Unity Christian High School - Silhouette Yearbook (Hudsonville, MI)

 - Class of 1958

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Unity Christian High School - Silhouette Yearbook (Hudsonville, MI) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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-.. A-efQ-nq::,L.:,,f:,-:sl Y ,Ji 517'51l'W"?V 'I W ' .-::' 255' Rf R W I 'fi' AE WW 75 R 3.4 . bm MM, K E, 2 f L , 1 f Y. f H X 1 , fig um. ,V .1 H , ,. L -- ,MW A ,wig-at ,,V,,g,7,,f-+83 N, ,Q X -W , f , X1 E N , Y ww 9 ix ,, 1 4 ww 1 ,, , , , M,w4'3W"'dYwM4 vW"""M A Mrwyj , AM, Vhhwgw' M..-ff ,ww- ,M 0.9.-W suit! xlakiiiiifiifk lilfdsfm. Mmm ,N W V K A wgaxxwr fm, 41.-... ,WMM ,, s i ! Y E 3 . i F l I Q 1 I : e I i i i ! O Q m H' ff? .4 fa 'L if 5 Va A f wb . iz? 'Q ii " fs f? 4 'Q Li 18 if T3 U :ana :situ :Inu li :an M5132 ri 9 n aunt! 3511151 IS my rx 1 vt :sua fqeiii X W6 RGIHEITIBGR Through these doors they pour each morning -- teachers with briefcases, students with lunches and books, chattering and laugh- ing, or yawning and rubbing tired eyes. They think of book reports, last night's date, the game we nearly lost, unfinished assign- ments, and all the things that make up life at Unity-- the things we thankfully remember. " 4 1 WE l2GmEmBGl2 WHY .............. page 6 HOW OUR DAY BEGAN . .... 8 OUR CLASSMATES .... . . .11 OUR TEAMS .......... . . . 46 JUST A NOTE ....... . . . 66 OF WORK AND OF PLAY THOSE WHO HELPED US OUR ADVERTISERS . . . 5 .......76 .......98 . . .112 at Vw ' W filivgw 11-2 is M 1-Vi. 2 '?g' I rfggfg A 4. - V a w ws ,ulzul .zzk 5 ' A 7 -5,3 umm wil' For those of us who have sat and studied in room 6 it is easy to imagine Mr. jasperse seated atop this desk disentangling someone's logic on a difficult theo- rem or balancing an equation. Although Mathematics is his main field of teaching, some of the juniors also remember him as the teacher who taught him the mysteries fand miseriesj of Latin or polishing school plays for presentation. He left a memory too to the Silhouette staff who worked with him in the little room back in the gym, and to whom he willingly gave his time and often badly need- ed advice. We are grateful for this conscientious and capable work, for the friendly humor that lightens it, and for the Christian spirit which prevades all that he does. For all these reasons, said and unsaid, we dedicate to him our 1958 Silhouette. 7 ':, ff if ,Hd 'Qs f ma 5 W E fi W- A-F 1 . A 'Filip 'Q '15 fifteen minutes with GOO "Hear our prayer, O Lord," they sang softly. "Hear our prayer, O Lord. Incline Thine ear to us, and grant us Thy peace." And each morning, the God who cares for both planets and sparrows stooped to hear a group of teen- agers pray. He listened to the singing. He spoke, then, through His Word and through the chapel talk given each day by a teacher, a special speaker, or, a bit nervously, by the students themselves. He knew when thoughts wandered and when the singing was half hearted. 'lhat grieved Him. And yet, when someone announced which class should put away the chairs, when the students trooped out of the gym and into the halls and classrooms, God was with them there too, guiding their hands, their thoughts, and their lives, throughout another day. A UIHG IO GIVE thanks ,iff A VP gf M wmzmw. 5,Q,ww,,x -G' , 5 I f w .Ev-Y ig? Ano to ask Fon his quloance 911 ,OW BAQBECUG- IIWGHI CENTS For the girls, the spicy aroma of barbecue, the hum of busy chatter, the onion-juice tears, and the criticism involved in the pro- ject of making barbecues each Thursday, were all a part of being a senior. Being a senior at Unity means many things. For some it involves the responsibility of a job on the Bugle or Silhouette staff. For all, it involved respon- sibility of another kind-- setting an example for the other students. However being a senior also includes good times and special events. There is the Freshman Initiation Cconducted with great gustoj, the class trip, and the junior-Senior Banquet. Then finally, is a diploma, and with it pride and a multitude of plans. CAROL BOS MARGE BETTEN ING! I2 lAS1S YEAR KAREN BOS i BETTY BOUWKAMP 14 JOHN BRAUN RUTH BRINK HARL EY BROEN E of hlGh school ROB ERT BROWER CAROL BRUINS 15 HELAINE BROWER DONALD BRUNSTING GARY DE KLEINE SHARLENE DE JONG CHERYL DE VRIES MARVIN DEKKINGA A COITIDOUDO H1306 JACK DooD 16 SHERWIN DORNBUSH CAL VIN DYK ALVIN ELDERS of WORD ERASGRS, ELAINE F REDRICKS LILL IAN F REDRI CKS GERALD GEMMEN 17 PHYLLIS GRASMAN CAROL HIRDES HARRI ET GULKER of SWEAIT ADO stuoy DAWN HOEZEE DONALD HOP 18 LARRY HOWERZYL WESLEY HUIBREGTSE PHYLLIS HUIZENGA SHARON HUIZENGA 1 l 77 someone s class mnq MARVIN KAMPS ROGER HULS 19 CLARICE IGEKOVER DELLA MENSCH WAYNE KLE INJ ANS DORIS KROLL of lauqhten MAYNARD MIEDEMA NELSON MORREN 20 JOYCE NANNINGA ANTHONY NI EWYK GAIYSGSSIODS ZITA POHL ER JAN ET POSKEY MARIAN PRINS NORMA ROP 21 flu My Q 4. CLARENCE SAAGMAN PHILIP SETSMA MARILYN SCHREUR DONALD SCOTT GRAOUAITIOD RICHARD SJ OERDSMA L ARRY SLAGE R 22 KENNETH SPOELMAN KATHLEEN STEENWYK CAROLYN TE LMAN then they Ame Gone ARLENE VANDEN BOSCH NANCY VANDER LAAN DARYL VANDER KOOI 23 GLORIA VANDE R PLOEG KAR EN VAN HOUTEN JOANNE VANDER WAL RICHARD VAN DOESE LAAR But they'll DUANE VISSER JIM VONK 24 MARILYN WABEKE BONNIE WALCOTT HAROLD WALCOTT always Qememsen. HARLEY WESTRATE RITA WESTRATE 25 MARY LOU ZEEF ,ni ? SENIOR class OIZIIICGRS CLASS TEXT: "I can do all things through Christ who strengtheneth me." Phil. 4:13 CLASS MOTTO: "Our foundation is laid, we are ready to build for God." CLASS COLORS: Navy and Light Blue CLASS FLOWER: Dogwood Blossom 26 SENIOR MARJORIE BETTEN College Prep5 Future Teachers Club 1,2,3,45 Music Club 25 Library Club 25 Band 1,2,3,45 Saxaphone Quartet 25 Pep Band 2,3,45 Varsity Pep Club 3,45 Operetta 2. HARVEY JAMES BEUTE Commercial5 Reserve Basketball 1,25 Radio Club 25 Student Council 35 Varsity Club 3,45 Varsity Basketball 3,4. CAROL ELAINE BOS Commercial5 Glee Club 15 Library Club 25 Future Nurses 3,45 Pep Club 3,4. KAREN ILENE BOS Commercial5 Glee Club 15 Future Nurses 35 Future Teachers 45 Pep Club 3,4. BETTY JEAN BOUWKAMP College Prep5 Glee Club 15 Library Club 25 Choir 3,45 Operetta 35 Pep Club 45 Future Teachers 3,45 National Honor Society 3,4. JOHN ELLIOTT BRAUN College Prepg Bugle Staff 1,45 Forensics 2,3,45 Class Pres. 35 Pep Band 2,3,45 Radio Club 25 Band 1,2,3,45 Student Council 35 Debate 3,45 Camera Club 35 National Honor Society 3,45 Play 3,45 Male Chorus 45 Debate 354. RUTH MARIE BRINK College Prep5 Glee Club 15 Choir 3,45 Operetta 35 Art Club 3,45 National Honor Society 3,45 Bugle Staff 3,45 Silhouette Staff 4. HARLEY JAY BROENE College Prep5 Allendale Chr. 15 Camera Club 25 Band 2,3,45 Pep Band 2,3,45 Trombone Trio 35 Male Chorus 45 Automotive Club 3. HELAINE JOYCE BROWER Commercial5 Future Nurses 3,45 Varsity Pep Club 3,45 National Honor Society 3,4. ROBERT WAYNE BROWER College Prep5 Allendale Chr. 15 Camera Club 2,3, 45 Band 2,3,45 Pep Band 2,3,45 Trombone Trio 35 Physics Club 45 Rod and Gun Club 39 Male Chorus 45 Silhouette Staff 4. CAROL ANN BRUINS Commercial5 Knitting Club 3- DONALD DE LANE BRUNSTING College Prep5 Western Chr., Hull, Iowa 1,25 Rod and Gun Club 3,4. ACIIIVIU GS SHARLENE JOAN DE JONG General5 Future Teachers Club l,2,3,45 Forensics 1,2,3,45 Library 25 Glee Club 15 Bugle Staff 2,3,4. THELMA FAYE DE JONG College Prep5 Forensics 2,3,45 Music 25 Library 25 Band 1,2,3,45 Pep Band 2,3,45 Clarinet Quartet 2, 3,45 Bugle 35 Woodwing Quintet 3,45 Future Teach- ers Club 3,45 National Honor Society 3,45 Pep Club 3,45 Physics Club 45 Operetta 25 Silhouette Staff 4. MARVIN DEKKINGA General5 Reserve Basketball 15 Varsity Basketball 2,3,45 Varsity Club 2,3,4. GARY LEE DE KLEINE Generalg Allendale Chr. 15 Automotive Club 3. CHERYL DAWN DE VRIES Commercial5 Student Council 15 Glee Club 15 Class Vice Pres. 15 Class Sec'y 35 Choir 3,45 gllefetfa 35 Bugle 45 PCP Club 3,45 Future Nurses JACK ALLAN DOOD College Prep5 Band 3,45 Pep Band 3,45 Cornet TUC 3,49 Choir 3,45 Operetta 35 Camera Club 3. SHERWIN JAY DORNBUSH College Prepg Student Council 2,35 Radio Club 25 Band 112, 3.4: Clarinet Quartet 2, 3,45 Class Vice PICS- 39 PCP Band 23,45 Camera Club 35 Male Chorus 45 National Honor Society 3,45 Dramatic Club 4. CALVIN LEE DYK College Prep5 Camera Cub 1,25 Aeronautics Club 29 Band 1, 2, 3,45 Track 25 Rod and Gun Club 35 Varsity Basketball 35 Baseball 35 Varsity Club 3,4 ALVIN JAY ELDERS College Prepg Radio Club 25 Band 1,2,3,45 Camera 35 National Honor Society 3,45 Male Chorus 45 Dramatics Club 45 Physics Club 4. ELAINE JOYCE FREDERICKS Commercial5 Varsity Pep Club 3,45 Future Nurses Club 3,4. LILLIAN JOYCE FREDERICKS College Prep5 Library 25 Choir 3,45 Qperetta 35 Future Teachers Club 3,45 Varsity Pep Club 3,43 Forensics 4. 27 GAROLD LAURN GEMMEN College Prep5 Reserve Basketball 25 Baseball 2,3, 45 Forensics 35 Varsity Club 2,3,45 Physics Club 35 Varsity Basketball 3. PHYLLIS KAY GRASMAN C0mmercial5 Glee Club 15 Varsity Pep Club 3,4. HARRIET GULKER General5 Southwestern Chr., Edgerton, Minn. 1,25 All 33 Va1'SiCy PCP Club 3,45 Future Nurses Club 4. WILMA JANICE HAVERDINK Commercial5 Glee Club 15 Bugle 45 Silhouette 45 Knitting Club 33 National Honor Society 3,4. CAROL JOYCE HIRDES Commercial5 Glee Club 15 Choir 3,45 Operetta 35 Future Nurses Club 3,45 Varsity Pep Club 3,4. DAWN ELAINE HOEZEE Commercial5 Glee Club 15 Class Treas. 2,45 Girls Basketball 25 Future Nurses Club 3,45 Pep Club 3, 45 Biology Club 4. DON AL D HOP General. LAWRENCE JOHN HOWERZYL College Prep5 Choir 3,45 Varsity Club 4. WESLEY JOHN HUBREGTSE College Prep5 Aeronautics 25 Band 2, 3,45 Pep Band 2,3,45 Camera 35 Male Chorus 45 Play 45 National HOHOI' 50CiCty 3,45 Student Council 45 Physics Club 4. PHYLLIS ANN HUIZENGA College Prep5 Allendale Chr. 15 Student Council 25 Girls Basketball 2,3,45 Choir 3,45 Operetta 35 Bugle 45 Future Nurses Club 3, 45 Art Club 3,45 National Honor Society 3,45 Silhouette Staff 4. SHARON ANN HUIZENGA College Prep5 Forensics 1,25 Student Council 25 Music Club 25 Band 1,2,3,35 Pep Band 25 Choir 45 National Honor Society 3,45 Operetta 35 Pep Club 3,45 Dramatics Club 45 Varsity Cheerleader 3,45 Future Nurses Club 3,45 Bugle Staff 45 Silhouette Staff 4. ROGER LOUIS HULS General5 Automotive Club 3. MARVIN KAMPS General5 Hope Prot. Ref. 15 Varsity Basketball 3,4. CLARICE JEAN KIEKOVER College Prep5 Glee Club 15 Girls Basketball 1,25 Choir 3,45 Operetta 35 Future Nurses Club 3,4. WAYNE GERALD KLEINJANS General5 Allendale Chr. 1. DORIS ELAINE KROLL College Prep5 Silhouette Staff 1,45 Library Club 1, 25 Glee Club 15 Class Vice Pres. 25 Student Coun- cil 25 Music Club 25 Forensics 35 Art Club 3,45 Bugle Staff 3. DELLA ALICE MENSCH College Prep5 Leola, South Dakota 1,25 Choir 3,45 Operetta 35 Biology Club 45 Forensics 3,45 Pep Club 4. MAYNARD ALLEN MIEDEMA General5 Choir 3,45 Operetta 3. N ELSON JOHN MORR EN College Prep5 Reserve Basketball 15 Chess Club 3. JOYCE MARILYN NANNINGA Commercial5 Allendale Chr. 15 Future Nurses Club 3,45 Pep Club 3,4. ANTHONY NIEWYK College Prep5 Camera Club 35 National Honor Society 3,45 Male Chorus 4. ZITA ANNE POHL ER Commercial5 Future Nurses Club 3,45 Pep Club 3,4. JANET BETH POSKEY College Prep5 Glee Club 15 Class Vicar 15 Music Club 25 Library Club 25 Choir 3,45 Bugle 3,45 Operetta 35 Future Teachers Club 3,45 Pep Club 3,4. MARIAN WILMA PRINS Commercialg Student Council 35 Future Nurses 3,45 Pep Club 3,45 Choir 45 Bugle Staff 4. NORMA DIANNE ROP Commercial5 Glee Club 15 Music Club 25 Future Nurses Club 3,45 Pep Club 3,45 Choir 45 Silhou- ette Staff 4. DONNA JEAN RUSSELL College Prep5 Operetta 25 Choir 45 Forensics 2,3,4 Debate 2,3,45 Library 25 Band 1,2,3,45 Woodwind Quintet sg Bugle staff 23,45 Art Club 3,45 National Honor Society 3,45 Play 35 Girls Basketball Mgr. 35 Wolverine Girls State 4. CLARENCE JAY SAAGMAN General5 Hope Protestant 1. MARILYN JEAN SCHREUR KAREN ANN VAN HOUTEN Commercial9 Library 19 Glee Club 19 Silhouette Staff 49 Girls Basketball 1,2,3,49 National Honor Society 3,49 Future Nurses Club 4. DONALD LEE SCOTT General9 Reserve Basketball 19 Choir 3,49 Oper- etta 39 Male Quartet 4. PHILIP CLARE SETSMA College Prep9 Choir 3,49 Male Chorus 49 Male College Prep9 Future Nurses 3,49 Bugle Staff 49 National Honor Society 3,49 Pep Club 3,4- DUANE ARNOLD VISSER College Prep9 Illiana Chr., Lansing, Ill. 1,29 Choir 3,49 Debate 3,49 Camera Club 39 Physics Club 39 Play 3,49 Male Chorus 4g Bugle Staff 4g Student Council 49 Male Quartet 49 Wolverine Boys State 4. Quang: 4, RICHARD DALE SJOERDSMA College Prep9 Hope Prot. Ref. 19 Aeronautics Club 29 National Honor Society 49 Choir 3,49 Operetta 39 Forensics 39 Silhouette Staff 49 Automotive Club 39 Play 3,49 Male Chorus 49 Male Quartet 4. LAWRENCE A. SLAGER College Prep9 Choir 3,49 Operetta 39 Camera Club 39 Play 35 Male Chorus 4. KENNETH GL ENN SPOELMAN General9 Aeronautics 29 Forensics 3. KATHLEEN STEENWYK Cbmmercial9 Future Nurses Club 3, 49 Pep Club 3,4. CAROLYN ANN TELMAN Commercial9 Glee Club 29 Choir 3,49 Operetta 3g Future Nurses Club 3,49 Pep Club 3,4. ARLENE JOYCE VANDEN BOSCH College Prep9 Allendale Chr. 19 Choir 3,49 Oper- etta 39 Art Club 3,49 National Honor Society 3,49 Pep Club 3,49 Play 49 Bugle Staff 4a Silhouette ' Staff 49 Class Sec'y 49 Dramatics Club 4. DARYL JAY VANDER KOOI College Prep9 I-ludsonville Public 39 Physics Club 49 Bugle Staff 4. NANCY ELLEN VANDER LAAN Commercial9 Glee Club 19 Choir 49 Camera Club 39 Pep Club 3,49 Future Nurses Club 4. GLORIA JEAN VANDER PLOEG Commercialg Glee Club 19 Music Club 29 Future Nurses Club 3,49 Pep Club 3,4. JOANNE VANDER WAL Commercial9 Choir 3,49 Operetta 3g Pep Club 3,49 Future Nurses Club 4. RICHARD VAN DOESELAAR College Prep. College Prep9 Operetta 39 Male Chorus 49 Reserve Basketball 1,29 Varsity Basketball 3,49 Student Council 2,3,49 Band 1,2,3,4Q Brass Sextet 2,3,49 Baseball 1,2,3,4Q Trombone Trio 39 Varsity Club 3, 49 Class Pres. 29 Physics Club 39 National Honor Society 4. MARILYN WABEKE College Prep: Choir 1,2,3,4, Glee Club 1, operate. 2,39 Girls Basketball 2g Dramatics 49 Pep Club 4g Future Nurses Club 4. BONNIE LOU WALCOTT Commercial9 Allendale Chr. 19 Knitting Club 39 Pep Club 3,49 Future Nurses Club 4. HAROLD J. WALCOTT College Prep9 Allendale Chr. 19 Student Council 49 Silhouette Staff 49 Physics Club 39 Biology Club 4. HARLE Y WESTR ATE General Course. RITA JEAN WESTRATE College Prep9 Silhouette Editor 49 Bugle 1,2,39 Glee Club 19 Reserve Cheerleader 1,29 Varsity Cheerleader 3,49 Class Sec'y 29 Forensics 2,3,49 Future Nurses Club 39 National Honor Society 3,4Q Pep Club 3,49 Biology Club 49 Choir 4. MARY LOUISE ZEEFF College Prep9 Operetta 29 Student Council lg Music Club 29 Band l,2,3,49 Pep Band 2,49 Wood- wind Quintet 39 Varsity Cheerleader 39 Play Cast 4 Pep Club 3,49 Future Nurses 3,4. 4 9 I E i an-N ,Ulu mqpw 'I-fiiffk lg k r 493' f v wi' H 37 Q A ' 4m 4 OUR CIASSIUAIIGS Bound by a common faith they begin the day, and then through these doors they flow into the varied stream of activities that make up student life. They mingle make dates, and share everything from lockers and books to the latest bit of news. They fill the halls with noise, and leave it to silence as they hurry in little groups to distant biology classes or smelly chem. lab. And on the way they change from quiet, un- familiar freshmen to the many friends we'1l remember. E E 2 E E s X 4 They counted their Weekly income "ones by ones". Tom Visser, president Connie Vande Bunte, treasurer. Their junior year and the selection of class rings. Officers: Pat Coeling, sec'yg Gary Zondervan, vice president. Sponsors: Mr. De Stigter, Mr. De Witt if if .a-N, fir YW 1 wg f gy ,, if A R 1, , . IQ. . ,., .AV- .ya r f Q, 'l af f , V . 'mfg He Q fi the lineshmen came Faith Apol Calvin Aukeman Melvin Aukeman Jack Bajema Judith Bauder Yvonne Berens Carl Besteman John Betten Terry Bl auwkamp Gary Boetsma Jay Borgerding Elaine Bremer Kenneth Brink Shirley Brinks Floyd Brouwer Maxine Brouwer Janie Coeling Gertrude Cook Sheryl Corey Judith De Boer Robert Decker Douglas De Good Robert De Young Rachel Dekker Marvin De Vries Judith De Windt Edgar De Jong Ted De Jong Scott Diepenhorst Sharon Driesenga Janice Dykema Gerald Elders William Elgersma Kyle Ensink Sandra Geers ADDRSDEHSIVG, BUF EAGGI2 IHGY masterzeo U16 ITIAZG Sharon Grasman Nelson Grit Larry Groothuis Samuel Groothuis Judith Hamberg Donna Haveman Hazel Haverdink jack Heyboer Nathan Hoezee Jason Hol stege Carol Hop Preston Hopkins Richard Huibregtse jon Huizenga Thomas Jasperse Alvin Koop William Koopmans Sharon Koster john Kroll Calvin Kuyers Fred Le Febre Sheryl Ludema Eugene Lynema john Mating Cheryl Matthysse Richard Mon sma David Mulder Lynda Newenhouse Bethalea Hieboer Marilyn Palmbos Jay Peuler Mary Peuler Evelyn Post Shirley Potter Arlene Renkema of sue-ject Ano scheoul s joan Ringerwole Hollis Rozema Ardith Scholten Ronald Schreur Beverly Schut Patricia Schut Robert Scott Thomas Slager Myra Smit William Stob Carolyn Spoelma Ronald Spoelman Vernon Talsma Hardy Timmer Janet Vander Honing Marilyn Vander Kooy Donald Vander Laan Gary Vander Ploeg john Vander Wal Henry Vander West Carl Van Dyken Wesley Van Houten Donald Van Kley Betty Van Noord Mary Van Vels Larry Valdink Harry Visser john Vi sser Bonnie Vollinlc Catherine Wabeke Janet Warners Terry Westfield Irene Westrate ADO BGCAIUG A DART of U16 school b n Pauzen a Their Sponsors Sophomore class officers: jackie Pruis, Marvin Hey oer, ja g 9 Mr. Bolhuis, Mr. De Koning, Miss Nyhof, Rev. Hill. 36 David Baker Roger Bergman Trenton Bergman Phyllis Betten Judy Beute Roger Beute Darlene Blouwkamp Janice Blouwkamp Ronald Blouw Jay Bosch Julie Braun Don Brink Jim Brink Thelma Brink Jim Broene Calvin Bruins Sharon Buist Carol Cooper Clarence De Boer William Dekkinga Bonnie De Kraker Margaret De Voss Dale De Vries Norman De Weerd Mark De Young Alma Dyk Gerald Dyk Leona Dyk Roger Feenstra Ruth Frens HEWCOIUERS JOIDGO IDG class Donald Geers Ronald Geers Carol Geurink Mary Gezon Joyce Gras Arloa Grasman Judith Grasman Daniel Grooters Sebean Gulker Terry Hager Ron Harmsen Chester Haveman Gerald Haverdink Albert Helder Jerry Heyboer Marvin Heyboer Mary Hirdes Marcia Hoeksema Barbara Holstege Kenneth Huberts Robert Huizenga Marianne jeurink Gloria Karsten Gordon Koetje Mary Koster Ivan Kraker Mary Kuiper Roger Kuyers Fred Langeland Donald Langerak chapel locken convensatlons QM! S Harry Langerak Roger Lanting Mary Longstreet Gary Lubbers Larry Lubbers Shirley Lugtigheid Linda Mackus Jerry Maring Alvin Masselink Gerald Meekhof Duane Mensch Vernon Meyers Carol Monsma Gary Morren Cathy Nyenhuis Garth Nyenhuis Patricia Nysse Marilyn Osterink Alice Palmbos Virginia Palmbos Janice Pauzenga Ann Pols L aura Ponstein William Ponstein Jacquelyn Pruis William Quinlan Dorothy Ribbens Rochelle Roek Linda Roelofs Annjean Rozema AHC U16 OISSGCUOI1 Frances Saagman Marian Scholten Alaine Schrotenboer john Schutre Leona Schurre Roger Schutte Shirley Schutter jean Sietsma Maxine Sjaarda Elaine Smit john Stroo Gene Talsma Helen Talsma Aletha Tanis Donald Ten Harmsel Ken Van Doeselaar Jeanne Van Dyke Phyllis Van Dyke Mary Van Ek Larry Van Rhee Marilyn Van Timmeren Sandra Van Timmeren Marie Vande Guchte Elaine Vanden Bosch Thelma Vanden Bosch Robert Vander Kooi Marie Vander Nat Robert Vander Plaats Hank Vander Scheuer Paul Vander Sloot of Ol2mS ADO SGDIIGHCES Marianne Venema Terry Ver Hage Sharon Visser jim Walcott Sharon Wallinga Philip Walters Sara Westveld Robert Winkle Carol Wolfert Kenneth Wolrjer John Zoldi Mary Zyl stra soon weloeo them toqethen Freshmen class officers: Pat Schut, Doug De Good, Dick I-Iubregtseg Their sponsors: Mr Postma, Mr. Vanden Berg, Mr. Ten Harmsel. 42 if f 345 Y 0' Q 51,2 li 4 , s SP5 Sfgyf iaifwg 5 fa V852 rw Q ff 3' is if 4' 2 K4 we 5 4 513315 N .msg , WU ., f' 1 . .af of A tra A' A A e J as P, 4 1 W 1 . I V iw . qfffLj1" Alvin Arendsen Allan Arnoys Gordon Arnoys Janice Berens Kenneth Bosch Robert Bosch Marcia Bosgraaf Sandra Bosgraaf Brenda Bremer Harry Byker P atricia Coeling Eleanor Dekker Sadie De Jong John De Vries Sherwin De Vries Barbara De Young Cynthia De Young Noel Diepenhorst Janice Dyk Arlen Dykema Stanley Dykstra Fred Ensink Jim Grasman Patricia Grassmid Ken Groel sma Judy Guikema Karol Harmsen Patricia Heyboer William Hirdes Betty Hoekstra them Junlolz yean .... class ou 732, an ,, 7 will ff ig ' wwf' 'Vgg ai - we 12 .. . NYY' L,,, 4 yr '31 W , J af' fs Q so 1 .. .... 2, J A M SA we sg f :M 'gb Q! if W wav, Mildred Hoekstra Joyce Hoezee Katherine Huizenga Alden Jelsema John Kalsbeek Gary Karsten Lee Karsten Arlene Katerberg Beverly Klynstra Betty Kooienga Ray Koop Bonnie Kraker Joanne Kramer Paul Kroll Anna Kronemeyer Gerald Kuiper Norma Langel and Mary Lubbers Judy Lugtigheid Douglas Maring David Meekhof Nelson Miederna Robert Miedema Henry Nyenhuis Carole Nykamp Allen Palmbos Eleanor Ponstein Gerald Roon Tom Rozema Russell Sall Kun Ano Full scheoul Q-my J, 2 Q s v-3 3 -m-.ff will 3, , ai, 1 .5 4 ' wtf' fffiaiif 7 - My ,sid ,, H J V'wZ.'VX Eg Q40 Wd - ax, New 'rwxifvf V VV V 4 mg 2 f-Jr! Xi fr 5? ' 'ff f --! Vw V V , , 'V A r " - , , VV .,., ,Vw Vf V - L. ff ' I 'Q . , gj Q ', 7 V ,nag fig: :if - iw 2:2'?if 'M , ' ' ' . fV , f ., ,- mg a V Q54 f A ' V f-ps,zf,iwV V my - K .wgfw 1-me ,W ag , f ,'-P' ' 'AV - V iw ' zwfiiz , Vwpp X5 V V VA ,. V ' ,S V,-iff , r W 'E W ,,... ,, -V 1 ' .. , ,ff V X V K I y' fgf yfgrgi L, V . , .f if aw ry AV., , B .mgyafwa . , H :mg ' ' f' wi -. ,, .:' iw vw - 1 Q f ff.. af - ag ' , .4 ,. V .., . , wi V lm? V - V J V5 I5 V . -ar, M - '1 - f 2 V' it . , ,SEQ " 1 1- if ' , f IW ,Q Z . .V M 1 M V A A . , 8,6 nf'- 2 , , ,. ,. , 3 1 F, ' . ' , 6 21, P71359 2 TV E- I ,. V11 fsfg 13 ' f Ji V5 4 ,V 7 Hr .akw - 4 , by V vp-.V i ,. . V Betty Schipper Lee Scholma Russell Scholten Barbara Schuitema Myrna Schuitman Lee Schut Lillian Schut Thelma Schut Grace Schutter Roger Steggerda Bruce Talsma Cheryl Van Boven Lewis Van Farowe Mary Alice Van Houten Wanda Van Klompenberg Leonard Van Noord Bob Van Regenmorter Connie Vande Bunte Judy Vander Plaats Berry Vander Kolk Bob Vander Tuin Ruth Vander Wal Merle Veenstra Marilyn Velthouse Carol Victory Tom Visser Carol Voetberg Carole Walcott Jay We strate David Wierenga Gary Zondervan Eileen Zyl stra AHC l110l26 l2ESDOl1SlBIl.l1I V, ,A---vp Q-Q 'mn ff' W .33 ,gp "W:-Q fa , A ,ff mf, K 2: fi- 4 , is 1 F? 1 A Kill.. K ' - X , N 0 .Jig J ,L Uliflm If? m 5 6 ftliffl Il2IUmDh A110 A 11l2ODh Confetti, hoarse voices, and a year of success. A year filled with victories and disappointments but the district championship to compensate for everything. The enthusiastic support it receives and basketball's capacity for gen- erating school spirit make it the best loved of all of Unity's sports. The crowds of spectators may al- so have been a factor in our secur- ing a record of 16 wins, 5 losses, and the district trophy. Although the rest of our athle- tic program met with varying de- grees of success, it too left vivid memories ---- a bag of potato chips and windblown hair while watching our baseball team, the track team in baggy suits, straggling around the block, inquiring as to the out- come of the girls' basketball game which few students attended, bor- rowing someone's shoes for intra- murals, just the little things which are a part of our high school years. INDIVIDUAL SCORES Marv Dekkinga Harry Byker . Tom Visser . jim Vonk . . Rog Bergman Marv Kamps . Gord Arnoys . Rog Steggerda Harv Beute . Alvin Arendsen Hank Nyenhuis Marv Heyboer AIIan Arnoys . Bob Van Regenmorter '--...-... - MQ Q A- ' TQ v L aw? ,aa 'E fk r V u m, K . Ng . , ff in x 1 In -K. 3 , i ak W M gl' .A .M JA. lil, ww, x KTXHFXX if l ., NK Q4 I 331 M .ilvsrw H905 n A i OPPONENT Marne Byron Center Kalamazoo Chr Muskegon Chr. South Chr. Rogers Kellogsville Fennville Hopkins Kalamazoo Chr. Comstock Park Kellogsville South Chr. Muskegon Chr. Comstock P ark Byron Center Hopkins Rogers Bangor Hopkins Olivet WE THEY 60 - 23 54 - 47 48 - 65 49 - 65 50 - 58 52 - 68 48 - 23 62 - 46 75 - 60 65 - 67 75 - 33 75 - 54 7 1 - 52 48 - 62 59 - 56 66 - 58 64 - 48 63 - 50 57 - 55 54 - 38 46 - 50 ul flu! E 2 14 E' v Q J! Xxx' by X 5 .XX 1 fxvf E 5 Front Row: Marve Heyboer, john Stroo, Henry Nyenhuis 7 Marve Dekkinga, Harry Byker, Gord Arnoys, Marve Kam s. P Standing: Coach Ten Harmsel, Roger Bergman, Bob Van R . . egenmorter, Harve Beute, Tom Vlsser, jrm Vonk Ro 1 8 Steggerda, Allan Arnoys, Alvin Arendsen. 53 EE LE ya: N., 30 l 20 na I r f l x ,V l .1-'spur' RESERVES With an excellent 15-3 won and lost record and a tie for the 4C championship, our reserve team ended their year. Because of the combined efforts of coach Vanden Berg and the rest of the team, they were able to maintain one of the best records ever held by our reserves and they too added a trophy to our showcase OPPONENT Marne Byron Center Kalamazoo Chr. Muskegon Chr. South Chr. Rogers Kellogsville Fennville Hopkins Kalamazoo Chr Comstock P ark Kellogsville South Chr. Muskegon Chr. Comstock Park Byron Center Hopkins Rogers THEY 6 31 34 20 46 64 41 31 47 42 29 41 40 32 60 20 41 44 VQQQQWEQ 1 Q45 95221 li --5.54224 x ,Qi 55 ' ,J A ,, 'Av 1 7.5 3 W, 13 ff? 4 gh 5? bm 4, ., H, zfijgi fe 15- we L 412, ,5 A-Y M, Q-:sw 'V 'T up z JIU ,iifyfipg "ff V ff K wwf S EQQQQIZLQG f ' 5 QTQLJSXLG1 f -- - 12 2' If Afixw 1 ' X QTYLNQ .J M m,g,,,x ' '31 QQ- TT - 1 K in .Q K ,g mg A if K ,. - .. M""f" wwflh N y au. w f4 W , - Y Mm, .- ' .A the stan spanqleb Bannen VARSITY CHEERLEADE RS: Left to Right: Beverly Klynstra, Sharon Hui zenga, Grace Schutter, Rita Westrate, Connie Vande Bunte. pep Ano pneclslon RESERVE CHEERLEADERS: Left to Right: jackie Pruis, Mary Longstreet, Ruth Frens Pat Schut, Cathy Nyenhuis. . ,W f f M -: -1 5zDfZ'34W :www .V ww W ,rE.4..Ng,M .,,-M,rt.-mer,-,immvmmwitifmmmmt ,, -A A jim Vonk, Tom Visser, Gary Ge Hank Nyenhuis jim Vonk LMwMw,'wv4?, ' iVf4aYEQAfpmQ ,wk -'gwhgpmsd f rw Q5 w w f w 5f',,Qgi5 ' ww A, j.ew5,' h w ? V p 5 Q' K fl: in 'af -f fx Q zyiygt A wma 5fqVw3:gs1.7i 4 W. E 6156.9 'Www 1 A M '44 'LV ' M qi X 2 r mmen, Marv e lleyboer, Mr. Ten Harmsel, I' M Y ii Q 3 ' fa? A -1 Q " f' f ,fi 4 ., '..f, X .,.Q ' iff TM? 2f ,e 1 m . W' f2fGg,w 2 ,1 ??fEi?i Qb J 4 "-if I CK M I r X., , ggi ws. . fl igg 'Si Y' if 4 ff? all BUTT ODE It's a record to be proud of. And we are This last U ' ' . season nity s baseball team has Won 16 games and lost only one. That record breaker was a five to one decision to Zeeland, later avenged by a score of 15 to S. It took long hours of determined d d'l' an 1 igent practice as well as natural talent and daring base running to compile statistics like these. "Aggressiveness on the base paths," coach Ten Harmsel comments, uw h . . . . . as t e main factor in several victories last spring. In fact, we collect ed 119 stolen bases altogether." Several gaps have been left by graduation but we believe we have some good new material with which to stop them. We also have five regulars backg Gary Gemmen, a formidable pitcher C10-Olg Tom Visser, first baseman and pitcherg Jim Vonk, pitcher C5-D3 Marv Heyboer, 3rd baseman and pitcherg and Hank Nyenhuis, outfielder. These players Cpictured herel are the nucleus of the coming seasons team. We remember last year and are proud, not only because our team was successful but l also because they were fair. We h h ' ' - ope t at this spring we may also remem ber with pride. I l HH F-Muff? U7 gigpaw v- .. ' ,, . ..., , ...., . .. 'mama Gary Gemmen Hank Nyenhuis Gary Gemmen,Marve Heyboer,Tom Visser, Hank Nyenhuis, jim Vonk In the spnmq Marve Heyboer, Tom Visser 60 Marve He yboer z-b------nmpqg W ,, N., 4 .LW ' , Q Ayfwwf, k 'l WST . ,V -V wfshf, W V ,,f Y, may WJ.. X-Jinx-me 4, ' ws ff' .Jw ,EV AUC All YEAR thlzu ,., as B 24 52 ' . Eff, in , 13" 524 sf , , M 'V fr , qw, , aw g c gm S, gp J' ffm' rw 1 f 1 W IIHGY SUBSITIIUIIEO QACKGTI X , NWN GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM Marilyn Velthouse, Phyllis Betten, Shirley Schutter, Carol Monsma, Helen Talsma, Carol Cooper, Betty Hoekstra, Beverly Klynstra, Connie Vande Bunte, Miss Nyhof. 9' GT., 'M HF' R is x 'X in 1 1555: H Q inn ,M""""" mspmatlon Ano DGIQSDIRAIIIOU A Mighty Fortress is Our God." A song like that has to have lots of support and strength! Now sing it!" ll And they sang ir--many times. The choir looked forward to fourth period. They will long remember the not-too-orderly room, the wise- cracks and laughter, the seeming- ly hopeless process of learning to use the diaphragm, pronounce words correctly, and Mr. .Grotenhuis justified remark that they sang like hill-billies. -They worked hard though, and they did learn as their concerts proved. The process that occurred on the stage during second period was very similar, except that the director was Mr. Veenstra and the music Cand the noisej came from trumpets and drums and clarinets instead of voices. Music at Unity also took on the forms of General Music, Music Appreciation, and the Male Chorus. We remember all of these because they helped to make music not just a department on the school curric- ulum, but a very real part of our lives. fp' ..,Q:-.,,:,5:-gfgg, .Q-:VM I-Q ,mx wmv 4, . Q , , . f9, ,. .V .. J Q . 1 M A, , f gg W ,, MM , Q . , . Ufawigf if , Aw K .gg W ,E gg I , 'f,-E31 . 7 Kwizfiiel- A , Q Q if if QQ. 'qv M 2 - 4 iirlifb i ' L, f -Q ' ' 5 , M, ,. M... My A.,.,.q. A V , Tl .: .,.,. -15:41,-NZ . S 'I' W ilik Ls, lyrywr. , ,, I .W H gg '4f!""'1 g ' ' vs ., 5 t is XE? xv vig. M W Ai s X 2 k K L' ,Y w gl ? Q, ,Q gk Y YQ at ,Q if if an ' A J '-"X - H HW xle Quartet - CGITIBIDGO CODCERII Director: Ronald Veenstra second hour band and third hour ensembles TROMBONE SECTION: FLUTE AND PICCOLO: CORNET: Jim Vonk Bob Brower Don Geers Harley Broene Dorothy Ribbons Myra Smit Mary Lou Zeeff OBOE: P hyl B etten jack Dood Terry Hager Joanne Kremer Ron Geers Jay Peuler Ron Feenstra Wanda Van Kl ompenberg BARITONE SECTION: DRUMS AND PERCUSSION: Ken Brink Wes Huibregrse John Braun Alvin Elders Clarence De Boer Stan Dykstra Bob Bosch Jack Heyboef Marilyn Van Timmeran Marilyn Vander Kooy CLARINET: TENOR SAXQPHQNE Bev Schut Sherwin Dornbush Shafon Huizenga Thelma SCTIUI Irene Westrate Par Schur BASS HORN: Karol Harmsen BARITONE SAXOIJHONE: Leonard Van Noord Lee Scholma Rog Steggei-da Garold Haverdink Mary Anne Venema Doug De Good Lewis Van Farrowe Kathy Nyenhuis Hazel Haverdink Barb Holstege ALTO SAXOPHON E Bill Stroo Sheryl Ludema Carol Geurink Sharon Buist joan Ringerwole Marge Betten FRENCH HORN: Lillian Schur Phil Walters Shirley Schutter Terry Westfield Elaine Vanden Bosch BASSOON: Connie Vande Bun te BASS CLARINET: Janice Dyk The horn cases piled up in the band room--another evidence of our band. The brass sextet, representative of the many ensembles of our band. just another one of the band's money raising projects ' ss. ww, ? 5 2 K 'ZH p Band: rhythm and extra enthusiasm at half time BAND OFFICERS: Left to Right: Marge Betten, Secg Kathy Nyenhuis, Phyllis Betten, Librariansg Stan Dykstra, Fine Collectorg Jim Vonk,P1 t. 4 IS i 5 5 S 1 I S I SWS J 1 2 R , , K 3 W 1 X we Q q K 'STN BOY'S VAR SITY CLUB First ROW: Marvin Heyboer, Harv Beute, jim Vonk, Garold Gemmen, Cal Dyk. Second Row: Mr. Ten Harmsel, Larry Howerzyl, Marv Kamps, Roger Steggerda, Tom Visser, Alvin Arendsen. Third Row: Gary Zondervan, Allan Arnoys, Bob Van Regenmorter, Henry Nyenhuis, Marv Dekkinga, Harry Byker, Gord Arnoys. ROD n' GUN CLUB E' I""'i'117 5 4 . ? mu E! I PEP CLUB 79 CHESS CLUB Seated: jack Bajema, Gordon Koetje, Sherwin De Vries, Lee Scholma, Dave Mulder, Sam Groothuis, Lee Karsten. Standing: Mr. Bierma, Roger Feenstra, Russell Scholten, Wesley Van Houten, Larry veldink, jerry Elders, Bob De Young, Ron Blouw, Scott Diepenhorst, Bob Decker. KNITTING CLUB Seated: Judy De Windt, Shirley Potter, Sandra Geers, Lynda Newenhouse, Arlene Renlc Judy Bauder. Standing: Mary Kuiper, Miss Nyhof, Hazel Haverdink, Fran Saagman, Ev4 Post, Carol Victory, Anna Kronemeyer. E. MALE CHORUS CAMERA CLUB First Row: Philip Walters, Dan Grooters, Garold Haverdink, john Kalsbeek, Gerald Kuiper, john Braun 7 Jerry Roon, Gord Arnoys, Sherwin Dornbush, Second Row: Daryl Vander Kooi, Bob Brower, jon Visser, jim V k ' ' on , Don Scorr, Phil Setsma, Roger Steggerda, jack Dood, Alvin Elders, Harley Broene, Stanley Dykstra, Third Row: Tony Niewyk, Richard Sjoerdsma, Wesley Huibregtse, Calvin Dyk, Larry Howerzyl, Duane Visser, L . en Van Noord, john De Vries, Lee Schut, Larry Slager, Allen Palmbos, Robert Vander Tuin. Director: Mr. Grorenhuis. 81 I I I H GERMAN CLUB First Row: judythe De Boer, Marilyn Vander Kooy, Carolyn Spoelma, Faith Apol, Betty Van Noord, Sheryl Corey, Mary Van Vels. Second Row: Bill Ponstein, Ronald Geers, Donald Geers, Duane Mensch, Cal Kuyers, Harry Visser, Preston Hopkins, Tom Slager, jay Peuler, Terry Westfield. Third Row: john Vander Wal, Douglas De Good, Melvin Aukemau, Calvin Aukeman, William Koopman, Mr. Bulthuis, Sponsor. SENIOR B IOL OGY CLU B - gr-'NMI-Q - s I I I s NURSES CLUB Seated: Helaine Brower, Kathleen Steenyk, Marilyn Scheur, Marian Prins, Zita Pohlor, Carol Hirdis, Marilyn Wabeke, Brenda Bremer. Second Row: Mrs. Laman, Gieryl De Vries, Norma Langeland, Judy Lugtigheid, Sadie De Jong, Joanne Vander Wal, Gloria Vander Ploeg, Norma Rop, Elaine Frederieks, Pat Heyboer, Dawr HOeZe. Third ROW: Carolyn Telman, Carol BOS, Nancy Vander Laan, Bonnie Walcorr, Harriet Gulker, Arlene Karerberg, Noel Diepenhorst, Carol Voetberg, Thelma Schur, Mary Lou Zeeff, Sharon Huizenga. Fourth Row: Janice Dyk, Betty Schipper, Betty Vander Kolk, Lillian Schut, Clariee Kiekover, Myrna Schuirman, Barbara De Young, Wanda Van Klompenberg, Joyce Nanninga, Karen Van Houten. JUNIOR BIOLOGY CLUB J A 1 - Patricia Grassmxd, Darl Vander Kooi, Mary Ann Van Ek, Albert Helder, john Braun, Duane FUTURE DEBATE First Row: Kyle Ensink, Betty Bouwkamp, Marge Betten, janet Poskey, Pat Coeling, Pa Grassmid, Bonnie Kraker, Ardith Scholten, Karen Bos. Second Row: Mr. Postma, Eleanor Ponstein, janeth Warmers, Marian Scholten, Marilyn Palmbos, Elaine Bremer, Gertrude Cook, Hollis Rozema, Donna Haveman, Janice Blauwkamp, Sharlene De Jong. Third Row Karol Harmsen, Lillian Fredricks, Mary Lubbers, Carol Nykamp, Linda Mackus, Dorothy Ribbens, Catherine Wabeke, Sharon Koster, Marilyn Velthouse, Cheryl Matthysse. I u l FORENSICS Seated: Doris Kroll, Sharlene De Jong, Della Mensch, Betty Schipper, Carol Walcott, Janice Blaukamp, Mary Lou Zeeff. Standing: Elaine Vanden Bosch, Janice Pauzenga, Mary Ann Van Ek, john Braun, Duane Visser, Richard Van Doeselaar, Sharon Huizenga, Albert Helder, Thelma Schut, Darl Vander Kooi, Sharon Buist. 85 Yi' NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY First Row: Janice Blauwkamp, Linda Mackus, Pat Coeling, Ruth Brink, Wesley Huibregtse, jim Vonk, Sherwin Dornbush, Alvin Elders. Second Row: Marilyn Schreur, Pat Grassmid, Sharon Huizenga, Rita Westrate, Arlene Vanden Bosch, Wilma Haverdink, Bonnie Kraker, Barbara De Young, Eileen Zylstra, Beverly Klynstra, Connie Vande Bunte. Third Row: Annjean Ro zema, Karol Harmsen, Alice Palmbos, Mary Ann Van Ek, Maxine Sjaarda, Clarice Kiekover, Laura Ponstein, Karen Van Houten, Helaine Brower, Ruth Frens, jackie Pruis. Fourth Row: Ken Spoelman, Tony Niewyk, Richard Sjoerdsma, john Braun, Lee Scholma, Lewis Van Farowe, Gordon Koetj e, Albert Helder, Bill Dekkinga, Terry Hager, Larry Van Rhee. The Amatuer Program: "Clementine" and "Current Fashions" WA. T? 'K Student Council Seated: Ma.ry Peuler, janice Pauzenga, Mr. De Jong, Marilyn Vander Kooy, Alice Palmbos, Duane Visser, Gary Gemmen, jim Vouk, Eleanor Ponstein, Harold Walcott. Standing: jerry Heyboer, Ruth Frens, Judy Guikema, Wesley Huibretse, Tom Visser, Allan Arnoys, Marvin H eyboer, Calvin Aukeman. QQ: ,gun A E qi 1 af 3 P say 5 ,X 1. 5 Q 'TQWIQP in VUWW VQQ YS i,., Haque Wi TP G55 F5 is it s mf N5 V3 vi ,HN fi sy Va 3 ffhlgzffzsks fwi' Qififjyfgp ff?5?sws Le , WWGHAN wwf Ewmfiiff K MAN FRDM CfE'i-SEE? Msiffil the mlxen A110 class competltlo 5 n 1 E 5 u A MF, . ,L " V X ,A N H A Reception to shatten them OIQDIIY f.iy.24Qbff'Q Kk"Q"5SQ'fmZ?-'F W JQQMAZ SHEHUADIGAHS AUC SYIOG SHIDGS Mrs. Otter Carol, Sandy, Carol weeks of wonk PL AY CAST Carol Voerberg ----------- Duane Visser - - - Joanne Kramer - - - Albert Helder - - - john Braun - - - - Rich Sjoerdsma - - Ken Spoelman ---- Darl Vander Kooi - - - Wes Huibregtse - - - Carol Walcott ------ Mary Alice Van Houten - - Mary Lou Zeeff ------ Arlene Vanden Bosch - - - Al, Mary Alice, Wes, Darl - - - jo Bhaer - - - Father Bhaer - - - Daisy - - - Demi - - - Nat - - - Dan - - Tommie - - Ned -- jack - - - Asia - - Nan . - Amy -- Bess 92 evenmq of tmump Carol, john, Rich Rich, john, Jo, Mary Alice, Duane, Ken, Darl, Wes JO, Carol, Mary Alice WW f-L4 From reporter to rewrite: Pat Coeling, Mary Lou Zeeff, Beverly Schut Rewrice: Pat Coeling, Karen Van Houren Mimeographer: Wilma Haverdink ditor: Szarlene De Jong litor ......... :sistant Editor . . . Lsignment Editor. . . r Ediror ...... apel Editor . . :write Editors . . ature Editors . . . orts Editor . . . . siness Manager . . meographer . . . . pisrs....... porters . . msor . . BUGLE STAFF Sharlene De Jong Doris Kroll Duane Visser Phyllis Huizenga Marge Betten Karen Van Houten Par Coeling john Braun janet Poskey Gary Zondervan Daryl Vander Kooi Wilma Haverdink Gloria Vander Ploeg Marian Prins Cheryl De Vries Harriet Gulker Janice Blauwkamp Sadie De Jong Bev Schut Sharon Huizenga Grace Schutter Lily Schut Alice Van Houren Arlene Vanden Bosch Mary Lou Zeeff Mr. Bierma Assembly line: Karen Van Houten, Pat Coeling, Arline Vanden Bosch, Duane Visser, Darl Vander Kooi :fd 53- Lf' ll - ' Pat Grassmld, Harold Walcott, Mr. jasperse, Gary Gemmen, Bonnie Kraaker, Sharon Huizenga, Rita Westrate, Ruth Brink IO GIVE YOU A IDGITIOR , , ' km wifi .fi i I ' "" Photography: john Braun, Bob Brower Ads: Gary Gemmen, Sherwin Dornboss, Alvin Elders Dummying: Arline Vanden Bosch, Phyllis Huizenga, Ruth Brink, Sharon Huizenga SILHOUETTE STAFF Editor-in-Chief . . . Assistant Editors . . . . Business Manager . Literary Editor . . Copy Editor . . Sports Editor . . Typists . . . Advisor . . Pasting: Pat Grassmid, Bonnie Kraaker Rita Westrate Patricia Grassmid Bonnie Kraker Gary Gemmen Ruth Brink Sharon Huizenga Arlene Vanden Bosch Phyllis Huizenga Harold Walcott Marilyn Schreur Norma Rop Mr. jasperse 97 3 wmmiliifz' nvffw 7.k1f'l1 f shaun 'nm Huw V L. -- nm' X nur: awww' mtv? Amr shawn 413111 G.. My BGNIHO U16 SCENE They come dressed in slacks and sport shirts and they sit around a table in the library to talk. A faculty meeting is held in an informal atmosphere and the discussions concern the ev- eryday problems of running a school--student chapel, the sche- dule, 6 Weeks tests, maybe also Mr. De Stigter's car or the quali- ty of the coffee. People of other professions would call it shop-talk, and it is that, but it is also something more because they are dealing with teenagers who have their whole lives to live. In teaching Phys. Ed. and Physics, in giving chapel talks and marks, they ex- pose us to sets of values and moral standards, ways of living which rub off and become part of us. Our teachers do all this and do it well. And because they are Christian teachers in a Christian school, they show us the ,Almighty God behind it all. For all these things we thank our faculty, but even more, we thank the God who gave them to us. BUS COMMITTEE: Gerrit Helder, Lewis Van Noord. Sid Glashower, Goraon Scholten, AHC AIIIIGI2 h0l1l2S EDUCATION COMMITTEE: Walrer De Jong, Cornelius Grit' Harold Peuler, Joe Wamers. E BUILDING COMMITTEE: Cornelius Grit, Gerrit Ge1d1 Henry Visser, Gordon Schol s 1 E 4 I FINANCE COMMITTEE: Henry Smit, Henry Meinema, Ed Lang Sid Glashower, Clarence Keegstra. 3 H Ni,-,iLm4E,Z5w5e2'.f 'fav X We ww , 1 512631 IMS'-I"l 1-A-g11' ,,,,,,,,..,, WALTER DE JONG: Students usually see Mr. Dejong in the morning when he rises to introduce a chapel speaker or discuss school problems with us, and some of us also see him in Psychology class Or just walking down the hall. However most of his demanding work of directing school affairs is done behind the scenes in the office. Ile has occupied that office ever since our school's beginning five years ago. We pray that God may continue to use him in our school for many more years. 101 RONALD VEE NSTR A: "What really makes it work." X RH-irhiv f QEPM 'W' DALE GROTENHUIS: Z time and prepetual motio EVON LAMAN: The authority on Latin verbs and the right amount of catsup. ' 1 Ninn ALICE OTTER: Books for reference, relaxation, and overdue fines ,ew ku'-..- ANDREW TEN HARMSEL: A time for work and a time for pl ay. A Y f , . 7 Q iii , . f f HAROLD POSTMA: Preparation for accuracy. '-T 4 - - 4 LS ' "-fiwffwslfzzlig ROBERT DE KONING: Now if he owned a mousetrap factory. . . SYNE BI ERMA: "The noblest Roman of them all" C' 105 f GEORGE JASPERSE: He knows all the angles ,M ,mxuzl ill 0 -'V 'W ' if ' 7Tl.G4a'3??3'QQ33iFm 'HEI JAN BOLHUIS: "Taught with the aid of a hickory stick." DONALD LAUTENBACH: Records and Recommendations MARTIN VANDEN BERG: Engrossed in the world of books. HENRY DE WITT: Sputnik went that way .mwwwwmawg WINIFRED NYHOF: You must have left all available brains in your locker today. MELVIN DE STIGTER: The finer points of phys. ed. REV. JOSEPH HILL: Teachers call this an occupational hazzard bu: BENJAMIN JOHNSON: It isn't a disciplinary problem this time Blue sllps,Johnson's wax janitor: Mr. Huizenga L. .ev gg, ' af f . J ,MMSX5 ' www mmm. Q.Nw,, W M 5, v 7 WM. H 'YIM fn ,H ' if 'i Bus Drivers: Mr. johnson, Mr. De Koning, Mr. Lautenbach, Mr. De Stigter ana sometimes iinozen enqmes Q rr f ' ir 1? A , k , Q 4-2:4-' A' WNW!! ewfwwg '-Q M , " .ggg f f 1 N42 sea ty" G af,-wzmqstw wana fewam' 52 weave my ,X 'L .af lswiags, ,, iw ww a1a2'5gqzQg23,:ff2,sk-'lsr1imaiff-ieeiwfiskfeeaqzlfetQVZLXQ, was ,,,w'D fitif ff 2 - - 339125 ww'-11261 www:v'fvw,Z-wma fm-mam if . 'Eiga' algal wwf, . fir r ws- -X we ,, QW t e asm? gm :sir31wfs2:'af'2i:i'ef:ffff ff , sf " my Q :ss f f1ez"Wz:NS,vw,ax fy f' "ll 4 nf' we-'f lame? t'-fvw'iiW5?7'Si f Waffle f Ki H -Iv fe, agetitsAQ5s.?fQ2-ag,,,flres:fg55g5g'?Bfw t 5,4 HM, 4,,w.ei1g.mg5gv g,3,,,nffm2W,,gw,y,wsaQf,,gmfgg,,,,:wf,5ftt2,Q,g:,5y?ig5x1,::t,wi?yigg ,ga ,faaeliflwwf Hiwftmg frwmf:swQ.e3g?w- hwsegamtfvfsfgel feast, X-fwaf::',gs? ew afffiifi' jiilfwftff' if ' Lal Q 1: :gfS5L'f4i:f2"w4" f i -'few hfiffi inwfs5ifMw2es,,M,s, -lzwiwy wr, ,wks 3,-,wi-ug,-N W af if ,Q X-, -A H Lm.,.pQWa f ' ia wifi - 1- W ' V zgvsrfs 'S 4 1,5-ffgyferffiifri f M H 4 Fon evenythmq money can BU The shopping center- - - a con- venience either for trying on the new chemise look, or buying pork chops for supper. Although stu- dents patronize these stores or ones like them, they seldom con- sider how important they are to us. There are the stores where they go Christmas shopping, the station on the corner Where they stop for gas, the grill where they fill up on hot dogs and the latest news, the barber-shop that charg- es extra for flat-tops, the dozens of other establishments that serve us in innumerable ways. These are the things which we seldom think about and easily take for granted, yet they too play a part in our four years of high school. Compliments of V0lllNK'S SUPER MARKET Henry Meinema-.lulius Lamer Phone MO 9-6606 Chicago Dr. AL ALDERINK Plumbing and Heating Phone 58, Allendale Exchange R. No. l Allendale Michigan Compliments of HUDSDNVILLE DAIRY Compliments of Albert Gemmen 8: Sons LIVESTOCK BUYERS and WHOLESALE MEATS Allendale Michigan Compliments of ELDERS ELECTRIC Akdmore 6-4631 GRANDVILLE . MICHIGAN Compliments of Van's Candy Company Holland Michigan Visscher's Drug Store Prescription Pharmacists School Supplies Fountain Service Pl1oneMO 9-6695 Compliments of HUDSONVILLE TRUCK AND TRAILER Dorsey Sales and Service Truck Painting and Lettering Allendale Lumber De Weerd ancl Van Dyke Cempany Eleclrical and Plumbing Conlraclors Baseboard l-lol Wafer Healing I-Umbel'-5U.ildifl9 Mafefials Fixlures - Appliances Millwork Plwne MO 94644 Allendale, Michigan Jalce D'eWeercl Ray Van Dyke R- R- NO- l Phone 60 Compliments of Compliments of Woltjer's Lunch Phone: A.R. 6-2773 Rainy Corner Jenison, Michigan NYKAMP HEATING 4010 CHICAGO DRIVE Hudsonville Michigan COMPLIMENTS OF HARTMAN CHEVROLET Hudsonville, Mich. Phone MO 9-9683 V ,-.-. A , , 'I It Complimenis of A B V Builders Cornplimenis of Hucisonville, Michigan Frank Aulceman -- MO 9-9 I 23 I Gerald Bailles - MO 9-6920 Gordon Van Overloop - MO 9-6547 S C H U T ' S BULTMAN STUDIOS FRAME and WHEEL ALIGNMENT Wheel Balancing and Spring Service W FREE ESTIMATES Phone Mo 9-6638 Hudsonville, Mich. "Your School Phofographeru PETER BORGERDING De WEERDS I.G.A. STATE FARM INSURANCE CO. AUTO-,mi-UF, Groceries--Meats 7450 M.:-1 sf. ef M-zi rum: AR 6-2814 Dry Goods-Footwear Jenison, Michigan TRADE AT HOME. . . BUT IF You c:AN'T FIND WHAT You WANT, ZEELAND STORES PROBABLY HAVE IT . . . AND WILL BE HAPPY TO SERVE You. 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J. ,H .Iii .- ., ,P '!'.lc ,D ,N Ju .111 J .'lI . .J H ,ha ,J .J , J J , - Orange Blossom Diamonds Hamilton and Elgin Watches I Shaffer Pen Sets-Electric Shavers Longine - Wittnauer Watches - Silverware Pasteurized Milk and Creom we Give 5 3' H mee" S""'P5 FREN'S JEWELRY Phone: AR 6-7122 212 Chicago Dr., Hudsonville, Michigan Sough wilson Ave. Gmndvme' Mich' Phone MO 9-9291 Evening Appointments Co"""l"'e"'s of DE VREE ELECTRIC GRANDVILLE Fl0RAl COMPANY State Street Gvondville, Michigan LUXAIRE FURNACES FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS WIRING-PLuMB'NG1HEATING Phone: A.R. 6-4942 LOUIS and GERRIT VAN VELS Hudmnvm. Michigan Compliments of POSTHUMUS-HILDRETH FUNERAL HOME DIR E c r o R s Jay A. Posthumus and Sylvia Posthumus LE GRANDVIL PHONE: AR 6,2595 MICHIGAN 118 Greetings from Dr. and Mrs. H A G E R Van's Food ivIarIce+ Phone MO 9-6624 - I'IucIsonviIIe For I-Iome-Made Me-ai, Shop ai Van's Communi+y Garage CITY SERVICE GAS 8: OILS Wards Tires - Bafieries - Accessories Phone MO 9-6658 40I'h 81 MZI Hudsonville, Michigan Compliments of JERVIS CORPORATION formerly WINTERS 8. CRAMPTON CORPORATION Westrate's landscaping Service Offices ond Greenhouses located of 4615 CHICAGO DRIVE GRANDVILLE MICHIGAN KUYERS SHOE STORE Footwear for Men, Women ond Children Shoes Built For Comfort and Correctio X-RAY INSURES PROPER FIT H Green Stamps Zeeland, Mich. 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Division "For a graduation gift of lasting useful- ness - see over IO0 bedroom suites on display at the all new - BEDROOM VlLLAGE" GEMMEN'S HARDWARE Hardware, Appliances, Gifts Sporting Goods, Paints Builders Hardware FRIGIDAIRE - EASY I12 Chicago Drive Hudsonville Phone MO 9-6657 Compliments of MEEKHOF'S Standard Service 28th Street and Port Sheldon Rd. Phone MO 9-9109 Hudsonville, Michigan PETE'S BARBER SHOP Next to the Drug Store Pete Howard Groters Wabeke ALLENDALE FARM SUPPLY EUGENE HOVINGH Compliments of ROL AND MEL'S SALES AND SERVICE phone 98 131 West Main Street HUDSONVILLE - MO 9-6685 FUEL OIL GASOLINE Compliments MOBIL of ' S. ALDERINK LUBBER S PHONE UPHOLSTERING CH 5-2101 - ALLENDALE 31F4 TIGELAAR 81 DE WEERD Long Distance Hauling Refrigerator Service AUTOMATIC TEMPERATURE LUBBER'S MARINE AND SPORTS CENTER Johnson Motors and Compiete Line of Boat and CONTROL Marine Equipment Phone M0 9-6634 :woo Chicago Drive HUDSONVILLE MICHIGAN ,hone Mo 9,9473 ENGELS JEWELRY 'I5 W. 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Box 446 Phone Mudsonville TW 6-9641 Kenneth Willard Coopersville Phones Coopersville 544-R and OR 7-3279 A VER HAGE MOTOR SALES Phone MO 9-6612 WSWWWNFW Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Heyboer Compliments of Dr. and Mrs. Ver Kaik Compliments of BILL SCHMIDE Compliments of SCHOLTEN'S BARBER SHOP BE SMART - LOOK SMART Alawsy on our toes to give you the latest styles in MEN'S and YOUNG MEN'S SMART LOOKING SUITS 545.95 to 575.00 Don"r pay more! When you can buy better for less! . . . And seeing is believing A huge selection for your choosing . . . and 5 expert tailors to give you a perfect fit! Jurgens 81 Holtvluwer Department Store GRANDVILLE HARDWARE CITIES SERVICE ZANDBERGEN'S SERVICE STATION Phone AR 6-2952 129 W. State St. Grandville, Michigan ALLENDALE DRUG STORE CLARE PIERSMA 24 Hour Emergency Prescription Service Phone 90 Compliments of VAN REGENMORTER BROS. 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Calvin College Biology General Science Biology Club, Sponsor DALE GROTENHUIS A.B. Calvin College Choir Ensemble General Music Glee Club Male Chorus Club, Sponsor REV. JOSEPH HILL A.B. Geneva College California t Sponsor Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary University of Denver Bible Reformed Doctrine IHOGX A.B. Hope College English Latin Barbecue Supervisor Future Nurses Club, Sponsor DONALD LAUTENBACH A.B. Calvin College A.M. University of Michigan Algebra Counseling Chemistry Intramurals Physics Camera Club, Sponsor WINIFRED NYHOF A.B. Calvin College Physical Education Home Economics Advanced Physical Education Knitting Club, Sponsor Cheerleaders, Sponsor Girls Basketball, Coach Pep Club, Sponsor ALICE OTTER A.B. Calvin College American Literature Library English Drama Club, Sponsor GEORGE JASPERSE A.B. Calvin College Algebra Geometry Mathematics Advanced Algebra Silhouette Adviser Chess Club, Sponsor BENJAMIN JOHNSON A.B. Calvin College General Science Mathematics Mechanical Drawing Rod and Gun Club, Sponsor HAROLD POSTMA A.B. Calvin College Bookkeeping Mathematics Commercial Geography Economics Future Teachers Club, Sponsor ANDREW TEN HARMSEL A.B. Calvin College Athletic Director Transcription Typing Shorthand Bookstore Manager Varsity Club, Sponsor A Apol, Faith-82,33 Arendsen, Alvin-82,78,43,53,48 Arnoys, Allan-82,78,43,53,48,68,87 Arnoys, Gordon-7s,43,s1,53,4s,6s Aukeman, Calvin-82,33,87 Aukeman, Melvin-82,33 B Bajema, Jack-80,33 Baker, David-37 Bauder, Judith-80,33 Berens, J anice-43 Berens, Yvonne-33 Bergman, Roger-37,53,48 Bergman, Trenton-37 Besteman, Carl-33 Betten, Jolm-33 Betten, Marge-14,84,73,75,68 Betten, Phyllis-37,75,64 Beute, Harvey-14,78,53,48 Beute, Judith-37 Beute, Roger-37 Blauwkamp, Darlene-37 Blauwkamp, Janice-37,85,86 Blauwkamp, Terry-33 Blouw, Ronald-80,37 Boetsma, Gary-33 Borgerding, J ay-33 Bos, Carol-14,83 Bos, Karen-14,85 Bosch, J ay-37 Bosch, Kenneth- 43 Bosch, Robert-43,73 Bosgraaf, Marcia-43 Bosgraaf, Sandra-91,82,43,68 Bouwkamp, Betty-14,84,68 Braun, John-92,93,14,37,81,97,84,85,68,86,97 MARTIN VANDEN BERG A.B. Calvin College University of Michigan Church History English National Honor Society, RONALD VEENSTRA A.B. Calvin College Advanced Band Ensemble Pep Band Braun, Julie Bremer, Brenda-43,83 Bremer, Elaine-33,84 Brink, Don-37 Brink, Jim-37 Brink, Kenneth-33,73 Brink, Ruth-15,97,68,86,96,97 Brink, Thelma-37 Brinks, Shirley-33 Broene, Harley-15,81 Broene, James-37 Brouwer, Floyd-33 Brower, Helaine-l5,83,86 Brower, Maxine-33 Brower, Robert-15,81,97,68,97 Bruins, Calvin-37 Bruins, Carol-15 Brlmsting, Don-15 Buist, Sharon-37,85,73 Byker, Harry-4,78,43,53,48,68 C Coeling, Janice-33,86, Coeling, Patricia-43 ,3 2 ,84,94,95 Cook, Gertrude-33,84 Cooper, Carol-37,64 Corey, Sheryl-82,33 D De Boer, Judith-82,33 De Boer, Clarence-37 Decker, Eleanor-43,68 Decker, Robert-80,33 De Good, Douglas-82,33,73,42 DeJong, Edgar-33 De Jong, Sadie-43,83 De Jong, Sharlene-16,85,68,95 De Jong, Ted-33 Sponsor Gemmen, Garald-60,59,58,17,78,9 Karsten, Gary,44 Dekker, Rachel, 33 Dekkinga, Marvin-16,78,53,48 Dekkinga, William-37,86 De Kliene, Gary-16 De Kraker, Bonnie-37 De Voss, Margaret-37 De Vries, Cheryl-16,83,68 DeVries, Dale-37 De Vries, John-43,81,68 De Vries, Marvin-33 DeVries, Sherwin-80,43 De Weerd, Norman-37 De Windt, Judith-80,33 DeYoung, Barbara.-43,83,68,86 DeYoung, Cynthia-43,68 DeYo1mg, Mark-37 DeYoung, Robert-80,33 Diepenhorst, Noel-43,83 Diepenhorst, Scott-80,33 Dood, Jack-16,81,73,68 Dornbush, Sherwin-16,81,97,86,87 Driesenga, Sharon, 33 Dyk, Alma-37 Dyk, Calvin-17,78,81 Dyk, Gerald-37,68 Dyk, J anice-43,83,73 Dyk, Leona-37 Dykema, Arlen-82,43 Dykema, J anice-33 Dykstra, Stanley-82,43,8 E Elders, Alvin-17,81,97,7 Elders, Gerald-80,33 Elgersma, William-33 Ensink, Fred-43 Ensink, Kyle-33,84 F Feenstra, Roger-80,37,7 Fredricks, Elaine-17,83 1,75 3,86,97 3 Fredricks, Lillian-17,84,68 Frens, Ruth-37,57,86,87 G Geers, Donald-82,38 Geers, Ronald-82,38,73 Geers, Sandra-80,33 7,s7,26,9s,97 Geurink, Carol-38,73 Gezon, Mary-38 Gras, Joyce-38 Grasman, Grasman, Grasman, Grasman, Grasman, Grassmid Arloa-38 J arnes-43 J udith-38 Phyllis-17 Sharon-34 , Patricia-43,97,84,68,86 Grit, Nelson-34 Groelsema, Kenneth-82,43 Grooters, Groothuis Groothuis Guike ma, Gulker, H Daniel-38,81 , Larry-34 , Samuel-80 Judith-91,82,43,68,87 arriet-18,83 Gulker, Sebeann-38 ,9e,97 H Hager, Terry-38,73,86 Hamberg, J udith-34 Harmsen, Karol-43,84,73 86 Harmsen, Ronald-38 Haveman, Chester-38 Haveman, Donna-34,85 Haverdink, Gerald-38,81,73 Haverdink, Hazel-80,34 Haverdink, Wilma-18,86,94 Helder, Albert-91,92,3s,s4 85 86 Heyboer, J ack-34 Heyboer, Jerry-38,87 Heyboer, Marvin-60,5838 3s,53,e8 sv 36 Heyboer, Patricia-43,83 Hirdes, Carol-18,83,68 I-Iirdes, Mary-38 Hirdes, William-43 Hoeksema, Marcia-38 Hoekstra, Betty-82,43,68,64 Hoekstra, Mildred-44 Hoezee, Dawn-18,83,26 Hoezee, Joyce-44 Hoezee, Nathan-34 Holstege, Barbara-38 Holstege, Jason-34 Hop, Carol-34 Hop, Don-18 Hopldns, Preston, Jr.-82,34 Howerzyl, Lawrence-l8,78,81,68 Huberts, Kenneth-38 Huibregtse, Richard-34,42 Huibregtse, Wesley-92,93 19 81,87,86 Huizenga, Jon-34 Huizenga, Kathryn-44 Huizenga, Phyllis-19,97,68,97 Huizenga, Sharon-19,57,83,97,85,68 86,96,97 Huizinga, Robe rt-38 Huls, Roger-19 J J asperse , Thomas-34 J elsema, Alden-44 J eurink, Marianne -3 8 K Kalsbeek, J ohn-44,81 Kamps, Marvin-19,78,53,48 Karsten, Gloria-38 Karsten, Lee-80,44 Katerberg, Arlene-44,83,68 Kiekover, Clarice-91,19,83,68,86 Kleinjans, Wayne-20 Klynstra, Beverly-82,44,57,68,64,86 Koetje, Gordon-80,3S,86 Kooienga, Betty-44 Koop, Alvin-34 Koop, Raymond-44 Koopmans, William-82,34 Koster, Mary-38 Koster, Sharon-34,85 Kraker,Bo1mie-44,97,s5,s6 96 97 Kraker, Ivan-38 Kramer, Joanne-92,93,44 Kroll, Doris-20,85,68 Kroll, John-34 Kroll, Paul-44 Kronemeyer, Anna-80,44 Kuiper, Gerald-44,81,68 Kuiper, Mary-80,38 Kuyers, Calvin-82,34 Kuyers, Roger-38 L Langeland, Fred-38 Langeland, Norma-44,83 Langerak, Donald-38,68 , Langerak, Harry-39 Lanting, Roger-39 Le Febre, Fred-34 Longstreet, Mary-39,57,87 Lubbers, Gary-39 Lubbers, Larry-39 Lubbers, Mary-44,84 Ludema, Sheryl-34,73 Lugtigheid, Judy-44,83 Lugtigheid, Shirley-39 Lynema, Eugene-34 M Mackus, Linda-39,S4,86 Maring, Douglas-44 Maring, Jerry-39 Maring, John-34 Masselink, Alvin-39 Matthysse, Cheryl-34,85 Meekhof, David-44 Meekhof, Gerald-39 Mensch, Della-20,82,85,68 Mensch, Duane-82,39 Meyers, Vernon-39 Miedema, Maynard-20 Miedema, Nelson-82,44 Miedema, Robert-44 Monsma, Carol-39,64 Monsma, Richard-34 Morren, Garry-39 Morren, Nelson-20 Mulder, David-80,34 N Nanninga, Joyce-20,83 Newenhouse, Lynda-80,34 Nieboer, Bethalea-34 Niewyk, Anthony-21,81,86 Nyenhuis, Cathy-39,57,75 Nyenhuis, Garth-39 Nyenhuis, Henry-60,58,82,44,53,48 Nykamp, Carole-91,44,84 Nysse, Patricia-39 O Osterink, Marilyn-39 P Palmbos, Alice-39,64,86,87 Palmbos, Allen-44,8l,6 Palmbos, Marilyn-34,84,64 Palmbos, Virginia-39 Pauzenga, Janice-39,85,87,36 Peuler, Jay-82,34,73 Peuler, Mary-34,64,87 Pohler, Zita-21,83 Pols, Ann-39 Ponstein, Eleanor-44,84,87 Ponstein, Laura-39,86 Ponstein, William-82,39 Poskey, Janet-21,84,68 Post, Evelyn-80,34 Potter, Shirley-80,34 Prius, Marian-21,83,68 Pruis, Jacquelyn-39,57,86,36 Q Quinlan, Dan-39 R Renkema, Arlene-80,34 Ribbens, Dorothy-39,84 Ringerwole, Joan-35,73 Roek, Rochelle-39 Roelofs, Linda-39,64 Roon, Gerald-44,81,68 Rop, Norma-21,83,68 Rozema, Annjean-39,64,86 Rozema, Holly-35,84 Rozema, Tom-44 Russell, Dona S Saagman, Clarence-21 Saagman, Frances-80,40 Sall, Russell-44 Schipper, Betty-45,83,85,68 Scholma, Lee-80,45,73,86 scholten, Ardith-35,85 Scholten, Marian-40,84 Scholten, Russel-80,45 Schreur, Marilyn-22,83,64,87 Schreur, Ronald-35 Schrotenboer, Alaine-40 Schuitema, Barbara-82,45 Schuitman, Myrna-45,83 Schut, Beverly-35,94 Schut, Lee Roy-45,81,68 Schut, Lillian-45,83 Schut, Patricia-35,57,42 Schut, Thelma-45,83,85,68 Schutte, John-40 Schutte, Leona-40 Schutte, Roger schutter, Grace-s2,45,57,6s Schutter, Shirley-64 Scott, Donald-22,81,69,68 Scott, Robert-35 Setsma, Philip-22,8l,69,68 Sietsema, J ane-40 Sjaarda, Maxine-40,86 Sjoerdsma, Richard-92,93,22, Slager, Lawrence-22,81,68 Slager, Thomas-82,35 Smit, Elaine-40 Smit, Myra-35,73 81,69,es,s6 Spoelma, Carolyn-82,35 Spoelman, Kenneth-93,22-,86 Spoelman, Ronald-35 Steenwyk, Kathleenf 23,83 sreggerda, Roger-vs,45,s1,53,4s,ss Stroo, John-53,40,48 Stroo, William-35,73 T Talsma, Bruce-45 Talsma, Gene-40 Talsma, Helen-40,64 Talsma, Vernon-35 Tanis, Aletha-40 Telman, Carolyn-23,83,68 Ten Harmsel, Donald-40 Timmer, Harley-35 V Van Boven, Cheryl-82,45 Vande Bums, Connie-4,s2,45,57,32,64,se Vande Guchte, Marie-40 Vanden Bosch, Arlene-23,97,68,86,26,97,95 Vanden Bosch, Elaine-40,85 Vanden Bosch, Thelma-40 Vander Honing, J anet-35 Vander Kolk, Betty-45,83 Vander Kooi, Daryl-92,93,23,81,84,85,95 Vander Kooi, Robert-40 Vander Kooy, Marilyn-82,35,87 Vander Laan, Donald-35 Vander Laan, Nancy-23,83 Vander Nat, Marie-40 Vander Plaats, Judy-82,45 Vander Plaats, Robert-40 Vander Ploeg, Gary-35 Vander Ploeg, Gloria-23,83 Vander Schuur, Henry-40 Vander Sloot, Paul-40 Vander Tuin, Robert-45,81,68 Vander Wal, Joanne-24,83,68 Vander Wal, John-82,35 Vander Wal, Ruth-45,68 Vander West, Henry-35 Van Doeselaar, Kenneth-40 Van Doeselaar, Richard-24,85 Van Dyk, Jeanne-40 Van Dyk, Phyllis-40 Van Dyken, Carl-35 Van Ek, Mary-40,84,85,86 Van Farowe, Lewis-45,86 Van Houten, Karen-24,83,86,94,95 Van Houten, Mary Alice-92,93,82,45,68 Van 21-Iouten, Wesley-80,35 Van Kley, Donald-35 Van Klornpenberg, Wanda-45,83 Van Noord, Betty-82,35 Van Noord, Leonard-45,81,73,87 Van Regenmorter, Robert-78,45,53,48 Van Rhee, Larry-40,86 Van Timmeren, Marilyn-40,73 Van Timmeren, Sandra-40 Van Vels, Mary-82,35 Veenstra, Merle-45 Veldink, Larry-80,35 Velthouse, Marilyn-91,45,85,64 Venema, Marianne-41 Ver Hage, Terry-41 Victory, Carol-80,45 Visser, Duane-93,24,81,84,85,69,68,87,95 Visser, Harry-82,35 Visser, John-35,81 Visser, Sharon-41 Visser, Thomas-60,58,82,78,45,53,32,48,86 Voetberg, Carol-93,45,83 Vollink, Bonnie-35 vonk, James-60,59,58,24,78,81,53,48,75,68,87,86,26 W Wabeke, Catherine-35,84 Wabeke, Marilyn-24,83,68 Walcott, Bonnie-25,83 Walcott, Carole-91,93,45,85 Walcott, Harold-25,86,96 Walcott, Jim-41 Wallinga, Sharon-41 Walters, Philip-41,81 Warners, J aneth-35,84 Westfield, Terry-82,35 Westrate, Harley-25 Westrate, Irene-35,73 Westrate, Jay-82,45 Westrate, Rita-25,82,57,85,68,86,96 Westveld, Sara-41 Wierenga, David-45 Winkle, Robert-41 Wolfert, Carol-41 Woltjer, Kenneth-41 Z Zeeff, Mary Lou-25,83,85,73,6S Zoldi, John-41 Zondervan, Gary-4,78,45,32 Zylstra, Eileen- 45,86 Zylstra, Mary-41 .LL is wyayxiww mg-jeew gvgvsaw fx zfggwoggfgm-W :www sg W was sw g: , 12 93'-Av 1, 'Q -gwqsv Y fp my W, ,wg ww 1 fix 4 ffm X HV W x A r Ez wi ww fx 1 if E Q H H WfQ?m,s.Miw iw v tg mg? 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Suggestions in the Unity Christian High School - Silhouette Yearbook (Hudsonville, MI) collection:

Unity Christian High School - Silhouette Yearbook (Hudsonville, MI) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Unity Christian High School - Silhouette Yearbook (Hudsonville, MI) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Unity Christian High School - Silhouette Yearbook (Hudsonville, MI) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Unity Christian High School - Silhouette Yearbook (Hudsonville, MI) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Unity Christian High School - Silhouette Yearbook (Hudsonville, MI) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


Unity Christian High School - Silhouette Yearbook (Hudsonville, MI) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 1


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