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F! XXX A rf in '- X, X, X X 'E' -4 W 'f ' 'kv 3" AQQQJ ,"J M . P ,..nf.iy -1,-,fv'1 ,gf-.XX a' . ,Q ,ii ,iafm4 " ',A,:+f' 313 A 1 N. ! 3517 ' v 5. ' g2QeZ.3?87't!'4Q,i' 7 3. . '- k ,, -, 5 fa X 5 if T k 1 . -:fA ,.f 1 nv 1 W? . if V f rf ' . sf , ,Q.XXXX,f,X, 3 2 A' XX. 'gi X, ,Y - , M, ': .X gpja, X '53 ,em 3,?X1NX 45? efgn 3. J' , 1 w-irq 'M ' f f 'fy . -. X . N X If -vw Fi , X - " . M3 1 J -f ,lj K X 'Q Q 1 ..:2fm.-:Sf . ff . E .94 XE Q 1: XX -f :aff ',4f fi A 5 f' 5 ff T" R 9 V Q 5 X K -4 ' : f' ,N ing qv igifvsii 2' X2 'fi X L '3X,'- V Iwi X X i ,R x .NL Q . ' .f .sf if Q' X 3.5! X X. , . . . ,,, ,gf 'SXXIXX ff XXI. ig. ' f 'k v jgl X1 XXXX Xiggil ff fa? 31, kg 'maui-k"L,11:,f"2JiiiajQg'h' if -- jg., if fx ,, R 15' . , g,.+'f? 1 5 pf. " .X X Y, asf 'U 'q 'Q' ' 3,144 X, XX Lg A ',.r X Af XX' 1, XXX XX, T X Q4 X XX ,M ,,,, X Q IQ. XL 5, 1 X: X: X X, 4 X X KX an 5, X: ,.XX if 1 X1 - ,XXX X X - -.-.+ ww. '- , . 'M ... , ,V 4 .. 2 14. . . 4-'fi 1 Q H :MX XE X ,. - 5554 1 X fb, 4? 2, f .gf gp .HX XL ,XA 553:44 XX JF? I . X.- . F3 f f 2 ' 4" 1 w -1X. .X ,' jg I. , ji :" " A A ' -' 'L W iim "!! ' ,L,t?' J '- 1. 'E if ,,. Asif? ug ii? M' 4 ,Qfjf ffwg' w ., ' .5 . L' 2 ,,iw,j,,nX, XX v X, j XXNX XX XX ,gin A , Q , X 'Yagi Q-pi - 'Q w fNi :gf . .91 X- X ji, ,sg . , ,,tX,,3,,X fmf ,, ,Al ,xy X,'q'2,, ,!-My X iff. ' "' f' 1 V 'lr -if ,yfji 5 ENQJQV 51 Q' 'Lf . ,. ,, vi .Q X' X my A. .11 X1 ,XX . X 5 ' fx v Q L!! 5gf?."'? 'v 'fi . A ,. . . XX' X I-5 A X7 X V in '-Xi' 1 X1 JQL XXX? A, XX XXX. .J I ,vXXX. ft 5 ' ' 9' 'xi 'filf M - g..f'fa Q N uv , ,E.' 1 P 'Lf' 7 ' 1. A J . H 'i -+7 ,. ,'A . . 1 R- H 4 45 Q. I wr WX ugffg JXIFXQM, X X . ,. . . as ',X sf fe Q f . . .fiffaiff gfff45.gXf ' . Kgi?.f1'a,Q.sw"i?f3,'5l?s,aQ1g2,' in X.'i,w1xXfk5gi,Xt,i, .5554-5 A X9-., A AVNV .QL X , ,tif ,wb-55' '1 Fi QQ wi "' 3' 1" 'Q gf-qlg:f21A"fNfX - X s,351v,fi ,X ,fir A AI , ..,. wg. , wi! ' . .XX ' 5 f ,' ' 'PY' ef, ,lg-W' RQ fa-445 5 a - Q if 2 . +,1-:Li g -v,,,,m'fiX. +L 3 M, ,gf.iy,fXJiQ-, :- ' M ' - yfq. XXAX 3 X1fgfAXXg:f7 if. Eli, if iff? . 5 ,X J W 1 X , ,X . , .44-Q 1.4-1 , . ,HX . . w ' 14.v. w.Qvw ' f M... we if . ' ...Suriv-4. u1 ma. -1 53 :1 ff'-V'1+fz?.'f. Q .J 2 M "Ev,,!T.f NXXQv,x,X2, .A ,',X kX,?-gf gf? 3 ,+,QXf2Xg?- .4 -1- r' ' , ' f -' .fx I, .' . -1-Q ' 1 '4'5fl5'y5 -i f We ka '31 aw ,E -'Z '1swf5.g.+N?3,If .iff-. ' " MJi? 5 if .Q QE R- ., .41 - , .4 . . fL an . if ff , W M J A . ' 21.16 ' ,H f. 1? -1, ,4 H X f f , U h" Q ' fr .5 'Xu -.f ig " , 'Z'C'X5' ,1,--pw Q XX ' , X . , . - XXX, + MXX XXXVX, QXXQ X C? ff-Q5 A Editor.......... Assistant Editor Business Manager... Art Committee... Pictures....... Fypists.... A L F F ....lhyne Salter ....Mab1e Schultz .Orville Van Sleet Marlea Atcherson .....June Schultz .........Jean Felt Shirley Mellenthin Dorothy Rydberg ......E1a1ne Domer Dorraine Williams Verna Johnson 4 ff 3 ff Nm TXX ' X' f J 3 Qllliing K f-1 f Q A-K V 5,X,Qx, 1 X- , Q' fi' Ax Q xx? ,Q j Ex XX 7 QRS Wa, 52353225 1 annual f o Ea'a'ie, Ecfwarolfve WSJ, wfo is now 15 ffre14rmeOl!C2Y'Ces- EClGll'C leff our chs-5 fhe fasf of Ocfalaerfa answer Uwe call of 615 Counir , fn-- jdlh df! Ure ffasures qmffa ffv'?f'l'66 Zrwflf ef al yf Zza,f,"'1l',,.,f 'Ll .,f'A, lZJ2l'fl'm aT'Ae Cxiffu fl: 5-Jie, IN MEMORIAM Absent from these pages for the first time in many years is Albert Wieland, our old school janitor. On this page we wish to extend a tribute to him for his loyal, conscientious service to this school. , .xiw f -.Q , f 5 "'?iff55s1QIf' . ,. -, km A . ,.., A5 , x Y., S' .-A J , mimi 1 afufiazivels T2 ' 'J 4 145215223 f 'lifif.--51-'iiif,-'?1 Ei A - ey-2 - ,V M5 "g255sf?5- f-'Q--.Ms Q 73 Puaus Scnoos., 0827! ms. M . f f 2 fx 9 HISTORY OF UNITY PUBLIC SCHOOL Our first log schoolhouse, consisting of a one room plan, was erected in 1874. At the time, it was sufficient for the few pupils, and Mr. H. L. Jacobitz was the first teacher. He was succeeded by Mary Eastman and she by I. J. Austin, respectively. It was I. J. Austin, who started the two room system, with four lower elementary grades in one room. Later, in the year of 1885, John R. Salter, graduate of the University of Wisconsin, started our first High School. His first graduating class consisted of the following: Fred Vaughan, John Fremont, Arthur Ransom, Jennie Cook, Worden Cook, Calvin Burton, and Grant McCurdy. In 1890, a fire caused by several pupils playing with matches in the woodshed destroyed the school- house. After a short time a new one was constructed, being much better equipped, but soon it was too Small- Our present school was built in 1911. S C H O U L J A N I T O R This school year, we welcomed a new janitor to our school ---- Clarence Edblom. Clarence is taking the place of Albert Weiland who passed away last summer. Clarence is well liked by everyone and keeps himself busy keeping the school clean. SENIOR AUTOGRA -5- W1 -Q E gf cixgqx HJ HQtS 55 Ni S N we F 0 R E W O R D YOUTH, UTHE WORLD IS YGURSW Young ladies and gentlemen, yours is a generation that has a greater challenge to face than any that has ever preceded it. Probably that statement has been made to every generation, but with the chaos and turmoil, that you will find in the world to- day, you have much more to challenge you than your forefathers. This 1945 class of Unity High School is going out to face a corrupt world. You are going to meet great competition and you are able to overcome it, but nevertheless the world is yours, young Americans, and through the Eieat of your labors and the strength of your dreams, you will make the heritage secure for yourselves and your children. Through the cooperation spirits of the seniors the publication of this yearbook was make possible. I am very proud to be associated with such a fine group of young Americans. M. W. SWAN, Principal . . 15 F A C U L T Y BACK ROW: Fercinand Hux, Melvin Swan, Albert Wagner. FRONT SJW: Anita Hlbbard, Nina Olson, Mary Jane Mallory, Mildred Perschke, Ruth Graves. Mr. Rux Miss Graves Mr. Swan Mr. Wagner SCIENCE SOC. SCIEHCL MATH BAND Mrs. Hibuard Mrs. Olson Miss Mallory Miss Perschke GRATIS CJVVLRJIAL GRADVS CHAPES G-7-S l-2 3-4-5 S C THEODORE H . DOMER Director 8 years H O O L B O A R D THEODORE R. SALTER Treasurer 9 years JOHN P. SEIBEL Clerk 1 year TOGRAP "'7'T""'T KW .S U 0 V 'E ll I 0 K ff- 5 ff!! fri: JY f7Ff ,gi 5 .' , .- ,.-. ,, ',,,,,..-- O , .. 'f ' f . 1 , "uf 4"! - ' 1 v---..."F ,WI f 1 fb,-' , 1, -,s" '. 9 ,' ' 1 ' , ,I 4. - . ,' "" ' g 3,11 -5 n' -,v -f . -. L 12- i':ff7Z,' v . . li COLGR FLOWER Blue and White White Carnation MOTTO Clhnb Though The Rocks Be Rugged We'll.climb, though the rocks be rugged, And But We've climbed a little way, gathered flowers of learning, To crown this happy day, now our paths look rugged, And very steep and long, We'll have to be so careful But The SO, And To keep from turning wrong. birds will sing about us, The zephyrs gently blow, sun will shine in splendor, To show us where to go: gazing ever upward, We'l1 press on all the time, though the rocks be rugged, We'1l climb and climb and climb! MARLEA ATCHERSJN IlAtChy9l "Sometimes quiet, sometimes shy, But the rest of the time--oh my.' Carnival Play 13 Jr. Class Play 52 Sr. Class Play 43 Student Council 45 Annual Staff 4. EENZUES KCLAEV tl? 45 ELAINE DOMER nDomer' Ulf she will, she will, You may depend on it. If she won't, she won't And there is the end of it.n Band l, 2, 3, 43 Forensics 53 Cheer- leading 2, 3, 43 Jr. Class Play 57 Sr. Class Play 43 Chorus 1, 2, 53 Annual Staff 43 Basketball 2, 5. 25 JEAN FEIT nLeafW 'Full of fire and mischief too3 Doing things she shouldnft do.n Cheerleading 2, 3, 43 Sr. Class Play 43 Jr. Class Play 33 Band 1, 2, 5, 43 Chorus l, 2, 51 Annual Staff 43 Basketball 2, 3. . VERNA JOHNSON nJohnnyn 'Where there is music there is love3 My ambition is to be a great musician.n Band 1, 2, 5, 43 Carnival Queen 43 Jr. Class Play 53 Sr. Class Play 43 Chorus l, 2, 53 C Basketball 2, 5, 43 Annual Staff 4. EENIEE5 Q-95V 25 SHIRLEY MELLENTHIN 'Me1lenthinu 'She likes them short, She likes them tall, You know and I know She likes them all.n Sr. Class Play 45 Annual Staff 43 Basket ball 23 Jr. Band lg Chorus 1, 2, 3. DOROTHY RYDBERG Nm ttyl! nLaughing, talking, never still, Ever bubbling like a ri1l.' Annual Staff 43 Chorus 1, 2, 52 Jr. Class Play 53 Sr. Class Play 45 Forensics 1, 5, 43 Basketball 2, 5, 4. WAYNE SALTER nSa1tN nA1l the great men are dying, and I don't feel so well myself.' Forensics 1, 23 Band l, 2, 5, 43 Chorus 53 Jr. Class Play 33 Sr. Class Play 4g Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Carnival King 43 Carnival Play 1, 2, 45 Annual Staff 4, Class Pres. 5, 4, Student Council 3, 43 Track 2, 3, 43 Soft Ball 2, 4. EEXEQEE 'QZQEEV MABLE SCHULTZ 'Mablen nAn innocent face- but you never can te11.' Band l, 2, 5, 43 Forensics 1, 2, 3, 43 Chorus 1, 2, 53 Jr. Class Play 33 Sr. Class Play 43 Carnival Play 2, 4 Annual Staff 43 Class Sec. k Treas 3, 4. 27 Q P o ORVILLE VAN SLEET nOrv1en WLate hours aren't good for one but they're all richt for two.u Basketball lg 2, 3, 43 Jr. Class Play 53 Sr. Class Play 43 Class President 13 Class Vice Pres. 2, 43 Student Council 2, 43 Track 2, 5, 43 Soft Ball 2, 4. DORRAINE WILT IAVS N1br1..yW 'You'll get along in the world of worry, If you take life slow and don't bother to hurry. Annual Staff 43 Jr. Class Play Sr. Class Play Basket ball 23 Jr. Band 13 Chorus 1, 2, 5 33 43 'Hi Eddie ----- Wherever you are-- Our thoughts are with you Be it near or far. We wish you luck In all that you do-- We need not worry For you'1l come through.' EDWARD MEWS 'Eddien nGirls, He's not shy: Take a look, Then give a sigh.n Carnival Play 13 Basketball 1, 2, 33 Jr. Class Play 33 Class Vice President 33- Student Council 23 Track 2, 33 Softball 2. Entered Service In Nov. C L A S S P R O P H E C Y MARLEA BELL hums nSweet and Lown Snug in her vine covered bungalow. The critics claim they've never heard A symphony like IOMER'S Third. JEAN is tops in her proffessiong She writes tales for True Confession. VERNA'S RAF and skyward boundg Germans nrawthern hit the ground. SHIRLEY gave New York City a whirl When Esguire chose her as nPetty G1rl.' EDWARD leads Q simple life lith a native for a wife. DOROTHY ELIZABETH has joined the Waves And there she is with Wgobs' of slaves. WAYNE SALTER has rew desires Since he sings in all best choirs. In heaviest battle, MABLE'S never nervous. She's a Red Cross nurse in Uncle Sam's Service Alas, Alackl Through a fault in his logic, 0RVIE'S minus a toe from a chemical project. DORRAINE knits with stitches trim, All her efforts are for him! 30 C L A S S H I S T O R Y In the year of 1941, twenty-five bewildered Freshies trudged up the steps of Unity High to take their seats in the Freshman row. Five of these Freshies became frightened and soon left us: they were Clifford Rineheart, Orville Domer, Theresa Shrieber, Milton Dommer, and Duane Landwher. After enduring an initiation party given by the Sophmores, we became full fledbed members of the High School. Although we furnished much amusement to the upper classmen, we.had a high scholastic standing and a great interest in outside activities. Our Class officers were: Orville Van Sleet, President: Joyce Bauer, Vice President: and Delores Mews, Secretary and Treasure. In September, 1942, we entered U. H. S. as Sophmores. Eva Jean Lang failed to return, but with the addition of Donald Hederer from Marshfield and Robert Evert from Spencer we had a class of twenty-one members. We enjoyed giving the Wgreen Freshiesn their initi- ation. Again we contributed members to band, chorus, basket-ball and forensics. After the first semester Joyce Bauer left us. Our class officers were: Robert Ewert, President: Orville Van Sleet, Vice President: and Shirley Larson Secretary and Treasurer. As Juniors,1n 1943, we were joined by Eva Jean Lang from Colby. Later Beverly Colby, Shirley Larson, Eleanore Greening, Alvina Bauer, and Donald Hederer left us. Delores Mews became a member of the Senior Class of '44. we elected the following Class officers: President, Wayne Salter: Vice President, Edward Mews: Secretary and Treasure, Mable Schultz. In April we gave our Class play entitled nAn American is Bornu under the direction of our class adviser Urs. Olson. It proved to be a great success. 51 We participated in the Junior-Senior Ball, Band, Forensics, and Athletics with a good deal of interest. Last fall we returned to Unity H1 again to finish our last year of school. Eva Jean Lang failed to return and Robert Ewert left shortly. We elected as our Class President, Wayne Salterg Vice President, Orville Van Sleetg and Secretary and Treasurer, Mable Schultz. In November Edward Mews left us to enter the services of Uncle Sam. In the spring we gave our Class Play entitled 'Motner- in-Law Blues under the direction of Mr. Swan our Class advisor. We gave our Prom May 4, 1945. Both proved to be a great success. H O R R O H S C O P E NAME--FAVORITE OCCUPATION-WANTS TO BE--PROBABLY WILL BE Marlea talking housewife old ma4d Elaine eating candy secretary bathing beauty Jean dancing short still tall Verna farming pilot farmerette Shirley writing letters Hedy Lamarr butcher's wife Edward reading newspaper General K. P. worker Dorothy office girl WAVE WAC Wayne flirting witn girls opera star yodeler Mable doing Geometry stenographer a riveter Orville sleeping all star pin up boy Dorraine giggling Army wife Navy wife 32 C L A S S W I L L We the class of 1945, in ten individual and distinct parts, being about to pass out of this sphere of education, in full possession of a crammed mind, well trained memory, and almost superhuman understanding, do make and publish this, our last will and testament, hereby revoking and making void all former wills or promises by us at any time heretofore made, or mayhap, carelessly spoken, one to the other, as the thought- less wish of an idle hour. And first we do direct that our funeral services shall be conducted by our friends and well-wishers, our guardians for so long, only asking, as the last injunction of the dying, that the funeral be carried on with all the dignity and pomp that our worth, our merit, our attainments, and our positions as Seniors of 'grave and reverend mien,' must certainly have deserved. As to such estate as it has pleased the Fates and our own strong hands and brains to win for us, we do dispose of the same as follows: We give and bequeath to the dear faculty, who have been our instructors in all the wisdom of the ages, a sweet and unbroken succession of restful nights and peaceful dreams. No longer need they lie awake through the long watches of the night to worry over the uncertainty of whether this one is doing her night work, or that one will have his mathematics in the morning class, or the other one will remember every iron-clad rule of compositional techinque in the preparation of her essay. It has been a hard strain on them, for Seniors are said to be at all times and under all conditions difficult to manage. But they have all done their duty, and verily, now they shall have their well- earned reward. To the class of 1946, we bequeath our humor, intelligence, and seats in the assembly. To the sophmores we leave any stub of pencil, scraps of paper, wade of gum, and any additional knowledge we have failed to obtain from our drivers educational course, here by hoping they will use it to the best of there ability. 33 To the freshman we leave our Senior dignity--may they uphold it forever in spite of their natural light mindedness and irresponsibility. I, Marlea Atcherson, will my studious nature, goo-goo eyes, and pigeon toes to-Elaine Johnson. I, Elaine Ibmer, will my cheerleading position to Betty Rinquist and clarinet position to Daniel Drescher. I, Jean Felt, will my heighth, hair do's, and laughing ability to Joyce Gauger. I, Verna Johnson, will my saxophone playing ability to Kenny Josephson and sports ability to Samuel Drescher. I, Shirley Mellenthin, bequeath my dancing slippers and formal to Norma Matson. I, Edward Mews, will my position in the Army to Marvin Kilty. I, Dorothy Rydberg, will my small feet and love for dark haired boys to Audrey Reckner. I, Wayne Salter, will my trombone playing ability to Darlene Molle, and my tenor voice to Bob Cook. I, Mable Schultz, will my seat in the assembly and my ability to get "Ms" to June Schultz. I, Orville Van Sleet, will my basketball ability and my love of early hours--in the morning--to Billy Creed. I, Dorralne Williams, will my features and letter writing ability to Adella Hebert. H U M O R CLERK: Here-s a greeting card with a beautiful sentiment: 'To the only girl I ever Loved'. ORVIE: Wonderful, I'll take a dozen of those. -25455561-I? 69696562-iii?-255552-'29-li'-2546 DOROTHY: Wayne, now that we're engaged, you'll give Me a ring, lon't you? WAYNE: Of course I will, darling--what's your phone number? G!--IH? 5Hi-'ZI-'2H!'61-lf'N'Ni1-'?i-ii-K- VERNA: What's a boycott? DELORES: Dunno, unless it's a davenports' little brother! 54 H U M O R MAXINE'S FATHER: Young man, we turn the lights out at 10:50 in this house. EDDY W: Gee, that's darn nice of you. 45631-61-i? -ZHHHH? QHF EHHI-71 46-N- Hoping to get a rise out of the farmer hoeing in a field BOB COOK called, nHey, FAT, did you see a wagon load of monkeys go by here? WNo,' replied FAT, 'did you fall off?n '25-!Hi"3H1"'!G-ZHH5-I?iI -1545-ZHH6-!1"I9 Mr. Swan was recently stopped in Unity for driving through a stop sign and was given a ticket calling for his appearance in traffic court the following Monday. He went at once to the judge, told him that he had to be at his classes then, and asked for the immediate disposal of his case. nSo,W said the judge sternly, nyou're a school teacher. That's fine. Master, your presence here fulfills a longstanding ambition for me. For years I have yearned to have a schoolteacher in this court. Now,n he tnundered, nyou sit right down at that table over there-and write 'I went through a stop sign"5OO t1mes.n 'ltiii--Z5-I!-fl!-if-6925 EH- EH?-IHHP-I6-Z5 In Atlanta it In Mobile her Cincinnati it Betty Jane in In old Philly Down in Tampa was Mabel, name was Flo. was Eblly, Buffalo. it was Mary, it was Jean. But on his week's expense sh eet, It was 'Meals and Gasoline.n 'IHHL GH? '26 QHHE 41-91-FS 5555335 'FHF KENNY: Lend me ten dollars, please, I left my purse at home. BOB N: Here's a quarter, take a cab and go get it. esasaeeeeeeeaeeeeeeeeeesceaeaessaeee Une advantage of having a wooden leg is that you can lnld up your stockings with thumbtacks. 1- Wx M55 v lfirli r' 7' E 4? ., sl' 0 1' I ' ". , -5' Z...- '-1 -' . 37 J U N I O R C L A S S H I S T O R Y BACK ROW: Elaine Landwehr, Edward Winkler, Delores Martens. FRONT ROW: Betty Potz, Lorna Redetzke, Mrs. Olson, Adviser, Audrey Reckner, Darlene Molle. ABSENT: Robert Nelson. The Junior Class of l944 are well on their way toward the senior goal, and what better class than the juniors could be taking over the work of the seniors. All members of the class readily take part in band, forensics, and athletics, and other school activities During the first semester Marion Pech, Beverly Evert, Harold Hendrickson, and Gilbert Allar failed to return. President............. .....Edward Winkler Vice Pres1dent.... ....Ela1ne Landwehr Sec. Treas... ....Robert Nelson -3I-2S-41-5S-Ii--N--?S-N--!!--I1--BI--2f-?1-i6-21-i8'-2P-H- PHYSICS TERMS ATOM: First man. BEAKER: Large. INDUCTION: Method of getting acquainted. MOLAR SOLUTION: Listerine. SECANT: 1f6O of a minute. VOLT: To cast a ballot. 59 S O P H O M O R E C L A S S H I 5 T O R Y BACK ROW: Samuel Drescher, Boyd Jost, Bob Cook, Gerhardt Schultz, Lloyd Jost. MIDDLE Row: Elaine Johnson, Adella Hebert, Nellie Harvey, Leatrice Jost, Elaine Ayer, Miss Graves, Adviser. FRDNT ROW: Daniel Drescher, June Schultz, Ruth Peterson, Ruby Justman, Kenneth Josephson. 'The fall of 1944 brought fifteen sophomores into the classrooms of Unity High for a second year of study and activity. Unable to forget the tricks and stunts the Junior class has played on them a year ago, their thoughts turned toward revenge on the present freshman. An initiation party was given in honor of the new students as well as the new teachers. School spirit was shown in Forensics, Band, and Athletics. President............ ....Samuel Drescher Vice President... ....Ruby Justmann Sec. Trees... ....Adella Hebert Love is one game that is never called off on account Of darkness. 'if-I!--If-BE-X--it'lHHHI'-2!--5HHZ--If--IHS? JUNE: re you still take your morning bath, Jean? JEAN: Never miss it. Sometimes I take it hot, sometimes I take it cold, and when I'm in a hurry I take it for granted. 41 F R E S H M A N C L A S S H I S T O R Y BACK ROW: Grace Landwehr, Gerald Hendrickson, James Drescher, Ralph Cook, Marvin Kilty, Maxine Salter. MIDDLE ROW: Harold Boyer, Betty Rinquist, Velda Pipkorn, Nancy Colby, Billy Creed, Mr. Rux, Adviser. FRONT ROW: Joyce Gauger, Leona Mews, Joanne Tennis, LaVon Domer, Norma Matson. nFreshman at lastln We tried the phrase on our tongues as Ninth graders--and yet a fragment of the inestimable whole. During the year four have withdrawn, namely, Kathlyn Allain, Marion Ewert, Elaine Rinquist, and Delbert Thieme. Shortly after school began we were initiated by the sophmores. Despite the fact that we were only freshman we have taken part in athletics, forensics, band, and other activities. Several members of the class have been honor students. President............. ....Harold Boyer Vice President.... ...Grace Landwehr Sec. Treas... .....LaVon tbmer sea-reefs-:ea L+' L Halt! Who goes there? American. Advance and recite the second verse of nThe Star Spangled Bannern, I don't know it. Proceed American. 1? I Q if.. v 5 Y ' . 'aww' x',.e S, W.-1:1 ,,fz,,. .L V 7 6 ' ' k 7 s ' 1,1 :W A -2 .u., -Q ,-4 . -4- N. 1s , . MMT, e A "i"A N Ami z',2., if ig R f 1 v if V ' A 'CQ js ,E P xx K , ' MWPAY 1 V IE ? 2, ig' X6 V wr as I W 5x,p,,,.,,4 K we K ww xy .. A ,,..,,,,,, ' 5. ,, ,xxx x ,pu-...nv is - A 4:4 U 45 G R A D E S 6 - 7 - 8 BACK HOW: Lyle Johnson, Marvin Mews, Gilbert Wiedenhoeft, Billy Hartl, Tommy Loughead, Ray Cook, Mrs. Hibbard, Teacher. MIDDLE ROW: Darlene Fischer, Virgene Colby, Dorothy Hoffman, Juleine Mandel, Betty Salter, Winnie Hoffman. FRONT ROWp Paul Ericson, Donald Hendrickson, Bobby Scballer, Arlene Gustafson, Gerald Allar, Roy Hartl, Vern Kilty. ABSENT: Ervin Jewett, Louis Hartl. G R A D E S 3 - 4 - 5 BACK ROW: Calvin Ewert, Russell Lynn, Shirley Allar, Theresa Stencil, Janet Johnson, Gordon Lynn, Jeromme Tennis, Miss Perschke, Teacher. MIDDLE ROW: Robert Johnson, Frederick Hendrickson, Levi Mews, Renata Johnson, Ruby Hebert, Diane Williams, Alvin Peterson, Jimmy Mews, Vernon Schweke. FRONT ROW: Barbara Hederer, Wallace Carlson, Merle Jewett, Jerry Hebert, Robert Hebert, Sally Salter, LeRoy Meisner, Berdine Landwehr. G R A D E S 1 - 2 BACK ROW: Rae Ann loughead, Betty Mews, Shirley Swan, Antoinette Hebert, Patsy Johnson, Miss-Mallory, Teacher FRONT ROW: Allan Gustafson, Margardt Hartl, Reid Johnson, Jim y Hoffman, Maridene Hendrickson, Geraldine Fischer, Donald Reiden. TOGRAP ,, K Q5 DS 0 ? f' Q' R OU' E 92 f YQ QQ QF C2 47 B A S K E T B A L L BACK ROW: Mr. Swan, Coach, Ralph Cook, Boyd Jost, Gerhardt Schultz, Lloyd Jost, Harold Boyer, Gerald Hendrickson, Manager. FRONT ROW: Edward Winkler, Orville Van Sleet, Robert Cook, Wayne Salter, Kenneth Josephson. UNITY HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL SCHEDULE 1944-45 We The Nov. 10 Westooro, here I7 T72 Nov. 14 Pittsville, there 25 17 Nov. 22 Alumni, here 15 51 Nov. 28 Granton, there 25 12 Dec. 5 Westboro, there 7 21 Dec. 8 Loyal, there 17 25 Dec. 15 Colby, here 10 22 Dec. 20 Greenwood, here 22 52 Jan. 9 Pittsville, here 22 25 Jan. 12 Spencer, there 15 27 Jan. 19 Granton, here 25 22 Jan. 26 Loyal, here 18 14 Feb. 1 Colby, there 18 21 Feb. 6 Dorchester, there 55 10 Feb. 9 Greenwood, there 25 56 Feb. 16 Spencer, here 50 24 Feb. 19 Dorchester, here 56 15 DISTRICT TOURNAMENT Feb. 21 Edgar 22 42 Feb. 22 Colby 18 50 Josephson... ...GUARDS.... ...Van Sleet Salter... ....FORWARDS.... ....W1nk1er Robert Cook... ...CENTER C H E E R L E A D E R S This year's cheerleaders were Jean Felt, LaVon Domer, Elaine Domer, and June Schultz. They all showed plenty of pep and enthusiasm throughout the sport season. Jean Felt and Elaine Homer will graduate this year so come on every one ---- let's see you out for cheerleading next year! G I R L S B A S K E T B A L L There were seven girls on the girls team this year. Verna Johnson, Ielores Martens, Dorothy Rydberg, Leona Mews, Lorna Redetzke, Elaine Domer, and Elaine Johnson. Three of the girls are seniors. They played Loyal here and there, and Dorchester there and at Abbotsford. They were assisted by Mr. Swan and Miss Graves. GIG-S.S?2dLx 191lLJ8ht 001411661 Z ffasfc. AZ EarniY6L - from' Fo ra WSIGS' qi :W I 7777? N Q f-CHE? w 4 55 B A N D BACK ROW: Mr. Wagner, Director, Maxine Salter, Jean Felt, Wayne Salter, Delores Martens, Leona Mews, Gerhardt Schultz, Betty Potz, Mable Schultz, Darlene Molle, Verna Johnson, Elaine Domer. MIDDLE ROW: Grace Landwehr, Joan Tennis, Lorna Redetzke, LaVon Domer, Elaine Johnson, Kenneth Josephson, Arlene Gustafson, Elaine Landwehr, Joyce Gauger, James Drescher, June Schultz. FRONT ROW: Rae Ann Loughead, Billy Creed, Daniel Drescher, Julalne Mandel, Audrey Reckner, Samuel Drescher, Robert Cook, Tom y Loughead, Betty Salter, Winifred Hoffman, Ray Cook. The band started the year with twenty seven members. During the course of the year two new members were added making a total of twenty nine. Five seniors will be leaving us at the end of the year, but with the addition of five beginners we shall be able to make up for the loss. The band has successfully provided entertainment for P.T.A. and pep meetings throughout the year. Later on in the spring we plan to give a community concert for the townspeople who enjoy good band music. we also plan to enter the band tournament at Edgar in May . 55 D R U M M A J U R Elaine Domer, our drum major this year, led the band at the tournament at hdgar. Elaine will braduate this year. She will be missec very much in the clarinet ranks and as drum major. H I G H S C H 0 O L C A R N I V A L Each year the carnival is held, each class selects two candidates for the contest for king anc quern. This year the battle was between the juniors and seniors with tie seniors finally winning. Their candidates were Verna Johnson and Robert Ewert. Ronert discontinued school before the coronation and the senior class president, Wayne Salter, was chosen to take his Llace. BACK ROW: Joanne Tennis, June Schultz, Darlene Nolle, Verna Johnson, Wayne Salter, Robert Nelson, Ecyd Jost, billy Creed. Front how: Jimmy Voffman, Shirley Swan. 'Q' 3 X ,7 ' , Q,- 1s.L -. k fix ,CTM z xl-1' Ky up 'gk M axial? k Q' U 9 K 57 S T U D E N T C O U N C I L BACK ROW: Orville Van Slett, Edward Winkler, Bob Cook Wayne Salter, Billy Creed. FRONT ROW: June Schultz, Maxine Salter, Mr. Swan Elaine Landwehr, Marlea Atcherson. The students were represented this year by an organization called the Student Council, this council decides all problems connected with the students. It consists of a president and two members, a boy and girl from each class. President............. ...Orville Van Slett Vice President... .....Edward Winkler Sec. Treas.... ...Marlea Atcherson F O R E N S I C S BACK ROW: Bette Potz, Oratoryg Mable Schultz, Ex. Readingg Gerhardt Schultz, Oratoryg Wayne Salter, Ex. Reading, Delores Martens, Ex. Reading Maxine Salter, Humorous. FRONT ROW: Dorothy Rydberg, Ex. Reading, Elaine Ayer, Humorous, Billy Creed, Oratoryg LaVon Domer, Humorous: Joanne Tennis, Humorous. 59 S h N I O R C L A S S P L A Y BACK RUW: Ebrothy Rydberg, Mable Schultz, Orville Van Sleet, Robert Cook, Shirley Mellenthin, Dorraine Williams, Verna Johnson. FHGNT ROW: Edward Winkler, Jean Felt, Wayne Salter, Elaine Ibmer, Marlea Atcherson. nMother-in-Law Bluesn Cast of Characters Honey Dillon .... .................. ..... Jean Felt Woody Dillon ....... ...Wayne Salter Angel ............... .... Mable Schultz Mrs. Tabatha Squib... ...... Elaine Khmer Frances Biddle ...... ...Dorothy Rydberg Harvey Mortimer .... ....... Robert Cook Sylvia Arthur .... ...Marlea Atcherson Lucky Mills ..... ....... Edward Winkler Orson Tuttle .... .... Orville Van Slett Rita Harvard..... ...... Verna Johnson Hester Cummings .... ...Shirley Mellenthin Mrs. Anna Hare... .... Lorraine Williams At the start of the play Honey and Woody have been married three weeks. Woody goes out without telling Honey and with the help of a nosey old maid Honey thinks him out with another woman. She sends for her mother and then the fun bebins. with Woody holding the bag he turns the tables on uMothern in the last act and a surprising climax is given. T T X x sum I XA X- Y 1 :Q '4 Qlkf 'F' -N 6-'lv fi K Q EQ x A ' 5 . K... ' Q 4 x. I' , Q - 1' - 4 I , ,fsf 'X N X ,WW 'V ir ,Jn X, X k . , X 1 4. . V' i 31 if V N, aa, . X 9 --+ c , f xg. ' . K, A N X , ,.ffN fl W ,f s X - , 2 X X, X X ,x f N K fflrcmx Ni QX X X J ' KSN F X hx v H 3, X' QR x I , A P 3 05:5 q , :Ira - , f my iff J X f , XX ' 59 M fQR' ?5x : at J lg . I ? gg - UQ 6 'X LN Q I 003' -N N., K Q W M I -Q " Q 1 X X sff, ,W Hair like... .....Edward Winkler 63 I D E A L B O Y OF UNITY HIGH Eyes like... Nose l1ke.... Teeth like... Dress like ...... Humor like ........ Personality like... Poise like ..... ... Orville Van Sleet ......Robert Cook .....Harold Boyer ...Edward Winkler .Gerhardt Schultz Orville Van Sleet ....Robert Nelson I D E A L G I R L OF UNITY HIQI Hair like... Eyes like... Ibse like ..... Teeth like .... Dress like. .... . Humor like ........ Personality like... Poise like.. ....... ..Maxine Salter ......Verna Johnson .......June Schultz Shirley Mellenthine ......Darlene Molle .....Delores Marten ...Darlene Molle ......Mable Schultz H U M O R NR. SWAN: My Algebra class reminds me of a Christmas tree. MISS GRAVES: Why? MR. SWAN: Assorted nuts. :asaauf.,-L:L:L.'L:L:a,-L Kan.-Lszsi .. .. .. .. .. ,- .. .. ,. ,. .. 1. A 4. .. .. MARVIN K: Speaking of facial characteristics, do you know that I was once taken for Pres. Roosevelt? RALPH C: And a man once mistook me for the Kaiser. JAMES D: That's nothingg a few weeks ago an old school chum of mine stepped up to me on the street and remarked, nHoly Moses, is that you?n M O C K E L E C T I 3 N S CUTEST GIRL ---- Elaine Landwehr CUTEST BOY----Har-old Boyer MOST POPULAR GIRL ---- June Schultz MOST POPULAR BOY ---- Orville Van Sleet BEST GIRL DANCER ---- Jean Felt BEST BOY DANCER ---- Kenneth Josephson BEST GIRL ATHLETE ---- Verna Johnson TEST BOY ATHLETE ---- Orville Van Sleet BEST NATURED GIRL ---- Mable Sckultg BEST NATURED BOY ---- Gerhardt Schultz BEST DRESSED GIRL ---- Darlene Molle BEST FHESQED BOY ---- Edward Winkler School inseparables ---- Eddie and Maxine Most likely to succeed ---- Wayne Salter Hardest worker ---- Elaine Ayer School Einstein ---- Wayne Salter Most startling person ---- Mr. Swan School nwltn ---- Bob Cook School stole ---- Betty Rinquist School speedster ---- Bob Cook Most Radical person----Elaine Domer Quickest tempered ---- Jean Feit 28 4 8 9 12 15 21 22 25 6 16 24 25 26 30 31 2 5 10 14 18 21 23 24 28 65 CALENDAR OF SCHOOL EVENTS August Cmondayl School opened with a bang! September fvondayl Labor Day--no school. CFridayl Election of class officer.. KSaturdayJ Harvest festival. High school had a lunch stand. Vusic furnished by school band. fTuesdayl The Senior rings came. Cvuch excitement! fFr1dayJ Paper drive. CThursdayJ First kittenball game at Dorchester. CFridayJ Freshman were initiated by the Sophomores. CMondayJ P.T.A. meeting. Dr. Fornefeldt showed movies and the band played a few selections. October fFridayJ Hayride party for Freshman and Sophomores. Qmondayl Basketball practice started. CTuesdayJ Cal Crosshaul gave a talk of industry and Paul Bunion. the lumber Kwednesdayl Senior graduation pictures taken. CThursdayJ Small pictures taken of all students. fvondayl P.T.A. meeting. Women served and band furnished music. fTuesdayD Halloween. Everbody was good! November lThursdayD Vacation. Teachers' Convention. CFr1dayD More vacation. Convention still on. CPridayD First basketball game with Westboro lTuesdayj Basketball game. Pittsville there. fSaturdayJ High School carnival. CTuesdayJ Alumni played basketball with high school. KThursdayD Thanksgiving vacation. CFr1dayl Thanksgiving vacation. CTuesdayl Basketball game at Granton. here. December -KTuesdayJ Basketball game at Westboro. -KFr1dayJ Basketball game at Loyal. -fTuesdayD P.T.A. meeting. Men served. High school band played a few selections. -KFridayJ Colby played basketball here. -lwednesdayl Greenwood played basketball here. -CThursdayD Grade children gave operetta at hall. -CFridayJ Christmas party. Vacation. January -Qwednesdayl School opened. -iTuesdayD Pittsville played basketball here. -Qwednesdayj Seniors received invitations. -Cwednesdayl Principals meeting at loyal. -KFridayJ Basketball game at Spencer. -Cfridayj End of the first semester. -KSaturdayl Basketball boys and Coach Swan went to Madison to see Wisconsin play basketball with Minnesota. -QThursdayJ Granton played basketball here. -CFr1dayl Loyal played basketball here. Unity won -CMondayD Seniors made class play arrangements. February -KThursdayJ Annual pictures were taken. -KThursdayJ Unity played basketball at Colby. -KTuesdayJ Basketball game at Dorchester. The girls played too. -lFr1dayJ Magazine campaign started. -iFridayJ Basketball at Greenwood. -KMondayl Basket Social and P.T.A. Venting. -KTuesdayI School dismissed at noon. Reason--too much snow. -Kwednesdayl Spencer played Basketball here. We won. -CThursdayD Nr. Calhoun spoke on nlrees For To- morrown. Movies were also shown. -CMondayl Played basketball with Ibrchester at Abbotsford. 22-23--iwed., Thurs., Fri.j Basketball Tournament at Abbotsford. -CMondayl Magazine campaign ended. -KTuesdayl No school---snow. Ma r ch 2--KFridayl School party. 5--iSaturdayD 'BH team tournament at Colby, Unity vs. Colby for cnargionship. 15--CTuesdayJ Birthday party for Mr. Swan. 23--fWridnyY'Forensics contest at School. 27--CTuesdayJ District Forensics Contest at Spencer. April ---K J Sr. Class Play. May 4--KFridayJ Jr. Sr. Prom. 6--CSundayl Baccalaureate Service. 10--fThursCay5 Graduation. ll--lFridayJ Jr. Sr. Picnic. 1E--KFr1GayJ Last day of School. 9-DHHS-21' iHH5-3GiC-iHf- -I1-EH. .. 5? Hotntr Nature is a remarkable woman, but she still can't jump from summer to winter without a fall, nor frem winter to summer without a spring. TATTIR-TAIL Vy mother usos ,owcor Ny father uses luther My girlfriend uses lipstick At least thats what I gather. '.ri.-5?-Il-'.l".: fI--ll-'X-il 2?-2: ul--,.-will urn?-.rw DAMILNE: Hhy are ytu eatinb witL your knife? VABLE: Wy fork leaks. 'Q E w...,....A ? , ' AA L11 fA41'1YG llfavyzve on-vu 'Jeul Devo? xy' V7 41122 l .ins Y lv N 5 We, the Seniors of 1945, wish to exprees our deep gratitude to all who have made the publication of the 1945 QUILL possible. Eon't stop here but go on and see the names of those who backed us. We close our annual with breat appreciation of our many friends. THE EDl'DR P A T R 7 N S O W T H E P Y I L I U N I T Y Unity Feed Company Jordens Repair Shop Colby State Bank Gib's Market Snell Service Station Unity Hardware Andy's Standard Service Meisner's Barber Shop Leo's Place Hudson's Tavern Clover Farm Store Sam's Silver Coach C O L B Y Kriplean Bros. Nueller's Cafe Flieshauers Kripskey and Kneck A. F. Zillmers Ted's Service Station Frank Jackson H. H. Motor Co. F. T. Lulloff Prank Obenberger Dugout M A R S H F I E L Klinkner'S Shoe Store T. D. Hefko F. L. Zweck Swanson's Furniture Store New Star Beauty Shoiye Consumer's Store Co. Wear's Beauty Sho? Scar's 5 Roebuck Noll Hardware Walgreen Drug Store Q24 2 3 5 2 4 2 1 2 2 5 2 2 2 2 2 Q4 2 2 4 4 2 l Q5 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 O M A D N J T S F 3 R Q Vfinys Drug Store Q2 Abbotsford Harcware 2 Dr. Schmidt 1 Northwest D1s't. Co. 4 Steffen's Super Service 2 Lamonts Service 4 15 x 29 Clue . 2 Farmers Home Tavern 2 Lucky 15 2 Dobersteins 2 Northern States lower Co. 1 Coffee Shop 1 Drills Tavern 1 S P E N C K H Spencer Home 311 Co. Sl Big Four 2 Sicncer State Bank 2 Graves Vcrc. 2 Spencer Beauty ShoA1e Schultz Clover Warm Store 2 1 Seimer's Earoer Skup 1 Jcnsen's Garabe 2 Spencer Rccorc 1 Schmidt's Tavern 1 Scn1ltz's Tavern Q Hotel 5 Mr. Callanan 1 ?urmer's Ce-op Ct. 2 OO OO OO OO OO OO OO OO OO OO CO OC OO OO OO CO OO OC OO OO OO OO CO OO OO GO A Publi I UNIVERSITY IITHOPRINTI-RS Yr-su Asn, Mn n ra mu nf lone 1? 5 . E- . .4 .4 gfiiiyi 535 y' ' 1- gg: -?'v Q .1,.'l -f, :TWMF r' AH g .- , ...T Q.- 4. VY' "1 I if 1 Ei H --5-J, 3 Ei, gif -,r',,,J5.:E13Ls4:. -Esffg' ,V '-fj?3,:.,g+gfgy' 55,1 X I ' u I x v M 7 pw :Alf 'J' i- Q 'fl-1:35 ' . S 1 3 , f QV W A Ml 'J 59 iii? ,f ' l wi- V qw ,L mi 2.-Mfg! 1 .A W if A- I , 1 " K f' '35, . .2 ff, .sq 1 :EARN 2 - . -Hsu -t ' -H ' .. 1 .1-dy V ,. --. ,-. .A fffn' Q. . 1 ff 4 r 1 .1 -Ev .1 . if 'Ms . , 1'i,32.q W ' N b ff- H5 wk E L? L 3 x fa 2. . K rg ' rap ,fr ,' x H -1 H 1-F 2 -H . '1 f' -ff -A. ,- f' A -, Q , . ' mf, ' -1 ' 'vsp , -. .v ,. .rf h f .1 V, V' ,-- . -'- sg, 1 5 -' ' , ,. f x.. V, - A 1:-w. , '. X- , Z 1 , 'A .meug x :fi Th? Q. rv if , ,.,iVfIj':f. k3!Mvtl,.. .. , . . . M. . , . . 1 . y . . Q- ,-1? F14 Nm. QF' A . ' xv - . , ix if va. ' - 'H 1 ' .V . 2 3.1 ' , 1 1 f ' . ' ' i '- "1 " ' Q' P . Q' ' mm' -NI 'flgf WQ QL "A T", 1 "3 'Yugi .29' ,?-2' F " 2 ' x .. if " ,, la. 5Q1z1T'5 :5.g'gi1". W- r,:z'Q" A1 Au: J. . , cy: :, ,, tv 4: E5 X . X f Y ua 1.7 1 3 , I V n - fX,5J?, . -1651 ,rx A Lg. tx 'VK-4 .5 QV-e Q ' '. ' ' ,, 4 ' -' 3 ,- 2' be , ., -:QA 2, " pl if Q. L NF . T y- QI., 'HQQN1' . f' E 'gg' I' 5: ""fj.w Z: M- A , Vfsf 5, g ..- 0'-A -,gag it .fav-H' A -- 1 if -X s 2- Q Q . . f .X .4 f . , - - 4 . f , f, . , .. , - , , I , N A. I fs, :L P d V .Q -10, . 5-K: JV. F .V ,ix is .,-V ,vk, I v? : :'i W ' wg: x A' '. H if . Y , f + 1 . , A. ., ,. V -, A 7 X - 3 2 V.V. -. -V . - , -2 5 1 K if L S . : 'A k JF-.459 . c' '. . N M .' K 4 m , 3? , ' 'Zi M' . X' slit: , 1 Ky 1 " 1 x if , r 5 5 'H A ' MA Vlyx XVAI LAV f I -,uni A x ' ' .Q 1.3, .' su : 1153? A kiwi b ,Q " A JI' qv :K "'. ' i V. ' ,3 1'g'. ', 4' Y Ik. 'V 't A,,z4-ffflv W' , .f' , x, il, 1 .,., f5.,w.... , A . fg f, f .fx xg if ,ggi .3331 av . fig. my - X f, ' M ... V, M, if ., A, 5 f .D N R 1 Qs, L-, Q gtg .. V 34.1, .. " ' '1 I i s sf' x s ' i ' J" 0 If ,fi if E .5 ' wr Y, xp 3' ,I .,. Sf ix F P gg it -2 Li! T1 JE 41 F Q yi ,Q J, ,K Q 3 Q- Aa' ,gif Eiga ? i kg . If 1 '- ry, ' 2 ' H v .f X A QQ-L . . W - zr'+wf er A A ly. A V , M Mliqf, .,,:.',' I ' . A L 'jf' VV A 'X YQ. F :1lfw A 4 .' . ' ' 'W-ig,-, 'Z K fl-' , f- 'X " . If. ' ' 4' if 'fl' A, im, 132- 5 it W, .f 1,,w. 'fb' M. f1:5.L1.5fN .5 V at ft, kk ,11,7'9' 'V - ' ' 'He :i "" Q ' 1'.i27f', 'Q TYPT 9 ' git 5 4 H 1635- .ga '74 ,ine , I J A lg 5452? wx.. 1 H ' -,gift .rg-q:Lig..' .4 ..I.f'N 'S' 'V La :lf , .Illia fi-,27"" A '15 fq A 1 4 ., ' M . , 1 ,fi ., . -Q . 4 9 W i g.-5? ,. 1 W if S A 'XP' K' as if 'Qc' , '.,, 'K' . ' mfr ' I .if 'e,v.'- ' N' .3 1: fr?-Q 4' -' ,F QVM V. ' '.5":7f'q M 'Jn ,'. V. f '..' , A Q . 4 h i -4 ,M . 22.2-Qi, ng-ag ,555 ,. xmfz . 11, K-T h V. .. ,Q , , 4. ,,. .5 WV. .-'iv Mi' if' ' ff as-.2 A ., v . , ,ff gf .wi . Y, 1.ff1"' 5 'F'A,1 ,?. "g .Q ' 7 '51, V' fr fps ,L ,mf . 5 5' in 'xi Ma - . .'- w ., 1 - f Q f ' vi- V T 'wif' ,T L - Mg. '. ' ai grimy-, , I .. .Q -xkl -H. .1 ,. N 4 .1 .ff ' if , 'JH 'gf' 32"- 1 ' . A jbfi SRE If if wx. . . 42 - .Q iw Q. , .. mf. f' f . .JL . , .. , , fp., fag EAS . ,S i .,' "aff f ' I ' . A as af" iv. 3-.Q gf be P. ? .ff ..:. +i5ff1ai,gf'a,.Fg'f1 ff. gear! Ji- -2. gg 'L.,+f"'KEH' 5' -gl 3,-,I '5 1' 'W -, 'ul X-ye ' ritkj A., V bg-1 5 D Q. 11 . " . f 'S' .SMA H' af' ,Y '., ft irgi' H iiafg ff my "'g'R"w VP . hx'2':52:-Q. .- Q.. A' M.. .' ' .f J -. fn.,-a.-in 'lznwi wi. J'

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