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7!ze 46441 puificalian of Me pfwwnlecf Ay llfze Samoa Elma Zlmjq Glzmwlaan Afeqh Jlmlumwlle Mach 7954 'W P x -ff! Xi X NX :- 5. S Q X ' Ay:-. NTS? Mr Ben Smuf Mr Raymond Vander Laan pawucfenia of Me Bama! For the many efforts these men have exerted and for the many tasks accomplished them These two men servung as school board presudents have worked very hard toward the establushment and development of our Chrustuan Hugh School Theur effort expandung thus school system has been appreciated by the Senuors especially who have attended thus school un uts early stages The furst Senuor Class of Unuty Chrustuan Hugh School us happy to dedicate theur Volume of the SILHOUETTE to Mr Ben Smut and Mr Raymond Vander Laan 3 l ' si' S . under their leadership, the class of "54" takes this opportunity to partially thank I I . I . . . . ' . in . . . . . I 4 Sefuofvi fuauafzfi Saphamnfwi Zzaefihmen rqoiowlfaat 87244451 N Pmwl Sched Bama! +9-.fa.mnv-qoqqp-qw--.,, Xi Seated W De Jong Prlncnpal, R Vander Laan pres J Koop H Melnemc Second Row J Holsfege W Roeters M Van Duyn H Ter Haar P Borgerdlng J Aukemcn Absent H Vonk haha! Sched Beam! sw geared R Vander Laan B Smut pres J Sall S Wabeke Second Row A Meldema Vels Absent Rev D Drosi 6 H Vander Loan C Dykema H Heyboer L Van Wwwlfff 5... 14"- A4 We are grateful to Mr De Jong, our fnrst prrncapal, for has tireless efforts and devoted service an orgamzmg this school He has shown fairness and abllrty both as teacher and principal May God gave hum many more years of frurtful labor here Robert De Komng A.B Calvun College Social Scnences Walter A De Jong ""' A B Calvin College M A Northwestern Umv Prmclpal Ethel Nnewenhuls A B , Calvin College Languages Lrbrary Wulllam Oostendorp A. B Hope College M S U of Michigan Mathmetrcs Syne Bierma A B Calvin College U of Michigan English 7 -CQ, anew, Andrew Ten Harmsel A. B Calvm College Commercial Jeanne Vander Loan A B Western Muchngan Commercnal X Donald Lautenbach A B Calvin College Scnence Afhleh c Dnrecfor Marhn Vanden Berg A B Calvin College Bnology English Mr Nell De Mey A B Cclvun College lk Band Earl Morlmk A B Calvin College Buble, Chour 8 vf 'S Mrs C Dykemo Mr Herm Ten Harmsel Bm fb NAM wmvii 1-"' Left to rnghf Mr De Komng Mr Dykstra Mr Ten Harmsel 9 The Chief Peek a boo' Takmg It Easy Champs Fight' Fnght' Fught' Tnme for a Refnll I ve Been Working on the Railroad Who! s Up Doc'7 T a . I X M - ll I - - - I I IO ll ll I - f ll I I ' I I N , . Glafu Uffwm Class Moffo I look not back, but always on and upward Class Colors Scarlet and White Class Flower Whlfe Orchud me Pi!!! D Hoezee pres B Berens ireas R Schut sec C Vander Laan vnce pres Mr Oostendorp sponsor 12 gg 0 0 v Ei ' G . Q. . V 2 1 l -a ' ' 1 -f ' 1 -I ' 1 'f ' 1 ' .I . , . . M ll O . . . D Z Oceans of pep wuth a laugh on 8V8I'y WGV8 Commercual Course Hudsonvulle Chr l Holland Chr Hugh 2 3 Socual Club 2 Dramatucs Club 3 Booster Club 3 Sewung Club 3 Gym Club 3 Echo Staff 3 Class Treasurer 4 Future Nurses Club 4 Sulhouette Staff 4 Bugle Staff 4 MARIL YN DE VRIES So quuet and so sweet Commercual Course Hudsonvulle Chr l Holland Chr Hugh 2 3 Mussuon Club 2 Socula Club 2 3 Bugle Staff Typust 4 Future Nurses Club 4 lpres a smule O BERMCE BEREN5 C CORNEILIUS BLAUWKAMP I 1 .7 . o ll . .lf . . ' l ' ' ' " 0 :H CAROL BUIK EMA ' Her fruencls they are foes are there any? Commercual Course Southwest Chr 'I H1 Grand Rapuds Chr 2 3 Chour l Student Councul 4 ltreas Future Nurses Club 4 13 ny er l He has a personaluty all has OWY1 College Prep Course Beaverdam Chr l Holland Chr Hugh 2 3 Chess Club 4 lnternatuonal Relatuons Club 4 Camera Club 4 Sulhouette Busuness Staff 4 MARVIN DE VRIESf Quuet un appearance with motuve unknown General Course Hudsonvulle Chr l Holland Chr Hugh 2 3 Baseball 4 IVAN DE WITT He quuetly and conscuentuously labors on College Prep Course Hudsonvulle Chr l Holland Chr Hugh 2 3 Buology Club 2 Chemustry Club 3 Physucs Club 4 pres Chess Club 4 sec treas Bugle Staff 4 lphoto l Sulhouette Staff 4 lphoto lnternatuonal Relatuons Club 4 Natuonal Honor Socuty 4 Photography Club 4 HARVIS GEMMEN u C Cares come and cares why are? General Course Hudsonvulle Chr l Baseball 4 GORDON HAAN There us honesty manhood and College Prep Course Hudsonvulle Chr l Holland Chr Hugh 2 3 Buology Club 2 Chemu stry Club vuce pres Photography Club 3 Chess Club 3 4 Physics Club 4 lnternatuonal Relatuons Club 4 Student Councul 4 pres J Natuonal Honor Socuety 4 fpres J 14 HESSEL DE JONG A man un earnest funds means or uf he cannot creates them General Course Hudsonvulle Chr l Holland Chr Hugh 2 3 lnternatuonal Relatuons Club 4 Physucs Club 4 ARLENE HAMMING Softly her fungers wander o er the yueldung planks ofthe uvoryfloor Commercual Course Hudsonvulle Chr 'l Holland Chr Hugh 2 3 Basketball l Mussuon Club 2 Socual Club 2 3 Future Nurses Club 4 Chapel Accompanust 4 L ' l -l 4 .- .u D' . .7 I u I go-- K . l , .H C 4 D u Holland Cum High 2,3 good fellowship irl him." Bugle Staff 4 ' Q ' .l 3 r K 0 xX Clk' ., sm SHARON HOOGEVEEN DOUGLAS HOEZEE Another example of where good Quuet un appearance but full of dynamute Col lege Prep Course Hudsonvulle Chr l Holland Chr Hugh 2 3 Chess Club 4 Physucs Club 4 Sulhouetfe Staff 4 Bugle Staff 4 Class presudent 4 Basketball 4 Student Councul 4 ELSIEJOYCE KOO PMAN Her quuet nature hudes a personaluty College Prep Course Hudsonvulle Chr l Holland Chr Hugh 2 3 Band l Basketball l Gurls Socual Club 2 3 A Cappella Chour pleasung lnternatuonal Relatuons Club 4 Future Nurses Club 4 ff MARY LEE KARSTEN She has a kundly spurut fruendly aur General Course Mussuon Club 2 Gurl s Socual Club 2 3 .lunuor Band 2 Senior Band 3 Choir 4 Booster Club 3 and a Future Nurses Club 4 lsec Music Appreciation Club 4 Silhouette Staff 4 Bulge Staff 4 Chapel Accompanist 4 15 thungs come un small packages General Course Hudsonvulle Chr l Holland Chr Hugh 2 3 Basketball 'I Gurl S Socual Club 2 3 Lubrary Assustant 3 A Cappella Chour 4 lnternotuonal Relatuons Club 4 Musuc Apprecuatuon 4 Lubrary Club 4 Future Nurses Club 4 IRMA PENSTEIN V A warm heart us worth gold Commercual Course Beaverdam Chr 'l Holland Chr Hugh 2 3 Gurls Chour 2 Socual Club 2 Musuc Apprecuatuon Club 4 Future Nurses Club 4 Sulhouette Staff 4 Forensucs 4 MARCIA LEE RINGERWOLE Actuve natures are rarely melancholy Commercual Course Hudsonvulle Chr 'l Holland Chr Hugh 2 3 Mussuon Club 2 Senuor Band 2 3 Socual Club 2 3 Gurls Athletucs 3 Booster Club 3 Dramatucs Club 3 Future Nurses Club 4 Bugle Staff 4 AGNES SMlTv pany for everyone College Prep Course Beaverdam Chr 'I Holland Chr Hugh 2 3 Socual Club 2 Arhletuc Susters 3 Future Nurses Club 4 Natuonal Honor Socuety 4 lnternatuonal Relatuons Club 4 Sulhouette Staff 4 RICHARD DALE SALL The greatest thung us not what we get out of luve ut us what we put unto ut General Course Allendale Chr T Holland Chr Hugh 2 3 Chour 4 Cheerleader 4 Bugle Staff 4 Sulhouette Staff 4 Camera Club 4 pres I Chess Club 4 lnternatuonal Relatuons Club 4 Physucs Club 4 Baseball 4 RUTH ELLEN SCHUT A muxture of musuc eloquence enthusuasm wut and undomutable energy College Prep Course Hudsonvulle Chr 'l Holland Chr Hugh 2 3 Mussuon Club 2 Socual Club 2 3 sec 23 Booster Club 3 fsec I Dramatucs Club 3 Gurls Athletuc Club 3 Sweung Club 3 A Cappella Chour 3 4 Forensucs 3 4 Chapel Accompanust 4 lnternatuonal Relatuons Club 4 Natuonal Honor Socuety 4 Musuc Apprecuatuon Club 4 Sulhouette Staff 4 Bugle Staff 4 fedutor Class Secretary 4 Co Salutatoruan 4 'I6 BETTY TALSMA True happuness renders her kund and sensuble and that happuness us always shared wu th others College Prep Course Southwest Chr T Grand Rapuds Chr Hugh 2 3 Chour 'l Gurl s Glee Club 2 Chrustuan Servuce Club 3 Natuonal Honor Socuety 3 4 vuce pres 41 A Cappella Chour 3 4 lnternatuonal Relotuons Club 4 Musuc Apprecuateuon 4 Sulhouette Staff 4 ledutor un chuefl Chapel Accompanust 4 Valeductoruan 4 U XL A T Xgur: ' 5 'Peppy and full of fung fine com- -'., 'Tip ' a ' Q . . ' 0 SQA C - I : I . . . . l -' . . ' ' v . . I K I v . .1 Q ' l . T X CAROLYN VANDER LAAN '-0'5 VANDER WAL A sunny dlsposlhon and ready Pleasant to be with a pleasure for fun Commercial Course Southwest Chr 'l Grand Rapids Chr 2 Silhouette Staff 4 Cheerleader 4 Class Vice President 4 RUTH WESTRATE A mind to plan awil xecute Commercial Course Southwest Chr l Grand Rapids Chr High 2 3 Choir l Girl s Glee Club 2 Junior Choir 2 3 Christian Service Club 2 3 Music Appreciation Club 4 CONNIE VISSER Always attending to her duty nn quiet unobstrusive way International Relations Club 4 College P,-ep Course Silhouette Business Staff 4 Southwest Chr l Grand Rapids Chr High 2 3 Class Treasurer l Christian Service Club 3 National Honor Society 3 4 to know General Course Southwest Chr l Grand Rapids Chr H gh Choir l Glee Club 2 Christian Service Club 2 3 Junior Choir 3 A Cappella Choir 4 lnternational Relations Club 4 National Honor Society 4 Silhouette Staff 4 BETSY WESTRATE Not that I like studies less but fun more General Course Southwest Chr l Gtand Rapids Chr High 2 3 A Cappella Choir 4 Cheerleader 4 Student Council 4 Silhouette Staff 4 ftypist International Relations Club 4 Silhouette Staff 4 T7 01644 Wd! We the SENIOR CLASS OF UNITY CHRISTIAN HIGH SCHOOL of the CITY of HUDSONVILLE of the COUNTY of OTTAWA of the STATE of MICHIGAN of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA havrng IntellIgent mInds do bequeath and bequIt leave and get rId ofthe folIowIng thIngs to do wIth as they please FIfSl To our frIend and sponsor, Mr Oostendorp, we bequeath our suncere wIsh for hIs future pros perIty and happIness and our gratItude and apprecnatxon for hIs never faIIIng help ond gundance Second To our faculty, our most worthy teachers and advIsers we bequeath our sIncere Iove our true thankfulness for all they have done for us, and our deepest wIshes for a successful and happy future ThIrd To all underclassmen we leave our never dyIng school spIrIt and loyalty May they prove worthy of It' I Bermce Berens leave Ylppeel Cornelnus Blauwlcamp wIII my Interest IH EconomIcs to Mary Talsma I Carol BuIkema, leave my abIIIty to get along wIth everybody to all those who have hard feeIIngs toward anyone I Hessel De Jong wIIl my artIstIc Gblllfy to KeItI1MeInema I Marvln De VrIes leave my quIet nature to Pete Karsten We MarIlyn De VrIes Arlene HammIng and ElsIe Joyce Koopman leave our gIggIes to anyone w o Ivan De WItt leave my wIt to anyone who wants to be wItty lIIce De WItt I Harvus Gemmen QIVS a few of my Inches to Jacob KuIper I Gordon Haan, wIlI my Interest In radIo and electronIcs to anyone else who wIshes to be hammy I Douglas Hoezee leave my locker to anyone who can get along wIth WIIIIe I Mary Lee Karsten, leave my technIque of tallung In class and gettIng away wIth It to Esther Schultema Irma Jean Ponstem, leave my humorous readIngs to Jan HuIbregtse I MGYCIC Lee Rungerwole, leave my duclctall haIrcut to Vera Scholma after I get tIred of It RIchard Sall, leave my school spmt to everyone who does not attend UnIty s games I Ruth Ellen Schut leave my great bIushIng abIIIty to Tony Van Bokkem I Agnes Smlt, wIII my argumentatlve abIIIty to the comlng debate team Betty Talsma leave to the next Snlhouette edItor the Ublllfy to have one as good as thIs of 54 Sharon Hoogeveen leave my Iove for roller skatlng to Pete Steggerda Carolyn Vander Laan leave my great knack of taIkIng to some bashful IItfIe freshmen Lors Vander Wal leave my varIety of collars to Janey Hondred ConnIe VIsser leave my Iove for studylng to my brother Leonard Betsy Westrate, leave my cheerIeadIng abIIIty to some ambItIous JunIor Ruth Westrate, leave as lolly as I came I I8 O ' I I I I I . . . . i . I I . . . . -- I , I I l ' I Qooscoonolsnoltonsolnoa . . ll . I . . . . . I I I . . . . . . , . I . . I . I 1 I I 1 ' , ' , ' I1 needs a little cheering up. I' . I . . . . . I . I . . . ' I I . ,. . . ,- I I . . . . I: . .. .. . . n O . I I . . . . If I r - u n . - U 'I' I, , - ' . I, , ' ' . I, ' , ' . I, . . I . I . I, . . . . . . . I, ' . Glen P Double double, toil and trouble Fire burn and cauldron bubble ln this cauldron boil and bake Toe of frog and eye of snake Wool of bat and tongue of dog, Witches mummy Nose of Turk Oh make the gruel thick with work Then cool ut with a baboon s blood And let it dry upon the mud And out will come your prophecy 'll Yes ere tnsl' Seellll You see RUTH lLENE WESTRATE the new owner ofthe Hudsonville Community Bakery She s gaining weight' ARLENE HAMMING is at Blodgett Memorial Hospital an a costume of white bringing cheer to the suck CASEY BL AUWK AMP sells New lda farm machinery He always was interested in agriculture' MARCIA LEE RINGERWOLE is the editor of Advice to the Lovelorn an the Chicago Tribune CAROL BUIKEMA is working as private secretary to the Assistant Secretory of State MARVIN DE VRIES seems to be happy raising corn in lowa SHARON HOOGE VE EN is an airplane stewardess between Chicago and JONG owns the Hudsonvnlle Radio and TV Repair Shop BERNlCE BERENS is a happy housewife with two dark haired and dark eyed children MARILYN DE VRIES enloys her position as the kindergarten teacher at Jackson Christian School RUTH SCHUT IS a business executive at DE WITT S Chemical Laboratory BETTY TALSMA gives private vocal lessons at her home LOIS VANDER WALL is the wife of the newly ordained minister of the Zutphen Church DOUG HOEZEE as an experienced instructor at the Air Force training camp in Texas ELSIE JOYCE KOOPMAN heads the refund department at Potter s Dime Store CONNIE VISSER is teaching advanced typing at Bellflower Christian High School Look' Do you see CAROLYN VANDER LAAN and BETSY WESTRATE running a motel at the Wisconsin Dells? RICH SALL the friendly happy principal who succeeded Mr De Jong at his old Alma Mater HARVIS GEMMEN as study ing diligently for the ministry after several years out of school IRMA PONSTEIN is the author of the brand new book How They Do It ln Parts, an is worrying about what will be left to the proceeds after taxes GORD HAAN is a wealthy oil engineer un Oklahoma And now, enough the spell IS broken The witch 5 prophecy is spoken 19 I i i I ' I Ah... . H " .. . . .. . I.. . . . Miami. What a tan she's gotl The new head waitress at Hattemls Restaurant is AGNES SMIT. HESSEL DE . . . . l w ' ' ' . is I I I 'Ur A l. "Watch the Birdie' 'The Honorable Panel" 'Put a little more on 'em 'Whiie Collar Workers" 'Twirping?" 'Engineers' 'All Smilesn 'Herr Professor funiaful. ' Glau Gffacwm J Hunbregtse treas Mrs Newenhuns Mr Bnerma co sponsors W Byker pres D Vander Laan vnce pres In September of 1953 63 Juniors gathered for theur furst year at Unity Chnstnan Hugh School Although a few of our class have dropped out In the course of the year, some have also come, and the total enrollment ns stlll 63 students Approxnmately two months after school started the Junuors decided they were well enough acquamted to have a class party lt was a combined hayrlde and scavenger hunt, held on December 3 We are contudent that everyone enloyed themselves At the beginning of the second semester we decnded that we schould start guvmg our Jumor Sensor banquet a lnttle thought There are many small thmgs connected wuth thus banquet arrangements, date, place, and partucularly funds We had been selling refreshments at the games and now decnded to sell babelaars and fudge ln the halls With all of these small amounts of uncome, we managed to have the furst Junior Senior Banquet nn the history of Umty Christian Hugh We are looking forward to an even more actuve sensor year un 1954 55 22 x 'I Q' I i . , .5 . , ' I ' f ' 1 .5 . , - . I - . . . I . . 4 U 0 I , . . . . . . - . Elsie Aukeman Howard Avmk Donald Beute Alvern Brower Myrtle Brower Wnllns Byker Marlorre De Haan Harrnet De Jong Esther De Young June Dyke Glorua Ederveen Rosle Gemmen Roger Gerrnts Roger Grossman Wrlluam Grnt Conme Haveman Marlorle Heuvelman Calvin Hoeksema Gerald Holstege Leonard Holstege Janice Honderd Janice Hulbregtse Elte Karsten Peter Karsten Bernice KeI'kS?l'U Donald Koop Marnlyn Koster Allyn Krol Calvin Krol Carolyn Lubbers 'NJ ?9 4 eos 4' Bu.. ua 'Qi' ish' VC3 j' -lf fh x 6' -f" F ' JY' 'cur' ii MX g Nu Y. ik In " ,I "'-.7 1 X'9': 'Ui Lf.--1 Gerald Lubbers Lorralne Lubbers Keltl1 Melnema Falth Mledema Kenneth Mnedema Ted Mledema Gordon Potter Ronald Rotman Allyn Sall Vera Scholma Dale Schreur Carolyn Schut Grovlene Schut Velma Schut Esther Schuutema Idamarue Spoelman Linda Spoelma Lewis Steenwyk Melvin Steenwyk Peter Sfeggerda Mary Anne Stillman Suzanne Stroo Mary Talsma Ruchard Vander Loan Robert Vander Laan Alice Vander Wal Leona Van Duyn Norman Van Salkema Evelyn Veltema Henry Visser 7 .-S'op!aama2wL 814:44 Uffwm Mr De Konung co sponsor M Van Sloten treas Mr Lautenbach co sponsor J Breuker pres B Borst vuce pres J Vander Laan sec not pictured The flrst sophomores In the history of Unity Chrlstuan Hugh started out as a group of eighty one students Our presnclent as John Breuker If he decndes to qunt on us, Bull Borst wlll be at our servlce The Secretary Treasurer is Ju Vander Laan, who IS assusted by Marulyn Van Sloten Our two sponsors are Mr Lautenbach and Mr De Konmg Our furst party, a hayrude, was held on February 5 We came to school to eat lunch, and watch three movnes By the time the last one was finished, everyone agreed that a fn ne time was enloyed by all Our class has shown consuderable talent an many fuelds, especually sports an we hope to continue and expand these efforts during our future years at Unity 26 3 0 A . ' o .A - I .1 H 3 . , , a tk f' I v,- ' ' I ' I - 1 'I - 1 ' I . , .5 . , ' - .5 - , -K ' l . . . - dy . . . . . . . , d . Junuor Aukeman Helene Avunk James Betten Laos Berkempas Bull Borst Emily Bosch Jay Bouwkamp John Breaker Marcua Brouwer Betty Cnassen Eleanor De Haan Ardlth De Vrles Beatha Emelander Andrew Ganzevaort Bonnie Gemmen Joel Glashouwer Marlorve Gras Betty Crosman Dave Groothuls Maris Hagar Ron Hamstra Shnrley Hurdes Jay Hoekstra Harriet Hoezee Sally Holstege Patricia Howerzyl Harvey Huberts Marcna Huuzenga James Keegstra Francis Kerkstra Lawrence Kerkstra Herbert Klomparens Don Koolenga Roalle Krnkke Jacob Kulper John Kuyers Phnlnp Kunper Kenneth Langeland Kenneth Marmg Gordon Martume Arlene Meekhof Roger Meekhof QQ. 4' el! f ev... W 4 F7 -11 kv 1 44545 Sai' Q3 'ki I9 li 34 Q C' 3 -'QU fg I' .1 27 5 S pw? A l S ' - ' .- as 9' , , :alt J si , U Q Y -v.. B H ,A wt ,Q N J ' J ' ll' I . . .9 "' 7. -6 - 2. K Q I , -. N4 v ' Y 1 pr: .., j K, '.tx,. x- , 3. f ' SN J J xi ., A 5 5' so , J - if ' 'V' " '-"1 -Z. ' ' 31. -I ' sw, I . - N F sk ,. P . x 1 nh . - 53' 3 H .: 'st A A .,,, N v f . , ' .. f - . 1- -1 . , . ag N 4 Q Q 'D N x -. , .v :mr W' 'J I . f f. ,B fa: , . , 'st . S 1 ,, c ' - - X 4 . " - J , T. sf R K .L 5' in :Q Sf' "' ' . . x N-I - , , - ,, '..g lk, Fd 'V S JI vm ' f s A- N x s , ag' Q -2- 4- ' ..,,..,l' g g, ' 44 9 -'ff' A Y 'P' v l . . , H tr 1 1' -.fy . J ' f r . A ... y " , '. 'W Q K. N X ,-L1 . . Q Y -2 1' N, ' TJJJ- 5 , , ' 'u A If., ' ', f .EQ t v ga:-V " 1 , ,f 'ws W, .J H J 1 li CS' Q 5-r Sgr t' in I'5 fi G-44 1 5-JK J 0 Or N 5-avg' Q 'S 1 I l ,C ""' ...f rom-v adv -Ti v 'V QW Q? auf mx ul Ill 28 Robert Moelker Gerald Mulder James Oudbner Alvln Palmbos Dennas Poll Bethanne Ponstuen Alma Rletman Erwln Rletman Charlene Rnllema Gertrude Rozema Kenneth Sall Ruth Scholma Harold Schut Marulyn Schut Trena Self Bernard Smut Joan Spoelman Eleanor Stroven Yvonne Styf Delores Talsma Ron Telman Carol Ter Haar Tony Van Bakkem Wesley Vande Guchte Marilyn Vanden Bosch Kenneth Vander Kodde Judy Vander Laan Peter Vander lxooy Rachel Vander Ploeg Marlorue Van Doeselaar Marilyn Van Sloten Joan Van Vels Clara Veenstra Leonard Vnsser Marilyn Visser Marlon Vnsser Betty Vonk Marlene Westrate John Wrttengen Blau Ujfwm Mr Ten Harmsel Mr Vanden Berg co sponsors D Poortvlnet sec J Peuler treas J Vande Bunte pres E Vander Kooy vnce pres ln September, a group of approximately sixty five of us came from far and near to become the furst Freshman class of Unuty Chrnstlan Hugh School We were nnltlated by the wearung of the green, brands, bows, and unmatched shoes and socks. That evening we were welcomed at a party an our honor glven by the Sensors. Even thogh we provided the unrehearsed entertainment, we thoroughly enloyed ourselves Havung been the "babies" of the school thas year, we'll be glad that there wall be a class younger than we next year for us to look down on, Instead of havlng every- one look down on us. 30 Q ' -..s -.. .,.n-shark ' 0-...... . - - 2 ., -- -If , --..,. ... .........,.- ' ... , 3 ,MI . p 0 I ' Q . , -1 - I .5 . , -I - I ' ' . ' I ' U u I' n Ardlth Bouder Ronald Beek Robert Borst Ronald Bremer Bonnie Brlnks Lynwood Brouwer Wrlllam Brouwer Greta Mae Brower Barbara Colts Mary Lynn De Good Delmar De Jong Sally Doornbos Harley Dulmstra Donald Dykstra Vurglnra Dykema lla Mae Elders Jerry Glashower Glenn Hartger Steven Holstege Walter Hunzenga Grant Kamps Aletha Karsten Mary Klennlans Harvey Kronemeyer Walter Kroll Barbara Mackus Charles Mackus Carol Meekhof Merdith Meyer Ronald Miedema Wanda Miedema Mary Nykamp Judith Pauzenga Judith Peuler David Poortvliet D3 ...Q 1 .ev my W ol Ll 4 Su wa 'E 31 ,,.4 I G I ji fjg, 'T I .. 1 . 4 We l IC' -I ' 4 f V - 'fs ii . . 1 1,.. ynlkf 93 -V' Viv X-1.835 'nfs-. jo n."f-.f 35.5 at We Sharon Ringerwole Marilyn Roeters Harlyn Sall Garrietta Schutter James Schutter Hornet Spoelma Leonard Spoelman Norwm Sfengenga Betty Sterk Janet Talsrm Kenneth Ter Haar Jack Vander Bunte Sharon Vander Bunte Lawrence Vanden Bosch Barbara Vander Koay Edward Vander Kooy Paul Vander Laan Marlyn Vander Mate Donald Van Doeselaar Jamce Van Dyke Nancy Van Regenmorter Wullnam Van Regenmorter Wulma Ver Maat Frances Visser i Wal l nam Voetberg Ronald Vugteveen 1 Joanne Woltger l Jushn Zylstra 32 v , A X, - V . A, -1.7 , YQ HDL T' Ulf' 1 J.-,yR.e Who? s Your Mother s Malden Name7 What s So Funny? Back Vuew Fun and Games Prumpung This IS how at goes See Anythmg7 Beef Holland' Yea Unity 33 " 5 -w"""""'vg, K Freshmen Initiation and Reception 34 Natwufm Seated Mr Vanden Berg H De Jong J Vande Bunte G Haan C Burkema J Bauwkamp Second Row N Byker R Rotman D Hoezee .I Breuker R Bremer M vlestrate Thcrd Row G Schutter S Vande Bunte R Gemmen B Hestrate E Stroven Our Student Councll thus year was composed of four representatives from each class, with each home room represented lt has been supervised under the cap able dlrectlon of Mr Vanden Berg wlth the advuce of Mr De Jong Among our many begunmngs , we have chosen navy blue and whlte as our school colors, a rang crest, and Cursaders as a temporary emblem for our school To start out the school year we sponsored an All School Mixer at the Jamestown Grove ln February, and agaln ln Aprul, the Student Council sponsored an all school roller skating party at the Zeeland Coliseum We have provided special music from the student body for our chapel services on Wednesday and members of the Student Councnl have led our chapel services several tlmes Thus work and clearing Twurp Season, Tramp Day and other school actnvutues for fmal approval have kept the Student Council busy thus year We as an organized group, have tried to bring the student body and the faculty Into a closer relatlonshlp 36 efwfez Our chapel serv: ces were held regularly each mornmg before the classes began by the use of the public address system which carried the message from the hbrary to every room The teachers generally took turns leading chapel, although several ofthe services were conducted by stu aents We were very prlvlleged to be able to use the Immanuel Chrns tlan Reformed Church for our net there every Wednesday morn Ing to hear a special speaker from outside of our school 37 gc y g l 1 . . r s l - ' chapel services one a week. We Bugle 5:45 Seated R Gerrafs C Schut R Schut edntor B Berens assnstant ednor R Sall Standnng V Scholma M Karsten S Stroo Mr Bnerma P Steggerda A Vander Val E Karsten D Hoezee 1 fv I4 T I ' A Ho , g M De Vries Photographers: K. Meinema I. De Witt ypns s: . mmm . Business Managers: W. Byker D. Vander Laan 38 le .swf '9 Z GN ,ff Seoved C Vnsser B Berens R Schut B Tolsma edutorm chuef l Ponsrem Standing L Vander Wal A Smut M Karsten R Sell l De Writ Mr Oostendorp Typnsts C Vander Loan B Westrate Business Managers R Westrofe C Blouwkamp 39 ., Jufua Glad ,,....,,...........Q l I . a I Ce Vntt pres L1 Haan D Hoezee C, Blouwkump vuce pres Mr Oosfendorp H De Jong sec trees not pucfured sd I' 1 Seoied K Mnedemu P Steggerdo I Spoelmon C Schu! J Hunbregtse C Hoeksemc R Rotmun FStcndlng Mr Lautenbcch A Sell K Mennema D Koop N Gerruts D Vander Loan sl Byker G Potter 40 auiwae flfwuea Glad T Seaved DeVrves S Hoogeveen H DeJong ossrstonf B Berens pres Karsten sec A Smut vice pres I Ponsfevn Second Qow Von uuyn S Stroo A Hommlng C Bulkema J Hondered J Hunbregfse Thnrd Row Yarsten E Veltema A Vander Wall M Shllmon F- Koopman Q, Sc Talsma fnieaaalwnal Relaiaana Gini C' xx xv Seated L Vander Wall R Wesfrcfe S Hoogeveen C Vvsser R Vander Loan A Smut Second Row Mr DeKomng R Schut pres B Talsma E Koopmon S Stroo Thord Row W Byker vnce pres D Hoezee R Sall C Hoeksema G Haan I DeWitt L Blouwkomp 41 Muna 7qf2f!L6CLGll0-It Glad CP' Seated Mr Vanden Berg S Hoogeveen A Karsten M Karsten R Westrate G Schutter Second Row I Elders I Ponstenn M Nykcmp R Schut M DeGood J Pauzenga Third Row B Vander Kooy M Vander Mate E Bosch M Hager S Vande Bunte B Talsma A Bauder B Mackus JMWGAM N-pg-v Q QWJ Seated Mrs Newenhuus B Ponsteun M Schuf G Schutter A auzenga B Bnnks Second Row 5 Hoogeven M Koster C Ter Haar R Krukke M Vvsser R Vanderploeg E De Haan J Spoelman 5 Rlngerwole Thnrd Row M De Good G Qozema I Spoelman B Vonk J Van Dyke S Vande Bunte M Van Sloten M Vander Mote E Bosch S Stroo 42 U O I 1 2 A - X' 4 5. , - r . 1. K-, . K W 5 ' W, ' W to Q K' 4 - , . . ' s i Q f , , '-L , , . 1 . 5 6 Q A Af kaj -, K 4 A ' ' . A Q W . A Q , - - v FA -no , Q, . : . , . , . , . , . , . . : . , . , . , . , . , . . ' Q f. c . , . , . , . , . , , l . . . , . , . . l -. - . J M Q .. , . I A 0 Asp ,ig n ' . 4 sig . Z' , ' . ' E I L A ' Q- . 5 4 I I .-4 I 5 - 1 - I - 1 - 1 - 1 1 : . , . , . , . , . , . , , . , . , . I . ' Z . , . A , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . . Wm' Glad . ' u- '- m 5 n AV l v- r, . 1 Seated De Wat! D nder Laan vnce pres R ball pres E Karsten A Vander Wal Mr Lautenbach Second Row Brands T Van Bokken L Spoelman G Hanger N Siengenga L Brouwer Blauwkamp Third Row Pauzenga I Spoelmun B Kerksfra N Von xegenmoner A Baader Vander Kooy B Brouwer J Peuler C Meekhof 04914 Glad .A Seated D Koonenga W Krol J Aukeman R Sall vnce pres C Blawkamp B Smn Standnng Mr Oosfendorp D Hoezee J Breuker G Haan pres I De Wnf sec 1,965 R Meekhof D Vander Laan Mr Lqufenbqgh 43 Seated L Spoelmon J Huubregtse V Scholma M Brower E Veltema C Vnsser treas Sfandung B Talsma vnce pres R Schut C Sclwut L Vander Wall G Haan pres H Visser L Holstege dw" 9- T? 'Wins 'Y 1 Seated E Karsten A Vander Wal B Kerkstra Stondmg L Spoelman S Stroo I Spoelman E Aukeman 44 K 5 1 :Q A rn 6 1. x , . : . , . ' , . , . , . , . ' , ' : . , ' ., . , . , . , . , ., . , . . x -f v. tx , U ' ' x 'Sv ,Q at v. .. Q ze 1 ' ..- " 32 -.- X x ' . ' l -.- 4 ' . X 1 15- N C . , ,K , - I ' UQ D f Y 1-N. , P . . , . , . . ' : . , . , . , - - '-'I Qnnnnqe A ning? Q Spoelman G Rozema E Schuntema J Dyk J Pausmga A Karsten Hoogeveen I Elders K Vander Ploeg Second Row Kuspers C Mackus J Breuker R S ll D V G under Laan P VanderKooy Meekhof K Langeland M Steenwylc l Spoelmon Schutter M Roeters B Vander Kooy M Nykamp M Talsma E Velfemq VanDyk J Wolters M D H B Lubbers Spoelma pnannst G Brower B Vonk E Karsten V Schut M V Sl an oten Koopman R Schut B Talsma L Bander Wall E Bosch M Hager l Ponstem B Mackus Director Mr Marlmlx The choir has completed nts fnrst year successfully under the capable dnrectnon of Mr Earl Marlmk At the begmmng of the school year, the chour began practlclng numbers for a combmed program wlth the band They also furmshed special music In chapel several tnmes ln the sprung, our chour was prnvuleged to attend the annual Calvm Festuval nn Grand Rapnds Even though they were not able to sung as a solo group, they dnd portnclpate un the mass numbers, composed of all the Chrlstvan Hugh School chours un thus area which attended the festival The cholr also prepared for a public concert to be given In April Mr Marlmk worked with several specnal groups among whuch there was a boys and a gurls quartet They sang special numbers besudes those given by the whole cholr 45 ' L vu I Q ' " ' 4- ,rg 4' I S --I .. v- he 5 , . v 'V' ' ' 4 - ' 4. I 0 3' I ' 1 c I , . , . I , , I ' I ' 1 ' . : J. , . , . , , I , I I I R. I , I I I I I G. , . , . I I I I I I J. , . 1 , . e aan, . Westrate, M. Karsten, G. SCI1Uf, L. , : H. , - Q , - , . , . I , I I I E. , . , . , , I I I I I - . - - ' 1 . ' . . . I . I l U l I . . I . . I . 1 - I l O l Ql Seated Second Row Kooaenga M Hunzengo E De Haan S Doornbos S Rmgerwole M Meyer De Good M Schut Beek D DeJong J Schutter L Kerkstra J Keegstra S Vande Bunte Krukke J Woltger D Talsma V Dykema R Scholma V Scholmd Van Regenmorter J Batten J Vande Bunte W Brouwer N Stelgenga Sall R Gemmen Durector Mr De Mey The Band under the capable leadership of Mr De Mey was orgamzed soon after school began Because of unavallable room In the school, the Band has been meeting IH the basement of the lmanuel Chrlstuan Reformed Church for theur practice sessions It consists of 32 members most of whom are sophomores and freshmen ln March the Band held their fnrst concert In the Hudsonvnlle Public Hugh School with the Jemson Chrlstlan School Band Alendale Christian School Band and the Hudsonvllle Christian School Band 46 Z D. ' 1 - . I ' I ' ' ' H ' . M. , . . 1 R. I - I ' I ' ' ' ' ' ' R. ' 1 - ' , - I ' I ' ' ' ' Third Row: L. Vanden Bosch, J. Glasshower, K. Ter Haar, D. Van Doeselaar, D. Dykstra, w. I ' I ' ' ' ' . . I H. , . . ' 2 - - I QR ig: V Tough Guy' Soll's School Spirit 'O ur Gan g" I'll take two' Fine Print' You don'f sayl' Businesslikeu ,4 if -as 'ka A f-""'f'!v All School Party 48 'QQ5' . : g ' ' Q 5 li 4? tv ,i 6 A 1 W .,' , ' 4 C K ,X , 'K 5, . t , K , , vi ' , . AA -PU ,39- f X 4 ,, ' . N .V f 1 ,r 1 :,.'d. .-' ' ' ' N ,f .. ,. . . 4 J 'J ' -N .- --4 W ,.,. '.-. . , ,x . , ,V .. . Nw- 5 5 Y, 'X' ff' . 4 . . ' 'Q' 4' V A I . , A I ' fi I . 9 , W, -- ., X M., 1 Q , 'mfllli bi M- N Q ' L "Q is W . 1 ' ,. I ' K - x ., -QL 55 'M . - ' 1 -.. ' 2' f"' W ' X - , -1.-.1 . r, 1 ,W N , I Q , . X 'z S S9 . sb si' sw x ww' Q OQQOSO 09' ' 1 Kneelmg Mr Luufenboch H Vnsser W Byker D Poll, D Vander Loon R Gernts Standing D Beute O Hoogeveen P Steggerdc K Mexnemo, D Hoezee Couch Loufenbuch xxu ul MUUCQSVS D Koop K Meudema Under the Coachmg of Mr Lautenbach, Umty opened the flrst basketball season nn nts hastory by droppmg a 71 19 defeat at the hands of Comstock Park, but losmg the furst game dnd not dnscourage our boys lt only took two defeats for Umty to come out with Its flrst vactory sn nts hrstory, thas bemg a 36-34 victory over Rogers School Our congratulahons to the team and therr coach for the very fine sportsman shnp they dnsplayed and to the students for the fune spmt WI th a record of 4 wlns and I2 defeats, the students cheered for the team rught to the end Congratulations' 51 5 fx Seated Van Bokkem J Breuker K Munng P Vander Kooy J Aukemdn Groothuls J Kuyers Brouwer J Vande Bunte K Ter Haar '-is fa Our reserve basketball team showed us an excellent exhlbutuon of basketball os It completed a very successful season wu th 9 wms and 4 loses against hugh school competition Under the very able coaching of Mr Ten Harmsel, our boys worked eagerly and diligently toword de- velopung themselves mto future U C H S varsuty basketball players Coach Ten Harmsel 53 ,, A, H 3, Z A at ' .qi P -" ' '- 4 ' , vf 5 ki . V : T. , . , . ' , . , . , D. ' , . . Standing: K. Langeland, managerg J. Glosshower, R. Beek, D. Dykstra, W. Van Regenmorter, L. , . , . . . . ' X' X l I U I . afmzfqd' Q- Y M33 Left to ugh? Schut C Van der Loan Wesfrcte M Ue Haan V Sc hut R Soll Left to right: M. Huizengo, 54 H. Hoezee, xx M. Westrufe, 3 '-4-.Lv A. Meekhof 9 Athletuc Director Mr Lautenbach has started a very good un tramural program nn U C H S Teams were organized accordmg to class home rooms The teams receuved pomts for first, second etc place standungs nn the various ellmlnatlon tournaments wut the Idea of awardlng a trophy to the team wnth most pomts at the end of the year The program not only gave actuvnty for those that partucupated whnch uncluded both boys and gurl s, but also provuded entertam ment for many spectators of the action I 55 I 56 'Q'-. Q..--E S 47' lik WJ :xx P 'R 33 I ' 5? U s 2 f e D -- :S g .9 - 1 Compliments of DE WINTERS NURSERY Complete Landscapmg Servlce - Ornamental Shrubs and Evergreens 647 PORT SHELDON DRIVE - GRANDVILLE, MICHIGAN Telephone AR 6-2070 M. DeWinter P. Westrote DE WINTERS FLORAL COMPANY FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS 4615 Chicago Druve Grandvulle Mnchugan Telephone AR 6 9521 M DeWmIer P WGSTYGIG Compliments of JOHN S HUIZENGA WHOLESALE MEATS JENISON MICHIGAN Comphmenfs of ZEELAND STATE BANK Zeeland Muchlgan MEMBER OF THE FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM 60 I I o e , , - - - I . - . . . . I -I l. a n I it vi lm 1 CLASS OF 1954 Here's to the Senlors gallant and bold Let the W1 morles of Alma Mater never grow old, Wledom honor and fame be Your guldtng star Rlghtf ous Your course upward your trend, Klndness, nobleneee, hollness your end MARVIN HEYBOER 61 . 9 1 2 ' , ll , I I O I So the light of achievement may dazzle afar. . I 1 I I, I 1 JERVIS CORPORATION ly WINTERS 81 CRAMPTON CORPORATION Compliments of former COMPLIMENTS OF GRANDVILLE FLORAL COMPANY 153 W t Sf fe Street Grandv Ile M ch Beautlful Floral Presentations and Glfts ARdmore 6 4942 LOUIS VAN VELS GERRIT VAN VELS COMPLIMENTS OF MARVIN H LANGELAND FUNERAL DIRECTOR Ambulance Servlce Grandvllle Michigan 63 FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS DeWEERD and VAN DYKE ELECTRICAL Q d PLUMBING CONTRACTORS Fixtures Appliances Jake De Weerd HUJSOYWIIB Ray Von Dyke 5 HU 3344 DEVREE ELECTRIC Wmng Plumblng Heating Hudsonvnlle Phone 3302 BOLDT'S VARIETY Dry Good Notuons Shoes we cw: s cf H GREEN sTAMPs S th Dv E Ho'Iem n Mgr PROSE Sc and 10c Stores PETER BORGERDING Re eset g STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES Auto Flre Llfe 7822 Cotto ood D ve JAARDA S e Lttle Stoe Wth The Bg S l30 E MAIN AVE ZEELAND MICHIGAN AR 6 2645 JWSON We give S Cr H Green Stomps pl etso COMPUMENTS OF HIIDRETH FUNERAL HOME GEORGE VAN ENENAAM Durectors JAY A PosTHuMus Q a sYLvlA PosTHuMus Zeeland Mlchlgon O ygen EQ pped A bulo Ce Ser ce AR 6 2595 n I 49 ou i ision . . CI , . 7 I pr n in Th i r i I ovings 11 o cl I nw ri E p U Com im n f ' . n I ' ' x ui m n vi ' I Y , 11 1 'I J , 1 l 1 1 64 LEE EDSON Luvestock Dealer Wholesal Meats HUDSONVILLE MICHIGAN AI AI DFRINK Plumbing-Heat ng TELEPHONE S ALLENDALE COMPLIMENTS OF SPUPIWIA BODY QIIOP AR 6 2851 Grandvalle Msclwngan Congratulafuons and B st Wvshes For a Successful Future Vander luun Funeral Home HUDSONVILLE MICHIGAN GRANDVILLE BUILDERS SUPPLY T93 WEST QTATF STREET CRANDVILLF MICHICAN Plasfer Lime Cemenf Morfar Sand Gravel Bricks Plumbmg Supplses Pamf Wallpaper Coa SUNSET HEIGHTS No l No 2 lLarge Lots? e l B ld g Ra h Type Homes WILL BUILD YOU A HOME TO SUIT' lRest cred to Res dental D ellmgl Fo mlarmatlon CALL 2109 Al MARLINK Compliments of J J J ' a I - E Rural Route 3, Hudsonville I 5 . e . l N 'X ' r l K. J K l T . , . J C Slroo Mar, , , ' " lld a for UI In nc J J ., - 9 ' w ri i i w ' C 'A . r I , 65 Van's Food Market PHONE 3324 HUDSONVTLLE For Home-Made Meaf, Shop at Von's WE WERE PLEASED TO SERVE YOUR SCHOOL THIS PAST YEAR ! Compliments of Modern Produce 8. Grocery Market OPEN EVENINGS HZ WEST STATE STREET - GRANDVILLE, MICH. frIdllllVllIl Tlaldwarr fo WE GIVE S fr H GREEN STAMPS Dupont Pcnnt Frngudcure Products Soles 6 Servlce Complnmc-r1tS of JENISON FUEL AND HARDWARE Coo Gas Oul Tnres AR 6 zzuz TOM DEWITT JAKE VANDERLAAN I ommunlly Tulle!" Cnty Servuce Gas Cr Onls WARDS TIRES BATTERIES ond ACCESSORIES Tclcphonc 3358 40th and M Z1 Hudsonvullc Mlchagan Compl ments I Rlte Way Cleaners I4 WEST STATE STREET GRANDVILLE MICHIGAN Comphmcnts of JOHN KUOP The one stop store GIOCEI IES MEATS DRY GOODS FOOTWEAI HAI DWARE Phone Allc dale 29 F5 Hudsonvllle 3722 Bauer Mch gan BRINKS SUPERETTE MARKET PHONE AR 6 9457 We specuoluze nn Quollty Home Cured Meats N 0 T1 il l C I I l 1 1 A I I . . , . 1 1 1 1 lc 5 . be - , I ,O l I , .. - T S A, X X 4 2 I n - . , , ll Rambow Grlll Drwe The Snack Spot of the Cnty of Grandvulle 'oe WEST STATE STREET GRAISIovILEE MICHIGAN D1 WFFRDS IF K GVOCSVIGS Meats Dry Goods Footwear I JENISON FOOD MARKET Poul Pouzengo Er Joke Dwmstrc AR 6 2 Je son Mch gon VOIIINKS SUPER MARKET Il 3 0 Ch cago Dr Henry Mememo JuIIus Lomer ELDERS ELECTRIC ARdmore 6 4631 GRANDVILLE MICHIGAN HUDSONVILIE LUMBER C0 TO SERVE YOU BETTER IN ALL KINDS OF WEATHER Phone H udsonvulle 3371 IES QIIPCI Mnuket SAVE WITH GREEN STAMPS FRESH MEATS PRODUCE GROCERIES Phone Hudsonvnlle 3331 Tlgelaar and Dew eel d Ox 145 H dsc Ile MCE gan DAILY REFRIGERATED PRODUCE ce To Q d Fom H do Ile Q d Chcogo Phones 3334 3394-3318 GET IT THERE QUICK SHIP BY TRUCK I I I I I -In , H , E A J I n laJ c Compliments of Como imems of , Phone: Hudsonvi e 306 n i . Phone: - 161 ni , i i Com imen of O Z9 est Store Street - I gr LT' . I iw r 0 ' J n C 1 . l I I B , u nvI , I i l 1 1 I Servi n r u S nvi n I K 1 r - 67 C I t S I O cmge Blosso D czmonds on y Ha Ho d Elg Wafches Sheaffe Pen Sefs and Lumber Co , Sf, SILVERWARE Bru lf, lumber W S 81 H G Sf Blllllllllb .Supplies e Q e reen amps PHONE HUDSONVILLE 3555 F R E N S J EW E I- R Y Huosomvme MICHIGAN P O pp F om plum nie f HUDSONVILLE BOX 8. BASKET COMPANY Phone Hudsonvllle 3332 68 m I in r I Elec ric overs f J 5 . . -. N . iv , ,ff , , 212 Chicago Dr. Hudsonville, Mich h 397 E ' Q A ' f r I I Comphments of BEN B056 RA A F ""' "1 " ""i"l BABYLAND - I I State St., Grondville - o y o cl Ch'Idre 's Cloth p to S' e GIFTS and TOYS WE GIFT WRAP P Sterk Brothers Decorotnng and Pamhng INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR Phone A R 6 7582 A R 6 7074 HENRY KOSTER Excavatnng and Gradlng 1090 Rosswooo JENISON A R 6 4398 Dr Gordon Deur, Optometrist Mewm J Fnusswvx Mo Comphments of MARVIN COREY PAINTER and DECORATOR Phone AR 6 9318 Jenlson Mnchugcn Pleasmg You Brings Us Back IIUDSONVIIIE BARBER SHOP Wally Westra Pete Groters HUDSONVIIIE FURNITURE AND GIFT SHOP FURNITURE APPLIANCES DRAPERIES FLOOR COVERING BLINDS Furniture with a Future B b n 1 n es u nz I4 COmFJIImemS Of Compliments of I I . , . . u - - u H . , 0 H 69 Complimenis of HI GRADE DAIRY C KAMMINGA Quality Mllk and Cream PHONE 2237 PEARLINE HARDWARE 84 IMPLEMENT C0 MASSEY HARRIS IMPLEMENTS JAMESWAY BARN EQUIPMENT LOWE BROTHERS PAINTS We grve S 8. H Green Stamps Phone Allendale 26 F13 Hudsonvllle Roufe No 'I PEARLINE MICHIGAN Farmers Co operative Elevator Company Feed Seed Grain Coal and Ferhlnzer Gasoline Fuel Oil Motor Oil Grease Service Station and Tank Wagon Delivery VRIESLAND BAUER .IAMESTOWN HUDSONVILLE PHONES 2515 3494 3363 3396 Compllments of Goodrich Weldmg Equipment ' O E I. I I I I . The Finesl in Dairy Producfs LOCATIONS AT I O I 'k ' l l t I 70 ohmanls Apparel A B v sullnfns s. conmcrons HUDSONVILLE MICHIGAN For Men Women Children Free Estrmates 13 Wesct State Street Grandvulle Mnchugan Aukeman 3823 tt es 3920 Telephone AR 6 2915 Van Overloop 3754 Compliments of Mmcnor s smnonno ssnvlcf COmp"me'1'5 of 28th Street and Port Sheldon Road HUDSONVILLE MICHIGAN Nykamp Heating 4010 Chicago Druve Hudsonvllle Much Compluments of an's Candy Company Torrlclheat Rotary Wall Flame Holland Mrchugan Oll Furnaces Sold and Installed C I t f amp 'men S Q Complnments of BARON FUNERAL HOME Wrllram O Baron ZEELAND MICHIGAN Buyers and Shlppers of Quallty Omons 120 South Church Phone 2995 71 I I Ba I , Hudsonville Hardware f l V . - CIINIMUNIIY SMH BANK Bring your Financial Problems here We offer complete bonklng service Hudsonvnlle Grandvllle COMPLIMENTS OF THANKS fo oll our sponsors without been :mposslble 72 MR. I whom this book would have After Hugh School What? Dld you ever consider spendung o few years ot our Reformed Instutute before going Into your chosen profession or your further training? REMEMBER IT IS A Reformed Buble School Mojormg an the Buble Reformed an spurnt and stondord A Chrnstlon Llfe Center Which atmosphere could be more conduclve to splrltuol growth ond development? An Ornentotuon Bose Mony students hove found themselves ot our lnstntute YOU ARE INVITED TO VISIT OUR INSTITUTE AND ITS CLASSES FEEL FREE TO CONSULT ANY OF OUR STAFF Our Course of Study Wlll Never be a Loss of Tlme Toward Your Career' THE REFORMED BIBLE INSTITUTE 1869 Robinson Road S E Grand Rapids Mlchlgon FOR CLEANER FASTER SAFER and MORE MILK see NElLc1ncl KEN THE SURGE MEN MOHRS SURGE SALES AND SERVICE Route No 2 Jenlson Mlchlgan Phone Allendale 12 F11 73 l . . . . - I v , . . . 3 ' ' ll ll - ' ll ' ll . . . . . I ' ' 1 . . ' , , , 'Wi t ,ff . ' , iv.. J 1 , v, ' 5 H I , A xx I J x , VY' g. I , I, iff" k . . . . , , I ' - "lt's amazing what can be accomplished if you don't care who gets credit for it" M. VANDERWAL COTTONWOOD DRIVE Jemson Mrchlgan BUILDERS AR 6 4458 Compliments of ED KLEINJANS Roofing and Siding Rural Route 3, Hudsonville TELEPHONE 58 ALLENDALE BULTMAN STUDIOS Your School Photographer Compliments of Mr and Mrs Peter Walthuls GAMBLE STORE Home Owned and Operated 62 E Mom Street Zeeland Michigan SAVE WITH S 8- H GREEN STAMPS PEARLINE SELF SERVICE MARKET BERNIE and AL Groceries Meats General Merchandise Our Alm SERVICE SATISFACTION Phone Allendale 26F2 Pearlane Mlchlgan . scnurs N S Frame and Wheel W' DRUG STORE Allgnment Wheel Balancing and Sprung Service FREE ESTIMATES PHONE 3383 Hudsonvllle Much 74 I . ll ll I I . . . . . I I u ' 1 : I I ,vi , l' ' I 1 ZW ' ., 3 I xxx , . L , figs' i--,,. ll ' -P-I ..- J ' - j-I ,-- A-:eggs , . I I so A .. I - I HUDSONVIllE IOCKER I Krall Furnace company F e h Me t r S G S Hudsonvalle Phones 3367 or 3973 Locker Rentals Trmken Srlenf Aufomohc CUTTING WRAPPING FREEZING "HEATING rs Our Business No! cz SIDE LINE" Compl menfs of Co pl me Is of Ver Hage Motor Sales Chrysler and Plymouih Soles 8r Servrce Zeeland Mlchrgon Hudsonvnlle Mnchlgcn Phone 3312 ts of WALCOTT ELEVATOR SPED E GAS COMPANY A complete Bottled Gas servlce Gram Feeds Ferhllzers Seeds HuosoNvnLLE MICHIGAN ALLENDALE M'CH'G"'N HUDSUNVW BODY SHUI' SPOELMAN s ssnvlcs GARAGE Complete Bumpmg Porntrng ond For all your motoring needs Gloss Instollatlon II 3 7 HUDSONVILLE MICHIGAN BAUER MICHIGAN 75 i m i n I I Complimen Compliments of l I I Dealer In . I I . . I I I I l . I Friendly Neighborhood Service I I Hudsonville, Route I Phone: Hudsonvi e 49 I 1 1 I I , ! I KDXN XDON IKPUIND. DN IIN Jn IAM 77 f mu J U...-L....L S,m.A.u. . I, A-

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