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.A , , . . . I - - ' '-wx. v I ' - II. 4 . 1 V V I ...M A N. , ,P . ,,, H , J I. A N KL M -Q' ..,,u V Y u .- , - X 1 - Q .- W' , as 'ir dx--V ,, 7- '- 4"'x-- -' .X - - f '- - - A - ' K ... ' ... 'f' g,..W'5+ 5- :V K. .. ' ' , lf "Q, V n 4 f"' V, i v..- N ye .-. ff 5... .4 -f 44 -V ' ,V V ,- - W ., -Yr:----....,. w.fa-- . . f ..,. - I A . - 11 Q-I--H55 ' 'M-7 --N .gif uf I 1 .- .- M, ' K - ffxag b X Ly V , :M 5 AK -.Mutt lf"bA-QM L - f3"""' ,M . ?-, ,I A ,- V - .... ..,, ph, W M, ,,,, --- - 4, 2-1-f A -5--fps-.qw " - . H., T ,1':,,,Li'-?"' 5.41 - - "mie"""f" 68" , ' '1--' N ' 1-q....qx-.P'-5:-41 ' -1 L., V ,TTT , - 1. I.. . M I www 5 U H f-Y WH-N 2-:LM I , . ,. 'F' -'Ps' -f '- a Q"-'2'YrS...,'. -'IW W .- .. ... ,- '-, - Q ., -. N, . I 3 ' - 'W 5 . 4 X A -QS'-19' X s ..-'yt . V ww, 4' fy A .......T, .:,w..,iAv145m., it I JA, 2,- 5 , j ,-,L Nj' . 5--g4".,n . - H- .-e . ffl' H I A '- if----01-ff-" I-'L L,-e' I ' ,' "4"..fr,,,""3"":" f J' ef-T., C-T,,gg'F,-.-v V - ' x-,aff -pf e mm Je- 'S I ,Ml N:'. .. 6, S U . 2 117' 6' 'i',,,.L-15'I.EKl" rw: Il x ,, , , '4 ,J v-J.,-.f -f: ' T e, 14 ,,Q,.fw.m......,.....w -' fy ., l W1 ,tl-f I wwf H, .. Q. 1- pr... .. -.. ...W , c A n a Im, 1321?-2,6 ' A ' "1-,A IW. Q 'v 'A . v M F0 H .77 . -gf ' ., : .4 'E gf. ' . ' Avi' . ' ' I " ' ' 0. -- 5 1 O I l SILHOUETTE I 975 UNITY CHRISTIAN HIGH HUDQONVILLE. MICHIGAN voLuME Tvvsmv-Two J f W. if ,J LL LLI .1 U im, PEOPLE FRIENDS - 124 - 182 Slfiff N ,X f A ,t 5 , f , 4 . i . ' .. 5 f-'14 I 5 1, X l ff U g rj. ln the many roles of your life it was clear to us that you belonged to Christ. As a coach, you urged your team to endure to the end, because suc- cess is not always victory. As a teacher and friend, you challenged us to consider new ideas with the old, because familiarity doesn't always mean right. You were able to discover the different personalities in a class, iust as you were able to discover a Christ figure in every movie you saw. You gave yourself - and that is why we give this book to you, Mr. Fondse. 5 ,gy , , as 4 Q ' ' 1 5 ' ik 93 2 'Q fs , , - Q-mgww K Q K 1 ,I nz! ex H, vw fgfw W a+a,:11,U ai: B 5 if ggi? :':'g4,9i?' 3- 4 F 5 1 y 3- if 3 gs 51535135 N' 2 " ' X ' ,fix ll- f ,, Q 35633555 5? .Wa agfvw ,gf Y, , , .. SE J W- , A , gum Sw Mm . M MW 3: ig A-Q M in YQ ggi' My '- Q13 af :SSN +: 552 APN? I C 1 nr' 4 5'-KE x .?..........,,, Dgging deep, fhe old fhings form fhe core of our being. Vw M, , Y www ew ww mfg 4 m Wfilm ,,.1LwS7dvx',? 'N , ww AMW X L,-ww.w3a9fyf. ,. 4 'if WM ' 4 IA' ' ' 'QKMQTHQ mfzvf 5 17231 1 Q4 . , 'A 'fn 'Yiwu 5. S Y I - YY! Yxgtv gf- ii J' 'A ffi-,gif A L wwf? ff .Sli '9 ,yy ' Q u 'I' I -fg 6 u-.-, I LH 'L S, 'Fw-,Ju '. 9 F 'nf 'MVK "w 'JP Ima. ,As sf ,.-F 2 gm.- Z M .qw ., M 'Q Q 'W w. QW if if 'Z' Ep Q2 M f W w f Lf E QM i M gs 'fy f if Af ,Vim qs W, af ff xt. .x. if s 1 ol, , M 52 J , Q54 Q 'U N D x . J , 32 13, x 1' NL 43? :I .bi W g .W 1 . we M5559-px. f , , - Y Y gs . - - - 19' - ' .- - 'S 1:2 '35- fi 9 w if nX,,,.',f" A N if ,Y A , Q .xi 51, 'Q 'Q T15 f-F32 49.1.-.-' --:-' 'init . . I0 X L 2 ' 0 Q ww xx Z xi Fx - QW2i 1 mf wa Our lives are changed. Our God who loves, Our feachers who undersfand, Our friends who care, All pushing us down fhe righf road. 'yyu Two roads diverged in a wood, andl I look fhe one less fravelled by and fhaf has made all fhe difference Roberf Frosf 12 MW my glqfmkdgg M ' I V I 1. .Ju A . - 'M X-I M- 1' 4 I Q ' -v,,'i,l,n,g4 , V an A ' Z 1413 . I 'f , L 'A yn ,K w --, .L ' ,, ' 1- LW f jygl-4krg'g,4.f?-,seg ,Ll V wr 1, f. I V . f V ! . , ff , - . 'ffl Q .fg 1 ...Mg -ws, 'V v ff V ,. -- Q .W,,,4 -. 65,31 nm - AL - U4 mv, A' ' fi , 'ii ,fin fri? 5 i." Nga 4102. I 'L j A A'-...,Q':5h'i,fV j" x,:f7" 7 rf' "' fx- ,LA - ' - 'THA , . f - 'f AW Q,-:k,W,w,q v,, , ,fly , --, Q . W.4.,,,, A1 Q.,,V.,l'kw . M4 , , ,Q 7' -'?- f wi pl 'J Ma, -v ,- ""' , ZA' '. ' Efhki .P-if Af ,1':'fifig'd.,.-'fgWj.9w,,, . W " ,' .- V3 N,-L V "wr fm.. ' ,' ,f fm -r' 'f , , " ' 1-- 'wf'13'wf3?: Q ' '-fi? - "'2.1-""'.IZ.h " ' nil -f ' 'Z ,- - . , ., , .. t ,, .1 , xv. JK HNF: 'f,nZQ - .-if ',, 5 1 v wifi. , sr , , , fy., - qA...,,'fQ' ' -:ww---3, ,Q WWW . .A .fr -"f'1Q X'wv "'77"' 'V 'i Q if' iMHWWW"""u' " ' ' 1 U 1 rf'g,'5"4 QQ i"'f"'W7f n . ,, ,V , t I A 'W-4, '1 ! - V? "' . ' f 4gfl' if -.fr Af- , ' A' ap QM' -x ftp , 41 W ,K 5 vi" '1' "ff " ,r , g ' M t X " " ' .-fn, . ' I , -nr - 1 . YL , ,:,.,afa "'Hf'f-V' 1 .., 'A A ,A ,Y 1 ' n way? NM , V K -- . a 4- r Mx 15 1 ' A v - E . ggi. Y. .. Q: 5 I H L' X yy, Y X F A ' ,riff ,ff"' - Y ' vl id XL L,LL, 3 IKL , PN J fi -4 , , fi F' nb 4 , I awww, W E 5 Each Morning Begins with God Chapel has begun and so another day at Unity. This year several interesting people and groups such as Hansi, author of THE GIRL WHO LOVED THE SWASTIKA, and "Found Free" shared their relationship to God as students and teachers worshipped together. NW W 'Y ici 141 Q ma t 'NJ 3 1 .M "' X ilnl.,,..J lvl aj A Dordt College choir member sings a solo for a chapel. bl Jim Bolden sings about the One Way. cl Hansi tells of her life under the Swastika. dl Le Tour- neau singers from Texas sing for a chapel. el Chapel organists --Mr. Ball, Kathy Van Klompenberg, Carol Dams, 1 'X QQ lvl o ,ig J -sr viz iw? 'az- lbl M English Allows a Wide Range ol' Interests From Shakespeare to e.e. cummings, Canterbury Tales to the love story of 'Y Cupid and Psyche, From viewing Charlie Chaplin to starring in a play yourself, Or reading from Ernest Hemmingway to writing your own prose - the choice is yours. .xy E 1 dy' 'W 4 -'K ' 4 A5 xx W Q P K " 'X egg? ..4, Q tl f' f' i ' 1 gf lel al Mr. Fondse - English. bl John Schout seeks inspi- ration for his iournal. cl Mr. Brouwer - English, Speech. dl Creative writing students experience blindness. el Mr. Christians - English. fl Mr. Biermo: English. gi :Qt N .Y '-4-.. Sophomores Develop New Speaking Habits Nervousness changing into self-confidence makes boring speeches become fascinating, as smooth eloquence replaces the initial stuttering and stammering. This is the hope of Mrs. Lanningo and Mr. Brower as they try to mold giggling sopho- mores into competent speakers. so lbl 22 'sc -2-1 G I 1 I Art Promotes the Creative Mind After years of coloring inside someone else's lines, art students are encouraged to forsake tradition, free their minds, and honestly express themselves. Various materials, stretching from traditional paper and crayon to any piece of junk the mind can contrive are put to use. The end result: art. el lfl aj Diane Moll evaluates a fellow classmate's speech. bl Mrs. Lanninga - Speech, English. cl Kathy Ver Koik and Suzanne Schuur discuss their topic. dl Creativity transforms iunk into art. el Rick Lynemo is easily distracted from Art Class. fl Mr. Kamminga - Art. .-.- aI Ken Visser translates a Latin para- graph. bl Mrs. Schrotenboer - Latin I and II, French I and II, German I. cj Char Jeurink reads a French magazine. dj Brian Van Tuberglan converses in French. el Linda Postma reads over her translation. fl Herr Rusticus - German I, II, and III. Languages Give Insight Into New Lifestyles The need for a foreign language dept. at Unity may at first glance seem unnecessary in the middle of America. But, through foreign languages, stu- dents are made more aware of people in different cultures and thus learn more about themselves. ' Y E 'i Students lnvade the World ol' Business Training future accountants, secretaries, clerks, and recep- tionists is the goal of our business program. But, if none of these beckons, certainly a lesson in filing income tax is useful, and doubtless, bits of knowledge such as how 'to spend money wisely, type adequately, and take noies rapidly are helpful and appreciated preparations for life outside of Unity. in i wi .. k,V. ,,.k ,Q Nu cl Pat Key enioys Typing dass. bi Mr. Vanden Berg: Typing I, Typing II. cl Mr. Ten Hormselz Shorthand, Transcription. dt Mr. Vander Lugt: Accounting I, Eco- nomics. el Mr. Postmu: Typing I, Accounting I, Accounting II. fj Pete Bloomendcal struggles through his Accounting assignment. Ai' 27 ,ax 5'FlI-u. IGI , U, i y V ' Y QR 'ii i 1 3 I , M , A Vg A ? - iiiirii il 1 , 1 lol tbl Ifl cj The Senior Moth class "mole chouvinisi pigs" perform their "Porky Pig" Theme song. bj Mr. Dornbush - Geomefry, General Moth, Refresher Maih. cl Mr. Fliefsiro - Geometry, Senior Maih, Senior History. lvl W 2 ...mf 'R xswi al The microscope offers u closer look. bl Mr. Huls1- Sophomore and Sen- ior Biology. cl Kim Hansen measures yeas! growlh. di Sophomore biologists learn lab techniques. el Mr. Reiffer - Senior Biology. J. V i ,, ff . ,.,, ICI if I -'gil 5' haf w L M , X , W!:, H ,, WAX' "The World and All That in Them Lies" While sophomore biologists learn how to break their first test tube, the seniors are perfecting this skill to an art so that, unexpectedly, bottles of rot- ten milk explode during another class. Along with the mischief, learning takes place, as students invade the living world around them. 5 if T pimp ? Q l p-f""7" -,,, lm' Ov. it tt- ,Q he W Q V f fufx ,,,., K 'g.....,,, A-' f of 1 V , , ,, 3 3 Q ff ' 4 ., ""' T, ldl -1 T fp' T V,,, .5 I al Mr. Huizenga - Earth Science, Electronics, Church History. bl The complicated set confuses Unity Students. cl Bryan Doornbos observes the patterns on an oscillo- scope. Students Explore the Phgsical World Ions, energy and molarity all fit together to become the concept of chemistry. Students are puzzled by chemical reactions taking place in test tubes. From the smallest atom to the powerful burning sun, all complete the wonder of life. 32 9191!-F V5 , K 7 + 1 4 4 a 45 , f, ,QW Ad , Aw , 1, "QQ Qu-...,,,,h-D Precision and Accuracg Are Developed ,wwf M al Mr. Aukeman - Industrial Arts, bl Mike Kleinicns uses the drill press in completing his proiect. cj Darle Ter Avest adjusts the hand grip. dl Mechanical Drawing teaches students precision. el Mr. Johnson - Mechanical Drawing. fl Ed Velthouse develops his drawing with the aid ofa straight edge. .1 Misiiligx xxx . K N -c i its Q anime-an Women have begun their infiltration into mechanical drawing classes and no doubt Mr. Aukeman will soon discover females in his ranks of industrial artists. These two classes offer students the chance to use precision tools in the cre- ation of useful as well as beautiful pieces of art. -if Historg Brings Todag Into Focus Travelling back through time, history students try to relive the experiences of their ancestors. By way of several films, case study booklets, and newspaper arti- cles they witnessed a meaningful part of their past and gained useful insight into the present. . .N ,,, ,,..,,.a K Q. :gi + 114 - we .-c- P lvl lbl v.,..i.ii ,ii..., s., it 2' as lsl L Adm A S A , A . - ""2 Ji ...gag ,." - Q, ldl lel m -s. K' X. aj Mr. Klyn - History. bl Mike Kleinions meditates. cj Mork Berkhof searches his mem- ory for on answer. dj The Chicago Tribune keeps History students informed on current events. el Cal Wolters studies diligently. fl Mr. Oostindie - History. I'm O.K. - You're O.K. Films, reading material, lively discussion, and lots of experiments taught members ofthe Psychology classes to more fully understand their personalities. But more important, they learned to honestly look at and accept themselves and others as being O.K. al Mr. De Witt: Psychology. bl Harry portrays the emotion of surprise. cl Deb Van Laar tries to visualize cm picture. dl Government lecture lulls Marcia Nyenhuis to sleep. el Sgt. Vroon provides a break in the routine. ft Miss Voss: Church History, Government, and English, IN lfl l . r pwwwsvwf H8101 Future Voters. . . learn their rights and responsibilities, they grasp the concepts of our constitution. Seniors learn by discussing TIME articles on subiects from inflation to the Shah of Iran. Special guests, such as Senator Byker, an FBI agent, and a narcotics cop, plant the seeds for growing American citizens. Reformed Doctrine Is Basis for Studies ln studying the history of our church and placing our beliefs next to those of others we can more clearly examine our own beliefs and decide what is right and wrong for ourselves. The ambition of the religious program at Unity is to confront its students with their own beliefs before they are faced with the rest of the world. x E v ! al Dan Meyaard reproves a classmate who is interrupting his concentration bl Mr Veenstra - Church History, Reformed Doctrine. cl Ken Bosscher applies himself to his homework dl Rev. Johnson - Reformed Doctrine, Christian Ethics. el Rog Spoelma sits through a Ref Doc. lecture. fl Grace De Vries worships Buddha in a world religion skit. i.. I I lel ICJ 'Q -no 'F ,..,, , 1 ,.-1' ,auf F 4 3 . ' 'H H, if J tiff ' Q gl ff' ff' 4 ' is 'W' if t v i i lal .fl Phgs. Ed. Joins Mind and Bodg Students participate in team sports to learn togetherness and unity. Individual sports help build aggressiveness and determination. Together these teach students the ioys of triumph but also the sports- manship to take a loss. 42 'nn Y' .5 3.. .,, h,: 1! . . M ,. Mllkl' x'A' fx-.. ldl lel I I Teamwork is an essential element in Phys. Ed. bl Mr. Bos - boy's Phys. Ed. -id Physiology. cl Aided by Cindy Talsma, Cheryl Top does a hand stand. dl rs. Contant - girl's Phys. Ed. and Physiology. el The strain of a pull-up is 'vealed in the face of Mark Cuperus. fl Randy Huizenga lies exhausted while uve Bouma records his push-up score. CQ. .WW lfl al Miss Babbitt - Home Ec I and ll, Clothing I ond ll. bl Kim Klienians works on an outfit in clothing class. cl Connie Vander Ploeg expresses her distaste for food research. I i Girls Learn Cooking. Sewing. and Designing Gaining ability in the domestic arts including cooking, sewing, and home decorating is worthwhile and very practical. As of yet it is taken only by girlsg but perhaps in the future, guys too will recog- nize its necessity in preparation for leaving home. 2 sw, .9 ffm, ,,L,, t mm 5 I ,,.. '35 5 'f X 4 YI .ff Y ffl I x AQ' Vi .Qi i Y wi xv , ,S .3 w:' ' 5 3' SY W h X M Q .sh , X 'xmzw M , 1 V, lbl lol ici al Talented Gayle Aukeman accompanies the choir. bl Mark Stob and Tom Waterloo c tribute to the bass section. BACK ROW: Darlene Vanden Engel, Heather De Groot, Keith Westman, Russ Gelder, Mark Flikkema, Paul Bergsma, Brent Johnson, Gary Landheer, John Kuit, Lenny Stroven, Deb Post, Sharon Vonk, Pat Key. THIRD ROW: Robin Yonker, Gayla Hibma, Gayle Aukeman, Glen Warners, Criag De Witt, Mike Door, Mark Stob, Bob Prins, Doug Haan, Tim Hoffman, Connie Meyer, Jane Gebben. SECOND ROW: Nancy Ensing, Brenda Capel, Jim Van Laar, Tom Waterloo, Glenn Ensing, Tom Van Dyke, Rick Eisen, Harold Veldman, Jim Hoekstra, Don Koetie, Bryan Doornbos, Karen Schutte, Nancy Newenhouse, Mr. Ball - director. FRONT ROW: Robin Bouwkamp, Nancy Lubbinga, Sharon Armstrong, Nancy Dan Besten, Pat Persenaire, Camille Stroven, Chris Machiela, Gail Nonninga, Kris Kuzee, Sharon Van Dyke, Mary Vredevoogd, Cheryl De Weerd, Carol Hubers, Cheryl Hoogenstyn. mf al Mr. Ball - Choir, Music, and Typing. bl Hours of practice is why the choir sounds so good. cl Kristy Kusee sight reads a new piece of music. V l l lvl Good Voices Make Choir Concerts Enjoyable Blending their voices together into one under the direc- tion of Mr. Ball, the choir "made their own kind of music." They performed all over, from a spring concert in Ridge- wood Church to an all day concert tour to llliana Christian High School and a festival at Calvin's Fine Arts Center. I Q 5 Q vw., Wi , A 3 .1 so Q,--Rfk' -.-. ., sl. X- of - ss-g3f11:.sif:1Qs"5Qia. 1- 5 ,ag ,xl a is S 1. Top si ngers . Express Their Talent . e Through Music ., e -A is .,. S ,P b a M ll ll F N xl' I al The Madrigols success is due to long hours of practice. bl The Madrigals perform in chapel. cl Camille Stroven, Mike Door, Kristy Kuzee, Nancy Ensing, Bob Prins, Nancy Newen- Ar, house, Gail Nanningo, Mark Flikkemo, Pat Persenaire, Bren Johnson, Robin Bouwkamp, Tom Waterloo, Gary Landhee Jim Hoekstra, Pat Key - pianist. Half-Time Enieriainmeni bg ihe Besi lvl dl? nl' ici g ol BACK ROW: Tom Manningo, Dale Heyboer, Randy Huizinga, Perry De Vries, Randy Wie- land, Jeff Bosch, Tim Von Zalen, Dove Boreman, Ron Knoper, Doug Sikma, Chris Visser, Kevin Kunnen. MIDDLE ROW: Larry Pals, Idelle Aukeman, Judy Visser, Marcia Visser, Gayle Auke- man, Cheryl Sall, Cindy Mcsselink, Melanie Mulder, Bob Prins, Rex Visser. FRONT ROW: Carol Rozeveld, Jon Holwerda, Jane Grirter, Caihy Von Klompenserg, Sue Van Klompenberg, Mary De Young. bl Pep Band feolures Ron Knoper's drum solo during half-lime. cl Gayle Aukemon on ihe piccolo is o vital port of "Swinging Safari." aj Larry Pals' bass horn gives a full sound to the band. bj With dedicaiion and practice, Randy Wieland excels on his cornei. cj Mr. R. Veenstra -- Band and Music. dl Various instrumenis blend to make up the band. fi lbl l C l 3 The Unity Band Makes Good Music The Band did well and achieved many awards, not only as a group, but as individual members and small ensembles. ln addition, they performed some very entertaining and well attended concerts. Us nr W 4- ,v si i The Hand That Leads Us on At 12:15 the intercom summons a long list of students, and today, John's name is included. Bewildered and afraid, he and the others fill the office. Possibly he skipped a class, failed to bring in an excuse, or has an urgent appoint- ment with Mr. Vander Vliet. These incidents reveal a small, but necessary, part of Unity's administration. l M9532 .Mm I, .,,.- V lbl 3, Q f ' F !...... nw. ldl lei m al Mr. Vander Vlief - Principal. bl Mrs. Ponsfein - bookkeeper. ci Mrsi Van Zalen - secretary. dj Miss Terri Porter - secretary. el Mr. De Koning - Assisi- ant Principal and Government. fl Mr. Vander Vlie? confers in his private office. i ici Board and Unitg Circle Work Behind the Scenes There are several groups of people who work behind the scenes to keep the school in running condition. Among these are the men and women belonging to the Board, Unity Circle and Booster Clubs. They are involved in raising extra needed money and making vital decisions of school policy. -ana ,un-nun: . 121 I K' gl Q' 'fq 19 W VV V,k, ,i l i .Q mi if if' 1 , f ,,, - ff K KX xx ' lbl e 1 i.l,,... l la of-W2 54 , n.w1wf..Heff.-,m i-ui .v-iuwwgfaiffive-eff yf-fMwvmm.e,1,s,Wfff -gl? al Unity Circle sponsors a fund raising supper. bl Financial committee of the board. cl Executive committee of the board. dl John Vander Helm - ianitor. el Delmar De Young - night ianitor. lvl Hard Work Never Ends for the Janitors Behind every clean room or shovelled walk and around every corner, ready to help, there is a custodian. Most people don't realize how hard these men work, but they keep on lending their indispensable service with a smile and a ready hand. lvl Great Job. Q.C.! Student Council members worked very hard at their iob of helping and entertaining the students by spon- soring an outdoor concert, films, skating parties, a square dance, great homecoming activities, and a "Dating Game" with Calvin Chris- tian. They also initiated a radio sta- tion, o program for Seniors to attend college, and changes in the counsel- ing system. PULSE '75 throbbed with highlights of a busy and exciting year. 56 al Marvin Martin Jr. -- President. bi BACK ROW: Mr. Christians -- Advisor, Gretchen Byker, Karen Lucas, Jim Van Laar, Steve Ver Beek, Mark Stob, Dave Van Der Weile, Diane Harmson, Mr. Kam- minga - Advisor. FRONT ROW: Kim Northouse Laurie Timmer, Marvin Martin, Clare Van Dyken Jeff Bosch. ci Student Council members eniog their work. di Mr. Kamminga weighs a new idea. 1' N lfl ldl W 4 ,2'l 0' V",'!.1 l f I fc .l '. ggafe' wi' Libr-arg - Qlorehouse ol' Knowledge lvl lbl M ul The library provides an atmosphere of study. bl Mrs. Osiendorp - librarian. cl Beth Adema, Deb Grysen, Mrs. Oostendorp, Sheryl Buys, Shir- ley Feyen, Cherie Bouwkamp, Chris Machiela, H Rosie Kuyers, Dale Jelfema. Foreign Students Add Spice to Unitg al A camera interrupts Eloena from watching a ballgame. bi Eloena enioys biking on Mackinaw Island with her classmates. cj Eloena studies her notes for an exam. dj Henrik did a great iob as forward for Unity's soccer team. el Henrik successfully adapts himself to the American way. fl Henrik shares in Senior class spirit. when lvl ss ".. 'Kc M ? 1 vi--X C' S saws Unity's exchange student program is beginning to really develop. So far none of our own students have gone abroad for a whole year, but this year we had two visitors: Henrik Knudsen came for the whole year and stayed with Bob Prins and his fam- ilyg Eloina Leal, a sophomore, stayed with Nancy Lubbinga and attended Unity for the second semes- ter only. Both were great kids and welcome addi- tions to our school. la M. li, A The End Result Makes the Long Year of Work Worthwhile The 1975 Silhouette was created behind the gym in a small room which contained everything and everyone a per- son might need. lt took the constant effort of three usually hardworking editors and a lot of advice from higher places. There were times when nothing worked out. The pictures were the wrong shape or missing altogether and the copy came out sounding like it had gone through a shredding machine and only the red ink was visible. Then everything would finally fall together. The urge to quit was often strong, but we all hung in there until the end, glad that we had begun. lbl l l rm 'HS FNVELOPE D0 N01 Rtuavf any al Chris Snip - editor. bl Shari Kennedy - assistant editor. cj Gin Peterson - copy editor. dj Mr. Postma, Mr. Josperse, Mr. Flietstro - Silhouette advisors. el Bryon Doornbos - photographer. f, -L f:,1maz Lzm1: Mui cj Judi Sfob is engrossed in a special issue, "The Bogglef' loo work on o layout. 4 4 2 g Q A bj Greichen Byker and Tom Wafer- '1 ,av lbl egbk 'la Mr. Brouwer, Tom Klaossen, Don Boice, Tom Waterloo, Jim Hoeksirc. X X Nh 5 We was-Q Bugle Staff Daniel G. Boice ll - editor Tom Waterloo - assistant editor Gretchen Byker - iunior editor Jim Hoekstra - managing editor Laurie Timmer -feature editor Tom Klaassen - sports editor Harry Vander Kooi - photographer Carol Dams - Typist Joel Brouwer - sponsor We Bullie umrw CHRISTIAN mon scuooi. U .M!MMf-.fj? Q,,ff-Q . cwf-. it it ,MY W, , A y,,,,.a f 504 W.,-H ' I It .5 YN, in-L ,uizuufjgiz wwf ores Swe .-M-'W W. .:1-W ,. ,A .: :aww U " 'wvvv f, .4 fa? lOl emulation .f-W: ze... 11.4 .37W..-2,-.:',? M al Harry Vander Kooi - photographer. bl Daniel G. Boice ll - editor. The Bugle Informs and Entertains Although the Bugle staff put out relatively few issues the ones available were worth reading. Toward the end of the year, the management switched hands and the iob of head editor was given to the assistant editor. One of the highlights for the newspaper was a special mock issue named "The Baggle." X ll Mang AI-tend Senior Citizens' Breakfast The Social Action Club this year was a relatively small group of concerned indi- viduals. Included in their activities was a senior citizens breakfast. Many people showed up and it turned out to be a suc- cess. lvl lull www ""lllInunnnvl' al Karen Wierenga sets up for the breakfast. bl Senior citizens enioy a good breakfast. cj FIRST ROW: Sandie Yonker, I.aruie Vredevoogd, Sal McCallum, Sharon Van Dyke, Sheryl Vander Lugt. SECOND ROW: Rose Ann Klyn, Ellen Boice, Sue Van Dyk, Cindy Talsma, Laurie Koster, Robin Yonkers. THIRD ROW: Maureen Zinger, Cheryl Sall, Karen Waterloo, Carlo Smith, Donna Pauzenga, Cindy Exinga. Y' an ,J ........-0 ,ff " Y,-910' ,f 1 -.... I if . ,..,,,, V,.',. H I., if ef yy... . . . y J' J W ,, M424- We-we W-I C 3 If counselor at lnnisfree. 3 N al Dale Jeltema helps Pam Dekker turn around on her skis. bl Club members talk with a Mlm lol .13 lbl -W we f ,. Q ,v . + ' 1-f' ,if 'E M , U P ROW: Dove Van Dyke, Steve Schnyders, ughn Talsma, Carol Van Langen, CHris Machiela, cyel Wynia, Joy Venema, Dale Jeltema, Kirt ppe. MIDDLE ROW: Ellen Boice, Sue Van Dyk, Linda Dozeman, Sharon Goodman, Mary Ter Avest, Cheryl Sall, Carla Smith. FRONT ROW: Barb Ritsema, Marcy Faber, Rose Klyn, Pam Dekker, Cathy Oppelwall. gif Ecology Club Is Active A three-day trip to lnnisfree highlighted a busy year for the Ecology Club. The members also kept informed on important conservation issues and let their represent- atives in politics know how they felt. They continued to maintain their own recycling center for glass and paper. al Drama Club presents "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe." bl Doug Haan portrays a father who is too busy for his son. cl Keith Meinema, as the villain, spells out his plot. dl Lynn Wieringa cries because no one believes her story. el Cheryl Sall and Keith West- mas each received awards for their excellent per- formance in "Louder I Can't Hear You." lvl ,A Q, , 3 92 , yyhi f 'ur -fd, Drama Club Excels The kids in Drama Club had a great time this year present- ing several skits and short plays. Their success may be exem- plified by a first place award they received in district compe- tition. fl Paul Takken, Gretchen Byker, Tom Waterloo, Pam Nederhoed, Keith Meinemo Sandy Vanden Berg, Belinda Westmas, Idelle Aukeman, Mark Mulder, Sue De Witt Tammy Woodwyk, Laurie Kuik, Cheryl Soll, Doug Sikma, Deb Dykemo, Marcia Vis ser, Tim Van Zalen, Melanie Mulder, Shirley Feyen, Cheryl De Weerd, Lynn Wie ringa, Suzanne Schreur, Pat De Nooy, Michelle Bolt, Karen Schutte, Steve Haan Cindy Lottermun, Bev Vander Lugt, Keith Westmas, Phil De Vries, Larry Spoelman Connie Wierenga, Randy Wieland, Doug Haan, Bruce Klein-Wassink, Jill Steenstra Jane Holmlund. E 5 QSM 'vw-,..,, ldl lel 1 1 1 al Skiers rest on the chair lift after a long slope bl Dave Van Der Welle looks at tl' scenery from the top of the hill. cl Mr. Kamminga shows off dl Little people are fe tured in the Drill Team's routine to "Rock Around the Clock el Marlene Dornbos em her routine. Skiers Take Advantage ot' a Good Year On most snowy Mondays at 3:00 p.m., a yellow Unity school bus began to fill with such things as skis and eager skiers, desti- nation: Cannonsburg. Once they arrived it was each to his own, whether they were flying down the T-bar, falling on the bunny hill or keeping the lodge seats warm. The large group of kids belonging to ski club had a great time getting it all together in 1974 and '7 5. 68 xv, Af' 407 ,f 5 n4""' Pep Club Helps Rouse spit-if The girls in Pep Club made them- selves known through the drill team in their appearances during half time of our home basketball games. Their most memorable routine was done to the song "Rock Around the Clock." Each girl was dressed as a little person with a big head and each wearing a Unity iacket. -can-. ldl lei --5 ,Qs :se R, I ff, Y in CK ROW: Cheryl De Weerd, Kathy Schaaphok, Dawn Groot- L Joan Wiersma, Becky Grooters, Robin Bouwkamp, Sally isman, Faith Burman, Sue De Vree, Chris Matthysse, Greta huil. FRONT ROW: Lisa Van Dokkumburg, Vera Vander Meer, Lori Sioerdsma, Cherie Bouwkamp, Sharon Van Dyken, Suzanne Baker, Pam Danielson, Kathy Kamps, Jacquelyn Van Vels, Karen Waterloo, Karen Bremer, Darlene Vanden Engel, Cathy Ezinga, Marlene Dornbos. lg .M f 37 fi Q32 it ' an Psgch. Club if fl , . e , 14' earns to . r ,,.l i ,kf,, t ,.-,, W ii, 1 .1 K 2. 1 4 Com m umcate e ' t t K , fl N-:M if ' A trip to Pine Rest Christian Hospital Q 'S Q f Q gave the members of Psych Club an idea 'fff,gLQg,, of some of the different emotional prob- Q , ll Q Q Y lems people have. Back at Unity they 327 U cf, learned a lot about body language while assisting.Mr. De Witt with his classes. lOl lbl pow' al Karen Wierenga's body language demonstrates courting behaviour. Carol Van Langen. BACK ROW: Barb Koopman, Laurie Kuik, bl Sal McCallum is open to listening. cl FRONT ROW: Sal McCallum, Waterloo, Cindy Ezinga, Robin Yonkers, Jan Frens, Rosie Kuyers, Karen Wierenga, Laurie Koster, Dorothy Van der Jagt, Karen Schutte, Gunnink. ,VI Q Q ,. A 1, .. fi . gs ., TEAM l Ron Post Dave Molman Dave Roon TEAM 2 Dan Meyaard Bill Noordyk Gary Schout Cal Veldink TEAM 3 Doug De Koning Randy Vugleveen Ben Harkema Rick Klamer Bowling Teams TEAM 4 Dale Jeltema Rick Rozema Randy Branderhorsl John Den Besten TEAM 5 Mark Kuperus Tim Lieffers Gary Lieffers Vaughn Talsma TEAM 6 Bill Vellema Dave Drew John Machiela Jim Hart TEAM 7 Paul Voefberg Mark Offringa Rob Cuperus Gill Vanden Berge TEAM 8 Melanie Mulder Kalhy Mulder Deb Windemuller Mary Vredevoogd TEAM 9 Jan Feyen Kathy Kamps Cindy Dunn Laura Koop 3 TEAM l O Lynda Klunder Pam Feenslra Leanne Haverf Terri Woodwyk TEAM l l Mary Byker Cheryl Elenbaas Deb Pruis Cindy Alkema ALTERNATES Randy Langeveld Craig De Witt Margo Langeland Exchange of Coins Proves Interesting A common interest in a growing hobby, the collection of currency, brought about the Coin Club. These guys got together to discuss, study, and exchange coins - not to spend them. -mv eau' J - 'Q VWEQ wg? ff 2 - 53.-f .go Qli n ls K A X ll.: .. -Twig 'K '34 life? fe -' 1- : I.-Lf' . - 3: ' fy-IQ: , 4 Q . ze, ' E . U , ,, . QQ' aj Collectors look at a valuable set of coins. bl Bruce Bouma, Jim Van Vels Jim Hoekstra, Marvin Prins, Steve Schnyders, Doug De Kruyter, Paul Voetberg Brent Johnson, Mr. Johnson -- sponsor, Joel Hubers. IAIKE VAN BRONKHORST ATHLETIC AWARD: Tom Klaassen. NATIONAL MERIT CONTESTANTS WILLIAM COSTENDORP BIBLE AWARD Dan Boice Jim Feenstra Mark Flikkema GIRLS' STATE MICHIGAN MATH COMPETITION Shari Kennedy Mark Flikkema GIRL'S ATHLETE-OF-THE-YEAR AWARD Tom Klaassen Gin Peterson Kim Hansen Mariio Steenstra Carol Van Langen BOY'S ATHLETE-OF-THE-YEAR AWARD Jim Haverkamp ARION BAND AWARD Bill Van Vugt Gayla Hibma DRAMA AWARD NATIONAL SCHOOL CHORAL AWARD Brent Johnson Cheryl Sall Pat Key Karen Schulte X... X ' Q Q ,QV + ,QF-i ' 5' 5. 'I an J 1 .., X A? ' sn -:Lf 'rss 'Q rf' ,.-fl lil pi -gf' K. L4 J Qhvlx ci? 'uf ' qw ,x 'J' ,l,,4 g 4 a'1 '- , ,I 7 I 1 l ' Q 5. 3 0 1 K sm x S it Y' 1 'Q fl Q Y! rift 1 J ,Jn ff , "g:,i.a , 4, ,fait V .1 M, in -f " iv A. i flu!-5 :- xfn J " ,xv-4 4 Q' I 3,4 1 i " Y W v v 4 ' U I P ' M IQ If 'M W1 ,. I. 1. 4' Q 4 x K 3 i' I ' ag 3,3 H, fi ,. can 1- :-q.',1.B 'ix A V fa .Aly Mixer Loosens I . , . ,sy -:i K Summer s Grip X, . , V3 , g if ' V Y Whether you hong out at the wcter's edge, ploy boseboll, or iust sit ond talk, the mixer offers you c choice. In on afternoon of iust plain fun, the summer is eased into school. Z I2 Ji? 'ff- I "'i 2 , . er' 'ie i 'ws .gl ici 76 " Sl WxscwnvH"G""'W"" , ,M lf! 'Y i f"i"'2 al Boys dispose of sophomore in the cold Lake Michigan water. bl Dave Drew eyes the ball with determination. cl Sophomore girls relax on the dunes. dl Marvin Martin capti- vates his audience with another card trick. el Mr. Vander Lugt completes a transaction. fl Friends entomb Steve Haan in a mound of sand. 'R -iw ,- f ""ie:-"QS p .,i .F "L it j .A 'fy' 'zu ., .ami "V 4 H' VAQQJFVAV f- " fu. Pictures Revive a Year Gone bg For a brief moment, time reverses itself. The story ofa year gone by was brought back through the arrangement of pictures in a book. The return of the '74 graduates provided a chance to renew friendships and reminisce over previous deviltries. at Yearbooks bring back memories of Unity. bi A ticket gets Jim Feenstra a '74 Sil- houette. cj Mr. Klyn accepts yearbook dedication from Cheryl Heilman. 78 1 l Bonli re You start low And go slow Then git higher Till ye catch on fire. And then Ye burn 'em up. I ff . . rv f:,WWV ig 4, N: 1 11, A4 ff N' It 5 - a retired circuit rider ,,f"' lcl lol lbl ldl 'R fx X. 5 'NX l Principal Vander Vliet suspiciously sniffs the "Spirit Jug." bl The "Holland model" burns. cl Jun- irs try to stop Kathi Lotterman in Powder Puff football game. dl The classes complete in a piggy- ack race. -- .- N -snr. "Am f N 3 ' . 9.0. E nieriains ihe Siudeni Bodg lol lbl ICI 1.- aj Marvin Martin acts as Master of Ceremonies in Daiing Game wiih Calvin. Mary Baker carefully weighs fhe choices for her daie. cj Ron Knoper questions bacheloret1e. 'SX i J, X 4 Uniig Reveris io ihe Fifiies . N82 ,aww al Kelly Glass gets slicked up for 50's day. bl There's always room for one more. cl Feet must be in the car or the body doesn't count. dl White socks are rage. el The car fills wilh sophomores. ' z if PULSE Highlighis ihe Year 0 I I lbl I 1 mv, wn..,Q-N W 'S 1x. ldl lel m .4-vm ,env-v ,.,.,--W.. 'l.. al German class gives an audiowisual presenlalion. bl S.C. discusses plans for PULSE. cj Parents show interest in a display. dl Wilma Van Dis demonsfrafes a stick fesl for Psychology. el Evan Elenbaas explains a display. fl Mark Slob runs induslry machinery. ssemblies Rouse Student Spirit Skits, yelling contests, a spirit iug, special cheers, and rousing pep talks inspired our pep assemblies. Each assembly was held in order to involve the student body and arouse school spirit for a game. il i' I" ' ,s lbl lvl Qi fax? OD e ffl situ '-+ ' .! ai Lynn Wieringa finishes off the contents of the spirit iug. bi Teachers attempt a floor cheer. ci Wyoming Parkers raise spirit for a Unity game. di Strange box peo- ple are Unity fans, too. ei Mr. Christians turns cheerleader for a pep assembly. fl Kathy Schacphok toys with her victory pie before the Muskegon Hts. game. 5' .1 wifi? M -meta' sz Awww? V ., . f L -. 5' f ff M 'IA -NI "- 7 1:4327 Lx 2 V V g f 4. ?41g. 6 45: -L . 2 if 4 I I1 , I L iw' 'Q ff' A A ,Q if : 'Q 1 U , ' . i ' QL-0 mx: Q H if A Q18 Q f 2 'Va . - g wa Q 4' will Za 2 fa 51' f QfG "5?'i7 P M iss i Class Spirit Enlivens Homecoming Week Enthusiasm, sparked by intense class competi- tion, set the mood for Homecoming Week. The activities gave students a chance to be themselves, individually, on clash day or to lose their identity in a giant chain of people called the sitting contest. Student spirit and participation helped to make the week a great success. i l : .yi 1 al The Pep Club's "mini-saders" perform to "Rock Around the Clock." bl The Senior float, "The Eve of Destruction," takes first place. cl The "Moses" stimulates class rivalry. dl "Mic- key Mouse" takes second place for the sophomores. el Margaret Baker stars in the Junior's float, "Little Honda." fl The grand finale of Homecoming Week: Unity - 71, Muskegon - 64. 'wry 3 n 3 M-an 32 nf""""w B-...sk ,..- The Outcome Banana Eating Contest Limbo Tug-of-War Sitting Contest Knot-tying Contest Five-legged sack race Clash Day Clash person Tricycle Maze Basketball against girls Float Comgetition Total lel aj Many students contribute proiects to the art gallery. bl Deonne Komminga performs mas- terfully on the piano. cl Prof. Stan Wiersma shows that creative writing can be fun. lol rbi Celebration '75 Promotes the ine Art A series of original skits on creativity initiated Celebration '75 and a week full of activity. An afternoon of voluntary seminars featuring guest artists, a stu- dent art exhibit, and two concerts given by the lnterlochen Symphony Orches- tra highlighted the week. Fine Arts Week challenged students to take a closer look into the arts, and for those that did it proved worthwhile. . . ,- ' K t A as S me f N, K V, .7 A xiii ' ' lv ' iw Ol lbl aj Marie Post reads her own poetry. bi The song, "Cat's in the Cradle," is used by the drama club io show how creaiivify is stifled. cj Bruce Kerkowski checks the work of Brian Elling during an ar! seminar. dj The voice of Boyd Mackus entertains siudenfs during one ofthe seminars. ici fi we ww., -iv 4-.3 idl lux .f .. Ju ? if M .4 A. Hours ot' Work Pau Off in "The Imaginarg Invalid" Tryouts and reading of parts brought many nerv- ous and undecided moments for directors and aspir- ing actors. As the cast was chosen, hours of memor- ization, practice, and time spent on preparing the set, costumes, lighting and more all went into the production. When the time was at hand and every- thing was ready, the play, "The Imaginary InvaIid" proved worthwhile of the time it took. al Bev Vander Lugt - student director. bl Randy Wieland operated the lights for the play. cl Cheryl D Weerd frizzes Bob Prins' hair. 2 lol rbi ici ff" my 4. 1 ' LX, - Univ ol Dr. Thomas Diaforus expresses his love to Angelica. bl Monsieur Beralde tries to show his brother, Monsieur Argon, what he is doing wrong. cl Mon- sieur Argan listens fo his wife's plan for his will. ,X i,,. .L L .5 K .V 5 i..Wi. x ls lvl bl l lcl sv N is ,jal- b?'l5v1:I'i 9 v gfqfffqit l2'l"f'N fi 55" i -Tn Nt"3?f. SXV' 'qib . K ' sz gay? wifi ,: 'V' . 'fin' nf it -E . Q: 3 f Q f .2 'll 95 4 al Monsieur Argan closes his ears io advice. bl Ange- lica cries when she finds out that she musr marry Dr. Thomas Diaforus. cj Cleonfe exits with a flourish. I J? if of 519 , 1.,?f'1i Q, 'i 'Q ,Fig 1 "lb," A'f -0.3 if ,. . ii tix 'A L ff, f ' 49, if 3 Nix'..'1i,:,!4 f ' 1 i 4 f s Q vw f 'K .. 1. Q V2 xx? QW sf . Q15 ' fa-f"?'a if xfmil ,1'5s..' ' wr, , 5 lvl lbl Angelica ,. 5, h Beline . . a .. . . Q . i WK, , .. . . . . Monsieur Bo oy! . VZL , 'f . ' gg Cleante . . . . . . 3 1,1 . , . . . Dr. Diaforus . . M . . . .. Dr. Thomas D ruff? . . . . . Louise ..... fi ....... V. . . ffwfh s Y Monsieur Bef Ide .... 3, . .AQ . .figs ..... tl' . .X TheApotheary .... ,... Dr. Purgon ........ . . . . . Cour1Muslcian . .if ..,.......... ..... - 5125" 4, f 55, W f f gg ff' f H I , iz f f W 4 f . Bren? gTim De Keith Da e Henrik Idelle . Harold . .Bob . . Tim Van . . . .Melanie ai Beline fliris with her lawyer, Monsieur Bon- nefoy. bi Everyone celebrates when Monsieur Argan becomes a doctor. ET' ' 'A ,X N 'W 4 , x, ,, ' ' 5 - V . JV ww 1, I -I -no- M! , .,, E 2f ?!M af , , , J X yifwj, tg' I I uf Q ,iii ' ff vp A A M 'ij I f .Q J-, ' fA 1- 'f 6 A 3 Z , . ,y , fu x ,Q 6 4 1 V ,ge 1,-. ai ' 'Y t, " f c Q ' wi V ?3v-Q5 f 3, xx J. J sh Q , 953 ,gy as . 34' my iv any 'Q 'Z Q59 QUE' yy-5' N Y i if ,J I I lbl ici my Q. '- F- -- I 1. . 15M ,QA i -Q vwr, ?':2FD ing 9. 'Q M ' -' 'W - Tl" in H., Q 19'- Qs-.4 ' L. ai Steve Haveman entertains his table by constructing a glass pyra- mid. bi The teachers also share in this exciting night. cj Seniors find their places on the seating chart. r 'Q X 5 A f .,, ' 1 :P 5' ,' ffn - ,N Q " , if r - Q '-1 'LA w 'f' , In K . V, B. ,J j ., L y ,f X X ,K at if,f-V x -,J , . 1 , v3,I,A ,,,Xx ., Q, .3 w g 3 Xiu A '11 ." ' ' x Y- 1 ' -,ar A Ui "f - 4 I.. 4 my '-'f"' " " ' -. ' vwup, .3 A Af K N la W , I 1"' j"i9:?d1' 1 . Q., , A X- A30 , P 15 X X". 1 A ZW. . Wk' az 'fv 3 3 ff- f - - ' - C -ly v H "',1'9' A"'3', ..' Egg ' X 84' - X' '. . . Iiilu, 'K' M "' flgvjs? '.M 1 . . 'ww f , 1 " - 'N ff' "Lf 'iw V 'A 'W--ff..Q, -Af A 'T' 'linfvz .A-.N if ' :K .ivy 'N'-i F ' ' Q, W gt-'N fm? 1-r ' - -+A .' , . , if v- -- val! - ' ' ',,u"i'ff fu 141 , '-' " inf, 4. I 'I ' . '07 . 'Q IQA7' ff"-iX,'f' ,,5' v.P ', V , - Q . v ",. A J kg- ' , ". ' . ' " " ' A., -'-4 M -1. - -fu ,Ri 3- . z f' . -ar sv- fpl- "'L'..' f - xg 4.-5 -.'A '2f.'E"-1 ,- F ,ll :I -A ,A jim q4t"Qj.i X av -,dlhx 1 vf 3 ' I 'Q 51. 1 A Q 1, .xx XJR v it ' - 'JOY' ,wt ' f X .JQ ' V fvuh A' . ' lp, ' ,gs . 1-K - -.rx-:M sf uw fx ,I - , .w if - , g43AI:'.:- jx" K' :S 1563? cfs X ' R 1 h -, N - . ff f",L :L 'QQ-1 J , ' U, -af'-K J-Ltx 1 'N Q Q' : In p -4 Q . K V . .Ib .' 'fda J 1'6" ' - Q' ad' Q 's' fa" 3 - 15... -.. ,gb -'21 X i- ff I-JS Q5-L --.-N15 ,- jf!" f,-Digi" . if 4 Q -,rf 4 Qu I-, I. 'v.f,Z:,, , 14.2 ,bln .fa .tg H. ,,. ll ., , 'i I A Vi, 78 MBLQ, ' 1,1-3 , if . , . o I 'N , . . , ' , 4 '4 xi" QQUNI '33, 924' 5, ' ,- yd 1, A ,, ," f-Q6"Q7QI 1p - B T7 41- , :CQ 3 sq., fttg A Q ' f!nA,-..": ' 'Q"'ff . ' xv 1' " , ix' ' V 'H-f"Ja4"'f'A Q ' s:.:OYJ ' OI.. s , pi : T .', - 'qw '. st s 'A' .t ' x rl ' . I I .. 4 .QI I s,A ' Dftaq, W1 1-1 .-N48 .' sms. X h f if Q- ull' 1" Q -' g."4'Li',-,A -' ' fl. ' . 'if - - ' . L s A- ,- '-J 'D ft' HJ' sY"tl, ff, .N 4 , vi Q - s'. 'ii . J ' i - 'S " I ', Ax ' ' Y v g::,tx fTn""b,, lfi, I . 1 N ' 'K ,F 'f Q' 11.7. a Q- -- " '4o,f'.,v,sQj A - , ' 'wlfgrn 'fkvf' ---tv x I 15' ..-g"4s,.v2..' ' H' ""iN'9'S.' . 1'f'f'w X ' ' 'J ",. '., ." -,V v1.,':iQ --fffvf p.- ,Ply i"is..,'Q3'i . Q I" X 9 . 5 , I . O Vx l xl 1 D . s I no R S Alf. xl I-Ii." 1 . ' I 9 . -1 Q gl .1 'r 'f Q lj' .' 1. 'w- I W' ' PJ' ik' , " M ' 'if 'W .+'m'-AA. A if 'Q b 4' O- -f' H J . if . 1:3 xq. gg' I 'Q 'gif ' . A , 4 f, wc, S ,v,,.....-'ww 4 I .la 1 3 Intramurals Are for Evergone Not everyone can participate in interscholastic sports. For this reason intramurals open up an opportunity for anyone to be active in sports they enioy, have a good time with their peers, and even win a medal or trophy. mmm xiii is, we ICI 5,3 , .rvk A, c.k. siirs 1 ,V th M , tet,e ,.t t 'leg-4' v 1 l al Mr. Bos oversees the intramural track events. bl Duane Timmermans puts his all into a shot put throw. cl Players give the referee opposite opinions. dl Jane Van Del- Ian participates in ping-pong intramurals. el Kerk Haverdink referees a volleyball game. fl Mick Honderd iust barely beats Ron Knoper in the 50-yard dash. gl Lori Schreur plays volleyball with determination. J 2, . .'f-1,,,,, U L 0 ,, V, "" J I .yrs 3 lel lfl M 105 Crusader Kickers Cream Compeiilors Through sun and rain and even some snow, The soccer team had a terrific season. The feam's success was due to good players, great teamwork, and fine coaching. al Dale Heyboer moves lhe ball down the field. bl Coach Herr Rusficus surveys his Team. cl The bench follows 'he action closely. dl Henrick Knudson rivals for possession of the ball. el Goalie Mark Sfob prevents a score. 106 lvl Soccer Scores THEM IGI N .QM -if H: L1 vs ,- --...... . 3. N 'J EAM, FIRST ROW: Dave Heyboer, Greg DeWitt, Ross Brower, Mark Stob, Curt coach, Pete Lyons, Henrick Knudson, Jack Vander Laan, Jim Haverkamp, Bill Van Holtrop, Sieve Haan, Craig Glashower, Wes Wiersmo. SECOND ROW: Dave Hav- Vugf, Doug Venema, Tim De Kruyier, Dale Hoekwafer, Mr. Vander Lug? - oss't rkamp, Chris Visser, Dave Drew, Ron Knoper - captain, Tony Cadahia, Dan Van- coach. MISSING: Harry Vander Kooi - captain. er Kooi, Jim Van Laar, Ross Von Klompenberg. THIRD ROW: Herr Rusticus - J' Ev M . Cross-Countrg "Know ye not that they thay run in a race, run all, but one receiveth the prize? Even so rung that ye may attain." I Cor. 9:24 Cross-Countrg Scores US THEM 24 Holland 34 42 White Cloud I7 44 Holland Christian 'I9 34 South Christian 21 15 Hudsonville 48 20 Allendale 4l 15 Byron Center 50 24 Calvin Christian 3l 36 Muskegon Christian 29 28 Kalamazoo Christian 30 , , , , ,WJ lvl , I lbl 108 al Harold and Kevin push themselves in the last stretch. bl Brian Van Tubergen, Tom Nanninga, Kevin nen, Bob Koopman, Bruce Koop, Harold Veldman, Randy Bremer, Dave VanDer Wiele, Tom Klassen, Fondse - coach. US 179 Calvin Chr. 171 Forest Hill N Jenison Muskegon Chr Holland Chr O Golf Scores TH EM 1 70 1 69 Hudsonville South Chr. Calvin Chr Holland Chr South Chr 1 The top two golfers - Pete Bloemendaal and Mick Honderd. bl Mike Brookhouse displays great style. cl andy Scholma, Mike Brookhouse, Mick Honderd, Mr. Oostindie - coach, Pete Bloemendaal, Wayne inken, Greg Honderd, Karl Kuzee. ABSENT: Keith Westmas, Bob Te Bos, Paul Voetberg. Concentration Makes the Game As summer turned into fall, Mr. Oostindie attempted to shape his average group of high school guys into star golfers. Although no pros evolved from the team, Mick Honderd and Pete Bloemendaal, especially, demonstrated their skill and ability to learn. I . -WM - - .,L.x .W Yvqwww ie-- ,iv The Thrill of Victorg Being the defending state champions means that there is a name to live up to and our girl's team certainly put on a good show. Determination, cooperation, consist- ency, and a lot of talent drew bigger and bigger crowds as an excellent season unfolded. O lvl Q i ' .. -X K' ' f-'X 1, 1 f- - . FIRST ROW: Judy Boersema, Cindy Masselink, Mar- cia Visser, Kim Hansen, .lane Gebben. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Contant - coach, Brenda Krikke, Diane Van Dyke, Deb Dykema, Gayle Aukeman, Kathy lbl Mulder - manager. THIRD ROW: ldelle Aukem Sue Plekker Marcia Dykstra Mary Hoezee She Vander Lugt Cathy Oppewall - manager. Lb gr 22 fav 9 3 ' Ll: 5' M 24 15 ' Q . t 49 Y Q WN i i ' ly M ' 8 .. Q 'fs i g ' Y, X 'X ,P 7 'x 'MT D ' Jil ' 'wg T Q I -I l al The starting five are ready to win bl Coach Contant Q, reflects the tension of the game. cl Kim Hansen gets last i minute game tactics. mmr WyM 0 I I S 'QQt,,59 wwe Bfg gaores '-J Galviryibriztigm M, Holland Christian 'V Grancliggpids Chr, Muskeiiiih Christian Covenant Christian Holland Christian South Christian Calvin Christian Grand Rapids Chr. JV Muskegon Christian Covenant Christian Tournaments Hudsonville Zeeland Kellogsville Lakeshore . . . the Agony of Defeat Fc 'V' They met stiffer competition as they overcame the ominous Kelloggsville team, only to have their dreams crushed by defeat in the regionals. H2 ing' Af! .5155 Ii 4 New - 4 'JU o d 91 it K . ahf' l l lvl 'rw "lf you can't hear us now, we'll yell a little louder." bl Marcia fights back the Irs. cl The victors flaunt their hardewon trophy. dl BACK ROW: Miss Voss - ch, Jane Van Dellan, Barb King, Mary De Young, Laurie Zimmerman, Pat Brook- se. FRONT ROW: Pat Kyser, Kim Klooster, Idelle Aukeman, Suzanne Schreur, Kruggink, Karen Nykamp. el Miss Voss encourages the starters. 941, Girls' JV Basketball US THEM 42 Calvin Chr. 15 39 Holland Chr. 13 35 Holland Chr. l5 29 South Chr. 22 37 Calvin Chr. 22 28 Jenison 35 J.V. Team Shows Promise With an impressive five wins in six games, the girl's J.V. Basketball team showed promise for next year's Varsity team. Although they gave their new coach, Miss Voss, some hairy moments, they came out on top in all but their last game with Jenison Public. BACK ROW: Mark Jasperse - Manager, Dove Bouma, Jim Van Wayne Hinken, John Machiela, Rob Cuperus, Rob Regneru Laar, Greg Honderd, Mark Offringa, Dick Schrotenboer, Wes Glen Zwart, Dale Hoekwater. Wiersma, Craig Glashower, Mr. Hulst - coach. FRONT ROW: 1 - I ,gXx N if V 2, t in f A V ' A f i w 41 Z t 21 ' 45 31 Q 115 5+ .Q 11' r if X N- 15 13 Z7 'if W C - C of f .. Q! i U , r 1 ,V , Q , Lf' Q aa sr tf'-5 33a R 2 .Jg I. 2, N44 wt? AQ3 wx" 1' C C ' . f x. .QF-r is .V 1 . . 'rh' e T . ff "r 4Qg if .. ix 1 , it , C ,I j 3? M ff g I t ..,: 'k h ,V k:'-k 1 ' 4 X aj Glen Zwart awaits the rebound with expectation. bl Unity's double-team- ing prevents a shot. cj The opponent's double-teaming is ineffective. dj Mark Offringa eyes the rim with determination. el Coach Hulst summons o player for a conference. "'f4,,, 'F'-N xi ii Yi 7 is ' 4 Q Holland Chr G R Chr West Catholic Kalamazoo Chr Forest Hills N Hudsonvllle Chr Muskegon Chr Holland Chr South Chr Muskegon Chr Calvm Chr Jemson Wyoming Park Creston Catholic Central South Chr. Holland Kalan azoo Chr. ' J.V. BOY'9 BASKETBALL us ' . 45 58 . . . 5' . j ' 44 57 . G.R. Central 52 66 Calvin Chr. ' . 53 64 ' . 40 54 . if . 52 59 . 4 ' . 57 65 ' 51 54 as 44 32 70 . Winning Isn't Evergthlng If winning the game is the only important feature of basketball, then Unity's J.V. team was unsuc- cessful. Fortunately, there is much more. While on the team, the guys not only got some experience in playing ball, but they also learned valuable lessons in teamwork, sportsmanship, and in dealing with other people. -wax' 'Liv 51' f i A7 ,. . ,' . ' ef, v V1 5. .sy I v i a e I .4 q , ,, Ql','l! ky L 7' f A ,Q -:Jil I Xxx' ,Ji 1 sn'-N43UV gm gum HWY 1524 a m :fry nm 'nuhf U N L IP gIa4.,5! "!TY kiilry N 'E '-H 25 43 ' ,Q N. :af X , Su ,,, gwqmannlvfd ' 9 ilT,...,..,..M..m-W--, y Q, 'U Happiness s a I9-5 Record An evenly balanced team with an impenetrable last quarter press was the key to the success of the boy's Varsity basketball team as it completed the sea- son with nineteen wins and five losses. Since the difference in scores was sel- dom more than five points, each game seemed to be a new high in excitement. District tournaments set the team off with three tough rivalsg Jenison, Hudson- ville, and Zeeland, but when it was over, the guys walked off with a district tro- phy and a position in the regionals against Muskegon Heights. The season ended with a tough loss to the Heights. al Mick Honderd dodges his opponent in his drive down court. bl Bill Van Vugt jumps to clear a pass to the outside. cl "Tuby" carefully executes a shot. dl Both teams fight for the rebound in a very close game. el Jim Haverkamp seeks advice from Coach Bos. ff 117 at All eyes focus on the ball as an outside shot drops through the hoop. bl A fast break by Mick Honderd earns Unity two points. cj Unity spectators prefer newspapers to Jenison's starting five. 6 k,,A,,k W , U, ..-,, , . , Wai' .. .NWN-I "N,-1 , ""W'-4-.mm W'Wm.,?n.rc.,,,.WW W ...NWN 'hu W' .MM . Y Q ' ' xl id .,- -K 5 Vis. wir 4, ,i az 9 oi Senior starters show their stuff in the opening minutes of the final home gcme. bi Uncffected by the tension of the moment, Jim Feenstra prepares the shot. lvl if ,an Q Wr- Cheerleaders Prod Team Spirit The cheerleaders worked with the great school spirit that devel- oped along with the increasing success of the basketball team. They put together some rousing pep assemblies and gave cheering a boost at the games. Above all, the girls put hours of their time into practice to perfect their addition to a basketball game. al The tension of the game wearies Greta Schuil. bl Dawn Grooters is pleased with the score. 31 Becky Grooters, Kathy Schaaphok, Robin Bouwkamp, Dawn Grooters, Cheryl De Weerd, .loan Wiersma. dl Joan Wiersma takes a break from cheering. 31 "Beat 'em." fl Lynne Kuik, Sally Teisman, Sue De Vree, Faith Burman, Chris Matth- ysse, Greta Schuil. l2l eam Has Exciting Season Although their record doesn't indicate that they had an excellent season, the Volleyball team did a good iob. In both of their games against the first place team from Calvin Christian they held them into overtime before losing. The last game against Holland Christian for the second place title also proved to be a really excit- ing game. In all, the girls played well and had a great time. Girl's Vollegball J.V. VARSITY THEM THEM Holland Chr. 0 Holland Chr. 0 Covenant Chr. O Covenant Chr. 0 Calvin Chr. 2 Calvin Chr. 2 Calvin Chr. 2 Calvin Chr. 2 Covenant Chr. I Covenant Chr 0 Holland Chr. 0 Holland Chr. 2 lvl e lbl --0---........,,. al Judy Boersma bumps the ball to a teammate. bl FRONT ROW: Vicki Brown, Linda Dozeman, Karen Kramer, Barb King, Sandie Vos, Pat Kyser, Nancee Groothuis, Marcia De Young, Beth Bruursema. BACK ROW: Mrs. Contant - coach, Melinda Longstreet, Carol Rozeveld, Sharon Vonk, Sue Van Dyke, Jane Gebben, Sherri Schepers, Judy Boersma, Ellen Boice, Maureen Zinger, Nancy Nagelkirk, Donna Niez- ink, Cheri Bouwkamp. al FRONT ROW: Kathy Post, Deb Grysen, Melanie Mulder, Lori Scully. SECOND ROW: Kim Hansen, Miss Voss - coach, Diane Van Dyke, Lenore Stroven, Laurie Snip, Chris Snip, Cindy Masselink, Sue Van Dyke. BACK ROW: Kim Northouse, Donna Niezink, Bonnie Hassevoort, Barb King, Deb Dykema. bl Barb King slams it to the fence. cl Donna Niezink does a superb iob as catcher. -24.3 , Jw-we. ,, " H , s- J X 'uf' mn!" al.. Softball Team Enjoys a Good Year Not only did the Girls' Softball Team have a good time playing ball, but they also ended up with a pretty good record. A mixture of disap- pointment and well earned victories kept the sea- son exciting. oi Doug De Kruyter, Perry De Vries, Harold Veldman, Jim Hoekstra, Duane Prins, Noe, John Van Der Wlele Dave Heilman Chris Visser, Mr. Ball - coach, Bill Van Vugt, Mike Prins, Tim De Kruyter, Dave lvl Tennis Team Loses Valuable Seniors The Tennis team, only in its second year of operation and under the direction of Mr. Ball, fared quite well. Although they were beaten at times, they did their share of beating back as is eviden- ced in their 7-0 victory over Wyoming Park. Q-Q was QQQXZQSK-W-LK E 1 QW' f L if 3 . Q7 Ry N NQ9. Af 6' N rf jA,i gpg X., 'X' f 3 fa: W' Q af 5 - f 5' x 1 'P ' A ..-f-""""' 4-C Finds New Track Champ A large trophy proclaiming that Unity held first place in the 4-C League was an indicator of that team's success. The guys worked hard to achieve their best and their practice proved, in the end, to be worth it. BACK ROW: Norm Vanden Berg, Mr. Christians - coach, Dave Van Der Wiele, John Kuit, Bob Koopman, Briar De Weerd Tom Klaassen. THIRD ROW: Dave Drew, John Machiela, Mike Alkema, Craig De Watt, Tom Nanninga SECOND izow: Mr. Fondse - coach, Andy Bouma, Dick Schrotenboer, Steve Schnyders, Dale Heyboer, Kevir Kunnen. FRONT ROW: Bruce Bouma, Steve Sall, Randy Bremer, Dan Vander Kooy, Greg Boven, Brian Van Tuber gan, Mick Honderd, Mr. Reiffer - coach. t i 126 "i' ' , lvl l iq maui x as, 1 s K X -1 .kA' is . vs, ol Kevin Kunnen pushes himself to the finish line. bl Pole vault poses a chal- lenge for Don Vander Kooy. cl Dick Schrotenboer beats his opponent. dj Mick Honderd excels in long iump. 127 1 4 , wwumgwwfwwuwu. WM,f,.M .,,wW,, M,,,.A .MU . .,.w.,...Q,-22:3--www-.M -... "f:f-T-I1"" if uma:-up iw, y .f A nil 9 i .L F5 ,, my r -vi 1 5 ffm X77 X' ffm -,Q . ,7,5,N Kiki' was A Q LBJ' l l I el J.V. Sluggers Work Toward Improving Their Skills The guys on the J.V. team were a hardwork- ing bunch of kids. Although they didn't win much, they got a lot of valuable practice and had a great time. -fm .cw 4, ,,, wel, l29 -N I Gugs Combine Efforts for a Good Team A group of skilled players made the year a good one for the Baseball team. lt took not only accurate hitting, but, iust as much, quick fielders and the right coaching decisions, and led right into the State Tournament at Kimble Field. . 1 I al Bruce Hiemstra warms up on the sidelines. bl Evsryone's positioned and ready for the next pitch. cl Doug Venema watches the action from the on-deck circle. di Pete Bloemen- daal coaches first base. l30 Varsity Baseball South Christian Hudsonville Byron Center Muskegon Christian Kalamazoo Christian Rogers Muskegon Christian Hudsonville Kalamazoo Christian Holland Christian Calvin Christian Jenison THEM 5 0 sl2 6 4 5 7 3 I 8 8 4 W. Oosfindie - Coach, Doug Venema, Jim Hoverkcmp, Bob Woldyk, Bruce Koop, Ken Sall, Cal Veldink, Cindy Loherman and Menonn De Went scorekeep 'lie-mstrc, Pele Bloemendaal, Jim Feensfro, Dave Haverkamp, Mark Sfob, Bruce ers. A ICI f K , F , E 1 5 1, U V if X ,f N-r '- as-vu., .X-5 A , ,fx .Mi ' -3 ' 4 va 'f-JW31:-Y ,,, K. Y ., . 7 1 1. V f-. Q 1 wx. WN. 'I--fA71 ' if I ,w F I Q - 5 1' K -.T rv ' I X Ai. 3 xx! ' xy! I - -' -. Q- 4 ,I v ' ff, ' Q I - xx x 6 2 xx sf? X W K V e , my V t Q. ,. " 4 f H N 1 sl, x 'wi by 3' 'Q' Y ,g ..?1 A 'F i t ' Q u 'P' Y Q if 4 x H' gp 2' ' r 'Wi A, ,u, n A A ., " ner.- 4' w 4 ' ' 'Q - 4 'gf R A ..,,, , A , ' , Tig -. . Y F in V , X -I W N . 0...-S 5 133 CLASS OFFICERS: Sandy Vanden Berg - Treasurer, ft W- rw- 155555 Laurie Snip - Secretary, Michelle Bolf - Vice-President, Joan Ver Beek - President we J, -L tl ,f ,Y ,, H WW, f 1 N Y-1 Hx W ,,,,J-Mf , 9 , ' TE. S ali , 'rf . ...is-sys " r H4 QOPHUMDRES 134 ff' Scot? Albrecht Mike Alkema Dean Arens Gerrit Arens Sharon Armstrong Gayle Aukeman Idelle Aukeman Adrian Bakelaar Bob Baker Lori Baker Suzanne Baker Diane Beufe Greg Bisard Joanne Blauwkamp Michelle Bolt Dave Boomsma Dave Borsl Deb Bos Andy Bouma Dave Bouma Randy Branderhorst Randy Bremer Randy Brink Pat Brookhouse Kevin Brouwer Cheryl Brower Vicki Brown Melaney Brunsting Beth Bruursema Faith Burman Gretchen Byker Bob Cuperus Pam Danielson Rick Deemter Dan Dekkinga Julie Dekkinga Doug De Koning Doug De Kruyter John Den Besfen Pat De Nooy Kirt Deppe Sue De Vree Perry De Vries Phil De Vries Brian De Weerd Craig De Wih Sue De Wih Marcia De Young Mary De Young Randy De Young Terry Dick Randall Diemer Marlene Dornbos Linda Dozeman Dave Drew Cindy Dunn Deb Dykema Mike Dykstra Beverly Eisen Doug Elenbaas Brian Eling Sandy Emelander Steve Emelander Cathy Ezinga Judy Faber Pam Feenstra Jan Feyen Dawn Fynewever Pat Gemmen Steve Gemmen Craig Glashower Sharon Goodman Kurt Goodyke Rick Grossman Ruth Graveling Nancee Groothuis Debbie Gunnink Steve Haan Ben Harkema Jim Har? Bonnie Hassevoort Leanne Havert .mu ipm-.t -sw, -hs ,,.,. ,,, 1,,, Dabs.-,..,---"""' 5. Pat Hekman Randy Hilbrand Wayne Hinken Dale Hoekwater Greg Honderd Joel Hubers Randy Huizinga Randy Huizinga Sandy Hulst Tom Jansma Mark Jasperse Mary Jeurink Meribefh Jolman Jan Jongerkriig Kathy Kamps Barb King Rick Klamer Darl Kleinians Bruce Klein-Wassink Kim Kloosfer Lynda Klunder Wes Knoper Doug Koetie Darlene Kooistra Laura Koop Karen Kraker Don Kramer Karen Kramer Deb Krol Sandy Kroon Lynne Kuik Mark Kuperus Karl Kuzee Pat Kyser Phillip Kuyers Steve Lankheef Leanne Le Febre Lori Lemmen Tim Lieffers Gary Lakers Nancy Lubbinga Sharon Ludema Edith Lufke Chris Lyon John Machiela Chris Matfhysse Sue McCallum Ann Meekhof Mary Jo Meeuwenberg Gary Meyer Brent Miedema Cindy Miedema David Miedema Ken Miedema Sue Miedema Mike Miedema Diane Moll Jim Morren Marcia Morsink Kevin Mulder Mark Mulder Lehy Nederhoed Karen Nykamp Kathy Nykamp Randy Nylaan Mark Offringa Cindy Oosse Irene Oosterveld Sharon Osbeek Jim Overweg Donna Pauzenga Dave Plooster Beth Prins Marvin Prins Rob Regnerus Cindy Roberts Kristie Rotman Rick Rozema Cheryl Sall Lori Schuafsma Dick Schippers Steve Schnyders Greg Scholten Teena Schoonveld John Schout Suzann Schreur Dick Schrotenboer Greta Schuil Lori Schut Mark Scott Laurie Scully Tammy Sioerdsma Carla Smith Laurie Snip Jill Steenstra Brian Sterk De Vere Stroven Stuart Stroven Lois Tacoma Paul Takken Vaughn Talsma Deb Tapp Mary Ter Avest Bob Te Bos Sally Teisman Betty Top Mike Toppen Jane Van Daalen Bonnie Vanden Band Gillis Vanden Berge Sandy Vanden Berg Wanda Vande Pol Dave Vander Heide Marcia Vander Helm Sharon Vander Kooy Lori Vander Lug? Vero Vander Meer Nw-I Lori Vander Schuur Lori Vander Werf David Van Der Wiele Connie Van Dis Lisa Van Dokkumberg Tom Van Dyk Dave Van Dyke Diane Van Dyke Clare Van Dyken John Van Farowe James Van Houten Tom Van Houten Sue Van Klompenberg Jim Van Laar Jacquelyn Van Vels Sue Van Vels Mitch Veensfra Bill Velfema N Deb Veltema Joan Ver Beek Kathy Verkaik Barb Visser Melinda Visser Rex Visser Sharon Visser Paul Voefberg Dave Vollink Sandie Vos Kim Vruggink Randy Vugfeveen Belinda Wesfmaas Randy VWeIand Connie Wierenga Jan Wierenga Wes Wiersema Mary Wiersema Nancy Windemuller Melanie Woodwyk Terrie Woodwyk Connie Wynia Deb Yonker Laurie Zimmerman Rainny Zinger Tom Zoodsma Glen Zwart Qs 42'-wh JUNIURQ xi , S ,, Q Q -. x. 15 JS, 455 W3 .2 M Beth Adama Gail Baker Margaret Baker Mary Baker Dave Bareman Dave Behrens Jon Belmont Paul Bergsma Jim Berkenpas Audrey Boehm Ellen Boice Scott Boldt Ruth Bosker Ken Bosscher Jim Braam Bob Brink Mike Brookhouse Pam Brouwer Ross Brouwer Gail Brummel Larry Buchholz Sheryl Buys Jan Byker Brenda Capel David Carlton Pom De Groot Dave De Haan Jim De Jong Nancy Den Besten Bill De Vree Darlene De Vries Denise De Vries Grace De Vries Cheryl De Weerd Meriann De Went Judy De Young Dianne Dick Bryan Doornbos Bette Driesenga Iris Driesenga Doug Drost Dave Dyk Gary Dyke John Dyke Karen Dykema Steve Dykema Karen Dykhouse Kathy Dykstra Linda Dykstra Evan Elenbaas Debra Evink Marcy Faber Cindy Flikkema Don Flokstra 'EF Lois Flokstra Rick Frankfort Jane Gebben Russell Gelder Kelly Glass Dawn Grooters Deb Grysen Julie Haan Diane Harmsen Nancy Harper Doug Haveman Kirk Haverdink Dave Haverkcrnp Dave Heilman Dale Heyboer Bruce Hiemstra Dave Hilbrand Sharon Hoekwater Cheryl Hofstra Curt Holtrop Don Holtrop Tim Hoffman Kathy Hofman Jane Halmlund Rick Holsiege Jan Holwerda Cheryl Hoogenstyn Brian Hop Darlene Hop Michele Hyma Dale .lellema Charlene Jeurink Sharon Jolman Maris Jongekriig Tim Kamps Gerard Kaierberg Mary Katerberg Ron Kerksfra Kim Kleinians Rose Klyn Dale Koefie Don Koefie Linda Kol Wayne Koops Ron Kraker Phil Kramer Brenda Krikke Mike Krikke Laurie Kroll John Kuii Kevin Kunnen Ron Landheer Margo Langeland Randy Langeveld Melinda Longslreet Cindy Lofferman Shirley Machiela Gwen Masl Steve Meeuwenberg Ruth Meiier Keith Meinema Dan Meyaard Carol Miedema Dawn Mulder Kathy Mulder Melanie Mulder Nancy Nagelkirk Tom Nanninga Pam Nederhood Donna Niezink Dave Noe Bill Noordyk Kim Northouse Cathy Oppewall Marcia Overweg Jack Petter Jan Peher Gretchen Piersma Ron Pohler Doug Popma Deb Post Kathy Post Linda Postma Gary Pofgefer Doug Prins Durwin Prins Mary Ribbens Judy Rillema Keith Rillema Barb Rifsema Dave Roon Darlene Root Carol Rozeveld Norm Saagman Ken Sall Lori Sall Dennis Schepers Jan Schepers Sherri Schepers Brenda Schipper Randy Scholma Gary Schouf Beth Schut Doug Sikma Rog Spoelma Larry Spoelman Randy Spriensma Bruce Sferk Mark Sfob Camille Stroven Cindy Talsma Laurie Talsma Darle Ter Avest Doug Timmer Pam Toonstra Pat Toonsfra Cheryl Top Norm Vanden Berg Pam Vanden Berg Dave Vander Ark Joanell Vander Hoek Deb Vander Kooi Bev Vander Lug? Scot? Vandermyde Bonnie Vander Ploeg Steve Vander Veen Ken Vander Wal Valerae Vander Weide Sue Van Dyk Rick Van Dyke Sharon Van Dyken Lori Van Hoven Sheryl Van Houfen Ross Van Klompenberg Rod Van Noord Brian Van Tubergen Bev Van Vels Tim Van Zalen Cindy Veensfra Cal Veldink Harold Veldman Dave Velfema JoAnne Veltema Pam Veltema Ed Velthouse Doug Venema Steve Ver Beek Ron Ver Hage -1 in-Q Q 4 1' may 'El Chris Visser Judy Visser Karen Visser Ken Visser Sharon Vonk Laurie Vredevoogd Mary Vredevoogd Barb Wagner Glenn Warners Tom Waterloo Donna Weenum Keith Westmaas Ned Wesfveer Tom Wesfveld Ken Wierenga Lynne Wieringa Deb Windemuller Judy Wittingen Rich Witfingen Bob Woldyk Cal Wolters Sharon Yonker Marilyn Zandstra Maureen Zinger Joan Wiersma - Secretory, Shari Kennedy - Vice-President, Karen Lucas - President, Laurie Koster - Treasurer. X x f,-N ss' I4 ,,f ' ' if Vx Z7 156 K fans: 'me xt... SENIORS , ii, , - E KM , , I MM, - ,,,..,,,. ,.W,.N,A,..,.. Mol-lo: To sirive. lo seek. +0 find. and noi yield. Color: Blue Flower: Red Rose Verse: Lei no man despise fhg gouihz buf be lhou an example fo fhem fhai believe. in word, in manner of life. in love. in faiih. in purify. I Timorhg 4:12 '25 ,X , W' If .- if f 4 vi, ggi' mf 'E tr , ,gif f is r, r 5 Cynthia Lou Alkema Daniel Owen Aukeman Debra Ann Bazuin Mark Allen Berkhof Heather Anne Bierma Peter Bloemendaal Judy Beth Boersema Daniel Gene Boice Greg Alan Boldt 'Z Robin Leigh Bouwkamp Sharell Kay Broene Sue Lynn Bruursema li, 1 Q Jeffrey Alan Bosch Bruce Allen Bouma Cheryl Joy Bouwkamp Gregory John Boven Vicky Lynn Branderhorst Karen Sue Bremer Beth Louise Brookhouse James Allen Brower Scott Wayne Brower X N, -75 ii.. e John Garth Busscher Mary Beth Byker Jose Antonio Cadahia Peggy Joy Coeling Carolyn Ruth Dams Jeffrey Alan De Koning Timolhy Mark De Kruyter Cheryl Beth De Young Barbara Jean Dick Ronald Lee Diemer Michael Lee Door Heather Jean De Groot Pamela Sue Dekker Corrine Gail De Nooy Douglas M. De Weerd if x 1 pr S , gx Judy Anne Dufhler .57 E Yvonne Sue Dyk Ronald Lee Dykstra Richard Bruce Eisen ff Q ,Q 3 Nancy Lynn Ensing Cindy Lynne Ezinga ap'-M LL.L, A zdi , ' ' in , gh f . X X e Y' Q . I Q Y . x , LLLL : L ,Xie I ,U 4 s ,, +- . . 0:3 O L 1 V 2'2- An 5 F : : L, -an f . ,L , .lf ,y,, Q, ,K 2 :r fs iz: '- 4 2 F ' ' ' Cheryl Lynne Elenbas Glen Arlan Ensing James Alan Feenstra Shirley Beth Feyen Q q 3521 Mark Flikkema George H. Flokstra Janice Sue Frens Brenda Rae Fynewever Debra Sue Geurink Randall Jack Glashower Mark Henry Grasman Larry Dale Graveling Jane Ellen Griher Roger William Groot Rebecca Sue Grolfers Cynthia Lois Gunnink Douglas Allyn Haan Kim Diane Hansen Calvin Jay Hassevoorf Edwin Gene Haveman Steven Alan Haveman 4 James Alan Haverkamp Mary Kay Helder Bruce Kevin Helmholdl Gayla Rae Hibma Gail Dawn Hilbrand 1 6 w James Alan Hoekstra Mary Ellen Hoezee Michael John Honderd Carol Suzan Hubers Judith Anne Jansma Bren? Douglas Johnson 4 Jack Steven Karsien Sharon Lynn Kennedy 'J r 41, his 3' A- laik, Qi , W ' f ilu.-nw + sy + f ol I 'J ff' 'X' Q gun? n. P ' x 4 maj 'Q 'tn .yur i A Q! ef' A i W x. 12 9 I 4 In fp x Q gi , 1 " , I ,u .H lg ' X Y , - L 1 . , Q .,,' 5 . Us I hs n Q. ' 'Q Q 9 a 4 A , . k .: 4 1 ,K "' ,A In 41. ,Lie-"9"-A W- K s v Q K. 4 ' 9 u I w sygiisgl .Q V Cornelia H. Meyer Sheryl Ann Meyer Curtis Allan Meidema Jan Lynn Meidema E i i E I ',. X,.. .A ' , .X - , , L Lf., 1 fyzief Y ,f , fjt' - ,iv .C C , I, 0 X ' -een ,W 1 si Jane Ellen Molyneux David Lee Motman Lee Allen Mulder ?"'T'S ""' '- ,fN,, Gail Mane Nannmga Nancy Rae Newenhouse 168 MF .J .A 941 le "Kr ,uf . Q ,..a . ' Q .- . ' , ' ,aw Ia . . .r I "9' xl 4 "-in N Q .Q ,,. A, S .JM ' Q! v Kenneth Dale Northouse Marcia Joy Nyenhuis Steven Harold Nylaan Larry Alan Pals 3 . 'js 53' ' A ' 3,5 QQ - + is rf' ' NL. fi J' 3 Piss Q f' hifi?- N? yr em, , x eg E it "Q x., , Y v,.,.-..-uuuvv- QHQN- 1 .......a M . ya Q-vaqw + - .Qtr I I - A--9, - if . .A 5 .. "YL, . ' - f -l,x"'-Na+ ,g 'Q 'SV'-' v 5 V' D if ' - . ' 1, V - g , '? My . QV fa -H 'J xl ,,-.. Patricia Faith Persenaire Robert John Peterson Virginia Lynne Peterson Janice Mae Piers David Gordon Piersma Brenda Jayne Plaiser Susan Jayne Plekker Ronald Dale Post Janice Kay Postma Duane Lee Prins Michael Henry Prins Robert Dean Prins Deborah Pruis Debbra Lynn Roon Lori Ruth Roan Lynn Suzanne Saagman Cheryl Faye Sall v1!lj!', 'l4Qt0 ' i. ,, ' ff' H' 51' ga ,,a",',, ala' 1 g,4nU't,, ,plllf Qlfft, 1. 9 Ill, 'fill' X U yitggi ',g 'ill' 5 I lf, :ff 019' , HM' e , L., . gyvl. 'L 5 4 '?',"l 86,43 1,111 ' gf! 'ga I 'f 'L ly, -.0 X, Bruce Alan Rosema Peter Roskam Jr. Steven Joe Sail Kathleen Ellie Schaaphok Joan Sue Scholfen Lori Sue Schreur 0 'au' L, , its QA .L Mark John Schuitema Calvin Lee Schuhe Karen Gayle Schufte Cheryl Lynne Scully Lori Jean Sioerdsma Valorae Sioerdsma S .l.1l., Christine Mae Snip Eileen Lynn Spriensma 2 5 Am,A 5 V, Ax si' . wi? ...DN YA, . ggi ZXYWQ S 93 -, si' ' ' X X Randall Lee Van Oss James Robert Van Vels William E. Van Vugt Shirley Kay Van Zalen Q, Norma Gayle Velfhouse Joy Ann Venema Gale Ver Hage Beth Anne Verkaik 'vnu-nf' Marcia Lynn Versfraefe Beverly Lynn Werkema William Willemstyn Il Robin Gail Yonker Marcia Beth Visser my-s Henry Jay Vos Jr. Karen Jo Walerloo Judy Lynn Wierenga Karen Sue Wierenga Joan Ellen Wiersma W 71 A 41:-1-,-fz.wiyg.w,w --a. 111 ,., A . -1.-US'-11 . ..,-ff.. A ,F .mf - Yi . J' as J Rachel Lynn Wynla i'1ie L ' , i,g- ww wwe Q N Sieven J. Zoe? dune. WUUQQQ--a--. mg' ,mn I9 ""'M'-we M .L W. M., """'9WI1wmw,v,, .. . , .. Wmwaiqwvl Hs:f'za5.43gwff-nfs . , if Spirit ot' Friendship Thrives at Double-J Ranch On a cloudy May morning two busloads of eager seniors arrived at the Double J Ranch. Once the ground rules were put down, everyone split up to go horseback riding, swimming, or do iust about anything they wanted. At night there was entertainment by the staff of the ranch and singing by a great Hootenanny group. As the buses were ready to leave and all had said goodbye, the director thanked the Unity group for coming and added that it was the best group he ever had. W 9, 4. I W fest? - " fVff2' . y ,, wi,: :age , .:' . 1- , ,.. fx A., W. we - tc-im, 'zt Fu, f 176 Na aj The shooting range was one of the many activities offered at the Double J Ranch. bl Foreign hands remove "Big Ben's" toupee. cj The hootenanny group rouses the seniors with foot-stom- pen' music. di Heather De Groot attempts archery. el Horseback riding was a main attraction of the day. fl Al, a counselor at the ranch, presents Kris Kuzee with her birthday cake. e ' yan-f , : lei lfl 177 The Beginning ol' the End The beginning of the end had arrived as seniors and their parents gradually arrived at Ridgewood Church. Baccalaureate was iust one last admonition before entering the world and an ever stronger reminder that the end was very close. , ,ngyifl , 'N--,... M lbl ici W- if T" 178 V V. ,7:, V 'AVi 'a jg . i lel f 'Q 4 E3 4 'W A ' 'Q 'Z s al The speaker, Dr. Clifford Christians, con- verses with Unity faculty members. bl Seniors listen ottentively to the Baccalaureate mes- sage. cl Pat Persenaire and Pat Key entertain with a vocal duet. dj The Boice family meets Mr. Oostendie. el Gayla Hibma plays a solo on her oboe. fl Karen Lucas introduces her mother to Mr. Brouwer. gl Graduating seniors file into Baccalaureate Service. I79 Grad Uafiog . an En Brlngs +0 f and handed ou I The last diPl0ma hhj: Ejjlfbne seHle5o1T:2f tw 9 the fn fhere is 0 mogjg words come ffm' you fhe clflSS Then fhedzrelieii -'I noW prism and cheefshflf? Mr- Vu? .- Graduation capd ated class rel0'Ce" of 197 ' as 'he gm U and Sod par - fhr0Ugh 3-:Te are Q Le: ttcgzify forever. a Anil: seniors SGY good Y ing V., -xl QQ' if - fwwili ' ,,..., ew-,.--12' .-.,. ,' ' fP4n-f," af,,"' , K lm - Vg K on H' 4 i , dp., 'i-'K ,hi .,Q",frf"iL , 1, M ""' 3 WN.. i mates' , f ,, . A ' snag, ohh' . , ,W- E ' .zu 1- 3 ' 'Wa -. ' Hlwuu nu ' Nfvtvoarv' ,im na C a ,k ' I. 4. ive. A 4 oi ' ' 406046 v., 'H sss9, 'Mit' i un-...'9"" "' whitney., "' - nam ,de ,. .1 , nuussmnmztx RJFUZ' t"T'. aN!fapg,,.t?flUt1h 1 ' 'ngzg 1, ' I wsu4.,,...ff0"0?, My ' I. ,.:"'1nnOlQQ " 'W' . njzjztgzssasaa iiilfll. 1 ' A ns. "sgV Um unwise: ,Q 'AQ Q sunt u,,::::CQ'Q1.,,, i Nou ny, ... - nouns H" , 5, lf. , .s 11" , ' k ii. , 'iw' 'Elie ' ' f -an ""'vouo0sg'.'1 "J A ,, - -Hlaauntt. ..OQ- ,Q .O y. I .W .. nnpp,...'u.' CCC Qg.5 . ' ,I ..,, Nik ......xt'-'n-f- -. -:f ' 'Ninn ug.,.',b' he 'QQ' xv . lf 5,427 Lryk , onmaunwgg. 0 ,, ' -' ' , ' . n-enwnnqg . ,"" 6 5 0','f ', , Ulluuulloui 'M' I 5 'kg' 0 "' ,,,g,,,g:' lmpmun-any , ',o',a - f f cumamnu 2' ' . ' ' lQNM7liVl,,'::::,Q::. N' :':4v': ' 4: Hwuunolleeggg.. mi-pg '. ',o'r ,' nm,,,,,,,Nn..' .O V 4 ,, b .odd 11, :::ff"""'unuuu::o 'N' " ' ' " funnaoggg llgh, 'Ulf' , .n.,.If2f:jj::::eg.no :::HusAuu ' 'ly lfl If-1 F51 ffmf., ,,':'-,fb 42" " I ,, f X ..h, A I 'vlvnsg.,M . N' Ii' A 5. :H I-l"!, nl'i.l nvifnf 0 94 30" ,ff , M 3 7.5! Z., 'wtixx , Q.1..wp:ms.s, . 1,. ,V 4 f,,53W L e e , ,, ,.,.,,W., ,Wm ,1 gy. V - Af ,1E1,.5,. . fauna. :ww ,fQ,5Es'g:,g,g 4 1 . Q .,,. sf mf Q, A ' ' I swf' ,V 'Q " - -9 Gif' 7 L , ,' ,,:, ta, i V al Mary Helder accepts her diploma from Gordon Piersma, Vice President of the School Board. bi Sue Plekker - salutatorian. cj Mr. Reiffer presents the William Oosten- dorp Bible Award to Jim Feenstra. dl The graduates listen as their future is predicted. el Pat Persenaire - valedictorian. fl The class of '75 dons their caps and gowns for the long-awaited moment. Greg Boldt Mary Byker Cheryl De Young Dan Drost Cindy Ezinga Larry Graveling Cindy Gunnink Bruce Helmholdt Shari Kennedy Tom Klaassen Bruce Koop Rosie Kuyers Gary Landheer Cheri Lutke MR. KAMMINGA Connie Meyer Curt Miedema Gin Peterson Dave Piersma Lori Roon Steve Sall Cherie Scully Lenore Stroven Harry Vander Kooi Sheryl Vander Lugt Randy Van Oss Marcia Ver Strate Karen Waterloo MR. KLYN Jeff Bosch Cheryl Bouwkamp Sue Bruursema Tony Cadahia Peg Coeling Barb Dick Ron Dykstra Shirley Feyen Rag Groot Kim Hansen Jim Hoekstra Deb Kerkstra Mike Kleinians Kris Kuzee Gary Lieffers Sheryl Meyer Dave Motman Jan Piers Ron Post Lynne Saagman Mark Schuitema Lori Sioerdsma Karen Tacoma Jack Vander Laan Esther Vander Schuur Jim Van Vels Shirley Van Zalen Bev Werkema Mark Windemuller MR. REIFFER Dan Aukeman Bruce Bouma Robin Bouwkamp Carolyn Dams Jeff De Koning Rick Eisen Jan Frens Doug Haan Mary Helder Mick Honderd Pat Key Ron Knoper Henrik Knudsen Karen Lucas Jan Miedema Lee Mulder Sue Plekker Bob Prins Pete Roskam Cheryl Sall Lori Schreur Cal Schutte Laurie Timmer Dan Vander Kooy Wilma Van Dis Bill Van Vugt Norma Velthouse Judy Wierenga MR. CHRISTIANS Cindy Alkema Greg Boven Vicky Branderhorst Heather De Groot Tim De Kruyter Judy Duthler Glenn Ensing Mark Flikkema Brenda Fynewever Cal Hassevoort Gayla Hibma Sande Kooienga Bob Koopman Kathi Lotterman Deb Ludema Rick Lynema Jane Molyneux Ken Northouse Brenda Plaisier Duane Prins Kathy Schaaphok Chris Snip Dan Teisman Elaine Vanden Berg Sharon Van Dyke Joy Venema Karen Wierenga MR. HULST Heather Bierma Pete Bloemendaal Karen Bremer Scott Brower Pam Dekker Ron Diemer Cheryl Elenbaas George Flokstra Jane Gritter Steve Haveman Mary Hoezee Brent Johnson Laurie Koster Don Kraai Chris Machiela Marvin Martin Nancy Newenhouse Marcia Nyenhuis Larry Pals Deb Pruis Bruce Rosema Val Sioerdsma Mariio Steenstra Nancy Tamminga Marge Vander Heide Dave Van Dyk Deb Van Laar Beth Verkaik Bill Willemstyn Rchel Wynia 3 mitvfgq. 'QQJEWQI - ,K , .g.g43V'i 'Q 5 PL . SENIDR HDMEROOMS MR. BROUWER MR. JOHNSON Deb Bazuin Judy Boersema Mark Berghoef Dan Boice Sharell Broene Jim Brower Doug De Weerd Yvonne Dyk Jim Feenstra Deb Geurink Mark Grasman Ed Haveman Gail Hilbrand Judy Jansma Barb Koopman Pete Lyon Sal McCallum Ed Marcusse Gail Nanninga Steve Nylaan Jan Postma Mike Prins Joan Scholten Eileen Spriensma Pete Talsma Darlene Vanden Engle John VanDer Wiele Cathy Van Klompenberg Gale Ver Hage Henry Vos Joan Wiersma Beth Brookhouse John Busscher Corrine De Nooy Mike Door Nancy Ensing Randy Glashower Becky Grooters Jim Haverkamp Carole Hubers Jack Karsten Laurie Kuik Ken Kunz Cindy Masselink Bob Meekhof Pat Persenaire Bob Peterson Deb Roon Bob Rosema Karen Schutte Judy Stob Duane Timmermans Dorothy Vander Jagt Brian Van Farowe Carol Van Langen Marcia Visser Robin Yonkers Steve Zoet 1 17,12 F if -.L gy" QI me S, 446 wil' +- xf , . BLOEMEN 3473 Kelly S+ree'I' Hudsonville Phone: 669- i930 9' S 721 if ' FE' 6AllenQale, Michigan 6 h c6?nplamen+s of 666 6 hihe W LEMMEN INSURANCE AGENCY AND if REALIYC0-6 2 V Phone h95 . 541 FARMERS CO-OP ELEVATORS C0. 669-9596 Hudsonville, Mich. 5 'Wa 669-9621 as Nfiil W WILSON LUMBER DIVISION ERB LUMBER CO. W I L S U N Phone 534-86I3 'I L U M B E R C If ' "WI1ere Your Dollar Goes --- E. l til H FGFIIISF and Service IRB IIWIIIIVR Ii QM, S Is Promp+" I CQIWIDLIIVIEIXIIS QF SOUTHLAND ASCADE , 28vh Sv Q1 MICHAEL 6425 28vh Sv , ' Noszmroww osuwovliis ' I PLAINFIELD or 4 Mus no 44th on wlLsoN Jewison D xswrwoon ' :om A DBALDWIN 52 A Sv IEASYERN ' P 669 6392 5' 'Wm nikki'-I" I lucnuivn SWIM 0 O SCIINIQS WIIeeI RIigmng XXV "Y J -lui QIIIIIJVWCIJ makes the Iffcereri 1 I Ip wh s. Jr Himzhwis is .I run mm ci I ost' Wheel Balancin - S rin and Brake Service g P , g Au!hof1gf2dBu!0v.f IIf41Ifihe's - Garland Dfarlzofvds Free EsI'lma+es ' JACK BYKER, Prop. 3448 Harvey S+. H utch ms Jew elry I'IudsonviIIe, Michigan I 'N THE JEMSON PLAZA I87 ,f , fs, Q1 H" 'ff wi ki' 'iii-A. A Min. ,I t . . 4390 Chicago Drive Grandville, Michigan 494I 8 ND 669- I 54C wwrvfaiifk X W , , . . ,I , f.. 1 -v - Aw.,- 88 . - A 2 , AD EMA'S SERVICE K I yy I vvM,V x V. K I ' ' Y , 4 I , ' I f 1 ' kxA ' V 3enera+or-Alfernahsr and K V J fgf?,QTRoiQifYalarft:ih9 X ""L 5 ' 83758l69 Zzfgandiil S+., Qoopgl-sviIlefMichigan 494Q4A Q X N . .1 ,, X .A . , , A f A ' 'W V- wf,Mfiwwwa.,iQSQ59QR5W'x3yx,'w4A,QM,1-710: ,A . , , X,-X lf! my M.N:5fjjlT"N ,QQ NX 1 X. ' ' ' vi FARMERS 13 , 1 ' - .' . MAR KET A I' 381 Baiqwan of. +- QQEHLSSSO wif' STREELMAN AGENCY Insurance 4 I 20 Chicago Dr. Grandville, Mich. 538-OIOO HUDSONVILLE LANES 5775 Balsam Drive Leagues - Open Bowling 669-9380 For Reserva+ions CongraI'uIaI'ions Seniors KUGEL Eulsnn RPHARMAC DNE457-9630 -LNISVIN VIEW! CompIimen+s of Complimenis of CHICK'N LICK'N VREDEVOOGD-NORTHQUSE TAKE OUT 9I6 Chicago Drive Jenison Phone 457-23 I0 Home 669- I 324 AGENCY 3880 S. Division Avenue Wyoming, Michigan 49508 and Jenison, Michigan 49428 Complimenis of FAI R LA N ES RECREATION CENTER 4560 Chicago Drive Grandville, Michigan " ,g m .nv X 1 ng gif. s r '15 9' 1 1? .U thrifty acres SUPER IIIIIIIIIETS Congralulalions Gradua+es FXK l LJSIVL BPHINL, LFVL N7 IJLRLLWS rqngg Maid '37 SPRENG . 1, DRAPERlES 4073 LAKE MICH. DR., GRAND RAPIDS, MI 49504 Ph. 16165453-4326 ,-1 NN I'A.N'IJl:'R ,VA T 81 ,Il,A1RlI1' I1'ARNl:'RS LEE EDSON, INC. HOLLAND Livesfoclx Dealer and Wholesale Meafs MUSKEGON 3007 Van Buren Hudsonville, Mich. 2 0 , 0 x I 3 M I Sr i A Uf2' pleasin foggy BUFITCINI Where Good F i d M I' wc. r en s ee FLOOR FASH ION CENTER I 81 L CERAMIC WALL TILE FORMICA COUNTERS i jk. VINYL FLOOR 4 CARPETING PRODUCTS RON MEYERS PAT DeBOER MORRIE BREMER LOU LeFELRE 23235-Div' 254-'248 L. 31 L. l'1lUK1lllE l'lllllIUllll, III 190 l'.0. BOX Pl'l0nG Hudsonville Q b 665 A K I ' N' , R- 5 . GRANURAPIDS GRAVEL co. Mwwox T.V. - Raduo - H A A in ,MVMLNOORD RAD'0 CAS EY WCODWYK 'Wx GOLD CROWN PRODUCE Box 8 669- I 700 3890 Chicago Drive Hudsonville, Michigan 2+ "Z fa K ig, V,.1f,k i It W kan' K . " "ffi,,Qf7E7 ., ' a5,37I: H NVI D GI I 750 A . - 'ii A :vim ALf:2 VQ: . f J K N 4. wmkf fp wwivwWWHwwQwmkwN . k Qs C' , Q -1- ' XPH? "" A W 'i 7' W f?.??fff1W ' . iffy W?.Q5V-fi , A I X My bi? 93 ' - ' R rw, A .L ,Y I .Y G xiii. M ,sh , :sat A 4 i J gs r s, J i "ff'I5 'N J f Business Equipmenf 538-8720 MW E Q ,, - m fi HQWNGA? , ' 'ima , .. if x,,-,, J. ,, ,, kiwdb N' III- ,lf '1E!?"fl 4 1 1 HM 1' IC YQQHQEQT fy, 'end 9 .5 ,,.. ,, ff 'M F w iv s Q, vu 1- 5, ,:w.s,sfszwf' ff f H Q., ,.,, ,,fmE,,,:,M,H w '.f::Q-Mg., ,, , .. , , ..A, , fQ,,:g52,55 , Q ,. f,l,, -, . ' f T wwf . fr-1 1' , .f A , .. , ,, Complimenis of ,jnhnsnn mann JOHNSON CARPET INC 4034 Chicago Drive Grandville, Michigan 494I 8 SEPTIC TANK CO. Phone 534-8637 457-93 IO 774 Chicago Dr. Jenison ' Cafpei ' Ceramic ' Linoleum ' Coun+er Tops Sepiic Tanks Cleaned and lnsfalled For Appliances and Elecirical Wiring , See ELDERS ELECTRIC 405I Chicago Drive Grandville, Michigan Phone LE4-9635 Serving ihis communiiy since I928 DEPARTMENT STORE 3499-35Ol Kelly Sfreei H 1' ' 1'-M T -G'b -T Hudsonville, Michigan 49426 O Pom ay ag I Son appan 194 "I never did anything worth doing by accident, nor did any of my inventions come by accidentg they came by Work. " Thomas A. Edison iliilil ill liilllhlllli CJLID ff" "1 I-Iudsonviile Office, 669-6661 Member -- Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation STEENSTRA'S DUTCH BAKERY WOODWYK M '? x Sfreef h ' h f ' uf W Q f9i1dVm9- MECMQGU A , 3253 Prospeci' S+ree+ ,, IIIATAAI . , ll a -u gun- Complimenfs of Complimenfs of GERRIT'S NCE V05 EQUIPM a+h s.w. l , CRANE 37 8+h a+orI ' 2-2 Sh' Ave. Drive is 3763 Perry Hudsonvulle Michigan RFD iv , ANY 29. w.,,. 'nz . 3 DEMULLER TION lndus+rial Polg Line Consirucfion 24+h S+. M ?gNyorr1ing,Mich. yron Cen+er Much. SMIT PLASTERING Henry A. and Louis Smi+ Phone 669-6949 or 669-6 I 28 "up wi+h building" AUKEMAN ILDER Spring Sfreei 669-I I38 e cant tell you 5 1 lj Being treated with respect ljl An opportunity to get ahead El A place where your in-puts are appreciated E Fair supervision what to do. You're an adult. Soon you'll be making all your own decisions including selecting an employer. lt's an important step in your lite. We would like to offer some advice about selecting a job. At Brooks Products, we think these are the job features that really count with our people. Chances are they'll count with you too. lj Pay that's fair by all standards of comparison E Steady employment Cl Clean and pleasant working conditions Cl Working and learning from people who are tops in their field lj A job you'll be proud of Brooks Products continuously reviews job benefits, wages, job security, safety and working conditions. We want our people to be happy with their work and we want to help them meet their personal goals. lt's not only our responsibility, it's what we're all about. Quality people producing quality soft drinks and beverages. 'A Vflffllf :l5pti'im'iii"'iI:izii .X fi tBmoIcgg tPmduct5 'Inc. General Offices 777 Brooks Avenue Holland, Michigan 49423 SJQS 4 f K IN lk 0 .sv 'iii 1? ey! M he WT V w . ' Xi, 'N - to our We're proud of our new generaTion of buT where will They be Tomorrow? RighT now, iT's graduaTion Time, Time Tor celebraTions, Tor parTies and Tor giTTs . . . buT Tomorrow, aTTer all The honors have been besTowed, our grads will be looking To The TuTure. Some will choose To conTinue Their educaTion, oThers will enTer The busi- ness world now. Sooner or laTer, all will decide where They can besT begin and build SCU. GraduaTes . . Their careers. All oT us have a deTiniTe inTer- esT in The TuTure oT These young people, and we'll all beneTiT iT graduaTes Tind opporTuni- Ties here. We inviTe you To ioin in our eTTorTs To make our communiTy a good place To live, a good place To shop, a good place To worlc, a good place To worship, and a good place To raise a Tamily. BURLINGAME LUMBER CO "Your One STop Home CenTer" 2522 Burlingame S.W. Wyoming, Michigan Best Wishes From HUDSONVILLE TRAILER BUILDERS WINDOW SPECIALTIES CO. Cresfiined Rimco Wood Windows Peachfree Sliding Doors Therma-Thru S+eel En'rry Doors I-726 Chicago Dr. Jenison, Mich. Phone: 457-9530 DEWENT GRAVEL Sand - Gravel - Redi-Mix 1-2 I Eas+ of Hudsonville Phone 457-2100 we Donna 'il vzgl .yffdll I N S U RA N C E Fire LIFL' Auto 3576 ' DORNBUSH INSURANCE AGY CITIZENSMAN 3576 Von Bufen Street INSURANCE HUdsOr1vliie,MlChiQQn CUM i'WOYne" 66979466 199 A Special Thanks +o: BULTMAN STUDIOS 2252 S Division Grand Rap d M h g SilhoueHe Phofographers ' Congrafulaiions From S Q. R gi if 'r .Q 1 'I 1 l rrrrrrr 5 PRCD Hudsonville. Cardinal Brand ' 3440 8 Q 11 - ': SLSFX , RAY'S Se 'hc Tanks rrrrr Drlisfwlds Allen S+reo+ P k lff fi -7:-", ' :Z -1 Walls ri Q' Bulldozmg STATE FARM Bob Bolhuis 105 O' Ken Jipping JuReENs AND W W Ke"v INSURANCE 669-9225 H O LTVLUWER Q GF FUR INSURANCE CALL Jenison Plaza 457-2520 KROLL FURNACE CO. INC. Open Monday and Friday Evenings H . - C I. e2:.1i+Me::"'g Commercial- Residenfial Don Jurgens Jim HoI'IvIuwer Phone: M09-I '60 3460 Han Hudsonville Since I9 in' 3' 4 U5 I q ffl QE "QR 'rum xii, vga 'qw ': '. Q Ili, V ,, .shi -41 f ' if ,. :Ei 5"ff", .i"'fI: g'-!ff" " " .. , w ,, VV V ii V A A , 1,Eggi:,EA!brzg-4335?.1 ffl, . Q , 4 0 .ra 1, ,A it Q 1,2 ,...,, wg,-, ,, ,sage-f. . 4 H 2 A Kzvr 1 V , S , f . .f ' A I . .. - ' 'A , he ..- .. Q , ,If ,, 1, r Y, , -W I I.. Wi ,H 'M Y 3 H I-II W, - , f 5 f ... -Q vf.'f' i f If " " ' ir!" ' ,,,,,,,E,.,,,,fqspe-H II.o . I -I W , I f , Z., ,...-.,...e.,...1 GRAND VALLEY NATIONAL BANK 202 R . X ff VRUGGINK 8. REDDER Wafer Wdll DriIlingA Com plimenfs .fr , 9 20 VAN Loo's OWEN AUKEMAN STANDARD SERVICE Build er Van Buren and M-2I 3367 HillCI'SS+ Hudsonville, Michigan Hudsonville, Michigan 49426 Phone 669-98l3 Tha nl:-you for faking pic+ures for us ihis year BOSGRAAF SALES COMPANY 550I 40+h Avenue Hudsonville, Mich. Bulfman Sludios Mr. Fliefsfra Bryan Doornbos Henrilr Knudsen John Van Der Wiele Harry Vander Kooy 4 Complimenfs of GRAND VALLEY SHOPPERS GUIDE 6944 l2+h Avenue Jenison, Michigan Your Local Shopping Paper Specializing Also in Wedding S+a+ionery congratulations seniors! You're out of school and starting up the ladder to success. And while you're climbing, here's something to remember. . . we want to helpfsssf mv: V in xvlg Eii.'.'f.!.E.!s.t.Tl Complimenls of Chris Gin Shari '.4' an .Q f, ,W ,.-My K 'nf M. -v x- nf . .. ' ,Q l 'E ,vgmh 'ww ,f-L,,, 'V , , ' im ' ,, m My , N ' -nt 5 V A-avQg' 4 ?' ' if M- f EW ,sammy we 4 . , ,Q , 4 3 A Wi, E iz, 5 1, 2 2 it L vw , Y 1 ' V . 3 , W f nl A K 1 L VNgi5,ig I ,gl ' ' - ' . 'T5 "' AM xg L.2"'n ' A A ,"h 3'L""Q':,,, " . i 'Q 4, fu ,, ,, , - Vfagfvm l ,,, ,, Ni in W J: ,,-Ay 1, 1 4 H54 KQV 2 r H' a man does noi keep pace wiih his companions. perhaps ii is because he hears a differeni drummer. Lei him siep fo ihe music which he hears. however measured or far awag. Thoreau 'ix Yqx L x X. X x-.K x X", 4 X Raft: i fr U X ff ' 2. fig a W ' -wmfx Each momeni of ihe gear has iis own beauig. a piciure which was never seen before and which shall never be seen again Ralph Waldo Emerson QQ- Q f f A ' if", ..'- is A ' L Lf X . --.- -, - - xs-fs:2,Q:M - -,-. mu, . - .N GK, e ."nr , N ,X I 210 Nix. mf! ? l Q A -l'P l l i f ,G J r fA,: Z Wifi? 3 .. I,,.. a Tr 'Vi ,,,i2"' if , 1? ,. HW f X 11. 1' gf an ,Zi I M' K in ' Z 9 F XR WW fi 'W 1 Q Zi 9 Sf' 2: iff? , wffga , if ,, Q r- I, ,, AJ f gg K f Qiznw f f 41- 4 ma ' z 3,52 , in 440 i Q11 ,ig 1 M 'vw af- A, x A I Can gou iouch ano+her's life and somehow s+ag +he same? Can you share his love and somehow never free him? Q kv A Z, af 1 , wifi, ,, Kiki'-W. 1 fi ' SC 2' K Q-W- 'k dm 5, 31, 'ik in ., 14 , Can gou feel his depfh and somehow never irusi? Can gou receive his huri andjog. his iears and dreams and never offer him gour own? Charles Gingo Hes...K 2 You +0 +he Iefi and I +o +he right for +he wags of men musi sever - And ii well mag be for a dag and a night And if well mag be forever. Richard Hoveg ,N tl 4, , 216 , -gi .5 1 - M ,A Z if rrar fr

Suggestions in the Unity Christian High School - Silhouette Yearbook (Hudsonville, MI) collection:

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