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x rr still 9 ' :mi ai Hill li 3:1355 i iis g M' s iw. Q We invite you to walk through LEW ni these doors and reminisce with pleasure 1 LNWN over the varied activities of our first Lf 'r year at Unity Senior High, Tolono, Ii- ---L 'inois, THE 1950 Iilllilili 'ix . --an llllll llllllllllllll lu llur Parents and Patrons The Rocket Staff of l95O deems it an honor to dedicate this book, Number one, Volume one, to our parents and friends whose cooperation and support made this school, as well as this publication, possible. u 24 3 5, ,-. if g 5. Yr 0 ll I F Il U ll N ll R 1 FAH PAIHY SNAPS N "Education is safety. Outside of the ark all is deluge." NX our only political Horace Mann F 1 X f 'QQNN J. C. HONN Superintendent To represent the people and to administer to the needs of youth of the community there is a school board of seven men and a superintendent hired by the board. Our school has one of the most cooperative groups of men one could find, and we are happy to present these gentlemen in the l95O Rocket. Left to right, SEATED: A. S. Hartman, Presidentg Lawrence H. Mumm, Secretaryg Melvin Henderson. STANDlNG: W. L. Hadden, Vern C. Shepherd, John W. Fluck. NOT PIC TURED: Richard E. Franks. IAIIUIIY MR. ROBERT GOURLEY Commerce MISS FLORA SMITH Commerce MISS EVELYN MESSMAN Office Secretary MR. CURTIS ALEXANDER Principal MR. CARL STOVER Instrumental Music MRS. JANE LINDLEY Vocal Music LYMAN GREER Mathmafics DENNIS RAINEY Biology and Chemistry -'im fi-'gf MRS. JUNE STRAHL Spanish, English and P. E MRS. BEATRICE TUCKER History, French and Latin 'Q-4" MRS. LOUELLA GOURLEY Home Economics MRS. EVA STEVENS Home Economics MRS. LELAH WIMMER English MISS MARGARET ROY Librarian DON COIL Agriculture RONALD COON Agriculture MR. HOWARD BARNES Social Science and Athletics MR. ROBERT MIRUS Industrial Arts and Athletics WILBUR MENTZER Speech Correctionest MR. MRS. JOAN WILLIAMSON Art Left to right: XX Dick Jones ....... ...... T reasurer Ruth Schumacher .... ..,, V ice-President Ted Christman ..., ....... P resident Iris Bielefeld .... --- -Secretary GLEN BARNHART Farmer RUTH BECKER Quiet, interested in Home EC. ROBERT BERBAUM Speen demon JOY BIALESCHKI A short girl, tull of pep and pluck IRIS BIELEFELD "Beetle" MARY BILLMAN Good humored athlete EARL ILOOM Ambitious? Sometimes! JOANNE BOND Life would be dull without her. JOAN BUTLER Smooth figure on ice. 5 JIM CHILDERS Big tease TED CHRISTMAN Mon keyteer BEVERLY DAVIS I was in the "Dark Town Follies IN. 2-IG 'NF' JOHN GODSELL Teacher's pet peeve BOB GROVES Never let education interfere with fun JOAN HARDEN Just call me "Kate", Smith CAROL DENNIS Curly JERRY ENGLE WILMA FITZGERALD MARY JANE FISHEL Hold everything, l'm coming Her friends are many Her foesf-are there any? JEAN GERTH Cheery smile good heart FRED GILLIAND Easy going, quiet "Mon keyteer" DOREEN DAVIS I'm rollin' in dough, bread dough PAT DAVIS Still water runs deep MAURICE DECKER True blue-through and through ,ggi-s1. '2ix .is -iitlmv ,L it .. , y Wifi pl' , HOWARD JOHNSON DICK JONES BERNARD KATER "Speak low if you speak of studying." VERNABELLE LEWIS Wherever she finds herself in life, she'Il be ready. JOHN LITTLE Artist par excellent. MARTHA MONICAL Music washes away from the soul the dust ol everyday life. PAUL MOORE A Jack of Hearts but a Queen will take him. RUTH MORENZ Willing worker, good sport. M Vit JUNIOR HARTMAN ln his quietness there is mischief, MARY ANN HENRY Ring on her finger. JOHN HUTCHINSON Fond of dates as an Arab-Monkeyteer The quiet steady type, Ride 'em cowboy-Twink, JANE KLITZING "Hi Buddy! Whoopee!" FRED MCDONALD Often he burns the DONALD McELROY Steady as a clock. CHARLES NEGANGARD midnite oil, but not for study. A man resolved and steady to his task. wa in JUANITA OAKES Twinkle, twinkle, go her eyes. JACK PIERCE "Why Don't You Haul Off and Love Me"- Monkeyteer. 9 MARION PLOTN ER might. All that you do, do with your EUGENE QUICK "Watch the birdie." BARBARA REED A kind heart is a fountain of gladness. PATTY REED A mild manner and a true heart. WAYNI REIFSTECK Good nature is of daily use. NICK REXROAD His perpetual grin is sure to win BILL ROBERTSUN Variety is the spice of life. ABBIE ROSS Ambition is her middle name JOAN RUBENACKER Game to tackle anything RAYMOND RYAN "Rocky"--Hot stuff MELVIN SCHWARTZ WALTER SILVER RUTH SCHUMACHER Good sport, capable Qulefi Willlf1Q worker Men of few words are AUDREY SMITH Nothing is hard for a willing mind the best men JACK SMITH Ah Hai - Hoppy LOIS SPARKS The Parson's waiting DON SWIGART "Pest" ROBERT WACKER ure in can't. SENIORS NOT PICTURED PAT GUNNING JIM GUNNING MAURICE WHALEN He aims high and always hits the mark. DORIS WILSON The same Doris, yesterday, today, and to- morrow. BERNIECE WOOD Not KeIlogg's, but she's pep. Student Council big wheel. PHYLLIS WEASEL CORRINE WEBB Success comes in cans, fail- Quiet, willing worker. EVA WELCH A good lite is sunshine in a house. JOHN TASH "Honest, I wasn't doin' nothin'." BETTY TAYLOR "Oh mischief, thou art swift to enter into the thoughts of merry girIs." JANET TAYLOR Precious things come in small packages. XX Donald Magsaman---Vice President Mary Lou Plowman ...... President Mary Ann Boles ........ Treasurer Maxine Wilson .... .... S ecretary N X Left to right, FIRST ROW: Mrs. Tucker, Mary Margaret Butler, Clarice Decker, Lloyd Sparks, Phyllis Bange, Erritt Booe, Betty Wishall, Verma Mae Robinson, Mr. Rainey, SEC- OND ROW: Dorothy Clark, Jeanette Morenz, Mary Boles, Joe Godsell, Jack Butler, Max Franks, June Silvers, Barbara Taylor, Frances Clennon. THIRD ROW: Patty Bailey, Jane Ellars, Charlotte Bialeschki, Bill Hall, Don Bonnell, Dean Bonnell, Jerry I-iarden, Imogene Swaney, Lois Warfel, Elea- nor Morenz. FOURTH ROW: Mary Kay Hinners, Donna Reifsteck, Raymond Brune, Wayne Fackler, Mark McCloskey, Quentin Cler, Jerry Grothe, Bill Jenkins, Phyllis Whightsil, Betty Bialeschki. FIFTH ROW: Janie Mullen, Mary Ann Cornell, Joe Walters, Marion Clark, Russell Knowles, Don- ald Coffee, Joe Franks, Ronald Wienke, Dora Jean Fishel, Mary Lou Plowman.. SIXTH ROW: Marjorie Woodcock. Maxine Wilson, Don Silvers, George Brazelton, Don Magsa- men, George Rhodes, Bernard Grove, Don Russell, Jean Cole, Catherine Kleiss. Q3 Left to right: Dick Moore--- Wanda Wright --,- --- Ineda Booe ---- Joe O'NeiIl--- -- ------ Secretary -Vice-President -- --Treasurer ---President FIRST ROW: Mrs. Wimmer, Co-sponsor, Marilyn Plotner, Richard Woodworth, Jane Hutchinson, Jerry Kalk, Carol Sappenfield, Erritt Booe, Carol Shelby, Mr. Greer, CO-spon- sor. SECOND ROW: Delores Junkert, Maxine Moore, Eleanor Bielefeld, Bill Morenz, Jay Harris, Wendell Holmes, Paul Karcher, Bob Moore, Lulu Mae Griffith, Joan Plofner, Wanda 'Wright THIRD ROW: Alberta Jackson, Peggy Hoover, Shirley Vanderhoof, Bob Roberts, Earl Welch, Joe Godsell, Ralph Monical, Joe O'NeilI, Dale Stierwalt, Bar- bara Davis, Marjorie McGee, Ruth McLennan. FOURTH ROW: Rosemary Shepherd, Jane Morenz, Mable Wilson, Merle Taylor, Bill Negangard, Eddie Ivy, Jim Gorman, Chuck Russell, Jeep Schwehm, Phyllis Schumacker, Dorothy War- fel, Joan Erb. FIFTH ROW: Ineda Booe, Mary Ellen Reed, Edith Davis, Wayne Curtis, Dick Moore, Dave O'Neill, Don Bates, Paul Murrah, Mark Lovlnqfoss, Mary Beth Reed, Betty Weasel, Erma Toppee. SIXTH ROW: Sheila Mumm, Marilyn McCloskey, Pat Schweighart, Charles Schweigharr, Hank Bray, Ted Jackson, Dick Shipley, Bob Thrash, Don Grothe, Peggy Davis, Wilma Frericks. I t Studious Snphs A n as uc NH no 0 l w 5 1 22 IIRGANIZATIIINS MARY JANE FISHEL Editor-in-chief MARY ANN CORNELL Assistant Editor llll IlllUKll Slllll Left to right, SEATED: Mrs. Strahl, co-sponsor, Ted Jackson, Sophomore editor, Mary Ann Boles, Junior editor, Iris Bielefeld, Senior editor, Mr. Gourley, co-sponsor. STANDING: Jim Childers, sports editor, Eugene Quick, photographer, Mark Lovinqfoss, photographer, Pat Baily, art editor, Nick Rexroad, business mgr., Jov Bialeschki, art editor, Joan Butler, photo- grapher, Jerry Engle, sports editor. NOT PICTURED: Francis Schwehm. Left to right, SEATED: Catherine Kleiss, typist, Wilma Fitzgerald, third page editor, Jane Klitzing, first page editor, Mr. Greer, adviser, Melvin Schwartz, second page editor, Jim Childers, fourth page editor, Verna Lewis, business manager, Miss Smith, adviser. STAND- ING: Mary Kay Hinners, mimeographer, Barbara Taylor, typist, Mary Billman, circulation, Peggy Hoover, proof reader, Wilma Frerichs, art editor, Maxine Wilson, mimeographer: Audrey Smith, exchange, .loan Plotner, exchange, Mary Ann Henry, finances, Ruth Schu- macher, advertising. U Ill Sl IUR HIGH EWSPAPIR Sllll JOANNE BOND Editor-in-chief DORA JEAN FISHEL Managing Editor ISIIIIS' IIIHIIIIII SSIICIAIIII FIRST ROW: Marilyn Plotner, Jane Hutchinson, Mrs. Strahl, Jane Ellars, Jane Klitzing, Betty Wishall. SECOND ROW Joy Bialeschki, June Silvers, Patty Reed, Eleanor, Bielefeld, Ruth Schumacher, Frances Clennon, Vena Mae Robinson THIRD ROW: Betty Taylor, Marian Plotner, Shirley Vander- hoof, Corrine Webb, Phyllis Schumacher, Rosemary Shep herd, Barbara Davis. FOURTH ROW: Joanne Bond, Imo- gene Swaney, Eva Welch, Carol Dennis, Joan Harden, Mary Kay Hinners FIFTH ROW: Mary Beth Reed, Mary Bill- man, Marjorie Woodcock, Mary Jane Fishel, Iris Bielefeld, Sheila Mumm, Barbara Reed. Left to Right, FRONT ROW: Mrs. Wimmer, Marilyn Plot- ner, Lois Sparks, Mary Margaret Butler, Claiice Decker, Phyllis Bange, Carol Sappenfield, Joy Bialeschki, Ruth Schu- macher, Jeanette Morenz, SECOND ROW: Joan Ruben- acker, Joan Butler, Lois Warfel, Joe O'NeiIl, Ray Brune, Melvin Schwartz, Howard Johnson, Lula Mae Griffith, AI- berta Jackson, Martha Monical. THIRD ROW: Doris Wil- son, Eleanor Morenz, Imogene Swaney, Merle Taylor, Wayne Curtis, Bill Hall, Jerry Grothe, Pat Bailey, Peggy Hoover, Phyllis Whightsil. FOURTH ROW: Audrey Smith, Ruth Morenz, Dora Fishel, Betty Weasel, Wayne Fackler, Jack Pierce, John Hutchinson, Janet Taylor, Mary Lou Plowman, Doreen Davis, Abbie Ross. FIFTH ROW: Mary Ann Cor- nell, Berniece Wood, Joan Harden, Bob Berbaum, Bob Thrash, Dick Jones, Quentin Cler, Donna Reifsteck, Janie Mullen, lneda Booe. SIXTH ROW: Katherine Kleiss, Wilma Frerichs, Iris Bielefeld, Maxine Wilson, Nick Rexroad, Don McElroy, Jerry Engle, Marilyn McCloskey, Phyllis Weasel, Edith Davis, Betty Wood.. IHI llllllllll llllll vw::..........a.. 3-1- .m. . at-my -. IIIIURI IARIIIIRS RI MIRIRA Left to right, FIRST ROW: Glen Barnhart, Bob Berbaum, Jack Pierce, Charles Negangard, Marion Clark, Paul Kar- cher, Mr. Don Coil, co-sponsor, SECOND ROW: Lloyd Sparks, Norman Lawhead, Jerry Kalk, Don Swigart, Wen- dell Hulmes, Bill Morenz, Maurice Decker. THIRD ROW: Jay Harris, John Tash, Jack Butler, Earl Bloom, Charles Russell, Max Franks, Dale Sfierwalt. FOURTH ROW: Walter Silver, Bill Negangard, Bernard Kater, Ted Christ- man, Wayne Fackler, Wayne Curtis, Don Bonnell, Bill Jenkins. FIFTH ROW: Paul Moore, Don Bates, Bob Wacker, Don Silver, Joe Franks, Fred McDonald, Dick Moores SIXTH ROW: Don Russel, John Godsell, George Brazelton, Bob Grove, Don McElroy, John Little, Bernie Grove, Quentin Cler. Mr, Ronald Coon not pictured, co- sponsor. Learning to do Doing fo learn Earning to live Living to serve lUllllll Hlllllllllllllllll Ill Alllllllllll Left to right, FlRST ROW: Mrs. Stevens, co-sponsor, Mar- ilyn Plotner, Lois Sparks, Iris Bielefeld, Doreen Davis, Ver- nabelle Lewis, Phyllis Weasel, Betty Wishall, Carol Shelby, Vena Mae Robinson, Mrs. Gourley, co-sponsor, SECOND ROW: Phyllis Bange, Marjorie McGee, Dorothy Clark, Jean Gerth, Ruth Schumacher, Dorothy Warfel, Barbara Davis, Jeanette Morenz, June Silver, Joy Bialeschki, Jane Hutch- inson, Mary Margaret Butler. THIRD ROW: Charolette Bialeschki, Doris Wilson, Delores Junkert, Pat Bailey, Lula Mae Griffith, Joan Erb, Eleanor Morenz, Eleanor Bielefeld, Alberta Jackson, Lois Warfel, Mary Lou Plowman, Wanda Wright. FOURTH ROW: Patty Reed,Jane Ellars,Ruth Morenz, Phyllis Schumacher, Pat Schweighart, Berniece Wood, Joan We are the builders of homes, We are the future Homemakers of America, We face the future with warm courage And high hope. Butler, Corrine Webb, Shirley Vanderhoof, Irma Toppe, Patty Davis, Jane Morenz. FIFTH ROW- Betty Bialeschke, Joanne Bond, Abbie Ross, Betty Wood, Juanita Oakes, Donna Reifs- teck, Eva Welch, Mary Reed, Mabel Wilson, Mary Hinners, Betty Taylor, SIXTH ROW- Carol Dennis, Mary Ann Henry, Sheila Murnm, Barbara Reed, Marjorie Woodcock, Maxine Wilson, Mary Jane Fishel, Jean Cole, Mary Billman, Mary Ellen Reed, Edith Davis, Dora Jean Fishel. ll Ill HlliH SlIHlllll llll ll FIRST ROW: Juanita Oakes, Gene Mandrell, Bill Hall, Howard Johnson, Betty Bialeschki, Mary Ellen Reed, Eleanor Morenz, Dora Jean Fishel, Merle Taylor, Wayne Fackler, Catherine Kleiss, Mary Jane Fishel. SECOND ROW: Joy Bialeschki, Carol Sappenfield, Mark Lovingfoss, Jerry Grothe, Iris Bielefeld, Ted Jackson, Max Franks, Mr, Stover, Phyllis Weasel, Eleanor Bielefeld, Sheila Mumm, Marilyn Plotner, Mary Billman, Vena Mae Robinson, Dorothy Clark, Jane Mullen. THIRD ROW: Marian Plotner, Lois Warfel, Charlotte Bialeschki, Joan Plotner, Mar- jorie Woodcock, Dick Shipley, Ronald Wienke, John Little, Jack Pierce, Jane Hutchinson, Martha Monical, Mary Ann Cornell, Jane Klitzing, Ralph Monical, Maxine Wilson, Jerry Kalk, Loren Harden. NOT PlCTURED: Don McElroy. 'YR OM 5 TWO BON wooow NN C 'YRXO O LPXRX NET QUPX Q11 ET SAX O PHONE Q UAR DRU M QUARTET lillllS'lilll llllll Left to right, FlRST ROW: Joan Rubenacker, Joy Bial- eschki, Dorothy Clarl4, Carol Sapenfield, Betty Wishall, Mary Margaret Butler, Mrs. Jane Lindley. SECOND ROW: Jane Morenz, Lula Mae Griffith, Martha Monical, Doris Wilson, Lois Warfel, Ruth Schumacher. THIRD ROW: Rosemary Shepherd, lneda Booe, Betty Weasel, Charolette Bialeschki, Betty Taylor, Peggy Hoover, Mabel Wilson, FOURTH ROW: Donna Reifsteck, Dora Jean Fishel, Joan Harden, Joan Bond, Mary Lou Plowman, Audrey Smith, Janet Taylor, Marian Piotner. FlFTH ROW: Mary Jane Fishel, Maxine Wilson, Iris Bielefeld, Phyllis Weasel, Marilyn McCloskey, .lean Cole, Marjorie Woodcock, Wilma Frericks, Catherine Kleiss. GIRLS' SEXTET Joanne Bond, Maxine Wilson, Dora Jean Fishel, lneda Booe, Peggy Hoover, Betty Wishall. GIRLS' TRIO Joan Harden, Jean Cole, Janet Taylor i6PNLS WOR wrli MXXED QU NU El lllllllll lZHllllllS Left to right, FIRST ROW: Mrs. Lindley, Nick Rexroad, Bill Hall, Ruth Schumacher, Jack Pierce, Martha Monical, Lloyd Sparks. SECOND ROW: Dorothy Clark, Betty Wishall, Peggy Hoover, Marion Plotner, Charlotte Bialeschki, Eleanor Bielefeld, Barbara Taylor, Carol Sappenfield, Mary Margaret Butler. THIRD ROW: Doris Wilson, lneda Booe, Charles Russell, Ray Brune, Jerry Harden, Howard Johnson, Rose- mary Shepherd, Betty Taylor. FOURTH ROW: Mary Lou Plowman, Joan Hardin, Donna Reifsteck, Joe Walters, Charles Schweighart, Don Grothe, Dora Jean Fishel, Joanne Bond, Audrey Smith. FIFTH ROW: Catherine Kleiss, Jean Cole, Dick Shipley, John Hutchinson, John Godsell, Bob Wacker, W'ilr-na Ferrichs, Juanita Oakes. SIXTH ROW: lris Bielefeld, Mary Jane Fishel, Bob Berbaum, Jerry Engle, Donald Magsman, Raymond Ryan, Dick Jones, Maxine Wil. son, Phyllis Weasel. SlllDl lCllll SEATED: Raymond Ryan, Vice Presidentg Marv Lou Ralph Monical, Ted Christman, Don Russell, Joe O'Neill, Plowman, Treasurer, Bob Wacker, President, Berniece Betty Wig!-yall, Wood, Secretary, Mr Alexander, Advisor. STANDING QUEEN for a Day A Gift for All How s Your Sweet Tooth? The President Speaks CHEERX-EADER5fPak Schwekghart, 3erry Grokhe, Bemke Afllluupg ce Wood QHAMPS S54-YON3' 5041414 R Y lufy 55 Unity E0 hlfy 5 Ulu? .los-eplr 8 Ubi. Hllqlr 32 53-ber 70 Clrrlivnerr 22 airy 55 Long wblv Umiy 53 Affalzome Unity 49 S' ro T4 L Urub 420 :del Obpon ents 107 -C?2""'? . b ll Record In Szx-Man Foot a "MUGS" f X eats ,N doin -- B W I - Q' 5 61 16' C ' GQ Ve 7, 0 C J ' ' , - N N 5 0 Qc? 6332 , 1r'nT8i?lfff?ancf22m2fp651222 Llfff o 'Q -Q Q X sf ixcsrgff' A01 View here Friday ' X Q, Q80 ' QZQNQN Koxb X x. QSM ze- 39 49 SKK A O 5 S 5 x 6 0 -'63 0001 -1,91 'GUX 1 , rg +9 589162 N65 an tb' 6 M 0 . ,org X ,LO XX YYQQXZ xixggxxkixo ez' 29 dfc . 9 0 'b- " ' G1 Quiz 50 Q5-99090 QS? 've' I -V Q! 1 X Q4 . . 1 '5 Q9 QQ' S000 6404 'Oleg C 'gi 'Vx fb xzbcafb' 1:9 6 Q, K-07 tx' ' 1'0f Hof fl 111 y D T01 Ox , 0 . f i ' 1716332211 gum: 51' ' .UN . 81131 rolled Ublivl ASQSOIXTI 7.C'fo1'Lf,0'Ve'8: f'f'I'e 72001 -S'1'gf5' sl1l7If111l1eo"f'1- Us r uf' 0,1 . nav S021 y 3,6 119 P1301 f tg Scorer 7? me of an a D fo Ib O11 r Hof U' af 1111 If-ye. 'lem .,Ofv'1,, priglli. - .3 U16 ' 1 ll ' Ra bf' 800,711 577' 'Das.qgZ1d0"n J' 'U' 'ea ' S' 1 'fy Q 17' 01 S ISOI' we ff N0 I goo gd 1 red iugf ,Q - e .. ld Pu oflef J H1 ll a f W , all 850,16 arg-pl ff 412:51 add ,1 limi'-'f'17 Band If-!jZlx'pr ob 1.115 fy "Ma 01111, '1fr'1, 1 -1: SL-gfjlzan T "Vo 17 011,. b' G , 'On in uglr-1fIa"l?f? nhiffitui: . ,qs 'ine film gnwni 'Y1'o.g,, Grarffeh. Olflf- .M9011 0 019 1SzU,,--ff11,, R'f7b,f,lfe1m,e piptl. Urhoizsree' '17, JIOLZ . Jnp ,'q1:':i.i1StPr,w . 38 Ulvh 011 x5 K4 exe, 09 ! night, got 45 ahead with three seconds in the ti' urd period. and the was vaiied with Unity the Gi-16. Ryan scored four touch'f on runs of 30, 65,f Bob Wacker tai-J 30 yards out, Buzf and 45, and Don 5 Bud Dicks tai-s on short line? Longview' YVPIIH, Divksf R11 harrlxrm M:-Qu:-on WVa1'nos Cummings 27 X-61 6 0 x-16 , Stone . Goals , Ryan Q 0 ,Q ,o xqpz qovx x 439 x '90 K gfrxcg vb 0 Ax? ,DQ 59 6' N N boo Q9 'Q B- ,bex WX 0' 'Q -5 xy X9 ' W. X O Q, '9' 600 Qxoixzx 4 T e G'-5' 08' 4051960 Q, ?SxK.9w2Z, 'PQXNQ cg R0 Q c X L2 Q 'Bugs X9 EYQGK' ex '53, ' XX .cg ,. 3 20 .RY AN MW WWI DEFE MS Wi QL1 -QOXOQOQQ 0 . XAQ0 5:-215-5'i5L x ,OKQXVJ 59,9 X265 go .6565 ego? fx 1066 196 0 N oizwtgg we ww ay 'foo ouvsn 5.909 9,5091 K0 Unity high schooi of Mtv Q Q59 'Su Q9 X 'made at 42 straight Frid 'get-s09ge,t We Xiezios- by defeating University 'OQLCOZQWQ Q vow .609 oe V at Toiono. Ra tab QW. gg 69 QV955 oi Unity ran wiid, XX. ge 45: xoogoi'-x 455 touchdowns and passi ,-uf' ,Sgr Q16 After the first team 9159 .6 09 , score ot ti-0, Coach 30529 f isent in the second tc Uni K, High outscored them T ,rf Q00-XX iqugrter, is-13. The and g 6 , W Gio oar. third teams ran up. 2 urn ot 66- ,1 v' N0 '0 X 24 by the end oi thirt H er. and 9 srl 6 N X!! 1 56620 ixaxi- ,iyrtaggxza baovki, Coach Barnes said 1 45,55 giving XX yd i C096 969 QWY, into WX ah his boys "wiper The 0 0966 ee av, 'AX '09 '09 X9 starting iineun once p, 50 9055 Q85 eyoqjxfi 'J xi the game for most fffihe QOYNZ 961' 60q,- KOQQQ0 '09 A X quarter to score tw ore GNC we SCO ,306 C '09 X downs and a safety -aiu 39 5515 ,650 fthai score. Q00 ,oeefx 'Nzht oi game was 304: touchdown Q00 45, a 65 yard ght down the mid- diu .,, Ryan aiso passed to Nick Rexrv ' a TD. "fl to Grothe on a 'car For ioohf-f' WW 0102 00 If I OW ,p l1?l:P 8,77 , '67, 0 01, 171 To 10,8 I ,Verse 477 foo e 1:1 LO-:HPD S060 Q9 LST, o .oe lla Q 11 1 11 g gp. I 01, . alivaylg, ILQJDJGJGW Dba .5-6 Clay! I de '7 lark hal 61.8111 4207 lt.. Od Ie 6' a 6:52 116 O Q' My 17611 ,550 "'0,,"fr , ar da O0nOb,Iff'1Q? is f my 0 O QcObC'1bt'9c-4.815 T057 U06 Q ver be 1- t .5-rdoq D., 316 one '90, -2 Qjldofq iffxjid "e e - s -f Wwfegladeea oft 137 Gs 1?-O 17 OQUGQU ell QA,-A 'DV 4 Ax X oats, gym! 41 113 9 . Dx 6 4' Q 690 Q04 .1 QT Q9 9' 12, 'Nb' 555' od G5 , X W f? yloigttidg E E P S 'Y tow 5 '09 o Quito Q 9 ui oss X off" ov of V 'G So 99' ,be V 9 K Q , - x0 C' 0 t 'N Q.. ,gt-'5 , Cd' fioxog. 9,9 , KV: Avi X30 W4 . QQN Q, EX 0 . 9 s O QQX 'bv X96 V' epoi QQ fe-59 sz 'N 9 Q24 to , Movie-N" '-52902 49 Q-'3?f2.g,84" X99 Q25 49,1 'gp Q39 .5 0 X Q96 0501 We. we -af , Koi 6' 'a Q 1 to QLAOY' t- ,px x sizqtfx 9 9 QX f2HM.t IlflSIlllBilll SllllAllS FIRST ROW: Mr, Mirus, Bob Wacker, Jerry Engle, Raymond Ryan, Bob Thrash, Jack Pierce, Ted Chrisfman. SECOND ROW: Merle Taylor, Bill Hall, Don Grorhe, Bob Grove, George Brazelton, Buzz Stone, Chuck Russell. FIRST ROW: Max Franks, Chick Welch, Ray Brune, Dave O'Neil, Don Russell, Paul Murrah, Joe O'Neil, Richard Woodworth. SECOND ROW: Mr. Barnes, Hank Bray, Joe Franks, Bernie Groves, George Rhodes, Don Magsaman, Ted Jackson, Chunk Schwewigharf, Eddie lvy. 41' ww f 'Nui will lil 42-31 S lN llllilill ITY WI S ,ia B 1 0221, 5552 Mahomet 'l Place By Defe Homer, 43 To ,,.,,f- By T. 0. WI News.Gazette Sr 0 when the 0011 tournament, opened Tue' 0 there was little the rr od of the Unity high s part Q -og Q-of that the Rockets win Base 0 lmao mme. Glowqm' l But, when Unity was pvess '4.Ylf',: ' gel. hy Longview, 47-40, and N9 MA, 'n the s'-in we . will 'xwzl llmher 1 ome X whim . ""'-'51, there were S 4 ,,, ' 'al reae:5li"" a .,., . that the Rockets won. peak they analneal in earlier games. ' "f -3' veve dispelled Fri- Q Rockets came Wil game fol- what stag- Wf. Fisher -ar To- 'Heat Uxiiiv 5 2 Uni!-Y te, 0 Chfiswilanv .5 Q A WBCVU5 -Z 0 3 lelc Eng me 1575 s 1W lei mai' xiii WTS 1 2 '11 v Eigivercmi 5 f f f 31 qggvs' Score by qua' 7 6 iw Un llle we ,msec tv Wee ee awp FY sb! ille 1 ' it EW tu 'W 9' iilcialS' 030 Yeahs' Dew xii' Gvgogd T? -cliff EX 00 0 7' i 4x'koHARC:4?6fg84 xx ej11.,,,,0ha LES 4,9 30 flip faq f11,f'fo,,"'v.1,T0A, lg , J' O if S W ga , J n.17f'11. We 61' 00 JH 7' lg les '-'lr ea Pllg H- O 115 zen 11,0 .V b 25X IV tip EJ! 36.30 e ra:51fetbU,,I.- e o S41 all R 11 ' fahyniggcket lg, degli? ' 6' 8 ue-vfjeai av f,.f. f'1 I N 1,1. '69, In IU, J, x Y' Jr 1, -, x I quad I.: cy.: Oo flu val I dong is Joseim A WW' Sl lllll RUTH BECKER-G.A.A.5 F.H.A.5 Chorus. GLEN BARNHART--F.F.A.5 V.P. 35 Reporter 45 Track5 Football5 Letterman Club 3. BOB BERBAUM-F.F.A.5 SoftbalI5 Track5 F.F,A. Sentinel 25 Treas. 3, 45 Baseball5 Basketball5 Chorus. JOY BIALESCHKI-F.H.A.5 Reporter 3, 45 Chorus5 Band5 Cheerleader l5 Dramatics Club5 Girls' Glee Club5 G.A.A. IRIS BIELEFELD-Band5 Chorus5 F.H.A.5 Treas. 45 Dramatic Club5 Pres. 35 V.P. 45 Class Sec. 3, 45 Girls' Glee Club5 G.A.A.5 Yearbook Staff 45 Thespian5 Sr. Play. MARY BILLMAN-F.H.A.5 V.P. 25 Treas. 35 Chorus5 Class V.P. 25 Dramatic Club5 Sec. 8- Treas. 35 Band5 Class Pres. 35 Student Council 35 G.A.A. EARL BLOOM-F,F.A.5 Basketball5 Letterman Club. JOANNE BOND-Class V.P. l5 Chorus5 Sec. 35 Dramatic Club5 G.A.A.5 F.H.A.5 Girls' Glee Club5 Editor of School Paper 4. JOAN BUTLER-F.l-l.A.5 G.A.A.5 Chorus5 Class Sec. l, 35 Cheerleader5 Dramatic Club5 An- nual Staff 45 Thespian. JIM CHILDERS-Student Council 15 Softball5 Track5 Basketball5 F.F.A.5 Class Sec. 25 Class Pres. 35 Baseball5 Annual Staff 45 Newspaper Staff 4. TED CHRISTMAN-Chorus5 F.F,A.5 Treas. 25 Softball5 Basketball5 Track l, 25 F.F.A. V.P. 8- Pres. 2, 35 Baseball5 Class Pres. 45 Student Council 4. BEVERLY DAVIS-F.H.A.5 Chorus5 Class Sec. 81 Treas. l5 G.A.A.5 Sr. Play. DOREEN DAVIS-F.H.A.5 Sec. 25 Pres. 35 V.P. 45 Chorus5 G.A.A.5 Newspaper Staff 25 Class Treas. 35 Dramatic Club. PATTY DAVIS-Chorus5 F.H.A.5 G.A.A. MAURICE DECKER-Chorus5 Softball5 F.F.A. CAROL DENNIS-Chorus5 G.A.A.5 F.H.A. JERRY ENGLE-Class V.P. l5 Softball5 Baseball5 Basketball5 F.F.A.5 Sec. 25 Track5 Chorus: Visual Aid5 Football5 Dramatic Club5 Thespian5 Sr. Play. MARY JANE FISHEL-Class Pres. l5 F.H.A,5 Pres. 2, Sec. l6, Sec. 45 Band5 Chorus5 Student Council l5 Newspaper Staff l5 Dramatic Club5 G.A.A.5 Girls' Glee Club5 Editor of Yearbook 45 D.A,R. Award. WILMA FITZGERALD-F,H.A.5 G,A.A.5 Dramatic Club5 Newspaper Staff 45 Chorus5 Glee Club. JEAN GERTH-F.l-l.A,5 Sec. 2, 35 G.A.A.5 Sec, 25 Chorus5 Visual Aids5 Cheerleader 2, 35 Class Sec. 2. JOHN GODSELL-F.F.A.5 Basketball5Softl::all5 Track5 Baseball5 Chorus. BOB GROVES--F.F.A.5 Chorus5 Basketball5 Baseball5 Softball5 Track5 Football. JIM GUNNING-F.F,A,5 Football5 Basketball5 Dramatic Club5 Cardinal Staff 4. JOAN HARDEN-G.A.A.5 Girls' Glee Club5 Dramatics Club5 Mixed Chorus5 Girls' Chorus5 Sr. Play. ANTHONY HARTMAN--Basketball5 Softball5 Chorus5 Football. MARY ANN HENRY-F.H.A,5 Sec. 25 G.A,A.5 Press Club5 Cheerleader l, 2, 35 Reporter for Class l5 Visual Aids Club5 Chorus5 Class Treas. 35 Newspaper Staff 4. JOHN HUTCHINSON-Chorus5 Visual Aids5 Thespian5 Track5 Basketball5 Baseball5 Softball5 Dramatic Club5 Sr. Play. HOWARD JOHNSON-Band5 Chorus5 Vice President 35 Newspaper Staff 35 Dramatic Club. RICHARD JONES-F.F.A.5 V.P. 35 Class Treas. l, 2, 3, 45 Basketball5 Baseball5 Softball5 Chorus5 Dramatics Club. BERNARD KATER--Traclq Softball5 F.F.A.5 Chorus. JANE KLITZING-G.A.A.5 V.P. 35 Sec. 45 F.l-l,A,5 Chorus5 Thespian5 Dramatics Club5 Sr. PIay5 Band5 Press Club5 Student Council 2, 35 Class Pres. 25 Newspaper Staff 4. VERNA LEWIS--F.H.A.5 Pres. 3, 45 G.A.A.5 Visual Aids5 Captain 25 Newspaper Stai'f5 V.P. Class 35 Editor of News-staff 35 Managing Editor 45 Chorus. t ysfiiialggf - Vmyy f , m wx -9 .Y ., . , - V' ' 1 .Q : -ef. 'K Elggshfgzl ijt l Q, tk Mass.. i Q ' fl .M l 3 ,gi flllilll ima W in it-.,B.M.. H, 1 ips v Q K :Si 9' i ggigaf... .,,, "4 'B- I' eitigiflsiii Z' , Q . 2-1 3, H g,22g1fz7ssz's , . V .gif 1 1 ' - f iilkififigme-sl ,lil-1. I .f -. 51.5. .55- ..s .,s22sg,z:....-fgif , . .if ,. .,,.,, . l l S is , r x4 ,QM Situ, R Q ,lin 2 L HN V S JOHN LITTLE-F.F.A., Treas. 2, Pres. 3, Band, Class Sec. 2, Track, Dramatics Club. PAUL MOORE-F.F,A., Football, Basketball, Track. MARTHA MONICAL-F.H.A., Treas. 2, Sec. 3, Cheerleader l, Chorus Treas. 4, Band, Dra- matics Club. RUTH MORENZ-F.H.A., G,A.A., Sec. 2, Chorus, Visual Aids, Class Sec. 8- Treas. 2, Assembly Refugees Club, Dramatics Club. FRED McDONALD-Basketball, Softball, F.F.A., Class Pres. 2, V.P. l. DON McELROY-Chorus, Band, Football, Basketball, Track, Softball, Baseball, Student Coun- cil 3, F.F.A., Treas. 3, Dramatics Club. CHARLES NEGANGARD-F.F.A., Treas. 2, Pres. 3, 4, Basketball, Baseball, Softball. JUANITA OAKES-F.H.A., Chorus, Band. JACK PIERCE-F.F.A., V.P. 4, Band, Chorus, Dramatics Club, Thespian, Softball, Baseball, Track, Football, Basketball, MARION PLOTNER-Class V.P. l, G.A.A., Sec. 2, 3, Chorus, Class Sec. 3, Newspaper Staff 3. EUGENE QUICK--Basketball, Chorus, Schoolpaper Staff, Track, Softball, Yearbook Staff 4, BARBARA REED-G.A.A., Chorus, Newspaper Staff 3, F.H.A. PATTY REED-G.A.A., Chorus. WAYNE REIFSTECK-F.F.A., Reporter 2. - NICK REXROAD-Basketball, Track, Chorus, Letterman's Club, Sec. 3, Football, Class V.P. 3, Yearbook Staff 4, F.F,A. BILL ROBERTSON-Basketball, Class Pres. l, 2, Softball, Chorus, Newspaper Staff 2. ABBIE ROSS-Chorus, F.H.A., G.A.A., Senior Play, Dramatics Club. JOAN RUBENACKER-Chorus, Girls' Glee Club, G.A.A., Dramatics Club. ROCKY RYAN-Basketball, Football, Track, F.F,A., Dramatics Club, Chorus, Class Pres. 2, Student Council 2, 4, V.P. 4. RUTH SCHUMACKER-Class Sec. 8- Treas. l, Class V.P. 2, 4, Chorus, Cheerleader 2, Co- editor Newspaper 2, Student Council 3, Sec. 8. Treas. 3, Dramatics Club, Treas. 4, Thespian, Newspaper Staff 4, Senior Play. MELVIN SCHWARTZ-F.F.A., Sec. 3, Newspaper Staff l, 2, 4, Band, Basketball, Class Treas. 2, V.P. 3, Chorus Dramatics Club. WALTER SILVER-F.F.A., Chorus, Basketball, Baseball, Softball. AUDREY SMITH-Pep Club V.P. 3, G.A.A., Dramatics Club, Commercial Club V.P. 3, News- paper Staff 3, 4, Thespian, Chorus, Sr. Play. JACK SMITH-Basketball, F.F.A. LOIS SPARKS-F.H.A., Class Sec. 81 Treas. l, Treas. 3, Chorus, Dramatics Club. DON SWIGART-F.F.A., Football, Baseball, Chorus, Track. JOHN TASH--F.F.A. BETTY TAYLOR-F.H.A,, Treas. 3, G.A.A., Glee Club, Mixed Chorus. JANET TAYLOR-Pres. of Social Dancing Unit l, F.H.A., Chorus, Dramatics Club, Thespian. BOB WACKER-F.F.A., Pres. 2, Chorus, Basketball, Football, Track, Baseball, Senior Play Student Council Pres. 4. PHYLLIS WEASEL--G,A.A., Band, Chorus, Cheerleader 2, 3, Class Pres. 3, F.H.A. Sec. 4 Dramatic Club, Pres. 4, Thespian. CORRINE WEBB-Chorus, F.H.A., G.,A.A. EVA WELCH-Girls' Glee Club, F.H.A., G.A.A. MAURICE WHALEN-F.F.A., Chorus. DORIS WILSON-F.H.A., G.A.A., Chorus, Girls' Glee Club. BERNIECE WOOD-Newspaper l, 2, 3, F.H.A., Reporter 3, Degree Chr. 4, Chorus, Band, Cheerleader l, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A., Pres. 3, Dramatics Club, Student Council, Sec. 4. FAIIUHY SH Allllll ll IHI CIIH Some may last: some may pine, Whatever the outcome, ain't love fine? Zoom , X y WKQEEQ CM,rfy ncnmw Q L Me 522 Chem zwor? PQLJ I-HT M! S5 H.+.n.-gs We QCKETI 2 Sauna-Room LIFE Wyfcyfff? Heesey za Q3 3, R s 3, , ks, 1 ?iHw?3w isxggggb au Ourfpv ., 5: rf 'W J! .. 'R A A PM r .Uaws 1 -a ,E L, 5774741 A-.nl Bday FACE SAY fi' 1 W Ffv is? 49 If QQ Q W , ne w - :--f,. .. a :if W. H :Q +5 X an Q iw 13 l 1 ' K bw V V LLV? S55 5 az Aw CON CL USION OF BASKETBALL SFASON L!m'fyL LLLLL. 34 X Arcola L L L L L L L UnifyLLLLLLLL45 X Lon9w'elvLL L LL30 UnifyLL LLL6I X LeroyLLL LLL44 UniryL L LL L L L 69 X SI. Joe L L L 29 UnifyL L L L L 45 X Tuscola L L L L LL 46 UniIyL L LL L L L 40 X Maholnef L L L L L 34 Regional Tournament Um'lyLLL LLN7l X Sf.JoeLLLLL LLL3l UIu'fyL L L L L 5 I X Clfahzpalbn L L L L L L 63 Koverfifhe! 44 We wish to show our appreciation to these merchants and friends for their support of the ROCKET. Their financial assistance enabled the ROCKET staff and the school to publish this edition of the ROCKET. lt is our wish that the students and friends of Unity Senior High School patronize the merchants whose names are found on these pages. AUCTIONEERS Lloyd Cole Sidney ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT CO. Anderson and Beck Danville AUTO DEALERS Harden's at Tolono Tolono BANKS Citizens Bank of Tolono Tolono Philo Exchange Bank Philo BARBER SHOPS Moore's Barber Shop Tolono BEAUTY SALONS Helen Crawford Tolono DoIl's Doll-Up Shop Philo Juanita Smith Tolono Mildred Shipley Tolono CAFES M. 81 M. Cafe Philo EIIar's Cafe Philo BilI's Cafe Sidney CLEANERS Reliable Cleaners Tolono CONTRACTORS Guy C. Hoover Philo Frank Lannon Tolono Clem Scott Champaign J. H. Strack Sadorus DENTISTS Dr. Jerry Gorman Champaign 8. Sidney DEPARTMENT STORES Albrecht's Dry Goods Tolono The Cole Co. Department Sidney Fehrenbacker's Dry Goods Philo HoII's Department Store Sadorus W. -Lewis 8. Co. Champaign F. K. Robeson 81 Co. Champaign DOCTORS R. J. Brennan Philo G. F. Fishel Tolono M. W. Hedgecock Champaign G. P. Hesselschwerdt Toloro F. J. Ricketts Sadorus J. F. Hilgenburg Pesotum H. C. Bowser Sidney DRUG STORES CoIee's Drug Store Sadorus Store ELECTRIC SHOPS Harper's Electric Shop Tolono Matsler's Electric Shop Tolono ELEVATORS Champaign Co. Grain Ass. Philo Delong Elevator Sadorus V. L. Horton Tolono Pesotum Grain Co. Pesotum Sadorus Co-op Elevator Sadorus Sidney Grain Elevator Sidney J. C. Trost 8. Co. Philo C. A. Zelle Tolono FUN ERAL HOMES Walter B. Luce Tolono FURNITURE STORE Reliable Furniture Co. Champaign GARAGES Craft's Garage Sadorus Glenn Long Tolono Mason's Garage 8- Service Sta. Sadorus L. R. Rexroad Tolono T. M. 0'NeiII Philo Wiese Garage Tolono GAS SUPPLY COMPANY Jack Bell Skelgas Urbana GROCERY STORES L. E. Bedient Pesoturn Burkholders Grocery Tolono Hoagland Stores Inc. Tolono Klitzing 8. Son Grocery Sadorus HARDWARE STORES Cole's Hardware Co. Sidney Hazen 81 Franks Sidney, Philo, 81 Tolono The Home Hardware Pesotum IMPLEMENT DEALERS Harshbarger Implement Co Urbana R. W. Riegel-International Hvst Tolono V INSURANCE AGENCIES Al. Schroeder-Farm Ins. Co Sadorus JEWELRY Herff Jones Indianapolis LUMBER CO. Fred A. Smith-Lumber Co Pesotum Hazen 8. Franks Sidney, Philo, 81 Tolono MUSIC STORE School Music Service Champaign NEWSPAPERS The Tolono Herald Tolono OFFICE SUPPLY COMPANIES Maginn Office Supply Co. Champaign OIL DEALERS Cliff Cekander-Standard Oil Epperson's Service Station Sidney Wilson Mumm's Service Station Sidney Stip's Service Station Sidney Woodworth's Service Station Tolono SHELLING 81 TRUCKING Frank Baker Jr. Sadorus Art Plotner Sadorus Philo Raymond Heimburger-Strd. Oil 5301500 BNS- Tolono Tolono PHOTOGRAPHERS SOFTBALL PARKS Blankenbe,-gs Sadorus Softball Recreation Kankakee Park Sadorus POULTRY, CREAM, 8. EGGS SUPPLY CO. C. R. Bonnell 8: Sons Sidney Cler Supply Co. Tolono POULTRY 81 LIVESTOCK DEALERS COMPLIMENTS of Harry Wall I Tolono Chuck S Tolono RADIO SHOP Walt Flanigan Tolono Mel Charles Radio Shop TOIOVIO Grothe's Place Tolono REPAIR SHOPS Hutchinson's Blair's Repair Shop Sadorus Tolono ' 0'NeilI Bros. Johnson's Welding 8. Repair Philo Philo Rex Ray SEED CORN DEALERS Tolono John T. Smith 8. Sons Shipley's Tolono Tolono SERVICE STATIONS O. D. Curry Tolono Dewey Robinson ToIono We, the staff of the l95O ROCKET, wish to express our appreciation for the contributions from those who wish to remain anonymous. AIIHIIIHAPHS FWF X UWJW Mmm A GLA xg HEQXX C7 0 Q AX Amy,-SOL 'X ' L, by A 3eke.50-Wigs JY sob Ames Thy Q 'R-fo NXT A heerxorU5ou.x-E Abfqffyre SX i'MTY1fXG35Xf,A.,wX w 1'6f3 xr. SRE? VJSVK 5 A X CoLovsXQS""i:1Xj4ei4JLA UMM 3 Fhbsok OUT loira BXQSR, lYk -the X-dvd 4X A ffbfwesmno ,W 'QC-W pg? J 8 AIIHHIRAPHS i ERsJ1y-IATZYEARBOOKS MYERS AND C0 INC TOPEKA KANSAS , ,. . - L , ', .f ' . ff "' ' 'V : .eh qu . .'f":Jj.?',2i 12-.' f f.,..',,-y-. x,-.j,jt.,- -1- ff- , I1 '4,2,L!,1 f 3' xc, .V 5 I ' I ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' X H , 4 ,f Y . if xyh :Tx 'fb 14 1,4 :iff j 'S ff 11 Nr f- If .Al 6- R S-is J". t nf ,,f ali. I 1 f ,Z E1 f Vi -A 'x s.. u 2.- Or -xx A .,,.'. 4 1 fr' 'i 'Hx if: . TEX Z-All il' 1 .nj N , -5 Q. ina wg' . ii K-.. -If fu 5. QP. gf, 2'f if IZ, iff: ,Ag 'wi- , 'fp . "H .I R' TEN" - . 5' f, YI E ,I .,, .ff n"".f ,, ,f .J -f ,QQ F-Q 1 Lg"-' ,ff l ff 3,1 fr, '7' 4f, f'f"'f1w'f R -' Q ,41f'-ienfx .f 2- z.. . -f '- 1 W . .2 -' f- -0 I." 'fly- .. f.. 72 f. ,ai V Ni Nev. 'iff iff' ffrw .A Ns ff af , . ,fav ,frfff rf ff 19:91, ,,,s,

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