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pnesentmq the 1959 Silhouette DUBlIShGO By the annual stall OF . unity chmstlan hlGh school hubsonwlle, michlqan Silhouettes 0: Unity P age Chapel ............... 6 Admini stration ............ 1 2 Seniors ............... 24 Underclassmen . Scholastics . Athletics Activities .............. 102 Advertisements . .......... 130 beclcauon We, the class of 1959, take this opportunity to express our gratitude and admiration to one who has during the last six years contributed so much toward the guidance of our school activities. As teacher he specialized in commercial sub- jects-- shorthand, transcription, and typing" al- though in our Sophomore year he took over German when the need arose. As our counselor he was a willing source of encouragement and advice. For many of us the suggestions and advice he gave will have far- reaching effects in our lives. As athletic director he has given much of his time to developing our sports program. He coached our Varsity Basketball Team to the District cham- pionship in 1958. Year after year he has produced a winning baseball team. For these reasons and many more we dedicate our 1959 SILHOUETTE to Mr. Andrew Ten Harmsel. Amidst the hurry and worry of school life out chapel period stands out as a beacon of light to remind us of our real purpose here. A piano prelude to set the mood; a few hymns of praise; a chapel talk by one of out pastors, teachers, or students; and a prayer to close our chapel exercise and carry us through our school day. specnal chapel On Wednesday a special speaker conducts our chapel service. This special speaker is usually a minister or layman of one of the churches input area. Occasionally, we have the privilege of hear- ing a missionary from a home or foreign field. taculty chapel Every Tuesday and Thursday a faculty member leads the chapel devotions. Every other Friday out chapel is conducted by a small group of students. The chairman organizes the chapel and writes and delivers the message. The songleader, besides leading the singing, in- troduces the accompanist, the special music, and the speaker. The special music, usually provided by members of the student body, takes the form of various vocal and instrumental solos and ensem- bles. Twice a month out Choir under director, Mr. Grotenhuis, takes over our Friday chapel. The Choir renders various numbers between which a member reads a portion of scripture. Another mem- ber closes with prayer. CHAP EL ACCOMP ANISTS Seated: P. Grassmid, J. De Boer, T. Schut. Standing: C. Voetberg, L. Roelofs, A. Katerberg, M. Timmeran, J. Pauzenga, M. Venema, J. Ringerwole, C. Oostendorp, M. Vander Kooy, J. Blouwkamp, S. Lugtiheid, E. Vanden Bosch, J. Pruis, F. Saagman, C. Vande Bunte. 11 acmlmsmatlon Ever endeavoring to be more like the Master Teacher; Ever striving to give us a solid foundation on which to build; Ever Silhouetting, through lessons, classroom discussions, and example, a devoted Christian life. . . School Board: H. Meinema, C. Keegstra, H. Peuler, J. Monsma, W. De Jong, C. Grit, H. Visser,L. Van Noord, R. Meyers, A. Apol, G. Geldet, G. Scholten, Absent: LA. Besteman OFFICE GIRL: Miss Gelder CUSTODIAN: Mr. Huizenga pnmcupal's aoolzess Dear Class of '59 You can look back to your senior year as the year that ushered in the space age. Jokingly you talked about taking a honeymoon to the moon. During the Christmas season a human voice was heard for the first time from outer space. The 4 V2 ton U. S. earth satelite Atlas broadcast President Eisenhowerls words: "Peace on earth and good will to men everywhere." As I am writing this, the Russians have 3. 1V; ton moon rocket racing past the moon to join the solar system as a tiny planet. The exploration of space by such rockets and by radioscopic telescopes has made our earth look insignificantin contrast to the unfolding, apparently limitless heavens about us. Scattered through the heavens are many, many galaxies, one of which is the Milky Way. Comparatively speaking, the earth is but a speck of star dust near one end of the Milky Way. Many learned men who live on this 'lspeck of dustn get lost in the immensity of this universe and teach that all is meaningless and that man lives on the brink of uothingness. Into such a wondering and wonderful world you are thrust. Your home, church, and school taught you that it is no accident that you were born in the 20th century or that you are graduating from Unity Christian. You were brought up in a faith that devestating inter- continental missiles cannot destroy. Our hope and prayer is that all this newly discovered space and power will enrich for you Christls words: ".. . . all power is given unto me in heaven and on earth." May it be your privilege to sing with confidence to a hopeless world, "All hail the power of Jesus' name." Congratulations ! Walter A. De Jong Principal MR. SYNE BIERMA HBut bear in mind the fact that. . . " MR. JAN BOLHUIS "Thaths just the way the mop flops." MRS. WINIFRED BYKER uForm a circle on the floor, kids, and P11 explain the rules." 16 MR. ROBERT DE KONING "Pm not prepared to answer that." MR. HENRY DE WITT "Say, whaBs this Pve been hearing about you?" MR. DICK FLIETSTRA "If it looks impossible, do it anyway." MR. DALE GROTENHUIS "Oh, you poor stakkerd." REV. JOSEPH HILL HYouH-e high school students now. You shOuld be responsible." MR. GEORGE JASPERSE nIt could be, but I think therys a better way." MR. BEN J AMIN JOHNSON HAnd what is your excuse for being late?" MRS. EVON LAMAN H HPlease, boys. . . . . MRS. ALICE OTTER uDo you have your dictionaries with you?" 19 HAROLD POSTMA MR Just like all my other tests." 11 be easy. if !Oh MR. JAMES SIKKEMA "You're on our honor." y ANDREW TEN HARMSEL MR. ,11 have some theory.' Now we 20 MR. MARTIN VANDEN BERG "Yes, I,ve been thinking about that mysel f." MR RONALD VEENSTRA 'Wf there wasn,t so much talking in the bass section . . ." MRS. BEVERLY VOS "Now if there are no more questions, you may go to your kitchens." Faculty SYNE BIERMA A.B. Calvin College A.M. University of Michigan English Speech Journalism Bugle Adviser Silhouette advisor JAN BOLHUIS A.B. Calvin College A.M. University of Southern California German World History German Club, sponsor WINIFRED BYKER A.B. Calvin College Physical Education Advanced Physical Education Girls Basketball, coach Cheerleaders, sponsor Physical Education Club, sponsor Pep Club, spOnsor MR. MARVIN ZUIDEMA uCome on now, 'youse, guys!" IhOeX ROBERT DE KONING A.B. Calvin College United States History American Government Bookstore manager HENRY DE WITT A.B. Calvin College Biology Psychology Silhouette adviser Biology Club, sponsor DICK FLIESTRA A.B. Calvin College M.S. Michigan State University Solid Geometry Algebra United States History Modern History Trigonometry Camera Club, sponsor 22 DALE GROTENHUIS A.B. Calvin College A.M. Michigan State University A Cappella Choir Second Choir Music Appreciation Ensembles Male Chorus, sponsor JOSEPH HILL A.B. Geneva College Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary University of Denver Bible Reformed Doctrine GEORGE JASPERSE A.B. Calvin College Geometry Advanced Algebra General Mathematics I English II BENJ AMIN JOHNSON A.B. Calvin College General Science Mathematics Mechanical Drawing Gun Club, sponsor EVON LAMAN A.B. Hope College English I Latin Future Nurses Club, sponsor ALICE OTTER A.B. Calvin College American Literature Library Library Club, sponsor HAROLD POSTMA A.B. Calvin College Bookkeeping Economics World Geography Typing Future Teachers Club, sponsor JAMES SIKKEMA A.B. Calvin College Chemistry Physics Physical Science Algebra Biology Club, sponsor ANDREW TEN HARMSEL A.B. Calvin College A.M. University of Michigan Typing Transcription Shorthand Counselor Athletic Director Varsity Team coach Varsity Club, sponsor MARTIN VANDEN BERG A.B. Calvin College Church History English I English II National Honor Society, sponsor RONALD VEENSTRA A.B. Calvin College Advanced Band Ensembles Pep Band BEVERLY VOS B.S. Wheaton College Foods Sewing General Science Fashion Club, sponsor MARVIN ZUIDEMA A.B. Calvin College A.M. Michigan State University Physical Education Intramural director Reserve team coach ' Physical Education Club, sponsor 23 Semons Our position as Seniors has given us mixed feelings. We are anxious to receive our diplomas and meet the challenging world. But it is with backward looks that we leave what we have been a part of for four years. Being a senior has meant more privileges and special activities and also more responsibility. We now place these with confidence into the hands of competent Juniors. ALVIN ARENDSEN ALLAN ARNOYS "To take things as they be "It must be fun to study." -that,s my philosophy." GORDON ARNOYS JANICE BERENS "I wish the crowd to be 'Ukctive, busy, always on Well-treated, especially the go; shell cheer you up since I live in it." when yOuEe feeling low." ROBERT BOSCH MARCIA BOSGRAAF "Those who know him best "She answered him With an like him best." affirmative NO." SANDRA BOSGRAAF BRENDA BREMER uA girl has always two "No need of praise; we reasons for doing anything know her well." - a good reason and the real reason. HARRY BYKER PATRICIA COELING ' G:eater men than I may 'Sincerity is an openness have lived Wut I doubt id." of heart; we find it in very few people. " ELEANOR DECKER SADIE DE JONG "With many a flirt and uBlushes are the rainbow flutter . . .' of modesty. , 27 SHERWIN DE VRIES "Lucky thing Pm not a girl because Pd be scared to death." CYNTHIA DE YOUNG "Bom to talk and laugh and live at easeR, JANICE DYK uHappy and flippant, With a touch of dating." BARBARA DE YOUNG A friendly manner, a pleasing smile. n NOEL DIEPENHORST "I put my worries in a box, sit on the lid, and laugh." ARLEN DYKEMA "I'm a smart man, but I have a hard time proving it." 28 STANLEY DYKSTRA FRED ENSINK "What if I did wink at her? "Little said is soonest I paid my tuition!" mended." JAMES GRASMAN PATRICIA GRASSMID uWhen I feel like exercising 'iHer heart is like the moon. I just lie down until the Thereis a man in it." feeling goes away." KENNETH GROELSMA JUDITH GUIKEMA "Well, well, a diploma." HA smile for every girl and two for every boy." 29 KAROL HARMSEN "Of all the words of tongue or pen, my favorite word is M-E-N. " MARCIA HOEKSEMA iiHer manner so loyal and mild fits with her pleasant smil e. " a gig PATRICIA HEYBOER "Gentle in both speech and manner." BETTY HOEKSTRA "Her love is constant, but the victim often changes." MILDRED HOEKSTRA KATHRYN HUIZENGA iiHer spirit is like a tea- iiSpeak and 1,11 speak With kettle - always bubbling you; laugh and I'll laugh over. " too. ii 30 JOHN KALSBEEK GARY KARSTEN nThe girl who gets me is "School is a necessary lucky.H evil." LEE KARSTEN ARLENE KATERBERG "Why worry about women? "Overflowing with harmless they worry about themselves." mischief-" BEVERLY KLYNSTRA BETTY KOOIENGA "She puts the pep in pepper." HShe may look quiet, but look again." 31 RAYMOND KOOP BONNIE KRAKER uHis presence is abundant nPersonality, skill, and proof of his existence." ambition -the formula for success. " JOANNE KRAMER PAUL KROLL "She has a mild and soft Wigs writing h:s look, but so has dynamite. , alibiography." ANNA KRONEMEYER GERALD KUIPER 'VX cheery smile makes uWine, women, and song life worth while." ruin many men so I shall give up singing.n 1 $3 , MARY LUBBERS HIt,S nice to be natural, if NORMA LANGELAND "School is like home to her yOuEe naturally nice." She s never there." DOUGLAS MARING nRomeo may be dead, but JUDITH LUGTIGHEID Fm still around, girls." QWhere is no substitute for the genuine." f at i : 1;, AX NELSON MIEDEMA "Dorft let his silence de- ROBERT MIEDEMA "He who thinks for himself ceive you, has probably up to tricksJ' 3X L: m: is a free man." 33 HENRY NYENHUIS CAROLE NYKAMP "Form a line, girls; you,ll As likeable as she ' get you: chanceJ lockable." ALLEN PALMBOS HI never let studies inter- fere with my education." GERALD ROON "A good line is the short- est distance between two dates." 34 .- U! EL EANOR PONSTEIN HTis better to be small and shine than to be great and cast a shadow." THOMAS ROZEMA "Let us be seen by our deeds." RUSSEL SALL L EE SCHOLMA "Full of ambition; too busy HThe unspoken word never working to study." dOCS any harm." RUSSEL SCHOLTEN "Fun and action make the hours fly." MYRNA SCHUITMAN nIn her manner lies her charm. " BARBARA SCHUITEMA "You would know her by the merriment that sparkles in her eye." LEE SCHUT "As prone to mischief as he is able to perform it." 35 LILLIAN SCHUT THELMA SCHUT "School will be a dull HMy heart is not my own, place when Pm gone." but it is in good hands." GRACE SCHUTTER ROGER STEGGERDA Not all gentlemen prefer uMy idea of an agreeable blondes." person is one who agrees with me." CONNIE VANDE BUNTE ' Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusi- asm. " 36 BETTY VANDER KOLK Q'Quiet, though pleasant, thou art." JUDITH VANDER PLAATS RUTH VANDER WAL HSweet and fine without a "Who said blondes aren't line., friendly?H LEWIS VAN FAROWE MERRIE ALICE VAN HOUTEN "Four full years to fill '"I'he best of pals for any that space between my girl, but she doesnk make eats!" girls her specialty." WANDA VAN KLOMPENBERG LEONARD VAN NOORD "Good people are scarce; "The original lady killer." take care of me." ROBERT VAN REGENMORTER MERLE VEENSTRA HYou would never know I "The way to have a friend was naturally bashful." is to be one." N MARILYN VELTHOUSE CAROL VICTORY Wn be: single person she's uNot too serious; not to a social commotion." gay; just reserved in every way." THOMAS VISSER CAROL VOETBERG uAthlete and wit combined; "Talk and laughter play a nicer guy is hard to find." an important part in her life." 38 CAROLE WALCOTT GARY ZONDERVAN HA live wire is never iiBest fellow all around; a stepped on." truer friend could not be found." KM gm g EILEEN ZYLSTRA QiShe is wise; she is witty; she is in love; what a pity." CLASS TEXT: iiAnd whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men." Colossians 3:23. CLASS MOTTO: iiA Changeless Purpose in a Changing World." CLASS FLOWER: Yellow Rose. CLASS COLORS: Brown and Gold. 39 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Gord Amoys, VicePresident; Harry Byker, President; Bev Klynstra, Treas; Grace Schutter, Sec3y. Mr. Johnson, Mr. Bierma, Mr. De Witt, sponsors. SEHIOR ACthltles ALVIN JAY ARENDSEN College Prep; Varsity Club 3,4; Biology Club 2,3,4; Reserve Basketball 2; Varsity Basketball 3,4; Allendale Chr. 1. ALLAN LEE ARNOYS College Prep; Varsity Club 2,3,4; Rod n' Gun Club 2; Biology Club 2,3,4; Dramatics Club 3,4; Male Chorus 3,4; Reserve Basketball 1,2; Varsity Basketball 3,4; Baseball 2,3,4; Student Council 3. GORDON LEE ARNOYS College Prep; Varsity Club 3,4; Pep Club 4; Chess Club 1; Biology Club 2,3,4; Choir 3,4; Male Chorus 3, 4; Reserve Basketball 1,2; Varsity Basketball 3; Class Vice-Pres. 4; Student Council Vice-Pres. 4; School Play 4. JANICE GAIL BERENS College Prep; Pep Club 2,3,4; Dramatics Club 3; Forensics 2,3; Bugle Staff 4; Art Club 2,3; Allendale Chr. 1. KENNETH HENRY BOSCH General; Table Tennis 4; Rod 113 Gun 2,3. ROBERT LEE BOSCH College Prep; Biology Club 2,3; Band 1,2,3; Table Tennis 4; Allendale Chr. 1. MARCIA JEAN BOSGRAAF Commercial; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Biology 4; Student Council 2; Bugle Staff 4; Art Club 2; Dramatics 3. SANDRA MAE BOSGRAAF Commercial; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Biology 3; Dramatics 3,4; Choir 3,4; Art Club 2; Fashion Club 4. BRENDA JEAN BREMER College Prep; Pep Club 2,3,4; Biology Club 2; Future Nurses Club 3,4; Music Club 1; Bugle Staff 4. HAROLD DALE BYKER College Prep; Varsity Club 3,4; Biology Club 2; Future Teachers Club 4; Choir 3,4; Male Chorus 3,4; Reserve Basketball 1,2; Varsity Basketball 3,4; Baseball 2,3,4; Class Pres. 1,4; Student COuncil 1,4. PATRICIA ANN COELING College Prep; Pep Club 2,3,4; Future Teachers Club 2,3; Dramatics Club 3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Phys. Ed. Club 4; Forensics 4; Girls Basketball 2; Class Sec1y 3; Silhouette Staff 4; Bugle Staff 3; School Play 4; Allendale Chr. 1. ELEANOR MAE DECKER College Prep; Pep Club 2,3,4; Bioklgy Club 2,3; Future Nurses Club 4; National Honor Society 3; Choir 3,4; Bugle Editor 4; Southwest Chr. 1; Dramat- ics Club 3. SADIE DE JONG General; Pep Club 2,3,4; Camera Club 1,2; Future Nurses Club 3,4; Music Club 1; Bugle Staff 3. SHERWIN ALLYN DE VRIES . College Prep; Chess Club 2,3; Table Tenms 4. BARBARA JEAN DE YOUNG Commercial; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Biology Club 2,4; Future Nurses Club 3; Dramatics Club 3; Music Club 1; National Honor Society 3; Choir 3,4; CYNTHIA ANN DE YOUNG Commercial; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Biology Club 2; Phys Ed. Club 4; Choir 3,4; Girls Basketball 2; Student Council, Treasurer 4. NOEL ANN DIEPENHORST Commercial; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Knitting Club 1; Future Nurses Club 2,3; Forensics 2; Phys Ed. Club 4; Music Club 1; JANICE DYK Commercial; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Camera Club 1; Knit- ting Club 1; Biology Club 2; Future Nurses Club 3; Phys Ed. Club 4; Music Club 1; Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 2,3,4; Claxinet Quartet 4. ARLEN JAY DYKEMA College Prep; Biology Club 2,3,4; Dramatics Club 2, 4; Radio Club 1. 41 STANL EY LAYNE DYKSTRA General; Pep Club 2,3,4; Chess Club 2; Biology Club 3; Band 1,2,3,4; Male Chorus 3,4; Pep Band 1,2,3,4. FRED ALLEN ENSINK College Prep; Camera Club 1,2,3,4. JAMES GRASMAN College Prep; Rod n, Gun Club 3; Pep Club 4; Camera Club 4; Automotive Club 2. PATRICIA KAY GRASSMID College Prep; Pep Club 2,3,4; Future Teachers Club 23; National Honor Society 3,4; Debate 3; Choir 3,4; Chapel Accompanist 3,4; Double Mixed Quartet 4; Bugle Staff 2,4; Silhouette Staff 3,4, Editor 4; Allendale Chr. 1. KENNETH DALE GROELSMA General; Varsity Club 4; Biology Club 2,3,4; Base- ball, Manager 3,4. JUDITH ANN GUIKEMA Commercial; Pep Club 2,3,4; Biology Club 1,2,3; Future Teachers Club 4; Dramatics Club 3; Choir 3,4; Girls Trio 4; Art Club 1; Music Club 1; Class Sec1y Treas 1; Student COuncil 3; Bugle Staff 4; Silhouette Staff 4; Fashion Club 4. KAROL LYNN HARMSEN College Prep; Pep Club 2,3,4; Future Teachers Club 2,3; National Honor Society 3,4; Choir 4; Band 2,3,4; Pep Band 3; Clarinet Quartet 3,4; Phys Ed Club 4; Allendale Chr. 1. PATRICIA ANNE HEYBOER Commercial; Pep Club 2,3,4; Future Nurses Club 3,4; Redlands Chr. 1. MARCIA RAE HOEKSEMA College Prep; Pep Club 2,3,4; Biology Club 3; Future Nurses 4; Dramatics Club 4. BETTY JEAN HOEKSTRA College Prep; Pep Club 2,3,4; Biology Club 3; Choir 3,4; Phys Ed Club 4; Girls Basketball 2,3,4; Student Ci uncil 2; Bugle Staff 4; Allendale Chr. 1. MILDRED HOEKSTRA General; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Biology Club 2; Future Nurses Club 3,4; Bugle Staff 4. KATHRYN ELAINE HUIZENGA Commercial; Pep Club 2,3,4; Biology Club 4; Hope Prot. Ref. 1. JOHN KALSBEEK College Prep; Varsity Club 4; Pep Club 2,3,4; Choir 4; Male Chorus 3,4; Baseball 3,4; Cross Country 4; Silhouette Staff 4; Hope Prot. Ref. 1. GARY KARSTEN General; Rod n, Gun Club 2,3; Reserve Basketball 1; Table Tennis 4. LEE ELDEN KARSTEN College Prep; Chess Club 23; Table Tennis 4. ARLENE MAY KATERBERG Commercial; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Biology Club 2, 3; Future Nurses Club 3; Dramatics Club 3; Forensics 2; Choir 3,4; Chapel Accompanists 3,4; Music Club 1. BEVERLY KAY KLYNSTRA College Prep; Pep Club 2,3,4; Biology Club 3; NatiOn- al Honor Society 3,4; Choir 3,4; Girls Basketball 2,3,4; Reserve Cheerleader 2; Varsity Cheerleader 3,4; Class Treas 4; Bugle Staff 4; Phys Ed. Club 4; Allendale Chr. 1. BETTY LOU KOOIENGA Commercial; Pep Club 2,3,4; Biology Club 4; Bugle Staff 4; Hope Prot. Ref. 1. RAYMOND GLEN KOOP General; Rod n' Gun Club 3; Automotive Club 2; Track 3; School Play 4. BONNIE LOUISE KRAKER College Prep; Pep Club 2,3,4; Future Teachers Club 2,3; National Honor Society 3,4; Student Council 4; Bugle Staff 4; Silhouette Staff 3,4; Allendale Chr. 1. JOANNE TENA KRAMER College Prep; Pep Club 2,3,4; Future Nurses Club 4; Future Teachers Club 2; Choir 4; Band 2,3,4; Pep Band 2,3,4; Brass Sextet 3; Cornet Trio 4; Girls Basketball 3,4; Bugle Staff 4; School Play 3; Allendale Chr. 1. PAUL KENNETH KROLL General; Rod n4 Gun Club 2.3; Chess Club 1; German Club 4; Male Chorus 4; Bugle Staff 4. ANNA MARIE KRONEMEYER Commercial; Pep Club 2,3,4; Camera Club 2; Knitting Club 3; Girls' Basketball 1. GERALD KUIPER College Prep; Varsity Club 4; Biology Club 2; Choir 3, 4; Male Glows 3,4; Reserve Basketball 2; Track 3,4; Cross Country 4; Student Council President 4; Junior Male Quartet 3; Senior Male Quartet 4; Wolverine Boy3s State 4; Hope Prot. Ref. 1. NORMA JEAN LANGELAND Commercial; Future Nurses Club 3,4; Future Teachers Club 2; Allendale Chr. 1. MARY JANE LUBBERS College Prep; Pep Club 2,3,4; Biology 4; Future Teachers Club 2,3; National Honor Society 3,4; Forensics 2; Bugle Staff 4. JUDY KAY LUGTIGHEID Commercial; Pep Club 2,3,4; Biology Club 2; Future Nurses Club 3,4. DOUGLAS ARTHUR MARING College Prep; Rod n, Gun Club 3; Pep Club 4; Camera Club 4; Automotive Club 2. NELSON LEE MIEDEMA College Prep; Biology Club 2,3; Track 3; Table Tennis 4; Cross Country 4. ROBERT WAYNE MIEDEMA General; Varsity Club 4; Pep Club 3,4; Chess Club 1; Biology Club 2; Phys Ed Club 4; Track 3,4; Cross Country 4. HENRY JOHN NYENHUIS College Prep; Varsity Club 1,2,3,4; Biology Club 2,3; Choir 4; Male Chorus 4; Reserve Basketball 1,2; Varsity Basketball 3,4; Baseball 2,3,4, CAROLE JEAN NYKAMP Commercial; Pep Club 2,3,4; Future Teachers Club 3; Dramatics Club 3,4; Phys Ed Club 4; Library 4. ALLEN LEE PALMBOS College Prep; Biology Club 2; Male Chorus 3,4; Track 3; Class Vice-Pres. 2; Student Council 2. ELEANOR HEL ENE PONSTEIN College Prep; Pep Club 2,3,4; Future Teachers Club 2,3; Dramatics Club 4; Phys Ed Club 4; Student Coun- cil 3; Bugle Staff 4. GERALD DALE ROON General; Varsity Club 4; Pep Club 3,4; Choir 3,4; Male Chorus 3,4; Baseball 3,4; Track 3,4; Allendale Chr. 1. THOMAS ROZEMA College Prep; Rod n3 Gun Club 2,3; Camera Club 3,4. RUSSELL LEE SALL College Prep; Rod n' Gun Club 2,3; Camera Club 3,4. LEE EDWARD SCHOLMA College Prep; Chess Club 2,3; Table Tennis 4; National Honor Society 3; Band 1,2,3,4; Clarinet Quartet 4. RUSSELL SCHOLTEN General; Chass Club 3,4; Table Tennis 4; Allendale Chr. 1. BARBARA ANN SCHUITEMA Commercial; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Biology Club 2,3,4; Future Teachers Club 1; Student Council 1; Bugle Staff 4. MYRNA ANN SCHUITMAN College Prep; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Biology Club 2; Future Nurses 3,4; Dramatics Club 3; Forensics 4. LE ROY SCHUT College Prep; Pep Club 3,4; Chess Club 1,2; Camera Club 3; Dramatics Club 4; Automotive Club 3; Choir 3,4; Male Chorus 3,4. LILLIAN SCHUT College Prep; Pep Club 2,3,4; Future Nurses Club 3; Forensics 3,4; Phys Ed Club 4; Band 1,2,3,4; Girls Basketball 1,2; Student Council 2. THELMA JOAN SCHUT College Prep; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Camera Club 1,2; Biology Club 3; Future Nurses Club 3,4; Future Teachers Club 1; Dramatics Club 3,4; Library Club 1; Music Club 1; Forensics 2,3,4; Choir 3,4; Band 1,2,3, 4; Double Mixed Quartet 4; Pep Band 1,2,3,4; Chapel Accompanist 3,4; Bugle Staff 1,3,4; School Play 4. GRACE AILEEN SCHUTTER College Prep; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Biology Club 3,4; Future Teachers Club 1,2; Choir 3,4; Girls Trio 4; Girls Basketball 1; Reserve Cheerleader 2; Varsity Cheerleader 3; Class Sec1y-Treas. 2, Class Sec'y 4; Bugle Staff 3. ROGER ARRIN STEGGERDA College Prep; Varsity Club 3,4; Camera Club 1; Biology Club 2,3; Radio Club 1; Choir 3,4; Band 1,2, 3; Male Chorus 3,4; Pep Band 2; Varsity Basketba113; Baseball 3; Silhouette Staff 4; Schocl Play 4; Senior Male Quartet 4; Junior Male Quartet 3. CONNIE LYNNE VANDE BUNTE College Prep; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Biology Club 2,3; Future Nurses Club 1; Phys Ed Club 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Chapel Accompan- ist 3,4; Woodwind Quintet 3,4; Girls Basketball 1,2, 3; Reserve Cheerleader 1,2; Varsity Cheerleader 3,4; Class Treas. 3; Student Council Sec'y 2; Silhouette Staff 4. BETTY DAWN VANDER KOLK Commercial; Pep Club 2,3,4; Biology Club 2,3; Future Nurses Club 3; Dramatics Club 4. JUDITH KAY VANDER PLAATS General; Pep Club 2,3,4; Biology Club 3,4; Art Club 2; Music Club 1; Choir 4. RUTH JOAN VANDER WAL Commercial; Pep Club 2,3,4; Camera Club 1; Biology Club 2; Phys Ed Club 4; Choir 3,4. LEWIS ALLEN VAN FAROWE College Prep; Biology Club 2,3,4; Camera Club 1; Phys Ed Club 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Band 2, 3,4; Allendale Chr. 1. 43 MERRIE ALICE VAN HOUTEN College Prep; Pep Club 3,4; Biology Club 3; Future Nurses Club 4; Dramatics Club 3,4; Forensics 4; Choir 3,4; Girls Trio 4; Bugle Staff 3; School Play 3; Lynden Chr. High 1,2. WANDA FAYE VAN KLOMPENBERG College Prep; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Biology Club 2; Future Nurses Club 3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 1,2, 3,4; Clarinet Quartet 1,3; Clarinet Duet 2; Woodwind Quintet 4. LEONARD JOHN VAN NOORD College Prep; Pep Club 3,4; Biology Club 2; Choir 4; Band 1,2,3; Male Chorus 3,4; Pep Band 1,2,3; Brass Sextet 1,2,3; Junior Male Quartet 3; Senior Male Quartet 4; Bugle Staff 4. ROBERT JAY VAN REGENMORTER College Prep; Varsity Club 3,4; Pep Club 3; Chess Club 1; Biology Club 2,3,4; Reserve Basketball 1,2; Varsity Basketball 3; Student Council 2; Bugle Staff 4; School Play 4. MERLE RAY VEENSTRA General; Rod n, Gun Club 2; Pep Club 3,4; Choir 4; Male Chorus 4; Hope Pro: Ref 1. MARILYN JOYCE VELTHOUSE College Prep; Pep Club 2,3,4; Future Teachers Club 3; Phys Ed Club 4; Girls Basketball 2,3; Bugle Staff 4; School Play 3,4; Allendale Chr. 1. CAROL ANN VICTORY Commercial; Pep Club 2,3,4; Camera Club 2; Knitting Club 3; Girls, Basketball 1. THOMAS DALE VISSER College Prep; Varsity Club 2,3,4; Pep Club 3,4; Biology Club 1,2; Phys Ed Club 4; Reserve Basketball 1; Varsity Basketball 2,3,4; Baseball 2; Cross Country 4; Class Pres 3; Student Council 2,3. CAROL ANN VOETBERG College Prep; Pep Club 2,3,4; Biology Club 2; Future Nurses Club 3; Dramatics Club 4; Phys Ed Club 4; Forensics 2; Chapel Accompanist 3,4; School Play 3. CAROLE LYNN WALCOTT Commercial; Pep Club 2,3,4; Camera Club 1; Drama- tics Club 3; Biology Club 2; Forensics 1,3; Phys Ed Club 4; School Play 2,3,4. . GARY GORDON ZONDERVAN College Prep; Varsity Club 2,3,4; Pep Club 3; Biology Club 2; Future Teachers Club 4; Male Chorus 3,4; Reserve Basketball 1,2; Baseball 2; Class Vice-Pres. 3; Student Council 2; Bugle Staff 3; Silhouette Staff 4. EILEEN MAE ZYLSTRA Commercial; Pep Club 2,3,4; Biology Club 2; Future Teachers Club 1; National Honor Society 3,4; Student Council Sec1y 4; Bugle Staff 4; Silhouette Staff 4. Class Will We, the Senior Class of Unity Christian High, being of sound mind and memory, do there- fore ordain and declare this to be our last WILL, hereby revoking all other and former wills by us at any time made. ARTICLE I We appoint Mr. Andrew Ten Harmsel, our counselet, the executor of this our WILL. ARTICLE II We nominate the Student Council to act as Trustees for the purpose of carrying out the portions of this our WILL. ARTICLE III , Alvin Arendsen, will my basketball uniform to Jerry Mating. Allan Amoys, will my brother to anyone who wants a twin brother. , Gordon Arnoys, leave, making Mr. Bietma happy. , Janice Betens, will all my onion tears, last minute orders, and salty BarBe-Que :0 next yearls Bat-Be-Que Chef. , Kenneth Bosch, will my book, "Long Legs and What To Do With Them" to Mr. Bolhuis. 1, Robert Bosch, will my ability to stay away from girls to John Visser. We, Marcia Bosgtaaf and Barbara Schuitema, will our friendship to Mary Gezon and Julia Braun. Sandra Bosgraaf, do will my eye lash curler to Alvin Masselink. Brenda Bremer, do will a liberal portion of my self-control t0 the juniors. Haty Byker, do will my powerful lungs to Mary Ann Van Ek. Patricia Coeling, will my part in the play to anyone who likes to kiss little boys. Eleanor Dekker, will a case of badly shattered nerves to the editor of next yeaxls Bugle. Sadie DeJong, leave my beautiful red hair to Sebean Gulker. Sherwin De Vries, leave as noiselessly as I came. Barbara De Young, leave my quietness to the boisterous Sophomores. Cynthia De Young, leave my friendliness to everyone to all timid Freshman girls. Noel Diepenhotst, do will my extensive wardrobe to be distributed evenly among the girls of next yeaHs Senior Class. I, Janice Dyk, will my musical ability to the new band members. I, Arlen Dykema, leave my handbook on "How to Win Good Grades and Influence Teachers" to the Sophomores. I, Stanley Dykstra, will my sense of humor to all who wish to laugh. I, Fred Ensink, do will my reserved nature to Duane Mensch. I I b-I HHrh-A v '0. HHt-tb-IHF-iHD-tb-db-t , Jim Grassman, leave. Usnlt that enoughD , Patricia Gtassmid, will my many abilities to anyone seeking a diamond with the hope she is as successful as I was. 1, Ken Groelsma, leavemy seat in Government to Gotd Koetje. 1, Judy Guikema, will all my nicknames to anyone who will take them. I, Karol Harmsen, do will my ability for keeping out of trouble during my high school career to my brother Jerry. I, Patricia Heyboer, will all my study halls to anyone who can persuade Mr. De long that he needs them. ' I, Betty Hoekstra, do will my flirty eyes to John Stroo. I, Mildred Hoekstra, leave my cheerful disposition to sad undetclassmen. 1, Katherine Huizenga, will my argyles to anyone who is color blind. I, John Kalsbeek, leave my good salesmanship to the person who has to collect the ads for next yeafs annual. I, Gary Karsten, leave my unfinished homework to Terry Hager. 1, Lee Karsten, leave my giggles to anyone who thinks boys don't giggle. I, Arlene Katerberg, do will all my ability to "tickle the ivories" to all who are willing to practice. 1, Beverly Klynstra, leave my position as cheerleader to my sister, Marcia. 1, Ray Koop, do will my perfect attendance at play practice to Mrs. Otter. 1, Bonnie Kraket, leave my efficiency and dependability to the Freshmen girls. 44 1, Joanne Kramer, do will my trip to Florida during Christmas vacation to all those who have never been outside of Hudsonville. 1, Paul Kroll, do will my position in Journalism Class to anyone who likes being the only boy in a room full of girls. 1, Anna Kronemeyer, will my original way of doing exercises in Advanced Phys. Ed. Class to anyone who thinks he can get away with it. I, Gerald Kuiper, leave my voice lessons to Jim Brink. I, Norma Langeland, will my tongue to science, May it help them in their experiments on perpetual motion. I, Mary Lubbers, do will my dark hair to all desperate blonds. Judy Lugtigheid, leave my neat hairdo to all who use a Spray Net. Douglas Mating, leave all the waves in my hair to the Pacific. Nelson Miedema, will my cross country record to all musclebOund oafs. Robert Miedema, will my masculine proclivity to anyone who knows what it means. Henry Nyenhuis, do will my Charles Atlas Training Book to Larry Van Rhee. Carole Nykamp, do will all my good times at U.C.H.S. to my sister, Ruth. Allen Palmbos, do bequeath my independent nature to Bill Dekkinga. Eleanor Ponstein, will my giggles to all who grin shyly. Gerald Roon, will my gentlemanliness to the Sophomore boys. I, Tom Rozema, leaveimy bashfulness toviard the opposite sex to any strong boy. I, Russel $311, will my Buick to anyone able to pay for it. I I mHHHHHHH .. r-1 -. , Lee Scholma, leave my fancy hairdo to Ron Geers. , Russel Scholten, leave my ability to push through a crowded bus to the "boy's section" evexy morning to all favoring segregation. I, Myrna Schuitman, will all my exclamations and gestures to the speech class. 1, Lee Schut, do will my clever remarks--OH! NO! theylte mine---I want to keep them. I, Lillian Schut, will my ability to stall Stan Dykstra's car at busy intersections to all girls who don't stop traffic. I, Thelma Schut, leave my bottle of gray make-up to anyone who doesn't mind looking "tattlertale" gray after a play. , Grace Schutter, will all my enexgy to Freshmen with tired blood. , Roger Steggerda, do bequeath all my love to Grace Schutter. , Lewis Van Farrowe, leave "Macbeth" to anyone who can memorize as much of it as I did. Mary Alice Van Houten, will my sweet voice to Hershey's Candy 00. HHH H , , Wanda Van Klompenberg, do will my ability to get out of working on Bar-Be-Que every Thursday to next year's BarBe-Que crew. , Leonard Van Noord, leave my black brush-cut to Roger Kuyers. , Robert Van Regenmorter, do will my excellent? driving record to all who are taking Drivers Training. 1, Connie Vande Bunte, do bequeath to Rog Bergman my ability to turn cart-wheels. I, Judy Vander Plaats, do will my school spirit to the Sophomores. I, Betty Vander Kolk, leave my Modern History book to anyone who can understand it. We, Ruth Vandet Wal and Carole Walcott, will our constant companionship to any persons de siting some fun. II-l HH I, Merle Veenstra, do will my government book to some Junior since we're not allowed to sell them anyway. I, Marilyn Velthouse, will my lost class ring to anyone who can find it. I, Carol Victory, do will my glasses to baseball umpires. I, Tom Visser, leave my way with girls to Bob Vander Plaats; Be careful Bob! , Carol Voetburg, do leave the extra string around my extra large class ring to anyone who can use it. , Gary Zondetvan, do will my figure to Santa Claus. , Eileen Zylstra, leave to become an efficient secretary until a certain party interferes. H I-IH 45 w Unbenclassmen e Entering these balls as timid Freshmen, they gradually become a part of our school and in three years are ready to take over the position of Seniors. During these three years they are seriously consid- ering the task they are preparing for. They are showing their abilities as scholars, musiciaris, athletes, and student council representatives. With the aid of their class sponsors they are mak- ing the long, hard climb to their goal. $ JUNIOR CL ASS OF FICERS Dave Baker, Vice-President; Thelma Brink, Sedy-Tteas; Paul Vander Sloot, President. Mr. De Koning, Rev. Hill, Mr. Bolhuis, Mrs. Byker, Sponsors. 1.1th125 Dave Baker Rog Bergman Trenton Bergman Phyllis Betten Judy Beute Roger Beute Ron Blouw Darlene Blouwkamp Janice Blouwkamp Jay Bosch Julie Braun Don Brink Jim Brink Thelma Brink Cal Bruins Sharon Buist Carol Cooper Clarence De Boer Bill Dekkinga Margaret De Voss Dale De Vries Norm De Weerd Mark De Young Alma Dyk Gerald Dyk Leona Dyk Roger Feenstra Ruth Frens Don Geets Ron Geers Carol Geurink Mary Gezon Arloa Grasman Judy Grasman Dan Grooters Sebean Gulker Terry Hager Ron Harmsen Chester Haveman Gerald Haverdink Al Helder Jerry Heyboer Marve Heyboer Barb Holstege Ken Huberts Bob Huizenga Marianne Jeurink Gloria Karsten Gotd Koetje Mary Koster Ivan Kraker Roger Kuyers Fred Langeland Don Langerak Harry Langerak Mary Longstreet Larry Lubbers Shirley Lugtigheid Linda Mackus Jerry Mating Al Masselink Gerald Meekhof Duane Men sch Vernon Meyers Carol Monsma Cathy Nyenhuis Pat Nysse Carol Oostendorp Marilyn Osterink Alice Palmbos Virginia Palmbos Janice Pauzenga Ann Pols Laura Ponstein Jackie Pruis Bill Quinlan Dorothy Ribbens Rochelle Roek Linda Roelofs Annjean Rozema Fran Saagman Marian Scholten Alaine Schrotenboer Leona Schutte Shirley Schutter Jane Sietsma Maxine Sjaarda Elaine Smit John Stroo Bill Stroo Gene Talsma Helen Talsma Don Ten Harmsel Elaine Vanden Bosch Thelma Vanden Bosch Marie Vanda Guchte Bob Vander Kooi Marie Vander Mat Bob Vander Plaats Hank Vander Scheuer Paul Vander 5100: Bob Vander Tuin Ken Van Doeselaar Phyllis Van Dyke Mary Van Ek Larry Van Rhee Marilyn Van Timmeren Marianne Venema Sharon Visser Jim Walcott Sharon Wallinga Sara Westveld Carol Wol fer: Ken Woltjer Mary Zylstra SOP HOMORE CL ASS OFFICERS Cal Aukeman, Vice-President; Betty Velthouse, Sedy-TreaS; Dave Mulder, President. Mrs. Vos, Mr. Postma, Mr. Vanden Berg, MI. Flietstra, sponsors. sophomones Adrianna Alderink Bob Alderink Faith Apol Pearl Arendsen Calvin Aukeman Melvin Aukeman Jack Bajema Judy Bauder Yvonne Berens Carl Besteman Terry Blauwkamp Jim Boersma Gary Boetsma C. Jay Borgerding Ken Bosch Elaine Bremer Ken Brink Floyd Brouwer Luanne Brower Maxine Brouwer Ruth Cassee Gertrude Cook Doris Daling Beth De Boer Judythe De Boer Bob Decker Rachel Decker Doug De Good Edgar De Jong Ted De Jong Sharon Driesenga Marvin De Vries Judy De Wind: Bob De Young Scott Di epenhorst Janice Dykema Carol Dykhoujse Dian Dykstra Gerald Elders Bill Elgersma Kyle Ensink Sandra Geers Sharon Grasman Nel son Grit Larry Groothuis Sam Groothuis Judy Hamberg Gerald Harmsen Donna Haveman Hazel Haverdink Jack Heyboer Jack Hoekstra Nathan Hoezee Jason H01 stege Allen Hoogewind Preston Hopkins Alan Howerzyl Dick Huibregtse Frank Huizenga Jon Huizenga Tom Jasperse Chuck Kalsbeek Marcia Klynstra Alvin Koop Bill Koopman Sharon Koster Sheryl Kraker John K1011 Etta Mae Kuiper Calvin Kuyers Marcia Lemmink Sharon Lemmen Eugene Lynema John Mating Cheryl Matthysse Dick Monsma David Mulder Lynda Newenhous Bethalea Ni eboer Irene Nyenhuis Joanne Nyenhuis Don Oosterbroek Marilyn Palmbos Jay Peuler Mary Peuler Evelyn Post Shirley Potter Arlene Renkema Joan Ringerwole Hollis Rozema Axdith Scholten Ronald Schreur Bev Schut Pat Schut Tom Slager Myra Smit Carolyn Spoelma Ron Spoelman Bill Stob Vernon Talsma Ron Terpstra Hardy Timmer Janet Vander Honing Marilyn Vander Kooy Don Vander Laan Gary Vander Pl oeg John Vander Wal Jim Van Dyken Wes Van Houten Don Van Kley Betty Van Noord Mary Van Vels Larry Veldink Harry Visser Harvey Visser Jim Vi sser John Visser Betty Velthouse Bonnie Vollink Barb Vugteveen Warren Walcott Terry We stfield Irene Westrate Arvin Wi erda Bruce Wolfert FRESHMAN CL ASS OF FICERS Alvem Gelder, Henry Guikema, J. Postma. Mrs. Laman, Mr. Sikkema, Mr. Jasperse, sponsors. Eneshmen Jean Besteman Allan Betten Joyce Beute Judy Boetsema Mary Boomsma Jack Bosgraaf Kay Bosgraaf Tom Bosgraaf Jim Brink Len Brink Minnie Brunsting Laverne Brower Marge Brower Joyce Bruins Sandy Cooper Carl De Jong Marcia De Jong Bob Delama: Carolyn Driesenga Gerald De Zwaau Ken Dornbush Ken Dyk Dick Dyk stra Jean Elgersma Carolyn Fredricks Alvetn Gelder Harvey Gort Beth Gras Henry Guikema Ruth Haan John Hamstra Bruce Harmsen Carol Hanger GI adys Haverdink Gerald Hoekstra Janice Hopkins Ted Howerzyl Ben Hui zenga Carol Karsten Loren Katerbery Jackie Koopman Roger Ko ster Jerry Leenheer Arlan Matthysse Gary Meinema Kary Mulder Larry Nitz Gwen Nyenhui 5 Mary Nyenhuis Ruth Nykamp Mary anstein Karen Poortenga Gerald Postema Jack Posthumus Virginia Prins David Prins Tim Quinlan Connie Ringerwole Chuck Rop Mary Rozema Phyllis Rozema Christine Sch ellenboom Berwin Schipper Judy Scholten Mary Schreur Don Schultze Keith Schut Ruth Schut Violet Schut Bonnie Schutter Ron Schuitema Phyllis Sjaarda Delores Smit Mary Steenwyk Ellyn Steggerda Bob Styf Keith Ulberg Ruth Vanden Bosch Henry Vander Kam Pat Vander Laan 59 Jack Vander Meulen Ann Vander Nat Arla Vander Veen Judy Vander Wal Bob Van Dyke Ruth Van Dyken Neal Van Regenmorter Alice Van Steenvoom Howard Ver Hage Lyn Ver Hage Andy Veenema Mary Vonk Jene Vredevoogd Karen Westrate Judy Wietenga Betty Wittingen Jim Woodwyk Jane Wynsma Sally Zondervan Ron Zwiers From the faulty chapel singing to the Band and Choir Concert, music proved to be one of the major means of glorifying His name. The hard work and long rehersals proved to be well worth the effort when each concert brought with it an audi- torium filled to capacity. SOPRANO Julie Braun Judy De Boer Eleanor Decker Ruth F tens Karol Harmsen Betty Hoekstra Bev Klynstra Linda Mackus Carol Monsma Mary Peuler Jackie Pruis Annjean Rozema Thelma Schut Leona Schutte Helen Talsma Thelma Vanden Bosch Marie Vander Nat Judy Vander Plaats Ruth Vander Wal Phyllis Van Dyke Mary Van Houten Sharon Wallinga ALTO Janice Blauwkamp Sandy Bosgraaf Barb De Young Cynthia De Young Arloa Grasman Pat Grassmid Judy Guikema Arlene Katetburg Joanne Kramer Pat Nysse Janice Pauzenga Rochelle Roek Joan Ringerwole Linda Roelofs Pat Schut Grace Schutter Elaine Vanden Bosch Marilyn Van Timmeren TENOR Harry Byker Norm De Weerd Gerald Kuiper Hwy Langerak Rog Steggerda Paul Vander Sloot Bob Vander Tuin Jim Walcott a cappeu. Jerry Roon Lee Roy Schut Vernon Talsma Len Van Noord Merle Veenstra Hank Nyenhuis BASS Allan Arnoys Gord Amoys Cal Aukeman Jim Brink Gerald Dyk Gatold Haverdink Al Heldet Marv Heyboer John Kalsbeek Gordon Koetje Cal Kuyers Don Langerak Jerry Mating Dave Mulder chom CHOIR OFFICERS: - G. Schutter, B. Klynstra, J. Kalsbeek. 63 MALE CHORUS First row: L. Van Rhee, A, Venema, A. Gelder, CJ. Borgerding, T. Jasperse, M. De Young, L. Groothuis, D. Baker, H. Visser, A. Helder, Mr. Grotenhuis, director. Second row: J. Walcott, A. Wierda, P. Vander Sloot, G. Dyke, N. Grit, L. Katerberg, M. HeybOer, J. Kalsbeek, J. Huizenga, D. Langerak, A. Palmbos, P. K1011. Third row: B. Vander Tuin, A. Amoys, H. Byker, G. Kuiper, G. Koetje, C. De Boer, S. Dykstra, H. Nyenhuis, L. Schut, G. Roon C. Kuyers, T. Quinlan, H. Gort, J. Mating. Fourth row: V. Talsma, H. Laugetak, D. Mulder, G. Haverdink, N. De Weerd, H. Timmer, M. Veenstra, D. Van Kley, L. Van Noord, W. Walcott, C. Aukeman, R. Zwiers, T. Hager, R. Geers, G. Zondervan. 64 MALE QUARTET G. Kuiper, H. Byker, R. Steggerda, L. Van Noord, J. Pauzenga, accompani st. GI RLS' TRIO M. Van Houten, G. Schutter, J. Guikema. DOUBLE MIXED QUARTET T. Schut, D. Langerak, L. Mackus, M. Heyboer, E. Vanden Bosch, G. Haverdink, P. Grassmid, G. Arnoys. 65 SOPRANO Yvonne Berens Darlene Blauwkamp Gertrude Cook Carol Cooper Judy De Wind: Sharon Grasman Mary Koster Sharon Koster Mary Jane Longstreet Marilyn Oosterink Alice Palmbos Ann Pols Jane Sietsema Elaine Smit Maxine Sjaarda Betty Van Noord Mary Van Vels Sara Westveld Betty Velthouse Pearl Arendsen ALTO Faith Apol Judy Bauder Carol Guerink Sebeann Gulker Gloria Karsten Shirley Lugtigheid Beth Nierboer Virginia Palmbos Carolyn Spoelma Mary Ann Van Ek Bonnie Vollink Marcia Klynstra Sharon Lemmen Barb Vugteveen Doris Daling Sheryl Kraker Adrianna Alderink BARITONE Mel Aukeman Dale De Vries Jerry Elders Larry Groothuis Sam Groothuis secono Hardy Timmer Mark De Young C. J. Borgerding Arvin Wierda John Mating Nelson Grit Phil Walters Dave Baker Jon Huizenga Ken Huberts Jon Visser OFFICERS Judith Bauder Carol Cooper Shirley Lugtigheid David Baker 67 FLUTE: Myra Smit Mary Vonk OBOE: Phyllis Betten Joan Ringerwole B? CLARINET: Pat Schut Ron Zwiers Wanda Van Klompenberg Virginia Prins Karol Harmsen Lyn Vet Hage Marianne Venema Lee Scholma Lewis Van Farowe Hazel Haverdink Ruth Haan Janis Hopkins Ruth Nykamp ALTO CL ARINET: Connie Ringerwole BASS CLARINET: Janice Dyk Ann Pols BASSOON: Connie Vande Bunte ALTO SAXOPHONE: Bill Stroo Ken Dombos Gerald De Zwaan Carol Geurink TENOR SAXOPHONE: Irene Westtate BARITONE SAXOPHONE: Sharon Bui st CORNET: Joanne Kramer Ron Geers Jay Peuler Dave Pruis Roger Feenstta Ben Huizenga Berwin Schipper Gladys Haverdink Ken Brink Ron Schuitema Jackie Koopman FRENCH HORN: Terry Westfield Shirley Schutter Ruth Vanden Bosch Lillian Schut TROMBONE: Don Geers Jerry Leenheer Dorothy Ribbens Howard Ver Hage BARITONE: Clarence De Boer Jack Heyboer BASS HORN: Gerald Haverdink Len Van Noord Doug De Good Keith Schut PERCUSSION: Thelma Schut Carl De Jong Marilyn Van Timmeran Marilyn Vander Kooi Beverly Schut Stan Dykstta Hollis Rozema BAND OF FI CERS .h v. D Ts Hager, J. Schut, Dykstra, L. S Mr. Veenstra solo ensemsle Festival At the annual solo scensemble festival this year all participants from Unity FIRST DIVISION RATINGS: Saxophone Solo: Bill Stroo Bassoon Solo: Connie Vande Bunte French Horn Solo: Terry Westfield Piano Solo: Joan Ringerwole Comet Trio: Jo Kramer Dave Pruis Roger F eenstra placed first or second. The festival was held this year in Holland. Brass Sextet: Ron Geers Jay Peuler Terry Westfield Clarence De Boer Garold Haverdink Don Geers SECOND DIVISION RATINGS: Cornet Solo: Ron Geers Trombone Sol 0: Jerry Leenheer Clarinet Solo: Virginia Prins 70 Trombone Solo: Don Geers Comet Solo: Jo Kramer Saxophone Quartet: Bill Stroo Ken Dotnbush Irene Westrate Sharon Buist Woodwind Quintet: Myra Smit Elaine Vanden Bosch Phyllis Betten Wanda Van Klompenberg Connie Vande Bunte PEP BAND First row: R. Zwiers, W. Van Klompenberg, V. Ptins, K. Hatmsen, T. Westfield, G. De Zwaan, K. Dornbush, C. Ringerwole, M. Snit. Second row: J. Kramer, R. Geets, R. Feenstra, B. Schippet, J. Peuler, K. Schut, G. Havetdink, S. Schutter, S. Buist, I. Westrate, T. Haget, C. De Boer, J. Leenheer, D. Geets. Standing: T. Schut, M. Van Timmeran, S. Dykstta, B. Stroo, M. Vander Kooy, B. Schut. unity Alma maten How joyfully we blend in song To pledge out loyalty, And promise to defend the name: Unity, Unity! May God now bless the school we love, And may it ever be Ashining symbol of the name: Unity, Unity! STUDENT PEP BAND DIRECTORS: Unity, Unity, Terry Haget, Stan Dykstra, Bill Stroo. We will be true to thee ! Unity, Unity, We will be true to thee! 71 Bano ensemBles CLARINET QUARTET V. Prins K. Harmsen M. Venema L. Scholma CORNET TRIO R. Feenstra R. Geers J. Kramer SAXOPHONE QUARTET S. Buist I. Westrate K. Dombush B. Stroo CLARINET QUARTET P. Schut R. Zwiers C. Ringerwole J. Dyk BRASS SEXTET . Geers Peuler . Westfield . Haverdink . De Boer . Geers UOOPPTFU WOODWIND QUINTET M. Smit P. Betten W. Van Klompenberg E. Vanden Bosch C. Vande Bunte BRASS QUARTET T. Hager J. Leenheer B. Huizenga G. Haverdink WKM$ ways M WQW m M g, 49 . e Ea; WM??? w 5kg 29$; k The more serious aspect of our school life. From Physical Education and Mechanical Drawing to Physics and Economics, our classes were interesting and invigorating. Some subjects were taken in preparation for college, some for a spe- cial occupation, some wete required, but they were all taught in the light of the Creator and therefore blended together to give us a well-round- ed education. $3? .5 taxi. ma 5; $ if: aunfzii. Isw: ac enqllsh mathematics somal selences phySIcal ebucauon Our year-around sports programnbasketball, baseball, and cross country-- is a moving force behind recreational activities at Unity Christian and a valuable means of publicizing the name of our school. From intramurals to the tournament games, sports have been a major means of arous- ing wholesome school spirit. VARSI TY J. Mating, R. Schuitema, A. Masselink, B. Dekkinga, H. Nyenhuis, H. Byker, M. Heyboet, D. Baker, T. Visser, R. Bergman, Absent: C. Aukeman. INDIVIDUAL SCORES Rog Bergman . . . . . . . . 267 Cal Aukeman . . . . . . . . 265 TomVisser... ...215 Harry Byker.. . . . . . . . 142 Ron Schuitema . . . . . . . 132 Marv Heyboer . . . . . . . . 58 Al Masselink . . . . . . . . 32 Hank Nyenhuis . . . . . . . 20 DaveBaker......... 1 Bill Dekkinga . . . . . . . . A1Arendsen......... MelAukeman......... JerryMaring. . . .. vansnzy RECORD OF SCORES OPPONENT WE THEY Lee 48 61 Kalamazoo Chr. 52 54 Byron Center 50 39 Muskegon Chr. 62 60 South Chr. 52 49 Rogers '40 47 Byron Center 53 46 F ennvi He 67 53 Hopkins 80 39 Lee 47 58 Kellogsville 74 52 South Chr. 74 76 Muskegon Chr. 40 58 Caledonia 66 46 Comstock Park 99 39 Rogers 67 51 Kalamazoo Chr. 75 76 Holland Chr. 67 6O Zeeland , 55 58 COACH: A. IEN HARMSEL STARTING FIVE: Harry - Guard Rog - Center Cal - Forward Tom - Forward Ron - Guard MANAGERS Vander Kam. Stroo, H Stroo, B J 89 RESERVES J. Heyboer, G. Mienema, H. Guikema, D. Oosterbroek, J. Huizenga, E. De Jong, D. Van Kley, D. Mulder, D. Monsma, J. Vander Meulen, M. Aukeman, D. De Good, P. Hopkins, J. Visser. INDIVIDUAL SCORES Mel Aukeman . . . . . . . . 186 Jon Huizenga . . . . . . . . 160 Don Osterbroek . . . . . . .101 DaveMulder......... 59 DonVanKley........56 '2 S RV S Jothisser.........53 e e e DickMonsma. 48 Jack Heyboer. . . . . . . . 22 DougDeGood........ 11 EdDeJong......... 9 Pres Hopkins . . . . . . . . 5 HenryGuikema........ 2 SamGroothuis........ 2 RECORD OF SCORES OPPONENT WE THEY Lee 42 35 Kalamazoo Chr. 36 46 Byron Center 37 35 Muskegon Ch:. 43 53 South Chr. 40 36 Rogers 32 39 Byron Center 32 30 F ennville 27 41 Hopkins 52 45 Lee 54 39 . Kellogsville 48 47 Forest Hills 57 31 South Chr. 35 47 Muskegou Chr. 39 69 Caledonia 44 39 Comstock Park 47 33 Rogers 54 56 Kalamazoo Chr. 40 51 COACH: M. ZUIDEMA , Varsity Cheerleaders J. Pruis, R. Frens, C. Vande Bunte, M. Longstreet, B. Klynstra cheerdeabens Reserve Cheerleaders K. Bosgraaf, C. Spoelma, M. Klynstra, P. Schut, L. Vet Hage 1 WV ,"1 7 m 95 Seated: L. Veldink, R. Bergman, M. Heyboer, R. Steggerda, J. Kalsbeek, J. Roon, S. Groothuis, H.'Nyenhuis.3 Standing: A. Arnoys, K. Groelsma, Manager, T. Blauwkamp, A. Masselink, M. De Young, H. Byker, A. Ten Harmsel, Coach. Hank Nyenhuis, A1 Masselink BASEBAU The 1959 Unity baseball team will be play- ing under a new coach, Marvin Zuidema. In his five years as coach, Mr. Ten Harmsel has led the Crusaders to a record of 67 victories and 18 defeats. This year with twelve returning veterans we are sure Mr. Zuidema will continue this fine record. 96 33R Q1232? 4 j 333$ Cal Aukeman tnack Dave Baker . Duane Mensch Kneeling: B. Vander Tuin, H. Langerak, J. Heyboer, P. Vander 5100:, J. Peuler, T. Slager, D. Mensch. Standing: C. De Boer, G. Kuiper, A. Helder, D. Mulder, B. Miedema, M. Aukeman, D. Baker, N. Miedema, J. Huizenga, R. Koop, S. Diepenhorst, D. De Vries, B. Vander Kooi, G. Lubbers, I. Visser, C. Aukeman. 98 GIRLS BASKETBALL Kneeling: A. Rozema, P. Schut, L. Roelofs, C. Monsma, M. Peuler, B. Klynstra, B. Hoekstra, M. Palmbos, C. Vande Bunte. Standing: D. Dykstta, Manager; S. Schuttet, M. Klynstra, B. Schut, J. Hopkins, J. Kramer, P. Betten, B. Van Noord, M. Smit, Manager; Mrs. Byker, Coach. GIRlS BASKEIIBAH Our girls team, under the coaching of Mrs. Byket, plays eight scheduled games each year. These games are played with Comstock Park, Sparta, and Coopetsville. .The four schools com- pose the Kenewa League. This year the girls also scrimmaged Grand RapidstChristian twice. The girls practice about two nights each week. COACH - Mrs. Byker 99 mmamunals the champ 101 ,- Our various activities have,helped to develop our interests in certain fields of activity and given us the opportunity to exercise our varied abilities. From the well rehearsed Play and the highly formal Junior-Seniot Banquet to club meet- ings and pep assemblies, all our activities have been enjoyable and necessary facets for expend- ing our energy. STUDENT COUNCIL Seated: H. Byker, B. Kraker, G. Amoys, C. De Young, G. Kuiper, E. Zylstra, D. Mulder, Mr. De Jong. Standing: M. Smit, J. Heyboer, P. Vander Sloot, M. Schteur, R. Bergman, C. Driesenga, W. Walcott, M. Vonk, B. Vandet Kooi, S. Buist, L. Roelofs, H. Guikema. STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS Eileen Zylstra, Secretary, Gerald Kuiper, President, Cindy De Young, Treasurer, Gord Amoys, Vice-Prey ident. 104 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY First row: E. Zylstra, J. Guikema, L. Roelofs, M. Van Ek, T. Hager, B. Vander Kooi, D. Mulder, C. Aukeman, D. De Good. Second row: M. Lubbers, B. Bremer, P. Schut, M. Peuler, B. Schut, M. Smit, J. Hamberg, B. Van Noord, K. Ensink, D. Ribbens, M1. Vanden Berg, sponsor. Third row: T, Vanden Bosch, C. Monsma, C. Spoelma, M. Palmbos, J. De Boer, B. Velthouse, I. Westrate, L. Newenhouse, S. Koster. Fourth row: B. Dekkinga, D. Huibregtse, J. Bajema, C. Besteman, L. Van Farowe, B. Kraker, P. Grassmid, A. Palmbos, S. Buist, M. Sjaarda, E. Dekker, C. Vande Bunte. VARSITY CLUB First row: R. Steggerda, J. Kalsbeek, H. Nyenhui s, B. Van Regenmorter, G. Kuiper, H. Byker, H. Langerak. Second row: G. Amoys, T. Visser, J. Stroo, T. Blouwkamp, A. Atendsen, R. Bergman, K. Groelsma, M. Heyboer. Third row: A. Masselink, S. Groothuis, J. Room, A. Axnoys, P. Vander Sloot, B. Miedema, N. Miedema, L. Veldink, M. De Young, Mt. Ten Harmsel, sponsor. BI 0L OGY CLUB First row: P. Arendsen, J. De Windt, M. Longstreet, B. Van Regenmorter, G. Arnoys, G. Schutter, S. Kraker, I. Westrate. Second row: E. Post, H. Rozema, D. Haveman, J. Vander Plaats, H. Haverdink, C. Matthysse, L. Newenhouse, S. Koster, B. Velthouse, Mr. De Witt, sponsor. Third row: E. Kuiper, M. Klynstra, B. Vugteveen, D. Daling, J. Hamberg, M. Lubbers, A. Katerberg, B. Vander Kolk, B. De Young. Fourth row: D. Langerak, D. Mensch, A. Amoys, T. Rozema, R. Beute, B. Vander Kooy, D. Monsma, B. Elgersma, C. De Boer, R. Harmsen. ' CHESS CLUB J. Posthumus, B. Wolfert, C. Bruins, A. Howerzyl, R. Kuyers, Mr. Jasperse, sponsor. BIOLOGY CLUB First row: J. Heyboer, H. Vander Scheuer, A. Rozema, K. Ensink, A. Renkema, S. Potter, D. Dykstra. Second row: Mr. Sikkema, sponsor, M. Smit, B. De Boer, C. Monsma, T. Vander Bosch, P. Nysse, H. Talsma, J. Pauzenga. Third row: C. Spoelman, M. Palmbos, J. Nyenhuis Nyenhuis, B. Van Noord, I. Nyenhuis, R. Cassee, M. Lemmink, C. Oostendorp. Fourth row: L. Van Rhee, W. Van Houten, J. Huizenga, G. Harmsen, L. Veldink, G. Dyk, A. Arendsen, K. Groelsma, E. De Jong. FASHION CLUB First row: Mrs. Vos, sponsor, M. Vande Gutche, L. Roelofs, J. Guikema, M. Gezon. Second row: C. Nyenhuis, A. Grasman, J. Beute, A. Palmbos, S. Bosgraaf, L. Ponstein, Third row: J. Seitsema, A. Dyk, P. Betten, S. Buist, L. Dyk, A. Pols, C. Cooper. .$. SENIOR PHYS. ED . CLUB Kneeling: A. Hoogewind, T. Slager, J. Mating, H. Langerak, F. Apol, A. Alderink, J. De Boer, C. Voetberg, J. Dyk, M. Velthouse, R. Vander Wal, K. Harmsen, Y. Berens, G. Cook, E. Ponstein, C. Nykamp, 2nd row: M1. Zuidema, Mrs. Byker, C. De Jong, C. Walcott, E. Zylstra, P. Coeling, R. Dekker, S. Grasmen, S. Geers, B. HOekstra, C. Vande Bunte, Klynstra, R. Decker. 3rd row: S. Diepenhorst, M. Aukeman, F. Huizenga, G. Talsma, B. T. Visser, J. Visser, J. Berens, L. Schut, M. De Vries, W. Stroo, W. Dekkinga, G. Meekhof, R. De Jong, L. Lubbers, R. Huibregtse. FRESHMAN PHYS. ED CLUB Kneeling: T. Bosgraaf, J. Hamstra, J. Bosgtaaf, G. Meinema, H. Vander Kam, R. Schuitema, B. Harmsen, S. Cooper, M. Schreur, P. Siaarda, G. Nyenhuis, C. Hanger, M. Boomsma, R. Schut, J. Wierenga, P. Rozema, C. Ringerwole, D. Smit, C. Katsten, C. Driesenga, G. Haverdink, M. Nyenhuis, M. De Jong, S. Zondervan. Standing: J. Vander Meulen, R. Van Dyke, J. Vredevoogd, L. Brewer, B. Gras, H. Guikema, C. Fredricks, K. Westrate, J. Beute, M. Rozema, J. Hopkins, K. Bosgraaf, K. Westrate, R. Haan, L. Ver Hage, R. Belamar, H. Gort, N. Van Regenmortet, R. Koster, J. Woodwyk. TABLE TENNIS CLUB N. Miedema, G. Koetje, G. Karsten, D. Pruis, L. Karsten, B. Bosch, K. Ulberg, R. 5311, G. Haverdink, R. Scholten, A. Betten, D. Brink, S. De Vries, D. Grooters, J. Bosch, R. Feenstra, L. Scholrna, C. Rop, K. Bosch, L. Van Farowe, M. Heyboer, R. Bergman, B. Huizenga, K. Dombush, MI. Ten Harmsel, sponsor, D. Oosterbroek, G. Vander Ploeg. CAMERA CLUB First row: R. Vanden Bosch, T. Rozema, M. Steggerda, F. Ensink, M. Venema, F. Langeland Mr. Flietstra, sponsor. Second row: J. Grasman, D. Mating, K. Dyk, T. Leenheer, D. Ten Harmsel, D. Schulze, J. Van Dyken, M. De Voss, C. Wolfert. 109 FUTURE NURSES CLUB First row: C. Geurink, E. Vanden Bosch, M. Hoeksoma, T. Schut, M. Van Houten, M. Schuitman, J. Prui s, M. Van Ek. Second row: M. Vander Nat, S. Schutter, W. Van Klompenberg, M. Hoekstra, S. De Jong, B. Holstege, P. Heyboer, M. Van Timmeran, T. Brink, Mrs. Laman, sponsor. Third row: N. Langeland, J. Lugtiheid, S. Lugtiheid, E. Decker, J. Kramer, S. Wallinga, S. Gulket, R. Roek, M. Zylstra, B. Btemer, S. Westveld. FUTURE TE ACHERS CLUB First row: L. Mackus, J. Blauwkamp, R. Frens, M. Scholten, M. Sjaarda, S. Visser. - Second row: Mr. Postma, sponsor, H. Bykef. R. Nykamp. M. Brewer, G. Karsten. FORENSICS Seated: T. Hager, L. Schut, C. Voetberg, P. Coeling, J. Berens, A. Palmbos, Standing: Mr. Byker, Coach, J. Visser, J. Visser, M. Velthouse, I. Westrate, K. Nyenhuis, M. VanEk. K x xwvlau M w xymw w LIBRARY CLUB A. Renkema, Mrs. Otter, sponsor, M. De Voss, C. Voetberg, S. Visser, C. Wolfert, C. Nykamp, M. Oosterink 111 PEP CLUB First row: G. Schutter, M. Venerna, M. Van Timmeran, A. Palmbos, T. Schut, M. Gezon, J. Braun, J. Blauwkamp, L. Schut, K. Harmsen, M. Velthouse, P. Coeling, J. Berens, P. Schut, cheerleader, M. Longstreet, cheerleader, C. Speelma, cheerleader, K. Besgraaf, cheerleader, I. Nyenhuis, J. Nyenhuis, M. Palmbos, M. Peuler, D. Dykstra, M. Lemmink, R. Cassee, B. De Boer, G. Cook, E. Bremer, C. Cooper, S. Buist. Second row: J. Vander Plaats, N. Diepenhorst, E. Zylstra, C. De Young, C. Walcott, P. Heyboer, W. Van Klompenberg, M. M. Hoekstra, E. Decker, J. Guikema, M. Van Houten, B. Hoekstra, J. Pauzenga, A. Rozema, L. Mackus, C. Monsma, J. Bauder, S. Driesenga, B. Neiboer, M. Vander Kooy, B. Schut, M. Smit, B. Van Noord: S. Lemmen, M. Scholten, S. Gulker, M. Koster, M. Van Ek, L. Roelofs, Third row: F. Saagman, M. Jeurink, R. Vander Wal, A. Katerburg, B. De Young, B. Vander Kolk, C. Nykamp, F. Apol, J. De Boer, B. Velthouse, J. Grasman, M. Brouwer, M. Brewer S. Cooper, R. Haan, G. Karsten, S. Visser, C. Wolfert, M. De Voss, S. Potter, 1. Westrate, C. Matthysse, J. Hamburg, J. Dykema, J. Vander Honing. L. Newenhouse, S. Koster, M. Sjaarda, S. Westveld, T. Vanden Bosch, L. Poustein, C. Nyenhuis, J. Beute. Fourth row: H. Langerak, I. Vraker, G. Haverdink, 'K. Huizenga, B. Kooinga, B. Bremer, M. Schuitman, C. Voetberg, E. Ponstein, R. Dekker, S. Grasman, A. Aldetink, J. Vander W31, M. De Jong, C. Driesenga, G. Nyenhuis, M. Schreur, C. Ringerwole, J. Beute, M. Rozema, M. Nyenhuis, S. Zondervan, H. Haverdink, P. Arendsen, A. Renkema, H. Rozema, D. Haveman, E. Post, J. De Windt, J. Koopman, R. Nykamp, D. Ribbens, L. Schut, D. Baker, B. Van Regenmorter. Fifth Row: P. Betten, S. Schutter, A. Pols, T. Brink, M. Bosgraaf, B. Schuitema, R. Vanden Bosch, M. Steggerda, C. Victory. A. Kronemeyer, L. Dyk, B. Holstege, M. Lubbers, A. Schroetenboer, M. Oosterink, V. Palmbos, L. Schutte, J. Sietsma, C. Geurink, B. Wittingen, J. Elgersma, J. Boetsma, D. Smit, L. Ponstein, E. Smit, P. Van Dyke, E. Vanden Bosch, H. Talsma, J. Scholten, J. Hopkins, M. Vonk, D. Mating, G. Amoys. Sixth row: L. Van Rhee, T. Hager, H. Vander Scheuer, G. Boetsma, D. Oosterbroek, E. De Jong, B. Elgersma, A. Helder, C. De Boer, J. Walcott, F. Langeland, J. Hoekstra, J. Visser, G. Roon, B. Vander Tuin, S. Dykstra, L. Van Noord, S. Dykstra, L. Van Noord, R. Schut, B. Schutter, V. Prins, R. Van Dyken, K. Mulder, S. Wallinga, M. Zylstra, A. Vander Nat, J. Wynsma, M. Boomsma, C. Fredericks, B. Gras, K. Westrate, G. Haverdink, P. Rozema, M. Steenwyk, D. Mulder. Seventh row: P. Grassmid, B. Kraker, G. Dyk, G. Koetje, D. Brink, R. Blouw, B. Vander Kooi, D. Monsma, B. Stob, C. Borgerding, G. Elders, L. Gtoothuis, V. Talsma, J. Peuler, S. Diepenhorst, A. Wierda, K. Brink, J. Mating, S. Kraker, B. Vugteveen, Y. Berens, B. Vollink, L. Brewer, K. Ensink, C. Dykhouse, P. Vander Laan, C. Karsten, P. Sjaatda, J. Wierenga, D. Huibtegtse, D. De Good, C. Aukeman. Cheerleaders in foreground: B. Klynstra, M. Klynstra. GERMAN CLUB First row: M. Vonk, K. Mulder, J. Wynsma, J. Vander Wal, V. Ptuis, J. Elgersma, A. Vander Veen, B. Styf, T. Quinlan. Second row: G. Dykstra, R. Spoelmau, J. Brink, D. Geers, J. Kroll, B. Koopmans, P. Kroll, J. Bajema, J. Peuler, Mr. Bolhuis, Sponsor. Third row: J. Ringetwole, E. Brenner, B. Schut, M. Peuler, M. Vander Kooy, B. Nieboet, M. Van Vels, A. Vander Nat, V. Schut, J. Scholten. Fourth row: A. Palmbos, J. Postma, H. Nyenhuis, D. De Vries, L. Van Noord, D. De Good, N. Hoezee, P. Hopkins, D. Vander Laan, T. We stfield, G. Koop s. GUN CLUB. Standing: Mr. JohnsonI sponsor, C. Kalsbeek, A. Dykema, R. Schteux, R. Koop, N. Hoezee Kneeling: K. Brink, T. Blauwkamp, J. Mating, F. Brouwer n O S A 6 S D. m w t w 25,33 mtenscholastlc tests Each year Unity enters a scholastic contest with five other Christian High Schools in our area. This contest is divided into sixteen divisions, each division covering a different academic field. There are two students from each school com- peting in each division. A ribbon is awarded to those who place first, second, or third in their divisions. Advanced Algebra English I Latin Connie Vande Bunte Alice Palmbos Dorothy Ribbens Karol Harmsen Sharon Buist Linda Roelofs Bible Geometry Church History Mary Van Bk 1301? Vander KOOi Bonnie Kraker Terry Hager Gord Koetje Biology U. S. History . World History Carol Monsma Pat Grassmld Judy De Boer Annjean Rozema Gary Zond ervan Marilyn Palmbos German English II Fran Saagman Myra Smit Bill Dekkinga Pat Schut Bookstore workers Mr. De Koning, manager, R. Vander Wal, C. Walcott, M. Hoekstra, T. Schut, B. Bremer, K. Harmsen, M. Velthouse, J. Vander Plaats, G. Schutter, C. De Young, M. Van Houten, M. Schuitman J. Dyk, B. Klynstra, J. Guikema, C. Voetberg, C. Nykamp. E. Ponstein, B. Vander Kolk, P. Heyboer, W. Van Klompenberg, S. De Jong, N. Diepenhorst, A. Katerburg, B. De Jong, M. Lubbers, L. Schut, B. Hoekstra 117 "Theyhre taking advantage of you, Warren." "Brotherly love?" Fneshmen Initiation As part of their initiation the freshmen and new sophomores came to school- - the girls wear- ing their mothers' dresses and the boys wearing inside-out blue jeans, They carried the seniors' books and ran various errands for them all day. By the end of the day the seniors decided that the new students had passed their test with flying colors and were ready to become full-fledged mem- bers of Unity so they formally initiated them and the new teachers at the Freshman Reception. etCome out and take it like men." A110 RECEDEIOH "A stitch in time saves nine." "I didrft think even the freshman boys shaved yet." "Hamming it up." "If the string doesn't break. the pride will." "Honestly now, boys! !" 119 k Left: Connie Vande Bunte, Student Director. Right: Mrs. Otter, Director. . . . and Prompters This dramatization of Charles Dickensi favor- ite novel was directed by Mrs. Alice Otter and presented as our Ail-School Play. The setting of the play is England. The scene opens when David is a mere lad of twelve. He is soon left at the mercy of his harsh stepfather by the death of his mother. His life becomes difficult and he is forced to work long hours in a factory. But, as with most deserving lads, his situation changes when, at last, he finds his way into the heart: of his wealthy aunt. pnepanatlon Lastvminute preparation Ray Koop, Alvem Geldet, Sharon Buist, Jackie Pruis bawo coppenlilel David Copperfield . . . . . . . Alvem Gelder Mrs. Clara Copperfield . . . . Patricia Coeling Peggotty . . . . . . . . . . . . . Carole Walcott Edward Murdstone . . . . . . . Roger Steggerda Jane Murdstone . . . . . . . . . Thelma Schut Wilkins Micawber . . . . . . . . Terry Hager Mrs. Micawber . . . . . . . . . . Marilyn Velthouse Aunt Betsy Trotwood . . . . . Sharon Buist Mr.Dick..............RayKoop Uriah Heep . . . . . . . . . . . . Bob Van Regenmotter AgnesWickfield . . . . . . . . .Marie Vander Nat Janet................JackiePruis The Stranger . . . . . . . . . . . Gordon Amoys Pat Coeling, Alvern Gelder, Thelma Schut, Roget Steggerda. B. Van Regenmortet, M. Vander Nat, R. Koop, I. Pruis, A. Amoys, S. Buist, h x w. as: kunmu Terry Hagar, Alvem Gelder, Carole Walcott. A. Gelder, C. Walcott, P. Coeling, R. Stegger T. Schut, T. Hager, M. Velthouse. 3 V Typists: B. Schuitema, B. Kooienga, E. Zylstra; Editor: E. Decker; Associate Editor: M. Bosgraaf. Editor: E. Decker; Advisor: Mr. Bierma. Bugle Staff Editor .................EleanorDekket Associate Editor . . . . . . . . . . Marcia Bosgraaf Business Manager . . . . . . . . . Len Van Noord Assignment Editor . . . . . . . . . Eleanor Ponstein Feature Editor . . . . . . . . . . . Marilyn Velthouse Rewrite Editors . . . . . . . . . . .Bev Klynstra Laura Ponstein Sports Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . .Bob Van Regenmorter Mimeographer . . . . . . . . . . . . Brenda Bremer Typists . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Barbara Schuitema Betty Kooienga Eileen Zylstra Art Editors . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Joanne Kramer Janice Berens BUGLE REPORTERS Seated: M. Hoekstra, B. Hoekstra, P. Kroll, F. Apol, P. Van Noord, M. Lubbets. Standing: B. Nieboer, V. PalmbOS, B. Harmsen, B. Kraker, A. Vandet Nat, P. Grassmid, T. Schut, C. Oostendorp, K. Bosgraaf, J. Blauwkamp, M. Steggerda Reyvrite Editors: L. Ponstein, B. Klynstra; Feature Art Editors: Edltor: M. Velthouse; Assignment Editor: E. Ponstein. J. Berens, J. Kramer. Sport Editor: B. Van Regenmorter; Mimeographer: B. 125 Bremer. Business and Circulation Manager: L. Van Noord. SILHOUETTE STAFF Seated: Mr. Bierma, Mr. De Witt. B. KxakerI P. Gtassmid, C. Vande Bunte, J. Guikema, P. Coeling, E. Zylstra, A Palmbos. Standing: J. Kalsbeek, G. Zondervan, T. Hagen Silhouette stall Editor .................PatGrassmid Business Manager . . . . . . . . . John Kalsbeek Layout Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . Bonnie Kraker Junior E-ditors . . . . . . . . . . . .Alice Palmbos Terry Hager Copy Editors . . . . . . . . . . . . .Pat Coeling Sports Editors . . . . . . . . . . . .Connie Vande Bunte Gary Zondervan Typists . . . . .. . .. . . .. . ...JudyGuikema Eileen Zylstra Advisor: Mr. Bierma; Editor: P. Grassmid; Advisor: Mr. De Witt. Business Manager: J. Kalsbeek. Sports Editors: G. Zondervan, C. Vande Bunte. Typists: E. Zylstra, J. Guikema. 127 GREGHIAHO assemBly Cecil Houghton in "From Greenland's Icey Mountains" f "Romper Room" "Queen For a Day" "May You Always" uChalnrltil 3 Clubhouse" "People to People" 3 i a v g; uThe Big Payoff" We wish to thank our patrons, from whom these advertisements were procured, for the interest which they have shown in our school by holding up the financial end of this Silhouette. Greetings from Dr. and Mrs. H A G E R 09 K$ 0' De WEERDS I.G.A. Groceries Meats Dry Goods Footwear Compliments of VOLLINK'S SUPER MARKET Henry Meinemu-Julius lamer Phone MO 9-6606 Chicago Dr. Complimen+s of GRANDVILLE Sunoco Service and JENISON Fuel and Hardware Tom De WiH Jake Vander-Laan COMPLIMENTS of Hudsonville Hardware Phone: MO 9-6621 $135; W 93W Quality Shoes for The Entire Family Personalized fininq Hudsonville Michigan Van's Food Market Phone MO 9-6624 Hudsonville FOR HOME-MADE MEAT SHOP AT VAN'S Compliments of Grandville Floral Company State Street Grundville, Mich. FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Phone AR 6-4943 Louis and Gerri? Von Vels Compliments of Ed's Grille 3170 Chicago Dr. Hudsonville, Michigan Elders Electric ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES AND CONTRACTING Phone ARdmore 6-4631 4051 Chicago Dr. S.W. Grandville Visscher's Drug Store PRESCRIPTION PHARMACISTS Fountain Service School Supplies - Phone: M0 9-6695 COMPLIMENTS OF Fairlanes Bowling Hoekzema Drygoods Store QUALITY AT POPULAR PRICES SINCE 1916 4009 Chicago Drive S.W. Grundville, Michigan AR 6-4309 De Vree Electric Luxoire Furnaces WIRING - PLUMBING - HEATING Maytag and General Electric Appliances Hudsonville, Michigan Compliments of Community Bakery Phone: MO 9-6225 Compliments of John Keep THE ONE STOP STORE Groceries - Meats - Produce Dry Goods - Footwear - Hardware - Phone - TW 5-4973 MO 9-6722 Bauer, Michigan Compliments of Allendale Funeral Home Edward Lcngelond, Director - AMBULANCE SERVICE - Phone TW 5-4400 Compliments of Allendale Dept. Store CLOTHING AND SHOES FOR WOMEN, MEN, GIRLS AND BOYS Infant Wear and Many Other Items We Give 5 8- H Green Stamps Phone Allendale TW 5-4365 Kraker Bros. Market Bernie 8- AI GROCERIES AND MEATS Our Aim: Service and Satisfaction Phone TW 5-4353 WalcoH Elevator FEED - GRAIN FERTILIZER AND SEEDS Allendale, Michigan Phone TW 5-4952 AL ARNOLDINK'S Allendale Super Market VEGETABLES - GENERAL MERCHANDISE QUALITY MEATS - BEVERAGES GROCERIES - FROZEN FOODS Phone Allendale "Every Day Low Prices!" Allendale Lumber Co. LUMBER - BUILDING MATERIALS MILLWORK Allendale, Michigan R.R. No. 1 Phone TW 5-4361 COMMERCIAL - RESIDENTIAL Kalsbeek-DeJong Plumbing 4132 Hall Street S.W. Grand Rapids, Michigan Phones AR 6-7586 or LE 4-1929 HOUSE OF FURNITURE "Furniture for Modern- Minded Young Americans" 5. Division at 60th Street GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN Compliments of SPOELMA BODY SHOP Painting and Bumping WINDSHIELD AND ALL CAR GLASS REPLACED GRANDVILLE AR 6-2851 COMPLIMENTS OF HARTMAN CHEVROLET Hudsonville. Mich. Phone MO 9-9683 Compliments of SCHOLTEN'S BARBER SHOP TIGELAAR 8: DE WEERD Long Distance Hauling Refrigerator Service AUTOMATIC TEMPERATURE CONTROL Phone MO 9-6634 HUDSONVILLE MICHIGAN GRANDVILLE BUILDER'S SUPPLY Building Materials Lumber - Paints Specialties - Coal J. C. STROO, MANAGER Phone AR 6-4617 123 State St S C H U T ' S FRAME and WHEEL ALIGNMENT Wheel Balancing and Spring Service FREE ESTIMATES Phone MO 9-6638 Hudsonville, Mich. Jenison Food Market Poul Pauzenga-Jake Duimstro "We Give Gold Bell Gift Stamps" Compl iments of Hudsonville Truck and Trailer Dorsey Sales and Service Truck Painting and Lettering BEV'S CAFE 2422 28th St, SW. GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN Phone: LE 2-9906 Ver Huge Motor Sales Co. CHRYSLER and PLYMOUTH Dealer Since 1914 Grandville Elevator Groin-Feed-Seeds -Fe rti I izers Water Softener-Salt 120 State St. Grandville, Mich. Eat at THE ElM'S Restaurant 8. Drive-ln Featuring Shrimp-Chicken-Burger Baskets Homburgs served on DUTCH-BOY RUSK BUNS Poskey 8 Meeuwsen AUTO REPAIR SERVICE Jenison Michigan Compliments of The Hudsonville Body Shop Phone: MO 9-6692 3480 Chicago Drive Herbert Schout Alvin Geurink PETE'S BARBER SHOP Compliments Next to The Drug Store of Dr. and Mrs. Ver Kaik Pete . Howard Groters Wabeke Complimenfs of JOHN S. HUIZENGA Wholesale Mea+s Telephone: AR 6-2509 Jenison Michigan GERRITS APPLIANCE Compliments of 2410 West 28th S.W. LE 2-3626 KEN'S RADIO 8: 'I'.V. Sales-Service-Pazts Maytag-aFrigidaire-Tappcn Your "Citizen's Man" for Insurance Compliments Wayne K. Dornbush of Mn and M's- Phone: MO 9-9466 Marvin Heyboer 3576 Van Buren St. Hudsonville 137 Compliments of POSTHUMUS FUNERAL HOME DIRECTORS Jay A. Posfhumus and Sylvia Posthumus ICHIGA GRANDVILLE PHONE: AR 6-2595 M N COMMUNITY LUMBER COMPANY HENRY KOSTER Excavafing and Grading Lumber Millwork Buildin Materials 9 Phone AR 6-3982 4389 W. Chicago Drive Grandville Phone AR 6-2581 l074 Chicago Drive Compliments of Compliments of SPE-D-GAS COMPANY HUDSONVILLE Van's Candy Company Holland Michigan Compliments of Dr. and Mrs. C. DeBoer Compl iments of GEMMEN'S HARDWARE Compl iments of NYSSES'S Sales and Service Compliments of Dr. and Mrs. Mulder Compliments of Dr. 8 Mrs. C. J. DeHaan Compliments of DON'S GROCERY "We give S If H Green Stamps" MO 9-6405 MAYNARD VANDER WAL HENRY VANDER WAL M. VANDER WAL BUILDING CONSTRUCTION IS OUR BUSINESS We Try to Make it 0 Pleasant Experience 7921 Cottonwood Drive Jenison, Michigan AR 6-4458 RAY'S RADIO REPAIR 914 Chicago Drive Jenison, Michigan Philco Motorola Radio, TV, Color TV Kitchen Sets Appliances Phone AR 6-3043 COMPLIMENTS OF COLISEUM ROLLER RINK Complimems of SPE-D-GAS COMPANY HUDSONVILLE Farmers Coopera+ive Eleva+or Co. Grain - Seeds - Feeds - FerHlizer Coal, Gas. and Oil Fuel Oil Delivery +0 Your Door Jamesfown. Vriesland, Bauer and Hudsonville, Michigan BULTMAN STUDIOS 91? "Your School Phofographer" HudsonvilIe, Mich. Compliments of HUDSONVIllE DRY ClEANERS I49 EAST OAK STREET Phone: MO 9-6620 THE FRANKLIN PRESS iNC. Phone LE 2.0102 For All Your Priniing Needs "A Shop Large Enough To Serve You We", And Small Enough To Know You Well" S. Helder - D. Helder - Sid Helder PETER BORGERDING State Farm Insurance Company AUTOoFIREoLIFE 7450 Main Street at M-Zl Phone: AR 6-2814 JENISON MICHIGAN Compliments of GRYSEN'S INN DE VOS APPLIANCE Sales Er Service RCA-Whirlpool-Easy-Hamilton Hudsonvi l le MO 9-9633 Compliments of KROLI. FURNACE CO. BE SMART - LOOK SMART Alawsy on our foes To give you the latest styles in MEN'S 'and YOUNG MEN'S SMART LOOKING SUITS $45.95 to $75.00 Don't pay more! When you can buy better for less! . . . And seeing is believing A huge selection for your choosing . . . and 5 expert tailors 10 give you a perfect fit! Jurgens z; Hol'l'vluwer Deparfmeni' S+ore 141 Compliments of GOODRICH WELDER Compliments of Dr. and Mrs. Roberts anMQJ : pen m:nam mm: mmmt E nmmvam sylls Maia EESVMRAM s jQWUfS mamas ENE. rows KUYERS SHOE STORE Compliments of VAN REGENMORTER BROS. GROCERIES AND MEATS Footwear for Men, Women and Children Shoes Built For Comfort and Correction - R JAMESTOWN MICHIGAN X RAY INSURES P OPER FIT S I: H Green Stamps Zeeland, Mich. Complimenfs of JAMES K. HAVEMAN. Archi+ec+ 62l Michigan Trus+ Company Grand Rapids Michigan Complimenfs of HUDSONVILLE BOX 8: BASKET COMPANY Phone MO 9-6632 HOUSE OF FURNITURE "Furniture for Modern- Minded Young Americans" 5. Division at 60m Street GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN WNEIUDSONVILLEW R? LUMBER COMPANY? To Serve You Better In 2; All Kinds of Weather Grandville Dairy Comments Pasteurized Milk and Cream of Phone: AR 6-7122 GRANDVILLE HARDWARE South Wilson Ave. Grandville, Mich. TRADE AT HOME . . . BUT IF YOU CAN'T FIND WHAT YOU WANT, ZEELAND STORES PROBABLY HAVE IT . . . AND WILL BE HAPPY TO SERVE YOU. Compliments of ZEELAND CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Retail Division 143 LTH U E PLUMBING AL ALDERINK BO 0 S 8: HEATING PLUMB l NG AND HEAT! NG Phone TW 54519 4205 Orleans Avenue S.W. m. l, Allendale, Michigan Gm"! Rapids' MiCh'ga" COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS ZYLSTRA'S DR. AND MRS. J. JAY POST Eastmanville COMMUNITY STATE BANK Hudsonville Grandville SEE US FOR ALL YOUR FINANCIAL NEEDS Savings Accounts 305 Time Certificates BOA Checking Accounts Loans For Every Purpose See Us When You Need Financial Help COMPLIMENTS DR. KENNETH E. BAKER BEST WISHES Dr. and Mrs. Zandsfra and Family Farm Bureau Insurance Auto - Life - Fire Form Liability Allendale, Michigan -- Agents6 Gerrif Elzinga, Hudsonville R. 3 Phone Borculo TR 1-3154 Kenneth Willard, Coopersville Phones: Coopersville 544-R and OR 7-3279 Compliments of T. BOSGRAAF 81 SONS Growers, Packers and Shippers of Superior Brand Celery Hearts Pon-Bogged - Fresh Daily - Year Around Hudsonville, Mich. JAMESTOWN GARAGE STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS Ralph and Lee Brinks, Proprietors General Repairing - Wrecker Service Electric and Acetylene Welding TW 6-9342 Jamestown, Mich. HOLIDAY FOODS INC. 3518 W. Chicago Dr. Hudsonville, Michigan Ph. MO 9-6627 RAINBOW GRILL DRIVE-IN THE SNACK SPOT OF THE CITY OF GRANDVILLE Phone AR 6-9135 for Take-out Service COOK FUNERAL HOME Mormerly Langelanw - AMBULANCE SERVICE -- Ronald R. Cook, Director Grandville Phone AR 6-4621 ZALE'S IGA MARKET Lake Michigan Drive and 96th Avenue GROCERIES - MEATS - NOTIONS Phone TW 5-43 56 Compliments of PIERSMA ALLENDALE DRUG STORE CLARE Pl ERSMA 24-Hour Emergency Prescription Service Phone TW 5-4358 HUDSONVILLE DRY CLEANERS Shopping Plaza RALPH MEYERS EXCAVATING AND GRADING AND BLACK DIRT Allendale Phone TW 5 -4368 Jerry Van Spronsen - Ron Rotman CERAMIC TILE COMPANY CERAMIC TILE - SLATE FLAGGING - MARBLE 3240 Breton Rd. Grand Rapids, Michigan Phone GL 2-3980 GRANDVILLE HOME FURNISHINGS 4165 Chicago Drive, Grandville, Michigan WE GIVE S G H GREEN STAMPS Telephone AR 6-3339 Evenings by Appointment Call LE 2-9030 or GL 2-0551 ALLENDALE HEATING CO. FURNACES AND AlR-CONDITIONING EAVESTROUGH l NG Phone TW 5-4949 Allendale Compliments of ALBERT GEMMEN 8: SONS LIVESTOCK BUYERS and WHOLESALE MEATS Allendale Michigan HUDSONVILLE FLORAI. AND GIFT SHOP Complete Floral Service - Pottery and Gifts FREE DELIVERY Shopping Plaza - Kelly Street MO 9-9543 Bob and Martha Hoogenstyn "EAT IN YOUR CAR, IT ISN'T TOO FAR" TO RUSS'-Hollancl's East Limits Known for All-Steak Hamburg: Compliments of FIRST MICHIGAN BANK 8. TRUST COMPANY Zeeland, Michigan BRANCH OFFICES Hamilton ALLENDALE Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Member Federal Reserve System CAPITAL AND SURPLUS ....... ........... ONE MILLION DOLLARS LUBBER'S UPHOLSIERY NEW AND REBUILT Toilor-made Seat Covers Gluing and Repairing Phone MO 9-6614 5464 - 36th Street, Hudsonville JOEL'S STUDIO 3503 Kelly Sf. SHOPPING PLAZA Hudsonville, Mich. WEDDINGS - PORTRAITS COMPLIMENTS Mr. and Mrs. Harold Schuf Compliments of VANDERLAAN Hudsonville Shopping Plaza BEST WISHES "Programs designed with you in mind." HOLLAND. MICHIGAN stubent mbex A Alderink, Adriana 52,66,108,112 Alderink, Robert 52 Apol, Faith 52,66,108,112,125 Arendsen, Alvin 26,105,107 Arendsen, Pearl 52,66,106,113 Arnoys, Allan 26,62,64,96,105,106,122 Arnoys, Gord 26,62,65,104,105,106,113 Aukeman, Cal 52,62,64,85,98,105,113 Aukeman, Mel 52,66,90,98,108 B Bajema, Jack 52,105,114 Baker, David 48,64,66,67,84,98,113 Bauder, Judy 52,66,67,113 Berens, Janice 26,108,111,112,125 Berens, Yvonne 52,66,108,113 Bergman, Roger 48,84,85,96,104,105 Bergman, Trenton 48 Besteman, Carl 52,105 Besteman, Jean 56 Betten, Allan 56,109 Betten, Phyllis 48,68,73,99,107,112 Beute, Joyce 56,108,113 Beute, Judy 48,107,113 Beute, Roger 48,106 Blauwkamp, Darlene 48,66 Baluwkamp, Janice 11,48,62,110,112,125 Blauwkamp, Terry 53,96,105,114 Blouw, Ron 48,112 Boersma, Jim 53 Boetsma, Gary 53,112 Boetsma, Judy 56,113 Boomsma, Mary 56,108,113 Borgerding, C. Jay 53,64,66,112 Bosch, Jay 26,48,109 Bosch, Ken 109 Bosch, Ken 53 Bosch, Bob 109 Bosgraaf, Jack 56,108 Bosgraaf, Kay 56,92,108,112,125 Bosgraaf, Marcia 26,112,124 Bosgraaf, Sandra 27,62,107 Bosgraaf, Tom 56,108 Braun, Julie 49,62,112 Bremer, Brenda 27,105,112,110,117,125 Bremer, Elaine 53,113,114 Brink, Don 49,109,112 Brink, Jim 56 Brink, Jim 49,62,114 Brink, Ken 53,68,113,114 Brink, Len 56 Brink, Thelma 49,110,112 Brower, Floyd 53,114 Brower, Laverne 57,108,113 Brower, Luanne 53 Brower, Marge 57,112 Brower, Maxine 53,110,112 Bruins, Cal 49,106 Bruins, Joyce 57 Brunsting, Minnie 57 Buist, Sharon 49,68,71,72,104,105,107, 113,116,121,122 Byker, Harry 27,62,64,65,84,85,96,104, 105,110 C Cassee, Ruth 53,107,113 Coeling, Pat 27,108,111,112,122,123, 126,127 Cook, Gert 53,66,108,113 Cooper, Carol 49,67,107,113 Cooper, Sandra 57,108,112 D Daling, Doris 53,66,106 De Boer, Beth 53,107,113 De Boer, Clarence 49,64,68,71,73,98, 106,112 De Boer, Judy 11,53,62,105,108,112,116 Decker, Eleanor 27,62,105,110,112,124 Decker, Bob 53,108 De Good, Douglas 53,68,90,105,113,114 De Jong, Carl 57,68,108 De Jong, Edgar 53,90,107,112 De Jong, Ted 53 De Jong, Marcia 57,108,112 De Jong, Sadie 27,110,117 Dekker, Rachel 53,108,112 Dekkinga, Bill 49,84,105,108,116 Delamar, Bob 57,100 De Voss, Margaret 49,109,111,112 De Vries, Dale 49,66,98,114 De Vries, Marve 53,108 De Vries, Sherwin 28,109 De Weerd, Norm 49,62,64 De Windt, Judy 53,66,106,113 De Young, Barb 28,62,106,112,117 De Young, Bob 53,108 De Young, Cynthia 28,62,104,112,117 De Young, Mark 49,64,66,96,105 De Zwaan, Gerald 57,68,71 Diepenhorst, Noel 28,112,117 Diepenhorst, Scott 53,98,108,112 Dornbush, Ken 57,68,71,72,109 Driesenga, Carolyn 57,104,108,112 Driesenga, Sharon 53,113 Dyk, Alma 49,107 Dyk, Gerald 49,62,64,107,112 Dyk, Jan 28,68,69,73,108,117 Dyk, Ken 57,109 Dyk, Leona 49,107,112 Dykema, Arlen 28,114 Dykema, Jan 53,113 Dykhouse, Carol 53,113 Dykstra, Dian 53,99,107,113 Dykstra, Richard 57,114 Dykstra, Stan 29,64,68,69,71,112 E Elders, Gerald 53,66,112 Elgersma, Jean 57,112,114 Elgersma, Bill 53,106,112 Ensink, Fred 29,109 Ensink, Kyle 53,105,107,113 F Feenstra, Roger 49,68,71,72,109 Fredricks, Carolyn 57,108,113 Frens, Ruth 49,62,92,110 G Geers, Don 49,68,71,73,114 Geers, Ron 49,64,68,71,72,73 Geers, Sandra 53,108 Gelder, Alvern 57,64,121,122,123 Geurink, Carol 49,66,68,110,113 Gezon, Mary 49,107,112 Gort, Harvey 57,64,108 Gras, Beth 57,108,113 Grasman, Arloa 49,62,107 Grasman, Jim 29,109 Grasman, Judy 49,112 Grasman, Sharon 53,66,108,112 Grassmid, Pat 11,29,62,65,105,112,116, 125,126 Grit, Nelson 53,64,66 Groelsema, Ken 29,96,105,107 Grooters, Dan 49,109 Groothuis, Larry 53,64,66,112 Groothuis, Sam 54,66,96,105 Guikema, Henry 57,90,194,108 Guikema, Judy 29,62,65,105,107,112,117, 126,127 Gulker, Sebeann 49,66,110,113 H Haan, Ruth 57,68,108,112 Hager, Terry 49,64,69,71,73,105,111,112, 116,123,126,127 Hamberg, Judy 54,105,106,113 Hamstra, John 47,108 Harmsen, Bruce 47,108,125 Harmsen, Karol 30,62,68,71,72,108,112, 116,117 Harmsen, Gerald 54,107 Harmsen, Ron 49,106 Hartger, Carol 57,108 Haveman, Chester 49 Haveman, Donna 54,106,113 Haverdink, Garold 49,62,64,65,68,73,109, 113 Haverdink, Gladys 57,68,73,108 Haverdink, Hazel 54,68,106,113 Helder, A1 49,62,64,98,112 Heyboer, Jack 54,68,90,98,104,107 Heyboer, Jerry 49 Heyboer, Marve 49,62,64,65,84,96,105, 109 Heyboer, Pat 30,110,112,117 Hoeksema, Marcia 30,110 Hoekstra, Betty 30,62,99,108,112,117,125 Hoekstra, Gerald 57 Hoekstra, Jack 54,112 Hoekstra, Mildred 30,110,112,117,125 Hoezee, Nathan 54,114 Holstege, Barb 49,110,112 Holstege, Jason 54 Hoogewind, Allen 54,108 Hopkins, Janice 57,68,99,108,113 Hopkins, Preston 54,90,114 waerzyl, Allan 54,106 Howerzyl, Ted 57 Huberts, Ken 59,66 Huibretse, Dick 54,105,108,113 Huizenga, Jon 54,64,66,90,98,107 Huizinga, Ben 57,68,73,109 Huizinga, Bob 50 Huizinga, Frank 54,108 Huizinga, Kittie 30,112 J Jasperse, Tom 54,64 Jeurink, Marianne 50,112 K Kalsbeek, Chuck 54,114 Kalsbeek, John 31,62,63,64,96,105,126, 127 Karsten, Carol 57,108,113 Karsten, Gary 31,109 Karsten, Gloria 50,66,110,113 Karsten, Lee 31,109 Katerberg, Arlene 11,31,62,106,112,117 Katerberg, Loren 57,64 Klynstra, Bev 31,62,63,92,99,108,112, 117,125 Klynstra, Marcia 54,66,92,99,106,113 Koetje, Gord 50,62,64,109,112,116 Kooinga, Betty 31,112,124 Koop, Alvin 54 Keep, Ray 32,98,114,121,122 Koopman, Jackie 57,68,113 Koopman, Bill 54,114 Koops, Gerrit 114 Koster, Mary 50,66,113 Koster, Roger 57,108 Koster, Sharon 54,66,105,106,113 Kraker, Bonnie 32,104,105,112,116,125 126,127 Kraker, Ivan 50,112 Kraker, Sheryl 54,66,106,113 Kramer, Joanne 32,62,68,71,72,99,110, 125 Kroll, John 54,114 Kroll, Paul 32,64,114,125 Kronemeyer, Anna 32,112 Kuiper, Etta 54,106 Kuiper, Gerald 32,62,64,65,98,104,105 Kuyers, Cal 54,62,64 Kuyers, Roger 50,106 L Langeland, Fred 50,109,112 Langeland, Norma 33,110 Langerak, Don 50,62,64,65,106 Langerak, Harry 50,62,64,98,105,108,112 Leenheer, Jerry 57,68,71,73,109 Lemmen, Sharon 54,66,113 Lemmink, Marcia 54,107,113 Longstreet, Mary 50,66,92,106,112 Lubbers, Gary 98 Lubbers, Larry 50,108 Lubbers, Mary 33,105,106,112,117,125 Lugtigheid, Judy 33,110 Lugtigheid, Shirley 11,50,66,67,110 Lynema, Eugena 54 M Mackus, Linda 50,62,65,110,113 Maring, Douglas 33,109,113 Maring, Jerry 50,62,64,84,108 Maring, John 54,66,113,114 Masselink, Alvin 50,84,96,105 Matthysse, Arlan 57 Matthysse, Cheryl 54,106,113 Meekhof, Gerald 50,108 Meinema, Gary 57,90,108 Mensch, Duane 50,98,106 Meyers, Vernon 50 Miedema, Nelson 33,105,98,109 Miedema, Robert 33,98,105 Monsma, Carol 50,62,99,105,107,113,116 Monsma, Richard 54,90,106,112 Mulder, David 54,62,64,90,98,104,105,113 Mulder, Kary 58,113,114 N Newenhouse, Lynda 54,105,106,113 Nieboer, Beth 54,66,113,114,125 Nitz, Larry 58 Nyenhuis, Cathy 50,107,111,113 Nyenhuis, Gwen 58,108,112 Nyenhuis, Henry 34,62,64,84,96,105,114 Nyenhuis, Irene 54,107 Nyenhuis, Joanne 54,107,113 Nyenhuis, Mary 58,108,113 Nykamp, Carole 34,108,111,112,117 Nykamp, Ruth 58,68,110,113 Nysse, Pat 50,62,107 O Oostendorp, Carole 11,50,107,125 Oostendorp, Eloise Oosterbroek, Don 54,90,109,112 Oosterink, Marilyn 50,66,111,112 P Palmbos, Allen 34,64,114 Palmbos, Alice 50,66,105,107,111,112, 116,126,127 Palmbos, Marilyn 54,99,105,107,113,116 Palmbos, Virginia 50,66,112,125 Pauzenga, Janice 11,50,62,65,107,113 Peuler, Jay 54,68,71,98,107,112,114 Peuler, Mary 54,62,99,105,113,114 Pols, Ann 50,66,68,107,112 Ponstein, Eleanor 34,108,112,117,125 Ponstein, Laura 50,107,113,125 Ponstein, Mary 58 Poortenga, Karen 58 Post, Evelyn 54,106,113 Postema, Gerald 58,114 Posthumus, Jack 58,106 Potter, Shirley 54,107,113 Prins, Virginia 58,68,71,72,113,114 Pruis, David 58,68,109 Pruis, Jackie 11,50,62,92,110,121,122 Quinlan, Dan 50 Quinlan, Tim 58,64,114 R Renkema, Arlene 55,107,111,113 Ribbens, Dorothy 50,68,105,113,116 Ringerwole, Connie 58,68,71,73,108,113 Ringerwole, Joan 11,55,68,62,114 Roek, Rochelle 50,62,110 Roelofs, Linda 11,50,62,99,104,105,107, 113,116 ' Roon, Gerald 34,62,64,96,105,112 Rop, Charles 58,109 Rozema, Annjean 50,62,99,107,113,116 Rozema, Hollis 55,68,106,113 Rozema, Phyllis 58,108,113 Rozema, Tom 34,106,109 S Saagman, Frances 11,51,112,116 Sall, Russ 35,109 Schellenboom, Christian 58 Schipper, Berwin 58,68,71 Scholma, Lee 35,68,72,109 Scholten, Ardith 55 Scholten, Judy 58,113,114 Scholten, Marian 51,110,113 Scholten, Russel 35,109 Schreur, Mary 58,104,108,112 Schreur, Ron 55,114 Schroetenboer, Alaine 51,112 Schuitema, Barb 35,112,124 Schuitema, Ron 58,68,84,85,108 Schuitman, Myrna 35,110,112,117 Schultze, Don 58,109 Schut, Bev 55,68,71,99,105,113,114 Schut, Keith 58,68,71 Schut, Lill 36,68,69,108,111,112,113,117 Schut, Pat 55,62,68,92,99,105,112,116 Schut, Ruth 58,73,108,113 Schut, Thelm 11,36,62,65,68,71,110,112, 117,122,123,125 Schut, Violet 58,114 Schutte, Leona 51,62,112 Schutter, Bonnie 58,113 Schutter, Grace 36,62,63,65,106,112,117 Schutter, Shirley 51,68,71,99,110,112 Sietsema, Jane 51,66,107,113 Sjaarda, Maxine 51,66,105,110,113 Sjaarda, Phyllis 58,108,113 Slager, Tom 55,98,108 Smit, Delores 58,108,113 Smit, Elaine 51,66,113 Smit, Myra 55,68,71,73,99,104,105,107, 113,116 Spoelma, Carolyn 55,66,92,105,107,112 Spoelman, Ronald 55,114 Steenwyk, Mary 58,109,113 Steggerda, Roger 36,65,96,105,121,123, 125,127 Stob, Bill 55,112 Stroo, John 51,89,105 Stroo, Bill 51,68,71,72,89,108 Styf, Bob 58,114 T Talsma, Gene 51,108 Talsma, Helen 51,62,107,113 Talsma, Vernon 55,62,64,112 Ten Harmsel, Don 51,109 Terpstra, Ron 55 Timmer, Hardy 55,64,66 U Ulberg, Keith 58, 109 V Vande Bunte, Connie 11,36,68,73,92,99, 105,108,112,116,120,126,127 Vande Guchte, Marie 51,107 Vanden Bosch, Elaine 11,51,62,65,73,110, 113 Vanden Bosch, Ruth 58,68,109,112 Vanden Bosch, Thelma 51,62,105,107,113 Vander Honing, Janet 55,113 Vander Kam, Henry 58,89,108 Vander Kooi, Bob 51,98,104,105,106,112, 116 Vander Kolk, Betty 36,106,112,117 Vander Kooy, Marilyn 11,55,68,71,113, 114 Vander Laan, Don 54,114 Vander Laan, Pat 58,113 Vander Meulen, Jack 59,90,108 Vander Nat, Ann 51,59,113,114,125 Vander Nat, Marie 62,110,122 Vander Plaats, Judy 37,62,106,112,117 Vander Plaats, Bob 51 Vander Ploeg, Gary 55,109 Vander Scheuer, Hank 51,107,112 Vander Sloot, Paul 51,64,98,104,105 Vander Tuin, Bob 51,64,98,112 Vander Veen, Arla 59,114 Vander Wal, John 55 Vander Wal, Ruth 37,62,108,112,117 Vander Wall, Judy 59,112,114 Van Doeselaar, Ken 51 Van Dyke, Phyllis 51,62,113 Van Dyke, Bob 59,108 Van Dyken, Jim 55,109 Van Dyken, Ruth 59,113 Van Ek, Mary 37,51,66,105,110,111,113, 116 Van Farowe, Lewis 37,68,105,109 Van Houten, Merrie 62,65,110,112,117 Van Houten, Wes 55,107 Van Kley, Don 55,64,90 Van Klompenberg, Wanda 37,68,71,73,110, 112,117 Van Noord, Betty 55,66,99,105,107,113, 125 Van Noord, Len 37,62,64,65,68,112,114, 125 Van Regenmorter, Bob 37,105,106,113, 122,125 Van Regenmorter, Neal 59,108 VanRhee, Larry 50,64,107,112 Van Steinvoorn, Alice 59 Van Timmeran, Marilyn 11,51,62,68,71, 110,112 Van Vels, Mary 55,66,114 Veenema, Andy 59,64,109 Veenstra, Merle 37,62,64 Veldink, Larry 55,96,105,107 Velthouse, Betty 55,66,105,106,112 Velthouse, Marilyn 37,108,111,112,117, 125 Venema, Marianne 11,51,68,72,112 Ver Hage, Howard 59,68 Ver Hage, Lyn 59,68,92,108 Victory, Carol 37,112 Visser, Harry 55 Visser, Harvey 55,64 Visser, Jim 55,111,112 Visser, John 55,66,90,98,108,111 Visser, Sharon 51,110,111,113 Visser, Tom 37,84,85,105,108 Voetberg, Carol 11,37,108,111,112,117 Vollink, Bonnie 55,66,113 Vonk, Mary 59,68,104,113,114 Vredevoogd, Jene 59,108 Vugteveen, Barb 55,66,106,113 W Walcott, Carole 39,108,112,117,123 Walcott, Jim 51,62,64,112 Walcott, Warren 55,64,104 Wallinga, Sharon 51,62,110,113 Walters, Phil 66 Westfield, Terry 55,68,71,73,114 Westrate, Irene 55,71,72,105,106,111,113 Westrate, Karen 59,108,113 Westveld, Sare 51,66,110,113 Wierda, Arvin 55,64,66,112 Wierenga, Judy 59,108,113 Wittingen, Betty 59,113 Wolfert, Bruce 55,106 Wolfert, Carol 51,109,111,113 Woltjer, Ken 51 Woodwyk, Jim 59,108 Wynsma, Jane 59,113,114 Z Zondervan, Gary 39,64,116,126,127 Zondervan, Sally 59,108,113 Zwiers, Ron 59,64,68,71,73 Zylstra, Eileen 39,104,108,112,124,126, 127 Zylstra, Mary 51,105,110,113 i IWSud-luh EDWARDS BROTHERS, INC Ann Arbor. Michian- m M M w M w l WW MWMW w quw L M MW '.x. N. , "y Q' C $ k u - macaw". , -.,,.,5;. i v . 5.: ' - . . - o ' AQ' . -,a. A l'HT'VJ-HH'. 0 : - :

Suggestions in the Unity Christian High School - Silhouette Yearbook (Hudsonville, MI) collection:

Unity Christian High School - Silhouette Yearbook (Hudsonville, MI) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Unity Christian High School - Silhouette Yearbook (Hudsonville, MI) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Unity Christian High School - Silhouette Yearbook (Hudsonville, MI) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Unity Christian High School - Silhouette Yearbook (Hudsonville, MI) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Unity Christian High School - Silhouette Yearbook (Hudsonville, MI) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


Unity Christian High School - Silhouette Yearbook (Hudsonville, MI) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 1


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