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O o 5 E. B 0 :1 9 U o Ph 3 S9 cm mxl CD C 7. Z1 4 at CD I U Q 9 i 0 '1 5. GAS - FUEL OIL - BATTERIES - TIRES - TUBES 9 if SPARK PLUGS - RECAPPING - VULCANIZING - and I THAT GOOD PRIDE and LUBE OIL. LET US GREASE YOUR CARS and TRUCKS ALTON MCCORMICK A Unity, Maine Tel. 53 2 EAT AT MAX'S CAFE , A M. O. FORTIER, Prop. I REGULAR DINNERS - SHORT ORDERS FOUNTAIN SERVICE We Cater To Parties Open Evenings and Sundays TYDOL 8z VEEDOL Gasoline G Oil IA TOBACCO - CANDIES -- ICE CREAM - NOVELTIES '2 ' ' 'r'r' 4I'I' Qf'lQf' 'r' ' ' ' ' ' 'f'i'r9'ff4rf:ff1ff'f9'f'i'xr'f'fffi'f'r'i'if3ifr'f'ffffifr'kfi'f'r'fr'Xifff1f'gk A W K 5 Q '4 I- 3' 5' 7' S ,K YI 74 Compliments of w 'Z X 'x lx X s xx sl , N' , 5 f Q ,, if Parkhurst's General tore D xr D l EDWIN PARKHURST, Prop. f in FANCY MEATS AND GROCERIES 3 if V Q 'I 3 it 8 Esso Gasoline and Oil 2: ls ls lx ls ls X lx lx lx X X X X lx X X X X lx X ls X ls X lx X X X X lx X 32 :- ys N: sf N, sf v, 75 X WE X Y + 2 SELL gf 2: , If MONARCH fi f yt E2 xi s? it :2 rx 4 31 PRODUCTS 3. 8 :E -l- 'I Is A at Q 12 Tel. 108-2 Tel. 19 Ig S S s' S' :Q Unity Thorndike 32 it V , It Maine Z: yn ys 'K A :I 51 st St ' Z- 8 A A D D D D D D D D D D X X5'v9'3'r'V5'3'7'S4S' 'bYi'b'ff'WS'XXiSf!fa'ia'XVV!!'a-'i3'S'XS5VXS'5'X'bYv'r'SfS'bYWSf3'i4ffi'XjPS THE MONITOR Published Annually By UNITY HIGH. SCHGGL DEDICATION MRS. IRMA D. McKECHNIE We, the students of Unity High School, dedicate this issue of the Monitor to a wonderful teacher, friend and dramatic coach, Mrs. Irma ' VOLUME 27 FEBRUARY, 1947 Page Four U. H., S. DIRECTORY SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS Mr. Karl H. lVIcKeclmie THR SCHOOL BOARD Mrs. lVla1'g,ra1'et Vickery Mrs. Ethel Ward Mr. A. Il. Curtis FACULTY aim 45.3 'FM S. Irma lllclicchiiio, A. B.g Mrs. Betsy Hicks, A. I3.g l'i-invipul ln llnl s A ll., lll. A.g llliss liZll'll2U'21 Kelley, B. S.: lVlr. l'lllNVHl'K lllziglev I' Q I , 1. n . Page F'l'fl'H MONITOR STAFF Front row, left to right: B. Myrick, B. Hamlin, B. Maxim, J. Pratt, D. Mason, M. Myrick, R. Rollins, M. Reynolds. Back row, left to right: A. Danforth, K. Tozier, Jr., F. Tozier, E. Walker, R. Tweedie, Mrs. Hicks, M. Viclcery, B. Reynolds, K. Fernald, E. Brillard, L. Rennebu, A. McCor- mick, Jr. fabsentj. Editor-in-Chief ,... Assistant Editors. . . Business Manager. ,.,.., . . Assistant Business Managers. . , Athletic Editors .,.,....,. Literary Editors, . . Joke Editor ....,.... . Assistant Joke Editor. , . Alumni Editors ,...., Exchange Editor .,.. . Senior Class Editor. . . , Junior Class Editor ,... . Sophomore Class Editor. . . Freshman Class Editor. . . Page Six ...,...,....,,..Dor0thyMason . . . .Marjorie Myrick, Janice Pratt . . . . , . . . . . . ,Alton McCormick, Jr. Michael Vickery, Kenneth Tozier, Jr. .Robert Tweedie, Barbara Hamlin . . . .Eva Brillard, Lorraine Rennebu ...............EdWard Walker ..,.............Alton Danforth . . .Barbara Maxim, Barbara Myrick Rollins , , . .Frank Tozier . . .Barbara Reynolds . . . . .Kay Fernald , Mary Reynolds EDITORIALS THIS YOUNGER GENERATION Perhaps the grown-ups who read this edi- torial won't appreciate it very much, but, really, I think something should be done. Everywhere I go 1 hear the grown-ups say- ing, "What is this younger generation com- ing to?" and "My, things certainly have changed since I went to School." They all make these remarks in a despairing tone of voice, as if the prospects for our future are not very bright. I really think some of these people are feeling a little sorry that all these "new- fangled things" didn't happen to them. Today, girls go flitting around with short, skimpy skirts and frizzled hair. The boys wear flashy ties and are continually pufiing away on a cigarette or are madly chewing for some new gum manufacturer. My, yes, how times have changed! Why, Grandma wouldn't think of showing her ankles, to say nothing of running around on a basketball court "half-dressed" the way we young folks do now. And the men-why, if they as much as winked at a young lady in public they were considered very impudent and ill-man- nered. I think life must have been very dull for those poor young fellows. Why, they couldn't even give that "genuine wolf-call" of today without being shunned by all! "A woman's place is in the home," they used to say. But look around today! Women even hold positions in our government and are managers and owners of large business firms. I still think a woman's place is in the home, but I can see no reason why, if she pre- fers business to home life, she shouldn't be given an opportunity to go ahead. "Yes, times have changed our nice young people into little 'hood1ums'!" So some say, and they have no doubt of it when the high school boys and girls really "get hot" with a new jitterbug step or start Hjazzing up" the good old songs of yesterday. If the grown-ups would only remember the time when they were our ages, I don't imagine they would find everyday life so very different. They had their own crazy dances and popular music just as we do now. I don't think the younger generation has changed so very much, do you? Dorothy Mason '47 Editor-in-Chief A TYPICAL DAY AT U. H. S. It is 8:20 on the morning of a typical day at Unity High School. By bus, by car, and on foot, the pupils of U. H. S. arrive from their various homes. A newcomer would be rather dumbfounded to hear the rat-tat from Room 1. He would be dumbfounded, that is, unless he knew that the ominous rat-tat was merely the everlasting game of ping-pong. At 8:25 the opening bell rings, and the pupils all rush to their respective rooms for the attendance to be taken. At 8:30, after the Lord's Prayer, the bell rings and with apprehensive hearts we file to our various classes. It is in the middle of the physics class, and Michael Vickery is telling us all just how he would find the mechanical advantage of an inclined plane, when we hear four bells on the fire alarm system. Instantly we all freeze to attention and march out of the building. This is our fire drill and we find after return- ing that we have broken our former record of twenty-six seconds. The second and third periods pass quite uneventfully, except that Robert Tweedie and Barbara Maxim are caught chewing gum. Then at 11:30 the noon bell rings and we go upstairs fkeep rightlj and come down fkeep leftlj with our hot lunches, which are pre- pared by the Home Economics girls. After lunch that eternal game of ping- pong starts again. Our most interesting tournaments are between Junior McCormick and Michael Vickery. In fact, Michael's facial expressions alone are worth the price of ad- missions. Again at 12:00 the bell rings and we go back to the old routine of classes until 3:00, when we have one half hour of activity. In the fall and spring, this is when we practice softball and baseball. If we were one of those lucky schools who are blessed with a gymnasium, this would also be the time when we would practice basketball. For those who are behind in their work, this is the time set aside for special help or make-up work. We now have a skating rink, which will mean another sport for our activity period. At 3:30 the final bell rings, and school at U. H. S. is over for another day. Marjorie Myrick '47 Assistant Editor Page Seven Page Eight THE SENIORS ALTON McCORMlCK, JR. "Junior" College Course "Life without sport is not lifef, Physical Education, 1, 2, Monitor Staff, 1, 2, 3, 45 Antioch Board, 1, 2, 35 Editor-in-Chief, 3, Senior Play, 43 Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4, One-Act Play, 2, Bazaar Play, lg Class President, 1, Class Treasurer 4. Play, 23 Bazaar Play, 1, Class President, lg Class Treasurer 4, Class Will. DOROTHY MASON "Dot" College Course "Full of pep, full of fun, A laugh and smile for everyone." Basketball, 2, 3, 45 Softball, 2, 3, 45 Class President, 3, 4g Na- tional Honor Society, 45 Senior Play, 3, 41 Prize Speaking, 2, Interscholastic Prize Speaking, 3, Monitor StaH, 3, 45 Editor- in-Chief, 45 Antioch Board, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club, 2, 3, 45 Spear Speaking Contest, 4g Salutatory. BARBARA MAXIM "Squirt" General Course "lil rather be small and shine, Than be large and cast a shadowf' Basketball, 1, 2, 33 Prize Speaking, 3, Class Secretary, 1, 4, Monitor Staff, 1, 2, 3, 4g Senior Play, 4g Softball, 1, 2, 3, 45 Cheerleader, 4, Antioch Board, 4, Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Gifts. BEVERLY MAXIM "Bev" General Course "A smile for all, a welcome glad, A jovial coaxing way she hadf, Glee Club, 3, 4, Bazaar, 15 Class Treasurer, 13 Class Vice President, 43 Monitor Staff, 35 Antioch Board, 4, Senior Play, 45 Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4, Softball, 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Prophecy. GEORGE MOODY "Moody" General Course "F ull of fun and quiet too, Always happy, never lzluef, Antioch Board, 43 Basketball, 2, 3, 4, Librarian, 3, 4, Monitor Staff, 3, Senior Play, 4, Class Secretary, 35 Class Prophecy. MARJORIE MYRICK "Margie" College Course "Driving dull care away with ,her smile, Always happy-a pal worthwhile." Student Council, 13 Physical Education, 1, 23 Monitor Staif, 2, 3, 43 Antioch Board, 3, 43 Editor-in-Chief, 4g Bazaar, 23 Senior Play, 43 Glee Club, 1, 3, 4s Cheerleader, 2, 3, 4g National Honor Society, 43 Softball, 3, 43 Prize Speaking, 2. Val9diCt01'y- RUTH ROLLINS "Ruthie" General Course "I really havenit much to say, I But in the world l'll win my way." Softball, 23 Monitor Staff, 3, 43 Senior Play, 43 Librarian-in- Chief, 43 Honor Essay. E FRANK TOZIER "Frankie" General Course "Laugh and the world laughswith you." Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball, 1, 3, 43 Senior Play, 1, 43 An- tioch Board, 33 Glee Club, 43 Monitor Staff, 2, 3, 43 Class Presi- dent, 23 Bazaar, 13 Student Council, 13 Physical Education, 1, 23 F. F. A., 4g Class Gifts. ROBERT TWEEDIE "Bob" General Course "He may look serious and he may look shy, But he's full of it, twixt you and I." Basketball, 1, 3, 43 Baseball, 1, 3, 43 Bazaar, 13 Monitor Staff, 3, 43 Antioch Board, 3, 43 Senior Play, 43 Physical Education, 13 Captain Basketball, 3, 43 Class History. Page Nine JUNIOR CLASS row, left to right: E. Rollins, Vice President, B. Fletcher, J. Pratt, B. Reynolds, E. Brillard, Secretary and Treasurer, L. Rennebu, D. Burt. Back row, left to right, A. Danforth, M. Reynolds, President, C. Hillman, IC. Walker, M. Vickery, K. Tozier, Jr. SOPHOMORE CLASS Front row, left to right: B. Reynolds, C. Pushor, M. Rennebu, K. Fernald, Secretary- Treasurerg D. Thompson, S. Dinsmore, President, B. Myrick, L. Trull, L. Perkins. Back row, left to right: E. Call, B. Smith, R. Peppard, R. Reynolds, C. Blood, Vive President, R. De Forge, R. Sherman, E. Bulley. Page Tm FRESHMAN CLASS Front row, left to right: I.. Stevens, L. Cook, M. Stevens, Vice Presidentg C. Foster Presirlentq Ii. Hamlin, Secretary and Treasurerg M. Reynolds, Ii. Blood. llnvla row, In-It to right: M. IIulrlnarml, R. Ilillmun, IJ. Mitchell, M. Reynolds, JV., C. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA E Front row, left to right: R. De Forge, C. Hillman, C. Blood, Ii. Walker, M. Reynolds IV.. I.. lilooxl. Ilan-lc row, left to 1-ig'ht,: Il. Ilillman, I". Tozier, IJ. Mitchell, Mr. Bagley, fl. Mitc-hell. Ib Smith, I.. Stevens. Page' lu'l1'1'rf11 BOY Alton McCormick, Jr Michael Vickery Robert Tweedie Michael Vickery Frank Tozier Maurice Reynolds J. Edward Reynolds Richard Reynolds Richard Reynolds Robert Tweedie J. Edward Reynolds Frank Tozier Richa1'd DeForge Robert Tweedie Clayton Hillman Maurice Reynolds Kenneth Tozier, Jr. Alton McCormick, Jr. Michael Vickery Alton Danforth Alton McCormick, Jr. Michael Vickery Leroy Blood Edward Walker Michael Vickery Alton McCormick, Jr. Robert Sherman Edward Walker Page Twelve SCHOOL SUPERLATIVES Most Popular Done Most for the School I Best Looking Most Likely to Succeed Wittiest Best Dressed Quietest Tallest Best Actor and Actress Best Natured School Tomboy School Manhater School Womanhater Most Inquisitioe Best Dancers Best Athletes Worst Procrastinator Most Bashful School Optimist School Pessimist Friendliest Most Dignified Noisiest Flirts Most Studious Babies Best Poets Best Musicians Best Singers Shortest Most Reliable GIRL Dorothy Mason Marjorie Myrick Mary Reynolds Dorothy Mason Eva Brillard Barbara Myrick Ruth Roliins Dorothy Thompson Ruth Rollins Eva Brillard Charlene Pushor Barbara M. Reynolds Beverly Maxim Barbara Maxim Barbara ,Reynolds Edith Rollins Eva Brillard Ethyl Call Eva Brillard Marjorie Myrick Eva Brillard Mary Reynolds Dorothy Mason LaVerne T1-ull Janice Pratt Janice Pratt Marjorie Myrick Barbara Maxim SENIOR SCRAMBLES Name ' Identification Favorite Song Cause of Death Alton McCormick Whiskers "Prisoner of Love" Oil truck Frank Tozier Pipe "The Man That Comes Smoking To Our House" Beverly Maxim Diamond "Give Me Five Minutes School More" ' llarbara Maxim Broken glasses "Anniversary Waltz" Movies liob Tweedie An elastic "Roll Out the Barrel" His car Ruth Rollins Facial expression "Somebody Loves Me" Studying .nurjorie Myrick Laugh "Three O'clock in the Lack of breath Morning" Dot Mason Dimples "Sweetheart or Green Pontiac Stranger" George Moody Slowness "A Hunting We Will Go" Janice JUNIOR JITTERS Name Future Occupation Paatime APPIFGIW A80 H Bessie Fletcher Who knows? Staring 23 Years Edward Walker Veterinary Pestering people 52 years Edith Rollins Farmer's wife Drawing 21 years Kenneth Tozier, Jr. Professor Trying to be funny 1 month Janice Pratt Finding husband Writing letters 62 years Michael Vickery Bachelor Combing his hair 75 years D01'0fhY Burt Old maid Winking 22 years Maurice Reynolds Schoolmarm Writing notes 2 years Eva Brillard Dancer Holding hands Uncertain Clayton Hillman Bus driver Day dreaming 102 years Barbara M. Reynolds Secretary Chewing gum 24 years Alton Danforth Engineer Chattering 3 yrs., 3 mo., 3 da. Lorraine Rennebu Soldier's wife Writing to a soldier 7 years Page Thirteen A SOPHOMORE SECRETS Name Reminds Us of Noted for Ambition Clayton Blood Cornel Wilde Washing boards To be a champion farmer Elaine Bulley Kate Smith Her rank To reduce Ethel Call A queen Her rose-colored To be a huntress glasses Richard DeForge Sllpefmouse His speed To be a horse jockey Shirley Dinsmore Toots Her dates To be a herpetologist Kay Fernald Little Lulu Her dreams To be a star guard Glenn Hanscom Popeye Blushing To come to school every day Barbara Myrick Marjorie Her extra boy To be a Powers model friends Roland Peppard A penquin llis giggle Ile hasyft any Lilla Perkins Olive Oyle Her walk Te get a husband Charlene Pushor Her brother Rollerskating To play a harmonica Mary Rennebu Blondie Her blond hair To live in T1-gy Barbara A, Reynolds Little Miss Muifet Her calm disposition To be a biologist Richard Reynolds Robert Sherman Dagwood Sherlock Holmes His His sister Mary algebraic mind To be a musician To get a gi1'l friend Donald Smith Archie AYld1'eWS His Curly hail' To be an Arabian sheik Dorothy Thompson A model Her height To join Ten-y and the Pirates l.eVerne Trull Veronica Lake Her shade of lipstick To he Mrs. Blood FRESHMAN FOLLIES Name Pastime Future Cause of Death Leroy Blood Chewing gum Undertaker Marion Lilla Cook Thinking of boys Champion rollerskater French Loretta Dalton Writing notes Opera singer Albert Mc. Cecil Foster Eating Champion ballplayer Too many banana splits Barbara Hamlin Putting on lipstick Mrs. Tozier "Babe" Rafford Hillman Throwing spitballs Trapping fgirlsj Algebra 'Martha Hubbard Carl Mitchell Donald Mitchell J. Edward Reynolds Mary Reynolds Maurice Reynolds Lloyd Stevens Marion Stevens Page Fourteen Studying Civics Whispering to Marion Day dreaming Fighting with Stevens Giggling Eating candy Asking questions Doing French Softball coach Night club manager Manager of glue fac- tory City mayor Ballet dancer Bus driver We wonder? Cover girl Got hit with a ball His date with Elaine He got stuck He knew his lesson Forgot her lipstick Too many girls Hurried too fast uROSeyn ACTIVITIES SENIOR PLAY Front row, left to right: F. Tozier, B. Maxim, R. Reynolds, B. Maxim, R. Tweedie, M. Myrick. Back row, left to right: R. Rollins, L. Rennelmu, G. Moody, E. Walker, D. Mason, Mrs. McKechnie, A. McCormick, Jr. Qabsentj. HOUSE OF STRANGERS Under the splendid direction of Mrs. Irma McKechnie, the Senior Class, assisted by two juniors and one sophomore, presented a very successful mystery-comedy, "House of Strangenessf' Miss Barbara Kelley assisted in the staging. The cast of characters was as follows: Sandra Pembleton, thrilled by new adventures, Marjorie Myrickg Francine Ashmore, a girl of mystery, Dorothy Mason, Winnetta Bullitt, wife of Tobias, Beverly Maxim, June Winterbottom, a newlywed, Barbara Maxim, Wayne Merrin, interested in Sandra, Robert Tweedieg Neal Wiseheart, a reporter whose name should have been wisecrack, Alton McCormick, Jr.3 Tobias Bullitt, who is at- fected by a speech impediment, Richard Reynolds, Randolph Winterbottom, a male newlywed, Frank Tozierg Abby Pierce, a prim old maid, Ruth Rollins, Shug, a doubt- ful character, George Moody, Maria, slightly demented, Lorraine Rennebug Paul Carson, bus driver, Edward Walker. Page Fifteen GLEE CLUB Front row, left to right: M. Stevens, B. Reynolds, S. Dinsmore, D. Mason, E. Bulley, li. Maxim, M. Rennebu, L. Dalton, M. Reynolds, J. Pratt. Second row, left to right: R. Reynolds, B. Myrick, B. Maxim, I.. Rennebu, E. Brillard. U. Thompson, ll. Reynolds, I.. Trull, M. Myrick, Mrs. Hicks. 'Fhird row, left to ripglit: IC. Vickery, M. Reynolds, J. Tozier, M. Vickery, E. VValker, I". Tozicr, R. Peppard, D. McKechnie, A. McCormick, Jr. falwsentj. ORCHESTRA Front row, lel't to right: J. Tozier, Miss Kelley. M. Reynolds. Second row, left to l'lt2'lllI li. NValker, li. Vickery, M. Vickcry. Page Sixteen ANTIOCH BOARD Front row, left to right: B. Maxim, B. Maxim, M. Vickery, J. I'i-att, M. Myrick, Edi- tor-in-Chiefg R. Tweedie, D. Mason, A. Danforth. llaclq row, loft, to right: Mrs. Hicks, E. lirillard, G. Moody, J. Tozicr. .5 :W . .,... .,,,...,.....,.-. F 4 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Front row, luI't to i'ig'l1l,: li. liulley, E. Rollins, K. Fernald, ll. Myrick, D. Mason. llzu-lc row, loft lu rigglit: M. Myriclc, J. Pratt, R. Reynolds, M. Vic'koi'y, li. liennelmu, R. Slicrnlzm. I 'age Seventeen POETRY ":THE CLOCK I always hear the clock a-tickin', A-tickin' all the day, I wonder what makes a clock A-tick anyway? A The other day I took a clock Apart all by myself, 1 thought I'd never get it fixed An' hack on mother's shelf. My mother she come marchin' in And asked what I was doin'g I didn't want to tell her, For I knew somethin' was brewin'. "Just takin' this old thing apart," I said and poked it with a stick, "I was wonderin' if it had a heart That really made it tick." Robert Sherman '49 SCENES IN OCTOBER October's the month that follows September, A beautiful month that we all remember, The views that we see from 'way up on a hill Are scenes to remember with many a thrill. It's a month for an artist's easel and brush, To capture on canvas the wilderness' blush. The red, orange, and gold-colored leaves of the trees- That's a sight to hold in one's memories. Dots of evergreen trees show among the gold, Homes or rooftops set within beauty untold, Off in the distance snow-capped mountains in view, All 'neath a sky of bright azure blue. A picture with color so bright and so gay, LM Only October can truly display. ' When sunrise or sunset is added to this, 'Tis a glorious scene that we don't want to miss. Edward Walker '48 ORAL REPORTS There is one English lesson That is always sure to come, I know that it is dreaded By each and every one. I bite my nails and tap my feet, My heart trips like a hammer. When the chairman calls on me I stutter, stop, and stammer. Now my report is over, I gladly take my seat. Though the rest are making comments, I'in safe 'till another week. Kay Fernald '49 'FIF l WERE As I sit here by the cottage Listening to the murmuring pines, How 1 wish I were a poet And by writing could define All the beauty, all the grandeur Of the shore and of the lake. Or to be a landscape painter- What a picture I could make! I would try to show the colors Of the autumn season's dreamy I would try and paint the sunshine On the water as it gleams. I would try to bring the beauty Both by word and with my paint, If I only were an artist or a poet-I Which I ain't. Janice Pratt '48 XSUNSET TIME The world is so quiet at sunset timeg Even the crickets are still. The heavens are covered with blue and pink tints, And a purple shroud falls on the hill. The world is so peaceful at sunset timeg The birds have ceased their flight. The moon starts its journey across the sky, Yielding its golden light. The world is so thoughtful at sunset time, When the crimson glow floods the way, And the shadows that fall on the wooded hills Bring the close of another day. Marjorie Myrick '47 'kPu'blished in New England Anthology of High School Poetry. Page Eighteen PORTS GIRLS' BASKETBALL Front row, left to right: M. Myrick, Cheerleader, B. Maxim, K. Fernald, D. Mason, B. My1'ick, E. Brillard, Honorary Captain, L. Trull, B. Reynolds, J. Pratt, B. Maxim, Cheerleader. Back row, left to right: E. Bulley, B. Hamlin, M. Stevens, C. Pusho1', M. Hubbard, S. Dinsniore, L. Cook, M. Reynolds, Mr. Hicks, Coach. Eva Brillard, Captain Mr. Hicks, Coach We were unfortunate this year to be un- able to secure a hall in Unity in which to practice and have our home games. How- ever, we are deeply grateful to the I. O. O. F. Order of Albion and the cooperation of Besse High in the use of the I. O. O. F. hall in that town. Being able to have only five practice sessions, we are proud of our record of tive wins out of thirteen games. The high scorer was Barbara M. Reynolds with 182 points. Two of our cheerleaders were Marjorie Myrick and Barbara Maxim. Date Nov. 30 Dec. Dec. Dec. 13 Jan. Jan. Jan. 10 Jan. 21 Jan. 24 Jan. 28 Jan. 31 Feb. Feb. Schedule Games Freedom Brooks Winterport Freedom Albion Searsport Liberty Brooks Winterport Albion Freedom Searsport Liberty Unity Opp. 24 22 28 51 19 22 28 30 31 48 37 35 23 20 39 50 33 32 33 54 31 43 33 21 38 39 Page Nineteen BOYS' BASKETBALL Front row, left to right: Cheerleaders A. Danforth, M. Reynolds. Back row, left to right: Mr. Bagley, Coach, R. De Forge, C. Foster, K. Tozier, Jr., R. Tweedie, Honorary Captain, G. Moody, M. Reynolds, Jr., C. Blood, C. Hillman, M. Vickery, F. Tozier, L. Blood, Manager. QA. McCo1'mick, Jr., absent when picture was taken.J Bob Tweedie, Captain Mr. Edward Bagley, Coach Although the basketball team at Unity had no hall of its own, it managed to get a few practice sessions at the Albion I. O. O. F. Hall. The team was not very successful, winning only one game out of twelve, but we feel that we put up a fairly good fight in our games. At graduation the team will lose four players: Frank Tozier, Alton McCormick, Jr., Bob Tweedie and George Moody. Two cheerleaders were Maurice Reynolds and Alton Danforth. Page Twenty Date Dec. 3 Dec 6 Dec 13 Jan. 3 Jan. 7 Jan. 10 Jan. 21 Jan. 24 Jan 28 Jan. 31 Feb. 24 Feb 7 Schedule Games Unity Opp Brooks 24 36 Winterport 22 27 Fl'e6d01T1 23 62 Albion 37 40 Searsport 32 57 Liberty 20 18 Brooks 23 52 Winterport 18 30 Albion 28 49 Freedom 32 59 Searsport 23 44 Liberty 22 24 N ,,,, SOFTBALL Front. row, left to right: C. l,USll0l', M. Renneliu, IC. llnlloy, li. Ilznnlin, ll. Reynolds, ll. Mason, E. Brillard, B. Myrick, L. Trull. Back row, loft to right: M. Myrick, L. Perkins, S. llinsinorc. ll. Maxim. Ni. llululmard, Miss lic-lley, f'ozu'l1g J. l'i'z1lt, L. Dalton, L. Cook, ll. Maxim BASEBALL -INA J I i . Front row, left to right: E. Vickery, L. Blood. Ben-ond row, left to right: C. Hillman, M. Vickery, M. Reynolds, Jr., ll. Twccdiu, li. Walker, L. Croslnv F. Toziei' K. Toziel' Jr. 1 3 7 7 Back row, left to right: lVl1'. Hicks, Coach, Il. ML-Kevlinie, C. l"osi,ui', C. Blood, C. Min-licll, ll. llv Forgrc, G. Moody. fA. lllcCoi'mick, .li'., ulisent wlu-n picture was taken.1 I '11 gf' Tuwz fy-one .IOVIALITY Mrs. McKechnie: "How would you address the Secretary of the Navy?" Clayton Hillman: "I'd say, 'Your War- shipl' " A. Danforth: "The photographers never do me justice." E. Rollins: "You don't want justice: you want mercy." C. Blood: "Richard, where do bugs go in the winter?" R. DeForge: "Search me." C. Blood: "Sorry, I haven't time." K. Tozier: "I can't get this old Ford started. Can you suggest something to help me, Bob?" R. Tweedie: "Yes, read the directions on the inside of the can." C. Hillman: "Do you think monkeys are cute?" B. A. Reynolds: "Are you fishing for a compliment?" Beverly Maxim: "Why are you writing so fast, Barbara?" Barbara Maxim: "I want to get this essay finished before the ink runs out of my foun- tain pen." Leroy Blood: "My feet burn like the dickens. Do you think a mustard bath would help?" Cecil Foster: "Sure! There's nothimr het- ter than mustard for hot dogs." Maurice Reynolds: "You know that I am very fond of birds. The other day one ac- tually settled on my head." Bessie Fletcher: "It must have been a woodpecker." i Frank Tozier: "Pm going to speak my mind." R. Tweedie: "Ah! Silence at last." Edward Walker: "When does the alphabet have but twenty-five letters?" Janice Pratt: "When you and I are one." Mrs. McKechnie: "Explain how forests pre- vent erosion." K. Tozier: "Where the forests are in the soil, the soil can't erose very well, but if the Page Twenty-two ' forest is burned the soil can easily erose." Frank Tozier on an examination: "John Greenleaf Whittier wrote the Bible." Mrs. Hicks: "Use the word 'chaos' in a sen- tence." Elaine Bulley: "When the child was lost, the mother was in a historical chaos." Mrs. Hicks: "What does 'sinister' mean?" Bessie Fletcher: "An old maid." Mrs. Hicks: "What is a mare?" J. E. Reynolds: "A person that runs a city." Michael Vickery: "I have a cold in my head." Eva Brillard: "I've always heard a cold settles in a person's weakest spot." Robert Sherman: "Richard Reynolds has a singular voice." Junior McCormick: "Thank heavens that it isn't plural." Marjorie Myrick: "These chops taste queer to me." Ruth Rollins: "I can't understand it. I burned them a little, but I rubbed vaseline on them at once." Clayton Blood: "Did you ever take chloro- form?" Richard DeForge: "No, who teaches it?" Donald Smith: "What part of a locomotive train ought to have the most careful atten- tion?" Robert Sherman: "The tender part." George Moody: "Where did Noah strike the first nail in the Ark?" Dorothy Mason: "On the head." , Mrs. McKechnie: "If the poker, shovel, and tongs cost 39.95, what would a ton of coal come to?" George Moody: "To ashes." There is a young girl named Mary, Whom Paul some day wants to marry. If well go their wishes, Poor Paul will do dishes, And will wish that he'd never seen Mary. Loretta Dalton '50 ALUMNI CLASS OF 1939 James Adams at last notice was in uniformg Georgia fBennettJ Knight is living in Newburgg Robert Elwell is farming in Unityg Doris Gerald is living in Unityg Helen fGeraldJ Alexander is living in Unityg Alice fHaskellJ Gordon is living in Unityg Thelma fHemphillJ Whitehouse is in Floridag Gertrude lHolbrookj Libby is living in Machiasportg Richard Jones was killed in action in 19453 Arthur Piper is living in Charlestong Shirley Piper is going to school in Bostong Donald Walton is liv- ing in Unityg Arlene fWilleyJ Hodgdon is living in Pittsfieldg Virginia fWingJ Han- bury lives in Jacksonville, Florida. CLASS OF 1940 Erland Bacon is living in Watervilleg John Berry is living in Connecticut: Robert Cates is working in Winslowg Viola fDaltonl Bradley lives in Limerickg Lucilla fGerryJ Nichols is living in Canaang Geneva fGood- winl Wingate lives in Unityg Stanley Hamlin is living in Connecticutg Donald Kelley is farming in Unityg Ernest Kenney is living in Burnhamg Robert Lester is liv- ing in Sacog Christine fMcFarlandl Chad- bourne is living in Bangorg Wesley and Willis McGibney are living in Pittsfieldg Charles Murch is living in Unityg Maxine fNicholsJ Berry 5 Helen QSmithJ Jacquith is working in Pittsfield. CLASS OF 1941 Yvonne fBarnesJ Cates is living in Water- villeg Burleigh and Mildred fBradeenJ Vigneault are living in Hampdeng Charles Clifford is at home in Troyg John Edgerly is farming in Albiong Shirley fElwellJ Piper is living in Charlestong Blanche fHamlinJ McNally is living in Pittsfieldg Jeanette Jones is working in Watervilleg Beverly Luce is at home in Troyg Ralph McFar- land is living in Troyg Mahlon Maxim is living in Thorndikeg Barbara fMitchellJ Hickman is living in Lexington, Va.g Don- ald Mosher is in the U. S. M. C.3 Roger Oaks is attending the University of Maineg Mary fPelletierJ Jellison is living in Unityg Pauline fScottJ Gray is living in Bangorg Ruth fFrostJ Kenney is living in Worces- ter, Mass. CLASS OF 1942 Franklin Dalzell is attending Coburn Classical Instituteg Clayton Hamlin is liv- ing in Unityg Phyllis QI-Iamlinl Hanan is living in Washington, D. C.3 Madaline fNutterJ Bellows is living in Freedomg Crosby Packard is living in Unityg Maxine fPalmerJ Rines is living in Watervilleg Lester Tweedie is in the Armyg Ellery Whitten is living in Fairfieldg Harold Win- ship is living in Thorndike. CLASS OF 1943 Phyllis Bradeen is a cadet nurse at the Sisters' Hospital in Watervilleg Arlene Clifford is journeying in Californiag Clar- issa fCookJ Sanderson is living in Unityg Isabelle McCormick is working in Bangor: Arthur Hamlin is in the Armyg Elizabeth Frost is living in Fairfieldg Maynard Fow- ler is in the Navy 3 Harold McFarland is at home in Troyg Gertrude Means is living in Unityg Athene fMitchellJ Whitten is liv- ing in Fairfieldg Edith QNutterJ Estes is living in Albiong Erma fWardJ Elwell is living in Unityg Carolyn Tozier is a stu- dent at Farmington State Teacher's Col- legeg and Kenneth Palmer is living in New- port. CLASS OF 1944 Beatrice QPattersonj Kenney is living in Burnhamg Irene iSmallJ Berry is in Cali- forniag Jean Fernald is living in Troyg Ruth fBulleyJ Erskine is living in Dix- montg Leona fPerkinsJ Bulley is living in Dixmontg Kenneth Berry is living in Con- necticutg and Reginald Heald is at home in Troy. CLASS OF 1 945 Virginia Carter is going to school in Lewis- tong Wyona fBarnesl Bracket is living in Winslowg Eleanor fMcCormickJ Dalton is living in Unityg Beverly fHealdJ Paige is at home in Troyg Beverly fHardingJ Rich is living in Unityg Arthur Seaver is living in Detroitg Walter Rich is living in Unityg Richard Hillman is at home in Troyg Floyd Pratt is living in Troy. CLASS OF 1946 Frances fBaconJ Pooler is living in Unityg Dora Clifford is living in Troyg Beverly Dean is attending school in Bostong Paul- ine Mason is attending Bangor School of Commerceg Lynwood Mitchell is working' in Bangorg Karl McKechnie, Jr., is in the Marine Corpsg Martha Peppard is working in Pittsfieldg Ruth QSeaverJ Parsons is liv- ing in Troyg and Loran Tinker is at home in Unity. , Page Twenty-thfree AN ADVENTURE WITH NAMES Once while a Mason was at work, he dis- covered that he wasn't laying the bricks right. His helper, Junior, Said, "I Tozier it was wrong, but you were so Frank and thought that you were Shirley right that you wouldn't listen to me." "Oh, Kay, Oh, Kay, you're right. There are more bricks, I think, but if there aren't, you can Call Roland and ask him to bring some over. It Maxim angry, but he will get over it. He is terribly lazy. Usually he is Mary, but when he has to do some work, he is Moody. Hurry, because it looks as if it llllgllil QLorIraine." As there were not enough bricks, Junior called Roland's and his mother answered the telephone. She said that Roland was Peppard with chickenpox, but that Robert was at the Barbarfaj shop and she would telephone him to come home. She called the Barbarfal shop and asked for Robert, who was reading a CMcJCormiek book. She asked him to come home, but he said that his girl friend, Edith, was at Eva's Beauty Shop and he had to Ffljetcher and Walker home first. Robert went to the Beauty Shop to get Edith, who was waiting for him. When he saw her, he said, "Hi ya, Babe! Gee, you look pretty." "Well," she said, "I think that you look rather Hansfejom with your hair cut, too. I have to stop here for My rick-rack. Please wait a minute." He accompanied her home and went on his way. When he reached his home, his mother Said, "Roland is Peppard with chicken- pox and your father needs more bricks, so you will have to take some over to him. The truck doesn't run very well. You may have to Pushforl because it isn't very Perkifnsj. Junior and your father are working at Mrs. Hicks' house, fixing the chimney. They may want you to stay and help them, so I will Cook some eggs to put in your lunch. I also have pie made of Hubbard squash and some Hamflinl sandwiches." The truck that Robert used was open and the wind blew on him as he drove down the Hillfmanl. Far away he could see Junior, who was just a Dot upon the Ruth froofj. When he came to the house, his cheeks were Rosie and his Blood was beginning to tingle. When they had finished the chimney, they Went fDanJforth and ate fCJall Of Mrs. Hicks' Cookfiesj. . Bessie Fletcher "48 --Autographs- Page Twenty-four Wifi ' ' ' ' ' ' ff 'f'Xff4QQffififfMKKXffifffffafrfffrfrfy!rvfrfifrfiffffbfiffiffifdffe45A 'C v4 X :- X BASTIAN BROS. CO. 7 li ROCHESTER, N. Y. 1+ 0 3 Class Rings - Commencement Announcements - Name Cards lp sf 3 W. J. WOLF, Jr., District Manager 3 2 I4 st Compliments of fs 2 , 9 , 2 JOSE BROTHERS GARAGE vt 3 KAISER-FRAZER CARS INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS I i 257 Mein sf., wefervine, Maine A Si Compliments of 52 8 4 SlVIITH'S GENERAL STORE gi vt fl A East Troy Tel. 111-2 Maine it 3 9 3 Compliments of Compliments of sz ,Q HAL'S RESTAURANT Marriner's Sweet Shop ,Q g Waterville Maine Belfast Maine , sf .4 . . 3 if Please patronize our advertis- yi 1,5 Compliments of ers who made it possible for us to if print the Monitor this year. It .4 'Q B Alton McCormick, Jr. Bus. Mgr. W, Unity Maine Michael Vickery Asst. Bus. Mgr. ZS ' A 'S Ken. Tozier, Jr., Asst. Bus. Mgr. 5 35 S I? vt if Z? 34 if Q 3 vi it ii 3 iw Q X6 3xwxxxxsfxxxxrxxxxxrxxrsfsfwfxsfsfxxxxx?fxrwfxxrxxxxxffxxxxxxxxxxfxxxii 3 L Compliments of it H M BRCWN fl y . . A 5 if Unity Maine L . 2 , Compliments of Q EDGERLY FARMS 4 Z John H. Edgerly 8z son Z Q Unity Maine l f Z Compliments of 2 3 f CHARLES L. CARR Yi 4 A 4 . . L Unity Maine Z A 3 fi f . yf 2 Unity Hardware Co. ,4 5 qi Unity, Maine Tel. 43-3 Dishes - Luggage - Toys - Games - Bolts 5 Screws - Tacks - Shellac - Paint - Glass - Tools y f ALL KINDS OF HARDWARE 9 9' z4 W I N G , S Your Nearest Drug Store f u John D. Reed 8: Son Pumps, Motors and Appliances of Q All Kinds Repaired and Installed REGISTERED DRUGGIST g Telephone Unity 50 School Supplies Sodas EQ , 4 12 Unity Maine ICE CREAM 3 Unity Maine X X VV3'5'5fVY5f5'Wb'?'5'VW5'VWb'Y5'7fVS'5'5'Y5f i'?'?'5'5'i'i'5'i'1' ii X A v '5'if3fXififi'P9f5fX?' 99 X Srffffivfffiffiv ,ik Yifffxx SSQQSA fi ' tfzivfrfsfnfrfffkffrffih Ysfvff1594v!r6fXvX4n4i94SiX X Rain X X X X X X X - X X X -. X X X X X X X X X L k K r"'f'a'r'r'Vr'r'r'F?'i'fYfr'fff'v'r'v'r I r Q r 0 r r v 1 'fa v a S5'Ffa'fbff5'FFSff9'r'i'5'r'vfi'i'b'S'i'XPBs x 2 74 X Z4 3 W2 X gi if N ya A if 53 7 Q X ?4 it VZ 5 6 0 Q X 5 Q X Q X 5 6 Q X 5 Q X it ,y ? 2 ,fi 'XX 'X399 'S'aYX9'r V396 1. 'Xi Compliments of Dairy and Poultry Disinfecting and Whitewashing Dr' F' E' Hanscom Tozier's Spray Service Unity Maine Tel. 48-4 A Maine Concern Maine Men Phone 16 Unity Maine LYLE H. ADAMS Meats Groceries Fish Hardware Devoes Paints and Park Sz Pollard Feeds BOWLING ALLEY Mrs. Lyle H. Adams Unity, Maine IIOSIERY UNDERWEAR Xi'3'S'i'b'SSXi Www Dry Goods and Notions ' 7 Compliments of Harding S Garage E. s. FARWELL GAS ' OILS S'6'i'Y3'S'3' Accessories Unity Maine 'S"f5'b'i' Unity Maine Ffdfb G. R. HUNTER Potatoes, Lime, Fertilizer YS' Compliments of BEN F. CHASE Unity Maine x4X3SXS9Y59'A9'S'S'XX Liability and Fire Insurance Tel. 29-29 Unity Maine .4859 Compliments of Pattee's Shoe Repair Shop Compliments of x9'XBfXf AGENT Fon MASON SHOES George Constable Unity Maine Unity ' Mbille ifXiVXXXX99fXWXrYXXi9SSXQ9S9SQ Compliments of A st VA 23 NEW ENGLAND DAIRIES, INC. if A x is 'z Yi Albion Maine 34 li A A 3 ,4 3 Z2 A g Compliments of 12 Compliments of Q Q2 H. L. KEAY 3: Y' Cooper and Marden Z1 A QUALITY MERCHANDISE A gi Albion Maine Z2 3 Albion Maine 1? A 6 V2 si E A Compliments of A Compliments of 0, G. ROWE 2 Yeaton's Garage BARBER SHOP f g . and W4 Albion Maine POOL ROOM 5 wx 4 If Albion Maine 3 2: :Z Compliments of , iz GENERAL MERCHANDISE R. 3 12 Delaware Feeds A B t M ' A iff Albion Maine en on ame I V s A eeeeee it-tsl ig If it S lz Compliments of , :Q Compliments of Q A . X 5 Quaker Hill Poultry Farm x 72 BEV'S BEAUTY SHOP 3 Foster M. Tinker, Prop. 7,2 Albion Maine Q Unity Maine if YYVXS'VYVVYYYXYYYXYYVVVVXVXVVVFVY5'fY5'i'Yi""'i'5' 1' is 'VVX'S'3'S'S'7S'5'fS'i'3'S'5'S' 59 V f 4IIi4?s9ff9'fll'I1fqi'f,f4IWW 'rfifr 'tv 985993 ' 'frff y ,S fffnfrfrffr ' ' fvffffff faYKf"fv9f'94fvff!XX1s Y' XXM PSSSSXSSXXA Compliments of UNITY CIVIC ASSOCIATION Unity Maine MAPLEW OOD STORE M. S. Stevens, Prop. Groceries - Hardware Feeds and Building Supplies Unity Maine C0TY1DliIT19l1fS of Compliments of DAlGLE'S GARAGE Unity Maine H. P. Hood 8: Son Unity Maine Compliments of Compliments of Alton Lowell Staple's Garage Unity Maine Brooks Maine REYNOLDS BROS. Compliments of i Groceries Dr. Arthur E. Jewell Sunoco Gas and Oil Brooks Maine Open Evenings and Sundays Brooks Maine 'XXV 'XYSVXYWXXS'b'a'S's'5Ys'b'3's'fS'fb'bY5fS'X'59 A 5995 i'J'S'S'b'i YYYV5'S'Sfv'r's'Vb'5'bYi'X9Yi'X'b'b'b'3fS4v'Xr'r f if 'b'3'r'i'b'VVi'3'S9'fS'i'b'i'YS'?'S'YYYS"i'S'Sf5'? 49948999 XX XX .......NNyXNyyNN ....f NXXXXXXX NYY r1x6'nYf!fXYXX2f XXiX4JSr'X x 4 Compliments of Monmouth Canning Factory 545' i'i'b'fi'iS'Xr 54 Freedom Maine I Freedom Lunch Freedom Lumber Co. l?l,l, . . t f Groceries - Fro-Joy Ice Cream Manufac urers O :A Dowels, Brooms, Brush, Mop V Lunches and Regular Meals and other Handles Freedom Maine Freedom Maine Y YI Z' K r William A. Thompson 32 Compliments of Funeral Director BANGS 8. KNIGHTS Tel. Thorndike 11-12 is A Freedom Maine I Freedom Maine 9 Compliments of if A. W. Maxim 32 Potato Dealer Tl-IORNDIKE GENERAL 0 Tel. 17-11 STORE z? Thorndike Maine Thorndike M aine Compliments of ,lt Tweedie Brothers' Garage H C Mccorrison . . , YA Gulf Gas and Oil 8: Son, Inc. 2 A Parts Dealer in Tel. 21 Thorndike, Me. PACKARD and PONTIAC CARS Thorndike Maine 56YS!i'S'X'S'5'5fYYWS'YS'5'5'XS'S'S'Y5'5'S'YS'XWXYi'k'Vf5'V5'S'f'f'b'i'r X3'S'59'fY5'Xi'5f5fXWSi'3fvf ' 1 Xi'f'fIffffi'ffP4ffx?YxxPgX4x?f?ffflfiSl1xi45fifi'xfKXXfYXf5ghN45fx3fX4?T45f?x 5f5f5g?sgX4Isx4K Compliments of E. L. a LARY S VARIETY Garage and Repair Work Fountain Service Thorndike, Me- Phones 13-ll - 15-91 Thorndike Maine Compliments of B. L. Myrick 8z Son Compliments of E. L. BLANCHARD GAS OIL Guernsey Cattle Candy, Tobacco . Groceries Troy Mame Knox Maine Compliments of Compliments of H- L- PIPER L. G. WEST POULTRY PRODUCTS GENERAL MERCHANDISE TYOY Maine Troy Center Maine Compliments of SEAVEY PIPER Troy Maine Compliments of E. M. SOULE Unifb' Maine Compliments of H. O. DANFORTH GENERAL MERCHANDISE Tel. 1 25-1 7 Troy Maine ' C ' A ' X'X'FffffVVS'i'5'7fi'i'3'i'i'i'fYF'3'fE49995'3'S'S'7i'S'VVVFE'i'i'S'X5'Wy5454,434y ' SSS 'X X X is Anna rrnn ,vff4nn"f'QY rrrrr.r 'XXXXXKXXXXK5 A Y J If gf Compliments of 32 T zt I REYNOLDS BROTHERS , V4 4 8 Burnham Maine f fo 4 if 1 3 7 , Compliments of 5 Compliments of D A DYER g, . 4 4 F. E. PATTERSON ' ' BARBER SHOP Z GROCERY STORE d 5 GAS and OIL BUS SBTIATION ,Q Z Burnham Maine D g Burnham Mame Z 5 HUNT BROTHERS Z Q 2 it IRON AGE Z: x if FARQUER MACHINERY R 'I E? Burnham Maine 4 6 z Compliments of Best Wishes of It f w Z w Humphrey's Drug Store L. A. DYSART 3 Z 5 Pittsfield Maine Pittsfield Maine 1 54 f ii Q WE SPECIALIZE IN 4 Q soHooL PRINTING 3 Z 5 2 WRITE FOR PRICES Z R The PITTSFIELD ADVERTISER Kg t Z4 wxwwxwwwwwwwwwsfwxwvxwat:fwwwwwwwwxwwxwxmffwffxwxw 'fffi'Yi'fi'fffX5'2'i'i'5'XXXFXXXXXXr'f'XS' Vfi'r'5'i'ifr'S4fX343fffi'7P'ffi'i'i'i'fKXi'Fi'rf A 1 zx sk . 92 Compliments of Q4 vi Donald H. Shorey 1 R Q, ,A it Pittsfield Maine sf A GENERAL INSURANCE Compliments of it 3 W. A. Taylor Insurance FRIEND 8: FRIEND gi Agency DEALERS if 3 ZA 3 A. E. McMichael, Agent For 25 Years Still Serving You 4 Bank Block Pittsfield, Me. Newport Pittsfield Skowhegan UNITED STORES Farrar Furniture Co. st , YI VALUES - COURTESY Helpmg Hundreds it Furnish Their Homes" ,ft SERVICE 25 Park St. 2 Pittsfield, Maine Pittsfield Maine ,EE X , gy ICE CREAM CANDY Compliments of BARROWS Sz BARROWS Hanson Hardware Co. it ,fx K X 74 X s REG. PHARMACY Hardware, Lumber, Plumbing if Sodas Prescriptions Heaters, Radios, Washers X 5 ii' . ri Tel. 41 Milk Coolers Z: w Newport Maine Water St. Newport, Maine 9 K' K Compliments of gt .IUDKINS 8z GILMAN COMPANY Hardware, Lumber, Rough and Finished, Flooring, Roofing A HARD AND SOFT COAL-COKE Fairbanks Morse Pumps Round Oak Stoves ii ii SEEDS AND FERTILIZERS -- SPORTING GOODS 4' Tel. 67, Newport Maine Z' 'Vi'VFP'i'S'i'i'i'P'Fi'S'3'5'i' r r r 5'iff'S'5'i'Xi'i'b'5'ifi'b'?'?'-N r 7 Y 3 3 Q v Q Q Q Z4 Q 3 9 Q X X X y 4' Q Q yf Q y ,s Q X Q , Q X W , Q X S Q X X Q Q X X X 2 Q yf Q X X X E Ykfffrfixffffffffifiiffr4r4f4ffafffXKf4f!i4KKf',fXffKr4KKKf4KiSifAXSS. 8999, Ss SSYVOSAVGYA SYXXKA fr5rfrfr4r'vfrfr4vfr'r4ifr'r4rfr KKXA Compliments of DR. JOHN F. DYER oPToMETR1sT Q if 0 0 Q' L Newport Maine I Compliments of Compliments of 3 YANKEE CAE E EMERSON sz ERWIN Q 45 Main Street sa yn A X . . V4 Regular Meals Sa Fountain Service V Newport Mame Newport Maine Q MEATS and GROCERIES 74 , lk Compliments of Q 74 Taylor 8: Estes Variety Compliments of HOME RESTAURANT Also I FEDERATED sToREs Newpm Mme Q Newport Maine EQ Store ,ff Q X 3. A lx . Q Compliments of :Q WILLIAM F. JUDE 1 X Shorey s Luncheonette ATTORNEY AT LAW 5 A Newport, Maine Newport Maine Compliments of 9 Q X 7 ya Q 4 if Compliments of Q 24 A PETERS SERVICE STATION Q A Q Range and Fuel Oils ' METERED TRUCK DELIVERY Prompt and Courteous Service Fairfield Main-8004 Maine 4 X W gt it S if ix ,A A 7A 3'S'5'fi'5'Vf i'5'5'i'5 '545'fYF 1'3"r'5'Y3'754?ffff3'b'3'f5'f3fi'fffXXi'fi'5'frX' 4XKVWVAWVWWSYXQ'XXXSfbfzfffffffiffrffffffrf.XifisfffrfrfkKQXSSMXXfffiffsffrfivffk ff!! ARNOLD TRAIL HOTEL Restaurant Dining Room Scallops - Steaks - Clams PETER GILBERT, Prop. Compliments of GEORGE V. CHAPMAN ESSO SERVICENTER OMER CHAMPAGNE Tires Fuel, Range Oil , , T b C I t Gas, O11 and Accessories u es omp e e Batteries Lubrication Tel' 320 Residence 337 Main sf. Fairaela, Me. Fwaeld Mme Compliments of FAIRFIELD PUB. CO. School and College Printers Fairfield Maine Compliments of The Neal Drug Store The Rexall Store Home of Pure Drugs Rexall, Whitman's and Kodak Agency of the Greyhound Bus Fairfield Maine Compliments of L. P. VEILLEUX Modern Shoe Rebuilding 191 Main St. Fairfield Maine Compliments of GEORGE N. SNELL FRESH and SALT FISH Oysters, Clams, Scallops and Lobsters Fairfield Maine Compliments of Waterville Savings Bank 182 Main St. Compliments of F arwelI's Fabric Shop xx sf 'I X X X X Is A A A K 4 X xx K 'A ,, v? V2 sf xx S wx 2 nv FP fb -1 4 .. . M i cn w E. 5 fb I Waterville, Maine zzffA'iffiffifXXifif5f2'fXf'ififi'KifXKXXfYA4XiS .1 Yi xx s It FOR NEWS WHEN IT is NEWS 'S READ THE if E5 ii WATERVILLE MORNING Q1 SENTINEL CONGRATULATIONS vi it To the Students of Unity High School, Parents and Friends for their Q: Vg X It Oiztstzinding contributions Which are mirrored in this year's "Monitor," It 2 32 X SENTINEL ENGRAVERS 3' 12 :- It 25 Silver Street Waterville, Maine zz ws 9 EI We Specialize in Commercial and School Engraving 3 N S 1' S2 Q 7 ri vs 74 vt 74 If Zi S ,A 35 DeLIsLE STUDIO if 3. PHOTOGRAPHERS I X I, Commercial - Portrait - Formal - Informal Et . rt It so Mein Street Tel. 1925-M Waterville, Me. I' 9 si ? , V' A It vi 2 Fred W. Richardson 81 Son ff fi Jenny Petroleum Products Yi E: 35 66 College Avenue Waterville, Maine fYS'XfYXXS'fffY fffY W?Y?'i'fS'i'XFXXi'3'YS'b'3'Sfi'X'S'i'e r'iS4i'bYX'r'r'i96'f: Farrow s Bookshop Books for old and young Greeting Cards Socml Stationery Oiiice Supplies School Supplies Magazines - Sheet Music Columbm ind Victor Records Photographic Supplies Maine 81. Temple Str ets Tel. 312 Waterville, Me Compliments of Lombard Traction Engine Company 235-W Waterville Maine Carter, Your Florist "Say It With Flowersi' Corner Main 8: Temple Sts. Phone 1061 Res. 1229-M Waterville Maine Rollins-Dunham Co. HARDWARE 29 Front St. Tel. 239 Waterville Maine HARRIS BETTER BREAD CAKE PASTRY Harris Baking Company Waterville Maine lililyyyyf pep rpg be 9 rr 'R' ' ' 115' "f?'ffi' 'f7!Fi'rffif6'X5fKX'Xir V 1 f 4 ' ' 'f'f'f'f'f'f'f'i'ffrfffffrfffifffff if ' ' f f ' ' 1 'xxxxxxxss 2 V 3 7 V V V V V 2 Z A X X X X X X V X X X X X X X V2 X yf N , V2 X X X X X X X X X X X X 2 A V X X X X A 2 X f fffXXXffr'ffi4r4rYrfXi'1fi4i!fYf4ffKKiiivfkfgbtxxfffrfzidfvfvviigxiixfafffffafrfrffffz9fsff4f'f'f4Xffafff'ffsfr ' fi r'r f iff 'ff Bacon's Esso Service Center GAS AND OIL Complete Lubrication Service Atlas Tires and Accessories College Avenue Waterville, Me For Service, Dependability and Quality C A L L DEXTER DRUG STORES, INC. 118 Maine St. 2 Clinton Ave Waterville, Me. Winslow, Me. Tel. 2095 Tel. 363 Night Calls 2294 The Stores of Famous Brands featuring More than 100 Nationally Advertised Brands for Men, Women and Children STERNS DEPARTMENT STORES Waterville Skowhegan EMERY - BROWN COMPANY DEPARTMENT STORE Always aiming to offer style and quality A little better than usual Waterville Maine W. B. ARNOLD Co. WATERVILLE HARDWARE MERCHANTS Supplies for Mills, Painters, Contractors, Farmers Pumps and Piping - Electric Refrigeration "Established over a Century" 5996 ,X X V ws V2 V ,V ,, ,V X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X xy X X It X X X 'Q X X X X N V X V2 4 S K X 4 V2 4 rs K X ,4 fa 9- '41'ffffif2fr429f29S24i9frf2fffrf2'2'242'n42'2'f'X2f2'2'f4f'XKQS 'Q X V 'Z :1 It m 32 E fe 2 2 2 W 'PU 9 W vm 57 FJ 8' 57 vf 2 5 2 E 2 12 :J :I 'LI W .T E 9- fr Q 2 15 HS Q E 72 8 X 99 20 'F r-1 3 2 2, 5 Us E VD E ' X E ' rv- E E 54 N 5' Q Pi VD Q is '71 H Q Q P1 Q O O CD f P-2 r-4 C3 3 5 74 -1 0 Q F' U 21 'U .5 2, 'Sf SL 2. 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Stevens Thwing Atherton Furniture Co. 21 Main Street Waterville Maine C 1' f CHARLES B DAVIS co 'mp 'ments 0 IIQ Lung Plumbing 'ind HAGER'S Headquarters for Candy 113 Main St. Tel. 35 Waterville Maine Pine Tree Gift Shop Compliments of 17 save' st WATERVILLE FRUIT 8: Waterville Maine Telephone 1820 Waterville Maine S EXCELLENT FOOD SPORTING GOODS TW our 25 Central street Shore Dinners and Daily Specials r Puritan Restaurant 67 Temple Street . 151 Main St. Waterville Maine Phone 201 Waterville, Me. fb 1 rv a b a v rr fr v f a r r r f r f r 1 v a v a iffiffffffffffVXVVWXVXXXXWYMr Y x 'f''99'1'ff'f'f'fr'fr'f'fr'fr'fffrfvffr'rfff'r'r'f'r'r'fv'f'r'f'ff-'r'r7r'r'r'r'r'r'r'v'r'r'XXff''f'f'f'f'rfr'r'r'r'r'r'f'r'v9'ff'fr'r'f'f'f'f'f'r'f'f'r'ff'f'a'f"'f' 'f','f'f' Motor Supply Corporation Distributors of Automotive Parts 20 Silver St. Tel. 1666K Waterville, Maine 4,4'4,4,IrI 4 l'4'4 I ,I 4,1 'I 4 4 1 4,4'4,4'4 '4 54,l'4,4,4,4fl'l'4'4,4'4'I'I'4,l'4'l,I,4,l,4'I,4, '4'l, 'l'4,l Harold Kimball Company Mill and Contractors' Supplies Hardware -- Seeds Garden Supplies Tel. 281 21 Silver St. Waterville Gooo SHOES GALLERT SHOE STORE 51 Main St. Waterville Maine Compliments of Jones' Barber Shop and Beauty Parlor Tel. 1069 1 1 1 Main St. Waterville Compliments of Sealtest Ice Cream Waterville, Me. Tel. 1320 Compliments of IRVING A. MOODY JEWELER 57 Main Street Waterville Maine KlLROY'S Army 8z Navy Store 56 Temple St. Waterville, Maine Melvin's Music Stores, Inc. Pianos - Musical Instruments Records - Albums -- Supplies Waterville Ellsworth - Bangor Presque Isle Compliments of Mowry Jewelry Co. 45 Main St. Waterville, Me. Let us solve your "Gift Problem" John Carter, Mgr. DUNI-lAM'S lVlEN'S and BOYS' CLOTHING Waterville Maine at xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xt xt xt xx xx xx gk xx xx xi xt xx xx xt xx xx gk xx f 4 Vx Vx V xx xx xx V x Vx Vx S x Vx Vx Vx Vx Vx Vx Vx Vx Vx w Q Vx Vx Vx Vx Vx Vx Vx Vx Vx Vx Vx 3' K Vx Vx Vx ,xx Vx Vx Vx Vx Vx VK Vx Vx Z' K' vi Vx Vx Vx Vx Vx Vx Vx Vx Vx Vx Vx Vx Vx Vx Vx Vx Vx Vx Vx Vx Vx ' ' ' 'fr i'r'i'5'b'r'r'r'i'f' 'r'r'r'r'r'r r r r fr r 'fr' 'Q r 09 fr r 'r r 0959 fr' fr' ' v'r'v'r'r fr4r4r'r4rffff43ff4r'z'Lfffifrfrfrfrffrf1Sr'X3XK3Xr'r' f'f'ef'f'--r4r'i XXXXX'.gi si 'A TARDIFF FOOD SHOP 'Q 3 s . vi Qt HOME Made Bread and Pastrles Q2 vt X v 3 It 21 Silver sf. gt :I 5 vt Waterville Maine gf I' 5' Q' V vi 3 X - yi 2- 3' 6 if 5 A Vx X lt X ,S . 'Z 'Q Et THE REPUBLICAN JOURNAL M 2 if 'Q V yi , K ls w w' f 4 2 3 v xx E5 "ALL THE HOME NEWS OF ii 3' WALDO COUNTY" Qi M 5 sf 'Z Vs X lx If 2? I2 5 . lf Belfast Maine x ,O 2? 54 52 9 'Z . , . The Flrst Natlonal Bank Of Belfast 5 Member: If sg :Q Federal Reserve System if Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation A s' Belfast Maine If zi 72 ?'5'5'f6'f7i'5'YY3' X' 'Vfff 'X '35 93' J J ' 2 S S 5 z'?'5'5'S'6 1 f VS'i'YV?'3'5'5'5'fV5fffffyffv' MILTON B. HILLS LUMBER sf 0 if X 'Z X X X Qi Belfast Maine 'I X X 1: X X FRED F. PALMER HARDWARE SPORTING GOODS Kitchenware Crockery L X S K K K K K Belfast Maine xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxfffxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxnxxxxxffaxxxAxxx,s'xxfffffffsff'ffKKeg Compliments of James Pattee 8z Son Real Estate and Insurance Masonic Temple Building Belfast Maine Compliments of Consumers' Fuel Co. Tel. 95 Belfast Maine - E. L. GRANT V If ldssotane - For Happy Cooking S S: Amoco Gas and Oils ti American Heating Oils :Z Tel. 307 yi 0 Belfast Maine sf 'Z ig Dr. Ernest S. Webber V2 . E: Dentist zz Masonic Temple v5 Z? rg Phone 267 Belfast, Me. 9 Compliments of CITY DRUG STORE READ and HILL, Prop. P. Sq- Tel. 341-M Belfast Maine Compliments of WADE AND HURD Belfast Maine n Compliments of Shute and Shorey's Belfast Maine 3 s s Q 3 s 2 5 Compliments of COOPER 8z CO. Belfast Maine iYV?S'E'WVYWVXXVXffVS'5'b'i'3'S'b'5'5 A it XVS'YYVWfS'VXXV5fi'S'WXXX'XSfXXXi9f5fXi'Xi! 5 4' 1A Q X X X X X X X X X X X X W S4 wx A ,K X X X X X X ,K X X s fi X X X X X X X X X X X 7 vi l' 4 X X X X X X 5 A X X X X X X X X X X X X X Is x X X X X X w V s X X X 5 A 7 C y A W Q W A W fx Y s X ss A 7 vt x x vi YifXXXfS'XXXXXXXXXXKXXifXf'X?fifXKKXf!A'KSffffiYXKXXX?fXXXXXXXB4X9XrVXXXXXK f f I 7 fs ,I xt The Merrill Trust Company vt si BELFAST, MAINE " wx F: MEMBER: FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM :S N4 FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CoRP. 21 X ,I is 4 gt 5 I2 Company Everything in Hardware v , 7, X Complete Home Furnishings Electrlcal Goods it Glenwood Ranges DuPont Paints and Varnishes It Belfast Maine Tel. 55 Belfast, Me. 3 V S v2 f ' A 2, Compliments of it ,I FIELD AND QUIMBY Q If Stephenson 8: Son Z1 gi Men'S, Ladies', Children'S Fuller Wentworth E: 32 H FURNISHINGS - INSURANCE AGENCY IK wx QA V' Q . , M ' 65 Mm st Belfast e Tel. sv-w Belfast, Me. 3, Q "The Niche in the Wall" yt 33 52 Q H. W. HATCH GeorgIe's Beauty Salon gf vt . . X SE Wholesale Contectioners Complete Beauty Service 'I Moxie Agent Cliquot Drinks X If , 12 Main Street Tel. 449-W F, A 1 A , y 3 Tobacco and Llgaiettes yt Belfast Maine Belfast Maine I2 3' I 5, zf +' I' sf 'Z 32 E5 G. W. Achorn Sz Co. Compliments of 3: I . . 9 3 Everything IH Ready-to-wear Mervyn W. Bird, O. D. if DRY AND FANCY GOODS OPTOMETRIST 5 Tel' 94 I. o. o. F. Bldg. QQ :E 77 High St. 24 Mann St. Belfast Maine EZ Belfast, Me. Camden, Me. 5: ZZws'fxwrw'rs'ws'S's'w S fr ffofnf' NS' 'S' ' S S S ' 'nfs''rvws'rs'rfWfrS's'fXrrm12 QXXXXXXX XXXSQfXXXXXXXKS3Sff A xx s' ' c S' yn K K it It INDIVIDUAL ACCOUNTS 32 v' 7, sf Y if If You Respond to the Friendly Personal Atmosphere of the If Moderate-Sized Banks is 5 W S1 YOU WILL ENJOY BANKING AT THE st Wt ag Y 74 Q FEDERAL TRUST CO. it 8 it sf . . st 8 Checking and Savings Accounts Q. g if 7 if UNITY BRANCH 53 vt SI 3 Federal Trust Company E, A Member of Federal Deposit If S w fi Insurance Corporation 24 Q y5 Unity Maine 21 w' it It A I I 'Z X I4 is 'i If Eg Studebaker Cars and Trucks QI Q vi Q . . F. 23 Frost and Wilkins Sales Company I' vi E 55 High St. Belfast, Maine . 2: Q Tel. 104 Qt . vi w t Washing Machines State Distributors E2 Wx ,A it and Household of Instant Heat vt 74 :I Appliances Oil Burners, V2 f X Philgas Deep Freezers 9 . 5, :E Ranges Furnaces W x' WA 0 91 22 A vt If i9'W'S'S'S'5'b'S'S'S'S'S'?'5'S'YS'S'S'S'5'YS's'YS'YX's YrfXrSYiSx4f'f9'ffXQXi99 fXx4KXVAKi'Kfff'Xi99YXSSrfXXr CSA 'ASSQQSWQQQQM f3439YXi4XQr gxwxxxassuafxxx, v 2 V if 2 3 'E I 'Z V V V V Y if 'A 'A 'A 'A 'A :A ,4 32 +2 'A 'A ,, V 5 Q 'A 'A Y 5 A9QX XXr a if av ,f f i'XXXNififfXX 3'F?ifFXXF8'fXXifffy. -XXFXXXXA 7 Z2 H. M. PARKHURST AND SONS Thorndike - Maine Q 74 VA 74 A Tel. 2 We Carry a Full Line of Farm Machines --Supporting- if 5 ix The Largest Stock of Machines and Repairs in Eastern Maine. A' if Q? Exclusive Dealer for Hardy Sprayer, International Harvester, De Laval, Fairbanks Morse, Sargent-Roundy, Edward-Swift, and 4 James Way Barn Equipment A Amalie Oil Products Prompt and Courteous Service if HAROLD M. PARKHURST, Prop. li 5 r A in-1 is iwfvfsflaiefsw well lj iffy, Gil! 5 f fra' Nl , X x " ,svx X R X ? A x 5' 9 THE .IOURNAL PRESS YQ 64 CHURCH STREE1' 3 Z2 2 BELFAST, MAINE 5 TEL. 320 A X X X X ? 5' 2? 2 5 16 5 X XJXNXX X XXOX XXXX 'XX . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .X .N A 5.X.x.x.X.X.X.X.X.yX.X.NN.X.X.xN.x.X.yX.X.yx.xA-XJQ NXJXNX ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' - 0 ' - f f V NXNYXN'YX'X'X'XX'YXX'X'xX'XX'X'X'XXXX XXXXXXXXXXX INSURANCE W. T. VICKERY Unity, Maine Representative of BOOTHBY k BARTLETT of Waterville, Maine and MASSACHUSETTS MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE CO. Unity UNITY THEATER We welcome the entire family Make this your theater Showing four days weekly Sun. - Mon. - Thurs. - Sat. Shows 7:00 and 8:30 P. M. Sat. 6:30 and 8:30 P. M. Tel. 56 0 -. -. Maine f K-wx-v7 NNN XXXY XXXXXX XXXY XXXXX XXXX XXXX XX XXXX X X XXXX X XXX XXXXXXXXXXXX XX N.X................................ ., . x, ......... .................. ....... ... 5

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