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.. 1 V I H' ' """L".n FJ' ' n O 1 , 1 -. I . . w N I' -- J ' M1 Q' ,y - , .- .V ' M " ' .. ,u v. 1 V s. rv. L K t r . N: 7 "Ai . I 1 , -' ni .'. ri Y K 5 1 1 x 4 I XVII' ,! 'A li: ,- ,Z ., ., il --iii' . ,H . I 0 Inq. T., pb- . 4 ' '.....,,,A ' - 9 '4 1 U fm.. 6 6 1-' .I " -L 4 I li ':, 1 2 -, Q E I .L rl., ' I ' "I, n ' 5. 1 . ul U ,xii ANN. , .1 A-fx. ' ' ii 1 1,1 jf Alina ' !'!.y'llA . I ., 5 ifxkflh x A ',4 I-': r . , rf' '53 ei' ,' -s' rv- - . I JA, . Ill .N auf, 12,5 f fl 1' fb : -we W I 13- !v 'H , 1 . M . ,, ' K V V! :Wulf rift' X-li, ' 'Xl' L' Xa ' 5, 1 ' I r 'I 1 1 , ..v I 1 'L+ -Q1 5--' V. A' 1 "'u , . ' ah... 't f AAHUQ1 ,x , .ll 1 I VV I 1 ml 1!! ,':" 9.1, ,. xg!-mf. 'f Jr o p - , HW" 1,1 , .2 cf o .. ,, . " u .. 1 V I H' ' """L".n FJ' ' n O 1 , 1 -. I . . w N I' -- J ' M1 Q' ,y - , .- .V ' M " ' .. ,u v. 1 V s. rv. L K t r . N: 7 "Ai . I 1 , -' ni .'. ri Y K 5 1 1 x 4 I XVII' ,! 'A li: ,- ,Z ., ., il --iii' . ,H . I 0 Inq. T., pb- . 4 ' '.....,,,A ' - 9 '4 1 U fm.. 6 6 1-' .I " -L 4 I li ':, 1 2 -, Q E I .L rl., ' I ' "I, n ' 5. 1 . ul U ,xii ANN. , .1 A-fx. ' ' ii 1 1,1 jf Alina ' !'!.y'llA . I ., 5 ifxkflh x A ',4 I-': r . , rf' '53 ei' ,' -s' rv- - . I JA, . Ill .N auf, 12,5 f fl 1' fb : -we W I 13- !v 'H , 1 . M . ,, ' K V V! :Wulf rift' X-li, ' 'Xl' L' Xa ' 5, 1 ' I r 'I 1 1 , ..v I 1 'L+ -Q1 5--' V. A' 1 "'u , . ' ah... 't f AAHUQ1 ,x , .ll 1 I VV I 1 ml 1!! ,':" 9.1, ,. xg!-mf. 'f Jr o p - , HW" 1,1 , .2 cf o .. ,, . " u COPYRIGHT, 1933 ARTHUR O. WOOD, Editor IACOB C. BROOKS, Business Manager presenting the . . . H5933 TEILQESWJCLSJ published by THE UNIVERSITY CDF AKRCDN Akron, Chic CHARLES RUSSELL OLIN Deceased, October 15, 1932 OSCAR EUGENE OLIN Deceased, February 15, 1933 TCD PERPETUATE the memory ol Gscar Eugene and Charles Russell Clin we dedicate this issue ol the -lel-Buch. Attectionately known to taculty and students alike as 'lDaddy" Clin-the sincere triend, the great teacher ot the humanities, the inspiring prophet ot taith in lite, and hope in human progress. With the Wisdom and courage ot progressive minds, he was ever and always building and building Well. Trusted tor his sound and im- partial judgment, he was an inspiration to calm and judicious thinking. Resolutions of the Faculty Council. I3 Q f O OUR many subscribers and advertisers: We sincerely thank and express our appre- ciation of your thoughtful patience. Our obstacles have been many but, now sur- mounted, We present at this late date the l933 edition of the Tel-Buch. Appreciation of services must be expressed to the members of the editorial and business staffs who have given their time and effort to the completion of this book. We extend thanks to Miss Aurelia I-lornberger who spent many tiresome hours in the completion of the art work. We sincerely thank the faculty, students and friends who participated in this Work. P Q CONTENTS VIEWS ......................... ADMINISTRATION AND CLASSES FRATERNITIES .........,,.....I. PUBLICATIONS . . . I-IONORARIES . . . ORGANIZATIONS ....... DRAMATICS AND MUSIC . . . R. O. T. C. .....,....... . FOOTBALL .... BASKETBALL . . . BASEBALL . . . TRACK ........ MINOR SPORTS . . . ADVERTISING . . PQ O' ti- ,101 I v' I I fl " I ' I 1 I . rx'-AJ, !l.. p .U A. 1. '- 1. I L , '2 ' " L s 'I 2"-Q N - . of: X M J.. ,tl 4 'T if . Ji' . - . 1. .11 ' 1 -1 Av , -' 1. . B: -V . Y' ' ., j . ff' G 1 , 4 I in. f rw-1, rw 5 , wuz, .cr-'l H -r". -. 5' 'lf 1,1 -a ' .1 .' X . U, jx, W 4 Rv Ill, .4 'Q' x 'W' Mx I. -Qfwlxl ,A ng.-, 'f,, 'ff','n.'. " iff. , AL 4 ff my N V... ,X 1 ' 'L 43,1 4 v r ,, tg. I , ,A I , U. . N me A ' If-"' C1- ?, L,'3f, f 'W N! 1 lfwixlxy , SIL: ir x W 'y,,5. 3, ,qrf I, 'fi-'R ', 2 4':ga"' .V ', Qs -. , fm!-2 r ,'lf'.'. mi Y, ,n"Q f 1 A 1 :S ,' 93' 1 ' fmlg . N?" , gmvlgll W '-,DIMM .. ff' Y ff fhtig V gig: . lil, .. :uf'1xl' , in -n '5i1 H 1-QQ? I 5r:gAw,,- fzifr' ' 512-f':'f QM, TI W f.vL r 5144 IW'-fi .5 .Wwnfk . qw,- , ,D mm. -1 ,,n fm l . X 'w""fu'y'vn I ' ,Ufr'.lll"f' , .pina I"w t.,t ,X t...t! Through this Wide road Youth finds the way To arts enchanting portal 'Here inspirations of ap clay Lead to accomplishments immortal. suv' page ten ".. 1 N 4 'I-' . , f , ffl" tl , , ' , ' ,S , ' , ,',-,'..', 4 , : X' .Q ' Qft, 2' gi ILM qlljlf 1-3' 7,1 11, '.1,,,'lffle,t -1 "lt 1 N " ft V' Al f11,2H'f""M '7lN'mJ'1 lf" G 'l'!'-3' l""'Yllf'1'xQJ l' . ,ry t I-xii'-Nfl I N4 N VANN Y V3.0 -l,, 7.,yt.,1 ,t it I MlmWig-.t:s5'mlL42Ylmllfllmlill ::2tV.3l5l.lM tllllilg I w'. Kxkilxffx In SH g H3 nga H ls' W 'V K w , 'f iw N I ,fm , F1 If 'IJ 'Q'-If FW .1445 V Brlinmi 1 Nl' ' .1,' l"bif:-1 la' 11' ra, xgjjf: ,' f., , 'Siu 6, 4, ' If Xiu, W. ,4 A ,, wa Hy. , yn 1 AW fin W IH i kr 3 M1 . mv ' 1' 3- g if' gl ' HX? M.. fril , FM. .,' JM rw- f fi . ' ul' ,, ,fl Y . 1g':. U' cg'- ,, ,, .gg .rC'.,, 1 'W T' l 'Wx 'Al 'I .-LV.. , H4211 , K 'ewnf 'fx 5" ' wwf .rv ,I V N w." '5Q1C,,.,t Ks' ,. , H' 1 ', 3 UN. QW' , x. c.':- -x ,,1,,- .. .rx ,.. v W Qyrffaxggewwrw f mf +':wff',n + f , QA Q , i ' f 1 .I , ,VN ., 1 1. ""ll,'LlilIN ' A ' A U ,., X, 4 r 'H' s, I r N 4 , Y , , ' , 1 1 I 5 rh ' ' g ' r W 1 '. v 4, ' ' x A X. F f H , X X- 1 f - v n - 'f"."?'T ' -1, . .,., 'Ax .,.,: . -qw v 1 4 ' 'mx J . AN w ,ef A f,Wy"zjf:f,1,Qx4vKqg 1 N Q, v3'LgQ, 43 If'w,,gA ,. ,V A 0.1,-Q, 142, 1 t w wdvf' 57' 1 5 41 A if?-v 'yn' :- I H21 3 ,M A , sl Www' 5 'J' 's A x vk'vx 1 M X page dlevenv ' ,, sl., ' , , I f,1.xl ' , , , ., M' K 1 v. I , , 11 , , , 1!L,ff.g.." 'lux ,,.,k4-Jul.. rim MM.: xy, 4 . W- Y - 1 ii -I HX'.i+.-xl.-wf1m'i: UH 'N' f I' as H U ll . M M " . W , ' 1 . . . . ., , , L 11,-. u . ,N f- , . ,. L, .. V .4 ... - . 3 . 1- - 1. , U 'z 4 ,v ,Aw Aw. , 1' A V u' ff 468. M431 f , ',? ,Jf!:,, is HH, 7 . Fig,- . ' , 3'-.U ,fi we I ,g - ,. igil. J 1 Y, ' A , ' ' -I IQQJY1' M , ' I ,I l ' . ,.s"'-M'-- wf A' A A e Q 'lf . Q -4 6 -f ': M,-Y,,--Ai E 'Pri 45, if ,N 3- .X -A, ,qa V fy ' k. 6 'wa 5: I Al - 'A ,, - f ,V wt. 4,5 .eff - M- X in LQ. 111. ',j,, i4.'? , Pu. t N E:f'E,A Af' ,v- , Q g wb-fo+f-1 - f' - 4 .. ,gf M Y L - 'M - JF 3'.f"' 13- " " M1 Mfr L ' fi iii, lg ,7 . 1 on K JV? Ajggrw U. A Na 4 8, ' I. 35" 5, "QW: f 'K ',, - .Li r V' up 5 ' 2 " .ii--'-'A -1 QI-5 rug! 1-95,1 !L!7-- , -Q!! ,Y .1-.4 . - . .r- -,Sw -A i A f 3 ay' .' Ni A 3H',:7i," Q' , lf' ' 1 A -"f y -3.5 , an -J. .IV st - f jg :vvyuf f- .A if Mr ,tg .- w 4, M1 b 5 :lf-55, fig-'-WI, , S-'VS 1 ., ' i. tw- 'V -, ,..-f. '-fs. jg j ,L "Q 4 1 wg, 'Q ' - I 'I 3-. Q jf vf ' 1, w .pyif gt " ,KQV Ll' ' M ..f' - yy - Ai .fn - .-N4 - - -, of - '15 ,-, , f fs J, 4 ' ' A U .,1 L61 Q' 4nqf..i1n ,, Vs, A W . A Q 4 ,' , ,b xp in I,-fly. ... ,gl - gif. 4, iff -,' . ' '- . ," ' -. 'S - g'f7k'5f 1 t , 1, r "-' ra f" '1 j. ' -J ' ' -ff f -125. 635, QW , , , ,M .. Q 41, I ., ., .lf , I ' r.jY1 v,45f5fi, 3.A 5 -.v ,J?.ff-:ff I LL' - Q I, , I 1 :V ,fn - .-www, . w ' . , aj 4 -2 -us 'v - . -. . ' 'N ' n " , qfY'?'F,TY " , A , , V 1. ,zwmlvfff me-MH' . bf - .l'f'Qf'fx,'v 4 :ll j . -fNjKf,g,.,55svaHigigx'?gVs'7l . U 'V . I xgvkv-.3M.k,,.aw,. ,ul ,ff 1 .-5'-471 Z.. 4 '-ff:'f,.,J.w- 'f-wwf " L -...,,mr"-f" 'N " M Qhxklk. -, ' -4 1' W,,,.a 4' , 1 JH X,,,,,.,,,,.w.' - I 4- , 1 ,x,., f v dai ll sxgf 'Kapil' gk, G. page twelve -. Z. R L tk The only tru World are boo N e equcxlizers in the R ksg the onl t y reas- ure house open to 11 or library ,, ct comers, is . 1 an of , 'I 1 ,L "i, 5 NN Mmi .','.-flm-'U I .I. ,V .,--,,-.Vw -,-.-u...-mf ,Up xr 'I ,'-,.,,.vu'f,- - ,- .-f',f-. 4 . V - ,' .11 Mx. --to .n gn-,LN I .,- - I ' .71 W" v,v:.l P.7'.QiLrx1g'l1P 4' U " K' 1 1.1 Mfr m.fMm x . ', 11 J,.A,, -. If xi.-. 1. X ' WF-p."W"1 - . rea" -'Q ' . .5 45, D W fag -.f - . Q. 4 ' S H N, fb , In .V ' .' ' f' fx" '63 . ' 'SM -IJ. 'E A j 1 534.36 2 3 V113 -:J 1. 'fn ,Q ,gg friggg v 'f ,fr-.fikg A V . w',,,'g 5357? - ,, M-5' 'Zi - af h w - fl?-J vyg . f, YK M553 'W 47 QE. . s ,iw 1 Y ,513 ' x ff" , ' 3-.Q f if-f'v y. , 'Ma w ' n v ,,,.. . V , 5 -Q ..1.. Q .- -f . A ll .K 1 wk 1 .gjfl L, " s 'Q . ufv.!,' f ,wx w Vx 1 N 1 Xu I, - w Ivy.. , , ry ' 1 1 "For ivy climbs the crumbling hall to decorate decay." ,,4.g,vqs M.: .rf-3 ' v' ,,. W, 'Li . "' Q page fourteen 1-X111 .', . 1. 1211 1Qj1111'1 1 1111 1 1' 11'- '1: 1 111 1 .1 I 1 lm W 1'11 1 ' 111 11. ,151 11.1 V1 11 1 . 1 '11 1 1 1 1 Y 1 1 1, .M 1 1 1 1 V111 1"' 111 ' 1 rv - 1 -511. . 117 41 11115 - I 1 l'1 V1 ' 1 411111, 1-.,. 1,1 . A1 ,111 1 , X111 11 1 11. 'L 1 .ww -1121 .1 ,11 11" ,11.1 1111. 1 ..'. 1111 1 ' 'L11 1 13111 '11 111 1" -nvlfwwg vol' 1 W1 'V -' ,.' V I ' 2,113 1' ,111 7,13 1 7,6111 1,4 ' ug' ',1 1I1'1 ' N 1 11, . ,,.1,M1Q,f1:1,41.f11' 1 1 1 .1 1, "- J'1' , :lg 111 y11'1f,s'1111X"11M1' 14 '1 ' ' 1 I , 'M 'V 11.14-m11g!y11. I' 1' 1 , X' 1 1 11 1 17 1 ,, 1 ,1"'1,1,11,"',!',l' A, 1,' ,1,1, U1 . . 1 , '11 ' 1 ' '1 11" ' 1 1 1 I 1, 1111 ' 1 1 ' u 11 1 1 - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 x 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 '1 ! 1' e 1 ' LQ.- , H page fifteen 1 N 1 I 1 Au 1 Y 1 ' .g.1,..1".'1111. .Q 1 ,1 1 1. 1 , ,1,11 1311-1k,1l,f"!111g11', 1 1 1 ,131 11 - 1 .V ,.',,.1,' 11-1.1 1.,',,Y, .. 11.1 K V -.14 - 111.yx-MJamkm?.1gX1-u1.1- .111'i'11'11. 111.92 I1L1.1.'1 . ' 1.1 ' . 1 ' 1' 1 1' A 1. 1 I1 U l A .lr 1 ! I I I l, ff ,v H. X f .S i ,f . 1 . ,1 v. I F: If 41 n ZEA IMIHINIHSTBRZQATHCQINI ZANHD CLASSES P, ..-. - A "M ,gm ini I . I In 1- Fil, L 1 N. . 1 'I' , ...K ' J lu ' 4 V 4.2! "-,. , . K . VI, A 0 114-xi. wk mu ' 1 3 " WD a ,L ,L I 4'-:in ' '-' Way! Q.: ':...".u 2, Eu' fag, I: .,,: .. ' X . ' .1 -"' 1 . V' zu :'7"lr':f,' L-1 U3 ' I" ll V- 1: Q, 'M uf 7 x , ' . ., , 'w ggffj .'. m -3' " '..',. ' V . "J" V.: v A X , 'YI ,P'A ,I .M V. w , . - 1 3 1 Q". . w, ,xi u.. i'v.V. W 'Fu 'Jn nv: AL 'HL . ! ,544 . E- 7 v-- 11. fA'4'r'vi '.4",:i I" .wyugr ,vin V 7.5, ."'.,. . !,,. X' I -Ll. 4 Q' ,. gg- w'Q ,ffl - f . Um- H .H fi , ,H .. Q 1, ,, ,!, -'gf . ."'.aq 'f'."f ' . ' I I ,, ..r4n1+.', '- H . pu-aiu - ' .' In ks' I' A ,.,,. . , Jr. . ," '33 , milfs" ,2- J,4f .,.. :uw , , " . h FA ul -y il.,--' 'N ,. .'..: ., , ' 1. N ' 'I V .' f-L" ' I ew. .- ,. .A . ' h . au ' . J .,. -1 f V A 1 ,s f DW f ' , l , ' X, ,L '. ,, 1 I f V , , f -1 ., ,A v- If, 1' D - C. 'X ' - 1 Nl, l l Q lab. Ir A ' - " '-1-.'. ,J I4 I .-A .- . 1, ,, -Q 1 1. 'N- ' '- 1. 1 S- ' .'v.l '-.l.,' 'T 134"!U1' J W igiphk, ., 'X--gil .'f.1' ml: . . . , . w.. A xu - . " 2r':,IY'k 'kT.vf.". 'yfl N 7:"I44". . . A W1 ' . v' 'I 1' Vi A Q D . '. s T -5 1 .Yr . Jw A I nv -M! 4 .v ' C' .-fc., ,I I Ai , 'I ' 4 511 v V! , u gl . X ' N . Ag 11- . ..N A -, I-gf, ,- ' , I , li - ,Hips rv 'F 4- Q7? 'QP if 'O " .,5'. '.- L l 1 r I-,X . ' M 1. lv ,.. . ' n 4' 2L 'q'u'y:'lv- ' I r, 4 ,,, :fra 1 A 1 2. A A -44. .. . I 1 Un 4 DR. GEORGE F. ZGOK PRESIDENTS MESSAGE The Tel-Buch contains a record of many of the important activities of the students and faculty of the University during the past year. ln the years to come it should recall many pleasant and interesting memories to those who have been enrolled at the institution. As yet the University is unable to offer anything unusual in the way of a physical plant and campus to the youth of this city. We have, nevertheless, many evidences of excellent Work accomplished under difficult circumstances. This means that students havelbeen given the opportunity of coming into Contact with a faculty which is competent scholastically and much interested in the development of students as individuals. This privilege is the greatest single factor in a college education. You Will look back upon one or more of your teachers as having influenced your lives more than all other things combined. Through the influence of your teachers and the friendships you form among your associates, the University of Akron becomes indeed the embodiment of a spirit of loyalty to things that are Worth While and which will accompany you throughout the years to come. page nineteen I ug.--Q ,n I ' .N . W C1 is I qi li' if IE il Y l DEAN ALBERT I. SPANTON Dean ot Buchtel College of Liberal Arts Acting Dean ot Teachers College PROP. MARIORIE MITCHELL Adviser for Women MISS GLADYS P. WEEKS Registrar of the University page twenty MR. MAXWELL P. BOGGS Treasurer ot the University ill DEAN DONFRED H. GARDNER Deon ot Men 1 r a E I I r t 1 I 1 r 1 ..,, ' i X 1 DEAN FRED E, AYER 1 Decrn of College ot 'A Engineering ctnd Commerce i MISS IOSEPHINE A. CUSHMAN Librorricfn of University page twenty-one PRoP. RICHARD H. SCHMIDT gif Session ' Acting Director ot Evening University Excirniner H nge tit 'val ti? Iii If BOARD OF DIRECTORS IO1-IN W. THOMAS . .. CHARLES E. SMOYER . LEEI.FERBSTEHJ ..... L. E. IUDD ....,........ MRS.T.A.CHHTENDEN IAMES W. SCI-IADE CLETUS G. ROETZEL .. P. W. LITCHFIELD .... H. I. ALBRECHT .... p g twent y-1 Term 'Expires 1938 1938 1938 1936 1936 1936 1934 1934 1934 FACULTY, ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICERS, AND ASSISTANTS 1932-1933 ADMINISTRATION PRESIDENT George F. Zook A.,....,A.....,,,.,., Ph. D., Cornell University LL. D., Ohio Wesleyan University TREASURER Maxwell P. Boggs ...,i...,, ,,A.,.,,.. 44.,.,... A . B., Muskingum College EXAMINER AND ACTING DIRECTOR OF EVENING SESSION Richard H. Schmidt .....,..............,........,....,,,.,i.. M. A., Columbia University DEAN OF MEN Donfred H. Gardner .... .4,., ....,...,..,................. A . M., Princeton University ASSISTANTS TO DEAN OF MEN Donald Shank . .. ..,.,......,......,...,..,... ,.,,,,,. A . B., University of Akron W. Newton Hall . , . ...........,...,.,..... .............., A . B., University ot Akron DIRECTOR OF SUMMER SESSION Howard R. Evans ...............,.................. Ph. D., Northwestern University REGISTRAR Gladys P. Weeks .... Ebba Larson ...... Ulysses S. Vance . . . Wilbur C. Robart ...... Sherman O. Schumacher Iosephine A. Cushman . Norma Olin Ireland ,.., I. Vivien McCarthy Sutton . Ethel S. Klahre ...... . . Helen McGrath Curnow . . . . .University ot Akron . . . ..... Assistant Registrar UNIVERSITY EDITOR PHYSICIAN . , . . . . . . . . A. B., University of Iowa . . . . . .M. D., Iefferson Medical College ALUMNI SECRETARY LIBRARY STAFF LIBRARIAN . .,.. A. B., University of Akron . ....... B. L. S., University ot Illinois ASSISTANT LIBRARIANS B. L. S., Western Reserve University Chautauqua School for Librarians B. L. S., Western Reserve University . .,...... A. B., University of Akron BUCHTEL COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS DEAN Albert I. Spanton .... ................................,.... A . M., Harvard University DEPARTMENT OF BIOLOGY ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR AND ACTING HEAD OF DEPARTMENT Walter C. Kraatz ....... Paul Acquarone .... Rolland D. Fox .... Edgar P. Iones ..... Thomas Van Sickle . . . Dorothy I. Schneider .... , , . . , . .Ph. D., Ohio State University ASSISTANT PROFESSORS Ph.D.,IohnsHopkinsUniversity ASSISTANTS page twenty-three . ..,...,..... M. S., University of Akron . . .Ph. D., University of Pittsburgh . . . . .A. B., University of Akron . . . . A. B., University of Akron I ll ,. gl ll, il' Ill 1'l il I lli .r il H. E. Simmons Richard H. Schmidt Walter A. Cook . . . Ernest F. Schaefer Eugene G. Haas . . David E. Anderson Karl W. Brandau Ross E. Morris .... FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICERS AND ASSISTANTS CContinuedl DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY PROFESSOR . .,,,,....., . . . . .........,... M. S., University of Pennsylvania ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR OF CHEMISTRY ASSISTANT PROFESSORS . . . . .A. M., Columbia University ..Ph. D., University ot Cincinnati B.E.M.,OhioStateUniversity ' INSTRUCTORS FELLOWS .. . M. S., University ot Toronto . . . .M. S., University oi Chicago B. S., University ot Pennsylvania . .... ..,. . . .,... ,...,. M . S., California Institute ot Technology DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS AND SOCIOLOGY William L. Davis . . Harmon O. DeGraff Donald E. Anthony Albert I. Spanton . Raymond B. Pease Marjorie Mitchell . Ruth M, Raw ..... PROFESSOR P . Ph. D., University otWisconsin ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR . . . .... ....,......,..,...... P h. D., University ot Chicago ASSISTANT PROFESSOR D., Stanford University DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH PROFESSORS . ,...,.....,. ...................,. A . M., Harvard University ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR ASSISTANT PROFESSOR . Ph. D., University of Wisconsin , . . . . . . . .A. M., ,Radcliffe College .. . . A. M., Columbia University INSTRUCTORS Elizabeth D. Stevenson .,..,......,...,.. A. M., Columbia University Clifford Stickney . ,,.... .... ...... A . M.,tUniversity of Illinois Edgar C. Roberts . ........,. .. . A. M., Ohio State University Ulysses S. Vance Clournalismj ,......,,.,...... ....,.... ..... A . B., University of Iowa PIXLEY SCHOLARS Don A. Keister ........ .,.. . . ............. .... A . B., University of Akron Chalmers K. Stewart . . . .......... ..... .............. ..... A . B ., University oi Akron DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY y ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR AND ACTING HEAD OF DEPARTMENT Dontred H. Gardner ............ .....,...........,..,......... A . M., Princeton University INSTRUCTORS Newton Owen Sappington . , . .............., . , . .... Ph. D., University ot Wisconsin Ruth McNeil Sloan ,...................................,........ A. B., University of Akron DEPARTMENT OF HOME ECONOMICS PROFESSOR Elsie M. Maxwell ................... ..... M . S., University ot Chicago INSTRUCTOR Elizabeth A. Lathrop .. .............. .... A .................... A . M., Columbia University DEPARTMENT OF LATIN AND GREEK PROFESSOR Arthur M. Young . . . ......,..,........ , . . Ph. D., Harvard University page twenty-four FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICERS AND ASSISTANTS CContinuedD DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS PROFESSOR Iohn L. Iones . . .. .,T..,.4.,T.,.I,. , .,..4.... Ph. D., Yale University ASSISTANT PROFESSORS Samuel Selby . . . . . . . .,,,....,., , .,.. .,,. P h. D., University ot Chicago H. A. Bender ,,,. ...,,....,.... ,... P h. D., University of Illinois I INSTRUCTORS Iulia R. Leigh ....,,. ..,,.......,,.,.., ....,. M . S., University of Iowa Will H. Lipscombe ,,,,....., .. ..,.....,.. . . ,.....,. ,... M . S., Ohio State University DEPARTMENT OF MILITARY SCIENCE AND TACTICS PROFESSOR Charles E. Coates ,... .. ,..,, ...,.,....,,. L ieutenant Colonel, Infantry ID. O. LJ ASSISTANT PROFESSORS Ernest C. Goding ,,,. .,,......,.,.,.,.,...,. . . . ..,,. Captain, Infantry ID. O. LJ Robert E. Swab ,.., ..,,, ...,,.. . . ..,..,,...,,,.. C aptain, Infantry CD. O. LJ INSTRUCTOR Clyde H. Ghee ............,., .. . .,,,... .. . ....... Sergeant, Infantry ID. E. M. LJ DEPARTMENT OF MODERN LANGUAGES PROFESSOR Charles Bulger ..,. . . .,.. ,...,, . . . . . Ph. D., University of Wisconsin ASSISTANT PROFESSOR Katharine M. Reed .... .........,.. . . .,.,... ,.., A . M., Tulane University INSTRUCTORS Margaret Fanning ..,., . . .......,,...... ..... . ..., A . M., Radcliffe College Frank I. S. Maturo .... . ........,............. ........ . A. M., Columbia University DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS PROFESSOR Fred F. Householder . . . . ,,............... ..,.,...... M . A., University of Wisconsin ASSISTANT PROFESSOR Omer R. Fouts ..,.., ...,..,... ....... .....,... M . A ., Ohio State University INSTRUCTOR Dwight E. Gray ,,........ ......,.....,..... ....... ...... P h . D., Ohio State University DEPARTMENT OF POLITICAL SCIENCE PROFESSOR Q l ' Earl W. Crecraft . , . ................. ,....,.... . . Ph. D., Columbia University ASSISTANT PROFESSOR Roy V. Sherman . . . . . ....,,..,.,... ,....,.. . . . . . Ph. D., University of Iowa INSTRUCTOR David E. King .... .,.,. . .... .....,.......,. . . M. A., University of Chicago DEPARTMENT OF SPEECH PROFESSOR Donald Hayworth .. ..................,.,..... Ph. D., University of Wisconsin ASSISTANT PROFESSOR Carita McEbright .... ........... . .. ........ ,. . . A. B., Cornell University INSTRUCTOR Frances Knight .... ......... .... .....,. . . M . A., University of Akron PIXLEY SCHOLAR Ella M. Scott .... .,.,.... ...... ..... ............ ........... U n i v e rsity of Akron DEPARTMENT OF PHILOSOPHY . INSTRUCTOR I U Girard V. Donley .... .. ............ .................. ..... B , D., Oberlin College DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY PROFESSOR b George L. Hayes . . . . ............... . . . Ph. D., University of Pittsburgh page twenty-five A I I FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICERS AND ASSISTANTS CContinuedD COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND COMMERCE DEAN Fred E. Ayer . . .I.,. , . ,.,..,.,.......,...,............, C. E., Lafayette College DEPARTMENT OF COORDINATION PROFESSOR Walter A. Gilmour ....l,,.r.......,..l..........,....., B. S. in C. E., Norwich University DEPARTMENT OF INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING ' PROFESSOR Iohn Adendorff ..., ............ . . ..,......,...,..,...,........ M. E., Cornell University DEPARTMENT OF CIVIL ENGINEERING PROFESSOR Ross C. Durst .,.. ,,............... ........ C . E., Ohio Northern University ASSISTANT PROFESSOR lohn W. Bulger ,.,,...... ..,..........................,.,. B . C. E., Ohio State University DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING PROFESSOR Fred S. Grittin .... .......,, .,......... .....,..... M . E ., Ohio State University ASSISTANT PROFESSOR Clarence R. Upp ,,... ...,............,,,............. M . E., Ohio State University INSTRUCTOR Earl R. Wilson . ,..,. .,......,.....,,.,......,............ B . M. E., Ohio State University DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING PROFESSOR Iohn T. Walther , . ....,..,...,,........... B. S. in E. E., University of Michigan ASSISTANT PROFESSOR Paul C. Smith ,... ..,...,.,,........,....,.,... B . S. in E. E., Purdue University DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION PROFESSOR Con leave of absence 1932-335 Warren W. Leigh ........, .. .....................,.... M. B. A., Northwestern University ASSISTANT PROFESSOR tand Acting Head ot the Department 1932-335 Harold T. McKee .........,.....,.,.......,......,.....,..,. M. A., University of Pittsburgh ASSISTANT PROFESSOR Leo T. Simmons ..., ...................,.,......... M . S., Columbia University INSTRUCTORS David L. Ruesch ,......, ...,........,........, M . B. A., Northwestern University Victor Q, Bergquist ,,,,, ...... M . B. A., Northwestern University Ralph M. Van Metre . .......,. B. S., Ohio State University Louis F. Hampel .............,...,....... . ...,..,,............ B. S., University ot Akron DEPARTMENT OF S-ECRETARIAL SCIENCE ASSISTANT PROFESSOR Howard M. Doutt ..., . . . . . . .,..... ......,.. ..,.. A . B., University of Akron 1NsTRUcToRs I Eldora Flint ,... . ..,...... ........ ..... B . E., University of Akron Audrq Terms-Y , ...,. A. B., University of Akron page twenty-six FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICERS Albert I. Spanton . . . Emery L. Kuhnes . Howard R. Evans ,.., Nelson S. Snyder .. George L. I-Iayes Cary C. Wood . . . AND ASSISTANTS CContinuedl TEACHERS COLLEGE ACTING DEAN A.M..HarvardUniversity DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION PROFESSOR ...........................Ph.D.,NewYorkUniversity ASSISTANT PROFESSOR ...,.................,.....Ph.D.,NorthwesternUniversity INSTRUCTOR .. . . . . ,...,,. ...,.., . .,.., A . M., University of Akron DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY PROFESSOR Ph. D., University of Pittsburgh ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR Ph. D., University ot Cincinnati ART DEPARTMENT ASSISTANT PROFESSOR lane S. Barnhardt ..,................. .. M. Ed., University ot Akron INSTRUCTOR Rena N. Cable ................ .,........ . . ...... .. . ., M. Ed., University ot Akron DEPARTMENT OF KINDERGARTEN-PRIMARY TRAINING DIRECTOR Clara M. Kemler .,.............. ................. A . M., Wittenberg College DEPARTMENT OF MUSIC ' PROFESSOR Francesco B. DeLeone .. ...,.. .. .,,..,... . . ..... D. Mus., Capital University ASSISTANT PROFESSOR Elmer F. Ende . . ..... ......... ,.............. M . A., Ohio State University INSTRUCTORS Genevieve Rider ......,. ........,.,......... B . M. Ed., Northwestern University I. Garfield Chapman . Vincent St. Iohn ...,. .......... . . Cleveland School ot Music .. .... Cleveland Opera Guild, Cleveland, Ohio Chester Lebo ..,........,..... . . ......................... B. M., Dana Musical Institute DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION PROFESSOR Frederick S. Sefton .... ....... ........ . , . .. . ..... M. Ed., Harvard University ASSISTANT PROFESSORS Howard H. Blair .............................. A. M., Columbia University Sarah E. Dunckley . . . . . , ..,,......,.....,..,.. M. S. in Ed., University ot Akron Harry A. Smith ..... ...,,............... M . S. in Ed., University of Akron INSTRUCTOR Walter Lipps ......,....................,.........,.........,.. B. E., University of Akron DEPARTMENT OF VOCATIONAL EDUCATION Russell I. Greenly . . . Iohn E. Grastorf .,.. ASSISTANT PRoFEssoR ..M.S.inEd.,UniVersityotAkron DISTRICT CO-ORDINATOR A . .....,. .........,..,.,,. B . S. in Ed., University ot Toledo page twenty-seven I SENIOR CLASS il 11 H it :N l ll gi ALVIN STADTMILLER President Abood, Albert Affleck, Caroline Alexander, lay P. Alexander, loseph Allard, Carroll Anderson, Alfred Apel, Doris Armacost, Mary Baer, Katharyn Bailey, Edna Bair, Lawrence Balasco, Thresa Barack, Emma Barnes, Wilbur Beims, Sophie Benedict, Lucius Bent, lane Bishop, Deane Bourquin, Margaret Bowman, Richard Boyd, Virginia Boyd, William Brandwan, Esther Britsch, Donald Brooks, Iacob Brouse, Marjorie Brown, Adolph Browne, Dorothy Brunswick, Paul Bryant, Charles Burnham, Genevieve Carillon, Frank Carrier, lames Casenhisor, Clifford Chenot, Iohn Cheyney, LaVerne Clark, Frances Cohen, Abe Cohen, Celia Crabb, Dorothy Crecelius, Ross Crow, Elenor Deetjen, lack D'lanni, lames Diehl, Miriam Easton, Iames Eckard, Velda Erwine, Robert Fanning, Iames Finney, Lucile Fletcher, Mildred Ruth Frantz, Harry Frazier, Margaret Friedman, Evelyn Fry, Ethel Galehouse, lean Gause, Russel CIGSS President ..,. X Vice-President .. Secretary . , . oi 1933 OFFICERS Treasurer ....,,.,..4,,....,..., , Representative Women's League . . . Representatives Student Dance Committee .,.... Giegel, Iohn Glennen, Iames Goodman, Leo Greer, Ruth Gruccio, Ioseph Gruner, Elvira Hackett, Phyllis Hahn, Helen Hall, Virgil Hardman, Martha Harry, Marjorie Heepe, Betty Higgins, Bernard Hoffman, William Horn, Frederick Hornberger, Aurelia Huber, Anna Nina Iones, Marie Kamp, Virgil Kaplan, Hirsh Kinney, Robert Klipstein, Edward Knecht, Lawrence Kruck, William Leavenworth, Helen Lee, Frances LeRoy, Margaret Lichti, Virginia Lieghley, Ruth Linder, Lloyd Lorenz, Walter McClelland, Charles McMichael, Bryce Manthey, Mathilda Marcinkoski, Frank Martz, Ronald Maryanski, William Marxeri, Elsie Mills, Vera Minnick, Pauline Murdoch, Robert Myers, George Myers, Wayne Nolley, Gilbert Nostwich, Mildred Pamer, Iohn Pearson, Norman Powell, Frederick Pressler, Edward Preusse, Robert Price, Elizabeth Putt, Charles Querry, Charles Quinn, Gerald Reade, Helen Ream, Frank Ries, Robert page twenty-eight Council , . , . t ,Alvin Stadtmiller . . . ,Harry Frantz . , . . . Emma Barack Catherine Simmons . . . . . .Ruth Fletcher flane Bent F ' llohn Giegel , . .William Kruck Rinaldo, Ioseph Rokus, Frank Roth, Earl Rugers, Irma Russell, Irene Ryan, William Saladna, Louis Salber, Ioseph Salyerds, Robert Sapp, Esther Schaeffer, Elizabeth Schoch, Otto Schultz, Ernest Scott, Ella Selzer, Mary Silver, Henry Simmons, Catherine Singer, Pauline Smith, Mary H. Smith, Sydney Soper, Cleveland Spade, Ralph Spicer, Alvin Stadtmiller, Alvin Stahl, Katheryne Stillman, Laura lane Straub, Ruth Straw, Clayton Summy, Mae Survey, Charles Susko, Gregory Sweeney, George Switzer, Ronald Syracopolus, Philip 1 Trafford, Helen Trenner, Molly Waldsmith, Bernice Wansky, Simon Watkins, Henry Weeks, Martha Weiler, lohn Wentsler, Norman Wheeler, Vaughn Whittaker, Nellie VVidick, Branko Wilde, Bertha Williams, Paul Williams, Terrence Willis, Hazel Winer, Ralph Witwer, Frank Wolfe, William Wood, Kenneth Woodward, Kent Zeis, Paul Zemlansky, Olga 1 I . ALBERT ABOOD Degree: Candidate for Bachelor of Science A Major: Business Administration CAROLINE AEELECK Degree: Candidate for Bachelor ot Arts Major: French IAY ALEXANDER Degree: Candidate for Bachelor of Science Major: Business Administration CARROLL ALLARD Degree: Candidate for Civil Engineer MARY ARMACOST Degree: Candidate for Bachelor of Education Major: Physical Education THRESA BALASCO Degree: Candidate for Bachelor of Education EMMA BARACK Degree: Candidate for Bachelor ot Education Major: Physical Education WILBUR BARNES Degree: Candidate ior Bachelor oi Arts Major' Economics in vs. 'Q I t sage twenty-nine l t ijt gl l 1 ,I W li! sa 1 J I LUCIUS BENEDICT Degree: Candidate for Bachelor of Arts Major: Political Science IANE BENT Degree: Candidate for Bachelor of Arts Major: Mathematics I MARGARET BOURQUIN Degree: Candidate tor Bachelor of Education 4 RICHARD BOWMAN l Degree: Candidate for Bachelor of Arts ' Major: Economics WILLIAM BOYD Degree: Candidate for Electrical Engineer ESTHER BRANDWAN Degree: Candidate for Bachelor oi Education Major: English and French IACOB BROOKS Degree: Candidate lor Bachelor of Science in Education Major: Political Science MAR'ORIE BROUSE Degree: Candidate lor Bachelor of Arts Major: Biology page thirty ADOLPH BROWN Degree: Candidate for Bachelor of Science Major: Business Administration DOROTHY BROWNE Degree: Candidate for Bachelor of Education PAUL BRUNSWICK Degree: Candidate for Bachelor of Arts Major: Econornics CHARLES BRYANT Degree: Candidate for Bachelor of Arts Major: Economics GENEVIEVE BURNHAM Degree: Candidate for Bachelor of Education Major: Physical Education FRANK CARILLON Degree: Candidate for Electrical Engineer IAMES CARRIER Degree: Candidate for Bachelor of Science - Major: Business Administration LA VERNE CHEYNEY Degree: Candidate for Bachelor of Science Major: Pre-Medical I If. fill Q: page thirty-one E l Ti jll l 1 i fini .Alu- ll , XX , 4 i rg l i f tl. 3' 4 147' FRANCES CLARK Degree: Candidate for Bachelor of Science Major: Secretarial Science ABE COHEN Degree: Candidate for Bachelor ot Arts Major: Mathematics CELIA COHEN Degree: Candidate for Bachelor of Education ELEANOR CROW Degree: Candidate for Bachelor ot Education IACK DEETIEN Degree: Candidate for Bachelor ot Arts Major: Political Science IAMES D'lANNI , Degree: Candidate for Bachelor ot Science Major: Chemistry IAMES EASTON Degree: Candidate tor Bachelor of Arts Major: Biology ARLENE ECKARD Degree: Candidate for Bachelor ot Arts Major: Latin page thirty-two j ii l li . i f 5 1 , ll Ziiwbimizli ,:,,.Y,.,, - 1 wfmwga.-wagner: fbgg j - j 1 i j A j ROBERT ERWINE A is T i l Degree: Candidate for Bachelor l oi Arts l I Major: Mathematics N l RUTH FLETCHER l f Degree: Candidate tor Bachelor T 5, of Education l Majori Physical Education , l : Q l HARRY FRANTZ if -Q Degree: Candidate tor Bachelor of Science j Major: Business Administration jg EVELYN ERIEDMAN j Degree: Candidate for Bachelor l j ot Education I ' l Major: Kindergarten Primary l j 1 1 ,r f l ? 5: ' H i l IEAN aALEHoUsE , Degree: Candidate tor Bachelor 7 l ol Arts l l a i i l L Y IOHN GIEGEL Degree: Candidate for Bachelor oi Science Major: Chemistry IAMES GLENNEN Degree: Candidate lor Bachelor of Arts Major: French LEO GOODMAN Degree: Candidate tor Bachelor of Science Major: Pre-Medical P t ww.may,g'fj age thirty-three ll nm an li! lt ,ll gl EI ,l I l 1' l I I I SM, is I I Y' 'st' V if j I ll '39 fi' I l I ju ll jfj ll lj -I Nfl :I I I I 11 QQ u QQ ew Q ,. IOSEPI-I GRUCCIO Degree: Candidate for Bachelor of Science Major: Business Administration ELVIRA GRUNER Degree: Candidate tor Bachelor of Science Major: History and Sociology HELEN HAHN Degree: Candidate for Bachelor of Education Major: Music VIRGIL HALL Degree: Candidate for Bachelor ot Science MARTHA I-IARDMAN Degree: Candidate for Bachelor of Education Major: Physical Education S K -: Major: History W- M if if .fs BETTY HEEPE Degree: Candidate for Bachelor of Education BERNARD HIGGINS Degree: Candidate for Mechani- cal Engineer WILLIAM HOFFMAN Degree: Candidate for Bachelor oi Science A 1 j mmmmmacg Major: Pre-Medical page thirty-four FREDERICK HORN Degree: Candidate for Bachelor ol Science Major: Business Adrninistration AURELIA HORNBERGER Degreei Candidate for Bachelor of Education Major: Art ANNA NINA HUBER Degree: Candidate for Bachelor of Education Major: Music MARIE IONES Degree: Candidate tor Bachelor of Education Major: Physical Education ROBERT KINNEY Degree: Candidate tor Bachelor ot Arts Major: History VIRGIL KAMP Degree: Candidate tor Mechani- cal Engineer WILLIAM KRUCK Degree: Candidate for Bachelor of Arts Major: Economics HELEN LEAVENWORTH Degree: Candidate for Bachelor ot Science Major: Secretarial' Science I I I P I FRANCES LEE Degree: Candidate for Bachelor ot Education VIRGINIA LICHTI Degree: Candidate for Bachelor of Science Major: Mathematics RUTH LEIGHLEY Degree: Candidate for Bachelor of Arts Major: English LLOYD LINDER Degree: Candidate for Bachelor ot Arts WALTER LORENZ Degree: Candidate for Electrical Engineer CHARLES McCLELLAND Degree: Candidate for Bachelor of Science Major: Pre-Medical BYRCE MCMICHAEL Degree: Candidate lor Mechani- cal Engineer MATHILDA MANTHEY I Degree: Candidate for Bachelor of Science Major: Secretarial Science page thirty-six I 1 FRANK MARCINKOSKI Degreet Candidate for Electrical Engineer WILLIAM MARYANSKI Degree: Candidate for Bachelor ot Science Major: Pre-Medical HAROLD MIKOLASHEK Degree: Candidate for Bachelor ' ot Arts Major: Political Science VERA MILLS Degree: Candidate tor Bachelor of Arts Major: History PAULINE MINNICK Degree: Candidate tor Bachelor of Arts Major: History GEORGE MYERS Degree: Candidate for Industrial Engineer MILDRED NOSTWICI-I Degree: Candidate for Bachelor ot Arts ' Major: English IOHN PAMER Degree: Candidate for Bachelor oi Arts Major: Economics I 1? . I page thirty-se e l I i is C '4 ll l j l l i l l A j I , F E i 5 f NoRMAN PEARsoN l : fl: ' - Degree: Candidate for Bachelor : l j VHVA i ot Arts 2 l Major: Economics l f A ' l l to , 3 W! :iff FREDERICK PoWELL 1 Degree: Candidate for Bachelor ! ,Q lj ' A M ot Science ' Major: Business Administration ' i . lj Ji 5 Q Q ww- A EDWARD PRESSLER 1 l : Degree: Candidate for Bachelor ol Science 1 l Major: Business Administration : I 1 1 l t l ROBERT PREUSSE j Degree: Candidate for Mechani- A cal Engineer gl l ELIZABETH PRICE f Degree: Candidate for Bachelor ot Arts l Major: Political Science CHARLES PUTT Degree: Candidate for Bachelor of Arts Major: Economics CHARLES QUERRY ' Degree: Candidate for Bachelor 1 of Science Major: German and Mathematics GERALD QUINN Q 1 Degree: Candidate for Mechani- cal Engineer . mf-'mamma -'fu 1 . W e ff-att ff n KWiljt'Z 1 ,,i. l page thirty-eight 2 1 ill, HELEN READE Degree: Candidate for of Arts Major: French FRANK REAM Degree: Candidate for Mechani- cal Engineer ROBERT RIES Degree: Candidate tor Industrial Engineer IOSEPH RINALDO Degree: Candidate for Bachelor of Science FRANK ROKUS Degree: Candidate tor Mechani- cal Engineer EARL ROTH Degree: Candidate for Bachelor ot Science Major: Business Administration IRMA RUC-ERS Degree: Candidate for ot Education Major: Music IRENE RUSSELL Degree: Candidate for Bachelor oi Education Major: Art Bachelor Bachelor E L5 t, I t page thirty-nine l 2 'u l I t : s t t 5 , I l 4 5 t 9 lf 3 l 1 11 t 2 I i' 3 t " l 3 ' ' u t I S i it 3 t , 9. v 2 r " 1 l i 4 l i Q I I . W, I l i LOUIS SALADNA Degree: Candidate for Bachelor of Education Major: Music IOSEPI-I SALBER Degree: Candidate for Industrial Engineer ESTHER SAPP Degree: Candidate for of Education OTTO SCHOCH Degree: Candidate for Bachelor ot Arts Major: German ERNEST SCI-IULTZ Degree: Candidate tor Bachelor of Arts Major: Political Science ELLA SCOTT Degree: Candidate tor Bachelor of Arts Major: Speech CATHERINE SIMMONS Degree: Candidate for Bachelor ot Arts Major: Philosophy PAULINE SINGER Degree: Candidate tor Bachelor ot Education MARY SMITH Degree: Candidate for Bachelor ol Arts Major: French SYDNEY SMITH Degree: Candidate tor Bachelor ot Arts Major: Political Science RALPH SPADE tDegree: Candidate tor Bachelo of Arts Major: Economics ALVIN STADTMILLER Degree: Candidate for Bachelor ot Arts Major: Biology RUTH STAUB Degree: Candidate tor oi Education LAURA IANE STILLMAN Degreei Candidate for Bachelor of Arts Major: English MAE SUMMY Degree: Candidate for of Education GREGORY SUSCO Degree: Candidate tor Bachelor of Science Major: Business Adrninistration ' I W : I Ir I WI I I I I I W I 5 t I I I I I I I , j I I I W il I' PHILIP SYRACOPOULOS Degree: Candidate for Electrical Engineer HELEN TRAEEORD Degree: Candidate for Bachelor of Arts Major' French I BERNICE WALDSMITH Degree: Candidate fc' Bachelor of Arts Major: History IOHN WEILER I Degree: Candidate for Bachelor ot Science Major: Chemistry I NoRMAN WENTSLER Degree: Candidate for Bachelor of Arts Major: Biology I I VAUGHN WHEELER 2 Degree: Candidate for Bachelor of Arts Major: Chemistry I NELLIE WHITTAKER Degree: Candidate for Bachelcr of Education BERTI-IA WILDE Degree: Candidate for Bachelor of Arts Major: English I -i e forty-two I I. I I n I I I ,I i 5 I I I I I I I I j Ii I I I I I I I I I I I I I I II I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I jl I I I I WILLIAM FALOR President President ,.,.. Vice-President . . , Secretary , . . . Treasurer , Clms OFFICERS Representative Women's League . , , . . Representative Student Council , . . Dance Committee page forty-four ol 1934 . , , . .William Falor , , Charles Querry Harriett Fenneman , Richard Felver . Hazelbelle Davis . . . . .Alice Miller Ralph Spade Ianet Abramson Robert Appleby Robert Arthur Ruth Bettes Faith Billings Vincent Bionde Viva Bowman Carl Bricker Mary Brown Louis Bunts Margaret Bushnell Hester Buticoier Victor Buticoier Virginia Butler Ianice Cahill Howard Chenoweth Carrie Chiaramonte Francis Christman Donna Cooper Iohn Cooper Daniel Coorsh Harry Coorsh Ruth Cope Laurene Corbett Grace Courtney Robert Couts William Cranmer Gertrude Cronan Barbara Daniels William Darulis Hazelbelle Davis Loraine Davis Edith DeLaney Chester DeLano Mary Dickie Farrell Dreisbach Louise Duntord Norman DuPratt Hobson Dyer Lucy Ellery Lois Evans Franklin Falk William Falor - Richard Felver Harriett Fenneman Iohn Feudner Mary Finney Herbert Fish Richard Fisher Gerald Flanigan Bernice Flint Iarnes Fouse Eli Frantz Frank Fricker Iames Fouse Max Fuller Geraldine Gammeter Georgia Gettins Iohn Goldwood William Graham Emanuel Gurin Fernando Gutierrez Marjorie Halliwell Catherine Hanna Charles Haley 1 IUN1oR CLASS ROLL Rhea Hamann Richard Heyburn Elsie Hoter Ruth Hottmaster Leo Holland Violet Houston Richard Hummel Charles Iahant George lameson Charles Iessop lulia Ioppesen Vincent lohnson Nathan Kamin Nancy Kanaga Albert Katz Evelyn Katz Howard Kautz Etha Keiser Russell Keller Iohn Kidder Betty Kitselman Herman Klein Hildegarde Krnentt Henry Kohl Robert Kolb Ladonna Kolddin Margaret Kopf Arlene Krumroy losephine Kyle Wanda Larrick George Laughlin William Leavenworth Vivian Leibole Armond Leibovitz Grace Le Master Ioseph Lovering Katheryn Lowrey Maybelle Lundeen Iames MacGregor Alice McShaitrey Samuel Mancovitz Lebia Martucci Virginia Massey Henry Metzger Alice Miller Lemuel Miller Virginia Miller Louis Miletti lohn Moore Ruth Motz Mary Mougey Maurice Moyer Charles Myers Boris Nixon Vern Oldham Frederick Oplinger Michael Orihel William Packan Francis Palmer Frances Pansler Charles Parkes Patricia Paridon Edward Parsons Gordon Perry Idabelle Peterson page forty-five Pauline Pitkin Pauline Powelson Evelyn Pratt Harold Proehl Ruth Rabe Ben Rawls Charles Ream Helen Rifkin Glen Robinson Louis Rosenfeld Oscar Rosenzweig Iune Roland Foster Rush Eileen Rushton Ronald Salyords Eugene Sankey Elizabeth Schaeffer Burton Schell Willard Schmittgen Albert Schwartz Frances Shenk Albert Shollenberger Donald Shook Ruth Silvester Ellen Simpson Betty Smith Helen Smith Winifred Smith Sidney Solomon Wilson Sparhawk Helen Stanatield Gwendolyn Stanford Frederick Stelzer Mary lane Stevens Elsie Swain George Sweeney Iosephine Swinehart Nick Syracopoulos Fred Tarbox Harry Tausch Nancy Testa Mary Anne Townsend Zelda Trenner Lena Tuchman Laurence Uitord Harry Venner William Victor Paul Wagner lack Waldman Howard Walker Patricia Waldron Ralph Warden Vashni Webster Hymen Weisberg Beatrice Welch Victor Weltzien Helen Wheeler Mary Wolt Arthur Wood Ida Mae Wright George Yasosky Earle Yount Leposava Zarick Harold Zintel Sister Mary E. Zwick jl K W 1 l I. 'u l ll! 'm 1 rel ,lag mag ill 'l'l l"l all ll All lil G, Els lll ll xl rl fl 5 1, ,I, wil ' l iq? I .ll 'bill l I1 i Il! ll ll le H 1 ,K 7 bb., QW fi, Charles Ream Viva Bowman Harry Venner Mary Wolfe Burton Schell Frances Shenk Howard Walker Mary Anne Townsend Vernon Oldham Alice McShaifrey Farrell Dreisbach Ida Mae Wright Hobson Dyer Iune Rowland lohn Moore Vivian Leibole Harold Zintel Ianice Cahill Edward Ienkins Pauline Powelson Dage ioriy-six lf l . !g l 5 il l l W l M 1 l l l l , , l W f 5 3 l , 1 . a 1 1 5 i l I l 2 l l f 1 L l 2 1 i 1, ' 1 5 3 5 ' --., f l " f gh i frm- Y 1 A 6 l v hs D l wt l l 5 l 3 l " l L i I l z me 2 K 1 QR im R Kami William Cramner Alice Miller Louis Buntz Ruth Belles Howard Kautz I Lucy Ellery Fred Tarbox Nancy Kanaga Russell Keller lane Stevens I William Darulis Hazelbelle Davis Leo Holland Eugene Sankey Herman Klein loseph Lovering William Falor Ruth Hofimasier Richard Felver ldaloelle Peterson 1 Il Q I 1 l l A l ' , page forty-seven L l . 1 i , 1 , I 1 P 1 i l 1 1 1 r 4 W 2 l A I l l ' 5 1 X I l t I A l l 1 it l E f ff r l t l W. r l l 4 ' L E ,l E f it l E: 7 i 3 , l Q 3 l I 1 l E is l r l l l l l X l 5 ll .l ll h r r I l ' l i ll r l l l r 5 l l l ' l 1 ,L I ll fl. Hg' ls til li I 5 ' 4 Q il XA Vw Arthur Wood Georgia Gettins james Fouse Ruth Rabe Laurence Utford Geraldine Gornmeter lack Waldman Harriett Fennernan Willard Schrnittgen Margaret Kopt Robert Couts Patricia Pariclon Vlilliam Leavenworth Elsie Swain George Laughlin Winifred Smith Frank Fricker I-lildegarde Kmentt Charles Iahant Beatrice Welch page forty-eight W, 'FUD' -E33 Z I . D N' QWW- 'G' af W t ' ' .054 Q Vincent lohnson Mary Mougey Max Fuller Betty Kitselman Maurice Moyer Elizabeth Brodt Paul Wagner Evelyn Katz lohn Feudner Grace LeMaster Nathan Kamin Frances Pansler Louis Miletti Wanda Larriclc Iohn Kidder Violet Houston Robert Appleby Chester Deldano Arlene Kruinroy Eli Frantz Helen Wheeler page forty-mn I l 1 I FRANK HARPER President President .A..., Vice-President , A , Secretary .... Treasurer ..,, OFFICERS Representative Women's League ..,.., Representative Student Council .... . Dance Committee page fifty Class of 1935 , , . . . , ,Frank Harper .Robert Van Sickle . . . .Eleanor Gregory , . . . . .Maxine Caillet Harriette Heirnbaugh . . .Margaret Wodtke . . . .Howard Wilson SOPHOMORE CLASS Q I Adams, Elisabeth Appleby, David Ambelang, Ioseph Barthol, Mildred Bayles, Harold Beaver, Gladys Becker, Paul Becker, Virginia Bellany, Isabelle Benjamin, Beatrice Bennett, Bruce Bennett, Paul Best, Russell Bishop, Helen Blair, Eleanor Bonar, Earl Bowman, Louise Bowman, Robert Bozick, Max Brahms, Ellis Brand, Nancy Britton, Mary Brouse, Evelyn Brubaker, Ferdinand Buckles, Betty Burdette, Richard Burge, Ralph Caillet, Maxine Carrier, Lanier Chenoweth, Geraldine Chordar, Milan Claro, lames Clark, Richard Clark, Robert Coscia, Lucy Creme, William Danesis, George Davis, Earl Davis, Florence Davis, Hugh Deremigio, Dominic Dette, Ethel Dobkin, Oscar Donnenwirth, Iohn Doyle, Mary Duii, Forrest Fichelberger, Margaret Ericson, Iohn Eshack, Marion Estey, Russell Farmer, Hilda Festherson, George Feudner, Catherine Flickinger, Donald Foster, Betty Fradenburgh, Ernest Frobish, Henry Fuchs, Fred Fuller, Merle Fulmer, Maurine Funk, Frank Gardner, Cordi Garner, Ioe Garrett, Eliz. Gates, Frances Geis, Geraldine George, Amelia Glenny, Fred Glick, Maxine Goddard, Mac Goddard, Trent Gregory, Eleanor Gregory, Virginia Griffiths, Bonar Gross, Estelle Gulbis, Edward Gustely, Carroll Guth, Grace Gutsow, Alex Hall, Iohn Hall, Lucille Halter, Dolores Hannum, Ruth Harper, Frank Harr, Leitha Harris, William CLASS OF 1935 SOPHOMORES Harter, Esther Hartz, Raymond Heimbaugh, Harriette Hinman, Mae Hoff, Richard Hopkins, Ieannette Houghton, Betty Huhn, Kathryn Ireland, David Iauchem, Gilbert Iohnson, Earle jones, Kathryn Kalb, Ruth Kaufman, Lester Kazan, Marvin Keller, Fred Kennedy, Glen Kerber, Henry Kistler, Eugene Klima, Edward Klippert, Robert Knecht, Lucille Knecht, Lucinda Knox, Iohn Kols, Ruth Korman, George Krumbein, Margaret Kunz, Betty Kupelian, Vahey Langham, Ioseph Larson, Sigvard Lawrence, Ruth Leasor, Vernon Lee, Kent Lindsay, Donald Loomis, Althea McClelland, Donald McGowan, Agnes Mahan, Fulton Malamtinis, lohn Mallison, Virginia Maloney, Eugene Manthey, Fred Martin, Frank Martin, Paul Marting, Harrison Matthews, Lillice Mayer, Elirieda Metzger, Mary Miller, Eugene Miller, Solomon Mitchell, Thomas Mohler, Robert Mottinger, Marcia Murfin, Leon Musser, Howard Myers, Virginia Myers, William Mytholar, Iean Neidert, Andrew Newton, Marjorie Nihousen, Irene Norris, Helen Olson, Leona O'Neil, Charles Orlinoff, Sarah Ost, Evelyn Packan, Iohn Parenti, Romeo Paxson, Forrest Perks, Ben Pfeiile, Louise Pittinger, Charles Pitts, Virginia Pliskin, Abraham Posselt, Genevieve Pressler, Mabell Quinn, Paul Rearick, Cecil Reeves, Carl Renninger, Ronald Rhoads, Margaret Riand, William Richards, Violet Rivitz, Leah Roberts, Hope page fifty-two Rockwell, Bertha Rockwell, Iohn Rodehaver, Walter Rohrich, Edith Rose, Mary Reed, Edla Russell, Lyle Saffel, Donald Saffles, Frances Samuels, Anna Schlegel, Alfred Schmidt, Ieanne Scholler, Harry Schotta, Dorothy Schulman, Ruth Schultz, Albert Scroggy, james Sears, Marjorie Seeger, Howard Seenberg, Leo Semler, lune Shaffer, Dolores Shaffer, Mary Shaul, Rex Shetler, Alvin Shibley, Grant Shriber, Portia Siegfried, Howard Simmons, George Smith, Grace Smith, Horace Smith, Lucile Smith, Mary Smith, Opal Sowers, Thelma Sparhawk, Olive Steffins, Fred Steffy, Eli Stewart, Marjorie Stout, Edward Swan, Ruth Tarson, Iames Tenney, Katharine Terrass, Marion Thomas, Frank Thomas, Geraldine Thrapp, Ioe Trainer, Alice Troescher, Marie Trommer, Margaret Tryon, Frank Turner, Louise Ufford, Margaret Van Doros, George Vanica, Sumner Van Sickle, Iohn Van Sickle, Robert Waggoner, William Walker, Charles Walker, Donald Walther, Ruth Warner, Opal Weber, james Weimer, Mary Weinstein, Midge Weirath, Bill Wells, Cleon Welton, Harry - Welton, Helen Wetzel, Robert Whitney, Richard Wickes, Clayton Wiener, Lenore Wilhelm, Norman Williams, Margaret Williams, Newell Williamson, William Wilson, Howard Wirth, Ardella Wodtke, Margaret Wright, Wilbert Yarian, Harold Zaiser, Foster Zeno, Charles Zesiger, Ruth PAUL PYERS ' President President ,,.. Vice-President Secretary .... . Treasurer .... C155 OFFICERS Representative Women's League . . . page fifty-three of 1936 .,....Pau1 Pyers . . . .Philip Sherman Robert Morgenroth ......ARobert Graf . . . .lean Fraser It FRESHMAIX' CLASS page fifty-four Adelman, Carl Adelman, Lillian Alexander, Margaret Alexander, William Alexis, Carl Alpeter, Rachel Amspoker, Fred Andrus, Frederick Aitkenhead, Margaret Applebaum, Sam Andrews, Richard Arenson, Bert Bain, George Barth, Walter Bartlett, Homer Bauer, Robert Bauman, Caroline Baumgardner, Dorothae Battistelli, Pete Beese, Harry Behra, lack Benson, Nelson Begue, Coletta Beidler, Marie Bennett, Phillipa Berman, Sam Berger, Louis Betts, Byron Bianchi, Anna Billman, Marian Binet, Lillian Binns, Harold Bischoff, Emma Bixler, Betty Blair, Eleanor Blount, Bill Boardman, Sheffield Boland, Iames Bolinger, Luverne Bonnett, Richard Boorom, Vincent Bowman, Ursula Boyd, Thomas Brand, Eugene Breitenstein, Sam Bridgewater, Iames Britton, Mary Browne, Francis Brown, Frank Browne, Virginia Butler, Paul Burckett, Robert Burdette, Charlotte Butters, Charles Buzzi, Vincent Carter, Donald Case, Margaret Casebier, Freda Chamberlin, Elisabeth Church, Chester Churchill, Iohn Clark, Iames Clark, Mary Clause, Frederick Clemmer, Carl Clinton, Bonnie Coffman, Magdeline Cohen, Roselle Conkle, Helen Considine, Francis Cook, Elinor Cookro, Patrick Coscia, Angeline Cottle, William Covey, Rose Cox, Albert Corwin, Iohn Crisp, Walter Culver, Patricia Cullen, Betty Cunningham, Edith Curran, Mason Dague, Elizabeth Davis, Harry Davis, Richard Day, Merton Derrig, lean Dettling, Mary Deutsch, loseph DeVore, Paul Dietrichson, Lois Disney, Catharine Dixon, Margaret Dombay, Anna Doshna, Pete Doyle, Clara Doyle, lohn Dreyer, Chester Drummond, Beatrice Duell, Winona Dyer, William Easton, Robert Edwards, Roscoe Eichner, Budd Egan, Robert Eppiotis, Esther Evans, Morris Erwin, lohn Fatiguso, Marian Feldstein, Maurice Felver, Vivian Feinsilver, Leo Fichter, Evelyn Filer, Marceil Finley, Lois Fisher, Gerald Foltz, Daniel France, George Fraser, lean Freudeman, Grace Fulmer, lames Fusion, Claude Ganyard, Max Garman, Eleanor Gaston, Dan George, Mary Giddings, Mary Gill, Harold Goard, Gladys Goff, Alice Goodall, Lewis Goodman, Dorothy Goson, Lillian Gough, Ruth Graf, Mary Graf, Robert Grampp, William Griffin, Beata Griffiths, Thomas Groncy, Carl Grosse, Erwin Gross, Frances Gulbis, Edward Gurin, Gertrude Gustofson, Anne Green, Tillie Haas, Edward Haase, Norbert Haberman, Louis Hackett, Richard Hackim, Lincoln Haggerty, Patrick Halliday, Margaret Haines, Nellie Hanna, Iohn Hanson, Iohn Harbaugh, Mary Harpham, Harry Harrison, Kenneth Harrington, Ruth Harry, Florence Hartman, Eleanor Haspelmath, Mary Hayes, Charlotte Heacock, lane Hedeman, Lincoln Heede, Edwin Heinbuch, Katherine Hendry, Thomas Hensal, Earl Herberich, Marian Herman, Doris Heindl, Mary Hetzel, Ruth CLASS OF 1936 FRESHMEN Hillegass, Kenneth Hivnor, Robert House, lane Hopkins, leannette Hughes, Lucile Hull, Iohn Hurak, lohn lnk, Betty Iansen, Margaret Iaques, lack Ioles, Robert Iones, Ellen Kachmar, Iohn Kavenagh, William Keller, Fred Kerr, lack Keating, Robert Keller, Mary Kelly, Iohn Kempel, Arthur Kerr, Harland Kieffer, Arbra King, Marjorie King, Elizabeth Kinnan, Grace Kinney, Margaret Kish, Helen Kalmon, Ben Kistler, Marguerite Klippert, Robert Kment, Elfrieda Koss, Mary Koukies, George Krebs, Ocie Kreigbaum, Eugene Kraus, Carl Kirchschlager, Gertrude Kuhar, Mitchell Kurtz, Irving Landefeld, Karl Lackey, lohn Lansinger, Fred Larabee, Hariett Larson, Alvin Laudenbach, Rudolph Lautenschlager, Robert Lechner, Mary Leonard, Iohn Le Roy, Frances Leuca, George Liber, Paul Lincks, Dorothy Livensparger, Doris Lloyd, Gladys M. Locke, Fred Lowenhaupt, Martha Lucas, lohn Luke, Iuanita Malamantinis, Iohn Manton, Fredericka McBride, loseph McChesney, Kenneth McClellan, Anna McChesney, Dorothy McCoy, Beatrice McCurdy, lack McCurdy, Grace McDowell, Bruce MacDonald, Rosemar McFarren, Gerald McGuckin. Helen Mclntire, Richard Mclntyre, Wayne McLeod, Ian McMullan, Marjorie Mack, Lawrence Maggiore, Ierome Mancovitz, Abe Manson, Ruth Mazur, Ida Mendelson, George Millard. Charlotte Miller, Bill Miller, Iohn Miller, Marian Miller, Solomon Morton, Ira page fifty-five Y Morrison, Mary Morvick, Louis Mosley, Iohn Mohler, Robert Morgan, Ruth Morgan, Constance Morgenroth, Robert Morgenroth, William Moris, Frances Iane Moskovitz, Lenora Mottinger, Lucile Murphy, Leo Musser, Oliver Nedrow, Hildreth Neidert, Andrew Neidert, Fred Nelson, Mamie Nelson, Robert Nelson, Niles Neptune, Elizabeth Nesbitt, Dorothy Newman, Verne Nihousen, Irene Nikerk, Clifford Olegar, George Olson, Sidney Oneacre, Le Land O'Neil, William O'Neil, Norma O'Neill, William Orr, Rolland Orr, Glenn Ost, Evelyn O'Toole, Thomas Pardee, Alton Papageorge, Gus Pealy, Robert Perry, Thomas Pesaric, Ioseph Philo, Esther Phinney, Maxine Pitts, Virginia Pond, Lucille Pond, Richard Potter, Donald Poppenger, Lois Powell, Bettye Price, Margaret Pugh, Intz Pyers, Paul Pylant, Elizabeth Redinger, Sylvester Reese, Fordyce Rehl, Clyde Reichert, Kenneth Reichart, William Remark, Paul Rich, Angela Richardson, Virginia Richards, George Richardson, Robert Ritzman, Carol Robinson, Luella Robinson, Dean Roepke, Althea Romoser, Paul Rosenman, Sanford Roth, Harry Rothermel, Margaret Roush, Lyle Rubinstein, Leon Ruble, Hazel Rutan, Curtis Ryser, George Sarver, Walton Sawyers, Paul Scalia, Samuel Schaber, Ernest Schellin, Dorothy Schnez, Royden Schlichting, Martha Schifano, Charles Scholler, Harry Semler, Iune Shapiro, Arthur Schwarz, Charles Schwartz, Margaret Scott, Robert Seebach, David Severns, Selden Sharp, Raymond Shaul, lohn Sherer, Helen Sherman, Philip Shields, Carl Siegfried, Howard Silvester, Marian Singer, Thelma Smith, Arthur Smith, lack Smith, Ralph Snyder, Harriette Soen, Mary Somadossi, Veronica Sprinke, Dorothea Steckel, Harold Steiner, Hazel Stephens, Mossie Sterley, Leona Stout, Mildred Stumpf, Robert Sues, George Tate, Virginia Tait, Katherine Taylor, Ernest Terrass, Marion Test, Elizabeth Thomas, Louis Thomas, Marjorie Thomas, Ray Tidrich, Thelma Tiffin, Henrietta Tinley, Clyde Toharsky, Beatrice Tontar, Lena Tressler, Homer Tubbs, Eleanor Troutman, Mary Ulman, Iohn Umansky, Rose Union, Wilbur Vallish, Helen Vaughan, Lewis Veach, Louise Vincent, Nicholas Vosper, Stanley Wade, Robert Wall, Robert Waldsmith, Robert Walker, Madeline Wardman, Palmer Wass, Robert Watkins, Lawrence Watsch, William Watters, lane Waugh, Dale Weaver, Thomas Wees, Sterling Weisberg, Sam Welch, Mary Whelan, Gerald White, Iames Widick, Elsie Wiener, Evelyn Wilde, Walter Wilhelm, Mary Williams, Edwin Williamson, Margaret Williams, Dorothy Williams, Mardis Wilan, Hubert Wilson, lames Winter, Iohn Wohlford, Maxine Wood, Marjorie Woodford, Harold Wooten, Evelyn Wuchter, Helen Wunderly, Byron Young, Thad Zaber, Edward Zolnerzak, Michael li M! i n 1 H ' 1 4 -1, W a 1 ,Il ,. , ,, O. 4,3 o is l , K' " "Qui ' wa- - O , M' X A A Y I.1,",h . wv' .', . L' ' X . ,N . 1 5 . I ,.. . R. va. .u -H '.v li. v nl' .rn w ' 'W ' ,, .,'p Y' .1 ' 4 1 x N ' ... x N, J I r H , "ul: 'WJ' V 'fj Q' I I 4 ' I 'n.,! " f O, . A, 4 ,M 1. ,vin , .- 4' V , , ,,1,t:,.4L. 'vw JJ.. X 'Q- , -1 a M 1 N I- , 5' rf, .':.'.-,X-. , q.- 'ff " 'f.I.,1-3. 1.1 U , ,V . N ,.. . I I - 4' V' n - -' " . ., 1, 'X' t'.ia',,LI - -- ' r' -'4 M " -x' V1 JJ.,-.' A ' -XV ., 'P u 3 n 4:65 1 ..:lv' Y N l A ...QA I I ' nu- 1 ' .H . A IW, - 9 . -I h su .jig ' .M - , , ... . '- fb ' If! 1 I I n'.'qx'i,3' , , Y. , , ' , A mi ' ,qi 1 I . I 1 ,wg , ,, M.. sf lf' .I 'LAYH7' 'Ll 'Y 41 ' .3 JW . . I' 'ALA . W' ."'-I.. Q ' 4. , 'Filfls ., V 1 , V ,, , .J N A.- 'V .V -'V . M -w'5', V , I ' ,, , ,mf f .-' ': ' 'f ' .af PQ. 1"u-15.-fl, I 3. A " . ra , K ." , 5.. 1. Q. ,p 'V' , ' y.vl,,y,' Nj' ' q.f ,V Aff' ' 1 ,104 'lf 1 :LN I A - 1 , fs ' , vt 'W' ' ' 1. ,ff U . . ,xx ., V rw .r 1 V ,', t , ...L 'I , 1 L 5 I I H 'rjnvf ' 4L:f-H. ,vu QU. E ,- TW' Ax "" JA! 'fl' 'ir ' Q" , ' I I - ' 5.. ,QXW A I wi 'fp' ' Ax , f .M Hg ,Y ,..-.' ' , 1 , - 4 4 - ,, ,,,s . X3 ', N 5 - . 1 ' fl. Xl . - . X. . .., . A ,f .3 M-1 1 - . 1 :sg .L l .in . ' vc: .. Inq? .1 N ' - . - .. ,:. ' ' " .r-'4!f',ft P- - 'vL'k ,PM 'D' 4 .H-..5 X . 1. - Q 'H Agia? v f wfvegfm ln. .,s, ,.- Lvuamrmuaiwrnwnms .'4'f ' 1 p VVJIV V 1 M A ' ' A ' w , V ha .qt 1 N ' -s KU . V-v V'VV 1 .Vi ' 'fl' 'Ml r 5 D I 1 1 v X 1, .- a . , J :ff n .M , 16 . 4 .t'F'1' J, VfVV..k.n'1Vi J!-RTN . " 4 I .1 VV. A V KV ' ,1 r ,111 111 I 3 l, -13: ' L 1 I?5i9WR .. ,mu 1 fm- ? V ,W. , guy 1,1 km - , .11 .VV "Wi, ' 31. 'Y - V, , V 1 f "sf .BV A ' .' n 1. 13 , '. .-G: . :V -V V ,EA 'VH , Thi X4 I wx 1 '-. 'V. . -Vf' .1 1 . . ,. , lr V 1 5 -Y , , . . fm. 03.53 'ffm I , LK V51 ,VV V. . ,, U '.,-,fl 1 . ,V fishy .. ,1 1. . 1 ,.v'V ' 1 'N-4595.1 gf 1 Yr- A ' ' u"' , . 4. ' , V , 2 V , ,A , .. V, , VV - -w1j1 3 1 V MV .::11j- - 7, nv' -. fo . 14 1 fins ,, IH ! ' ' , V, r ., 1 'i ' "v lp 2 ' 1 44' I .' F I' ' . - V n uf' 1, T. V - -A 1 4 1 . 1. ' ' 551- ,.. -1 Q V'.,v.uI4E 1 ,fi'711'.' '.A It lil ,11-1' 1- 1 - 1 f 1..w--- V1 V, nn. s JH: 'Wf""ffI1' , - W QQ' lk .-23 PANI-IELLENIC CCUNCIL The Panhellenic Council promotes the welfare ot the sororities and spon- sors the inter-sorority activities on the campus. It strives to unity the interests of the fraternity and non-sorority women. The council meets monthly to discuss problems ot rushing, pledging, and eligibility rules. The organization is composed ot three members ot each sorority, chosen by the sorority. Every spring semester, the Panhellenic Council gives a formal dance tor all sorority Women. OFFICERS President .,,, , . , ,,,,. L Ianice Cahill Secretary-Treasurer . Harriett Eenneman Faculty Adviser I Professor Marjorie Mitchell ALPHA GAMMA DELTA KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA PHI MU Gertrude Cronan ldabelle Peterson Ianice Cahill Harriett Fenneman Catherine Simmons Mary Frances Doyle Grace Guth Geraldine Thomas Madge Leibole DELTA GAMMA I PHI KAPPA DELTA SIGMA DELTA THETA Catherine Eeudner Hilda Farmer Margaret Bourquin Betty Houghton Grace LeMaster Viva Bowman Nancy Kanaga Irene Weeks Mae Hinman TI-IETA PHI ALPHA ZETA TAU ALPHA Agnes McGowan Mary Armacost Alice Trainer Violet Houston Mary Margaret Wolf Margaret Ufford page fifty-nine 6 I ll I l I Simmons Hoover Lorabee Norris Terrass Rugers Kitselman Brodt Hopkins Lowenhaupt Burdette '33 Stillman Wilson Garnmeter Schotta Doyle Gorman ,A M 'S- 'T 5' s it in ,1 .1 gg - P ,- or Q. 5 :b,, K ' . 5. ' -. A .liriZr,i Miller Rowland Larrick Babe Heimbaugh Cooper Loomis Thomas Gregory McDonald Sherer Fraser page sixty Butler Peterson Pteitle Frank Giddings KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA LAMBDA CHAPTER 1877 SCBCB IN EACULTATE Doris Apel Iune Rowland Irma Bugers Betty Brodt Virginia Butler Geraldine Gamrneter Melba Hoover Betty Kitselman Dorothy Cooper Margaret Frank Eleanor Gregory Harriette Heimbaugh Ieannette Hopkins Harriett Larabee Elizabeth Adams Charlotte Burdette Clara Doyle lean Fraser Miss Carita E. McEbright SENIOBS IUNIOBS SOPHCMCBES PLEDGES Helen Sherer page-sixty-one Catherine Simmons Betty Smith Laura lane Stillman Wanda Larrick Alice Miller ldabelle Peterson Pauline Pitkin Ruth Babe Althea Loomis Helen Norris Louise Pfeifle Dorothy Schotta Marion Terrass Geraldine Thomas Eleanor Garrnan Mary Giddings Martha Lowenhaupt Rosemary McDonald D Kanaga Mackey Norris Welton Heacock Morrison Russell Hall Schaeffer Vlfodtke Alpeter Felver Bordner Gettins Houghton Bines Swan O. Smith Moorman Becker Culver Zesiger lnlc Cullen page sixty-two Palmer Feudner Garrett Wirth L. Smith Richardson McShattrey Nye Fulmer llihousen Golf Hayes DELTA GAMMA ETA CHAPTER 1879 SORORS lN EACULTATE Miss 'Gladys P. Weeks Miss Elizabeth D. Stevenson Miss Elsie M. Maxwell SENIORS Irene Russell Sally Bordner Nancy Kanaga IUNIORS Georgia Gettins Mary Palmer Betty Houghton Charlotte Mackey Alice McShaffrey Louise Palmer Lucille Hall SOPHOMORES Iane Nye Virginia Becker lean Bines Catherine Feudner Maurine Fulmer Betty Garrett Martha Norris Mary Elizabeth Shaeffer Alice Goff Rachel Alpeter Patricia Culver lane Heacock Betty Ann Cullen Ruth Zesiger PLEDGES . page sixty-three Ruth Swan Opal Smith Helen Welton Ardella Wirth Margaret Wodtke Caroline Moorman Irene Nihousen Lucille Smith Vivian Felver Mary Morrison Betty Ink Charlotte Hayes Virginia Richardson D Cahill Richards Foster Price Filer W. Smith l-l. Kmenit Doyle Dettling Semler E. Kmenlt Townsend Halter Harr Casebier Philo llaspelmath page sixty-four Leibole Ault King Rohrich McChesney Bowman Heepe Sparhawk McDowell Aitkenhead Pugh Swain Kopf M. Smith Samuels Powell Welsh Pl-ll MU OMICRON CHAPTER 1912 SOROR IN FACULTATE Miss Clara M. Kemler SENIORS Elizabeth Schaeffer Margaret Kopf Betty Heepe IUNIORS Winifred Smith Hildegarde Kmentt Mary Anne Townsend Elinor Smith Pauline Powelson Violet Richards Madge Leibole Kathryn Ault Ianice Cahill SOPI-IOMORES Dolores Halter Kathryn Samuels Mary Frances Smith Mary Frances Doyle Olive Sparhawk Leitha Harr Isabelle McDowell PLEDGES Betty King Margaret Aitkenhead Freda Casebier Margaret Price Bettye Powell Mary lane Dettling lntz Pugh Dorothy McChesney Marceil Filer page sixty-five Esther Philo Mary Welsh Betty Swain Betty Foster lune Semler Edith Rohrich Elfrieda Kmentt Mary Haspelmath H 1 . 5. V t t Viv N, fl.: w pt: tri 12 JE tft 4? I it wg ti EE LEW fl it? itat 2+ it .5, it t N 1 Barack Eckard Hahn Galehouse Bourguin Shenk Gilleland V, Bowman Hanna Stanford U. Bowman Schellin Uhl Vtfheeler Newton Hughes Manson Fichter Harrington Hinrnan Conkle Billman page sixty-six SIGMA DELTA THETA Emma Barack Margaret Bourquin Viva Bowman Belva Gilleland Catherine Hanna Mae Hinman Marian Billman Ursula Bowman Helen Conkle Evelyn Fichter 1920 SURGE IN EACULTATE Miss Iosephine A. Cushman SENIORS Helen Hahn IUNIORS Helen Wheeler SOPHOMORES PLEDGES page sixty-seven Arline Eckard Iean Galehouse 6 Marjorie Newton Frances Shenk Gwendolyn Stanford lean Uhl Ruth Harrington Lucille Hughes Ruth Manson Dorothy Schellin r I l it it 1 1 I . 1 ll x K Fennernan Wright Reade Billings Affleck Straub Rushton Sears Davis Stewart Swinehart Gufh Harford Brand Matthews Glick Roberts lvlallison Pitts K. Iones Knecht l-luhn Knecht Mottinger Dixon Griffiths lfytholar E, Iones Harbaugh McClelland Watters Baurngarclner lledrow Bauman Kistler page sixty-eight ALPHA GAMMA DELTA OMEGA CHAPTER . SOBORS IN EACULTATE Miss Katharine M. Reed Caroline Affleck Katherine Stahl Faith Billings Gertrude Cronan Hazelbelle Davis Harriett Fennernan Nancy Brand Grace Guth Louise Harford Virginia Mallison Lillice Matthews Hope Roberts Maxine Glick Caroline Bauman SENIOBS IUNIORS Louise Swinehart SOPHOMOBES PLEDGES Dorothea Baurngardner Margaret Dixon Beata Griffin Mary Harbaugh page sixty-nine Miss Ethel S. Klahre Ruth Straub Ida Mae Wright Helen Reade Eileen Rushton Marjorie Sears Marjorie Stewart Catherine Huhn Katherine Iones Lucille Knecht Lucinda Knecht Marcia Mottinger lean Mytholar Virginia Pitts Ellen lones ll Marguerite Kistler Catherine McClellan Hildreth Nedrow lane Watters f ! I i l i Q A , u in ll l li H ill l 13' 'l P l ,iw ll i . l a 1 l Mills Ferguson Weeks Crabb M. Brouse Clark Nostwich Mougey Leavenworth Krumroy LeMaster Kunz Caillet Flint Disney Wilkinson Phinney Halliday E Brouse Bellinger Farmer page seventy PHI KAPPA DELTA 1922 SOBOBS IN FACULTATE Mrs. lulia R. Leigh Miss Eldora Flint SENIOBS Marjorie Brouse Helen Leavenworth Frances Clark Vera Mills Dorothy Crabb Mildred Nostwich IUNIOBS Arlene Krumroy Mary Mougey Grace LeMaster Ruth Cope Irene Weeks Bernice Ferguson SOPHOMOBES Maxine Caillet Betty Kunz PLEDGES Hilda Farmer Betty Bellinger Evelyn Brouse Margaret Halliday Ianet Williamson Maxine Phinney Catherine Disney page seventy-one I l l l I I ll I ' w It r w L N Houston Hornberger Trafford Armacost Fletcher Waldsmith Metzger Troescher Walther Myers M. Gardner Gates Cunningham Gough Lucas C. Gardner Tiffin Poppenger Lincks Utford Iansen Hetzel George 'Tate Snyder Kinnan page seventy-two ZETA TAU ALPHA BETA XI CHAPTER 1929 SORORS IN EACULTATE Mrs. lane S. Barnhardt Mrs. Helen McGrath Curnow SENIOBS Mary Arrnacost Violet Houston Ruth Fletcher Helen Trafford Aurelia Hornloerger Bernice Waldsmith IUNTOBS Virginia Myers Mary Metzger SOPHOMOBES Martha Gardner Marie Troescher Francis Gates Margaret Ufford Betty Lucas Ruth Walther PLEDGES Edith Cunningham Cordi Gardner Mary George Ruth Gough Ruth Hetzel Margaret Iansen Grace Kinnan page seventy-three Dorothy Linclcs Lois Poppenger Harriet Snyder Virginia Tate Henrietta Tiffin Erna Thompson Helen Thompson I l 1 i ,N , I B , A J P VS il' ni 1 f ? Y 'I :lf ya I +1 'r ni' fu WI m I Y V I F Wolf Hamann Iones Trainer Battels Posselt Schlichting LeRoy O'Nei1 Sullivan page seventy-four Alice Trainer Helen Smith Evelyn Iones Mary Sullivan Martha Schlichting THETA PHI ALPHA SIGMA CHAPTER 1931 SOROR IN FACULTATE Miss Margaret F. Fanning SENIOR Agnes McGowan IUNIORS SOPHOMORES Mae O'Neil PLEDGES Genevieve Posselt page seventy-five Rhea Hamann Mary Margaret Wolf Katherine Kain Margaret LeRoy Rosemary Battels Iii, r . 1 ' Y 4 WP Lr A wrsfw jL1f9f 4zf'., . . ,rw ,, r f . rl.,-"r'X V . A. I ,7-it . X 1 .. jx fn. 4, , -f fu, ...'v A n- ' ..4-.,,f' A ,livr- 4 11 .1 Y fi-,'g,'f' '1 31 .. ' - ' X..-. S - ' ' M' gg ,- 1 "fx L . .QI . . ' 1:-., -N - ,'-,, . . " 5- ,J. L . A .' ' 5 '-v J., ,, . . L ,x , ,, I Y , , JU . ,L , A 1 L ,, I, '--Q V-V.-I V x,4. A, ,um 'La w, , .I Y . H- A'-. f - 1' ' ' .f ,VV "SV , '4fQ6aff1'f u 'puma L, ' ,-f'L "tw,-! 1 4 y 1 . ' Q . H Q.. LRC., ur. U-Y , 1. .4,ff4:,, , , wr. ".5J1,,"""'Lf , F N... J, ..gv,g i W, , 1 V.-L,v.w , . -H, . f x4' , -'H ' -., . ,, ' F .ly -"I WL., ,v . . VH A wU.51.GMgyJQf,p -' L ' A-N: '. 1 2"flE:1' '..kQ','l . ' . 's.,---' A 4' 7'.1--I ' X , I nu arg, .tu .. ,...4,A-'Mya 'fl ' -. -0- A' ,- 'tix , ' .g,.f . 5 -, I - , .xml 5 ,-,y r, an-QA.. ' A -1...-. W , , '- . - ,'s1f'?'f',C'b1 n ' , K ' ' i f f ,nw ,. -I"4"w1v '1:qji.Iu" S-vZ7' fan Q M. na, ',-f' W . f N -- M--'ry , -g .' 4, ' v - ., "1 .. 1,- . ,-,I rw,-.Ag-...-.. 914, Qjhw 1 1 INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL The lntertraternity Council is composed ot representatives from the tra- ternities on the campus, three from each organization. It controls intertraternity relations and cooperates with the Dean ot Men in legislating and entorcing rushing and pledging rules. Each year the organization sponsors a dance during the tall sernester. This year the council sponsored a lecture course, which was led by Dean Gardner, tor the fraternity pledges. OFFICERS President Iarnes Easton Secretary-Treasurer Arthur Wood Faculty Adviser Dean Donfred Gardner .MEMBERS ALPHA SIGMA CMICRON Harry Frantz Iohn Hooper Ronald Switzer CHI THETA TAU Ralph Spade Alfred Schlegel Iohn Van Sickle LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Leo Goodman Edward Ienkins Earle Iohnson PI-II DELTA THETA Kent Woodward lack Deetjen Earl Roth page seventyeseven PHI KAPPA RHO I-Iyrnen Weisberg lack Waldman Abe Cohen PI KAPPA EPSILON Wilbur Barnes Arthur Wood Clayton Wicltes SIGMA BETA NU Iarnes Easton Robert Rreusse loseph Salber XI UPSILCN Charles Querry Robert Couts , Henry Kerber l lt l 3 n ' a t Q W 5 i l 1 r 'N 1 l l l L i 1 ! 4 A 1 1, E 4 3 X I l l r f Q l ': F E Q 1 L 5 t it 5 ,Q I 1 g , 2 f l l s i l f , 'W E l l 2 Q l l E l Q W l if Q r ,Q it or nnn rrr , s ' l E f 1 l W ll ll l l Q 5 2 it f Woodward Wentsler Van Sickle Alexander Bryant Deetjen Zeis Roth McClelland Erwine Brennernan 'Wolfe Mahan Kidder Linder Vanica Davis Boziclc Andrish Adarns Ream Campbell Walker Moyer :: Flickinger Hoff Funk Harper Keating Kennedy Maloney Donnenwirth Dreyer Bauer Wright llichner Martin Paxson Thomas Foltz Heede Hull Keller Keating Goddard Kemple Leonard il l Pyers McCurdy Miller McBride Locke Kreighbaurn 1 Reese Sherman Norris Scholler l page seventy-eight Mr. Earl W.' Crecraft I. Park Alexander Charles Bryant lack Deetjen Robert Erwine Harrison Fulton Iohn Kidder Fulton Mahan William Adams Carl Andrish Maxwell Bozick William Campbell Hugh Davis Iohn Donnenwirth Donald Flickinger Frank Funk Robert Bauer Iohn Churchill Richard Davis Chester Dreyer Budd Eichner Daniel Foltz Trent Goddard Edwin Heede Iohn Hull PHI DELTA TI-IETA OHIO EPSILON CHAPTER 1875 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Mr. Rolland D. Fox SENIORS Edward Klipstein Lloyd Linder Earl Roth Sumner Vanica Thomas Van Sickle Norman Wentsler IUNIORS Charles McClelland Maurice Moyer SOPHGMORES Frank Harper Richard Hoff Harold Hutchinson William Keating Glen Kennedy Eugene Maloney Paul Martin Donald McClelland ' PLEDGES lack Iacques William Kavenagh Robert Keating Fred Keller Arthur Kempel Eugene Kreighbaum Iohn Leonard Fred Locke Ioseph McBride lack McCurdy page seventy-nine Dr. Wilbur C. Robart Fred Vifeber Frank Witwer William Wolfe Kent Woodward Paul Zeis Charles Ream Donald Walker Forrest Paxson Lyle Russell Smith Simmons Robert Sipes Forest Thomas Iohn Van Sickle Wilbert Wright Bill Miller Niles Nelson Charles Norris Paul Pyers Fordyce Reese Harry Scholler Robert Scott Philip Sherman Robert Wade ll I I I :U ' 0' ' W ,fi is.. ' I , 1 af VZ 'F li K ' I N? 3 alibi iw z Q 5 A555 Qf 3 , M Y? fl G, Y Q ' Xl' ' 5, I 3 . . -E X ,iz 1 X Barnes Putt Bowman Carrier Schmittgen Pearson Thomas Stadtmiller Wood Falor Palmer Dreisbach Myers Gill Feudner Oldham -Z Stelzer Zintel Stahl Wetzel Ufford Rockwell Simmons Ruble- i Appleby S. Larson Hamlin Fouse Fuchs Estey Fretz Clark lindsay Welton Ulmer Thrapp Perks Short Wickes A. Larson Clemmer Harpham Myers Bowman 'Whitney Griffiths Graf Carter Tarson Clark Doshna Holland Gill Doyle page eighty LCDNE STAR Pl KAPPA EPSILON 1882 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Mr. Hezzleton E. Simmons Mr. Walter C. Lipps Mr. Charles Bulger Mr. W. Newton Hall Mr, Iohn Bulger SENICRS Richard Bowman Iames Carrier Iames Fanning Richard Hummel Wilbur Barnes Robert Bowman Farrell Dreisbach William Falor Iohn Feudner Iames Fouse David Appleby Richard Clark Robert Clark . Russell Estey William Fretz Fred Fuchs Edward Hamlin Robert Arthur Sheffield Boardman Donald Carter Carl Clemmer Peter Doshna Robert Murdoch George Myers Norman Pearson Edward Putt IUNIORS Iohn Gill Vern Oldham Arthur Wood Francis Palmer Iohn Rockwell Wade Ruble SOPHOMORES Harry Harpham Sigvard Larson Donald Lindsay William Murdoch William Myers Ben Perks Carlin Short FRESHMEN Iohn Doyle Robert Graf Ioseph Griffith Earl Hensel Leo Holland page eighty-one Willard Schmittgen Alvin Stadtmiller Harold Thomas Hezzelton Simmons Richard Stahl Fred Stelzer Lawrence Ufford Robert Wetzel Harold Zintel Iames Tarson Ioseph Thrapp Richard Ulmer Harry Welton Richard Whitney Clayton Wickes Alvin Larson Francis McCarthy William O'Neil Thad Young li ll 1 ' 1 4 . G, .9 B l N l if Sparhawk Brooks Goodman Casenheiser Benedict Ienkins Mikolashek Chordar Williams Pamer Schoch Salyards Cooper Schultz Knox Blalock Darulis Zeno Iauchem Klein Goddard Featherson Tyron E. Iohnson Rodehaver Scroggy Wardman Replogle Piry Boyd M. Iohnson Franz Bridgewater Brand Wunderly G-anyard Watkins Morton Haas page eighty-two Iacob Brooks Otto Schoch Iohn Parner Lucius Benedict Iohn Marshall Herman Klein Wilson Sparhawk Mac Goddard Gilbert Iauchern Kenneth Replogle Earle Iohnson Iames Bridgewater Earl Bonar Thomas Boyd Gene Brand George France LAMBDA CHI ALPHA GAMMA ALPHA ZETA CHAPTER 1919 ERATER lN EACULTATE Mr, Francesco B. DeLeone SENIORS Ernest Schultz Clifford Casenheiser Edward Ienkins lUNlORS Charles Zeno Carlton Blalock Milan Chordar Ralph Sloat SOPHOMORES Iames Scroggy George Eetherson Frank Tyron Palmer Wardman PLEDGES Milton lohnson Arbra Kieffer lra Morton Max Ganyard Carl Piry Edward Stout page eighty-three Harold Mikolashelc Robert Salyards Terrence Williams Leo Goodman Iohn Cooper William Darulis Iames Black Howard Gray Walter Rodehaver Huston Trussel Iohn Knox William Waggener Laurence Watkins Byron Wunderly Edward Haas Iohn Miller D l l Q1 , if lx ,.. Lg elk 4 I -Mfwf-' . ,. .qi , . , , if . .L H. Frantz Fuller Hooper Kerr Bunts Frobish Wagner Mason Pehl Fricker Leavenworth Murfin E. Frantz Kantz Felver Beese Erwine Blount Severns page eighty-tour Horn Switzer Ream Cramner Shetler Laughlin Singleton Yarian Shields ALPHA SIGMA OMICRON 1920 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Mr. Fred E. Ayer Mr. Fred F. Householder SENIORS Harry Frantz Alvin Spicer Frederick Horn Ronald Switzer Patrick Murphy Henry Watkins Branko Widick lUNlORS Louis Bunts Max Fuller Howard Chenoweth Howard Kautz William Cramner William Leavenworth Richard Felver Robert Patterson Eli Frantz Frank Ream Frank Fricker Paul Wagner soPHoMoREs Henry Frobish Elmer Roundy Iohn Hooper Norman Wilhelm George Laughlin Harold Yarian PLEDGES William Alexander Harry Beese Vtfilliam Blount Paul DeVore Iohn Erwine Zack Garner Richard Hackett Harland Kerr Robert Lautenschlager Wellington Mason lack Zimmerman page eighty-live Leon Murfin Clyde Rehl Robert Richardson Walton Sarver Selden Severns Alvin Shetler Carl Shields William Singleton Robert Wass Gerald Whelan ll ' R I +1 X iw l '1 ill .al ' ull ggi il in Eli il If Lil' ll :ll xill ,l' ral :Ii is i f-'AJ lil ill rl! QF' il I I Spode Brunswick Wood Torbox Renninger Wheeler lohnson Simon Devlin Appleby Kistler Moore Smith Von Sickle Klimcr Smoil Schlegel Thomas Cottrell McChesney Ioles Griffiths Kcrufmon Zober Colderheod Woll Klippert . page eighty-six CHl THETA TAU 1921 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Mr. Maxwell P. Boggs Mr. Ulysses S. Vance Mr. Donald I. Shank SENIORS Ralph Spade Alfred Schlegel Wayne Myers Paul Brunswick Vaughn Wheeler Kenneth Wood Fred Tarbox IUNIORS Eugene Kistler Iohn R. Moore Victor Simon Henry Devlin Ronald Renniger Vincent Iohnson Robert Appleby Gerald Lovering SCPHOMORES Edward Klima Robert Van Sickle Lloyd Smail Frank Thomas PLEDGES Frank Thomas Lester Kauffman Paul Quinn Merel Fuller Edward Galleher Darl Cottrell Louis Goodall Thomas Griffiths Carl Groncy William Williamson page eighty-seven Norbet Haase Kenneth Harrison Robert Ioles Robert Klippert Kenneth McChesney Kenneth Reichert Ralph Smith Robert Wall Edward Zaber -- I 25118 332 sim Easton Kruck lahant Powell Salber Siegfried Preusse Maryanski Vermer Hammett Seeger Walker Wilson Orr Duff lordan Kerr Adelmari C. Walker Breitenstein G. Davis O'Neil Ulman Newman page eighty-eight SIGMA BETA NU 1923 FRATER IN FACULTATE Mr. Harmon O. DeGratf SENIOHS Howard Maryanski V Frederick Powell IUNIORS Earl Davis William Graham Frank Hammett Charles Iahant Robert Preusse SOPHOMORES Vincent Brommelhaus FRESHMAN Glenn Orr page eighty-nine William Kruck loseph Salber Howard Seeger Harry Vermer Howard Walker Howard Wilson Ray Hartz ll i i 1 57 I Vo A "mv ' - , ,Mg vi. i K v ,wi mis:-: - f wav in f Q aw gfyw ' Qi .. X 4 2 i i K f, 'C-1-Q.-, Cohen Kamin Katz Winer Waldman Korman Kaimon Leibowitz Radam Shapiro Finn page ninety PHI KAPPA RI-IO 1924 FRATRE IN FACULTATE Ralph Winer lack Waldman Nathan Karnin Albert Schwartz Albert Schultz Leo Seenberg Art Shapiro Mr. Samuel Selby SENIORS IUNIORS Albert Katz SOPHOMORE David Finn PLEDGES page ninety-one Abe Cohen Leo Leibowitz Hyrnen Weisberg Louis Berger Louis Haberman Sol Radarn Ben Kalmon R I I, u n , A . N r x ' I I, ' I . , no , ' U. J 'N I 5 's- II 1-I-v 4 r".f'4 'WI' 'dxf' J . W ,'l Yu . , W, 4 ' - '-A ' -Y' ' ' f L , "4 2- 'Q 'mi 1 .. . U 1 .ir . A :Nh " , ,I . , , , ' "L D I ,- 3 - ' .A ' ' . if' 1, e ': '-, " , "NY: '. 1"' u,: .1 ' -I K I f 1 . y 5-.'.q, 1235? v,. ' . 0 I' VV'-.fl I-1 M . ' ' X1 ' ,' Q.. '. 'III . -4,5. ' ng, ..,,,7l: I ,S w," -1'-K. -, - I . . , wa- ,U .1 , L,.',o- v", n I ,' . :- , ' . -,U-1 - , ' "--L . , . , 1 Y .. ' . ' ' f,.1', pl, , ,cl . UI. , I X 1 ' - ' wt . , . ' 1 al' ff! .. A X I . . . - '- . . ,I f , , -I. 1 A X 5 . 1 - .X v H ' fy ' I - 1 .f . ,,' , ., . ' A . xv' ' , ,V J' , .b - 1 5 V, N 1. 3 1 '- .U 'X . . nj V., ' , ' I M '. " 4- 7 , , , 'Y", ' s u I ,u , K I V A ' ,, r f f ws' .-. .. I , Ir. " 'A ,. .A 'z f ' ' .A ' p" 'K x -'Af' .. V , '. V :R -.L ' . - f - - - ,fyf , ',f,.2 I ' ,I .f. : N 1-3:5 vu .. A ' -,1'. ,-.., :' ." ' I . 1 I: .WH ' Q , g I.. , . , ,mr ., f' Q"-I-v'1"-1, '11, , , Y .uf . I,.., ..,. Wy. ' N I F ,, g,LI,:.4 .,. 'h , J ,- s -In Q , . ' H 'fr .' .fy ,a 'wr , ' x x ' ,le 'YQ K ,.-M5531 Tl . . .V ,-., 5 LB' H. " , bf - '- -.. Ji 1,5 5.- ., ' ff- -.V ' Q. , ,guy-'-,, QP, , . ' V L""5q'-', "TL l?i1'2!'5'- ,. 4- 4 x A ' .,I 'H -V . A ' ,.w, -' I, 1 ,L .eil J., Ami.- , ,H - -5. AQ 'Q ', -+. '13, 7 ' 4 "'.G ' Y I -.fn Q',,g'4' ,l" , - fi v "1 2 ' r. ' xi Y 1 !I."1,j.j,,v.J1 ,-5 4 '.9bfA' Tp' ix 1 fl " 1 9 1' vigkhg J", ' -4'g."',' ad. 1? , . 4 .-- ., - - 4 -'i- JY I ru, mfr, ' n ., . ,Ig , ,. x-.Y L' ' . ' , ' . UE. ,- 1 vb' ul 'Q-"f"-..' Q 1' .A ' F PU EHCCEATHQNS . I l l 1 1 1 i I TEL-BUCH BUSINESS STAFF lt is the duty of the business stall to provide the necessary revenues tor the printing ot the otticial year book and at the same time, it is the staffs duty to control the expenses ot the organization. To accomplish the task, members solicit advertising, tile all correspondence, and regulate the distribution of the book alter publication is complete. TEL-BUCH BUSINESS STAFF lacob Brooks, Business Manager Assistant Business Managers ..,,, Eggplingijlgndcngelo Advertising Manager ..,., .... A ., Harry Venner Collection Manager . Lucius Benedict Circulation Manager , s . .. Charles Ream Office Manager ..,,. ..,., V era Mills lACOB BROOKS Business Manager page ninety-four TEL-BUCI-I EDITORIAL STAFF The Tel-Buch is the otticial student year book ot the students ot the Uni- versity. It is the duty ot the editorial statt to organize the material tor the publication ot the annual, thus completing a record ot the year's activities in athletics, social events, scholastic activities, fraternities and clubs, and other aspects ot the lite ot the University. TEL-BUCI-I EDITORIAL STAFF Arthur Wood, Editor ARTHUR WOOD Editor Art Editor ,...,. . . , . I Photograph Editor . . , University Editor ,.i,...... Assistant University Editor .... Activities Editor ,,....,.,.. Fraternity Editor . . . I-lonoraries Editor ,,.. Organization Editor . . , Feature Editor ...,. Sports Editor ..,,.i,,,. . Assistant Sports Editor ,ii, Wornen's Sports Editor , I Secretary ,,... . . . , . Proot and Copy Editor I page ninety-tive ,Aurelia Hornberger , , . . . ,Iohn Feudner , I , Dorothy Cooper Mary Francis Smith , I . .William Falor . . . . Margaret Wodtke I . . .,... Paul Quinn , . . , Catherine Feudner . Caroline Affleck I Kent Woodward . Budd Eichner , I Ruth Fletcher Harriette I-Ieirnbaugh , lane House J QS i ig if ilu 4 ill ,. :xg 'Fi BUCHTFLITE BUSINESS STAFF To qualify for the business staff of the student newspaper, the members must have had experience in selling advertising, collecting accounts, man aging circulation, and reading copy. The members of the staff are chosen according to their degree of efficiency in one of the chosen fields. THE STAFF Bobert Bowman, Glen Kennedy, Paul Martin, Henry Frobish, Chester Dreyer, Arthur Kempel, William Keating, Harry Scholler, Harriett Larabee, Fulton Mahan, Bichard Ulmer, Patricia Paridon, Howard Seeger, Howard Wilson, Bernice Waldsmith, William Kruck, leanette Hopkins, and Lloyd Moyer. Q W EDWARD IENKINS Business Manager BUCHTELITE EDITORIAL STAFF The Buchtelite is the official student newspaper ot the University. lt is the duty of the staff to collect all the news of student activities and to report them for the issues of the paper which is published Wednesday and Saturday ot each week. THE STAFF Vincent Iohnson, Herman Klein, lohn Kidder, Charles Ream, Dorothy Neal, Branko Widick, Paul Ouinn, Lucius Benedict, loseph Salher, Edward Stout, Patricia Paridon, Fred Stelzer, Helen Welton, Margaret Dixon, William Grampp, and lack Knox. LEO GOODMAN Editor PQ lY I ta - r'- . -v.- Ffh '..' . f . I .1 . '3I up . .4 ,Y ,. I 4 N .1- .-5.525 N l wiv, 7 ,u 1 9 nv J r ."', L., . . - ,-L ..4fs,,-. .vf . .., , I.. 'Pr 'GA fVr I' 11 bn 4. A? -pn- . fx "'. LW . ' YHA . ' .' .I 'I ,.N- .M . 52-H-J EL 1 Y. :Z tf4."'JbJ " ffi,'. ,1 ,- .,:f4x:,-T, -nw .',g. ". 4. , , . I ifgffi S . f Y ' sp . 9e .-fit' ,i-iff . Q , P. 7-J, -lv ' A ' O . fi- -,' ' ,R ,r n gina-1555. QFQQF , . H, ,. .X . if ' . ' ' J' .V ' . H I." Q,- , . r ,h VF . - 1' W kj. . '. 44, W Ji., ,N ,, . 'sd-.lvNA,,1,... ' "' """"' , W" V V - .DL ' ,.-1, 'N !'A4 .q, ' .' ' , 1 I . . ' .,. , . pf' -. , , N 4'-,S 3 . , -, ,N ,fl 1 f-Lt 1 1 , '- 4 . 1 V, . K., , , v V , v ' ft'-. . . ., 1 I ,Q V V . . . P -'I I 'fl V ' :I x? Wi cv. -V 1.4 -1- -W- N. . ,ur ,. V. K , x , Y . f JJSL5 -."' "L: ', -- .. -"4'?'i'r' u . ,'-' ,- .X-,rx x ' U. I! Y.. ' is , . . ' ' - I. 1 . , ' 'ah -' ff, "1 u'Q,,z,'l . - W'.J.'P'iA' M. - 1' ' ,A 'iv Nu,-Q' -'-,, V-'15 n... A. :,f'J,yw3 .fu HQ. r- . V .:.'4'.. u it J.. -,"f- 'Ja- . . . , 'J-j ' -"' '- '31 1' ,. ,f ...M - - if 4 ,1 .-M.-9 . J" . . 4 . , I :H 4 B, - , I' Q ,I f , ' I S I ,. sl. 6, ' ' ' . .' 'wi ' .. ' ' .Ar -V-Q.. 4. Ni' .fr-.4 Q 'AA EQQJNQLHZALRHBS Ln. v UVQLVV x ' ' 1 h , " '. . . , ' x P I r 'V iw ""' Va. ' V -4 , - - 1 . .' 2" 'nf' in lj in 1 . 4' 1' fu- V un- 4,55 . I Q- 5, ,I " y ,,ftV,VuVVVV V, f,.iVVr.V VVVQ . " ' 4' VV " . ' .V V . 1. -5 VV . .. V ' 9 Vu,V xVV'. V ,XV '.V. V ..V V V I VI, V .WL fr - ' . , A! V VV V Kr V .si ' . 'V , 1 V " 7 . z V ' f1V-. -1, W1 ,Vg 'rV 1.1 ,. l A1 lx '.Vr,fd'q -Atkqt 1VuV ' . 'x QV, - - V 'V . ,K ' I . I ' , ' I I A ,V VD V - 4 K r v Y . A K V . V 1 ,.V:VV'gf- V V 'V V V. , V J, V , :, , '- ' 5 ' .lv ' ' 4 ' , , V, . A X ', T'-n Ml' ' V " V -1' 'QV . .. . 1 V ,V .,- A 7 4, A ' 1 Vp, QV. V ,U M ' ,V QL . I ,. , V. .,.,n, .V - VV: V , . , . V Vf V A V, A ff? L ", " . ., V ,,.rV-, V -,I V11 - 5 V'V " I 1 .V V1 V J V . , ""V' .'. V.':V '. '.',i!.7. ' I v Y l ,. V' ..1 VV' A ,I I' ' , :f'?V,V.,"l'f'KQ ' .V ' V ,:LfJ,,:. Q -. ,U ,,,,V .VV V ,V-."VV V. 1,- ' ' .' ' '!,-., M' " wg' , LM -,V..""'-f 1' '-GQ " ' ' V V . , ' 4 V , VVVVV...V 3,1 V 'VjV, ' ' x., -"' if' ' f"'-lw - "viz, .,,'.e , , . ,, , . 4 Val ' - - . ' k . 7 . , V V , . . ,V V V QV V - J , V 1 'V V'- V.-VV 1 V V ,1' ' 1 ' , 4- v- '-, W' Q ' , t . ' v',V1:' 'rr ' "cf VV . V. 51 V, "QQ , E., V V.V', VV--V,V mv. . ,V -Vg Q iQ4V.?VV1,V Vw ' "":vj-,Q :' V. -. '.'-""f- X z '7 . 7 V. '-'- jggf , .- o .Vx V , '3."VVVV,. , . V "- V .TJ-fV5-"' .A V 4-. ,' 1,VVV",:V:L,A V I V mi .Q ' ,ik . VV V.-.VVVL . V V'VVVVV I I Vf VVV VV VV,.V'VSV. . l' .1 '. V- .. . 'A ' Vgxg..-3 ffivi- , V- I V f T..-sf-'?s.. . 1:."v,-wg - ' ' " ' ' w',s' VV.fff'?'Q 3r3Si'5"V,i':" l'V'5-'.," ,- V V. VVVVVNV V 'VV' V VV'V Li'V'L Q,V. f,ujf',1Vgj" V V - .- T,ic.,..'V.V,.V-V.VQn6VVVVVVi.., V . M'-N' flff-!ff' "Sig 134.5 -. ' -' HV T" '. 4- 1 V" 14:1 , V,f', 1-Vw I-',,:!.l V ,'f',gwl 1 I' '. -,, ' Ve' 1 - 'V' -nz" V ' . V:V,fg .X-f,: ,V . af' if "'-.1.'V?4.4. V Q "QL: ',w'r'wf:'.e ' . QQ " 21 HH,'Lr1"1'V-,f . V f ' W ' VV V, VV'+:'.V.V,"V- 5,51 V5 Vki -' urn LJ... ' 'h. . '- 1. ' 14 , -..'.. : , -V. XV . 1 A: :.V V 1 V ny' 5122, V ' ff- . -Q.-2.-1-M ,- 2A"'7 vp,-S' I V- .--V - V' ' ' Jr,-231 . , . ' 1, it-if.. f-Ni-,3,.aV V V ,.f. '. V- VV. V',-,flhg V' 1 'P' I 1 x YH' V' , ' X V- V' ' K ig ' - V'-I ,V., . - . , .,-V "' V3 ' 'V ,V"'.x '. V I., " . - V , ' V V V -A AV VV' .V VVV,VV,, ,-V V S V.V-- MV, A "tg V" -r,""', V V V Vr,V.V-: V u Algal, ,, u,,. X-f,'-'VV I ". - A ' "' 'I . V 4'-' '..,-A- -,AV I " .15 H 'E'-W . ' . . ' Y' -V '- , ' , , V lf. A 4- ,L Eng 4 V, gpg, VV' ,,-'5 V V A I V VV V , V .-,.,sm-'P - V- .VV AVVVVV , VV , . .. ., ,VV JVVVVV VVVV..VV, V, V VV VVV 'J J ' I ' 'P+'-N -' 1-V' ffr-LQ-'.r',.ff" Vw '175'T'u'Wu1?5F5..l'9.iiU- ' ' ' 1? . . 3.iV'fi'I' . - .f . 4' ' J' V :V .,V . , .,, ,. .VV V 'Q A f . V T ' . . -gs Ln.. 4 1,1 .V VVVV r . . ,V , , V -qv ' 5 1 " ., --In - 1 V , , ,.V".-'w' V V,V- '. .01 ' V. Elin., 1 VV .ji LR JK V:-LVV? If 'K V " . J' . ,A , "41'.l ,a 14 - v V V L '-V ' ,' .-wal v'.. ' ',, TY, , 3 4: -, "",1'.'-' . '.-. -VU V r A-V.V ul I 1 VVHAQV 'I ' .. lg . 51-Hfxm' 'V V :CL Nw .. 1,14-.uv .rn - Lrg., '11 V . JQA -. '- f..V!y,j,"' Su lr. , uri. VV ,pVVVll' .,V u - , V . qp, ' - .,rHv.q.' V " . 'H ..-fi-.W"11 -V -1 ' " "1."q 5 V . ' 1 ,I lm fi ' "2:'g.+bb1H:Vn"!+'Hw...'r' -55.1 ,v OMICRON DELTA KAPPA THETA ClRCLE The purpose of Omicron Delta Kappa, men's national honorary activities fraternity, is threefold: First, to recognize men who have attained a high standard of efficiency in collegiate activities and to inspire others to strive for conspicuous attainments along similar lines. Second, to bring together the most representative men in all phases of college life and thus to create an organization which Will help mold the senti- ment of the institution on questions of local and intercollegiate interest. Third, to bring together members of the faculty and student body of the institution. FACULTY MEMBERS Prof. Howard H. Blair Dean Donfred H. Gardner President George F. Zook Prof. Charles Bulger Prof. Frederick S. Sefton Prof. Richard H. Schmidt Prof. Earl W. Crecraft Prof. Hezzleton E. Simmons Mr. W. Newton Hall Mr. Donald Shank Dean Albert I. Spanton MEMBERS Thomas Van Sickle Iacob Brooks Paul Zeis Wilbur Barnes Edgar Wentsler page one hundred one I'-5 l t 1 ltr if r t V, if lei la it Q, iff QM iii l 1, ts 1 li ttlk ll 5 ly li 11 - ll l l if fll W .l l ll PIERIAN Pierian is a women's honorary fraternity which recognizes outstanding junior and senior women on the campus. ln order to be so recognized by Pierian, a girl must meet requirements with regard to leadership, scholarship, activities, democracy, and personality. The purpose of the organization is to unite these girls who have shown themselves to be leaders on the campus into a group which will work co- herently for the benefit of the University. Pierian was founded November l3, l923 by eight outstanding girls, all of whom were active on the campus. The group was organized with the help of Dr. loseph C. Rockwell who suggested that the organization might be named for the Pierian Spring of the Greek myth from which all who drank received power and knowledge. FACULTY MEMBERS Prof. Marjorie Mitchell Mrs. Howard Blair Miss Sarah Dunckley Catherine Simmons Irene Russell Pauline Kennedy Aurelia l-lornberger lrene Winans Cleo Funk Arlene Eckard MEMBERS page one hundred two Carolyn Affleck Iosephine Safreed Emma Barack Ruth Fletcher Ella Scott Crace Le Master lean Bartlett l l l V .. . ,.,, ,,,m...,,,...,.... SIGMA TAU Sigma Tau, a national honorary engineering fraternity, granted Phi Chap- ter to the engineering students of the University of Akron in l924. Meritorious work in the engineering field by the local honorary, O. H. M., was the basis for the establishment of the Phi Chapter. This organization had become so outstanding in its work that national recognition was granted by Sigma Tau upon petition. Only juniors and seniors in the engineering college who are in the upper third of their class and who are outstanding scholastically and socially are eligible for membership in Sigma Tau. The purpose of the organization is to recognize outstanding men in- the college and to encourage participation in other fields of social and collegiate value. FACULTY MEMBERS Dean Fred E. Ayer Prof. lohn W. Bulger Prof. Fred S. Griffin MEMBERS William Boyd Gerald Lovering Russell Keller Gerald Quinn Maurice Long loseph Salber page one hundred three I i lll i it l ill U I il f l v l . PHI SIGMA ALPHA Phi Sigma Alpha, scholastic honorary in the College of Liberal Arts, was founded by the class of l9lO at what was then Buchtel College. All members of that class are charter members of the fraternity. The purposes of Phi Sigma Alpha are two, to promote the higher standards of scholastic achievement among Arts College students, and to endeavor to bring a chapter of Phi Beta Kappa to this campus. Membership in Phi Sigma Alpha is confined to upper-classmen in the Arts College. Iuniors must have attained an average of ninety-two per cent and seniors must have attained an average of ninety per cent to be eligible for election. Honorary membership is extended to all members of the Arts College faculty who are members of Phi Beta Kappa or who hold a Ph. D. degree. MEMBERS Elected in 1932 Ella Scott Paul Zeis Elected in l933 lane Bent Iarnes Glennen Harriett Eenneman Abe Cohen William Ryan Ruth Hoffrnaster Arlene Eckard Robert Kinney Nick Syracopolous lean Galehouse Iames D'lar1ni Sydney Solomon page one hundred four ALPHA Pl-ll GAMMA Beta chapter of Alpha Phi Gamma, national co-educational journalists honorary, was established March 3, 1923. Alpha Phi Gamma, organized for the purpose of recognizing outstanding journalists, was founded at Ohio Northern University, October 18, 1921. Twice each year the fraternity pledges students who have done outstand- ing work on either the Tel-Buch or the Buchtelite staffs. This year the organi- zation pledged Arthur Wood, editor of the 1933 Tel-Buch, and Edward lenkins, business manager of the Buchtelite. FACULTY MEMBERS Mr. Maxwell P. Boggs Mr. Ulysses S. Vance MEMBERS Wayne Myers Arthur Wood Deane Bishop Leo Goodman Edward Ienkins Ip ge one hundred five I in - l l 1 l l l 1 CI-H DELTA PI-Ii Nu chapter of Chi Delta Phi, women's honorary literary organization, was granted to the University of Akron in 1925. lt is the only inter-collegiate society for women organized as an honorary sorority for purely literary work. The purpose of the honorary is to provide a means whereby women of literary bent may meet for the purpose of informal study and entertainment and to furnish reward for conscientious efforts in furthering the best interests of literature. Election to the sorority is based upon such meritorious work. The program of the local chapter includes the reading and discussion of manuscripts by members, addresses by outside speakers on literary affairs, and informal literary discussions. Helen Bishop lanice Cahill Hazelbelle Davis Mariam Diehl Elizabeth Finney Grace Guth MEMBERS Phyllis Hackett Ruth Hoffmaster Melba Hoover Aurelia .Hornberger Helen Leavenworth Grace LeMaster page one hundred six Mildred Nostwich Elizabeth Price Irma Rugers Laura lane Stillman Helen Trafford NK' .CSK- KAPPA DELTA PI The purpose of Kappa Delta Pi, national honorary in the Teachers College, is to encourage high intellectual and personal standards during preparation for teaching and to recognize outstanding services in the field of education. Alpha Theta, the local chapter, was founded in l925. Since that time the activities of the organization have included the selection of a subject in the field of education for discussion throughout the entire term. "Education in our Changing Society" was the subject for the current term. Cash prizes are presented each fall by the honorary to reward students for the highest scholastic average for freshmen and sophomores in the Teachers College. Subscription to "The Kadelpian Review," a monthly journal of the honorary, is presented to the University Library each year. HONORARY MEMBERS President George F. Zoolc Dean Albert li Spanton FACULTY MEMBERS Prof. Howard R. Evans Prof. George L. Hayes Miss Genevieve Rider Prof. Russell I. Greenly Prof. Emory L. Kuhnes Prof. Cary C. Wood Miss Clara M. Kemler MEMBERS Thresa Balasco Cyril jones Charles Querry Vincent Biondo Ronald Switzer Irene Russell LeRoy Dietz jacob Brooks Leonard Snyder Aurelia Hornberger Carrie Chiaramonte Irene Weeks Nina Huber ldabelle Peterson Nellie Whittaker page one hundred seve ll l r l 'j I I I j . i 1 tif 1 ' I 'll l i l l l l SIGMA Pl EPSILON Sigma Pi Epsilon, local Teachers College honorary, was founded at the University of Akron in l924. The organization recognizes outstanding achieve- ments among the students in the Teachers College and it further fosters the art of teaching, thought, and citizenship among its members. Speakers ot merit are brought to the campus as a part ot their regular program. Pledges are announced at the annual Teachers College banquet which is sponsored by the organization. MEMBERS Aurelia Hornberger Thresa Balasco Nellie Whittaker Nina Huber page one hundred eight 1 QQ f' W M 1 I it f PI-il SIGMA Eta Chapter of Phi Sigma, national society for the recognition of outstand- ing ability in the field of Biology, was founded at the University of Akron April 20, 1921. lt has the distinction of being the first honorary society on the campus. Phi Sigma found its early development as the Axis Society and brought together students interested in the various phases of biology. The purpose of the organization is to further the interests of junior research and to recognize students with outstanding ability in the field of biology. FACULTY MEMBERS Prof, Paul W. Acquarone Prof. Rolland D. Fox Prof. Walter C. Kraatz MEMBERS Howard Maryanski Edgar Wentsler Harold Zintel Sumner Vanica Eli Frantz William Ryan Leo Leibovitz Iarnes Easton page one hundred nine I Ee: - 1 l ti Y' I, 1 Z5 tt ,li ,ti it it ll 1 l I an ttf ,1 ,I ,gri- Vi 3 li 1 3, lt 3 l , DELTA EPSILCN CHI Delta Epsilon Chi, local chemistry honorary fraternity, has been active on the campus since it was organized in April, li-327. The purpose of the honorary is to promote interest in the pursuit of chemi- cal knowledge, to aid and to support other existing chemistry organizations, to facilitate faculty and student cooperation in the chemistry department, to elevate the scholarship standards in the department, and to bring a national chemistry fraternity to this campus. The fraternity publishes a semi-annual paper, extends support to the Chemistry Club, donates a chemistry journal to the library and is inaugurating a bi-Weekly seminar meeting for maintaining contact with recent contributions in chemistry. FACULTY MEMBERS Prof. H. E. Simmons Prof. R. H. Schmidt Alfred Anderson Karl Brandau LaVerne Cheyney lames D'lanni Prof. E. E. Schaefer Prof. W. A. Cook MEMBERS Russell G-ause lohn Giegel Ross Morris Harold Proehl Robert Salyerds page one hundred ten Mr. E. G. Haas Mr. D. E. Anderson Harry Tausch Vaughn Wheeler Iohn 'Neiler Kenneth Wood P-Q. '.v+,,,'g.4.,- l ' Y- x Iii! SCABBARD AND BLADE C Company of the sixth regiment of Scabbard and Blade is the local unit of a national honorary fraternity. This organization recognizes outstanding men in the advanced Reserve Officers' Training Corps on the campus. During the fall semester, the fraternity sponsors the annual Military Ball. At this time, the sponsors who are elected by the various companies are honored and the new pledges are announced. The organization selects a rifle team which represents the group in the annual organization shoot. HONORARY MEMBERS Col, Charles E. Coates Capt. Ernest C, Goding .Capt Robert E. Swab MEMBERS Iohn Giegel Edward Putt Wilbur Barnes Iames Easton Kent Woodward Robert Erwine Earl Roth Kenneth Wood Ernest Schiltz Rex Shaul PLEDGES Richard Bowman Wilson Sparhawk George Myers Lucius Benedict loseph Salber Charles Querry William Hoffman Patrick Murphy Howard Wilson Fulton Mahan Maurice Moyer Laurence Ufford Donald Walker Howard Walker Leo Holland page one hundred eleven 1 G - L ll l 1 ll L s ' I L .5 ol X W r I + x 1 . Y .,, 1. 1 ,J 'lv N. , - "W-"I U '1 1 n W s - I - 4 + ..-Jk . . f P A w C I 1 v C I n r xr -V 4 x F ' R . ln, Qt? J . 2 , . 5 . 4, H , .' La xl .-I. K .Aft -1 u 'H 'tbl IH .M '98 V" 1. .hx Mig. l ' S -M", ,'.x,h- J.. aw, J, 'Ju' .if A ,t -R' -'3 1 'L 1.x 'n J , .u 'G . 1, x, 1 r ,M x -, 1 A .' . 1, X.. -2 R, ,F f , 1 1 ,. X . J -- va' '-"qu 'Aux ' wr:-, 1 'I , , r 5 If . -Y, , 15.1. . .3 1 -4 , . ll' wr' 'W Ill ag ' ' V -A3 1 Y rf! . N 1 '14, , .' ' 4 . , 'L' 5 , .- 'Q' , I 'su' 1 N" '. .' ' -fl A, -' . .. .H .J V' . ,-'V . - A' 32 'V' ..- 4- Y' .W "ffl-. ' I9 ,' , , , .. ,vlyi W ,' .gg-lm" H, ,.:1 - HA 1 I '--,. lk l , - --- up - 4- 'ff .'T-J L-.V r-1.3 I.: . 1.3 uf lv QJERQZEAENIHZZEATHQDJNIS l. STUDENT COUNCIL EDGAR WENTSLER OFFICERS President . , , . , , . ,... Edgar Wentsler Vice-President .... A,.,,, W illiam Falor Secretary ...., ............ I ane Bent Faculty Adviser . .. Prof. H. E. Simmons The Student Council is the organization which governs student affairs on the University campus. Each fall at the student elections, the members and representatives to the council are elected. The council is composed of the President of the Student Body, one representative of each of the four classes, the President of the Women's League, a representative of the Engineering Col- lege, and the Presidents of the classes. page one hundred fourteen STUDENT COUNCIL lt is the duty ot the Council to sponsor all activities which pertain to student government. During the football season, the council organized com- mittees to govern such activities as the student migration to Wooster, Home- coming Day, and the annual Dad's Day. During the spring semester, the organization reestablislried the custom of May Day and instituted a Campus Clean-Up Week. Classes were dismissed tor both occasions. Wilbur Barnes lane Bent William Boyd William Falor Iohn Giegel MEMBERS Frank Harper Alice Miller Vera Mills George Myers Paul Pyers page one hundred-fifteen Frank Ream Alvin Stadtrniller Edgar Wentsler Margaret Wodtke Arthur Wood I la. 5 . 5 1 Ee. I. WOMEN'S LEAGUE COUNCIL The Women's League Council is the governing board of the Women's League and consists of four officers, one representative from each class, and a faculty adviser. The Council aims to promote the acquaintanceship and the common Welfare of all Women students. The Council entertains all men and women students and faculty Thursday afternoons at tea in the League's Rooms. OFFICERS AND REPRESENTATIVES President .,.. ,.,. G eorgia Gettins Vice-President ..... Irene Weeks Secretary T... .ri...i.... M ae Hinman Treasurer .,.... ,.,. .... M a ry Frances Smith Senior Representative . ,....... Ruth Fletcher Iunior Representative ...., I-Iazelbelle Davis Sophomore Representative .t,. Harriette Heimbaugh Freshman Representative . . . , , 4 ,.... lean Fraser page one hundred sixteen ...galv- . fl" ENGINEERING BOARD OF CONTROL The duties of the Engineering Board ot Control are to regulate all engineer- ing students' affairs, the regulation ot which is not delegated to any other body. The board controls petitions to the engineering faculty and to the student council. The board also arranges tor all mass meetings ot the engineers and tor the banquet. The big event on the Engineers' calendar is the celebration I ot Engineers' Day, March seventeenth. ml MEMBERS OF SECTION A President t....,.i ..,.., ..r.....i W i lliam Boyd Vice-President . , . . . . . ,William Leavenworth Secretary .,.. ..r...., . ....,. . Ioseph Salber Senior Representatives . . ..,, 3 gigggnlldgfcggkoski Iunior Representative ,,,r., ........r I oseph Salber Pre-Iunior Representative ..r, ,..,, R ichard Felver Sophomore Representative . . Robert Van Sickle Freshman Representative ,.,,,.....,,.r....,,. Fred Locke MEMBERS OF SECTION B President . . , , , . .,.4,,. . . . ,,.... . . . .George Myers Vice President .... Howard Kautz Secretary ....... .. , Lewis Goodall Senior Representatives .,.. Iunior Representative .,,. . Pre-Iunior Representative , , . . Sophomore Representative . . , . Freshman Representative . . page one hundred seventeen lr George Myers I Frank Ream . . .Louis Buntz . .Howard Kautz . . Forrest Duff Lewis Goodall F I 4 P FI lf .Pg lil .qi I 'v I, Fl 'E ya i! il y. 1. ,I ill ii liz nil lx. ,I I I AMERICAN SOCIETY OE MECHANICAL ENGINEERS The American Society of Mechanical Engineers is a national organization of engineers founded for the purpose of unifying the men in this line of work for the protection and betterment of the individual members and for the ad vancement of their profession. Carl Bricker Donald Britsch Louis Buntz Lanier Carrier Norman Dupratt Herbert Fish Gerald Flanigan Russell Gerber Alex Gustow Harry Harpham Ioseph Hart Iames Hendrickson Bernard Higgins Virgil Kamp MEMBERS Harry Melonas George Myers Andrew Neidert Verne Newman Boris Nixon Gordon Perry Robert Preusse Gerald Quinn Ben Rawls Frank Ream Robert Reis Glen Robinson Frank Rokus Ioseph Salber William Leavenworth page one hundred eighteen Alvin Shetler Donald Shook Alvin Spicer Edgar Stratton Paul Wagner lack Waldman Alex Walker Victor Weltzein Henry Watkins Frank Falk Brice McMichael Frank Saus Victor Simon Gerald Lovering SECBETABIAL SCIENCE CLUB This year the campus witnessed the introduction ot a new organization, the Secretarial Science Club. The club aims to promote interest in the business world and to cultivate ability in secretarial work. Only students taking courses in the secretarial science department are eligible for membership. Dorothy Clark Frances Clark Ethel Dette Margaret Eichelberger Iohn Ericson Marion Eshack Bernice Furgeson Mary Finney Bernice Flint Margaret Frank Martha Gardner Mary Harbaugh Louise Harford Leitha Harr Mary Haspelmath Anna Herman MEMBERS leanette Hopkins Betty Houghton Iane House Ruth Kalb Eltreda Kmentt Mary Koss Osie Krebs Mary Kreiner Betty Kunz Helen Leavenworth Marion LeRoy Rosemary McDonald Mathilde Manthey Lillice Mathews Constance Morgan Virginia Myers page one hundred nineteen Hildreth Nedrow Virginia Pitts William Rians Dorothy Schellin Iune Semler Dolores Shaffer Margery Stewart Geraldine Thomas Mildred Tomkinson Marie Troescher Margaret Uiford Fred Weber Grace Wiandt Evelyn Weiner Margaret Williamson Dorotha Wolfe l l 1 1 tl W s 1 1 ly Y v l 1 ill 15.5 'al at l.: ttf fl 1.5 Eil 1 ti l 1! tt l l ,I tal 'xv iii tl, its ml ll' it Ht tic S12 l tl i 5. 1 ll I l 4 1 12 1 5 ll lv lil al' I . I PHYSICS CLUB One ot the organizations to be inaugurated on the campus this year is the Physics Club. This organization aims to promote greater interest in physics and to provide a source ot knowledge and entertainment tor its members. lames Laurence Harold Zintel Kenneth Hillegas Robert Scott Robert Sturnpt Clayton Straw William Emerick MEMBERS Foster Zaiser Max Bozick Walter Fry Harry Tausch Charles McClelland lack Gordon Herman Klein page one hundred twenty larnes D'Ianni Rogt Klippert Richard Clark Irving Blumenstein Thomas Smith Ioseph Coladangelo Ben Coleman l l t 5 i 1 f l 1 t ART CLUB The purpose of the Art Clulo is to promote art projects beneficial to the University of Akron and to support art in clubs and civic organizations. The club stimulates interest in the art classes and secures speakers in all fields of art. This year the organization sponsored an Art Mart, the proceeds from K which went to help in the Art Department. v Q ' MEMBERS Doris Apel Aurelia I-lornberger Margaret Snyder Faith Billings William Iennings Mary lane Stevens Richard Burdette ' Evelyn lones Ronald Switzer Vivienne Dettling Kathryn Iones Katherine Tenney Lucy Elery Ruth Lawrence Huston Trussell Ethel Fry Madge Leibole Lenore Weiner Fernando Gutierrez Alice McShaffrey Mary Margaret Wolf Dolores Halter Patricia Paridon Dorthea Wolfe Betty Heepe Irene Russell Louise Woolter Leo Heisser Eileen Rushton 1- - page one hundred twenty-one t l i Y. W. C. A. CABINET The purpose ot the Y. W. C. A. is to aid students in their daily life by pro- viding a means for Christian fellowship on the campus. This organization also attempts to help the freshman woman adjust herself to university lite. The cabinet members are elected to serve for a term ot one year and during this time they direct the activities and programs ot the University Y. W. C. A. MEMBERS Elizabeth Price Mable Dickerhoff Betty Lucas lane Bent Mary Smith Cordi Gardner Phyllis Hacket Grace Goard Katherine Disney Alice Miller Mary Koss lean Mytholar I Bernice Waldsmith page one hundred twenty-two MATHEMATICS CLUB The membership ot the Mathematics Club is composed chiefly ot students who are majoring in mathematics. Membership is open to any student who is interested in this line ot study. The organization aims to promote and develop an interest in the analytical study of mathematics among the students ot the University. Ruth Gough Carroll Gustely Marjorie Halliwell Arlene Krurnroy Virgil Kamp Sarah Orlinotf Charles Pittinger Mabel Pressler Elizabeth Test Irene Weeks MEMBERS Hyrnen Weisberg Helen Wheeler lean Mytholar Kathryn Huhn Hazel Ruble Leposava Zarick Glen Robinson lohn Kachmar Evelyn Katz Edna Mae Reed page one hundred twenty-three Mary Rose Donald Flickinger Richard Davis Wilbur Wright Wilbur Churchill Walter Rodehaver Lucile Knecht Frank Ream Marcia Mottinger Florence Davis 'x I I LE CERCLE FRANCAIS Le Cercle Francais is open to all students who have had one year ot French. The club meets every month, the programs, given entirely in French, consisting of plays by students and lectures by distinguished Frenchmen. Le Cercle is unique in that it sponsors French talking pictures at a local movie house. Caroline Affleck Margaret Aitkenhead Bertha Arnstein Caroline Bauman Dorothy Baumgardner Beatrice Benjamin lean Bines Ursula Bowman Nancy Brand Virginia Browne Charlotte Burdette Victor Buticofer Ioseph Coladangelo Ruth Cope Elinor Cook Betty Ann Cullen Edith Cunningham Hazelbelle Davis Emily DeCamp Leah DeSanctis Lois Dietrichson Margaret Dixon Hobson Dyer Geraldine Fagerland MEMBERS Harriett Fenneman Catherine Feudner Elizabeth Finney lean Fraser Margaret Frazier Henry Frobish Maurine Fulmer Frank Funk Elizabeth Garrett Frances Gates Iames Glennen Ruth' Gough Virginia Gregory Esther Griffiths Chester Gwyer Catherine Hanna Harriette Heimbaugh Ruth Hofimaster Kathryn Huhn Edward Ienkins Ellen Iones Ruth Kilb Betty Kitselman Marqurite Kistler Lucile Knecht Lucinda Knecht Ruth Leighley Dorothy Lincks Ierome Maggiore Iohn Malamatinis Mathilde Manthey Marjorie McMullen Mary Metzger Ruth Morgan Robert Morganroth William Morganroth Marcia Mottinger Dorothy Nesbitt Martha Norris Mae O'Neil Sarah Orlinotf Patricia Paridon Esther Philo Pauline Pitkin Evelyn Pratt Helen Reade Leah Rivitz Dorothy Smith page one hundred twenty-four Mary Frances Smith Mary Heller Smith Ralph Smith Robert Smith Harriette Snyder Geraldine Starkey William Summerville Ruth Swan Marian Terrass Elizabeth Test Nancy Testa Helen Trafford Rose Umansky William Waggoner Patricia Waldron Midge Weinstein Nellie Whittaker Elsie Widick Bertha Wilde Mary Wilhelm Ardella Wirth Margaret Wodtke Maxine Wohlford Mary Margaret Wolf Helen Wuchter CHEMISTRY CLUB The Chemistry Club is composed ot all students who are interested in any phase ot chemistry. At its meetings, prominent men in chemical industries, are invited to speak and students lead discussions on various topics. The club aims to set a higher scholastic standard and to increase interest in chemistry on the campus. Professor l-l. E. Simmons is the club's iaculty X adviser. v MEMBERS Francis Browne Clarence Augustine Louis Haberman Donald Satfel Norbert Haase , Emanuel Gurin Iohn Kachmar William Fretz Harland Kerr lC1T1'1eS D'lCIf1f1i Sidney Olsen Charles Pittinger Frank Martin lOhr1 Giegel Carlyle Ambelang Fred Andrus Palmer Wardman Wilbur Churchill Thgmqg Bgyd Gerald McEarrer. Robert Hartman Donald Carter Richard Pond CSCCIF Dobkin 1- H Richard Clark Robert Salyards Eli Stetfy Harry Tausch Karl Brandau Louis Rosenfeld Ellis Brahms page one hundred twenty-five V I. BIOLOGY CLUB The Biology Club aims to bring together students interested in Biology or any ot its branches and to stimulate interest in the Various phases of the biological sciences. Each semester the club presents, with the suggestions ot the faculty ad viser, Prof. Walter C. Kraatz, a number ot biological topics by means of lec tures, demonstrations or pictures. MEMBERS Russell Best Marjorie Brouse Harvey Glenny Leo Goodman Richard Holi Leo Leibovitz Howard Maryanski Lucile Mottinger Cecil Rearick William Ryan Harry Schaller Dorothy Schneider Sidney Solomon Cleveland Soper Richard Stahl Iohn Van Sickle Sumner Vanica Margaret Wodtke page one hundred twenty-six AMERICAN INSTITUTE OE ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS The American Institute ot Electrical Engineers aims to keep the students informed ot the new developments in electrical work and to act as a group in all engineering functions. This organization holds monthly meetings at which students present papers and organize general discussions on subjects pertaining to electrical engi- neering. MEMBERS NATIONAL Frank Carillon . Wilbur Auvil Lawrence Bair Louis Miletti Walter Lorenz LOCAL Vahey Kupelian Richard l-Ieyburn William Reichart Foster Woodward Richard Felver page one hundred twenty-seven Frank Marcincoski Marvin Seese Harold Yarian William Boyd l ill ii l i 1 i i i i i it ,l lst 'il I l lil ill lf! Qi? lil lil lil li li l l ill lit lla iii 1 , I U I HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Membership in the Home Economics Club is limited to those women who have a major or minor in home economics or who have completed at least six credit hours ot work in this department. This organization aims to further interest in home economics, to better the student's knowledge in the various endeavors ot the department and to create social Contacts. MEMBERS Evelyn Brouse Lorraine Corbett Hazel Crabb Hilda Farmer Madge Leibole Louise Palmer Mary Palmer Mary Shatter Pauline Singer Ruth Silvester Louise Swinehart Winitred Smith Mary lane Stevens lane Swan Ruth Swan Eleanor Tubbs page one hundred twenty-eight lanet Wilkinson Margaret Williams Ida Mae Wright Hope Roberts Virginia Mallison Mae O'Neil Katherine Kain Louise Gallagher A ASSOCIATION This year, under the leadership ot Wilson Sparhawk, there has been an attempt to reestablish the A Association. At the student elections in the tall, the otticers are elected by popular vote ot the men students. The association recognizes all men on the campus who have earned their letter A and aims to form a permanent organization in the interest ot athletics. , T David Appleby Carl Piry Howard Grey Vernon Oldham Iames Fanning Harold Hutchinson Wilson Sparhawk Hubert Russell Maurice Moyer Fulton Mahan Deane Bishop Iohn Gill Farrel Dreisbach William Darulis Charles Querry Ernest Schultz William Victor MEMBERS Iohn Pamer Richard Felver Harold Zintel George Laughlin Earl Roth Fred Weber lack Deetjen Fred Horn Gregory Susko Edward Putt Richard Bowman Kent Woodward Donald Elickinger Eli Frantz George Myers lohn Giegel Wilbur Barnes Milan Chordar page one hundred twenty-nine Lucius Benedict Russell Estey Verne Sir Louis David Finn Iames Tarson Edward Hamlin Frank Harper Vincent Biondo lacob Brooks Clifford Casenheiser Edward Klipstein Henry Metzger Willard Schmittgen Alvin Stadtmiller Harold Thomas Sumner Vanica Terrence Williams .ll J v ' ,y ',i.,, ' 1' g,5 if 1 'UI' 1, -Wg. 'x 12 - .99 3. I ' 'f":"' 'J 48, -1 L ' x-Qgfiqvl 5 I - Jn . Ax 4 4.1.1 fl I. 1' , J u -1, . a-1 ' w H, " L". 11-J. ' u .Lv 1 - "'l 1 4 . "'e". ,V , , 4, . Y-'Y ' .xllg 43 y,4 -6-A . ,-fg ' "f, : ' W-. sw 1 aff it N. 'fr ,5 , ,gms ' ' Q"-ii: ,xl ri v D7 , ' ' l? . ' 4 A 1 z "v' X . , I1 .-2 . "E .VAQ lu ry M3 : P unmmzmucs Minn Miwsuc I CHARLES REAM WILLIAM FALOR President' Business Manager UNIVERSITY THEATRE by CHARLES IAHANT The 1933 Season, in the face of the general business difficulties, has been one of the most successful, financially and artistically, in the history of the University Theatre. At the beginning of the school year the Theatre met and elected the following officers: Charles Ream, President, William Falor, Business Manager, and Ella Scott, Secretary. The officers together with Prof. Donald Hayworth instituted a new system of selling season tickets. The system provided for pass books selling at fifty cents to be issued to students, faculty members and high school students. The general public paid one dollar for its season pass. A book of tickets admitted one to a series of four plays presented by the University Theatre, one by the Evening Session Theatre, and one by the Alumni Theatre. With the admission prices thus collected in advance, it was possible to budget each production and to raise the standard of settings and costuming. The six plays presented were widely different in type and gave the audience a representative cross-section of the drama, both new and old. The opening production of the year was Philip Barry's "The Youngest," a light comedy, the sort of thing which the University Theatre does best. For each of the past two years a play by this same author has been given, and successfully. The first plays were "Holiday" in l93l, and "You and l" in l932. The plot of "The Youngest" is simple and not very importantg the success of the play was due more to the naturalness of the lines and a well-coordinated cast. No better choice could have been made than Ben Perks for the leading role. He was perhaps the outstanding player of the cast, in a part that was built for him. Alice McShaffrey was a glamorous leading lady. Others in an excellent cast were Margaret Frank, William Kruck, Forrest Paxson, Patricia Paridon, Richard Burdette, Kathryn Iones and Catherine Feudner. page one hundred thirty-two 95 The second act setting, a porch on a large estate, was undoubtedly the best of the year. This production served to introduce Edward Parsons, a very capable stage manager, who, with Huston Trussell, executed the set. "The Spider," the second play, had not the success hoped for. The admitted failure of the piece was not the fault of anyone connected with the play, which is absurd, and technically difficult for amateurs to perform. That few of the players ever arose above mediocrity, as I have already mentioned, may be blamed on the ultra-melodramatics of the script. lt is the kind of a play in which the heroines idea of expressing emotion is to clench and unclench her fists. Frank Funk, as the Magician, bore most of the weight of the play on his own shoulders, and was quite capable. Grace LeMaster, George lameson and Albert Schwartz gave unusually good characterizations, The remainder of the cast included Charlotte Mackey, Charles Beam, Huston Trussell, Eleanor Humbert, Fred Fuchs, Leon Murfin, Harry Welton, Bruce Bennett and many students in non-speaking roles. The third play was I. M. Barrie's l'The Admirable Crichton," a vast im- provement over the previous production. This is not Barrie at his best, but it is, nevertheless, good material for amateurs who possess any of the so-called stage-sense. The leads, Lady Mary and Crichton, the Perfect Butler, were capably played by lsabelle McDowell and Forrest Paxson. Hirsh Kaplan as Lord Loam quite ran away with the production. The remainder of the cast, some of them successful, others not, was as follows: Caroline Affleck, Betty Kitsel- man, lrving Blumenstein, William Kruck, Eleanor Gregory, Dean Bishop, Edith Bohrich. The sets, after "The Youngest," were a great disappointment, particularly Lord Loam's London drawing room. With a bit more time and the use of judgment, and good taste, they could have been worth while. page one hundred thirty-three ll .tl ii I I r l 11 l IH lll Q: ll 1 1 , I I l I l l I M l I l . if 1 l E l TTT The selection of 3 A 5 "Macbeth," as the fourth play, was the subject of much controversy as to Q . whether or not it was too A ambitious an attempt for ' the University Theatre. Charles Ouerry, as Macbeth, had the greatest single task of the entire cast - that of learning seven hundred or more lines. His Macbeth was a thoroughly and carefully studied portrayal, much i . better than anything he I had done before. The e three witches were most E 2 l ably done by Helen Conkle, Grace Kinnan and Betty Test. Frank Funk l 1 9 and 'William Kruck gave I, ,y PRoP. DoNA1.D HAYwoRTH efficient and Compel- yi ling performances. Irma f Bugers and Hazel Willis T, were alternate Lady Macbeths. The sets were stylized, the first of this type l l to be used at the University of Akron. E So much for the plays given by the University Theatre itself. The Alumni Theatre gave a happy interpretation of Elmer Bice's "See Naples and Die." lrene Schwartz, Noble S. Elderkin, lr. and Helen Parker Emmett, were outstand- ing in minor roles. The romance was carried on nicely enough by Virginia Hansen Ouine and Edwin Young, Others in the cast were Geraldine Young Miller, Myrtelle Bendure, Thomas Van Sickle, lohn Chenot, Louise Plotkin, lohn Lewis and Albert Oldham. Charles Ufford directed. The Evening Session Theatre's contribution to the season's program was "One of the Family" by Kenneth Webb. Bita McShaffrey directed and the members of the cast were Carmela Sunderhaus, Vincent Scarpitti, Virginia Bergen, Dorothy Cooper, Amelia Blackwood, Paul Kline, Thora Medlin, Bichard Green, Bosemary Sunderhaus and William Darrow. Besides the regular season of plays, several one-act plays were given before assembly audiences and high schools. SK an ., Y 1 J E l u li : w r 1 l 1 F page one hundred thirty-four ORCHESTRA Each Eriday at assembly, the orchestra presents the introduction. On special occasions it sponsors the complete program and otten it is invited as representatives ot the University to play at some public tunction. lt aims to increase interest in good music and to promote the playing ot better music. Helen Bishop Earl Bonar Viva Bowman Karl Brandon Ralph Burge Hester Buticoter Ruth Cope Winona Duell Iohn Goldwood MEMBERS Bonar Griffiths Helen Hahn Charlotte Hayes Richard Heyburn William lreland Milton lohnson lrving Kurtz George Leuca page one hundred thirty-tive Frank Martin Virginia Myers Stephen Nostwich Patricia Paridan Robert Pealy Elda Reed Hope Roberts Hans Schlichting Mary Weiner l ff ll lw I , J 1 E i - I 3 -Q t I WCMEN 'S GLEE CLUB The Womens Glee Club has in the past given two musical performances each year. This year, due to financial difficulties, such activity has had to be abandoned. During this season, the club has presented radio and assembly programs. Rosemary Battles Marie Beidler Betty Bellinger Faith Billings Emma Bischoff Charlotte Burdette Betty Buckles Virginia Butler Freda Casebier Lucy Cascia Nancy Cleveland Eleanor Conley Patricia Culver Edith Cunningham MEMBERS Esther Eppiotis Margaret Frank Mary Elizabeth Graf Helen Hahn Mary Virginia Hancock Charlotte Hayes Harriette Heimbaugh Iulia Ieppensen Geraldine Lansinger Grace LeMaster Marjorie McMullen Mary Morrison Mae O'Neil page one hundred thirty-six Genevieve Passelt Pauline Reed Frances Saffles Marian Silvester Dorothy Smith Grace Smith Olive Sparhawk Mary lane Stevens Marjorie Stewart Louise Swinehart Nancy Testa Alice Trainer Buth Walther Ellen Iones MEN'S GLEE CLUB The Men's Glee Club has had to limit its activities to assembly and radio programs. At any university tunction where tormal musical talent is needed, the Glee Club is always represented. lt aims to discover and develop musical talent ot the students Louis Berger Earl Bonar' Ellis Brahms Iacob Brooks Francis Browne Richard Burdette Walter Crisp Henry Erobish Norbert Haase Victor Hillegass Harold Gill MEMBERS Louis Goodall Iohn Goldwood Bonar Griffiths Iohn Knox Lawrence Mack Ierome Maggiore William Mclntosh Iohn Miller Thomas Mitchell Edward Pressler Charles Que-rry page one hundrec thirxyfsever Clyde Rehl Oscar Rosenzweig Harry Roth Louis Saladna Ernest Schultz Ralph Smith George Sweeney Louis Thomas Nicholas Vincent Charles Walker Norman Wilhelm I I. 'A v ? .I , "AO V ' 4 4+ .JI wf :Q Y! R -J ' -w-5 0. 'S M s. J ' .- ,ffl v-sm qf".g'L x y .H ng, X, - , ,, 'VY'1-Nl'-U: -Q, 4 :UQ . "av -1 ' . A ' ' . . , 4 - . .fy 1,4 if I--'lg A :ff -' , M, ' 4 , -, - - Sf- H' :Jgfau .f-?Qy,' ui .v 4 -. , 1 b 4 "f 4 1 ,, w -r r D if .'F" J .A .-fM-- .' ,Quai ,: . ' ' .,'.-'X' '. .,..' , ,fp ,h , . 1, .QW- .,. . 1 , J "SFP N V ,Z xnv ,' "Eff" 'f,e,. nj. '- 4 -,F W, . . B , . . . . ?., W I' u .fl ny. Y. 1 .5 3 ,iw v I-114. - . "Au " 1 . '.7" fi-. ,dl M., A . Q., f.-- - ' ' , Ia .. , . K. f, ,Q ' - , . N 1. .. ,1 , 'J' df ' , - . v ,, r,, Ll 1.3. . ' 'm .e, I., I . .1 -ntl -" ' 'Vg u I. U'-20,11 ., I 1 1 4-Ali?-,A ,inn-Q' z ,- . 'M Vi. :rv A gg' ,sf iv M Q , vu W., 4 ., v. 1' vy'k'l'l r x-A,.,, ,. ,.. I 1 ,, ., , page one hundred thirty' nine lxfi I COLOR STAFF IOHN COOPER FARRELL DREISBACH Cadet Staff Sergeant Cadet Staff Sergeant Regimental Color Sergeant Regimental Color Sergeant CADET CHARLES REAM CADET WALTER RODEHAVER page one hundred fcrty MILITARY FACULTY CHARLES E. COATES Colonel, Infantry, Detached Officers' List, United States Army. Graduate, Command and General Staff School, 1927. Infantry School CAdvanced Coursel 1926, General Staff Eligible List, C. E,'Pennsy1vania Military College, Chester, Pennsylvania, 1908. Instructor, Second Year. Advanced Course. ERNEST C. GODING ' ROBERT E. SWAB Captain, Infantry, Detached Officers' List, ' Captain, Infantry, Detached Officers' List, United States Army. Graduate, Infantry United States Army. Graduate, Infantry School, Basic Course, 1923. Instructor, School, Basic Course, 1923. Instructor, Second Year Basic Course. First Year Advanced Course. CLYDE I-I. GI-IEE Sergeant, Infantry, Detached Enlisted l Men's List, Graduate of Communication School, United States Marine Corps, 1921. Instructor, First Year Basic Course. page one hundred forty-one X I .Il t v f r 1 , ,J 1 Mg iii we tl? 4, I EW 4 it lf: lt "ws ,I ll ti E Z1 il it tm fi? Lf' sf! iff 'l ta I I ' ,YM v REGIMENTAL AND BATTALION SPONSORS Honorary Colonel BETTY HOUGHTON Regimental Sponsor Honorary Lieutenant Colonel Honorary Major DOLORES HALTER MADELEINE WILSON Sponsor First Battalion Sponsor Second Battalion page one hundred forty-two REGIMENTAL STAFF Cadet Colonel WILBUR BARNES Commanding Regiment Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Cadet Major IAMES EASTON RICHARD BOWMAN Regimental Executive Commanding First Battalion Cadet Captain Cadet Captain ERNEST SCHULTZ EARL ROTH Regimental Supply Officer Regimental Adjutant page one hundred forty-three ll l 1 t l 3 l , I 0' l ' I i .. C 1 l 1 til 'n , E ' 1 1 I 1 . COMPANY SPONSORS MAXINE CAILLET Honorary Captain, Sponsor Company A CHARLOTTE MACKEY IRMA RUGERS Honorary Captain, Sponsor Honorary Captain, Sponsor Company B Company C if i ELEANOR GREGORY ELIZABETH GARRETT Honorary Captain, Sponsor Honorary First Lieutenant, Sponsor Company D Band page one hundred forty-four PW 'wi ' - if Robert Erwine Bruce Bennett Howard Chenoweth Charles Coates, lr. Richard Hummel loseph Ambelang Paul Bennett Russell Best ff' ' ,f ' " ' X CCMPAN Y A EDWARD PUTT Captain LIEUTENANTS William Wolfe 'William Kruck Leo Holland, First Sergeant SERGEANTS Harold Hutchinson Maurice Moyer Glen Kennedy Wade Ruble George Laughlin Donald Saffel Fulton Mahan lohn Sonnhalter CORPCRALS Richard Clark Earle lohnson David Finn William Keating Fernando Gutierrez Eugene Maloney ' Frank Harper Stephen Nostwich PRIVATES, FIRST CLASS Charles Aikman Bonar Griffiths Ellis Brahms Emanuel Gurin Robert Clark William Harris lohn Ericson Loren Iaffe Russell Estey lohn Kidder Fred Fuchs lohn Knox Sheffield Boardman George France lames Boland Charles Butters Chester Church Eli Frantz lames Fulmer Fred Glenny Franklin Churchill Robert Graf lohn Corwin Walter Crisp Peter Doshna lohn Doyle Chester Dreyer Robert Easton Roscoe Edwards Budd Eichner Daniel Foltz William Grampp Edward Gulbis Lincoln Hackim lohn Hanson Edwin Heede Kenneth Hillegass Richard Hoff lohn Hooper lack lacques Paul Sawyer loseph Langham Paul Martin William Murdoch William Myers Kenneth Replogle William Rians PRIVATES Ben Kalrnon William Kavenaugh Mitchell Kuhar Fred Keller lohn Kelley Harland Kerr Walter Rodehaver Albert Schultz Verne Sir Louis Wilfred Somerville Edward Stout Richard Ulmer Niles Nelson Robert Nelson Charles Norris William O'Neil R. G. Richardson Dean Robinson Robert Lautenschlager Ro den Schenz lohn Leonard George Leuca lohn Lucas loe McBride Solomon Miller Leo Murphy Oliver Musser loseph Pesaric Y Harry Scholler Robert Scott Phillip Sherman Ralph Smith R. Stoolmiller Ierry Trexler Charles Turner Richard Mclntire page one hundred forty-five to I5 Deane Bishop Donald Walker Richard Whitney Howard Wilson Ben Perks Charles Ream Harry Welton George Van Doros Harry Venner Paul Wagner lack Zimmerman lack MacCurdy lohn Ulman los. Van Steenberg Lewis Vaughn Nicholas Vincent Robert Wass Sterling Wees Gerald Whelan' Walter Wilde Mardis Williams Thad Young lohn Yurchiak Carl Adelman Arthur Kempel Donald Potter l 4 1 lf 2 l l 1 i t 9 l H ll l I William Hoffman David Appleby Carlton Blalock Earl Bonar Richard Burdette Dominic Deremigio lohn Fretz Harold Bayles Ferdinand Brubaker Trent Goddard William Alexander Carl Alexis Frederick Andrus Bob Bauer lack Behra Sam Berman Bill Blount Richard Bonnett Thomas Boyd Sam Breitenstein loseph Bridgewater Conald Carter Wilbur Churchill lames Clark Carl Clemmer Harry Davis Richard Davis COMPANY B KENT WOODWARD K Captain LIEUTENANTS Lucius Benedict Edward lenkins Wilson Sparhawk, First Sergeant SERGEANTS Milan Chordar Bernard Labbe Donald McClelland Charles Mclntire Charles Querry Paul Quinn CORPORALS Henry Frobish Howard Gray Blanchard Hensal Charles Walker Herman Klein lohn Ladd Donald Lindsay Norman Wilhelm PRIVATES, FIRST CLASS Carroll Gustely Edward Hamlin M. Kreighbaum Fred Manthey Abraham Pliskin Albert Schwartz Leo Seenberg Frank Tryon PRIVATES Leo Feinsilver Maurice Feldstein George Fetherson Gerald Fisher Richard Hackett Patrick Haggerty Kenneth Harrison Robert Hivnor Robert Ioles lohn Kachmar Robert Keating - Eugene Kreighbaum Irving Kurtz Alvin Larson Rudolph Laudenbach Kent Lee Kenneth McChesney Bruce McDowell Gerald McFarren Lawrence Mack lerome Maggiore Iohn Malamatinus Abe Mancovitz George Mendelson lohn Miller Robert Morgenroth William Morgenroth Louis Morvick Iohn Mosley George Oligar Leland Oneacre William O'Neil Paul Pyers Clyde Rehl page one hundred forty-six Iohn Giegel Howard Seeger Lawrence Ufford William Waggoner Charles Pittinger Richard Ruff Lyle Russell Iohn Van Sickle William Weirath Wilbert Wright Kenneth Reichert Harry Roth Lyle Roush George Ryser Iohn Shaul George Sues Louis Thomas Ray Thomas Wilber Union R. Waldsmith Palmar Wardman Lawrence Watkins Sam Weisberg Clayton Wickes Byrun Wunderly Edward Zaber Michael Zolnerzak Walter Barth Claude Fuston lan McLeod Carl Shields COMPANY C CLEVELAND SOPER Captain LIEUTENANTS Robert Preusse loseph Salber, First Sergeant SERGEANTS William Leavenworth George Myers Henry Metzger CORPORALS Richard Fisher Iohn Hull Merle Fuller Harry Melonas loe Garner PRIVZATES, FIRST CLASS Wilbur Auvil William Galleher Radcliffe Buxton loseph Hart Lanier Carrier Edgar Scheatzle PRIVATES Louis Berger Harry Beese Paul Butler Patrick Cookre William Cottle Dan Gaston Lewis Goodall Thomas Griffiths Chester Gwyer Edward Haas Albert Cox Harry Harpham Merton Day Iohn Kerr Ioseph Deutsch Carl Kraus Paul DeVore Robert Egan lohn Lackey Fred Locke Bill Miller Ira Morton Andrew Neidert Glenn Orr Grant Redinger Fordyce Reese Paul Remark Sanford Roseman Walton Sarver Seldon Severns Norbert Haase page one hundred fortyeseven Virgil Kamp Ben Rawls Frank Rokus Leon Murfin Marvin Seese Alvin Shetler William Singleton Lloyd Smail Robert Van Sickle 1 Robert Stumpf Ernest Taylor Homer Tressler Robert Wade Robert Wall Dale Waugh Thomas Weaver Edwin Williams Harold Woodford Victor Hillegass 5 v I l 1 -.-.K--1.-1.111 ' n , , x COMPANY D CLEVELAND SOPEB Captain LIEUTENANTS Simon Wansky Ioseph Salber, First Sergeant SEBGEANTS Gilbert Soper Gordon Perry George Simmons CCBPOBALS Wilbur Auvil Iohn Hull Lanier Carrier Carl Piry Forrest Duff PBIVATES Walter Barth Louis Berger Harry Beese Paul Butler Patrick Cookro William Cottle Albert Cox Merton Day loseph Deutsch Paul DeVore Bobert Egan Claude Fuston Dan Gaston Lewis Goodall Thomas Griffiths Chester Gwyer Edward Haas ' Harry Harpham Iohn Kerr Carl Kraus Iohn Lackey Fred Locke Ian McLeod Bill Miller Ira Morton Andrew Neidert Glenn Orr Grant Bedinger Fordyce Beese Paul Bemark page one hundred forty-eight Carroll Allard George Myers Frank Rokus Smith Simmons Newell Williams Foster Zaiser Sanford Bosenman Walton Sarver Seldon Severns Carl Shields Robert Stumpf Ernest Taylor Homer Tressler Robert Wade Robert Wall Dale Waugh Thomas Weaver Edwin Williams Harold Woodford Victor Hillegass Norbert Haase Carl Adelman Francis Browne Ralph Burge Vincent Buzzi Don Carter lohn Erwin Max Ganyard Mac Goddard Louis Haberman Charles Haley Gilbert Iauchem Lawrence Knecht BAND George Korman Vahey Kupelian Karl Landeteld Robert Lautenschlager Frank Martin Harold Mikolashek Eugene Miller Robert Mohler Sidney Olson Charles O'Neil Fred Oplinger Iohn Packan Thomas Perry page one hundred forty-nine William Reichart George Richards Glen Robinson Iames Scroggy Howard Siegfried Henry Silver Robert Smith Frank Thomas William Victor Iames Wilson Earl Hensal Walter Rodehaver IT '.v I 1 1 , 4 I ' , f 1 r 1 , . .Ant .bg . .15 ..v-'. -Q' ' ' 1 1 T '3 nv iff", 1 i.,1, 1 1 ,Gm X-,514 . , 7:11 1u"f:i ' 1' ' -1- ff? 1 if-. Ll-Hr .fir M 1. , I ., -i'Q'7!Q.fH 1 ., , '., I 1- , Q V1 Exif ng. '-' f.1C'52' ., 1111: 7 - fr' ,. . x . wJ 1 . 'Z 1 'V,l.4"'!' ,3'. L -1-.J ff'-4 f,.,,i I1 ' -' - F 1 ,1 4 . T- .1- 1 .. , V,,,. 4 , ,M .. ' W K 11. ,Y ' ff,-K' 1 ,H . I ,." J I . : ."A 1,13 I 1 1 1 T - ' 1v1,.f j 11, 1 1 .V V' 1. . 1' 1' ' J I I , O 1 Y 11 ' . 1 , Q, .4 .1 1 ' 1' IJ -N4 1 v Q Z. ,-A fc , , .., : 1 . . up L .1.:' W ,fine - . "1- 'A-'1. Z" '-Qu 1 'f N .4 1 V.,1 N- 'Quit ' Qin: AJ Al ' - - 'f--':f1a1f.1'3 KS 4 -., in L. fc .1 v , 1321. :fav--1 -.. - - . ,, I fv N1 -1 1 ,M x 1 . ,. .3-A -- - . '41 -, up . 'ii A V- W W 1"" 1- 11' Nr, -11f"""3'1 .-1 111' .. R A. , , 4 V 11,-Q 4, .L , - .1 1'1' ' 1.1. .'V""U1-.1'1"-A. 2. 7: 1 -A ,hi QP, .1 - . " 1', -,1' .' f 11- 1- ' 1 1:1 1:- 1 I I 11' ' -. ' ' '. 1- '- . X 1 Q ' x I -n 'J' ' ' ' V 1'-'vw "'5-1' x: ' ' I . 4 91 . 1 lr rlar. .V 1, -ws" 1 4 FCUJQJTESZAAEE. vm '- ff ei 1 ' 1' fs 'Q nu-.I I .K 1 , n w W .N x n 4 .QI .Ha-T C' 'I J ' mu f my, ga? . ' ' . l - . ' ..s' -1 ' -'. 1 'nn gn, ,. lf' N r Q ' MWA.. " ' U Rfk , Er' A' , - .. L.. J ,hh up v L S,- , -.-,QW-'Q-k,', .' n , V v I, 'fl ' ' ":f-I:-"...'?f'- . .v-5' 3.1. is 4' ,3, 1-, , .r . ll .1 .HJ 1 . v ,. 1, kg, ,bf .34 I - .3-f 'Qi 'I ,F r. 'L A !7-', fir , , . ln L h ' V' h -Y. W,-V! n ' 4, - . .,,!" ,yn Q, ,UA 14 -am'-A -, , ' "ia ' -f. .f .IL ,,-' ln? ' . , ,gvg 1-, '3Kr."Ef"f'5'11f .V ,. J ' i' ..,v .h 1 'J ,5I,,.-... 4 - . Qg,'1.3fa1x'7 K " '.' 2' .." surg- ' r' F. ,lv ' '-:ig iifdsf -- ' A aff., ix' IG, IL: . 'N , '3 -W ' . ' n'4r.,P' 'K' 31' L., W, Q 3 .-kglg. 'MF' -, V' W :M W "+1:'v-f.! ,v " . I 1'-. v J . 'fi .Ir Lb' VA 1 1 . , Q - C f 2 Mfr, ' 1 '-' , LII .. ' - V ',-' 5 ' v N 1 .iw ll'-I ' ,U V at Fa.. k . xl . . . . I . .. 7 'n -v' ,nl A. ETA ,I V' t.. I. 4, .--. 1 ,Y fx ' 1 14 ATHLETIC FACULTY FREDERICK S. SEETON Director ot Athletics I I HOWARD H. BLAIR Head Coach p ge one hundred fittyrthree fl il FOOTBALL ,SQUAD Andrish, tackle Appleby, end Bozick, half-back Barnes, tackle Campbell, end Chordar, halt-back Cooper, tackle Darulis, halt-back Dreisbach, tull-back Erwine, tackle Fanning, guard Flickinger, tackle Gill, end Gray, end Horn, end "SCOTTY" HOLMES Trainer Hutchinson, halt-back Keating, full-back Lindsay, halt-back Mahan, quarter-back Moyer, halt-back Mikolashek, tackle Myers, halt-back Oldham, end Putt, guard Piry, guard Ruble, tackle Russell, guard Roth, center Sparhawk, center Stadtmiller, halt-back SEASONS RECORD Akron 7 ...... Akron U ...... Akron U ...... Akron U ...... Akron 4 ...... U Ohio State Reserves 19 Case O Wooster U Kent l4 Muskingum Akron 5 ...... 4U Baldwin-Wallace Akron U ...... Akron U ,..... Akron 20 ...... 12 Heidelberg U Otterbein 6 Mt. Union p ge one hundr ed fifty-four VARSITY LETTERMEN Appleby Gill Horn Oldham Metzger Barnes Flickinger Erwine Gray Piry Putt Russell Fanning Sparhawk Roth Hutchinson Chordar Darulis Dreisbach Mahan Stadtmiller Benedict, Mgr Varsity Squad SEASONS REVIEW The University of Akron's Zippers came through the 1932 season with two wins, three scoreless ties and four losses. For the most part the team played mediocre ball but on several oc- casions they showed their few and easily discouraged supporters that they could play ball with the finesse and spirit of a cham- pionship team. ' The Zippers upset the dope by defeating a strong Chio State Reserve team by a score of 7 to O in the opening game of the season. After playing throughout most of the first quarter on fairly even terms, Moyer recovered a State fumble on State's 35 yard line and ran it to the 22 yard line as the quarter ended. After two line plunges, Stadtmiller was sent in and received a pass from Mahan placing the ball on the 3 yard line. Two line bucks by Dreisbach gained two yards and Mahan carried the ball over a quarterback sneak. The remainder of the game was played in midfield with neither team threatening. I pg h ddfftyf I fi .ll F, 2 7 J 3: IES iw ll li ill Hutchinson carrying the ball against Baldwin-Wallace The fighting spirit of the outweighed lout not outclassed Zippers featured the entire game. CASE 19-AKRON O Case, equipped with an excel- lent combination of speed, power and fight, downed an outclassed Zipper team by a score of l9-U at Van Horn Field in the second game of the year. Dreishach's accurate punting placed Case on the defen- sive in the early minutes of the game and it was not until the middle of the first quarter that Ryder's looys hit their stride. After advancing the hall to Akron's ll yard line by passes and line slashes, Hubbard passed to Hay- num for the first touchdown. The try for point failed. p ge one hundred fifty six Chorda Rice of Kent Halfway through the second quarter, Case again scored, due largely to the Work of Samuelson, Case fullback. Again the try for point Was Wide. During the second half, Dreisbach kicked deep into Case's territory and I-lubbard's return punt car- ried only to the 30 yard line where Stadtmiller received the ball . and ran it back to Case's 3 yard line. Line plays failed to gain and Akron lost the ball on a pass grounded be- hind the goal line. This was Akron's last chance to 1 score, and it was not long before the Case machine had marched the ball over Akron's goal line again. The kick . Was good and the score stood l9-U. One of the most spectacular plays of the game came on the following kick-off, when Stadtmiller took the kick, started to the right side line, handed the ball to Chordar who was cutting from the other side of the field and who was not downed until he had reached Dwisbach the Case 43 yard line. A pg h d ditty 8: ll V The superiority of the Case team in all departments of the game was never in question but despite the fact the game was interesting. Mahan's defensive work, Dreisbach's punting and Stadtmiller's open field running featured the Zippers playing. AKRGN U-WOOSTER U A rejuvenated Zipper team played the much favored Scots to a standstill in a O-U tie at Wooster. Akron entered the game with a running attack that swept the Bolesmen off their feet but over anxiousness led to the first of several costly fumbles. Both teams threatened several times during the game but each Uffofd Stelzer time held when forced deep into Cooper their own territory. The game was one of the most even ever played between the two schools and the first time in history that the contest has ended in a tie. AKRON O-KENT O The unbroken string of Akron victories in the annual Akron- Kent game was broken in l932 when a determined Kent State football team came down to Buchtel field and held the Zip- pers to a O-U tie. The Kent team showed its of'- fensive strength only once dur- ing the entire game. This was puff p ge one hundred fifty-eight in the opening quarter when they took the ball from their own 20 yard line to Akron's ll yard I line in five successive first A downs. The Zipper line held and took the ball on downs. During the remainder ot the game Akron reached Kent's lO yard line tive times but each time were held without scoring. Akron gained consistently but lacked the punch to make the last tew yards. V MUSKINGUM l4-AKRON 4 Akron traveled to New Con- L cord for the last out of town Hutchinson Egfjen game and were handed a lil-4 defeat by a strong Muskingum team. With the aid ot Driesbach's well placed kicks and a gale at their backs the Zippers downed Muskingum behind their own goal line twice in the initial quarter. The second quarter gave the wind advantage to the Muskies and a long punt over the Akron goal line placed the Zippers on the defensive. A partially blocked punt recovered by Muskingum placed the ball on the l8 yard line and alter tour plays they crossed the goal line. A place kick was good tor the Barnes extra point. A p g h d dflty I lil---QQ Q, I Dreisbach gains against Baldwin-Wallace The Muskies began a drive from midtield in the third quar- ter that, although stopped momentarily by an ottside penalty, resulted in a score on a lateral pass to Furbay. BALDWIN-WALLACE 40-AKRON 6 The Zippers lost the Homecoming Game to a strong Baldwin- Wallace team by a 40-6 score. The Zippers held their opponents to a lone score in the initial quarter and outplayed them decisively in the second stanza. During the second quarter the Blue and Gold Was undoubtedly playing its best ball of the season. The running attack was led by the shitty Hutchinson, the passes were clicking, and the team was fighting and blocking in champion- ship fashion. Mahan returned the kick-oft that opened the second halt for l7 yards. Three plays gained 20 yards and then, seeing the B-W secondary defense drawn in Akron attempted a pass. Ba- horic intercepted the pass and raced tor a touchdown. Before Akron could re- Mahan pg holdty Chordar charges against Ohio State Reserves cover from the blow which crushed their hopes of victory, the Hornets had marched down the field for another score and for the third time Bahoric added the point after touchdown. r Z X 1 'A 3. a,ai 5- xi ' , R 6 up I ' 1 4- 9, Appleby Akron then dug in their toes and halted the B-W advance only to have another pass intercepted and run back for a touchdown. Midway in the fourth quarter B-W tallied for the last time, the score culminating a march from midfield. Taking the ball on their own 32 yard line the Zippers, still fighting, opened up a passing attack that re- sulted in a score in the last minutes of play. A pass to l-lutchinson in the end zone gave Akron its only tally. The one redeeming feature of the game was the fighting spirit of the Zippers throughout the entire contest. Hutchinson, l37 pound half- back, brought the stands to their feet time and again with his deceptive running. r ln r ll' 'l Il 'x l , ll ,1 ii p ge one hundred s ty X AI V I HEIDELBERG l2-AKRON O Heidelberg, with the did of ci 215 pound fullborck, Zipfel, downed Akron l2-0 on CI muddy field. Lotte in the first guorrter Spdrhowk intercepted or pcfss oind returned the bcrll 20 yotrds to Heidelberg's 27 ydrd line. Line plunges otdvdnced the boll to the 6 ydrd line where Heidel- berg held. Dreisbofch's pciss wots grounded over the gooil line dnd the threott was over. The Student Princes then worked the boill down the field on line bucks interspersed with end runs cmd scored on of sur- prise potss. Mcthotn took the kick-off following the touchdown from his lU yofrd line to Heidel- . Moyer Fmng Keating berg's 35 ee the heir ended. Lotte in the second hoilf Zipfel took the boill straight through the Zipper line for or gdin of 20 ydrds oind or touchdown. AKRON U-GTTERBEIN U The Zippers outploiyed oi X hectvy Otterbein teoirn on CI rnuddy field in the third U-U tie of the seoison. Akron, otssisted rnoiteriolly by Dreisboich's well ploiced kicks ofnd hotrd line srnotshes, held the cfdvointoige throughout the gdrne. The line opened up holes in the beefy t Otterbein line dt will but the slippery field rnctde it ctlrnost im- Metzger pg hdd tyt possible for the backs to get under way. Akron had several chances to score but Otterloein always held. AKRON 20-MGUNT UNION 6 The Zippers ended the sea- son by defeating Mount Union 20-6 in the annual Thanksgiving Day game. On a soggy field, Akron passed and ran in such a manner that the outcome was never in question. Akron's first score came on a well executed triple pass that ended with Milan Chordar running 20 yards for the tally. Lmdwv Gm ' Piry A short time later Mount Union penetrated to Akron's l3 yard line. Here Allen passed and Darulis intercepted the ball on his two yard line and ran 98 yards for a touchdown, the ' longest run of the season. Mount scored late in the second guar- ter after a drive led loy Allen. Akron's last score came in the third quarter when after a march down the field on line plays, Dreisloach bucked the line for a touchdown. Sparhawk p g h d d t th I t SIG IE Q! I FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE GAME The annual Freshman-Sophomore football game resulted in a 6-0 victory for the Sophomores. The game was featured by long runs by Nelson and Hutchinson. In the third quarter Nelson intercepted a pass in midfield and returned it to the Sophomores' 12-yard line before he was caught from behind by Hutchinson. The Sophomores scored in the fourth stanza when Hutchinson intercepted a pass and ran half the length of the field for a touchdown with Nelson hot on his heels. Fumbles were frequent and the game fairly even throughout. , LINEUP Freshmen Sophomores Nelson . . . . LE . . . Appleby Vosper .... . . . LT . . . Gray Iacques . . .... LG . . . Piry Arthurs . . . . C . . . Smith Shenz . . . BG . . . Russell Graf . . . BT . . . Flickinger Doyle . . . . BE . . . Gill Hensal .... .... Q . . . Lindsay Doshna .. Bauer . . . Goodall . . . . . .LH... RH... Hutchinson Thomas Keating Numerals were awarded to Arthurs, Begley, Bauer, Boardman, Doshna, Doyle, Fisher, Graf, Goodall, Hensal, Iacques, Iohnson, Keller, McCarthy, Murphy, Nelson, Pyers, Shenz, Williams, Vosper and Mason, manager. page one hundred sixty-four EASESET EAEL V 1933 SOUAD AND LETTERMEN Bussell Estey lack Deetjen Wilbur Barnes Edward Hamlin David Finn Wilson Sparhawk Akron 36 Akron 29 Akron 38 Akron 28 Akron 31 Akron 37 Akron 27 Kent State Wooster Oberlin Mount Union Muskingum Heidelberg Case IACOB BROOKS Manager David Appleby , Fulton Mahan Vern Sir Louis Frank Harper Iames Tarson lacob Brooks, Mgr. 16 Akron 19 37 Akron 37 3U Akron 2 25 Akron 34 22 Akron 32 23 Akron 39 25 Akron 43 p ge one hundred sixty- 6 Mount Union Heidelberg Wooster Penn College Baldwin-Wallace Ashland Baldwin-Wallace 29 31 33 12 18 24 25 SEASCDN REVIEW The l933 bdsketbcill teofm produced CI splendid record for this yeoir's secfson. At first ct possible contender for conference honors, the teoim met much strong opposition ornd tied for third plotce. The tecrm opened the seoison in grectt style, defeciting the Kent Stoite ljlorshes by the score of 36 to l6. Russell Estey pldying in his first intercollegicite contest, found no 'l more opposition thorn he hoid been dccus- tomed to in previous scholctstic competition. 5 Estey took scoring honors with thirteen -, 'Y - ' Q 'Mfr points. Mdhoin, l-loimlin, oind l-loirper col- lected seven, six, oind five points respec- tively. The score of the gdme did not in- dicoite the superiority of the Akron tedm in ois much ois Cooich Blotir experimented with different combinoitions in order to deter- mine the strongest men. Mcrhon p hundred sixty- , W r X 1 K t w lt 1 4 P , l sv 1 y ln their second game of the season Il, N-:Jr F against Wooster, the Zippers were unable 2 L 'A-LT! to cope with the accurate long shots of the l 3 5 Scots. The Wooster men scored from l l every corner of the floor and the Akron y quintet lost 37-29. Russ Estey again dis- ,V played his skill and scored eleven points 5 l before the opposition could stop him. l-le totaled seventeen points for the game. ln their opening home game of the season, the local quintet defeated the it speedy Oberlin team 38-30. Vern Sir Louis l Il came to the front to tie Estey for scoring l honors, nine points apiece. This contest V A Estey showed the true caliber of the team, when, l after ,trailing throughout the first half, the ' scoring punch of the Zippers asserted itself and the outcome was never in doubt. V Mount Union was the next team which f 5 the Akron team had to meet. With fifteen Yi straight victories, the Mounts appeared to be the stronger team. However, the strong defensive playing of Ed Hamlin against the veteran All-Ghio Bob Cope and the splen- did offensive of Vern Sir Louis and Russell Estey, showed the Akron team to be supe- rior. The Zippers won 28 to 25 and took from the Mounts their undisputed first place. The combination of Estey and Sir Louis at forwards, l-lamlin at center, and :: Mahan and Appleby at guards showed I I. X 3 ! their followers that they had real confer- f ence strength. Hamlin f I H I p ge one hundred TY gm ,. . f l I 5 L I lf' The defeoft of Muskingum, Sl-22, defi- nitely estotblished the Zippers ois contenders for conference honors. The Zippers, led by Russell Estey, were the dggressors through- out the gofme otnd led dt hotlf-time l7-l4. The next teotm to folll before the locotl teotm wcrs the Heidelberg Princes. Ed l-lotmlin otnd Dove Appleby continued their good defensive gcrme ond the Student Princes were defeotted 37-20. Before the next contest wos over, the Akron followers sgw their teotm under ex- treme pressure. With three minutes re- morining otnd Akron leoding 26-19, Coctch Blotir sent in substitutes, confident in their ctbility to motintctin the 1" ., K I. I w Appleby lectd. However, the Corse Scientists soon mode the two field godls cmd two fouls to trcril only by one point. The gcrme become extremely excit- ing ds the botll chctnged possession from one teotm to ofnother. ln on effort to get the boill from the bctckbocfrd, Bill Botrnes wcrs fouled otnd his lone point finished the scor- ing 'for the evening. Akron wds victorious 27-25. On the Mount Union floor, Akron prctc- ticotlly lost its hope for the conference title. The defedt, 29-l9, put the Zippers into fourth plcrce. Ed l-lctmlin who hotd to ledve p g ne hundred sixty ITT 4 . t l, it V I l it y. I i. 5- ll ttf 5. l 'l it 1 .l tit tl' l .4- t . 4 ill, lit it 1 535 Deetjen Tarson Finn the game because of an ankle injury was the big point getter for the Zippers With seven points. The local team again hit their stride in the next game when they defeated Heidelberg for the second time by the score of 37-Zl. Estey and Sir Louis led the Akron offensive. Fulton Mahan, playing his usual great defensive game, held the opposi- tion to a small score. The absence of Ed Hamlin at the center position proved to be too great a loss and the Zippers lost their second game to the Wooster Scots. The score Was 33 to 26. Poor officiating disturbed the quintet and the game Was ragged throughout. Mahan tried in vain to stop the opponents' offensive. The strong Ashland aggregation met defeat when they played at Goodyear Hall. The return of Ed Hamlin and the Q h TY We it . R, ' If W .,,,,, Barnes Harper Sparhawk scoring of Vern Sir Louis led the local team to victory. The opposition was composed of all six-foot men but superior playing on the part of Estey, Mahan, and Appleby helped to bring about the 39 to 24 victory. The final game of the season was played at Berea and Baldwin-Wallace was defeated again 43-25. Dave Appleby was the leading scorer with twelve points and Estey followed with ten. Post season honors Went to Russell Estey. l-le was selected on the Associated Press All-Ohio team. The conference was filled with outstanding men and choices for honors were ex- tremely difficult. Fulton Mahan, who last year enjoyed a posi- tion on the same team, was relegated to a second team guard position. Considering the fact that Mahan, Appleby, Estey, Hamlin, Sir Louis, l-larper, Sparhawlc, and F inn are all eligible next year, Akron should see an unusually bright season. page one hundred seventy-one I ter. Tin ,II , -as 11. Q - -'N L Tv i I ' ap. e w ' 'L 1 I ' ' 1. rl 1 1 . -4- 1 AI I 1.1 ' vw: . 'f ,V . I r- , .., J.. nf' e."' .1 -3. . L 'Q 1 1 'IQ1 I I-I 1 QI. WP 'n 17 , v .r v . N 411 ,F 1 - . 1 . 1 mis 1 x- ' "' Q1 I ..I 12 1 -9' 'L' " .I . -.i " Vu.: . ' H 1 .-1 :I , II,.. II1,I,, x 1-11", -.. 5 . 1- 1,5 Q 1 1-X.. I H I 1 . II If ,L ." ' '-lr-. 1' x iv. II1 .,.A'1' - U ' I Ig- ' JJ .P. I -1-NI' . .. . I 5 . . ' 1 " ' JA, 1 .Lf J." '1'f'1.. ' ' . - ' 1 .e1ZVf"',I5l. 5 I V' in 1' .I 1 1 L41 , I 1 II 1 ,, .. - , - .' 4 . , 1. .f, II db-7, I,1- .II 41, 7' . I u 114. 1A.1I1..1I ,y.f., 141- . ,..,. 1 , . 1, -IL 1 ,v 1 ,1g-,11- 1 --1-.far , I.1.. I,-,x'I.: ..1 .: ' .I H ' I- ...- L - .I'..I5sIc . I 1.I---I11,1II I A,,,. I..'. V . , 1 , 4 1 "j 1, I 1 1 . , .1 I . 1' , 1 :'. ' f ,"pI '1 10 , I , ., lr- .,-.j.I 1.I .Ip " IJ, 1 -f- 1 1,111 . 1 -1.1,' I , Q , 5 I ,1 I I I J , , va 'x.. ' ' 'W 2-" 1- S215 . ' ',-vp ' " ' -1' '1' f 1 .11. I -41. .I . -I , ,AI . - 1 1 1 , - 4 IIII 1 - 1,40 'I . :I I. ,,I 1 -.11 . , ,r "' ,I ' J. - - 1 ' x -v P-. 1' 1 ,- 1 If 2" 1 -" U I 111' ' f - X 1' ' ' . , -1":'1. - vw' , 1f- iw A - V- I I.. . 'I ' '- .- ' , ' I r,1' V' 1 I .1 II I .. . Q. ' TLT' I "R ' N- - .- I,,' I-V V '11 - 1 1 ' ' II II Fd- A I . Obi x I I IIII . 1 iw" ' 4 ' 1 ,1' 1 I If --I - ,' 1: J 1 S A ' . 1 -1 1 ' ,. T 11,'- II .1'1l'.1 I I, . I .III, . 1.-1 , , I 1.I ' . I .EI 5 "Z: 1,1- ' '1vI 1 Y ' I J I -1 4 ..Iyfl Q"1 1 - I 1II., .,,g-Ir1!4l1 "Q X "rN":1I. HI' 1 .1 , . 4' I ' 1. 1I- l ' ' . if . j ' ' 11 - , ., . .1 1 1 - L1,,x r"16 . 11 , ,, .1 I. I1 ,, 1, ,, I. 1 II,"1' - V h.. v I A 1.x V14 "Ii . I ,,I, . - fi.- I - , , 1,-.IL , ,151 ' ' " " hr I 1.1'I-.I 'fl ' ,I I ' I1 V' .. , A .P :: .. Q1 "-,1 , ,I . ' ' 1' ' 1 "N': QQ' 1' T,Q:'f'i.. , 5 1 fl' 'Z " I ' ' '. 'I 1,1 Y. I I I. I IIII. I., .I , " . 1' ' r ' 1'- . '-W - 1 I -.1 ' '51, I,."',' 'II' I . Ty. " K ' 'rl' .Jgf -' g".1-f'j".'. -iwi' I I ., . , . . ' .'I' ' II'III If I ,LU 5' -:Jw -1 1 1 . , - 1- L4 A ,l 1 , :. ' ,' 1 111- x" A , , I .I . I :.1. I-I . ' 1. ' .1 M' I - ',-lube' +.I. 1 ' - 1 1 " ,' '11, .-ILE!" -LI ','f"" 1' EI" - 5-:HIC-1 1'-,lI.,'5 r' 1 .- 'A " 'Fr' JKT. 'rf " "i"' 1 1 1 LI' - I. .I-, 1, A ,. 1 ' JY. "-1.1: .y,. Q," '-' fZ':,'li i' - 1 Ni .I .I .-. .7 .554 f u .F .1 . 1 It .111 I ,, .I ,II. II II Y. 'I II 1 , ., , 1 ,VIII 1, , .1,,g P "u ..,-.1P.5' v 1 ' 1 I I , A :QI 1 -. ,, N. 1 1 1. I v . A ... .L -.11 -"1 .1-e 1.'I I11"-11" 1 ' I 1 ,,, . ,.v I .Nl nv 1' G' 1' A r - ,III. 'f.., S-1"sl"'I:L'. If r fffk " ZA Q' 136533. p ge one hundred seventy-three V I Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron SEASON RECORD 1 Wooster .... ... 10 Kent State . . . . . . 6 Mount Union ...25 Hiram .. 7 Mount Union 4 9 18 23 8 1932 VARSITY LETTERMEN Kenneth Gay Martin Link William Victor Harold Rolph Charles Gaylor Gregory Susko Iohn Thatcher Ioseph Gruccio p ge one hundred sevent V-four Preston Bergin Fulton Mahan Arthur Anthony Fred Weber Marshal Gillespie Robert Kinney loseph LoCascio Park Alexander, Mgr 1932 Baseball Varsity SEASON REVIEW When the first call for diamond men was issued at the start of the l932 season, the outlook was very bright. However, before two days of the opening practices had passed two veterans upon whom Coach Sefton had counted heavily were declared in- eligible. Ray I-fammontree, regular catcher, and Phil Dienoff, veteran outfielder, were the luckless ones. Eulton Mahan, E red Weber, and George Laughton made up the mound staff. William.Victor was at first, Gregory Suslco at second, Sid Eolph at short, and Ken Gay at third. The outfield was composed of loe Gruccio, lohn Thatcher, and Marsh Gilles- pie. The inaugural game was with the Wooster Scots at Firestone Park. The Zip- pers lost by the score of 4 to l and practi- cally gave the game to the Scots when they committed an unheard-of number of errors, nine in all. Whitey Laughton pitched a --Speed" Bosworth fine game, granting the veteran Scots only p ge one hundred seventy f Il If X, . l I Y a ,I l i X 1 Q! 7 1 four hits and two walks. With any kind of support he would easily have Won his initial l932 game. Sid Rolph led the Zipper batters with two hits, a double and a single. l ln the next game the Zippers found their first victory. They defeated the Kent State Golden Flashes lU to 9. George Laugh- ton starred on the mound for the Zippers and was relieved by Fulton Mahan in the sixth inning. Mahan was in turn relieved by Fred Weber who finished the game. Sid Rolph was the hero of the game. ln the last half of the ninth inning, the Zippers were trailing by one run. Rolph hit a home run scoring Victor who was on second. This timely hit put the Zippers ahead and Won the game. ln the next game, which was with Mount Union, the Zippers proceeded to break existing records by committing ten errors. They were defeated l8 to 6. Fulton Mahan started the game, for the l-lilltoppers but was replaced in the first inning. The Mounts pg hdd ty l Laughton Mahan Victor l V f' continued to score at leisure throughout the remaining innings. The Zippers next defeated l-liram 25 to 23. LoCasio and Rolph both made homeruns. The Hiram team started off auspi- ciously enough by gathering nine runs and the Zipper retaliation was weak. The game seesawed back and forth but the Zippers were ahead when the ninth inning finished. The next engagement was a return game with Mount Union. The local team almost accomplished what no other team was able to do last season and that was to defeat the Mounts. The Zippers lost 8 to 7 in a thrilling ten inning game. George Laughton pitched the whole game for the Akron team, allowing eleven hits. Akron was rained out of their last two games one with Wooster and the other with Hiram. The Zippers finished the season with a record of two wins and four losses. ln 1933 base- ball is to be discontinued and spring football is to take its place on the sports calendar. A p ge one hundred ty 1 l If l h N . 'X r F . n ' ' 1 , I v I 1.3. I . ' .-Q . , . . ' y V I x , - . 1 , n f 1 , 40 I I ' s 1 1 , Q I . ' f , M X .44 . , 4 , V- 4 ' v N f x .s , .,,. 1 u , ' ' Y ', ,"YQp..:' '1- . v-.Mi ' r s 5, .W V:-r.Jvl, ' 1, ""1.w'f' 1 n " 'w W 1" I ' I v 1 .gf 1 ' v 1 , 1 .M r 1 In 1 i nl- .-A, 14, 1 A 4 V f 'mv' r ,,u V, ' FH? n. ,a v -vo .Ai .-4' S., v, rf' '. I. TEX page one hundred seventy-nine I I I Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron SEASON RECORD Kent State ...... 45 Wooster ........ Case . . . . . . . Hiram .......... 39 Mount Union . 75-2X3 62-3X5 1932 VARSITY LETTERMEN Howard Walker Edward Putt Eulton Mahan Deane Bishop Harold Zintel Cy Woolcock Alvin Stadtmiller Eugene Shannon p ge one hundred eighty Rex Arnette Kent Woodward Arlene Wells Carl Wile Fred Weber Fred Horn Vincent Biondo M Charles Hazlett, QI' l l 6 l 2 i 1 i l I I l l l 1 l I 1932 TRACK SQUAD SEASON REVIEW During the l932 season, the track squad of the University ot Akron made a creditable record. Although they did not win the Big Six Championship, they made a strong bid for the high A honors. They won three ot their five scheduled meets, losing to l Wooster and Mount Union and winning from Kent State, Case and Hiram. Early in the season, the squad lost Phil Dienott because of ineligibility. With Dienotf ineligible, the mile and the two mile events which had been counted on as the strong points were then among the weakest. nl-lowever, Coach Blair found a capable man, Carl Wile, a sophomore, to replace Dienott. Wile made creditable records in the mile and two mile events and ran fourth man on the relay team. Alvin Stadtmiller, in the lUU and 220- yard dashes, could be counted on for a first place in the two events. Harold Zintel, a sophomore, made a fine showing in the quarter and halt-mile events tor his first year on the sguad. Cyril Woolcoclc, a veteran track man, and a Big Six halt-mile pg hddghty lm li I I v .rj slit V I i gi' X . I I l I 2 . 2-rr P 9 Q .ex WOODW1-XRD -chgmpion, completed the list of outstornd- ing dcxsh men on the sguoid. Kent Wood- Wcfrd rom the high hurdles ond George Myers rcrn the low hurdles. lohn Giegel Wols the only Zipper pole voiulter. Fulton Morhorn omd Arlin Wells represented Akron in the high jump, ornd Wells cmd Ioe LoCorscio were representot- tives in the loroofd jump. Rex Arnette oind Forrrell Dreishoich hurled the jdvelin. Gene Shcinnon, Ed Putt oind Willorrd Schmittgen comprised the squoid for the shot ond the discus events. The mile relcfy teotm wcis composed of Woolcock, Zintel, Stordtmiller oind Woodwofrd. The first meet of the seoison Wcis with Kent Stdte, ornd the Golden Flotshes Were defedted, 86 to 45. The Kent men Were only crlole to get five first plcfces ond they were forced to forfeit the relcry. Al Stcfdt- miller took the individuorl honors. He tied or record in the lOO-ygrd dosh, turning the century in lU seconds floit, ond not being content with of tie, he clipped one-tenth of or second from the 220 record with the time of 22.8. Five men on the sgucfd journeyed to the Penn Reloys oit Philofdelphicf. Stddtmiller, Wile, Woolcock, Zintel ond Dienoff mode the trip. The reloy tecrm ploced third in the mile event, Which was or fine perform- once considering the lofrge number of entries. p g h d d 'ghty-two t 4 STADTMILLER The next meet was a dual engagement with the Wooster Scots, and the Zippers suffered their first reversal of the season, going down to defeat by a 75-2X3 to 55-M3 score. The I-lilltoppers won seven first places of the fifteen, but showed a weak- ness in the reserves. Stadtmiller again starred for the Zippers by lowering his time in the 220 to 22.2, a considerable drop from his record in the Kent meet. Fulton Mahan made a strong appearance by pushing Cliff Nelson, a Wooster star, to running the high hurdles on 16.9 seconds, Mahan taking second place. Later in the meet, Mahan took first place in the high jump with a leap of 5 ft. 7 in. fri, X' A . ,.,ff11 T "Q .f ' X1 yt N .41 GIEGEL ZINTEL The following week the Zippers won a close meet with the Case Scientists by a score of 68-2X 5 to 62-3f5. The local squad registered ten of the fifteen events in first place. However, the relay team showed up best by winning the event to put the Zippers definitely out in front. Stadtmiller again won both the 100 and the 220-yard dashes for the third consecutive time. ln the next meet, which was to be a triangular meet, the Zippers downed Hiram by a score of 92 to 39. Baldwin-Wallace was to have been the third participant, but they failed to make an appearance. pg h d d ghtyth I it l 4 'I l J V I i t I l l l gl T l T WooLCooK The teom journeyed next to Alliornce to meet the strong Mount Union squotd, dnd Went down to deteott by ot score of 76 to i 55. The Mount field men proved to be too strong. The tinorl event on the trock cdlendor was the Big Six trorck meet dt Wooster, ond the Akron contingent monotged to eke out ll - T I at l t TE 1' 1 sHANNoN ge one hundred eighty-four EIT MILE RELAY TEAM sixteen points. Unfortunately, Stadtrniller injured his knee to such an extent that he managed only to finish fifth in the 220 dash. l-larold Zintel came from behind and won the half-mile in fine shape. l-le later finished second in the 440, giving him a total of nine points, a tie position for second place in individual points scored. As was predicted at the start of the season, the team was not a Big Six champion, but nevertheless gave a very creditable showing over' the entire season. p ge one hundred eighty-five ,A 1 1 l 11 1 1 '1 1 1 1 ll 1 l 'l 11 l l l 1 1 1 ll 1 ll 1. i I 1 1 l ll' 1 1 'l E11 ll 1li 1 lf V1 J1 M lllll lt' 114 11 l t1 'l l ,l 1l l, 11 1 111 1 tl l l J l ll'l l ' AL ll lllt l31. dr K l 151 l 11 l l 1. 11 l: IS 11 l1 l 1 1' 1 1 1 l I v 1 l , ' - ..,'+ i J 1 ,, lv , h v u 1 Q , 4 ,-.L dk I. .64 'w 44 lg x r J f 1 .I Hx vo . 'PWM ,- , - . - t. ,,,,,x . --.."1z4mfA 'ir-wx .J- . . 011. 4 , .X -, , f .,A ,.- L I J" .xT1.'h, P! I I-71' s X, x --w.8-: ' 4 W, . NM 53,55 .::1x"' . .I ,, 1 'I ,ffl ' ' Xl Ebb' 1 A - .' 5r,H'f"'?:f V If 1 K 'L in V ,fr . af-4. nv, ., -.31 ' ' ' I Co 'J I I , ' N ' 4",:'T1l ,I , n' ' v' 3. gf ' 1 L In r',J..N., A HL' K .. E J , WV ' . .'!,U..P,a , , I , . A.. 5 YY gal A' l', 'V X X VI U lt, ' . . S, ' . 1 1 ' ' K 4 X y . . U I I , V ' 'vw A -. -. . . . 1 , r- K I ' , ., 1 J a . ' x , -. . f, Q ' 1 XE 1 . . -, V U 1 -I 2 ' 5 fists' -- "" 1. -g . 5"l,'5"41'Q, i vu, , r il' v. gk", '., V , 4 ' ..' f V -13 r.j5T'-W-.4. . - fl. JA qw Wg 1.1:-6 dgy ., .5 1 - X ,. Nj' -s -xp' L.-. fv, ', '- 14' JN ,TP--...r P, ,.- , -,3 '94 - .,,.g,.'.I rm. ' H !7'1Tf1i:.,':3.3,x ' .m' V ffl. 'J IMHNQDL3 SEJQJESTS 9 ml ' Y., - S n 1 nu nl . YI 'ww ' I 1 5 . A x , Q .gin N 1 'A K J-Vw , 4 :hir ' LE, ,pw r 1 1 - I .gg in 115 4 wg ' . 1 ' 7 ' . : - ' ' , ' 1 WRESTLING TEAM Because of limited facilities and an economic insufficiency, wrestling at the University of Akron has become a body-building and intra-mural sport. Be- cause of this trend there has been a larger group out for the activity, evidencing a keener appreciation and interest than ever before. Besides the rough-and-ready type that always finds wrestling his natural activity, there were many who desired to add more weight and to increase their general strength. There were also many special types that had in mind the strengthening of certain groups of underdeveloped muscles found below nor- mal in the earlier physical examinations. Four wrestling matches were held with different teams of the city. Be- cause of examinations and the lack of place to hold matches, other schools were not scheduled. There were twenty-four men out for the squad and at the Close of the season the annual open tournament was held with the following men winning: 115 lbs., Brown, 125 lbs., Walker, 135 lbs., Brubaker, 145 lbs., Marcinkoski, 155 lbs., Creme, 165 lbs., Williams, 175 lbs., Chordar, Heavyweight, Googall. Qther capable members of the squad were: Deremigo, Malamatinis, Sherman, Mor- ganroth, Querry, Grey, Davis, Keller, Darulis and Flannigan. 5 page one hundred eighty-nine 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1. W 1h 1 1 GA, sAr . QA, t-Ar GYM TEAM The Gym team, although an established sport at Akron University, has only recently entered into intercollegiate competitionf With the inauguration ot gym teams in other colleges ot the conference as a minor sport, competition in this tield is gradually getting under Way. Activities ot the local gym team have previously been confined to exhibitions and meets with teams in other than collegiate competition. The varsity squad of this year will lose only one man through graduation and according to Coach Walter C. Lipps, should furnish an excellent founda- tion tor next years' squad. Men on the team this year are eligible for letters awarded in minor sports. Three "A" key points are also awarded to squad members. MEMBERS 3 Thomas Weaver Richard Eelver Charles Walker Harold Mikolashek Henry Metzger Eli Frantz lohn Van Sickle page one hundred ninety RIFLE TEAM The season just completed by University of Akron marksmen was rather devoid of any sensational records or spectacular victories. However, the local team managed to hold its own in intercollegiate competition. The team was entered in matches with various universities throughout the United States. These matches are run according to standard U. S. Army regulations, the results and targets being exchanged by mail following each competition. Although far from satisfied with the showing made by the men this season, Captain Ernest C. Goding, instructor and coach, feels that the added interest shown by undergraduates in this sport should serve in a large measure to counteract the losses sustained 'through graduation of several members of the team. All members of the team are eligible for three "A" key points and a Rifle Team Insignia, provided the members choose to purchase the latter. Earl Bonar, Captain Kent Woodward Wilbur Barnes Frank Thomas Blanchard Hensal Leon Murfin TEAM MEMBERS Richard Davis Robert Clark Paul Quinn Iohn Giegel Howard Chenoweth Iohn Corwin page one hundred ninety-one Byron Wunderly Harold Woodford Norman Wilhelrn Frank Tryon, Sub. Raymond Day, Sub. l 1 1 n :ff A I U . W J3,,f,vvN I ' KW' ,.', ftp ' D: LQZ ' -r 4 .. s ,-W . r www WF! a 'A f' f'?e5,f .,'L5"' ZELEDWEESTHSHNQ I 1 -411 411 I I 4 I I ', ' X X .1 .5-1, , X X X 1 1 ' il' "' 'f' 1 --f -- Y. .Ll I ' , . , .1 .1 X' . M? .f-F:-UX ' " II 1 ,l' -1 15. 1. X XX. 1 , ,I ' ' ' ' f1 X 1 u ' ' 1 X 5 ! ,gy N. .gh -lg X. .' , , .X ,X '.' 5 l-pl X- H 1 ... 7 I w 1 X. X X . , X1-' . . X X X ,- I A 1 l 1' .' 1 ' 211 11. . si '1 ' . 1' K . '50 X , ' "l'l,L ' l' V 1. 1' . - X L 1 - J ' ' 1 W 1.51-I X. , X ' r " X1 . . X15 fm 1. XX . XX . 1 1 X XX UF, . . , 11 . 1 1 ,X 9 , X- 1"' , . f 1... -1,3'T.:- 1. ' f 3. I '1 1 " X P0 ,, 'fl' ,N X . gif 1 1' .X 1-W "1. ,fb K' if ' ' '.X'X1 'll-f F019-1 ' "",f' ' 1 . LX 1X XX.:-51 I " ..- X 1. 1 tl I Q R.lX X-,1 '1 . X1 X 1 XX- X V Y lvl , - 1 . r'- H . 1171. A, 111 Lv X,,X' 1 , v X , '-1 ' " ""'1.- 1 :ng - . 1-'A f '1 'A . A 112 , " 7 I . X X XXX X J Im 11. q ' 1 x-1-1 I . J I 'Q y 1' . 1 X I ..,',,1 , . 5 1 1 1 XX . .. , -1 ' '..'1" JT' 5 X I F " - . X',' X ' 1 'is' ,-X,., . .X X 1 . 'v 1 ' ' 11-11 - ,H - . 'f f. , FT 1. SJ.: 'Q- XXX ,X X.: ,1,XuX6 3 ' , W V' -1 k,:L'1.iQ':' .,- ' " ' 11 X , 4 . 1 V- L ..J X'-- , 1.111 1 1 LH ',"p'X. , 'ifl ,1 1 X " XXQX 4X"l91.l,.-J, 1 1 ,- gf X XX XXX X 1 - , 1 .,. X116 XX ,' 1 '-'WX' Q" 11 1 1 . X A XXXXX XXXXXX XXX 1 '-1 ' ,,,.' X .:" '-, Hai .1 ' ' 1. I '- 29: X ' ' i'1 , ' I 'l' 11:5 X1 ls . 1.X- ' .." 1' - . 1 X XX. 1 Xf,X... V5 11X - ' -gtk.. , ' 'Li ' v'v"' r M , 1 "'i. V . 1' ' . ,1-5 3. 1 . X. X' XX Xrx - X i,11f ,X XX X- X 1 D XX, '1 1 1 If , .- Xp rx. y,- f 1 l , 'K P . X . 1- , ' 1 ' '- 1,565 " ' 'N 1 , '.X- XX X 0 X - X . 1 - X- !' .- -1, , ' T-. I ' ' mm' X 1 1.XX' , X X a 1, . Q. l'1, ,Lf V 'f " f.1 1 V - - . r ' ' he .1" . 4, s X . X XX ... 1 X,X,, 4 X J 1. 1 . X X X X X vi. Xb , X X , 1 1 1: 1 . 1 '. X- - , I U I . .11 1 I' -' .1 X. L, . X VH ' X ,'i.,. X X, ' Xtl 3 I X . U, A, ' Q, - .gf , gi. 1 11 , X1' '-'. -,Xa-1X 1,911 1 '11 ,-1u1i4i1 1' ' X - , 1 , , '15, 11 . Uk, XTW1 1 'J' P ' X . X X XX'uj I A 1- .1 - H W 'Ki '. - ' X X '1 'YQ . . 1' 1 1 1 ' 1 . ..X H JMX MAX. X X XXXXX S.,-4 111,51 - v.' '. ,' ' ' 1 x ' ' - " ' :I 'N .".1W'r' I 1 ' -41 U ' Mfg' 'lv 1t"1 in ' 11 1 - , 1 - X - , 1 ri' MX, . XX ..v1'1-If-.V K . X.-X115. HX 4 ,. ,. XN'1X.X1,:.f,1XLav4 -. 1 1" '. 1' ,- 1 WI- 1 'X I,,'Xq.y.'.-A 1 I' -1Xu' 2' 1 .,. ',y,Xfi,f. A at N. 11 .1 .th 1 X,f,,' 'W '. .1 Xq :X r XX,j9.'5J' ., 'Hip ' XX XX, U11 'Y 1.4 A '1Ks2W':'.,e"l in X' X',.:t 1 ' -I ' ' f X x.,.lH':?'. . 1,1 X ht!! "vw oUR PROBLEM To make this a year of results for advertisers . . . SOLVED With Better Direct Returns Now Than in Boom Times . . . In the fall of 1932, the Tel-Buch tackled the selling problem for 1933 and laid sound and far-reaching plans to increase the energy of its advertising pages. The Tel-Buch has interested a great group of solid, open-minded citizens, ready to buy and able to pay even in time of economic stress- good prospects for practical goods and services. It is our sincere desire that the students, faculty, and alumni pat- ronize the advertisers of the 1933 Tel-Buch. .5 ""-:', '55 'fig' '. -A , ., V I , ""' Fl y.':. , ll O, -1 I, J. ,I ll - F: ,Q ' - s ' - Q5 I v 1 h A Aq,". H, 1 t 1: ',.JlY4 .' ' f. " gy 'uw' ., ig' h m ' f ,DA - J iv ' 1 ' . 1! ' A R A ,Mr-f, UI ', n 'I " -. J k 'J , J" ,4 .WR . UU. . nn' ,I -. I' ', , . 7'v ' a ' 1 Y W V., A 3 'A f - ' ' ' 1. ' L' 1 x r 7 1 ' W gy x 4 J 14 , . W 11 C VK' . rx I X x ,' I, - . U. v U I 1 , n fi 1 1 I r 1' x f Un . 1 ' . .. A X 4 ' A Y 'I- ., P 1 1, Hn A -'-,ff .1 , 1 U . ,ya nt V ,... . ,QM -Aff - ,7 f -, , v 4 V' ' , , . ,p .v,. dr! K: . I-V AUri'lf'vci' Q . -1.4. V .-h .V,,AAv,.44N 9 "i.g'.Qx .-1:44, A". ,F , R. 4 V. Q.. 4' " n V , l -71 vu , v 'Q . ,. v. 1' ,, 'fo ' ' ff - -Xu- V "gy ntsdf'-V f X rv - ,J ., 1, AY.. CLASS HG URS Since 1 8 3 9 AKRGN BEACON JOURNAL UNDERWOOD REMINGTON ROYAL SMITH-CORONA N ew aim' USF!! PORTAGE TYPEWRITER SERVICE All Makes Portable or Standard Sold - Rented - Repaired 12 S. High St. Akron, Ohio Hlimlock 2713 COMPLIMENTS pcrgeon h d d f g fff' iivx , ' 13' E 3 I Choose the f f lf slLLow .L , . ,,,-iq., if f- FUNERAL cnnst V J ff X AJ . A ' Finest and VT? ,vp iwnewieisibswiaza QZILQJQ sliifzg, m if .A f - . I ' fi Pay No , ,gms -WW M- -ps ,,,Y .I f i .v i ,.... 4.., H i g I f iregir l Insure the best possible care by placing all funeral arrangements in the hands of Akron's quality funeral establishment. . . Beautiful and complete services may be obtained at the smallest possible cost. Visit our public Advisory Department for in- formation on funeral charges, or writenor phone for a copy of our instructive new booklet, "Looking Ahead." THE BILLOW COMPANY FUNERAL CHAPEL M E M ' E R Qliounded 18751 Call BL-7171 FffJl'il,5i'Z ADVISERS Compliments of AKRON TOWEL SUPPLY C0. H. E. FIRESTONE MEATS and GROCERIES BLackstone 1911 467 E. Exchange St. SNOWFLAKE LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANING CO. 725 E. Exchange Street HE 5134 Delicious HAMBURGERS On fresh oven-bot buns . . . sea- sonetl to suit your own individual taste . . . delicious? . . . Yowsa! HOME-COOKED FOODS HOME-MADE ICE CREAM HOME-MADE PIES For the mosta of the besta . . always drive out to . . . HULL, 1 3 34 COPLEY ROAD A congressman says fate is putting the country into the hands of men who should be following plows. Yes, and most of our bets on the noses of horses that should be pulling them. p ge one hundred ninety ght 11' 2, ,!,f-,fssfifff-1'-TSL E3-., -1:14-'f:i ---- 21'-:f eff: f ? 2 , --- if-7 -, f,,...--ff.. e i gh' E i 5 if Sf' 5'5'5 .gi I '2:: Ii if if if-'5if? 71-47" Y , 5" xxx 'gl-il? f X If - l A X-V- s i if ff ' Eg :ES Z, f--" N ,:.f1,fE.',J, Njm L ,,.,Y fi A ' j JCI: I X "Ti - -,-- 3111" . . 'ff If "T ' 4 if 1' 'Q ' 2 :'77l'h'Q ' ig , -4' 1 ' I ,H X5-'I 2a,:g1e,,,, - I-I-r -X I-V -N- fn L tsr fa 'KRW M f ' J if ' " rg, ',,,,L 1 Qf- I'1.l"1E33E nu, 51'- Ff1ix. ,,!!f L 1 YQ' fix- qw Y 1-' or owne?-mm .ser 11-fl i e 'il-f, . V :S QQ--4' In-,1 .- 'LLQE W " Wm ' EASURED by annual consumption of crude rubber, measured by annual production of tires, measured by number of tires in use, measured by total value of rubber products manufactured each year, Goodyear is by a wide margin -the greatest name in rubber. h To The CLASS OF '13 QA Thought for the Class Prophet H , g.,51,5-fa, ROYAL SIGNET 'NI' Mf ,,,.,, TYPEWRITER FJ 99 9 mggsgel S The Typewriter 1rLf2L,s.gfs'2 oy for YOU . ' . , S .6 T E av ' te an-rf, -V . ,E Wlfg .,"" p ff: ,In 5 1- , I Li. . .. R' .f:ez: 2"-av g ., 7 Sig-gii-.' Y IG -,PAL- , . li"'.7i?l??3ix1., ' I. .-- ' VL... 'Q?'?-T " if-74 1 S an - 4 -gf, v Ig 'Ga at , , e,. 211, M. X. 5. 2.:'...-1- X ,9!.1. '. '.'-' is ,V X T 'sr' ' 5.05 ' . . SB" 7 ' l '12 f .2 - Ji - - Kas it might have been 20 years agoj At an Amazing Price! 'Ji .- . I-:vi -,Z ' 'sei--,f.f--P You don't realize it, but twenty years from now-in 193 3-these times will be talked of as "those good old daysn-the days of "pre-war prices." How' about Electric Service in the "good old days" of '13-and 1933? Well-in 1933 you are going to be doing, using, enjoying many, many more things electrically that aren't even thought of today-1913--in the home. Radio and refrigeration are two popular examples . . . bringing new convenience, enter- tainment, health and food protection- and yet for all their advances, they will cost only a few cents a day for electricity. And "pre-war prices"? When it comes to Electricity in the home, the price will be only about HALF of 1913. A war will make differences. The cost of living will go sky-high-but not elec- tricity. Instead, when 1933 opened, the cost of living was still some 35W above 1913 in spite of price drops after 1929- but you will find the price of home elec- tricity to be going down, down, right along-and be better than 481 BELOW those "good old pre-war prices"! That will be something for the Class of '33-and their families-to realize and benefit from. OHIO EDISON COMPANY ROYAL TYPEWRITER COMPANY, INC. 320 Ohio Bldg. Akron, 0. See Your Local Royal Dealer TRUSSES ELASTIC HOSIERY SUPPORTS, BELTS Correctly fitted and serviced. Special Corsets, belts and braces for any purpose made to order. Lady Fitter. THE AKRON TRUSS CO. Retail Dept. Affiliated with BOWMAN BROS. DRUG co. 283 S. MAIN ST., JE S517 Bride: Won't oos 'ittle umpsie kiss oos 'ittle 'ootsie wootsie? Passenger in next berth: Won't those foreigners ever shut up? p ge two hundred Would you give ten Cents to help the Old Ladies Home? What, are they out again? MERRYWEATHER F URNACES DESIGNED IN NINE TYPES CONSTRUCTED IN FORTY-SIX SIZES THE THOS. MERRYWEATHER COMPANY DINE and DANCE with no Cover Charge -The Times-Press, a Non-Partisan Paperg Bright, Interesting, Fair and CLEAN HE TIMES-PRESS supports honest men and honest measures wherever they are found. lt is not a partisan newspaper. It is not the organ of a faction. lt is a newspaper devoted to the needs of greater Akron. None of the men who edit The Times-Press has a political ax to grind, none has any ambition to increase his fortune except through the building of a greater Times- Press. Trained men and women produce the newspaper. They are professional people, de- voted to their profession. They have no side- lines or ambitions outside the profession. This is your guarantee of impartially prepared news and clear-headed comment on it. lt is the pur- pose ofthe editors to make the paper interesting, clean enough for a I4-year-old girl to read, bright with human interest and packed with facts. The news columns reflect what happens as experi- enced and impartial observers 1 find it. Our opinion of these thi. reported events will be con- fined to the editorial page. well told MUHAW Best Name in Tires or Z0 Years pilfficular People pre el. af ' R n- Enzo THE CO. TZ ' T THE LITTLE R1 'mono CLEANING Copley Road I N G DINNERS - SANDWICHES - BANQUETS N, Summit St. Akron, Our telephone number is on the tag attached to your "Wf9Cre flre Zipjlmfs Mem' for Fun amz' Fr0lic"' 7 directory. p ge two hundred one College Lunches with College Speed Qoir Ol X ode? X Q Nllvlll' A 715' I 5 lu' Y.: l Pennzoil Motor Oil Pennzip Gasoline Pennzip Ethyl General Tires USL Batteries Brake Service THE BUCHTEL E T 1.gg3SEAD .npoms "The University Rendezvousi' Call: HE-5107 QDUDTNQQ' AKRON . OHIO. for road service IN AKRON - FOR AKRON OVER 50 YEARS RENNER PRODUCTS CO. When you buy beer insist on Cernzmmier TI M ES SAF E R Enom ntow-ours AT men sims .7Ze New Qxx qtksmtslflhxssxg Kisxisskmlm I r i Qoodrich Qilxsxieaxe You like to drive fast . . . everyone does. Then think what it means to be three times safer from blowouts than That's what this new the Life-Saver Golden internal heat at high and fabric to separate. you ever could before. invention means to you- Ply. It resists the terrific speeds that causes rubber Thus, blisters don't form . . . and blowouts are prevented before they start. Let us put blowout protection on your car- Goodrich Safety Silvertowns cost no more than any other standard tire . . . so this blowout pro- tection is really free. i E Q! "' .- Hynix f f i f!! ll x 51 NN . ' "' I GA-9-'G . X' U iq When your car has the jitters, and steers like a truck . . . just bring it down to Silvertown and let us give it a look. Complete Car Service Specialized Lubrication . . . Car Wasliing . . . Polishing . . . Com- plete Brake Service . . . Battery Service . . . Road Service . . . Texaco Gasoline . . . Exide, Silver Spark Batteries . . . Texaco, Mobil- oil, Quaker State motor oils . . . Body and Fender Repair . . . Auto Top and Body Painting. Handsome Safety League emblem with red crystal reflector to protect you if your tail light goes out. y Charge It Learn to drive your car on a monthly ex- G. G. "GIF1f" ZIMMERMAN, Manager pense plan. Your bill from Silvertown en- ables you to know exactly what it is costing you to drive your ear. Then a charge ac- count allows you to spend your immedi- ate cash elsewhere. It's convenient. page two hundred two v Ww v 5 5 ENGRAVINGS fer This number of The AL were Produced E693 ESR! C O M P A N Y 330-32 S.Hl6H ST. AKRON,OHlO ARTISTS NGRAVERS DAY AND NIGHT PRODUCERS OF FINE PRINTING PLATE NY TIRE TH T WEAR MOOTH IS O OED TE 1 wx.-,,.g.g5M U ' " 33.-:fzf 'fs-:-:.-ff:-. 55:-A .x-5:!3.5- :If "S-:-:-:-:-...-f.. ff' ff- 'ff' iilffffffffifsfsffrf. .wQA -:?:.. ' ".'. - I -'S I p '.-' 5:55, nj, ,..7.x-G+'-VM ' A 'XR 5:53. XX' X' I . ' ' , ..... .N . ..-gfj . -,.,f '.- "1:5g5g.fg5j, 555 fg5g5g,:f'X.5 ,.:f:5:,5g. 'S 'W - SEIBERLING All?'L'00lf0 TIRES NEVER WEAR SMOOTH , , ' ff' .1 f i, I I A ' l ''Vff:r:r::5:5:5:5:5EESf:52i' . Rf 'f:5:ff' .:5:52f X ., A'AA f "A' -.gre ' '5'fiffig:f:j.'fffffg:j:f-gf:fjf:jgS"' SEE THEM AT SEIBERLING SERVICE-DOWNTOWN AND WEST MARKET ST. I . ' 1:i?A ,.,' sg 'QS S 3. . ff ' if-31:1 K 'I VKX E s . .4 ff wg if XSEIR f , V- , V :.':f,,...5gFK:Lx,-.gk X A ww? .ass .1 N Q N I S X s Y A X F' XX ' ' 'f' A " - fn ' ms NSW I it ' .,,f,. , ..., 4. ,. ,ffxss TTTET e E4-- . ev, 5 .N X --., ff" Q9 -Q0 -2 gi 'il HE .. ' Y QD X lllfv A i In ks c0C6XxexoQ7 Ot . goo xsfiscega go eva 6,6079 :BAG Saw X , .. fq::. ga of va,.w:, if Y Cys- eg, 6 wifagovoxvo W K9 069: x9. Q- 56 6-show . CJ XL X00 QQX Y' yd , fe'.. Cqetef BBGAYREGG6' P 2 419,15 E55 -5 .f.- , , 5527 , 1 cpl- B 665' Q' I 9 Q UK135' fu p Q I W .T . 0 7 as v Cap Pilueger ShUwEwE i Hour-Q6 '::a'.i.'..:x::...:" 'ng 01 5 S N no. 1513 Y-X Pm: 525 "Pinco Conditioned" Homes The homes we offer for sale have been thoroughly re- conditioned and redecorated. Very attractive prices and an easily handled budget plan. Let us explain in detail why "Pinco Conditioned" homes are better buys. T H E BANKERS GUARANTEE TITLE 85 TRUST CO. Frank S. Carpenter, Pres. Bankers Bldg. 191 S. Main St. CLEAN GOOD COAL Always Orderwl-Iere for Real Economy J. P. LOOMIS COAL 8z SUPPLY CO. 106 N. MAIN ST. HE 5141 page two hundred four WANT ADS College student or teacher for summer posi- tiong must be refined and enjoy children with meals. Box 601. Compliments of The Rohner Paper Co. AkT01Z,S Leading Paper House Akron, Ohio We Welcome Your Private Parties and Banquets Good Fooa'-Reasolmble Prices LEONARD'S SODA GRILL Private Dining Room on Mezzanine Floor Next to Spicer School Suitable surroundings in your office inspire confidence and retlect your standing in the business world. Our Special Designs in Office Furniture with our ability to give you a proper setting is at your disposal. The Foster Qllice Supply Co. JE-7I34 7I BOWERY STREET MOORE BROS. GROCERY For the Finesz' in Meais and Groceries 249 SPICER ST. BLackstone 2711 The Acme Stores "Akron's Home Owned Stores" Appreciate Your Patronage g hddf again Creators o f FINE PHCDTQGRAPHY for the TEL-BUCH Peaks Studio 86 South Howard Street OSCAR, fbr FROSH, WRITES HOME Dear Ma: Well, it's all over now. I mean my army suit. You know we have to take drill here in the R. O. T. C. and get furnished uniforms, etc. I went up to get mine and the Sgt. says, "What d'ya want, one too big one too small?" and I say one too small so he gives me one too big. Honest, it fits like Pa's Sunday suit. A guy could have won the war in a suit like this and never have known a thing about it. I was gonna take a look around at drill and see if I couldn't trade with somebody who had one too small, but I couldn't even see with it on. The cap fits my shoulder swell. I got your letter, Ma, and the check. The bank wouldn't cash the check because they couldn't tell whether it was for 88 dollars or 95 cents. Tell Pa to take his mittens off when he writes. This is a great place down here. I find out somethin' new every day. They got a hospital right here on the campus. It would sure be a cinch for a guy like Pa, who knows for sure that he will have a touch of rheumatism as soon as cold weather sets in. Glad to hear you got some new shoes, but be careful of the scarlet fever. As ever, your son, Oscar. P. S.: I don't know a thing about Pa's knife. Tell him to look in his shaving Mug. .4-15 Y ff' T W 4 7 ,S - ' . R -f I , I H G.. ,la if, frui t, QW L 1 iss "if fflFfl.,g 'E Q f f ' Q r " 5' ll. .. , 1 if ,ffl 1 0,4 F 'fm 4. I -. I. llIll'Il l ' l lun .lgg I5 'ae . s , 2 s 5. 1 I f ' if fill if D nl 1 it " 'it h' iii. H e H Q '. f' H lIf'.'b Q I' U P '. . f1l,".- 92 Q ' F '11, i .fig Wiyi. il! E 5 B fl ,' a.- . - ,E-'hi F f ui U r' ,- .Q u 31:-'Ia H rg B ". H A I -' .KU .'.'.,E 1-If H "1 : .' I 'EU i xapg B L3 El 9 Lf J I2 W E H 2 ggi 1. 11.1 5 sn' ,n 3 5' ,1 5. ,, 5 I- 1 -I 1" . W F' ' 1-- f A .fear - l?l?'ElImr- mi'1'-'+ 'f7i,1s6j. Xe 'f 'B' elf 'N ...f-J-' Q affix ,. .-:-nk ' FOR YOUR NEXT PARTY or DANCE- Akron's newest hotel, the Mayflower, offers the very finest of hotel facilities and accommodations at very moderate prices. The Mayflower presents every convenience for luncheons, parties, meet- ings, dinner and supper dances, etc. A delightful ballroom, a banquet hall and five private parlors are available and the personnel is trained to furnish the very finest of hotel service. The rooms are unusually comfortable and well furnished-modern to the last word. The Puritan Dining Room and the Colonial Grill Coffee Shop serve good food at moderate prices. There is dinner and supper dancing during the winter season. We will gladly advise on parties, meet- ings, etc., and sample menus will be cheerfully furnished. in,9K120N' ziis 1110 Iayfluluer Zbotel Main at State Street p ge two hundred seven , THE ITY BjnER ff I AKSFW LAW SCHOOL The Akron Law School, located at '57 East Market St., Akron, Ohio, offers a four-year course preparing for Bar examination and leading to the degree of LL.B. EDUCATIONAL REQUIREMENTS Each applicant for registration as a law student must present a certificate of General Learning showing that he has successfully completed two years of study in an approved college, to be evidenced by the signature of the proper oflicial thereof, or educational equivalent to be determined by an examiner appointed by the Supreme Court. REGISTRATION Students may register at the beginning of the quarter or semester. For further information call at the school office or telephone JE-1317. C. A. Neale, President. Compliments of THE HATTERIE Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments of W. J. HENRY Optometrist Service at Your Door HE 3126 9 D I N I N G R O O M una' PASTRY SHOPPE IVbe1'e Qualify Is Noi Expensive East Mill Street Pullman Conductor: Boy, what's the idea of the red lantern on that berth? Porter: Look here, boss. Here in rule thir- teen it says-"always hang a red lantern when the rear of a sleeper is exposed." p ge two hunclre cl eight HART SCHAFFNER ESV? sf MARX SUITS 'll I I Belzvb-Mzzrfe Q . A Ll ' 5 All Tbafs N ew in F1ll'lIiS!Jil1gS HATS . . SHIRTS . . TIES . . SHOES . . ETC. WALKERS . . . . 186 South Main Street Philanthropy is giving away your money to people who may possibly appreciate it, I I rather than leaving it to your relatives. CITY LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANING CO. Quality Dry Cleaning Akron's Only Ivory Soap Laundry 639 S. Main St. FR-7181 1 L G E W 7 S BUTTER Made in Akron for Over 30 Years . . . z 3 3 Home Owned and Home Operated ' The Wise Housewife Chooses Sumner's AKRON'S Compliments FAVORITE of the PLAYHCUSE CITY CAB CO. hcld DRINK vigor MILK DEALERS of AKRON and VICINITY KEEP IN TOUCH WITH YCUR ALMA MATER Through the Columns of THE BUCHTELITE Semi-Weekly Student Newspaper of The University of Akron Complete Coverage of Campus Activities A Check for 352.00 Mailed to BUSINESS MANAGER THE BUCHTELITE UNIVERSITY OF AKRON Will Bring the Paper to You for One Year 1 ddt Pioneers in Akron A COMPLETE URANCE ERVICE Anything Insured Against Everything Prompt Settlement ACCIDENT AIRCRAFT DAMAGE ART EXHIBITORS AUTOMOBILE BUSINESS INTERRUPTION CUSTOMERS' GOODS EXPLOSION FIRE GOLFERS HAIL HEALTH LEASEHOLD LIFE LIGHTNING MAIL PACKAGE MARINE MERCHANDISE IN TRANSIT MOTORCYCLE PERSONAL PROPERTY PLATE GLASS PROFITS PUBLIC LIABILITY RAIN REGISTERED MAIL RENT RESIDENCE THEFT RIOT AND CIVIL COMMOTION SALESMAN'S SAMPLES SPORTSMEN'S SPRINKLER LEAKAGE SURETY BONDS TOURISTS' FLOATER TRACTOR TRANSIT LIVE STOCK WINDSTORM WE CAN and DO cover risks by phone. CALL JE-51 11 for service and information. THE HERBERICH-HALL-HARTER CO. 7 WEST EXCHANGE 1 gc two hundred eleven Complir University Bo WWW WQ,ffWVW QQAQEQQ 1 nts Qf 1 Qf Directors Mfffw' WMD W' Wa UMW a 2 W W Advertising Printing and Lithographing... +4 ri WELL EXECUTED 15 r il ri 4- in furry addy the 44444 i 1 4 W , A I N EXTRA PUNCH A N w W M E: 'N 1 needed to make that advertising E PULL every pos- sible return . . . V W, THE coMMERclAl. PRINTING 8. LITHOGRAPHING co. 3".L'?2 Imperial Dry Cleaning Co. CLEANERS AND DYERS 24 Years of Continuous Service All Garments Fully Insured PAUL H. MERNHART, Manager Lady: fat almond counterj-Who attends 144 Cuyahoga St' -115-2193 to the nuts? Wise Guy: Be patient, I'll Wait on you in a minute. Compliments of Mayor I. S. Myers C ol l e g i a t e P r i n t i n g c:oMPL1MENTs QQQ THE COLUMBIA PRINTING CO 198 E. Cuyahoga Falls Ave. BLackstone 3912 p hddft Q.--V' 1. . 1 . 1, . Tr? H" ,Qi B11 A 'Q ' ' 4 P ' ff ".0+""' . 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