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-.-p4...m-..,m-.-..-......-.--1-...--.11.-1111-...111 ian lr--111---H110-' -Wim-. 1 u1n..1uu-un1uu..m,...m.-uu..uu-animaim.-...ina-.u.-ninuiun.-n.iu Compliments of Macis Gulf Service Dealer in GAS - KEROSENE -- BATTERIES - TIRES - TUBES SPARK PLUGS - RECAPPING -- VULCANIZING - and THAT GOOD PRIDE and LUBE OIL. LET US GREASE YOUR CARS and TRUCKS ALTON McCORMICK UNITY, MAINE Tel. 53 Parlchurst Parts and Service Unity 48-8 Thorndike 13-22 We carry a complete line of farm machines -Supporting- The largest stock of farm machines and repairs in EASTERN MAINE Exclusive dealer for the following line Hardy Sprayers-McCormick-Deering Machine Parmak Fencers "' "' " Prompt and Courteous Service "' "' "' Repair Shop at Unity Repair Shop at Thorndike Harold M. Parkhurst, Prop. 1 M-- u-..,,1. nn..-nu I I 2 s I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I -In-nn--uainfq I I I i I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I H'-'4' 'I' inn-. 1qu1nun1u1n--u 1 .-. ....nn..m.i..n1..m-. 1 .1 1,1 --m1nn...uu1un1 1. un.. niuulupiuniun-1 'I' ,X C pl t f Parkhursfs Store Canned Goods Pastry Candy Meats We Se ll Mo na rc h Unity, Maine Tel. 108-2 Pr od uc ts nu1nu-.un THE MONITOR UB ISHFD ANNUALLY BY UNITY HIGH SCHOOL VOIUMIL FEBRUARY 45 DEDICATION WE, THE STUDENTS OF UNITY HIGH SCHOOL, RE- SPECTFULLY DEDICATE OUR MONITOR 'TO MISS ALICE JOHNSON, WHO FOR THE PAST THREE YEARS HAS BEEN OUR HOME ECONOMICS TEACHER AND FRIEND. ago Thrcc LlH.SlHRECTORY SLTl'IFIRIN'l'ENDENT OF SCHOOLS Mr. K. H. McKechnie THE SCHOOL BOARD Mr. Robert Whitehouse Mrs. Frank Stevens Mr. Merton Reynolds FACULTY lift. lo right: Miss Alice Jolinson, li. 5.5 Mrs. lrnm Mclieclinie, A. 13. limum lllllLN cks, M. A.g Mr. Welton P. Farrow, A. B.g Mrs. Betsey Hicks, A. B Je F MONITOR STAFF Seated left to right: Barb. Max'm, B. Dean, M. Tozier, V. Carter, B. llardinfg, W. Barnes, E. McCormick. Standing: Mrs. Hicks, M. Viekery, R. Hillman, F. Tozier, W. Rich, A. Metlormiek, K. Me- Keehnfe, K. Tozier. lflditor-in-chiei' , Beverly llardin-1 Assistant Editors Beverly llean, Virginia Carter Business M3l1ilg'L'l' . Eleanor Mctlorniisli Assistant Business Managers Karl McKeehnie, Barbara Maxim Athletic Editors Wyona Barnes, Walter Iiiuh Literary Editor . Michael V'ckery Joke Editor , Wyona Barnes Assistant Joke l'fd'tor , , .. . Alton McCormick, Jr. Alumni Editors . Marilyn Tozier, Richard Hillman Iflxchange Editor . . , , . , Frank Tozier Senior Class Editor . Marilyn Tozier Junior Class Editor , Karl M:Kechnie, Jr. Sophomore Class Editor , Alton llfleflormick, Jr. Freshman Class Editor Kenneth Tozier, Jr. Page Five SCHOGL GROUP First row, left to right: M. Brown, R. Rollins, B. Maxim, B. H-eald, V. Carter, M. Tozier E. McComick, B. Dean, W. Barnes, D. Mason, M. Vickery, G. Shorcy. Second row: E. Walker, A. Danforth, K. Tozier, H. Reynolds, F. Tozier, M. Peppard, B. Harding, J. Pratt, F. Bacon, E. Brillard, B. Maxim. Third row: C. Hillman, G. Moody, F. Luce, B. Reynolds, W. Rich, E. Rollins, P. Mason, D. Perkins, B. Fletcher, F. Pratt, M. Reynolds, A. McCormick, A. Seaver, B. Boudreau, R. Hillman, K. McKechnie. President ..,., Vice President . Secretary-Treasurer President ...., Vice President . Secretary-Treasurer President . . . Vice President . Secretary . . . Treasurer President . . . Vice President . Secretary-Treasurer Page Six CLA SS OFFICERS Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen . Wyona Barnes Eleanor McCormick , Virginia Carter . Beverly Dean . Karl McKechnie .. Dora Clifford .. Frank Tozier . Beverly Maxim . Barbara Maxim Alton McCormick Barbara Reynolds , , , Eva Brillard . Micihael Varney I EDITORIALS H ENEMY PROPAGANDA The meaning of propaganda is forcing ideas upon people. It is effective only if the person infiuenced is led to act without thinking. Prop- aganda works upon the emotions, and, be- cause of this, emotionally unstable people are most easily swayed by it. It is being used -during this war by the enemy nations as a v-ery effective weapon of war. It has made progress for the Germans relatively simple in Europe by ldisuniting the small countries before the Nazi armies en- tered. A country that is divided by internal strife cannot long stan-d against a united enemy. At present German and Japanese propa- ganda masters are hammering at the allied countries. They are trying to start little sparks of discord, which, unless checked, may flame into a confiagration. Every day little rumors are started-very unobtrusively, of course. Every day we hear of spies being caught by the F. B. I. We have recently had a very good example of this in our own state, and we real- ized more fully how close to us the war really is. A young boy scout by his alertness brought about the capture of two German spies who had entered this country on a lonely stretch of Maine beach. If these spies had not been caught in time, they might have done untold damage. Enemy spies, however, are no more danger- ous than many of our own American citizens. And by American citizens, I don't mean just those of German or Japanese ancestry. I mean people like you and me and the person next door. Maybe you don't 1'ealize it, but these people can be just as dangerous and just as instrumental in spreading propaganda as the most hardened German. They hear a story, it may be about anything that will start hard feelings between different classes or races of people. 'Ilhe story is handed from mouth to moutih, ibut no one ever seems to know where it originated. Every day these common people, who would be greatly shocked if they were ac- cused of helping the enemy, do that very thing by passing along harmful rumors. How, you ask, can we help to stop all this? First, by not repeating stories told us. Second, by trying to make the person who tells them realize how dangerous they are, and, last of all, by stuldying the true facts of the situation ourselves. Some of the tales told are too far fetched for belief. Others, when they have been thought over, can be seen for what they really are-little seeds of discord which have been planted here by the enemy to start bitter feeling among the people of this country and lbetween allied nations. Don't be half an Amer- icang be an American. -Beverly Harding, '45 Editor-in-chicf BOOGIE-WOOGIE The word Boogie-Woogie is a new word for our vocabulary. As we all know, it is a kind of music. Boogie-Woogie has in the past year become very popular. Although we think of it as some- thing new, it actually has been on this earth for over four hundred years under a different flaflle. Boogie-woogie has the same chording and formula as the blues. If one can play the blues, he can also play Boogie-woogie. The left hand plays repeated chords. The pedal is very seldom used, as the same effects are ob- tained by the hands and staccato notes. This new type of music is used mostly for the new dance called the "Jitte1'bug". They go very well together as they both are exercises- one for the left hand and the other for the body. Boogie-Woogie is not especially pretty, but-it is fascinating to listen tog the "Jitter- bug" is not pretty either, but it is fun to dance or to watch it. As is true of all music, it takes hours, and even years, of practice to master Boogie- Woogie. Some people cannot play it correctly even then, as it has a different rhythm from any other music. Personally, I don't care especially for this new kind of music. I think that it would be very boring to listen to all the time. Some or- chestras can play it very well and make it sound at its best, but I like the old melodies, waltzes and the popular music of today much better. Boogie-woogie to me is a Hjumbled up mess" a kind of music that will be popular only a short time and then forgotten. -Beverly Dean, '46 Assistant Editor GIRLS DO THEIR PART, TOO Girls as well as boys, are fighting in this war even though they do not use guns, bul- lets, airplanes, tanks and ships. fcontinued on page fourteeni Page Seven C5300 QWWWOU EMBDOQ aggwam am .D H2520 WEBMOEU pang wigs! 533800 :Og in Agia N 23503 35 233 MBS-w 'E:Om EVHEEG EBSQ UZNQQS MCEKCQ ESEOUU EEE KSEWQ SEE E25 ENE mgggo ENENMH SCHED :gsm MCEUNAH HENZSAM .Ewm Em M500 ,Nga 532 wg: N 2 own MFEC? aw E M SMEEQ EO M: germ MN HN MSEOEO :Bm 231 HEENEEQ N HE gm 2-:Ea CE BEE N 352 magna E ww N' N' ECG .332 4 Ednawm WERE EWWEH wh-Sm rnsm MENESHQE :ESM Nz 'ENE SESS, mxoem E ami was:-U 253004 :BNA wasziwmm MOHZME Cegxgo 4 mage EMM 4 meg 202 36? 4 MEM goaowdwim VMOOQ COA:-OO m 365054 BISHE 30: 4 ENE 4 mzwmg bwgbm 302 WEEWPS USD E532 amos .HOWNOH F2252 'Siam 'Batt :OE 3:55 Sam viva xOmg-EDOS F8235 025 WBCNFQ Swain E265 gsm blsxam MEESIH rtszm .Etna gawk? mwgsm M2035 QEQZ Svzltvmlz V. flurtvr, XV. Barnes, E. IWCCOFIIIIC SL'ilVl'l'. k. SIZIIIIIIIIQI I". Luce, B. llcalcl, W. Rich, IVI. Tozicr. R. Hillman, B. Ilurclirux, F. Pratt, A. THE SE IOR X'lIC1IlNI.X l'.XIi'l'I'IIi--"Sl1.- smil-'Il bul slnv uns lII4IX'I1llil,Y ILXIQIPINII--".Xs busy :ns 'I bumblu- bl-v, mmlf-st :null sil--nl." .lull yvl su full ul' fun," S1-x.inrl'l:1X, I: 5lnnilo1'SI:nI'I', I3 .Xssistrlut lllllitur, l'r'ix1- Sw-zlkiuu, ii: Sm-ni-Ir I'l:uy, I: Nlnnitm' SI:1I'I'. I: Ulzxss 'l'v'v:Isl11--r, I: Yin- l'I'1'SlIll'III, JI: S1-vI'1+- L1,Il, I: t'l:Iss I'hliIm', 2: .Xlunmi I-LIIIIIII-, II: lflllitnr- 1:1ry-'I'VI-:1s1u'--1', I: 4114-v Club, I, 2, I3 Ilmm- ldv. in-I'I1ivl', -Ig l!:1skvtlm:lll, I Nuftbznll, I, 15, II, I1 Club, 1, I'l11-I-I'lm':l1l1'l', Cl, -I: film-1' Ullllb, l, 11, ll IIUIIII' Iiv. Uluh, I: Ilruzuru-, JI. IX'YHN,X ILXICNICS 'IX uuml w1n1p:miun Illzll is l'll1'l'l'I-Ill is wurtln mul-I." I'z'1x1- Sp1':Il4i11g', II: .Iuni11V- . .. , I'l.1X', Ig Aluuntur Stull, L, .Inkv I-I-Iilur, Il, I: Slum-nl SI-nim' I'l:1y, ZS: S--nim- IZ, I, ,Xlumni Illllilur, 23 Clulllvil, I: liuskvtlrzlll, I, 2, Il, li Slmlntlmll, I, 2, IZ, 'Ig 1'l:1ss l'l'l'SIIll'IIl, I, I: llunu- I-Iv, Vlub, I: 4114-II Club, I, 2, Ig llrlzelzxr, I, 2, Il. I'I.l-LXNHIQ NI:-4'UIUII1'Ii'-'HX pmmml ol' lPlIIl'li is wurlll :1 Inn HI' luvk." Prim- Spn-uking, I: .IuniIu'-S4-uim' l'l:1y, Zi: Svnifn' l'l:n5, I: Almlilm' Stuff, I, 113, Ig lllIlSS lllllitur, lg ,. . ,. I ,. I-,llllm-ml I-,llltmp J: IrllSlIIt' ss 3lJIllJIf.l'1'I', II, lj Ilzls- lu-tbull, I, 2, Zi, I: SwI'1b:Ill, I, 2, ii, I: Ulznss S4-vl'w Inu, I. 2: Class 'IlI'X'7lSlll'l'I', Ii: Vim- l'1'I-si4I1'nl, I: II:lzfu:u', I, 2, SI: IQII-1-Ulull, I, 2, I: Ilmm- l'll',l1llllI, I. l'l'iI-11-Ilim-ss." Iizlskl-Ibznll, II I'l11'+-r'lff:uuIn-l', I 1.114 Ilub I ' I Ilmm . ,,-, . ICYI-IIil.Y llI'I.Xl,ll 'HX rlllil II uirl wiIl1:1 ww-:llllu ul' ,:, 1: smlmll, 1, 2 ,, - 113.-. mlm, 1. XX' XI 'I'l"IP IIIFII -" X I.1l'l"lI His brain is :ulwznys snlu ., . I.. . , ,-,.,, . mr l'l:1y, I: Nllltlvlll Vu Ilum llurru-s. BI XIi'l'lll'Il Sl'l.XYl'fIi'-f"3lx-I1 uf il l'1'XX' wmwls :Irv Illn- Iwst ul' n.vn." If If X I qv. -1, ,1w.., . 1, Ilfl. 'I I' l"ls1-b'Ill I ' " I' I :srl .X., I, w.., I ll.XAl ls l,l I Inns 511-vp IS In-III-1' llmn III1'IllI'lll1'. IIIlSliI'Illllll, l, 2, II, ll l!:Is1'b'1ll I " I I' If' II' X 1 11.11 XX.lw IlI'X'1'I' Iuun-I, . IXIu11ilm-SI:II'f',2, I: Sports l'Islilm', 2, I I Islu Iblll ' mll l':npt:xIn, I: Sw-nf , I., . , llIl1'll,.I, lI.nA.n.I1, I, .1, I' It IiIk'II.Xlil? lIlI,l,5I.XN f"Il1- nl-XI-V w1vl'l'im-s :unll svl- lmitm' St:1I'I', I: ,Xlumui I-Inlitur, lg l::l5k.f11m11' I " 'I I' I"1s4-bull I " 'S I' II' If' X I ,-,., ,-., I,,-,., Ill wh. YI-nim' l'l:ny, I: Inns- 4 I IAUYII I'Ii.X'I"I' ff"II1' is Ilu- Xa-ry I-ss-Im-v ul lmlllv- lulblll, Ig If, lf, ,X., I, I'z1g'e Nine Our basketball schedule and the results of GIRLS' BASKETBALL First row: M. Tozier, B. Dean, B. Maxim, W. Barnes, E. MCf,llJ1'l1lllTli. Standing: B. Maxim, B. Reynolds, J. Pratt, E. Brillard, B. Harding, D. Mist , llc c P. Mason, F. Bacon, Mr. Hicks, coach. GIRLS' BASKETBALL When snow and cold weather came, the basketball season began with Mr. Hicks as our coach. VVe have had a sucessful year, winning five games out of nine, a record of which we are proud. games already played are as follows: Date Games Score Unity Opponent llecelnbcr Z2 at Albion 17 335 January 5 at Brooks 19 xl Page Ten January 19 January 22 January 26 Clinton at Liberty at Freedom February 2 Brooks February 6 Liberty February 9 Freedom February 16 Albion March 2 at Clinton VVe feel that our success has been partly due to the enthusiastic cooperation of the cheer leaders, Beverly Ilarding, Beverly lleald and Frances Bacon. Wyona Barnes '45 BOYS' BASKETBALL First row left to right: M. Vickcry, A. McCormick, A. Danforth, K. McKechnie K. Toxicr, Second row: G. Moo-dy, VV. Rich, R. Hillman, F. Luce, Mr. Hicks, coach. BOYS' BASKETBALL Vaptain lNlana,Q:er tllnchosenl Alton Danforth Coach Mr. Charl-es C. Hicks The boys' basketball squad commenced prac- ticing Dec-ember 15 with eleven boys coming: out to practice. The squad this year, lacking' experience, has improved very much after getting' a late start at practicing. A schedule of ten games was arranged, and to date we have won four games out of nine. Four members of the squad will graduate this year, but will l-eave a group oi' experience: men that will take their places. The schedule is as follows: Date December Z2 January 5 January 19 January 16 January 26 February 2 February fi February 9 February 16 March 2 Games at Albion at Brooks Clinton at Liberty at Freedom Brooks Liberty Freedom Albion at Clinton Score Unity Opponent 13 15 10 22 18 23 23 IT 17 29 22 -ll 36 32 38 Ill 233 27 Pagre Eleven I Seated, left to right: Eleanor McCormick. W yona Barnes, Barbara Maxim Beyeilv Dean Standing, left to right: Marilyn Tozier, Besse Fletcher, Beverly He ild Miss lohn on Barbara Reynolds, Eva Brillard, Frances Bacon. Page Twelve SOFTBALL As soon as school began last fall, We were very anxious to play softball. With Miss John- son as our coach we practiced faithfully and had good results, as we won two games played with Freedom on October 5 and on October 16. This spring' we are looking forward to play- ing' more games. First row, left to right: G. Shorey, C. Hillman, A. Danforth, li. Walker Second row: F. Tozier, M. Vickery, A. McCormick, K. McKeehnie, K. Tozier Third row: Mr. llirks, coach, G. Moody, H. Reynolds, l". Luce, VV. Rich, R. llillinan BASEBALL Baseball at Unity llipgh School got a very good start last fall when we won two games from l"i4-edoin lay the scores of 18-8 and 14-bi. Our lrattery provexl to he a capable one in our two graines last fall, and each iniielder did well it his position. The outfield did well. too. The players are young and need more practice, hut when the hasehall season starts this spring' I know the team will he in the hest of condi- tion. At hatting' we need more practice, hut, on th-e whole, I think we have a very good hit- ting' team. The boys realize their hig chance ot' becoming champions has come, and with our new coach we are sure that next spring.-5's baseball season will he a successful one. --f-Walter Rich '45 Page Thirteen LITE A SURPRISE Excitement is running high, because today the big football game of the season is to take place betwe-en two deadly rivals, Swashbuckle High and Knee High. These two schools have been rivals ever since the Civil War when Knee High fought for the North and Swash- rbuckle fought for the South. Ealch town is rooting heartily for its own team, but Knee High has a slight advantage because the game is being played on its own field. Both teams have good players. Johnny Johnson of Knee High, having a bad sense of direction has scored more points for his op- ponents than he has for Knee High. Swash- 'buckl-e's best player, "Piggy" McGinty, has an average of a minus fifteen yards per kick. In a few minutes the game will beging the grandstand is filled and people are standing up. About one hundred and fifty people are there. The grandstand actually seats three hundred, but the townspeople in Knee are large and each person takes up two seats. Qlt would be easy for the Knee people to get time and a half in a warplant.J On the field the three-piece band of Knee High is playing discords to perfection On the side line Knee High'g mascot, a goat, is but- ting into other people's business, while Swash- lbuckle's jackrabbit is doing some fancy hops for the fans. Both teams are now czming on the field. Those red and green uniforms of Knee H'gh really glitter in the sun and contrast with the dull gray of Swashbuckle High. The teams captains. Johnson an-d McGinty, are conferring with the officials. The coin is tossed and there is a scramble. McGinty finds kick off. begin. Everyone football, it's a nearly twenty the penny and lhiis team will Now the game is ready to is tense. McGinty kicks the ibeautful kick which goes yards. Johnson receives the punt and starts up the field. He can really run and does the one hundred' yard ldash in thirty seconds flat. One of Swashbuckle's men hits Johnson, but it only spins h'm around. There is a great shout from the "stands" for Johnson is running the wrong way and goes over the goal line standing up, for a score for Swashbuckle. The try for the -extra point is blocked by one of Swaslrbuckle's own men and the score is six to zero in favor of Swashbuckle. Swashbuckle again kicks off, and this time Johnson takes the ball back to his own thirty Page Fourteen RARY yard line. James of Knee High receives the ball and does an "end around" around his own ,lend and is thrown for a ten yard loss. John- son then throws a pass that is complete to a Swashbuckle player, who immediately scores another touchdown. The kick for the extra point wobbles over the goal post and Swash- Ibuckle leads, thirteen to zero. The game "see-saws" back and forth, and at the end of the half, Swashbuckle leads fifty- four to forty-nine. What a game! The second half is much like the first, a com- bination of great and magnificent "bone-head" plays. It is the last period, and there are only a few seconds to play. Knee High has the ball. The score is tied, ninety to ninety. 'The crowd is in a frenzy and is ready to come on the field as soon as the game is over. P The ball is -down on Swashbu-ckle's ninete-en yard line. Knee High goes into a "huddle", and then the players come back to the line of scrimmage and the play is ready to be re- sumed. The ball is given to the quarterback, who gives it to Johnson. Johnson starts run- ning, but he'seems to 'be lost and is going in the wrong direction. Everybody is stupefied. Johnson's teammates shout to him, but it is no use. Then tli big surprise comes. While only a few yards from his own goal line, Johnson turns and throws a long pass far' up the field to a teammate waiting to catch the ball. The play is such a surprise that none of Swash- buckle's p-layers realize what is happening un- til the Knee High player scores. The score is ninety-six to ninety in favor of Knee High and the air rifle goes off ending the game. For years the people of Knee will talk about that great play that won the game. Karl McKechnie, '46 SEEING A GHOST It was about time to close the little village store for the night. Polly, the storekeeper's daughter was in charge as her dad was away. The customers had finished. their trading and had gone home. The only people left were half a dozen young boys who were huddled around an older boy. "What'sm cooking, Rusty?" asked Polly, ad- dressing the oldest iboy. , The boy addressed ran his fingers through his red locks an-d looked up at her with mis- chief in his eyes, as he replied, "Try a guess, Polly." "Likely you're scheming something to take Charlie down a peg," she replied. "Right the first time," returned Rusty grin- ning. Charlie was a braggart from the city whose stay in the village was nearly up. He would arrive soon to walk home with Polly after she had closed the store. Charlie had been doing a great deal of boasting, and tonight the boys intended to give him a chance to demonstrate his great courage. "You've a part in the act, Polly," said Rusty. "Come here quick and learn your lines." Polly joined the group of boys and after a quick consultation, she slipped into her coat and left the store. Soon Charlie lswaggered in, asked for Polly and reminding the boys that this town should have a curfew. "Charlie," asked Rusty, "do you believe in ghosts?" "Are you kiddin', or just plain ignorant?" replied Charlie in disgust. "They're being seen 'most every night late- ly over in the old Lane house," said Rusty. seriously. W Suddenly there was a scream near the old Lane house and shortly after, Polly rushed in- to the store, apparently nearly frightened to death. Charlie, of course, was the first to her assistance and took full charge. "I saw it! I saw it!" she gasped. "Have you got 'em, too?" snapped Charlie. Polly, now nearly recovered, answered angri- ly, "Well, wise guy, I'll bet five dollars you don't dare spend ten minutes in that old Lane house even if Rusty lets you take his pistol." "Give me that pistol," snorted Charlie, "and watch me win five dollars. If any ghost shows up, you'll find him there in the morning." Charlie walked pompously toward the old Lane house, which really did look a little weird in the moonlight and shadows. The floor creaked as he entered the kitchen and seated himself on the only remaining seat, an old, rickety chair. Back in the store Rusty arranged a sheet and counted his forty-five shells to' make sure that everything was in order. "You're sure all the cartridges in the gun are blanks?" cautioned Polly. "Sure, Polly," he replied and started out. Charlie, as he was sitting in this old kitchen listening to branches brush against the roof, was consulting his wrist watch often. Time seemed to drag. Suddenly he heard the clank- ing of a heavy chain up the cellar stairs. 'The door opened and a tall, white form with its hand extended and finger pointing at him, entered. Somewhat shakily, Charlie raised the pistol and pulled the trigger. A hollow-sound- ing shriek came from the white form as it tossed the bullet back to Charlie. Charlie was shaking like a leaf as he raised the gun for the second time amd fired again. Another shriek came from the gihaost. This time Char- lie didn't stop for the bullet which the white- clad figure tossed back. The window was nearer than the door and Charlie made his exit that way taking the window sash with him. "The last we saw of him," laughed Rusty later, as he told the crowd of boys who had gathered at the house where he had obtained the 'blank cartridges, "Charlie was heading as fast as he could go toward the station." Virginia Carter, '45 SNOW "lid like to go south where there isn't any snow." W-e have all heard this expression and perhaps have said something like it ourselves. Have we ever stopped to think it over? I ldon't like the looks of snow falling on a cold windy day ibut what would winter in Maine be without it? After all, snow-covered fields and ice-covered lakes are what Maine is noted for during the winter. We, who live here, think of the snow as something we can't very well pre- vent. Most of us don't like it and think we could get along very well without it. Probably we could. Snow storms have one outstanding char- acteristic. The snow always starts drifting down just when we don't want it. Perhaps we have planned ahead a week or more for some- thing-a basketball game, for example. Every day of the we-ek will be fair until the day of the game, but on that particular day it is sure to snow. It may snow only enough to dis- courage you and make you postpone the trip. After this it will quite likely clear off, then will you be angry! It seems that Mother Na- ture is against you, but there isn't much you can do about it. Tourists come to Maine from the South just to see the snow. Skiing and bob-sledding are favorite sports with these people. Many come just to see th-e scenery. They think of the snow- covered hills and ice-covered lakes and streams as things of great beauty. There are many people from Maine who would miss the ice and cold and snow. Ice fish- erman would miss this sport. Woodsmen who haul wood on sleds would miss it. Last, but not least, the children and adults who skate and slide would have no place for these sports. Some people, especially the older ones, would miss the "Spring thaw", the time when fContinued on page seventeenj Page Fifteen N N B552 gmt-WE pow gm N330 E3 8 203 Um S2396 25 026 ad BEE Ugg :N M25 OES CO E23 8 953 gm RSC-sm :H-mon mms-Wo MEENSQ bam MEPSMHEH FSE E96 MEEWQH SHED? Og M5555 ,Benin MCEBNLS Nawaz! MECQ Meagan TEM HE? MEZZ 05525 BTHOKEQ bzxoog 02,225 SEAS 41 4 M352 N E MCSE :img GENES spas H 55:5 285,823 ENE 4 ROWS-udm wirggg :azz 2258 4 tgegaw m1SOAEOw M5313 --NECA: Cvgiggm 20235: Egan HANNWQ: EOLNQTUPG 4 C350 0:54 H2503 35 B-GEOG: :KEGG 4 N. N' M' N3 ENVOA miami :minima wo mp gigs! vm OB 8255 92325 UEQEEZ msgs' no-ZH: Bbw ENE -gas 4 3:50-H Eng mmm MOANQE Has-:Bm 'SEQQ ima M523 ,ESBNO MOD 'Sam :de0xgm C0154 ESM ESE 4 25232 H8294 gsm :Shiga GBQQBWEAOW magic AOA OZ Emwmz Bac! Exam 3,3 'Sigh H282 MOC-tm EHBEOESH Ewwmggm Us AMEESMQE -:NM GUESS ,QOENA NAEEOQ 3:03 MO 355 M035 Um E3 Om OH 3535 :HM OF POZ IO HM OB: mm-IO-ZOlLOm minion EBSQ Edges Meigs .Q JESEE EM C032 QE-gm ESQ Exam E055 gan ggm WUOEWPQ Sanz PSWNOH V295 m2OEhwM .Sigh 5602 vwgwu xomEOU92 50:4 E532 E-Bam E132 gsepmm SNEMEOQ gsm 2:-Om :gm C022 REHOHOQ EEZ ACTIVITIES Seated, left to right: Marilyn Tozier, Floyd Pratt, Beverly Harding, Eleanor McCormick Standing, left to right: Mrs. Mcliechnie, Micha-el Vickery, Wyona Barnes, Walter Rich, Karl McKechnie, Miss Johnson, Eva Brillard, Virginia Carter. SENIOR PLAY "Hurry Henry' 'The senior play "Hurry Henry" put on by the senior class assisted by two freshmen and one junior was very well attended and appar- ently much -enjoyed by a responsive audience. Between the acts, music was furnished by the Glee Club. The efiicient coaching of Mrs. Irma McKech- nie and Miss Alice Johnson contributed much to the success of the play. The east of characters was as follows: llarry Winslow, the father Floyd Pratt Mary Winslow, his wife Beverly Harding .lanet Winslow, their daughter Eleanor McCormick Barbara Winslow, their daughter Marilyn Tozier William VVinslow, their son Karl McKeehnie, Jr. Aunt Kitty Ann, Mary's aunt Wyona Barnes Alice Thrall, Henry's step-sist-er Virginia Carter Selina, the maid Eva Ballard .loquith Webster, the milkman Walter Rich John Smith, an authority on bees Michael Vickery After the play a social was held. -Virgina Carter '45 SNOW fContinued from page fifteenj the streams swell and the maples start to give sap. Yes, there are many different things we would miss if we didn't live in Maine. When I get up on a cold morning, look out- side, see the ground covered with snow and the trees sleeteid with ice, 1 canlt see much beauty about it. I merely want to go back to bed again. Then I think of those dirty blaekboards at school. I will be late if I oversleep. So I get up and start shoveling a path through those "beautiful" snow drifts. Snow may be beauti- ful to some people but not to me. Floyd Pratt, '45 GIRLS D0 THEIR PART T00 1Continued from page sevenj They have stopped thinking about beauty. long Hnger-nails, new up-hair-do-styles and make-up, they are working in defense fae- toriesg they are driving taxi cabs, ears, trucks, and buses and are also working in stores and gas stations. They don't even ob- ject to being smeared with dirt and grease, nor do they mind working in overalls. They not only don't mind itg they like it. fcontinned on page 1233 Page Seventeen l GLEE CLUB Kneeling' lc-ft to right: ll. Mason, Barb. Maxim, B. I7-aan. Bev. Maxim, B. Boudreau Sciatul: K. Mcliechnio, W. Barnes, M. Tozicr, V. Carter, M. Pepparcl, K. Tozier Tliircl: A. Mcilorinick, E. Brillarcl, F. Bacon, J. Pratt, E. McCormick, M. Vicky-ry Ifourtli: B. Harding, B. Reynolds, Mrs. Hicks. Bev. Ileald Mason, 'u l BAND olin'l'ozi0r, Karl McKccliin0, Marilyn 'lillZl0l', Micliacl Vickcry, Arthui 1,011 to ll lit. J lCmlw'11'1l Wallin-r 5 l'ag'v l'1lQ'lllL'l'll THE FRESHMAN RECEPTION The Freshman Reception was held on Fri- day, September 2.2, 1944, in the I. 0. 0. F. Hall. There were fourteen freshmen, all of whom entertained the audience by doing stunts. Barbara Maxim and Alton McCormick. Jr., assisted by other members of the sopho- more class, were in charge of the program. The receiving- line, made up of the faculty, Mr. McKechnie and the freshman 'class met the parents and the friends of the stud-ents. During the social wlhich followed the recep- tion, music was furnished by Mrs. Hicks, Mrs. Farwell and Michael Vick-ery. GIRLS D0 THEIR PART, T00 Girls who are unable to obtain defense jobs are 'helping in various other ways, caring for children, so mothers can be free to work, help- ing in canteens and in U. S. O. homes. Such work is greatly appreciated. :Then there are our WACS, WAVES, SPARS, CADET NURSES, WASPS and WOWS, which thousands of girls and women have joined, as well as our helpful Red Cross organizations. Because more girls than ever before have started to train for nurses, th-ey, too, will be able to do their duty. They are studying hard in order to learn every little detail in caring for the sick and wounded. There can n-ever be too many nurses in time of war to care for all that require, and must have, medical aid. Girls interested in aeronautics have entered various ibranches of the service. They ferry bomb-ers, are telephone operators at our air- ports, man control towers and even do repair work on airplanes and equipment. There is never an idle mom-ent. Young farmerettes are found doing agri- Icultural work on our farms. They drive tract- ors, pick potatoes, plant and harvest crops, hay, and raise victory gardens-all of which means a great deal to our farmers. Our boys must have food. Ev-ery girl is doing her part toward buying war bonds and -stamps. Since our boys can't fight without equipment, we must get out and "back the attack" to show that we're be- hind them. With each and everyone rolling up her shirt sleeves and doing her part, we will win this war and have our sons, fathers, brothers, sis- ters, mothers, daughters, uncles and sweet- hearts back with us again soong and, most of all, have the one thing we're fighting for- FREEDOM! Eleanor McCormick,'45 MUSICAL PROGRAM A Christmas Program wa.s held at Unity High School, December 20, 1944, under the comlbined leadership of Miss Johnson and Mrs. Hi-cksl. A program like this has nev-ar be- fore been presented by the high school. We believe -everyone enjoyed our program and we will try to have more. The following program was presented with Beverly Dean as the announcer: White Christmas The Caissons Go Rolling Along Glee Club Silent Night Deep Purple, piano solo, Michael Vickery Star of the East, vocal solo, Marjorie Myrick O, Come All Ye Faithful It Came Upon the Mid- Band and night Clear Glee Club O Little Town of Bethlellnem McGinty's First Love, piano duet Michael and Erwin Vickery Parade of the Wooden Soldiers Ida, Sweet as Apple Cider Band Little Red Schoolhouse Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus Recitation and dance, Barbara Maxim and Kenneth Tozier, Jr. The Glee Club was reorganized this year under the leadership of Mrs. Hicks. Miss Johnson conducts the band which she organ- ized two years ago. ALUMNI 'The class of 1940 have scattered widely. Ardria Nash is studying beauty cultu1'e in Newport News, Virginia. Christine McFarland Chadbourne lives in Bangor and is working in Freeze's. Maxine Nichols Berry is in the WAVES. Helen Smith: Jaquith is in Troy. Viola Dalton Bradley lives in East Waterboro and Geneva Goodwin Wingate lives in South Unity. The following boys are in the Navy: Willis and Westley McGibney, John Berry and Rob- ert Estes. In the Army are Ernest Kenney, Stanley Hamlin and Donald Kelly. Erland Bacon is running an Esso station in Water- ville. Robert Lester is working in Saco and Charles Murch, Jr., is farming in Unity. Now lets visit the class of 1941. Blanche Hamlin McNally is living in Pitts- field, Barbara Mitchell Hickman has a home at Peaks Island in Portland, Yvonne Barnes undi Jeanette Jomes are fboth employed at Keyes Fibre in Waterville, Mary Pelletier Jellison is living in Unity, Ruth Frost Kenney Page Nineteen is in Worchester, Mass., Slhirley Elwell is working at a bank in Augusta, Beverly Luce is at home in Troy, Pauline Scott Gray re- si-des in Bangor and Mildred. Bradeen Vig- neault is working in Hampden. Burleigh Vigneault is in the Navy, Ralph McFarland and Roger Oakes are in the Army, Donald Mosher is a Marine, Maholn Maxim it at home, Jack Edgerly is living in Albion and Charles Clifford are in Troy. Let's look at the class of 1942. Madeline Nutter is working in Thorndike, Phyllis Hamlin Hannan is living- in Oakland, California. Harold Winship and Ellery Whitten are in the Army, Franklin Dalzell is in the Navy, Clayton Hamlin, Jr., is at the Presque Isle air base, Lester Tweeldie is at home in Thorn- dike and Crosby Packard is in Unity. Now for the class of '43. Phyllis Bradene has joined the Cadet Nurse Crops and is in Waterville for the present, Arlene Clifford is working' in the Osteopathic Hospital in Waterville, Clarissa Cook Sand- erson is living' in Unity, Elizabeth Frost is at home in Fairfi-eld, Isabelle M-cComick is studying beauty culture in Bangor, Gertrude Means is at home in Unity, Athene Mitchell is at her home in Troy, Edith Nutter is study- ing beauty culture in Lewiston, Carolyn Toz- ier is attending Farmington Normal School, Erma Ward Elwell is living in Unity. Q Maynard Fowler is in the Navy, Kenneth Palmer, Arthur Hamlin and Harold McFar- land, Jr., are in the Army. Here's. the news of the class of '44. Beatrice Patterson is in Austin, Texas, Irene Small Berry is living in Burnham, Jean Fernald is at home in Troy, Leona Perkins Bulley and Ruth Bulley Ershine are living in Dixmont. Kenneth Berry is in the Navy and Reginald, Healwd is at home in Troy. Marilyn 'Tozier '45 Richard Hillman '45 WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF Beverly and Barbara were Proverbs instead of Maxims. Wyona were Sheds instead of Barnes. Beverly were a Professor instead of a Dean. Edward were a Runner instead of a Walker. Francis were Tight instead of Luce. Walter were Poor instead of Rich. Frances were Ham instead of Bacon. Marjorie were Green instead of Brown. Martha were Salted instead. of Peppard. Pauline and Dorothy were Carpenters in- stead of Masons. George were Gay instead of Moody. Glendon were Hilly instead of Shorey. Beverly were To-e instead of Heal fdj. - SCHOOL SUPERLATIVES Page Twe Boys ' Girls Most popular A. McCormick D. Mason Done most for s-chool K. McKechnie B. Harding Handsomest K. McKechnie B. Heald Prettiest Braini-est M. Vickery B. Harding Best Athletes W. Rich W. Barnes Best dressesd' M. Vickery B. Dean Most reliable H. Reynolds B. Dean Best dancers A. McCormick VV Barnes Most dignified F. Pratt V. Carter Neatest M. Reynolds F. Bacon Wittiest F. Luce M. :Tozier B-est musician M. Vickery M. Tozier Tallest W. Rich B. Harding Shortest A. Danforth B. Maxim Noisiest A. McCormick P. Mason Quietest F. Pratt V. Carter Most ambitious W. Rich E. McCormick Best .Poets F. Pratt J. Pratt Peplpiest A. McCormick W. Barnes Best Leaders K. McKechnie E. McCormick Best Sports R. Hillman D. Mason Best Artlsts K. Tozier E. Brillard Most studious G. Moody M. Brown Most inquisitive K. Tozier M. Tozier Best natured M. Reynolds D. Mason Most optomistic F. Luce B. Reynolds Most pessimistic E. Walker F. Bacon Most likely to succeed W. Rich B. Harding nty C022 WE 323 Um cam: WE Mamie an OES CO EOF-ow 2 OES Um E08 W B205 Om ,swag HE.-3 N UE L Um 20395 H2332 igsvsbm Aon WE ug- Wm 2520 ywmggh Eiga 5553 N CO EEEW ETENE Sw H0023 Emmme gm EW 25 E25 WBBHEW iw .D we EUEWQHAH Eoin 8 wiow -Em Uma:-8 2 M590 2:3 We E M5035 HVBIFSE M5300 03 :EEN-U 'Sig WE he MEM-,Sa WMU-EH HN M50-H35 amps it M2333 :Em was Wagetsw 4 M04 :N HON Bmw 030:00 8 MEOMV H0853 gw ENE EO E55 .HO USNO BEEN 03235 Nszim ima is M0500 HSEWOS Us E wigwvsw ,EE wi MCEEOO wr-:CORN 0513 05 M-'GSE WWENNMNE MEMEUM NEFEOC MEOQ gash FE? 950 M506 gsedm 2 mirawmga wigbs .ENE ,SI wig! wirvgmmga Miriam 05593 Bigah NENEAUMZ mm-Axiom zmzmmmz-nm -ngszgox n.wQ?,FDNE', :Zen-Liang. 28:22 :han-as aaa? :F-go: zgwm: -team: :gmt :Bums twwraz: Swmwwm: 553.0 Us-dz ENEEE GSA?-O WEOESMH 03:52 SHHOWCIQ E305 EEE 30:35 E633- Sgm SME:- Zvggm Exam-U rv NSEC? 5055! mgoshom Ededm vs'-tm ,gm mr-ESM :Ei Exim 2.5252 be-SUE Qmgm tim E-HEOQ POETRY RAGS Rag is just a dog I know. He's soft and fluffy and white as snow, Young and playful and good as gold, And always does what he is told. His master taught him many tricks- To sit down, shake hands and carry sticks. But his master's in the army now, Anfd Rags, of course, was not allowed. The house seems strangely empty now, Rags tries to be happy, but can't somehow. Those wistful-looking big, brown eyes Are minus the glee of dlays gone by. Some day his master will return, And Rags will have new tricks to learn. He is waiting for that glad day. When his master will come home to stay. -Dorothy Mason, '47 A PLEA Mrs. Hicks says, "Write a poem." She's got our freshman class a-going! We say it isn't in our line, She says we can if we take time. What can I write about? Oh, dear To get a D is what I fear, But I can try, I'll do my best, Maybe then we'll get a. rest. I tell you, folks, it is no fun To write a poem, and when done Have the teacher up and say, "Write another next Monday." Please, Mrs. Hicks, be good to us. Don't keep us always in a fuss. You know these poems We detest, Please say, "Enough" Give us a. rest. -Janice Pratt, '48 MAINE You've heard people brag of their own native State, ' Of their rivers and forests and plains, Anfd the beautiful colors when summer is late, Andi to me there is no place like Maine. Maine with her lakes and mountains so fair, With fish in her rivers and streams, While her forests abound with deer and bear, An ideal place for sportsmen it seems. Page Twenty-two To me there's no place like my own native State, With its rivers and forests and plains, Its peninsulas, bays, islands and straits. To me there is no place like Maine. George Moody, '47 FROM THORNDIKE T0 BELFAST BY TRAIN The "Chatanooga Choo Choo", As it's called by folks in town, Is the roughest riding vehicle There is for miles aroun-d. It begins to jump and shimmey At the ringing of the bell, If you keep your seat as far as Knox, You are doing very well. If you ever get to Belfast Without a broken back, And find you still have all your limbs And are otherwise intact, You'll make this resolution That when inclined to roam, You'll prefer to start hitch.-hiking Or even stay at home. But with all its jeep-like actions And bad things we've said about it, I'm admitting very frankly, 'Twould be hard to do without it. Virginia Carter,,'45 FALL When the trees put on their fall array Of colors bright as flowers in May, When the summer binds leave for the South, The wordJ's passed 'round from mouth to mouth ' That summer's gone and fall has come. And when from the fields come welcome signs Of partridge and grouse of fine designs, When the frost turns gardens brown, not green, It's very plain and can be seen .That summer's gone and fall has come. When the shot of guns makes echoes sound, The woods become the hunters' ground, When the wind decides to tear and blow, It's then that all the people know That summer's gone and fall has come. -Karl McKechnie, '46 J OVIALITY Should you detect an odor arising from this Page, Be reverent in the presence of a. gag that died from age. Dick Hillman was teaching Walter Rich to play golf. Di-ck: "Tee the ball, Walter." Walter: "Sure, I see it, but why the baby talk?" M. Tozier Kat nut counter in Adam's Storejz "Who attends to the nuts?" B. Reynolds: "Be patient, I'll wait on you in a minute. U ' F. Pratt fat a basketball gamej "See Alton McCormick playing forward? I think he's go- ing to be our best man next year." V. Carter: "Oh, darling, this is so sudden!" Mrs. Hicks: "Frank, put your gum in the waste basket." F. Tozier fafter a slight pausejz "I can'tg I just swallowed it." B. Harding: "This is an ideal spot for a pic- nic." W. Rich: "It must be. Fifty million insects can't be wrong. Mrs. McKechnie: "What do you think will go.well with my new hat, dear? Mr. McKechnie: "A blackout." After the Civics Class had been discussing handicapped people, Beverly Dean asked, "Mrs, McKechnie, are idots allowed to go to school?" B. Harding: fLooking at B. Deanj Evident- ly! !" A stranger stopped at the filling station and asked: "Are you a mechanic?" Alton, Jr.: "No, sir, I'm a McCormick." G. Shorey: "Mr, Hicks, what is that you wrote on my paper " Mr. Hicks: "I requested you to write plain- el, H After the Senior play Pratt asked Vickery: "What's good for hives?" Michael: "Bees." A Catathtrophe Thupreme Typewriter Co. Dear Thirth: Will you pleath thend a man up to fix the typewriter? Lath night thombody broke into the tlhichoolhouth and knocked the eth off it. The lathth inconviencith me greatly and I will appreciate it if you rethpond ath thoon ath poththible. !Thincerely yourth, Wyona Barneth THE IDEAL U. H. S. STUDENT WOULD HAVE: Boys Girls Eyes of Floyd Pratt Marilyn Tozier Nose of Richard Hillman Eleanor McCormick Hair of Michael Vickery Beverly Harding Complexion of Floyd Pratt Beverly Dean Clothes of Alton McCormick ' Beverly Dean Personality of Karl McKechnie Beverly Harding Looks of Karl McKechnie Beverly Heald Build of Walter Rich Beverly Dean Height of Richard Hillman Barbara Reynolds Dramatic ability of Athletic ability of Karl McKechnie Walter Rich Wit of Frank Tozier Teeth of Edward Walker Voice of Karl McKechnie Disposition of Kenneth Tozier Smile of Kenneth Tozier Wyona Barnes Barbara Reynolds Wyona Barnes Martha Peppard Martha Peppard Dora Clifford Virginia Carter Page Twenty three as-, vi af! Airlams, Albert ex '43 A Adams, James '39 A "Bacon, Cecil ex '20 A Bagley, Wendall '33 A Barnes, Thomas '32 A Berry, John '40 N Berry, Kenneth '44 N Berry, Raymond '37 N Black, Carleton ex '38 A Bowerman, Gideon ex '39 HONOR ROLL A Bradeen, Phyllis '43 C. N. Bulley, Carl '37 A Buzzell, Lawrence '35 N "Carlton, Norman '36 A Cates, Fred ex '45 N Cates, Robert '40 N Clifford, Bert '38 N Crockett, Ronald '44 N Cunningham, Raymond '3 Curtis, Carlton ex '42 A Curtis, Francis ex '45 A Curtis, Robert ex '38 A Cyrway, Maurice '35 A Dalz-ell, Chandler '39 N Dalzell, Franklin '42 N Dobson, Leroy ex '39 A Dobson, George ex '40 A Edwards, Robert '31 A Estes, Carroll '38 A Estes, Ralph ex '43 N Fernald, Clyde '25 A 'Fernald, Evon '33 A Fernald, George '26 N Folsom, Neil ex '41 A "Foster, Bernard '36 A Foster, John '38 A Fowler, Glendon ex '42 A Fowler, Maynard '43 N Gray, Wilmot, Jr.. '35 A Hamlin, Arthur '43 A Hamlin, Stanley '36 A Hamlin, John ex '21 A Haskins, Neil '37 A Hempill, Ethel '35 A. N. Holt, Maurice '36 A Hubbard, Albert ex '43 A Hunter, Leroy '36 A 'l'Jones, Richard '39 A Jones, Harold ex '44 A K-elley, Donald '40 M. M. 7A Kenney, Ernest '40 A Lasselle, Borden ex '41 M Lester, Russell ex '45 N McFarland, Ralph '41 A McFarland, Harold, Jr. '43 A McGibney, Wesley '40 N McGibney, Willis '40 N "'Manley, Wilfred ex '43 N Manley, William '37 A Mitchell, Linwood ex '44 M. M Mosher, Donald '41 M "'Murch, Carlton '37 A TMussey, Claude '37 A Oakes, Roger '41 A Oakes, Theresa ex '44 C. N. Packard, Crosby '42 A IPackard, David ex '32 A Palmer, Frederick ex '41 A Palmer, Kenneth '43 A Palmer, Manley ex '41 A Pelletier, Roland '33 M. M. Peters, Malcom ex '34 A Piper, Allen '35 N ' Piper, Erwin ex '43 N Piper, Shirley '39 Waves Reynolds, Al-ec ex '44 A Shields, Earle '38 A Shorey, Robert ex '42 N Stevens, Carroll '38 N Stevens, Maynard '30 M. M. "'Tukey, Earl ex '27 A Tweedie, Arthur ex '31 Tweedie, Jan:-es '33 A Vickery, James '34 A Vigneault, Burleigh '41 N Walton, Donald '39 A Walton, Kermit ex '42 N Waning, Elwood '23 A Ward, Neil ex '40 A Ward, Siheldon '35 N Webb, Go1'don ex '39 A Webber, Maxine N '41 W. A. Whitten, Ellery '42 A Willey, Harvey '36 A Winship, Harold '42 A Winship, Herchall '38 A Woods, Merlene ex '42 Waves 'Honorably discharged 'f' Missing in action IC Killed in action Page Twenty five U N I T Y .5.........-..- .. -..........-....- ........,...-,.........-....-........,:....,...-,...-.......,.........-....-..........-....- ,,,,,,.,,,,-..,,-.,.... l Q MAPLEWOOD STORES l Grandin's Poultry and Stock Feeds j Armour's and Corenco Fertilizers Hardware - Building Material Farm Supplies Unity Thorndike 5"-' "" ""'- "" - "" - "" ---' ----- "" - "" - "" - "" - "" - "" - "" - "" - ' ---- '- "" - "" - "" - "" -' Compliments of U IIY II-IEA I RE Q Movies Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday 5 Man. Robert O. Hall fi-- ..., -.,n-....u.-A- - ,, - ,. -,- ,,,, -M,-, ,,,, - ,,,. - ,,,, - ,,,, ,, ,,,, ,. ,,,, -,,,,,. , ,, ,, ,. ,. .. - - :!"'-"'-' ----- ------ - H- -'-- - -:-' - '-'- - '-f- - '-1- - '-'- ----- - ----- g EAT AT MAX7S CAFE l Q . E Fountan Service, Meals, Lunches and Confectioneries Unity, Maine Tel. 24-4 -i-- .... - .,.. - ..., - .... - .... .. .... - .,.. .., ,,,, -,,,- - ... ... ........ - - ......- .... - .... -....-....-..u Zin... llll 1,....11,1 ,,,. 1 ,.,, 1 ,,,. 1 ,,,. 1 ,,,. 1 ,,,, 1 ..,. 1 .,.. 1 .,., 1 .,., 1 .... 1 .... .- .... 1 i..f .- .... - ilfl - vlvn - nlun 1 ilnn -J... llll -- lill -un1un- l 3 W OODBIN E TERRACE Robert R. Whitehouse, Mgr. Unity -i-..i..-i.. ....- ..- ..-.. .... .. .... - ..,. - M- .i.. .. .... ------. -. - - - +l1ln-II 1-111111- 1- IIII 1 IIII 1 Illl 1 IIII - II1' - IPII 1 ifll 1 Illl 11111 - ----1 Compliments of i 1 JOHN H. EDGERLY l Unity n Maine T -i'......-.. ...-. -- ..... ......-......-.. ...-...--. ..-...... of 11111.1 111111111111111111111111111111-1111111111 1 1 Compliments of CLARENCE O. MISHOU MILK COLLECTOR and GENERAL TRUCKING Tel. 28-13 Unity Maine ,111111.11.1111,1.1 1 1 1 1 1 111111u111uu1u 11111.11 1 111111111111111111111111--11111.,1 111-. Compliments of H. P. Hood 86 Son Unity Maine 11,1111,111111,1 1 1 1 1 1 111 1111111111 1111.111 1 111111111111111.-111111111111111u11--11111 1.111 Compliments of Ralph Kenny Pure Milk and Cream Unity Maine 11111111-11111,,.111 1 1 1 1 1 11.1111111111-.1111111 11111111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11111111 A FRIE D BEN F. CHASE Unity Maine 1111111111111 111 1 1 1 1 1 111111111111111 1111111 11111-- .i.1111111-11-- 1 --111-1111-1111-1111-111111.11--111 1 -111 Compliments of HAROLD PUSHOR MILK COLLECTOR and GENERAL TRUCKING Tel. 29-22 Unity Maine 1111111.-1111111111 11111111.111111111111- -- 11111111111111111 11111111111111111111111-1111111111111111.11-1111.111111 1 .1111 Dairy and Poultry Disinfecting and Whitewashing Tozier's Spray Service Unity Maine Tel. 48-4 A Maine Concern Maine Men 1111-1111-11.1111111111111111-.111111111111111111111111111111111111n Alton Lowell Unity Maine .g.....1........-. ......-..11......-..1.-1.........-.,........-......1.....1.1. G. R. HUNTER Potatoes, Lime, Fertilizer Liability and Fire Insurance Tel. 29-29 Unity Maine 111111-11111-11.111111-. 1 1 1 1 1 1 111111111111111 11111111111111111111111111111...-111111111111111111111111111111 11111 Hardingfs Garage GAS -- OILS Accessories Unity Maine 111111111.1111 1 1 1 1 1 111111-111111111...1111 u11111-u1- 1nn-11111111111111-1111-1111--1111-11111 1 11111 111111111111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1111111-111111111 -.nn.1uu1 1 ..nn..nu1nu.. 11 11.4.1 1 1 1 ,W1 1 1 1nu..,,,,-un1.m.1. -M1-1 1-1.-ml E. S. FARWELL Unity Maine Compliments of I-I. L. GLIN ES PUBLIC MARKET Tel. 24-2 Unity Maine nu1.m1uu1 1 1un....nn1un1nn1 1 1nu1uu-nn-n Compliments of Dr. F. E. Hanscom Unity Maine n.ll1111111111-.11.,,,1,+ nu--uu-nu1im1un11:n1uu1un-un-nu-uu1im1uu1uu LYLE H. ADAMS Meats Groceries Fish Hardware Devoes Paints and Park 8a Pollard Feeds BOWLING ALLEY Unity Maine un.-uu1un1nn1nn..nn...nu1nu1nn1nn1nu1nn1ml1lu: Your Nearest Drug Store John D. Reed 86 S011 REGISTERED DRUGGIST School Supplies Sodas ICE CREAM Unity Maine u1n nn.. ,1nn1nu1nn...nn..uu1nn1nn1nu1nn1m,1.un1m,1.,,,, ,.1n.l Q...-...... .. - -..,.-....-....- -..-....- -..-........- Compliments of E. M. SGULE 1.,,,1nn1m1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11.11 1... I..-nu1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.1131 1.4, Compliments of . T. O. KNIGHT Unity Maine n.1nn1nn1nn1, 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1m1 1m n-nn1nn1nn1nn1IvII1nn1un...uu1.nu-nn1im14m- '-fa, A. W. Maxim Potato Dealer Tel. 25-12 Unity Maine u..1uu1,,1::::1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1m1 1,,,, uu1.m..nu1 n1nn1nn1nn1nn1nn1uu1im.1uu1nn1.... Mrs. Lyle H. Adams Unity, Maine HOSIERY UNDERWARE Dry Goods and Notions TEL. 30-3 Compliments of Patteels Shoe Repair Shop Unity, Maine 'S' m-lvl-IIII1 --nminn-nm-nu-vnu-uu1 1nu1nn1uu1na!q vb 1,.., 1111 111, 1 1 1 - -Im 4. - 1 1 1uu1nu1im1nu1,m1uu1 1 111ml 1 1 1 1.,..1..1.,..1 1n1m.1,1 1.1l... 11,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11...1...l1,.,.1vlll1.,.,1,...1m...-W1n.i1,,,,..ym1m.... 1 1 -, 1 1 1 1 1 un 1nn- 1m.1.m1.m1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 ,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1n.1lm11m1.m1 11... CONGRATULATIONS! I-I. M. BROW Unity Maine U N I T Y .,,,.. .. ... ......-,..,........ ..........-...,-,,.,.. ..-....-ui, .g......,,.... .. -,.,-,.,.-,...-..,.- -.,..-...,- - - ..-,. I Compliments of Compliments of I STANLEY PELTON I DAIGLE?S GARAGE I I Unity Maine Unity Maine I I 1 ,-., .-M 111--1 - 1 1 IIII 1 Ivll - III' -HIP 'I'-I1 Ivll - I-1I 1 Ivlr 1-111-111 vli. 1 ilil 1 I In 4. nu 1111 M1 vI'I - lvvl 1II'1- Ill' 1 I"' fili "" 1 ago 'PH1 "" 1 1 1 "" 1""1 "'1 1 "" 1 1I'I1'II1'1 1 -un I I Compliments of Compliments of I I I DENIS R. CLIFFORD I I BOB WING I Range Sz Fuel Oil Tel. 50 Tel. 14-5 Unity, Maine I Unity Maine ,,...,.,..u....n-.... - - -..........-....-.....................1. -1- ......-,..,.-..u-.,..- - .. ... .. .. ......-....-,,.,-,,,, ...........--..--.--i.. ..,. - .:.. - ,... .. ,... - .,., - .... .. ..,. -I----- Compliments of CHARLES L. CARR T R O Y 4.-..-...-...-...-,..-...... .... - .... - ..,. - ..,. .. ,... ......-......,.u....,,, .g..-....-n..- .,.. - .,.. - .,.. .-n..-....- - -. - - -I--M Compliments of H. L. PIPER POULTRY PRODUCTS Troy Maine 1m..-. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1,...1,,,,1.,,, 1,.,.1ml- 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1u....un.1m1 Compliments of George Constable Unity Maine Compliments of I-I. O. DAN FORTH GENERAL MERCHANDISE Tel. 125-17 Troy Maine Compliments of SEAVEY PIPER ,,1.,,.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11m--uu1un ,,1lm1m.1. 1 1 1 1 141 1 1 1g1un1... Compliments of S. E. FERNALD -USED CARS- BAGLEY HILL GARAGE Troy Maine R1nn-uu1nn1n-n1nn1un-nn:nn--nn1nn1uu.1uu1nu1.,.,... 1.-un-W1nn11-u-uniun-I-n1.m1un-1'-n-...mu-..,,,.. 1,.,. L. G. WEST GENERAL MERCHANDISE Troy Center Maine I I ..-....- ------- .M-.N-H..-..-.-..........g. 4'-..,.....N...-..,.-....-.... -------- ....-...... M1 1 1 1 .... 1 1 1W1..,.1...,1..,.1,,,,1,.,. 1....1,.,.1mv1uu.1..,,1,.,.1,.,.-uu.1.m1 -- 1 1 1 1 1 1... WE SPECIALIZE IN SCI-IOGL PRINTING WRITE FOR PRICES The PITTSFIELD ADVERTISER -1. -....-...,..,,.,-....-...,-.,..- -....-.,..-....-.,..-.......,,....,,.,..........,..-..,,-..........,-.,.,...,.,-...,-....-.,..-....-...,-.,.,-....-....-....-.,.- in A L B I O N ..uu1,,,,..un1,.,..-ml1....1,.u1..n1nu1.m.-,,.. 1 1 1 1 1.11 Compliments of j. P. MCADAMS ac BCROS., INC. ALBION -un.-fm1.uu1m.1un.-11.11 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1111111 1 .1.,.,1,.1n1uu1m.1mn1 1 -- 1nu1 Compliments of Yeaton's Garage Albion Maine nn1f.n- 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1uu1,.u14.. uu1nu1 1 1 1 1 1'1.m1mn-uu-nn- -nu LIBB Y BROS. GENERAL MERCHANDISE Delaware Feeds Albion Maine .,.11m1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1un...un1.m1 m41nn1 1 1.m1M1lm1nn--lm1.m.-, 1 1..n1,,,, Compliments of TOZIER'S BARBER SHOP and POOL ROOM Albion Maine in MiQQQi-o'fQHQl21- - Roofing Co. Asphalt Roofing All Work Guaranteed Albion Maine Compliments of I-I. L. KEAY QUALITY MERCHANDISE Albion Maine ,,1un,...un1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1nu1uu..,un n1nn1uu1 1l1nn1nu1nu1nu1m1m1 1 1 11-I Compliments of Cooper and Marclen Albion Maine info '!'n1un-nun 11111:11:11 11:10 49 B R O G K S l 1 +- ---- --'---- -A-- - ---- - ---- - --'- - -"' - "h1 - '-" --- A"1 -11 fm- "-- ---- -'-' - -'-' - -"' - "-' - "" -"1-'---'-1 'N Compliments of C0YY1D1iYY19ntS 05 1 i StaPle7S Garage Q DF. Arthur Jewell L , - ' Brooks Maine Brooks Maine E I - .... .. ..., - .... ...u..... .... - .,.. - .... - . .5 -11- .... -1 ...-.----- --.1 F R E E D 0 M 1un1.,,,1ul,-.,..1 1 ...il-111111. 1 .1 n- --nu1,m...U,-..un...uu1.i.u1u Compliments of Monmouth -Canning Factor FREEDOM 1,441 llll .-14141 1nn1nu--nn1 1 eunn 1 unun 1 1- urll - -11111 3, 50111 L l Aunt Alyce Lunch i Groceries-Fro-joy Ice Cream Lunches and Regular Meals Freedom Maine v g ...I1,.,,1.,.114.-.1....1 -- 1 1 - -u-nu-un:--1111-Miz 'i' 11111 ---1--- - -----1--1 -1- 1-1- - 1--' - - - -H 1-'- -1+ :Pu-'-1 Compliments of i BANGS ac KNIGI-1Ts 1 I - 1 Freedom Maine g MAINE 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1mf1.nu..un1 1uu .......11,m1.m1.m1.IH1mi.-.,.,1...,10u1.uu1uu1,,,,1uu Freedom Lumber Co. Manufacturers of ' Dowels, Brooms, Brush, Mop and Other Handles Freedom Maine 1m11nn1:m1 1 1 1 1 1 1nu1nu1uu1 1un1111.1nu1m.1ml1m.1I-1.1114.1un1nn..un1m.--In William A. Thompson Funeral Director Tel. Thorndike 11-12 Freedom Maine 4. 4- ......-.W-... -----.- ..-...........- .ln m41uu.-w1uu1g-n..-,u1nn1 1 1 1 1uu.-ul.-.un1. -nn .g.........-.. -.-.--- ...,.......-...,......-....... .... -....-....-,..-. 4. I HUNT BROTHERS Q IRON AGE FARQUER MACHINERY E. , ,,.. , 1,i, i......- 11.1 yllx - qlln -- nlmn iV4E:guy?n1ul1--Illliifl , gzm- ---- --- A--- - ---- - ---- - ---- - -"- -W- ---' - - ---- - -1-- --'-g- Compliments of I F. E. PATTERSON GROCERY STORE I . GAS and OIL fl Burnham Maine - Zln- .... -. ----- .1.. -. ...I - l.-1-..- ...v -. .... .- .,,. - .... -fm-.m- .-.- - 1--- - -lul -nu- 1--n - u- nvul - ---1 ---- - -'- - Qu- 4, Compliments of l CKEY OLDS BRUTHERS I l T F BURNHAM MAINE 3.9 llll T llll '1 IIWI T "l' 1' llll " l4l' T "" '1"D llll T IIIV iw" l'l' T ll" " T 1' T " "" 3 "" V "" "-Wi "" "WT "" 2' "" 2 "" TM"1"u"7 "" ln""u"'1n' BURNI-IAM Tl-IORNDIK q?n1un1uu1nn- lllu 1nu-un-un1un-nn-un-- uuu: - uulu 1- 1 llll 1153, ?ul1uu1Iu1- IIIA - 1r1r -un1un1uu--111111-111nu-1un1vw1l-1--ll Compliments of Compliments of i i i The Farwell Bros. 1 I H- C- MCCORRISON - Dealer in : Packard and Pontiac Cars Thorndike Maine l T Thorndike Maine oi: ,- ,,,, 1.1 ,,,. 1 I... .- .- 1 ili. -nu1un-n-- 1 uluv -un-uniulfv 'iii-'III1 Illv -- Illl -1 IIII 111 -- IIII 1mI1Iw1 1 -nu-l:u11n1--ul 4-------'-M--'M ---- - ---- - '--' - ---- - ---- -!-'-- ---- - ---- - ---' ---H-H------4' I . . ! Q W1nn1e's Beauty Shop Q Q P E R M A N E N T s Q Machanea laachineless 5 o aves g Q -All Beauty Aids- Q I Thorndike Maine I I I Tel. 8-2 i -i-.--w.-w--.-- I... -1- -.-. -w- '--' -w----- -N-----I-in---E lm1...1.v 1 1 1..,1.,,,1.,..1.,,.1 1 1 1 1 nn1un1.uu1un1uu1nm....nu1.m.-nu1u111 1'-li-nl.1ln ,.,,1,.,,1 1 1.,.,1.m.1uu1uu1i1l..l1 1 1 1 .,14...1 1 1.m-1uu1uu1im1u.1 1 1 1un.1..m PITTSFIEL'D -nm1uu--nu-nu1uu1-m1uu-un-nu1mn1ml--ml1mn-1un 1uu1mv1nn1m-.-.m11nn1uu1nn1uu1uu- 111.1n-nu1m-1un1uu1un1 Donal? frorey PITTSFIELD 11.4,-. 1..,,1.,.,1..,,1....1 -.,..1 1 1 1 1 1 :un1n'11nln1nn1nu1nm1nu1un1nu1un1n.1 1 11-n You Will Save Money If you insure your car and truck with this agency All Kinds of INSURANCE WRITTEN W A. Taylor Insurance Agency Bank Block Pittsfield, Me. Tel. 165-3 Farrar Furniture CQ. "Helping Hundreds Furnish Their Homes" 25 Park St. Pittsfield Maine m.1,,,,1m.1..,.1 1 1.1 1 1 1 ..,,1un1m1 Compliments of Pittsfield Coal and Lumber Co. Pittsfield, Maine -I-4, .5...-....- -....-..........-....-....-....-....- ........q. MAINE United Stores VALUES - COURTESY SERVICE Pittsfield, Maine 1.14.1 1 1,1m.1m,1.nu1,m1.,..1 1 1 1 1... u1uu1 1 1-nl1lm-.im1-m1n.l.1.m1un1uu1 1 1.11: BEST WISHES OF L. A. DYSART Pittsfield Maine u1uu1 1 1 1.11.1 1,,..1..,1.,,41....1 1 1 -.nn Compliments of I-Iumphrey's Drug Store PlttSfl9ld Maine ...Q 4' -.....-.l..-...,-.m- . ------- ....-.....-....... ,,1,...1 1 1 1 1 1,1 1 1 1m....m,...,,.1m,1...,1ml1u.......,..1.,..1 1 1 1 .. 1 1 1 1 1 1nu1 Compliments of THE WAKEFIELD STUDIO JEWELERS and PHOTOGRAPHERS 45 MAIN ST. PIYTTSFIELD 1u.1.nm14m1m.1w1.p1, -,n1m41 1 1 1141.04 MAINE I l -1' -,.-..-.....i-... ....... ..-......-...u....- W1 1 1 .141 1111.-111.1111111111111 1 1 -111111111111111,1,11111,1 F A I R F I E L D 11,1 1..1,,1,1,111.1 111,111,111 1..1,,,1,,,,1. 111.1.111m...1m1,1..1.111,1.1,1.1.,11..1.11.- -11:-11.......111.,.1..1 ,1 Compliments of CPETERS V. G. SERVICE STATION Range and Fuel Oils METERED TRUCK DELIVERY Prompt and Courteous Service FAIRFIELD MAIN-8004 MAINE -.1111...111111111111n11111..1111-.11-11111 1 1 1 11111111 un-11111 111111111111111.-,111-nn-111i1111i..11111 1 1111111 Compliments of Faiiyield Pub. Co. School and College Printers Fairfield Maine -111: -----1-- - - -11-111114. Compliments of Neal 6' Jlflitcbell THE REXALL STORE HOME OF PURE DRUGS Rexall, Whitman's and Kodiak Agency of the Greyhound Bus Fairfield Maine 111111111111-.11111 1 1 1 1 1 1 11,1,1,111111. 11111 1 111111111111i11111,1111.11,,11,,1,11,111 1 11.1.1 Compliments of George GU. Chapman Tires Fuel, Range Oil Tubes Complete Batteries Lubrication Main St. Fairfield, Me. ,1111n,11n1111111111 1 1 1 1 1 11,1111111111111.n111,,,1111 1111111111 11 1 11111-11111.1,11,,111n11111.1 1 ,1 1111 Compliments of L. CP. V eilleux Modern Shoe Rebuilding 203 Main St. Fairfield Maine Compliments of 76671 d'W 5 G I ' HOME MADE CANDIES Lunch-es Fountain Service Fairfield Maine 111,.-1111-1111111111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.111111111.-1111 .11u1111111 11111...111 111111111 1 1111 1 11111 E550 Servicenter OMER CHAMPAGE Gas, Oil and Accessories Tel. 320 Residence 337 Fairfield Maine I 1.1.--4. +1-....-11.-....-1.., .------- ,..-1.1-1. 4. N E W P O R T m1 .-n1m.1n1 1 1lm1 1 1 1.11.1.m1.m1:fu1m-1n,-1 1.m1.m1. 1 1 1nn..f..1 1--1,,,.1..,1 1 U1 DR. JQHN F. DYER OPTOMETRIST NEWPORT MAINE ,,,1 1 1,1 .,,. 1 .,,, 1 .,,, 1 .,,. 1 ,,,. 1 ,,,, 1111 ,,., 1 . ni, qw- l--- - l--1 - l--L - -vlf -fm ------ ..-U..-H.-... . I C0mP11meUfS Of ICE CREAM CANDY Sc Barfgws 86 Ban-QW5 D E A L E R S i REG. PHARMACY For 25 Years Still Serving You l Q SODAS PRESCRIPTIQNS P I T l. 41 Newport Pittsfield Skowhegan Newport e Maine "-' "" " "" " "" 1 1 "" inn' "" ""' 1 " "" 1 "" ""' "" " "" '-'ni' 5.-11 Irlv 1 Ivlv 1 IIII 1111 1i-1-11 mu-nu-11:1 n 1--1 vllr 1 1 Illv 11 vI1I 1 vlll 1----1 ulll 1? :!sn1 uuuu 11-11 nnwn 1 nnvn 1 fnxn - nlul -- llll -- ':.. 1111... i Compliments of Compliments of Q - I Q F Taylor 66 Estes Variety Store ' T i ALSO ATTORNEY AT LAW Federated Stores Newport Maine 5 l Newport Maine .11 .lll 1 ylll -- llli -n --11111 un-nn1un1nuio 'Q' 1 uulr -- IIII -Im--mI1nu 111111 uuuu 1 nu1nn1nu u 111111 1111111 'lll 1 I 'gg-1 0?lI1rI1I1 Ilvl 1 vlfl 1vI'1 'I'I 1 1 'lvl 11111 Irll 1 I III1uII ! ! Compliments of Compliments of I Home Restaurant I I Sl1orey's Luncheonette l ! Newport Maine Newport, Maine .... ,... ... .... - ,... ...,... -...-....- .... - - - .-....-....-...gf 3- .- .... -.1- - - .,.. -...u.- .... -.,..-....-....- - .. -.... -1---- ---f --- ---- - ---- - -i-A - ---1 - ---- - ---- - ---- - --i- ----I---1? Compliments of T 2 T Hanson Hardware Co. Hardware, Lumber, Plumbing l Heaters, Radios, Washers I Milk Coolers T Water St. Newport, Maine 4. -....-....--..........- -...K-.,......,-....-...,-...,......-..........-,.!. W,ATERVILLE .lg -an-uuvuu-un-1111uuluniunv vnu--1011,n--ml:uni-:luvinn-nniun-11:1 -n:l1nu-p-unvln-IT --un-1n 6. F ' B k h aff OW S OO S OP Books for old and young Greeting QaI'dS Social Stationery Oflice Supplles School Supplies - Magazines - Sheet Musi-c A Columbia and Victor Records Photographic Supplies MAIN 8: TEMPLE STREETS, Tel. 312 WATERVILLE, ME. 1u........m-nn1m.-n-ml--lm-nn-lm.-.nu-un.. .1vulvllu1:,n1-I1 1 1 .-un-nn-nn-..ln-nu-uni-nu1uu ... .. 1 .. .. 1ml...M.-...,1mv...,. .-...Ilm,..nn1m---mi.-N--.-I..-,,,,1.n.-.m..-m.1nn-.. 1 1 .. -. W. B. ARNOLD CO. W A T E R V I L L E HARDWARE MERCHANTS Supplies for Mills, Painters, Contractors, Farmers Pumps and Piping'-Electric Refrigeration "Established over a Century" ... .- 1 -. 1 mr.. 1 .-ml-uniuw-nu-un-.ruin-.1-..-l,..1ru1m.-. 1 .. .- 1 1 .- .- .- 1 1 1 .-. 1 1 ..- .- 1 1-.,,..mi1nn1m11m.1,,,11n.1.- 1 1 1 1 . - 1 1 -.. .- ENGLISH CLUB BE ER GE WATERVILLE MAINE 1un14m1u..1,..,.--..-..ui 1 1 1 ... 1 1 1 1 1-... 1 1-,1 1 ... .- 1 1 1111.1 1 1 -. 1 1 1 1 11,111MIT.1..-..l..i.-.mlW1....1,,..1M1M1.u...un1nn1....1..1 -.. 1 1 .. 1 For Service, Dependability Kr Quality CALL Allen's Drug Store Robert A. Dexter, Prop. 118 Main St. Tel. 2095 Waterville, Me. Night Calls 2294 144.1-m.1.,.,1.,.,1n -W-. ... .. -..u1..,.1H.,1,.....,.y,1.....1......-.:l.-W1. ... .-,1w.1....1,..,i,.,.1..,.1.,.. 1,.I.lun-.m...m1.n1....-. .,,1.,,,1.,,,1,,.,1,v...-H..-.y...1....1.1..illlyilx..-..m.......-.m-,m1,..,- ..,.,.1,...1nn1un1 Waterville Hardware and Plumbing Supply Co. Paint and Electrical Supplies 20 Main Street Tel. 413-414 WATERVILLE MAINE 1n.1nu...nu1uu1un1u1nu1uu1 1nu1un1mi1rm- .01 1 1 1im1.m1.m1.m-un-uni a- 1 1-u ...,11111.11111111 un-I...-11111111111 WAT mn.1nn1im1 in ERVILLE J. B. Tire Company 210 College Ave. , Tel. 495 WATERVILLE MAINE Compliments of Lombard Traction Engine Co. 235-W Waterville Maine Compliments of F. E. Toulouse, jr., D.D. S., Dr. Omce, 50 Main st. Waterville Maine ,,,,1.,.,1,.,...ii.,1 1. 1 1 1 1 1 1u.-nu-nm Compliments of Poloquin Jewelry Store Waterville M2-ine Western Auto Associate 169 Main St. Waterville, Me. For . SportingGoods-Toys Everything for the Auto . Locksmith Work F. Stevens Thwmg 1nn1uu1uu 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1l1un1mi..nn1 11: ...H 1, .fn-nu ---- nn1m--m--lu--m-11-n ---1 .- E Compliments of FARROW BROWN CO. Waterville Maine 1-nul1i11111111111..l., niun--M1unin-'11nuI1uInI1uIu1unn1unu1nnl1nu1uu1uu1n- CARTER, YOUR FLORIST "Say It With Flowers" Corner Main 8: Temple Sts. Phone 1061 Res. 12.29-M Waterville Maine ,,,1nm1un1un1 1 1. 1 1 1 1 1nu1uu1nu I1m.1..m-..-fn.-mi-Hli.1nn..m-....nn1nu1nn1uu1im....un1.. ERNEST LeTORERNEAU AMoco s. s. No. 1432 Upper College Ave. Waterville Maine Washing' Xz Polishing ...-...p -2- -.,..- - -.,.,-.,..-..........-.,..-..........-....-.............. L! I! il Q! ll .l .I II -5+ 1-5' L! I! I! I! ll Il L! I! 4.-I' QS' L! EI I! I1 Z! II il ll QQ' L! II I! Z! ll ll ll il Compliments of Preble Studio' 0. K. BRADBURY Waterville Maine .5 -...g. '5' -.... ------------ .-....... 4. ,,,1vm1un-nn1nn-un--un-.nu-un-un1uu1uu-uu1uu 1 1 1 1 111:11nn-nn-un1nu1nm1 1-..nn1,.,. WA unit-n..nn.-tw,unim.,un......11m....u1i...1uu1nn1nn TERVILLE EMERY-QQQEEQQMPANY Always aiming to offer style and quality ' A little better than usual ' WATERVILL-E MAINE N., ,.,,,,..,,,,..,,.,....,.-..,-.,..-.... ..-. .-mt--4, nfn-un- - I--lm-.....1........,.,....,.,-.,.,-,,,,..,,,,,,.,,, ,,-,,, 4. ' ' EXCELLENT Eoon Dalun s Try our Sporting Goods 25 Central Street Bangor 67 Temple Street . Waterville M2-1116 Compliments of PEPSI COLA BOTTLING CO. Waterville Maine ul'-.-111111111--u uniItu1nl1u.im..-nun-um...uu.-nu.-nu.-lm-nuiun.-u HAVE YOUR TIRES RECAPPED NT Silver Tread Tire Company 245 Main St. Phone 1609 Waterville Maine .......- ......- .. .. .. - - .. ......-....-..t.-..!. ....- - .. ......-....-...-....-....-....... ... .. ... Compliments of Helen R. Alexander Benton Maine 'i' un 11111 nn1n1un1un1hu1nu- 1 in:-up H... ..... 4...-.... SHORE DINNERS and DAILY SPECIALS Puritan Restaurant 151 Main St. Phone 201 Waterville, Maine Compliments of WATERVILLE FRUIT 61 PRODUCE Waterville Maine 4........ .--. .....- -....-..........-,...... - ..,.-.... Compliments of Carleton D. Brown PHOTOGRAPHER Waterville Maine .-mlm.-...m.-.m1 1 1 1. .. 1 1 1.......m1.-ul GOOD SHOES Cuallert Shoe Store 51 Main St. Waterville Maine -1- u..-...-..-.n-.....-.,- - -.-..-......-.. ., 111.1-.1.-111..-1,1444 .- 1 .- 1lm1m..-,..,1,.q1...n1.....1 1 741m WATERVILLE 1....1 1 1....1nn1 1....1,.,,1 --.U,.1.,,.1,.,.1.4n+1,,., -un--un--nn1u.i-lm-vlv.1llll-.Ili-ill-1lm'-.....1....1.,,.1,,,.1 11.11 A GOOD PLACE TO TRADE DOUGLAS SHOES - BEST QUALITY - EMERSON HATS YIIOEJ MANHATTAN SHIRTS CLOTHING HART, SCHAFFNER MARX CLOTHES FURNlSHINGS AT LOWEST PRICES Stern's Department Store YVATERVILLE clk SKOWHEGAN MAINE 11. ...im1u..1uu1,...1.,....i -nu1,,,,1....1....1i...1i.,.1,,., ...un1 1 1 1mi1m.1....1in1nn...nn1 1,.... 1.1.1 Compliments of Bill's Fish Market Waterville Maine ....1.m1..,.1,,.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1uu1.. .,..1111111111,111lf1. Atherton Furniture Co. 21 Main Street Waterville Maine m.1a-u1uu1.un1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1nu1un1.un Compliments of I-IAGER'S HEADQUARTERS FOR CANDY 113 Main St. Tel. 35 .lfiflfli .... -.. ...... ...lf:'l.li'ff..... M'-M-'Ait-ii'i'QQQQlIQiLIQ'f,'l' -i'i"i ' China Inn Waterville Maine ... 4, 4...-...i ---- .........,-....-H..-....-....- .. - --.. Compliments of Levines The Store Where High School Boys Trade Waterville Maine HARRIS BETTER BREAD CAKE PASTRY Harris Baking Company Waterville Maine Compliments of J. C. Penney Co. Waterville Maine Rollins-Dunham Co. HARDWARE 29 Front St. Tel. 239 Waterville Maine l -...g. '5' .........- -------- W.. ..........-....-4. un- -H..-........M-im-,..,..nu-1.1.-fm-H..-.................-1...-..-f-H..-i....-.....-W-m.-....-....-.m.4..-mi-y.-1-my-i...-.I---.... B E. l.. l F A S T The First National Bank of Belfast Member: Federal Reserve System Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation BELFAST MAINE "" "" ' "" ' "" """"'n""" "" ' "" ' "" """"""" "" ""!' 19" "" ' "" """" "" ' "" ' "" " "" ' "" ' "'A ' "" ""'-""-""-" l l . G. W. Achorn 86 Co. Q 1 Georgzeis CBeauty Salon I l Everything in Ready-to-wear Complete Beauty Service Dry andTPIagfy G00ds 12 Main street Tu. 449-w e . , : 77 High St. 24 Main St. Belfast Maine Ifclfast, Me. Camlden, Me. Wi' 'l" 'T'fll'1'4"iW' 3TTT "" W "" -1 "" "- lll' 3 "l' "- "" "- '4 ,i' "' "" "'lW"' Ul" TTTTTiTTT llll ill llil 1 I Il pninni inun -111-1nn1nn1nn1nn1nn1nn1IvII1 IIII -M1 IIII 1 gg, :fsn1nn-un-- luwu 1un1nun1nn1nn1 nun- - inn: t -nln 1.nl1.ln1nn1n. L l . . H, , Hatch Q Q F1elcl and Qunnby Wholesale Confectioners R- R- ROEGFS , - Fuller Wentworth Moxie Agent Cllquot Drinks Tobacco and Cigarettes Insurance Agency Belfast Maine Tel. 67-W Belfast, Me. ,... .,., -. ,,,. 1M 111-1 nm-011 nuli -uu1lIu11lII-wiv 'i'n1 I-Il - Ivll - Ilvl - llvl inn 1111 flvl -- Ilvl 1 HvI1llll1un1uu M' " '"'""""""n"""""" "" ' """"" 1- ?"""" "" """""""" "" ' "" ' "" ' "" """""""""""" C0mP1ime"tS of Hall Hardware Co. Stephenson 86 Son Everything in Hardware . Electrical Goods Men's, Ladies', Ch1ldren's -FURNISHINGS- DuPont Paints and Varnishes 65 Main St. Belfast, MC- I I "The Niche in the Wall" T Tel. 55 Belfast, Me. ,t 1 1,,,,1....1.m.-ni. 111-i1 unnn 1 nvnv 1 -I--nu1vwg 'i' -1 I"' 1II'I1IIII1 Ivlv 11111 llvl 1 IIII 1 I III1IIII-III'--ul "-""- "" '-"""" "" -""" "" - 'M' ' """""' -2- 5"""" ' ' "" """' "" ' "" ' "" ' "" """""' ' ""' l Compliments of T I Frecl B. Jackson . Mervyn W. Bird, O. D. A Good Place to Trade OPTOMETRIST Room I I. O. 0. F. Bldg. Belfast Maine Belfast Maine -.,,...,..-.,. .... .--- V .N-n..-n.-up 'i'..-...,-.l..-..,.-.u.-- - -. ----- H..-....-H.. of ...1 1....1....1....1....1 1....1....1....1....1 1 1 B E L F A S T 1.,,1 1 1....1..1 1 1.i.i1....1 1 1i...1..1.... 1 1,.,.1..1 1 .1....1....1 1 1..u.- 1 1.1n..u1..1 1... The Merrill Trust Company MEMBER: FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP. IIH1 -- 1 -"1 -i- ...1.nv.1....1....1....1.m1n..1.m1nu1....1n.v1nn1....1....1....1....1..1 1 1 1 1 1 1.... -nu-n..1....-m.11.1.1.m1.m1nn1..H1....1....-nn-..n-.ni The Home Furnishing Company Complete Home Furnishings Glenwood Ranges Belfast Maine 1....1....1....1....1 1 1 1 1 1 1i...1.m1....1.... 1ni.u1....1....1 15.1.1.u.1.m1nu.-....1m.1 1m.1nn.1.m Compliments of Consumers' Fuel Co. Tel. 95 Belfast Maine 41.1, 1.1.11 1....1.1....1..-....1....1 1 1...1.... .,..1....1..n1u..1m.1nn1.m1n..1nn1nm......1.m1 .1uu Fred F. Palmer HARDWARE SPORTING GOODS Kitchenware Crockery Belfast Maine u.......1....1....1 1 1 1 1 1 1.n.....m1....1.... Milton B. Hills L U M B E R Belfast Maine ...1....1 .1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 .1.m.-nu1.... 11. m ...lm v...1n -my -.... ,.,+ .i......,..- ... 1....-..........1..........-....-....-....- ... -... Compliments of ames Pattee 86 Son REAL ESTATE Sz INSURANCE Masonic Temple Building Belfast, Maine --....1 1....1....1....1....1....-....1....1....1....1..1 1.... ,,1....1 1 1 1....1....1....1....1.,..1.,..1 1.1 1... Compliments of City Drug Store READ and HILL, Prop. P. Sq. Tel. 341-M Belfast Maine n1nn- 1m.1nu1nn1nu1..u1uv.1.n.1..n1..n1..,1 1... E. L. Grant ' Essotane-For Happy Cooking Amoco Gas and Oils American Heating Oils Tel. 307 Belfast Maine "IT'S A TREAT TO EAT" AT Johnson's Confectionary 79 High St. Belfast, Me. 1....-un-nu1m1m.1.m1.m1....1 1 1..1un1,.,. 1n..1.m--nn1uu1.1 1 ...Minn-u..-.m1vm-nn- B E L F A S T un1....1....1....1.m1 .-.u.1....1...n1m.1....1....1u1nn 1....1....1....1..,.1....1u..1....1 .-uu........- ,,,.,1 .1....1...,......1 1..,. Compliments of SMI I I-FS Millinery Goods of all Kinds BELFAST MAINE .P........1....1 1 ..., 1 .... 1 llll 1.01101 vlvl 1m1 lnll 1 1.m1....1 1, Compliments of g I . SILBY'S BEAUTY I I SALON g Belfast Maine -i- --.--..- --.- - -,-- --I - ---. - -i-- - --ll - .--- -..-..- -'-' --..-.----9 of vm-M1nn--nn1.m1nn--.-n1nn-nn1nn1nn1nn- 1 nvu: 11+ ufnn1nn-nn1 -m1 vuuv -nu1nn1nn-IvIv1Im-will -- -II 4. Compliments of Shute and Shorey's Belfast Maine CITY SERVICE Belfast Maine n1uu1....1....1 1 1 1 1 1 .-...1m...m.1nn ,..1....1....1....1 1 1 ... 1 1 1..1....1....1-.. Compliments of Home Furnishing Co. Belfast Maine 1...-.1.....-nn.1n.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1uu1.m1.... n1un1un1 1nn1nn1....1....1uu1.m1.m1....1 1 1... Compliments of COOPER 86 CO. -..p -i-.-.........-....-....-.. -.---- ....-....-....-.... Qu ' COMPLIMENTS OF Checkerboard Feed BELFAST MAINE + - - ... - - .. - ... - .. .. -..,- .. - .. - .. -....-,...-...,......-....-... Qu 1 1 1 14m1.m -un1nu.1nu1.In1uu..uu.-nu1uu1unn-im1m-n1-'ui-nu--minu1vm1vm-uu--un- 1 1 1 1 1 11 - 1,,.....HU1nu..-nn1...1...1.3,1,,,,1.,..1...,1W1my1,,,,1....1nn...nn1 1 1 1 1 gig 1 1 1 1 1 1,1 1..1m.1nu.....-u1nu1M1nn1nn1nn.-nn1uu1n..-H111 1. - 1 1 1 1 1 4. M. J. FINESON Box 277 Bangor, Maine CLASS RINGS, P INS AND AWARDS INVITATIONS, ME DALS and TROPHIES REPRESENTING LOREN MURCI-IINSON AND COMPANY 1 1 1 1,1 1 1 1 1 1 1111.111n111u1uu1w.1.im1uu-V 1 1 1 1 -1 1 1 1 1 Compliments of .IUDKINS 66 GILMAN COMPANY Hardware, Lumber, Rough and Finished, Flooring, Roofing HARD AND SOFT COAL-COKE Fairbanks Morse Pumps Round Oak Stoves SEEDS AND FERTILIZERS-SPORTING GOODS TEL. 67, NEWPORT MAINE CONGRATULATIONS! To the students of Unity High School, parents and friends, for their outstanding contributions which are mirrored in this year's "Monitor" SENTINEL ENGRAVERS 25 Silver Street - Waterville, Maine We specialize in Commercial and School Engraving We the students of Unity High School, Wish to thank our Ad- vertisers, Who have made this year's edition of the "Monitor" possible. CPatronize Our Acfvertzkers' .--0.--n -.n1n.11n1-1-pp-1-0-.uq-..... .. 1 ..- .... -. - .-. .-.. ... .... 1 -.g -.. .1 ..uu...,.u...,,,,,.,, 4 COMPLIMENTS OF Boothby 81 Bartlett Company INSURANCE T. Vickery, Unity Representative 185 MAIN STREET WATERVILLE MAINE .....,..1,.-.1-1...1.11..-.......11-.-..-...--up-u-.t,.-ul-...,, SEVEN KEYS TO VICTORY AND FREEDOM Buy and hold War Bonds. Pay willingly your share of taxes. Provide adequate life insurance and savings for your future. Reduce your debts as much as possible. Buy only what you need and make what you have last longer. Follow ration rules and price ceilings. Cooperate with your Government's wage stabilization program. WATERVILLE SAVINGS BANK .-nn.1nu.1n-11---1-p1.u-01. -. ..- .-nupnninl--un1u -un1uu1ul1u 1 -. -m--un1an-u- iu...-. 1 1- ... .- ..... 1..,.1..l1nu.-nn1l..1.ul-.-nn1m1w.. 1 -1 ...-iw- u.-pu1uu1.,.,.......-. 11-

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