey Esther Zwicker PHI KAPPA DELTA Julia Jacobs Beryl Matlack --,-----Maxine Firestone --------Marguerite Partridge PHI MU Julia McDowell Jane Bricken Isobel Griffith SIGMA DELTA THETA Virginia Lawrence Jean Mahaffey Mary Peck THETA PHI ALPHA Marian Burnham Rita Mills . Eleanor Friedman Dolores Frless Faye Mack FlOI'6IlCC ZETA TAU ALPHA SIGMA EPSILON PHI Corrine Killinger Mada Garn Emma Rausch Marjorie Gillette Clara Waltz Lauranette Godlove Members of Panhellenic Council are appointed or elected by the respective sororities. E921 INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL Top Row: Snyder, Kelsey, Bertscli, Wert, Mott. Second Row: Watters, Shreve, Tenney, Fifer, Kolp, Ames, Bartlett. Front Row: Davies, Berry, Davis, Dickson, Jaques. The purpose of the Interfraternity Council is to promote better relations between the fra- ternities and to control interfraternity connections. OFFICERS President aaaa..aaaa..aaaa..aa aa.aaaaa.aa.,.... . ....a .aa...., . H arvey Davis Secretary-Treasurer Daa,a ,..aa,.a . Robert Bertsch Faculty Adviser s,,,.... a..,.,,.,. . ...,,..a D e an Donfred Gardner MEMBERS ALPHA SIGMA QMICRON BETA KAPPA LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Robert Davies James Berry Harvey Davis Robert Kelsey Lowell Fifer Frank Emerson Donald Tenney Robert Snyder PHI DELTA THETA PHI KAPPA RHO Malcolm Ames Henry Kempler Ronald Dickson Norton Levin Jack Jaques Sigmund Levin ' PI KAPPA EPSILON SIGMA BETA NU Robert Bertsch John Good Clay Marsteller Morris Jobe Jack Miller Hal Kolp Members of Interfraternity Council are appointed or elected by the respective fraternities. I93 I Elva Dreisbach Maxine Firestone Alice Giddings Eleanor Gilmour Leonore Goehring Elsie Gregory K PPA K PPA GAMMA Founded at Monmouth College. 1870 Lambda Chapter Established. 1877 SOROR IN FACULTATE Miss Carita McEbright THE UPPER COLLEGES Ruth Hessler Mary Kennedy J anet Loomis Mary Jane Maskrey Blanch Parsons Frances Rabe Dent Sanford Genevieve Sennett Mary Agnes Simmons Juanita Turner Frances Ulmer Rosemary Wade Eleanor Winter THE GENERAL COLLEGE Mary Doshna Catherine Ebbert Helen Iredell PLEDGES Margaret Ammerman Gerry Brock Lucille Harris jane Murdock Helen Voige I 94 1 Eleanor Scatterday Barbara Shank Esther Zwicker Margaret Myers Lois Mytholar Mary Gene Noyes Mary Jane Tschantz E KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA sfjmvrw I if pn.. - 4' w o ' S141 S wi i in as A1 1' , in 2 ,. S. - 2. A-X mf Y , - 'T N, in 13-1.1 3? Q 1 ' S I S SEX: 5' A ' S A lf.. '- ij: R fig! ,Miz 4 I A R S mf' va 1 i ,f ' 1177, +- wx TWQQ rs- : i . - X 'g . ,. I- f " f sg : - 1 Q-in ,I 15:5 . my V p , A "'P N ' S A vs, I Mis " ' "" W -- ' iff if QM - , ' R23 My x .A Q f If M, f 43, ' 1 K 'mr 55221 . its " 1 xv " fs fr . f , f ' 'W ' f 1 y - ,, 1 ', - it in , '53 W" ,f .I ff VV .. : F11 U , K " 413, ,W . I A 4 lj if V ' ' sf- J-FQ -Fw .N3 S R i fem. . A i V ,-Y 9. '52, l - ,S V A . , f -f' 1 V. Q- I: ,- S My V, ,, S, . "'f Q Z, 1 ss' . 5 S , We P K 'R : ii 'bx .-N hm ,vw 553215-frN.,f ,f H ,- X S . -N if Giddings S Firestone Loomis Parsons Wade Winter Ebbert Ammerman Brock Simmons Noyes Gilmour Rabe Dreisbach Iredell Goehrin g Sennett Kennedy Scatterday Harris Myers Tschantz Voige E951 Gregory Hessler Turner Ulmer Maskrey Sanford Shank Zwicker Mytholar ,1. i A P I I DELTA GAMMA Founded at Oxford, Mississippi, 1874 Eta Chapter Established, 1879 SOROR IN IFACULTATE Miss Gladys P. Weeks THE UPPER COLLEGES Rachel Alpeter Betty Beyer Cathryn Carroll Mary Frederick Mary Jane Frye Dorothy Garrett Genevieve Hammond Mary Virginia Hancock Kay Hoffmeyer Dorothy Jones Ruth Kilgore Sara McBride Martharose McFarland Pegizv Partridge Betsy Phillips Betty Schmidt Jeanette Sechrist Doris Smith Mary Evelyn Smith Janet Vosper THE GENERAL COLLEGE Dorothy Brittain Virginia Cooper Dorothy Dix Mary Elizabeth Henry Alice Jayne Hilbish Bernita Blake Betty Carlson Lillian Dando Marjorie Glass Thelma Honeywell Olivia Loge Betty Jane Myers Marjorie Petley Betty Sandberg Irene Zintel PLEDGES Betty Guinter Carroll Olin Rowena Resseger Patricia Schwan Kathleen Vosper i961 DELTA GAMMA 1 'run- :'f X ' is-.A "" f -'- " V 1 f kr -f .V ' N 4 1 if X Q. 1 X Q , M 1 AW , 1. .L f .:. R.. 8 'Q' Y wfw ., Wa, I ' Q 1 V V .Vv., . , gf?-5 '.-5 A 4 f -P149 i' V W A ap- M l X 5. g A., 'F 4 , . , 1... Q I 'ir f-1? aa, , , L , I 5 X 'I apar- Carroll Sechrist Hoffmeyer Cooper Petley Alpeter Smith, D Jones Dix Sandberg Guinter F-f 6. f fit x .5 It L f i l I ,Q A Q Afrr js. ri,r AA-f ll "QL .A S ' S, we 1 . il fllf Frederick Hancock Kilgore McBride Schmidt Vosper, J. Beyer Frye Garrett Hammond McFarland Partridge Phillips Smith, M. Brittain Henry Hilbish Honeywell Loge Myers Zintel Blake Carlson Dando Glass Olin Resseger Schwan Vosper, K. y N. rw I, -l ia I 1114. Naomi Dean Margaret Aitkenhead Adda Louise Baehr Jane Bailey Marjorie Cahill Isobel Griffith PHI MU Founded at Macon, Georgia, 1852 Omicron Chapter Established, 1912 O FACULTY ADVISER Prof. Clara Kemler THE UPPER COLLEGES Marjorie Keener Berdelle Keller Ellen Jane Lemmon Dorothy MCChesney julia McDowell Mary Jane McIntyre Elaine Morgan Margaret Price Vivian Semler Jeanette Spuller Nanciebelle Strausbaugh THE GENERAL COLLEGE Jane Bricken Virginia Davis Rae Marie Carrell Curtice Gregory Catherine Collins Betty Harbaugh Dorothy Semler PLEDGES Doris Aumann Genevieve Gilleland Jean Benson Marcia Berlitz Thelma Cattran Gertrude Cahill Mary Lee Davis Ardis Del-Iaven Julia Foltz i981 Marjorie Gilliland Mary Louise Gunsolus Esther Hildebrand Norma Lewis Mary McGaughey Marjorie Markle Mary Louise Wagner Ye . 'Y' 35 X " Q N3 V 1 .. rx K6 N 2 ' ff- .mk A NG 1... JL ,W EQ iv V Q . E I E 'iv X ur Q5 H Q X' but Ne gs, . Q 2 x , D ll A, jf l i li WSG? : , sk Wh.. P 5. Z L. .., ..-.,, ,. Griffith Strausbaugh Semler, V. Harbaugh Davis, M. PHI MU ' a Q f , . f A -"vw . , - ' '- " r A-H - - 1 , , e 4-.f A , , v' I i f "' ' v .4 fe fn S ' I A if V . 0. 5, Q A fi" 61: V H0 'V' ' P . Q . i 1 i ' N V V L rl e , 0, r - 4 1+-fa f"f A Us R. ag' A Q, ' , Arg! Q X ,,., , 1 it V A ' S 95 VV f' N , , , 2293 -.R V I ,M X ,, Q QQ:-za ..r Z Q. mi X 6' 2 44, it X in fda 'ix Q, x - . .E ' Q Q ' im , VS' ' if - yg'5Z.1' -:W -M- . V ' 5 -e '52, 4 , N ' 'Q q . 'A ' "li Q ' ' ' ' ' .aw :.. i 7 C-'LT V' ' ' iz new V- A f" -Q - "' 1 Q ,,, i u-W 5 r Q. K f , M 'iiiiilii f 55 ., " " ' - ,Qamdam C . xy ' 4 + W a. , , if-fe -vu . "" 'N-Wg ns: -'ff' 'S . +A Q. - 5 ' .. ' ' 'I "E A ,,.,, "' ,W x 1 P, i E Q. J ee ,Qw?4Q,?wri ' . gl . Q XXX. X W ,- i K Q i E , 3,1 II, , 3 x N, Q if .. 2 ix.. , ' ri! ' ' . . WT " ' ' F Q . . ff, 1 f fl 4 X 228 4 mf X 4 f " pi .M fr, fi My . ra-4. -QS? ' l NM . ' Aitkenliead Baelir Cahill, M. Spuller Semler, D. Del-laven Dean Bricken Aumann Foltz Keener Lemmon Carrell Benson Gillcland, G. Keller McIntyre Collins Berlitz Gilliland, M. Lewis McGaugl1ey Markle l99l McCl1esney McDowell Davis, V. Cahill, G. Gunsolus XVagner IF' -. .ZZ , rf, ' A -. wi . Z E iz as " 3 , .1- ' rm. ,,,... ' .-swim , Q, N l fil gh- ' Q 'semi :MJ xg . 5 NN C , .E 'L A ., Price Morgan Gregory Cattran Hildebrand SIGMA DELT THETA Founded 1920 C FACULTY ADVISERS Miss Elizabeth Lathrop Miss Josephine Cushman THE UPPER COLLEGES Jane Allyn Erma Hofelt Mildred Rausch Ruth Avem Nellie Hoffman Helen Sisler Ursula Bowman Jean Mahaffey Marguerite Truman Marian Hills Bessie Peck Edith Weaver Mary Peck THE GENERAL COLLEGE Josephine Flickinger Virginia Lawrence Bess Graham Margaret Murphy Ruth Heyburn Rosemary Schmuck Ann Kiesling Peggy Stein Ruth Kinney Wanna May Wagner PLEDGES Marian Dannacher Joanna Hoffmaster Edna Mae Polen fiooj SIGMA DELTA THETA 4 - 1 Age, , . v- , K, " 'wk 5 -, Q, ir 4-dv, 5 Q Y 4, is , is .15 gp A K, in ,K +f,,wf: Q x - - V: are W X 'f' , A ' af S fr ei is 'Q S ,AA 56. ' -.W Xi X' , Q ' H.. x ' X I I .ff 'fl' xv fe K Y' 'PU' ' i 5. . I A ,' 57 X Ag 'yi X r .-.,. - x 5 My , ff .ff K w, SM' f 1 if X aff , Q- J 2 Q H we 92 v Y 3 xi VOS 1 1 slax -F X 17' y 1 J I if 5 A ...U t :Q-:Q x g, Bw V 5 , 24, g,.,- K Wm' .ws Fa 'W' Peck, M. Allyn Avem Bowman Rausch s Hills Hofelt Hoffman Sisler Truman Weaver Flickinger Heyburn Kiesling Lawrence Murphy Mahaffey, Peck, B. Graham Schmuck Stein Wagner Dannacher Hoffmaster l1011 Ruth Burnett Esther Arend Polly Baird Isabel Bishop Betty Brown Betty Burnett Harriet Davies ALPHA GAMMA DELT Founded at Syracuse, New York. 1904 Omega Chapter Established, 1922 0 FACULTY ADVISER Prof. Katharine M. Reed THE UPPER COLLEGES Naomi Gregg Jean Griihn Doris Harford Mae Brice Hudson Ellen Jones THE GENERAL COLLEGE Margaret Coovert Ann Crow Elsie Eckert Margaret Eckhart Margery Garrigan Olga Halamay Betty Hooker Marguerite Horst Mildred Evans Mildred Glass Margo Jacobson Ruth Lee PLEDGES L 102 1 Jean Jones Jane Pockrandt Margaret Roundy Helen Sankey Stephanie Sears Ethel Thornton Grace Thurston Jean Landefeld Helen Morgan Betty Ofensend Peggy Patton Eleanor Schwartz Virginia Thompson Catherine Wagner Carolyn Woodard Marjorie Meade Doris Renner Mary Alice Thornton Joyce Wolfe ,f my Sears Thornton, Roundy Garri gan Ofensend Glass E. A ALPHA GAMMA DELTA ,iw Burnett, B. Baird Thurston Halamay Patton Jacobson 7: Harford Bishop Burnett, R. Hooker Schwartz Lee Hudson Brown Coovert Horst Thompson Meade flO3j Tr 'T ' F? if-...' X' fr QWG' Q f Q J ,QT T 85 ,x,, W Q T V. V V V V, , ,J V VV 4-at V V , fx V 1 f 51 T In . Z A T , 2 i ' V u V T . V ,T Qf 6 K V V, , 3 V ' 'V ' ' '- . .' ,, fi 'K . , V Mff V. . V JV w HV - f V T T T V f T N 1 -. cf , Y , .ac Vwfff' , . T . -. a M ' "Vsf .naewwwa fwmwvmmwvwww awww-f an va wwmfwww uwwwxwww ' , V "J VT, V T ' j is ,V W. ,fy .,g.Q.!!,'f ' V if V V 1? , gi f Z2 ' gif QAVQQT' K J- K. fiqii TT V 4 .... Msxy ae 5 ST VV Va VV T ,x .VCWV T T V .V g W Y, , V Q .V 4 ff .fff , ,a nie. . V. T f- -,X .- . V-V..,ff' 4 fV ' ' 4. ' -, V 2 V ,V ' 1 V T-'fix ,aaa f- f VV 4. ,V T . VV 5 Q, ' - ffl L 5, ,V .1 t V V- .T ,Z 1- i V V ,gun y '- Q T T T f 7 V - VY. 2' , T ., 3 V VV . z r f'ML,:, .4 - 'f . X ' ' K . "' if , A V' f ' 3 'Y ' , -5 ,Q fra T V QV as Vw4.4s' x 4, st reg A ans w,,r, , V 221 ' - I " Q f' T ' X ffr?'fi. T59 J f ' " af H ,fjrfQ4Tx X - T ,V wg:-X" sy .. ,F uns., .V ' r f ' V T .T , . z,.sa4T.s:fcT- '.s.wVf.?..cTn-zAsaTN:, AT Hs, , T.LZ.'iLfTLl1f':4,- V . -mia-Fil?-.e .Ge -, . T Wk V A af: V V V t 1 V, . . , ' ff A , V - .- 1 ., Q T. V T N V, , V V T T P VR V V V . K V, 4 ffV,f,,-X. 4, aa. ' N ' V f V V Q 4? fx' , .VQV ' ' ' A . ' V: ' - f . ff Q .to Q s T I, -A.: , 3 f V. fnaw i Vf V QV X - g 9 an f V s 1 5 T . st in V , - r . a I ' san, Q ?x V, Ma, 1 T' , , N v ss , T r X H. " .. - ' N, V ., - ,I ' ff. . 1'-A. V V . A.. QWVV, ',,.a..s-sw: v.Vef,.ser:fcf' is ' naw, A cf T ., - f- T' M .L f if. X .Zig 2 ii T . . f . T ,K Q T, Vt rw Q M 1 sl , V T, on T T ' Va I . ,TT V, 1 T T TT V T T if 7 T ' - Si? - Q x, Qi EV, if , , , f . . 4 , ff , ' - ' V ' T 11 T f T,-N. , ' .V T il X 5 . VV ' . s IW 31375. T wi' JD- W Vjggswa-is ,IM 4 VK fy -- :VV IV V Hhs - , T. V - if TT .V ' VV ,f VV x V V, V iq V X ga ' A gr ' A' . . T A 5 " V A 55 . V, . V, jig by VV . V :V 5 gl .V x i ai V1 V . V 4 N Jones, E. Davies Crow Jones, J. Wagner Renner Pockrandt Gregg Eckert Landefeld Woodard Thornton, S A. M. V . ' I ' 1 Vis NN"-'f as 11 M' , V.T my , A h s . wmv 'f-W' VV c 15 A H gg I V W T. . . ' " Q . a T M ,fi V f N s f' in Q ' : Q? vt A .3 3 x x a V . Vg. V , Q . . Vf 2 V, T443 , V VV V - --35 V, . V VV f. 9, V .AV 'T X RV ., V V S-M1 , M, , Q ' Q- .T we Q, T g . A ' a A T. 2, 45-arg. , fam,-V A V V L V V A f . W9 XR, 21,111 g, f , T. .Q . -via ,VW VQQVVVVVV .X I 1 ' V fb V V , - Qi 'ff J T if V , , 4 V X A V X..T,g,3, V V. If ,. i ,,. . , f N TV? , r V . V h T .. f , I T f z.,?,' -. 7 T f' - . f X X f ,,- T .T f fl ' 1 f-Tf ' .T Q 7 ,T. 4 1, fr v i ' ,. .X V2 X YV t ,E ' TTT V 'Q 'f f Q gi 4 X , X ' X ' " X N WX- TT ' T 'qiifffxfw' ' - 1? ir MSM' a M ,, - V, XV . , 1 , T A . .,...1-.5'2wg,:zas.. ws fri.. .. . - .. M-.. . z Sankey Griffin Eckhart Morgan Evans Wolfe Mary Cissne La Verne Davis Ariadne Foss Gwenneth Foss KAPPA DELT Founded 1921 PHI O SOROR IN FACULTATE Prof. Eldora Flint THE UPPER COLLEGES Ruth Gotshall Mildred Gray Juanita Hall Julia Jacobs THE GENERAL COLLEGE Marjorie Bond Alice Higgins Florence Brooks Rita Mills Pearl Brownsword Ruth Mitchell Alice Niestockel PLEDGES Verla Ballanger Martha Richardson Orene Ford Elaine Stone Marilyn Foss Helen Streeks Margaret Lonsbury I 104 1 Verna Johnson Beryl Matlack Wilma Myers Opal Nipper PHI KAPPA DELTA 'u' -, if as fi:-is Matlack Gotshall Gray Johnson Myers Cissne Davis Foss, A. Foss, G. Hall Jacobs Nipper Bond Brooks Brownsword Higgins Mills Mitchell Niestockel Ballanger Ford Foss, M. Richardson Streeks f1051 ZETA TAU ALPHA Founded at Fctrmville. Virginia, 1898 Beta Xi Chapter Established, 1929 0 SORORES IN FACULTATE Prof. Jane S. Barnhardt Mrs. Helen M. Curnow Ethel Albright Dorothy Carrier Carole Ganyard Hilda Grossenbacher THE UPPER COLLEGES Corrine Killinger Marian Markle Barbara Oberritter Margaret Osborne Emma Rausch THE GENERAL COLLEGE Arlene Fowles Evelyn Kannel Helen Besshardt Rosaline Cottler Marian Durr June Hammond Josephine Heintz Betty Jane Leader Marjorie Logue PLEDGES f 106 1 Jane Rieker Betty Sanford Edith McCaskill Wanda McMillan Lois Jean Pettitt Suzanne Ralston Dorothy Ribelin Betty Ross Dorothy Wallace Eleanor Rhodes Margaret Wagner Clara Waltz Virginia Zinkhann , , ,.,, . I . - , , J. WW Y- i f a g: fi G R , as sm 'Eff . of Q51 ' sb Q- f as ffwrmg 16' Q- ,. '- ' , as by we W . 7 1' 1? l Q 2 ii- , N A 6- 'Wf as we-. TW ZETA TAU ALPHA WZ? ,,, , "H:-mf Killinger Markle Grossenbacher Qberitter Zinkhann Fowles Durr Hammond McMillan Perritt XValtz Osborne Rieker I-Ieintz Ralston fl071 Albright Rausch Sanford Leader Ribelin Carrier Rhodes Besshardt Logue Ross Ganyard Wagner Cottler McCaskill Wallace THET PHI ALPHA Founded at Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1912 Sigma Chapter Established, 1931 I SOROR IN FACULTATE Prof. Margaret Fanning FACULTY ADVISER Dean Marjorie Mitchell THE UPPER COLLEGES Beatrice Earley Florence O'Neil Dolores Friess Mary Elizabeth Thompson THE GENERAL COLLEGE Mary Jo Amer Marian Burnham Lillian Leary Martha Atkinson Phyllis Friess Patricia Nelan PLEDGES Evelyn Baughman Marjorie Medley Rita Dannemiller Helen Pesaric Rose Haberman Mary Helen Richardson fiosj THETA PHI ALPHA ' uv" 'wx , K fps. 'Wxf Q I for N f ' A , 4, , ,V M, ay w 'Vasu , 'I 11 A A . ' , VVVV .1 5 ,A 7 5, 11? I f Z N., , gf.. ,. r V 1, : WMM I i. , an ,W Q, ,.,, , w, ' I X .J - vgg. 'f' I V V is . W 445 Q fm N w r NS RW at YE: SVU, e ,X X M fl X x ,, 'Zi' x H: - ,. -'WY 'V' . . ,WT .':-.ZW-'fa' N ,Qs ww- 1 U9-'rw -gm WN T y , M 9 Q - - S HWY S 'W' W ' L H1 I ffm. 9277 gawk I K . wg 1 ,, ? ' ffm Mm ,V RNR1 i 5 i 4 ' 'G-m.-,mf 1 O,Neil Friess, D. Thompson Earley Amer Atkinson Burnham Friess, P. Nelan Baughman Dannemiller I-Iaberman Leary Medley Richardson f1o91 E nw SIGMA EPSILON PHI Florence Bertsch Evelyn Close Mada Garn Founded 1932 I FACULTY ADVISER Prof. Clara Kemler THE UPPER COLLEGES Katherine Dittemore Marjorie Gillette Lauranette Godlove THE GENERAL COLLEGE Ann Staiger PLEDGES Margaret Groark Stella Phillips Elizabeth Horvath Betty Tennant Eileen O'Brien Marjorie Toon Doris Welch I 110 1 Rose Sourek Winifred Willard Edetha Unsworth SIGMA EPSILON PHI V is ' X V 'S Y ian Y 'K ix 1 r ' A RQ 4. df . 1 7 m A.. 'L I cg: - V f ' jggig. Q A sly .X wg Q v SX if xxxi 'V , ' .wg -x V, V , 'fag 11, . ' ' xx mf 1 1 1. X ' awk W' A, ,,.. 1 ,.,, K v, V .N 1,11 I QQ - K K V, ' b-' 252-ve Dittemore Bertsch Close Godlove Sourek Willard Staiger Unsworth I-Iorvath Tennant Toon I 111 1 ,, N 4, , ' 4 I , if 5 i ' if iff' BY A I W Wk x "Wm W4 N396 Gillette Garn Phillips l ' 1 I l 4 lf Revella Sholitan Lillian Cohen Helen Fleisher Eleanor Friedman DELTA PI IOT Founded 1934 Q SORCR IN FACULTATE Miss Jeanne Cohen THE UPPER COLLEGES Grace 'Gerson Dorothy Grotstein Florence Kain THE GENERAL COLLEGE Zola Berk Mildred Kaufman Rose Gertz Selma Leibovitz Edna Litman PLEDGES Beatrice Friedman Bertha Greenbaum Bernice Gurewitz Muriel Jaffe Betty Minster Beatrice Sass Lillian Schwartz Leona Mendelson Betty Sobel Fay Umansky I 112 3 Hannah Kodish Faye Mack Jean Sholitan DELTA PI IOTA X Y? yff ,. , . , 5 It 5 v .I ,BMW M' .V Q 5 ,mf Wynn' Sw 'ws' pf'-fe Cohen Mack Litman Minster Fleisher Sholiton, Friedman, B. Sass E57 gi L. X : A ' 1 s r 'i' P' 55 A me r f ix Q C R?-Wk M, wi VL e, , 2271 Y' 4 19 ff, X N .ff 51' ff . fx .. I , ,K K Friedman, E. Berk Greenbaum Sholiton, R. fmj Q ,, , lu" l" ,5 an A, .QM I' - 512,754 :L , W I K ' ff W , Q 5 A is . rg , 2, ,SE I, i, Afzmsm Y X Lf x V' 5, , -- -, 155' X ' 'wi 1 m y 'A rf? 'Eff : '- .,,, , - ' Jw 1 , RQ ' ..,.,. 3 E ' W ,A-we-U Q. ... N 1 v fl '.'SQms:" , V, ,N , r 'E B e W ' mfg, AN ,,,f- ,.' gig , ?fQymN+g'? mr ,f Q C ,713 - 55 1 ,- X . , X . 5526, M- 1 , 4 e X X ' . Lvkf 2 ' U - W A-V, x . 1 r 1 i . .' , '- ffl s- f ' M ix , .' MQW e, Q-ew f m . W I I Kain Kodish Gertz Kaufman Gurewitz Mendelson Sobel Umansky 1 v 14 I f I Q f 5.4.1 PHI DELTA THET Founded at Miami University. 1848 Ohio Epsilon Chapter Established, 1875 . FRATRES IN FACULTATE Prof. Earl W. Crecraft Mr. Louis F. Hampel Prof. Rolland D. Fox Prof. Harry A. Smith Malcolm Ames Robert Bauer Harold Beuter Bernard Bowling Wilford Cameron Donald Chamberlin Allan Crabbe Richard Davis Richard Doud Chester Dreyer Robert Dutt James Brown Anthony Coscia John Byrider John Campbell Richard Durst Edward Endress Robert Fellmech Mike Fernella Michael Fisher Richard Hart Robert Higley Frank Humphrey THE UPPER COLLEGES Robert Firestone Richard Funk Arden Hardgrove Jack Jaques Donald Johnson Robert Keating Eugene Kreighbaum Jack Link Richard Lord Paul Lehockey George McClelland THE GENERAL COLLEGE Ronald Dickson Paul Dressler James Fishburn PLEDGES John Hutchinson Lucian Keller John Lincks John Mangels Marvin Marquardt Raymond McChesney Richard Miller George Morgan Park Myers 51141 Robert MacCurdy Fordyce Reese Gerald Rennie Hugh Russell Richard Stevens Sam Sweitzer George Warren Thomas Watters Gerald Weigle Wilbert Wright Joseph Zemla john F lippo Richard Sipes James Mysock William Palmer Hewes Phillips Art Pledger John Schmahl J. A. Schuffle Donald Steele Richard Witner Charles Wyman Herbert Yoos PHI DELTA THETA W if Faq QRW, Harclgrove Beuter Cameron Chamberlin Crabbe Davis Dreyer Firestone Jaques Johnson Keating Kreighbaum Lord Russell, H. Stevens Sweitzer Watters Wright C Warren, G. Ames Bowling Doud Dutt Funk Link McClelland MacCurdy Reese Rennie Weigle Zemla Brown Coscia Dickson Dressler Fishburn Flippo Sipes Byrider Campbell Fellmeth Higley Humphrey Hutchinson Keller Lincks Mangels Marquardt Morgan Myers Palmer Phillips Schmahl Steele Witner Wyman Yoos L115j LO ESTR PI K PP EPSILO Founded 1882 O FRATRES IN FACULTATE President Hezzleton E. Simmons Dean Charles Bulger Leo Dean John Doyle Edward Doyle Carl Edmondson William Eichelberger Robert Graf Robert Griffith James Appleby Cletus Becker Robert Bertsch Kenneth Falorx' Charles Frazee George Fretz William Ahern Rudolph Baehr Joseph Carnahan Louis Gorbach Ray Hockberg Carl Lee Prof. John Bulger Honorary Member, Donald Wallacex' THE UPPER CQLLEGES Henry Haas Tom Harper Frank Hickman Mike Krino Alvin Larson Karl Lipscomb Stanley Meese Jack Miller THE GENERAL COLLEGE Andrew Garcia Harold Hartline Gilbert Litchfield Clay Marsteller James McCune PLEDGES Robert Lenihan William Mahaffey Herbert Mallory Jack Marlowe Edward Nicely '1'Deceased 5 116 1 Raymond Montgomery Robert Meyers Raymond Noel William Sturgeon Howard Swires James Viall Bruce Wert Robert Mott William Palmer Richard Parker Donald Porter Thomas Swan Carl Tsaloff Starr Pearn Harry Pender James Sellers Alex Semegen Stephen Semegen Wayman Toll LONE STAR -.s in X55- my ..,.,., V M gs if Miller Meyers Haas Frazee Palmer 'Nagy mi, '," X M ' ' r aiijs ,gf-., A Ng- - N -X 3-sf is ' "' is ,Q M? ., 4-X. X 3 y e ' ft A fs- as i as fi --X - w- . iwk 4 I " '- -,.- if as X x I , y e., an af, 'Wm Dean Doyle, J. Doyle, E Graf Hickman Larson Noel Swires Viall Wert Edmundson Eichelberger Harper Lipscomb Sturgeon Appleby Becker Bertsch Fretz Garcia Hartline Litchfield Marsteller McCune Parker Porter Swan Tsaloff Baehr Gorbach Lee Mahaffey Mallory Marlowe Nicely Pearn Sellers Semegen, A. Semegen, S. Toll Wfallacex' +o ecea sed f1l71 1. ,,- ' E1 ,Q- 5 fi nf ra, f . 1 in li 1 A.: 2 P L, ef-we z. X X. X Q. . N'-.. W... ww W, Meese Griffith Falorl Mott Hochberg LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Founded at Boston University. 1909 Gamma Alpha Zeta, Established 1919 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Prof. George L. Hayes Bill Allen Paul Bagwell William Brown Paul Cate Earl Chandler Harvey Davis Joseph Eckert Robert Austin Robert Bean Eugene Brand Robert Burley Mark Church Paul Coburn Albert Cunnington David Griffiths Jared Halderman William Bebout Hubert Briers Russell Cartwright Richard Cline David Darst William Harms Robert Hunt Robert Jackson Prof. Harold T. McKee THE UPPER COLLEGES Frank Emerson Charles Giegel Alfred Hart Fred Klein Howard Marsh Ira Morton THE GENERAL COLLEGE Robert Hooker Alvis lsner Donald Krenrick Ben Logan Richard McCarthy Kenneth MacAaron Fred Neidert Delmar Renz William Seiler PLEDGES William Kendall Chester Kepler Tassos Kyriakides Herbert McDonald Ralph Merrick Louis Nagy Eugene Phillips James Ross fl18j Prof. Arthur M. Young Joseph Nagy Fred Pamer Ralph Renner Kenneth Replogle Gordon Sayre Joseph Sohner Maurice Wince George Sherry Robert Snyder James Stanford James Stankard Robert Thornton Vincent Thursby Robert Wiltrout Robert Wright Marvin Yonally Kenneth Ross Charles Sohner joseph Stanford Homer Steiner David Thomas Mark Walther Arthur Wecker Walter Wright ,' f , Fl A -... f if if . L f An K- 0 K' W' '55 ax' f If 4 f X f Q' ,M X ,g X Q 3 x N. if sg t fm Q N Q f it S ' f fx X KX Q X 5 X Z f x x LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Nt frm xv-be ' A - f Q' , We ,... J f Q "P .. A --my .As -5 V 1. .1 "fn A Wm K WQQN 2... A .XY x bk 'VW X' Q R fa? S 'Q-.. "fra, .ning , . . , , ? , va' 42" 'Vw' . Emerson Stanford, Jim Klein Cate Bagwell Davis Eckert Giegel Hart ' Marsh Nagy, j. Wince Brown Sayre Austin Bean Cunnington Grifhths Halderman Neidert Krenrick MacAaron Renz Snyder Stankard Thornton Wiltrout Yonally Burley Cartwright Cline Coburn Hunt Jackson Kepler Replogle Sohner, J. Logan Bebout McDona Merrick Nagy L. Ross, K. Sohner, C. Toye Wecker Wright, W. f119j ld ALPHA SIGMA OMICRCN Founded 1920 I FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dean Fred E. Ayer Prof. Fred F. Householder William Blount Robert B. Cole Donald Cornell Robert Davies THE UPPER COLLEGES James Harris Robert Kelsey Joseph Kime Donald Lingo Serge Migdal Richard Schultz John Slifko Gordon Snyder Kenton Zahrt THE GENERAL COLLEGE Robert Brownfield William Chickvary Edward Hall Eugene Heston Walter Grifhn Robert Higgins Jack Kelly Richard Taylor PLEDGES I 120 J Kenneth Klar William Schweikert Wendell Shreve Robert R. Smith Charles Parker Harry Sobeck Theodore Shaul ALPHA SIGMA OMICRON x Davies Blount Cole Cornell Kelsey Kime Lingo Schultz Slifko Snyder Brownfield Chickvary Hall Heston Klar Schweikert Shreve Smith Taylor Grifhn Higgins Kelley IIZI1 Mr. Paul Bartlett James Berry Ashford Carr Robert S. Cole Darrell Cottrell UI. C. Lowell Fifer Robert Bailey Glen Bishop Earl DeYoung I Bill Barkley James Boyd Chester Brown Glen Brubaker Willis Eckard Lee Hibner Richard Kenny BETA KAPPA Founded at Hamline University, 1901 Alpha Tau Chapter, Established 1935 I FRATRES IN FACULTATE Maxwell P. Boggs Mr. Ulysses S. Vance THE UPPER COLLEGES Arnold Hanson Robert Huhn William Ireland Harold Kannell Lester Kaufman Jack Kehl William Klippert THE GENERAL COLLEGE Donald Mather Miles Shook Grover Shuman Robert Van Sickle Wendle Van Sickle Robert Wall John Frye Albert Swift Robert Lessing Donald Tenney William McConnell George Waite Delbert Miller PLEDGES Paul Leas Charles Sherman James Loulan Lawrence Mack Roy McClelland Frank Noffsinger Gale Richards Kenneth Richards Arnold Roos 51221 Ralph Swallow Richard Thompson Reginald Tressider Stanley Van Teslaar Robert Waldvogel Harold Wixcey 'Q' 11 F,,m, iv g?'i Q ?Q.f 5 2 R Y fs ,V .. ,g h L, s,-.r 1' 1 T1 Nwgqz, T59 . it an N ,. ' A ef' av N K R f, K 3 X ww 1 X s 2 MiW'f Q'5w ' fi if :Q iw' X :..,. apr R SWy , g i Hanson Kaufman Cole Fifer VanSickle, W. 'Wall Lessing Miller Boyd Leas Roos Sherman BETA KAPPA G' S ,,. ij ',A' 99' W B 733.-. VanSickle, Ireland Bailey Swift Mack Shook in-4 I 'S'-723' M" aEQ- R. Bartlett Kehl Bishop Tenney McClelland Waldvogel 51231 4'-JA R EN ,gg "-e 'five- Berry Klippert DeYoung Waite Noffsinger Tressider l Y 7.7 7, , A ' 14" Carr Shuman Frye Barkley Richards VanTeslaar l I ff 'i V 11 l l 4 l l .1 l W i I N! 4 i 1 l i .1 Carl Adelman Allen Bernel John Good Morris Jobe George Athens William Curtiee John Day Houston Gray William Harry Pa'ul Buzzi Delmar Christensen Daniel Chovan Robert Ciraldo Donald Ebenhack Edward Erickson Raymond Evans SIGMA BETA Founded 1923 I FRATER IN FACULTATE Prof. Harmon O. DeGraff Q THE UPPER COLLEGES Hal Kolp Maurice Koon Donald McFadden Harold Mclntosh Glenn. Orr THE GENERAL COLLEGE Robert Hartz John Jaccaud Frank Klespies Robert Marsh PLEDGES Robert Geese Robert 'Glasgow Donald Jenkins Edwin Joseph Knapp Mike Komaromi Ralph Maher Fred Malagio jack Mclntyre f124j Paul Pfeiffer Ben Rogers Dean Triplett Stanley Vosper Vincent MCGuCkin Joseph Miller Keith Orr Elmer Sekeres Harold Wheeler Robert McIntyre Dominick Patella Walter Pesuit Earl Resseger John Wagner Sam Yates Frank Zazula SIGMA BETA NU Kolp Bernel Good Jobe McFadden' McIntosh Rogers U Athens Curtice Day Gray Harry Hartz G Jaccaud Klespies Marsh McGuickin Orr, K. Sekeres Wheeler Buzzi Christensen Chovan Glasgow Jenkins Knapp Komaromi Maher McIntyre, Mclntyre, R. Wagner Yates 51251 PHI KAPPA RHO Founded 1923 O FRATER IN FACULTATE Prof. Samuel Selby THE UPPER COLLEGES I. Henry Kempler Sigmund Levin Morris Orlinoff THE GENERAL COLLEGE Albert Cohen Max Nelson Herbert Kahn Bernard Rosen Sam Langerman Leonard Sternberg Norton M. Levin Harry Waldman PLEDGES Nathan Rosenbloom Isadore Schneiderman Morris Solomon f126j PHI KAPPA RHO 'O Levin, S. Langerman Levin, N. Cohen Kahn Nelson Rosen Rosenbloom Schneiderman Solomon Sternberg Waldman f1271 1 N mqvg, 1 i g ,. nf? .qu ..' 1' QV' :N 1 -. if.: if jf." il ul' 'ff . W ' 9 . . -ffivpl i ' ' I M 'f"5"! . mg, iw? ""' 5 . . V ...ji ,-A - i . ' ,'-:. 'Q I 1 .,.,f.iv' 2 'F ,is A ' 1 ed I' -'L ""s- Q lf X -lv' . I ,D ' 'L-3 171 1' :Ei ., ' 2" 1 f"'f,l: . , l.,., I 1,'v. w .-. . :Ku Q I W , , ., ., "nys, . . x 1 Y .', . ' ' Y W" .V I- .- ,Ig ., . A , , . :z v Y Y. 4 . 9, , ., . ,I . ,, , , ' 1 .".'-'P -3,1 -' '51 fu' I 1, 4- - I V .f.,,.', - . 1 'gn nf mrs., r' ' srl E' 5 .K '- 1-' it 3."' T'--" 'ff 1 1 4' , f f, 2 A 4,5 .f,-. 'w,A.N.11l , , . , 1. nu, .. .. .Aff ,. , 1 - 'I' -f P- , ""v fi , ff ,r. , V fg:'1n.1 Q" 1 7, 'L f 1 'Yr , ,, ":3:'v.ip, ,. . , , Ya .T'?' 'V V + K . . .. A, L,-an i' -113,4 17' H .,, - 4- g.. -I' 1 P 1-Hu, ' T' V' -' --gd, IIGNORARIES AND CLUBS PIERIAN Top Row: Friess, Goehring, Markle, Dreisbach, Rausch, Roundy. Bottom Row: Price, Maskrey, Irwin, Peck, Griiiith, Earley, Garrett. Pierian was formed for the purpose of recognizing those women who have shown them- selves to be outstanding leaders among the women on the campus. OFFICERS President ,a,.s....,....,... .......,.,.,.raaa. ......... D o l ores Friess Vice-President-Treasurer Marian Markle Secretary ..,...,,r.................... Margaret Price Custodian Margaret Dixon- Historian , ,..,..... Leona Olsen Faculty Adviser .as. ,.,a..,,,.c....... . Dean Marjorie Mitchell MEMBERS Elva Dreisbach Ruth Irwin Beatrice Earley Marian Markle Dolores Friess Mary Jane Maskrey Dorothy Garrett Mary Peck Leonore Goehring Margaret Price Isobel Griifith Emma Rausch Margaret Roundy HONORARY MEMBERS Mrs. Howard Blair Dean Marjorie Mitchell Mrs. Sarah Dunckley Dreisbach Mrs. Hezzleton Simmons Women are chosen for membership in Pierian on a basis of activities, scholarship, personal- ity, and democracy. f13o1 OMICRON DELTA KAPPA Top Row: Bagwell, Wert, Davis, Ames. Front Row: Martin, Watters, Larson, Jaques, Kolp. THETA CIRCLE Omicron Delta Kappa, men's national honorary leadership fraternity, has a threefold purpose First, to recognize those men who have attained outstanding recognition in collegiate ac tivities. Second, to bring together in a common union the most representative men in all phases of college life. Third, to bring together the faculty and students in an attempt to understand each other s attitudes and problems. OFFICERS President .. .c..,........,. aaacaa.a.. ..c.cac.a . E aca..a, E Alvin Larson Vice-President ,aa,.c. L ccacac Robert Firestone Secretary ....,.....a E-- cccc,,cc John Martin Treasurer ......, ,,., E - ........,aa,.,.. - ..ccaaa cacaac. acacaaa.a cacc,,a. . M o rris ,lobe Faculty Adviser .a..,......,.. .......caaa..,a........aaaacccaacc,aaaaaacc.aa.,a . . .cacca cc,cc . Dean Donfred Gardner Dean Charles Bulger Prof. Earl Crecraft Dean Donfred 'Gardner Malcolm Ames Paul Bagwell Chester Church Harvey Davis Robert Ducotey Robert Firestone Gil Hartz FACULTY MEMBERS Prof. Frederick Sefton Mr. Philip Sherman President Hezzleton Simmons Dean Albert Spanton MEMBERS I 131 1 Jack Jaques Morris jobe Hal Kolp Alvin Larson John Martin Thomas Watters Bruce Wert PI KAPPA DELTA Top Row: Flippo, Reining, Schwartz, Coscia. Second Row: Bagwell, Ross, Dickson, Davis. Front Row: Offineer, Fuston, Griffith, Roundy. OHIO DELTA CHAPTER The purpose of Pi Kappa Delta, national forensic honorary, is to recognize and to reward students participating in forensic activity, and to stimulate interest in debate OFFICERS President aaaaaaaaaaaa .,,..,. H arvey Davis Secretary ,,rr..r,,r....r r,..,... R onald Dickson Vice-President ......,..,........ Robert Ducotey Social Chairman ...,. ........ B eatrice Offineer Treasurer-Corresponding F21CLllty Adviser ..... .,r,.... M iss Maxine Dye Secretary ..,.r.r.r,,,,,..,....... Isobel Griffith Alumni Adviser ....,r r.,..... M axine Wohlford MEMBERS Paul Bagwell Anthony Coscia Harvey Davis Ronald Dickson jack Flippo Conrad Reining Robert Ducotey Margaret Eckhart Lillian Fuston Isobel Griffith Beatrice Offineer PLEDGES Kenneth Ross Irving Schwartz Ivor Willis Wilbur Wright Margaret Roundy Homer Steiner To be eligible for membership, a student must have been in three or more intercollegiate debates, or an oratory or extemporaneous speaking contest. To become an active member a pledge must fulfill again the pledging requirements and show further interest in the field fl321 KAPPA DELTA PI Top Row: Bagwell, Avem, DeLong, Harford, Firestone, Thomas. Front Row: Luke, Smith, Markle, Morton. ALPHA TI-IETA CHAPTER The purpose of Kappa Delta Pi is to encourage high intellectual and scholastic standards and to recognize outstanding contributions to education. President ..s,sssccs... Vice President ....... Secretary ....,e,,..... Treasurer .,r,. Counselor ..,.. Ruth Avem Paul Bagwell Robert Cole Bernard Corman Chloe DeLong Beatrice Earxley OFFICERS MEMBERS Lowell Fifer Maxine Firestone Elsie Gregory Doris Harford Morris Jobe Juanita Luke Charles Walker Paul D. Bagwell Richard W. Outland James E. Thomas Ruth D. Sanison Prof. Emery L. Kuhnes Marian Markle Mary Miller Jean Morrison Anna Morton Mildred Smith james Thomas The qualifications for undergraduates are: full junior collegiate standing, general scholar ship of a grade above the upper quartile point of the institution, work in Education completed to the extent of six semester hours if elected during the Junior year, or twelve semester hours if elected during the Senior year. fmj CHI DELTA PHI Top Row: Minster, Oakes, Offineer, Cunningham. Front Row: Abbott, Gardner, Woodard, Cahill. NU CHAPTER The purpose of Chi Delta Phi, women's national literary honorary, is to stimulate creative writing among the women on the campus and to recognize those women who are interested in furthering literary achievements on the campus. OFFICERS President .,ss..,..i,..,,., C, ............,.. sss,,sss .......,s C a rolyn Woodard Vice-President and Secretary .,.., .sss.,,., E dna Abbott Editor , C... s,e,..,,,.,,.,.....s........... s.,...... R u th Irwin Treasurer ,.....sss ........ . M ary Gardner Faculty Adviser , .,..s.sss P rof. Margaret Fanning MEMBERS Edna Abbott Leonore Geohring Gertrude Cahill Ruth Irwin Letitia Cunningham Betty Minster Margaret Eckhart Violet Oakes Mary Gardner Beatrice Offineer Carolyn Woodard Each year members are pledged on a basis of original manuscripts submitted. f 134 1 TAU KAPPA PHI Top Row: Lathrop, Swift, Loomis, Allyn. Front Row: Glass, Dodds, McCown, Hofelt. The purpose of Tau Kappa Phi is to stimulate greater professional activity in home eco- nomics, to raise the standards and ideals in home economicsg and to carry on community proj- ects of a quality in keeping with advanced honor standing. OFFICERS President ...,,,..... ...r...... s,... ..... ....., J a n e t Loomis Vice-President .r,......., ...,,.,,. . Mary Virginia Hancock Secretary-Treasurer ....,r rr.rrr,,, J ane Allyn Historian arrrr,rrr...,.,. r,rr, r Laurette Dodds Faculty Adviser ,.,-rr .rrr, s Miss Elizabeth Lathrop MEMBERS Jane Allyn Erma Hofelt Laurette Dodds Janet Loomis Mildred Glass Martha McCown Mary Virginia Hancock Miss Mildred Swift To become a member of Tau Kappa Phi, a student must be of junior standing in home eco- nomics and outstanding in scholarship, leadership, character, and personality. fl35j PHI SIGMA Top Row: Kuhar, Eckert, Malamatinis. Front Row: Wince, Glenny, Dr. Kraatz, Widick, Mueller. ETA CHAPTER The purpose of Phi Sigma is to promote interest in research in the biological sciences. President eee.e.eeeeee Vice-President aes.., Secretary .eeeeasass Treasurer ..,,,.,aa. Faculty Adviser ee.s Prof. Paul W. Acquarone Prof. Rolland D. Fox Joseph Eckert Grace Gerson Fred Glenny William H. Ireland Mitchell Kuhar OFFICERS FACULTY MEMBERS MEMBERS Fred H. Glenny Eleanor Mueller Elsie B. Widick joseph Eckert Prof. Rolland D Fox Prof. Edgar P Jones Prof. Walter Kraatz John Malamatinis Eleanor Mueller Elsie B. Widick Mardis Williams Maurice Wince All students majoring in biology who have passed sixteen hours of biological subjects with an average of B or better are eligible for membership in Phi Sigma. f136j SIGMA TAU Top Row: Greene, Groncy, Waugh, Keller, Alexander. Front Row: Remark, Prof. Griiiin, Martin, Taylor, Dean Ayer. PHI CHAPTER The purpose of Sigma Tau, national enginezring honorary fraternity, is to recognize out- standing engineering ability along with activities in other fields. Pres OFFICERS ident -. ,,,r,,, A ,r,rrrrrr.r,,, ,,,, ,,.,,, , . Vice-President .r,..r,.e. ,.rrsrr r Secr etary-Treasurer ..,,.. rrrrrrrr Historian .r,,.,,,,,,,,,, rrrrrrr Faculty Adviser .cr.r r,,r,rr HONORARY MEMBERS Ernest Taylor Russell Keller Paul Remark Carl Groncy Dean Fred E. Ayer Prof. Fred S. Grifhn Dr. Karl Arnstein Prof. John W. Bulger MEMBERS Alvin Alexander John Martin 'Robert Greene Paul Remark Carl Groncy Ernest Taylor Russell Keller Dale Waugh Juniors and seniors in the engineering college who are in the upper third of the two combined classes and who are outstanding scholastically and socially are eligible for membership in Sigma Tau. 51371 DELTA EPSILON CHI Top Row: Mr. Anderson, Dr. Cramer, Forster, Oneacre, Ryan, Schufle, Trivich. Front Row: Dr. Cook, Dr. Heyman, Lizawetsky, Perilstein, Eckert, Dr. Cool, Dr. Haas. Delta Epsilon Chi, local honorary chemical fraternity, was organized for the purpose of ele- vating the scholarship standards in chemistry and to promote better cooperation between the students and their instructors. OFFICERS President crsrrcrrcr, Vice-President ..... Secretary sr,. r,..,.,r Treasurer ..rr,.....,.. Faculty Adviser .....c .....................,.. . rcr..... ,,.... .....,, ,ccc - HONORARY MEMBERS Pres. Hezzleton E. Simmons Mr. John W. Thomas FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. Walter A. Cook .D ' A d Dr. Raymond D. Cool Mr avid n erson MEMBERS Lillian Buckles Nathan Lizawetsky Joseph Eckert Leland Oneacre William Forster Warren Perilstein Nathan Lizawetsky --------,Warren Perilstein Lillian Buckles Joseph Eckert Dr. Walter A. Cook Mrs. Walter Cook Dr. Howard I. Cramer Dr. Eugene G. Haas Richard Ryan Joseph A. Schufle Dan Trivich Each year, Delta Epsilon Chi pledges those persons who have proven themselves to be out- standing in the field of chemistry. f 138 1 MU PHI OMEGA Top Row: Davis, Rider, Beidler, Young. Front Row: Sennett, DeLong, Bischoff, Breitenbucher. Mu Phi Omega, local musical honorary, was organized for the purpose of fostering worth- while musical activities on the campus. Each year, Mu Phi Omega sponsors faculty concerts, public school concerts, and a May festival concert. OFFICERS President .rr....rr,. .......r.. .,....,. ....... G e n evieve Sennett Vice-President .,,..r ...,... . Chloe DeLong Secretary ,r.......,r ..,r,.. G ladys Breitenbucher Treasurer , .,r.,...... .rr..rr P auline Young Faculty Adviser ...... .r....,.....,.......... ,,r..rr.,.r..,r.rr..rr rrr...r . M i ss Genevieve Rider HONORARY MEMBERS President Hezzleton E. Simmons Prof. Elmer Ende Mrs. Hezzleton E. Simmons Mrs. Elmer Ende Prof. Katherine Reed MEMBERS Marie Beidler Ruth Cope Marion Markle Emma Louise Bischoff Gladys Breitenbucher Betty Buckles Hester Buticofer Nellie Whittaker LaVerne Davis Chloe DeLong Helen Hahn Nina Huber To be eligible for membership in Mu Plii Omega, a student must have had one year of music theory with an average grade of B. fl391 Elfrieda Mayer Edla Mae Reed Genevieve Sennett Mary Cissne Pauline Young BETA DELTA PSI I it M' il Top Row: Wert, Cate, Kaufman. Front Row: Ogden, Heffelman, Blount. I ORGANIZED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF AKRON IN 1928. Beta Delta Psi has a threefold purpose: First, to recognize outstanding students in the Commerce Department. Second, to raise the scholastic standards of the Commerce Department. Third, to provide contact between the student body and the faculty. I il OFFICERS I President uuu.uuu,uuuuuuuuuuu ..,,s..,,uuu,r,,,uu .u,,.,.. . L ester Kaufman I Secretary-Treasurer ..uu,u ,.,..... W illiam Blount MEMBERS William Blount Lester Kaufman Paul Cate Floyd Ogden Austin Heffelman Bruce Wert Only commerce students are eligible for membership in Beta Delta Psi. Candidates must have 80 credit hours with an average of 80, and must have had an average of 85 for the pre- vious semester. fl40'j I Ji. BIOLOGY CLUB Top Row: Kuhar, Malmatinas, Eckert. Third Row: Widick, Sumner, Glasgow, Gullia. Second Row: Van Teslaar, Glenny, Lonsbury, Crane, Allman. Front Row: Wince, Dr. Kraatz, Nelan, Barkley, MacAaron. OFFICERS President ,eeeeeereee ,..........e,e,..... ,eeeeeee M a urice J. Wince Vice-President ,eeee., ..,,eee G uy Romito Secretary ........ ...e.., P atsy Nelan Treasurer ..... .....e. . Stanley Van Teslaar MEMBERS Aubrey Allman Kenneth MacAaron Bill Barkley Patricia Nelan Ruth Crane Kenneth Randolph Joseph Eckert Guy Romito Robert Glasgow Sam Shobert Fred Glenny Robert Snyder Frank Grucella Jeanette Sumner - Carmen Gullia Stanley Van Teslaar Margaret Lonsbury Mardis Williams Maurice Wince The Biology Club aims to bring together students interested in Biology or branches, and to stimulate interest in the Various phases of the biological sciences. fl411 any of its AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS Top Row: Groncy, Alexander, Kovach, Fretz, Buchtel. Second Row: Vukan, Cornell, Harris, Good, Taylor, Rottmayer, Kolk. Front Row: Roppel, Fuller, Grifhn, Weaver, Martin. AKRON CHAPTER The American Society of Mechanical Engineers has been organized for the purpose of ad- vancing and disseminating knowledge of the theory and practice of mechanical engineering, of presenting a proper perspective of engineering work and also for the promotion of a professional consciousness and fellowship among the members. President ,rrrrrrrr Vice-President rrrr,rrrrrr Secretary-Treasurer .,v... Faculty Adviser Alvin Alexander Ferdinand Brubaker Kenneth Buchtel Donald Cornell George Fretz, jr. Carl Fuller john Good OFFICERS MEMBERS Carl Groncy Thomas Harper James Harris Chester Kolk Jim Kovach Sigmund Levin John Martin r---,---,john John John Prof. Martin Roppel Good Fred S. Griiiin Glenn Orr John Roppel Earl Rottmayer Frank Saus Ernest Taylor Frank Vukan Thomas Weaver Membership in the American Society of Mechanical Engineers is open to all students of mechanical engineering with the exception of freshmen. Applications for membership must be endorsed by the honorary chairman and accepted by the parent organization. f1421 AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS Top Row: Lingo, Allen, Williamson, Fuston, Zaiser. Front Row: Kerber, Klippert, Durst, Ayer. OFFICERS President ..,.. orr.. - - I.,,.IIII.,...,,,.. CIICIII X Villiam Klippert Vice-President r,.r.s. rrrr,.. D onald Lingo Secretary-Treasurer rrr,r I..II. R obert Williamson Faculty Adviser rrrrrr rrrrrr P rof. John Bulger IVIEMBERS John Allen Dean Fred Ayer Prof. John Bulger Prof. Ross C. Durst Claude Fuston Carl Hanes Henry Kerber Foster Zaiser john Kerr William Klippert Donald Lingo Thomas Perry William Smith Joseph Sohner Robert Williamson The American Society of Civil Engineers was formed at the University of Akron to further the interests of its members in the sciences of civil engineering and architecture f1431 Y. M. C. A. Top Row: Baker, Klink, Hausch, Reining, Teeple. Second Row: Heepe, Conn, Gaeta, Wheeler, Marsh, Maher. Front Row: Brownfield, Wiltrout, Weigle, Griffith, Nagy. The purpose of the Y. M. C. A. is to create, maintain and extend high standards of Chris- tian character throughout the university and the community. OFFICERS President ,.............. .......... ....................... Vice-President-Treasurer ....,, Secretary .,,,............. . ....,.. . Chaplain .... ......, Gerald Weigle Richard Sipes Evan Brett Louis Gaeta George Baker Evan Brett Richard Cline George Dubina Louis Gaeta John Griffith Walter Hausch MEMBERS William Heepe John Klink Robert Lemmon Robert Marsh Vincent McGuckin Louis Nagy Conrad Reining Philip Snyder Ted Thome Chester Teeple Gerald Weigle Harold Wheeler Robert Wiltrout Samuel Yates Richard Sipes Members in Y. M. C. A. are selected and elected on the basis of scholastic standing, character, and leadership. f 144 1 SPANISH CLUB Top Row: Lynds, Lionetti, Griffiths, Rice. Front Row: Foster, Kempel, Piera, Harbaugh, Carrell. The Spanish Club was formed to stimulate interest in Spanish. The members strive to perfect their knowledge of the language through Contact with other members of the club OFFICERS President ..... ....................... ,..... . A nita Plera Vice President ....... ...,,s, V irginla Zinkhann Secretary ......s M ary Jane Maskrey Treasurer .......,.... .uuu ,.,.... J 0 hn Mangels MEMBERS Virgil Barb james Boland Rae Marie Carrell Dorothy Carrier Lois Foster Bonar Griffiths Betty Harbaugh Helen Harris Kathryn Kempel Mary Kennedy Virginia Zinkhann I 145 1 Ellen Lemmon Harold Lionetti Robert Lynds John Mangels Mary Jane Maskrey Mary Jane McIntyre Margaret Osborne Anita Piera Marian Romo Ruth Thomas LE CERCLE FRANCAIS Back Row: Aidman, Schwan, Lucas, Gardner, Leatherman. Third Row: Sisler, Prof. Fanning, Baird, Mitchell, Matlack. Second Row: Heyburn, Noyes, Prof. Reed, Friess, Maskrey, Markle, Mytholar. Front Row: Kiesling, Holub, Kennedy, Horner, Guinter, Pettitt. The purpose of the French Club is to encourage and interest the students in the further knowledge and use of spoken French and to give them a more intimate view of French customs and culture. OFFICERS PrCSidCnt ,,..,,.... ,.sss,rs,,.s...s,..,rs..,s..s ,r,..s.. P r of. Katharine Reed Vice-PrCSider1t .r.., .srsssssss,ss,.,,..sss, ....... P r of. Margaret Fanning 5CCr6tary ....,,,,......,.....,.,.,,,.,... ...,.... V erba Horner Treasurer ,,.,,,,..s.r.......,ss...,,..,... ,,,rs.r...-ss.,.,.....,,- , M ary Kennedy In Charge of Refreshments ........ Cssssr,,r,ssss.s..,ssssss,sss ss,sss. . M arian Markle MEMBERS Sol Aidman Edward Cory Olga Halamay a Earl Leatherman Doro Perez Mary Ann Akschan Ann Crowe Adele Hart Harold Lionetti Marjorie Petley Ruth Andress Virginia Davis Ruth Heyburn Gilbert Litchfield Lois Jean Pettitt George Athens Concetta DiFederico Esther Hildebrand Edna Litman Anita Piera Doris Aumann Myrtle Estright Frances Holub Catherine Lucas Rosemary Reichart Polly Baird Mildred Evans Verba Horner Robert Lynds Doris Renner Zole Berk Rose Fatiguso Marguerite Horst Julia McDowell Betty Rephann June Blackburn Evelyn Fleisher Robert I-Iuhn Marian Markle Betty Ross Jane Bricken Helen Fleisher Amelia James Mary Jane Maskrey Violet Schnabel Flora Bump Dolores Friess Dorothy Jones Ruth Mitchell Patricia Schwan Gertrude Cahill Carole Ganyard Martha Kennedy Elaine Morgan Barbara Shank Cathryn Carroll Mary Gardner Mary Kennedy Mary Gene Noyes Helen Sisler Evelyn Christman Genevieve Gilleland Vera Kent Eileen O'Brien Betty Sobel Virginia Cooper Betty Guinter Anne Kiesling Lucille Paridon Margaret Stiggers Virginia Thompson John Vinciguerra Dorothy Wallace Virginia Zinkhann To become a member of the French Club, a student must have completed one year of French either in college or high school. 51461 UNIVERSITY THEATRE l Top Row: Mr. Varian, Robert Greenwald, Richard Greenwald, Schultz, Schwan, Bagwell, Bartlett. Second Row: Dickson, Goehring, Beyer, Partridge, Phillips, Ebbert, Maskrey, Collins, Davies. Front Row: Ulmer, Semler, Simmons, Carroll, Garrett. The purpose of the University Theatre is the presentation of dramatic productions and the promotion of dramatics and dramatic interest among students of the University and the citizens of Akron. OFFICERS President sss...,sv. r, ..,...............,.sss,s.,,.sissssii,,,sscsss,,.s, cssscss,.s ..,ss.,..... P h ilip Schwan Vice-President in Charge of Personnel ..,rtcc. --- ..... Arden I-Iardgrove Business Manager .................,,.......,.s..r.,s.sSS .....,,.. P aul Bagwell Secretary ,S..,c,.........................,....,.,scccsssrcc ,.,..,... D orothy Garrett Faculty Adviser .s... sss,s.....sssssssss...,.sss,...s,,.,....,, M r . Donald S. Varian ACTIVE MEMBERS Paul Bagwell Cathryn Carroll Dorothy Garrett Harold Hibbard Robert Keating Paul Bartlett Robert Davies Leonore Goehring Morris Jobe Richard Lord Betty Beyer Catherine Ebbert Arden Hardgrove Ellen Jones Marguerite Partridge Betsy Phillips Philip Schwan ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Adda I.. Baehr Robert Greenwald Genevieve Sennett Robert Bauer Genevieve Hammond Vivian Semler Ronald Dickson X Mary Jane Maskrey Jean Sholitan Margaret Eckhart Frances Rabe Mary Agnes Simmons Richard Greenwald Richard Schultz Frances Ulmer Membership in the University Theatre is limited to those students who have acquired either twenty theatre points for an associate membership or thirty points for an active membership. Points are awarded for taking part in dramatic productions, for helping with staging, properties, and make-up, and for working on the business staff of the theatre. f147j COMMERCE CLUB The purpose of the Commerce Club is to familiarize the commerce students with busi ness methods and practices. It also endeavors to promote fellowship among students, promote closer relationships between the faculty and students, and to promote scholarship BOARD OF CONTROL Senior Representative ., sss,...,,.........,...s...s,.,sr.,,.s... Senior Representative ,r,,.,s Junior Representative ..,....,ss Sophomore Representative ..... Freshman Representative ....... Secretary ss..ssssssssss Treasurer sss.,,,.ssssss Faculty Adviser ,,,sr, FACULTY MEMBERS Prof. Warren W. Leigh Mr. Prof. Harold T. McKee Prof. Ralph M. Van Metre Eugene Kreighbaum Bruce Wert L-..-,-.Paul Gate John Griffith Donald Krenrick Edward Doran Lester Kaufman Mr. Thomas C. Hilliard Warren S. Hauser Thomas C. Hilliard Louis F. Hampel All students in the Commerce Department are eligible for membership in the Commerce Club. f148:I BUCHTEL SINGERS Top Row: Berry, Yonally. Second Row: Boyd, Davies, Burnett, Kehl. Front Row: Simmons, Heyburn, Christman, Richardson, Myers. The Buchtel Singers was organized to provide training and experience in advanced choral singing for members of the Glee Clubs, and to represent the University musically on programs for various groups and organizations in the community. MR. BURTON GARLINGHOUSE, Director Doris Aumann james Berry James Boyd Betty Burnett Evelyn Christman Harriet Davies Edward Erickson MEMBERS Ruth Heyburn Jack Kehl Naomi Morrow Martha Richardson J. A. Schufle Mary Agnes Simmons Marvin Yonally To become a member, a candidate must be in the University Glee Club at least one semester and have certain special abilities as determined by the director in try-outs. l'1491 SPEAKERS' BUREAU Top Row: Reining, Schwartz, Levin, H. Davis. Third Row: Roundy, Flippo, Weigle, Sipes, Coscia. Second Row: Bagwell, Baird, Ross, Dickson, Landefeld, Sankey. Front Row: Grifhth, M. Davis, Fustnn, Offineer, Heyburn, Rausch, Markle. The purpose of the Speakers' Bureau is to promote interest in the Held of public speaking and to give students experience by actual practice in the field. OFFICERS ' President ,ssss,s.ssssssss.....,.. ........s R onald W. Dickson Secretary-Treasurer ,.,........ ...r.,r, , Marguerite Horst Corresponding Secretary .,.,rr .,,rr,.. M argaret Roundy MEMBERS Paul Bagwell Lillian Fuston Mary Jane Mclntire Irving Schwartz Anthony Coscia Arden Hardgrove Dorothy Miller Richard Sipes Harvey Davis Ruth Heyburn Beatrice Ofhneer Homer Steiner Mary Lee Davis Jack Jones Mildred Rausch Rufus Thompson Ronald Dickson Norton Levin Conrad Reining Gerald Weigle Margaret Eckhart John Mangels Kenneth Ross Ivor Willis Jack Flippo George Matye Margaret Roundy Wilbert Wright To become a member of the Speakers' Bureau, a candidate must have the approval of a fac- ulty member. Also a member must give at least two speeches a semester in order to remain active and eligible for active participation. fisoi CHEMISTRY CLUB Top Row: Marquardt, Rogers, Vernon, Slonczewski. Third Row: Gaeta, Lizawetsky, Oneacre, Schufle, Funk, Eckert. Second Row: Forster, Dr. Cramer, Hamilton, Raasch, Foss, Sobel, Ryan, Trivich. Front Row: Mr. Anderson, Dr. Cook, Dr. Heyman, Perilstein, Dr. Cool, Dr. Haas. The Chemistry Club was formed for the purpose of establishing a closer relationship between the faculty and the students in the chemistry department. OFFICERS President ......... ..........,.rc ,c,.,.,. W a r ren Perilstein Secretary .,,..., .......c D an Trivich Treasurer ......,....,. ........ - Guy Romito Faculty Adviser ....... .......r D r. Walter A. Cook HONORARY MEMBERS President Hezzleton E. Simmons Mrs. Walter A. Cook Mr. John W. Thomas FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. Walter A. Cook Dr. Howard I. Cramer Dr. Raymond D. Cool Dr. Eugene G. Haas Mr. David Anderson Membership in the Chemistry Club is open to all students enrolled in the chemistry depart- ment. l'l5l'I HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Top Row: Dodds, Coovert, Gilmour. Fourth Row: McGaughey, Olin, Swift, Horvath, Allyn, McCown, D. Wagner. Third Row: Prof. Lathrop, Ebbert, Dornacher, Clemmer, Hudson, Bush, Blake, Womersley. Second Row: Matson, Mitchell, Giddings, Marsh, Zwicker, Rausch, Wagner, Weaver, Nipper. Front Row: Semler, Loomis, Ulmer, Hofelt, Peck, Glass, Burnett, Garn. The purpose of the Home Economics Club is to further interest in Home Economics at the University, to better the knowledge of the students in the field, and to create and develop social contacts among the members of the club. President ......,...r.. Vice-President ...,,. Secretary ....rrr...,r. Treasurer .rr..rrr,...rr Faculty Adviser ,...rss Jane Allyn Margaret Ammerman Margaret Bentley Jean Blake Betty Burnett Marcia Bush Betty Clemmer Margaret Coovert Eleanor Dasch Ardes DeHaven Laurette Dodds Harriet Dornacher Catherine Ebbert OFFICERS MEMBERS Marie Evans Carole 'Ganyard Mada Garn Alice Giddings Eleanor Gilmour Mildred Glass Mary Virginia Hancock Erma Hofelt Nellie Hoffman Elizabeth Horvath Mae Hudson Helen Iredell Florence Kain Janet Loomis Gladys Marsh Jeanette Matson Ruth Mitchell Lois Mytholar Martha McCown Edith McCaskill Mary McGaughey Opal Nipper Carroll Olin Bessie Peck Mary Peck Emma Rausch Any student who is a Home Economics major or minor or has completed at least six hours in Home Economics is eligible for active membership. 51521 -,-----Betty Burnett -----,-Alice Giddings --,---aBetty Clemmer ------,Laurette Dodds ------,Miss Mildred Swift Doris Renner Vivian Semler Janet Schroyer Betty Jane Smith Mary Margaret Stein Virginia Thompson Ethel Thornton Frances Ulmer Doris Wagner Mary Louise Wagner Edith Weaver Margaret Womersley Esther Zwicker ART CLUB Top Row: Schwartz, Rogers, Semonin, Schultz. Second Row: Shank, Sanford, Kennedy, Frye, Cable, Struble. Front Row: Maglione, Minster, McFarland, McCoy, Kempel. The Art Club was organized for the purpose of furthering interest in art on the campus and in the city. President .,........ Vice-President ...., Secretary ....... Treasurer .......... Faculty Advisers - Rachel Alpeter Adda Louise Baehr Ursula Bowman Ruth Cardarelli OFFICERS MEMBERS Berdelle Keller Kathryn Kempel Marion Kennedy Eleanor Maglione Martharose McFarland Kathryn Kempel Mary Jane Frye Margaret Mary McCoy Prof. Jane Barnhardt Miss Rena Cable Ben Rogers Dent Sanford Richard Schultz Ellis Schwartz Chloe De Long - Margaret Mary McCoy Emmet Semonin Mary Jane Frye Martharose McFarland Norma Strublel Genevieve Gilleland Betty Minster Barbara Shank Genevieve Hammond Matilda Prokop Grattis Tanzy To be eligible for membership in the Art Club a student must have two semesters of art work with a B average. 51531 Y. W. C. A . V UNIVERSITY BRANCH The purpose of the Young Women's Christian Association is to aid the women of the uni- versity in developing themselves physically, socially, culturally, and spiritually. President ........s. Vice-President Secretary ,,........ Treasurer .... Mary Ann Akschan Ethel Albright Mary Jo Amer Doris Aumann Polly Baird Gwendolyn Barnes Marion Bazley Jeanne Benson Marcia Berlitz Helen Besshardt Betty Beyer Bernita Blake Frances Boyd Gerry Brock Alice Brucker Betty Burnett Ruth Burnett Marian Burnham Betty Carlson Dorothy Carrier Cathryn Carroll Rae Marie Carrell Mary Jane Casey Mary E. Clawson Betty Clemmer Margaret Coovert Roslyn Cottler Florence Crano Anna Crow Mary Jane Cummings Lillian Dando Harriet Davies Naomi Dean Ardes DeHaven Harriet Dornacher Elva Driesbach Marion Durr Beatrice Earley Elsie Eckert Marie Evans Mildred Evans Julia Foltz Mary Jane Frye Carole Ganyard Dorothy Garrett Margery Garrigan Alice Giddings Marjorie Gilliland Mildred Glass Mary Eliz. Graf Mildred Gray Jean Griflin Betty Guinter Mary Louise Gunsolus Rose Haberman Olga Halamay OFFICERS MEMBERS Genevieve Hammond June Hammond Betty Harbaugli Doris Harford Helen Harris Mary Eliz. Henry Ruth Heyburn Marian Hills Erma Hofelt Nellie Hoffman Betty Hooker Ruth Irwin Margot Jacobsen Martha Kennedy Mary Kennedy Anne Kiesling Corinne Killinger Jean Landefeld Betty Jane Leader Lillian Leary Ruth Lee Norma Lewis Marjorie Logue Edith McCaskill Julia McDowell Jean Mahaffey Gladys Marsh Mary Jane Maskrey Frances Matthews Victoria Matye Marjorie Meade Rita Louise Mills Ruth Mingle Ruth Mitchell Naomi Morrow Jane Murdock Elizabeth Neidert Patsy Nelan Opal Nipper Mary Gene Noyes Beatrice Oilineer Carroll Olin Margaret Osborne Marguerite Partridge Peggy Patton Lois Jean Pettitt Betsy Phillips Ednamae Pollen Emma Rausch Mildred Rausch Martharose McFarland Rowena Resseger Mary McGaughey Dorothy Ribelin Wanda McMillan Mary Helen Richardson 51543 Mildred Rausch ------Alice Giddings Dorothy Garrett Emma Rausch Jane Rieker Betty Ross Rose Marie Ruth Betty Sandberg Patty Schwan Eleanor Schwartz Stephanie Sears Dorothy Semler Vivian Semler Barbara Selby Mary Evelyn Smith Violet Schnabel Anna Staiger Helen Streeks Mary Eliz. Thompson Mary Alice Thornton Grace Thurston Ruth Vermillion Helen Voige Kathleen Vosper Doris Wagner Margaret Wagner Mary Louise Wagner Dorothy Wallace Clara Waltz Edith Weaver Joyce Wolfe ' SECRETARIAL SCIENCE CLUB The purpose of the Secretarial Science Club is to promote interest in the business world, to cultivate ability in secretarial work, to foster school pride in intellectual pursuits, and to pro- mote fellowship among its members. President ......r.r Vice-President Secretary ......,., Treasurer .r...rr,rr,r,c Social Chairman ccc.,.c... Program Chairman ...,..., Membership Chairman Margaret Ail-tenhead Ethel Albright Mary Jo Amer Gwendolyn Barnes Evelyn Baughman jane Beninghof Helen Besshardt Bernita Blake Audrey Boles William Bray Ruth Burnett Mary Jane Casey Mary Elizabeth Clawson Margaret Coovert Thelma Cattran Mary Jane Cummings Marylee Davis Naomi Dean Robert Ducotey Beatrice Earley Stanley Edwards Lillias Ellery Ella Fassitt Rose Fatiguso Julia Foltz Phyliss Freiss Margery Garrigan Dorothy Givens Ethel Gron Rose Haberman Mary Elizabeth Henry Ruth Hessler OFFICERS MEMBERS Betty Hooker Lillian Leary Ruth Lee Marjorie Markle Rosemary Martin Jeannette Matson Julia Mikis Betty Milhoff Ruth Miller Fred Neidert Florence O'Neil Eva Parsons Peggy Patton jane Pockrandt Edna Mae Pollen Mary Helen Richardson Josephine Zook --r-c-,,Aubrey Boles -,--,Margaret Price ----.Rosemary Wade a,--.Robert Ducotey ----rFlorence O'Neil LwMary Evelyn Smith ,,--.Ethel Albright Betty Sanford Dorothy Semler june Semler Mary Evelyn Smith Jeanette Spuller james Stanford Leona Sterley Ralph Swallow Llewelyn Tarr Dorothy Tham Mary Elizabeth Thompson Mary Alice Thornton Mary jane Tschantz Rosemary Wade Eleanor Winter Rose Wolfe Active membership in the Secretarial Science Club is open to all students interested in sec retarial science. N551 UNIVERSITY BAND Top Row: Hendershot, Coburn, Markey, Blatter, Snyder. Third Row: Smith, Shroyer, Bishop, Kime, Killgrove, Schaeffer. Second Row: Walcott, Kelley, Krenrick, Wright, Streeks, Goff, Lebo. Front Row: Lonsbury, Unsworth, Porter, Jones, Heyburn, Leatherman, Cole. The University Band has as its purpose and functions the following: To participate in every parade in which the University R. O. T. C To furnish martial music for the annual R. O. T. C. inspection. To provide music during ceremonies on May Day. To give several symphonic concerts during the course of the year. To play at all football contests. To represent: the University of Akron at the annual Band Festival. President ..,rrr.... Vice President err.t Secretary .rrrrrrr.. Director ...., I Glen Bishop Donald Blatter Paul Coburn Robert Cole Leonard Goff Carl Hendershot Richard Heyburn OFFICERS MEMBERS Jack Kelley james Killgrove Joseph Kime Donald Krenrick Thomas Kucko Jack Jones Earl Leatherman Margaret Lonsbury William Markey John Martin William McIntosh Donald Porter Roger Schaeffer Janet Shroyer 51561 unit is a part. --------Jack Jones --------Joseph Kime --------Pauline Young C. R. Lebo Gordon Smith Philip Snyder Helen Streeks Edetha Unsworth Donald Walcott Walter Wright Marvin Yonally UNIVERSITY ORCHESTRA Mr. James M. Campbell, Director PROGRAM Anacreon Overture Cherubini Pace, pace, mio Dio, from Forza del Destino Verdi Clara Waltz and Orchestra Carnival of the Animals Saint-Saens Introduction and Royal March of the Lion Hens and Cocks Cuckoo in the Woods Wild Asses Birds Tortoises Pianists The Elephant Fossils Kangaroos The Swan Aquarium Finale Creatures with Long Ears Evelyn Christman, Forest Sibley and Orchestra Intermezzo-Jevvels of the Madonna Wolf-Ferrari Il lacerato spirito, from Simon Boccanegra Verdi Philip MacGregor and Orchestra Vorspiel--Die Meistersinger Wagner fl57j NEWMAN CLUB The Newman Club was organized to promote religious, educational, and social activities among the Catholic students of the University. OFFICERS President ..,.cs....cscs... C ..... ssi,ssss,, - , First Vice-President ssssssss Second Vice-President ,.....,. Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary ..s.,.r Treasurer ,ss,ssss...... . ...s....,,,... Faculty Adviser ssssssss ADVISORY BOARD Seniors -. ,Csssssssssrsssss...,............s,.. ,- I - Juniors Sophomores ...s.. Freshmen ..... Robert Bertsch s-s-...Phyllis Friess Paul Snearline Ethel Albright sss,--sBeatrice Earley Robert Reidy Mr. James W. Glennen Kathryn Kempel Francis Rougeux Helen Pesaric Edward Doran Vincent McGuckin Catherine Collins Evelyn Baughman Thomas Lee All Catholic students enrolled at the University are eligible for membership. fissj UNIVERSITY CLOUDHOPPERS ' s ll . ,X -XY A Y 1 1 l l V1 Q- if 1 M 'S li' f ,JV i '+,e',f Z I ,l E U ' U A' I -,W nur as ill Z AA,! Q -a- 'M - I if 5 4 L Afhliated, National Intercollegiate Flying Club. OFFICERS President ,i.... .............ii...... . ,.i..iii Kenneth E Benson Vice President o,o..,.,. .,i.....,ii.,.,... . .iiie,ii L anier Carrier Secretary Treasurer .....rrr. rrr,..r, R obert Easton Asst Secretary Treasurer .sss sss,..,. C harles Rennie Governor .i,..,......,,,s .s...... J ohn Clemmer Flight Manager I ,s.. ssss,., ..,..... R i Chard Bell Instructor .....................,,.. P s,,issr, ..,....s L t. Charles H Biggs FACULTY ADVISERS President Hezzleton E. Simmons Leslie P Hardy Dean Fred E. Ayer MEMBERS Richard Bell Kenneth E. Benson jack Caillet Lanier Carrier Chester Church John Clemmer, Jr. Robert Easton Charles Hahn John Hrann iGeor ge Hoover Gertrude Kirschlager tlohn Klink Evelyn Wooten Any student in day or evening session who is interested in flying or in the promotion of aeronautic education is eligible for membership. f159j Jim Kovach Guy Miller William Myers Evan Phillips Charles Rennie Alfred Riley Sally Seaton Gerald F. Thomas Vincent V. Thursby Louis Trenner Harold Wheeler Anita Whiteman NATIONAL YOUTH ADMINISTRATION Robert Ducotey Qin rearj, Fuller Baughman, Lillian Buckles. OFFICE PERSONNEL Robert Ducotey, Student Administrator Lillian Buckles Fuller Baughman The NYA is designed to aid students who would not otherwise be able to continue prop- erly in school. Selection of 146 participants is made from applicants on the bases of need, character, and ability to do college work. The student office, headed by the Student Administrator, does the detailed work necessary in administering the policies outlined by the NYA Committee, which is composed of President Hezzleton E. Simmons, Dean Marjorie Mitchell, Dean Donfred H. Gardner, Mr. Maxwell P. Boggs, Treasurer, Robert Ducotey, and Lillian Buckles. 51601 GUVERNMENT AND PUBLICATIONS i ki ' , STUDENT COUNCIL Top Row: Martin, Ross, Mott, Berry, Robert Greenwald. Front Row: Wert, Bagwell, Price, Griffith, Richard Greenwald. The Student Council is the governing body of student affairs at the University. It facili- tates administration of student activities and formulates student policies. President , .tc,ooo or Vice-President Secretary Treasurer o.,..o, Paul Bagwell c,oooo James Berry Robert Griffith Margaret Price -S Bruce Wert ,.o, Morris Jobe tt..,c,, John Martin rrrrrr Isobel Grifiith rrr,, Claude Fuston .rrr,.,,r Donald Johnson Richard Greenwald -. ...,, Robert Mott t,t. S t.,., Kenneth Ross rrrrrrrr,,s OFFICERS MEMBERS Mary Peck ,,..rr. .. .r,......,....,..i,..r,r,.,,,,r,,.,,..,., Robert Greenwald ...,,i....,.,.. , .r.rr rsrrsrsrsrss,,rs. sr,. .,i, S D D ...., Paul Bagwell - ...,i.r., Donald johnson Mary Peck -- t.,.. Morris Jobe President of the Student Body Upper College Representative-at-large Upper College Representative-at-large Upper College Representative-at-large Upper College Representative-at-large College of Education Representative Engineering College Representative Humanities Division Representative Natural Science Division Representative Social Science Division Representative General College Representative-at-large General College Representative-at-large Freshman Class Representative President of the Women's League Buchtelite Representative All student Council members, except the Buchtelite Representative, are elected by the stu- dents at the beginning of each college year. THE UNIVERSITY DANCE COMMITTEE The dance committee plans and arranges University dances throughout the year. Its mem- bers, who are elected, are: Robert Dutt, chairmm, Hal Kolp, and Robert Hunt. 51621 ENGINEERING BOARD OF CONTROL Bishop Senior Member ...,. Senior Member .rrrr Junior Member Pre-Junior Member Sophomore Member Faculty Adviser .rrrrr Roppel Williamson MEMBERS Weaver Tom Weaver Glenn Orr John Roppel Robert Williamson Earl Bishop Dean Fred E. Ayer The Engineering Board of Control is the governing body of the Engineering College. The duties of the board are: to direct all elections in the Engineering Collegeg to petition the engi- neering faculty and student councilg to have charge of the annual engineers, banquetg to have charge of the celebration of Engineers, Dayg and to regulate all engineering student affairs. The board consists of two seniors and one representative from each of the other classes. They are elected in the fall for a term of one year, one senior being carried over from the previous year. II631 is J l il NLC , WOMEN'S LEAGUE COUNCIL Roundy Waltz M. Peck E. Rausch Landefeld The purpose of the Women's League is to instill friendship and to promote co-operation among women students. The Council directs a program of social activities for all women, sponsors the student advisers for women, and maintains the Women's League Room for the use of women and student organizations. President ............. Vice-President .,.sss Secretary ,.....,a....a Treasurer .......cs,......... ,,r,rrr,sr, Upper College Representative crrr.,. Upper College Representative .a..... General College Representative 'General College Representative Freshman Representative .rr,rr, OFFICERS Mary Peck Maxine Firestone Margaret Roundy Emma Rausch Clara Waltz Eleanor Friedman Phyllis Friess jean Landefeld Lois Mytholar The Womenis League is an organization composed of every woman on the campus. The Council of the League is elected at the regular student elections and is composed of the presi- dent, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, two representatives from Upper College, two from General College, and a Freshman Representative. fl641 TEL-BUCH STAFF Top Row: Eckert, Fishburn, Fretz, Carr. Third Row: Richard Greenwald, Robert Greenwald. Second Row: Giddings, Landefeld, Crow, Collins. Front Row: Rausch, Griffith, Carroll, Garrett. Editor Fred G. Klein Photography Robert Austin Jack Schmahl University Mary Peck Harvey Davis Classes Catherine Collins Organizations Richard Greenwald Robert Greenwald Joseph Eckert Honoraries . Cathryn Carroll Athletics Charles Brown James Fishburn Bruce Wert Sororities Dorothy Garrett Isobel Griffith Fraternities Ashford Carr Features Emma Rausch Snapshots George Fretz Alice Giddings Houston Gray Publicity Frank Emerson Copy Josephine Flickinger Jean Landefeld Secretary Ethel Thornton Circulation Ellen Jones Ann Crow fissj Assistants Mark Church Richard Lord Elaine Morgan FRED G. KLEIN Editor i n E... BUCHTELITE EDITORIAL S TAFF Top Row: Levin, Stanford, Brown, Semegen, Hunt, Schwan, Lord. Fourth Row: Mitten, Lessing, P. Friess, Leary, D. Friess, Carr. Third Row: Stevens, Roundy, Wolfe, Cunningham, Schwartz, Halamay, Landefeld, Fishburn, Marlowe. Second Row: Sipes, Giddings, Rieker, Offineer, Carrell, Bricken, Ma rkle, Yoos. Front Row: Griffith, Richard Greenwald, Robert Greenwald, Dean, McIntosh, Garrett, Batdorff, Thornton. THE AKRON BUCHTELITE is published every Wednesday and Saturday during the col- lege year. It has been awarded the title, OfJi0's Best Se111i-Weekly C01 lege Paper, in the 1932-33, 1933-34, 1934-35, and 1935-36 contests of the Ohio College Newspaper Association, and was designated one of the seven 1937 "Pacemakers" in the nation by the Associated Collegiate Press. Editor-in-Chief Robert D. Firestone Phyllis Friess University Editor Carolyn Woodard Women's Editor Alice Giddings 1 Managing Editors William Mclntosh i Herbert Y. Yoos Editorial Adviser Bernard B. Bowling Promotion Manager Richard Stevens Associate Editors Robert Greenwald Exchange Editor Jean Sholitan Theatre Editor Dorothy Garrett Assistant News Edit Jean Landefeld Richard Greenwald Dolores Friess s ' f James Fishburn A Sports Editor Charles Brown Evening Session Editor Walter Marco Fashion Editor Naomi Dean Robert Lessing Feature Editor Alex Semegen Art Editor Conv Editors Richard Sipes ECliIOl'-in-Chicf Rae Marie Carrell ROBERT FIRESTONE 11661 Society Editor Asst. Promotion Manager Ashford Carr Columnists Margaret Roundy Marguerite Horst Beatrice Offineer Letitia Cunningham Jane Rieker ' John Martin William Harris John Griihth Jane Bricken ors Desk Editors Lillian Leary George Matye Proof Readers George Baker Emerson Batdorff Assistant Sports Editor Olga Halamay Eleanor Schwartz Faculty Adviser Adda Louise Baehr Mr. U. S. Vance BUCHTELITE BUSINESS STAFF ll, 41- '95 'Org 'Q Q 'QQ 'lie -JC- '56 Top Row: Marquardt, Sipes, Mangels, Hardgrove, Brown. Third Row: McChesney, Byrider, Marsh, Schmahl. Second Row: Hutchinson, I-Iarbaugh, B. Phillips, Davis, Partridge, Tschantz, Beyer. Front Row: Richard Greenwald, Cahill, Martha Kennedy, Mary Kennedy, Robert Greenwald, Wagner, Carroll. Business Manager ....,,,.. Advertising Manager ..,... Circulation Manager .......,,.. Asst. Circulation Manager sscsss Collection Manager .......,,.... Accountant ..,........ Secretaries ,ssss CIRCULATION STAFF Marcia Berlitz Gertrude Cahill Mary Lee Davis Margaret Eckhart Marjorie Gilliland Marjorie Glass Richard Greenwald Robert Greenwald ADVERTISING STAFF John Byrider Cathryn Carroll Genevieve Hammond Robert I-Iartz John Hutchinson John Lincks Betty Harbaugh Martha Kennedy Robert Marsh Hewes Phillips Doris Renner Rowena Ressegcr Mary Jane Tschantz Mary Louise Wagner John Mangels Raymond McChesney Robert Mintz Marguerite Partridge Betsy Phillips jack Schmahl Malcolm Ames Marvin Marquardt Marjorie Cahill Mary Kennedy Arden Hardgrove Robert Dutt j Betty Beyer I Beatrice Earley Robert Wiltrout MALCOLM AMES f 167 1 Business Manager sg.. '-' 7 .' ' """' 'I "I, I"',"Q'1r . ,'- 5, Q . 1 I gl , f 5 , I si' V .. I 1 ff: -P- A . , x , v - V 'f ' 'Y , 1... 4 f- uf 1 , .. - . ,Y v jx . f ' 'Z ' ' U"- lg 1 ' 1 . , 1. .- Q, F" 53 - A .. ' 4 ' :' f ' "I" l' - 'c l , V1 r fri! s ., .D ali lx .5 ' I .v .gh FIA A f ,I ,.,v. V 1 , U 'vi . "fir - 4 .. 1 A3 2 iff! " iz f "Q VIQLQ 1 .Y L ' ' A'-'J 1 I .- R M: - .-fnwfh V I -' f X ' , ' fini! f ' -' Am.: 'f-f'f5'Z'-1 A ':. ' . QAM? , I . Nrfgffw if ' I . '.g'- 5 - , -Nun .-. .- 1 1 V ' wig-77 m ll ' -'H-. " YIEIJ.: f ",,Q,f': T iw A QW. .- X5 f 1 -'.. 5 ' Z W it-141 1 'T'ii" "J: N .,"f'fl .sax 1 , I.. '4' A 1.4 ,lun fi, 51' i . ' 'g'-dx . f Ar . 7 ---4 ' ,..' ,J I , ' 1'-. 'aw ' .1 EJ'-Y A., 1 .V . n ' ,-fjfjmgg -, ' -1-'14, . ,. Al ,-5, A Nfl -my A ,, - .--3 --.V ,. . T '-gf. 4. 235 5 L 1 4,1434 - . . , M-' . ., 3 L15 . .'7yyyA'. sh . I , 1 .- 3 -A"1i . 6,0 L f Q -, ,.. . " 1- v' 1 ' If" .4 -5 fy ,-., ' -4 x +. . x .. 1. - ,T . H ,v '. .J .K , . x ,'L ,: fi-w-.1-"1 X '.v, ,V A JIV . ,I .ff 'ggi' ,- -... ,i:.. , .- , . ' v ,wi , .j,: .1 -Y :V ,,1.g .- ' . . ..-Q,-:- ,L A , 1.-..l . ':.,.r 1'4,+'? Iss ,s -LL' I H .. 4-P. s 15- J " - fA..,,' , ' - ll' ,- 'ill-.1 ' . . uh: v.. . r . f.-. 2: . 0 X' . - . .r , 4 , 4-, I: i w . , , I . I. 3 ' l 13 E in X . ! . l 51 ' 55 I f P ww s W . K' I ' ! H I , I il " I 'Q . i E S i. w Q I 5: f l U l 'I ' . lg - - I . 1, - . 1. 'I L- .3 v ' ' 1 J: 'I . .5 A 'UM 'm ' I- Q . U? - , .. jf w . 5 J Ar, f .H ' H - O Y- . , ,X Lcd.: 1 4 , "ff, 'f hi' I P an . pg.- zfj 6 if ' 1 S Y A' , if 257 ' . ' ' l.1.i,,.ff2J 1 Q I Af' W . as f f . . 4, h ' 2 3 , K Y 1-I 'I " Q U' -. "Tn, . . f 1 ' Af' X 1- ' BL 1 3 , , 1 - A, , 1 bl I' ' 1' 0 1 ' - 'ek J' r' ., T" A ' ,S 'I 'J 'mx N I1 ' ' ' '-I , Z' - V A z .- ?I"T, L'-, . 1,N.,." r ' R igyfkwi .-' me R. 0. T. C FIELD AND STAFF AND SPCNSORS Van Sickle, Summerlot, Garrett, Kolp, Price, Kreighbaum, Shank, Vosper, Davies. Cadet Colonel ...rrrrrr rrrrrr Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Cadet Majors: First Battalion .rrtr STAFF Second Battalion ..,.rr,r Cadet Captain-Adjutant ,..rr,rrrtttr Cadet Captain-Operations Regimental Sponsor 7 Hal R. Kolp Stanley R. Vosper Eugene C. Kreighbaum Wayne W. Summerlot Wendell M. Van Sickle Officer ,,., rt,.. r Robert E. Davies SPONSORS First Battalion Sponsor rrrrrr Second Battalion Sponsor fl701 ----.,-Margaret Price .-...-,Barbara Shank ---.--,Dorothy Garrett COMPANY A CAPTAIN SPONSOR Maurice Wince Margaret Eckhart LIEUTENANT FIRST SERGEANT Ira Morton Bernard Bowling SERGEANTS Charles Brown Frank Cooper Paul Nurches CORPORALS joseph Balasco Glen Bishop Bill Barkley William Blake John Christy Bernard Derwort Everett Esch Raymond Evans Orville Farley Robert Fellmerh Bennie Finney Edgar Burnham Anthony Coscia Robert Frisby Louis Fulop Leo Gajewski Robert Geese John Hutchinson john Iyoob Vincent Jereb Harry Kapenekas William King Jack Flippo George Kurzen PRIVATES Chester Kolk Tassos Kyriakides Ersel Lantz Roy McClellan Frank Martucci Bayard Massey Max Nelson Donald Niess William Oburn Thomas Swan Chester Teeple Keith Orr Charles Phillips Henry Rabinovitz Frank Ricketson Steve Rittman Kenneth Ross Michael Samartzi Isadore Schneiderman Karl Seib Russell Steffy Forrest Walker Harold Wixcey Walter Wright Samuel Yates ll7l1 COMPANY B CAPTAIN SPONSOR 'Thomas Watters Marjory Markle LIEUTENANTS Donald Mather Robert Meyers William Innes Harry Fiegly Robert Greenwald Charles Beshara William Brown Paul Buzzi john Campbell Joseph Carnahan John Choran David Cimini Richard Cline FIRST SERGEANT Stanley Van Teslaar SERGEANTS Serge Migdal Joseph Schufle CORPORALS Harold Hartline Gordon Sayre Harry Tarbox Richard Parker Albert Swift Donald Tenney PRIVATES Gus Dycus Ernest Edwards Louis Gaeta Richard Goldsmith Robert Graham Houston Gray Richard Greenwald William Hamilton Frank Humphrey Robert Jackson Rosser Jones John Kerr James Killgrove Kenneth Klar Sam Langerman Earl Leatherman jack McIntyre Eric Nichollis Ray Sabin Fred Schnee Phil Schwan Earl Serbu Raymond Sharp George Sherry George Codrea William Heepe Roy Long Eugene Sokol Joe Tepfenhart Robert Thompson George Twickler Arthur Wecker Joseph Zemla fin COMPANY C CAPTAIN SPONSCR Laurence Mack Genevieve Sennett LIEUTENANT FIRST SERGEANT Jack Jaques Paul Bartlett SERGEANTS Robert MacCurdy Robert Merrill Joseph Nagy CORPORALS Richard Conn John Griffith Lucien Keller Kenny Richards George Dubina Robert Higley Robert Marsh Richard Sipes PRIVATES Albert Abdulla Aubrey Allman James Appleby Kenneth Banks Emerson Batdorff Paul Bebout ' Rudolph Benko William Bray Nevin Brothers Mark Church Albert Cohen Robert Collis Delbert Conkel Howard Davis Jack Dorner Richard Durst Paul Feely Jared Halderman William Harms Richard G. Hart Glennarcl Hawk Walter Hranilovich Robert Huber Robert Hunt Alvis Isner Robert W. Jackson Richard Kenny Robert Lessing William McConnell Ralph McEldowney James McLain Andrew Miller 51731 Harry Rapp Paul Rice Robert Roth Eugene Scott Lewis Scott Everet Sheets Charles Sherman Llewelyn Tarr Emil Ten gea Vincent Thursby COMPANY D CAPTAIN SPONSOR William McIntosh Rowena Resseger LIEUTENANT FIRST SERGEANT James Viall James Berry SERGEANTS Malcolm Ames Lowell Fifer CORPORALS Robert Bertsch James McCune Edward Nicely William Rogers Robert Thornton Robert Forester Alvin McMullen Pete Olivo Wendell Shreve Marvin Yonally PRIVATES William Ahern Sol Aidman John Allshouse 'William Anshutz George Baker Thomas Berg Don Bickler Lawrence Deli Norman Elder Michael Fisher Sol Goldberg Louis Gorbach James Goson Edward Hall Thomas Lee Joachim Liebert Joseph McIntyre Jack Marlowe Marvin Marquardt James Morgan Park Myers Ben Rogers William Roos Robert Rousmanoff George Sherard Frank Simonetti Oscar Simpson Bruce Smith Hugh Brand Robert Hooker Charles Parker Robert Snyder Hale Bump Raymond Keiffer Charles Pinkston James Stankard Homer Steiner Clark Thornton Richard Witner Leonard Sternberg Leon Wilson Harold Wheeler f1741 COM PANY E CAPTAIN SPONSOR Carl Kraus Marcella Denlinger LIEUTENANT FIRST SERGEANT H. J. Wiley Gerald Weigle SERGEANTS Carl Edmondson Carl Hendershot Chester Brown CORPORALS Earl Bishop John Frye Eugene Phillips Philip Snyder Ashford Carr Fred Abraham Fuller Baughman John Bezbatchenko Dale Bradley James Burley 5 Donald Caldwell Leonard Carlisle Russell Cartwright Charles Cehrs Delmar Christensen Robert Lemmon Robert Reidy PRIVATES Robert Ciraldo Charles Corns Herbert Deist Clement Damicone Frank Ferris Joseph Fesus Richard Garver Robert Gleghorn Charles Goerky William Henterly Clinton Heskett Bruce Hoertz Kenneth Houser Russell Kleckner Frank Klespies John Laughlin Ralph Maher Ernest Mikis James Misock George Morgan Walter Nixon Frank Noffsinger f1751 Joseph Stanford Mike Pavlov Delmar Renz William Schweikert Theodore Shaul Robert R. Smith Val Thorne Wayman Toll Robert Trembly Hugh Weidanz Charles Wyman COMPANY F William Dewey CAPTAIN SPONSOR Austin Heffelman Jane Rieker LIEUTENANT FIRST SERGEANT Thomas Weaver Earl De Young SERGEANTS Donald Lingo ack Link CORPORALS jesse Darnell George Fretz Gerald Keirn William Baird Thomas Brett Dean Chapman William Chickvary John Day Theodore Duke Donald Ebenhack Mike Fernella Donald Grenzow John Gross Ben Logan Arthur Pitts Arthur Pledger Eugene Heston Robert Higgins Herbert Kahn Jack Kehl Gus Konstand Robert Lenihan Norton Levin James Lewis William Logan Marvin Luke Robert Wiltrout Robert Wright PRIVATES Vance Luke Harold Zimmerman Richard McCarthy Raymond MeChesney Robert McIntyre William Mahaffey John Mangels Marshall Meacham joseph Miller Robert Mintz Starr Pearn Lawrence Waters 51761 Rogers Schaeffer Elmer Sekeres James Sellers Paul Sellers Morris Solomon Joseph Stanford Ralph Swallow Richard Thompson john Wagner Edward Walsh COMPANY G CAPTAIN SPONSOR Raymond Noel Kathleen Vosper FIRST SERGEANT joseph Sohner SERGEANTS Jack Jones Robert Williamson CORPORALS Victor Blatter Charles Frazee Donald Porter james Brown Craig Hennis Harold Rootes Willis Eckard Harry James John Vinciguerra PRIVATES Percy Baker Rowland Griiiith William Markey Ellis Schwartz Cletus Becker John Guran Jackson Meadows Alex Semegen Eugene Briers Walter Hausch Delbert Miller Steve Semegen Lloyd Coburn Donald jenkins Larry Nixon Mike Senuta Albert Cunnington Victor Lampasone William Palmer joseph Snyder James Fishburn R John Lincks Bernard Rosen Harry Sobeck Robert Glasgow James Loulan Nathan Rosenbloom Charles Sohner Logan Glass Herbert McDonald James Ross Donald Steele Leonard Goff Vincent McGuckin Paul Roush Amos Stiggers Robert Vernon Frank Vukan Robert Wall Mark Walther Homer Wilt 51771 COMPANYII CAPTAIN SPONSOR John Martin Ruth Hessler LIEUTENANTS Frank Grucella Howard Marsh FIRST SERGEANT Stephen Kortvejesi SERGEANTS Robert Joles Joseph Kime Harold McIntosh CORPORALS George Athens Merton Day George Farkas William Jones Robert Waldvogel Robert Burton Stanley Deen Robert Griffith Gus Papageorge Clifford Zimmerman PRIVATES Rud Baehr Richard Davis Mike Komorami Conrad Reining James Boyd Edward Erickson Donald Krenrick John Resseger William Bradford Jack Goldsmith Sigvard Liedholm Albert Seiler Robert Brownheld Lee Hibner Frank McIntyre Emmet Semonin John Byrider Raymond Hockberg Clay Marsteller Sam Shobert Samuel Caplin Clarence Jauchem Ralph Merrick Gordon Smith Paul Ciriello Jack Kelley Richard Miller Maurice Sokol Lathan Conger John Klink Richard Mills David Thomas Darl Cottrell Joseph Knapp Ernest Nemeth Ted Thome joseph Vassalotti Charles White Herbert Yoos Harry Waldman W'illiam NViandt Frank Zazula 51781 RIFLE TEAM Top Row: Weaver, Wiley, VanSickle, Sgt. Brown, Bartlett, Kortvejesi, Van Teslaar, Sohner. Front Row: Fiegly, V. Luke, M. Luke, Markey, Fesus, Lemmon, Bishop. Captain so rrr, iti.i T om Weaver Manager ,a,.., ,,..... S teve Kortvejesi Coach ,,r. aaa,a S Sergeant W. E. Brown MEMBERS Paul Bartlett Vance Luke Earl Bishop Marvin Luke Joe Fesus William Markey Harry Fiegly Joe Sohner Carl Hendershot Wendell VanSickle Steve Kortvejesi Stanley Van Teslaar Robert Lemmon Tom Weaver I-I. J. Wiley Membership in the Rifle Team is open to all R. O. T. C. students. During the school year the team engages in numerous telegraphic and shoulder-to- shoulder matches with other college rifle teams. This year the team placed in the Sth Corps Area and Hred in the National Interscholastic Match. f179j PERSHING RIFLES Top Row: Schweikert, Wyman, Bishop, Witner, Seiler, Phillips, Hennis, Smith, Gray, Hall. Fourth Row: Fretz, Thornton, Higlcy, Thursby, Marsh, Day, Mangels, Cunnington, McChesney. Third Row: Stankard, Snyder, Flippo, G. Bishop, Frye, Fiegley, Bertsch, Keller, Marquardt, Hutchinson Second Row: Lemmon, Sayre, Athens, Myers, Brown, Darnell, Wiltrout, Swift, Frazee, Hart. Front Row: Schmahl, Cooper, McIntosh, Martin, Hunter, Weigle, Bartlett, Link, Ames. The purpose of Pershing Rifles, national basic military honorary founded by Gen. John J. Pershing, is to encourage and develop the highest ideals of the military profession, to promote American citizenship, to create a closer and more efficient relation, and to provide appropriate recognition of a high degree of military ability among the cadets of the R. O. T. C. Captain John E. Martin First Lieutenant Paul Bartlett William Ahern George Athens Robert Bertsch Glen Bishop Yictor Blatter Earl Bishop Albert Cunnington john Day CCMPANY F, FIRST REGIMENT OFFICERS Second Lieutenants First Sergeant Junior Second Lieutenants Jack Link James Berry James Brown Malcolm Ames Harold Mclntosh Gerald Weigle Pledge Sergeant Frank Cooper Faculty Adviser Charles Frazee Lowell Fifer Major Rosser L. Hunter MEMBERS Anthony Coscia John Griffith Robert Lemmon Gordon Sayre Robert Thornton jesse Darnell Richard Hart Marvin Marquardt Wendell Shreve Robert Wiltrout Keith Fiegly Lee Hibner Park Myers Richard Sipes Harold Wixcey Jack Flippo john Hutchinson Edward Nicely Philip Snyder Robert Wright George Fretz Lucien Keller Richard Parker James Stankard Marvin Yonally John Frye Richard Kenny Kenneth Richards Albert Swift PLEDGES Houston Gray Robert Higley Hewes Phillips Albert Seiler Richard Witxier Edward Hall John Mangels jack Schmahl Robert Smith Charles Wyman George Hennis Robert Marsh William Schweikert Vincent Thursby To become a member of Pershing Rifles, a candidate must be a basic student in R. O. T. C., must be approved by the Professor of Military Science and Tactics, and must be accepted by a unanimous vote of the members. fisoj SCABBABD AND BLADE Top Row: Innes, MacCurdy, Kime, Fifer, Kortvejesi, Joles. Second Row: Nagy, Cooper, Link, Schmahl, Weigle, McIntosh, Migdal, Van Teslaar, Ames. Front Row: Vosper, VanSickle, Mather, Marsh, Major Hunter, Wince, Kreighbaum, Meyers, Mack. COMPANY C GF THE SIXTH REGIMENT The purpose of Scabbard and Blade, national military honorary is "To unite in closer re- lationship the military departments of American universities and colleges, to preserve and de- velop the essential qualities of good and efhcient ofhcersg to prepare our officers as educated men to take a more active part and to have greater influence in the military affairs of the commun- ities in which they may resideg and above all, to spread intelligent information concerning the military requirements of our country." Captain ccc.,,,.,.ccc..., First Lieutenant ...,.. Second Lieutenant Faculty Adviser .,.... Dean Fred E. Ayer Robert Davies Claude Fuston Hal Kolp Malcolm Ames Paul Bartlett James Berry Bernard Bowling Frank Cooper OFFICERS B Maurice G. Wince r,.r,s Robert E. Davies M aa,..a Robert A. Myers ssaaas Major Rosser L. Hunter HONORARY MEMBERS President Hezzleton E. Simmons Lawrence Mack Howard Marsh Donald Mather MEMBERS Robert Meyers Ira Morton Joseph Nagy Maurice Wince Carl Edmondson Lowell Fifer Carl Hendershot William Innes Robert Joles PLEDGES Joseph Kime Steve Kortvejesi Eugene Kreighbaum Jack Link Robert MacCurdy Major Ernest C. Coding Wayne Summerlot Wendell VanSickle Stanley Vosper Harold McIntosh Serge Migdal Jack Schmall Joseph Sohner Gerald Weigle Scabbard and Blade recognizes outstanding men in the advanced Reserve Officers' Training Corps on the campus. 51811 'e A iIf.f.n.1' .V .,.. 3: .ly ff., Agri - ng 1 . N V I ,v 5 I 1 yy . y A 5 J . h' ,., f?fsi ' 1 FEATURES T HAS BEEN customary for the Tel-Buch to give recog- nition to the most representative man and Woman of the senior class. This year the committee appointed to make the selections, instead of choosing one man and one Woman, has chosen four students whom they consider deserving of this recognition. The selections were made upon the basis of per- sonality, activities, scholarship, democracy, and leadership. The committee was composed of two members of the faculty, one representative of the Women's League Council, one representative of the Interfraternity Council, a repre- sentative of Omicron Delta Kappa and a representative of the Tel-Buch staff. 51841 DOLORES FRIESS Representative Woman Ussj MARGARET PRICE Representative XVom:m f 186 1 ROBERT FIRESTONE Representative Man 51873 PAUL BAGWELL Representative Man f 188 1 MAY DAY MAY 29, 1936 Right, Mary Virginia Hancock, May Queen fkneelingj being crowned queen by Emma Rausch, Crowner. Flower Bearer, Cynthia Ann Hilbish Crown Bearer, Edward Hetzel V I .Y 11891 14 C15 Bill Mclntosh with briefcase, iii trousers and shoes in arm. C25 Polly Baird and pooch. C35 Bill Sturgeon tosses the javelin. C45 Morris jobe and Dick XVright. C55 Typical scene by Buclitel on a Warm clay. C65 James Loulnn and Ray McClelland do some lazy studying. C75 George Kurzen and Lawrence Deli with Oscar, the frosh dummy. C85 Al Seiler, James Loulan, Clement Dami- cone, and Bob Glasgow on the steps of Knight Hall. C95 Horace Hamp- ton. C105 Bob XViltrout tells Ruth Burnett a secret. C115 Dick Sipes. C125 Hal Kolp and "Doc" Selby. C135 john Frye, Karl Seib, and Frank Klespies take time out to talk. C145 Carl Tsaloff stretches out on the lawn. 51901 Q13 Evelyn Close, Jane Bartlett, Al Seiler, and Wfult Fair congregate on the library steps. Q23 Bruce W'ert. Q33 George Ryser, jack Ja- ques, Harry Scluller, and Bill Meln- tosh get together. Q43 Mary Davis and jolm Mangels caught in tlie rain. Q53 Marjorie Glass and Dick Stevens. Q63 W'.1yrn.1n Toll and Margie Glass. Q73 Filling up at the Greeks. Q83 Louis Nagy and camera, .md jimmy Ross. Q93 Sammy Sweitzer and Naomi Dean. QIO3 Bob Dutt puzzles over the two G-men. QII3 Bob Du- cotey. Q123 R. O. T. C. Attention! QI33 Betty Carlson and Herb McDonald. QI43 Morris Jobe. Q153 The Delrs en masse. QIG3 "Nick" witli Vera, Mabel, and Ruth. 51911 51921 193 ORGANIZATION INDEX "A" Association ....IIII A. E. Honorary Fraternity A. S. C. E. ...,....,,iii.,...,....... A. S. M. E. Art Club ,.,.., Beta Delta Psi Biology Club Buchtelite Business Staff .... ..,... . Buchtelite Editorial Staff ,....,.. ....... Buchtel Singers ................. Chemistry Club Chi Delta Phi ...... Chi Sigma Nu .............. Class Representatives ...,... Commerce Club Delta Epsilon Chi ...., Engineering Board of Control .t.... ....... Evening Theatre Gamma Beta Home Economics Club ...,. Interfraternity Council ...... ....... Kappa Delta Pi ...., Le Cercle Francais ..... Mu Phi Omega ..,. 73 67 143 142 153 140 141 167 166 149 151 134 65 64 148 138 163 68 66 152 93 133 146 139 I 194 Newman Club ,.,.. N. Y. A. ........ . Omicron Delta Kappa ...... S ,..r S Panhellenic Council ...... Pershing Rifles ........ Phi Sigma ....... Pierian ...,......,,.,., Pi Kappa Delta .,,.. Rifle Team ..,,. Scabbard and Blade ........r. ..... Secretarial Science Club ....... ...... Service Club ....,............. Spanish Club ...... Sigma Tau .......... Speakers' Bureau ,,.,.. Student Council ,,.... Student Senate ..... Tau Kappa Phi ...,. Tel-Buch Staff ..... University Band ........t....... ...... University Cloudhoppers University Orchestra ...., ...... University Theatre ..... Women's League Council Y. M. C. A. ...... Y. W. C. A. ,.,,. - 1 158 160 131 92 180 136 130 132 179 181 155 69 145 137 150 162 63 135 165 156 159 157 147 164 144 154 Engravings by AKRON ENGRAVING COMPANY Printed by THE COMMERCIAL PRINTING AND LITHQ. CO Student Photos by M. CYNEIL PHOTO STUDIO Group Photos by STIVAS STUDIO Football Action Pictures Courtesy AKRON TIMES-PRESS 1 . ,1 1. ,1 "Q ' .1 1 - .. 1 jg H xr I I V l 1,1 HN 4 .j.l" ' 1 ' 1' 112' ' ,..1-1 i 1' 9 r 91-l.,11.. .lr K W 1 X11 ,r .. . e,.l, .lc JI 1 . 1 w., 9 r' .1 1 ' H '11 . L1 4. '1 ..' lx.. Q . 11 rf A v.: 5, P 1' 1 1.11. VL LIE'- ,..A, , . . u 'VI' 1 . ,dll 1. H , 11 1,11 I .I-V . 1. .X 3' -.J 1614 . . .1 LW Q H- . vin' -X ' 1 1114551111 ifxhli '. .1 , ., A .1 " ,. 1. 1- ..- -.JH , fi, ,.1"' ' 1.5. ' ,I P1112 111 1, .. nw -11-2, Z11. 1:1 . .. Cf, Mihxj PX fy 1 ,.. .1 .'1 ' .. 'u . 5 1. 1, 1.7 1 1 L , 1 1 .NS 4 L o 1 , 1 1 1 1 .. 1 1 . than .5 L11n11z"1.. ' 1 ' ..s. 1 "'l.11 ' 1.4. Luv , 1 W' xc W ,.vA'x1.1 1 L- 1.1, 1' 1 11 Y H16 X. ,1 . v ,. ,..-111 . 1 . 1 1 - 'I ,1 .7,.I1..., lu Y A 'mx '7'TrN1 .U .h . 1 -l111.i,"' ,W , 13- .1,.,- 1f. . 'J A. 1y,qr 1,'- f1k1 . 1 X.. i X Q41 1 1 ,QQ A "'H'5."Q 1 'V 'f.A:11' 1 V' QL , 1 , v, . . , , 11 .1111 '1 1 u", I ".'1k',1' 1.1.1 1 4,71 11. :V 'N 1 'D 4.11 ,,..Yi1! . . 5.141 'N 4 ., f V ., 11 11- M 11' 11, ,.1',,'.,, 1 1.1 .1 -. . . . 1 wtf, . 1 ' F 1, I . ' .v' , 1 11 - 1 ,. 1 1 1 1. ...1 ..I 17 11 . 1 JW ' 1 1 1 ' , , 1 1 1 1 1 A 1 1 .. 1' F , 1 . -1.1 '1' . 1 C . ,- . ,,. 1 1 ,,-. 1'1 N ..1' .' 4 .1 ,,-.' '.,.11 ' " 1' A "1 .,. , "'- ,.'.' 1... f1'..,n. 1, 1 fr..-111.1311 .. , -.. . .. 1.15: 1 1 1' ' r ,- , 1 :.,,,lf-fy 11 aw' ..1' '11 ' Ju. V . '..1,', . 'rf , .,,. ,. , 1 1 X - .W JJ 1. .I .,.v "Xa 41 ,, .11 ., 1 -- " ,4,'., ' .'f 3 1 ' 'C' .. M, . . . , ' 5 1. '.' .1 '11 'T L 1 1'1 ..-'..'.1 iff, , I' ' ,. .1, , 7,731 1. . , .1 , X . ,W ,Jghxsv 1.1'. '.4 X' 'N .111 , . I'-:,.11-. 'Y .,,1.f11,v ,1 .L I . - A .,...H11'1, -..1,qQ '11 1 , " . 1:1 M .'41""' , ...P 1 .v. . .- ,, 11.111, 1 .'1n .ill - - ,-1 .1. 'jf-1,1-.1'ff .,, ' -11.,1-r'.. l 1 -1 "L 11. ,,1.f H ' 1 1 . '1.'.u A., 1 , . ,I 1 ky. 1 1 . ' . "1 . ,..,,4F.1, " J.-,I .1 .111- 1 tj 11 11- 'Q 1 . . 'ix 1 ' . 1- ,- '.. ,.,-1 ' 1 -, ,X 1 1 .1, .,.' , 1 K 1' 7.11. '1 "7 1 :1 'Z H11 11.4 1:c11 1: ..1.., '-111, 1: 'f"1 4. , ,. , . .,,. 4. ., , .11 , .. 1 . . ' 1-W. . 1.-,,1 .. rc ..111.,n . .1 . .uhh in AI vw V., .,. . , ,, .V ' . 1 1 11L':.""1.Q"1' I , .ff Q," fl" . f K - 'Q '. z 1 1 5- " ." .5:"1. . '1. ' P., -1'f1'5z1' .fy 1- .0 Q, ,,'..., I , 5.11.3 .Y 1 --. - '71 " 'Q " 11.'-11 11Q.. -.'1.111.' 1- ww. - .. . 11. 1' .- -5v,'..1- VJ nal.. !1.Mj!.L.,::. . 5.11.1 -.,1,A. 1 . .1-5 L 11- -2. 1 1.11. :J 2 ,ur .. ,, V , , , ,1 1. 1-,151 . 5 W1-, . -1 - N111 1. I 11' H1 . 1 . 1 -1 , --1'11',1'11 . 'J PM ,J 4 '1 . 'flff ,J i l 5 l A 'wig' Ctl' 3691, I X .'-- '- I ' . cl , I .rw ' 1 hr ,6 If "' 5 .ll 4. 1 l. - - '5 pa 1' I 'ni . ' fv- I l', I 'S ' '41"il I v 0 A - - I Q y 'FII' W ' K nv"l"1 :Iva 1 ' N 4 ' . r Y 4 ' ' ' lp IH il. Klum ."lv" l 1 'Jig L ' ':'N.' 1 ' :V ,rl 'N 3 .Hn lil' .Nu ffl? J , nw, .31 . In '. ' ,gig t lblv ,il xlbf 4 1 ':ll.,. VV ' W". , ,H4Z.1fll" 4 la- Y 11 yg-'PP um' fi -V rl J, , . 1 1 muh . ns .,AY: 1? HZ .3 X xl' y '11 s 'U '. -' if I s . - . ,I Y :Au , x . S. xx In 1, ' - ul.. f Wg! 3 AL"-N, 1, , f Z. ,' L A-1 z.. ." A A ' .-1. ' - L to -R, ' vs- K. , N Wm A N -,M v ., 'I ,im .SW f ,'jq':r,. QSM' f HW. gtk! .qty 1 ,rl ' M J'-:-in ul S, U ' 'Y NPA' IH ' A' p 'wc H W" 'Q, mn A. ', I 14 1 It K .ml V, K Xiu :fn . '- I 'I ' : IFF' 1 mf- -if ...Mu ,n U, Al 'fi V 'I I a'1 I 'U s K I ' 4 s ' , 'rv . 'Q I. u , - I f.:. x: ,. '1P.fQ'3. I . 'I ,ww P .iv H-,I ' N". Inf! ."lv" l 1 'Jig L ' ':'N.' 1 ' :V ,rl 'N 3 .Hn lil' .Nu ffl? J , nw, .31 . In '. ' ,gig t lblv ,il xlbf 4 1 ':ll.,. VV ' W". , ,H4Z.1fll" 4 la- Y 11 yg-'PP um' fi -V rl J, , . 1 1 muh . ns .,AY: 1? HZ .3 X xl' y '11 s 'U '. -' if I s . - . ,I Y :Au , x . S. xx In 1, ' - ul.. f Wg! 3 AL"-N, 1, , f Z. ,' L A-1 z.. ." A A ' .-1. ' - L to -R, ' vs- K. , N Wm A N -,M v ., 'I ,im .SW f ,'jq':r,. QSM' f HW. gtk! .qty 1 ,rl ' M J'-:-in ul S, U ' 'Y NPA' IH ' A' p 'wc H W" 'Q, mn A. ', I 14 1 It K .ml V, K Xiu :fn . '- I 'I ' : IFF' 1 mf- -if ...Mu ,n U, Al 'fi V 'I I a'1 I 'U s K I ' 4 s ' , 'rv . 'Q I. u , - I f.:. x: ,. '1P.fQ'3. I . 'I ,ww P .iv H-,I ' N". Inf!

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University of Akron - Tel Buch Yearbook (Akron, OH) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


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