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' - , Yi, nf .' , A iz E 1 5 4 Q . 5 Y M , x 4 . . an x ' I 5'. F Nw., , 3 V 1' 30 Q' s A Q as - K if Q' Q 5 x H , Jw , sw Q Z' ' 0 ff . S QA , 4' .. , Q qw Q . U' H 'fu . ff. A Wifi f A5,1QfF1,jA M' M Q W 1973 Silhouette Unity Christian High Hudsonville, Michigan Volume 20 get feii iii fl , una sen A X I -H-. PM A, f,.. ' V E I CZ I1. EDITOR Gayla .Lankheet CO-EDITORS Pat Kunz Jill Van Klompenberg ADVISORS Mr. Iasperse Mr. Kredit Mr. Postma L., , """W1-MJQQTIII-' Table of Contents Opening ----- Academics - - - Activities - Organizations Sports ---- Students - - MAS? --4 -14 -54 -so 104 136 V x 1 H1163 9? done, It Quoin ,LSL Coach Andy Ten Harmsel "A tribute to Coach and Crusaders in this our 20th year 1972-'73 We recognize a Perfect 20-0 record We give thanks Unity." We thank you for your 20 years of coaching in our school, your generous contribution of many hours of extra work in mold- ing a championship basketball team, and for the advice and care you have shown to us as students and athletes, helping greatly in shaping our futures. -Mark Veenstra To you, we dedicate the 1973 Silhouette. Reflections As a mirror reflects true to life images, so school reflects a most important time of our life - a realistic time when we matured enough to become individuals. uid" iii-f ? ,Avy S 3 '4' Sy" ,qswmv L Wi.. v "' s in-.31 ,W ubbgx- ? Through participation on a team or in band, creating in art and drama, working with others on committees, or sometimes just listening, we learned, grew, appreciated, and matured. f mari ti 4 8 . I Y 13 4 if , Q haf?" .1 QP' E 2' Q' ' 5- ijL..d?2-K,Ar,4'fq, 12. ft 3.4, 1 if L wg W T S 'ff -, JW wi, R, 3 .3 ge .4 Q X.: GS 2 tm ,., 3 s 2 E Q .assess- S KT' f , Wag, 54, ff. V . ,hx i ni' X t: ' " W , A 3, f Q :ii.Jf2:Qf an ' Q- I if .M 4 .Q 1 ,". K ki dia? ,-Vyjpzl' vi 1' bp M Y ,F -W! S. ,f A, 'Y wig. , 3-5? in ar' ld! fx um ,gf N WWA if-gg W 'K Q. fam In 1 ff 5 K M A 62332 w 1 , gh' we .V-M wg A, A if: Mhvg :iff J K ...ww '- WWRWM m-gm b 'wiv gl G. 45 QQ? L ws "' Y' m ,, 'FIFY ' m X H ig' '. QQ. .,- A tif.,guvi-ii.,vw' 5Aj fin, Air! 3 A ' Y? F .fwf- 1 'QV' i . Jzflff, ,W M 'In f:-if, 'M A ' 'vw Easy, iii! i,,..,. , .. .v'2'!1J'i4t.b ', 55- 'Lag '- if - i f if rift ' , , w ' X X I, sw as kilwqa eg, 3 i xg!" "ix 'L ' gzwtfvf 5' " 1 I , , . . sf., , Q, .-2 ff wg 4 ' F'-,fm ,510 gig 'F .u,.'.H fivfwf- 4' . , L ur- 1-. K , . ,iv Y 1 3- .,..Y,. fi rf1lf5,,,,, IAN ' frm 'rgsgrzql fy? 'o W Wifi ikikag fb r I .,, Y, .1 X V+ W A W my 3? ' W Q f' W 4? . 5 ,f 'W ww 'gr Q if ? KU. ,Bib warm' N ' ' I ,. 1 1 .Vu V. A mmm- ,a 1 x f , -i ,Q 5 1 , R , ' an fifb gt, 1 .MH ' ,A V, ,, 1 . ' ,,,fmqL,, 52. V , . -ft.. , 3',:5'?-'55ff"' , , wg ',-ggggsii-gf' " ,wg :rjjiwU.,?Hf.,A,4-5.,f,3, ,E i1M2S1r1,4w : 1 1 ua.hq',1, 901+ we -,g "-EQ'-af-C H A Va 3., ,f 1 W gr W, , any ewrggdfiagcf-.,ff ,',,tEf SQL '-Q "?2'f?'?f:s51z1Giw1f' ' Kiwis K. , 1- f Q .se-N? A, We 654514 I . K ?fmgaaQi.q isa ' .1., '-C: f ' - 'ss w fi, .-2 8:32491 - Q 11 'aka-Lg. 51 , -, Q ' Q! ymwimi J, ,525 -,,'dqr:t2,-J. Q 5 any , . n,f+?y,gQ,x2.vx5g9,g -. -+"'aV1. 1 1" 7 'iw :1 .sw . an AW- JA ia, Ai' A i'FvfL?'fM n1.JStg' 4 ,, ' ful, fY,.f w"if'2'iPy-.gamma 041 ivfff 'P 'F' wwf lbaiiijiie-' 1-bi.-,155 44'5'3z'f1 ig E 3: '?g:i-Q,-5-1!f'f',-5 '4':?l:fi" Q 45.33933 ,QA Wm an ., 1'-vu ,'.- ,qu W- 4 f I 435.-rffgg-gi'3'2?2 f - 4 ' ' W-f"Ew .W.P,p' x x. 'ffsgrfihgq 'W' ,,f,',,',1 f ,iff fgfgihmiii Zvi , W K " T5 mi 1 1 M Q . . new JM Q ff. ,L v iff , g,,,,,,,Q,,,-Mei' A nv V. :sw f-f ff ,, 1 E f ' f mf f 4 3 A ' 4 my I 1 fx ir. 'ggafigv " J E51 4 ...-W. I V ,Q f ge. ti ,Z V? .... , , 1 ig 7 ' M? J , ,, v Even though our directions change, let us remember the excitement of a united spirit, the challenge of knowledge, the growth of new friendships ,... through these, the growth of many individual 1 ' 4 b -- 1 ' h N ,W av a. N: 3? " 5 up SWS i 'iv N H Qsx 'U' Y 'L -s"',qo my ,W 4-. ,Q 5, 6 K ,Eel S U? 5, f fi: fi? Academlcs Chapel ---- English ---- Debate ------ Languages ---- Business - - - Math ---- Biology ----- Electronics - - - Chemistry ------ Industrial Arts --- History ------- Government ---- Religion ----- Band ------ Pep Band ----- Madrigals ------ Concert Choir --- Home Economics- Psychology ------ Phys . Ed . ------ Art ---------- Library --------- Administration - - - Custodians ------- Board of Directors Unity Circle ----- Chapel V A Few Thoughts for Each New Day Promptly at 8:20 each morning, the organist begins her prelude. Though this ritual never changes, the rest of our chapel service offers variety. Guest speakers, students, special musical numbers, and movies all serve as an inspi- ration to us, and give us a few thoughts to help us through the day. it cb db xl aj REV. LONT greets Unity students at first chapel of the school year. by The Found Free and dj the Grand Rapids Chr. Chamber Choir each gave a com- bined chapel-activity. cj Each morn- ing begins with prayer. ej Betsy McCallum and Emilie Holt conduct Unity Day chapel. T-'5 Ul'3'. English Mini Courses Rerun Besides giving variety, English mini-courses challenge the students with new problems. For example, how do you write a poem? What's the meaning behind the "Screwtape Letters?" What is included in a complete movie review? Such questions are answered by our English students. dl ab MR. DE VRIES: English. dJMR. BIERMA: English. el While Robert Creely reads his poems to a modern poetry class, Carol Harper follows along. I s I :E 1 4, , mi 1 fix r . Q bl Jack Valk absorbs tips on how to be an A11-American. cj MRS. SCHRO- TENBOER: English, Latin II, French I and student teacher, MR. VAN DORP. fb A reading assignment holds the interest of most class members. Speech Squeaks Emerge From Quavering Mouths It's amazing how certain speech students have a knack for continually moving their mouths, fabri- cating the wildest stories, coming up with unbeliev- able facts, and yet when the time approaches to deliver a simple two minute speech, cower behind the podium. A few squeaks manage to emerge from a quavering mouth, while knees are knocking them- selves purple. But as the semester progresses, the mouth returns to its normal sounds and functions, and knees once again become ordinary, flesh-colored joints. A few students may even feel thankful that a speaking talent has been developed. dl aj MRS. LANINGA: Speech, Drama. dy A panel dlscusses the tax system in speech class. eh Tony Cadahia impersonates Ed Sullivan in a speech nnnsllnt ' fb bl Barb Carlton outlines lst affirmative speech for Curt Miedema. cj MR. FONDSE: Debate, Speech, English. fl DEBATE TEAM: Dan Boice, Denny Grysen, Karen Schutte, Marvin Martin, Alan Kraker, Shelley Hiemstra, John Hoekwater, Curt Miedema, Barb Carlton, Mr. Fondse - Coach. EA Debate The Art of Argue Not many people know the rules and techni- ques of Debate. Most people go through life thinking that debate teams merely argue with other debate teams, and the team that argues best wins. But an entire season con- sists of debating one carefully chosen sub- ject. This year the debaters discussed whether public schools should be supported entirely by federal aid. It's against the rules to say. "We1l, I heard once ..., " but the speaker must have a quote card on file to support each statement he makes. Only through intelligent coaching and long, thor- ough research can a good case finally be presented. Foreign Languages Language Classes Active The foreign language department was expanded this year. French was added to the list of languages, previously consisting of German and Latin. Students in German III, organized for the second year, read Ger- man magazines and attended a German chapel at Calvin College. Dur- ing basketball tournaments, the Latin class contributed a huge sign which read: Nihil nos prohibere poterit. Translated it means, "No one will be able to stop us. " And on the bottom of the sign it said: "German students, eat your heart out! " . EQ. sy A. W f lg .191 'lip ' aj MR. RUSTICUS: German I, ll, and III. dj German III class gives Herr Rusticus a birthday party. eb Shelley Hiemstra struggles with a German sentence. F f"u"'N ,132 vii-JWS3' -if M ni bj MR. OOSTINDIE: Latin I and U.S. History. cj Latin class contributes sign during tournaments. fb A broken window reveals Mr. Oostindie's class. gb Jane Gritter communicates with friend across the room . ab aj Donna De Back discusses credits and debits. by MR. POSTMA: Bookkeeping and Economics. dl Joyla Koops, Mar- cia Dykstra, Deb Krikke, and Marlene Hassevoort attempt to calculate in the Machine Room. 24 Business Students Prepared for Careers Typing, shorthand, accounting, bookkeep- ing, and economics teach girls to become good secretaries. Boys are also found in these classrooms, but not for the purpose of becoming secretaries. Typing will help boys in college, and accounting and book- ' keeping may help them in their careers. Business courses teach the know-hows, but it will be only on the job training that will give girls the experience they need. fb cl MR. VANDEN BERG: Scheduling and Typing I. eb MR. TEN HARMSEL: Transcript, Typing II, and Shorthand. fb Jim Feenstra masters the skill of the typewriter. 25 E E 5 'Q ! Math The world of numbers is one that never changes. Two apples cut in half will always become four halves. But new methods are always being discovered, and old publishing corn- panies come out with new revisions. Our math department kept up to date this year by buying new geometry books. And now our students claim that "X number of apples cut in half give you Y number of halves." al Q t. . 7,51 g fl -. t . cl aj MR. DORNBUSH: Geometry and Math II. by Dirk Drost and Dale Grooters team up on Advanced Algebra problems. cj Robin Bouwkamp brightens Geometry class with a smile. dj MR. FLIETSTRA: Modern History, Senior Math, Geometry, and Refresher Math. el Algebra requires concentration from Ron Woldyke. fj MR. IASPERSE: Advanced Algebra and English. 27 Biology Exploratory Surgery Performed Biology is taught in the most carefully equipped rooms of the school. These classrooms not only contain desks and a blackboard, but also lab tables equipped with sinks and stools, micro- scopes, and numerous other pieces of expensive equipment. In spite of fancy surroundings, the doings in these rooms are not sophisticated. Students must pin their friendly frogs into a pan and cut them up. Preserved eels in a pickle jar must be observed. Heartless students crack open raw eggs and remove the developing embryo. For each task performed, the precise equipment is absolutely necessary. aj MR. KREDIT: Biology and Senior Biology. dj Marcia Ter Haar skillfully pipets in Sr. Biology. cj Harry Vander Kooi and Brenda Plaisier test the reaction of liver, sand, and acid. db eb 28 8 4 X if fair - fb CD 83 by MR. HULST: Biology. cj An autopsy is performed in Biology. fj "Dr. " Jim Feenstra begins surgery. gb "Nice froggey. " Electronics It's a Girl! Have you ever wondered what makes a motor run? What's a capacitator? 'Do they capacitate? Mr. Huizenga's specialty is electronics and he tries to explain the fundamentals of electric- ity and motors. But this year something not concerning electron- ics was added to the courses - a girl! s.g,pWzA??r'xV 33 ah Jack Stroven, Dale Dick, and Larry Huttinga marvel at their strange mechanical device. bJ'MR. HUIZ- ENGA: Electronics, Earth Science and Church History. dy Mr. Huizinga trys to explain the oscilloscope to a thor- oughly confused Diane . B. . ...-KOS: cb eb cb Home-made eye droppers are produced by the skillful hands of Betty Schoonveld and Diane Renkema. eb Cheryl Koetje and Deb Aukeman work together, experimenting with their Bunson Burner and glass. fb MR. SIKKEMA: Chemistry, Physics, and Refresher Math. Chemistry Fusion or Pission? Elements and compounds, test tubes bubbling over a Bunsen Burner, never ending lists of mysterious symbols and abbreviations, acids, and enzymes all constitute a major part of a sci- ence called chemistry. With the use of these and many more aids, facts are explained about substances, their composition, and the changes they undergo. Industrial Arts Skills and Concentration Shop and Mechanical Drawing are categorized under the title of Industrial Arts. Mech. Draw. students use com- passes and slide miles to precisely draw their fine lettering, and floor plans. Shop students use bigger instruments to transform blocks of wood and hunks of metal into beautiful furniture and useful tools. VAL h ,, K ab ab MR. AUKEMAN: Industrial Arts. by With a steady hand, Bruce Vanden Band uses the lathe. el Mike De Vree inspects his project from all angles. eh Bun. v fbi 4 in ix ,amy f X 'N cl db xv ' V-.,, sw! 2 2 'tlvssiiif " 5 ' f.'5f3fi 1 K 1321 M .f.,H,, ' IJ 'ini .S , ','1"fR5i?5lk fi P 1 i fb gb cj Mike Scholma masters the use of the compass. dj MR. BEN JOHNSON: Mechanical Drawing. fy Mr. John- son gives assistance. gb Women's Lib invades Mech Draw. History Old Facts Go New The History Department experienced a change this year. Instead of studying only U.S. History or World History, students had a choice of different courses which covered different aspects of history in each nine week marking period. With this change, the History Department now works on the P y i- U M same principle as the English Department and W is ,,....-f i iff! siis - together they give more students a choice of stud- ying what they want to study. M 39 VVIVV ...L V ,,, ii' lzg sy- . W p d5 aj MR. KLYN: U.S. History. db Marcia Nyenhuis awakes from her nap. eb Senator Byker gives a lecture on how the Press affects him in the way it interprets what he says. 34 eb it N2 1 fb bl Barry Capel listens closely in Government class. cj MR. DE KONING: Govern- ment. fb Mike Kamps discusses his grades with Mr. De Koning. Government From Elections to Watergate The first semester government class became quite involved in theNovem- ber elections. Pros and cons of the electoral college were discussed. And each person predicted the outcome of the election as well as how many elec- toral votes each candidate would receive. The Watergate Affair cap- tured the interest of second semester classes as the scandal was discussed and senate hearings viewed on televi- sion. Religion Preparing for Life "Only one life, it will soon be past, Only what's done for Christ will last." At Unity our teachers try to stress this saying in our reli- gion courses. Church History, Reformed Doctrine, and Christian Ethics all prepare us to live a life for Christ by teaching us how our church was formed, what our doctrines mean, and how we can find guides in the Bible to help us live so that when this life is past, we have something that lasts. CD aj A visiting priest speaks to Reformed Doctrine classes. dj REVEREND ARTHUR JOHNSON: Reformed Doctrine, Christian Ethics. ei Steve Scholma intently listens to Rev. 's stories of Beaver Island . 36 by MR. MARVIN VEENSTRA: Church History, Reformed Doc- trine. cj Dean Hop's attention strays from his assignment. fb Reg Stroven questions the seriousness of Reformed Doctrine. gb Carl Byker is completely befuddled over a group assign- ment. ' Q,,Y SYIKIT 3 lx fx i N :gi Aggggi xgii . ' 1 83 Band t . r I Rating Received Concert Band is an organization which is easily over- looked. Eighty-eight dedicated members faithfully practice in rehearsal each day. They carry heavy horn cases home each night. The last dollar of a small paycheck is invested in reeds, cork grease, and valve oil. But the end result is a I in the District Band Festival, a beautiful ensemble, and an applause which brings a feeling of complete satis- faction. al by J ' S , 1-V ff-61 I+-H 'lf H .. i .H --'Wm . if I f 1 6-qwtfffg 'ww ..-',,af :f"f,'a-. " ' YQ fffrsfmaW'-Zf"4LeJ"'iIi,i p7l,zy,p,pp , , ,. el eh BAND - FIRST ROW: Bev Werkema, Mary Dozeman, Barb Carlton, Jacque Start, Christi De Young, Sue Plekker, Carol Dams, Karen Wierenga, Barb Koopman. SECOND ROW: Bev Vander Klok, Linda Vander Werf, Jill Van Klompenberg, Marcia Visser, Gary Slager, Doug Battjes, Beth Vander Ploeg, Randy Bosch, Deb Hoffman, Harold Krol, Melodee Veltema, Cheri Veenstra, Peg Coeling, Gayla Hibma, Becky Hinken, Lee Jager. THIRD ROW: Kris Kleinjans, Mary Roseveld, Shirley Van Zalen, Norma Velthouse, Cheryl Sall, Sylvia Ooster- house, Doug Haan, Jack Holwerda, Dirk Drost, Dan Vander Kooy, Lee Muder, Rog Dykstra, Mitch Baker, Steve Scholma, Julie Burman, Gerrit De Vree, Judy Schreiber, Cheryl Post, Lia ab Annual Thanksgiving Concert. bb MR. RON VEENSTRA: Concert Band, Varsity Band, Music I. cj Brass section carries the melody . dh Jacque Start concentrates on flute solo. CD db Kathy Te Bos, Shirley Pohler, Pat Kunz, Sandy Miedena, Jane Gritter, Mary Hinken, Wilma Nederhoed, Thea Elenbaas, Deb Sall, Bruce Lubbers. FOURTH ROW: Judy Beelen, Mary Veltema, Judy Schrotenboer, Deb Buys, Joyce Kooistra, Sue Buaam, Dawn Toonstra, Marie Smit, Jack Karsten, Bill Van Vugt, Sheryl Van Dommelen, Ron Knoper, Mr. Ron Veenstra - Director, Dan Diephuis, Duanne Prins, Geoff Baker, Dave Van Dyke, Gary Kleinjans, Don Kamps, Dave Veenstra, Mike Holwerda, Steve Saagman, Ron Woldyk, Kim Hansen, Dave Dykstra, Rod Unema, Tom Teisman, Keith Klassen, Darle Ponstein. Pep Band Good Deal? It may sound like a good deal. A free season pass in exchange for a few tunes played between games and during halftime. But pep band members will tell you that there's more to it than that. Each individual is responsible for getting his horn to and from the game. And no matter how exciting the game is, pep band members must leave early and be ready to play when the buzzer sounds. Homeroom studies on Thursday must be given up for rehearsal Cthat includes intramurals tooj, and members must play at pep assemblies too. Think again. ls it such a good deal? ab if II dl aj Pep Band plays during halftime at Homecoming. dy PEP BAND - BACK ROW: Ron Woldyk, Mike Holwerda, Steve Saagman, Kim Hansen, Darle Pon- stein, Dave Dykstra, Keith Klaassen. THIRD ROW: Jack Holwerda, Doug Haan, Dirk Drost, Melodee Veltema, Cheri Veenstra, Deb Sall, Bruce Lub- bers. SECOND ROW: Cheryl Post - director, Bev Vander Klok, Mary Doze- man, Linda Vander Werf, Iill Van Klompenberg, Marcia Visser, Mary Hinken, Pat Kunz. FRONT ROW: Rich Veltema, Steve Scholma, Mitch Baker, Geoff Baker, Duane Prins, Marie Smit, Jack Karsten, Dawn Tuinstra. ej Director Cheryl Post pauses before the downbeat. by ch fy MADRIGALS - FIRST ROW: Greg Door, Pat Cooper, Kim De Stigter, Ian De Vries, Lori Van Heest, Dave Zylstra, Sandy Brummel. SECOND ROW: Lori Northouse, Tom Vander Lugt, Ruth Van Zalen, Tom Folkert, Sue Stroven, Ray Ponstein, Lori Noe, Mark Bareman. bl Madrigals perform at the Annual Thanksgiving Concert. cy Mr. Ball hits the correct pitch for Tom Folkert. Madrigals Perform at Calder The madrigals went patriotic this year by attiring themselves in red, white, and blue. But more important than clothes was the harmonic blend of their voices used in pres- enting special numbers at concerts, churches, hymnsings, and chapels. The madrigals felt that their most thrilling per- formance was at the Calder in Grand Rapids for the Right-To-Life campaign. ab CJ aj Choir performs at the annual Thanksgiving concert. bb Both Mitch Baker and Dave Van Dyke seem to have the same thing in mind. cj Ken Westmaas, Dwayne Van Klompenberg, Cheryl Koetje, and Karen Nyquist warm their voices. dj MR. BALL: Concert Choir, Training Choir, Music I, Typing I. eb Concert Choir. "til, N Q Wav. 1 i , , A iss., K y 3. f' itts , 1 A ,xp Q R s 1. , . -J 'r if 'ff 'K i , "" es- 1 KK 1 If y Ta ents Are f J 1 1 Q R N Developed K : M' -yi '4 God has given each person talents. To ' mmh' - some He has given the talent of a beauti- k ' p 'f ful voice. But it's only through hard work : -av "3"""- J ii' 4- and devotion that a singing talent can be S developed. And Mr. Ball inspires UnitY's i t.E" ' choir to work hard at developing their tal- , f ents which can be used to glorify God's t H t V- I . t .,,. 5. , . l 1 'i'i ii' 'lli i E X . 255 'T name. el CONCERT CHOIR - FIRST ROW: Renee Takken, Jill Van Stedum, Kris Van Bronkhorst, Sandy Brummel, Lori Noe, Deb Aukeman, Ruth Van Zalen, Sue Stroven, Wanda Gelder, Jan De Vries, Mary Smit, Marlene Gelder, Mr. Ball. SECOND ROW: Deb Marcusse, Pat Cooper, Lori Northouse, Pat Hofman, Ron Hoogenstyn, Dave Van Dyke, Mark Dykema, Dan DeWitt, Mitch Baker, Ken Kooistra, Nelva Dys, Diane De Nooy, Alice Meyer. THIRD ROW: Judy Aukeman, Barb Newen- house, Wendy Diepenhorst, Kris Smith, Bob Van Leeuwen, Kim De Stigter, Reg Stroven, Tom Folkert, Greg Door, Ken Westmaas, Dwayne Van Klompengerg, Cheryl Koetje, Karen Nyquist, Maryls De Witt, Lori Van Heest. BACK ROW: Jan Hoffman, Cheryl Meekhof, Barb Dys, Kris Wallinga, Dan Sjoerdsma, Kevin Deppe, Ray Ponstein, Tom Vander Lugt, John Hoekwater, Doug Vonk, Dave Aukeman, Mark Bateman, Dave Zylstra. Home Ec Future Wives Trained A man who takes as his wife a graduate from Miss Babbitt's complete Home Ec course, has a perfect wife. Not only do these girls learn how to cook delicious and nutritious meals and how to make furniture last a life- time, but they also learn to set goals for their lives, learn dating ethics, and take a course in child care. CJ aj The art of eating spaghetti is practiced in Horne Ec class J MISS BABBITT: Home Economics I, II, Clothing I II dj Pat Hoff man carefully shapes her meatballs. Psychology Students Learn About Behavior On the first day of Psychology, Mr. De Witt greets his students with a positive attitude. He claims that if the teacher reacts postively, students will study better. During the semester, students learn about behavior, hypnotism, mental illnesses, and most impor- tantly, Mr. De Witt may reveal star- tling facts about students' personali- ties. At the end of the course, psy- chology students leave the class feel- ing just a little differently from when they first entered it. fb by Dave Schippers surveys Ed Henson's hole-punched master- piece. eh Doug De Vries questions Mr. De Witt's ability to properly reinforce him. fy MR. DE WITT: Psychology and Counselling . Physical Education Bodies Beautified Mrs. Contant, the only new member on the staff this year, joined Mr. Bos in teaching Phys. Ed. With classes taking turns in the gym, students learned new games, developed skills, and became more physically fit: and in the classroom on the other days they studied the systems and structures of their beautiful bodies . ,...v-""""'- -- zziiif 35 J' dj el aj MR. BOS: Boys' Physiology and Physical Education. dj Sophomores race to the top. el Larry Pals darts around chairs on the dodge run. 4 bl cj X Q is by MRS . CONTAN T: Girls' Health and Physical Education. cj Senior girls wiggle across the gym. fb Phys. Ed. class tumbles on the mats. gb Darlene Dykstra and Bonnie Boven participate in the wheelbarrow race. Art Rockin' Thru the Hours Visitors walking through Unity's halls sometime think their ears are playing tricks on them. That cou1dn't be rock'n roll coming from that room! But it could be, because in Mr. Kamrninga's room, the radio is always on. It's not fact that music helps produce better artwork, but it seems to be the trend because many talented artists are rapidly creating Nm pottery, posters, collages, and stitchery. X, CJ al MR. KAMMINGA: Art. cj Kevin De Meester carefully lev- i 'ii' els the edge of his clay project. dj Brian Bremer cleans out . Q ff' iw., - . ,,,."'L.4isuew-.. H ,4+A' if the inside of his clay mug. dl 48 l I by t , p E eb by Senior phys-ed uses the library resources for a term paper. el Term paper instructions baffle Gloria Schuil. fj MRS. OOSTENDORP: Librarian . ' , .,!z:w1i2slaxf.:1s . Library Pills Every Need The bell rings. Immediately all listless walking and unnecessary talking are stop- ped by a reprimand from Mrs. Oostendorp. The library is a place to study, and it must be quiet. Under this grim and studi- ous surface, there is a continuous scene of action. Because a "no talking allowed" policy exists, research does get done, term papers are written, books are read, and periodicals are found. And Mrs. Oos- tendorp, who commands the quiet and studious atmosphere is always willing and ready to help us do the best we can. Administration The Truth Behind the Inner Sanctum It's popularly thought that office secretaries answer telephones and write excuses. Prin- cipals sit behind forbiding desks in an inner sanctum waiting to punish the student who breaks Rule 7, Section C, page 10 in the Student Rules Book. But our secretaries keep records and books, run copy machines, give information, file schedules, and even hand out aspirin. And our principal many punish violators, but more often he is a friend to counsel and help us and even to joke with us. ah di aj MR. W. VANDER VLIET - principal. bl MISS TERRY PORTER - secretary. cj MRS. BEV VAN NOORD - secretary. dj MR. DE KONING - assistant principal. eb The night life of Mr. Vander Vliet. fl MRS. PONSTEIN - bookkeeper. gb MRS. VAN ZALEN - secretary. ,......f" WU W ,A V Mx H ,, M bb C5 X W x'wgff!' J i gb Qjffi 515. K . .,,V - , ,,,,- ,W wig-1 wg gs1'i,1:ziWf:f -"wif w.,,,ft,,, 1. .,,,. WW ,, ,V,,1,K 0 . ' - 4, ,, f ,ff C ustodians A Cowboy's Work Is Never Done Z Like the cowboy, it seems that the janitor's work is never done. No mat- ter what he accomplishes, some little thing still needs a repair job. The hours are long and hard. But at 5:30 P.M. , in the quiet of an empty hall, he realizes that the last floor has been swept, the last light bulb replaced, and the last wastebasket emptied, and his tired face breaks into a grin of sat- isfaction. i' BD CJ aj MR. JOHN VANDER HELM - janitor. cj MR. DELMAR DE YOUNG - night janitor. dj Mark Dykema sets up chairs for tomorrow's chapel. 4- Q if f' 1 .. ,,-, -ww' :Q-1: fyy- m:n:ea11f.ft4,1-inuivlrryf:xwwvmsywnu-svv- 111 ni -lqzf ,A-ss ,Hina 191 agus 'i Q , 41 'QV owl J' gg Board, Unity Circle The Running Force Behind the Scene The School Board, the running force behind Unity, met diligently the second Monday of every month and together decided upon the policies and activities of the school year. Also meeting monthly was The Unity Circle which had a craft demonstration, a special speaker, and as money raising activities a style show and catering service. Special music, presentations, and discussions pro- vided fellowship for mothers as well as fathers at the evening meetings. by The Board assembles for an evening of decision-making. eb Interested parents gather for Unity Circle meeting. fl Mr. Gerrit Gelder clashes with a comment made. 53 Activities Mixer ------------------------------ Silhouette Party --- ---- Initiation -------- Bonfire ---------- Mock Elections ---- Skating Party ---- Pep Assemblies ---- Homecoming ---- Fine Arts Week ---- A11-School Play ------- Junior-Senior Banquet --- Mixer Tunnel Park Sets the Scene The mixer at Tunnel Park was the first social gathering of the year, held on the Friday of the first week in school. In spite of the weather, a few brave souls defied the cold by swimming. The sensible kids clustered on the sand dunes and talked, or engaged in a ball game and in frisbee toss- ing. But an occasional shriek pierced the air as friends were dragged down the dunes to an unwilling and chilling bath. The feeling that unified all, though, was the reali- zation that summer was gone, and school, with its 7th hours, homework, activities, and friends had begun for another year. bvfq, 5 ffgzii' il ' CJ 'Uruha EVM? ' A ' fflwv .J ,X eg if JAM 4- .,e.,. aj Starving students swarm Student Council selling snacks. by The beau- tiful scenery views the beautiful scenery. cj Mary Bouwkamp and Pam Bisard try to decide between the multitudinous victuals. dj Famished Mr. Kamminga eagerly awaits his plump juicy hot dog. eb Chivalrous sophomore males help a fair damsel up the dunes. 57 Silhouette Party Iohnson Honored On Tuesday, September 19, the jun- iors, seniors, and the graduating class of '72 met to dedicate the '72 Sil- houette, to Mr. Ben Johnson. Melody Takken, editor of the Silhouette, introduced the book and presented it to Mr. Johnson. After this formal introduction, the kids rushed onto the gym floor, and grabbed a Silhouette, with the goal of trying to get 600 signatures . ab CD aj MR. BEN JOHNSON accepts the dedication of the 1972 Silhouette from Melody Takken. cj Students exchange signatures. db MR. HULST chats with graduates. Q3 63" Afix db MCR Q m ay ,ftwmfwrfiwwr-nas.muuun Initiation Sophomores Welcomed Thursday, September 21 was THE DAY for Unity's traditional Initiation Day. At first glance, an unk- nowing person may have thought that Unity was being invaded by who knows what! The day was concluded by a party, where Doug Baatjes announced that the sophomores officially belonged to Unity but - never forget that seniors are still the best! bl Senior Karen Schaaphok forces togetherness on Judy Wierenga and Bill Van Vugt. ej Seniors Geoff Baker and Marilyn Meyer show the sophomores how to do it. fj Mike Door and Val Sjoordsma manage to find humor in the midst of mockery. gj Cindy Masselink and Jim Van Vels introduce themselves to the senior class. V . : Bonfire Spirit Kindled by Meager Bonfire Football marks the end of fall and the beginning of winter. The day of our annual bonfire began with a football game featuring the senior guys vs. the stronger athletes of the faculty. Fans wrapped themselves in hats, coats, and mittens, diligently trying to fight nature's icy temper- atures and cold drizzle. In fact, even the fire had trouble keeping warm. But Student Council members kept warm inside by frantically replacing food gulped down by their fellow students. Finally, everyone settled down in the gym to give the girls' basketball game some cheer ing support. 83 ws 1isNm" '? GG W ,, 612 "' wee 5:16355 and +55 3 Banmfg YS so AppieCfJer- Us u6'l'i+0 C5311 pg Www Us-.eww WWW gan.. ,W it PWQEYW 1 665 ve as LQSEM G iris gasiteibail En-5 NW?"N"" ay Teachers try in vain to make a touch- down. bl A sign in the hall announces i bonfire news. eh Jack Holwerda tackles Mr. Oostindie a second too late. t eb 'Tl-V :NI gn cj Student Council sells supper to hungry spectators. dh Mr. Fondse perfects the art of yo-yoing. fb The bonfire dummy pre- dicts the sorry state of the Holland Chris- tian Maroons in our first basketball game. gh The girls' basketball teams are intro- duced by Mrs. Contant. Mock Elections Students Impersonate Presidential Candidates Because 1972 was an election year, the Stu- dent Council sponsored a mock presidential election. The candidates campaigned on November 6 by hanging posters in the hall and delivering speeches. The candidates included Kurt Miedema and Roger Plaisier for the American Independent Party: Geoff Baker and Glenn Vredevoogd ran for the Democrats: John Hoekwater and Tom Fol- kert represented the Republicans, and the Socialist Labor candidates included Jack Stroven and Emily Holt. In accordance with the 1972 U.S. presidential election, the Republicans won . 33 aj Richard M. Nixon CAlias John Hoekwaterj quiets the enthusiastic crowd. cj The Democratic Party's signs urged students to "Vote McGovern-Shriver. " db Heck- lers and supporters filled the gym. ' in W' , . s gt ,, 4 ako 4 eb Ska ting Party -" Unity on Wheels The Student Council sponsored a roller skating party on Monday, February 4. In spite of embarrassing spills, bruised knees, and sore back quarters, every- one enjoyed himself. The guys partic- ularly enjoyed themselves in the races, and in asking certain special girls to skate . But the role was changed in ladies' choice when the girls got a chance to ask their special guy to skate. After a strenuous evening, kids limped around on blistered feet the next day, and groaned when they faced the thought of 6 112 hours in hard chairs. is ,. fl by Geoff Baker carouses with female friends, Marcia Ter Haar and Emily Holt. eh Jane Sneller steadies her wheels in the training rink. fl Steve Ver Kaik and Mark Bareman, Corrine De Nooy and Pete Bloemendaal build better friendships . ffl -Za. Pep Assemblies Nixon Makes ppearance An ordinary pep assembly begins with a lively tune from the pep band, fol- lowed by the Fight Song, a skit, and is rounded off with some "roof-raisin' " cheers. But our cheerleaders broke away from the ordinary by introducing special guest stars: Mr. Helder from the school board, a German mountai- neer Calias Mr. Rusticusb who taught us to cheer in Deutsch, and the highlight of the year - the President of the United States himself, Mr. Richard Nixon who addressed the assembly and wished us good luck from "top officials in the White House!" it CJ ,g'K. ab Nervous contestants speculate about who will win the delicious pie-in-the-face. cj Teachers offer a half-hearted attempt at cheerleading. dl Mr. Kamminga says, "Sock it to 'em, Unityl' bl Wir sind number eins! CLatin stu- dents - Eat your heart outlb eh Students gleefully show approval of their Presi- dent. fj Nixon graciously shakes the hand of our famous coach. 6' x 1 ,-5 My K My ylyt W, fb an bl 1 eb aj 1972 graduate, Thea Hibma coming chapel. by Mr. Fondse ning whiskers. eb Tom Folkert Race. fb Seniors out-tug Juniors performs a piano solo for a special Home- and Dan De Witt fondly display their win- prepares himself for a dive into the Sheet in the Tug-of-War. so ,Q '58 cb Kim De Stigter puts one in for the Seniors in the All- Star Game. dj Junior girls push on for a Volkswagon vic- tory . dl Homecoming Super Stars Discovered During homecoming week, special chapels and activities are planned. Selected alumni spoke or performed in chapel. Noon hours and homeroom studies were abolished, and that time was filled instead by competitive activities between. classes. The seniors proved to be most masculine, most muscular, most speedy, and most scientific as they gathered the most points from among the following activi- ties: the volkswagon races, the tug-of-war, the All Star Basketball game, the sheet race, the egg drop, the beard- growing contest, the gum find, and the secret sweepstakes. The most exciting part of homecoming was Saturday night when our team ended the week with a glorious win over Muskegon Christian. During half time, Doug Battjes accepted the trophy for the Senior Class. After the game, the class of 1963 was honored with an alumni coffee in our 8Ym- mmzlnvew, W,,.., ,. ..L. aj Jim Feenstra, hovering above the floor, tries for two points. by SCP De Hollemans watches Geoff Baker announce this year's Class Competi- tion winner. cj The National Anthem. bb QM HOMECOMING WEEK CLASS COMPETITION EVENT Volkswagon race Tug-of -War Sheet Race Secret Sweepstakes Gum Find Beard-growing Teachers - Mr. Fondse Students - Dan De Witt Totals WINNERS POINTS Junior girls 10 Sophomore girls 5 Senior girls 2 Senior boys 10 Junior boys W5 Sophomore boys 2 Sophomore girls 10 Junior boys 10 Seniors 10 Juniors 5 Sophomores 2 Seniors 10 Juniors 10 Seniors 8 Sophomores 2 Seniors 5 Seniors 5 Seniors - 50 Juniors - 40 Sophomores - 21 dj Cagey Jim De Groot approaches waiting Warriors. ep Class of '63 enjoys coffee after the game. Fine Arts Week Unity's Talent Performs Fine Arts Week was centered around the arts and tal- ents of Unity's own students this year. The Drama Club, Choir, and individual students performed in chapel, as well as a cartoonist from Calvin College, and a missionary. Two special activities were scheduled during the week: a two-hour Alfred Hitch- cock movie, "North By Northwest, ' ' and the Musical Moods from Grand Rapids Junior College who per- formed all types of music ranging from religious to Jazz. cl aj Cartoonist Robin Jensen chats with Mr. Kamminga before Chapel. ch Concert Choir provides inspiration through singing during Fine Arts Week. db Bill Hutchinson doesn't understand how Tessie could forget what day it is in ' 'The Lottery. " 70 7. wif? by Soloist Tom Folkert favors Chapel with another selection. eb Junior College Jazz Band performed and received standing ovation from audience. fb Couple from the LC. Musical Moods interpret through dance the theme from "The Godfather. " All-Sch ool Play Much Practice Perfects Performance A nursery rhyme is changed to a warning. A voice from nowhere charges ten people with murder. And a young man chokes to death as one little indian falls from the mantel- piece. Such was the beginning of our all-school play, "Ten Little Indians." The plot of the play was as intricate and confusing as a giant jigsaw puzzle that didn't fit together until the last piece was discovered. A lot of hard work was put into the making of "Ten Little Indians." Various com- mittees solved behind-the-scene problems that arose, but the people who really put their heart into it and deserve most of the credit were the actors and actresses and the directors who put it all together. The reward of all that hard work was the overwhelming applause on opening night. dl aj Props committee receives final instructions from Mrs. Laninga. dj Mr. Johnson and Jack Ter Avest prepare the sets. eb Student director, Ruth Van Zalen, holds down butterflies before the first performance. We .P , "' Wifll' ska of , Ere, 3j'tff?,,f . Q gg wa ' .fire In I ef' ii.. , .. -1'Q'4- Q it 5 M' are-1 I if? in we 11" , f W -t I is if Q 72 GJ .4 . . 5? , I ' t W yy I 85 by Sal McCallum acquires the first of many layers. cb Costumes committee helps Mrs. Rogers with her cap. fj Steve Sikma receives his wrinkles from the hand of Judy Aukeman. gp Beth Vander Ploeg pow- ders the willing Cindy Gunnink. 73 aj Mrs. Laninga - director. bb Dr. Armstrong examines the fainted Mrs. Rogers. eb Dr. Arm- strong is puzzled by Emily Brent's Scripture-read- ing. fl Mr. Blore expresses disgust at their predic- ament. sux PLAY CAST Cin order of their appearancej Narrcott ---- ----- T im Mulder Rogers ------- ---- K en Westmaas Mrs. Rogers ----- Vera Claythorne --- Phillip Lombard --- - - - - Cindy Gunnink - - - - Karen Goodyke - - - - Kim De Stigter Anthony Marston ---- - - -John Hoekwater William Blore ------ - - - - - -Carl Byker General MacKenzie --- ---- Steve Sikma Emily Brent ---------- ---Beth Mesbergen Sir Lawrence Wargrave -------- Dan De Witt Dr . Edna Armstrong ------- Director -------- Student Director - - - - - Sally McCallum ----Mrs. Jay Laninga -Ruth Van Zalen bl 51. Lev' ff -1' f 2-Citi 3551 - , ' 'l'. L ,V,kL.. 1- . m W ,, . :J H '- +2-WI' W. mn.. Y! LV,,V e LV 72 +1 :Q ,X cj General MacKenzie relates his memory of Leslie to Vera. dj Lombard discovers Miss Brent dead from "the modern bee-sting. " gh Justice Wargrave condemns Vera Clayrhorne to death by hanging. hh Lombard revives to rescue Vera from the evil Judge. 5 dl Ir.-Sr. Banquet "The Gold of Friendship "The Gold of Friendship," the theme of the Junior-Senior Ban- quet, was felt by everyone as escorts, bearing flowers, rang the doorbell. Friends exchanged compliments on formals, and the lat- est gossip was retold around the punchbowl. A big improvement in the banquet this year was changing the site to the Calvin College Commons. More space allowed for 'more socializing and relaxa- tion, and Seniors truly felt thankful for the value of their friend- ship with the Juniors. ay Diane De Haan surveys finished flower. dj Mary Bouwkamp works on invitations and decorations. eb Special care is put into making flowers for dec- orations. el Hn f r X 'F bb cb R xNsq..,- by The "Gold of Friendship" greeted us as the entrance to the punchbowl. cl Couples began arriving early expecting a great eve- ning. fj Knollcrest provided a beautiful setting for relaxing and socializing. gy The evening began at the punchbowl and friendship was felt everywhere. 7 if al Symbols of friendship were found all around the dining hall. by Costumed sophomores provided the service. ey Animated conversations were taking place at every table. fj Geoff Baker and Emily Holt receive expert service from Mary Byker. ab iw .V-is Q F' A YZ fb 2? sm Y! cj Steve Verkaik proposes a toast to the seniors. dj Ron Hoogenstyn and Mary Smit show another kind of friendship. gl The Grand Valley Madrigals pro- vided entertainment. 79 giffiif' , H , . V. N . Q f- frzi- ,lf Q r V v' ly 'A ki:-'s . 4,1 -A 1 ' , Q' ,,--. if - 4, M A ' ' mfg? h ,im iiffffii' W V K I.. . 7,91-X' ' - JL W - " k-k, . ,,,k ., U ,. ,.VVV - N if 'li ' Q' A i 'V , . Q ww f ...- Organizations Student Council ---- - - -82 Exchange Student ----- - - - 84 Forensics ---------- - - -85 Silhouette Staff ---- ---86 Bugle Staff ------ - - -88 Library Workers ---- - - - 90 Bookstore Workers ---- - - - 91 T . N. T . ----------- - - -92 Chapel Organists --- ---92 Social Action Club --- ---93 Drama Club ------- - --94 Ecology Club ---- ---96 Ski Club -------- - - - 98 Pep Club ---------- - - - 99 Rod and Gun Club ---- - --99 Psychology Club ---- ---- 1 00 Coin Club ------- ---- 1 01 Bowling Club ------ ---- 1 O2 Photography Club ----- ---- 1 03 Chess Club -------- ---- 1 03 Student Council S.C. Sponsors Activities The Student Council was our representative - chosen by us to lead our student body. Their main activities and purposes were designed to help provide a good year for the students. The first Student Council money-raising activity was selling snacks at the Mixer. October brought the bonfire and football game with food again sold by Student Council. Because the roller skating party in February was so successful, another one was planned for May, and this was the end of Student Coun- cil's activities. db aj Deb Hollemans - Student Council President. db Alan Karker relates information on S.A.C. Week. ej The Crusader Banner is first revealed at S.C. Meeting. i en I al 44 L 3 , 4 "-""llllllll bl CJ fi by Emily Holt carefully studies S.A.C. Week problems. cj S.C. members soak in Deb's comments. fj STU- DENT COUNCIL - FIRST ROW: Sandy Brummel, Cheryl Koetje, Michelle Hart, Becky Hinken, Lori Roon, Dave Aukeman. SECOND ROW: Deb Hollemans - president, Emily Holt - vice-president, Marcia Ter Haar. Jill Van Klompenberg - secretary, Pam Schutter, Pat Schutter, Joy Venema, Marlys De Witt, Tom Vander Lugt. THIRD ROW: Pete Bloemendaal, Dan Boice, Greg Door, Ed Haveman, Doug Haan - treasurer, Steve Sikma, Shirley Feyen, Laurie Timmer, Gail Nanninga. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Bos - advisor, Mr. Fondse - advisor, Doug Battjes, Harold Krol, Alan Kraker, Geoff Baker. Exchange Student New Program Starts Like many schools in this area, Unity got involved in the student exchange program this year. Though no Unity student went abroad, Unity received a foreign exchange student from Brazil. Her name is Monica Vieira. Since Monica was a junior, it worked out well that she lived with the family of Karen Nyquist who was also a junior. On July 9, Monica departed from the U.S.A. and returned once again to South America . aj Monica Vieira and American "sister," Karen Nyquist, pose for Silhouette. ch Monica Vieira intently listens to the story of America's history. AQ, 107' if "" cb Forensics Three Place in Finals On March 29, as the 12:15 lunch bell rang, eight hopeful forensics contestants left for Jenison Public High School to compete in the District Tournament. After two, three, and even four rounds, three of our contestants placed in the finals. Barb Carlton placed first in Girls' Extempora- neousg Carl Byker placed 2nd in Radio Broadcastingg and Pat Kunz placed 3rd in Storytelling. eb by The latest news is announced by radio broadcaster, Carl Byker. dj Pat Kunz portrays Johnnycake as he eyes the big bad wolf. ey FORENSICS TEAM - LEFT TO RIGHT: Pat Kunz, Carl Byker, Robin Bouwkamp, Peg Coeling, Barb Carlton, Linda Vander Werf, Mr. De Vries - sponsor, Tom Folkert, Pat Key. Silhouette Staff Amen and Goodnight! Most people don't realize how much work goes into a single page in their yearbook. A total of at least fifteen jobs and require- ments are completed on one page including taking pictures, drawing layouts, cropping pictures, writing copy, cutlines, and head- lines. But when each deadline was met and all our work approved by sponsors, we col- lapsed on our beds for a badly needed night of sleep, still realizing that tomorrow the process begins again. al 1973 SILHOUETTE STAFF - Gayla Lank- heet - Editor. Jill Van Klornpenberg and Pat Kunz - Co-editors. db Gayla Lankheet - layout editor. eb Photographers: Dave Dyks- tra and Ric Vander Ark. no f n .r... s Wm ..., at --as -v , by Pat Kunz - copy editor. cj Advisors - Mr. Jasperse, Mr Postma, Mr. Kredit. fb Jill Van Klompenberg - photogra phy editor. gl Junior editors - Cheryl Heilrnan, Barb Carl ton, Diane De Haan. rf was 5-W 1, P5 if. M23 ALV, jx gf if . , L .9 o o onoor o no nonn 3 K',k1 -1 Q J g ,Q 1. , k gum" -1 I -- Qv' k ' ' K mr. Q porno.,-v . W, .8-4... V x , ,H NL . ....-.e - - - . .f . AW242' " ""' W3 Bugle Time Spent in Perfecting Issues The Bugle, Unity's newsy paper, was not pub- lished and circulated enough this year to suit many kids. But the excuse was most under- standable. The staff spent every minute between issues perfecting the following issue. The result was comparable to a special treat. Kids poured over editorials, school news, out- side articles, and even laughed over sports info Cwritten with a touch of humor by Dale Dick.J 23 Litzf-"" I Mm. vvvbpk cb aj Shelley Hiemstra and Carl Byker puzzle over headlines. ch BUGLE STAFF - LEFT TO RIGHT: Karen Snip - Typist, Dale Dick - Sports Editor, Vicky Rietman - News Editor, Tom Klaassen - Ass't. Sports Editor, Alan Kraker -Photographer, Carl Byker - Editor, Cheryl Koetje - News Editor, Shelley Hiemstra - Ass't Editor. 41' E XX :Z if WW . ,,. .. .. n A 1 by A layout is carefully assembled. dj Mr. De Vries, sponsor, and Carl Byker, editor, survey a finished prod- uct. eJ Dale Dick sits puzzled over a news article . , A Library Workers Volunteers Lighten Load Library workers are student volunteers who help Mrs. Oostendorp during the busy times in the library. Some of these volunteers worked daily and earned a half credit for their services. They checked out books and magazines, searched for periodicals, . typed, and in general relieved Mrs. Oosrendorp's work load. C7 aj Vonnie Victory helps out with secretarial work. cj LIBRARY WORKERS - LEFT TO RIGHT: Linda Van Dyke, Shirley Feyen, Chris Machiela, Barb De Back, Mrs. Oostendorp, Sue Van Zalen, Beth De Vries, Vickie Haveman, Deb Hoffman, Mary Dozeman, Betty Bosma, Jan Vander Iagt, Vonnie Victory. db Sue Timmer returns magazines. Bookstore Workers Busiest Corner in School The bookstore is the busiest and most crowded room in school. It's a scene of continuous movement - students shuf- fling in and out, money passed from hand to hand, products lifted from the shelf, slid across the counter and lifted again. But no matter when we enter the bookstore, a worker is there to aid us with our buying and selling. ,W fb bl BOOKSTORE WORKERS - FIRST ROW: Diane Peterson, Lynn Van Dam, Kris Van Bronkhorst, Marlene Gelder, Lori Van Heest. SECOND ROW: Pat Hoffman, Ruth Mennega, Wanda Gelder, Gayla Lankheet. ey Edibles are bought for snack. fy Lynn Van Dam waits on another request. -l'1k...- T.N.11, Chapel Organists Time Spent on Us T .N.T. was a debatable subject this year. The purpose of T .N . T . was to eliminate the long list of announcements over the intercom. But teachers forgot to read T.N.T. in their classes, or post it on bulletin boards, and students didn't take time to read it on their own. The result was poor attendance at meetings and clubs. But in spite of this, T.N.T. workers did a fine job and the students who did read itwere well informed. Another group of faithful workers were our chapel organ- ists. Each morning one of them was at the organ to accom- pany us in our singing, besides spending hours practicing preludes and postludes. Thank-you, organists, for your fine contribution to our chapels. aj T.N.T. STAFF - Ruth Mennega, Marlene Niezink, Myra Dice. NOT SHOWN: Kathy Alkema. dj CHAPEL ORGANISTS - Sue Stroven, Nancy Molyneux, Marlene Gelder. NOT SHOWN: Mr. Ball. "mg db Nxxrw Social Action Club Christian Love Demonstrated The Social Action Club began slowly. But a Christmas spirit invaded the club and ignited its activities. The club went caroling to some elderly people and gave them specially made Christmas cards. A tutoring program was scheduled and started again. During the Easter season, a group pres- ented a program at Bethany Home, also passed out candy-filled eggs to hospitalized children, and because last year's Senior Citizen Breakfast was ,f so successful, the club was host again in our gym. J -Q wg. pw, p by ,.t,, , ttryy.rt,ra y I Q. ,V p, ,. CJ by Marcia Visser scoops up batter for pancakes at Senior Citizen Breakfast. cb Judy Avink, as teacher aide, helps the 5th graders with their reading assignment. eb SOCIAL ACTION CLUB - FIRST ROW: Peg Coeling, Jan Miedema, Barb Dick, Becky Grooters, Mary Helder, Deb Van Laar, Sharon Van Dyke, Judy Boersma, Marcia Visser, Jan Piers, Marge Vander Heide, Kathy Van Klompenberg, Sheri Vander Lugt, Pam Dekker, Beth Vander Ploeg, Barb De Back, Beth De Vries, Mr. Klyn - sponsor. SECOND ROW: Laurie Sterk, Lori Noe, Sue Stroven, Ruth Van Zalen, Lori Northouse, Karen Bremer, Lynn Saagman, Pat Schutter, Joyla Koops. Jan De Vries - president, Cheryl Koetje, Deb Schrotenboer, Marie Smit, Mark Bareman, Gayla Lankheet, Diane De Nooy. THIRD ROW: Judy Aukeman, Julie Burman, Judy Schreiber, Mary Bouwkamp, Shelley Hiemstra, Diane De Haan, Cheryl I-leilman, Judy Avink, Rachel Wynia, Carol Van Langen, Cindy Gunnink, Karen Tacoma, Dan De Witt, Reg Stroven, Sheryl Schut, Chris De Young, Barb Koopman. FOURTH ROW: Deb Hoffman, Sue Van Zalen, Vicki Havernan, Tom Folkert, Jan Ter Avest, Vicki Nykamp, Marlene Gelder, Laurie Timmer, Karen Waterloo, Betty Steenwyk, Kristie Wallinga, Sandy Kyser, Dwayne Van Klompenberg, Barb Dys, Becky Hinken, Deb Wallinga, Mr. Rusticus - Sponsor. Drama Club One-Acts Inspire Young Hopefuls Drama Club this year consisted of 50 kids who are interested in developing talents and skills in speech, voice, and acting while still having fun. This wasn't hard to do with the talented director and officers. Calvin Christian's Drama Club came to one of our meetings and presented plays which they had written and directed themselves. The high- points of the year were the one-act plays in which members participated. ab gy db ab Mr. Smith questions Mr. Smith about his "Red Carnation. " dj DRAMA CLUB - SEATED, Left to Right: Barb Carlton, Dwayne Van Klompenberg, Pat Kunz, Linda Vander Werf, Judy Schreiber, Pat Schutter, Jan De Vries, Gayla Lankheet, Deb Buys, Shirley Pohler, Pam Schutter, Mrs. Laninga - sponsor, Deb Schout, Ann Van Regenmorter, Pat Key, Sheryl Meyer, Deb Geu- rink, Cheri Bouwkamp, Robin Souwkamp, Barb Kooprnan, Marcia Visser, Pam Dekker, Sal McCallum, Ken Westmaas, Beth De Vries, Carolyn Dams, Sande Kooienga, Deb Hoffman, Gayla Hibma. STANDING: Mary Bouwkamp, Steve Sikma, Tim Mulder, Betty Schoonveld, Mitch Baker, Tom Polkert, Kris Smith, Lori Northouse, Rick Eisen, Renee Takken, Reg Stroven, Ruth Van Zalen, Dan De Witt, Brent Johnson, Jim Hoekstra, Geoff Baker, Kim De Stigter, John Hoekwater, A1 Wiersema, Gale Ver Hage, Doug Haan, Shirley Feyen. by Pat Kunz, president of Drama Club, introduces the meeting. cb "The Lottery" was presented for Fine Arts Chapel. eb "He11o Out There" cast included Steve Sikma, and Pat Schutter. fb Grandma deposits her packages on the floor in "An American Dream. " Nm ' cce ' V, V... ....,p fb Ecology Club Recycling Center Started Mr. Kredit sponsors a group of dedicated young Chris- tians who are concerned about their environment. This organization is named the Ecology Club, and it took action on its concerns. Letters were written to repre- sentatives urging action on environmental bills being discussed in Lansing. The club also campaigned and encouraged people to buy beverages in returnable bot- tles to be recycled and reused. Their biggest project involved setting up the Eastern Ottawa Glass Recycling Center at Unity on Saturday mornings. S'9""1 A A . .1 -5' .:, r I 01 f ,Tn , N-:nr kip' In .J . fm as 6- i f .nr N. . . -7' - N 'NC' . 42" as - -U , db aj Club produces posters to awaken "sleeping" commu- nity. dj Ann Van Regenmorter and Carol Streelman try to find the most fitting word. eb Buckets are prepared for the Recycling Center. -. ' fwgflw -1...... XM-..,,"::. Q3 rf C15-'A 5-' - ???.'sf25 an-so 'E .A A 5:75- 1 by Mr. Kredit, sponsor, oversees work at Recycling Center. cj Linda Van Dyke, Deb Schout and Ann Van Regenmorter deposit the glass collected into the iron bin. .gy 1 4 'Q Vf 'L H1 wg, T55 cb fb ECOLOGY CLUB - LEFT TO RIGHT: Kevin Deppe, Jim Vanden Bosch, Jim Steenstra, Mr. Kredit, Dwayne Van Klompenberg, Ken Helmer, Linda Van Dyke, Cheryl Koetje, Barb Carlton, Ann Van Regenmorter, Karen Avink, Laurie Timmer, Chris Machiela, Joy Venema, Deb Schout, Carol Van Langen, Jan Miedema, Jane Gritter, Carol Streelman, Deb Schrotenboer, Cheri Veldink, Lori Nort- house, Rachel Wynia, Bob Prins. Ski Club ' 4 ' Skiers Frustrated b Lack of Snow The Ski Club had a major problem this year - no snow. A lack of snow can be a serious problem for a club of enthusiastic skiers. But they managed to ski as a club at Canonsburg a few times, and they skied individually when the time, money and conditions permitted. Best wishes for more snow next winter! cb J J aj Jack Holwerda and John Schepers get ready to hit the slopes. cj SKI CLUB - Mr. Kamminga - sponsor, Mr. Fondse - sponsor, Cindy Alkema, Kathy Alkema, Dan Aukeman, Judy Aukeman, Mark Bateman, Greg Boven, Brian Bremer, Scott Brower, John Busscher, Heather De Groot, Diane De Haan, Kevin De Meester, Corrine De Nooy, Mike De Vree, Beth De Vries, Luanne De Went, Mike De Winter, Dan De Witt, Judy Duthler, Thea Elenbaas, Dale Grooters, Cheryl Heilman, Bob Heilman, Ron Helder, Jack Holwerda, Mike Holwerda, Gerrit Kasper, Sandy Kooienga, Bruce Koop, Laurie Koster, Loren Kraker, Harold Krol, Karen Lucas, Sue Mating, Marv Martin, Tim Mulder, Jeff Northhouse, Marcia Nyenhuis, Karen Nyquist, Sylvia Ooster- house, Thea Oosterhouse, Bob Peterson, Diane Peterson, Sue Plekker, Bruce Postma, Bob Prins, Duane Prins, Robin Schreur, Bob Scholma, Mike Scholma, Steve Scholma, Sheryl Schut, Steve Sikma, Val Sjoerdsma, Vonda Sjoerdsma, Jim Steenstra, Laurie Sterk, Jack Srroven, Tom Teisman, Herm Vander Helm, Bev Vander Klok, Bob Vander Kooi, Harry Vander Kooi, Sandy Vander Ploeg, Robin Van Houten, Randy Van Oss, Jim Van Vels, Cheri Veenstra, Marcia Visser, Glenn Vredevoogd, Karen Wierenga, Joan Wiersma, Deb Zimmerman, Ken Zoodsma, Dave Zylstra. by GIRLS PEP CLUB - FIRST LOW: Lynn Van Dam, Lori Lemmen, Melodee Veltema, Jan Stob, Julie Burnian, Sue Cooper, Ruth Steenwyk. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Contant - sponsor, Pam Veltema, Carla Boetsma, Sharon Kennedy, Virginia Peterson, Beth De Vries, Judy Avink, Jan Ter Avest, Deb Schout. THIRD ROW: Karen Schutte, Cherie Scully, Judy Stob, Deb Buys, Judy Boersma, Vicki Have- man, Deb Hoffman, Barb De Back, Beth Vander Ploeg. FOURTH ROW: Joy Ruiter, Cheryl Post, Marcia Ter Haar, Deb Ludema, Thea Elenbaas, Joy Venema, Kathy Koetje, Sue Plekker, Robin Bouwkamp, Karen Schaaphok. ef bb dl ROD AND GUN CLUB - KNEELING: Mark Grasman, Mr. Hulst - sponsor, Steve Saagman, Jim Steenstra, Ron Hoogenstyn. STANDING: Doug Vollink, Dan Bouma, Jaime Escudero, Dale Knoper, Marv Zwart, Doug Vonk, Jim Klein-Wassink, A1 Wiersema, Ken Westmaas. Pep Club Club Supports Cheerleaders A Pep Club was organized this year for the first time at Unity. The year was spent in trying to get organized into a better-structured club for next year. The girls sold Unity buttons to raise money for uniforms next year. And they painted many of the signs dis- played at basketball games. Pep Club members' goals for next year are pur- chasing uniforms and supporting all the athletic teams. Rod and Gun Club I-Iulsts Host Wild Game Dinner The Rod and Gun Club, headed by Mr. Hulst this year, was one of Unity's more successful clubs. Three trips were scheduled this year, a duck hunt- ing trip, a grouse and rabbit hunting trip, and a deer hunting trip. But a surprise snowstorm forced a cancella- tion of the last one. Mr. and Mrs. I-Iulst were hosts for a wild game dinner with the club. The menu ranged from deer to woodcock. A special guest speaker and the regular target shooting with .22 rifles rounded out a successful season for Rod and Gun Club members. ',,, f af hf- ff' Q06 ab Psychology Club Club Visits Calvin Calvin College was the site for a fasci- nating Psych. Club meeting. Before touring the Psych. Department, the club invaded the Commons for dinner. Two professors and a doctor enter- tained us while we dined, and then took us to the Psych. Department. There, they explained the equipment and allowed members to play with the scientific gadgets. A lie detector revealed that some girls in the club enjoy boys and kissing. According to some participants, watching a spinning disc for a minute distorted the profes- sor's face. These are only two of the experiments they could try, but all the experiments added up to a stimulating evening. 100 BJ ,,-""" ' aj A guest handwriting analyst shows how variable slope determines personality traits. bl Jane Vander I-Ioek tests her ability in mirror perceptions at Calvin College outing. dj PSYCHOLOGY CLUB: Mr. De Witt - sponsor, Jane Sneller, Gloria Schuil, Karen Schaaphok, Becky Hinken, Kathy Nyenhuis, Shell Hart, Karen Goo- dyke, Emily Holt, Betsy McCallum, Deb Krikke, Marlene Hassevoort, Pat Hoff- man, Lori Van Heest, Joyce Kooistra, Gayla Lankheet, Mary Hinken, Pat Kunz, Donna De Back, Jill Van Klompenberg. . rf "1 .. , f CJ Jil Q-f' A M I wt, -- f 'IS' sk' 1' 'H A ' 119' . 'J 2'-I ' imL f J lnn r I H f-2-.-Ji, ! J, . ,f rr gtg 3 Coin Club The Invaluable U. 5. Currency Coin Club was organized to teach Uni- ty's collectors more about coins. They learned to evaluate coins on the basis of condition, age, and availability. Mr. B. Johnson, a collector himself, sponsored the club. f r wr . 2 .,,rrr J J cb COIN CLUB: Mr. Johnson - sponsor, Brent Johnson, Jim Hoekstra, Doug Haan, Roger Groot, Bruce Bouma, Tom Teisman, Ron Post, Jim Van Vels, Vance Talsma, Doug Wieringa. eb Doug Van Oss searches for the priceless penny. fb Bruce Bouma and Mr. Johnson store their coins. Bowling Club Club Rolls On and On and On The Bowling Club began this year with twenty teams, but due to conflicts, only ten teams finished the year. The winning team of Monday bowlers consisted of Carl Byker, Mark Dykema, Mark Hoezee, and Rod Krikke. Nancy Tamminga bowled a 178 and Mike Morren a 225 for the high games. Wanda Timmermans and Bob Koopman held the high series records, while Deb Sall and Dave Motman bowled the highest averages. From the Tuesday bowlers. Kathy Te Bos, Kris Smith, Ray Ponstein and Randy Brower made up the winning team. Kathy Te Bos and Doug Wieringa bowled the high games, 183 and 230 respectively. High series records were held by Kris Smith and Ray Ponstein. Kathy Nyenhuis and Doug Wieringa bowled the highest average. ab One of Unity's rollers rolls on. by Sue Braam takes aim. BOWLING CLUB TEAM 1 TEAM 6 TEAM 11 Malk HOCZC Steve Nylaan NllICl'l Baker Carl Byker Bruce Helmholt Glenn Vfedevogd Rod Krikke Bob Koopman Doug Wieringa Mark Dykema Dave Motman Kafnl' NYenhUiS TEAM 2 TEAM 7 TEAM 12 Beth Broekhouse Nancy Ensing Joyla Koops Deb Pfnis Norma Velthouse CheTY1 Meekhof Karen Lucas Nancy Tamminga Jan Stob Lori Koster Beth VCIKaik Jan Vanderlagt TEAM 3 TEAM 8 TEAM 13 Jim Kleinwassink Jim Schut Mark Schuitema Mike Morten Jim Steensua Don Kraai Bruce Postma Doug Buys Randy Vanoss Bob Vanwyngarden Rick Lynema TEAM 9 TEAM 4 Kathy 1-egos TEAM 14 Cindy L nema Ray ponstein Cheri Sculley Deb Sall, Kris Smith Karen Schutte Wanda Timmermans Randy Brower Judy Stob Sue Braam Marcia VerStrate TEAM 10 TEAM 5 Dave Dekkinga TEAM 15 Steve Saagman Ron post Ken Westmaas R08 DYkstra Duane Timmermans DOP? Vonk 102 Dale Vanderwoude Shir ey Pohler Dale Dick Marie Smit Juv' TEAM 16 Dan Sjoerdsma Deb Pohler Lenore Stroven Carla Boetsma TEAM 17 Carolyn Dams Cherie Bouwkamp Dorthy Vanderlagt Robin Bouwkamp TEAM 18 Lee Jager John Martin Marcia Dykstra Judy Schrieber TEAM 19 Jud y. Schrote nboer Vicki VanHouten Sandy Miedema Judy Beelen TEAM 20 Gary Lieffers Larry Pals Rick Eisen Steve Sall ' ' ' , cl PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB - LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Flietstra - sponsor, Morris Veeneman, Darlene Vanden Engel, Al Kraker, Jane Sneller, Dave Dykstra. CHESS CLUB - LEFT TO RIGHT, SEATED: Tom Vander Lugt, Jim Hoekstra, Brent John- son. STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Steve Krosschell, Phil Hoekstra, Diane Peterson, Mr. Sikkema - sponsor, Lynn Van Dam , Mr. Iasperse - sponsor. a- www I T Photography Club How to Snap The Photography Club met infre- quently. But when they did meet, they looked at pictures, discussed types and advantages of equipment, and learned to snap a more unique picture. The goal of the club was not to exist as a unit of photographers, but instead to mold each member into a better individual photographer. Chess Club Upset in Tournament! Most clubs serve as an enjoyable learning experience. But Chess Club also provided relaxation through intense concentration. Besides playing chess, club members participated in a four month long tournament in which Brent Johnson beat Mr. Sikkema - truly an upset! ! I0 1 104 Sports Intramurals --- ----- ---106 Soccer ------- - - - 108 Cross Country --- ---110 Golf ------------ - - - 111 Girls' Basketball ---- -- -112 J. V . Basketball ---- ---114 Cheerleaders ------ - - -116 Varsity Basketball ---- - - - 118 All-Star ----------- - - -123 Tournaments --- ---124 State Finals ------ ---126 Girls' Volleyball --- ---128 Girls' Softball ---- - - -129 Track ---------- - - - 130 J.V. Baseball ---- ---133 Varsity Baseball ---- - - - 134 Intramurals Speed, Coordination, Accuracy, . . . and a Black Eye! Intramurals involved competition between homerooms in various sports. Each homeroom had a boys' and girls' captain who set up teams for their homeroom. This year, besides the regular sports including softball, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, and badmin- ton, a new sport called speedball was introduced for boys. It's a com- bination of basketball and soccer techniques requiring speed, coordi- nation, and accuracy. But due to injuries, speedball also forced a few unfortunate victims to go on a date with a stitched lip or a puffy black eye! aj Luanne Mackus hits a home run for Rev. Johnson's winning girls. dj Ron Knoper strikes up a genuine pitcher's pose. eb Doug Wieringa views the shirts' shocking mistake! 65 t t rg bb CJ MMM , ,,:, , :,k if .g,Q..Qi1'? 'QTQ -:Q .Q 3:?t714 " ""' fi lL t tt it gy 87 by Rev. Iohnson's homeroom proudly displays their winnings. cj An unexpected ball takes Dawn Timmer by surprise. fJ Jack Holwerda tips the ball to the shirts. gb A flick of the wrist does the trick on Mike Kamps' return. Soccer Honors Received The soccer team experienced an exciting season this year. Though Jim De Groot was laid up with an injured arm halfway through the season, our team gained 3rd place in the league, due mainly to Jamie Escudero, who was the league's high scorer. At the conclusion of the season, Unity was voted the best offensive team in the league. 85 CD aj Jim De Groot beats Cranbrook opponent to the ball. bl Jim Haverkamp races for the kick. cj Team members tensely watch the action. db Mr. Kredit coaches Jaime Escudero on the next move. 108 dy bl SOCCER SCORES Unity Opponent 3 Cranbrook 5 2 Calvin Chr. O 4 Muskegon Chr. 4 4 Kalamazoo Chr. 1 4 Grand Rapids Chr. 0 1 Holland Chr. 2 1 Calvin Chr. 1 4 Muskegon Chr. 2 O Kalamazoo Chr. 2 0 Illiana Chr. 2 3 Grand Rapids Chr. 0 0 Holland Chr. 3 at okha S GD TEAM - FIRST ROW: Kim De Stigter, Mark Windemuller, Ken Westmaas, Dave Aukeman, Tony Cadahia, Dan Van- der Kooy, Gary Landheer, Ed Marcusse, Jack Vander Laan. SECOND ROW: Mark Bateman, Dan De Witt, Harry Vander Kooi, Ron Knoper, Bill Van Vugt, Ross De Young, A1 Wiersema, Carl Byker, Dave Dykstra, Steve Verkaik. THIRD ROW: Mr. Kredit - coach, Vance Talsma, Jamie Escudero, Bob Vander Kooi, Craig Prins, Jim Haverkamp, Pete Talsma, Jim De Groot, Bob Heilman, Scott Brower - manager, Dave Piersma - manager, Mr. Rusticus - coach. 109 Cross Country Race Lengthened The crack of a gun signaled the beginning of a new cross country season. As our runners raced off , they were well aware that no new 2 1X2 -mile records could be set because new rules went into effect at the sound of that gun. The easy 2 1! 2 race was changed to a strenuous test of 3 miles. Tom Vander Lugt now holds the school 3-mile record as he streaked over the finish line in 16 min- utes 36 seconds. t ' Q 1 "1" vt- v . CD ab They're off and running! cj TEAM - LEFT TO RIGHT: Jack Holwerda, Tom Klaassen, Dan Bourna, Phil Hoekstra, Bruce Koop, Bob Koopman, Bob Peter- son, Tom Vander Lugt, Case Kasper, Cal Van Koevering, Mr. Hulst - coach. dj Tom Vander Lugt comes within reach of the finish. ggi Golf Team Improvement Shown In spite of a poor record in dual matches, prog- ress was made by the team. In the 4-C confer- ence match, Unity was third. In the State Regional tournament Unity , led by Doug Vonk's fine 89, defeated five other schools including three they had lost to during the sea- son. Prospects for next year are most encourag- ing because only two team members are gradu- ating. bl Ieff Northouse lines up the ball. el Glenn Vredevoogd receives a hand from Mike De Winter. fl GOLF TEAM - LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Oostindie - coach, Jeff Northouse, Steve Scholma, Glenn Vredevoogd, Mark Veens- tra, Ken Northouse, Dan Teisman, Mick Honderd, Mike De Winter. NOT SHOWN: Ron Hoogenstyn, Doug Vonk. Girls' Basketball . . Introduced The varsity girls' basketball team ended the year celebrat- ing a 6-1 league record and 6-2 overall record. Besides a good record, the team was presented with a "Team of the Night" trophy at a banquet at Kalamazoo Christian. A J.V. team was organized again this year. The statistics for the Jr. Crusaderettes included a 2-4 league record and 2-'7 overall record. al dl al J.V. team is coached by Mrs. Contant. dj TEAM - FIRST ROW: Mary Hoezee, Norma Veltema, Mary Helder, Laurie Kuik, Judy Boersma, Lori Schreur. SECOND ROW: Mary Byker, Beth Brookhouse, Deb Pruis, Judy Ensing, Darlene Vanden Engel, Sher Vander Lugt. THIRD ROW: Sandie Miedema - scorekeeper, Barb Meerman - manager, Mary Bouwkamp - assistant, manager, Mrs. Contant - coach. eh Judy Ensing maneuvers the ball around opponent. 112 SD J.V. SCOREBOARD Unity Opponent 25 South Chr. 15 10 Grand Rapids Chr. 31 11 Holland Chr. 20 12 Calvin Chr. 16 20 Holland Public 24 13 Kalamazoo Chr. 32 23 Muskegon Chr. 17 :. ,15:'JS'f'H ers - -vices? f 'MSE 7 bb by Mrs. Contant, coach. cj Kim Hansen tips the ball to a 'Saderette. fb VAR- SITY TEAM - FIRST ROW: Judy Schrotenboer, Marlys DeWitt, Cheryl Koetje, Marcia Visser, Cindy Masselink, Kim Hansen, Deb Aukeman, Deb Krikke, Kathy Nyenhuis, Sue Plekker, Marlene Hassevoort. SECOND ROW: Mary Bouwk- amp - assistant manager, Barb Meerman - manager, Deb Sa11 - scorekeeper, Mrs. Contant - coach. af -4 1 ,,,. Q 0? . .. Q: k"' i PY itixw tyygi 0 0 ...gf VARSITY SCOREBOARD Unity Opponent 50 South Christian 29 25 Grand Rapids Chr. 40 33 Holland Christian 30 56 Calvin Christian 42 35 Holland Public 44 52 Kalamazoo Christian 17 47 Covenant Christian 23 56 Muskegon Christian 18 I. ll Basketball League Trophy Earned The Junior Varsity Crusaders won the 4-C League Championship and compiled an overall 14-6 record in the 1972-'78 season. Highlights of the season were two wins over Holland Christian, our big rival: a comeback in the last second in a 74-'13 win over Calvin Christian: and winning the last five league games after losing the opener to Muskegon Christian. The Crusaders improved greatly on defense and provided many close thrilling games for the fans. Bill Van Vugt was the team's high scorer with 471 points. 'A 4 4 , I lla-so CJ al Mick Honderd wins the tip. cj Pete Talsma starts a drive. dj Mr. Bos-coach. , ,,,... f 35 A V ,atb if L ,,t. , .Ni dj N 3.-f SCOREBOX Unity Opponent Score 60 Holland Christian 50 59 Muskegon Christian '74 48 West Catholic 49 64 Calvin Christian 54 '79 Holland Public '70 '71 Wyoming Park '75 65 South Christian 53 83 Creston 56 64 Grand Rapids Christian '76 63 Kalamazoo Christian 61 '74 Calvin Christian '73 61 Holland Christian 60 69 Hudsonville 49 '71 Muskegon Christian 5'7 64 Holland Public 69 60 Catholic Central 63 Kalamazoo Christian 53 Forest Hills Northern 4'7 Jenison 69 '70 '75 82 56 Grand Rapids Central 51 SEASON RECORD 14-6 .Elie ,A gbiy J T? fl by TEAM - STANDING: Mr. Bos - coach, Jim Feemstra, Tony Cadahia, Dave Piersma, Pete Bloemendaal, Pete Talsma, Steve Zoet, Henry Vos, Bill Van Vugt, Mick Honderd, Jim Haverkamp, Tim De Kruyter, Steve Sall, Ron Knoper. KNEELING: Jim Hoekstra, Brent Johnson - managers. eb Bill Van Vugt goes up for another two points. fb Jim Haverkamp grits his teeth in determination. 115 Cheerleaders Enthusiasts Lead Cheering Pans The cheerleaders had some extra help this year, a new organization called Pep Club. Together, they inspired the fans and the team with new cheers. Besides using voices, hands, and mus- cles, the cheerleaders used their imagination to create pep assemblies. This year the pep assemblies included people otherpthan cheerleaders. Stu- dents, teachers, and outside people were included in pep assemblies espe- cially during tournaments. No truer words could be spoken about our teams than the theme of our cheerleaders, "Straight to the Top! " aj "Unity Is The Best!" dj J.V. Cheerleaders arouse the crowd. eh J.V. CHEERLEADERS - Becky Groot- ers, Deb Ludema, Kath Schaaphok, Joy Venema, Ioan Wiersma, Sal McCallum. g lm '55 l 3 W A his Q 'ii by VARSITY CHEERLEADERS - Karen Schaaphok, Beth Mesbergen, Gloria Schuil, Ruth Cook, Kathy Koetje, Bev Aukeman. cj "Win, When the Spirit Says." fb "Straight to the Top!" gh Ruth, Beth, and Glor lead the crowd in applause . 4-f--....,...., ,,,,,,,,,,W,.,-W,,,,,,. E... .. . --'-"' " ' W-" Hai? 0 E an vp if as Lark E , , 117 Varsity Basketball 0 Luck . . . Only Skill Before the basketball season began, it seemed as though Unity anticipated a good team. The gym overflowed with 1 spectators as we inspected our team for the first time against Holland Christian. In the next few weeks, we began to real- ize that luck hadn't given us this winning streak, rather, it was ability. And finally, our team entered the tournaments with a 20-0 record . . . and left the tournaments with a 2'7- 1 record. "Thanks to the team." for a first class effort and -H an exciting year for Hudsonville Unity Christian. ab db aj "Let's go!" dy TEAM - STANDING: Tom Vander Lugt, Cal Van Koevering, Ralph Haverkamp, Dan Bouma, Marv Zwart, Mark Veenstra, Doug De Vries, Mike Kamps, Barry Capel, Rod Unema, Jim De Groot, Dave Aukeman. KNEELING: Joe Postma - Manager, Mr. Ten Harmsel - coach, Dale Dick - statistician. Trophies: Regional Champions, 4-C league, State Runners-up, Detroit Free Press Team of the Year, District Champions. l 'HB l I does it again and again and again by Mr. Ten Harmsel - coach. cj The school shows its gratitude. eb Mark ! 7 4 9, , L ' r 1 l l gf? A E-I f 7 ' it -2 . ionc wmsmmnr Q 32 PUUER 'r'4,,,.,.,f- ...J ,,.,u....a- REGULAR SEASON Unity Opponent Score 70 Holland Christian 51 87 Muskegon Christian 58 75 West Catholic 60 95 Calvin Christian 75 83 Holland Public 52 85 Wyoming Park 62 81 South Christian 62 86 Grand Rapids Creston 63 79 Grand Rapids Christian 69 75 Kalamazoo Christian 44 77 Calvin Christian 61 87 Holland Christian 67 108 Hudsonville Public 61 98 Muskegon Christian 72 47 Holland Public 27 92 Catholic Central 77 K , A 89 Kalamazoo Christian 55 91 Forest Hills Northern 60 83 Jenison Public 60 83 Grand Rapids Central 61 SEASON RECORD 20-O Q2 . , .f,, kllg .- 3 M' -nr QQ al mi .,, W 5 9 gn - fn- -sf, ' R- Q +, 1 i Q J. 1w 1 z' 4,- 3 'ff ' ,W ' A ka . if "--wwf sf ..,..,,,: x xi . . ,Q 1 aj Jim De Groot and Mark Veenstra try to cool off Tom Van- der Lugt. bb Barry Capel tries his unique and effective jump shot. dj Mike Kamps drives over the centerline toward the basket. 37 tttt t t ' f,kf ,KKT I 4 dam 1 ,-, ! ,. .. Q, X .-ffm Q.. If ,Q v es bl Y d f 122 t I All-Star Unity's Own Superstar In recognizing the finest basketball player in Unity's history, the 1973 SILHOUETTE offers congratulations to Mark Veenstra. For two years Mark was selected to All- State teams by the United Press and the Associated Press. This year, Mark was also selected to play on the All-Star Team in Detroit. This team consists of out- standing high school seniors from the state of Michigan. On Friday, June 1, this team played a game, and Mark also received a trophy as a superstar, the most out- standing player on the team. Our own school also pres- ented him with the Athlete of the Year Award. Con- gratulations, Mark!! ,fr 'fx Q cj Mark follows the progress of his teammates intently. ey Mark takes down another one of his many rebounds. fb Just a minute, mister nobody takes this ball away from me. 123 Tournaments Tigers Lose Trophy to Unity's Big Five Unity fans entered the tournaments totally ignoring the possibility of a loss in the District tournaments and looked ahead to the "Game of the Year" with Musk- egon Heights. Our team didn't disappoint the fans as they streaked past District finals and entered the Regionals. L. C. Walker Arena was filled to its capac- ity as our Big Five trampled down the Tigers and the next night joyfully paraded home with the much envied Regional trophy. But the semi-finals with Albion stun- ned the fans into realizing that our team wasn't unbeat- able . And thus Unity left for Ann Arbor on March 31 . db aj Mr. Ten Harmsel happily accepts the District Trophy." dj Luann De Went expresses her jubilation to Karen Schaaphok over the defeat of the Muskegon Heights Tigers. ej Mark Veenstra and Al McC1othin fight for the rebounds . 'Credits for District trophy picture Cal and Regional picture fend- sheetj due to R. I. Rel. Nut' sk. by Fellow teammates give Jim De Groot support as he cuts UQ' If K 352 1 . 3 ' if l if, ' L. V mms fin I down the nets after winning the Regional itXII trophy. cj Dis tress and anxiety completely envelope Kathy Koetje while watching the Semi-Finals. fb Mike, Barry, and Mark sur- round an Albion man. l f?1ef...' ? 'HI' 5 gill? A ., bj CD get ig vi if fl TOURNAMENT SCOREBOX Unity Opponent Districts 84 Ienison Public 60 94 Kenowa Hills 60 Regionals 95 West Catholic 84 89 Muskegon Heights 80 '76 South Christian 65 Quarter-Finals 77 South Haven '71 Semi -Finals '16 Albion '74 State Finals Them: 58 Us: 54 March 31 didn't dawn bright and sunny. In fact, it didn't dawn at all. Cars and cara- vans left Hudsonville in a cold, foggy drizzle. But the weather didn't dampen cheery spirits. And neither did the plush seats and superb heights of the Chrysler Arena. The game was exciting, but as the final buzzer rang, Unity fans felt that the scores of 58 and 54 glared down at us from the wrong places. Original victory celebra- tion plans were still in effect as seventy-five vehicles containing proud, loyal citizens paraded through Jenison and Hudsonville. Hot food, pep talks, and a united spirit H cheered a glum team and its stunned fans. But one fact remains: One final score with a four point difference cannot make our team number two in the state! We're still Number 'i -.:.-:N t -Q I si One!! t HJ it - I dl ab Deb Schout views the scoreboard with disbelief. by Mr. Ten Harmsel accepts the State Class B Runners-Up trophy. db Mike Kamps shouts his dis- approval. el Unity fans display their pride. 'Q Pm. S - Q CD aw' f J cj The cheerleaders tearfully watch Unity receive the Runners-Up trophy. fl The Cele- bration - Hundreds of fans turn out to show pride in our team. 7 Girls' Volleyball Two Teams Compete At the beginning of the season, Mrs. Contant divided her volleyball team into two separate squads called Team A and Team B. After a few days of confusion, membership of each squad was settled with the more experienced players com- posing Team A. The vital statistics for Team A are 4 wins and 2 losses. Improvement was the goal of Team B, and they ended the season with a 1-3 V record. ,- 39 :nl rf' , A.,--4 aj Volleyball teams warm up. dj VOLLEYBALL TEAM - SEATED: Kathy TeBos - manager, Renee Takken, Mary Bouwkamp, Lori Northouse, Cheryl Koetje, Mar- lene Hassevoort, Lori Lemmen, Marlys De Witt, Kathy Nynhuis, Sue Plekker. STANDING: Darlene Vanden Engel - manager, Shirley Feyen - manager, Marcia Visser, Cheryl Sall, Marcia Ter Haar, Judy Ensing, Barb Dys, Diane De Haan, Judy Boersma, Sheri Vander Lugt, Donna De Back - manager, Mrs. Contant - coach. eb Lori Lemmen returns the serve . ep .Y bb cl .AVN ifeffe A , by Chris Snip swings and misses. cj Becky Hinken waits on first base. fb SOFTBALL TEAM - FIRST ROW: Judy Schrotenboer, Cheryl Post, Barb Dick, Deb Aukeman. SECOND ROW: Marlene Hassevoort, Kathy Nyenhuis, Marlys De Witt. THIRD ROW: Kim Hansen, Cindy Masselink, Mary Byker, Chris Snip, Chris Schut, Mrs. Contant - coach, Shirley Feyen - manager. Girls' Softball April Showers Are Overcome ' 'April showers bring May flowers' ' didn't exactly hold true for the Girls' Softball Team because "April show- ers" poured down well into May. But the numerous rain-outs were resche- duled and the team managed to dodge between showers and finish the season with 3 wins and 4 losses. 129 'A f,1r""' .-ui' N if ,FQ beef -., .........,.M. f. Hu fgggfbigiff me M if ---... 1498- --. f , ,, wr, --ff HA s .x ' 1 ., v 5 as J M. , , ,ww x I uf is Z, M V 'ii 4 , A4.'v"' L.,-W ,.p-.f- ' iffy 7 Eff M426 H +111j""'?g,Q RK vu .A" bi' v W-'X ,. . . , , iv' XAG kk T: 5, 1 .fi J! 1 flag!!! L liiif , I , ' g. . t N i aj Y bl C17 ah Dave Dykstra strains to break the cord. by Mr. Kredit shows Harry Vander Kooi the basic fundamentals in pole vaulting. dj First place medal and ribbon are accepted by Dan De Witt. eb Bob Scho1ma's off! 132 LV Baseball Sophs Play Ball The I.V. baseball team experienced an unsuccessful season with a 2-9 record. But nevertheless, practice makes perfect, so a better team is expected next year. Bruce Koop held the tearn's high batting average of .28O, and struck out only twice the entire season! fb Coach Kammrnga shouts the orders. gb Tony Cadahia slides home. Varsity Baseball Consolation Trophy Won in Calvin Invitational '1'IleVzlsiIyBmeba11teamE1rishedaslu:ci1Iyearbyc:Lp- m1ingsecomiplaesinm1r4-CLeague-Anotherhighligh1wa winningth:ConsrIarionTmgl1yintheCalvinCoI1egeInvi- tatimn.l'1'mmnmeln:- Offmalatestznhecallseofthelong haskethallmnnnment. theteamielledamicameonmung attlniuish. Thisteamwasonecfthebestdefensiveteams toevetplzyfcrtlfllrityanrltinzinfielddlimhefiltrot. Tom Vander Lugt. Cal Van Koeveling, MarkVeensu:a, and cauinrlcilnhnggink. wmdzekeanofthisiilnedefemive team- VamIf:rI.uglandVanKoeve1ingeachhit -286toIead thebatEngdepamentamItI1ep:imhingIeadeIsvre1eBa1Iy CagelandBobHeiIman. CD n W- ,, aj TomVanderI.ugtcInse1ywan:hathebaII. dl Coachlios talkstokunzp- el Unitfssafe! 34 ,--4 jul 19 by As Iolm Bmggink comes home, Mark Veemtra rounds third. cl VARSITY BASE- BALLTEAM-usETTomGHT:MmkDykema-manager.IimEeensm, Dale Dick, Dave Ankeman. Al Wielsema. Cal Van Koevering, Iim De Groot. Ioe Postma. Tom Vander Lugt. Iim Havedramp. Bob Heilman. Iolm Bmggink. Barry Capel, DougDeV1ies, MzrkVeenstra., MI. Bos-eoacI1-fJTomVa.nderLngt 3W1iISIIl3b1u.gJTIICPilChfSIIIIOWHb,'DOHgD6VIi5. iff' A ... , . - .-f-ff? cl W .F Cl 5: 55, 4P"--9 v 0 87 135 N . gl ,,L,.:ff A f ,xxi my VV Students Sophomores ---------- ------ ----- --.- Juniors ----- Seniors ------ Class Trip ------ .... Baccalaureate Graduation ----- ---- Homerooms - - 138 148 158 180 182 184 188 Sophomore Class New Ring Style The sophomores aserted themselves this year byorderinganewtypeofclasring. Aftera week of o with their newly-ringed hand. mostofthemrealizedtharthisisalla. part of growing up at Unity. Upperclasmen showed sophomores a new game called "Will They Or Won't They Che in homeroom studyJ," the object being for students to be any place except homeroom. The more imaginative die playerswere, themorefnnthe game. Thestn- dems did appreciate their understanding teach- ers when March Madms and nine-weeks tests struck at once. Sophomores generally showed good natnrednes and , and they are looking forward to the next year. f 1 XM 2 ks 'v- ' 3? .'A i eu ,ik f1f'5Fl"'f3f ' t N- Xi, .less SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: Dave Dekkinga - vice presi- dent, Ed Haveman - president, Marcia Visser - secretary. Corrine De Nooy - treasurer. 1 Y fx '-. 1 3 v1'H 3 ! JNXJ .sr 1' X 9' Q I A -,1 3 A A 53 x - .--3 'ii' W F , H M 1 'ml' Tony Cadahia Peg Coeling Carol Dams Heather De Groot Pam Dekker Dave Dekkinga Jeff De Koning Tim De Kruyter Corrine De Nooy Doug De Weerd Cheryl De Young Barb Dick Ron Diemer Lynette Dodde Mike Door Dan Drost Judy Duthler Yvonne Dyk Ron Dykstra Rick Eisen Cheryl Elenbaas Glenn Ensing Nancy Ensing Cindy Ezinga Jim Feenstra Shirley Feyen George Flokstra Janice Frens Brenda Fynewever Deb Geurink Randy Glashower Mark Grasman Larry Graveling ,. Www Jane Gritter Roger Groot Becky Grooters Cindy Gunnink Doug Haan Kim Hansen Cal Hassevoort Ed Haveman Steve Haveman Jim Haverkamp Mary Helder Bruce Helmholdt 42 Gayla Iihma Gail Hilbmnd Iimlloehsuz Mzu'yHoezee llickH0ndz-:Id lI01HlibE1S Bohn - - Bremldimslm Jac'kKznsxe.n Slalzmllenlnzady Debliemizslza Patliey TnmKlaasen Mikelfleumans' ' RDHKMPHI S I K - Bmoelioop Ba:dxKnopmzm Bobknopman IEIIEBZKEEI Donknai Lamieknik KBIIKIIIIZ Rnsieknyms Kmzistylhxzee Garylamiheer Gatyljeil' Kmsenlncas Deblmdema Dwighlmke :E -F 1 Rx .'- iz , Q, ., , Q 1. ,v 1 R, 1 -' Ji was Y .X E' I 4 .Q ., 7, x , if 1-1' ,f if H? L? 4' e ? ,--- ww' -3 I ? '33 'xihw-. '- 'Nw ,F if . I Steve Nylaan Larry Pals Pat Persenaire Bob Peterson Virginia Peterson Ian Piers Dave Piersma Brenda Plaisier Sue Plekker Deb Pohler Ron Post Jan Postma Bob Prins Duane Prins Mike Prins Deb Pruis Deb Roon Lori Roon WQQQ mfg, i i x t X Q 1 1 X te dv N. .I 'AWA-' I' -. Bruce Rosema Bob Rosema Pete Roskam Lynne Saagman Cheryl Sall Steve Sa11 Kathy Schaapok Joan Scholten Lori Schreur Mark Schuiterna Cal Schutte Karen Schutte Cherie Scully Lori Sjoerdsma Val Sjoerdsma Chris Snip Eileen Spriensma Marijo Steenstra Judi Stob Lenore Stroven Karen Tacoma Pete Talsma Nancy Tamminga Dan Teisman Laurie Timmer Duane Timmermans Elaine Vanden Berg Darlene Vanden Engel Marge Vander Heide Dorothy Vander Iagt Harry Vander Kooi Dan Vander Kooy Jack Vander Laan Sheryl Vander Lugt Esther Vander Schuur John Vander Wiele Wilma Van Dis Dave Van Dyke Sharon Van Dyke Brian Van Farowe CaLhy Van Klompenberg Deb Van Laar ,V SX -Y ,1 ,-. -JLIMWX N 1 , sas -xx ' 1sN!?g , , J- 1 fx X z 4. 15' wp K x a 1 I N if if M ' rf 'W QF il if a "' ,Q i .4 A rm X B ' Carol Van Langen Randy Van Oss Jim Van Vels Bill Van Vugt Bob Van Wyngarden Shirley Van Zalen Cheri Veenstra Norma Velthouse Joy Venema Gale Ver Hage Beth Ver Kaik Marcia Verstraete Marcia Visser Henry Vos Karen Waterloo Bev Werkema Judy Wierenga Karen Wierenga Joan Wiersma Bill Willemstyn Mark Windemuller Rachael Wynia Robin Yonker Steve Zoet 'K 7 junior Class Refunding Tried The Junior class kept busy all year making money for their various activities by using the popular method of refunding. These radical juniors also ignored tradition by changing the place of the annual Junior-Senior Banquet from Unity's gym to Calvin Co11ege's Dining Hall. For an activity, the entire class attended Career Day at the Holland Civic Center on the afternoon of April 24. Boothes displaying a variety of vocations were set up by many col- leges and companies around Michigan. Litera- ture, brochures, and demonstrations helped many students decide on a career. But for those still undecided, another year at Unity may help to make up their minds. ...nb . iii X1 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Tom Vander Lugt - president, Shelley Hiemstra - vice-president, Diane De Haan - treasurer, Judy Schrotenboer - secretary. I. ef 5 N , ,f 3 vu jv,.-.gnu AJ' W' WS .Qi Dave Aukeman Deb Aukeman Judy Aukeman Karen Avink Mitch Baker Mark Bareman Judy Beelen Cal Bergsma Pam Bisard Randy Bosch Betty Bosma Dan Bouma Mary Bouwkamp Brian Bremer Dave Bremer Vern Brink Julie Burman Deb Buys Carl Byker Barb Carlton Ruth Cook Sue Cooper Barb De Back Larry De Boer Diane De Haan Beth De Vries Ian De Vries Kevin Deppe Mike De Winter Marlys De Witt Norm De Young Ross De Young Dale Dick Dan Diephuis Jim Doornbos Mary Dozeman Denise Droge Mark Dykema Roger Dykstra Nelva Dys Marjo Eisen Wayne Eisen Thea Elenbaas Betty Elgersma Dave Flokstra Mary Flokstra Dennis Gemmen Mary Geurink Dennis Grysen Vickie Haveman Ralph Haverkamp Cheryl Heilman Ken Helmer Shelley Hiemstra Phil Hoekstra John Hoekwater Mark Hoezee Deb Hoffman Jan Hofrnan Mike Holwerda Dean Hop Pat I-Iuizinga Larry Huttinga Lee Jager Tim Jasperse Don Kamps Case Kasper Keith Klaassen Gary Kleinjans Kris Kleinjans Rick Kloosterhouse Dale Knoper Marcia Knoper Cheryl Koetje Kathy Koetje Ken Kooistra Ioyla Koops Sue Kraai Alan Kraker Ioyce Kraker Loren Kraker Doug Krikke Rod Krikke Steve Krosschell Sandie Kyser Merle Langeland Dave Longstreet Barb Machiela ggme za S9 .1 . -wAf- v w. . EQ X' 0 f A Wig.- "Wwe 'X Deb Marcusse y f 3 Sue Maring -. ,f' .Q .f'f 1 l W 1 rw' 2. : Vk L. A N .Q ,f can mm John Martin Cheryl Meekhof Ian Meekhof Barb Meerman Mary Io Miedema Sandy Miedema Mike Morren Tim Mulder Vickie Mulder Wilma Nederhoed Barb Newenhouse Lori Noe Jeff Northouse Lori Northouse Vicki Nykamp Karen Nyquist Sylvia Oosterhouse Randy Peterson ,..+,.i Roger Plaisier Gary Plaminga Shirley Pohler Darle Ponsrein Joe Postma Mike Potgeter Craig Prins Elma Prins Diane Renkema Vicky Rietman Ken Rillema Jann Rozema Joy Ruiter Steve Saagman Steve Scholma Betty Schoonveld Deb Schout Judy Schreiber T1 1 ..,,-.wr W? -fm"" - ZX maui L V J ' f i' Q .w,,d1, gn f-Q jig L1 1 1 J ,xi "1 ,f x N, V 'Je , W"L.. 5132 4. Q ' T , ' 1 it J? J ' S .,e...,- .rw-' 5 231 a Y ,L gf 'N " . V Mx tl 'aw tg 'Q vw-f 1 'R nn gg: A Q Q 1' J- i- w i W3 it S ,B Q at -f-v ik, .,.. kr x . X W..W . ' ,I .H-.FA - fav J A p L . -S , me '?. if Deb Schrotenboer Judy Schrotenboer Barb Schut Chris Schut Jim Schut Sheryl Schut Pam Schutter Pat Schutter Steve Sikma Marie Smit Randy Smits Doug Spriensma Jacque Stan Jim Steenstra Betty Steenwyk Ruth Steenwyk Laurie Sterk Jan Stob , Carol Streelman Reg Stroven Renee Takken Karen Talsma Vance Talsma Bruce Tanis Kathy Te Bos Tom Teisman Scott Ten Harmsel Jan Ter Avest Dawn Toonstra Rod Unema Jack Valk Beth Vanden Band Kathy Vanden Berg Jan Vander Iagt Tom Vander Lugt Beth Vander Ploeg Gary Vander Wal Linda Vander Werf Dale Vander Woude Dave Van Dyke Gary Van Dyke Linda Van Dyke Robyn Van Houten Vicki Van Houten Dwayne Van Klompenberg Cal Van Koevering Ann Van Regenmort Melvin Van Rhee Jill Van Stedum Ruth Van Zalen Sue Van Zalen Morris Veeneman Cheri Veldink Mary Veltema 61' Melodee Veltema Pam Veltema Tom Venhuizen Steve Verkaik Tom Victory Vonnie Victory Barb Visser Brenda Visser Doug Vonk Rog Vos Glenn Vredevoogd Kristie Wallinga Ken Westmaas Joan Wierenga A1 Wiersma Stan Wolbrink Ron Woldyk Dan Wright John Wyma Sharon Zandstra Marv Zwart Senior Class Exciting Year Leaves Countless Memories The Class of 1973 participated in an exciting and active year. Besides the regular yearly project of barbeques, and annual activities like the class trip to Cedar Point, Baccalaureate, and Gradua- tion, the seniors were wrapped up in basketball like everyone else. Even the more sedate subjects like Government and History came alive with the Presidential elections and the Watergate hearings. Countless fond memories will always be remem- bered from an extra special year as these kids leave Unity and step out into the wide world . v gzggwf za H Jar 5 5' .,,, 7-K .4 is ,,,,,,,,,.ggafa ca fi 5- 3-fe ,1-' ' 1- rxz'aw:,:f?Z?F'02 12+ 1 ft f 1 5 -- ' -1 ,.,. ,few -ww. nf-a f" ' ' ., 5 2 7 3 f- Q, TY'-Q I f " .r.sj1i'3i-ff 3' is 1.1, 1 , N" A 'I ff ' ,ri ' A if-F'3'iEi - 5 as -' . I . , rr . - ' ,I 5 W , ,,k .., . , .. . . . 4025532 f Q 4 5 1 4 MJ-,,, X f if f if ' if i f ,J Eli ' j 'ft f K ' . "i' 55 3 5 iff! K .7 2. . ', ' ' ,,., i i Q ..,,,. , fffkf 1 s - ncl' 'A' 4 .,.,. fi i. . . 1 ' .'.' ' . 5 it C my 5 --. ff-Q-A f i ,M n g slcy . I ' K Ks: Q l . i . ' f ' V ' E vi? ' ' : -7' W J .W s , ,- 'Q f'- ,, ,, , V, i'iis K ..-we ta, Y' 1 Lf? ,f.a-'G+ Wa I .t QW., 1 J E 3 4 -. Ai 'El ,,,. ,ft tt.-f,w.. , f ,H ,. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Dan De Witt - vice-president, Karen Schaaphok - secretary, Kathy Nynhuis - treasurer, Doug Battjes - president. Class Text "But the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure and full of quiet gentleness. " - James 3:1'7A Class Motto "Wisdom resteth in the heart of Him that hath understanding" Class Song "Day by Day" Class Flower Lilacs Class Colors Purple and Silver 1' ' Q if W a W if - -2 gs , M 'Sew XS 'K 1 1-rwiav' ,a 5 A-w1f .-:sf mai' . Kathryn Joyce Alkema Beverly Jean Aukeman Judith Sue Avink Sally Joan Avink ef? as it ex at 8 Q K' X X 3 ' " wi fi 4 W ' W l il , X my 'bg it B gf' , T -'h A B B , QM B .4 ye l '-ffm, 25 . ml 1 5 " hi' Q f ' Af' u , ' E WF ' ,,,, B B V Geoffrey Lee Baker Douglas Lee Baatjes Kathy Lynn Behrens Bonnie Sue Boven 1 gi all - " H -f gk '- ww . ,. A , . ,. os. , 'F X ik gg , y an np QQ? fb, ' -L I . H sk N if A A kgs X k ' G af, 'R 1 -4 L 5 i:-,r ,, A . 5. A " -. V a 4 E . Arlene B0VCIh0f Susan Helen Braarn Eugene Earl Brower Randall Wilson Brower John Curtis Bruggink Patricia Lynn Bruins Sandra Lynn Brummel Douglas Ray Buys Barry Jay Capel Patrica Mae Cooper Donna Joy De Back William Paul De Boer James William De Groot Gloria Mae De Haan Kevin De Meester Diana Lynn De Nooy Kim David De Stigter Gerrit Dale De Vree Michael Edward De Vree Douglas Lee De Vries Robert M. De Weerd Luann De Went Daniel I . De Witt Christi Lynn De Young A J Y . x.. Lynette Gayle Dice Myra Lou Dice Wendy Sue Diepenhorst Gregory Allan Door Robert Lee Driesenga Dirk Cooper Drost Darlene Fay Dykstra David Wiliiam Dykstra Marcia Lee Dykstra Barbara Lynn Dys Bruce Leon Dys Diane Kay Elenbaas 0: x N... xxx mrggiyg rrrr in Paul Arthur Erffmeyer -,-- Jaime Escudero Montoto Ronald Jay Feenstra Karen Sue Feyen Thomas Mark Folkert Robert Iay Fredricks Marlene Gelder Wanda Jean Gelder Dale Nelson Gemmen Karen Lynn Goodyke Dale Robert Grooters life' Douglas Jay Haan d Debra Ruth Hansen Gregory J . Harmsen Carol Joy Harper 1 'wh mf? Marlene Joy Hassevoort Arlyss Dawn Have-,rdink Robert Dale Heilman Ronald John Helder Edward Ion Henson Kenneth Paul Kooistra Sue Ann Kunz ,gadw Roger Jay Lutked Cynthia Sue Lynema Debra Lynn Krikke Harold John Krol, Jr. Patricia Ellen Kunz Gayla Dawn Lankheet Lori Lee Lemmen Bruce Alan Lubbers .. 'Nb 'IL EU!! Keith Alan Lynema Luanne Mackus David Lee Maring Betsy Mc C311l1IT1 EE 'Hunan A Ruth Carol Mennega Beth Elaine Mesbergen ,Q i Alice Corneilia Meyer Marilyn Jean Meyer Daniel Lee Miedema David Anthony Miedema Robert Allen Miedemaf Nancy Rae Molyneux Marlene Faye Niezink Kathy June Nyenhuis 70 g4""w"B Judith Lynn Nysse Carol Marie Olson Corry Maxine Olson Thea Maxine Oosterhouse Ingrid Oosterveld Harley Dale Palmbos Diane Faye Peterson F, Raymond Dale Ponsteiri Cheryl Beth Post 311106 A1311 POSIIIIS' Herman Lee Prins Bruce Allen Rillema 7 Roger Dale Rotman l y 2 2, 5 i in ,I W , , ,E -2 Mary Ellen Rozeveld Debra Lynn Sall Ronald Jay Sall James Allen Piers Henry Dick Prins Harold Allen Rozema H D nyynn . Mario Sanabria n ky 7,-rg ww Karen Beth Schaaphok Joanne Gay Schepers Ann Louise Schippers Kenneth Jay Scholma John Robert Schepers Java My-wav' Michael J . Scholma 3 David Lee Schipper Robert Craig Scholma 7 4 a F Qi? 52 :iSf.m?fSE1vgQ3 f Larry Allen Schout Robin Joy Schreur Steven Jon Schrotenboer Gloria Ann Schuil J i I Dale Eldon Schut Daniel James Sjoerdsma Vonda Lee Sjoerdsma Gary A . Slager WWW Mary Helaine Smit Dennis Allen Smith Kristin Yvonne Smith Jane Louise Sneller s Karen Sue Snip Kenneth Jay Steenwyk Janice Ilean Sterk Jack Duane Stroven Suzanne Louise Stroven Jack Alan Ter Avest Marcia Ruth Ter Haar Dawn Renee Timmer Mary Lynn Timmer Susan Jeanne Timrner Wanda Joy Timrnermans Calvin Lee Top In Memory of Kimberly Iune Takken God moves in a mysterious way His wonders to perform: He plants His footsteps in the sea , And rides upon the storm. Deep in unfathomable mines Of never-failing skill He treasures up His bright designs, And works His sovereign will. - From Olney Hymns by William Cowper We don't understand why it was God's will that He take Kim but we find comfort in the thought that Kim accepted His will for her and was ready to go to Him . ., is J A if , mh- ,pr Kristi Lou Van Bronkhorst Linda Jane Van Dam James Allen Vanden Boseh Richard Craig Vander Ark Bruce Carl Vanden Band Herman Louis Vander Helm Edward James Vanden Bosch Jane Ann Vander Hoek 1-4' 4-vii' Beverly Jo Vander Klok Robert Duane Vander Kooi Frederick Vander Laan Jerry Vander Laan an an V x, - K, ac. wha I ' 7 'KX nr - if 5 , , . K Q 'Q s -rf w V, , , X A . 1 V533 Y Sheryl Lynn Van Dommelen Roger Allan Van Dyke Y Roger Dale Van Eerden Lorna Rae Van Heesr Jill Evonne Van Klompenberg Robert Jay Van Leeuwen Douglas Alan Van Oss David Paul Veenstra Mark Alan Veensua, Douglas Lee Veltema Richard Jon Veltema Robert M. Visser fox V40 ,, .V i --. 'N Debra Kay Wallinga Amy Ruth Westveer Douglas Scott Wieringa ' 53' ,ZX ,f ,t M Roger Lee Wittingen Debra Lynn Zimmerman Kenneth Jay Zoodsma David Wayne Zylstra fg .. A., iff- . ,I , 22 ,L'4,,. ..,i',,,., fe-f ,I ,..: 4 , Class Trip Seniors Invade Cedar Point With Enthusiasm While the night hours still reigned supreme over Hud- sonville, signs of stirring aroused the neighborhood around Unity as the seniors squealed into the parking lot and stumbled into the waiting buses. Once settled on the buses. the sleepyheads discovered the reclining seats, which kept them quiet for five hours. But drowsi- ness remarkably transformed into lasting energy as friends piled off buses, screamed on the Blue Streak, howled in the Fun House and moaned after devouring a gob of cotton candy. At 6:00 PM kids once again assembled on the buses minus a lot of money, but laden down instead with teddy bears, sketches, prizes, gifts and snacks . db ab The "Wildcat" brings screaming riders down to the ground. dj Sports car drivers pilot cars back to starting point. eb Kids on this ride were in for a surprise splash. 180 yr ,A-' 5 - 4. ,,,...-""" ,ruff xx-.. by "Look, mom. no hands." cj "Offenders are punished by captivity in the Cedar Point stocks." fb Jack Suoven takes drivers taining. gb Exhausted seniors take a rest. 4, A V mgam' 'Q Tabs? , JPWAYX :VW my 2 x m vjff -""'..-fx? bJ CJ snmsmm .- w M L fb gl l81 if f Baccalaureate tiff!!! Seniors Challenged W' in Decision Making ' -ff Ridgewood Christian Reformed Church was filled as the senior class, their parents, and the faculty gathered for Baccalaureate. Mrs. Rose Van Reken, the guest speaker, addressed the audience and challenged seniors to make the correct decisions concerning their future. l s l Bruce Lubbers, Tom Folkert, and the Clarinet Choir provided special music. To acquaint parents and teach- ers, a social hour was held in Unity's gym following the service. A feeling of unity prevailed as students real- ized how close the end was approaching and how much they really need God's help in making decisions for their lives. . ' 20 T dl aj Mrs. Rose Van Reken addressed the senior class on the importance of making the right decisions. dh Special music was provided by the Clari- net Choir - Vicki Van Houten, Cheryl Post, Pat Kunz, Judy Beelen, Jill Van Klompenberg, and Linda Vander Werf. el Graduates join in sing- 1ng. 182 f bj Tom Folkert provided a vocal solo. cj A saxophone solo was performed by Bruce Lubbers. fb Geoff Baker and his parents chat with Mr. Ball at the social hour following the Baccalaureate Serv- ICC. Graduation From an End to a Beginning The long awaited day, anticipated by many for three endless years, finally arrived. In keeping with tradition, the Seniors gathered for breakfast in our gym and then rehearsed at Hudsonville Pub- lic. Graduation itself was hot and crowded, but held mixed emotions for many. As Mr. Vander Vliet presented the class of 1973, a few graduates threw caps in the air. Others simply smiled with relief, but many felt nostalgic as they lifted their tassel to the right side, questioning what the future will hold for their classmates and for them- selves. 35 aj Last minute conversations are held. dj Graduates line up in the hall before processional. eb Junior ushers included Daryl Ponstein, Mark Dykema, Rog Dykstra, Al Kraker, Craig Prins, Jim Steens- tra, Rod Unema, Dale Vander Woude, Dwayne Van Klompenberg, Steve Verkaik, Tom Victory, Ken Westmaas. i Sw ag r 2, V M!! 939i sl. rf' 'DQ E ivy, s 9 6 r , 15, 2 ,Z if o bb CJ gm Fi Km g? bb JUNIOR MARSHALLS - LEFT TO RIGHT: Joyce Kraker, Vicki Van Houten, Sheryl Schut, Ann Van Regenmorrer, Vicki Haveman, Vicki Rierman, Ruth Steenwyk. cj Rev. De Groot gives the invocation. fb Ron Feenstra delivers the co-valedictorian speech. gl Honor students receive awards. 185 ab Joyce Kooistra is presented with the Calvin College Alumni Grant. bb Deb Sall receives her diploma from Mr. Helder. el Joanne Schepers receives her diploma from Mr. Helder. fj The class of 1973 proudly switch their tassels . me-...M lfh 5 u eJ fl 186 if . . til i N 4 4 aa . ,J ,1... ., wseiibiiiwwgw 'H-., LL , Q V db .. x Jw g 117 cj Mr. Helder accepts the class gift from Doug Battjes, Senior Class President. dj Co-valedictorian Lori Van Heest challenges us to remember. gb Rev. Folkert leads the class in the Litany of Thanks and Dedication. hj Graduates join in singing the Alma Mater. 187 Senior Homerooms MR. BALL Judy Avink Geoff Baker Tricia Bruins Doug Buys Gerrit De Vree Luann De Went Bob Driesenga Wanda Gelder Karen Goodyke Dale Grooters Carol Harper Jack Holwerda Jim Klien-Wassink Pearl Kol Lori Lemmen Dave Maring Marilyn Meyer Carol Olson Henry Prins Mary Rozeveld John Schepers Dale Schut Mary Smit Sue Timmer Bruce Vanden Band Jerry Vander Laan Sheryl Van Dommelen Mark Veenstra Doug Wieringa MR. DORNBUSH Bev Aukeman Doug Battjes Sandy Brummel Barry Capel Mike De Vree Christi De Young Dave Dykstra Barb Dys Doug Haan Deb Hansen Pat Hoffman Ron Hoogenstyn Jerry Koetje Joyce Kooistra Cindy Lynema Dan Miedema Nancy Molyneux Herm Prins Deb Sall Dave Schipper Dan Sjoerdsma Jane Sneller Wanda Timmermans Ed Vanden Bosch Wes Vander Lugt Lori Van Heest Dave Veenstra Rog Wittengen MR. FLIETSTRA Kathy Behrens Pat Cooper Bill De Boer Doug De Vries Lyn Dice Marcia Dykstra Bruce Dys Greg Harmsen Michelle Hart Deb Hollemans Dave Huizinga Ken Kooistra Deb Krikke Betsy Mc Callum Dave Miedema Thea Oosterhouse Bruce Rillema Karen Schaaphok Ken Scholma Gary Slager Karen Snip Jim Vanden Bosch Jane Vander Hoek Rog Van Dyk Jill Van Klompenberg Doug Veltema Ken Zoodsma MR. FONDSE Kathy Alkema John Bruggink Diane De Nooy Kim De Stigter Dirk Drost Darlene Dykstra Jaime Escudero Dale Gemmen Mary Hinken Bette Jongkrijg Tim Klamer Gayla Lankheet Keith Lynema Alice Meyer Judy Nysse Cheryl Post Bruce Postma Mario Sanabria Joanne Schepers Steve Schrotenboer Vonda Sjoerdsma Jan Sterk Marcia Ter Haar Mary Timmer Cal Top Lyn Van Dam Fred Vander Laan REV . JOHNSON Bonnie Boven Donna De Back Bob De Weerd Myra Dice Diane Elenbaas Paul Erffmeyer Marlene Hassevoort Bob Heilman Emily Holt Mike Kamps Harold Krol Pat Kunz Luanne Mackus Bob Miedema Marlene Niezink Ingrid Oosterveld Harley Palmbos Rog Rotman Ann Schippers Mike Scholma Dennis Smith Sue Stroven Rick Vander Ark Bev Vander Klok Rog Van Eerden Rich Veltmea Deb Wallinga Dave Zylstra MR. RUSTICUS Arlene Boverhof Gene Brower Jim De Groot Gloria De Haan Wendy Diepenhorst Greg Door Ron Feenstra Karen Feyen Arlyss Haverdink Ron Helder Deb Hop Curt Karsten Gerrit Kasper Sue Kunz Ruth Mennega Kathy Nyenhuis Diane Peterson Jim Piers Harold Rozema Bob Scholma Robin Schreur Ken Steenwyk Herm Vander Helm Sandy Vander Ploeg Bob Van Leeuwen Bob Visser Amy Westveer MR. VEENSTRA Sue Braam Randy Brower Kevin De Meester Dan De Witt Tom Folkert Bob Fredricks Marlene Gelder Ed Henson Becky Hinken Kathy Jasperse Gord King Bruce Lubbers Rog Lutke Beth Mesbergen Ray Ponstein Ron Sall Larry Schout Gloria Schuil Kristi Smith Jack Stroven Jack Ter Avest Dawn Timmer Kristi Van Bronkhorst Bob Vander Kooi Doug Van Oss Doug Vollink Deb Zimmerman CompIimenI's of GRAN DVI LLE FLORAL 4269 Chicago Drive J ERRY BATTJ ES BUILDER, INC. 5800 LincoIn Ave. HucIsonviIIe, Michigan Com pIimen+s of LE4-8635 SEPTIC TANK CO. 457-93I0 774 Chicago Dr. Jenison Sep'I'ic Tanks Cleaned and Ins+aIIed rg L 'X' E g I A 'T' FINE GBIUOIQS TIUCIIICIS IHC. FAMILY GENEIAI OFFICYS 777 IIOUKS IVINUE ' HOLLAND ,MICHIGAN 69473 . . . Serving over 3,000,000 people SEVEN-UP 'I' HIRES 'I' DR. PEPPER 'I' ORANGE CRUSH VERNORS 'I' HOWDY 'I' VENDWELL 'I' SUN-SLO BROOKS BUBBLING BEVERAGES J. DE VREE 8. soNs, INC. I I I I I I DEPARTMENT STORE 3 I 60 Chicago Drive Hudsonville, Michigan 49426 A JOHNSON CARPET INC Comp imen+s of Johnson 4034 Chicago Drive CAPFU Grandviiie, Michigan 494l8 VISSCH ER DRUG STORE Phone 534-8637 ' Carpe+ ' Linelgigamic - Coun+er Tops CO MPLIIVIEIXIT SOP SOUTHLAND Q 28vh Sv i M NORTHTOWN JENISON 20m A o PLAINHELD at ICHAEL 4 MILE RD. FOOD BALDWIN CENTERS CASCADE 6425 2Bvh So. GRANDVILLE ' 44th of WILSON KENTWOOD . 52 d S ct EASTERN X VELLENGA BROS. E WCNDERLAND ' Complimenis of A DODGE JAY GERRY YOU'REiNVlTED TO SEE US FORAEINE MQBI L STATIQN SELECTION OF NEW-usED DEPENDABLE CARS AND TRUCKS. ASK ABOUT OUR LIFETIME WARRANTY Low Prices Everyday 440-28+h S. E. a+ Madison ' Grand Rapids ' 452-2 I43 EIec'rricaI Wiring and Repairing "YOU CALL - WE'LL WIRE" 3473 Kelly S+ree+ Hudsonville, Michigan 49426 Phone 669-99I8 HudsonviIIe Phone 669-6730 4807 40'rh Ave PIERSMA ALLENDALE CompIimen+s of Phone: 895-4358 OWEN AUKEMAN builder 3367 Hillcrest Hudsonville, Michigan 49426 Grandville, 4 I 20 Chicago Drive Mich 538-0 I 00 COOPERSVILLE MOTOR SALES Chrysler - PIymou+h Sales 8: Service Coopersville, Mich. 49404 Phone .837-6030 192 CompIimen+s of CHICK'N LlCK'N TAKE OUT 9 I 6 Chicago Drive Jenison Phone 457-23 I 0 Home 669- I 324 BANNER POOL CO. Swimming Pools and Supplies Above and Below Ground Office 457-07 l 0 Complimenis Of Li ll 4Z7kL5 F9 Jay Vh1lafll53oiil37 VREDEVOOGD-NORTHOUSE AGENCY 3880 S. Division Avenue Wyoming, Michigan 49508 345 B limi D' MARWGIS . acwin me POLISHING AND BUFFING Jenison, Michigan 49428 5066 40+h Avenue Hudsonville 669- I 540 VRUGGINK 8. REDDER Wa+er Well Drilling Complimenls of GRAND VALLEY SHOPPERS GU l DE 6944 l2'l'h Aven Jenison, Michig Y Local Shopping Pap Sp I also in Wedding S+ + It's the real thing. C9551-1. fm Enjoy A O O Oo Oi Q7 'A my IQ ' O ' vi le' 2 OO X! :le F! DEWENT GRAVEL Sand - Gravel - Redi-Mix M-2l ...... ........................... E as+ of Hudsonville 'I' Aluminum Siding "' Ho'I' lar Roofs "' Baked Enamel Eavefroughs 'I' Blown-in lnsulafion Phone 457-2100 SP if M H. VANDER LAAN co. Q ,::!2I.-:vera K X A 3470 Chicago Drive 'Earn , V. YJ Hudsonville, Mich. All Steak I0 Hqmburgs ,Q U Phone MO9-I I I I Holland Easl'-Town ' Muskegon Holland Norlh-Town Grand Rapids lNew in '73l A. GEMMEN 81 SONS Liveslock Buyers Wholesale Meals Allendale, Michigan Phone: 669-6 I 5I Phone 396-3 I suPERloR BRAND MAGNAVGX HOME Enlerlainmenl Cenler VAN NOORD Hudsonville, Michigan 347l Kelly 50l Chicago Cardinal Brand Celery Hearls Hudsonville, Mich. Holland, M 669-I6lO 194 Congra+ula+ions Seniors! From One of WESTERN MICHIGAN'S LARGEST Manufacfurer-Dis+ribu+or of Building Maferlals CAPITCDL PRCDDUCTS Of Grand Rapids, Inc. See Your Local Lumber Dealer- Demancl Produc+s wi'rl1 This Name- Capiroline CongraIuIa+ions I from GOODRICH DIVISION CONRAC CORPORATION For Bum S U g C U COOK FUNERAL HOMES LI NG J Soiiixsggs G E I- Prairie St. 84th SI: Ph 457 9000 LE 4-7619 LE 47619 T16 - Z4 Hr. Ambulanc S vice Th N mber 1 T m ' O Vg Equipped R d D p f h d f - - Orc jj b .Q Au, imma CD56 Mftkmzx C5003 5271, J Hawk A ygj s roM , I kg If Cbufawfd VOVQLU fl . v!Q,6afn,u1w" 6D 0U5U5g!VW0 UJWOQU5 025' 37155, HUDSONVILLE Mu DJ MMM, g,0M0ZIfM3I00 N LQIWQI 21,70-76 Ljyw LUQAHPI? TRAILER GRAND VALLEY NATIONAL BANK "A Locally Owned FuII Service Bank" Open 6 days a week for your convenience Grandville VAN'S CANDY COMPANY WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS Candy 'I' Tobacco 'I' Foun'Iain Supplies 344 Wes+ I5+h SIree+ Ph. 392-2048 - Holland WOODWYK AUTO SALES 3253 Prospeci S+ree+ Hudsonville, Michigan D' ' . IIIQCW Sfurnlture "+radi+ionaI and coIoniaI" , ' ya i Your FuII S e , "' " A fx Qualify S'Io -QI:-QII 4 , .1 I, wiih Lower P es I I M I438 28+h S+ S E Grand Rapids, Michigan 49508 LEE EDS9NfI125,-..,- - C Ligesfoclz Dealer anJiVhofesa1e,MqaVgs K: 3007 Van Buren HUDSONVILLE, MICH. SUPER MARKET I i in +he Hudsonville Shopping Plaza , WN 7 5 Q l 3. KENT BLOCK COMPANY L' 81 L' I62l Chicago Dr., S. W. 1 , V Grand Rapids, Michigan 49509 ' q CH 3-365I PRODUCTS L. 81 L. PAUKAGE PHUIIUUE, Inv "The Most Progressive po Box 255 Ph 669-,400 Name in Building Materials" l G Higllnvme WINDEMU LLER ELECTRIC, INC. Commercial, lndusirial, Pole Line Cons'I'ruc+ion 2449 24l'h S+. 7872 Wilson Ave. Wyoming, Michigan Byron Cen+er, Michigan Builders Window Specialiies Co. 'l' , Ch l Congraiiula Ions amps Cres'l'line 81 Rimco Wood Windows Grand Ra Gravel Co Peach'rree Sliding Doors Therma-Tru Sfeel En'I'ry Doors 27Q0 .. 28-H1 S+, S. W, 0-726 Chicago Dr. Jenison, Michigan Phone Phone: 457-9530 "I never did anything worth doing by accident, nor did any of my inventions come by accidentg they came by wo-rk. " Thomas A. Edison iliililbll lsgulhmu OLD y gy xi i 2 I Hudsonviiie Office, 669-6661 Member -- Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation SMH P'-ASTERWG HARTMAN cHEvRoLET Henry A. and Louis Smi+ Phones: 669-6949 669-6l28 Hudsonville Complimenis of FAIRLANES RECREATIGN CENTER 4560 Chicago Drive Grandville, Michigan Complimenfs of I'he Lemmen Insurance Agency and Really Co II266 68I'h Ave. Allendale, Mich. Phone: 895 4970 Complimenis of CompIimen+s of GERRIT'S APPLIANCE 24IOWesI'28+h S.W. 532-3626 M y+ag K I afor, T pp 8: A I JAM ESTOWN GARAGE Sfandard Oil Producis General Repairing Mowers and Riders Wrecker Service GT Jacobson - - Ydfdman - CompIimen+s - Lawn-Boy - of Phone: TW 6-9342 James+own, Mich. 1 I HUDSONVILLE CREAMERY 81 ICE CREAM CO. Burnips, Michigan Phone TW6-9356 200 BROS. INC., PRODUCE Hudsonville, Michigan T96 fe Fffga gi vi X, eg CASEY WOODWYK r MDX 0 C oo eo" 45 f o S A . 0 "' C Q Y' 5 yi 5 f - 1 Q 'K TGDQI11 ro use ,bw 'es SXXA-S',:u""d71fe"cpwTEY",f .WP d 'nl cf' V' Ji' ,su A 40' sf' , No yn' 0 -I ,Q 0 A S9 J ,F ge LJ K6 gel -cr- 0 W' 'F We f f" w -tv, P b- ,, 2 " r f bo,13,1,3J,+Lf3.w3p we ,go ulvioj va- be D16 UUA 33: Rekoik 0 1 W3563 8 , 669-9029 HUdSOnVIlI6 I MIIYQDIILB muh Qiliiflllllllwl' uf Flvuisuu Elm. Jenison Plaza 457-2 520 Open Monday and Friday Evenings Until 9:00 DON JURGENS JIM HOLTVLUWER BRUNSTING BUFFIN6 COMPANY Hudsonville, Michigan JENISON MARATHON 420 Baldwin Dr. Phone: 457-2220 Minor Repairs Remingfon +ires O2 congratulations seniors! You're out of school and starting up the ladder to success. And while you're climbing, here's something to remember . . . we want to hellwasj FIRST M IPI I IGAN BANK E Ab".1 , If ,-0" , , Q P , Q .s j,4i,I'v , J 11 , I 1 7 4 l' WY 4 2 . A W SEI' N t.:eiII'I . . fl Y " IIFIII ?"' H tm 7fxe Elma fled-l'au4an.l' am! fbuae in 4343 Chicago Drive Grandville, Mich. Tel. 534-7838 Quality ls Our Motto Both in Food and Service Try Our Chicken - Shrimp - Burger Baskets for a Delicious Meal or Delightful Snack Eat at the ELMS in Grandville Curb Or Take Out Service Call 534-7838 and Your Order Will Be Waiting for You. HUDSONVILLE LANES 5775 Balsam Drive Leagues - Open Bowling 669-9380 For Reserva+ions For Appliances and EIec1'ricaI Wiring see ELDERS ELECTRIC 405I Chicago Drive Gvrandville, Michigan Phone LE4-9635 Serving I'his communify since I928 HoI'poin+-MayI'ag-Gibson-Tappan Phone: 896-9637 FOREST GROVE FARM EQUIPMENT Symbol of 3590 Perry Street - P.O. Hudsonville, Michigan RFD 2 Service Forest Grove, Michigan nrrnnAnouAL Our MOSt Valued Asset - A Satisfied CUSIOTUST HARVESTER LANGELAND KROLL FURNACE CO. INC HeaI'ing - Cooling FUNERAL HOME Shee+ Me+aI Serving All Fanhs Commercial - Residenfial All d I M, hh Phone: NIO?-I I60 3460 Harvey en a e' IC Igan I'IUdS0flVIIIe Since RAY'S SEPTIC TANK 81 BULLDOZING SERVICE, INC. Sep'Iic Tanks-Drain Fields-Dry Wells Trenching-Bulldozing 3250 Allen SI'reeI' Phone 669-6829 MR. FABLES BEEFBURGS 7 a.m. - I I :00 p.m. - Monday +hru Thursday 7 a.m. - I2 p.m. - Friday and Safurday Closed Sunday Phone: 457-9720 M-2I a+ fhe Ligh'I, Jenison ROL 81 JERRY'S SERVICE RadiaI'or and Hea+er Repair Wheel Alignmenl' and FronI' End Repair Phone: 669- I 530 Hudsonville, Mich. BOSGRAAF SALES COMPANY 550I 40+h Avenue Hudsonville, Michigan 204 , 1 fx- ' 1957 ,I TOWN 8 COUNTRY TILE 8 CARPET M-45 of 56th Avenue in Allendale MARBLE - SLATE - CERAMICS - FORMICA LINOLEUM - CARPETS Ron Ro+man - Propriefor Phone 895-43 I 7 Q1 - :.1. X. JENISON SUNOCO SERVICE 425 Baldwin Dr. Pickup and Delivery Service S8zH Green Siamps Phone: 457-2500 Serving H QUALITY DAIRY PRODUCTS 788 Lincoln Avenue Holland, Michigan 49423 olland, Zeeland, Hudsonville, Jenison, and surrounding areas. Phone 392-8595 HUDSONVILLE DRY CLEANERS Hudsonville Plaza FR PR ANKLIN ESS, INC. Fine Priniing 2422 28Ih SI'reeI', S. W. Phone 538-5320 CongraI'ulaI'ions Seniors GRITTER BROTH ERS EGG CO Serving all of Michigan From Holland, Michigan wi'I'h Eggs - BuH'er - Cheese - Salads Q59 'fir enzove 'Vo Trees, Shrubs, Garden Supplies Lawns Seeded or Sodded I8 I4 Baldwin 457-9 I 30 I ., Ill Ill ., I znrggtumn :llurmturz NINE DORNB N A HQEQZQFIZJ 'Wien' INSURANCE rIr I F ire Life Auto 3576 I DORNBUSH INSURANCE AGY Z 3576 Von Buren Slreel CITIZENS lN8URANgAN Hudsonville, Michigan Cc1IlI'Woyne"669-91166 VER HAGE MOTOR SALES CO. Hudsonville Holland 206 CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH VALIANT Es+abIished in I9I4 FARMERS CO-OP ELEVATOR CO. 669-9596 Hudsonville, Mich. Vriesland Bauer 772-25 I 5 669-96 I 8 Complimen+s of HUDSONVILLE BODY SHOP VANLOO'S STANDARD SERVICE DREAM DONUT 8: PIZZA SHOPS Van Buren and M-2I 44I Baldwin Drive 2040 Leonard Hudsonvme' Mich' Jenison, Michigan - Grand Rapids, Michigan Phone 669-98 I 3 GEMMEN'S HARDWARE HUDSONVILLE FLORAL AND GIFT Hudsonville Shopping Plaza Phone 669- I 750 POHLER BUILDERS Building Conlraclers 81 Gerrif Pohler Clarence Pohler 5804 Lawndale 3540 Curlis 669-9474 669-9479 Tile - Linoleum - Carpel' - Formica 4558 Chicago Drive Grandville, Michigan Q lil" -Q Byrle Haan 4573869 p Q SUPER I'llllBlIE'I'S Congraiulaiions Seniors! aim' BUSENES , K MACHINES S EQUSPMEXT Cl! Branch Office ITL' Trsiifi Ii:'iI'ii?1w - l733 Wes+ Main I Kalamazoo, Mich. 49007 ' ' Phone 343-3I77 Phone 538-8720 JENISON THRIFTY LAUNDROMAT Nor+hwes+ of Union Bank, Jenison Coin Operafed Laundry and Dry CIeaning DICK YOUNG DAVE VISSER BALANCED INCOME TAX SERVICE 9 I 4 Chicago Drive "nex+ +o ChicIc'n LicIc'n" BUSINESS EQUIPMENT INC. 457-3910 Jenison 4390 Chicago Drive Grandville, Michigan 494I8 WILSON LUMBER DIVISION ERB LUMBER CO. Phone 534-86 I 3 "Where your doIIar goes fariher and service is promp+" WI NDNIILL Mobile Homes HUDSONVILLE HEATING 333 East Lakewood Blvd - Holland 294 Chicago Drive - Jenison Arlan l-lossink SQUIRE, SYLVAN IVIOBII-E HQIVIES "Where your comfori comes firs+" PHONES: HOLLAND 392-3270 1 JENlsoN 457-3730 40'0 Chicago Drive HUJSOHVFIIG 08 OPEN EVENINGS FREE DELIVERY ANYWHERE IN MICHIGAN Business 895-6285 Residence 669-9036 Hansen Collision Service fi .TL ALLENDALE, MICHIGAN ,, I ' M iff, BODY AND FENDER REPAIR - GLAss,INsTALI.ATION I FRONT END ALIGNIVIENT - FRAME REPAIR Su FRANK AUKEMAN Builder 3292 Spring Sfreei' 669-I I38 NV "Your Jewelers guidance makes the difference - a diamond purchase at Hutchins is a transaction of trust" Authorized Bulova Watches f Garland Diamonds H utchins Jewelry i IN THE JENISON PLAZA Complimenis of BURTON VOS EQUIPMENT OO., INC. ,,,,,.E,,,,,,,, CRANE SPECIALISTS INQ, 372I-28+I'I SI'reeI', S.W. Granc.IviIIe, Michigan FLOO R FAS H I O N IVIFQ. STEAK SERVES ONLY THE FINEST CERAMIC WALL TILE FORMICA COUNTERS VINYL FLOOR CARPETING Perfectly age0'...fIamfe!!y fender USDA CHUXCE steak dimers mefude RON MEYERS LES salad, lZ'f7Dlf'E of 01510, Ranch House feast. MQRRIE BREMER e Qpjbflf-IJ'p - HONEY-DIP FRIED CHICKEN 2323 S. Div. 254- I 248 I g - SEAFOOD - SALADS SANDWICHES if is XENA '7 - CHILDRENS MENU E Q - WAITRESS - MR. STEAK - D aww 5 8h 396-1000 209 CompIimenI's of LUBBERS MARINE AND SPORT CENTER F' 669 61392 'Wim IAIRWIIG I NLIGNMZIIT SWIM ScI1uI' s WI1eeI migning WHEEL BALANCING - SPRING SERVICE FREE ESTIMATES JACK BYKER P HUDSEINVILLE MICHIGAN Complimenfs of ANN MARIE'S DRAPERY 407I Lake Michigan Drive, N. W. Grand Rapids Phone: 453-4326 "Your CenI'enniaI Hardware" CompIimen+s of 2 BOB'S GULF 3440 Chicago Drive Hudsonville Specializing in Service GRANDVILLE ACE HARDWARE Plumbing Toys ' Greenfield Housewares ' Fer+iIizer and Glass Repair ' Lawn Supplies Lawnmower ' Paini' Sales and Service 4072 Chicago Dr., GrandviIIe, Michigan Phone LE4-7452 - LE4-3266 Sporfing Equipmen'I' PorI'er-Cable Power Tools .fuisfl ""'Hwf1. .1 3 " vi 11 1""'5i '.'Z ...- A Special Thank-You 'ro BU LTMAN STUDICDS 2252 Sou+h Division Grand Rapids, Michiga Silhoue+'re Pho+ographe PATRONS Dr. and Mrs. R. Hager Dr. and Mrs. P. Verkaik Mr. and Mrs. P. Hopkins, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Grysen Dr. and Mrs Dr. and Mrs Dr. and Mrs Dr. and Mrs. K. Vande Kopple C. DeHaan J. Pos+ B. Zands+ra One Cannot Have Enough of This Delicious Stuff!" , 'l'So1i1oquy of a Tortoise On Revisiting The Lettuce Beds After An Interval of One Hour While Supposed To Be Sleeping In a Clump Of Blue Hollyhocks - E. V. Rieut kzpht -1 W rj I ' 0 ' ff. 1? Jngfx .' f'fjf1Xlxy ' .Q t it e ,,if' A ,' Y . f i i J f9'71Q'f,'i,-43X ' 4 'K' Q. kA,- .,,tt. jf! X, ' 4-"",f,v vff' ' ax M ff? filff ' " ' ,f'i"'-i ... X A ' 'Q . A xi", VZ' -f ' L- g Ji' ' .1 'f ' ff' ' ' ', 5 ' , ' ' f "5 " If ' n , ,U A V p ptl ' Z' J 'jg' , r .fe it WXNQ-1' ' if I ,N 1-.1 -M I- . f 7 My X V, N, , fl-'1 II ll 1 t- ..,p,, t ' , f e X . , A .r 1 iff q X J Q I M W . . N mqgsg ., -,U Q : 1 jq,,:gVf g W 'lim' W- ,ia su. 'hw' 4 ,H i -2 T 4, , ? , iw, I in 'Qf"'ff"'Hs-r ,f X 1 Q k,., A ,: x-1' sd L Q5 Q. , X f E' if 4 'H sm 1 :f 1 'P E if ' iw? . "' S , .Q if :Amy N? wi -Q gm fs 'E I w iff: aw 17:2 ,sg K , , ,A ,,.L W, ri-f-:4 L J TO MY SON Go, and be gay: You are born into the dazzling light of day. Go, and be wise: You are born upon an earth which needs new eyes Go, and be strongg You are born into a world where love rights wrong Go , and be brave: Possess your soul: that you alone can save . - Siegfried Sasson ummm-W - .,-1 -if-.1.f.vw ww fn.: i,.m7'f..wf-mwu.fmnwmwmfvma.aaJ:w L- r,emuumu.n,hnne::.fa '- A4060 JOXU JSA? 09 K WX 'Nr AMO' W M ,W 'W x ww Q ' fin' ff' 2? fmfffs ,mu 49 W0 QW Cu Fm fi UV n 6 A6 Af, K QM WO mJj?Vj6niZfk0UVf'W'A656wfO ,Wm bk ,f O 'mAfOf,CAqOfwbw,xdxr,'xp KM pfup '- UMW 'Ow"g5MQAm'fQWfxCW?f?f" fdiw W I4 6 fn A x fO kg5Qf7f6Akdf1WxCPX 6442615 Om :WW k ,Q Y4MQ5?Of15QMO?f KLQCQQO Kip N gif QW A dy pig fflgff F A K-gfffigfg KCf0,p?C,0f7Q6 601m p,.fQdxQfF,fOl,C5A,Oqj 1 X 'fx' f X qixb, 'D ,f x I Q ' ' kgiifffp 4620244662 Q2 f5ZfQf2ff7,Qffg121 ,mfs CSCQGWJSQO 53125K Qw fm W gd Kp Alf i '-kCxffdJ6VQfUdAxfO+f6 535655 F76 Agxbf , QQJV FW .55 vga? ,O 94? imc Af ,Ox ,Q 159 5 U X fO ,qfgffyf LCV fx ff ff ff' ff! 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Y: 91-..g, nw 'A . - ---A.--1-..1Y'::.f-'.,. ,, .4 ,,. , ' - 4 'f ' -- ,Q..L,..1k,.4f '- ' ','-,.,,,,,,., ,gg ,QAJA-,' ' . . 4' 7- Q' ' A . 1 2 ' ' - - ,- - , ---A' ,, A - - - Y 1 -5 Q, -,qty A - , ' X 'T ' 'W ' "" f"""" "m's"g""'-' -A'!"- ' -7- - - - --'- --Nb-1 --W- -Av,-W ,. ...A -Y- .,i,g .44-, ,,-,g,,r -, -,, ,MQ-..,veg, A "- 1- 1 5 1. A V , 'Q gf , ' ' 1 -"- - M -iq-40.5 , I , I f K 1 , J.',,t 1 . 4-Hx u .---,-,, - vi FV S.. I. -ex-1, Ee'-ff? Qiitg -.lx B' 4- : ,I .3 Q-"' wiv-.1 Iii' 454:-

Suggestions in the Unity Christian High School - Silhouette Yearbook (Hudsonville, MI) collection:

Unity Christian High School - Silhouette Yearbook (Hudsonville, MI) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


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